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Author’s Note:

Welcome back to Wanting It All. I want to thank my readers for your continued supportive comments, votes and emails. They mean the world to me. It took a bit more time than I’d hoped to wrap up chapter 12. The good news is it’s the longest chapter of the story and I hope you all enjoy your WIA fix.

I can’t forget to thank my editor extraordinaire and friend, redyellowgo, for her invaluable help with not only traditional editorial duties, but also for talking me down from a ledge a time or two when things weren’t flowing. Only I know how valuable your input is to the process. You rock!!! I also want to thank FA_JF, JennyB2492 and Waterburn for your frequent entertainment and support. Sorry, but I couldn’t find a way to work cabana boys into this chapter, ladies.

Without further adieu….here is Chapter 12 for your reading enjoyment.



Tiffany’s muscles are screaming for release. The constant strain of trying to escape from the constricting ropes binding her body tightly to the padded table she’s sprawled facedown on is taking its toll on her limbs. She tries to scream, but finds herself gagged with an overly large ball-gag, which only allows muffled sounds to escape.

She’s facing away from her captor so she can only feel his presence as he slowly massages her lower back, slowly moving downward to stroke her ass almost lovingly. Where she’d felt panic rising up minutes before, she now allows the tenderness of his caress to lull her into calming. His hand drifts lower to stroke her wet labia splayed open courtesy of her spread-eagle legs, tied to the far edges of the wide table. The agile fingers flick teasingly across her clit just long enough to draw a moan from deep within before diving in and out of her pussy several times, drawing out the wetness gathering deep within.

She’s so focused on the probing fingers bringing her pleasure that she’s completely unprepared for the searing pain of the punishingly strong cane stroke as it strikes her squarely across both ass-cheeks, spreading fire equally to both rounded globes. She doesn’t even have a few seconds to recover from the heat spreading through her ass before the feel of the next lash connects squarely with the lower portion of her butt, dragging a long scream from deep within.

The scorching pain is bad enough, but it’s the chilling chuckle of her punisher that makes her blood run cold. She can hear the joy in his sadistic laughter as he continues to punish her naked body with strokes from the thick cane raining down on her defenseless ass. She feels the dreaded shame of losing control over her own body pushing to the forefront of her thoughts as she allows her panic to consume her.

Using every ounce of strength she can find, she struggles to free her arms or legs from their hold, managing only to dig the restraints deeper where rough rope meets tender skin. It’s when the cane connects with her bare back that she finally hears her own scream breaking through her fragile dreamlike state.

She feels his warm hands on her upper arms, gently shaking her, before relieved reality slowly starts to seep into her consciousness. It’s his masculine scent that comes next, instantly helping to slow her racing heart. It isn’t until she hears his voice, however, that she realizes what’s truly happened.

“Tiffany. Wake up, Baby. You’re having a nightmare.” Lukus’ voice is reassuringly strong, allowing Tiffany’s dark dream to slowly slink back into the recesses of her mind where, no doubt, it will wait to come out to torture her again. Her eyes flutter open, seeking the comforting reassurance of Lukus’ protection from the big-bad-wolf who’s haunted her dreams for what seems like forever. Her breathing is labored as she tries to calm down.

Lukus pins her ocean blue eyes with a probing glare, taking every nuance of her in as if to assess her vitals to ensure she’s really okay. Through the dim pre-dawn light making its way through the large master bedroom windows, Tiff can see the concern etched across his face. She tries to pass off a reassuring smile, but she’s pretty sure her shivering gives away her more accurate precarious mental status. She tries to keep the quiver out of her voice as she replies. “I’ll be okay in a minute, Lukus. I just need to wake up a bit and then I’ll be fine.”

“You’re not fine. You were actually screaming…as if you were hurt. What the hell were you dreaming about?” Lukus has rolled her onto her back and is hovering over her…blanketing her as if he means to stand between her and anything that dares threaten her. Tiff can’t resist reaching up to stroke his stubble-covered face, taking comfort in feeling he’s real….not just a figment of her imagination.

‘My own prince charming, intent on coming to my rescue. If only he could slay my dream-demons.’

His watchful concern is touching and makes Tiff’s heart flutter. He’s being so protective of her, even against her imaginary demons. Still, she has no intention of discussing her reoccurring nightmare…at least not tonight…not with Lukus. In part, because there’s nothing he can do about it, but more so because the details are just too intimate…embarrassing. A stray thought flits through her brain asking herself why tonight and she knows the answer is so simple. It’s absolutely no coincidence the dream, which has been gratefully dormant for over a year, chose tonight to rear its ugly head. Her brain races to connect the dots. The nightmare was back for a very good reason. Her face must portray her epiphany.

“What is it? Talk to me.” Lukus has started to stroke her hair gently; carefully swiping the sweat dampened locks away from her face, removing the last small veil she had to hide behind. His concerned green eyes are boring into her as if they have the ability to rifle through her own thoughts to see what she has hidden there. He doesn’t have to say another word. His last command is hanging in the air. She knows he expects answers.

‘Damn him. He knows it’s important. I don’t know how, but he knows.’

Tiff falls back on her first line of defense. She snaps her eyes closed, trying to hide her disorganized emotions from Lukus long enough to formulate a truthful answer which will both appease him and will still protect herself from the pain of delving too deep into her demons. It’s bad enough they creep up and impact her sleep. She’ll be damned if she’s going to let them start to infiltrate her waking hours as well.

“Open up, Tiff. You can’t just close your eyes every time you don’t want to talk to me.”

Keeping her eyes closed, she replies. “Of course I can.” She lets a playful smile creep to her face, hoping her sassy response will distract him from his original mission.

“I’ll rephrase. You won’t close your eyes every time you don’t want to talk to me. Open.”

Tiff wants to be angry at his tone…at his expectation he can demand and she will just obey. But now that her protective dam has fallen, she finds a welcome warm burn igniting deep within as she realizes that for the first time, she’s met a man who isn’t going to let her roll right over him. The realization is both frightening and strangely exciting. She finally takes a deep breath and opens her eyes to see he’s moved even closer; his handsome face hovering just inches away.

“That’s my girl.” His possessive words co-mingle with his intensely dominant gaze to make her feel as if she’s just been encased by his protective shield….as if nothing is ever going to hurt her again. It feels damn good.

“Now Baby…I think I’ve made my point clear, but just in case you missed it….we’re not going to follow in Markus and Brianna’s footsteps and avoid talking about topics that may feel uncomfortable. Be warned. Just like down on the stage last night, I didn’t try to hide anything from you. I took a chance by telling you the truth, knowing it might hurt you. I did it because it was the right thing to do. I’ve never been one to play games. That means we may end up having to say things to each other that might hurt or feel embarrassing, but I don’t give a shit. I can’t fix things I don’t know about.”

“Lukus…I get it. But truly…there’s nothing for you to fix. It’s just a dream I have sometimes….”

Before Tiff can finish her sentence, he interrupts. “So, you’ve had it before?”

“Yes, but…”

“And is someone hurting you?”

“Yes, but…”


Tiff is tired of him cutting her off. She’s also aware he’s quickly honing in on the root of her nightmare. “Lukus, please. Let it go.”

The standoff has begun. He holds…waiting for her response. She refuses to answer and has to work hard to keep her eyes open as she watches the emotions flit across Lukus’ face in the dim lighting. She can see his determination. They are suddenly playing a game of chicken. Who will flinch first? The long, silent seconds drag on like hours.

Damn…he’s good at this.’

“Fine. It’s a nightmare I’ve had on-and-off for the last few years. I honestly haven’t had it in so long that I’d hoped it was gone for good. Apparently, I was wrong.”

“Who’s in it? Who’s hurting you?”

She knows the truth is going to set off fireworks, yet he’s the one who laid down the rules. Tiff gets a small feeling of hollow victory at the thought of answering him truthfully.

‘Serves his ass right for pushing me to talk about it.’

She doesn’t expound. She doesn’t need to. One word will do. “Jake.”

She doesn’t miss the sharp intake of his breath as he internalizes her answer. If possible, his deep green eyes turn black in the dim light. She gets the impression he’s working hard to maintain his temper before quietly…too quietly…replying. “I thought he’d only hurt Brianna. I didn’t know he’d touched you too. Tell me every single thing that prick did to you, Baby.”

Tiff is suddenly aware that for the first time, she’s talking about Jake’s abuse to a man that not only actually gives a shit about how fucked up both she and Brianna are over Jake’s abuse, but she’s talking to a man who is more than prepared to actually do something about it. That realization is both exhilarating and frightening. As much as she’d love for Jake to pay for all he’s done to terrorize them, she doesn’t want Lukus to do anything stupid that’ll get him in trouble…or worse…hurt.

“Lukus, please. It’s in the past. Let it go.”

“The hell it’s in the past. You had the dream tonight. Laying in my bed….in my arms.” His calm is eroding. She feels the hurricane brewing behind his response. “Markus and I are gonna deal with the bastard. Now, tell me exactly what he’s done to you. Don’t leave anything out, do you hear me?”

“Lukus…believe me. I want to see Jake pay for all the pain he’s caused, but I don’t want you to do anything stupid. Please….”

“I’m not gonna do anything stupid. I just need facts.”

“Well, the fact is he never really touched me…not physically anyway. Sometimes I think it might have been easier if he had.”

Tiff feels his grip on her upper arm constricting as he replies. “I don’t want to hear you ever say that again, Tiff. I’ve heard first hand what he’s done to Brianna so I don’t ever want you to wish that for yourself.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. I just get mad at myself for letting him scare me so much. He loved to torture Bri both physically and mentally. He just took joy in torturing me emotionally.”

“I need specifics. What did he do exactly?”

Tiff knows Lukus is trying to help, but his pushing is making things worse. She feels like a spineless dishrag when she feels the hot tears burning her eyes. She’s already cried more times in front of this man than she has in the last six months put together. She doesn’t like playing the role of the damsel in distress, but taking another look into Lukus’ dark eyes, she can see he’s not going to back down.

With a deep sigh, Tiff plunges into the story. “He never touched me. In the beginning, he tried hard to hide what he was doing to Brianna. Eventually, though, he knew I was trying to get her to leave him. I didn’t like the changes I was seeing in her. I knew he was abusing her. One night… when he brought her home…with a big bruise across her cheek and…she was unable to sit down, I made the mistake of screaming at him to get out and never call her again. I threatened if he didn’t leave her alone, I was going to call my brothers and tell them what he was doing to Bri and he’d be sorry. He knew most of my brothers were cops and I thought he’d be too afraid of getting them on his case. Little did I know he’d figure out I was bluffing and actually use it against me.”

“What do you mean, you were bluffing? You damn well should’ve asked them for help.”

“You have no idea how much I wish I would’ve, but at the time I was too ashamed to go to them and Jake knew it.”

“Ashamed of what? That you knew he was abusing Bri?”

“No…it’s just…well” He’s patiently waiting for her to finish. “You won’t understand.”

“The hell I won’t.”

“We barely know each other Lukus. You have no idea about my childhood… my family life, just like I have no idea about yours.”

“I don’t need to know about your family life, Tiff. I know this. If you’d gone to one of your brothers with this story, cop or no cop, they would’ve damn well helped you take care of the problem.”



“So, I couldn’t let them get in trouble. I knew how protective they are of Bri and me. She’d been home with me dozens of times through our college years. They love her like a sister. Jake would have ended up in a shallow grave somewhere and they’d have ended up kicked off the force…in jail.”

“Not if they’re even half as smart as you are, Baby.” Lukus’ sly grin tells Tiff she was right to worry about telling him the story.

“Believe me, I hate him so much that I entertained the idea a few times myself, but it’s not that simple. Jake is….well he’s…devious.” She takes a break in hopes he’ll let it drop. His probing glare is unwavering. He will hear the story.

Tiff continues on, the defeat evident in her voice. “He recorded a tape. He showed it to me once…you now…to make sure I knew he was telling the truth. It had him outlining how Brianna was his willing sub and he was her Dom. In it, he made sure to talk about many of the depraved things he did to her, but he said how much she loved the submission and the pain…that she actually got off on it.” Her voice takes on a wicked edge as she continues. “The bastard even recorded several sessions where she was enjoying…well… you know how she is.” Tiff can feel herself blushing as she takes a short break to make sure Lukus is with her. She prays he doesn’t ask her for the gory details of how the tape showed Brianna coming while being strapped and spanked to bruising with a heavy wooden paddle.

Thankfully, Lukus seems to have a good handle on Brianna’s particular pain tolerance as he thankfully nods her to continue. “Of course he never included the true abuse on the tape. The things he was doing to her without her consent…that she didn’t enjoy. That was bad enough, but the worst part of the tape was when he went on to say he felt threatened and harassed by my family of cops and if anything should ever happen to him, the police should investigate them as they would most likely be responsible. He had a copy of the tape left sealed at his lawyer’s office to be opened in the event of his death.”

“That fucker. He knew you’d never want to risk getting your brothers involved.”

“Exactly. Once he had me backed into the corner, his gloves came off. He went out of his way to make sure I knew every sick detail he was doing to Bri because he’d made sure I’d be too afraid to stop him. I got to the point where I would’ve gladly risked getting myself in trouble, but never my brothers. The bastard called me that Valentine’s weekend when he was on the way back with Brianna beaten and bleeding. He took joy in making sure I’d be home to witness his handiwork first hand. Thankfully, Bri had finally had enough and I thought we’d finally seen the last of him. But even after Bri finally got away from him, I still lived in fear that some other woman he was terrorizing would finally have enough and take him out and it would still drag my poor brothers into this mess.”

Tiff spends a few long seconds deciding if she should stop there or finish the story. She can see he’s waiting…as if he knows there’s more. “It’s why I am so furious with Brianna for letting him back in her life again. Not only am I afraid he could truly kill her one day if he isn’t stopped…but…well she doesn’t know this. I’d just about decided to ask Markus to help me get the tape back legally. I knew Bri told him about Jake right after they met and I suspected he’d want to get even with Jake as much as I did. Then she had to go and let the asshole fuck her again and I knew then…I could never go to Markus for help….not anymore.”

“Oh Tiff, come here, Baby.” Lukus rolls to his back, pulling Tiff to snuggle up against him, safely cocooned in his protective arms. She tries hard not to dissolve into the threatening tears. She wants to be strong, but the weight of her nightmare combined with the relief of finally being able to share the burden of her guilty feelings for putting her brothers in danger make it impossible to hold back her tears. For what seems like the tenth time since meeting Lukus, Tiffany finds herself sobbing against his strong chest. For once, she feels the tears are justified.

Several minutes pass. He doesn’t try to tell her she’s silly. He doesn’t try to stop her tears. He’s simply there. Supportive and compassionate and it’s exactly what she needs. When she’s finally calm, he hugs her to him tightly, still stroking her back gently, but she’s not fooled. She knows his mind has been racing with all the possibilities he has available to deal with Jake. Before she can warn him off getting involved, he’s already pressing for more information. “So, what exactly does he do to you in the nightmare?”


“Tiffany.” His voice if firm.

“Fine.” Her unguarded response comes out like a petulant child’s sass to a demanding parent. She’s happy she no longer has to look him in the eye as she describes her reoccurring dream. “I keep dreaming it’s me he’s torturing in the video. That it’s me…instead of Bri, he has tied down and immobile. That it’s me he’s beating with the cane over and over. When I’m lucky I wake up before it gets to the point where I start bleeding. When I’m really unlucky, I keep dreaming long enough where I see my brothers breaking in to shoot him dead. Then they start to untie me and I can see the disappointment in me reflected in their eyes. They’re disgusted I was mixed up in the BDSM lifestyle. They treat me like I’m a whore and tell me I deserved what I got.”

“You know that’s completely irrational, right?”

“Maybe…maybe not. I’m the youngest daughter in a very Catholic family. Let’s just say I’m pretty sure my father thinks I’m still a virgin. I know my brothers are a bit more realistic, but they’d never approve of…well…of”

“Of me.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You don’t need to. I can just imagine what it’s gonna be like taking me home to meet the parents. Mom…Dad…I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Lukus. He owns a sex club where he’s the Master in charge of delivering punishments to naughty submissives. I’m sure they’ll welcome me with open arms.” Tiff can hear the bitterness in his voice and it makes her panic he’s going to decide a relationship with her is going to be too much trouble after all.

“Well, I haven’t given it much thought, but I admit I’d more likely introduce you as owning a security firm. Considering my dad is a retired cop and my brothers are either lawyers or cops I’m pretty sure they’d welcome you with open arms as a fellow law enforcement official.”

“So you want to hide the truth.”

“No. You do own a security firm. That’s the truth.”

“But you’d want to hide the fact that I’m a Dom?”

“Is that a trick question? Of course I’d want to hide that fact. They’ll have trouble thinking I’m making out with someone, let alone having sex…kinky sex at that. If they knew I used to go to BDSM clubs and what kind of books I read…well let’s just say they wouldn’t be happy. They’re very traditional.”

“How old are you, Tiff?”

“What difference does that make? Anyway, don’t you know it’s not polite to ask a woman how old she is?”

“I’m not asking any woman. I’m asking you….the woman I want to protect and spend time with…the woman I’m laying in bed with after having fucked senseless…more than once, I might add. Seems like a pretty simple question.”

“Well…when you put it that way. I’m twenty-seven…almost twenty-eight.”

“So…you actually think your parents believe you’ve stayed a virgin at the age of twenty-seven, really? They do know what you look like, right? How amazing and beautiful and smart you are?”

“I’m still their little girl.”

“Well, then, they’re gonna be in for a bit of surprise when you take me home, aren’t they? There’s no fucking way anyone is gonna be in a room with us for more than three minutes and not figure out we want to fuck each other’s brains out at the next possible opportunity.”

Tiff giggles at the image and decides to tease him. “And who said I was going to ever take you home to meet them?”

“Oh, I’ll meet ‘em Tiff. You can count on that.”

Tiff’s heart is racing at the implications of his words. He’s making it crystal clear this isn’t just a one-night stand. He’s backing up his earlier declaration that she belongs with him and that they’re going to see where this attraction they’re sharing is going to take them. A warm glow flows through her at the thought of spending more time with Lukus, both in and out of the bedroom.

They spend a few minutes in silence. She might think Lukus was going back to sleep if it weren’t for the gentle caress he maintains from her shoulder, tracing down her bare arm and back up again. It’s soothing and intimate and she’s getting drowsy by the time he speaks softly.

“I know we haven’t really talked about the details of what the D/s lifestyle means to each of us yet, and there’s plenty of time for us to figure it out….but I want to let you know I’m putting canes on your ‘hard limit’ list, Baby. I promise you right now…I’ll never use a cane on you. After learning more about Jake’s methods, I regret using one on Brianna earlier and I don’t want you to have to worry about it ever happening to you. I won’t put you through that.”

Lukus’ unexpected pronouncement hits her hard and fast…for many reasons, not the least of which is that he’s so perceptive to truly understand how afraid she is of pain in general, but canes specifically. She fights to keep her emotions under control and manages to squeak out “Thank you, Lukus. You have no idea how much that means to me.”

Before she knows it, Lukus has her flipped onto her back and he’s trapping her beneath him. She can feel his growing erection grinding against her upper thigh and knows he’s getting ready to make good on his earlier promise to make sure she feels him all day. He catches her off guard. “Enough of this heavy shit. Let’s play a little game.”

“Okay. What kind of a game?” Based on the predatory glint in his eyes, Tiff is pretty sure he isn’t about to suggest a board game.

“It’s a continuation of the game we started in the kitchen earlier. A bit of truth-or-dare…a way for us to get to know more about each other. Like hard limits…turn-ons…and offs.” Before Tiff even agrees he shoots out his first question. “So tell me, Baby. What’s your favorite kind of punishment? We’ll leave canes on the ‘no’ list, but I’d like to know what’s on the ‘yes’ list.”

Tiffany blurts out the first thing that comes to her mind. “I thought you said we’d had enough of the heavy shit. That’s a heavy question, Lukus.”

“No it’s not. If I asked for a complete and total inventory…that would be heavy. Just give me one thing you’ve enjoyed.”

He has to see the panic in her eyes as she tries to formulate her answer.

‘Great. Now is when I get to confess my entire BDSM experience is as a voyeur and despite my deep dark desires, I’ve never had so much as a decent over-the-knee spanking. Isn’t he in for a surprise when he finds out the Master’s Master picked the complete and utter novice out of the line-up of all possible playmates. He’s sure to get bored with me in less than a week.’

“What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong?”

“No…it’s just…well…” Tiffany takes a deep breath and plunges forward with the most truthful answer she can give. “Not counting reading books and watching from afar in the clubs years ago, my entire practical experience in the BDSM world has taken place in the last twelve hours. I’m afraid this is going to be the world’s shortest game of truth-or-dare. If you haven’t done it to me, it hasn’t been done.”

The look on Lukus’ face is one of total surprise. Several long seconds tick by where Tiff can see the emotions floating across his face, aided by the growing light coming in from the windows facing the east. She hasn’t seen the time on the clock, but she knows they’re inching closer to sunrise. “Wow…I’ve rendered you completely speechless. Amazing.”

“Tiff…I’m blown away. I mean…”

“I know. I’m gonna really drag you down having to stop and explain so much and having to treat me with kid gloves while I figure this all out. I totally understand if…”

“Stop. Not one more word.” For a brief moment, Tiff thinks he’s really angry with her, but within a few long seconds, Lukus puts on the hot coals smile. “So, you’ve never been spanked with a belt or a paddle?”

“No.” Just thinking about the possibility, though, ratchets up her heart rate a notch.

“You’ve never been tied down and played with?”

“Not before last night, no.”

“How about blindfolded or gagged?”

“Honey, I told you. If you didn’t do it… it hasn’t been done. So no to the blindfold…yes to the gag.”

He has a true sparkle to his eyes as he continues to probe. “And how did it make you feel last night when you were tied down and gagged in the audience pit?”

Surely he doesn’t need her to answer. Her labored breathing should be answer enough. Still he waits for her quiet response. “I really liked it… a lot.”

“Good girl. So…when I told you you’d earned a punishment for not telling me about Jason…that will truly be your first punishment?”

She’s so excited…so nervous…she can’t get even a simple yes out. She finally manages to nod yes to answer his question.

“Oh man. This is going to be so much fun.” Lukus suddenly takes on the look of a kid in a candy store, which has Tiffany confused.

“You mean you aren’t angry? Surely you know you’re gonna have to go slow for me, right? I’m not sure how I feel about everything yet. I could end up hating it all.”

Lukus is chuckling as he answers. “Are you kidding me? You’re not gonna hate anything, Baby. Not the way I do it. Truly, I never would’ve said it was important to me until this very minute, but knowing no one else has ever shared the D/s lifestyle with you makes me so happy. I love that this is going to be something special…something that’s just ours. I’m honored I get to be the one who will introduce you to so many new experiences…who will help you overcome your fear. I’m gonna take such good care of you and I’ll make sure you love every single minute.”

Lukus doesn’t waste any time. He seals his promise by capturing her mouth with his own. Tiff can feel his cock growing ever harder between their bodies and she’s hit with a sudden wave of hot desire. She wants him buried inside her…filling her completely. Only then does she realize she got screwed out of asking Lukus a question for their game, and she’d already thought of exactly what she wants to ask.

Pressing persistently against his hard chest, Tiff finally gets Lukus to pull out of their kiss long enough to peer down into her eyes. She detects a mild annoyance at the interruption.

“We didn’t finish the round yet. I get to ask you my question before we can take an intermission.” Tiff flashes him a broad smile that wins her a return grin. “So Lukus, if you could have me do absolutely anything for you sexually…what is the number one thing that you’d like from me…more than anything else?”

“Wow…carte blanche…anything?”

“Yep. Let me be clear. I’m not promising anything here. I’d just like to know what the Master’s Master thinks of as his nirvana.”

“Well, coming up with number two would be hard, but number one is easy.”


The hot coals smile he delivers should’ve warned her of his upcoming answer. “I’d love to wake up every morning to you sucking my cock. Some mornings it might be just to get me hot and ready for our first early morning fuck. Other days I’d face-fuck you and force you to swallow every single drop of my cum as I press deep down your throat. And on weekends, when we have more time… you could spend an hour worshipping my cock with your tongue…your mouth…your hands…driving me to the edge before I rolled you over and made long, sweet love to you. Basically, I’d love to have you giving me head as my alarm clock every morning. I can’t think of a better possible way to start my day.”


“You asked.”

“You couldn’t think of anything better?” she asks incredulously.

“Hey, we have a ‘no lie’ zone so I told the truth.”

“So is that what you expect?”


“Of course, truthfully, considering the afore mentioned ‘no lie zone’”

“Expect…no. Want…yes.”

“I see.”

It’s easy to see Lukus has had enough talking. While Tiff is still distracted trying to process his answer to the game, Lukus manages to roll her over onto her tummy, effortlessly lifting her so she’s kneeling in the middle of the bed. Lukus takes up his place directly behind her, pressing his body hard against her naked back. He has full access to her body in this position and he wastes no time in grabbing her right breast in his right hand, squeezing her full boob tightly, dragging a moan from his captive. His left hand treks lower to cup her mound, placing the heel of his hand hard against her clit, making sure to grind hard enough to bring her quickly to the edge.

Tiff is just able to reach her arms behind her back, snaking her hands between their bodies to successfully grasp Lukus’ growing cock. He feels decadently large in every way…long and thick and soon, she hopes he’ll add wet to her list of descriptive adjectives. They spend a few long seconds making sure the other is ready for their coupling, before hot desire overflows and Tiffany finds her upper body pushed to the bed, leaving her ass high in the air. Lukus uses his leg to spread her knees wider apart. She briefly acknowledges to herself that she must make quite a sight for Lukus from behind. He uses the tip of his cock to make several paths up and down her drenched slit, making sure she’s ready for him.

Tiffany is holding her breath…knowing his hopefully forceful insertion is only seconds away. When Lukus finally takes her, he claims her hard and fast in a decisive manner that leaves no room for doubt that he’s claiming her body as his own. He’s pulled out slowly, only to crush forward again and again several times, before he suddenly stops, pulling out of Tiff completely.

“Holy fuck. You have me so distracted I forgot to put on a condom. I’m so sorry, Baby.”

Tiff is hanging by a thread and the abrupt delay of game in unwelcome. She reassures him breathlessly, desperate for him to be back inside her. “It’s okay, Lukus. I’m protected. You don’t need to use a condom. I won’t get pregnant.”

She can’t see his expression from her facedown position, but it takes a few seconds before she feels him moving to the edge of the bed to lean over to the nightstand and grab a foil-wrapped packet. Only then does she realize how much she doesn’t want him to use a condom. She wants…no…she needs to feel him inside of her…all of him… to feel him shoot his cum deep inside, only to have it drip out in their post-coital snuggling. “Lukus, please. I promise. You don’t need to use a condom, honey.”

She hears the reluctance in his voice. “Baby, I can’t wait to get rid of them too…but… I haven’t been tested in several months and while I always use protection, I still won’t put you at risk. I need to make sure I won’t be putting you in danger when I stop using them.”

An unexpected and intense wave of jealously washes over Tiffany at the realization that he needs to be tested because he’s been with so many other partners he could put her in danger. The truth is a virtual smack across her face, acting as a cold bucket of water. She manages to roll to her side, curling up into a fetal position.

‘I wonder how many women he’s slept with in his life? I can count the number of men I’ve been with on one hand. Who am I kidding? He’s probably with that many women in a week. Hell, down on the stage, he could have that many in one night.’

“Alright Tiff. That’s enough. No sulking.”

“I’m not sulking. I’m just tired. I think we should go back to sleep.”

In the blink of an eye, Lukus has her flat on her back, trapping her as he straddles her at the waist. He quickly wrestles her arms high and wide to pin her to the bed…hovering close over her. Tiffany feels his hard tool pressing between their bodies, but it’s the hard glint in his eyes that keeps her attention. They stare each other down for several long seconds. She can feel his dominating gaze seeping through every inch of her body, leaving a warm glow in its wake.

“You’re a terrible liar, Baby and so you’d better be warned. I know I promised to go slow, but this exquisite ass of yours is about to find out how serious I am about punishing you for lying. Tell me…now…what’s going through that beautiful head of yours?”

Tiff knows she should be happy for a last reprieve, but there’s a small part of her that’s aware of why she’s so on edge. She knows it’s only a matter of time before Lukus takes things to the next level and there’s a part of her that wonders if it might just be easier to get it over with…to feel the sting of his hand on her ass and find out once and for all how the intense feelings of desire she feels when reading about or watching another woman’s submissive punishment translates to her real world. Before meeting Lukus, it was a casual curiosity. Now she knows her reaction to, and tolerance for, punishments will make or break their budding relationship.

Unwilling to risk finding an answer she may regret, she submits truthfully. “You know why I’m upset Lukus. I know I have no right whatsoever to feel this way, but I find myself wanting to scratch the eyes out of every woman you’ve been with before tonight. I’m not naive and it’s completely unreasonable, but it’s how I feel.” Now that he has her talking, she’s on a roll. Her voice is escalating. “Worse yet…I know it’s not even possible to track them all down because I somehow suspect the number is at minimum in double-digits…hell maybe triple-digits over your lifetime and that alone totally freaks me out.”

His smug grin is irritating. “Thank you.”

“For what? Being an irrational green-eyed twit?”

His hearty laugh has a calming effect. “No, Baby. For telling the truth, even though you didn’t want to. For what it’s worth, no one has ever made me feel like you do, Tiff. Now come here… I’m gonna reward you.”

“So you’re taking the condom off? I really do want to feel your cum inside me, Lukus.”

Tiff can see his eyes this time as he hovers over her, still restraining her limbs. She sees the flash of temptation there before the resolve returns. “Don’t push me. I’ll always do what I need to do to keep you safe.”

Talk time is over. Lukus dives down to suck her nipple into his mouth while still pinning her immobile against the bed. All thoughts of jealousy evaporate as he works his magic on her body. He has her primed and ready for him again in no time. Rather than simply taking her as they lay, Lukus pulls her up to maneuver her back to her hands and knees before pulling her upper body upright, leaving their bodies pressed flush against each other as they kneel in the middle of his massive bed.

Lukus has the advantage as her back presses against his muscular chest, leaving his hands free to roam between her full breasts and exposed pussy and every inch of her skin in between. In her hazed excitement, Tiff throws her head back against his shoulder, turning in to suck and kiss his neck as he rolls her nipples between his fingers, pinching slightly harder and harder with each second. Tiff keeps waiting for the pain to become unbearable, but it never happens. There’s only pleasure.

She wonders if she’s imagining things when she feels Lukus trembling, but she has no time to evaluate it before he thrusts her forward onto all fours and plunges his cock into her hard, filling her completely in one fluid insertion. His loud grunts as he fucks her hard mix with her sexually charged whimpers as he sets a punishingly fast pace.

Tiff is vaguely aware of the nearly obscene sounds filling the room as their bodies slap hard against each other. She feels him lean forward, capturing her wrists in his hands and forcefully pulling her hands out from under her, mashing her face into the bed while he pulls her arms back to trap them in one hand at the small of her back. The submissive position, along with his forceful fucking, combine to drive her to the edge of the cliff, ready to free-fall into a powerful orgasm with just a few more thrusts. She’s so close…but it’s an unexpected forceful spank to her bare ass with Lukus’ strong right hand that throws her over the cliff.

She feels his second solid slap connecting with her exposed bottom just as her pussy begins to convulse with powerful contractions, gripping Lukus’ thick cock harder as his hand rains down yet again in the same tender place on her butt.

“Oh fuck yeah, Tiff. That’s it, Baby. Squeeze me. Come for me again.”

Tiffany’s whimpers turn into a full-fledged scream as Lukus’ hand connects with her ass with the hardest swat yet. In her orgasmic haze, she feels Lukus still while seated deep inside of her. She realizes he’s stopped, thinking he’s hurt her.

“Oh no…don’t stop…I need more. Please Lukus…again.”

She hears what sounds like a relieved whoosh while feeling him pull completely out of her body before thrusting forward hard and fast. He fucks her thoroughly, bringing her ever closer to her next release before switching hands to spank her left ass cheek in the same way he had her right just minutes before. This time she can’t contain her rant as she drives over the cliff, free-falling again.

“Oh yes, honey. Thank you….that’s it…. I want more…more…more.” Tiffany’s multiple ‘mores’ are coming in rhythm with Lukus’ thrusts inside her body. He manages to add playful swats to her now-turning-pink ass in the same perfect rhythm until he’s driving over the cliff himself. Grabbing both of her hips tightly, he buries himself as deep inside as he can get as he shoots hot ropes of cum into the resented condom.

Lukus stays deep inside her as he catches his breath, finally managing to flop them over onto their sides, taking up a classic spooning position, making sure to nestle Tiff tightly against him. Tiff can hear how labored his breath is and knows he got a good workout servicing her so intimately. They remain silently locked together long enough for his now flaccid cock to slip out of Tiffany’s wet folds just before she detects the slow even breathing of a sleeping Lukus.

Tiff quietly extricates herself from his protective arms long enough to remove the offending condom, tossing it into the nearby wastebasket on her way to the bathroom. She turns on a small spotlight over the whirlpool tub to avoid glaring brightness as she readies a warm washcloth she plans to use first on her face and then to clean up Lukus’ cum-covered cock when she returns to bed.

‘I have plans for him in the morning.’

Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she’s stunned to see the sex-mussed, confidently sated woman staring back at her in the mirror. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a few short hours since she was last standing here…willing herself to stay calm in light of finding Lukus’ treasure chest of sex toys. She’s gotten answers to so many questions in the last few hours. She says a quiet prayer of thanks she’d been brave enough to stay. Brave enough to retire as a voyeur and plunge into real life.

As if needing proof the last few amazing hours haven’t just been some figment of her imagination, Tiff turns her body so she can see her pink ass in the reflection of the long mirror. The faint hand marks marking her ass are real. It’s the proof she needs to know she’s now on a new path.

‘I guess I got my answer. If a real spanking is anything close to how wonderful those swats were, he can spank me every single day. The man is truly amazing.’


Brianna stirs awake as the early morning rays of sunlight peek through the wall of bedroom windows. The inviting sunlight warms the room. Between the sun and her naked husband pressed tightly against her back, Bri is toasty warm…and utterly content. The only thing that could make this morning better would be if Markus were still seated inside of her.

Bri takes the quiet time to reflect back on the last few event filled days of her life. While things may have turned out okay in the end, she knows just how very lucky she is that Markus has forgiven her for her foolish and dangerous actions. In fact, it’s better than simply being forgiven. The truth about her secret sexual desires is finally out in the open and instead of being angry, he’s prepared to take his place as not only her husband, but now her Dom and HoH as well.

But…beneath her calm facade, her guilt is still there…hanging on in the recesses of her mind…reminding her she may not deserve to be forgiven after her truly unforgivable act of infidelity. The fact that Markus is able to put the whole incident behind them makes her that much more grateful to have him in her life.

It only takes her a few seconds to realize that she owes all of her thanks to one man…one sexy, extraordinary man…Lukus Mitchell. While the well-deserved punishments she suffered at his hands were frightening and painful, she knows it was the depth of his experience in the BDSM lifestyle that made him the perfect person to help save her marriage. If Lukus hadn’t recognized her own need to be dominated and gone out of his way to enlighten Markus about the secret needs of his wayward wife, Bri knows this weekend would be ending very differently. Without Lukus’ help, she would most likely be moving out of the home she shares with Markus in the suburbs as he began divorce proceedings. Instead, she’s laying in her husband’s arms…the feel of his corrective punishment still warming her bottom, reminding her she is very lucky and loved.

The fact she could have been married to Markus for over three years and never have met his best friend speaks volumes to Bri about just how desperately Markus had wanted to conceal his past life as a Dom to his first wife, Georgie. Reflecting back to their discussion the night before, Bri has to admit that it’s both exciting and troubling at the same time to know that Markus is capable of such strong domination. Last night she got just a glimpse of him in a role she’d only dreamed of and it’s both thrilling and scary to think about how their marriage is going to change as they start down this new path together. They’ve always enjoyed a good sex life, but Bri can only imagine how much better it’s going to get by introducing BDSM into their daily lives.

“Good morning, beautiful. Penny for your thoughts.”

Bri had been so lost in thought, she’d missed her husband rousing awake. She feels him hugging her tighter against his body and giggles when she feels his semi-hard erection already growing against her ass.

“Good morning, Markus. I was just thinking about how very lucky I am.”

“I’m guessing your poor ass isn’t feeling quite as lucky this morning and if it is, maybe I didn’t do a good enough job punishing you last night.”

“Oh, no. You definitely did a good enough job. Between you and Lukus, I’m pretty sure my ass isn’t going to get back to normal for a few days.”

“Sorry, but I think you’re gonna have to get used to a new normal, my dear.” Markus nibbles on her neck as he snuggles in closer.

Bri chuckles softly. “I was just thinking about that too, Sir.”

“Damn, I love hearing you say that, sweetheart.” Markus allows his right hand to find the swell of her hip, gently stroking down to her ass…his touch possessive.

“I love saying it. It still feels a bit like a dream. Like I’m going to wake up and be back down in that cage.”

“I wish you’d stop reminding me of that. I left you here to be punished, but I didn’t know he’d put you in a fucking cage. I’m not proud of walking out on you…leaving you here alone knowing what you were gonna go through.”

“Markus, let’s not go over this again. I understand how upset you were. I deserved what happened to me. It’s what had to happen for us to not only get past my infidelity, but more importantly it set things in motion for us to understand how we need to introduce D/s into our marriage. How else could you have ever forgiven me?”

With a sigh, Markus sits up, flipping her onto her back, quickly lifting her arms above her head, sitting across her waist, trapping her against the bed in a flash. “You’re right of course, but I still don’t have to like it. In fact, speaking of forgiving, we agreed there would be no more secrets. Well, there’s one more thing that’s still bothering me that we haven’t talked about yet. I need to get it off my chest because it really hurt me.”

Bri can see the flicker of anger cross his face and knows she’d been too optimistic thinking they could put her infidelity behind them so quickly. She can see now it’s going to take more time before Markus truly forgives her. She can’t blame him.

‘I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it up to him. I love him so much.’

Markus lets several tense seconds pass by before finally voicing his concern. “How many times have I asked you to try anal sex?”

Bri’s heart rate shoots up. She should have anticipated this. “I don’t know, honey, but I know what you’re thinking.”

“Do you? Really? I somehow doubt it.”

“I didn’t ask him to…really. I said no. He didn’t listen.”

“I don’t give a shit. That was mine, Brianna. That bastard took what’s MINE.”

“It still is yours, Markus. He just used toys. You can still be my first.”

He doesn’t look placated. “Do you know how conflicted I was last night when I saw you had a plug in on stage? I’ve wanted to do that to you for years and you would never let me and then in the space of one day I had to listen to that prick fucking your virgin ass with a dildo and then see that my best friend had plugged you too. When I hit the stage, I didn’t know if I should yank it out and fuck you or wail on your ass for letting someone else take that away from me.”

Trying to defuse the situation, Bri tries to make him smile. “Maybe you should do both.” She adds a sexy smile to her words.

She can see Markus fighting it. He’s trying hard to stay mad, but within a few long seconds, he’s grinning back at her. “Maybe I should.”

Before she knows what’s happening, Markus has rolled to the edge of the bed, pulling her along with him. She’s not really sure what he’s up to until he pulls her to the corner of the room, near a large comfortable looking cushioned chair with an oversized ottoman. Under different circumstances, it looks like the kind of a comfy chair that Bri could lose herself in for a few hours, reading a good romance novel. Today, she suspects that’s not what Markus has in mind. He releases her hand long enough to push the chair out into the middle of the bedroom before reaching back to grasp her hand again, pulling her forward.

“I thought about taking you down to the stage this morning to use some of Lukus’ punishment furniture, but decided I’d rather not wait. We can improvise.”

Only now does it really dawn on her what he’s up to. “Oh you can’t be serious. Not now…I mean I’m not ready. There’s plenty of time after we get home.”

Markus is quickly framing her face in his hands, holding it and her gaze firmly in place. “I realize it’s gonna take us both some time to get used to the changes in the dynamics of our marriage, Bri, but you seem to forget that I’m your Dom now or was this all just a game to you?”

His question catches her off-guard and Bri is suddenly light-headed. “It’s no game, Markus.” She can hear the quiver in her voice as she softly answers.

“Sir. When we’re in the bedroom or talking about either sex or punishments, I’m Sir…unless…”

The pause is long enough that she has to ask. “Unless what?”

“Unless you’re looking for a Master. We haven’t really talked about the nuances between M/s and D/s yet, and honestly, I’m too impatient this morning. That discussion can wait, but we are going to have it….and soon.”

Bri is relieved. She’s in no emotional position to talk about such heavy topics this morning. She’s already feeling too off base with the whole anal discussion to add more to the mix. She confirms with a simple. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now…do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you.”

“Do you really? Because when you argue back, it seems to me like you don’t trust me to know what’s best for you. Whose decision is it to decide what we’re going to do this morning?”

Brianna’s breathing is getting shorter with each passing second. Her brain is shouting at her to argue back. To tell him that it’s her body and she’s not prepared for him to take her ass. Luckily the rest of her body is able to shout down her brain. She’s waited for years for her husband to take charge of her… to dominate her and take what belongs to him…to protect her and hold her accountable…to punish her when she needs correction. As frightening as the idea is, she can’t deny the warm glow invading every part of her body as Markus asserts his authority over her. “It’s your decision, Sir.”

“That’s right, it is. I’ve decided that I’ve waited long enough to claim my wife’s ass.”

Letting go of her face, Markus pulls Bri forward, quickly draping her body across the low-backed cushioned chair. It’s the perfect height for her to lay across as it lifts her ass up high while still allowing her feet to stay on the ground. Her face is mashed into the seat cushions and she immediately feels open and vulnerable…submissive feelings invade.

Bri is hit by a sudden panic. “Sir, please. At least let me go freshen up for you…I mean…what if…”

“I couldn’t care less, Bri.”

“But, I haven’t showered since yesterday afternoon. I really think…”

With a series of quick slaps to her punished ass, Markus cuts her off. “I said enough. I’m going to take you…exactly as you are.”

She hears Markus walking away and uses the time alone to conjure up the submissive feelings she’d felt when Lukus had plugged her ass the day before. It had never actually hurt and, at times, had even felt good. She tries to focus on those feelings to keep from panicking. She tries to push down the knowledge that Markus’ cock is easily twice as long and thick as the plug Lukus had used on her as punishment the day before.

‘He isn’t going to hurt me. He loves me. He may push my limits, but Markus is never going to hurt me.’

He’s back too quickly. She’s surprised when he grabs her wrists and pulls her arms behind her back, leaving little support for her body. Only now does she realize how much she needs to pee as most of her weight is now pressing down on her bladder, which happens to be exactly where the chair is supporting her. She’s going to have to fight to hold it because she knows better than to ask again to go to the bathroom.

She feels Markus attaching leather cuffs to each wrist before linking them together, securing her arms immobile behind her back. She can’t see anything from her vantage point and only has her senses of hearing and touch to go by. Only when she feels him grasping her left ankle to affix an ankle cuff first to her and then to the foot of the chair does she realize he intends to tie her down…open and immobile. He completes the job by attaching her right ankle to the corner of the chair. Submissive desire courses through every inch of her body as she mentally prepares to be claimed by her husband in the most primal way.

It’s comforting when Markus begins to massage her ass gently, taking time to admire some of the remaining welts still adorning her body from her previous punishments. Bri is hit with a confusing feeling of pride…pride that she’d been able to take her punishment like a good girl.

His hand leaves her ass just long enough to gather up some lube of some sort, because the next feeling is his finger pressing at the entrance of her most private hole. She can feel him sliding the slick lube around before gently inserting one finger up to his first knuckle. A moan escapes her at the invasion and she has to admit….so far it feels fantastic. Markus spends several long minutes, intimately preparing his wife to take his cock. He uses plenty of lube and continuously pushes her limits…going deeper…adding additional fingers until he’s finally giving her a fast finger fuck.

“That’s my naughty little girl. You like it don’t you?”

Her breath is labored. “Oh God yes, Sir. I’m your naughty girl.”

“Am I hurting you? If it starts to hurt, you need to say yellow and I’ll slow down.”

“It doesn’t hurt…it just feels so… I don’t know how to describe it. It feels…weird, I guess.”

Markus is chuckling. “Weird, you say. I was hoping for something closer to good…maybe even wonderful”

“How about full?”

“Oh, sweetheart. You’re not even close to full yet, but you will be in a minute. Oh yeah, I think you’re just about ready for me.”

His naughty promise has her pussy creaming. While the ass fingering felt good, her poor clit is feeling neglected and she doubts very much she’s going to be one of those rare women she’s read about who can actually orgasm from anal sex only. Still, she’s excited to give Markus this final part of her body. After all they’ve been through in the last few days, she admits it feels right to be giving this most private part of herself to him while submissively tied down. It’s the perfect demonstration of how drastically their relationship is changing. The old Markus never would have asserted himself after her first objection.

She can feel Markus lining up behind her. The wet lube is lathering his rock-hard cock as he presses the head against her puckered opening. He spends a few seconds trying to insert gently before cautioning her. “Relax, Bri. Let me in. I’m gonna take it slow, but I am going to come deep in your ass this morning.”

She focuses on relaxing and feels him pushing forward…millimeter by millimeter; slowly filling her. Once the head of his cock is past her tight ring, it gets easier as she feels him invading. Still, she’s never felt anything like the sensations washing over her. The physical feelings of fullness are amazing enough, but it’s the emotional tidal wave of total submission that would have knocked her on her ass had she not been supported by the chair. There’s something so humbling about having her ass fucked as Markus slides deeper and deeper. The fullness is borderline painful, yet somehow she’s able to accommodate him.

With relief, she finally feels his balls pressing against her pussy and she knows he’s finally all the way in. He spends a few long seconds holding still…allowing her ass to become accustomed to the invasion. While he holds, balls deep, he grabs both her hips tightly…possessively. He spends several seconds fully seated, only easing out an inch or two before slowly edging forward again and again. He’s taking extra care to make sure she’s accustomed to his size before taking things to the next level.

“You’re so fucking tight, Brianna. You feel like a vise grip on my cock. I can’t even tell you how much this is turning me on. Not just feeling you gripping me, but you should see how beautiful you look right now. Your ass is still red and welted from your punishment…I can see you opening up to take all of me deep. The only thing better would be if I could see your eyes right now. There’ll be mirrors the next time. I’ll get to watch every emotion on your face as you take me deep. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m ready.” Her breath is quick and shallow.

“What are you ready for? Ask me for it.”


“Please, what?

He’s pushed her to the edge and she’s finding coherent thought hard to come by. Forming words is even harder. ” Please…just fuck me. Fuck my ass, Markus.”

Long silent seconds tick by. Through the silence, the next sound she detects is the swish of moving air just before Markus’ hand connects with her tender right ass cheek. The hard swat is unexpected and immediately ignites feelings of both pain and pleasure. Bri lets a loud ‘Oweeeee” escape.

“Want to try that again?”

It doesn’t take Bri more than two seconds to realize her error. “I’m sorry, Sir. Please…fuck my ass, Sir. No…please fuck your ass sir.”

“Perfect. Just as it should be. That’s my good girl. Hold tight, sweetheart.”

She feels him pulling away from her body and the brief emptiness is disarming. In no time, she feels him pressing forward…faster than before, pushing inside in one strong insertion. The power of it takes her breath away. She has no time to react as he pulls out and thrusts forward again…and again…until he’s fucking her in earnest…pulling her hips hard to make sure he hits deep inside her.

In all her life, Brianna has never felt like she feels that very minute. It isn’t that it hurts or even feels bad, it’s just that getting fucked in her most private orifice just feels so naughty…dirty. To have her husband buried deep in her ass is the ultimate in submission for Brianna. Combine the fullness in her ass with the pressure on her bladder and her arms and legs held immobile and Brianna knows she has to be dripping wetness onto the floor below. She can actually feel her pussy throbbing…desperate for some attention.

The manly grunting sounds Markus is making as he claims what is his only add to her own excitement. She can feel his long strokes getting harder and faster and knows he’s getting close to coming. She wants so bad to touch her own clit, and eventually has to ask for her release. “Can you please play with my clit, Sir? I want so bad to come with you, but I’m not going to be able to come without you touching me.”

He’s winded from his exertion. “Oh, sweetheart. I want you to come, but I have a better idea.”

She has no time to understand his intention until she feels the slap of his hand on her ass cheek. He begins her spanking in earnest…holding nothing back. As her ass is already tender, each connection packs a powerful punch, and for the pain slut that she is, the punches have a direct line to her core. She’s flying higher and higher with each hard slap to her ass and in no time, she’s on the brink of an orgasm.

“Are you ready to come with me, sweetheart? I’m gonna come in this tight ass of yours.”

“Oh God….yes…fuck me hard….I need it so bad.”

“Come, baby.” And with his final command, Bri feels him leaning against her back, sliding his left hand over her mound and immediately putting hard pressure on her clit, rubbing it masterfully. The sensations merge to throw her into a strong climax just as she feels the contractions of his cock depositing his ropes of cum deep in her bowels. She vaguely hears her own passionate cry as she lets the wave of ecstasy wash over her.

‘Oh my freaking God, that was awesome. We should have been doing that years ago.’

Apparently Markus is as affected by his powerful orgasm as Bri because he lays heavy across her back, letting the chair…and Bri’s body support them both.

Bri has to squeeze out her request. “Markus, please. I really have to pee. Can you lean up?”

Reluctantly, her husband pushes himself off her, still staying close enough to remain buried in her depths. The tender, soft strokes across her lower back are comforting and intimate, reminding Brianna that this man connected to her intimately is more than her Dom….he’s the man of her dreams.

Eventually, Markus pulls out of her gently. She can’t see him, but she can feel he remains close. It’s silly considering they’ve been married for three years, but she’s suddenly shy…embarrassed because she knows he’s standing there admiring her thoroughly fucked gapping hole.

He confirms her suspicion with a quiet “Absolutely beautiful” comment before she feels him unlocking first her wrist and then her ankle cuffs. He helps her slowly right herself and as soon as she’s upright, sweeps her into his arms ‘bride style’ and heads to the bathroom. Brianna snuggles into the crook of his neck as she throws her arms around him. She’s never felt more loved in her entire life than she does at this very minute. After coming so very close to losing her marriage, she knows she will never again take it for granted. The man cradling her in his muscular arms is it for her.

As he slowly lowers her legs to the floor next to the shower, she tightens her grip around his neck. Holding him close, she spills out her heart. “I love you so much Markus.”

“I know, Bri. I love you too, but you do know things are going to be different. No more secrets.”

“Yes, I know. No more secrets.”

“Okay. Time for a shower. I’m starving and I can’t wait to get you home so we can spend the afternoon in bed.”

Brianna’s heart skips. “That sounds like heaven.”


Lukus is having the best dream he’s had in a long time. It’s so incredible, he doesn’t want to pry his sleep-heavy eyes open, in spite of the bright sunlight he feels hitting his face.

‘Just a few more minutes before I have to wake up and let it end.’

The feel of the slave girl licking his dick like a cherished lollypop is heavenly, and considering how long it’s been since he’s had a top-notch blowjob by someone other than Rachel, he wants to let the dream last as long as possible. In his sleepy haze, Lukus misses the first telltale signs that this is something much more than a dream.

Only when he hears a familiar moan does he jolt awake, immediately snapping his eyes open while propping the top half of his body up on his elbows. His now fully awake consciousness takes in the splendid vision of a naked Tiffany, kneeling submissively between his legs. She has the base of his hard cock firmly in her left hand, stroking him, while she uses her tongue like a pro, teasing the pre-cum from his slit with a gentle swish of her tongue before opening wide to suck the first few inches of his shaft into her warm mouth.

‘Holy fuck, she’s giving me my alarm-clock wish.’

Lukus closes his eyes while emitting a blissful groan, throwing his head back and taking a long minute to simply enjoy the feel of Tiffany’s intimate morning wake-up call. His heart rate is increasing in time to the speed of Tiffany’s increasing thrusts of his dick into her wet mouth. After enjoying a few minutes of tactile heaven, Lukus’ physical desire takes a back seat to his visual desire. As he re-opens his eyes, he takes another long minute to simply admire her. With her facing him, he has an unfettered view as her heavy breasts swing in time with her sucking strokes. Lukus wishes his arms were long enough to reach out and squeeze her perky tits, but he’s too content to sit up.

“Eyes. I want to see your eyes, Baby.”

If he hadn’t already been laying down, the expression shining back at him as she slowly brings her ocean-blue eyes up to meet his intensive gaze would have had the power to knock him on his ass. Her eyes are shining with a perfect mix of innocence, submission and sass. Truly, he’s never known any other woman who could convey so very much with just their eyes and right now her peepers tell him she’s very much enjoying giving him a little slice of his nirvana. In fact, she pauses her thrusts just long enough to let her mouth, completely full of hard man-meat, form into the most mischievous, if somewhat lopsided, smile…a twinkle in her eye.

‘Oh, you little minx. You know exactly what you’re doing, don’t you?’

A pang of something close to jealously hits Lukus as he has an unwelcome vision of her practicing in the past by waking up Justin, or Jeffrey or whatever the fuck his name is with this same personal treatment. The emotions that the stray thought stirs are foreign to the Dom. Hell, he’s always been more than willing to share the women he’s been with, often times allowing other Doms to partake of his sub-of-the-week on stage while he watched.

It’s not lost on him that he’s previously taken pride in his utter lack of jealousy where women were concerned, going so far as to privately ridicule Masters who would guard their subs so closely they’d never allow anyone to so much as touch them. The fact he’s pretty sure he’d gut the first guy to so much as touch a hair on Tiff’s head tells him just how much trouble he might be getting himself into.

These new feelings have Lukus off-base and in a very uncharacteristic unguarded moment, he let’s his first thought blurt out, his jealous resentment seeping into his tone. “You’re pretty good at this, Tiff. I’d love to know more about all the men you’ve been practicing on? Seems like you’ve really been able to hone your oral skills.”

He sees a quick flicker of hurt flash through her eyes, but it’s immediately pushed aside by unmistakable anger. She quickly kneels up, letting his now free, hard cock slap back against his muscular stomach with a wet plop. He can see he’s made a tactical mistake with his careless comment.

“Seriously? This…. coming from the man who had to use a condom last night because he’s been with so many other women, he might put me at risk. Can you say hypocrite?” There are almost visible sparks flying off Tiff as she lets him have it.

Lukus is stunned into a brief silence. He’s not exactly sure whom he’s most angry with at the moment…himself for being such an insensitive clod or Tiffany for daring to talk to him in that sassy tone. He has to take a deep breath to collect his thoughts before he makes things even worse.

When he speaks, he’s back in control. “Be careful, little girl. You may be right I was an ass to say that, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk to me in that tone.”

“The hell it doesn’t, Lukus. I realize you may be used to women cowering at your feet, ready to blindly do your bidding without talking back, but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to actually earn the right to expect that from me. You were right last night and I loved that you didn’t let me get away with sulking and acting like a jealous bitch. Well buddy, the shoe’s on the other foot. I’m not gonna let you get away with purposefully hurting or humiliating me. If you say something stupid, I’m gonna call you on it…in or out of the bedroom. I think you need to decide if you’re going to be able to live with that.”

To help make her point, Tiff has crossed her arms in front of her chest as she looks down on Lukus laying before her…an expectant look on her face. She’s clearly waiting to see if he’s going to acquiesce. With each passing long second of their showdown, he detects an increasing trembling in her limbs, yet she somehow manages to maintain her composure while staring down at him.

‘Damn, she’s good at this.’

He should be furious with her for talking to him like she did…for standing up to him and in his bedroom…hell…in his bed no less. As Lukus truthfully examines his emotions, he finds fury is not among the dangerous mix of feelings coursing through him. Anger yes…but not all of it is aimed at the beautiful blonde with the sex-messed hair and swollen lips not-so-patiently waiting.

More than anger, he has to acknowledge the strongest sentiment coursing through him is excitement. Excitement he’s found a woman with an amazing mix of strength and submission…of tenacity and vulnerability…of lusty sexiness and tender innocence. How she manages to wrap all of the divergent parts of herself together in that amazingly beautiful wrapper is a mystery to Lukus, but he knows one thing for damn sure. He’d be the biggest idiot to ever walk this earth to let her get away from him. With that simple realization, a strange calm settles into the Dom’s chest and he knows what he needs to do.

“Tiffany. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

She can barely contain her surprise at his words. He hears her relieved sigh exposing just how afraid she’d been that she was about to lose the gamble she’d made in taking a stand. Now that she’s won, she’s suddenly unsure how to proceed. It’s clear to Lukus she hadn’t expected him to apologize and it makes him even more glad that he had.

Lukus takes advantage of her momentary confusion to take back control. Quickly sitting up and hugging her to him, he manages to roll them over to the far side of the king-sized bed, trapping Tiffany beneath him, their faces just a few inches apart. “Now, Miss O’Sullivan, I’d like to get back to where we were before I carelessly ruined the mood. I love that you woke me up like that and I’m truly sorry I had a moment of…what did you call it last night? Being a green-eyed twit? Can we agree I’m more like a green-eyed lion? My roar can be a bit much at times, I know. And anyway, twit just doesn’t seem to fit me at all.” He lets a mischievous smile play at his lips trying to win her over.

He knows she’s forgiven him when she taunts back. “I think I’ll stick with a shark…a rather large toothed, green-eyed, circling shark. I still feel like I’m swimming in the deep end of the tank with every conversation we have, Lukus.”

Lukus let’s his smile turn predatory. “Well, you’re proving to be an excellent swimmer, Baby. Never fear. You’re safe from the shark…at least for now.” Lukus swoops in to capture her mouth in a tender kiss. He’s surprised she is trying to pull out of the kiss.

“Hold on. I need to go brush my teeth. I have morning breath.”

“Who the hell cares? So do I. Anyway, it’s time to restart where you left off with my morning wake-up call.” Lukus has rolled off Tiff and is laying on his back, giving her access to his semi-hard erection again. When Tiff doesn’t move to resume his blowjob he turns in time to see her with a naughty smile adorning her face. “I see. You’re gonna play hard to get now, is that it?”

“Well things didn’t work out so hot when I took charge.”

“I can solve that problem.” Lukus rolls, quickly lifting Tiffany’s arms above her head. “Hold onto the headboard rails, Baby. Don’t let go.” He adds another pillow under her head, lifting her face to a 45-degree angle from the bed. Lukus moves to the head of the bed and swings his leg over Tiffany’s body in a way that puts his cock right in front of her mouth. He’s able to look down, his eyes locking with Tiffany’s own lust filled gaze as he holds onto the headboard himself to keep from putting too much weight on her. He likes that this position puts him in complete control over not only the tempo, but also the depth of his thrusts into Tiffany’s waiting mouth.

Placing the tip of his cock against her lips, Lukus coaxes her. “Open up, Baby.” It only takes a long second for her to open slightly, sticking her tongue out to tentatively lick his cock. He allows her a few seconds to become accustomed to the position before pushing gently forward, forcing several inches of expanding cock into her warm mouth. She hasn’t taken her eyes off his own and once again, he can see the emotions playing across her face.

Several minutes go by with Lukus slowly…gently…playing with Tiff, allowing her plenty of time to lick and suck playfully while Lukus enjoys the slow build up. With each passing second, the growing intimacy between them is working its magic to connect them in ways much more profound than skin deep. There’s something special about staring into the eyes of this amazing woman as she has his cock in her mouth that shakes a deep dormant place awake inside Lukus. He’s had dozens of women perform this very same act on him over the years, but never…not once…did it feel like this. In the past, it’s always been about two things; dominance and sexual release. Today, there’s an important third ingredient added to the mix. It’s the unfamiliar emotional connection to Tiff that’s making it extraordinary.

Her eyes broadcast when she’s ready for more. He begins to push farther with each thrust…holding himself deeper inside her mouth, waiting longer each pass before pulling out. He’s watching her carefully for her reaction. He’s searching for her comfort line…the moment where she’ll panic that she can’t breathe freely or when she begins to gag on his tool, causing a deeper panic. Lukus’ job, as a Dom, is to push her just past that line.

When Tiff closes her eyes, he quickly corrects her. “Open. Always open, Baby.”

Tiff quickly complies. He can see her pupils flare at his command. Her expression acts as an addictive drug to the Dom. He needs more. “That’s it. You need to trust me now. I’m gonna push you, but know I’ll never hurt you.”

She can’t talk with her mouth full, but he sees her trust in him shining in her eyes as he presses deeper, holding longer. Tiffany’s gagging sounds as she struggles to take him deeper and deeper is like an aphrodisiac for Lukus. He pulls out allowing her to take a deep, gasping breath and loves to see the string of drool keeping his cock connected to her mouth. A sudden surge of power overcomes him and he thrusts forward again, pressing deeper into her tight throat.

“Good girl. Swallow me…deeper.” Her eyes are watering, serving to only enhance her vulnerability before him. He watches the stray tear trek down her cheek as he reaches down with his left hand to stroke her sex-mussed hair gently…his gentle intimacy in direct conflict with the deep-throat fucking he’s giving her. After letting her take another gasping breath, Lukus holds the back of Tiff’s head with his next strong insertion, holding her head immobile, unable to pull away from the thick intrusion invading her throat. Panic flares in her eyes as he presses deeper.

“It’s okay. Breathe through your nose. I’ve got you.”

He hears her following his direction and can see the panic receding from her eyes as she receives the precious air. The panic is replaced with a pleased satisfaction as she’s able to follow his direction. She swallows and the strong squeezing of his cock in her tight throat almost pushes him over the edge. He hates he’s already getting close to shooting his wad. He wants to make this last for hours. The gurgling noises Tiff is making as she struggles to accommodate not only his long shaft, but deal with the copious drool being produced pushes him even closer to coming.

In an attempt to stave off the inevitable, Lukus pulls out to give her another long breath, the long strings of drool now spilling out on her chin, painting the most exquisite picture of submission for the Dom. His control is slipping. His dominance is flaring. The two fuse into action. He’s quickly fucking her mouth deeper and faster than before…setting a punishing pace. The panic is returning to her eyes and he immediately backs it off.

‘Dammit Mitchell, get control. You’re gonna scare the shit out of her. There’s plenty of time. Slow it down.’

As he resumes a slower, more shallow pace, he can see annoyance has replaced fear in her eyes. For the first time, she let’s go of the railings to push him away.

After taking a few long seconds to gasp for precious air, Tiff pants out at him in a huff. “Don’t slow down. I trust you, Lukus.”

His relief and pride surge forward. “Sir. When I’m face fucking you…dominating you…I’m Sir. I’ll be Lukus again after I come.”

Tiffany’s playful grin tells him she understands the rules to the game. Still, her reply is soft… tentative…as if she’s trying it out to see how it sounds. “Yes, Sir.” She nails it.

“Oh fuck, yeah. That’s my girl. Now take it deep.” He doesn’t need to tell Tiff to hold onto the rails again. She takes up her submissive position naturally. He feels her anticipation of what’s to come as he begins to push her harder and harder…each stroke deeper…longer until she’s struggling beautifully to take the punishing pace. Her eyes flare with pride as she keeps up with his every thrust…meeting him stroke for stroke.

“I’m so close. I’m gonna shoot my cum deep in your throat Tiff and you’re going to swallow every single drop, do you hear me? If I tell you to ‘show’ you’ll stop swallowing and open your mouth and show me my cum that’s washing your mouth…waiting to slide down your throat. I want to watch you slurp up every single drop. You think you can do that, Baby?”

His answer comes in the form of her attempting to answer with his dick shoved in her throat. It results in the most heavenly gurgling vibrations that finally pushes him over the cliff into a powerful orgasm. He let’s the first two strong ropes of cum spurt out, depositing them deep down her throat. It feels so good, he has to force himself to pull out slightly to place the next two spurts into her waiting, warm mouth. He can see her struggling with the load and tests her.


For some adorable reason, Tiff decides now is when she’s going to get shy. After all of the intense things they’ve done together, he watches as she turns a cute shade of pink, blushing as she opens her mouth tentatively, sticking her spunk covered tongue out slightly. There’s still enough there, it’s starting to drip down her chin as she holds her mouth open, perfectly submissive.

‘Damn, she’s perfect. I’m in so much trouble here.’

“Swallow.” After she manages to get down all in her mouth, Lukus seductively uses his finger to scoop up the drops threatening to get away as they dribble down her chin. He places his cum filled finger on her lips and she opens up, giving him entry to deposit the remaining load in her mouth, forcing her to suck his fingers clean for several long seconds. Once done, she begins to let go of the rails.

“Tsk, tsk. I didn’t tell you to move yet, Baby. You have one more important thing to do before you’re done.”

Letting actions speak louder than words, he leans forward again, placing his deflating cock at her lips. “Clean me up. That’s a submissive’s job, to always make sure her Master’s cock is all cleaned off after each servicing.”

Apparently she takes her role very seriously as she almost attacks his tool. She takes a few seconds to pull away so she can mumble a quick, ‘Yes, Sir.”

When she has him cleaned up, Lukus flops down next to her, pulling her into his arms to hold her gently. ” Come here, Baby. That was absolutely amazing. Did I hurt you?”

“God no. I got a little scared there for a few minutes, but really…I’ve been waiting for you to do that…wanting you to do it since you tied me down in the audience pit. I was hoping you’d come back and just face-fuck me there and then when I was tied up and couldn’t get away from you.”

Lukus is chuckling. “You need to tell me these things. I can’t read your mind.”

“I don’t know. You seem to being a pretty good job of it so far.”

“Really? Good to know.” Her answer pleases the Dom. “So…you gonna tell me what you want to happen next, or want me to guess?”

Her playful chuckle reminds Lukus he’s doing something with a woman he hasn’t done in…well he doesn’t remember. He’s snuggling after having slept in on a Sunday morning, playfully bantering with an amazing intelligent woman who just happens to be the sexiest woman he’s ever met.

‘A guy could get used to this.’

“I think you should guess.” Her voice is playful.

“Okay… let’s see. You want me to roll you over and suck on your clit until you come too?”

“Close…even tempting…but sadly no.”

“No? You’re turning down a Lukus Mitchell tongue bath?”

“When you put it that way…wait no…I’ll take a rain check. What I really want more than anything is a trip to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth and then some hot breakfast. I’m starving, aren’t you?”

“Wow, you really are the perfect woman. You give me a mind-blowing blowjob and then you wanna feed me.”

“Oh, no. I think you misunderstood. I’m the guest here. You’re gonna feed me.” She’s tracing her fingers across his skin as she lays close to him, using his hard chest for her pillow. He misses seeing her expressive eyes.

“I already fed you.”

“Hey, that was just an appetizer. I need the main course.”

Chuckling, Lukus starts to roll away to finally get up. He reaches back to help Tiff from the bed. They take a minute to embrace, enjoying the feel of the other’s naked body in their arms.

“Okay, you get started in there first and I’ll come join you in the shower in a few minutes. I’m gonna find some clothes for us.”

“You’re gonna come in the bathroom with me?” He detects a quiver in her voice.

“Yes. I can’t use the guest bath since I suspect Brianna and Markus will be up soon, if they aren’t already.”

“But…I mean.”

Lukus reaches to cup her face in his hands, making it impossible for her to look away from him. “Enough. I know what you’re thinking, but that’s the way it’s gonna be for us, Baby. No lines. No secrets. Now go.”

She looks like she might argue back for a few seconds, but instead surprises him with a quiet “Yes, Sir” instead. She turns to head to the bathroom and he deposits a quick swat on her ass, eliciting the most wonderful squeal.

‘Better hang on tight, Mitchell. I get the feeling you’ve just jumped on a roller coaster that’s gonna be both exciting and terrifying. It’s a good thing you’ve always loved coasters.’


The smell of bacon and coffee waft through the air as Brianna and Markus finally emerge from the guest room, freshly showered. Markus grabs Bri’s hand possessively as they make their way to the kitchen to join Lukus and Tiffany. As much as he’d have preferred to stay in bed all day with his wayward wife, the hunger in the pit of his stomach mixed with the curiosity of what had transpired between Lukus and Tiffany the night before finally entice him out of their bedroom. Markus doesn’t need to talk to his best friend to know he’d scored last night with Tiff. He’d heard them fucking loud and clear from all the way down the hall around five this morning.

‘I hope I didn’t make a mistake talking Lukus into giving Tiffany a chance. I’m gonna kick his ass if he hurts her….not to mention, Bri is gonna kill me if she finds out I had a role to play in getting Tiff’s heart broken.’

The thought of a broken hearted Tiffany evaporates as they round the corner and catch their first glimpse of Lukus and Tiff. Tiffany is sitting on a high-backed bar stool, legs spread as Lukus stands in front of her, pressing in tightly….one hand molded against her ass, the other cradling her neck, pulling her closer as they make out like teenagers on prom night. Only the smoke billowing out of the near-by frying pan can tear Markus’ attention away from the unexpected spectacle.

“Jesus Christ. You two trying to burn down the loft?”

Lukus snaps out of their embrace to quickly rescue the burning bacon. “Fuck. I hate burned bacon.”

“And I thought you said you were a good cook? Looks like you could use a few cooking lessons.” Tiffany is taunting him. Between bacon flipping, Lukus shoots her a ‘you’re in trouble young lady’ look that should bring a halt to any teasing, but one flash of her bright smile has Lukus melting into his own grin.

Tiffany’s playful giggle catches Markus’ attention. He’s known Tiff for years and he’s glad to hear her genuine Tiffany laughter indicating nothing untoward has upset her…yet. Yet her laughter seems out of place…odd. It takes Markus a few seconds to figure out why.

Over the years, he’s been around Lukus and many…hell maybe dozens of women, but never once was one looking so at home while lounging in one of Lukus’ dress shirts. More importantly, Tiff is sitting watching Lukus cook instead of actually doing the cooking. In general, she looks like she belongs here and that in-and-of-itself is unusual. It’s her next sentence that almost blows his mind.

“Honey, can you pour me some more coffee? You may burn bacon, but you make a mean cup of joe.”

‘Honey? WTF? Lukus waiting on her? I think we’ve entered the Twilight Zone. Someone swapped out Lukus with an imposter over night.’

Feet planted firm in his disbelieve, Markus feels Bri pull her hand away and he watches his wife rush forward to greet her best friend.

“Morning Tiff. I’m so glad to see you’re still here.” Markus can see his wife’s mischievous grin as she greets her friend before she turns to address her host “Breakfast smells wonderful. Have any coffee to spare, Lukus?”

Lukus reaches for another mug, filling a coffee for Bri and delivering both steaming cups to the ladies.

“Your coffee, Mrs. Lambert.” Lukus plays it up with a playful bow as he serves their coffee, planting a quick kiss to her cheek in the form of a greeting.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” Even from his distance, Markus can see the twinkle in his wife’s eyes as she banters with Lukus. A twinge of jealousy hits Markus, but he immediately pushes it down as he replays a vision of their time on the stage the night before. Had Bri flashed one of her flirty smiles at any other man, Markus would have dropped them on the spot, but if the last forty-eight hours have taught him anything, he’s learned his wife really does love him and his best friend is loyal to a fault.

Still he can’t resist joining the fun. “Wow, Mitchell. I didn’t know you were moonlighting as a short-order cook and waiter. I’ll take a steak and eggs. Over easy.”

“Smart ass. Make yourself useful and mix me up a Bloody Mary.”

“Hey. You never offered me a Bloody Mary.” Tiff’s playful pout catches Lukus’ attention and having properly rescued the bacon, he moves back to stand close enough to Tiff for her to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him closer.

“I need to keep you sober, Baby. I don’t want you to say I got you drunk and took advantage of you.” His playful smile makes it clear he’s having fun.

Markus has to think back pretty far to find the last time he’s seen his best friend looking this happy and relaxed. Granted, the last few years have been fraught with plenty of stress in their friendship. Between the whole Georgie debacle and the now settled lawsuit hanging over Lukus’ head, there’d been more bad than good shadowing their relationship for longer than Markus cares to remember. Markus wonders if Lukus is feeling the same lifting of the black cloud he himself is feeling.

As if finding out Bri wants to explore a D/s relationship isn’t amazing enough, it feels damn good to have my brother back.’

With that thought, a memory of a similarly happy Lukus comes to mind. It was years ago….the day they’d taken a road-trip to Indiana to pay a visit to a mutual Dom friend of theirs who specializes in making top-notch punishment and restraint devices such as spanking benches, stocks and St. Andrew’s Crosses. Lukus had been outfitting his new club at the time and was on cloud nine as he was about to realize a long-time dream. The fact Markus sees the same level of happiness on his friend’s face this morning tells him maybe he’d been worrying about the wrong friend’s heart getting broken.

While Lukus, Tiffany and Brianna banter easily, Markus moves across the room to the bar…in part to mix up a pitcher of Bloody Marys, but more importantly, to give himself some time to think through the long-term implications of this weekend’s events. Without a doubt, he knows his life has changed at the most basic core level. In a moment of clarity, he foretells that the four friends will forevermore view life as ‘before that weekend’ and ‘after that weekend’ as all four of the people enjoying time together right now are surely changed people in the last forty-eight hours.

Having completed his bartending duties, Markus crosses back to the kitchen with a large pitcher of breakfast cocktails in tow. “So who wants a Bloody Mary?”

Three people answer in unison as if they’d practiced. “I do.”

Lukus has put Brianna to work chopping veggies for what looks like a planned omelet. Tiff jumps down from her perch to meet Markus at the cabinet housing the glassware. “Let me help you with the glasses, Markus.”

Their fingers brush as Tiffany hands him the first glass. Markus takes the opportunity to hold her hand in his, forcing Tiff to turn her attention up to him. Her shining eyes tell him what he needs to know, yet he still has to ask. “Is everything okay this morning, Tiff?”

He can see the warmth in her expression deepen as she responds quietly. “Thanks for asking Markus, but everything is absolutely perfect this morning.”

He can feel the grin playing at his lips. “Perfect, you say.”

“Yep. Perfect.”

“Well, that’s a good thing ‘cuz I’d hate to have to kick his ass if he hurt you.”

A mischievous smile he’s never seen there before adorns Tiff’s face. It’s enhanced by her adorable pink blush. “Hurt me? Well…it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.”

Markus chuckles. “That wasn’t necessarily the only kind of hurt I was worried about, Tiff, but it’s good to know.”

Markus almost loses his grip on the pitcher as Lukus shoves him aside to pull Tiffany into his arms. “I don’t appreciate you trying to move in on my girl, Markus.”

Tiffany molds herself to Lukus as she replies. “I like the sound of that….my girl. Markus was just trying to make sure you were taking good care of your girl is all.”

“Ah, so he doesn’t trust me, is that it?”

Markus grabs the glass out of Tiff’s hand and starts to pour the cold drink. “Give it a rest, Lukus.” He hands the adult beverage to his best friend before reaching for the next glass and filling it for Tiff.

Once all four of them have their drinks, Markus moves to Brianna to wrap his arm intimately around her waist before raising his glass to offer up a toast. “To one hell of a weekend. I’m not sure about all of you, but I get the feeling life is never gonna be the same as it was when we all woke up Friday morning.” His eye catches with Lukus and the best friends share a silent exchange that speaks volumes. All four of them move closer to clink their glasses in a salute to the life-changing weekend before quietly sipping their drinks.

Brianna speaks first. “Honey, Lukus may be a good short-order cook, but I think you missed your calling as a bartender. The only thing missing is the celery.”

Setting his drink down on the counter, Markus pulls his wife into his arms. “I made them pretty strong. I’m hoping to get you drunk so I can take you home and have my way with you.”

Brianna loves flirting with her husband. “Honey, you don’t need to get me drunk to have your way with me. I thought we already established I’m all yours. You can have your way with me any time you want.”

Markus tests her. “Really? How about right now?”

He can see the surprise cross her face before turning lustful. She’s tempted. “Okay. Let’s go back to the bedroom.”

“Nope. Here. Now.”

You could hear a pin drop as all four of them stand silently…all eyes on Brianna waiting to see how she’ll react in their new reality. Markus briefly feels guilty for pushing her…testing her so quickly before they’ve had a chance to even talk about what the introduction of BDSM into their marriage is really going to mean to each of them. Still, he’s curious to see how deep her submissive desires run. He’s conflicted…not even sure himself what he’s hoping for. Brianna doesn’t let her gaze waver off his own and they spend several long seconds sizing each other up.

With a confident smile, Brianna finally answers him. “I’d rather not, Sir. I will if it’s that important to you Markus, but I’d rather keep the changes in our marriage private please.”

The surprised relief he feels gives Markus his own answer. “Good girl. I was hoping you might feel that way. I’ll reward you later.”

Brianna licks her lips, looking like she might regret her decision for a brief second. “You could reward me now…in the bedroom if you’d like.”

He can’t help but chuckle. “Oh I like the idea of making you wait better. Now, get back to making that omelet. I think we’re all ready to eat.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her face breaks out in a brilliant smile that warms his heart.

‘Oh just you wait until I get you home. I’m gonna reward you, alright. God damn, I love this woman.’


They’re just about to sit down to eat when Tiffany hears the ding of the arriving elevator. She looks up to see the towering Derek stepping out of the elevator with his petite wife following behind him a few steps. Tiff is relieved to see Rachel is at least dressed this morning, although the tiny plaid mini-skirt and white button-down mid-drift blouse leaves little to the imagination. Only when Tiff catches the glimpse of her knee-high stockings and saddle shoes does she put together Rachel is playing the role of the naughty schoolgirl this morning, pigtails and all.

As Derek moves closer to the eat-in kitchen, Tiff glimpses the wide leather Irish school strap hanging on a hook from his even wider leather belt. A pussy warming flashback smacks her hard at the sight of the dreaded strap. She has to close her eyes for a few seconds to try to catch her breath.

She tries valiantly to think of something…anything…. that can take her mind off the unexpected invasion of memories of her earliest sexual stirrings as a teenager. She’d been an impressionable young woman growing up in a strict Catholic community where corporal punishment was a way of life. She might have had a chance to clear her mind in some other situation, but sitting here, surrounded by the aura of a dominant Lukus and two couples who look like they could drop to the floor to fuck each other’s brains out at a moment’s notice, Tiff finds it hard to force her mind to dwell on more mundane memories.

After managing to slow her breathing as best she can, Tiff finally opens her eyes to find Lukus has silently moved directly in front of her, only inches away. His dark green eyes are watching her carefully. Of course he would have picked up on the subtle changes in her since Derek and Rachel’s arrival. He doesn’t beat around the bush.

“What’s wrong?” At least he asks quietly.

Not wanting to draw any more attention to herself than she already has, Tiff impatiently tries to shush him. “Nothing. Let’s eat.”

The concern in Lukus’ eyes is immediately replaced with anger. Without taking his eyes away from Tiffany’s, he addresses the group. “We’ll be right back. You guys eat without us. Tiffany and I have something we need to discuss…in private.”

When he grabs her hand to pull her along with him, panic takes over and she digs in…refusing to move her feet. Undeterred, Lukus lifts her effortlessly in his arms, scooping her up bride style producing a squeal, quickly relocating them to his bedroom. He manages to slam the door closed with a loud kick before sauntering to the bed and dropping Tiff, quickly trapping her beneath him as he cages her in…his feet firmly planted on the ground.

“I think I made it clear what would happen if you lied to me, didn’t I?”

On a scale of 1 to 10, her heart rate has skyrocketed to 11. “I didn’t lie. I don’t know what you’re so upset about, Lukus.”

“Don’t you? Your entire body language changed the second Derek and Rachel arrived so don’t you dare tell me it’s nothing.”

She’s smart enough to know not to say it again. “I don’t want to talk about it…especially not out there with everyone else around.”

“Then what should your answer have been?”

They’re in one of their staring showdowns. No surprise. She loses. “I guess I could have said I just didn’t want to talk about it right then,”

“Yes. Or we’d talk about it later, in private.”

“Fine. We’ll talk about it later, in private.”

Lukus’ smile is predatory. “Lucky you. We’re in private now. What happened when Derek and Rachel came in?”

“I don’t want to talk about it yet.”

“Too fucking bad. I want to know what’s going through your pretty head.”

Tiffany’s breathing is getting raspy again. “Please…I…” She can feel the heat rising in her face.

Lukus’ face is lighting up. “You’re adorable when you blush.”

Sassy Tiffany flares. “So glad you approve of my discomfort, you big jerk.” She tries, unsuccessfully, to push him away from her.

Tiff isn’t sure how it happens so fast, but the next thing she knows, she’s face down over Lukus’ lap as he sits on the side of the bed. Her long flowing blond hair is the only part of her body touching the floor. The feel of his first swat with his strong right hand surprises her more than it actually hurts, but by the third strong spank, the reality of what’s happening is sinking in. His dress shirt she’s wearing has risen up and the thin material of the borrowed boxer briefs underneath give her little in the way of protection from Lukus’ punishment.

It only takes about ten seconds for her anger to dissipate….replaced with immediate submissive emotions. The memories of watching her best friend’s twin sister being strapped by her boyfriend with the dreaded Irish school strap flicker through her consciousness while Lukus continues to deliver open handed swats in a fast volley. Tiff is pretty sure he’s holding back from using his full strength, but it doesn’t take long for the heat to build up enough that she’s squirming in an attempt to get away.

When she lifts her right hand back to try to protect her ass, Lukus effortlessly snatches it, holding her hand submissively behind her back without so much as missing a beat. It feels odd to be holding his hand, their fingers intimately entwined, while he lights up her ass with his other punishing hand.

When he stops about a minute later, she’s grateful. The pain was getting to the point where she wasn’t sure she’d be able to maintain her composure. When she feels him pulling the boxer briefs down to expose her most-likely pink butt, she finally loses it. “Oh no. Please. No more. I’m sorry.”

Continuing on with the spanking, Lukus answers her. “Yes, I bet you are sorry now. I didn’t think I was getting through to you, but I might have your attention now.”

“Oh yes… you do. Please Lukus. That’s enough. Oweeee.” She may be begging him to stop, but even in her duress, she can feel the wetness pooling at her core. Each time his hand connects with her bottom she can feel her pussy pulsing. It’s both pleasure and pain at its finest.

The steady spanking continues without interruption. “Time for more ground rules, Baby. Rule number one. During a punishment, I decide when you’ve had enough. I promised you a safeword and you’ll have one for play, but the only word you get during a punishment is yellow. It will get you a short break and I’ll evaluate, but your punishment ends when I decide you’ve learned your lesson. Not before.”

“Oh Lukus. I have. Please….” Tiff can feel the tears pooling as she tries valiantly not to dissolve into a sobbing mess.

“Rule number two. I’m always Sir during a punishment. No. Exceptions.”

He makes his point with a few especially strong spanks to her tender sit-spot. “Ohhhhh. I’m sorry Sir.” His dominance over her is making her melt. The sound of his hand as it soundly connects with her bare bottom stirs her most primal inner need. Before this very minute, she’d worried her independent streak might decide to rear its head in the face of a punishment, making her questionable submissive material. It’s been one of her hidden worries about making the journey from voyeur to submissive.

As her tears begin in earnest, she realizes she’d worried for nothing. The truth is becoming clearer with each passing moment of her first real punishment.

‘All these years. I’ve been waiting…dreaming of this…dreaming of him.’

Instead of panicking in the face of the pain, she instead acknowledges the relief of finding a man who is finally going to be strong enough to guide her…to protect her. She can’t help but be relieved he’s already so tuned into her that he can notice even small nuances in her mood. The fact she can feel his growing erection under her tummy is icing on the cake.

“Now, tell me why you’re getting this beautiful ass of yours spanked.”

“I don’t know.”

Several strong swats later he prompts again. “Want to try your answer again?”

Through her tears she apologizes. “Please…I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what, Baby?”

“Being sassy and calling you a jerk.”

Lukus finishes the swat already in progress, but finally halts the spanking, leaving her upside down. Tiff is relieved he stopped, but is more than aware of the vision she must make for Lukus right now. Her pink ass in the air, ready for more punishment if she misbehaves again. The memories that started this whole chain of events return with a vengeance and she’s suddenly happy he can’t see her face in this precarious position.

Lukus is still holding her right hand in his own as he gently begins to massage her thighs, careful to avoid rubbing relief to her burning ass. “Now that we have that cleared up, I think I’ll leave you in this position as we go back to the beginning of our conversation. That way, if I don’t like your answers, I’m ready to pick up where I left off. I’ll ask one more time. What was wrong when Derek and Rachel arrived? Don’t try to tell me nothing because I saw it. Something upset you and I want to know what it was. Are you afraid of Derek?”

Tiffany is glad he adds on the last question. That’s an easy one to answer. “I’m not afraid of Derek, no. I know you’d never let him hurt me.”

“Damn straight. I’m the only one who’s gonna be touching this beautiful body of yours. So if not Derek, what had you spooked?”

It may have only been a day since she’s met him, but Tiff’s already learned there’s no point in trying to hide anything from this remarkable man. She has no idea how, but he’ll know if she holds anything back. Total truth is the only path forward.

“It was Rachel dressed as a naughty school girl. That and Derek carrying the Irish school strap on his belt. It looks exactly like the strap my best friend in high school’s dad always had hanging in the dining room at their house. He was very strict and would use it to punish MaryEllen and her brothers and sisters if they were naughty.”

“I see. Did he punish them in front of you, or did he wait until after you’d left and you just heard about it from MaryEllen?”

“Oh God. Don’t make me talk about this. Please.”

“Answer me, Baby.” His words are a command, but his tone is soft….patient.

“Both.” Her reply comes out in a whimper.

“Tell me. Were you ever a naughty girl who had to be punished while at their house?”

With a relieved whoosh Tiff answers truthfully. “Oh no. I was terrified though it might happen. I was so careful to never do anything that might get me in trouble while I was there.”

“Interesting. Were you that afraid of a spanking, Tiff?” His voice sounds wary…as if he might have already pushed her too hard.

Tiffany isn’t sure she knows how to explain it. “Not exactly.”

“So what exactly?”

“I was more afraid of embarrassing myself in front of MaryEllen and her family.”

“I see. So the humiliation of the public punishment would be worse than the punishment itself?”

“Sort of.”


“Please….Sir. Can we talk about this later?”

Tiff should have kept her mouth shut. At least over his knee he couldn’t see her face…her expressions. As if knowing he was at a disadvantage by not seeing her eyes, he helps her stand before immediately pulling her to sit in his lap…the borrowed boxers still bunched at her knees as she sits on her tender red cheeks. He takes the time to brush her now messy hair back from her face, swiping gently at her falling tears….tears he’d created with his punishment.

Lukus flashes her a supportive smile after getting her cleaned up. “We’ll talk about it now, Tiff. These are important things for us to discuss. There’s nothing about you I don’t want to know.” Cupping her face gently with the same hand that had moments ago been connecting with her bottom, Lukus lets her calm further before pushing again. “Answer me. Were you more afraid of the pain of the punishment or of being embarrassed by being punished in front of your friend.”

“Neither I guess.”

Lukus looks mildly surprised. “Okay. I didn’t expect that answer. Keep going, Baby.”

“I just didn’t want to have happen to me what happened to MaryEllen’s twin sister. I would have just died.” Tiff can feel her breathing coming heavy again.

“I’ll bite. What happened to MaryEllen’s sister?”

“Let’s just say Kathleen was a very naughty girl. She would get a strapping at least once a week for one reason or another.”

“Let me guess. Kathleen liked it. She was probably a budding submissive.”

“Oh yes. I’m pretty sure she was an exhibitionist, too. She loved the attention being in trouble would bring her. MaryEllen would joke she could predict Kathleen’s mood and behavior based on who else was visiting. She would do something spanking worthy more often when I was there, but she would pull out all the stops when other friends came over.”

“Let me guess. When her brother’s friends came over.”

“How’d you know that?”

Lukus is chuckling. “Lucky guess.”

“I’d never seen anything like it. I would have been mortified if I were her, but it was like she liked having an audience. I think her dad figured out what was going on because he would only strap her in private, but we were all just in the next room so we could still hear everything. She was very….vocal. There were times I would have rather been in the room watching than in the kitchen with the rest of the family.”

“You liked to watch?”

“No…well yes…I mean….stop getting me confused.”

Lukus is full-out laughing at her now. “Oh Baby. I’m gonna say it again, but I’d refrain from calling me a big jerk if I were you. You’re adorable when you blush.”

Tiffany bites her lower lip. She really does want to call him a jerk again, but her ass talks her into refraining. “Gee….thanks.”

“So why not the kitchen?”

“It was worse being in the next room with her brothers and their friends. If their mom was there it was bad enough, but when their mom wasn’t in the kitchen…let’s just say I learned a lot about sex in that kitchen listening as Kathleen got her ass whipped.”

“I can imagine. Teenage boys would have a field day with something like that.”

“Well and by the time this was happening we were seniors in high school and they’d all already graduated and were in college. They all knew their sister was getting off on the strapping and talked about wanting to find women like her in college. I knew her brothers really well because when I was allowed to visit, I would practice basketball drills and play one-on-one with them. I was so worried that…well….I just tried to melt in the background, hoping they’d never notice what happened when I thought of being spanked with that damn strap.”

“I think I’m starting to understand. You were most afraid of her brothers noticing you were getting turned on by the spanking, weren’t you.”

Tiffany answers with a simple nod of her head. “The three of us girls were just about ready to graduate from high school when her brother David brought his roommate, John, home for the weekend. Kathleen outdid herself that time. She backed into her dad’s new truck in the driveway while talking on her cell phone. I’d never seen her dad so mad. He gave her the strapping of her lifetime. She was crying and begging him to stop as it went on and on, but that was when it finally happened. There was no mistaking the sound of her screaming out in an orgasm as her dad wailed on her ass. After pausing for only ten seconds, he then started punishing her again, this time with a wooden paddle he normally reserved for use only with the boys. I’ll never forget the loud crack it made as it connected and then her wailing. All the while he was yelling at her for being such a naughty, sinful girl. Her brothers were having a field day making fun of her in the kitchen, but I noticed John just sat there very quiet…serious…listening carefully. After a few minutes he yelled at the guys to knock it off or he’d kick their ass. I couldn’t believe they all just shut up. It was almost like they were afraid of him or something.”

“Ahh….John was a budding Dom.”

Tiffany takes a few long seconds to ponder before answering. “I never thought of it like that, but you’re surely right because it wasn’t long before Kathleen started dating John. He’d come home from college almost every weekend to see her. The change in her was remarkable. She stopped being bratty almost immediately. At first, I didn’t have a clue why.”

“Let me guess. John took control of her. He knew what she needed to keep her reined in and behaving.”

Tiffany looks into the deep green eyes of Lukus…totally in awe of his intuitive read of the situation. “I don’t know how you know all of this.” Tiffany doesn’t care for the smug smile that lights up his face. “I better be careful. I’m giving you a big head.”

Lukus’ smile turns merry. “Oh Baby. You do like to flirt with fire, don’t you? I’d keep going with your story if I were you before you find yourself over my lap again.”

“How do you know there’s more to the story?”

“I just know. Keep going.”

Tiffany is getting alarmed at his intuition. Not that she practices lying, but if she sticks with Lukus, she can see she’s not going to be able to get away with hiding anything from him.

‘Who am I kidding? There is no ‘if‘. There’s no way I’m walking away from this amazing man.’

With a frustrated sigh, Tiff continues on. “It was just before I was going to be leaving for college. I’d been so busy practicing basketball and the pressure of the scholarship and leaving home was closing in. Going over to MaryEllen’s was like my only safe haven where I could get away from the stress that was building. We would spend hours hanging out in the big treehouse they had in their backyard, listening to music and reading. It had been her brother’s hangout, but as they got older, us girls had taken over. We’d sneak out there to…well…damn.” After stopping to throw in a flirty smile, she continues on. “It feels like I’m confessing something to my father instead of my boyfriend all of a sudden. Anyway…I don’t even remember how, but we’d somehow got our hands on several racy romance novels and Cosmo magazines. MaryEllen even found a couple back copies of Penthouse Forums under her brother’s mattress. We would sneak out to the treehouse to read our contraband.”

“You were a naughty girl. Let me guess. You got caught and got strapped?”

Tiff is relieved he’s finally guessed wrong. “Wrong, mister know-it-all.” She catches the flash in his eyes and knows she’s pushing him too far. Tiff quickly plunges forward with the rest of the story to avoid giving him time to turn her back over his knee. “When we heard people coming up the ladder, I about had a heart attack. We quick threw everything into our hiding place and then hid behind the big couch. Only when the door slammed and we heard John admonishing Kathleen for being a naughty girl did we know it wasn’t MaryEllen’s dad coming to punish us. I wanted to just stand up and tell them we were there, but MaryEllen held me down and shushed me to keep us hidden. I still can’t believe we hid there for almost an hour.”

Lukus’ eyes are turning dark again. “I’m guessing my little voyeur heard a bit more than she bargained for.”

“Oh yes. Heard and saw. For a young impressionable eighteen-year-old virgin, it was an education to be sure. I couldn’t believe he had her dressed in her school uniform, even though school was long over. He pulled her over his lap and then…he pulled her panties down to her knees….and…he spanked her bare ass really hard with her dad’s strap until even I could tell she was so close to coming, but all of a sudden he just stopped and….well…” Lukus waits patiently for her to proceed. “He tied her hands behind her back with a scarf and then had her kneel at his feet and give him a blowjob. I’d never seen anything like it. The rougher he got with her, the more she seemed to like it until he eventually came in her mouth and made her swallow. Then he had her lay over his lap like she had when she was getting strapped and he finger fucked her while calling her a naughty little slut until she came all over his hand. I swear I actually came in my panties that day just listening and watching her get her punishment and reward.”

“Such a naughty little voyeur.”

“Well, I wasn’t the only one. As you can imagine, things got kinda weird between MaryEllen and me after that. As guilty as I felt about coming while I watched, I know she felt even worse because I’d caught her playing with herself as she listened too. She was mortified at getting turned on by listening to her sister like that. Luckily I left for college not long after and that’s when I met Brianna. It took a long time at college before I started to read and better understand why my body had reacted the way it had. I didn’t know it at the time, but watching those early corporal punishments set a foundation for why I was attracted to the whole BDSM lifestyle in the first place.”

“Oh Tiff, I’m so glad you shared this with me. It’s so important for me to understand all of these parts of your life. How else am I gonna know how far I can push you…what you’re going to like and what will just upset you?”

Tiff snuggles against his chest, in part to get closer to him, but in part to avoid looking into his probing eyes. “I know you’re right, Lukus. I just didn’t think we had to tell everything so fast.”

“It’ll come out as it needs to, Baby. I couldn’t ignore the look on your face when you saw Derek and Rachel come in.”

“All it took was one look at them and I couldn’t stop the flashbacks from coming. It just happened so fast. Can’t we please just go back out there and forget about all of this for awhile?”

She can hear a strain in his voice. “You’re right. I’ve been pushing you hard…moving pretty fast.” She doesn’t like hearing uncertainty in Lukus’ voice.

She’d thought she wanted to slow things down, but hearing his voice she knows that isn’t what she wants at all.

‘I want him so bad it hurts. If that means going full-steam ahead, then so be it.’

“Lukus, I’m fine. Really. I just overreacted.”

“How is this beautiful ass of yours?” She loves the feel of his tender caress across her exposed ass.

Suddenly shy, she burrows even closer into his neck. “It’s properly punished, Sir.”

“And…how is this pussy of yours? Open up for me. Inspection time.”

With an embarrassed groan, Tiffany opens her legs slightly, allowing Lukus to push his probing fingers into her sopping wet pussy. “Oh Baby, I think you were enjoying your time over my knee and taking your trip down memory lane. What are we going to do with you?”

Tiffany doesn’t answer him with words. Her body is doing a fine job of answering for her. She opens her legs wider…allowing her body to hump against his hand, looking for enough precious friction to get her the relief she’s looking for.

Lukus’ mouth closes in on her’s as he plunges several fingers deep into her pussy, finding her G-spot almost instantly. It literally takes him less than a minute to bring her to climax with nothing more than a probing tongue and fingers.

Tiff grabs his shirt, pulling them as close as possible as she comes all over his hand. “Oh, yes. Lukus!”

“That’s my naughty girl. Come for me.”

Tiffany shudders through her orgasm before once again snuggling tightly against Lukus to recover. If she hadn’t just come powerfully, she might come again at the sight of Lukus bringing his cum covered fingers to his mouth to lick them clean.

“Absolutely delicious.”

“Oh. My. Freaking. God.”

“Let’s get you put back together and get you out there for some food before Derek eats it all. You’ve never met anyone who can eat as much as he can.”

Tiff is giggling as she stands on her wobbly legs while Lukus helps to get the boxer briefs back on again. They head back out to the kitchen hand-in hand. Tiff feels a huge relief lifted from her shoulders because now she knows once and for all that she hasn’t just been dreaming of something she can never have.


Brianna isn’t paying any attention to the men’s conversation at the table. She’s too worried about Tiffany and too mad at Markus to even think about eating. It was bad enough Lukus had looked like a caveman hauling her best friend off to his bedroom to do God only knows what, but Bri is sure she heard the rhythmic sounds of a spanking wafting through the space between the two rooms. She may not know the why, but she knows damn well Tiffany’s voyeur days are now over and Brianna can’t help but be anxious to know that her friend is alright. When she’d attempted to go back to intervene, Markus had stopped her in her tracks with a quick swat to her already tender bottom. He’d even threatened to turn her over his knee if she didn’t sit back down and stay out of it.

‘It’s just as well. I don’t have a clue what I would have done if I’d burst into the room anyway. My luck, I’d have ended up with a punishment too.’

Now Bri is forced to sit here not-so-patiently waiting for Lukus and Tiffany to return to brunch. At least the sounds of the spanking have stopped.

Rachel snaps her out of her train of thought with a quiet reassurance. “She’ll be fine with Master Lukus. He’ll never hurt her. Well, not really.” Her knowing smile confirms she’d heard the spanking as well.

Brianna blushes when she realizes how rude she’s been by basically ignoring Rachel. “Oh gosh. I’m so sorry. I’ve been a bit distracted. How rude of me.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me. I can just tell you’re worried and…well….you don’t need to be.”

Brianna takes a deep breath as she contemplates Rachel’s words. They help. She remembers how even when Lukus was punishing her, she’d always known at her core he wouldn’t really hurt her…not really. Not the way that Jake had. She’s comforted by her revelation. “Thank you, Rachel, for reminding me. You’re right. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

“Oh, I’m sure he does. You should have some bacon before Master Derek eats it all.”

She’s passing the plate of bacon when Derek pipes in, a grin on his face. “I heard that, little girl.”

Instead of looking worried, Rachel flashes a flirty smile at her husband and a surprised feeling of relief hits Brianna. It takes her a second to understand why. It finally dawns on her that she’s relieved that even Derek and Rachel, whose relationship is pretty far to the hard-core end of the BDSM continuum, could still tease each other. Bri’s still trying to figure out this whole new layer in her marriage and a small part of her had been worried she was never again going to be able to tease her husband for fear of a punishment.

Bri can sense his eyes on her. She glances up to see Markus watching her carefully from across the breakfast bar. As if sensing her unease, he flashes her one of his most sexy smiles. A smile that lights up his face and reassures her he’s still the same man she married…just an enhanced, upgraded version. The warmth spreading across her bottom as she sits on the hard kitchen barstool is her proof the changes weren’t just a dream. The remaining tingle from his private punishment is an intimate connection, secretly linking them. She smiles a knowing smile back at him.

It’s with great relief when Bri looks up to see Lukus and Tiffany rejoining the group, particularly since Lukus has his arm draped across Tiffany’s shoulder possessively. Tiffany has the serene look of a sated woman adorning her flushed face and Bri knows she’d worried about nothing. In fact, she hasn’t seen Tiff looking this happy…well ever.

You go girl. It’s about time you found your own someone special.’

Bri jumps up to meet her friend as she enters the eat-in kitchen. “Is everything okay, Tiff? You guys were gone a long time. I was getting worried about you.”

Before Tiff can answer for herself, Lukus answers for her. “Brianna, we appreciate you worrying about Tiff, but I think you need to take your seat before your husband decides he needs to take you back to the bedroom for some private discussion time like Tiff and I just had.” When Bri doesn’t budge, he leans in to whisper to her ear. “If you could see the look on his face right now, you’d be listening to me and taking your seat. Tiffany is fine, sweetheart.”

Brianna peeks up into his green eyes and sees a relaxed warmth that wasn’t there the day before. She knows all is well. “Thank you, Lukus.” His return smile is enough to ease her mind.

Just as she’s about to return to her seat, she feels the strong arms of Markus wrapping around her, locking her tight against his chest as he leans in to whisper against her ear. “You really are bound and determined to get another spanking today, aren’t you? Lukus knows what he’s doing….and so do I. As it stands right now, you’ve earned a spanking when we get home for not listening to me. Keep it up, and I won’t wait until we get home.”

Brianna can feel her legs going weak beneath her at the sexy sound of her husband’s promise in her ear. His voice is deep, full of the love that’s always been there, but with a sprinkle of a new ingredient….authority. It’s absolutely yummy and Bri melts into his arms. With a chuckle, Markus nibbles on her ear lobe seductively, kissing down her neck drawing a shiver from her. She feels almost chilled when he finally releases her and captures her hand to lead her back to the table.

They all manage to take their seats around the breakfast island and the group falls into an easy cadence of fun bantering over food and drinks. The pitcher of Bloody Marys is free-flowing and Brianna is feeling tipsy in no time.

Rachel pouts. “It’s not fair. I don’t even like to drink alcohol very often, but now that I can’t, it just seems restrictive. Can I have just a taste, Sir?”

Derek’s disapproval is swift. “Only if you don’t want to sit down on that beautiful ass of yours for a week. Absolutely not one drop of alcohol little girl. Not until after the baby comes.”

Rachel could win an academy award for her rendition of a naughty schoolgirl. Bri detects her pouting is all part of the game her and her dominant husband play. She stomps her foot, crossing her arms across her chest in an exaggerated temper tantrum. “That’s not fair, Daddy. Everyone else gets to drink but me. I’m the only one who has to miss out.”

“One more word from you and you’ll also be the only one getting a strapping over my knee. Add ten more to your count for your bedtime spanking. You better slow it down. You’re already up to twenty-five and it’s not even noon yet. Now drink your milk like a good little girl.”

“Daaaadddddyyyyy….” She may be calling Derek her daddy, but the look on Rachel’s face is completely non-familial. In fact, it’s more along the lines of feral lust. Most people may not understand why Rachel is purposefully antagonizing her husband when it’s clear her actions are going to lead to a strapping, but knowing first hand the pleasure she gets from a punishment helps Brianna understand the dynamics at play. She may not see herself dressing up as a naughty schoolgirl, but she suspects she just might be antagonizing Markus in order to get her own bottom disciplined in the very near future.

Tiff steps in as if to defuse the situation. “It’s okay Rachel. I’ll drink your share for you today.” She is reaching for the almost empty pitcher when Lukus stops her with his hand on hers.

“Absolutely not. You’ve had enough, Baby.”

Bri almost chokes on her own drink as she watches Tiffany’s face. “Are you kidding me? I only had one. I think I know when I’ve had enough.”

The room is silent as they all wait to see how this showdown of wills is going to play out. Bri is putting her money on Lukus. His dark green eyes are stormy. “Tiffany Lauren O’Sullivan. You’re gonna be driving soon. You put one more drop in your mouth and I’ll be borrowing Derek’s strap.” Lightening the mood, he swings his glare at Brianna. “Maybe Brianna would like to get sassy again too and we can watch all three of you girls get your asses lit up this morning.” His smirk is annoyingly charming.

Bri grins back. “I think I’ll pass, thank you.”

“Wise choice.”

Derek settles the debate on the Bloody Marys by polishing off the end of the pitcher as the conversation turns to the coming week.

“So Markus, what are you going to do with all your free time now that the lawsuit is settled?”

Markus puts on his all-business look. “Oh, I have a few other clients besides you two hoodlums. In fact, I’m gonna need to fly to New York for a few days mid-week. A judge out there’s gotten himself in a bit of hot water and seems to think I’m the man to get him out.” Turning to Brianna he continues on. “I got the call on Friday and was gonna talk to you about it over the weekend. Now it’s more important than ever you come with me. I don’t want us apart, not even for a few days, sweetheart.”

Brianna’s heart swells at the look of love on her husband’s face. “Honey, I’d really love to go, but I need to be here for the salon. I’m sure Tiffany and Lukus are gonna want to spend a lot of time together this week too and one of us needs to be here to open and close.”

Before Markus can reply, Lukus surprises them all. “It’s okay, Brianna. I think it’s actually a good idea for you to go with Markus. Tiffany and I were just talking about how fast things are moving. I think she could use a few days to get her head wrapped around everything that’s happened this weekend before we see each other again. I was going to suggest we get together next weekend anyway, so you should go with Markus to New York.”

Brianna can see the disappointment on her best friend’s face as she takes in his words. She would kick Lukus under the table if the island cabinets weren’t between them.

‘Doesn’t he know how fragile Tiff is going to be feeling after this weekend? Damn him.’

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea, Lukus. You and Tiff have a lot to learn about each other. I think you should spend as much time together this week as possible.” Bri tries to steer him in a different direction.

“That’s enough. I know what I’m doing, Brianna.” She can detect his irritation, but she’s not sure it’s directed at her this time. She’s sure it’s not as she watches Tiffany and Lukus exchange a knowing look. “I’ll call Tiffany later in the week and we can see each other when you two get back into town.”

Markus jumps in. “We’ll be back by Thursday night or Friday at the latest. Right now, I think we should get cleaning up so we can head home.”

Everyone else may miss it, but Bri catches the panicked look in Tiffany’s eyes. The friends share a moment of silent communication that tells Brianna how afraid Tiffany is that this weekend was just a one night stand for Lukus and that he’s going to forget about her the second she drives away. Bri shoots her a supportive smile meant to reassure her that Lukus isn’t that cruel.

Lukus had obviously caught the look on Tiffany’s face too because he’s moved behind her, hugging her from behind, leaning in close to whisper something that makes her blush bright red before leaning in to kiss her behind her ear intimately.

All too quickly the kitchen is cleaned up and Markus is pushing to get on the road. Brianna is anxious to get home to spend more time with her husband, but she’s torn. She knows each minute that brings them closer to leaving is also one minute closer to when Tiffany will need to walk away from Lukus…even if only for a few days.

Tiff has already changed back into her dress from the day before. Brianna manages to get a few minutes relatively alone with Lukus while everyone else says their good-byes. He takes her hands in his as they look into each other’s eyes. She’s suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude for this remarkable man. Unexpected tears cloud her vision as Lukus wraps her in his arms, pulling her close against his muscular chest. She hugs him tightly as the tears begin to fall in earnest.

“Shhhh. There’s no need for tears, sweetheart.”

“Yes there is. I can’t thank you enough, Lukus, for all you’ve done for Markus and me this weekend. I know how very lucky I am to be going home with my husband today. Things could have turned out so very differently.”

“I’m not sure I’d call it luck. You are one stubborn woman. Don’t forget all you went through to avoid signing the damn divorce papers. I sure as hell hope you’ve learned your lesson.” She can’t see his eyes, but she can hear the warning in his voice and knows he’s not joking.

“Without a doubt, Sir.” They pull out of their hug in time for Bri to see the satisfied smile on Lukus’ face at her response.

“You’d better be a good girl. You know Markus is a charter member of the club. He’s welcome back any time he has need of our services.” The twinkle in Lukus’ eye is the only thing keeping Brianna’s heart rate from skyrocketing. He may be telling the truth, but she also knows he’s teasing.

“Hopefully, next time we come, it’ll just be for a fun visit.”

Lukus’ smile turns naughty before pulling her into his embrace one more time. “You’re welcome to come for a fun visit anytime. In fact, I can’t wait to see what your definition of fun is, Bri” His warm chuckle warms her heart as he pulls back to watch her reaction.

Brianna can’t resist. “Well, I was hoping to get a front row seat to watch Tiffany beat you at basketball. I heard she did a pretty good job of that once already.”

The look on his face is priceless. For a brief second Bri worries she pushed him too far, but he eventually breaks into a broad smile. “She really is fucking amazing, isn’t she?” She catches him glancing over at Tiff, the most unbridled look of passion on his face. It’s the same look of passion she finds on her husband’s face as he stares at her from across the room.

Never in her wildest dreams could Brianna have predicted how things would turn out this weekend when she woke up on Friday morning. Not in a million years could she have foreseen that her husband is a Dom and that he was going to be able to fulfill her every dream. She had always known she was lucky…but now she knows she gets to have it all.


A knot has formed in his chest as Lukus sees Derek driving down the alley with Tiffany’s car. He knows how irrational his reaction is, yet he can’t shake the feeling he’s about to let something special come to an end. Of course he knows they’ll see each other again and they’ll talk, but Lukus is suddenly struck by a fear that there’s been a powerful universal force at work this weekend. The stars aligned to bring Brianna and Markus together…better…stronger than they were before. A miraculous force had to be at work to turn Derek and Rachel into parents…setting their lives on a new and exciting course.

Those are important feats all by themselves, but it’s the mysterious, powerful force of Tiffany being delivered literally on his doorstep that’s all the Dom can think about as they stand holding hands, each feeling the seconds ticking by that will mark her departure. He’s suddenly afraid the magic bubble surrounding them will burst as soon as she drives away.

‘Knock it off. You’re being a total pussy, Mitchell. You have work to do today and you both need some distance to get some perspective on the last 48 hours. Put her in her car and watch her drive away. You’ll talk to her in a few days.’

Derek stops right in front of them, pulling up directly behind Markus’ Porsche. Markus and Bri are already loaded and ready to go, waiting on Tiff to say goodbye.

Lukus is surprised when Derek steps forward to grab Tiffany into a bear-hug, squeezing her in his massive arms. He almost swallows her up, causing Lukus to step forward. “Hey, what the fuck man? Let go of my girl.”

Derek finally releases her and steps away, a shit-eating grin on his face. “You have no idea how much fun it is to yank your chain, do you man?”

Derek turns his attention back to Tiff. “It was great to meet you Tiffany. I’ll look forward to seeing a lot more of you around here cause I have a feeling he’s gonna be a real bear to deal with when he hasn’t seen you for a few days. Don’t be a stranger.”

Tiffany looks pleased with Derek’s sentiment. “Thanks Derek. It was great to meet you and Rachel. I hope I see you both around too.”

Lukus has had enough of the mutual love fest and even though he’s in no hurry for Tiff to leave, he is in a hurry to move her along and out of Derek’s arms. He shuffles her towards the open car door, but she turns back to him rather than taking a seat behind the wheel. Her look is expectant…hopeful. “So…I guess this is it. We’re gonna slow things down I know, but I really will be waiting for your call later in the week, Lukus. I mean…” her voice trails off. He knows she’s fighting their ‘go slow’ plan in her pretty little head. He’ll have to be strong for both of them.

“I promise you Tiff. Unless I get run over by a bus and am in the hospital, I’m gonna call you Wednesday night and we’ll make plans to see each other again. This wasn’t a one-night stand for me. I just want to make sure you have the time you need to process all of this before we get back together again.”

“I know you think you’re slowing down for me, but I don’t need to go slow, Lukus. If you want to wait for a few days, that’s fine…we’ll wait, but don’t try to pass it off that you’re doing it for me. I just want you to be truthful with yourself is all.”

Lukus has no response. He’s completely conflicted between wanting to caution her that she needs to trust his decision to know what’s best for them and not wanting to have the last words he says to her before she drives away be disciplinary. He’s also realizing she might be onto something. The closer he gets to having to say goodbye, the more he knows it’s gonna gut him to be away from her for days.

He stands there immobile…paralyzed really…weighing his options. He’s no longer debating with Tiffany. The debate has turned internal. One side of him wants to scoop her up and carry her back upstairs….to hold her hostage in his bedroom. The other side of him is ready to let her drive away because that seems easier than taking back his earlier decision.

‘I’m her Dom, dammit. I make command decisions and I stick with them. We’ll wait to talk until Wednesday.’

Lukus reaches out to pull her tightly into his arms, planting one last long kiss on her beautiful lips. The emotions coursing through him are foreign….almost alarming. He’s somehow drifted into completely uncharted territory. Before he’s ready, Tiff pulls away and with one last quick kiss on his cheek, turns and takes her seat in the car.

The slamming of the door shut acts as an alarm clock for the Dom…waking him up. It’s almost too late. As the car starts to roll forward, he quickly knocks on her driver’s side window. Tiff puts the car in park and rolls down her window.

Lukus leans down, placing his elbows on the window jam, leaning in closer. They spend a few long seconds looking into each other’s expressive eyes before Lukus finds his words. “Fuck slow. I’ll be at your house tonight at six with a pizza and a bottle of wine. Meet me at the door in sexy lingerie and nothing else. Can you do that, Baby?”

Tiffany’s face lights up like Florida sunshine. She takes her time…making him suffer before quietly responding with a simple “Yes, Sir. I think I can.” With a flirty wink, she manages to roll up the window and Lukus watches as his best friend and his properly punished wife lead the way down the alley with Tiffany driving behind them. He stays glued to his spot until they turn and drive out of sight. Only then does Lukus see Derek leaning against the door, watching him carefully…a hard to read expression on his face.

“I don’t even want to hear it.”

“What? I wasn’t gonna say a word.”

“Like hell. You can’t wait to give me shit.”

“Why would I do that? You forget. I know you better than almost anyone else and I’ve told you before. You haven’t been truly happy in years. That little girl who just drove away has lit your fire again. She’s gonna give you a run for your money and I couldn’t be happier for you, man.”

Lukus detects the truth in his friend’s words. “Be careful. She’s no little girl.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s the truth. Markus told me you guys woke him up at some point last night. Sounds like she’s all woman.”

“Hell, yeah.”

“You know what this means, don’t you?”

“I’m afraid to even ask.”

“It means we need to have some serious discussion about what’s gonna happen around here. I’m pretty sure that little spitfire isn’t going to take kindly to you playing with and punishing subs on stage under the guise you’re just doing your job.”

Lukus had already been thinking the same thing. He knows he is gonna have some hard decisions coming up if he decides to continue seeing Tiffany.

‘Who the hell am I kidding? There is no ‘if’. I am going to keep seeing Tiff.’

Lukus feels like he should be upset at the thought of his life changing so drastically so quickly, but he’s not. He’s excited. “Yeah, I’ve already started thinking about it. We’ll have to see how things play out.”

Derek seems mildly surprised. “So, you’re seriously considering you might need to retire at least from the front of the house activities? Shit, I thought she was gonna have to have a few meltdowns before you’d give in that easy. She must really be something special.”

“She really is.”

“So that’s it. Just like that? Why don’t you give it a bit more time to play out?”

“I don’t need to. I know what I want and Tiffany is gonna give it to me.”

“And what, pray tell, is that?”

Lukus breaks out into a shit-eating grin. “I want it all. The whole thing. What you, James and Markus already have.”


I’d watched Elizabeth from the time she was thirteen. Okay, that sounds stalker like, but not in that way. Hell, she was an awesome kid, always laughing, climbing trees, singing too loudly. The first to try something new. I figured she’d want to leave the community, and sure enough, when she graduated from high school, she left to go to college. She wanted to go into environmental conservation. Admirable. God knows she was smart enough! Two years she’d been gone, and then came back. I heard her father say she’d done well in school, completed her first degree but missed the people here too much to go back. He shook his head and wondered how this small, strict community could satisfy his girl. She was simply so very curious. She questioned everything, not so much out of disrespect, but out of a need to know. Brad knew she needed a stronger hand than his to keep her in line. Poor Brad had no idea how to handle his daughter. Neither, it seemed did any other man. Besides me, that is. I understood how Elizabeth felt. I love the security, the close bonds, the safety of our community. No one here every has to worry about where their next meal will come from, even if they get laid off work! We take care of our own. But that comes with certain expectations. Men make decisions, based heavily upon consulting with the women. Once those rules are established, rule breakers are punished. Sometimes publically sometimes privately. Poor Elizabeth’s nature got the best of her when the last man her father tried to marry her off to turned out to be wimp and her dad finally tied her up to the auction tree. God but I wanted to go up to her the moment I saw her, but that wouldn’t have helped. She needs to learn to accept her fate. She also needs to learn the proper way to question without being disrespectful.

Like last night when I told her to polish my shoes. She could have asked why I wanted that done and I’d have answered her. No, she has to fly off the handle and receive another punishment. The ginger had been a bit harsh, but she accepted it well. Her humiliation at having something punishing in her ass may be a key to her discipline.

Maybe I will let her have her parents over for dinner tomorrow night. It would be a little test to see if she’s learned our ways of marriage yet.

I handed Elizabeth my list of expectations for her to complete the next night. I also told her of my decision to allow her parents to come for dinner.

“Um,” she began.


“I’ll need to wear . . . I mean, will I be able to wear clothing?”

Good, she’d changed her demand into a question. I kissed her forehead. “Of Course. I will give you a dress just before they are to arrive. Thank you for asking so nicely?”

She smiled up at me and I was surprised to see genuine pleasure in my compliment. Still, We have a few hurdles needing to be jumped.

“Ready for your morning spankings?” I asked.

Her eyes narrowed and she huffed then glared at me. I simply raised my eyebrow.

“Fine!” she shouted and reluctantly bent over the whipping chair. I smiled a bit, almost there, but not quite. Using my hand, I administered her spankings with a bit more force than I had intended. When I had completed, her bottom was a beautiful strawberry red and I could hear her sniffing back tears. I fingered her asshole and she tensed.

“Oh please,” she begged. “I’ll be good.”

“Yes, you will, or I’ll replace this small plug with a large fig of ginger. Tonight when it’s time for your spankings, try to be a bit more accommodating.”

She nodded and dropped her head. I continued to finger her asshole. Slowly, I inserted another finger, scissoring them to relieve some of the tightness. Her excitement was clearly evident as glistening honey ran down her thighs. She moaned.

“That’s my lovely wife,” I whispered.

Slowly, I began to insert the plug. I wanted her to feel it today, but I also didn’t want it to hurt her. I had plans for that ass tonight and I had no wish for it to be too sore. When it was in place, I gently patted her bottom and told her she could stand.

She did, hugged me and kissed my cheek. Nope. Not enough. I grasped her hair, firmly but gently, and kissed her deeply, her mouth opening easily beneath mine. She tasted of honey and sweet wine. She pressed her body against mine and my cock about bore a hole through my jeans. I pulled back.

“Not yet, my sweet. Tonight, if you please me today, Tonight we will truly consummate our marriage.

Anna’s sister, Kelly, had called two weeks ago asking if Anna could help her move into a new apartment. Anna said yes, of course. Kelly being her big sister and only sibling, she wanted to help however she could. Both girls had been a little wild growing up. They got into all kinds trouble and generally drove their kind parents crazy.

Now, in her early twenties, Anna had her act together, thanks to her husband. She married Ben, ten years her senior, when she was 19. Almost everyone thought it would be a mistake. The only person who encouraged the marriage was Anna’s father. He said it would be just what Anna needed, and he was right.

Kelly, on the other hand, was still a bit of a wild child. She didn’t really get into any serious trouble, she was still just kinda flaky. Switching jobs, not paying her rent on time and getting a DUI here and there. Nonetheless, she was still the person Anna was closest to in the world, besides Ben. She would not deny Kelly’s request for help. But, she also agreed on behalf of Ben, which is where she got herself in trouble.

It wasn’t that Ben didn’t want to help. He was a good guy and was usually happy to lend a hand. But he had been working really hard the past few months. When the weekend rolled around he really just wanted to chill out. He had asked Anna to just hang low and not make any big plans for them. Anna tried, but then someone would call asking for help, or an invitation would come in the mail, and she wouldn’t be able to say ‘no’.

Instead, she would say ‘yes’ and hope for the best, not telling Ben till the last possible moment what the plan was. He went along with it the first few times, just reiterating to his wife that he would like some down time on the weekends through the busy season. He owned a construction company and his summers were filled with jobs that he needed to get done before the first frost settled in.

However, after about the third weekend of unwanted commitments, Ben saw that he needed to be a little more forceful with his wife. One Friday night, when they got home from watching a very long, very boring play Anna’s friend was in, he decided it was time for a little discipline. He grabbed Anna and threw her over his knee. Her naked, tender ass receiving the palm of his hand, turned him on more than he ever thought. It gave him a rush, being the one giving her the discipline she needed. Taming his wife who had grown up wild and probably would have benefited from some spankings long ago.

Anna also enjoyed this addition to their marriage. Maybe not so much when she was laying over his strong thigh, his blows stinging her exposed bottom, thrusting her forward and making her cry out in pain. Although there was a certain thrill, a feeling in her belly, from being in that position. It was what happened after the spanking that she really loved. Ben would take her in his arms and comfort her. She felt so taken care of in those moments. The spanking would relieve her of whatever guilt she felt from disobeying him and leave her with a clean slate ready for his approval. He almost always made love to her after he had spanked her. Whenever she was over his knee she always thought of what came after. How the same hands that were correcting her would later make her cum.

Anna hadn’t meant for Ben to find out about helping her sister move until Saturday morning. She had planned on telling him that Kelly’s movers had cancelled and that she and Ben had to help or Kelly would be charged a huge fine for not vacating the apartment on time. Her plan was foiled when her sister called Ben on Friday asking him if he wouldn’t mind bringing his hand truck along Saturday.

Now that Ben knew the plan, Anna could feel a familiar twinge in her body. It was responding to the thought of Ben and what he might do to her now that he knew he would be spending his Saturday moving her flaky sister. She was glad her Kelly had mentioned talking to Ben when she spoke to her that afternoon. At least she had some time to get ready.

Anna spent the afternoon doing as many things that pleased Ben as possible. She cleaned the house and prepared a lovely dinner. He always loved the way they house smelled when she roasted a chicken. She hoped the smell would soothe him as he walked in the door.

She showered and blew her long hair out so her thick blond waves fell in bouncy smooth locks framing her body, landing just under her round firm breast. She worked her fancy shimmer lotion into her tight tanned skin, giving herself a golden glow. She looked at herself, undressed, in the full length mirror. She wondered if meeting her angry husband at the front door naked would get her in more or less trouble. Anna admired her tight body, running her hand,over her hard, dark nipples, down her flat stomach and then over the nice curve of her hips and rounded ass. She did have a killer body and was getting a little wet thinking about Ben coming home and taking charge of it, his hands claiming her.

Her cell phone rang, bringing her back to reality. She saw Ben’s picture pop up and her heart skipped a beat as she rushed to answer it.

“Hey Babe,” she said, trying not to let on that she knew she was in trouble.

“Hey! Just checking in about dinner. Did you make something or should I pick something up?” he asked, without a hint of anger in his voice.

Maybe he wasn’t mad about Saturday, Anna thought. “Um, I made dinner,” she said, a bit of hesitation in her voice, “I roasted a chicken and have couscous to serve with it. There’s a salad and I can open a bottle of wine,” she said, thinking they might have a quiet night after all.

“Great, I’ll be home in 15 minutes. And Anna?” he asked, not waiting for an answer, “You should be wearing the negligee.”

Anna’s body tightened, the muscles in her pelvis sending a knowing wave through her in anticipation. She could feel a tingle in her nipples and nervous excitement run through her. Before she got it together to respond, Ben had hung up.

The ‘negligee’ was a code between them. The first night Ben had ever spanked he had her put on a pink babydoll negligee afterward. Now whenever he told her to put on that negligee she knew she would be getting spanked. It was so humiliating putting it on knowing it meant she would be over his knee.

She reluctantly went over to Ben’s side of the bed. The negligee was kept in his bedside table along with some of their other ‘supplies’. Sometimes he would make her retrieve the negligee along with a paddle as he watched. Then he would make her undress and ready herself for him, finally handing him the paddle and asking for her punishment. It was so humiliating and she felt a knot in her stomach as the soft material of the negligee fell over her body. She took one last look at herself and made her way downstairs to get dinner on the table.

Ben couldn’t wait to get inside as he pulled in the driveway, his cock already jumping at the thought of seeing his wife in that negligee. He loved the way she looked in it almost as much as he loved having her in his lap with her ass exposed. He thought of the way its thin fabric fell softly over her breasts, showing off her hard nipples. He loved that it fell just above the rounded crease where her ass met her thigh. The bottom of her ass cheeks just visible below its hem.

He opened the front door and was greeted by the sight of his wife, slightly bent over the dining room table, reaching to put a wine glass near his place setting. Her muscular legs balancing up on her toes as she leaned over the large farmhouse style table he had made for them using barnwood. Her ass peeked out below the pink negligee she had dutifully put on, as he knew she would.

He could feel his cock, now rock hard in his tight work jeans, begging to go over and dive into her tight ass. Ben reminded himself of this weekend and how his wife had again disobeyed him, promising his hard cock full access to that ass after he had spanked it.

Anna jumped at the sound of her husband coming through the front door. She spun around, feeling a bit weak when she caught sight of his strong muscular outline. He had the rugged good looks of a man who had worked all day. The sweet smell of outside and sweat sent an intoxicating shiver through her as she walked over to greet him.

Ben took his wife in his arms, grabbing her backside as she threw her arms around his neck.

“Welcome home,” Anna said, smiling up at her husband. “I made dinner,” hoping to lessen her pending punishment as she reached up and kissed his lips.

“It smells great, I’m starving,” he said, smacking her playfully on her bare ass, “I’m thinking I will need some energy for tonight.”

Anna blushed, wishing they could just skip to the part where he takes her in his arms and finally fucks her, slowly making her cum. But, she knew it would be a long time till that happened.

“I’m gonna go wash my hands. Have dinner on the table when I get back,” he instructed her.

Anna did as she was told and brought dinner to the table. She loved their house, and admired the handmade pottery she used to set table. They had picked it out together and shipped it home from their honeymoon in Spain. She always loved using that set, bringing back her cherished memories of their first few weeks as husband and wife.

Anna felt self conscious walking around in the negligee. She kinda wished Ben would just take her over his knee now. Then she could eat dinner in her regular clothes and not think about her punishment beyond the lingering sting of her bottom.

Ben returned, running his still damp hand through his thick black hair, slicking it back off his face in a loose tumble of waves. He was incredibly hot in a dark rugged way, she thought, admiring his muscular body. He poured them each a glass of wine and pulled out her chair, inviting her to sit.

“Thanks,” she said, as he joined her at the table.

Ben dug in, taking a large serving of the chicken, couscous and salad. He was so active, between work and his daily runs he could literally eat whatever he wanted and had no problem maintaining his tight body. Anna however wasn’t feeling very hungry. She found that the activities during their ‘sessions’ were best done on an empty stomach. She slowly sipped her wine and served herself a small plate of food.

“You’re not saying much” Ben, glancing up from his plate inquired, giving his wife a knowing glance. He love watching his wife squirm, it was such a turn on.

“Are you mad?” she asked, pushing the food around her plate with her fork.

“Mad? Yes, I guess you could say that. I bet I’ll feel better in a couple of hours though,” he said with a naughty grin, “Not sure about you, though.”

Anna squirmed in her chair, an uneasy feeling in her belly, both wanting and fearing what was coming.

“Can’t we just get it over with?” she asked, her eyes pleading with him, a slight quiver in her voice.

“No, I think I want to take my time tonight,” he said not even looking up at her.

Angry with his response, she got up, grabbed her dishes and stormed off into the kitchen, throwing her dishes into the sink. She was hoping to just make some noise and let Ben know that she was angry. She let out a gasp as her dinner plate hit the side of their copper farmhouse sink harder than she expected and shattered, the beautiful deep blue pottery now just a pile of broken glass.

Ben rushed in from the dining room to see what had happened. He assessed the situation, confirming that all the glass was confined to the sink and he didn’t have to carry his barefoot wife out of the kitchen. He gave her an angry stare, his nostrils flaring in anger. “Explain yourself,” he demanded.

“I HATE THIS! YOU’RE PURPOSELY KEEPING ME WAITING,” Anna yelled, she could feel her face turning red and tears come to her eyes, mostly because she had broken something that was so special to her. “I have been waiting for you all day. I spoke to Kelly this morning. I need you to get this over with, I can’t take it anymore,” she yelled, trying to make a point she knew was weak. They both knew she was just mad that she was in trouble and wanted to get it over with.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth she regretted them. The look on Ben’s face told her she was in more trouble than before. He quickly moved toward her and before she knew it, he had her bent over, in the middle of the kitchen with her hands on the sink for support. She could hear him unbuckle his well worn soft leather belt. A wave of panic rushed through her, he had never used a belt before. She could hear the snap of its leather as he formed a loop in his hand. She tried to stand and apologized for her behavior, for being quick to anger and childish. But his other hand was now between her shoulder blades, holding her in place. Her firm rounded ass fully exposed under the short negligee, its hem had now fallen around her waist.

“Get it over with like this?” Ben asked, sternly, as he brought the belt down on his wife’s ass, using the same force as he would for the paddle or his hand. He quickly realized that the flexible leather belt gave a much more intense blow than the hard paddle. Anna cried out in pain as the tender skin under the belt immediately began to turn bright red.

He had a moment of pity for his wife, bent over the sink, and gave her a moment to recover. The truth is, he usually tried to keep their ‘sessions’ on the lighter side, but she had really made him mad with her childish behavior and this first spanking of the night was going to be a real punishment.

He brought the belt down again, adjusting his force to give her a blow that had a good sting and thrust her forward but left just a nice rosy glow to her upper thigh. He was aiming lower to avoid the angry red mark on her backside.

“You are acting like a child breaking things out of anger. I expect you to control your emotions,” he said calmly and slowly, bring the belt down on his wife’s thighs in between each word, dragging the sentence out.

Anna thrust forward with each blow, bringing her gaze into the sink where she was reminded of why she was getting spanked, the shattered shards of the once beautiful plate in her view. By the last blow, tears poured freely from her eyes, falling onto the shattered pieces. The belt, even with Ben’s adjusted force, had a much more intense sting than a paddle or his hand and her cries were from real pain.

Ben could tell that his wife was reaching her limit, knowing he had other things planned for her, he stopped, giving his wife the okay to stand up by bringing the negligee down over her ass. She stood up and turned to him, her face streaked with tears, and he could tell she was looking for him to comfort her as he always did after he disciplined her. Still angry with her, he wasn’t quite ready to give her what she was looking for.

“Clear the table and clean the kitchen,” was all he could bring himself to say as he turned and went upstairs.

Anna was left feeling humiliated and a little scared of how angry her husband had been. She splashed some water on her face in the sink, drying her eyes and trying to compose herself. She was fully reminded of his anger as her thighs burned as she cleared the table and put away the food. He had always comforted her after a punishment, she always looked forward to him holding her as she calmed down, crying in his arms. She felt so lost, alone in the kitchen. Tears swelling in her eyes, she carefully picked up the remains of the beautiful plate, seeing it broken was hurting her almost as much as the belt.

Anna was finishing up, just doing a final wipe down of the counters when Ben called her into the living room. She hadn’t even noticed him come back downstairs she was so out of sorts from his harsh punishment.

She made her way, timidly, into the living room not knowing what to expect after his behavior in the kitchen. As she entered she saw her husband standing in front of their large leather couch in front of the coffee table. The temperature had dropped outside, and Ben had turned on the gas fireplace, casting a soft glow over the rustic room.

“Come here,” he commanded, pointing to the space directly in front of him, his other hand behind his back. Anna’s nervousness grew as she wondered what he was hiding behind his back and what he had planned for her. She quickly made her way to her husband not wanting to give him any more reason to be mad. She stood so close to him, in the small space left between him and the table, she had to look straight up at him.

He stared down at her without saying a word or changing his fierce expression. She felt him push her legs apart, accessing her sex, parting her slit with his thick finger and then penetrating her, practically picking her up with the force of his thrust.

Anna was taken by surprise, falling into him, her cheek resting on his muscular chest. She need his support both from the sudden intensity of his thrusting and the unexpected wave of pleasure deep in her pelvis.

“My original plan for tonight was to spank your ass and then spend the night making you cum,” he whispered in her ear, sending chills down her spin with the tickle of his breath on her neck. “But you made me mad and now you’re going to make me cum. If you’re good, do as you’re told, and I’m happy with your performance, I’ll let you cum later but not before you receive your second punishment,” his words falling heavy on her as he continued his deep thrusting, making her pussy wet with pleasure, “Now, take off that negligee.”

Anna did as she was told, sliding the soft negligee off over her head, leaving her standing naked in front of her husband, his finger still deep inside her. She felt so small in front of him. She could feel herself submitting to him as he worked her pussy, anxious to please him.

Ben brought his other hand from around his back and ran the head of a large rubber dildo over his wife’s hard nipples.

“Lick it,” he said, bringing the rubber cock up to her lips. She did as she was told and ran her tongue around its rubber head. She parted her lips, teasing its head, knowing that she was turning Ben on as she looked up at him, meeting his eyes with a playful look and recognizing the desire in his eyes.

“Lick it, here,” Ben demanded as he turned the hard rubber shaft around. Anna noticed that the bottom of the dildo was a suction cup. She obeyed and ran her wet tongue around the base of the cock, moistening it with her spit.

“You are going to ride this cock while you suck my dick,” Ben said as he slammed the dildo down on the hard surface of the coffee table. “And when your tender, well spanked thighs hit the table, you will be reminded of why you are sucking my cock instead of getting fucked by it.”

“SIT,” he demanded, pointing to the cock as he unbuckled his jeans and took out his rock hard cock.

Anna lowered herself onto the realistic cock, circling around it until she found her wet waiting hole. She felt the tip of the head part her soft lips, opening her up as she continued to lower herself slowly down its length. Its shaft was long enough to fill her space, stretching her to capacity, the head hitting the deepest part of her.

She closed her eyes with pleasure, her body instinctively started to grind the fuck stick she was sitting on. The mounded base of the cock rubbing against her clit, bringing her pelvis alive with pleasure. As she started a slow, rhythmic grinding with her hips, the back of her thighs called out in pain, feeling the hard surface seal to her tender skin, making her wince with the friction, burning with a reminder of her punishment.

She looked up at Ben, the conflict showing in her eyes. So much desire from a pleasure that could only be achieved with pain.

“I know, its not easy to want something and not be able to get it. I feel that every weekend,” Ben told her, grabbing her hard nipple and rolling it between his fingers. Anna threw her head back with the strong pleasurable sensation. He put his other hand on the back of Anna’s head, grabbing her hair in his fingers. He brought her head toward him, feeling the intense euphoria of her lips parting around his cock. He pushed her toward him, feeling his length enter, her tongue sliding down the most sensitive part of his throbbing head. He thrust into her, bringing his hard cock to her full capacity, the back of her throat surrounding him.

Ben looked down at his wife, her soft pink lips wrapped around his cock, his long shaft moving slowly, but forcefully, in and out guided by his hand on the back of her head. Anna moaned, the vibration surrounding his excited member. He loved the way she gave head. She always enjoyed it, moaning and taking his whole length with a passion that made him want to give her his cum deep in her throat. Her naked tits were bouncing softly from his thrusts. He reached down to caress her, tracing the heavy round bottom of her ample breast with his hand and then working his way up to her protruding nipple.

Anna was sure, if not for the sting of the hard table on her naked thighs, she would have cum by now. The dildo was hitting her deep inside as she softly grinded her clit with the base of the cock. She loved how her husband got so turned on when his cock was in her mouth. She let out a deep moan when he locked her sensitive nipple in his tight grip. She loved when he played with her nipples. She could tell that her moans turned him on, his cock pulsing in her mouth, reaching its maximum girth. He rode her mouth, in and out, not holding back his thrusts.

Ben could have held off his orgasm for a long time allowing himself to enjoy his cock in his wife’s mouth. But he knew her tender skin must be burning from his belt. He watched her, trying to grind on the rubber cock that had her spread open, while not moving her thighs. He took pity on her, knowing he wasn’t done with her and knowing he would have a chance to cum again later in her wet pussy.

“Stroke my dick,” he ordered her.

Anna grabbed the base of her husbands hard cock and tightly wrapped her hand around it, pulling and pushing his shaft, extending his pleasure. She knew he was reaching his climax whenever he told her to stroke his cock. She loved knowing she was the one who made him cum and sucked his hard pulsing cock with excitement, anxious to taste his cum. She found her perfect rhythm, her mouth and hand gliding up and down his hard shaft as she bounced around grinding as much as she could on the rubber cock.

Looking down at his wife, Ben allowed himself to loose control, feeling himself almost at the point of no return. When Anna looked up at him, he could feel her desire when their eyes met, and it pushed him over the edge. He pulled her into him, his hand still on the back of her head as he pushed his cock deep into her. He could feel his hot juices shooting the back of her throat as the waves of his orgasm pushed his thick jizz into her. A few more deep thrust and he finished, moaning with pleasure.

“God you’re good at that,” he said, looking down at his wife and he pulled his cock from her. She sucked his cock dry as he pulled out, keeping all his cum in her, swallowing the thick juices, knowing it turned him on. She was happy to get his approval and work her way back into his good graces.

“May I get up?” she asked, hoping he would allow her to now that she had made him cum. She wiggled on the table, trying to shift her weight from her thighs to her ass, easing her pain.

Ben looked down at his wife, her lips still wet with his cum. She was so cute, trying to be good and stay seated. He knew she wanted some relief and figured he would allow her some. He admired her naked body, exposed, her magnificent crimson-tipped breast rising and falling with her wanting breath. He reached down, cupping her in his powerful hands.

“Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to stand. You may get up. The next time you loose your temper like that you may find yourself sitting on your naked backside for a good long time,” he said, still fondling her breasts.

Anna slowly pushed herself up, feeling her sex close as the girth of the rubber shaft left her. She winced her flesh burning as she peeled the back of her thighs off the coffee table. She was sure her skin must have remained on the table as she stood, but when she looked, there was nothing.

“Good, now put this back on,” Ben demanded, as he handed his wife the soft pink negligee. He watched as she lifted her arms, the soft fabric caressing her skin as if fell perfectly around her, slipping down her tight body. Again it settled on her, showing off her swollen nipples, revealing her ache for him.

He circled his arms around her, pulling her close to him and speaking softly but deliberately, “I want you to go upstairs and wait for me.” He released his arms and walked toward his office, leaving her alone, again.

Anna felt her stomach sink, a nervous wave igniting in her pelvis. When Ben told her to go wait for him, he didn’t mean go flop on the bed and read a magazine until he was ready to deal with her. There was an ever changing series of humiliating positions in which she was made to wait for him. It started with just standing in the corner by his side of the bed. Usually he would instruct her on what she should be wearing or how she should be wearing it. Very often, as with the current position in which she was to wait, she was to wear the negligee.

Anna slowly climbed the steps to her bedroom, wondering how long he was going to make her wait in her newest position. She entered the bedroom and went to her husbands nightstand where, in the drawer, there was a key neatly labeled ‘Anna’. Taking the key she went into to his walk-in closet and over to a large black leather trunk. She unlocked the trunk, which revealed Ben’s growing stash of ‘supplies’. Whenever he sent her to the trunk, she tried to avoid looking through its contents, afraid of what she might see.

For tonight, she grabbed two leather wrist cuffs that were attached to locking reels and two ankle cuffs attached to each other on a short chain. She carefully closed the lid, locked it and returned to the bedroom, putting the key back in her husband’s nightstand.

She stood on the bed so she could reach a hook attached to the ceiling over the lower right side of their black four poster bed. She attached the two locking reels to the hook and flipped the lever that allowed her to pull a long length of sturdy plastic coated wire out of the reels. She lowered the wrist cuffs down onto the bed where they waited for her. She climbed down, off the high bed, grabbing the ankle cuffs which she wrapped around the leg of the bed. A nervous rush flooded her pelvis and belly. She could feel her cheeks blush with embarrassment as she fumbled with the double buckles on each ankle cuff. With both feet firmly buckled in and the chain secured around the leg of the bed, she stood up, carefully, as she now had to keep her legs against the corner of the bed. She grabbed ahold of the tall post of their bed, pulling herself upright. She slipped the wrist cuffs over her hands, buckling them tightly around her small wrist, knowing that Ben would check to make sure she hadn’t left them too loose.

Anna thought back to Ben’s instructions when he put her in this position the first time. He had instructed her to pay attention so that she could do everything correctly by herself the next time. When she was sure she had followed all of his instructions, she gave a quick tug to the wire attached to the wrist cuffs, signaling the reels to retract, and followed the wire up as far as her hands would go.

Now she was standing, her feet locked on either side of the corner of the bed by the ankle cuffs and her hands, cuffed, straight over her head. She gave a small tug down on the wires, to engage the lock on the reels, and panicked as soon as she heard the click of the lock. Now, with her hands locked straight above her head, she realized she had forgotten a very important set in her instructions.

“SHIT,” she yelled out loud, to no one. She pulled forcefully on her hands, hoping to get them to lower, but she knew she was stuck as she wiggled to get free. She had been instructed to lower the neckline of the soft pink negligee so that it sat under her full round breast, exposing them and allowing the black post of the bed to slide in between them, separating her mounds around it. She had forgotten and now, locked in place, it was too late. She tried to catch the neckline of the negligee on the bedpost, riding it up and down through her breast with the little give she had to move. But, it wasn’t enough to get the soft material all the way over her ample breast.

Hanging her head back, the ends of her hair brushing the curve of her ass, she held back tears. She had wanted so badly to please her husband and now she would be in even bigger trouble when he came to check on her. She had no choice but to stand there, trapped, and wait.

Ben sat in his office thinking of Anna, locked to their bed. He liked the thought of her standing there, awaiting his arrival and anticipating his punishment. He had planned a surprise trip to Cabo for them and needed to confirm their booking before midnight. It was a few months off and he couldn’t wait to spend ten days with her in paradise. He killed a little more time putting together a lumber order for an upcoming job. When he felt his dick jump at the thought of his wife upstairs, waiting for him, he decided to go join her.

Walking into the bedroom, his wife’s beautiful form, long and lean, cuffed to their bed, was plenty to get him turned on. He was impressed with her ability to get herself into those cuffs, knowing it would not be easy to stand with her legs locked to the bed. He noticed, right away, that she had forgotten to expose her breast before she released the wires and locked her hands over her head. He loved the way her bare breast looked with the hard post gliding between them. He could tell, by the look in her eyes, that she knew she had disobeyed and wanted so badly to tell him. But, she was not allowed to speak while she was waiting, unless he instructed her to.

He walked over to his wife, enjoying the look of anticipation in her eyes. He tucked her long hair behind her ear, tracing his finger down the curve of her long neck and continuing down, around her breast and then finally with a swirl around her nipple, now swollen with excitement under forgotten fabric.

“It seems to me that you missed something,” he said, staring into her eyes with a look that made her stomach leap. He forcefully pulled down the neckline of the negligee, allowing it to catch both nipples as he exposed them and letting the material come to a stop under the rounded bottom of her breasts. She gasped from the sting of the negligee being stretch over her nipples, knowing that he had meant to get her attention with the pain. She longed to tell him that she was sorry, but she didn’t dare disobey further. She lowered her eyes, submitting to him.

Ben walked over to his side of the bed and retrieved the key. He noticed that Anna had lifted her eyes, trying to see what he was doing, and he gave her a naughty grin, letting her know she had been caught.

After he had spent some time in his closet, he came up behind her, gently kissing her neck. He laid in front of her, on the bed, three items. A black satin blindfold, a paddle and a small jar with a gold lid. In his hand he still had something, but she couldn’t get a good look at it.

“I was looking forward to coming up here and seeing you beautiful breasts,” he said, fondling them. “I guess I need to help you remember all of your steps.”

A look of nervous excitement came over Anna’s face.

“Open your mouth,” Ben ordered, lifting whatever he had in his hand to her mouth. She obeyed, releasing her jaw as she felt something smooth and round being placed in her mouth. She could feel Ben pulling the object, a ball, she guessed, back and then tying the laces attached to it tightly behind her head.

Her eyes grew wide, wishing he would come in front of her so he could see her look, pleading for him to stop. The ball felt uncomfortable in her mouth as she moved her tongue around it. She felt a strong urge to push it out of her mouth and an overwhelming frustration at not being able to move it. It was firmly placed, making breathing through her mouth difficult. She became nervous, afraid the ball would choke her. She forgot her rules and started to try to protest, her words just coming out like desperate moans, producing saliva she was not able to swallow.

Ben moved to the side of the bed. Now, looking into Anna’s eyes he could see her pleading with him, her frantic moans escalating into muffled shrieks. He cupped her head softly in his hands, trying to calm her down. He stroked her belly with his strong hand, trying to relax her breathing. He wanted her to submit, to play along, but he needed to make sure she was okay.

“Tell me, all this shrieking you are doing, are you trying to tell me to stop? Are you saying our safeword?” he asked, looking into his wife’s eyes to decipher her answer.

A moment passed. Anna could feel a calmness come to her now that she could see Ben’s reassuring eyes. She thought about his questions. Did she want to safe word this? She had never used it before and she knew if she shook her head ‘yes’ right now Ben would take the ball out of her mouth and release her from the cuffs. She knew he would take her into his arms, apologize for pushing her too far and make love to her. Part of her wanted that so badly she could feel her body begging for him around her, inside her.

She realized, that while she was deep in thought, her breathing had regulated. Her tongue had relaxed under the ball and the panic had left her. She closed her eyes for a moment, making sure she was making the right decision.

“Good girl. I’m very pleased,” Ben said, smiling at his wife who had shaken her head ‘no’ to his safe word question. He was glad she wanted to continue.

“Now, you keep giving me new reasons to punish you this evening. Before I spank you for volunteering my time this weekend, we have to deal with you robbing me of the pleasure I get from seeing your bare breasts. When I showed you this position I instructed you to have your breast exposed. Your breasts bring me great joy and it disappoints me when I expect to see them and you deny me,” he said, bring his hands down from her face and again fondling her breast.

She moaned, feeling herself submit to him, her body longing for him. She watched as he picked up the blindfold and slipped its tight elastic over her head. She stared into his eyes as he lowered it, her line of vision getting lower and lower until, darkness.

“Good girl, just relax. This will help you remember when I give you directions.”

Anna could hear him moving in front of her and she thought she heard a lid unscrewing as she remembered the small jar on the bed. The room filled with strong smell that Anna recognized as eucalyptus.

Ben looked at his wife, her arms straight over her head lifting her already pert breasts even higher as they were separated by the bedpost. He felt his cock pulse as he pictured it taking the place of the post, grinding the space between her breast and shooting his cum all over her chest as she licked his head, circling its rim with her tongue. Fully recovered from his previous orgams, his cock grew in his pants, pushing against the his tight jeans.

He ran his finger over the top of the Tiger Balm, barely gracing his finger with the strong ointment. He reached down, grabbing his wife’s pussy and was pleased to find it wet with desire. He caressed her swollen clit with the balm, working it into its hidden head. He knew it would take a minute for her to feel the warm sensation of the balm. Starting out as a tingle and working up to a burning rage driving her wild.

He continued to work her, rubbing her, careful not to enter her with his finger, even though his cock tried to convince him otherwise. He brought his luscious lips down to her waiting breast and took her into his mouth, sucking and teasing her with his tongue. He could feel that she was beginning to feel the burn as she began writhing around on her restraints, picking herself up by her wrist cuffs to escape his hand and then lowering herself down wanting more.

Anna threw her head back and moaned deeply. The burning in her pussy and her husband sucking on her was giving her a deep pleasure. She could feel the heat between her legs intensifying by the second and she wondered just how intense it would get. Her pussy was so alive with a sensation so intense it bordered on pain. She wanted so badly to have Ben’s big cock inside her. Grinding her sex into his hand, she hoped he would break down and fuck her, relieving her of this throbbing desire.

Ben loved watching Anna, her hips circling, begging him to enter her. His fingers having their way with her engorged clit, knowing that the thick balm was working its way into her most tender parts delivering a sensation that was sure to have her begging him to relieve her desire.

‘Oh, Ben, please, that feels so good, please, fuck me,’ she formed the words in her head, with no way to get them out, the ball still snuggly in her mouth.

Ben felt his cock, so hard his tight jeans, release a bead of his fluid, making him want to give Anna what she clearly was asking for. He longed to leave his pleasure deep inside her. Releasing his hand from her wet pussy he longed to enter her warm , wanting tunnel. He felt the shift in her breath, her pleasure turn to frustration.

“I will be back for you,” he said, giving her nipple one last hard suck, his tongue teasing her as he suck her into him. He backed away, slowly as his absence hit her and she whimpered, wanting him back. He went into the master bath and she heard the door close behind him.

Anna, cuffed to the bed, standing with her breast exposed, blindfolded and gagged, wanted to scream. She pulled on her restraints, wanting to follow her husband into the bathroom. To feel his arms around her and lower herself onto his waiting cock. She wanted to feel him deep inside her, the lotion he had applied to her intensifying that desire so much she could hardly stand. She felt herself shift her weight to her wrist, allowing her legs to straddle the post, trying to rub her clit along is long, smooth length, her clit screaming with pleasure with the movement. As turned on as she was with the incredible sensation between her legs, intensifying by the minute, it was not enough to bring her to her climax. She need Ben, she needed his strong hands on her body.

Ben leaned on the back of the bathroom door, fighting the urge to get behind his wife and sink his throbbing member deep into her ass, his hands working that pussy till they both came, her waves of pleasure milking his cum into her waiting ass.

He knew the balm must be reaching its full intensity as he pictured his wife with so much desire and no way to relieve it. He was glad he decided to use the gag, knowing that, by now, she would be calling out to him, begging him to take her. He doubted he would be able to resist.

He pulled himself together, still needing to spank his wife for volunteering him this weekend. If he didn’t, he would spend tomorrow mad and really, he didn’t want to spend the day mad and lifting boxes. He wanted to spend the day with thoughts of his wife’s red ass and his cock in her pussy.

He turned on the shower, the water set colder than he would normally set it if he didn’t have a raging hard on. He took his time, thoroughly cleaning every part of him, his strong hands gliding over his well defined body. He killed as much time in the bathroom as he could, enjoying the thought of his wife’s body alive with desire. He wondered how she could keep him waiting for hours when she was in the bathroom getting ready. After brushing his teeth and shaving he was pretty much out of things to do.

Anna was burning with desire. She could feel the cuffs digging into her soft skin, leaving their marks. Her clit screaming to be touched, she didn’t know how much longer she could take this. She thought of her husband’s naked body in the shower, his hard cock standing up, waiting for her touch. She wanted so badly to follow him into the shower and jump into his arms, his strong hands grabbing her ass as he pulled her onto him. Just when she thought she was going to go mad, the waiting and the intense sensation in her clit, getting the best of her, she heard the click of the bathroom door opening.

Chapter 6.

Fiona leaned forward on the sofa and pointed the remote at the television. The room went silent. Peter sat on the floor his hand on Fiona’s knees looking up at her quietly.

“That is quite enough of that rubbish” she remarked, handing the remote to her husband and uncrossing her legs.

“I know it is hard darling, believe me I really do. But this isn’t entirely unpleasant for you, is it?”

Peter looked at the floor. His black satin skirt, perfectly arranged in ruffles around his waist made him look very sweet. He could feel his suspenders tugging at his stocking tops as he shifted position, sitting as gracefully as he could, knees and ankles together. He looked up at Fiona, stroking her calf with the back of his hand. Fiona looked down at him, curling a finger around one of his ringlets and smiling. Peter blushed.

“I am jealous Fi. It is a horrible feeling. I just hate it when you are upstairs with Ian, it is the worse thing in the world.”

“But you like being so pretty, don’t you darling.”

Peter pouted. He couldn’t help it.

“I do, yes, but can’t it just be you and I.”

Fiona smiled knowingly, holding Peter softly by the chin. He looked up at her lovingly. After all these weeks he had perfected his make-up routine and looked sensational. Fiona had indulged all his little requests and invested in all manner of treatments. Peter had small, delicate, perfectly formed features and looked breathtakingly feminine in full make-up. His eyes shone brightly, his full lips were moist and glossy and his eyebrows curved whimsically, redolent of a sixties film star.

“Peter. Silly girl. You are in chastity remember, since you made your decision not to be released. So how it can it just be you and I, hmmm? How unfair would that be on poor little me. You want be to be satisfied now, don’t you, hmmm?”

Peter found it so hard to argue with Fiona’s logic. He knew that something was wrong with her reasoning, but he just went to jelly when Fiona explained things to him.

“Yes, I know Fi, but now I am in chastity then can’t we just be a couple again?”

“We are a couple darling. You are my husband. We live together don’t we? I endulge your little needs don’t I?”

Fiona pulled gently at Peter’s hoop earring as she spoke the word ‘needs’ making Simon blush. He closed his eyes showing off his long black eye-lashes and his bottom lip trembled.

“Now shh. We are just going to go round and round in circles now. You made your decision and now you are regretting it. Well that is tough. We all have to live with the consequences of our actions, and for you that means confronting the green-eyed monster before it gobbles you up.”

With that Fiona stood up, and chivalrously put out her hands to help Peter up from the floor. He rose in one elegant movement, and stood in his heels, one foot in front of the other, his hands clasped neatly together over his white pinny, showing off his long pink nails.

Fiona tapped her husband on the nose playfully, but it said to him, quite clearly, that the subject was now closed. Upstairs these days it took Fiona’s husband much longer to get ready for bed than her. Fiona was usually in bed reading whilst her husband went through the long ritual of removing her lingerie, make-up and then carefully hanging up her pretty dresses.

Finally he took his baby-doll nighty from under the pillow and pulled it over his head. He then had to stand neatly until Fiona gave his permission to get into bed. Fiona slowly turned another page and carried on reading. After a few minutes she patted the bed and Peter, relieved, climbed in.

“How long has it been now?”

Fiona tapped the front of his chastity belt twice with the tip of her fingernail.

“Five long weeks, Fi.”

Fiona smiled to herself, and wondered whether this might be a the right time to explore the next stage of her plan with Peter.

“Peter, I am going to give you another choice. How good is that?”

Peter’s blood froze, and without knowing what Fiona was going to say he felt a horrible feeling of doom, like the last day of the summer holidays.

“Now you look so beautiful all the time, I want you to decide whether you wish to continue with your feminization or revert to being simple, sorry simply Peter again.”

“Can’t I be both Fi. I like it like this?”

“Of course not silly. You are really saying some very foolish things today, aren’t you? Now listen to me. I am prepared to let you continue to live as a girl, but only if you do it properly.”

“You mean have a sex change? For heaven’s sake Fi.”

“I did not say that. Stop being such a drama queen and listen to me. I am giving you a very simple choice. You revert to Peter, no lovely clothes, just as you were before we met. Or you stay as you are and keep all your pretty clothes. But if you do then you I want you to experience the female condition as a woman does.”

Fiona chose her words very carefully, and watched her husband look searchingly into her eyes trying to understand exactly what she meant.

“You do mean a sex change then?” Peter looked terrified.

“I am not going to repeat myself. If you choose the female route then I want you to alter the balance of your hormones. This can be achieved quite simply by a three monthly injection. It is quite painless, but over a few weeks you will start to feel more….well more female.”

The room went silent.

“Sarah and I are in London tomorrow. It will give you a chance to think this through. Then when I get back we can have another little chat. Don’t look so worried precious. Remember it is entirely your choice.”

Sarah lifted his chin with her finger and smiled.

“It is your decision, no-one else’s. We can rewind everything to where we were when we first met. No chastity, no boyfriends, no jealousy. Just my handsome husband and our simple suburban life together. “

Peter looked quite lost. Fiona smiled to herself confident in the knowledge that her husband had gone so far down this road that he probably couldn’t remember the way back.

Fiona and Sarah sat in St James’s Park listening to the hum of traffic along The Mall. A huge Union Jack fluttered above Buckingham Palace and the two girls poked at a plastic pot of olives and feta cheese with cocktail sticks. It was a lovely early Autumn evening, and they decided on an impromptu picnic before taking the train home.

Sarah kicked her heels off and stretched out her legs, wriggling her toes westwards towards the setting sun.

“I am not surprised Fi. Of course he is jealous for heaven’s sake. You are upstairs making whoopee with some bloke called Ian, and poor Peter is downstairs listening to everything. You are certifiable, so you are.”

Sarah always spoke in a mock Irish accent when she mad a painful observation, it was her defense mechanism.”

Fiona stabbed an olive and placed it in Sarah’s mouth.

“In my defense your honour, it was technically Peter’s choice. He wanted release from chastity and the price was to ask me to sleep with someone else.”

“You are not even convincing yourself honey. The choices you give that poor man are not exactly balanced now are they? Go into chastity or no sex ever again for one. Then you give him the choice of chastity or release from chastity , oh but only if he asks you to sleep with someone else. “

“He is still with me Sarah, isn’t he? He can always leave me if the relationship isn’t working for him. We are consenting adults after all.”

Sarah shook her head and laughed.

“What is the expression people use in bsmd…”

Fiona looked up. This is a subject that they had never discussed before

“BDSM Sarah, and the expression I think you are referring to is safe, sane and consensual.”

Sarah looked back at Fiona and their eyes locked. They both learnt something about each other in an instant, and two pennies dropped simultaneously.

“Well, not my subject I am afraid Fi. But, but…yes, if this is a game, then it should definitely be consensual. “

Fiona sipped her wine from a plastic cup earnestly and put it back down carefully on the grass.

“It isn’t a game Sarah darling. But yes, it is consensual and I am reasonably confident that I am not mad. As for safe, well yes, I think so.”

Sarah looked at her watch. They had a good two hours before the last train.

“Well, it is your marriage Fi. Peter is a lovely guy, bit effeminate for my tastes, but lovely nonetheless. Don’t blow it is my advice.”

“I am going to push him further Sarah. Call me irresponsible, but I want to go even further with him.”

“Irresponsible you most definitely are, in fact the High Priestess of Irresponsible. Now, what on earth have you got planned now. …tell me more?”

Fiona explained the choice she had given Peter and his slow descent into female clothing over the last few weeks.

“He is aware that the drug will alter his hormones, but I haven’t exactly explained all of the side affects, well not yet.”

Fiona ran her finger around the rim of the olive pot as she spoke, without looking up.

“Come on Fi, what is this drug? Is it dangerous?”

“No, it is not dangerous if used correctly. It is mainly used as a female contraceptive, but if administered to a man it leads to some, well, some amusing side effects.”

Fiona smiled.

“The most important effect is impotence. That is 100% guaranteed, and starts to kick in after a few weeks, perhaps even sooner. Also Peter’s sex drive will completely disappear, which I am very excited about. Then there are the fun side effects. “

“The fun side-effects?”

Sarah looked at her friend open-mouthed.

Fiona’s eyes sparkled with life and she became animated as she spoke.”

“I have seen it with my pilates teacher’s husband, and she told me how funny it is to watch. Her husband’s nipples started to become hyper-sensitive and he started to grow boobs. They actually started to swell after just a couple of injections and the size of the nipples grew as well. But more than that, he started to show all the signs of pms: mood swings, tearfulness, apathy, dog-tired, over-emotional and indecisive. Oh, and he put weight on too.”

“God Fi, you seriously think that is going to be fun, having another pre-menstrual bitch in the house?”

Fiona looked offended and looked at her friend, tilting her head.

“Well, urm, yes I do actually. It is a huge turn-on knowing that Peter is gradually being feminised from the inside out, and that I am taking away his sexuality, slowly but surely. Sarah, I can’t wait.”

Sarah lay back on the grass and breathed out audibly. The clouds were gathering and the temperature began to drop noticeably.

“Is it reversible?”

“I hope not.” Fiona replied quickly, laughing nervously.

“Actually, yes it is to a certain extent. It depends on the dose and the time he is on it. I am told that after about a year then the impotence is pretty much irreversible, and the sex drive just dies away completely. That is the thrilling part. He will then have to serve me orally without any sexual involvement. It will be like a chore for him, and I just love that idea.”

Sarah lifted herself up onto her elbows and watched the cars and taxi’s pass across the front of the Victoria monument and into The Mall. She felt a strange disconnect with her friend, and wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t feeling just a little bit of grief.

Fiona sensed her friend’s anxiety and shuffled up next to her, picking the grass off her cardigan tenderly.

“Listen Sarah. I hugely don’t want you to hate me for this. It is consensual, honestly, honestly. I know that I must come across as some ultra-controlling bitch, and yes I am to some extent, but Peter understands exactly what is happening. We both want it, really, we do. It is just that it makes everything so much more real if we don’t well, come out of character. Does that make any sense?”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

“Don’t hurt anyone, or harm anyone, understand? That is all I am saying.”

Sarah raised her voice slightly, for the first time she could ever remember with Fiona, and her voice quivered slightly as she spoke.

There wasn’t anything else to be said. Sarah could see that her friend was intoxicated by this ‘game’, and nothing she said or did would make the slightest difference. Fiona in turn was now wet and even more excited by the prospect now she had confided in her friend. Ok, it wasn’t exactly a glowing endorsement of her plan of action, but ….

Fiona got back late and creeping in through the front door was surprised to see Peter still up, curled up on the sofa watching television. The room smelt of soap and talc, with Peter wrapped up in a huge fluffy pink towelling robe filing his nails slowly.

“Hello darling. You smell divine,” Fiona said, poking her head around the opening from the hall.

Fiona sat down on the edge of the sofa, and put her hand on Peter’s knees.

“I was just going to bed actually. I wasn’t sure whether you were going to eat in town and get the milk train back.”

Fiona took her coat off and placed it on her lap.

“We had a picnic in St James’s Park, of sorts. It was such a nice evening it didn’t seem right to be inside, so I got the 7.45pm in the end. “

“Come, let’s talk in bed. It has been a long day.”

Fiona led her husband upstairs, locking her forefinger and thumb around his slim wrist as he always did when she was about to take control in their bedroom.

Sarah sat on the bed and beckoned Peter to kneel on the floor in front of her. Lifting her left foot, Peter slowly undid the black strap across the top of her foot and eased Fiona’s foot out.

“That feels better,” Fiona said, wriggling her stocking clad toes in front of Peter’s nose.

The heady, musty aroma of Fiona’s feet thrilled Peter and he lifted his wife’s foot to his face rubbing the bottom of her foot against his cheek. He loved the sound and sensation of her damp foot against his skin, and kissed each toe in turn, then ran his tongue the length of her sole from toe to heel. His penis pressed hard against the restraint between his legs, causing him to wince. He closed his eyes and sucked Fiona’s musty, salty toes in to his mouth, running his tongue along the seam, back and forth.

“Good girl. Clean Mummy’s feet Peter, make me happy.”

Peter lifted his wife’s skirt and undid each suspender with his teeth, then gently pulled the stocking down over her knee and over her heel.

“Half an hour Peter, then you can start on the other foot.”

Peter busied himself, running his tongue between each toe, finding every crevice with his tongue, enjoying every moment of this exquisite intimate union.

Fiona lay back on the bed and pulled her thin cotton skirt up to her waist, running her fingers over her damp gusset and letting out a gentle gasp. She felt the warm sensations of Peter’s tongue on her toes, sending a tingling feeling up her leg, adding deliciously to the tingling between her legs. She began to frig herself gently.

“Half way Peter. Time to change legs.”

Peter obediently took Fiona’s big toe out of his mouth and lay the glistening foot down on the carpet. Fiona pushed three fingers inside her, lifting her left foot onto the bed and stretching out her right foot for Peter to worship. Before his tongue had a chance to touch her stockinged foot she started to shake, her juices dribbling down her fingers and onto the duvet cover. She drove her fingers in deeper, throwing her head back and let out a long moan as the first wave flowed through her, then a second wave, even stronger and finally a third that grew in intensity until she thought that she couldn’t take any more.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Fiona screamed, and her legs started to shake uncontrollably. The juices poured out of her and she experienced the most intense orgasm she could ever remember.

Peter didn’t look up. He knew it was much better if he didn’t make any observations at all in his wife’s presence these days, and he was content simply to taste the sweet and sour loveliness of Fiona’s long slim feet.

Eventually Fiona lifted her right foot onto the bed and sat back against the headboard, pulling her skirt back down over her knees. She patted the bed next to her, and Peter sat beside her, looking into her eyes lovingly.

“So, Peter. Any thoughts? I see you are still dressed very prettily. Does that give me clue about your decision?”

Peter blushed.

“I have thought about it constantly, and I have made my decision.”

Fiona looked at herself in the bathroom mirror as she cleaned her teeth, her skirt and blouse laid neatly on a chair by the sink. She saw the cold, hard look in her eyes and thought how far she had gone on this journey, and how much more thrilling the next few weeks would be.

The next morning Fiona rang her friend in Harley Street and made arrangements for the first injection in a week’s time.

“Good. 1200hrs on Wednesday, that is settled then. We look forward to meeting Doctor Chandler then. Thank you so much.”

Fiona handed the phone back to Peter and smiled.

“Well. There we are then. Are you excited?”

Peter thought carefully before replying.

“I am not sure. I like the idea of my breasts getting bigger, and having sensitive nipples. But I am worried about the effect on my libido, if I am honest. “

“Silly girl. You aren’t allowed any erections now, and as you found out last night, getting excited just makes you wince. Just think how lovely it will be carrying out my ‘requests’ without all that horrid pressure down there. You will be able to apply yourself so much more diligently to your tasks, and please me even more.”

Peter wasn’t sure. But he just couldn’t see himself as a real man again, and he decided to just see how things went.

Before Peter had time to think the doorbell rang.

“Oh good, Ian has arrived. Show him in Peter.”

Peter looked shocked and the colour drained from his face. He had thought that his decision would mean that Fiona would stop seeing Ian.

Fiona knew this, and had chosen to invite Ian around to reinforce the fact that Peter’s decision would have no affect at all on her decision to cuckold him. How she hated that expression, she thought to herself. Besides, she thought, he isn’t a cuckold, he asked me to sleep with Ian.

Ian was as polite as ever, and came into the house smiling gently and shaking Peter warmly by the hand.

“Good to see you again Peter, I hope you are well?”

Fiona came into the hall from the kitchen and kissed Ian on his lips, her hands draped over his shoulders.

“Hello big boy. I hope you have lots of energy this morning?”

Peter didn’t know where to look. He nearly died from embarrassment and shuffled from foot to foot, biting his bottom lip and holding his hands together tightly in front of himself.

Fiona led Ian into the living room and they both sat down on a huge fluffy rug in front of the fire.

“Come and join us Peter. Sit on the sofa and keep quiet” Fiona said quietly but firmly as she started to unbutton Ian’s shirt.

Peter sat down, knees together, and was forced to watch as his beloved Fiona slowly undressed first her lover and then herself. Time passed agonizingly slowly as Peter was forced to witness the actually quite beautiful union of his beloved Fiona and her new lover. There were no taunting looks, no overt humiliating comments. Just a pretty ‘girl’ in a bright summer frock sitting neatly on a sofa in chastity watching the slow, steady thrusts of Ian’s pert bottom and the joyful gasps from Fiona as she ran her fingers through Ian’s hair and curled her legs around his waist.

Peter’s mouth went dry, his penis pressed hard against the steel cage between his legs and a few drops of fluid dripped down his leg and into the lace tops of his stockings. He flushed and trembled as he experienced his first female orgasm with an intensity that made all his silly little male emissions seem quite pointless, and joyously the intense feelings continued, causing Peter to question whether he would ever come down from this delicious humiliation.

It was 3pm on a Monday. A burning email from my client quickly turns to a conference call just before I have to leave the office to pick up my kids and be home for dinner when my wife gets home. The call quickly turns into a need for me to get on the next plane to Dallas to put out this “fire”. I can’t believe it. I think to myself “For once, I would like to start the week without fuckin’ crisis. Is that too much to ask?”. The price we pay for success I suppose. In this town, this is the norm rather than the exception. About a year ago, my lovely wife Anne and myself came to the realization that if our relationship was going to last, we would have to make time in our busy schedules for “us”. Time to ourselves without the kids. Sex night. Forget date night. Sex Night.

Anne and I have always been very open with each other. She’s my wife and my best friend. I can tell her anything. Honesty is the policy in our house for sure. Our household is not unlike most. She runs the roost. Dishonesty is the quickest way to find yourself over her knee. I am no exception. She and I came to an agreement a long time ago, that even though I was likely to make more money, she was far better at running the household and making the rules. So, once I’m home. She’s in charge. This means breaking the rules means I get a spanking too.

Breaking the news to Anne about this unexpected business trip was no easy feat. She was pretty stewed about it but there was nothing I could do. She would have to pick the kids up for a few days until I got home. Our standard protocol for this type of thing is honesty. She knows that when I am away from home with no rules, there is the likelihood that I would have something to confess when I got home. Which is why our Sex Night often begins with confession and spankings. No doubt, this trip to Dallas sucked…long days dealing with this client…back to the hotel for shitty food before bed. I was exhausted and missing Sex Night. Upon landing at the airport, I grab my bag and haul ass to my car at the economy lot in Timbuktu. I get a text from Anne.

“Come home NOW.”

Butterflies in my stomach. She knows I’m back. I’m looking forward to being home but nervously anticipating what is in store for me when I get home. Much to my surprise, she has re-arranged her schedule for our Sex Night. She is in desperate need of dick but not before my confession. I pull up to the house. The shades are drawn and looks as if nobody is home. I walk in the front foyer seeing her in all her glory. Standing there dressed in her favorite black RHT nylons, garter belt, sexy black pumps and matching bra and panties. A string of pearls cascades down to just above her breasts. I can just barely see her naked chest under the sheer material of her bra. She knows how much I love it when she dresses. I drop my bag with a grin. She’s sipping a glass of Merlot and turns with her back to me. I see her lovely ass jiggle through her sheer panties. Her heels clack on the hardwood floor as she walks into the living room. Her legs are to die for. I follow like a lost puppy. Watching her every move. As I make my way to the living room, she sits on the edge of the couch crossing her legs.

“Are you surprised?” She says.

“Yes dear”, I said

“Good. I know how you like surprises.” she says with a rather stern look.

“Judging from the way I’m dressed, I suppose you think we are going to have sex” she says with a grin.

“Yes dear”, I said.

As she looks down at her glass, rubbing the rim with her finger, she says “There is the possibility of us having sex tonight honey. But you will need to confess to me everything you did while you were away. Is that clear?”

“Yes honey. I promise.”

“Good. I thought so.” she says with a smile.

“Now. Tell me. Tell me what you did in your hotel room all by yourself last night.”

“Well. Um.” I say reluctantly.

“Yes. Come on. You can tell me. Be honest” she says with a grin.

“Ok. When I got back to my hotel room, it was late. I stripped naked as I often do because I have the room to myself. I took a long hot shower and toweled off and got into bed naked. TV was next.”

“Yes. What did you watch?” she says with an inquisitive look.

“Did you watch any porn?”

“Yes dear”

“Oh my. I knew you were going to watch nasty porn while you were away. You know I don’t like that. I only want you to see me.”

“I know. I’m very sorry honey. I do love you very much. Its just that I was tired and missing our Sex Night”

“Its not that. You’re lying. You couldn’t wait to watch those nasty whores in those movies and you couldn’t wait to jack off for hours. Isn’t it? Hmmm? Tell me.”

“Yes dear”

“You have broken the rules once again. I want you to march upstairs and get ready for your spanking. Is that clear?”

“Yes dear”

I walk upstairs to our bedroom. The lights are off but Anne has candles lit and placed throughout…She knew it was likely I had broken the rules while away. I noticed that she had already laid out the paddle, strap and hairbrush on the bed. I stripped naked and ran the shower. I made it quick but made damn sure to put my dirty clothes in the hamper. I just knew I was going to get spanked hard this time. I toweled off and walked in the bedroom. Protocol for this requires me to stand naked in the corner until Anne comes up to spank me. I can hear her heels click on the hardwoods coming down the hall. The door creaks open slowly. Butterflies in my stomach. My cock begins to get erect..halfway. I hear her sit her glass down. She sits at her bedroom dresser. Brushing her hair. She puts her hair in a bun. She is so sexy.

“Turn around” she says softly.

I turn around. My erection standing stiff. She walks over to me. Gently places her hand around the shaft of me. Kisses me on the cheek and whispers..

“You’ve been very bad haven’t you?”

“Yes dear” I reply

“What happens when you are bad? Hmmm?”

“I get a spanking” I reply

“Yes. That’s right. Before I spank you I want you to tell me what you’ve done to deserve this and ask me nicely to spank you. Is that clear?”

“Yes dear. I broke the rules while I was away. I watched porno and masturbated for hours. I betrayed your trust. Will you please spank me for being naughty?”.

“Very good. Now we are getting somewhere.” she says.

She lets go of my hard cock and walks to her dresser and pulls the chair out to the center of the room. She walks over to her dresser. Gently reaching behind her, she unclasps her bra. Baring her lovely full natural breasts. She turns around. I see her nipples are erect. She pulls her panties down..letting them fall to the floor. She steps out of them. She shaved while I was gone. Brazilian. She grins and walks around to the front of the chair and sits down.

She says, “Over on the bed, I’ve laid out three implements. You will get spanked with all 3 tonight. I am very upset with you. Pick your first and come over here now.”

“Yes honey” I say reluctantly.

I walk to the bed. My cock is fully erect. I pick the paddle. Its small. Like a ping pong paddle but a little more stout. I walk over to her side and hand her the paddle. I slowly bend my knees, placing my hands on her thighs, I start to lay across her lap. I lay my cock on her nylon covered thigh and lay down fully across her lap. She opens her legs to accept by erection between her thighs. I can feel her nylons on my cock. She gently caresses my ass and begins spanking me from cheek to cheek with her hand.

“I told you not to watch any nasty porn while you were gone. Didn’t I?” she says as she’s warming my ass. Preparing me for the paddle.

“Yes! Yes dear!”

It stings. She is really working my ass over with her hand. She stops and caresses me. My butt is burning hot. Tingling. Cock still erect. She takes the paddle in her hand and says “I am going to give you 10 on each cheek. You are to count and thank me nicely for each one. Is that clear?”

“Yes dear!!” I say.

She begins. The swats are somewhat intense. I’m thinking that I’m not sure I’ll make it through even the paddling. “One. Thank you dear. Two. Thank you dear. Three…..” I make to twenty. My cock is not as erect as it once was.

“Stand up” she says.

I stand up. She stands up and moves the chair to her boudoir. She walks behind me. I can feel her naked breasts brush against my back. I can feel her nylons against my legs and the straps of her garters pressing against my skin. Her hand is on my ass. Its burning red. She squeezes gently and pulls away.

“I want you to lay across the edge of the bed face forward. You are going to get the strap now.”

Without saying anything, I walk to the edge of our bed and lay across. I know the drill. I’ve been strapped before. Back arched and ass presented is the only way she will allow the strapping to start. Arched and presented..I await.

“Very good. You are taking your spankings very well tonight. I might decide to have sex with you after all honey!”

“Yes dear. Thank you dear.” I reply.

She begins to strap me. 20. My ass is burning. She caresses me. Touching my ass and her fingers brushing against my scrotum. She plays with my butt a little before the final spanking. The dreaded hairbrush. She grabs the brush and sits down.

“Come here and stand next to me.” she says.

“I am going to give you 10 of these. I know how much this hairbrush hurts. But you deserve this don’t you?”

“Yes” I say

“Yes. You do.” she says.

She begins. One. It hurts like freakin’ hell. Two. Oh man..not sure if I can hang with this. Three. Ow. Four. Ahhh. Five…..Ten. I fall to my knees. She stands up and puts the brush on her dresser.

“Stand in the corner” she says.

I stand up. Rubbing my cheeks. My ass is on fire. I stand in the corner. Anne leaves the bedroom. I can hear her heels clacking on the hardwoods and down the stairs. 10 minutes or so. Corner time to reflect. I hear her return. Glass of wine in hand. She pulls the chair out again and sits down with her legs spread.

“Come here honey.” She says. I walk over to her. I lean down and kiss her deeply.

“Thank you for spanking me tonight honey.” I say sincerely.

“You’re welcome dear. I know you needed that.”

Without being asked, I kneel down between her stocking covered thighs. Gently kissing her tender thighs, I move to her smoothly shaved mound. I pleasure her. Licking..flicking my tongue..playing with her clit…for a long time. I love it. I take her by the hand and we lay in bed. Sliding my cock in her missionary, I bang away with long slow strokes. Fucking her…I kiss her neck..nibble her ears and grind away. She is so wet, the sheets are soaked. I bang..bang…and bang her. I pull out and lay on the bed so she can ride me the way she wants. She mounts me. She lays on me with her lovely breasts in my face. I love it. She grinds on me just the way she wants. She comes quickly. She is my wife. I come inside her always. We lay in bed and kiss and make out for a while…as my load oozes out of her onto the bed. I play with her ass and feel her wetness. We lay together for the rest of the night.

Can’t wait for another business trip!!!

Why does a maintenance night thrill me so much? I know that by the time I go to sleep I will be sore in every place imaginable. You see, my HoH does not just maintain my bottom, he maintains my bottom, my nipples, by mouth, my anus, my pussy. I don’t work on Wednesdays, so every Tuesday night is Maintenance Night, whether I want it or not. Actually, my wants have nothing to do with this night, and for that I am also thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong minded, independent woman. I work around 50 hours a week and manage a busy household. I don’t take shit from anyone. Maybe that’s why I love Tuesday nights so much. It’s all about him and I can simply be his woman. He likes routine, so this is what we do. I always wear a dress or skirt and heels on Tuesday nights but never underclothing. Once I forgot and kept on my work clothes. He cut them off me and used a wooden spoon on my bottom right here in the kitchen! Then I had a full maintenance. I will never make that mistake again.

1. I prepare a lovely dinner. Tonight – steak with baked potato, salad, candied carrots and a chocolate pie for dessert.

2. While I set the table and plate the dinners, he arranges his “tools” in the “guest” room. Now, we have never allowed guests to stay in this room – except for those who share our lifestyle. We just call it that for all our vanilla friends. In actuality, it is my discipline room.

3. We enjoy dinner then I clear off the table. Then, he warms my bottom by having me bend over the table and spanking me with his hand.

4. We proceed to the “guest” room and he proceeds with the maintenance.

5. He carries me to bed, makes love to me, and I sleep in his arms.

6. Wednesday morning he again makes love to me, this time with a bit more force and dominance, usually both my pussy and my anus, then leaves for work while I recover.

So, tonight when he followed me into the kitchen while I was plating the steaks, I was confused. I know better than to questions him. He kissed me and hummed. Then he opened the refrigerator and took out a large finger of ginger and began to peel it. My eyes widened and I looked at him, shaking a bit. I was frozen in place.

“Bend over,” he ordered. I did so and he inserted the ginger. The burn didn’t start right away, but I knew it was coming.

“There,” he said. “Now let’s eat dinner. You’ll keep that in until we reach the guest room, won’t you.”

“Yes, sir,” I answered, squirming now that the oils were beginning to burn.

By the time dinner was over and I had cleared off the table, I was almost crying. He, naturally, was in no hurry. As usually, he had me bend over the table and began my warm up spankings. Finally, he told me to go to the room. Wiping a few stray tears away, I did so.

Once in the room, he sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap. He removed the ginger, but the burn continued, as I knew it would. Then the real spanking began. Within minutes I was kicking and crying. He said nothing, simply continued his rhythm. From my position, I could see the clock. He made sure I could always see the clock so I knew how long he administered to me. Five minutes passed. Then ten. I was beyond tears now. The longest he’d ever spanked me was 8 minutes. Finally, he stopped. My ass was on fire and I knew I’d have trouble sitting for days.

He flipped me over and held me while I sobbed into his chest. I need these tears to release all of my built up stress and fears. I need him to hold me to reassure me of his love and care. He kissed me then had me sit on the edge of the bed with my hands behind my back. He tied them there. My bottom burned from his hand but I could feel myself becoming calmer, softer, more feminine. He blindfolded me so I could focus more fully on his touch alone.

He flicked my nipples, indicating his intention to “maintain” them as well. He tugged, pulled them until I cried out. Then, he clamped his teeth on first one then the other, biting hard, chewing my tender buds. Again, I cried out and tried to move away, which earned me a harder bite.I felt a coldness clamp on my nipples and a very cold chain dangle against my belly. The tweezer clips. He could make these as tight or as loose as he chose. I was begging him at this point, but for what I wasn’t sure.

“Kneel,” he ordered.

Now I knew for what I was begging. I heard him unzip his trousers. He guided himself into my open mouth. I sucked on, kissed him, licked him, worshiped him. His cock, his body, his voice, were the center of my world and all that mattered was pleasing him. He guided me, grasping my hair. I wanted to cradle his balls, but with my hands tied I couldn’t. He tugged on the chain connecting my nipples and I squealed, but did not stop sucking him. I needed him to be pleased. I needed his taste. He tugged harder and tears ran down my face, beneath the blindfold. He knows my needs. I felt him grow even bigger and heard his ragged breathing as he gave me the communion I desired. I lapped up every drop I could, crying now, not from the pain but from the pleasure.

He release my nipples and the blood rushing back into them shot a flower of pain through my body. He helped me to stand.

“Find your way to the bedroom. I’m leaving the blindfold on,” he explained. “Lie on your stomach on the bed. Because tonight, I’m going to fuck your ass. I’m going to cum in it and then plug it. Then, you will sleep. In the morning, I’ll make love to you,sweetly, softly. Only after I’ve cum in your lovely, wet pussy will I release the plug.”

I gasped. I had never been plugged for more than an hour or so.

“You do this without complaint, and it will please me greatly, but if you need me to stop, just say so,” he told me softly.

I leaned forward to kiss him and walked without complaint to the bedroom.

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