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The following is a fictional story from the mind of a bisexual male.

So I’d been sucking this guy I met on an online cruising site for a couple months. Six foot, well built, dark hair, and dark eyes with a long, thick cock he loved jamming into the back of my throat. I’m a submissive cocksucker by nature so he’d come by whenever he was horny and use me. I texted him my schedule, so he knew where I was at all times. When I was at home, he’d show up unannounced and ring my doorbell. I’d let him in, close the door, drop to my knees, and within seconds I’d have my mouth filled with his cock. He’d grab me by the hair and drag me all over the living room, fucking my face in different positions.

If I was at work or out at a movie or family gathering, he’d drive and park someplace close but without a lot of people around. He’d text me, I’d excuse myself and I’d come out to his truck and I’d climb in and suck his dick as he sat in the passenger’s seat. Sometimes he’d even come into the theater or park I was at and text me a command to go into the restroom or woods there and I’d suck him off that way. One time, when I was working late and no one else was at the office, he came by my work and I sucked him off in my office.

He completely and totally owned me. My mouth and throat were his to pleasure himself with. I belonged to him and I always hungered for his cock to fill my throat.

So one Saturday we decided to try a new venue: the porn theater at my local adult store. I’d never been there, but I told my Master that I was curious about it and we agreed to go there and I’d suck him in one of the private viewing rooms they advertise.

We met in the parking lot and went in and paid for our tickets separately. He went in as I paid for myself and he waited for me at the door. He firmly held my arm as we walked down the hall, reminding me he was in control. We parted the curtains to the dark theater and the sight and sound of a blonde woman sucking a large cock greeted us on the giant flat screen television in the theater. We stood there and watched the movie for a few minutes as our eyes adjusted to the stark darkness.

I began to be able to make out several black leather love seats situated all over the theater and several men sitting on them, while a couple others stood in the back. My Master pulled me to an empty one and we sat down. The blowjob in the movie had gotten harder, the woman was gagging and drool ran down her face as the guy shoved his hard, erect penis deeper and deeper into her mouth. I licked my lips.

My Master asked “You want that don’t you, fagot?”

“Yes, Master”

“I’ll be right back.”

He got up and left to rent the private room. I looked back and I could see two doors to private rooms both with windows that had blinds open, revealing a love seat and big screen TV in each. I also noticed the men in there. None of them were doing anything and I couldn’t see the bulges in their pants very well, so I had to imagine their cocks. And I did. I’ve never told Master this, but I wasn’t just a slave to his cock. I loved cock period. I glanced behind at the tall muscular bald black guy standing in the back. I bet he would have loved to have his cock fill my mouth. The fatter guy with the big belly sitting in the love seat near him, I wanted him too. I bet his cock was nice and thick. And the even old man, probably in his 70s or 80s in the love seat beside me, I bet I could get his cock hard and cumming inside my mouth. I wanted all of them, I wanted to shove every cock in that room in my mouth. I wanted to be every man’s cumslut.

My Master returned, grabbed my arm, and pulled me up.

“Come on,” he commanded.

All the guys looked at us as we went into the private room and shut the door. My Master closed blinds and sat down on the love seat. It was a tiny room. The TV, which was playing the same movie with the gagging blonde, was about five feet from the love seat and the blinds and door were within arm’s length of it. He let go of my arm and sat down. The light from the TV highlighted the delicious, massive erection forming in his shorts.

“Drop to your knees and strip, fagot!”

“Yes. Master!”

I anxiously took off my socks and shoes and then threw off my shirt and shorts. I had no underwear, so I was completely naked now as I kneeled before him. He grabbed my head and shoved it unto his crotch. I mouthed his hard dick through his pants as he moaned. I put my warm hungry mouth over it, licking it though his shorts until they were soaked with my saliva.

He unzipped his shorts and threw them off revealing his massive fuck tool. I craved it so bad as I sat there on my knees. He harshly grabbed my head and thrust his dick into my open, hungry mouth. He held my head firmly in place as he wildly thrust his massive cock into my mouth over and over. I choked, I gagged. My saliva dripped out of my mouth. I just closed my eyes and felt his cock go deeper into my throat with each thrust of his hips. He fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. He used me just like the whore in the movie was getting used. I was in heaven.

As he facefucked me he would yell at me:

“You like that cocksucker?! You like choking on my cock?”

All I could do was try to moan something that sounded like “yes” in between my gags.

Then he thrust it deep and yelled “Yes! Take it” and I could feel stream after stream of cum hit the back of my throat. I sucked all his cum for a couple minutes before he took his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it against my face.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said with a big grin as I felt his hard wet cock rub against my cheek.

“Good, so did they,” he said.

I suddenly opened my eyes and looked over. The blinds were open! It was hard to see in the dark, but it looked like several guys, if not all of them, were gathered around the window looking in! I was shocked. I was horrified. I was naked on my knees. I had just sucked a cock in front of a room full of people, and I didn’t know what to do.

He grabbed my hair and looked me in the eye.

“You liked them watching, didn’t you? You liked entertaining them like the whore are?”

My shock wore off and I remembered I belonged to my Master. If he wanted others to watch as he used me then that was part of my purpose as his slave. Suddenly I realized that I was very turned on by the exhibitionism. I felt more in my Master’s power than ever before.

“Yes! I loved it!” I yelled back.

He then pulled my head down so my eyes were on his still hard cock.

“Good. I command you to let them use you like I do.”

“What?” I was shocked my Master would give me to others, much less complete strangers.

“If you want my cock, you’ll do it. You’ll let them use you. We agreed you’d do whatever I want didn’t we, slave?”

As I looked at his cock all my hesitation and fear faded. I was his. His to use. His to abuse. His to give away. I was his slave and now, at his command, I was the whore of every man in that room.

“Yes, Master!” I screamed.

I glanced up and saw him smile as he opened the door.

“Stay on your knees!” he commanded as he dragged me out by my hair. I crawled on my hands and knees him beside like I was his pet. All the guys in the theater were looking at me in wide eyed amazement.

Up close I could see the light catching the bulges in their pants. Some had their hands on the crotch, rubbing their erection. I wanted them all. All in my mouth.

I heard gagging noises from the movie. I think it had moved on to another throat fucking scene with another girl but I couldn’t see it through the men, nor did I want to.

“This is my slave,” my Master declared. “And he wanted to suck all of you at once.”

Anxiously belts were unbuckled, flies were unzipped, and some even threw off their pants and clothes. Immediately three men walked up to me, their naked cocks hanging just inches from my face as I kneeled there, naked at the back of the theater. My Master let go of my hair.

“Suck them!” he commanded.

I devoured the first one on my left, my warm hungry mouth took the length of it in. I could feel it growing inside my mouth, getting harder. I bobbed back and forth on it wildly. It wasn’t quite as big or wide as my Master’s cock, but I sucked it with abandon none the less.

I then felt the next cock rubbing against my right cheek, anxious to feel my hungry mouth on it. I was only too happy to oblige. I pulled back letting the first cock, which was now rock hard, out of my mouth with a trail of saliva going from it to my lips. I wrapped my hand around firmly around that wet, hard cock and stroked it as I consumed the next one. It was shorter but fatter. I took it all the way and stuck out my tongue so I could taste his balls. I sucked him, his thick cock slowly filling my mouth as I wildly stroked the first guy. As I worked the second guy’s newly hard cock with my warm hungry mouth, I felt another cock on top of my head!

The third guy had laid his long cock on my head. It much longer than the other two, which I now both had in my hands as I slowly tilted my back so my face was rubbing the third guy’s long, narrow cock. I licked down up the bottom of his shaft as I pulled back. I could hear him moan and felt him shake a little. Then I slowly began to take the long semi hard cock into my mouth. Slowly my lips devoured the shaft. Then suddenly I felt my Master’s strong hand grab the back of my head and shove me all the way down. I gagged on the long length of the cock as I heard the third man groan. My Master held me there as I chocked on the massive cock until he finally let me up for air.

The guys took a hint and took turns grabbing my head and shoving their cocks down my throat. I had a hard time even keeping track of which cock was which as my head was pulled between them and then shoved on to their cock for a merciless facefucking. Drool was streaming out my mouth. I gagged over and over. They just kept using me. It was wonderful.

As they did this my Master slapped my ass hard a couple times. The tinges of pain further turned me on. He roughly fondled my ass and I felt something wet working it’s way into my ass. I’d seen enough porn to know he was fingering my ass with lube. It felt wonderful. I groaned with pleasure as the cocks filled my mouth. I could feel a second finger go in and then a third.

“Mmmm” I groaned with a cock in my mouth.

“You like feeling me inside you, don’t you slave?” my Master asked.

“Mmmm” was the only response I could give.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me back from their cocks. I was panting, but barely had time to catch my breath before he pulled me to my feet.

“Enough foreplay!” he exclaimed as he walked me forward a couple steps towards the back of an empty love seat and bent my body over the top of it. He held my head down by the hair, the top of the love seat was pushing against my stomach and I could feel his hard cock rub against my ass.

“You want to me to fuck you, don’t you fagot?!”

I was turned on and scared at the time. I’d never had a cock in my ass before but at the moment I really, really wanted it. I couldn’t resist.

“Take me, make me yours!”

And with that he pushed his hard dick in my lubed up hole, forcing himself in me firmly, but slowly. I screamed from the sheer size of the cock that was entering me. It hurt but turned me on at the same time. He pushed it deeper into me.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Yes,” I tried to get out between my groans. Even in the midst of pain, I wasn’t lying. My cock was rock hard, As I felt him get deeper and deeper in, my submission to him was becoming even more total. I was his slave. To use. To fuck. To violate. I belonged completely and totally to him.

I could feel him moving his cock inside me, back and forth. Slowly at first. And then hard and faster. After a bit, the pain lessened and it started to feel good. I was enjoying having his hard dick ram my ass..

“Fuck me!” I yelled back to him.

“Take it, take my cock, slave!” He yelled jamming it harder into me as I yelled in pain and pleasure. My cock was so hard. As I was getting used to the cock pumping inside me, I noticed the guys I gave blow jobs to were stroking their dicks close to my face.

As I moved to my Master’s gyrations, being fucked like the whore I was, I wanted to complete the scene. I needed to take two men at once. I looked up at one of the guys and gave him a look of pure desire and hissed out “Give it to me!” between my groans.

He put his hard cock up to my lips and I devoured it. I could feel him pushing his cock deep into my throat as my Master’s cock pushed deep into my ass. I choked on his cock. He fucked my mouth. I was gagging, choking, drooling all over the place as my Master fucked me.

Then I heard my Master yell and felt stream after stream of warm wet cum shoot into my ass. It was too much for the guy that I was sucking and he sprayed cum into my throat. I was getting cum down my throat and my ass. It was incredible. I sucked the guy’s last drops of cum as my Master pulled out and wiped his last little bit of cum on my ass, marking it as his.

I just stayed there bent over the couch, using my hands to support my myself as I tried to recover from what had just happened. I panted, exhausted, but feeling good.

“It’s not over bitch. Not until ever man in this place cums in you,” my Master said.

I was surprised. I thought it was over. I barely had time to think about it when I felt another cock in my ass. I moaned and another guy grabbed by head and thrust his dick into my mouth.

I moaned as they fucked my face and ass. I could hear my Master laugh, He was enjoying the show. Then I felt another cock slapping the side of my face It was heavy and bigger than all the others. I opened my eyes and saw it was the black guy’s cock. He was now naked and had his cock in his hand. It was every bit as big as I thought it was. It was thick and much longer than anyone else’s in the room. The guy I was sucking pulled out and let the black guy put it in my mouth. He pushed it in as far as it’d go and I choked. I could only get it half way in my mouth but I tried to get more. I wanted to devour it all.

They took turns fucking my face as the third guy kept fucking me. I felt the guy in my ass him shoot his load into me, The guy I’d been sucking then circled around and started plowing away at my ass, leaving my mouth to the massive black cock, which kept thrusting itself into my mouth.

“You like being used, don’t you white boy? said the black stranger.

“Mmmm hmmm” I groaned.

I loved it. Getting used over and over. I just let him choke me repeatedly with his big black dick as the other guy pushed his cock inisde me over and over. Then I felt the cock in my ass cum. I had cum dripping out of my ass.

The black man pulled out of my mouth and he looked at me, smiled, and said, “My turn now.”

He slowly slide his massive cock into my cum soaked fuck hole. I could feel him stretching me as he went deeper and deeper. I groaned. It was so massive. The he began to fuck me, moving back forth inside me. Once I got adjusted to it and started to enjoy the large dick that was inside me, I looked around for another cock to suck.

My Master was standing there watching. Everyone else had cum in me and left, except for the old man. He was leaning on top of a love seat watching me while playing with himself. I motioned to him to come over. He did.

His cock was moderate sized and still not hard. I took into my mouth and felt it start to stiffen. He groaned. I sucked it a little and then let it out of my mouth.

I looked up at him and said, “Use me.”

He then shoved his now hard cock back into my mouth and went nuts facefucking me. He thrust himself into my mouth wildly. I think it turned on the black guy cause he started pounding me harder til he came in my ass with a mighty groan.

The old man pulled out and put his cock on my cheek and stroked it until he shot cum down my cheek. He quickly zipped up and left leaving me with cum dripping down my cheek and out of my ass.

Then my Master came up to me and shoved his hard cock in my face, stroking it fiercely. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked them.

“Do you like that? Did you like being their whore?”

“Mmm hmmm” I moaned sucking his balls.

He then grabbed my hair and held me with his hard dick right in front of my face.

“But you still belong to this! I am your master.”

“Yes Master. I am their whore but I’m your slave. I belong to you. I live to be used by you.”

“Good,” he said as he shot his cum unto me. It plastered my forehead and dripped down my face. It was a perfect ending. He’d turned me into a porn movie slut and I loved it. After he moved away, I could finally see the movie screen and their was an Asian woman choking on a cock.

“Amateur,” I said with a smirk as cum oozed down my face.

I grabbed one of the paper towel rolls that were lying around on the love seats and cleaned up. But as I was wiping Master told me to stop. He was wanted me to leave some cum on my face as his mark. I obeyed and put on my clothes.

He left the store first. And then I walked out, my face was glistening with a thin mask of still moist cum. I’m not sure anyone glanced at me or even knew why my face was wet, but I knew and I couldn’t have been prouder to be my Master’s theater whore.

Roberta smiled inwardly with self satisfaction. Mister Johansson’s roughness had bordered on “rude” by House Standards, but it was allowable by the fact that the only other guest that could have been disturbed has been similarly occupied. And yet she had still performed properly and diligently. She had not even audibly gagged.

Gathering the silver serving tray, Roberta made a quiet escape back down the hallway and through the concealed panel back to the kitchen area. Placing the tray on a counter top, she used a nearby towel to tamp her lips and chin dry of what little saliva and cum had leaked from her mouth.

She examined herself in the wall mirror by the panel door and saw no traces on her uniform. She quickly ran a brush through her short red hair, understanding now why it would be kept short. If her hair had been longer it would have been mussed and she would have needed to take the time to fix it before returning to the floor.

Roberta felt the cuff on her right arm pulse alternatively tight and loose. She walked to the nearest wall screen and placed her finger into the activation cup. The screen came to life revealing Miss Spangler in her office. Miss Spangler had been assigned to mentor her through her first day as a full pupil.

“Ah, Miss Davis. Just wanted to remind you to take care of yourself and use the appropriate kit between services,” Miss Spangler smiled. “You’re likely to be particularly busy these first few weeks. The members have been waiting for you to take the apron off.”

“Yes, Miss Spangler,” Roberta returned the smile. “Thank you for reminding me.”

The screen faded. One corner of the room had three small open stalls. Each stall had a small touchscreen. Roberta entered a code onto one and stepped forward, placing her feet on the circles that lit up on the stall’s floor. There was a quiet hum as the stall scanned her. A panel slid open and a device slid forward at head level. The device looked like a very thin, flexible dildo on the end of an adjustable arm. The device stopped three to four inches from her mouth.

Roberta reached out and held the oral kit by the handle grip projecting from the the side. She pulled the device forward, guiding the last few inches into her mouth. She adjusted the arm slightly tipping her chin up. Roberta took a deep, calm breath and guided the thin phallus into her throat until her chin touched the base. The motion was smooth, but fairly quick.

Pressing the button on the grip, she felt the oral kit’s phallus swell. Roberta felt a small volume of lukewarm liquid in her mouth and she knew that it was permeating out through the walls of the kit’s phallus to coat her mouth and throat with a healing and lubricating fluid to a depth of ten inches. She knew from her training that the fluid would naturally follow gravity down to coat the rest of her esophagus as well.

She released the button and the phallus shrunk. She pulled it back out with a smooth motion and took a breath. There was a slightly sweet taste left in her mouth and she felt warm inside.

The House’s alchemists had quickly formulated the correct elixirs for her body’s chemistry and taken the few days necessary to properly adjust them to insure that she would always he in optimal health, optimally lubricated and slightly aroused. It was subtle. The arousal was not enough to be stressful, but enough – particularly when combined with the hypnotic conditioning – that she would enjoy just about any of the services requested of her.

As Roberta stepped from the stall, the kit retracted and disappeared behind a sliding panel.

For the next while she brought guests various morning beverages and snacks as they passed through on their way out. Several smiled at her on their way past. A few paused long enough to reach up under the hem of her uniform and appreciatively feel the supple flesh it concealed. A few made quiet, suggestively flattering comments.

“Thank you, Sir,” she would reply with a warm smile.

“Miss Davis, would you come here please?” one guest finally requested.

He was a middle aged gentleman, perhaps late in his first century, with salt and pepper hair. He was standing by two other gentlemen about the same age, she estimated, in a small alcove secluded by tall plants. All three wore long casual robes.

Roberta approached them and curtsied.

“Yes, Sir?” She asked.

“If you would be so kind,” he instructed, “as to bend over the arm of that lounger?”

“Of course, Sir,” Roberta replied with an obedient, but warm, smile.

She approached the dark green velveted lounger from the side and bent forward, placing her hands on the arm for support. As she leaned forward, she felt the hem of her uniform rise past the top of her boots. She could feel the warm sunlight on her upper thighs.

Roberta kept her eyes forward. Through the plants she could see Miss Jefferson in another alcove waiting for her services to be requested.

A hand pulled her dress up the last few inches and threw it up over her back. The sunlight coming through the glass felt good on her exposed bottom.

The men behind her commented on the shape and quality of her bottom. Hands stroked and lightly grabbed the curves of her cheeks and thighs. She felt a finger part the moist lips of her pussy. Another hand pulled lightly at one her cheeks, spreading it just enough to expose her back gate. Then, for a moment, the hands were gone.

She heard fabric being adjusted and a gentleman’s hand wrapped around the outside of her thigh. The head of rigid cock rubbed into the groove of her pussy.

“Miss Jefferson,” She heard another of them summon, “would you be so kind as to bring us some black tea?”

Roberta’s eyes were still straight ahead, as was appropriate unless instructed otherwise. He took his time sliding the full length of his cock into her, which was not in the least an unwelcome sensation. Roberta let her eyes shut half way and allowed herself to enjoy the thick cock slowly thrusting into her.

Her conditioning was having the designed effects. Roberta felt her pussy grow hot and wet almost immediately. She tried to focus on her breathing and control. She knew that was allowed to orgasm, she just wasn’t allowed to lose control or make more than a minimum amount of noise.

Roberta felt his groin pressed against her cheeks as he bottomed out. The gentleman entering her commented in an unfamiliar language, she assumed to his companions, and began to fuck her with a torturously slow sensuality that Roberta had never experienced.

One of the other men sat in a nearby chair while the third sat down on the lounger in front of Roberta. With one hand, he reached out and cupped her chin gently. He locked her eyes with hers and smiled. Roberta’s face was flush and she felt hot. The third gentleman kept smiling as his eyes wandered over her face. He brushed his hands up the side of her face and into her short, red hair.

Roberta bit her lip lightly, trying to control her breathing. The hand brushed back down the side of her face to her cheek and traced halfway to her lips. Roberta’s lips parted invitingly. The third gentleman slid two fingers past her lips and onto her tongue. She wrapped her lips around his fingers and suckled.

The gentleman behind her began to pick up the pace. Every time he bottomed out in her now inflamed pussy, her body would lurch forward just an inch or two and the fingers in her mouth would be thrust in and out. Roberta quickly found herself wishing the third gentleman would use her mouth as the gentleman behind her used her pussy.

But it was not to be. Miss Jefferson returned with the requested tea and the third gentleman removed his fingers and turned his attention to the tea that was brought for them.

Roberta became aware that the gentleman thrusting into her from behind was approaching his finish. She would be left hanging. But, she reminded herself, her role here was simply to serve.

The two gentlemen sitting sipped their tea and watched her with brief comments back and forth in whatever language it was that they were using when she heard the gentleman behind her begin to gasp quietly. She bit her lip and took deep breaths as pumped cum into her. His orgasm stretched out for what seemed like forever. She felt his cum leaking down her thighs.

When he pulled out Roberta was only the briefest touch from her own orgasm. She heard him adjust his robes.

She heard his voice from behind her, “Thank you, Miss Davis. That was delightful.”

Roberta attempted to control her voice as she replied, “Thank you, Sir.”

But she had not been dismissed, so she held her position. Her body trembled in defiance of her will. She saw him sit down and pick up his tea, smiling with a satisfied sigh. Not another look or thought spent was on her. She had served his wishes and now his pleasure was slicking her thighs and dripping toward the top of her boots.

“Miss Jefferson,” the third gentleman summoned.

“Yes, Sir,” Miss Jefferson responded quickly.

“Clean Miss Davis,” the third gentleman instructed, “so that I might take a ride myself.”

“Yes, Sir,” Miss Jefferson replied.

Roberta’s eyes were still straight ahead, unavoidably looking at the third gentleman. The three gentlemen sipped their tea and ignored her. Roberta’s body was aflame.

Miss Jefferson moved quickly to the kitchen and in only the briefest, most frustrating of eternities returned with a small steam tray. Out of the corner of her eye, Roberta saw her take a small hot towel from the tray. She felt the heat and moisture as Miss Jefferson slowly cleaned her thighs, careful to avoid touching her pussy with the towel. It felt wonderful and also helped ground Roberta, calming her lust to a small degree.

Miss Jefferson placed the used towel to the steam tray and knelt behind Roberta. She could feel her hands run up the inside of either thigh and Roberta prepared herself. She would be allowed to orgasm, but she had to maintain propriety and control.

Miss Jefferson used her mouth to gently cover Roberta’s tender pussy. Roberta felt her lust peaking quickly. The three gentlemen looked on in amusement. She felt Miss Jefferson suck lightly and her head began to swim. Miss Jefferson sent her tongue into Roberta to seek out any of the first man’s ejaculate – to clean her for reuse – and Roberta felt herself explode.

Her vision blurred and doubled as she tried to maintain composure. Her knees wanted to buckle. A cry of wanton joy desperately wanted to escape. Roberta dropped her head onto the velveted arm of the lounger so that it might aid her in stifling the sobbing explosion that sought to burst forth.

Miss Jefferson was quick about it. When she was satisfied that Roberta’s pussy was clean enough for the third gentleman to use, she used a second hot towel to press gently against Roberta’s inflamed cunt. As Roberta regained control, Miss Jefferson stood and used the same towel to tamp her own face clean and returned it to the steam tray.

The third gentleman stood and opened his robe so that this cock sprung out pointing at Roberta’s head. He took the side of her head gently and encouraged to angle toward him. Roberta had never wanted a cock in her mouth as much as she wanted this cock in her mouth right now.

Her lips parted in a silent plea for him to use her mouth, and he placed the head of his cock just inside her bottom lip.

“Suck,” was all said and all that he need to say.

Roberta slid herself forward enough to take him into her mouth. She played her lips and tongue around the head of his cock and let her mouth fill with saliva. She pushed herself forward slowly, quietly slurping and sucking. She pushed forward more still. She urged the head of his cock past the back of her mouth and into her well lubricated throat. Her face disappeared under his parted robes and her nose was pressed against his abdomen.

Roberta used her training to spasm her throat. It made her gag quietly, but she also knew from her training that it caused every muscle in her mouth and throat to undulate and stroke against his cock.

The third gentleman let a breath out. She felt his hands on her head as he withdrew. When her mouth was empty she almost whimpered. He moved around behind her. She kept her eyes straight ahead and could see Miss Jefferson bringing the steam tray back to the kitchen.

She felt his cock part the swollen lips of her pussy and slide in. Roberta felt him lean forward and reach around her. One hand was on the lounger arm next to her head and the other grabbed at one her breasts through the skintight uniform.

Roberta’s lust was rising again.

He rode her like this for just a few minutes before standing and withdrawing. He grabbed her shoulder. She followed his lead up, around and down to her knees.

She needed no encouragement. Roberta reached up and used her hands and mouth together. His fingertips rested on her shoulders. She took her hand away and fucked her own throat with his cock until she felt him reaching his peak.

She pulled back and used one hand and her mouth to jack his cock until she heard him stifle a cry. Cum flooded into her mouth quickly. Roberta swallowed it all as she slowed her motions. When she felt that he had finished his orgasm, she buried his cock in her face and again caused her throat to undulate. He shook and gripped her head gently.

And then he withdrew and fixed his robes.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said obediently.

As he returned to his tea, she knelt there. They had still not dismissed her.

“Miss Davis, back up on the arm please,” the second gentleman said without looking at her.

“Yes, Sir”, she answered and quickly assumed the desired position.

The second gentleman walked around behind her. She felt him pull one her cheeks aside and felt the nozzle of a lubricating gun against her back door. Roberta’s ass had been prepared with a light lubricant earlier in the day, but she was glad to feel him push the nozzle in and release the contents.

She felt him place the head of his cock against her third hole and press slowly in.

During training, Roberta had not been sure if she would enjoy anal sex or not but she quickly discovered that she enjoyed it immensely if the cock was not too large.

The second gentleman was just the right size. Even so, she bit her lip in discomfort. Roberta had found that while she liked that initial discomfort and pain, it would disappear quickly and be replaced with a strange and pleasurable sensation.

But she would not enjoy this as she had thought she might. While the other two gentlemen had at least treated her as an object of desire, there was no gentleness with this one. He asked for no use of her training or skill. He did not waste any time and he thrust in to please himself. Her ass was just something to jerk himself off with.

Roberta had never felt so dirty. It was one thing to be trained for this. That had been almost like a masturbation fantasy. But the second gentleman was simply fucking her ass while she had to remain quiet, still and obedient.

He sped up and slowed down. She had hoped that he would at least be quick, but he was taking his time. The discomfort never went away. It never transformed into the wonderful sensation of having her ass fucked adoringly. She was just a set of holes to thrust a cock into.

Roberta tried to hide her discomfort, but she knew she was grimacing and wincing. She took long, deep breaths and tried to use the techniques she had begun to learn to transform this experience, but to no avail.

A fourth gentleman appeared. Roberta heard the second gentleman say something and the fourth respond. The fourth gentleman walked to Roberta’s head and began to undo his trousers. Once his cock was free, and growing before her eyes, he placed his hands on either side of Roberta’s head. She opened her mouth obediently.

Out of the corner of her eye, Roberta became aware of Miss Grey.

The second gentleman paused his assault while the fourth slid himself into Roberta’s mouth. They hung there for a moment. Roberta felt someone moving under her and a small hand on her cunt. She was surprised to find that even now she was physically aroused. She felt who she assumed was Miss Grey easily slip one finger into her surprisingly wet cunt while a thumb began to massage her clitoris.

The fourth gentleman spoke, “The room is empty but for us. Feel free to whimper and moan. He hurts you, I know. That is what turns me on.”

Roberta felt both gentlemen slowly thrust themselves in at the same time.

“I love the sound,” the fourth and continued, “of a beautiful woman suffering. And even more when my cock is in her obedient mouth.”

Emotions were beginning to overwhelm Roberta’s training.

“A month is not nearly enough time to train for this,” she thought to herself. “I am not ready for this.”

Both gentlemen bottomed out at same time. Roberta’s hands came up as she gagged on the fourth gentleman’s cock. The fourth and second gentleman worked together to put both of her hands behind her back where the second gentleman held them. Now he was using her own arms to pull himself in and out of her ass.

Roberta felt her uniform open from her navel to the bottom of her collar and separate just an inch or so. Miss Grey had triggered the intelligent fabric of her uniform to open where only she could see it. She felt Miss Grey’s lips on her belly. Roberta remembered how kind Miss Grey was during her training. She felt her clit being stimulated inside and out by Miss Grey’s skillful administrations.

The second and fourth gentlemen worked together, thrusting in and out of Roberta mercilessly in time. Roberta let herself whimper around the fourth gentleman’s cock, hoping that her suffering would bring him to release sooner.

All the while the gentlemen roughly used Roberta’s ass and throat, drinking in her painful obedience, Miss Grey was below. Roberta put her attention there, on Miss Grey’s loving attention. Her cunt grew hot again and her lust returned in full. The pain and discomfort turned to pleasure and even though Roberta could hear herself through a disassociated fog whimpering and felt tears running down her face to mingle with the drool being plunged out of her mouth and throat by the fourth gentleman’s rude cock she felt an orgasm building.

Miss Grey traced a finger and seams opened and closed on her uniform. Her lips found a nipple, firm. Her breast free to hang from the uniform.

There was commotion and Roberta was suddenly empty. The second gentleman pulled out of her ass so abruptly she could barely stifle a scream of pain. But none of that was real. Only Miss Grey was real. There was noise somewhere off in the distance, but all Roberta knew was that Miss Grey had gently pulled her down to the floor.

Miss Grey’s lips pressed her own. Somewhere in her mind she was aware that reality had turned somewhere but she did not care. Her own hands were on Miss Grey. Their tongues tangled wetly.

Miss Grey said something and both of their uniforms came apart and fell to the floor. Roberta pressed her thigh up between Miss Grey’s thighs and she felt Miss Grey respond in kind. Miss Grey’s face was as flush as her own.

Together, they spun until they were spooning inverted. Roberta rested her cheek on Miss Grey’s thigh and ran her hands across her pussy. Miss Grey moaned. Roberta couldn’t believe how good she smelled and felt. Instinctively, without thought, they each lowered their mouths to each others steaming cunts.

Roberta had never even kissed a woman before and here she was with her mouth passionately buried in Miss Grey’s pussy while Miss Grey ate Roberta’s pussy in return. Both were lost to each other, mindless to the world.

Miss Grey began to shudder and buck against Roberta’s mouth. Roberta tasted Miss Grey begin to cum and went over the top herself. Her senses were full of Miss Grey’s divinity. The taste of her, the smell of her, the sounds of her orgasm muffled by her own cunt and drowned out by her own screaming orgasm.

My first full day at my new Master’s house was not at all what I expected. He was nowhere to be found when I got out of bed. I checked and double checked each room and called for him, panic rising. Eventually I found a note under a magnet on the refrigerator. I unfolded it and read:

Em, I have gone into the office for part of the day. You were a good girl yesterday, but still have a lot to prove. You’ll notice all your clothes are missing. They will be returned when I trust you not to run. You may turn up the heat until you are comfortable, shower and clean yourself up. Make yourself familiar with the house, but stay out of my office. Dan will be by later to check on you. He’ll bring groceries for you to cook us dinner. Do whatever he tells you and remember under no circumstances may you open the door for anyone but him.

I took a deep breath and made a mental agenda. First I checked the thermostat, knowing that I would be chilly after getting out of the shower. I would get clean before exploring the house. The hot shower felt so wonderful I lost track of time and soon found my fingers had started to wrinkle. I found some soft towels in a small linen closet, dried off, and took a moment to admire a couple of welts on my thighs.

The house was so clean and organized that I didn’t know where to start exploring. There were all sorts of healthy and organic foods in the kitchen. His bedroom had a wide dresser, full closet, and some storage under the bed. There were traditional paintings on the wall that appeared to be both Chinese and Japanese, accompanied with calligraphy.

I didn’t dare take a look around the playroom for fear that my imagination would create scenarios worse than reality. I’d wait for Master to introduce me slowly to wait awaited me in there. I opened one last door, knowing it had to be his office. Surely it wouldn’t be snooping if I just peeked inside. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, it was a normal home office with a computer, desk, comfy chair, and filing cabinets. There was a bookshelf in the far corner. Would it be snooping if I walked in and just looked without touching? I felt a bit of guilt mixed with excitement as I entered. Kneeling down in front of the bookshelf, I started to read the titles, The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage; Whips and Whip Making; Domination and Submission; Consensual Sadomasochism…


I caught a shadow shift out of the corner of my eye. Oh shit! Of course Dan would have a key, what was I thinking!?

I turned slowly, my heart caught in my throat, cheeks burning. Glancing up at the doorway I saw Dan. He seemed to be so much taller than I remembered. He glared with fire in his eyes; his jaw clenched tightly. My eyes watered but tears refused to fall.

“Did you have permission to be in here?” He boomed through gritted teeth.

“No, sir.” I whispered.

“Then why the fuck are you in here!!?”

Now tears began streaming down my face, but I didn’t dare wipe them away. “I…I thought I could..”

“Oh..thought you could what? Do whatever you wanted as long as you didn’t get caught? Break his trust?”

“No. I’m sorry, sir. I just wasn’t thinking.”

Dan wrapped his hand in my hair, grabbing a fistful and pulling me painfully into the living room. He dropped me in a corner. “Kneel down and don’t move.” He demanded.

I knelt in the corner sobbing and cursing myself for being such a clueless fool. From the other room I could hear Dan calling Whip to tell him what I had done. When I had run out of tears, I started to smell food cooking. It felt like hours, but was probably not that long, before Whip returned. Completely ignoring me, he went into the kitchen and accepted a beer from Dan. I felt desperate just to look at them, to hear them say anything to me, even in anger. Instead, they ate dinner without me.

Hunger gnawed, my feet were cramping painfully, my ankles ached, my knees were stinging against the pressure of the carpet on my bare skin. Finally Whip walked over and lifted me under my arms. I groaned as my stiff joints rebelled. He led me to the kitchen and instructed me to crawl under the table. I was given a small bowl of steamed plain rice with some vegetables mixed in and a glass of water. “Eat,” was all that he said.

I obeyed and felt his glare on my neck while I worked quickly and silently. A moment before I took my last bites, he snatched the bowl away.

“You’re done. Go back to your corner.” He ordered.

I had hoped that after dinner he would give me a chance to explain myself. I wanted him to yell at me, to punish me, to do anything but ignore me.

“Please sir…” I choked out.

“Did I say you could speak?”

“No, sir.”


I crawled to the corner and returned to rest my weight on my sore joints again. It must have been almost two hours later, after both men had watched a movie from beginning to end, that they called me over to them.

I crawled over and knelt in front of them.

“So Dan, what was this so-called ‘slave’ doing when you found her?” started Whip.

“I caught her hunting through your office. Then she lied when I confronted her.” answered Dan.

“So Em, what would have happened if Dan hadn’t found you?”

“I was looking at your books, sir. I would have only looked at them and then left.”


Whip slapped my face hard. Then he gripped my neck tightly with one hand. “Don’t lie to me,” he bellowed. “Now, think first and answer truthfully.”

“You told me not to snoop in there and I was and maybe I would have looked all around, sir.” I said in one breath.

He released my neck and I sucked in air.

Dan spoke next. “If you lie to me, you lie to him; therefore you will be punished for disobedience, for lying to me and for lying to him. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” I said, ashamed.

Dan grabbed my arms tight behind my back while Whip picked up my legs. With one quick motion they carried me straight to the playroom and held me up against a large wooden X. They positioned me with my back facing them and tied my arms and legs to the X.


“We would have waited to introduce you to the whip.” said Dan


“I would have built up your tolerance to other implements first,” called Whip


“Too bad for you.” he said.

Swish! Swish!

They both chuckled sadistically.

I was terrified, but oddly relieved to finally be punished and also to hear their amusement even if it was at my expense.

Without much of a warm-up they both started to alternate lashes with the whip. One stung more, the other laid a longer stripe. There was no hope that they would tire easily, especially considering their impressive strength. The pain was incredible, like someone was slashing at back, ass, and legs. I started could feel cool wetness in my slit and my lips were swelling. How could I be enjoying this? I wasn’t! I couldn’t be! I bucked against the restraints, twisting and writhing, trying to escape the pain. To my astonishment, my predicament only caused wetness to begin running down my leg. My clit was on fire and I thought I might come.

Possibly sensing my growing pleasure, they stopped. My body went slack, only the restraints holding me in place. They lowered me, turned my body, and pushed me on my knees.

“Look up,” Whip ordered.

My watery eyes met his and I was filled with a jolt of near giddiness as I clearly saw that his anger had dissolved. Now that I tried to stay still, I realized how badly I was shaking.

“Why were you punished?” He asked.

“Sir, I was punished for disobeying you, for lying to you, and for lying to Dan.” I replied.

“Correct. Next time we won’t be so easy on you. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now, apologize to Dan.”

“I’m sorry for lying to you, sir.” I said, looking into Dan’s eyes. He looked cockier than Whip, but there was no malice there.

“You will make us both cum and then you will clean up the mess in the kitchen. When you are done with that you will come kneel in front of me.” Whip instructed.

They had me lean over a narrow padded table. Whip unzipped his leather pants and I opened my mouth to receive his pulsing member. Dan walked behind me and dripped cold liquid on my ass. Before I realized what was about to happen, the head of his cock pressed against my reluctant entrance. Fearing to disobey, I distracted myself by sucking harder and deeper on Whip’s long cock. Dan grabbed my waist and thrust straight into my ass causing a pain that stole my breath. My scream was stifled by Whip who had grabbed onto the back of my hair and was fiercely fucking my face.

“Oh fuck, she got such a tight little asshole.” grunted Dan.

“Gimme some of that.” responded Whip.

“Ready to taste your ass juices, slut?” taunted Dan. “Open up and suck it all.”

I opened wide to take his dick in my mouth and tasted a strange mixture pre-cum and my own flavor. Thank god my ass had been clean. I gagged at the thought, but used all the oral skills I knew how while Whip rammed me so hard I thought I might faint.

“Aaahhh….oww…take it! Take it all, whore!” cried Whip, pumping his semen into my violated ass hole.

“Ugg…swallow girl…swaaallloww!” I heard, as Dan sprayed loads down my throat.

Then they pulled out and walked away, leaving me empty and aching for release. Instead, I did as I was instructed and cleaned up. I heard Dan leave before I finished and returned to kneel in front of Whip who was relaxing.

“Now girl,” he said. “Your wrongdoing is forgiven, but you had better not break my trust or disappoint me like that ever again.”

“Yes, sir. I’m so sorry sir.” I cried again. “Sir?” I cautioned.

“Yes, slave.”

“Do you hate me now?”

“Of course not! You made a mistake and you learned from it. That’s all.”

“Umm..may I have a hug, please?”

“Yes, you may.” He replied, squeezing me so tightly that the welts on my back burned.

“Thank you, sir.”

He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. I laid on my stomach while he applied a cool lotion where I had been whipped. Placing a glass of water beside me, whispered, “tomorrow is a new day, now go to sleep.”

This time I had no trouble obeying.

“Not a chance!” I growled in a mix of anger and disbelief.

“Those are my terms. If you want to keep your house, you’ve no other choice.”

It all started 14 months earlier when my employer had been forced to make cut backs and “reluctantly” let me go. Despite having solid qualifications, I’d had a real hard time finding work, and with our savings and redundancy money long gone, the mortgage repayments had started to stack up. Inevitably, after months of missing payment, my wife and I received a strongly worded letter insisting that we meet a senior mortgage advisor to discuss the prospect of foreclosure.

As the day of the meeting arrived, I tried to reassure Jess that, regardless of what was about to happen, we’d come out of this situation stronger as a couple. Looking back now, I’m not sure who I was trying to convince more, her or me, but despite my efforts we both entered the room knowing that the conversation we were about to have could change our lives forever. Unfortunately neither of us realised how right we would be.

Despite impossible assurances that I’d be back in work soon enough, the mortgage advisor told us in no uncertain terms that if full payment wasn’t received within the next few weeks, court proceedings would begin and my wife and I would lose the house we’d worked so hard to buy just 4 years earlier. As the advisor packed up his papers and Jess sobbed in to the sleeve of her coat, I became overwhelmed with the feeling that I’d hit rock bottom. Although my beautiful wife knew just how hard I’d been trying to find a solution to our problems, I felt for all the world that I’d failed her.

After an agonising drive home in which the only sound I could hear was the heart-breaking noise of Jess sniffing back her tears, we sat down at the dining room table to begin discussing our options. We knew that the bank wouldn’t go near us now that our credit ratings had taken a battering, and we also knew that neither of our families had any money that they could afford to give. So, after racking our brains for alternatives, we eventually realised that we were left with no other option than to turn to our friends.

Given the amount of money involved, we knew that we only had a handful of friends who would realistically consider lending us such a large amount of cash, and so we drew up a shortlist of 3 names. Unfortunately, even as we were writing the names down, it was clear that only one would possibly have the type of money needed to help us out, and so our hopes lay solely with Jess’ best friend Beth.

Although I felt that we should explain our situation to Beth face to face, Jess was adamant that she wouldn’t be able to cope with telling her that way, and convinced me that she would find it easier if she could tell her over the phone. Having received my reluctant agreement, Jess spent the next few minutes composing herself, before picking up the phone and having one of the most difficult conversations she’d ever have with her lifelong best friend.

Despite her best efforts, as soon as Jess begun explaining our situation, she once again burst in to tears, causing Beth to instantly panic at what might have happened. After a hard struggle, Jess finally forced our story out of her mouth, and explained why she was calling. There was a short silence before Beth, who had also begun to cry, told Jess that she’d recently invested all of her savings in to a new business with her brother and no longer had the kind of money we needed. It seemed all hope was lost until, sniffing back the tears, Beth suggested that her brother may still have some money left, and would call us back once she’d spoken to him. After a short thank you, Jess hung up and we both sat there waiting anxiously by the phone.

After what seemed like an eternity, the phone rung and Jess answered nervously.

“Jess,” Beth said trying to keep a calm voice, “I’ve just finished speaking to Tim. I explained your situation to him, and although he’d been planning on using the money to place a deposit on a house, I managed to convince him that yours and John’s needs are greater than his. He’s agreed to give you the money!”

Both Beth and Jess began screaming with delight, and the earlier tears of despair were replaced by the welcome tears of happiness. Beth explained that Tim was free to meet and discuss the finer details the following evening, but she had a date arranged. She offered to cancel, but Jess told her that she should go, so long as she promised to call her afterwards and let her know all the details. Beth made sure that Jess really was fine for her not to come along before arranging a time for Tim to meet at our house.

I’d only met Tim a few times and, although I found him a bit calculated, I always thought he seemed like an alright guy. However, Jess assured me that he could be a real dick; apparently when Beth and Jess were growing up they’d often noticed him treating his girlfriends like trash and acting really disrespectful towards them. This surprised me a little, but Jess had grown up around him, so who was I to question her.

Despite having the best night’s sleep either of us had had in a few months, Jess and I gradually grew more and more nervous as the evening grew closer. Although Tim had already agreed to lend us the money, we decided we should try hard to make a good impression, and so I went to the local shop to get some wine while Jess prepared dinner. Despite having a tight budget, I found a couple of good quality bottles on sale, and soon made my way home with a smile on my face.

Just before Tim was due to arrive, I laid the table and we both quickly got changed in to some clothes that we hoped wouldn’t look too formal. I wore a fitted white shirt with a pair of smart jeans and brown shoes, while Jess put on her favourite black dress and did her make up. She always looked amazing in that dress; the jet black contrasted perfectly with her flawlessly creamy skin, something which was accentuated by the dark mascara framing her eyes, and the red lipstick she had delicately painted on to her lips. I looked at my wife as she put the final touches to her outfit and reminded myself how lucky I was that, at 32, Jess still looked as good as the day I met her.

Almost as soon as we’d finished getting ready, Tim pulled up in his Audi and I opened the door to greet him. As he stepped out of his car I instantly grew conscious that perhaps we had gone too formal after all. Tim had dressed casual with a maroon cable knit jumper that gripped his trim physique, some ripped jeans, and some smart but worn trainers. As he reached the door we shook hands before I showed him through the hallway and in to the dining room where I poured him a glass of wine.

At first there were quite a few awkward silences, but once we’d all finished our first glass of wine, the mood began to relax. By the time we’d finished our meal, we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves, almost forgetting the reason why we’d invited Tim in the first place. Inevitably though, after another 20 minutes of general chat, Tim asked us exactly how much we needed.

I explained the situation to Tim, and told him that we needed to cover what was owed, plus enough for the next 6 months, by which time I was confident I’d be back in work. A moment of concern hit us as Tim sat there quiet for a bit, causing Jess and I to look at each other anxiously.

“The problem is you see, there’s this house that I’ve wanted for ages, and if I give you this money then I’m going to miss out on it.”

Jess shifted in her seat, trying not to get emotional. “But Beth said that you’d agreed to help us out…”

“I told Beth that I’d agree to meet and discuss it, not that I’d definitely do it,” Tim replied, no longer displaying any of the earlier warmth.

Inside I was furious. Why come here and build our hopes if you’re not going to help us? I wanted to tell him to get the fuck out of my house, but all the while he hadn’t flat out refused to help, I realised I needed to stay calm. After all, if we couldn’t persuade him to give us the money, soon I may have no house to chuck him (or anyone else) out of.

Jess began frantically pleading with Tim before, after a minute or two, he held his finger up to silence her. After another short pause he turned to me and said, “Ok. I’ll lend you the money…”Jess and I both stood up in relief and went to thank him, but he quickly continued, “but only if you let me fuck Jess any way I want, right here, right now.” Jess and I looked at each other with a mix of stunned confusion and shock.

“Wh… what!?” I managed to stutter.

“You heard. Those are my terms. After all, I should be compensated for losing out on my own dream home.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! “Not a chance!” I retorted.

“Those are my terms. If you want to keep your house, you’ve no other choice,” he said as he stood up. “I need the bathroom. You have until I’m back to make your minds up, or I’m leaving… along with any chance you have of getting the money you need to keep your house.” With that he turned and left the room.

Jess and I sat there in stunned silence until eventually Jess softly spoke, “There must be another way of getting the money.”

“There isn’t…” I said, shaking my head, half in answer to her question, and half because I still couldn’t believe what Tim had just said to us, “but I’m not going to let another man fuck you! Jesus!”

Jess looked at the ground, again on the verge of tears, “John… we need this house. We’ve got nowhere else to go.”

“But Jess, he wants to fuck you. Do you understand? He wants to FUCK you!”

“What else can we do?” Jess asked, hoping that I would quickly think of a new solution, but also recognising that, unless I did, this was the only way we would be able to save our house. We sat there for a few minutes just staring at each other as the reality of our situation slowly dawned on us.

“Time’s up. Have you made a decision?” Tim said as he stood by the door way.

I looked at him, my mind full of anger and hate, “You can’t be serious?”

“Deadly, but I assume that this means your answer is no then.” Tim walked over to pick up his car keys.

“Wait…” Jess said quietly. I looked at my wife and saw a tear run down her cheek. She looked back at me and gave a small reluctant nod before turning her gaze back to the floor.

Tim stared at me waiting for my response.

“Ok…” was the only thing I could force out, still not able to believe what was happening.

“I’m sorry John, I didn’t hear that? What did you say?”

“Ok…. we’ll do it.”

“Do what? What was that deal again? I think I need to hear you say it.”

“You fucking pr……”

“I’m sorry. Does that mean the deals off?” Tim asked, knowing that he had me dangling.

I swallowed hard and had to force myself to say, “You can fuck Jess if you give us the money.”

“I think the deal was that I could fuck her any which way I want….”

“You can fuck Jess….. any which way you want.”

“Excellent,” Tim exclaimed. “In that case I think we should make our way to the bedroom. All of us.”

“What?” I growled. “You think you can fuck my wife in my bed and have me be in the room while you do it?!?”

“If you want the money John, yes,” Tim responded, “And you won’t just be in the room, you’ll be helping me do it.” He grabbed Jess by the hand and led her out of the room. Still in shock, I slowly got up and followed them.

As I walked in to the bedroom, Tim turned to me and said, “While I was on my way to the bathroom, I stopped for a little look around and found this. I hope you don’t mind.” He threw something in my direction, and I instinctively caught it. As I looked down at my hand, I realised I was now holding the camcorder we’d bought for our holiday only a few months before I’d lost my job. “I want you to film me fucking your wife” Tim said as he pushed Jess down on to the bed.

“You want me to wha…..”

He interrupted, “Look John, if you keep protesting, the deal’s off. Do as I say, or the money is gone.” I bit my tongue and looked at Jess. She was sat on the bed, holding back the tears, shoulders slumped in defeat. “Right,” Tim said, “let’s get this party started. John, start recording, and point the lens at Jess.”

As instructed, I reluctantly took the lens cap off, turned the camcorder on, and aimed it at my wife’s beautiful yet scared face.

“Jess, I need you to tell the camera exactly what our deal is.”

Jess stared at Tim, begging with her eyes not to make her go through with this, but he simply nodded back towards the camera. Jess slowly opened her mouth and quietly said, “Tim can fuck me, however he wants, if he lends us the money we need.” She immediately looked down at the floor.

“Ok. A bit quiet, but I’m sure the camera got it. Right John?” I nodded regretfully. “Oh, actually, there’s one more thing I want to happen before we start. John, I’ll need you to strip naked.”

The confusion and concern must have been clear to see from my face.

“Don’t worry, I’m not in to guys, but I want your wife to see just how excited you get while another man fucks her like a cheap whore.”

“What the f….”

“Right, last chance John,” Tim said visibly annoyed, “Once more and I’m gone.”

I was desperate to call it off, but I knew what the consequences would be. Reluctantly I put the camera down and started to undress.

“Jess, every now and then I want you to look at your husband’s cock while he’s films us. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you see.”

I finished getting undressed and picked the camera back up.

“Right, Jess. Now it’s your turn. Let me see what’s under that lovely dress.” Tim pulled Jess up by the hand, spun her around, and pulled her zipper down. Pushing the straps off of her shoulders, he slid the dress down Jess’ body and let it fall to the floor. “You can take the rest off yourself,” he said spinning her back around.

Jess looked up to his face, cheeks red with shame, and slowly unclasped her bra, releasing her small but perfectly firm breasts. Tim reached out and started caressing them before leaning in to softly blow on her nipples until they grew stiff.

“Excellent. Now your thong.”

Jess hesitated momentarily, but then slowly pulled her thong down to the floor, exposing her well maintained strip of pubic hair. Tim whistled.

“Wow, look at you. Who would have thought when we were growing up that you’d grow in to such a sexy little slut and be about to get on your knees and suck my dick?” Tim grabbed Jess by the shoulders and roughly forced her in to a kneeling position. “Make sure you capture the look on her face when she sees what I’ve got for her,” he said as he grabbed her hand and put it on to his belt buckle. “Now take them off.”

Jess undid Tim’s belt buckle and slowly popped each of his jean buttons until she was able to pull them down. Tim stepped out of the jeans, removed his jumper, and positioned himself back in front of Jess’ face, “Now them,” he said, pointing to his briefs. Jess hesitated momentarily before moving her hands to the elastic waist. “Remember, make sure you’re pointing the camera at her face,” Tim said.

As Jess slowly pulled down his briefs, it became clear that Tim’s dick was considerably longer and thicker than mine. Jess tried her hardest to avoid looking at it, but you could tell by the look on her face that she knew it was bigger than what she was used to. She flashed a look in my direction, a look of embarrassment and fear.

“Right, Jess. As you can see, you’re going to be dealing with something much bigger than you’re used to, but I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it,” Tim said as he looked at the camera with a smile. “Kiss it. Kiss every inch. And don’t forget my balls.”

Jess looked at Tim as if to plea one last time not to make her go through with this, but he simply raised his eyebrows to dismiss her. Jess moved her hand towards Tim’s crotch and held it there for a second. Then she slowly leant forward and kissed the tip with her delicate lips, still a deep red from the lipstick she’d re-applied after finishing dinner. As instructed she kissed Tim’s member all over, causing it to grow more erect. Tim was now about 7 inches, but you could tell he wasn’t yet at full stretch.

“Good girl. Now do the same, but this time, I want you to lick it.” Again, Jess momentarily hesitated before leaning in and slowly running her tongue up and down the whole of Tim’s shaft, before finally licking his large balls. 8 inches.

“Excellent. Now suck my cock you little bitch!” Tim growled, sharply pulling Jess’ hair as he pushed his cock roughly to her lips. I went to protest, but Tim raised his hand up to stop me.

Jess closed her eyes and hesitated before gradually opening her lips. Due to his thickness, I wasn’t sure whether she’d be able to fit him in to her small mouth, but Tim pushed forward until he forced his way inside. “How’s it looking John? Does your wife look good sucking on a nice big cock?” I wanted to kill the guy, but I just stayed silent.

After a few minutes of watching Jess give another man head, Tim stretched his hand out in my direction and said, “John, it appears your wife is only able to take 4 inches or so in her mouth. That’s probably not a bad thing for you, but I like my girls to deepthroat. I think she needs some help. Give me the camera.”

Jess flashed a worried look my way. I stood still for a second, before Tim began to show that he was again getting frustrated.

“I’m sorry baby,” I said as I handed Tim the camera and slowly walked behind her.

“Right John, you’re going to use your hands to push Jess’ head all the way down my cock until her nose touches my pubic hair. Got it?”

Again I stayed silent, but gently placed my hands around the back of Jess’ head and slowly pushed forward so that she could take all of Tim’s cock in her throat. 5 inches, 6 inches, 7… Jess started to gag, but Tim growled, “don’t you dare stop pushing John,” so I slowly continued. 8 inches, 9… finally Jess’ nose met Tim’s pubes. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Now hold it there for a bit.”

Jess was clearly struggling to breathe and was continuously gagging, but I held her there for a few seconds before Tim gave the signal to let her pull back. Jess gasped for air as soon as she was able, and a string of thick saliva ran down her chin.

“Right bitch, your loving husband is now going to push your head back and forth so that I’m fucking that sweet little mouth of yours. Try not to puke. I’ve had a few girls do that and it just gets messy.”

Tim nodded, and I gently started to push Jess’ head again in a slow rhythm. Although I wasn’t pushing all the way down now, Jess continued to gag, and the noise of Tim’s cock hitting the back of her throat echoed around the room. After a short while, more strands of saliva left Jess’ mouth, ran down her chin, and dripped on to her exposed breasts. Tim, who was enjoying the sight of my wife struggling to handle his meat, kept zooming the camera in on her face, which now had streaks of mascara stained tears running from her eyes due to the constant gagging.

After a few more minutes of having me help him fuck my wife’s face, Tim turned to me and said, “Right, while I’m enjoying your sluts warm mouth, I’m interested to see how tight her little cunt is given what little you’ve been putting inside her for the last few years.” He handed me back the camera, looked down at Jess and told her to stand up as he spitefully grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her to her feet.

Before I got the chance to complain, Tim simply glared at me.

“Right, lay down and spread your legs you little whore.”

He pushed Jess hard on to the bed and she dutifully did as he said. He leaned down and slowly spread her labia apart with his index finger before pushing it in to her hole.

This is a stroke story. It’s ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing.


As I dressed, Alyssa busied herself cleaning up Kelly. Both of them were deeply in need of it. I’d just fucked both girls at one, sliding my cock in between their slippery wet pussies until all three of us came, and as a result they were both pretty thoroughly drenched with cum and cunt juice. We were planning on leaving the classroom we’d occupied in favor of Alyssa’s dorm room, but neither girl would go until they were squeaky clean. And since they didn’t have a shower, or any towels, or really much of anything at all the only option was for them to use their tongues.

Kelly had been on the bottom during our three-way fuck, so she’d come off the worse when I came. She was a young blonde, just eighteen years old, and until just a little while ago she’d been a virgin. She’d been visiting our college as a prospective student and wound up staying with Alyssa. Kelly was cute, with dirty blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes, and a lithe young body that must have gotten her plenty of attention from the boys back home. She was also a Christian, who’d made a purity pledge at some point, promising to remain unsullied until marriage. But unfortunately for her—or at least for her pledge—Alyssa was one of my women, and more than little bi, so when she saw the fresh-faced high schooler Alyssa had to have her. She enlisted my aid, and together we seduced poor little Kelly, introducing her to carnal pleasures that the girl could never have imagined. Now, Kelly had given her first hand job, her first blow job, and had her first fuck. What’s more, I had her promise ring as a trophy.

And the night was still young.

The nasty double-fuck had made me cum hard, and Alyssa wasn’t really making much progress trying to lap up all the pearlescent goo that was covering the younger girl’s body. I’d left lines of cum all over her, with a veritable river ending up between her tits and spilling into a small lake in her navel. Plenty had hit Alyssa too, and it was steadily dripping off, making a new mess on Kelly just as fast as she could clean up the old one.

Kelly, for her part, was trying to help, scooping up some of the spunk with her fingers and licking them clean. Even so, by the time I was dressed, the main thing they’d accomplished was spreading the mess around. Kelly’s tan skin was now covered in a thin sheen of sperm. “You made too much of a mess, mister,” Alyssa said. “We’ll never get clean now.”

“You’ll just have to get dressed and go home dirty, then,” I replied. “And don’t bother with your underwear.”

Alyssa slid off the desk and offered Kelly her hand to pull her to her feet. It took them a moment to find their clothes. Kelly had been wearing a yellow sundress, and she found it first. When she pulled it over her head, the sweat and cum and cunt juice that covered her made the light, floaty fabric cling to her curves, leaving very little about her shape to the imagination. Kelly saw my eyes on her and blushed and looked away. It was a cute mannerism. Alyssa had found her top, but was still looking for her jeans until Kelly spotted them. The young blonde went over to pick them up, kneeling down until I told her to stop. “Bend at the waist,” I instructed, and Kelly did just that, the damp dress riding up and revealing a little hint of her freshly fucked pussy. It was a little thing, but little things count for a lot, and more importantly it served as a demonstration of my control over her.

Kelly handed Alyssa her pants, and she shimmied into them, turning away from me as she did so I could watch her cute little ass shake. She didn’t bother putting any underwear back on, and when she turned back around it was clear she’d just been fucked—her nipples stood out proudly under her tank top, and slowly spreading dark spots marked it where my cum was soaking through the fabric. Alyssa went to stand by Kelly, and together the two of them made for quite a sight—one blonde All-American girl, one dark and lovely dancer, both bearing the signs of our vigorous sexual activity.

Once we were all ready, we left. I had Kelly’s promise ring in my pocket, and we took her Bible as well, though we left all their underwear and more than a little cum. The cleanup wasn’t our problem, but the Bible had her name in it, so leaving it would have been a mistake. The trip back to Alyssa’s dorm room was brief and uneventful. Kelly was jittery, looking around nervously the whole time and keeping to shadows where she could, but we didn’t see a soul up close. Alyssa, meanwhile, walked proudly by my side. I think she’d have done the walk naked with cum leaking from every hole if I’d asked her.

Kelly was at her most nervous while we waited to get into Alyssa’s dorm. Alyssa took her time getting her keys out, and that left Kelly standing with us in a pool of light by the door, her dress clinging wetly to her skin, her hair askew, her lips red and swollen from giving her first blowjob—and out in public without underwear for, I suspected, the first time in her life. An errant breeze might have flipped up her dress, or an errant hand from yours truly. Which is exactly what I did, lifting the back of her yellow sun dress and cupping her ass while Alyssa dug out her keys to open the door and let us in.

But no one came along to witness her state, and soon enough we were safe inside Alyssa’s room. Like most of the dorms on campus, it was made for two. There were two desks, two chairs, two dressers, two built-in closets. There used to be two beds, but Alyssa and Melanie had become very close and nowadays shared one bed (at least, when one or both of them wasn’t busy with me). Getting rid of the second bed gave them space for a cheap wood-frame futon and a footlocker. The futon was nothing special, but the footlocker was their toy box. Kelly’s small overnight bag was on the floor by the futon. Melanie was away for a few days, sadly; I would have loved a foursome, but c’est la vie.

I was last in the room, and I closed to door behind us. Kelly was standing in the center of the room, looking down at the floor, her hands clasped shyly behind her back. Alyssa mimicked her stance and said, “I know you probably want to do more to us, mister, but you made us too messy. We need to get clean so you can make us dirty girls again.” She took one of Kelly’s hands and placed it on my crotch. I was, of course, hard, and it was obvious that I was even without touching it. “I think he likes that,” Alyssa said. “Come on. Let’s go take a shower. Mister, there are some videos on my computer if you want to watch something while we get clean. They’re… they’re dirty videos, mister. But I think you’ll like them.” God, did my cock throb as Alyssa talked.

She told me to turn around and pulled some clothing out of her closet and her dresser. I assumed—rightly, as it eventually turned out—that she was grabbing some slutty little costumes for herself and her guest, and she wanted them to be a surprise. I heard the bathroom door open as she put the clothes in there and came back. Taking Kelly by the hand, she said, “We’re going to go get clean for you, mister. Please wait for us.”

I nodded—you could have run a heard of bulls through the building and it wouldn’t have gotten me out of that room. They left, Alyssa leading Kelly into the bathroom, and within a few moments I heard the water running. I turned my attention to Alyssa’s computer. I knew full well that there was porn there; I was in most of it. Alyssa, it turned out, liked watching me fuck, and so we’d filmed ourselves numerous times, as well as encounters with other women. Sometimes Alyssa joined in, sometimes she filmed, and sometimes she wasn’t even there. There were also some other videos, short little things about ten minutes long, in which Alyssa played with herself and talked dirty to the camera. I fired up one of those, a newer one that looked less than a week old, one with an unfamiliar filename.

Alyssa’s familiar visage popped up on the screen. It was a close-up, her face filling most of the frame. Normally, she wore little to no makeup, but in this video she’d gone all-out; she had on mascara eyeliner, and possibly a bit of blush, and her lips were painted a pale pink. Her dark hair was loose, framing her face. I was struck again by how beautiful she really was. Her eyes may have been her best feature. They were brilliant, verdant green and they sparkled with life. She was smiling, smirking really, and it called attention to her delicate lips and her high cheekbones. Her expression showed her confidence, her bone-deep knowledge that she was smart, funny, sexy, and a whole host of other things. All this was conveyed in just the first few seconds of her staring silently into the camera.

Hey, Alyssa has an expressive face. And maybe I was reading into things a bit.

Video-Alyssa started to speak. “Hello, Sir,” she said. “I wanted to show you something.” The camera pulled back slowly, first revealing that Alyssa was completely naked, and second that she was holding a truly enormous dildo at waist level. “I bought this, Sir, because it reminded me of you. It’s almost as long as your cock and almost as thick.” She paused and licked her lips. “It’s the biggest one I could find.”

Her hand stroked the plastic cock, fingernails grazing its surface. “I want you to imagine that this is your cock. I certainly am.” Her voice was measured, steady, but there was an undercurrent of raw desire in it as well. She let a long string of drool spill from her mouth onto the dildo and started to work it in with one hand, then continued. “I haven’t seen you in two days,” she said, “and I needed something. I made Melanie lick my pretty little pussy and eat my asshole but it didn’t work.” Melanie was Alyssa’s roommate; since our first threesome, Alyssa had made Melanie into, well, her bitch. She’d hinted to me that some nights, she made Melanie sleep on the floor of the foot of the bed, like a dog, and I knew she made Melanie service her at least once a day.

On screen, Alyssa kept talking, her strokes of the dildo growing faster. “So I bought this toy. It’s not as good as you but I need to be filled. And maybe someday you’ll see this and then you can fill me better than this fucking toy.” She lifted her legs and spread them wide, making a V shape that drew my eye right to her pussy. It was, as she had said, a pretty pussy; she kept herself waxed or shaved, and its lips were just a bit puffy. Her skin was pale, but right now she looked a bit pink—due to arousal and her roommate’s attentions, no doubt.

“I wish you were here, Sir. You could beat my pussy to punish it for being so greedy.” She started to smack herself with the dildo, and I actually winced—she was hitting herself pretty damn hard, and the heavy plastic cock had just enough flexibility in it to get a bit of a whipping action going. Each smack made her twitch, but she kept going, hitting herself at least a dozen times. By the sixth I had my cock out and was—very slowly—stroking myself. I didn’t want to cum. Well, I did want to cum, because shit, cumming is great, but I didn’t want to cum right there and then. So I kept things slow, a nice, steady, constant amount of pleasure, while I watched Alyssa use her toys and talk filth.

Once Alyssa thought she’d punished her pussy enough she brought the fake dick up and smacked it against her chest, hitting her sternum, her breasts, her nipples. She wasn’t hitting herself as hard now, but it was still enough to make her pale skin turn pink. “Beat me with your cock, Sir,” she said, her voice husky. “Punish me for thinking a toy could replace you. Show me… ggk” She cut herself off there, shoving the toy down her throat until she gagged. I knew Alyssa could suppress her gag reflex; she could deep throat me, and the toy was smaller. But this was for my benefit, and she knew that sometimes I liked to see a woman gagging. So she jammed the dildo into her mouth and coughed and choked and gagged and generally made a mess of herself. There was spit running out of the corners of her mouth, and her eyes filled with tears as her face turned red.

Suddenly, from the bathroom there came a stream of profanity. Alyssa was yelling at the top of her lungs: “Fuck! Shit! God-damned cunt-licking bitch! Fucking get your tongue in there!” I smiled. I’d been expecting to hear something like that. Alyssa probably knew I wasn’t going to leave them alone tonight, and while she’d objected earlier she genuinely loved getting other girls to go down on her. She didn’t often return the favor, and I figured she didn’t want me realizing just how much she liked making other women service her. In any case, I had suspected that Alyssa was going to give Kelly some extra training in the shower, and the cries coming from the bathroom showed I was right.

Her yells diminished in volume and transformed into satisfied moans, and I looked back at the screen. In the video, Alyssa had finished stuffing her throat, and she looked a mess. The camera was once again centered on her face. Her mascara and eyeliner had run, leaving black trails down her cheeks. Her lipstick was ruined, smeared badly, and I was confident there was plenty left on the dildo as well. Some of her hair had fallen in front of her face, partially obscuring one eye. She was talking, and while I’d missed the first part of what she said I did catch this: “… and I want you to do this to me. Make me look like this and then go to work on all my other holes. Destroy me. Even if I beg you to stop. I deserve it for being such a fucking filthy girl.” Then she stopped talking, and fixed a steady stare on the camera again. For a few moments, there was nothing but the soft sound of her breathing, and then it ended.

The moans coming from the bathroom reached a crescendo. I didn’t dare start another video; Alyssa knew just how long to keep me waiting, and I was going to be ready for them to return. I stripped and laid down on the bed, by cock stiff as a board thanks to the video I’d seen and the sounds coming from the bathroom. It laid on my stomach as I folded my hands behind my head and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. Soon enough the water turned off, and I could just make out some quiet conversation between the girls. I was sure that Alyssa was giving Kelly instructions as they dried off and, I suspected, got dressed in something sexy. And a few minutes later I was proven right again.

The bathroom door opened. Warm, wet air billowed out, and in the doorway stood two visions of loveliness. Alyssa had indeed chosen some costumes for them, and they both had dressed up as schoolgirls.

Alyssa had her own costume. She once told me it was actually her old high-school uniform, but with some substantial, ahem, modifications made. There was a navy blue pleated skirt that perhaps had once come down to her knees, but now it ended just below her ass. As she moved, in fact, I could see point where her firm little bubble-butt started. She also had on an untucked short-sleeved crisp white button-down shirt, unbuttoned just enough so I could see the lacy fringe of whatever bra she’d decided to wear underneath. A few of the bottom buttons were undone as well, showing off some of her midriff and her navel. A loose tie dangled from her neck, navy blue like the skirt. She’d put her hair in pigtails, and put on just a bit of makeup. I don’t know if she guessed what I was watching, or she heard, or if she just knew me well enough to guess what I wanted, but she had put on some blood red lipstick and some black eyeliner and mascara.

Kelly had on a uniform as well. She didn’t have one of her own, of course, but Alyssa had dressed her in Melanie’s. Mel didn’t go to a high school that required uniforms, so hers was a costume, and it was a bit less authentic than Alyssa’s but every bit as sexy. On Kelly, it looked good. Melanie was taller and broader than Kelly, so the skirt came down to mid-thigh and the shirt was a bit loose, but Alyssa had done wonders with it. The shirt had been left unbuttoned except for a single one, just under her breasts, and it looked like she’d put a clip on the back to pull it tight. The bra underneath must have been one of Alyssa’s, because it was too small, and it made Kelly’s C-cups bulge out and up. There may have been some other tricks at work there—I’ve heard you can use makeup to make cleavage seem more impressive—but I didn’t really care, because it all made Kelly look like a busty schoolgirl slut straight out of a porno. Her makeup matched Alyssa’s, and her hair fell loose around her face. She still had on her cross on the gold chain around her neck.

The two girls stood in the doorway, backlit by the lights from the bathroom. Alyssa had her hip cocked and one hand resting on it. She’d fixed me with a cool, confident stare as soon as the door opened. Kelly, in contrast, seemed a bit shy. Her hands were clasped behind her back, and her head was down. She too was looking at me, expectantly.

I sat up in bed. “Ladies,” I said.

Alyssa reached over, took one of Kelly’s hands, and her led her to me. They stopped by the bed. “Excuse me mister,” Alyssa said, once again pitching her voice higher than normal. “My friend here has something to ask you.” I looked at Kelly. She blushed and refused to meet my eyes. “Come on, Kelly,” Alyssa said. “You said you wanted it.”

Nervously, Kelly spoke up. “Mister, I want to be a sl… a slut.” She stuttered a bit but forced the words out. “Alyssa told me sluts have more fun, so I want to be one. And she said you are the best at teaching girls to be sluts.” I saw her throat move as she swallowed nervously. “Can you teach me to be a good slut, mister?”

Well, how could I say no?

Watching Alyssa’s little video had given me some nasty ideas. I stood up. “Of course, Kelly. By the time you go back home you’re going to be a fantastic little slut.” I pushed both girls to their knees, my cock bobbing in the air between their faces, and continued. “You’ll be able to teach all your friends if you want.” She nodded, her chin bobbing in time with my dick.

I grabbed Alyssa by the pigtails and pulled her in front of me. “For now, Kelly, just watch. I’m going to show you some of the things sluts do. Watch this dirty slut and see how she acts.” I gave Alyssa’s pigtails a sharp tug and she immediately and automatically opened her mouth wide. Hey, she’d been well trained. Her eyes were bright and clear, challenging me to use her the way we both wanted. I slid my cock in past her painted lips and let it rest on her tongue, just for a moment, and then my grip tightened on Alyssa’s hair and I started fucking her face, just like she’d done to herself on her video.

Her pigtails made great handles for me, letting me hold her more-or-less in place as I put her mouth to good use. Alyssa knelt there and took it, keeping her lips locked to me as I stuffed her full of cock. This wasn’t the first time we’d done this, and when she felt the tip of my spear pressing on the back of her throat she swallowed, opening herself to me and letting me plunge deep into her.

Wet, sloppy choking noises soon filled the room as I battered against Alyssa’s gag reflex. She might have been a deepthroat artist, but that didn’t help much given how I was using her. Her eyes fluttered; Alyssa was trying to keep them open, but involuntary reflexes kept forcing her to blink. Soon enough tears gathered at the corners of her eyes and drool started to spill past her lips. My shaft was stained with streaks of blood-red lipstick. Kelly watched, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

“Your job is to please men,” I told her. “If they want to fuck your throat you should learn to love it like your friend here.” She nodded. “Look down,” I said, “between her legs. See her fingers? See how she’s rubbing her cunt while I use her?” And sure enough, Alyssa was doing just that. One hand had slipped into her shirt and was pinching and twisting her nipple, but the other was underneath her skirt. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, but if she was they weren’t stopping her; her fingers were rubbing her clit in small tight circles.

I let go of one of Alyssa’s pigtails, moving my hand to the back of her head, and then I took hold of Kelly as well. I pulled her in close so she could get a good view of me violating Alyssa’s throat, plunging in past her lips and forcing her to gag and cough and choke and generally make a mess of herself. Alyssa was crying now, or at least her eyes had watered enough to make it look like she was, and black trails had started to form on her cheeks where her makeup ran. I was a bit messy myself; long strings of spittle clung to my cock and dangled off it, and her lipstick had left dark red smears all along my length.

It was glorious.

“Help her out,” I told Kelly. That earned me a confused look from the young blonde. “Help her feel good,” I explained. That she understood, and she gently moved Alyssa’s hand away from where it was furiously at work in between her legs—making Alyssa whine ever so slightly, almost inaudible over the sound of her throat getting abused. Kelly replaced Alyssa’s hand with her own, and with some more gentle prodding from me she pressed herself up next to the older woman, ending up cheek-to-cheek with her as I used Alyssa’s throat like a pussy.

I now had two girls looking up at me, one with her mouth stuffed with cock, the other just dazed at the proceedings. And I won’t lie, it felt pretty damn good. For the most part Alyssa was letting me abuse her to my heart’s content, but when she could she’d swirl her tongue around my cock or give me a moment of especially hard suction.

Time to show Kelly what a well-trained slut can do, I thought. I pulled Kelly away from Alyssa again, and with no other warning I shoved my tool all the way down Alyssa’s throat—and held it there. Alyssa made a *glug* noise as I forced my cock down, and her eyes went wide, but she made no effort to pull back. I savored the feeling for a moment, rocking my hips gently as Alyssa looked up at me in submissive adoration. Kelly’s eyes were on Alyssa’s lips, which were stretched thinly around the base of my shaft. She seemed stunned, as if she was seeing something impossible, and I couldn’t blame her. It was certainly an impressive disappearing act.

I kept hold of Alyssa’s head and resumed my abuse of Alyssa’s throat. But this time I went deep, over and over again. Lipstick wound up smeared all over my cock, mainly near the base, and spit and throat slime kept getting forced out of her gullet. Long strands dangled from my cock and draped my balls, and still more had soaked her chest and left her little top translucent. Her eyes were watering constantly, making her makeup run down her cheeks and giving her the look of a well-used slut. Alyssa’s face was starting to turn red, as well; she snatched quick breaths when she could but I rarely gave her the chance.

“Are you hurting her, mister?” Kelly asked, in a small voice. Her hand was still between Alyssa’s pale thighs, and while I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing it was clear she was doing something, and whatever it was Alyssa seemed to be enjoying it. At least, it looked that way given how Alyssa was rolling her hips.

I yanked Alyssa’s head to my groin particularly savagely and then held her in place again. “I am,” I answered, simply. “And she’s loving every second of it. Is her pussy wet? I bet your fingers are drenched.” Kelly nodded in confirmation. As I was speaking, Alyssa started struggling in my grasp. It was an odd feeling—she was trying to hold herself still, trying to fight her natural need for air, and I could feel her shaking as she fought to stay down even though her lungs were crying out. I waited a few more moments and then pulled her back. She came free, gasping desperately, but I had to restrain her as she tried desperately to get her mouth back on my cock. She wound up leaning forward, hair pulled taut, mouth open wide, panting and chasing the tip of my cock around and trying hard to swallow me up once more. “See?” I said to Kelly. “She’s a cock-crazy little bitch. And so are you, even if you don’t know it yet.”

That made her blush a bit, but she didn’t object. Alyssa managed to get her breathing under control, or at least managed to get close enough to say something: “More.” Her voice was a bit harsh and raspy, and all the more sexy for it. I gave Kelly a pointed look and then crammed my cock back down Alyssa’s gullet.

There was almost no resistance as I fucked myself balls-deep in her throat. She was trying to keep her eyes open; Alyssa knew how much I liked looking down at her lovely emerald eyes when I facefucked her. But she wasn’t having much luck, this time, as I drove every inch home again and again. Her nose touched my stomach on every thrust, my balls slapped her chin, and she just took it gratefully. Kelly was still playing with Alyssa’s cunt, and as my thrusts sped up and grew more aggressive so too did Kelly. Alyssa started moaning, as best she could with a fat cock plunging down her throat.

I wasn’t going to last long once that started, so I wanted to make the last few seconds count. I put both hands on Alyssa’s head and started giving her my all. I don’t know if it was the video, or Kelly’s presence, or something else altogether, but I fucked her mouth harder than I ever had before. I could see Alyssa’s brow furrowing as she tried to cope, each thrust bringing guttural grunts from her and making copious amounts of drool slop from her mouth.

“Oh my…” breathed Kelly. I almost cracked up at that. She was witnessing another girl’s throat getting destroyed not a foot from her and that’s what she says? Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty awe-inspiring, and I was kicking myself for not setting up the camera to have a more permanent record of it. But really, that was the best she could do? Oh well; not everyone is a wordsmith.

Kelly just watched in silence after that, her eyes wide as I got closer and closer to climax. Alyssa’s eyes started rolling back in her head as the lack of oxygen and the apparently fairly skilled work Kelly was doing with her fingers started to overwhelm her. She tried to scream—all that came out was a sort of croak—and I felt my balls tighten as my orgasm hit simultaneously.

The first shots went right down her throat, bypassing her mouth entirely; it seemed like I pumped my cum right into her stomach. As she started to go limp I pulled out, filling her mouth with my next spurts. The thick cream spilled from her slack jaw as I despoiled her face further. She already looked a mess, with her makeup destroyed, her eyes and face both red, her hair in disarray. But I could make her much messier, and I did. Kelly got to watch as I fired off a veritable barrage of cum onto Alyssa at point-blank range. Some splashed back, spattering Kelly with a few ivory droplets, but most clung tenaciously to Alyssa’s visage, thick white ropes that pasted her eyes shut and hung from her nose, her chin, even her ears. A few strands connected her lips, until she licked her lips clean—I think it was a reflex action, because she barely moved otherwise, just trembled and panted as the aftershocks of her rough use rolled over her. The last drops landed on her shirt, which was already soaked and stained with spit.

I turned to Kelly, my cock smacking into the side of her face. “Clean her up,” I ordered, and she knew exactly what that meant. I’d have been disappointed if she hadn’t, since she’d already done it once before. Last time, though, Kelly had been nervous and tentative; this time there was only the faintest hint of that as she stuck out her tongue and went to work. She went from the top down, cleaning the jizz off Alyssa’s forehead first, then gently using her fingers to clear her eyes. Kelly swallowed down everything she licked up, but the cum on her fingers she fed to Alyssa.

Kelly’s efforts got most of the spunk, but they didn’t help much with the ruined makeup; in fact, they made things worse. Alyssa’s lipstick was basically gone. Some was still visible on my cock, but even that had mostly gotten removed by her tongue and throat. By the time Kelly got done and Alyssa was mostly sperm-free, the younger girl’s fingers and tongue had smeared her mascara even more. Alyssa wound up looking like a crying raccoon, with dark circles around her eyes and messy black trails down her cheeks.

Yes, I know raccoons don’t get trails down their cheeks when the cry. It’s a simile.

Alyssa joined in the cleanup efforts midway through, shoveling some of the frankly excessive amount of sperm I’d doused her with into her own mouth and into Kelly’s. Before long the cleanup wound up looking more like a makeout session, with the two girls kissing, swapping mouthfuls of cum and spit, sucking on each other’s fingers, and whispering things to one another, things I couldn’t quite hear. Alyssa especially seemed to like sucking on the fingers that had been lodged inside her cunt. She’d always liked her own taste.

I had to break up their little love-fest, and I did it by main force, grabbing their hair and pulling them apart. Both girls whined a bit in disappointment; I’d yanked them away from each other mid-kiss and a mouthful of cum spilled out of Kelly’s mouth onto her tits. Kelly was quick to scoop it up before it dirtied up her still mostly-clean top.

“All right, Kelly. I have one more thing to show you and then it will be your turn,” I said.

“What is it, mister?”

“You still have one virgin hole, don’t you?” God, I thought I’d seen her wide-eyed before, but this really did the trick. I could see white all the way around her pale blue eyes. The phrase “deer in the headlights” seemed apt. “What, did you think you would go home before I’d fucked your ass?”

“I… I didn’t think you could do that. You’re too big.”

“Oh, little slut, you’re going to get such an education here. Alyssa, why don’t you get in position? I’ll show her that it will fit.” I released Alyssa’s hair and she scrambled over to the bed and crawled onto it. She put her head down and lifted her ass as high as she could get it and flipped her skirt up. Not that she needed to; it was too short to cover anything with her bent over like this. Finally, she started wiggling that perfect peach of an ass back and forth, clearly ready to get ass-fucked.

I walked over to the bed myself, pulling Kelly along by her hair and positioning her where I wanted, with her head resting on Alyssa’s ass (cheek to cheek, if you’ll pardon the terrible wordplay). “Are you just going to stick it in, mister?” she asked. “Won’t that hurt her?”

It was a fair question, and of course I wasn’t going to just shove my pole into Alyssa’s back end without making sure she was ready for it. I grabbed my cock and held it up by Kelly’s face. It had dried a bit while the girls ate up all the cum I’d left on Alyssa, but it still glistened with spit. “My cock’s wet,” I told her. “And once her asshole is wet she’ll be ready.”

“How will you get it wet, mister?” Ah, what an innocent question.

“I won’t,” I answered. “You will.” Then I used that handful of her hair to push her face into Alyssa’s ass. Kelly, caught by surprise, tried to protest, but all that came out was some muffled and unintelligible cry.

“Oh, you remembered!” squealed Alyssa. And indeed I had—Alyssa had sent me a text, hours ago, saying she wanted to make this innocent visiting student eat her asshole, and now she was going to get just that. “Remember what I taught you in the shower,” Alyssa said, speaking to Kelly now. “You’re just working on a different hole.”

I looked down at Alyssa. She had her head down on the mattress, but her face was turned to the side, and she looked back at me with a wicked expression on her face. “What?” she asked. “Did you think I wasn’t going to get something from her when we were in the shower?”

“Do I look surprised?” I replied. “Hell, I’m more shocked you didn’t make her do this already.”

“We didn’t want to keep you waiting.” Anything else Alyssa might have wanted to say was cut off when she let out a contented moan. I was still holding Kelly in place, and she must have been doing her job, working her tongue around and inside Alyssa’s rosebud. She seemed to be doing a good job, to judge from Alyssa’s reaction. Alyssa moaned again, and started to grind against Kelly’s face. Knowing her, though, her reaction probably owed just as much to the depravity of the situation as it did to Kelly’s innate talents. Hell, even if Kelly had been completely incompetent, I bet Alyssa would be getting off just from knowing that she was corrupting a sweet and innocent thing.

If I haven’t said it yet, I really should: Alyssa’s a hell of a woman.

I held Kelly in place for another minute or so, then let go. She’d picked up on what we wanted from her, and when I removed my hand she stayed in place. Kelly even put her hands on Alyssa’s ass and spread her open so she could get in even deeper, and from the way her head dipped I suspect she wasn’t confining herself to rimming my lovely dancer.

“Use that tongue, you dirty little bitch,” Alyssa said. “You make a good ass-licker. Such a good bi slut.” Kelly mewled but obeyed, and I just watched for a few more minutes as Alyssa kept berating Kelly, ordering her around in various ways to make her improve. She had Kelly trying to plunge her tongue as deep as she could into both of Alyssa’s holes, and then she changed course and had the younger girl lapping away at her. And she kept calling her names, too—my favorites were “twat-munching bitch” and “my personal cunt-cleaner.” Kelly’s eyes teared up a bit at the constant abuse—but when I put my hand between under her skirt, she was fucking drenched.

As it had done before, the slightest touch of my fingers on Kelly’s clit sent her into paroxysms of pleasure. Her hips jerked and twitched, but she didn’t stop her oral efforts. In fact she seemed to want to pass it on; she moved forward, and I could see her straining to plunge her tongue deeper into Alyssa’s ass. “Good girl,” I murmured, slipping a finger into her at the same time. Kelly whimpered, and her eyes closed; Alyssa wound up doing the same as Kelly found a sensitive spot.

It was quite a sight: Alyssa’s pale, lithe form was up on her bed, her face resting on the mattress, her perfectly formed ass in the air and framed by her navy-blue skirt. Kneeling behind her was Kelly, this high school girl-next-door whose innocence was being stripped away from her. Kelly’s tan, All-American body contrasted nicely with Alyssa’s. Individually, each girl was a vision of loveliness, but together they were a wet dream made flesh. Evidence of hard use could be seen on each girl; Alyssa’s ruined makeup, Kelly’s flushed face and chest, the faint sheen of cum and spit and sweat that clung to their skin in places. But they were still going strong.

I kept my hand where it was and just watched for a bit longer; Kelly’s hips bucked spasmodically, grinding against my forearm and my hand, but she didn’t pull away from Alyssa. Instead she did her best to make sure that the older woman was relaxed and wet and ready for her upcoming anal violation. And her best, it turned out, was pretty damn good.

Eventually, though, I decided it was time to get involved more directly. “OK, girls. Kelly’s had enough fun for the moment.” I pulled her from Alyssa, using her hair to drag her back on her heels. As an aside, can I just say how great it is when women have enough hair to do that? Don’t get me wrong; some girls look smoking hot with short hair, even pixie cuts, and hell, I’ve even seen a few who could pull off complete baldness. But there’s something primal and satisfying about grabbing a fistful of hair and hauling back on it while you’re balls-deep in her.

But I’m getting distracted. Kelly resisted for a moment but then acquiesced, letting me pull her away and off to the side. I took her place behind Alyssa. “Spread,” I commanded, and she grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, baring her pretty little pussy—still a bit red and swollen from our brief fuck in the classroom and Kelly’s recent attention—but more importantly her tight rosebud. Kelly had been thorough; it was drenched with spit, and I don’t think Alyssa could have been more ready to accept me into her.

“Watch close, Kelly,” I said, and the young blonde sidled around to the side so she could get a good view of Alyssa’s upcoming anal assault. I didn’t want to terrify Kelly, so while I could have been rough with Alyssa and just shoved my dick into her, I didn’t. Heaven knows she’d had it up there enough to know what was coming. I also didn’t want Kelly to think that popping her last cherry would be painless, so I didn’t exactly ease into her either.

Instead I opted for the middle road—a single long slow push that didn’t stop until every last inch of my shaft was embedded in Alyssa’s spit-soaked ass. As soon as she felt me stretching her ass wide, Alyssa started letting her breath out in a drawn-out f-sound. She kept it up the whole time I was burying myself in her, and when it ended and my balls made contact with her dripping-wet pussy, it turned into a single word: …fffffuck.”

I stopped there for a moment. “See what a good fucktoy she is? Her ass just opens up for me. Even if it hurts, she loves it.” I slapped Alyssa’s ass once and directed my next order to her. “Give me your arms, fucktoy.” She obeyed immediately, lifting her arms from the mattress and putting them behind her back, her wrists crossed near her tailbone. I withdrew from her ass (somewhat reluctantly; Alyssa was squeezing and releasing me, like she wanted to milk me of my cum even without thrusting) and grabbed her wrists.

When I said I didn’t want to terrify Kelly, that was a bit of a lie.

“Here’s what a well-trained toy can do,” I said, and a moment later I hauled back on her arms and slammed forward. This time Alyssa screamed something unprintable, a wordless cry that made Kelly flinch away. I’d done this to Alyssa many times before, and I knew it hurt her some. Hell, it sometimes hurt me a bit; her ass was just that tight. But she was playing up the pain, too, acting like it was far more agonizing for the benefit of our audience.

After her scream, Alyssa gulped in a deep breath and then said in a raspy whisper: “Again.”

Kelly’s eyes were wide as she watched me repeat the whole process, the slow withdrawal followed by the sudden lunge. Alyssa screamed again, not as loud or long as the first one, and once more she begged me to do it again. I, of course, obliged her. Let it never be said that I don’t know how to give a lady what she wants. We continued in this vein for a little while, with Alyssa alternating between loud shrill cries of pleasure and pleading for more of my rough handling. But soon enough Alyssa lost the ability to ask anything, because she was screaming and cumming wildly around my rampant prick.

I looked down at Kelly. Her eyes were wide, white showing all around her irises, and her lips were parted. She licked her lips as I watched. I don’t know if she realized I was looking at her; she seemed completely enthralled by the sight of my cock splitting open Alyssa’s tight asshole. I don’t know if she realized that one of her hands had found its way between her legs and that she was slowly rubbing her mound. Whether she knew it or not, it was exactly the reaction I wanted to see from her.

Alyssa managed to come back to herself enough to say, between gasps and groans, “See, slut? See how good it is to be a three-hole whore?” I hilted myself in her again and she squealed, and then said, “Oh god, you fuck my asshole so good, mister. Break it open. Fuck it like you own it—because you do. You own all my holes, mister.” It wasn’t the first time I’d heard her say something like that, but it never failed to make me shudder. And hearing her say it in the little-girl voice she’d used, mimicking Kelly’s innocence, well, it was almost enough to make me cum then and there.

A date with an Asian girl gets rough

It had been one of the best nights of her young life. Lucy Cho smiled to herself as Jim drove her home, his jacket draped over her shoulders. He had been perfect: he showed up at her doorstep on time, dressed in a casual button-up she found irresistibly sexy, and had proceeded to wine her, dine her, and engage her in some of the best conversation she could ever remember having. She had told him about living with her older brother; he had regaled her with tales of college. They had discovered a shared fondness for tropes and anime, and a passion for writing. He had even sat through one of her rants about the political state of affairs in Malaysia! And he had listened! She glowed with happiness as they drove through the night, sneaking looks at him when she thought he wouldn’t notice.

“Yes?” he murmured, a smile quirking his lips.

Lucy startled and blushed, embarrassed that she’d been caught staring.

“N-nothing,” she stammered, looking quickly out the windshield, her hands fidgeting in her lap. Jim laughed and reached over, entwining his fingers with her own.

“I see,” he replied, warm laughter in his voice. Lucy sighed, gently stroking the back of his hand, a small content smile blossoming on her face. How could this get any better?

As her mind began to wander over the possibilities, her stomach clenched pleasurably. Oh stop it, she berated herself. She shifted in her seat, a slow pulse of liquid heat igniting in her belly as she thought of Jim, chest bare beneath an unbuttoned shirt, hands grasping her wrists, eyes locked on hers. He began to whisper something, his voice dark and silky, but she shook her head, trying to dislodge the image. This was Jim she was thinking of, Mr. Sweet. There was no way she could tarnish that image with one of her…fantasies.

“What are you thinking about?”

Lucy froze. Now? He had to ask that now? She scrambled to answer, but all that came to her was a sharper image of Jim binding her hands with his belt. She glanced at him. His eyes were fixed on the road, that little smile still on his face. She hesitated a moment, blushing furiously as she considered telling him the truth.

“I was…um…” she faltered. She couldn’t! Finally she blurted, “Just thinking about how much fun I’ve had tonight.”

She held her breath, watching him. He turned his head to look at her, slowly drawing himself up, the smile morphing into a frown. His eyes locked on hers, boring into her with an intensity she didn’t know he possessed. He stared at her for a long moment and she felt her heart flutter. Unconsciously, she squeezed her thighs together, a delicious shock running through her. She blushed and looked away and he smirked.

“I think you’re lying,” he stated. “C’mon – tell me what you’re thinking about!”

Lucy shook her head, resolutely staring at her lap. Jim harrumphed.

“Alright. Then lemme guess. Hmm…let’s see…well, you’ve been pretty open about everything I’ve asked you so far tonight…so it’s gotta be something you’re uncomfortable telling me about…” a slow smile crept over as his face as it dawned on him. “Oh, Lucy. You were thinking naughty things, weren’t you?”

Lucy’s face flushed brighter, but still she kept her eyes on her knees. Jim leaned closer and his voice took on a silky quality.

“No need to feel ashamed; I rather like a girl who’s in touch with her sexuality. So, go on – tell me what you were thinking. I’m dying to know what kind of fantasies you enjoy.”

She shivered and glanced up at him. He was watching her patiently, a little smirk hovering around the edge of his lips, daring her to give in. Well…why not? He was right, she had been able to tell him anything else up to now. Why should this be any different?

“I was…” she cleared her throat, her heart beating like a drum. “It was you…and me…and…and you were…rough with me,” she whispered so low he almost couldn’t hear, afraid he’d stop the car and force her to walk home from there for being such a pervert.

Jim settled back, stunned. “I…wasn’t expecting that,” he said to himself. Then he turned back to her. “So…rough, huh? What kind of rough we talking here? We talking…I dunno. Spanking? Smacking? Hair pulling?”

Lucy blushed and fidgeted before nodding. Oh Lord, what he must think! She steeled herself and looked over at him, expecting the worst. But his eyes were glued to the road, his face unreadable.

“Is that so?” he murmured. She just sat in silence, praying he wouldn’t notice her trembling as her crotch moistened uncomfortably.

They drove on for a while longer, both quiet, and Lucy dared to hope that everything was fine. She was just beginning to relax when Jim took his hand from hers. Slowly, he laid his hand on her leg and squeezed softly. Lucy’s breath caught in her throat, and her eyes snapped up to him. But his gaze was locked on the road, not paying her any attention. She looked at his hand, unsure of whether she didn’t want him to continue, and settled back, breathing quickly.

Jim’s hand began to move, drifting up and down her leg lazily, fingertips barely brushing her skin. She wore a a light blue dress, and the feeling of his hand on her bare leg was exquisite. Lucy shifted under his caress, her heart beating faster, uncertain of what to do with her hands as Jim pressed his palm against her, his fingers gripping her thigh.

He still hadn’t said a word, and in the silence, Lucy was sure he could hear her heartbeat. Her thoughts were interrupted with a strangled gasp when Jim raked his nails up her thigh, causing her to spasm in her seat.

“Oho, somebody likes that, huh?” he laughed, slowly tracing his fingers down to her knee. Lucy whimpered, not trusting herself to speak.

Noting her silence, Jim moved his hand slowly up to her thigh, easing her legs wider apart. She whimpered against her knuckles as he caressed her inner thigh, his fingers gentle. She arched as he raked his nails along her skin deliciously, drawing a soft moan from her throat. He paused for a moment, a thin smile on his lips, letting her stew in anticipation. Then he smacked her thigh. Hard.

“Ow!” she cried, pulling the dress’s hem down over her stinging skin. “What the hell, Jim? That really hurt-” She stammered to a halt, realizing the mistake she’d made when she caught sight of him. He was scowling at her, contempt burning in his eyes.

“Little girl,” he intoned gravely, “you’d better move those fucking hands real fucking fast.”

Lucy sat back, as stunned as if she’d been slapped. He cussed! Jim cussed! She had never heard him cuss! Honestly, she hadn’t thought he knew how. But there was something about this polite, well-spoken young man profaning the air around her that made the fire in her belly erupt. It traveled downward, searing her, and her pussy gushed in response. She squeezed her thighs together again and shuddered.

Lost in her reverie, she didn’t notice him pulling the car over onto a gravel shoulder. She hadn’t even realized they stopped until he snatched a handful of her hair and yanked her head back painfully. She yelped as he arched her, forcing her to look him in the eye.

“You ready to play rough?” he asked sweetly, gripping her hair even tighter. Her scalp was on fire, and she whimpered from the pain, but she wasn’t going to give up that easily.

“Fuck you, Jim,” she spat through gritted teeth. Or would have, if he hadn’t chosen that moment to reach over with his free hand and squeeze her breast roughly. What came out was more of a defiant squeak, followed by a quavering moan.

“Ooo, fiery,” Jim laughed in her face, mauling her breasts as she squirmed to get away. “I like that, little girl. I fucking love it when you little sluts struggle.”

Lucy stopped fighting for a moment, eyes glazed as she gaped vacantly at Jim. He was blurred in the dim light – her glasses had been knocked askew in her thrashing – but she could see his face and the expression he wore both frightened and thrilled her. He was looking at her like she was a piece of meat, a thing to be used and discarded. The thought made her pussy flood and she couldn’t suppress a throaty moan.

And suddenly he was there, his lips crushed to hers in a fierce kiss, his hand sliding down to grip the back of her neck, his other arm wrapping around her waist. She moaned desperately as she kissed him with equal fervor, grasping at his shirt like a lifeline. She didn’t know what to do; her body was hot, her panties soaked, her body betraying her inmost secrets. Oh, she had fantasized about this for years, imagined being taken and used for a man’s pleasure. She had tried indulging those desires once, with an ex-boyfriend of hers. But he hadn’t known how to do it, hadn’t a clue how to take hold of all that she was and bring it to heel. They had broken up shortly after. But here Jim was, doing it effortlessly, playing her body like it was his own personal instrument. And what music he was making!

Jim pulled back, his forehead against hers, breathing deeply. He grinned as Lucy whimpered, darting forward for another kiss. But he denied her, pulling back with a laugh.

“Oh no, little girl,” he mocked, jerking her away by her hair. “You don’t get to dictate what you do or do not get. I do, bitch.” The word came out like silk, and she quivered rapturously.

He smirked again, studying her hungrily. He seemed to be considering his next move as he held her at arm’s length, ignoring her mewling whimpers. Then he nodded to himself and murmured, “Close your eyes, whore.”

She gasped, and stared at him pleadingly, her face the picture of whorish shame and abject need. He stared back, hard and unyielding, until she gave in with a whimper, hands clenching helplessly in her lap.

In the darkness, everything seemed amplified: the pounding of her heart, the smooth rasp of the leather seat on her bare legs, the cloying smell of her sex. She whined fitfully in the silence, her breathing ragged as she waited. She knew what Jim was doing, deliberately teasing her, making her suffer and stew. He was building the anticipation for his next step in breaking her. And fucking hell it was working. She froze as the sound of a zipper filled the car.

“Ready for a treat, bitch?”

Before she could reply, he was dragging her face down into his lap. She cried out, in fear, in ecstasy, but her cries were smothered by his dick as he buried himself in her throat. He held her there, shivering as she sobbed around him, overwhelmed by the emotions that battered at her. He laughed when she tried to pull herself away, and tightened his grip in response, holding her to the base of his cock.

“Oh no you don’t,” he muttered. “You’re going to take my dick like a good bitch.” He stroked her hair with one hand, the other keeping her in place. He held her like that for a few breathless moments longer before he decided she’d had enough. Lucy jerked away from him, coughing and gasping, spit hanging off her chin.

“You asshole,” she spluttered, fighting to hold back her tears. Jim’s hand on her saliva-soaked chin forced her to meet his gaze, and she felt her heart stop. He was smiling, an evil grin that made her cunt sizzle, and his eyes kept her locked in place more totally than if he had actually bound her.

“Oh yes, baby,” he murmured, stroking his cock slowly, “I’m the biggest asshole you’ll ever meet. I love that look you simpering whores get when I go from being all nice to putting you in your place. I love treating girls like you exactly how you need to be treated: rough,” he slapped her with his dick, eliciting a gasp. “Dirty.” Another slap, accompanied by a pleading whimper. “I love calling you every filthy name in the book, doing things to your body that you’ve only dreamed about, you sick little fuck. And even if you say you hate it, even if you tell me you want me to respect you, to treat you like a little princess, we both know that this is what you really want, you fucking slut!”

With that, he began to beat her face with his dick, smacking her cheeks hard, rubbing the head of his cock over her features, smearing his precum on her nose, her forehead, her eyelids. Lucy moaned, accepting everything he gave her, panting ravenously as he brutalized her. And when he grabbed her head and jerked his hips upward, driving his cock into her throat mercilessly, she opened her mouth wide so he could go as deep as he liked.

“That’s it, you fucking whore,” he growled, pumping wildly as she gagged around him. He slammed her to the base, lodging himself deep in her throat, roughly wrenching her head from side to side so that she gagged even louder. “Blow, whore,” he hissed, arching his hips against her mouth, trying to get as deep in her esophagus as possible. When she didn’t immediately respond, Jim reached underneath her and twisted her nipple savagely. Lucy screamed around him, spit exploding from her mouth. But with her face pressed against his stomach, all the saliva splashed back onto her, coating her chin and cheeks in her own drool.

Jim yanked her head off his cock, and the sudden reversal caused her to see spots. She gasped for air, trying to focus, but her mind was whirling. Finally, she closed her eyes and took a deep, shuddering breath, forcing herself to relax. When she opened her eyes, he was looking at her, a smug, condescending smile on his face.

“Aww, is it too much for you, little whore?” he sneered. “Can’t handle a little facefucking, hm? But you sure do look good, wearing your whore slime on your face like that.” She blanched, trying to imagine what she must look like with her spit slowly sliding down her face, a few ropes of saliva connecting her chin to his cock. She made to wipe it away, but he snapped, “Leave it, whore. For the first time tonight, you actually look like yourself: a nasty skank fucktoy, made to take cock in every hole, and loving every second of it. You should be proud of yourself, cunt.”

His words made her burn with shame, a shame that fed her lust and brought it to fever pitch. Lucy hung her head with a sob, trying to deny the fire in her pussy, the juices that streamed from her cunt. She knew she was everything he said she was, had known it for a long time. What else could she be, when her fantasies were filled with rough, degrading men taking her and humiliating her for their pleasure? But to hear him say it, to have him call her these things, and treat her like this…it was almost more than she could bear. But she knew: she would be lying if she said she wanted it any other way.

A rope of saliva slowly slipped from her chin as her shoulders bobbed and hit the leather seat with a wet plop.

“You fucking bitch,” Jim growled. “What the hell are you thinking, you stupid cunt, spilling your slime on the upholstery?!”

Lucy panicked, her eyes darting frantically from the spit on the seat to his outraged features. She scrambled to think what to do, but before she could decide, he had exited the car and was stomping his way to her side. The door flew open and she recoiled, terrified in the face of his rage.

“Please, Jim, I’m sorry, I-”

He cut her off by reaching forward and slapping her, once, twice. She began to cry, holding her hands to her reddened cheeks. With an impatient snort, Jim grabbed her by her hair and hauled her out of the car, glaring at her in disgust.

“Shut up, bitch,” he snapped, “stop your blubbering.”

Lucy tried to stem the flow of her tears, sniffling with eyes downcast. Jim’s face softened and he smiled, reaching up with the hand that wasn’t gripping her hair to stroke her quivering bottom lip with his thumb. She shuddered and opened her mouth slightly, and he pushed in, allowing her to suckle him.

“That’s my good girl,” he murmured soothingly, studying her disheveled features as she moaned softly around his digit. His smile grew as her eyes closed and she redoubled her efforts, practically inhaling his thumb into the back of her mouth, letting him tickle her throat. He considered fluttering his thumb back there, just to see if he could make her gag again, but then he saw something glistening on the seat she had been in.

“You sure are a messy bitch,” he laughed, leaning closer to take a look. She whimpered as his thumb left her mouth, and for a moment she tried to follow, lips open like a newborn babe seeking sustenance. Then his hand wrapped around her throat, and she fell back against the car with a gurgle. Jim’s face was hard again, and he was staring into the car, at her seat. A thrill of apprehension shot through her, and she shifted under his grip, her breath quick and strained as he choked her.

“What… the fuck… is that?” Jim breathed, his nostrils flaring.

“Jim… please, I can explain,” Lucy burbled. She quailed as he shot her a look, squeezing harder so that her face grew red from lack of airflow.

“C’mere, you bitch,” he growled, pulling her closer. She gasped and coughed as he released her in order to turn her around, facing into the car, and pushed her forward. She stumbled and threw her arms out to catch herself on the seat. Then she saw what had infuriated him: a puddle, almost covering the whole length of seat, glistening under the light of the dashboard. She gaped, amazed and horrified to realize that her juices had seeped out that much.

“Now where d’you suppose that came from, hm?” he whispered, his breath hot on her ear. She jumped at his closeness and flushed, shame and arousal licking at her. When she kept silent, he chuckled darkly. “Nothing to say, slut? Not going to make any desperate pleas for your innocence? Good. I wouldn’t believe you, anyway. Obviously you’re the biggest whore I’ve ever fucking seen!” he snarled, pushing her head down close enough that she could smell the musky scent of her juices. She breathed deep and shuddered as he continued. “Look at it, whore. That is quite the mess you’ve made there. And after such an enchanting evening, too.” He sighed. “What a rude bitch.”

Suddenly he forced her down, pushing her face right into the pool of cunt juice she had made. She gasped into the puddle, inhaling her own cream, and started hacking and snorting, desperately trying to breathe as bubbles formed and splashed against her face. She struggled against him, but Jim’s grip was too strong, and he pressed her down harder.

“Clean it up, you filthy bitch,” he snickered, grabbing her hair and dragging her face through the mess, using her head to mop it up. She squealed and cried out, kicking her legs at him, but he didn’t let up. Then she felt her foot connect, and the pressure of Jim’s hands relinquished. But before she could do more than lift herself a few inches above the pool, gasping for air, his hand was buried in her hair again, and he was yanking her roughly out of the car.

As Jim spun her to face him, Lucy realized how much trouble she was in. He wasn’t smiling now. There was no hint of amusement in his eyes as he scowled at her. She had noticed earlier how tall he was compared to her; then, it had been reassuring, being dwarfed by this man as they walked arm in arm. But now she was struck by his strength as he towered over her, silently promising no escape, no mercy. Her pussy flared at the thought, and she staggered against him.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, her eyes gleaming with tears.

He leaned down, eyes piercing hers until she dropped them to the ground, trembling as he hovered uncomfortably near. They could both smell her heady arousal, she knew. It clung to her cheeks like a perfume, and made her blush horribly beneath his gaze. His breath was hot and loud in her ear as he stood there, not saying a word, content to let her cower. Then he spoke, in a voice soft and sinister.

“You will be, cunt.”

With that he turned toward the opened car door and pushed the button to roll down the window. She watched, uncomprehending, as he rolled it about halfway, then turned back to her, his eyes hard.

“Hey baby, how was the first day?” I asked, as my girlfriend walked in through the door.

Jess and I had been dating for four years now. We just both graduated from college, and moved in together. She did Women’s Studies, and I did engineering. I found a great job as soon as I got out of school. Jess, however, had to resort to a retail job until she could settle for a new career.

“Meh, it went alright. The manager is more of a douche than I thought,” said Jess, setting her things down. She looked great in jean shorts, short enough that the white pockets stuck out from underneath. She was about five foot four, and light as a feather. She had 32C breasts, a very thin waist, and my favorite – a small, but tight, very round ass that turned heads everywhere she went. The shorts showed off her lightly tanned legs, and the tan looked great with her blonde, shoulder-length hair.

It was pretty easy for her to get a job at Abercrombie & Fitch.

“What happened?” I asked, offering her a glass of water.

“Nothing really, just his attitude,” said Jess, smiling at me. She tiptoed and gave me a kiss on my lips.

The second day at her job was no better, but no worse. She complained about her manager again, but she promised that it was something she could deal with.

“Mark is a bit rude, I don’t know how to tell you. He never moves out of the way when he’s in the way, that kind of person. He thinks he’s such a stud.”

The third day, I got home before her again. I cooked her some dinner, and waited till she got back home. I knew she was in a bad mood when she came through the door without saying a word.

“Whats wrong?” I asked.

“Black fucking shoes,” she shouted at me, “Mark put me in the storage the whole day, because I wore black shoes. These don’t even look bad! And I wasn’t allowed to touch my phone, so I couldn’t even text you. Mark put me in the storage room the ENTIRE day!”

Oh well, I thought. We ate dinner quietly and watched a show on Netflix.

In bed, she snuggled up to me.

“Will you give me a ride to work tomorrow and then pick me up, so you can kind of size up Mark? He’s treating me badly at work.”

I couldn’t say no. I gave her a smile and we fell asleep.

I was standing there, being mesmerized by Jess. She wore a small green t-shirt with a push-up bra, which was a little tight on her and made her tits look absolutely delectable. It flowed down and tightly hugged her hips, covering just a little of the top of her round bottom. She wore tight black leggings that rode up her butt, showing off both her little buttcheeks.

She tiptoed and gave me a kiss. I couldn’t help myself but to grab her ass and give it a good squeeze. She giggled, and happily skipped toward the door.

When we both got into the store, Mark gave her a glimpse, then told her to neaten up the display and then to work the register. Jess turned around and gave me a smile.

Mark was pretty well built. He was just above my height, but had a much solid build. His arms were huge. We exchanged a nod, and I introduced myself as Jess’s boyfriend. I hate to admit it, but I was intimidated by him. His handshake was much firmer than mine. It was as if I stuck my hand out to get squeezed by his iron claws.

After my work was done, I cooked some dinner and went to pick up Jess. I went there about fifteen minutes before the store closed.

“If you’re waiting to pick up Jess, you can’t wait next to the register. It’s bad for the business,” said Mark.

I sat on one of the couches. The stink of the store annoyed me. The attitude of Mark annoyed me.

From my angle, I could see Jess as she checked out the customers. Whenever there was a transaction, she turned around and removed the hangers from the shirts and the pants. She’d turn around, bend over a little bit as she worked on the clothes. The two guys who were in the line leaned forward, enjoying Jess’s little ass as it ogled. They grinned to each other.

“Hold on, I forgot to grab a few more,” said one of the guys as Jess turned back around. He hurried back with several more clothes.

And then they checked out Jess more as she turned around, removing the hangers.

“Oh wait, me too.” said the other guy, with more clothes. Jess was a little agitated, but gave them a smile and removed the hangers again.

“You guys are just playing with me,” said Jess, faking a smile at them.

“No we aren’t, promise.” said one of the guys, grinning at Jess.

“Actually, never mind these clothes,” said the other one, removing all the clothes that they brought after the register was started.

Jess sighed, and continued checking them out.

They were giggling to each other as they walked out of the store.

“What a fine little ass on that girl, man. I’d love to get my face between those,” said one guy.

“I’d destroy that girl, face and ass,” said the other.

I pretended like I didn’t hear them. It didn’t help that Mark in sight, eyeing me and shaking his head, warning me to not make a move.

“Jess, you’re going to have to re-shelve those before you leave,” said Mark, as he went back the storage. Jess, upset, stomped her feet as she grabbed the pile of clothes to restock.

The ride back was quiet. I tried to cheer her up.

“Man, those couple guys were assholes,” I said to Jess, looking over at her.

“Oh well,” said Jess, leaning back.

“Maybe a different job?” I asked.

“Nah, I can deal with it. It’s not easy to find a job these days.” said Jess, snuggling away from me.

A week had passed. Jess complained less, almost to nonexistent. I committed myself to my new job, but tried hard to support her too.

Due to our lack of conversations, I decided to surprise her at the end of her work. I wanted to pick her up and take her out to dinner. The store closed at 9 PM, so maybe a pub for us. We hadn’t had a date in quite a while.

I ran a little late. I should have texted her that I was coming.

The mall was closing when I got there. As I made my way into the mall, I noticed Jess’s car a few rows away. I was glad she didn’t leave already. Can’t surprise her if she’s not there to be surprised.

The store was closed already when I got to it. I must’ve missed her while coming in. I couldn’t have, though. The way I came in would most definitely be the way she would be going out. Maybe she decided to go to another store quickly before they closed.

I stood in front of the store, tugging at the door a couple times. It was definitely closed.

Then I noticed Mark sitting on the couch where I was sitting just a week ago.

His head was tilted back. His hand was bobbing up and down. Was this guy masturbating in the store? I chuckled to myself. Jess is going to get a kick out of this.

And then… There was the blonde hair. Was it blonde? It kept bobbing. Yup, definitely blonde…

I leaned in closer to the window.

Definitely blonde… Looks a lot like Jess, too.

Mark’s hands were gripping her hair tight, pulling it back into a ponytail, as she worked on his cock. He was pumping her head up and down on his cock like a jerk-off toy. His other hand… I followed it up, and it was against his lips. Our eyes met. He was shushing me with his finger.

Marked pushed away a clothing stand with his foot. I could see the girl’s entire back view now. She was on her knees, serving Mark like a king. Her shorts were off to the side, and she was wearing just a little pink thong. She was wearing a long-sleeved navy shirt. Everything looked so familiar… My heart dropped. My girlfriend, Jess, was this girl.

Mark stood up from his couch, his eyes going down to Jess, then up to me. He gave me a shit-eating grin as he grabbed Jess’s head with both hands and pumped away. He had no regard for Jess as he shoved his entire cock down her throat, in and out.

In and out, in and out… I watched as Mark fucked Jess’s face in and out. I watched as his hips thrust against Jess’s face, I watched his shit eating grin, then back down to Jess, then back up to Mark…

He then grabbed her head tightly. His mouth gaped open and his legs shook. He moved his hips slowly, squeezing out last bits of his cum and unloading them into my girlfriend’s mouth.

He wiped his drool and moved my girlfriend’s head down. She bowed down and started licking his balls. He sat back down in the couch. Jess scooted up, her head tilted to the side between his thighs, massaging his balls with her mouth.

Then I noticed Jess standing back up straight on her knees, her back arched back. She always had such good posture. She stood up, and put on her shorts. Her little ass wiggled side to side as the shorts slid up her hips. She walked to the back of the store.

I was dumbfounded. What the hell just happened? My lovely girlfriend of four years, sucking off her manager, what the hell? I should’ve been angry. I should’ve rammed through the door and punched this douche in the face.

Mark came to the door and opened it for me.

“Sorry about that, man.” He said, patting my back.

I stayed silent.

“Great cocksucker, though.” He said, holding the door open.

I followed in through. I could see the huge sweat mark on the leather couch. I could see my girlfriend’s saliva stains on the carpet.

“You should leave,” said Mark, apologetically.

I couldn’t say a word.

“She’s going to be done getting ready.”

I stood still.

“Fine, why don’t you go behind the register.”

Better than leaving and not knowing what went on.

I walked to the register and crouched behind it.

A few moments later, I heard Jess come back out.

“I gotta go now Mark, that was fun,” I heard her say. I heard a little kiss. Then a little spank.

“Ow, that hurt, haha,” said Jess, in her girly voice.

“Mmm, again, already?” I heard her whine.

I quietly moved to the side of the register. I could see Jess’s feet, now her legs.. okay, I could see both of them.

She stood against him, her hand at his pants, stroking the outline of his cock.

“Just a kiss, okay?” she said, getting on her knees.

And then Mark sleazily unzipped his pants, taking his cock out for my anxious girlfriend.

She popped the tip of his cock into her mouth, looking up at Mark as she suckled gently. Then she ran her tongue under his cock, giving it kisses all over.

“Really gotta go now,” said Jess, standing back up. Mark gave her ass a hard squeeze, making Jess squirm and giggle. Jess walked away, and I heard the door.

“You should go now too,” said Mark, tucking his dick back into his pants.

I stood up meekly.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” said Mark, giving me a pat on the shoulder this time. I looked at him. Still the same shit eating grin.

Jess was showering when I got home. I still couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. I sighed to myself and got ready for bed.

I couldn’t sleep at all. My girlfriend of four years, my beautiful, angelic wife-to-be sleeping next to me, with another man’s cock in her mouth…

What do I do? Do I break up with her and throw away everything we’ve built? I wasn’t ready for a break-up. I didn’t want my heart broken even more.

I stroked her hair away from her face, admiring her beauty. My hand slid down her sides and down to her waist, and slipped under her little thong.

“Stoppppp,” she whined, turning around. I grabbed her perfect little ass and gave it a firm squeeze, then turned back around.

I wished everything was back to normal.

Somehow, I comforted myself to sleep.

I woke up to Jess rustling her clothes. She was turned away, wiggling her ass in her little cute way, as she pulled up a pair of shorts over her round ass.

“Mmm, delicious,” I moaned out to her, reaching my arm out. She turned around and smiled at me. She walked coyly toward the bed, lifted up the comforter, and disappeared under it.

I could feel her little hands massaging my thighs. I stretched my back and brought my arms behind my head. Jess crept up to my boxers, and tugged it down gently.

I pushed my hips forward as I felt her lips surround my cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock, pulling her lips back and forth on just the tip.

Then she kissed down my cock, licking the underside as she went. I groaned as she suckled one of my balls into her mouth.

She still loves me, I thought to myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed her little tongue bathing my balls. I slid my hand under the covers and caressed what felt to me was her hair.

“More tonight when I get home,” she giggled as she ducked out of the covers and ran away.

I knew I should’ve stopped probing into my insecurity.

Somehow, I was at the mall again. I wanted to be wrong about Jess cheating on me. I wanted my memories to be wrong. I wished it was all a dream.

I walked slowly through the dead corridor of the mall. I was hesitant, but also confident. I was confident that yesterday was a dream.

I took a deep breath as I peered into the dark Abercrombie store.

Yup, it’s them again, I thought to myself.

I wanted to crawl into a hole.

This douche bag, Mark, was standing tall in front of Jess, who was on her knees. Mark had her head in both his hands, and was hammering away into her face. Her little hands were helplessly wrapped around Mark’s legs. I admired Jess’s back view. How does he keep getting her on her knees? She hates doing that.

And then he saw me, and gave me a grin. He pulled Jess’s face tightly into his crotch, and slowly ground his pelvis into her face. He did it slowly and deliberately, as if to put salt on the wound.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Mark was having the time of his life facefucking my sweet girlfriend. I wondered why Jess would do this with Mark.

Mark pulled Jess off of his cock by her hair, letting her catch her breath. He laughed out loud as he cockslapped her face. It was loud enough that I could hear his laugh from outside of the door.

He stroked his cock with one hand, while his other hand was placed on top of Jess’s head. His fingers were spread around as if he were holding a basketball. He said something to Jess, which made bow her body down lower and look up. He grinned and slapped her face a couple times, just firm enough to assert his dominance.

“Please, not on her face,” I begged inside as Mark sped up jerking his cock. He pushed down on Jess’s head again, and pointed his cock at her face.

Moments later, she stood up and ran to the back, her palms at her chin to stop Mark’s cum from running onto her clothes.

Mark sleazily pulled up his black briefs. I caught a glimpse of his cock. It was impressive to say the least.

He slowly made his way to the door, and opened it for me. Just like yesterday.

“Back again?” He sneered.

“Go there, she’ll be out soon,” he said, pointing to the register stand again.

“No, fuck you,” I said to him, then walked away.

I got home before Jess. She looked pristine, as if nothing had happened. She flashed me her wonderful smile, and asked me about my day.

“So how is your job?” I had to bring it up.

“It’s alright, kind of boring.” said Jess, not batting an eye.

“And your manager Mark?” I added.

“He’s still mean, and such a jerk. But I kind of noticed that he’s like that to everyone, and he’s just trying to do his job.”

“Ah, I see.” I stopped pressing onto her.

“Do you get a lot of the jerk customers?” I asked again.

“Hmm, maybe once every couple days, no biggie,” said Jess, giving me a hug.

The next morning, Jess was gone. I reminded myself that she had to go in early to prepare the shelves.

While eating cereal by myself, I got a phone call from a number that I didn’t recognize.

“Hello? Is this Jess’s boyfriend?” He asked.

“Uh, yeah, who is this?”

“Hey man! This is Mark from Abercrombie!” Somehow I could hear his grin from the phone.

I went silent for a moment. I was angry and curious at the same time. What the hell could he want from me?

“I got your number from Jess’s people reference in her application, they always put down their boyfriend first, funny huh?”

“What do you want?” I barked at him.

“Nothing much man, calm down. I just wanted to invite you and Jess to my party this weekend.”

My thoughts began racing. What was this guy up to…

“Anyway, I’ll tell Jess more about it. I’m sure you’d want to be there! A lot of hot girls, you’d definitely want to come, buddy.”

“I don’t want to go to your shitty-”

He hung up.

I couldn’t concentrate at work. My sweetheart was giving blowjobs to her manager pretty much daily! I’m sure she’d be bobbing on his cock again tonight. I wondered if I should go to her work again, to see them again.

I really wanted to win her back to be mine again. Only mine.

I spent two dull hours in my cubicle. My manager came by and congratulated me on doing an excellent job on my last project. He sensed something was wrong, and asked if I wanted to leave early. I replied that I was better off here than being at home.

I stared blankly at my computer screen. I couldn’t get the image of them out of my head. The way Mark ruthlessly used Jess’s mouth, the way Jess was so submissive to him, the way she lifted her heels and gave Mark a kiss…

My phone vibrated on my table. It was a FaceTime call… From Mark.

“Hey man,” he said, grinning at me. His voice blared throughout the office. I quickly found my earbuds and plugged it into the phone.

“Good idea, I got my earphones in too,” said Mark.

“What do you want?” I said quietly.

“Just wait,” said Mark.

He changed the camera so it pointed to the door instead of him. It seemed like he was in his office.

Then the door opened, and I saw Jess.

“What did you want, Mr. Manager?” said Jess, smiling.

She was wearing a thin, loose shirt with tight black leggings. I stared at the little gap between her legs as closed the door behind her, then stood in front of it. She always had such a nice posture.

“Come here, Jess, you little cocksucker,” grunted Mark.

Jess laughed, and slowly walked toward Mark. She swayed her curvy hips as she walked behind the desk near Mark, and then brought her finger to her lips.

“Yes sir?” said Jess, coyly. The camera panned down, capturing every inch of Jess’s sexy body. My heart dropped when it the camera went all the way down. Jess had her hand reached out and was gently massaging Mark’s erect cock.

“Suck it, you little slut,” said Mark, parting his legs. Jess soon came into the view, kneeling between Mark’s legs.

“Are you making a video of me?” Jess asked as she leaned closer to Mark’s cock. She tilted her head to the side and gently grazed Mark’s cock with her lips.

“Nah, I’m FaceTiming my friend Barry. He was horny at work, so I told him I had a little slut he could watch.”

“Psh,” said Jess, looking up into the camera. Her lips were still glued to Mark’s cock, now kissing its way back up to the tip.

“Introduce yourself slut,” said Mark. His hand came into the view and stroked Jess’s cheeks as she lovingly kissed the tip. I was impressed by the image quality of FaceTime. I could even make out his precum from his dick. That was, until Jess’s little tongue lapped out and licked it away.

Jess tilted her head again, and parted her lips around Mark’s thumb. It seemed so natural for her. She nursed on his thumb gently, with her eyes closed, then looking up at the camera.

“Hi Barry, I’m Jess,” she said, smiling.

Mark held his cock at the base, and slapped it down onto Jess’s face a few times.

“And?” said Mark.

“Annnnnd, I’m Mark’s little cocksucker.” She laughed as she said it.

My heart cringed as I heard those words.

“Barry says you’re a pretty girl,” said Mark. “Barry, Jess is a dirty little cocksucker.”

Jess pouted, then she suckled on the tip of Mark’s cock. Her big blue eyes looked up to Mark, then up at the camera. Her lips were obscenely stretched around Mark’s cock.

“Good little slut,” said Mark as he patted Jess’s face twice. I could make out a little smile from her despite the fact that she had a mouthful of cock.

“Wanna show Barry how good you are at deepthroating?”

*Plop* “Nope,” said Jess playfully as she licked up and down the sides of Mark’s cock. She was treating it as if it were a god.

I watched as Mark landed couple light slaps on Jess’s face. I cringed even more inside.

Mark grabbed Jess by her hair, and pulled her on top of his cock. As Jess hesitantly opened her mouth, Mark pulled her head down, shoving in almost half of his cock in one go.

My insides hurt when I heard Jess choke.

Mark pulled Jess’s head back, then back down. Up, down, up down, he made Jess take more of his cock into her little mouth every time he pushed her down. Jess’s hands were strained against Mark’s thighs, but it was no match for Mark getting what he wanted.

“Suck it, suck it, SUCK IT you little whore,” said Mark deviously as he facefucked my sweetheart.

Soon, Jess had stopped fighting. Her watery eyes looked up at Mark, and into the camera as Mark continuously forced Jess’s head down.

“Let her breathe, please,” I said into the phone.

Mark was a bit taken back. I doubt he expected to hear anything from me.

He pushed Jess down all the way. All I could see was Jess’s face buried in Mark’s pubes. Her big beautiful eyes staring up at Mark, begging for air.

Mark leaned forward, locking Jess’s head in between his stomach and thighs. The camera moved down Jess’s back. I saw Mark’s thick arms reach down and grab my girlfriend’s ass.

I could hear Jess choking in the background as Mark slowly kneaded my girlfriend’s perfect butt.

“Lift it up,” said Mark. Jess lifted her butt a little, which gave Mark a better grip on her ass.

“Fucking slut,” he said quite loudly, then gave a loud spank on Jess’s ass.

He finally let Jess breathe. She supported herself with both arms, looking down as she gasped for air.

Mark grabbed Jess by her hair again, and pulled it back.

“Suck my balls.” commanded Mark at my tired girlfriend. Jess looked up at Mark and nodded. Her chin was wet from all the saliva. There was no playfulness anymore. He had effectively destroyed her bubbly charm.

Jess crawled closer between Mark’s legs and suckled on his balls. He let his hard cock rest on her face as my girlfriend pleased his balls with her mouth.

“Barry says you’re a good cocksucker,” said Mark, complimenting my girlfriend. He gently pet my girlfriend’s hair, as if she were a little dog.

“Hey Barry, should I just finish or do you need to see more?” said Mark loudly. Jess looked up at Mark. She wanted to hear the answer too.

“J-just finish.” I said meekly.

“Finish it is,” said Mark, pulling my girlfriend up by her hair again. Jess fixed her posture and wrapped her lips back around Mark’s cock, and started bobbing her head like an obedient slut.

“Mmm, mmmmm,” moaned Mark as Jess swallowed his cock for him.

“Nothing quite like these big pretty eyes staring up at you when you pound her face,” commented Mark.

“Keep sucking it, Jessi-slut,” said Mark as he rested his hand on her head.

“So pretty, right Barry?” said Mark, taunting me.

“Look at this little slut mouth sucking my dick man, absolutely first class.”

“Alright man, I’m gonna cum soon, should I cum on her face and make her go out? Make her swallow? I can even cum down between those titties, that’d get her shirt all wet, though,” said Mark. Jess looked up to Mark and shook her head side to side.

“I’m getting close Barry, tell me where I’m gonna cum!”

“Barry! I’m gonna cum, and I’m gonna cum all over her pretty hair man! Don’t make me ruin this little hottie!”

“F-face!” I said urgently.

“Barry says face!” said Mark, pulling Jess off of his cock. He stood up in front of Jess as she looked upward, her little mouth open wide. Where the hell did she learn all this shit? She was never like this.

Mark stroked his cock fast and pointed at Jess’s face. It splattered on her pretty face. What a huge load, I thought. He just kept shooting stream after stream onto Jess’s face, shooting into her mouth, onto her face, down her neck, he was painting her with his cum.

“Clean, baby,” said Mark as he pointed his cock down at Jess’s face. Jess knelt a bit higher, and let Barry’s cock into her mouth. Her little tongue danced around the tip, sucking off the leftover cum.

“Did you like that Barry?” Mark said as he used his cock to push cum from Jess’s face into her mouth. Whenever he brought it to her mouth, she licked it off of his cock like it were honey.

“Barry liked it,” said Mark, laughing. My sweetheart smiled too, with face full of cum.

“Alright Barry, I gotta send this little slut back out now so she can make us some money,” said Mark. He kicked Jess while she licked his cock, making her look up.

“Bye Barry,” said Jess smiling at the camera.

I ran to the manager and took him up on his offer. I had cummed my pants.

Steven Harper groaned as he slammed his hand down on the snooze button of his alarm clock. Another day had begun.

The twenty two year old climbed reluctantly out of bed and headed for the bathroom to get ready for work. Steven was average in almost every way. Average looking, average height (if you were generous) and average personality. He worked for a construction company as the personal secretary to the boss and owner. It was a slightly unusual job for a male, and Steven regularly got a hard time from the other workers there, but in these tough times he was just glad to have a job full stop.

He got out of the shower, dried off, brushed his teeth and hair, clipped a couple of loose nostril hairs from his nose, sprayed on some deodorant and then got dressed. As usual he wore a pair of black suit pants and a bright red polo shirt with the construction company logo on the breast.

Steven considered his reflection in the bathroom mirror for a moment. His hairline was definitely receding too much for a twenty two year old, and his almost non-existent chin made him look weak. At least he had nice eyes, or so his ex-girlfriend Sally had always told him. Right up until she’d dumped him six weeks ago.

With a sigh, he left the bathroom, heading for the front door. Steven never bothered with breakfast, and usually grabbed a Starbucks coffee on his way to work.

In the lounge there was a rather busty young blonde woman tied to a chair wearing a set of lacy white lingerie. Her ankles and knees were tied with rope and her hands were handcuffed tightly behind her back. She was gagged with a black ball-gag and had a slightly wild eyed expression of alarm on her face when she saw Steven enter the room.

Steven paused, looking over at her. She was prettier than the models Angus usually used, and she had a decent sized rack on her. Steven’s room-mate Angus used their apartment for his work — photographing bondage models for some dodgy website.

Steven approached the tied up blonde and regarded her thoughtfully for a moment. Then he reached down and cupped her large, bra-clad breasts with both hands, giving the ample orbs an exploratory squeeze.

The girl gave a muffled moan of protest, the ball-gag doing its job and keeping her complaints hushed.

Steven groped her boobs for a moment more and then gave her a pat on the head before departing. She’d probably complain to Angus when he got back, but by the time Steven got home from work she’d be long gone.

Opportunities like that was the main reason Steven put up with his rather strange room-mate.

Following his typical daily routine, Steven took the number 16 bus to work, stopping at the Starbucks just down the street from the office to grab a coffee. As usual, he tried to hit on the pretty redheaded barista, and as usual, she shot him down.

He got to the office a few minutes early and printed off his boss’s diary for the day. Steven’s boss, Trevor Mason, owned Mason Construction. Steven had worked for Trevor for just over three years, and in general, he got on well with the middle aged, ex-builder.

In fact, aside from the jokes about male secretaries from the other workers, Steven really liked his job. The only thing he felt a little guilty about was when he had to cover for Mr Mason’s extra-curricular activities.

Trevor Mason had an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous wife called Lucy. Steven had met her only a couple of times, but each time he’d been stunned at how beautiful she was. However, despite his ridiculously attractive young wife, Trevor had, at last count, three girlfriends.

Unlike his rather average secretary, Trevor Mason was a remarkably handsome man, not to mention a rich one, which probably explained his constant success with the ladies. If anything, he was too successful for his own good, or at least the good of his marriage.

Steven himself couldn’t understand why Trevor would want to cheat when he had such a sexy wife, but he seemed to be unable to stop himself. The number of different women that Steven had seen come to visit Trevor over the past three years was astounding, each one more beautiful than the last, although, in Steven’s opinion, none quite as lovely as Trevor’s actual wife, Lucy.

Trevor had even asked Steven to rent an apartment for one of his current mistresses; a tall, leggy brunette called Mandy. Not only had Steven arranged the rental, he’d also had to hide the costs in the company books so that Trevor’s wife Lucy wouldn’t spot the money coming out of Trevor’s personal account.

When Trevor had made the request, it had made Steven feel quite uncomfortable, but with the economy in such a bad state, Steven couldn’t risk losing his job. Plus, knowing his boss’s dirty secrets had to help his job security right?

Steven was just getting to the bottom of his coffee when Mr Mason arrived at the office.

The usually immaculate Trevor Mason looked somewhat dishevelled this morning. He was unshaven and his rumpled shirt looked like the same one he’d had on the previous day. And, most unusually, he wasn’t wearing a tie. He always wore a tie.

“Steve. In my office. We need to speak,” he snapped as he breezed past.

Steven frowned, quickly gulping down the last dregs of his coffee and following Trevor into his office.

“What’s up boss?” he asked.

“Shut the door Steve,” instructed Trevor, running a hand through his short brown hair with obvious anxiety.

Steven pushed the door shut, feeling a little anxious himself.

Trevor glanced at his watch. “In the next hour or so you’re probably going to get a call from my wife,” began the handsome manager. “When she asks, I need you to tell her that Mandy is your girlfriend.”

Steven was startled, that was the last thing he’d been expecting. “My girlfriend?”

Trevor nodded. “This is very important Steve. You need to tell my wife that Mandy is with you.”

Steven frowned. “But why?”

Trevor sighed in frustration. “Shit Steve, you know how this goes. Lucy caught us.”

“You and Mandy? But what…”

“She got a photo. I don’t know how, but she did,” explained Trevor, he sounded a little frantic.

Steven was still a little lost. “How does me being Mandy’s girlfriend help?”

“It was just a photo of us going into Mandy’s apartment, nothing too incriminating. I told Lucy that it was your place. It was the first thing I could think of.”

“Oh… okay,” replied Steven doubtfully. He actually thought that with Trevor’s womanising ways, he might be glad to break up with his wife. Then he’d presumably be free to bang all the sluts he wanted to without having to sneak around.

“Worst case, you and Mandy might have to come to dinner with us. You know, pretend to be a couple and all that.”

Steven’s frown deepened. “I dunno. I’m not sure I’m too comfortable with that.”

“Damn it Steve!” snapped Trevor in irritation. “This isn’t up for debate. You’re telling her that Mandy is your girlfriend!”

Steven fidgeted a little, he wasn’t sure he was happy about lying straight to Lucy’s face, that was taking things a little too far. “Maybe you should just tell her the truth, or get one of the guys to be Mandy’s boyfriend.”

“Damn it Steve!” repeated Trevor, getting even angrier. “I’ve already told her that you and Mandy are together. There’s no going back here buddy. If you don’t do this, you’re fired.”

Steven’s eyes went wide. “I’m fired?” he asked incredulously.

Trevor nodded, his expression stern and determined.

“Okay,” Steven relented. “I’ll do it. I’ll tell her.” Steven figured that he’d already made plenty of excuses about Trevor’s activities in the past, telling Lucy that Trevor was at a meeting when he’d actually been humping the salesgirl from the office supply company in his office, or that he’d gone to Chicago on a work trip for the weekend when he was actually shacking up with Mandy in her apartment. Surely one more lie wouldn’t hurt.

“Good,” replied Trevor, clearly relieved. “Good. We can get through this.”

Trevor started pacing back and forth behind his desk. Steven had to admit he was somewhat surprised by his boss’s reaction. He always thought that Trevor didn’t care much for his wife, but apparently that was not the case. Or maybe he just didn’t want to go through a costly and messy divorce.

Trevor waved Steven out of his office. “Get back to work then, I’m going to get out of here. I’ve got a date with that hot little redhead from the coffee shop down the road.”

Steven’s mouth dropped open in surprise. The lucky bastard. Did he really even need a fourth girlfriend?

“Oh, and if you do have to pose as Mandy’s boyfriend in front of my wife, make sure you keep your hands to yourself. I don’t want you coping a feel.”

“Yes sir,” replied Steven sullenly as he went back to his desk. He couldn’t believe that Trevor had actually threatened his job like that.

Steven went back to work, coding up a bunch of invoices that had come in to get them ready for Trevor’s sign off. Trevor left the office about ten minutes later, once again reminding Steven what he was expected to do.

“If my wife suspects you’re lying, you’re fired,” were Trevor’s last words.

“Asshole,” muttered Steven once he heard his boss’s car pull away and he was certain Trevor was gone.

The twenty two year old male secretary stared at his phone for a few minutes, trying to mentally rehearse what he would say to Trevor’s wife Lucy.

Mandy was a beautiful girl, tall like a model, with the longest legs that Steven had ever seen. He remembered when he’d shown her around the apartment he’d leased for her and she had worn a tiny pair of cut-off jeans. Mandy’s long tanned legs had looked incredible in those skimpy little shorts, and when Steven had walked behind her up the stairs, they were so short he could almost see the lower slopes of her buttocks. He’d gone home feeling very jealous of his overly fortunate boss. It felt very weird that he was now going to be telling people she was his girlfriend.

Sure, Trevor had warned Steven that he wouldn’t get to cop a feel, but faking being a couple in front of Trevor and his wife could still be a bit of fun. He was sure he could wrangle a leg touch, maybe a quick kiss, or even a squeeze of that perfect ass of Mandy’s. He could just chalk it up as acting if Trevor got pissed at him. Besides, he deserved to get something out of all this, right? Other than keeping his job of course.

Steven’s musings were interrupted when the office door opened. He turned, expected to see that Trevor had left something behind (probably condoms or a dildo) and had returned, but to his surprise it was Trevor’s wife Lucy.

The sight of Lucy Mason took Steven’s breath away.

The stunning blonde was dressed in a dark grey business skirt, that was quite short, coming midway down her sleek, tanned thighs, but not so short to look slutty. The skirt clung tightly to her toned thighs and firm, round ass. Lucy’s white blouse was quite loose fitting, well everywhere other than across her expansive bosom were it was stretched taut. The gorgeous blonde looked even bustier than Steven remembered, there was a hint of her deep cleavage visible above the neckline of her blouse as she’d left the top button of her blouse unfastened and she looked sexy as hell.

“Is Trevor here?” she asked, coolly regarding Steven. Lucy Mason had never been particularly warm or friendly towards Steven, and today she seemed even more aloof than ever. But it was probably understandable, given what she’d just found out about her husband.

Steven swallowed. He knew he wasn’t a good liar, so having to lie right to Lucy’s face rather than over the phone was potentially disastrous. “Ah, no. He’s out at a meeting.”

Lucy nodded, walking across the room towards her husband’s office. “Come with me, I need to speak to you.”

Steven nodded nervously. He saw that she was carrying an envelope in right hand. Presumably that was the photo Trevor had mentioned.

He followed his boss’s wife into the office, unable to resist a lingering look at her sexy ass in her tight grey skirt. There was no obvious panty-line, and given the tightness of her skirt that meant she was presumably wearing a thong, or maybe even no panties at all. Steven’s mouth watered at the mental image of what he imagined Lucy Mason’s perfect ass would look like in a skimpy g-string.

“It’s Scott right?” she asked him as they entered the office. She closed the door behind him, not helping his nerves at all.

“Steven,” he corrected. You’d think she would know his name. He’d been working for her husband for over three years.

“Take a seat Steven,” she instructed.

As Steven sat down, Lucy perched herself on the edge of Trevor’s desk, crossing her long legs in front of her. The pose caused her short skirt to ride up even higher, displaying an ample portion of her elegant long legs. Steven noticed that she was wearing strappy, black high heeled shoes, and he could see her delicate toes and painted toenails poking from the end of them. Fuck, she was just insanely hot.

Lucy took a deep breath, the motion causing her ample chest to swell out, the buttons on the front of her blouse straining to contain her bosom. “I’ve got something terrible to show you,” she solemnly told him, starting to open the envelope she’d brought with her.

Steven took a deep breath himself, steeling himself for what was going to happen next. He wasn’t sure how he should react to the revelation of the photos, but whatever he did, it had to be convincing.

Lucy leant forward, handing Steven a large A4 sized photograph. As Steven took the photo, he couldn’t help but notice that as she leant towards him he got a great view down the front of her blouse at her impressive cleavage. He could even see a lacy white hint of her bra.

Steven tore his eyes away from the stimulating sight and looked at the photo. As expected, it showed Mandy and Trevor outside the apartment that Steven had arranged for her to rent. Trevor had one hand on the small of Mandy’s back, but nothing too incriminating as far as Steven could tell.

“I..I don’t understand,” he told her, trying to look confused.

Lucy nodded towards the photograph. “That’s your girlfriend right?”

Steven glanced down. Mandy looked gorgeous, not as beautiful as Lucy though. It was crazy that Trevor would cheat on his sexy wife.

“Yes, that’s Mandy. My girlfriend.” It felt peculiar to say out loud, and he prayed that he hid the weird feeling from his facial expression. Surely anyone could see that Many was way out of his league?

Lucy nodded. She looked almost determined now. Had she actually believed his lie?

To Steven’s surprise she pulled a second photo out of the envelope and handed it to him. This one depicted Trevor and Mandy kissing. It looked like it had been taken from outside, through the window of the apartment.

“W-what is this?” Steven’s surprise and confusion didn’t need to be feigned this time. Trevor hadn’t mentioned anything about a photo of them kissing, how was he supposed to explain that without making his boss look bad?

“There’s more,” said Lucy sombrely, handing him another three photos.

In the next one Mandy had her top off and Trevor’s face was buried in her cleavage. Then Mandy was on her knees sucking his cock, and finally they were both naked and Trevor was fucking her doggy style in the middle of the apartment’s lounge.

Steven went pale. His boss was screwed now. There was nothing Steven could say to talk Trevor’s way out of this.

He looked away from the photos back at Lucy. She was looking at him expectantly for his reaction.

“I…I can’t believe it,” he stammered, trying his best to look dismayed. He was feeling genuinely dismayed. Would he lose his job?

“The bastards,” said Lucy. “They’re cheating on us!”

Steven blinked. Had she said ‘us’? Then he remembered. Lucy still thought that Mandy was his girlfriend, despite the fact that she’d confirmed Trevor was fucking her.

“I can’t believe Mandy did this to me,” said Steven after a moment’s pause. There was no helping Trevor, but at least Lucy wouldn’t think he was trying to lie to cover up for her husband. All he could do now was to stick to his story.

“I’m so sorry,” Lucy reached forward to comfortingly touch Steven’s shoulder. It was the first sign of any warmth that he’d seen from Lucy ever. “My husband is such an asshole.”

“It takes two to tango.” Steven wasn’t sure if he was trying to shift some of the blame off Trevor, or if that would help him keep his job at all. Probably not.

Lucy sat back and gave a frustrated sigh. “I know. I’m so angry at him I could kill him.”

Steven decided to remain silent this time. He looked back down at the photo of Trevor and Mandy fucking, taking the chance to admire Mandy’s naked body. Damn Trevor was a lucky bastard.

“I bet you feel the same way,” Lucy continued.

Steven nodded. “The cheating bitch,” he growled, deciding to go with it. Maybe if he could get Lucy’s trust he could somehow help his boss out, and therefore improve his chances of continuing to get a paycheck.

“I’ve suspected Trevor of cheating on me for months now,” admitted Lucy. “But to see it like this… and with your girlfriend.”

“It’s a betrayal,” agreed Steven.

“They’re assholes!” snapped Lucy. “He’s going to pay for this. I’m going to take him for everything he’s got.”

Steven paused, that wasn’t good. He wasn’t sure what he could say to that without looking suspiciously on Trevor’s side.

Lucy continued. “I’m going to get him back for this,” she announced, her tone sounding dangerous. “He’s going to regret the day he cheated on me.”

Steven nodded. “Revenge,” he added, trying to go along with her.

“We should get revenge,” nodded Lucy in agreement, clutching on to Steven’s choice of word.

Steven nodded, starting to feel a little uncomfortable. She wasn’t going to ask him to help cut up Trevor’s clothes, or spray paint his car or something was she? He wasn’t sure how that would help his job prospects.

Lucy’s eyes narrowed as she looked thoughtfully straight at Steven. The nervous twenty two year old squirmed slightly under her scrutiny. Was she on to him?

“I know exactly what we’ll do,” declared the sexy blonde at last.

“What?” asked Steven, a slightly sick feeling in the bottom of his gut. This might not end well.

“We give them a taste of their own medicine.” Lucy had an wicked looking grin on her face.

Steven frowned. “I’m not sure I understand.”

Lucy nodded towards the photographs. “We make some photos of our own.”

Steven looked down at the photos in his hands, seeing Mandy on her hands and knees and Trevor behind her, both of them naked. Suddenly Steven realised what Lucy was suggesting, or at least he thought he did.

“You…you mean me and you…?” his question trailed off as he looked back up at Lucy. She was nodding resolutely. Steven swallowed.

Lucy glanced around the office. “Trevor keeps a camera around her somewhere right?”

“Uh, yeah… for photographing worksites.” Steven got up and went over to the cupboard on the side of the office, opening it up and taking a digital camera from the shelf.

Lucy still had her wicked grin. “Does that thing record movies as well.”

Steven frowned down at the camera, trying to keep his hand from shaking. “Yeah, it does.”

“Perfect,” whispered Lucy.

“Um…Mrs Mason?”

“Call me Lucy,” she replied.

“Yeah, um… Lucy, I’m not sure this is such a good idea,” he lamely tried to protest.

Lucy was determined though. “Of course it’s a good idea. It’s a least of what those two deserve for cheating on us.”

“I know, but, my job…”

Lucy sighed. “Don’t you worry about that. I’ll make sure Trevor doesn’t fire you. He wouldn’t dare cross me after this.”

Steven swallowed, he wasn’t completely convinced, but at this point he didn’t really have the courage to argue with her. Plus, he was more than a little curious about how far she was planning to go with this revenge.

“So, um, how do we want to do this?” asked Steven awkwardly.

Lucy took a long look at Steven, her eyes flicking up and down his body. She had a slight look of distaste on her face. “Um… yes. I… er… guess we start with a photo of us kissing.”

Steven’s throat went dry. “Okay,” he croaked. He could hardly believe he was going to actually get to kiss the gorgeous woman in front of him. And potentially do some other things to her as well.

Lucy uncrossed her long legs and stood up off the edge of the desk. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she muttered under her breath as she approached her husband’s chinless male secretary.

“Er..shall I just hold the camera out at arms-length?” Steven asked uncertainly. He felt a little unnerved as the busty blonde stood right in front of him. He was suddenly and acutely aware of just how sexy she looked. Was she really going to kiss him?

Lucy grimaced impatiently. “Sure, whatever.”

As Steven extended his arm out sideways, aiming the camera back towards them, Lucy moved even closer, reaching out and holding Steven by his hips. She leant forwards, tilting her head slightly as their lips came together.

Steven resisted the urge to moan in appreciation as Lucy’s ever-so-soft mouth pressed gently against his. He also had to resist the urge to push his tongue into her mouth, keeping their awkward kiss chaste.

Steven could feel the heat off Lucy’s body, only inches from his, and his nostrils flared slightly at the intoxicating scent of her perfume.

He clicked the button on the camera and the flash lit up. There was an electronic clicking noise as he took the photo.

“Let’s take a look,” said Lucy eagerly as they broke off from their reluctant kiss. She took the camera from Steven and critically regarded the results. “You got the angle wrong, it needs to be a little lower.”

She handed the camera back to Steven and they repeated the process. This time as their lips touched, Steven felt Lucy’s ample chest touch lightly against his, the firm peaks of her breasts felt wonderful brushing against him. This time he couldn’t help but moan slightly as their lips met.

When they broke apart, Lucy once again examined the photo. She made a face as she looked at the picture. “Better… but it’s not going to make Trevor jealous. Needs more passion.”

Steven took a breath, his cock was already starting to stir inside his pants. Once again he held out the camera and Lucy moved close for the kiss. This time, as their lips touched, he felt Lucy’s lips part and her tongue slip cautiously into his mouth.

Steven gave a small groan and kissed her back, his own tongue meeting hers and tasting her delicious kiss. Steven put his free arm around Lucy and pulled her body in against his, enjoying the feel of her heavy breasts flattening against his chest.

There was still no passion or ardour in their kiss. It felt weird kissing someone who didn’t really like you, but for some reason Lucy’s reluctance turned Steven on, and her tongue tasted fantastic in his mouth. He clicked the camera, taking a third photo.

“Much better,” decided Lucy as she scrutinised the results.

“What next?” asked Steven.

“I’m not sure,” replied Lucy, looking over at the photographs of Mandy and Trevor that were now lying on top of Trevor’s desk.

“How about you take your shirt off?” suggested Steven, deciding to push his luck. He was very keen to see what Lucy’s big tits looked like, and he’d never get another chance like this.

Lucy appeared a bit reluctant. “I guess I could do that…”

“It’s going to take more than kisses to piss Mandy and Trevor off,” Steven reminded her.

Lucy nodded, once again looking determined. “Trevor does like my boobs,” she admitted. “Seeing someone else’s hands on them will definitely piss him off.”

Steven swallowed; she was actually going to let him touch her breasts?

The male secretary’s eyes went wide as Lucy reached up and began to unbutton the front of her blouse. As each button parted, more and more of Lucy’s large, bra-clad breasts were revealed. Lucy’s bra was a lacy, white one, that was slightly transparent and Steven could just make out the dark circles of her areolas through the sheer lace.

Lucy’s breasts looked even bigger with her blouse gone and Steven almost moaned audibly at the sensational sight.

“Wow,” he breathed, lifting the camera clicking off a photo of Lucy’s chest.

Lucy frowned. “Get a photo of you touching them.”

Steven swallowed. “Oh man.” He reached out with his left hand, it trembled slightly as his fingertips touched the lace of Lucy’s bra. He gave a small moan as he cupped Lucy’s ample breast in his palm, feeling the warmth and generous size of her full boob.

Leaving his hand holding Lucy’s right tit, he lifted the camera and clicked off a couple shots. He then gave Lucy’s breast a small squeeze, causing her to gasp slightly in surprise. The squeeze wasn’t strictly necessary for the purpose of the photo, but there was no way Steven was letting the opportunity slip past him.

Lucy’s breast felt amazing. It was so big, more than filling Steven’s palm, and when he’d squeezed it, it had felt so firm and yet at the same time soft, it was hard to describe. Unable to resist, he slid his hand over to Lucy’s other tit and gave it a squeeze as well. He didn’t bother taking a photo this time.

“Let’s have a look,” said Lucy, pushing his hand off her boob and grabbing the camera from him to check the shots. She smiled at the results. “Good. Trevor’s going to be jealous.”

It had been far too brief for Steven’s liking, Lucy’s tits had felt amazing and he would have loved to have played with them for hours.

Keeping her blouse off, Lucy went over to Trevor’s desk to look at the photos of Trevor and Mandy.

“Are we finished?” asked Steven after a couple of moments.

Lucy hesitated a moment. “No,” she replied, much to Steven’s relief. “We’re nowhere near finished.”

Lucy turned back around and approached Steven again. “I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this…” She shook her head. “Okay Steven. That camera can film movies right?”

Steven nodded, wondering what the nearly topless blonde had in mind.

“Good, start recording,” Lucy reached out and started to undo Steven’s belt.

Steven was taken by surprise and pulled away from her. “What are you doing?”

“Come on Steven,” urged Lucy. “You want to get back at your cheating girlfriend right?”

“Uh… sure. Okay.”

This time Steven let the beautiful blonde undo his belt and then unzip and open up the front of his suit pants. As she pushed his trousers down around his ankles, he turned the camera onto movie mode and started to record her, filming her hand as it reached inside the waistband of his underwear.

“Oh God!” groaned Steven as he felt Lucy’s cool fingers close around his semi-erect penis. She drew out his cock and gave it a squeeze as the camera recorded her manipulations. He couldn’t believe that this absolutely gorgeous and sexy older woman actually had his cock in her hand.

“Make sure you film my face too, so Trevor knows it’s me playing with your cock,” instructed Lucy. Steven’s prick twitched in her hand as she said the word ‘cock’.

Steven panned the camera up to show Lucy’s face as she stroked his cock in her hand. Her expression was a cross between focussed determination and mild aversion to the task she was undertaking. He slowly guided the camera lens back down over Lucy’s curvaceous body, pausing to get a good shot of her ample bra clad breasts.

Steven was unable to resist, so reached out and gave each of Lucy’s tits another squeeze, before moving the camera back down to her hand on his prick.

Her right hand was gripping Steven’s now fully erect shaft and pumping rapidly, the motion causing Lucy’s big tits to jiggle inside her bra. Lucy reached out with her left hand and cupped Steven’s tight testicles, gently stroking the sack of his scrotum with her fingertips.

“Ah, fuck that feels good Mrs Mason,” he groaned. If he’d been told that morning that he’d be getting a handjob from his boss’s stunning wife he would never have believed it.

As he recorded Lucy jerking him off, Steven reached up with his free hand towards her breasts yet again. He just couldn’t keep his hands off her spectacular melons. He licked his lips as his fingers sunk deep into the lace of her bra, the upper part of her tit welling up as he squeezed.

Steven ran his thumb over the dark circle of Lucy’s nipple, tracing around it through her bra and feel it stiffen slightly under his touch. As he squeezed her breast again, he looked up at Lucy’s face. She was turned away from him, looking at the clock on the office wall as her fist rapidly pumped his hard cock.

Steven was a little annoyed that she wasn’t looking at him, almost as if she was completing a distasteful chore. In an attempt to get her attention, he gave Lucy’s right nipple a hard pinch.

“Ow!” she yelped, pausing her stroking of his cock and shooting him an annoyed glare. “Careful.”

“Sorry,” Steven apologised, inwardly kicking himself. What was he thinking? Here he had the most beautiful woman he’d even seen playing with his dick and he was trying to get her to look his way? He prayed he hadn’t messed up his chance to a little further with her.

“I think we’ve got enough footage of that,” said Lucy. She looked down at his erection, which she was still holding in her soft hand. She took a deep breath as she suspiciously regarded him. “Did you have a shower this morning before work?”

Steven frowned, why was she asking him that? Did he smell? “Er.. yeah…”

Lucy nodded. “Okay then… here goes nothing.” She knelt down at his feet and Steven suddenly realised that things were about to get a hell of a lot more interesting.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this,” muttered Lucy, she was face to face with the twenty two year old’s erection. Steven could barely believe it either. “You’ve got a lot to answer for Trevor you son of a bitch.”

With that, Lucy leant forward and licked the end of Steven’s knob. The touch of her wet tongue on the head of his cock made it lurch in her hand and Steven let out a deep groan of pleasure. Lucy made a dismayed face at the taste of Steven’s cock, but still leant in for a second lick. Once again Steven gave an agreeable groan at the touch of her tongue.

Steven zoomed in with the camera as Lucy nibbled her way down the side of the hard shaft of his penis, her tongue flicking out and licking across his scrotum, juggling the tight sack of his testicles.

“That’s so good Mrs Mason,” breathed Steven as Lucy ran her tongue up along the underside of his cock, swirling around the tip of him before finally plunging her mouth down over his cock.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned as he felt his hard cock slide across Lucy’s twitching tongue and lodge deep inside the blonde’s sucking mouth. “Oh God!” he moaned. Lucy’s lips were stretched around his shaft, and her cheeks hollowed as she gave his cock a long, deep suck, swirling her tongue around the underside of his shaft.

Lucy gave a muffled moan as she bobbed her head a few times, sliding the tight seal of her lips back up to the head of his cock and then plunged down again, sucking him deep into her wet mouth. It felt absolutely incredible, and the sight of her gorgeous face stuffed with his cock was amazing.

Lucy reached up and firmly grasped the lower part of Steven’s shaft as she retreated to lick the head of his cock, swirling her tongue around the tip of his trembling manhood. The busty blonde pushed her mouth back down over his cock, and as she started to bob her head over him, her hand worked the bottom part of his throbbing pole.

“That’s so good,” breathed Steven as she sucked him off. “You’re such a good cocksucker.”

Lucy’s mouth popped off the end of his dick and she stroked him a few times in her soft hand. “Do I give better head than Mandy?”

“Much better,” confirmed Steven, even though he had no idea what Mandy’s blowjobs were like. He wouldn’t have minded finding out actually. Just for comparison purposes of course.

Steven’s hips rocked forward as he pushed his cock back into Lucy’s mouth and she immediately began to suck, her talented mouth sending waves of pleasure through Steven’s hard shaft and churning testicles.

“Fuck that’s good,” breathed Steven as Lucy sucked forcefully on his cock as he thrust into her mouth. “Can you deep throat?”

Lucy pulled off his cock again, looking up at the young man in surprise. “No… I’ve never really tried.”

Steven grinned and spun the camera around to film his own face. “I bet you’d love to feel your entire cock buried in your beautiful wife’s throat, wouldn’t you Trevor? But because you fooled around on her, you’ll never get the chance to. But I will. Lucy’s going to deep throat me now.”

He pointed the camera back down at Lucy, who was kneeling at his feet looking slightly alarmed at the announcement he’d just made.

“You can do it Lucy,” he told her encouragingly. “This’ll make him really jealous.”

Lucy swallowed and nodded, using her tongue to wet her lips as she mentally prepared herself to swallow Steven’s entire hard cock. “Here goes nothing,” she whispered as her mouth moved back down over the young man’s erection.

Steven gave a murmur of appreciation as the tight noose of Lucy’s lips slid down his shaft, immediately taking about two-thirds of his length into her mouth, the head of his cock nudging right against the back of her mouth. Lucy’s nostrils flared as she breathed, her lips stretched wide around the circumference of his hard shaft.

Lucy pushed down with her mouth and Steven felt the tip of his cock push into her throat. Suddenly the gorgeous blonde gagged and fell back, coughing and breathing heavily.

“That was so close,” said Steven.

“I can do this,” replied Lucy in determination as she once again licked her lips and then lowered them down onto his hard cock, sucking him back into her mouth ’til he hit the entrance to her throat.

Lucy took a deep breath through her nose and then pushed down, relaxing her throat. This time Steven took hold of the back of her head with his free hand and pushed forward with his cock at the same time.

“Fuck yes!” groaned Steven as Lucy’s lips touched the very base of his rock hard dick, her nose buried in his pubic hair and her chin against his balls.

Steven held her head in place for a few seconds, and then released her, her mouth coming off his cock with a popping noise.

“I did it!” gasped Lucy, looking very pleased with herself. She almost looked as though she’d forgotten who’s cock she was deep throating.

Without needing any word of encouragement from Steven, Lucy’s mouth almost eagerly plunged back down on his trembling cock, sinking right down his shaft, all the way to the base, where she shook her head slightly, rubbing her nose against his stomach.

Steven gave a lustful groan and grabbed Lucy’s head and started to thrust his hips, pumping his erection furiously in and out of her incredible mouth. Every few thrusts, he would bury himself completely in her mouth and throat, and her tongue would lick around the base of his shaft, right up near his balls. The feeling of being completely enveloped by her sexy mouth was amazing.

Lucy let the younger man fuck her willing mouth for a few minutes, his dick thrusting forcefully between her lips and his balls slapping against her chin. Eventually she had to push him off, before he exploded.

“That was amazing,” murmured Steven, his cock was glistening with her saliva. It truly was the best blowjob he’d ever experienced.

Lucy, still wearing her bra and skirt, got to her feet. “We need to fuck now.”

Steven’s eyes went wide at this. He was just grateful to be getting a blowjob, he hadn’t expected that Lucy would want to take it that far. “Are you sure?”

Lucy gave him a frustrated sigh. “Yes, I’m sure!” she snapped. She unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing more of her long, slender legs and a lacy white g-string.

Steven placed the camera down on the edge of the desk, pointing it towards them so he would have both hands free to enjoy Lucy.

As Lucy peeled off her g-string and kicked it aside, Steven quickly closed the gap between them, once again reaching for her ample breasts and squeezing them through her bra.

Lucy gave an exasperated sigh as the eager young man squeezed her big tits through her bra. “Hang on, I’ll get them out,” she told him, reaching behind her back to unclip her bra. The lacy, white cups fell away, unveiling Lucy Mason’s ample tits in all their naked glory.

“They’re perfect,” breathed Steven, staring in awe at Lucy’s exposed knockers. They were firm and round, swelling out from her chest like two large melons, topped by small, hardened nipples.

Steven slid his hands up Lucy’s sides, cupping the lower sides of her ample breasts and lifting them upwards and at the same time squeezing the orbs together so that her cleavage welled up invitingly. Lucy gasped in mild surprise as Steven bent forward and buried his face in her deep cleavage, moaning as he ran his tongue over the mountainous expanse of her bosom.

“So good…” mumbled Steven, his words lost in Lucy’s bust. He turned his head and sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around her areola and feasting hungrily on the ample globes.

As Steven rubbed his face against Lucy’s naked tits, he reached around behind her to squeeze her firm ass, and full her lithe body up against his. Steven moaned as he licked Lucy’s nipple and rubbed his erection against her firm thigh.

“Hurry up and fuck me,” urged Lucy, reaching down and pulling the young secretaries face up from her cleavage.

Steven gave Lucy’s round buttocks a firm squeeze, one in each hand. His throbbing erection was yearning to be inside her. “Good idea,” he breathed.

“Wait,” Steven said, suddenly changing his mind. “Can I please get one more go in your mouth before we fuck?”

Lucy hesitated, and the look on her face told Steven he was pushing her luck. It looked for a moment like she was going to refuse him and he might have even blown his chance to have sex with her. Then Lucy glanced over at the still-filming camera and her face softened.

“Okay, fine. But make it quick,” the naked blonde relented as she reluctantly knelt down on the office floor again.

“Brilliant, thank you,” said Steven as he took hold of her head in both hands and lined his erection up towards her mouth. He had never been deep throated before today and he was determined to make the most of the opportunity.

“Ahh!” he gave a long groan of pleasure as he pushed his cock back into Lucy’s wet mouth, feeling her tongue slide smoothly over the underside of his erection and the head of his cock nudge into the back of Lucy’s mouth. “That feels so good,” he breathed as he began to saw his hips, pumping his cock slowly back and forth between her perfect, ovalled lips.

“Okay,” whispered Steven, pausing with his cock mostly extracted from her mouth. Lucy teasingly swirled her tongue around the head of his prick causing him to groan. “Take it all again Mrs Mason.”

Lucy gave a brief nod and then let the twenty two year old push his cock back into her mouth. This time, when Steven hit her throat he pushed harder, his erection forcing it’s way right into her throat and Lucy’s lips sliding right to the very base of his cock.

“Oh, fuck yes, suck it all!” grunted Steven. He gripped tighter onto Lucy’s hair as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, facefucking her.

Lucy gagged slightly as Steven repeatedly rammed his cock into her throat, but he didn’t miss a beat, the steel rod of his erection hammering lustfully between her lips. Lucy’s nostrils flared as she did her best not to choke while the horny young man used her mouth for his pleasure.

“Is this his house?” asked Carmen, stopping the car.

“Yup…” said Adriana meekly.

“Want me to come with you?” said Carmen, holding Adriana’s hand.

“I don’t know… I don’t know if I’ll have to stay here for longer… Maybe he’ll want something from me…” said Adriana, dropping her head.

“You sure he’s home? The lights aren’t on… Then again, it is midnight.” said Carmen with a concerned voice.

In her small hands, she held a mason jar. The jar was full of cum. It was her assignment from her dad’s boss. It meant her dad keeping his job.

Carmen leaned over and gave Adriana a kiss on the lips, sucking on her lip gently. Adriana returned the kiss. It felt natural now to show affection this way after their night together.

“I’ll wait here.” said Carmen, putting the car in park.

The little eighteen year old brunette stepped out of the car, and walked to the door. She stepped back after knocking at the door. Moments later, she knocked again.

Adriana looked over at Carmen. She was motioning for her to come back to the car.

“I guess he isn’t home,” said Adriana. She felt relieved that she wouldn’t see Jerry, her dad’s boss, but also a huge knot tied in her stomach, because she didn’t get the jar to Jerry on time.

“I’ll drop you off at home,” said Carmen.


Adriana put on the hoodie that Carmen gave, and tucked the jar into the big pocket. She was glad to have such a great friend. She fixed up using the screen door as a mirror, and then stepped into her house.

“Hey dad, I’m home!” shouted Adriana, taking her shoes off.

“Hey baby, we’re in the kitchen!” her dad replied.

Adriana peeked her head into the kitchen. She almost shrieked.

Her dad’s boss, Jerry, was sitting at the dinner table with her dad.

“Hey Adriana, long time no see.” said Jerry, giving her a wink.

“Hi sir,” said Adriana, nervously. Her heart pounded, and her knees shook.

“How’s school? Has it started yet?”

“Nope, not yet, sir.” said Adriana, nervous inside.

“Come sit down with us and have a drink. Matthew, she can drink, right?” said Jerry.

Adriana glanced at her dad, who was nodding in agreement. She pulled the chair next to her dad and sat down.

“She’s turning into a beauty, Matthew,” said Jerry, opening another beer for Adriana’s dad.

“She sure is,” said Matthew. Matthew noticed how Jerry was checking out Adriana. His cock stirred, imagining how much Jerry would want to fuck Adriana’s tight body. He saw Jerry’s signature on Adriana’s sponsor sheet for sure earlier, though. He wondered why they were pretending to not have met.

“I bet you have quite a following at school, Adriana. I bet you get chased around by boys all day,” said Jerry, grinning ear to ear.

“No, not really,” said Adriana, her face blushing.

Matthew sensed a bit of tension in the room between the two. The knowing smile from Jerry, Adriana being unusually shy, he figured something must be up. In his drunken day-dream, he imagined Jerry giving Adriana a good brutal assfucking.

“Well, I need to use the bathroom… Excuse me,” said Matthew, standing up. Adriana noticed how drunk her dad was, having trouble even standing up from the chair. She watched silently as her dad left the kitchen, leaving just her and Jerry.

Jerry was just staring at her from across the table, still grinning from ear to ear.

“I got the jar full,” said Adriana in a whispering voice. She couldn’t look at Jerry.

“Good,” said Jerry. He stood up, and walked around the table to Adriana. He placed his hand on her head, stroking her hair gently.

“Did you like doing it babe?” said Jerry, his thumb massaging Adriana’s lips.

Jerry brought his other down to his zipper and pulled out his half-hard penis, then guided Adriana’s lips to his cock. Adriana reluctantly opened her mouth, letting Jerry’s push his cock in.

“Good girl…” Jerry sighed, his hand firmly against the back of Adriana’s head, guiding her. His thick fingers gently massaged the back of her head, pulling her head toward his cock as Adriana serviced him.

“Look up baby,” said Jerry, pulling Adriana’s hair down behind her head. He enjoyed watching his cock disappear into the eighteen year old cheerleader’s warm, wet mouth.

“I was getting ready to fire your dad right here. I had to make it personal, seeing how loyal he has been to me… Keep looking up, Adriana.” said Jerry, pushing his cock all the way into Adriana’s mouth, pressing her face into his pubes.

“I think I’ll reconsider, now that you’re here, to make up for what he’s doing to my company…” said Jerry with a grin, holding Adriana’s head tighter, fighting her gagging convulsions.

“I own you, whore.” said Jerry, slapping her face just hard enough to stop her from fighting him.

“Nod.” said Jerry, looking down at Adriana’s blushed, begging face.

Adriana nodded fast, her big teary eyes looking up at Jerry. Jerry let go of Adriana’s head. Adriana fell back down in her chair, gasping.

“Suck my balls.”

Adriana bowed her head below Jerry’s cock, and wrapped her lips around Jerry’s heavy balls. Her tongue massaged the wrinkles as her lips pulled back and forth, sucking on them.

“Little cumdumpster,” said Jerry, as he petted Adriana’s head.

When they heard the toilet flush, Jerry zipped up his pants, and went back to his seat. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small paper envelope. He tore it open, and then let the white powdery content fall into Matthew’s beer glass.

“What is that?” said Adriana, concerned about her dad’s drink.

“It’ll help him sleep.” said Jerry.

Matthew stumbled back to his seat after his long leak in the bathroom.

“I didn’t miss anything, did I?” Matthew said with a grin, raising his glass and nodding at Jerry. He glanced at his daughter. Her face was flushed red.

“Not at all,” said Jerry, “I was just asking Adriana about the boys at her school. I guess it doesn’t take much to make a little girl blush.”

Matthew and Jerry laughed, and drank their beer. They talked about work while Adriana sat quietly in her chair.

“Well, Jerry, I know it’s not good to rush your guests out, but I’m seriously feeling the alcohol now. I need to go to bed…” said Matthew, mumbling to himself. He tried to stand up, but then fell back into his chair.

“Here, let me help you.” said Jerry, assisting Matthew. Jerry supported Matthew all the way to the master bedroom.

Adriana waited, sitting still, her heart racing.

She watched intently as Jerry slowly walked over to the couch, and sat down.

“You should clean up that table, Adriana.” said Jerry.

Adriana quietly got up and started gathering the empty bottles.

“Bring a plate on here when you’re done, along with that jar.” said Jerry, eyeing up and down Adriana. He loved the curves on this girl. Adriana had a small petite body, but her breasts were slightly on the bigger side. She was wearing a tight, low-cut shirt that stopped halfway over her ass, and leggings that left little to imagination.

Jerry unzipped his jeans again, and took out his cock. He stroked it while waiting for Adriana.

“On your knees, here.” said Jerry, parting his legs. As soon as Adriana sat, he pulled her toward him by his hair, and shoved his cock into her mouth. Adriana closed her eyes tightly as Jerry gave her a rough face fucking. Jerry stood up from the couch, pinning Adriana’s face into his legs, bent over her, grinding his cock as deep as he could into Adriana.

Adriana, unable to breathe, fought with Jerry with her arms, slapping his legs and pushing him away. Jerry toyed with her, pulling out an inch slowly but then pushing it back in even harder.

“Shhh baby, it’s okay, it’s okay,” whispered Jerry as he kept Adriana in her place, fucking Adriana’s mouth slowly, not letting her breathe at all. His hard cock throbbed in Adriana’s throat, expanding in the airway and filling it completely. He savored the warm, wet texture of Adriana’s throat on his cock.

“Adriana, Adriana,” whispered Jerry as he slapped Adriana’s cheeks. She weakly fought to keep her eyes open as Jerry continued to saw his cock back and forth in her throat. Jerry grinned at the little girl’s demise. He pulled his cock out all the way, and sat back down in the couch, leaving Adriana gasping for breath.

“Good girl,” said Jerry, looking down at Adriana while she sobbed. Not a full ten seconds later, his fingers were again gripping her hair, and leading her back onto his cock.

And just like last time, Jerry used Adriana’s throat slowly, deliberately blocking her airway the entire time, only moving back and forth an inch or two. Jerry didn’t need to hold her as tightly anymore. He gently massaged Adriana’s cheeks, enjoying her begging, teary face, as she obediently allowed her mouth to be used.

“You’re being a very good girl, Adriana,” said Jerry as he petted her hair. Adriana kept her head still while Jerry slowly pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. He let her go.

Adriana’s face was a mess from all the tear and saliva that had gathered up.

“Please stop,” begged Adriana, her arms tight against Jerry’s thighs as Jerry placed his hand on her head again. She pushed against Jerry’s pull, begging for mercy.

Her hands went weak as Jerry glared at her. She slowly brought them back down on her lap. Jerry slapped her face, showing her who was in charge here. Then he slapped her face again, then again. Adriana wobbled on her knees, her head dizzy from getting smacked.

“I’m sorry, please, I’m sorry sir,” cried Adriana, sniffling and sobbing as she stayed on her knees. Her dad was just down the hall, passed out in his bed, while his boss was raping her little mouth.

“Suck it. Keep it all the way down. Do not let go without my permission.” said Jerry. He slapped Adriana again, even harder, knocking her over.

“Get up,” said Jerry, kicking Adriana. Adriana sobbed for a moment, collecting herself. She then slowly shuffled back onto her knees, looking up at Jerry. She hesitated for a moment, then closed her eyes, and wrapped her lips back around Jerry’s cock. Jerry grinned at his power.

“Deeper, deeper,” said Jerry quietly, encouraging Adriana to take his cock in further. It was amusing to watch her struggle. Her teary eyes, flushed face, saliva-covered chin, choking on his cock and squinting her eyes… Jerry couldn’t help but to keep grinning. He had hit the jackpot.

He was actually a little bit proud of her once her lips were at his base, her nose against his pubes, all by herself.

He looked down at Adriana as she kept her mouth stuffed full of his cock. Her eyes were begging for his permission to let go.

Jerry reached down and grabbed the jar. He pushed the plate to the side with his foot, and opened the jar, spilling it from mid air onto the plate, making it splash all over the floor.

“Oops,” said Jerry, pushing Adriana’s forehead away. “You’re going to have to clean that up.”

Jerry pushed over Adriana again, adding to his amusement.

“With your mouth, hon. Crawl. Like a little puppy.”

After a little bit of hesitation, Adriana got onto fours, crawling around the living room, lowering her head and sucking up the cum from the floor. He was starting to feel bad for this girl.

He stroked his cock as Adriana’s little ass wiggled as she crawled. It was too good to enjoy alone.

It didn’t take long for Adriana to look back up at Jerry, indicating she was done.

“Now the plate, little puppy.” said Jerry, pointing at it.

Adriana crawled in front of it, gagging as she stared down at the plate. She got on her elbows, moving her hair out of her face. She lowered her face and lapped at the plate, putting her lips against the plate and sucking it into her mouth.

“Absolutely disgusting, Adriana.” said Jerry, chuckling to himself.

Adriana sobbed as she continued to clean the plate full of cum.

“I can’t believe how disgusting you are, Adriana,” said Jerry sternly. “I don’t think it’s going to work out. Matthew sucks at his job, and you’re a disgusting slut.”

Adriana was crushed, tried her best to lick up from the plate, dragging her tongue against the porcelain. Once she was done, she got back on her knees, looking down, absolutely destroyed.

“Get back here,” said Jerry. Adriana looked down the hall, where her dad was drugged and passed out sleeping. She wished he was here to protect her. Reluctantly, Adriana crawled back between Jerry’s thighs.

“Apologize.” said Jerry.

“I’m sorry,” said Adriana, sniffling.

“For what?” asked Jerry, kicking her over once more.

Adriana got back on her knees, and looked up to her dad’s boss.

“I’m sorry for being disgusting, I’m sorry for being a disgusting slut.”

“You should be punished.” said Jerry, “Turn around and pull those shorts down.”

Even though it had just been a day since he saw them, Adriana’s little strip was stirring his cock again.

He reached down and massaged Adriana’s little puckered asshole. He slipped a finger inside, making Adriana squirm.

“Face down, ass up,” commanded Jerry as he got off the couch and got behind Adriana. Adriana lowered her face against the floor, presenting her little ass to Jerry.

“Heh,” said Jerry to himself, satisfied. He aimed his cock at Adriana’s asshole, and pushed. He pushed steadily, slowly shoving his entire cock into Adriana.

“Daddy loves your tight little ass,” said Jerry, sliding his hand up Adriana’s shirt and bra, roughly cupping her tits.

“Does Adriana love daddy’s cock?”

“Y-yes, Adriana loves daddy’s cock,” muttered Adriana, squinting her face as Jerry pushed into her.

“Mmmm,” moaned Jerry, slowly fucking Adriana’s little ass. The foreplay had him on the edge. He was going to cum soon.

Jerry picked up his pace, slapping his hips into Adriana’s ass. His firm hands gripped Adriana’s hips, keeping them in place as he mercilessly fucked the eighteen year old girl.

“Daddy’s going to cum in your little asshole, baby, is that where you want it?” said Jerry, spanking Adriana as he upped his pace.

“Y-yes sir, cum in my asshole please, daddy,” mewed Adriana.

Jerry shoved his cock in the entire way, and pumped his load deep inside Adriana’s butt. Once he was satisfied he was finished, he sat back down on the floor, his legs wide open.

“Clean,” said Jerry.

Adriana turned around, wrapping her lips around Jerry’s cock that had just been in her ass, licking and sucking up his wet cock. Jerry stared ahead as Adriana’s little butt made a heart shape.

“You’re a quick learner,” said Jerry, panting.

“Thank you, sir,” said Adriana, pausing then continuing.

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