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I remember the first time I tried it. Some of the black guys had been with had wanted to but I’d never wanted to before. Of course, that was what was great about Ben. He’d brought out a whole new side to my sexuality. He’d made me realise I was born to be a white man’s fuck-toy. I’m a 25 year old British black girl of Jamaican descent. My boyfriend, 30 year old Ben, is white British.

Ben was waiting in bed for me as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. “Honey,” he called out from the bedroom “could you bring me a glass of water please?”

“Yeah, OK!” I shouted back. When I’d finished I crept downstairs to the kitchen, poured him a glass of water and made my way back upstairs. As I stepped into the bedroom, barefoot and wearing nothing but a short, silky pink negligee, I tripped up and spilled some of the water. Ben sat bolt upright in bed.

“I think, young lady, that you’d better get that mopped up immediately!” he snapped.

“Of course.” I answered. and headed to the bathroom for a cloth. I went slowly, my heart racing, knowing that this was the start of some kinky fun. I had no idea, though, just what was going to happen!

When I arrived back, Ben was standing by the bed, naked and with a huge erection. I began to shake in anticipation knowing that he was about to do something fun! I knelt down and began wiping the spilt water up with the cloth. When I had finished, Ben gave a fake cough.

“Now,” he said, sternly “bend over the bed!” I did as i was told and walked over to the bed, leaning forward over it and spreading my legs apart. That way, I was giving him easy access to my pussy, offering it to him on a plate.

I felt Ben walk up behind me. Everything went still and silent for a moment, then there was a searing crack as Ben slapped my arse. It took a second or two for the feeling to sink in, and when it did I gave a little cry of surprise and delight.

“What do you think I should do with you now then?” he asked. I struggled to answer through my heavy breathing. My heart was pounding!

“Please fuck me!” I gasped. Ben chuckled.

“You’d like that, would you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me please!”

“I dunno, I might just have to not fuck you as punishment!”

“No, please fuck me!” I cried in desperation “I want to feel that white cock of yours inside me!”

Ben grabbed me by the upper arms and pulled me towards him, standing me up. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear;

“Take this silly little negligee off then and get on your back!” Again, I did as I was told. I turned to face him, and slipped one shoulder out of my negligee, then the other, and let it simply fall to the floor. I then climbed onto the bed and lay on my back, with my legs apart. Ben climbed on after me and lay over me, between my legs, and began kissing my lips and neck. I began to feel my pussy moisten, and as Ben ran his hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples and caressing my thighs, the juices were actually dripping from my pussy and down my arse.

Ben began to rub his dick along the length of my pussy, and I began to breathe heavily, anticipating his thick, white cock sliding into my tight black hole and stretching it……….

With a single powerful thrust, Ben buried his cock balls deep into my arse! I yelped in a mixture of pain and surprise and almost jumped up! I looked at Ben’s face to check if he knew what he’d done, but he just smiled and winked! “You said you wanted my cock inside you,” he laughed “well now it is!”

I lay there in a slight state of shock as he slid his heavenly member in and out of my hole, and as the initial pain subsided, an overwhelming sense of pleasure overtook me. Here was Ben, I thought, penetrating me in such a way as to dominate me even more than ever before! My pussy was well and truly gushing now, lubricating Ben’s cock as it stretched my arsehole.

Because of the position we were in, we could make eye contact. Ben never looked away from me, enjoying every second of watching my face as he sodomised me. He kept it nice and slow, with a rhythm that only slightly sped up as he approached orgasm. He’d pull his cock almost all the way out of me before plunging it back in again.As I saw in Ben’s face that he was close to the edge, I felt my own orgasm drawing near. Ben winked at me again and placed his thumb on my clit, rubbing frantically to encourage me to cum.

As the feeling of euphoria tore through me, Ben plunged his dick deep into my arsehole with a last almighty thrust, and shouted “Oh, shit, I’m going to cum inside your arse!” He let out a satisfied grunt. I could feel his cock twitching as it spilled its seed deep into my bowels. We both lay there, in the throes of orgasm, and as they subsided, Ben gave a little shake to spray the last few drops of sperm into me. He pulled his cock out of me and came up to give me a kiss. I could feel his warm, sticky sperm dribble out of my well used butt as I turned to kiss and cuddle him.

“I love you.” I said, breathlessly. “And I could definitely do that again!” Ben grinned.

“I plan to!” he said.

Chapter 1: The Search

I awoke one morning in an ecstasy of pleasure. One of those dreams that was so deep and vivid that the contrast of waking life seemed dull and unreal. My boxers were drenched and my straining cock twitched. I wouldn’t describe myself as sexually unhinged, but I had deep fantasies. Recently I’d been having these dreams and decided to act on them, lest I went insane. I found a website where I could post, locally, about myself and my desires in a discreet way, although so far I’d been unsuccessful. This latest dream was so intense it was still running through my mind, and my loins still throbbing. I decided to make a post relating to this, although without too much detail. I didn’t want to scare people off! I made the post and then got on with the day; perhaps this one would bring more success.

I’ve left out the details of the post so as not to spoil the story, but I did try to match it to my dream as best possible. Anyway after a few days of drudgery I did the routine email checks and found a lone reply. In a way it looked so pathetic, but it was the best I’d achieved so far, and I became excited. The reply was both vague and specific, and took me a few read-throughs to fully understand it. An older woman appeared to run a sort of ‘sex house’, in which many people were involved, and came and went as they wished, fulfilling each other in various ways.

This already sounded too much for me but I read on. She was apparently in excellent shape and had many people at her disposal; the house was pleasant and well equipped, and discretion was key and desired by all. I could tell it was a sort of stock response, but it was tailored for me at the end, double checking the experience I sought and what was expected of all the parties and so on. It seemed interesting, but somewhat beyond what I needed, so I waited for more replies.

Chapter 2: Captured

None came. I waited a good few days and in that time the dreams got darker and more intense. I needed the release and fast. I took the bait and replied to this woman, and she then emailed me with some more concrete details, which I will share as needed. She was aged fifty-two, and called Eve. Well Eve gave me the address of what she called the ‘West London Chamber’ and a check of what we expected of each other. Just reading through it made me tingle and brought me to attention. We organised a Friday afternoon to meet and I set forth with nothing on me but my keys and clothes.

It was a warm late-summer day and, upon reaching the ‘chamber’, was glad of the air conditioning, rare for an English private property. She greeted me and, was she right about being in shape. Big, pert, voluptuous breasts stretched out of a white top, and drew my eyes to the large nipples denting the fabric. The contours of her body took me to a thin waist and down shapely legs in tight exercise leggings, to remarkably attractive feet, with fresh blood red nail polish. I followed her in and was now treated to the large and juicy, heart shaped ass cheeks, which bounced and tensed alternately as she sauntered in. Her face and hair showed the real age, but it was immaterial at this point and I was already hardening.

The entrance was pretty standard, but the living room she led me to was luxurious and had peculiar green and blue lighting. The curtains were drawn and it smelt of incense. We seated on a large wine coloured sofa and talked over first the mundane, and then the sexual. She explained, somewhat lacking the details, the nature of the chamber, and where I fitted in. No one ever gave or paid anything, besides sexual favours, which is what everyone came for anyway. The property was deceptively large and I was led to a room which would be mine for the weekend. The room was nice and everything was very pleasant. Eve seemed sexually open minded, and just down right attractive and was very flirtatious with me. It was late, after I’d eaten and had the full tour, so I got to bed, very excited for what would start tomorrow.

I stirred, and felt very strange. It was completely black, and I felt an odd presence. I was so disorientated I felt drunk or like I was dreaming. The digital clock read ’03:20′. As my senses slowly returned I could hear murmuring, and creaking, and muffled sounds. It took me a while to remember where I was. I was tired and confused, and a smell of a different incense from before flitted to my nose. It smelt heavy and dangerous, and made my head swim. I was drifting off again. I heard a door creak. The same sounds were there, louder, but my head could make no sense of it.

Suddenly, silky hands were on me, as if gloved. Some merely draped across me and some were harder. The soft ones touched my belly, and neck and were making for my balls and penis, which I could not stop from twitching and beginning to ache. The harder hands were definitely grabbing at me and whilst I was enjoying a particularly smooth hand running up and down my growing erection, I could feel my body being contorted. It was bizarre; as the smoother hands become more sexual, the hard ones more forceful. I could feel my balls being rolled and a mouth placed over my tip, when I suddenly realised the extent of the situation: my legs hand been put into a foetal-like position, and I had been turned on my side, with my arms behind me. ‘Click’, ‘click-clack’ and then a scraping sound, I felt something cold and horrible at my ankles, wrists, and I came to. I had been cuffed at the legs and hands, and upon attempting to move, I realised these must be joined in some way behind me, as I had very little ability to move!

I felt more awake and physically protested, but as if my mind had been read, the soft hands returned and touched me again. I could feel a finger running from my balls to my asshole and over that to the small of my back, and I shivered. Other fingers ran around and over my hard nipples and some were thrust, softly, in and out of my mouth and then before I knew it, some sort of gag was entered instead, and tied back hard! My scream resulted in a muffle and I could already feel the saliva teeming around the edges of what my tongue felt to be a ball shape.

Then I was lifted by all the hands into the air! I could, in the utter darkness feel wind drifting past me as the hands took me somewhere. I was helpless, and all the while fingers twisted here and rubbed there, now focusing mostly on my lips, ass, dick, and balls. I was in a sort of sexual fever which hid from me the reality of what was going on.

Finally, I felt an odd but strong pressure on my tied limbs, still bound and to each other, behind me. Very quickly, I felt something cold and wet meet my asshole. It felt horrible. But it also felt pleasurable and I started aching from deep inside. The thing proved to be quite soft and malleable, and was pushed against my hole! So unexpected was it, that I let out a ravaging moan and, so relaxed was I, the whole length slipped inside me in one go! Instantly I felt so very full and tightened the muscles inside me around the welcome invader. I felt a rush go to my head and I moaned (or muffled) aloud. It was quite thick and pushed hard from within. I felt light-headed and could feel my cock twitch. The object was long and it was far into me. It felt like the base had a peculiar shape, and latched to my hole in such a way that it couldn’t come out. And then the probing hands were gone. I was still gagged and could see nothing. I was floating in the air! I must be dreaming. I took it as such, and fell into an odd sleep, where there were only hands and darkness.

Chapter 3: Used

I awoke. Clearly I had not been dreaming as I looked around this new room from a peculiar angle. I’d never been in it, but it was styled much the same as the rest of the chamber. The curtains were pulled but light was sneaking in. I tried to move and realised I was still bound (and gagged). Though it was a difficult task, I managed to look upwards and realised the source of last night’s floating sensation. Where my hands and ankles were bound together behind me, a hook had been attached to a great chain hanging from the ceiling, which was obviously reinforced in some way. I remembered when Eve had the written the place was well equipped.

I then put my mind to what had actually happened, and became aware of my body as I awoke fully. The object was still in my ass (which I could not see) and at this point was not quite so pleasurable. I also noticed I was hard and I had dripped quite the puddle on the floor below me, as my prostate had been slowly milked all night long. And then an attractive young girl walked in. She was masked, but fully naked and had lovely bronze skin. Her pointed breasts swayed as she walked, and she approached me silently. She then removed from my behind, and showed me, a giant, lolloping, thick, black, and glistening dildo, which was hastily cleaned and taken away. She returned to mop the mess I had made and briefly wipe the offending organ clean. Then my gag was removed and water forced upon me. It was upon being re-gagged that I realised she had not come to save me, but to tend to me only. Perhaps she felt my fear for as her tight ass cheeks left me, the stopped and turned. She then only said: ‘Prepare. The white cocks are coming.’ Quickly my mind raced as to what this meant, but then I remembered the previous night, and I read her mind.

So she left and there I hung for a while; and then waited some more. It was beginning to get to me when I heard footsteps from where the masked girl had come before. The sounds came into my vision and I saw another woman, dressed all in black, equally attractive as the others but with every part of skin, including face obscured somehow. I began to stiffen because she had a very sensual figure, but then she reached down and put her mouth to my ear. In a very unusual voice I was told: ‘How dare you think of me like that. You don’t get pleasure. You don’t get to cum. You please us now. I’ll make sure you don’t cum.’ naturally I was internally shaken by this, but tried not to show anything outwardly. She stepped back, but I heard more footsteps. The steps halted behind me and the woman motioned. I felt warm hands on my sides, and then something warm and big on my ass. I now felt I’d been tied in such a way that my ass was always open. Slowly I felt this warm rod lightly beat my cheeks and slide around my ass crack before at once plunging into my accepting asshole and I let it all in. I looked back best I could and saw a tall, ripped, light skinned man grimacing with pleasure and slowly thrusting into me. His immense length seemed endless and I was treated to his exceptional girth as it massaged deep inside me. With each achingly slow thrust I could feel his shaped tip rub my tender little prostate and I moaned. Yes, I moaned and moaned, louder and more uncontrollably as this thick piece of meat gave me pleasures I had never felt. I was drooling from my gag and my rock hard erection was dribbling my pre-cum everywhere as I swung from my hook and chain in the hands of this muscled man.

I could feel my balls and insides aching closer and closer, as each time he filled me harder and more completely, and his panting grew to his own moans. He was going ever so fast now and his grip on my waist was astounding. He was pulling me onto his immense length with ferocity now and I was so unaware that another cock was introduced to my lips. It was another muscled white man and I could smell cock. The heady scent entered my nostrils and I thought I might pass out from the pleasure. Quickly my gag was removed, and replaced with this pulsating wonder, another long and wide thing for me to explore, this time with my mouth. I rolled my eyes back as I put my lips around the swollen tip and began to suck on this monster. This man also started to move his hips into me, and I accepted as much of his cock as I could. It tasted absolutely wonderful I could feel every quivering vein, every inch of his wonderful cock throbbing on my tongue and mouth. I relaxed my throat and let him even further in.

Just then, the first man grasped me and flung his length fully in and kept it there. Then I felt the warm, hot spurts as he lavished my internal walls with his thick seed. It felt so warm and lovely I just wanted him to stay there forever. He pulsated a little, and painfully slowly, released his cock from my ass, and then left. I was licking and sucking this other cock with such fervour that he was soon coming and I took all of him; indeed the end of his cock was in my very throat and I felt his sperm slip down. So warm and good, I remember feeling amazing. I was about to cum myself but then I was reminded by a spank to the ass from the woman that I was not to, and both men left with her. My pulsing cock was left alone, spilling forth pre-cum everywhere. I was on the very brink and slowly, against my will came down and I was worn out. My ass still tingled with satisfaction, and it craved big cock from that man again. I was left alone and helpless, high off the activities of the morning and slept most of the day.

But there was more in store for me that day. It must have been very late evening and I began to wake, although I had almost lost track of all time and space in that dark room, hanging and bound. I heard a door, and then a multitude of steps and shuffling. A gloomy light began to come through the room and I could make out dull shapes surrounding me. I was so groggy I did not understand, until they laid their hands on me. Big warm hands caressed me and I could hear them all panting. There seemed to be a commotion as there was some sort of contest, but then someone stepped in between my legs. I started salivating and I felt the thick warm pulsing of a fresh cock and it was, like before, beat upon my flesh. But then I felt more. Somewhere around me hips I could feel another warm piece of meat being wiped back and forth on me. Already pre-cum was dripping onto me from this cock, and then I felt another. It was in my hair and the back of my neck, this one especially hard. So over the next few minutes more and more cocks were introduced in the gloomy dark and just tapped and rubbed my naked flesh. To the current three dicks, one was placed in the crook of my knee, another under me on my nipple, one on my shoulder; and then the final one.

My gag was removed and the final cock placed under my nose and the scent rose straight to my brain and I was fully erect. As though a secret conductor had waved his baton, all the cocks started beating at my body hard and I could feel drips of cum flying everywhere all over me. And then the one hovering over my ass delved in and filled my passage with a thick sensation and pumped my little hole, hard. The front cock was forced down my throat and filled my mind with cock. I licked and slurped and sucked this wonderfully long and hard cock. I wanted cum from it so badly; I gave it everything I had, whilst it was thrusting itself.

The room now was a cacophony of moans and grunts as the other five cocks were humping my skin. I felt my ass-fucker blow his wonderfully hot load into me and a sort of switching of positions happened and another man entered his full length into my gaping asshole. This one was much wider and made me moan and he had his way with me, pulling my hair and spanking my ass. My ass had really pulled their attention. It was quite juicy for a man, and was a favourite place for them to bat and wipe their cocks on; no wonder they couldn’t wait to shoot their cum in it! This cycle of me being filled in the ass and sucking cocks went on for some time; a few chose to deliver their sperm into my ready throat and I swallowed all they had. When all seven had come, they re-gagged me and made their silent exit. I was raw everywhere and was unable to even think, let alone move. I could feel the large portion of semen dribbling out of my raw asshole and my belly full of it. On myself, I felt sticky and beaten from the way the cocks had used my very body. I had been their sex object and paid the price.

Chapter 4: Abused

As the morning came again I waited for the masked girl to tend to me. But she did not come. Semen was still dripping out of me and I’d made quite a mess myself from having my prostate rubbed all night. I waited in agony, hanging in this room. After eternity I heard steps. I’d lost all sense of what was real. The obscured woman appeared in front of me, and behind her kneeling, a large black gentleman on a leash. I could see his enormous cock. Flaccid it was longer than mine erect. Without a word she released him and disappeared. As I began a light struggle I saw him grow, very slowly. All the while he was prodding me and grabbing my ass. Twisting my nipples and sniffing me. And his cock was still growing; I thought it would never stop! And the thickness! It was easily like my arm, and I’m not skinny. After ten minutes of being checked like a piece of meat, his cock as big as his arm plunged into me.

My ass had been trained a little but I was not ready for this. The tip alone rubbed my ass like I’d never felt before. As he forced his glorious length in, I had trouble containing screams and indeed my orgasm; I was not allowed. The slippery black meat entered inch by inch and started to rub my prostate. I was being milked; luckily for me, I felt an especially large vein on his cock massaging the spot, and I was pouring so much pre-cum it was as if I was cumming anyway! The beast behind me grunted and shouted and shoved this great thing in all the way; I could feel it almost at my belly and I felt so full and content that I doubted I could ever feel any better. His hands grasped at me and I could feel each throb in me like I was being physically shaken and each thrust slipped through me like it was going into my very soul and everything vanished and all there was, was the cock in my ass, bigger than me it felt, and still my pleasure wound up and up until I felt his cum shoot out, warm and wet it filled me and even though he filled me so far in, it was forced down the sides and came bubbling out of my asshole. He was thrust so deep in that I passed out from the pleasure; I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

I don’t remember too much of the next part of my experience, but I know that in total, eleven of these black beasts were shown to me and allowed to ravage me. Some came in my mouth, others inside me and I was never cleaned or let down. By the end of the day I was a living cum bucket and absolutely and utterly spent. I sucked them off to the best of my ability but I was still not given a chance to come. Eve would often return with a whip and assure me of that! These cocks pushed my ass and pleasure boundaries to the living limit and my poor pulsing prostate could do nothing. I hung there like a piece of meat, dripped in sweat and cum, raw and bruised and stretched and broken. And I could not come.

Chapter 5: Release

I was left for some time and started to come back to the real world. The masked girl showed up and removed a plug that had been left in my ass, and cleared away the torrent of cum that followed it. She wiped me clean, ungagged me (permanently) and massaged my aching body. She told me I’d be released soon. So it was over.

After some more hanging, the sensual woman in black appeared; a sight for sore eyes, I began to grow, and she then threw off a shoal a revealed herself to be Eve! I guess I should have known but I was so out of sorts. I felt a little hurt but then remembered how exciting and pleasurable the experience had really been. She was so attractive.

Then completely out of nowhere, she bent down and engulfed my throbbing shaft into her wet and warm mouth. There is no way to describe how nice that felt and the devotion with which she sucked me off. Then the young masked girl put a big dildo in my ass and thrust that in and out for me. My prostate was at the absolute edge and feeling this big thing slide all over it, whilst being sucked off by this goddess was too much, and I blew my massive load into her throat. It had been built up so long that it took about thirty spurts to fully empty my balls and the cum dripped from Eve’s lips onto her breasts and legs and still she sucked and licked and moaned, as did I, from the best release I’ve ever felt, and still the relentless dildo-ing of my ass continued and my (much bigger) hole still craved the cock that I’d been given all weekend.

This is a fictional story written for a fan about their sex life. If anyone else has a story they’d like written for them about fact or fictional events feel free to message me. As always please leave comments or constructive criticism so I can make your pleasure better!


It was Monday afternoon. Joel had taken the day as an opportunity to work from home. Work had been stressful the past few weeks and he decided he deserved a day to relax at home. The morning started slow. His wife Stacey had gone to work so he crunched through a few emails and started thumbing through some porn online. It started slow like always. A few emails answered then he’d click over and watch some gorgeous chick get her ass pounded by a big thick cock. It was the cock’s that got Joel in trouble. Unfortunately Joel had been endowed with a rather pathetic cock, 3 and half inches at best. His wife still loved him despite his situation and over the years Joel had turned into quite an acceptable pussy eater, but the jealousy he felt about not having one of those gut splitting, hot, hard, throbbing monsters to fuck his wife with killed him. And filled him with lust.

It started with the anal scenes, he loved anal because that was the only time he could slide into his wife and it feel tight for him, but as he watched those monsters pound into those tight slutty holes he’d go from anal scenes, to monster cock and gangbang porn, till he’d end up watching tranny and bisexual porn so he could see as much cock as possible. He loved watching a sexy shemale or hung guy getting fucked in the ass, two cocks just flailing around with a girl on the side cheering them on. As his desire grew stronger he got up and went to the bedroom, the sound of a shemale dressed in a tight plaid miniskirt with her black thong pulled to the side as a big cock pummeled her insides filled the house. If he couldn’t have a big dick he wanted to be that tranny feeling that hard cock pump his insides, filling up every inch of him. He went to his wife’s drawers and found a black thong like the one the shemale was wearing as she got fucked. He quickly stripped and put it on. His pitiful erection almost barely tenting the front of them. He found a skirt, not quite the plaid one the tranny had on but he needed a bigger one as his wife was a deal thinner then him. He slid it on and grabbed a bra, that didn’t quite fit either.

He looked in the mirror. He was a mess, not even remotely as sexy as the shemale he’d gone wild over. However, when he turned around in the mirror and bent over so his skirt lifted so he could see that thong running up the crack of his ass he almost came in his panties as he imagined a big thick cock fucking that tight hole from behind.

“What the fuck are you doing!?”

“I ummm…. Uh…” Joel stammered as Stacey stood in the doorway, hands on her hips staring at her husband dressed up in her clothes. “I was just…”

“You were just being a sissy fagot.” She exclaimed, “And what the fuck is that noise?”

Joel had somehow forgotten about the porn he left playing on his computer, but now the sound of that shemale in ecstasy seemed to echo throughout the house.

“Babe, don’t go in…” but Stacey was already gone from the door way and Joel followed her nervously into the next room. She stood there stock still with her back to him as he entered.

“You want to be her, him, whatever. Don’t you?” Joel stood there saying nothing. “Answer me! You want to be a filthy little slut taking big cock up your tight little ass pussy and swallowing load after load of cum don’t you?” Joel was frozen, he’d never heard Stacey talk like that before and on one hand he was terrified but on the other he was incredibly turned on.

“Honey, I… look…” And then it all spilled out. He told her about how inferior he felt with his tiny cock and how the thought of a big cock fucking him made him feel more adequate in a weird way. How he loved her still that it was just a momentary phase, he would get over it. She stood there listening to all of it and when he finally finished she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him and walked out the door. Joel panicked. Where was she going, was she leaving him for good? He ran back and changed into his normal clothes and spent the next hour or so pacing around the house and frantically calling his wife’s cellphone which had been turned off. Finally the front door opened and his wife walked into the house with a handful of bags.

“Honey, could you help me with… oh, you’ve changed?” Stacey said as she handed him a few bags. “Well that’s alright, oh no peeking!” She said in an excited voice as she gave him a peck on the cheek. Joel was stunned, she acted as if nothing had happened. He turned and followed his wife into the bedroom and then into the master bath as she turned on the shower. She reached into one of the bags and pulled out a cream.

“Strip.” She said as she began rubbing the cream over every inch of him from the neck down. Joel at this point didn’t even question her, he knew he was on thin ice and didn’t care to see it break.

Once the cream was on him and it started to tingle and burn a bit Stacey had him step in the shower. The water started washing any hair off him where the cream had been. As he stepped out and dried off she pulled a few articles of clothing out of another bag. The first was a black lace thong, just slightly different than the one he’d been wearing when she caught him. The second was a light blue and black verses the shemale’s black and red and finally a bra that would fit him and a white collared shirt she had him tie in a knot to complete the ensemble. She stuffed his bra and then pulled out some long white socks and black 3 inch heels in his size. Once he was dressed she had him sit down. The feeling of the thong riding up his ass caused his cock to jump as she applied his makeup and a blond wig.

“Now there’s a sexy slut! She said as she added the finishing touches and had him turn around to see himself.”

“Wow… I… damn Stacey.”

“My sweet little Joelle, go wait for me in the bedroom.” The name she used caused his little cock to twitch again as he struggled to walk out of the bathroom in the heels.

He sat down on the side of the bed and nervously folded his skirt down. After a few moments Stacey came out of the bathroom wearing no make up with her hair pulled tight and back in a pony tale in a pair of baggy jeans and a cotton tee. Her tiny little 32a breasts couldn’t even be seen under the baggie shirt.

“You’re my little slut aren’t you?” She said. Joel just nodded. “You want a big fat cock in you don’t you? Gliding between your lips, fucking your tight ass. You need it don’t you, you sissy bitch.”

Joel just nodded nervously as he crossed his legs like a frightened teen girl.

“Answer me slut!” Stacey yelled.

“Yes I want that.” Joel answered meekly.

“Get on your knees then.” Joel obliged her and sank to his knees. She walked forward till her crotch was almost in line with his face. He knew what she wanted and started unbuttoning her jeans before she even asked.

“There’s an eager little slut. You can’t wait to have a nice cock in your mouth can you?”

As he unbuttoned the jeans a 6″ life like rubber cock sprang from their confines and slapped him in the face. Stacey chuckled and grabbed it’s shaft slapping him several more times on each side.

“Swallow it bitch.” Joelle leaned forward tentatively taking the tip into his mouth. Stacey wasn’t in the mood for slow however and grabbed the back of his head forcing him down her hard cock and causing him to gag. Joel panicked and pulled back but she forced his head back down.

“Learn to love it slut.” She said as her cock passed his tonsils. She began to roughly face fuck him and after a few minutes Joelle relaxed and grew accustomed to it. He was even moaning around it and jerking it into his mouth while his tongue ran the length of it every thrust. The shaft was getting coated with his spit and he was audibly moaning around his oral invader.

“Ohh fuck, you do love cock don’t you sissy?” Stacey was starting to get worked up as her strap-on had another side that was viciously rubbing her g-spot as she fucked Joelle’s mouth. “Look at you moaning and loving it! You can almost take every fucking inch. Have you done this before you sissy bitch? You’re a fucking natural.”

Joelle just moaned her approval as he continued to get face fucked like a porn star.

“Stand up slut.” Stacey finally commanded as she pulled her spit covered phallus from Joelle’s hungry lips, a long string of spit hung from the tip to her bottom lip. “I think it’s time you got fucked like the slut you are.”

Stacey then grabbed Joelle by the wig and threw her over the bed her, perky little ass pointing up invitingly as her nervous eyes stared back. Stacey felt amazing, she had decided to play along with Joelle’s fantasy to be a good wife but she was starting to love this, the power, the domination. She was lost in her lust. She pulled a tube of lube from her back pocket and poured a generous helping over her fingers before sliding Joelle’s thong aside and roughly forcing two fingers into her little puckered ass pussy. Joelle, squirmed and squealed in a moment of pain.

“Just relax and you will love it. Every sissy bitch loves her ass pussy fucked.”

Joelle took a deep breath and relaxed the grip on the fingers in his ass. Stacey went just a bit slower this time and started working them in and out. As her ass began to loosen Joelle began to moan, every time Stacey’s fingers hit her prostate her little clity would ooze precum into those nice lace panties. After several minutes Stacey wasn’t even moving her hand Joelle had begun to frenziedly fuck back and forth on them.

“Ohh more, more, fuuuuccccckkkkk….” Joelle moaned into the bed.

“Damn you are a filthy slut aren’t you Joelle? You can’t wait to feel this cock inside you.”

“Ohh fuck yes, please fuck my little ass pussy.”

Stacey turned Joelle around again and put his back on the bed climbing up beside him. She coated her cock with lube and aimed it at his puckered little hole. She pressed forward and the head popped in right away. Joelle moaned, completely lost in pleasure now, as she began to slowly slide it all the way in. When her balls rested on her ass cheeks she took a second to allow her little slut to get used to having that big thick pole in her tight little ass. However, she waited too long and soon Joelle was rocking back and forth on her own trying to fuck herself.

“You just can’t wait can you bitch? You have to have this dick right fucking now don’t you?”

“Yes, yes FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!”

With that Stacey pulled all the way out and slammed back in. Joelle moaned, a mixture of pain and pleasure as Stacey began to pound into her tight hole.

“Yes, yesssss YESSS. I love it, I need that cock. Fuck me with your big thick cock.” Joelle moaned and screamed.

“You’re a nasty little sissy bitch. You love that cock don’t ya bitch? Yeah you’re going to cum from getting fucked in the ass and you love it you filthy little cum whore. You’re my fucking bitch aren’t you? My filthy little slut to fuck as I please.”

“Yes, ohh fuck yes I am!”

Stacey grabbed Joelle’s little clitty between her thumb and index finger and squeezed. In moments the little clit was oozing stream after stream of hot thick cum. Seeing her little bitch cum from getting fucked in the ass pushed her over the edge and she began to frantically fuck his asshole, driving the dildo inside her ever deeper. Joelle leaned up while his little clit was dribbling jets of warm jizz and pinched Stacey’s nipples through her shirt. Her breasts may be small but her nipples were super sensitive and in seconds both were shuddering as their orgasms rocked through them. Joelle was in heaven that thick cock in his ass felt better then he had ever imagined and Stacey was in love with dominating her sissy cock loving husband. As they started coming down from their orgasms Stacey pulled the cock from Joelle’s ass with a soft POP and pulled his cum covered panties off him wiping up any stray drop of cum before pressing them against his lips.

“There’s only one thing left to make you a real cum slut she said” as he began sucking his cum from the crumpled lace. “That’s my sexy bitch” she said as she watched him relish the taste of his spunk as it slid down his throat. “Things are about to change around here my filthy slut” and with that she kissed him on the cheek and laid down beside him.

Summary: On summer holidays Jasmine is seduced by a young Mistress.

Note 1: This is a summer 2012 contest story so please vote.

Note 2: A special thanks goes to MAB7991 and Bill for copy-editing and LaRascasse for his plot suggestions.

Note 3: This story is dedicated to the real Dana whose breasts are really 36G and fabulous and was the mouth for this naughty tale of submission.


Jasmine was having an early afternoon glass of wine and enjoying the summer breeze at the little quaint pub she had discovered when she and her husband arrived in Palm Beach two days ago.

Jasmine enjoyed being able to see the ocean from where she was and the fresh coastal air was refreshing in a way she couldn’t quite explain. She read the paper, checking how her Canadians were doing in the summer Olympics. Currently in twelfth place, not bad for a country that is best known for hockey, skiing and snow. When her husband surprised her with a week in Florida she was giddy with excitement. She loved her kids, but a week of no fighting; no, Mom she did this or Mom he did that was much needed. Yesterday’s couple’s massage was also amazing as was the lengthy sex session with her often on the road husband.

Jasmine watched people walking, like she often did, wondering what their stories were. Were they happy? Were they as sexually perverse as she was? If you looked at Jasmine you would never know this school teacher, this sweet soft spoken woman, this conservative dressed woman was a popular erotic writer. She looked as sweet as apple pie and yet underneath her sundress she was wearing thigh high stockings, and nothing else. Going commando was just one of her naughty perversions, as was thigh high stockings that she did to feel sexy underneath her business-like front. She grabbed her iPad, tapped on her notes app and continued typing a story she was hoping to have ready for the Halloween contest on Literotica.


Dana was about to walk into the pub for an afternoon cocktail loving the freedom that goes with being on holidays when she was stopped in her tracks. It wasn’t the woman’s face that caught her eye but two other things. First: who wears nylons in Florida on a day that was bubbling just below a 100. Second: the dress…it was identical to the dress in the picture of a popular erotica writer she had been reading the past few days at the recommendation of a friend, having orgasm after orgasm over the sexy plots of submission between women. Dana not wanting to stare went inside the pub and pulled out her phone. She quickly went to Literotica which she had bookmarked and although she couldn’t completely remember the author handle she did remember the story that had her pussy dripping wet…Pet Teacher. Once she found the story, she clicked on the author and then the author’s biography. She was right…it was the exact same dress. Of course that didn’t mean it was her, but she was about the same age as described in the bio.

Dana had emailed the author complimenting her on the Pet Teacher series and had learned that the author’s first name was Jasmine, she was married, a Canadian and a submissive by nature. Remembering the Canadian bit, her hopes dissipated but she figured she would have to ask.

Dana, at nineteen was a complete bombshell. Her flaming red hair got her a lot of attention, as did her dazzling green eyes, as did her 36G breasts that were impossible to not notice. But it seemed to be her disarming smile that had pulled in so many older women over the past couple years. Although Dana didn’t have much problem getting a man when she needed one, older woman had been even easier, more fun (as older submissive women were easily the best pleasers), as she seemed to have an aura about her that drew older submissive women to her. Going to her e-mail, she quickly looked at her last correspondence from Jasmine, a few days ago. In it, Jasmine admitted she had been going through lesbian withdrawal and that she and her husband would be going on a trip in a few days…the possibilities were good that this woman was the one and the same.

Dana quickly typed an e-mail.


How is your holiday going. I hope you find some hot young thing to dominate you like you so eagerly crave.

Luv Dana…a young woman who would make you her pet like you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Dana clicked send and watched impatiently with bated breath to see if the pretty brunette sipping on a glass of wine and pecking away on her iPad was by some miraculous twist of fate at the same pub. If she was, Dana was going to go in for the kill.

Dana waited a couple of minutes and realized the obvious. The pretty potential prey was already on her tablet, if she got a new e-mail Dana could not tell. Dana decided to just go join her. She quickly ordered herself a glass of wine and walked over to the woman immersed in typing away on her tablet…maybe, just maybe, the author she thought she was.

Reaching the table, Dana asked, “Hi, may I join you. I hate drinking alone.”

Jasmine looked up startled and quickly hit something on her tablet and closed it…looking guilty, although she was a little wet, from the sex scene she was typing just getting to the good part. “Um, sure,” she said, keeping with the polite stereotype of Canadians.

“You have an accent,” Dana noticed, sitting down strategically beside and not across from the brunette.

“I do?” Jasmine asked surprised to be told she has an accent.

“Canadian?” Dana asked, hopeful.

“Is it that obvious?” Jasmine asked with a smile.

“A little bit,” Dana replied, her own English accent obvious.

“You have an accent too,” Jasmine observed.

“You caught me,” Dana replied playfully. “I am on holidays from London, but was born and raised in Paris.”

“Explains why I couldn’t place it,” Jasmine replied, adding, “it is very exotic.”

“Thank you,” Dana flirted, her sexy smile attempting to pull in the pretty older woman.

“You are welcome,” Jasmine replied, taking a glimpse at the younger girl’s larger than life breasts.

The glimpse did not go unnoticed by Dana who greeted, holding out her hand, “I’m Dana.”

“I’m Jasmine,” Jasmine replied, shaking the young redhead’s hand.

Dana was giddy with possibility as she continued the harmless conversation, the evidence growing more and more, knowing the seduction in her mind had to be played slowly. “So what brings you here? Business or pleasure?”

“Just a trip without the kids,” Jasmine replied.

“Oh, a romantic getaway?” Dana smiled.

“Something like that,” Jasmine agreed, returning the smile.

Dana now convinced the woman was the writer asked, “Where is the hubby?”


“Leaving you all alone?” Dana questioned, her tone just the slightest hint of teasing.

“Oh I like it. I hate golf and I love wine,” Jasmine answered, going along with the harmless flirty banter.

Dana suggested, “Well you should have another glass.”

“Yes, I should,” Jasmine agreed, enjoying the conversation with the very pretty woman.

Dana made eye contact with a waitress who came over and Dana taking control for the first time ordered for Jasmine. “My friend here will have another glass of wine as will I.”

The waitress disappeared and for the next few minutes the two chatted about life in Canada and London. Finally Dana asked another question to confirm her suspicions that this Jasmine was the same Jasmine who wrote lesbian submission stories. “What do you do for a living, Jasmine,”

“I teach high school,” Jasmine answered, oblivious to the young girl’s intent.

“A teacher?” Dana repeated, “Wow, you must have the boys in a tizzy.”

Jasmine blushed, but answered, “I don’t think that happens too often.”

Dana her tone light and flirty countered, “Oh, I bet it happens more than you think.” Changing the topic Dana asked, trying to confirm any lingering doubts this was the same woman who wrote such subversive stories as “Bedding the Babysitter”, “Pet Teacher”, “Training Teacher” and “Spanked to Submission” she asked, “I have to ask. It is driving me crazy with curiosity, why are you wearing pantyhose in almost hundred degree weather?”

Jasmine feeling comfortable with this girl decided to show a little of her hidden naughtiness . “I’m not,” she smiled coyly.

Dana knew exactly what Jasmine meant, but feigned innocence. “You are not?”

Jasmine finished her second glass of wine, feeling just a tad tipsy. “No, I am not,” she repeated.

The waitress showed up and before Jasmine could respond, Dana said, “Please get my friend here and I each another glass of wine.”

Jasmine protested, “No, no….”

Dana cut her off. “I insist, it’s on me.”

Jasmine never one for confrontation agreed reluctantly, “Ok, what the hell is one more, I’m on holidays.”

“That you are,” Dana smiled, her tone growing flirtier. “So back to your denial. You are still saying you are not wearing pantyhose?”

“Correct,” Jasmine answered, feeling a bit of sexual tension building between the two of them, a spark she had not felt between herself and another woman for quite some time. Feeling playful and naughty she teased the younger woman, although her indent was still harmless.

Dana acting confused, took the opportunity to move closer and make her initial move as she put her hand on Jasmine’s stocking-clad leg. Leaving it resting there, Dana said, “Yes you are.”

Jasmine felt a sudden heat warm her body at the younger girl’s touch. Distracted, Jasmine stammered, “N-n-no, they are not p-p- pantyhose.”

The waitress returned with the drinks and smiled knowingly as she placed the drinks down.

As soon as the waitress left, Dana confidently moved her hand under the older woman’s dress to the top of her thigh high stockings.

Jasmine held her breath but didn’t stop the pretty redhead shocked by the forwardness of the green eyed beauty and a bit tipsy enjoying the attention.

“Ooohhh, stockings, you naughty girl,” Dana purred, slowly caressing Jasmine’s leg.

Jasmine burned a mixture of embarrassment and horniness. She stammered, greatly distracted by the slow movements of the voluptuous breasted girl, “I-I-I um like to dress up for my h-h-husband.”

“Not for me?” Dana asked coyly, the seduction now in full motion.

Jasmine took a long sip from her wine which was lowering her inhibitions as she tried to process the reality that she was being hit on by a younger girl, a beautiful younger girl. In her erotic writings it was one of her underlying plots…being seduced and dommed by a powerful young seductress. But fantasy is one thing and reality another.

Dana seeing that Jasmine did not push her hand away went for the final kill. “Jasmine, or should I say Silkstockingslover.”

Jasmine gasped unable to fathom how she could know her writing handle. “What did you just say?” How did she possibly know that? No one knows my real identity, not even her husband knew of her literary prowess.

“You are the one and only erotic writer Silkstockingslover on Literotica are you not?” Dana asked, her hand slowly roaming up Jasmine’s leg.

“How do you know that?” Jasmine asked, shocked to the core to being found out after over two years of complete animosity.

“Well it started with your dress. It is the same one you wear in that sexy profile picture of yours. And I got to say you are as beautiful in person as I imagined from your teasing profile photo,” Dana complimented, slowly reeling Jasmine in.

Jasmine blushed, her pussy tingling from the young girl’s touch and the anticipation of being seduced by such a beautiful girl. Yet, “Oh,” was all she said as she looked down at her dress remembering vaguely the photo she cropped of herself over two years ago…a tantalizing tease to her readers she hoped.

“Then I noticed you were wearing stockings, which in this heat is crazy, even if you are a stockings’ girl,” Dana explained, adding, “which I usually am.”

“Oh,” Jasmine repeated, still in a daze at the sudden shift of this once seemingly harmless conversation.

“Then as we conversed you had the same name, which surprised me as I thought you would use a ghost name,” Dana continued.

“Walker is not my last name,” Jasmine admitted, although she was looking past Dana.

“Hmmmm, then I learned you were from Canada, check, and a teacher, check, and I was 99.99 percent sure you were the one and only Silkstockingslover, my favorite author,” Dana finished, her hand moving slightly up, above the top of Jasmine’s elastic top stocking, now just inches away from Jasmine’s cunt.

Jasmine was a complete emotional mess, becoming one of her characters. On the one hand, she should get up and leave before this got out of hand; on the other hand, her cunt was making her so wet she wished she would have been wearing panties; on yet another hand, all her submission fantasies to a young girl were dominating her thoughts, controlling her actions or lack of actions. Desperate to act casual and keep her growing desires in check, even with the young girl’s hand so close to her bubbling inferno, she joked, “You caught me.”

Dana seductively replied, “Now the question is what to do with you.”

“Pardon,” Jasmine asked, even though she completely understood the implications of the words that left the young girl’s luscious lips.

Dana moved her hand directly to Jasmine’s cunt and was surprised to see the pretty older woman was going commando. “Hmmmmm, my pet is wet and not wearing panties.”

Jasmine moaned uncontrollably at the forbidden touch. “I-I-I have to go,” she stammered, her body quivering.

Jasmine began to stand up, but Dana quickly ordered, her tone staying sexy but authoritative, “Sit down, Jasmine.”

Jasmine immediately obeyed, already weak from the redhead’s touch, literally becoming like one of her own submissive characters she usually pleasured herself to.

“Good girl,” Dana purred, her voice syrupy sweet. Her hand returned to her pet-to-be’s cunt. “Why are you so wet, Jasmine?”

Jasmine was overwhelmed with the seductive voice of the green-eyed goddess and by her teasing touch. “I-I-I don’t know,” she stammered again, although she knew why…this is exactly what she had fantasized for years, long before she began writing her dirty thoughts for the world to read.

Reading the sexy, shy older woman’s mind she countered, “I think you do know. I think you are submissive like so many of your stories…you are the protagonist of ‘Pet Teacher’ and a big part of you is added to many of your naughty, submissive characters in your stories. You would love to be Annie-girl and be dommed by a young girl like in your ‘Spanked to Submission’ story, wouldn’t you?”

Jasmine couldn’t deny any of the seductress’s words. Her greatest fantasy was to be seduced by a young girl. She felt a finger slip tease her clit as she moaned her answer, still ashamed to admit the truth, “Yeeeees.”

“And you have fantasized being a pet like the MILF’s in your ‘Lesbian MILF Seductress’ series’, haven’t you my pet?” Dana asked, her finger now between the very wet pussy lips of the sexy MILF.

Jasmine was greatly distracted by the finger teasing her fiery cunt and was no longer thinking like a dignified woman, but as the submissive she was deep down. She again whispered in a moan, “Yees.”

“Well consider me your Bree, just like the young seductress from that MILF Seductress series,” Dana said, slipping her finger inside the submissive writer’s cunt.

“Please, don’t,” Jasmine weakly resisted, “anyone could see.”

Dana continued slowly moving her finger inside the ready to submit brunette. “Finish your drink, my pet, and we will take this somewhere more private.”

Jasmine, her hand slightly trembling, shot the last half of her third glass of wine.

“You are an eager pet,” Dana assessed, her finger giving one quick tap on the MILF’s g-spot.

“Aaaaaaaaah,” Jasmine let out much louder than she wanted and quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one else seemed aware of what was happening under the table. Trying one last protest, she said, “My husband should be returning in a bit.”

“This is not a negotiation, Jasmine. I want you and I always get what I want and besides,” Dana paused and tapped the older woman’s g-spot each time she used the word you, “you need this…you want it…you crave it.”

Jasmine’s head was a fog, her mind no longer her own as her body easily gave into the powerful pleasure she was currently receiving.

“Don’t you, my pet?” Dana asked, her finger lingering inside the distracted pet-to-be’s cunt.

For Jasmine being called pet, her most common used submissive term in her own stories, only added to the growing desire to submit to her. She stammered, “I-I-I don’t know.”

Dana growing impatient with Jasmine’s weak resistance leaned into her ear and threatened, “My pet teacher, you either come back to my hotel so we can finish what we started, or I finger fuck you to orgasm right here and then make you crawl under this table and pleasure me.” Dana tugged on Jasmine’s ear before adding, “So what will it be, my pet, it’s beginning to get busier in here?”

The hot breathe on Jasmine’s ear, her weak spot, only added to the need to submit. Her unique and sexy French-English accent added to her growing desire to obey as well. The finger inside her had her desperate to come and the young girl’s confident attitude was pulling her into the wonderful world of submission she had fantasized and wrote about for years.

Jasmine no longer had any resistance left, her desire to come overwhelming any sort of propriety she should have had. Finally, submitting like she had fantasized doing all these years, Dana’s flowing red hair and exotic green eyes irresistible, she whispered, “Let’s go.”

“Go where,” Dana asked, pushing the submissive writer.

“Back to your room,” Jasmine whispered, embarrassed and excited by her words of submission.

Dana pulled her finger out of her pet’s cunt and moved it to her mouth. “Hmmmm, you taste heavenly, Jasmine.”

“T-t-thanks,” Jasmine stammered, mortified someone could see what was happening between the two.

“Thanks what?” Dana questioned.

Jasmine knew exactly what the young redhead was expecting; she was literally quoting a submissive set-up from her own stories. Letting go unconditionally, she said the word she had craved to say in person and not on paper for years, “Thank you, Mistress.” Saying the word was exhilarating to Jasmine, a liberation exuding out of her at giving herself to another, letting someone else be in charge of her mind and body.

Dana excited at getting the verbal submission she had been working towards for almost an hour said, “Let’s go, my pet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine responded without any hesitation, her brain and body now on the same journey.

The waitress returned at this moment and asked, “Can I get you ladies anything else?”

“Just the bill,” Dana replied.

Once the waitress was gone, Dana slipped her hand back inside Jasmine’s cunt and quickly pumped her finger in and out for a minute.

Jasmine’s breathing began to increase and she worried she may come right on the pub’s patio.

Dana instructed, “Don’t you dare come, my pet. One of the many things I have learned from your stories is that the pet never gets to come before the Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine agreed, cursing herself for writing such words.

“And, of course, a pet only comes with permission, isn’t that true?” Dana questioned, her finger stopped but lodged deep inside her beautiful author pet.

Jasmine couldn’t help but smile at the reality she was being seduced and dommed by her own words. “Yes, Mistress,” she again agreed, although knowing holding back from orgasmic bliss was going to be a challenge, as it was much easier written than done.

The waitress returned and Jasmine looked down. Dana slipped her finger out of Jasmine’s cunt and took the bill allowing Jasmine’s cunt scent to be noticed by the waitress.

The waitress gave a knowing smirk and asked, “Would there be anything else?”

Dana asked, trying to build onto the humiliation she was confident Jasmine craved, “Slut, will there be anything else?”

Jasmine’s cheeks burned with shame at being called a slut, yet she could also feel her pussy burn with need as well. She answered, still not making eye contact, “No, thanks you.”

“No thank you what my slut? And make eye contact when you speak to someone,” Dana demanded, her tone scolding.

Jasmine stuttered, her humiliation reaching new heights as she looked first to her powerful domme, “S-s-sorry Mistress,” and then to the cute waitress, “Just the bill, ma’am.”

“Do you want to eat her cunt?” Dana asked, pushing Jasmine’s submission further.

Jasmine gasped at the question and looked directly in the green eyes of her Mistress. Seeing no mercy in her eyes, Jasmine turned to the waitress, took every ounce of courage she had in her shy by nature body, and said, “Yes, I would love to eat her cunt.” Oddly, even as her face burned with shame, the naughty declaration was both liberating and hot. Giving herself unconditionally to this redheaded stranger, this fan of her work, was exhilarating and bringing to life almost twenty years of built up sexual frustration and boiling it over, like a volcano dormant for way too long.

The waitress blushed this time, clearly considering the offer. “Maybe another time.”

Dana shrugged, “Your loss,” and handed her the money plus a generous tip. “Your tip could have been a great orgasm instead.”

Dana grabbed Jasmine’s hand and pulled her up. Out of character, Jasmine decided spontaneously to add one last piece of her fantasy…to be alluring and wanted…to be seductive. Jasmine stopped in front of the waitress and said, a newfound confidence brimming out of her, “Too bad. I would have eaten your cunt like it has never been eaten before.”

It was the waitress’ turn to be shocked as her mouth dropped open and Dana chuckled and pulled her surprising pet along with her.

Once on the sidewalk, Jasmine said, strangely giddy, “I can’t believe I just said that.”

“That was fucking hot, my pet,” Dana said, her hand entwined with Jasmine’s.

They walked a block before passing an adult store. Dana stopped briefly before pulling Jasmine with her into the store. Once in the store, Dana said, “Go ahead my pet, maybe you can find a toy for me to use on you like in the last Pet Teacher story.”

Jasmine blushed recalling the chapter where the main character, named Jasmine, was used as the sexual guinea pig for a variety of sexual toys. The indent in the series was not to usually make it about her, but once it was in there she figured what the hell.

Dana left on a mission knowing what she was looking for, while Jasmine stared at the wall of toys, many that seemed too big for insertion. Jasmine recalled going to a sex toy party where her mind was awakened to the possibility, but she was way too shy to buy anything close to risqué. Instead purchasing a conservative toy called a we-vibe. She did recall a suction cup dildo she was fascinated with as she loved being fucked doggie style but would never buy such a thing in mixed company. She also recalled researching a wide range of online toys when writing the particular Pet Teacher chapter and was amazed at the plethora of shapes and sizes for play. Now she was staring at them live. She looked around like a kid in a candy store, so many options. She looked at curve shaped vibrators and vibrating eggs, wondering what it would be like to wear a set inside her all day. She loved the idea that they could be in her all day and no one would notice. She was holding them in her hand when Dana arrived with a few things in a pink basket.

“Hmmmm, you dirty girl, always trying to be naughty underneath and yet prim and proper from the exterior,” Dana properly assessed.

Jasmine explained, “I live in a town of under two thousand people. If the truth got out, I would be ruined.”

“Fair enough,” Dana agreed, but added, “not allowing your sexuality to flourish and your needs to be met is not healthy either.”

“I suppose,” Jasmine said, putting the eggs back.

“Don’t you dare. I am buying those for you as a reminder of the time we are about to have,” Dana said, promising an afternoon of sin.

Jasmine obeyed and looked at the toys Dana had. She couldn’t see everything, but did see a strap-on box, what looked like a long dildo, handcuffs, and a couple other things she couldn’t place based on the package.

Dana teased, “Don’t you be snooping, you will get to be using all of these very soon.”

Jasmine blushed, as her pussy tingled.

Dana took the eggs and said, “Wait here while I purchase these.”

Jasmine nodded and continued to survey the toys before suddenly seeing the suction cup dildo. She reached for it and examined it closely. It was ten inches long and again Jasmine’s pussy tingled. She wanted to buy it, but couldn’t figure how to get it home without her husband noticing. Then she laughed at herself at the thought that he would even check the suitcases. She paused briefly before saying fuck it and taking the toy to the till.

Dana was just paying when Jasmine arrived. “Oh, what do you got there my pet?”

Jasmine went red at being called pet in front of a complete stranger, especially a woman about her age. “Just something I have always wanted,” Jasmine admitted.

Dana grabbed the toy and said, “Oh my, you really are a horny little slut.”

Jasmine was further mortified by the name-calling even as her pussy got wetter.

Dana handed it to the sales lady, who was very pretty, although a bit on the chunky side, and was clearly amused and understood exactly why all these toys were being purchased. Once all rung in, the sales lady asked, “Do you need any lube for your toys?”

Dana turned to Jasmine and asked, “Do you need lube for when I fuck your ass?”

Jasmine’s humiliation burned through her at being treated like a slut in front of this stranger. She whispered, unable to make eye contact, “Yes, Mistress.”

The sales lady felt her own pussy tingling at the thought of her own submission, a fantasy she too longed to make reality.

“Pardon?” Dana asked, even though she heard her.

Jasmine knew based on her writing what was expected of her. She looked directly at Dana and said, “Yes, Mistress lube would be helpful when you fuck my slutty ass.”

The sales lady gasped as Dana turned and said, “Apparently we will need some.”

As the sales lady put the lube in the discreet brown bag, Dana took out a vibrating egg and opened the package. Turning it on, she moved to her pet and instructed, “Lift up your dress, my cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine obeyed, even as she winced slightly at being called a cunt.

Dana easily slipped the buzzing toy inside the author’s sopping wet cunt. “Holly shit Jasmine, you are fucking drenched,” she announced before adding, “you may need panties to keep that toy inside your box.” Dana reached for a pink pair on a table nearby and lowered herself to the ground.

Jasmine lifted each foot and watched in horny awe as the young English girl slid the panties up her legs.

Standing back up, Dana returned her attention back to the transaction at hand.

The sales lady, her smile wide, said, “That will be $124.45.”

Dana handed her a credit card, but asked, a smile on her face too, “How much discount would I get if my slut here brought you to orgasm?”

Jasmine was mortified…again, but greatly distracted by the buzzing inside her needy cunt. But before the sales lady who seemed to be considering the offer could answer, the door opened and a middle age couple entered the store.

“A rain check?” Dana joked.

The sales lady, her face flushed as well, said back, “I am giving you twenty percent off, anyway.”

Dana thanked her as the chubby woman handed her back her credit card and receipt. “That is so nice of you. I may come back here one day. I could always use a sexy eager MILF dyke to pleasure me.”

The sales woman’s mouth dropped open as Dana turned to leave and instructed loud enough for the couple to hear, “Follow me, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine replied, loud enough for the couple to hear as well, suddenly enjoying the exhibitionist role, not to mention the buzzing inside her fevered cunt.

The couple stared at Jasmine and Dana with a mixture of shock and disgust.

As Dana walked past the disapproving woman she winked at her.

Once outside, Dana grabbed her pet’s hand and they continued their walk to the hotel.

A couple of minutes later, Jasmine suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“What is wrong, my pet?” Dana asked, surprised.

“This is where I am staying,” Jasmine said, the redness in her face quickly draining.

Dana laughed. “Well, this day is definitely full of serendipity.”

Jasmine anxiety suddenly overwhelming her said, “I can’t be seen going in there holding your hand.”

Dana smiled, and could see this could be a deal-breaker. Using soft sympathy she said, “It’s ok, Jasmine, we will just walk together to the elevator.”

Just as suddenly as anxiety hit her, it began to fade. “Oh, thank you, Mistress.”

“But once we get in my room, I am going to devour you whole,” Dana promised, bringing an instant tingling to her cunt, the anticipation of the seduction getting her very wet herself.

Jasmine’s cunt leaked a bit at the naughty promise just given by her Mistress too. Jasmine falling into her submissive role naturally responded, “Whatever you wish, Mistress.”

“Fuck you are hot,” Dana said, hungry to fulfill the promise she just made.

Jasmine volleyed back the compliment, again out of character. “You are fucking hot too, Mistress.”

“Let’s go,” Dana instructed, trying to veil her eagerness to get the submissive alone.

Jasmine and Dana walked into the hotel together looking like two friends and not dominant and submissive and headed directly to the elevator. Jasmine felt that everybody was watching them, that everybody knew exactly what the two of them were about to do. The reality, of course, was the people paid no unique attention to the two other than to notice Jasmine’s stocking-clad legs and Dana’s voluptuous bust.

Once in the elevator, Dana pressed sixteen.

Once the elevator door closed, Dana turned and pressed her lips onto her MILF’s lips. Jasmine immediately opened her mouth and the two were kissing like two horny lovers. Their tongues danced and explored every crevice of each other’s mouth.

Dana broke the kiss and asked her breath already erratic, “Ever do it in an elevator?”

Jasmine responded surprised by the question. “No.”

Dana hit the stop button and the elevator came to a jolting sudden stop, between the tenth and eleventh floor. Both women stumbled a bit, Jasmine shocked by Dana’s rash action.

“Well, now you will,” Dana smiled, devilishly. Dana undid the scarf that was tied to her purse and tossed it over the camera above them. “We don’t want our sexual rendezvous all over the Internet, do we?”

“God no,” Jasmine gasped, still shocked by yet another turn of events.

“On your knees, my pet,” Dana instructed, still pressing the stop button.

Jasmine hesitated still uncomfortable by the setting.

“Now, my pet, time is of the essence,” Dana pushed, her tone shifting slightly from sweet to controlling.

Jasmine, like the good pet she had always fantasized being, like she always wrote about, fell to her knees.

“Good pet,” Dana rewarded, her tone back to soft and sweet.

Jasmine remained silent, in awe at her current predicament and the growing contradicting excitement and trepidation.

“Crawl to me, my eager cunt licker,” Dana ordered.

Jasmine had written this scene many times, fantasized it a million more times, but neither were close to the exhilaration of really doing it. She moved in what felt like slow motion, her pussy leaking so much it was escaping from the cloth protection.

Once Jasmine was at Dana’s feet, they were interrupted by the intercom and a male voice. “Is anybody in there? If so, please press the green button and hold it while you speak.”

Dana still holding the stop button, pressed the green button, and said, “Hello.”

“How many of you are in there?” the male voice asked.

“Two,” Dana replied.

“We are working on this, Miss, but it may be a while. Just press the green button if you have any questions.”

“Will do?” Dana smiled, knowing there was nothing they could do to fix it. Letting go of the green button, she instructed, “Take off my panties, my pet.”

Jasmine rattled by the man’s voice, her trembling hands moved up under the young girl’s dress and tugged down her red panties.

“Do you want to lick my cunt, Jasmine?” Dana asked, looking down at her submissive pet.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine admitted, looking up to her seductive Mistress, her mouth watering.

At this moment, Jasmine’s phone rang.

Dana instructed, “Ignore your phone. Your only concern right now is pleasing me, isn’t it?”

Jasmine was startled by the phone, knowing it had to be her husband, but her desire to obey Dana overpowered her duties and loyalty as a wife. Also, although this may sound bad and many would disagree, Jasmine did not consider having sex with another woman cheating. She would never, ever cheat on her husband with another man, yet she had on a few occasions had sexual encounters with woman…although nothing that created a sub-domme relationship and none in recent memory. She ignored the still ringing phone and answered, “Yes, Mistress, I am here for you and you alone unconditionally.”

Dana smiled happy with the author’s answer, but pushed further. “I own you for the next couple of hours, is that clear?”

Being treated like a piece of property, like she often wrote about in her stories, made her even wetter. She didn’t hesitate when she replied, trying to impress her seductive goddess, “Yes, Mistress, my body and mind is yours to use. I will obey without hesitation every order you give. I am yours to use as you see fit. My tiny tits are yours. My wet cunt is yours. My cunt licking tongue is yours.”

Dana’s cunt gushed at the amazing declaration from a woman she felt she knew really well because of the stories she had read. Pushing it just a tad further, Dana questioned with a tone of curiosity, “And your ass?”

Jasmine immediately answered, “Yes, Mistress, that goes without saying. My ass is yours too.”

“Fuck, you are hot,” Dana moaned, the complete submission of this gorgeous woman, this author who had inspired her through her words, the greatest turn on in her life. “Lick my cunt, Jasmine.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine eagerly agreed, going underneath the young girl’s dress and directly to the cunt she was drooling over. Jasmine had not licked pussy for over two years, when the younger teacher she had been playing with got a job hours away. But as soon as her tongue touched the sweet wetness of the woman she had known for less than two hours, she remembered just how much she missed the unique taste of a woman. Although the position was awkward, and she had never pleased a woman who was standing up, she lapped luxuriously up and down, slowly parting the redhead’s wet pussy lips. Every fifth tongue stroke up, she would purposely reach the young girl’s clit, an action meant to tease. Although in an elevator, although on her knees, although her husband was waiting for her somewhere, she was in no hurry. She was savoring every second, every taste and every moan.

“Oh, yes, Jasmine,” Dana moaned, “you are a natural pussy pleaser.”

The compliment radiated through Jasmine as she continued licking her one day Mistress’ delicious cunt. Time was irrelevant and neither Jasmine nor Dana had any clue how long the submissive pleasured the dominant.

Dana could feel her orgasm building and demanded, “Suck my clit, slut. Suck it hard.”

Jasmine smiled to herself loving the power she had over the young, horny near orgasm girl, which was ironic considering her submissive position. None-the-less she obeyed her Mistress’ order and took Dana’s hard clit in her mouth.

“Oh fuck, Jasmine, fuck, yes, finger me too, finger fuck my cunt,” Dana screamed, her orgasm close to explosion.

Jasmine slipped two fingers inside Dana easily and pumped them in and out furiously as she continued the intense pressure on Dana’s clit. All the while, the buzzing in Jasmine’s cunt had her desperate to come herself, but she was aware she would not be allowed to until after she had got her Mistress off.

In seconds, Dana’s orgasm overwhelmed her and she screamed, pressing the green button wanting all to know, “Oh fuck, I’m comiiiiing, yes, fuuuuuuck, fuck, you dirty whore, you fucking cunt-licking sluuuuuuut,”

The nasty talk only enhanced Jasmine’s unconditional surrender to Dana as she wanted to be the whore, the slut, the lesbian. She opened her mouth as the flood of juices exploded out of the redheaded beauty…way more than any previous girl Jasmine had pleasured.

“Are you ok in here?” the man’s voice asked.

“Yes, dammit,” Dana moaned, before snapping, “when is this elevator going to be fixed?”

“We are working on it ma’am,” the man apologized. “It seems to just be stuck somehow.”

Dana smiled at the somehow and let go off the green button. Her orgasm was the most intense of her life and as it pulsed through her she grabbed Jasmine by the head and pulled her deep into her pulsating cunt.

Jasmine continued licking, ignoring the man’s voice, retrieving every drop of the young girl’s unique tasting nectar, even as Jasmine’s phone rang a second time.

Dana finally let go of her pet’s head and also let go of the stop button on the elevator. Instantly, the elevator continued its upward descent.

Jasmine quickly stood up, her face shiny with Dana’s cum.

Dana smiled, “Fuck you look hot wearing my cum.”

“Thank you, Mistress, I will wear it with pride,” Jasmine admitted, completely intoxicated by the young girl’s words, looks and taste and of the exhilaration of obedience.

“Grab my underwear, my pet,” Dana instructed, as the elevator reached their floor.

Jasmine reached down and grabbed the slightly damp underwear just as the elevator door finally opened.

To the two teenagers who were waiting for the elevator, there was no physical evidence of the sex scene that had just occurred, other than the glean on Jasmine’s face which the two boys were oblivious to.

Dana walked out and said with a smile, “Hi, studs.”

Jasmine followed behind her as the boys drooled at Dana’s ample rack.

The boys went into the elevator, staring at Dana the whole time until the elevator closed.

Jasmine followed Dana down the hallway and to room 1616.

Once inside, Dana ordered, “Take off that dress, Jasmine.”

Jasmine quickly obeyed, although she was ashamed of her small b-cup breasts and her slight belly she never lost after having two children.

“Such perky breasts,” Dana assessed, moving to her and kissing Jasmine’s just-a-handful breasts.

“They are so small, especially compared to yours,” Jasmine said.

“They are the perfect size, my pet. You deal with the breasts that you are given,” Dana joked, as she sucked Jasmine`s left nipple into her mouth. “Plus, trust me, big breasts are not all they are made out to be. My back gets sore and I am treated like a sex object by every dirty pervert.”

Dana pulled her dress off as well and asked, “Would you like to unclasp my bra for me?”

“God yes,” Jasmine replied, her mouth literally watering again.

“Well, what is keeping you from doing it?” Dana joked.

“May I, Mistress,” Jasmine questioned, wanting permission like a good pet.

“Of course, silly,” Dana chuckled, impressed by just how obedient the MILF was. “Now get over here and unclasp your Mistress.”

Jasmine quickly obeyed, reaching around to Dana’s back fumbling with the clasp, her excitement only making the simplistic task more difficult. Finally the clasp came undone and Dana’s 36G breasts were directly in Jasmine’s face.

Seeing the hunger and awe in Jasmine’s facial expression, Dana purred, “Go ahead my pet, play with my breasts.”

Jasmine cupped Dana’s breasts in her hand. Her awe was obvious as she said, “They are so heavy, how do you carry such a load?”

“It is the curse of the large breasts,” Dana smiled.

“My tiny breasts could fit in one of yours and still have room for friends to visit,” Jasmine joked.

Laughing, making her mammoth breasts jiggle, Dana offered, pulling Jasmine’s mouth onto her erect nipple, “Go ahead my pet, take them in your mouth.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Jasmine whispered, opening her mouth and taking Dana’s stiff big nipple in her mouth.

“You love my big tits, don’t you my pet,” Dana moaned, her nipples overly sensitive.

“Hmmmm, they are so lovely,” Jasmine moaned, focusing on the biggest breasts she had ever touched.

“You want to worship them?” Dana asked.

“God, yes,” Jasmine answered, swirling her tongue around Dana’s stiff nipple.

“Your tongue feels so good, my pet,” Dana complimented; the pleasure from her pet’s nipple play bringing sensations directly to her burning cunt.

Ten minutes of Jasmine kissing, licking and nibbling both breasts proceeded with Dana continuing to talk softly to her. Finally, her cunt blazing, Dana shifted to dirty talk. “On your knees, slut.”

Jasmine quickly obeyed, even though she could have spent an eternity pleasuring Dana’s voluptuous breasts. On her knees, she was reminded of the egg that had been vibrating in her cunt, having gotten relatively used to the buzzing sensations.

Dana grabbed the bag and ordered, “Follow me, my titty lover.”

Jasmine had written many stories where a character had been forced to crawl on their knees, but she herself had never did it. As fantasized, the real life scenario was as exhilarating and humiliating as she imagined. She crawled on the carpeted hotel floor to the bed.

Dana put the bag of toys on the bed and considered her options. Grabbing the strap-on cock, she put it around her waist as Jasmine watched from her subservient point of view. Dana looking down at her pet asked, “Does my MILF slut want to be fucked?”

Being called a MILF flattered Jasmine and the egg buzzing in her cunt for an eternity had her eager to come. “Yes, Mistress, I would love you to fuck your slut.”

Dana loved her pet calling herself names as she reached down and pulled the egg out from her pet. “Clean it off my slut, it is soaking wet with your cunt juice.”

Jasmine opened her mouth and cleaned her own juices, something else she had never did before, other than from her own finger. Surprisingly, my own taste was salty sweet and she knew she would be tasting herself more when alone at night writing her naughty tales.

A moment later, Dana took the toy back and tossed it on the bed. “Crawl onto the bed, my pet,” Dana instructed.

Jasmine pulled herself up onto the king-sized bed.

Dana lay down on the bed, her cock standing straight up. “Straddle me my pet. I want to watch you as you ride me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine obeyed, even though she hated the on top position, always feeling uncomfortable at being watched, her insecurities always getting the best of her.

Dana noticed the trepidation in Jasmine’s tone. “Are you uncomfortable on top, my slut?”

“Usually,” Jasmine admitted, as she began to straddle the naked redhead.

“But you will do it for me, won’t you?” Dana asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine answered, her cunt slowly lowering onto the big plastic cock.

“Because I own you, don’t I my slutty teacher?” Dana questioned.

Jasmine moaned as the cock slowly filled her while lowering herself onto it, “Yes, Mistress, I’m your slut teacher, your pet teacher, and your whore author.”

“I think this will be a good story, don’t you think?” Dana asked, watching the beautiful woman’s facial expressions as the cock filled her.

“Fuck, yes,” Jasmine moaned, the eight inch cock now completely in her cunt.

“Fuck, yes, you will write the story; or fuck, yes, the cock is deep in your slut box?” Dana asked to clarify.

“Both,” Jasmine whimpered, as she began to slowly move up and down on the plastic cock, her eyes closed.

“Open your eyes, Jasmine, let me look into those crystal blue eyes. I want to see your hunger,” Dana instructed.

Jasmine opened her eyes and looked down at the beautiful young woman. Suddenly her insecurities disappeared as this moment seemed so perfect. She began moving faster, her perky breasts beginning to bounce, as she rode the plastic cock.

“That’s it, my cunt-pleaser, fuck yourself. Let loose and be the submissive whore you have always craved to be,” Dana ordered.

Jasmine continued riding the plastic cock, not used to bring on top it took a while to get into a rhythm.

Dana suggested, “Use my tits for leverage, my pet.”

Jasmine leaned forward, each of the green eyed beauty’s massive breasts, holding up Jasmine’s weight. This new position gave Jasmine the perfect position to lean forward and move her hips back and forth with smoothness.

“Fuck you are the sexiest slut teacher in the world,” Dana complimented. “Could you imagine if your students had any clue what kind of whore their teacher is? You would have boys forcing you to suck their cocks, you would have girls forcing you between their legs and you would be used as a complete cum bucket. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

Jasmine was riding the cock furiously now, her desire to come all that mattered, and the dirty thoughts of being used by her students only built on her desire to come. “Fuck, yes, I would love to be a teacher slut,” Jasmine screamed, verbalizing her naughtiest dirty fantasy, flashes of so many ex-students she would love to submit to…guys and girls…jocks and nerds…she fantasized about them all.

“Close to coming, my teacher whore?” Dana questioned, although her pet’s facial expressions made the question redundant.

“Sooooo close, Mistress, may I come?” Jasmine requested, her orgasm on the brink.

“Lean forward, slut,” Dana instructed.

Jasmine reluctantly obeyed, but was thrilled when she felt Dana buck her ass up and began fucking her hard. “Oh yes, Mistress, fuck your slut, fuck her haaaard.”

“Come now my slut,” Dana demanded, as she thrust hard into her pet.

“Thaaaaaaank yooooooou,” Jasmine screamed, the all day building orgasm exploding like she had never felt before. Her whole body tingled as she held onto Dana’s breasts for dear life.

“That’s it, slut, come for me,” Dana said, continuing her hard upward thrusts into her coming pet.

“Yeeeeees, Mistress,” Jasmine squeaked out, her breathing erratic as the greatest sexual pleasure of her life poured through her.

“Come harder you fucking slut, you cunt-licking whore,” Dana ordered, trying to make her pet’s orgasm even more intense, confident the name calling enhanced her pet’s pleasure.

“Oh my fuuuuuucking goddddddddd,” Jasmine screamed, loud enough for the neighbors next door to know exactly what was happening. Sensation after sensation after sensation wracked through her body, bringing a delirium of pleasure she didn’t think possible. Each nasty name only seemed to increase the pleasure. “Tell me you own meeee,” Jasmine begged, wanting to be belittled, to be used like the whore she always wanted to be, like the whore she always wrote about in her stories.

“I own every fucking piece of you my fucking slut. Your sweet ass, your tight cunt, your tiny titties, your slutty mouth and inside your head I own your thoughts, don’t I Jasmine Walker?”

Hearing her full name made the scene even more humiliating, bringing her back to the reality of her sin, but she loved every second of it. “Yes, I’m your bimbo, think for me Mistress, tell me what to do,” Jasmine declared, the orgasm finally beginning to dissipate.

Dana rolled Jasmine onto her back and shoved the shiny cock into Jasmine’s mouth.

Jasmine needed no instructions as she sucked her own cum off the plastic fuck-toy. Although awkward on her back, she bobbed back and forth as best she could, Dana’s knee placed firmly on her still slowly pulsing cunt kept her in exotic desire.

Dana pulled the now clean plastic cock out of her slut’s mouth and unbuckled the strap-on from her waist. She reached into her bag of toys and grabbed her handcuffs. Moving to the side of the bed, she ordered, “Raise your hands, slave.”

Slave was a new derogatory term for Jasmine, another one that again turned her on. She obeyed, even though the thought of being handcuffed did not appeal to her at all.

Dana again noticed her sub’s apprehension and asked, “You don’t trust me, slut?”

Jasmine stammered, “N-n-no it’s not that. It’s just I have never been handcuffed before.”

“Hmmmmm,” Dana purred, “I love when I am your first.” Dana handcuffed her sexy pet to the bed. Dana returned to her bag of toys and pulled out a vibrating butt plug. She returned to the bag and grabbed the lube.

“Ever had anything in your ass, slut?” Dana asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine admitted, still recovering, and feeling uncomfortable in her restrictive position.

“Details,” Dana asked as she applied generously lube to the butt plug.

“My husband has fucked me there,” Jasmine explained, thinking of her husband for the first time in a while.

“Ever been double penetrated,” Dana asked, with a smile.

“No, Mistress,” Jasmine answered.

“Do you want to be?” Dana asked, even as she moved back to her sexy pet.

“Whatever you wish, Mistress,” Jasmine said, before adding, “but I must inform you that I cannot have multiple orgasms.”

“You have never had multiple orgasms?” Dana asked, surprised as she was a coming machine herself.

“Not without a few hours in between,” Jasmine sighed.

“Challenge accepted,” Dana smiled, spreading Jasmine’s stocking-clad legs apart.

“It’s impossible,” Jasmine informed Dana, having tried herself and with her lovers for years.

“We will see about that, my little slut,” Dana responded, confidence vibrating in her as she rubbed the lubricated toy at the pretty teacher’s rosebud. “Beg me to fill your ass, my slut.”

Jasmine was already a bit tired from the last fucking and once she had an orgasm she often lost the fire of desire, but she begged, “Please fill your slut’s ass, Mistress.”

Dana could tell that Jasmine had lost the fire she had before she came and the submissive convinced herself she could not have multiple orgasms. Dana would have fun being the first to get her off twice, maybe even three times. She turned the vibrating plug on and slowly began pushing it in Jasmine’s sexy ass.

Jasmine whimpered at first, having not had anything in her ass in a long time. Although not painful, it was also not pleasant as it slid inside her. Quickly though the buzzing in her ass, another first, began to get her feeling good. Frustration immediately began inside her knowing that the pleasure may drive her mad with ecstasy, but the dam would never break, she would be stuck in perpetual sexual limbo.

“Fuck, your an ass slut too, Jasmine,” Dana smiled, once the medium sized plug was completely lodged in Jasmine’s ass. Crawling between the handcuffed sub’s stocking-clad legs Dana purred, “I have wanted to taste you directly from the source since I first saw you Jasmine. Do you want me to lick you?”

“God yes, Mistress,” Jasmine answered, seeing the luscious red hair, green eyes and dazzling smile between her legs making her hot.

Dana leaned forward and tasted her pet’s sweetness.

Conversely, Jasmine let out a moan as Dana’s tongue began licking her.

“Hmmm, you taste as good as you write,” Dana complimented, “Sweet perfection.”

“Thaaanks,” Jasmine moaned with a soft chuckle, the pressure on her pussy lips mixed with the buzzing in her ass bringing sensational teasing bliss.

“You are not leaving this bed, my pet, until you have that impossible second orgasm,” Dana informed her bound pet.

Jasmine joked, “Well, then I guess we will be here for a very long time.”

“How long before your husband gets suspicious?” Dana asked between long, wide licks.

Jasmine pondered the question. The phone hadn’t rang in a while, but he must be getting worried by now. “I don’t know. He must already be wondering. It’s not like me to not answer my phone or be waiting when he gets back.”

“You are a submissive wife too, aren’t you,” Dana assessed.

“Not handcuffed to a bed with a vibrating plug in my ass submissive,” Jasmine smiled naughtily, before adding, “but yes, I usually do as he tells me in the bedroom.”

“You suck his cock?”

“Of course.”

“You swallow his load?”


“You are a very obedient wife,” Dana teased, while swirling her tongue around her pet’s clit.

“Yeeeeees, I suppose so,” Jasmine moaned as her clit was teased.

“But now you are my submissive, my pet, my slut, aren’t you?” Dana asked.

“Yeeees, I am yours,” Jasmine moaned, Dana’s tongue making her feel so fucking good.

“Fuck I could eat your box all day,” Dana said, diving back in and really lapping Jasmine’s wetness.

If Jasmine wasn’t handcuffed to the bed, she would have grabbed Dana’s head and pulled her even deeper inside, but of course she could do no such thing. Instead, she just laid back and enjoyed the teasing pleasure, accepting it was going to be the longest tease of her life.

After a few minutes of licking her pet’s cunt, Dana returned to her bag of toys and grabbed the double-ended dildo. Returning to her handcuffed submissive, Dana asked, “Ever used one of these?”

“Nooooo,” Jasmine replied, as Dana rubbed the toy up and down her pet’s wet pussy lips.

“Another first,” Dana smiled, as she slid the wide dildo into Jasmine’s wet cunt.

“Aaaaaaaah,” Jasmine moaned, the big toy enhancing the buzzing in her other hole.

Dana smiled, as she ordered, “Move onto your side, my dp slut.”

Jasmine struggled to move into the instructed position in her bound position, but eventually did.

Dana put the other end of the double-ended pleasure toy in her own eager cunt and slowly moved herself closer to her pet, taking more of the long, wide cock inside herself. Soon Dana was completely filled and moaned, “Fuck it’s all in me, baby. Now it’s going to fill you full, my ass-whore.”

Jasmine felt the cock slowly fill her as Dana’s legs moved between hers.

“Relax, slut,” Dana instructed. “I want our pussy lips to be kissing each other.”

“Kkkkkkkk,” Jasmine whimpered, beginning to feel fuller than she ever thought possible, the toy buzzing in her ass adding to the fullness. Every time she thought she was completely full, Dana filled her deeper until their cunts were touching and both girls were filled with cock.

“Ready for the greatest sensation of your life?” Dana asked.

Jasmine moaned, feeling a new euphoria she had never experienced, “Yes, Mistress.”

“On the count of three, buck your ass up,” Dana instructed.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine replied, her body again burning with lust.

“One,” Dana started. “I’m going to fuck the hell out of you, Jasmine.”

Jasmine was dying to see what Dana was going to do next. The two toys currently inside her bringing such pleasure she thought she may pass out.

“Two,” Dana counted. “I’m going to give you the multiple orgasms a horny, teacher lesbo slut like you deserves.”

Jasmine prayed that Dana could do the impossible because if she didn’t reach orgasm soon she may explode with frustration.

“Two and a half,” Dana teased. “Are you ready, Jasmine?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jasmine whimpered, adding, “use me please.”

“Three,” Dana announced and both girls thrust at the same time.

Jasmine screamed as the dildo in her cunt penetrated her deeper than anything ever had in her life. “Oh my fuuuuuuuuucking god.”

Dana screamed in unison, as she too was filled completely.

Both the pet and the trainer bucked back and forth, grinding their cunts into each other, literally fucking each other.

For ten sweaty grind filled minutes the two women became one as they used each other for ultimate pleasure. Jasmine so close to orgasm, yet unable to cross the threshold was rambling incoherently. “Oh my, fuck, yes, shit, fuck, fuck, fuckity-fuck-fuck, soooooo good, aaaah, fuck, oh my, shiiiit.”

Dana smiled at her pet’s delirium confident the impossible second orgasm was imminent.

“Will you obey any order I give?” Dana asked.

“Fuck, anything,” Jasmine barely got out.

“I want you to come simultaneously with me,” Dana informed.

Jasmine sighed knowing that was one promise she couldn’t make happen. “Dana, please…”

“On ten you will come my slut,” Dana demanded, her tone powerful and unwavering.

Before Jasmine could finish her sentence or protest, Dana began the count up.

“One, my slut. Tell me what you are?” Dana questioned, between panting, both their bodies shiny with sweet sweat.

“A slut, a dirty fucking lez whore,” Jasmine replied, belittling herself.

“Two, my whore. What’s in your ass?”

“A vibrating plug is in my ass,” Jasmine whimpered, desperately grinding herself into her Mistress.

“Three, my tit-lover. What are you willing to do to have my tits in your mouth again?”

“Anything, Mistress,” Jasmine moaned, her mouth salivating at the thought of the huge tits in her mouth and in her hands again.

“Four, my pussy-pleaser. Anything is a pretty big promise,” Dana warned.

“I will do fuuuucking anything,” Jasmine promised, her mind on sexual cruise control.

“Five, my submissive play thing. You will come and visit me in England this fall?” Dana asked.

Jasmine was surprised by question, but also knew that after today there was no way she could never do this again. She moaned, “I promise to come and see you and be your unconditional slave while I am there.”

“Six, my slutty slave. You understand I will share you with my sorority sisters?”

Instead of being mortified, the thought of being used by English college girls only enhanced her promise. “Oh fuck, Mistress, I would love nothing more. You would make all my nasty whore dreams come true.”

“Seven, my author cunt. You also promise to write our story and publish it for the world to read?” Dana questioned.

“It would be my privilege,” Jasmine declared, feeling her orgasm bubbling just underneath the surface, her frustration driving her crazy.

“Eight, my married ass whore. I expect you to obey weekly tasks I will send by e-mail, is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress, I am your slave forever, use my body and my mind,” Jasmine declared, wanting to give herself body, mind and soul to the beautiful redheaded co-ed.

“Nine, my MILF lesbo. Who owns you?”

“Dana owns me. Dana owns my tits. Dana owns my lips. Dana owns my cunt. Dana owns my ass. Dana is my unconditional Mistress,” Jasmine declared, grinding her body against Dana’s desperately.

“Nine and a half, my lover. Tell me you love me,” Dana whispered.

Jasmine was startled by the demand but all her body felt was unconditional love for this dominant, yet caring young woman. Jasmine heard herself declare, “I love you, Dana.”

Dana’s orgasm was ready to explode and she announced. “If you love me Jasmine. If you are the obedient pet toy I know you are, come when I say the next number. Are you ready to be my complete pet, Jasmine?”

Jasmine could sense the impending orgasm in her and the dam had already cracked and was about to burst. “Say it Mistress, say it now,” Jasmine pleaded.

“Ten my cunt-licking, dildo-fucking, tit-nibbling, ass-buzzing slave, ten, dammit, ten, come my slaaaaave,” Dana screamed as her orgasm exploded.

Simultaneously, a sexual miracle occurred as Jasmine’s orgasm triggered and she screamed, “I’m coooooooooming tooooooooooo, Mistress.”

Both girl’s shook, quaked and writhed as they had the biggest, most explosive, most body chilling, earth shaking orgasms of their lives. They collapsed onto their backs and allowed the pure ecstasy of the orgasm to flow through them. Dana, eyes closed, couldn’t believe she had seduced and dommed the Jasmine Walker. Jasmine, meanwhile, couldn’t believe she had achieved multiple orgasms after years of trying, the second orgasm hitting her with even more intensity than the first. Silence, other than heavy breathing, continued for a few minutes as both women recovered from a sexual experience like no other.

Story of compulsion, submission, completion, and wife shared.

Stefan is very dynamic and has that animal compulsion that attracts women and interests men. Large, muscled, lots of hair, mustache and beard. He has a charisma that makes you want to go along with him and do what he wants.

Megan had invited him to dinner and just informed me that Friday afternoon. Well, we often have guests, so no real surprise there, but a little regarding Stefan. We had a good, light meal, with lots of wine. Megan didn’t seem to notice as Stefan, sitting next to her, kept her glass full, and she was getting pretty well loosened up by the time we finished.

We moved to the living room and decided to sample some Brendan’s Irish Cream, which also goes down very easily. Stefan sat next to Megan on the couch, and he was close and closer as time went by, going so far as to hold the glass to her lips to keep her drinking.

His left arm reached around her left shoulder as she sat to his left, while the right hand guided her glass. They were thigh to thigh, and her summer dress had slipped up quite a bit. I could see her white panties, as I sat across from them. To my amazement, her crotch was wet, clinging to her labia. He was turning her on big time, it appeared. His arm casually drooped down and his hand was now touching the top of her breast, which she either didn’t notice or didn’t mind. On the other hand, I knew that she got horny when she was drinking, so it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise.

He was busy flattering her, admiring her dress, and looking down at her dress, realizing how far up it had slid. He gave her the glass and put his hand on her near thigh, bluntly asking her if she was showing off just for him. She looked down as his hand slid up her thigh and pushed the dress all the way to her hip, showing her panties and the big wet spot.

To my utter amazement, and, I hope, to the surprise of Stefan, she replied “Yes.” Then she turned to him and started kissing him. Stefan wasted no time, took her glass and put it on the table, and moving his hands to her shoulders, pushed her down on the couch as he lay down atop her, kissing her deeply. He shifted position to move her legs apart and lay between them, then moved his right hand to her breast and started fondling and tweaking it. She moaned and wrapped her left leg up over his hip, thrusting up against him.

I was so shocked I couldn’t move or say anything, as Stefan looked like he was taking my wife right in front of me. She was moaning and pulling him against her body, looking for all the world like his dick was in her, fucking her. After a minute or two, it was pretty obvious that if this was going to stop, it was up to me, because neither of them showed the least sign of halting their foreplay.

But Stefan beat me to the punch. He broke free of her kiss, looked at me, and ordered me, “Show me the bedroom.” With that, he pulled free, stood up, and picked up my wife in his arms, her dress now pushed up to her waist. He turned to me and looked at me, defying me to defy him.

I quickly stood up, in shock and even in awe, and turned towards the hallway and led down to the master bedroom. Stefan was right behind me, and as we entered, he told me to pull the covers off the bed. I did, and he put my wife down into a sitting position, then simply took the bottom of her dress at her waist and pulled it up and off. My wife had a light bra on, showing very erect nipples, and her panties and slip-on shoes. It took Stefan but a moment to pull her bra up and off, as she raised her arms again to aid him. She kicked off her shoes as he pulled up to a standing position, then slid her soaked panties down and off, then tossed them to me with a big, malevolent grin, knowing that if it had gone this far, nothing and nobody, especially my wife, was going to stop him.

But as if that wasn’t enough, he ordered me further. “Sniff those panties. You know she wants it. Now STRIP!” I quickly obeyed orders, knowing my wife’s odor of lust as it filled my nose from her panties, as well as now in the room. She lay back on the bed, spreading her legs, showing her shaved mound, all wet with her secretions. I removed my clothes as Stefan did the same. We both watched Stefan as he pulled down first his pants, showing his boxers sporting a large bulge, then the boxers, revealing what he planned to plug into my wife, a large erection, thick and hard.

But Stefan was in charge. He ordered me over to between her legs and told me to taste her and feel her so that I had no doubts she wanted him. I moved in and tasted her vaginal secretions, that combination of musk and honey. She moaned with pleasure as I ran my tongue up over her clitoris, then down to her vagina, and a quick spasm pushed more fluid onto my tongue.

“Enough. Get on the bed and watch.” I obeyed. Stefan climbed onto the bed, pushing my wife back to give him more room, then lifted her hips and dragged her up to his penis as he knelt in front of her. Moving his hips, he pushed the head against her perineum, then slowly slipped it up and across her vagina and spread her labia, wetting himself with her pussy juices.

He did this several times, and then he slowly pushed into her opening, her vagina spreading to accommodate his girth, and he slowly, slowly, in one long thrust, entered her completely. She accompanied this action with a series of moans, ohs, and yeses. As he bottomed out, she give a slight squeal and perhaps had another mini-orgasm. He then pulled out just as slowly, her labia clinging and stretching as if reluctant to let him go. Megan was going a bit nuts, thrusting her hips, trying to keep him inside her, but his hand on her ass kept her under control, as he moved once more to enter her fully.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me!” This was my wife, my lover, telling another man to screw her, regardless of the fact that I was right there and had nothing to say about it.

“She wants it bad, doesn’t she? You suck her tits while I fuck her.”

I moved to obey, keeping my eyes on her mound as Stefan slowly sawed into and out of her pussy, his cock shiny with juices, as she looked as wet or wetter than she’d ever been. He was slowly speeding up his rate, to her approval. Then she grabbed my head and pulled my face to hers and starting kissing me deeply, violently, lustily, wanting as much stimulation as she could get. I was now really getting into this, my own penis as hard as it had ever been. I used my free hand to play with her breast, pulling her nipple, pinching it, and squeezing her breast and rubbing it, then moving to the other and doing the same. My other hand kept me supported as the movements of her body became more animated. I realized that Stefan was now pounding her fast and deep, and she was moaning and gasping as we kissed. I doubt either of us had ever been that turned on, and that was due to another man taking control and fucking the hell out of my wife as I kissed and fondled her.

Then Stefan came, and there was no mistake about it. He slammed deep into her, stopped and gave a huge yell as he dumped his semen deep inside her. I could feel Megan gasp as each spurt pumped into her, knowing she was stuffed so full of him that every move was clearly felt by her. She burst into her own orgasm at that point, pushing me back as she shook her head back and forth, gasping out her own feelings and squirming up against Stefan. Stefan took that as a sign to resume fucking her, and volume of wetness, both hers and his now made it a very wet, sloppy sound, his balls slapping wetly against her.

I don’t know if Megan passed out or just got beyond the ability to moan and move any more. She came to a rest, exhausted, I guess. Stefan pulled back from her, just dropping her hips to the bed, done with her.

Now came the totally unexpected and scary part. “Now it’s your turn. Face your wife and get your ass over here.”

I turn beside my wife, watching her face, eyes closed, glowing, smiling, silent. Next thing I knew, Stefan wiped his hand over her pussy and stuck his hand in my crack, wetting my asshole as I looked back over to see what he was doing. My God, what was he planning? Unfortunately, it was only too easy to guess. He scooped up another three fingers of semen dripping from her pussy and again applied it to my ass. Then he started to push his finger in, wetting and opening my ass, rubbing in and out. One move application and insertion, and Stefan was ready for the next step.

“Get into 69 position over your wife.”

Still operating as a near automaton, I did as he said, deep inside horrified knowing that he was planning to fuck my ass. Sure enough, he walked around the bed and got onto it behind me. Looking down between my legs, I saw him fondle Megan’s face, stirring her to open her eyes. “Watch this, darling. Maybe you want to play, too.”

Then he used his legs to spread mine wider as he moved between them, straddling Megan’s head and pushing the head of his (still?!) hard cock against my ass. I more or less lost my balance at this, my head going down between my wife’s legs, face to face with her dripping, reddened, engorged, and gaping pussy. But I had no time to admire it as the head of his cock started slipping into my asshole. I automatically tightened against this intrusion, but a sharp slap on my ass got my attention, and suddenly felt the head pop in. He was not as gentle with me, as it took him only two or three strokes to enter me. My God, again. I had never felt anything like that before. I was full beyond belief, feeling like I needed to take the biggest dump ever.

“Lick that pussy!” I felt his hands pull me back, and my face was literally in her pussy, between the lips and wet. Just then he pulled back and slowly thrust in again. I felt my nose go down and push into her vagina. I quickly realized I’d better move and get in control, or I drown in their cum. I pulled up a little and put my mouth over her vagina, tasting her fluid and his semen mixed. I got a huge emotional jolt from the thought of tasting another man’s cum inside my wife. I also got a big jolt in my ass as he thrust in harder.

Then I felt my wife’s hands pushing her breasts up against my cock as it pointed down between them. She trapped it between them, and Stefan’s thrusts made a massaging movement as I fucked her breasts as he fucked me. Something flipped in my brain, and suddenly I couldn’t get enough of this, just like Megan couldn’t get enough of him fucking her. I greedily lapped at her pussy as she squirmed and squeezed in response, causing more semen to flow from her and into my mouth. My cock was being massaged in the most wonderful way, and I know I was leaking like mad. And my ass was so full and getting stimulated, to my horror and to my delight.

Things moved faster and faster, my wife had another orgasm, and I shot off between her breasts. Stefan kept going, and I don’t how long it took. I kept slipping my cock between her soaked breasts, now almost indistinguishable from being inside a pussy, and enjoyed her refreshed scent from her last orgasm, tasting mostly her now. Then Stefan repeated his performance of coming. He grabbed my hips, pushing me as hard as he could with his thrust, and yelled again. I could feel every spurt at the ring of my asshole as semen pumped thru his cock past the opening of my ass and deep inside me. He must have cum another gallon, from my reckoning, feeling his cock pulsing inside my ass. The pounding and feel on my prostate kicked me off again, and I again squirted out my own semen onto my wife’s chest. I couldn’t believe that there was more in there, but there was.

Finally Stefan pulled out of me, leaving me feeling both as if I just taken a big shit and feeling like I really needed to take another one. I gasped, and I slid forward, down off the bed and dashed into the bathroom and onto the toilet. Just in time. I gushed out his semen into the bowl. I had never felt like this in my life, totally turned on, totally disgusted that I’d been fucked and was dumping from it, still horny, and embarrassed over my wife’s reaction to Stefan and yet thrilled that it had happened.

By the time I’d cleaned up and reentered the bedroom, Stefan had dressed and gone. Megan was still naked on the bed, legs spread, pussy still wet and enticing, and her chest smeared all over with my semen. She smiled languidly at me and just said, “Wow. I wish we’d made a tape of that.”

She motioned me over and onto the bed. “Clean me up with your mouth, and maybe we can fuck again.”

Elaine was once a normal woman, young and free willed, as was often the case. And, as is also often the case, one day came where she had to pay the price for her free will. She had decided to go to a new club in town, an underground club that moved from location to location every night. The club had no name. It had no permanent address. You had to be invited by someone who knew someone.

Her friends and family had all urged her not to go. But she was free willed. She made her own decisions. And, if those decisions seemed to be made simply to spite those who would think to give unsolicited advice, then so be it.

She went to the club. She had fun at the club. She did not see the man at the club who was watching her closely all night. She did not notice the vacant stare and empty faces of the other club goers. And even if she had, she would have written it off and drug use, too much alcohol, or possibly the simple throbbing of the music putting them into a trancelike state.

She never realized that she was marked from the moment she entered the warehouse that housed the club that night. Little did she realize that her life, as she had known and enjoyed it, was effectively over. But she did see the men who were following her as she departed, on her way home.

She glanced over her shoulder, nervously. The men were huge, hulking brutes that barely seemed to fit the description of human. They had a mad gleam in their eyes, a look she had often seen when she had been forced to attend church with her parents as a child. She picked up her pace, knowing it would be bad if these “men” caught up to her.

Soon she was running, her heels clacking along the sidewalk loudly. She was breathing hard and her heart was pounding in her chest, threatening to break free and escape on its own. She glanced over her shoulder and, much like any damsel in distress in any one of thousands of clichéd horror movies, she tripped and fell.

The brutes came nearer, evil leers crossing their faces. Their builds reminded her more of wild, savage gorillas then those of men. She scrambled for her purse, searching desperately for the pepper spray that she usually carried, but had left behind this night because of the unsightly bulge it left in her tiny, expensive purse.

Suddenly, a man stepped out from behind the brutes. She had never seen him before, but the darkness in his eyes seemed to eat away any free will she had. She found herself standing, head bowed, unable to meet this dark stranger’s eyes. He nodded and beckoned her to follow him with a crook of a finger.

Strangely, unable to determine why, she found herself following him, the world fading into darkness as she stumbled behind him.

She regained consciousness some time later. How long had lapsed she would never know. All she knew was that she was naked and chained to a wall. She struggled against her bonds. But as delicate as the chains appeared, her struggles were all in vain.

Stop struggling, child came a voice that seemed to reverberate through her very being while simultaneously seeming to be no more than a whisper. There is no escape from here. You belong to us now. You are ours to do with as we wish.

Fear shot through her entire being, suffusing her very being with a sense of panic she had never before felt. She tried to struggle, but found herself unable to resist the commands whispered into her very being. She whimpered, the reality of her situation finally fully hitting her.

She watched as one of the ape-like brutes escorted a short, skinny blonde girl into the empty room before her. The girl was naked, and her spirit quite obviously broken. Her eyes never left the floor. She never struggled. She moved meekly, as if afraid of retribution for even the slightest wrong doing.

Dance. It was a single whispered word. But the command it carried was powerful and irresistible. Even chained against the wall, Elaine found herself striving to dance, to please the unseen speaker, despite the command not be directed at her. But the blonde girl had nothing chaining her in place, nothing impeding her movements. So she danced.

It was a sensual, lithe dance, the first time that true life seemed to exist within the beautiful shell. There was no music, but Elaine could almost hear music in her mind, music that the tiny blonde kept in time with. Elaine felt herself getting wet. It had been quite some time since the sight of a woman had affected her quite this strongly but she found herself struggling against the bonds that chained her to the wall in order to be nearer to this vision of beauty.

Suddenly, the half heard music in her mind stopped. The blonde stopped dancing and resumed her meek position, hands clasped before her and head hung low. Three more of the brutes entered the room, all naked. Elaine gaped at the image before her. They were huge, solid muscle cording all over their bodies. Their thick bodies were covered in thick, fur-like hair. Their cocks were all erect and throbbing.

One of the men laid down on his back. The blonde suddenly resumed life and a hungry look filled her face, crazed desire flashing in her blue eyes. She straddled the man quickly, taking his full length in one thrust. She leaned forward to take the cock of another into her mouth and the third slid in behind her, his engorged member slamming home into her ass.

Elaine could hear the moans coming from the petite blonde, the thrusts of the men penetrating her matched only by the lewd grinding of her body against theirs. She moaned around the turgid cock in her mouth, her hand sliding down its length. Not one sound escaped from the men.

Suddenly, she jerked as her orgasm struck. Wave after wave, she came. All three men began to jerk as they unloaded their seed into this poor girl. She swallowed every last drop that entered her mouth and her body, her pussy and ass, milked every last drop from the men.

When the men had finished, the pushed her free and stood. Without a sound, without a glance at either the girl or each other, they walked off. The girl struggled to her feet, obviously sore and exhausted, but a look of pure rapture on her face. She stood there, next to the man who had escorted her in, cum dripping from her in streams down her legs.

Elaine stared, lost in fear and desire. Her emotions raged within her, fighting for control and yet completely out of control. Slowly, a man materialized from the shadows. He was the same man who was there when she was abducted.

“Worry not, little child. This display you witnessed is not intended for you. It was intended to inform you of what lay in store should you not cooperate with us. You belong to us now, child.”

Elaine recognized the man’s voice. It was the same voice she had heard whispered in her mind. “What are you going to do to me?” she whispered, ashamed at the fear that filled her voice.

“Why, we are going to prepare you, child. Prepare you for the coming of the Elder One. He feeds on broken spirits and fallen desires. He feeds on those who have been broken of their will. And you will soon be broken, begging to be taken by the Elder.”

Elaine sobbed, trying so desperately to fight back her tears. “Are you going to kill me?” she asked.

“Of course not. You are a present, child, a gift to our god.” And with that said, the man disappeared and Elaine cried herself to sleep.

Over the next few days, the scene with the young blonde was repeated in front of Elaine. Each time it was a different woman. Each time she was taken by three or more of the brutes. Each time she was left, begging for more until the brutes left and she returned to her meek, submissive pose. Each time, Elaine was left hungry to be filled.

One of the displays before her, Elaine recognized. It was one of her college friends. Elaine called to her, screamed her name. But recognition never dawned on the poor girl. She never made eye contact. Didn’t even recognize her name.

Elaine burned with shame at the desire that had begun to consume her. She woke aroused and slept fitful dreams filled with erotic images that she could never quite remember when she awoke. But she fought. She fought to control the desire raging through her. Fought to control her fear. She refused to die a meek sheep. If she were to die, it would be in a manner of her choosing.

One day, the man returned with a smile on his face. “I am pleased that you have not broken.”

Elaine spat at the man, her mouth dry and her lips brittle. “I thought you wanted me to break, wanted me meek and subservient. I thought your god fed on that.”

“Oh he does. But all these women paraded before you have been broken. With each… coupling they undergo, they feed the Elder. Each woman was tested and each has failed. You have not. You are ready.”

“Ready for what?” Elaine demanded. But she received no answer. Three brutes came and undid her shackles, half carrying her to an altar that she had never before noticed. They laid her down, gently, almost reverently, on the stone edifice and quietly stepped back.

Elaine tried to sit up, tried to run, but her body was exhausted and would not oblige her. Abruptly, the temperature in the room dropped and shadows began to coalesce from nowhere. As the shadows began to take shape, Elaine tried to scream but her throat caught at the man who stepped from the pool of shadows.

He was handsome. With long black hair that fell past his shoulders and dark eyes that could have been anywhere from brown to black. He wore a cloak made of shadows that shifted revealing glimpses of skin but nothing more. A hungry fire lit his eyes and he smiled, a thin, evil looking smile.

With but a thought and a shrug, he made the cloak disappear and revealed himself to Elaine, fully. And this time she found her voice and screamed. Her scream ripped through the night and his smile grew larger.

His skin was deathly pale, alabaster white and glowing with a faint luminescence. He stood before her, naked, his manhood throbbing and erect. She knew what was in store. But that was not what made her scream. Protruding from his back, long and with a life of their own, were two long tentacles that resembled nothing more than gigantic, prehensile penises. As she looked closer, Elaine came to the conclusion that penises were exactly what they were.

He grinned again and approached her. His normal penis slid into her pussy, suddenly wet and ready for him. Elaine felt the desire return and tear through her as his cock tore into her pussy.

Against her will, she moaned. She did not want to be this turned on, did not want to enjoy this but she could not control herself. His penis was not extremely large, maybe just a bit larger than average but it was not the size, it was not even the motions, which were more than adequate. It was his presence.

She was a religious person. She had not attended any church services in years. Yet she knew, deep down, that this was no true god. This was an incubus. A demon of lust and sex. She knew she should be afraid. The incubus was legendary for draining the life of those he chose to lay with. Yet she did not care.

A slithering sound presaged a pressure on her ass. She moaned even louder as one of his prehensile phalluses enter her, penetrating her doubly. As it finally made its way into her, fully penetrated her, she exploded into orgasm. She screamed. A sound as primal as a hunting animal ripped its way from her throat and she began to thrash, not to escape this impalement, but to impale herself further.

As her scream wore down, she felt something touch her lips. Without conscious thought, she opened her mouth wider, allowing in the last of the appendages from this, her demon lover. She choked, at first, as it slid into her mouth. But then she eagerly accepted it, her hands, now free to move, reached up and began to stroke its length. She moaned around the presence in her mouth and felt another orgasm rip through her.

She did not know how long it lasted, how long one cock slid into her pussy while another slid out of her ass, alternating strokes. Did not know how long she sucked and licked the muscle that rested upon her lips and tongue. Nor did she care. All she knew was the ecstasy she felt was unrivalled by any experience she had ever had. She was in a constant state of orgasm and she loved it.

She felt his thrusts become more urgent. She felt the throbbing in her mouth and knew what was to come. She was eager to please this lover and to heighten his pleasure. She began to grind back upon him, increased her pressure as she sucked. Within minutes she was rewarded as he came. He exploded from all three cocks at once. She struggled to swallow every last drop as she felt herself be filled with his seed. For the first time in her life, and she desperately hoped not the last, she felt herself filled in all her entrances simultaneously.

The demon, the Elder One, withdrew himself, a satisfied look on his face. A look that matched the one on hers. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, gently, lovingly. She was his now. His and his alone. He left, then, knowing that the seed had been planted and the change was swiftly underway.

Two weeks later, Lasciel, as Elaine now called herself, stood in the latest location for the club where her life had irrevocably changed. None who had known her in her previous life would recognize her now. Her eyes were darker, colder. She wore leather and lace and steel like many would wear silk. Her eyes scanned the crowd, searching. Until they fell upon a mousy little red head at the bar, shyly conversing with a man she had never met. Lasciel smiled, wickedly. Yes, that one would do just fine…

Chapter 5

“Recorded for Posterity”

Picture this: You see a woman, of medium build, laying along the length of a sofa. Her brunette hair comes down just past her shoulders, though because her head is propped up on the armrest, some of it flows down the side of the sofa. One leg rests high along the top of the back, the other is stretched wide in the other direction.

You can tell she’s a large-breasted woman because her breasts are completely exposed. In fact, her whole body is naked. Her big tits lean a little to each side, not because they’re old or saggy, but because they’re natural, not implants, and that’s how natural breasts react to gravity. As your gaze travels down her flat stomach, you encounter a thin strip of hair, her pussy patch precisely trimmed to a line no more than a half-inch in width. It points directly to her slit, like the demarcation between left and right, east and west, right and wrong. Right now that slit is closed, despite the fact that her legs are spread so far apart. The skin around her mound is hairless, soft, and supple.

Two pairs of eyes gaze upon her. The first set has seen this all before, yet those eyes still hold a spark of interest and electricity. He has seen her like this before, but at the same time is seeing her like this for the first time. The second set of eyes has a hungry, predatory look to them. He, too, has seen a woman in this position many times, but not this woman. This woman is something new to him, and as such is something to savored, to be drunk in large gulps as well as small sips, a treat to his palate.

There are innumerable other eyes, too, the woman realizes. For the second man carries a camera, and who can know what eyes will be exposed to her dreadful exposure. He is contracted to keep a lock on the photographs, to destroy any duplicates. But can you honestly trust the word of a man who does this for a living? It was not, and is not, her decision to make, so she discards the thought to reflect on other, more pressing concerns.

She struggles to keep her right leg still as the camera records her naked body. It is not concerned with the beauty of her eyes, or the silkiness of her hair, or even her well-toned legs. Rather, it focuses on her most blatant sexual characteristics. Her breasts, awaiting the rough touch of a man in lust. Her slit, wet, warm and ready to receive any appendage a man might deign to offer her. Her mouth, prepared to stimulate and milk the next penetration of manhood, lips tight, tongue twisting, throat tightening. Is that to happen this day? She has no way of knowing.

The examination by camera becomes more deliberate, more intimate. On orders from one she reaches down and spreads her pussy lips apart, while the other records the steamy pink canyon that’s been exposed. She holds not the folds of her pussy, where her fingers might obscure a view of her intimate interior, but rather the base on each side of her mound, opening her hole from the bottom. At another order she shifts her fingers so she can flick her fingernail against her clit, urging it to engorge, though that’s hardly necessary. It’s already hard and trembling, a fact that is revealed with the next order, which forces her to pull back the hood of skin over her clit so the camera can capture even that raw nugget of flesh.

She’s long past the point where she cares what facial expressions the camera might capture. She moans and closes her eyes whenever she’s stimulated, grimaces when the demands strike her as to perverse, flashes anger when a comment from her tormentors cuts to the quick. It’s better, she thinks, than those vacuous women staring up with vacant eyes in all those pictures on the web. Reality has emotions.

She watches as one stands above her, a bottle of baby oil in his hands. He tips it and she follows the stream down, closing her eyes only at the last moment, when the viscous liquid splashes against her waiting tits, oozing down the mounds and pooling in the middle of her chest. For a moment she fantasizes that its syrup, then whipped cream, then cum. She returns to reality when a pair of hands begin smoothing the oil around and across her breasts, tugging and twisting and kneading and swirling. The friction warms the oil which in turn warms her flesh, and she imagines for a moment that her tits might spring into flame. Then the rubbing concentrates on the nipples — always the nipples — and the warmth stabs like lightning through her body and into her pussy.

A whispered conversation to which she is not invited. And then the order comes to pull her legs straight back, exposing both her ass and her pussy. A finger rubs the rim, the camera catching all. Then penetration, not painful, not unexpected. She’d been fucked, anally, that very morning, her bowels liberally coated with a sheen of fresh sperm. Her muscles had regained much of their usual tightness, but not all, and the elasticity allowed the finger to easily violate her asshole. It moved in, moved out, moved in, moved out, then another finger joined it, stretching her even more, but nowhere near the limit she could go. Not even as much as she’d reached in the morning, with a hard cock pounding into her butt.

Despite the recent stimulation, she still writhed and squirmed atop the fingers, her body willing them to go deeper, deeper, with more force and greater malevolence. Was there no depravity that she would resist?

Another whispered conversation and she was upright on the sofa, her legs spread, her pussy exposed, her ass hanging almost off the front of the cushions. More oil dripped onto her pussy lips. Then his hand, also slick with oil, penetrates her pussy lips, presses into her cunt hole. One finger, then two, three, four, the thumb folds into the palm. A slight twist which elicits a sharp grunt from her, and with an audible “thwock” his fist is deeply ensconced inside her pussy. She can feel his fingers wiggling around inside her. He slowly pulls his hand outwards, stretching her cunt hole in a way that’s uncomfortable yet extremely erotic. She’s fascinated by the image before her, the skin bulging out, clinging to his fist, like the way the earth’s crust bulges just before an eruption.

Then, just as deliberately, he pushes his fist fully inside her cunt, the hair on his wrists scraping against her sensitive skin. She can feel his knuckles reach the back wall of her void. Knowing that he has invaded her so completely fills her with lust and shame. It’s one of those moments when she is truly nothing more than his fuck toy; when he’s doing nothing more than reacting to his sick and twisted urges. In response, she pushes away the hurt and humiliation, and lets his carnal appetite overwhelm her, drinking in his perversions and trying to enjoy it as her own. She gives in to her most base desires. She is the fully and completely the sex toy that he wants her to be.

His fist is in her for mere minutes, though it seems like hours. He has palpated her from the inside. He found her g-spot and made her writhe upon his hand like an insect stuck on the end of a needle. She moans with every movement within her, and he revels in his ability to get such a reaction from her.

She holds her legs up with one arm. With the other she clutches the back of the sofa. She feels denim brush against her hand there. Again. And again. The photographer is rubbing his crotch against her hand, without a break in the filming of her depraved fisting. She stretches her fingers out and feels the erection within. It’s wrong to touch another man’s cock this way, but she finds momentary delight in the illicit feeling. Besides, in four weeks she’ll be entertaining this cock in her mouth and who knows where else. It’s a small move from a blow job to a tit fuck. And who knew what kind of service this man would do for the privilege of fucking her cunt?

Then, with a swiftness that’s almost shocking, he withdraws the hand, leaving her gasping at the sudden void. Her bladder is suddenly ready to give way; it’s only with supreme effort that she keeps from letting out a stream of warm piss. It occurs to her that they would love to see her do just that.

The camera swoops in, the auto-focus light bathing her crotch in red light. Though the clicking sound is turned off, she knows that the photographer is taking dozens, if not hundreds of shots of her freshly fisted cunt. How big must the gape be of a woman just fist fucked? She can’t see for herself, the angle is wrong, though she can sort of see her image reflected in the camera lens, weirdly distorted and horribly disfigured. She can only hope she doesn’t look that bad.

Her husband, her owner, her keeper, looks down at her with a graphic leer. She has never felt so completely debased in his presence, though she knows from her travels on the internet that there are many levels below this that a woman can be forced into. Her emotions are at war, with one part mortified at how she’s being photographed and recorded, yet another part experiencing a keen-edged thrill at being so out of control of her actions. She can do no wrong because she has no control.

At a two-word order she holds her legs tight to her chest, exposing her ass in the process. With an erection so stiff it appears to be steel, her owner steps up and sinks his shaft into her waiting anus. Well-lubricated from the spillover from the fisting, there’s only a moment’s resistance before the head of his cock crowns through her anal ring. He fucks her, slow and steady, pressing her hard into the sofa cushions, seemingly without a care for her physical comfort. After several minutes of this constant rhythm, he suddenly withdraws, his throbbing cock slick with oil and her internal juices. She’s sure he will climb up on the cushions and make her lick them off. It seems like another good way to humiliate her and in the past she has been adamant about not engaging in ass-to-mouth. His face shows a knowing smile, as if he’s guessed her thoughts and is weighing the benefits of forcing her to do the very thing she has been so against. Instead, he turns back and enters her slack pussy.

She knows she hasn’t regained the tightness that normally welcomes him. She can barely feel his dick in her at all. He solves this by pushing her onto her side and fucking the hole that’s now pinched between her legs. This, this is a position she’s never experienced. The feel of it is wholly different, despite the looseness of her cunt walls. The pushing and tugging during every stroke is sheer bliss. It needs only one thing to make it perfect. Slowly, carefully, she presses her hand between her legs, finding her clit and gently rubbing it, feeling like a thief stealing some pleasure for herself.

She’s forgets about the camera. Forgets about the cameraman. Forgets about everything except the tantalizing sensations between her legs. He fucks her passionately. She rubs herself just as passionately, slowing down and speeding up in time to his rhythms.

When she cums, it’s a burning nova exploding between her legs. A fireball that causes her to squeeze her legs even tighter, even as she screams her pleasure to the world. Moments later, he ceases thrusting and stiffens, his cock pumping burst after burst of cum into her wet crevice. How long had it been since they’d both cum together? Forever, or years at least. He hadn’t been deep inside her upon shooting his load and she knew right away that some of his cum would leak out, would dribble out the crack and drip down her ass. He’d given her a cream pie, as the porn sites so graphically called it. A cumshot in her pussy. His cock emerges, leaving a wet trail along her thighs. He bends down and kisses her tenderly on the lips. At that moment she regrets that he came in her cunt. She wants to show her unyielding devotion to him, her thanks for his tenderness, by receiving his hot sperm upon her face and in her mouth. So he could gaze down at her and know that he hadn’t just made her do something — she’d also given something to him.

She’s so sated by the explosive orgasm that she doesn’t resist at all when she feels a hand upon her knee urging her to sit up and spread her legs apart again. It’s the first time the photographer has touched her with purpose. He takes the camera away from his face to look into her eyes, and understanding passes between them. From this day forward, he will be in charge of her in a way that neither she nor her owner anticipated.

The camera captures the cum leaking out of her pussy. The sperm dribbled across her thighs. The oily dampness in her crack. She moves as ordered onto her hands and knees, so he can record her cream pie from the rear. Her tits dangle down, now forgotten. She feels a hand rubbing her ass and knows it belongs to the photographer. She looks over to her owner to find that he’s not upset by the forbidden grope. She knows then that this is only just the beginning.

* * * * Two Weeks Earlier * * * * *

So, you might think that after that “cow” thing, that my life must be an unbearable hell of cruelty and humiliation. But that’s not the case at all. As I said in the last chapter, people and animals that have no limits often create limits for themselves. My owner, having determined that he could do almost anything to me, including milking my tits like a cow, must’ve decided that was far enough. Maybe his conscience started to bother him. At least, that’s what I surmise. We haven’t actually discussed it. All I can say is that kind of combination hasn’t happened again.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t continuously push me into uncomfortable situations, either to test my obedience or for his own perverted pleasure. The things I’ve been made to do… well, you’re going to learn all about them in later chapters. Suffice it to say that it’s not the kind of thing being discussed at suburban dinner parties on Saturday night. (Or maybe it is, and we just led very sheltered lives. Who knows?)

As my initial “training” continued, he came up with plenty of little surprises to keep me on my toes, and on my back. As I said before, any hope of wearing normal clothes was almost gone. Nearly every day he had me scantily-clad and ready for groping. The only time I could wear normal clothes was when I was on a Skype call with my clients, or during those infrequent trips to town when he couldn’t find a way to put me in a potentially embarrassing clothing situation.

For instance, I thought that going to church would put our new lifestyle on hold. Nope. Under my prim and proper clothing, I was almost always sans panties. A couple of times, he had me wear a pair of garters and attached a metal washer to them with a string. Every time I moved, the washer would swing up against my pussy lips, reminding me it was there. When you’re being distracted like that, it’s hard to concentrate on the service, or even on what people are saying. People must’ve thought I was on drugs, or drinking or something.

A trip to the hardware store (we do that a lot around here) also became an adventure. Small-breasted women can go without a bra and not have to worry about much, especially if their top is of a heavier material, or their nipples aren’t too pronounced. For big breasted women, it’s much more obvious when you’re not wearing a bra. I get lots of hateful stares from the other women shopping there. On the plus side, the salesmen swarm around, eager to help out. And since my nipples harden at the smallest whiff of a breeze, it always looked to them like I was ready to jump on the next cock to come around.

My owner loved the attention I got in those situations. He knew it made me feel uncomfortable, but also knew that it got me wet, once the initial shock of being the center of that kind of attention wore off. Besides, what was I to do when he said I could choose any two articles of clothing to wear to the store? If I picked the bra, I wouldn’t have the top to go over it. And if I picked the panty, I wouldn’t have the jeans to go over it. So, for the most part, trips to the store were done without bra or panties. Fortunately, it was starting to get cooler in our neck of the woods, which meant that I could dress a little more heavily, such as in a sweatshirt or sweater. Though sometimes I ended up in a zip-up fleece jacket, and then he could control the amount of cleavage that I showed. And back in the car, he could make me unzip it all the way, giving him free and clear access to my boobs and nipples during the drive home.

At home, though, there were no limits to the depraved ways he could dress and undress me. It didn’t take long for him to decide that my closet of lingerie was seriously lacking, and we spent the good part of two weeks going on an online buying binge. He’d always liked the way women looked in a bodystocking, especially the crotchless kind, so we ordered a great number of them. Full body ones, sleeveless ones, topless ones, wide netting, narrow netting, string netting… the list is endless. I can literally wear a different style of bodystocking for three straight months without repeat.

And that was only the beginning. Think of every manner of lingerie and slutty dresses that you can use to partially cover or uncover the female body, and I have a few samples in my closet. While he likes the bodystockings, my favorites are the leather harnesses. They’re a bitch to get into, with all those straps and rings and openings, but once I have one on I feel like an Amazon princess. They hide nothing, of course. My tits are right out there for anyone to see, and the leather strips between my legs only accentuate the mound of my pussy. But when I’m wearing one of those and a pair of thigh high boots, I feel like I could be a dominatrix, ready to order around my submissive mate.

Ha. Like that would happen. Usually when he dresses me in the harness, it’s so HE can use a leather crop to administer some “behavioral modification” to any exposed part of my flesh… which is all of it. The harness is also a good way to snag me and pull my body into a better position, usually so he can fuck me harder, deeper or more easily. Still, I like wearing one.

There were lots of times, though, where pure, unadulterated female nakedness was all that he wanted to see. Every day for a full week he ordered me to wait for him to return from work by kneeling on our bed, completely naked, on all fours in the ass up position, my butt and pussy pointing at the door. He ordered me to prepare my anus by oiling it up, and prepare my pussy by masturbating until it was hot and juicy. On each of those days, he approached me from behind and, without a word, mounted me like a dog and raped my ass or pussy.

One of those times, after savagely fucking my ass and cruelly spanking my ass cheeks, he pulled out and spewed his sperm up and down my ass crack. Then he ordered me to put on a pair of panties without cleaning myself up. I spent the rest of the night struggling to contain his semen within the thin fabric, not wanting to let it stain or ruin any of our furniture. By the time we settled down to bed, the panties were soaked and showed no signs of starting to dry. Want to spend an uncomfortable night? Try to sleep with a pair of wet, cum-soaked panties binding up between your legs.

Remember in an earlier chapter when I said that it seemed he didn’t have a plan? Well, maybe he did it consciously, or maybe it happened by accident, but all these little indignities began to desensitize me to the incremental steps we were taking. When you’re walking around the house bottomless with a buttplug shoved inside you, it doesn’t seem so bad to go to the hardware store without any panties. When you’re forced to greet your husband with an oiled up ass pointing in his face, you feel a lot less uncomfortable when he reaches under your dress in the church parking lot and strokes your bare pussy. And when he’s already fucked you outside while the neighbors are watching, it’s a lot less embarrassing when he pushes you to your knees in the forest and makes you suck his cock, and then makes you wear the facial that’s dripping off your chin during the long walk home. (And then eats out your naked cunt while you’re stripped and spread-eagle across the hood of the car, with the garage door open, revealing everything that’s going on to whomever might be walking down the road, such as the new neighbors from down the street who pretend not to be watching but surely notice a bare woman’s body heaving and groaning while a man has his face placed firmly between her twitching legs.)

The point is, in a little more than eight weeks, I’d gone from the typical suburban wife to a woman who would drop and suck her husband’s cock at no more than a nod from him, baring my body no matter who might be watching, and generally acting like a rutting animal with no more on its mind than satisfying the insatiable urge to scratch its primeval need to procreate.

It was about this time that my owner decided he wanted to do a better job of recording our intimate actions for posterity.

Since the very beginning of our new lifestyle, my owner was very interested in photographing my body in a variety of semi-nude and nude positions. As the weeks progressed, I graduated from posing with lingerie to revealing more and more of my most intimate body parts. He finished up that series with a 50 photo expose on the inside of my dripping pussy, with special emphasis on my erect clit. He followed that up with another series on my gaping asshole, wet and quaking from a raunchy anal fuck. And he was always keen to take pictures of his cum decorating his slut wife: a creampie dripping slowly from my cunt, an anal creampie bubbling from my ass, a facial that coated my forehead to my chin, a load moisturizing my tits, his jizz warming my feet, and the classic load in the mouth.

From there, he moved on to recording himself as he fucked, used and abused my body. Sometimes he would hold the camera himself, other times he would put it on a tripod, so he could keep his attention on his own pleasure and bending me to his will. It was clear, though, that after a week of experimentation, he wasn’t getting the results he wanted. He wanted it to look more like a porn shoot, with multiple angles and closeups when the situation called for it. What he got was a clearly homemade effort, with a shaky camera and crappy sound. You could barely tell who I was, and could barely tell how big his dick was. Clearly not acceptable to someone who wanted to expose his wife and show the world how dominant he was.

One Friday night, that changed for good. That’s when our lifestyle started down that slippery slope to another level of depravity. That night, he had me wear an open bust black one-piece bodystocking to greet my owner at the door. Crotchless, too, of course.

I met him at the door and he immediately put aside his briefcase and computer bag, then pulled me into the kitchen, where he dropped the seat cushion from one of the chairs onto the floor, then nodded at it, while he sat down in the chair. I knew exactly what to do without a word from him. Pushing the cushion between his outstretched legs, I dropped down onto my knees, undid his pants, and pulled his sacred cock out.

I had just begun to suck his inflating snake into my mouth when I noticed movement in the doorway we’d just come through. There was someone there! Someone there watching us! I started to pull my head back so I could warn my husband, but he forced my head back onto his cock with a not-so-gentle shove. I looked up at him, with the warning hopefully in my eyes, only to find him gazing down at me in bemusement. He knew there was someone inside the house and watching! And he didn’t care.

It was simple but misguided instinct to try and cover my exposed breasts and pussy. But it soon became clear to me that one arm wasn’t going to cover my big tits, and covering my pussy didn’t matter as long as I was kneeling on the floor and sucking a big thick dick. So I turned my attention to the why and how of it.

He knew there was someone there. The only way into the house was through the garage. So he either invited the person in, or they’d wandered in on their own. Who would wander in? A delivery man? The postman? A neighbor looking to borrow something? Whoever it was, it wasn’t someone that I wanted to be watching me performing fellatio on my husband. Especially not dressed in a bodystocking that left nothing to the imagination, but did leave my bare tits and pussy out where anyone could see them. I wasn’t sure what was worse: displaying my near nakedness or performing a sex act in front of an unknown person.

That thought, bewilderingly, made me want to get as much of his cock into my mouth as possible. To keep anyone from seeing the length and girth of his erect manhood? Then I thought about how THAT would look to the observer: me being such a cock slut that I’m so eager to deepthroat him. But then I thought that I might actually be a cock slut, because my thudding heart revealed that I was once again excited by the idea of someone watching me do something dirty and kinky and promiscuous. Such was the confusing swirl of my thoughts.

Even as I contemplated all that, I had to decide what to do with my free hand. I was only allowed to have one hand on his dick while I sucked it. He’d made the rule at the beginning, reasoning that two hands would be a handjob, so if I was ordered to give him a blowjob, only one hand was allowed. So normally I would use my free hand to rub my pussy, which he allowed as it would get me all worked up. But now I felt self-conscious about playing with my pussy while a stranger watched so closely. Whoever it was would be close enough to see that I was as horny as a rutting animal, completely unable to keep my hands away from my dripping pussy and hardening clit. So I let my hand just settle on my thigh, though several times I noticed that it had gone back to lightly stroking my pussy lips, and I’d have to force myself to remove it.

With all those thoughts fighting for attention in my head, it was hard to concentrate on giving my owner a good blowjob. I sucked at his sacred cock, licking the shaft until it gleamed, and using the raspy back of my tongue to massage the sensitive underside. I forced him down into my throat until my lips met the root, holding him there even as my throat gagged against the breath-stifling intrusion. I licked his balls thoroughly, swathing the sac with my spit, crushing my face into his groin. I licked behind his balls, too, planning to give him a rim job, but he demurred. So I went back to sucking and munching on his fat fuck stick.

Every so often I would dart a glance at the stranger in the doorway, but he/she remained obscured in shadow. All I could do was wonder who it was, and to force that speculation out of my mind to try and concentrate on administering a blowjob that my owner would enjoy. Maybe it was a test? That made sense. To see if I could keep my concentration on his cock, where it should be. I endeavored to pass this test.

“Nice,” my owner said, his first words since returning home. “Now push that off and give me a tit job,” he ordered, shifting his ass to the edge of the chair. I complied with his order, tugging the netting off my shoulders and arms, and pushing it down to my belly. Somehow I felt more exposed than before, even though my boobs had been fully exposed through the holes in the fabric. My owner doesn’t usually like using a lube for a tit job, in case he wants to chew on or lick my tits afterwards. So my spit has to suffice.

I kept my eyes on his face as I pushed my tits together and slid them up and down over his erect cock. A tit job for him means that I do all the work, unless I’m laying on my back and he fucks my cleavage like its just another tight hole for him to fill. Sliding up and down on him, pressing my boobs together and making sure that every stroke is a tight one almost made me forget that there was someone watching. Every so often I would take a break and rub his cock head over the part of my nipple that was exposed by the clamps. I don’t know how it feels for him, but I love the touch of his cock on my nips. And his manhood looks so ominously potent next to the soft flesh of my boobs.

“Enough,” he finally said, pushing me away hard enough that I almost fell over. Earlier in my training I would’ve wondered if I’d done something wrong. But now I knew that it was just another way to remind me that he was in charge. His next command, “Worship,” had me crouched down on the floor so low that my tits were pressed against the floor. I pressed my lips against his shoes, deliberately kissing them in a display of obeisance that my owner expects of me as often as he desires. If his feet are bare, I’m also to lick his soles and toes to show how grateful I am to him that he would allow me to serve him. It makes me feel like a worthless slave when I do it, but despite my humiliation it gets me revved up too.

“Good,” he praised me, as I waited in the worship position for his next order. “Now strip and stand for inspection.” I hurried to rid myself of the bodystocking. Then I stood in the inspection position, my hands clasped on the back of my head, my legs slightly apart, my body erect and my bosom thrust out, giving my owner full access to every part of my body. Because his head was below mine, I kept my eyes staring at the floor. It’s not permissible to assume a posture that’s above his.

“Impressive,” a voice sounded from the doorway, almost causing me to jump out of my skin. In my eagerness to please my owner, I’d forgotten about the stranger! “It seems well-trained, and not too hard on the eyes,” the voice – it was clearly a man – stated. I wanted to look and see who was talking, but my training was quite clear: never break position unless I’m told to. So all I could do was keep staring at the floor and hope that the man would come into my view at some point.

“Yes, she’s taken to the training quite well. Though she has a long way to go,” my owner added, tucking his cock back in his pants and rising from the chair. “Someday she might be a valuable piece of property.”

“So you are master and slave?” the voice inquired. It sounded like an innocent question, but I thought I could hear a tone of greedy desire behind it.

“Ah, no. I am the owner and she is my property,” my owner chuckled. “I’m not a big fan of being called ‘master.’ So I have her call me ‘Sir.’ It confers more respect. Or so I like to think.”

“She is not a ‘she’ but an ‘it’,” the man responded. “Very good. I shall endeavor to remember that.” His voice had a hint of German in it. Not an accent, per se, but just an undertone. His next words gave me a chill. “May I inspect it?”

“Sure,” my husband replied in a bland tone. “That’s what you’re here for, after all.”

Alarm bells rang in my head as those plain words broke through the surrealism of the moment. I was standing completely naked, my tits, pussy and ass totally exposed, with my hands behind my head in a stance indicating pure submission, and my husband had just invited a man, a stranger, to inspect my body. The last man to have done that, besides my husband/owner, had been the doctor. And even he had the decency to dress me in a thin paper gown before reaching inside and examining me. This man was no doctor, and I could tell from his voice that this man had left decency behind a long time ago.

“It seems to be in good shape,” the man stated. His voice came from over my right shoulder, and I could hear him moving around me. “It has a nice coloration, and its flesh appears to be pleasingly firm.”

“It exercises daily,” my owner confirmed. “And it gets a daily dose of special skin moisturizer, if you know what I mean,” he said with a smile in his voice.

It? It? It! Now my owner had picked up that infernal way of describing me. They continued to discuss me as if I wasn’t in the room, commenting on the firmness of my breasts, the fine trimming of my pussy patch, the size of my mouth and its ability to suck cock, the muscles of my thighs and the size of my feet. And each time, they described me as an “it.” Worse, I couldn’t look at them to see if they were baiting me. I had to keep my eyes locked on the floor.

“Does it have a name?” the man asked, when they’d finally finished dissecting my physical appearance.

“It changes every day,” my owner answered. “And I haven’t assigned one for today. But for simplicity’s sake, you can call it ‘Tits.’ It seems appropriate at the moment.”

The man barked a short laugh. “Yes, it does.” He moved to stand in front of me. “Now, Tits, you may look at me. You will call me Mr. Hans. That, of course, is not my real name. But it will do for what we need to accomplish. Please do not forget the ‘Mister.’ It is a sign of respect for me and my craft. And I would hate to see you punished for forgetting to show respect.”

I raised my head to look at the man who’d just examined nearly every inch of my body. He wasn’t what I expected. He stood about 5-foot-eight, was of average build, and seemed to be in his early 60′s. His grey hair was closely cropped, and he looked not unlike the many older men who always seem to be prowling the aisles at the local hardware store. Not grandfatherly, but not menacing either. Until I saw his eyes. They were flint grey, and I saw a darkness behind them that couldn’t be disguised by the easy way he held his body. Those eyes said ‘predator.’ And I was standing exposed and defenseless in front of him.

He looked at me a moment longer, as if to make sure that I recognized exactly what he was, before turning to my owner and asking, “May I make a more thorough inspection?”

No! I stared at my husband with a look that could only be read as, “Don’t let this man anywhere near me,” but he barely even looked my way before answering, “Of course. If it will make your job easier later on.”

Mr. Hans turned back to me and gently palmed both of my tits. “They are as firm as they look,” he said over his shoulder. “And they are what size?” he asked. I looked to my owner in shock, but he only nodded his permission to speak.

“They are a D-cup, Mr. Hans,” I responded, surprised that I didn’t stumble over his name.

“Very nice, very nice,” he murmured, squeezing each one a little tighter before rubbing the face of his thumb across the top of each nipple. That last bit almost made me break posture, it weakened my knees that much. After giving each breast a final squeeze, he lightly stroked my waist and hips. Then, at his direction, I opened my mouth so he could inspect the inside. He held my mouth open with his thumb, and rested his hand against the side of my throat. I could feel his fingers lightly pressed against my jugular, and knew he could feel the pulsing of my blood beneath those fingers. I became keenly aware that a simple squeeze of his hand could throttle my life from me.

He knew that I knew that. I could see it in his eyes. I wondered again why this man was here. And if my husband knew just how dangerous he was.

“Have it bend over. I want to show you something,” Mr. Hans suggested. Though I didn’t want to do it, though I was embarrassed beyond belief, I still bent over at the waist and held myself in place against the kitchen counter. I felt Mr. Hans touching my ass cheeks and the slit of my pussy. “See, here, how its mound is visible when it’s bent over? That makes for good shots. Men like to see that. Want to see what they’re getting into, I guess.” He barked another short laugh.

He thought it was funny, but all it did was make me wonder what men would be seeing my pussy in that position? And what kind of shots was he talking about? Then, even with all the poking and prodding my owner was letting Mr. Hans do, I wasn’t prepared for the command to Spread. Was this it, I wondered, as I got down on the floor, laid back and spread my legs open? Was my husband/owner going to let this man fuck me? To penetrate me in a way no other man had done since before we started dating? And would I put up with it, or would this be the time that I would put an end to it all, to refuse and go get dressed, knowing that my husband would be shamed by my behavior and but wouldn’t press the issue, ending forever our experiment into the dark side of sex.

It certainly seemed as though I was going to have to make that decision as Mr. Hans stood between my legs, an erection clearly growing in his pants. And it seemed even more certain when my owner gave the “spread wider” command, where I spread my legs apart as wide as I can and then pull my pussy lips apart so they can see deep into my cunt hole. Was this going to be how it would happen? Would he soon be dropping his trousers to reveal his throbbing cock, and make me hold my pussy lips apart while he slipped his rod into the sheath of my cunt, the journey smoothed by the gallons of juice forming even now in my nasty fuck hole? Could I let him take me that way, urge him to fuck me harder and deeper, and be a willing receptacle for his load of sperm?

He seemed to know what I was thinking as he gazed down at me, his eyes hungrily devouring my naked flesh, my willing tits and my welcoming cunt. He seemed to know that he could have me, right there, right then, ignoring my husband’s weak protestations as he took whatever he wanted, making me scream and moan in a mixture of humiliation and ecstasy. He would fuck me silly, leave me both drained and overflowing, filling me with enough sperm to coat parts of my cunt that had never been touched before.

Then he stepped away, leaving me open, exposed and relieved, trembling in the knowledge that I wouldn’t have protested, wouldn’t have ended the experiment, but would have taken him between my legs, letting him violate me under the auspices of being a good slave, but knowing deep in my heart that I was nothing more than a slut that would’ve enjoyed the feel of his cock roughly raping my cunt, giving sexual succor to any stranger who happened along.

“It has potential,” Mr. Hans said to my owner, as I lay still spread out on the floor, evidently forgotten. “Potential and a willingness to obey.”

“It is very obedient,” my owner agreed. He stepped over to stand between my legs, then leaned right over my open cunt. “Stay still,” he ordered, then dribbled a gob of spit onto his lips, and then let it fall directly into my open cunt hole. He’d never done that before, but I remained still, thankful that he hadn’t let it drop someplace even more degrading, like on my face.

“So,” he said, turning back to Mr. Hans. “Can you work with this? And do you want to?”

“I think I can find time in my schedule for a new project,” Mr. Hans replied. “You do understand that in addition to any plans you might have, I’m likely to have some suggestions of my own. That’s why you’re hiring me, instead of some punk kid with a cheap digital camera.”

“I understand,” my owner replied. “That is why I answered your ad. I want something that’s memorable.”

“And as to my fee?”

They wandered into the other room, presumably to discuss the fee, while I continued to lay on the floor with my thighs cramping as I tried to keep my legs spread wide and my pussy pulled apart. It never even occurred to me to relax my position. My mind was engaged elsewhere.

Mr. Hans was clearly a photographer. That much was clear. But also some kind of a specialist. Someone who specialized in adult photography? Kinky pictures? Submissive wives? I had too many questions and not enough answers.

My owner returned alone and put me in the Kneel for Inspection position, in which I kneel, sitting back on my heels, with my hands clasped behind my head. Much more comfortable than being left in “Spread Wide.” I heard the front door slam. Mr. Hans had left.

“So, Tits, as you may have guessed, Mr. Hans is going to be our official photographer for a while. He has some very interesting ideas on how to best show off your assets. And some ideas on how I can train you better,” he explained. “I was a little worried that his fee would be too high, but it all worked out perfectly in the end.”

He undressed quickly while I knelt there, my mind keenly focused on every word. He stepped forward and rubbed the tip of his cock back and forth over my closed lips, before nudging it forward in a clear sign that I was to suck him, and apparently without using my hands.

I could feel his hot breath on my neck, teasing me in-between the nips he was leaving. My hand ran through his wavy brown hair, pulling him in demanding more. One hand was tangled in my hair, stopping the harsh brick from hurting me; the other hand brushed over my thigh as he held my leg up over his hip.

He pulled back his deep brown orbs meeting my jade green. I held his glare, my knees weakened, I could almost feel the power radiating off of him. He pushed his body into mine. A moan left my lips; I could feel his hardness through his jeans. I was glad I wore a dress.

We had been together for almost 4 years and I had never thought I would end up doing anything like this, a boring dinner with his rival and his annoying girlfriend had left me feeling somewhat desperate, but a sext form Dylan saved everything.

The wall was harsh against my back, shadow had returned to nipping my neck. The warmth of his body made up for the coolness of the brick.

“Dylan,” I moaned “can we go somewhere else?”

I watched him take a deep breath, he’d once told me my voice was music to his ears, he picked me up and carried me upstairs and the next thing I knew I was on lying on the soft black silk sheets of his bed. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the soft sheets spreading my arms above my head. The pressure on me lifted, only to be followed by the sound of material dropping. The pressure soon reapplied and the heat returned but only for a moment. A soft growl and a tug on the fabric I was wearing made my sit up slightly, the blue dress I was wearing soon ended up next to his jeans on the floor. Clad in only our underwear I sank into the bed, spread out a little to let Dylan devour me.

He went back to my neck again, I knew it was his guilty pleasure, he loved the smell of my hair, and he would always bury his head in my neck. He loved it. He gently traced his hands down my body, gliding over my hips, down under my thighs, he effortless lifted me up. My hands travelled through his hair as I found myself straddling him, I moaned softly into his ear, and begin to nibble slightly. He gave a growl and pinned me again. In seconds my legs were around his shoulders. He slid into me with such force; I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure.

Dylan was always the dominate one; I had hardly ever had him handcuffed to the headboard begging for my touch. It wasn’t going to be like that for much longer, he was going to be under my control tonight, well once he’d calmed down.

His thrusts were hard but slow, he was teasing me. I could see it in his eyes as he brushed my hair of my face as he went to kiss me. A smirk played on his face. He would hardly ever smile, but the smirk was much sexier. His lips brushed against mine and his hands ghosted over my sides before he took a firm grasp of my breasts. Dylan began to speed up slightly and his moans became audible, he brought his head away from my neck, and took my nipple into his mouth. I cried out and arched my back; his hand wrapped around my waist and held me like that. I could feel his smirk as his tongue ran small circles around my nipple. That bastard, I thought, he knew how sensitive my nipples were.

My breathing became erratic, I was close, I could feel it building at the bottom of my stomach, Dylan knew how I worked, he knew what would make me cum quickly and he was pulling out all the stops. This was going to be a long night; I didn’t mind that. I couldn’t hold off any longer and I felt my orgasm rip through me, it was bliss, I gripped shadows shoulders to steady me as I moaned loudly in pleasure. Dylan gave a low growl, his rhythm fumbled as he came quietly. I panted softly as he pulled out; he trailed kisses up my collar bone, onto my neck and slowly onto my jaw.

While he was doing this, I slipped my hand under the pillow and pulled out the handcuffs. Dylan wasn’t expecting anything; I could tell he was too wrapped up in what he was doing. I took a chance and rolled him onto his back, I took his surprise as an advantage and pinned his arms to the frame and handcuffed him to the bed. It was my turn to smirk as his a look of confusion came to his face. His brown wavy hair was brushed to side and his smirk lit up the sprinkling of freckles over his nose. He wasn’t fighting back now, that was a good sign. My hair fell over my shoulder, it was a light brown shoulder length, Dylan loved it.

He tilted his head to the side, taunting me, waiting to see if I would continue with my next move. I bent down, my hands gently sliding up his chest; I could feel his abs slightly under my palms. He gave a soft moan when my hair bushed against his shoulder and once again I began to nibble at his ear. I slowly moved down to his neck, I left a trail of kisses until I reached a place where others would be able to see. I hesitated for a second before sinking my teeth into his neck not deep, but enough to make him gasp in surprise. I was leaving my mark on him, I swirled my tongue around my mark. I started to move down, kissing and licking my way down to his nipple. I sucked on it gently, swirling my tongue once again. His back arched, I couldn’t help but smirk.

Something brushed against my stomach, he was ready for another round. I kept going south; running my fingers along is body. I reached his cock, it was bent to the left slightly, something I found attractive for some reason, the curve in it made it kind of desirable. He stared at me, waiting for my next move. I slowly grasped his cock, he whimpered slightly under my touch.

“Beg” I said quietly, Dylan gave me a strange look. “Beg” I said again this time it more confidence.

“Please, Oh gods please Robin; jack me off,” He gasped “run your hand up and down my hard shaft, fuck please.”

I squeezed his shaft gently, he moaned loudly, “Fuck! Robin, oh god please!” he inhaled sharply, I ran my tongue over his tip and a breathless cry escaped over his lips, he was quite this time “Please Robin…fuck,” I gave in, he had begged enough for me, I took his head into my mouth and sucked slightly.

His hips rose in pleasure, an inch or two more cock found its way into my mouth; I began to slowly bob my head up and down. His moans were loud; I knew he liked this, he would always suggest it. I cupped Dylan’s balls and caressed them softly in my palm, he whimpered softly.

Slowly, I took a few more inches into my mouth. Dylan pulled against his restraint; I could tell he wanted to run his hands through my hair. He did it again, and again. I looked him in the eye, he wanted free; I shook my head at him. He threw his head back and arched his hips once more. I pulled back and nibbled the tip; I could feel his ball tighten in my hand. He was close.

I took once more lick at his tip and he came hard once more, this time he let out a small cry of pleasure as his seed found its way into my mouth. I swallowed without hesitation, I loved his tangy essence. I pulled back and once again straddled him. I sat watching his chest rise and fall as he panted, I couldn’t resist but run my hand through his hair. He smirked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not done yet,” I smiled at him; he seemed to be taken back. I slowly got off of Dylan, trailing my fingers along his skin until the last second. I walked over to our wardrobe and pulled out two pieces of rope. I smiled at him and strut back over to him. “Legs, up” I commanded “Now.”

He hesitated for a moment before lifting his legs slightly, I took the rope and looped it around his ankles and tied it to the head board. His legs were parted and raised so that I could have clear access to his ass. Perfect.

I grabbed the lube and a strap-on and sat between his legs. His face was a mixed expression of “Oh shit” and “This is hot” I traced my fingers around his asshole; he whimpered under my touch, this was new to him. I coated my fingers in lube and slowly began to probe his asshole. I slid one finger in and he gasped loudly.

“Relax, Dylan” I whispered “It’ll only hurt for a while.” He squirmed as I wiggled my finger before slowly adding another, Dylan let out a pained gasp, but I didn’t stop, it would be worse if I did.. He soon relaxed and I began to widen him more. With my other hand I carefully manoeuvred myself into the strap on.

“Ready” I asked a hint of concern showing. He nodded slightly, his breathing was heavy, I sorted myself out and coated the dildo thickly in lube, I added a little more around his ass-hole. I was trying to make him feel as comfortable as I could before I officially made him my bitch.

I moved in closer and got onto my hands and knees, the tip of the strap-on brushing his anus. He gave another whimper, but turned and smirked at me, he was challenging me again. I pushed into him slowly, Dylan, moaned loudly in pain as I kept sliding in deeper, as slow as I could, soon I was almost fully in. Dylan chest was rising and falling at a slow pace. He was taking deep breaths to try and dull the pain. I ran my hand over the side of his leg and rubbed his leg gently.

“The pain will let up soon” I said softly “Just tell me when” As much as I wanted to dominate him fully, I couldn’t bring myself to hurt him, we’d been together for what seemed like forever.

“Robin” he moaned softly, he looked at me, and his eyes were slightly red. I began to thrust softly; I drew my hand back to give me some balance and I kept the pace slow and soft until he tugged softly at his bonds. A soft sigh escaped his lips and I could see him relax more. His cock was slowly beginning to re-awaken, I’d expected it to take longer than this, Dylan was enjoying this more than I thought.

I picked up my pace slowly, his soft moans edged me on, I kept it soft but faster with each thrust, his head softly rolled from one side to the other as his moans grew louder.

“Harder,” He whimpered softly, I gave him a questioning glance “Harder” he smirked I gave him what he wanted and began to thrust harder; I kept my pace even as I thrust harder, his moans grew significantly. I should have known. Dylan always did like it hard. My name soon became audible in his moans; I was fucking him like he would fuck me, hard, fast and with no mercy.

I had no idea what came over me next, but I shifted and lifted his hips slightly, his ass coming more into reach. Steadying myself, keeping balance with one hand, I raised the other and smacked it down hard onto his bare flesh. His eyes open wide and a gasp shot out from his lips. He gave me an evil look, the smirk only partly there. I smacked him just as hard in return, his back arched and his hips thrust upward, this gave me the advantage to slam into him. I didn’t waste the chance, and slammed hard into his ass, his back arched again as I kept going just as hard spanking him occasionally.

“Fuck Robin!” he moaned loudly “I-I I’m gonna!” He came hard. Harder than I’d ever seen. I smirked to myself, looks like I found his sweet spot I thought. The thick whit streams shot out over my chest, his moans were loud and powerful and his hips bucked widely as his orgasm took over his body. As he finished all I was able to hear were his heavy pants.

I unstrapped the strap on and slid of out him slowly, I winched a little as I saw the small trail of blood left behind. Throwing the strap on aside, I pulled the sheets halfway up with as I went to undo his bond. Dylan always seemed to get cold quickly after sex, I never understood why.

As I undid Dylan’s bonds I got a clear look at his face. His eyes were partly closed, and his cheeks were alight. Small beads of sweat dripped across his forehead. He looked up at me as I fumbled with his bonds releasing him finally. This time, I got a smile. I lay beside Dylan, running my hands through his hair as he rubbed his wrist. I kissed him softly and I could feel the smile on his lips. I could tell he was going to speak to me about this in the morning. Not that that would be a bad thing. I kept playing with his hair softly as he drifted into sleep. I smiled to myself. It was about time, I tired him out first.

Things Explained

Chapter 2

Ted stepped out of the small room and into what looked like an old abandoned warehouse. The walls were at least 40 feet high, stained aluminum held in place with hard steel framing. Rusty cat walks ran from one end to the other and the large windows along the tops of the walls were covered in a thick layer of dust. Off in the distance, the sounds of industrial fans could be humming in background. The room was brightly lit with fluorescent lights, which cast an artificially brilliant glow throughout the space.

Ted couldn’t help but notice that despite the bright lights, how utterly grey, cold and dreary the building was…’ where am I?’ Ted thought, as he looked around the room and saw all manner of strange implements, harnesses, mechanical devices, pulleys and the strangest machinery he’d ever seen.

‘Over here slut.’

The females voice was the same as the one he’d heard earlier and he turned his head in the direction of the commanding voice. Ted saw the woman, standing about 20 feet away, she was alone and he could feel her intense stare lasering right through him.

Ted did as he was told and walked over to the woman as quickly as he could. He was entirely conscious of not only his own nakedness, but also the cum that had started to dry on his skin.

Ted stood before what he could now see was a very large woman, who looked to be about 27 years old. She had delicate pale skin, made even more so by the dark mauve lipstick that coated her plump lips. Her hair was shoulder length and was died an equally dark mauve, with bright red and dark blue highlights. Black eyeliner was heavy upon her eye lashes, which accentuated her striking and very deep blue eyes. Her high cheek bones had a generous amount of rouge applied which gave her a domineering, sinister and ‘ don’t fuck with me’ kind of look.

Diamond earing studs adorned her ears, along with a matching stud in her left nostril. She had a massive bust that strained to burst out of the black rubber corset that forced her breasts upwards. Her tightly fitting corset exposed a good two inches of her large areola’s and her firm niples were clearly outlined under the flesh like rubber. Her corset was cinched tightly around her waist, which did wonders to further highlight just how large this Goddess’s tits were.

She wore matching rubber capris, that clung tightly to her powerful thighs and allowed for every curve of her generous ass to be seen. Her capris followed the curve of her muscular calves and ended at her black platform pumps. Ted estimated that she was naturally about 5’11, but with her heels, she towered a good 7 inches above him. Not only was she taller than Ted, but she was much heavier than Ted, weighing about 190 lbs, putting her a good 40 pounds over Ted’s scrawny frame.

‘I am Madame Denica, 1st assistant to Mistress Bianca. You performed well in the gloryhole booth, but not perfectly well as you violated one of Mistress Bianca’s primary rules. You see, you are not permitted to have an erection, unless permission is granted from the Mistress or one of her assistants. We noticed that you were such a greedy cocksucker, slurping up all that cum and gagging on those cocks, that you got a little stiffy, which is a definite no-no for Mistress Bianca’s man whores.

Hearing those words, reminding Ted of the act he’d just performed, of the cocks that he’d allowed to fuck his face, to slip down his throat and to fill his mouth and coat his body with hot loads of cum…and then for him to have become aroused…shame filled his mind and his cheeks flushed a bright crimson red.

Madame Denica continued, ‘although on one hand you did please the Mistress with your enthusiastic cock sucking and she is hopeful that you will make the Mistress a lot of money. I must advise that she was thoroughly disgusted at seeing, not only how small your cock was, but also at seeing it become erect while you sucked mancock…without her explicit permission.

Ted tried to speak, ‘ I didn’t know, it wasn’t my fault, I was confused, I wasn’t really aroused, it was just a natural…’ ‘ SILENCE faggot ‘ Madame Denica’s voice boomed and Ted immediately stopped speaking as ordered.

Madame Denica continued, despite your small, practically useless cock, there is still a role for you in Mistress Bianca’s Kingdom. You see, her large cocked slaves are her prized stallions, which she parades before her most important guests for their entertainment and to use for their own amusement. Mistress Bianca’s stallions are so very popular with her guests that she goes to great lengths to assure that her stallions are well taken care of.’

Despite the disappointing size of your pea, the Mistress does in fact have a role for her small cocked slaves. Although your cock is useless for pleasing the Mistress, her friends and assistants, you still have a role to fulfill within her dominion.

‘It has been determined by the Mistress that two roles shall be assigned to you. You shall first become a milking whore. Your cum will be milked from your balls and sold for a high dollar on the black market to mistresses and the many neighbouring Kingdoms. When you’re not being milked for your precious semen, you shall become a member of Mistress Bianca’s stable of man whores, to be used, abused and treated like the fucking slut that you truly are. You see, when the Mistress, her assistants or her guests are interested in acts of perversion, the Mistress would never expose her prized stallions to such depravity… that is exactly where sluts like you come in.’

‘Of course, your tiny little man cock doesn’t hold much promise that a large amount of cum can be extracted. So, the Mistress, in all of her brilliance has created a solution for her small cocked slaves and their inability to produce copious amounts of man milk. The mistress has created a special serum that is injected daily, directly into the prostate. This serum stimulates semen production in her man whores, which rapidly fills their balls and allows for a 20 fold production in cum’.

‘I should tell you that Mistress Bianca’s Stallions receive a serum of their own, but the Mistress so cares for, adores and loves her stallions, that she took extra care to assure that their serum could be taken orally, as a sweet tasting liquid, opposed to having to violate them with a syringe.. This serum allows her stallions cocks to both grow to enormous lengths and also to produce copious amounts of man juice. Their semen isn’t sold, as the mistress cannot bear to sell such precious liquid and so she assures it stays with the confines of her own dominion.’

‘Of course, the mistress could have created a serum for her fuck whores that could be taken orally. However, the Mistress wasn’t interested in designing a production facility and spending the money to research and create the product. Besides, it is quite exhilarating to inject a whores prostate with a giant syringe, to see the fear in his eyes as he awaits injection.’

Madame Denica started to giggle, ‘ Awww, is the little slut scared, are you going to cry my precious whore?’

Ted gasped, an injection into his prostate?! He was scared, no he was absolutely fucking terrified, he couldn’t believe this was happening, he didn’t even know where he was, his wife would miss him, she’d call the police, they’d find him.

‘ My wife, my wife, Kara, she’ll call the cops, they’ll find me, they’ll save…you…can’t…do this to me…you can’t, it’s not right. I have a life, friends…the cops…they’ll find me!’

Madame Denica began to laugh wickedly, as her head tilted backwards, her breasts heaved upward and her mocking laughter echoed off the warehouse walls. Her laughter stopped as abruptly as it had started, she lowered her head and locked her gaze directly on Ted.

‘You poor, stupid little man, so naive…so very fucking naive, a true loser. Kara isn’t going to help you, oh no, your sweet, innocent bride isn’t going to save you, nor help you, nor even call the authorities. You see, after you lost your job and you told Kara that in order to make ends meet, that she’d have to give up her membership at the club and sell her Lexus, why you panicked the poor dear. Especially with her knowing that the yacht and your home would be next on the chopping block. Sweet Kara had no confidence that you’d find work again, believing that your incompetence had been well hidden at Dynaxy Oil and you’d never be so lucky again to land such a well paying job.

Ted was frozen with fear, his mind raced as he thought ‘ Jesus fucking Christ, how did this woman know these things?’

‘Mmmmm, yes, dear Kara was used to the lifestyle that an oil executive provided for her and she knew that her life was coming to an end and so, with the knowledge that your life insurance policy would soon be terminated, she reached out… yes, she wisely reached out to the Mistress.’

‘Right at this moment Teddy, you and Kara are on your yacht, for a final hurrah before you put your prized vessel up for sale. Unfortunately for you Teddy, the weather isn’t looking so good tonight, high winds are forecast and oh, you poor dear, such misfortune. Fearing that your mast will snap in the gale force winds, you were just about to bring in the sails, when tragically the mast snapped, just as you’d predicted. You’ll be struck in the head, knocked over board, lost to the Atlantic and never seen again.

Kara will be inconsolable, the boat adrift, being rocked about in the waves and calling mayday on the satellite radio. Thankfully, only being 150 miles from shore, the coast guard will arrive quickly and whisk Kara to safety. Of course, the authorities will investigate the unfortunate accident and with your blood having seeped into the wood of the fallen mast, and found it’s way into the crevices of the railing where you went overboard…the investigators, finding a perfect DNA match, will have no choice but to conclude that your demise was a tragic accident.’ Madame Denica flashed a sultry and savage smile…

‘How the hell did you get my blood, that’s impossible?!’

‘Oh dear me. Teddy, you aren’t too bright are you? Don’t you remember? Why it was just two week ago that sweet Kara thought it would be very civic minded of you, if you would donate your blood. Kara told you that blood services was so desperate for blood, that they would dispatch a nurse to your home. Well Teddy, you stupid fuck, that nurse that collected your blood, that was one of Mistress Bianca’s 2nd Assistants, Miss Crystal.’ Madame Denica began to giggle, ‘ You’re such a silly man Teddy, oh yes you are, such a silly useless little piece of shit, why you’d believe anything.’

Teds mouth hung open, his eyes wide, his hands began to tremble…of course he remembered, how he could he forget how hot that nurse had been? The fact that the nurse, looking about 22, long bleach blond hair and with perfectly tanned skin. Wearing a tight fitting white nurses uniform, her cleavage pouring out… that slutty short skirt and supple breasts that had pressed firmly against his shoulder…the sweet smell of her perfume The fact.that he’d gotten a raging hard on while his blood was being drawn, as she’d kept her tits pressed against him!

To Teds embarrassment the nurse had seen his rock hard cock through his work out shorts. The fact that she had whispered in his ear that she thought it was cute, his having gotten a little stiffy. Of course he remembered it, how could he possibly have forgotten. Frightened Ted listened intently as Madame continued…

‘Slave boy, Theresa sold you into enslavement to Mistress Bianca for a paltry $5000. Theresa told the mistress that you had a small cock, a weak frame, low self esteem, were natural…how could he forget that! submissive and embarrassingly pathetic in bed. Truthfully, Mistress held out hope that perhaps Theresa hated you so much that she was selling you short and that maybe you’d have a usable manly cock. It was not to be, your cock was as ridiculous as your wife had promised and then of course, the whole getting a hard on while sucking cock..fucking hilarious Teddy, fucking hilarious!

‘There you have it Teddy, Theresa pockets $5000 cash from the mistress and she of course, will collect 35 million dollars in life insurance, that of course is due to expire next week. Don’t worry about Theresa being lonely Teddy, she already has a list of single wealthy men whom she will pursue and one of those lucky bastards will of course marry her.’

Ted’s jaw clinched, he started straight ahead, his hands balled into fists…’ Not my Theresa, no not Theresa…’ Ted had given her everything that a young 25 year old woman could ever want. She’d wanted breast implants, she got it. She wanted an Lexus, shopping spree’s to London, Paris, Rome she got it all. He even overlooked the fact that she was fucking their 22 year old Mexican gardener in the back shed! Had love blinded him, why hadn’t he seen this coming, why had he permitted Theresa to fuck other men?’ Ted shook his head back to his present situation, his mind cleared and he had one overpowering thought.

‘ This ends now.’

With all his might, he brought his hands up and pushed Madame as hard as he could. His hands pressed into Madames breasts and despite his escape attempt, a thought flashed through his mind that Madames breasts were a perfect balance of firmness and softeness. Ted was shocked at the resistance he felt, that Madame Denica hardly moved backwards, as he’d intended to push her right over. His push was enough to knock Madame off balance, long enough for Ted to turn and begin sprinting for what he hoped was an exit to freedom.

Ted willed his legs to move as fast they could, his muscles flexed as adreniline flowed through his body. Ted hadn’t even made it 15 feet when his ears filled with that dreadful clicking, his muscles seized and Ted came crashing to the ground, convulsing in extreme agony as 50,000 volts flowed freely through his body.

Madame Denica walked slowly over to Ted, she stood over him and watched him squirm as she could hear him begging for the pain to stop. Ted, curled up on his side, was instantly relieved when the current came to an end, which allowed him to roll over onto his back. Ted tried to catch his breath and when he looked up at Madame Denica, he knew instantly that he’d been a fool for trying to escape, a fool for thinking the punishment was over and a fool for allowing himself to be so exposed, lying prone on his back.

Ted saw it coming, but it happened so fast that he hadn’t had the time to react. Madame Denica quickly raised her left leg 90 degree’s and with the force of a thousand tonnes, her platform pumps came crashing down firmly on Ted’s balls, crushing and pinning them against the cold concrete floor. The pain was unbearable, the wind was knocked out of Teds lungs, he tried to scream, but no sound would escape his opened mouth.

Madame Denica kept her foot firmly planted on Teds balls, which had immediately turned a dark purple and began to swell while his cock withered uselessly, trapped between his balls and the sole of her pumps. Madame moved her right foot to the right side of Teds body, she lowered herself and began to bend forward. With her body stooped forward, her massive tits hung from her solid frame, her breasts hung perfectly in balance, as gravity pulled the downwards and her breasts pressed into Teds chest.

Madame moved her face within one inch of Teds, her left arm shot forward and she wrapped her strong hand tightly around Teds throat, cutting his air flow off, trapping the blood, resulting in Teds face turning a deep dark red.

Madame Denica began to talk aggressively and harshly, her plump lips curled into a vicious sneer and her eyes filled with hate. Ted could smell her breath clearly, cigarettes masked sweetly with Cinnamon flowed towards his nostrils. ‘You stupid little whore, you no good God damned cock sucking little whore, who the fuck do you think you are. Why must you punish yourself like this? Don’t you know your place? You cannot escape, you cannot run, you cannot hide, you are our property and we will mold you into the good little man whore that will be used, abused and treated like garbage.

Madame Denica’s soft voice came to a close and she angrily shouted ‘Now you listen up you little fucking faggot. Don’t you fucking ever lay a hand in an aggressive manner upon any of your superiors or ever fucking try to run away again. This is your one and only warning that your going to get, because if you try this shit again I’ll string you up by the balls and yes Teddy, I will smash your balls into oblivion and it will make this ball busting seem like a fucking holiday! Do you understand Teddy?!

Ted, barely able to breathe, was able to respond affirmatively by gasping ‘ yes’. The thought of having his balls destroyed by this Amazon filled Ted with fear and even while his balls ached horribly, he knew he could not risk having his balls destroyed by this Amazon Goddess.

Madame Denica both released her grip around his throat and removed her foot from Teds swollen ball sack. Relief did not come, as Madame Denica launched her knee as hard as she could directly into the center of Teds Balls. The little air he had left in his lungs, was forced out of his body and Ted, seeing stars, the pain too much, he thought he was going to die.

A short time past, Ted caught his breath and Madame Denica demanded he stand up. Upon standing, Madame Bianca exclaimed; ‘ Oh my fucking God, you really are a loser, look at you, look at your little wee cock, it’s actually hard. What kind of a loser gets a hard on after having his balls crushed and then being kneed in the balls? You little faggot, do you want to know who I feel bad for, I feel bad for the Mistress. To think she paid $5000 for a little slut who gets a stiffy while sucking cock and a stiffy when being kicked in the balls. Oh my God, you are such a fucking little loser, oh honey, just a no good, horny little fuck whore to be used and abused.’

Ted’s balls ached, his cock even hurt, he was defeated, he knew it. All was lost and he fought to keep the tears from welling in in his eyes.

Ted obediently followed Madame into another area of the wharehouse and he found it hard to keep up, as Madame Denica took long powerful strides in her gleaming black pumps. Although Ted was still doubled over in pain, he couldn’t help but notice Madames ass. Her ass was as perfect as it was large, it was a perfect apple shape and through the tight black rubber, he could see her cheeks were jiggling ever so slightly. With each step, her ass would sway to and fro and with each step, Ted grew more and more aroused…no intoixcated by the beauty of Madame Denica’s perfect ass.

Madame ordered Ted into a small room off to the far side of the warehouse. This room appeared to be 8 x 8, it looked to be a standard locker shower room with clean white tiles adorning both the walls and floor. Ted was ordered to stand under one of the 6 shower heads. Madame explained that presently, he stunk like cum and she was completely repulsed by the cum that had dried in his hair, on his face and on his chest. She explained that when she’d been warning him about his conduct and had been so close to his face, that the smell of dry cum was so bad, that she’d nearly vomited all over his face. Madame Denica ordered Ted to turn the shower on full blast and to keep the water on the coldest setting.

Madame Denica took a step towards Ted, told him to look in her eyes and once their eyes were locked, she made a guttural sound and then violently spit a huge load of saliva right in Teds face. ‘ Clean that off as well you slut and don’t you ever fucking touch me again, you weak little bitch.’ Madame Denica walked back to a far corner of the room and told him to begin.

It was a doghouse. It dominated the right corner of the backyard. There was no mistaking the classic Snoopy doghouse, painted in the same colors as our house, with a peaked roof and a door with a curved top. If there was any doubt of its tenant, LUCKY was painted over the door of the man-sized doghouse.

Gretchen never referred to it as a doghouse—only a private place where I could be alone. I knew this wasn’t the case, or she wouldn’t have attached a wide leather collar that she placed around my neck. I looked down and there, set in cement in the center of the yard was a pile of rusty chain.

“I doubt that you will ever make the mistake of running off again, but just the same, this will remind you why you need to pay attention and do what you’re told. I considered one of those new electrical devices, but I prefer the more traditional method.”

It was unlikely that I would forget the chain attached to my collar, for it was large and strong enough to pull a truck. The links were an inch and a half long and a quarter inch thick. I struggled to keep up with Gretch as she led me around the yard.

“This is where your food will be placed,” she said while indicating the back porch. The chain was just long enough for me to climb the three cement steps to reach my dinner.

“This isn’t much of tree, but since it’s the only tree in the yard, this is where you can lift your leg,” she said. “You can do your business back in this corner. I want to see you lift your leg and pee on your tree.” I hesitated and she said, “Now.”

Just like a dog, I lifted my leg but, try as I may, I just couldn’t pee.

“That’s okay, Lucky, you can just stay as you are until you’re finally able to pee.”

Without another word, she ruffled my hair and left me chained to the center of our backyard with my own private doghouse, the house with my name painted across the top of the door.

I was afraid that I would collapse before I could finally piss on that damn excuse for a tree. It was the sound of the sprinklers going off that enabled me to pee. It was just as difficult to aim my stream so that it hit the tree. I thought I heard Gretch’s soft chuckle before the back door closed softly.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live in a doghouse, but if one must, this is the one. Truth be told, it’s quite comfortable inside. While it isn’t tall enough for me to stand, there is a single bed on one side of the door and a number of necessities for living outdoors on the other.

There are no blankets or pillows, but it never mattered because Gretchen had thoroughly insulted the walls and roof. I eventually found that the floor had a heating element which kept the doghouse cozy at night. I found the pair of knee pads and wondered if I should feel grateful or scared.

There is a light, and a nightlight to use in case of an emergency when Gretch turns out the night. She could probably listen to me because she always said “Good Night, Lucky,” to me over a small speaker installed in my new house.

As the summer progressed, I listened to all of the night sounds. It was interesting, the way my senses seemed to become more acute. I could listen to three dogs barking clear across town, having a midnight chat. Sometimes I was so lonely that I was tempted to bark and so enter their canine conversation.

I wasn’t going to mention this part because it shows the amount of control Gretchen held over me, but I might as well write it all down.

Lying outside my doghouse one day, I saw a stray cat about to use our yard as a litter box. I’d begun to chase after it barking when I realized the insanity of my actions.

I’ve no doubt that there are people who would love to be in that situation, but this wasn’t my idea of being dominated. Nevertheless, my love for Gretchen conquered my fears. I felt a deeper sense of submission because if this is what she wanted, it was my desire, as well.

Was this going to be my life? Was I regulated to remain in the doghouse forever? Truth be told, I made up my mind, then and there, that if being a dog would make Gretchen love me, I was happy to become her dog.

The worst thing by far during my summer in the doghouse was that dammed, infernal chain! During the intense heat of the day, the only place to be was in the doghouse.

The problem with staying inside the doghouse was the chain, which stretched from the center of the yard to the collar around my neck and became so hot that to touch it was to be branded.

Gretch never considered this hazard while she clapped her hands and whistled for me to come running on hands and knees. But not even Gretch could remain impassive when the links of the chain nipped my balls as I scrambled to greet her.

She had me lay on my back while administering first aid and spoke to me softly, tenderly. She remarked that my balls were already shaved so the Band-Aid would stick. When she was finished, she ruffled my hair and said, “Now, leave that alone, Lucky. You wouldn’t want me to attach a plastic cone around your neck, would you?

I spent a lot of time listening for the sound of Danny’s truck, knowing that it was impossible to tell if he parked in our garage. Gretchen had thought of everything when she designed the vault. My doghouse was a simple task for her.

I could only imagine what might be going on inside the vault. I learned what a cuckold is from Internet porn and it was never a part of my fantasies or fetishes. The thought of Gretchen with another man was bad enough, but this was the man who humiliated me on the construction site.

This was the man who more than once came up from behind and yanked my pants down in front of the entire crew, Gretchen included.

This was the same man who put me in a headlock and paraded me around with my jeans and underpants around my ankles so that everyone had a chance to examine my diminutive penis and balls.

One evening, as Gretchen was setting out my bowls, the unmistakable sound of Danny’s truck passed by. Gretchen looked up quickly with an annoyed expression that changed when she looked down at me.

She was silently defiant. She was taunting me, daring me to ask the question that preyed on my mind. When I said nothing, she closed the door behind her and left me to my supper.

I was nearly asleep in my doghouse bed when I heard the sound of people talking. Confused, I looked about and realized that the voices came from the intercom speaker. I heard the unmistakable voices of Gretchen and Danny Reynolds.

It suddenly struck me that this was coming from inside the vault! I wondered if the intercom had been accidentally switched on or if Gretchen wanted me to hear their conversation.

“Damn, baby! You’re lookin’ hot tonight. I could eat you with a spoon!”

“Thanks, Danny; you always look nice, even when you’re working on a house. Do you like this new nightie?”

“Nice, very nice, but you know I like satin. This doesn’t look like satin.”

“That’s because it’s silk. You said you wanted deep purple with black lace, so it was silk or nothing. Don’t you like it?”

“To tell the truth, Gretch, it looks better than satin, but I like the way satin feels when you stroke me with the panties to get me off.”

“Did you notice that the little bow on the front of the panties unties and opens the slit down the front? I love it! I can’t wait to feel your big cock fucking me through these silky panties.”

Gretch was never one to make much noise in our lovemaking, so it was even more emasculating to hear her going on and on about the size of his cock and how it was three times the size of my own.

I didn’t have a pillow or blanket, and I couldn’t put my fingers in my ears. I couldn’t bear to listen to my wife fucking the man I loathe with such unbridled lust. I breathed a sigh of relief when the intercom was turned off.

I was still crying softly on my little bed when the back porch light came on. The last thing I wanted to do was crawl to her on all fours, but she clapped her hands, whistled and called for me, so I had no choice. I didn’t have time for kneepads because it was difficult to slip them on with my bound fists, so I scurried out to meet her at the porch steps.

She stepped down and told me to sit. During this whole time, Gretch was covering her pussy with her hand. I sat back on my haunches, hoping to please her, and raised my hands to the level of my chest.

“Tilt your head back and open your mouth, Lucky.” I did as I was told. I knew what was coming, but that didn’t help my fear and dread. She spread her legs and thrust her pelvis forward until she straddled my head. Her pussy hovered inches above my open mouth.

It was difficult to see in the dim porch light, but I sensed her clenching her pussy until two dollops of what I knew was Danny’s spunk dropped into my mouth.

“Swallow,” she said, and I did, tasting the salty, oily sperm for the first time in my life.

“Eat it,” was all she needed to say. I never dreamed that someday I would be reluctant to lick my wife’s pussy, but tears streamed down my face as I lapped up the remains of Danny’s cum. Nevertheless, I licked her pussy clean.

She looked down at me sternly, almost angrily and said, “I hope that answers your question. Now, get back in your house.” With that, she went back into the house and probably back to her vault.

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