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I have to admit, even as a married woman I absolutely LOVE going to our local gay/drag bar. Yes, being surrounded by women that are gay and bisexual is thrilling, but I will also admit that I find the “girls” in drag extremely exciting.

When I first went to the bar to watch the drag show I was amazed that lots of the “girls” looked better than I did.

In particular, there was a “girl” in an evening gown, long blonde wig, and surprisingly feminine features. I tipped her and while “she” sang she leaned forward, showing me that the cleavage I was looking at was just a trick of make-up and boning on the dress. However, I was surprised to look down the dress at one single pierced nipple sporting a small silver ring.

I do not know why, but that moment has always stuck in my head as extremely erotic!

That moment has evolved within my mind to a fantasy, as most erotic moments often do. I fantasize about buying her a drink and having the bar tender take it to her, him motioning in my direction and her lifting the glass to me with a sultry smile.

I wish to myself that I would have had the nerve to really talk to her that night, discover who she was, her sexual orientation, if dressing in drag was just fun or actually pleasurable. I know in actuality it would be different, but in my fantasies it plays out something like this!

Her show set is done and as we sit and talk, kicking back a couple drinks, relaxing a bit more than we should with the help of alcohol. I am pleasantly surprised to find that she is bisexual and her name, Ashley, is just as gender neutral as she is. She is single and doing the shows is fun for her, but she primarily lives her life as a man doing retail sales at a local cell phone store. I share that I am also bisexual, but married, a mother and about my life in general.

Our conversation is easy going and comfortable and there is a mutual attraction as friends and also a slight bit of sexual tension between us. The hour grows late and we exchange cell numbers and head our separate ways for the evening.

The next day Ashley texts my cell asking how I am, while I reply my husband inquires about who it is and I reply,

“Ashley. We met at the club last night?”

He tips me a look and says, “Gay or Bi?”


I reply back, purposely not mentioning that Ashley is actually a male in drag and letting my husband create his own fantasies.

Over the next few weeks Ashley and I text and talk often and get even closer. Together we plot getting together and share fantasies, confess secrets, and become good friends.

Knowing that my husband is assuming Ashley is a girl, I am not at all hesitant in asking if our kids can go spend the night with grandma and if Ashley can come over to hang out with us. As I expected, he is eager to oblige.

The night that Ashley is supposed to come over I am eager and tense. I have absolutely no clue how to dress, what to say, or whether she will be coming casual as a man, or dressed as a woman.

I don’t want to seem desperate and don’t want to go to the extreme of wearing a dress when we are just sitting at home, but I also don’t want to look scrubby! Finally in a fit of exasperation I throw on a pair of black jean shorts and a simple pink fitted tee-shirt, although I am sure to pair it with some cute silky thong panties and bra…just in case!

The doorbell rings and I have to restrain myself from leaping to the door. Upon pulling the door open I find that Ashley has indeed, come dressed as woman as I had hoped. She is wearing a shoulder length wavy strawberry blonde wig, her blue eyes are very bright in comparison, and her make-up is done light and natural.

It appears she has struggled with some of the same issues as me and has arrived in hip-hugging jeans and a red fitted tee-shirt. She has on a small padded bra, giving her the impression of a tall, yet thin and small breasted woman.

I tell her hello and give her a hug, introducing her to my husband. My husband smiles and tells her hello, but I am not stupid. I caught the look in his eyes and him checking out her ass as she puts her purse next to the love seat adjacent from us before she sits down. I am always aroused when I notice my husband checking out another girl, but I am even more aroused at the fact that he is technically checking out a GUY.

We are having fun, a nice laid back time, watching stand-up comedians on TV, sharing funny stories, and popping back a few drinks. I am keeping mine limited, because I do not want to get drunk. Although I did decide to make some jello shots for the occasion!

I announce that I am going to get some jello shots and ask who wants one, and we all agree we do. On my way passed Ashley to get them, she reaches out and smacks my ass, giving me a grin and making eye contact letting me know that she is planning on more.

Coming back from the kitchen, jello shots in hand, I decide to start getting things rolling on my own and have a seat next to Ashley on the love seat instead of back on the couch with my husband. We down our jello shots, daring each other and seeing who can swallow theirs the fastest and easiest.

She shots are taking effect; my head is starting to cloud, when I feel a hand on my knee. I look over at Ashley and she is slyly watching TV and rubbing her hand from my knee up my thigh and back down again, a slight smile on her face.

I look to my husband, who has obviously noticed, and he smiles at me and nods.

I move my hand to Ashley’s arm and start running my fingers up and down while she continues to rub my leg. My husband is watching and my lady parts are really starting to heat up.

Ashley moves toward me, sweeps my hair back and begins kissing my neck. I feel my breath suck in, and grab for her waist to pull her closer to me.

She drops to the floor and kneels between my parted legs, again running her hands up my thighs before sliding them up my shirt and cupping my breasts. She gives them a quick squeeze and then, much to my amazement, pulls her hands out of my shirt and stands up.

For a moment I am flabbergasted. I watch her stand up and think to myself that my mommy body must have turned her off. But she tips a wink at me, turns, and drops back to her knees in front of my husband. She begins to run her hands up his thighs up just like she did to me, paying special attention to a certain swelling that has recently started in my husband’s pants!

I curl my legs up under me and start to watch Ashley play with my husband. The voyeur that I am, I am relishing this immensely. My husband’s eyes are closed, his head leaned back, and he is enjoying Ashley fondling him.

She presses a hand on either side of my husband’s pants fly, bites the fabric between her teeth and pulls. There is a loud pop as they come unbuttoned, and she skillfully clenches the metal between her teeth and pulls the zipper down.

I notice her reach between her legs and back toward her ass and know that she must be uncomfortable trapped in those tiny jeans.

I unleash one leg from under me, open it wide and let it trail to the floor. I drop my hand between my parted legs and enjoy the heat. I will admit that there are times that I have major penis envy; however, I love the fact that I am the only one that really has a pussy in this situation!

Ashley releases my husband’s cock from his pants and slowly moves her hands up it. She turns and looks at me, making eye contact and giving me a quick wink before sinking her mouth over it. My husband sighs and reaches up to grab her hair, but she quickly grabs his wrists and presses them down.

It’s not often that hubs and I have group situations where he is being paid a lot of attention, so I am really glad to see how much is being given to him. I move to the floor so I can get a closer view, stealing a quick grab between Ashley’s thighs and feeling something not very feminine growing down there!

I grab a seat next to my husband so I can watch Ashley give him head from a better point of view. My god, she looks beautiful down there, just sucking away. She grabs onto the sides of my husband’s pants, he leans up and she drags them down, leaving my husband naked from the waist down.

He isn’t near orgasm yet, but his balls are tightening, showing me orgasm is approaching. However, Ashley can tell what is going on and she turns her focus to me.

“Are you going to take those off?”

she asks in her husky voice, motioning toward my own shorts.

A moment of tension and panic sets in for a second, as it always does when I have to expose my cootchi with my giant thick labia. I have yet to have sex with a girl built like me in the lower region, and I think that MOST people have not been with a girl like me, therefore I get nervous about it and how people will handle my appearance or if they would be able even figure out how to START pleasuring me.

I stand up, slowly unbuttoning my shorts and sliding them down my thighs. I let them fall to my feet, kick them off and start to sit down again.

“Huh-uh.” Ashley says, “panties too.”

I stand motionless for a moment. Not sure what to do. But I note that while she looks at me she has slowed down playing with my husband’s cock and that simply will not do. So I slid my little lacey panties down too and stand for moment, naked from the waist down, not sure what comes next.

Ashley grabs my hand and pulls me over, stands me in front of my husband so he is looking at my ass and presses her hands between my legs and forces them open.

She must have seen the look of panic on my face, because she gives my puffed up pussy a kiss, looks at me and says,

“Don’t worry, baby. I promise I will be nice.”

At which point she pushes me back, landing my ass on my husband’s stomach. She drops back to sucking on my husband again, and from this point of view it’s almost like I have a penis of my own she is sucking on. I can see her staring at my pussy folds as she slurps on him and I’m really just not sure what to do!

I sit for a few minutes watching her slurp away, and then reach down and slide my fingers across my bulging labia. She lets me open my lips up for her, but as soon as I run my fingers up to my clit she smacks my hands away.

She moves up from my husband’s dick and kisses my cunt. Licking her way up and down my lips while stroking at my husband’s spit covered pole. Finally she settles herself at my clit and licks lightly. Just enough for me to breathe deep and open my legs a little more.

She surprises both my husband and I by gripping his member, and pressing it to my opening. Hub’s has been played with for quite a while now, and he is eager to press himself into my pussy.

He goes to work, lifting his hips up and down, I am on my tip-toes with my legs apart, and Ashley eagerly leans down and moves back and forth between sucking on my clit and licking at my husband’s sack.

I relax and try to enjoy her tongue. My head buzzing from the jello shots, my husband panting behind me. But he gets my pussy all the time. I know he wants something more, and Ashley knows it too.

I rise from my husband and Ashley and I begin to kiss. She peels her own shirt off over her head and I see that she has used her clever use of make-up to create cleavage again as well and using the padded bra. She peels my shirt off over my head and quickly undoes my bra. I’m now the only one nude. I look around, feeling embarrassed and excited at the same time.

My husband is watching us and slowly stroking at himself, knowing that he has neared orgasm a couple times, but he isn’t ready to blow his load yet. I can tell by the way that he is looking at Ashley that he is hoping she will be the one to produce it for him.

She lays me back on the floor, her ass in the air facing my husband, and goes back to sucking at my clit. Holy lord she is good at it! I have only ever had my husband and my old female room-mate bring me to orgasm orally, but Ashley is well on her way!

I watch my husband carefully through slitted eyes, admiring Ashley’s ass, tugging at his cock. He eagerly leans toward Ashley, reaching around and unzipping her fly and pulling her jeans down her thighs.

I see that Ashley is wearing a thong, which drives my husband crazy, and she quickly reaches down and grabs her penis, pulling it forward and squeezing her thighs together, leaving my husband to look at a smooth and very feminine ass.

Ashley leans up from my pussy, looking me deep in the eyes. I look down and see her cock peeking out from the top of the thong. I can’t believe that I am laying here doing this. One of my biggest fantasies come true!

But an unspoken question passes between our gaze.

“How is your husband going to react?” her eyes say to me.

“I don’t know.” My eyes say back.

My husband spreads apart Ashley’s ass cheeks and begins flicking his tongue at her asshole. She sighs and I see her penis twitch. I am dying to reach down and stroke it in my hands, but I don’t want to give it away to my husband just yet what is really going on.

I wriggle out from under Ashley and move to sit next to my husband so I can roll his penis around in my hands while he eats Ashley’s ass. Ashley presses herself down on her forearms, letting her hairless ass cheeks open farther, but being sure that she keeps her thighs pressed tightly together.

I can tell the moment of truth is quickly approaching. We won’t be able to keep this a secret much longer.

“Do you want me?” Ashley breaths to my husband.

“Uh-huh.” He says back while still licking at her ass.

“Even if I’m built a little different?” She asks between gasps as my husband licks away.

“I don’t care.”

He pulls his mouth away from her ass and begins massaging her cheeks.

“My wife worries all the time about how she is built different, and it has never bothered me any.”

With that, Ashley rolls over. My husband is so eager that he grips her panties and pulls them down, not noticing the bulge in them until after they are off. He stops pulling them off halfway down her thighs, staring at the small erect penis in front of him.

Ashley’s penis isn’t even close in size to my husband’s. She is about 5 inches and thinner than him. However, a cock is a cock, even if it is attached to a very hot “woman”.

Ashley looks at me with a little bit of fear. My husband is a very large man at 6’2 and 250. If he gets angry, he could really hurt her. I look to my husband and he looks back to me in shock.

“What?” he asks in disbelief.

“Please?” I say softly, meaning so many things with that little word.

He looks back at the penis in front of him, pulls the panties off the rest of the way and stops for a second. I can see that Ashley’s penis is starting to wilt and she begins to stand up, seeing that the night is likely done and my hubs is just not having this, no matter how feminine she looks.

She rises to her feet and begins to turn away, her penis only half erect and hanging.

“Wait,” my husband says, grabbing her hips.

He turns her back toward him, him sitting on the floor, her standing with her penis only a foot away from his face.

He looks back to me, looks up at her, looks over her body, and then surprises us all by taking her shrunken penis into his mouth.

My jaw drops. My pussy tightens. Ashley’s ass clenches and her head leans back. I watch in utter amazement as my husband gulps her penis deep into his mouth and begins to suck. I can see that Ashley’s erection is quickly returning and my already wet pussy is becoming even wetter.

My husband sucks, gulps, and pulls his mouth across Ashley’s shaft and I can see Ashley’s small balls tightening with pleasure.

“Slow down there big boy,” She says calmly, “Do you want to fuck me?”

I can see a million questions racing through my husband’s mind. He looks back to me again while I’m spread out, gently fingering at my twat, and then grips Ashley’s ass and growls,


Ashley quickly drops to the floor, gets on her hands and knees and sticks her ass out for my husband. I want a close up view of this! I leap down to the floor with them, land some wet sloppy kisses across Ashley’s ass, and then make sure I give my husband a few deep, wet sucks to get his cock fully hard and nicely lubed up.

He leans forward and presses himself against Ashley’s hole, rubbing his cock head against it a little bit before starting to press. I watch my husband slowly sink his shaft in and feel my pussy positively throb.

I watch my husband pick up the pace, grunting and clinging to Ashley’s ass. I can see Ashley’s hard penis wavering underneath her and lick my lips, falling to the ground and I shimmy myself under her and take it into my mouth.

I’m lying on my back, cock in mouth, looking up at my husband sliding himself in and out of Ashley’s ass when I feel a warm wet tongue caress my clit. I look down and see Ashley, licking at me when she can between strokes, her face pinched with pleasure.

I reach down and begin to play with myself while I suck and watch my husband pump away. I don’t want Ashley thinking about me. I want her to focus on her own pleasure right now.

I pump a couple fingers in to get them good and wet before rubbing furiously at my hardened pearl. It is hard, swollen and very eager to be played with. It’s almost like I am sporting a small penis of my own!

I take my hood and peel it forward and back over my clit, feeling the familiar burn in my thighs and tightening in my pussy of my orgasm nearing. I can see my husband’s tight balls and can feel Ashley twitching in my mouth. The only question is going to be who will cum first.

I feel Ashley harden even more in my mouth and know that it is going to be her and take a certain pride and pleasure in how much she is enjoying herself. I can feel her hot breath against my pussy lips, panting as she nears orgasm, suddenly she nearly falls, letting out a very feminine scream and she releases a hot load across my awaiting tongue.

The pulsing in her ass must have been intense; because I see my husband’s balls practically disappear into him and he loudly grunts as he shoots his own hot load into her ass.

I’m the only one left. I press my fingers into my snatch once again, giving a few quick, hard, pulls at my g-spot, getting my fingers really good and wet before going to work massaging my clit again.

The orgasm washes over me, very suddenly, and extremely intense. It seems that every pulse is an orgasm all of its own. I let myself scream and let my body contract and wriggle across the living room floor.

I finish, panting and looking up at my husband and Ashley, both of them sitting with their now soft penises lying against their thighs and grin sheepishly up at them.

“You two are too yummy.” Ashley says, gathering up her clothes and getting dressed.

“I hope you will let me come over again sometime?”

“Absolutely!” I call out, not even giving my husband a chance to answer.

He looks at me, showing that a million thoughts are racing through his head. But only one is going through mine. Will he let Ashley fuck HIM next time?

I never decided that I wanted to be a groupie. I’ve just always wanted to be me. My name is Brian. I’m nineteen years old and really thin. Because I don’t frequent tanning beds or the outdoor world, I am very pale. If you hold a piece of white paper up to me, it would probably blend in. My parents always told me that I should eat more and go outside because I looked frail. I never did, and I still retain that look. I’m not the strongest person, but I never strived to be. While some guys were chasing women and bulking up, I was crushing on rock stars and dressing up in girl’s clothes. Yeah, that’s right, I’m a bisexual cross-dressing fruit… get over it!

I like the gothic look best. It fits me well because of my build and skin type. And while on the outside I may look like a real party person, I love nothing better than reading or writing. I may look outrageous but I’m really quite quiet and shy. When my best friend Atlas got tickets to my favorite band, Marilyn Manson, however, I was thrilled. I wasn’t spending that night at home reading.

I had my outfit picked out weeks ahead of time. I was going to go dressed to the nines. I bought a new thigh-cut ruffle skirt to go with my sleeved red and black striped shirt. It was quite cute, even Atlas agreed. I borrowed a pair of Atlas’ clunky combat boots to go along with it. They went up to my knee. When the day came for the concert, I spiked up my black hair and used colored gel to tip the ends with red. I put on a lovely bright red lipstick and painted my eyelids a trio of vibrant colors. I’m naturally smooth, so I didn’t have to worry about shaving.

As I expected, the crowd at the Manson concert was full of “freaks” and I wasn’t singled out. I love being able to dress up like this without being called names. We had a pair of expensive V.I.P. tickets, so we got to jump up to the front of the line. When we got into the auditorium, our spots were close enough for me to nearly touch the stage. I was SO excited that I nearly fainted. Atlas grabbed me just as I toppled.

When the lights went out, signaling the concert’s beginning, I had to grab hold of him for support. Then the stage lights started up, almost dancing around the stage. The roar of the crowd as Manson appeared was deafening. I hardly noticed the other band members take their places, because my eyes were fixed on him. The music seemed to throw itself at us, and before we knew it, we had been sucked into his world. His voice seemed to tease and caress me. I could feel the sound on my skin. I tried to focus on the songs, but kept zeroing in on the man himself. I felt time stand still, and the crowd fall away. My ears heard nothing, only my sight was in play. It was all in my imagination, I’m sure, but I felt as if he were staring at me the entire time. Having been on a stage or two in my days, I knew he probably couldn’t even see the crowd due to the spotlights. I couldn’t help but hope though.

The show ended way too soon for me, but we decided to stay after and try to get autographs. Our V.I.P. tickets afforded us backstage passes, and we waited patiently for him to rest a little and freshen up. I’m glad he did, as I absolutely hate sweat and body odor! It took him a long time to come out of his dressing room. So long in fact, that most of the other back-stage visitors had given up and gone home. Atlas kept asking me when we would leave, but I couldn’t give up hope. I just HAD to meet him. I finally told Atlas that he could go home. Normally he would have stayed with me, but I think the concert really drained his energy. I gave him a hug and he left after telling me to call him for a ride home. I told him that I would simply get a taxi. He shrugged and went off.

Feeling uncharacteristically brave, I decided to do what nobody else had gathered the courage to do: knock on the dressing room door. I gulped as my knuckles rappt against the wood. “Come in.” certainly wasn’t the response I had expected, but it was the one I received.

I slowly opened the door, stepped cautiously inside, and shut it gently behind me. There was my hero, in the flesh, right before me! I saw his eyes travel over my body with interest. Then he looked into my eyes.

“Yeah?” he questioned.

I felt myself tense up and I tried to will it away. It worked, but only mildly so.

“Um… hi… uh, my name is Brian… uh, and I was wondering if I could have your autograph?”

A moment passed before he answered, “Yeah, sure. Like your name,” he winked, “but not enough to keep it.” I smiled politely and tip-toed over to him.

“Where would you like me to sign?” he asked, and I realized that I hadn’t brought a pen or anything for him to write on. He seemed to pick up on it though, and showed me that he had a marker with him.

“Pick a body part.” he told me.

I responded quickly, automatically and without thinking. “I like every one of yours.” Then I heard what I said and nearly cried out in embarrassment. He looked a little shocked too, but merely smiled. I tried to make up for it by yelling out, “Arm!”, but that only made me seem even more stupid. He grinned and grabbed my hand. I felt electricity go through me where he touched. He quickly scribbled on me and then did a little bow and left the room. I gathered my composure and left the building, hailing a taxi to make my way home.

In the back of the cab, I finally looked down at my arm. I expected to see a quickly jotted signature, but instead found written, “Deadwood hotel, room 27.” I nearly peed myself. I anxiously redirected the cab driver and then sat back nervously.

When we arrived, I paid hurriedly, and nearly sprinted into the lobby. I found the room quite easily. I knocked and the door cracked open. Stepping inside, I smelled incense and flowers.

“Hello?” I called out.

“In here.” I heard a voice say from the bedroom.

I tried to fight my trembles as I peered around the corner.

“Hey. Come sit down.” he said, patting the cushion of the couch he was sitting on. I shyly joined him.

“Why me?” I asked softly.

“You’re unique. I like that. I’m also tired of spending time with women who play with my emotions just to get to my cash. You seem different…. in a good way.” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Also,” he went on, “while I may be 99% straight, you have the look that gets that 1% shaken up. I don’t have the time nor the energy to romance you though. If you aren’t worked up already, you should probably go.”

I gasped, “Not worked up! Was he kidding!” I thought to myself. I answered his unspoken question by leaning over and pressing my lips to his. He took a second to respond, but when he did, it was wonderful. He reached his hand up and cupped my jaw while pushing his tongue between our lips. I flicked my tongue against his and he caught it between his teeth, biting down just enough to cause a flare of endorphins. I moaned against his lips, which tickled us both. He laughed huskily. That just made me moan again.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I hadn’t thought to bring condoms. I might be in awe of this man, but I’m not stupid enough to think that I was his first and in no danger should I forgo the wrapper. I tried my best to verbalize the problem, which was made increasingly difficult when his lips found and assaulted the sensitive skin of my neck. I could hardly speak.

“Uh, ummmm…mmmm….. uh, forgot the, uh….” was all I could say.

He laughed that intoxicating laugh again and then whispered into my ear, “Don’t worry baby, I’ve got everything you could possibly need.”

I wasn’t sure that we had been thinking of the same items, but decided that if he had EVERYTHING I might need, that would be one of them. I let myself relax and fall into his kisses. He brought his palm up and stroked my hair, curling a strand around his manicured fingers. God this man gets me so hot!

I grabbed his hand and deposited it at my thigh in indication. He smiled, mid-kiss, and pushed his fingertips under my skirt. The way he touched me made me feel high.

His head tipped and I felt him run his tongue over my collarbone. I shivered and bit his neck in approval. It was only now that I noticed the music playing in the background: a simple but thumping instrumental. It sounded a lot like his newer music, only without lyrics. I often masturbate while listening to Marilyn Manson music, so this just got my libido roaring.

I moved up off of the cushion and threw my leg over his, settling on his lap with my arms wrapped around his shoulders. I shoved my tongue into his mouth with force, trying to give a hint to the level of my arousal. He got the picture and grabbed hold of my shirt. He bit down at the top of the collar, creating a little rip, and then used his fists to tear it completely off of me, tossing it to the side. I pressed my bare chest to him and hugged him. He probably had no idea, but he was fulfilling my longtime dream. The hug was in thanks.

I wasn’t about to rip open his shirt, as it surely cost a lot more than mine, but I went to work unbuttoning it. I kissed him as I pushed it off and then kissed down his smooth chest. He sighed loudly when I licked his nipple so I nibbled it gently. I think he moaned. I could feel him harden through his pants and I used it to my advantage by grinding against him.

His mouth fell open in lust. I captured it with my own. He pushed me off of him and took my hand in his, guiding me to his bed. He lifted me up by the hips and laid me down. He unfastened his pants before I could even think of helping him, and I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t wearing underwear at all. I licked my lips as his cock came into view. Well-endowed was an understatement. I was a little nervous, as I hadn’t ever taken anything that big before. He saw the fright in my eyes, and reassured me, telling me, “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

I smiled back at him and pulled up the frills of my skirt while pushing off my thong. He surprised me by bending down and nibbling on my inner thigh. My erection was rubbing against his face, and he wrapped his hands around the base of it. I could have fainted at his touch. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming when he pushed my legs up and licked my asshole. I had expected more of a rock star’s approach to sex, you know, something more selfish. I stopped thinking clearly when his tongue pushed inside.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed aloud.

He took a break from my ass to mutter, “Yeah, tell me I’m your god, it turns me on.”

I inhaled deeply and then went off in a string of sex crazed dirty talk. “Fuck yes, you are my god, my savior! Save me! Save my soul! Redeem me!”

A lusty look spread over his face and I could tell that I had turned him on. He sprang on top of me and pinned my hands down against the mattress, grinding his cock against mine.

“I’ll save you, just get on your knees and pray.” he commanded, rolling off of me so that I could position myself between his knees.

Eagerly, I licked the head of his dick, lapping up the liquid that had formed at the slit. He played with my hair as I took him deep into my mouth. His hand clenched when his cock bumped against the back of my throat. He whimpered a little when I pulled off.

“I want you to show me your power, leave me in awe.” I begged him. Instantly, he pulled me up from my knees and onto the bed, getting off to grab some condoms and lube from the nightstand, and then joined me.

“This is probably a stupid question,” he began, “but, have you done this before?”

I nodded, adding, “Twice before… with my best friend Atlas.” “Oh, okay. If I go too fast or hurt you, please tell me.”

I nodded again. He squirted a few drops of lube on my bare belly and dipped his finger in it. I giggled at the sudden coldness. I felt his finger slip up and down my crack and then rub in little circles at my entrance. I sighed expectantly. I couldn’t restrain a groan as he pushed inside.

“Uh! Fuck yeah!” I exclaimed.

I was acting like a dog in heat, but I couldn’t help it. I was pushing back against his finger, trying to take in his whole hand. He added another digit and started pumping my dick with his other hand while he assaulted my prostate. I was so close to coming, but was trying not to. I didn’t want it to end like that.

“Fuck me now!” I screamed at him.

He growled, maneuvered atop me, and plunged into my depths with one thrust. I felt like I was splitting, even though he had prepared me. I held on to his shoulders to keep him still while I adjusted. His eyes were glossy and he was panting.

“Jesus, you are so fucking tight! You feel so good!” he praised.

I scratched his shoulders to signal to him he could move. It didn’t take long before he was sinking deep into me and pulling out to the head, just to dive back in. Every thrust was making me see sparkles. It was truly a religious experience.

I pushed him off of me and rolled onto my stomach. He grabbed my hips and pushed back inside me almost immediately. Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, his fist enclosed around my cock and started jacking me. My arms gave out and my head hit the pillow. I heard screaming and realized it was mine.

“Fuck it! Fuck my cock you little slut!” he yelled at me.

My clouded mind went dark as his words sent me over the edge. I exploded in his hand. I expected him to pull away, but he milked me dry. I collapsed, and he bent more so he could keep fucking me as I sagged upon the bed.

He wrapped his hands around my wrists and pulled my arms behind my back, yelling out obscenities. “I’m coming, I’m coming, oh fuck…!” he yelled out.

I thought my arms would break with how far back he was pulling them, but it somehow still felt good, really good. He stayed buried within me for a few minutes after he came. Eventually he went fully soft and pulled out. He curled up next to me and pulled me close while stroking my hair.

After a while, he spoke, “You know, you can stay the night. It would be nice… to have someone to sleep next to.”

I was surprised by his showing of such emotion, but I admitted, to sleep next to him would be a dream come true. I snuggled close and held his hand.

Before we fell asleep, I whispered to him, “You’re a great god. I’d worship you any day.” He laughed softly and held me tighter.

“Oh come on Eric, it will be fun” Austin said to Eric.

“But why can’t I just go as I am, why do I have to dress up in woman’s clothes,” Eric replied as he stood holding the short black dress that Austin had brought for him to wear. He was horrified at the idea of having to go to Austin’s birthday party tonight in drag.

“Eric it’s a drag party, oh go on, let your hair down it will be fun. I promise you’ll love it,” he said, “you don’t want to be the only man there do you?” “Anyway, I want to see you in a little black dress you’d look gorgeous,” he said teasingly. He grabbed the dress from Eric and placed it on the bed. “Now.” he said as he reached into the bag he was carrying. “I have these black pump heels for you to wear and these hold ups.” Eric looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

Eric always liked Austin, they were close friends and he trusted him completely. Right now Austin wasn’t dressed in drag, but Eric had seen him before. It was a complete change. He would never think of Austin’s body has being attractive normally but when he was dressed in woman’s clothes he had to admit he felt a pang of sexual attraction that he had to fight to control. Eric thought how he would often blush uncontrollably when Austin would kiss him on the cheek sometimes, though Eric knew that this was just to tease him.

“You want me to wear hold ups too!” said Eric as he took the pack from Austin and sat down with a glum luck on his face that said that he wasn’t going to be able to get out of this one.

“Oh Eric, I want you to do more than that, I want you to be the best looking man in drag there tonight,” said Austin. “I want to do your make up, and we are going to teach you how to walk in heels, I don’t want you making a fool of me Eric.” He grabbed Eric’s hand and led him out of the room has he tried to argue.

Of course Austin knew Eric was excited by cross dressers and trannys. He could tell by the embarrassed look he always had on his face whenever he introduced him to any of his friends in drag. The way he always avoided looking at their eyes for too long, or the way he always turned his head when Austin caught Eric looking at him. He always wanted to feminise Eric, and he knew his birthday party was the perfect opportunity, besides he suspected he wouldn’t have to push too hard.

“Why are you taking me into the bathroom?” Eric said as he saw the shaving implements laid out beside the bathtub.

“Now Eric, we are not going to have your thick black hair on your legs contrast with your lovely delicate dress, are we?” Austin said as he let go of Eric’s arm. “Now don’t worry Eric, shaving your legs need not be a painful experience” he said as Eric sat down on the edge of the bathtub.

“Really I’m quite willing to dress up for your party but is this really necessary?” Eric asked.

“Yes Eric it is necessary, removing your leg hair will leave a smooth feminine surface on your skin,” said Austin, “Now please strip to your underwear please.” He said as he started to remove the packaging to a woman’s razor.

“But I could do this myself, surely I don’t need you to shave me” Eric pleaded.

“Eric you are just not experienced enough yet, its better if you just let an expert like me take care of you.” Austin replied. “Now I always use a woman’s razor for legs and body because it is designed for those areas,” he said “Now take you clothes off Eric” he shouted.

Eric began to strip. He unbuttoned his short and threw it to one side. Eric was quite tall, he wondered what his long slender legs would look like with no hair, it thrilled him, but he kept that fact hidden. He pushed his trousers down towards his ankles and gracefully stepped out from them.

Austin thought Eric had a body to die for; he was tall and athletically lean. He smiled to himself as he admired his body.

“Ok place one leg on the bathtub edge, not in the bath yet, I just want to use this electric razor to trim some of your hairs first.” Austin said as he placed a towel under Eric’s foot to catch as much of the hair as possible.

Eric watched as Austin switched the electric razor on. He almost jumped with shock as Austin put his hand on his foot. Austin give him a smile as he applied the razor to his leg starting from his ankle. Austin calmly ran the razor over his leg hair. “Remember this is just to thin your hair out to make it easier to shave” said Austin.

The buzz of the electric razor stopped as Austin switched the device off and got Eric to turn around and put his other leg up on the edge of the bathtub. Austin placed his hand gently on Eric’s foot, giving it a gentle caress. Austin switched the razor on before Eric could react to his caress.

Eric didn’t say a word as he watched Austin work; he gently moved the electric razor up his leg from his ankle. His hair was now getting more manageable. The buzzing sound of the razor mesmerised him, he started to day dream about how he would look tonight, about how it would feel to be dressed as a woman. The sound of Austin switching off the razor brought him back to reality.

“Now I’m finished trimming your leg hair,” Austin said “It’s time to wet your leg”. Eric put his leg that was on the edge into the bathtub now. Austin turned the tab and adjusted the temperature of the water coming from the shower head he held in his hand. “There, just right”. He applied the water to Eric’s leg. He massaged Eric’s leg as he guided the jet of water over it. Eric sat on the edge of the bath and let himself go, he enjoyed the feeling.

Austin’s hand glided over Eric’s leg, slowing every so often to admire the curves and the beauty of his leg. Finally when he was sure that his hair was moist enough, he turned the tap off and placed the shower head back in the bath. He lifted the shaving cream and sprayed some on his hand. He started to lather Eric’s leg. Austin looked into Eric’s eyes as he lathered his legs. He stroked his calves and spread the cream over his slender thighs. Austin wondered how high he could go.

Eric felt slightly aroused, but he felt deeply uncomfortable at the same time. He wondered if this was a normal part of shaving, Austin’s hand was going quite high. He tried to think of something else, he bit his tongue in order to prevent himself getting a hard on. He really didn’t want the embarrassment of having his excitement betrayed to Austin. Austin’s hand was moving really high up the inside of Eric’s legs: then suddenly he pulled it away, giving Eric some momentary relief from his arousal. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Austin began to shave Eric’s leg gently from the ankle up. He turned the tap back on so he could rinse the hair from every second stroke. Austin shaved one strip from ankle to knee slowly with great care and then began another. He did around the knees but avoid shaving this area directly. Then he started on Eric’s thighs.

Slowly but surely Eric’s leg began to look more feminine, more beautiful. Eric marvelled at his leg. Austin worked his way from his outside thigh to his inner thigh. The feeling of the hot razor on his inner thigh made him tingle, Eric was aware that Austin’s hand kept brushing his cock through his boxers has he made the strokes. He finished the leg and rinsed it slowly and sensually, enjoying the smooth sexy feel as he did so.

“Ok, other leg please” Austin said quietly. Eric turned around and put his other leg into the bath tub. Austin directed the jet of water slowly over all of his long leg, all the time watching Eric’s eyes. When he finished he lathered the leg up with shaving cream, starting at his ankle and directing his hand, up to his knee, pausing and moving back down again. Then he applied the cream over his knee, doing the tops of his thighs first and moving to his inner thigh. Austin was teasing Eric once again, instead of just applying the cream he was massaging it into his leg.

Eric wondered once again how far Austin’s hand would go it was so high up his inside leg now. He felt so excited; his cock was now semi erect, hanging down one side of his boxers. Then Austin’s hand rose so high it brushed the tip of his cock which was hanging partly out of the leg his boxers. Eric jumped slightly and Austin gave him a flirtatious smile.

Austin picked up the razor and began shaving at Eric’s ankle. “You know we are going to have to manicure those toes for you Eric don’t you?” said Austin. Eric giggled and smiled at this. Austin finished Eric’s leg and rinsed it carefully for him.

“Now I want you to sit on the edge of the bath with both of your legs out,” said Austin. He then squirted some moisturiser onto his hands. The cold of the moisturiser hitting Eric’s skin shocked him. Austin began to move and glide his hands over Eric’s legs. He found it difficult to get at them from the direction he was sitting, so he decided to sit on Eric’s lap for better access. Eric didn’t object. Austin could feel Eric’s cock through his boxers, he grinded himself against it as he bent over and massaged his legs for him. Austin tilted his head around to face Eric’s and give him a deep kiss. He always wondered what it would be like to kiss Eric, he felt his tongue against Eric’s. Eric let out a groan of pleasure.

Austin pulled away and stood up. “Now we can have lots of fun later, I promise but we have to finish your preparation,” he said as he lightly cupped Eric’s cock.

“Well ok, I suppose that would be ok,” said Eric, “god I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“I know, it was obvious” said Austin as he giggled at Eric. “Now give me your foot I want to give you a manicure,” said Austin as he kneeled in front of Eric and picked up the emery board from his pile of accessory’s he had laid out beside the bath.

Eric calmly watched him as he filed his toe nails, shaping them and making them rounder. Austin seemed very good at what he was doing he thought. Austin got up and filled a basin of water and brought over to Eric.

“I’ve filled this with warm salty water, now I want you to steep your feet in it for a few minutes.” Austin said. Eric put his feet into the basin.

“Ok,” Eric replied.

“Are you looking forward to being a woman tonight Eric?” said Austin.

“Yes, I feel so excited, so liberated,” replied Eric as Austin sat down beside him.

“You know, you will need to pick a name for yourself, you can’t call yourself Eric tonight,” said Austin.

“Well you call yourself Augustine don’t you,” said Eric, “So I will call myself Erica!”

Austin kissed him and said, “my beautiful Erica,” as he put his hand around him.

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