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James stood staring at the selection of GPS units on display in the electronics store, perplexed at the many different models to choose from. He was lost and his GPS had died. James is a private investigator and the assignment for today was to deliver a summons to a witness in a Federal case.

The prosecutor in this case was a friend of James and owed him a favor, so he hired James to deliver the subpoena. Subpoenas were easy money for him, but this witness lived out of state.

Now, here he is, lost and frustrated in a town he has never been in, at an electronics store where he can’t seem to get any assistance. As he scanned the store for an employee that he could get to help him, he saw the most gorgeous face he had seen in a long time. She looked to be in her mid 20′s but her face had an angelic innocence to it.

Her eyes were bright and pronounced and the way she wore her makeup defined them all the more. Her shoulder length hair was black and shiny that made the caramel brown color of her perfectly smooth face stand out. When she saw that James was staring at her she sucked her teeth and mumbled under her breath as she turned away.

James watched her walk away just so that he could get a look at her body. She was a full figured girl weighing in at around 210 lbs. Although she stood at 5’7″, her weight was distributed to the right places. She had succulent round breasts that didn’t sag below her ribs. They seemed to have not droop at all. And from what he could see from her exposed cleavage, no visible veins.

Her legs and thighs were toned and shapely. And the part that James liked best was her butt. It looked like she was carrying a pair of basketballs in her pants. When she walked it had the right amount of bounce to it that made him want to get two handfuls and jiggle them vigorously. Together, her thighs and butt complemented each other in a way that seemed perfect.

Finally, a sales associate noticed James standing at the display looking bewildered and came over to earn his commission. While James was listening to the over extensive knowledge of this unit verses that unit, his angel came to the end of the aisle to wait for the group of friends that she came with to catch up to her.

“Come on here or Imma leave you!” She yelled to them. Just then she noticed James watching her. “WHAT!!???” She blared at James as she turned to look him directly in his face. “You act like you ain’t never seen a woman before!” “You must want all of this on your little boyfriend right there!”

James was shocked at the sudden barrage of insults being directed at him. What had he done to her? Definitely, he was not the first person to notice the beauty that he saw in her. As the young lady’s friends gathered around her she kept hurling insults and attitude at James as he stood there in disbelief of what was happening. What made it so bad was that the young lady was so loud that other people stopped shopping and watched the demonstration.

“How could something so ghetto come out of something so pretty?” James wondered.

The young lady continued with her non-stop montage of humiliation and insults. Then she hit James’ hot button.

“You look like you’re gay!” “I don’t go that way, faggot!”

If only she knew what being called a faggot did to James. If only she knew how the rumor of being gay ruined his life. James was running for Mayor in the last election and the surveys showed that he was a sure win for the office. A rumor was started by one of the other candidates that James was a homosexual in an attempt to sway voters. As the rumor spread so did the severity of the lie.

It slowly changed from just being gay to being a pedophile of little boys. The wildfire of lies was so great that James lost the election and the respect of key officials in the city. James was also engaged to be married soon, but his fiancé left him as a result of the lies. She felt that with so much talk about him, it must be true.

The truth finally came out about the origin of the rumors but by then James’ reputation was too damaged to gain the trust of the people. He was recognized all over town which made it nearly impossible for him to get back on his feet.

James could not run for any office because of the smear campaign the destroyed him. His image would blemish any representation of public service. He couldn’t’ get a job as the supply clerk at the Public Works facility. So he went into business for himself as a private detective. One of the few real friends that he had left was the Federal Prosecutor he was on this job for. He would use James whenever he could to help him build his life back. This was all due to being called gay. And now whenever someone used the word faggot, it brought up the past and anger in him.

The young lady continued with homosexual references toward James; and every time she spewed the word “faggot” it shot a bolt of electricity up James’ spine. That word disturbed him to the core of his soul. The ghetto fabulous angel ended the show and she and her friends walked out of the store.

James collected his cool and shook his head in resolve that it was finally over. He grabbed the first GPS that was in front of him, took it to the check out and was back on the mission that he had came to town for.

As James drove along, he couldn’t help but re-live the incident at the electronics store. He tried to convince himself that he should let it go. “Some people just don’t have any home training.” He spoke loudly to himself in an attempt to feel better. But he just couldn’t get it off of his mind. Sub-consciously, he felt that his past had followed him to another state.

James found the address with ease now that he had a working GPS. It seemed like a nice quiet neighborhood with beautiful homes, green manicured lawns and friendly neighbors. The person that he delivered the subpoena to was very friendly and courteously. He even invited James in for a cup of tea or coffee.

“No thank you” James declined, “I have to get going and find a hotel for the night.”

As James walked down the pathway back to his car, he thought to himself of how lovely it would be to live in that neighborhood. Just as he was walking around his car another car pulled into the driveway next door. James stopped and watched to speak to the neighbor of the nice man he had just met. To his surprise, it was the young lady from the store.

“How could someone like that live in such a nice neighborhood?” James wondered. Her house was well kept and seemed in order. It didn’t look like a person with a bad disposition like hers would live there.

As she unlocked the door to the house she noticed who was standing in the street watching her. All of a sudden the upbeat feelings that James was feeling deflated within him and were replaced with anxiety.

“How is she going to react?” “She is so pretty.”

“I would marry her if she wasn’t such a bad apple.”

“She better not start with the ‘crazies’ again!”

!I’d lick the skin off of her body.”

James was in conflict with his own self. Feelings of anger and lust were battling it out in his mind. This girl made James lose all sense of sanity. He wanted to hate her and screw her all at the same time.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She screamed out to him. “You can take your gay-osity out of here cuz ain’t nobody like that round here.” It was the electronic store all over again. “This hole is an exit only so don’t think you gonna substitute me for your boyfriend.” She said as she bent over and poked her massive double bubble out at him.

James got into his car as she continued to scream more gay references at him. He tried to ignore it as he left but when he looked into his rearview mirror she was in the street yelling at him.

“THAT’S IT!!!” He was fed up! “There is no way I’m going to let this go!” He said to himself. “She picked the wrong person to mess with!”

James checked into a hotel close by. “Time to put my investigating skills to work.” He thought. As a P.I. James had an arsenal of information and resources at his finger tips. He pulled up the address of the young lady. He looked up the current resident name and phone number of that address.

“So her name is Destiny Travis. Pretty name, pretty girl, ugly personality; but we’ll fix that.” James thought to himself. He researched and cross-referenced the residency registers and utility records. Everything was working in James’ favor.

He searched public records and property tax registries. Finally, he went back to the neighborhood where she lived. He got her mail and checked every piece for the names of people that may live there. “Great!” He thought as he slid the envelopes back into the box. “She lives alone.”

James went to the local department store and bought a black pair of pants and black long sleeve shirt, a pair of black gloves, some sheer black fabric from the crafts department, some rope and batteries for his stun gun. When he got back to his hotel he brought the sheer fabric up to his room and made it into a mask. He put it on to try it out for size and visibility. It worked perfectly, he could see through it but his face could not be seen.

As James waited for night to fall he wondered what was he going to do? He wanted to do something to her for the way she treated him, but what? In his anger he came up with a plan for his revenge. While he lay there he figured to himself that he’d just “wing it”; he’d just do whatever cames to mind.

2:00 a.m. and the alarm clock started beeping loudly as if it was excited about what was about to happen. James woke up and sprung from the bed. He got into his car and drove back to Destiny’s neighborhood. He parked in the parking lot of a restaurant a few blocks nearby.

Before James got out of the car, he put the new clothes on over the clothes he was wearing. He bought them 3 sizes too big for that purpose. He tied the rope into ready made restraints and walked to Destiny’s house. He went into the back yard and pried the door open with a pocket knife. Slowly he entered the kitchen and crept into the hallway.

He stopped and listened for the sound of sleeping breaths in the still, dark house. From the sound, he could only make out one breath. The carpeted floors made it easy to traverse through the house without making any noise. The only thing James could her was the breathing coming from the bedroom and his own breath.

James stood at the doorway where the heavy breathing was coming from.

He stood there and watched as his prey slumbered in total ignorance of what was about to happen. James surveyed her in the glow of the light from the digital clock on her nightstand next to her bed. “She even looks beautiful in that harsh red light from the clock.” James thought to himself. “Still, she’s an evil sleeping beauty.” He joked inwardly.

Snap! He flipped the light switch on. Since he had the mask on he was confident in turning the lights on. He knew that she would only see drapes of black in front of her. Destiny opened her eyes in shock and fear and sat up.

“How did you get in here? Get out!” She screamed.

Those words were James’ cue to jump into action. He literally leaped across the room from the doorway on top of Destiny in her bed. With the press of a button 100,000 volts were sent through Destiny’s body. Her entire body tensed and became rigid. Every muscle in her body tightened to the electricity that was being fed into it. James held the button down as every accusation that Destiny had flung at him came back to mind.

He kept his finger on the button for what felt like forever out of sheer anger for what she represented to him. James didn’t let go of the button until he was sure that Destiny was immobilized. When he stopped squeezing the voltage into Destiny, she fell backwards onto the bed in a limp heap.

James used this as an opportunity to gag her and quickly put her hands into the readied restraints that he had previously made from the rope. He tied each end of the rope to the headboard of the bed. All the while he took in the view of her body. She had on a white tank top and a pair of pink panties trimmed in a darker shade of pink, simple but still sexy.

Destiny began to regain her strength and started cursing through her gag. She started to struggle against her binds and, quickly James hit her with another short burst of packaged lightning. He then took more rope and bound her ankles with it and tied each end to the foot of the bed on either side.

James stood at the end of the bed and studied his catch. He had never done anything like this and was now struggling on what to do with the now cursing and bucking prize that lay before him. And like a ton of bricks, an idea came to mind. “I’ll humiliate her in a way that she’ll think twice before she talks to anyone the way she did to me.” He thought to himself.

James dared not speak out loud out of fear that she might recognize his voice. He looked around the room. It was very tidy and had an aromatic scent to it. Nothing to give him any ideas as far as he could see. The nightstand!

James pulled open the drawer and found it… a vibrator and dildo. He smirked under his mask and in his mind he thought, “These must be the happiest joy toys in the world.” Inside the same drawer was a small bottle of cherry lube. “WOW” He thought to himself, “This is going to be fun.”

He pulled out his pocketknife and she mumbled threats and curses at him through her gag. James took his knife and cut the shoulder straps of Destiny’s tank top. He then cut the front of the shirt open and exposed her voluptuous mounds of dark caramel colored milk meat. James had to control himself. For a brief second he contemplated sucking and licking a nipple.

He brought himself back to consciousness and moved to her panties. Destiny tried kicking but the ropes were so taut that her movement was very little. James slid the knife inside one leg hole. The knife sliced through the material like a shark’s fin gliding across the surface of the water. He repeated the same thing on the other side and peeled the top of his angel’s panties down and away.

James had to get a look at what was being cradled by the crotch of those panties, so he untied the ends of the rope that were holding her feet. The ends of the rope were retied at the headboard and now Destiny’s knees were bent with her feet planted on the bed. James pushed Destiny’s leg open to get a good look at the jewel in between.

Her pubes were neatly trimmed and clipped. The outer lips of her pussy were fat and juicy. He parted them and revealed the peanut sized clit that seemed to welcome the company of a man’s touch. James was overcome with desire and lust at this point. He hadn’t come here for this, but he just had to taste her love bud.

James held her pussy lips open with his fingers and slowly circled her clit with his tongue. He deliberately avoided direct contact with it. Destiny began to unconsciously gyrate a little bit. James rubbed the tip of his tongue just above her swelling button of desire. Destiny grunted as he licked down and around , still avoiding direct contact with her clit.

Although she didn’t want this, Destiny’s juices began to flow. Her body was now reacting to the touches but yet she consciously was fighting. James knew that she was getting aroused and saw the glisten of Destiny’s wetness. James flattened his tongue against the bottom of Destiny’s pussy and very lightly licked upward to taste the juice of her fruit. Still, James did not make contact with her clitoris.

Sexual urge was now building up in Destiny’s body. She had never had a man take his time and perform love licks like this. It was always a rush to get a nut and be gone with guys in the past. But this man knew how she wanted it. She didn’t want to be taken but her body was screaming to be ravaged.

With every upward motion the anticipation to finally be pleasured mounted in Destiny’s bowels. James pulled his head back aimed his tongue and hit Destiny’s joy button head on. A wave of relief swept over her entire body. She went weak with satisfaction that her clit was now being manipulated by this stranger’s tongue.

As she moaned in protest of her lust being pleasured against her will, James wrapped his lips around her bud. He wanted to get a mouthful of pussy lube so he started to suck on her clit while he licked it.

“OH MY GOD!” She screamed into to the fabric that held back the volume of her protests and screams. She was cumming. James buried his face into her crotch and stuck his tongue as deep into her abyss as he could stretch it. Her muscles contracted and squeezed as the waves of orgasm washed over her wave after wave.

When her convulsions ended James jumped up and grabbed the vibrator and lube. He smeared the vibrator with the cherry flavored goo and rubbed it against her clit.

Destiny jumped at the touch of the vibrator against her now sensitive button. James rubbed the vibrator up and down the valley between the quivering flesh of her pussy lips. He turned it on and took his hostage for another ride on the ‘O’ train.

She squirmed and bucked to get free from her captive who seemed to know which buttons to push to make her climax. She started cursing and threatening him with muffles of anger and indignity. He untied the ropes from the headboard that held her legs. When the ropes were free from the headboard she rolled onto her stomach and tried to move up to make slack in the ropes holding her hands so that she could get free. James grabbed her ankles and pulled her down onto the bed.

“Let go of me you punk faggot!” She garbled into the gag.

James understood exactly what she said. As he retied the ropes to the foot of the bed frame, Destiny continued her struggle. Although he was getting frustrated with the fight he was having with retying the ropes, James was hypnotized at the bouncing and jiggling of the huge globes of seat meat before him. Her butt cheeks seemed to be dancing with each other as she wiggled and wrestled to get free.

“I have to get my hands on those!” he thought.

He relished the idea of grabbing a handful of ass cheek in each hand and kneading them like a child playing with play-doh. When he got the ropes tied down he stood up and took in the sight of his newly prepared playground.

James kneeled onto the bed and took a cheek in each hand. He was amazed at how much packing she was lugging around in the seat of her pants. He felt like he was holding the world in each palm as he gripped and pawed her cinnamon tinted buns. The sight was driving him insane. James bent over and put his face between her cheeks and inhaled deeply. He lifted the bottom of his mask and kissed each buttock then licked her up the center of her butt crack. Destiny was still yelling at her attacker. She made threat after threat and insult after insult. None of it bothered James. He just ignored it. Once again, Destiny mumbled through the fabric mouth piece,

“Let go of me you punk! Get you face outta my ass you faggot!”

That did it! The memories of that day flooded back into James’ mind and his anger flared.

“How dare she make demands when I’m the one in control!” “She’s too stupid to realize that she is MY hostage!” “I’ll show her!”

James’ rage was going wild. The word “faggot” was echoing throughout his head. He sunk his teeth into one of her glutes and picked up the lube. Destiny squealed and jumped in response to the sharp pain. James moved his head up behind her ear and whispered,

“O.K., since you say that I’m a faggot, I’m gonna be a faggot… with you.”

James slowly crawled to the lower end of his hostage. He dropped his pants and applied a glob of lube to his dick. In her mind Destiny wanted to believe that her captor was only trying to scare her with the declaration that he had made. But she realized that her fears would soon become reality when she felt a hand with amply lubricated fingers rubbing her asshole, then a finger went inside.

Growing up in the Southwest, where land is cheap and roads abound, you need a car. Some missteps out of high school that delayed my entry into college had left me with a rather poor cash-flow situation. For other kids I knew, as 18 wore on into 19, 19 into 20, the compact but late-model Honda was part of the territory, probably financed in part through parental generosity or judicious allocation of student loan funds. Me, it was all I could do to get a first car that was as old as I was: an old 4-cylinder BMW 2002 sedan.

For those reading this who may be unfamiliar with this long defunct model, don’t let the number fool you: 2002 was the model number, not the year. (I don’t even know the exact year of the car but it was in the 70s.) And don’t let the make fool you either—BMW would eventually come to be best known in the United States for its sport and luxury models, but this squat, boxy, vaguely Eastern-bloc looking sedan was (or had been when brand new) no more than a German grocery-getter.

When I finally took possession of it, seeming destined to be its last owner, this rusty, dented, tired looking old nag of car had the dubious virtue of being, in the words of Mike, a co-worker at the gas station where I worked, a “hipster Eurotrashmobile”—strangely admired by a certain skinny-jeans-and-bowling-shirt set, who perhaps enjoyed the irony of a status-symbol label on such a piece of crap. (Honestly I’m not sure what they saw in it. I would much rather have had a later model that had a warranty and started reliably.)

So I had a love-hate relationship with the car. It was hard to start cold, smoked like a train, stalled out at idle, and had sticky vinyl seats that were sagging and distended, with springs and foam and horsehair protruding errantly through various tears and gashes in the upholstery. Almost nothing on the instrument panel worked—AC, heat, cigarette lighter, dome light, radio. And yet I couldn’t help but enjoy the persistent compliments from strangers, sometimes averaging one a week, even if they were mostly from hipsters whose aesthetic sensibility generally bewildered me. It wasn’t just a car; it was a conversation piece.

“The dyke from next door likes your car,” Mike told me one day after I came back in from changing the price signs. The “dyke” he was referring to was a tall, heavyset, tomboyish blonde named Sam who worked at the oil change shop whose lot adjoined ours. She was dour, apparently humorless, and would grace our shop at least once a day with her grease-spattered coveralls and whatever hair she had up tucked into her ball cap, to buy Marlboro Lights and fountain Dr. Pepper. She was not unfriendly—not rude the way many customers can be. In fact, I always thought there was something good natured and trustworthy in her deliberate southern drawl, her steady, confident, no-nonsense gaze. She just wasn’t one for chit-chat, that was all; not one who recognized any value in the social lubricant of please and thank-you, greeting and leave-taking. She would come in, place her order, pay, and leave. That was that.

And she was, very probably, a lesbian, or so I thought. But I privately disliked Mike’s insistence on referring to her as “the dyke.” She may not have been the most pleasant person, but she wasn’t exactly unpleasant either; she had never given me any reason to disparage her behind her back. In a business like ours where so many people are rude, it seemed wrong somehow to trash-talk one of the better customers, even if she would never find out.

But there was more to my private mental defense of her than that. What I could never admit to Mike: I actually found her quite attractive.

She was fat, which I don’t mean pejoratively—just descriptively. I’ve always liked bigger women. She had a belly and love handles and big boobs and a great big round behind. But even so, fatness was not her most salient feature; the impression she gave was of someone strong and sturdy, a tall, square, durable frame hung with capable muscles. Her womanly traits were dampened by her boxy coveralls, her strong, businesslike carriage, and the fact that she never wore makeup. But her womanly traits were there nonetheless, available in plain view to the observant and the imaginative. You could tell she had the boobs even if she wasn’t doing anything to help you notice them, and the fact that she looked as good as she did without makeup, with her deep blue eyes and smooth pink-freckled cheeks, should have been a clue as to how nicely she would clean up.

It was so unusual to think of Sam actually chatting with one of the cashiers that I wasn’t even sure I believed Mike at first. “When did she say this?” I asked, probably betraying a note of challenge in my voice.

“Just came in a minute ago when you were out changing the pump sings. Said ‘who’s car?’, and I told her it was yours and she said ‘nice car’, and that was it.”

“Really?” I asked, and looked futilely across the lot to the lube shop as though I could gain some information by studying the open garage bay doors.

“Yep. Dyke digs your car bro’.”

I know. I really should have protested, should not have been tacitly complicit in his disrespect. But on some level I was part of the same stupid conspiracy he was furthering, to deny what I liked, to consent—if only by my silence—to the ridiculous truism that a 5’11″, 180 pound Amazon woman with boobs and biceps can’t be gorgeous, as Sam so obviously was. Or that a big strong woman who worked on cars had to be a lesbian (which, alas, seemed a slightly safer generalization).

I was intrigued, though; my curiosity was piqued. “So,” I thought to myself with a smile, “the dyke likes my car.”

* * *

I was scheduled to open the following Sunday. Sunday-open is both the best and worst shift to work at a suburban convenience store. What makes it the worst the fact that it’s, well, Sunday morning; opening up at six means waking up in the five o’clock hour on a day when the rest of the world is sleeping off a hangover. But, paradoxically, this is precisely what was nice about actual workload of the shift itself. Weekday-open you’re always slammed, and everyone’s irritable and in a hurry to get to work, and you have to juggle the endless line at the register with the near-constant need to brew fresh coffee. Sundays it was not unusual to have the first coffee-and-newspaper customers saunter in at a leisurely pace, happy and well-rested, well into the nine o’clock hour. Once I made it all the way to ten—literally half-way through my shift(!)—before seeing my very first customer of the day. Unlike weekdays and afternoons, they only schedule one cashier for Sunday open, and there’s a certain peace in the solitude.

The sun was still low in the east, the sky its morning pink-orange-blue, and, sitting on my stool and sipping my coffee, I looked up from my newspaper to gaze out the window and take in the serene view. The spell was broken by the tinny clatter of the bell-string tied to the door to announce the entry of a customer. I spun around in my stool and there, in fresh blue coveralls with embroidered patches—an ovular one over the breast pocket that ringed a cursive “Sam,” another high on the sleeve advertising “ASE” certification, whatever that meant—was “the dyke” herself, padding over to the soda fountain to fill a quart-sized plastic cup with Dr. Pepper. “Morning,” I hailed, not expecting and not receiving a reply. I plucked a pack of cigarettes down from the overhead rack and set them on the counter.

She came up to the register. I looked at my watch. “You’re here early. Thought you guys didn’t open up until ten on Sunday.”

“I’ve got inventory today before my crew gets in. Marlboro Lights soft-pack.” The pack was already on the counter so I slid it forward to draw her attention to it, and to the fact that I had helpfully anticipated her order. If she was impressed by this example of great customer service she did nothing to so indicate.

I watched as her clean strong hands retrieved bills from her Harley-Davidson chain wallet and noted how spotlessly clean her closely cropped fingernails were, which they never were at night. An image flashed into my mind of her with pumice and brush, scrubbing assiduously until every trace of grime was dispatched, knowing full well she would repeat the ritual the next day, and every day after that. She had meticulous streak in her, I decided. Suddenly, I had an urge to make small talk, to try to keep her in the store if only for a moment longer.

“It’s beautiful eh?” I tried, gesturing with a cock of my head to the east-facing window behind me.

“What?” she asked, looking up from her wallet, as though annoyed by the interruption.

“Rosy-fingered dawn,” I said wistfully.

Her eyes narrowed and a deep furrow cut into her brow and, with a surprising note of hostility she snapped: “What?! What are you talking about?”

I was so surprised by her apparent anger that I had no idea what to say. After a few glottal stops I managed: “Just trying to make conversation.”

“Well look, I don’t know who the fuck this Rosie and Dawn are or why you think it’s okay to tell me this—”

“N-n-n-no!” I interrupted hastily, palms forward, “it’s-it’s-it’s Homeric epithet! From the Odyssey. You know, mythology? Eos the dawn has rosy—rose-colored—fingers like, like, like the uh, you know, like those pink streaks of clouds,” I pointed out the window.

She studied me with arched eyebrow, the skeptical air of someone trying to determine whether she’s being had, and eventually broke my gaze to look out the window behind me. She looked at the sky for a moment, her face betraying no particular appreciation of the view, and then her eyes brightened noticeably as they lit on something in the nearer distance. She looked at my name tag and then at me and said, with as cheerful a tone as I had ever heard from her: “You’re Bart!”

I was puzzled by the sudden change in tone. “Yeah,” I confirmed warily.

“I had you confused with another dude in here works nights. That’s your car,” she pointed.

“Oh. Yeah. Yes it is.”

“That is a great car, sir.”

I was still a bit back on my heels, reeling from her rapid change of mood, which is probably why I flubbed my first and probably only opportunity to find common ground with this woman. Perhaps all that was needed was for me to agree with her enthusiastically, and we might have proceeded to have a pleasant conversation. But instead, unthinkingly, I damned my car with faint praise, saying, “yeah, it’s okay I guess.”

Immediately her face fell, any trace of brightness or felicity extinguished. “It’s a great car,” she affirmed, with the tone of someone who doesn’t suffer philistinism well.

“Yeah, no, I didn’t, I mean—uh” I hastened to save it, blurting out: “I’ve always liked BBWs.”

Now her brow sank again into an expression of withering disdain. Then I heard it too, the Freudian slip, and clumsily tried to fix it: “BM!” I nearly shouted, and then, miserably, realized that that too demanded correction—I couldn’t seem to open my mouth without digging a deeper hole. “W!” I added. Finally: “BMW! Was… what I meant to say. Instead of, you know…. Look, can we start this whole conversation over? Like maybe you could go out and come back in.” I flashed what must have seemed a simpering grin.

“How much oil are you losing?”

“God, it’s ridiculous—like a quart every time I get gas, feels like. Is that typical for those cars?”


“Well, then, how did you—”

“Because you’re getting blue-black smoke. I saw you pulling out onto the road the other day.”

“Is that bad?”

“You think it’s good? Means rings eventually. But in the mean time at least you can try heavier viscosities, maybe an additive. When’s the last time you had the oil changed?”

I averted my eyes and, in a conspicuous poker tell, looked anxiously at the floor before saying: “Um, it was—”

“Don’t lie ’cause I’ll know. Soon as I get a look at that dipstick I’m gonna know.”

Absurdly, all I could think to say to this was: “I’m sorry.” To this day I’m not sure if I was apologizing for thinking of bullshitting her or for not being a better custodian of my car.

“Sir, a high-mileage vehicle like that—the oil is the single most important thing.”

“Guess I figured as often as I was adding quarts the oil was kind of—” I shrugged and let out a nervous chuckle “—changing itself.”

At this she let out a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Listen, sir—”

“Wh-why don’t you call me Bart?” (Honestly, what was this “Sir” business anyway? She had to be at least five years older than I was. And she was talking to me like I was an oil-change customer—but she was in my store, I wasn’t in hers.)

“Bart. Why don’t bring her in and let me get under that hood. You can pull her round right now if you want. We’re starting a special on oil and lube tomorrow but I’ll give you the discount today.”

“Well, that’s awfully kind of you to offer but, didn’t you say you had inventory?”

“I can work around my crew this afternoon if I have to. I consider this like a medical emergency.”

* * *

It was not even eight o’clock when she phoned the store to summon me to her work bay, where I stood feeling a bit like a kid at the principal’s office. She had the hood propped and the dipstick lay out on an improbably clean looking shop towel. “I just figured I’d leave this out for you, let you see it.” She presented the stick for my inspection. “See how black that is. Now touch it.” I hesitated. “Go on. Wipes right off. Just see how watery it is.”

I touched it. “Pretty watery,” I agreed.

“That’s what you’re doing when you just add instead of changing. Viscosity breaks down over time. You end up with a crankcase full of black water and sludge. She wiped the stick, slid it into its housing, and retrieved it once more. The stick was now coated (to within a millimeter of the correct quart mark) with a transparent yellowish oil. “That’s how it’s supposed to look, sir.”



But my dressing down continued as, point by point, she walked me through all of the evidence of neglected basic maintenance: Sooty spark plugs; underinflated tires; corroded battery terminal posts. If my car had been a dog she would have called the SPCA.

Oddly, as all this was taking place, I didn’t feel nearly as miserable as one might expect. In fact, it was actually turning me on. Maybe it was just because I’d been attracted to her all along, and so welcomed the opportunity to follow the sway over her big blue-clad hips as she circled back and forth around my car to point out the various evidences of neglect. Or maybe it was deeper than that—that I felt somehow cared for through all this attention to my car, as though I had finally broken a thick layer of ice with this mysterious “dyke next door,” even if her attitude was like that of a drill sergeant inspecting a particularly sloppy platoon. Or maybe I was discovering a submissive streak in me that I didn’t even know I had—maybe I actually liked the drill-sergeant treatment a little.

Whatever it was, it was getting worse and worse: The longer she talked the less I could seem to concentrate on what she was saying, and the more brazen I became in my attempts to steal glances at her, here at her wide hips and big butt as she bent into the engine compartment on the leeward side of the car, there as she betrayed a rare glimpse of cleavage when she bent over windward. As the lecture wore on I started to get an aching boner. It was mercifully soft, as boners go—not the kind to press noticeably against my pants. But even at half-strength it was throbbing ravenously and siphoning off all my attention.

To make matters worse, she was so stern and serious that I found myself strangely tempted to make inappropriate jokes at about every other sentence she uttered. I managed to restrain myself (for a while), but the urge was uncanny. I was like the kids in that old cartoon show, Beavis and Butt-head, hearing sexual innuendo in every little thing she said: “…getting some blow-by here…”; “…need to get that good and lubed up so it slides right in…”; “…getting some pulsation on the rear-end…”; “…and it slides in and out over and over at very high speeds…” It was dizzying. I could barely contain myself. Everything she said sounded like it had a double meaning!

“One more thing,” she said, with a welcome note of finality. “On these terminal posts, after you do the baking soda thing we talked about…” she walked over to a work bench where there sat—I hadn’t noticed it before—and institutional-use, gallon-sized jar of Vaseline. I felt my pulse quicken a little at the sight of that jar here, in this setting, incongruously placed amidst all the various parts and tools. I may have even blushed. The reason is a little embarrassing.

I grew up in a religious (you might say fundamentalist) household, where I spent much of my pubescence shamefully convinced that I was among a tiny, insignificant percentage of the human population that was actually depraved enough to masturbate. My weapon of choice had been the family’s community stock of Vaseline, tucked away under the sink in my parents’ bathroom, and I was probably kidding myself in hoping no one in the family noticed its frequent, too-rapid depletion, nor even just the oily smell of it on me. I have long-since discontinued the use of Vaseline for this purpose, but I still get a giddy little twinge when I see a jar of it—afraid to look at it lest someone decode my facial expression and instantly know my history with it.

Accordingly, as she popped the lid off the giant jar (the old familiar smell wafted up to my nostrils and—talk about conditioned response!—I felt my stiffening cock actually jump in my pants), I quickly averted my eyes. She scooped out a thick handful of the yellow-gray goop and walked over to the far side where the battery sat; I stood motionless, feet fixed to the floor.

“If you’ll just smear a little like so, it will protect against corrosion.” Finally I gathered the courage to look up and, directly in front of me, across the expanse of engine, there was the single best cleavage view I’d ever gotten of Sam. Ordinarily she kept the coveralls zipped pretty high up on her chest and wore a crewneck t-shirt beneath. Today, perhaps owing to the fact that it was Sunday, she had some type of tank-shirt on underneath the uniform and, at the same time, the zipper was unzipped nearly to the bottom of her bosom.

My eye moved back and forth from where her strong hand was spreading translucent goo onto my freshly cleaned battery, up to her enormous freckled boobs that were now jiggling in time with the mildly circular motion of her hand. I couldn’t help but juxtapose the two images in my mind, a sort of gestalt, as I imagined her spreading lubricant on my shaft and then enveloping me between those large tits until I erupted in orgasm onto her chin, neck and sternum. I was staring now in a mute trance and I’m pretty sure my mouth hung slightly agape.

Then she froze. I looked up, about two-beats too late, and found myself looking directly into her now-narrowed eyes. Busted. “Getting all this?” she asked, with a note of angry sarcasm.

At this worst of all possible moments, as though from some kind of neurological misfire, I did perhaps the worst thing I could have done. I did not apologize; I did not try to play it off or protest my innocence. What did I do? I finally succumbed to the idiotic urge to make a double-entendre and, before I could even think what I was doing, blurted out (smarmily): “Now that’s what I call a lube job.”

She immediately stood up and zipped her coveralls up to her neck. “I’ll go get your invoice,” she said huffily, and started to walk away.

“No! Wait! Sam!” I cried, “I’m sorry—please!”

“I’ll get your invoice.”

McKenzie Lowell stepped up to the door and rang the bell.

The door was answered by a giant dressed in a Scottish kilt, white button up and black half-mask.

“Trick or treat?” he asked.

“Hey Bear, isn’t that supposed to be my line? But I’ll take a treat over a trick any day!”

“Shit Kenzie, how did you know it was me?” Bear asked.

“Because I don’t know anyone else who hits 6’5″? And how did you know it was me?” Kenzie asked with a pout.

“Because I don’t know anyone else with your hot as hell body?”

“Oooooh, you better watch out,” Kenzie teased, punching Bear in the arm, “or I’m going to tell Lola!”

Lola was Bear’s wife. She was a gorgeous, black hair and green eyes, who stood at just under six foot, had a great sense of humor and was perfect for Bear!

“Please don’t Kenzie! She’ll have my balls for sure.” Bear laughed.

“Don’t worry; I won’t be responsible for your becoming a eunuch!”

Kenzie stepped into the foyer of the large, sprawling home that her friends shared. While Bear shut the door and hung her coat, Kenzie stepped up to the large mirror near the stairs to examine herself before stepping into the large masquerade party in full swing in the main part of the house.

Kenzie scrutinized her imagine. Waist length hair, so red it was nearly burgundy, with a nice wave complemented her bright blue eyes. She had clear porcelain skin with a healthy smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She loved her freckles.

What she loved much less was her very Rubenesque figure. Kenzie snorted. Rubenesque? How about fat! Kenzie really had no illusions about her size. She was a big girl. She smoothed her hands down her more than ample hips. Adjusting her gauzy, flowing white toga, she turned sideways and eyed her rounded stomach, much hidden by the empire waist of her gown. She’d taken a risk coming as a goddess. How many fat girls were actually brave enough to assume the right to be a goddess? Along with her white toga gown, she wore a gold laurel wreath and a white feathered half mask. The mask showed of her ruby painted cupid-bow lips to their best advantage.

As little as she loved her figure, she had almost learned to accept her less than supermodel body. Dates, though, had been few and far between, due mostly to her size, she was sure. However, Kenzie accepted that she was a beautiful woman. And she was definitely not shy about adorning her body. She had numerous tattoos including a large tree of life on her back. She also had multiple ear piercings, a hoop in her nose and small diamond stubs ornamenting her bottom lip.

Giving herself one last critical look, Kenzie stepped into the large great room. She looked around, taking in the crush of other party guests. There were several predictable costumes: witches, vampires, pirates and some zombies. Some of the women wore beautiful costumes, dressed as fairies and princesses. Her eyes landed on a particularly hot black haired she-devil at the bar. Kenzie smiled. Of course Lola would be dressed as a slutty bad girl. SO Lola!

Kenzie milled through the crowd, exchanging pleasantries with several people, making her way to Lola. When she reached her, Lola smiled and hugged Kenzie. With a large smile she handed Kenzie a glass of white wine.

“Oh fancy!” Kenzie teased Lola. “Did you break out the French Chardonnay for moi?”

“Oui! You know it! Nothing but the best for my girl.”

Kenzie took a sip. “Yummy! You so know my weakness.”

“Come sit with me,” Lola urged her and led Kenzie to a large sofa near an even larger roaring fireplace. Lola swayed her barely covered ass, showing off the devil red g-string that matched her costume. They sat together in the corner of the L-shaped sectional.

“You little slut,” Kenzie teased her best friend. “You are going to have innocent young boys limping around from their rampant boners!”

Lola giggle. “I know, right! I am totally shameless.”

Kenzie truly loved her two best friends. Bear and Lola ran a very lucrative and popular nightclub downtown called The Drunken Dog. It featured barely clad go-go dancers, live bands several nights a week and was patronized by lots of very attractive and rich people. Being a singer, Kenzie had performed at The Drunken Dog on a regular basis and it had become like a second home to her; or a first home, maybe. Kenzie had grown up in foster care and had no family. Completely alone in the world, Kenzie has struggled on her own from the time she had run away from her last abusive foster home at the age of 15.

Kenzie had supported herself as a street musician from that time on. She had an incredibly beautiful and unique voice, smoky and gravelly. She was also a natural on the guitar, having taught herself. At the age of 32 she’d yet to pick up a recording contract, however she had a very lucrative career performing at nightclubs and bars around the city.

“So,” she told Lola, glancing around, “nice party. Are you sure you found enough gorgeous people to be here? Are there any left in the city?”

“Maybe,” Lola, with a little smile, “maybe not. You going to sing for us tonight?”

“Absolutely. Can you have Bear get my guitar out of my car?”

“Sure. Meanwhile, why don’t you mingle? We have lots of naughty versions of games going on in different areas: Spin the Bottle, 60 Seconds in Heaven, yada yada yada! Play! Find a man to fuck, be bad!”

“Haha,” Kenzie retorted with sarcasm. “You know I’ve just got men beating down my door. I’ll stick with my trusty vibrator. Much less risk of rejection.” Before Lola could argue, Kenzie stood, holding her glass up. “I’m getting a refill and then I’ll say hello to a few people.”

Kenzie made her way to the bar and procured herself another glass of wine. She leaned back against the bar, sipped her Chardonnay and people watched for a while. She smiled when she saw Bear palm Lola’s ass across the room. In typical Lola style, she bent slightly to give Bear greater access and he took advantage, running a finger along her barely covered slit. Far from feeling embarrassed, the witnessed scene only made Kenzie feel hot and aroused.

Kenzie sighed heavily. She’d love to find someone to share her life and bed with. Taking another sip of wine, she stilled, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck raise in awareness. Someone was staring at her. Surreptitiously, from beneath lowered lashes, Kenzie glanced around the room. Across the room near the fireplace, not far from where she’d been sitting with Lola, she found the culprit. Her eyes were snared by a very hot specimen of man. When she met his eyes, his full, beautiful lips quirked up in a half-smile. Kenzie jarred from the intensity of his gaze.

Wow, she thought lowering her eyes, he is amazingly sexy. Discreetly, she hoped, Kenzie checked out the mystery man across the room. He was tall, fully as tall as Bear, but without the bulk. She couldn’t tell the color of his eyes from the brief look she’d had, as well as from the distance, but his jet black hair shined in the firelight, so dark it was nearly blue. He wasn’t dressed in costume, though he wore a nice leather half-mask. He was dressed in dark, distressed jeans and a leather half trench coat over a form-fitting black t-shirt. He also wore beautifully made black motorcycle boots with silver buckles. Jesus freaking Christ, she thought, that man is sin on two legs. Glancing back up, Kenzie saw he was still staring at her.

Kenzie felt mesmerized. She felt tingles from head to toe. Her nipples hardened and her pussy started weeping. Kenzie shivered, as she forced her eyes away. Pushing away from the bar, she made her way through the crowd, greeting several people she recognized, despite their masks. Kenzie was quick with a smile and even quicker with a laugh; endearing her to most people she met.

She wandered out onto the large multi-level deck. It was chilly, but not bad, considering the time of year. She made her way to the fire pit and noticed that a very adult game of spin the bottle was going on. It appeared that whomever the bottle landed on, irregardless of the gender of the spinner or whom it landed on, a deep tongue kiss was awarded. Kenzie watched for several turns, becoming increasingly aroused by blatant display of eroticism, before she felt heat at her back. Without turning, she knew it was the mystery man from the great room.

“Are you aroused by the game?” he asked, his breath warm on her ear as he leaned close to whisper to her.

Kenzie jumped slightly, shivering from his words and from the effect of his breath on her ear.

“Yes,” she said without turning. “You?”

“No,” he said, “I’m aroused by you.”

Kenzie stiffened. She turned quickly to find him inches from her. She looked up into his eyes. Way up, considering he stood nearly a foot taller than her. She noticed his eyes were so light blue they were almost white. They were beautiful, but in an almost eerie way. Definitely intense.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“Nope, no trick here,” he said with a crooked smile, amused at his own Halloween pun. “I think you are incredibly hot. I just have one question for you.”

Kenzie simply raised her eyebrow in response.

He leaned in until her was whispering in her ear again. “Are you wearing panties?”

Kenzie leaned back with a bark of laughter. “You certainly aren’t shy are you?”

“I never have been accused of that.”

“What’s your name? If I turn you on so much I should at least know your name, don’t you think?”

“Fair enough. Silas.”

“I’m Kenzie.”

“I know. I’ve seen you at Bear and Lola’s.”

“Hmmm. Why haven’t I seen you?”

“I’m shy?”

“Oh I highly doubt that,” Kenzie laughed.

Before Silas could make a rejoinder, Kenzie’s name was called from the group playing around the fire pit.

“Come play! Be naughty…it’s Halloween!” This was from a waitress named Erin from The Drunken Dog that Kenzie had a friendly relationship with.

Kenzie hesitated.

“I will if you will,” Silas said from beside her. “Dare you.”

Never one to turn down a dare, a fault that had gotten her into plenty of trouble, Kenzie walked over to the group, throwing a challenging look over her shoulder at Silas. Kenzie chose a spot in the circle and Silas sat next to her, close enough that their thighs pressed against each other, causing a warm glow of arousal in Kenzie’s pussy.

“Ok, Kenzie, you next!” Erin said excitedly.

Kenzie groaned inwardly, but put on a game smile and spun. The bottle spun drunkenly for several rotations before, as if pulled by a magnet, landed on Silas. Kenzie gave a silent victory shout! How fortuitous! Without any wasted time, Silas buried his hand in the hair at the base of Kenzie’s neck and pulled her head back. Kenzie gasped at the suddenness of the action and the shot of fluid it caused to drench her panties. Silas took advantage of Kenzie’s open mouth and crushed her mouth, thrusting his tongue in with aggression. Kenzie moaned and thrust her tongue back at his. They dueled for long moments, tongues tangling, lips sucking, until Kenzie heard loud catcalls and whoops.

She raised her head feeling drunk with the power of the kiss. She had totally lost herself in it.

“Whoa!” Kenzie said on a little laugh. “That’s enough of Spin the Bottle for me or I might end up in a puddle on the floor! I’m getting a drink.” Kenzie stood on unsteady legs and made her way back to the great room and the bar, to the accompaniment of several playful boos. She could feel Silas on her heels.

Procuring a drink, she turned to Silas and said, “Yes.”

“Yes?” he replied.

“Yes, I’m wearing panties, but they’re little.”

“Shit,” Silas whispered, almost to himself. He stepped forward, completely invading her space and pressed his body against hers. He reached around and palmed her ass cheek. “That is so fucking hot, because now all I can think of is taking them off of you.”

“You are pretty presumptuous aren’t you,” Kenzie asked, meaning to sound firm but only managing to sound breathless.

Silas adjusted his hand to slide his finger up the crack of her ass, following the line of her little white silk g-string. With his other hand he palmed the back of her head and tilted her head to the side. Leaning down her ran the flat of his tongue from her collar bone to her ear.

“I go after what I want. And I haven’t wanted anything or anyone this bad in eons,” he breathed into her ear. Using his grip on her ass, he pulled her tight against him, pressing his hard cock against her stomach.

“I can tell,” she replied and turning her head, claimed his mouth in an unusual act of sexual aggression. When he threw himself wholeheartedly into the kiss, she groaned into his mouth. Her nipples were hard points, pressing into his chest through her thin gown. Her panties were sopping wet with her own arousal by now and her clit pulsed hard, from a simple kiss. She wiggled trying to get closer. Silas released her hair and palmed Kenzie’s breast before using his palm to rub her hard nipple in slow circles. When her nipple got even harder, it was Silas’s turn to moan. This continued for several moments before Kenzie registered a clearing of the throat.

Silas lifted his head and growled, “What the fuck is so important that you need to interrupt me, Bear?”

“Well, as much as I, and most of the room, are enjoying this hot as fuck display, it’s time for Kenzie to play for us.”

Kenzie’s cheeks burned at how she had forgotten where they were. But she put on a brave face and a saucy smile.

“Glad I could be of service, Bear. Should I take a bow?”

“Let’s save that for after your set?”

“Sure, but Silas will have to let go of my ass first.”

Silas slowly loosened his grip on her ass and stepped by, but not happily. He turned to Bear, displeasure clear on his face. Bear took a step back and lowered his head, in apparent submission.

“I apologize, Silas.”

Interesting, Kenzie thought, as she made her way to spot near the fireplace where her guitar, a mic and small amp were set up.

When she sat on the provided stool, she gave a cursory hello before beginning the intro to her first song. As she sang, most people came in from other areas of the house, crowding into the great room to hear her perform. She sang nearly a dozen songs, before launching into her current favorite, a song by India.Arie.

She had felt Silas’s eyes burning into her, never leaving for the entire set. As she began the lyrics of the song she looked into his eyes.

“Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won’t

Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes

It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul

I’m not the average girl from your video

and I ain’t built like a supermodel

But, I learned to love myself unconditionally

Because I am a queen…”

Kenzie finished the song to thunderous applause and thanked everyone for their appreciation.

Lola approached and, taking Kenzie by the arm, led her back to the bar. Kenzie noticed Silas had disappeared.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Kenzie asked.

“Maybe,” Lola answered, and with a little laugh handed her another glass of wine. “Just thought you might be parched after all that singing.”

“I am, thanks,” she responded taking a large swallow.

“So, what do you think of Silas? Like him?”

“What’s not to like? He’s super-hot and kisses like he’s set out to make it an art form. He’s definitely wet my panties! How long have you known him?”

“Oh, forever,” Lola answered with a little wave of her hand.

Kenzie recounted the exchange between Silas and Bear. “So, what’s up with that?”

“Well Silas is like family, I guess. He’s like an older brother to Bear; a mentor, really. He gave us the initial investment to start The Drunken Dog. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Silas.”

“Ah. Ok. Still it’s odd to see Bear so deferential to someone.”

“He loves Silas, we both do, and would never want to offend him,” Lola replied.

“Well if you love Silas, so do I,” Kenzie assured her friend, giving her a one-armed hug, still holding her glass of wine.

“I think you showed everyone how much you ‘loved’ Silas earlier!”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Kenzie retorted on a laugh. “So many people are going at each other at this party it might as well be an orgy!”

“Yeah, but there was something special about watching you and Silas. Half the people here couldn’t take their eyes off you.”

“Jesus, now I’m more than a little mortified,” Kenzie blushed.

“Don’t be, you are a beautiful sensuous creature! If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want to fuck you!”

Kenzie laughed. “You have enough fucking going on without involving me, you little perv! I am in need of the little girls’ room.” Excusing herself, Kenzie wondered upstairs and into Bear and Lola’s master suite. She used the bathroom, washed her hands and freshened her hair and make-up, taking advantage of Lola’s gigantic assortment of cosmetics.

When she left the bathroom, Silas was waiting for her, leaning against the bedroom door, barring her way out.

Kenzie came to an abrupt halt. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I thought we could play 60 Minutes in Heaven,” he replied with a wicked grin.

“It’s 60 Seconds in Heaven.”

“Oh, I’ll need way more than a minute with you. But baby, I am going to take you to heaven,” Silas promised, stepping away from the door and shrugging out of his leather trench.

Kenzie felt a rush of moisture flood her cunt, wetting her already damp panties. But not wanting to seem too easy, she asked, “Don’t I have a say in this?”

“Yes,” he replied, stalking her as she backed away from him. “You can say yes, more please, harder; any and all of those.”

Silas peeled his tee off over his head and Kenzie felt her jaw drop. Holy fuck, she thought, he is amazing. Silas had the type of body that a man only got from hard work. A natural, lean musculature, not something bought at a gym. Both of his nipples were pierced, with bars in both. So now she knew Silas possessed two things that turned her on beyond measure; a dominant personality and piercings. She glanced up from his chest to find his eyes on her. The look of lust on his face was so intense, she swallowed audibly. She stood frozen as Silas continued to approach her.

When he reached her, Kenzie expected him to grab her, but instead he slowly circled her. Reaching out he ran his hand lightly along her arm, around the shell of her ear, across her ass. He lightly touched her, circling her, making her feel like she was prey and he was toying with her. Through it all, Kenzie stood still, her breath hitching at every touch, her cunt spasming. She felt near orgasm and Silas had barely touched her! Eventually he made his way back to stand in front of her.

For several moments, Silas merely stared into Kenzie’s eyes. His eyes burned so hot despite their cold color. She felt herself enthralled, lost in the depth of desire she found there. She seemed aware of every inch of her body, as if her skin were suddenly too tight. Her nipples hardened to impossibly tight points, her breathing was fast, heartbeat erratic and her pussy was a constant fount of dripping arousal.

“Take off your gown, McKenzie,” Silas finally spoke, his voice deep and gravelly with want. Kenzie complied, slowly lowering her gown. Kenzie was surprised by her easy compliance, but even more surprised that this amazingly hot man wanted her. And she could in no way doubt his desire for her, she thought, glancing at the giant bulge in his jeans. Soon Kenzie stood before Silas in nothing more than her white silk g-string and 5 inch white satin stilettos. She resisted the urge to squirm and cover herself, severely self-conscious of all the extra weight she was displaying for this impossibly hot man.

“Love, no need to feel insecure. I could come in my jeans just looking at you.” And as unimaginable as it seemed, Kenzie believed him. She shivered hard as he reached out to run the back of his hand along her collarbone. Turning his had he smoothed his fingertips down her chest, between her large, though firm breasts, to settle at the top of her panties. Using a single fingertip, Silas traced the top of her panties, back and forth, until Kenzie was ready to beg him to touch her between her legs.

As though reading her mind, Silas slid his finger down her slit, staying on top of her panties. Kenzie groaned in pure delight at the feel of his finger on her cunt. She desperately wanted more. Please! she thought almost desperately.

“Patience, baby,” he told her.

Kenzie started. Was he reading her mind?

“Yes, and you’re thinking very loudly.”

Before Kenzie could even process that statement, Silas lifted her in his arms as if she weighed nothing, and carried her to the large bed. Kenzie marveled that he could lift her so easily, considering she was no slight burden. He laid her on the bed, grabbed her hands and lifted them above her head, and proceeded to devour her mouth. The thrust of his tongue in her mouth imitated what she longed for his cock to be doing in her sopping wet cunt. Returning Silas’s kiss wholeheartedly, Kenzie couldn’t keep from squeezing her thighs together, trying to relieve some of the pressure on her aching clit.

When Silas pulled away and stood up, Kenzie groaned in objection and tried to reach for him. It was then she realized that while she’d been lost in his kiss, Silas had been securing her hands to the headboard. Kenzie twisted her head around to look at her hands. Of course Bear and Lola would have shackles built into their headboard! She turned her head back to Silas. He was standing beside the bed, his gaze wondering her body, landing longer on some places than others.

“Do you know how fucking amazing you look in just that tiny thong and your hooker heels?”

“Why don’t you show me?”

“You have no idea how badly I want to,” he informed her with a shake of his head, “but first we need to talk.”

“Okaaaay,” Kenzie said, drawing the word out in confusion. Then with a start of remembrance, she asked him, “What the hell did you mean that you could read my mind.”

“Exactly that,” he answered, sitting down next to her on the bed. “If I couldn’t, how would I have known you were even thinking that?”

“Oh.” Kenzie thought for a second. “You could have guessed.”

“Ok,” Silas replied, “think of something.” After a pause, he laughed. “Not about sex. Something not so easily guessed.” Another pause. “Tacos? Seriously?” He laughed again.

“Holy shit! And give me a break, I’m hungry. Are you psychic?”

“Among other things.”

“What other things? I’m getting a little nervous here and feeling a whole lot of vulnerable.”

“I know you’ll have a hard time believing this. And I haven’t told anyone in a long time, but I think you’re special; and I want you. Not just tonight, but for long term. I’ve wanted you from the moment I first saw you at The Drunken Dog. I know all about you; your childhood in the foster system because of your mom’s overdose when you were four. How you ran away from foster care at 15 because of a very handsy foster parent. I know how you’ve struggled to be where you are today; a successful, beautiful, sexy artist with amazing talent.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said, beginning to struggle against her bonds, “I’m starting to be a little creeped out. Let me the fuck up!”

Silas placed his palm low on her belly and Kenzie stilled. “Calm down,” he urged her. “You don’t need to be afraid of me. I just needed to know everything about you. I needed to know if I could trust you. Bear and Lola vouched for you, but I have to be careful because of who I am.” He began rubbing his palm in ever-widening circles on her stomach as he was talking, making it very hard for Kenzie to concentrate, despite the seriousness of the conversation.

“And just who are you?”

“I’m a vampire,” announced to her. “Not just any vampire, though, but the king of this region.”

“Oh, so fucking funny!” Kenzie said. “What kind of game are you playing? I’ve got to tell you, it’s not very amusing to me right now.”

“It’s no game,” Silas told her and leaned forward with the intention of kissing her again. Kenzie turned her head aside trying to avoid the kiss. Silas grasped her by the chin, forcing her face back to his. “Don’t fight me Kenzie. I’m a predator. It’ll only make me more determined and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kenzie swallowed, feeling a kernel of fear begin in the pit of her stomach. But that fear was waging a war with the desire already residing there. And desire was winning, especially when she could see the lust shining is Silas’s pale blue eyes. So when he leaned down to kiss her again she let him. Silas began the kiss gently this time, brushing his lips softly against hers, back and forth, until Kenzie was on the verge of begging him to deepen the kiss. He might be crazy, but he sure could kiss! Hearing her thoughts, Silas chuckled.

“You are a sensual creature, McKenzie,” he whispered against her lips. “All in due time.”

With those words, Silas began a journey down Kenzie’s body with lips and tongue. He started by giving Kenzie’s throat little flicking licks, interspersed with nipping bites. He worked his way sideways to where her neck and shoulder met. When he reached that ultra-sensitive spot he bit down with a good amount of force. Kenzie let out a little yelp of surprise followed by a low moan of delight. The feeling was amazing. She loved a little edge of pain to her pleasure; had always enjoyed when her lovers bit.

Silas laved away the little pain of his bite with the flat of his tongue. Kenzie was moaning and writhing on the bed, her body begging for more.

“Fuck, baby, you are so sensitive. I wonder if I could make you come without even touching your sweet little cunt.”

“I’m willing to let you try,” Kenzie countered, breathlessly.

Reaching down, Silas cupped her generous breasts, kneading them. Kenzie’s pussy clenched with desire and she groaned, squeezing her thighs. Silas ran his thumbs over both of her nipples, at once. Simultaneously, he continued rubbing her nipples over and over until Kenzie was panting and moaning. Unashamedly, she began begging for more.

“What do you want, baby? Do you want me to lick you pretty, berry colored nipples? Suck them? Bite them?”

“Please, Silas! Yes! Yes, to all of it. Please, please touch me more. Suck my nipples, bite them. I need more!”

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” he asked as he continued to simply rub his thumbs across her nipple. After several more minutes of this, Kenzie was nearly sobbing from a combination of pleasure and need. “Okay baby,” Silas crooned to her, “I’ll give you more.”

Leaning over, Silas opened his mouth onto her nipple and sucked the whole thing into his mouth. When he began suckling and flicking it with his tongue within his hot mouth, Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed and she gave a little scream.

“Oh god. Yes. Fuck, fuck. More, Silas. Harder.” Kenzie was babbling, begging in near incoherence. Silas gave her what she wanted. Moving to her other breast, he took that nipple into his mouth and bit down, the force just shy of pain. Kenzie moaned, pulling against her bindings, wanting desperately to sink her hands into his hair and pull him closer. Instead all she could do was writhe as her cunt continued to weep. Silas continued to move back and forth between breasts, sucking, licking and biting.

“Silas, I’m going to come,” Kenzie panted. “Please, I need to come. Keep licking my nipples. Oh god, yes, just like that. Oh that feels so good when you use your teeth like that.” Silas reached up to her untended breast and began to pinch and roll that nipple while he sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth. With a guttural groan and a hard squeeze of her thighs, Kenzie came. Silas continued to play with her luscious nipples until Kenzie was begging for him to stop.

“Silas, please! It’s too much.” With a final gentle kiss to the tip of each nipple, Silas raised up to give Kenzie a deep kiss, pushing his tongue between her lips to lick the entire inside of her mouth.

“I swear I can taste your orgasm in just your kiss. I can certainly smell it. Fuck baby, you are amazing. I knew you would be responsive.”

“I’ve never come from just nipple play. That was incredible.”

“Mmmm.” Silas stood and looking down at Kenzie told her, “Spread your legs for me, baby. God you’re wet,” he praised her when she complied. Reaching down, with incredible ease, he tore her thong off of her. Kenzie gasped, feeling a huge flood of moisture flow from her cunt, flowing down into her ass crack.

“Well, shit, that is fucking hot,” Silas praised as he reached down to finger the small hoop in Kenzie’s clitoral hood piercing. “You are full of surprises.”

Silas continued to run his finger up and down her slit, spreading her wetness around. Every time he reached the top, he would flick her clit, making Kenzie groan. “So pretty,” he whispered, seemingly to himself. He slid his finger down, and in one easy move, aided by Kenzie’s extreme wetness, he buried it in her cunt, all the way to his knuckle. Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed to meet his thrust. She moaned deep in her throat.

“More, Silas. Please more.”

“Kenzie, I’m a vampire. Do you believe me baby?” As he asked the question, he continued to thrust his finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy, adding a second finger. Kenzie pushing her hips against his every thrust.

Groaning in disappointment, Kenzie said, “Can you please stop talking crazy and just fuck me?”

“I want to baby,” Silas said as he leaned down to tongue her nipple. Standing up he continued, “I have to know you know what you are getting into. I have to feed on you to fuck you.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said. “You’re a vampire. Just fuck me.” Kenzie was writing on the bed, desperate to have his cock deep inside her aching cunt. She needed to have the emptiness filled. Her inner muscles squeezed his fingers hard.

“Look at me Kenzie,” Silas demanded. When she complied, Silas opened his mouth and a pair of long, sharp incisors shot down out of his top jaw. Kenzie squealed and struggled against her bonds. “Believe me now, beautiful?”

“What the fuck? That is just a trick, a Halloween prop!” Kenzie said, desperately trying to deny.

Silas gave an aggrieved sigh. “How much more convincing do you need? I can read your mind and I have fangs!”

“You’re really a vampire? Are you going to kill me?”

“No, Kenzie,” Silas said with a small smile. “I already told you I wanted to keep you. I just need you to know what I really am. I want to bond you to me and to do that I need to feed from you. Let me. I won’t hurt you, I never would.”

Looking deep in his white blue eyes, Kenzie could see the truth of his words. And she wanted him. More than any other man she’d ever known.

“Ok. You’re a vampire. You want me. I can accept that. Now will you just fuck me before I gnaw through these bindings and fuck myself?”

“Gladly.” With that single word, Silas’s pants seemed to disintegrate. In the blink of an eye, vampire speed, Kenzie though hazily, he had his shoulders wedged between her legs, spreading her wide. He placed his hands under her ass and tilted her cunt up toward his waiting mouth and, with his teeth, gently tugged on Kenzie’s clit ring. Kenzie moaned, panting with need.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered. “Harder! Yes, just like that. Ahhh, yes, suck it. That feels so fucking good.” Kenzie continued to encourage Silas as he licked and sucked her hard little clit into his mouth. He used his tongue to flick her clit back and forth, alternating with forceful suckling. Kenzie was nearly incoherent with the intensity of the pleasure he was giving her. “Silas! I’m going to come!”

Silas pulled away for a moment. “Come for me baby, come all over my face.” His dirty words were all Kenzie needed. As Silas leaned down and sucked her clit back into his mouth, biting down, she came with a shout.

“Fuck, fuck!” Kenzie was near tears, her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow. Silas just kept sucking, keeping her riding high on her orgasm until she was begging him to stop. “Stop, please! Enough, I can’t take any more,” Kenzie begged, thrashing her head back on forth on the pillow.

Silas relented, rising up on his hands and knees over her. Damn, he thought, she looks beautiful with all that dark red hair spread out around her, her lips dark with desire, her pupils dilated. He crawled up her body until they were face to face.

“You pussy tastes so good, baby. Taste.” With that, he leaned down and kissed Kenzie deep, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. Kenzie groaned in pleasure, suckling his tongue and delighting in her taste on his lips. Silas leaned down slightly, rubbing his chest hair lightly over her nipples, making Kenzie whimper into his mouth. He pulled his mouth off hers.

“Little girl, I’m going to fuck that hot little mouth of yours.” Kenzie moaned and squeezed her thighs together as a spasm of longing rocketed through her pussy at just the thought of Silas shoving his cock down her throat.

“You’re in luck,” Kenzie informed Silas, “I happen to give very good head.” She looked him in the eye, licking her lips and tasting herself again in the process. “Mmm,” she teased him, “I do taste good.”

It was Silas’s turn to moan. He was infatuated with this sensual, sexy creature underneath him. He climbed up the rest of her body until her was straddling her shoulders. Balancing with one hand on the wall above her, he grabbed his cock in his other hand and pumped it, running his fist up and down the long length. Kenzie watched intently, a gush of fluid pouring from her pussy. There was nothing sexier to her than a man handling his own cock.

Silas brought his cock to her mouth and rubbed the head against her lips. A drop of fluid leaked out of the tip, coating her lips. She licked it off, licking the head of his cock in the process.

“Yum,” she told him.

“Little girl, you are going to kill me,” Silas moaned, “and it’s damn hard to kill a vampire! Open your mouth baby and let me in.”

Kenzie immediately complied, eager to taste him. Silas pushed just the tip into her mouth and she reached out her tongue to swirl around the head. Closing her lips, she suckled on the head, using her tongue to probe the slit in the tip, coaxing more fluid from him. With a guttural groan, Silas threw his head back and pushed his cock the rest of the way in, bumping the back of her throat. Kenzie took a moment take a breath through her nose, making a conscious effort to open her throat and take him all the way in.

“Fuck, baby, you are good,” Silas groaned and he pulled back only to thrust even further down her throat. Every time Silas pulled back, Kenzie took the opportunity to suck hard on his cock, swirling her tongue around its length. Silas set up a steady pace of thrusting into Kenzie’s hot, and oh so willing, mouth. With every plunge, Kenzie was able to take him deeper down her throat, breathing through her nose every time he pulled out, smelling his pleasantly arousing musky scent. Finally Silas pulled out all the way. Kenzie whimpered in disappointment.

“I’d like nothing better than to shoot my load down your throat, but the first time I have to be buried balls deep in your pretty pink cunt.”

Silas moved back down her body. Positioning his cock at the entrance of her still pulsing cunt, he leaned down and brushed his lips across hers.

“Mmm,” Kenzie whispered against his lips, “now we can taste each other.” She wiggled her hips, lifting them, trying to force his cock into her, utterly ready for Silas to finally fill her aching cunt.

Looking her in the eye, he asked her, “Are you sure? If you say yes, there’s no turning back. I won’t let you go. Make sure you mean it. After this you’re mine. I’ll fuck you so hard and so good you’ll never want anyone else.”

“Yes. I want to belong to you.”

Without further delay, Silas thrust his cock into Kenzie’s soaking hot cunt all the way to the hilt. Kenzie let out a keening wail as he bottomed out in her, bumping hard against her cervix, causing a pleasure so great it neared pain. Reaching down with one hand, Silas hooked Kenzie’s knee on his arm, spreading her wide and sinking himself deeper in her pussy. Kenzie was stretched so wide from the size of his cock, she was burning. But she wasn’t about to complain. She’d always enjoyed a little pain with her sex.

“You okay, baby?” Silas asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Kenzie answered, breathily. “What are you waiting for?”

Silas pulled back to until only the head of his cock remained in her pussy, then thrust back in – hard. He repeated this slow, powerful pistoning over and over again. With ever y thrust, Kenzie grunted in a combination of pain and incredible pleasure. Silas leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth, causing her to tilt her head back, arching her back, straining to get her nipple further into his mouth.

Releasing her nipple with a pop, Silas told her, “We are going to get these pretty little nipples of yours pierced.”

“Yes, anything you want.”

“Good girl, Kenzie,” Silas praised, pleased with her unqualified submission. He thrust hard into her, bottoming out in her cunt again.

“Please, Silas, faster!” Instead of speeding up, Silas pulled out. Kenzie cried out in protest, nearing the point of tears from the need to have him fuck her hard and fast, deep. “No. Silas, that’s not fair!”

“Hush, baby.” Silas soothed. “I’m not nearly done with you yet.” Silas leaned up, grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. There was enough play in the bindings that her arms were able to criss-cross comfortably. “Ass in the air and keep your head down.” Silas commanded. Kenzie scrambled to obey, not wanting to delay, even for a moment, getting Silas’s cock back in her.

Without warning, Silas spread her ass cheeks, a hand on each, and leaned down to run his tongue from her cunt all the way up the crack of her ass. Kenzie thrust her ass back at him, silently begging for more. “Greedy little bitch aren’t you?”

“Hmm,” was all Kenzie could manage and, chuckling, Silas went back to licking her. He continued to tongue her luscious ass; long sensuous licks, short flicks and finally deep stabs directly into her tight little hole. “Oh yes. That’s it. Lick my ass. I love it. I want you to fuck my ass so bad.”

“Another time. Right now I just want to get back into you pretty little cunt and fuck you until you scream.” Moving up between her legs, Silas palmed her ass cheeks, spreading and lifting them, and plunged back into her dripping wet pussy. Kenzie was so wet that Silas could feel her fluids against his thighs where they had dripped down her own. He began thrusting into her hard and fast. Kenzie began to scream into the pillow under her. Silas could feel his cock bumping against the bundle of nerves that comprised her g-spot with every thrust. Releasing Kenzie’s ass, Silas leaned over her and reaching under her, grasped her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling them.

Kenzie turned her head on the pillow. “I’m going to come again,” she wailed, releasing a sexy little grunting moan with every thrust.

“Not yet,” Silas told her, and pulled nearly all the way out. He kept himself still there and, leaning down, began licking and kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Silas! Fuck me!”

“Mmm, are you telling me what to do little girl? I’m in control here, not you.”

“Yes. NO! I don’t know. I just need you!”

Releasing a breast, Silas wrapped his hand in the hair at the back of Kenzie’s hair, twisting, causing enough pain to feel good. Kenzie gasped and Silas felt a flood of her juices flow out of her cunt onto his cock and down his balls. With his other hand he reached forward and released the bindings imprisoning her to the bed. Using his grip on her hair, he lifted her up until she was sitting in his lap. Grasping her by the hip and the hair, Silas pulled her down, impaling her on his huge, swollen cock. Kenzie moaned out and let her head fall back on Silas’s shoulder, surrendering completely.

A couple of weeks on and I still hadn’t been allowed to watch Derek, our fat forty something landlord, fucking my eighteen year old girlfriend Sally. I was told to sit outside our bedroom door and listen as he fucked her every day and every night on our squeaky old bed.

She’d lost interest in me sexually as well. We still cuddled and talked although I was a little awkward at first but I soon got used to the situation – mostly because I enjoyed it so much.

Gone were the initial bad feelings I might have had, to be replaced with constant erections and an overwhelming horniness. I was looking forward to their sex sessions almost as much as Sally was, and she knew it.

They did kiss in front of me though and Derek made sure I saw his hand up my girlfriends skirt as much and as often as possible. When this happened I was always spellbound, my cock threatening to burst out of my pants.

One afternoon we were all sat in the lounge, me on the armchair, Sally and Derek on the sofa kissing passionately. I was watching his hand as it crept down her back slowly, lifted up her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side. Then he stopped kissing her and looked at me, my girlfriend nuzzling his neck and moaning.

Reaching round with his other hand he pulled her buttocks apart, dipped his middle finger in my girlfriend’s very obviously wet cunt and then pressed it firmly against her arsehole. Sally gasped and writhed, pushing her arse back onto his hand and forcing his finger up inside her.

She was like a bitch on heat licking and sucking at our landlords neck and face, gasping and moaning and pressing her arse back onto his hand while he slowly but forcefully fingered her anus.

All the while Derek looked at me, “I’m going to have some of this today and you’re going to watch, understand?”

I just nodded, watching his finger roughly loosening my girlfriend’s backside.

Derek turned his attention back to Sally and whispered something in her ear she gasped again then nodded still writhing on his thick finger.

“Tell him,” Derek ordered Sally.

Amidst moans and groans Sally said, “Derek’s going to invite his mate over and they’re going to fuck me up the arse while you watch.”

Derek laughed and pulled his finger out of Sally’s arse telling her, “I’ll be back in a minute babe, just need to knock my mate up. Don’t you fucking move sexy!”

My girlfriend giggled and they kissed one more time before he left, then she lit up a cigarette and smiled slyly at me.

“Make sure you’ve got plenty of tissues, you don’t want to spunk on Derek’s carpet or he might not let you watch again.”

I dutifully got up to get some toilet roll from the bathroom, while my girlfriend sat half naked smoking and giggling at me, but I soon found that there wasn’t much left.

“Why don’t you pop downstairs and get some from his wife?” Sally suggested.

I hadn’t faced Derek’s wife since he’d started fucking my girlfriend and I knew that she knew all about it. When I went downstairs into the shop she said nothing as I picked up a box of tissues from the shelf and put them on the counter.

“Take them, they’re free,” she said barely looking at me.

“Derek said he’d need some Vaseline as well so take a pot…here!”

She plonked it on the counter in front of me. I mumbled my thanks and scuttled back upstairs just as Derek and his mate came in through the back door laughing.

His mate Barry was about the same age as him but quite a bit bigger and a lot uglier, he had an enormous belly but looked like he could uproot trees with one hand so I was instantly wary of him.

“Is that him?” I heard him ask Derek, who told him yeah and they both burst out laughing.

They followed me up the stairs.

My girlfriend Sally was standing waiting looking very flustered when I walked into our lounge, she ignored me and actually leaned to look past me to see who was coming up the stairs with Derek. I saw her sharp intake of breath when she saw Barry and could tell she liked the look of him, she later told me that she thought he looked dangerous and that really turned her on.

“And this is our little slut,” said Derek pulling Sally over towards Barry.

“Hello love,” Barry leered at her wrapping his arms around her, his hands heading straight for her arse.

“Hiya,” Sally breathed before her mouth was engulfed by Barry’s.

I watched as he snogged her forcefully and pulled her knickers down, kneading her buttocks roughly. My girlfriend just melted into his big burly arms as Derek reached across and grabbed the Vaseline out of my hand. He opened the pot and held it out for Barry who dipped his thick middle finger in with a squelch and taking a huge gob of it, rubbed it with a circular motion in to Sally’s arsehole before pushing his digit right up her backside.

“Oh God!” my girlfriend moaned between sloppy kisses.

She wrapped her legs around Barry as he picked her up with one arm forcing her to sit back on his invading finger. He carried her like this into our bedroom with Derek close behind, but this time the door stayed open. I grabbed the tissues and tentatively followed then in.

Barry was sat on our bed when I walked in, his finger still buried in my girlfriend’s arse, Sally was facing him sat on his knee moaning as he sucked and licked at her neck and now naked tits. He’d already given her one love bite that I could see, it glowed red and angry on her soft white neck. Derek was watching and undressing casually, he pulled down his Y-fronts and his already hard cock sprang out and I could have sworn I heard it slap on his big hairy belly.

He looked at me briefly and sneered, “Sit down in the corner, shut up and watch how real men do it.”

I did as I was told sitting in the corner as Derek walked around the bed to stand behind my girlfriend.

I heard a zip being undone and saw Barry struggling out of his jeans, all the while still sucking on Sally’s neck, then he fell back onto the bed with her on top of him and she cried out. I craned my neck to see and could just make out his cock driving into her wet cunt from beneath. Barry held open Sally’s buttocks with both hands as Derek climbed onto our bed on his knees his throbbing cock in his hand. He picked up the open Vaseline tub, took a great glob of it out and proceeded to coat his shaft before lining it up with Sally’s arsehole and leaning forward into her from behind.

“Oh fuck ow, shit!” She cried out as Derek’s considerable bodyweight carried his cock before it deep into my girlfriend’s back passage, his big hairy belly resting on her back.

They both began fucking her hard and fast, tossing her around like a rag doll between them, all the while Sally shouted and cried one moment begging them to stop the next pleading with them to go harder and faster. I pulled my iron hard cock from my pants and wanked myself off to the unbelievable scene in front of me. Not five feet away, two middle aged fat men were fucking my eighteen year old girlfriend, one in her cunt and one in her arse on our bed.

I shot my load into a tissue just as Barry grunted and then bellowed, “Fuck you dirty little cunt!”

I could see his body tense up as he drove his cock deep into Sally’s cunt emptying his huge hairy balls into her. She gasped and moaned incoherently now her face buried in Barry’s chest as Derek mercilessly pumped her arse from behind. Then it was Derek’s turn, his head tipped back and he let out a long shuddering moan. I saw his buttocks clench as he ground his cock deep into my girlfriend’s arse pumping huge loads of hot spunk deep inside her.

After a few moments he pulled out of her arse with a pop, his cum covered cock trailing down her sweet teenage thigh. Sally lay whimpering and shaking as Derek beckoned me over to see the damage. Both her holes were dripping spunk, her arsehole wide open and an angry red.

“Now off you go,” panted Derek after I’d taken in what they’d just done to my girlfriend.

“We’re going to have some real fun with her now, and we don’t want you interfering so you can fuck off out for a bit.”

I walked slowly out of the room in a state of erotic and nervous shock, looking back only when I heard Sally gasp to see Barry mauling her tits and biting them roughly.

“Go on get the fuck out!” Derek barked, slamming the door shut after me.

I heard a loud slap and Sally cry out and then moan, Derek and Barry were both laughing.

That evening I got very, very drunk on my own in the pub not daring to go back until around midnight. The flat was dark when I eventually did get back and Sally was asleep in our bed. The room stank of sweat, sex and spunk. Resigning myself to another night on the sofa, I reached for my box of tissues.

Life was so carefree until that day, when, on the morning of my eighteenth birthday, my father had thrown the apron of a serving wench at me and told me to get to work.

So I was to be a drudge then, in one moment all of my dreams and aspirations were shattered. I probably should have expected it, after all he wasn’t my real father and I’m sure he just saw me as an extra pair of hands.

I had been taken in as a baby, left on a barren couple’s doorstep one stormy night, or so the story went. My new mother had cared for me, I had no doubt of that but since she had gone my father’s attitude towards me had become positively hostile.

I tried not to think about who my real parents were, there was no solace in that. The only person who had ever cared about me was gone from my life forever and how I missed her.

My adoptive family had owned an inn on the highway for generations and many a traveller had passed through its doors, slept in its beds and drunk its ale. The Countess, as it was known, was also very popular with the local workers, farmhands and such, and was always a raucous place in the evenings.

Late that afternoon I was sent out to the stables to make sure that the traveller’s horses had been fed and watered properly. My father had never trusted Uncle Ham, our slovenly stable hand, and on more than one occasion he had found his mistrust to be well founded when Ham had been discovered passed out drunk in the middle of the day or indeed missing altogether for several days on end.

This morning though he was in good spirits. I immediately suspected him of drunkenness but was surprised when I could see no evidence of it.

“Afternoon Sarah,” Uncle Ham leered at me, his eyes as usual were fixed on the plump flesh of my breasts which bulged and threatened to spill over the top of my low cut bodice.

“Good morning Uncle,” I blushed as I spoke. His attentions were unseemly and wrong but still I felt a strange warmth spreading through my body and a fluttering in my belly when he looked at me like that.

“Give your old Uncle a kiss Sarah,” he reached out for me. His voice, oily and deep, sent a delightful tingle down my spine as my blush deepened.

As he moved towards me I hesitantly gave him a peck on his rough cheek, the stale smell of old ale making my nose wrinkle.

“Come now, we can do better than that,” he laughed as he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

His harsh lips found mine and, as I gasped at his rough handling of me, I felt his tongue worm its way into my mouth. I sought to push him away but he was too strong for me, and then I felt his hands on me and my body betrayed me. He was my Uncle and so old, it was all so wrong! But I melted into his arms as I felt his hands roughly kneading my breasts and bottom.

“Started without me Ham?” I jumped as I heard my father’s voice behind me and fought to extricate myself from my Uncle’s arms.

I managed to turn my head away from him as he continued to slobber over my face and neck, his rough hand now working its way underneath my bodice and deep within my warm cleavage, his other still clutching my bottom and supporting my weight as I tipped backwards.

My eyes widened when I saw my father removing his breaches and then I gasped as he pulled his long shirt over his head and I saw, for the very first time in my life, a man’s cock. I had heard about them of course, the older village girls delighted in describing their soft warm hardness and delicious smells and tastes. But this was the first I had actually seen, it was far bigger than I had imagined and it was my fathers!

“Get her down and hold her, I’ll go first,” my father growled as he moved towards me, his stiff, angry looking cock bobbing and weaving above his heavy hairy balls.

I was hypnotised by it and put up only a slight resistance, whimpering quietly, as my Uncle Ham pushed me down into the hay on the stable floor.

I soon found myself on my back with Uncle Ham kneeling and holding my arms above my head, his bulging crotch only inches from my face. He moved his knees over my arms to pin them in order to free his hands and started to unpick the knot in the frayed rope that tied his breaches around his large gut.

I gasped as I felt my skirts being lifted and looked down between my legs. My father was kneeling naked before me, feasting his eyes on my under things and licking his lips as he caressed my naked thighs.

“F…father why?” I gasped as he leant forward and tugged my drawers down.

“Cos I promised your mother I’d wait ’til your eighteenth birthday,” he sniggered as he crawled forward between my legs a look of unbridled lust twisting his features.

I felt something warm and fleshy against my face and looked up to see Uncle Ham’s large hairy balls and rapidly swelling cock hanging over me. His fetid breath hissed between his teeth now and his eyes were wide and bright as he watched my father climb on top of me his hand guiding his stiff cock towards my virgin cunt.

“Oh no, no!” I moaned as I felt my father’s cock pushing and probing and then suddenly sinking hard and deep inside me.

There was a sharp pain which lingered for a short while, but nothing like the agony I had been led to believe I would feel.

“Yesssss, fuck her!” Uncle Ham hissed, grinning like a madman.

I looked up at him and saw that his cock was now fully hard, his heavy, sweaty balls now resting on my forehead. He stroked himself slowly and carefully as he excitedly watched his brother-in-law plough me.

My body twitched and convulsed, seemingly out of control, thrusting my crotch towards my father as he thrust harder into me. It was so wrong…but it felt delicious. It was deliciously wrong and I gave in to the pleasure that was spreading like wildfire through my young body.

“Fucking whore she loves it,” my father panted as he pounded away between my splayed thighs.

“Just like her mother,” Uncle Ham cackled.

I felt the pressure of Ham’s knees relax and lift from my wrists as he moved around me. Reaching forward he tore open the bodice of my dress, my large fleshy breasts bouncing and quivering as he released them. Grunting in delight, he lowered his slavering mouth to my chest and began roughly sucking and chewing at my nipples. Crying out at the wonderful new sensations now coursing through my body, I clasped his head in my hands tangling my fingers in his matted grey hair.

“Fuck…fuck…fu…” my father panted as his thrusts quickened. Then he cried out, his taught muscles standing out from his hairy body as he ground his cock hard into me. I felt it twitch and leap and a delightful warmth spread within me. Instinctively I wrapped my legs tight around his back pulling him in deeper, moaning and revelling in the hardness I could feel deep inside me.

All too soon he pulled out leaving me feeling empty and forlorn. “Go on Ham, your turn,” he laughed as he stood, collecting his clothes.

I still held Uncle Ham’s old grey head in my hands and he made no effort to remove it from between my heaving breasts as he moved his body around until it lay between my open thighs. He grunted and snorted like a pig as he slobbered over my chest, poking around ineffectually with his stiff cock. I reached a hand down between our bodies and helped him in and all at once he began to fuck me hard and fast like a wild animal.

The feelings coursing through my body were incredible. I felt full once more and never wanted to feel empty again. Wrapping my legs tightly around the old man’s back I held onto him for dear life as his pounding increased in its intensity. Then my body tensed and I felt an explosion in my belly as I came like I never had before. I panted and moaned like a cheap whore, my soaking cunt making lewd squelching noises as the old man took me on the stable floor and I begged him to go faster and deeper and harder.

This sent Ham over the edge. He lifted his head from my chest and cried out, spittle dripping from his open mouth as he slammed into me a few final times, his body twitching as he filled me with his hot seed. There seemed no end to it and my hips bucked and thrust into him as he continued to empty his hairy old balls into my cunt, until finally he subsided collapsing down on top of me.

I stroked his grey hair as I felt his softening cock slip out of my cunt and smiled to myself, perhaps my eighteenth birthday wasn’t going to be so bad after all?

My reverie was interrupted by my father’s harsh laugh, “Get yourself cleaned up and get back inside girl, there’s thirsty men need serving.”

Uncle Ham groaned and rolled off me and into the hay, so I sat up and reached for my drawers.

“Oh and don’t bother with your knickers, they’ll just get in the way,” my father laughed again and walked out of the stable tucking his shirt into his breaches.

I considered my crumpled knickers for a moment then instead of pulling them back on I wiped between my legs with them, cleaning up the mixed juices that were dripping out of my hole and dropped them next to Ham.

It took a good five minutes to remove the hay from my dress and hair, wincing as I worked my fingers through the tangles in my long blonde tresses. While my torn bodice was almost beyond repair, I managed to mend some of the damage but still my breasts were barely concealed. I looked a mess, it was obvious for anyone to see what I’d been doing and now I was going into the parlour of the inn to serve drink to lecherous louts. I smiled to myself feeling incredibly naughty and virtually ran to get inside.

The parlour was dark and smoky and after being outside in the bright fresh sunshine, I coughed and my eyes struggled to adjust to the gloom.

All of a sudden I was grabbed by unseen hands and pulled into the lap of someone who smelled like a brewery. A loud cheer went up as my bodice was torn open once more and my tits spilled out for everyone to see. I felt a hand thrust up my skirts and gasped as my pubic hair was grasped and yanked and then a finger roughly inserted into me.

“Come on there’s men need serving,” I heard my father shout.

My eyes were growing accustomed to the gloom now and I could see him standing behind the bar laughing at my discomfort. There were several flagons of ale on a tray in front of him waiting for me to serve them, so I struggled to stand, pushing away the hands that groped at me and felt momentarily sad as the finger slipped out of my wet cunt.

I made my way to the bar, hands pinching and slapping my bottom and groping at my bare breasts. The parlour was packed full of sweating, leering men of all ages. I couldn’t count them all but guessed that there must be at least thirty in the room all shouting obscenities at me and lusting after my body.

When finally I reached my father he just sneered at me, “Don’t fucking spill any,” then turned his back and began filling more flagons of ale from the giant barrels stacked behind the bar. I gripped the sides of the tray and lifted it, being as careful as I could while being groped and pawed at from all angles.

I made my way around the room handing out the full flagons and collecting the empty ones from the tables. There were hands beneath my skirt wherever I went, fighting to insert their fingers inside me.

As I set down the last flagon a thick finger was thrust hard inside me and I gasped as it was twisted and turned roughly between my soaking lips. Another hand, feeling the first one blocking its path instead moved around behind and my stomach flipped as I felt a probing finger between my plump buttocks.

I dropped the tray of empties and another loud cheer went up.

The owner of the hand came up behind me laughing, wrapping his arms around me and pushing his tongue into my ear. He roughly groped my tits with one hand whilst the other he brought back out from beneath my skirts just long enough to wet it in his mouth before shoving it back up and under and I gasped as I felt his thick, wet, meaty finger pushing firmly at my tight anus.

There was a moment of sharp pain before I felt a slight pop and his finger was inside me, it felt strange and dirty, and although it did hurt I loved it from that very moment. I worked my bottom back onto his finger, rotating my hips and forcing it deeper inside me, inch by delicious inch. The man continued to lick and suck at my ear and down the side of my neck as he worked his digit in my tight hole, then suddenly tiring of his little game he pulled it out and pushed me face down over the beer stained table in front of me.

I cried out as my head struck the rough wooden surface, then began to pant as I felt my skirts lifted and thrown over my back. There was another loud cheer as the men in the room gathered round me and I smiled as once more I felt a hard cock probing between my legs.

This time however it only briefly probed my cunt before, coated in my juices, it was pushed hard against the tight sheath of my anus. I pushed back onto it wantonly, desperate to feel it fleshy thickness ploughing my insides, grinding my hips in small circles as the tip pushed inside.

This time it hurt a lot more and I squealed, pulling away slightly as I felt the pain, but I was roughly pushed against the table top once more and I felt the man enter me with one long hard thrust.

I was in agony and beat the table with my fists as I felt his thick cock sawing at my backside, but slowly the pain subsided and was replaced with a stinging throb. All the while I felt the heat building inside me and the beating of my fists soon slowed to a halt. Instead I gripped onto the edge of the table, panting more heavily and bracing myself as the strokes lengthened and quickened.

Soon my unknown lover was buggering me hard while the crowd cheered him on, the table creaked and squeaked as we fucked, its legs threatening to give way. But I didn’t care, I was in heaven. I was the inn whore, ready to be taken by man after man, ready to give pleasure to hard cocks whenever they wanted it.

Suddenly he pulled my head back hard by my hair as I felt his cock twitch inside me and thrust hard one last time as he spunked deep in my bowels. For a few more moments he was deliciously deep inside my arse and then all too soon he was gone, leaving me empty once more.

I laughed loudly as I felt another man behind me, another hard cock pushing at my gaping anus and pushed back onto him in abandon, crying out in joy as he slammed into me up to the hilt and proceeded to bugger me roughly.

More cheers erupted as I was taken again, the table now on the verge of collapse as it wobbled and creaked beneath my lover’s thrusts, but suddenly they stopped as did he. I moaned in frustration as the beautiful thick cock was withdrawn quickly from my anus and looked round to see what was going on.

The crowd had turned and were staring at a burly, caped figure all in black standing just inside the inn door.

“Venom,” I heard several men mutter.

“God help us!” another one moaned.

The figure scanned the room quickly, his face obscured by the shadow of a large tricorn hat which sat tilted forward on a white powdered wig. I felt his eyes pierce me then he moved quickly to my side. As he did so the other men in the room shrank back, sidling towards the door and out. Soon I was alone in the inn parlour with the dark and mysterious stranger, even my father had disappeared.

“Come with me,” the man spoke quietly and in a commanding tone as he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door.

My skirts fell back down, but my naked breasts bounced and wobbled lewdly as I was half dragged outside. The sudden sunlight blinded me for a moment and I only briefly saw a great black carriage and four before being thrust roughly into its black interior. Its door slammed shut behind me.

I fell back onto a wooden seat, once more blinded and waiting for my eyes to adjust. Suddenly the carriage lurched drunkenly and I fell forward as I heard the horses whipped up and we began to move.

I picked myself up and seated myself once more, my eyes now growing accustomed the gloom of the carriage and my heart hammering in my chest. Had my dream come true after all? I squinted as the large shadowy figure sat opposite me became more visible; he didn’t look much like a dashing prince.

“Hello my dear,” it was a woman’s voice, a woman’s deep melodious voice, both sweet and dark.

I shivered and crossed myself, I felt as if the dead were dancing on my grave.

Then I saw her eyes, those beautiful hypnotic eyes.

I sat entranced as she slowly opened her cape. She was naked beneath it, fat, huge. Her fleshy belly and sagging breasts were enormous. Her flabby body bounced and wobbled with the carriage’s movement and I gasped as I saw what looked like a giant black penis hanging down between her fat milky thighs.

She hissed, her serene face suddenly becoming twisted and furious and then she was on me. Clawing at my clothes, tearing them off like a wild animal she pressed me back across the wooden seat. Hearing another, lighter hiss I looked down in amazement and saw that her huge black penis had come alive. What looked now like a huge black serpent was hissing and slithering, its tongue flicking in and out of its mouth between rows of tiny sharp teeth.

I gasped as it dived suddenly between my thighs nipping at my soft flesh. I cried out, terrified but powerless to resist as I looked once more into the woman’s eyes. She was grinning evilly at me, running her long tongue around her thick, deep red lips and pinching her engorged nipples with her free hand.

I wailed as I felt the serpent enter me, its thickness stretching my cunt walls to the limit.

“Submit!” the woman hissed. “Submit!”

I felt small sharp teeth nibbling inside me as the serpent moved deeper still, then the pain reached a sudden crescendo and I surrendered completely to her.

“Take me!” I gasped feeling an incredible ecstasy at the pain I was enduring.

With that she fell on top of me, crushing me with her fat, fleshy body, her mouth opening wide to reveal long, viciously sharp, white teeth. I turned my head to one side and openly offered my neck to her and she laughed sinking her teeth into my flesh as I abandoned myself to her, wrapping my arms and legs around her tightly.

I felt a burning fire in my veins as an incredible orgasm wracked my body and I cried out in joy as I felt her thrusting between my legs, the huge black serpent pistoning in and out of my overstretched cunt.

“Yes…yes!” I moaned more and more weakly as she took me. The carriage had stopped now, but it rocked furiously as she pounded me harder and harder, whilst sucking the life blood from my body.

When I was close to spent, she lifted her head from my neck and gloated over me, my blood dripping from her fangs and onto my breasts. Then I felt a gush of hot liquid and a sharp pain inside me, the demon cock had cum.

“There my child,” she whispered as she stroked my hair, “the Venom is inside you now.”

I felt as if I was outside of myself looking down at the hugely obese woman lying on top of my body and licking at the open wound on the side of my neck. Then the scene began to fade, as if I was floating backwards down a dark tunnel, faster and faster I moved until all was blackness and I knew no more.

To be continued…


you can call me fat ass. I have a fat fat ass that stretches my pants out like big balloons. A deep crack in between my cheeks. Some people call me Sandra, but my daddy calls me fat ass.

He says that he likes my ass fat but the rest of my body should be thin. So he put me on a diet. I try my best to follow it but I just can’t. He says that in the morning I should have lemon water. Says it helps with the ph in my body. I told him I wanted two cups of coffee instead. So I didn’t do it one day, so now I have coffee every day. But I have to take two cups of coffee and give myself an enema with it, I hold it until my morning routine is done.

It’s taken time to get my routine how he likes it. But now it goes something like this. Like today I wake up in the morning, I lay in bed on my belly. My ass if filled with a large glass butt plug you can see through. If he is coming for a morning strapping I wait on my belly until he comes to punish me. Otherwise I write in my food journal. I write everything I’m supposed to eat that day so I can remember. As soon as I’m done I get up and do 20 squats to keep my big ass toned. He doesn’t like it flappy, he wants it high and firm. Then I get in the shower and take out my plug and put in a suppository. By the time I’m done shaving my body and washing my hair I have to go terribly. I use the toilet, then go to the fridge where I keep a pitcher of coffee. I pour two cups in my coffee enema bag and pour it in myself. The cold coffee causes bad cramps, but I guess that’s what happens when you break the rules.

Then I measure my waist and thighs and combine the number in inches. I text it to my daddy. Today my waist was 30 inches and my legs 23 each. So I text him 76 inches. He’s not too happy, that’s what it was yesterday too. He says I need to empty myself and put my largest metal plug in, the kind that’s so heavy. He tells me to make a matcha and milk drink so fuel me through my morning yoga but nothing else yet.

I usually have a butt plug in me. Sometimes I resent it but it helps me a lot. He knows that and makes me do it, even though it’s a hassle. I go to my closet and get the big plug and put it in myself. It hurts because my hole is sore as usual. I guess if I were a good girl it wouldn’t be so sore. I kind of doubt it though because me and daddy both like my fat butt plugged.

After I plug myself I put on a pair of tight leggings that separate my ass cheeks. I don’t put any underwear on. Then I bike down to see the sunrise at the park. It hurts to bike on the plug. I told daddy. He said he wouldn’t make me if I were skinny like I want to be, but I’m not yet. So I do it and grit through the pain. But as I ride the grinding in my ass turns me on.

I call my daddy at the park and tell him like I’m supposed to. He’s not surprised. He says that if I take 76 licks with his belt I can cum. I need to be punished for not progressing so I ask him to please as soon as he can come over. I know in the back of my mind that’s not all that’s in store. That’s just to make me cum. If I cum I have to get him off too.

I go home and read a series of messages from him. I undress and immediately start. I get a gallon enema bag out and fill it with hot water, it will be warm when he gets there. I hang it near the bed. I clip my nipples, they’re sore as well. I leave my plug in and put a wooden spoon in my mouth and wait for him laying on my belly in bed.

Just as I had stepped out of the shower my mobile rang and so I hurried more than I probably should have to pick it up and almost slipped over as I entered my bedroom.

As usual I’d just missed the call, it was Julie, she’d left a message though so I put it on speakerphone as I dried myself.

“Hiya Sarah, it’s Friday night babe, let’s have a few cheap ones at the Legion then the Arches afterwards, see you in there, mwah!”

I grinned as I toweled and quickly blow dried my hair. That sounded like a plan, we’d both just finished our exams and were desperate for a good night out, well, I was desperate for some cock but a few drinks and a good laugh sounded good too.

The Legion may have seemed like an odd place for two eighteen year old girls to go on a Friday night, but it served the cheapest drinks in town and it was on the way to the club.

Normally I’m one of those lucky girls who doesn’t need much makeup, but tonight I was putting it on with a trowel. T for tarty, I thought as I applied the finishing touches a few minutes later, worrying only slightly that it was verging on prostitute.

I smiled as I reached for my old faithful, my red dress had seen more fuckings than an entire series of Gordon Ramsay, well…maybe not, but it had seen a lot and it always seemed easy to get the dried spunk off the material afterwards.

Picking out my favourite pair of stockings I pulled them up over my freshly shaved legs, delighting in the feel of the material caressing my skin, before pulling them up the extra inch or so and letting the elastic snap into place and hold them against the soft flesh of my thighs.

The black lace of my lucky knickers felt delicious against my freshly shaved mound, I couldn’t help but caress myself gently for a few moments after I had pulled them on, before sighing and squeezing my big boobs into my matching push-up bra and slipping the dress over my head and pulling it down until it just barely covered my curvy bottom.

I bent over and looked over my shoulder, flicking my long blonde hair out of my face so that the view of the full length mirror behind me was unimpeded. I smirked to myself when I saw my bum cheeks peeping out at me from under the hem of my skirt above my stockinged thighs.

Throwing on my perfume and red high heels, I picked up my purse and phone and headed downstairs.

‘Don’t wait up Mum,’ I called as I passed through the front door without waiting to hear a reply, it was time to get drunk and fucked.

It wasn’t far to the Legion but I still managed to get several offers from blokes on the way that I just wasn’t interested in, it felt nice to be wanted, but they were all a bit childish, I thought about pulling an older bloke, maybe in his thirties and a naughty smile crept across my features.

‘I’ll try my best,’ I thought to myself.

The Legion soon beckoned, it’s lights shining dimly in the night, I noticed a badly drawn poster announcing ‘Pool night at the Legion – tonite!’ taped to the safety glass of the battered old black door as I passed through in to the musty old bar area.

It was almost deadly silent inside, I tried not to laugh and then, for a split second worried that there was no one here…then I heard a pool ball strike another on its way into a pocket and smiled to myself.

I wondered how many times I’d get it in the hole tonight.

The Legion was a safe haven for all the old blokes in the area, no-one else really came in here, certainly no-one my age. Julie and I had only stumbled on the fact that they served very cheap drinks the last time we were out, forced into the nearest shelter by a torrential downpour.

I walked across the sticky red carpet, smiled at the old woman behind the bar and ordered a rum and coke, nodding when she asked me if I wanted a double as it was only one pound fifty.

She didn’t even bother to measure it, just pouring the rum from a large bottle standing behind the bar.

Sipping my drink I turned to look at the pool table while I waited for Julie. All the old men were either stood or sat around watching their cronies play, their huge bellies getting in the way of their shots and their joints creaking as they leaned over to take them. Not one of them looked under sixty five.

I noticed one or two of them cheekily eying me up and I gave them a smile.

‘Fancy a go love?’ one of them asked.

A brief chuckle rippled through his friends and I rolled my eyes.

‘I’m waiting for my mate,’ I said.

‘Just a quick one then, you can use my cue as well,’ this brought a few belly laughs, which, judging by the size of the bellies around the table should have been a bit louder really.

‘I’m not much good,’ I said as I took a few tentative steps towards the table.

‘It’s easy all you have to do is stick it in the hole!’

I joined in the laughter this time and snatched the cue he offered me with mock indignation.

‘Go on then, just a quickie,’ I laughed.

This comment brought raucous cheers from the old men and I blushed furiously, avoiding their eyes.

‘You break then my love,’ the old man smiled.

I finished my drink quickly, plopped the empty glass down on one of the little brown tables and leaned over the table to take my shot, only realising then that my dress was a little short for this and that all of the old buggers were suddenly standing behind me.

I reddened again, mishit the cue ball so badly it went straight into the middle pocket without hitting anything else and stood up with a jump feeling incredibly embarrassed.

The old men laughed and clapped as my opponent, grunting with the effort, bent over to pick the cue ball up and placed it back on the table in front of me.

‘Have another go,’ he chuckled.

I was about to protest when a fresh drink was pressed into my hand.

‘Here you go, this’ll help you relax.’

It was another rum and coke, but this time, judging by the taste and smell it was more like a triple or quadruple, I took a gulp and sighed as I bent over to take my shot once more.

The old blokes must have been getting a right eyeful, but what the hell I thought, they were only having a look. I wiggled my bum at them as I cued and broke off properly this time, to rapt applause.

‘That’s better,’ my opponent chuckled as he bent quickly to take his shot to the background of hoots and words of mock encouragement from his friends.

‘Go on Ray, sink the pink,’ one of them chortled and I reddened even further.

‘Dirty old bugger!’ I laughed.

Ray missed by a fraction, leaving the cue ball right in the middle of the table.

‘Less of the old,’ Ray chuckled as he passed me and I yelped as he pinched my bum.

I wondered whether it might be a better idea to leave now and wait for Julie outside but thought better of it, after all it was only a bit of fun, although I was a little surprised at myself for thinking so.

I realised then that the cue ball being in the middle of the table was no accident as I leaned over to take my shot, struggling to reach the ball, my dress riding up at the back.

Feeling more than a bit embarrassed, I tried to adjust my dress while I was in this ridiculous position and lost my balance, but before I could fall I felt a steadying hand on my hip.

‘Careful my love,’ Ray laughed, his voice coming from over my shoulder.

His hand stayed on my hip while I took my shot, even though it was now obviously unnecessary.

Somehow I managed to hit something and by sheer luck one of the balls went in.

The old men cheered and Ray patted my bum somewhat condescendingly.

‘Good shot,’ he laughed.

Feeling a little unnerved by his over friendly hand and still more than a bit embarrassed, I reached for my drink and found that it had been topped up and judging by the fumes that were coming off it, there was about half a glassful of neat rum in there now.

I coughed and spluttered as the drink burned its way down inside me and Ray’s hand returned, but this time to rub my back and give me a little pat.

‘You OK love?’

I didn’t know if it was all that rum but his touch was starting to feel quite nice now and all thoughts of leaving had vanished from my mind, so I nodded gratefully, smiling.

He smiled back and patted my bottom again before rubbing it gently and very briefly, ‘Your shot my love.’

The cue ball was easy to reach this time, but somehow I found myself bending over a little more than I should and taking a little more time over my shot than I normally would.

I heard someone whisper, ‘Oh aye that’s nice,’ behind me as I missed my shot and turned to flash them a quick smile when I stood back up.

It was nice to feel appreciated and I was more than a little bit drunk by now, they were just a bunch of old blokes who wanted to have a sneaky look at my knickers, ‘Where was the harm in that?’ I thought to myself as I watched Ray take his shot, his enormous belly pressing into the pool table.

The thought of his hand on my hip was making me feel slightly warm inside now, and on my bottom…

‘Your shot my love,’ Ray was smiling at me and I realised I was staring at his crotch.

He pretended not to notice and I quickly bent over to take my shot, making sure I gave them all a good view.

I frowned slightly at a half heard whisper behind me as I took it, it had sounded something like ‘Quick, give her some more,’ which I assumed it must have been as when I stood up again my drink was once more full to the brim.

I took another large sip and noticed a strange powdery texture to it.

‘I think I need a clean glass,’ I slurred and then giggled.

‘Ah you’ll be alright love,’ Ray chuckled as he took his shot and missed again. ‘Get it down you, it’ll loosen you up.’

Wondering briefly what he meant by that last remark I gulped the drink down and set the glass clumsily down again, jumping slightly as I felt something touch my bum.

‘How does that feel?’ Ray asked me, his hand now firmly planted on my right bum cheek, kneading it gently.

‘Nice,’ I beamed.

And it did, it felt very nice, I didn’t want him to stop. I continued to smile at him as I felt his hand move further across and slightly down into the valley between and noticed he was staring at my boobs.

Just then my phone rang and I jumped, Ray’s hand left my bottom and I looked round for my bag.

It was Julie.

‘Hi babe,’ she sounded upset.

‘Where are you?’ I slurred.

‘At the hospital,’ she groaned.

‘Oh my God are you OK?’

‘Yeah, well no, I slipped getting out of the shower and I think I’ve broke my ankle. Sorry I didn’t call sooner, are you OK?’

‘Yeah, yeah I’m down the Legion…oh I hope you’re OK, does it hurt much?’

‘It fucking kills babe,’ she forced a laugh. ‘You going to go down the Arches still?’

‘Yeah, yeah, I’m just having a game of pool with the old blokes.’

Julie laughed properly this time, ‘Watch them dirty old buggers Sarah, they’ll be trying to look at your knickers.’

I laughed back and we said our goodbyes.

‘Everything OK?’ Ray asked as I put my phone back in my bag.

I told him what had happened.

‘So your going on then now, or do you want to play a bit more?’ he asked.

I hadn’t really thought about it up until now, and now that I did didn’t really fancy the idea of going out alone.

‘I don’t know,’ I replied. ‘I suppose I could finish the game and then go home.’

‘There’s no rush is there?’ Ray asked and I felt his hand touching my hip again.

‘No I suppose not,’ I smiled. ‘But doesn’t this place close soon?’

‘Oh don’t worry about that love,’ Ray smiled, his hand creeping slowly back onto my bottom.

‘Deirdre let’s us stay as long as we want, we’ll have a lock in.’ he continued, nodding to the fat old woman behind the bar, who seemed to take this as a cue and waddled over to the doors, locking them quickly and drawing heavy curtains over them from either side.

‘Now, where were we?’ Ray grinned, his hand slipping gently between my buttocks.

I smiled back at him, gripping my cue tightly as I felt my balance waver for a second, my knees were trembling and I suddenly felt incredibly warm and wet between my legs.

‘I’m not sure who’s shot it is,’ my voiced trembled slightly as I felt his hand slip further down, his fingers now pressing the hem of my dress into my bum crack.

‘It’s your shot love, but as I said there’s no rush is there?’

I smiled and shook my head, just standing there, letting this dirty fat old man feel me up.

He stepped closer to me and my breath caught slightly as he moved towards me as if to kiss me, or so I thought, I wondered at my disappointment when he simply reached past me and picked up his drink.

‘My shot,’ I mumbled as I tottered over to the table, Ray chuckled quietly.

I bent to take it, it was a tough shot and I had to take my time aiming, but just as I moved the cue to hit the ball Ray pinched my bum again and I missed horribly.

‘That’s not fair!’ I squeaked as Ray and his cronies roared with laughter once more.

‘Couldn’t resist love,’ Ray winked at me as he moved round the table.

‘Two can play at that game,’ I thought as I hoisted myself up onto the table behind me and sat with my legs wide open.

I smiled as I watched the old man trying to concentrate on his shot with my knickers and stocking tops on full view and giggled when he eventually went in off.

‘Two shots to me,’ I cried almost falling over as I dropped from the table.

One of the other old men steadied me just in time and I fell into him, pressing my boobs into his chest.

‘Bloody hell!’ he breathed not taking his eyes off my cleavage.

I could feel something pressing into my thigh in return as he held me for a few brief moments and blushed when I realised he had a hard on.

Quickly bending over to take my next shot I tried to put it out of my mind, but realised I couldn’t, in fact it was all I could think about.

I glanced back at him again, his huge belly and big lump in his dirty grey trousers.

Turning my attention back to my shot I caught Ray’s eye and noticed him grinning at me knowingly, what was the old bugger going to do to try and put me off this time?

No sooner had I thought this than I felt the same lump pressing against me again, but this time it was pressing into my bum.

Before I could stop myself I moaned loudly much to the delight of the crowd of old men. The old man behind me began to grind his crotch into my backside, pressing mine deliciously into the table edge.

‘Let’s see who gets it in the hole first shall we?’ Ray laughed and his mates joined in.

My breathing had become ragged now as the old man ran his cock the length of my bum crack, vigorously dry humping me, making it almost impossible to hit the ball. But somehow I did and even more miraculously a ball went in to a chorus of mock boos.

I’d expected the humping to stop but if anything it got even more energetic. I tried to pull away, but the old man grunted and held my hips tight then I felt him shudder and gasp and knew he’d just cum in his pants.

The old men cheered and clapped and Ray came over laughing at the mortified expression on my face.

‘It’s only a bit of fun love,’ Ray said as he pulled me from his friend’s grip.

I felt his hand slide down my back and onto my bottom again as he propelled me towards the bar, it was all so wrong but I found myself liking the attention, or at worst just not minding it and couldn’t understand why.

‘Mix her another drink Deirdre, I’ll have a pint of Best, and while you’re at it put the porn on.’

The old woman behind the bar just nodded and pointed a remote over my shoulder. Had I heard right?

I looked round and realised I had as a large projector screen began to slide down the far wall, the projector was already running and as the screen dropped I could see that a girl not unlike me was being fucked hard on her bed by someone old enough be her granddad.

I felt Ray’s hand slip under my dress as I watched but didn’t move to stop him, even when I felt his fingers pulling at the waistband of my knickers and then sliding down across my bare bum cheeks.

‘Here you are my love,’ he said.

I turned and saw him pushing a drink towards me with one hand whilst the other was working its way down the crack of my bottom. My lips parted as he pulled me into his chest and I whimpered slightly as his tongue forced its way deep into my mouth.

I began to kiss him back gently and gradually we became more and more passionate. Feeling him turn and lean back against the bar, I realised that I had my back to his friends now and that he’s pulled up my dress so that they could all see where his hand was, but it felt so good I just didn’t care.

‘Shall we play a bit more or do you want to sit and watch the porno with us for a bit?’ Ray whispered in my ear as he ran his slimy tongue up the side of my neck. I just whimpered and buried my face in his chest as I felt his finger pressing at the wet hole of my pussy and, after some brief resistance, slide deep inside me.

‘Or should I just do you right here over the bar in front of everyone?’ he hissed. ‘It’s what you came here for isn’t it?’

‘Oh God,’ I whispered, my chest heaving as I tried in vain to lift my right leg and wrap it around him, instead just rubbing my thigh on his hip and feeling his bulging erection pressing into my crotch.

Ray obviously took that as a yes, as he suddenly spun me around and pushed me over the bar top. I was panting, my mouth open and face flushed as I looked into the eyes of Deirdre, the old barmaid. She looked back at me, lust written across her wrinkled features as Ray pulled my knickers down so roughly he made my head jerk backwards.

The next moment I looked in surprise as the old woman took a strong grip of my wrists and pulled me forwards over the bar top.

She laughed as I heard the sound of Rays zip lowering, then his belt buckle being undone and I cried out loudly when he thrust his cock straight into me with no warning.

The old woman held me tight across the bar as Ray began fucking me from behind, his huge belly resting on my back, his saggy skin slapping on my buttocks with each powerful stroke.

I could see him over my shoulder in the mirror behind the bar, his face red and sweaty, his lips curled in a vicious snarl as he took me hard.

‘This is what you came for isn’t it?’ he growled as he pumped me.

‘Oh fuck, yes, oh yes!’ I sobbed as my emotions got the better of me. His cock felt incredible inside me, I was so horny, it was the best fuck I’d ever had and we’d only just started.

‘Dirty little slag,’ Deirdre muttered and let go of my hands.

I gripped onto the beer pumps instead, grinding my bum back into Ray’s crotch and my pushing my cunt as far down his meaty shaft as I could.

I could feel the old man tensing as his strokes quickened and knew he was about to cum inside me and that sent me over the edge. The strongest orgasm I’d ever had washed over me, making my legs buckle and my hands relinquish their grip.

Deirdre caught my wrists just in time and held them in one hand, quickly pushing her other down the top of my dress and roughly squeezing my tits.

Ray thrust into me one last time and held his cock deep inside me as it throbbed and twitched, emptying his old balls into my willing young cunt.

My head dropped onto my arms, I could smell the stale beer mat and feel it cool against my hot skin as Ray grunted one last time before pulling out of me and wiping his cock in the crack of my bum.

‘Nice shag that love,’ he panted as I heard him pull up his pants. ‘I’ll have you again later.’

Loud cheers and applause erupted from his seated friends and I suddenly remembered we had an audience, I hid my face in my arms for a few more minutes as Deirdre continued to grope my tits roughly.

I could feel that my dress was around my hips and my knickers around my ankles, and now Ray’s cum was dripping out of my hole and down the inside of my thigh and knew they could all see it.


The cork flew up, bounced off the ceiling, and ricocheted off the wall. Ellie and Linda laughed as Garret filled the three glasses and raised his up.

“To Ellie,” he said. “Congratulations!”

They clinked their glasses and drank the champagne.

Garret kissed Ellie’s cheek. She felt a tingle of excitement. It was hard for Ellie to be around Garret and not recall how good he looked naked. They only slept together once and that was more than a year ago, but it had been memorable.

What a year it had been since Garret took her virginity at Linda’s specific direction. That act of generosity helped Ellie banish the last vestiges of doubt and inferiority that plagued her life.

Ellie quickly went on to David who, though not the experienced lover Garret was, made up for it in enthusiasm.

Ellie eventually lost interest in David, though, and started dating Anthony. After Anthony came Rick. All three men loved her BBW body and did their best to please her in bed.

Yet Ellie grew bored with each of them. Maybe she just wasn’t ready to commit to any one guy. She met all three of them at school so they were own age, and she wondered if that was the problem. They were still boys, emotionally. They were either too possessive, too needy, or both.

Besides, she would be moving in a few months.

“Oh, Ellie!” Linda beamed, picking up the diploma and admiring it.

“It’s just a two-year degree,” Ellie said.

“With high honors!” Linda protested. “It’s a stepping stone to bigger things.”

Linda was right. Ellie’s grades not only meant she was eligible for admission to the state college an hour away, but she had also been awarded a scholarship to study in the Art Education program there. The girl mocked in high school as Ellie Elephant was on her way to the big city.

Still, it would be sad leaving the people she loved. There was her mom, of course. Mom was proud of Ellie’s recent success, but the passive-aggressive comments about Ellie’s weight continued.

“You have such a pretty face,” her mom said just the other day “If only you could lose some weight.”

“Whatever, Mom.”

She’d miss Linda. Of course, Ellie would only be an hour away. Linda promised to make the effort to get up there to meet for lunch regularly, and there was always Skype.

Still, Ellie thrived on Linda’s strong, vivacious presence. It was Linda’s example of a proud BBW, after all, that woke Ellie up to her own potential.

“So, listen,” Linda announced. “We’ve got an idea. How would you like to go to Florida with us next month?”


“Garret’s cousin Mark has a condo down there on the water and has offered it to us for the first week of July. The kids are going to be with my mom and we thought it might be a great way for you to relax.”

“Wouldn’t you two prefer to be alone?”

“Garret will be surfing all day, honey. Someone’s going to have to keep me company. Don’t worry about the money, either. We’ll buy your ticket. Call it a graduation present. Please say yes.”

“Do I have a choice?”



The month went by quick. Ellie continued to babysit for Linda, and worked part-time at the local library where she met Rob. Rob was the same her age, cute and witty. They went out a few times and it led to sex, but he was selfish in bed so Ellie broke it off.

“What kind of man doesn’t like to eat pussy?” Ellie complained to Linda.

“The wrong kind,” Linda said.

On the day of their flight, Ellie arrived at Linda’s with her luggage in tow. Garret was in his home office, talking on the phone. Linda looked upset.

“What’s wrong?” Ellie asked.

“Emergency at Garret’s work,” Linda said.

Garret emerged from his office a few minutes later.

“Hello, Ellie,” he said. “Good news and bad news, ladies. “

“Out with it,” Linda said.

“There’s been a mishap at one of our sites and I won’t be flying out with you tonight. But I think I can handle it and I’ll join you tomorrow.”

“That’s terrible,” Linda said.

“It is what it is.” He shrugged. “Get going. I’ll see you tomorrow down there.”

The trip was one hassle after another. Getting through security took too long. Then the plane was stuck on the tarmac for an hour before taking off. Ellie clutched the arms of her seat and closed her eyes as the plane surged into the air. A whimper escaped her lips.

“Oh, Ellie!” Linda grasped Ellie’s hand tight. “I’m so sorry, honey! I forgot this is your first time on a plane.”

“I’ll be okay,” Ellie said.

She felt better after the plane leveled off and they had a glass of wine. Before long, she was chatting with Linda and feeling relaxed.

They stumbled through the hassles of the Florida airport, picked up their car rental, and drove to the condo. They also stopped at a supermarket to stock up on essentials for the week ahead.

They sighed with relief when they at last arrived at the condo.

Stepping through the front door and putting down their luggage, they looked around and were pleased. It was nicely furnished, bright and modern. There were two bedrooms, a good-sized kitchen, and a nice deck out back with an ocean view.

“This is spectacular,” Ellie said, standing on the deck.

“That it is,” Linda said. “But I need a shower and I’m hungry.”

They washed away the sweat and strain of travel and went out to get a bite to eat. Ellie wore a red tank top and jean shorts. Linda dressed in white capris and an orange top.

“Look at us,” Linda said. “Two hot BBWs headed out on the town! One blonde, one brunette!”

They walked down the street to a tiny Cuban hole-in-the-wall type of place. It looked like a real dive from the outside.

“These are the kinds of places where you find the best food,” Linda assured Ellie. “Besides, Garret’s cousin swears by it.”

Linda was right. The food was fantastic. They both ordered the roast pork dish Garret’s cousin recommended and loved it. They also enjoyed a round of mojitos, the stress of their day’s travels forgotten. They finished their meal and had another round of mojitos.

Back at the condo, they grabbed a couple of beers and went out onto the deck. They sat down on a loveseat facing the water.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Linda said.

“Linda, I wanted you to know something,” Ellie said. “I, uh, I don’t know where I would be without you. You’ve done so much for me. Heck, you lent me your husband!”

Ellie choked back tears.

“Sweetie!” Linda placed her hand on Ellie’s shoulder. “Honey, it was my pleasure. Believe me. I fucked Garret harder that night than he’s ever been fucked before. I don’t know why, but the idea of Garret and you together turns me on. A lot.”

“I’m glad,” Ellie said. “It would have been terrible if you had second thoughts about it and resented me.”

“That would be unfair on my part,” Linda said. “I insisted, after all.”

“I just…I wish I could find a way to make you understand how much I admire you and appreciate your friendship.”

“I already know, honey,” Linda said.

Ellie leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.

Linda did not resist, welcoming the kiss. Ellie found that kissing Linda was much different than kissing a man. It was softer and more luscious.

Ellie pulled back.

“I can’t believe I did that! I don’t know what got into me. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Linda said.

Linda kissed Ellie, thrusting her tongue inside Ellie’s mouth. They shared a long, passionate kiss and pulled each other closer, their plentiful breasts pressing against each other.

Ellie placed her hands on Linda’s big boobs. Linda kissed her harder.

“Linda, what are we doing?” Ellie murmured.

“What we’ve always wanted to. Come on, Ellie.”

They went back into the condo. They passed through the living room into the nearest bedroom.

Ellie went willingly, her mind swimming. She loved and admired Linda more than anyone in the world, but did she want to have sex with her? Her pussy grew moist at the mere thought.

Yes, she decided. At that moment she would rather have sex with Linda than anyone in the world.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Linda turned back to Ellie. They fell into each other arms, their mouths kissing each other eagerly. They undressed each other and soon wore nothing but their underwear.

Linda undid her bra strap. Ellie watched Linda’s tits spring free. They were a lot like own tits, big and hanging down against Linda’s round belly. Linda’s nipples were large and erect, a pair of pink confections dying to be sucked and nibbled.

“Linda, you’re so beautiful,” Ellie murmured.

Ellie undid her own bra and let it fall to the floor. She slid her panties off.

“Oh, Ellie,” Linda said, reaching out her hands to caress Ellie’s breasts.

They kissed again, their tongues and lips savoring each other’s feminine softness. Their ample breasts mashed against one another and their hands explored each other’s backs. Ellie pulled Linda’s panties down and grabbed hold of her bare ass.

They slid onto the bed without breaking their embrace, lying on their sides and exploring each other’s bodies. Linda began kissing Ellie’s neck and moved down to her breasts.

It had been many years since Linda had been with a woman, but she had not forgotten how much she enjoyed the feel of another girl. She felt incredibly aroused.

Linda fell upon Ellie’s breasts with abandon. She sucked both nipples in turn, Ellie moaning with delight. Slowly, Linda worked her hand down to Ellie’s pussy. It was damp, at least as wet as Linda’s own. Linda began rubbing Ellie’s clit gently and Ellie moaned.

Linda kissed her, her finger still massaging Ellie’s clit. Then she kissed Ellie’s neck and slid a finger into Ellie’s pussy. Ellie was warm and wet down there and groaned with delight.

“My turn,” Ellie said.

Ellie licked Linda’s nipples and sucked each tit in turn. It was an entirely new experience for Ellie and she found herself carried away. Instinctively, her hand went down to Linda’s crotch and she caressed the outer edges of Linda’s pussy lips with her fingers. Linda was wet and warm.

“Oh, Ellie,” Linda moaned.

Ellie fingered Linda’s pussy, nibbling on her nipples. Linda moaned loudly. Ellie gave her nipple a last bite and looked up at Linda.

“I want to taste your pussy,” Ellie said.

“We’ll taste each other. Lay on your back, honey.”

Ellie lay back. Linda climbed on top, her rear end looming above Ellie. Linda settled in, lowering her wide, round ass down. Suddenly, there was Linda’s pussy and asshole mere inches away from Ellie’s face. Down her torso she felt Linda’s full weight atop her as Linda spread Ellie’s legs apart and lowered her face into her pussy.

Ellie hesitated. She had been bi-curious since she was very young, but this was the real thing. A woman’s pussy was mere inches away.

Linda started licking Ellie’s clit. Ellie let out a load moan as she felt waves of pleasure pulsating from her clitoris outwards throughout her body.

Ellie’s hesitation melted. She pulled Linda’s pussy lips aside. She started licking Linda’s pussy, marveling at the novelty of doing this to another woman. Ellie was surprised by how much it excited her.

Ellie inserted her finger into Linda and began fucking her with it as she licked her clit. Linda began to groan and stuck her own finger into Ellie’s pussy in response. They were soon vigorously finger-fucking and licking each other.

Linda slid in a second finger, still licking Ellie’s clit. Ellie followed suit, fucking Linda with two fingers as she licked Linda’s clit furiously. They both moaned and kept at it, the feelings of pleasure radiating through their bodies.

Ellie came first, screaming and gasping as her orgasm spilled over her like a wave. When it subsided, she went right back to Linda’s pussy. Linda arched her back and started to squeal.

“That’s it, that’s it,” she wailed.

Ellie felt Linda shudder, letting out several long squeals of delight as she came.

Sweaty and exhausted, they collapsed on the bed side-by-side. Ellie lay on her back and Linda on her stomach. They kissed tenderly.

“Oh, Linda,” Ellie said. “That was amazing.”

They held each other for a long time, kissing softly and cuddling.

Then they took a long shower together. They put on pajamas, grabbed a few more beers, and sat up in bed talking until late.

Linda told Ellie how she had sex with a few girls in college, but none since she married Garret.

“Well, until tonight,” she corrected herself. “Garret is going to be so turned on when he hears about this.”

Ellie nodded. Of course Garret would be told, and he would undoubtedly approve.

Ellie contemplated how she’d slept with both parts of a married couple as she drifted off to sleep. They drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Ellie woke alone. She crawled out of bed and threw on her tank top and shorts, not bothering with underwear. She put her long black hair into a ponytail, splashed some water on her face, and brushed her teeth. She thought about the night before.

She’d fucked a woman. Not just any women, but Linda! Linda had been her inspiration, her mentor, her best friend, and now her lover. It was a lot to absorb.

Garret and Linda were in the kitchen having coffee when Ellie came in.

“Good morning, Ellie!” Garret said.

“Morning, honey,” Linda said, winking. “Garret got in early this morning on the red eye. We didn’t even hear him.”

Ellie poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down.

“I didn’t get here until two,” Garret said. “I didn’t want to disturb you two so I slept in the other bedroom.”

Ellie glanced at Linda, then at Garret.

“That’s right,” Linda said. “He knows. You know, I think the horny fucker’s delighted.”

“I can’t believe it took you two this long to finally get around to it,” Garret said, sipping his coffee.

They shared a quick breakfast and then Garret was out the door with his surfboard. The girls shopped, had a nice lunch at a cool little bistro right on the water, and got some sun on the beach.

That evening they went out to dinner at one of the nicer places in town. Garret beamed with pride to be out with not one, but two lovely ladies.

Ellie and Linda looked spectacular in maxi dresses purchased specifically for the trip. Ellie’s dress featured a bright blue and white pattern and Linda’s had a white and purple nature print.

After dinner they went back to the condo and went out on the deck.

They stood by the railing and admired the view. Linda put her arm around Garret’s waist and leaned her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around his wife’s shoulder. Garret extended his other arm towards Ellie, who took the cue and snuggled against his other shoulder.

No one said anything for a long time.

“Shall we?” Ellie whispered.

Before Garret knew what was happening, Ellie and Linda were leading him back inside. His mind was racing with anticipation as they entered the master bedroom.

Ellie broke the ice, kissing Garret on the mouth. It was a slow, wet kiss. Then Garret turned and kissed Linda the same way. He stepped back and glanced at back and forth at Ellie and Linda. They took the hint, kissing each other long and slow.

Garret stripped down as he watched. They glanced at him and suppressed a giggle. If it was a show Garret wanted, then it was a show he would get.

Ellie and Linda made out, Garret watching in awed silence. His cock was hard and he stroked it slowly. He wanted to savor this.

Ellie unzipped Linda’s dress and Linda did the same for her, still kissing wildly. They stepped out of their dresses and Garret was surprised to see they both wore bras but not panties.

The bras were next to go, four huge breasts freed from their cages and on full display. Ellie and Linda felt each other’s bare tits, exaggerating their caresses for Garret’s benefit as they made their way to the bed.

Ellie lay back and Linda began sucking on her young friend’s tits. Ellie caressed Linda’s shoulders with one hand and reached down to touch her own pussy with the other. Ellie rubbed her clit as Linda sucked on her tits.

Ellie turned her head and looked at Garret, extending her tongue towards him. Ellie’s tongue undulated and twisted, teasing Garret until it was more than he could stand.

Garret slid into bed on the opposite side of Linda. While his wife sucked Ellie’s right breast, he sucked the left one.

Ellie was delirious. She never imagined having such an experience.

Garret moved up and kissed Ellie on the mouth, still clutching her tit as Ellie reached down and started stroking his cock. Linda, meanwhile, slid down and gently spread Ellie’s legs apart. A moment later, Linda’s tongue was licking Ellie’s clit.

“Oh, yes!” Ellie moaned.

Linda began fingering Ellie, still licking her rapidly. Ellie began to buck and moan.

Garret slid out of the bed and walked around behind Linda. His wife’s big ass was pointed upwards as her face was buried in Ellie’s pussy.

Garret climbed back onto the bed, approaching Linda from behind. He grabbed both ass cheeks and slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. Linda was soaked and he easily buried his inside her. He began to fuck her, clutching her ass and smacking it playfully.

Linda started to squeal right away but kept licking and fingering Ellie’s pussy. She added a second finger and Garret began to fuck his wife harder.

Ellie began squirming about and squealing loudly. She came, shaking with pleasure.

Ellie took a moment to recover from her orgasm. Then she sat up and leaned close to Linda. Linda’s face rested against her belly. Ellie reached down and caressed Linda’s shoulders as Garret started fucking her harder.

Linda felt encircled by them both, Garret’s hands still on her ass as he drilled her pussy.

Linda looked up. She took one of Ellie’s nipples in her mouth and began sucking on it. The combination of Garret’s cock and Ellie’s nipple sent her over the edge. Linda came, screeching loudly.

Garret kept fucking her, ready to come.

“Not yet, love,” Linda said. “You still have to fuck Ellie.”

Garret withdrew his cock. He felt the rising sensation of an oncoming orgasm slowly subside. His cock twitched a few times, the orgasmic tide receding.

“Lay down,” Ellie said.

Garret lay down. Ellie kissed him on the chest, then the belly. She reached his crotch and took his cock into her hand.

She stroked it gently, then lowered her head and took the tip into her mouth. When Garret took her virginity last year, she hadn’t sucked his cock. She’d sucked a few since then, though.

She sucked him long and slow and he started to moan. She kept her hand on the base of his cock and massaged the shaft as she sucked the top half with vigor. She tasted Linda on him.

Linda lay next to Garret, licking his ear. Garret gasped and groaned.

Ellie slowed her sucking and lifted her head.

“Please,” Garret protested. “I have to come.”

“Not until I’ve felt you inside me,” Ellie said.

Ellie crawled up and then lowered herself onto his cock. Ellie groaned as she felt it enter and stretch her pussy to fullness.

Slowly at first, she bounced up and down on his cock. After a while, her pace started to quicken.

“That’s it, Ellie!” Linda said. “Ride that cock, honey.”

Linda stood and then crouched down until her pussy was mere inches above Garret’s mouth. Garret lifted his head and began licking it while Ellie rode his hard cock. Soon both women were groaning and squealing.

Ellie and Linda leaned towards each other and started kissing and feeling each other’s breasts. The kissing was the wildest Ellie had ever experienced, their tongues attacking and licking each other. She moaned, feeling another orgasm approaching.

Ellie screeched loudly and bobbed up and down on Garret’s cock as fast as she could. He thrust his hips upward, sending Ellie over the edge. Ellie’s orgasm was like an explosion from her pussy. She screamed wildly as it overtook her.

The following day I was lying on the couch, dozing in the afternoon. The TV was on, but I couldn’t pay attention to it. My mind was suck on my mother, my fat mother. I had fucked my fat mother, made her my slut. I was daydreaming of bending her over the couch and gazing into her infinite cunt.

Time passed. I must have fallen asleep. I woke to my mother standing over me. She had gotten home from work and was wearing a mid-length skirt and a white blouse. She looked confident and sexy. My cock, I realized, had made her feel that way. She was looking down at me and reaching up under her skirt at the same time. Then she pulled her underwear down and dropped them on the floor. I was still disoriented from waking and couldn’t tell what was going on.


“Shhh…baby. Just keep lying there. Mommy has a little chore for you.” Then she hiked up her skirt, revealing her bare, hairy pussy, and stepped onto the couch. She was towering above me, standing upright. It was the clearest view I had seen of her pussy yet. It was large and the hair around it tousled. Her whole cunt seemed to be half spilling from her body and half neatly organized back into it. She balanced herself above my face and began to lower her pussy to my mouth. Her slit landed atop my lips and I began to suck, trying to excite and release her juices.

“Mommy needs you to lick her pussy, baby. Can you do that for mommy?”

“mmmhmmm,” I offered with my mouth full of her messy cunt.

“Mommy has been thinking of this all day. I’ve been aching between my legs, aching for your tongue, my son’s tongue.”

I shot my tongue deep into her cunt.

“AARRRGGHHH! Yes, baby! That’s what mommy wants. Lick the walls of mommy’s cunt! As deep as you can reach, baby,” she ordered. Her hips had begun gyrating on my face now as I lapped at her innards. Her clit was rubbing against my upper lip and nose and she was getting off on the friction my face’s contours offered. “Keep going, baby! Keep going! Deeper! Deeper! Aaarrrghh! Hmmmmph! Lick mommy’s cunt, my darling boy. Make mommy cum in your mouth!”

She was riding my face hard now, like I was the saddle on a bucking bull. I briefly worried that she might hurt me, she was fucking my face so hard.

“Suck it, baby. Suck mommy’s cum out! Here it cums! Here it cums! Drink it down, baby! Mmmmnppphhh, aaaahhhhh, oooohhhh,” she let out.

She was cumming and pressing her cunt hard into my face to increase the pressure on her clit. My mouth filled with fluids from inside her pussy and I swallowed and swallowed. It was my mother’s gift to me.

“Oh, baby. You’re so good to mommy. So good!” she said.

She pulled her pussy up off me and I could see her smiling face looking down. She climbed off me and kneeled on the floor next to the couch.

“I love you, mom” I said.

“I love you too,” she replied. She lowered her lips to mine and forced her tongue into my mouth. We kissed deeply and wetly for nearly a minute. She sucked and lapped at my mouth, trying to taste the remnants of herself. She broke the kiss and stood up. I was rock hard and needing release, but she didn’t acknowledge my tenting pants.

“Okay,” she said, “I need a shower.” She walked away, leaving me feeling frustrated and aching for a fuck.

I heard the shower in her bedroom turn on a moment later. Fuck, I thought, that slut owes me! I jumped up and moved to her room. The clothes she had been wearing were strewn around the floor and her bathroom door was open. She was already inside the shower soaping up. Her body was blurred by the shower glass and steam that was rising from the hot water. I realized then that I had yet to see my mother completely nude. Each time we had fucked she had some clothes on.

I approached the shower and began stripping my clothes off. Completely nude, I entered the bathroom and opened the shower door. My mother jumped when she saw me. My rock hard cock pointed directly up at her. This was the first time that she had truly seen me in the nude as well.

“Well, hello, baby boy,” she said, inviting me in with a hand gesture.

“Hello, slut,” I said, moving into the shower and against her body aggressively. I pushed her against the wall and pressed my mouth to hers. My tongue burst into her mouth and I felt the tip of my cock pressing into her round stomach.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, releasing my tongue with a quick bite. “Does my baby need a shower?”

“Yes, mommy.”

“My baby needs mommy to wash his dirty body?”

“Yes, mommy, yes…” I stepped back from my mother and stared at her exposed body. Her breasts were large and hung like utters down the front of her body. The nipples were huge and flat and pointed slightly down. Her stomach and hips were round and large, but still tight. Just as with her ass, there was no real cellulite. And her pussy, buried down in the shadows of her pudgy tummy, was hairy and enflamed from the orgasm I had given her minutes before. “You’re fucking gorgeous, mom,” I said.

“Thank you, darling. You’re not so bad yourself.” I was skinny and tall — quite the opposite of my mother’s frame.

“Give me that,” I said, pointing to the wash cloth in her hands. She handed it over and I soaped it up. I spent the next five minutes scrubbing and examining every inch of my mother’s body: her thighs, her ass cheeks, her overhanging breasts. I studied and cleaned and kissed my way across her body. When I was complete she took the cloth and returned the favor. She massaged my back and arms, scrubbed my ass, got down on her knees to clean my feet, and finally turned her attention to my desperately erect cock. Still on her knees, she took the organ in her hands and soaped it up. After rinsing, she began kissing the tip and then engorged the entire member in her mouth. I felt the overwhelming sense of relief that comes with a son being inside his own mother. I felt a sense of pure bliss, as though I was truly at home. Her head bobbed and she strained her neck to look up at me. My god! My mother, on her knees, submissively sucking my cock, and urgently looking to me for approval, it was perfect.

“That feels amazing, mommy,” I said.

She temporarily pulled her mouth away from my prick, “well…I’m your slut, baby. Anything to make you feel good.”

“Then let’s get out of this shower before I cum in your mouth. I’ve got other plans.”

“Ohh…” she said, raising off the ground and turning the water off. She exited the shower and I watched her mammoth ass sway back and forth as she walked. I almost shot my spunk just watching her body move out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. She began drying herself and I grabbed a towel to join her.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“You’re going to do everything I say! Understand?” I asked, assuming a domineering voice.

“Yes, always. That’s your slut’s job.”

“Good. Now crawl onto the bed, on your knees. That’s it. Kneel on the edge of the bed like a dog, with your ass and feet hanging off.”

“Is this how you want your slut to be for you?” she asked. She had stood at the bed’s edge, faced it, crawled onto it on her knees, and fell forward onto all fours. Her ass and pussy were wide open and exposed to me as I moved in behind her. It was the filthiest and sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Her cunt lips spread and the depths of her pussy seem to cascade into her like a chasm. Her asshole puckered and struggled to stay closed as she bent forward and stretched its muscles to the limit.

“That’s it. Don’t move.” I ran into the bathroom and opened her medicine cabinet. Inside I found what I was looking for: petroleum jelly.

“Baby boys shouldn’t see their mommies in this position,” she told me when I resumed my position behind her, “it’s very naughty.”

“Every son should see his mother in this position,” I countered.

“Are you going to fuck mommy? Are you going to make it hurt, baby?” She hadn’t seen the jelly yet and didn’t realize the reality of her question.

“I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, mommy.” I opened the jar and stuck two fingers in. I thrust those two fingers into my mother’s gaping pussy. She was soaking wet in orgasmic juices from the sensual shower and the anticipation of my cock filling her void.

“Oh, baby! That feels terrific,” she exclaimed. I pumped my two fingers into her rapidly, getting her excited. “Yes, yes, baby.”

“Are you ready for something new, slut?” I asked.

“I’m ready for anything you want, my darling.”

With that I pulled my fingers out and greased my two fingers again in the jelly. Then I jammed them into her puckering asshole. She wasn’t expecting it and jumped at my intrusion.

“OOOOoooohhhhhhHHHH,” she let out. “Baby, baby, that’s not…..”

“Shut up, slut!” I ordered. “Just relax and spread your ass,” I said as I finger fucked her asshole. It was tight and dry, but I could feel the muscles inside relenting and making way for my surrogate dick.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to mark you as my slut and rip your asshole open with my cock, slut. I’m going to fuck it like a cunt and cum deep inside of it. You’re my slut and you need a marker to make sure you don’t forget who your master is.”

“Baby, go slow, please,” she begged.

“No! It’s going to hurt this time,” I explained, still fucking her ass with my two fingers, “but it’s for love. You love me, right slut?”

“Yes, baby, I love you,” she moaned.

“Are you ready for your baby boy to fuck your ass, mommy?”

“Yes! Yes! I’m ready. Fuck my asshole, baby. Mark me your slut!”

I yanked my fingers out of her ass. She yelped as they popped out. I dipped my fingers into the jelly jar and rubbed it onto my cock. Then I took a wad and spread it around her asshole. Without warning her I stepped close in behind her, aimed my dick into her asshole with my hand, and stepped into her. She yelled in fright, “Aaahhhh!” and her asshole clenched tight in a natural defense.

“Open up, slut!” I ordered. “This is one of my fuck holes now! It’s available for me to fuck whenever and wherever. Understand?”

“Yes, baby, yes, it’s your fuck hole,” she whimpered. Her seemed to part and draw me in as she deeply exhaled.

“That’s it, mommy. Open wide. It’s just one more hole for your son to fuck. You like getting ass fucked by your son, don’t you, mommy?” I asked. I was slowly pumping my cock into her depths and pulling it back to edge again.

“Yes, baby, yes. It makes me feel so dirty baby, so slutty. I love feeling dirty and slutty for you. Fuck it, baby, fuck mommy’s ass! That’s it, faster, faster! Tear it apart; rip mommy’s asshole open with your cock!”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” I exclaimed, now pumping furiously into her bottom.

“Are you going to cum, baby?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Are you going to cum in mommy’s asshole? And make mommy shit out your cum?”

“Fuck yeah. You’re going to be shitting out my cum for days, mommy!”

“Do it then! DO IT! Cum in mommy’s ass! Make her your slut again! Mark her forever! Cum for mommy, baby. Cum for mommy!”

“Aaarrrggghhh” I yelled as I came deep into my mother’s ass. I was exploding into her.

“Oh yes,” she screamed, “yes! I feel you, baby. I so full of you. I feel you pulsing deep inside me. Keep cuming! Keeping going.”

I twisted myself and emptied my balls deep into my mother’s ass.

“Am I your favorite fuck-toy, baby?” she asked.

“Yes, mommy, yes. You’re my favorite fuck-toy.”

“And you’re going to fuck me every day? You’re going to fill me up like a nasty slut with your cum?”

“More than that! Tomorrow I’m going to come to your work during the day, I’m going to drag you into the nearest bathroom and bend you over the sink and fuck your ass again.”

“And again later?”

“And I’ll fuck your face for dinner and your cunt for dessert.”

My penis fell out of my mother’s asshole with a plop. It was complete now; she was entirely my slut.

I felt so used and dirty and so completely fucked. I’d just had the best sex of my young life.

Picking my knickers up off the floor I remembered what Les had said about not needing them anymore and instead of putting them back on I just wiped his spunk from my thighs and along my slit. I left them on the table as I had a feeling I might need them to wipe up with again later, at least I hoped so.

Grabbing a few bits from my bag, I went into the toilet to sort my makeup and hair. Just as I was about to leave I spotted a magazine on the floor. It was a porno but not like the ones in the shop, this one was called ‘BDSM Sluts’ and had a picture of a girl tied to a post with her hands above her head, her bottom bright red and her smudged makeup running down her face as she was whipped by a naked fat old bloke in a black leather mask.

I flicked through the magazine, smiling when I noticed that a few pages were stuck together. Obviously Les had liked those pages especially, so I peeled some apart and was quite shocked by what I saw. The first pages I peeled apart showed a picture story of a girl, tied and whipped by two old blokes. She was bent over, her arse bright red, and they were sticking things in her bum. First a metal thing that looked like a small funny shaped dildo, then a banana and finally a cucumber, before pulling that out and taking turns fucking her bottom.

I felt myself getting aroused again as I looked at the second lot of pages that had been stuck together, it was the same girl, but this time she was kneeling in an empty bath with her hands tied behind her back. She had her mouth open and an expectant look on her face and I gasped as I saw the story develop. The two old men had come into the pictures and they were aiming their small soft cocks at her. Then the girl leaning towards them slightly had a look of rapture on her face as the two old men released streams of hot yellow pee into her mouth.

My breathing quickened as I looked at her, the old men’s pee turning into a hot yellow river cascading out of her open mouth and down her body. I felt my pussy twitch as I imagined Les standing over me, aiming his soft cock at my face, looking at the little slit and waiting for the dam to burst…

“Sarah!” Les shouted. “Sarah!”

I quickly put the magazine down and hurried out to the shop.

“Oh there you are love, I need to go out for a bit can you mind the shop?”

I couldn’t shake the image of him standing over me with his cock in his hand, kneeling and waiting for the golden flow….

“Yes sorry Les,” I gasped trying to drag my gaze away from the crotch of his filthy pants.

He chuckled when he saw where I was looking, “Come behind the counter love I need to show you how to use the till, there’ll be plenty of time for some more fun later.”

I blushed slightly and did as I was told, little did he know the kind of fun I was imagining us having right then.

I stood in front of the till as Les stood behind me and took me through how it all worked. I felt his hand move slowly down my back and over the swell of my bottom and I moaned quietly as he began to knead by bum cheeks again.

“You like that don’t you Sarah?” He whispered in my ear.

“Yes Les,” I breathed.

“Tell me what it is you like love,” he whispered again, as he slipped his pudgy old hand up my skirt.

“I like you feeling me up Les, I like feeling your hands up my skirt.”

Les laughed as he stroked and squeezed my naked buttocks, then gave them a hard slap, “Well when I get back I’ll play with it some more eh?”

The old man shuffled off, leaving me desperately horny and longing for him to come back and use my young body.


The shop was fairly quiet while he was out. I served one or two customers and soon got the hang of the till. About half an hour after Les had gone I heard the shop bell ring and looked up from the magazine I was reading on the counter. To my surprise I saw the little old man from the bus, stretching to reach one of the porno magazines on the top shelf.

I stifled a giggle as he shuffled over to the counter, he hadn’t looked up yet as he was too busy flicking through the magazine he was about to buy. When he did finally look up he looked shocked at first but then a dirty, gummy grin spread across his cheeks and he laid the magazine carefully down on the counter. Looked down briefly and saw that it was ‘Eighteen and Horny’, I almost laughed out loud as I realised that the title could have easily been a description of me.

“That’s three pounds fifty please,” I smiled, the old man was still grinning at me and made no move to get his money out.

“Are you in this?” he cackled.

I blushed slightly and laughed, “No not this month.”

“Les usually orders me in a special magazine as well, is it in yet?” he asked.

“I’m not sure, what’s the name? I’ll have a look.” I turned and bent over at my hips, knowing that my skirt would ride up and give the dirty old bugger a great view of my naked bottom.

“E…Ernie,” the old man gasped.

I smiled as I pretended to search through the cupboard for his magazine. In truth it was on the top of the pile and had a big sticker with ‘Ernie’ on it covering half of the title. It was another copy of ‘BDSM Sluts’ the same one I’d been reading in the toilet.

“This yours?” I asked brightly as I stood up, turning around and putting the magazine down on the counter.

“That’s the one love,” the old man laughed. “You read it?”

“Yes,” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

“I thought you looked a bit wet,” he laughed. “You should shave your minge so I can see your crack better next time.”

I blushed and held out my hand for his money, his eyes now fixed on my tits. “Nice pair you’ve got there,” he said, “bet you’ve never had a gummy suck have you?”

I shook my head realising exactly what he meant as I looked at his toothless grin and wondering what it would feel like.

As I held out my hand to give him my change, his bony fingers lingered, not taking the money but instead caressing the skin of my palm gently. I couldn’t move and just stared into his eyes, if he had taken me in the back room he could have had me right there and then.

But the spell was broken was the shop bell as another customer came in.

“Bugger,” muttered Ernie, the grin quickly disappearing from his wrinkled face as he folded the magazines and tucked them in an inside pocket.

“You getting the bus tomorrow morning love?” he asked me as he was leaving.

“Yes,” I squeaked, remembering how good his fingers had felt that morning.

“See you tomorrow then,” he laughed and was gone.

I served the new customer with barely a word, I was so horny now and I just wanted Les to come back, I wanted to feel his pervy old hands on my body.

I smiled when I saw Les outside, he had stopped and was talking to Ernie. They were both laughing and glancing at the shop and I knew they were talking about me. I wondered what they were saying.

A few minutes later Ernie was gone and Les shuffled back into the shop, a cardboard box in his hand.

“Hello Sarah love, everything ok?” he leered at me as he spoke.

“Yes thank you Les,” I replied.

“Ernie was telling me you gave him a little show,” I nodded and Les continued. “Good girl Sarah, but be careful who you flash, some customers might not like it.

“Now, how much have you missed me?” he breathed, coming around behind the counter.

“Oh Les, I want you,” I gasped as he pushed his pudgy, wrinkled hand up my skirt and ran his fat finger along and then into my hot slit.

“Quite a lot I’d say,” he chuckled as he withdrew his hand and then ran his wet finger around my lips.

I sucked his finger into my mouth hungrily, tasting my musky juices, wishing it was his dirty old cock in my mouth.

“Come through to the back love, I’ve got a present for you.”

Les pushed through the beaded curtain into the back room and I followed him, my heart pounding.

As soon as we got into the back room Les dropped the box and grabbed me, pulling me into his fat body. Roughly he clamped his mouth over mine and I felt his tongue force its way between my lips. After a brief moment of shock I kissed him back and we stood snogging, sixty two year old man and eighteen year old girl. His hands wandered over my body and I threw my head back and gasped as he mauled my soft tits through my blouse and licked and sucked at my neck.

“Oh you’re such a lovely little slut Sarah,” the old man slobbered.

I felt his hand up the back of my skirt again but I groaned in frustration when he broke off telling me he needed the toilet.

“Don’t worry my love,” he called back. “I’ll be back in a minute and we can have some more fun.”

A few moments later he was back out with the BDSM magazine in his hands. He’d opened it up on the pages showing the girl getting peed on, there was an evil grin on his face.

“Like this do you?” his voice was oily and sexy again and I saw no reason to deny it, no matter how much I was embarrassed, so I just nodded.

The old man just stood and looked at me for a moment before handing me the magazine, “Here you go put it on the table, your present is in the box open it. I’ll be back down in a minute” he told me.

I watched him climb the stairs and looked down at the pictures of the pee soaked girl, my knees were shaking and I thought I might fall over. So I did as I was told put the magazine down, holding onto the table as I did so.

The box had clothes in it, so I pulled them out one by one smiling as I saw what they were. White blouse, blue tie, short blue skirt and knee high white socks and there was a school blazer neatly folded at the bottom of the box.

Les was still bumping about upstairs and the shop was quiet so I quickly stripped off my clothes and put on the school uniform, I couldn’t wait to see the look on Les’s face when he saw me in it.

Just as I was finishing the knot of the blue school tie, Les came back down the stairs with a plastic carrier bag in his hand.

“Oh you dirty little slag,” he murmured as he looked me up and down.

“Thank you Les,” I beamed, giving him a twirl.

The uniform was tight and short in all the right places and it was obviously having the desired effect judging by the tent in the front of the old man’s dirty pants.

Les put the bag on the table, “I was saving these until we’d got to know each other better, but I think you’re ready for them now. I’ll just go and lock up so we’re not disturbed love.”

I opened the bag and gasped as I heard Les locking the shop door. By the time he came back I was holding a pair of silver handcuffs and a large black dildo in my hands and there in the bottom of the bag was the same short metal dildo that I’d seen the old men putting up the girl’s bottom in the magazine.

Les came back holding a bottle of olive oil in his hand, a look of animal lust twisting his features. I dropped the things back into the bag and looked hungrily at the bulge in his crotch.

“Bend over the table Sarah, there’s a good girl,” he growled.

I did as I was told, bending over the table top like last time, but now my face was pressed against the magazine and I was looking close-up at a thick yellow stream of piss gushing into the girls open mouth.

Les grabbed my hands and roughly pulled them behind my back and I gasped as I felt cold metal on my wrists and heard a click as the handcuffs were snapped into place.

“Now you’re going to get it you little cunt,” Les snarled.

My stomach flipped at the change in his voice, I was suddenly a bit afraid but it only served to increase the burning desire between my thighs.

“Know what this is?” Les waved the squat, shiny metal dildo in front of my eyes.

“N…no,” I stuttered.

Les laughed, “It’s a butt plug Sarah and it’s going up your tight little bum.

I heard him unscrew the cap of the bottle and gasped as the old man roughly pushed my school skirt up over my hips and gasped again as I felt the warm silky oil dribbling between my buttocks.

“B…but Les I…” I began, but was cut off by the feeling of cold metal being forced into my virgin anus.

It felt like I badly needed the toilet and it hurt as he pushed it, the thick head stretching my ring before popping inside suddenly. My bum felt incredibly full now and my arsehole was gripping the thinnest part of the plug. I could feel the thick disc at the bottom pressing into my arse cheeks.

I heard Les lowering his zip, “Good Girl Sarah,” he breathed as I felt him prodding around my cunt with his stiff old cock. Then I cried out as he suddenly entered me, going balls deep at the first hard thrust.

I pressed back into him hard, wanting him and felt the butt plug being pressed deeper into my arse by his big belly.

“Fuck me Les, fuck me!” I squealed as my first orgasm built and then exploded within me as he began his pounding thrusts.

The table squeaked and groaned beneath me as the old man pounded my young cunt and I was delirious with pleasure, struggling against my cuffs and rotating my hips as I was ploughed.

“You little schoolgirl slag Sarah, you like that do you? Like it up your arse?” Les yelled.

“Oh Les, yes I fucking love it, please fuck me,” I moaned, tears streaking my face for the second time that day.

The old man quickly withdrew his cock and I squealed when he yanked the thick metal plug out of my arse, I felt incredibly empty now and needed something else inside me, then I felt his cock pressing against my tight brown hole.

He pushed the tip into me slowly, before losing patience and falling forward with all his weight behind him and burying his cock deep in my bowels. I cried out in pain as he began to shaft my arse and a second orgasm hit me. The ache in my bum felt delicious and I wondered why I hadn’t let anyone do this to me before.

“You like it up your arse don’t you Sarah?” Les shouted as he buggered me hard.

“Yes Les! Oh fuck, do me, do my fucking arse!” I sobbed, his cock felt wonderful filling me like that.

“You want me and Ernie to piss on you, you little slut? Like the girl in the porno? Well do you?” Les growled.

“Yes Les I want you to piss in my mouth, I’ll do anything you want,” I came hard again, my muscles spasming, my anus clamping down hard on his thick old cock.

Les grunted and rammed his cock up my bum one last time, holding it there as I felt it expand and pulse inside me as he filled my bowels with his hot spunk.

We stayed like this for what seemed like ages, the sounds of my sobs gradually turning into occasional sniffles as I felt his cock deflate and finally slip out of my beautifully stretched anal hole.

“Stay there a minute,” Les panted and crossing over to the sink he washed the butt plug under the tap.

When he crossed the room again and stood behind me I knew what was coming and sighed as I felt the cold metal pressing against my anus again and then pushing inside as my ring stretched and gave way.

“You’re to keep it in while you work here, do you understand?”

“Yes Les,” I mumbled, the way it felt now I never wanted to take it out.

I yelped as he spanked my bottom hard a few times and was disappointed when he stopped after only a few strokes, I wanted more, I wanted to be used and degraded.

“We’ll save that for later, for now clean yourself up you little slut and then you can use the phone to call your mum and tell her you won’t be home. You’ll be sleeping in my bed tonight…although you won’t be getting much sleep…”

“Yes Les,” I sniffed as he unlocked and removed the cuffs. I stood up, turned and fell into his arms delighting in the feel of his enormous belly pressing against me.

“Thank you,” I whispered as I kissed him gently.

“Just you wait and see what me and Ernie are going to do to you later Sarah love, just you wait,” he sniggered as his lips crushed mine.

We kissed passionately and my pussy twitched again at the thought of the two old men using me and peeing on me and wondered excitedly what else they had in store for my young body.

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