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Greg was late for class. He ran through the hallways. They were very particular about being punctual here. His health teacher especially. She was very focused on such things. Greg had been late twice this week. He couldn’t help that his car kept breaking down. Ms. Sin was a real hardass and didn’t accept excuses.

Greg had only started his last year of high school here after his eighteenth birthday a few months ago. He was worried about the impressions he was making. He got to the door of his health class and checked his watch apprehensively. It was 7:58. Greg pumped his fist in his victory. He wasn’t late for his 8:00 class. He quickly readjusted his clothing after all that running and turned the knob to open the door.

Inside the room, all the kids were seated already. He looked over to see Ms. Sin had stopped reading out of the study book. He gulped, sweating from the energy he had just expended to run to class.

“I’m glad you decided to join us, Mr. Turner.” Ms. Sin stood up from where she had been sitting on her desk and walked over to the class cabinet, carrying out a study book and handing it to him, “Take your seat now, Greg. Don’t be late again.”

Greg didn’t argue. He walked over to his seat and opened his book to the page on the board.

“You’re late again, G. This isn’t Mr. Lee’s fourth period. You can’t be late for Ms. Sin’s health class.” Andy, his best friend, whispered from one desk over.

Greg hadn’t been late. It was 7:58 when he walked through the door and the class didn’t start until 8:00! He let it go though, nodding his head and looking up to listen to Ms. Sin’s lesson.

Ms. Sin wasn’t drop dead gorgeous in the Hollywood anorexic model. Still, something about her kept Greg’s attention. It’s not that she wasn’t pretty. She was. She was also very intimidating. She stood close to six feet tall, a fact that was accentuated by the heeled shoes she always wore. She had long dark hair and a warm smile, complete with full lush lips, and the crimson lipstick she was fond of.

Not so hidden in Ms. Sin’s blouse were her ample breasts. The black skirt she was wearing today stretched to snugly fit around her thick butt. Greg’s eyes wandered from Ms. Sin’s lesson to her smooth, muscled legs. She hopped back on her desk, facing the classroom, and crossed her legs. Greg’s eyes struggled to see beyond the valley of thigh flesh into her skirt.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked over at Andy. “I never even knew we had a gland there, G. This stuff is sick. Why were you late anyway?”

Greg looked back over at Ms. Sin and saw that she had left her desk, she was turned away from them, writing something on the chalkboard. Greg looked at Andy, he whispered, “I wasn’t late.”

“Oh yes you were. Why do you think Ms. Sin warned you in front of the class?”

Greg was flustered, “I wasn’t late. OK!” He said a little too loud.

The class looked back at Greg. Ms. Sin turned her head and gave him a stern look, which gradually softened.

“You weren’t late, Mr. Turner? The classroom clock tells a different story.” Ms. Sin sauntered down the aisle of desks until stopping at Greg’s, she wrapped her hand around his wrist and lifted his watch arm closer to her eyes.

“Mmmhmm.” Ms. Sin tapped on the glass face of his watch with her nail and then pointed at the classroom clock, “Your watch is a little early here, Greg.” Her brow furrowed for a moment, “Hmm.. this is a good idea.” She squeezed his hand and then released it. Ms. Sin walked back up to the front of the class, her hips sashaying.

“Class,” She started, “Mr. Turner has brought up a good point. I want all of you to synchronize your watches with the clock on the wall. Don’t be late for this class.” Ms. Sin smiled. She added, “It is the most important one after all.” Nodding in Greg’s direction.

The class carried on in an usual manner. Finally the bell rang and kids started shuffling out of the classroom. Greg grabbed his books and headed out the door.

“Wait here a moment, Greg.” He heard Ms. Sin call out.

Greg’s feet weighed more than usual as he circled back to her desk. He knew that Ms. Sin was a disciplinarian and he didn’t want to get on her bad side.

“Yes, Ms. Sin?”

“Oh, I’m so glad you stayed. Usually when I call out for kids to stick around, they’re out the door already. It takes a lot of energy to haul them back here,” She laughed. “I want to tell you…”

The bell rang again.

“I’ll have my next class here in a minute and you shouldn’t be late for another period. Go on. Just come by and see me after school. I’ll be here.” Her next class started pouring through the doorway. Greg nodded his head that he heard her and slipped out the door.

He asked himself, what was that about? Was she going to chew him out after school? Greg didn’t have much time to consider the possibilities before he heard someone call out from the end of the hallway, “Turner!” It was Andy. Greg walked at a faster pace to catch up with his friend through the busy hallway.

“Hey G. What happened? I’m surprised to see you here. I figured Ms. Sin was gonna make an ottoman out of you.”

“It’s your fault!” Greg shouted at his friend, playfully pushing him, though he didn’t feel like fun and games. He was just mad at Andy. “She wants to see me after school.”

“Oh man. That sucks. I bet she wants to lay into you without kids walking in.”

“You think so?” Greg muttered.

There was no answer. Greg glanced out and realized Andy had already walked away to catch his next class. Greg still had a few minutes to catch his class. Greg kicked himself into high gear and ran to his next class, making it just in time.

The hours rolled by slowly. Greg and Andy caught up at lunch and brainstormed over the after school meeting with Ms. Sin. Greg could always say he felt sick if he had to. His afternoon classes went by faster. Even an interesting science class couldn’t take his mind off the incident in health though.

The final bell rang and while all the kids rushed through the building and out the doors, Greg walked slowly, killing time. Greg really did feel sick by the time he made it to the health class door. It read: Ms. Sin Room 96 Health Class

His sweaty palm wrapped around the doorknob and twisted it, opening the door. He walked in and saw Ms. Sin sitting at her desk. She was grading papers and didn’t immediately acknowledge Greg. He closed the door, grabbing the strap of his backpack and dropped it off his shoulder. Greg exhaled loudly in case Ms. Sin hadn’t heard him.

“Take a seat. I’ll be with you in a minute.” She didn’t look up.

Greg sat at the desk directly across from her desk. He folded his hands together apprehensively while she marked something in her book. Greg couldn’t help but notice that a couple buttons of her blouse weren’t buttoned. They had been at the beginning of the school day. He tried not to look because he felt she would see if he did.

His eyes zeroed in on the cleavage despite his brain’s wishes. It wasn’t as if her tits were spilling out of the blouse. That wasn’t it. Greg could see more than he had in the morning. That was what grabbed his attention. He wouldn’t admit it, not even to Andy, but there was something about Ms. Sin which made Greg go wild. This was evident by the erection growing in Greg’s pants.

Ms. Sin’s eyes shot up to Greg’s, “I’m glad you didn’t pretend to forget to see me after school or fake sick, or something like that,” She rolled her eyes, “You’d be surprised what some of these kids try. This is the way to make it easier on yourself.”

“I don’t understand, Ms. Sin. Am I in trouble?” Greg had a confused look on his face.

Ms. Sin smiled, “No, dear. Not at all. I didn’t want to embarrass you by having this conversation during class.” She stood up, walking over to him, “Greg. I like you so I’ve cut you some slack. But you have to realize, you can’t be late to my class. You have to make an effort to get here on time and once you have, you can’t talk to your friends. Do you know how disrespectful that is?”

“Yes. Yes, Ms. Sin. I’m very sorry. My car isn’t reliable. I need to…”

“No,” She cut him off, her tone more serious, “There are no excuses. Do you understand?”

Greg nodded.

“I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl. Respect is very important to me. You show me respect and I do the same. I’m your teacher and I demand your undivided attention in this classroom. Keep that in mind the next time you want to act out in class. You’re dismissed.”

Greg stood, his face red, and apologized again. He grabbed his backpack and shut the door to Ms. Sin’s classroom behind him. He wasn’t going to be late tomorrow.

Greg went home and spent most of the night doing homework. He chatted online with Andy but didn’t go into detail about what happened after school.

It was the next morning already. Greg left early to make sure he was on time. He was one of the first kids at their desks in health class. Ms. Sin gave him a look, signaling that she saw he was on time.

Before long the bell rang and class started. It began with an assignment in the study book. Ms. Sin collected those, then put her piece of chalk down and rubbed the residue off her fingers. She walked through the aisles of desks slowly.

“This is health class. We do more than just busy work around here,” Ms. Sin pointed at a study book on one of the kid’s desks. “Knowledge is power, ladies and gentlemen. I teach the consequences of drug use. You learn the basics here about anatomy.” Ms. Sin crossed past Greg’s desk, her arm sliding over his back as she squeezed herself between the aisle.

“But we also talk about life, living healthy and relationships. We discuss issues of sex with an adult tone. I intend to use my platform here to teach you that knowledge is also tolerance. It’s time to highlight the LGBT community. Do we all know what that is?” Most of the class shouted out in affirmative.

“The ‘T’ in LGBT stands for transgender. Can anyone tell me what a transgender is?” Ms. Sin asked the class.

Someone from the back piped up, “Isn’t that those guys that run around with socks stuffed in their shirt and they wear wigs and stuff?”

“Let me explain. And don’t shout out next time.” Ms. Sin took a seat on top of her desk, “This is a very sensitive subject which hasn’t been treated that way for many years. You’re thinking of a crossdresser. He or she, however they choose to refer to their gender, may be gay or bisexual, but they’re not necessarily a transgender. Transgender people are people who primarily identify with the opposite gender and decide to do something about that.”

Ms. Sin crossed her legs, “That can mean male or female. Let’s take someone born into a male body who identifies with feminine characteristics. When they decide to begin this process, they become transgendered or transsexual. They either take hormones and or get breast implants. They live as the opposite gender, in this case, as a girl. There are post-op and pre-op transsexuals. Post-op transsexuals have gone through sex reassignment surgery. Pre-op transsexuals haven’t.”

Ms. Sin crossed and uncrossed her legs again. Greg was straining his eyes to see in between her wonderful legs.

“There’s also something called a non-op transsexual. We usually call these women shemales. They live as women and have augmented their breasts in some manner but also like the hardware they were given at birth. I’m going to be blunt here, class. They’re ladies with cocks.”

The class laughed at Ms. Sin’s language and the serious nature of the discussion being boiled down so far. Ms. Sin laughed too and readjusted herself on the desk. It was then that Greg’s leering eyes got their eyeful. To Greg’s utter surprise, staring back at him was the head of a flaccid penis. It had to be six or seven inches flaccid, half of it sticking out of Ms. Sin’s pink panties. It was the shock of Greg’s life. Ms. Sin was a transsexual. A SHEMALE!

The class had quieted down from Ms. Sin’s comment and she continued, “Shemales retain their cocks and have the same or an even greater appetite for sex than most men and women too. They enjoy using their penises as much as men do. A lot of shemales make dominant partners. Now I’d like to…”

The bell rang.

“Oh alright. Go on. Get out of here, class. No homework tonight!” Ms. Sin called out as kids started packing up for their next class.

Greg did the same, with a sinking feeling in his stomach. He knew Ms. Sin’s secret. He couldn’t believe his teacher was a shemale. All that time he had been drooling over and fantasizing about a shemale!

“Greg. Come over here. I want to speak with you.” Ms. Sin looked over at him.

What? Did she know that he knew? A lot of crazy thoughts were flying through his head as he walked over to Ms. Sin’s desk.

“What… What is it, Ms. Sin?” He looked at the floor.

“I want to tell you that I appreciate you being in class early today. I’m glad that you’ll take instruction and follow my rules here. It goes a long way.” She paused, “… Is something wrong, dear?”

“No. No, nothing. I just have to make it to my next class.” He stammered, still not making eye contact.

“That’s alright. Run along. I’ll see you in class bright and early tomorrow, right?”

“Uh.. yeah. Thanks, Ms. Sin.”

The rest of the day was uneventful. Greg tried his best to avoid everyone. So much so that Andy rushed to catch up with him after school.

“What’s wrong, G?”

“Nothing. Just nothing.”

“You’ve been wigging out since health class! Come on, what the hell is wrong? I haven’t even seen you since lunch.”

“I said nothing!” Greg snapped back.

Andy thew his arms up, “Ok. Ok. I’m on my way.” He walked off in a direct direction and left Greg alone. Alone with his thoughts. How could he stay in Ms. Sin’s class knowing what he knew? He couldn’t even face her. This was the woman he had jerking off to for months! She had a cock! A big fucking cock.

Greg slept in the next morning. He resolved to miss Ms. Sin’s class altogether. Greg got there in time for second period and tried to push health class out of his mind. That lasted until lunchtime when Ms. Sin found him in the lunchroom.

“Mr. Turner. There you are!” Ms. Sin walked over to Greg’s table, leaning over him and putting her fists down on the table, “I thought you were going to be on time for my class this morning. I figured you were sick when you didn’t make it at all. Imagine how surprised I was when I learned you had made it to school after all, and just in time for second period!”

“Umm… yeah. It was.. err… right! My car. I’m sorry….” He stared down at his lunch

“I’ve been a teacher for almost fifteen years. Don’t insult me with these excuses, young man. This is a total lack of respect. I want to see you in my room after school. Got it?”

“Yeah… I do…”

“Be there, Mr. Turner.” She glared down at him.

Greg muddled through the rest of the day, incessantly worrying about seeing Ms. Sin after school. The final bell rang all too soon. Greg knew what he had to do. He walked through the halls like they were his last steps, sighing heavily at the door to Ms. Sin’s classroom.

Ms. Sin was sitting at her desk grading papers like the last time Greg was here. This time though she looked up immediately at Greg, “Have a seat, Mr. Turner.”

Greg reluctantly threw his backpack off and sat at one of the desks. Ms. Sin quickly followed and surprised Greg by sitting on top of the desk where he had taken his seat.

She began immediately, “I’m a good judge of matters and I get the feeling that something is wrong,” Ms. Sin crossed her legs, “Why did you skip my class today?”

Greg turned away and mumbled something which Ms. Sin couldn’t hear.

“I want an answer, Mr. Turner.” She told him sternly.

“I… I don’t know. I just…”

Ms. Sin grabbed his chin and used it to aim his eyes at hers, “Look at me while we’re talking.” She chided him.

“I don’t know the answer, Ms. Sin!”

Her grip on his chin got stronger, “You’re lying to me, Greg.”

Greg struggled to get up but Ms. Sin grabbed his shoulders and kept him seated in the chair. She was much stronger than him.

“Damn it. Why can’t I get through to you! Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong!” She shouted at him, frustrated with the situation.

Burning hot tears trailed down Greg’s cheeks as he struggled to push his way up, “I saw you yesterday! Ok. You know. I saw that you have… that you’re…” Greg stopped struggling and dropped his head.

Ms. Sin’s hands suddenly gripped Greg’s shoulder so tightly that it hurt. “What! What did you see?!”

“You have a fucking penis! That’s what I saw. The woman I’ve been jacking off to has a fucking penis!” He shouted back at her.

Ms. Sin became aware that they were still in school. She stood up without saying a word and opened the door to check if anyone was around. The place was deserted. She looked at the clock. It was 4:00. The teachers were all probably gone too. Ms. Sin closed the door again and locked it. Ms. Sin walked toward Greg’s desk. She sat down at the desk next to him.

“Ok, so you know I am a transsexual. A shemale. Is there a reason you’re avoiding my class? I don’t see a problem with being a shemale. Do you?”

“No. No. I don’t think so. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to you offend you. It’s just… I don’t know.”

“It’s just…? It’s just… you’ve been masturbating while thinking about me?”

“Ms. Sin. I… I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry for that, Greg. You’ve taken my class. You know there’s nothing wrong with masturbation. It’s quite flattering actually that you would think of me.”

“I’m so confused, Ms. Sin. I was trying to catch a peek at you, and then… and then… I saw…”

“Hush sweetheart. It’s ok. I understand what you’re going through.” Ms. Sin stood up and wrapped her arms around Greg, pulling his head into her chest.

“You.. do you feel confused now?” She asked.

Greg’s head was buried in Ms. Sin’s cleavage and he didn’t make any effort to free himself. The big, soft mounds of flesh felt great against his face, even with her blouse on.

“Feeling this way is okay, honey.” Her arms caressed his neck and back. She pressed her lips against his head and kissed him lovingly.

Greg’s cock had grown in his pants. His cock was leading the charge when his hands reached around Ms. Sin’s wonderful body and cupped her full butt cheeks.

“I could lose my job for this. I know you’re eighteen but it’s still unethical.” She reasoned briefly. Her cock had stirred and scared Greg when it pressed against his chest.

Ms. Sin removed her arms and took a step back, her boner tenting her skirt. “It’s ok, darling. Why don’t we try something we’re both sure to like?” She smiled.

Greg nodded his head but hadn’t found his voice yet.

Ms. Sin kneeled down on the floor and pulled Greg’s legs out of his desk. Her hands pressed against his thighs and finally started squeezing Greg’s erection through his jeans.

“This is good, huh?” Her hands continued to squeeze him.

“Yes!” He squealed.

Ms. Sin chuckled, her nimble fingers finding the button and zipper to his pants, she slowly undid them until his erection was covered only by his boxers.

“What do you have for Ms. Sin?” She said in a husky voice, pulling both Greg’s pants and boxers down his legs. His hard cock sprang free.

“Such a pretty one. I’ve got to have it in my mouth. Unless you’re still confused?” She asked him knowingly.

“No! No, I’m not I mean.”

Ms. Sin wet her full lips with her tongue before wrapping them around the head of Greg’s cock. This was a new, wonderful sensation to Greg. Her tongue did a spin over his tip. She created a tight seal around his shaft and started to take it deep into her mouth. Ms. Sin didn’t stop until her lips met his boyish pubes.

She had taken the entire length of his cock into her mouth almost effortlessly. Having every inch of his cock engulfed in her mouth was indescribable. The competing sensations of warm and wet and tight came together as she began to suck.

This is my first submission. I took quite a bit of time on it so I hope you enjoy it. Also it is quite long so get comfy. xxx


The alarm burst into life and so did the pain.I checked the time, it was 8.20. Shit! First day of semester and I was gonna be late. I had a quick shower and drove off to the University. The previous night I added the finishing touches to the module that I would be teaching and I was stressed. Teaching new material is always daunting. There was various events that needed arranging and there was also a new member of staff. I hadn’t met her but I read her paper on gender theory and it was very interesting. A lot of it was informed by her own experience as a transgendered woman. I arrived at the car park and ran into the building.

I was nearly at my office when I hit something and ended up flat on the floor! Oh crap! I had hit someone!

“Are you OK?,” I said.

“Yes I think so,” said the girl.

We untangled ourselves and I got my first proper look at her. She was beautiful. Deep brown eyes and with long glossy brunette hair; she reminded me of Nigella Lawson. Instinctively I scanned her firm but curvy body. She had clearly caught me looking and I decided I should stop perving.

“I am so terribly sorry, that was really stupid of me, I’m Andy,” I said.

“Kate,” she replied.

Then there was a pause, I am not great with pretty women. Luckily the pause was interrupted. Susan, the head of department approached us.

“Morning Andy, I see you’ve met Kate?,” said Susan.

“Yes, we just bumped in to each other,” I replied.

“I’m glad you too have met, Kate has been doing a lot of work on Heidegger so you too should work well together” said Susan.

“Yes, It would be good to bounce some ideas off each other,” I agreed.

They carried on talking but I was lost in thought. I knew who this girl was. She was my new colleague. But then it hit me. The girl that I was lusting after was tranny! I went white as a sheet! The semi that I had growing in my pants quickly started to soften. I looked for clues that I missed. There was nothing! I realised how hurtful the way I was acting was and how insulted she would be if she knew what I was thinking. Be professional for fuck’s sake! Susan looked at me.

“Still free for a meeting tomorrow?,” she said

“Yes, I’ve got the information you asked for,” I said

Susan said, “Ok great, would you mind showing Kate around?”

Glancing across at Kate, I said. “It would be a pleasure.”

Kate smiled at me. God she was beautiful. I could not believe that she was a tranny. There was no way anything could happen between us, even if there was a chance before. But she is my colleague and, it seems, a nice person. I don’t want to be a complete dick. I showed her around our tiny department whilst talking about her research and then escorted her to her new office.

“Have you had a look around the city yet?,” I enquired.

“No,” said Kate. She smiled. “I was hoping someone would show me.”

I said, “I will, if you would like?”

“That would be awesome,” she said as she put her hand on my shoulder.

I flinched. Her eyes widened with alarm. I think she could tell not only that I knew, but also that it bothered me. We said our goodbyes and I went back to my office, sat down and slammed my head on the desk. I’d upset her. Didn’t take long! I didn’t see Kate at all for the rest of the day. I had the feeling she was avoiding me.She was one of the only staff members as young as me and I didn’t want to alienate her.


I knew she had a free afternoon. She’d just finished her last lecture as I walked in.

“So, are you ready to see the city? I thought we could have some lunch?,” I said.

Kate said awkwardly, “You don’t have to do that.”

“But I want to,” I said. “I don’t want to eat alone.”

She eyed me dubiously, but agreed. I left my car at the uni and we caught the bus. It was pretty crowded and there was only standing room. But at least this way we could have some wine. We hit a bump I fell into her. She grabbed me to steady me. Her soft large breasts rubbed gently against my chest.

“Thanks” I said.

“No Probs,” Kate replied.

She smiled again. She had a beautiful smile. I could feel myself getting hard. She was undeniably attractive; if she was a regular girl I would have been begging her to go out with me. I knew nothing could happen between us sexually, but I thought that there was room for a good friendship.

“Do you like French food? There is a new place that is meant to be great” I said.

“Very much so,” was the response.

“Très bien,” I said.

Oh great. Unnecessary French. Not even there yet and I already sound like a pretencious dickhead.

We got off the bus and started walking. Five minutes later we arrived at the bistro. She picked the wine, which she clearly is very good at.

“Have you got over the shock yet?,” Kate asked.

I had, but the anxiety was coming back. “What shock?”

Stupid thing to say. Now she’s going to have to say it.

She said, “Come on. When I patted your shoulder you jumped like I was gonna assault you!” Then she whispered in my ear in her soft voice “You know I’m a transsexual, right?”

I swallowed hard.

In a voice so quiet I barely made a sound I said, “Yes,”

At last it was spoken. I was still quite tense but both of us seemed a lot more relaxed now.

“I’m sorry I jumped, I was just a little surprised” I confided.

With pain in her voice she said, “Don’t worry I have had much worse reactions.”

“You must be so brave to talk about in your work,” I said. “Where do you find the strength to be so open?”

Kate said, “Well it can be difficult, some people treat me like a freak when they find out. But many people have been kind and most people with a brain can get over it. I am also proud of being a transsexual woman. I did not feel comfortable living as a boy but what I am now? I love my body, all of it.”

I said, “So you never…?”

“No,” she said. She knew what I was asking. “I do not need that surgery to feel like a woman.”

That I can understand. The thought of surgery in an area that intimate is rather unpleasant. Not only that, she is clearly a beautiful woman. I wish I could get over myself. She would make a great partner.

We talked about her life and her family. How her parents moved to Thailand so she could get hormones early enough so she had the best transformation she could. I also have a love for Thailand, the culture, and the food. In Thailand she was open about being a “kathoey” which, combined with her exotic western looks, made her very popular. In the UK she found things more difficult. Her colleages were mostly understanding so she was open with them but otherwise she was cautious who she told.

It was amazing how much we had in common. Most nights she came to mine. We would work together or watch some Top Gear (UK), or some Big Bang Theory, or any of the other shows we loved. We soon were best of friends and inseperable on campus.It was platonic but it was still the best relationship I have had with a woman.


The first time I started to feel differently about her was at a conference at UCL. It was the most boring event that we had been to, but, we had topped up the accommodation money the uni had given us and we got a suite at The Savoy! We were both so excited. We had a lovely meal but I felt faint when we got the bill! Afterwards we had a few drinks and got very drunk. We used each other to lean on so that we didn’t fall over as we made our way upstairs.

We got into the room and just collapsed on the bed. I still had my arm around her waist and she nuzzled into me while I held her tight.

“I’ve had a lovely time,” Katie said.

I don’t know why but I Kissed her forehead. She looked deeply into my eyes. Her pupils were dilated and her breathing deep. She opened her lips slightly and slowly licked her top lip. My hand slipped down her dress onto her stocking covered thighs and gently along her soft round arse. Her lips touched mine. The electricity I felt from her kiss was amazing. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and found mine. We were both so sleepy, so drunk, We fell asleep in each others arms.


I showered got dressed and left her a note which said:

“I Didn’t want to wake you. Join me for breakfast? 08.30.”

We had a fantastic breakfast, apart from the unspoken events of last night, the sexual tension, and my irrational homosexual panic! She could tell I didn’t want to talk about so it did not get discussed. Our relationship carried on as usual but my dreams had changed.I started to have sexual fantasies about her. Dreams like I had never had before. One surprising one involved me being bent over her desk by her. I woke up covered in my own cum. That hadn’t happened for many years. Of course I was attracted to her.

That didn’t mean that I could cope with her having dick, but even that wasn’t the end of the world. What could I say to my family? At some point they would have to know. They would infer what we did, and so would my friends and colleagues. What about having kids? We couldn’t have our own. The truth was I really cared about her, but I knew I would hurt her if we did go out, and it would end badly.


It was the Christmas party. Normally we went out for a meal as a group but this time we had decorated the staff room and everyone was fairly drunk. Katie was wearing a pretty, red, low cut, dress with a long split down the side. I had to admit she looked remarkable. She was chatting to this visiting professor. They seemed to be getting on well. I don’t know why, he seemed like an arrogant git. As far as I could tell there was nothing likeable about him. She turned around and came over to me.

“Hey,” she said in an affectionate tone

I returned her greeting.

“You ok?,” she enquired

“Yeah sure, although clearly not as well as you,” I responded in a tone with a bitterness that surprised me.

She pulled me outside.

“Do you wanna talk?,” she asked with genuine concern.

“No,” and then I said aggresively. “Why don’t you get back to Jerry?”

Katie’s brow dropped with anger. “What the fuck is your problem?! I can speak to who I like. Not as if there is anything happening here, is there?,” she snapped.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me.

“Get off me,” she hissed

I opened the door to the toilet her reluctance dissipating.I pushed her hard against the door of the toilet cubical. I kissed her hard as I ground my hard cock into her pelvis. She nodded. She knew what I wanted. She undid button after button on my shirt and kissed, nibbled, and bit my chest. She undid my belt as she bit my nipple. I groaned and smacked her ass, hard. I pulled down my trousers and grabbed her silky brown hair. Then I forced her soft, wet, gloss covered lips onto my cock.

As her tongue touched my cock I moaned, “Oh, fuck!”

I let out a primal groan as I started to fuck her mouth.I am usually this dominant, but after the last few months I just had to have her. I let go of her hair and she licked all the way down the side of my shaft and then moved down to my balls and then worked her way back up. I knew I couldn’t last long. She started to rub my balls and my perineum with one hand as she wanked me and licked the head. My legs were starting to shake violently now.

“I’m gonna come soon baby,” I groaned. When I realised she wasn’t going to stop I said, “Yes! Take my cum you naughty slut!”

I came hard, shot after shot in her mouth and down her throat. She stood up and we kissed passionately. I realised she hadn’t swallowed my cum. It didn’t matter. She pushed it into my mouth and we began my introduction to snowballing.

Katie broke off the kiss and said, “Seems like I’m not the only one who likes the taste.”

She fixed her makeup and we went back the party.

When we arrived back in the room the music had started playing, and most of the others were dancing. We slow danced for a bit. We didn’t kiss or get too intimate but the sexual tension was almost unbearable. I cannot believe we didn’t do this earlier, she is a beautiful girl. Who cares if she has a penis? After all how can something be so scary when Ive got one myself?

The party had thinned out a little and we decided to sit down. Katie sat on my lap but I didn’t freak out. The others didn’t bat an eyelid: they knew we were close. Occasionally she would grind her ass against my cock as she adjusted her position. It probably looked innocent enough but it drove me wild. The others said they were going home, with the exception of one woman passed out on the floor. I said we would lock up and stuff so they left. Then Katie rolled off me and sat a few seats down in a big armchair. I was pretty confused.

“Come here honey, it’s more comfy,” she said seductively.

There was a serious look in her eye. She’d never called me honey before either. She patted her lap so I sat on it facing her.

She whispered “So do you think you can cope with having a tranny as your girlfriend?”

She put emphasis on the word “tranny”. She only seems to say it when she being suggestive, otherwise she’ll say transgendered. I knew what she was asking me. I was breathless, her mouth was almost on me. We kissed briefly on the lips. It’s now or never. I took in a breath.

“Yes,” I mouthed silently.

She started grinding me this time. I had never seen her dick. I had noticed a bulge in her trousers before, but when she grabbed my hips and rubbed it against my butt I knew what awaited me. I lifted her dress to find the most beautiful black and grey embroided silk underwear.

She confesssed, “I wore them just incase.”

I pulled the straps down her arms and then the bra, freeing the most beautiful breasts. Firm, but fantastically soft, with small areolas and large bullet like nipples. Her stomach turned out to be surprisingly firm but still feminine. She tore my shirt open and ran her fingers down my bare chest.

With a firm tone she said, “Strip.”

I got off the chair and began to take off my clothes as she starred at me. From here I could see the outline of her girlcock in the french knickers. It was huge! I am just over 6″ long but she must be about 8″. She looked so feminine, and so powerful.

“Sit,” she commanded.

As I sat back down facing her I felt her silk covered cock against my naked body. I felt it brush down my crack, over my hole, as she gently dry humped me. Then she thrust my hips back so my cock was touching hers. Down came the panties, and then we were skin to skin! She started to stroke us together and I truely realised how big it was. I knew it was long but to wank our cocks together she needed two hands! She was so thick, I tried to massage her breasts but my hands were shaking.

She asked, “Are you scared, baby?”

“Yes,” I confessed.

“I promise I’ll go slow, you’ll love this,” she told me.

She kissed me softly, slowly and deeply. Then I felt something cold and wet against my ass. It was lube. Then slowly she put a finger inside me.

“I knew you would be mine eventually,” she said.She grinned at me.

If I felt powerless before it is nothing compared to now. All this time I thought I had the power in this relationship. Not anymore.I felt another finger push into me.

“Lube my clit for me darling”, she moaned.

I grabbed the jelly and started to stroke her massive shaft. She pushed a third finger into my ass. Oh god! After a couple of minutes she guided my hips to her dick.

I begged her, “Please, not yet.”

“Shh,” she said and she put two fingers in my mouth to shut me up as she pushed the head up against my hole. I thought there was no way it would fit, but after a few gentle thrusts the head went in. It felt good but there was so much left to go. I started to stroke my cock but she took her fingers out of my mouth and slapped my face.

“No! Don’t use that,” she told me. “You don’t need it.”

I realised she had got deeper inside of me and was losing patience. She started to push harder.

I told her, “Katie, it hurts!”

She didn’t care, she was lost in ecstacy. She groaned loudly as she fucked me. How much more can there be? Just as I knew I could not take anymore I felt her balls touch against my ass. She looked me in the eye and we french kissed like pornstars, She thrust up into me hard and I matched her thrusts. This wasn’t making love, this was her using my asshole as hard as she can. She was fucking me like I was some worthless whore.

I started to suck her breasts so she wouldn’t see me wanking my cock but she saw straight through it. She forced my hands behind my back and reached in her bag. She had handcuffs. What the fuck?! She put them on me and shoved her musky panties in my mouth. I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to be fucked.

She rolled us over so that I was on the chair, on my back, then she put my feet on her shoulders. Oh god, I could feel my orgasm building.

“Katie, I’m gonna cum, make me cum, make me cum!”

She grabbed my neck and started to choke me as she slammed her hips harder and harder into my ass.

She whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna cum in your tight sluty hole.”

That did it. Our cocks came together and I sprayed both our bodies, with some even landing on my mouth as she bust her load in my ass.

We kissed.

“Sorry I get carried away when I top,” said Katie while lighting a cigarette.

“I can get used to it,” I said.

“I love you Andy.”

“I love you too Katie”

Then both of us noticed the passed out girl. She was still asleep but now had her skirt pulled up, panties down and her hand between our crotch. We just laughed at it, and then we kissed.

This is a story about my first bisexual experience, but before I get into the details of what happened, let me explain myself a little bit first:

I am a 26 year old married man that has been married to a beautiful wife for 3 years. Our sex life has been incredible! I have always wondered what it feels like sexually from the woman’s perspective since I first started having sex myself. My wife has slowly been opening up sexually a little at a time. Although we haven’t gone too crazy yet she has opened up to anal sex. That was a bit of a process and I would love to write about that story sometime but that is when my curiosity all began.

My wife enjoys anal sex and anal play a ton! She has had some of her strongest orgasms during anal sex or with some type of anal play of some sort. That whole idea of wondering what sex feels like from the perspective of the female started making me wonder what anal sex would feel like for me? My wife more recently has been really slow at opening up to new things so the idea of having her fuck me with a strapon kind of went out the window. I was starting to go that route but it was just taking too long. I turned to chatting with women online about the idea of a strapon and also with men.

It was hard to find a woman that was really into the idea of a strapon so I ended up chatting with guys more! Through talking with them, a strapon would not feel the same so it was a good idea I was open to the idea of a guy fucking me instead. After a while guys started asking me to get on cam for them and it didn’t take too much asking for me to just go for it. I started getting on cam for guys and stripping down for them. The first time I cam on cam for a guy I knew that I was really turned on by the idea of a guy fucking me. One guy that I was on cam with told me about a cam site where you go on there and your cam is open to anyone that wants to view you. I made an account and started viewing things that I never have seen before. And then I got on cam myself!

I turned my cam on and it took a little bit until I had a viewer that was actually typing to me but eventually he came. An older man in his 50′s! He told me I would be a dream if I were physically there in front of him with our age difference. And that is where it started, me not knowing what this man looked like or who else would be viewing me, and him along with everyone else being able to see all of me. He asked me to stand my 5’10″ frame up and I listened, and listened to every command that he had. As he told me to start stripping the clothes off my 155lb athletically built body more viewers started to come. The more that came, the more aroused I became.

The last piece of clothing to come off was my boxer briefs. As the waist band slid past the tip of my cock it sprang to life. All 7 inches of my cock was pumped full of blood and in full view of the 20 people now viewing. Knowing that my profile said I was married, the man asked me to get some of my wife’s things. I slid her whole drawer of panties, bras, and lingerie out from the dresser and laid it on the floor in view of the cam along with some of her pictures. Showing the viewers some pictures of my wife brought the excitement level even higher. Then the man asked me to start showing off some of her things.

One by one I showed different combinations and then he asked me to stop at one particular one. It was a long see through mesh lingerie top that had a built in bra and went down to the ass with garter snaps at the bottom. The man, knowing my wife had a similar build to me, asked me to put that on for all to see. There was close to 100 people viewing as I slid the top on, slid on the matching panties, pulled on some thigh high nylons, and fastened the garters.

There I was, wearing a set of lingerie my wife had worn in front of me to arousal many times seeing her in it, but now it’s me wearing it arousing some 100 guys. Everyone was making comments as I moved about in different positions in front of the cam. Seeing my ass bent over in my wife’s lingerie heightened the arousal even further. My ass actually looked pretty hot in this outfit. Then the man thought it was time to take it a step further.

The man asked me to find something cock shaped to pretend it was his cock. After searching and thinking I found it! I was going to use the handle of a tool and put the tool in a vice. I brought it back to the room, put the vice on the floor and tightened the tool into the vice with the handle facing upwards. There it was, this man’s ‘cock’ in the middle of my bedroom. There was about 150 people viewing as the man asked me to get on my hands and knees and suck ‘his’ cock. The comments were flying as I tried to take the tool deeper and deeper pretending it was this man’s cock. Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further, the man asked me to go get some lube.

As I spread the lube that I use to fuck my wife’s ass, and would now be using it to fuck mine, the now 200 people watching were commenting like crazy about the outfit, me sucking the tool and now that I was going to put it in my ass. I loosened the vice and tipped the handle so it was pointing away from the cam. The man asked me to take ‘his’ cock deep into my ass. I unsnapped the garters and slide the panties down. I got down on my hands and knees with my open ass facing the cam and positioned the lubed handle at the opening of my ass. As I felt the end of the handle touch my asshole it sent shivers down my spine.

The tip of the handle popped into my virgin asshole. As I let out a moan the men typed their cheers telling me to take it further and further. As I plunged my ass deeper and deeper the moans became louder and more full of pleasure. They were watching this handle fuck my ass like it was them fucking me doggy style. When I was at the height of my pace and taking it deeper than I thought I ever could, the man asked me to stop to reposition.

I loosened the vice and tipped the handle to the air. Now I squatted down on the handle as I faced the cam with my hard cock facing them as well. I squatted down on the handle as the men watched the handle disappear into my ass. I was stroking my cock as I rode up and down on this older man’s ‘cock’. I was moaning louder and louder and then it happened. My cock exploded and I shot my load all over the bedroom floor with over 300 men watching me on cam and with a tool handle deep inside my ass. As my orgasm settled and I slide off the tool, the man asked me to lick up my cum. I squatted down and stuck my tongue out, and licked my cum from our wood floor. The men all thanked me and slowly left as I cleaned up.

As I shutdown my computer and started putting my wife’s clothing away, I knew that this would not be the end of it. I knew that I needed to take it further. Please let me know if you want to hear part 2 and my first time with a man!

Alice sprawled out on the couch and pulled her long, dark brown curly hair out of the pony tail that it had been in all day. She shook it out and ran her fingers through it to allow it to flow freely over her shoulders. Alice’s long legs rest over her boyfriend, Erik. He ran his hands up her thighs, over her stomach and around her huge, soft breasts.

“Alice, you have such great tits!” He exclaimed.

“No stop!” She blushed, pushing her chest out slightly.

“C’mon. You’re what, an F now? Pretty fucking big.” His gentle careess turned into a squeeze.

Alice moaned lightly under his grasp and bit her lip. He moved in towards her and stared into her eyes. It was easy to tell she wanted it. The way she looked at him, the way she pushed her chest out. Her legs moved restlessly too, and he could tell that she was purposely trying to push her thigh up against his cock.

Moving in even closer, Erik pushed his lips up against Alicia’s and started to rotate from a loose and a tight grip on her breast. They were so soft, and he could barely contain from holding and squeezing them.

“Oh Erik!” She cooed, her hand now brushing over his crotch. He was getting hard, and she could feel the heat coming off from his jeans.

Erik ran his fingers up the base of Alice’s neck and into her hair. He tightened his grip around a handful and pulled Alice’s head to the side. Erik trailed his lips up and down her neck until she started to breath deeper, her chest heaving in and out. With a small chuckle, he quickly sunk his teeth down onto her neck.

Alice inhaled sharply and squeeled under the bite. She loved it when Erik got rough with her, and he liked to give it to her just as much.

Erik pulled on her hair even more, forcing Alice to expose her neck. Once again his teeth clamped down against her skin. Shivers ran up her spine and she let out a soft moan. “Oh Erik, take me!”

Not another word needed to be said. Erik quickly pushed Alice off of him and flipped her onto her back. His kisses came down on her neck, harder and more urgent then before. He moved between her neck and full lips while starting to undress her. His hands worked up under her shirt and pulled it off.

A wave of ecstacy ran over Alice when Erik took off her bra. The feeling of her chest being exposed in the cold air of her basement always got to her. He teased her nipples with his tongue, and the perked up under his touch. Erik once again grabbed Alice’s hair and pulled back on it. He kissed and bit her neck while pinching on her small, cute nipples. Everytime that he pressed his fingertips closer together, Alice would squirm and squeal.

Erik’s hands moved down to her pant line, and he quickly pushed them down her thighs. Alice rubbed her legs back and forth to finish getting them off while Erik slipped a finger under her lacey thong. He ran his finger over her already moist slit and started to make small circle patterns over it in a fast pace.

Alice moaned in a low, sultry tone that Erik only ever got to hear when she was at her horniest. Her back arched and her breaths started to get shorter and more shallow. After every rotation of his finger, Alice jolted and her large perky breasts bounced up to. It drove Erik nuts when they moved like that, and he began to suck on them harder. Alice reached over Erik’s shoulder and tugged on his shirt. She wanted him to feel his skin against hers.

Erik paused to quickly toss off his shirt and pants. He pulled his now fully hard cock out of the top of his boxers and tugged on it. Alice pushed off his boxers with her feet and raised her hips towards him. “Please Erik, I want it now.” She moaned.

Erik grinned and continued to play with her clit. His other hand pumped his cock and he eagerly slid a finger inside of her. Alice kept raised and lowered her lips and started to moan more for Erik.

Erik moved over to where Alice’s head was and pulled her up by the hair. He pushed her head right in front of his cock and pressed his head against her lips. Alice opened her mouth and started to lick up and down along the shaft. She moistened her lips and sucked on the head of Erik’s long and impressive shaft. Erik’s breathing got a bit heavier. He forced Alice to start taking more of his cock into her mouth and deep throat it.

Alice pushed away and choked slightly. “Erik, not so hard, you’re too big!”

This didn’t stop Erik though and he pushed her mouth back around his cock, thrusting forward. Alice sputtered and tears formed in her eyes. All she could think about was getting Erik inside of her.

When Erik was satisfied with his blowjob, he pulled Alice by her hips and flipped her around onto her hands and knees. Alice dug her face into a pillow, her cheeks flush with a bright shade of pink. A thin layer of sweat covered her skin and Erik started to rub his head against her clit, teasing her. He brought his hand down hard on her ass and she squeeled in enjoyment. Again and again he smacked her firm, round ass until there it was bright red. Everytime he slapped her, Alice jerked forward and moaned.

Erik placed his hands on both of Alice’s hips and squeezed hard. He pressed his dick so that just the head was inside of her, and she pushed back to get it in more. Quickly he pulled out and smacked her hard on the ass again. “I get to decide when.” He told her. He smacked her ass again, this time causing Alice to whimper.

He continued to just stick his head inside and out of her slowly for a few minutes, and occasionally ran it over her clit. Alice could hardly bare the wait. She was ready and wanted him now, but in bed Erik was in charge.

Without any warning, Erik thrust deep inside of her. Alice screamed in surprise and clenched the pillow. Erik went slow at first, but it didn’t take him long to hit full speed. Small beads of sweat rolled down his face. He wasn’t only moving into Alive, he was using her hips to pull her onto him as well.

“More, more!” Alice gasped. “Now, now! I’m cumming!” She bit into the pillow to surpress her moans and screaming. Erik went harder then ever and Alice orgasmed. He slowed down to give her a second to catch her breath. Alive breathed heavily, small whimpers and moans in between.

Erik slid back inside of Alice slowy and pulled her up by her hair. He moved her hair out of the way of her slender neck and kissed it. She used one of her hands to run her fingers through his thick black hair and grip onto it.

Erik’s kissing soon turned to gentle and tough biting, and he used his hands to pinch and pull on her nipples.

“Ah, aah, no Erik! Too much!” She cried. Her nipples were getting sore.

“Quiet, bitch!” He commanded, slapping her left breast. He pinched the right nipple harder.

Alice squirmed under his touch and stuck her ass out against Erik. “No, ow don’t!”

Without another word, Erik forced Alice back down onto the pillow. He pulled her ass up into the air more and forced her legs wider. “No you’re going to be punished.” He told her.

Erik placed his dick just above her asshole and started to rub against it. Alice tried to clench tighter but Erik pulled her cheeks apart and pushed harder.

Alice and Erik had never actually done anal before. He’d rub up against her hole, but never had he been able to actually get in. Erik just used it to taunt Alice when she tried to defy him.

Today was different though. Erik spt onto her and rubbed in in with the tip of his dick. After a few moments of deciding if he was going to go further, Erik pushed his head into her.

Alice screamed, and it felt like there was a tearing feeling coming from behind her. He made small thrusting motions and every time Alice shrieked.

“Are you going to behave now?’ Erik asked.

Small tears formed in corners of Alice’s eyes. “Yes, yes I will, I promise.”

Erik pulled out from her rear and rest his dick on her clit. “Beg me to fuck you.”

“Erik please, please I need you now.”

Erik pushed his dick head back into her pussy.

“Erik, please, I want your cum!”

Like earlier, Erik just pushed himself into Alice. For the next hour, he slammed into her, making her orgasm numerous times. His stamina was incredible and Alice wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to take it. Before Erik, she had been a virgin and Alice had never seen herself in the bent over position she was in now, taking it hard from behind. Erik’s long cock slid in and out of Alice easily. She was so tight, but just as wet to match it.

Erik pulled out of Alice and strated to jerk quickly. “Flip over now.” He demanded.

Alice did what he had told her and spun around onto her back. Her legs quivered and shook. Erik never failed to satisfy her, and always managed to exceed in turning her legs to jello.

With a few grunts, Erik released his seed all over Alice’s pussy, and covered her in his sperm. Alice gasped, and tilted her hips forward slightly. It was so warm, and she could feel exactly where it was dripping and covering. Erik moved off of the couch and stood right near Alice’s head. She lapped up the cum dripping off of his head.

With a much more gentle touch, Erik helped Alice get up so she could use the bathroom to wash herself off. When she was done, Erik was waiting in their bedroom with a glass of water. They laid next to each other and in no time, Alice had fallen asleep. Erik ran his fingers through and pet her soft curls, kissing her lightly before he too fell asleep.

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

All Hallows’ Eve

Monday morning dawned, and there were no prizes for guessing that I was hungry, horny, and covered up with school work. I was craving protein at early breakfast, but I remembered to tank up on carbs and water, too, since I was trying to go for 14 miles on MWF days this week and thus skipping lunch. In Rhetoric and Composition, Ms. Wyrickie was smelling tobacco free again, and Sarah was back, saying she had the three day flu but was feeling better. In engineering, Professor Lillehammer was playing catch-up since his absence, and loaded us up with 4 big reading assignments on engineering and the law, all naturally to be covered on the exam this coming Friday. I got to the track and kicked off a pace that I thought would get 7 miles in before Suzanne showed up to do seven more with me. It was several ticks faster than our normal pace, but it was my only choice to get to a regular 15 mile routine given the schedule that I had this semester. I was soon feeling it and breathing hard, but by the time Suzanne showed up I was huffing but had reached a steady state and was not in any real trouble, yet.

She did notice my faster pace, and said “Do you want finish at this new pace?” I nodded and continued to move at the new pace, and she joined me. Of course the new pace was no challenge for her at all. She took up the conversation, which was just what I needed to take my attention off of my legs and lungs, and let me move air wholesale instead of talk. “Lara and I have the costumes all ready to go, and I am looking forward to seeing some real bitch envy!” She laughed way down in her throat, kind of evil like. “There is no chance that any other woman will be wearing the same costume, but there is a chance that no one will notice anybody else’s costume except maybe Lara’s!” Even in my semi-distressed state, I could not mistake her Suzie crowing in anticipation of singing ‘nanny-nanny-boo-boo’ to taunt all the other women at the parties.

She continued, really just warming up. “Lara went a little overboard on the new collars and chains and some matching stuff for you. I asked her about it but she said her daddy was so happy about her new attitude and her grades that she could probably buy Neiman’s out and he wouldn’t care! Some of this stuff was custom, and then when she told the snooty jewelry designer that it had to be ready for Wednesday night, the woman giggled and tried to get Lara to tell her all about us! Lara said she just smiled, and then used your line about ‘they are wonderful ladies and gentlemen and I am lucky to have met them.’ Then the designer lost her haughtiness and said ‘now that’s hot, honey!’ and gave her a high five. She is going out Wednesday morning to pick the stuff up. I am having Nora cover for me in my class so I can go too. I think that will be fun. I might be a few minutes late for running on Wednesday. Can you give me an idea of our schedule for Wednesday night, so we can plan a little bit?”

I was able to talk, but not very loudly. “Start at the Phi Iota Gamma frat party for about an hour, then the Zeta Zeta Zeta frat bash for another hour, then a visit to the Phi Phi sorority house to see Mei Ling and introduce you two to my prospective sub trainee, and finally settling in at the UDP house to win the costume contest and ring in midnight with them. Mei Ling and Cisco and some other folks will probably be at both the Phi Phi party and the UDP party.”

“That sounds wonderful!” She sounded like a kid on Christmas morning. “I need to call a few friends to get some details on those other parties.”

I huffed like crazy through the last lap, and was genuinely worried about finishing the sprint. Just as we started, Suzanne spanked my ass with one sharp swat and said “Nice guys finish sprints, and you do remember what I like to do to nice guys!” She took off and I did my best to keep up with her. I just managed to survive. I could not even begin to talk on the first cool down lap. Suzanne realized my state, and said “Let’s walk three cool down laps.” My response was just a gasp. I was feeling a little better as we walked through the second lap. Then Suzanne smiled, and said “Do want to stop somewhere for lunch so I can blow you under the table?”

I almost stumbled, but I was not ready for any extended conversation. As always, Suzanne filled in any gaps. “Yes, Lara told me about that. She said it made her so hot she almost passed out, and her dad’s new girlfriend had to help her out by providing a diversion. But we also figured something else out, my Animal.” Her tone bespoke attitude and challenge, her Suzie sparking. Suddenly Suzanne had a crafty little Suzie just like Lara did, or maybe even craftier. WTF! “Lara told me that a certain dominant male got really excited too, perhaps very excited by apprehension at the prospect of public exposure, eh? She said your leg was shaking under the table, and you came really fast, not at all your normal pattern, and you came so hard and so much that she almost couldn’t swallow it all, and that girl loves to swallow you as much as I do! She said you even tasted different! Do you want to talk about that?”

I did not, but that probably wasn’t really an option. “Well I asked her to get under the table because my research said it was a relatively ‘normal’ way to get Lara all fired up.” I went on to tell her about accommodation, and how happy I was that Lara could have really big orgasms and really get a release without always being whipped or getting kinkier and kinkier.

“I got all ‘A’s in my Psych classes, Animal. In fact, I never got a ‘B’ until graduate school. But now that you mention it, I see the problem, and I have been researching things a bit, too. But would I be too bold to say that Lara felching your fresh come out of my very recently fucked little ass still qualifies as ‘kinky’? And I have been amazed at how much getting spanked and/or whipped gets me in a real frenzy and makes my orgasms almost apocalyptic! You should try it sometime!”

I laughed. “Well I guess there is kinky and then there is kinky. What made me nervous as the idea of having to hit her more and more and getting to the point where she would be really hurt or scarred, and that really freaks me out! And I just don’t think I’m wired for being submissive.”

She looked at me funny. “I think you should try it once, to see if you like it!”

I thought I heard Mrs. Douglass laughing again. I told her about what I thought about Lara (but not about what Asa told me) and her need to see me as a constant in her life, and my belief that if I appeared submissive to her or around her or even hinted that I would allow her to be with another man, it could knock the underpinnings out from under her current happy state. Suzann looked thoughtful. “I buy that. She has told me that you are her rock, and that your insistence that she belongs to you and you alone makes her incredibly happy. She said would rather watch you do 100 other women than have you tell her she could be with another man!”

Suzanne looked thoughtful. “So that’s why a threesome with another guy is not on the menu for Lara’s kinky agenda, either, huh?”

I nodded. “Plus I don’t think I could handle it, despite my supposed enlightenment.”

She looked really thoughtful, and her crafty Suzy sparked again. “Could you handle it with me?”

Oh shit. I really did not want to have to consider that. “I have to be honest, beautiful, not right now.”

She laughed, a little too much. “It’s not a big issue, right now. But take warning, I may bring it up again in the future. But I am very happy to enjoy what we have and be with just you and Lara right now.”

I relaxed, but then she got me again. “What about being submissive to me, to see if it got you off? Just one on one, so it would have no effect on Lara?”

I just looked at her, and then she smiled and did not press the issue. I guess I dodged the bullet this time, Mrs. Douglass.

At least all this disturbing talk had taken my mind off the oxygen debt and lactic acid from my run. I took a two minute shower, and dashed to my afternoon classes, where I was treated to two pop quizzes (actually practice tests for the exams on Friday) while my classmates were treated to some major growling from my empty stomach. After class, I took my study materials and practically sprinted to the dining hall, and was literally waiting at the door when the serving lines opened up. I worked on school assignments and review doggedly until 2AM, and then hit the sack.

Tuesday morning I was still feeling a little sore from the longer run Monday, and the Tuesday classes were further reviews for the exams on Thursday. In between classes I did my ‘teaching to an empty classroom’ routine and it helped me focus my work. I also took the practice exams I got from Oiler and found a few more things to bone up on. I managed to fit in all my meals to fill my suddenly hollow leg and spent the rest of the day studying.

Wednesday morning I felt better, like I was adjusting to the longer run. I had a big breakfast, and I thought I was ready for the exams. Suzanne was a little late getting back from her jewelry shopping trip with Lara, but she was smiling like a catbird when she arrived. I had a little more in the tank when we finished, and she spent most of the time filling me in about what was planned at some of the parties, although she said UDP always surprised everyone. I told her she would like the band at UDP. She gave me a little kiss, and said “See you at Lara’s at 7:00 PM for your final costuming, Animal. And don’t worry you get to be the dominant male and hold both our leashes tonight, all night. As with Millicent this weekend, too. But some weekend when Lara goes out of town, I might lure you into my spider web and bite you, big boy. So think about that! Dream about that!” She laughed and kissed me again. I had to be careful with this woman. She was wicked smart and suddenly growing very crafty.

After a shower and my afternoon classes I had a very early supper and a short nap, and then got to Lara’s a few minutes before 7:00. Both girls came out in pajamas, led me back into Lara’s bedroom, and proceeded to fit me out, and slapped away my attempts to fondle them. When they pulled out my costume, I was taken aback by its brevity. “What the hell, Lara, there are big holes in the pants!”

“All the better to let your cute little butt cheeks show, my dear!” she said in a fake deep voice.

“What about the hole in the front?”

Suzanne piped up. “That’s going to be filled by some custom jewelry, Animal. How many guys can say their girlfriends had custom jewelry made for their cock?”

“But there’s no shirt at all!”

“There is a shoulder piece attached to the hood, and it is going to look awesome on you!” Lara continued adjusting the little pants. It felt like the vast majority of my butt was out in the air. I looked in the mirror, and it was, but it did not even look like my butt.

Suzanne leaned down and kissed one my butt cheeks. “Looks like all that running may have qualified you for some ass worship, too, my Animal! Your muscular ass is now smoking hot, thanks to your good looking and highly effective running coach, your abs look even better than they did at the first of the semester, and I think you can thank the two of us for all that vigorous fucking that is developing your lower back so nicely. Lara kissed the other cheek. Maybe this outfit would be okay.

Then Lara opened up a Neiman’s box and pulled out something that looked like a silver armadillo, with interlocking articulated sections, like overlapping armored scales on a fish. It was slightly bigger and longer than my fully erect cock, but had extra thick material on the outside that made it bigger and look almost sinister. The mushroom shaped head was a slightly different color, and there were diamond studs on it. Suzanne laughed. “We are going to start a trend with this thing. It combines two things women find very hard to resist, fine jewelry and a nice cock!”

She snapped the fasteners at the base of the codpiece into mating fasteners on the little black leather briefs, and then added gold testicle covers which hung down out of the black leather! They moved back a few inches and admired their work. Lara took out the black leather hood and put it on my head. It was like a Batman mask that just covered the top half of my head, and someone who already knew me well could probably tell it was me, but most folks would not be able to indentify me later. It also had some diamonds on it, and some added material on the top of my head that made me look taller and more menacing, I suppose. The hood flowed seamlessly to some black leather things that looked sort of like quarterback shoulder pads. They made my shoulders look big and more powerful by making them look wider and taller. Lara pulled out another Neiman’s box, and began snapping some gold chairs from the top of the leather briefs to the bottom of the shoulder piece, forming a sparse metal curtain that somehow seemed to emphasize my abs.

Suzanne whistled. “You are right, Lara, that does make his abs stand out better. Those fashion electives you took last year won’t be a waste after all, besides the ‘A’s helping your GPA”.

Then they had me put on some high heeled black boots that matched the rest of the costume. As I stepped back, the overhead light fell on me differently and I noticed that the head of my ‘cock piece’ or whatever you call the thing was not just a different color, it was semitransparent. Lara said “One more test” and took a remote control out of the box and pressed a key, and a strobe light flashed from the end of my dick. There were some other features of the costume that they did not share with me until later.

Finally they pronounced me ready, and Suzanne took pictures with Lara’s camera. “For her design portfolio!” she exclaimed. Then they banished me to living room while they helped each other don their costumes.

I was using Lara’s laptop to surf for more dirt on the AG scandal. The DA was now charging only the guy who used the welding torch with the destruction of evidence, but apparently he did it at the behest of Little Jimmy Craig’s daddy, who was trying to save his political career. The DA did take possession of the backups from the webhost, and her office was officially silent, but ‘a source close to the case’ told a reporter that the videos were shocking and went back for years. The source also said that ‘other charges may be filed.’ One video reportedly showed a seventeen year old pledge with several other men’s semen on his chest, and that may qualify as child pornography. Since no one knew exactly which video that was, all the TV and legit websites had dropped them, but most were already out on the web via screen capture, but apparently they had not been widely circulated in the crystal clear HD format I had seen. The webmaster could not really say where he was and when over the weekend. Several witnesses saw him at a popular river float launch point early Saturday morning, but the next documented location for him was when the Mexican Federales turned him over to the border patrol at the crossing near Nuevo Laredo Monday afternoon. There was reported to be some cell phone video of him cheering wildly for a donkey show at Boy’s Town Sunday. The GPS track on his phone stopped at the river on Saturday morning, and he could not explain where he was or how all those files had been uploaded to the web host from his computer and under his password. The ABC news IT consultant said the fraternities’ IT security was ‘execrable’, which seemed to describe the current AG public image pretty well, too.

The two girls emerged from Lara’s bedroom and I was paralyzed for a few moments when I first saw them, and then a few seconds later I learned how tightly fitted my ‘cock bracelet’ was. Lara came through first, resplendent in a white leather outfit and boots, and then Suzanne strutted out in a similar red leather get up. I can only describe them as ‘sex suits’!

They were skin tight, and had buttock cutouts like mine, and the breast supports were highly ‘ventilated’ to show all aspects of their breasts except the nipples, which were obviously encased in littlie zipper covers that could be removed to expose them completely. There were two similar zipper covers over their crotches, and their placement left no doubt as to what was underneath each. Little chains emerged from all those covers, and were attached to diamond studded gold collars around their necks. The also had color coordinated knee pads and gloves that only covered the heels of their hands but exposed the fingers. Both girls had their hair up in ‘Big Texas’ style and they both looked tall and hot as hell. Matching leather boots with spike heels completed the outfits, and suddenly submission to either or both of these two seemed like a pretty attractive option. Both had on bright red lipstick, perfectly applied makeup, and an expression that said ‘drop and kiss my boots, worm’. Lara carried a white version of her multi-stranded whip, and Suzanne was fondling a red leather riding crop. They were incredible. Lara said “I almost forgot!” and from the closet pulled a big black cape and clipped it to my shoulder piece. I felt like a super hero… with a major hard on.

Each girl took out a black leather leash, clipped it to their diamond studded gold collar, and handed the other end to me. Now I felt like a 15 year old student driver that had just been handed the keys to a matched pair of red and white Bugutti Veyrons. I was speechless. They were not. Both shot out a hip and struck a pose. “Is Master pleased with our efforts?” Master could only make clicking noises. The girls gave each other high fives, and Lara opened the door to the hallway. They pulled me towards the elevator like two eager show dogs anxious to get into the ring. Clearly I was the handler and they were the champions. But I wouldn’t miss this night for anything.

A black stretch limo waited in the garage, and the driver opened the doors for us. He was in his fifties with a weightlifter’s build and he looked and sounded like a cross between George Carlin and Ice-T. He stared incredulously at the girls, and he really only noticed me because they insisted that I sit between them. He introduced himself as Rodney Driver, and said ‘Yes, that is my real name!”, then chuckled and said “This is one of those rare nights when I am really pleased with my choice of career!” and got into the driver’s seat, whistling. He looked at his clipboard, saying “First stop, Phi Iota Gamma house! Glad to see you are getting that over with early!”

Lara leaned up towards the front seat and began talking to him. It turned out he had seen it all in driving for not only her dad for all the football games and the music and film festival bigwigs that come to town every year, but also almost every fraternity and sorority related event over the years, and he had formed some clear opinions about the relative worthiness of the various houses, and the Greek crowd in general. The Phi Iota Gammas (‘PIGs’) were third from the bottom, with Alpha Gamma (‘AGs’), on the bottom and Kappa Kappa Alpha (‘KKA’ AKA ‘KKK’ for their penchant for flying the Confederate flag) in between. Laura asked if he had been following the problems the AGs were having, and he laughed. “That has me watching the six o’clock news every night these days!” he added that he didn’t know much about Zeta Zeta Zeta (‘ZZZ’), but that the Phi Phi Omega sorority (‘Phi Phi’s’ AKA ‘Bi Phi’s), Beta Omicron Theta sorority, (‘BOT’ AKA ‘Booties”) and Upsilon Delta Phi fraternity (‘UDP’) were the “only real class acts of the bunch”. “Therefore”, he opined, “you guys have filled out your dance card just about right.”

As we approached the PIG house Suzanne gave us a mini briefing on the party. As Kevin had advised me earlier, their main goal was to get as many independent girls in for the members to hit on as possible. They also billed it as ‘carnival’ and usually booked carnie style acts like knocking over bowling pins with softballs; guess your weight, and fortune tellers. They were also co-hosting this party with one of the big sororities, so I would likely be meeting a whole new crop of girls I had not encountered before, and I felt a scientific duty to listen carefully for Suzie signals. From the inside of the limo, we could see hand carved jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and spider webs all over the front porch and windows.

When we pulled up, Rodney told us all to sit tight while he ‘set the stage’ for us. He paused for another moment, and then slowly got out and walked around the passenger side rear door. The limo had already attracted a lot of attention, and Rodney seemed to know how to play to the crowd. He opened the door and said “You gotta make ‘em wait for it a little and then they like it better!” He said I should get out first, and let people “get a load of that sex suit for a while” and then have the girls emerge after “the tension has built up a little bit.” I got out and stood up, the boots and mask making me feel about seven feet tall, and enjoying the unfamiliar feel of a cape swishing as I moved. Rodney and I stood on either said of the door, and he glanced over at the porch, noting that quite a few people were gathered to see who was about to emerge from the limo.

“I guess there is a lot more to a limo than just transportation, eh?”

He laughed. “It is a tribal ritual, just like who had the best horses and carriage and the most footmen used to signify who had the most land!”

“Just like the football games substitute for raiding other villages?” I explained my mother’s theory about modern tribal rituals.

He laughed. “Is your mother a professor of cultural anthropology?”

“She actually teaches financial accounting, but I guess cultural anthropology is like her hobby.”

He chuckled. “Good choice. If I had taken my PhD in accounting instead of anthropology, I wouldn’t be driving a limo!”

Suzanne stepped out of the limo. The group on the porch went completely silent. Rodney beamed. I guess there was a certain status component of who you drove, too, and she had to be at least as hot as anyone who had ever stepped out of his limo. He whispered to me “Are you the luckiest white boy in town or what?”

I smiled. “They are both wonderful young ladies and I am privileged to have met them!”

He chortled. “That good huh?” I smiled my best shit eating grin. I was getting a lot of practice at that.

“She runs 100 miles per week” I said. Rodney’s eyes got a faraway look. Then his pupils bounced as Lara emerged.

“Does she run 100 miles per week, too?”

“No, but she was UIL state champ in tennis two years ago.” He chuckled, and then said “Ohhhh, man, those legs!”

The crowd switched from silence to ‘oohs and ahs’ and then they went completely bonkers when both girls handed me their leashes and got down on their hands and knees. Now I knew what those knee pads and gloves were for. They formed up on the left and right just in front of me, and moved forward toward the stairs, with their breasts hanging down and jiggling their perfect asses back and forth like shameless show dogs.

Rodney exclaimed “Shit, man, that’s the hottest entrance I have ever seen from any limo!” he pulled out his phone and took a brief video. “I also need to call someone and get some help with security before the next stop!”

I just wanted to make sure not to fall down and spoil the mood. The boots were a little taller than I was used to, so I stepped carefully. Then I was shaken when I was hit by a wave, a massive wave, a series of massive waves, of Suzie signals. It was like what I felt at the ZZZ party when Suzanne first entered, but multiplied tenfold and then tenfold again.

My Suzie signal tuner was definitely getting better, because a few weeks ago this incredible outburst would have bewildered me and shut down my receiver. But I could handle it now. I realized I had always associated multiple dimensions to Suzie signals: strength, tone, and wavelength being the big three. At first I could only detect the strongest ones, like the original ‘fuck me’ signal from Suzie Packard in my old neighborhood. Then I realized there were strong ones that said ‘do me tonight’ and medium ones that said ‘chase me, and you will catch me’. Then I realized there were tones and overtones, too. Clear and totally pure signals like Peggy sent were rare, most signals had what I would call a ‘normal’ tone, with a normal amount of noise and distortion. Then there were the fuzzy and raucous signals, sometimes when a girl was getting into new and exciting sexual territory, and the awful ‘nails on a blackboard’ tone that turned my stomach and signaled Melanie’s psycho meltdown. The short wavelength signals were the normal ‘girl signaling for boy’ stuff, then there was the ultra long wavelength ‘male desire signal’ that I had first detected when so many males saw Suzanne in that Roman negligee outfit. In between were the interesting ‘girl signaling for girl’ and the disturbing ‘male signaling for male’ signals, and the middle wavelength ‘carrier’ that carried the modulation that revealed specific things a person wanted.

I had perceived all these individually, and catalogued them like memorizing a list, but now that I was hit with so many at once I began to see them in context and understand how they related to each other. It was almost like memorizing all the element’s names, atomic numbers, and atomic weights, and then suddenly encountering the periodic table for the first time. It all made a lot more sense now. I saw there were some obvious relationships, and some obvious ‘gaps’ where there should be signals that I had not yet perceived. I began wondering how to tune my receiver to the right spots to explore these new ideas and find the new signals.

I had managed to walk behind the girls without stumbling as these revelations hit me, and we ascended the stairs into the huge entrance hall of the PIG house. Theo’s family, the Philadelphia Cadwalladers, had paid for a rebuild of the old house, and it looked pretty impressive — sort of like an even bigger ‘Tara’ from ‘Gone with the Wind’. The folks who had stayed inside suddenly saw the girls for the first time, and a whole new set of signals popped up on my radar. There were girls signaling for me, for Suzanne, for Lara, and for all three of us. There were dozens of males signaling for the girls, some wanted to take their leashes away from me, and others wanting to kneel and let the girls take them over. There were even two males who wanted to dress up and become the third dog on my sled team. Sorry guys, that’s not in my wheelhouse. There were several women who were shivering at the idea of playing with these two, whatever the role they would take.

Theo appeared on the balcony above the foyer, and froze in contemplation of Suzanne and Lara’s outfits. Then he beamed as both girls rose up and said ‘Hail to the Prez!” raising his status several notches. We made our way to the great hall of the house where they had their little carnival stuff set up. The other women were sending those envy signals, moderated perhaps by the fact that the girls were down on all fours. I had them stand up and give me a kiss, and I could hear the envy signals expand. I saw Candy near the punchbowl, and she was signaling for me, for Lara, and for Suzanne. She was dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter, but her amazing tan, complete with the enticing pink bikini strap lines, seemed out of place on a pale English character. I concentrated, and discovered that both my girls were sending a bit for her, too. Dare I hope?

We got lots of looks and few other propositions, and a lot of people wanted to take pictures with us. Suzanne would only allow pictures for those who would lean down and kiss our boots, which most did. When a guy did it, Lara or Suzanne would give him a not so gentle slap with their instruments of discipline. When a woman knelt, I insisted on taking that job. Noblesse Oblige! Plus it got me hard.

Lara pointed to an imaginary watch on her wrist, and we headed back out the front door. Rodney was parked right where he left us, and standing and talking with a city cop and huge guy dressed in all black. Both girls dropped back to their hands and knees, just as Rodney pointed them out to his companions. All conversation stopped. Rodney opened the limo door, and the girls crawled in, with me in the middle. Before he closed the door, I could hear him laughing and saying, “I told you so, now pay up!”

The huge guy got into the passenger’s side front seat and introduced himself as Rodney’s cousin, Little Hollywood. I asked him if Big Hollywood would even fit in the limo. He laughed and said they called his cousin ‘Big’ because he made it to the NFL, and Little Hollywood got a knee injury before pre-season started and never caught on with another team. We made it over to ZZZ quickly, and the girls recreated their incredible entrance. The photographer was actually the first to spot the girls approaching, and I hope he had lots of memory cards because he was popping pictures constantly. Kevin appeared on the porch, along with his pledge trainer and frat president, and their eyes just tracked the girls as they mounted the steps. Mouth breathing was the predominant respiratory mode among the male audience, and I could track the female viewers by the amazing Suzie envy signals that popped up like loud locusts after dark.

Kevin played along with the theme and knelt before Lara and Suzanne, and endured some swats with their whip and crops. Surprisingly, Lou knelt beside him and Lara handed me her whip, and I gave her a few whacks, and it got me amazingly hard amazingly fast. We spent some time on the dance floor, and occasionally a guy would dance over to us, kiss the girl’s boots, and get a few hits, making remarks like “that’s much more fun than a pledge paddle!” Jersey, the girl from the first mixer that sent such Suzie for Lou was now sending for Lara and Suzanne, too, and she literally froze when she first saw us. Her eyes got really big and I pointed her out to Lara. Jersey was dressed like Katie Perry, and Lara smiled at her and motioned her over to us. When she got close, Lara used her whip to push her down to her knees, and then down to kiss Lara’s boots. When she prostrated herself fully, I noticed an incredible ass, barely restrained by a little red thong, poking out from beneath her super short skirt. Suzanne handed me her crop, and I gave Jersey two snappy ones to each buttock, and they bloomed a beautiful crimson red, and altered my circulation rapidly. “Thank you, Master!” she said loudly. “May I have some more?” She was a little dickens. Suzanne had her stand up and kissed her on the neck. Jersey’s Suzie signal flamed like a signal flare, and the modulation was images of pure and ecstatic submission to Suzanne. Jersey certainly had good taste.

I leaned over to Suzanne and said “Looks like you could have an eager pupil, there!” and she laughed. Another few minutes and Lara was pointing to her non-existent wristwatch again. There was almost a recessional as we made our way back to the limo. Rodney did his thing and soon we were on our way to the Phi Phi Omega house. Both girls were giggling and talking about Millicent, and said they thought she would remember this night as the beginning of her weekend. I reminded them that we could not command Millicent tonight, and they said it would be voluntary, but would make her training much more effective. I was now curious, but the girls were having fun and I would let them play it out unsupervised. The Phi Phi house was very old and traditionally decorated, with a few Halloween touches but not much. The Phi Phi’s had a reputation for setting up an elaborate ‘haunted house’ for their Halloween party that often involved sexual imagery and not just Halloween gore.

There were even more people outside the Phi Phi house than the other two, and Rodney and Little Hollywood played it to the hilt. By the time I emerged from the limo I got complete silence and anticipation, and when the girls made their entrance, there was a collective sigh from the crowd. Mei Ling was on the upstairs balcony, and she waved and said “I know the theme I want for my next birthday party!” and both girls stared at her, Suzies sparking, and I thought be careful what you wish for Mei Ling, because all three of us would happily take you to the woodshed, literally and figuratively. I spotted Cisco nearby and his eyes were big and he was staring at Mei Ling in surprise. I concentrated on Mei Ling, and her Suzie was full of happy images of Cisco’s tender attentions to her, but in every fifth image or so she was getting spanked and dominated. I would have to give my friend a little advice favoring an adventure for him, and some much needed fantasy fulfillment for Mei Ling.

Mei Ling suggested that we set up at the end of the hunted house queue to swat people as they emerged from the rest of the exhibits. We agreed and there was then a rush to enter the line. The first two guys came out a few minutes later, and Lara cracked her short whip in the air and they stopped and looked at her. One kneeled without being told, the other soon followed. Lara was having fun. At least half the girls wanted more than a few swats from me, and I could not refuse a lady. In just a few minutes, Lara and Suzanne said I should work the line by myself and they would be right back. They waded into the crowd around the punchbowl, and then I saw them with Mei Ling, heading up the stairs. I continued to work the girls that came out of the haunted house line, letting the guys pass. I got some great Suzie signals from some of the girls, and some really fuzzy signals from girls that weren’t specifically sending for me, but liked the idea of being dominated. I found it interesting that for some of them, the need to submit was clearly stronger than their ‘normal’ attraction for a specific male. Several girls gave me phone numbers on paper notes, but my outfit had no pockets! I put them in my boot.

I spotted Millicent descending the stairs dressed as FireStar, the mutant microwave Avenger. The skintight yellow and red outfit with a red wig was heating me up just fine. I pointed her out to both girls, and their Suzie signals told me they had noticed the outfit too. She was not in line, but looked at us with Suzie signals spitting. She had no idea what the girls had in store for her, and I had just an outline. Both Lara and Suzanne had worked together, given their recent memories of the their ‘first sub experiences’ as they put it, and they generated a plan not unlike Project Spank Lara, designed to get Millie hot in stages over the weekend, and then get her off like never before, and coincidentally line up with some of their own desires, and mine. I motioned to Mille and she walked over to us. I introduced both girls formally, and Millie nervously curtsied. I thought that was a good sign. Then both bent near Millicent as if they were whispering in each ear. Something looked odd, and all three of their Suzie signals were looping and peaking. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that both Lara and Suzanne were gently circling one of Millicent’s nipples with a middle finger as they spoke to her, just like they sometimes did to me. Then Millicent shook her head yes, and her Suzie signal redoubled. Millicent walked slowly away as if in a trance, and headed up the stairs.

Lara smiled at me. “Millicent is going to change clothes and join us for the contest at UDP.”

“I liked her costume” I said. Suzanne laughed. “So did I, but she is highly overdressed for the contest. You’ll see!”

After a few photos with Mei Ling, Dana Duke, and a few other folks, we headed for the front door where Millicent was waiting wrapped up in a khaki raincoat and black boots, or at least that was all I could see of her outfit. She went with us to the limo, and Rodney and Hollywood smiled at her as they opened the doors for us and I introduced her to them. Rodney grinned and said “I can tell you have absolutely nothing on under that raincoat, Miss. I think the evening is going to get even more interesting soon.” Millicent blushed bright red, and both Lara and Suzanne giggled. Rodney and Hollywood jumped in the front seat, and we headed out for the UDP party. On the way over, Lara opened a paper bag and gave Millicent a pair of knee pads and heel gloves, and Millicent’s face got even redder, if that was even possible. What was going on?

When we pulled up at UDP, there were quite a few people standing outside, and a lot of them had video cameras or smart phones out. Hollywood got out and opened the door, and I got out first. Hollywood and Rodney stood between me and the entrance to the house, looking back toward the limo, and I was facing them, looking toward the crowd. I heard motion behind me and saw Lara and Suzanne get out and stand on either said of the limo door, and remain standing. The crowd milled around and jockeyed for position to see and video the girl’s outfits. I was looking at the crowd when I heard a collective rush of breath and then a lot of chatter. I turned and saw Millicent emerge from the limo. The first thing I noticed was the black thigh boots, and then her long legs above the boot, and then that she was naked except for those boots, the knee pads, and the gloves. She stood and I saw that she was wearing an electric blue blindfold hood like Lara’s, with her brown hair in tightly woven pigtails streaming out behind the hood. Her thick patch brown pubic hair was trimmed and stood out against her pale white skin. She was an arresting sight. But even someone who knew her well would probably not be able to recognize her in that hood.

I was taking in Millicent’s fine little body as I had never seen it before. She was no Suzanne, but she was in great shape, like I would expect a competitive diver to look. Her breasts were bigger than they had seemed in her relatively modest clothes. Her nipples were hard as pebbles and covered with goose bumps, as were her legs. I suddenly got hard as hell, and I hadn’t even touched her yet. It was going to be an interesting night. The girls handed me their leashes, and then Millicent dropped to all fours and began crawling toward the entrance. The girls began herding Millicent toward the door, giving her light lashes and pops with the whip and the crop. They fell in behind her, and I, holding their leashes, walked behind them. I then noticed that both Lara and Suzanne had unzipped and removed the little ‘nipple covers’ on their outfits. Rodney and Hollywood’s faces were frozen in surprise, and after we got about ten feet from the limo, Rodney said “She-yitt, man!” and hastily started up a video with his phone. Hollywood just chuckled. As we mounted the steps, I realized that I fervently wanted to mount all three girls. Then, I realized I would most likely be able to do it soon enough. Life was good.

We made our way up the steps into the house through lots of wide eyed stares and a myriad of Suzie signals. I detected everything all across the spectrum, and I could read them all. Like an experienced quarterback, the game was starting to slow down for me, and I could ‘read the coverage’ almost automatically. I heard signals in one of the ‘gaps’ I had identified early, and I realized they were some sort of ‘compressed’ version of the detailed images on the middle wavelength carrier. Those usually portrayed things the sender wanted to do. What did these compressed images represent? I opened up and took in the meaning of all the signals. Each time Suzanne or Lara popped Millicent, a whole group of audience members wanted to be one end or the other of the whip or the crop. A surprising number of woman envied Millicent being the center of attention more than they had ‘herd envy’ for Suzanne or Lara. An equally surprising number of men wanted to take Millicent’s place and let those two dominating visions in red and white work on them. Another large group of women wanted to take over for Lara or Suzanne, and a lot of men wanted to substitute for me.

We had arrived just in time for the costume contest: there were three judges at a table ‘American Idol” style, on a small stage in the UDP party hall, and some spotlights were set up in front of the instruments and amps that the band would soon perform with. Oiler was acting as master of ceremonies, and with his height and wild hair, he was an imposing presence indeed. One of the judges gave us a little cloth square like the runners wore in marathons with an ’8′ on it, and then called for contestant number one to approach the stage. We moved off to the side and the spotlights focused on entry #1, a group of guys made up as the ‘Three Stooges’, old school, and trying to do some of their shtick. There were some laughs, some applause, and the judges all gave them fives.

The next contestants were a group of Harry Potter players, cute, but nothing special. They got two fours and a five. Then Batman and Robin got an eight, seven, and eight, probably because Robin was sported long blue black hair, a busty hourglass figure and almost translucent tights with no panty lines. It might have been Esmeralda Estigoy, but the mask made it impossible to tell for sure. Then the obligatory Bevo longhorn mascot costume got the equally obligatory fives across the board. Three girls dressed as cheerleaders got all sevens, but I thought they were all very hot eights and nines. Since it was an election year, the next two contestants were the president and first lady, followed by Mitt and Ann Romney. The scores were close. Then someone rolled a plastic slip and slide across the stage, and five guys pulled simulated plastic cocks from their pants and sprayed mayonnaise on the slip and slide. Then three guys in flesh colored thong underwear began singing the AG song of devotion and jumped along the slide, getting covered in white goop all the way across the stage. The crowd roared, and they got two nines and an eight from the judges.

Finally, Oiler introduced the final contestants, and Suzanne strutted boldly to center stage, complete with following spotlight, slapping her riding crop against her boots. There was a collective sigh, and a widespread sparking of Suzie signals. The Lara strode out and stood next to her, and a whole additional layer of Suzies rolled through the room. Suzanne spoke, in an amazingly commanding voice that carried throughout the hall, even unamplified. “Ladies and Gentleman, you will now be privileged to witness the initial submission training ritual of a novice servant to The Master!” She motioned to me and I tried my best to strut, or at least not stumble, in the high heel boots, onto the stage. I must admit I did a good job of rolling the cape around dramatically, such that when I stopped in between the two women in red and white, the cape moved and swirled for several seconds. The two girls attached their leashes to their collars and handed them to me, and I clearly experienced the male envy signals throughout the room. Those signals grew geometrically as both girls turned away from the audience and bent at the waist, offering their almost completely exposed butts to me. Suzanne handed me her crop, and I gave her five smarting ones on each side, and the audience made all sorts of noises as her butt turned a perfect hot red. “Thank You, Master!” she spoke loudly. I gently touched her ass, and no one could miss how wonderful I thought it was. Lara handed me her whip and I gave her five swift ones per side, her lighter skin reddened even more impressively, and I caressed her similarly. “Thank You, Master!” she cried. The Suzie signals from the audience were like an angry beehive, surging and buzzing.

Both girls cried out in unison “Trainee, show yourself!” Millicent crawled over, her gloves and knee pads gone, looking amazing in only the little hood and boots. She stopped in front of each girl, receiving five licks with each instrument of discipline, and sobbing “Thank You, Mistress!” after each stroke. I was disappointed that her butt was not facing me instead of the audience, and I did not get to see it. But all indications were that the audience liked it a lot. I noticed Rodney and Hollywood offstage, laughing and talking to each other. Millicent turned around, faced the audience, and presented her pretty and tight little as to me. It was red and absolutely gorgeous. I gave her five per side also, pausing dramatically between each. Then Suzanne took up the narration again. “Trainee, kneel and perform the ritual!” All eyes were on Millicent as she knelt before me and took the large silver metal penis shield into her mouth. The audience gasped as she slowly took it almost all the way down. Lara hit the remote control, and the strobe light at the tip of the bejeweled cock cover flashed. The hot white light traveled through Millicent’s throat and mouth and lit up the stage in an eerie pink and red x-ray like glow as the light passed through her blood and cartilage. The crowd involuntarily cried “Ohhhhh!” and then the blinking stopped, and Millicent released the metal cock piece, turned her face toward the audience, still on her knees, and smiled widely. The lights went down, and the crowd cheered. The judges gave us two ten’s and a nine.

The band came on, introduced themselves, and the lead singer said something about a ‘hard act to follow’ and then began to play. They were amazing, sort of a fusion of elaborate 70′s lotus eater rock merged with techno and rappy rhyming lyrics, and soon the crowd was very into the music, and began to dance. Quite a few folks from the Phi Phi house had moved over to the UDP party to finish the night there. Marilyn, our intrepid little stripper from the AG pool party mission was there along with Suzanne’s friend Big Liz. I realized they were still sending for each other but in the ‘tentative’ way that Dana Duke did for me. Ralph walked up to say hello, and I found that they were both sending pretty strongly for him. I remembered my dad’s advice to get my buddies laid, too.

I whispered in Ralph’s ear that he should ask them to dance. ‘”Which one?” he said.

“Both of them!” I said. “Together!”

He looked at me funny. “Ralph, Have I ever lied to you?”

“No. You have always been a friend and a truthful one.”

“Well trust me on this. You can take both of those girls to bed at the same time! They like you and they like each other, and Suzanne vouches for both of them so you can be sure they are both trustworthy and honest.”

“What about my ‘little problem’?” he said. I thought about all the trouble Ralph had in gym class in junior high, he was teased so incessantly by the other boys that the coach finally gave him a pass on showering after the exercise classes. He was very embarrassed but just seemed to compartmentalize it. I never talked to him about it after he moved away for high school and I wondered how it had affected him long term, but I knew it was not as important an issue as he was worried about.

“With proper exercise and foreplay and excitement, women can be satisfied with a wide range of sizes. Just be yourself, do your best to please them, and be honest with them about what you want. Everything will work out fine!”

He gulped, and then went over and talked to the girls. Big Liz was about an inch taller than Ralph, and both of them towered over petite little Marilyn. Both girls looked shocked, and then looked at each other, and whispered in each other’s ears for a moment. The music was so loud that they had to do that to be heard. Then they both leaned over and spoke in Ralph’s ear for a moment. Then Ralph and Marilyn moved to the dance floor and Big Liz walked over to Suzanne and me. She whispered to Suzanne a moment, and then Suzanne just motioned her toward me. She leaned over to my ear. She smelled great, and she was now sending for both Ralph and Marilyn like crazy, but there was some kind of almost melancholy overtone on her Suzie signal for Ralph.

“Suzanne says I can trust you just like I trust her?”

“I hope so, Liz. Suzanne trusts you to take care of her, and I will do my best for you.”

“I really like your friend, but I have a problem and I don’t want to disappoint him and hurt his feelings!”

“Was he wrong about you and Marilyn?”

“NO! He is right on target with that, and it turns me on that he is so perceptive, and it will actually make it easier and better for us to experiment with each other if he is with us too. But I have a medical problem that will probably keep things from working out.”

I just waited. I knew she would fill in the blanks. I hoped she did not have some STD or other awful disease problem.

“My doctor tells me that I have an ‘unusual pelvis and anatomical attachments’ that will affect my relations with men. I have only been with a couple of guys but they were very disappointed and so was I” She sobbed. What was going on here? She started again “To put it bluntly, I have a big space to fill, so to speak. It means that I will have it very easy in child birth, but I need a guy to have a way above average penis to be satisfied! So I don’t want to hurt his feelings or be hurt myself!” She sounded desperate.

I had to work very hard not to laugh, which would have at best pissed her off and at worst really hurt her. I hugged her gently. “That’s the kind of honesty that every relationship needs, and I want you to be just that open with Ralph, and with Marilyn. Trust me, beautiful; Ralph is a very good choice for you!”

She looked at me funny. Then she smiled, but guardedly. “Are you sure? I know you mean well, but….”

I could not avoid laughing, but I hugged her tighter. “I’m sure Marilyn can adapt, but you need to make sure she is very comfortable and relaxed, if you know what I mean!”

Liz looked puzzled for a moment, and then I could see the light come on. She looked at me funny and then smiled what I can only describe as the female equivalent of my shit eating grin. “Oh, I will make sure she is ready! I know I am!” She hugged me again and walked out onto the dance floor and joined Ralph and Marilyn.

Suzanne came back over and said “Did she tell you about her little problem?” She caught herself. “I guess I should say her big problem!” I told her about Ralph and why he was teased so mercilessly, because the other boys were so jealous. She looked incredulous. “Are you sure? Liz told me that her doctor said that only one guy in a hundred could…”

I laughed again and hugged her. “Trust me babe. He is the exact reciprocal of Liz’s problem. Ralph is a real Brainiac, and I am sure he is on the fast track to his goal of becoming a world class astrophysicist, even if the scholarship at Cal Tech fell through. But if that doesn’t work out, he could be the biggest porn star in the business, literally. My only worry is that he doesn’t hurt Marilyn! His nick names are the ‘nerd with the big bird’, and ‘the telescope’.

Suzanne looked at me funny, then looked over at the three of them dancing, and then hugged me and laughed. “I wonder if she would let me watch.” She giggled again. I did not.

Lara, Suzanne, and I danced a lot and we really were blown away by the band. There were all real ‘mechanics’ on their instruments, and the original songs were melodic, clever, and fun. They even changed costumes for most of them, and the staging and light show were first rate. I also listened carefully to all the available Suzie signals bounding around the room. Liz was right next to us, and I focused on her, curious about her story. I looked for the wavelength ‘gap’ I had identified earlier and discovered Liz’s little area of ‘compressed pictures’. When I concentrated on them, I found they were a chronicle of her several heartbreaking encounters with ‘normal’ guys who could not fill her void, so to speak. All of the images seemed to be tied to strong emotions that I could feel when I concentrated on the image, and even some voices I could hear along with the emotions. I realize that it was like the flight data recorder box in an airplane. It recorded the significant sexual events in a woman’s life. Was this was also the ‘risk assessment tool’ I had been looking for? If a woman had dozens of lovers or lots of gang bangs, it should show up here. I reached out and tried to listen to several of the other women around me.

Marilyn’s was almost blank, except for some very memorable masturbation, and even the strip poker at AG was there, perhaps because it was very emotionally charged experience for her. She was a virgin, and she was holding out for her first time to be the fulfillment of her recurring fantasy threesome, and it looked like Liz and Ralph could make that happen for her, maybe in an even bigger way than she anticipated. I wished them the best, but I really didn’t want to watch, especially if Suzanne did.

The band was shooting a video, and they asked us to help them out by appearing in it. They did the song once so we could get the tune, and Lara and Suzanne had a little conference with the cameramen and the lead singer. They went through some staging and then they did the song again. Suzanne and Lara swatted the lead singer a few times in time to the beat, and then at the end of the song they both kneeled down in front of me, and the final shot was the geometrically distorted refection of the lead singer off of the shiny metal cock cover of my costume, complete with the entire audience screaming madly. I am not sure exactly what they wanted to convey, but the girls enjoyed it and the video guy was ecstatic with what he got and promised to send us all a copy.

The party was winding down. Millicent came out in a conventional outfit, and we agreed that on Friday I would meet her at the Phi Phi house about 20 minutes before sundown, and walk her over to ‘our dungeon’ which we were keeping mysterious for a while. The girls gave her a little hug, and I gave her a tender kiss and a very hard nipple pinch. Her Suzie said she definitely liked it a lot. Liz and Marilyn and Ralph gave us all a hug, and then walked off together. That was going to be an interesting relationship. Esmeralda and ‘Jocko’, her older professor of education fiancé, came up to say hello, and I asked them if they were the Batman and Robin entry and they laughed, and said how did I know, nobody else spotted them. I smiled and said to Jocko “Do you promise not to get mad?” He agreed. “I recognized her ass. It’s a classic!” They both laughed, and I knew they might enjoy reliving things this evening.

We gathered up Rodney and Hollywood, and they invited us to another, very late night Halloween party, and both girls said they needed to get home for class tomorrow. He then said there is another Halloween party, this coming Saturday night, at the home of one of the bigwigs he drove for, and that we should all three come and we could win another costume contest and meet some very interesting people. Both girls asked if we could let him know on Friday, and he said okay.

Rodney took a quick left turn away from Lara’s place, and before we could say anything, he said “I know, but I think someone is following us!” He took two more lefts and then three quick rights and the now thoroughly busted tail car sped up and went by us. It was black Suburban with big black wall tires; heavily tinted windows and one of those all black vanity plates with white letters ‘JCK5H-03′. That combination of letters and numbers seemed familiar, but I couldn’t recall why. Hollywood snapped a couple of very obvious flash pictures with his phone, hopefully discouraging further following. “I’m going to ask one of the guys I drive for sometimes to check that plate for me.” Rodney said.

We all thanked Rodney and Hollywood, and then made our way up to Lara’s apartment. We all began shedding clothes as soon as the door closed behind us, and both girls said “Let’s hit the showers!” I did not notice all the little notes with phone numbers on them that fell out of one of my boots or the shiny things that were hidden underneath my mask.

Lara sighed and kissed us both, and began to soap everyone up. “I am craving a strong fucking from a hot guy with cute buns while a great looking dark haired woman licks my clit! Do you guys know where a girl could get that kind of treatment, considering that she would be willing to do anything in return?” We did. Suzanne insisted on teasing her while we dried off, and began gently kissing Lara from the front while I played with her ass. Soon Suzanne was sucking Lara’s nipples and Lara was shivering, and I was kneading her hot ass like two warm loaves of bread. We went back into the bedroom, and Lara grabbed the trapeze hanging from the ceiling and leaned on it, bending over the bar at about waist level with her arms bent slightly back and gripping the support ropes. I stepped up behind her and grabbed the ropes with my hands just above hers. It gave me lots of leverage and a perfect view. Suzanne reached over and gently spread Lara’s ass cheeks, and kissed them. I positioned my cock just behind Lara’s golden curls, and slowly entered her pussy. Lara gasped, and her Suzie purred.

Suzanne leaned down just and inch or so from our joining. “Oh baby that looks really nice pushing into you! You are one wet little slut, aren’t you? Then she slapped my ass fairly strongly and I surged into Lara and she gasped again. “That looks pretty tasty to me!” and then she dropped down onto her knees and between our legs, and sucked one of Lara’ s outer lips into her mouth noisily. “Mmmmm” she hummed with her mouth full. I could sense Lara’s Suzie sending stronger and stronger. I tuned into it and adjusted my stroke depth and frequency to pump her Suzie along. I could feel myself getting harder. I moved my hands to the bar of the trapeze and began pounding into Lara as roughly as I could.

“You may come, Lara!” I shouted and she did, with little delay or fanfare, and squirted a little.

Suzanne made an exaggerated slurping sound, then broke her mouth free and said, “More!”

I was happily in the zone now. I pulled the bar a little closer to me and stood up on my tiptoes, taking a little steeper angle into Lara’s pussy. I felt Suzanne’s tongue flashing all over both of us, and then she locked onto Lara’s clit and I could hear Suzanne’s slurping superimposed on Lara’s peaking Suzie signal. I locked into the rhythm and Lara came again, clamping down wonderfully on my cock. I slowed down and then started stroking her again. Suzanne stood up and grabbed Lara’s nipples, twisting and pinching them roughly. Lara came once again in a violent shaking motion that propagated up the ropes holding the trapeze. That motion set off something in me. I pulled out of Lara’s pussy, and immediately slipped into her hot little ass. Lara screamed, one scream for each of the first three strokes, and then sounded like she was gargling. I was not really listening to her Suzie, I was just watching my cock slip between those fine buns, and it made me crazy.

Suzanne resumed her narration. “Somebody is getting fucked in the ass! Look at that cock disappearing into that tight little end. Is it becoming a wide receiver?” Then she leaned down again under us again, and dove into Lara’s now fully accessible pussy. Her kissing and licking was so vigorous that I could feel it through the little wall of muscle between Lara’s ass and her pussy. Suzanne made only sucking and licking noises and then I felt Lara’s snatch clamping down again. It made me even crazier. I let one hand go from the bar and grabbed Lara’s head, pulling her hair back strongly and tilting her head up toward the ceiling roughly.

Lara drew in a noisy breath, and began repeating “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!” like a mediation mantra. I could think of nothing else. I was slamming into Lara’s ass just as hard as I possibly could. Lara came again and made a noise like I had never heard her make before, almost like the grunt some tennis players make when they serve. It was accompanied by another squirt of liquid from her pussy and dripped past Suzanne’s ministrations and hit my legs like hot oil. In three more strokes she grunted again and that triggered my orgasm. It was so intense that I almost blacked out. I let go of Lara’s hair and grabbed the support rope again, leaning back a little and letting my cock pop out of Lara’s ass. I picked her up from the trapeze bar, turned her upside down, and threw her legs over my shoulders. She turned her upside down mouth onto my cock, and sucked it savagely, virtually ensuring that I would stay hard. I was glad I came in her ass, because that allowed me to happily plunge my tongue back into her sloppy pussy, loving every hot and wet millimeter of it. She had that incredible taste that she gets after a hard orgasm, and it was nectar for me. I rolled my tongue up and did my best to fuck her pussy with it.

Chase dragged Christy by her arm through the small corridor of his private jet and sat her down. “You are going home! I mean it Christy. This time you’re staying put. I already told you. I’m seeing someone else. We have no future together.”

“You’re a liar! Every time you look at me I know you want to fuck me just as much as I want you. I love you and you love me,” Christy insisted, seeing the truth in those deep blue eyes.

“Amanda and I love each other. After I drop you off and make sure you stay put I’m coming back to be with her,” Chase insisted. He and Christy had been hot and heavy once, but that had ended after high school. The rich girl. The poor boy running off to make something of himself in the world. He’d forced himself to forget the teenage sweetheart who’d stolen his heart and moved on.

“She doesn’t make you feel what I feel. Not one bit. Why can’t you just admit it? You’re scared of how much you love me so Mandy’s the safe way out. She’ll never be enough for you. You know that Chase,” Christy stood up and pressed herself against him feeling his cock hard through his pants.

Chase groaned but pulled her away from him. “Stop it.” He’d moved on with Amanda, who he told himself he loved but a part of him was always wary of making that final leap. He just couldn’t open himself up to her like she wanted and he feared it was because this fucking woman…God…what a woman she’d grown into. Daddy’s princess all grown up into a strong, passionate woman who didn’t let a wealthy life make her lazy. She worked hard and fought for what she wanted. And now that seemed to be him, back in her life. In her bed.

“You don’t want me to stop. You want to take me right here on this jet, don’t you Chase? You want to make love to me right here on the carpet,” Christy announced lowering her hand to the bulge in his pants. “If you loved Mandy this would not be happening. You wouldn’t be hard as a rock dying to get inside of me. Does she do this for you, Chase? Does she make you this hard? Does she make you burn the way I do? You want to know what its like, don’t you?” She undid his black pants and slipped her hand into his boxers. “You want to know what it would be like if you rammed this into me again. Do it, Chase. Do whatever you want to me because I want it to. We were good when we were kids. Imagine what we would be like now. ” She took his cock into her hand.

Chase groaned at the feel of her hand on his aching cock. He had to stop this but, oh God, how many times Chase thought about it, imagining his hard cock shoved into that tight pussy, that face beneath him screaming his name. The girl was relentless. Once she made up her mind that she wanted Chase back she tempted him at every opportunity. Renting an office in the building he now owned, Wearing tight dresses, swinging that perky ass. He swelled full in her hand.

“I know you want to Chase. Fuck me. I want you to.” She ground her hips against him.

“Christy…Nooo,” he moaned as her mouth lifted to his.

“Don’t fight it Chase. You love me. Show me.” Christy lifted up on her toes and brushed her lips across his.

“I can’t do this!” Chase said gruffly pushing her away. “I love Amanda damn it. Why can’t you accept that?”

“No!” Christy shouted furiously. “You’re a fucking liar. Telling me you love someone else when your cock is hanging out hard as a rock dying for me. Nobody else. Just me!” she yelled at him, shaking with frustration.

Chase grabbed her so hard she jumped, startled. “You’ve been driving me crazy for months. You want me to fuck you? Fine, baby, I’m gonna fuck you’re goddamned brains out.” He ripped at her dress, scratching at her skin. Her creamy breasts spilled out, tempting him beyond reason. “We’re gonna do this my way. Now I’ve wanted that hot mouth on my cock again for months. Get down on your knees.” He pushed her half naked body down.

Christy eagerly grabbed his hot hard cock and stuffed it into her mouth. God, the taste of him was making her pussy so wet. Chase arched back and closed his eyes. Christy grabbed his behind and pushed him in further into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth. She sucked him hard and fast.

“Ah God, Christy. Like that. Suck my cock,” Chase moaned urging her on. “Fuck that cock with your mouth, baby.” He pulled at her hair as he thrust his hips at her.

“Mmmmmm, you like that?” Christy asked running her tongue along his length. “You like my mouth fucking your thick beautiful cock? How long have you wanted me to suck your cock, Chase? Tell me, baby,” Christy said engulfing him totally again.

“Oh shit. So long. Fuck, Christy! So fucking long.”

Faster she sucked him until she felt his balls tighten and lift against his cock. She gave a small nibble around his head and then squeezed her lips hard around the head of his hot cock and he came hard and full in her mouth. Her body jerked as she nearly came with him, just feeling his come fill her mouth. He bucked against her face spurting the last drop into her eager mouth.

“Holy fuck, baby” Chase groaned bent double.

“Eat my pussy now, Chase. God, I need to feel your mouth between my legs,” Christy begged, her pussy lips soaked.

Chase pushed her backwards against the floor of the jet and removed her wet panties. “I’m gonna make you beg for it. Make you crazy like you’ve made me.” Chase nibbled on her thighs and ran his fingers along her pelvic bone, deliberately avoiding where she wanted him the most.

She shifted her hips in frustration. “Chase, damn it!”

“Shut up. We’re doing this my way remember? How bad do you want me to eat you, hmm?” he asked. He stroked his finger lazily over her wet folds.

“Oh God. Do it now!” she cried.

“Yeah? Like how? Show me, Christy. Did you ever finger fuck yourself and imagine it was me?” he asked giving her pussy a tiny lick.

Christy moaned, dying for more. “Yes. Oh God, yes. I did. I wanted it to be your hard cock inside of me, Chase. Please.”

“How often did you do it, Christy baby? Every night? Every night did you pump your fingers in that gorgeous tight pussy and wish it was my cock ramming into you?” Again he gave one slow lick.

Christy arched and bucked her hips wanting more. “Yes!” she replied.

“Do it now,” he ordered.

Her eyes opened. “What?”

“I want to see you finger fuck yourself. Three fingers. Right now. Shove them into that tight pussy.”

“I want you to-”

“I said now or else this stops right now. Got it?” he ordered, his eyes glittering. “And keep your eyes on me.”

Christy thrust one finger inside of her aching pussy and moaned.

Chase watched her, sitting back. “I said three fingers,” he ordered.

Christy obeyed and thrust in two more fingers.

“Good girl. Now pump ‘em in and out, baby. Imagine it’s my cock inside of you.”

“Ah God,” Christy cried as she thrust her fingers in deep inside of her.

“Faster,” he ordered, stroking his cock. “I want you to fuck that gorgeous pussy hard. Show me how you want my cock to slam into you”

Faster she pounded her fingers into her pussy arching, moaning, screaming as her orgasm approached. “I’m gonna come. Oh shit.”

Chase grabbed her wrist and pulled her fingers out roughly. “Oh no you don’t. I’m going to do that. I’m going to eat that pussy ’till you’re screaming and creaming my face.” He thrust his tongue into her pussy.

Christy arched when Chase thrust his tongue inside her. “Oh fucking yes!” she screamed as he thrust his tongue back and forth. She bucked her hips hard against his face. “Ah yeah! Oh Chase. Oh!” Christy cried. He held her hips down, not allowing her to move, bruising her hips with his fingers but she loved it. He bit at her clitoris softly and then continued to tongue-fuck her. Christy pulled at the carpet as she neared her orgasm. “Ah faster. Oooh God. Oh fuck.”

He bobbed his head with his tongue stiffening his tongue as he devoured her with his mouth. In and out, his tongue thrust back and forth.

“Oh now! Now! Now! Yes!” Christy flooded his mouth with her juices as she screamed in ecstasy.

“You want to scream some more, baby?” Chase asked, his face shining with her juices. Without giving her a chance to respond he spread her legs wide and slammed his whole length into her pussy, hard.

“Yeeeeesssss!” she screamed, still coming from her last orgasm. “Oh fuck me! Oh Chase, fuck me hard!” Christy cried, moving with him.

He rammed in and out of her, gripping her thighs as he shoved back and forth. Her legs clamped around his waist. “Your pussy feels so good. Ah shit!” Chase groaned rocking back and forth inside of her.

“Harder! Oh God, make me come again, Chase,” she moaned breathless as he pounded her pussy. He grabbed her behind and lifted her half up off the floor and pounded into her faster, sweat glistening on his body and dampening his black hair. “Oh yeah. Oh please. Oh please, oh please!”

Christy panted, scratching at his arms as they held her hips up in the air.

“You like my cock inside your tight pussy, baby? You like it hard? You want it harder baby? You want my cock to hurt your sweet pussy?” Chase withdrew and then thrust in hard and deep making Christy scream. Then he did it again, withdrew and then shoved in hard. “Like That! Like that! Like that!’ Withdrawing he turned her around. “I’m gonna fuck you’re ass now. You understand, my little slut?” Chase brought Christy up on her knees. “You want me to fuck your tight ass, Christy?” he asked, rubbing his cock at the tight hole.

“God yes,” Christy urged backing up her ass against the head of his cock.

“Beg, baby. Beg for me to fuck your ass,” Chase said, taking immense pleasure in torturing her.

“God, Chase. Please shove that cock into my ass. Do it, baby. Oh God. Please. I want you to so fucking badly,” Christy begged.

Chase split her cheeks apart and using the moisture from her soaked pussy, he lubricated his cock and her ass and shoved his cock into the tight puckered hole.

Christy arched upwards at the deep penetration and cried out.

“Back that ass up against my cock, baby. Do it,” Chase ordered, thrusting hard and deep into her ass. Christy rocked her ass against his cock.

Chase pounded into her ass, digging his fingers into her cheeks and arching back at the tight feel of her ass around his rock hard cock. He took three fingers and reached around to shove them up deeply into Christy’s core.

“OH MY GOOOOOOOODDD!” Christy screamed as he fucked her pussy with his fingers and his ass with his throbbing cock.

Chase thrust harder into her ass and moved his fingers roughly in and out of his pussy. “Baby, you’re gonna come right now, you got that? Now!” Chase yelled pounding into her ass and pushing his fingers back and forth.

He screamed out and Christy tore at the carpet with her fingers as her orgasm bulldozed though her. She felt Chase thrust once more into her ass and his hot release filled her as he spurted thick and bucking over her. They fell against the carpet spent and sweaty.

“You’re mine, baby,” Christy panted, curling onto his chest. “And this time, I’m not letting you get away, got that?

Chase could only moan and nod, giving into the only woman he would ever truly love.

The End

I still couldn’t quite believe how much I had enjoyed taking my first real cock. I was even more excited about one day taking a bigger cock, although Cashlie was my main focus for now. We didn’t really speak until she text me on Wednesday to ask if I wanted to go out with her and a couple of friends on Saturday evening, I naturally said yes. We arranged that I would meet Cashlie at her place at 8 and then go out from there.

When I got home it hit me that I would be going out in public with Cashlie for the first time, I felt as though I should be nervous about being seen in public with a transsexual but considering it was Cashlie I was not worried at all. The fact that I didn’t know where we would be going out, or who we would be meeting had me excited for the rest of the week; my life had completely changed in the past couple of weeks and I was loving it!

I met Cashlie outside the station again, and as I got into her car we shared a passionate kiss. She was wearing a tight fitting pink t-shirt and slim jeans; but even in casual clothes she just oozed sexuality.

“I think you’re going to have fun tonight.” she said, sultry as ever.

“So do I.” I replied.

“Ok, so the plan is we go back to mine for a little bit, and then head out to the club where we’re meeting my friends.” she told me.

“Sounds good.” I said

We walked to the lift hand in hand, just as we did the first time, but we managed to control ourselves before getting into her apartment.

When we walked through the door she grabbed hold of my cock and shoved me up against the door.

“You want me to fuck your ass again don’t you?” she whispered into my ear while holding me against the door by my hardening cock.

“Yes.” I moaned.

“I’m going to breed you this time, you’re going to love it. But to show you how much of a sissy you are I’m not going to let you come before we go out. Only I’m allowed to come baby.” she said.

“Yes. Please. Just fuck me.” I moaned, now fully hard. I had no idea how I would be able to keep myself from cumming.

She led me into her bedroom, and pushed me to my knees in front of her bed as she sat down on the edge. She slowly pulled her jeans down and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face right on to her red lace panty covered cock. I licked her cock through the panties and it slowly started getting hard as she moaned in pleasure. I could just about taste her precum through the panties, trying to get as much of it as I could. When she was fully hard she pulled her cock out of her panties and pushed my head down on it as I took her 4″ cock all the way in my mouth.

“You love my cock don’t you? Go on suck it you little bitch, you love the taste of my girly cock in your mouth.” she growled.

“Mmm” was all I could muster, but it seemed to urge her on as she began pushing with her hips into my face. She began to get a good rhythm going and I started dribbling all over her cock, I could hear her breathing more heavily as she carried on. She eventually pulled my head off her rock solid, sloppy cock.

“Baby that was amazing, but your mouth isn’t getting my cum now.” she said.

She got up, pulled her jeans and panties off completely and removed her top. She then pulled me up and we shared another deep kiss, before she bent me over the bed and roughly pulled my jeans and underwear down.

“Are you ready for me baby?” she asked.

“God yes!” was my reply.

With just my spit on her cock, she forced it into my tight hole.

“Oohh!” I groaned.

She began to fuck me hard straight away, pounding my ass as fast as she could.

“Oh baby, your hole is so tight, you’re going to love my friends!”

My mind was too focused on the bareback fucking I was getting to think about what she said. She pulled me up and held her chest against my back as she fucked me standing up. She started kissing me on the neck and rubbing her hands under my t-shirt; my cock got rock hard in an instant. Her moaning got louder as she continued to give my ass a pounding.

“I’m going to cum in your bitch ass, and I want you to bend over the bed so none of it leaks out, and don’t move until I tell you. Understand?” she said in my ear.

“Yes!” I groaned.

“Good boy.” she replied.

She bent me back over the bed and began fucking me harder, grabbing my hips to get even more leverage. I had begun to love the feel of her cock in my ass, and didn’t want her to ever stop. My cock still hard I was having to really concentrate on not blowing my load.

“Here it comes baby!” she almost screamed.

I could feel her cock pulsating in my ass as she thrust as far as she could and held it there. Then I felt the first squirt and I couldn’t control myself any longer, my cum exploding out of my cock. I could feel even more of her cum in my ass, she didn’t stop cumming for what seemed like minutes, and I went along with her all the way. My ass felt full of her cum and her cock, just slid out.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy! I don’t have time to punish you now but you are going to be in trouble later. Don’t say anything and don’t move until I tell you.” she said assertively.

She proceeded to wipe her cum covered cock on my ass cheeks and I could hear her go over to her wardrobe behind me. I could hear her moving around and trying on clothes for around twenty minutes, before she came up behind me, lent over me and whispered.

“Time to go have some fun, slut.”

I pulled up my underwear and trousers, with her cum still in my ass and we shared a small kiss before heading for the door. She was wearing a short, tight fitting black dress and she looked stunning, I don’t think any straight man would have been able to turn her down. I looked at the clock on the way out and it was already 9.30.

“There’s a cab waiting for us downstairs, we’re going to meet Mike and Kay at the club.” she told me.

We got in the cab; I could feel Cashlie’s cum dribbling out of my ass as we drove, soaking my boxers. Around twenty minutes later we pulled up at the club. It was a big commercial club in town and it was a busy Saturday night so there was already plenty of people in the queue. Cashlie had booked us down on the guest list so we went almost straight in. We walked in through the main doors hand in hand, and she pulled me towards the already busy bar.

“There they are!” she said, pointing at a couple standing at the end of the bar.

Mike was a handsome man in his early 40s, 6’2″, and broad shouldered, wearing a shirt and jeans. Kay was absolutely stunning, 5’4″ with long blonde hair, perky breasts and a gorgeous ass. She was wearing a very tight, short dress, fully accentuating her features.

“Hey guys, Kay you look gorgeous babe.” said Cashlie as she went to give them both a hug and a kiss.

“So do you! This must be your new toy.” Kay replied, as she turned her attention to me.

“Hey, nice to meet you.” I said.

She came over and threw her arms around me in a tight hug, I could feel my cock stirring as I returned the hug

“Hi, we’re going to have some fun tonight.” Mike said to me with a knowing grin.

We ordered some drinks and Cashlie straight away pulled me over to the dance floor. The music in the club was generic Saturday night club music, but it was something to dance to. Cashlie put her arms around my neck and pulled herself up close to me as we carried on dancing. I could see quite a few guys giving envious looks at us and I could feel my cock once again getting hard pressed up against her.

“I don’t need to ask if you’re having a good time, do I?” she asked.

“No, I suppose not.” I replied with a cheeky grin on my face.

Cashlie began to get more into her dancing, and once she finished her drink she began grinding her ass against me, I felt my cock beginning to strain in my jeans. I grabbed her round the waist to pull her close so she could feel the effect she was having on me. She leant back towards me and turned her head for a slow passionate kiss.

We danced for a while longer before I felt someone come up behind me, grabbing my ass and then putting their arms around me and holding me up against them.

“Your ass is going to be mine. Cashlie told me what you’re like, you slut” I heard Mike whisper in my ear.

I could feel his cock on my ass as he pushed up against me, and I couldn’t help feeling turned on. With Cashlie still dancing in front of me, I was struggling to maintain my composure. I began to move my ass on his cock without even thinking about it, and I heard him groan in response.

“Oh you like my cock do you?” he asked.

“Mmm, yes.” I replied.

I could feel it growing and getting harder, it felt massive. Kay came up to Cashlie and the two of them started to dance together.

“You like watching them dance don’t you. Well you wait until they’re both naked, you won’t be able to control yourself. Luckily I will be there to control you, and make sure you behave.” said Mike forcefully.

He moved one of his hands down the front of my body, eventually reaching my rock hard cock.

“I think we’re ready to go, don’t you?” asked Mike.

“Yes.” I moaned breathlessly.

Grabbing my hand Mike led me over to the girls.

“Hey girls, I think our little slut is struggling, so I think we should move on.” Mike told them.

The four of us went outside, back in our original pairs.

“You’re going to love his cock babe.” Cashlie whispered to me.

We got a cab, and headed back to Mike’s flat, around 10 minutes away.

We went straight up to Mike’s flat, which had a large open plan living area with three big sofas dotted around, and two bedrooms led off from it.

When we got in Mike put some dance music on, and Cashlie and Kay went over to the kitchen area to sort out some drinks. I sat down on the sofa, as Mike went to the bathroom. Cashlie came over and handed me a beer, then she and Kay started dancing in the middle of the room. They started off dancing alone but gradually got closer, before they were grinding against each other face to face to the music. I felt a familiar stirring in my boxers.

Mike came out of the bathroom and sat down next to me.

“They’re quite something aren’t they?” asked Mike as he moved his hand on to my leg.

“They really are.” I replied.

I felt my cock getting even harder as he started to move his hand along my leg towards my cock. As he started rubbing my cock through my jeans I felt myself leaning my body into him. Cashlie and Kay were now fully making out while dancing and Cashlie, and I was completely hard watching them.

“That’s a nice cock you have yourself there. Feel mine.” Mike said as he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock.

It felt huge, and really thick, I wanted to see it badly. Mike eventually moved his hand under my boxers and started fondling my dick. I could feel the precum leaking out of the tip of my cock onto his hand. He then pulled his hand out and fed my precum to me.

“Take your clothes off.” Mike ordered.

I did as I was told and noticed that both Cashlie and Kay had taken their dresses off and were sitting on one of the other sofas in just their panties and bras. I sat back down completely naked, with my erection sitting on my stomach. Mike took my cock in his hand and started stroking it.

“This is my cock now slut, do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes.” I moaned.

“Good, now get on your knees.” He demanded.

He moved me down between his legs on my knees and slid his jeans off. I could see the outline of his huge cock in his boxers, and my hand moved involuntarily straight to it, and I began stroking it.

“That’s right, you want my big cock don’t you? You little bitch.” he said.

I leant in and kissed his cock through his boxers while still stroking it. I could see a little patch of precum on his boxers next to the tip of his cock, unable to help myself I started licking it, loving the taste. I heard him moan in response and began to lick up and down his full length. After a few minutes I wanted his cock too badly and pulled down his boxers. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen; it must have been ten inches and so thick I wasn’t entirely sure I’d fit it in my mouth.

Nevertheless I opened my mouth and took the head inside, lapping up the precum as I closed my mouth on him.

“That’s it, you little cock slut.” moaned Mike.

I started to move my mouth down his cock to see how much I could take, I managed to get about halfway before the size of it got too much for me and I pulled off.

“Don’t worry babe, we’ll get you there, just relax and take as much as you can.” he said.

I went down again, determined to take more of his length. I got three quarters of the way down, and I started to dribble all over his cock as I almost gagged, pulling off I started to sloppily circle his cock with my mouth getting his cock soaking wet. I loved the taste of his cock covered in my spit and continued to enjoy the feel of his thickness in my mouth. I pulled out every now and again to give his tip some attention with my tongue.

“Oh babe you are getting really good at sucking cock.” Mike moaned.

I carried on serving his cock, completely focused on the task at hand and loving every moment. With his cock fully covered in my spit I tried again to take his length. It had worked as I managed to carry on taking his cock in my throat until I felt the hair around his cock on my nose. I had to pull off almost straight away but I felt very pleased with myself.

“Mmmm, I’ve got other ideas for my cock now; I’m not sure how much more I could take of your mouth.” Mike said.

I got up and he took his top off, and pulled down his trousers. He had a toned body, with a little hair.

“Come sit on my lap slut.” he ordered.

I went over to him and knelt over him, my ass hovering over his huge erect cock. I put my arms around his neck and went in for a kiss, not knowing how he would take it. He responded with a firm passionate kiss, and put his arms around me. Slowly he moved one of his hands down to my ass, slipping one finger in my hole. I moaned into his mouth in pleasure, as he started to move his finger in and out of my ass.

He added another finger shortly after, once again getting my ass used to it with some gentle finger fucking, all the while maintaining our kiss. Eventually he had all four of his fingers in my ass and had begun to pick up his pace. Then he pulled out, my ass feeling empty, but ready for what I knew was coming next. Stopping our kiss I lowered my ass expectantly and felt the tip of his cock on my hole. He guided his cock into me and the pure pleasure was amazing, it felt so right to have his thick cock in my ass.

“Oh god.” I moaned.

“You like my cock, babe, well I’m not even halfway in yet.” he teased.

I continued to lower myself onto his cock, slowly taking more of his length into my ass, each inch feeling even better than the last. My ass felt so full, and just the feeling of his glorious cock in my ass got me rock hard. I eventually eased my way down to take his full length, and we shared a smile.

I slowly started to ride his cock, my ass got more comfortable with his size and I began to get lost in the sensation of riding him. My erect cock was bouncing off him every time I went down, and the more I picked up my pace the harder it was getting. I leant forward into Mike to keep myself steady.

“I think I might cum soon, you feel so good inside me” I whispered.

“Good baby, cum all over me. I’m going to cum in your ass when you do.” He returned.

I was beginning to ride him fast now and I was completely lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Nothing had ever made me feel as good as his cock in my ass.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” I screamed.

I exploded all over his chest, the most cum I had ever produced, and it kept going for what seemed an eternity. Mike gave me a massive grin as I fell into his cum soaked body from exhaustion. He began to pound my ass with real intent as he was nearing his own orgasm.

“Babe, are you ready for me to cum up your ass like a good slut.” he asked.

“Please! I want to feel you squirt in me!” I replied.

“Ohhhh” he moaned as I finally felt his huge cock begin to pulsate in my ass.

I felt the first load and it felt huge, he kept unloading huge shots of cum in my ass until after about his 8th or 9th shot I felt his body relax.

“Now you have some cleaning up to do. Yours first.” he said, as he motioned for me to lick my cum off his body.

I pulled off of his cock, leaving my ass with the emptiest feeling as it popped out. I knew then how much I needed a big cock in my ass. I knelt on the sofa and leaned over his body as I began to lick up my cum off of his toned body.

“Don’t swallow until I tell you.” he told me.

I couldn’t believe how much I had cum, I was struggling to keep it all in my mouth as I continued to lick it. Eventually I managed to clean up Mike’s body.

“Let me see that cum baby.” Mike demanded.

I showed him my mouth full of cum, being careful not to spill any.

“Swallow your own spunk you dirty boy.” he ordered.

I did as I was told and swallowed my cum in three gulps. As I did I began to feel Mike’s cum slowly dripping out of my ass.

“Good boy, now Cashlie, come over here and clean my cum out of your boy’s ass.” he said.

I had completely forgotten about the two girls, but after Mike said that I looked over to see them both sitting on one of the other sofas, naked, watching me and Mike.

“Well done baby, you took his cock so well” Cashlie said as she walked over. “Neither of us could help ourselves from cumming when you started riding him, it was so hot. Now lean forward babe.”

I leant over Mike as Cashlie began to lick at my asshole, teasing out all of Mike’s cum and swallowing it straight away. Kay came and sat down on Mike’s other side, slowly stroking her own small flaccid cock; kissing Mike as soon as she sat down.

“Mmm, I forgot how good you tasted Mike.” said Cashlie.

“I’ll have to let you have it straight from the source next time.” he replied.

Cashlie finally finished lapping up all of Mike’s cum from my ass and sat me down on the sofa, sitting in my lap and leaning back into my body. We kissed slowly and passionately, as Mike and Kay did the same, savouring the moment.

— Author’s Note: Hi! As the description says, this is a continuation from Chapter 2, so if you haven’t already, I suggest reading that one first. I should let you all know, that other than these two stories, most of my submissions won’t really have anything to do with one another, other than involving Sir and his pet. I apologize if that confused anyone in the last chapter. I decided against changing the titles individually because, well, each one is just another glimpse inside my dirty mind! Hehe. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of their night together. Comments and feedback are always appreciated! —


“My my, you look like quite the slutty little pet like this, you know that, whore?” You pull forward on the leather leash that’s wrapped around your hand, the one attached to the collar you fastened around my neck. I’m jerked towards you, putting my hands against the center console for balance. “Put your knees up on the seat. I want you on all fours.”

I widen my eyes and do as you say, bringing my knees up, the small space forcing me to arch my back so my ass is high in the air. I move forward a bit more, so my hands are now leaning on the passenger seat next to your thigh. I move my gaze from your cock, hard beneath your jeans to your hand, now resting on your thigh still gripping the leash tightly. I then trail my eyes up your stomach, your chest, your neck. I take in the way your chest rises and falls, the way your throat muscles move and twitch as you swallow. I finally reach your eyes, and the look you’re giving me forces the breath I was holding out in a sudden exhale. You look like you want to devour me, a predator eyeing his prey hard with a dangerous intent behind the stare.

The effect you have on me is immediate. I let out another breathy sigh, licking my lips slowly, consciously taking my time to run my tongue over them. You smirk at me. You know this little action is my coy attempt at trying to push you into making you feel as desperate as I do right now. You know even after cumming so hard just moments ago, that my cunt is dripping, and that I want more. Need more.

And you’re so right.

You reach out with your free hand and grab my chin, roughly arching my neck back and lifting my head to meet your gaze. You run your thumb over my wet bottom lip, slowly slipping it between my teeth and into my mouth. “Suck,” you say, your voice stern and low. And I do. I keep my eyes on yours and move my mouth up and down your finger, hollowing my cheeks as I pull back, running my tongue along it from the inside of my mouth. I ever so lightly drag my teeth across your skin, smiling as I do before going back to massaging it with my lips and tongue.

A low rumble escapes from you as you push it further towards the back of my throat. I gag slightly, my mouth pooling with saliva as you work it in and out. “Such a hungry slut you are. I bet you wish this was my cock, don’t you?” I nod in response, my lips still wrapped around your digit. “You want me to fuck this little throat of yours? Thrust my cock deep and keep it there while you gag and drool all over those bimbo tits? I’m sure a filthy glutton for pain like you would even want to be choked, have my hands wrapped tight around your throat while my cock bulges beneath them.” You hold my chin from below with the rest of your hand, while pressing your thumb down hard against my tongue. I gag a bit more, the overflow of saliva slightly spilling down over my lip.

I close my eyes as a shiver runs through me, my moan vibrating around your hand. I love having my throat fucked. I love the feeling of your cock hardening because of my mouth, the taste of the precum that oozes from your head. I crave it, and right now I’m absolutely starving for it. I want nothing more than your dick buried deep, my nose pushed against your abdomen while the tears fall from my eyes.

When I open my eyes back up again, my look is desperate and eager. I beg you, even with your thumb pushed inside my mouth. “Please Sir…”

You laugh, pulling your thumb from my mouth and rubbing it, covered in my spit, over my lips and face. “Please what, Slut? Speak clearly. I know you’re not as stupid of a tramp as you look right now.” You grab my face again hard, leaning down so you’re right in front of me. You whisper, your breath hot against my lips as you admire the dribble you smeared across my skin. “Or maybe that’s exactly what you are.”

I swallow hard, panting, my breath coming out in shaky wisps. Your words unravel me. I can feel the wetness of my cunt through the material of my pants, my nipples hard and taut, goosebumps covering my flesh even though it feels as if I’m in an oven. I blush furiously before answering you, humiliated by yet loving the way you degrade me so. “Please Sir, I want you to use my mouth and throat.”

You pause for a moment, sitting up straight again and looking down at me with a smirk. You let go of my face and reach down, rubbing your cock through your jeans. It’s outlined in the soft light, a bulge protruding from the dark-washed denim. I know you’re doing it to tease me. I drop from your gaze and look down at your hand, biting my lip hard, thinking you’re going to give me what I’m lusting after. It’s then that you yank hard on the leash, causing me to lose balance and fall forward into your leg. “Ah ah ah, skank,” you say as you lightly slap the side of my face with the end of the leash. “You keep your eyes up here.”

I whimper while I fix myself, getting back up on my hands and returning my eyes to yours. You tap the end of my nose. “That’s a good girl.” You lean forward once more, your eyes locked on to mine. You stall before you speak to me, knowing it makes me fidgety to have to hold your stare for so long.

“You know,” you finally blurt out. “I just had the most perfect idea.”

You run the end of the leash along the outline of my jaw, tracing over my chin and up to my parted lips. “The way you pant and gasp like that, on all fours, practically drooling for my cock… heh, you look just like a little puppy.” You pinch my nose, causing me to pull away and shake my head. You’re barely able to hold back your chuckle from the deadpan look I shoot you. “Mmm, I think I’ll walk you upstairs like one. Just like this. If you’re a good girl, maybe then you’ll get the treat you want so bad.” You then bite down on your lip, trying to keep the big grin you have forming at bay, but not hiding the sparks of amusement in your eyes.

Fear seizes my stomach, so much so that my whole body begins to shake. ‘He wants to fucking walk me? Like a dog? Is he crazy?!’ I think of one of my neighbors, walking out and seeing you pull me up the stairs on a leash, on my hands and knees with my tits out. I don’t even realize I’m shaking my head at you until I snap out of it and sit back on my knees. “Sir I cannot do that. Don’t you realize what would happen if someone saw me?” My eyes are wide, my voice is high and whiny. “Please, can’t we just go upstairs already and-”

It’s at that moment you lurch forward and grab onto my ponytail. Your entire presence has changed, going from the boyish playful mood you were in to irritated and forceful. I don’t even have time to react before you pull me hard down onto your lap. You roughly grab the back of my knees and bend them forward, pulling more of me into your lap so my ass is slightly raised in front of you. My head is turned towards the side facing you, uncomfortably pushed up against the car door. You grab both of my arms and tug them behind me, closing my wrists together at the small of my back. You grab the back of my pants and viciously pull them down, the button popping off with an audible rip. You do the same with my panties, then rub your hand over my ass while you spit out your next words.

“I’ve had it with you being such an unruly little bitch tonight!” Before I can answer, your hand comes down hard against my right cheek. “You’re going to start doing as I say, or trust me, sweetheart, even a filthy fucking painslut like yourself won’t enjoy the beating I’ll give you.” With that, you spank me, harder than you ever have before. You’re relentless, over and over, on each cheek, on the tender curve just under my ass, even on my inner thighs. I cry out, scream, wiggle and writhe on top of you but it’s no use. Your grip on my wrists is like a vice, and I’m forced to endure your punishment.

I lose count of just how many times you’ve brought your hand down upon me, but I know I’m at the point where I can take no more. The burn and sting from each slap has become seemingly unbearable and I scream out in a raspy, tear stained voice. “Please Sir, I’m sorry!!”

You stop, your breath falling heavily from your lips, matching my own. You let go of my arms but keep your hand against my reddened ass. You reach over and grab my ponytail, pulling my neck back so I’m looking at you. “Sorry for what, whore?”

Through my sobs I answer. “I’m sorry for disobeying you, Sir. It won’t happen again.”

You scoff at me. “You say that every single time. Why should I believe you now? You’re nothing but an unappreciative little slut!” You drag your nails down the tender skin of my reddened ass, and I jerk underneath you.

“Ah… Please!! I swear, Sir. I won’t disobey you again. Please let me prove to you, I’ll do anything you ask. I want to do anything you ask!”

I can feel your cock rock hard sitting beneath my stomach. You pause for a moment and let out a deep breath before you respond to me. “You can start by thanking me for this. Thank me for beating your ass and putting you in your place.”

I’m breathing hard and heavy and I feel helpless, completely at your mercy. The power you have over me drives me crazy, and even through the searing pain and heat from your spanking, I can feel the air hitting my sopping wet cunt lips, giving away just how turned on I really am. “Thank you Sir. I deserved to be punished for being such a disobedient whore. Thank you for putting me in my place.”

Your eyes burn into mine. You reach back and pull my thong and pants back up, and I whimper as the fabric painfully brushes against my abused skin. You pull me upwards, carefully placing me down in your lap, my legs spread on either side of yours. Once I’m settled against you, you reach and connect my wrists behind my back once more. Your erection is right underneath me, and I can’t help but hold myself plush against you, feeling my tits brush against your chest, feeling your bulge grind ever so slightly between my legs. You wipe some of my tears away before sliding your fingers behind my neck, under my collar into a firm hold. You stare deeply into my eyes. “I’m going to walk you on all fours up to the apartment. Do you understand me?”

The fear I felt before has left me completely. All I want now is to be able to please you, and I’m willing to do anything to do so. I answer you after a small sniffle. “I understand Sir. I’m your pet, my place is on my hands and knees at your side.”

Your hold tightens on my wrists. “Beg me for it. Beg me to humiliate you so.”

I return the severity of your gaze through my lashes. “Please Sir. Please walk me up to my apartment like a puppy? Pull me on your leash, on my hands and knees? I so desperately want to be walked, Sir…please?”

You let go of my neck and wrists at the same time, one hand reaching for the leash while the other rises up and cups my breast hard. I keep my arms together behind me, arching my back and pushing my chest into you while you squeeze me, moving your fingers down and pinching my nipple. I gasp as you do, letting out a small moan as you roll it between your fingers. You do the same with the other, kneading it into the mold of your hand. This time, though, you lean forward and suck my nipple into your mouth, looking up at me while you clamp your teeth around it. You flick your tongue against it through your teeth, causing me to moan and grind myself against you, trying to get whatever friction I can against my aching clit. You bite down hard, just for a moment, just for me to let out a tiny high-pitched scream before you let go, grabbing the cups of my bra and fixing them in place. You leave my shirt unbuttoned, but zip up my jacket. I look down at you with a confused expression, but you say nothing, only wink up at me as you reach over into my bag and grab my keys. You open the passenger door, sliding out from beneath me and standing with my leash in your hand and a sly smile on your face. “Lets go, pet. Out.”

I take one last deep breath, praying no one will see me. I lean forward, leaving the car on my hands, then one by one letting my knees fall to the ground. You close the door behind me, lock it, and begin to move to the main door of the apartment building. I follow behind you, and though it’s cold outside, my body is on fire. My face is flushed, small prickles of sweat forming in the crease of my neck and down my back. We come up to the main door and you slide the key in, looking down at me with a content expression as you do. The door opens and you step inside, pulling the collar for me to follow suit. We walk up to the stairs, and as I begin to stand to follow you, you stop and slap me against my cheek. “Hands and knees, pet,” you say in a firm, disciplining voice. I don’t fight, only return to my position, and we walk up the stairs.

I’ve never been so humiliated. My body trembles at the thought of one of my neighbors opening their door and seeing me like this. At the same time, I’ve never been so turned on. My clit aches, my cunt hole throbbing to be filled by you. I look up at you from behind, watching your form climb the stairs, pulling my leash deftly behind you. I lick my lips, wanting nothing more than for you to use every inch of me for your pleasure, just as you’re doing now.

Finally after what seems like forever, we reach my door, and you rush to turn around just as I reach my place next to you. “Up on your knees,” you demand. To my surprise, you reach down and undo your jeans. You wait for me to get into position before you let your cock spring forward, bobbing tauntingly in front of me. My mouth begins to water immediately. “Suck.”

I look around the hallway before glancing back up at you with wide eyes. I open my mouth to protest when you slap me again. “I said. Suck,” you growl at me. I decide it’s better not to test your patience at this point, and do as you say. I lean forward, running my tongue up the length of your shaft and slide your head into my mouth. I suck, moving my wet mouth back and forth on you while I keep my eyes on yours. A small groan comes from your mouth as I push you farther back, your head just touching the back of my throat before I pull back, sucking hard as I do. We begin to get lost in the moment – you reaching down to grab my hair and thrust harder into me, my muffled moans become louder and more urgent, as if trying to coerce you into using me harder to pleasure your cock.

It’s the sound of an opening door down the hallway that startles us out of our lustful trance. We both jump from the noise, and you suddenly pull your cock from my mouth with a pop as you turn and undo the locks to my door. I lick my lips, wiping some of my spit from my chin with the back of my hand, already craving more of you.

You push open the door and yank on my leash, pulling me inside after you and slamming the door shut. My heart is racing at this point, the adrenaline pumping through me from coming so close to being caught. You turn on the light before grabbing my jacket and yanking it open, once again pulling my tits roughly from my shirt. You grab the sides my face, one hand latching around my pony tail and gripping it hard. You bark down at me. “Open wide and stick out your fucking tongue.”

I do so, and you thrust yourself back inside my mouth. I moan appreciatively around you, looking up at you as you force your cock farther down my throat. I start to gag, my eyes start to water as you push past my gag reflex and block off my airway. My nose is against your stomach, my tongue out and flicking against your balls as I use my throat muscles to squeeze your cock.

A long groan escapes from your lips. “Oh fuck, your throat feels so fucking good,” you cry out through gritted teeth. I dig my nails into your thighs as I start to squirm against you, needing to take a breath. You keep yourself buried in my throat, enjoying watching me struggle around your stiffness. You finally pull out, thick strands of my spit clinging to you, giving me a moment to breathe before shoving yourself back inside. You begin fucking my throat, slamming yourself against my face. I keep my eyes on you, tears streaming down my cheeks, drool dripping down onto my tits.

You pull your cock from my mouth, my deep breaths and loud moan of disappointment following as you do. You wrap your hand around it, jerking it hard before slapping it against the side of my face. I stick my tongue out far and you tap it against me, running your swollen head over and around my tongue ring. I reach forward and grab it, wrapping my lips around it and sucking hard while my other hand reaches below and starts to rub and knead your balls. I’m rewarded with a drawn out groan from you and a fat drop of precum which I swallow immediately. I slide your cock from my mouth, squeezing my fist around the base of your shaft and jerking it hard while I look up at you. “Mmm, please Sir. Please give me more. I want to taste you. I want to feel your cum shoot down my throat.”

“Jesus. What a greedy fucking cum whore you are.” You push my chest hard so I fall back on my hands and off my knees. “Strip. I want you naked and bent over in front of me. Face down on the floor, hands on your ankles. I want those slutty little fuck holes wide open and ready for me.”

I do exactly as you say, ripping my clothes off as fast as I can as I watch you do the same. You finish just as I turn around to get in position. I reach between my legs and rub my fingers from my pussy to my ass, smearing the plentiful wetness all over. I then grab on to my ankles, turning my head towards the side and waiting to be used by you.

You kneel behind me, reaching over and pulling my hair back hard so my neck and back arch. You shove your fingers inside my pussy, curving them inside me and pushing hard against my g-spot, causing the pleasure to ripple through me. I moan loudly, trying my hardest to grind back into you. You quickly remove your fingers, spreading more of my juice over my asshole and across my cheeks. I then feel your hand come down hard against me, the wetness added with the soreness from your spanking before causing an intense sting across my skin. I cry out, a scream that turns into a guttural groan, the lines between pleasure and pain becoming blurred in my hazy, lustful state. “That’s for keeping me waiting, bitch.”

I then feel your finger rim around my ass, pushing slowly inside as you line the head of your cock up with my cunt. You yank back hard on my hair as you thrust your cock inside me, not waiting for me to get used to the way you fill and stretch my tight pussy around you. You drill into me, fucking me hard at a punishing pace while you add another finger to my ass.

I moan, the prickles of an orgasm forming deep within me. I cry out for you, lost in lust and desire, submitting completely and loving being used by you. “Oh yes Sir, please, fuck me harder. Use me like the cum dump I am. Please Sir!”

You groan at the desperate plea in my voice, the way I degrade myself for you. You then slide your cock and fingers from me at the same time, causing me to whimper and beg you not to stop. You ignore me, running your fingers up from my cunt, spreading more of my wetness around my asshole. You spit on me, letting it pool against my puckering hole and drip down into my cunt. It’s then I feel you line your head up against it. “Open your ass for me, whore.” I relax the best I can as I feel you push yourself inside me, slowly but with a force, wanting to use me just as much as I want to be used.

NOTE: Different perspectives (Third Person, and switching off of characters). This is my first time posting my work on an erotic space, please be kind. Enjoy!

*Third Person*

It was a breezy spring day and the family was planning to go for a little road trip. To visit some family. Lacey and Ryan were sitting at the back of the car, windows all the way down, both lost in their own worlds. Driving was Lacey’s stepfather and beside him, Lacey’s mother.

Lacey’s full attention was on as the car passed some lands, she snapped a couple pictures from her phone. A present from her stepbrother. Little did Lacey know, he was tapped to her phone. Lacey wasn’t the goody two shoes she was seen as. Ryan took this to his advantage yet he didn’t anything with anyone. Lacey was his. And his only.


(still third person)

The family was already in Colorado. Their hometown was Manhattan, New York and they were heading to Los Angeles, California. They were a stop at a relative’s house for picking up some cousins. The family’s car was small, and the back seat was designed for four, maybe five. Three relatives were coming in. Problem was Lacey wasn’t thin. Lacey had wide hips and just a body any man would never want to keep his hands off. Meaning, Lacey ended up sitting up on Ryan’s lap.

* Lacey *

Through the door pushed some cousins of Ryan. I kept scooting over till the point Ryan and I were pressed together tightly. I was a bit uncomfortable as my hips were pinched by their boney hips. I tapped Ryan’s shoulder, hoping he’d wake up. His head turned towards me and our lips brushed.

“Yes, Lace?” His nickname for me made my thoughts run. Now I was unsure whether I should ask him. He seemed pretty annoyed that I awoke him.

“Can I sit on your lap? My hips hurt.” I said quietly, not trying to offend the girls beside me. He smirked and pushed his bag off his lap.

“Hop on.” I slipped onto his lap and sighed in relief. I was no longer pinched. Besides, Ryan is really comfortable. He was currently wearing a pair of black sweats and a college sweater. His black curls reached the top of his forehead and his green eyes twinkle. His lush pink lips were puckered. I had always had a crush on him. He was well, still is my dream boy. Even if he were my older stepbrother, I would love to get him to bed me.

I shook the thoughts away as I began to feel myself get moist. I hope he didn’t feel it.

It was night time and we had to take a stop at a motel. Mom and Dad ordered a room, and so did the identical triplets. As I watched them go out the door, I was amazed. They were babes. Wild curly red hair stumbled down their backs and their blue eyes were dull. They were slim yet their breasts were their biggest feature. They wore low cut shirts, which let their cleveage show and their large pink nipple be seen. I could feel myself throbbing now. I quickly hopped off Ryan’s lap and sat beside him.

“Are you two sure you want to stay here? We can share the room. Honey?” My mom asked again.

“I’ll be fine, mom. I promise. And Ryan will be here and he’ll protect me.” I looked over to the already sleeping boy. Dammit.

“Okay Hun.” Her lips pursed. “I’ll be only a couple feet away. Call me if you need me.” She tossed me the keys and soon disappeared into the dim lighted house.

I placed the keys in my pockets and soon settled into my spot by Ryan.

“You know I could feel you.” His raspy voice suddenly spoke. Making me jump. I looked at him, in the dim light. Unsure what he meant.

“When you were sitting on my lap. When you had a little daydream, and then when the girls were leaving.” My mouth was gaped and thank goodness the car was dark. My cheeks were burning from embarassment.

“What did you feel?” I dared to ask. I bit down on my lip.

“You were wet.” He answered simply.

“How could you know? Maybe it was -” I began to defend myself but he interrupted.

“Oh please.” He grapped my hand and placed it over the spot I sat. It was moist. I closed my eyes and held back a moan as my hand also fell over his member.

“Well I can feel you too.” I gripped it in my hand and gave it a little squeeze then pulled my hand away. Surprised with myself. He chuckled and pulled me on top of him. He grounded his hips into my parted legs and the moan slipped.

“Can you still feel me now?” He grinded harder. Holding my hips in place.

“Yes,” I coughed up. “Stop it. I don’t like it.” I tried to wiggle away, only causing more friction.

“Oh really?” His big hands gripped my breasts tightly. He pulled upon their tips until they became tightened – hard. “Your nipples say otherwise.”

I took this advantage and sat by the window.

“Leave me alone.” I said crossing my arms. He laughed and began to grope me again.

“You see I can’t do that. And I wouldn’t be feisty because I know all your secrets and could easily uncover you.” I gasped and slapped his hands away.

“No you don’t. You’re making that up. Shut up. Leave me alone.” He sighed, finally giving up and I released the breath I was holding. Unexpectedly he grabbed me tight.

“I’ll show you tomorrow. It’s the big day, anyways.” His raspy voice whispered into my ear. His lips then pressed against my collarbone and he passes his tongue over it. His pierced tongue. I swallowed trying to ignore him, but he was such a turn on.


We finally reached Los Angeles. As soon as we landed on the park, I left the car, pushing Natalie off my lap. Her rack was best to watch when passing bumpy roads but her ass would jab into me harshly too.

The air was warm and I couldn’t wait to go to the beach.

We walked to our hotel, registered and went to our rooms. We all changed. And, met again in the lobby.

“Okay guys, we all have our cellphones. It’ll be dark soon but let’s enjoy what we get.” Lacey’s mom cheerfully announced.

Everyone else made their way out the door to explore and still no sign of Lacey. Where did she -

She walked in wearing a pair of high waisted shorts, a sweetheart neckline designed sleeveless shirt and stripped flats. Her lips were a red and her black hair was in wild curls. She stopped before me.

“I am ready.” Her whitened, with a tiny gaped, perfect teeth smiled up to me. Her square glasses rimmed her big brown eyes.

I nearly took her right here. In that outfit her hispanic curves were quite evident and her golden skin glowed.

She rolled her eyes and started walking towards the door. Her bubble butt swayed to the sides and I caught up to her before anyone else enjoyed the view of her.

– People passed by, gaping at the scene. In broad daylight.

Her little mouth was wrapped around my dick. Those full round lips rubbed against my shaft as she tried to take me deeper without gagging. Her small hands held my sides as her hear bobbed up and down. Her throat gripped me tight.

She moaned, purposely sending vibrations through my member and my knees went weak. I held onto the railing.

She sucked me harder as she nibbled her way to my too sensitive head. She flicked with the tip of her small tongue, my head and my orgasm quickly shook through me. I tangled my hands through her hair, held it tight and fucked her face hard. I grinded my hips deep against her lips as my cum shot deep.


He held me tighter as his cum flooded my throat. The tangy taste filled my tongue.

This was the first blowjob i had given him voluntarily.

His hands loosened and i looked up at him. He seemed even taller now. He glared down at me. His lush lips a dark pink and eyes dark with lust.

I took a risk and nibbled on his head softly before pulling away.

“You’re a slut.” His voice deep and raspy. I placed my hands against his chest and was on my tippy toes. I barely reached his chin.

“And you love me that way.” I giggled. His hands gripped my butt and slammed me against him. His still hard penis slipping into the small gap between the top of my thighs. Right against my pussy.

“You’re a very bad girl and need to be finally taught a lesson. This time not with my tongue or hands or belt. But with my Dick and everything you could imagine.” He smirked.

I suddenly snapped out of it. What was i doing! I just gave him a blowjob in public.

I pulled away from him and began running. I can’t have sex, I’m a virgin. And he’s my brother and -

I couldn’t think straight. It was late and now I just walked into an ally. Fuck.

I ran to the end and cringed at who entered it.

One thing to know, never leave Ryan unpleased or he will come after you, till he gets what he wants. I think he wanted to fuck me nicely before, but now. Now he’s going to tear me in half.

“Ryan, I can explain.” He threw my apology to the side and gripped me tight, throwing me on the floor. Goosebumps rose on my arms and I tried to escape but once he was on me, I couldn’t even breathe.

He pulled his dick out again and the head looked mean and pink. Even bigger and wider – I had made it swollen.

“I’m going to tear you in half and I know from how much a slut you are, you will enjoy it.” He growled. My lips trembled as he yanked my shorts along with my panties off. The chilling air blew against my exposed bare skin. His hands clasped on my wrist and held me down. I loved the sight of his muscles flexing as he sucked his way down till reaching my pussy.

He ran the hot piercing along my length and I shivered. He licked his lips and swirled around my pussy with those lush lips of his and that fucking tongue piercing. My pussy is throbbing and I could feel my hips buck as he plunges in two fingers and sucks hard on my cilt.

“Please, stop.” I whispered, biting my lower lip. Wincing at the tightened tips of my breasts. They peeked my shirt.

He pulled out completely and ripped off my shirt.

I layed naked in an alley , during sunset in Los Angeles.

“What’d you say?” He growled.

“Daddy , please stop teasing. Give me more.” I whimpered.

He gropes the swell of my breasts and twists my carmel tips hard.

Unexpectedly he plunges in. I gasp for air.

His breath his heavy and some sweat is drooling down him. I wrap my legs around his hips pushing him deeper. He slams repeatedly into me and i feel myself tearing – stretching me out.

“So fucking tight.” He plunges in and out harder and faster. My boobs are now bouncing meeting his rhythm. Before I almost lose it, above me is another penis. This one is thicker and pale. It’s long , longer than Ryan’s. His rough hands lift me from my back and starts poking me.

The man is searching for my asshole.

“Thanks son. I’d love to fuck this slut. Been waiting since I saw her.”

Ryan’s Dad?

Before i could protest he found the opening and slid in.

I clung to Ryan. Nails deep in his lower back and our tongues fightiglng for dominance.

His father holds my hair into a bun and picks up his speed. His fingertips were cool and pressed against my button. He was fast and I lost my breath.

“Daddy” I moaned.

“Yes Sweetheart?” He replied

“Daddy Daddy oh Daddy. That feels nice. Daddy Daddy ugh. Oh Daddy Mphm. Daddies fuck me so hard I won’t walk tomorrow.”

They followed my order and fucked me at a speed I couldn’t even feel them anymore.

I let loud moan escape. They pulled out quickly and ran their hands quickly over their dicks.

“Open your mouth, Lace.” There came that nickname.

My mouth was then flooded with a mixture of tangy and sweet cum.

I happily moaned and I swallowed it all down.

Before I could do a thing, Stepfather pushed Ryan out of the way and thrusted so deep into me, I shook violently from another vaginal orgasm.

What I didn’t expect was seeing Ryan slip into his father’s ass and fuck him to the point he cried for him to stop.

“She’s my slut only.” He pulled his dad off me.

He slid himself in and our hips met in rhythm, another climax coming.



My heart thudded as I walked down the hall of my dorm room and opened the door into the hall of teacher’s offices. Everything was silent save for the distant noise of people talking far away from where I was standing. I looked to my right down the stretch of hallway and then looked straight ahead toward what we called at school “The Cave Entrance”, a long corridor that connected our dorms to the dorms next door. Along with connecting the two dorms, the corridor also connected our dorm to another basement-like setting that held more offices for our teachers. This was my destination.

I straightened my red tie and my grey sweater-vest, and in the process adjusted my backpack. With a deep breath I moved forward through the “Cave Entrance” and made my way toward the set of offices on the other side. Once past the second door I found myself at the first office, which housed the only two Computer Science instructors in the school. Almost every teacher was required to share their office with another instructor in order to conserve space. My destination was at the end of this hallway.

Taking another shallow breath, I put one foot in front of the other and set my eyes for the office at the end, belonging to my English instructor, Mr. Harwood. He had e-mailed me about an hour previous to my current journey, asking me to come by his office and answer a few questions on an essay I had written for his Ancient Literary Works class. I knew it wasn’t my best work, and it was under the page limit that he requested by a paragraph, but I just hoped he wouldn’t yell at me. The teachers here could be ruthless, but I didn’t think Mr. Harwood would be all that angry with me over missing a tiny paragraph.

After a few more steps I finally reached the end of the hallway and stood in front of the plain office door. On it hung a metal plate engraved with Mr. Harwood’s name and the name of another teacher alongside it. The other teacher, Ms. Gregson, was on a leave of absence due to the death of her husband. Mr. Harwood had been teaching her classes since she left. Light could be seen through the cracks of the door from a lamp. I inhaled a deep breath of air and tapped lightly on the faux wooden door. I paused and listened for a response.

Nothing happened for what seemed like an hour, but then I knocked on the door again, a bit louder this time. I could hear a stir of movement, perhaps the shifting of papers, on the other side of the door and then heard my heartbeat sound in my ears.

“Come in!” A gravelly voice hollered from beyond the door.

I turned the handle of the door and opened it slowly. A cool gust of air conditioned air flushed against my skin.

“Oh, hello, Dawson,” Mr. Harwood said to me, motioning for me to close the door. “Take a seat.”

Mr. Harwood was a slightly tall man with thin glasses, about the age of thirty-seven. His salt-and-pepper hair was always disheveled in an almost-on-purpose sort of sense. He was what some would call lanky, with long limbs and delicate but manly hands. He wore a button up dress shirt with thin blue stripes and a yellow tie. He also wore a pair of jeans and some casual dress shoes. The best way to describe him would be sophisticated, yet casual. He was extremely attractive.

“Dawson, I e-mailed you earlier about a paper you wrote for my class, and I wanted to get some of my questions answered, if you don’t mind?” Mr. Harwood asked.

“No, I don’t mind, Mr. Harwood,” I replied and smiled in a personable way.

“Good,” he said. “Let’s start with your topic. You chose to explore homosexuality in the tale of Gilgamesh, correct?”

“Yes, I did.”

“It was a very interesting topic. Very well written, with very good ideas, but slightly underdeveloped in it’s premise.”

“Oh? How so?” I asked.

“Well,” at this time Mr. Harwood began to flip through my essay laying on his desk. “The point you made on Gilgamesh loving Enkidu was never fully developed. You simply let the reader, that is me, know he loved Enkidu and then never developed the point. Why?”

“Because, it is an obvious fact in the story of Gilgamesh. The text continually said Gilgamesh loved Enkidu more than anyone.” I replied.

“While that is true, you never cited any of that text. Here,” Mr. Harwood passed me a copy of Gilgamesh. “show me.”

I took the text in my hand and began flipping through the pages. After finding the correct passage I pushed the text across the desk to Mr. Harwood, using my hand to direct him to the text.

“As you can see, Mr. Harwood, the text says GIlgamesh loved Enkidu more than anything.”

Mr. Harwood reached across the desk and put his hand down on the text, simultaneously brushing against my hand. It seemed like an innocent accident and I moved my hand away quickly before he noticed where his hand was.

“Ah, yes, well I wished you had cited this text,” Mr. Harwood said.

“Yeah, me too.” I replied and chuckled a bit. “I apologize, Mr. Harwood. I should have paid more attention to what I was writing.”

“It’s fine, Dawson,” Mr. Harwood’s hand had found the tip of my fingers again, but this time seemed a little more intentional.

I sat there for a second, waiting for him to continue with corrections I needed to make, but he was silently gazing over my paper.

“It’s so interesting…” Mr. Harwood said.

“What is?” I asked.

“The story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, and how you wrote about their love for one another. It’s also interesting how views on a topic such as this have changed so dramatically over the years. About homosexuality, that is.”

His hand brushed mine and began to move over the knuckles of my hand. I thought about moving my hand away again, just thinking he was doing it unintentionally, but stopped myself to see where this was headed.

“Yes, it is. It’s a very interesting topic, especially to me and–”

I stopped talking after realizing what I was implying. I had admitted to many people my sexuality, but not very many teachers. It just seemed unprofessional to do so, and an overstep of boundaries. Mr. Harwood looked at me and smirked with the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t worry, Dawson, I’m not a judgmental person. To each their own, right?” Mr. Harwood said. His hand still touched mine lightly, but began to cover them even more.

“It’s just not in my nature to share that personal side of mine with teachers . . .” I replied. His hand had officially enveloped mine as I spoke.

I shivered as the heat from his hand began to warm mine. I always had poor circulation, and his hand seemed to be like a miniature furnace. Mr. Harwood’s thumb began to stroke the top of my hand back and forth.

“I, um, I ought to go, Mr. Harwood…” I said, feigning ignorance.

“Why don’t you stay, Dawson? I’ve got a few more questions for you about something other than this essay, if you don’t mind?” Mr. Harwood asked, smiling.

My mouth went dry. I didn’t know what to say, because I understood what he was implying, and I was shocked. This seemed to be going somewhere beyond simple class work.

“Uh . . . sure, sir.” I said.


Mr. Harwood stood up, releasing my hand and walked over to his office door and locked it. The click sounded like the cocking of a gun. My hear sounded like it was going to leap out of my chest. Mr. Harwood seemed completely at ease as he walked toward me and sat on the top of his desk, crossing his legs at the ankles and smoothing out his tie.

“So, how long have you been fawning after me?” he asked.

My heartbeat quickened at the question to the point I felt I would faint there on the spot.

“Wh-What are you talking about, Mr. Harwood?”

“I see you, sitting there in my class, looking at me. All of me. You, and the other half of your class. Why are you all so attracted to me? I’m a thirty-something year old man with grey hair. I’m an English teacher, for God’s sake.”

“I, uh, don’t know, sir. I just, uh, I just . . .”

“You ‘just’ what?” he asked and crossed his arms.

“You’re just attractive. The way you move about, so deliberate. So sophisticated. So languid. You lure us in. Your intellect charms us, and I, um, think you look good as well.” I replied, mustering a bit of courage to get it all out.

“A man, old enough to be your father, is attractive to you?” Mr. Harwood asked, shifting just slightly on his desk.

“Um . . . yes.” I replied. Silence ensued for a few moments before he replied with another question.

“Have you ever been with a man my age, Dawson? Sexually, or romantically, I mean?”

My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach.

“No, sir, I haven’t. I’ve only ever been with one guy before, around my age. That lasted about two weeks, so we never did anything.” I replied, my courage pushing me through regardless of the nervous shaking I felt wrack through my whole body.

He chuckled and then a calm, solemn expression flitted across his face. He leaned forward, almost moving off of his desk, until his face was close to mine. I could smell the Altoids on his breath he was so close. I could see the color of his eyes, predominately green with flecks of blue in them. He looked so calm only inches from my face.

“If you’re okay with it, Dawson, would it be appropriate if I–” He didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence.

With another surge of courage I leaned up and parted my lips just slightly until I was kissing Mr. Harwood. I was kissing my English teacher in the middle of his office. I tasted the mint I had smelled just moments before and it tasted delicious. Without thinking, I reached up and pulled Mr. Harwood closer to me and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He replied by pushing his tongue out to play with mine.

I didn’t understand what was happening right now, but I didn’t really give a flying fuck. I was kissing a man I had fawned over for the past year and a half. It was glorious. I was reveling in the achievement and could feel that Mr. Harwood had been waiting to do this for awhile. Finally, we broke the kiss to gather air in to our lungs, but I was after his lips before I could contain myself. I stood up, shedding my backpack and leaning in to my teacher on his desk. He had wrapped his arms around my medium-sized frame and pulled me closer in to him so that I was basically straddling his right thigh. Frantic, I broke the kiss and looked at him, panting.

“Dawson, we can stop anytime you want. Is this okay? Is what we are about to do okay with you? And will you promise to keep it between us?” Mr. Harwood panted, almost at the volume of a whisper.

As a reply, I reclaimed his lips and teased his tongue out into my mouth to play. While doing this I straddled his leg harder, rubbing back and forth over his thigh. I could feel myself growing harder in my pants than I had been in a very long time due to the excitement and the forbidden feeling I got from the situation. It was a major turn on. This turn on heightened when I could feel Mr. Harwood’s own member push against my own thigh as we kissed. I reached down between us and moved my hand up his thigh until I was almost touching his hard cock.

“Is it okay if I . . .?” I asked after breaking the kiss just slightly.

“Yes, do it, please!” he begged and pushed his crotch toward my hand.

I began rubbing him through his jeans, feeling the length and girth grow as I pressed down on him. All of a sudden I felt a moan escape his lips against my neck and I felt a surge of euphoria run through my body. I broke the kiss and began kissing Mr. Harwood on the neck, nipping and sucking at the scruffy beard and flesh here and there. While doing this I continued rubbing him through his jeans and felt his hands begin to explore my own body. Slowly they made there way to my sides and eventually moved all the way down to my ass, which he began rubbing and kneading in to. I hitched into his grip and moaned into his neck as I bit lightly into his skin.

Removing my hand from his crotch, I pulled the tie loose from his neck and unbuttoned his shirt, which exposed his bare skin. Keeping the tie around his neck, but pushing his shirt off, I began to kiss his collarbone and his chest.

“Here, let me make you more comfortable,” Mr. Harwood said and pulled my sweater-vest off of me, then helping me take off my own button down and discarding my tie behind me in the seat. It wasn’t long before Mr. Harwood reclaimed my lips.

I leaned forward and kissed him harder and then returned to his chest, which was average. Not full muscled, but not old skin. It was lightly dusted with a few hairs in the center of his chest, all light colored. Slowly, I moved my lips down and began kissing his nipples, which he apparently liked due to the small whimper he let go from his lips.

I licked, sucked, and kissed his nipple until I felt he was worked up enough to move forward. As I began kissing down his torso I unbuttoned his belt and jeans, pulled off his shoes and socks, and then pulled his pants off until he was clad only in underwear on his desk. A bulge protruded from his boxer briefs, which looked very alluring. Bending down I began teasing his cock. I kissed the head through the fabric and put my lips on the shaft, moving in a back and forth motion until I felt his penis move in anticipation. Mr. Harwood was brushing his hands through my hair as he tried to hold back his moans as I teased him.

With deft hands, I pulled down the front of his underwear and looked at Mr. Harwood’s cock. It was about six to seven inches long, and a little thick with veins running over it. It was enticing, and so I leaned over and put the head in to my mouth. I sucked it and swirled my tongue on his cock as I heard him moan a little louder, holding tight on my hair. This continued for a few minutes until Mr. Harwood decided it was time to have his own fun. He pulled me up gently by the arm off of his cock and kissed me hard. He then undid my jeans and began stroking me as we kissed, pushing my underwear and jeans off in one quick move. I was in heaven.

My toes curled as Mr. Harwood continued his ministrations and I thought I would go over the edge right then, but then he stood up and sat me on the desk, moving himself down my body and then sucking my penis. I held myself back and tried to count numbers to keep from falling off the edge of pleasure, but it was getting more difficult to think of other things by the minute. Before too long I felt Mr. Harwood’s fingers at the entrance to my arse, fondling and massaging the area delicately. His hands felt so warm, I thought I would blow right then and there.

“Stop sucking, or I’m going to blow right here!” I whispered urgently at him.

Mr. Harwood stopped at my command, but continued to finger my ass. With a smile up at me, he took out a finger and spit on it and then stuck it back at my entrance, moving it in slowly and out until it went suddenly past the muscles there. I about cried out from the hot, yet pleasurable pain. He never broke eye contact as he thrust his finger deeper into me, slowly adding another two fingers as I stretched open.

“Are you ready, Dawson?” He asked, smirking.

I nodded and moaned quietly as he kept his fingers wedged inside of me. Mr. Harwood stood up, never moving his fingers, and then placed his cock at my entrance. I braced myself and then felt the head push in to where his fingers had been, slowly stretching me even more open than before. It felt like a hot iron was entering me, for all I knew. But I didn’t care, because I was with a man I had dreamt about for ages. This man, who I had fantasized about night after night for a year and a half, was making love to me. It was the best moment I had ever experienced when he finally pushed in as far as he could, feeling him flush against my body and inside of me.

Taking a moment to let me adjust, Mr. Harwood began to pull out of me and then move back in. He did this over and over again until it began easy enough to just slide in and out. It was a little awkward, but felt so amazing at the same time. He leaned down and kissed my neck and then my lips as he began to pick up his pace, pushing deep into my ass. My whole body felt ablaze with heat and passion and lust as Mr. Harwood kissed me hard and buried himself in me.

“Oh, God, yes . . .” I moaned into his lips as he hit the right spot. When he figured out the spot he hit, he continued thrusting at that spot until I felt I was going to burst again.

“I’m going to cum,” I moaned.

“Let’s do it together.” Mr. Harwood said and began thrusting into me harder than before, grabbing my cock and jerking me off as he did so.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the hot, sensual feeling begin to burn in my stomach and realized I was going to explode. With a few more strokes and pushes, I erupted in his hand and every muscle inside me tensed up, clenching around his cock as he continued fucking me. After finishing me off, it didn’t take long for Mr. Harwood to cum either, pulling out of my ass and stroking himself over my own cock. We were both panting and smiling and kissing at the end, having enjoyed ourselves very much.

“So . . . what now?” I asked, kissing Mr. Harwood’s neck.

“Well . . . let’s just say, you got an A on that paper of yours,” He smiled and kissed me hard on the lips. “Now, get dressed before anyone shows up.”

I chuckled and obeyed, getting off of his desk and throwing on my clothes, but not before Mr. Harwood slapped my ass teasingly and began to dress himself. After getting dressed and cleaned up, we looked at each other longingly.

“Be here, this time, next week. We’ll try some other stuff out,” Mr. Harwood said and kissed me deeply before returning to his desk. I smiled, winked at him, and left the room to go back and take a shower. It was the beginning of something new and exciting, which I would experience again and again over the remaining semester of school.

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