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One of my old college roommates back east who remains a close friend called me to let me know he was finally getting married. After several long relationships he finally felt he met the right woman. Ben asked if I would fly in and be one of the groomsmen in his wedding. I had not been back to my old stomping grounds for over 10 years and thought it would be fun so I agreed.

My wife Pam and I had reservations to fly in on Friday morning of the wedding weekend. The rehearsal was scheduled for Saturday evening with a dinner after and a Sunday wedding. He also mentioned that a few of the participants would be meeting Friday evening at 8:00 pm at the church for an informal walk though and mentioned that his best man had a bachelor party set up for Friday after the activities.

Pam and I flew into town Friday, checked into our hotel and then drove around town so I could see all of the changes. As the afternoon wore on my wife said she was getting hungry so we stopped for a small bite to eat and then went back to the hotel. Around seven I asked Pam if she was going to get ready and go with me to the church. She told me to go ahead and enjoy the evening she would meet everyone tomorrow. She said she might just go down to the bar and have a couple drinks and go to bed early.

When I got to the church it was good to see Ben and I met Jimmy his best man and the rest of the guys in the wedding. We went through about 30 minutes of planning and then spent a little time arranging the reception hall. Jimmy got a phone call during our preparation and did not look to happy. He called several of the guys together and told them that two of the three strippers canceled on him and the last girl would not work the party alone. He asked everyone if they had any ideas or knew anybody to contact. The guys sort of meandered around discussing options.

I asked Jimmy for his cell number and where the party would be held. I told him I would call him in a while and meet him at the party. All kind of thoughts were going through my head. After our Christmas party Pam had said what an exciting time she had but she kind of indicated she probably would not do anything like that again. We used it during our sex to spice things up but even when some of the guys from work hinted at a repeat we played down the idea.

When I got to the car I called Pam and asked what she was doing. She indicated she was at the hotel bar having a drink. I told her to wait there and I would be there in about 10 minutes. When I got to the bar Pam was sitting in a booth having a drink in some casual clothes. I told Pam what had happened with the girls and she just looked at me with a blank expression on her face.

My wife asked me to get her a shot of rum. When I returned she took the shot and then asked “are you wanting me to work the party?” I had a million dirty images racing though my mind and I just smiled at her. Pam looked at me and smiled back and said I’m going to need a couple more drinks……

We devised a plan and I called Jimmy on his cell. I told him I found a hooker working our hotel bar and she was interested in the job. Jimmy told me to tell her there was $1500 for her participation and the party would be ending about 2-3 in the morning. We looked at each other, Pam nodded her head and then I told Jimmy she agreed. He told me to bring the girl and meet him and the other stripper and the party hotel bar. I told him it would be about 30 minutes before we could arrive.

Pam and I went to our room so she could change. She put on her garter belt and stockings but purposely didn’t put on any panties. She hadn’t brought any nasty cloths so she put on her tight black knee length dress and her heels. We walked toward the car I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with the evening and she just gave me a kiss and kept walking to the car.

Jimmy met us at the bar entrance which looked like an old-fashioned lounge. We went inside where the other girl was waiting. Jimmy introduced Pam to Kara a blonde who looked like she was 16 but she must have been at least 18 wearing a typical slut wear type skit which barely covered her goods. Pam felt a little insecure at being nearly twice the girls age but when Jimmy handed identical envelopes to each girl with $1500 inside her heart fluttered with excitement at the thought that tonight she was to be a paid whore at a stag party. Kara asked “Okay, just to confirm we are here until whatever time in the morning this all ends and I don’t have to do anything I am uncomfortable with?”

Jimmy acknowledged her question with a quiet nod and led the two across the bar though the Main Lounge to the elevators. When we arrived at the suite Jimmy opened the door. Immediately Pam cast her eyes around to take in her new surroundings. The room was large, lit with the dim electric lights that imitated candles in shape, flickering which made the room feel like an old dingy comfortable club with armchairs, low tables, a sofa and a very plush carpet on the floor. A bar was at one end and a large open fire in an old inglenook fireplace at the other corner. Pam took all this in almost immediately and then did a double take. There must have been twenty five or more men in that room including two younger boys who didn’t even look to be 18 years old! She was, for tonight a paid whore who had been given the opportunity to back out and had taken the money.

As Pam and Kara entered the room all eyes turned upon them. Pam went straight over to the bar and asked for a double rum and coke which she downed quickly. The two girls mingled with the group and I noticed the alcohol my wife had been drinking seemed to kick in because she started getting a little touchy feely with the guys. I also noticed the younger boys, who I found out were Ben’s nephews Tim and Ricky always seemed to be near my wife and trying to cop a feel. Pam knew that the others would all follow soon enough; the difference was that she knew every man there was going to use her.

A little while later someone turned on some music and Kara got in the middle of the room and started dancing to get the entertainment started. My wife was watching from the side of the room and I noticed Tim and Ricky had been drinking and were getting a lot bolder with their intentions. Pam was nervously watching Kara start to remove her top when Ricky forced his mouth onto hers. She responded and then felt hands behind her fondling and groping her ass cheeks through her dress. She realized almost instantly they weren’t Ricky’s and broke the kiss to turn her head and kissed Tim. As my wife turned back to Ricky she felt her dress lift as Tim’s young hands groped for her flesh. Tim let out a loud “holy shit she’s not wearing panties” when he got Pam’s dress up enough to see her goods.

The best man Jimmy yelled “Hey Ricky, turn her so we can watch you two fuck her.” Tim and Ricky did not appear too experienced but were able to push Pam onto all fours at an angle so that they could watch Kara now dancing nude and the group could watch them violate my wife. Pam felt more completely used than in her whole life, it was her they were preparing to fuck but their excitement was coming from watching another woman dancing and stripping. Ricky quickly unzipped his young hard prick and unceremoniously shoved his cock into my wife’s mouth.

Behind her Tim said “are you ready to be fucked slut?” as he awkwardly flipped her dress over her back while trying to undo his pants. Without any preparation Tim slammed 7 inches of young hard meat stick straight into her female slit. Tim moaned “oh god a real pussy” as everyone started to laugh. My wife gasped at the suddenness of the assault as he literally pounded her and with each thrust pushed her mouth onto Ricky’s erect member forcing it down her throat. After just a few seconds Tim must have been close to cumming as he pulled out and began spreading her ass cheeks to look at her small puckered back hole. Pam knew what he wanted to do to her although maybe even under these circumstances he was too bashful or unsure.

When Tim gently probed her ass with a wet finger Pam dropped Paul’s blue veined member from her mouth and held it in her hand so she could speak, “You can fuck my ass if you want to…..” Based on my wife’s last adventure I’m not sure why but her words still surprised me. Tim needed no further encouragement as he spit on his cock and slammed his fuck stick straight up her butthole in a hard and almost vicious move which made her moan in pain. Tim cried out “oh my god” as he must have got his first piece of ass. He yelled” oh fuck Ricky you should try her asshole.”

Ricky yelled “well don’t make it too loose then you selfish bastard. How about we swap ends?”

Tim ignored the request as my wife grunted with each pump in her ass. Pam felt him losing control as he fucked her rear entry even faster. Tim’s jackhammer had only been working her bung hole less than minute when he suddenly tensed up and flailed his arms moaning “oh fuck here I cum” as she felt her insides sprayed with his hot cum. Tim only laid his head on her back for a few seconds and then pulled his deflated beef stick out of my wife’s anus without any consideration saying “nice ass you slut” and simply smacked her bottom as hard as he could on her cheek as my wife yelped. Tim left a bright red welt on her posterior as he stood up and walked towards the bar.

Almost immediately Ricky pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and maneuvered around to stick his fudge packer in her little brown exhaust pipe that was already starting to leak some jism. Ricky spread her cheeks wide to put her puckered little poop hole on display as pushed the mushroomed cap on his young back door intruder against her sphincter. He was slowly and deliberately poking his cock against her back slit; Ricky would slowly press the now bright purple bell on the tip of his roto-rooter until my wife’s o-ring would start to open and then pulled it out teasing Pam.

My wife was making a low groaning noise as he slowly pushed until the head dilated her anal orifice. This time Ricky drove the entire length of his fuck stick in her exit hole and then back out. Pam turned to vent her frustration as she mouthed “fuck my ass” and then realized why his asshole plugging of her was more gentle and slow, he was performing for a number of other guys who grouped beside them to watch her being used in primal and most submissive way.

At this point no one was using her mouth Pam could see parts of the rest of the room. Kara was now naked not even wearing shoes or stockings and dancing as guys were trying to cop a feel. Pam could hear Ricky moaning and she pushed back on his cock that was up her shitter and started to fuck it, she knew it would make him cum sooner and she wanted to stand up. Then suddenly another man was kneeling in front of her, unzipping himself so that he could release himself and shoved his cock right at her mouth. In an instant he was holding the back of her head using her mouth like another opening for a deposit. Not waiting for her to suck or lick but literally fucking her throat causing her to gag. He exploded almost immediately but continued to fuck her mouth as she tried to swallow but she couldn’t. The throat fucking caused her to gage and most of the white love piss to run from her mouth. He carried on and on and with every thrust she bounced on Ricky’s organ in her caboose until she felt him tighten and shoot deep inside her bowels.

Ricky withdrew almost gently and stood up whilst another man knelt between her open knees and entered her in the natural way. Before she realized she had another semen shooter in her mouth and the guy tensed and shot a second load but this time as he came he pulled out so his baby spunk shot into her hair and on her face. The man in her female pee slit came shortly after but as another man moved towards her she heard a suggestion that they should strip her naked first. The men around her seemed to agree and the zip of her dress was undone all the way down to her ass before she could even stand up. She stepped out of it and one of the men scooped it up and tossed it over the back of a nearby chair.

My wife was pushed back onto her knees as the guys surrounded her and unzipped their zippers and her mouth was passed from cock to cock without any chance for her to be even aware what was really happening or who’s cock was who’s. Hands reached from behind to maul her breasts. Two fingers were pushed into her ass and scooped some of the bull gravy that had been left there; the results were fed into her mouth as she was moved between pricks. Her eagerness incited the guys to remark “eat it slut” suck the cocks whore” and more. Pam was thinking that all of these men would see her tomorrow and she would see them at the Reception.

The cock circle using my wife’s mouth went on for maybe ten minutes. None of the men were going to cum, Pam didn’t have enough time with any cock for that and none seemed in any hurry to either fuck her or wank onto her face which is what she had expected. Pam had always thought that men liked that because it degraded the woman. Or, she guessed, just maybe that they were holding out as the evening was still young and she knew that this was going to go on for a long time yet.

“I want to try something. John can you lay down and let her get on top of you?” John was one of their older neighbors and without questioning he undid his trousers and pushed them down and lay on the floor. She was helped by many hands to sit astride him and he pushed himself into her cunt. “John, pull the whore down towards you. I’m gonna fuck her ass at the same time.”

There were cries of “Go for it”, and “Bet she can’t take you both”, and “You’ll never get up there as well.” Pam heard them but was already concentrating on relaxing as much as she could. My wife had done this before and was ready because she was getting more frustrated and needed her own fulfillment. She was pulled forward, face to face with the neighbor and hands pulled her cheeks apart to expose her little rosebud which already starting to not fully close leaking two deposits of cum. She felt the accustomed head nudge gently at her tightest hole and then groaned loudly as it was unceremoniously pushed deep inside her rectum. “Oh fuck yeah take that you whore” said the voice from behind.

My wife didn’t need any more encouragement as she moved up on her knees and then started slamming back against the two cocks filling her holes. She started yelling “fuck me harder” as she slammed her backside against the two guys. My wife was now using two cocks for her own pleasure as she moaned loudly. The group around them was silent for a moment and then started cheering her efforts. Pam worked up to a frenzied pace pounding the two poles in her orifices and moaning loudly”ungh, uunngh, uuuunnnnngh.” Her body began to shake as she slammed the cocks one last time until her whole body started convulsing.

The spasms of my wife’s orgasm caused two guys who seemed to just be along for the ride to tense up almost in unison and deposit their baby seed into her lower holes. The whole thing lasted maybe five minutes and as one withdrew from her ass and she was pushed sideways as her neighbor stood up, neither man so much as acknowledged she now existed as they high fived the group.

For a moment she lay still on her side and was aware only of men, naked from the waist down around her. She heard Tim and Ricky saying “did you see that cock slut? We can top that.” She looked behind her to see the two younger boys back and standing over her with their poles at full mast. The two whispered to each other as her stomach tightened at what they might be saying. Two hands pulled her to her knees so that she could give her mouth to them and she heard Tim’s voice “suck both cocks whore and make it good.”

Pam was busy trying to work the two cocks in her mouth just a minute or so when heard Tim say “shall we?” Ricky nodded his approval and lay down on the carpet. Tim lifted Pam with his hands around her to be on top of Ricky, stomach to stomach. Pam then felt Tim guide the head of Ricky’s steel hard young prick past her sphincter and back into her rear exit. Only when Tim crawled behind her did she fully realize what they intended to do next. My wife turned to voice her displeasure but I was so horny and wanted to see what happened next I stuck my cock in her mouth to let the boys continue. Tim lubed the head of his organ and started pushing it against his brothers’ cock and my wife’s anal orifice.

Pam started making some really loud guttural sounds as Tim pushed his rock hard young cock against her already filled opening. Tim groaned as he pushed harder and then my wife screamed “oh my god” as Tim’s reproductive organ joined his brothers’ in my wife’s ass. Pam turned quickly to keep the two from moving as she got used to the girth stretching her sphincter. As Pam got more comfortable she laid her head on Ricky’s chest which cued Tim to start boning her bum. She began to moan as the two young guys both started pounding her ass meat-to-meat.

Pam was both excited and ashamed as the violent double penetration went on and then she felt a third cock back at her mouth and heard my voice “suck it for me.” She had her two brothers fucking her backside and her husband using her mouth. With the increased speed of their buggering her derriere Pam knew that it wasn’t going to last much longer and she felt Tim stiffen and slam his semen shooter as far in as he could as he shot his wad deep into her ass. From underneath Ricky pounded her ass a few more times and then unloaded his jizz into the recesses of her bowels. I couldn’t take anymore and fucked her mouth furiously making her choke as I made another deposit down her throat.

My wife mentally counted; that’s five loads up her ass including a new first two at once, three in her mouth and two in cunt in only an hour since they started and she figured she would have to take at least double that many again before all this was over.

She lay still for a while as hands probed and groped her it was one of Ben’s school friends Dave pulled her to her knees by tugging prompting she took his cock into her mouth. For the next few minutes he continually abused Pam’s breasts and nipples until he shot a huge load into her mouth. She looked up at him and opened her mouth, still holding his cum there. “Swallow it whore”, he hissed at her and as Pam did so he slapped both her breasts as hard as he could causing a yelp at which he looked pleased as he turned and Pam watched him walk away.

The next two men were easy. She was positioned over the arm of the sofa and they just fucked her cunt until they came. Nothing special, nothing kinky Pam was grateful for the rest but pushed back on them to make the experience of fucking her memorable. When both had finished they simply sat in armchairs nearby watching her and Pam realized that no-one else was waiting to use her body, not yet anyway. She did a quick mental tally, five ass, four cunt, four mouth and one on her face, eleven men so far with Tim and Ricky twice.

Pam sat up and saw that most of the men had gathered around talking. She could not forget being double penetrated in her ass, by two boys. She was still lost in these thoughts when she saw Jimmy, the best man, approaching her, carrying bottles of beer, one he was drinking and the other two he offered to the seated men. “Was she good? Worth the money?” Jimmy was asking the questions.

Tim and Ricky jumped forward “Of Course, Her ass was so tight. I never had a woman there before. I’ve never been out with the sort of slut that would even think of letting a man well you know.” Tim continued “you should fuck the whore’s ass.”

“I think I will” Jimmy said as he moved behind my wife, unzipped and pulled out his cock. His organ was normal length, but is looked as round as coke can. Pam felt her ass cheeks parted and the largest cock of the evening filling her rectum as Ben finally decided to try her mouth. Jimmy fucked her ass hard. She knew her back door was well lubricated now with arse-grease that was leaking from it as she started to get excited. He didn’t last long however and Pam soon felt another cock unload inside her anus.

It was coming up to Saturday night, which means my usual late night game of poker with a few of my mates. We did this every Saturday for as long as I can remember. It was just an excuse for us to talk woman and get drunk, sometimes even win some cash.

Maybe I should tell you a little about myself and my life. I am mike 23, average build average job. What wasn’t average was my girlfriend. She really is a true stunner. On the short side maybe 5, 2 but has a figure to die for. She is a size 8 petite little thing but has amazing tits. 30DD but on her small frame they are huge.

We have an amazing sex life, at least 3 times a week. The great thing about Danielle is she’s so shy and really doesn’t like to show herself off, so not many people know how dam sexy she really is.

On Saturdays she usually goes out with her friends for the night and gives us our house for the night. After all she doesn’t want to hear guy talk with a house with 5 guys all drunk. Unfortunately this particular Saturday her friends cancelled on her last minute an her mum was away so she had no choice but to stay home. It was ok though she agreed to stay out the way. We wouldn’t know she was even there she assured me.

Since her friends had cancelled so late Danielle was nearly ready to go out. She had on a lose skirt about 4 inches above her knee, killers heels and a pink blouse. The blouse was tight across her huge tits as was everything she wore, yet it still covered her up really well. She hated attention when she went out.

There was a knock on door just as I was taking the bin out so I asked if she minded just letting them in. Danielle hesitantly walked towards the door knowing what she was wearing and there were 4 probably drunk men on the other side. She opened the door and in walked the guys. I noticed all eyes on her sexy figure. Just as she turned to walk away from the door a gust of wind blew and whipped her lose skirt right up to reveal a very tiny pink thong on my girlfriend’s ass. At this point every lad cheered and whistled at the awesome sight before them. Danielle grabbed it down and ran straight up the stairs and out of sight. The lads still cheering an clearly all excited from the unexpected flash from the usually covered up Danielle.

I went upstairs to check she was ok. Danielle was in the bedroom sat on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. Its ok don’t worry I told her they will forget about by the time they sober up. Anyways you should be pleased they all enjoyed the sight of your sexy ass. I kissed her an joined the guys downstairs.

I made some drinks an sat at the table to get the poker game started. The guys kept saying what an amazing ass my girlfriend has. And it was starting to get me excited I could feel my dick twitch with the thought of others seeing Danielle’s ass in that sexy little thong. But the game had started so had to concentrate as I didn’t really have any money to lose tonight.

As the game progressed I seen my chips dwindle to next to nothing. I was nearly out the game when I drew an amazing hand. One I knew I couldn’t lose with. But as the stakes got higher I ran out of cash to throw in. I asked the guys if I could owe them the difference as I really didn’t want to throw this hand away. Dave one of the guys got a look in his eye I hadn’t seen before. A sort of mischievous look. When he came out with it. How about if we lose you win all the money. I thought great but what’s the catch. When he said it I nearly choked on my beer. I was expecting to have to wash his car for a month or mow his grass. But no he said instead of cash I could bet cloths. I thought what the hell kind of game is 5 guys playing poker naked. But that’s when he continued. It wasn’t my clothes I would be betting it was Danielle’s

I knew there would be no chance in hell that Danielle would agree to it but I had to try. After all I couldn’t lose. I went upstairs to find Danielle still say on the end bed watching TV. I sat next to her and explained the situation I was in. her answer was no chance. I told her I had used our savings to play with tonight and I would lose it all if I didn’t stay in this hand. She knew we couldn’t afford to lose them. An I assured her I couldn’t lose. We both walked downstairs, Danielle looking very very nervous. But the guys just cheered at the thought of seeing her for real this time.

We all shook hands and that was that the bet was done. For me to stay in the hand Danielle had to take off a piece of clothing an put in with the chips. She looked terrified but I Simply told her take off your shoes and then the game will end and we will win. Danielle gingerly took them off placing them on the table. I was about to turn my cards over when Dan raised it again. . SHIT how could I stay in now, I tried to protest an say that was unfair but they all just laughed and said that I knew what was needed to stay in the game. Danielle’s face dropped as she tried to walk away. I grabbed her arm as all the lads proceeded to tell me we shook so a deal is a deal. She had a tear rolling down her cheek as she started to unbutton her blouse to a room full of wolf whistles.

As the last butted was undone the blouse sprung open to reveal a matching lace pink bra just like the thong. She turned around an dropped it off her shoulders. The room was now silent. Danielle held her arms over herself trying to conceal her huge tits from the 5 pairs of eyes as she turned around to face everyone.

I have never seen her so red with embarrass meant in my life. I was he only person she has ever slept with an even the other person to see her naked. Yet here were 5 drunken guys ogling her huge tits while she stood in front of us all in just her skirt an bra. A part of me wanted to cover her up yet my dick twitched with excitement.

At least this was as far as it would go now an Danielle could soon cover up knowing she has just saved our money. But dived raised again. THE BASTARD I thought. Again what could I do? By now Danielle was crying but she herself knew we couldn’t lose that money. The guys started to shout for her skirt to come off. Her hands were shaking so bad she couldn’t pull the zip down. Quick as a flash John lunged forward an yanked the skirt to the ground to an round of cheers and whistles.

She slowly stepped out of her skirt as john picked it up an placed it on the table. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My shy humble girlfriend was now stood in a tiny thong an bra in front of 4 men all ogling her curves. She tried her best to cover herself to no avail.

At this moment Dave suggested a quick end to the game. An offer Danielle would kill for at this moment. How about if you win, you get the cash, plus £50 from each of all an most of all she gets her clothes back. But I knew there would be a catch. And if I lose? If u lose Danielle strips naked right here and you have to watch while all 4 of us fuck her silly in every hole till she can’t take anymore. And while you watch u have to film your shy girlfriend suck and fuck every one of us. My first reaction was no chance is that happening. There is no way Danielle would let this happen; After all she has only ever fucked me in her life. Yet she is expected to fuck 4 guys at the same time like some kind of porn star. Even though I was angry at what might happen I could feel my dick getting hard. The thought of my shy girlfriends with my friends dick buried in her tight pussy excited an angered me at the same time. I wanted to keep her as mine an only mine but my dick wanted other things.

I took Danielle into the kitchen so I could speak to her. In the kitchen Danielle slapped my face for what I had made her do. She straight away told me not to make that bet as she couldn’t fuck them all. I gave her a hug an explained once more that we couldn’t afford to lose that cash. I could tell from the look in her eyes she knew this too. It didn’t help the fact that she didn’t want the consequence of me losing to happen. I assured her that it would all be over soon enough as there was no way I could lose with the hand I had. Danielle said that she trusted m.

Walking back into the lounge where the guys looked on in anticipation I couldn’t help but notice her tits bounce as she waked. She had given up trying to cover up an almost accepted that fact she was stood nearly naked in front of 5 guys for the first time in her life. The guys clearly still loving the sight of her 30DD tits and sexy ass in that tiny thong. Even started to squirm to adjust their growing dicks.

I told them that it was a deal but they were not to hurt her in any way as I was the only person she had slept with. Danielle blushed and turned bright red as the guys looked on in even more anticipation. They started saying crude things like mmmm can’t wait to feel that tight little pussy of yours and to see them huge tit bounce.

We all turned our cards over at the same time an at that point my heart sank. I had lost. There was one hand that could beat mine and Dave had it. I couldn’t believe it and neither could Danielle. She was crying with her head in her hands. She knew exactly what was about to happen. She was about to be fucked harder than ever before by 4 of her own boyfriends mates. The guys could not contain the excitement. I tried to plead with the guys but I was getting nowhere and whether I liked it or not I had made the deal. John asked where I kept my cam cored. I told him it was in the top draw in our bedroom. As he went up the stairs to get it a thought entered my head. Also in that dray was a dildo I had bought for Danielle for them extra sexy nights. We hadn’t used it often as it was about 8 inches and very fat. She really straggled to get even half of it into her tight pussy.

Just then john came down the stairs an just as I thought he wasn’t just holding the camera. Sure enough he placed the huge dildo on the table and said now now who’s a naughty bitch, I think we would all like to see you fucked yourself with this bad boy. Danielle’s face dropped, things where going from bad to worse for her. I sat on the chair an started to camera. I pointed it at my crying girlfriend as she started to undo her bra. She slowly dropped it to the floor to expose her mammoth tits. They looked even bigger now an she was clearly a little excited. Her nipples where’s standing up aching to be sucked. Next she lowered her thong an stepped out to reveal her beautifully shaven pussy. Danielle stood naked in front of 5 guys all with the mouth open at the sight. Paul a big muscle man stepped towards her an cupped her huge tits an quickly sucked on the. Danielle gasped at the new hands on her. He pushed her back onto the table an lowered his mouth to her naked pussy. Danielle couldn’t help but moan as he licked an sucked her clit. Danielle almost lost in the moment seemed to forget the audience but soon remembered as john handed her the huge dildo and told her to fuck her pussy for the camera. Danielle placed it at the opening to her now soaking pussy an slowly pushed it inside. A few mins and Danielle was starting to get accustomed to the huge size and was starting to fuck her harder. I had never seen her use it herself an now had my pants down rubbing my dick at the sight. The other guys soon followed and where all stood naked with their dicks in their hands.

Danielle lost in moment didn’t notice that 2 guys now had the dicks right next to her face as one forcefully pushed his 7 inch dick into her open mouth. Caught by surprise she had no option but to suck it. The other guy lifted her hand to his own dick as she started to stroke it. Her eyes now wide open john stepped up an pulled the dildo from her an replaced it with his own medium size dicked. He rammed forward an buried it in her pussy. She screamed in pain even through the dick in her mouth. Getting into a rhythm soon she was being fucked while sucking a dick at the same time. What a sight but nothing could compare to what I was about to see. All 4 guys took turns fucking her now well used pussy and mouth.

She was pulled from the table an lowered to the waiting dick on the floor, it slipped easily into her pussy an her mouth was soon full too. I noticed Dave who had the biggest dick. Easily 9 inches long positioning him behind her. He soon had his dick placed to the opening of her sweet arsehole. Danielle tried to protest but just as he pushed his huge dick into her virgin ass. Her mouth was filled with cum. She swallowed what she could but her face an tits where sticky with cum. An was soon being covered once more by the 4th dick.

I couldn’t wait no more I placed the camera on the chair not wanting it to miss a thing an soon had my own dick in her mouth. Danielle was in so much pain from the double fucking she was getting she didn’t even notice it was my dick she was now sucking.

With all her holes now filled with dicks Danielle was screaming in both pain an pleasure and I loved every minute of it. The dick in her pussy soon filled her with more cum and so did the one in her ass. She rolled off into a heap on the floor. Cum running down her legs an ass. She was crying from the fucking she had just sustained but that was not the end for her. I lay back as Danielle ass was lowered on to my raging dick. Wow her ass was tight and I was soon fucking it for all its worth her pussy soon filled an so too her mouth I couldn’t believe the sight. We call cum again in her ass pussy an mouth.

The guys thanked me and told me what a fucking good fuck my girlfriend was an soon dressed and left. Danielle was still on the floor with cum covering her. Her ass and pussy bright red an gaping from the brutal fuck she had just had. I carried her to bed but remembered the camera.

I spent the next 2 hours watching it my girlfriend being fucked my 5 dicks for the first time in her life.

You’ve been at the house for a while now, since our initial meeting at the club, talking and chatting with both my husband and myself. I’m in a skimpy black leather bikini top, so tight you can see my nipple rings poking through the material, and a tight black skirt that is so short it barely covers the bottom of my matching black panties; the panty straps coming out of the top of my skirt let you know that they are thongs. Finishing out the outfit are 6″ stilettos.

My husband is dressed much more conservatively, it a form fitting polo and nice jeans. You are in jean, but your shirt is off. My husband wanted to see the tattoo you told us about, the one of the naked woman you say looks like me. It was really just an excuse to get your shirt off so we can see your rock hard abs.

I leave you and my husband talking and go into the bedroom; it doesn’t take long for you to follow.

I take off my high heels and hand them to you. I ask you to put them on the floor, just so I can check out your ass as you bend over. My husband joins me by the bed. He puts his arms around me pulling me tight, this cock pushing into my back. He grabs and pulls on my nipples, asking if I’m ready to get pleasured by you both. I whimper “yes.”

Slowly, teasingly, I start to remove my clothes. My back to you, I slowly lower my skirt to the floor, giving you a better and better view of my ass as I bend down, my thong completely disappearing into my crack. Next, my back still to you, I undo my top sliding the straps down and off my arms but hold the cups in place. I turn, my tits in full view I release them from the prison that is the bikini top, giving you a radiant view of my juicy orbs and erect, inviting nipples. Next comes my thong, my back again toward you I slid fingers down along the straps and into the crack of my ass to pull out the string. Then I slid them down to the ground and step out of them. I turn back toward you, my hairless pussy in full view.

Now totally naked, I set back on the bed and lift my legs, pointing at you and my husband with my toes. You each start kissing up from my feet – you on the left, hubby on the right – sucking each toe in turn, before moving on to my arches, my ankles, up to my calves, to my knees, then finally to my inner thighs.

My husband moves away to give you better access. As you start licking my wet and tight cunt, my husband forces his throbbing cock down my throat, not even letting me aculeate myself before forcing me to deep throat him. You reach up and caress my breasts, paying special attention to the nipples, rolling the barbell in the left and pulling on the hoop in the right but soon you become to engrossed in licking and sucking my lower lips and holiest of depths to pay my tits much mind.

After a maddeningly fulfilling orgasm from your tonguing of my clit and snatch, I pull you up and swallow your cock deep into my throat, gagging a little as you slide down. As I suck you, my hubby begins fucking me, getting me ready for your massive member.

Then you join him, both penetrating my tight cunt at the same time, but it quickly becomes more pleasure than I can take, so I ask you to put your rock hard cock in my ass instead. “Gently,” I say – but only at first, soon I’ll want it in there as rough as you can muster – while my hubby continues to pound my pussy.

Soon you are both fucking me for all your worth. Your cock ramming in and out of my ass, as my husband’s pumps my dripping cunt.

An orgasm rocks my body, my ass and twat begin milking the two of you. You both cum and cover me in your jizz. I can feel your cum as it runs down my ass crack, while his fills my spent cunt.

Exhausted, you both lay back on the bed. I clean both your cocks off, my husband’s tasting of cum and cunt juice, yours of cum and just a hint of ass, just the way I like it.

Cherry Valentine was now a dick whisperer. Dick Whisperer sounded much better than what she had been called in high school, which was slut. In some ways, it amounted to the same thing but now she had a diploma from Mark and Madison’s School for Dick Whisperers.

Mark had been so helpful when she answered his ad on the Internet and Madison had even offered her an advanced course in Pussy Whispering absolutely free at their first meeting. Of course, Cherry had to pass the oral exam first and demonstrate her tongue fluttering technique to qualify.

After Madison’s third orgasm in twenty minutes, Cherry was accepted with honors. It was another ten minutes before Madison could even sit up. At which point, she groggily wandered off to bed muttering to herself.

“Is she alright?” Cherry asked Mark with concern in her voice.

“Oh yeah, she’s just peachy keen. I don’t think she expected such an excellent and advanced student.”

Cherry beamed at such high praise and from the head instructor of the school.

Speaking of head, that was the first of the many courses Cherry, took. Not to mention refresher courses, oral pop quizzes, and some very deep, and detailed cramming sessions in all course work. Overall, it was a very tiring and rigorous line of study. Mark even brought in four other guys to help him with the teaching after he found out she was such a good student.

Penile oral inflation and stimulation, better know in the vernacular as cock sucking 101, had been a breeze and she had even gotten through deep throat 101 and 102 easily. Skull fucking 101 had been hard and fast but she ended up swallowing the whole thing so she had passed with flying colors.


On the third day of classes, Mark decided that he might have bitten off more than he could chew with this student.

Cherry, who was on her knees as Mark stumbled over and flopped down in an old overstuffed chair, only heard the part about chewing and said, “I never chew. Well, not since my second boyfriend smacked me in the back of the head and told me not to, anyway. Although there was this one football player that liked for me to scrape my teeth over the head as I took it out of my mouth.”

Mark groaned softly, his shaky legs falling open. With a grin, Cherry knee walked over between his knees and leaned over to lick at his soft dick. When it did not twitch, she sucked the head into her hot little mouth.

After a few minutes and it didn’t start to harden, she let it slip out of her mouth with one last deep slurp. Looking up at Mark, she pouted and said, “I think I broke it.”

Mark nodded and mumbled about getting some help.

From the recliner across the room, Madison said, “Don’t look at me. One more orgasm and my clit will explode. I’ve had more orgasms in the last three days than I’ve had in the last three years.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, my dear,” Mark said sarcastically.

Madison only grunted as she got up from the recliner and wandered off down the hall toward the master bedroom. She paused at the door and turned around. “Call those lazy buddies of yours and be sure and charge them twenty, no, fifty bucks a piece. There are overhead expenses, you know, for running the school.”

Mark nodded and reached for his cell phone. Then he thought better of it and turned to Cherry. “I think we’ll call it a night early. I wouldn’t want you to get a strain or anything. Be here at eight tomorrow night and we’ll have a refresher course in what you’ve learned so far.”


At eight on the dot, Cherry rang Marks doorbell. Entering the living room, she faltered a step and then grinned. A cardboard wall had been erected at the end of the room that opened onto the dinning room. Four dicks with their associated balls hung through holes in the cardboard.

“Oh yeah, I love glory holes,” she whispered loud enough for Mark to hear.

“It figures,” Mark replied as he glanced at his wife in her recliner.

Madison grinned back at him and winked. “I’m kind of tempted myself, in a kinky sort of way. I know all four of those guys but wouldn’t touch any of them normally, but this way adds so much mystery.”

“Exactly,” Cherry said. “You get to suck a dick and have all the fun without ever having to know who it is on the other side of the wall. It makes my pussy all wet just thinking about it.”

“Not all the fun,” someone said from behind the wall with a laugh.

Cherry sat her purse down and slipped off her coat. Her hard nipples were trying to poke hole in the thin see through blouse she wore. Mark and Madison both licked their lips. Cherry did not notice as her eyes were on the four semi hard dicks hanging out of the thin wall.

She went toward the wall and then went to her knees a few feet from it. The first dick was black, thick, and a nice length for being only semi hard. The next one was brown and short but really thick. She wondered if it would lengthen out or keep its girth. She loved thick over long, although the two together were the best.

The third was white. It was neither thick nor long. It looked ordinary. The fourth was also white but it was very long and very thin. Cherry shivered as she imagined it slowly sliding up her tight little asshole.

“Where to start, now there is the question,” Cherry whispered as she looked around at Mark.

“That’s up to you,” Mark said and then added, “We’re here to grade you and to observe.”

Madison moved out of her recliner and went to her knees in front of her husband. She unzipped his pants and hauled his dick and balls out. She let go of his dick after looking at it closely. Then she turned and studied the dicks hanging out of the wall.

Mark and Cherry were both watching her closely. With a grin, Cherry asked, “Well?”

Madison looked at Cherry and then up at Mark. “So far I have the best of the bunch.”

Cherry shrugged and point to the black and brown dicks. “These two have possibilities and that one on the far end is an ass fucker if I ever saw one.

Madison eyed the three dicks in question and nodded. “Very good observations. Why don’t you start with the one you didn’t say anything about?”

Cherry nodded and moved over in front of the dick she had called ordinary. She flicked the end of her tongue against the tip and it jerked upward. It did not come down as far as it had been. When she touched the end of her tongue to the shaft, it jerked again. As it settled back, she licked the top third of the shaft and swirled her tongue around the spongy head.

As she licked and teased the shaft and head, the dick got harder and harder. It grew in length and got a little fatter. When it was standing up to the point of touching the cardboard, Cherry pulled it down with her hand and sucked on the head. There was a loud moan from behind the thin wall.

At the sound of the moan, Cherry swallowed the dick whole. There was an even louder moan and it continued as Cherry bobbed her head up and down, using her tongue to tickle and tease the shaft as she did. A few minutes later, Cherry moaned around the dick in her mouth, her hips jerking as she came right along with the guy behind the screen. She continued to suck but now it was just the head as she milked the shaft with her hand to get the very last drop.

Cherry released the dick and sat back on her heels. She looked around at Mark and grinned. “One down,” she told him.

Mark nodded but did not say anything. Madison had his dick in her mouth and was slowly moving her head up and down.

Cherry watched Madison for a moment and then looked up at Mark. “Am I supposed to suck them all off or can I do other stuff? I sure would like to take advantage of the ones on each end.”

Mark groaned and then made a soft sound of frustration as Madison took his dick out of her mouth. Looking at Cherry, Madison said, “Why don’t you do just that. In fact, I insist. I’d love to see how you handle three dicks at one time.”

Cherry turned back to the cardboard wall to find only three dicks. The ones on the end were standing tall, really tall. The brown thick one was also fully hard but it had not gained any length to speak of. Cherry leaned over and sucked the thick one into her mouth. She groaned, as did the guy behind the cardboard. He was a mouthful to say the least.

She raised her head and popped him out of her mouth, literally. She flexed her jaw a few times to loosen up the knotted muscles at each side. He was a jawbreaker for sure. Moving sideways, she licked the long black shaft from the base to the head. Two more licks and she got a soft deep groan from behind the wall. Encouraged, she wrapped her fingers around the base of it and swirled her tongue around the head.

The groan she got for that was louder and more forceful so she sucked on the large head. It wasn’t as big around as the brown one but it was filling and very tasty. It would stretch her little pussy so good. Her tongue was working magic on the spongy head as she sucked and bobbed her head slightly.

“Oh damn!” Came from behind the wall in a deep resonate voice.

His dick came out of her mouth with a slurping sound. As she knee walked to the other end of the wall, she heard. “Damn that girl can suck a dick.”

She grinned and replied, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

The long thin dick was standing up tall and proud. She used the whole width of her tongue to lick it from the very base to the small pointed head. She covered it from side to side and from the bottom to the top. Finally she pulled it down and sucked on the head. There was a soft groan from behind the wall.

Cherry looked at the dick for a second as she wondered just how much she could swallow. Then she tried to swallow it all. She got two thirds down easily but had to come up for air when it slipped into her throat unexpectedly. She took a deep breath and dropped her mouth over it as she moved her hand out of the way. It rammed down her throat like she was a sword swallower.

When she moaned loudly, the guy behind the wall yelled, “Holy shit.”

She lifted her head and turned to look at Mark and Madison. Mark was sprawled out in his chair and Madison was trying to grin and lick her lips at the same time. Seeing Cherry looking her way, she said, “That’s two down and three to go. Do you really think you can take them all at one time?”

Cherry grinned and stood up. “There is only one way to find out,” she said as she started to unbutton her blouse.

As she stripped off her skirt, she said, “Why don’t you three guys come on around here so we can get down to business.”

Three dicks disappeared and there was a mad scramble behind the cardboard wall. There was also some cussing as belt buckles hit the floor, along with shoes and other stuff. The black guy was the first around the wall and he was gorgeously muscular and powerful looking.

“Holy shit, Clyde,” Madison whispered. “I didn’t know all that was hiding under those baggy sweats you always wear.”

The white guy with the long thin dick was next. He wasn’t much to look at, thin and sickly looking but his dick was perfect for where Cherry wanted it. “I’m Marvin,” he said in a shaky voice.

“Hello Marvin,” Cherry said with a big smile. “Have you ever fucked anyone in the ass?”

When he quickly shook his head, Cherry’s smile turned into a grin. “Want to? I have a nice tight ass and that thing of yours will drive me nuts.”

Marvin’s eyes were darting all over Cherry’s body. “I… I’ll try anything once,” he got out nervously.

“What do I get?” Clyde asked with a leering grin.

“You get to be pivot man,” Cherry said, still grinning. “I’m going to sit on that big old black dick of yours and see just how much I can stuff in my little very wet pussy.”

“If Marvin’s in your ass and Clyde is in your pussy, what do I do?” The very Mexican looking man said.

“Poncho, there’s only one hole left,” Clyde said.

Poncho grinned and replied, “I know, I just wanted to hear her say it.”

“You get my small, warm, wet mouth and my tongue to go with it,” Cherry whispered in a sultry voice.

Poncho groaned and said quickly, “Then lets get it on.”

Looking around Cherry tried to decide where and what would be the best place to get it on, as Poncho had said. The couch was a little narrow but the coffee table looked strong and just the right height. With Clyde’s dick in one hand and the long thin one in the other she walked over to the coffee table.

“Clyde, why don’t you laid down on the table and let me see what I can do with this monster of a dick you have.”

With Clyde laying down on the coffee table, Cherry spread her legs and straddled him. She moved forward until her pussy was right above his dick. She sat down on the long ridged member below her and rubbed her slippery pussy along its length. He clit brushed against the flange below the head and she groaned.

“Oh yeah, this is perfect,” Cherry said as she grinned at the large man under her. He nodded and grinned back.

Looking around at Marvin, she leaned forward and wiggled her ass from side to side. “Why don’t you come over here and get that beautiful dick of yours all slippery in my pussy.”

Marvin swallowed hard but moved up behind her. Cherry reached between her wide spread thighs and guided his long thin dick to her pussy. It slipped in easily. She whimpered softly as it went deeper and deeper. She groaned as it finally stopped going in and his hips touched her ass.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good,” she whispered as Marvin fucked her with long slow strokes. Her hips were moving back to meet him on each stroke, which was rubbing her clit on Clyde’s shaft. An orgasm was building deep inside her sex.

When Poncho bumped the head of his beer can size dick against her cheek, Cherry turned her head and ran her tongue all around and over the head of it. When he moaned, she sucked on just the head and fluttered her tongue over and around it wildly. Her orgasm was building even faster.

Cherry moaned deeply and released the head of Poncho’s dick. She was getting into the two dicks much too quickly, not to mention too deeply. It was time to move to phase two so she looked around at Marvin. He was grinning like a fool.

“It’s time to move up a hole,” she told him with a smile.

Marvin groaned softly and stopped fucking her. “But that pussy is so good.”

“That ass is going to be even better,” Cherry said in return as she wiggled her ass back and forth.

Marvin gave her a wide-eyed look. “I haven’t ever tried it but….” He moved his hips back until his dick came out of her hot wet pussy.

Cherry felt the head rubbing against her asshole and moaned softly. “Just take it slow and easy. If I move away from you, just wait until I come back toward you. We’ll work it in slowly so I can get used to it.”

Marvin lined the head up on the tight pucker of her asshole and added a little weight to it. The head of his dick felt squeezed and then it popped through the tight ring. Three inches of his shaft followed quickly before he could stop pushing. Her ass was way hotter than her pussy and twice as tight. He groaned long and loud.

Cherry groaned right along with him and pushed back hard. Over half of his long dick went up her ass before she could stop her hips from moving. “Oh yeah, that feels so good,” she said loudly and pushed back again. Her ass bumped against Marvin’s hips.

“Oh shit!” came from Marvin.

With a big shivering shake, Cherry whispered, “Fuck me slowly, like before.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. Marvin pulled his dick out slowly until the head was just inside and then he pushed forward just as slowly. He was savoring the tight feelings around his skinny dick both ways.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Cherry said as she wiggled her ass from side to side.

She heard Madison moan loudly and looked her way. She had Mark’s dick swallowed as she watched Marvin fucking Cherry’s tight ass. Seeing Cherry looking at her, Madison lifted her head and said, “I’ve got to get me some of that thing.”

“He’s a perfect ass fucker if I’ve ever felt one,” Cherry replied and then looked down at Clyde. “Now for the main course.”

As Marvin pushed his dick in slowly, Cherry slowly straightened her legs. She used both hands to maneuver Clyde’s big dick into position so she could rub the head against her slippery hot opening. Marvin pulled out almost all the way and paused. Cherry saw her opportunity and sat down slowly on the dick at the entrance to her pussy.

It filled her up quickly and she had to lift up off of it several times to finally get it completely inside. She could feel Marvin’s dick in her ass even more now. Clyde’s dick had her stretched so good it almost hurt. Marvin moaned and then groaned as he sank his shaft to the hilt.

Cherry could feel her legs shaking as both holes filled up. She had never felt so full. Her orgasm had slacked off slightly earlier but now it was headed for orbit quickly. She pushed up onto her arms and turned her head to suck Poncho’s fat dick into her mouth. With all three holes filled she moaned long and loud.

Clyde hunched his hips and used short strokes to fuck her pussy as Marvin still made the same long slow strokes. She couldn’t get more than the head of Poncho’s dick in her mouth but her tongue fluttering over that sensitive surface had him flexing his hips and groaning.

Cherry was getting close to overload when Marvin groaned even louder than normal and slammed his dick all the way into her ass and came like crazy as he spanked her ass hard with little short hard strokes. The feel of his hot cum and the spanking he was giving her ass, pushed her over the edge. She throw her head back, abandoning Poncho’s dick, and sat up straighter so she could bounce up and down on Clyde’s big dick.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Clyde said loudly, as Cherry fucked him with wild abandon. She was bouncing up and down so hard that she pulled Marvin’s softening dick out of her ass. He moaned softly and sat down hard on the floor. This just gave Cherry more room to bounce.

Cherry was in another world of sparkling lights and electric jolts as her clit was trapped against Clyde’s big shaft every time she sat down on his hips. That long rub on the down stroke got so intense she had to lift up to get some relief. Then it was gone and she would sit down again. Over and over it went until her knees felt like rubber and would not lift her body again.

Clyde quickly sat up and wrapped his arms around her waist. Then he stood up. Cherry felt his big dick go even deeper as she slipped down slightly. He was definitely in virgin territory now. The next thing she knew, she was flat on her back on the coffee table and Clyde was kneeing between her legs.

As he began to fuck her with long full strokes, her eyes and mouth flew open. She was getting the fucking of her life. Then Poncho was trying to cram his big dick down her throat. It wasn’t long enough to go there but it filled her mouth completely. Then she was coming for all she was worth and trying to yell around the monster in her mouth.

Seeing that she was having trouble breathing, Poncho pulled his dick out of her mouth. Cherry took a deep gasping breath and then yelled long and loud as Clyde came what seemed to be gallons in her wide stretched pussy. She was off in another world again.

***** When she returned, she heard Poncho saying, “Man, you made one hell of a mess.”

“Uh, sorry about that.” Clyde replied.

“I don’t know about no sloppy seconds,” Poncho said as he shook his head.

Everyone had forgotten about Madison and Mark until Madison stepped in front of Clyde and knelt down between Cherry’s wide spread thighs. “I think I can fix this,” she said as she leaned over and ran her tongue over Cherry’s outer lips. Cherry groaned and then whimpered as Madison gently lapped at her swollen pussy. It felt so good after the pounding she had taken.

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