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Inspired in part by EdMiller’s “A Cure for Hypertension”

I knew it was going to be a special day the moment I saw the outfit Mistress had laid out for me. It turned out that it wasn’t just the day, but the entire weekend that I would never forget. As I pulled the latex halter piece over my head, I reflected back on the past six months, and just how I wound up at this moment.

Before I knew her as Mistress, she was Mary; a redheaded firecracker with bright green eyes and skin as pale as the moon. I had offered her help in a grocery store parking lot when I saw her struggling to load large cases of water into her car. Her small, thin frame just wasn’t cutting it. I took a chance and asked if she’d like to get together sometime, and soon we had started dating. She was a real wild one in the bedroom, and liked to take charge. I had never had a woman tell me exactly what to do, but I took to the role rather quickly and enjoyed it.

Early in the relationship Mary expressed concerns to me about her physical appearance, feeling too small and weak to live her life as she truly wanted. She had already begun to talk to some sort of medical specialist who began her on an experimental new drug. I didn’t get very far when I voiced my worry over something unproven. She had made up her mind and was certainly running the relationship. She didn’t mind looking 5 years younger than she was, but she wished to be taller and shapelier.

I must admit I was shocked when I realized just how well the drug was working on Mary. Within three months she had grown a few inches to 5’7″. Her legs were looking long and slender, yet toned, and her chest had filled out from a small B-cup to a very nice and full C. Along with the new looks came greater confidence and control over me. I thought she looked just fine before, but admittedly she had become a vast improvement on herself in just 3 months. This was where it started to get really interesting.

Mary was making good money when I was laid off from my job due to a poor economy. She insisted that I take at least a month or two off before digging in to find a new position. In the meantime, she just wanted me to be her stay-at-home loverboy who she could spoil and fuck whenever she pleased. When I agreed, she told me there was one condition: I had to start a drug regimen of my own, from the same company she had been getting pills from. After seeing the effects of her transformation, I was inclined to follow along. I assumed the outcome would be a more muscled me, possibly with a larger dick. Oh, how I was wrong.

I never actually went and talked to any doctors before starting on the pills. Mary said she’d just pick them up when she got her own, and we could save some time and hassle. I was just supposed to take one a day, and drink plenty of water. I was alarmed when my body hair started falling out, but Mary assured me that was a minimal side effect and nothing to be afraid of. “After all,” she said, “I happen to like you all smooth like that.”

The changes seemed very subtle to me at first, but probably because I was constantly looking for them. When I first had a clue that my changes were going in the opposite direction I had expected, I should have been more concerned. Denial can be a powerful thing. Really, though, after I had thought it through, there was a strong part of me that wanted to see where this was going. Mary constantly praised my looks, and was more than generous in the bedroom, so I felt quite good, despite the unease I sometimes felt while she was away. I wasn’t hanging around with any of my old friends, and now I had no co-workers to spend time with, so Mary was truly my only company. I became completely dependent on her in every way.

I like to think that if I had wanted to put a stop to all of this, I could have at any point. The truth is that I wanted it, because I wanted her to be happy. The sultry sound of her voice was music to my ears. She knew how to touch me in ways that made my heart flutter. Whatever Mary wanted, I would try to please. Mary wanted this, so I wanted it.

My nipples first became tender and a bit swollen just a few weeks in, but hadn’t changed much until the final month. Within just a few days time, my chest grew from nothing to a B-cup with nice, perky nipples. Mary was prepared, and I woke up one morning to a bra and panty set laid out for me. I probably spent longer than I should have adjusting and readjusting the cups over my newfound breasts. When I slid the panties up my hairless legs, I didn’t know what to do with my dick, so I pointed it straight up at my belly button. That was when I truly realized I was going down a road that there was no coming back from. My dick had shrunk at least an inch, because it was fully erect and barely made it to the top of the panties.

My libido had been increasing lately, and I was constantly horny. I would jack myself off until I felt dehydrated and exhausted. My orgasms weren’t as strong lately, but I could get off at least five or six times a day, or until I was shooting blanks. One day, I came at least six times, but never saw a drop of semen. Upon closer inspection (now having to use a mirror to see around my C-cup tits), my scrotum had disappeared altogether, and my dick was only a couple inches when hard. I was getting more pleasure lately out of playing with my tits and tweaking my nipples than I was from touching my dick.

Mary told me that I was to begin calling her Mistress, and she explained how I was to be her sub. She would provide for me, and I should be ready at all times to answer her call. Each morning I would find an outfit laid out for me, and sometimes a new toy. Mistress had begun introducing me to toys of all types, and I had taken a strong liking to anal play. With my dick disappearing, my attention became split between my gorgeous tits and my asshole.

Now, just 6 months after meeting a small redhead in a parking lot, I was completely unrecognizable as the same person. I now stood at 5’4″, with hair just below my shoulders, sporting a healthy set of C-cup breasts and a tight little ass. Mistress showed me how I was to do my make-up, and I spent the first couple hours of each day getting dressed and made up to her standards. I was quite good at walking in tall heels, and my hips were developing a nice sway. My lips were pouty, facial structure softened, voice raised, and all because of a little pill each day.

I finished lacing up the front of the halter piece I had put on, and slid on the knee-high latex boots that matched. They reached almost exactly to the bottom of the latex pant legs, giving me a black seamless look from chest to toe, interrupted with white ribbons at the chest and on the sides of the boots. The pants were crotchless, which made me very excited. However, there was a note that told me I was not allowed to masturbate at all today. I pouted when I read it. The open air on my crotch and ass was quite titillating. My dick had become nothing more than a nub peeking out on an otherwise smooth patch of skin. In all honesty it looked like part of a mannequin to me at times in the mirror. I was a bit disappointed I hadn’t seen any further development of an actual pussy at this point. In the meantime, my ass had gotten plenty of attention from the ever-growing arsenal of toys that we now had.

My sex drive was going crazy by the time Mistress arrived home. I had tried everything I could think of to distract myself all day, but I was so used to getting off multiple times a day that this felt like torture. When Mistress walked through the door, my eyes lit up and my heart raced.

“Honey, I have a very special surprise for you. Have you been a good girl?” She said, with a questioning glance.

“Yes, Mistress!”, I shot back, unable to hide any eagerness.

“Come and stand here” she commanded, and reached into her bag. She produced a couple straps, one of which was somewhat Y-shaped. I wasn’t entirely sure what they were going to be for. Next she produced a black nine-inch dildo and some sort of rubber wedge shaped like a small block of cheese.

The first strap was placed like a belt around my waist and twisted so that there were connections front and back. The Y-shaped piece was attached at the front and hung loose while Mistress place the other two objects. She first applied some lube to the dildo and slid it with relative ease into my asshole. I nearly came from the sensation. Of the dildos I had used in my ass, they always stopped at about six inches in, and this was no exception. Mistress left the final few inches out and commanded that I don’t let it fall out.

Meanwhile, she placed the rubber wedge just below my dick’s head and pulled the strap tight against it to hold it there. I heard a snap as she secured the two pieces, followed by another when she attached the base of the dildo to the strap. I had a sudden jolt of pain when she yanked the strap tight and attached it to the back of the belt. The rubber wedge was grinding hard into my crotch and had nowhere to go.

Next, Mistress reached in her bag and pulled out a bottle of pills that looked just like my daily ones, but with a different color cap. She poured 3 pills into the palm of her hand. Pausing in thought for a second, she then dumped 2 more pills into the pile. Handing me the pills and a bottle of water, she said, “Bottoms up!”

Waiting for the effects of the pills to take hold, effects that I was unsure of, Mistress paraded me around the room to watch me struggle against the hard rubber wedge. Her hands wandered over the smooth latex of my outfit and traced lines across my body. Suddenly I had to stop walking as I was overcome by a wash of energy, starting in my stomach. A devilish grin flashed across Mistress’ face.

My hips began to expand ever so slightly and my ass felt like it was ballooning out. I could feel the edges of the strap slide further into the crack of my ass. The hard, uncomfortable pressure at my groin morphed into a strange feeling that I’m still unsure of how to describe. Grabbing at my crotch, I could actually feel the wedge squeezing into me as the skin around it gave way. I realized that I was finally going to have a pussy of my own!

My excitement at the thought had me running toward an orgasm, but my mind was short circuited when Mistress grabbed the strap at my rear and gave it a solid tug, wrenching it tighter. A jolt of pain mixed with my pleasure as the dildo in my ass sunk another inch further, and the wedge was again uncomfortable against my front. The pain subsided, and the wedge continued it’s ascent.

I was breathing quite heavily by the time the wedge had lodged itself in my crotch, still secured by the strap. I had no idea if the dildo in my ass had even moved any more. My head was spinning with feelings of pain and pleasure from all angles. I grabbed the nearest table to steady myself as my vision blurred momentarily.

“Oh God, baby, that’s so hot. I should have filmed this. I wish you could see yourself right now.” Mistress was obviously enjoying this, but I couldn’t focus long enough to make any eye contact.

Without warning, she unhitched the strap at my back and whipped the two objects clear of me in one swift motion. If I hadn’t had my daily enema, it would have been a disastrous moment. I was suddenly very empty feeling, and still uneasy on my feet. I steadied myself on the table with both hands while Mistress worked quickly to free the objects hanging beneath me.

“Spread those legs, dear, and bend at the hips” She said, grabbing something new from her bag.

This time she connected what looked to me like a buttplug to the front snap, and I couldn’t quite see what was connected to the rear. It was definitely heavier than the previous dildo. It must have been at least as long, too, because she pushed it in first, lubing it like the last. It had the head shaped like a penis, but was otherwise smooth. I guessed it was a bit wider than the 9-incher.

Cinching up the strap, she lubed and aimed the front plug at my new indentation of a pussy. All the while I could feel my insides shifting, apparently making adjustments for my new parts. My hands and feet were beginning to tingle, and I was scared for a moment that I might pass out or fall over. I was shocked back to reality again when Mistress yanked on the strap. I felt something pop at my crotch as the plug drove home, and the dildo in my ass stretched me hard and fast. My eyes nearly bugged out of my skull and I saw stars.

Mistress stayed behind me and placed her palm at the base of the plug. Slowly tracing her hand around my crotch, I again was torn between the pleasure and pain roaring through my body. After a couple minutes, her fingers stopped tracing, and she placed pressure on the plug, further opening my new hole as I gasped. She groaned in response and bucked her hips toward my ass, driving the dildo further still. This created some slack on the strap, where she cinched it tight once more.

She must have sensed that I was on the verge of collapsing, because she draped my arm around her shoulder and began leading me to the bedroom. With each weak-kneed, short step, I was racked with sensations. I fell face first onto the fluffy down comforter, and was content to lie there unmoving. Mistress grabbed my shoulder and turned my body first on its side. I had no energy to help with the movement. I was surprised again when she kept turning me, so that I would be face up on the bed. Once my ass turned over, I was at the mercy of the dildo still protruding a few inches from my ass. Instead of a hard shove this time, I was subjected to a slow and steady pressure while my own body weight slid my lubed ass down around the monster. My insides shifted again to make room.

I found out later that was a twelve inch beast about 3 inches wide. I didn’t think I was capable of taking anything so large, but Mistress would go on to explain later how my body was more malleable to change during this drug’s period, so she was taking advantage and training my body for taking large cocks and dildos.

Still shifting me around on the bed, Mistress rotated me so that my head hung upside down over the edge of the bed. Already light-headed, I closed my eyes to keep the world from spinning. Something was placed at my mouth as I was still trying to catch my breath. Mistress had attached the 9-inch dildo to a strap-on harness and was going to shove it down my throat.

She grabbed one of my breasts in each hand and used them for leverage as she slid the thick cock into my face. I had to concentrate as hard as I could to breathe through my nose and not lose consciousness. She really knew exactly where my limits were, because she would pull out just in time for me to get a full gasp of air. I hadn’t really tried to deepthroat anything before, and I actually felt a sense of pride at being able to take it without gagging. Again, this was attributed to the effects of the drugs, helping mold my body into the perfect sex doll.

My eyes were filled with tears as my throat was assaulted faster, harder, and deeper. Mistress groaned loudly and dug her hands into the latex over my tits. I could feel a warmth beginning to grow within them now.

Finally pulling the dildo away from my face, she unsnapped it and dropped it on the bed next to me. Sliding my head onto the bed again, she unstrapped the crotch piece from the front this time. The monster dildo remained embedded in my ass, but she pulled the plug from my newly formed pussy.

Mistress suddenly seemed a bit emotional. “It’s so beautiful, baby. I love you so much for doing this for me.”

My pussy felt very cold and exposed against the open air, but it didn’t take long for Mistress to dive her tongue into the folds. Moaning and ravenously eating me out, she slid a hand up and grabbed the 9-inch dildo once more. Keeping her lips locked around my clit that was once a penis, she eased the dildo into my pussy. I felt so tight and full between the two cocks that I thought I might split in two.

Ever so slowly, she began working the dildo in and out, adding some pressure over time to push it further and further in. The warmth in my body was taking over the pain sensations at this point, and my hands instinctively went to my chest. A pressure built very quickly within my tits and I could feel them starting to expand in my hands. Fumbling at the ribbon laced up the front of the top, I couldn’t get it loosened before my tits ran out of room.

A pained moan escaped my throat as titflesh billowed over the top of the latex and forced itself through the holes of the ribbon. Mistress thrust the dildo deep into my pussy and reached up to help me. Once free from the top, my boobs grew to the size of volleyballs, capped with inch long erect nipples.

Grabbing a nipple in each hand, I had the single greatest orgasm of my entire life. Here I was, impaled on two large dildos, gigantic tits, and I suddenly had a flash of thought that I was a guy just 3 months ago. In that moment time stood still, and I was slammed with another wave of the most intense feelings imaginable, knowing that this is what I truly wanted. The world faded away, and I was alone with my body in a sea of pleasure.

When I awoke, I was under the comforter and Mistress was bringing me food on a tray.

“You’ve been out for a while, sweetie. That was one hell of an orgasm you had.” Setting down the tray, she brushed my hair from my face and gave my forehead a light kiss. “In fact, it was so good, I was thinking about taking some of those pills tomorrow so I can be as amazingly sexy as you are now!” She traced a hand down my new figure with a look of lust and envy in her eyes.

“What do you say? Then we can try ourselves out for a while with whatever we can dream up.” A flicker of devilishness glowed in her eyes as she began thinking of the possibilities.

I replied, “Why wait till tomorrow? What’s wrong with right now?”

The dark continuation of my first story…


After the forceful climax, my heart felt as though it were beating from my chest. My breath was labored and my skin tingled with excitement. Christian’s eyes met mine and I noticed he too was breathing hard. He kissed me hard as though he were breathing life back into my limp body. His weight was still pinning me to the bed and I felt helpless and weak underneath his muscular frame. He removed himself from between my quivering legs and put on his robe. I used all my strength to pull myself up into a sitting position when I noticed it. Between my legs I felt a warm liquid flowing on to the burgundy sheets and I saw the bright red of my virginity stain them. The drugs were starting to wear off as the shock set in. Christian quickly covered me in my robe and lifted me from the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and dug my head into his warm chest. He smelled of salt and a faint wood scent I couldn’t identify. My golden curls were now dry and bounced as he carried me from the bedroom to a couch in the main cabin of the yacht. He gently lay me down on the soft couch and walked away. I could smell the crisp ocean air coming from the open hatch to the deck. I considered making a run for it again but knew I wouldn’t get far as we were probably miles into the ocean by now.

The rocking motion of the cabin was relaxing as I lay on the couch staring up at the open hatch. Christian soon returned to me with wash cloth in hand. He opened my robe and gently part my legs with his large hands. I was scared of what he might do next and tensed before he ran the cloth over my once virgin sex. He leaned in to kiss me but all I could see were his piercing blue eyes that were once stone now seemed less threatening. His lips met mine with a soft kiss and he covered me with a throw from the couch. My eyelids became heavy and the pain between my thighs dulled as everything slowly faded.


I watched my princess fall asleep before returning to bedroom. I pulled the burgundy silk sheets from the bed and threw them in a trash bin. After dressing, I returned to the top deck, pulled the anchor, and continued on my route as Amelie slept peacefully below. I recapped the kidnap in my head as I sailed onward. My timing was so perfect and I executed it flawlessly. No one would suspect Amelie was a missing person until it was too late. I hadn’t expected her to put up as much of a fight when I grabbed her in the ally, chloroformed her, and lay her in my van. Her tiny figure didn’t stand a chance though and I never once thought she would break free from my grasp. Still, it was impressive how she struggled and it only made me want her more. I was also surprised how the drugs made her so willing to let me inside of her.

My cock grew hard as I thought of how tight she was when I entered her virgin pussy and pierced her. The look of ecstasy on her face was priceless as she gripped my cock so tight with her pussy on climax. It was better than anything I had imagined all those months preparing. I knew she’d love the surprise I was about to present her. I was going to make her my wife, mother of my children, and most of all, my sex slave and there would be no one around to stop me. We’d have our own little piece of heaven far from civilization and she’d be mine forever.


When I awoke, the boat was stationary and I could hear the sound of seagulls outside the hatch door. I looked around nervously to see if Christian was still watching me. He wasn’t… I slowly crept from the couch to the ladder that lead to the deck. I held my breath with each step and my heart raced thinking he’d hear me and stop me at any moment. After several strategically planned steps, I climbed my way to the deck and peeked out to see if he was still up there. He wasn’t. I took a moment to adjust my eyes to what I assumed was the morning sun beating down on me before I hoisted myself silently on to the deck.

We were definitely docked on the shore somewhere but not home. I walked silently across the deck and my heart swelled when I saw a beautiful plantation house about 100 yards from shore covered by the dark woods. I knew if I ran fast enough, I might be able to get away from Christian and alert the inhabitants of the mansion to help me and I’d be free. I climbed down from the yacht and sprinted as fast as I could to the front door of the house. I turned to see if Christian was chasing me and he wasn’t but I continued on as though my life depended on it. My legs felt heavy and the house felt so far away. I thought the drugs had warn off but who knew what Christian did to me while I was sleeping. I felt dizzy but realized this was my fear and heavy breathing not drugs. I was 10 yards away now and ran barefoot up the sandy trail to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked so I screamed for help and pounded on the door with my fists. No answer. I thought maybe the inhabitants were out back so I ran around the large mansion to the back yard. Through the fountain and hibiscus. I could see no one sitting on the patio furniture of the enormous backyard. It seemed unreal… Maybe they were out but surely they had maids or someone else attending their home.

I briefly considered giving up and returning to the yacht when I noticed the french doors were just barely agape. I quickly opened them and locked them behind me before running into the home screaming for help. I ran up the large staircase and through the wide hall ways but no answer. It was then that I heard the front door open and I peered over the banister to see Christian walk through the front door. I panicked and ran into the master bedroom. I thought if I could hide in the walk in closet he wouldn’t see me in the clothes so I ran and hid. To my horror, when I turned on the light, there were my clothes hanging in the closet again. How was this possible? I must be still asleep and having a nightmare. I felt sick and backed away in disbelief before my footsteps were halted. I turned around to Christian’s angered expression and screamed before he pressed his hand tightly over my mouth. I smelt the same medicinal sweetness come from the rag as I had in the ally and my body went limp.


I felt betrayed. I thought she was softening up to me and falling in love but I knew this was all in my head. I should have stayed with her until she awoke so I could be the first to show her the mansion, our new home. I was just bringing the rest of her things in and didn’t think she’d attempt to run away so quickly. She needed to be taught a lesson in obedience. I couldn’t have her trying to run away all the time now could I? Even if we were the only ones on my private island, she had to know her place. She had to know who her Master was.

By now, I was beginning to perfect the dosage of drugs I needed to sedate her. She gave in so quickly that my work was simple. Lifting her over my shoulder, I lay her on to the four post king bed I had prepared for her. Her curls lay scattered on the pillow above her head and I ran my hands through them. She was so insanely beautiful that it hurt to do this… but it was for her own good. I pulled the robe from her limp body and kissed her soft neck before laying her on her stomach. I pulled the rope from the side table and quickly worked to tie her hands and legs spread tautly and fastened them to the posts. I stood at the end of the bed admiring my craftsmanship and the beauty of her pink juicy pussy spread wide open. It wasn’t her tight pussy I wanted though. No, to teach her a lesson, I’d have to stretch her tight virgin ass wide open instead.

My cock grew hard thinking of taking her in the ass with immense force and pressure. I’d make her bleed if I had to prove a point. I walked into the master bath and looked for the lube in the medicine cabinet. I grabbed a towel too and placed it under her abdomen and pussy to keep from making a mess. Her plump little ass spread perfectly as I exposed her pink sphincter. The tight little ring was reluctant to allow my finger entrance to apply lube but after massaging a little, it loosened enough for the tip of index finger to enter. I felt her tight ring pulse as I slowly pushed forward applying lube to the inner walls of her rectum. Her warm tight hole would be stretched to its max when I stick my huge cock inside it. My dick was so hard from just fingering her and it was time for the lesson to begin.


SMACK! I awoke abruptly to a hot burn on my ass and ropes cutting in to my wrists and ankles. I started to whimper and cry as I felt the contrasting coolness of something wet on my exposed anus. The tears rolled down my cheeks as fear came over me. I shouldn’t have tried to run away, I should have waited for Christian to come back, what was I thinking? I kept imagining the cold angry eyes that I saw right before he sedated me again. He was angry and I knew there would be a price to pay. I muffled my cries when I felt him hop on the bed next to me. He ran his hands through my hair and then pulled my head up to see his face.

“Why did you run away when we were having so much fun Amelie? I thought you trusted me but now I can see you’re a disobedient bitch that needs taught a lesson.”

The tears were uncontrollable now and I was terrified of what was going to happen next. He leaned in and licked the tears from my cheek before whispering in my ear, “Don’t worry love, this will all be over soon. Just remember, you brought this on yourself.”

Christian then moved behind me, in between my legs. I felt his huge member as he stroked it between my ass cheeks. It was slippery and eager for insertion. I trembled and cried, “No please, I’ll be good, I’m sorry!” but it was no use. He took a fist of my hair and jerked my head back to whisper, “The more you cry, the harder I’m going to fuck you so keep on love.”

With that, he positioned the tip of his large cock at my tiny sphincter and began to push the head in. I felt like he was going to rip my rectum open but the lubricant helped him ease the huge head in. I felt my ass stretch to adjust to the girth of his dick and prayed he’d stop but he didn’t. Slowly, he eased his fat cock deep into my tight rectum. I screamed and felt him push harder. I thought it was over but he was only half way in and had far to go.

“Please, Christian, I love you, don’t hurt me, I’ll be a good girl.” I pleaded.

“You should have thought of that before you tried to run away princess.” and quickly, without warning, he put all he weight on my ass and thrust the last half of his thick member in to my reulctant asshole. I screamed and almost passed out from the pain it was unbearable. I could swear he was up to my abdomen he was so deep inside me. He held his cock there for a few minutes and with each passing second, I felt my body relax and adjust to his girth. He reached around with one hand to rub my swollen clit and used his other hand to run my nipple through his finger tips gently. The combination made me relax as the pain became ecstasy.

I heard a vibration noise as Christian flicked the switch of a bullet massager and inserted it into my now moist pussy. I almost came as the waves of vibration and the pressure of his dick were too much to bear. My sphincter had now loosened enough that he could pull out and thrust back in. The pound of his dick deep in my rectum triggered a semi-orgasmic feeling . He knew I was beginning to enjoy it so he continued to pump me first gently and then slowly gain momentum adding more and more pressure. Anal sex felt more stimulating than anything I had experienced before, even better than when Christian took my virginity. How could this be punishment when it felt so good?


I was surprised Amelie’s virgin asshole adjusted to the girth of my huge dick so quickly. I could tell my “punishment” had backfired but I was enjoying her tight rectum too much to care. For added discipline, I spanked her ass with every thrust deeper into her ass. I thought I might explode she felt so good. Her tight little sphincter pulsed around my dick keeping me inside her. I thought she might pinch my dick off she was so tight. Her soft breasts were the perfect grips as I rubbed her nipples. My bullet in her cunt was doing its magic as her juices overflowed from her pussy on to the towel and her clit swelled into a large pink button for me to push for an extra spasm of her ass.

I rode her relentlessly thrusting harder and harder until she cried for me to release her. My balls hit her pussy I was so deep inside her with every penetration. I wanted to release my hot load deep in her ass but she’d have to come first and squeeze that sphincter around my cock. The pressure was building and I spanked her harder. I made her tell me she was my obedient slut and would never pull that shit again. She cried out , “Yes master!” and I turned the vibrating bullet up to full speed and felt her orgasm roll from her center , down her rectum, through my long shaft, and right the sweet spot. Her sphincter squeezed my dick so hard I exploded. Her orgasm set off a chain reaction that emptied the contents of my balls deep inside her as I grasped her hair and arched her back. I felt the last few spasms of release and collapsed on top of her, squeezing her close to my chest.


Once again, his weight pinned me to the bed but I didn’t mind, I was in heaven from the powerful orgasm that had just erupted from me. Christian reached to the nightstand again and returned with a large black butt plug and knife. He pressed the cold blade against my back and I lay as still as possible. He leaned in to my ear and said softly, “You’re mine, and no matter how hard you cry, no one will hear you Amelie.” Just then he moved the knife to the ropes on my wrist and cut them free. He then lifted me back in to his arms and kissed my sore wrists gently. He reached for the butt plug and slowly pulled his penis from my anus and replaced it with the plug. “I want you to keep a piece of me inside you Amelie.” Then he massaged my tender breasts and removed the bullet from my pussy.

Pulling out the bullet, a rush of juices followed and collected on the towel below me. I was delirious and shaking in his arms like when we had showered last night. He cut my ankles free and once again lifted me into his strong arms, walking me to the bathroom. There he removed the plug and lay me in a large tub. The hot water felt good on my wrists, ankles, and abused ass. He took a sponge out of the basket next to the tub and washed me gently. The same stone cold eyes had now become the soft blue seas I once recognized. I reached my hand to his tousled chestnut hair and ran my fingers through it. He closed his eyes and leaned in to my hand then kissed my wrist. “I didn’t want to hurt you Amelie, I just wanted to teach you a lesson. You mean the world to me and I can’t lose you.”

I sat up and looked into his blue eyes, embracing the moment, before I kissed him. “I love you Christian, I promise I’ll be obedient from now on.” He moved his large hands to the back of my head and pushed my lips harder in to his. We embraced one another until the water became cold and he lifted me from the bath and lay me in the large king bed where we slept naked in each others arms.

To be continued…


I knew this was a huge mistake. From the very first time I met him at the coffee shop, I should have seen through his flattery and good looks. Christian was a sadistic monster. He led me to the island with false intentions and was keeping me captive like a dog on a leash. What was worse is I wasn’t his first victim. Amelie, the young girl he claimed was his pregnant wife had clearly been his first captive. If he had intended to impregnate that small girl I wanted no part in it. Certainly any child of Christian’s would be the spawn of Satan.

I spent most of the night in pain from his abuse and considered all my escape options. None of them seemed feasible since I’d need a boat to get off this nightmare island and Christian held the keys. Still it was worth trying. Maybe he was stupid enough to leave the keys somewhere on the yacht. If I could remove the ankle monitor I might buy some time to search the yacht before Christian caught on. I wouldn’t know my way back to land though. We’d have to be miles from town. I’d risk dying at sea but it was better than staying around to see what Christian’s intentions were. Even if I did find land I’d have no way of knowing where the island was so I could send help for poor little Amelie. I was at a loss… If I was going to escape, I’d need to bring her with me.

I was startled by a knock at my door. I opened it to find Christian’s smirking back at me. “Sleep well?” I wasn’t going to humor him… “The silent treatment? Well maybe a nice shower will make you feel better?” He then handed me some towels with a set of clothes folded on them. “Meet me in the master bed when you’re finished.”

I glared at him and shut the door in his face. I then unfolded the clothes and was disgusted to find he had handed me a slutty maid uniform. It was a black dress, white lace collar, and lacked buttons half way down the front of the blouse. The lacy white apron and thigh highs were insulting. I wasn’t ready to indulge his kinky fantasies but being as I had little choice at the moment, I reluctantly took the clothes and towels to the end of the hallway and stepped in a much needed hot shower.


Natalia’s disobedience was becoming a nuisance. I really should have considered hiring a less strong willed bitch but what I really wanted were her skills. I needed her to help me after I impregnated Amelie and someone had to keep the mansion decent. I’d break her of her stubbornness in time. They couldn’t all be as malleable as my sweet Amelie. I’d tamed feistier bitches than Natalia. Amazing how much control you can gain with a little bdsm play.

Upon my return to the master bedroom I found Amelie awake holding the sheets to her naked breasts. Her curls were disheveled but she was still just as beautiful to me as ever. She crawled over to meet me at the edge of the bed and I intertwined my fingers in her hair before pulling her face to mine. I kissed her forehead and made my way down the slope of her nose to her sweet lips. I used my other hand to fondle her breasts and take advantage of her cold nipples. She let out a gasp when I slowly moved my hand to her moist sex. Her eyes were closed and I held her head back as she parted her legs to invite my hand into her. I still couldn’t get over how tight she was. I could barely get two fingers inside her unlike Natalia who was lose enough for my whole hand to fit. She moved her little hand to my dick to feel its outline through my pants. I grabbed her hand and brought it to my face. She was so soft and frail that I feared I might break her. She was my porcelain doll. So perfect and pure.

I heard Natalia enter the room and removed my hand from between Amelie’s legs. “Amelie, I want you to meet Natalia.” I gestured for her to come to me and she walked to the bed reluctantly. As she neared us I could see her feeble attempts to cover her breasts by pinning her blouse shut. As she came closer I grabbed her wrist, pulled her closer to me and ripped her blouse open, exposing the bust of her large breasts. “Ah yes, that’s much better.” Her face turned red and she looked as though she might dare to slap me but she resisted. I pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I need you to examine Amelie and determine if she’s ready to take my seed in her womb.” I then turned to Amelie, “Now love, I must leave you two alone to become better acquainted.” I left the room but stayed within ear shot in case Natalia tried anything funny.

*Amelie *

She was gorgeous. Her long raven hair and suntanned skin made me feel so pale in comparison. She must have been at least 5 maybe 7 years older than me. She could tell I was nervous, after all, the only thing separating us was a sheet. I was startled when she reached for me and moved an out of place curl from my face. “Let’s clean you up.” She said as she walked to the vanity next to my bed. She gestured for me to come to her and I wrapped the sheet around my naked body as I left the bed. “Come on Amelie, you have such a beautiful body, you don’t have to hide it.” She then took my sheet and sat me in front of the mirror. I relaxed as she tied my curls up with a pink ribbon and picked out a pink flowery sun dress for me. I put it on and went back to the bed to lie down. I felt fatigued and weak ever since the kidnapping. I hadn’t fully regained my strength and just wanted to lay in bed and sleep the day away. I think part of me kept wishing that if I fell asleep I’d wake up and realize this was all just a dream and be back in my tiny house. Natalia joined me on the bed and hummed a song as I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

*Natalia *

I didn’t want to do it but I knew if I didn’t Christian would punish me. Amelie was such a sweet, pure, shy girl and she was about to be impregnated by a sadist. As much as it killed me, I fulfilled his wishes. Amelie’s sun dress was disheveled exposing her small mound. I gently opened her legs and inserted my finger into her tight pussy. She must have definitely been a virgin before Christian had his way with her. She didn’t wake. Christian had made her very wet so it was easy to take the sample I’d need from her. After testing her hormone levels with a kit in the medicine cabinet. I left the room to find Christian right outside the bedroom door waiting for me. “She’s ready.” He shot me a diabolical smile.

“Keep her company, I’ve got plans to make.”

I was relieved as he walked away and descended down the grand staircase. I was worried that he might take Amelie right after I revealed the results but this way I had time to devise an escape plan before he had a chance to plant his demon seed in the angel. I returned to the room and quickly locked the door. After fiddling with the ankle monitor for a good 20 minutes, I was able to slip it over the heel of my foot and eventually slip it off. I then ran to Amelie on the bed and shook her violently awake. “Get up! We don’t have much time!” She awoke startled like a deer in headlights and stared at me with confusion.

“What’s going on Natalia? Where’s Christian?”

“He’s planning to force you to bear his child. He’s crazy, he kidnapped me and brought me here against my will. We’ve got to get away from him, he must be some kind of sadistic psycho. Who knows what he’s capable of?”

“No Natalia, we can’t leave, he’s hidden the keys to the yacht there’s no way off the island.”

“We’ve got to try. He’s downstairs now. If we climb out the window and onto the trellis we can make a run for the dock.”

“No, it’s too risky. I’ve tried to escape before and he punished me…. plus he’s not so bad, he’s treated me pretty well when I’ve behaved. He loves me Natalia… I can’t leave him, I’m all he’s got and he’s all I’ve got.”

“Listen to yourself!? You’re a classic case of Stockholm syndrome. Don’t sympathize with your captor. He’s using you as a sex slave.”

I then grabbed Amelie from the bed and ran to the window. I started to crawl out on to the ledge when I noticed she wasn’t budging. She looked at me and I could tell she was paralyzed with fear. She started to cry and I jumped back through the window to cover her mouth. “What is wrong with you? He’s definitely going to catch us if you don’t stop!”

I let go of her mouth and she started to follow me to the window. Just then, a hard pound at the bedroom door made me jump out of my skin. “Open up!!!” Christian roared and I knew I had no chance. I wasn’t ready to give up so quickly without a fight though and I hurried to the ledge making my way down the trellis. Amelie didn’t follow but she didn’t unlock the door for Christian either. She just gave up… it was sad really. She must have been brain washed or something. I however was not ready to succumb to Christian and leapt from the trellis to the ground below. I must have misjudged my landing. I screamed in pain as my ankle twisted. I tried to stand but stumbled and fell back down. I started to crawl. Call me hopeless but I honestly thought if I could crawl to the yacht I might still have a chance. It was then that I heard the front door slam open and someone run towards me. My head was jerked back by a fistful of my hair. “Did you really think you could escape me Natalia?”

I turned around on my back and kicked him as hard as I could with my other good leg. I was aiming for his dick but missed and hit his lower abdomen. He doubled over in pain and I squirmed from his grasp and attempted to stand again. Despite the excruciating pain in my ankle, I managed to hobble a few feet and gain my stride towards the yacht. I was still maybe 50 feet away before I looked behind me to see Christian wasn’t chasing after me but he also wasn’t anywhere to be found which made me more nervous. It took all my strength to stumble my way to the dock.

I was nearly there. Only a few more feet. Before I could even consider my next move I was shocked with several volts of electric coursing through my body. I screamed in agony as my body hit the cold ground and I was immobilized. It happened so fast I didn’t know what had hit me until I saw the taser in Christian’s hands. He turned me over and forced himself between my legs and hovered over my helpless body. I’d never seen such stone cold anger in someone’s eyes as he grabbed my throat with one muscular hand nearly choking me. “You stupid whore! Did you not learn your lesson when I fisted your cunt? That was nothing compared to what you have coming to you.”

I spit in his face and he paused to wipe it off before tightening his grip around my neck. I struggled underneath his weight but he didn’t budge. I gasped for breath and panicked as he continued to asphyxiate me. “Goodbye world, at least I tried….”The lack of oxygen to my brain dulled my senses until all I could hear was the beating of my heart before I blacked out.

*Christian *

I lay on top of Natlia’s unconscious body contemplating what I was going to do with her next. I considered loading her in the yacht and dropping her out at sea but that would be cruel… I picked her limp body up, threw her over my shoulder, and headed back to the mansion. My rage was pulsing through me at the thought of her trying to take my Amelie from me. Before I went back inside to find the taser I had barricaded the door to the master bedroom so Amelie wouldn’t be tempted to intervene. My dick was already hardening at the thought of what I was going to do to Natalia.

I carried her back down to the cold basement where I kept my toys and gadgets. I strapped her asphyxiated body into a leather sex swing spreading her cunt open wide for easy access. There really is a fine line between bdsm and rape… I wasn’t going to be as gentle this time. I put the ball gag in her mouth and placed clamps on her nipples that connected to a chain. I wasn’t going to risk impregnating this slut. She wasn’t worthy of bearing my child and her cunt was so stretched that it wouldn’t please my dick anyway. Still she needed something to fill her so I pushed a nice 10 inch long, 3 inch wide dildo into her easily accessible pussy and strapped it in place so she couldn’t push it out. She was starting to re-gain consciousness. I moved around the swing to stand over her face. Her eyes slowly opened and she tried to scream but the gag muffled her. I was fully erect now looking down at her frightened face. I removed the ball gag and before she could try to curse me again I tilted her head back and shoved my dick down her throat. “If you bite me bitch, it will be the last thing you do.” She gagged as I used the swing to slowly push her away from me, removing my dick just long enough for her to breath before swinging her back to take it all in again.

I felt her teeth on my shaft and wasn’t going to take my chances. She winced in pain as I grabbed the chain of her nipple clamps and pulled just enough to get my point across. “When will you learn bitch? I own you.” My balls slapped her face as I pumped my dick in and out of her throat relentlessly, using the swing for leverage. Her gagging was squeezing my dick so I hurried my pace and released my hot load deep into her throat. Before she could try to spit it out I replaced my dick with the ball gag forcing her to swallow my hot cum. Her eyes filled with rage and I knew our lesson was just beginning.

I knew just the right toy to tame this bitch. I walked to the corner of the basement and unveiled my prized piece of mechanical pleasure. I had built it myself but never had a chance to try it out on anyone before. I turned to find Natalia still struggling to break free from her bonds

“Don’t be so ungrateful. I think you’re going to enjoy being fucked senseless once you give in to it.”

Unlike me, a fuck machine was much less forgiving. She’d have to let go eventually and embrace my will. I moved the heavy machinery between her spread legs. I decided to be kind enough to lubricate the large black dick attached to the machine before inserting it into her reluctant ass. I positioned her so that just the tip was inside of her. The dildo in her pussy made her rectum much narrower so she’d have to adjust to the girth of the dick in her ass. I pulled her swing closer to me slowly inserting the length of the dildo inside of her tight ass. She was perfectly positioned now to begin her punishment. I turned the machine on and it slowly pistoned in and out of her ass as she hung helpless in the swing. I could see her juices escaping past the dick in her cunt and roll down to her asshole, adding much needed lubrication as she took in the full length of the dick that rhythmically fucked her.

After a good 10 minutes of slowly fucking her ass, I decided she was ready to take it up a notch. I dialed the machine to a higher speed and watched her struggle to break free from its torment. “Give up Natalia and you’ll enjoy it so much more. The more you struggle the harder I’m going to fuck you.” She must have taken my words as a challenge as she twisted violently in the swing trying to free herself from the dick in her ass. I then dialed the machine to the highest setting and she screamed as the dick pistoned her faster and faster. I was beginning to get somewhat jealous that it wasn’t me who was pounding that tight ass of hers. Tears began to roll down her cheeks and she pleaded against her gag for me to stop. I knew if I gave her what she wanted she’d only betray me again. Instead I attached a vibrator to her swollen clit to ease some of the pain and turn it into pleasure. I sat back and watched as she was forced to orgasm with her holes filled and fucked. It made my dick so hard that I had to relieve myself.

I kept the machine set to high and left Natalia to complete her punishment. I had a very scared Amelie still locked away in her room to attend to. I unlocked the door to the master bedroom but had trouble moving the door. “Amelie, love, please move so I can come in.” I asked nicely but could have very easily pushed it open. I didn’t want to risk hurting her though so I waited for her reply.

“No Christian! Tell me what you’ve done with Natalia!?”

I was mildly annoyed by her demands… “She disobeyed me Amelie. I couldn’t let her take you from me now could I? ”

“She said you were a monster Christian! She said you were using me. I’m not letting you in until you can tell me what you’ve done with her!”

I considered barging through the door and proving her right but restrained my temper… “Love she’s fine, I promise. We just had a disagreement and she stormed off to her room. She said she’s sorry for scaring you. “

It was silent for a few minutes and then Amelie opened the door and stared up at me with her tear filled hazel eyes. “Don’t cry angel, everything is ok. We just had a misunderstanding that’s all.” I picked her up and hugged her tight to my chest, burying my nose in her curls. The smell of strawberry shampoo filled my senses.

“Come love, you must be starving. I’ll make you something to eat.”

I placed her gently back on her feet and led her to the kitchen.

*Amelie *

Up until I met Natalia this morning. I was starting to enjoy the thought of living in the mansion with Christian. I was even starting to warm up to the idea of becoming the mother of his offspring. Everything was happening so fast but for the first time in my life, I finally felt like I was truly loved and had a purpose in the world. I couldn’t stay upset with Christian even if I tried. I’d take one look at his handsome face and melt in his arms. I convinced myself that he wasn’t controlling me, that this is really what I wanted all along. Escape was never an option, I learned that the hard way. I really did love him. He was strong yet gentle. Forceful yet soft. He knew my body better than I did. I was addicted to him and would do anything to please him.

I followed him to the kitchen and hopped up on a stool in front of the counter to watch him cook. He prepared a plate of crepes and fruit and joined me at the counter. “This is my favorite dish. I spent a summer abroad in Paris after my parent’s died.”

“Oh Christian… I’m so sorry I didn’t know…”

He looked at me and shrugged. “It’s been years Amelie, no need to be sorry. They weren’t very good people anyhow… trust me. You’re the only family I need now anyway.”

I had never known my parents. I was raised in an orphanage until I was 17 and ran away. I’d been on my own ever since. Part of me had always longed to have a family though and Christian knew it… Maybe that’s why he chose me? We were kindred spirits, lost souls in the world just yearning for that one true piece of happiness. I finished up my breakfast and excused myself from the table.

“Amelie, why don’t you go wait for me on the beach? I have lose ends to tie up before I join you.”

I kissed him and headed for the front door to the sandy trail leading to the beach.

*Natalia *

It must have been at least an hour since Christian left. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. I was running out of lubricant but the machine kept pistoning in and out of me in a fast motion. I gave in to it not long after Christian left and I no longer held on to my pride. He had won. I now knew exactly what he was capable of and after the 8th earth shattering orgasm, I was exhausted and lay limp in my restraints while the huge dick impaled my ass without hesitation. My will had been broken. I knew even if I had the will to escape again, it was no use. I gave up and prayed for Christian to return and release me.

I was staring up at the ceiling listening to the thump of the machine when I heard Christian descend down the creaky basement steps. I sighed with relief at the sight of his face.

“Did you learn your lesson Natalia?”

I nodded eagerly in hopes he would turn off the machine and untie me quickly.

“Well maybe a few more minutes will do you some good?”

My ex-girlfriend hadn’t changed since I’d last seen her. She was still slim and, while not exceptionally curvy, definitely with enough curves in the right places. She was also definitely dressed to impress, wearing a yellow summer dress that went well with her shapely, caramel-colored legs and contrasted nicely with her well-brushed jet-black hair, her legs crossed as she was sitting on the bed.

“Hi,” I said.

“So you made it,” she answered.

“I guess so. You look great.”


I smiled, looking forward to the sex – after all, she had wanted to meet in a hotel room and was sexily dressed. Yet I was a bit overly nervous also, without knowing why.

She took a bag that was next to her and pulled out a bottle and wine glasses.

“Shall we have a drink first? I’m taking medicine so I won’t have any alcohol, but I got you some wine.”

“Sure, thanks.”

I hadn’t even finished my first glass of wine when I felt kind of dizzy, and my vision a little blurry. I tried to say something, but my speech was slurred.

She pulled out her phone and made a call.

“Yeah, it’s taking effect. I’m ready whenever you are.”

There was a knock on the door almost immediately. “Stay here,” she said to me. Then she went to get the door. I realized she had put something in my drink, as scared as I was all I could do was to stay where I was, as I’d been told.

I heard her open the door, I heard someone, or maybe two people, walk in. I heard men’s voices, but I couldn’t hear clearly, and I couldn’t make out any words, as if everyone’s speech were slurred, which was probably the drug affecting my hearing. I could distinguish a woman’s voice, presumably my ex’s, and two deeper, male voices. She walked over to me and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Just do whatever I do.”

She began to undress. Unable to stop myself, I began doing the same, and soon we were both naked. She then got on all fours on the floor. As if on autopilot, I also got on all fours side by side.

One of the men approached her. He was completely naked – a blond guy, slightly tanned, muscular – and he put his hand on her hips. The tip of his very erect cock grazed against her ass, and he started pushing it in even as she moaned. I felt a pair of strong hands on my own hips. I knew what was going to happen, and I turned my head to at least take a look at the stranger who was going to fuck me.

He was black, very muscular and, judging by his chest, fairly hairy.

I felt the tip of his manhood on my asshole, and closed my eyes. I felt him push, and for a moment I thought he would not go in, but then he did, slowly, very slowly. Firmly, he pushed his thick manhood into me little by little. I had no idea how much more I had to take, I felt I could not take any more yet he pushed deeper into me and, only after what seemed to be forever, I felt his pubic hair against my ass, and knew his manhood had gone in me to the hilt. For a moment he simply held it in place, and grew ever so slightly bigger, sending a spasm of pleasure in me.

Then something broke. No physically, but mentally. It was as if a dam in my mind had broken down, and desires and memories came flooding. I let out a loud moan, and let out tears of joy at what was being done to me. He began thrusting, pulling out slightly and then firmly pushing back in again in a slow but rhythmic motion. With each thrust, memories came flooding back.

I remembered one time when I’d barely hit puberty and I was watching a soccer game with some older boys, and how, as they had no uniforms, one of the teams had played barechested. I remember how I had to put my backpack on my lap to hide my little erection, and how I’d completely lost track of the game while staring at the boys’ chests and legs.

I remembered in the showers taking a peek at the other boys, lying to myself, telling myself I was only curious and just wanted to compare myself, when I desperately wanted to touch their cocks. I remembered at a cousin’s quinceaños party – I remembered wondering what it would be like to wear an elaborate pink dress like hers.

I remembered one particular time I’d had sex with the woman now being fucked next to me – one time I’d pounded her hard, brutally, and she’d loved it. I didn’t dare admit it even to myself then, but I did now: I had fucked her how I wanted to be fucked, and I’d been aroused by imagining myself in her place, that it was me spreading my legs and getting cock.

I remembered one time in my teens when I accidentally walked in on another cousin nursing her baby and how the quick glimpse of her naked breast had seared itself into my mind – I had convinced myself it was desire what I’d felt, but that was a lie – I’d felt envy.

The man fucking me began thrusting harder and faster. I had a vision of myself, undressing as I’d done earlier, but saw myself dressed not in the male clothes I’d been wearing, but in a wedding dress. I saw myself lie on the bed, and the man fucking me in the real world was my husband, and I spread my legs for him. I envisioned him deflowering me even as he thrusted harder and harder. Then he came both in my vision and in reality, and I had a screaming orgasm and everything went blank.

I’m nor sure how long I was unconscious, but when I woke up, I could feel my ass was sore and sticky – it had been no dream. Before I even opened my eyes, I knew my life had changed – not because I’d had sex with a man, but because of what it had made me feel.

“You loved it.”

It wasn’t a question. My ex-girlfriend, now dressed again, was sitting on the bed. The men were gone.

“It’s funny to think you turned out to be more feminine than me.”

“Who were they? The men?”

“The one who fucked me is called Mike. The one who fucked you – why do you want to know?”


“You were just a lay to him, you know. He didn’t know you were a virgin, either, but he did notice you were tight, he said so, but I guess you were too busy squealing like the bitch you are to notice.”

“Why did you do this?”

“You’re not complaining, are you? After all, with that drug you can’t be made to do anything you really don’t want to do. So you wanted to get on all fours and have your brains fucked out, whether you knew it or not.”

I paused for a moment. My life would definitely change – I didn’t think I’d ever put my cock inside anybody ever again, for starters.

“No, I’m not complaining. Whatever your reasons – thank you.”

“After we broke up,” she said, “I made some gay friends and through them met all sorts of people – gay, bi, trans. I kind of recognized what you were – I admit part of me just wants to prove you were never a real man, but I also wanted to help you get in touch with yourself. So I enlisted the help of Mike and his partner -they’re both bi- and, well, here we are. So there’s one last favor I’m going to do for you.”

She took a suitcase from underneath the bed.

“This is for you,” she said. “Goodbye.”


She walked out the door. Whatever happened now, I knew she was out of my life.

I opened the suitcase. I smiled nervously.

A couple of hours later, I was putting on a dress. I’d shaved my legs and armpits with the pink razor I found in the suitcase, and I’d put on the matching bra and panties that were underneath it. I put on red nail varnish from the makeup kit in the suitcase. Soon enough I was done dressing up as a woman.

I took out another important item in the suitcase – an LGBT guide for the town. I saw there was a trans and cd-friendly bar just a couple of blocks away – not far to go even in the very high heels I was now wearing. Well, I now knew where I’d be heading next – tonight I’d make sure I got cock again, and this time I would need no drugs to let my need be satisfied.

Author’s Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2012

This story is continued (and how!).

The story so far heavily references both “Sisterhood” and “Subterrane”.

Chapter 6

It was easier to spy on those at Court; the tunnel system saw to it. Less easy to spy on a House proper, on their own turf, their own plantation, especially when one couldn’t be detected and any slips or witnesses had to be dealt with. It could get sticky quickly as not always could it mean the death of the detector, so better to not be detected in the first place.

D’Shea had been sending me to alternating locations; House Itlaun and House Aurenthin. One guess who the Drow of interest were.

I enjoyed watching Jael Aurenthietti much more than Curgia and her House’s Consort, by far. In the former, I saw evidence of an iron will and a gleeful level of furious energy. I did not know anything of her past—D’Shea didn’t want me to know so as not to color my reports—but it was a joy to watch her practice her martial skills and sometimes listen as her double-talk went right past those who looked down on her for being of a low House.

Jael wanted so much more; I could smell the determination.

She clearly wasn’t right for the part of a Matron; her impulse-control wasn’t the best and she was more reactive than proactive, and granted, that role was already taken by her oldest Sister anyway. Three females would have to die before she would get a chance, but I didn’t think that she wanted it anyway.

She was a solitary one in her family; she volunteered for patrols and her Matron seemed just as pleased to let her go. Her violent sparring was only against others with which she had no close connection beyond similar training. Indeed, she even seemed rather anti-social.

Not often did I observe her having sex, but what I saw was just enough. It caused me to reflect that whichever Red Sisters had been watching me at Court before they came for me…well, it explained some of my reputation coming in and a comment Jaunda had made in more than a handful of our couplings: “Come on, I know you like it.”

Jael was a fierce one even having sex. I witnessed a few of both sexes, but slightly more female. I didn’t know if that was significant or not. The Red Sisters would have witnessed me taking only males, never females, and quite a lot of them; that was significant.

The most interesting detail I gleaned was that she was usually overbearing the other to be dominant—using quiet threats and physical power—but it almost seemed she was slightly disappointed when they submitted, even after a healthy struggle.

It made me wonder whether some part of her—with the females especially—almost wished someone were strong enough to defeat her. It would wipe that sneer of contempt from her face.

I knew there were plenty of Red Sisters who could do that for her.

I thought she was right for us, and it wasn’t just the fact that then she would be the youngest Red Sister, although that was a side-benefit for me. She was also right for Rausery, more so than D’Shea. That was according to plan as well. I wanted us to Collect her, for certain, but wouldn’t push it too hard. If I mentioned no flaws at all, D’Shea would think less of my evaluation.

Impulsive. Strong temper. Bitter toward Priestesses and Houses above hers.

But give her some direction, something to do outside of the “don’t overturn the bridge” norm of society, re-train her perception to minimize the lop-sided importance of her House’s number, and she would be unbreakable and loyal.

Rausery would love her.

By comparison…or more contrast, I quickly grew bored watching Curgia and Tulia and their Mother and Aunt. Middling-to-low status, medium-term plotting, much business and merchant speak, utter fear and compliance with any suggestions, directives, or hints which came from the Priestesses. They over-analyzed every detail, tying their own web tighter and smaller around themselves in their anxiety. Making it even more boring, from what I could tell, it had nothing to do with me.

The only interesting part was that after a few months I could spot the same subtle signs of pregnancy in both sisters, except one was gloriously proud of it and the other was trying desperately to hide it.

Guess which was which?

To be honest, most of my spying was slow-paced; Jael was the very pleasant exception in that she could not seem to be idle for long.

Even watching the Consort mate with one of the House Nobles was boring; they never tapped his potential, never saw him as more than a prize, a status-symbol, and treated him like fine crystal. They were also as mechanical as Tulia had been on the altar. As for him, he was compliant and placid, and he orgasmed oh-so-prettily for them, performing as expected.

I honestly wondered how his interest in sex did not flag after a time.

I sighed; watching House Itlaun was so frustrating and mind-numbingly tedious.

Occasionally I would speak with the Consort. The first time it had been Gaelan and me. We had wanted to establish his recollection and immediately connect the Red Sisters with my face.

Since I’d been naked and raping him at the time he met me, he wouldn’t necessarily know what it had been about when Gaelan had arrived to drag me off him. It worked well enough; he accepted that he’d been attacked by a Red Sister for an unknown reason, and rescued by one in turn. It added to the mystique of us, even if it did nothing for my pride, leaving him to wonder why one Red Sister would hog-tie another and take her away somewhere…only to bring her back, fully clothed and equipped this time.

He also understood what was expected of him. I was not surprised to discover that it was not the first time for him to be an informant.

The next time, however, I had been instructed to gather intelligence alone; Gaelan would have a different assignment. Oh, the Consort hadn’t been pleased that “the other Red Sister” was not there to provide an easier way to report; he’d barely made any eye contact with me before, preferring to deal with her, though he knew neither of our names.

I had savored that first encounter; delightful and surprising, and still so clear in my memory. It had led to more than I would have guessed as well.

Per the Priestesses’ requirements, he’d been given his own quarters at House Itlaun. It made complete sense, and he’d be telling the Priestesses much of what went on in this House. The advantage we believed the Red Sisters had in his case was that he truly would not want his Priestesses knowing about his encounter with me. While he was likely aware that it could cause some strife for me and cause friction between the two powerful groups, we had to highlight for him the fact that he should care more about his own fate than mine.

This Consort would not be as valuable if it was well-known among the Nobles that he’d once been “despoiled,” taken by force while under the protection of another House. Following that, he wouldn’t be as valuable to the Priestesses as an informer. Then… who knew where he’d be? He would be sent somewhere, but who knew where? Better to follow the path he knew; it had its better qualities and luxuries, and all he had to do was remain silent.

It was why I had been sent here alone; to see to it.

“Where is the Other?” the Consort had asked after setting the sound-dampener ward and giving us privacy.

“Only myself this eve,” I smiled, showing my desire and a bit of sinister playfulness.

He swallowed. I could see the dread on his face and had already anticipated why. He believed he would now be required to couple with me anytime I demanded, and he would still have to remain silent about it. He expected the blackmail, considered it a foregone conclusion.

Under normal circumstances, he would be right. However, I knew perfectly well D’Shea was testing my control, and she’d explained that she didn’t want him so without hope with long-term abuse that he felt he had nothing to lose in revealing what had happened to the Priestesses. He didn’t know this, however, and we far preferred to leave him wondering when or if I would take him again, rather than to enlighten him that he was actually safe from me.

It was true that I wanted the Red Sisters more than I wanted his perfect body.

Resolve came over his face the next moment then. How I loved the honest expressions I could see.

“What do you want?” he asked, his left hand flexing nervously.

“An update since my last visit, gorgeous one.”

He tilted his head slightly at the compliment but nodded, giving me that which he knew. Or claimed to. Unlike the reports to the Priestesses, he could be lying to us and we had taken what he said so far with a grain of salt. My assignment here tonight was to determine whether or not his only reason for being completely truthful might be to avoid being regularly used by me.

D’Shea would love having the leverage if I could get it.

“I see. Is that all?” I asked.

He nodded.

“And are you lying, either in fact or by omission?”

“No, Red Sister.”

He didn’t look away at first as I stared at his fine eyes, but he soon grew uncomfortable with my silence and my gaze and blinked, looking to the side and shifting his weight on his well-formed sandaled feet. He wore a similar style outfit to the first time I’d seen him, but this time the cloth wrapping his waist and draped artfully over one shoulder was finer quality. He likely wore nothing else beneath.

I smiled salaciously, trailing a hot gaze up his legs, lingering on his crotch, waist, chest and shoulders, and ending with an appreciative hum as I nodded, as if making a decision. I loved that his hair was down, free-flowing; it was a contrast to mine when on a mission: tight-plaited and bound against the back of my neck. He also wore a different circlet around his throat; still of the round belly symbol but integrated with House Itlaun’s crest. It looked brand-new, very recently made.

“I guess I have some spare time, then.”

His eyes widened a fraction and he took a step back. “Red Sister, no, please, I’ve told you before, if my Mistress—”

I closed the distance between us threateningly even as he backed up. My voice was coarse. “Where do you think your *telling* me anything from your lying mouth is going to have the result you want?”

“I’m not lying!” he exclaimed, bumping into the wardrobe with his back and giving it a startled glance before looking back at me. “Forgive my slip. Not telling you, I’m begging of you.”

I ignored that. “It conflicts with another report about Curgia’s condition, dear one,” I said more quietly as I got chest-to-chest, well within his space. “One of you is lying.”

I took hold of the bottom of his wrap, my soft leather glove brushing along his thigh as I started to raise it up. He still had the spirit to grab another part of the cloth—not my wrist, the Consort did have intelligence—and try to hold it down. It was taut enough that one sharp tug on my part would probably tear it.

I would have loved to; the sound would be satisfying and would stroke my hunger. But then he’d have to explain it to his Mistresses.

“I’m not the liar, the other is,” he said boldly. “I can’t be the sire of whatever piglet Curgia is carrying. I’ve been around enough times in these Houses, I know she wouldn’t be hiding it if I were.”

“And under which circumstances would you guess she would hide it?”

“Anything unplanned and unapproved,” he said.

“Vague theory, nothing more. Any thoughts on Curgia specifically?”

The Consorts jaw tightened. “I don’t know. Would guessing count as lying with you?”

“Not when I ask you for your opinion. Which I am.”

He breathed out and swallowed, still uncomfortable with me caging him against the wardrobe. “I’d say she was forced somehow.”

I quirked one brow. “Sounds unlikely. What if it was just from a dalliance with a low-born slave?”

He shook his head. “I know how badly they wanted a Consort. Curgia is not impulsive. And…and I am familiar with the signs of force, Red Sister. I have been able to observe it my whole existence around me.”

“And even experience it once,” I quipped. “But why would those signs be the same in a female? I assume you’ve been watching males, observing from afar and being glad that it wasn’t you. And it doesn’t happen to females. Being forced is a male fate, isn’t it?”

I knew very well otherwise, of course, I just wanted his reaction. He looked delightfully angry for a few seconds, his life energy churning and spinning beneath his skin from his chest up to his face, before he got himself under control again.

“Females are forced just as males are. And now *you* are lying, Red Sister,” he said, hissing the last word a little.

“Oh?” I wanted to hear this.

“The Consorts all know why even the highest *female* Nobles fear you. You are the worst and most cruel of the rapists, and no gender is excused. I’m not even certain children are spared.”

For a moment, I felt a reaction similar to his at the comment; that hot flash of anger and insult. However, I smirked and didn’t enlighten him that we didn’t torture children that way. Kill them, perhaps, only when absolutely necessary and when the entire House had been condemned…but I knew none of my Sisters who would be aroused by the too-young age of a thin, prepubescent Drow.

We still protected and supported the gift and ability to bear those young in the first place, and it was explicitly forbidden by the Red Sister Prime (in case one of us somehow did get the idea to experiment).

The Consort could see in the dark as well as I could; he’d have to interpret that somatic response of mine on his own. Damning though it was, even for us, my leaders would prefer we not let it leak that there were actually some limits to what the Red Sisters would do to any Nobles who got out of line.

Time for a distraction.

I let go of the cloth of his wrap and slid my hand toward his inner thigh, reaching beneath and up to cup his testicles and he jumped. We were both breathing much more quickly and he actually did push at my wrist to get me to remove my hand. I let my hand go back to his thigh as I leaned to sniff his neck.

He smelled so good…

“Please, don’t,” he gasped.

“Who would know? No one, unless you told them. I know you wouldn’t.”

“Just leave me be, please, I’m not worth the risk!”

“Don’t you want me?”

Given our “conversation” thus far, it should have been a ridiculous question; I was teasing him again, pushing the situation to get him where I wanted him. But I also asked right then because I was somewhat surprised…. He was partially erect when I caressed his privates again, this time over the surface of the cloth.

“I’ll get caught. Everyone always gets caught, sooner or later!” he said vehemently.

I blinked. That hadn’t been the “No” I was expecting.

In the seconds following as I kept touching him, he became fully erect, much harder than when I’d forced an erection from him during our first encounter, and he suppressed most of a moan. I looked at his eyes, some of my ardor shoved to the side with difficulty as my higher functions focused more tightly on his words as he spoke again.

“Don’t tempt me,” he pleaded, quivering close to me. “Red Sister, I would lie beneath you if I had the choice, but I don’t and I can’t. I can promise that I’ll never lie by fact or omission, to you or any Red Sister, if you will just not…force me. It jeopardizes everything I have, and each time you do it, the more likely I’ll be caught and punished. It won’t matter that I had no choice.”

That was exactly what D’Shea had wanted me to make him understand on this assignment, but it seemed she already had that edge. None of us had quite realized he’d thought about it to the same place that we had; we thought we would have to convince him.

I was silent for several long moments before I spoke again.

“Why would you lie under me?” I asked, only because I wanted to know. Maybe I’d understand after I had time to think why he was erect when he was cornered and had plenty of reason to hate me, but right now I was bewildered. Why was it a temptation for him now?

He hadn’t stopped shaking but he tried to slow his breathing, swallowing before speaking. “You see me, and you like what you see.”

I narrowed my eyes slightly. “I also hurt you. And enjoyed it.”

“You tested me. And didn’t find me lacking.” Another swallow, a flash at that lovely throat. “No one has ever dared…I’ve wondered how I would react if someone tried. Now I know. And you know. You’re the only one who does.”

The stiff rod still in my hand pulsed once.

“Used to being treated like the thinnest crystal glass, hm?” I asked, and he nodded, giving another little push at my wrist with his hand to get me to let go of his erection. Very reluctantly, I did.

He spoke in a quick, hushed voice. “When you found me, wh-what were you doing out there, Red Sister?” he asked. “You were naked and injured and muddy and seemed a little….well, all you had was a blade. The only direction you could have come from was the wilderness. Had you been attacked? I saw the bitemark; it wasn’t from a creature but something on two legs. Did they rob you?”

Observant and intelligent enough to use deductive reasoning, and he’d done some studying somewhere. How long had I been underestimating the males at Court? I actually felt foolish now. It was a good thing I’d already confessed about the dwarf and the rape to D’Shea, or this one might have something I didn’t want her to know.

I smirked and chuckled softly, nodding. “Attacked? Yes. Robbed? No. I was already exactly as you saw me when they attacked, and I kept my blade. The attackers lost their lives; I was only bitten out of a desperate last act.”

Let him think it had been more than one who overwhelmed me. It was easier to accept and better for the Sisters’ reputation than what had actually happened.

He nodded, his eyes wide with interest. He’d stopped shaking. “Why were you nude with only a blade?”

I quirked my brow at him. “You’ve received all the information you’re getting about that, Consort.”

“Yes, Red Sister.” He’d expected that reply, I saw. He just had to try.

As the saying went, give a thread, take a tapestry.

I ran my gloved hand greedily down from his neck to shoulder and arm; I couldn’t feel his skin but it drew his attention back to its proper place as he realized I hadn’t yet agreed to his bargain: truthful reports in exchange for being spared molestation and…temptation.

Wasn’t that last quality a kick in the teeth.

I tilted my head and covered his mouth with mine in a deep kiss, trapping him by bracing both arms on either side of him against the wardrobe. He tensed immensely, rigid and fearful, but now I knew with some desire as well. My persistence eventually resulted in his opening his mouth for me. It was hot and slick and tasted of fine wine and spice. My hands left the wardrobe and cupped his jaw and sliding my gloved fingers into his hair, holding him steady as I kissed deeper.

I remained ever-aware of the location of his hands. He kept them flat and open, pressed to the wardrobe. It was not a refusal to touch me or a sign of avoidance. He was showing me that he would not take action or steal anything as I had my fill of his mouth. It was a sign of acceptance. My hips moved of their own accord, my mound coming in contact with his member, and, damn him to Lolth, he responded in kind.

I was only torturing myself at this point.

He was shaking again when I drew back; so was I, if I was honest.

This was too dangerous. This had to be the last time.

“Agreed,” I said huskily, releasing his face and dropping my hands to my sides. “I’ll not molest you or tease you at all so long as your intelligence to any Red Sister is the complete truth as you know it.”

My Consort nodded immediately. “Yes. Agreed. Thank you.”

I stepped back from him. Time to go.

I was probably going to regret for the rest of my life that there wasn’t a win-win way to fuck him.

Before leaving, however, I asked him, “Do Consorts have names?”

My eyes detected an energy flare in his face in the dark, even if his expression hadn’t changed much; he’d still had a strong emotional reaction to the question. “Yes. But it’s different with every House we’re given to, and only those in that House can know it.”

How many ways the Priestesses controlled everything they could, even a Consort’s identity.

“Well. I shall call you Auslan, if it’s all the same to you,” I said, mostly on impulse.

He blinked those fine eyes. “Auslan” referred to uncovered treasure in our language. He nodded. “As you wish, Red Sister.”

His tone lacked both apathy and displeasure, though I knew it hadn’t contained delight or satisfaction either. I wondered what emotion he’d just felt, being named in secret yet again?

This time not even the Priestesses knew it.


Though I had taken my time leaving House Itlaun with care so as not to be seen, with the distance grew my frustration and the ache between my legs. I could blame my Consort for it; he never had to admit he would have me, if it were possible. He could have kept that gorgeous mouth shut.

I didn’t care to return and give my report just yet; it could wait. I wanted cock first; real cock, not another Sister, not the Feldeu.

I decided it was time to visit Callitro and see his progress on my request if he wasn’t already finished. I even risked wasting another pregnancy-prevention draught by swallowing it along the way, since it would take me some time to get to the Tower even through my Sisters’ channels.

I had already been delayed or preempted numerous times even trying to see him, or to begin my search for the invisible wizard. D’Shea had been “training” me most of my sleep periods with her Feldeu, making me wear it and increasing my endurance and my control of it, bit by bit. It was very slow going right now.

At this time, I did not like it as much as some Sisters did. True, it was beyond pleasure that I felt when it was bonded to me, but I wanted nothing more than to direct the pace, to wallow in the heat and moisture, to see to my need…and D’Shea wouldn’t allow it. After the first time, I did not get the opportunity take her, to force the penetration when I chose, and to fuck her that willfully, as I had the first time.

I believed that she knew I would take the opening if given it, but only while wearing the Feldeu. Unsettling images came into my mind every time we coupled. Sometimes I thought I wanted to test that composure of hers, to see how it held up under certain acts… such as a rough drilling between her buttocks perhaps, like the Surface Elf who Jaunda had speared. I wanted her presenting to me on her knees.

She often spoke well of my flexibility, but what about hers?

D’Shea had asked once whether I wanted to borrow the large Feldeu. “To use on Gaelan, perhaps?”

I’d been quiet for a long time, conflicted. The pleasure versus the loss of control, the fact that I could easily breech the boundaries of my deal with Gaelan without realizing it. I could easily do something I’d wish I hadn’t later.

My Elder’d had to remind me to answer her: “Yes or no, Sirana?”


She’d noted the reaction and nodded, but didn’t probe me about it.

I knew nothing of how this kind of training may or may not differ from that of other Red Sisters under D’Shea’s hand. I did not even know if D’Shea had introduced all of them to the Feldeu or not, as she had with me. She’d only made it clear that the way it affected me was not typical, thanks to the encounter with the Deurgar.

The Priestess Lelinahdara had worked with just D’Shea and me a few times since my first time wearing a Feldeu. In spite of what my Elder had said about the other Sisters understanding what had happened in the wilderness—about each of them having their own tale—she hadn’t yet made it widely known to them. She had asked me to wait and keep it to myself for now. I figured it was likely the Red Sister Prime knew but she gave no indication, and neither did Rausery or anyone else.

Lelinahdara tried to bring the imprint to the surface, even exorcise it, and get that knowledge about the Duergar that we wanted. It had not worked yet, and I was not enjoying those trials. I could agree to cooperate while conscious, I could even open my legs and don the Feldeu to “open the connection,” as the Priestess said…but it changed drastically when she worked her magic on me in that alternated state in which my self-control was greatly weakened anyway.

I was only lucky D’Shea believed Lelinahdara when she said that it was the nature of the imprint, that it was not willful disobedience. Apparently the Duergar that I had killed had had significant willpower and stubbornness as qualities of his nature.

“The divine magic is not softening the resistance when I can sense it, and I can only sense it when she wears the phallus,” the Priestess had said quietly, wiping her forehead. “I think we are using the wrong kind of energy. We may need a psion, Elder.”

Finding one of those on our side in the Underdark would be like finding diamonds encrusted on a living spider. As far as I knew, D’Shea and Lelinahdara were still “researching.” As for me, I could wait. I did not want to obsess about a memory.

I still felt completely myself when I did not wear the magical phallus; there were no dreams or reveries, no impulses or thoughts that seemed alien to me. It was only when I wore the erection and was flooded with its magic that I became confused, and so far, I’d worn it only with D’Shea. I noted, after the first failed attempts to clean out my head, that she did not offer to let me borrow the Feldeu again.

I could still allow penetration of myself, though, anytime that I wanted.

And after my too-revealing meeting with Auslan, I wanted Callitro as a reasonable, much safer substitute. I was going to the Tower; hopefully I wouldn’t be interrupted like the first and only time I’d been there.

I’d been doing a little more research about the place since becoming a Red Sister, for obvious reasons perhaps, but also because I finally noted that wizards had been a rarity at Court. Yet there were last counted to be one-hundred and twenty-three of them in the City, all with permanent quarters at the Tower.

This was a clear contrast to the females who developed a talent for magic. They studied at Court or sometimes with a private tutor at their own House. There were two-hundred and forty-six of them in the City at last count.

The school and dormitories for male wizards was commonly called the Tower because it loomed over all but the Palace which also housed the Priesthood. It could be called free-standing, I supposed. It had been built into and around a gigantic, natural column, where a stalagmite and stalactite had met in the middle of the cavern’s floor and ceiling. There were many levels, all basically circular in floor plan, though the largest few floors both at the base and the crown of the structure contained only either twenty or so individual quarters or three to four larger functional rooms, such as a kitchen or cleaning room. The center levels were smaller than that, and I knew there had to be room made for libraries and archives, in addition to the large set of Drow wizards with their many specialties.

I understood the male wizards were functionally a very solitary group, eating, sleeping, and studying alone for a better portion of their time. It didn’t mean, however, that they didn’t receive “customers” or gossip amongst each other in different parts of the Tower, or have some of the largest sets of pointed ears catching all that was whispered whenever they had a purpose for leaving it.

Hoarding knowledge was their basis for living, after all. If any single, male-oriented group could ever pose a threat to the Valsharess, it would likely be the wizards—assuming they could work together for long enough, which wasn’t likely. But it was still one reason they were not allowed to come to Court without invitation, and were not allowed free-reign to wander the Drow City unescorted.

Some Drow chose to trade that tighter leash for the knowledge and practice of magic, and some simply demonstrated the proficiency while young and were forcibly relocated. I had a standing bet with myself that my invisible wizard had been of the latter category. He had not behaved as if he had willingly moved into the Tower.

Callitro, on the other hand, had gone willingly. He’d told me during our first visit. I was allowed to see him because the Red Sister Prime knew and approved, and Callitro’s own headmaster, Phaelous, also knew. This was the one area where I was required to have my comings and goings noted; even a Red Sister wasn’t exempt.

On the whole, I thought, not many Red Sisters visited this place unless they were on assignment for straight execution, with a document signed by the Valsharess. Phaelous could not bar the Sister entrance, but there were simply no stealth-killings of wizards in the Tower. Unless it was from among their own.

“Sister,” the headmaster acknowledged as I approached the first gate, which had no physical guards. “Your name and purpose?”

I’d heard his voice on the air when I passed the first ward signaling my approach.

I thought back the answer as it began to get harder to step forward over the mushroom field leading to the second gate. *Sirana, to receive an update from Callitro in person.*

I heard an amused grunt. “You’ve taken an infertility draught?”

I rolled my eyes. *Yes.*

“Proceed. The constructs will let you pass.”

The second gate was guarded by two of the same kind of pale-skinned giants that had guarded the main chamber leading to the Valsharess’s throne room. I was glad I didn’t have to speak to them the way D’Shea had, but I tensed, ready to move fast if they did.

As the elderly wizard had said, though, they just stayed still and let me pass without looking at me.

I wondered, since my invisible wizard had said my name in that chamber all those months ago and I would need to identify myself every time I came here, whether he already knew very well that I had purpose here.

Possibly. If he did, it would make it harder to identify him if he decided to hide.

The stone double-doors parted as I approached; they didn’t open wide, but only enough for me to slip through. Phaelous stood on the other side in an otherwise empty and sparsely decorated lobby. He had very nearly solid blonde hair; it implied at first that he was older even than the Valsharess, but then I looked at his eyes. He was not as old as She, probably by a few centuries if I hazarded a guess, but his life and the magic he practiced had taken its toll. He was pre-maturely gold, but still respectfully aged.

He smiled at me, which surprised me just like it had the first time. I did not know why except that it showed creases and fine lines that I simply was not used to seeing. His eyes may be younger, but the lines around his eyes and at the corners of his mouth were far deeper than the Valsharess’s.

“Welcome, young Red Sister. As you are not here with an executive order then the rules of preservation apply on these grounds.”

“I know. No maiming, disfigurement, poisoning, or any action that would debilitate a wizard lastingly in applying his trade.”

“Thank you for your understanding. Callitro is still on the seventeenth level, room five. Please do not deviate from your path.”

Phaelous had lost whatever mystique he ever held for the Red Sisters long ago, I saw it in his eyes, although there was absolutely nothing wrong with his manners. It was just as well that we spoke frankly. He lived on the bottom floor and managed a lot of the Tower from there; the entrance to this place was solid, warded, protected.

It still made me wonder what “fail-safes” the ruling bodies would no doubt have. This place couldn’t be impregnable to all females or it wouldn’t be allowed to exist. Still, at this point in time, I wasn’t sure how I was going to find a way to identify the wizard from my trial, certainly not if I couldn’t wander around the place, or even get in without a reason.

Fortunately my primary purpose this time was to get my favorite toy between my legs. Nice and simple. I could do that.

A body passed from level to level, and sometimes around a level, via teleportation circles; aside from the small windows coiling around the Tower and allowing one to look out over the City, the place was sealed into compartments. I supposed stairs were impractical, as was cutting consecutive holes in each floor through which to levitate. The former was slow and potentially dangerous, while the latter was a literal bottleneck if many needed to move at once, and could compromise the sound construction.

I did not need to actively use magic to use the circles; it would work for any of Drow blood who made it past Phaelous. I went from the base to level seventeen in a heartbeat and a slight surge of stomach upset. I could immediately smell spice and eclectic components, old fiberstalk parchment and burning candles. There was a very small stone pressed into the wall about every ten feet which glowed magically, but very mellow. My eyes adjusted and I could see the hall bending around the curve on both sides of me. Because of the light, I could see the door to my left was labeled “17-1″ and the door to my right was labeled “17-12″. Callitro’s room was just across from me, if I could walk through the center support column.

I was aware of at least one door sliding open slightly as I walked past, and I said without looking back, “About your business.”

The door immediately closed again.

Suppressing a smile, I reached 17-5 quickly and placed my gloved hand on a smooth piece of polished stone on the right side of the door.

“Who is there?” I could hear Callitro’s muffled voice through the thin stone.

I took my hand off the soundless door-summons. Phaelous could have given him warning; interesting that he hadn’t. “Guess.”

My eager battle mage managed to open the door very quickly and was consciously pressing his lips together, remaining silent until I could step inside and have the door shut behind us.

“Red Sister, a pleasure to—”

“Take off your robe.”

He blinked. “I…um—huh?”

I closed the space between us, starting to tug at his wizard’s belt as I said to him, “Are you finished with my ring? Yes or no?”

“Um, no, that’s what—”

“Then we fuck now. If we have time later, we’ll talk.”

Callitro nodded, his eyes wide as it struck him that perhaps he should begin to get in the mood, right now. He looked down at my hands just as I released the cinch on his waist. “H-here, let me—”

He took his own belt lined with pouches from me and placed it very gently atop a low array of parchment on his workbench. He removed his rings from his fingers and an amulet from around his neck. His study robe was different from his battle one in that it opened in front and folded over itself, the dark skin of his chest showing only in a thin “V.” I seized it once he’d removed his belt and magic items, taking hold and pushing it open like a set of drapes.

Some lithe flesh was revealed, but there was another knot securing the robe at his waist on the inside, and I plucked impatiently at that to tug it loose. Callitro smothered a snicker in his throat.

“I heard that.”

“Apologies, Red Sister. Do you want me to—?”

I slapped his hand away. “I have it.”

I unthreaded the knot in reasonable time and found myself staring at a rather heavy-looking package as my hands went by feel to his shoulders and pushed the fabric off him, where it felt to his sandaled feet in a heap. I saw his cock jump once, his testicles contracting slightly in the abrupt change in temperature but quickly recovering as his erection started to grow.

“You’re staring.”

Fortunately for him, he didn’t sound completely casual or teasing—I could hear just enough nervousness that I didn’t feel the need to put the fear of the Red Sisters into him just yet.

And I definitely was staring. By all appearances, he thought it exciting enough. He wasn’t as graceful or as beautiful as Auslan, but he would do quite nicely.

I looked upwards, happy to see a reasonably high ceiling and various plants and parts drying on ropes hanging from hooks.

“You have a spare few of those, I expect?” I asked, pointing up at the suspended spell components.

He glanced up, looked at me slightly bewildered but nodded.

“Set one up, then wrap the rope loosely around your wrists and hold on to it. Your hands will remain above your head every moment until I say otherwise.”

Based on this second hesitation, I was beginning to suspect that Callitro probably hadn’t gotten out of the Tower a lot, and when he had, those he may have served had been…well, I wasn’t sure. Regardless, they hadn’t made him do this, or at least not this quickly, without any playing or flirting.

It was amusing to think he’d invited me to approach him so openly at the worship ball, excited and dazzled by my outfit, not really knowing what he was submitting to… although I supposed my impulsive kiss after the fight with the Illithids had definitely confused the matter. What did he think, that I would just embrace him in full uniform again, or allow him the same? Neither of us could afford to be that stupid a second time.

I waited impatiently, tense and letting Callitro see the hunger on my face, my gaze raking him again and again as he retrieved a longer strand of rope with a clip-link on one end. His erection had diminished but I knew that was only temporary; I was doing plenty to make him nervous. His hands shook slightly as he stood on a chair to snap the link in place on an open hook. He tested the hold and stepped off the chair again, pushing it out of the way. Glancing at me again, he began winding the rope several times around his wrists, until it was short enough to be over his head, his arms at a bent and relaxed angle.

“Is this…satisfactory?” he asked.

I nodded. It was. I could see his hands, complex gestures were beyond him, and he was completely naked but for his sandals.

I finally pulled off my gloves, tucking them at my waist, and stepped forward to begin caressing his body. He gasped softly and his erection slowly began to harden again. As I kneeled down to remove his sandals for him, I smelled the rich scent coming from his groin; on impulse I nuzzled the trimmed fur at the base of his cock and he made a small sound which he had tried to swallow.

He helped push the sandals out of the way a moment before I opened my mouth and engulfed his member, wanting to taste him now. My tongue flicked madly, my lips were tight around him and he went completely rigid; he would have gargled in his throat if I hadn’t just heard him swallow. I was still in excellent practice thanks to the Sisters and massaged and manipulated his sex with my mouth, my lips and tongue, even with my teeth. I teased the soft spot on the underside of his shaft, applying pin-pointed pressure with my tongue, and sometimes I used my thumb and forefinger to tug and roll at the bit of loose skin just beneath the tender ridge on which I nibbled in between longer strokes.

Callitro began to whimper in helpless abandon as my treatment got more intense and I saw him shaking his head when I looked up; he’d been doing it for a while. I slowed and took another look at him; his wrists were still loosely bound by the rope but his hands gripped the slack, the tension very apparent. His eyes were closed and his teeth were gritted.

“S-Sister…I-I…won’t last long,” he said when he had the breath again to speak. “I’m s-sorry, I didn’t know….you were coming, I didn’t prepare—”

“Shut up and spurt in my mouth.”

His eyes popped open, wide in disbelief for only a second before I started on him again, stroking and mouthing him with an increasingly demanding pace. I saw his eyes roll once and he lost focus, his body getting tighter as he fast approached his release.

“Ah…oh, Lolth…ah, ah, yes!” he gasped, and his lovely cock swelled up once more between my lips before flexing and loosing the first shot of his fluid into my mouth. His voice left him as he finished his climax hanging from the rope, five or six more strong jets striking the back or roof of my mouth as he shuddered again and again. His legs weakened but he kept hold on the rope by pure reflex.

I collected every drop, but didn’t swallow it quite yet.

Standing up slowly after sucking my mouth off him, I was looking down at him now. I took hold of his chin and made him look at me. I had a smirk on my face which at least told him he should be more wary of something, and eventually it occurred to him that I hadn’t spoken because I still had something in my mouth.

I read in the next instant that he was, at best, neutral with the thought of tasting his own seed in a very wet kiss. I was horny enough to figure that meant he wouldn’t choke on it.

I drew out the kiss, my hands caressing his flanks, gripping and playing hard with his buttocks, until Callitro made a sound. Any sound, I didn’t really care, but when he made it, it was a peep that told me I was either hurting him or he was past the limit of his tolerance and might actually try to jerk away.

It was good enough to make me laugh, finally lifting my mouth off him.

“You are very, very tasty, Callitro,” I murmured, grinning wide and running my thumb over the fragrant, mixed fluids wetting his chin. My own mouth and cheeks were chilling quickly as well but I was far more used to it than he was. Certain Red Sisters could squirt a lot more.

He swallowed and licked his lips before pursing them again. The wariness reduced a little at the words of approval and he cleared his throat. “I’m glad you think so, Red Sister.”

But he didn’t agree. How sad that he wasn’t more proud of the intoxicating effect of his semen on a female. It made me chuckle again.

“Well. Now that you’ll last longer the second time…” I began significantly, removing first my weapons and then my own belt, setting them each in turn on the floor by his bed.

Callitro swiveled to watch me begin to unbuckle my bracers. His hands started to loosen on the rope. “Shall I—?”

“Don’t you dare let go,” I growled, and he went still and quiet again.

The wizard watched and hardly blinked as I disrobed, removing my uniform piece by piece. I was very efficient about it, and it was certainly not for his visual benefit, even though his mouth was open as he stared.

I could see the difference between us that fascinated him, even past our gender; we were both young and of an age, only a decade or two apart, and of a healthy weight. However, it was apparent that I was very physical, doing whatever I did outside, and he was not, mostly being kept in the Tower. Neither of us were what one might call muscular compared to many other races, no Drow was. Even the Red Sisters relied far more on speed, dexterity, and endurance than strength to kill. But the definition and tone of my muscles was stark, and his much more subtle.

In spite of his high interest in seeing me naked, however, he still hadn’t had enough time to recover physically. When I touched him, nothing obstructing the heat coming off our skins, he grimaced and shrugged apologetically as he remained limp. I half-smiled; in truth I was glad. I wanted to try out something on my tool belt for the first time. It was why I’d hurried the first round. For whatever reason, it worked better, and for much longer, after the target had already orgasmed once.

“I could create a potion perhaps—” he began but I cut him off.

“That would take longer than to simply wait for your rebound.” I bent over to pluck my belt off the floor and quickly nudged open a pouch.

“What’s that?” he asked immediately upon seeing me straighten up.

I smirked and held a white, elongated and waxy substance in my open palm. It was a little smaller than my thumb and had been compressed into a smooth, cylindrical shape with soft, blunt ends. We Sisters called it an interrogation tool of sorts, but I could also use it to hurry things up so I could get my own release.

The young battle mage was tense as I went around behind him; I heard him suck in a breath when my breasts pressed to his back and I reached one arm around to draw him close. My other hand held the suppository between thumb and middle finger, and I began to work it between his buttocks.

He jumped and tried to draw away from me. He sounded slightly panicked as I held him tighter. “What are you doing, Red Sister?”

“Providing a short cut. Trust me, you won’t care in a few moments.”

“No, you don’t have to drug me, please—”

“Think of it as a solid version of that potion you offered to make, except that it’s ready immediately and will have the same effect.”

He squirmed and began working very hard to avoid having something inserted into his backside. As long as he held on tight to the rope, which he did, I considered it that he was just playing hard to get.

I would get impatient soon, though; I didn’t have all the time in the Underdark.

“Callitro,” I growled warningly, “You’ve had your release. I will have mine. It’s fair.”

“Please, Red Sister, it’s dry and I’ve never…taken anything—”

“You jest.”

“No. Sister, you’re only my third, and the other two weren’t interested in that part of me at all!” He was gasping from his efforts and his anxiety.

“Well, relax, it won’t hurt as much.”

“I can’t, not in this position…” he continued to protest and resist.

I almost got angry and frustrated enough to just use force….except that he might be even less cooperative the next time. Right now, he was my only way into the Tower. At least a little finesse was required here, even if there wasn’t enough time to do a proper job seducing him again. Besides, he’d given me an opening, a concession implying he would accept in exchange for his submission.

“I see,” I said, trying to sound a little less overbearing. “Let go of the rope, then.”

He did so slowly, unwinding it from his wrists and lowering his arms as though they were stiff. He rubbed at his wrists and looked at me without holding eye contact for long. I nodded toward his simple bed in the corner of the room.

“On your knees. Get comfortable, and I would try to relax if I were you. I won’t be happy with you if we are interrupted again before I get what I came here for.”

The battle mage nodded and obeyed, getting on all fours, although he was still tense as any virgin with his back hunched up.

I got behind him, kneeling between his legs and pressing my hand onto his lower back. “Arch your back.”

He complied, self-conscious about the added exposure and easier access he’d just provided.

I tentatively touched the white insert to the tip on my tongue, intending to wet it that way, but the instant I felt a tingle I stopped, making a face. I supposed it had to be the other way; I didn’t want to waste more time searching for some kind of lubricant in his rather disorganized living-and-working quarters. Not only that, but knowing my luck today, it would be some substance that would interfere with this suppository even working properly. I already knew it worked just fine with natural body fluids.

I leaned down and parted him a little more with my hands, flicking my tongue against his puckered hole. He squealed in surprise.

“Hold still!” I said from between his cheeks before continuing to lick him, using plenty of my saliva to make him wet.

“Sur-surprised me.” He gasped loudly when I stiffened my oral probe and pierced him a few times. “That… feels good, Red Sister,” he admitted, perhaps hoping to get on my good side again.

“It should.”

I leaned back up and positioned one blunt end of the insert into the center of his ring. He tightened up by reflex but I just waited a moment until it had passed, and then pressed in with my index finger, smoothly opening him up. The salvia definitely helped.

He grunted. “It’s…doing something—”

Then he yelped as I pushed not only the rest of the substance into him but half my finger as well, making sure it would stay inside his body where it could dissolve completely and enter his bloodstream. I withdrew when it felt like many tiny bubbles were fizzing around my finger.

Callitro was gripping the blankets as his breathing quickened and he trembled, looking back at me with wide eyes. Knowing more magic and alchemy than the average Drow, he was much more afraid of what had just been introduced to his system than someone blissfully ignorant. I felt sorry for him that he couldn’t just relax and enjoy the ride.

I reached between his legs to caress his delicate sack, soon sliding forward to wrap my fingers around a quickly hardening cock. I stroked him, and he moaned. Excellent.

“On your back, Callitro,” I cooed, and he got down and rolled over, my favorite toy jutting up proudly and ready for use in record time. I wasted no more of it; I counted myself lucky that I hadn’t received a summons already.

“You will hold back your release until I say you may have it. Understand?”

“Y-yes,” he gasped, and I ignored the lack of my title to save time.

I straddled my playmate and set to pierce myself on him, to get him as far inside me as possible. Even better, I knew he could squirt and line my channel with his real, delightful semen, it could be such volume as to leak out all over my thighs and his balls, and it would pose no threat to me.

I rode him energetically; oh, it was wonderful, so familiar…my first real coupling with a male since I was a Noble. I loved his cries of abandon and echoed them, the slap of our flesh and the sucking wetness harmonizing with a hard fuck. I think we got louder than I would have thought wise—the battle mage didn’t care, he was barely aware of anything but the overwhelming strokes along his sex—but I didn’t care to cover his mouth, either…it was exactly what I needed to ramp myself up higher each time.

*One…two….oh, Lolth, please let’s go for a third…!*

Callitro’s fingers were digging in hard to my hips as he started grinding his teeth loud enough that I heard it. “Please…please…it hurts…”

I leaned down, still rolling my hips along his length, hissing luridly, “Only if you suck my cunt as I sit on your face.”

He nodded urgently. “Yes….yes! Anything, Sister!”

“Then squirt it all inside my hungry twat, wizard. I’m ready to drain you dry.”

He yelled as he came, muscles standing out in his neck from the strain as he jerked and pulsed inside me. I barely gave him time to finish before I lifted off him and crawled up to straddle his face next so he could make good on our agreement.

Unlike when he was completely sober, he did not hesitate now to stick his tongue where he had just deposited his seed. He gripped my backside with both hands. I laughed and moaned in delight, feeling his eager tongue and lips sucking and throttling my sex. I quickly came again for that third and final time then I smeared our mixed juices farther across his face, marking him just for fun, before I climbed off.

Callitro couldn’t get up; he lay naked and coated in sweat and fluid on his bed. I knew he’d be partially paralyzed for a few hours after the rush and crushing orgasm that had hit him triggered the next stage of the suppository. His head lolled from side to side, he could speak, if slowly, and he could lift his hand in a vague gesture if he really tried, but that was about it. His eyes were lazy, half-closed, and he murmured something unintelligible as I helped myself to his wash basin to clean myself up.

“W-when…?” he asked louder, only as I began quickly dressing myself.

“You’ll be able to walk in a few hours,” I said matter-of-factly. I knew from personal experience, after all. “Relax and enjoy it. You’ll be fine.”

“N-no…when might you return?”

I paused and quirked my brow. “I have no way to know. But I think that’s just the drug in your system talking. You might be ready for a break from me when you come down.”

He smiled lazily at me; supreme satisfaction lined his seed-smeared face. “Oh…but they were…r-right.”

I simply had to finish dressing and arming myself at that point, double-checking everything before I could pause again, even though this comment sent an insistent demand through my clearing head. Now that I wasn’t so damned fuck-stupid, I would take advantage yet again. The suppository was working as it should; not only so powerful that it eventually forced an orgasm, but made the paralysis following it an ideal a period of time where one might get any surprising bit of truth from the recipient.

“‘They’ were right about what, Callitro?”

“About Red Sisters…your hunger…is legendary…”

Silly fawning. I approached the bed, looking down at him. “Who are ‘they’?”

“Elder wizzzards,” he slurred, blinking blearily at me.

“And what do they know of our hunger?”

“Sisters have always used them…like you used me.”

I folded my arms. “Any they enjoy it?”

“Not all. But ssome…times…any female is…welcome here. A Red Sissster… overpowering. So beautiful…strong…deadly.”

I could guess I was listening to a type of heroine worship now, rather than real information. It seemed Callitro had heard from other wizards some titillating sex stories and he had wanted to try it himself. Now that he had…? Well, I’d wait until he sobered up to see that. He couldn’t have heard that many *accurate* stories if he wasn’t comfortable with me putting something in his ass.

Still. There was knowledge here if I asked the right question.

“Do you know of any who do not enjoy being used by a Red Sister, Callitro,” I asked quietly and levelly.

He was silent for a few moments, blinked twice, and finally answered slowly, “I think so. Posssibly.”

“Their names?”

“Raegel and Shyntre…Oran, perhapss…” He stopped.

“Why do you think so? Have they bedded down with one that you know?”

“I don’ know. They speak ill of the Sissters…if you come up….I’ve argued…beffore.”

It did sound promising, although I bore in mind that Callitro wouldn’t necessarily come in contact with every dissenter in the Tower. Now, was my wizard the type who would vocally complain to other wizards? I thought he might be; he had too much temper to remain totally silent if someone romanticized us.

“Which levels are they on?” I asked.

“Raegel and Shyntre are just above me. Oran is two below.”

Eighteen and Fifteen. Alright.

There was a sound, a small ding that drifted into the air, and then a voice just outside the door and I tensed.

“Callitro? Are you in there?”

He ignored the voice, staring glaze-eyed up at his ceiling. I went still and listened harder.

There was a second one, I heard a hand brush the door in a different spot and there was enough time a shared gesture exchange if they were communicating at all.

The first one called again, louder. “Callitro?”

My training said to remain stealthy and not give myself away; under most circumstances, that would be to my advantage. But really, what was the point here? We’d clearly been heard, more than one knew I was here, and Callitro’s status would change in some way now that I’d been here.

I felt like opening the door, very suddenly, and I did not suppress the wide grin as they both blurted a curse and stumbled back from me. The speaker even stepped on his robes and fell on his backside.

I moved into the hall and backing them up further. I left the door open behind me. “I’m afraid he’s not in condition for gossip quite yet. Surely you can wait.”

Both wizards had enormous eyes and seemed unable to decide what to do.

“Do either of you have quarters just one up,” I pointed toward the ceiling.

They glanced at each other, taking time to absorb the abrupt question, and the first shook his head in the negative. “We live here.”

“Retrieve one. Bring him here.”

I leaned against Callitro’s entrance casually and folded my arms; clearly I was not leaving.

Another glance, then one finally found his voice. “Who?”

Why not? Catch a spider by a leg…pick any leg.

“Either Raegel or Shyntre.”

I saw an interesting reaction in the second, very quiet one; it was a change in his brow and eyes that seemed one of recognition, and I focused on him, trusting the timing to be natural and not delayed. “Wait. Make it Shyntre specifically.”

The second one nodded before the first one did; now I knew it was the right choice. There was a connection here, and the second wizard thought he knew a reason for my presence and my command. I was glad someone knew. Maybe this wasn’t “my” wizard, but I was going to take anything I could from this.

Then again, it just might be.

“You go,” I motioned to the second wizard. “Tell him Callitro said he was right and he needs to talk to him. Don’t make one gesture about me. Remember I know where you reverie. And you,” the first wizard frowned slightly, “stay until he returns.”

After a subtle swallow, they both complied. The second wizard didn’t seem too hesitant, so I could assume the story was not one he would have trouble telling.

I had the first one come into Callitro’s room with me and close the door; he inhaled the scent in the room on reflex and stared open-mouthed at his level-mate’s reclining, nude, and very sticky body. The young battle mage was unconscious by this point; it was the eventuality if one didn’t actively work to keep them semi-aware and talking. It worked for me.

I reached to close my hand on the back of the wizard’s neck and the stress just coursed through him.

“Please,” he whispered.

“Just let them in when they come back, and don’t touch anything but the door. I’ll be standing behind you; don’t give me away. Do this and I won’t touch you.”

He nodded.

I couldn’t do much about the almost tangible tension in the air, but hopefully one could think it had more to do with Callitro supposedly confessing to the other wizard when the two of them showed up. I blew out the one candle that lit the room and stepped back into a smaller area of the room, going very still.

We waited as our eyes adjusted.

The standing wizard in the room seemed to breathe only when the soft ding sounded again, announcing someone at the door. He opened it readily. “Yes, yes, come in. He’s asked for you, Shyntre.”

Not bad, and nice of him to confirm the identity for me. His voice wavered, however; he’d have to work on that.

The second wizard looked around, clearly bewildered and looking for another, and I had to slip behind them just as the new arrival noticed and started to tense.

The door shut with a dull thump and all three jumped, the two from this floor uttering curses again, moving back from me and closer to Callitro’s bed. The two no-names glanced back at the body on the bed again, but the one from the floor above didn’t. He stared right at me.

In that one moment I could determine he was about the right height, older than any of these three by a century if it was a cycle. His experienced, reasonably handsome face was completely still and he made no reflexive or sudden moves, but I saw the incredible spike of life energy starting in his chest and blooming in all directions. A fight or flight response. I could barely hear his heartbeat in the next moment.

I needed only one thing more to determine if it was my uniform or my face to which he had reacted so strongly.

I arrive at your house around 11pm. I have taken a big Viagra about an hour ago as well as a lot of amps. My cock is rock hard and I know there is no way to take off the tight steel cock-ring until after I have cum, and to do that I must first submit to you and do all the dirty things I know you like.

I put on my mask which is a simple black hood with holes for my eyes and mouth and walk to your front door. I know from our emails that you expect me to undress on the landing to your apartment which I do, removing all my clothing except for my tight thong and hood. I like feeling so nervous and scared of someone seeing what I’m doing. I place my clothing into the bag sitting in front of your door, noticing the studded dog collar in the bottom of the bag. I put the collar around my neck and see that it is very tight, restricting my breathing a bit. There is a chain leash attached to the collar that hangs to my knees.

With that, I take the clothing bag in my hand and knock lightly on your front door, bowing my head while waiting for you to answer and drag me inside. I can imagine you looking through the peephole and seeing my completely shaved, 25 year old frame, hooded and almost nude, the thong stretched to accommodate my rock hard cock. The door opens and I am roughly dragged inside. I look around and notice only a small night lite illuminating the hallway. Looking up I get quite a surprise!

Facing me, standing wearily in front of you is a young, thin boy obviously no older than 18 or 19. He has a blindfold tied tightly around his head. He also has a collar tightly affixed to his neck with a leash on it that you are holding tightly in your hand to prevent his moving more than an inch or so in any direction. As I look the teen boy over, I notice that he is completely hairless, shaved bare from the neck down and I wonder if he did it himself before he arrived tonight, or if you have done this to him yourself. He is wearing a tight cock ring and his hairless penis is totally erect and throbbing even though he is shivering from cold or fear, I’m not sure which.

As I stand there in silence, you turn the boy slowly around, giving me a full view of his entire body. I notice that you have taken your butt plug and forced it into his asshole. I can’t believe it fit. I also notice that his arms are tightly handcuffed behind his back. I’m not sure where this is going but I like it, and wonder how this happened.

I remain motionless as you turn the boy around to face me again. You roughly grab him by his neck, forcing him to his knees. I can see the devious smile across your face, and I know what is coming next.

I remember when I was 18, the first time I came to your condo after several email exchanges where I made it clear I wanted to be totally used by an older man. You had me put on the blindfold and told me that there was to be not one word spoken throughout our entire evening together. It has been the same ever since, with you using your hands to roughly position me how you want me.

Standing there watching you force the boy to his hands and knees, I begin to get more excited. As I thought, you reach into your sex bag and pull out the very large realistic dildo that you’d used on me so many times. I really want to see this and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I watch as you take one hand and pry the boy’s lips open, then put the head of the dildo just inside his mouth. The dildo must have been at least 10 inches long and as I watch you put your free hand on the boy’s forehead and roughly force his head back as far as it will go so his mouth is facing upwards and his back was arched. Slowly, you push the dildo into the boy’s open mouth, in and out, each time going a bit deeper.

I remember being really scared when you had done the same thing to me, not sure I could do what you wanted me to do. The boy was in obvious discomfort as the dildo started to touch the back of his throat. Several times he gagged, but the huge fake cock remained deeply embedded in his mouth. I knew what was ahead and couldn’t wait to hear the sounds of this teenager gagging hard as the dildo goes deeper into his throat. Just when I thought you were going to force it all the way down his throat you pull it out and rub it on his face, smearing the boy’s saliva all over his cheeks. Some of the spit was drooling out the sides of his mouth. Looking closer, I could see his lips quivering and again I couldn’t tell if it was from fear or the cold from being nude. Without warning, you shove the dildo back into his mouth and all the way down his throat. He seized up, almost convulsing as the gagging shook his entire body. With the dildo deeply embedded in the boy’s throat, you slowly look up at me.

Motioning me over, you take my hand and put it on the end of the dildo. I couldn’t be more excited as I began throat fucking this hairless, handcuffed boy with your dildo. I hold him tightly by the collar as you keep his head still and slowly force all ten inches of rubber cock down his throat, pushing hard to get past the initial resistance of his throat while watching him drool and gag roughly on the toy. After a few minutes of this, you grabbed both of us by our collars and pulled us into the bedroom. I watched as you pushed the young boy down to his knees at the foot of your bed. You take me to the bathroom and push me inside, closing the door behind me. The light is on, and I notice a printout of an email conversation. As I begin to read it I realize that it must be between you and the teen boy currently handcuffed and blindfolded in your bedroom.

The email conversation was long and very graphic. The boy had explained that he had a rape fantasy and wanted to come to your house to enact it. He wanted to pretend like he was showing up to get a tutoring lesson from a much older man. As the tutoring lesson begins, the boy would ask for a drink. You would go get him one, but crush up some knock out pills and a big Viagra and put them in the drink too. The boy would drink the whole glass at once, claiming he was thirsty. He detailed that he wanted you to let him pass out, and when he woke up, he would be naked, blindfolded, and restrained. He said he would be wearing his younger sisters tight cotton panties under his clothing. He also explained that he had just turned 18 last week and had wanted to do this for some time, but waited till he was 18 for legal reasons. He had said that he would do whatever you wanted him to do, and that although he may cry, whimper, or pull away, that you should pay no attention to that and use him however you liked.

I couldn’t believe this was really happening. The email never mentioned him being hairless, so I assume you shaved him while he was unconscious. It also never mentioned anything about a third person being involved, and I guessed that you had thought this up on your own. I was so excited I thought my cock would explode right there. With that, I turned off the bathroom light and opened the door. The tiny night light only illuminates the room a bit but as I enter I can see that you have the boy on his knees with his back to the bed and you’re forcing your cock all the way down his throat. You hold it there till he almost loses consciousness and then pull it out, using your dick to smear his saliva all over his cheeks and face. The boy has spit drooling out the sides of his mouth and onto his chest, I can see that he seems horribly uncomfortable, and probably very scared, but if that turned him on who was I to argue? I watch intently as you continue to force your dick deep down his throat, till his nose is plugged by your belly. You hold him there till his body starts to go limp, then withdraw and watch him gasp for air, never giving him quite enough time to recover.

You motion me over and lift the boy off his knees. Sitting him down on the bed, you push me to my knees between the boy’s spread legs. Holding the back of my head tightly, you push me down onto the smooth 6 inch teen cock and I immediately force the entire thing down my throat. I hold myself down on his cock as long as I can, then pull off and spit my drool all over his hairless crotch. You seem to like this and make me repeat it for a while. As I deep throat this 18 year old hairless boy, you get on the bed and straddle his face, again forcing yourself down his throat while he makes violently loud gagging noises. When he gags, I can feel it in his cock and it excites me. After 10 minutes of this the boy’s face, chest, and crotch area are covered in his and my saliva. Noticing this, you pull us both up by our collars. You then put the boy on his back on your bed with his head hanging off the edge, and have me stand facing him. The boy did his best to keep his mouth shut, but you plug his nose and when he gasps for air you stick your hands into his mouth and hold it open. I take this as my sign to fuck the teen boy’s face, quickly driving my cock as deep in as I can. The boy is thrashing around on the bed by now, unable to breathe with my cock so deep down his throat. As I mercilessly throat fuck the boy you take my head and push it forward onto the boy’s rock hard cock. With my hands on the bed for balance, I suck him as deep as I can, drooling all over his cock and hairless balls. As I suck his cock deep into my own throat I notice you standing on the side of the bed, watching with a very dirty smile on your face.

Once our forced 69 was completed, You have me sit on the bed, then put the boy on the bed as well, on his stomach with his head in my crotch and his legs and ass hanging off the side.I see that he is still handcuffed and his hands had started to turn a bit purple. As I was noticing this, you roughly pull the butt plug out of the teen boy’s ass and replace it with your cock. As you pump his ass as deep as you can, I take his head in both my hands, sticking my fingers into his mouth to hold it open and force his mouth onto my cock. I can feel the wetness of tears on the blindfold, and the drool on his cheeks. This turns me on a lot and I begin forcing his head down on my cock, all the way into his throat and keeping it there, feeling the boy involuntarily gag and feeling more tears wet the blindfold. I position myself on the bed so that whenever you thrust into his ass, it forces my cock even deeper down his throat. I love watching this blindfolded 18 year old get completely abused, he has absolutely no say in what is happening to him just like he wanted and I love thinking about it. Your thrusts become quicker and harder and I’m momentarily afraid that the boy might pass out because my cock has been continuously down his throat for the last 10 minutes. Just when it seems like the boy might go limp I feel you pump deeply into him and unleash your cum deep into his well abused asshole. As you push as deep as you can go I do the same, forcing my dick so deep into his throat that I thought it might enter his stomach.

Once you’ve finished cumming, you roughly pull out of the boy and slap him really hard on his ass. I continue to force feed the boy my cock for a few moments but you pull me away right before I can cum and flip the boy onto his back, positioning his body so his head is hanging off the bed again and his cock is just below mine. You hold the boy’s mouth open and in one thrust shove your still hard dick all the way down his throat, not thrusting, just keeping it embedded in his throat with your balls almost plugging his nose. With that, you jerk me off hard using the boy’s saliva to keep me lubed up. As I orgasm you direct the streams of hot sticky cum onto the boy’s Viagra induced erection, coating it in my juices. After I have finished cumming you remove your now semi limp cock from his mouth and force me to my hands and knees on your bed, directing my mouth to the young cock covered in my own cum. I deep throat him, feeling my cum drool out the sides of my mouth as I push his cock deep into my throat. With his cock buried deep in my neck I begin to repeatedly swallow, feeling my throat constrict around his 18 year old, hairless perfect dick. After a few minutes of this I can feel him begin to cum. I pull back as he cums and make sure to keep it all in my mouth. Once he is finished cumming, I lean over and force his mouth open with my hands. As you watch, I slowly let his cum and what is left of mine drool out of my mouth and into his. After I’ve filled his mouth with his own cum, I spit what’s left all over his face, then slap him hard on his saliva and cum soaked cheek.

You then lift me off the bed by my collar and have me look at the boy. He’s laying on his side in the fetal position although his hands are still handcuffed behind his back. I can see your cum dripping out of his now loose asshole, and I see his own cum slowly dripping out the side of his mouth. He is shivering still and seems very scared, but I assume this is just part of his fantasy. You reach over and scoop the cum dripping from his ass and the side of his cheeks and force it into his mouth, sticking your fingers deep into his throat and making him gag once again. Putting one hand over his mouth, you plug his nose and hold him there until he has to swallow. You then lead me to the bathroom where my clothing is and shut the door behind me. I dress and come out of the bathroom. The boy is still shivering on your bed, and as I walk out of the bedroom you close the door behind me. I’m at the front door about to leave and you lean up to my ear from behind and whisper “He told me in a different email that I could keep him here for the whole week because his parents have gone out of town. Tomorrow I’m having a few black guys use him but if you want to come over the day after that I’ll still have him and we can do even more. I bought some new toys, and I want to see you use them on him.”

“I’ll be there.” I replied.

At last, they had arrived. Newlyweds Jeff and Dawn had reached Tikikana, a little known resort near the Virgin Islands with a reputation for sparking the most outrageous sex ever. Dawn had changed their summer honeymoon plans at the last minute and for reasons even she couldn’t understand. It was just that after the vows had been said, and the ring was on her finger, things felt different. They traded in their Hawaii tickets for Caribbean tickets and with help from the resort were on their way.

The island hopper plane, landed on a small airstrip on the end of the island where a single limo golf cart was waiting. The man who greeted them was dressed “island formal” with a proper shirt, navy white style shorts and a dry but pleasant attitude.

“We have been expecting you Mr. and Mrs. Sampson.”

Dawn blushed, acknowledging her new name. She momentarily reflected on how she now belonged to Jeff. He motioned them under the awning of the golf cart then took the bags off the small plane. The pilot headed for his little shack to rest up.

They rode along through the tropical jungle under palms, swaying grasses, and beautiful hidden waterfalls. A warm smell of wild flowers mixed with the occasional avocado or orange tree. Finally, they came out of the forest to the manicured grounds of the resort.

As they exited the cab, a long walk down a tropical flowered path awaited them. The iron gate automatically opened for them, welcoming them towards the extravagant main building with a large reflecting pond in front. Wild macaws were perched here and there and pink flamingos were stepping about the large lily pads. A natural-looking rock waterfall splashed down into the pond, rippling the water.

Dawn; blonde, attractive, was wearing a simple pink t-shirt and white short shorts. Jeff was in cutoffs and polo shirt. They walked past the large main doors into the bamboo- accented marble-floored main lobby. On each side of the curved main desk a large dark guard dressed in only a loin cloth and armed with a spear blocked passage to the curved corridors. Their stares were unswerving, staring ahead to nothing. Behind the front desk, a dark-haired island girl with an impossibly deep tan greeted them. Her dark boobs were barely contained by the green monokini. Jeff couldn’t help but stare at her exposed bosom and green ribbon tribal tattoo on her sexy smooth left leg running from her waist down to her upper thigh. Her jeweled pierced bellybutton was incredible and sparkling.

“Welcome to Tikikana,” she smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Jeff’s wedding ring jewel glowed as her looked at the young girl. His cock twitching in his pants.

“Can we go to our room?” asked Dawn

“Not yet, the mistress must greet you.”

“How personable,” Dawn said to Jeff.

“Mm Hmm,” he nodded, his eyes ravishing the sexy girl.

“Perhaps you would like to enjoy some of the activities we have here. We have some exotic classes like yoga, sexual meditation, the art of seduction, jungle love potions class.”

“Potions?” asked Dawn, “Like witches?”

“More like medicine men,” she smiled. “I like your breasts. They look so touchable.”

“Thanks,” Dawn feigned a smile,” Grew them myself.”

“So did I,” The girl said, cupping her massive breasts and squeezing them toward her, “Started when I was thirteen.”

“You’re making me hard,” said Jeff. The girl smiled a devious smile at him.

Dawn looked at Jeff with a frown.

“Now don’t be angry,” said the girl,” Looking is just natural. You’ll learn that here.” She smiled at Jeff. A friendly wicked smile, hinting that she knew what he was thinking about. She put her boobs back to center, pulling the thin straps over her nipples.

Presently, a tall curvaceous brunette slinked through the doors. Her dark tanned, though not as dark as the desk girl’s, flawless skin glistened under her tight-white body dress. The plunging v-opening showed the curves of her bosom. Her nipples poked through the near- see through material. Jeff looked at her 5″ white heels following up her legs to where the dress just covered her pussy. She cast a wicked glance at him. . She looked at Jeff’s crotch noticing the prominent bulge. Dawn’s expression was one of shock then determination as she faced her adversary

The woman slinked on her hips up to Jeff, looking at him squarely in the eye, “Welcome to Tikikana. We have been expecting you. I’m Enrika, the director of this resort. And you “she exclaimed turning towards Dawn, “You do not approve of my behavior.”

“I just feel a little threatened.”

“I know exactly what you feel….Dawn,” she whispered. She turned, wiggling her perfect ass as she slowly walked away, “You’re wedding dress was perfect, the maid of honor, Kim, forgot to walk down the aisle on time, the chicken had a bone, and Jeff’s penis felt wonderful as his seven inches thrust into you in the honeymoon suite.”

“How did you?….”

She turned walking slowly toward them. “The plane ride was a little bumpy, the snack wasn’t nearly as good as the burger you snuck on board and right now, you wish you were dressed a little more seductively to match my hard body.” She gestured with her hands towards her barely concealed tits.

“What’s going on?” asked Jeff.

“A little tete a tete Jeff. Dawn is quite the spit fire. Strong mind, tough will. But she’s only just touched the deep sexuality within her. Actually the same could be said of all the guests that have come here. Isn’t that right?…Dawn?”

Dawn flinched as her mind was invaded.

She was floating, naked, in a dark void. A swirling rainbow was circling her, teasing her with light touches, bringing up her arousal. It’s kaleidoscope eyes flashing in the dark the mist whispered. Dawn surrendered her body, her pussy open and wet, willing to let anything be done to her…..

Suddenly Dawn was aware that Enrika was staring her in the eyes, her palms caressing her hardening nipples.

“I…I…,” Dawn said coming back to reality. She was flooded with confused emotions. She had been pushed into a dream state, touched by another girl, and her pussy was wet.

“Why are you here?” Enrika asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do,” she said, “It started the moment you picked out that ring. Or rather, the moment it picked out you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why would a proper girl with a modest background, chose a ring that looks like a serpent, wrapped around your finger with a single green diamond for an eye?”

“I.. I like snakes?”

“Dawn,” Enrika frowned with a controlling air,” You shouldn’t mask your feelings. You are scared of snakes. Terrified of them. But you are changing. You were chosen. You know it and you want to explore it. Today, that choice will change your life forever.”

“My wedding,” she tried to smile, feeling something strange inside of her.

“Not exactly that choice, but a union that is coming. A union that you will accept once you give yourself to the will of the serpent.”

“Jeff,” Dawn said with concern,” I don’t know if we should….”

Enrika, ran a hand along Dawn’s hair, “Don’t be afraid Dawn. Why don’t you two enjoy yourselves at the spa this afternoon? Relax after your hard trip and long wedding plans.”

“That sounds good,” said Dawn, still reflecting on the images “What do you think honey?”

“Yeah.. OK” he said, mesmerized by the sexy women in front of him.

“Jeff..” Enrika said, slowly running her hand outside her dress over her pussy,” That’s not what you are thinking. You need to be honest with your wife. She loves you. She’ll understand.”

Dawn was shocked. Shocked that Jeff was falling under the same spell she had led them into. He was supposed to be her rock, instead he was her river. She looked up at Jeff’s face. “Is she right? What were you thinking honey?”

“A naughty thought I can assure you,” said Enrika. “Please Jeff, share.”

“Yes Jeff…” Dawn said with rising blind anger.

“No no no,” said Enrika,” You need to love what each of you are. Not what popular culture says you should be.”

Enrika moved closer to Dawn, holding her shoulders. Enrika’s dress slightly fell away from her chest. Jeff could see her tits perfectly from the side. Round, firm, perky. She looked Dawn straight in the eyes while addressing Jeff.

“Enjoying the view?” Enrika smiled at Jeff, “Now tell Dawn what you were thinking.”

“….I …. Was thinking it would be nice to go to the spa, but I really wanted to exercise… And I was thinking about touching you.”

“JEFF!!!” Dawn exclaimed.

“Now don’t be surprised Dawn. And don’t be such a prude. You were thinking about touching me too.”

“I was?”

“I can see you’re going to be tough case Dawn. Jeff. Touch me. Like you were thinking.”

Jeff walked over to Enrika, placing himself behind her. He slide his hands along the open sides of her dress. His hands went inside her dress fondling her breasts on the way down, then back up cupping her tits. He gently pinched and squeezed her nipples. Enrika took a deep breath.

“Oooh! That does feel good. What about you Dawn?”

Dawn was angry with Jeff and determined to show him. She wrapped her arms around Enrika and started kissing her. Enrika kissed back with soft lips and eager hands. Her tongue slipped into Dawn’s mouth as her soft hands squeezed her butt. Dawn moaned for Enrika, feeling her pussy swell. Suddenly it was over. Enrika standing back, primping her hair.

“Good,” she said “That was promising. How do you feel Dawn?”

“I… I…” she fumbled for words as the thoughts about being a dirty lesbian mixed with jealousy, betrayal, and anger. She was ashamed that she wanted another kiss.

“Stop focusing on your internal rating system. Do you feel good?”

Dawn hit the revelation in her mind. She did. And it was at odds with society’s expectations. She was conflicted.

“The only rule at Tikikana is to do what feels good. Leave your judgment for society.” She squeezed Dawn’s ass cheek. Dawn reached out and squeezed back. A sligh smile wiped over Enrika’s face. “Good Dawn.” She placed her hand on Dawn’s head, flipping her hair from her ear. Her touch felt good.

Enrika lifted up the green snake amulet hanging from the silver chain around her neck. She held Dawn’s hand, connecting the eye of the serpent to the eye of the ring. Dawn felt a surge of energy go through her body. Somehow it seemed that she had been waiting all her life for this moment. Her pussy tingled as that thought crossed her mind. A crooked smile slithered across her face.

“Will you do what feels good, no matter what?”

“Yes,” Dawn said, her mind drifting in a fog on sexy thoughts of how she was loosing control of herself. The swirling rainbow was trying to get into her mind again.

“Yes what?” Enrika asked.


“Good Dawn,” she smiled. “Kahlua will take you to the spa,” she motioned to the girl behind the desk.

“Yes mistress. Follow me.”

As they went to the door on the left, Jeff was mesmerized by her swaying ass as she led them. So was Dawn. She held his arm tightly, but it made no difference. Now she was wishing she could feel that open too. Down the long curving white marble hall they walked past tropical alcoves of palm plants, colorful flowers, small waterfalls, and white statues of Gods and Goddesses.

The lack of guests around them was unmistakable.

“How many people are here?” asked Jeff.

“Over 200. The place is expansive and we take pride in keeping each guest pampered. As they walked, Jeff grabbed at Kahlua’s ass. She squealed with delight then smiled at him.

“I thought that you would be first,” she said to Dawn with disappointment. “No matter.”

Dawn was shocked.

They arrived at a curved room with open windows facing the ocean. Many people were laid out on marble tables getting massages. Some were in the center mud bath, The white coated staff buzzed about, caring for each of them.

“Welcome,” said a likable man. I hope you are ready to indulge yourselves. “

After a couple hours of pampering, they were rejuvenated and free again. The summer sun beckoned. They took a stroll on the beach. Dawn was leaning up against Jeff’s smooth chiseled body, feeling frisky.

“Jeff? Why did you touch Enrika?”

“Why did you kiss her?” he asked back.

“Because it felt good.”

“Same reason.”

“Is that wrong?” she asked.

“Only if you deceive your partner.”

“Then I must tell you. I’m getting hornier by the minute. I feel so….so good about myself. Even the air is caressing me…”

“Look! There’s volleyball. Want to play?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

They played a couple games, Jeff worked out, Dawn swam, and they met for a beach-side romantic dinner at sunset. Tiki torches were burning around them. A few other tables were set up on the beach with other couples also dining. It was the first time Dawn had see any real hint of others. The romantic candlelight was amazing as well as the oysters, coconut drinks, fish, shishkabobs, and lemon meringue pie. A live steel drum band was crooning slow island tunes.

“Jeff,” Dawn said in whispers over the soft tropical island music, “They shaved me… everywhere,” she flashed her flirty eyes.

“Me too” he said.


“You’re going to feel me tonight like never before.”

A young slave girl in a coconut top and grass skirt presented a tray to them with two stone mugs, containing a smoking liquid.

“Compliments of Enrika,” she said. “It’s called Island Paradise.”

“What is it?” Dawn asked.

“The world’s best aphrodisiac if you ask me,” she smiled. Dawn took her mug as did Jeff.

“Cheers,” Dawn said.

“Cheers,” he replied. Their mugs clanked or clunked as stones do.

Dawn sipped first. It was sweet but husky. There was a lot of body to the drink.

“Ooohh.” Dawn said, breathing out smoke, “That’s really….. weird.” Her ring’s diamond was glistening. “I don’t know if I can make it though dinner. Now my head is spinning.”

“I feel dizzy,” said Jeff.

“Let’s get some air,” said Dawn, even though they were already outside.

It was while walking along the sunset beach that it started. Jeff was feeling horny. Really horny. And it was tough to concentrate on the walk. Dawn was feeling it too. A deep horniness that she couldn’t remember feeling before. Except for that one time she masturbated with her vibrator 11 times in one day… but that was different, before she met Jeff. Back in their room, the rest of the evening was heavenly. Jeff fucked Dawn sweetly, deeply. The curtains flowed with the breeze of the ocean. Dawn orgasmed, calling out to the beach for anyone to hear. She didn’t care. She was feeling almost no concern about what anyone thought. She wanted everyone to know how good she felt.


The days activities had worn them out and they fell asleep early. Much earlier than usual. But the horniness didn’t take long to resurface. Dawn’s diamond started to sparkle in the darkness.

She awoke with erotic feelings as two strong arms picked her up fulfilling her wishes. She stared at the dark man that carried her to the reclining couch at the foot of the bed. She wanted to say no. She wanted to say stop. But her mind was too weak to fight off the feelings. He placed her down then got between her legs. He worshipped he ass and pussy, kissing her everywhere. His tongue licked her clit making her shudder as she squeezed her tits.

Kahlua, naked, came up to Dawn. Dawn wanted to kiss her more than anyone at any time. Her mouth begged. The young girl dropped her large dripping tit into Dawn’s mouth. She sucked hard, and was rewarded with a squirt of sex milk that flowed a warm horny sensation down her entire body. Dawn could only think of how good it would be to be touched, to be fucked. She had lost all control. Her pussy squirted into the man’s mouth.

Kahlua placed her lips to Dawn’s and the two girls kissed for an eternity as Dawn experienced micro orgasms. Kahlua ran her hands down Dawn’s arms, gently holding her fingers, then toying with her wedding ring. She held it up for Dawn to see. For a moment, Dawn hesitated, remembering what it was for, then smiled in horniness as the diamond sparkled. Kahlua leaned in to kiss her again. She brought Dawn to her feet, allowing the stud to recline across the couch.

When he laid back in the soft moonlight, Dawn could see he wasn’t a dark man, but a muscular man with the darkest tan she had ever seen. She was thinking how she would have to remain naked, exposed to the sun for so long to be that way too. It would be fun. It would be naughty. Kahlua placed Dawn’s hand on his long thick cock, pointing toward his knees.

Her tiny fingers couldn’t fit around this massive shaft. She stroked back and forth lovingly, placing the tip in her mouth and sucking the sweet pre-cum. His hand caressed her head as she sucked. His cock began climbing erect, pulsing with each precious heartbeat. Thumping in her hand as it grew wider.

Kahlua gently held the man’s hand, leading his glistening ring towards Dawn’s. When they touched, a ringing of chimes emanated from them as the diamonds mimicked each other. Dawn was startled, loosing focus on the 14″ monster that was a 5 inch thick pillar in front of her innocent face. Her ring was singing a crystal song.

“He is your Uumzati now,” Kahlua smiled. “By the ancient wisdom of the rings, you belong to him, and he to you.”

“No!… How could this ring from the jewelry store…”

“The diamonds come from the same places. You were compelled to come here the moment that ring was on your finger…. As was I.”

Kahlua showed off the diamond clip, pierced in her belly button.

“You really never had a choice.”

Dawn’s pussy suddenly gushed as she realized what had just been revealed. Her conscious mind trying to fight off the magic, trying to stay with the man she loved. That she thought she loved… That she remembered loving at one time but couldn’t remember why… The magic wanted her body to belong to his other man. And every time she let that thought invade her mind, she was rewarded with intense pleasure. She gently worked her hands along the stump thick cock, reflecting on what was happening in her head. She didn’t have much choice. The naughty thoughts took over her head as she gave in to the pleasures of the ring.

“My wife can’t get this in her pussy,” the stud said, “But the ring says you can.”

Kahlua urged Dawn to her feet, helping her straddle his monster cock. Dawn was momentarily unsure. Kahlua smiled at her, nodding approval. She bent down, the massive head leaving a slippery slime on her pussy lips. She panted. She groaned. And finally the tip was in her. The stud firmly held her hips and with slow agonizing patience, pulled and worked her pussy down, further and further over his long thick cock. Dawn placed her hands flatly on his chest, her wedding ring sparkling as his hardness pushed against her cervix.

Kahlua smiled at Dawn, caressing her cheek then climbing up into the bed with Jeff. Dawn watched with a hint of sadness, but nodded yes anyway…


Just after 1am, Jeff awoke, his cock hardening. In the dim moonlit room, he could see her long flowing hair on the pillow next to him, her outline under the silk sheets.

Jeff rolled over onto his right, feeling for his wife’s soft, curvaceous butt, her smooth back, the bump of her ass and her strong legs. He pretended she was Kahlua. His cock began to harden, his slippery pre cum oozing out. Wetting his finger he slid his middle finger along the crack of her ass to her pussy, softly squeezing her cheeks with his big hand. Gently inserting a finger, wiggling back and forth, her pussy lips started to swell. Her wetness aided his finger sliding along her pussy. Slowly, slowly he worked it inside of her. She sighed as her pussy opened for his fingers. Gently he slid two fingers in and out. His hard dripping cock pressed harder and harder against her ass hole which was slick with his juices. He pulled his fingers out, reaching up to her boob. He found her nipple and flicked it to hardness. He smiled.

Author’s Note: This is a 3-part story about a husband discovering his wife’s infidelity and trying to deal with the consequences to himself and his daughter. Although the first chapter can stand by itself if you liked the way it ends, this is just a continuation and won’t be as effective without reading Chapter 1.

In Chapter 1, John found out that Jenny had cheated on him while she was out of town with her friend Megan six months earlier. He was so furious that he through her out immediately. His anger caused him to act so maliciously that he hurt his daughter in the process. Now he discovers the fallout has only begun.

I want to thank my volunteer editor Angel Love for encouraging me, cleaning up my mistakes and especially for helping me to learn how you’re actually supposed to use punctuation (my high school English teacher would be shocked). Also many thanks to Josephus who challenged me every step of the way so I had to go over the story about a hundred times until I had it just the way I wanted. All new writers should be lucky enough to have a good author force you to honestly look at your work.

“Hey John…Holy shit! What happened to you?”

I had stopped by my best friend’s house the next day. Luckily Steve and Sharon were both home. I was so out of it, I hadn’t even thought about the possibility that they would be gone. I just piled Danielle into the car and drove over. Steve evidently noticed my condition.

I gave him a warning look and glanced down at Dani. Although I could see his puzzled expression, he caught my meaning. He kneeled down in front of her and put his arms out.

“How are you, young lady?”

She dove into his arms crying. “Jenny went away.”

Steve looked up at me shocked. He started to say something, but I stopped him by quickly shaking my head no.

When she calmed down a little, he suggested she run upstairs to see Tyler. He was Steve’s son and was just younger than Danielle. They had been best friends since her mom’s death.

When she was out of sight, I tried to speak, but this time he shook me off. He turned and walked from the room. A few seconds later he walked back with Sharon, who looked very concerned. We sat down across from each other and she spoke first.

“John, you look terrible. What’s going on?”

I took a deep breath. “Jenny’s gone. I told her to leave last night.”

“WHAT?” Came the startled response from both of them.

I thought I had decided how to explain this, but couldn’t seem to remember a word of what I’d rehearsed.

“She cheated on me. I found out about it last night.” I put my head in my hands trying to get my emotions under control. It was definitely a losing battle.

Sharon recovered enough to ask, “Are you sure? I just can’t believe that. I know she loves you and Dani more than anything.”

I thought about telling them everything, but decided it would be too painful. It would also be very uncomfortable for them because they had been friends with Jenny since we began dating. No matter how pissed off I was, I wasn’t expecting them to hate her also. I settled for being vague.

“I don’t want to talk about specifics, but yes I’m sure. There were pictures, plus she admitted it. I don’t know if it was an affair or not, just that it happened about six months ago. There probably have been other instances. I can’t imagine she would do something that bad on a whim. It seems more likely that it has been going on for a while.”

Their phone rang, interrupting any further conversation. Sharon grabbed it and started talking. Steve asked me a few quiet questions, but didn’t seem to want to discuss anything important without Sharon there also. She had taken the phone into the kitchen so I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

She walked back into the room carrying her coat. “That was Nicole. She said Jenny is a wreck and she needs my help. John, would it be OK with you if I went? Nicole was really upset and I think I should try to help if I can.”

I couldn’t see what her staying would accomplish so I just shrugged.

She looked at me intently, “I love both of you and I’d like to help if I can. Is there anything you want me to say about you or Danielle?”

I looked at her with determination. “I can’t control what you and Steve do or say to her, that’s not my business. I want to be clear though, she’s not welcome in our lives. Anything I say to you two, I expect to be between us. If you feel like that’s putting you in a position you are uncomfortable with, you need to let me know.”

They both looked at me surprised. I don’t think they understood the depth of her deception or my resolve. It was tough not to be totally honest with them, but I was certain they would rather not know. Sharon kissed Steve and left. We didn’t talk about anything important for the next few hours. Since the kids were entertaining themselves, we watched a basketball game. It seemed trivial, but I guess anything would at that point.

About 7:00 Sharon came back. She didn’t waste any time letting me know I was in trouble. “John, please tell me it isn’t true.”

Steve looked surprised. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

Sharon didn’t take her eyes off of me. “John?”

“What should I have done Sharon? Apologized for not being enough of a man to keep her happy?” I said sarcastically…I knew the second I said it that it was a big mistake.

“That’s enough John.” Steve said angrily. “You need to calm down.” Turning to Sharon, he asked “Honey, what’s going on?”

“It was terrible, Jenny was hysterical. She said John didn’t just throw her out. He told her that he wouldn’t talk to her anymore and would get a restraining order so she couldn’t come near Danielle. Then he told her she had five minutes to pack and get out or he’d email the pictures to her family and work.” She turned back to me, “She said you sat there counting out loud, even when she had to say goodbye to Dani. John, I’ll believe you if you say you didn’t do that, you’ve never lied to me. Is this some kind of misunderstanding?” She stopped and looked hopefully at me.

Steve was quiet while I tried to defend myself. “I didn’t want her in my house anymore. She’s dangerous and shouldn’t be around my daughter. I don’t know what I should have done differently.”

Sharon seemed undecided. Evidently Jenny hadn’t told her everything. “I’m not sure what’s going on, but you didn’t see her, she is devastated. We had to get her doctor to write a prescription for something so she could get some rest. John, she loves you and is very sorry about what she did. I understand you being angry, but why did you have to be so cruel? We’ve known each other for years, this isn’t you.”

I was suddenly feeling more tired than angry. “Look, I don’t know what’s right anymore. Sharon, I’m sorry I snapped at you before, I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m tired, we should go. I really appreciate you guys putting up with me all day, I know it helped Dani to be here.” I called Danielle and we left.

As I reached the door, Sharon stopped me and held me tightly. She whispered in my ear, “I don’t know what to think about what you did, but I hope you change your mind.” She looked down at Danielle. “For all of your sakes.”

I left feeling stupid. I should have known Sharon wouldn’t like my reaction to Jenny, but I wasn’t exactly thinking straight. I wondered if telling her everything would have made a difference.

I spent the next few days with Danielle, just trying to get our feet underneath us. I couldn’t eat or sleep. The only thing keeping me together was knowing that I had to be there for her. She was so devastated I couldn’t imagine how it would get better.

I had a couple of tense calls with Jenny’s family, but they were surprisingly neutral. No one liked what I had done, but they also didn’t want to take her side. A week later Steve stopped by to see how I was and left me the number for a counselor he recommended highly. I told him I wasn’t interested, but he told me he’d “Beat me like a drum,” if I didn’t at least call.

I knew he was just trying to help so I promised to think about it. The more I toyed with the idea, the more sense it made. I wasn’t any good to my daughter in my current frame of mind, so I decided to try it, at least once. I was able to get an appointment for Thursday, so dropped off Dani at Steve’s house and headed out.

I followed Steve’s directions to an out of the way office park. It was a group of small offices that contained very different types of businesses. I checked the address a second time and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Steve had tricked me. The name on the office belonged to a Church.

I decided to follow through with it because things really couldn’t get much worse. As I walked through the door, it was easy to see this was a very low-profit organization. It looked like what you might do to your garage if you had twenty minutes of free time. A man in his early 30′s walked in the room and smiled as he offered me his hand.

“You must be John, I’m Bryan. Steve told me a lot about you, I hope I can be of some help.”

I studied him closely trying to see if he’d give anything away. I wasn’t anti-religious, but I wasn’t looking to get converted either. I had gone to Church when I was younger, but stopped after college. I couldn’t even remember why anymore. I knew Steve and Sharon went to Church all the time, but they hadn’t done more than occasionally ask if Dani or I would like to go. If Bryan was a man Steve would recommend so highly, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to hear him out.

He invited me back to his office and we talked. He started out as a licensed counselor, but walked away from it because he felt too many colleagues catered to people’s narcissism. Bryan had used his religious background to change the way he viewed counseling. He took a job with the non-denominational church as a youth minister because it would allow him to work with kids, plus have time to use his skills to try and help people in need.

Now he considered himself an ‘advisor’ who had a good foundation for his opinions. I knew he was somebody I wanted to talk to further when he told me, “A lot of people just needed a good kick in the ass to get their lives together.”

That didn’t sound like the typical psychobabble I was afraid of and it also didn’t sound like some kind of recruitment speech. He was honest, blunt and entirely charismatic. I thought this might be turning out to be a good idea after all.

After we talked about what he thought I could get from meeting with him, he asked about my thoughts. I didn’t really have any idea, but I promised to keep an open mind. I just wanted to be able to deal with what Jenny had done so I could keep my sanity and not make things any worse for Danielle.

He listened intently to everything I told him. When I tried talking about what I had seen of the party, he politely stopped me. He wanted to know about me before I met her, about our dating life and my opinion of our married life. I even told him some of the details of our sex life (the more mild ones) and he didn’t seem shocked or even surprised. I found that after over an hour of talking about all the good things, I felt a lot better.

Bryan informed me that he had to head over to the Church to do some work, but he’d like to see me again if I wouldn’t mind. He reminded me that this wasn’t true therapy and I shouldn’t consider his advice as anything more than what I would get from talking to a priest or rabbi. He encouraged me to seek professional therapy if I desired it. I let him know I wasn’t interested right now (and as a single father who just lost half the family income, I couldn’t afford it either).

Bryan assured me that his sessions would be at no charge, but unlike seeing a professional, he would have conditions I’d have to agree to if I wished to continue. He told me we could worry about it later when I knew better what I wanted to do. I went home feeling almost like myself. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for things to return to normal.

I went home to grab something for Steve I forgot to bring with me when I dropped off Dani. When I pulled up to the house I saw Jenny’s sister Nicole waiting for me on the porch. I really didn’t want to talk to her right now. Not only was I afraid of ruining the first taste of a good mood I’d had since I threw Jenny out, I honestly liked Nicole. I wasn’t looking forward to a confrontation with someone who had never treated me with anything but kindness.

“We need to talk.” It was simple, straight to the point and I knew she wasn’t going anywhere until I listened, so I invited her in.

“Jenny is miserable. She hasn’t been herself since she walked through the door. She cries all the time, she doesn’t eat and I’m worried about what she’s thinking. She took two weeks of family leave from work, but I don’t believe she’s planning on going back. She told me what you found out and I understand your anger,” she paused before continuing, “But this punishment of yours is too much.”

“Taking Danielle away is cruel, why would do something like that? You should at least give her the chance to explain what happened. Even if you still want to divorce her, please let her tell you her side of the story. Do it for her, for Danielle, for yourself or for whatever the hell makes you happy, but I’m begging you to talk to her.”

I thought about it long and hard. Part of me wanted to try to understand, but part of me was afraid to know more than I already did. I knew she had done something the night before and the night after the video. I didn’t know if I could take the truth.

“I just can’t right now. I’m sorry but I’m still so angry that if I see her it could turn into Friday night all over again. I know what I did was harsh, probably too harsh, but it’s done. I don’t trust her around my daughter and I have no desire to be in the same room with her. I know you’re in a tough spot, being in the middle of this, but my answer is no.”

Nicole looked at me sadly. For just a second it almost seemed like she was looking at me with pity, rather than sadness for her sister. That didn’t make any sense so I dismissed it as just my imagination. She left with a quick hug, which caught me off guard. I had prepared myself for yelling and swearing. Nothing had made sense since I saw the video and this just added to the weirdness.

I struggled through the next two weeks without any significant surprises. I had a decent talk with Jenny’s mom and assured her she could see Danielle any time she wanted. My only condition was that Jenny wasn’t allowed to see her. I reminded her that Danielle wouldn’t lie to me, so I’d find out if they went behind my back. I sincerely hoped it wouldn’t come to that; too much had already been taken from my daughter.

I continued with my weekly meetings with Bryan. My fourth meeting became a turning point for everything. Our first meeting had been very constructive for me. I left feeling better about things, but there was no way to sustain it. Our subsequent meetings were much like the first. I walked in expecting to have a similar talk.

Bryan didn’t waste any time. “John, do you remember our first conversation?”

I wasn’t sure which part in particular he was referring to, so I just said yes.

“I’ve let you talk for three weeks uninterrupted. It’s confirmed my initial observation that you are indeed a good man and a good father. The problem is that you’re not seeing the truth.” He paused to let the statement sink in.

“This is going to be a time when you need to remember that I’m a preacher and I’m not always going to talk to you the way a professional counselor would.” When I indicated that I understood, he continued. “A terrible thing happened to you and your family. Now you have to make a real decision about what comes next in your life. Are you going to be a victim and wander aimlessly, or are you going to step up and be a man.”

WOW! I didn’t see that coming. “What exactly are you suggesting, Bryan?”

“First, you need to know why this thing happened to you. Next, you need to decide what to do about it. Third,” he paused again, looking at me firmly, “You need to ask your wife to forgive you.”

If it wasn’t for the shock that statement caused me, I probably would have stormed out. Instead I looked at him stupidly, wondering if this was some kind of joke.

“I’m not kidding, John. If you are going to recover from this, you need to realize how wrong you were and what it’s cost you.”

“Cost me? My wife’s behavior cost me my marriage. My daughter’s a wreck. Her family can barely tolerate talking to me and my best friends treat me like I have the plague. How can you talk to me about cost?”

“See, now that’s the victim I was talking about. Your choices caused all the things you just described. You made your decisions and are living with the consequences. I sit here listening to you talk about how great your life was, then one event causes a complete collapse of everything.”

My anger began to build, “So what are you suggesting, I’m wrong for being upset that she cheated on me? Not an affair, not a one night stand, but a complete betrayal of everything we had. A whole weekend of being a slut, doing it in public and doing it with who knows how many men and women.”

Bryan gave me a withering look but he didn’t change his tone as he continued. “I never suggested you shouldn’t be upset and I never suggested you shouldn’t divorce her. You are well within your rights to do both. I said you needed to find out about the reasons for her betrayal and you need to ask for forgiveness.” His looked changed to something resembling the way I look at Danielle when she’s not behaving.

“People have such a wrong-headed view of forgiveness. It’s not the act of alleviating someone’s wrongdoing; it’s allowing the burden to be taken from you. Right now you are acting as judge, jury and executioner. You are doing it to a person who you still love and the guilt is ruining your life.” When he was sure I was actually listening and trying to make sense out of what he was saying, he continued.

“There is a true story of a mother whose son was murdered. She lived in grief for several years until she went to see the man convicted of killing him. After meeting him in jail, she forgave him. The simple act of giving up her hatred allowed her to go on with her life. It didn’t make her like him or understand what he had done. It didn’t change his punishment or the way society treated him. She just needed to get rid of the pain to do something constructive with her life.”

“Think about all the good things you’ve told me about your wife. How much you loved her and what a positive impact she has had on your life. You tell me if I’m wrong, has this punishment made your life or Danielle’s any better?” When he saw I wasn’t going to defend myself, he continued.

“Without having to get all Biblical on you, any mental health professional will tell you that holding on to your anger is a negative. This vendetta you’re on can only keep you mired in the misery you’ve been feeling. I like you and want to see you get better. I don’t believe that’s going to happen unless you confront your fears. I don’t want to sit hear and see you in pain when you have the power to improve things, maybe even get past it.”

“I’d like you to think about everything before we talk about another session. I don’t know if it would help for us to meet again until you take steps to get control of your life. I would also like to suggest you think about the idea of inviting Jenny to a session. I think you might find it very helpful in finding a way to work through your pain.”

I sat there trying to absorb everything he said. I had thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and believed what he said about encouraging me to do what he felt would help me get better. I just couldn’t get my head around everything.

I left feeling very different from the previous sessions. Surprisingly I wasn’t that upset by Bryan’s statements. I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to talk to her or how to go about it. I hadn’t spoken to Jenny since I threw her out. If I took him at his word that it would help me, how was I going to get past what she had done and actually ask her to forgive me? I couldn’t even imagine doing a session with her. That would be like saying there was a way we could fix things and that was out of the question.”

I called Steve to ask if they could watch Dani overnight, then I took a really long drive. There were too many memories at home and I needed to think. I stopped after a couple of hours and rented a hotel room. I spent most of the night walking the grounds or pacing in my room. I finally made my decision in time to get about two hours of sleep.

Just before I picked up Dani, I called Nicole. I got a very icy “Hello.” It got much warmer when I asked if we could come over to see Jenny. She told me they’d be home all day. I said she could tell Jenny or keep it a surprise, whatever she thought would be best. On the way I told Danielle that we were going to see her step-mom.

I thought about the things I had been told about her not eating and crying all the time and was afraid of the effect it might have on Danielle, especially after losing her mother to cancer. I decided to tell Danielle something to lessen the impact of seeing Jenny so depressed. I told her Jenny had been very sad since I asked her to leave and that Dani needed to take care of her for the day. That’s all you have to say to a seven year-old, she couldn’t wait. She solemnly promised to take good care of Jenny and I knew she would be too busy with her ‘responsibilities’ to be upset. I was so proud of her.

When we arrived, Nicole met me at the door with a hug. “Thank you so much for this. I’ve been so worried about her. I just didn’t know what else I could do.”

I warned her, “You know this doesn’t change anything between us. I just think it’s the right thing to do.” I didn’t want to mention Bryan or his offer.

“It’s a start. You need to prepare yourself.” She didn’t elaborate. “Jenny, we have visitors.”

I heard a gasp from the other side of the room, quickly followed by Danielle screaming “Jenny!” She ran to her step-mom and threw herself into her, almost knocking Jenny over.

I felt my knees wobble as I took in the changes in my wife. She was painfully thin, looking like she couldn’t be more than 90 pounds. Her face was pale and gaunt, making her look half dead. There were dark circles under her eyes indicating she hadn’t slept well in days, maybe weeks. Her hair was unwashed, she was wearing wrinkled sweats and there was a listless shuffle to her gait. I couldn’t have imagined a more horrifying vision of the only woman I had ever loved.

I watched as the two of them hugged and cried. Danielle began talking a mile a minute, trying to catch Jenny up on five weeks of events. The scene reminded me of what a shit I had been. Finally I couldn’t take anymore.

“Ah, Jenny?” She looked up at me. “I have to go out for a few hours, would you like Dani to stay here with you?” I wanted them to have time to spend together, but I didn’t want her to feel obligated in case she didn’t feel up to it.

She spoke, her voice sounding as thin as she looked. “I’d love her to stay. Thank you.”

I excused myself and went out. There wasn’t anywhere for me to be, but I couldn’t stay there any longer. I decided to go home and try to get a short nap. It was a waste of time. I couldn’t get the image of Jenny out of my mind. How could she do that to herself? I felt betrayed by her cheating, but I was still living my life. What I saw at Nicole’s was far beyond what I expected.

How could someone who thought it was OK to cheat on me be this devastated by the results?

When I got back to Nicole’s house, she told me that they were upstairs drawing. She thanked me again for changing my mind about her sister and Dani. I didn’t know how to respond so just nodded and mumbled something. I told her I wanted to send Dani down so I could talk to Jenny for a minute. Nicole promised to keep an eye on her.

I got to the guest room and saw the two of them acting exactly how they used to. I swallowed my pride and knocked on the open door.

“Daddy!” Dani cried, running up to hug me. I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be much happier and more relaxed than she had been. She had been so guarded since Jenny left and it had been killing me. I would have given anything to be able to ease her pain. I told her that Nicole needed to talk to her downstairs. She told Jenny she’d be right back, giving her a quick kiss before running out of the room. I walked in the room and sat down at the desk, across from where Jenny was.

“We need to talk, but I’m not sure how to start.”

She seemed intent on saying something, but changed her mind. “John, I want to thank you for letting Danielle come over. It means a lot to me.”

I nodded a reply and nervously started talking. “I don’t want this to be a one-time thing.” When she began to speak I stopped her. “Please let me finish. I want you to see her when you want, either at my house or any time I need a sitter. However there are three conditions I have to ask you to agree to.” She didn’t say anything, but I could see she was nervous about what I might demand.

“Number one, there can never be any men over while she’s with you.” I saw her get ready to defend herself, so I raised my hand asking her to let me finish. “I know you’re going to say you wouldn’t do that, but I have to demand it. If any guy, even one of our friends, wants to stop by, you have to ask me first. Also, Megan can never see my daughter, period. If I find out that you haven’t lived up to this, I’ll have to stop the visits immediately and there won’t be any more chances.”

I paused and let her know she could answer. “There are no other men John. Even if there was, I wouldn’t ever do something like that to her. Megan isn’t an issue; I haven’t talked to her in months.”

I nodded to show her I believed what she said. I made sure she was finished before continuing. “Two, you have to start taking care of yourself.” I saw her turn and blush, so I got up and took her hand. “I know you’ve been depressed. Everyone has been telling me how upset you’ve been and I should have listened. Dani is going to pick up on how you’re feeling. She needs to know that you’re OK for her own peace of mind. I’m worried about you too, but don’t do it for me. Do it for her…alright?”

She didn’t say anything. I felt awkward talking to her like this, but I thought mentioning how her depression could affect Danielle would be the motivation she needed. Finally she quietly said she would.

I took a deep breath for the hard one. “Number three, I need you to forgive me.” I felt stupid saying it. I froze for a moment because I couldn’t figure out how I was going to explain it to her.

“Forgive you for what?” she said, bewildered. “I’m the one who did this. It’s all my fault.” She began crying, very quietly.

I tilted her face toward me, wishing I could make this easier for both of us. “I want you to forgive me for intentionally hurting you. What you did crushed me. But whatever really happened, I know you never wanted to hurt me. I remember how upset you were when you got back from New Orleans.” I saw her blanch at the mention of her trip.

“It’s obvious that you were sorry it happened. I don’t need to know anything else right now. What I did was out of spite. I did it to hurt you and I tried to make it as painful as possible. I’m ashamed of myself for doing it and especially for using Danielle to make it worse. I’m sorry.”

She looked down at her hands and didn’t say anything for a long time. I was beginning to think I had pushed her too far when she finally answered. “I should have told you about New Orleans when it happened. It’s my fault you found out in such a horrible way. You didn’t have time to think about it so you tried to hurt me just like I hurt you. I don’t blame you for anything. I just wish it hadn’t happened. I’d give anything to be able to take it back.” She looked at me with so much pain, I had trouble meeting her gaze. “Of course I forgive you.”

She pulled me close and kissed me on the cheek. It was a small gesture to show me her affection, without forcing me to respond. As Dani and I left, I realized that Bryan was right. For the first time since I saw the video, I felt that some of the burden had been lifted off my shoulders. Nothing had changed, I still had lost my wife, but now I felt like I was finally involved in the decision. Now I had to meet Bryan’s other requests.

I thought about asking Jenny what had happened, but there were several problems. First, I wouldn’t know for sure if she was being honest. Second, I might be too emotional, hearing it from her and I wanted to keep my head straight. Third, I wasn’t sure it was the right time for us to discuss this. I didn’t want to take the chance of making things worse again.

I made a few phone calls and came up with the name of a private eye in New Orleans I could trust. It was surprisingly inexpensive; I had anticipated something more extravagant. Too much television. He got back to me two days later with the name, address and work information of the stripper from the video. His name was David and he was working at a law firm now. He assured me the guy would be at work all next week.

I dropped Dani off at Nicole’s Monday morning, promising to be back some time Tuesday. I caught a late-morning flight and arrived in New Orleans just after 1:00. I caught a cab and went straight to the law office where David worked. He had found a full-time job as a clerk while he was finishing his law degree. The place he used to work for told the private eye he had quit back in November.

I was nervous as I walked through the doors. It was definitely the strangest thing I had ever done and I still wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to know what he might tell me. I had decided that stopping by his work would give me a decided advantage. It was a large, high profile firm and I was sure there was no way he would want trouble there. I had no idea what to expect, so I wanted to put him in an awkward position to keep him off balance. I asked for him at the front desk and they confirmed he was in. I waited for about ten minutes while he was located. I was just glad I didn’t have to make up a story about why I wanted to see him. I figured they would assume it was work related, which would save me a lot of hassle.

I could feel my stomach turn when he stepped into the lobby. He looked very different in a shirt and tie, but I would have recognized him anywhere. His face was burned into my memory and I wondered if I’d ever be able to erase it. He greeted me with a handshake and asked who I was working for.

I couldn’t help but take some satisfaction from the change in his face when I told him I was here because he met my wife at his ‘old job’. He nervously gestured for me to follow and led me to a small conference room on the first floor. We went in and he closed the door behind me.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble. I don’t work for them anymore and I’m sorry if there’s some problem because of one of the parties. This job is very important to me and they can’t know about that.” He looked really upset. I knew that I had been right to confront him there.

“David, I’m not here to cause you any problems. I’m here for information. If you give me what I want, I’ll leave and won’t bother you again. If you refuse to answer my questions or lie to me, I have no problem causing the mother of all nightmares for you. Trust me, you deserve it.”

He looked troubled. “I don’t know what information I could have. I worked for them for a few months and there were a bunch of parties. I don’t know how I’d remember any specifics that could help you.”

“Actually,” I began, “You didn’t meet my wife for the first time at a party. There was a little get together with her friend Megan the night before and then you ‘met’ her again at the bachlorette party.”

His eyes widened and he suddenly looked much more uncomfortable. “You’re Jenny’s husband.” It was a statement, not a question. I got the impression he’d been expecting me.

“Yes I am. I have a completely fucked up life because of what happened that weekend and I’m trying to salvage something out of it. Nothing makes me more nauseous than the thought of discussing this with you, but I have no other choice. You need to believe me when I say I have no problem with taking out my frustrations on you and your excellent little career.”

I could tell he didn’t doubt a word of what I was saying. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know, but not here. You should come by my apartment after I get off of work. I’ll give you the address.”

“That’s OK, I already have it.” I wanted him to be a little scared. He was considerably bigger than me and more than ten years younger. The last thing I wanted was a physical confrontation. I was just here for answers, but I needed him to feel that it was in his best interest to cooperate. I left and went to lunch. I went to his place at six o’clock like we agreed.

When I rang the bell, he answered before I could even pull my finger off the button. He invited me in and motioned for me to sit in the living room. After asking if I wanted anything to drink, he grabbed a beer and sat across from me. Before I could speak, he slid a videotape that was already on the coffee table toward me.

“Everything you want to know is on there,” he said quietly.

I was furious. “You taped it? Did she know?”

“No she didn’t. It’s not what you think, I always taped private parties. It’s for my protection in case there are any problems later. I’m a law student, remember?”

I nodded as I looked at the ordinary looking tape with the name ‘Jenny’ written on the back. It was a pretty smart thing to do, now that I thought about it. Unfortunately I realized that as painful as talking about that weekend would have been, this would undoubtedly be much worse.

I felt like I was going to be sick. “Is there anything I need to know that’s not on the tape?”

He breathed deeply. “Yes, actually, there’s a lot you should know. Megan contacted me the week before they came to town for the wedding. She knew my company would be handling the bachlorette party and asked about hiring me and one of the other guys for a private party the night before. Evidently someone recommended me to the bride by name and she passed it on to Megan. She told me it was mostly for her friend Jenny. She was trying to help her get away from an abusive asshole.”

He paused as he looked intently at me. I guess my reaction was what he expected. “You’ve never hit her, have you?”

I was defensive and more than a little angry. “No and I never would. We had a great marriage until her trip. Actually, we had a great marriage for another six months after it until some sick son of a bitch sent me the Web site address for your old company. I checked out the site and found the video from the party with you, her, and Megan. It ended everything.”

Surprisingly, he looked disappointed. “You two broke up?”

“Well, what do you think? What would you expect to happen once I found out about what she had done for the three days?”

“You mean two days, don’t you?” he corrected me. Noting my blank expression, he thought for a second. “She didn’t tell you about Sunday?”

“We haven’t talked about any of it. We haven’t spoken since I found out.”

He honestly looked troubled. “Listen John, I know I’m the last person who you want in your business, but you should have talked to her about everything that happened. It wasn’t what it looked like.”

I was stunned. What the hell was this about? “Not what it looked like? She fucked you and Megan for three days and you’re saying there’s a reason I shouldn’t be mad about it?”

“Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…Well; I should just stick to what happened. When Jake and I got there Friday, your wife was already really drunk. Megan had sandbagged her, pretending to be drunk too. The truth is, by Sunday I found out that she set Jenny up.”

“What do you mean, set her up? She didn’t drug her or anything?”

David looked at the floor, “No, it was nothing like that. Look, I don’t really want to talk about it, just watch the tape and judge for yourself. I’m sure it’s going to be awful for you, but me telling you isn’t going to make it any better. I don’t know why you’d take my word for it anyway.” I had to admit he was right about that. I nodded and he continued.

“You’ve seen the video from the Web site, so there isn’t much I can tell you about Saturday that you don’t already know. Nobody told her what was going to happen at the party, or I’m sure she wouldn’t have gone. I guess she was so upset about Friday night that she let herself get really drunk again. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I think Meagan worked on her for hours. She finally got Jenny to the point where she wasn’t able to say no. Things get so crazy at those parties that I’ve seen a lot of women do things they would never do normally.”

I was really surprised at how thoughtful he seemed. I was expecting someone cynical and egotistical, but kept being caught off guard by how unhappy he seemed.

He frowned as he lost his concentration for a moment. After taking a second to gather his thoughts, he continued. “Megan got her dancing on the stage with some of the other girls. When Jenny wasn’t expecting it, Megan started kissing her and pushed her down on the stage. I guess she was too far gone to object much. That’s when I came over.” He gave me a pained look. “I swear to you, if I had known what was going on, I wouldn’t have touched her.”

I was confused. “You’re telling me all this, but then say you didn’t know. How am I supposed to believe what you’re saying?”

“Because Jenny told me.”

“Jenny told you, when?”

“Sunday, when she got up.”

I finally started to understand. “So she stayed with you Saturday night.”

He looked away from me again. “Yes, but it’s not what you think. The reason the camera cut away on the video is because she kind of freaked out in the middle of it and ran out of the room. I was really worried about it, but Megan said it was nothing. She said you called and screamed at her about not being home Saturday and it upset her. It was stupid of me not to see something else was going on, but I figured a guy who beat up his wife… I guess I didn’t question it because it felt cool to be helping someone like her get away from a jerk.”

“Megan paid me extra to crash at their hotel room after the party. I told her I was way too tired for anything to happen that night, so she asked me to sleep with Jenny the next morning when we woke up. I don’t know where Megan stayed. Jenny was already asleep when I got there, so I crawled into bed and passed out. The next morning she woke up before me. She ran to the bathroom and started throwing up. I figured it was from the hangover, but then I heard the crying.”

“I went to the door and she was curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor. It really scared the shit out of me. I tried to get her out of there, but she wouldn’t budge. After about half an hour I was able to talk her into coming back to the bed. I got her some coffee and she finally started talking to me.”

“It was terrible; she would talk for a minute and then start crying hysterically. She talked about you, your daughter and how great her life had been. She was afraid she had ruined everything and felt horribly guilty. I stayed with her until it was time for her to leave for the airport. The whole time she kept beating herself up for what had happened and saying you’d never be able to forgive her. Just before she left I told her she shouldn’t tell you. I said if it was my wife, I wouldn’t want to know. If she really hadn’t wanted it to happen, instead of ruining everybody’s lives she should try to make it up to you. That seemed to help her at least get it together enough to get to the airport.”

“I felt so badly about everything that had happened, I called in Monday and quit. When I took the job, it seemed so perfect, get paid to fuck and party. When I saw what she went through on Sunday, I started wondering how many other marriages got wrecked by those parties. I had already received a good offer at the firm, but had been putting off starting. After spending Sunday with Jenny I realized that it was time to move on. That’s everything I know.”

“If you want to take my word for everything, don’t look at the tape. It’s going to be fucked up to see her like that. If you watch it, I hope it will help you see that she was set up by Megan. All I can say is that I’m sorry that Jake and I helped. I think you’re crazy if you don’t give her another chance. She told me she didn’t want any of it to happen and wished she could take it all back. There wasn’t any reason for her to lie to me, so I believe her.”

As he finished I tried to figure out how I should be feeling. Do I say thank you to the man who fucked my wife? Now that I knew more behind what had happened, did it make any difference? Jenny still cheated on me, but at least now I knew it was a one-time thing and not something that she went looking for. Drunk or not, she went along with it and then compounded her betrayal by doing it again the next night. David’s description of her guilt made me more sympathetic to her, but I couldn’t get the image of the party out of my head.

Now there was another issue, do I watch the tape to confirm his version of the events? It would most certainly be worse than what I saw at the party and what would it change? I honestly didn’t know if I could take seeing more of her like that. I wondered exactly what I had done to deserve this.

Since everything was finished the first day, I caught an earlier flight. I arrived back in town very late, so I left Danielle with Jenny and got some sleep. In the morning I called Bryan. I filled him in on some of the details and asked to see him. He told me he’d have some time early in the afternoon and I could stop by.

“…OK, now that you know some details, you need to talk to your wife about it.” I noticed that Bryan often chose to call Jenny ‘my wife’ or some other term of endearment rather than just saying her name. There was probably some specific reason, but I didn’t get it.

“Now that some of the blanks are filled in, I think I’m ready to talk to her. There are still problems though. How do I know if she’s being honest, even if I want to believe her? If it turns out that everything happened the way David explained it, then she certainly deserves more sympathy than I’ve shown her, but that doesn’t excuse what she did. She still cheated on me, I doubt she would be very sympathetic if I got drunk and slept around on her. Then there’s the video. Should I watch it?”

“Those are all really important questions John. Unfortunately I can’t answer any of them for you. All I’ve been trying to get you to do is take charge of your life. It’s not that I think you’ll feel better if you do things the way I think they should be done. I let you talk for three weeks to understand your feelings about right and wrong. It’s you fighting your own convictions that is making you so miserable. You can’t let go of Jenny because you still love her, but feel like she needs to be punished for what she did. You have to decide what you can live with and what you are willing to give up. It’s not easy, but that’s life.”

I glared at him in frustration, “Thanks, that was absolutely no help whatsoever.”

“John, all I can tell you is that if you can make your decision without looking at the video, don’t watch it. There is more pain down that road and it will make things even harder for you. If you need to watch it to see for yourself how she acted, then you should watch it. In my opinion, if you need to watch it to make your decision, you’ve pretty much already made it anyway.”

I thanked him and picked up Danielle. I talked to Jenny briefly, but tried not to act suspicious. I mentioned Bryan’s sessions and asked if she would be interested in coming. She enthusiastically agreed, making me a little nervous about what she expected. I had tried to be more pleasant without getting her hopes up. I just wanted to get things resolved so I could move on.

I made it until the day before the session without looking at the tape. It was locked in my desk, where Dani couldn’t accidentally see it. Just after dinner that night, I decided I had to watch it. I asked Steve and Sharon to watch Danielle for the night. In case I couldn’t handle what I saw, I didn’t want her anywhere around me.

I sat around my house for an hour just staring at the tape on the coffee table in my living room. Finally I couldn’t take not knowing and put it in the VCR.

Megan, Jenny, David and the other stripper were already in the room talking. Jake must have distracted them while David threw up the camera on something (it might have been in a bag set up to record without being seen). They had been out dancing together and were talking about how much fun the club was. While Jake and David talked on the other side of the room, Jenny pulled Megan aside. It happened to be close to where the camera was. Although I couldn’t see them; it was easy to hear the conversation. Jenny was already slurring her words.

“Megan, I want to do this for you, but having two guys in my room is something John would freak out about. I can only help you to a point and then I need to go. I’ll get another room for the night and you can have all the fun you want, OK?”

“Don’t worry, Jen. Just help me tease them a little so I can get them where I want them. You can make an excuse, leave and I’ll get to have a night I’ll never forget. Did you see how hot they are! They’re both in college and have incredible bodies. When I was dancing with Jake I could tell he’s hung like a horse. This is going to be amazing. You just trust me, I won’t let them try anything with you and when I’m sure they’re ready, I’ll let you know that it’s time to leave.”

“Megan walked over to the other side of the room and turned on a boom box. There was some club music playing and the girls began dancing with both guys. They must have picked up where they left off at the club because the dancing was already more than a married woman should be doing. They touched and ground against each other as it went from one song to another, although I noticed David never tried to touch anywhere that would have alerted Jenny that he was planning on more than dancing.

When the fourth song started, Megan moved against Jenny, chest to chest, and began moving her hips against my wife’s leg. The guys took up position on the outside and slid up and down against the girls backs. Megan started moving her hands up and down Jenny’s sides, brushing the outside of her breasts. The guys stepped back and watched as Megan spun my wife around, running her hands around to her stomach. When one hand went over her breast, I thought I could see Jenny stiffen, but Megan just kept moving it up until it was brushing her face.

As their dance continued, Megan moved her hands up and down Jen’s hips and thighs. She suddenly spun her around and pushed a knee between Jenny’s thighs. I could tell it was already getting out of control as Jenny began rubbing herself back and forth across her friend’s thigh. Megan caressed Jen’s ass with both hands as they continued. When the song ended, the girls split up and high-fived, giggling like it was no big deal.

The guys got them drinks and everyone sat around for a few minutes. They danced for a few more songs, got more drinks and then Megan said she had an idea for a party game. She wanted to put on a blindfold and guess which guy gave the better neck massage. Jenny sat away from them as David covered her eyes. He went first, working on her for about a minute before letting Jake take over. When they were finished, she said it was too hard to tell. She invited Jenny to try.

While initially saying no, Jenny finally giggled and sat on the chair, waiting for the blindfold. I couldn’t believe she was actually going to do that, their motives seemed so obvious. Despite her reminding Megan that nothing was going to happen, how could she not see where this was going? This time Jake went first, followed by David. Jake started cautiously, just rubbing the base of her neck. As he moved out to her shoulders, he calmly reached in front and undid the top two buttons on her blouse. Before she could protest, he moved back to her neck. After working on it for a little bit, he moved to the trapezius muscles, but slipped his hands inside her collar to reach them.

The contact of skin on skin made an immediate impact on her as her head lolled forward. “Mmm, that feels good.”

After Jake finished, David took his turn. He used many of the same tactics, plus a couple of different tricks. Neither of them had gone over the line that would have alerted Jenny to their real intentions. I noticed that they each went at least twice as long as they had with her friend.

Megan pulled her out of the chair and said, “My turn.” Jenny had another drink as she watched the guys take turns working on her friend’s neck, shoulders and upper back.

After another couple of minutes, she bounced out of the chair saying she still wasn’t sure. She pulled Jenny up and pushed her into the chair. Although Jen objected, she let herself be led. When David began rubbing her shoulders, he started going more forward. Every few seconds he would let his hands move to the open ‘V’ of her blouse and touch her skin. He was careful to not touch too low, but he continued to steadily wear her down.

When Jake took his turn, Megan slid a chair close in front of Jenny and picked up one of her feet. When she jumped, Megan just said she knew Jenny’s feet were tired from dancing and she was doing it so she could get the same treatment on her next turn. While she softly worked her hands over Jenny’s foot and ankle, Jake took advantage of her distraction to undue another button. He did it quickly and it appeared Jenny didn’t notice.

As he worked his way down her neck and to her upper back, he pulled the shirt open as far as it would go without breaking the next button. His thumbs worked into the muscles at the base of her neck and then outward toward her shoulders (over her shirt). He took a couple of opportunities to reach into her shirt in front, but stopped well short of her breasts. If she had been sober, I know she would have objected, but as long as he didn’t do anything to startle her, the slow seduction was working.

I glanced at my watch and saw that each man had taken a full five minutes before letting Jenny up. When she tried to stand, she was obviously unsteady on her feet. I don’t know how much of it was from the alcohol and how much was because she was so turned on. When Megan sat down, she insisted Jenny pay her back and put her foot up on the chair.

Jenny reluctantly sat down and began massaging her foot and ankle as David applied the blindfold. Again the guys took turns and didn’t appear to do anything nearly as invasive as what they did to Jenny. I wondered if in her condition, she thought that it was her imagination that it seemed to go on longer with her and that the guys touched her more aggressively.

When Megan pulled off the blindfold, she announced that she was ready to vote on the winner in the men’s contest. She then said Jenny needed to do it one more time so they could vote. Jenny pulled her close and said something into her ear. It appeared like she was saying she didn’t want to. Megan reassured her and they traded places. Once the blindfold was on, she picked up one of Jen’s foot and started caressing higher, this time from the calf to her knee.

I could tell she had stopped pretending to massage and was just softly caressing. Both hands worked at the same time and moved around, searching for sensitive areas to undermine her will. It had to be incredibly erotic for Jenny with the blindfold on.

The first massage was Jake’s and it had taken another step up. He ran his hands down her arms and pushed them together. I could tell he was trying to brush her arms against her breasts. Again and again he went from her neck to her arms. When he put one hand against her back, he reached his other arm across her chest, juts above her breasts, to hold her in place. I could see Jenny shift in her seat as this new tactic plus Megan’s touches took its toll on her.

Again it went for about five minutes, then the men switched. David again used almost the same technique. Megan switched legs and continued trying to drive Jenny wild.

Somewhere in the middle of David’s turn I started seeing the signs of arousal that I knew so well. Jenny began moving her hips in her seat. I doubted she even realized it, but I knew it meant she was wet. When they finished, it appeared that Jenny was well on her way to an orgasm.

Jenny got up and motioned Megan over by where the camera was. “That was too much Megan. I’m not comfortable with this anymore. I want you to have your fantasy, but you’re going to have to do it yourself.” Not only was she really sounding drunk, I didn’t think she sounded as firm in her resolve to leave.

Megan talked quickly, trying to keep her from leaving. When Jenny tried to protest, Megan said, “You’re being silly. The blindfold makes it seem more intense than it is. They didn’t do anything with you differently than me. Of course nothing is going to happen; we’re just getting these guys hot so that they’d stay the night with me. You haven’t done anything to be worried about. This is all just for fun, relax.” I cringed and wondered how many drinks Jenny had, for her to be able to fall for such a load of crap.

Megan turned and announced that David was the winner. She said Jake had one more chance to redeem himself. She wanted to try one more thing, for both men to massage her at the same time. She said she always wanted to have two guys give her a massage at the same time.

I noticed that Jenny sat on the chair in front of Megan without being asked. Once the blindfold was on, the last round started. They kept it to about three minutes and again it was more or less respectable. Jenny rubbed Megan’s feet and calves through the whole thing. Her touches were far different from what I saw Megan doing earlier.

I knew this would be where they would try to break my wife’s will completely. It’s not that she hadn’t already let things go far beyond what she should have allowed to happen, but if they could get her to go further there wouldn’t be any going back. Jake started on her right, with David on her left. Megan pulled the chair a little closer and worked from her mid-calves to mid-way up her thighs. I had turned the VCR’s display on and saw it was about the five minute mark of the massage when they made their move.

Jake moved in front of her and put his fingers on her shoulders, letting his thumbs work down to a few inches above her breasts. David countered from behind by going down her back and around her sides. Jenny’s breathing had become erratic and she began undulating on the seat. They kept her like that for a few minutes before Megan moved her hands all the way under Jenny’s skirt. Again she stiffened, but when she felt the fingers touch her pussy, she seemed to lose control.

I felt sick as I watched Megan slide her face between my wife’s thighs, at the same time reaching behind and pulling her hips forward. Jenny leaned her head back and David took the opportunity to kiss her softly. I couldn’t see exactly what Megan was doing, but she moved her face around and I assumed she was licking her over her now drenched panties. Jake gave up on the pretense of a massage and worked his hands down to her tits.

Jenny was obviously beyond rational thought. Her body heaved as the seduction that had taken over an hour (just counting what happened at the hotel) culminated in a huge orgasm. The three of them didn’t change their tactics; they just kept working on her until I saw Jenny kissing David back as she grabbed the back of Megan’s head with both hands to hold her in place.

The men gently pulled her out of the chair and moved her to the bed. Megan didn’t give her a chance to calm down, diving right back into her cunt. When Jenny was lying flat on her back, David began kissing her again, this time hard. Jake unbuttoned her blouse, pulled up her bra and slipped his hands over her breasts. When she moved her hips off the bed in the throes of another orgasm, Megan took the chance to slide Jenny’s panties down her legs.

The moment they were off, she moved her lips to Jen’s clit. I saw her motion for David to come over. Jake took David’s place, kissing her while rolling her nipples between his fingertips. Megan moved her mouth off of Jenny’s pussy for only a few seconds, pushing her leg further over. David took the opportunity to slide between her legs and sink himself all the way in with one slow thrust. Jenny moved her hips up to meet him and I knew that there wasn’t any more resistance in her.

It was easy to see that David was very good at his job. As a dancer, he was able to move his hips in much the same way that Jenny used to drive me crazy. It probably wouldn’t have taken much to keep Jenny in her current state, but he seemed to be elevating it to a new level. She began moaning and rocking her hips against him. As he increased his tempo, she wrapped her legs behind him indicating she really wanted this. Finally he moaned that he was coming, but didn’t pull out. Luckily I could see he was wearing a condom. I couldn’t imagine the kind of diseases he and his buddy had been exposed to.

When he finished, he tapped Jake on the shoulder and slowly pulled out. Jake moved in to take his place and Megan took the opportunity to kiss Jenny and squeeze her breasts. As Steve dropped his pants I could see he was indeed bigger than Dave. I wondered if Jenny would have a problem with it. She had always been pretty tight for me and I wasn’t nearly that big.

Jenny suddenly must have realized that it was Megan kissing her because she made a surprised sound and put her hands up like she was going to push her away. Just at that moment, Jake began pushing his monster cock inside of her. Jenny moved her hands to his shoulders, but instead of pushing at him, I could see her grab him. When he had worked about half his length into her, she started kissing Megan back with enthusiasm.

Jake took over a minute to work himself almost all the way inside her. He pulled back and started leisurely thrusting about half his length into her, giving Jenny the chance to get used to his size. After a couple of minutes he was fucking her harder, getting closer to finally pushing his whole prick into my wife. Without any warning, he suddenly withdrew. He rolled Jenny over and pulled her up to her knees. He lined his prick back up against her pussy and shoved in, not stopping until he was buried all the way into her pussy. She gave a small cry of pain, but didn’t protest.

I thought about how tight she had always been while we were having sex and couldn’t imagine how she was able to accommodate something that big. A shiver ran through me as I thought about all the times we had sex since that weekend. Did it still feel the same to her? Was she thinking about this night every time we made love? I tried to shake it off so I could continue watching.

When I was able to return my attention to the TV, it looked like Jenny was somewhere between pleasure and pain as Jake started moving faster. On each stroke he pulled back until he was almost falling out, then would slide himself into her until his hips hit her ass. Megan took the opportunity to get on her back and crawl under Jen. I couldn’t see her head, but it was easy to tell she was licking at my wife’s pussy again.

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