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I had eaten a weekend’s worth of the wrong food — chips, popcorn, bread, cake, you name it, if it was really bad for me I ate it. As a result of this bottom feeder behaviour I was ill, out of sorts and felt completely blocked up. By Tuesday I was still rough, so when Hubby came home I asked him to give me an enema.

He agreed, even though he was in sort of a rush to go to the gym. I prepared a litre of warm, soapy water and took it upstairs to our room. He asked me to undress and put a towel on the bed. I did this, but also put our big bolster on the bed as well. It’s a black vinyl bolster, two feet long and eighteen inches in diameter and is very comfy.

I knelt over the bolster with my head down and bottom up, legs spread. He began by putting on a latex glove and spreading a small amount of lubricant around my anus before slipping his finger in. Of course, he can’t resist a few minutes of anal fingering before deciding that I’ve been lubricated enough. Remember, he wants to go to the gym so he’s in a bit of a hurry.

He filled the syringe and inserted the tip into my bottom. Gently he pushed the plunger down and I felt the warm water trickle into my rectum. He repeated this four or five times, then began hand stroking my pussy from behind. He is such a bad hubby! He took off his gym shorts and pants, slipped his stiff cock into my pussy and had a little fuck. He is very good at this, and as I am already wet I quite enjoy it, even though he’s thrusting very hard and I’m starting to get cramps in my belly. He stopped and finished giving me the rest of the enema, then resumed screwing me, but this time he fingered my anus as well. It is simply a matter of time before he moves his cock from my pussy to my lubricated ass, the very one he just filled with warm, soapy water. Hubby loves giving me a good ass pounding, and proceeded to do so until I told him I was ready to ditch the enema.

He let me go and I wrapped up in a robe and departed for the loo. When I returned, he was laying on the bed, with a fresh glove on and nothing else. He asked me to take the robe off, step up to the bed and turn my back to him, then bend over and spread my cheeks and hold them apart. I did this, and felt his finger slip in and out of my bottom. It felt warm and stingy, and I realised that he had just rubbed Tiger Balm all around and up my anus. Tiger Balm enhances the feeling of any stimulus to the skin, we have found.

Hubby asked me to get the riding crop out of the closet and come back to the bed. When I brought him the riding crop, he told me to lace my fingers and put them behind my head. He gave me several hard strokes across my buttocks, until I just couldn’t stand still anymore. Then he had me lay face down on the bed and whipped my bottom until I was squealing and just about to start crying. I’m not much of a screamer, but the riding crop hurts.

He told me to stand up, bend over and spread my cheeks again. I obeyed, feeling the raised welts on my hot, stinging buttocks. He stood up behind me, and gave my anus ten hard strokes of the riding crop. This hurt even worse than the whipping. My anus was already sensitive from the Tiger Balm and tender from his attentions, and the riding crop has a stiff leather tip which he is very accurate at aiming. He pushed me back onto the bed, kneeling over the bolster, and then I felt his cock pressing up against my asshole. Slowly he worked it in, and at first it felt nice and warm. Compared to that riding crop sodomy is soothing. This feeling did not last as once he was properly in he thrust his very stiff cock deeply into my rectum and reamed me hard for a time, then pulled out with a pop and again applied the riding crop to my buttocks. Another nice thing about the bolster is that it muffles all but the loudest screams.

He bade me to stand up, staying bent over, and spread my cheeks. He gave me another ten sharp, hard blows on my sore, throbbing anus. He enjoys doing this as I pucker up after each stroke, in an attempt to relieve some of the sting. I can’t help it. Of course, he sees this as an invitation to whip my anus more, and harder. Having to maintain my balance and keep myself spread for him, plus not moving to evade the riding crop is all very difficult and makes the punishment much harder to bear than when I’m tied down and unable to move, I’ve noticed. More obedience, discipline and attention to detail is required to stand and present for punishment; we both know I need development in this area.

After my ten he fucked my ass some more, with long, slow, deep thrusts. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting excited and tightened up to encourage him to cum. He pulled out before that could happen, and one final time applied the riding crop vigorously to my already well-marked bottom.

“I’m going to the gym,” he said.

“Please, I need another enema,” I asked. He replied, “You are running out of time, you better go get more water and a fresh towel.” He gave me one more enema, this time without any other business. While I was in the loo (sitting very gingerly on the toilet) he called good-bye through the closed door and headed to the gym at last. Hubby likes taking the time to help me.

After the party which his mother attended, and in which he was tricked into a bizarre initiation of her, leaving her face and hair covered with his cum, Ben had taken Jean, his mother, home, and they had ended up in bed, Jean desperate after being on her own so long. They had also taken the opportunity for Ben to have sex with Barbara, who had introduced Jean to the ladies group.

The truth was, however, that after that weekend, for the next few weeks, Ben had felt rather shut out from both of them as he returned to live at his flat. He knew that Barbara and his mother had bonded in a special way through him, and they were discovering the joy of lesbian sex, a newly discovered joy, with Jean still having a corner of her mind which said that sex with her son wasn’t really right. Ben was happy for his mother – for the first time in years she did seem full of joy. He hadn’t seen it since well before his parents’ relationship had broken up. He knew that weekend had broken a dam for his mother, and for Barbara. It had broken a taboo for them, and to Ben they always seemed to be in bed together.

For Ben, it was back to the routine of work and friends – he would be described as “between girlfriends.”

As the next party approached both Ben and Jean became more nervous, wondering how they would handle it. The truth was, it wasn’t a real problem. There was no doubt for Ben that it was more embarrassing to be naked in front of his mother, but it was already pretty embarrassing, what he did at the parties. It was even more embarrassing when Ben and Tony were made to rub their cocks against each other until they both came, but Ben found with his mother there he was as aroused as he had ever been. For Jean, there was an embarrassment, but she actually felt some pride. Her son, there, doing what he did. Proud that he was such a good looking lad, proud that he was as “virile” as he was. Jean also noticed the glint in the eyes of many of the women there as they watched him – all these women hot for her son.

Little changed for the next party. For Ben, his mother was just becoming one of the women he was serving. Even when he had to suck Tony off and swallow, he didn’t feel particularly embarrassed by her presence – he was already pretty embarrassed by the presence of all the others! For Jean, there was a sort of suspended moment as she watch this lad who could have been any lad performing for these women.

The remarkable thing was that no-one at work had any inkling of what was happening, that Ben was part of the parties, or really had any idea that the parties even existed. It was a real surprise for Ben when his boss Margaret Bryant who was host and organiser of the parties called him into her office, the Monday after the party. At work she was in charge, Ben got on with his work, and rarely did he need to relate to Mrs Bryant – as everyone called her – no-one dared use her first name. This was different.

Margaret Bryant invited Ben to take a seat by her desk. She sat the other side, as handsome and aloof as she ever looked. Even as she sat there Ben felt the “power” she exuded. He was surprised at her hesitancy – she was never hesitant………………

“Ben, you are fantastic at our parties. Hope you enjoy them as well.” Ben knew it wasn’t a question he should answer. Margaret Bryant continued. “Ben, I love what we do at those parties, but I can’t help it – there is part of me psychologically that wants something darker. Wants to behave much worse.”

Ben was quiet – he didn’t know what to say. Margaret Bryant continued. “And I love Tony so much, and he is so gentle that I couldn’t be horrible to him. And believe it or not, even Tony has a dark corner in his heart as well.” Still Ben had nothing to say – the truth was he was stunned by what he was hearing, and had no idea where it was going. “Ben I want to ask you a favour. Feel free to say no…………”

Ben was even more confused. No-one said no to Margaret Bryant. She told you what to do, she didn’t ask for favours. “Ben, myself and Tony and some special friends – none that you know, although some come to the parties – have talked about this and booked a, um, special chalet in the country this weekend. For what we call a ‘dark’ weekend. Going Friday, coming back Sunday. We need a victim. We want you to come and be our victim.”

Ben stuttered. “Victim?”

Somehow there was a feeling Margaret Bryant was back in charge. “For a dark weekend we need someone we can do, um, dark things to. We want you to come and be the victim.”

There was a pause. Ben wondered if he should speak, but Margaret filled the silence. “I’m not prepared to give you any reward for coming with us. If you come, we will take that as a sign you want to be with us, and agree with whatever we want to do. There will be no safe words. No way out for you. A weekend when you are simply the victim of whatever our dark minds can conjure up. And even worse – Tony will be on our side, and not yours, this weekend – I said he has a dark corner in his mind!”

Ben was amazed that he agreed. He had realised it could be painful, humiliating. Truth be told he didn’t know what would happen, but felt the real menace in what was talked about. But he said yes. Why had he said yes? Ben didn’t know, but he said yes. They would pick him up on Friday at 5.00pm, to be at the “special” lodge for 6.00pm. He was going! Part of his mind said he was going because he had a free weekend. Part of his mind said he was going because it could be a bit of a laugh. Deep down, Ben knew the weekend could be…………………………

It was in the car that the reality of what he might be going to struck Ben. Margaret and Tony were in the front, he was in the back. His mind was racing – he didn’t know who else would be there. How many. What the place was like. What he would do. Where he would sleep. Margaret had given a few hints – the lodge was luxurious, and fitted out for this type of event. There would be a couple of people employed to act as cooks and general helpers. Still Ben had no picture of what was going to happen, and when they insisted, as they approached the lodge, that he be blindfold so he couldn’t find it again, his level of anxiety rose even higher, allayed only slightly when Margaret had told him – it would be a tough weekend, but he would return changed. His anxiety returned when she told him not to forget it was going to be a “dark” weekend, when they and their friends were going use the weekend to “express” the darkest parts of the minds. Put aside the decent parts of their minds.

At last the car turned into a gate, and drove along a gravel drive, so Ben guessed, before pulling up, the engine turned off, Ben helped out of the car by Tony. His eyes took a few moments to adjust when they removed the blindfold, but it gave Ben a chance to look around. He could see the lodge was well hidden from the world outside in the trees, the lodge itself surrounded by lawns. He also took in that it really was a lodge, built of pine. It was a lodge, but much bigger and more luxurious than the average log cabin. He saw the two women in white dresses, looking very much like some sort of healthcare workers, waiting to greet them. Both were in their forties, short hair, could even be two sisters. They were introduced to Ben as Maria and Martha. Ben also noticed another three cars already in front of the Lodge, and heard Margaret say that everyone else seemed to have arrived – he guessed perhaps another three couples were there as well as the Bryants.

After they had entered the Lodge, one of the women – Martha – who worked there pointed at Ben and asked: “I assume this is the young man you have chosen for the weekend?”

When Margaret nodded Martha asked Ben, in a friendly voice, to follow her, and led him through a door, then down a corridor, then into a small room with a bed, with shower room and toilet off. It was at that moment Ben realised that although he had a weekend bag, it was still in the car. When he said he should fetch it he was told firmly he would not need it.

The next hour at the Lodge seemed perfectly normal. He was led to the sitting room, met the other three couples – the women he recognised from the parties, but the men – their husbands – were strangers to him, but friendly to him. The food was out-standing as they ate and chatted together. Ben, being the youngest by quite a way, felt a bit on the outside, but the others made a good effort to include him

At last the meal was over – Martha cleared the dishes, while the other helper – Maria – said she would prepare things for the evening’s entertainment, leading Ben back to his room. Ben was aware that he would be the entertainment. He knew it was going to be difficult………….

Again he found Maria friendly, but when she ordered him to strip Ben was suddenly embarrassed and wary. He slowly removed his clothes – it wasn’t as if he hadn’t done things in front of an audience before……..

Maria made him stand still, and put a leather belt around his waist – it was lined with felt to be comfortable, but he wondered why there were three or four metal rings attached to it. He was about to ask but she ordered him out of the door, along the corridor, across the lobby to a room he hadn’t been in before.

Maria stopped at the door. She turned to Ben: “This is where it begins. This is going to be the worst weekend you’ve ever had. You are here to be humiliated, tortured and punished for their enjoyment. You will suffer more than you have ever experienced. You are nothing until Sunday. This evening is only just the starter……….” Maria reached up, put a leather collar around Ben’s neck which she padlocked. “……………….and there will be no escape.”

The lady opened the door, and led Ben into the room. Ben had time to look around – It wasn’t a large room. Around the edge there were comfortable settees and armchairs, which the others were already occupying, chattering to each other, drinking coffee. The room was tastefully decorated in burgundy, but well lit. In the middle of the room the floor was covered by wooden flooring rather than carpets. Fixed to the wooden floor were some hoops. Ben didn’t have the chance to take in the rest of the room…….

Margaret Bryant – clearly in charge – stood to her feet. She walked over to Ben, pulled his dressing gown off and ordered him to hands and knees. It was a different side Ben hadn’t seen before – she had always been strong, but now she was harsh, demanding. Ben dropped to his hands and knees, and Margaret moved him around prodding him with her foot. At least he seemed to be in position, and he felt her put the hoops over his forearms and ankles.

Ben felt very exposed – naked – except for the leather belt, on hands and knees in front of all these people, his legs slightly spread. There was nothing he was hiding, as they made snide comments about him. They left him there for three or four minutes before he heard a sound – something being wheeled across the floor.

Ben jumped as he felt something pushed to his asshole. He tried to look around, but could only see a metal post on castors. He felt something pushed into his asshole, getting wider as it was pushed, until somehow it was inside him, and held by a narrower neck. Ben was tense – he couldn’t imagine what would happen next……..

It was a nozzle – cold water was entering him through the nozzle. He cried out in shock, but his cry only made the people in the room laugh. More and more water was entering him, filling him. His intestines seemed to be stretching more and more. It felt increasingly uncomfortable, and somehow seemed to be chilling him from inside. He couldn’t guess how much was in him – he couldn’t guess why his cock had gone hard…………..

At last the inflow stopped for a moment, but then Ben realised – they were just re-filling the bag, and more was entering him. Margaret Bryant had decided a litre and a half would be enough, and stopped the water when she felt he was full, and removed the nozzle.

Again Ben wasn’t aware of what was happening, but something was being attached to his belt. Suddenly he had worked it out – he felt the bung inserted into his asshole, and realised it was fixed to the belt so it wouldn’t escape. He felt Margaret Bryant massage his stomach, making the water swirl inside him. But quickly the loops over his wrists and ankles were untied.

Ben fell over on his side. He felt bloated, cold inside, he muscles were trying to expel the water, but the bung wouldn’t allow it to leave him. He squirmed on the floor as the enema worked in him, but couldn’t leave him. He heard the others in the room laughing and joking at his struggling, as he squirmed on the floor.

Suddenly – Ben felt the pain through his lower stomach. Like stitch, but a lot worse. The pain was excruciating, as his muscles cramped. He squirmed, stretched, tried to expel the enema, but none of them seemed to make a difference. He squirmed on the floor, crying out to be helped, moaning in pain, but no help came. He heard voices around him, but no-one moved.

Ben was left to squirm on the floor – he cried and moaned in pain, but it was the dark time for the others. They found it funny, to watch him squirming, they found it a turn on to hear him moaning and crying in pain. Ben was lost in the pain of the cramping, oblivious to the couples in the room begin to enjoy each other, in their dark way finding his suffering a turn-on, enhancing their love making.

For two hours Ben struggled with the pain, oblivious to anything else. He wasn’t even aware of when the others had left the room. He felt himself being lifted, by Maria and Martha, and half helped, half dragged to his room. They took him to the toilet, quickly removed the bung, let him sit and instantly expel all the water inside him. They wiped him clean, then rubbed him gently as the cramping began to disappear. They helped him shower then put him in bed. Even the two women were sorry for this young lad who had been through that, and it was only the beginning. They had seen some harsh things in their time at the lodge, but somehow this lad was going to be tortured worse – normally no-one was given the enema treatment for more than an hour. They knew: the rest of the weekend would be worse…………. When the pain had worn off it took Ben little time to descend to sleep.

When Ben woke the next morning, the sun was already streaming in through the window of his bedroom. He was also aware quite quickly that he had the hardest erection he could remember. He also heard Maria and Martha giggling.

The two assistants were in his room, and he was naked, and the bed clothes had fallen off the bed – it was clear what they were looking at…………….. Ben quickly sat up and tried to hide his modesty. The two ladies gave him shorts and a t-shirt to wear. He was allowed to shower, use the toilet, clean his teeth, then was led to breakfast. On his way he saw one or two of the others, who nodded to him, but they had all had their breakfasts – Ben ate alone. It took him a while to shake off the tiredness, although the previous evening felt a distant memory. The bizarre thing for Ben, when he reflected later, was that he never ever once thought of running away. He was pretty sure he would have not managed it, or would be caught if he tried.

Ben ate his breakfast slowly and by the end felt revived. As he finished Margaret Bryant appeared, and sat on a chair opposite him. She looked at him, spoke. “Ben, we enjoyed yesterday evening. But today it will be worse. But don’t worry because we will enjoy it more.” Ben knew it was still the cold harsh Margaret Bryant – somewhere in her psyche the switch had still been turned. “Come with me. This morning is simply humiliation.”

Margaret led Ben to a set of stairs which seemed to descend to a cellar, down the stairs, into a room lit with spot lights. The room was covered with white ceramic tiles, both floor and walls, and again there were hoops in the floor. Ben thought it looked a bit like a “wet room” sloping to the centre with a small drain at the lowest point. Ben now knew why there were hoops. “Remove your shirt and shorts” she ordered him. Ben did as he was told. “Lie down, on your back.” Ben did. Margaret spoke to him again: “this morning is going to be about total humiliation. Yours. No pain – that’s later – just humiliation.”

Margaret stretched his hands above his head, his feet to the sides, and tied him with the metal hoops to the floor by his ankles and wrists. “This is what this morning is about,” she whispered to him.

Ben watched amazed, as Margaret pulled her skirt to her waist, took off her panties and stood astride his face. For a moment Ben was rock hard as he saw her pussy above him. Then the warm gush of urine poured straight onto his face, splashing, running off through his hair. The smell of urine filled his nose, the warmth of the urine felt okay. In seconds Margaret was gone, Ben left lying on the floor, feeling utterly humiliated.

A few minutes later one of the men came to the cellar. Ben watched as he walked over to Ben, undid his flies, pointed his penis, the liquid pouring onto Ben’s face, smelling more pungeant. He was gone….. Ben knew that it was pouring off his head, through his hair into the drain.

Through the morning it was repeated several times. Both the men and the women coming into the room, emptying their bladders over him, the urine getting in his nose, having to taste it when he opened his mouth. When it was the women he sometimes caught sight of their pussies, but he quickly closed his eyes. Was this treatment even worse than the enema……?

“Hi Ben”. It was Tony’s voice, Margaret’s husband. Tony was crouching beside him, speaking. “Normally it’s me and you, but now it is me, in charge of you. You know, I’m nice, and I like you, and enjoy being with you, but just occasionally I’m as bad as my wife.” Ben felt there was a menace in his Tony’s voice he had never heard before. “I’m the last one – we’re going to have lunch in a minute. I’m going to have my fun.”

There was a pause. “Okay Ben,” Tony said softly. “Open your mouth.” Ben paused, not sure he had heard right. Suddenly he cried out as a hand had grabbed his balls and squeezed. As he cried out he felt something metallic put in his mouth: he realised he couldn’t close his mouth – some sort of device was holding it open.

Tony stood above Ben, took out his penis and pointed it straight at Ben’s mouth. Bent felt the urine pouring into his mouth. Ben managed to close his throat initially, but couldn’t hold out. He had to swallow. Swallow hard. Ben found himself having to drink down Tony’s pee. The taste was bitter, unpleasant but there was no escape, and there seemed like gallons. At last Tony’s stream eased, then stopped. Tony was gone.

Ben felt terrible, and felt sick, but within seconds Maria and Martha were there. They undid his loops, gave him some lemon juice to take away the taste, then helped Ben to his feet. One of the women spoke. “This is wrong. They shouldn’t be doing this to a good lad like this.”

Ben struggled, feeling full, and gasping at the lemon. But he managed to speak. “I agreed to this. Don’t worry, I’ll take anything they can do.”

The two women helped Ben into a shower, and let him bathe in the warm water for several minutes, allowing him to rid himself of the pee. They wiped him, then gave him the t-shirt and shorts, then led him back to his bedroom. In his bedroom there was a spread of fruit, meat and pastries, and a cup with tablets in. Beside the cup there was a notice which said “These tablets must be taken at 1.30pm.” Ben picked at the food, enjoyed some of the fruit, refusing everything else – he felt bloated from before, and relaxed – his clock said 12.30pm. He dozed for the next hour then did as ordered – he took the tablets. He had no idea what the tablets were, but he wasn’t frightened to take them.

Mistress Dana fought back tears of frustration. How could she have allowed herself to come into this situation. Clad in a slave’s latex catsuit, collared, arms locked helplessly behind her back and having just begged into a microphone to be totally and completely broken, humiliated and degraded by a younger Mistress?

And in a moment of total clarity her mind told her that she deserved this. That she had been such a fool. That she had allowed her own base desires to mislead and trick her into this. She had been promised a whore to break on stage that night herself, a submissive slut to demonstrate her own dominance upon in front of a crowd and when she had been delayed she had agreed to stand in for the dry run just to help Mistress Sarah out. Mistress Sarah, who Mistress Dana longed to break, longed to dominate physically, mentally and sexually. The younger red head already filled numerous fantasies in Mistress Dana’s mind. But that almost infatuation with Mistress Sarah had impaired her thinking and led to this.

The raven haired Mistress hung there helplessly and watched as the large room filled with people of all shapes and sizes. Horribly Mistress Dana recognised many of them. Mistress Lucy a petite Asian Dominatrix that Dana had feuded with for years had a front row seat. Judge Callaway, a former slave client of Dana’s that had fallen out quite badly with. And there were others but through her blurring vision Dana could not make them all out but it was clear there were plenty of people there happy to see her in this position.

Mistress Sarah stepped behind Dana and the older Domme tried to look around to see what she was doing but could not twist her head far enough. Then the screens that held Dana’s bound and beautiful image were accompanied by recordings of what Dana had been tricked into saying minutes before the crowd entered.

“Degrade me.”

Dana winced as her voice rang through the room clear and sounding so pathetic and real. As if she had meant every word.

“Fist my ass and my pussy until I gape for you.”

‘Oh God’ whispered Dana as she listened to herself along with everyone in the room. Then she jumped as Mistress Sarah’s fingers reached down and slid smoothly between Dana’s thighs from behind and probed gently at Dan’s soaking wet cunt.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me, spit and piss on me.”

Dana lifted her head and found herself looking directly at her former rival Mistress Lucy as she listened to these words and the Chinese Domme just grinned viciously at her. Dana just squirmed in response as Mistress Sarah’s expert fingers found her clit and began to rub at it.

“Show me no mercy, fuck me in all my holes and drench me in cum.”

Dana squirmed and writhed as Mistress Sarah’s fingers slid inside her pussy from behind and slowly began to fuck her. Dana’s body was betraying her up here in such a public and humiliating forum. She gave a groan of acceptance as a second finger entered her moist pussy.

“Abuse me. I deserve it. I want to be a whore and a bitch. Use me. Please.”

Whoever was cutting the sound bites was good. They had captured all Dana had said and used it to perfection alongside the low, trance like music that filled the room. And as the music halted the last soundbite rang loud throughout the room.

“Use me.”

Mistress Sarah’s fingers withdrew themselves from Dana’s pussy and it was with horror that she recognised the disappointment she felt at their withdrawal and just how aroused her body was. Mistress Sarah stepped stealthily around the bound form of Dana and stood beside her. She spoke in a cold, emotionless, harsh voice. So different to the little girl she had appeared to be when pleading with Mistress Dana to help her, when offering up her lithe body to Mistress Dana if only she would help her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I promised you this night the breaking of a Mistress and I will deliver. This is Mistress Dana. Some of you may know her, some may have heard of her but I promise you this, after tonight she will never again be Mistress Dana, she will be slave Dana, Slut Dana, Whore Dana but never again Mistress Dana.”

“Please Sarah. I don’t want this.”

Dana was aware of how weak and pathetic her voice sounded.

The youthful red head grinned.

“Don’t you? But we all heard you beg me beforehand. That was your voice was it not?”

“Yes but I didn’t mean… you tricked me… I don’t want this…”

Normally so confident and self assured Dana was stumbling on her words, mumbling and sounding unsure of herself. When she most needed her confidence it had deserted her.

“You mean the position you now find yourself in, bound, collared and helpless does not arouse you?”

“I, no, I mean, well no.”

Dana was flustered and her responses were confused and unsure.

“Really well perhaps the audience should get to decide for yourself if all this arouses you or not.”

Dana could only whimper as Mistress Sarah gave the order for anyone wanting to check if her slave for the night was aroused by her predicament then they should form an orderly queue at the side of the stage. There were plenty of takers. As Mistress Sarah spoke to the queue and told them to touch her slave quickly then pass on and retake their seat Dana tried in vain to move her arms in their bondage to get free somehow but it was hopeless. And as the first person stepped up and stood before Dana the voice track kicked in again with the trance music turned up louder.

“Please I beg you, degrade me, humiliate me.”

Dana grimaced as her words were loudly repeated over and over. The first person up was a Mistress who Dana had heard of online but never actually met, she sneered at Dana and thrust her fingers down to grope at Dan’s cunt, they came up glistening. She held them for a second for Dana to see and laughed before moving on and letting the next person in.

Hand after hand felt at her cunt, groped her pussy lips, touched her clit. She couldn’t help it, she told herself, she was not aroused by her situation it had just been because she had been thinking about having Sarah like this, taking the red headed little slut and making her her bitch. But there was no denying her body and it’s reactions — she was soaking wet. The line up of men and women continued, stopping mere moment to confirm Dana’s arousal before moving on. It was humiliating to Dana, especially where she recognised the people involved, friends, enemies, acquaintances, former slaves all got to feel her wet cunt as she stood there. And last up was Mistress Lucy who curled a long fingernail and dragged it along Dana’s wet pussy before bringing it up to look at the wetness on her finger, then in an instant she drew back her head and spat right into Dana’s surprised face.

“Always knew you were a bitch” snarled Lucy as Mistress Sarah moved in and hurried her away.

“I’d thank you to remember that I am Mistress to this bitch — not you. Leave if you can’t deal with that!”

Mistress Lucy glared at the young red head but took her seat anyway, she wanted to see Dana’s denouement too much but she would not forget the little bitch using that tone to her.

Sarah had already forgotten the incident and came back to her slave and stood before her as the music and words faded again. Dana’s face was red with frustration and the saliva slowly moved down to drip off her nose.

“So I think we established that really you do want to be up here Dana. That being tied up here and at my mercy excites you, arouses you. Now I think you can tell me what we call someone who gets turned on by being helpless and tied up and ripe for abuse is, can’t you?”

Dana glared back and hissed the last of her resistance.

“Fuck you, you ginger slut!”

Sarah ignored the outburst and continued as if Dana had said nothing.

“I guess you are stupid as well as old and ugly! Well as you insist on being so dumb let me enlighten you Dana. People who get aroused at being abused and dominated are masochists or submissive, and that, my dear is what you are, a submissive.”

“No! I am a Mistress. Mistress Dana!”

“And would a true Mistress allow herself to be in the predicament that you find yourself? Oh I admit I misled you somewhat but even allowing for that if you were a true dominant then you would never have acquiesced, would you? You would have told me tough luck, do it yourself. But no, you were only too willing to try out this suit, only too happy to allow yourself to be put in my bondage, only too happy to say what I wanted you to say — and more, those pleadings about what I should do to you really were heartfelt, weren’t they? So you are not a true Mistress are you, not a true Domme. In fact you are a submissive, and tonight I will demonstrate that fact incontrovertibly to you. But will tell you this Dana, I promise, in front of all these people that if you do not submit to being my personal slave by the end of this evening then tomorrow night we can return here like this and it will be me in that cat suit with her arms helpless, OK?”

Dana stared at the young Dominatrix. Did she really mean it?

“How could I trust you after this?”

Sarah just gave her a cute grin, her face changing yet again.

“You really don’t have much option do you Dana? Now I think we’ll see how tough you really are, shall we? You claim to be a dominant yourself, I wonder how many strokes of this you can handle?”

From a table behind Dana’s retrained body Sarah picked up a thin bamboo cane and started to swish it energetically in front of Dana.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me.”

Dana’s words came from the speakers all round the room, on a repeated loop, louder and louder as Mistress Sarah moved slinkily around her bound slave until she was again behind her and Dana’s exposed creamy backside was facing her.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me.”

Sarah leaned in close as the recorded words echoed through Dana’s mind. There was no way any of the audience could hear what she said.

“I’ll let you chose Dana, which will it be? If you agree to ask for just one I will only do one of them to you but you will need to beg for it, nice and loud. Cane? Flog? Spank? You choose, you beg. Or you get all three.”

Dana groaned, she didn’t want to beg this little bitch for anything but at the same time, clearly she could save herself quite a bit of pain and inconvenience. At a signal from Mistress Sarah the music and voice track faded and everyone could hear Dana’s faltering voice.

“, please, please can you er, spank me?”

The red head glared at Dana a drummed her fingers impatiently on her own arm.

“And is that how you address me slut? Is that how you address your Mistress? If you are going to beg to me you WILL address me correctly!”

Sarah’s young voice was so severe, so harsh, so demanding that it caught Dana by surprise. How could such a young, small woman have such anger in her? She was also still wielding that cane and waving it about threateningly and the combination of factors seemed to work on Dana and before she knew it she said.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you spank me?”

She knew how damning it must have sounded but in reality what else could she do? Surely it was better than having to endure all three punishments on her ass. And in one thing Sarah had been correct, Dana had no real pain threshold so she needed to avoid too much here by whatever means necessary.

“That’s better whore. You will receive thirty spanks to begin with, warm you up a little, eh?”

Without further ado Mistress Sarah got around and dropped her cane and delivered a hard open palmed strike to Dana’s exposed right buttock. It stung but not too bad and Dana just lay there over the bench having taken it and awaited the next. Sarah meanwhile stopped and waited too. Eventually Dana turned to look at Sarah to see why she was stopped.

“You will count each spank after I make it and thank me as well.”

“The hell I will!” again Dana flared up, her normal attitude coming back, she was damned if she would call her Mistress thirty times and count along like a dumb little bimbo!

“Oh you will slave, you will.”

Mistress Sarah then proceeded to continue to spank Dana’s ass, each blow slightly harder, after about ten Dana realised the futility of her defiance and called a halt.

“Ow! Stop! Ok!Ok! I’ll do it, that’s fifteen, thank you Mistress.”

“Hmm. I think you’ll find that is one slave and you will count from there on. Don’t pout it’s your own fault, I’ve given you more advantage than you deserve.”

The next spank that landed was a hard, stinging one and through gritted teeth Dana announced.

“Two. Thank you Mistress Sarah.”


“Three. Thank you Mistress Sarah.”

Ten minutes later having finally made thirty Dana’s ass was beet red and her spirit that bit more broken, she could not believe she had called another woman Mistress so many times in such a short spell. Her confidence was severely on the wane. Her face was red and flushed too, partly through embarrassment and partly through frustration and she could no longer bring herself to lift her head to meet the eyes of the rapt audience.

Having completed her spanking Mistress Sarah then rigged up and enema bag on what looked suspiciously like a hospital IV drip stand. Dana had no clue what she was doing until she felt the tip of the plastic hose being worked into her ass. At first she thought is was a butt plug or worse a strap on but then when she felt her bowels slowly start to fill up she knew what it was and her heart sunk lower. Enema humiliation had been a particular favourite of Mistress Dana’s in the past and now here she stood having the self same done to her!

The warm liquid flooded into her and filled her up. Once it was in Mistress Sarah quickly followed it up with a nice big butt plug, which she really had to work to force into the other woman’s asshole but once she got it in it held tight and no fluid would escape past it. Dana gave a moan, it was uncomfortable, she felt full, her belly bloated. Though it pained her to say it she had to plead to the younger woman.

“Please Mistress Sarah, please may I be allowed to expel this from my ass.”

The audience gave a chuckle and Dana burned with more embarrassment, she knew by now that she could never be a dominant in this region again, if indeed anywhere. Sarah smiled and began to fondle Dana’s large breasts, squeezing and kneading them as she responded.

“Hmmm, not yet slave, I want to see you desperate to let it all out, you will really need to beg me to remove that plug. Still I can distract you perhaps, and with that Mistress Sarah brought her hand up holding a crocodile clip and snapped it in place on Dana’s big, sensitive nipple. It was a heavy duty metal thing and when Sarah removed her hand it hung down and dragged Dana’s tit flesh with it, stretching her. Dana gritted her teeth and was determined not to make a noise, that she could prove that she was tough, that she was a Dominant that had been tricked and not, secretly, a submissive. But it was hard and she failed as Mistress Sarah snapped the second one in place on her left tit.


“What a baby! My God and you claimed to be a Domme. What a pathetic, deluded creature you are. Well we can all see now, eh? Especially you Dana. You are not a dominant but merely a masquerading submissive and as I have shown this to you, you will belong to me.”

Sarah’s hand dropped again and rubbed against Dana’s dripping snatch. If anything she was even wetter now and the red head took great pleasure teasing her some more until Dana could fight it no more and gave off a low moan that could only be sexual in it’s origin.

“You like that slave? You get turned on while I give you an enema and while your tits are being tortured and you still claim you are not a submissive? I think we all know the truth don’t we?”

It was a rhetorical question but in a moment of unquestioned weakness Dana actually answered. The room had turned silent and everyone heard her weak, aroused mewl.

“Yes Mistress Sarah.”

And with those three words she was broken and everyone knew it.

“I could take the clamps off slave, if you wish.”

“Yes, please Mistress Sarah.”

A slap rocked Dana’s face, it was cold and contemptuous.

“I had not finished speaking whore, do not make the mistake of interrupting me again or you will be very sorry.”

The younger woman spoke to Dana as if to a disobedient child, the tone in her voice brooking no argument.

“I was about to say I could take the clamps of but only if you ask for them to be placed elsewhere. Actually no, you will need to beg for them to be placed elsewhere on your filthy body whore.”

Dana was no novice, she knew where the clamps were likely to end up but even so she still braced herself and spoke up.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you move the clamps, please I’m begging you can you put them elsewhere.”

Condescendingly Mistress Sarah patted Dana’s head.

“Of course slave. Now where should I put them?”

She mused for only a moment as she released the first from Dana’s tit and then reached down and calmly attached it to Dana’s slick left pussy lip. The other quickly followed suit and Dana found herself in a new punishment. Mistress Sarah stood back to allow a camera man to zoom in and instantly Dana’s wet, clamped pussy lips were on the big screens around the room.

Dana was now in sensory overload. As the blood rushed back to her nipples, so too was it restricted from her cunt lips and the heat in her loins seem to rage on. All the while her bowels were uncomfortably full and in need of urgent release. This time she begged with no prompting from her young tormentor.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you release the load in my ass. Please I need to get it out.”

Sarah smiled and moved behind Dana and began to pull at the plug then stopped and came back around.

“I suppose I could slave. But you know I would think that dirty hole of yours would need filled up again straight away. So I’ll tell you what slave if you beg for someone to volunteer to come up here and fuck you in the ass then I will complete your enema and relieve you of your burden.”

Dana wasn’t even surprised, wasn’t even angry at herself for saying the words anymore.

“Please Mistress, please can I have a cock to fuck my ass and replace that butt plug. Please I need a hard cock for my asshole.”

As could be expected there were no shortage of volunteers as hands went up all around the room. Mistress Sarah left them all hanging though as she positioned a large, deep basin beneath Dana and slowly unscrewed the plastic butt plug. It came out with a comical pop and Dana screwed her eyes shut in embarrassment before suddenly all the warm water burst out and rushed into the basin with furious force. The room was again silent bar the harsh noise of water being expelled from ass into plastic container. Dana gave a huge sigh of relief at the release but that was quickly followed by a groan as she watched Mistress Sarah select the Judge from the front row and apparently choose him as the replacement for the butt plug.

The judge was in his early fifties and had started visiting Mistress Dana a couple of years ago. He was the worst kind of client for a Domme. A bottom that liked to control his sessions and after a few sessions Dana really didn’t want to deal with him. But he paid well and she did then one time she had the brainwave of gagging him while whipping him and also decided to be a bit harsher than normal on him. He was pissed off after it and after blood but Dana saw him off the premises and refused to see him after that. He had gotten threatening at one point and Dana had had to threaten to go public to shake him off her case. It had been messy and now he was lumbering onto the stage where she stood (bent over the bench) sporting an impressive, Viagra fuelled erection. As he approached Mistress Sarah placed the contents of Dana’s enema to one side and the voice track of Dana’s comments began again in a new cut.

Kelly was waiting for me when I got out of the shower last night and finally came into the bedroom.

I was sore and tired. I had been working outside in the brutal heat and was physically drained. At times like these, I love to let go and let her take the lead and that’s exactly what she did. It’s almost like her way of rewarding me for working so hard on her honey-do list.

She was dressed only in black four-inch pumps and a black bustier. A suede flogger was in her hand and she was menacingly swishing it back and forth.

“I’ve been waiting for you”, she said coolly.

There was no need for me to say anything. I could have easily taken control since I’m normally the one in charge or I could have asked for a rain check since I was exhausted but I never like to say “no” when she’s in the mood.

I simply knelt on the carpet in front of her and presented my ass. She lovingly stroked it with the flogger, increasing the intensity as she spoke.

“I’ve cooked up a particularly nasty little punishment for keeping me waiting. Follow me.”

Kelly sashayed into the bathroom and I crawled behind her, admiring the swing of her perfect ass in front of me and I watched with nervous anticipation as she got the enema equipment from under the sink.

“Worship my ass, and maybe I’ll go easy on you”, she said teasingly.

Easy wasn’t what I wanted and I knew she would make it as difficult as she could anyway. I would do the same in her position and she knew it. I licked and caressed her lovely ass while she ran the water and adjusted the temperature. After a few minutes, she spread her feet and arched her back so that I could lave her wrinkled rosebud. She moaned as I licked but it didn’t slow her preparations.

Even without being able to see, I knew that my tormentor had unwrapped a new bar of Ivory soap and placed it in the bag which she then filled with nearly-hot water. Loving every minute of it, I renewed my efforts on her asshole causing her to speak breathlessly.

“You’re going to get a nice, hot, soapy enema and hold it until I say you can release, is that clear?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress” I replied, though I’m sure it came out as more of a mumble since I still had my face buried in her ass.

Kelly straightened up and turned around, pushing me back onto my haunches. She took a step forward so that my nose was nestled in her slit. I was tempted, but I knew better than to lick without permission. I simply sat there and inhaled the heavenly scent of her very wet pussy as she explained the rules.

“You are going to take all of this hot, soapy water and then you are going to lick me until I come. For every minute that it takes for you to get me off, I am going to add an ounce more water. Do you understand?”

I understood fully and groaned at the implication. I can take two quarts without too much trouble but the amount of soap that she added would make it painful and difficult. Going a few ounces over two quarts at the beginning is challenging but adding toward the end will be torture. I could only hope that she would come quickly since she was already pretty excited.

“Yes, ma’am” was the only response I could muster.

Kelly pushed me back and motioned for me to put my nose on the carpet. I obeyed and felt her lubing my ass with a more-than-usual amount of K-Y. I should have known that she had more surprises up her sleeve.

“Oh, you’re probably wondering what this is” she teased as she inserted a large nozzle into my ass. “You’ve probably heard of a double-balloon nozzle before.”

I had, and the thought of it was both exhilarating and terrifying. Once the inner balloon was inflated, she could fill me up with as much water as she wanted and I would have to hold it as long as she demanded.

Still, the feeling of it gliding past my sphincter was deliciously erotic. Owing to the excess of lube and slickness of the silicone, it felt like a gloved finger inching into my rectum. Once it was in past the first balloon, she gently squeezed the inflator and I felt the balloon swell inside me. One more squeeze and I could definitely feel the pressure. I should have known that Kelly wouldn’t let me off that easy. The next two pumps were delivered in rapid succession and the pressure built quickly to an intense level

“I just wanted to make sure that you could really feel it” she cooed.

I was still adjusting to the fullness when I heard the telltale ‘click’ of the valve being opened and the felt the water rush into me. At first, it was cool where the water in the hose had reached room temperature and then I felt the warmth of the soap combined with the warmth of the water from the bag.

I was already squirming and tapping my toes on the floor as I looked up to see how much I had taken. The bag was still bulging and I could see suds peaking over the top. We had a long way to go.

I could feel the water filling my colon and inching higher and higher. Slowly, the pressure would build until I thought I would burst and then subside as the water reached deeper and deeper. I willed myself to take slow, deep breaths and relax.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, I heard the faint ‘slurp’ as the last of the water emptied from the bag. When she was sure that I had taken it all, Kelly clamped off the nozzle and removed the hose.

I was eager to get started but my mistress took her time walking to the bedroom and sprawling out on the bed. I followed close behind her, the inflators and nozzle swinging obscenely behind me like a tail.

I wanted to dive in immediately and start sucking on her clit but I knew this was tricky business. Too fast or too hard and she would just push me away. I had to start slow enough for her orgasm to build. At the same time, I was eager to get it over with so I could limit the amount of water she would add to my already-distended bowels.

I flattened my tongue and dragged it slowly from the opening of Kelly’s little, pink vagina up to the top of her slit. Much to my surprise, she groaned and grabbed my head forcefully, pulling it into her sex. I thought I had won the jackpot and started sucking her clit and simultaneously scrubbing it with my tongue, a move that is sure to push her into dream land.

True to form, she clamped my head between her legs as I shoved two fingers into her cunt. Her pussy contracted rhythmically around my fingers and I was about to declare victory. Total time was under two minutes.

As difficult as it was, I had to sit back and wait for Kelly to float back to Earth, the clock continuing to add to my punishment. Before too long, she sat up and spoke.

“That one doesn’t count… it was too easy” she said with an evil smirk.

I dove in again, being careful to start slowly and build up. I licked slowly up both sides of her outer labia, pulling on each with my lips and teeth. Next, I repeated the procedure on her inner lips, trying to get my tongue between her clit and her hood as I reached the top. Given that she had already come, it took longer this time to get her to her peak. At one point, she pulled her knees up and insisted that I tongue-fuck her asshole. When she tired of making me suffer and was ready to come, she guided my head up to her clit. Within seconds, she was tossing around in the throes of her second orgasm.

By the time she came down again and looked up at the clock, sixteen minutes had passed.

“Looks like this is going to be a two-and-a-half-quart enema!” she chirped wickedly.

I dutifully followed her into the bathroom where she filled up a water bottle and poured it into the bag. After re-attaching the bag to the nozzle, she unceremoniously opened the valve and the rest of the water began to pour into me. The cramps from the enema I was already holding were intense and coming in waves. The added water brought me to the point that I truly thought it would come squirting out, balloon and all.

By some miracle, I was able to take it all and Kelly finally took pity on me leaving me to release on my own. Before long, I had emptied and went to join her in the bedroom to see what she had planned next.

When I opened the door, my jaw dropped as I saw what awaited me. Kelly was standing near one corner of our four-poster bed, an enormous dildo jutting out from her crotch and another, larger bag hanging from the bed-post.

After all the soap in the last enema, I knew I was due for a rinse but I was hoping for a more gentle approach. Instead, she was upping the ante.

“Get your ass over here and bend over!” she barked.

I hurried to get into position and Kelly slathered my ass with lube as soon as my head hit the mattress. The dildo was easily as large as my wrist and it held two wicked surprises. It had a tube running its length so it would serve as an enema nozzle and it was inflatable. I wasn’t sure that my ass could take all this punishment but Kelly was not going to be deterred.

Carefully lining up my asshole, she began pressing her weight into me, forcing me open. The outer sphincter yielded and I accepted an inch or two. The muscles provided determined resistance but eventually gave way under the steady pressure.

When my body first accepts a large object like that, the sensation is enough to take my breath away and it takes two or three insertions before I can stand for her to leave it in. This time, she didn’t back out. Kelly continued to press forward and the nerves in my ass screamed in protest. As soon as she had me impaled and I was gulping for air, she gave the inflator ten quick squeezes and opened the valve to start the water.

I have never been more thoroughly beside myself than I was at that moment. I was dancing on my toes, filling up with a 3-quart enema and skewered on a dildo 3 inches in diameter. I’m a pretty tough guy but I honestly thought that I might faint at that moment.

Then came the thrusting.

Kelly pulled back until only the head of the dildo remained in my ass and slowly began pushing it back into me. I didn’t get a chance to ask permission and shuddered through my orgasm before I even knew what hit me.

“You’re not going to get off that easily!” she warned.

She didn’t miss a stroke and instead, reached around and roughly jacked my overly-sensitive cock. Her stroking into my ass got faster, deeper and harder and I knew that she was close to her own release. Within moments, she pulled both of my hips back with her hands and swiveled her hips, trying to get as much stimulation against her clit as she could by driving her phallus into my ass.

I was groaning from the enormity of the dildo and the volume of water I was holding. She was groaning through her own orgasm and we must have been quite a sight. Before too long, she coasted down from her high and, since she was standing, I knew she would want to disengage and lay down as soon as possible. My ordeal was nearly over. She unhooked herself from the harness and then hooked it around my waist to keep the dildo from slipping out. I stood up and saw that the enema bag was empty.

“Come here.” Kelley spoke through her post-orgasmic haze.

“Turn around”

Without warning, she grabbed the inflator and gave it five quick squeezes, making my eyes bulge again.

“Now you can go relieve yourself and get cleaned up”

When I returned, Kelly was asleep and I kissed her sweetly on her forehead. She had opened the door for some heavy-duty ass play. Next time, she would be on the receiving end.

Sitting in a local diner near the mall I was thinking of the night before. My neighbor and I really had fun with Suzanne. Using all of her holes the way we did was so much of a turn on I started getting hard just thinking about it.

I wonder when Suzanne would get a chance to see the video that we had made? I could just picture her in my head, sitting in front of her TV watching herself get completely used. Staring at the screen with a dildo jammed up her ass and her fingers flashing into her sloppy cunt.

My train of thought brought me to the morning’s events. Last night was memorable, but my neighbor and I could tell Suzanne still wanted to be used even more once we all woke up.

My neighbor woke up first and slowly and quietly woke up Suzanne. Suzanne must have been hurting from the night before, but didn’t let it show. My neighbor then indicated to Suzanne that she needed to get me hard. I was fast asleep still when Suzanne’s expert mouth started to work caressing my flaccid cock.

I awoke to the great feeling of a warm wet mouth sucking on my hardening cock. I opened my eyes to see Suzanne’s expert lips wrapped around the base of my cock. She was applying slight suction and sloshing my semi-soft shaft around in her mouth with her tongue.

I then looked next to Suzanne to see my Neighbor watching her as she slowly rubbed her own pussy lips. Her vertical lips were not even engorged with blood yet. They must have both just woken up and started right away.

I got hard fairly quick as I could feel my bladder pushing with all of its might for morning release. The sensation was amazing. The pain from my bladder almost numbed the sensations in my cock. It was an interesting balance.

I saw my Neighbor get behind Suzanne and start eating her out from behind. Suzanne soon started moaning and I could feel the vibrations travel all of the way down to my pelvic bone. She eagerly ate Suzanne out for a few minutes then stood up off the bed behind Suzanne.

“I’m sure he needs to piss very badly, although I’m sure he doesn’t want to stop this or get out of the comfortable bed he is in.” my Neighbor said and Suzanne pulled her mouth off of my cock to look over her shoulder at her.

“Shove his cock up your lubed ass hole and make him cum then let him empty his bladder into your ass. Once he is done I want you to pull off of him without spilling any and you can go empty in the bathroom.” My neighbor stated in a commanding voice.

I guess my Neighbor wasn’t eating her pussy from behind she was lubing up Suzanne’s anus with her Sylvia to get it ready for my cock.

Suzanne must have not moved fast enough for my Neighbor as she cracked her hand across her ass hard and Suzanne let out a little yelp. She scampered up my body then stood up on the bed above me.

God she was beautiful. Her naked body was truly a sight to behold as she lowered herself over my cock. As she squatted I saw her pussy lips part and I could see how wet she had become while sucking my cock.

Once she was low enough she reached down and grabbed my cock to hold it steady as she slowly impaled herself. Once she had a good hold of my shaft her eyes locked onto mine while I watched my cock-head press against the beautiful rosebud of her anus.

She took a deep breath in and slowly started to let the weight of her body force my cock up into her ass. I could feel the pressure at the tip of my cock and it was starting to become painful, but then I felt the familiar feeling of her anus opening to let me in.

Suzanne slowly slid down about half way then paused letting out a deep guttural-moan. She slid up an inch or two, placing both hands on my chest to steady herself. Then in one motion she let her body fall down, impaling herself in the process.

My Neighbor was watching all of this from behind Suzanne, down by my feet. I then felt her hands start to caress my balls as Suzanne started to gyrate on the base of my cock. Soon she started to slide her anus along the length of my shaft and I could tell she was really enjoying the morning ride, maybe as much as I was…

If she really wanted to be used like this, I’ll join in the degradation of this beautiful girly willingly.

I raised my hand and brought it down across her left breast with a loud smack.

“She said to make me cum. Do you think slow gyrations are going to do that? Ram it up your ass faster!” I say to Suzanne in a loud voice as she moaned and started bouncing faster.

Suzanne is now riding me for all it is worth as my neighbor massages my balls underneath her. I can feel the pressure in my balls start to grow and know I will not be able to hold out long.

The pounding Suzanne is giving me is having mixed results. The sheer pleasure of her anal attack is glorious, but every time she hits bottom her pelvis slams onto my full bladder. The mixed feelings are very intense.

“Oh god yes, that’s it!” I yell. “Squeeze my balls, I’m going to cum deep inside her ass!!!”

Suzanne is lost in her own pleasure as the first shot of scalding hot cum erupts from the head of my cock deep within her rectum. It is followed by rope after rope of what feels like very thick shots coating her insides.

Suzanne slows down as I finish filling her up with my cum and my neighbor climbs up onto the bed. Suzanne is now planted firmly on my waist unknowingly applying pressure to my bladder with her pelvis. My Neighbor stands up on the bed and steps over me facing Suzanne.

“Now you have to make me cum as he finishes filling up your ass” my Neighbor demands as she pulls her pussy wide open and forces it onto Suzanne’s face.

Suzanne begins to lick out the beautiful pussy in front of her and soon jambs a few fingers into my Neighbor’s sloppy cunt to bring her off as fast as possible.

I watch the show in front of me as my cock slowly deflates inside of Suzanne’s ass. Soon it has deflated enough and I can feel the familiar pressure of my bladder trying to force release.

I try to relax, and just as I get the beginning of the flow started, movement on the bed causes me to clamp the flow off just as it enters Suzanne’s ass.

A muffled moan of surprise comes out of Suzanne as she pulls away from my Neighbor before having her face pushed back into the sopping slit directly in front of her.

I relax again and this time my bladder wouldn’t let me stop even if I wanted to. I feel the head of my cock erupt my hot liquid directly into Suzanne’s ass. Suzanne again moans as she is filled.

Her moans trigger my Neighbor’s climax at the thought of me filling Suzanne’s ass. Coating Suzanne’s face as I finish filling her ass a few seconds later, My Neighbor steps back to see the urgent look on Suzanne’s face.

My Neighbor lays down next to me looking at the place between Suzanne’s legs where we are joined together as one.

“Slide off of him without spilling and you will be able to go let all of that out in the Bathroom.” My Neighbor tells Suzanne.

Suzanne’s face turns to concentration as I feel her anal muscles clamp shut around the base of my cock. She slowly starts to raise her body off of me and then reaches the head. She is squeezing so hard the head doesn’t even want to pop free from its warm home.

With a slight tug Suzanne is free and her anus clamps shut as she runs toward the bathroom. We can hear her moan as she releases everything.

I walk into the bathroom and see Suzanne masturbating while sitting on the toilet. I see her start to push and then she starts pissing while she rubs her pussy and comes to a strong climax herself.

I climb into the shower to clean up followed by my Neighbor as Suzanne is slumped over on the toilet…



As always, please leave me feedback, as this is why I write the stories. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.

A Finnish girl meets a very polite and gallant older man on a summer night in Helsinki. Language barrier makes getting to know each other tricky but the laws of attraction and arousal are universal. Yet a man, when teased, can forget his manners. This is based on a true encounter with an Estonian man in the mentioned places.

***Dima beckoned and when I came close he grabbed me and threw me harshly on the bed. Juice and water spilled everywhere. Ignoring the mess he got on top of me and pinned my hands down by my head. There was a hunger in him that made my cunt twitch. He was heavy and, looming over me like that, outrageously sexy. I struggled a little, an instinctive reaction, but my heart wasn’t in it. There was no point, he’d made me want him again. Besides, I loved to be pinned down, to be all helpless and vulnerable.

My pathetic wriggling amused him. With a cocky grin he pressed his crotch against me, massaging my pussy. My exhales came out as lusty whines but as he held me down his face changed and I didn’t like what it changed into. His eyes alone were enough to scare me.

“Dima?” I asked, uttering a short insecure laughter while trying to make a casual what’s-going-on face.

Seeing it for the first time, I discovered that his evil grin sat far more naturally on his features than his friendly smile had. He let go of my hands and used his arms to restrain my upper body. He kissed me roughly, my lips smashed between my teeth and his lips. He was hurting me and I tried to yell at him but nothing got past his violent kisses. He even bit my lips, not teasingly like a lover but hard. I couldn’t turn my head for his heavy palm on my forehead was holding me still. His weight was crushing me and I beat him with my fists anywhere I could reach but he was unmoved. It was hard to breath and more so with him covering my mouth with his.

I fought then. It wasn’t a game and I was scared. He grabbed my hair, bent my head back and growled in my ear, “No fight, baby. Good girl or I hurt you.”

I subdued my struggles but couldn’t stop them entirely. I didn’t beat him anymore but he sniggered as I tried to push him off me. He ground his swelling cock against my pussy. So, this is what turns him on, I thought ruefully, not a willing blowjob but forcing himself on me. His other hand reached down between us, and after yanking the towel aside he found my naked pussy. He fingered me roughly and I screamed in rage and revulsion.

While tears welled in my eyes he started forcing himself between my legs. Not again. Sensing my resistance, he pulled my hair and snarled his no-fight command again. I didn’t dare to defy him and gingerly let him spread my legs.

“Spread your pussy for me,” he commanded.

I couldn’t believe he’d make me do that, but his eyes terrified me and I did as I was told — with both hands. I’d never felt so humiliated, not even when his cum throbbed in my vagina after the first rape, and I squeezed my eyes shut moaning, “No, no, no,” in a barely audible whisper, waiting to be raped.

He grinned and whispered, “Now say please.” I felt like throwing up but he yanked my hair and shouted, “Look at me!” He was a monster, a madman and I was scared to death and whimpered his chosen word.

He leaned closer, toying with me. “Say it like you mean it.”

Breaking into sobs I wailed, “Please,” and the moment I said the word, he thrust inside me with a savage growl and I cried out in dismay.

Suddenly Dima spoke plenty of English. There was no grammar to speak of but he mastered an extensive porn film vocabulary. He fucked me hard, slamming into me mercilessly, making me groan in pain each time he speared me. Both of his hands were on the top of my head so my body couldn’t rock away from him and escape his vicious stabs. When he hit bottom he paused to stretch me and whispered, “Good girl,” while gently stroking my forehead with his thumb.

I tried to push him away and hit him, desperate to stop the agony of being raped. “Take cock baby or I flip you over and have your ass,” he barked at me and I did as I was told. Again and again he forced himself in me telling me how he’d fuck me until I couldn’t stand up. Every time I tried to close my eyes he slapped me to make clear there was no drifting away from him.

When the first shock had passed and I lay under him more compliant and adjusted to his ruthless fucking, he bent my legs up for better access. He kept hold of my shoulders and pulled me on his cock, forcing his way even deeper. It took me into new heights of pain and I trashed and screamed, thinking he would tear the bottom of my vagina. When I got too loud, he bit my neck until I understood to keep it down. When I did, there was the good-girl routine again and my cunt tingled and flooded for him. He’d said it so often there was a continuous squishing sound as his cock churned in my pussy. What’s happening to me, my mind echoed in self-disgust.

He left me no room to react, and with eyes full of tears I begged him, “Stop, you’re hurting me. Dima no more, please.”

When I blinked, I saw another Dima wrapping me in his coat, but this one fucked me so hard my buttocks made a sharp smacking sound hitting against his pelvis. My hands went looking for anything to grab on to but there was no respite to brace myself for his pace was brutal. As he kept me still by the shoulders, I had no chance to adjust my hips to slow him down even a little or lessen the pain some. All I could do was to give myself to him and hope it would be over soon.

It was horrible but I was getting turned on by him being totally in charge. Far from cumming he took his time abusing me, and the sharp pangs of his thrusts melted into the constant throbbing pain in my flesh. He mixed the tenderness of praising his good little girl with the cruel usage of my inflamed cunt and I moaned and jerked in arousal as my juices ran down my crack to make a wet stain on the sheet.

Suddenly the thrusts ceased and he stopped still inside me. I was relieved to have a break from the rough fucking and gasped for air. I let my body go limp and lay inert under him, recovering. His shaft pulsed inside me, acutely sharpening my awareness of my pelvic area. Without competing sensations the feel of fullness in my pussy became overwhelming. I grew restless and shocked myself by wishing Dima would fuck me more. He stayed unmoving for so long that my need grew too compelling and I started moving my body on his cock, rocking up and down.

“Please don’t stop,” I mumbled and he filled me slowly and gently and I could sense the shape and width of him. Dima stroked my hair and kissed me – passionate, erotic kisses that made my cunt squeeze him tight. He kept shushing me though I made little noise and that continued controlling made me shiver in excitement. Dima’s lips brushed all over my shoulders, chest and neck while he made love to me. He kissed gently and bit harshly and I arched into him to beg for more. His hands teased my body while his cock was stroking my insides. My clit ached to be touched and every part of me craved for the shudders that would bring release.

“Dima, please, may I?” I whispered timidly in Russian and glided my hands apprehensively down towards my crotch. He grinned triumphantly and straightened himself so I could reach to degrade myself in his eyes from an innocent to a wanton.

Dima was captivated. He stared at my nimbly shifting fingers licking his lips and huffing profanities in Russian. Contractions had started deep inside me the second my fingers touched my clit and they grew stronger with Dima’s precise movements. I was rapidly gravitating towards an orgasm when Dima leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Scream for me baby, be my little slut.”

That did it. My stomach muscles cramped and, body freezing rigid, I wailed a long incoherent scream. My pussy gripped his cock in a series of convulsions that went on long after I had slumped back on the bed, exhausted and blurry.

Dima kept moving in my pussy through my orgastic spasms. When I recovered a little I gestured him to pin my hands down again and he flashed me a wicked smile. I wanted him to take me like that, hazy and fragile. He pulled my hands over my head and the backs of my hands dug into the mattress. When he pushed into me I tried to push him out, imagining he was a rapist I wanted out of me. Dima immediately let out a loud spontaneous grunt and, his unwavering restraint cracking for a second, he forgot his steady pace and drove wildly into me with his cock. I wanted to push when he came in and squeeze when he pulled out, but his pace was so erratic I couldn’t keep up with his rhythm.

I decided on pushing out all the time as that got more noise out of him. I even went as far as to struggle against him, to which his cock twitched. I kicked, wriggled away from his cock, squeezed my thighs together and angled my hips to block him from shoving his meat inside me. I fought so fiercely his cock kept slipping out and he had to wrestle me to get back in. We were both worked up, feral, grunting and growling in anger. He let go of my hands and grabbed my hips preventing my evasions. He forced his spear in me so brutally I couldn’t hold back a shocked high-pitched shriek.

“Shut up!” he shouted and slapped me hard in the face. Breaking into sobs I tried to push him away, but he was lost in his own pleasure and fucked me viciously, punishing my bruised insides.

He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. “You like my cock inside you?” He leaned to lick my neck like a beast and growled, “Get used to it. You’re mine.”

With his primitive words a hot wind engulfed me and my used wet pussy tightened on him. “Yes,” I admitted and abandoned all resistance. His pace quickened, his rhythm broke and he started roaring. Thrusting feverishly, lowering his roar into a series of loud grunts he pumped his load deep in my cunt, shaking all over.

For a while he stayed still until gingerly, groaning like a man sliding a knife out of his flesh, he slipped his limp penis out of me. Gasping for breath, Dima collapsed on the bed beside where I lay still and sated, looking at the ceiling but not really seeing anything. He spread his arm and beckoned me to snuggle. Stroking my damp hair with his big rough palm he whistled quietly and sighed in Russian, “Baby, you’re something.”

That something was twisted and I couldn’t shake the shame and guilt, but at the time they were outweighed by euphoria. His semen seeped out of me and this time I didn’t resent it; he’d marked me with his seed and I loved it.

Dima fell asleep right away but I lay awake for a while reliving the night’s events. He smelled so sexy. Part of it was aftershave and such but the rest of it – his own scent, his sweat – was intoxicating. I lay my head to rest on his upper arm where I could inhale him. Pheromones, it just has to be, I tried to explain my behaviour to myself, sinking into a deep dreamless sleep.

***Though appalled and mortified by myself, I couldn’t help enjoying his ministrations. Dima held still in my cunt, filling me but not hurting me and in my ass the little dildo moved back and forth. Longing to be filled after his teasing, I wished he’d put his cock in my ass already. Too late I realized I was fucking back.

“My lusty little slut,” he praised and put the slick lubed head of his cock on my hole. I didn’t flinch and he chortled, “That’s a good girl, taking it up the ass like a whore.” I shuddered in heat, his words were poison but I wanted to drown in it.

Dima put some pressure on my anus and I pressed against him until I felt the tip ease in. Then, gasping, I moved away to ease the pressure when he pushed the rest of the knob in. He stopped there, giving me time to squiggle my hips and adjust. I loved the mixed feeling of intimacy and violation when my ring of muscle squeezed the stretching shaft, eager to suck more of it in.

Dima poured lube on his cock and started to push in. I thrust back easing him deeper. “Good girl,” he praised. An instantaneous surge of giddy goodness gripped me and my pussy and ass spasmed. The reaction I had to those words time and again was totally ridiculous, but I was in no state to figure it out now.

He pulled out a bit, poured more lube and pushed back in. I moved to meet him until my bonds stopped me. As he started pulling out again I heard myself let out a little disappointed mewing sound. Dima’s finger went to my pussy hole and slid right in to the flowing wetness I’d produced.

“If you had told me how much you like a cock up your bottom, I’d have taken care of my little slut before.”

Given the context I had no problems understanding his Russian. He pulled out entirely, leaving the tip of his cock touching my bud. After another drizzle of lube he pushed back in, stopping for a while to move only the head in and out through my tight sphincter. I moaned in pleasure and tried to fuck back and get more of him in. He shushed me and I forced myself to stay still while he teased me.

Finally he started the long strokes I’d been waiting for. He fucked my ass slowly, burrowing deeper with every thrust. It was pure ecstasy for is slow pace let me enjoy every sensation and I wished my hands were free so I could rub my clit. He kept putting on more lube and talked dirty to me when ever he wanted my pelvic muscles to spasm around him. His finger went to my pussy again. “Girl, you’re dirty. Does my little anal slut need something in here too?” My cheeks burned with shame and I couldn’t speak but yes, I damn well did. My cunt was raw, yet I desperately wanted to be filled.

I felt the cool touch of silicone on my pussy lips and a dildo, thicker this time, glided effortlessly along my wetness, stinging the sore flesh. Dima made a few strokes in and out. “I know what you need baby.” He’d found my inflatable dildo and pumped it rapidly until he heard me moan, pumped a little more and let go of it. He started to fuck my ass again and I was exalted. Nothing hurt too bad but I was stretched to the most satisfying fullness I ever knew. My clit throbbed ardently and I ached to cum.

Dima went on inflating the dildo. My cunt stretched and he praised the tightness of my ass. This really made me realize his age for he already had and seemingly still could fuck me for forever. He had enough self discipline to hold back when he was getting too close. I hoped he would cum soon though, for I longed for a grand finale. Besides, if he came he’d probably let my hands free and I could masturbate myself into the violent orgasm my body so vehemently demanded.

The air Dima pumped in between his slow strokes went where my pussy yielded space to expand and the dildo ballooned behind my pelvic opening. It was getting very uncomfortable but being at his mercy was also deeply gratifying. I hoped he would fuck me harder but he just pumped more air in the dildo, let some out and pumped again. The dull uncompromising pain swallowed my whole abdomen and pelvis and tears ran down my strained face under the hood. Still, I didn’t resist for I wanted to be good.

Finally he went too far with the pump and my resolve crumbled under the torture, I started to flinch and buck away. He mumbled his little darling to be still and take it like a good girl. I strived to please my Dima, but the next inflations were too much and I began to yell and struggle. Disappointed, he pulled out of my ass and the pressure eased some. He promptly compensated for it with four inflations in a rapid succession. I thrashed in my ropes, screaming in shock. He patted my butt, tugged on the dildo to check it sat snug and got off the bed.

I don’t know how long I was a prisoner inside my dark hood. I heard his footsteps around the flat. I heard the TV, the coffee maker and the balcony door. My arms and wrists were aching from supporting my weight. Frequently he returned to stand by the bed and the dildo inside me swelled and I screamed for him, having already been stretched as far as my cunt could go. Yet I had no way to flee the pain and panted like a mother giving birth while Dima ran his palm over the arcs and hollows of my naked quivering body. Whining weakly I pleaded, but he took no notice and when he walked away I sobbed.

The pain was too cruel to bear, but it was the pillowcase that threatened to undo me. It seemed to shrink every passing second and strangle me. The air I sucked through the tightly woven threads was warm and stuffy and each labored inhalation took me closer to the deep end of panic.

When I finally felt his weight on the mattress I was relieved. Being hurt by him was terrifying but it was better than being tied up alone in the dark. Dima tugged on the dildo and I yelped. Muttering something I couldn’t hear, he kneeled between my legs and rested the tip of his penis on my asshole. This time Dima wasn’t gentle. Trusting I was still stretched and supple, he gave me no warning and shoved the whole length of his cock in me on the first savage plunge. He took no pity on my asshole and I shrieked in pain as my ring of muscle was stretched so violently. What noise got through my gag wasn’t loud enough to alarm the neighbours and he let me howl all I wanted.

“Scream baby, show daddy how it hurts,” he urged.

Dima twisted his cock to penetrate me from different angles. I tried to get away when he grabbed my waist pulling me on his cock, but his legs held mine pinned. He forced himself a space where there was none left and my every exhale was a scream. His balls slapped against the handle of the dildo as his thighs smacked my butt hard enough to smart. There was no other sensory input to my brain than the pain in my sex organs, and the need to flee from it.

Any lube that had been left in my back passage had worn out and he was practically fucking me raw. I sobbed between my howls while he petted my ass and caressed my red and swollen pussy lips, telling me how good a fuck I was. His arms were around my shoulders to keep me from bucking away from his cock. I started kicking with all my strength, the pain, the ties, the hood – panic overwhelmed me and I was suffocating.

My fighting excited him and he started slamming against me without a rhythm, without thrusts even, just a blur of spearlike stabs in my anal tract. It lasted forever and my belly started to cramp with such violent usage of my rectum. I cramped and he tried to hold me still. Dima raped me impatiently, balls aching to cum, making the bulged dildo move painfully in my agonized pussy. At last he bellowed and filled my ass with cum, milking himself with my body, taking his time, getting every drop out.

He was totally spent and crashed on the bed. Mercifully, he reached to loosen my restraints and I collapsed next to him. I curled up into a ball, the dildo still in me, the gag in my mouth and loops still around my wrists. I was too groggy to even claw the hood off. I wanted nothing; to be nothing, to feel nothing.

“Next time,” he muttered short of breath, “I want to see you stay still without the ties.”

When I woke up it was twilight outside and the pain had dulled a little. Dima spooned against my back, an arm protectively around me, the other stretched on the pillow above my head. The ropes, the hood and the gag were gone. The dildo inside me had been deflated and slid out. He hadn’t showered, I could smell his sweat and the scent was warm and bewitching. I nestled closer to his bare skin and hugged the arm in front of me. I didn’t understand my emotions, moreover, I didn’t understand why I had any. I liked it when he was rough, but when he got carried away it was insanity. He hadn’t stopped when I begged him to, when it wasn’t fun anymore or kinky or exciting. Yet afterwards he’d be the gentlest and kindest man, taking care of me like I was the most fragile thing in the world.

I was never one to surrender to bullying or abuse, but what he did – what we did – didn’t fall into any category I knew. Due to our language barrier I couldn’t ask him what the hell was this all about, but the world with him was tempting in its simplicity: If I let him be the only scary thing in my mind, he’d also be a hero who would have the power to keep away all that was scary in the world outside. He was a drug I couldn’t stop wanting though I knew it was bad for me. I was still chiding myself of lunacy when I started kissing his rough fingertips to wake him up.

***Dima loved the obscene view of the monster cock spreading me and continued fucking me with it, coaxing and commanding. “Here it comes. Be still. Don’t tense up on me. Take it like a good girl. There, I know you like it. And out with it now, push, harder, good girl.” He made throaty sounds of lust driving it through the narrow gap between my pelvic bones. Each time the process to birth the thing was difficult and painful, for the dildo stretched my pussy and muscles so tight I had no room to squeeze inwards. From time to time he pushed back when I pushed out, testing the strength of my pelvic muscles and prolonging my agony. He was impressed with what my vagina, even after all he’d done before, still could endure.

When I was no longer distressed enough for his taste, he put another dildo on my asshole. I mumbled through my gag for him to stop, and tried to get away but my position didn’t allow it for he’d pinned my arms and legs beneath him. “Don’t make a fuss. You’ve been stretched well and good earlier. Take it, take it all now.”

I tried to wrench myself free and howled, “No, no, no,” but he didn’t care I really meant it. He had smeared the dildo in my juices and shoved it through my tight ring of muscle without mercy. In it went, deep up my ass without lube, chafing and burning, dragging the membranes as it went.

Dima alternated between plunging the dildos in simultaneously and in turns. Stuffed as I was I couldn’t tell my cunt from my rectum. There was just one torn hole and one huge nightmare of an object grinding in it. As the giant dildo in my cunt and the other up my butt met inside me and poked my abdomen, the pain was like menstrual cramps tenfold. Beads of sweat glistened on my skin as I screamed. The little amount of pussy juice on the dildo in my ass had worn out fast and he’d since been tearing fresh cuts and nicks in my already raw passage.

He was speeding up and getting even rougher and I wriggled my hips to get my holes into angles which would help to dull the pangs of pain. Dima laughed and let me do it knowing it had little effect on what he afflicted me with. He raped me with the plastic cocks so violently that nothing I did mattered. All I had left was crying and screaming, though they weren’t distinct screams, more like a constant ragged howling that lived in rhythm with my breathing.

I was drained, finished, dead and had a terrible thirst. I slumped down, my shoulders no longer able to hold my weight. I felt gross, a repulsive heap on the bed with dirty dildos sticking out. When Dima started wrenching me up I used my last strength trying to escape him. I scratched and kicked him as he dragged me to the bathroom. I tried to claw the gag off and scream to him that he was killing me, but he snatched my hands to his grip. I struggled to get free but he barely noticed my efforts.

He screwed the shower head off the hose keeping me tucked under his arm. I got the gag off and begged him in terrified sobs to let me go. There was nothing of Dima left in him and I was afraid the new bout of torture would end in my death. Then again, to me it was of little consequence, for I was in a state in which there was nothing left of me either.

He tested the water was lukewarm and left the hose to trickle water in a weak stream. He heaved me into the bathtub and lifted me up by my ankles. He swore and shook me until I supported my weight with my shaky arms. My stomach rested on his crotch, and my crotch against his stomach available for abuse. My legs rested on his chest with my feet sticking up in the air above his shoulders. He had abused my body cavities to such depths that my stomach was in shock. He barely got me steady before I twitched and threw up on my hands in the tub. He growled curses at me and slapped me hard on the hip to declare he didn’t approve.

He sprayed me clean with the hose and left it to trickle. He threw a towel in front of me. “Put that in your mouth and make no noise.” He drizzled water on my used anus and pushed two fingers in. I groaned loudly in futile anger kicking with my feet, while he spread my asshole, stretching the little cuts glistening with blood. Slowly he forced the end of the hose in through my wrinkly bud. He pushed it as deep as it easily went, some four inches, and I cried out, almost dropping the gag from my mouth, as the hard plastic end scraped the linings of my anal tract.

I had understood of course what was to come, but no amount of bracing myself prepared me for his homemade enema and I started immediately feeling extremely uncomfortable. Even the slow trickle of water had pressure that bulged my bowls and, adding to the effect, with the water the hose spewed air as well. I kicked frantically with my feet and — biting down on the gag — screamed in panic for him to turn off the water.

The pain of filling up was excruciating and I howled like an animal while trying to escape him. The gag muffled enough of my screams that none were heard outside the room but Dima heard, and ignored. I let my hands buckle and tumbled hard into the tub. My legs slid down his chest until I was cramping violently in the little pool of water remaining on the bottom. My treacherous anus didn’t let the hose slide out of me and when I reached for it Dima stopped me though deep down he knew he couldn’t keep it up for long. After listening to my panicked yelling and sobbing for long enough to get hard again, he turned off the water and I felt the hose twitch when the water pressure died down.

He grabbed me by the hair and jerked my face to him. “Keep all in,” he snarled in English. “Out, and do again.”

He pulled the hose out slowly and I curled into a ball, desperately trying to clench shut the anus he’d fucked so loose. I needed air and spit the gag out to take what shallow gasps of air I could without making the pain worse. Allowing me no rest he hauled me out of the tub, the manhandling almost making me loose control over my pelvic muscles.

When my feet touched the floor I cramped so bad I couldn’t really stand, but he made me walk around so he could see me suffer. I was in such distress I no longer had thoughts or words, my mind had regressed to that of an animal.

Drunk with his own power Dima muttered with a thick throaty voice, “I’m gonna fuck you like that.” In disbelief I stared at him, tears streaking my face. His whisper was cold as ice, “Look at your legs baby – you bleed. One way or another, you’re always wet for me, aren’t you?”

He stalked at me and I skittered away. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I prayed for him to leave me alone for the pressure had grown too strong. I pinched my sphincter as hard as I could but inevitably my efforts gave out. Enraged and crying, throwing everything I got my hands on at him, I yelled, “Get out, get out, get out!” But it was too late. I felt a spluttering flood splash on the floor and howled in shame. Stricken, I kept my eyes closed, too mortified to move.

Dima swore coarsely and stormed out, I rushed to lock the door behind him, trying to lock him out of my head to another dimension. I knew I could never face another human again, least of all him for he’d seen it. Sobbing, I washed my legs and crotch. I couldn’t believe what had happened; my anus felt numb like it wasn’t even there. I washed the floor and kept frantically scrubbing everything until I couldn’t stand up anymore.

The first degradation wasn’t enough. I had to sit on the toilet for an eternity, suffering sharp pangs of pain — and even sharper of shame — before my bowls were empty. I kept the shower in my hand, hiding myself during all of it in a cascade of lifesaving little droplets. I never wanted to get out from under the only comfort I had.

I crawled to cower in the tub and hugged the shower to my chest; the flow of water was the only thing that could wash away my dirt, soil and shame. I tried not to think for I couldn’t face the revulsion that would follow if I did think. Next to me thin swirls of blood danced in the water rushing towards the drain and I knew I was breaking down.

My fingers were wrinkled and the air dense with steam when Dima knocked on the door. He kept calling my name and asking what was going on. I stayed in my numbness, my solace and his voice got louder and distressed. When he was about to kick the door in I got up and slouched towards the noise. I turned the lock and started back towards my sanctuary for beneath the stream of water filth did not exist.

Dima saw I was unravelling and shook me until my eyes focused on him. I recognized my monster and eyes wide with fear shrank away from his touch but I was too weak to struggle. He wrapped a towel around me and pressed me against him rubbing my back, drying me off. I could tell he was talking but none of it reached me and, getting nowhere, he turned me around and steered me out of the bathroom.

Anxious to be separated from the shower I babbled incoherent nonsense about dirt, water and bath tubs — all in Finnish, since in that base state it was all I had left. I went to my wardrobe and tried to nest in the clothes lying on its floor and it wasn’t easy for him to get me out for I craved the privacy of that small dark space. To be seen and touched when feeling that unclean was horrible, it made me want to scream.

Dima was gravely aware he’d gone too far, gotten too deep in the role he had taken and misjudged how much I could endure. He was determined to get me out of my spiralling hysteria. Since getting to me in the bathroom he’d been speaking to me softly in his own language, he was past caring if I understood or not. Holding my hand he sat down on the bed, I resisted trying to back off as a wave of nauseating fear washed over me. Frantically I repeated the words ‘no more’ in Finnish, shaking my head, but he was adamant and pulled me to him.

Slowly, droplet by droplet, I was seeping blood. It smeared on him and the sheets but Dima ignored the mess and cradled me like a child. He began to sing quietly, his voice constantly breaking into a humming whisper and it was that gruff buzz repeating a lullaby-like tune that finally calmed me. When I was lucid enough to pay attention Dima started to stroke my wet hair. He quit singing and pressed his lips on the top of my head, hugging me tight he whispered, “прости меня пожалуйста моя маленькая, прости.” Prosti menya pozhaluista moya malenkaya, prosti. Please forgive me little one, I’m sorry.

To hear the pain in his voice demolished a wall I’d built inside my head. I forgot his English was nigh useless and sobbed in a flood of words how horrible I felt, how it hurt, how he’d humiliated me, how afraid I’d been, how used I had felt after his first indifferent taking of me and how used I felt now, how awful it was to have no way to communicate when gagged and tied and hooded, and he let me rant, stroking and holding me. Finally, after a dozen apologies we both fell asleep.


Authors note: I want to appologize for the spelling and grammer mistakes in parts 1-8. I now have an editor, Pendigon, so I would like to thank her for all her help. And a special thanks to a special friend. You know who you are!


Sarina woke to find herself bound in what look to be a large shower stall with a toilet installed inside of it. Oh God, what were they planning? She pulled on her arm restraints to no avail. They only allowed her to move but a bit and her legs were pretty much secured the same. She was bound directly over the toilet.

“Ah she is finally awake.” Barry said as the two men entered the large bathroom. He walked up to her and held onto her chin. She tried to jerk her head away but he held her firm. “You need some cleaning up Sarina. We have a guest coming.”

“Please let me go.” She pleaded her eyes fixed on Jake. When he shook his head she pleaded again. “Please let me go. I won’t tell anyone about this I promise.”

Ignoring her pleas, Barry went over to a cabinet and began removing items from it. Sarina noticed a disposable douche bottle and flushed a little with the thought that they were going to do that to her. She knew she shouldn’t be after all that they had done already but that was a personal thing one did and why would they want to even bother.

Jake stayed back watching Barry at his work; this was one of those times where he enjoyed watching his friend do what he did best. Humiliation was a favorite of Barry’s especially with females like Sarina, he grinned as Barry approached her with the prepared bottle of douche. With no gentleness, his friend knelt down and slid the small applicator up her vagina. He squeezed slowly and the solution shot up and then came trailing down out of her hole and down the inside of her thighs.

Sarina raised her head back and closed her eyes, humiliated with what Barry was doing to her. Barry stayed kneeling, watching all the solution exit her body, some making it into the toilet but most of it down her legs.

“Now that is done.” He told her getting back up and walking back to the cabinet. He took out what looked like two more douche bottles and fixed them. When he turned to come back to her, his smile was wicked. “Now onto your other hole”

Sarina struggled against her bindings, knowing it was impossible to get free but unable to stop herself from doing it. “No please don’t do this!” She began yelling the fear in her voice apparent.

“Oh we can’t have that now, she may wake your beautiful slave.” Barry told him as he got between Sarina, the wall and the toilet.

Jake nodded in agreement and left the room for a short moment. He quickly returned with a gag in hand and approached her smiling, before she could say anything else he shoved it between her teeth and tied it behind her head.

“Spread her cheeks for me.” Barry said to Jake as he raised the nozzle up to her enticing ass. Jake leaned over and grabbed hold of both her cheeks and spread them wide, Sarina squealed behind her gag but both men ignored her. Barry placed the nozzle against her back hole and thrust it up into her. “Now I want you to hold this solution Sarina. If you don’t, I am going to keep doing this over and over until you do, shake your head if you understand me.”

Both men saw her nod and then looked to each other and smiled. Barry squeezed the bottle, pushing the liquid up into her back channel slowly. Once the bottle was empty he slowly removed the nozzle only to replace it with the other one from the second bottle. Again he filled her ass with the enema solution slowly and removed the applicator. Jake this time switched from pulling her ass cheeks apart to pushing them together.

Sarina groaned with the pain of her bowels being full with the solution, she gasped for breath as she held onto the liquid as instructed. Sarina believed Barry when he told her he would keep doing this to her if she didn’t participate. Her legs began to shake with the effort of trying to hold the liquid in.

“That’s a good girl Sarina, keep holding it.” Barry told her as his hand snaked around and slid down over her slit and into her pussy. He began to thrust his fingers in and out of her, watching her face as she struggled to not let go.

“She won’t hold much longer.” Jake chuckled letting her ass cheeks go. He reached up and unlocked her wrists clamps, lengthening the chain so she could sit on the toilet.

Barry removed his fingers from her and stepped away from her. “Sit and relieve yourself Sarina.” He commanded her. She looked to both men, hoping that they would leave the room. When they only moved away from her but didn’t leave, her face flushed a bright crimson. Tears of embarrassment slid down her face as she let go of the hold she had and began to relieve her bowels.

The men just stood and watched her with no emotions on their faces she didn’t understand what they could be getting out of this, they didn’t appear to be turned on she noticed, looking down to their crotches. What could anyone get out of this? She wondered, not able to figure out why it caused her to become angry.

She began to curse them behind her gag, her eyes glaring at them, shooting daggers. She couldn’t wait to get away from them and when she did she was going to make them pay.

“Oh it seems the kitty has a temper.” Barry chuckled, satisfied that she was completely done he walked back over to her with toilet paper in hand and cleaned her ass. Flushing the toilet, he grabbed her about the throat and moved his face to hers. “Now a good bathing for you so that you will smell fresh again.”

Jake had come back over and was again maneuvering her wrist and ankle binds so that she stood in the middle of the shower. Once in place and locked down, the men removed their own clothing. Jake turned the shower on and began to spray Sarina down while Barry retrieved cleaning supplies and came back, once she was completely wet Jake washed her hair as Barry soaped up the sponge and washed her body.

Sarina stood still unable to do anything but let them do as they wanted to her, her only consolation being her revenge on them later. Yes they had pleased her earlier but there was no reason for what was taking place now or what would take place later, she was not like Susie who just takes things that happened to her. No! She was the master of her life and no one took advantage of her like this!

Once they had her cleaned and dried they moved her back into the living room, her mouth with a fresh clean gag. She noticed that the leather bench had been moved to a corner and there was now a bed looking device. There was no mattress on it but what looked to be leather padding with different leather binds all over it, from what she could see they could put her in multiple positions if they so wished and she was sure that is what they wanted.

She was a little shocked when they led her instead to a table with both men handling her they got her tied down to the chair pretty quick, once secure they left her and went to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner. Sarina sat there watching them and trying to listen for anything that would give her a clue as to why they were holding her captive.

Jake and Barry brought all the food to the table and sat a plate in front of her. They portioned out food for her and then some wine, Barry brought his chair closer to her while removing her gag and sat down. “Now I am going to feed you Sarina. You are going to need your strength.”

“Why is that?’ She asked with a hint of anger in her voice.

Jake laughed sitting down at the table. “Kitty has claws.”

“That she does.” Barry agreed. “That is why she is tied isn’t it? He picked up the wine glass and brought it to her lips. “Drink it.”

Sarina thought to fight him but then decided against it. She was thirsty and hungry and refusing any sustenance would just be stupid on her part, she opened her mouth and drank the bitter wine, she never did like wine but it was all he was offering at the moment.

“Good girl.” Barry praised her “Now take a bite” he instructed her and smiled when she took the food from the offered fork, she chewed slowly hoping to drag out the time before their next sadistic plan for her.

Barry ate between feeding Sarina while Jake ate his food in silence watching Barry enjoy himself; he smiled thinking about all the other times they had played with a slave like this, the only difference, those other women had been willing participants, this one was only willing when in the height of passion and because Barry was keeping her drugged. Her wine was dosed with another pill from Barry and soon she would be high again from it and ready for the nights play.

Once dinner was finished and the men had cleaned up the dishes and kitchen Barry took her to the restroom again while Jake checked in on his little slave, he found her sleeping soundly, he couldn’t resist the urge to touch her, she was his now. He couldn’t wait to begin her training, to bring her to understand that she belonged to him now, to do with as he pleased, to train her to be the proper woman for him.

He sat down on the bed and ran his hand over her body, she moved a little, a small moan escaping from her. He repositioned himself on top of her spread body and began to lick and suck on her dark nipples; she moaned again but did not wake up. He doubted she would. The pill he gave her was pretty strong and he could do virtually anything to her right now and she would more than likely sleep through it. His cock grew hard at the thought of it; he moved his body down her body and brought his mouth right against her hairless pussy. He breathed and licked her at once, loving the taste and smell of her. She was a delicious prize and he was going to savor every inch of her once he was alone with her. He licked over her wet slit, focusing his attention on her swelling clit. Even in her drug induced sleep she responded to his touch. He licked up her juices, pulling on her labia and then went back to her beckoning nub. He was rock hard with the idea of making her cum while she slept. He reached up and brought his hands to her breasts. He pinched and pulled on her erect nipples as he ate her pussy with relish. She was moaning and bucking against his mouth, her upper torso thrusting up into his clever hands. He suckled on her clit bringing one hand down to thrust two fingers into her now dripping cunt. Yes he was right to take her for his own he thought as he felt her walls clenching onto his thrusting fingers. She was moaning loud as she came against his mouth, her hips rocking fast and hard in her release.

Once she was settled back down and he had licked her clean he got up from her. His cock was throbbing and ready to take Sarina again in another bought of lust. He heard a knock on the door and covered her up to keep her warm and went to the door. He opened it and found Barry standing there.

“Having fun with your slave?” Barry smiled taking a peek into the dimly lit room.

Jake smiled back but there was an edge to it, warning Barry to back up. Jake was feeling very possessive over his new slave and though he didn’t care what he did to Sarina, Susie was a totally different matter. He wasn’t sharing her.

Barry put up his hands, laughing at his friend. “Whoa. I know better than to mess with her friend.” He turned and walked back down the halls to return to Sarina.

Jake took one last look to make sure she was safe and comfortable then locked up the room. He followed in the same direction to find that Barry had already positioned Sarina on the pleasure bed. She was looking a little angry and a little worried. Her eyes were dazed so Jake knew that what Barry had given her was already working through her blood. She would be panting in lust for them again and it made his cock jerk in response.

They both heard the car pulling up out front, turning their heads toward the door. Sarina did as well and looked to see if the men were worried or if this was the expected guest they had eluded to earlier. Jake went to the window and smiled. She saw him look over to Barry who smiled back at him. She wondered who this guest was and what did they have planned for her. She closed her eyes trying to get her nerves under control. She was not going to be afraid she told herself. She was made of stronger stuff after all. She would get through this. She would escape. And when she did, she would get her revenge.

Jake didn’t wait for the knock on the door. He opened it and let their awaited guest in. Jake’s body blocked Sarina’s view but she watched as all the men shook hands with each other and then they moved apart. Her eyes widened in shock upon seeing the man. Why was he here she wondered, nervous again. What did this all mean?

“I can see our little captive here recognizes you.” Jake smiled as they all walked over in her direction.

“Of course she does. We have known each other intimately before.” Jake said matter of fact.

Sarina stared at him, wide eyed, wondering what all had Sussie’s dad Mike had revealed to the other men. Jake smiled, seeming to know but Barry was looking a bit confused.

“You have?” He asked confirming Sarina’s suspicion.

Mike looked over Sarina’s kneeling stretched form. Yes he had experience her body before. But not tied up. He felt his cock growing in his pants with the thought of taking her like this.

“Oh yes. Sarina and I have had some fun together already haven’t we you little vixen.” He told her walking around the bed enjoying her dilemma.

Barry watched Sarina watch Mike as he circled her. He stopped and knelt on the bed in front of her. He got hold of her hair and brought her face to his, “Time to pay up Sarina.”

Sarina tried to talk through her gag but it was useless with the material wedge between her teeth. “Oh I understand your fear little girl. It’s reasonable after all that you have done.”

He reached down and groped her breast, squeezing a little hard. Sarina tried to move away but it made him hold on harder. Understanding quickly, she stilled herself and breathed deep.

“She’s a smart girl you know.” Mike said letting go of her and moving back to the floor. He took off his shirt and threw it onto the chair she had occupied for dinner. His shoes and socks were next as he undid his belt and let it dangle from his hand.

“Oh we surmised that already.” Barry piped in watching the man whom now had Sarina’s attention. He walked around to the back of her, the belt swinging loosely in his hand, Sarina’s eyes following him until he was out of view.

A crack of the belt on the leather bedding, made Sarina physically and mentally jump, much to Mike’s delight. He raised the belt and softly looped it over her shoulder and then pulled it so it slid down her back. “No this would damage your skin too much I think.” He told her as he walked around to face her again. “I think we have something a bit softer that will do the trick.”

Jake smiled and walked over to a cabinet hanging on the wall. He opened it and indicated for Mike to take his pick of instruments. His brother in law ran his hand over the hanging items, finally picking one with multiple straps and a glass dildo for a handle.

Jake walked out of the room for a moment and came back with a video camera. He switched it, on focusing it on Mike and Sarina, “And where does my sister think you are at right now?”

“With my little play slave of course.” He answered Jake lightly swinging the whipping device across her ass. Though it was light he noticed the girl jerk in response. He understood that she was responding from fear and not pain.

“Can we move her so that her ass is sticking out more?” He asked swinging the whip a little harder on her ass. This time her flinch was the sting. He knew it was not excruciating pain but pain none the less, which she was not used to.

Barry nodded and Jake put down the camera. They went to opposite sides and moved the bars forward on the bed and refastened it so that her upper torso was leaning forward a bit, causing her ass to stick out more. The straps around her thighs would hold her in place just fine so he began to swirl the whip, hitting her ass over and over. She squealed behind her gag as the whip hit her bare flesh in a tapping motion.

Sarina’s closed her eyes trying to not feel the pain from the lashing Mike was giving her. It was a strong sting and was building with each stroke. She felt sweat break out on her body and was relieved when he stopped suddenly.

“Now Sarina, how about we get some confessions from you. The sooner we get this done the sooner we can get to the pleasure.” Mike told her landing a loud pop to her reddening cheeks.” He leaned over and rubbed her now warm buttocks and then licked on them. “First, why don’t you tell us who really stole the money from the school?” He straightened back up and lightly swatted her.

Barry laughed and indicated to the gag. Mike smirked and asked Barry to remove it. Once done Sarina gasped and tried to wet her dry lips. Noticing, Barry retrieved some water and helped her to drink it.

“I don’t know what you mean.” She finally answered.

Crack! She jerked her hips forward from the blow, this one being the strongest one yet. “Let’s try that again Sarina. Who took the money from the school? I know it was not Sussie even though she got the blame for it.” He asked again lightly rubbing the whip over her sore backside.

“I did!” Sarina admitted. She absolutely did not want another lash like the last one. She knew he could have made it a lot stronger but as it was it was hurting pretty bad.

“Very good” He told her from behind. He rubbed her ass again with his hand as he asked his next question. “When you spent the night once and you and Susie snuck the car out, whos idea was that? Think carefully now.”

Jake watched Mike’s interrogation of Sarina with pleasure. When he had found out how much Sarina had used Sussie it had made his decision to abduct her justified in his eyes. Yes he originally just needed to secure her silence and would have found someone who would take care of her kindly, though keeping her secure. But with the new information that Mike had told him on the phone the day before, he felt she needed to pay for all that she had done and had plan to do. Sarina was a greedy little slut, who’s only concern was herself. It was time that she was taught a very pricey lesson.

“It was my idea okay?” She blurted out, breaking into Jake’s thoughts.

Crack! “Not okay Sarina!” Mike bellowed out. “You used Sussie’s sympathy against her. You cried about your boyfriend seeing someone else and how you needed to catch him at it. What a little liar you are Sarina.” He smacked her red ass again a little lighter this time.

Sarina thought perhaps she could lie out of this one. After all, how could he know for sure that is what happened? She was about to answer when she felt the whip hit her back. It stung but wasn’t that strong of a hit. And she was wondering if the drug was working against her again. She could feel herself starting to get wet even though he was causing her some pain.

“I will take your silence as agreement that you did exactly that,” he paused then added, “and that you are a little liar.” Another lighter hit to her back. He walked back around and put her gag back in place before walking back behind her.

There was another pause and then she felt the dildo handle glide down between her cheeks and over her wet slit. “Wet already Sarina? What a little slut you are.” Mike breathed heavily against her ear as he shoved the glass dildo up her wet channel. Sarina groaned at the intrusion, partly from pain and part from pleasure.

“There is so much more isn’t there Sarina? Trying to seduce me and then trying to blackmail me. That really was a big mistake on your part.” He talked to her pumping the dildo in and out of her. “My wife knew all about it. We don’t hide anything from each other.”

My name is Michelle. When I was 22, I humiliated myself totally. I’m 23 now, and still living the effects of that humiliation every day.

The date was November 18, 2011. It was a Friday night, and I was alone in the apartment. At the time I lived at ********** ***** in ***** ****, MD. The time was just after 11 PM and I was on my bed, in my sexiest nightie, making love to myself. I was on my hands and knees, or more correctly, on my knees and my chest, face turned away from the window, arms limp at my sides. I had a dildo in my vagina and a vibrator up my bottom. I was so happy and content. The doorbell ruined all that.

I jerked awake and bolt upright on my hands and knees. I looked at the clock, saw that it was 11:07 PM, and then stared at my bedroom door, open-mouthed. Then I looked at my bedroom window, making sure the blinds were securely closed—they were—and waited with choked breath to see if whoever would ring again. They didn’t.

Who was it, at 11 PM at night?

Rattled, but recovering slightly, I slipped my hand around and removed both the dildo and vibrator. Quickly I slipped both under the mattress, and then padded across to the chair and snatched up my terry-clothe robe. I put it on and belted myself in on the way out the bedroom door. I crept down the hallway on my tip-toes anyway, hesitated at the kitchen door, flicked on the light, flicked it off again, and then proceeded through the dining room to the foyer (not really, just a walkway divided from the living room by an iron railing) and put my eye to the peephole. I saw only the empty landing and my neighbor’s red doors on the landing. I stepped back and bit my lower lip. Then I retreated to the end of the railing, stepped down into the living room and hurried to the balcony curtains, where I peeked out. I saw no one on the sidewalk scurrying away, nor in the parking lot. I went to my left and up one step into the den and peeked out the den’s window, which afforded a look up the parking lot I couldn’t get from the balcony doors. I still saw on one, which didn’t surprise me as it was pouring cat’s and dog’s outside. Still biting my lip, I stood back and crossed my arms over my chest.

Kids? I hadn’t experienced it yet, but Ken told me kids sometimes play bell-tag, ringing everyone’s doorbell in the building and then tearing outside to hide. Plausible, though kinda far-fetched in the rain. One of the neighbors maybe? A drunk? The wrong door? Possible, I guessed. I had taken a few moments to make it to the peephole. I was about to drop my arms and head back to the bedroom when a thought stopped me cold.

Could someone know? Could the doorbell be a wake-up call, someone saying Hi there, I know what you did? What if he had slipped a note or something under my door? I hurried back to the foyer but discovered no note. What if he taped a note to the outside of my door? Alarmed and breathless, I stuck my eye back to the peephole, made sure the landing was empty, and then twisted open the deadlock and unlocked the door and opened it an inch. There was no note, but there was a box.

Oh, no, I groaned. What is that?

Trembling now, I twisted my head back and forth to make sure the landing was truly empty, listened carefully for breathing, or any sound that might signal a lurker outside, and then closed the door and clumsily slid the chain to the side. Then I opened the door wide enough to see the entire package on the floor. “Fuck,” I muttered to myself.

The package was a plain brown cardboard shipping box, sealed across the top with transparent shipping tape. There was no label, and no markings of any kind that I could see. Still trembling, I nudged the box with my left big toe and slid it 6″ back. It was not empty, weighing, I guessed, in the neighborhood of five pounds. I couldn’t stop trembling and I couldn’t stop biting my lower lip. I hated this box.

You can’t leave it out there, I told myself.

What if it’s a bomb?

Oh, please…Really? A bomb?

Feeling stupid as well as embarrassed, I stooped down and picked up the box. Something shifted inside, something heavy enough to unbalance the box, making me almost drop it. Quickly I brought it inside and closed the door. I didn’t lock it yet, in case I need to throw the box back out. I put it on the mail desk and stood back, arms crossed again and worrying my thumbnail. This was bad. No matter what it was, this was bad.

I looked at the door, and then back at the box. I looked at the balcony curtains and then back at the box. I looked at the kitchen and through it with my x-ray eyes at my bedroom window, the probably cause of this trouble, whatever it was, and then back at the box.

Bullshit, I told myself, you’re the cause of this trouble, not the bedroom window. I sighed, and then shuffled forward to the box.

Whoever had sealed it doubled over one end of the tape as a pull. Dutifully, I pulled the tape up the side of the box, across the top and let it fall down the other side. I then crossed my arms again and stared at the lid.

Don’t be such a wuss.

I’m afraid to open the lid.

Of course you are. Open it anyway.

I did, lifting one side and then the other, and then the two end flaps.

Inside, still in their sealed blister packs were three huge dildos: one white, and the other two black. I gasped and skipped back, releasing the lids, which fell back into place. I continued backing until I hit the rail, and then twisted my head to look at the balcony curtains.

* * *

I was panic-stricken. Someone knew my secret. Apparently, someone knew all my secrets. Mewling pitifully, I backed from the box and covered my mouth with my right hand. My left arm remained over my chest, clutching me. I stumbled on the edge of the step-down and wind-milled a moment, before stepping down into the living room and stumbling four steps into the coffee table.

“Ow!” I complained shrilly, grabbing both my shin and my toes, three of which I’d stubbed on the unforgiving wood. Tearing, I looked up at the box, accused it unfairly, This is your fault, massaged my sore toes and sat down in the chair to consider.

Was this Ken? No kids had left that box in the damned hallway. Ken seemed the best bet: he knew what I liked and was not above a practical joke. But I had talked to Ken two hours ago, and unless he’d lied to me about being in Buffalo, it couldn’t be him.

Then who?

I began to tremble all over and clutched myself across the chest. My teeth started to chatter and I made mewling noises again. I hunched over to control my shivering. And then, some defiant part of me asked, So what?

What do you mean, So what?”

It’s not like you didn’t ask for this, Michelle.

I sat up, indignant. What are you talking about?

My defiant side laughed. I blushed, acknowledging the point.

“Oh, shut up,” I muttered reproachfully and stood up.

The dildos were all Doc Johnson’s. The same brand as my own, though all considerably larger. I laughed at the understatement. The one Ken bought me and which had been in my vagina only a short time ago was 7″ long, with imitation testicles and scrotum forming a flat base. It could stand vertically. The next size up, the 9″ older brother of my dildo was the smallest of the three in the box. Ballsy Super Cock it said on the package. It was an order of magnitude larger than my own, at least to my inexperienced eyes. It alone would challenge my vagina. The other two dildos were monsters.

I emitted a sudden, embarrassing giggle and mortified, looked at the apartment door, and then guiltily at the balcony drapes. I knew without any conscious decision that these were not from a neighbor. Someone had seen me. Someone with binoculars, obviously, though how I still didn’t know. I never did anything with a light on.

The answer was obvious, of course: Infrared. Someone had watched me using infrared binoculars. I had never even considered it–idiotic, considering this was 2011 and everyone and his brother had night-vision binoculars…I had even seen reports on the nightly news: No privacy, even in your home!

Chagrined, I unconsciously tightened the robe at my throat and felt totally violated.

The two remaining dildos, both black were a joke. Neither could be used on a normal 22 year old female. Certainly not on me. The smaller was 12″ long—just the shaft was 12″ long!—with a suction cup at the base. The shaft was roughly circular at the base, a poor representation of balls. I shivered, imagining me lowering myself onto that. It was twice the thickness of my 7″ dildo.

The larger dildo was just ridiculous. Ludicrous. I picked it up and gazed at it in awe. 18″ long, the package said. I believed it, without doubt. It too was all shaft with a slightly rounded base and a suction cup at the end. It must weight 3 or 4 lbs.

I laughed, imagining Ken brandishing it at me, grinning like a pirate. Ahoy, me Lassie. Prepare to be skewered. It was big around as a Coke can, probably larger, with a head the size of a Rhinoceros’s. What it would do to my…I shoved that thought away roughly. And then I noticed the note.

Oh, my God…there was a note. Horrified, I backed away again.

* * *

It was short and impersonal. No greeting, no explanation, no threats of blackmail, no taunts. Just a man’s semi-neat handwriting noting two website addresses; one each, corresponding to one of the monstrous dildos. Both were to the website xHamster. I’d never heard of it.

Going to the bedroom, I grabbed my laptop off the desk and took it anxiously into the dining room and sat down. One news report I’d seen claimed some infrared devices peer right through your blinds and drapes and into your bedroom to see you–or the infrared image of you–and whatever you were doing. Considering my proclivities, I should have paid more attention, I realized. I typed in the first address and sat back.

It was my 12″ long dildo. It was suction-cupped to a kitchen floor—I assumed it was a kitchen as the floor was linoleum and I could see the bottom of what looked like the dishwasher on one side, and the stove on the other. Some cabinets, and a discarded black t-shirt? Anyway, the camera was on the floor and the video was titled “Ramming my gay ass on a huge anal dildo.” I winced, guessing what came next.

A naked pair of legs strode past the camera and a man positioned himself and without hesitation lowered himself onto the dildo. He’d obviously been doing this for a while because he immediately began to fuck himself, rushing up and down the shaft like he did this every day instead of running. My eyes practically burst out of my head when he rammed down and took the entire dildo up his ass.

No way! I shouted mentally. I stared open mouthed as the guy again and again impaled himself, taking the entire shaft up his ass. It was impossible. The human rectum was not that long. I knew this for a fact because I could barely take the length of my 7″ dildo, and the shaft of that is only 5″ long. The white dildo in the box would bottom me out, I was sure of it. And yet, this man was slamming up and down on this dildo’s impossible length like it was 4:” long. Either men were different than women, or rectums stretched a whole lot farther than I had imagined

I finished the video, and then watched it again, equally mesmerized. Did my secret admirer think I was a guy? Was he suggesting a use? Was this just the most demonstrable video he’d found for the 12″ dildo’s use? I hunched my shoulders and blushed in embarrassment. He’d obviously watched me take the dildo up my ass. I did this often, when the need for a cock overwhelmed my satisfaction with the vibrator. He must have seen this. And imagined I would like something more adventurous, something bigger for my ass? I looked at the kitchen wall, happy in the certainty that no infrared device could see me through brick and mortar, drywall and stud construction. But I hated that my nipples were hard and my groin buzzing expectantly.

Frustrated, I typed in the second address and was confronted by another gay guy, this one on his hands and knees with my 18″ dildo up his ass. Again my eyes popped out at the aggressive use of this dildo. I snapped my mouth closed at the same time I unconsciously drew my feet up and propped them on the edge of the seat cushion.

This was impossible. No human anus could stretch to that size. No human rectum, even a male’s, could take that kind of pounding. He wasn’t even taking it all, either. The video was entitled: “Anal dildo gay huge toy fucking.” I watched it through to the end, amazed and aghast.

Below the video were two rows of related videos, represented by 1″ square photos. Hovering the pointer above a photo showed a series of stills. One video made me blink in consternation. I didn’t understand what I was seeing. Was that…that couldn’t be…no way. I clicked the photo without viewing the stills and waited for the page to load. It just wasn’t possible. I had to be seeing wrong. This was trick photography.

It took forever for the video to load and I fidgeted, waiting, worrying my thumbnail. I realized my toes were curled under and looked down at my feet, propped on the chair. I reminded myself of some neurotic teenager awaiting her boyfriends phone call. I put my feet down and my hands in my lap. Finally the video started and I wasn’t seeing things. She was a slender blond in black thigh highs. She knelt on a flowered blue couch with the most monstrous dildo up her ass. Incongruously, a large stuffed bunny rabbit sat on the couch to her right, and a long black dildo on the cushion to her left. What she had up her ass was…

“Impossible,” I said aloud. I swept hair behind my ears and leaned in close to the screen, almost nose to plastic. The dildo was a reddish gel, flared widely at the base, almost as big around as a dinner plate. The head was easily the size of a 2-litre bottle of Coke, maybe even larger. Half the shaft was in her and she was wagging her tail like a dog, slowly pushing it out. The head caught in her anus and she literally had to force it past the overextended ring. My mouth was almost as round as her stretched anus and my eyes the size of the dildo’s base. I could not believe what I was seeing.

“Not possible,” I kept repeating. The video, entitled “Huge anal dildo for my tiny cam girl” was only a minute and 57 seconds long. I watched it time and time again, no less flabbergasted each time. It seemed almost acceptable that she fisted herself with ease half a dozen times at the end.

How had she gotten the thing up her? The dildo was larger than every dildo in my apartment put together. I closed the lid of the laptop and crossed my arms. This guy, whoever he was, knew me better than I knew myself. He must have guessed I’d see the girl on the couch with the reddish dildo and become ferociously aroused, which I was. Why else show me the dildos being used anally? He knew I’d want to.

Standing up, I returned to the foyer and picked up the box and carried it to my bedroom.

* * *

No way was I opening the blinds. I was petrified, skittish as a 13 year old with a pair of hands groping her body the first time. I wanted privacy and closed blinds were not enough. Chewing my thumbnail, I wondered what to do. There was a heavy, rubber-backed insulated blanket in the bedroom closet. Ken had bought it as protection against power failures like we’d had two winters ago. I shook it out and eyed the vertical blinds. Just big enough, I thought. Grabbing the kitchen step stool, I draped the blanket over the top of the valance, then waited to see if it stayed. It didn’t, so I grabbed a couple pair of Ken’s sock and jammed them between the valance and the wall. The blanket now stayed, even when tugged on.

See through that, Mr. Smarty-pants, I thought. Of course, that sounded ludicrous, considering what I’d down in this apartment and what I planned to do.

My apartment. Imagine a rectangle 9″ wide by 7″ tall. Now divide the rectangle vertically into three equal quadrants, 3″ wide. This is roughly the layout of my apartment.

In the top corner of the left quadrant is my apartment door. Running left to right from the door is my little foyer, including the hall closest. The rest of the quadrant is my living room and the balcony. The balcony is perhaps 1″ tall at the bottom.

The middle quadrant consists of my dining room, kitchen and den, top to bottom. The kitchen has a door into the dining room and one into the den. A door in the den lets you step down into the living room.

On your imaginary rectangle, take a ¾” tall notch out of bottom of the right quadrant. This accounts for a step back in the face of the building; the den sticks out farther than the bedroom.

The right-hand quadrant consists of the bathroom, bedroom and walk-in closet. A short hallway gives access to the bathroom and bedroom. The hallway is about 4′ long and runs left to right in the floor plan. If you walk down the hallway, the door on your left is the bathroom, and the one on the right is the bedroom. Straight ahead is the linen closet. The tub is on the right-hand side of the bathroom, and backs against the walk-in closet, which runs vertically in the right hand corner of the rectangle, the length of the bathroom and linen closet. The rest of the right-hand quadrant is my bedroom. The door to the walk-in closet is in the upper right corner, the bedroom door in the left.

My bedroom window faces the parking lot. My bed is parallel to the window and the headboard is against the end wall, meaning that I look out the window laying in bed. I have the right side of the bed, closet the window; Ken has the left-side, closest the closet and bedroom doors. I explain this in order for you to understand what I do. Earlier tonight, when I was so blissfully enjoying my dildo and vibrator, well sometimes I do that in front of the open bedroom window.

* * *

OK, I’ve said it. I’m a depraved exhibitionist. Well, maybe not depraved; men are depraved. Shameless, then. Anyway, I’ve done some really stupid things.

Tonight, for a reason I can’t really explain, I had not been exhibiting myself. Ken works shifts, and on the nights he works, I sometimes enjoy myself. Tonight was unusual in respects that I’ll explain later on.

Despite the insulated blanket over the window, I remained skittish. What if his binoculars could see my heat image right through the rubber mat. I was the only thing giving off heat in the bedroom besides the light, and I didn’t like that idea. After a long moment’s consideration, I carried the box back into the dining room and sat it on the table. Looking at your sketch fo my floor plan (assuming you made one), you’ll see that I was quite protected there, invisible from any prying eyes, human or electronic. But what did I intend to do?

“What are you going to do?” I asked aloud. What I wanted to do, of course, was try out the proffered dildos. I had dashed into the bedroom in a state of overwhelming arousal; sitting at the dining room table now, considering things with relative dispassion, I looked at things rationally. I wanted the two smaller dildos in my ass, and the larger one for my vagina. (I doubted I had the courage, despite the evidence of the videos, to attempt anything that big anally.) I opened the box and peered inside. First, were they safe?

I lifted out the 9″ Super Ballsy-Cock and inspected the package. It was not up to that of say, electronic items, but I detected nothing to indicate the package had been opened before. Neither the package for the 12″ long cock. The 18″ ogre was in a box, but both ends were sealed with those round plastic circles, and they both looked un-tampered with. So I assumed all three dildo’s were new and unused. And then I noticed something else. Hidden in the bottom inside crumpled paper was a jar of KY Jelly. I removed it, ogling the jumbo container, the size of a Vaseline jar, which it was meant to replace, I guess. I searched through the remaining paper and discovered two cartons of KY Personal Lubricant, the size and kind Ken and I use. Now I really was embarrassed. I looked again through the kitchen and den with my x-ray eyes at the parking lot.

I should explain my apartment development. It’s laid out like a stylized, mirror-image letter K. Actually, the parking lot is, with the buildings grouped in clusters along it. If you Google the place, the shape is readily apparent. It could also be construed as the stylized image of a man, facing left, in profile, like what you might see in Egyptian hieroglyphics or in the Andean desert. His arms are raised in homage or offering, his right leg forward, his left leg back, in line with his body. My apartment complex is located at the tip of his right foot, running vertically out of the ground. It’s comprised of three separate buildings, my building being the first out of the ground. Each floor contains six apartments; two bedroom apartments on the left side of the building; one-bedroom apartments, like mine, on the right side. Each building is three stories tall. I am (or was) in the front, 2nd floor apartment.

In front of the man’s right leg, starting about mid-shin and extending to about his waist is a two-building complex, and directly across from me at twice the distance is another two-building complex, in front of his left leg. It’s tilted away from my building at about a 15 degree angle. The end of those two buildings and mine are roughly aligned at the man’s ground level. It’s that two-building set of apartments I had to worry about. The other two buildings were too far to my left to offer a view into my bedroom window.

Of the six apartments with a view of my bedroom window (all are one-bedroom’s I later discovered), the apartments on the far left offered the best chance. This would actually be three apartments, one on each level. I figured the 2nd and 3rd floor apartments offered the best chance; the ones on the ground floor, not so likely, due to elevation differences, but still possible, I guess.

The apartments to the right of that 3-story stack offered a more restricted view of my bedroom, but still plainly saw my bed. My best guess was the top left or the apartment just below it. Sitting there at the dining room table, I could envision it in my mind’s eye. And felt depressed. How could I be so stupid? At least, I wasn’t being stupid now.

I wanted the black, 12″ long cock. I’d reserve the 9″ Super Ballsy-Cock for when I went to bed later on, after some of the anxiety passed. The truth was, I wanted to see if I could handle something so big. The thought had me trembling.

Refusing to stand the thing upright off the kitchen floor, I looked around for an alternate place to stick it. The dining room wall immediately came to mind; but I saw a problem there too. I wanted the dildo all the way in me; planting it against the wall could keep me from doing that. My toes might hit the baseboard, and I had no experience fucking a dildo suctioned to the wall. A second option presented itself: The kitchen doorway? I could straddle the wall either side and press back against the jamb. Excited, I dropped to my knees and gave the position a try. It worked perfectly, except my head hit the doorway on the other side when I mimed drawing myself off the dildo, making me laugh. It felt good to laugh.

I trembled, opening the blister pack. I reminded myself—unnecessarily—that I had been given this by party unknown, for the express purpose of humiliating myself further, a purpose I seemed bent on fulfilling. And didn’t care. Freeing it, I took it to the kitchen sink and scrubbed the dildo thoroughly with dishwashing detergent, a task I would have performed regardless. Then I dried and weighed it in my hand.

The guy in the video had put this whole thing us his ass, all 12″ of it. It seemed impossible to me. For me, at least. The 9″ dildo would be a sufficient test of my capabilities, but I didn’t really even consider it. I wanted this dildo up my ass.

I had never stuck a dildo on a wall before. I repeated my earlier test and placed my thumb where the dildo should go, then ground my thumb against the paint to leave a mark. Barely distinguishable, but there. I centered the suction cup over the mark and pressed it on. It hung there, drooping naturally, looking horribly real. I giggled and covered my mouth. I shouldn’t do this, I thought. I shed the robe, dropped to my knees and hiked up my nightie. Of course, I had forgotten the KY jelly. Sighing, I stood up an retrieved the jar from the dining room table. Glancing at the waiting dildo, I decided I would need it.

* * *

It was after 4 A.M. I was sore as a bride on her wedding night. The virgin bride of Lexington Steele, the porn star. I could barely move. I’d be so sore in the morning.

I was in bed, having finally given in to the need to rest. I was on my tummy with my new 9″ fella up my behind, and the vibrator purring happily inside my vagina. My arms were limp at my sides and my face turned to the window. It was still covered by the thermal blanket, so I felt relatively safe. Relatively. Safe enough to be laying there, anyway.

I was in my panties, as well as the nightie. It was a pair Ken had never seen before. They were pushed halfway down my behind, just below the shaft of the dildo. The base overlaid them, tight to the soft material. I had my legs spread, wide enough to allow my fingertips to gently rotate the vibrator when needed. I was laying atop one on my pillows, elevating me slightly. As big as it was, I could barely feel the dildo up my rear end. It was more an emotional presence inside me than a physical one. I was a very happy girl.

I had fucked myself silly with both larger dildos. I had promised my rear end I wouldn’t subject it to the 18″ monster, but I had broke my promise. I did it only once, but once was enough. That’s not why I hurt so badly though; that was the 12″ dildo’s doing. More precisely, my doings with it.

In the kitchen doorway I had opened the jar of KY and personally lubed the entire shaft with my fingertips. Then I personally lubed myself, using my fingertips again. I lubed myself inside and out. My vagina, I mean. I had committed myself to the thing anally, but I wanted vaginal intercourse with it first. Dropping to one hand, I flipped the nightie up to my waist and backed to the dildo. I touched it along the top of the shaft and repositioned it with my fingertips. I eased back, holding my breath, relocating it in my opening. It was alarmingly big, larger than anything I’d ever put in me before. I should have begun with the 9″ dildo, I thought. Regardless, I pushed back until the head forced its way in, making me wince and gasp softly. Wow, that was big!

I waited a moment. “OK,” I whispered, “you can do this.” I kept imagining someone across the parking lot watching me do this. If not watching, then imagining. The same way I was imagining him, watching me. I pushed back a little more, and the dildo inched in a corresponding distance. I could not imagine anyone slamming himself or herself up and down this shaft. That was insane. I eased forward and then back, forward and back, accustomizing myself to the girth, or trying to. It was a lot to be accustomed to. I breathed through my mouth, found myself staring blankly at the jamb ahead, alternately approaching and retreating from my face.

I had never cheated on Ken. I didn’t consider what I did to myself in his absence as cheating. It was simply pleasuring myself, as I’d done all my life. I knew he masturbated in private–all guys do–so he must suspect I did the same. This gifted dildo though–specifically what I was doing with it—may have crossed the line. I felt I was cheating on him now, in some form or another. I was fucking someone else in essence, if not in fact. It might as well be his cock. This should have bothered me more than it did.

The KY did its job and within minutes I was sliding to my limit up and down the shaft. Each push backward drove the tip in a little deeper; each thrust against my cervix stretched me and made me longer. In five short minutes I was screwing the dildo as hard as I’d screwed anything in my life. I panted, my hair swinging back and forth. I repositioned myself to get the best position, looking back over my shoulder to watch the glistening shaft appear and disappear, looking between my legs so that my hair brushed the floor. I lowered myself until my nipples brushed floor also, my left nipple on linoleum, my right against the dining room carpet. I was enjoying myself way too much.

How much am I taking, I wondered? I reached back and felt 4 of the 12 inches protruding from my vagina. I wanted it all, but knew I’d rupture something achieving that. A vagina could stretch only so far. So I concentrated on getting as much enjoyment from the shaft as I could.

Minutes went by. I grew more aggressive, more aroused, more agitated. Holy God, I thought. I was so glad no one could see me. I was practically wanton in my fucking and I did things to the dildo that I’d never done to a real cock, like talking to it, asking it to fuck me harder, telling it what an ideal lover it was, promising it could take me up the ass as soon as it wanted, and assuring it that I’d never had black up my ass before. It was my first. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have it.

The key, I knew, was not looking back until it was in me. Never look down, they say. Getting my nightie clear, I used two fingers to lubricate my anus and the surrounding area, pushing some inside me–pushing a lot inside me–and then guiding the tip between my cheeks and holding my breath. Then I partially chickened out, turned around and lubricate the head and long shaft with gobs of KY. I was trembling when I turned around again. I remembered the first time I’d put something up my rear end, how scary that was, and this was ten times as bad.

“Don’t hurt me,” I pleaded softly.

I needed my head examined. I kept thinking of the monster inside the box and how I wouldn’t use it on myself. I promised myself that, promised it to my rectum and to my asshole. (I hate the word asshole, but I hate the word anus even more.) Easing back, I guided the tip into place with my fingertips and pushed back gently against it. The KY worked again and slowly the head spread me open and then filled me, making me gasp in pain. I held myself motionless until my tortured sphincter relaxed enough to let out my breath.

This really hurt! This was almost the size of a Coke can. Ken joked about me taking a Coke can sometimes, a tease that simultaneously aroused and humiliated me. I had once tried it with another boyfriend when really drunk and high, and had failed. Ken had shown me on You Porn that it was possible, and had gently cajoled me ever since, sometimes seriously, sometimes not. I was doing it tonight without him.

“I bet you wish you could see me doing this,” I said to my admirer. “I bet this would really turn you on, wouldn’t it? What it is about a girl’s asshole that turns you guys on so much?”

I eased back, letting the head travel an inch farther up my ass. It occurred to me this would completely fill my rectum, leaving room for nothing else. Maybe I should have given myself an enema. Enemas always turned me on and I had a kit on the top shelf of my closet. Ken administered them to me sometimes, and sometimes I did them myself, when he wasn’t home. He loved how it brought out my submissive side, how they made me squirm and moan with pleasure. He always laughed when I dashed frantically into the bathroom. He always appreciated a clean rectum to fuck.

But I rejected the idea, refusing for any reason to get off my hands and knees and possibly ruin my fun. Besides, the dildo said no. I was to remain right here.

I fucked myself on it, very slowly, inching back more each time until finally the tip bottomed out. I felt with my fingertips and discovered the same length of dildo sticking out of me that I had taken vaginally. Maybe closer to 5″, meaning that I had 7″ of cock up my rear. The length of the 9″ dildo in the box.

I wondered how much more I’d try to force in, how much pain I was willing to inflict on myself. I knew from experience that I’d suffer for this in the morning. The pain would be high up, like at the top of my uterus, a discomfort that embarrassed me all day long, knowing its cause, and that I did it to myself. Having this thing up me would be so much worse.

I started to fuck it again, experiencing the feel of my rectum filling and emptying, filling and emptying, alternately stopping with the head clutched by my asshole, or pulling myself completely off, and then pushing myself back on again. I couldn’t decide which method I enjoyed most. My asshole got more of a workout opening and closing, and somehow I liked that idea.

I became wanton again. I was more careful, of course, not thrusting myself back against the tip as I had done in my vagina. That orifice is designed for extended, rough-house workouts, where I knew my rectum wasn’t. This was the reason so many gays got AIDS: the rectum was thinner and more vulnerable to damage.

I wondered distractedly what time it was. Craning my neck, and lifting up on my left fingertips, I saw by the microwave clock that it was 1:07 A.M. It struck me that two hours had passed since the doorbell rang. I looked around at the box. I thought hungrily about the monster inside it, waiting for me. I licked my lips, knowing my promise might be broken. I apologized contritely to my rectum and asshole, begging their forgiveness. My rectum reminded me what I already had inside us. I was becoming really sore.

“I don’t care,” I discounted breezily. “I’m having fun.”

Finally, at almost 1:30 A.M, I forced myself to stop. I was sweaty and panting and verging on shamelessness. I had forced myself to take 9″ of Lexington’s length, doing it time after time after time, and I was now almost too sore to move. I moaned, placing my left hand against my poor belly. It felt bloated and rigid. It complained fiercely, decrying my stupidity. The worse of it was I was completely sober, completely straight; I had nothing to blame this on except my own self. At least Ken plied me with liquor and got me high when he wanted my ass. I had no excuse.

For the last time, I leaned forward and let Lex slip free of my ass. I crawled away, circling on my hands and knees to the other side of the table before helping myself to a standing position and then sitting down.

“Wow,” I said aloud. “What am I doing to myself?” I looked at Lex, obscenely drooping from the kitchen doorway. It called to me like a Siren. I could hear its song in my head, luring me back, wanting to wreck me on its shoal. I wanted it to. But I wanted John more. I looked inside the box. “You won’t be gentle with me, will you?”

John was too big. I remembered from the video the guy on his knees holding the dildo mid-shaft as he fucked himself. I had no intention of doing that. I wanted to fuck John, not the other way around. Just as I had done to Lex. But I also wanted to leave Lex up, knowing I’d switch back and forth between the two, vagina to asshole. (Yes, I planned to wash Lex before I put him back into my vagina—or my mouth.)

Out of his box, John was unwieldy and much too heavy; gripping him by the base, his head almost drooped to the floor. I discovered he bent in the middle as well, meaning I’d have a hard time getting him in and out of my vagina, much less my ass. And unlike Lex, I doubted I could hold him in place just be leaning against his head. I’d constantly have to be picking him up and repositioning him against my vagina or asshole. There had to be a solution. And, of course, there was.

* * *

Ken would kill me. I laughed, just thinking about it. Not actually kill me, but scratch his head in aggravation over the hole I’d put in the doorjamb with a screw.

“You are nuts,” I told myself, giggling. I held Ken’s battery driven screwdriver in my hand.

Ken disliked me doing anything to the apartment without his knowledge. The first time I’d hung a picture without his knowledge (two months after I’d moved in with him), he made me take it down again, plaster over the holes myself, and then repaint that section of wall. He had then spanked me for my presumptiveness.

“This is my apartment. Until your name is on the lease, and until you pay half the rent, young lady, you don’t poke holes in the walls without asking me first.” I had thought he was kidding, but I had found out otherwise. Now, since this apartment was half-mine, both legally and spiritually, I could poke holes in the walls all I liked. He would just find this particular hole unexplainable, that’s all. Unless I plastered it up and painted over it, which seemed like a good idea. I still giggled, looking at it.

Actually, what I was looking at was the screw head. The hole was invisible beneath the width of an out of fashion red leather belt, screwed into the middle of the jamb through the middle hole in the tongue. The buckle end was wrapped tightly around John’s middle, supporting him against the infallible pull of gravity. Ingenious, I if I did say so myself. Ludicrous looking, but ingenious.

“If it works for bridges, why not dildos?” I asked confidently.

“I’m waiting,” John said in a gruff voice. “I don’t like being kept waiting. Especially by no white bitch”

I demurely sat the screw-gun down on the table. “You don’t have to be so mean about it,” I mumbled defensively. I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Get over here, bitch.”

I obediently circled to the doorway, stood there with my shoulders hunched, shivering slightly.

“Get off that nightie, bitch.”

I began to raise it over my head but he tore it violently across the bodice, exposing me. “No!” I protested. “This cost a hundred dollars!” A lie; it cost me $33.50 on Amazon.

He ripped it completely apart, rending the gauzy red material and leaving me completely nude. “Noooo,” I mewled again, covering up. He roughly put my arms at my sides.

“You call those boobs? I’ve seen better racks on a 13 year old. You sure you ain’t 13, bitch?”

I shook my head no. He laughed.

“This is how it go. I fuck you cunt, then I fuck you ass. Lex over there, you gonna suck him, while I fuck you. We gonna have a good time with you mouth and you ass too. Here me bitch?”

“My name is not bitch,” I complained. I yelped and skipped forward, holding my right butt-cheek. “OK. Ok. You don’t have to hit me.”

John laughed gruffly again, Lex joining him. I rubbed my sore butt.

“On you knees, bitch,” he ordered. I got on my knees.

“Get you ass over here,” he ordered. I got my ass over there.

“Lube me up good and thick. I gonna need plenty lube to fit that tight ass of yours.” I lubed his front half thoroughly with KY.

Tremulously, I asked: “Can I wash John first? He was up my—”

“No!” he barked, cutting me off.

“Please?” I whined. “He was up my butt.”

He grinned salaciously.

“Please?” I repeated.

“I like you sucking John’s dirty cock. You afraid of sometin’, bitch?”

“Dysentery,” I mumbled.

“Disin-what? You dissin’ me, bitch?”

“No, sir,” I denied meekly. “Dysentery. It’s a sickness you get from ingesting feces.”

He laughed at me. I blushed bright red.


“From my behind,” I mumbled, mortified.

“I know where feces comes from, bitch. You never tasted you own feces before?”

I couldn’t answer the question. He continued to laugh. “Go ahead and clean him then.”

I hurriedly snatched Lex off the doorjamb and rushed him to the sink before John changed his mind. I snuck glances at him peripherally. He just continued to hang there and grin, enjoying my discomfort. I wanted to run and hide in the bedroom. When I had Lex spick and span again, I returned him to his place on the jamb. John told me to hurry my ass up. I did.

“Over here, bitch.”

“Yes, sir,” I muttered compliantly.

“Put you cunt right against my cock.”

I backed, looking over my shoulder, making contact with his head. It felt like the end of that reddish dildo from the video. I shivered.

“You afraid, bitch?”

“Yes, sir,” I answered truthfully. I was petrified.

“I gonna fuck the shit out you, bitch. You think Man-O-War been at you tonight. I gonna make you walk like a cowgirl. You ready to get saddle sore?”

“Yes, sir,” I agreed again. He roughly pulled me back against his head and I cried out and clamped my jaws and jammed shut my eyelids and bared my teeth and sucked in breath

That hurts!” I whimpered.

“Course it hurts, bitch! I want it to hurt.”

“You don’t have to hurt me,” I complained. “I’ll do what you say.”

“I don’t want you to do what I say. I want you to do it to you.”

So I did it to myself.

If Lex was hard to handle, John was impossible. It felt like a bus trying to fit through the door of a household garage. I whimpered and clenched every muscle as John stretched the mouth of my vagina until it felt two feet wide. I gasped, mouth and eyes popped wide, staring at the floor. Occasionally I bumped Lex with my head, but I didn’t register that I should be dutifully sucking him as I mounted John. I was in too much pain to maintain the conversation. I seriously considered pulling off and giving this up. I couldn’t understand how anyone could put this up his or her ass. My vagina was screaming at me. And then slowly, the agony eased and I could breath again.

“Oh, my God,” I huffed. “That hurts.”

John said nothing. Perhaps he couldn’t, being in my cunt. Panting, repositioning myself pointlessly, I slowly began to rock back and forth on John’s head. It didn’t slide in and out, only moved my clenched muscles. He was jammed tight in my hole. “This really hurts,” I repeated.

“Suck me to take your mind off it,” Lex suggested in his deep bass voice.

I thought that an excellent idea.

With my hands planted, I ran my mouth alongside Lox’s shaft and raised him, fitting him into my mouth. Being rubbery was the only reason he fit. He filled my mouth almost as tightly as John filled my vagina.

“This is ridiculous!’ I said around the head. “I can’t do this.” How John understood me I don’t know. He laughed–hard to do from inside a vagina, I imagine. Lex laughed into my mouth.

“It’s not funny!” I complained. “My joints are about to pop.” In fact, my joints felt like someone was hammering a nail into them, or more rightly, into my ears. And my mouth is really big. Just ask Ken.

I rocked forward and Lex slipped deeper into my mouth. I rocked back, and John edged half a millimeter forward. Not much progress here. I had never been plugged from both ends before, certainly not by two blacks. It was a night of firsts.

Conversationally, Lex asked: “So, you like black?”

“You’re really big,” I panted. “Are all blacks like you?”

Lex and John both laughed.

“What?” I muttered defensively. “I’ve never done a black guy before.”

They both laughed again. Lex said: “We like white folk because their holes so small. A black girl be thrusting back on John like a 10-cent ho. White women we hurt. More fun that way.”

“Black girls are bigger?” I asked.

They both laughed again. “Why you think we got such big cocks?”

As the minutes progressed, so did I. Amazingly, my vagina discovered it could stretch to fit even John. John certainly liked it. And Lex seemed to enjoy my mouth.

“You suck pretty good for a white girl, Michelle,” he said, pronouncing it as you might a black girl’s name; long E instead if I.

Gasping, I said Thank you, and kissed his head.

“Like when you kiss it like that,” he said. “Shows the proper deference.”

“Respect,” John suggested from inside me.

“Reverence,” Lex put forth.

“Worship,” John said.

“Submissive, more like it,” I muttered, drawing admonitions from them both. Lex put my mouth back to work.

It took a while, but even my mouth proved it could handle the chore. One slow push forward, I had Lex enter my throat, and for a time I just held there, battling my gag reflex, trying not to choke, letting my eyes water and my nose run. I’ve never been good at deep throat, yet here I was, a cock the size of my fist in my throat. Grunting, I eased him farther in, and moved my head whatever way would help. Lex seemed fairly amazed. Speechless, in fact. John was also. Not bad for a white girl.

I refused to give up, telling myself I would put Lex entirely down my throat and even though it never happened, I tried valiantly. Nearly choked myself to death, but I tried.

At 2:25 A.M., I abandoned a disappointed Lex and concentrated on pleasing John. Lex had taken his turn with me earlier, both vaginally and anally; I needed to concentrate on John. Closing my eyes, I sucked my lower lip between my teeth, breathed deeply and pushed and pulled myself up and down John’s cock. He was so big, I was stretched so tight, even half an hour of John being in me hadn’t changed that. It was still like trying to fuck a bus.

“Oh, my God,” I moaned. I missed my nightie and regretted tearing it off. Letting John tear it off me, I mean. It was my favorite piece of lingerie and it practically cuddled my small breasts. Just seeing it in the mirror released a hormone rush that made me shiver. A blue one hung in my closet, but it wasn’t the same. I missed my red nightie. I always felt sexier in something see-thru and red.

I became shameless again. I forced myself farther and farther and father back onto John’s shaft. I assaulted my cervix mercilessly, making it seek a restraining order against me. I ignored the order, dragging my hair on the floor, my nipples, my ribs, my chin, my cheeks, getting the 8″ I wanted. Sweat soaked my hair and ran in rivulets down my cheeks. My underarms were damp and I could smell myself now. I breathed with my mouth wide open. I humiliated myself in front of Lex, and I hadn’t attempted the impossible yet.

My God, I though. it was 3:15 A.M. I had done this for 45 minutes now. My vagina felt like a pit under construction with blasting. Why, I kept asking myself, was I doing this to myself? And I knew what was coming next. I looked at Lex.

“I’m going to do it now.”

Lex shook his head. “Bad idea.”

“I have to try,” I insisted. “I did it with you.”

Lex pointed out the obvious difference in size. I reminded him of the gay guy on his knees, and the blonde girl with her uber-dildo.

“Remember what their assholes looked like when they took it out,” he reminded me unnecessarily.

“I know,” I muttered. “I’m really stupid to do this.”

“You were stupid to do it with me.”

Apologizing, I eased myself off John’s shaft and went to the bathroom. I needed to pee like a racehorse but it came out like a 90 year old man with a prostate. I moaned as it dribbled into the bowl. I was being so stupid. Did I want to ruin myself, perform my own hysterectomy? It felt like I’d had already had one, without anesthesia.

“Are you coming out?” I pleaded.

It came out a drop at a time. I was becoming scared now. Finally, something relaxed and a pencil thin stream emptied me after a minute or two. I wiped myself, grossed out by the mess of KY and my own personal lubricant. I giggled, wiping my behind. Then I remembered that I needed it, gross or not I flushed the toilet and hobbled back to the kitchen.

“I’m ready now,” I said. “Um, just a second, okay?” I semi-dashed into the bedroom and into the closet and slipped on my blue nightie. I smoothed it in place, enjoying the feel of soft nylon. It’s touch made me shiver. I still missed my red one, but I had made that bed myself so I couldn’t complain. I hurried back to John and Lex.

“You sure about this?” Lex asked.

“Shut up nigger!” John yelled at him. “The bitch—”

“Please don’t call me that!” I cried. “My name is Michelle! And I don’t like the N-word either. Please don’t use that in front of me: it’s insulting, as well as offensive. Two of my best friends are black.” Actually, three were, but Rochelle came to mind only after I’d spoken. Rochelle was the only girl I’d ever kissed and meant it.

John glared at me one-eyed, unrepentant. Lex grinned. “Pay the girl some respect, bitch. She could always take you down and pack you away.”

“Or shit-can you,” I threatened.

John grumbled, but agreed not to call me bitch anymore, nor Lex the N-word. I felt much better about that. I really hate the N-word.

John invited me to my knees and I complied, flipping my nightie out of the way. I backed against him, wincing at the already painful contact. I assumed I had a hemorrhoid. A big one. They say the best remedy for hemorrhoids is to ass-fuck them away, so I had that covered. I rubbed myself up and down on his head, sighed, and apologized.

“Sorry. I’m not lubricated enough.”

I applied copious amounts of KY to both John and myself, grinned sheepishly and backed against him again. I felt lubed enough to handle a telephone pole. It felt like a telephone pole behind me. I gently pressed back and moaned as my asshole started to spread. The moan wasn’t entirely from pleasure. I got bigger, and bigger, and bigger and bigger. Finally I halted, looking over my shoulder and between my legs in disbelief. It felt like The Hulk was fisting me. I panted, hoping to ease the pain a little. It didn’t work. “I can’t do this,” I whined.

“Sure you can. Just hold still until your asshole adjusts.”

“Easy for you to say,” I muttered angrily. “It’s not your asshole.” In fact, it didn’t feel like my asshole either. How could something do this to me and not be in me all the way? It felt exactly like the red dildo had felt to the blond girl. I know, because I felt that way myself.

What if I ripped a muscle? What my rectum tore and I started to bleed inside? I thought this a distinct possibility. I put my forehead against the floor and panted, counted to 10, and then upwards to a hundred. Finally the pain started to ease. I exhaled, shook my head back and forth, watched my hair drag the floor. Was this even worth it? I craved sexual challenge, but how much challenge could my orifices take? What if my asshole stopped working and I had to wear diapers? I laughed, daunted by the possibility. What would Ken say to me? What would my mother?

I stretched up and read the microwave clock. It was twenty minute to four. I said to John and Lex: “I’m putting this into me, I’m gonna fuck myself on it for a little while, and then I’m going to bed.”

I will be in bed no later than 4 o’clock, I told myself. Enjoy me while you can, boys.

How I did it, I don’t know. I squirmed and I writhed, I panted and gasped, I moaned and I mewled and eventually, though shear obstinacy alone, I pushed myself back until the tip bottomed me out. I looked back, insanely rewarded, almost gloating. See there, I told my asshole and rectum, I knew you could do it. My asshole and rectum weren’t talking to me.

I didn’t become wanton. I became very heedful and restrained. I ass-fucked John at half a mile an hour, closed my eyes and opened my mouth and let my hair drag the floor; what I didn’t do was make a fool of myself. At 3:55 A.M., I unplugged myself, crawled away and had the dining room table assist me to my feet. I gazed down at John and Lex with mixed emotions: satisfaction, disbelief, pride and self-loathing. I could barely stand up. I put my hand behind me and held my bottom. I’d fucked a telephone pole.

* * *

I wasn’t taking them down, John especially. I limped into the kitchen and removed a can of Diet Coke and snapped open the lid with pitifully trembling fingers. My whole body trembled. I realized, with some consternation, how exhausted I was. I had been fucking myself since 10 o’clock last night. Oh my God, did I hurt.

I downed the can of soda in one long awkward series of gulps, and then opened another can. This one I drank only marginally slower. I opened a third, wanting one for my aching rear end. Oh, how it throbbed. Turning off the light, and the dining room light, I limped into the bedroom and went to my drawers for a pair of panties. They were blue and white and red striped, made of comfortable cotton, and decidedly modest as goes my underwear drawer. I somehow got them on and snugged into place and went back to the dining room table. I had forgotten Mike. How could I forget Mike? I was embarrassed, and ashamed. I also picked up one of the boxes of KY Personal Lubricant and took it with Mike and me into the bedroom.

My arms and legs were alarmingly noodley. Collapsing on the bed, I opened the box with Mike sitting comfortingly in my lap, removed the tube and made sure it hadn’t been tampered with. I wanted nothing to do with jelly belonging to John and Lex. I lubed Mike completely, sat him upright on the nightstand and lay down and pulled down my panties. Within moments I was purring happily with Mike up my behind, the vibrator pulsing my vagina, and my arms relaxed at me sides. I smiled dreamily at the window, drifting toward sleep. And then the damned doorbell rang.

* * *

I jerked awake and bolt upright on my hands and knees. I looked at the clock, saw that it was 4:07 AM, and then stared at my bedroom door, open-mouthed.

Not again! Had the doorbell just rang? Had I imagined it? I was mostly asleep, or in something approximating it sexually, so it could have been a dream. I looked at my bedroom window, making sure the blinds were still closed and covered by the blanket—they were—and waited with choked breath to see if would ring again. It didn’t.

Who was it, at 4:07 AM in the morning?

As if I didn’t know.

But what if it was Ken?

Panic-stricken, I leaped off the bed, expelling both the dildo and the vibrator, which I snatched desperately off the floor and jammed under the mattress. I fumbled the tube of KY, bumbling it from one hand to the other as I listened for keys in the door—thank God I had the security chain on—caught it in mid-drop and jammed it under the mattress too. It made me nearly hysterical thinking about Lex and John mounted to the kitchen doorway. I hobbled bandy-legged into the hall and down to the kitchen door and pried Lex off the jamb. Still no keys in the door, still no second doorbell ring. I stood hunched over and panting, Lex in my left hand, the head of John in my right, ready to rip him off the wall. I slowly calmed, receded from hyperventilation, felt my heart slow.

It could not be Ken. I’d talked to him even as I lay in bed at 10 o’clock lubricating the 7″ dildo. It could not be Ken. That left only one possibility.

Releasing John and placing Lex on the table, I tiptoed to the apartment door and peeked out. No one there. I looked as far down as I could through the peephole, but of course, saw nothing. There was a box out there though; I knew it. Releasing the deadbolt and turning the knob, I inched open the door for confirmation.

“What are you doing?” I demanded querulously. I listened as I had listened earlier, then eased the door closed and unfastened the chain. My hands trembled, my heart pitter-pattered in my chest, and I think I may have peed myself.

What was in the box? Only one way to know, I thought, so I opened the door, kicked the box inside and hurriedly shut the door again and locked it. Then I just stared at the box.

This was insane. My watcher had been watching me. He knew I was awake. He’d probably watched the apartment all night long, praying I’d open the blinds and perform for him. Which I had, but hadn’t let him see. Now he’d brought over Box Number 2 and left it on my stoop. Out of anger? Frustration? What if it contained a bomb. Michelle go boom. The thought sent a shiver down my spine and broke me out the goose-pimples. I backed a step away.

“Don’t be insane. He couldn’t possibly think you’d open the window and dance for him tonight, stupid. See what’s in the box.” I stepped forward again; squat down (with some difficulty) and peeled back the packing tape. Inside were three new items. I looked at the balcony curtains in consternation.

“You must be joking.”

The one item I understood. They were anal beads. A long tapering Christmas tree of plastic balls about 12″ long. The two other items mystified me. I fingered one, and then the other, and then removed them from the box, jumping a little when they straightened out. Each was 2′ long and basically a rubber sword. Long dildos with handles. And I mean long. I held up the narrower, lighter one and looked at it in astonishment.

“Is this what I think it is?” It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t. But of course, it was. I began to giggle.

“No way. No way am I going to use this.” I looked at the balcony doors again and laughed. I began to shake with laughter.

He’d given me two dildos specifically designed to be put up the ass…and then worked into the colon. In fact, the one in my hand, measuring 24″ along the shaft, and another 4″ behind the guard, 28″ in all, would almost certainly do the trick. The shaft was no larger around than a normal size cock, and smaller than any of my dildos. It could possibly work. The other one, forget it. It was large and convoluted and for show only. I laughed, imagining it protruding from me like a tail, being wagged. The image sent an erotic shiver down my spine. The fourth item in the box was an enema kit.

“Okay, now this is sick.” I held up the box and read the pieces Included:

-Hanging Tab




-Douche Pipe

-Enema Pipe

-Pipe Adapter

-Shut-Off Clamp


-Adapter Cap

It was just like the one I had in the closet.

“You motherfucker,” I muttered uneasily. “How do you know me so well?” I looked at the balcony curtains again. I looked toward my bedroom again. “I can tell you this: I am never opening my blinds again.”

I dropped the carton into the box, returned the two swords and the purple Christmas tree, added Lex and the jar of KY, and then dismounted John from the jam. I placed him rather reverentially into the box, and then dropped in the belt. I retrieved Mike from under the mattress and dropped him in too. The other box I cut into pieces with a steak knife, put them in the box also, and then carried the full box into the bedroom and hid it in the back of my closet. I had every intention of dropping the box into the dumpster tonight. I ritualistically brushed my hands and was done with it. I then went into the bathroom to wash my hands and then I returned to bed, and to Edward and my vibrator Jacob.

* * *

I awoke at 6:18 A.M. I was on my tummy, with Edward tucked tightly into my butt. Jacob I had abandoned before I went to sleep. Rigid, pointed vibrators are nothing to fall asleep with. I groaned and looked at the clock, and then at my bedroom door, and then at the safely cloaked window. Had I heard something? Probably just one of the neighbors moving around. Regardless, disgruntled and muttering, I climbed out of bed and crept to the front door, holding Edward in place with my hand. My panties rode up and down as I walked, slowly working themselves down beneath my butt cheeks. I let them. At the peephole I gazed out, saw no one, and cracked the door. No box, either. I sighed, closed and relocked the door, and tehn returned to the bedroom, detouring for a not so quick pee. My insides were still screwed up.

The sun was not quite up and the bedroom darker than usual because of the window treatment. I was not refreshed by the short catnap, but I was newly horny, and wanted Jacob back in me again. I laid down and slipped him under my panties and his cold metal point against my clitoris and turned him on. He drove me almost instantly crazy. I gasped and twisted onto my side, scrunching up, curling my toes and locking my teeth together. Sometimes I hit myself just right, and this time I did. I moaned loudly and with my left hand inched Edward in and out of my asshole. He felt twice his normal size. I ached inside like a toothache and didn’t care. It occurred to me I should take something for it. I wouldn’t until later. I was done getting off the bed and I eventually fell asleep.

Ken called at noon and woke me up.

“Hi,” I said sleepily, searching blindly beneath the covers for Jacob and setting him on the nightstand. Edward was still up my butt, still enjoying and keeping me company. I tucked him in tight and lay on my back to keep him there. “What are you doing?” I could hear voices in the background.

“Did I wake you up?”

“No,” I lied. “I’m up.”

“Up to what? Enjoying yourself?” He suspected I’d had a late night.

“I’m laying in the bath, enjoying my bubbles.”

“Splash,” he said. “I want to hear it.”

“OK. I lied. You woke me up.”

He laughed, making my face turn red. I told Edward to hush up.

“What time did you go to bed?”

“I stayed up late watching movies.”

“Um-hum. Don’t make yourself too sore. I want you ready when I get home.”

“Stop it,” I said. “You’re embarrassing me.”

He laughed again. “You are alone, right?”

“I’m with Edward,” I said truthfully, “and Jacob. They’re keeping me company.”

“I won’t come home to find you six months pregnant, will I?”

“It happened to Bella,” I pointed out. “But you don’t have to worry; Edward’s been enjoying me anally.”

“Fucking lucky vampire. Jacob gonna bless you with a litter of puppies?”

“I don’t think wolves have litters, and they’re called pups, not puppies. Besides, I’m on birth control,” I reminded him.

“Good luck there. The reason I called was…”

We talked another fifteen minutes, said we loved each other and then we hung up. I checked to see if Jacob had any charge left. He was completely dead; he had given his last. I opened the bedside drawer and searched futilely for AA batteries. I gave up and lay on my back again. Then I flipped over and slipped a pillow under my hips and spread my legs and pulled my panties down below Edward’s shaft and played carefully with the base, slowly easing him in and out of me. I was careful, yet still found myself raising my rear into the air and fucking myself harder. I let him go and slipped two fingers into my hole and used the other middle finger on my clit, torturing myself. I became more and more aroused, more and more needy, cursing myself for the lack of batteries, but still not getting out of bed. I used Jacob to fuck myself without the special effects. And then the phone rang again and it was Mom.

* * *

I finally got up at three, took a long bath and washed my hair. I made a salad and had a tuna fish salad sandwich. I watched TV a while, then went to the store for milk and cigarettes. I don’t smoke, but I hadn’t quit all that long ago and needed their moral support today. I also picked up a six-pack of wine coolers because all we had in the house was beer, and I don’t really like beer. I also bought a package of Trojan ribbed condoms. Ken and I don’t use condoms.

Back home, I set the pack of condoms on the dining room table, sat down in the chair, clasped my hands and sat my chin on them and stared at the package.

“What are you doing?” I asked myself. I had never cheated on Ken and had never wanted to.

“Being prudent?”

“Being stupid,” I countered. “You will not go down that road. I won’t allow it.” I raised my head and jabbed a finger at the pack. “Get rid of those things, right now.”

I shook my head.

“What do you mean no? Are you insane?”

“Nothing’s going to happen,” I scoffed. I looked at the bedroom door, longingly. I wanted Edward and Jacob, batteries included this time. I didn’t care how sore I was. I also knew I wouldn’t make any trips to the dumpster today. It was everything I could do to leave the box in the closet.

I solved the problem and went to a movie. Then I went to another movie at another theater and used up another two hours. Then I went to Rite Aid and stood in front of a Blockbuster machine for 20 minutes not picking a movie. Finally I went home and by then it was ten minutes to eight, but not late enough to get started. I went into the bedroom, took off my clothes, put on the blue nightie and sat Edward and Jacob side by side on the nightstand. I smiled at them affectionately.

“You have to be easy on me,” I said. “I’m really sore.”

“We’ll be so gentle,” they promised. “What about Lex and John and Mike and your new friends?” Jacob asked.

I blushed bright red. “You didn’t need to bring them up,” I muttered, looking at the closet.

“Why not try something else on tonight,” Edward suggested. “Something more see through and sexy. I’m tired of the same old red and blue nighties, aren’t you, Jacob?”

Jacob agreed enthusiastically. “How about that black lace baby-doll with matching panties?”

I blushed bright red again. It was the most see-through thing I owned, a ridiculously skimoy outfit that hid nothing except my nipples and my crack. It did this by virtue of three stitched on pink roses. Which Ken thought were adorable and I thought appalling. Ken bought me the outfit however, and I didn’t complain. At least verbally.

“I’m not putting that on,” I muttered.

“Why not? You look delectable in it.”

“Because I know what you’re doing, and I’m not going along with it.”

Jacob snorted. “Being sexy is wrong?”

“It is when the end result is what you’re thinking.”

“I’m not thinking anything. Are you, Edward?”

Edward shook his nicely shaped head. “I just like my date hot as she can be, that’s all.”

“So I’m your date now,” I said wryly.

“Mine too,” Jacob reminded me. I remembered them both in bed with me last night and this morning—well, multiple times this morning, and smiled and blushed again. My double-date, my friends with benefits. Of course, I was the benefit. I liked being the benefit.

“You don’t like John and Lex very much,” Jacob observed.

I shook my head in discomfort. “Not much. They really took advantage of me last night.”

“It was difficult for us to hear,” Jacob said. “Edward commented that it wasn’t much different than being raped, what they did to you.”

My face got flaming hot. “You heard?”

“It was hard not to hear. You were only next door, Michelle.”

“In the kitchen doorway,” I remembered. “I’m sorry. I never considered that. It must have been very rough on you guys.”

“Not as rough as on you,” Edward commented dryly. “The only one who treated you with respect was Mike.”

Smiling, blushing again a little, I nodded. “I do like Mike. Actually, Mike’s his middle name. His first name is Emmett.”

“My older brother, I know,” Edward said. “I didn’t want to bring that up.”

“Why not?” I asked, grinning. “Embarrassed by his muscular build?”

“Something like that.” Edward cleared his throat. “Anyway, Emmett is welcome any time. We’d love sometime to have a foursome with you.”

I giggled girlishly. “You mean, plug all my holes?”

“I wasn’t being crude.”

“I was,” I teased. “Who gets me where?”

Jacob laughed while Edward shook his head disapprovingly. Jacob said: “If you truly want to be plugged, then I should enjoy your rear end while Edward employs your mouth and Emmett takes my place in your vagina. I think that makes best use of your available holes. As far as properly plugging you goes.”

My entire insides, breasts and nipples included, tingled. “I’ve never been air tight before,” I whispered.

Jacob’s suggestion made sense. I would enjoy Jacob up my rear end and Emmett’s muscular shaft would certainly fill my vagina. Edward was sufficiently large to fill my mouth, if not quite like Lex did. Reaching a decision, I said: “I’m all for it. Let’s go.”

I freed Emmett from closet confinement, ignoring the objections of the others, and carried all three of my lovers into the bathroom. All three enjoyed a thorough bathing with soap and water. Emmett tried to impress me with his muscular build, but was shouted down by an indignant Edward and Jacob.

“Don’t make me go canine on your ass,” Jacob warned, to which Emmett retorted: “Try it. You’d look good up your wolf girlfriend’s ass,” to which I cried indignantly, “Wait a minute! Wouldn’t that be me?”

“Problem solved,” Emmett responded smugly.

“Smart ass.” I held him beneath the faucet until he sputtered for breath, and got an apology. I wondered if I wasn’t taking this role-play business a bit too far. All three of them laughed at me.

If the dildo fits, hon…

Laughing, I took all four of us into the bedroom and dutifully changed out of the blue nightie and into Jacob’s baby-doll. I felt particularly foolish, but they certainly liked it. Looking in the mirror I did not see a Victoria’s Secret model, or even one from JC Penney. Maybe Frederick’s of Hollywood, I thought, turning this way and that. Emmett pretended to pat my ass. Jacob growled again and Edward tisk-tisked. Oh, you boys, I thought. It was exactly 9 o’clock.

I had told Jacob the truth: I had never been airtight before. I’d once been with two guys at once, and had made love to myself many times with Edward and Jacob, and with other lovers before them, but I had never had something in all three openings at once. It wasn’t easy, accommodating all three. I was perfectly used to Edward and Jacob, but Jacob usually enjoyed my vagina and Edward my rectum. Tonight Jacob purred happily away in my ass, while Emmett flexed my muscles with his muscle, and Edward played hide and seek with my mouth. Of the three, Edward was the hardest to familiarize myself with. He certainly enjoyed my efforts though. What I lacked in style, I made up for in effort.

This went on for half an hour before Jacob made a suggestion.

“As much as I enjoy your tight little rectum, and believe me, I do love it, Michelle, I miss my home.”

I released Edward and panted a moment before answering. “Sorry, you know I can’t do that, Jacob.” As much as I wanted him, I refused to put my rear end up my vagina. The few times it’d happened in the past, I worried endlessly about infections and possible damage to my insides, especially my fallopian tubes, which I knew were susceptible to scarring from runaway infections. And it was too disruptive to my lovemaking to get out of bed and wash one or the other to put in my vagina. Besides, I’d only want one or the other to have me vaginally, so Emmett was staying in my ass, and Jacob in my vagina.

“We have condoms,” Jacob reminded me.

I wanted to smack my forehead. Of course I did! I had just bought a box.

“Where are they? I asked.

“On the dining room table,” Edward said.

I groaned. “Will you get them?”

Edward laughed at me. So did the others. I gazed longingly at the bedroom door, mentally lifting the condoms and levitating them into my hand. They didn’t come.

“I don’t want to get up,” I whined.

“No pain, no gain, Michelle.”

Sighing. I got off my knees, keeping Jacob and Emmett in place with my fingertips, and hobbled out to the dining room to the table. It occurred to me that I hand no free hand to pick up the box. I bent down and clumsily tried to snag the box between my chin and chest, then bit into it when that didn’t work. I hobbled back to the bedroom to the bed and dropped the box. All three laughed at me again.

“Fine,” I grumbled, “laugh.” I mimicked them like a 14 year old, then retook my position on the bed, and opened the box. It occurred to me I should ask Emmett his thoughts on this.

He laughed. “As much as I love your cooze,” he said, “I live for your rectum and your tight little asshole. I can’t believe Jacob wants to give it up.”

I was surprised at that myself. I was enjoying the devil out of Jacob. “Are you sure about this?” He was, and I slid him reluctantly out and wrapped him safely in a condom. Returning Emmett to his location of choice, I slid Jacob home and sighed contentedly and relaxed every muscle in my body. Edward, I placed between my breasts and laid my arms out alongside my body. I spent half an hour like this, just enjoying the fullness in my butt, reluctantly admitting that Emmett impressed me with his big muscle. Edward accepted this with admirable stoicism.

“I still love you best,” I promised him. Emmett, as wonderful as he was, had to earn my love and respect and that didn’t come overnight.

At 10:30, Jacob asked the question: “You want to do it, don’t you?”

I played dumb.

“You know what I mean.”

“I’m afraid I don’t,” I lied. My eyes went straight toward the closet door.

“We wouldn’t blame you if you did,” Jacob said.

I vacillated, biting my lower lip. It would mean taking Emmett out and I didn’t want that. And it scared the shit out of me, the thought of doing that to myself. Then I remembered something.

“Did any of you guys see a note?”

“A note?” Jacob asked.

Both Edward and Emmett shook their heads.

“I didn’t either. He left a note last time.” I wondered if I had missed it. There was crumpled paper in the box as packing, and I had missed the boxes of KY in the first box. I could have missed one in the second too. I was suddenly intrigued. Were there videos on xHamster showing the snakes in action? I shivered at the idea. Oh boy, I thought: I’m in trouble.

“Excuse me boys, I need to check this out.”

I took them with me, of course, Edward included, tucked under my arm. In the closet I knelt and placed my left heel beneath me to keep Emmett inside and placed Edward in my lap. Dragging out the box, I lifted the flaps and rooted around inside. Without meaning to I removed both snakes and set them on the floor, and then the enema kit too, and then the purple Christmas tree. I found the note between two clumps of paper and searched the rest of the paper thoroughly. I found nothing else. I closed the box and put it back, no one commenting that I’d not returned the snakes or the tree or the enema kit. I gathered them all—somehow—and returned to the bed. I apologized for removing Emmett and Jacob to sit down.

“Don’t even think about sitting on me,” Emmett warned. “I don’t want that on my conscience.” They watched with interest as I rubbed my nose and read the note. This one was personal.

“Dear Michelle…” So he know my name after all. Not that surprising. “…don’t take offense, but I thought you might enjoy the enclosed three items. Based upon what I’ve seen you do—” I winced. “—my guess is that you’ll enjoy all six items I’ve left you tonight. I apologize for the shock my first box must have caused. I guessed ahead of time that you would clam up and batten down, which you did. I don’t blame you one bit. My one regret is that I just ruined the best experience of my life. I’ve watched you three months now, and I don’t expect to watch you any more. I ensure your safety by exposing your vulnerability. The things you do in the dark are not necessarily private in front of an open window. That said, thank you for letting me watch. Your Secret Admirer.”

As a postscript, he listed two website addresses, the same as before. Both were on xHamster. Grabbing my laptop, I keyed in the first, doing it quickly to keep from considering the note. In a way, I was touched. Horrified, but touched.

The first video featured the more muscular anal sword. A surprisingly cute redhead, Vanda, impaling herself anally. She had her own website, advertised at the bottom of the screen. The name of the video was Amateur hardcore anal toys.

The beginning of the video, the first five minutes, was perhaps the most intensely erotic bit of film I’d ever seen. On her knees in a white lace top and admittedly horrible backless pantyhose, Vanda put a slightly shorter version of my own muscular sword up her ass and wagged it enticingly at the camera. She was very nearly my own shape and size (maybe a bit bigger breast-wise), but otherwise my online twin. I moaned as she removed the sword and put it in her mouth. She did this time and again, and in every other one of her videos that I watched. (There were many.) She offered her asshole and rectum as a personal playground for her dildos. It simultaneously numbed and inflamed me. And she did exactly what I won’t do, going repeatedly from her asshole to her vagina with multiple dildos. She completely scandalized me there. Shaken, but now craving my muscular sword, I typed in the second address and this blew my mind.

The girl, a bleach-blond with frizzy hair and terribly fake breasts, took the entire length of my smaller sword up her ass. Every single inch of it. The man impaling her forced even the guard past her asshole and then the handle, until only the hub remained visible. And then he pushed even that little nub into her rectum with the tip of his finger. I stared, dumfounded and apalled, aghast. That couldn’t be! It had to be fake. A special effect. Yet I watched the sequence four or five times, and never saw a cut, nor a blur, or an overlap, or any other sign of trick photography. Not that it was easy. Every time the man forced the head of the dildo into her colon, she flinched or cried out softly, or grabbed something close by–bed-sheets, his arm, the shaft of the sword, the edge of the mattress….the penetration was painful. I watched her face in awe when the man put her on her back and made her hold her knees as he force fucked her time a an incredible 66 times. Four times he made the sword disappear entirely inside her and then made her go in to retrieve it with her fingertips, or force it out otherwise. I was appalled. I finally slammed the lid closed and shoved the laptop away, shivering.

“I won’t do that!” I protested indignantly. Of course, I did.

* * *

Ten minutes later, on my knees in the bathroom, white tube inserted up my behind, two quarts of cold water waiting impatiently above me, my fingers on the shut-off clamp, continuously trembling, I released the water and felt it gush from the nozzle into my rectum. It was the douche nozzle I used, not the one for enemas. The douche nozzle was so much longer and thicker, not to mention ridged. “Oh my God,” I moaned and dropped to my elbows and crossed my forearms compliantly. Cold invaded my insides, rushed downward heading for my belly. I could feel every ripple of it, every surge. The instructions told you specifically not to use cold water. It was my admirer’s kit, not my own.

“That looks like fun,” Jacob quipped.

“You should try it!” I gasped. Shivers ran up and down my spine and erupted my chest and arms into goose pimples. My nipples grew achingly hard, and I had a clitoral erection that if I was a man, would be a massive, aching hard-on.

Slowly the water pressure eased, and then came finally to a halt. I looked up and saw the bag was empty. I felt bloated like after Thanksgiving dinner. I placed my hand against my lower belly and giggled. I lowered myself into the submissive position drawn on the box and waited for the revolt. It would come fast, with icy water. I was already feeling cramps.

“Hold it as long as you can,” I told myself.

“Hold it until you ache,” Emmett said cheerily. It occurred to me I could have him or Jacob or Edward up my cooze right now, as Emmett called it. All three volunteered immediately.

“Sorry, I can’t move.” It was everything I could do not to scramble for the toilet. The boys understood, and were plenty happy anyway, enjoying my increasing discomfort. I looked at the reproachfully, lined up along the sink to watch. “Don’t you have something better to do?”. Jacob said no as the other two shook their heads. “Men,” I grumbled unhappily. Then I grimaced with a particularly agonizing spasm and allowed static pressure to expel the white nozzle. Any moment now.

“Oh my God!” I gasped. All three broke out in humiliating laughter as I scuttled frantically for the toilet and climbed on, holding myself desperately. The instant I hit, water exploded into the bowl and we won’t talk about what it looked or smelled like. I sat mortified and helpless, hands on my cramping belly as my bowels emptied explosively. I had leaked a lot of water onto the floor, more than I had realized, and I looked at it sourly. The boys continued to hoot and holler.

“Do you mind? It’s humiliating enough as it is!” They only laughed harder.

At 11:35 I got off the pot, waited hesitatingly a moment, then sat back down and waited out a last cramp. Then I disposed of the soiled towel on the floor and replaced it with a fresh one. I made a dash back to the toilet again before refilling the enema bag with 2 new quarts of water. I’d probably settle for twice tonight, I thought, not being into self-torture. Twenty minutes later, I found myself refilling the bag with quarts number 5 and 6, and then sending them down the tube and into my waiting rectum. I sighed as the water rushed through my intestines, cramping them.

At 12:15 AM, I scoured the enema tube with soapy water, hung the bag on the shower curtain with the tube in the tub to drain, and picked up the 3rd, mostly dry towel, throwing it in the tub with the others. I left the set-up there in case circumstances dictated I needed one more. The thought caused me mixed emotions. There wasn’t anything quite like an embarrassing enema to put a girl in her place. And the boys had certainly liked it. They wouldn’t object to another, I knew. Emmett especially enjoyed the gurgling sound of the water.

“Okay,” I said. The boys watched from the nightstand as I contemplated the two dildos on the bed. I was exceedingly nervous. I had already determined that I’d wag my tail first with the thicker, busier sword, just for the devious pleasure of it, and then get down to business with the one from the video. With a shudder I imagined myself making the handle disappear inside me, and then digging it out again with my fingertips, or expelling it manually, like the girl had onscreen. I decided that was an experience I wouldn’t attempt. And I didn’t. Not by myself, anyway.

“I’m not naming them,” I said. “These are just tools. Tools to stick up my ass and enjoy myself with. They are not my friends.”

Jacob thought this wise. “Keep it impersonal, Michelle.”

Emmett snickered.

“What?” I demanded uneasily.

Emmett said straight-faced: “Impersonal. I should get impersonal treatment like that every night. But then, maybe I will,” he added, snickering again.

I shook my finger at him. “I have a garbage disposal with your name on in, buster. Be careful.” This got a hoot of approval from the others.

I looked from the bed to the window, fighting the irrational impulse to remove the blanket and open the blinds. That was insanity. I might as well soak myself in gasoline and immolate myself in bed. Why would I want to show myself off to him?

For the same reason you open the blinds in the first place, that persnickety voice spouted off.

Oh, shut up, I thought back sourly. I need to open the blinds. Don’t you think?

And why is that? she demanded.

Because this guy went to a lot of effort for me and cares enough to cut off his nose to spite his face. And besides, he obviously likes me a lot. And like it or not, I think I like him. Or I’m obsessed by him, I’m not sure which.

It occurred to me the voice in my head sounded suspiciously like that of Jacob. I eyed him suspiciously, but his expression responded, What, too innocently. Berating myself, I rounded the bed and stood beside the window. I fingered the blanket aside and peeked out. The building across the way was half-dark, half-lit, about what you’d expect at 12:30 AM on a Sunday morning. One apartment in my line of sight was jammed with partiers; another had every light on and every window open, but not a soul in sight. I stared at the six apartments I most strongly suspected. Six bedroom windows, six wide balcony doors, and three den windows. The other three faced away from me by virtue of mirror image floor plans. Right now, I thought, someone could be watching me with night vision glasses. The thought made me shiver.

“Should I?” I asked. Two yeses and a no. Jacob, of course. I peeked back out the window and said, “The top apartment on the left is completely dark. The one under it has lights behind each window, but the blinds or curtains are drawn. The bottom floor apartment is dark except the bedroom window.” I described the flip-side apartments, the top one jammed with partiers, the apartment below that with the lights on and windows open, and the bottom apartment completely dark. The final three, least likely apartments I described only for constancy.

“What are you gonna do?” Emmett asked. I pulled down the blanket in answer.

* * *

I wagged my tail, laughing giddily. The thick burly sword, protruding from me a good 12″, swung obediently back and forth.

“This is so cool,” I told the guys. It aggravated me that I could have done this last night, with Lex or with John—or both. I could imagine the sight of John protruding his huge, droopy rear end from my bottom, or Lex’s not so massive one. Of course, it wouldn’t have been in front of an open window, like I was now.

In 20 minutes things had changed. The middle left apartment was now completely dark, as was the one below it, and people had appeared in the Rear Window apartment on the other side. The party raged on in the apartment above, full intensity and a light had come on in the bottom floor bedroom window; as I watched one came on behind the balcony curtains. It didn’t surprise me, with all the hubbub two floors above. Griming, I wagged my tail again.

Jacob said: “I see no reason I couldn’t enjoy your vagina while you amuse yourself.” Edward suggested the same for my mouth. Though it was an interesting concept, right now I just wanted to wag my tail. Emmett thought that an excellent idea, though he wondered when I’d get to my challenge.

“Maybe never,” I told him. “I’m enjoying this too much.” As far as it went, true, but I lived for my sexual challenge. Just ask Lex or John. And wagging my tail did quickly sate my curiosity. I sighed, knowing I was simply procrastinating.

The Christmas tree held no interest for me at all. I wanted the snake up me (yes, I am aware of the pun) and at ten minutes after one retired my muscular doggy tail. Excitement had rekindled itself and my hands trembled with anxiety as I removed the dildo (I wanted to name him, but still wouldn’t) from the nightstand and held it nervously. How would I do this? The question had bothered me before. Obviously, trying to accomplish it doggie style wouldn’t work. My arms weren’t long enough. I suspected the only way it could be accomplished was on my back, with my legs back like the girl in the video. That idea embarrassed me for some reason. (As if none of this was embarrassing, right?) The worst of it was, how I wanted to arrange myself on the bed.

That is simply stupid, I told myself. I envisioned myself through the open bedroom window, laying crosswise on my bed, looking out the window down the length of my body, legs pulled back and out of the way as I attempted to penetrate my colon. All of this for the entertainment of my friend across the way with his binoculars or telescope, or whatever he had. If it was powerful enough, he could examine my widespread genitals up close. They’d be a perfect offering, though his attention might be distracted by the goings on below. Since he had given me the snake, I’m sure it would.

For the first time, it occurred to me that my presumption of maleness might be wrong. Could it be a girl? Had I attracted a lesbian? The idea made me grin. I found myself grinning at the window. That would be quite a surprise.

I applied an appropriate amount of KY to my fingertips and lubed the forward half of the shaft, and then laid back, raised my legs into perfect missionary position and thoroughly lubed myself. I grinned, imagining the excitement at the far end of the telescope. I imagined telescopes could be just as infrared sensing as binoculars. Trembling all over and heart beating like that of a race horse, I located my anus with the head of the snake, eased it in, and began to fill myself. The going was easy, after John and Lex and Emmett and Edward and Jacob. (Actually, Jacob was smaller than the snake.). It took only a moment to bottom myself out.

“Okay, guys…the moment of truth.”

Did I have the courage to attempt this, I wondered? This was dangerous, video excepted, What I was doing could perforate me, punch a hole right through my bowels. Then again, the guy on the video had penetrated the girl’s colon dozens of times, and this was an anal snake I was holding. I giggled, knowing that I held it at both ends, one with my hand, the other with my rectum. Taking a deep breath, telling the guys, “Wish me luck,” I probed myself experimentally.

Ow, that hurts. But then, I was sore anyway. I probed again, pulling the sword to the right, knowing my sigmoid colon went off to the right. 90 degrees to the right, I reminded myself anxiously. How could—

“Ung, God!” I yelped. That really hurt! Panting, I eased back and let my spine fall out of the arch it had taken. Had the head just…that quickly? I didn’t think so. I relaxed, making myself breath again. The pain receded quickly, telling me I hadn’t down any permanent damage. I think I might actually have pushed the head into my colon a bit. I had felt it go pop, and the girl onscreen had reacted just the way I did when the head went pop in her, including the grimace and spine-arch. With a giddy feeling, I knew I had done it. I did it again, grinning at the window triumphantly.

Where are you? I thought. Are you watching me now, are you at your telescope? Still grinning, very excited now–embarrassingly excited—I tested the concept that I was indeed inside myself (exactly how I considered it), easing the dildo farther in a bit at a time until I knew I was actually fucking my colon. I pulled it in and out, turning concept into reality. Though still painful, the discomfort was bearable and overwhelmed by the shear excitement of what I was doing to myself. Raisng my head and looking down, I confirmed that more than half the shaft was up my bottom. I was 14″ deep inside myself, and obviously able to take more. Exultantly, I searched the windows across the way, wanting to share this moment.

A light flashed.

I blinked, startled. Had I actually just seen that? Propping myself on my elbows, I concentrated on where I thought the flash had been: the window of the far left, top floor apartment. The light flashed again and I reacted exactly as you would expect I would.

Shrieking wildly, I twisted sideways and rolled off the bed.

* * *

I felt like a fool. A totally, idiotic, moronic fool.

“What the fuck were you doing?” I screamed softly, punching the wall hard enough to bruise my knuckles. I yanked back my hand and cursed softly as I held it between my left biceps and side. I kicked the foul length of rubber across the room and then kicked the wall with my heel, hurting that also. Cursing louder, I limped back and forth in a circle.

The guy had seen me, signaled me. I fought panic, resisting the urge to go hide in the closet. I peeked out the window, wondering if he could see my wide and frightened eye at a distance. I wondered if my pupil was dilated from fear. My arteries certainly were, judging the amount of blood I felt pumping through my body. I found myself pressed against the wall, terrified.

Just calm down, that voice said. You knew he was out there. You guessed, even hoped for him to be out there watching you. What’s the big deal?

I shrieked at her in disbelief: Are you insane! Do you realize the guy just watched me fucking myself with a 2′ long dildo? I peeked out the window again, breathless, nearly hyperventilating. No change at the bedroom window.

The light had been a flashlight. I was sure of that. He’d seen me searching the apartment building windows as I fucked myself and flashed once to locate himself. As I had stared at the window open-mouthed and startled, he flashed it again, to confirm my choice. I had panicked like a rabbit.

Of course I had panicked like a rabbit. Who wouldn’t?

I moaned, wanting to just die. What if he knocked on the door? I moaned, imagining my humiliation then. I looked out the window again, this time easing over the blind for a better view. The light flashed again and this time I didn’t panic. Instead, I shivered convulsively but continued to watch, to see what he’d do next. The light came on and swung side to side, before going out again.

What was that? I realized suddenly and waved back. The flashlight lit again and waved in response. And then I did the stupidest thing any woman could have done in my position: I beckoned him over.

* * *

My caller knocked softly. Shivering, I placed my eye to the peephole and looked out. He made no attempt to conceal himself, looking instead directly at the peephole from a distance of 2′. I stepped back, my heart in my throat. I couldn’t swallow. I could barely stand up. Holding my robe closed at my throat, I slid off the safety chain, twisted back the deadlock and opened the door. Petrified, I held it open for him to enter.

“Are you sure of this?” he asked nervously, almost timidly. He was very handsome, a light-skinned black man with a crown of neatly-trimmed, almost to the scalp black hair. He looked as uncertain about this as I did. I gulped and nodded. He moved forward and awkwardly slipped by and into the foyer. I shut the door, but left it unbolted and unchained. He stood three feet away, hunch-shouldered with his hands in his pockets. His anxiety made me feel better.

“I’m Michelle,” I offered in a wavering voice.

He hesitantly named himself Michael.

I motioned to step down into the living room. He eyed my powder blue couch, loveseat and chair as possible instruments of torture. I remembered barking my shin on the coffee table last night and winced in memory. Luckily, he didn’t see this.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“What do you have?” he asked distractedly. Then he apologized, noting he was a bit on the tense side.

“You’re nervous?” I said, laughing. “Imagine how I feel.”

He smiled for the first time, and I swear, I fell instantly in love.

In a cracked voice, I listed his choices: “I have a six-pack of wine coolers, Heineken in bottles, Diet or regular Coke—although I think we might be out of Coke—tea and bottled water. Dasani, ” I added as a nervous afterthought. I told my hand to relax and let go of my robe, but it refused.

He replied quickly, without giving it any real thought: “Diet Coke would be fine.” He stopped in front of the blue chair but didn’t sit down. I wanted a beer or one of those damned wine coolers; anything to calm me down. I suddenly remembered the condition of the bathroom and wanted to die.

“Can you excuse me a moment?”

Startled, he nodded as I beelined for the bathroom and shut myself in. As quietly as possible, I stuffed the contents of the enema kit back in the box, tossed it under the sink, and grabbed the soiled towels out of the tub. I looked around, wondering what to do with them. Finally, I stuffed them beneath the sink as well, praying he wouldn’t have reason to look under there. Then I sat down to go pee.

He was sitting down at least. On the edge of the seat to be true, with his hands nervously on his knees, but he hadn’t fled upon my unexpected flight. I smiled timidly and went into the kitchen for his Diet Coke.

“Would you like a glass?” I called.

I sensed him shake his head as he answered and smiled. This could be so much worse. He could be my neighbor from across the hall, Ted, a displaced cowpoke from Montana. He wanted to bust me like a bronc. I knew that, because he’d told me so one night at a party. I’d kept that a secret between him and I.

Ignoring his answer, I removed two glasses from the cabinet, hall-filled both with ice at the refrigerator door, and then filled both from one can of Diet Coke. Already, we were sharing. Feeling somewhat less than stressed to max, I carried the glasses out to the living room and offered him one. He took it gratefully and I sat down, across the room on the edge of the couch.

“Can I just be straightforward?” I asked. He nodded uncomfortably and I asked: “How long have you been watching me?”

He’d been expecting the question.

“About three months. Since the middle of August when my girlfriend and I broke up.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Was that before…or after you started watching me?”

He smile beautifully again. “Her leaving had nothing to do with you, Michelle.”

I nodded, relieved despite the question’s nonsensicality. I also liked that he used my name. And then I saw him frown and followed his gaze to my left hand. His disappointment at the sight of my rings was almost comical, and touching.

“I’m married,” I confirmed. “His name is Ken.” Then I remembered he knew my name from the note, and probably knew Ken’s also. “How do you know my name?” I asked, wishing immediately I hadn’t. “Never mind. I guess it’s not that hard to learn a person’s name anymore, is it?”

He still looked embarrassed. “I did a reverse lookup. The listing noted Ken Morrison and Michelle Jones as the occupants. I guessed you were Michelle.”

I laughed at his joke. “I figured it was something like that. I’m surprised they got the listing wrong though. I was Michelle Morrison when we moved here in May.” It saddened him, appropriately or not, that I was married.

“I’ve never cheated on Ken,” I said. “I’m not starting now.”

He nodded, looking down at his glass. His expression was most definitely sorrowful. It made me regret my harsh, probably unnecessary words. I had the feeling he’d come with the idea of simply introducing himself, meeting me finally, rather than with any expectations of sex. I cleared my throat.

“Will you tell me about it? How you started watching me?”

It was a simple enough story. His girlfriend of three years—Michelle and white also, coincidentally–had left in mid-August, breaking it off—she said—because of his laid back nature and lack of impulsiveness.

“I wasn’t wild enough,” he admitted. “She said I was more Ward Cleaver than Eldridge Cleaver in bed. Though I suspect she had to Google to get that comparison. She wasn’t the world’s foremost fortune cookie, if you know what I mean.”

“Was she pretty?” I asked candidly.

“Very. Not in a June Cleaver way, either.” He laughed. “I never understood what she saw in me to begin with.” I did, though I wasn’t admitting it. “We met at an off-campus party our senior year at Maryland and she liked how I danced. She attributed it to my half-blackness,” he said, grinning. I grinned back, acknowledging the touchy point. “I told her dancing wasn’t the only thing I did like a black man, and she went home with me that night.”

“And stayed with you three years,” I offered, when he colored attractively. “She liked you well enough to do that. What did she look like?” I asked.

He stirred, uncomfortably.

“Like me?” I guessed.

He nodded. “Strictly coincidence. I wasn’t looking for a Michelle replacement.” He colored again at his fax pas. I colored also.

“Um…more Diet Coke?” I asked distractedly.

He nodded and gulped down the remainder of his glass quickly. “Thank you,” he said as I took both glasses into the kitchen and added more ice, then Diet Coke.

“So, how did you happen to pick me?” I asked, silently cursing the poor choice of words. Make him more uncomfortable than he already is, I thought.

From the living room he answered: “Actually, I had noticed you before that. Michelle had, actually. She commented you looked like her twin sister, Beth. She’s not your twin sister, is she?” he joked.

“Not unless I’m adopted.” I had no brothers or sisters, much less an evil twin. Besides, I gathered she was older than myself, probably 25 or so. I asked his age.

“27. How old are you?”

22, I told him. “Michelle is 25?”

He nodded at my guess as I handed him his refilled glass. He sipped at it appreciatively. “I served two years in the Army before washing out on a medical discharge.” He pointed at his back. “Spinal injury. Suffered when my Humvee capsized during a training exercise. I went to college on the GI Bill. That’s why Michelle and I were both seniors.

This is my first submission and took care to provide accurate info on the toys and all piercing I describe. Pls comment is you like or hate my story but be warned it isn’t a short one to jerk off to.

I may write more if the interest is there and I’m open to ideas or thoughts in that regard. I hope you enjoy

My name is Steve I’m 25 years old 6′ 2″ and very strong without being overly muscular thanks to martial arts growing up. I’m happy to finally be returning home from my trip a day early, hoping to surprise my lovely wife after traveling all week.

I need her after all the teasing I’ve had on my travels. When you fly 1st class, stay in fancy hotels and ride in limos, hot ladies want to try and keep me company So I’m happy to be home.

My wife’s name is Robin, She has blue eyes and long brown hair a little lighter than my own. I think she is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever met. Standing at 5’10″ she has a well toned body with a small shapely breasts. Her nipples are amazingly long and thick that always make my mouth water every time I even think about them. Her legs are long and sexy going up to nice full hips and a great tight ass that seems too good to be true.

After I walked in the door I could hear noise up stairs, so dropping my travel gear at the door and went to investigate hoping Robin was feeling frisky. I found her in the shower and some dude I have never seen before was on my bed.

Yelling a furious battle cry I attacked. I only hit the little fucker once then grabbed him by the hair and drug him kicking and screaming out of the house. At the door I kicked him in the ass and slammed the door shut not caring a bit he was naked.

Furious and feeling the need to think I locked my self in my office and tried to ignore Robin pleading and apologizing trying to coax me out to talk.

After an hour of listening to her sobbing I had calmed and figured out a course of action. I opened the office door and bellowed.

‘Get in here if you want to talk, but be warned you have choices to make bitch.” She rushed in hair still wet and sat across from me.

‘Oh baby I’m so sorry I have never done anything like that before you have to believe me. I’m sorry I really love you it will never happen again. I was so horny this morning that when I went running my usual circuit I put a butt plug in.

I got so worked up between the plug in my ass and my nipples rubbing against my lycra top I thought I might explode. My spandex shorts were soaked, thank god I had a skirt to hide the plug.’ She blushed unable to make eye contact.

‘That guy was delivering something next door, he stared at me like a starving man looking at a steak and was almost drooling. He reached down and adjusted his package never breaking eye contact and said convincing things.’ She sobbed.

‘I was so wound up It felt like I was in a haze and couldn’t stop my self. He said I’m beautiful and incredibly fuckable.”sob sob” Please don’t hate me I love you, only you.’ her voice was cracking throughout and by the end she broke down crying.

After a few minutes of me staring at her with a calm blank face she finally stopped and looked up with tears in her eyes.

So I began ‘ Do you understand why I’m pissed? It’s not that you brought a guy home I have never been jealous.’

‘I’m angry and hurt because when you got home all hot and bothered, you could have masturbated. Or stood on the step looking at the delivery guy and called my cell to tease me or ask for permission or any number of things.’ I fumed in frustration.

‘But instead of first thinking of me or my feelings you only thought of your own pleasure.’ I shook my head sadly.

“The way I understood our vows we both swore to forsake all others. Did you know every day of my trip I pass up hot young pussy because I’m thinking of you!’ I fumed.

‘Then I come home and find the woman I love cheating. The way I see it I can give you 2 choices. If you want We can divorce but since you cheated I will get most every thing!’

‘Or you can prove you love me but it will not be easy 4 you.” I said with an icy voice ‘Either way you have a choice and will need to sign an agreement. I stated solemnly.

The entire time I talked she was crying shaking her head and looking very pitiful. ‘ Oh pplease don’t divorce me I will do anything to prove my love. I don’t think life will be worth living with out you in it, please don’t push me away. How could I be so stupid.’ She wailed, then all I could make out was blubbering.

After she calmed enough I kept a stone cold face and said. ‘Things didn’t work so I will make serious changes, if you agree to stay you will give me complete and total control of your pleasure for 1 year after that we can reassess if your unhappy.’

‘The only pleasure you get will be how, when, and if I say. Even if I need to lock up your sensitive bits to do it, so decide carefully.’ I warned.

I need to do a bit of research and write up a contract and find a lawyer to draw up papers in case you choose to separate. So please go think while I do this please I will need your answer by tomorrow morning so no rush. You can look over every thing in the morning before deciding.’ Standing she wouldn’t make eye contact and looked quite shocked, and confused as she left the room.

I spent 2 hours in the office planning, researching printing off agreements before I finished then went to get ready for bed. When I got out of the shower Robin was wearing a slinky negligee showing off her fantastic small tits and long nipples to great effect.

As soon as she saw me she began to open her mouth but I shook my head ‘We will talk tomorrow about our future but if you have no objections I would like to enjoy my wife one last night before then if its alright?’

‘Id like that she purred’ getting on all fours she began stalking across the bed toward me like a cat. When she was at the bottom of the bed I’d met her there and she pulled my robe off my shoulders and dropped it to the floor.

Putting her hands on my chest she ran them slowly across my body and in behind my back pulling me closer. Her lips began a journey in the center of my broad chest and began kissing and licking in some complex pattern.

I kept a hand under her hair holding the back of her head while my other traced across her beautiful breasts. Around and across barely touching her skin before kneading a breast. Moving to the nipple I pinch the way she likes then firmly pull to see it stretch. Eliciting a moan of approval I moved to the other one for more. I tightening my grip behind her head I pulled her up until our lips could almost touch.

‘Thats enough for now do a strip tease 4 me I want to see your body.’ I whispered then pushed her away.

With a slutty smile she stood, moved around me and began to sway to imaginary music. Sitting on the edge of the bed I watched my sexy wife while idly stroking my cock. She swayed and bumped to the music running her hands shamelessly all over her body. And whimpering from time to time.

Turning around she put her tight ass a mere foot from my face and slowly pulled the material up , revealing her upper thighs and finally her ass and juicing pussy, while swaying her butt side to side. I began to reach for her bottom but she slipped away with a teasing smile.

‘See something you like hun’ she purred with a firm smack on her ass she turned around thrusting her hips toward my face while slowly inching her nighty up her toned body. By the time it came over her nipples she tossed it aside beckoning me.

‘So what do you think’ she asked eyes down cast. ‘I think your gorgeous now touch your self for me’ I ordered. Robins head snapped up and she yelped ‘I I can’t do that in front of you it’s not right.’

‘You can and will or I’m going to sleep I’ve had a long day.’ With that her face turned red and slowly brought her hand toward her pussy. As her right hand cupped her sex and began to stroke her other hand moved to a breast to torture a nipple.

‘Very good Robin, show me what you like.’

1 finger was stroking through her wet lips and brushing her prominent clit every stroke while kneading her breasts and twisting at the nipples.

‘Oh baby you look so fucking sexy touching your hot body, Put your foot up beside me so I can see you play with your pretty pussy.’

The poor girl looked very confused, torn between shame and lust, but she complied with my request. Putting her foot on the bed beside me it both gave her more stability and opened her pussy for my viewing pleasure.

‘Now push 2 fingers inside, deeper and fuck your self with them, ok use your other hand on your clit but make sure I can see.’ God her long fingers look good sliding in and out like that covered with her honey, while she masturbated her clit with the other hand. Do they feel good in your pussy my hot little bitch? ‘

‘Yes yes god it feels good, Mmmmm why are you making me do this’ she moaned ‘It’s so dirty and slutty.’ Then gasped as I bit hard on a nipple while pinching the other one but I stopped when her breathing sped up the the point I thought she was going to cum.

Looking Robin it the eye I said ‘Stop.’ and pulled her fingers away. ‘I will make you cum but only when I’m ready not before, if you do you will be very sorry under stand. She could only nod and plead with her eyes while gasping for breath. While she calmed down I began licking and sucking on her fingers.

When her hand dropped to my dick I leaned in and blew across her spread pussy before kissing and nibbling on her thighs just below her dipping snatch. Slowly I worked my way up licking all her honey and sucking on her nether lips. I pushed my tongue deep to pull out more nectar before concentrating on her clit. I was beginning the alphabet a third time when I heard it.

‘Please let me cum’ she squeaked between moans and gasps. ‘Your mouth feels so fucking good on my vagina , oh fuck yes I’m almost there!’

Stopping for a second I looked up at my wanton wife. ‘Not yet you can stay on the edge longer than that my sexy little bitch. It’s your pussy or your cunt during sex not a vagina lets try again.’

This time I slid 2 fingers in side to stroke her g spot while I sucking at her flowing honey. I sucked as much of her pussy in my mouth as I could while running my tongue around her folds.

Her hips were bucking against my mouth and fingers shamelessly while both of her hands mauled her own tits and abusing her nipples. Flicking my tongue across her clit twice more she shrieked.

‘Fuck me let me cum PLEASE! suck my needy pussy and let me cum on your wicked tongue you bastard.’

After waiting for a count to ten I yelled best I could into her pussy ‘CUM!’ and locked my lips around her clit sucking hard. I had to hold on hard with my free hand while her back arched and she came harder than I can ever remember.

I swallowed as much as I could but she sprayed her girl cum 3 times while shaking and squeezing on my fingers and face. I tried to keep licking at her clit through it all but was only partly successful. I’m not sure how I held her up but when it her orgasm finally passed, she collapsed right on top of me giggling between gasps for breath.

I picked her off me thew her on the bed, pulled one quivering leg over my shoulder and fucked her as hard as I could. I sucked and bit at her lovely long nipples and drove my cock into her tight quivering box over and over relentlessly.

‘You like that my dirty girl, my big cock deep in your filthy cunt? Did you like fucking my face like a whore? Your cum sure tasts good want some?’ I grabbed her face and kissed her hard shoving my tongue in her mouth while deep stroking her pussy.

Pulling back I looked deep in to her eyes our breathing labored, faces inches apart. I put my hands on her hips holding tight and slowed down. The look on her face was priceless whimpering and beyond caring lost in her lust while I slowly carved out her insides reclaiming what is mine. On the down stroke I began to grind against her clit as I worked us both ever higher.

‘Oh fuck babe that feels so good I have missed you, ooooooo gooodddd don’t stop fucking me’ She shrieked. All too soon I was getting close and decided on a change. I dropped her leg and rolled us over onto my back and she sat up tall facing me.

After she has slowly sunk her juicing cunt all the way down on me I held her still and said. ‘ I want you to stay like that Robin and play with your cunt while I watch. And lets see if you can get me off with out bouncing up and down?’ I challenged.

A wicked grin spread across her face ‘Hmm I can try. You really like watching me play with my pussy don’t you baby?’ She gasped rocking her hips back and forth against me and squeezing my cock. While she strummed her clit and concentrated on my cock I paid attention to her wonderful breasts.

I had to concentrate hard not to pop too soon as she heated up writhing on my dick. Whispering in her ear ‘ don’t stop what your doing for anything and remember I will tell you when to cum.

You look so hot with your cunt planted on my cock squirming like a bitch in heat. And god it feels so good pulsing on me like that. Do you feel like a slut playing with your clit,masturbating for me?’

‘Yes I do I feel so dirty and so alive’ She gasped breathless. ‘And I’m so close oh god’

‘Imagine there were other people here watching you, another woman maybe licking her lips while staring at you playing with your filthy cunt. Do you like to act like a slut an easy whore for her, fucking in public like this? ‘ I whispered in her ear.

‘No no don’t watch me.’ She groaned rocking her hips against me faster ‘god I’m a slut. oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck let me cum please let me cum’ she begged. ‘Look at her in the doorway, tell her how you feel and Cum for her bitch cum.’ I demanded.

‘Fuckkk meeee’ she screamed fingers blurring on her clit “I’m a slut and I want you to watch me get fucked, and you can suck out his cum.’ So lost in her ecstasy she was bouncing up and down on my throbbing shaft again.

With that thought I began to blast off a weeks worth of cum into her pussy. We held each other while we calmed down. Holding her close I murmured in her ear.

‘I love watching you let loose and give in to your inner slut, as long as I have your heart. I really hope you enjoyed this it may be the last for a little while.’ I said cryptically.

With a nod and kiss on the cheek she extracted her self to clean up and I rolled over hoping for sleep, thoughts of tomorrow and our future heavy on my mind.

I was drinking coffee and eating breakfast when Robin came down in the morning.’So what happens now what do you want me to say…’ I held up a hand to stop her mid sentence.

‘I came home to find you cheating so you have two choices’ I gestured at the 2 manilla envelopes on the counter. ‘In one is a rough draft of all the things we own together and items each of us brought into this marriage. If you want to split sign by your name and we will go to lawyers that appointment is at 1:00 if we choose to keep it.’

Looking her in the eye with grim determination I continued. ‘Or you can agree to my terms in the other folder, but be warned Neither way will be easy. Grab a coffee and read these then let me know as soon as you decide I need to confirm one of our appointments. So please get to it.’

Tears filled her eyes ‘I bet it says you can have sex with who ever you want doesn’t it.’

I replied shaking my head sadly. ‘No I only ever wanted you thats why I married you.’ Turning away I poured her a coffee and she went into the living room to read my terms.

Almost two hrs later she came back in with the agreement, eyes downcast she asked ‘What is the purpose of this, to punish me?’

‘Maybe a little bit about punishing you but I’m mostly hurt that when you were hopelessly aroused you didn’t call me to tell me what state you were in, You just grabbed the closest cock.’

‘You gave to a stranger something I treasure, so to prove you love me I want to give it to me. Will you to willingly give me complete control of your pleasure and sexuality, so you automatically look to me for your pleasure and gratification?’ I asked.

‘I don’t want you harmed and I don’t want to make you jealous thats not what it’s about. I think I know a few of your darkest desires, some you may not be consciously aware of.’

‘I will enjoy testing my theories. I want us to enjoy each other and our sexuality to the max while we are young and I think this is how we do that.’I said looking at her frightened defeated face.

‘If you think it too much for me to ask mark the calender 1 year from today. On that day you can call it off and we go back to normal with a clean slate. Or if you choose to continue down this path by your own choice we will do something special or go somewhere to celebrate.’ I finished.

‘All I know is I can’t lose you, But promise my friends and family won’t be exposed to any thing to do with this.’ She pleaded with her big blue eyes.’ Looking forlorn.

‘They will only know if you tell them my love, now on the back page add the 1 year time limit and initial beside it then if you agree to my terms we will both sign.’ We did and I gathered the papers for safe keeping. ‘Ok now you go shower and wax or shave to get ready for your 1st appointment.’

‘What, Where are we going, what is going to happen?’

Smiling I slapped her ass ‘You will see when we get there, it will test your commitment to our agreement and to me and prepare you, now go get ready.’

Robins eyes bugged out and I thought she might panic when we pulled into the tattoo parlor but she didn’t complain. Before we got out I turned to her and asked ‘do you trust me.’ With big frightened eyes she nodded.

‘We are going inside you have an appointment with Amy the girl who does piercing here I’m told she is very skilled, ready?’

‘I’m not sure.’ she stammered I smiled ‘I will be with you the entire time babe lets go.’ She held my hand as if clinging to life it’s self as we entered the shop. Cases full of body jewelry were set along all the walls with pictures of tattoo designs hanging over them and magazines and photo albums littered the tables.

‘I’ll be with you folks in a few, feel free to look around’ the girl behind the counter said. I went over to the display for body jewelry and began check it all out while stealing glances of the wife looking around wide eyed.

Wanting to tease her I asked ‘See any here you like babe?’

Looking a bit defeated she began to look with me. ‘Look at that one it will look great on you.’ it was a thick bar with a glittery red stone and robin admitted is was pretty before blushing deep red.

“The name is Amy and I’m ready for you what can I do for you today?’ she asked with a big smile. The girl was beautiful with a thin halter top showing a lot of inked skin, and you could tell her nipples were pierced the way her shirt fit. Amy’s dark hair was pulled tight in a pony tail and stopped just short of her shapely hips.

I nudged Robin so she looked up and said ‘My name is Robin I think I have an appointment with you for a piercing.’

‘Several by the look of it, are you excited hun?’ She asked innocently with a not so innocent smirk. ‘I don’t think I will ever be really ready for this but I’m here so I guess we should get it over with.’ She stammered looking at the floor.

‘Oh don’t be nervous sugar I’m real gentle honest, come with me to the back here so we won’t be disturbed.’ She said happily while urging us into the back and motioned for Robin to sit in the chair in the center of the small room.

‘Your husband told me on the phone this morning exactly what you want. So please remove your skirt and panties. Any changes or what we discussed she asked while preparing her various equipment.

Since Robin was so busy looking around I answered while watching her disrobe slowly trying to stall the inevitable.

‘Nope exactly what we talked about please Amy the 10 gauge I think and if you could take those measurements I asked about I will place special orders with your jeweler.’

‘Sure thing sugar we can do that.’ Amy winked then turned back to her client.

Robin had to lean back with her bum on the edge of the seat while Amy gently prodded and pulled at her labia taking measurements for me and writing them in a book.

Then looking at Robin and asked. ‘Ready sugar, I’m going to start now I will do one side at a time just let me know if you need a break alright?’ She said sweetly.

‘Alright go ahead’ she said and squeezed my hand and shut her eyes tight. She made the cutest whimper when the first needle bit into her and in moments there was a nice Gold ring and Amy moved to the next and so on.

In under 5 minutes the right side of Robins labia had 6 shiny metal rings and Amy began setting up the other side.

I gave Robins hand a squeeze saying. ‘Your doing great beautiful, We are done that side just a few more alright? With a single tear in the corner of her eye she nodded saying.

‘I’m ok’ giving me a brave smile. We stared into each others eyes while Amy finished the other side of her pussy.

‘Those are done 1 more then we are finished with this pretty little puss.’ She said smiling. ‘How would you like your hood to be pierced?’ she asked showing us a few options.

‘Some people go sideways with a captive bead ring an HCH. But most woman prefer a (VCH) A vertical piercing it heals quickly and feels divine even I have one..’ She said with a wink. ‘Would you like to see?’

Robins eyes lit up ‘really? you would show me yours?’

Locking eyes with Robin she slowly pulled her skirt up her thighs With a wicked smile. Once the garment reached her belly button she stepped closer and lifted her foot up onto the arm of Robin’s chair and reached down and opened her sex up for a clear view.

‘Well what do you think sugar?’ Amy drawled ‘It is pretty isn’t it, this one is a vertical hood piercing, see how the bottom ball is bigger? The curved bar always touches my clit and makes life soo much more exciting, especially oral sex’ She stated huskily.

‘Or we can go sideways and put a ring with a captive bead that will move sometimes rubbing your pretty clitty and other times just missing unless you want both. Choose what ever one you want sweetie, go ahead and touch it if you want.’

Slowly with eyes darting between the sight before her and Amy’s eyes she reached out and gently ran her finger tip over and around the bar and clitoral hood a foot in front of her. receiving a little moan and giggle in response.

Slowly Amy pulled back and dropped her skirt asking ‘Well did you see anything you like baby?’ Blushing furiously ‘Yes it is very pretty like a flower.’ Robin said just above a whisper ‘I think I want one just like that if it doesn’t hurt too badly.’

With a beaming smile Amy turned to get her tools ‘ We can always add a second ring after it is all healed if you like. Lots of girls go with both and I suspect you may have the anatomy for a triangle lucky girl.

Alright 1 more time and we are done with your beautiful cookie, you will feel a pinch then pressure when I insert the bar and fasten the beads alright?’

Nodding Robin held her breath and tried to hold still as Amy worked on the most sensitive of places. When the needle slid through her skin Robin thumped Amy on the head with her knees immediately apologizing profusely.

‘It happens every time don’t worry about it sugar, even I did when receiving mine and I knew what to expect. ‘ Amy laughed.

Whipping out a a small camera Amy took 2 pictures of the freshly pierced pussy. Kissed Robins thigh and stood up.

‘All done there please pull off your top hun, I think l have just enough time to measure and pierce your nipples now so you don’t need to come back later.’

With fearful eyes Robin looked at me so I gave her a kiss full of promise and said hurry up it will only take a second then we finished alright love?’ And gave her a big proud smile.

When we were finished and leaving the back room Amy gave Robin a big hug, staring into her eyes told her.

‘If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk please call me anytime my cell number is on the back.’ Pressing a business card into her hand and together we watched as Robin carefully walked to the car to wait while I paid and placed my special orders for custom jewelry.

As I was leaving Amy said ‘remember no sex not even oral until she is fully healed 1 week is normally enough or you risk infection. Have fun with her and let me know if I can help.’ And winked saucily.

‘She became very excited while I was working on her, either she likes girls or just likes to expose herself to strangers so have fun with her.’ With a glance and wave to Robin she disappeared into the back room again and I went to the car.

Next we went for ice cream at baskin Robins our favorite. ‘I’m so proud of you honey how do you feel?’With a shy smile around her mouthful of ice cream she mumbled ‘I feel a little sore especially my breasts but also naughty, like I have a secret.

Do you really like how it looks?’ She asked shyly.’Oh god it looks so fucking sexy, and your pussy is even more pretty than ever. But it is also frustrating knowing it is done and I’m unable to explore and play with it for a full week. ‘ I laughed.

‘Maybe Friday nights from now on we should have date night, maybe dinner and dancing or something. So finish your ice cream and lets go shopping. But for your evening wear I get the final say.’

‘Thank you we haven’t gone dancing or shopping together for ever, this will be such fun’ she squealed. The excitement poring off her was adorable and I felt lucky to have this beautiful creature.

Robin looked so excited I couldn’t bring my self to tell her our 1st stop will be the sex shop. I need to pick up a few things we will need in the weeks to come.

By the time we got home many hours later I felt exhausted. I stashed the kinky purchases I wanted to be a surprise in my office and locked it then I flopped onto the couch.

I watched Robin excitedly scurry up the stairs to put away all her stuff and pretty soon I heard cries of surprise and excitement. Sooner than I thought possible she scampered back down wearing one of the surprise costumes I bought for her.

The french maids outfit fit her like a glove, hugging her hips and just covering her bum. ‘Good evening sir is there anything, anything at all I can do for you?’ She drawled with a husky voice and running her hands over her body and knelt it front of me.

She made quick work of my pants and was soon grasping my erection. ‘Oh my you seem to have a big problem here sir.’ While licking her lips hungrily. ‘Would you like me to take care of this for you?’ she purred.

With my nod her tongue flicked out and swirled around the end a few times before looking up at me and slowly sinking her mouth down until it bumped her throat. Using exaggerated sucking and slurping noises she began bobbing up and down my length.

When she wanted a breath it was back to licking the shaft like candy before plunging back down as far as she could. Holding her head firmly in my hands I helped to guide her on my shaft.

‘Your mouth feels like a warm, wet, velvety heaven young lady.’ I groaned ‘keep that up you might get a present.’ Tangling my hands in her hair for a solid grip I began to force her head further down my shaft with every thrust.

Robin tried her best to relax her gag reflex as I worked my way into her throat. When she would choke I pull out long enough for a breath and plunge her mouth back down ever deeper than before.

It is incredibly erotic watching saliva drip off her chin with my dick wedged in her mouth. As her lovely lips pressed into my pubic hair I was getting far too close. Using my grip in her long brown hair I yanked her off my cock and pulling her face up kissed her fiercely.

‘Oh my lovely maid you are a lovely cock sucker but I need to inspect your uniform before we can go any further.’

I stood, kicked off my pants and moved her to the end or the sofa kissing her again before turning her to face it and bent her over with her hands holding the edge. I moved behind her and with her long legs shoulder width apart began slowly running my fingers upward starting at the ankle.

With light teasing strokes up the inside of her legs I could feel her breathing begin to quicken as I worked up her thighs excruciatingly slowly so I decided to tease her another way as well.

‘Amy sure seemed to like you today, she thinks you are incredibly beautiful. She told me how exited you got during your appointment. She could even smell your arousal, did you like her pretty face so close to your pussy?’

Robins breathing was becoming much heavier ‘Yes I like her face by my pussy and when she showed me hers, it was so fucking naughty’ she moaned pushing back into my hands.

‘What the hell is this?’ I exclaimed in mock horror as I flipped up her skirt ‘No panties what’s wrong with you? You look like a filthy slut.’

‘Oh god I think I am a filthy slut, your dirty fucking slut’ She moaned.

‘Well this will never do I can not have the maid running around with no nickers! The punishment for the first infraction is 10 lashes so get ready slut.’ And I pulled her over my knee.

The entire time I was spanking her sexy ass she was moaning and gasping it’s a good thing I didn’t tell her to count. After the final stroke I gently ran my hand all over her red bottom and could easily feel the heat and smell her juices running down her legs contradicting her little sobs.

‘Awe you poor girl look what you made me do now remember next time it will be 20 strokes here let me kiss it better ‘ Returning her to her earlier position at the end of the couch I slid to me knees behind her and ran kisses over her firm bottom while stroking with my hands.

Reaching into my pocket I pulled out 4 small padlocks I bought for this very purpose. Using each lock I went through 2 rings on each side of her labia, so using 3 locks all 12 rings were secured together without stretching or pulling other than the added weight.

As I locked the final one I licked across her back door and earning a gasp and felt her press against me ever so slightly.

Easing her cheeks apart with my hands I ran my tongue slowly around and around her puckered star gently urging it to relax, only pausing from time to time to press inside increasing pressure every time. Soon her ass hole would stay open while I lapped ever widening circles. The poor girl was groaning and panting like a bitch in heat especially every time I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could.

I stood up, grabbed her hips and slowly sank my pulsing member into hot tight heaven. I had just got fully seated and Robin was pushing against me moaning like a bitch in heat.

‘Don’t wait take it just fuck my ass like only you ever have baby. I feel so full and so fucking dirty so fuck me hard please!’

With a smile I slowly pulled out slapped her ass hard earning a whimper before pounding back inside. To add to her frustration I kept my pace slower than she wanted but was forceful enough she couldn’t let go to touch her clit even if she could get through the locks she must feel swinging as I fucked her.

After only a few minutes she began screaming ‘ Fuck my ass harder you dirty bastard’ While driving her hips at me. I kept the steady rhythm reaching forward and squeezed her swinging tits nice and hard receiving a new gasp of pain and pleasure.

‘I can hardly wait until your cunt is healed, I have grand plans for your beautiful body. You will feel your new jewelry at all times and be reminded you are mine. That only I grant your pleasure.’ I groaned plowing in and out of her tight ass.

Gasping and panting ‘Yes my body is only for you lover, now please stop teasing and fuck me harder’ she pleaded looking over her shoulder with a smoldering look on her face.

To add to the lust we were feeling I began to alternate my rhythm and depth of our coupling. Slow and deep, then to half depth rabbit strokes then gripping her hips I fed her only the first two inches into her clasping ass until I heard her beg.

Then with out warning drove in as hard as I could earning a startled cry of pleasure. Then returned to fucking with long deep stokes and ever increasing our pace until we were both frantic. Sensing she was close I returned to spanking her tight ass and when she began mauling 1 sore nipple her climax hit hard and sudden.

The way she was screaming and shaking you would think I was killing the bitch, so I reached forward grabbing her hair and kept pounding throughout her violent climax. Her ass clenching so hard on my cock proved to be too much. With a mighty roar of my own I was pumping my load deep into her rear passage and collapsed on top of her shuddering body.

‘God damn, I have never cum so hard without touching myself before’ she she gasped trying to catch her breath. ‘And what did you do to me the new jewelry is far heavier.’

With a smirk I withdrew myself and collapsed beside her on the couch ‘Ya it was ok for me too’ I teased. With a pout she stood on shaky legs and playfully returned to her roll as the maid.

‘ Will there be anything else this evening sir? Or shall I go clean up?’

‘No thank you miss I’m good for now, take that fine ass of yours upstairs I will be up shortly so you can assist me in the shower. And I will show you something I bought for you.’ I said still breathing hard.

‘Yes sir’ she replied turning and heading for the stairs swinging her hips ensuring my eyes stayed locked on her ass. I swore I could see a trickle of cum running down the inside of her thigh. Before she was out of sight she looked at me with a frisky smile and gave me a wink before disappearing from sight.

After retrieving a few things from my office I went to join my lady in the shower and after we were finished washing each other I installed my new purchase.

I removed the shower head and installed the valve and quickly assembled the hose and nozzle. Then replaced the shower head to Robins new Sure shot system.

I had Robin join me in the shower and instructed her on its use. ‘ If you are wearing the locks or any time you feel you may need to cleanse your pussy turn the water to the temperature you want and turn the valve you can flush your self like this.’

I directed the spray between the locks into her pussy earning a gasp stopping when she began over flowing. ‘I don’t think it possible but be warned. If you make your self cum doing this or anything else with out express permission it may be the last one I ever allow you.’ I warned very seriously.

‘I will be good I promise.’ She told me meekly with a sad concerned look on her pretty face. ‘It does feel cool though, and will be handy while I’m healing, but what are all those other pieces for?’

‘Well why don’t I show you since you should begin using them every day from now on when ever you need to.’ I replied all smiles.

Reaching down to the floor I picked up another other nozzle and replacing the tiny one and screwed it to the hose. This one was twice as large approximately. 6″ long and 3/4″ in diameter. That done I smeared a small squirt of her body lotion on it.

‘What are you doing.’ She stammered drawing a chuckle from me.

‘Relax and turn around my pet, you will see. Good girl now stick out that fine ass.’ I instructed firmly. Coaxing her legs apart I gently rubbed her bottom to relax her and slowly inserted the nozzle.

‘You just stay relaxed lover this will be enjoyable, we need to clean out your naughty bottom and I expect you to repeat this every day from now on. I will gladly help if you need it I don’t mind.’ My words had the desired effect her, cheeks turning pink in embarrassment.

With that I turned the valve to begin the flow into her bowels slowly rubbing her tummy with one hand and fondling her sensitive breasts with the other. Robin was making soft whimpering and moaning noises and with a smile I realized she was rocking her pelvis.

‘I knew you would love this you dirty girl’ I teased adding to the embarrassment.

When she felt full and I could feel the slight tummy bulge from the water I removed the nozzle instructing her to hold it for 10 minutes before she went to the toilet. We repeated this 3 times Robin was loving every second after the embarrassment of the first time passed.

I found the entire process very erotic and my excitement did not go unnoticed. When we were finished I let Robin lead me into our room by my dick where she knelt before me treating me a long loving blow job in no hurry to finish.

When the time came my hands were wrapped tight in her hair and had begun fucking her mouth more forcefully. Drawing back with only the head in her mouth she could breathe through her nose while working the underside with her tongue. Pushing deep in her throat her allowed nimble tongue to reach down and lavish my balls driving me higher and higher.

While she was working me in and out of her throat I noticed her groaning and mewling sounds, it was then I saw her pumping her hips getting the locks to swing and jerk her lips around. The sight was too much I was ready to blow.

Sensing this Robin locked eyes with me and at the last second pulled back to catch every drop on her tongue. When I finished the little minx opened her mouth to show me and dramatically licked her fingers after swallowing.

‘Well someone seems to enjoy being my nasty pet slut don’t you girl? I am going to love playing with you!’

‘Yes sir I think I really do love to be your nasty slut, all yours to do with what you please.’ She teased.

I’m sure she saw the possessive lust flash through my eyes because she blushed and looked away crawling into bed.

In the morning Robin was surprised when I got up with her since I didn’t have to work, I made coffee while she showered etc but intercepted her before she got dressed.

‘What are you wearing to work today lover?’ I asked with a smirk.

‘Hmm I was hoping to wear black pants and a nice blouse unless these locks are visible.’ She told me with a cute worried expression. With a naughty smile I nodded. ‘But don’t let that stop you if thats what you need to wear, or you could wear a skirt or dress.’

When she was ready to go she looked adorable in a cute blue sundress making her look sexy yet wholesome. No one would guess underneath it was a very excited lady pierced and locked to keep her frustrated. Nor would they have a clue her husband sent her off without any underwear.

Once she was gone I spent the day working on our third bedroom. I moved all the furniture to the basement except the bed. I then installed a heavy lockable door, cabinets, shelves and some heavy duty eye hooks strategically in the walls, floor and ceiling.

As an after thought I called a buddy who came and installed 2 hidden cameras in every room in the house. They were wired directly into a hard drive and accessible anywhere with our wireless connection.

They will record only when they sense movement unless disabled from my computer. Using special software they can even be enabled only times of the day I’m gone if need be.

Once I had as much done as I could I brought the bags from my office and put everything away. I hung the harnesses, clamps and crops etc on the wall. Then put a few sex toys on the visible shelving knowing there was much more to order.

The few items I had that I want to shock or surprise Robin with all went into the locked cabinets knowing I have the only key. Seeing I still had some time before she got off work I went to my office to do some online shopping from sex stores that held more specialized items I was interested in.

When Robin came home I could see she was flushed so I met her at the door. ‘How was your day today?’ Looking up she smiled and began to pull her dress up. It was soon obvious the inside of her thighs were sticky and her sex was bright pink with arousal.

I laughed ‘It looks like you like you had a fun day you nasty girl. You might as well ditch the dress and stay nude you look great like that. In fact since I know how you love being an exhibitionist I don’t think you should wear clothing at home any more so I can always see your beautiful body.’

‘What!’ She gasped. Someone could see…. and what if company comes over?’

She looked so worried almost frantic, grabbing her hand I pulled her in to me and holding her tightly and growled in her ear.

‘If you want leave a robe or dress hanging by the door so if family comes you can cover up If your fast enough.’ I laughed. ‘And anyone else.’ I shrugged. ‘Either I will let you cover up or they can see the fantastic body that now belongs to me and they will be as impressed by your beauty as I am.’

Then I kissed her hard and as she relaxed against me I ran my hands down her body, and reaching under the dress and squeezed and rubbed her fine ass. When I stepped back her skin was even more flushed in her obvious excitement.

‘Now strip, grab us some wine and you can tell me about your day.’ I said and strode into the living room. When she returned I had her sit in front of me and lean back against my chest.

‘Today I worked in the women’s clothing section and was constantly reminded of my lack of panties.’ She shivered. ‘I found no matter how I move the locks sway and pull and the piercing by by my clit rubs when I walk especially on stairs.

I felt aware of my pussy all day and always seem to be a little wet.’ After sipping our wine she continued.

‘Once a female customer asked me for help and seemed to be flirting, she told me to pick out some G strings for her then told me to stay in the change room incase she needed help.’

Poor Robin was blushing deep red and squirming in her seat. While she spoke I was gently running my hands over her wonderful toned body. Massaging her breasts, tummy and everything else within my reach coax her to continue and help her relax.

‘Did you stay and help her like a good girl?’ I asked nuzzling her ear. ‘I wonder what she could have possibly needed help with?’

‘Yes I stayed in the change room with her, and it’s so wrong.’ She moaned. ‘I don’t know what is wrong with me, when she told me to stay in like she expected nothing less I just obeyed and closed the stall door.’

‘Then she dropped her skirt, put her hands on her hips and told me to try the red ones on her first. By the time I removed hers and put them on her I could smell her heady scent, she was as excited as me.’

Robin reached down to touch her pussy encountering the locks and groaned in frustration. She looked at me making pleading whimpers. And I laughed watching her play with them anyway.

‘Not yet love finish your story maybe later. What did she do next?’ I prompted.

‘She she wanted to try a pair on me but I refused and tried to leave the stall but her naked body blocked the door. Smiling she locked eyes with me and very slowly ran her hands up under my dress up to my hips.

She laughed when she realized I had no underwear and made me hold up my dress for her. I was so embarrassed I was shaking, I wanted to run but so excited I couldn’t leave.’

‘She crouched down in front of me and examined the locks saying they were sexy as hell. Then she put a yellow pair of boy cut panties on me, kissed my pussy through the fabric then had me finish trying pairs on her.’

‘Where did they go because I see your not wearing them now?’ I asked getting excited.

‘I told her I was not allowed to wear panties. She gave me huge smile said I had to wear them until she was finished shopping and she would come back for them. She thanked me for the help and sent me out of the change room.’

‘Afterwards I was really busy working and tried to forget about it. But about an hour later she found me demanded her panties back. I tried to go to the change room but she said she had no time and led me into a quiet corner of the shoe isle, reached under my dress and pulled them off and put them in her pocket.’

‘They were soaked with my cream I could even smell it. She handed me a $50 dollar bill with her phone number on it, winked and was gone.’ She whispered.

‘Sounds like you had a great day lover, how do you feel about it?’ I asked wanting to make her say. ‘Mortified, confused and ridiculously excited. Shouldn’t I be upset, not creaming myself? It is made worse because I can not even touch myself or have sex even if I wanted to.’ She said in frustration.

‘I love how turned on you got from that encounter I would like you to show someone your pussy every day and tell me about it later. I don’t care if it is at work, a gas station or Mcdonalds Ok? If you fail to do so you will earn a punishment, and we both know you can never lie convincingly to me.’ I said with amusement. ‘Ok I will try.’ she whispered.

I nuzzled her neck and nibbled an ear as I slid my hands down her tummy just missing her pussy. Pulling her legs up I put her feet on the edge of the seat so her legs were up and open.

Beginning behind her knees I slid my hands to her bottom, around to the front and back down to her knees. Sensually running my hands all over I had her panting in no time. Sliding nimble fingers slowly along the inside of her sticky thighs and bumping every lock along her pussy I moved all the way up her torso to her breasts.

Giving her nipples a firm last pinch I said ‘Sorry I can’t lover I have to make a phone call and then I tried to get up to leave her panting and frustrated. ‘Oh no you don’t Steve, I’m so horny please make me cum your driving me crazy.’ She panted looking frantic.

‘Shhh, oh my poor little slut did you forget no sex until Friday we must be careful with your new jewelry I would hate to hurt something so pretty. Besides you gave me control of your pussy you need to accept it.’

‘If you are good this week and not begging all the time I will reward you on friday. But if you are whining, begging or bitchy you will wait much longer and will need to be punished ok my sweet slut?’

Now I really must make my call.’ The excited frenzied look on her face was priceless and a huge turn on as I walked away.

The rest of the week was similar I never let her wear panties, kept her pussy locked and denied her any orgasms. Every night we would practice bondage positions tying her up a new way every night and using fingers or her hitachi wand I would tease her relentlessly.

I would take her to the brink over and over but always denying her in the end. We both found a love for the ropes and positions we were learning and soon became hooked on the excitement and beauty only bondage can provide.

The side effect of the chastity and constant sexual tension was surprising. Robin seemed to stay highly aroused at all times even when not in sexual situations like at work. The constant need also seemed to lower her inhibitions. At home she was becoming very affectionate and obedient almost submissive always taking care of me first to my delight.

By friday several of my special orders arrived so I put them all in front of the play room door. When Robin got home I unlocked the door and told her to help me unpack the items.

It was fun watching her blush and gasp as she worked naked arranging butt plugs, dildos and harnesses on shelves. She hung restraints, collars and cuff sets on wall hooks and fetish garments in the closet. The entire time looking around in fascination taking it all in.

While she worked I set up 2 different stockades and equipment though I’m not sure she guessed what they were yet. When she found the Heavy steel plugs and rattlers She looked shocked. Since I had other surprises in that box I took it to put away in the lockable cabinet and let her sort lubricants, lotions etc.

‘Where did all this come from? And how did you afford it.’ She whispered with a worried expression.

To ease her fears I grabbed her by the wrists pulled them over head and spun her up against the wall kissing her possessively. ‘This will be our playroom I’m putting together for us. A place where I can tie you up, punish you or reward you as I see fit. A place to push our boundaries, explore fantasies and above all remind you you that you are mine.’ I growled holding her tight as her alarm faded.

Then I was kissing her again, and the way she was writhing against me and gasping for breath told me better than words that she liked the treatment and perhaps the room.

Breaking our lip lock I began nibbling behind her ear and whispering ‘As for the money before we even met my Grand father died and left some money that was invested for me that has done well. I took a small piece of it to build this room, buy a large assortment of toys and whatever else I deem we need.’ I chuckled while rubbing my erection against her locked pussy.

‘So don’t worry about the money. Also if ever you want something to stop no matter what were doing or where we are say your middle name and we will stop. Think of it like a safe word not that I plan to hurt you in any way, well unless you decide you want me to.’ I smirked ‘Any thing else?’

I was quite enjoying her struggling against my body her erect nipples rubbing my chest, and the feel of her locks grinding on me was a huge turn on.

‘Well a week is up and I’m all healed maybe we could try out some of this stuff?’ She hinted looking around. All week Robin had been surprisingly good about not begging for relief, wisely opting for subtle hints.

‘We will Love but after we go for supper and dancing it is date night and we both have the day off tomorrow. So go shower and clean your goodies very well while I finish in here and then I will help you get ready, now scoot.

With an excited squeal she gave me a ferocious kiss and bounced out of the room. With a smile at her excitement I finished putting away items and readied the things I wanted to try tonight.

When Robin was out of the shower and had her chosen an outfit for the evening I decided what accessories we would use by how short it was.

‘Robin come here and sit o the edge of the bed. Before you get dressed we need to change your jewelry so let me remove the locks and rings.’ Eager she was laying on the bed legs splayed open very quickly.

When the locks and rings were all removed I brought over the new Jewelry box handing it to her. ‘This is the special bars, hoops, studs etc that I bought for you and some I had specially made by a jeweler. As I think of new designs or ideas they will be kept in here.’ I explained.

‘Some of these are beautiful but others are a little frightening.’ She joked checking them out.

‘If you had chosen a long skirt or dress I would have chosen these.’ Showing her the set of thirteen gold studs each complete with a 2 inch heavy gold chain. Maybe next friday you will wear these with the long horse hair butt plug that goes with them and we can dance the night away while they all swing and drive you mad with desire.’

I said with a smirk and wink. They should be heavy enough to pull your pussy wide open and with the 13 chains swinging while you dance they should prove interesting.’

‘Wow they are beautiful and quite heavy, they will feel devine, can’t I wear them now?’ She pouted. ‘I laughed. ‘Nope I have something else special for tonight so pull out that purple velvet bag for me and I will do the honors unless you would like to?’ I asked.

She opened the bag and her eyes widened in surprise. ‘These are pretty but why are there are only 6?’ As she before it I saw the comprehension on her face.

‘They were designed by the jeweler who works at the tattoo parlor and sized for you, they look like little roses. The stem goes through both sides of your labia like this and I use the key to lock the keeper on the other side and “click” a perfect fit’

Because she was laying down and couldn’t see me very well I slid a remote vibrating egg inside her steamy pussy before sealing it inside with the next stud. While I worked she was playing with her nipples and unable to stay still. Before I did the last one I gave her clitty a few licks and a promise for later and then it was done.

Standing up I asked ‘Does it feel as good as it looks?’ Running her fingers over the lips of her pussy squeezed tight by the bars she smiled. ‘It feels really cool and I bet when I walk it will pull constantly. What did you slip inside me mr. sneaky?’

‘That is just something to grip if you get all turned on now roll over for a sec I need to see your ass for a minute.’

Once she was on her tummy I lubed up her bum and the little minx was pushing back at my fingers. The long week of frustration had her hungry for any penetration so I obliged her by working a nice sized metal pug into her eager ass.

‘There you go my pet slut, that will feel good tonight something extra to stoke your fire. It looks great I think you should wear one all the time from now on.’ With a smack on her bottom I let her up. ‘Oo I like this one a lot she said if feels wonderful thank you.’

‘Ok I’m done my sexy slut. In the box there is a long stainless steel bar, it is to replace your nipple studs. Please put it on and you finish getting ready. I need to shower and change, our reservation is in an hour.’ Giving her a kiss I left her to figure it out.

When I was finished getting ready I found Robin in the play room trying on a collar. ‘Fuck me you look gorgeous! I will be fighting people off all night.’ I exclaimed matter of factly.

She was wearing a white sleeveless mini dress that stopped halfway to her knees. It fit snug hugging her curves perfectly. The bar connecting her nipples together was just covered and stuck out noticeably against the thin material but did not look indecent. It would keep her wonderful long nipples erect all night while pulling her cleavage together and ensuring a lot of attention.

‘Keep the silver collar it makes you look extra fuckable and people will fantasize whether or not you wear it by choice.’ She strutted over with an exaggerated swish of her hips and felt a rattle. ‘What the hell was that?’ She yelped.

I was laughing so it took a bit to calm down enough to explain. ‘The butt plug is a rattler it will move and rattle inside you when you move especially when your dancing. The club is loud enough no one will hear it so don’t worry, trust me and enjoy. Smiling we were eager to depart.

Entering the restaurant all eyes, men and woman were drinking in the beautiful sensual Robin. At first she seemed shy with all the attention but the smoldering and envious looks took there toll and seemed to empower her.

After dinner she excused her self to the ladies room and several other women followed her in. When she returned to the table the fixed me with an intense look trying hard not to smile.

‘Did you see that older woman follow me? She wondered if I was alright she thought I might be in distress.’ She laughed. ‘And that tall woman with fantastic legs was a call girl, she was curious if I was a working girl and hoping we would like some extra company.’

Still smiling. Robin added. ‘By the way it is very hard to pee with my pussy locked together so tightly, you know I can’t even get a finger through anywhere.’ She shook her head exasperated.

‘I’m glad to hear it is as effective as it is pretty.’ I teased. Maybe next time we can put in a catheter for the night, It is easy to do and if done right painless. Now finish your glass of wine so we can go dancing.’ I urged.

‘By the way your sister called when you were in the ladies room she said she might meet us there.’ I’m glad Robin looked happy at the news I hadn’t been sure how she would feel ‘Yaay I haven’t seen Amy for weeks tonight is going to be fun. We will cheer her up!’

Robins sister amy is 2 years older than us at 27 and is in the prime of her beauty. We have not seen much of her this past year since the man she was engaged to died in combat. She has had a hard time of it, all but swearing off dating but for Robin she could go out to relax for a few hours and escape her grieving in laws.

Robin seemed to glow with sexual energy, the attention and frustration seems to have had a wonderful effect on her. I loved seeing her so amped up suddenly felt very lucky to have her. While I was thinking this I saw a twinkle in her eye and felt her foot settle into my lap and begin rubbing my shaft.

She was getting very frisky in the restaurant so I turned the vibrator on low to show her I still hold all the cards but it didn’t faze her at all. She just gave me an evil grin and rubbed my dick even more aggressively. After a few minutes I was afraid we would draw attention so I shut off the vibe and eased her foot from my lap.

The frustration on her face was adorable and only added to my arousal. ‘We have all night there hot stuff so pace your self. If you get any more worked up I’m not sure if you will be cheered on or escorted out.’ I laughed pointedly looking around.

‘Fine.’ Robin muttered drank the last of her wine, giggled grabbed my hand and we headed for the door. When we were making our way out a girl blew Robin a kiss, who winked and blew one right back much to my amusement and causing a busboy to trip and drop his tray of dishes.

We were barely in the car and Robin had my fly down teasing me, wanting better access she laid across the seats and inhaled my cock so the root. It was hard to drive when she was devouring me like a woman possessed.

So it is a good thing the bar we were headed to was quite close or I might have had a wreck. When we pulled in I leaned back with my hands on her head ready to enjoy the inevitable, but when I got close she pulled off and sat up leaving me hanging.

With a wink she said ‘Looks like you have a problem big boy but fair is fair and you made me wait a week so you can last a few hours.’ She laughed getting out of the car.

‘Oh thats fine by me my lovely little slut, just fine.’ I locked the car, went around to the passenger side and swept her up in to a sizzling embrace. I flipped on the vibe while kissing her deeply and running my hands down her back to her ass and gave her a good smack While grinding my erection against her.

I broke the kiss just long enough to whisper. ‘You better put my dick away before someone notices what a desperate depraved slut you really are.’

I kicked the vibe up another notch while she fumbled trying to get my throbbing dick in my pants and zipped up. It took longer than it should have and she was whimpering, gasping and grinding against me shamelessly by the time she finished.

I switched the vibe off before she got too close and with my arm supporting her around her waist whisked us toward the door giving her no time to recover. At the door a bouncer asked her for ID because she was so flushed or for time to look at her straining barely confined nipples.

I turned the vibe on low while she found her license and talked to him with gritted teeth acting as calm as possible, only hitting stop when we were inside.

I found us a table near the dance floor so I could watch her if she was dancing without me but far enough for a little privacy if her back is to the rest of the room. We sat down and ordered drinks so we could talk while I let her calm down a little.

‘Ok babe do me a favor tonight, accept no drinks from anyone except me or Amy I don’t want you hurt alright? And if you sit a drink down away from our table even for a second just leave it. You look drop dead gorgeous tonight and with your tits pulled together by that bar every one will want you.’ I stated bluntly.

‘If you say so Steve but there are lots of gorgeous girls hotter than me here tonight.’ She shrugged looking around. ‘Hot girls sure but none of them are oozing sexuality like you. Your more sexually charged than all of them put together.’ I argued while my eyes bored into hers forcing her to admit the truth of my words.

‘All week you have been good so I want to make you an offer. If you have two orgasms before we leave the club when we go home we will try out our play room. I promise to wring every drop of pleasure out of your body I possibly can until you beg for mercy or pass out.’ I smirked.

‘What in public?’ She hissed eyes darting around. ‘What if someone notices or, “gasp” my sister.’ She Wheezed. With a shaky hand she downed her entire her drink. ‘She will know wont she?’ Robin asked suddenly worried.

‘In all honesty love I think one of us needs to level with your sister anyway. She is smart and with you acting and dressing differently, never mind the custom nipple jewelry she will be curious and want an explanation.’

‘Hell she will probably notice your state of arousal at first glance, you are sisters after all and she loves you. I bet she will be happy for you. or jealous.’ I joked stroking her face with my fingers.

‘Oh god I don’t know what to say to her. What if I do it wrong and she thinks I’m a slut or something. Maybe you could talk to her and I will explain the rest tomorrow somewhere quieter. Would you please?’ She was batting her eyes and looked so cute how could I refuse.

Over the next hour we had several drinks and I did my best to keep her arousal level extremely high. When she was sitting I don’t think she even noticed her self grinding against the plug in her ass in time to the music.

And when she was dancing she was always surrounded by a crowd. I was watching her dance with a tall beautiful redhead who held Robin by the hips holding her tight from behind when I flipped the remote on high and she had her first orgasm of the night.

Red must have noticed because with a naughty smile she held her tight while Robin shuttered and moaned while still jerkily swaying to the music. When she recovered enough Robin tried to escape but red pulled her back, spun her around and gave her a full deep kiss. I think she said something but I never found out what. Red even helped Robin get back to the table and gave me a smile and a wave before heading back out to dance.

‘Wow I can not believe how intense that was’ she grinned up at me shaking her head. ‘Thank god that chick held me up.’ Robin giggled while searching out a new drink. Reaching under the table to hold and stroke her leg I found it very sticky so with a smile I licked my fingers provocatively to show my approval.

‘Hi guys been here long?’ Amy said dropping into a seat across from her sister. Shaking her head to the negative, Robin squealed ‘So great to see you’ and jumped up for a hug.

‘Wow I dig the new look sis… in fact you look amazing! Good for you girl! Now what’s new?’

And just like that Robin blushed and said. ‘Lots of changes lately how bout I get us some more drinks and Steve can start to fill you in ok? I will be right back.’ With a kiss on the cheek for each of us she split. ‘What is with her?’ Amy asked puzzled watching her sister go.

I had Amy sit beside me and I told her most of what I have been doing with Robin. I didn’t intend to tell her as much as I did but she kept asking and digging until most of it came out.

Robin stayed within sight and kept a worried eye on us talking while she danced. I switched to coffee but Amy downed two beers by the time she was satisfied with my answers.

‘So my little sister is finally playing in the deep end of the kinky pool, no wonder the poor girl is is such a state.’ Amy laughed a musical sounding laugh.

‘So she didn’t think I would understand even though I have told her lots of my crazy stories and have told her to cut loose for years the silly girl. As long as she is not mistreated or forced to do anything against her will, I say good for you both!’

Eyes twinkling she had a strange eager look on her face but it still caught me off guard when she asked. ‘Can I play too? If you have a leash for that collar It might help me to put her at ease letting her know I’m fine with everything.’

Her puppy dog eyes were too much so I handed her the leash and surprising her also the remote. I extracted a promise for there return should I ask.

Shaking my head smiling ‘You don’t fool around do you? You know I was only planning to attach the leash when it was time to leave here but lets see what you can do.’ I said eager to know how Robin will react. Beaming me a smile Amy slipped out of the booth on a mission.

I had been searching the crowd for close to ten minutes when I spotted Amy leading Robin from the bathroom, the shiny metal linked leash attached to her shiny steel collar. Robin kept her eyes downcast but she looked to be vibrating with excitement.

Catching my eye on the dance floor Amy angled toward me with Robin in tow. Even with the pounding music I could hear whistles and exclamations of appreciation I swear all eyes locked on the 2 girls.

We ended up dancing most often with Robin sandwiched between us, all hope of restraint long lost, trusting in us to keep her safe.

Amy must have kept the vibrator on most of the time only playing with the speed because I spent half my time holding her up, and being dry humped.

Shortly after she recovered from another knee buckling climax I excused my self for a bathroom break warning Amy to take it easy on her sister while I was gone.

After relocating the girls, it was obvious I was not required so I decided rest up and watch the show and snap the odd picture with my cell phone. Four beautiful woman had surrounded Robin and Amy.

Somehow they were keeping men back and taking turns to bump and grind on the sisters, hands all over the place. I could see one gorgeous woman in particular spending more time with Robin than the others. They seemed to kiss deeper and god only knows what there hands were doing while the swayed provocatively to the music, they seemed oblivious to the rest of the world.

I was drinking coffee and giving serious thought to joining the girls when I felt someone sidle up to me putting a hand on my shoulder.

‘Are you enjoying the show sir?’ Said a sexy voice in my ear. Turning I saw the beautiful blond who had just been with Robin. She was about 5′ 5 with long blond hair, light blue eyes, a radiant smile and generous curves.

She leaned down close to me and in a husky voice said. ‘Your wife is gorgeous, and has very clever fingers.’ She laughed daintily. ‘My name is EllieMay and I would love to get to know you guys or your situation better, can I give you my number for her?’

Between the pretty blue eyes, big breasts and fantastic ass she seemed far too good to be true. Things like this don’t normally happen to me so I was a bit suspicious.

Thinking fast I gave a naughty grin and replied in a firm voice. ‘Sure thing EllieMay but only if I can have your panties so she knows your serious!’ As I said it I could scarcely believe I’d had the nerve.

With a wink and a huge smile she reached under her skirt and slid them down her legs never breaking eye contact. Bending at the waist she picked them off the floor and dropped them in my hand.

‘Thanks sugar I can hardly wait.’ She whispered in my ear and kissing my cheek she walked away.

Looking around I saw her name and number scrawled on a napkin so I shoved it and the panties in my pocket and began searching for the girls. It took time to make my way through the crowd but I eventually made it and the crowd of girls parted presenting my lovely wife to me.

My poor Robin looked ridden hard with her hair mussed and face coated in sweat. But her l blissful look reassured me. Seeing me she squealed with excitement and jumped into my arms for a kiss.

When her hands touched my face I caught a familiar heady scent so I caught a hand and sucked on the fingers.

She gave me a silly grin and a shrug as if to say what do you expect and we resumed dancing with the new song. After another hour of constant dancing her previously white dress was near soaked.

Deciding we had enough I signaled Amy and we left the club after much groaning and begging for us to stay by fellow dancers. Noticing the crowd of fans the girls had a massed the bouncer walked us to the car. Once inside I relieved Amy of my remote though I suspect the batteries were dead.

Pulling out of the parking lot both girls began to giggle hysterically collapsing against one another whispering. As I passed under a street light I could see Robins dress had become near transparent in places from sweat and who knows what else, a good thing bars aren’t brightly lit.

‘Fuck sis you were hot!’ Amy gushed ‘I bet 90% of those people fantasize about you tonight. I had more fun than ever before thank you. “kiss, kiss, giggles” Did you get the roving hands too Robin?’

‘Oh yes I think every one of those girls explored my chest and locked pussy in detail, and one chick even pulled my top down for a second to see my tits. She asked how I like the nipple bar.’ “giggles”

‘I can hardly believe I let strangers touch me like that your a very bad influence on me Robin.’ Amy playfully admonished.

‘Ya right you loved it you naughty bitch, don’t think I didn’t notice your hands on me and other girls.’ Robin teased ‘You know I was worried when you demanded I join you in the bathroom Amy.’ “giggles”

‘But it was so worth it being on the leash and then the dancing WOW! I must have cum 5 times you bitch.’ She said excited.

Finally noticing where I was driving Amy said. ‘No Fucking way are you guys ditching me until I hear every sordid detail from you guys. I’m going home with you kinky people.’

Perplexed I locked eyes with Robin through the mirror and got a shrug. ‘Fine by me but talk has to wait till tomorrow my hubby still owes me!’ She smirked. ‘Until I beg or pass out those were his exact words.’ I laughed ‘That will be easy your half wore out already.’

Walking in the front door Robin dropped her clothes just inside saying. ‘Please get me a drink I will be in the shower.’ She kissed my cheek and skipped up the stairs. While I fixed a large pitcher of drinks and grabbed bottles of water Amy asked ‘Why did she get naked at the front door?’

‘I banned clothing in our home because I love to admire her wonderful body and she is an exhibitionist. I admit it is kinda fun, I have been going nude most of the time too.’ I shrugged.

Giving me a mischievous look Amy headed for the stairs trailing clothing as she went. With a sing song voice saying ‘When in Rome do as Romans do “giggles”.’

I was beginning to worry about Amy’s expectations tonight but decided if she got carried away I could tie her up or find a away to lock up her pussy as well. I will admit the thought of her naked watching me fuck her sister into submission was exciting. So with a smile I went to prepare for the evenings festivities.

When the play room was ready I peeked into the bathroom and asked. ‘Can sneak in quickly, it is a good time to remove the studs in Robins pussy and her nipple bar.’

She Waved me in causing Amy to squeal. ‘You will stay there and remain still slut if you know what is good for you.’ Robin growled and swatted her sisters ass.

Amy was on her hands and knees in the shower with Robins foot on the back of her neck keeping her in place with a 2 quart enema bag hanging above her.

Amy was moaning and groaning as water rushed in her bowels held in place by her sister above her. When the bag was empty Robin turned to me and with her legs open I removed the chastity studs and nipple bar before retreating out of the bathroom giving them privacy again.

As I left the bath room thinking of there wet glistening bodies a thought came to me. So gathered up some left over poster board and some paint. I was ready when they emerged dripping from the shower and handed them each a brush.

‘I want you ladies to paint one another, then using only your bodies create a piece of art for our playroom.’ I smirked.

‘Ooo this will be fun.’ The girls chorused in excitement. Much gasping, giggling chaos ensued. I’m thankful I had the foresight to lay down plastic before because there was paint every where in no time.

While they played I disrobed and pulled out a different jewelry box with more common studs, hoops and rings for robin to choose from tonight.

When I turned around both giggling girls tackled me laughing, grabbing and trying to knock me down but only succeeding in transferring paint onto me. Deciding they were finished with the art project I flipped Amy over my shoulder and made a break for the bathroom Robin in close pursuit as we piled into the shower to wash the paint off.

I especially enjoyed scrubbing Amy’s firm C cup breasts and pink nipples. The frisky bitch thrust her tongue halfway down my throat while tugging on my cock while I felt Robin soaping up my ass.

Robin was tight behind me keeping me pinned against Amy as she worked a soapy finger in my ass and whispered in my ear. ‘Amy is going to play with us lover and she knows your cock is likely all mine tonight but anything else goes alright lover?’

Panting I could only nod and groan, giving into the traitorous sensations I felt and the passionate kiss I was receiving. Turned on beyond belief I redoubled playing with Amy’s nipples Trying to ignore how good fingers on my cock and in my ass felt.

Thinking things might get out of my control I rinsed us off and shut the water down. Laughing we all tried to dry each other at once. Satisfied they were dry enough I scooped up Robin and locked in a kiss I carried her to our room dumping her on the bed.

‘Amy help Robin pick out something to wear from that box on the bed I will be in the play room.’ Gathering up the art work I pinned it up on one wall, putting ElliMay’s moist panties and phone number beside it.

I quickly made sure the stocks and monkey rocker had attachments handy and covered them with a sheet to be a surprise.

As an after thought I grabbed a matching set of padded leather collar, cuffs and a pair of heavy duty thigh restraints headed back to the room.

The sisters were preoccupied playing with each other surprising me with there unrestrained enthusiasm. As I approached I saw Robin had large hoops through her nipples and nether lips much to my approval.

I had both the wrist cuffs on Amy and was starting her ankles before I got much reaction. Robin held her tight while I finished tightening them and the thigh straps.

‘Shhh Amy relax we wont hurt you.’ Robin Cooed causing me to chuckle while I buckled a matching padded collar on her.

‘Seems to me Robin invited you to play with us Amy. If you still want to it only seems fair that you should answer to her tonight especially after you enjoyed her suffering earlier. Now behave.’ I ordered Handing Amy’s lead to Robin she led the way into the play room.

‘Holy shit what have I gotten into.’ Amy whispered with big frightened eyes. Slipping a finger into Amy’s wetness Robin led her to the bed.

‘Don’t worry we will take good care of you.’ she purred ‘Please warm her up Steve I’d like to restrain her.’ Robin coaxed Amy into a doggy position and ran short straps from the ring on the collar to both Amy’s wrists.

Having a good idea what Robin was up to I slid under Amy and began to tease and lick her juicy bald pussy while toying with her nipples.

With Amy writhing on my face Robin encountered little resistance hooking a spreader bar between Amy’s legs and securing the thigh straps to the collar. Tightly bound face down in a wide spread doggy position, her knees as close to her head as possible left her very vulnerable.

I was avoiding Amy’s clit purposely with my tongue not wanting to let her cum yet and being careful not to over stimulate her G spot as I worked her with my fingers. I felt Robin brush my hand and Amy gasped and groaned breathlessly and I realized Robin was working something into her ass. Causing more moaning, gasping and cursing.

‘Oh Amy your ass is nice and tight on my fingers it feels so nice.’ Robin hummed ‘Do you feel like a slut with Steve sucking your cunt while tied down like a bitch?

You look fucking hot! Any one could walk by and stick something in your cunt or ass and you couldn’t do a thing just like this.’ Robin teased removing finger and introducing something else to her freshly lubricated hole.

‘OH FUCK Robin that feels big what is that?’ Amy cried.

‘Hmmm? This is a toy I saw on the wall and it begged me to try it out. And don’t think Steve will let you cum until it is all the way in so you better relax and let us take care of you.’ She moaned touching her self while she worked. ‘Thats better, good girl almost….. and in! Now you can cum slut.’ Robin snapped. IAAAEEEEEE Amy screamed with the start of her climax.

When I felt Amy give a little shutter as the plug finally seated, I had curled my fingers up inside and clamped my lips on her clit sucking hard bumping it with my teeth from time to time.

The way she bucked, screamed and convulsed I’m glad she was tied down or one of us may have been hurt. As it was I almost drowned in yummy girl cum as it squirted all over my face leaving me soaked.

Extracting my self I saw what Robin put in Amy’s ass, it was the medium sized permanent butt plug. It looks like a trailer ball hitch and has a middle piece that when unscrewed leaves a through hole for bowel movements or enemas.

It is perfectly designed for long term wear and the shiny metal looks pretty. Laughing I gave it a swat and said ‘Good choice Robin it looks great on her.’

Robin watched in fascination I removed the box of new electrostim toys from the locked cabinet. Selecting the medium sized PES vaginal plug I slipped it into Amy’s twitching pussy and hooked secondary leads to the back of the butt plug turning turning the power on low.

‘Amy If you are careful to to let this slip out it will give you the ride of your life.’ I stated quite seriously. ‘It is on random so the electricity will pulse in varying patterns and intensity passing from one plug to the other.

As your pussy contracts from the electricity the plug should work in and out on it’s own basically fucking you and hopefully giving us a good show.’ I explained smiling.

‘What if I need to turn it off, it could get too intense couldn’t it?’ Amy asked, a worried expression on her pretty face feeling the device working it’s magic.

Robin laughed and giving her a small kiss on the lips said bluntly. ‘Then you enjoy it or not but you will damn well wait until we are finished sugar! Then we will make the bad toy stop but not before.’

I was amused by Robins false sympathy but growing impatient I grabbed Robin by the nipple rings leading her in front of the bed against the wall.

Holding her hands I lashed them together from wrists to her elbow’s. I then fed the rope through a reinforced ring in the wall near the ceiling tying it off when she was almost on tip toe and arms above her.

Turning her toward the wall I gave her a few smacks on the bottom before removing the rattler plug from her ass.

‘Good girl you kept this in like instructed but I have other plans for your ass just now.’ Her eyes followed me as I selected a hook with a rather large ball from the shelf to her left and got an encouraging groan in anticipation.

Using a generous amount of lube to prepare her I took my time working the hook in nice and deep. Using a short piece of rope tied around her hair above her pony tail, I ran it over her ass and through the hook securing it nice and tight. Then with her moaning and squirming in her bonds I hung weights off each labia ring on Robins drooling pussy opening it up obscenely.

My disclaimer: This story is male-male in nature and involves forced sex, spanking, and pissing. If you’re not interested in that, please don’t leave negative feedback. Enjoy.

It was a brutally hot and humid day in the Midwest; a typical summer. I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and wash my car. It’s been a couple of weeks of relentless rain and storms and it’s taken a toll on the shine of my baby. Unfortunately, because of all the rain we’ve had this summer and the high temperatures, it’s horribly humid out. I’m always more horny in the summer than in the winter. The hot weather really makes my fantasies stand out more, not to mention my cock.

I brave the oppressive humidity and heat and head outside to wash my car. I’ve dressed somewhat sparingly, wearing only a thin, old, super tight t-shirt and short-shorts. I love my cut-off denim shorts, I made them from an old pair of worn-out jeans a few years ago and I wear them often, but not in public. They don’t hide much, but they make me feel sexy and it’s so hot out that when I’m wearing this outfit I get somewhat excited. It’s almost like I’m being an exhibitionist, even though I know that nobody will see me. My yard is fenced in so I could be naked and nobody would know the difference. My cock would hang out the bottom of my shorts if I let it, they’re that short. Sometimes, I do let it hang out, just to make me even feel more like an exhibitionist.

I pulled out my washing supplies and unwrapped the hose in the backyard and started spraying the car. I’ve already pulled my car onto the grass in the backyard in the shade to cool it off a bit. Every once in a while I ease up on the pressure of the hose nozzle and spray up in the air to create a cold mist to cool me off a bit. Of course, this makes me soaking wet. It’s ridiculously humid out and I was soaking wet from my own sweat anyway. But, like I said, I’m in my fenced-in backyard anyway so who cares, nobody can see me back here anyway.

My thin t-shirt is clinging to my upper body, showing off my hard work at the gym. I’ll never be a pumped-up muscle-head, but I’ve got just about no fat on my body and a few years of working out with pull-ups, running, and crunches have tightened my torso and I look pretty good if I do say so myself. My ass is pretty tight, too. Squats and lunges have done wonders for my figure-skater-like cheeks. With these short-shorts on, I think that I look hot enough to match the temperature.

As I’m washing the front driver’s side wheel, bending over scrubbing the tire with a brush, I hear some rustling and stand up and start to turn around but someone grabs me from behind! They’re almost crushing me with their bear hug around my waist. They’re bending backwards and my feet come off of the ground, their waist grinding into my soaking wet shorts and I can feel a bulge on my ass. I know they have a hard on and I also know that I’m in for trouble, unless it’s just a friend of mine goofing around. I don’t recognize the arms and hands around my waist and I try to wiggle free but there’s no way that’s happening, they’ve got an iron grip on me and they’re dry humping my ass through their pants.

It seems like minutes, but it’s probably only seconds before they finally speak. “Don’t do anything to cause trouble or you’ll get more trouble than you’ve ever wanted.” Now I know I’m in trouble.

I shout, “WHAT THE?! Who are you? What do you want? I don’t have any money on me. Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you say, just don’t hurt me.”

Being a young, single man who hasn’t been in a relationship for months, I’m always fantasizing about being taken by force and made into someone’s sex slave for the day. Could this really be happening? I should have been wishing to win the lottery, I didn’t know I’d have this much power over my fantasies. I probably caused this by wearing these skimpy clothes, but I didn’t think anyone could see me back here. Who is this guy? Do I know him? Is it the delivery guy? The post man? One of the lawn service guys? A painter? I have no idea, especially since I haven’t seen his face. I don’t recognize his voice either.

As my mind is reeling trying to think of who this could be and if it’s really a joke, he pulls my t-shirt up over my head and ties it so I can’t see and my arms are sort of flailing around. He pulls my arms behind my back and I hear velcro ripping apart and he takes my hands and ties them up with velcro straps behind me! I’m almost totally helpless and am now half naked in front of a stranger! Or, a friend? I don’t have a clue who it is, but oddly enough, I’m feeling twinges in my cock and feel like I’m going to start getting a hard on. That would be bad timing, then he’d know that I was getting excited.

He pushes me forward so I’m pushed against my wet car fender and pushes down on my back so I’m forced over the hood. Before I even realize what’s happening he’s slapping my ass through my wet shorts! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Owwww! Hey!”

He keeps that up for what seems like several minutes and I’m starting to get worried that the neighbors will hear. I should actually be hoping that the neighbors will hear and rescue me, but instead I’m getting turned on by this treatment and am now worried that he’ll stop and I’ll find out that it’s a friend who’s just messing around. In the back of my mind though, I’m pretty sure this is real and it’s not a friend but a horny stranger who’s planning on using me and abusing me. My sex slave fantasy is about to come true.

Two or three minutes of spanking my ass with my wet shorts still on, I can feel him unfastening them around my waist and he pulls them down! Now I’m naked, my ass, cock, balls, and torso are exposed but my head is still tied in that wet t-shirt so I can’t see anything. My shorts are around my ankles and he pushes on my left leg and I lift it up and he pulls the shorts off of that leg and pushes my legs apart. I’m still facing the wet car and my cock is sticking straight out above the fender and my balls are pushing into the top of the fender! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a more rock hard cock in my life! I hope it doesn’t get me into trouble for him to see how turned on I am. He’s obviously noticed by now though, since he’s behind me and I’m naked and blindfolded in front of him.

He starts in on my butt cheeks again. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.. it goes on for several more minutes and I know my cheeks are getting pinkish red and are becoming hot. He’s putting his hands on my cheeks and moving them around in circles with the palms of his hands. I can feel the air on my exposed asshole as he’s spreading my cheeks around, just playing with me like I’m a toy. I know that he’s probably getting a raging hard on himself treating someone like this. It’s not long before I find out that I’m right. I feel his hand rubbing up and down on my crack, up and down, up and down. Rubbing on my tender, tight hole with his middle finger as he rubs up and down. Then his finger goes in! I’m not lubed or anything so it’s a tight fit. He takes it out and starts spitting on my asshole to make it slippery. That really makes me feel dirty and nasty to have someone spitting on my asshole. I love it!

I can feel his finger in there again and it slide right in now that it’s slippery from his hot spit. He’s plunging it in and out and soon there are two fingers in there, then there! With three fingers in my ass, he starts spreading them apart, spreading my asshole open, gaping it wide open as much as he can. I’m embarrassed and turned on at the same time to have someone being this intimate with my most intimate area out here in the daylight in my backyard! The feeling of that spreading goes away for a few seconds and I hear a zipping sound. Oh-oh. I know what’s going to happen next, and sure enough, I feel his soft, pliable cock head pressing between my butt cheeks. He’s rubbing it up and down my crack, over my asshole. Stopping at my asshole but not putting it in, just rubbing it over and up and down and slightly pressing on my hole but not plunging it in.

I’m getting so turned on, I feel like I’m about to cum! My balls are pressed up against the car fender and my cock is sticking up over the hood, like I’m fucking something but there’s nothing there! And, this dirty stranger is rubbing his cock head up and down my butt crack and over my asshole! It’s a dirty feeling and I love it!

He keeps rubbing his cock up and down in-between my cheeks and before long I feel his cock head start to push into my tight, wet asshole. I’m worried that he’s got a huge cock and he’ll just ram it in there without any warning. But, he doesn’t ram into me, he just sticks his cock head into my asshole, pushing just a bit at a time, slowly entering me what feels like about an inch or two. I’m wondering what he’s doing. Is he teasing me? Because my cock couldn’t possibly be any harder and I couldn’t possibly be any more horny than I am with this treatment from a stranger! With his cock just a couple of inches in my ass he holds it there for a few seconds as he again grabs me around the waist and gives me a big bear hug again.

NOW I know what he’s doing! I feel his jets of cum start spraying up inside of my ass! He’s unloading his sticky mess up inside of me with just his cock head in my tight hole. He hasn’t even fucked my ass yet. Is he mad because he thought I was a woman with short-shorts on and he doesn’t want to fuck a man in the ass?

He finally stops cumming in my ass and slowly plops his cock out. Instantly his cum starts leaking out of my asshole, mainly because there’s so much of it and because I’m standing up, there’s no way I can clench my ass enough to keep it in there. He SPANKS my cheeks again and starts to rub his cum all over my ass and lower back. I can’t lie, it’s a great feeling being used by this dirty stranger as his sex toy. I hope he gets around to actually sticking his whole cock in me. I hope he likes fucking men so I can fulfill my fantasy. If not, at least I was awarded his load of hot cum, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had that feeling and I miss it.

I love the feeling of guys putting things in my ass and shooting cum in there and enemas and anything to do with using my asshole anyway they want to. Although, I’ve never been raped like this, by a stranger, anyway. A former lover raped me once. I think you could consider it rape because he forced his cock into me after tying me face down on a bed and tying my hands and feet together. We had an argument and I said, “fuck you!” to him. That didn’t go over too well.. Even though we were together, I wasn’t the one that wanted to be tied up and fucked. I wonder if that’s where my rape fantasy came from?

As this stranger is rubbing his own cum onto my ass and back, I hear another voice! Is this someone coming to rescue me? I don’t recognize that voice either, and I don’t recognize that laugh. What’s so funny, I think to myself. These two guys are laughing as the first one is still rubbing his cum all over me. My asshole is exposed to two strangers now! I hear the new guy say something, something like he wants in my ass, NOW!

Ohhhh, I feel a cock head on my asshole and this time it does go in! It goes in all the way to the hilt! WHOA! The fresh cum in there really make is slide in and out as he starts ramming it in me. My cheeks are being pressed up against his waist as he’s literally bouncing off of my ass with me bouncing against the wet car fender. I hear a different voice behind me and I know it’s the second guy who just got there! He’s already got his cock buried up my ass and he just got there! Was he watching from a distance, stroking his cock and getting ready for this? He’s really slamming into me, our sweaty bodies are making a slapping sound as he drives into me and slaps against my sweaty cheeks. He grabs my hips and starts speeding up and I can almost feel his cock swell in my ass! He starts shooting a huge load of hot cum up my ass while continuing to pump into me, almost creating a foamy mess in my ass. He’s churning both his cum and his buddy’s cum in my ass and making a mess of me. Wow, what a feeling.

Now there’s another cock in me, it has to be the first guy. He’s really fucking me hard, almost like he’s punishing me for not getting to fuck me first. He’s really slapping into my poor, abused little asshole for letting the other guy get in there first. I feel so dirty being used like this. My ass is now filling with a fresh load of hot sperm and it’s really shooting in there in shooting jets like a super-soaker water gun! What a feeling!

Now there are a pair of hands on my hips again and a cock is pressing into my slippery, dirty asshole. Only the head is in my asshole, not the whole thing. Is someone going to cum in me again with just his cock head in my hole? NO! It’s not cum! Someone is pissing in my ass! WOW! What a feeling, that sharp stream of hot fluid being sprayed up my ass! I’m being used as a toilet for this guy, now I really feel dirty and nasty. My cock has never been harder and it’s still hanging out there over the hot hood. We’re all sweating and slippery and my ass is especially slippery with that guy unloading a huge load of cum and then the other guy starts pissing up my ass!

He finally stops shooting inside of me and no sooner then he pulls out, the other cock slides in and starts shooting another load of hot piss in me! I’m so full of cum and piss that it’s sloshing out as he’s now pumping into my ass as he’s pissing! He’s fucking my ass and pissing at the same time. So much dirty mess is spilling out of my abused asshole and I really feel dirty and embarrassed knowing these strangers are looking at me and I can’t see them. They’re raping me out in my backyard in this oppressive heat.

I hear more laughing and feel a spray on me, they’re spraying me with the hose! They’re aiming right at my poor little asshole, spraying it right at my puckered rosebud! OHHHH!!! That doesn’t go on for too long, but pretty soon I feel more water on me, this time in big glugs. They’ve taken the nozzle off of the hose and are just hosing me down without the nozzle. The water is pouring on me and it’s still warm from the hose being outside in the heat so it feels great. Then I feel the hose being pressed up against my asshole and they’re slipping it inside of my ass! They’re giving me an enema out here with the garden hose! WOW, what a feeling. I’m being filled up, first with hot cum then hot piss, then with warm hose water. They keep the hose in me and I can’t take much more. The water is starting to leak out I’m getting so full. They finally turn the hose off but keep the end stuck up my ass. I know the water and piss and cum and shit will start shooting out of my ass as soon as they pull that hose out!

They keep the hose in me to plug my ass and they start pressing on my stomach, moving their hands over my abdomen and stomach to press the water around and make sure I’m cleaned out. Then the hose is pulled out and I can’t hold back, I start pressing everything out! My ass is like a geyser! Then the hose is pressed in me again and they turn the hose on and start laughing. Now what? They fill me up again and then turn the water off. As soon as they pull the hose out someone shoves their rock hard cock up my ass as I’m shooting out all of the water! They’re fucking into my ass and the water is spraying against their cock as they keep fucking into me. Finally, the water stops coming out but they’re still fucking and again, another load of hot cum is shot up my ass.

This goes on a couple of more times with each of them fucking my ass as water is shooting out of it. That must be quite a feeling, I’ve never done that before but I sure would love to do it to one of these guys if they’d untie me. More voices? I hear what sounds like two or three different voices, but it’s not English. It sounds like Hispanic accents. Who are these guys?! Are they bringing everyone in my backyard to abuse my asshole without me being able to do anything about it?! How long will this go on before I find out who these guys are? …

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