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“Oh, Chris,” tutted Geoff as he stepped into the car. “You could at least have shaven.”

“I did shave,” protested Chris. He put the car into drive. “Like three days ago.” He looked at his friend, who wore a bright orange tank top, Speedos, and flip-flops.

Comparatively, Chris felt like a schlub in the board shorts he got for $10 on clearance at Old Navy. But then, he never really knew how to dress himself; he was used to putting on jeans and a flannel shirt and calling it a day. He currently sported a wife beater, ratty baseball cap, swim trunks, and sneakers, eliciting a look of derision from his friend, who for his part had spent $100 on the new designer swimsuit that was practically vacuum-sealed to his package.

“People are going to think you’re my straight older brother or something. Why were you late, anyway? You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago.”

“Game went into extra innings.”

“Oh my god, do you hear what you’re saying? You’re like a parody of yourself. Well, lucky for you I don’t mind having a little extra time to get ready and have a couple cocktails. Sigh. Chris, you’re so handsome; I will never understand why you insist on showing up to these parties, which you know are full of eligible bachelors, looking like you just rolled out of… well, I don’t even know where.”

“You know I don’t like going to these things,” complained Chris. “I never have anything in common with anybody. I always wind up getting drunk by myself while you go off and fuck some hot guy.’

“You could be fucking hot guys, too! You look great naked.”

“You’ve never seen me naked!”

“I’m trying to be positive, here! Chris, you’re cute, funny, and you have a… well, your body is just fine. Plus you have a great ass, and I can see that even with your clothes on.”

“I don’t bottom.”

“Well maybe you should start! You’re twenty-eight, for goodness’ sake. You need to stop being such a grumpy bear about everything.”

“Hey, I’m not a bear.”

“Keep drinking all that beer and you will be. You know, the cocktails I made tonight were just 70 calories each. And they tasted like pink lemonade!”

“I think I’ll stick with the beer.” Chris patted his friend on the shoulder and smiled. Geoff squeezed his friend’s hand.

Chris was always uncomfortable at these things. He sat awkwardly in the hot tub, rapidly draining his fifth beer. He winced and looked at the label on the bottle. “Only 64 Calories!” it proclaimed. That was another thing he hated about these parties: they always served the worst beer.

He had only come at Geoff’s insistence. “Come on,” he had said, “you haven’t gotten laid in months, and I’m the only gay friend you have.” Chris couldn’t argue; he hadn’t gotten laid in far too long. Naturally, Geoff had left Chris to his own devices some five minutes after arriving. He was currently engaged in conversation with a guy whose shoulders were the size of cantaloupes and whose Speedo looked like it was about to burst open. Chris sighed.

He looked down at his own body, barely visible through the bubbles that coated the surface of the hot water. Chris wasn’t in bad shape; just average. He made it to the gym about once a week. Fine; once every two. He was a sizeable guy, though. 6’2″, with long arms and legs and big hands and feet. And, he had to admit, a big ass. He had a good amount of light brown hair covering his chest, narrowing to a trail that led down his stomach into his baggy board shorts. That was another thing: it always seemed like every other gay guy at these patio parties wore swim suits comprised of less fabric than the napkin his beer sat on.

Said beer was disappointingly light in his hand. He looked; empty. He threw his head back and exhaled. Now he was going to have to get out of the tub. He rose slowly and lifted his legs out of the tub. His drenched board shorts sat low on his hips. He sauntered over to the cooler and opened it. He ran his hands through the ice. Come on, he thought, just one real beer, please? None. He sighed and grabbed three of the light “beers.” No point in getting out of the tub if he didn’t have to. He plopped himself back down into the hot tub, relishing the feel of the water jet against his chest, and popped open a bottle.

“Having a good time?”

Chris looked up. A thin, toned guy stood at the edge of the hot tub. Even from Chris’ vantage point, the guy looked to be on the short side. He wore a pair of lime green Speedo-type swim trunks that barely covered him. His chest was hairless. He looked young generally and had dirty blonde hair.

“Uh, I guess so.”

The guy stepped into the tub and sat next to Chris. “I’m Jamie. You looked lonely.”

“Just bored, really.” Huh, thought Chris. Jamie seemed to be a typical, twinky, zero-body-fat type of guy. Chris wondered if Jamie was interested in him, and if so, why. Almost suspicious. Jesus, Chris, he though to himself. No wonder you never get laid. Just relax. “Oh, uh, I’m Chris.” He extended his hand to shake Jamie’s. Smooth, he thought to himself, and cringed internally.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Chris.” Jamie shook the extended hand. “Are you here alone?”

“No, I’m actually here with…” Chris scanned the party for Geoff. He saw his friend across the patio, his barely-clad ass gyrating as he made out with his former conversation partner. “A friend. What about you?”

“I’m new in town. I don’t know many of these guys aside from the host. You, uh, seemed to be the one person even more out-of-place than I am.”

Chris chuckled, “Yeah, thanks. You’re right, though. These parties aren’t really my scene.”

“Oh, come on. There are, like, almost thirty guys here, you can’t tell me that you can’t start up a conversation with any of them.”

“You got me. I’m just lazy.” Chris smiled, and they both laughed. Was this guy flirting with him? Huh.

Suddenly the attention of both guys was stolen by a commotion across the patio. “Come on, bitches!” a party-goer shouted. “Let’s see some ass!” With that, the drunk party guest stripped off his tight, boxy swim trunks and ran naked toward the pool that sat at the bottom of the patio steps. Cool water droplets from the pool landed on Chris’ bare chest in the wake of the young man’s cannonball. He sank a bit deeper into the hot tub to shield himself. Jamie shielded himself with his hands.

The young man’s actions had a domino effect among the rest of the party guests, who were hollering and dropping their own swimsuits as they ran to join their friend in the pool. Chris looked and saw Geoff’s bare ass before it disappeared into a spray of foam as his friend hit the water. He finished the first of his round of three beers. He looked to Jamie, who was elated.

“Come on!” said Jamie, turning again to face Chris. “Let’s join them!”

“Oh no. This is what I mean when I say these things aren’t my scene. You can go have fun if you want, but I’m not flashing my fat ass in front of a pool of twinks. I’m gonna stay here, warm and cozy with my beer.”

“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun! Plus, I, uh, was kind of checking you out earlier, and you look like you have a great ass.” Jamie moved closer to Chris, his arm pressing against him. He put a hand on Chris’ chest and gave him a light kiss.

Chris was taken aback. “I… uh, that was nice.”

“We can do more if you come in the pool with me. Here, I’ll go first.” Jamie put his arms beneath the bubbles. When they emerged, his hand held the lime green swim trunks. Jamie threw his suit across the patio. He gave Chris a seductive look.

Chris was still caught off guard. “Wow. That’s uh… wow. Yeah, I’m not doing that.”

Jamie again placed a hand on Chris’ hairy chest. Chris could feel the boy’s bare leg press against his. Jamie again kissed him.

“Come on,” Jamie said softly, rubbing Chris’ chest. “You’re the hottest one here; why not let everybody see it? All you have to do is…” Jamie pulled the drawstring that held Chris’ board shorts closed, undoing the knot.

“H-hey now…” stammered Chris. Can’t we just stay here and, uh, make out or whatever?”

Jamie gave him a devilish look. “Mm. Stubborn. I can deal with stubborn. We’ll do it your way. But, uh, if we’re going to stay here, can you be a gentleman and go get me a beer?” Another kiss.

Chris smiled at him. Maybe this party wouldn’t be such a waste, after all. He rose and looked toward the pool. For all the foam and spray, he could barely make out the naked figures splashing around. Squinting, he thought he saw Geoff riding naked on the shoulders of the guy from before. Good for hi- “HEY!”

Distracted by the commotion in the pool, Chris hadn’t noticed that Jamie had shifted behind him and, when Chris engaged in trying to find his friend, had yanked down the board shorts he had forgotten to re-tie. Chris immediately covered his dick and balls with both hands and attempted to turn and face Jamie.

Had Chris thought this through, he would have realized that spinning around quickly while his ankles were constrained by the board shorts was a bad idea. He stumbled and fell on his ass back into the hot tub, causing a large splash. That distraction was all Jamie needed to snatch the board shorts off Chris’ feet, leaving him completely naked, his hands still protecting his modesty. Chris looked up to see Jamie smiling from ear to ear, holding the board shorts above the water, a trophy.

“This is your fault, you know. Why do you wear such a huge, baggy swimsuit? You’re just begging someone here to yank it off.”

Chris stared slack-jawed for a second. “Ha, ha. Okay, fine, you got me. Now give it back.”

“This? Oh, Hell no. If you want it, you’ll have to come get it.” Jamie rose, giving Chris an eyeful of his toned, smooth body, and good-sized dick.

“You… You, ah…” Chris found it suddenly difficult to form words. He shook his head. Snap out of it, he thought. Concentrate on the situation at hand: junk hanging out, need shorts. “Don’t you dare. And I’m not being cute or whatever, just come back here and give me the shorts.” He held out a hand, grateful for the bubbles that obscured his body.

Jamie gave a devilish grin and, without a word, stepped out of the hot tub and began walking toward the house.

“Jamie! Jamie, I said give me those…! Fuck!” Chris watched as Jamie disappeared into the sliding door of the house. He looked around him. Lost in the commotion in the pool, nobody else at the party had noticed what happened. Small favors, thought Chris. He considered his options. He could sit here and wait for Jamie to come back. But what if he didn’t? He could try to grab one of the discarded swimsuits lying around the patio without anybody seeing him. Right, like he could fit into one of those. Damn, Jamie has a nice ass….No, no; concentrate. The only thing he could do would be to make a dash for the house and hope that he could find Jamie and get the suit back. And all he had wanted was to sit in the hot tub and drink some beer. Sigh.

Chris took another look around. The other party guests didn’t even know he was alive. Chris took a breath and exhaled. Placing his hands tightly around his crotch, he rose, stepped out of the hot tub, and ran — shuffled, really – to the best of his ability into the house. Please nobody see my ass; please nobody see my ass.

He stepped through the sliding door and looked around. Nobody. Everyone must be in the pool, he thought. Keeping his hands in place, he began walking down the hall. “Jamie! Jamie, where are you?” he rasped. No need to attract attention to himself. He became aware that he was dripping all over the carpet. Fuck. “Jamie!”

“In here!” The voice emerged from a room down the hall.

Chris quickly shuffled down the hall and peered into the room, which was lit only by a desk lamp. It was a bedroom. On the bed, his legs spread, his growing cock in full view, was Jamie. He still held the board shorts in his hand. “Hey there.”

“C’mon, give those back. I chased you all the way in here.”

“Come on, yourself. You want these, you have to come over here and get them, just like I told you.”

That was it. Chris had officially had it up to here. He hadn’t wanted to come here in the first place, and in the time he had been at the party he had been abandoned by his friend, forced to drink shitty beer, made to feel insecure about his appearance, and now this little twink had stripped him and was fucking with him.

“You want me to come over there?” said Chris, his voice louder and deeper. “You want me to come over there?” Chris took his hands away from his crotch. He wasn’t a porn star, but he had a good dick. Hard, it was about seven inches and thick. Currently it was semi-hard, and swung when he removed his hands. He hadn’t realized how turned on he had gotten by looking at the boy waiting for him on the bed. ” I think you better get your ass over here.”

Jamie’s eyes were glued to the eyes of the expanding cock of the angry masculine stud standing before him.

“I said get your fucking ass over here!”

Jamie scrambled to his feet, and approached Chris, standing an inch away from him. “Yes, sir!” Jamie beamed, his own hard-on raging.

“You don’t need to be standing up for his,” said Chris. Putting his hands on the boy’s shoulders, he forced him to his knees.

Jamie didn’t need any more instruction than that. He immediately grabbed Chris’ rapidly expanding cock and took it in his mouth. He hungrily started sucking it, delighting in how it grew to its full, rock-hard length in seconds. Jamie wrapped his tongue around the head, took the entire shaft down his throat, shoved his face into the dark hair that surrounded the cock.

“Good boy,” said Chris. His earlier awkwardness had been replaced by lust. This is crazy, he thought. I never get like this. I’ve never wanted to treat somebody like this before. Chris went with it, reaching a hand down and grabbing Jamie’s hair. The boy’s mouth felt great taking his cock. He held the back of Jamie’s head as he began to fuck his face, shoving his cock deep down the twink’s throat. He threw his head back. “Fuck yeah. Still wanna try and fuck with me?” He increased his pace and threw his hips into it.

Jamie loved taking Chris’ entire length in his mouth, and the way the man guided his head with his big, strong hand. Jamie reached around with both hands, taking handfuls of Chris’ meaty ass. He squeezed.

Chris could feel the boy’s hands on his ass. He used the leverage to get his cock deeper than before down Jamie’s throat. He thrust hard. Still holding Jamie’s head with his hand, Chris felt Jamie’s hands begin to fondle and probe his ass. He realized that Jamie was going to find his asshole and finger-fuck him.

“Uh-uh,” said Chris. He removed the boy’s head from his cock and pulled back on Jamie’s hair, tilting his head upward. “I don’t get fucked.” Chris bent his knees and lifted Jamie up by his midsection. Twisting, he threw Jamie back across the room onto the bed, where he landed and bounced on his stomach.

Jamie looked behind him in time to see Chris rushing him from behind and getting on top of him. Jamie’s cock was dripping pre-cum. He had wanted all night for this guy — this man — to fuck him, and it was finally going to happen. He instinctively raised his ass, offering it to Chris.

Parting the boy’s legs with his strong arms, Chris looked at the bedside table and saw a bottle of lube. My compliments to the host, he thought. He grabbed the bottle, taking stock of the willing as in front of him. Not bad. Chris poured lube on the waiting hole. “This what you thought you were going to do to me?” Chris slid his finger deep into Jamie’s ass.

Jamie moaned like a bitch in heat. He had never been more turned on in his life. “Yes!”

“Mm. Well, you don’t get to fuck me. But I’m gonna fuck you.” Chris withdrew his finger and lined his cock up with the boy’s hole. He pushed, and moaned lightly as his cock invaded Jamie’s ass.

Jamie couldn’t contain himself. “Yes! Oh, god, yes! Fuck me! Oh, please fuck me!”

“You asked for it.” Chris rose to his knees and, grabbing Jamie by the hips, pulled the boy in so that Chris’ cock was deep in his ass. Chris started fucking him. Not just fucking; really fucking. Chris didn’t know what had come over him. Usually he was awkward in bed, but now he felt like a fucking porn star. He had never fucked anybody like this. His took long strokes in and out of the Jamie’s ass, and slammed him with each thrust, giving it to him deep.

Jamie was practically blinded by ecstasy. This stud’s cock owning his ass was the best thing he had ever felt. He was pushing his ass back onto the solid cock in time with Chris’ thrusts, getting it as deep inside him as possible. He couldn’t even form words through his moaning.

Chris grunted as he continued his assault on Jamie’s ass. “Like that? Goddamn, you’re a whore for my cock, aren’t you?” Chris reached back and landed a hard slap on Jamie’s ass. He liked the control he had over the boy, turning his anger back on him. Over Jamie’s moaning, he could hear the sound of his hips slapping against his firm ass.

“Yes! Oh god, fuck the hell out of me!”

“I’m gonna do better than that,” Chris said, pounding the ass extra hard to get Jamie’s attention. “I’m gonna give you my cum. You want that?”

“Fuck yeah! Cum deep inside me!”

“Only ‘cuz you’ve been good.” Chris gripped Jamie’s hips and started to slam him as hard as he possibly could, putting his strong thighs and ass into it. He somehow managed to get even deeper into him. Fuck, he thought. I’m gonna cum in this little bitch.

Chris withdrew his dick to the tip and shoved the entire thing in with all his strength. That was it. Chris exploded into Jamie’s ass, leaning over the boy and biting his shoulder as he did to muffle his groans. He could feel the tight ass around his cock as he shot jets of cum.

Jamie made no attempt to muffle his pleasure. He moaned even louder than before as he felt both Chris’ cock throbbing inside him, and the ropes of hot cum pumping into him. He felt Chris’ burly body covering him, completely owning him inside and out.

Chris took smaller strokes in and out of Jamie’s ass as he finished pumping his cum into him. His arms were wrapped around the boy’s chest, and he breathed sharply on the back of his neck. Fuck, he thought. That was awesome. He shoved his cock deep into Jamie’s ass once more, snickering at the gasp of pleasure he elicited. He listened to Jamie breathing hard, to his own deep breaths, to the silence of the room. But, wait, that almost sounded like…




“Woo! Way to go, Chris!”

Chris rose to his knees and turned his head to look at the door. Standing there were all the guests of the party. They completely crowded the doorway, with those not in front ducking, standing on their toes, or pushing others out of the way to get a look. They had put their suits back on after getting out of the pool, and many of them were clapping and hollering. Geoff, of course, was front and center.

Chris’ jaw dropped. “Did you…”

“Just watch you fuck the living Hell out of Jamie? Get an eyeful of your hot ass pumping in and out of him? Watch your big cock sliding deep inside him? All of the above. And by the way, now I’ve seen you naked.”

“Thanks, Geoff.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Chris turned to look at Jamie, whose face was still plastered with a giant smile. “Did you know about this?”

“Honey, I was dead to the world with that job you were doing on my ass. I don’t even care who saw; that was amazing.”

Chris smirked. He looked back at the crowd, now aware that many of them were ogling his naked body. He lowered his head and chuckled. Fine, he thought. Might as well own up to it.

Chris slid his cock completely out of Jamie’s ass. Of course, he thought, it hasn’t gone down at all. Like this isn’t embarrassing enough. Hopping off the bed, Chris turned and faced his admirers, putting a smug smile on his face. He sauntered toward them, trying to ignore the eyes glued to his throbbing cock. He stopped in front of Geoff and put his hands on his hips. He motioned downward with his eyes, indicating his board shorts, which were now in Geoff’s hand.

The summer seemed endless, Beau thought. He lay back on the bed, trying to nap. His mother’s sister-in-law, with whom he was living, was at work, and Beau had just finished the day’s chores. Beau had shown a renewed commitment to his work the past few weeks, ever since a bout of irresponsibility had led to some… harsh discipline at the hands of the mysterious and powerful man — Henry — who twice now had bent Beau completely to his will.

Beau shifted so that he lay directly on his back, his arms and legs spread. The room was hot. It was at least 95 outside, and Beau had just finished mowing the lawn and cleaning out the garage in preparation for some yard sale thing his host had planned. He had been drenched in sweat by the time he finished, and had stripped off and rinsed off under the house’s only shower, located outdoors. Exhausted from a long morning’s work, he wanted to take a nap. The heat was making that impossible.

Beau reached his hand down and absent-mindedly snapped the waistband of his small white briefs, the only item of clothing he wore. He cursed himself for being too lazy to do laundry; he would have preferred a loose pair of boxers, but the tight briefs were his last clean pair of underwear. He had just been so tired lately with all the work he had been doing around the house. Once Sarah realized that he was actually going to do what she told him to, she had put the tall, buff 18-year-old to work. Beau raised his neck and looked down at his body. His skin was bronzed from his time in the sun; his muscles rippled even more than when had had arrived. His huge dick strained the fabric of the briefs and left him with a sizeable bulge. He threw his head back and ran his hands through his hair. He was thankful that his chest was naturally smooth; less to keep track of.

His shoulder was sore from hauling things out of the garage. Beau thought of how much work he had been putting into the house lately, ever since… Henry. He thought of how helpless he had felt as Henry’s strong arms and hands had completely dominated him, how he had begged for mercy only to have his virgin ass completely destroyed by the man’s enormous tool. Beau thought of how it had felt to have the man pounding him mercilessly, Henry’s hips smashing against his soft ass…

Fuck, thought Beau. He realized that the bulge in his briefs had grown. The white cotton could barely contain it. Why did thinking about that day do this to him? How come, as hard as he tried not to, he thought about it when he jerked off? Maybe if he had been able to get some real action around here it would be different; but he hadn’t even seen a girl other than his aunt in weeks. At this point he was about ready to –

Beau sat up. He thought he heard footsteps in the house. Was that a voice…? It couldn’t be…

The door to Beau’s room opened. In the doorway stood a girl who looked to be around twenty. Beau was slack-jawed. He hadn’t seen a girl so pretty in… he had no idea. She was small, much shorter than he. She had brown hair that cascaded down her shoulders. She wore shorts and a tank top and carried a large, clear plastic Starbucks cup, mostly filled with ice.

“Oh! Hi!” The girl’s eyes were wide; she clearly had not expected what she saw. “I, uh… wow. I’m really sorry for barging in on you like this.” She was torn between awkwardly trying to look to the side and meeting the gaze of the large, nearly naked man on the bed in front of her.

“Uh, no, that’s okay,” replied Beau. He was confused by the girl’s behavior for a moment, before he realized that he was still on the bed propping himself up with his strong arms, his thick thighs spread, revealing his growing bulge in his small white briefs. “Oh, shit!” Beau covered his bulge as best he could with his hands. “I’m, uh, sorry, just let me get some…”

“No, no,” the girl said, settling her gaze on the younger man’s face. “I’m the one who busted in on you. I’m really sorry. It’s just that I was supposed to, like, pick up some stuff for my mom, and… well, I didn’t realize that Sarah wouldn’t be here. I’m, uh, Shannon.” She extended her hand.

“Beau.” He scooted forward on the bed and extended his own hand. Beau had large hands, but only one wasn’t up to the task of concealing his bulge. He caught the girl trying not to stare. He smirked. He wasn’t sure if she had expected to find him here or not, but he could tell she thought he was hot. Not that he blamed her. Might as well give her something to look at, he thought to himself. “So,” Beau removed both hands from his package and again used them to prop himself up on the bed. He kept his legs spread. “What brings you to my bedroom, Shannon?” He flashed her a wide, white smile. It had been a while since he had gotten to really flirt with a girl.

“I… ah, sorry,” she laughed nervously. “My mom is friends with Sarah. She asked me to come over here and pick up some stuff before the yard sale.” She tried to keep her eyes fixed on the boy’s, but she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander downward, to his cut, tan chest and stomach, and the white briefs that looked liked they were about to burst. She could tell that he wasn’t hard, and still his cock looked enormous.

Beau could practically feel the girl’s eyes sliding over his abs and his bulge. His smile only widened. He planted his feet on the bedroom carpet and stood up. He put his arms in the air and stretched, giving his visitor a totally unobstructed view of his ripped body. “Ooooh, right.” He lowered his arms and rested his hands on his hips. “Sarah said somebody might be coming by to pick some things up before the sale.” He almost laughed at the girl’s attempts not to ogle him. “You, uh, need me to help out? I’ve been doing a lot of work today already, but for you…” He flashed her another smile. Beau imagined how he was going to throw her down on the bed, slam her against the wall, make her scream when he fucked her with his rock-hard cock.

“Wow, um, yeah, I mean, that’d be great.” She attempted a drink from her straw, forgetting that she had finished it on the way over. She smiled at the boy sheepishly.

Beau took a step forward, keeping his hands on his hips. His buff, nearly-naked form was now only a foot away from the girl. “Looks like your drink is gone.”

Shannon regained her composure. The boy had caught her off-guard, and she couldn’t deny that she was taken in by his bold attempts at flirting, his showing off. She thought she should take the opportunity to flirt back. “Yeah, I guess it is.” She popped the lid off the cup and withdrew an ice cube. “Not these, though.” She placed the cube on her tongue and swallowed it, smirking at the boy’s attention to her lips. “You want one?”

“Sure.” He kept his hands on his hips. His briefs rode even lower than before as a result of the stretching, and his bulge had increased in size since Shannon entered the room. He opened his mouth to accept the ice.

Shannon, still smirking, took a cube from the cup and held it squarely against the center of the boy’s chest. Her smile widened at the gasp she elicited from Beau when the ice hit his skin.

Beau furrowed his brow and returned the girl’s smirk, but kept his hands in place. “Not what I expected.”

“Mm. But refreshing anyway.” She slowly slid the ice cube downward, leaving a cool trail of water on the muscled chest. The boy remained motionless. In fact, his eyes didn’t leave hers. The ice disappeared by the time she got halfway down his rippling abs. Damn, she thought. She had hoped to have an excuse to slide her hand down the front of his briefs. She settled for the twitch she saw in his bulge when a drop of cold water made its way into his waistband and presumably hit the base of his dick. “Want another?”

He took a step forward. His buff form was now inches away from the smaller woman. He felt powerful, in control, knowing how much she wanted him. He debated whether he’d have her give him a blowjob before he fucked her. “How about you first. Not fair, me being the only one without clothes on.”

“You’ve got clothes on.” She gestured toward his briefs.

“These?” He snapped the waistband of the underwear against his hip. “I don’t think these count.”

“Then lose ‘em.”

“How ’bout you first.” He flashed her that devilish grin, his eyes boring into hers. He took a small step toward her.

She laughed nervously. She could feel the heat emanating from his body. She had to tilt her head back to maintain eye contact; the boy had nearly a foot on her. “How old are you, anyway?”

“Eighteen. You?”

“Twenty-one. You’re just a little boy.”

“Not that little.”

“Drop these and prove it.” She hooked a fingertip into the front of his briefs.

“And what’ll you give me if I do?”

“Mm. I can think of a few things.”

Beau reached his arms around the girl and cupped her ass, pushing her into him.

Shannon hadn’t planned on being seduced by a younger man like this, but she found herself practically swooning once she was pressed against his hot, hard chest, feeling his strong arms around her. “I… ah…”

“Shh. Don’t worry; I’ll lose the shorts soon enough. But first, lets –”

“I can’t believe my goddamn eyes.”

Beau was petrified. Not here. Not now. He paused for what seemed like an eternity, then slowly shifted his eyes to the side.

There stood Henry. The man somehow seemed to get bigger every time Beau saw him. He stood in Beau’s doorway, looking as if he could snap the doorframe with a shrug. He was more dressed-up than Beau had ever seen him, wearing a short-sleeved button-down with his usual jeans and work boots. His graying hair was cropped close, and Beau could see the salt-and-pepper stubble that had rubbed his shoulder raw when Henry had fucked his then-virgin ass. Henry’s arms were crossed, and there was fire behind his eyes.

“Ow, you’re hurting me,” protested Shannon. She attempted to extricate herself from the boy’s arms, which now were inflexible as granite. “I’m sorry about this, sir.” She grunted. “Get off! Sheesh.” She brushed herself off and shot a dirty look at Beau. She faced the new arrival. “Sorry, again. We didn’t hear you come in.”

“Mm.” The man didn’t take his eyes off Beau, nor did his expression change. “And what is it I interrupted, boy?”

Beau’s eyes hadn’t left Henry’s since they met them. He had only been able to stare, his mouth hanging open.

“We were just…” Shannon started.

“I know your mother, young lady. She says you’re a good girl. But I asked this big idiot over here a question. What is it I interrupted, boy? You should know by now that I don’t like to repeat myself.”

“I… uh… sir, we were just, um…” The last time Beau saw Henry, it had been over his shoulder as the man shot his load deep inside Beau’s ass. Seeing him again, let alone in his bedroom, was surreal. Beau was currently wearing the most clothes Henry had ever seen him wear — this was the first time Henry had seen Beau not naked — yet he somehow felt more vulnerable than ever. As the realization that Henry was here hit him, he instinctively stood straight with his arms at his side.

Shannon decided it was best to keep quiet. She wasn’t sure what the relationship between these two was, but she knew she had missed something. The boy who had previously been seconds away from seducing her was now himself completely under their visitor’s control. She could sense it just from Beau’s body language.

“Yeah, yeah. I know what you were doing. In Sarah’s house, while she’s gone, no less. Shoulda known you’d need more than one lesson. God above, but I’ve never seen a boy dumb as you.” Henry crossed the room and stood inches away from Beau. He looked the boy up and down; he couldn’t repress a smirk at the boy’s straining white briefs. “Thought I told you to mind Sarah and stick to your chores. And here I find you trying to put your punk moves on a nice young girl. I thought I made myself clear. Guess not though.”

Beau’s eyes were wide. It was bad enough that Henry was here at all, bad enough that he was barely covered by his briefs when the other two in the room were fully dressed, but on top of that there was the possibility that Henry was going to humiliate him in front of Shannon, totally killing any chance he’d ever have with the girl. “Hey, uh, why don’t you just take off, Shan. Text me later.”

Henry gave Beau a quick, sharp slap to the face. Though Henry barely had to flick his wrist, Beau’s head snapped to the side. “You the one giving out orders here, boy? That’s not how you address a lady. Shoot, I have more work to do on you than I thought. You just stay where you are, young lady. This might be instructive for you, too.” Henry roughly grabbed the hair at the back of the boy’s head.

Beau quickly thought over his options. The last time he tried to fight back against Henry, he wound up with a black eye. Beau was stronger now than he was then, but he knew that the older man could kick his ass without breaking a sweat. He wasn’t sure what Henry had in store for him, but he doubted it’d be more embarrassing than getting his ass kicked by someone more than twenty years his senior. But letting himself be manhandled in front of the girl wasn’t going to help either; he had to be a man. He figured that Henry would rather back off than have a confrontation in front of the girl. Beau reached one hand around his back and grabbed Henry’s wrist where the older man had a hold of his hair; he placed the palm of his other hand on Henry’s chest. “Hey, fuck you, man. Get your hands off me, and get the fuck out of my room before I kick your ass.” Beau looked the older man straight in the eye.

Henry didn’t even bother responding. He dragged the struggling Beau by the back of his head to the bed, and with one swift motion flipped the boy so that he lay on his stomach across Henry’s lap as he sat on the bed. Henry held him down with a single arm. He could tell the boy had gotten stronger, but he was still nothing compared to Henry. As before, he chuckled to himself as the boy squirmed. Even moreso now, as Beau lay across his lap, his bubble butt in the air and straining the cotton briefs, and his beefy legs kicking helplessly.

Shannon was taken aback. She completely understood now why Beau had become obedient the minute Henry had walked in the room. The older man could toss even the tall, buff boy around like a rag doll. She was amazed that the stud she had been about to let fuck her was now lying completely helpless across the older man’s lap. She wasn’t sure whether to leave or stay and watch.

“Hey!” Beau shouted in desperation. He attempted to wriggle free, but he recognized this feeling of helplessness from the time Henry forced him to the ground. As much as he flailed his arms and legs, Henry’s vice-like grip refused to fail. “Fuck — come on, man, just let me up. I’ll fucking — just fucking let me up”

“Boy, if you’re gonna act like a spoiled fuckin’ brat, that’s how I’m gonna treat you. I’m gonna do what your mama shoulda done years ago. ” With the hand that wasn’t currently occupied pinning the wriggling youth, Henry roughly yanked down Beau’s briefs, revealing his large, but toned ass.

Beau was mortified. He looked toward Shannon, who was gazing wide-eyed at his bare ass.


Beau shouted. Henry had brought his large, strong hand down hard on Beau’s ass. A girl or two before had playfully spanked Beau, but this was different. He had never felt a blow like that on his ass. He heard himself making pathetic whimpering sounds, but he couldn’t stop.

Shannon couldn’t look away. She saw that the man’s huge hand left a large, bright red imprint where he had just struck. She put her hand to her mouth. She had never seen a guy as big and strong as Beau get completely owned and humiliated like this. She would have been lying had she said she wasn’t intrigued.


Beau again shouted as Henry’s hand laid another harsh blow on the soft skin of his ass. Beau was still thrashing, but he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere. He had a vague idea that he looked silly with his legs kicking behind him, but he’d do anything to avoid the pain of another –



“PLEASE,” Beau cried. “Please just stop!”

Henry paused, his arm in the air, ready to bring down another spank. “What’s that, boy? You’re a big strong man when it comes time to fuck around, but not when it’s time to accept the consequences?”


“FUCK. Please, please I’ll do anything. Sir! Just let me up please!”

Henry rested his palm on the reddened mound of Beau’s ass. He caressed it softly. “What do you think, girl? You think this dummy’s learned his lesson?”

Shannon was speechless. She had seen this man go from savagely slapping Beau’s ass to what almost looked like a display of tenderness. Besides, she just saw an 18-year-old boy get manhandled and spanked bare-ass right in front of her.

Henry pulled his arm upward once again, ready to continue his assault. “I said, you think he’s learned his lesson? Or does he need more punishment?”

“SHANNON PLEASE!” Beau locked eyes with the girl.

Shannon saw that the once-cocky young stud had tears forming in his eyes, and there was fear in his voice as he pleaded.

For his part, Beau was too concerned with the pain to think about how incredibly embarrassed he would be when this was over.

“He’s learned his lesson! He’ll be good. Sir.”

“Well, well.” Henry lowered his hand and gave Beau’s red ass a light pat, smirking at the wince it elicited from the boy. “Looks like you better say ‘Thank you’ to this nice girl for saving your ass, boy. Stand up and make yourself presentable.” Henry pulled the boy’s briefs back up over his ample round ass, letting the waistband snap against Beau’s skin. Finally, he lifted both his arms off the boy.

As soon as Beau felt himself free from Henry’s steel-cable hands, he shuffled off the man’s lap and awkwardly stood. He looked first to his assailant, who sat on Beau’s bed with his arms crossed, a stern look on his face. Beau then turned to look at Shannon as he absent-mindedly rubbed his tender ass. He met the girl’s eyes, both incredibly humiliated and unaware of how humiliated he’d be in a second. Shannon’s eyes were practically bugging out of her skull as she looked at — “Oh, fuck!”

Beau’s dick was hard as a rock. His tight, thin briefs weren’t remotely up to the task of keeping it covered, and so a good five inches of Beau’s cock slipped through the waistband of the briefs, pressed against his abs and throbbing. Beau quickly moved to cover his huge erection with his hands, though his attempts were awkward and insufficient, and he was continually distracted by the pain on his ass.

Henry rose and stood behind Beau. “Boy, what did I tell you about standing up straight when I am present? Same goes for this young lady. That means back straight, arms back, boy, unless you think I need to use my belt on you this time.”

Without hesitation, Beau snapped his head and shoulders back, and stood at attention, his arms at his side. His raging member was now completely visible straining out of his briefs, but Beau would have done anything to avoid more punishment, even further humiliate himself further in front of the girl he had planned on fucking not twenty minutes ago. He couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes.

Shannon gaped. She wasn’t sure which was more impressive — the level of control the older man had over the formerly cocky young stud, or the size of said stud’s cock, which was even bigger than she had hoped.

Had Shannon been able to see behind Beau, where Henry stood, she’d have seen the older man’s strong hand find its way down the back of Beau’s briefs and quickly find the boy’s asshole. Henry pushed against the boy’s hole, penetrating him. Beau gasped, and nearly spun around.

“Beau?” Shannon asked. “Are you okay?”

I have been waiting for so long.

You walk into hotel room. I am waiting for you. On my knees.

You smile nervously and offer a wisecrack. I tell you to step out of your knickers where you stand, you obey, self consciously. Nerves so evident.

I tell you to hitch up your skirt to show me your pussy. More nervous wisecracks which im not buying.

“Just do it” I smile…. and you do.

With a flush creeping up your neck you reach down with both hands to expose your clit gently tapping it free as you spread yourself for me. Pulling the hood back to show me, face flushed and pussy wet now. Clit already fat and straining

“Come here”. You obey, holding yourself open, until you are inches from my mouth.

“Put it in my mouth” and you strain forward as I open my lips to suck and lick your clit like a miniature cock…. but I make you wait, feeling nothing but my hot breath until you beg,


I relent and envelop the straining tip of your sex before I slide my tongue into your soaking pussy. My intakes of breath are muffled as twine your fingers into my hair, preventing me from teasing, enjoying the pain as you try to drive my face into your swollen lips, humping my mouth with your legs slightly bent, resplendent in your Choo heels.

I slide my hands between you legs as I stand. Lifting and spreading your knees wide as I do, you finally notice the fat dildo stuck to the edge of the table, pointing skywards and almost quivering with an energy of it’s own.

I carry you over, positioning your liquid cunt over the fat tip. Teasing you with fleeting contact, watching your eyes widen and mouth open as I let you slide onto its length.

There is a chair for each foot as you unconsciously begin to roll tour hips forwards and back. Girth roiling inside you as I slide to my knees again, offering my tongue and mouth for your engorged clit on every forward stroke until your rhythm accelerates and I suck and lick in earnest as you begin to come.

And its not a quiet orgasm either. Howling, you jerk up and off the fat rubber cock, knees out and presenting me again with your now obscenely gaping pussy as I put my face close and breathe you in. You recover to watch me licking your come off the dildo as I look at you.

And we are not nearly done. Turning you onto your knees you slide your convulsing pussy back on with a soft howl. Arse presented. I distance myself with difficulty and walk around to proffer you my cock. “Get it very wet” is my instruction. “When you have I am going to slide it into your rosy little arse, up to the root”… you slobber over my cock in desperation hips beginning to dance again as I return to your inviting bumhole. Tongue -fucking you in between suggestion and description of how you are about to be double fucked and breathing with barely contained fury as your buttmuscle streches over the slick head of my cock.

And then I slide in, one long slow rush and I open you completely. You rear up from the table, back arched as I unceremoniously fuck you hard. Reaching around to prise your nipples from your top and torment them, as all control abandoned you wail out loud seeking your reflection of the window pain. Skewered and writhing in shadowy silhouette. Heels still on.

I stop after your second orgasm. Help you down to lie on the bed as you look up at my dripping still-erect cock. As I lower it towards your mouth you watch fascinated as a dribble of cum escapes the tip, looping lazily towards your beautiful face.

Your mouth opens. Ready to slide me in. But I have other ideas and take your hands in mine wrapping the painted nails of one hand around my cock head, the other I put to my own arse as your fingers twist and torture my skin there, pinching and spreading as you jerk me off into your open mouth.

The head of my cock is now so sharply defined in arousal. A thousand different shades of cream, pink and red, dripping and vital. The closed loop of your thumb and forefinger is battering up against the crowning ridge of my cock and as I begin to come that loop closes tight, preventing release for just a split second before I gush onto your outstretched tongue, lips and chin.

We sleep, sated at least for a while. For exactly how long I have no idea, but I wake to the sound of the dildo’s suction cup coming away from the table.

Hello everyone, in case you didn’t read either of my last entries here’s a little back story on me. I am a very shy 27 year old woman; I am 5’2″ and 105 lbs. My bra size is 34C, and I have shoulder length reddish brown hair. Up until about 4 months ago I have had a very normal sex life, no one had even seen me naked until I was married (yup virgin bride). In fact a crazy night for me before was if my husband, who I will call Josh, and I switched positions so I was on top!

So you may be asking, how did I go from that to exploits of public nudity? Well, I did it for my marriage and I stand by my choice. Josh was in a very unhappy mood for a while and I finally got him to tell me what was wrong. He admitted to me that he has felt unfulfilled with our sex life. He mentioned that he did not feel like he would ever be able to realize his sexual fantasies with me.

Not long ago, in an attempt to help my marriage, I read a healthy marriage book that had a portion that said for a relationship to truly work, both partners must try to fulfill the other’s sexual needs. At the time I didn’t know sex was a problem. I really wanted Josh to be happy again so I took the book’s advice and prepared for the worst. I let josh know that he could be open with me, and even though I wasn’t very experienced I would do my best to fulfill his needs no matter what they were.

One of his desires was for me to write about my experiences, being completely honest on how they make me feel and post them on the net so he could read the comments it gets with me, so here I go again on my next “adventure” as Josh calls them.

For all the people who have commented on my stories saying hurtful things about my husband, know this, I am happy. I get gifts for no reason, I get random kisses whenever he is around, Josh brings me flowers and cuddles up close to watch movies, he tells me a thousand times a day how much he loves me, he holds me close and I feel that love. Josh asks my opinion on everything and is always willing to watch a chick flick with me, or even go shopping. And most importantly he is happy, every day, no matter how rough his day was, he comes home to me with a smile on his face. So if all I need to do for all that is to fulfill his fantasies and feel some humiliation I gladly accept it. So back to my “adventures”…

This most recent adventure involved something I recently tried for the first time, anal. As odd as it may seem, I actually didn’t mind it, and Josh was very gentle so it didn’t really hurt at all.

We have tried it out a few times now, with both toys and the normal way, so Josh suggested for this “adventure” I wear a butt plug under a mini skirt in a public place. Of course I agreed, not knowing then how bad it would be, not that I would have denied him even if I did.

Josh brought me the outfit he wanted me to wear for the adventure. I didn’t even bother looking at it before I put it on. I knew it would be revealing and I was not surprised in the least to see that it didn’t include a bra or panties, but that’s not to say it didn’t make me a little nervous anyway. Once the outfit was on I looked in the mirror to see how bad this would be.

The outfit consisted of a tank top, skirt and heels. The tank top was white and very short; it came down just below my breasts. The skirt was light blue cotton and loosely fitted to flutter around when I walked; it was also very short and came down only a few inches below my butt. My shoes where simple strap heels with an open toe that I might wear any day of the week. The sight made me instantly nervous, as I always get when I know I am going to perform one of these “adventures”.

Josh whistled as he looked me up and down and said “Nice! I never tire of looking at you in these outfits!”

I blushed and giggled a little, oh how I love the way my husband makes me feel.

After a moment of looking me over Josh held me tight and kissed me passionately and said “I love you so much, let me go get the rest!”

Until then I almost forgot that I still had to put in the butt plug. I was a little nervous about walking around with a butt plug in me but as I said I was starting to get used to anal play so it was not too bad and it would be under the skirt so it wouldn’t be too bad, though I had a unpleasant feeling that it would get revealed at some point or another.

Josh got back up and holding the plug behind his back. He said “turn around I want this to be a surprise love.”

I laughed a mocking laugh, though inwardly the “surprise” part made me a little nervous. I turned around as he leaned me over on the table.

I heard a little squirting noise and Josh said “now I am not going to put too much lube on here because I don’t want it sliding out again. It is water based lube so if I put it on lightly most of it should wear away after a little bit.”

With that he began to work in the butt plug, slowly twisting, pushing and pulling on the plug. Inch by inch the plug began working its way into my anus. Though it is kind of embarrassing to admit, even to total strangers, I kind of like the feeling of anal so this part actually turned me on a little. This plug was just slightly bigger than we had played with yet, because josh wanted it to stay in, but Josh took his time and when it finally did reach its apex it only hurt slightly. Then Josh gave the plug just a little more pressure and it quickly slipped inside me causing me to moan and shiver as I felt the bulb quickly plunge into my anus. I noticed once the plug was firmly in place that the indented portion was also quite a bit bigger than I was used to as well.

Josh pulled my skirt back down and said “you can go ahead and stand now so you can look in the mirror.”

I calmed myself down from the excitement and stood up as Josh asked. Once I stood up strait and my butt cheeks came together I immediately noticed something different about this plug. It didn’t seem to have an overly large base at the end to stop it from slipping in further, just a slight bulge that seemed to stick out a bit because I could feel it sticking out between my cheeks. This struck my curiosity and I quickly moved to the mirror and turned to get a look at the plug. Before I had even turned fully around I gasped in shock! The plug had a 1.5 inch black plastic tail on it that stuck out the bottom of my skirt, curling out and slightly up a few inches, scrunching up the back of my skirt ever so slightly.

I turned to Josh and stuttered “b-but people will see the… the t-tail going up into my… my butt.”

He held my face in his hand and said “they will not actually see it go into your butt; they will just see it disappear under your skirt. Now I am sure some people will figure out where it is going and will therefore know you are walking around with something inserted into your anus. But that is part of the adventure love; remember it is supposed to be embarrassing. And it is perfectly legal; I had a lawyer look into it for me… Will you still do it? If not I will understand.”

I could see that Josh was putting on a good act trying to not look too disappointed, but I could tell he really was looking forward to this so I said with all the conviction I could muster “Of course I will still do this love, I would do anything for you…”

He scooped me up in his arms and held me tight saying “Oh baby, I love you so very much. You are the best wife ever! Now let me detach this for the car ride.”

As he spun me around and began unscrewing the tail from the butt plug I replied “I love you too dear.”

He got the tail section of the plug off leaving the bulb and the slightly flared base inside me. Josh ran off in excitement to get stuff in the car and I followed behind him with worry and nervousness.

Once we got in the car Josh said “Jenni wanted to be a part of this but since she is still out of town she couldn’t, but she did actually help me out figuring out some of the details.”

I replied “So that is what she meant when I talked to her yesterday. She said she had been working with you on a surprise for me.”

Josh just laughed and we talked a little about Jenni and her past experiences with me for a bit.

For those of you who may be jumping into this story without reading my other “adventures”; Jenni is a friend of mine who we met on my first “adventure” and is the only one who knows Josh and my real names and the activities we perform. She has actually been involved with a couple of them and she always looks out for me, and also torments me on occasion. We are supposed to be having a big party soon where I will be the main attraction, but that there is no word yet when that will be.

We drove a very long way this time, over two hours. The entire time I was squirming against the butt plug that I still had inside me. To make the drive even more difficult Josh kept reaching over and rubbing between my legs making me incredibly horny. I was going nuts by the time we made it to our destination. I wanted so badly to orgasm; in fact I was so distracted I totally forgot about the humiliation I was about to endure.

Once we stopped I remembered why we were here and began to feel my anxiety build back up and wash away my desire. I noticed that we had arrived at another large mall barely after noon. Since it was a weekday it seemed we had hit the lunch crowd because there were a lot of cars in the lot. This made me even more nervous.

Josh opened the door for me and I got out of the car. He crouched down behind me and re-attached the tail section back to the butt plug. He turned me toward him and held me close. He kissed me passionately and to my surprise pulled my skirt all the way up with one hand while holding me close with the other. I instinctively tried to jerk away at first but controlled myself, reminding myself that this was his fantasy.

Josh pulled away and while I looked around nervously to see if anyone had seen he laughed and said “Don’t worry love I made sure no one was around; though I love that you let me do that not knowing that.”

I just said “Anything for you.” Which was true, I would do anything for him.

Josh picked up a small bag and asked “Are you ready?”

I still have no idea why he keeps asking me that; like I could ever be ready for this kind of thing. But I just nodded to him nervously.

He smiled and said “Ok, you lead the way. I want you to go inside and follow the instructions I text you.” As he handed me my phone. “Oh and if anyone asks what the tail is, or how it feels you must answer honestly, if anyone asks anything else look to me for the answer ok?”

I shuddered a little and nodded my head in agreement.

Josh gave me another kiss and then pointed to the mall saying “Ok love, lead the way.”

I paused beside our car and looked both ways waiting in terror as a young couple passed by going to the mall. The young man looked at me as he passed but otherwise they did not pay me too much attention since my tail was not visible to them. Once they passed I took a deep breath and with all the courage I could muster I stepped out into the open. As I left the privacy of the space between the cars I immediately felt very exposed. Even though I was technically not showing any of my private areas I knew the tail was highly visible and would cause anyone who noticed to stare and wonder where it went. Plus my outfit was much more skimpy than most people would every wear to the mall.

I walked down the parking lot and was almost immediately passed by a car from behind, I was too afraid to look at the driver but Josh told me later that it was a middle-aged man and he was staring intently at my butt as he passed. I just shivered a little and kept my eyes down. Once he passed and I looked up again I noticed that in front of me there was another car coming towards me as well as two men and a woman. There were other people around at varying distances looking at me but none that were close enough to be personally involved.

The car passed me first and I angled myself slightly in hopes of hiding my tail from his view, which seemed to work. Next came one of the men, he was a well-dressed man who appeared to be in his late thirties. He glanced at me before he passed but immediately averted his eyes once he saw me looking at him. He passed me by awkwardly looking away from me, but I was sure he would look back as soon as I passed him, though I didn’t dare look back to see.

Once the man was out of ear shot Josh came up a little closer and said “Until we make it into the mall I would like for you to look back every time someone passes by you ok? That last guy was priceless!”

I just nodded again in agreement, even more nervous at having to see them when they noticed my tail.

Next was a young woman probably right out of high school. She looked me over and lost interest quickly. A couple seconds after she passed me I looked back but she was just walking away, not interested enough for a backwards glance and therefor missed seeing my tail. This relieved me tremendously.

Before the other man got to close to me I noticed a couple of guys getting out of a car just ahead of me. I slowed down to let them get in front of me but they were taking too long to get out of the car and Josh cleared his throat behind me which I knew meant I should keep going. I heard them finally shut the doors a little after I passed their car. They were still within earshot and I heard they were talking about where they were going to eat, but then they suddenly got quiet and I could no longer hear them. I knew this had to be because they noticed my tail, I did not look back, as Josh said I just had to look back at the people who passed me and they did not, they were following behind me, which in my predicament was much, much worse.

By this time the other man I saw was coming up to me. He was an older man, probably in his sixties, and he was looking at me with curious eyes. He did not look away when I looked at him like the last guy, in fact he smiled and even went so far as to say “Afternoon miss” and nod to me as I passed him.

Again after a couple seconds I looked back to see the man staring back at my but with a happy but slightly confused look on his face. I also saw the two men behind me who were watching me intently and talking in hushed tones to each other. Once they saw me looking back they laughed and one of them nodded towards me with a smile. This caused them to laugh even more.

I jerked my head back and just tried to keep walking forward without falling on my face from nervousness. I noticed as I looked forward that a couple of women had come out of the mall doors as I was getting close to it.

I had to stop at the end of the row of cars to let a car pass by, which unfortunately put the two men right behind me. I heard them chucking to each other and fearing they would talk to me I hurried across the street towards the entrance to the mall where I passed by the two women. I was so worried about getting some distance from the men behind me that I forgot to look back after I passed the two women, but I doubt they cared enough to look back at me. I did notice out of the corner of my eyes however that there were now more people coming up behind me from other areas of the parking lot. I hurried into the mall and almost accidently knocked over an old lady in my haste. I apologized and passed by her, keeping my front to her at all times.

Once in the mall I was hit with another wave of fear as I noticed how many people were all around me. There was no way to keep my tail hidden from sight. I looked around in terror as I noticed some people already staring at me, and my tail, in confusion. I was so very embarrassed. I felt my phone vibrate and I quickly looked to see what it said.

Josh sent me a message saying “Find a store that sells costume jewelry.”

I walked quickly to one of those map stations they have in malls and quickly found a store that would do the trick. I hurried off in the direction of the store and got another text saying “Slow down.” With a sigh I slowed down to my normal speed and made my way to the store. I was surprised to note that even though I got a lot of strange looks no one bothered me.

Once I got to the store I got another text saying “Pick out a bracelet you like and take it to the counter.”

I found a simple looking bracelet right away. Turning toward the counter I noticed the two girls working there were staring at me. Both looked about 19 or 20 and were skinny, one was blond while the other had black hair with purple and red dye in it. Blushing red, I walked up to the counter where the two women were and just as I was about to set down the bracelet I got another text.

This text said “Ask the girls behind the counter if they have any jewelry you could use to decorate your tail. Turn slightly, stick your butt out and gesture toward your tail when you do.”

I turned my head toward josh and gave him a pouty face.

He just smiled and nodded toward the counter.

I turned to the closest girl, the blond, and asked her “Do… do you have anything you would reco-recommend to decorate my uh… my tail?” As I said it I turned and stuck out my butt a bit pointing at my tail.

The other girl, the dyed one, tried to suppress her laughter without much success. This made the blond I was talking to blush and smile.

The blond replied “Um… are you messing with us or something?”

I just blushed more and said “N-No, I just want to… to get something to decorate my… this.” Pointing at my tail again.

“Why are you even wearing that thing in the mall anyway?” asked the woman with dyed hair.

I looked at Josh and he just shrugged at me so I just replied “Um… I just… I like to wear it sometimes, that’s all.” I am not a very good liar so that was all I could come up with at the time.

“How does it stay there? Is it attached to your skirt? Or a bikini bottom or something?” asked the blond.

I got really nervous now; this was one of the questions I was trying to avoid because I would have to tell them what it really was. I cleared my throat nervously and with a slight tremble in my voice I replied “Um… well… it is a um… pl-plastic tail that is attached to um… attached to a b-butt plug.”

The blond just stared at me with an open mouth while the girl with the dyed hair said in a shocked voice “No way… you gotta be shittin me.”

I just stared at the counter in shame trembling all over.

The blond stammered out “So… so that… thing [pointing at my tail] goes… you know… in your ass?!”

I trembled with humiliation and just nodded in response.

The two girls just stood there for a moment and I didn’t know what to do.

Finally the blond chimed in again and said “why would you choose to wear that? And in public too?”

I just repeated “I um… I just do… I don’t know. Now could I please just get… well could you suggest something to decorate it so I can leave?”

Again my horrible lying was not helping me, in fact I think it made the girls behind the counter even more confused, and curious.

They just shrugged and probably too stunned to know what to say. The one with the dyed hair finally said “Why do you need to decorate it? Isn’t it bad enough that you are walking around with a tail in your ass? Now you want to bling it out!?”

The blond seemed to brighten up saying “Speaking of bling, we could poke some ear rings into it!”

I didn’t really know what I was supposed to agree to so I just said “Um… maybe that would work.”

Just then I got a text said “Tell them you changed your mind. Thank them for the help and leave the store. Now I want you to find a store that would sell dresses.”

I did as I was told and rushed out of the store as the two girls stared after me. I found another map station down the hall a ways and began looking for a clothing store. I found a one on the map and started walking quickly to its location but caught myself and slowed my pace to normal. I made my way across the mall to the clothing store. All around people stared at me as they noticed my revealing outfit and even worse, my tail. Luckily no one bothered me on my way to the store; they just looked at me without comment, or at least not any I could hear.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Cloistered women are not immune to the urges that drive lay society, nor are they devoid of the attractiveness that makes them prey.

Sins of the Flesh

Sister Margaret Mary was a Geography teacher at the Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Oak Meadows. Father MacLean was the parish priest assigned to the school and the spiritual mentor for the 1200 students and the Order, Nuns of Saint Basil, who lived in the convent next door. Sister had been teaching there for the three years since she had taken her final vows and dedicated her life to her religion. She was one of the youngest nuns and even the severe black habit could do little to hide the fact that there was a pretty young woman behind the cowl, the veil and the voluminous black robes.

It was 4:15 and Thomas Cowan sat defiantly in the detention room under the watchful eye of the young nun. She wasn’t sure what to do with him. She wanted to make the point of his unacceptability without having him expelled. She felt Cowan would be lost if the school suspended him and she wanted to find a way to save his soul. Earlier in the day she’d intercepted a pornographic magazine he was passing around and now she sat, cheeks blazing, pondering how to handle the matter. Father MacLean was still in the building complex and she thought to seek his counsel.

At 4:30 she dismissed young Cowan warning him that this matter wasn’t over and she would deal with him in the morning. She placed the offensive magazine in a large brown envelope and set off for Father Maclean’s office in the rectory attached to the church.

Father was warm and gracious in welcoming the young nun, inviting her into the parlor. He sensed her embarrassment and could see the blush that tinged her cheeks against the stark white cowl she wore. The large stiff yolk obscured the size and shape of her breasts, but the priest could see by the way it moved that her breathing was agitated. He took the brown envelope she gave him and he noticed she turned her face away when he withdrew the magazine.

For several minutes he turned the pages, examining each picture carefully, cognizant of the young nun’s growing discomfort with the situation. At last he broke the awkward silence and asked:

“Have you looked through this magazine yourself sister?”

Her first impulse was denial, but she knew she shouldn’t lie and especially not to a priest. Her mouth went dry and she swallowed noisily before responding. The pause was enough to answer for her and she shrugged instead of forming the words. Her face was flaming now as the priest looked at the deepening pink of her skin.

“You have, haven’t you?,” he prompted easily.

“I had to … to see … what he was reading,” she finished.

“What do you suppose he was doing with this magazine,” he asked.

She was unable to articulate an answer, and just sat uncomfortably in the straight-backed chair.

“When you were looking at the pictures…what were they about?”

Images from the magazine flipped through her memory as she tried to think of the most innocuous to cite in her answer. But there wasn’t one. Every image she thought of was graphic and explicit. Father McLean waited patiently, giving her time to consider an answer.

“Tell me about them,” he prompted, unwilling to let the inexperienced nun avoid the question.

“Men and women … together,” she muttered.

“Together?” his voice boomed making her jump. “That’s all? Together?”

“Having sex…” she blurted hoping to curtail his annoyance by giving an answer. “Men and women having sex.”

“What kind of sex?” Ordinary procreative intercourse?”

“I don’t know,” she stalled, wishing she had never brought the magazine to him.

“Oh,” he chuckled. “Didn’t you glance at the captions or read the text?”

“I did, but…”

“But what? What do they say?”

“The writing is obscene. As obscene as the pictures,” the sister hissed.

“And you knew it was obscene because you knew the words? The obscene words? You are familiar with them? the priest countered.

The young nun sat there, eyes averted, not wanting to admit that she knew the words well, but not wanting to look so sheltered that her ability to handle such issues might be questioned. For some reason she felt compelled to lie.

“No!” she said. “I … I …” but the denial immediately seemed false.

“How did you know they were obscene?”

The question was so logical that Sister Margaret Mary felt trapped.

“I knew they were obscene because I have heard some of them before.”

“Which ones had you heard?” Father McLean closed in.

The young nun’s face was scarlet now and she couldn’t look at the priest. She knew she would have to answer and she felt the impure thoughts that she fought so hard to quell begin to take control of her flesh. She tried to clear her mind of the carnal images but Father’s questions made it impossible. She could feel him patiently watching, waiting for an answer. The question was not going away.

She shrugged and began, “the parts of the body…”

“The words sister. What are the words?”

“Tits. There was a lot of mention of tits and … I had heard that before.”


“Cock,” she blurted. “I know the word cock for a boy’s penis.”

“Is that the only word or are there other words for cock?”

“Prick,” she offered. “. … hard on, I guess. …and meat sometimes They refer to it as their meat.”

Father McLean smiled. “And you sister? What do you call it yourself?”

“I don’t call it anything,” she protested, but the look of disbelief on the priest’s face gave her pause. “I haven’t even thought…” but again she wallowed in his obvious disbelief and she went silent.

“Kneel down here beside my chair my child,” Father McLean ordered. “As your spiritual advisor…I think you need to make a good confession.”

Sister Margaret Mary knelt and made the sign of the cross. The Act of Contrition poured out of her by rote though her mind was full of chaotic thoughts. She recited how long since her last confession and began with her sins. Her face burned as she admitted to touching herself.

“Where?” he demanded and she answered “My privates.”

“Surely, you know other words for it? There is no need to be vague or circumspect here. This is your confession! If you know what a man’s parts are called surely you know the words for a woman’s?”

“Pussy,” she whispered. “I was touching my pussy.”

“Is that the only word you know for it?”

Her voice cracked with emotion. Her mouth was dry and her tongue felt thick as she croaked “cunt. I know it is called a cunt.”

“And do you imagine others playing with your cunt when you touch yourself”


He sat for a long moment without speaking, looking at her with a faint smile. His eyes glittered behind his glasses and the young nun felt uncomfortable, as if he could see through to her soul.

“Before I give you absolution, I want you to remove your habit as the symbol of the purity you pledged to the Church. Until I forgive your sins I forbid you to wear it.”

Sister Margaret Mary was trembling as she removed the veil, the coif, the wimple and the headpiece cowl, carefully laying them next to where she knelt. Her hair was pinned tight to her head and Father took out the pins and let it fall loose around her shoulders. On her own she reached behind and unfastened the stiff guimpe putting it neatly on the pile. In spite of her anxiety she had no thoughts of disobeying the priest, the Father confessor, in his role as God’s emissary on earth. It was inarguable that her nun’s habit was the symbol of purity for sisters in her order and he had the authority to ask her to remove it.

Her shaking hands pulled the cassock and soutane over her head and she stepped out of the cotton underskirt. Her underwear was plain, white and unrevealing. The shape of her breasts was barely discernible in the loose camisole though it was apparent that she was full chested.

She looked to Father and swallowed noisily when he clearly expected her to continue. She wore no bra under the layers, so when her camisole landed on the pile of her clothes her ample breasts were bare and swaying as she moved. Her nipples grew before his eyes as her unaccustomed exposure and the cool temperature of the room turned them into suckable treats.

She hesitated again before she reached for the waistband of the unfashionably long cotton underwear the nuns were issued. Her eyes begged the priest for a reprieve but he only nodded for her to continue. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she slowly pushed the garment down over her hips baring her privates to a member of the opposite sex for the first time since high school. The thick auburn pelt between her legs was unruly and untrimmed, unprepared for anyone else to see.

Now naked, she once again knelt before the priest. He had stretched his feet out so her knees fell on the outside of them forcing her to keep her legs further apart than was comfortable. Her engorged nipples had stiffened into pretty pink acorns standing out from perfect aureoles. She shuddered as the cool room air reached the moisture that dampened and darkened the hair between her legs, a constant reminder of her nakedness and vulnerability.

“Show me,” he whispered hoarsely. “Show me what you’ve been doing.”

Sister Margaret Mary’s hand slid over her belly and found the slippery opening as Father McLean’s feet urged her knees further apart. She closed her eyes as the carnal nature of what she was doing swept over her.

“Open your eyes. Look at me was you do it,” the priest insisted.

She looked at him then as her fingers moved rhythmically in her wet furrow. The scent of her sex surrounded them and embarrassed her deeply but the shame seemingly added to her arousal and confusion. She reveled in the humiliation and wallowed in what she knew was forbidden.

Father stood up, so close to her that her face was inches from the front of his black trousers. “Tell me my child. Have you ever been with a man?”

The young nun was jolted back to a painful memory of her skirt pulled up and her panties around her ankles; Billy Clark’s tongue alive in her mouth while his finger probed her sex. He was her high school crush, the sweetheart she yearned for, handsome and popular, and she was the wall flower sitting at home most nights with her books and her dreams.

“Answer me! Confess your sins before God! Father snapped. “Has a man ever taken the pleasure of your body?”

She wouldn’t answer. The wet sounds of her fingers squishing through the soft folds of her sex mixed with her intermittent gasps as the too-familiar pleasure built in her loins. Memories of her half-hearted protests as Billy had moved on top of her haunted the image, rekindled the guilt and spurred her fingers to bring back the illicit pleasure she had felt. Every word that the boy had spoken echoed in her mind; every dirty word as her legs had wrapped around his back. She recalled the stabbing pain of his entry and the warm liquids that seeped from her, wetting them both where they were joined, anointing their union, baptizing their bond…

Her face brushed the priest’s pasty white thighs and her cheek felt the wet smear of precum. His black trousers were open and the rough wool teased across her swollen nipple as the garment slid down his legs. Her free hand went to hold him, her conscience pleading to push him away, but her belly craving his touch. His hands cupped the back of her head moving her onto him, her mouth never hesitating. He was rough, pushing deep to the back of her throat, making her gag repeatedly, focused only on the pleasure of her loving tongue. He enjoyed her tears and the look of shame that besot her pretty face. The fingers between her legs were stilled as she fell to the task of pleasuring the priest who expected nothing less. Father McLean watched her bobbing head with satisfaction. He knew her mouth had been used before as it would be again and again in the course of her humiliation.

“Have you been the sullied cunt for a man’s pleasure before?” he demanded harshly. “Have you spread your wanton legs in the sin of fornication?”

Sister hid her face in the warmth of his groin, inhaling the man smell, pressing her lips against the wrinkled sack, and letting her tongue pay homage to the swell of his balls. Her voice was low and anguished when she answered embracing her contrition and accepting the spirit of her penance. He made her stop frequently and repeat, graphically confessing her sin with every detail until fresh tears ran freely down her cheeks.

“And did you marry to right this wrong? Did you bring this illicit love to the Church to sanctify your union?” he roared at her while she sobbed.

The laughing rejection of Billy Clarke had torn at her soul and Father’s questions reopened old wounds. She remembered the snickers of his friends and the off-color remarks that she’d endured. Her phone rang more frequently for dates that she disdainfully turned down, but Billy only called once when he was drunk. He wanted sex. She had listened to his voice and wept silently while he recalled in embarrassing detail what they had done. It was only when she heard the giggling of another girl that she realized he was playing with her, describing each of the slutty things she had done, for the amusement of his latest girlfriend. For many nights she had cried herself to sleep masturbating to the crudeness of his vile words and yearning for his return.

Father was pulling her to her feet, pushing her roughly back against the old oak desk. The wood, cool against her flushed skin, emphasized her nakedness. The priest had kicked out of his trousers and stood triumphantly between her carelessly parted legs. She shielded her eyes as he looked upon her reveling in the pale, smooth skin and the patch of unruly hair that sprang from her mons. She was very wet and the hair matted around her puffy lips exposing more of the fount of her lust to his sight. She moaned when he dipped his finger into her juices and tried to turn away when her wiped it on her mouth. He did it again and pressed his finger against her lips commanding her to suck. With a whimper, she took the wet finger in her mouth.

“Is yours the only cunt you’ve tasted Sister?” he asked while he watched her clean the juices from his fingers.

Long buried memories of hurt and shame overwhelmed her. The abject humiliation she had felt and then buried as if it had never happened spilled into her conscious thought. The priest’s relentless questions flushed long suppressed feelings that she’d kept deep inside. She felt she couldn’t answer him and yet no answer was an answer in itself.

“Tell me Sister Whore. Tell me about your Sapphic lust,” he roared out at her with a mocking laugh.

“He said he was sorry,” she sobbed. “He said he wanted to get back with me. He loved me and I wanted him to be with me, not her. But, I knew the moment it touched my lips. The strong scent and then the musky salty taste was different than the first time. He held my head so I couldn’t pull back. ‘Suck it good,’ he whispered. ‘Clean my cock with your tongue. Get all of that nasty stuff off.’ The electronic click of his cell phone camera made me moan in anguish. He was talking while I sucked confirming what I was doing. I could hear her laughing through the phone as I cleaned her juices from his cock. I wanted to stop but he wound his fingers in my hair and took his pleasure, cutting off my breath several times as he forced himself deep. I choked and sputtered when he came, filling my mouth with his seed. He held his thumb against my throat so I wouldn’t swallow until he had taken the final picture and hit send. Cheryl’s squeals of delight when she got it still reverberate in my soul. The picture made its rounds, of course, as did Cheryl’s taunting of me in front of her clique, always in earshot of others. They’d all seen the picture and often repeated the awful things Cheryl said. ‘open you mouth Baby. Show me whose boyfriend you’re blowing now.’”

Sister Margaret Mary’s heels gripped the edge of the desk when Father cupped her shapely buttocks in his soft hands. The shaft of his cock rode between her saturated labia grazing the nun’s clitoris as he teased her before entering. Her hips moved with him mimicking the act she wanted so badly.

“Put me in,” he commanded. “Let this sin be yours.”

Her fingers gripped the damp flesh of his cudgel and she guided him to her opening. It slipped in easily and she raised her bottom off the desk straining to take all of him. It felt so good that she moaned with the sheer pleasure of it. The sexless years without a man gave urgency to her effort and her hips rose to meet each thrust ensuring that she captured his full cock each time. The wet slapping of skin on skin and her whimpering filled the room as he pounded into her.

“You’re no virgin,” he hissed excoriating her with guilt of the obvious. “Your cunt has been sullied by your sinfulness. You spread your legs so easily Margaret Mary and you crave cock. You’re God’s whore now for the pleasure of His faithful servants. A cunt of convenience …” he preached a kind of sexual homily that both humiliated and inflamed the young nun. She came with a gasp and the forbidden words rolled off her tongue imploring him “Fuck me…fuck me father for I have sinned.” Back arched and belly raised she surrendered herself fully to him.

Father marveled at the lust she showed. His fingers gripped and regripped the smooth sweaty globes of her ass and tugged at the shapely cheeks exposing the pink whorl between them. He could see that it embarrassed her. When he pressed his middle finger against her back door he felt her jump. Again he touched it and she moaned and tried to wriggle away. It was wet all around from her abundant juices. The next time he pushed inside to the first knuckle and she squealed and tried to tighten her cheeks to expel the probing digit. The sensation was forbidden and unexpected yet not unpleasant. The young nun moaned in mortification. Even Billy Clark had never touched her there.

She knew about anal sex and had seen pictures of it in that filthy magazine but had never even thought it could happen to her. Father’s finger in her bum felt foreign and lewd and she whined at the depravity. He chuckled at her misplaced modesty while he enjoyed the shame she was feeling.

The priest kept moving in her cunt and she rolled her own clit between her fingers while her breath hissed through her teeth at the wicked sensations in her behind.

“He didn’t bum fuck you?” Father McLean sneered. “A willing little tramp like you and he didn’t shove his cock up your ass?”

The embarrassed nun just shook her head in shame. She couldn’t tell whether he meant it as disbelief or as another way Billy Clark had rejected her.

Sister Margaret Mary didn’t try to stop the priest when he sodomized her. She squealed loudly at the pain but accepted it as penance for her depravity. Father held her hips and pushed in a little at a time until she could feel his coarse pubic hair against her upturned buttocks. Her own fingers still straddled her clitoris coaxing the pink bud from its hood and teasing it the way she liked. Father’s voice, strained with passion, urged her on using all of the dirty names she knew she had earned. His fingers mauled her breasts pinching the nipples mercilessly, inflicting the pain she knew she deserved. At his insistence she begged him to fuck her in all of her holes even as her sphincter burned with the roughness of his pleasure.

“You’re a whore now, the reincarnation of Mary Magdellan” he whispered, “sent to relieve the lusts of whoever I send you to see. Your vow of chastity is rescinded and your new vow will set you free to fuck as the Lord created you to do. Your mouth has tasted both man and woman, and it will again.”

Dear Reader,

Here is an alternate version of the same story I posted a few days ago. In this version, all the sex is consensual the only thing that is not is the attack which forces Nicky to end up naked in the streets of the Big Apple.

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Chapter 1

Nicole stepped out in the mild autumn air. On Saturday nights, Wall Street was a ghost town. For the past 3 years, she had been working seven days a week and today she was finally done and she could relax for the first time in a long time. Where could she go though? No one was waiting for her. The time that she had invested into that last project had come at a high personal cost. She was single again. Mike, her boyfriend had been patient for the first two years but he had left her over a year ago now. “What is the point of this relationship if I never see you? I never touch you and my hand has become my only lover.” Those were his last words as he carried the last suitcase out of her apartment and out of her life.

“It’s a shame,” she thought. As the fresh air filled her lungs, she was starting to relax. “I could really use a good man right now.” The memories of him awakened desires that she had ignored for far too long. “How long had it been?” The poor guy was right for leaving and she could not blame him.

Nicole used to have a very healthy sexual appetite. When she had first met Mike years ago, she had been the instigator of a lot of experiments. They had even dabbled with S&M together and she had pushed her dominant nature to its apex by becoming the mistress of a small group of fellow students in grad school. Mike had been one of her subs back then. However, she had been too young for that role and she had not been properly initiated for that level of responsibility. As a result, she had nearly raped an unwilling participant. That person had been coaxed to attend a session where she showed up after the victim had been bond and gagged. Fortunately, she had read the fear in the victim’s eyes and had been able to stop everything when she sensed that the person was not enjoying the experience. She had also been fortunate that no charge had been brought against her or any of her subs.

That incident, however, had cooled all her sexual instincts. She had abandoned the other four subs in her group and had formed a mostly vanilla relationship with Mike. She had retreated from her free-willing personality and had focused all her energies into work. She had ignored every other aspects of her life as well and had poured herself into her project. When this once in a lifetime opportunity arose at work, it overtook everything.

Her hard work had paid off, she had succeeded and could even retire tomorrow if she so desired. “Get out of here!” Her boss had forced her to take the next month off to rest. “You need to have a life… and because this firm owes much of its success to your hard work… I need to make sure that you will not burn out… I don’t want to see you for now. We have it under control… Go live your life… you are young and you need to act your age for once… Go! Now!”

So there she was. Standing at the entrance of the building and looking lost; she did not know what to do or where to go. She did not feel like going straight home but she did not want to go get a drink by herself either. The cool breeze from Battery Park and the sound of the water beckoned her. A nice walk in the park seemed like a good idea.

Unbeknownst to her, she had been under observation from the minute she had stepped out of the building. Hidden in the shadows, they had been watching her while she stood. When she unexpectedly decided to head to the park they knew that they had the opening that they were waiting for. The five young men followed her at a distance and when she entered the park they spread out to get to her from all sides. She would soon be in their trap.

Nicole was leaning against the metal railing at the edge of the park. Feeling the wind in her face, she was deep in thought. She stood there until her face turned cold from the breeze; the lights from the buildings across the river had put her into a trance. She snapped out of it. It was time to head home. She needed to sleep and had decided that she would sleep until her eyes would pop open. There would not be any need for alarm clocks. What a strange notion.

When she turned around, a jolt of fear hit her. Five young men, their faces hidden by the shadows of their hoodies, were surrounding her. She was trapped with nowhere to go. She smiled and tried to walk past them but they clearly and firmly made her understand that she could not move.

“Strip!” The command came from the tallest man whose long blond hair was sticking out of his hood.

“Strip or we will tear your cloths off. Now!”

Fear had taken her voice and she looked at them in a state of shock. She stood there motionless with an ever-widening knot in her throat. The fear was suffocating and nauseating. She was a petite woman standing at 5’3″ and the men towering over her seemed like giants.

They stepped closer to her when she did not move so she raised her arms.

They stepped back to give her room.

After a few seconds of hesitation, she lowered her arms and removed her jacket. No words were spoken but their body language told her that she should not stop. They were ready to pounce. She needed to buy time. Maybe someone would walk by and help her out of this situation. She removed one shoe and the next. She would stare at them as she proceeded looking for any small opening to escape. She had been an athlete in a past life and she felt confident about her capabilities to outrun them. She would not need to run for very long. The park was small and the police patrolled the streets regularly. The park was probably under camera surveillance too, she thought. She just needed more time.

“Move faster or else!” came the warning.

She was now barefoot in her pantsuit and short sleeve work shirt. She opened the pants first as she thought that the shirt would hide her forms better. Time! She needed more time. The pants were off and soon the shirt was also on the ground next to it. Despite her fear she was calculating her options. There was still no one around to help out and even if there was she did not know if she could have yelled for help as her throat felt dry and useless.

However, when it was down to her cotton slip and panties she could no longer move. The idea of being exposed outdoor froze her. She pulled her arms up, afraid that her nipples would show through the fabric. The cotton camisole that she wore that day was thin and did not leave much to the imagination. It was her last layer of protection and she did not have the courage to remove it in front of them.

The leader made a hand signal and before she could say or do anything ten pairs of hands grabbed her remaining clothing. As if choreographed, they all stepped back in unison and tore the fabric off her body. She was naked and the gust of wind coming of the water’s surface sent shivers up her spine. It made her all to aware of her circumstance.

Nicole panicked and raised her arms in an attempt to cover up. Was this really happening? Bare as the day she was born in one of the biggest cities in the world? The young men were calm and confident. They did not seem rushed or threatened by the risk of police arriving anytime soon. They were in total control.

The leader spoke rapidly.

“This is our game and here are the rules: we give you a head start, you run and if we catch you then the fun really begins.”

They stared at her for a few seconds letting it all sink in. They then started to step away from her leaving her completely exposed to the outside world. The circle that they formed around her was widening with every step back they took. They knew from experience that it would take a while for the situation to register. In some cases, there was no chase at all to this cat and mouse game. The prey would just stand still, paralyzed, and would give in to her fear.

Nicole was different. Her nudity bothered her profusely but her flight instinct was strong. She had analyzed the situation carefully and had decided on a series of movements that she should follow. The key was to act without hesitation. She would have to put her modesty aside for now and let the adrenaline rush kick in. She was ready.

Once the men had withdrawn enough for her to squeeze by them, she immediately put herself in motion.

She grabbed her handbag and, before anyone had time to react, she swung it with all her might into the black NYC water. There! They would not be able to get her name and address; now her identity was protected.

As she had predicted, this act surprised and distracted them.

She used the diversion to start her sprint. By the time they turned back their heads towards her, she had already run past them.

There was no delay in her actions and it took them a second or two to react.

The girl was fast. She did not waiver and did not show any sign of timidity.

The leader started panicking. This was not the plan. “Guys let’s go or we’ll lose her. She is too damn fast. MOVE!”

He was right.

The girl had bolted into the darkness and could not be seen.

Nicole was moving fast from shadow to shadow choosing her spots, hiding, and avoiding the light cast by the lamps above her. She had managed to stay hidden all the while staying close to the railing overlooking the pier. She had decided that her best bet was the water. She was a competitive swimmer once upon a time. As the men started looking for her in the park, she lowered her body slowly into the sea and avoided making any splash that could alert them of her position. By alternating cleverly between underwater swimming and by hiding in the nook and crannies of the pier that was surrounding the park Nicole was soon going to be out of their reach.

The leader and his gang were frantic. For the first time ever, they had lost their prey. Once it was clear that she would not be found, the leader took out his cell to call the client.

Mike answered the phone. Who could it be at this hour of the night?

“This is Jay and we lost the prey”

Jay? The prey? Holly Shit! He had completely forgotten about the set-up. It had all been arranged such a long time ago. Months before he had broken it off with Nicole. Jay was the leader of a group that specialized in making women’s fantasies come to life. In a safe environment, they would act out abduction and rape scenarios. Nicole had told him her wildest fantasy and he had arranged for it to happen. Years ago, she had revealed to him that she wanted the experience of being a sub for once. She wanted to relinquish control and let someone else take charge. Then, as her dominant side had taken over, she had forgotten about it.

Now, the problem was that he had never gotten around to revealing his present to her. He had planned it for her while they were still together. In order for the set-up to work, the crew would not act for several months so as to surprise their “victim”. They had not given him a time frame for the act, and they convinced him that the less he knew the better the effect of the surprise to the person being put in the session. It had been over a year and he simply had forgotten about it. He had wanted to forget everything about her. It was just too painful.

“Hold on… I need to cancel the order… she is no longer with me.”

“What the fuck?! It’s too fucking late!” Jay was furious. “So she is unaware and she thinks that she just got attacked?”


“Well, we have disabled all the cameras in the neighborhood and there is no trace of our dealings… so we are getting out of this fucking mess… FYI: there is a naked woman running around the city” Jay hung up and tossed the cell in the river. He then raised his hand and signaled his troup. In a matter of seconds, the crew disappeared in the shadows of the park.

Mike sat-up bewildered. Where was Nicole and how could he help her?

Chapter 2

Nicky was now out of the reach of her assailants. She had swum up the West Side of the island but due to the strong currents her progress was slow. Knowing that the waters around the City had been deemed safe for swimming comforted her somewhat. At least, she would not over think the fact that she was completely exposed in that regard.

Now, looking at the landmarks she realized that she was still well below Canal Street. The water felt cool on her skin. It was her first time skinny-dipping and what a strange sensations it was. The water caressed and stimulated her sensitive breasts in ways that she had never experienced. The gentle cool touch of the liquid made her nipples as hard as marbles as she swam. She was hyper sensitive to the liquid enveloping her and exciting her all over. Her sex was also exposed to the water and the feeling was not unpleasant at all. She felt as if she was floating and as if she was being lifted out of the nightmare that she had just experienced. Her body was responding to this relaxing situation and she was starting to let go of her fear. She was nude and completely excited by now.

Now that the danger was gone, her mind was spinning in all directions. She replayed the attack over and over in her mind. Something familiar was striking a chord. A loud, “What the fuck!” escaped her lips. Memories of an old fantasy rushed back from some parts deep within her. The similarities were too close for it to be a coincidence. Was this a bad joke? Had somebody been trying to act out a session for her? The shock of that realization sent her pussy ablaze. She had not thought of her old sexual escapades in years. The humiliation, the pain, the power play and ultimately the pleasure that were attained from these acts all came rushing back.

She used to be a dome however. Why was she so turned on at that moment? She was shocked to see that the humiliation was turning her on so much. Maybe, her old curiosity about being a sub needed to be explored?

For now, she needed to get out of the water and get to a phone. How would she go about it? A pay phone, did they still exist? How about placing collect calls? The problem was phone numbers. She remembered the ones from long ago but all the ones that she dialed these days were only stored on her blackberry’s memory. She drew a blank. She could not hope to reach her apartment by swimming all the way to the Upper West Side. She would have to chance it by walking along the riverbank. She could always dive back into the safety of the dark water if necessary.

She had swum her way up to TriBeCa, she thought. That neighborhood would not be as quiet and empty as Wall Street. The further uptown she would go the more people there would be. She would need to get past 57th street before the streets would quiet down again. She knew that the residential streets in the West 70′s and 80′s would be quiet. But her journey back home was just starting.

She hoisted herself out of the water in what seemed to be a secluded area of the park that trailed along the river. The air was mild for the season but getting out of the water was not easy. Her pert small nipples were still as hard as little rocks sticking out like the tips of pencil erasers. Once she was out of the water, she found refuge behind a trashcan. She wiped as much of the water from her body as possible. She needed to get dry fast if she did not want to be too cold. Her hands ran up and down her legs moving quickly. She jumped when one of her hands brushed the hairy patch between her legs. She was still as excited as she had been in the water. The fear and possibility of being found out was had increased her arousal. Her hand lingered between her thighs. Her heart beat faster and, instantly, she no longer felt the cold. She pressed down applying more pressure on her mound. Time stood still. She could not breath and a feverish sensation was taking over her mind.


A dog startled her out of her reverie. The owner was a tall older woman sitting on a bench a few yards away. For the first time tonight, Nicole felt hopeful. This old lady would surely come to the rescue of a woman in distress. Despite the deep shame that would come with exposing herself in the open, she decided that she needed to get help after all. The dog got agitated as she got up but she was resolved to ask for assistance. The animal growled and barked as Nicole made her way towards its master.

“Help me please,” whispered Nicole.

The woman looked at her, startled by the nude form. She bounced up from the bench and started screaming at the young woman.

“What is this? How dare you walk around like this? Do you have any shame? You slut! You are depraved and I am not going to take this sitting down!”

Nicky was startled by the violent reaction. She turned red with embarrassment and tried to step back and away from the lady. Nicole’s voice was failing her again and she was left mute for the second time that evening. The lady was actually not as old as she looked from afar and she was standing staring down over the petite frame of Nicole. She was fast and she was strong. She grabbed the young woman by the forearm and sat back down on the bench forcing Nicole to bend forward and down over her lap.

SPANK! The first slap came down without warning.

“This is what I did to my children when they misbehaved!”


Nicole felt the air come out of her lungs. This was happening too fast for her to process. She drew her hands up to her face in an attempt to hide. She had never felt this embarrassed in her entire life but she loved it. The heat in her body rose as her posterior turned red from the reprimand. Part of her wanted to escape as she was kicking her legs in the air but the woman held her tight. Nicole felt like a little girl being punished. The woman was almost twice as big as Nicole and the contrast made her feel small and weak. She loved feeling powerless in her grasp.

“Why was her body responding in such a way?” She was being pushed down with the hand that held her while her rear was slapped with the other.

The problem was that Nicole’s arousal was increasing with each slap on her heated skin. She felt the friction of her mound of Venus against the woman’s legs. Between the humiliation and the excitement she would soon reach a climax if the rubbing of her sex against the woman’s leg did not stop. The rhythmic pushes on her butt by the punishing hand were increasing the friction of her sex against the fabric.


The hits kept on coming as her excitement grew. Overstimulated and out of control, she started spreading her legs ever so slightly hoping that the woman’s hand would touch her sex. She needed that extra contact on her pussy. She wanted to come. She needed the release. Sinking her face further into her hands, she suddenly swung her free leg as far off the bench as she could. She was stretching herself as wide as possible and the following slap hit her square on the sex. “Ooooooh,” she moaned as she came close to her climax. Just one more slap and she would be experiencing pure bliss. Alas it was not to be.

Suddenly the woman pushed her to the ground.

“You whore! Have you no decency!”

It was the woman’s turn to be shocked into silence.

Nicky got up and quickly sprinted away as the woman was about to reach for her walking stick.

Chapter 3

What had just happened? Nicole could not believe that she had almost reached an orgasm over that woman’s knees. Her state of arousal had not diminished. She was now sprinting in the direction of the Village still following the park up the Hudson River. With each stride, the friction between her legs was driving her insane. She was on the edge of release but she could not reach the ultimate relief that she was craving. She was running fast hoping that the strain on her body would either help her reach the sexual summit or calm her down. But no! The heat in her loins remained constant as she went along. She was now zigzagging to avoid the light cast by the street lamps but honestly she did not care if she was seen. The park was not very full and whoever saw her would not really have time to react. If they managed to see her in the darkness, they would not see much, only a pinkish blur.

Shivering, cold, feeling weaker than ever before, I look up at them with my heart beating a million miles per hour.

From my vantage point… the dim wet tile floor of the girls locker room at my high school, they seem to tower over me like strange Satanic titans. I’ll capitalize the letters in titans that were most obvious; TITanS; TITS.

I can see their panties from where I am; wet; stained; moist with anticipation for the fucking they’ll get later; I imagine what I know they must be imagining; strong, tall, powerful sportsmen with the cocks of Greek gods pounding them into the bed, making them feel more like women, less like girls. And then I kind of see what they must see (or not see) in me. I hang my head, unable to face them.

The “leader” is Monica, an Hispanic goddess so gorgeous and thusly deserving of admiration that my thin dick salutes her helplessly when I see her.

The other two are Tiffany and Vanessa. Vanessa just-slightly-overweight and also Hispanic, but less so in appearance, and Tiffany a tall WASPy blonde with perfect legs and a way of rolling her eyes that can cut deeply into a boy.

“Look at what a fucking little LOSER!” Tiffany says, “He’s like the dictionary definition of FAG!”

The others laugh, especially Monica. “Totally,” says Monica, “Has he ever even gone on a date?”

“Doubt it,” says Vanessa, “Not a little wimp like HIM.”

Tiffany erupts into uproarious laughter, pointing at my thin (and thinly veiled) little dick.

Through the tighty whiteys, my erection is obvious.

“Even when we LAUGH AT YOU, that little peepee gets HARD!” laughs Monica.

Her short dark hair frames a cruel and perfect face, “Pull off those sissy shorts so we can see the little worm we’re laughing at!”

I obey, standing up, and brace myself for their scrutiny. Words echo in my mind; everything I’m always called;

“fucking faggot” “little shrimp” “girly girl” “bitch boy” “lady ass” “the ugly fuckling.”

The room feels strange; humid and dry at once, hot and cold at once, like a fever dream location that my mind is making up, but it’s not; it’s real.

I’m really here with three goddesses delighting in my shame and fear… excited by the power they have over me.

Monica cackles as I slip off my undies. My “piece-of-shit” penis is exposed for all to see.

“Look at what a GIRL you are!” she shouts.

“I know!” Vanessa howls with glee, “He’s such a little PUSSY! We should dress him up in a bra and panties and drag him through the school for EVERYONE to LAUGH AT!”

By this time, tears were falling out of my eyes. I was visibly shaken, and my mind was racing. I couldn’t think of how to escape.

“What would you do, little Mr. Mangina?” Tiffany asks, her pale white skin glowing in the semi-darkness of the locker room, “What would you do to keep us from TOTALLY fucking up your life!”

Just then, out of nowhere, Monica swung her foot high through the air, knocking my glasses off my head and flooring me. I could still see OK, but knew my mom would KILL me if she found out my glasses were broke again.

“PLEASE!” I begged, shouting. “Please let me… GOD! I’ll… just DON’T…!!!” I was frantic.

I was weeping, my body convulsed and pulsated with fear and anger and humiliation.

“How’s it feel to be beaten by a GIRL?” laughed Vanessa, “You really are a FUCKING WIMP, you know that?”

My tailbone hurt badly, I had landed on it when I was kicked.

“If you want your glasses back,” said Monica, “You’ll have to earn it.”

“HOW!?!” I begged, “I’ll do ANYTHING!”

Monica smirked at Tiffany and Tiffany went to her gym locker and pulled out her deodorant and a bag of tampons.

“LICK THIS!” she said, throwing the deodorant at my head… hard.

I uncapped the thing and licked, tasting the sour, bitter taste of the deodorant stick and leftover sweat from her armpits.

Then Tiffany and Vanessa held me down to the ground and Monica put a tampon in my asshole.

“Now you really ARE a WOMAN, you clit-for-a-dick little SHIT-STAIN!”

Tears rolled down my face as they laughed at me. My penis was rock hard though.

They began to slap me hard. The sting of their palms and back-of-hands lasted long, and I started crying harder.

Monica removed a pair of dirty, cum-stained, pissed-on and shat-in pantyhose from her locker.

The girls had been messing them up in every way they could; drizzling their boyfriends’ condoms on them, peeing on them, everything. They had done it just for this occasion.

The entire thing was planned. By now the globs of cum on them had dried and the shit was hard clumps and the piss had soaked in.

Monica held my nostrils shut, and when I had to open my mouth to breathe… in went the disgusting hosiery.


There are moments, when ones desires need to be restricted, in order to become focused. Cleared of all irrelevance, in a fleeting state of purity, one can find pleasure of utmost proportions.

Codes: F/m, slow, reluctant, humiliation

Chapter One


She slowly undid another shirt button, feigning a playful indifference, as if it was to merely relieve her of pent up heat. But she knew of the effect her décolleté would have on the young man curled up next to her.

“And there will be times, when I will punish you.”

He looked at her with his clear brown eyes, and she could see in his expression that he was uncomfortable with what she just said. She met his inquiring look with her own matronly stare.

“Yes R. I’m going to discipline you. Pain is an essential part in our life. Why do you think we evolved the way we did? Through pain we are reminded of our weakness. But shouldn’t we also be encouraged by its potential to correct? I firmly believe punishment is a crucial element in the upbringing of any male. So I’m going to right you, when you are lost. Consider this as a form of maternal guidance.”

She waited, knowing this was hard for him to swallow. And when he was about to reply, she continued.

“I told you earlier, that I’ve always desired to be a mother myself when I was young. Maybe the Lord thought I wasn’t ready then.” She paused for a moment, overcome with emotions. “Anyway it didn’t happen. I never became pregnant. But over time I was able to accept, that this might be his plan for me to fulfill my maternal duties elsewhere. Through his guidance I became involved in community service and discovered my passion for working with needy youngsters. Helping hapless boys gave me a renewed purpose in life. I’m only doing his bidding. But you know that already, do you?”

R. nodded silently. He felt irritated by her speaking of him as merely a boy. It was belittling, making him feel immature, which of course he was, when he considered their difference in age. And he felt uncomfortable about her speaking of punishment.

“As it comes with age, you have a clearer view on things in life, consequently I know that punishment alone is not enough for boys, it has to be accompanied by love and affection. And you know how much I care about you.”

R. wanted to tell her, but she silenced his effort by placing a finger on his mouth. Her gesture again stirred varied emotions in him. The softness of her touch made him longing for more, but her words caused concern.

“It gives me great comfort, that you too wished for me to be your governess.” She paused briefly and added “… even though I would rather describe my custody as guiding counselor. I will be demanding at times. You will sometimes think that I ask too much of you. But you must never fear me, as my purpose is to support, and if you so choose, to be your companion. I will honor your trust with commitment and love, to provide you with guidelines until you are ready to embark on our own.”

She could clearly detect anxiety in his eyes and contrary to her words she enjoyed the obvious apprehension in his face.

“I know people talk about me, when they see me do my work with vigor. I sense the gossip behind my back; can trace the uneasiness in their expressions, when they try to influence my work with half-hearted advice. I have been called a lot of things in my life.” Again she waited, observing him, as if she was able to read his thoughts before continuing „How do people call me behind my back, R.?”

He could not answer. Part of him found it inappropriate to tell her what he heard – they called her a dominant, unyielding, sadistic bitch -, but the larger reason was his unwillingness to acknowledge, that there might be some truth in those observations, and the simple fact that she was now his guardian. R. averted his eyes. He could not meet her questioning glance and decided to remain silent.

She continued. “But you know R.; I am able to bear the burden when people misjudge me. Since these are only their own projections, their own anxieties, their own insecurities transferred on me, I’m willing to endure them. See, there is pain everywhere. I promise you, there will not be any vagueness in our relationship.”

R. didn’t like where this was going. There was no underlying eroticism anymore. He had thought their intimate cuddling in this small bedroom after the incident earlier, would lead to something. He didn’t really know what he was hoping for, but it sure felt nice. He had been enchanted by her. She radiated so much femininity. She had weakened his renewed resolve just as easily, as she had given him comfort in his trauma. But the lewd sexual tension her mature sensuality had stirred in him, troubled him the most. He was a still tense when he finally looked at her.

She had seen it all along, known it from the beginning. It’s all been so easy. He was so eager to please. So eager to make a good impression and yet so easily manipulated. She relished the tension. She kept looking into his eyes until he lowered them, torn in ambivalence, between his obvious desire for her and his natural shyness. She observed his glance slowly moving down her neck, and again trying to secretly peek at her bosom.

They had both stretched out comfortably on his bed. R. simply couldn’t stop glancing at her large breasts, while she relaxed by his side. She wore a delicately designed brassiere underneath her shirt, which still covered most of her voluptuous décolleté. John could almost anticipate the hidden treasures behind the decorative design and swallowed uncomfortably, once again overcome by the prickling feeling caused by her intimacy. Time seemed to have come to a stop. She didn’t say anything for a while. She smelled nice; mature, saturated womanly, a very different kind of smell, compared to the young girls R. has met. There was glowing warmth radiating from her body.

She savored his youthful arousal, his obvious interest in her caused by their sudden intimacy. Again she waited, watching him as he tried to shift his position to conceal his growing excitement underneath his pajama. She had been delighted earlier to discover the small wet spot in his nether region, so obviously caused by fluid leaking from his craving member. She preferred male who could not hide their emotions, that’s why they had be young, more likely to accept her rule.

All the while, during their one-sided conversation, she had – little by little – opened most of the buttons on her shirt. Her brassiere was now almost fully visible to his longing eyes. As she undid the last button, part of the shirt opened up, revealing an exquisitely embroidered bra. His eyes greedily took pleasure in her revelation, piercing the fine material for the mysteries beneath it. She always liked the effect her ample bosom had on men. She made a mocking sound. R.’s face immediately colored, as he had unsuccessfully tried to hide his voyeurism.

“You do realize, what you just did, was very rude. It is demeaning for a woman to be stared at in such an intrusive manner. You are indeed a naughty boy!”

“I’m sorry.” he mumbled ashamed by her directness.

“But it is unavoidable for us to share some intimacy, since you now live in my house. You are a good natured child. But there are certain adjustments to be made, bad manners to be corrected, odd habits to be broken…” she paused for effect “but as I’ve told you before, I will guide you and as long as you are willing to follow my advice, there is nothing to be feared. I know we both have to give up some of our privacy, which might not be easy at the beginning, but I am confident we will work it out.”

R. felt trapped between his blooming desire and his shyness, which he found incompatible with his urges, and hence hated himself for his inability to not better conceal them. She on the other hand enjoyed the moment and took pleasure in his obvious embarrassment.

Again he could not bring himself to look at her, even has he felt her judging gaze on him; once more time seemed to have stopped, as he tried not to openly peek at her breasts. How could he control his desire to look? Their closeness was nearly unbearable for him. She sensed his conflict and softly touched his hair, caressed it playfully and murmured a barely audible “Relax.” Her sudden touch was electrifying. He immediately felt goose bumps crawling up his neck and shivers running through his youthful body. His member twitched, again he had to shift, to hide and accommodate the growing tumescence in his nether region.

After some shared silence, she opened a small clip on her bra. It has been exclusively designed to resemble a nursing brassiere and yet to conceal this very function to the tempted male stare. Driven by its own weight her large white breast uncovered just in front of R.s face. She had big brownish areolas, which protruded her breasts and a swollen nipple bulged in the center. She could feel the warmth of R.s breath on her skin as he coyly exhaled, to hide his excitement. This caused her areola to be more textured than the surrounding lighter skin. Small wrinkles occurred close to her nipple, making it stand out even more prominent. Eventually, triggered by the sudden temptation, R. overcame his inhibitions and subconsciously took the now revealed treasure in his mouth.

“It’s always so easy to manipulate a man’s archaic instinct” she giggled inwardly, although she always had varied feelings about her large breasts. She found them to be a mixed blessing, annoying at times because of their size, but undeniable a practical benefit to lure men. But they weren’t easy to stimulate, especially when men would rudely grab them. She preferred to train males first, before allowing them intimacy. Of course she would never openly put it that way. She would only encourage and guide. Once you have established a subtle dominance on the male’s longings, it’s easy to restrict, deny and ultimately enforce enthusiastic adoration. From the perspective of a grown woman, who already knew her fleshy desires, she wouldn’t consider the breasts part of her favorite erogenous zones. Her hotspots on the contrary, assuming she was in the mood and were stimulated to accommodate her rather peculiar preferences on that subject, could reveal her volcanic sex drive and vulgar lasciviousness.

Consequently she used her ample breasts as mere tools to manipulate men, to expose the comforting bondage between the sexes through nurturing, yet to stir the underlying sexual hunger and desire for more, but then to conquer in the end. Only through dominance she was able to achieve true satisfaction. Wearing this nursing brassiere was part of her play. She knew that by not completely revealing her breast to the male, she kept even the act of revelation limited to her own bidding. It was to allude primarily nurturing. The clip brassiere’s chosen functionality emphasized for one thing on her maternal role of giving. But she also wanted the hierarchical dimension reinforced. The practical design should suggest certain indifference, as if it was to reduce something burdensome for her, like the mere milk secreting function of a mother nursing her infant. She could take them away just as quickly. Believing that the mind is the most erogenous zone, she always tried to engage her vis-à-vis. She didn’t want the male to simply undress her. It was the game of hide and seek, that gave her thrills.

She watched R. while he clumsily sucked her right breast. The anxiety in his face was now replaced by an expression of comfort and arousal. He had instinctively closed his eyes, while he nursed on her bosom. She caressed his head, and by her gentle touch he relaxed even more. Eventually she pushed her forefinger into R.’s mouth, functionally, as a mother would do to interrupt her hungry baby from feasting on her breast. It broke the spell she had on him. He opened his eyes and looked at her in a mixture of embarrassment and open desire. The plump nipple had dropped from his mouth. It was covered with clear liquid from his fondling.

“Are you feeling better now?”

He nodded meekly.

“You are a wicked child” she said in a sultry voice, deliberately reducing his male ego. “Do you think it’s appropriate for you, to fondle your caretaker’s breast?” she continued playfully.

His cheeks colored slightly as he tensed on her probing look, not knowing what to make of her last comment. R. was in a foggy state of arousal where reason was clouded out by pheromones. Overcome with cravings for more intimacy, he finally had been able to forget the day’s unpleasant event. He wanted this to last at least a little longer. But to his disappointment she sensually clipped away her breast, again hiding her womanly bosom from his longing eyes.

“Did I just make you feel good?”

He nodded, unwilling to engage his own voice, fearing it wouldn’t come out right. She continued her teasing.

“I can see it did. I want you to know, that a certain intimacy will be part of our relationship. But remember what I told your earlier, it has to be on my terms.”

Now she was going to elevate their connection to the next level. She sensed he was properly set up, already caught in her sensory web of control.

“I cannot have you feast on my bosom like a hungry baby. There is no milk to be drained, to relieve excess pressure in my milk ducts, which would certainly result from constant nursing, and would perhaps outdo the forceful sucking pressure you just applied on my breast.”

R. felt like a schoolboy, who was scolded by his teacher. “It must be the way she talks” he thought, trying to comprehend what she said. “Or was it her choice of words, her tone, or her attitude.” His ego was split between fear and revolt.

Once more she maternally caressed his hair, thus inducing another rush of sensual stimulus, preparing him for her next words, again clouding his male ego.

“You see R., from now on, before you are allowed to calm yourself on my breast, I want you to be in a more receiving position. And you will never again touch my breasts without my prior consent.” Her voice had not changed while she reprimanded him, but he immediately felt the threatening implication.

“I want you to look at me now,” she whispered comfortingly.

He was somehow relieved by her willingness to guide him; although embarrassed by the fact that he had sucked on her breast like a little child. Yet never in his life had he felt such enormous arousal and desire. It was almost maddening for him. R. looked at her and was suddenly mesmerized by her mature beauty. She had stunning facial features. The well-shaped eyebrows accentuated her intellectual appearance; the nose was straight and lively. Her initial red hair had darkened into a more brownish color, losing some of its vividness. She preferred to wear it in a plain style, parted from forehead to crown, and drawn smoothly back to a chignon at the nape of her strong graceful neck. She had released it from its usual confinement, and it was flowing freely, curling up slightly at the ends. But it was her gray eyes, which had an almost hypnotic effect on him. Suddenly it seemed natural to look at her.

“Good boy.”

Just when he felt his male conscience strengthen, she reminded him of his insecurity.

“You do respect me R., do you?”

“Yes of course ma’am,” again disliking the croaked way it had come out.

“I want you to express your respect.”

He looked at her puzzled, not knowing what she meant.

“As you have seen, my earlier words about love and caring had meaning, just as my resolve to correct. Since I have opened myself to you, I find it appropriate for you to do the same. Whenever there is going to be some emotional bonding between us, as a token of respect, you will assume a posture of gratitude.”

His eyes widened, while his cheeks colored considerably. R. felt insecure about his body. It was the combination of unanswered sexual curiosity due to his old-fashioned upbringing, and the sensed scrutiny in the eyes of a mature woman, that reinforced his feeling of physical inadequacy.

So turn on your back now.”

She waited for him to comply.

R. slowly turned on his back, still looking at her. She was surprised by his willingness to keep eye contact. It was in itself a form of subjection. He stretched out, but didn’t quite know what to make of his arms.

“You can grasp your thighs with your hands by your side” she instructed, again indicating guidance, and relieving him of what otherwise would have been a clumsy movement. His earlier excitement was once again replaced by tension, when he realized she was deliberately observing his body from head to toes. When she had indicated earlier, that it was time for him to get a good night’s rest, and would accompany him to his room, he had put on the pajama without any thoughts. But now he felt immature because of it. And then he realized, mortified, that his excitement would now be clearly open to her scrutiny. He was blushing with embarrassment, averting his eyes once more.

“Don’t avert your eyes. You are not finished yet.” She slid slightly closer to him, and was now towering him through their different postures. She saw his glowing checks, felt his constrained breathing, his forced awareness to look at her, and eased his nervousness again through her simple touch.

“How can a woman’s touch cause so much pleasure, why am I not able to control myself?” his inner self seemed to shout, trying to regain some control over his emotions.

She was toying with him, her own arousal gradually increasing. Dominance was her greatest aphrodisiac, and thus her scent changed, releasing that predatory aura she so much relished. His physical reaction to the ever so slight change in atmosphere was instantaneous. He literally smelled it. It was a new odor to his young senses, intimidating, damp, and yet strangely arousing, as her nearness again took control of his emotions.

“Now spread your legs gently, but keep your soles together.”

He complied slowly.

“Yes, that’s very good. Go on, I tell you when to stop. And R. please,” she had again reduced her voice to a whisper. “Do not avert your eyes. I want you to feel confident about yourself in this position.”

She observed him, as he opened his legs, while continuing to lovingly stroke his head. Only her soft touch made it possible for R. to comply. He hungered for affection.

“This will be your posture to express gratitude and readiness to receive attention. You are such an attractive, good mannered lad. I will honor your willingness to conduct yourself admirably. There are only a few minor flaws to correct and I will clarify them to you. Are you willing to learn?”

“Yes!” he replied eagerly. It felt good to be praised. He felt joy that she spoke approvingly of him.

“Again, I want you to be at ease. In the future, if you may wish me to help you calm yourself, you have to repeat what we just did, to recline on your back and keep your hands by your sides. You will always look directly in my eyes. Not averting or closing them. Then as a gesture of your willingness to conceive my affection, you will spread your legs v-shaped until your soles touch. Since we now have already shared considerable intimacy, it should only be natural for you to open your legs in a devote manner. You will only and I repeat only in this position cherish my breast.”

The prospect of receiving her breast again, exited him immensely and could easily be observed by the painful rigidity between his widened legs. Because of her instructions to lie back, his pajama luckily stretched above his groin, somewhat concealing the swollen maleness, preventing another situation of indignity, at least for the moment. However he found his posture to be unnatural, contradicting his usual instinct to curl up, and even though his arousal blocked out most of his rationality, demeaning.

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I am sure that you have to be a little surprised that a man would knock on your door, completely nude, and ask to borrow a towel, or a t-shirt, or anything that you might consider lending me to cover myself, but there is a story to all of this. So, if you want to know why I have only my hands to cover my front, and my bare ass is bright pink, I’ll just go ahead and tell you.

I surf the net occasionally, and look at girlie pics and what not, as most people do. I can’t say that I ever felt the need to hide this either. When my friend Linda, who lives three doors down from me would come over to hang out and have a drink, sometimes I would even tell her or show her when I found a particularly hot pic.

One night, as we drank G&Ts, watched “Family Guy”, and surfed the web, I found a great video clip. A model on a runway had on a long loincloth type of bottom, and a bikini top. The top was fairly standard, but the bottom was a long strip that hung down from her waist, and another in the back. They were simply held on by a string around her waist, covering her buns and her crotch, but making it clear that she could not be wearing anything underneath.

The strips of fabric hung all the way from her waist down to the floor, and as she walked along the catwalk, she stepped on one of the two pieces of cloth, which caused the string to come untied, and she lost her bottom altogether. She ran, completely bottomless, to the backstage area. She covered her front with her hands, and her butt was completely bare.

Naturally, I thought that this was the best thing ever to happen in the history of the planet, and I told Linda so. She came over and watched it, and her jaw dropped. She told me that the woman had been totally humiliated, and that I should be sympathetic instead of cheering and aroused. I explained to her that it was not the end of the world, the woman should just “grin and bare it”. After all, she is not the first woman ever to be naked in public. Strippers do it all the time, and show even more. Nobody ever died because they were “totally humiliated”.

Linda started to get a little bit irritated with me and told me that I was being sexist, and that I would never be able to deal with it if it happened to me, so I should just shut up and stop playing the stupid video. I told her to take it easy, that it was no big deal, and we should just have another drink. “Yeah, I’ll take it easy,” she said, and we made more drinks, and went back to watching tv.

A couple of nights later, Linda stopped back by. We mixed up G&Ts, and let bygones be bygones. In fact, Linda was being totally playful that night. She told me to turn around and close my eyes. When I asked her why, she said she had a surprise gift for me. Never one to turn down a gift from a friend, I happily obliged. She took my hands in hers, and put them behind my back. Then, I heard a click, and I felt a bracelet lock around each wrist. Linda’s surprise present for me was handcuffs!

I tried to move my hands around a little bit to see if they were even real handcuffs, or just the novelty type that they sell in the toy store. They felt as real as can be. I just laughed a little bit, and asked her what was the occasion. She smiled, and said softly, “Birthday party. You do like parties, don’t you?”

I told her, “I do like a good party, but my birthday isn’t for a while now. You know that.”

She just gave a quiet laugh and said, “Who said anything about YOUR birthday?” I think that was the first time that I realized that she might have something further in store for me.

I think I was already blushing as I tried to laugh her off, be cool, and in a calm voice said, “Well, I do love to party with you, although I guess it is a fairly small party, just the two of us.”

Without even blinking, she replied, “Oh, this party isn’t just the two of us. Not even close.”

Still trying to play it cool, I said, “Well, unless you’ve got a mouse in your pocket, it may have to be.”

With a self-assured smile, she said, “No, no mouse. What fun would a mouse be, anyway? But since the other party-goers are all at my place, I think it is time to depart this bachelor’s paradise for the glamour and sociability of my own little slice of heaven.”

With this, she stood up and made a beckoning motion with her hand, motioning me to the door. I wasn’t really sure what to do, and then she clapped twice, and in an impatient voice said, “Come on – move it. People are waiting, and this birthday isn’t going to celebrate itself now.”

As I stood up, I smiled at her and said, “Um, Linda, your birthday isn’t for a month after mine. Isn’t this a little premature?”

Linda returned a bland smile and softly replied, “Who said anything about my birthday?”

“Well, I don’t know, I just figured and all,” was all I could come up with. With that, Linda gently took me by one of my handcuffed arms, locked my door, and gently led me down the steps. Playing along with her seemed like the way to go. She probably would have drinks or something for us at her house.

We walked down the sidewalk, and the air felt pretty nice. The weather was getting good, and I wasn’t too cold in just shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops (our little drinking sessions were pretty darn casual). As we walked up to Linda’s house, I could see that the lights were on, and somebody was inside. Now I was starting to get a little panicky. Wearing handcuffs at home, in front of your friend is one thing, but being handcuffed in front of strangers was not a real comfortable idea for me.

At this point, I just stopped in my tracks and asked Linda, “Ok, what’s going on with this? There’s other people in there.”

Sensing my nervousness, she gave me a big, sickly sweet smile, and said, “It’s a birthday party. I already told you that. You didn’t forget already, did you?”

“No, I didn’t forget already, but I didn’t think you were serious, or I wouldn’t have come over here like this,” was all I could muster.

“Well now, whose fault is that,” she politely responded, “Now, let’s get in. People are waiting.”

By now, I wasn’t very comfortable, but she had me by the arm, and I didn’t want to be seen by her guests being dragged in or anything. After all, with my hands cuffed behind my back, she could probably get the better of me and make me look pretty foolish if I tried anything. I tried to muster up a smile, and told her, “After you, my hostess.”

She gave me that sweet smile again, and simply cooed, “Well, aren’t you the sweetest.” Then she led me up her steps with exaggerated care, as a woman opened the door to let us in.

As soon as the door shut and we entered Linda’s living room, a group of six women with some kind of frozen drinks in their hand let out a cheer, “All right, Linda, finally!”

“We thought you had gotten lost!”

“You invite us to a party and then ditch us?”

“Ooh, now that’s what I want for my birthday present! A handcuffed man!”

As I looked around, I realized that I knew some of them, somewhat. Linda’s neighbors on either side of her were there. It was a peculiar time to realize that we had some pretty attractive women on our street. Also there was a cashier from the convenience store down the street. Half my age or not, she was amazingly hot, and I always hoped for a little cleavage shot when she leaned over to give me my change. It looked like the girl next to her was probably her girlfriend, as they were of the same age group and were exchanging glances and giggles constantly.

I looked further, and this is when things got a little odd for me. Sitting on Linda’s sofa, like they had been there all their lives, were the last two people that I ever would have expected to see. Comfortable lounging, drinks in hand, were my secretary, Elise, and my immediate supervisor from work, Tammy. I must have looked shocked because my boss coolly looked me in the eye, and simply asked, “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?”

“I’ve told you some of what Mr. Sensitive here has to say, haven’t I?” said Linda. “But now, shouldn’t we be celebrating Valeria’s birthday?” At this, everyone gave a cheer, and bustled about, refilling drinks, and assembling birthday presents. Although I was handcuffed, the next few minutes of the party were surprisingly normal. It turned out that Valeria was the cashier from the convenience store. The other women had gifts, which she opened, and everyone chatted and drank up.

After the presents were cleared, Linda brought out a cake, and Valeria blew out the candles. As Valeria cut slices of cake, Linda’s face became thoughtful, and she casually spoke, “Oop, one last birthday tradition, girls.”

Valeria inquired, “And what would that be, Miss Linda?”

“Why, birthday spanks of course, silly,” Linda replied, “One per year!”

Valeria blushed, and stammered, “I think we can skip that one, Linda”!

Linda waved her hand, and firmly informed her, “No, Valeria, tradition is tradition. There must be birthday spanks. But I think we just may have a substitute sit and take the spanks for you!” The girls all looked at me and cheered, and I knew what Linda had planned for me now.

I must have looked like I was about to try to run, and it’s true, I was thinking about it. At that point Linda reminded me that not only was I handcuffed, but she had the keys to my house. It would be pretty difficult for me to pull some kind of escape. I might just be stuck here.

“Now, let’s just see here,” said Linda, “I think that the birthday girl can sit on the couch, nice and comfy, and Spanky here will just have to go over her knee.”

My boss sat straight up and exclaimed, “Spanky – I think someone has a new nickname!”

At this point, my secretary asked sweetly, “do I have to call him Mr. Spanky?”

Linda just waved her hand, and motioned at me to climb onto Valeria’s knee. I hesitated, but she snapped, “Get on her knee now, Spanky! You are handcuffed and this could get much worse in a hurry!” All the women looked surprised but egged her on, and told me to get going. Valeria slapped her knee, and I climbed onto her lap, ass in the air, directly facing the two neighborhood women, trying to avoid eye contact. As I settled in, they all murmured in approval, but Linda snapped her fingers and shook her head. “There’s something wrong here”, she said. “Oh yes, that’s it. Now I remember, spankings have to be given bare bottom!” Before I could even say a word, she strode over with authority, and yanked my shorts and boxers down to my knees. All the women howled and cheered.

“Nice buns!” yelled Elise.

At this, Tammy chimed in, “I knew there was a reason we kept him around!”

I tried to grab my shorts to pull them back up, but I was bent over Valeria’s knee with my hands cuffed behind me, and there was not much I could do. As soon as I made the grab for the shorts, Linda pulled them all the way down to my ankles, which drew more cheers. She sternly addressed me, “I tried to be nice and let you keep your shorts, but you had to go and try to disobey me and ruin Valeria’s spanking by pulling them up. What do you have to say about that?”

I simply stuttered, “I don’t know. I mean, um, I’m sorry. Please put them back up where they were.”

Linda just laughed. She pulled the shorts and boxers completely off, and thoughtfully said, “We’ll just have to see how you behave, won’t we? Maybe if you are good, you can have them back later.”

I had no idea what to do. I just tried to keep pressed against Valeria’s leg, so that only my ass was on display, and nothing even more “personal”. “Don’t you want to thank us for being so nice, Spanky?” she inquired.

After I said, “Thank you all very much,” the girls all laughed again.

“I think he’s getting it now,” said Barbara, one of the two neighbors.

“Isn’t there something you want to ask us, Spanky?” asked Linda, “Don’t you want your spanking to begin? I’m starting to think you just want to lie on Valeria’s lap all night.”

I knew what I had to do, and trying to do so with dignity, I asked Valeria, “Would you please spank me now?”

The women absolutely howled with this. Valeria just smiled and said, “I think that I can do that.”

Everyone sat forward on her seat expectantly, and Valeria drew her hand back. I looked up to see Linda intently adjusting a large digital camera upon us. I looked in the other direction to see Elise with her video camera. She just shrugged and said, “fFor all the other secretaries that couldn’t make it her tonight,” and gave me a sweet smile. I must have had that panicked look again, because Linda flatly snapped, “If you want to go running down the street bareassed, hands cuffed behind your back, and no way to get inside, go ahead, but I’m not sure how good an idea that is.” I just lowered my head, and tried to avoid eye contact. Valeria readied herself, and the other women all gave her a countdown from ten. When they reached “one”, she gave me the first spank, a firm swat, right smack in the middle of my ass. This got the loudest cheer yet. She pulled back, and kept going, again and again. The women all were laughing and giving each other happy glances, egging on Valeria.

After ten swats, Valeria asked, “Do you even know why I am here? You always try to look down my shirt, you jerk. Linda was nice enough to help me even the score. How do you like me now?” The women whooped, and even gave each other a few high fives. Valeria started spanking again, but harder. Much harder. I tried to move my ass a little so that she would not hit the same sore spots, but she landed swat after swat anyway, and Linda shouted a warning to me about trying to avoid my spanking. Finally, after nineteen strokes, presumably for her nineteenth birthday, she stopped.

All of the other women clapped and congratulated her on a job well done. I just lie there as my ass burned. The women came over, one at a time, to check out her handiwork. My buns must have been pink, as everyone seemed to approve. Each of them felt free to comment on my ass, or give it a pinch as she walked by.

Linda, now the group leader, sat up and looked at her glass. “Spanky,” she said, “My glass is empty. Be a dear and get me a refill.” All action in the room froze. She still had not returned my shorts, and I was still across Valeria’s lap, trying to keep covered. “Did you not hear me?” she snapped, “Or is there some kind of a problem?”

“Well,” I said, “Could I have my shorts back first?”

Without hesitating, she replied, “No, you may not. I told you that would depend on your behavior. You repeatedly tried to avoid your spanking. You won’t be getting your shorts back soon. Now stand up immediately.” There was no way around it. She had me and she knew it. Fully bottomless, I stood up, hands behind my back, penis on display to all of the women.

I was maybe two feet away from my pretty, young secretary, but I was trying not to look at her. As I stood there, the women gave Linda a little round of applause for taking charge. She grew even more confident with this, and ordered me to stand before her. As I did so, she took a pair of scissors and cut away my t-shirt, so that I stood completely nude before the women. “That,” she said, “Was for taking so long to stand. When you get an order, you follow it, you don’t think about it. Now, I think the girls would like to take their picture with you.”

That seemed just fine with the women, each of whom came over, one at a time, and took her picture with me, posing with her hand on my pink ass, handling my penis, or whatever seemed to be a fun picture to her at the time.

The one who I thought would be the easiest on me, Elise, was far from that. She walked over, grabbed my testicles firmly and told me in a stern voice, “Bend over the chair. NOW!” Knowing better than to disobey again, I did so. As all the women watched closely with intrigue, and Linda readied her camera, Elise put one of her hands on each buttock, and spread them wide apart, displaying my anus to the room, and to Linda’s camera, which whirred away. As the other women’s jaws were dropping, Elise chirped, “Thanks, boss. It’s been real fun working with you. Be sure to hit on me again real soon.”

A visibly amused Linda strolled over. “Well,” she declared, “I think we can take the cuffs off now. Given our video and photo collection, and his lack of clothes, I think he’ll be most obedient, no matter what we tell him to do, cuffs or no cuffs.” She removed the cuffs from me, and I did not even think of trying to cover my penis with my hands or running, or anything of the like.

Donna and Barbara, the neighbors, were conferring. “Shouldn’t we test him then?” Donna asked.

Linda nodded, “Help yourself. Go ahead.”

Donna took a minute to contemplate, and then announced, “I’m sure that being inside is getting stifling to him. And since he likes to look at Barbara and I when we sunbathe, I’m sure he does that to all the women on the block. I think it’s time for him to take a nice jog around the block.”

The others seemed to approve, and Linda gave two quick claps and motioned to the door, “You were given an order. Not when you feel like it, go now!” As I ran out the door fully nude, I wondered what my limits were. As I got a few feet away, I realized I could try to escape, but I was stark naked with a pink ass, and no way to get inside. It was probably two in the morning, but you never know when someone will come outside to take out the trash. Also, they had the pictures and video of me. I had to return and I knew it.

When I got back, they had been thinking. Before I could end my exercise session and rejoin them inside, I had to do naked jumping jacks on the lawn, both facing front and facing back. These seemed to be a favorite with the women, who kept the video camera running and kept laughing and pointing as my penis flopped around.

A surprising side effect of my penis flopping and bouncing was that it was getting a little bit erect, a fact that was not lost on the women.

“Look at this, I think he likes it!”

“Maybe we are being too easy on him!”

“We are definitely going to have to show him off more.”

Linda deliberated over this for a while before asking, “Ok, girls, who’s ready for a little ride?” Since they all knew she had something planned, they all agreed that they were ready for a ride. We got in two cars, and Linda led us to the university part of town, three miles away. We stopped near a section that I knew to be the Sorority Row. Linda had everyone get out of the cars, and we stood underneath a tree on an average looking residential street.

Linda looked at me standing there naked, and motioned Valeria’s friend Gina to start the video camera. “All right,” she said, “If you want to get your clothes and go home, here’s the deal. You have to stand here and masturbate for everyone to see.”

“If someone walks up, they see it. That’s your problem.”

“You have five minutes to come. If you do so, we drive you home and give you your clothes and keys. If you don’t, we leave you here naked, three miles from home. You get to walk through Sorority Row and the university butt naked if you want to get back.”

I swallowed hard. The women all seemed a little startled, but nobody doubted that she would do it, and nobody wanted her to stop, and Donna readied her watch. “Ok,” she said, “The clock starts in thirty seconds.” After all that these women had seen, and made me do so far, I had no hesitation. In full view of my close friend, my two co-workers, my two neighbors, a teen cashier and her friend, and under the watchful eye of the video camera, I stood naked on the street and masturbated in front of all of them.

I got hard surprisingly quickly, considering the circumstances, and I stroked furiously, despite the audience. I think that some of the women wanted me to have to walk home naked, but others might have been rooting for me after all they had seen me do and endure. I tried to put good pressure on my erect penis. It wasn’t comfortable doing this standing up, but it was not like lying down on the pavement would have been more comfortable.

I really can’t believe this is happening. I’m a grown man in my mid-forties. Because of the scene I made during my mandatory company physical last week, I was about to be given a physical exam by the attractive 30 something female doctor who humiliated me at my last appointment while my 28 year old female supervisor observed.

I admit I was being difficult and even childish during the exam last week. And I know I made it impossible for the doctor to do her job. My protests began right from the onset when the doctor told me to undress for the exam. I complained that during previous company physicals I did not have to take off my clothes. My recalcitrance continued but really got out of control when I refused to pull my underpants down so she could examine my genital area. Before I could react I found myself over her knee, my underpants yanked down followed by a series of smart smacks being administered to my bare bottom. When she was through she pushed me off her and told me the exam was over. She said she would tell my employer she could not complete the exam because I was uncooperative.

I certainly learned my lesson. Not only did I endure the humiliation of being spanked on the bare bottom by the young, female doctor, when I got back to the office I spent an hour in my supervisor’s office being verbally scolded and forced to relate to her in embarrassing specificity the events that transpired during the exam and the reasons I was being difficult. I almost choked when she announced she was not only rescheduling my exam with the same doctor, but she was going to go with me to ensure there was no repeat performance. I pleaded with her not to do this but she wouldn’t hear it.

So here we were, sitting in the waiting room for the doctor to see me. When my name was finally called I felt like a child as the receptionist spoke more to my supervisor than to me. And to make matters worse, she announced in a voice all in the waiting room could hear that she understood my supervisor would be accompanying me for my exam today.

When we arrived at and were ushered into the doctor’s office she motioned us to sit. My supervisor introduced herself and proceeded to apologize on behalf of the firm for my bad behavior. She then turned to me. I was made to apologize to the doctor and to tell her it would not happen again and that I would fully cooperate with her instructions today. My supervisor added that to show the seriousness in which the company takes this matter she intended to observe the exam to indeed make sure I cooperated.

The doctor seemed almost amused by the situation, and you could see a sense of mischievousness come over her face. After accepting my supervisor’s apology she turned to me and in a commanding tone, as if to rub it in, asked again if I was prepared to cooperate completely and unquestionably with her directions during the exam. I sheepishly nodded my head. She stood up and came around to where I was seated and getting right in my face said she wanted to make it clear she would not hesitate to give me another spanking on my bare backside in front of my supervisor if I did not . Looking me right in the eyes she asked me if she had made herself perfectly clear and if I understood what was expected of me. I again shook my head in sheer and total despair.

She pointed to the screen and again in a commanding voice told me to go behind it and take off my clothes. She followed up by saying, almost emphasizing, everything comes off except your underpants. She concluded by telling me when I finished undressing I was to come back to her desk and take my seat. When behind the screen I could not believe the situation I was in. I was not only going to have to endure being examined by the woman doctor, my young female supervisor was going to watch. I seriously thought about running out of the office, but then I thought of the potential consequences, not the least of which the power my supervisor had over my job. Reality snapped in when I thought about the doctor’s instructions and her threat. I quickly shed my clothes like an obedient dog. In utter embarrassment I left the shelter of the screen and made my way back to where the two women were seated. Based on their stares and reactions, it was obvious they were enjoying the show as I made my way to the chair trying as best I could to shield my crotch area from their view.

The doctor continued her authoritative manner saying she had a few follow-up questions before beginning the exam. It seemed her inquiries were more intended to exacerbate the untenable situation I was in. She began by asking if last week was the first time I was examined by a woman doctor. When I said no, she seemed surprised and followed up by asking if I had to take off my clothes for that exam. She then asked when I last had a bowel movement. I almost fell out of my chair when she next asked if a partner ever put anything up my rectum. She concluded the questioning by stating she noticed last time that I was not circumcised. She asked how often I retracted my foreskin and cleaned the head. She sarcastically noted she would pay particular attention to this during the exam.

With that she escorted me to the exam table and told me to hop up and sit on it. Much to my despair my supervisor asked if she could bring her chair over to the examining area so she would have a better view of the exam. The doctor encouraged her to do so. The doctor proceeded to check my scalp, eyes, throat and neck. My blood pressure was registered. After putting a stethoscope in her ears, she checked my breathing both in the front and in the back. She kept giving me directions to move this way or that, or to do this or that. I again felt like a little kid. When she finished with me in the sitting position I was told to lie down. She proceeded to check my arms, legs and feet. She also poked and probed around my abdomen and after lifting my underpants put her hand down into my pubic hair area where she pressed. I was then told to sit up.

She then directed me to get off the table and stand in front of her. As I was doing this she pulled over and sat on a rolling chair. She had me turn around. She checked my spine. She had me bend and do other stretching as she checked my muscle and bone structure and back. She then had me turn around and face her again. In a very matter of fact voice she told me to pull my underpants down to my ankles for her. I became hot with embarrassment and hesitating meekly asked her if she could conduct this part of the exam without my supervisor present. I went on in a barely audible voice saying I promised to be obedient. Even before the doctor had an opportunity to respond my supervisor curtly announced she was staying for the entire exam to make sure I cooperated. The doctor just smiled.

Defeated and utterly mortified, turning redder by the moment, I shamefacedly reached down and did as I was told. As I lowered my last bit of dignity I glimpsed over to my supervisor who was in the process of leaning forward with a big grin on her face. I felt totally humiliated standing there naked in the presence of the two attractive females. The doctor seemed to hesitate, almost as if to belabor my embarrassment and to give her and my supervisor the opportunity to relish in my nakedness and untenable predicament.

Just as the doctor began to start the exam there was a knock at the door. I couldn’t believe it when the doctor yelled out for the person to come in. It was the receptionist.

After getting an eyeful of my genitals before I had a chance to cover them and taking in what must have seemed rather amusing sight- me standing nude in front of the two young women, she made a rather insincere apologize for the interruption and said she could come back later. The doctor motioned her in saying it was alright.

Where the receptionist stood gave her a full view of my bare behind. She proceeded to relay to the doctor she had two patient issues she needed direction on. She said that Mr. Smith was in the office hoping you could have another look at him. He said he was still having pain in his rectal area. The doctor smirked and made the comment that some of these male patients are a real piece of work. She went on to say that she was convinced he was in the office again because he enjoys it when I put my finger up his ass. Tell him I know he prefers to see me but I am booked with other patients. Ask Angela to examine him.

The receptionist next said Mr. Silvers called and said that he spoke to his boss and she said even though he had a physical six months ago because of the number of sick days he has taken she would like you to give him a thorough exam. The doctor told the receptionist to fit him in sometime next week as a favor to his boss. With that the receptionist turned and went out the door.

She failed to completely shut the door. I became panicky when I heard female voices just outside the opening. Extremely worried that someone would look in, I almost apologetically mentioned to the doctor about the door. She disdainfully dismissed my concern saying all of the women in the office are health professionals and are not only quite use to seeing male patients undressed many of them assist in exams.

Turning her attention back to the exam, the doctor commented in a sarcastic tone that she couldn’t examine me with my hands covering my genital area. I reluctantly removed my hands making sure not to look at my supervisor. The young doctor then proceeded to thoroughly inspect every inch of me down there right in front of my supervisor. She began by taking hold of my shaft and moving it up, down and to each side as she checked it. After feeling up and down the shaft she told me to hold it up and out of the way for her so she could examine my testicles. She cupped and squeezed one testicle. When she squeezed it hurt and I flinched. She asked me in a patronizing voice if I had pain. When I said it seemed she just squeezed me too hard she made a disapproving facial expression. Nevertheless, she went on to take a closer look at this testicle before moving on to the other. I did my best not to flinch this time when she squeezed.

She then took me by complete surprise when she next told me to retract my foreskin for her. I tried to slightly turn away from my supervisor’s view but I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she moved forward in her chair to keep my genitals in her view. When the head was fully exposed the doctor began her inspection of the glans. She then spread and squeezed my pee hole which I also found quite painful. As I stood nude before the two women the doctor volunteered a discussion I really didn’t want to have about the importance for good hygiene by uncircumcised men.

She succeeded in making the next part of this embarrassing exam even more humiliating. As she took hold of a testicle she announced she would next be checking me for a hernia. She said she needed me to turn my head and when I was told, cough. She felt the need to add that she expected a deep cough. Speaking to my supervisor she jokingly relayed that most patients typically let out a feeble cough when she is performing this exam on them. I did my best to cough deeply and loudly when I was instructed to do so. It must have been a little much because she said in a patronizing voice as she continued to hold my testicle that I had done a good job for her. When she was through she told me I could pull up my underpants. As I did she went to her desk and used the phone.

The next thing I knew a middle aged female nurse entered the office and directed me to follow her. I did my best to cover up my near nakedness as she approached. I couldn’t believe it when she escorted me out of the office into the hallway. When we entered an adjourning room I stopped in my tracks for there were two teenage looking girls sitting at a table filing papers. When I confronted the nurse she put her hands on her hips and asked if I was being difficult. I stuttered something foolish and just put my head down and followed her into the room.

She escorted me to a scale that was located across from where the girls were sitting. When we got to the instrument she announced almost cheerfully for me to take off my underpants and mount the scale. My whole body went warm. I just stood there stunned. I snapped back to reality when she said if I didn’t take them off she would. Totally defeated I reached down to take them off using one arm to shield my genital area as best as I could from the girls’ view.

The nurse got me on the scale and much to my dismay rested her idle hand on my backside as she recorded my weight. She then gave my ass a slight squeeze as she made my turn around to register my height. As I turned I placed both hands firmly in front of my genitals. The nurse looked down at what I was doing and laughed. In a confident tone she said that there was no need for me to be embarrassed in front of the girls. Both are planning on going to medical school. When they become doctors they will have male patients naked in front of them every day. She kept me up on the scale for what seemed like forever. Finally she recorded my height and giving me a pat on the butt motioned for me to dismount the scale. She then allowed me to retrieve my underpants. All three females watched as I hastily pulled them back on.

Just as I finishing pulling up my underpants the receptionist entered the room telling the nurse she was needed with another patient. The nurse turned and asked one of the girls if she would escort me back to the exam room. I stood there shyly knowing any protest would be fruitless. I simply dropped my head resigned to the fact that my embarrassment in front of the youngster was to be prolonged. The nurse quickly departed. The girl came over to me and smiling said to follow her.

She led me out into the corridor. I didn’t even have time to worry about being seen for as soon as we were in the corridor another female called to the girl escorting me. She quickly walked toward where we were. As she started speaking to the girl she eyed me from head to toe. I couldn’t believe I was standing here in my underpants as the two young girls discussed an after work get together.

After what seemed like forever we were on the move again. Just as we were arriving back at the exam room and I started to relax as much as I could given my predicament my worse nightmare came true. A middle aged woman in street clothes, probably a patient, turned a corner and came walking down the corridor toward us. When she saw us her scan quickly locked on me. She did not take her eyes off of me the whole way down the corridor. As she passed I glanced her way and caught her staring at my rear end.

When we finally arrived back at the office the doctor seemed surprised yet happy that the young girl, who I learned was named Crystal, had come back with me. The doctor explained she needed to go check in on another patient. She asked Crystal if she had time to give the patient (me) a cleansing enema in preparation for his rectal exam.

In a very confident almost sly manner Crystal told the doctor she would be very happy to assist. With that she looked at me and in a very businesslike manner told me to follow her. She led me through a door in the doctor’s office to an adjourning small exam room that contained an examining table and cabinets. After shutting the door Crystal swung around and getting right in my face said in a threatening tone she was quite aware of the situation I was in and if I didn’t do exactly as she instructed she would not hesitate to tell the doctor I was not being cooperative. With that she gave me a smile and said shall we get started.

Patting the exam table she said in a very commanding voice for such a young girl what I want you to do is remove your underpants and hop on the exam table and position yourself on all fours for me. I was in utter shock. I was being told to get naked and assume a humiliating and terribly exposed position for a girl who was young enough to be my daughter. I was so embarrassed I could not move. It was like an out of body experience.

The fog was suddenly broke when the girl in an even more determined voice telling more than asking me if she needed to go get the doctor and my supervisor. Feeling totally beaten, I reached down and sheepishly shed my last remaining cover and almost unconsciously mounted the table. As I assumed the position I glanced over my shoulder to see her donning surgical gloves and lubricating a finger.

She came up toward my front and sticking out her gloved finger announced quite sarcastically she would be sticking this finger up my ass to first check me up there and to lubricate the opening for the nozzle of the enema tube. She next went behind me and lightly tapping my thigh told me to spread my legs. I first felt her finger around my opening followed by it abruptly being thrust deeply into my ass. All I could do was grunt. As she worked her finger deeper inside of me she hit my prostate. As her fingers continued to explore I started experiencing a pleasurable sensation and involuntarily found myself thrusting my pelvic area back and forth against her finger. If that wasn’t bad enough her movements caused me to become semi erect.

As I wiggled my back end and made sounds of satisfaction she clearly worked her finger quicker inside of me. I really started to lose control. She snickered saying something like someone is enjoying my finger up his butt. Almost as quickly as she put her finger in she took it out. I almost fell to the table exhausted and aroused. When I came to my senses I was totally ashamed of myself.

She next inserted the enema nozzle in my rectum. As the contents were put in me she rested her hand on my backside and at one point came around to the front to massage my stomach area twice making contact with my still semi erect penis. She made my hold the liquid after the bag was empty until finally she allowed me to go to the bathroom.

I almost ran to the bathroom not caring that my bobbing semi erect penis was in full view. I was so relieved from the whole ordeal that when I came back it took a moment before it registered I was standing in the room in front of the young girl completely nude. After taking a good look at me she announced she needed to check if I was cleaned out. To complete her total humiliation of me I was made to stand before her bend over and spread myself for her inspection.

Crystal announced to the doctor I was all cleaned out and ready for my rectal exam. The doctor thanked her and thankfully she left. So here I was back in the examining room. I couldn’t believe even after I had been through I found myself very embarrassed at again being almost nude in front of the two young women. If I thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, I soon find out how wrong I was.

The doctor led me over to the exam table. In a commanding voice she directed me to remove my underpants. By this time I must have become resigned to my situation because without a second thought I instinctively reached down and pulled them off. As I was doing this the doctor extended the stirrups attached to the table. I didn’t know what this was all about. I gulped. She must have sensed the anguish on my face because she breezily volunteered the fact that she gives all her male patients rectal exams while in the stirrups. She said it not only makes the exam easier she has found that when males are completely exposed to her they become less inhibited and thus more willing to discuss any health issues they have in their bottm area.

As I got up on the table and into position she had me put my feet in the stirrups. She proceeded to adjust the stirrups so my legs were raised higher and spread wider. After adjusting the stirrups she told me to scoot down so my backside was at the edge of the table. I clearly heard my supervisor muzzle a giggle at this command.

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