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The adult theater had several small theater rooms. I chose the one marked four. I opened the door and walked into the dimly lit room. Instantly my eyes noticed a commotion on one of the couches.

As my eyes began to focus, I stopped dead in my tracks. My mind began racing. Was that a small, white pony on the couch? Did the pony have a golden, flowing mane? A short white tail? WTF?

After a more few seconds, I realized that the ‘white pony’ was a very large, white female on all fours, on a couch. Her head was bobbing up and down on a fat cock, while a man was standing behind her energetically moving his hips back and forth.

As my eyes continued to focus, I could see that the large female was quite attractive, I guessed she was about 30 years old, had shoulder length blonde hair, pert breasts, and a fairly large, round ass. No, she wasn’t a husker, just big. She must have been at least 6′ tall and around 180 pounds.

Curious, I decided had to get a better look. I walked up to the man who was fucking her from behind. As I approached him, I noticed several men sitting on couches and chairs watching the action. Only a couple of men were fisting their cocks.

When the man fucking her noticed me, he smiled, and asked me if wanted to fuck her ass. I looked down and saw his cock moving in and out of her greased, pink asshole. Before I could respond, the man told me: he was her husband, he brought her here once a month, she liked to be gangbanged, and she liked to do it in public.

Then to my surprise he slapped her right buttock smartly (leaving a red mark), withdrew his stiff cock, and strongly encouraged me fuck her ass. Not known for turning down a nice looking, firm, ample ass, I pulled out my semi-erect cock.

There was no time for any foreplay. I simply placed my cock between her greased butt cheeks and slide it up and down. When it was rock hard, I slowly pushed my plump cockhead against her sphincter. It gave way quickly.

When her big, white ass began to swallow my thickening cock, she stopped sucking cock long enough to turn around and look at me for an instant. She had blue eyes and a pleasant looking face. Her (other) cheeks were ruddy in color.

As I began to thrust into her, I heard little moans. Motivated, I held her broad shoulders to keep her from moving and began to fuck her harder. The sound of my groin slapping her buttocks was music to my ears.

(Her husband stood by me the whole time. He also would intermittently slap her bouncing buttocks with his hand and then finger fuck her pussy.)

Occasionally, I would stop, grab the base of my cock, and slowly twist it around in her rectum. I wanted to ‘punish’ her ass – make it grateful to have her hubby’s cock lovingly stuffing it. I fucked her liked this for about 10 minutes before cumming hard in her ass.

After I pulled my wet cock out of her soupy ass, I continued to stand there. I looked around while her gaping asshole slowly closed. I saw the man she was sucking pull his cock out of her mouth. He jacked it for a moment before painting her face with his cum.

The audience of men continued to sit and watch. No one else wanted to have sex with her. That was okay by me because I wanted more of her.

Somewhat awkwardly, I crawled underneath her to get to her pussy. The good wife quickly sensed what I wanted to do and willingly straddled my face.

Perhaps to encourage my oral thoughts even more, she pulled her head down to my cock and began daintily licking any remaining cum and her ass juice off it. I reciprocated by smooching and licking her very wet and sticky clit and pussy.

My sperm had dribbled out of her asshole onto her pussy, clit, and upper thighs. I unhesitatingly swallowed our combined juices.

As her body began to stir, I reached up and pushed two of my fingers into her rectum. Feeling the thin membrane between her rectum and pussy reenergized my cock.

Soon, my finger fucking and enthusiastic licking evoked loud moans out of the big, blonde wife. Within minutes, she gasped and began bucking wildly against my fingers. Her abdomen smashed into my face as her orgasm reached a crescendo.

Almost immediately afterwards, I saw two very large black men walked into the room. I crooked my head and watched upside down, as the two black men extended their hands to the husband. Their hands were twice the size as mine.

Not wanting to be the odd man out, I was thinking of extracting myself from underneath the wife; however, when she went back to working my cock with her mouth, I stayed put.

Soon, one black guy walked to her front. The other walked up behind her and unzipped. His semi-erect cock was at least 1-2 inches larger than mine and it was coke bottle thick.

Black cock in-hand, he guided it to her pink pussy. His large cockhead pushed her pussy lips wide open as he entered her a couple of inches. He paused a moment before slowly forcing his shaft into her pussy, until his balls rested just above my forehead. The wife moaned out loud. Her clit, now in my mouth, became erect, again.

As the black man began to fuck her, I was thinking I would not want to be on the receiving end of a fuck from this man. He through his whole body into fucking her. I was sure she would feel that fuck for several days, but right now, her pussy loved it.

As his pace quickened, his large balls began bouncing off my forehead and my tongue would occasionally contact his thrusting shaft as I licked her clit. He either did not mind or did not notice. Who would with a pussy tightly wrapped around your cock?

It didn’t take long for the big man to start making pre-orgasmic grunts the way he was slamming her pussy. With his hands on her hips, he began deeply pushing into her and pulling her pussy up and down his long, fat shaft. Her pussy was stretched so wide that I could easily see her pussy lips sliding in and out with the motion of his cock.

She came first, though, groaning loudly. Her pussy juices practically waterfalled onto my face. Then I saw his balls begin contracting as his engorged cock began to spew sperm into her pussy. Sperm ran down the base of his shaft as he continued to plunge in and out of her.

After he had completed cumming, he held steady for a moment, probably savoring their convulsing uterus. When he pulled out of her, long, thin strings of cum hung from his cock to her pussy. I caught some of them on my tongue.

My movement caused the black man to look down and at me. When he saw me licking my lips, he pushed his still swollen cock into my mouth. I greedily sucked his cock clean before he walked away. I savored the juices.

Wanting more, I cranked my neck up so I could suck-up the thick globs of his cum that dribbled from her hanging labia lips. I kept eating his sweet salty cum mixed with her sweet pussy juice, until I saw her abdomen tremor, again.

I had completely forgotten about the second black man, until I felt his knee come to rest on the couch. I immediately looked up. He was stroking a massive cock. It was super thick and, although hard, it was pointing towards the carpet. I thought, ‘how can a woman accommodate this monster into her belly!’

The second black man began to rub his bulbous cockhead up and down her slit, just inches away from my face. When he was ready, I saw for the second time a huge cock head spread her pussy lips to gain entry.

Any remaining cum juice form the first black man squeezed out as the second black man pushed his cock inside her. Apparently, this close-up was too much for me. I felt my cock begin to swell. The wife noticed, too, and sucked it into her mouth quickly, swallowing it to the base. I raised my hips to assist as much as possible. I knew I was going to cum. I closed my eyes and saw stars as my sperm jetted out.

After I had shot a couple of loads down her throat, she pulled her mouth back on my cock and jacked me. She made sure my second orgasm was complete.

Meanwhile, the second black man couldn’t keep his cock in her. It kept slipping out and pushing to the side of her inner thigh. I guess the wife and I were being too rowdy. Anyway, she reached around, grabbed my hand, and placed it on his cock, so that l could guide it into her pussy.

I was amazed at how large it felt in my hand. I held five inches of hard cock after I just slid four inches of it into her pussy!

Despite her pussy being stretched to the max, the wife started fucking him like crazy – back and forth and up and down. When her pussy tired, she ground her pelvis into him. Her haunches were very strong.

When she finally stopped grinding, the black man really started to fuck her. His fat cock became a blur in and out of her pussy. He was not going to last long, either.

In no time, his balls began to flex repeatedly as they emptied into the wife’s pussy. It seemed to take him a couple of minutes before he finally stopped thrusting.

Her pussy must have awash with sperm. When he pulled his huge black cock out, I heard a loud, wet suction sound. I looked up to see his fresh cum bubbling and trickling out of her pussy. Lustfully, I drove my tongue into her pussy, licking and sucking the sperm out of it.

My face was now completely wet with black sperm and white pussy juice as I untangled myself from underneath her. I walked up to her and we kissed. We tasted each other’s smeared faces.

The husband wanted to fuck her ass, but she declined his advances and got dressed. The show was over. I left before the couple did. The white pony was something else.

From the dark corner where I was standing my corner, she looked like a ‘Plain Jane’. She had long mousy looking hair that almost hid the furtive look on her pale face. She was wearing a dark, long skirt (to her ankles) and a camel colored knit top. She and he (couple) had entered one of the small porn theater rooms and had stopped to talk to a man who was a co-owner.

After they had finished talking, the mousy haired female went to couch nearby, slouched down on it, spread her slim legs, and raised her skirt to her waist. The co-owner (bald, early 60′s, dressed like a handy man with an attitude) who followed her, leaned over her, unzipped, pulled out his black, flaccid cock, and began jerking it.

When his cock began to harden, he lifted her legs up and folded them tight to her chest. She turned her head toward me as she slid her thong to the side.

The co-owner attempted to mount her, but had to disengage. Apparently, there was a problem with that position. They reversed positions – her on top. That worked. She was able to lower herself onto his erect cock until her small, loose, ass cheeks rested on his balls.

After a few moments of shifting and adjusting her weight and pussy around her impalement, she bent over, put her little hands on his chest, and slowly began to ride him. I began to stroke my cock as I watched her ass cheeks rock back and forth. Being an ass man, I imagined grabbing those sweet cheeks and pulling her ass up and down the length of my hard cock.

As I was about to step forward, a customer came out of nowhere and pulled out a large cock. Its length was extensive. He looked at the hubby and received a head nod. I was instantly jealous, but not for long.

At first, the customer acted like a little gentleman. He gently guided her head to the tip of his cockhead. That act lasted all of 5 seconds.

She gagged when he suddenly pushed it in too far. Tears instantly spring into her eyes and begin running down her face. Her little mouth was stretched open as wide as possible. All I could think was that the customer was going to choke her to death with his big cock if he pushed it in any further! When the woman’s man said something, the customer quickly backed off.

I immediately stepped forward and offered her my hard cock as her man watched. She took hold of it and slowly licked around the cockhead. It seemed she licked every inch of my cock before coming back to the top. She then parted her lips and began taking it into her mouth at an agonizingly slow pace.

When my cockhead was in her mouth, she began working her tongue and cheeks around it. She kept this up until the co-owner’s cock faded. For whatever reason, he abruptly disengaged and walked away.

The customer, who had backed off, eagerly took his place. He reclined on his back on the couch and she climbed onboard, after handing her skirt to her man. All was forgiven. I stepped back to watch.

Her pussy was better equipped for the large cock than her little mouth. In no time, the big cock was ¾ of the way in her – thanks to the co-owner who had helped open her up.

She obviously loved the feeling of the big cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Her head was jerking back and forth. Her little tits were bouncing up and down.

Clearly, the customer was very excited, too. The back of the couch was hitting the wall each time he slammed his cock into her pussy. Several times, he grunted really loud as if he was going to blow his load, but he just kept pumping. This went on for a few minutes, until he abruptly pulled out, too. The customer thanked her man and left. That was good news for me. It was my turn, again.

She was standing, naked form the waist down, as I walked up to her. She looked puzzled. She was probably wondering why two men had not completed the ‘deed’ with her. I was not concerned about that. I knew I would.

I looked directly into her wondering eyes, smiled, turned her around, and had her bend completely over the couch armrest. She placed her forehead rested against one the couch’s pillowy cushions, as I placed one hand on each butt cheek and pulled them apart.

My heart raced when I saw her exposed, puckered, pink anus. (Everyone else could see it, too.) It looked wonderfully inviting. That was the main reason I was there. I wasn’t so sure about her, though. I could tell she was fighting the impulse to get up and run. Her grip on the couch seats had turned her knuckles white. However, she continued to allow me complete access to her vulnerable anus.

I took immediate advantage of her bravery. Despite feeling everyone’s eyes on me, I swept my lips over her smooth bottom a few times, before probing between her soft butt cheeks. She smelled very clean and sexy. I had to taste her ass.

As my tongue lapped over her sphincter, it puckered even more even as she spread herself wider, wanting more. I obliged by pushing the tip of my tongue into her sphincter. My balls tingled with excitement.

When my tongue penetrated her, I didn’t stop there. I methodically tongue fucked her asshole, until my tongue couldn’t move.

She sighed heavily when I slid my weary tongue out, but then jerked as I pushed one finger, coated in spit, slowly into her warm, ass. Feeling her ring firmly gripping my finger was erotic. I hoped I would feel that sensation on my cock.

She jerked again when I decided to push another finger in. This time she moved her ass backward to meet it.

I twirled my fingers around in their new playground. Her warm responsive body added to my arousal and lust. I eased my thumb into her wet pussy.

When my fingers in her anal cavity met my thumb at her g-spot, both her ass and pussy began to spasm. I wondered what two cocks would feel like – rubbing against each other. Would she like that? My latter question was quickly answered when I noticed some type of fluid started to flow out her pussy. Something had turned her faucet on!

We easily could have played like this for a very long time; however, extended foreplay was not an option in this environment. We were here to fuck, cum, and move on.

Trying not to sound too eager, I told her to spread her cheeks when I removed my fingers. She did. She used both her hands to open herself up to me as her man anointed my cock with lube.

I gripped my wet, slippery cock at the base and pushed my swollen cockhead against her small anus. I watched with fascination as her anus slowly spread to accept the head of my cock.

I held myself still in her for a few seconds before slowly easing back out of her. After only a brief pause, I pressed my cockhead back into her and held still, again. When I didn’t move for several seconds, she told me, “That felt good…you moving your cock like that…keep going…”

That was all I needed to hear. I gladly began sliding my oiled cock back and forth through the tight ring of her anus. She caught onto my easy rhythm and began wantonly pushing her little ass against me, forcing my hard cock deeper into her bowels.

The sight of her expanded asshole, clenched around the base of my cock, was awesome. The feeling of her warm ass engulfing my cock was heavenly.

It was obvious that she knew how to take a cock up the ass. She automatically knew how to relax without having to be coaxed. It made me wonder just how many men had plowed her pretty, little, pink asshole. I corrected myself. It wasn’t little any more. My cock had stretched her asshole out good.

Suddenly, her man joined the fray. When he sat down on the couch, she stood up, and scooted over on top of him. He easily slid his cock into her wet pussy.

I stood there, with my throbbing erection, wondering if that was it, but not for long. She leaned her chest against her man’s chest, allowing me to access her ass. I grabbed those wonderful soft cheeks, easily spread them, and walked my cock into her loosened anus. In no time, I was again banging her poop chute.

I had heard and read about this kind of thing – that one guy can feel the other’s cock through the wall between the anus and vagina. I had always thought this was an exaggeration. It wasn’t. It felt amazing.

Although I certainly couldn’t see anything, as my view consisted almost entirely of her slender back, I could hear wet sucking sounds as his cock slide in and out of her pussy and hear her moans.

Even more sensual, I could feel my cock rubbing up and down the length of his cock shaft as he moved it in and out of her pussy. On top of this, I could feel him fucking her through from the shocks his thrusts sent through her body and the clenching and relaxing of her muscles around me. The hot friction turned me on. It was incredible.

At some point, her man spoke to me. “Hey man…you feel my cock in her? We got her full of cock…” Then he said, “When I push you pull out!”

We set up a seesaw motion fucking her. When I pushed all the way into her ass, he pulled all the way out of her pussy. We did this repeatedly. The woman bounced like a rag doll between us.

When her orgasm started, I felt her ass and pussy start clamp down on our cocks. My cock felt like it was gripped in a hot, fleshy vise. Moments later, as her climax peaked, her head flew back.

I saw every tendon in her neck stretched out. After allowing her to enjoy her orgasm, we both slammed our cocks into her simultaneously. The sensation of his cock in her pussy, underneath my cock, caused my own orgasm to be stronger and longer than any I’d had in a long time.

Apparently, her man felt the same. I felt his cock swell and harden in her pussy right before he came. She moaned loudly when our cum erupted into her warm, wet holes.

As our orgasms subsided, she took turns squeezing our cocks, milking out our cum, using her pussy and ass. The ‘Plain Jane’ had real talent!

When we pulled out of her, she lay there motionless with a satisfied smile on her face. Cum leaked out her gaping anus and pussy. No one would question whether she had just been dp’ed.

Her man let a couple of trolls kneel between her worn out legs and eat her out. The trolls noisily felched our sperm out of her holes.

After a few minutes of comic relief – watching the trolls slobber over her juicy holes, my long day caught up with me. I left for home.

Joey, Bill and Morty. The three amigos back in town at the same time for the first time in 30 years. They had been best friends, and had gone through first bicycle crashes together. First girlfriends, first drinks and unfortunately that one time they had gotten hold of some stink weed when they were 15. That was a memory all three friends would rather forget.

Back in the day it took a lot of plotting, but all three had found dates to the grade XII graduation dance, and three willing girls they were. The boys lost their virginity side by side, parked in their three cars. It was a night to remember.

Joey’s prom date got pregnant and before he could leave town for college, he found himself settled down and married, working for his dad. Now he owned the family business and only once or twice in the intervening 40 years had he wished things had gone differently. She truly was the love of his life. Family was the most important thing to him, but on this night, his buddies came first.

Bill went on to college, became a film director for nature documentaries and traveled the world. A broken hand had given him an unexpected hiatus, and his thoughts were on his hometown. Twice married, twice divorced, he decided to go home and lick his physical and his emotional wounds.

Morty, always the playboy. Jet setting around the world. Anyone with enough money was his love of the week. Or the day or the month, it all depended on how much money they were willing to part with. His last job had just ended in disaster. Snuggled up with Natasha, on her private island in Thailand. The only other inhabitants, her native employees who saw they had all they needed. Natasha had neglected to mention that the private island was owned by her and her husband who arrived with his own flavor of the week. No one seemed to be up for a foursome. Morty grabbed a boat and rowed himself to shore. Jumped on the first airplane out and decided to go home, possibly to rethink his career choices.

Perfect timing too. It was Halloween night and there was a party. The three amigos headed to the costume shop, only one in town and only one costume left. They looked at each other and started to laugh. It was almost as if it was meant to be. One costume, meant for three people. A three-headed monster complete with masks.

Bill, pulled out his wallet and quickly paid the rental fee. “It gets pretty hot in there, it’s been the only complaint, and it makes going to the bathroom interesting…there are zippers about crotch level though. Hope you guys are close.” she giggled as they walked out the door.

They took the costume back to Morty’s house. He never had the heart to part with the old family home and all three of them knew the insides like the back of their own hands. It was a familiar place, adorned with pictures on the wall of all of them as they grew up. This was Morty’s safe haven. None of his clients ever learned where he was from, or where he called home.

The men relaxed on the couch, Morty keeping the beer flowing and the conversation got louder and louder until the phone rang. It was Joey’s wife. “Are you three ever going to make it to the party? Do I need to come and pick you up?”

Joey laughed, “Yes, and bring the van!”

“Ok, suit up boys, our chariot is on the way.” he laughed as Morty cleared the beer bottles.

Bill headed for the bathroom, “And you both better piss before I zip myself into this with you two fools.”

When he emerged from the bathroom he could only stare at the two of them as they prepared to step into the costume. Joey and Morty had stripped to their socks and underwear. “What the hell are you two doing?”

Morty answered, “The girl at the shop said it gets hot in here…we don’t want to start stripping down at the party do we?”

“Damn fools, I cannot believe I am zipping myself in there with you two half naked idiots for the night.” he chuckled as he tossed his clothes on the floor.

Joey took the right side, Morty stepped into the middle and Bill took his place on the left. They sat with a bit of difficulty and pulled on the monster boots. The three headed, six footed monster…but only two arms.

Morty started to complain, “Hey, there aren’t any armholes for me. How in the fuck am I supposed to drink?”

“I guess you’ll have to be nice to us and ask please, we’ll hold the glass and let you drink from a straw.” Already drunk, Morty thought that was the perfect solution.

A honking from the driveway signalled the arrival of their chariot. As they bumped and shoved their way out the front door, they were illuminated in the van’s lights. By the time they shuffled close enough to open the door, Joey’s wife was laughing so hard that there were tears streaming down her face. As they fought their way into the back seat she finally got a hold of herself long enough to speak. “I knew you three were close in high school, but that has got to be both the most ridiculous and funny thing I have ever witnessed.”

Bill just groaned and Joey said, “Just drive, you’re the chauffeur, no comments required.”

She leaned back between the seats and gave him a kiss. “This is going to be an interesting evening.”

The party was as every Halloween party should be. Lots of costumes, lots of laughs, lots of great food and lots of alcohol. By midnight the drinks were making their way through the three headed monster and down to the three bladders. Joey said, “I have to piss, and now, let’s go outside and take a whiz in the bushes like we did when we were kids.”

With nods of agreement, they stumbled out into the back yard, a quick glance over their shoulders to make sure no one was watching and down came three zippers. Three cocks peeked out of the costume and Morty glanced at the other two men, “I remember you guys having bigger cocks when we were kids.” Neither of his friends answered him, just the sound of emptying bladders splashing in the bushes.

Up came the zippers, back in to the party they went. Joey’s wife met them just inside the door, leaned in for a kiss and whispered in his ear, “I am so horny. I am going to fuck you senseless when we get home…wear the costume, it makes me hot.”

Unfortunately, her beer drinking whisper was not so quiet and the other two chuckled as she continued to drive her tongue down her husbands throat.

Morty’s hands, hanging uselessly all evening started itching to do something. And with his friend deep in a french kiss, it seemed natural to reach over and stroke Joey’s cock through his underwear. Joey didn’t pull back, so Morty’s hand reached in and stroked Joey’s bare cock. He could feel it throb in his hand. His fingers tightened, and he licked his lips. So much smaller than he remembered from that day long ago after their one time experiment with pot. But then again, his hand was probably bigger now. Joey groaned under his wife’s kisses and as he did, Morty stroked him faster.

Bill said, “Hey, I think I need another drink.

Morty quickly hissed, “Not yet, this is so hot!”

Bill leaned over to Morty’s ear, “I’m getting a boner watching them go at it…lip to lip. We need to pull them apart. Before I lean in and kiss her myself.”

Morty’s free hand reached over and rubbed at Bill’s cock. He grinned and whispered back, “I can feel that.”

So there, in the midst of a Halloween party, he jerked his two buddies cocks, well hidden by the costume. Joey kept smooching his wife, moaning and groaning, thrusting his hips, fucking Morty’s hand.

Bill started to pull back, but Morty’s hand tightened, stroking faster, and Bill decided to return the favor by reaching his own hand into Morty’s boxers, finding a large, hard prick to wrap his fingers around. A triple jerk off right there, in the costume, in front of anyone and everyone who happened to glance their way.

Joey’s wife oblivious to what was happening, finally pulled her lips from her husbands. “Wonder how quick you can get that costume off and cum.” she asked him with a grin.

“At this rate, might not get the costume off first,” he replied.

She giggled, “Glad my kisses still affect you that way.”

Morty piped up, a little too quickly, “Well, we are going back to my house for a while, still have some catching up to do. We’ll send him home eventually though.”

She kissed all three men on the cheek then winked at her husband, “Don’t send him home all wore out…I have work for him to do when he gets home.” She started to walk away, then added, “Jump in the van, I’ll drop you off on the way home.”

The van ride on the way to Morty’s house was breathless. All three men were having their cocks stroked, slow and steady, right in the back seat of the family van. Joey’s wife, concentrating on her driving and keeping up a constant commentary on anything that had happened at the party that they might have missed, completely oblivious to the triple action at work right under her nose.

In the driveway as the three men let go of each others cocks, she said, “Can you walk home when you’re done?”

He managed to choke out a, “Yes.”

The three friends shuffled into the house. When the door was closed, and locked, and they were sure that the van was long gone up the road, the costume came off in a hurry, leaving three men standing, staring at each other in just their underwear.

Morty’s erection was apparent, tip peeking out through the hole in his boxers. “I’ll get beer.” he said.

When he returned, the two men were still staring wide eyed at each other, as if awakening from a dream. Morty, now naked, erection bobbing shamelessly, set the three beer on the coffee table, and plunked his ass dead centre, gesturing to the empty seats on either side of him. “Wasn’t that night years ago, wasn’t it Halloween night too.”

Broken from their hypnotic stare, the others looked at him. Joey said, “I was just thinking that.”

Bill turned to look at Morty, “That is weird, I was just thinking that too. It was Halloween night, that old man’s place, when we walked by, he offered us a Halloween treat that night. Big old reefer. Always wondered what he put into it to make us so horny.”

Morty started to smile, “I don’t think there was anything in it, that was just an excuse for us to experiment a little. Who better to experiment with than best friends.” He patted the couch again.

Joey frowned, “I have never cheated on my wife. I can’t do this.” But as he spoke he walked over to the couch, stood in front of his long time friend and dropped his underwear. Uncertain of what was possessing him to get naked and stay, instead of running for the door, he resigned to the fact that this night was probably inevitable. He had thought of that night, when they were kids a few times, wondering what would have happened if Bill hadn’t gotten sick and brought them all back to their senses. Too much smoke, too much beer, too young. Tonight was just beer…so let it play out this time.

Bill finally joined them, grabbed a beer and dropped his scant pair of underwear to the floor. “Ok, I’ve never done this before. What do we do now?”

Morty grabbed Joey’s cock in his hand, brought his lips to the tip and licked. Joey’s cock sprung to attention, throbbing and hard, hips thrusting forward. His eyes closed, lips pursed, a low moan emanating from deep in his chest. Bill’s hand migrated to Joey’s ass, his fingers splayed, feeling the flesh under the fine layer of light colored hair. His fingers kneaded, pushing Joey closer to Morty.

Morty pulled his lips away from the thick prick, not wanting to taste cum too soon and spoil the fun. He pulled Joey’s head down to his lap, his own cock standing up, anticipating a hot wet manly mouth. He was rewarded swiftly as a warm set of lips engulfed his prick, Bill’s hands still on Joey’s ass encouraging, almost forcing him forward. Joey stiffened, sucked harder as he felt his cheeks being parted.

Bill ran his nose up and down the spread crack before him, then tentatively poked out his tongue and licked over the tight brown bud presented to him. Joey shuddered, took Morty’s cock deeper in his mouth, tongue stabbing along the pulsing vein, his ass cheeks quivering as the tongue rimmed and probed.

Bill spit on Joey’s tight asshole, placed a hand on either side, spreading him, opening him up and let his cock run up and down the slippery crack. “I won’t actually fuck his ass, I’ll just let him get a taste of Morty, then I’ll stop. Then we’ll be done until Halloween 20 years down the road.” His thoughts were muddled, fuzzy with the beer, and the lack of blood coursing through his veins, his cock was so hard, he was afraid he might pass out as all the blood flow diverted to maintain his hungry, horny, ready to fuck anything cock.

So he did, he thrust his hips hard, driving his cock into one of his best friends in the world, while that man sucked his other best friends cock. Joey’s ass opened up like a virgin bride. Tight, but willing. bill thrust in and out, his balls slapping upwards, banging on Joey’s hanging jewels. Three sets of man grunts filled the room. Three hard cocks in action, Joey pumping his own, fisting it, jerking his cock as his ass got fucked.

Morty sat on the couch, eyes closed, enjoying the sound of sex, knowing that the three of them were joined forever in friendship, joined physically and emotionally. He was about to cum when Joey pulled back. He opened his eyes to see Joey’s thick hard cock bobbing in front of his face. “On your hands and knees buddy, I have a cock in my ass, and you need one in yours.”

Morty spit on Joey’s cock, spread the make shift lube with a few quick strokes then got on his knees on the couch. He reached back to spread his ass, presenting it to his friend. He grabbed his own cock, anticipating the initial pain. He loved that intense pain associated with man love. That moment when a cock pressed inward on his tight hole. The pain as it started to press in, opening that little orifice that was always so hungry. He fed it regularly, anything that would fit. Cucumbers were his favorite. Plenty enough girth and length to bring tears to his eyes, before making him cum like crazy.

No woman ever made him cum like a stiff cock ripping his ass apart and Joey’s cock was pushing past the point of no return. His hole spread, kissing that cock, sucking that cock inside, making his own cock almost cum from the sheer joy of being filled, stretched wide open.

He could hear the others moaning, knew that soon they would both cum, filling two asses with thick delicious spunk. He couldn’t wait, his mouth watered at the very thought. His cock needing to cum, he squeezed the tip as hard as he could just as Bill screamed out his release, bringing about Joey’s orgasm as both asses spasmed on spurting cocks.

As the other two men pulled back, Morty’s cock was still hard and wanting an ass. He looked at Bill, stroked his rock hard weapon and said, “Bend over and grab your ankles, I need to cum, it won’t take long.” Bill only hesitated for a moment before offering up his ass for an old fashioned plowing.

Morty positioned himself and with a scream of animal instinct drove his cock deep and hard, from tip to base in one thrust. Bill lost his breath, forgot to scream as the pain tore through him. He felt like throwing up, felt like he had been stabbed with a hot knife. Morty held fast to Bill’s hips, feeling that tight ring of muscle choking on his thick length of fuck stick. When Bill started breathing again, he took it as permission to start moving, slowly withdrawing, feeling the reluctance of that ass to let go of its unexpected treat. With a primal yell, Morty started fucking Bill’s ass, no mercy, just full hard thrusts until he too shot a load of cream deep into the bowels of a friend.

Three naked men, sitting side by side on the couch, beers in hand. “What is it about Halloween? I have never had sex with a man before,” said Bill, “nor do I anticipate doing it again, but damn fucking Joey’s ass was hot!”

Joey nodded, “I’ve never had sex with anyone other than my wife. Does this count as cheating?”

Morty smiled, “I have sex with whoever pays to take me to some exotic destination. Man or woman, or both in some cases. I love sex, an ass is an ass, male or female, a mouth is a mouth, but I do like a good tight pussy. Don’t get me wrong. Sex is sex, period.” he frowned, “I just never found anyone to fall in love with, well except you guys of course.”

“I need a shower before I go home to my wife.” As Joey started to go, Morty said, “Just wait one minute , you need to start with a tongue bath.” He stood up and pushed his friend forward, driving his tongue deep in Joey’s ass, sucking out the cum. He loved the taste of fresh cum, hot and oozing from a newly fucked ass. Joey’s cock sprung to attention at the unaccustomed sensation.

“At least I’ll have a little something for the wife when I get home.” he left for the shower, humming a song and smiling.

Morty cleaned Bill’s ass, probing deep, loving the taste on his tongue, savoring the aroma, smacking his lips and rubbing his cock as he did. They curled up on the couch and quickly fell asleep.

When Joey came downstairs he found his two best friends laying on the couch, spooning, still naked but asleep. He put his clothes on and enjoyed the crisp fall air as he walked home. Home to his wife, his family, his comfortable life. He paused, wistfully looking over his shoulder, wondering what would have happened if things had been different way back then.

I found myself walking across the street from my neighbor’s house with the taste of cum in my mouth. I walked into my house, not my house, but my wife and I’s house. I was married, my wife is out of town for the weekend, and after helping my neighbor with some yard work I end up sucking his cock and being his pussy boy. What got into me, other than my neighbors cock that is?

I have three hours to make up my mind. Dave, my neighbor who lives across the street, a cop, and one of the most beautiful specimens of a man you could possibly think of, tall, hairy, masculine cop. After fucking me and making me his pussy boy he wants me back at his house by 9pm to have sex games with him and his friends. If I don’t go will he tell my wife that her husband sucks cock and likes getting fucked? My marriage will be over.

I get in the car and head to the local big department store, the one that starts with a T. I fill my cart with a few things, disposable enemas, KY jelly, disposable razor, and then I headed over to the women’s clothes. I wasn’t sure what pulled me over there, but I started to walk through the lingerie section. I could feel my heart start to race as my hand glided along the silky fabrics. Then I spotted a black French cut lacy baby doll three piece set. The set came with panties, bra, and see threw cover. I grabbed it and ran to the check out. I went to the self-check-out and scanned the items. Thank goodness I had enough cash on me otherwise I would never be able to explain this receipt to my wife. I put the items in the bag and headed out the door. Of course my luck the damn security buzzer went off going out the door. A big security guard came over and asked me for my receipt and to look in my bag. I was so screwed. I handed him my receipt and the bag. He looked in the bag, counted the items and did the same to my receipt. He looked at me with a big grin “It looks just fine but we need to take the security tag off of your outfit. Follow me.”

I felt like the entire store was looking at me, but the guard did, what I thought at the time, a good thing by taking me to customer service out of sight of everyone. He casually started to talk as we walked, “The trouble with self-check-out is that the customers never remove the security tags from the clothes. It happens all the time, no worries.” Instead of going to the counter we continued past the doors, that said ‘Employees Only’ and to a small desk in the back.

The guard turned to me “I will take the tag off here and let you out the side door, I don’t think you want any more attention brought to you do you sweety?” I lifted my head and looked at the guard, “No sir, thank you.” I wanted to crawl into a hole right now. The guard was about six feet tall, with tree trunk arms stretching his short sleeve shirt and his 50 inch chest pushing his buttons to the max.

The guard pulled out my outfit and whistled, “Damn this is pretty, bet you will look sexy hot in it too?” He moved the outfit to the desk and removed the security tag. Then he held the outfit up against my body. “Oh ya, this will look really fine on you. Wish I could see you model it. Bet you will get all the nice bulls to fight over you?”

I blushed and thanked him without lifting my head. My eyes focused in on the large lump in the security guards pants. This guy had a major hardon thinking of me dressed up, or bent over offering my ass to him. I felt the guard’s finger under my chin as he forced my head up to look at him. When our eyes met the guard smiled at me “See something you like baby?” The guards hand moved down my shirt and rubbed my hard nipple through my shirt. Oh god now, not that. My eyes rolled back and a moan escaped my mouth, “mmm.”

“Look at you, you like your titties played with don’t you baby?” He didn’t wait for an answer from me; he just grabbed both of my nipples in his fingers and pinched them right through my shirt. My knees went weak and I fell against him. I heard a soft laugh and then he pushed me to my knees with one hand as he unzipped his zipper with the other. “Suck my cock bitch. I need a nice little pussy like you to drain my man meat and you look like the slut that wants it really bad, aren’t you?” I felt my eyes glaze over as this nice big white cock flipped out of his pants. I licked my lips and whispered “yes, yes, I want to suck your cock sir.”

“I knew you were a panty pussy when you walked in the store, and when you bought the products to clean yourself up and I knew you wanted to get fucked later. Let’s get you nice and primed for whatever you got going later. Suck my cock bitch. We will get your mouth already for more cock tonight.” I inhaled his nice clean cock smell and started to use every skill I just learned from Dave.

The cock was soft and smaller than Dave, but nice none the less. The guard opened his pants and allowed me better access to his cock and balls as his pants slid down his legs. His cock and balls were clean shaven and his legs were naturally smooth, I think. I ran my tongue along his shaft, feeling his veins swell along the shaft. He is head was started to drip precum that I licked up and swirled on my tongue, taking in the test and feel. I was lost in lust again.

“That’s it baby lick it all over, don’t forget my balls, kiss them, lick them all over.” I did as he said. I pressed my face against his soft ball sack searching out my prize. I sucked in one of his balls and ran my tongue over the smooth skin that surrounded it. I was doing good by the moans I was hearing above me and the gentle caresses I felt on my head.

I moved to the end of his cock and started to work it down my throat. My hands moved back to find a taught ass cheek. Another moan from above spurred me on. I was now bobbing my head up and down his shaft and my fingers glided up and down his ass crack. I was searching for his hole to work my finger in like I had done with Dave.

“Oh ya, that’s the spot, push it in baby.” I started to wiggle the tip of my middle finger into his tight ass until I was up to my second knuckle. Another moan of encouragement made me really start to suck his cock and finger his ass. I wanted him to cum. I wanted to taste it, to compare to Dave’s cum, to my cum. I felt the guard press his hand against the back of my head and hold me on his cock. His cock head flared out and I knew what was coming.

I shoved my finger in as deep as it would go and felt the nub of his prostate. I massaged the nub from the inside and pushed on it. The guard stifled his scream as to not have anybody hear. But I could tell he was biting his lip hard to hold back that scream as he released his cum into my mouth. His body jerked and tensed up as he release each spurt of cum down my throat. My mouth filled with his cum as I gave every effort to swallow it all. His cum leaked out down my shirt as the pressure was too much for me.

As I sucked the last drop of cum from his softening cock, the guard released the pressure from my head. I pulled my finger out of his ass as he fell onto the chair behind him. The guard pulled me up and kissed me hard. He searched my mouth out to taste his cum. “That was smoking hot baby. I want to fuck you but I have to get back out on the floor. Here is my card with my cell number on it, call me when you have the time to really fuck.” He gave me a card that I didn’t even look at, I just slipped it in my pocket. I had cum dripping down my shirt that the guard scooped up and fed me.

He got up and pulled up his pants then he directed me to a side door out to the parking lot. “Don’t forget your pretty little outfit.” He said as he patted my ass. I walked out to my car and kept tasting his cum. I looked down at my shirt and there was still a little cum on it, so I pulled my shirt to my mouth and sucked it clean.

I grab some fast food and headed home. I barely could eat my dinner as I watched the clock, 7:45pm. I better start getting ready for my night. I grabbed my bag from the store and headed to the bathroom. I stripped naked and lay a towel on the floor of the bathroom. I pulled one of the enema bottles out of the box, removed the cap, and attached the nozzle. I got on all fours, reached back and slipped the nozzle in my ass. Feeling the nozzle work its way into my ass caused me to get hard. I am turning into such a pussy boy. I squeezed the contents of the bottle into my bowels and started to wait the five to ten minutes. When I couldn’t hold it anymore I jumped up on the toilet and relieved the contents. I did this three more times to be sure I was nice and clean.

I turned on the shower, grabbed my razor and stepped in under the warm water. I turned it up to as hot as I could stand it. I lathered myself up and gave my cock and balls and nice shave. For some reason I shaved under my arms, not thinking of how I would explain this to my wife, but I wanted to feel sexy and more feminine. I got out of the shower and toweled off. I shaved my face and brushed my teeth. The air on my freshly shaved balls felt great. I moved to the bedroom where my new outfit lay. I slipped on the panties first and just about came when the lace hit my shaved cock and balls. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked and felt so sexy. I then slipped on the bra and clipped it in the front. I rubbed my nipples with the lace of the bra. My nipples instantly got hard. It felt so good. Then I slipped on the wrap and felt the black silk cascade down my back and shoulders. I was in heaven.

I glanced at the clock, 9pm, time to go to Dave’s. Then it hit me, how was I going to cross the street dressed like this? It was still twilight outside, damn summertime. I grabbed the largest beach towel we have, wrapped it around me, and looked in the mirror. Well, if I don’t bend over then I think I am pretty covered. I slipped on my sandals, held my breath, and stepped outside. I looked up and down the street, all quiet. I walked fast across the street to Dave’s door to find a sign, ‘Guests please use the side gate entrance to backyard and enter the changing booth. Your Host’

Great, now I have to leave the darkness of the porch and walk across the front driveway to the side gate. I hurriedly walked to the gate. When I came up to the gate I was forced to reach over the gate to unlock the latch. When I reached over the gate my towel fell off my shoulder exposing me in my outfit. I quickly pulled the latch and stepped into the backyard, shutting the gate behind me. I hope the neighbors didn’t see me.

I stepped into the backyard to find it blocked off at the side garage door. The side door had another sign, ‘Changing Room. No clothes beyond this point.’ My heart sank; I wanted Dave to see me in my pretty outfit. I stepped into the garage, it was dark but you could see a table with boxes on it, I guess to put your clothes into? Just then the door leading to the house opened up and Dave stood there in the doorway.

The guy took my breath away, again. He had on a leather strap around his large cock that made his cock swell and look bigger than I remembered. He looked at me all dressed up and I heard a whistle come from the doorway. “Don’t undress. You look perfect for the evening. Leave the towel and come with me.” He reached out his hand and I dropped my towel, kicked off my sandals, and took his hand. Dave pulled me to him and gave me a nice tongue bathing kiss. My knees went weak in his arms again and my hardon was poking out the top of my panties. I felt Dave grab my ass and give a nice firm squeeze as he guided me into the house.

There were several men and women mingling around, all naked. I looked to the backyard and there were partitions set up blocking any views from the neighbors. People were outside drinking. One guy was fucking another guy while a couple of women watched and played with each other’s pussies.

In the house it seemed a free for all of men getting blown by either another man or a woman. On woman was lying on the couch with another woman sitting on her face getting a nice pussy bath. This was going to be a fun night. Best of all, I didn’t recognize anyone.

Dave quickly gave me the rules. “No means No. No hard feelings with this group, if you don’t want to play the just say ‘no thank you’ or ‘stop’ and they will. On the other hand, you will be offered to partake in some fun activities that I am sure you love. Grab a drink and feel free to mingle. If and when you want to strip, just go to the garage and put your things in a box and place the box on the wall in one of the cubby holes. Your stuff is safe here; most of the men and women are cops from all over the county. We meet and different homes every other week.”

Just as he finished giving me the low down, a naked woman came up to us, “Oh Dave who’s your precious little friend?” This woman had very short hair, was about five foot eight, small perky breasts with large nipples, a shaved pussy and the bluest eyes. She had defined muscles in her arms and legs. She didn’t look butch at all, but I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with her either.

Dave introduced me to Cheryl. Cheryl was very forward and kissed me right on the lips and I felt her hand rubbing my ass. My cock instantly got hard. When Cheryl pulled away from our kiss she squeezed my ass cheek and said “I love a man that shows his feminine side. I would love to take you into Dave’s room and show you how a woman makes love to her man. Do you want to play with me little boy?” With that she grabbed my tit and pinched my nipple. She knew she had me when I moaned from the nipple workout.

She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down the hall. “Come on honey, Cheryl is going to rock your world.” I followed her down the hall like a puppy dog. We got to the master bedroom and headed for the king size bed. Cheryl spun me around and used her body to push me down on the bed with her body falling on top of me.

There I was, on my back in a black lingerie outfit with a woman rubbing her naked body against me. Cheryl looked at me “Oh baby, your pretty little girlie outfit feels so nice against my tits. We are going to have some fun.” With that she planted her mouth on mine and forced her tongue in. My head was spinning again as her tongue massaged my tongue and gums. Her hands were all over my body, exploring every inch. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my panty covered hardon and her pussy juice soaking through my panties.

Cheryl lifted her body up and, scooting up my body, placed her tit in my mouth, “Nurse baby, suck on mommy’s titties and make her feel good.” Her nipple was hard and large as I sucked it into my mouth and started running my tongue all around the hard nub. Cheryl moaned, “That’s it baby suck my tit. God that feels good. Bit it baby, mommy likes it rough.”

Cheryl’s pussy was dripping all over my stomach. I gently bit down on the nub and pulled my head back, stretching her nipple. Cheryl squealed in delight, “Oh YES! That’s it baby work mommy’s nipples good.” Cheryl then sat up and looked down on me, “You are one hot little thing. Your bra is so lacy, like a little girl.” Cheryl started to play with my nipples through my bra. I writhed and bucked under her as she teased my nipples.

“You are a wild one aren’t you baby? Let’s get you out of this sissy outfit and really make your toes curl,” with that she unsnapped my bra, from the front, lifted me up enough to slide it off my shoulders along with my sheer cover-up. Then she dragged her pussy down my body, leaving a wet trail along the way that she licked up off of me, as she scooted down my body and pulled my panties off. My clothes went flying into Dave’s open closet. My cock stood stiff as a board ready to explode.

Cheryl slapped my cock and in a firm voice said, “You aren’t going to cum until I tell you to cum.” Then she reached over to Dave’s night stand, opened the drawer, and pulled out a leather cock ring with snaps. She quickly wrapped it around my cock, pulled tight and snapped it on. My cock doubled in size, or so I thought. The blood was trapped in my cock causing it to swell; the skin was pulled so tight that it shined. Then she took another strap and wrapped it around each of my balls then she snapped the ends to the cock ring around the base of my cock. WOW! What a sight. My balls turned bright purple.

Cheryl looked at her handy work and gave my balls a slap. I saw stars, but it felt good at the same time. “Now you will cum when I am damn good and ready for you to cum.” Cheryl leaned over and started licking my balls. They were so tide up that they became really sensitive to her warm tongue. I wanted to cum, but I couldn’t. I felt Cheryl grab each of my thighs and lift my ass off the bed just before her wet tongue started attacking my ass. “Nice and clean pussy you have here, I guess you were ready for tonight. Let me be the first to break you in.”

I was confused at her statement, as she walked into Dave’s bathroom, but figured she needed a break to pee. She came out of the bathroom with a strapon dildo hanging from her waist. She was a goddess, nice firm tits, and an eight inch cock. Standing on the side of the bed, Cheryl grabbed her cock and rubbed the head on my lips. “Dave told me your nothing but a big pussy that loves to take cock, is that true? Do you want Cheryl to fuck you with my cock?”

I licked the tip of her cock and told her “Yes, god yes, please fuck my pussy Cheryl. Break my pussy in for all the cocks out there.” Cheryl stepped back and reached in Dave’s drawer again, this time retrieving a bottle of lube. Cheryl stepped up on the bed and in between my legs. She squirted some lube on her finger and I instantly grabbed my legs and pulled my knees to my chest, exposing my pussy to my new lover.

Cheryl looked at me and smiled, “What a nice tight pussy you have here,” she said as she pushed her lubed finger into my tight pussy. My eyes rolled back and I willed myself to relax my ass muscles and allow her entrance. Cheryl continued to move her finger in and out of my pussy. At each stroke back in I attempted to push back against her finger wanting her to fuck me faster. Cheryl caught on to me right away as she slapped my ass hard, “Calm down bitch, you’re going to get the fucking you want so badly. But you I’m in control here, I’ll fuck you at MY pace.”

With that Cheryl pushed the head of her strapon dildo into my awaiting pussy. The pressure of the big blunt cockhead was painful at first. I relaxed my muscles and pushed out like I was taking a shit. My pussy opened up wider to accommodate the intrusion. I felt the cockhead push past my ring muscle and accept my lover. Cheryl froze and let the pain in my pussy subside. I didn’t want to wait anymore so I pushed back trying to get more cock in me. This pissed her off and I dearly paid for it. “If you can’t wait for me to give it to you then you might as well have it all right now bitch.” Cheryl slammed all eight inches of that beautiful cock right into my gut. Thank goodness I cleaned myself out because there was no room for anything else but this big fat cock in my pussy. I bit my lip and took the pounding. Cheryl didn’t wait for me to adjust, as punishment for wanting it too soon I guess. Cheryl went right into long dicking me. She pulled her cock all the way out and slammed it back into until the plastic balls pressed into my ass cheeks.

I was seeing stars, but loving every minute. A pool of cum was forming on my stomach as it dribbled out my cock. Every time Cheryl pushed that monster cock back into me another drop of cum was pushed out my cock. I was only semi hard, but I was still cumming.

We were really getting into the fucking. Cheryl was building a nice sweaty glow about her, when another woman walked into the room. “Hey Cheryl. Who’s your new fuck toy?” Without skipping a beat, Cheryl responded, “Hi Jewels, this pussy boy here is Tony, Dave’s neighbor. I am prepping him for all the guys to fuck him and fill him up with their man juice. Want to give me a hand on getting him ready?”

The fact Joe took his nap nude was ideal, but the key to the whole plan, was big thick, ½ inch wide zip-ties. The chains with manacles had already been fastened securely to the centre of the headboard and foot-board of the bed… Joe thought they were for me but Susan and I had it all worked out.

Sneaking up on a (hopefully) unsuspecting dominant is nerve-racking, thankfully he was face down. With Susan at his right arm and me at his left foot we slowly lifted the chains and fed the zip ties through the links. Laying the chains on the mattress we looked to each other for a silent count down.

3, 2, 1! as we quickly zipped his alternate limbs to the chains Joe woke up very confused. Quickly we moved to the other limbs but before we could get them in the shackles, Joe started flailing about and telling us (still laughing) that we’d pay for this.

Susan kindly told her new plaything that he’d better behave himself or he’d be the one footing the bill. Rolling over so he could see better and testing the strength of the zip-ties Joe seemed interested in playing along, for now.

“So what would you have me do Miss Susan?”

“Just stay put while we finish chaining you down. The manacles will be much more comfortable than those zip-ties.”

With Joe laying still we managed to get all four limbs locked in the manacles then cut the zip-ties.

“Good boy,” I said petting his body with my crop, “good behaviour gets rewarded.” and with that I straddled his head showing him my bare shaved pussy beneath my skirt. “Now taste your reward. Be my good boy and make me cum.”

Slowly he started to lick my pussy and getting off on this control I started grinding my hips a bit. “Come on boy I know you can do better than that. OH!” he found my clit and started sucking, “That’s my good boy, right there. OW!” I jumped off the bed, whacked his thigh with the crop and said to Susan, “he BIT me! What a naughty, naughty boy.”

“I told you you’d pay.” he said.

“Unfortunately for you,” Susan told him, “this just means We can’t use your mouth.”

Gagging someone who doesn’t want to be gagged takes a lot of effort but when we finally got it cinched up I asked Susan, “Did you want to get out your needles and pin-board? I think his cock would make a beautiful picture all pinned down.”

Laughing at Joe’s muffled protests and struggling Susan got out her sound kit, “Nah, I think I want to fuck him instead.”

Watching Susan fuck our boy with a steel rod was incredibly hot and by the end of the whole thing Joe looked like a pile of happy jelly.

“My turn.” I whispered as I put on a latex glove.

“Roll over.” Susan ordered, “Present your ass.”

Reluctantly Joe rolled over and hoisted his ass in the air. Susan put a few cushions under his hips for support. I took a bottle of lube out from between my tits where I had been keeping it warm and squirted some on my gloved fingers. Slowly, gently, teasingly I rubbed the lube all around his hole and Susan pet his head and back telling him what a good boy he’d been. More lube, more teasing, this time pushing a little inside. Slowly his hips started to move like he was fucking the cushions.

“Take the gag out,” I asked Susan. “I want to hear him moan.”

The gag came out and moan he did. Slowly I worked up to fucking his ass with two fingers making sure to use lots of lube and keep him moaning. Soon he started begging for someone to please suck his cock, please let him cum, please fuck him harder.

“We’ll make you cum on one condition,” Susan whispered in his ear.

“Yes Miss Susan, anything! Please!”

I smiled, “You must eat your cum. We have a glass to catch it and you will eat all of it.”

“Yes, I promise, anything. Please!”

I kept fucking his ass as Susan moved the pillows and started to stroke his cock. Right as he got to the edge I pressed his prostate gently to encourage a mind blowing orgasm.

Susan removed the cup from below him as he collapsed on his side spent and I quickly removed the glove and locked his cock in it’s brand new chastity device.

As his mind cleared he found his ladies watching him. Susan shoved the glass of cum in his direction, “Drink this and listen.”

Speaking one after the other, We made the rules clear:

“We’re going to take off the chains but don’t try anything funny-”

“- because we hid the key for your cock.”

“You belong to us now-”

“- and we’ll decide when you get off.”

“You will serve and obey til we get tired of this game -”

” – it might be a day, it might be a month – “

” – but we have your key so you will obey.”


He thought a moment and then swallowed the last of the cum in the glass and replied, “Yes my ladies. I am yours.”

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