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Chapter 1: Gracie’s Fantasy

Gracie McGuire liked it rough.

So you can imagine her disappointment when her current lover continued to plunge in and out of her body with all the enthusiasm and finesse of a lame horse put out to pasture. Her lover’s sweaty, going-to-flab, body was a testament to too many hours behind a desk, and his farmer’s tan was attributed to too many business meetings on the golf course.

John Johnson was a stud in the banking world, but he was a dud in the bedroom.

Gracie watched with detached amusement as he gave a final thrust and groaned out a climax. His face mottled bright red with the exertion of success and the veins in his forehead bulged. She thought briefly of faking her own orgasm, but decided he was already past the point of noticing that she hadn’t been satisfied. At least he was starting to last a little longer. She’d had time to go through her entire grocery-shopping list before his “Big Finish.”

“Oh, Gracie, you are one hot little number. It just keeps getting better and better,” John panted, giving her breast one last squeeze before he pulled out of her and discarded the condom.

“Mmmm,” she moaned and rolled her eyes. It wouldn’t do any good to expound on his false virtues. His ego was already inflated enough. Not to mention she was afraid if she opened her mouth to speak she’d tell him how much she hated being called a hot little number in that condescending Texas drawl. She was a tax attorney for God’s sake, not an exotic dancer.

John flopped down on the bed beside her and was almost asleep before she’d turned onto her side to face him. “Don’t forget we have that dinner tonight,” he mumbled. “There will be a lot of important clients there.”

“I know,” Gracie said, annoyance lacing her voice. “You sent the invitation to my office a month ago. I’ll be representing Decker, Deets and McGuire if I can live up to your expectations. I might even make it through the night without embarrassing you or my firm.”

“Now, honey, don’t take that tone. You know that’s not what I meant. Any man would be lucky to show up with an intelligent, beautiful woman like you on his arm to an event like this. You’ll make me proud. Just make sure you wear something conservative.”

Because I always dress like a slut at business functions, you moron, she thought.

“I have just the thing in mind,” Gracie said in a breathy tone that would have done Marilyn Monroe proud and fluttered her eyelashes. She leaned over John’s still form and bit the lobe of his ear gently.

“Now Gracie, honey, you’re going to have to make due with what you just got. I’ve got to rest up for tonight. I know you’ve been reading those magazines about multiple orgasms and such, but the same just isn’t true for a man. Maybe if you’re real good tonight I’ll be in the mood again when we get home.”

“How about if I don’t wear any panties under my conservative dress and you fuck me in the elevator,” Gracie whispered. She found satisfaction as John’s breath hitched just a little at her suggestion. There might be hope for him after all.

“There are cameras in those elevators.”

“Even better,” she said, taking a firm grip on his flaccid penis.

“You’re not thinking of your career,” John stammered. “Or mine either. What’s come over you, Gracie? This is crazy talk.”

“I heard how excited you got when I suggested you fuck me in the elevator. Everybody has an adventurous side, John. Sometimes it’s just a little suppressed. Does the idea of me having a kinky side turn you on?”

Gracie held down John’s hands next to his body as she rubbed her body against him and kissed him hungrily. She licked her way down to his chest and nipped lightly at his nipples with her teeth before kissing her way down to her ultimate goal.

“Yes,” he whispered.

“What was that, John? I didn’t hear you.”

“I said the idea of you having a kinky side turns me on,” he said louder, with more conviction, as if he were trying to convince himself.

Gracie felt the wetness between her thighs and knew John wouldn’t deny her satisfaction this time. She’d see to it herself.

“Would you like me to tell you about my kinkier side?” she asked, taking his hardening cock between her lips and swirling her tongue around the bulbous tip.

“Y…yesss,” he hissed, gritting his teeth at the onslaught of new pleasure. Gracie worked him in her mouth a little longer before she spoke of something she’d never told anyone.

“You see, John, I have these fantasies,” she said, working him with her hand and cupping his sac gently in the palm of her hand. “In my fantasy, a masked stranger comes out of nowhere, ripping at my clothes and pressing his hard body against me. I scream, but that only makes his cock harder. He likes it when I fight him. He might even have to punish me a little. You see, in my fantasy I like to be dominated. Do you want to be my stranger and make my fantasies come true? Can you imagine what I’d look like tied to your bed? Black satin sheets beneath my pale body, a blindfold covering my eyes and my limbs straining against the handcuffs that hold me captive?”

John gasped aloud, and Gracie smiled as he hardened further in her hand. So much for men needing recuperating time, she smirked.

“Mmmm, I bet you’d like to dominate me, John. Maybe even turn me over and spank me till my ass is red and welted with your handprints.”

John was really panting now, and Gracie figured she could get him to come again just by talking dirty, but her pleasure was the goal this time. She slipped her finger between her lips and wet it while pumping his shaft in a steady rhythm. Drops of moisture gathered on the tip of his cock and she leaned over and lapped them up like a cat licking at a bowl of fresh cream.

“Yum. You taste so good,” she said as she brought her finger down and circled her moist nub, gathering more wetness. “My ass is red from your spanking, John. What will you do to me next?”

Gracie left her own pleasure for a moment, enjoying her roll as temptress. She took her dampened finger and massaged the sensitive spot between John’s balls and anus, reveling in the harsh groan he admitted.

“I’m waiting for an answer, John.”

Gracie blew softly along the damp trail left by her finger and watched as goosebumps covered John’s entire body before moving her finger lower. She circled the puckered hole of his anus with her finger and gently pushed it in up to the first knuckle. “Would you fuck me here?” she asked.

John was panting like a steam engine, and Gracie knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He was harder than she’d ever seen him. She withdrew her finger and moved up his body so she straddled him.

“I’d love to have you ram that nice hard cock right up my ass. I bet it would hurt real good.” With that declaration, Gracie slammed herself down on John’s cock and moaned at how hard he was, how full she felt. Even as wet as she was, the invasion was painful and would be felt for days to come. Her muscles clamped around him like a vise, and she rode him as if he really were the lover of her fantasies. Gracie cupped her full breasts in her hands and pinched her nipples, the effect causing her vaginal muscles to spasm. She was lost to her own pleasure and didn’t protest when John took hold of her hips and slammed her down on his cock in a frenzy of passion and lust.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he yelled.

“Ohmigod,” she screamed.

“I’m coming!” they shouted together in ecstasy.

Gracie collapsed on top of John, her body sated and content. Finally. She should have done this sooner. Nothing bad ever came from liking it rough.

Gracie didn’t notice John’s withdrawal as they made their way to the top floor of the Hyatt Regency, where John’s bank was wining and dining all their biggest clients and a few others they hoped to recruit very soon. Gracie was more occupied by the Dallas skyline, the room full of people that she had no interest in schmoozing and the soreness between her legs—Not necessarily in that order.

She’d dressed in a very sedate cocktail suit that came just below her knees. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a loose chignon and her grandmother’s pearl earrings were at her ears. She looked like a successful attorney, not a woman who less than two hours before had brought her lover to orgasm by telling him about her domination fantasy. And she definitely didn’t look like a woman who wasn’t wearing any underwear.

John seemed nervous, more so than usual for a function like this, so she casually put her arm around his waist as a way to offer support. She hadn’t realized how important this evening was to him, and she probably should have been a little more sensitive earlier. What she wasn’t expecting was John to show revulsion at her touch. The look on his face would have been comical if it hadn’t been directed at her and in front of a group of people.

“I’m sorry, Gracie,” he stammered out. “You took me by surprise.”

The excuse must have even sounded lame to him, because he wouldn’t meet her eyes after he’d told the lie. He took a step away from her and Gracie flushed in embarrassment.

“I’d like to introduce everyone to Gracie McGuire. She’s a partner at Decker, Deets and McGuire and one of SureTrust Bank’s most valued clients.”

Gracie stood rooted to the floor, her stomach in knots and sweat puddling at the base of her spine. Something was wrong. She and John had been dating for three months, and he’d always taken every opportunity to show her off as his own private possession, but now for some reason she was just his client. There was only one thing that could have happened to make John’s feelings change in such a short amount of time. He’d liked the idea of her fantasy in the heat of passion, but now when he had to look at her over canapés he couldn’t stand the sight of her. He was ashamed.

Gracie gave John a look of boredom, as if he were no more than dirt under her shoe, and felt satisfaction at his flinch. She’d just learn to keep her mouth shut from now on. Bedroom secrets were meant to stay secrets. Lesson learned.

Gracie’s pale skin showed polite indifference as she made the round of introductions.

“This is Peter Sterling, the CEO at the Nightingale Corporation,” John droned. “SureTrust is hoping to get his business very soon.”

“We’ll see, John, old buddy,” Peter said with a conspirator’s laugh and a wink at Gracie.

Gracie had to refrain from rolling her eyes. The good old boys’ club never changed. Peter was a middle-aged executive with silver at his temples and capped teeth. He probably cheated on his wife with anything in a skirt and smoked Cuban cigars at his expensive country club. Peter was boring. John could have Peter with her blessing. Gracie was through with men like them.

She was much more interested in the tall, dark man that stood to Peter’s left. His hair was as black as midnight and his eyes as blue as sapphire. He didn’t have the face of a pampered businessman or the body of someone who’d spent too many hours behind a desk. His suit was expensive and his cologne a seduction. He made the other men in the room pale in comparison, and the other women in the room overflow with envy that he wasn’t theirs.

This strange man had witnessed Gracie’s humiliation at John’s words, but he hadn’t looked on in speculation and titillation as the other guests had. He’d looked furious on her behalf.

Gracie looked down at her watch and wondered how much longer she needed to stay at this thing now that she’d decided John was a horse’s ass. She had briefs to read, a pair of comfortable slippers to put on and a nice bottle of wine waiting at her apartment. She didn’t have any personal possessions at John’s, so she wouldn’t have to go through any awkward scenes when she told him she was through.

She sighed in defeat. It wasn’t even nine o’clock. She needed to stay at least another hour for her own business purposes. The least she could do was enjoy the free food and the endless champagne.

The stranger caught Gracie’s sigh of impatience, and his eyes laughed at her predicament. Gracie and the stranger both remained silent as Peter and John postured back and forth, their gazes never leaving each other. There was something very different about this silent man. Something dangerous. Something secretive. And she was drawn to him. She shivered as his eyes seemed to undress her and thoughts of what he could do to her with those sensuously full lips invaded her mind.

John interrupted her thoughts when he remembered that she and the others standing around were still important clients. “I beg you pardon, Gracie, gentlemen. Peter and I go back a ways. I think you know everyone else, Gracie, except for Peter’s friend there. And I hate to admit that I haven’t caught his name yet. Peter didn’t tell me he was bringing a guest,” John said. The admonition was there at Peter’s oversight, but it was skillfully done.

“He’s not my guest, John,” Peter said. “We had just started talking when you and Gracie came up. I haven’t caught his name either.”

John’s smile was saccharine as he extended his hand to the stranger, everyone’s attention focused on the man who had intruded John’s special event. “John Johnson,” he said. “President of SureTrust National Bank.”

The stranger looked at John’s outstretched hand with disinterest but took it in his grip anyway. “Mitchell Caldwell,” the stranger said.

Mitchell Caldwell didn’t have to tell anyone his position of importance. Everyone already knew who Mitchell Caldwell was, including Gracie. The murmurs that surrounded them assured that the word had traveled fast. Gracie thought John might pass out with the glorious news. It was a coup in his corner to be sure. The majority stockholder of the Caldwell Corporation, a billion dollar financial institution, was standing in the midst of peons.

“Mr. Caldwell,” John stuttered. “I had no idea you planned on attending tonight. Your secretary never confirmed your invitation.”

“Let’s just say it was a whim. I didn’t have anything better to do tonight.”

Gracie coughed to cover her laughter. John didn’t know whether to be insulted or kiss the man’s feet, and the uncomfortable silence from the other guests showed they weren’t quite sure what to do with a man like Mitchell Caldwell either.

The laughter lit Gracie’s eyes and she stuck out her hand, determined to see if the spark that had ignited before she’d learned his name was still there.

“Gracie McGuire,” she said.

Mitchell took her hand in his gently and brought it to his lips. The heat from his touch sent a sizzle to Gracie’s most intimate places, and her breath caught in her throat. “The pleasure is all mine, Ms. McGuire. I hope I’m able to do business with your firm very soon,” he said.

Gracie felt the dampness pool between her legs and wished that she’d not been so foolish to go without panties. She’d have to make a trip to the ladies room and wipe away the moisture that was sliding down her inner thighs.

“Stop by my office any time,” Gracie said before excusing herself and heading to the ladies room. She could feel the heat of his gaze follow her down the hallway to the bathroom door, and when she was safely inside she hurriedly checked the stalls for other occupants and then locked the door to keep everyone out.

Gracie unzipped her skirt slowly and lowered it to the floor, watching herself in the large mirror over the sinks. She was naked from the waist down and her buttocks were toned and firm. She laid the skirt carefully over one end of a settee that was positioned against the wall. She didn’t want to cause any more talk tonight by reappearing at the party in rumpled clothes.

Just a seductive glance from the stranger had made her hotter than she’d ever been. She had no choice but to relieve the pressure that was building inside of her.

Gracie unbuttoned her suit jacket and slipped it off her shoulders, placing it on top of her skirt. Her breasts were full and aching with need. Her nipples erect. All because of a man she’d just met. She stared at herself in the mirror, her breasts high and proud and her pussy shaved, the lips glistening with moisture.

She skimmed her hands up her body until they held the weight of her breasts. She moaned at the touch and closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of one of her most sensitive areas. She plucked at her nipples until they were hard and aching and the juice was flowing freely down her legs. She squeezed her nipples until she felt a jolt go through her clitoris and she experienced a small orgasm that brought her to her knees on the settee.

She lie back on the cushioned seat and spread her legs wide. Her reflection shone back in the mirror and her petals glistened with her desire. Her fingers thrummed against her clit with speed and precision, inciting a moan that she was sure could be heard outside.

Gracie closed her eyes as she felt the sensations rioting through her body. She thought of her dark haired stranger and what his cock would feel like as it stretched her body. She pushed two fingers in and out of her pussy, wishing it was her stranger hitting the special spot deep inside. She was writhing in exquisite torture on the settee, the pins fallen from her hair and a light film of sweat covering her body.

“Mmm, oh yeah,” she panted, strumming her clit as she pistoned her fingers faster in and out of her dripping hole. “Fuck me harder, Mitchell. Harder,” she screamed. The sound of her voice reverberated off the tile wall as she came in a gush of liquid heat that soaked the settee beneath her. Her body heaved in exhilaration and she moaned as she cupped her sex, holding in the sensations as long as possible. She wished it really could have been Mitchell that had given her such an exquisite feeling. It had been a long time since she’d come that long and that hard.

She was going to have to do some major damage control before she went back in to the party. Gracie washed off quickly with a damp towel and tried to erase the musty scent of sex from her body. She put her clothes back on quickly, shoved the pins back into her hair and dug through her evening bag for the emergency makeup kit she always carried. She took a final glimpse in the mirror and decided she looked fantastic. Radiant even.

She flipped the lock on the door and slipped out, glancing at her watch to see what time it was as she made her way back to the party. She’d had no idea that she’d spent so long in the bathroom. It was almost ten o’clock. Hopefully, no one would suspect that she’d been giving herself the orgasm of a lifetime for the last forty-five minutes.

Gracie made her way over to the bartender with a bounce in her step, ignoring the crowds of people talking about business and gossip in little groups all over the room. “Champagne, please,” she said with a smile.

“Absolutely,” the bartender said with a wink and a leer that would have been frightening if he hadn’t been so young. He held the glass just out of her reach, and Gracie shot him a look that had been known to make grown men tuck their tails between their legs and run away.

“Is there a problem?” Gracie asked.

“I know all about you, Gracie McGuire. I know how much you’d like me to pour this champagne over your naked body and lick it from your pussy. And I know how much you’d like me to restrain you and fuck you while you scream,” he whispered.

Gracie felt the pleasure from her earlier experience disappear only to be replaced with the long, icy fingers of fear. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said. “How dare you speak to me that way.”

“You can’t deny your desires,” he said. “We all know what your guilty pleasures are. And for the record, I don’t think there’s anything sick about your fantasies. I got so hot thinking about all the things I wanted to do to you that I had to go jack off in the bathroom. There was another guy in there doing the same thing. You’re going to be the object of many men’s dreams tonight. I don’t know what you ever saw in that prick, John.”

“Me neither,” Gracie whispered and turned away, her champagne forgotten.

Has John really told my secrets to a room full of strangers? God, he must have for the bartender to know my most intimate desires.

Gracie stumbled through the room in a daze, ignoring the stares filled with lust and the occasional hand that grabbed her ass or her tits. A gentleman blocked her path, and she felt another close in behind her so she was sandwiched in between the two. Her eyes were filled with anger as she stared down the man in front of her.

“Get out of my way,” she spat.

“Ooh, you’re fiery. I like that,” he said. There was alcohol on his breath and his eyes were glazed. “Why don’t you come along with me and my friend to our room? I bet the two of us can put that feistiness to good use.”

Gracie felt the second man move up closer behind her until he was pressing his erection into the small of her back. The man in front of her slipped his hand inside her jacket and pinched her nipple hard enough to make her gasp.

“Let me make myself very clear, gentleman,” Gracie said, speaking loudly so the other curious onlookers could hear what she had to say. “John Johnson is a liar. This is his feeble attempt at revenge because I told all the people at my office that he’s impotent. Which he really is, by the way. I tried and tried and tried to get that little thing to work, but it didn’t help. What’s a girl to do but to move on to a man that has working parts? Not to mention that you’re all probably going to want to find a different bank, because when I’m through suing John Johnson, I’m going to own SureTrust National Bank. So I am going to ask you one more time to get out of my way before things gets ugly.”

The man behind her moved away quickly and the crowd mumbled their displeasure at the lack of excitement, but the man in front of her wasn’t sure if she was bluffing. He finally decided she was speaking the truth and backed out of her way. “Fuck it,” he said on his way back to the bar. “I can get pussy anywhere.”

“I’m sure you can,” Gracie said to no one in particular. She noticed Mitchell Caldwell standing next to the wall by himself. He gave her a nod of approval and a quick smile, but Gracie was too mortified to keep up eye contact. She’d just been imagining it was him fucking her to a mind-blowing orgasm and somehow she’d turned into the laughing stock of the whole party.

Gracie McGuire had one goal: To find John Johnson and get an explanation. If what the bartender and her other admirers had said was true, than murder was much too good for the man. She found him a few feet in front of Mitchell, drinking whiskey like it was water and holding court over a group of fascinated people. It wasn’t the burning of her ears that notified her that she was the topic of conversation. She could hear her name coming from John’s lips as clearly as if he was holding a microphone to his mouth.

The crowd parted like the Red Sea as Gracie approached him. He was glassy-eyed and red faced from too much alcohol, and the ramifications of what he was doing were slow to take hold. “Gracie, my girl, we were jusss talkin’ bout ya,” he slurred. “You damned near fucked me to death thissss afternoooon.” He laughed at himself and nearly toppled over, catching himself on the arm of one of his cronies.

A few of the people around them snickered into their drinks and a few others gave Gracie pitying looks.

“Gosh, that’s not how I remember it John. You might be careful with the drink, I’ve learned from experience that too much can make your dick go limp. Permanently. I honestly didn’t mean to fuck you to near death this afternoon. I was just trying to get it to do something other than lie there. Honest,” she said with a guileless smile.

This caused a chorus of raucous laughter that would be ringing in John Johnson’s ears for a long time. He wasn’t the type of man who liked to be laughed at. He liked to call the shots, and he liked to be the one to give the insults. His already flushed face turned crimson with anger and his fists bunched at his sides.

“You bitch!” he screamed.

“Careful what you say, John. You’ve done a lot of damage tonight. For someone who’s so worried about his career, you seemed pretty comfortable pissing it away tonight. You’re a drunk, but that’s no excuse for what you did to me tonight. What was done or said in the privacy of our bedroom should have stayed there.”

Gracie had gotten his attention when she’d mentioned him pissing his career away. “What are you going to do?” he asked. “I’ve worked a long time to make my bank one of the best in the state.”

“I’m going to handle this like an adult. I’m sure that’s pretty foreign to you,” she said. “And just for the record, John, a normal man wouldn’t be sickened by my fantasies. A normal man would treat me like a queen and be rewarded with the most amazing sex of his life until we both grew too old to care. No wonder our sex life was so boring.”

Gracie turned to walk away, prepared to make an exit while having the last word, but it didn’t work out that way.

“We had a boring sex life because I’ve been fucking my secretary across my desk every day. I didn’t have a lot left in me when I got home to you. I’ll do anything for the business, even screw every female client I have if it brings in more money.”

Gracie, along with every other person in the room, was speechless. She walked up to John with a determined stride and a don’t mess with me chip on her shoulder, pulled back her fist and punched him in the nose. Her hand hurt like hell, but seeing the spurt of blood across his white shirt was well worth the pain.

That was an outburst. An unnecessary one. Mason had a plan. He was going to reinforce the importance of Ginny talking to her father about her lifestyle choices. But the audacity of her questioning was crossing a line he couldn’t ignore. Mason got out of the car and opened the door, gesturing Ginny to get out. She got out laughing and fumbling in her heels on the gravel driveway.

“Silly, I told you my house is way over there. This is just th-”

“Take. Off. Your clothes,” said Mason.

“Ginny!” called out Ginny’s father from the front door of his new mansion. “Ginny who is that?”

“Hi Daddy!” cried Ginny.

“Tell him who I am,” said Mason.

“Uh-um, Daddy! This is Mason!” Ginny shouted across the lawn. Her father made a grumpy gesture and went back into the house.

“I’m going to repeat my instructions to you because you appear to be hard of hearing.” Mason’s voice was cool, calculating. His jaw clenched. “I want you to be naked when you are at home. Home starts at this gate. You are to dress and undress here every morning and every evening so that your whole family knows you are mine twenty-four-seven… and so does the neighborhood,” he added with a miniscule smile.

“You can’t be serious? I didn’t sign on for some camping trip! I want to be a concubine. I want to be a sexual servant. I want to be loved! And this… this is preposterous!”

“Would you like to know what it’s like to be a real concubine? Right now?” he asked, completely calm. Ginny’s face changed, her eyes lightened an almost unnoticeable degree.

“Right now?” she asked.

“Right here. But I need you to take off your clothes.” Ginny complied, sensing she was about to experience something she had always dreamed of, and she was, but not this. The moment she was nude Mason pinned her over the hood of her car and whispered in her ear calculatingly. “As your dominant partner I welcome questions of any kind, given they are presented in a respectful manner.” An unscheduled exhale escaped his lips. His weight pressed upon her, with exceptional pressure where his hand held her wrists together high on her back. “This ensures learning. However, your questioning this evening in the car was rude, disrespectful and bratty. This is what happens to a concubine when they behave this way.” He smacked her with his bare hand, which, to Ginny’s inexperienced rear felt like an oar. He slapped her hard, enough so she jerked forward on the hood of the car, engine still warm, heating her torso, Mason’s hand heating her ass. For the first two hits she only made muffled gurgling noises, but she began to let out pitiful little cries. Mason let his spanking weaken, loosened his grip on her and leaned in to hear those sad sounds until they subsided and he began slapping her again. But the cry was gone and Mason felt he had made a point. Ginny began to fold her clothes and looked up at him from beneath orange strands of hair. Mrs. Johnson was standing still as death just outside her front gate three houses down and staring.

“Because of your outbursts I cannot let your previous mistake with your assignment go unpunished. But, I want things to be right with us, so your consequence will be to tell your dad everything about us. Tell him everything you did and how you want to live.” Ginny smiled, as if relieved. “This may be my body,” he said, grabbing her, “and my rules. But this is his property and you follow his rules. Tell him I said that. Let me know how it goes tomorrow.” He drove away. Ginny walked into the house, and shortly after she was shunned to the pool castle, where she already lived. She felt foolishly dirty for telling her folks, her mom seemed especially betrayed, but a part of her felt lighter.

The next morning Mason watched her from across the street, as she dressed herself. He watched her humiliated posture and slow movements. The method, clothing, and demeanor with which she dressed, on the gravel filled driveway reeked of defeat, disappointment, and delicious reluctant acceptance. After the previous evening’s screaming and yelling on the part of her parents, and strangely calm discipline administration on the part of Mason, she didn’t know what she would do wrong today, and what sort of “consequences” Mason would dream up.

“Did you tell him I respect his rules?” Mason asked right away.

“I told him something like that,” she said. Mason sighed, trying not to seem disappointed. “He seemed to get how deep you were about it but then he kicked me out,” she said.

“Well, there’s nothing you can do about that,” said Mason, nonchalantly starting the car. “He’ll come around. In the meantime, I have an assignment for us for first period, possibly all day long.”

“But school-” she protested.

“I’m arranging right now,” he said texting, “for Amanda to take notes for you. However you have to be back for the last period of the day. Mrs. Roberts will notice your absence. Your dress code is rule number one, and needs to be discussed, however your grades need to be maintained as well. I expect an A on Mr. Feldman’s History essay tomorrow.”

“Who’s Amanda?” asked Ginny with an obvious tone of jealously.

“Ginny. Your upbringing is clearly becoming a problem. While I neither discriminate against nor judge individuals who choose a path other than my own, I expect my concubine to be fully my property. You are still completing your application process and your training is so far from beginning you will long for the trials of today when it does finally progress. However, I must understand that you come from… a mother and a father, is that correct?”

“Yes Sir,” she said curtly with full knowledge of where this conversation was leading.

“I know your parents have a marital contract that stipulates monogamy. We discussed this at the mall. How were you born a submissive girl?

“It’s possible,” she said in a way that could only read that she was lying to herself. Mason determined Ginny was in far too delicate of a position on this matter for him to obtain information from her directly. Other means would be necessary.

“Your jealousy was not only apparent in your comment but uncalled for. You need to become comfortable, as soon as possible, with the idea of my having more than one concubine. Is that clear?” He asked gently.

A defeated “Yes Sir,” escaped her lips.

He drove around the outside of town and took her to a Mansion. It was his father’s. Mason too lived in the guest house of his parent’s property, but he didn’t take Ginny there. He took her to the upper most tower of the mansion where an tremendous barrel of a man lived and worked and rarely left. As soon as the two of them walked in the man greeted Mason so warmly, Ginny thought he was going to get slapped. Ginny looked at him slyly, attempting to fix her eyes on his face, but they wandered noticing various details. He wore loose fitting tweed slacks with a vest, pressed white shirt, and a cravat. His shoes were uncreased. His hands were delicate. His face was clean shaven.

“Ahhhh Mason. You grew, what is it? A quarter of an inch since I last saw you? You know that’s too long to go without your tailor! And why aren’t you in school? And do tell me: Who is this pearl of a child you’ve brought with you?” rambled the man. “Oh the colors I could dye to accentuate that hair…” he said, extending his arm to stroke a lock only to be tapped away by Mason.

“Mason,” Ginny said under her breath, “Who is this?” But the man heard her.

“Who am I? Who am I?! Why I am the Great Georgian. I am a world known tailor, commissioned to work here, for the Tearings.” Ginny looked sceptically at Mason who gestured with his eyebrows that Georgian wasn’t lying.

“I have a project for you, Georgian,” he said taking Georgian to the window and out of Ginny’s earshot. They spoke very briefly, Mason clearly giving strict orders and Georgian standing at attention. “Maybe have a few designs ready by later this week?” said Mason on his way out.

“Absolutely, Sir!” responded the Georgian, who took Ginny’s measurements while Mason waited outside. He’s such a gentleman, she thought. After Ginny’s measurements were complete they went back to Cherry Creek and went straight to the women’s department store. Ginny tried silks, designer denim mini-skirts, luxurious bras. There seemed to be no limit to what Mason could buy for her, but she was always on edge, feeling, “This must be the last thing.” By lunch Ginny had a new wardrobe and Mason took her to the concubine administration office where she was issued identification specifying her as unowned and complete with an official bar code. The office had certified tattoo specialists who could copy any bar-code and Ginny’s was tattooed on the front of her sex. Her private parts were in a huge amount of pain by this point, still healing from the piercing, and feeling the fresh scratch of the black bar code, to be seen by everyone who sees her naked, including her father. Lunch gave them enough time to get to school sometime during fifth period. The halls were empty save for the occasional janitor or teacher going in and out of bathrooms or the copy room.

Mason pulled Ginny into the boiler room and the door clicked behind him. There was no question as to what his intentions were, at least vaguely to Ginny. Mason’s shoes clicked on the floor as he walked towards her and all Ginny could think of was the keys on the rings that hung from the janitors’ belts. Mason pinned Ginny against the wall and gripped her under her short, short skirt to check for panties and grooming. All was as it should have been but his fingers lingered as Ginny took in a short breath. Unwilling to risk the possibility of her making a noise, Mason placed a hand over her mouth and whispered into her ear. Ginny’s breath slowed and she appeared to calm at the sound of his cool, low, carefully placed words.

“You are caged by my body and have nowhere to run. I’m going to remove my hand and you will be quiet, are we clear?” Ginny nodded, a tear forming in one eye. Mason removed his hand and Ginny gasped for air from within the confines of his enormous limbs and tilted head. She’d always admired his physique, and now she knew why. The sense of helplessness he gave her was overwhelmingly delicious. She would have done anything he’d asked for at that moment. She’d already forgotten about the janitors’ keys, sixth period, dress code. She was his in the moment only. She was fixated on Mason’s hands, one of which was still stroking under her skirt, causing a great deal of pain when it passed over her fresh piercing and tattoo but immediately afterward providing intense pleasure, teasing her, touching her only superficially. But the circumstances of the situation, the closet, his huge body, getting caught, the pain, made her so excited she called out. Mason’s hand landed over her lips and with a sharp thwack he muffled her pleasure, placing the other hand over her shoulder and turning her around, holding both her wrists behind her back. He used his belt to secure them.

By this point the heat of the room had Ginny’s fair skin severely flushed. Mason pressed her face up against a warm pipe, and she shuddered again. He must have known how hypnotic his whispering was.

“Has anyone ever put anything in your ass before, Ginny?” he asked. Ginny shook her head, scared and unprepared psychologically for the experience ahead of her.


“We’re going to play with your ass a little bit right now,” he said. He was pressing her face into the pipe and talking through his teeth into her ears. “Spread your legs and stick out your ass,” he said, and as she did he lifted her skirt above her hips and squeezed her hips, parting her, and pulling her open. It was hard to see in that room but Mason could still make out the intense coloring of Ginny’s sex. Her outer labia were porcelain white, just as was the rest of her, the exterior of her inner labia were a deep pink, but her insides were a near magenta, and her asshole was nearly perfectly porcelain with just a hint of pink around the edge. Mason shoved his hands deep into Ginny’s mouth, coaxing up a good deal of saliva and running his fingers across her ass, pulling at its circumference, first with one finger, then two, then three. Her ability to relax without any experience was spectacular. He put his fingers back in her mouth for a good cleaning.

“The bell will ring shortly,” he said looking at his watch and putting his belt back on. “Your assignment, due this weekend, will be to prepare your ass for my cock. We have one more shopping trip after school to assist you with this.” Mason left the boiler room and the passing bell rang. Ginny walked out shortly after him and everybody stared at her. Had they known what she’d done? She felt the imprint of the pipe on her hot face. She attempted to straighten her hair and while doing so she realized: What am I so ashamed of? She walked to class with a hint of self confidence that was new to her. Even though she sought to belong entirely to someone else, her sexuality never felt so much her own.

After school Ginny dutifully slipped into Mason’s passenger seat. “So what lies ahead, Sir?” she asked.


“Sinsations? Isn’t that a stripper store?” asked Ginny.

“Ohhhh Ginny. It’s far more than that. You won’t be shopping for outfits, but you will be shopping for a minimum of five things in each of the following three categories: implements of discipline, restraints, and toys. You must be clear about what category you are placing something in. Understand?” Ginny shook her head that she did and began wandering around the store with her basket. Mason leaned against the wall and observed her behavior. At first she wandered only around the main open section, taking in the experience of the store. It was nothing like what she’d imagined, with its carpeted floors, friendly staff, and general department store feel to it. In this open section she looked at basic toys, dildos, vibrators, and plugs, reading the boxes and examining the products. In the corner of the store stood a room labeled “BDSM.” Ginny quickly selected a few insertables and was pulled to the BDSM section where she found all sorts of toys. Far more than she could ever ask Mason to purchase for her, she thought, and began thinking of ways in which one could improvise. Panties could serve as a gag, for example. But some things, were to be made with the utmost care, she thought, some things could not simply be fashioned on the scene. She chose a beautiful Koa wooden paddle, and simple but elegant kangaroo hide whip. She returned to the first section and selected a vibrator, dildo, and butt plug. Those were her toys.

As she lingered in the BDSM room there were all sorts of items that caught her attention as she fantasized about punishment, infractions, and discipline. She wandered through the isles feeling the various materials and Mason realized she was daydreaming and needed to be redirected. He approached her swiftly from behind and, looking in her basket, over her shoulder, he gripped all the hair from one side of her head to the other.

“What have you selected?” he asked in a normal tone. He startled Ginny and worked hard at trying to hide how pleased he was with his own stealth. Once Ginny composed herself she began describing the articles in her basket with much self-involved detail about how this grove or vein or fall might awaken her senses. She was very clear that each of the items in her basket were to be in the “toy” category. The last toy was a butt plug and Ginny’s descriptions of it were centered less around herself (which is what Mason had hoped for for this category), but more centered around its features, bells, and whistles.

“Ginny. Why didn’t you ask a salesperson or myself to help you?” he asked.

“I wanted you to think I knew about that stuff,” Ginny replied shyly.

“This morning you told me you’ve never had anything in your ass. I doubted it briefly because you were so receptive, but clearly I was wrong to doubt you.” He grabbed her by the chin and pulled her face firmly up to his and spoke very smoothly and distinctly. “No lying. No hiding. Anything. Ever.” It was as if the world shut down around Ginny. The store blurred around her. The voices and sounds melted into indistinguishable noises until all she heard were those short sentences from Mason. All she saw was his face until he released Ginny’s chin and snapped his fingers. Two sales people arrived almost instantaneously and presented themselves to him.

“I will need a set of graduated crystal anal plugs delivered to room number one please,” and the two staff members disappeared as quickly as they materialized. Mason placed one finger through the ‘O’-ring in Ginny’s collar and tugged on it. Ginny instantly knew she was to follow and he led her to a corner to the store she hadn’t noticed, behind a wall. There was a hallway of doors, and the very first was inscribed with an “M.” Mason wasn’t sharing any information with her, he wasn’t explaining anything, he wasn’t even looking at her. She knew she was in trouble. She didn’t mean to lie, but that didn’t really matter. When they arrived at the door another shop worker arrived with them to unlock the door and as they walked in he asked Ginny to surrender her basket.

“Do you think I don’t know how all this works?” asked Mason, leaning into the employee, using his stature to his advantage. The boy ran off and Mason led Ginny in, who was terrified of what consequences lie ahead. Mason read her silence as obedience, and her behavior was obedient, but psychologically she was in a daze, rummaging through all the possibilities. What could he do to her in that little room? Had she made a selection with one of her “toys” that will undoubtedly seal her fate? Remembering the morning’s spanking and the heat of the car, remembering this morning’s session in the boiler room up against the hot pipe, Ginny felt her face begin to flush. She was mortified that Mason caught her in her lie so easily, she felt humbled by her failure to be less than acceptable, and she was starting to perspire, wondering if her choice of paddle would in fact be a toy or not or maybe Mason would come up with something more creative, more deviant, more twisted. Mason led her in by her collar and positioned her in the corner of the room. The room was lined entirely with mirrors, with one wooden chair in the corner, and just a few basic items hanging from the wall. The graduated plugs were laid out on a table for him and waiting. Mason took a seat in the chair and crossed his legs. He looked at Ginny for an uncomfortable amount of time during which she fidgeted but could not meet his eyes.

“Ginny. How do you feel right now?” he asked her.

“I feel… I… um. I…” No coherent statement managed to escape her lips.

“Take of your clothes,” said Mason.

“Here?” asked Ginny.

In one motion Mason stood up pulling the whip in a rounded swoop from the basket. He stepped towards Ginny, pulled her skirt down, unhooked her bra, and turned her around. He snapped the whip several times in the air, and leaned into Ginny.

“Every noise you make will cost you.” The whip cracked Ginny’s skin again and again. With each strike a lazy mark would emerge upon her flesh seconds later. Some marks bled, some didn’t. No noise came from Ginny’s mouth. When he saw her body slacken significantly he stopped and sat back down at his chair. Ginny didn’t move from her position save for an occasional twitch or tremble.

“Let’s try this again. Take off your clothes,” he said in a normal tone. Ginny pulled the skirt from her ankles off. She dropped her bra to the floor. “Face me. Put your hands behind your back,” Ginny obeyed. “How do you feel?”

Ginny stood before Mason with her head high for a few moments as she searched her mind desperately for the correct answer. Mason watched her shoulders lower, he watched her brow drop, her posture become crooked, and her chin begin to quiver. She began to wring her hands behind her back and again, no response.

I didn’t see my clothes anywhere. No car keys. No shoes. There wasn’t any way I was going to walk three miles back to my apartment. Being bare ass naked at ten o’clock at night. I needed to think.

Tony probably wasn’t horny any more. I’m sure he would be more reasonable. Now that he shot his load up my ass. He was probably sleeping it off in the bedroom. I quietly padded down the hallway to his room. The door was slightly ajar. I peeked around the corner. It was dark. There he was. That horny bastard was watching some porn flick on his computer. I couldn’t tell what it was, but somebody with a squeaky voice was begging for cock.

He turned to me when I let more light into the room. He was completely dressed. This made me feel even more naked. I was kind of covering myself behind the door.

“Hey, Buttfuck.” he announced. I flushed a beet red. I hoped the neighbors hadn’t heard him yelling.

“Get your ass in the bathroom and clean yourself up.”

I whined back “I can’t find my clothes.” As though, for no reason known to man, they had suddenly disappeared.

“I’ve got them Cumslut.” He laughed. “And I’m keeping them.” “You’ll be wearing what I tell you to wear from now on.”

“Now. Go clean up.” he ordered me. “I’ll be back In the living room shortly.” He announced.

“And so will you.” “Now, Git.” “Silly Bitch.”

I would have thought after all I let him do to me. He would be a bit more grateful at this point, I reasoned. Maybe he was just nervous. Maybe he thought I’d tell on him for fucking me. I’d have to re-assure him later. I sure as hell didn’t want anybody to know Tony had fucked the hell out of me. I also hoped Tony hadn’t noticed that I had liked some of it. I shouldn’t worry. He was really way to preoccupied to have noticed that I had gotten excited.

I went into to the bathroom. Washed up the best I could. Tried to comb my hair and sat on the pot for awhile. Pointless exercise. Then washed my butt good. Inspected my self. Really red knees. Purple fingerlike bruises just below my waist. Overall, not too the worse for wear. I’d been in here for fifteen or twenty minutes. I wondered what I would have to do to get Tony to give me my clothes back.

I entered the living room. I saw he was sitting on the couch. He was watching porn again. Drinking beer. He motioned me to come over to him. He pointed at a bath towel spread out on the floor by his feet. He obviously wanted me to sit on the floor. I wasn’t really in the mood to watch any porn right now. I started to tell him. But he shushed me and said:

“You are really going to want to watch this.” “I guarantee you, you will want to see it.”

Slightly intrigued. I walked over near the towel. I wasn’t going to sit down on the floor. I am an adult. I’d sit in a chair or something.

All of the sudden it hit me. The naked guy in the porn movie was ME! I dropped to the floor next to Tony on the towel. In the porn flick, there I was naked as all get out. My penis flopping in the breeze. I was begging to get butt fucked. Then, the big penis dangling next to me mumbled something. Then I started saying I loved to suck cock. The quality wasn’t very good. The subject was to far away. I had became a film critic all the sudden.

It was me alright. Far away or not. Anyone could tell it was me. Pleading for an ass-fuck. Pleading for cock in my mouth. My penis looked really small to me too. Tony’s looked just fine. This explained why Tony had wanted me to talk to the book shelves. Now I got it. He’d hidden the video camera in there somewhere among all the crap on the shelves.

“You know what this means, Don’t you my little Buttfuck?” Tony looked down at me, his evil grin showing. His eyebrows arched questioningly.

“Umm.” I stalled.

“This is my film. I can show it to anybody I want. Your friends at work say. Your party buddies. Maybe your family. Mom and Dad. Bro and Sis. Who’s your local preacher? A Sissy Bitch like you probably still goes to church on Sundays.”

“Get me?” he asked.

In my defense, I started to say I didn’t go to church except on x-mas and Easter anymore. Then I realized what Tony was telling me. Fucking blackmail. If I didn’t do exactly what Tony wanted me to do. He’d make sure everyone I knew would be seeing this. I’d be ruined. I’d get fired. I’d have no friends. My family would disown me. I’d be an outcast. I couldn’t let that happen. No matter what Tony wanted me to do. I’d have to try to please him. I’d have to wait for my chance to get this film back. Fat chance. What else could I do?

“So Buttfuck, There are going to be some changes in your life.” “From now on you will address me as Sir.” He really liked that one. I could tell from his smile.

“If you forget. Even once. I’ll spank your naked ass like the little Bitch you are.” “Hell, I’m going to spank your ass at least once a day. Just to remind you who’s owns your ass.” He really was digging this. I was his sex toy now. I’ll bet he has wanted his own sex toy all his fucking life.

I had to say something quick. I had to try to draw some limits. Quickly, I said.

“OK, Tony. Sir. You leave me no choice. I’ll be your slave. I don’t see how I can get out of it.” I gave in to him.

“But, I’m not going to let you hurt me. I’ll bolt right out of here. From now on – no bruises. You don’t get to draw blood. No permanent scars.”

“You have to remember I’m a human being.” You just can’t do ANYTHING you want.” “You are going to have to have some limits.” I eyed him carefully. Watching for him to give in a little.

“No tattoos.” I blurted out. I didn’t want to forget that.

“I’m going to need food.” I demanded.

He nodded slowly. Seems I was making sense. “I’m going to need sleep.”

“Maybe not as much as you might think.” He pushed back.

“I still own you.” “Butt Fuck.” His creepy grin was back.

“I plan on enjoying the hell out of this.”

I’d never seen Tony so happy. I’ll bet all the shit he had to put up with all his life must have been hell. Now it was payback time. He probably had to answer to everybody. Now, finally Tony had someone that HE could push around. I think he’ll go easy on me, at least at first. I think he really wants this one sided relationship to last.

I didn’t know what I’d be able to tolerate. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do all the stupid shit Tony was going to demand from me. At least, not for very long. I knew, deep in my heart, that I had actually enjoyed being sexually abused by him. I just hoped he wouldn’t find out.

Tony had been thinking. He had orders for me already.

“Later. When I say.” he went on. “Your going to go to your apartment and pack up all your shit.”

He pauses for effect. “Your moving in here.”

“I’ll be going through all your stuff.” He said. “I’ll take what I want.”

“Maybe, I’ll let you keep some of your shit.” “If I’m feeling generous.”

Tony really wanted to get busy taking over. It occurred to me, this last bit was kind of clever on his part. If I had no place to go, it would be harder for me to leave. I didn’t really have jack shit at my place. I worked part-time at a fast food place. I had crap. Maybe, some nice clothes. They wouldn’t fit Tony. He wouldn’t want them. What did that leave, clock/radio. Fifteen bucks at Wal-Mart.

“Here.” He tossed me a sex toy from off of the coffee table. It was a pink butt-plug. About an inch in diameter. Very tapered. “Put some lube on this and stick it up your ass.” He ordered.

“Right here in front of me.” He licked his lips.

“I want to watch.” He couldn’t stop grinning.

This will be interesting I guess. I grabbed the lube and pulled out a finger full. I rubbed it slowly around the butt plug. Then I shined the whole thing up with my finger. I sure hope Tony enjoys this. The things I do for him.

I turned over placing my shoulders on the floor and stuck my butt up in the air. I spread my legs pretty wide. Then reaching between my legs butt plug in hand. I rolled the slickery end around my asshole greasing it up good. I pushed the head of my new pink toy into my hole. It slipped right in an inch or two..

I felt my sphincter muscles stretch out some. Not so bad. I fucked myself with the toy for a few seconds. My ass was actually liking this. I had no leverage on the plug. I took one hand out from between my legs. I reached around. Switched hands holding the base. I pulled my other hand out and used it for a head rest.

I started fucking myself harder with the butt plug. I pushed longer and more firmly. Then when I thought I could never get this thing up my butt. I felt it go over the edge and slide in. It went in like it had a mind of its own. I put both my arms under my chest. On elbows, I rested for a minute.

Then I turned on to one side. One knee slightly bent laying on the floor. The other pointing straight up. With my legs spread like this. I gave Tony an excellent view of my cock, balls, and butt plugged asshole. Tony puts his hand on my upright knee, pushing it upward. My foot floated in the air.

“Hold it.” He orders.

I reach up and grab my upper calf. Spreading my crotch open for him to see better. Then it happened.

My butt ring had been clutching the butt plug. As it tired. It let go. My natural body functions kicked in and tried to expel the foreign invader. I wasn’t pushing hard at all. I’m sure I could have blown it right out if I’d wanted to. But when my body pushed on it. It slid about an inch out. Stretching my ass ring. It felt pretty good actually. Then my butt ring kicked into action. Trying to pinch it off like so much poop.

As it was tapered and smooth. My butt ring tightening up made it slid right back in to my ass hole. Then the cycle began to repeat. Natural push. Out an inch. Stretch. Auto tightening sphincter. Right back in. This was so cool!

I was just laying there with my legs apart doing nothing. While my asshole was fucking itself! On automatic. I don’t think I could have stopped it if I wanted too. An oooh escaped my lips. Then I realized Tony was watching me fuck myself.

“Goddamn.” He swore. “You’re a fucking whore, Bitch” He laughed at me. I just smiled.

“Your getting a boner again.” He said.

“Just like you did earlier while I was butt fucking you.” He added.

So much for my big secret. He knew I liked getting fucked. My secret was out of the bag.

The rest of the story of “Good Girl Gone Better”. I’m not a professional writer and have no ambition to be so please be gentle. Sorry for any grammar errors. Just smile and keep reading.

If you don’t like wife seduction stories or dominance. Feel free to move on.

She did it! Or more accurately we did it. My wife reluctantly went down the road of no return. She is now a total slut! I encouraged her to be the slut she is today because of my own personal needs of perverse pleasure I derived from seeing people fuck in front of me. I figured my wife would be the best to watch since I lusted after her the most. Kim is a petite woman that married the only man she allowed to penetrate her young innocent body, me. She wanted her body penetrated so badly but wished to stay a virgin until her wedding night, so she presented her fine ass to me during a date one evening when parked in seclusion. Getting to fuck a girl and cum in her virgin ass is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Kim’s pussy stayed devoid of cock until only a few months before we married. That was then, now she admits to being a sex toy and fuck slut to nearly anyone who desires her succulent charms. I have allowed and helped many men seduced Kim over the years. I brought them home to fuck her and she’s had many, many loads of cum pumped deep into her orifices while moaning and begging for more. She just can’t help it. Her personality just wouldn’t allow her to cause a scene or hurt anyones feelings by rejecting them. Even if the price was getting sperm pumped between her legs.

Read the true account of Kim being seduced for the first time by me and friends in “Good Girl Gone Better” for the whole torrid seduction and remember to vote high.

Don’t get me wrong I love my wife more now than ever and she loves me unconditionally. That said, my fantasy for years has always been to watch her having sex with others while I watch. She has let strangers have their way with her young looking petite body using her for their own lustful desires. My wife has succumbed to men’s lust of using her as a fuck toy and she loves it when it happens. Kim has always been a submissive woman who deep inside yearns to be taken sexually. Rememer this when you think she is being an unwilling participant. She has her own kinks as well. It’s something inside of her that succumbs to a man’s touch even though she knows it’s wrong for a wife and mother to do so. She always says no in the beginning and begs never again afterwords but during the torrid act she turns into a wanton slut rolling her eyes into the back of her head while climaxing in orgasm after orgasm while cocks, fingers and tongues eat, lick, suck, penetrate and pound her sweet not so innocent body.

She’s been with guys 10 years younger and men 10 years older. She’s been fucked in the throat until made to swallow the full load of cum right after he pulls out of her snatch, tasting her own juices mingling with his. She’s been fucked in her pussy and ass and triple penetrated with a cock in her mouth, ass and cunt while getting filled with loads of cum at the same time and always begging for more during the affair.

To her a cock is a cock and she loves them all. To her size does matter. The small ones for her ass, the big ones for her pussy. It takes her a whole month to finally realize what she did was morally wrong while her hormones return to normal. All the while I’m reaping the benefits of her insatiable lust for another six months or so. She has learned to relax enough now that she can squirt when stimulated correctly. Just keep a lot of towels around.

I always loved watching sex in movies and porn but always knew that the actresses if you want to call them that had other things on their minds other than getting impaled again and again by a big cock that barely fits into their holes. If you look closely the cocks are not even wet from the sluts pussy, thats because she’s not even turned on. Are they hot looking? Of course. Thats their job.

I love to watch the true excitement and lust of real people going at it in real life like it should be with no pauses to take pictures or to wipe her privates with a baby wipe.

I finally did get my way when I watched Kim get seduced and fucked hard by friends and strangers. (read the other story)

The only thing that Kim had not done was taste another woman. Although she did end up sucking cock of another guy that had just come home from having sex with his girlfriend. A lover was allowed to take Kim to his place after a session of hot sex between the two so he could continue to have his way with her. His stunned room mate brother came home to find her naked in their kitchen. He had his girls pussy taste on his dick when big brother told her to suck his cock so he could join in. She did say years earlier in the heat of the moment that she would let a woman go down on her if the chance arose but would never eat a pussy. So having a taste was key to our success.

But of course thats not all I wanted to see. I wanted Kim to submit to a girl. Letting her eat her pussy for as long as it took to make her orgasm. To lick her cunt deep and long until she came and came so hard that she would do ANYTHING to get touched by anybody anywhere on her hot tender body. I wanted her eyes to roll into the top of her head while pulling another females face deeper into her wet pussy not releasing her until she was good and finished with her very wet orgasms.

In came Katie, the new wife of Danny, one of the men that actually fucked Kim in the first story. The man I am referring to is a former co-worker that I brought over so he could sample Kim’s incredible oral skills. She was having cyber sex with a total stranger while playing with herself when we arrived. She knew he was coming over and agreed ONLY to giving a blowjob. At the time Kim’s kink was rubbing cum into her nipples with cock. She agreed to letting him cum on her tits so she could rub his sperm into her succulent breasts and tender nipples. I was told that she would agree only to taking her shirt and bra off so he could cum on her chest but her pants had to stay on! But within a short period of time, Danny was between her spread legs penetrating her vagina with his freshly sucked cock fucking away at her open and naked body. She got laid by him several times after that encounter and she enjoyed many loads of his cum deposited straight into her mouth, onto her tongue and down her throat along with many creampies mostly in her ass but also inside her pussy. He had a smaller dick with large balls that spewed huge loads of jizz that turned her on to the point of being eager to swallow. I don’t recall her ever rubbing his cum into her nipples. I doubt it ever escaped her sucking mouth.

Everyone else around us all thought she was the perfect wife and mother. So innocent and pure that the even the thought of her having sexual thoughts would never have even been conceived. She would go to church Sunday morning having just been gangbanged the night before.

The fact was that most of the time when Kim was being fucking by Danny. His girlfriend at the time was usually waiting for him somewhere not knowing that her boyfriend was dipping into a married woman’s tunnel. A few times she was just 20 feet away in the house while Kim was milking his cock with her incredible mouth literally drinking from the manhood of another. Kim loved the idea that he shaved his balls so she could take them into her mouth and soak them with her hot tongue. She loved that he was the size that she could deepthroat or bend over and present her ass which she often did.

Girlfriend Katie was another petite girl with small tits and a small compact muscular ass. She was good in the sack but being only 19 lacked Kim’s experience.

After fucking my wife. Danny eventually had the nerve to actually tell his girlfriend that he was having sex with a married woman and that it was only for the sex and experience of it. He liked the idea of my sharing Kim with others and was wanting to bring up the subject of swapping and his fetish for group sex.

Katie was pissed at first. She went a bit overboard to get back at him, letting her male cousin and female cousin have a 3-way with her without him being present. She went out and got herself fucked and eaten just to spite Danny. Cousin or not, I’m sure the guy was just happy to get some pussy much less two at the same time.

Danny informed me that he told Katie about us but was not willing to give up a good thing. As long as I was okay with him having sex with my wife he wasn’t going to stop. He continued to come back more and more for my girls mouth and body until Kim put a stop to it, telling him that it was about time he got serious with his relationship with his own girl. But of course she waited to tell him until after he pumped her full of his cum in all three holes in one night. Oh to be that young again.

Katie eventually found out that the pussy taste on his cock was of my sweet wife’s. She knew of at least two separate occasions that she had licked the mixture of Kim’s juices and his cum off his dick without her realizing. Kim never new that Katie had found this out until…

Several years later after Kim and I decided to settle down, Danny called. He wanted to meet to get caught up on current events. We met at his place where he told me the whole story about him and Katie and what had transpired the previous few years. Danny told me how he had also succeeded in convincing his wife to take other lovers as long as he was the one who controlled the situation. (sidenote: do we really believe the girls are seduced by us or are they just happy to be sexually free?) Unlike me and Kim he shared in the fruits of other women separately while at the same time setting up dates for Katie to spread her legs for other men. One night about six months ago two guys were tag teaming her and having her suck her own juices off their wet cocks. She mentioned to Danny that she was curious about the taste of a woman first hand. Unlike Kim, Katie was a willing participant in the affairs. She was suggesting to him that he set up a lesbian encounter for her so she could go down on a beautiful woman and feel her lips touch and taste another girls pussy. After her cousin encounter she never engaged in any sex directly with another woman but the more she tasted different pussy off of Danny’s cock the more she was willing to try the real thing. He would come home after fucking some woman only to have Katie waiting to suck the sluts juice off his dick. I say the women were sluts because most of them were also married and the husbands usually didn’t know what Danny was doing with their wife. Katie herself was usually the one introducing the women to him. Danny got a liking for married women after Kim and couldn’t get enough. Married women are much more open and willing to do things that they wouldn’t usually do even with their own husbands.

Danny told me that he wanted Katie to lick some pussy and since Kim’s flavor was her first, he wanted to know if I was game to making it happen. I of course told him to set it up.

Danny finally asked Katie if she remembered her first pussy she tasted from his dick. He asked if she would be willing to let a married woman be her second lesbian encounter and asked if Kim could be that person. Katie had seen Kim and of course new that it was her that was screwing around with her then boyfriend but Kim had never met Katie. She smiled and said yes, admitting that it turned her on knowing that Kim did not know who Katie was.

The problem was again getting Kim to open up to the idea of her having sex with yet another. We decided on the more direct approach. Since we figured she was an easy lay anyway we set it up. We figured once a slut always a slut.

When the time was right and Kim was turned on by me being buried inside her snatch. I mentioned that Danny had called and wanted to get together with both of us so he could show off his wife. I asked her if she remembered when she was getting fucked by Danny that he had a girlfriend? I informed Kim that he had married the girl. While thrusting into her from behind I reminded her that Danny back then was having Katie suck Kim’s juice off his dick after they fucked.

I could tell that Kim was remembering the times when Danny had finished fucking her, he would go to his girlfriend right after and have sex with her.

Kim did know that she was helping him cheat on his girlfriend with her body just so he could get more pussy on the side. Kim also has real skills in the oral department and he didn’t want to give her mouth up.

Katie was no slacker either. A sexy blonde with just fuck me eyes and a strong sexual appetite. She was as hot as they come with lips to lust after.

Kim was by no means innocent either. She enjoyed every thrusting, gulping minute of his affair. But even at the time, Kim was tormented by the idea that she could be the cause of a break up.

Every time Danny would come over or she would see him, her common sense mind would close down and her sensual submissive side would open wide. Eventually her legs would follow.

One time when Danny and Katie had a date, Danny had the nerve to tell her that he needed to pick something up at my house. He asked her to stay in the car so he could run up to get it. He came into the house saying that he only had five minutes and wanted to last longer that night with Katie. I knew he was coming and told her to help him out. Kim fell to the her knees by a window and proceeded to suck his cock until he shot another sticky load down her throat. He thanked her, zipped up and ran out the door.

After telling Kim about Danny’s call. She was very unsure of my objective. I lied telling her that Katie did not know anything about their sexual escapades therefore did not know it was her pussy she had tasted.

I had told Kim years ago that Danny had been sharing their mixture of sexual juices with his girlfriend after they fucked. She also knew about Katie’s lesbian affair with her cousin.

My goal telling this was more to get sex on her mind and making her sexually nervous. The date was set for Saturday night.

She was a basket case for the next few days and I’m sure her affair with Danny never left her mind. Kim was scared that her slutty side would come out again if she saw him so she told me that this had better not be a trick to let someone get into her pants because she was done with that lifestyle.

The night before they came over I had two fingers inside Kim when I flat out told her that Danny had fantasized about Katie being with another woman again so he could watch her taste another pussy while he got behind her and fucked her pussy pushing her face into that girls box.

I looked into Kim’s eyes and told her that it would be so hot watching Katie go down on her while we watched.

Kim looked shocked and asked what I meant. The conversation didn’t go very far since I was about to give her a very wet squirting orgasm. For some reason she didn’t bring the subject up afterwords and neither did I.

When they arrived Saturday you could cut the tension with a knife. Danny walked up to Kim giving her a full body hug while kissing her on the cheek. Katie shook her hand and told her that Danny had talked about her so much when they were dating which made Kim all of a sudden look white as a sheet. She probably wondered if Katie knew that Kim was Danny’s fuck toy a few years back.

The conversation was pretty normal up until an hour later while we were showing the two around the outside property. Kim had relaxed and went inside to get a drink. Danny followed saying that he was thirsty also.

Once inside Danny told her that it was good to see her again and missed their time together. He asked if she missed it also. If Kim was nervous before, this certainly didn’t help. She was still hoping this was all a prank. Her mind was all mixed up and didn’t answer so he walked up giving her a kiss on her lips slipping his tongue inside her mouth making Kim’s knees buckle. She didn’t know what to do but came to her senses in time pushing her hand on his chest telling him that they were both married so there was no way anything like that was going to happen.

Danny let her go saying that he missed the feel of her lips and just wanted to experience them again. He told her that it would be a shame not to feel them wrapped around his cock again after so much time. He said that Katie developed into quite a cock sucker herself but there was no replacing having a woman that is married to another man in front of you on her knees willingly sucking your cock. Kim didn’t say a word but was shocked and wet at the same time. The drink in her hand was now shaking.

Outside Katie had ideas of her own. She told me that I had a hot wife and that she would love to get with her later.

She said that Danny told her everything about our relationship saying that she always wanted to meet the woman that Danny had been sleeping with back then. I told her that they did very little sleeping when they were together. Katie laughed asking if I thought Kim would be interested in visiting her wild side tonight with Danny and her? I certainly hoped so.

She asked me why I had not been with other women while my wife was whoring around fucking other girls men. So, Katie thought my wife was a whore after all. She sounded a little bitter but I couldn’t exactly defend the statement. My wife had been with so many other men sexually since she married. A couple men had, after all, paid for her services. I told her that I was a voyeur and my wish was to watch Kim in the heat of passion and that I was satisfied with our relationship.

Katie said that I was sweet but it was a shame that I didn’t get some pussy of my own. Now it was me who was shocked.

She took my hand walking around the corner of the house so we couldn’t be seen by the other two. She looked into my eyes while undoing her shirt to her waist asking if I saw anything I wanted. I didn’t say a word but knew what needed to happen. With her shirt open I could see her sexy tan line on her silky tits just above her lacy bra. She told me that we only had 5 minutes so we’d better hurry.

Remembering the time that Danny only had “five minutes” I told her that “I guess he really did tell you everything”. She proceeded to drop to her knees and take down my pants. stroking my now hard cock while telling me what I already knew. That I had a pretty well built sex toy and that she intended to use it just like Danny had used my wife.

I asked her if her skills were as good as Kim’s. She just smiled and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking like a starving woman. I was in heaven as this good looking fox knelt in front of me and sucked my cock, obviously wanting to work it to the finish. I reached into her bra rubbing her fine breasts and gently pinching her hard nipples while she brought me to the brink of no return. Five minutes wasn’t going to be a problem.

At that moment I understood why Danny loved blow jobs from Kim so much. It feels different when someone else’s wife has her lips wrapped around your cock. She just kept sucking and stroking until I told her I was going to cum. She pulled out and told me that it would only be fair if she swallowed my load since Kim was getting a drink of her own. With that she stuffed as much cock as she could down her throat while my cum blasted into her mouth forcing her to swallow every spurt. She licked up the last drop and I told her we had better get into the open. She informed me that we shouldn’t rush since Kim was likely doing the same thing if she is the slut that Danny portrayed.

I guess I should’ve known that Danny was trying to seduce Kim while inside the house. I guess Kim really was getting a drink.

Kim turned away from Danny and started walking outside when he grabbed her shoulders from the back. He gently pulled her closer to his chest, gently running his finger tips down her arms up her waist to her shoulders and down the nape of her neck until his finger tips were stroking her cleavage. Kim turned slightly and leaned forward loosing her balance as her emotions rushed through her body. Her head dropping towards the floor.

He told her not to worry, that Katie would keep her husband busy for a few minutes not realizing that he was telling her that Katie was probably sucking my cock by now.

Danny ran his hands around to her back giving her a slight massage on her sexually tense muscles. He walked into her making sure his now engorged prick touched between her ass cheeks. Danny pulled her shoulders back pushing his loins into the crack of her ass gently at first then grinding the two lovers together. His hands went down her back and towards the front under her blouse against her skin until his hands gripped her small but firm breasts and massaged them as if they were precious fruits.

He started kissing Kim’s neck and ears while telling her to touch his cock. She kept shaking her head no but did nothing to stop the assault on her betrothed body. He kept asking her questions like “do you remember when the first time you sucked my cock”. “Did you like it when I shoved my dick up your ass”. “Remember the time when my girlfriend almost caught us in the bathroom at your husbands work?” “You just kept sucking me until she left”

She would nod her head yes to each question and realized she was loosing the battle of what she had left of her virtue. He pushed her towards the floor to her knees and told her to open his zipper and take out his cock. When she refused he took it out himself and rubbed it against her cheeks. She had her eyes closed when she felt his hands on her head guiding her until his cock slid between her open lips. He was fucking Kim’s mouth with his wife right outside knowing that Katie at the moment must be getting ready to swallow a load herself.

He saw a shadow come from around the corner near a window. Looking out he saw his wife come into view. Danny and Katie looked at each other while she mouthed “where is Kim?”. He pointed down at his crotch while moving back and forth in a fucking motion. Katie smiled and brushed off her knees telling Danny that everything was going to plan so far.

Seconds later Kim felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. Every naughty thing that she had done in her past came back to her. Her eyes went into the back of her head as she grabbed his spurting cock, stroking out every last drop of the familiar flavor of a past lovers cum and swallowed it all down her throat sending it into her stomach. In her mind she was yelling at herself telling her what a slut she was and asking why could she not stop being an easy target.

When she was finished sucking him dry, she started crying saying that they should not have done this. Danny picked her up and told her that it was our little secret. He grabbed her firm ass with one hand and with the other aggressively cupped her pussy. He looked into her teared up eyes and told her that he wanted to fuck her later and said that he was glad that she was still a slut. He released her and walked out into the backyard smiling at his wife. He then came to me to ask how I was being treated by Katie.

I told him that she also had skills and thanked him for the present. Danny said I was going to get more than I anticipated for the rest of the night as long as Kim cooperated. Asking how it went with Kim, he suggested I don’t kiss her lips unless I wanted a taste of what she got.

Kim finally got herself together and came outside but looked and acted confused and turned on at the same time. I asked her if she got her drink. She looked at Danny then to the floor telling me yes she did. She had no idea that Katie had the same drink moments ago.

After some more small talk we all decided to watch a movie. Kim suggested we watch one from the DVR since we didn’t have any sexual movies recorded that she could be seduced to. I instead hit play on the blu-ray. Kim was embarrassed again when two girls started making out right in front of her on the screen. Katie asked her if she ever kissed another girl like they were doing for the camera. She just looked away and didn’t answer. Katie told her that it looks like the most sensual act a woman can do.

Kim, trying to escape the situation developing, suggested we play cards at the table. She thought anything would be better than this so we all went into the other room and played some games not turning off the movie that we had set to repeat. We could all clearly hear the sounds of sex in the other room. After a short time, Danny got up and said he wanted to see what was happening on the t.v screen. He grabbed Katie and took her to the other room with him. A minute later I took Kim’s hand leading her to the room with her slightly trying to pull away. Right in front of us, Katie and Danny were making out like teenagers, giving each other open mouth wet kisses. Kim just stood there in disbelief watching the site before her. We sat down across from them and I watched the act before us while Kim tried to look away but every direction she looked a couple was either making out on her couch or fucking on the t.v. and of course she couldn’t get away from the sounds of hardcore sex coming from the movie before her. When Danny started fondling Katie’s tits Kim couldn’t take anymore. She got up to go into a bedroom and would not come out.

I personally had only watched Kim have sex with others. Watching another attractive petite woman get played with was a huge treat and so was the bulge in my pants.

The scene on the couch was heating up more and more as he got under her skirt into her panties and fingered her sex for awhile until she was almost cumming giving her courage for the next step. I could literally smell the sex in the air and hear her wet pussy sloshing with his fingers.

Katie got up telling us to stay put. She was going to talk to Kim and would call us when the time was right. She knocked on the bedroom door asking if she could come inside. Since Kim didn’t think Katie knew anything, she let her in so she could spill the beans to her.

About 20 minutes later Dan and I started wondering what was taking so long and got up to check on them. After all, two guys watching a porno together was not the best situation to be in. We couldn’t hear anything coming from the room so we tried to enter. They had locked it!! How dare they. We knocked but got no response so we went outside to the window and could barely make them out.

Katie was standing behind Kim who was sitting in a chair. We couldn’t see everything but it looked as if Katie was rubbing Kim’s shoulders while giving little kisses behind her ear. Katie then took Kim’s hand and kissed down her arm until she was sucking into her mouth the wedding ring that I gave her. They stood up and walked the four feet to the bed and I noticed her top two buttons were undone. They were facing sideways to us now so we had a good view of the seduction that was obviously taking place.

Katie got behind Kim again and started rubbing her shoulders trying to relax her so she could take advantage of this slut that had fucked her boyfriend a few years earlier without any regard to her. Katie had tasted the mixture of Kim’s juices and her boyfriends cum before and now wanted the real thing. She wondered to herself if Kim had ever tasted the juices of another woman before and wondered what it would be like to have Kim between her open thighs licking at her vagina spreading her lips and feeling her tongue slide between her moistening slit. Kim looked so innocent but Katie knew better.

Katie reached around and down Kim’s blouse while kissing her neck and shoulders whispering words of seduction while undoing the rest of the buttons down to her waist pulling her shirt out of her tight pants that guarded the prize.

Kim let her head fall back, closing her eyes and letting her mouth fall open while Katie reached for and caressed her tender breasts through her bra, feeling them and checking the size and firmness to compare with her own. They were about the same size breasts so she wondered if Danny thought about Kim when they made love in their own bed.

Katie saw that Kim’s mouth had fallen open and took the opportunity to slide her wet tongue inside of the woman. Kim felt her lips being licked and was shaken out of her hypnosis slightly but soon realized that she was powerless to stop this perversion. Kim closed her eyes again and let this girl 9 years younger kiss her deeply. They started slow and became more aggressive as the kissing heated up. Eventually Katie encouraged Kim to lay down on the bed as they were kissing like girls in heat. Not just regular kissing and not pornstar kissing. They were kissing slow and passionately. Kim would lay there with her eyes closed trying to block out the passion that was taking place between her legs all the while wanting to be kissed more and more. The two lovers became hotter and more passionate as they continued. Shoving each others tongues as far down each others throat as they could sucking them like tiny wet cocks. Kim had her arms around Katie and was not realizing how much she was enjoying the sexual touching Katie was giving her, caressing her tits and ass as they kissed. Katie undid Kim’s shirt completely and now had her hands under her bra against her soft supple skin.

Danny and I must have looked like the biggest dorks alive. Both our mouths hanging open, eyes as big as saucers peeking inside a bedroom window while our girls were inside making love with their kisses. We finally came out of our own hypnosis and went inside to see if we could join in.

We knocked on the door and Katie came out saying that she had to talk to us. She told us that she could get Kim to do whatever we wanted but she wanted to be in charge. She told us that she wanted to see how Danny used to fuck his whore and wanted to eat Kim’s pussy before and after he shot his load inside of her.

Katie went into the bedroom bringing Kim out with her. Her eyes had glazed over and had the look of lust in her eyes. Everyone was still fully dressed at this point except for Kim’s open shirt and now missing bra.

Katie said she wanted to see Danny and Kim dance together. I put some soft music on so they could dance to a slow song but instead Katie grabbed her own husband and started to dance with him telling me to dance with Kim for a while.

Kim just put her head onto my shoulder and whispered that she was so turned on that no matter what I said, there was no way for her to stop what we had started and told me that whatever happened I should enjoy myself without guilt. I told her that I had no intention of stopping and started rubbing her bare chest pinching her hard nipples that always lead to a moist pussy.

Kim was moaning to my touch as she was then guided into Danny’s arms. Danny proceeded to pull Kim into his body as if she was his, knowing that soon she would be.

Neither Danny nor I could understand how this turned around to Katie being in charge but we were willing to go with it. After all, Katie was the one who got cheated on by this woman and she wanted her tasty revenge.

Katie was now pressed up into my body dancing and grinding her hips into mine while she watched the other two dance closely. She started giving direction by telling Danny to kiss Kim on the neck and up to her ear and telling Kim to do the same.

“Roam over her hips, kiss the nape of her neck, touch her ass.” “Does she still have a nice ass Danny?” “suck her tits”. Finally she told him to shove his entire tongue down Kim’s throat and “kiss her like the whore she was.” If Kim resented those words she didn’t show it. After all, she had only a little while ago sucked her husbands cock and swallowed his cum supposedly without her knowledge. She was also dancing intimately with Katie’s husband with her shirt being dropped to the floor. Anyone who didn’t know Kim would certainly call her a whore if they saw her.

Danny looked over at me with my arms around his wife and noticed Katie had her hand on my very stiff package rubbing my cock. His wife was feeling me up right in front of him. To catch up to the lovers I removed Katie’s shirt and sexy bra while the sound of sex was still coming from the television keeping Kim’s ears tuned to the sound of hardcore fucking and off her moral standards.

Katie broke off our embrace and walked over to Kim getting behind her with her bare chest against Kim’s back. She slid her hard supple nipples across my loves super soft skin while reaching around to cup her breasts for her husband. She egged him on telling him to lick them, suck them, make sure to give both equal attention. Kim loved her nipples sucked hard and was lost to the attention she was receiving.

Katie turned her around and aggressively started kissing her and feeling her up like she was a man fresh out of prison not caring who it was or how she got satisfaction. While Kim had been in several sexual situations with other people, she had never been so turned on.

Danny, while behind her, unclasped Kim’s pants pulling them down without any resistance along with her wet panties. Now she stood their naked to the world. I stripped Katie down so both girls were nude completely. Two feminine body’s touching and sliding over each other, mouths kissing and sucking, diamond hard nipples almost cutting into each others flesh. Kim was in a different world by now. I doubt if she even knew what was really happening.

Katie broke off and took Kim’s hand leading her to the bedroom. We all followed as they both fell into each other arms on the bed rolling around like long lost lovers. Kim not caring that she was with another woman with others watching. She just wanted it. Whatever “it” was.

Katie by now had two fingers sloshing around inside her preys velvety soft pussy and was licking, kissing and biting her way down Kim’s tits and stomach until she reached the pot of gold between her legs. She asked Kim if she remembered fucking her boyfriend and leaving him with her cum on his cock for Katie to clean off. Kim through half closed eyes nodded yes admitting to her affair with Danny. Katie asked her if she was ready to complete her transformation to a total slut by being tasted and eaten by another woman. Kim just looked in her eyes nodding slightly while Katie told her that this time “I’m going to get the real thing. Not just a taste off my husbands recently fucked cock”. Katie was not gentle as she dove for Kim’s pussy, tasting her flowing juices with the flat of her tongue fully for the first time. This time it was Katie rolling her eyes back as she was totally in the heat of the moment. Katie had also never been so turned on. She grabbed Kim’s hips pulling her into her mouth so she could devour this woman that had succumbed to the passion presented to her. Kim grabbed Katie’s hair and pulled her into her willing pussy until she burst with a toe curling orgasm moaning “eat my pussy” “don’t stop”. We thought she would bring in the neighbors with her screaming.

Danny and I were again zombies, watching in awe at what was happening before us. We had never seen so much passion between two women before and it was real. Then again we had never seen two women have lesbian sex in person before either. Katie got up onto the bed and had Kim straddle her head so she could feast on Kim’s pussy while she sucked Danny’s dick. Although the real reason was so Kim would be facing Katie’s womanhood for the next stage of her debauchery.

Katie ordered me between her legs telling Kim that I was going to eat her pussy since I had never indulged myself while Kim was out acting like a slut to the world fucking anybody that I presented to her. She asked Kim what she was.

“What do you mean”

“What is a woman called who fucks other women’s men”? She demanded.

“A slut”

“What are you”?

“I’m a slut, I’m a slut. Yes, I’m a slut. I want it.

“What do you want”?

“All of it”!

Since Kim had Katie’s husbands cock inside of her mouth she couldn’t have denied it anyway.

Kim looked at me and told me to eat Katie’s pussy. I didn’t argue and indulged in her aroma and flavor. Kim, while sucking Danny put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me to Katie’s pussy, encouraging her own husband to taste another woman’s juices while she ground her own cunt down onto her first woman’s mouth.

I went down on Katie’s throbbing cunt and ate for all I was worth. She tasted like she had eaten strawberries before she came over and both Danny and I were was going to supply the cream later on. Her pussy tasted great. Katie was so wet that I could see beads of pussy cum running down her ass out of her pussy. Katie told me to rub my face into her cunt so I could get nice and wet.

After a few minutes of this great dish and an intense orgasm by Katie. She pushed Kim forward so Kim was close to my pussy wet face. I reached for her and started kissing Kim hard shoving my tongue into her mouth giving her the first taste of a woman besides her own.

After Kim’s orgasm subsided she realized what was happening and pulled back away not sure if she wanted this or not. She was not a lesbian and had no urge to taste another pussy but neither was Katie a true lesbian. She hesitated for only a moment to take in the flavor of her first taste. She then kissed me back hard. She sucked my tongue and even licked my face, cleaning me of Katie’s juices. There was no turning back now. Moments ago she said she wanted it all and now she was going to get it.

I moved out of the way while the two women stayed in a 69 position with Kim on top and Katie still fingering and licking Kim’s pussy from below until Katie rolled them both over so Katie was now on top with her tight ass in the air telling her husband to fuck her.

Danny got on his knees behind his wife with Katie’s wet pussy only inches from Kim’s mouth and slid his hard cock into his wife’s freshly eaten pussy. Danny fucked his wife slowly so he wouldn’t cum for a few minutes then pretended to slip out and hit Kim in the face with his pussy soaked cock. Kim tried to escape the wetness but it landed against her mouth forcing her to taste even more of Katie’s pussy. Danny shoved it back inside Katie only for her to tell Kim to open her mouth so she could suck her cum off his cock like she did so many times after she fucked Danny.

Kim either didn’t know what was coming or didn’t care. Danny pulled out a very wet shaft and shoved it into Kim’s mouth. She didn’t miss a beat as she sucked him down without hesitation not caring what the flavor.

Kim suddenly shocked me and told me to fuck Katie so she could suck her off my dick. I wasn’t going to argue as I looked for approval from Danny. He told me to go for it and I sank a much bigger cock into his insatiable wife’s cunt.

Katie’s language was something else. She kept telling Kim what a slut she was and how much of a whore she must be to let this happen. Kim simply told Danny to fuck her and told us to do whatever we wanted to her.

Now both of us had the others wife’s pussy wrapped around our cocks milking us with their incredibly tight pussy muscles while the girls were eating each others well fucked pussy and sucking our wet pussy coated cocks between lunges.

Kim gave in completely and put her whole mouth on Katie’s cunt while grabbing her ass and hips while stroking my cock. She ate her pussy as if possessed. She sank her tongue into her and fingered her until Katie had an orgasm by Kim’s mouth then guiding my cock back into her pussy with her own hand.

This is my first attempt at a stand alone story as previous efforts have been extensions to another writer’s work. As I don’t have a writer’s imagination I’ve had to rely mostly on memory. I do like to hear from readers, even the illiterate uncouth idiots who proliferate on these pages. You know who you are.


My name is Tim, I was born in 1938 so this all took place a very long time ago. So long ago that most readers can’t remember the time, or weren’t even born. The world was a very different place in the late nineteen fifties, so different that it seems like a kind of reverse science fiction, particularly in England, where I live. You might not believe this story anyway, but there’s no chance at all unless you take on board a little of what life was like in those days.

It was horrible. The only saving graces were; that it was the same for all of us, so envy wasn’t a problem, and it was just a little better than the previous decade. For a start, food rationing didn’t end till 1954 and was a very recent memory. Oriental, or even European, food was unknown to us. English cooking was world renowned as being awful. We were a bit offended by this but, looking back, the rest of the world was right. My first attempt at eating “foreign”, in 1957, was a disaster. My mate and I did something incredibly brave for a pair of teenagers (not that this word had been coined then). We took the overnight train from the Midlands to London to see the big city. It was amazing. Especially so when we found a Chinese Restaurant in Soho, probably the only one in the UK. The height of sophistication! We ordered what was probably the most authentic Chinese meal I’ve ever had. Beautifully served on many little porcelain dishes, the smell, sight and taste were utterly revolting. Long after that we had a standing joke that, if we smelled a foul odour, one of us would say “Chinese food” and we’d fall about laughing. I’d love that meal now.

Socially, it was pretty well unchanged since the First World War, never mind the one we’d just finished. A night out meant going to the pictures (movies) or to a dance. Drinking was a problem for those who liked a drink, as I did even then. No supermarkets. The only place to buy alcohol was the pub. Pubs were owned by breweries and each only sold the beer of that brewery. A lot of it was crap.

The pub only opened for two hours during the day and from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Laughably, the last drink was served at a second before 10, and all glasses were collected at a second after 10. This was known to cause friction, and bad tempered drunks spilled into the street all at the same time.

Everything was drab. The few cars on the road were black, clothes were in dull colours. The plastics that gave us bright carry bags, rain coats, and so on had not yet been invented. Young men had no place in society. I mentioned earlier that teenagers were not yet invented, there was no teenage culture, language or market. We were just reproductions of our fathers, dressing the same and pretty much acting the same.

My own life was a part of this. I had a good education at a severely selective, though Local Authority managed, Grammar School, and I thought of myself as advanced for my years and pretty sophisticated. The reality was that I was incredibly naive.

Sex did not exist. Well of course it did, but it wasn’t seen, talked about in polite society, or recognised in any educational context. ‘Dirty Mags’ had just begun to be imported from the USA and sold under the counter in seedy back street shops. These seemed pretty exciting but wouldn’t be recognised today. All the ladies, who were clearly not very young, wore big knickers and had black stars printed across their nipples and navels.

In our world any young lady who became pregnant, and couldn’t get a fellow to marry her immediately, was going to have a pretty rough time. She could expect, at best, social ostracism, probably the forcible removal of her baby for adoption, and even, in some cases, incarceration in a Mental Institution on the grounds that she must be unhinged to allow herself to get into such a predicament. Meantime, the father of the child just vanished into the background. I said you wouldn’t believe it!

Lads bragged about their sex lives, which, like all bragging was doubtless far more in the mouth than in reality. Girls didn’t admit to anything. Looking back, it’s a mystery to me that any girl would go for it in view of the likely penalty. Some of them did though. One such in our neighbourhood was called Gwen the Bike (everybody rode her). She provided my first grope. It was in a dark alleyway, (we had a lot of these because street lighting was still extremely sparse). I was about fifth in line and I got to squeeze a naked breast. This was pretty wild. For years after that I associated tits with the smell of vinegar, because the lads before me had been eating fish and chips, out of newspaper wrappings, with their fingers.

Coming back to the present, it did surprise me quite recently, whilst talking about our youth, over a beer with a bunch of similar Oldies, that when I confessed to having been a 21 year old virgin, that turned out to be a pretty average experience for the group.

I hope that’s enough background and, if you’re still with me, I’ll get on with the story.

So, I was 21, I’d had a few girlfriends although this wasn’t a major part of my life. Generally I preferred to go to the pub with my mates. My groping had progressed to the extent that my fingers had become acquainted with most of the interesting parts of female anatomy. I’d even enjoyed slim cool fingers wrapped round my dick. That was it though. I’d never heard of cunnilingus or fellatio or anal sex, and wouldn’t have believed any of them if I had..

Then I met Ann. She was a gorgeous blond with a curvaceous body and of such beauty that I would normally have regarded her as being too far out of my league to approach. The circumstances were special though. I mentioned earlier that pubs closed at 10 pm: well, we were no more ready for bed at that time than we would be now, so people had parties. My mother, a single parent, was to be away for the Easter Holiday leaving me with a party venue, i.e. a whole house for a whole weekend. My special mate and I spent a Saturday lunchtime in the pub planning how to staff this party. Blokes could be relied upon to turn up in great numbers, and a few might bring girls, but overall there would be a shortage of the fairer sex, there always was. So, when the pub closed we went to a coffee bar to chat up girls. Nothing particularly new in that, but this time we were on a mission. Every time a pair of girls came in (they ALWAYS came in pairs) we descended on them with an invitation to this fabulous party. This USP, plus the beer I’d drunk, gave me more confidence than usual and I had none of my usual shyness. Our success was surprising. We got about eight promises. When Ann came in with her friend Barbara, I went for her with all charm firing. It seemed to work and we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting. I was in no doubt as to my preference and George, who was a far more accomplished fanny magnet than I, was gentleman enough to concentrate on the ugly one and leave Ann to me. She couldn’t get to the party but we made a date, just she and I, for the following week. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Thus began my first serious courting.

I was ready to lose my virginity, but had little idea how to go about it. Ann was going to make me work for it. It took a few weeks but eventually she helped me in. It turned out to be easier than I’d feared and I took to it in a big way.

We were an exclusive couple from the start and I had no doubt that I was in love. Her parents had some reservations about me because they thought I was a bit posh. I had a car! (I hadn’t really but my mother had and she let me borrow it in the evenings). By contrast, my mother adored Ann and was as proud of her as I was.

Our courtship progressed predictably and Ann didn’t become pregnant although we took frightful risks. I considered myself to be quite a stud, though our sex was exclusively missionary position, and neither oral nor anal were ever mentioned. I’d never seen her naked. Did I mention that I was naive?

After a year had passed we talked about going away on holiday together, just the two of us. MAJOR! The parents were approached and gave their blessing. Sleeping arrangements were not discussed as it was self evident that we would book two single rooms.

A week in Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Guernsey was booked, plus, to the amazed envy of our friends, a flight in an aeroplane. For non Brit readers, Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, in the Atlantic well south of England and a lot nearer to France.

Ann bought a bikini. These had recently reached England and were thought to be daring. At that time though they were quite modest with big knickers and coverall bras.

The day came. We caught a bus to Birmingham Airport and, without any of the delay and fuss of modern air travel climbed up into our ‘Pionair’. This was a wartime C47 Skytrain or Dakota, only with seats put in. It had no soundproofing or pressurisation and was a totally uncomfortable experience. Ann was quite ill.

Guernsey is very small and it’s only town, St Peter Port, is also small. It took no time to find our B & B, or indeed anything else.

Ann’s bedroom turned out to be identical to mine and immediately above. I tested the stairs for squeaks and they passed. Did I mention naive? The thought of sleeping together simply did not arise, our life’s conditioning wouldn’t allow it. I did though, go to her room to help her unpack.

For the first time I removed every stitch of her clothing and we made love in full comfort. Still missionary, but marvelous.

Each day we went to a different beach. Being an island it has many. We were desperately short of money and sitting on a beach was free. We swam. We tried surfboarding, without much success as we could afford only one go. Mostly we just sat and enjoyed the sun. Ann became quite brave and would roll down the top of her bikini bottoms to expose more of her tummy. Each day it moved further down until there was imminent danger of some pubic hair peeping over. This was obviously the limit.

On the fourth day we were on a small enclosed and uncrowded beach when our life was forever changed.

A man walked along the beach in front of us. He was a lot older than us, possibly in his late twenties, he might even have been thirty. Tall and dark with wavy hair, he was so tanned that we imagined him to be an Islander. He was very muscular and was wearing the smallest swimming trunks we’d seen. Pretty impressive all round. As he passed us he flashed a brilliant smile of perfect white teeth and made some friendly remark before walking on.

We watched him walk away and I thought Ann was looking rather particularly at his bum. Nothing was said though. Twenty minutes later he was walking back towards us. As Ann had her eyes shut I nudged her and said, “He’s coming back.” Ann didn’t ask who, but I noticed her move her position slightly and her breasts magically became a little more prominent. I was quite entertained.

As he approached it was apparent that he was heading directly at us and not passing by. His 10,000 watt smile beamed towards us and, as he arrived he bent to shake my hand, and then Ann’s and said “I’ve surveyed the entire beach very thoroughly and you two are the only interesting people to be found, may I sit with you?” At the same time, and without awaiting an answer, he plonked himself on the sand. He was so charming we could do no other than smile a welcome. In no time we seemed to be great friends and were talking animatedly about our life in the English Midlands and his on the island. The afternoon passed rapidly and, though we were both a little reluctant to leave Pete, as he’d introduced himself, our evening meal was calling. We were starting to gather our few things together when he suggested meeting again the next day, when he would like to show us another another beach. We agreed and arranged a time and meeting place.

During the evening we ate and had a couple or three beers whilst chatting about the day and about Pete. Did I mention I was naive? I didn’t feel remotely threatened and was looking forward to meeting Pete again just as much as was Ann.

That night I sneaked up the stairs to Ann’s room, we had our usual sex and I sneaked back down to my own to sleep.

Next day we met Pete and found he’d come in a car. This was nice, we could go anywhere on the island, but, as we knew nothing about the best places we just let Pete take us where he wanted. The beach he took us to was pretty much like the one where we’d met him, but I suppose most beaches are pretty much like that, so we settled down for the day. It was all very relaxed. We chatted, dozed in the sun, chatted some more, had an ice cream, just like an average couple on holiday except that there were three of us.

Pete gradually asserted a position as ‘leader of the pack’. We were happy to be lead as he had all the local knowledge, all the interesting chat, and a fascinating persona that had us, to a degree, in awe. We felt privileged that he should want to spend so much time with such an ordinary couple. When he briefly left us for nature’s needs we talked about him and had similar views of our indebtedness.

After lunch, from a caravan stall, we returned to the beach and settled down again.

The sun was pretty hot and Ann was doing her trick of rolling down her bikini knickers to expose as much as possible for tanning. Pete watched this with amusement. “It could go lower you know.” he said. Ann giggled, “Oh no, hairs will start showing if it goes any lower.” Pete smiled “That can be fixed you know.” What do you mean?” asked Ann. “I’m a barber,” replied Pete “I’m an expert in the painless and neat shaving of body hair.” “You can’t mean that!” “Surely I do. It has a lot of advantages you know, you’ll feel comfortable, it’s hygienic, Tim will love how you look, and he won’t get hairs stuck between his teeth.” This just cracked us up. We fell about laughing and it was a while before we composed ourselves. Then Ann asked, with a twinkle in her eye “And would you do it for me here on the beach?” Then it got interesting: “No, of course not,” he said, “my flat is just behind us, in fact the car is parked right outside it and we can walk there in three minutes.”

I couldn’t believe the way this conversation was going and still thought it was a great joke.

Then Ann asked “how long would it take?” Pete didn’t turn a hair, it was just as if he’d expected a positive response. “It depends on the strength of the growth. Most blondes have downy hair that’s very easy to remove, so ten minutes max.”

“I’m not really a blonde,” Ann giggled, “but it is pretty soft.” This was news to me. Not that it was pretty soft, I knew that, but that she wasn’t really blonde. I thought the difference in colour was because the hair on her head was exposed to the sun. Ditto the darker tinge to the roots.

Whilst I was pondering on this I found we’d stood up, collected our stuff, and were walking up the beach, still wearing our costumes. I had no recollection of agreeing to this, it just seemed to happen.

His flat was small but well appointed, smart and clean, and we were quite impressed. He sat us at his table and offered us a drink of tea, coffee or beer. My weakness had been exposed so I had a beer. Pete meantime busied himself getting his gear together. It appeared that he’d been telling the truth as he had a full complement of Barber equipment.

“I’m going to need your help for this Tim.” said Pete. What? Had we agreed to do it? I didn’t remember that either. In fact the whole thing seemed to be getting away from me.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked weakly.

“Come in here. both of you.” said Pete briskly as he walked through a door into what was obviously his bedroom. He got busy plumping pillows into a pile at the top of the bed and spreading towels.

“Nip up here Tim.” he instructed, “Ease yourself back against the pillows and prepare to hold Ann steady.”

I did as told and lay back, very comfortably against the pillows. Pete then directed Ann to sit in front of me between my legs, leaning back against my chest, with her legs towards the end of the bed. She’d removed her sandals so all she was wearing was her bikini.

Ann snuggled in. I could smell her hair and nuzzle her neck. My arms were around her naked waist. Naturally I started to get an erection and it was uncomfortably trapped. Ann giggled again, she’d been doing rather a lot of that these past few minutes. “Why don’t you get comfortable?” she asked, easing herself forward. I don’t know why I wasn’t covered in shyness and embarrassment, but I pushed her forward to make room and removed my swimming trunks. Ann lay back again and we wriggled until we found a perfect fit. All the time Pete was watching us with a friendly, totally non-threatening smile.

“You will need to make her feel comfortable and secure. Hold her steady. A good way might be to hold her breasts.”

I quite liked this idea so I grabbed them and started to give them a little massage. Getting into the mood, I realised it would take only one snap of a fastener to undo the bra. In an instant it was gone and we were skin to skin.

“That’s the way, Ann, why don’t you twist round and share a kiss? That will relax you even more.”

She did. I bent forward, still holding her breasts and our lips met. As our mouths opened and our tongues linked I continued to stroke her breasts and rub her nipples. My dick was really hard and was resting against her lower back with my balls just above the crack of her bottom. We’d never done this before. I liked it. So, apparently did Ann. We carried on kissing, stroking, and slightly undulating our bodies together until Pete spoke again.

“Time to start.” without another word he bent over the end of the bed, took a grip on either side of Ann’s bikini bottom and started to pull. Ann lifted her bottom to help, which eased the pressure for a moment on my dick. As she settled back I was even more comfortable. I was really enjoying this! Did I mention I was naive?

Now Ann was entirely naked, lying back against me, also naked, whilst Pete was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed looking up at Ann’s body. I couldn’t see anything of Pete below the waist. I presumed he was still wearing his trunks because I hadn’t noticed him remove them. Mind you, I had been somewhat otherwise engaged recently.

Pete had a pair of scissors in his hand. “You have to open your legs Ann, so I can get the rough off.” he ordered. Ann complied without hesitation and he snipped away for a few seconds.

“There you go! That didn’t hurt a bit did it?” he proclaimed jovially as he brought up from the floor at the bottom of the bed a pan of warm water, a shaving brush and a piece of soap.

“Wider.” he said as he began to slosh foam around all over her crotch. “Now lift your legs so I can reach lower.” This was a surprise to me. Her anus was down there. We didn’t talk about things like that except in rude and ribald male only company.

Ann lifted her legs and grasped them just below the knee to support them. A little more sloshing about and then Pete produced a razor. This was terrifying. Not electric, not safety, a great bare blade. “Hold her tight.” he told me, “Keep still.” he told her, then he started to work. First her lower stomach, then each groin, then inwards towards her private parts. I began to relax again as he clearly was the expert he claimed to be. Of course, I couldn’t see much of what he was doing once he got below the round of her stomach, but from the angle of his arms I guessed he was shaving her labia, and then he went lower, to her anus. Ann was just a little tense but was concentrating on keeping still.

This is a true story about one of my experiences. As usual I changed people’s names for their own privacy. I know it starts out a big slow, but just wait and see. XXXOOO Alissa.

It was the late 90′s and I was living in the East Bay area of Northern California in a medium sized city called San Leandro. I was in probably the best shape of my life, which ironically was due to my lack of money at the time. Although I had a full time job I didn’t make very much per hour so I was forced to eat quite sensibly and I ran almost everywhere because I didn’t own a car.

I should start by telling you that I actually did quite good with the ladies. In fact I had more female bedroom guests than all three of my roomate’s combined, except of course for the one roomate who had a live-in girlfriend. If you were to see me on the street you see an attractive, in-shape, heterosexual male. The purpose of this story is to tell you that looks can be deceiving.

The gym was also an excellent cover story for why I shaved my body on a daily basis. Many of the other employees and members would shave or wax their bodies in order to show off the muscular definition they worked so hard to achieve. As for me I wasn’t what you would call heavily muscled, but I was in pretty good shape. I was moderately tall , (5’11″), and about 180 pounds. I had a nice sleek physique with flat defined abs, nice muscular legs and a bubble butt from my hours of running. Combine this with my completely smooth body and you had a recipe for some very kinky playtime.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to mention that I was also an avid lifelong crossdresser. I started at a young age trying on my moms clothes and lingerie. I suppose the fact that she was a biker chick and had plentry of trashy outfits was quite a bonus in this area. I even used to dabble in playing with her collection of sex toys, but that is a different story for another day.

Every so often throughout my life I would get the uncontrollable, (literally once the idea got in my head it was all encompassing), urge to dress up in sexy women’s clothes for sexual gratification. As I got older my fantasies when dressed would steer more and more to the idea of getting fucked by another man. Soon enough it was the only thing I could think about when I was dressed enfemme. My intent in chronicling this story is to tell you about one of these events, (one of many), and hopefully provide you with some sexy reading.

Anyways back to my story. I definitely wasn’t what you would call passable, but when I was done up in full make up, wig and my sluttiest outfit I was definitely hot. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just look like a guy wearing a dress either….lol.

Fortunately for me San Leandro was a lower middle class city with lots of Hispanic and black citizens. The local women’s clothing stores catered to this demographic by selling lots of tight pants, short skirts, slutty shoes and skimpy lingerie at a reasonable price.

When I had a little money and the urge overtook me I would wander into these stores in guy mode and shop for the trashiest outfits I could find. When I say “urge” it was actually much closer to a compulsion. If any of you have ever crossdressed then you probably know what I’m talking about.

My heart raced in my chest and I got an incredible thrill from wandering through a womans clothing store, looking through the racks of delicious feminine clothing. I knew it was obvious I was alone and I enjoyed the stares of the sales girls as I held skimpy outfits up to my torso to judge if they would fit me.

I would even wander in to PAYLESS shoes and try on the latest women’s shoes. It was an incredible thrill putting on a pair of sexy high heels or knee high womans boots dressed entirely as a man. My cock would be hard as a rock and leaking precum as I stood in the aisle wondering if someone was going to walk around the corner and see me.

Of course the biggest thrill came when I actually brought my purchases up to the register to pay. The sales girls had mixed reactions. Some would shake their heads in disgust, some would smile uncomfortably and some…..would grin knowingly. Either way it made my blood pound in my veins and my cock harder than spring steel to know that they knew these slutty clothes were for me.

I would dress as often as I could which was 2-3 times a week as I had roomates. Once dressed I would cruise the YAHOO chartrooms for local men. At that time YAHOO allowed user created chartrooms and it was actually quite easy to find a local chat partner. Most often we would cyber which always ended with my Cummings into the palm of my hand and coating my freshly painted fingernails.

Other times I would chat hoping to find a local guy willing to host for some in-person play time. It was one of these times that I started chatting with Michael. He was very sweet as we chatted and quite honest about himself. He told me that he was 30 years old, ( I was 27 at the time), he was black, and he was on parole for drug sales. Being a white guy who had never touched more than a little weed as a kid that honestly kind of scared me.

Michael and I, (Alissa my female name), chatted on-line for about a week straight. I admitted to him that I was a bit scared to meet up with a black thug when I would be so obviously vulnerable, (being a boy dressed up in slutty female clothing), and unable to defend myself if things were to turn out bad. Michael was very reassuring and genuinely nice. He told me that he had never been with a guy before but really wanted to meet me after seeing the pictures that I emailed to him. Michael told me that although he was straight and did not consider me to be female, he wanted to know what it was like to feminize a white boy for his pleasure. Little did he know that that was exactly what I was interested in too.

For many CD’s, TV’s, TS’s it’s all about becoming female in the eyes of their lovers, even if it’s just for a short time. For me it was never about that. I never considered myself to be female, although I did my best to look and act feminine. For me the thrill was highest when my lover and I both acknowledged my masculinity, then did our best to destroy it. In other words I loved being a boy, dressed like a sexy slut who willingly gave up their manhood to another stronger, more dominant man.

After a week of reassurances and dirty chat with Michael I finally agreed to meet him. I have to admit the pictures of his large black cock he sent me had me more than a little excited and nervous.

The day arrived and I thanked my lucky stars for two things, 1) my roomates weren’t home and 2) one of them lent my their car for the day. Going out in public dressed enfemme was always a special thrill for me. I truly enjoyed the looks of shock, disgust and sometimes even lust that I received. As I stated before, I knew I didn’t pass 100%, but I did look deliciously androgynous and I would say my body was very sexy. My goal was never really to pass for a female, but rather to pass for an attractive guy who was was wearing womens clothes, a wig and make up and trying to look hot. I looked, for lack of better words, like a hot crossdresser on the prowl for cock.

I started my transformation the same way as many of my peers, with a nice long soak in a hot bath. I took my time shaving my body, bring careful not to leave any stray hairs or knick myself. Once I was done I used some of my roomate’s girlfriends lotions which left me feeling smooth, and smelling sexy. Next came a liberal amount of deep red nail polish on my toenails and my mid-length press on nails.

Next I took the time to douche myself. I wasn’t sure if things would go that far, but if they did I was determined to be clean down there for Michael. I really didn’t need to worry because I had barely eaten in the last 24 hours anyways. I do have to admit that having the douche stem up my bum felt sexy as he’ll though…lol. Once my boy-pussy sparkling clean it was time to start getting dressed.

Earlier I mentioned my roomate’s girlfriend, (I’ll call her Allison). She was a very attractive girl of 23 years old. She worked in women’s clothing retail, (no I never shopped at her store…lol), and always had very sexy clothes in her closet. I decided that there was a bit of an added thrill that came from the idea of wearing a real woman’s clothing when I stepped out to meet a male lover. So after some consideration I picked a pair of skintight low-rise jeans from her closet.

First I slipped into my powder blue Lycra thong panties, taking the time to tuck my cock back perfectly. It was no small feat because believe it or not I have a pretty nice package, 7 1/2 inches long, circumcised and thick. Once I was sufficiently tucked away I slithered into Allison’s skin tight jeans. Lucky for me she had a nice big butt and the jeans were stretch fit. With a little hopping around my legs and ass were encased in the dark colored jeans and the waist came to exactly the level of my hips. I knew that if I bent aggressively at the waist my whale tail would be showing…yum! I took a look at my ass in the full length mirror and noticed how big and round it looked. I smiled to myself because i knew it was exactly the kind of ass a black man would drool over.

Next I put on my matching powder blue Lycra bra and filled the cups with my c-cup false breast inserts. Once they were adjusted and hanging naturally I put on my semi-see through long sleeve top. The hem of the shirt came to just above my navel and was an excellent addition to the low cut jeans. I completed the outfit with my black knee-high zip up boots with a three inch stiletto heel, and my black pleather jacket with a hem matching my pink shirt.

Next I sat down in front of the mirror to apply my make up. Rather than use my own supplies I decided to take advantage of my roomate’s absence and use Allison’s MAC makeup. I took my time, making sure to apply liberal amounts of eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and bright red lipstick. Once I was done putting on my face I put on my shoulder length chestnut real-hair wig and bobby pinned it in place. The wig cost a small fortune but was worth every penny because of the realism it added.

I was ready….and I was actually short of breath from excitement, mixed with fear and adrenaline. Was I really going to do this? This guy could be dangerous, besides I had never even considered hooking up with a black guy before. I poured myself a tall glass of white wine to calm my nerves and took a moment to check myself out while I sipped my vino. What I saw made my already semi-erect cock strain to free itself from my panties.

I looked amazing! My makeup was flawless. My lips shined with damp desire, my eyes were dark and mysterious surrounded by the lines of black liner and dark shaded shadow. As I sat applying it I tried my best to mimic the sexy style of the Latinas I saw every day at the gym and I was delighted to see that I nailed it.

My ass and legs looked to die for, Allison’s jeans showed the thick muscularity of my thighs, made my calves taper seductively down into the top of my black boots while forming a perfect frame for my already plump ass cheeks. I also noticed that the cut of the jeans made my cock virtually invisible, leaving a sexy cleft between my thighs right where they met at my crotch.

I involuntarily grinned at myself in the mirror noting with delight the natural seductive femininity oozing from my features. Any hesitation I had been feeling vanished immediately. I grabbed the car keys, threw a tube of lip stick and a few condoms into my purse and headed out the door, not caring if any of the neighbors saw me.

As I started the car and put it in gear I could feel my hands shaking and my head swimming. I was still scared, more scared in fact but the fear made my desire all the stronger. I loved the feelings I was experiencing as I drove to our agreed upon meeting place, (a 7-Elleven parking lot), a short distance away.

I arrived quickly and parked in front of the store to wait for Michael. I was feeling extremely sexy and confident for some reason so I decided to go in to the store to buy a drink while I waited. Truthfully I wasn’t sure if Michael would actually show up, (people flaking on you is a big part of this lifestyle), and I was hoping I might get some inviting looks from some of the customers. I paid for my drink after making eye contact with a few guys and walked back out of the store, watching the guys watch me go in a mirror posted near the door.

As I opened the door to my car I heard a deep baritone voice call out “Alissa?” from across the parking lot. As I looked in the direction of the voice I saw an older model Buick with a large muscular black man sitting behind the steering wheel. He had black dreadlocks that cascaded down to just above his shoulders and tattoos were visible covering both big musvular arms. My heart immediately began pounding in my chest! This guy looked scary and I think I made a really big mistake I thought to myself.

A fantasy about domination, public nudity and sex, asses, love, and other cool fun stuff

I arrived three minutes late to my mistress’ house. I knew she would be displeased. I had stripped at my apartment as she had ordered me to, then walked out to the curb and got in the car empty-handed. I drove to her upscale neighborhood, in the older part of town, with the top down on her cherry red 1967 T-Bird convertible, nude except for my studded black leather collar, in broad daylight.

Not wanting to get arrested, I chose to drive on the back streets where there was less traffic, fewer pedestrians and thankfully, no police. Along the way I did get spotted by at least a dozen people, mostly women, some pushing baby strollers, and a couple joggers. It was a beautiful summer morning, already hot but not unpleasant yet. One older lady hesitated before she crossed the quiet street in front of me, deliberately slowing her pace once she noticed my condition. She put one hand to her chest, squinted, then turned and walked alongside the open car to get a closer look. This turned me on like nothing else, so I stayed idling there as long as I could, stretching out my muscular body so she had a full frontal view. My semi-hard cock inflated under the bright sun and the woman’s stare, its head leaking pre-cum into the dark pit of my navel just below it. I wanted to touch my sex and hold it out from my tan shaven body, giving the lady an even clearer look, and me a much needed release. But I could still hear my mistress’ words in my mind. Somehow she always could tell when I disobeyed, so I reluctantly kept my shaking hands on the steering wheel until I noticed a car approaching from behind mine, smiled at my speechless audience, and slowly drove away. I could see her waving at me in my rear-view mirror as I turned the corner. Not a full block away I noticed a lean young man running in nothing but shoes and a tiny pair of shorts, the same direction as I was heading. I slowed a bit as the gleaming car came abreast of him, and when he noticed me, he smiled, stared and increased his pace. Gradually I accelerated until he could no longer keep up with the car, but before I pulled away I made sure he got as good a view as the lady before him. I really wanted to stop and flirt with him, but I noticed the time.

So here I sit, trying to catch my breath and slow my racing heart, feeling the hot sun on my trembling sweaty body, in her driveway. Checking first to see that there is nobody about in the yards next to or across from her home, and no cars or pedestrians on the street, I quickly walk to the front door and ring the bell, acutely aware of my nudity and my raging erection. While her expansive back yard is secluded behind an iron fence and tall hedges, my mistress’ front yard is rather small and quite visible from the street and the adjacent homes. I hear the intercom crackle to life, her cold voice asking what time it is.

“It’s 10:04, Madame,” I nervously answer.

“You kept me waiting four minutes then. I will keep you waiting the same duration”—

“But,” I interrupt…

“No buts!” she hisses into the microphone, “except for that bubble-butt of yours, it will be nice and red when I am done paddling it. Your outburst has just doubled the time you will wait on my front step!”

“Oh thank you, Madame. You are so fair and wise, I will wait here for you all day if I must!” I practically gush, quickly remembering my position in relation to hers.

“That’s more like it, slut!” she purrs, “Now stand up straight and tall, so anyone passing by can see that you are my slave.”

I stand as ordered on her shady entry, but two minutes later the sun has moved just enough that a bright beam shines down on me like a floodlight, while most of the yard is still shaded by the huge old maples. Hearing a car pull into the driveway across the street, I shift nervously, wanting to conceal myself as much as the shade will allow, finding instead that the whole step is illuminated by the blazing sun.

“Don’t you dare move,” she commands from somewhere inside. I sense that she can see me, so I stand taller and point my erect member toward the ornate mahogany entry.

An older female voice from across the street sharply inquires, “What ARE you doing there, young man?!”

I hear my mistress calmly on the speaker, “Did you say something?”

“No, Madame. It seems to be your neighbor across the way.”

“Well don’t be rude to her, her name is Mrs. Griffith. Turn around and say something nice to her!”

Pivoting to face the well-dressed lady, I greet her cheerfully,” I am waiting for my mistress to let me in so I can serve her, Mrs. Griffith. You look lovely this fine morning… may I be of assistance to you?”

“I think not!” the matron huffs, wiping her glasses with a silk scarf before replacing them on her nose. Then as an afterthought, “Do you always go around like that in public, in broad daylight?”

“That seems to be what my mistress pleases lately, and I must admit I enjoy it immensely!”

“Well, on second thought, get your butt over here and take these groceries inside!”

I hesitate until I hear my mistress’ stern voice on the intercom, ordering me to get moving.

My heart pounds in my ears as I stride across the street, totally nude. In my periphery I catch sight of landscapers and painters working on stately homes a few houses down the block but, hoping they will not notice me, I look straight ahead at Mrs. Griffith. Her gaze travels from my grinning, blushing face down to my bouncing erect cock, where it lingers before returning to my eyes. A wistful look passes like a small cloud, replaced by a bright smile topped by a pair of twinkling, mischievous grey eyes.

“I don’t think we’ve been introduced yet?”

“Oh, my name isn’t important, ma’am. I am just a submissive slut put here to serve my mistress. You know her, I assume?”

“Of course I do. We have been neighbors for over thirty years, and our husbands were just like brothers.” The cloud passes over her face again as she sniffles and looks away.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Griffith,” I offer sincerely.

“No, I’m sorry for getting so damn emotional myself, it’s been over ten years now since he died, and ten years before that since we…,” she blushes and coughs nervously.

“Oh my gosh!” my eyes and mouth open wide, unable to imagine twenty hours without sex, let alone twenty years, “Surely you’ve had some romance since then, I mean you look so young and healthy, I bet you’ll be enjoying yourself for at least another twenty!” The closer I look at her, the more I am impressed with her well-preserved body, faintly perceptible under her modest dress.

Sensing my gaze she explains,”I had a church board meeting earlier, can’t wait to get these nylons off and slip into something more comfortable…”

“We’d better get these groceries inside then,” I volunteer.

“We? No, that’s YOUR job,” she laughs as the trunk of her BMW pops open.

I bend over to see what’s in there, and feel a soft warm hand behind my knee. I freeze as it grazes the back of my thigh, relishing the feather-soft touch as it nears my most sensitive areas. I spread my legs and bend over even farther, unable to silence the moan coming from deep within my gut. Once her palm arrives at my perineum her fingers reach through to fondle my dangling balls. Meanwhile her thumb wriggles into my butt-crack, stopping at the entrance to my anus. I stifle a squeal by inhaling sharply and holding my breath, but my ass betrays my animal desire. My cheeks squeeze the welcome invader in deeper, while my sphincter opens like a flower waiting to be pollinated.

“My, you really ARE a slut, aren’t you?” Mrs. Griffith chides. “Has Elizabeth taken care of this hungry hole for you yet?”

“No, ma’am,” I groan through clenched teeth,” I have begged her to, but so far she has only spanked, paddled and whipped my butt!”

“Well I’m sure you deserved every bit of it, you naughty man. Do you like getting punished so?” Her thumb is delving into my well-oiled ass now.

“Oh, yes, Mrs. Griffith, I do, but…” suddenly unsure how much I should confide in this woman I have just met, I stop.

“But what? Do you want more? Do you LONG to be FILLED with a HOT, THICK SLAB of MEAT?” Her mouth is right next to my ear now, making her whispers sound like shouts, and with each word her thumb drives as deep as it can reach in my bowels.

“God, yes! I love it, I need it!” I cry out shamelessly, my hips bucking back with each thrust, trying to draw her digit in even deeper. Before my eyes I spot a cucumber in one of the shopping bags, and when I reach out to touch it, my hand brushes against hers. We lift it out together, admiring its perfect shape and size. About seven inches long, two inches in diameter, curved slightly, shiny dark green and covered with little bumps.

“Is this what you want, slut?” the older lady teases.

“Please!” I sob, my entire body quivering in anticipation.

“On one condition,” she says, raising her thin dark eyebrows.

“Anything!” I promise.

“You keep this in your ass until I say it can come out. Do you agree?” She must have read my mind; this is one of my favorite fantasies come true.

“Absolutely, Mrs. Griffith, I understand”

“Okay then, you better suck on it first, so it will slide in easier.” I didn’t think it was necessary, but I open my mouth wide, letting her force the thick vegetable past my tonsils and into my throat, swallowing three-quarters of it. When it re-emerges, it is dripping with my saliva, so she is able to push it quickly up my ass-hole. My anal ring contracts immediately, hiding the green invader from sight, but I can feel it in my colon, and it massages my prostate deliciously with every heartbeat, with every breath.

“Remember our deal,” she demands, before giving each of my quivering cheeks a swift swat, then turns toward the front door.”Now get those bags in here, on the double!”

I pick up two heavy sacks, stand up straight, and hesitate momentarily to adjust to the feeling of my butt being stuffed full, before following her inside. I pad across the cool slate in the foyer to her kitchen, placing the groceries on the counter where she is pointing. I hurry back outside, delighting in the cool cucumber, shivering occasionally as it squirms around inside me with each step. I discover that if I walk on my tip-toes it helps hold it in, also heightening the sensation, making me feel as if I am really getting fucked. As I walk back inside with another armload of groceries, I spot my reflection in the picture window, observing how my hips sway sexily, almost femininely. I drop the bags gently beside the others and, before I return outside I pause to stroke my raging cock, then reach back to squeeze my cheeks and feel to be sure the “green giant” is staying in place. It is, so I wiggle my thighs extra slutty-like as I strut back to the car for the last load of purchases. Closing the car trunk and front door behind me, I return to Mrs. Griffith’s kitchen, deposit the bags on the counter, then look around for something else I can do. I pull the perishables out of the bags, placing them in the refrigerator and the freezer, finishing just as my new acquaintance comes back in the room. Now clad in a white tank top, bright blue satin mini-shorts, and high-heeled sandals, it is apparent just how well preserved she is. Without her “granny glasses” she looks more youthful, even with faint wrinkles around her eyes and neck. My eyes can’t help but linger over her freckled tan skin, delighting in her feminine curves. Beyond “MILF” by a few years, but I would still LOVE to fuck this silver-haired beauty, maybe more like a “GILF”? Her eyes capture my gaze, and I sense a hunger inside her that almost matches my own. Our reverie is broken by the shrill ring of her phone, which she picks up immediately.

“Oh, hi Elizabeth! I was just going to call you in a few minutes.

“Yes, he’s still here. Do you want to talk to him? Uhh, I DO have a few more things around here that I could use him for, if you can make it without him for just a little while… Oh? Well, I suppose I could do that, if you think it’s… Okay, sure! Yes, I’ll call you as soon as I am finished with him, and if he misbehaves at all, I will tell you… Alright, thanks Elizabeth. Bye!”

“Hmmm!” Mrs. Griffith muses as she turns back to me, “Elizabeth seems to think that I am too much of a soft touch. She says I need to treat you like the slutty slave that you are, keep your ass red and tender, and to not allow you to cum. What do you think of that?”

“She is my mistress. She knows what is best for me. It is not my place to question her judgment. My purpose is to serve her needs, her wants. In so doing I have found deep fulfillment. She can be harsh and demanding at times, but I need it, I love it. She has also been very generous to me already, so I owe her very much. I am rather new at being a submissive, but my mistress is by far the best I have offered myself to. She is so beautiful, and so creative in coming up with new ways to test me and to expand my commitment to her.”

“She is certainly a lucky bitch, isn’t she?” Mrs. Griffith sighs bitterly, “How did she find you, anyway?”

“I posted an ad on Craigslist personals, seeking an experienced dominatrix, and we hit it off immediately. I think I am the lucky one, as I’ve heard some scary stories about the strange people that one can get mixed up with on there.”

“Well, it looks like Elizabeth finally hit the jackpot this time. I met a couple of her previous ‘slaves’ and they were nothing compared to you. You are so damn cute; you seem smart, so polite and so cheerful! I can’t understand why a young man with so much going for him would put himself in an ‘abusive’ relationship like that, rather than one in which he is treated with respect?”

“I’m no counselor, and I don’t pretend to know the answers to your question. But I AM more comfortable being controlled than being in control. Maybe I just don’t trust myself yet. I’m not sure what my limits are, but I love to take dares and risks; I trust my mistress to keep me safe, alive and out of jail. Plus, she certainly knows how to keep me excited sexually.

“This may be just a phase I am going through, but I want to go as deep as I can in this relationship, to learn as much as I can, to have as much fun in the process. If I can bring her—and you–pleasure, then that is even better.”

“Now that you mention it, I DO need some pleasuring; it has been soooo long…” Mrs. Griffith purrs, “But how to do it without you cumming?”

“No problem!” I enthuse, “I have hands, a tongue, a nose. And I noticed that you have more cucumbers in your fridge, too!”

“Oh, those won’t be necessary,” she laughs, “I have a drawer full of dildos and vibrators in my bedroom. Shall we retire there?”

“Yes, by all means ma’am. Lead the way!”

“No, you go first. I want to watch your hot little butt jiggle with that fat cucumber buried in there; it must be pickled by now!”

I laugh along with her as we climb the sweeping stairs to the second floor, trying to wiggle my hips and ass like the slut that I feel I am becoming. Pausing at the threshold of her bedroom, I admire the frilly white linens and deep cherry wood furniture briefly, before her hand on my rear shoves me to the four-poster bed, where I sprawl spread-eagle on the soft down duvet. I look back over my shoulder as she excitedly kneels between my legs, bringing her face within inches of my ass.

“I don’t see anything. Are you sure it’s still in there?” I feel her breath tickling my sensitive skin as she speaks.

“Oh, I’m sure, I feel it there”

“Does it feel good? Does it hurt? Do you need it to come out now?”

“Yes, it feels great! But it IS getting a bit sore; I do need to let it out soon, thanks.”

“Okay, push it out then if you can,” she allows. And I do. She stares in awe, as my butt cheeks and sphincter work in tandem to force the cucumber out. Now it is warm and soft, still shiny and slick.

“Oh that’s SO hot!” the older lady exhales, puckering her lips and blowing on my stretched hole.

With a rhythm of its own, my anus closes tightly, alternately gaping open, allowing her soft breath to tickle the super-stimulated mucous membranes deep inside my rectum.

“I’ve never been so close to a butt-hole before,” she continues, laying the cucumber aside. “When we were younger my husband used to love playing with mine, but I never understood his fascination. Now I think I see…”

“Mmmm yeah, I just LOVE asses, both men’s and women’s…

“Did you ever play with his? Did he ever lick yours? Did you let him fuck yours?” I venture.

She sighs deeply, “No, I never did get my hands on his… He never came out and asked me to.

“Looking back, I think he wanted me to, but was afraid to say so. He never licked my hole either, but I did let him put his penis in it whenever he wanted. I never enjoyed it as much as he did though.”

“Really?” I prod, “Did it hurt?” I pull myself toward the pillows, leaving Mrs. Griffith kneeling in the center of the king-size bed, twisting around so that I am facing her delectable derriere, soaking in the view for a few long seconds.

“No, it didn’t really hurt, although he did get pretty rough at times. It just made me feel dirty, like an animal, like…”

My hands are on her wide hips now, my fingers sneaking their way into the elastic waistband of her tight, stretchy shorts. “Like a SLUT?”

“Yes, that’s it; like a slut! And in those days that was considered a very BAD thing.” She looks back over her shoulder, watching me as I work her shorts down her thighs to her knees.

I inhale deeply, savoring the feminine musk emanating from her hot cunt. “Unfortunately, attitudes haven’t changed very much over time,” I lament, “Many people still think those who enjoy sex to the fullest are bad people. But I know men, and every man I know wishes his wife, or his partner, was a slut– at least to her partner, and even if only in the privacy of their bedroom.”

She had straightened her knees momentarily, allowing me to slide her soft satin shorts past her knees, and then she helped me get them around her sandaled feet and off.

“I also believe that ALL of us have an ‘inner slut’ just screaming to get out; but our own guilt, our family, church, and society use fear to keep it bottled up.” My hands roam all over her round globes and firm thighs, at times tracing the lines between her tan legs and back, and the creamy white skin of her butt. “Most folks never get in touch with their deep inner selves, instead letting others tell them what is right and wrong, good and bad.” I punctuate my sentences with licks and kisses on her backside, patiently zeroing in on my target. “As far as roughness goes—those of us who enjoy anal sex have a hard time controlling our urges. It just brings out the ‘beast’ in us… I enjoy pounding into a hot butt-hole nearly as much as I love to have my own pounded, the harder the better!”

I have no more words to add, so I let my hands spread Mrs. Griffith’s full cheeks apart, my nose and then my tongue descending on her tiny, tender rose-bud. I moan deeply into her crack, trying to loosen her up, and feel the rumble echo back in my ears, as they are squeezed between two flexing globes of flesh. A deep breath, then I dive in again, this time my tongue pushing past the resistant ring of her sphincter, then worming around inside the dark, funky moistness of her rectum. Her fingers busy stimulating her own pussy and clit, my senior lover shudders violently, her whimpers and shrieks muffled by a large soft pillow. Collapsing prone on her bed, her body periodically wracked by orgasmic aftershocks, she looks back at me through glazed eyes, panting.

“That- was- fan- tas- tic!”

I beam down at her, catching my breath, excited over the prospect of another anal ‘convert’. Helping her pull the damp tank top over her head, I lick my lips at the sight of two cherry-topped sundaes.

“Do you think you could let me feel your penis inside me?” the dear older lady pleads, “I really need one badly…”

“Oh damn! I wish I could, Mrs. Griffith, but I am sure I would cum instantly, and that would incite the wrath of my mistress…” reminding her of our orders.

Her smoldering eyes dart behind me for an instant, before turning their gaze to my throbbing, dripping erection. I sense a presence at the doorway, at the same time registering alarm at the growing puddle of pre-cum I am making on her antique Persian rug.

“What would incite her wrath?” my mistress asks, strutting into the room to stand over me. Even without her six inch heels, she is an intimidating force, clad in a tight leather studded mini-dress, thigh-high black boots, and a mysterious feathered mask. The stunning outfit holds her large breasts up and out, reminding me of Elvira, the dark, lustrous leather in stark contrast with her alabaster skin. Her salt-and-pepper mane, tied back in a pony tail, hangs all the way down to her firm behind. “Again, I ask, what?!” slapping one palm with the crop she holds in her other hand, for emphasis.

“If I was to cum without your permission, Mistress,” I explain, eyes to the floor.

“It looks to me like you already have, slut.”

“Oh no, ma’am; that’s just pre-cum,” I attempt to justify myself.

“It’s the same thing, slave; if it came out of your filthy cock, it is YOUR CUM! Now lick it up!” I quickly obey, assuming the doggy position, my face to the floor. “Every last drop! ” my mistress orders, her heel on my neck, holding me down. I know what is coming, but not exactly when, so I jump and cry out when the crop hits my backside. Almost instantly the pain turns to a warm, cozy spreading pleasure, so I moan lustily into the wool rug as I try to extract every trace of my discharge.

“You’d better not be enjoying this, slave,” she warns menacingly, striking my stinging bare cheeks repeatedly, “this is all about Mrs. Griffith’s pleasure– not yours!”

Then, turning to her surprised neighbor, lying speechless on her bed, “Are you sure you want this dirty dick inside your body? Wouldn’t you rather have one of your nice, clean toys instead? Or how about if I take care of you with one of my strap-ons?”

“Um… No thanks, Elizabeth, but I’ll take a rain check on that, if I can… It’s just been SO long since I felt a real penis inside me, especially one so young, so big.”

“Okay, suit yourself, Amy. But you had better not make him cum; or else you will BOTH get a royal punishment; understand?!”

“Yes, I think so,” she timidly squeaks.

Grabbing me roughly by my collar, my mistress lifts me to a standing position, then shoves me down onto the bed next to the trembling form of her friend. Reaching into her cleavage, she pulls out a thin leather belt, about six inches long, bends over and wraps it around the base of my cock and balls. Deftly fastening it closed, she cinches it tighter until my erection takes on a purple hue.

“That ought to keep you from ejaculating,” she comments. “But the biggest part of self-control is in your mind.” I ponder her words as she stands back, nodding. “Now carry on where you left off. Amy has an ‘inner slut’ desperate to escape its prison, right?”

I wonder how long my mistress has been in her close neighbor’s home, but soon my attention is diverted, as my wanton matron grabs my aching cock and guides it to her hot, wet cunt. Looking into her eyes, I see deep satisfaction replacing a long-denied hunger. Our bodies buck against each other, convulsing through her several orgasms, each one getting more powerful than the last. I look away, trying to think of anything other than the here and now, all the tricks I have taught myself to keep from cumming too soon. After several minutes we both rest, gasping for air, when my mistress’ voice reminds us of her presence.

“So, Amy– is there anything else you wanted from my slave boy today?”

“Well, maybe one other favor, I don’t know…”

“Just say what it is, girl; don’t be shy. I can’t read your mind, you know.”

“I- I- I’m not sure how to say it… ” all of a sudden she is self-conscious.

“Say what?! That you want to feel his big hard cock in your ass? Is that it? Do want to be fucked up your ass, Amy?!”

“Yes! That’s it! I want, no– I NEED to be FUCKED in my ASS! Oh dear, I feel like such a slut…”

“Well that’s WONDERFUL, my friend. Enjoy the feeling; get used to it. Embrace your inner slut! Set her free! Confessing that you are a slut is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself!”

My mistress prods her slightly older friend onto her knees, until her hungry ass winks at me invitingly from its shadowy cleft, knees spread wide. I lick my lips in anticipation, bringing my face closer before I am instructed to, earning myself another swift swat at the hands of my angry mistress.

“Not so fast, slave! You start when I tell you to.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, I just thought—” Smack! And another red stripe.

“Silence!! You know how to get her hole ready for your big nasty prick, so don’t try any short-cuts. If you cause this dear little lady even one SECOND of pain, then YOUR ass is hamburger, boy! Have I made myself clear?”

“Oh, yes mistress!”

“Okay then, you may start.”

Enthusiastically I dive in. I kiss and lick up and down my lover’s hot crack, accumulating more and more saliva around her winking brown-eye. Using this natural lube, I soon have my tongue buried as deep as it will reach. Still impossibly tight, I do sense it yielding just a bit, so I shift gears to the next phase of the operation. Gingerly reaching down I stroke just the head of my engorged cock, smearing the plentiful pre-cum around my index and middle fingers liberally. Slowly removing my tongue from her pit, I replace it with one slick digit, easing it in to the hilt. This causes Mrs. Griffith to tense and whimper, and I feel the riding crop against my right butt cheek.

“Does that hurt, Amy?”

“Oh no, it feels divine! Just surprised, that’s all.”

“Alright then, if you feel ANY pain AT ALL, don’t hesitate to say so, okay?”

And to me she says, “You’d better be EXTRA careful there, slave boy. I want this experience to be pure PLEASURE for my best friend here, you see?”

“I see, most loving mistress, and I agree whole-heartedly.” I slide the tip of my tongue along side of my index finger as I work it in and out of her tight back door, gradually loosening the squeeze her sphincter exerts on both, until I feel she is ready for another digit. Carefully, steadily I slide both slippery fingers in, pausing at the second knuckle, dribbling more saliva into the opening, then pushing on until they are completely buried. I wait for signs of pain or pleasure, but I can barely hear her panting and moaning, as she has her face buried in a pillow. Content that she is not suffering, I boldly begin to thrust my longest digits in deeply, grateful I took time to trim and file my nails this morning. Alternately pulling them out entirely, plunging and withdrawing, over and over, and over again, I feel her ass relaxing its vise grip.

Repositioning myself, I extract more pre-cum from my swollen sensitive head, slathering the liquid velvet generously over all four fingers of my opposite hand. With my face mere inches from her bum, I spot Mrs. Griffith’s hand covering her pubic mound, dancing digits teasing her pussy and clit into a lather. My mistress sees it at the same instant, expressing her displeasure with a sharp slap of her crop on the older lady’s pale left cheek. Crying into the pillow, reaching back to rub the welt with her free hand, she freezes when she feels the crop tracing circles around the opposite cheek.

“Are you a slut, Amy?”

“Um, I think s—” Smack! “Yes, I am a slut; I’m sorry, Elizabeth!”

“That’s right. And sluts do NOT satisfy their own sexual needs; they rely on the kindness of whomever, or whatever, is close at hand. So, if you need someone to tend to your horny little cunt, you need to ask someone!”

“Okay then, will someone PLEASE lick my pussy?” the humiliated woman sobs into her pillow, both hands caressing her red rear.

“Is that all you want?” my mistress demands.

“No, I want some fingers too, and someone to nibble on my clitoris, to help me cum… Ohhh…”

“How many fingers? Be specific!”

“Three, I guess, then four…”

“You guess? You need to be certain if you are going to ask for help. Pay attention to your body; what it needs, what it craves. Do you want my slave to stop playing with your dirty little shit-hole?”

“Oh no, please don’t stop that! It feels so good, so perfect… But my vagina needs to be satisfied at the same time. I think it will help my anus to relax if I can cum again.”

“Spoken like a true slut, and I mean that as a compliment, believe me.”

Afraid of getting caught in the cross-fire of the crop, I had backed off a bit. I feel a sharp heel digging into the back of my ribs, pushing me closer to the bed.

“You heard the lady! She might be a slut, but you are a mere slave. Your job is to take care of her needs, so get with it; jump!”

I dive back to my previous position, immediately placing three fingers at the entrance to her sopping cunt, my thumb on her clit. As I shove those into her molten furnace, my mouth returns to her horny ass-hole. This time I pucker up and force my lips into her shit-pit, sticking out my tongue and spreading my mouth when it can go no deeper. I exhale a puff of air into her dark rectum, setting off a shrieking, spasmodic seizure of an orgasm. Both orifices expel my invading hand and mouth forcefully, but I stay close, my eyes glued to her quivering shiny openings.

“Well, you look like you’re about ready for the next step, slut. What do you want now?” my mistress directs her question at the exhausted body lying before me.

“I want someone to FUCK my ASS, now! I don’t care how hard, just fill me now!” the sweet older lady pleads weakly.

“Now’s your chance, slave boy; don’t blow it.” Leaning close, Elizabeth stares as I line up my missile for the assault. With a hand on my left cheek, she pushes me firmly toward my target; groans in harmony with Amy and me, my rampant rod disappearing into the slick dark passage.

I have to rest for a moment once my balls nestle against the older lady’s sopping pussy, savoring the sensation of being hugged so tightly in a hot, moist velvet glove, though it feels two sizes too small. Before long I feel her bucking her ass back at me, signaling the next phase. My animal instincts take over, and soon I am giving it to her as hard and deep as I have done to anyone.

“That’s it! FUCK that SLUT in her tight ASS, slave boy!” my mistress hisses.

“That’s right! FUCK this SLUT in her tight ASS, you fucking STUD!”

I am hanging on to her hips for dear life, sweat pouring down my face and chest, slowly losing the battle against cumming.

“Elizabeth! I need your fingers in my pussy and on my clit to help me climax, PLEASE!” my older lover begs of her friend.

“Aw, since you ask so nice and direct, how can I refuse?” she giggles.

I feel her fingers through the thin skin separating Amy’s holes, and they send her friend into orbit instantly. With her ass muscles working my poor pecker over, I am lost. I try and warn them, but my orgasm washes over me before I can speak, carrying me into another world. When I return to my senses, I am aware of my mistress’ hard glare, my spent sausage being squeezed out of Amy’s still-clutching bowels, my cum dripping out slowly.

“Don’t you DARE let a DROP of that mess touch her precious Persian rug!” I hear as the riding crop lands on my tender bum. I obediently place my mouth at the gaping rear entrance of my sweet older lover; licking, lapping, and sucking all the semen I had just deposited in her, mixed with the tangy taste of her rectum. I am amazed at how much I came just now.

“And don’t think you are getting away un-punished either, slut!” my mistress hisses at her best friend. “After all, it is YOUR tight horny ass that caused him to spill his seed, so you bear half of the blame!”

Yanking me up to stand next to the rumpled bed, she grabs Amy roughly by the hair, pulling her shocked face in front of my drooping dong. “Now suck this nasty cock until it’s squeaky clean! I don’t care if it tastes like your own shit; you deserve it for being such a wanton wench!”

“But, I didn’t—”

Smack! Smack!

“Sluts don’t make excuses for their slutty behavior!”

Smack! Smack!

I flinch with each stroke, even though it wasn’t my own behind being abused for a change. I gaze imploringly down at the tear-streaked face below, wishing I could do something to ease her pain. She opens her mouth and takes my limp, slimy member gently inside. Closing her eyes, she swirls her tongue around my sore, shrunken sensitive head, before sucking me deep like a vacuum. Now it’s my turn to close my eyes, amazed at how quickly the blood is returning to my weary wand, how hard I am getting so soon. I feel her gag, trying to trap my expanding column in her throat, but it becomes too much for her to handle. Releasing my renewed hard-on, she uses both hands to stroke my shaft, trying to catch her breath.

An impatient tap of the crop on her red behind brings us both back to the present.

“I told you to clean him up; not to give him a blow-job, slut! His pleasure is not your concern now; have you cleaned his balls yet?!”

“No, I haven’t; do they really ne—?”

Smack! Smack!

“Damn right they need to be washed. And since you like to question my judgment so much, I think his dirty ass-hole needs to be cleaned out too! You DID take liberties with my slave, when you put that cucumber up his butt. So it’s only fair that you should pay for your audacity, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mrs. Griffith whimpers, resignedly.

“Well, get to work, then, slut!”

I open my eyes to see my sweet older lover staring up into my face with a look of peaceful bliss. Tenderly taking my testicles into her soft mouth, my revived rod resting on her face, she grasps the tube and milks it slowly. Soon the faint veins and age spots on her forehead are glossed over with a thin layer of fresh pre-cum. Her lips and tongue patiently explore every millimeter of my sack, reluctantly relinquishing them when my mistress pulls me away.

“Turn around and bend over, slave. Grab your ankles.”

I do as she says, glancing back over my shoulder, concerned that she may be pushing her friend too far. Expecting to see disgust in Amy’s wise old eyes, I am pleasantly surprised when I detect a spark of animal lust igniting her facial features.

“Now hold his cheeks apart and get cleaning, slut!” Elizabeth directs.

Her soft hands soothing my bruised buns, Mrs. Griffith begins at my perineum, tracing her tongue up one side of my spread crack to my tailbone, then the other side.

Smack! Smack!

“I said to CLEAN his ass; not to play with it, slut!”

Looking into her eyes again, I see an unmistakable sparkle, and when she winks at me, I realize my older lover is enjoying this game as much as I am! Just before she dives into my butt, I see her licking her smiling lips. So I let myself relax and savor the sensation, content that we are all playing our intended parts, as the drama unfolds. Adding to the forbidden pleasure of being rimmed, is the knowledge that this is the first time for my new friend, in her sixty-plus years. I am not sure if it is her moans or mine, or both, but I feel a delicious rumble inside, right down to my core.

Much sooner than I would prefer, I feel my mistress pushing us apart again. With a firm hand on my collar, she forces me to bend down, so that Mrs. Griffith and I are face to face, inches apart.

“Kiss this dirty slut, slave, and be sure to use plenty of tongue! I want you to taste your nasty ass in her mouth.”

I open wide and devour the older lady’s lips. Gazing deep into my lover’s eyes, I see unbridled passion, wild lust, and extreme pleasure. It’s as if my own inner slut is smiling back at me in a mirror, and I like the way it looks. Tasting my own ass on her lips, tongue and teeth, I let the raw sensuality of the moment sweep me away. Forgetting that my mistress is present, I grab Amy behind the head, my hands roaming through her soft silver hair, around her shoulder blades, down her back, pulling us into an even deeper, more soulful kiss. When at last we come up for air, Elizabeth is scowling at us, arms akimbo.

She must have removed her leather outfit while I had my eyes closed or distracted, so I see my mistress in all her glory for the first time. With nothing but her boots and mask on, sexuality oozing out of her pores, an aura of power surrounds this imposing beauty.

“It looks like you are enjoying yourselves way, WAY too much. I think it’s time for ME to experience MY fair share of pleasure here. Now roll over, slut!”

She guides her friend onto her back, her head at the edge of the soft mattress. “Have you ever licked a pussy before, Amy?”

“No, ma’am; but I’ve wanted to taste yours for years!”

“I thought so,” purrs Elizabeth, “Slave-boy was right, you DO have an inner slut begging for release– a bisexual, anal, submissive slut!”

Deliberately placing her knees on either side of Mrs. Griffith’s ribcage, feet pinning her arms down to the bed, she lowers her bald beaver until it hovers just out of reach of her friend’s tongue.

“Is there something you would like?” teasing her torturously.

“Yes! There is NOTHING I want MORE than to LICK your PUSSY; to have you SQUIRT all over my face!”

“But that sounds ‘kinky’. Why would you want to do that?”

“I AM a kinky slut; that’s why… Your puss is so beautiful; it smells so delicious. And I have wanted to do it since I first saw you naked in your hot tub, almost twenty five years ago!”

“Wow! It’s nice to finally get THAT out in the open,” my mistress moans ruefully, planting her dripping cunt on her older friend’s face, “Just think of the fun we’ve missed out on since then…”

“Oh, I am so sorry, ma’am. I promise to make it up to you if you let me, mistress?…” Amy muffles, barely intelligible since her tongue is buried in her best friend’s snatch.

“Oh? Does this mean you are offering yourself as a slave?”

“Yes, please! If you’ll have me, I’m yours!”

“Well, I suppose my stable can accommodate one more whore, plus you HAVE demonstrated remarkable potential today…”

“Oh thank you, thank you, mistress!” Mrs. Griffith gurgles happily, “You won’t regret this!” returning to the task before her.

“And on the subject of whores, where is my slave-boy?…”

I find that I have drifted into a trance, recalling every detail of the day I first met Mistress Elizabeth and, through her, was introduced to my submissive, slutty true self. What a month it has been, experiencing new adventures every week, reaching heights of ecstasy previously unimaginable. We have come so far in such a short time…

“Hey slave! Are you here?”

“Yes, ma’am. Sorry, I was just—”

“I don’t give a damn WHAT you were doing. I am due for a ‘colon cleansing’ and I believe you have the instruments to perform the procedure?”

“Yes, of course; I am ON it…”

Dropping to my haunches, hands spreading her perfect round orbs, I look down into Amy’s twinkling eyes as I lower my mouth to the little rose-bud not more than an inch from her nose. With our tongues pleasuring both of her juicy holes simultaneously, we have her shouting out with joy.

“Oh, GOD—fucking AMAZING! TWO slaves at once; I’m in Heaven…”

“Mistress?” I tentatively ask.

“What is it, slave boy?”

“I will be in seventh heaven if only you will allow me to put my humble cock in your most beautiful bum…”

“Mmm, it WOULD feel good, and I DO need more than a tongue there. I didn’t bring any of my dildos with me. And after all, you DID help me recruit a fresh slave today, so I guess… Under ONE condition, that is.”

Episode 1: Debbie Is Initiated

Debbie had learned to hate this part of the first date ritual. Sure, she knew the routine. She had gone through it enough times that she knew it down pat! Earlier, she had cleaned up her apartment, especially the bedroom. Before the date, she had put on her sexiest lingerie, garter belt and stockings, ‘fuck me’ black leather stiletto heels, dabbed some perfume in all the strategic spots, and donned the slinky little black spaghetti strapped cocktail dress that she always saved for first dates. The dress was just high enough at the hem to show the hint of the stockings tops and just low enough in the front to allow the swelling of her breast to jiggle slightly when she laughed at her date’s jokes, especially when she leaned forward while they did the intimate talk over wine ritual. She had to admit to herself that she DID like the thought of her date, whomever he happened to be at the time, sneaking peaks to her cleavage during such times.

And why shouldn’t she enjoy the attention, along with her natural 36C tits, she had worked hard to develop a shape and image that commanded such attention. She had died her naturally dark hair blond and kept it long and straight in a manner that, in her mind, made her look ditsy and approachable. Nobody would know blonde was not her natural color since she kept her pubic hair and arms and legs and underarms shaved clean daily. She swam a mile every day at the health club. She liked to get her caloric intake by means of liquids and vitamin pills. This diet had the double advantage of keeping her slim and having reduced her bowl activity to an absolute minimum. She still remembered the one time that she had talked a lover into fucking her in her rear. She had loved it and had orgasmed almost continuously while he banged her, but his cock had come out of her covered in her shit. It had freaked him out so much that he got up from her bed, dressed and left. She had never heard from him again. Well, her diet had made her ass into the second fuck-hole that she felt that it was meant to be. However, she had never managed to talk another guy into doing her ass again.

But, now, she and her new potential lover had finished the dinner, the wine and the small talk and had travelled by his car back to her apartment. She knew that he assumed that she would invite him up to her place “for a nightcap or something”. He would ask “or something?” Just about every guy had asked that, smiling at what he felt were unique cuteness. She would blush slightly and smile and say “yes, something”. Soon, she would be nude, with him sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. They would end up in bed. She would blow his cock until he either came down her throat or pulled out and squirted his cum over her face and tits, then she would suck his dick some more until he got hard enough to fuck her. Afterward, they would fall asleep. In the morning, he would shower and dress, kiss her, even with her needing body remaining naked, and tell her that he would call her some time, only to be never heard from again. Maybe, if they had connected the night before, he would pound his cock into her needing cunt once more before he left. On the rare occasion when a relationship would develop, they would both have an assured fuck each Friday and Saturday night for a few weeks to months. Nevertheless, all such encounters that Debbie had had in the past had left her unsatisfied. It was rare for her to orgasm more than once or twice in any previous relationship, long term, short term or one-night stand.

Her sex life sucked!

Something snapped in her mind as they approached her apartment door. She stopped and turned to her date and assured him that while they would indeed end up fucking that night, she needed something more.

“Can you force me?”

“Force you to what? Fuck me?”

“Yes”, Debbie sheepishly said.

“You want me to rape you?”

“Ahm,… yes”. Debbie had immediately felt her nipples harden and her pussy contract.

Debbie stared, hoping he would say yes but afraid that he would find her deviant, up into his eyes.

His demeanor, at first one of shock, slowly turned to one of assurance. He smiled and said “if we start, I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Rape means rape. I will force you to do whatever I want to do. You will do as I say, when I say it.” It wasn’t a question, it was a command.

Debbie did not exactly know what had come over her, and felt queasy at the thought of what she had started. HOWEVER, she liked the feelings that were coursing through her body. She shook her head in agreement with what he had said.

“We DO need an emergency stop code so that you can stop me if things get too aggressive”, he told her. Debbie saw his eyes move from her face for an instant, then back to her imploring eyes. Then, “how about ‘mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy’?”

Debbie almost laughed, but then he said, “You have to say the entire phrase to the last syllable, ‘mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy’, all in one continuous statement, or I keep going, understand? Moreover, if I hear you starting to say it, I have the right to try to stop you from completing it. If I do manage, then I get to keep going. Do you understand?”

Debbie’s skin was practically on fire. Her body was suddenly beyond backing out. She felt herself shake her head yes. She heard her voice say “yes”. Her mind was almost beyond her will to resist her body.

In an instant, he had her pressed up against the wall outside her door, her two arms held high over her head in his one hand, his other around her throat, his face inched from hers, his body hard against hers. “Okay, whore, one word and you’re dead.” He stepped back, spun her around, and slammed her back, face first, against the wall. He brought Debbie’s arms down and together again at the small of her back and held them again with one hand, his weight against her, pinning her to the wall. Debbie felt him grab her purse from her shoulder and start to go through it as he said, “Where’s your key, bitch?” He found it, unlocked and opened the door and threw her into the apartment.

Debbie felt like running, screaming, something, but she also felt more turned on than she had felt since her first time as a teenager. He stepped in, slammed the door and was on her in an instant, pulling her up off the floor and pulling her dress straps down, exposing her breast covered only in her sexy see-through bra. That was ripping off an instant later. Debbie could not catch her breath as he grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. Her juices were flowing as never before, knowing that she had unleashed this hulking beast upon her herself. He pinned her down to the couch, his hand pressing down on her chest. “No, no”, she screamed to no avail. Fright was fighting its way through Debbie’s rising lust. She recalled, ‘no’ won’t work. What was that silly phrase?

He grabbed her and again easily spun her around onto her face. He found the zipper to her dress and in an instant, she was only protected by her shear thong.

“So, you ARE a little whore slut, aren’t you? Wearing such nasty stuff, bitch, well you’ll get what’s coming to you now!”

He grabbed her by the hair and brought her head to his hips. He unhooked his belt and unzipped his pants to release his hardened cock to Debbie’s lusting eyes for the first time. “Open your mouth, you cunt, I want to ram your throat!” The pain from him pulling her hair, the shock of the rapid onslaught, and the lust she was feeling in her cunt were all building together, quickly bringing her to her first orgasm of the night, even without her pussy having been touched. As he shoved his penis into her gapping open mouth, she exploded. She no longer cared what the ‘no’ saying was, she wanted to be his sex toy now and forever.

He screamed at her, “You like that, slut, huh! You like that, whore!”

He started ramming his cock deep into the back of her throat. Lost in her own orgasm, Debbie was at a loss to do more than to just attempt to hold back her choking reflex.

As her orgasm subsided, she felt that his cock was getting bigger in her mouth. While he pumped, Debbie was shocked to feel herself start to build to a second climax. In and out, in and out, he pumped like a machine. Just as Debbie reached over the peak the second time in no more than 10-15 minutes, he exploded down her throat. “Suck it all down, bitch, suck it all down. This is for my pleasure tonight, not yours!”

When he was finished, he told her to lick his dick clean and hard again so he could fuck her like the little slut she was. She did as she was told, and for her efforts, was dragged, frantically trying to get up off of her hands and knees, into her bedroom and thrown on the bed.

He pulled her satiated body to him, ripped her panties apart, pushed her legs up and apart, and drove his dick into her in one motion. Debbie was momentarily shocked to discover that there was no pain as he entered her, then realized that she had been creaming since the attack had begun.

He was like a machine, pounding into her swollen lips with a rhythm that astounded Debbie. He would nearly come all the way out of her, and then ram back in to where she felt his balls slamming against her ass. Over and over, faster and faster he pounded into her. Debbie was moaning like crazy and had a third climax of the night, not yet 30 minutes since they had been outside her apartment door. Still he kept the pace. As she came to her senses from her cumming, she saw a look of animal lust take over his face. His cock felt swollen in her vagina. And then, he slammed against her one final time and emptied is load inside of her.

He and Debbie were both breathing hard, but as he pulled out of her, he brought his sticky wet cock to her face and told her to lick it clean; he was not done with her yet.

Debbie, lost in lust, did as she was told, but wondered what more could he do. She found out after her ministrations had had their effect on his rapidly recovering manhood. Her master, which is how Debbie now viewed him, once again, bought her to the edge of the bed and lifted and spread her legs. But this time, he pushed them further over her head, raising Debbie’s oh so long neglected anal sphincter into range. Debbie, sensing what was about to happen, sucked in her breadth, smiled happily to herself as she prepared, and…

Even though she was expecting it and was ready, the exquisite pain of having her ass assaulted startled her. She screamed in pain and ecstasy. Soon though, as her new master adjusted the rhythm, always pressing her legs way over her head, she found that same orgasmic feeling that she remembered from so long ago, running from her ass to her vagina and she found herself heading toward another mind-numbing climax.

Still, her master kept the pace, then after several more minutes, he came a third time, this one in her well-ridden rear.

Debbie exhaustedly fell asleep, but was awaken several times in the night so her master could again use her swollen pussy.

The next morning, when she awoke to the sound of the shower running, she got up remembering the wonderful riding she had experienced the night before. She touched her tender breast, still painful from the assault they had so recently experienced. She felt down to her tender vagina, now covered with dried cum and pussy juice and further down to her well-ridden and still gaping ass, also with dried cum in and around it. She was in bliss. This relationship, if last night was any indication, was very different from all those previous lovers.

She got up out of bed, swinging her still stocking covered legs to the floor, went to the closet and grabbed a robe. Debbie was going to surprise her new lover by joining him in the shower. Maybe she would suck his cock and then be rewarded by a nice slow morning fuck.

Debbie opened the bathroom door, and walked inside and said, “Morning lover!”

“Who the fuck are you to call me your lover, bitch!”

Debbie was aghast!

“You’re still nothing more than the slut whore that I raped last night, and that is all that you will ever be! Understand!”

Debbie had gone from aroused to ashamed in a matter of seconds. She did not know what to do. She turned to run back out of the bathroom. However, just as she did, he was upon her, slamming the bathroom door shut just as she had started to open it.

He grabbed her arms, “You want some more slut? Okay, bitch, down on your knees.”

Debbie, in tears cried for him to stop, but he brought his hardening cock to her face. “Open up, slut. And, you better not bite it.”

He grabbed her chin with one hand and turned it to his penis. She opened her mouth and began to blow him. “Yeah, you little slut, you love that.”

Debbie knew that she, indeed, did love it. She began to suck and lick his cock and balls in earnest. And, as she sucked, she again felt the stirrings inside herself of an orgasm building. Soon enough, she was rewarded with another cum load shooting down her throat. As his cock squirted repeatedly down her throat, she had her first climax of the day.

After he was done, her master told her, from now on, you are nude around here. Take off that garter and those stockings and go fix me breakfast while I finish in here.

Debbie did as she was told. When the breakfast was ready, she went to the couch, sat down, and waited for further instructions from her master.

A moment of stillness, that’s all He seeks. A moment of stillness in the chaos surrounding Him. He knows it is there, He has felt it a thousand times, and will feel it a thousand times more. He looks across at His subject, and a smile twists the barest corner of His mouth. He feels His stillness in her, He can see it in her eyes when she looks at Him, and He feels Himself beginning to go quiet as He watches her.

She lays out the rope in easy to see groups, while He reaches up to test the Ring. She whispers her readiness, and He nods as He turns back to her. He guides her through a few slow stretches, His hands gliding across her beautiful form, His fingers caressing the smooth beauty of her skin. He worships her in that moment, glorifying in His heart at the thrill of her. His smile never leaves as He does, and the glow of love in His eyes must shine like a beacon, for her own eyes burst into light when she turns to look at Him.

“Kneel before Me, and prepare yourself.”

He kneels as well, sinking back upon His feet, His dark eyes closing, His hands resting lightly upon His knees as He draws a deep breath, preparing. He opens His eyes and gazes at His beautiful partner, the energy between them already beginning to swirl and manifest. The room begins to grow quiet, and He cannot tell if that is because His focus has grown too narrow to sense them anymore, or if they too can feel the electricity flickering brilliantly between them. He decides He doesn’t care, and they drop away entirely as He wipes them all away from His mind.

“Breathe deeply. Relax and close your eyes. Move through your Stillness, find your Wa. Five long breaths, and when you complete, open your eyes and see only Me.”

His voice is soft, commanding. He knows how to pitch His voice so, to be heard only by her, even in the silence of the room. He’s not sure why He does it, for to Him, there is no one else, only the two of them, kneeling on the floor, beneath the Ring.

A few moments pass, and He focuses on His own breathing, and He swears He can hear her, FEEL her grow closer to Him. He can sense her dream, feel the pulse of her need, the glow of her energy. He opens His eyes and knows He has opened them simultaneously with her. He can almost see the incandescent bands of their auras merging, and He can feel the sudden intake of her breath when she realizes the Link has reasserted itself on them.

With a nod, He stands, drawing a hank of rope with Him. She turns without question, turning to face out towards their assembled peers, a looks of absolute serenity on her face. He pauses for only a moment, another long breath sliding between His lips, and then He begins.

He always ties her tightly, tighter than He ties other girls, and He doesn’t really know why. Maybe because He knows she likes it. Maybe because He doesn’t want to ever let her go. Maybe because He knows that is what their energy demands, and the rope really is an embodiment of their Power Exchange. She gives her all to Him, and He returns it to her in knowing exactly how far to go.

The first strands of the takate-kote slide into place about her wrists, the line flowing up and around her shoulders like a living thing. He runs His hand across her chest, drawing the line with it and over and around. The line reconnects, and the first embrace of the rope is complete. Again, He loops, again he curves the line with fingers that have done this a thousand times. Again and again, pulling it through to cinch, and the first rope is on.

He draws forth the second line, and again the sinuous dance continues, His hands flowing across her skin, leaving hempen trails behind them to mark their passing. A few movements, and this rope also lies snug against her flesh. He falls into the rhythm of the tie. Each strand calls to Him, each movement is precise and flows from Him onto her, into her, around her.

The takate-kote is complete, and she stands before Him bound. He reaches across to attach the first of the long lines, and His right hand snakes around her neck, closing about her throat and pulling her back into Him, just as His left runs the line up to the Ring, pulling her up onto her toes. He loops the line back through the Link, then back to the Ring before locking it off, securing her on her toes, attached now to the sky.

He breathes deeply, moving to kneel at her side, another hank clutched in His hands. He gently folds her leg and begins the futumomo. He knows this is tough for her, to hang only in the futumomo-tsuri, and He is careful with His tie. He weaves the ladders of the leg binding slowly, cinching down each time, avoiding any twists to the double line. He reaches through, calmly pulling the last of the cinches tight, and He smiles slightly at her soft gasp of pain. He can feel the dull ache in her leg now that it’s up, from the several times He’s tied her in it today. He knows she’s tired, He can sense every point in her body that is feeling the pangs of weariness. He was going to tie both legs in the futumomo, but that has changed, now that He can sense how close she is to exhaustion.

He stands, gathering another hank on the way, and he attaches another longline to her thigh. She leans into Him, and He has a moment of disorientation as He feels both her deep breaths from within her, and the warmth of that same exhalation across His arm. He smiles at the moment of confusion, and she grins as well, sensing it right along side Him. As He ties, as He links her closer and closer to Him, their bond only deepens. He pauses for a moment, glorifying again in the feel of her body pressed close to Him, and then he pulls her leg forward and up, assisting the lift with His off hand, and he ties it off, her body now even closer to the Sky.

His breath is now coming slow and steady, but He can feel her own tightness as the awkwardness of her position makes it slightly difficult for her. He smiles and strokes her cheek.

“Almost there, kenderkin. Soon.”

His voice is a whisper, canted again in the tones that only they can hear, and she smiles at Him, her trust and love glowing in her eyes like luminescent candle flames. He leans forward and kisses her softly on the lips, before sinking back to His knees, continuing the tie.

He moves swifter now, knowing that her time up will be limited. She is tired, the work of the day dragging on her from every level. He can feel her bliss, her elation in the rope, but He also can feel how tough this tsuri is on her. He moves, and this bind about her hip and thigh goes swiftly, it is a matter of moments before He is already attaching the longline to her, and then her to the Ring. He leans in, placing His forehead on hers. “Are you ready?”

The question is pointless, for He knows the answer already. She smiles at Him, not giving Him a redundant answer, and He pulls, lifting her fully into the Sky, held there in the embrace of His rope.

There is only one thing left, and He smiles as He pulls her hair back and ties it tightly with a short line. He checks that it is securely fashioned, then He reaches down and grabs the glittering steel of the Hook. He leans forward and kisses her shoulder, then He prepares her for the metal intrusion, spreading lubricant across her intimate areas, feeding it into her with His fingertips, caressing her gently and firmly.

The Hook goes in with a shudder, and He can feel her orgasm building. He maneuvers it into place, then attaches the line from her hair to it. He pulls it tight, pulling her head back and the Hook deep into her. She groans softly, her voice a whisper. “Please, Sir…. may I cum?” He shakes His head, refusing the answer. He isn’t finished just yet.

He settles the tie, then steps back, spinning her with His free hand, allowing everyone to see her. She rotates slowly, the power of her building orgasm radiating from her like a forge. “Please Sir!” Her voice is more urgent now, and for the first time He can see the audience hanging on her words, the room still as each one of them seems to be holding their breath for His answer.

He smiles at them, steps into her, pulling her trembling form close to Him.

“Yes, My love… cum for Me.”

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