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As hard as I had tried not to I must have fell asleep eventually, because all of a sudden I found myself getting of the bed to accept the tray of breakfast that was being pushed through the hatch.

I took the tray, went back to the bed and stared at the food before me. A couple of pieces of lukewarm toast, a bowl of soggy cornflakes and a warm mug of coffee was what constituted breakfast and, although it looked terrible, I was that hungry that I devoured everything in less than five minutes.

As I picked up the tray to take back to the hatch the bowl fell to the floor, and then was when I first saw the note that had been hidden under it. Picking the paper up I unfolded it and stared at the words before me.


Screwing the piece of paper up I went to drop it into the small toilet but, just as I was about to let go, I changed my mind. Thinking before I acted, for once, I realized that this note could help get me out of solitary, and maybe even the prison, before I was due to be released and all I needed to do was get it to someone on the outside who could take it to the authorities.

Taking the note back over to the bed I smoothed it out as best as I could, before slipping it under my mattress. As soon as I got out of solitary, and was allowed to send letters, I would send the note to my ex, he would know just who to take it to.

For the first time since being put in solitary I allowed myself the briefest of smiles and banged on the hatch.

“What the fuck are you banging for?” someone said from the other side of the door, eventually.

“Finished that muck you call breakfast,” I replied. “Thought you might want the plate, bowl and cup back.”

The hatch was opened angrily and, as I held the tray near to it, I saw the first face since being locked in the cell, I just hoped he wasn’t the owner of one of the cocks that I had been made to suck the night before. Judging by what bit of his face I saw he looked like he didn’t take too much pride in his appearance, his face was unshaven, his teeth yellow and cracked and as or his hair, well that looked like it hadn’t seen a brush or a comb in years.

Instantly I began to feel physically sick and hurried towards the small toilet, as the guard burst out laughing.

“Wished I had been on duty last night,” he called through the hatch. “Sounds like the guards that were here had a very good night.”

“Fuck off cunt,” I shouted towards the door, relieved that at least he hadn’t been there.

“That’s no way to talk to anyone is it boy?” the guard shouted. “Maybe I should open this door and teach you a fucking lesson.”

“I reckon that maybe you fucking should to,” I called back, my temper starting to get the better of me.

I heard the keys jangling, and one inserted into the lock and prepared myself for when the door open but, before the door swung open, the guard started to laugh loudly.

“Do you think I’m as fucking stupid as you?” he called through the door. “No I think I will bide my time and wait until later.”

With that the key was removed from the door, and the guard walked away howling with laughter, leaving me alone yet again and I spun around and let fly with my fist against the wall, wincing in pain as I connected. Looking at my fist I saw it blackening rapidly as blood seeped from the grazes on my knuckles, and I cursed under my breath.

I knew I shouldn’t let my temper get the better of me, that is what led me to The Quarry in the first place after all, but I just couldn’t get the niggling feeling that something more was going on here than just rehabilitation.

Blood dripped from my knuckles to the floor and I tried to clench my fist but the pain that tore through my hand was unbearable. Using my good hand I pulled my vest top over my head, wet it in the basin and wrapped it around my fist, hoping the cold dampness would bring out the full swelling rapidly.

With nothing else to do I sat back on the bed and reached for the not under the mattress. After reading through it a few times I slipped it into the sole of my shoe, and then banged on the cell door.

“What’s all the fucking noise?” A guard said when he finally arrived.

“I need to see a doctor,” I replied. “I think I’ve broke my hand.”

“And how the fuck did you manage that?”

“I fell and landed on it,” I lied.

“Step away from the door and I’ll have a look.”

I stepped back as I heard the keys slotted into the lock. Slowly the guard pushed the door open, presumably to make sure I had stepped back like he had ordered me to, and entered.

“Let’s have a fucking look then,” he barked.

Slowly I unclenched my fist and held it out. Without warning the guard grabbed my wrist, causing me to yelp out in pain, before bending to look at it closely. It would have been so easy for me to bring my knee up, into the guard’s face, if I wasn’t in excruciating agony.

“Looks fucking broken,” the guard said. “Guess that means a trip to the doc.”

The guard took his radio from his belt and called another guard to come and take me, shutting me back in the cell to wait for their arrival.

By the time the other guard arrived half an hour had passed and the throbbing in my hand was getting more and more unbearable, but eventually I was led through the prison and into the doctor’s office.

“What have we got here?” The doctor asked, looking at me extremely swollen hand.

“Reckons he fell on it while he was in solitary.”

“Okay leave him with me,” the doctor told the guard. “I’ll call when we’re finished.”

As soon as the guard had left the doctor turned back to me, and smiled.

“Okay now tell me how you really did it,” the doc asked.

“Punched the wall,” I replied.

“Why on earth did you do that?”

“Because since I have been in solitary all the guards think it’s their right to stick their dicks into the cell for me to suck them off,” I said my anger rising again.

“And have you been?”

“Only because I fear for my safety down there yes.”

“Okay well let’s get you x-rayed first,” The doc said. “Then we can decide what steps to take.”

Putting my arm carefully in a sling the doctor led me through a couple of rooms before we arrived at the x-ray department, well I say department in reality it was one small room with an x-ray machine. After the radiographer took a number of pictures, from different angles, I was told to wait outside until the films were ready, and once they were I headed back with the doctor.

Sitting behind his desk the doctor held up each of the images before putting them down and looking at me.

“Well it is definitely broken,” he said. “So I think I shall get it casted and then have you on the hospital wing or a couple of days.”

“Well at least I’ll be away from those sex starved solitary guards,” I said trying my best to make a joke out of the situation.

“True and if I didn’t know better I would say that’s exactly why you did it,” the doc said. “To get out of doing your time in solitary.”

“Well I shouldn’t have been there in the first place,” I said. “And wouldn’t have been if the quarry boss had any balls of his own.”

“What do you mean?” the doctor asked sounding intrigued.

“Oh nothing it doesn’t matter,” I replied, not wanting to say too much.

“Your choice but maybe I could help,” the doc said.

“I doubt it,” I said. “Besides I don’t know how much I can trust you either.”

The doctor looked at me and said nothing, instead he just encased my hand and lower arm in plaster, and then led me to the hospital wing.

“I’ll be back later to see how you are,” he said before walking away.

As he went, leaving my lying in a freshly made bed, I started to wonder if I could trust him or I he would just be like all the other members of staff. Not letting it bother me too much I lay back, enjoying the softness, and cleanliness, of the bed.

Looking around at all the empty beds, there were seven of them, I couldn’t believe that there was no-one else on the ward but assumed they probably tried to get prisoners in and out as quickly as possible.

Eventually I began to drift of but as I did a shadow loomed over me and I opened my eyes to come face to face with the doctor again.

“How’s the hand feeling?” He asked.

“Not too bad I guess,” I replied.

“Good that’s probably down to the painkillers at the minute,” he said. “Wait until they wear off then see.”

“Okay I will do.”

The doctor started to walk away before turning sharply on his heels and coming back over to me.

“I’m afraid the governor is a bit concerned about you being on an open ward,” the doctor said. “He would prefer you to be in one of the side rooms.”

“So move me then,” I said.

“I just had to make sure you weren’t going to kick off,” the doctor said. “The governor will be around to see you in a while.”

“What for?” I asked.

“Just too make sure you are okay,”

Not bothering to answer I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up.

“Let’s go then,” I said.

The doctor led me to the end of the ward and opened one of the side doors.

“You’ll be here for a couple of days then taken back to solitary,” he said.

“Whatever,” I replied the doctor’s voice beginning to get on my nerves, even though I found myself starting to get attracted to his good looks.

At first I didn’t really pay much attention to him, thinking that I would hardly see him, but the more he was around the more I started to notice just how handsome he really was. His neatly cut dark hair, chiseled features, slim but well packaged body and his genuine niceness to me started to have an effect and I began to wonder if, just maybe, he would be the one person that I could trust in this prison full of sexual degenerates.

As I continued to stare at him my cock started to stiffen rapidly inside my trousers, and I just wanted him to leave the room so I could masturbate while thinking of all the things I would like to do to him. The thing was that as I stared he must have noticed because, without me realizing it, he silently closed the door behind him.

“What are you thinking about Julez? He asked snapping my out of my thoughts.

“Oh nothing really,” I lied.

“Come on Julez there is no need to be shy,” he said. “I saw the way you were staring at me.”

“What sorry I never meant to,” I said the hardness in my trousers almost unbearable.

“It’s okay Julez,” he whispered taking a step forward. “I understand exactly.”

“Understand what,” I said the need to wank growing stronger by the second.

“Understand that being locked up can get frustrating.”

He took another step closer, and I felt his breath on my face, which really didn’t help my raging hard on at all. I closed my eyes hoping, but not expecting, something was about to happen, but when it did it still caught me by surprise.

The doctor’s breath got closer and I felt his hot lips brush against my cheek lightly, before his hand went behind my neck and he pulled our mouths together and forcefully pushed his tongue into my mouth. Relaxing against his touch I allowed my tongue to snake past his and into his mouth, gripping the back of his neck like he was mine.

We continued to kiss passionately and as we did his hand gripped my hard cock through my trousers, and began to massage me slowly.

Gasping into his mouth as he fondled my cock expertly, I let my hand run down his back and gripped his tight ass in my hand as I heard, and felt, my zip being lowered slowly. The doctor slipped his hand into my trousers, and boxers, and wrapped his fingers around my thick, hard shaft before pulling his lips away.

“Fuck Julez your cock feels amazing,” he said releasing it from the confines of my clothes.

Slowly he began to stroke my hardness, more than once almost bringing me to climax, before he looked down and dropped to his knees. Gently holding my aching cock in his hand he slowly flicked his tongue over my swollen, purple head, sending shivers of ecstasy through my body, before he slowly took my whole length in his mouth.

As he sucked me slowly, and I held his head, the doctor massaged my balls, occasionally stopping sucking to take them in his mouth. The way he was gicing me head was similar to the last lover I had had, not a doctor in prison and, after sucking all the thug guards, it felt really good to be the one receiving, and receiving from such an expert cock sucker.

Taking his mouth from my cock the doctor looked up at me, and smiled seductively, before returning to my cock, only this time slipping his hand between my legs and beginning to stroke the crack of my ass. I gasped and gripped his head tighter as I felt his finger work its way in between my cheek and start probing my tight hole, sending me almost over the edge.

“Oh fuck yes,” I gasped. “Please don’t stop doing that.”

Letting one hand drop from his head I placed it between my legs, on top off his, and kept it there as he slowly slipped his middle finger gently into my willing hole, and began probing and massaging until he reached my g-spot. As soon as his finger brushed over it I couldn’t control myself any longer and, with a loud groan, began to cum. As jet after jet of my thick, white, milky liquid erupted from the end of my cock into his mouth the doctor continued to stroke my prostrate all the time swallowing as fast as he could.

It wasn’t until I was completely drained, and my legs felt like jelly, did the doctor let my cock fall from his mouth and look up at me. The smile on his face showed how much he had enjoyed swallowing my seed and I suddenly felt desperate to see his cock, and feel it inside my loosened hole.

“Fuck doc that was great,” I gasped. “Guess it’s my turn.”

“Not if you don’t want to,” he answered surprising me. “And my name’s Matt you can’t keep calling me doc.”

“Okay Matt,” I said. “And believe me I really want to.”

Matt looked at me, a look that wasn’t pure lust and smiled yet again.

“Okay Julez I you are sure.”

“I’m sure,” I replied. “Sit on the bed for me.”

Matt did as I asked and this time it was my turn on my knees. Lowering myself, careful not to bang my hand, I undid Matt’s zip and released his cock. Gasping as I saw it for the first time I wrapped my good hand around his thick eight inch shaft and began to stroke him slowly, never taking my eyes from the swollen purple head.

As I continued to stroke Matt’s cock slowly he sat on the bed moaning softly, obviously enjoying the feeling of being wanked gently, and as soon as I spied the first drop of pre-cum seep from the slit in his cock I lowered my head.

Running my tongue up the full length of his shaft, and over the pre-cum covered head, I felt my own cock hardening again quickly. As soon as I flicked my tongue over the pre-cum Matt moaned and begged me to suck his cock.

“Please Julez suck me, make me cum,” he whispered breathlessly.

I looked up at him as I continued to stroke his cock and smiled.

“I’ll suck it Matt but not until you cum,” I said.

“Why not Julez?” he asked looking slightly confused.

“Because I need your cock in my ass that’s why,” I said as I lowered my mouth around his shaft, eager to get it wet enough to slide easily into my ass.

I sucked him quickly, stroking my cock as I did so, until I had finally reached the point where I had to let him fuck me. I let his cock fall from my mouth and stood up slowly.

“Fuck me Matt I need you in me right now,” I gasped still stroking my cock.

“Are you sure Julez?” Matt asked.

“Just fuck me Matt,” I said climbing onto the bed and pushing my ass back.

Matt moved behind me, and slipped his trousers down, before gripping his cock and moving forward. I gasped as I felt the wetness of his cock against my ass and reached behind myself, with my good hand, and pulled my cheeks apart.

“Do it Matt,” I almost screamed. “Fuck me and fuck me hard.”

Without saying a word Matt pushed his thick eight inched straight into my ass, causing me to wince a little, and he began to thrust back and forth slowly.

“Oh fuck Matt that feels so fucking good,” I gasped and pushed my ass back onto his cock.

Matt’s thrusting became quicker and more urgent as he got closer and closer to his ejaculation, and I felt him tense his body after only a couple more minutes.

“Fuck Matt that’s it,” I gasped breathlessly. “Give it to me give me everything you’ve got.”

With one final, hard, thrust Matt buried his cock as deep into my ass as he could and I felt it twitch violently, before he gasped.

“Oh fuck Julez I’m Cumming.”

“Yes Matt fill my ass with your thick cum,” I almost begged as he continued to pound into my ass furiously.

“Yes yes yes!” I screamed out, relieved that no-one could hear us.

Eventually though Matt’s thrusts slowed to a standstill and, surprising me, he ran his hand up my back slowly.

“Fuck Julez that was fucking amazing,” Matt said breathlessly. “I can’t believe we just did that.

“Neither can I Matt,” I gasped back before collapsing onto my stomach Matt’s cock still in my ass.

“That’s the first time I have ever fucked an inmate,” Matt said.

“Do you expect me to believe that?” I said looking over my shoulder at his sweat covered face.

“I know you probably won’t but it is true,” Matt said. “There’s something about you that I really like.”

“Well you are fucking handsome yourself,” I said.

“Look now will you trust me?” Matt asked.

“I really want to,” I said. “I need someone I can confide in.”

“So why don’t you?”

“Because how do I know that you won’t just go to the governor and tell him anything I say.”

“That bastard you’ve got to be kidding,” Matt said. “I fucking hate how he runs this place, and how he treats you cons but daren’t speak out for fear of losing my job, and I really need the money.”

Rolling onto my back causing his soft cock to fall out of my ass, along with some of his seed, I looked into his eyes and could see that he was serious about the governor.

“Tell me more about your hatred for the governor,” I said. “And why you need the money so bad.”

“Can I trust you Julez?” Matt asked. “After all you still don’t know whether to trust me.”

“If we can help each other then yes you can trust me,” I said. “But cross me and you will find out just why I got put in here in the first place.”

“Okay Julez it’s a deal.”

“S, so… are we going to… you know… practice now?” Ellie stammered.

Sarah smiled softly, “Is that what you want?”

Of course it was what Ellie wanted. Ellie hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it, or Sarah, since last night. All the small talk had been nice, friendly, relaxing, and the wine had relaxed Ellie even more, but she wanted to be butt fucked by Sarah Walker again. She wanted to be a anal whore again. To be Sarah’s bitch.

Part of Ellie felt like screaming yes, but all she could manage was a gentle nod of her head.

Sarah smiled. She knew she shouldn’t push Ellie at this delicate stage of their relationship but she just couldn’t help herself, “Just so we’re clear… what is it you want to practice?”

Ellie blushed and then said, “Anal sex. I… want you to fuck my ass. I want you to loosen me up back there so it will be easier having anal sex with my husband.”

“Ok then…” Sarah said, gently taking Ellie’s hand in hers, “Come with me.”

Despite the fact that she officially lived with Chuck now the CIA had kept Sarah’s old hotel room open and available to her in case of emergencies. If they found out Sarah had been using it as a place she could indulge in her lesbian tendencies away from the Bartowski family the consequences could be unpleasant, but not as unpleasant if Chuck ever found out Sarah was now using it as a place she intended on training his sister to be her lesbian slut. Of course the chance of getting caught was an incredible turn on, as was the idea of seducing her boyfriend’s sister.

It was the most unusual seduction Sarah had ever been involved with, and considering she was a spy who had travelled all over the world and interacted with many different cultures that was really saying something. Although Sarah had to admit the scenario intrigued her as it forced her to get creative, while still slipping in something subtle like this handholding. That was something which could be easily taken as innocent, and could even be defended as such if need be, but the fact that Ellie was not only completely willing to hold Sarah’s hand but be guided by her boded well for their new relationship.

Another good sign was that once they reach their destination Ellie didn’t try and let go of Sarah’s hand, not even letting go of it when Sarah pulled out a chest of drawers filled with sex toys.

“Oh my God.” Ellie gasped as her eyes wandered over the large collection of dildos, strap ons, paddles, whips and a variety of other things which Ellie couldn’t even name.

“Yesterday I just used a strap-on. At the time I thought it was for the best, and it would have been if we were only going to have one session, but now we’re going to… practice for a week I think we can afford to take time, use a little variety… make sure your butt hole is nice and loose for your husband’s dick.” Sarah said, moving in close to whisper the last part huskily before using her hand which was still holding Ellie’s to guide her friend’s hand to a specific section of her toys, “For example, these are my collection of butt plugs. I was going to suggest using one before taking Devon’s cock up your ass as I was confident after I stretched your ass one of these little things wouldn’t be such a big deal and you could handle it on your own, but since we’re going to practice again today how about we start off with one of these?”

“Ok.” Ellie mumbled, marvelling over the different shapes and sizes.

“Good.” Sarah said moving in a little closer, “So, which one would you like?”

“What?” Ellie questioned, too distracted by the toys to realise what Sarah was saying.

“Which of the butt plugs would you like to take in your ass?” Sarah asked firmly.

Ellie blushed, her head momentarily lowering in shame. She had been looking forward to Sarah stretching her ass out all day, she really shouldn’t be taken aback so much that she couldn’t answer simple questions just because the spy had offered her a little variety.

Concentrating on making a choice Ellie studies the butt plugs carefully, picking a few up for a closer look. Towards the back of the draw there are a few monster toys which Ellie had a hard time believing anyone let alone Sarah could actually take in any hole, but the ones front and centre certainly looked do-able. However, feeling adventurous, Ellie eventually chose a plug from the middle of the draw which started out small but easily ended with the same girth of her husband’s cock, maybe even a little bigger.

Sarah smiled widely as Ellie passed her the butt plug, “Good choice.”

Ellie waited a few long seconds for Sarah to say something else but the blonde just examined the toy, leaving the brunette to ask “So should, should I, you know… take off my clothes and get on the bed?”

“No, not yet.” Sarah said, moving so she was standing behind the other woman, “First, I want you to lean forward, grab hold of the dresser and stick your ass out.”

Ellie blushed slightly at the command but didn’t hesitate to obey it which of course brought a smile to Sarah’s face.

“Good.” Sarah said, wrapping her arms around Ellie from behind and whispering in her ear, “Now, I’m going to stick this plug in your ass. As I’m doing that I want you to take a good look at my collection of toys. See if anything strikes your fancy. If something does, maybe I’ll shove it up your ass next. If not I’ll just strap on a dildo and fuck your ass that way. That part’s up to you, but I’m going to be picking the strap on which goes up your ass. And, if you want our little practice sessions to continue, you will take my strap on up your ass Eleanor. You will let me ass fuck you can till you’re cumming like a good little bitch.”

It was a little risky for Sarah to be pushing her prey so much at this early stage, but she knew from their first time together Ellie loved dirty talk and being told what to do.

Luckily the risk couldn’t have paid off better as Ellie softly moaned in reply, “Your bitch.”

“That’s right Ellie. That’s what you are now.” Sarah whispered, for a brief second pressing her body firmly against Ellie’s, “My bitch. My good little bitch.”

With those last word Sarah reached round to undo Ellie’s jeans before dropping down to her knees and pulling Ellie’s jeans down with her. Usually when performing this move Sarah took the underwear with her too, but she was curious to see what Ellie was wearing.

Delighting at Ellie’s choice Sarah licked her lips, slid her finger up and down the tiny little thong that was digging in between Ellie’s butt cheeks and asked, “Did you wear this for me?”

“Yes.” Ellie blushed, “I, I was hoping you’d like it.”

“I love it.” Sarah said huskily, her eyes soaking in the sight before her and committing it to memory, “You should definitely wear stuff like this more often.”

“I’ll wear these all the time, if you want.” Ellie said softly.

“Mmmm, I do like the idea of you dressing sexy for me… but you didn’t come here to show me how good you look in a thong.” Sarah said, slowly pulling Ellie’s thong down to join the brunette’s jeans around her ankles, the blonde practically devouring the other woman’s naked butt for a few long seconds before she spread Ellie’s ass cheeks and examined the tiny little hole which had been so gaping and open the last time she had seen it, “How does it feel?”

“Still a little sore.” Ellie blushed.

“That’s normal.” Sarah said, her eyes locked on Ellie’s ass hole, “After my first butt fucking I felt sore for days… but I think I might have a… technique which could help you. One you could maybe try getting your husband to do for you, if you like. That is, if you’re willing to try…”

“If you think I’ll like it, I’ll try it. I’ll try anything you want me too.” Ellie said, again blushing a little at her words.

“Good.” Sarah mumbled softly before her tongue shot out and gently slid over Ellie’s ass hole.

Ellie gasped loudly in pleasure, her brain momentarily confused and searching for what was causing this new sensation. Then she realised it and blushed. Sarah was licking her ass hole. Another woman’s tongue was touching her back there, and it felt good. Really good.

Ellie had never had a tongue touching her back there, but then again she never had anal sex until last night and getting a rim job quickly proved to be oddly pleasurable in the same way as butt sex, if not quite as sexually satisfying.

However feeling Sarah’s tongue licking her butt hole made Ellie want to feel that skilled tongue licking her somewhere else. She literally trembled with desire at the idea of it, Ellie desperately wanting to turn around and beg Sarah to eat her pussy. But if she did that Ellie would no longer be up to pretend that she was practising for Devon and was in fact cheating on him. Deep down Ellie knew the truth of course, but she could just about convince herself to ignore it, especially when it meant she got to experience bizarrely wonderful pleasure like she was experiencing now with Sarah’s tongue gently licking her ass hole.

Sarah had been expecting Ellie to offer up some sort of protest as she really was pushing things, but not licking Ellie’s butt hole last time had been difficult enough and Sarah just knew she wouldn’t be able to stop herself this time.

She had been confident that she could talk Ellie into it, but despite initially gasping and tensing the brunette doctor quickly relaxed and even gently pushed her ass back against Sarah’s tongue.

At first Sarah continue to go slowly, but no matter what she did Ellie only moaned in pleasure. As a result Sarah was able to give Ellie a passionate rim job, her tongue sliding all over that puckered hole, even trying to push inside it with some success. Sarah even spat on Ellie’s ass hole and the other woman didn’t say a word.

It didn’t seem like much but again Ellie was willingly submitting to Sarah, letting the blonde spy do whatever she wanted to her ass. That was very promising, and very much a turn on for Sarah. The taste of Ellie’s ass hole was also very much a turn on, Sarah becoming completely lost in licking the other woman’s ass hole for several long minutes. Then she reluctantly pulled away and, after briefly considering trying to come up with an excuse why she could lick Ellie’s pussy but deciding as much as she wanted to she shouldn’t push things too fast, asked, “Ellie, could you lube the plug for me?”

“Wha?” Ellie groaned.

Sarah grinned, “The butt plug… could you lube it up for me? There’s a couple of tubes of the stuff in there to your left. Or, you could use your mouth. Whichever you’d prefer.”

Sarah got the impression that Ellie would have probably been more comfortable with the lube but to her delight from her current position she was just about able to watch the brunette bring the plug up to her lips and take it into her mouth. Of course Sarah could have sucked on it or applied lube to it herself, but she wanted to see if Ellie would do as she said. She did, another good sign, and just as importantly give Sarah a little more time to lick Ellie’s ass hole, making sure to spread the other woman’s butt cheeks wide so she could really dig her tongue in deep.

Perhaps because she wanted to make sure the butt plug was nice and wet, or perhaps because she was enjoying sucking on it or perhaps because she was enjoying the rim job, or all of the above, it was quite a while before Ellie finally passed the butt plug back to Sarah. When she did Sarah reluctantly removed her tongue from Ellie’s butt and said, “Thanks.”

With that Sarah shoved the toy into Ellie’s ass, almost the whole plug disappearing into the brunette’s butt before she even realised what was going on.

When the inevitable gasp and tensing happened Sarah was ready, immediately stopping in her tracks and allowing Ellie a chance to get use to the sensation. Thankfully Ellie relaxed pretty quickly and offered up no form of complaint, encouraging Sarah to slowly push the rest of the butt plug into Ellie’s ass.

Feeling her ass swallowing the base leaving only the little handle sticking out Ellie sighed in relief that she had taken it with no problems and more than little bit of arousal given for the first time in her life she now had a plug up her butt.

However Ellie soon found herself gasping in surprise as the toy was suddenly moved halfway out of her ass hole only to be thrust back in. The process repeated itself over and over again, Ellie shocked how much pleasure she was getting from Sarah using such a small toy to fuck her ass.

“Your ass looks really cute with a plug in it.” Sarah said, almost sounding casually.

“Th, thanks.” Ellie moaned, not really sure what to say.

“Reach back and grabbed the plug.” Sarah instructed, letting go of the toy, “Practice sliding it in and out of your ass.”

Sarah was expecting to have to explain why but to her delight Ellie just reached back and essentially started fucking her own ass with the butt plug. She did it slowly at first, but quickly sped up until she was butt fucking herself like a wanton anal whore.

After a few moments of watching this Sarah took a calculated risk. In one swift movement Sarah stood up, spun Ellie around, grabbed hold of her hair in one hand and held Ellie’s hand which was on the butt plug firmly in place with the other. Sarah then very firmly said, “From now on that butt plug is yours. Consider it a gift. Whenever you come to see me to get that little ass hole of yours stretched out you will have that butt plug in your ass hole. If I call you to tell you I’m coming to see you, or tell you to come and see me, you will have that butt plug in your ass hole. If I drop in on you for a surprise visit I expect to find that butt plug in your ass hole. In short, the only times that butt plug won’t be in your ass hole from now on is when I’m fucking your ass or your ass hole is gaping too wide for the butt plug to fit. You will do this because I own your ass. Until you give it up to your precious husband your ass is mine, so what I say goes. Do you understand me slut?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie blurted out, immediately blushing in embarrassment.

“Mistress…” Sarah parroted softly, a little grin crossing her face, “Is that what you’d like to call me Ellie?”

Ellie blushed even more than before, but after a pause softly said, “It… it seems appropriate.”

“I like it. Please feel free to call me Mistress, or Mistress Sarah, as much as you want.” Sarah said, letting go of Ellie’s hair and sliding her hand down to the brunette’s boobs so she could gently play with them, “Maybe if you’re good I’ll tie you up and give you a spanking too. Or better yet, maybe if you’re bad I’ll tie you up and spank you. Make you my little sub. Would you like that?”

Again Ellie blushed, clearly looking ashamed, but replied with a soft, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Sarah enquired.

Blushing yet again Ellie replied, “Yes Mistress.”

Sarah smiled, “Good little sub. Now, while making sure not to lose that pretty little plug, I want you to strip for me. I don’t want your clothes getting all sweaty again.”

Before Sarah could finish her excuse of why she wanted Ellie to strip the brunette doctor had already practically torn off her shirt, her bra quickly following before she kicked off her shoes and her jeans and panties which until now had remained puddled around her feet.

“Get down on your knees.” Sarah ordered, smiling as Ellie wordlessly obeyed.

Then Sarah slowly removed her own clothes, loving how Ellie looked up at her with such love and devotion. This made Sarah smile again. Training Ellie was proving much easier than she anticipated.

Once she was naked Sarah reached into the open draw, pulled out one of her strap-on dildos and then told Ellie, “This is a little bit bigger than the cock I ass fucked you with last night. A little bit thicker too. Do you think you can take it?”

“Yes Mistress… I’ll take whatever you give me.” Ellie said softly.

Sarah smiled, almost tempted to put Ellie’s words to the test, but instead just held out the toy and said, “Strap the cock I’m going to fuck your tight little ass with around my waist.”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie gulped, holding out the straps for Sarah to step into. When Sarah did Ellie pulled the harness up and fastened it around the blonde’s waist.

“Good, now lube it up for me.” Sarah said, holding out a tube of lubricant, and as Ellie took it and began applying the slippery liquid to the shaft the blonde told the brunette, “When I’ve spent a couple of days stretching your ass out we might try you just giving me a blow job, but for now we’ll stick to the lube. Besides, from what I remember last night it’s not like you need any practice sucking cock.”

Ellie blushed as she remembered how last night ended, “Are, are you going to make me do that again?”

“Every time.” Sarah said firmly, confident that she could talk Ellie into it if she protested but again the brunette didn’t say a word. Instead Ellie just continued stroking her hand up and down Sarah’s strap-on, the blonde waiting until it was well covered in lube before asking, “Was there another toy you decided you wanted to try before I fucked your ass with this big cock?”

“I… I was a little bit distracted Mistress.” Ellie blushed and lowered her head.

Kneeling down slightly Sarah cupped Ellie’s cheek and chin so she could gently pull the other woman’s gaze up to meet her own, “Was there at least something you can remember liking the look of? Or maybe something you were curious about?”

“Erm… there were these things, like a dildo but covered in balls.” Ellie replied, blushing again.

“Oh, you mean one of these?” Sarah grinned, reaching into the draw and pulling out one of the bigger models of what Ellie was describing, “You want to try taking one of these up your ass?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie said, her eyes now locked on the toy.

“Well, then first you’ve got to take that butt plug out of your ass.” Sarah said, watching as Ellie blushed, reached behind her and slowly did as she was told. Before Ellie had the chance to drop it Sarah said, “Good, now clean it for me.”

It took a moment for Ellie to realise what she was being asked to do. When she did Ellie looked a little apprehensive but she closed her eyes and obediently took the butt plug into her mouth and began sucking her ass juice off it. As she got used to the taste of her own ass Ellie slowly opened her eyes to see Sarah smiling happily at her, that sight making Ellie’s heart skip a beat.

After just watching the ATM fun for about a minute Sarah picked up the tube of lube and squirted a generous amount on the anal beads, taking care to make sure every inch was well coated while never taking her eyes off Ellie sucking on the ass flavoured plug. Then, about a minute after she was sure the beads were well covered in lube, Sarah gently took the butt plug, handed Ellie the anal beads and said, “Get on the bed and see how many of these you can stick in your ass.”

For a brief moment Ellie hesitated, then she did as she was told. Ellie did pause to wonder how she should position herself, but she quickly guess that Sarah would want her to stick her ass in the air for her so it would be easier to see the beads sliding in and out of her ass hole. It did make for quite the awkward position for Ellie to see what she was doing, meaning there was a little trial and error before she lined the first bead up against her back door.

Either because of the lube or the stretching done by the plug, or possibly both, the first bead slid into her butt hole fairly easily. The second was more difficult, but it was the third one that had Ellie hesitating. It didn’t stretch her ass hole as wide as Sarah’s strap on had done last night, but it was close, and for a woman who only had anal sex once sliding the bead all the way in was something of a chore for Ellie. And the fourth bead seemed impossible.

Giving up on adding the fourth Ellie began fucking her own ass with the toy, mostly just pushing the third bead in and out, forcing her ass hole to stretch open over and over again. As that feeling became oddly pleasurable Ellie increasingly pulled it out almost all the way, then all the way, but never pushing more than three of the beads into her ass hole.

Sarah watched this displayed lustfully for a while, but eventually asked, “Would you like me to take over?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie moaned softly, happily letting go of the toy and letting her hand drop down by her side.

Although Ellie was sure that that position gave Sarah the best view of her sticking the beads up her butt her wrist have got very sore pumping the toy in and out of her ass so she was grateful for Sarah’s offer. Also Ellie’s previous sexual experience taught her that something done by someone else would feel a lot better than doing it herself.

Quickly proving that last theory to be correct Sarah grabbed hold of the handle at the end of the beads and began pumping it in and out of Ellie’s pooper, the brunette moaning loudly from the increasingly pleasurable anal sensations.

From her angle Sarah was able to fuck Ellie’s ass pretty hard with the toy. She also was able to experiment with it a bit more, pulling the beads all the way out of Ellie’s back door and then pushing them back in at various speeds. Sarah even got close to pushing the fourth bead into Ellie’s rectum, the blonde spy stretching the brunette doctor’s tight little butt hole wider and wider with every thrust. Eventually to Ellie’s amazement the fourth slipped in, causing her to gasp out, “Oh my God!”

“Good girl, one more to go.” Sarah said softly as she began pulling the fourth bead back out, helping to prepare Ellie’s ass hole to stretch wide enough to take the fifth and final bead.

“No. No more. Please Mistress, I can’t take it.” Ellie whimpered softly.

Sarah bit her lip and considered just moving on to using her strap on, but she couldn’t resist at least trying to get the last bead into Ellie’s back passage.

“Ellie, you want to please your Mistress, don’t you?” Sarah asked.

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie whimpered.

“Well, your Mistress would be very pleased if you took the whole of her toy into your ass.” Sarah said, feeling a little bad for playing this card, but not enough to make her stop, “In fact, it would make her very proud of you. You want your Mistress to be proud of you, don’t you Ellie?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie moaned softly, and then after a short pause added, “Ok… I’ll try and take it. Just please, give me more lube.”

Sarah grinned wickedly, “Ok.”

With that Sarah lent forward slightly and spat onto Ellie’s dildo filled butt hole, making the brunette gasp and tense in surprise, but then quickly relax and offer up no form of protest, silently accepting Sarah’s saliva as lubricant.

Again this was a small thing, but all these small little acts of acceptance seemed to point to one wonderful thing, that being Ellie was a natural submissive. The fact that it was Ellie who had suggested that she called Sarah mistress pretty much confirmed that, but with each new act of submission Sarah found herself imagining a fully trained Ellie kneeling before her mistress’s feet and how much fun it was going to be getting there.

Concentrating on the task at hand Sarah spent significant time pulling the fourth bead out of Ellie’s ass hole and pushing it back in. Then to relax the tight back hole, and to give her a chance to give Ellie’s butt a little more lube, Sarah started pulling all four beads out and then pushing them back in, pausing only to admire the way Ellie’s back door remained ever so slightly open and of course to spit into it whenever it began to close.

After spending a long time preparing Sarah began to try and push the fifth bead in. It was very slow going, Sarah taking her time and listening to Ellie’s groans very carefully, spitting onto the stretched wide shit hole whenever the brunette sounded in too much pain.

Eventually using this technique Ellie’s butt hole opened wide enough to take the last bead inside it, Ellie letting out a cry of pain and pleasure as her ass swallowed the entire toy, Sarah quickly beaming, “You did it! You took all five beads up your ass. Oh Ellie, I’m so proud of you!”

Ellie just moaned softly and remained with her face buried in the covers, just lying still as Sarah spent a few minutes playing with her well stuffed shit hole.

Sarah delighted in repeating her earlier process, not just loving the sight of Ellie’s butt hole stretching to let the beads slide in and out of her, but the fact that Ellie had submitted to this without complaint. Another wonderful little act of submission. However the more Sarah played with Ellie’s ass hole the more she wanted a different act of submission.

“Ellie, would you like me to use my cock?” Sarah asked softly, “Would you like me to use my big strap-on cock so I can stretch out the deepest part of your ass and give you a nice hard butt fucking?”

“Oh yes, please Mistress Sarah, fuck my ass with your big cock!” Ellie whimpered.

“Well then… flip over onto your back. Pull your legs back with your hands and hold them there.” Sarah ordered, loving that Ellie didn’t even hesitate. Then Sarah reached down and in one swift movement pulled the bead covered dildo out of Ellie’s ass and then pressed it against the brunette’s lips, “Good, now suck my toy clean of your nasty anal juices. Once it’s spotless you can beg to take my cock up your ass.”

The moment Sarah ordered Ellie to clean the dildo the young doctor went to work. When Sarah finished her second sentence Ellie’s enthusiasm skyrocketed, the brunette sucking the cock hard and fast, making sure not to let go of her legs and risk displeasing her mistress.

Smiling at the obedience Sarah helped out, moving the toy up and down, this way and that, making sure Ellie could get her mouth around every little part of it.

When all of her own anal juices were off the dildo Ellie removed her mouth from it and quickly began begging, “Please Mistress Sarah, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass with your big cock! Stretch out my ass! Stick your cock in my butt and fuck it hard and deep! Butt fuck me hard! Fuck my ass hard, make it all stretched out and loose! Please Mistress Sarah, fuck me, fuck oh OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!”

Ellie moaned in pleasure as her still stretched ass hole easily accepted the first few inches of Sarah’s strap on, the female spy tossing the anal bead dildo aside in favour of concentrating on pushing the dildo strapped around her waist deep into the brunette’s bowels.

Once her strap-on had slid in deeper than the beads Sarah slowed down, still firmly pushing forward while doing her best to concentrate on both Ellie’s stretching ass hole and the look on the other woman’s face. Sarah found both those sights intoxicatingly beautiful and did her best to continue to watch them both as Ellie’s butt hole stretched wide enough to excerpt inch after inch of the long thick shaft.

Part of the reason Sarah was studying Ellie’s face was to check that her friend wasn’t in too much pain. It wasn’t easy as a Ellie’s face was awash with different emotions, but Sarah was trained to read even the slightest expression, and she had ass fucked a lot of women in this position, so she had become an expert at telling if the woman she was fucking was in too much pain or not. Ellie definitely wasn’t in too much pain, but she was still clearly still getting used to the sensation of having her ass stretched so Sarah was gentle with her, sliding her strap on into her friend’s back passage more slowly and gently than most of her previous conquests.

However as much as Sarah tried to concentrate on how Ellie was feeling she couldn’t help getting distracted. After all Sarah loved watching another woman’s ass hole stretching open to accept her strap on inside it, and Ellie was so opened and exposed in this position it was impossible for Sarah not to more than occasionally glance downwards. The position also seem to encourage Sarah’s eyes to wander all over her friend’s beautiful body, something Sarah at least feel a little less guilty about after she had the dildo fully embedded in Ellie’s butt and the other woman was softly moaning as Sarah began gently sodomising her.

Ellie’s moans grew louder as Sarah skilfully butt fucked her, seemingly loosening the brunette’s tight back passage with every well timed thrust, any small amount of pain Ellie was feeling just melting away and being replaced by pure pleasure. Pure, overwhelming pleasure which turned Ellie into a loudly moaning anal whore.

Part of Ellie felt she should be ashamed, or at least a little embarrassed. Not only was she shamelessly moaning in pleasure as another woman fucked her in the ass, but she was holding herself open like some kind of hooker or porn star. She certainly never felt this exposed while in this position before, but somehow holding her legs open like this made Ellie feel like she was on display. And yet displaying herself for Sarah seemed so erotic, especially given the lustful gaze Sarah was giving her.

It was intoxicating having such a beautiful woman like Sarah staring at her like that. It made Ellie feel so good, so wanted. And… there was just something about the whole position which made Sarah seem so powerful, so in control. Ellie had never been in such awe of another woman, and as Sarah continued gently pumping in and out of her ass Ellie felt an overwhelming urge to please this woman… this goddess. Her mistress.

Ellie was awoken from her dreamy thoughts when Sarah suddenly broke the silence that was between them, “A lot of guys only think of the doggy style for anal sex. It’s very effective for deep, hard thrusting, and it is my favourite position. However there is something to be said for spreading yourself open like you are now. I always like displaying myself like this for my partner. But I really love it when a woman is doing it for me, pulling her legs back and giving me her tight little butt hole, surrendering herself to me. And to watch the expressions on her beautiful face as I’m fucking her. I love that.”

There was a tiny pause and then in a small voice Ellie said, “I’m glad I’m pleasing you Mistress.”

“Oh, you are. You’re a good bitch.” Sarah said softly, loving how Ellie blushed but looked pleased with herself at the same time, “But personally, I find it a little difficult to administer a deep, hard fucking in this position, so I was wondering if you’d mind if we changed positions slightly?”

“Ok, what…” Ellie started, trailing off as Sarah suddenly stopped fucking her ass and gently moved down so the blonde was laying on top of her, their bodies seeming to melt together like they were made for each other.

“Wrap your legs around me.” Sarah ordered, her tone so gentle Ellie barely realised she had been given a command, especially as obeying it felt so right, so natural, and especially as it caused Sarah to smile and add, “Good bitch.”

Ellie gasped in pleasure as Sarah began slowly butt fucking her again. At first Sarah just used these short, slow thrusts in and out of Ellie’s ass, but eventually the blonde began slowly pulling more of the dildo out of the brunette’s bowels and then thrusting the fake dick all the way back into Ellie’s rectum at an ever so slightly faster speed. It wasn’t much, but it was the beginning of Sarah teasing her ass, the spy driving Ellie crazy with thrusts of varying speed.

Of course each thrust had Ellie moaning like a cheap anal whore. It also had her clinging tightly to the blonde haired goddess who seem to be having a lot of fun sodomising her.

This had always been Ellie’s favourite position because she had loved to look her lover in the face, to share the intimate moment with them, and even to see the look of pleasure on their face. Oddly enough this act did feel intimate, if not romantic, and Ellie had never been happier to see a look of pleasure on someone’s face.

Briefly Ellie wondered if she should be so invested in Sarah’s happiness as she was, but she quickly pushed those thoughts aside for more important things. Namely the pleasure she was receiving from the strap on dildo pumping in and out of her pooper, and more importantly the fact that by surrendering her ass hole to this goddess she was pleasing her.

“You’re beautiful Ellie.” Sarah said softly, gently stroking the other woman’s cheek.

“You too.” Ellie gasped softly, “You’re so beautiful Mistress.”

“Thank you.” Sarah smiled, “I know you like getting treated like a little whore, but in this position, I prefer to make love to a woman’s ass hole. I know that may sound a little weird, but it makes for a nice change of pace and really helps loosen up a tight little butt hole like yours and gets it ready for a hard, deep fucking. It also allows for a little intimacy. I don’t know what Devon does in this position when he’s fucking your pussy, but there’s something intimate which I could do now which I very much love to do to another woman. I love it as much as butt fucking and pussy eating. I would love to do it now, if that’s ok with you. Just to show you how your husband should treat you in this position, of course.”

“You can do whatever you want to me Mistress.” Ellie said dreamily.

Rather than responding with words Sarah simply smiled and then slowly lowered her head. When her lips were inches away from Ellie’s she stopped, giving the other woman the chance to protest. When she did not Sarah closed the gap, pressing her lips to Ellie’s in a gentle kiss.

At first Ellie didn’t respond, leaving Sarah to just gently caress her lips against her friend’s. The blonde had learned long ago to hide her nervousness when absolutely necessary and she did a good job of it at this moment. Still, considering she had talked Ellie into letting her fuck her up the ass with a strap on dildo Sarah was confident she could talk the brunette doctor into a make out session if need be.

Fortunately it didn’t come to that as after a few long seconds Ellie began gently returning the kiss which slowly built up in passion and intensity until it was almost a struggle for Sarah to continue methodically sliding her strap-on cock in and out of Ellie’s ass. However Sarah was too much of an butt fucking pro for that to happen, the blonde even taking pride in the fact that no matter how distracting the kiss became she kept fucking Ellie’s tight little shit hole, Sarah adoring every little moan she squeezed out of her bitch.

Ellie had dreams about kissing Sarah all day. In fact she had dreams about kissing Sarah ever since she met the beautiful blonde. She just never imagined when she did finally get to kiss Sarah there would be with a huge dildo pumping in and out of her ass hole.

Other than the fact that the other woman was butt fucking her this is very much like a fairy-tale kiss. There were sparks, butterflies, fireworks, everything Ellie had ever imagined and more. Everything she had with Devon, and more. And that was even before Ellie opened her mouth to allow Sarah’s tongue to enter. When that happened their tongues touched Ellie felt like she melted away, like she was consumed by the more dominant woman.

For a while it was heaven, Ellie surrendering her mouth and tongue to Sarah’s, and surrendering her ass to Sarah’s strap-on, and becoming lost in the pleasure. But that pleasure soon began to build up, Ellie feeling herself approaching orgasm, feeling it get closer and closer until it felt like just a tiny bit more speed would make her cum. However Sarah seemed content with fucking Ellie’s ass at this continuous slow and steady pace at which the more Ellie thought about it did seem to resemble lovemaking more than fucking. But Ellie wanted to get fucked. She wanted to get her ass fucked hard, fast and deep. She tried to pull away so she could beg like a little anal whore for a nice hard butt fucking, but Sarah refused to end the kiss.

Getting desperate Ellie began wantonly thrusting herself up into the dildo, impelling her own ass hole upon it to try and make the ass fucking harder. This made Sarah chuckle softly into the kiss and then finally break it, “Do you want something Ellie?”

“Please fuck me Mistress! Fuck me hard!” Ellie whimpered, “Please fuck my little ass hole as hard as you can. Please, I need it. I need it so bad. Please fuck my ass hard and make me cum!”

“You wanna cum?” Sarah asked challengingly, and then when Ellie eagerly nodded her head the blonde grabbed a tight hold of the brunette’s hips and rolled them over so suddenly Ellie was on top, “Then make yourself cum. Bounce your hot little ass on my cock and make yourself cum bitch!”

There was a pause as Ellie looked unsure of herself. Then just as Sarah was going to offer to switch their positions back Ellie gently lifted herself up, pulling a few inches of strap-on dick from her ass hole, and then dropped back down, once again impaling her butt hole down on the full length of the shaft.

For a little while Sarah just watched this lustfully, her eyes roaming over Ellie’s wet pussy, her bouncing boobs, and of course her beautiful face which seemed a wash of pleasure. However after a while Sarah got tired of how slowly Ellie was ass fucking herself on the cock, the blonde spy reaching out and roughly smacking the other woman’s butt before yelling, “Come on, harder. Harder. You said you wanted it harder, so fucking ride that dick! Show me how much you love it. Better yet, tell me. Tell me how much you love my dick in your tight little ass hole!”

“I love it Mistress, I love it!” Ellie moaned as she began slamming her ass up and down a little more forcefully, “I love your big dick in my ass Mistress Sarah. I love my Mistress’s big dick inside my ass!”

“That’s because you’re a little anal whore now aren’t you slut?” Sarah growled, delivering a few hard strikes to Ellie’s ass, subtly encouraging the brunette to move faster, “Aren’t you?”

“Yeeeeeeesssssssss! Oh Mistress Sarah, you’re so right. I’m a nasty little anal whore now. You made me a nasty little anal whore.” Ellie moaned, the little spanking Sarah was giving her having the desired effect of making her shamelessly slam her shit hole on Sarah strap-on, “Ooooooooh, ooooooooh, ohhhhhhh Mistress, I love it up the ass! Mmmmmmmmm, I love it up the ass because you’ve turned me into an anal whore! Your anal whore! I’m your anal whore Mistress Sarah! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, oh Mistress Sarah, for the rest of this week my ass is yours, which makes me your anal whore! My ass is your property, mmmmmmm, so I’m your butt slut! Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd, I’m yours Mistress Sarah! I’m your bitch I’M YOUR BITCH MISTRESS SARAH! I AM MISTRESS SARAH’S BITCH!”

A few more words tumbled from Ellie’s mouth but they were barely coherent, the brunette doctor clearly more focused on slamming her ass hole up and down on Sarah’s cock like a woman possessed by a shameless anal whore.

To see Ellie acting so wantonly was an incredible turn on for Sarah, but not as much as watching the other woman shuddering climax on top of her.

Sarah loved watching her lovers cum. It was such a moment of vulnerability, passion and pleasure that Sarah almost loved as much as her own orgasms. Speaking of which, she was pretty close to a nice hard climax herself. Unfortunately Ellie chose that moment to slow down to a lazy pace which didn’t suit Sarah at all.

“Don’t stop!” Sarah ordered, brutally slapping Ellie’s ass just to make sure she got the point across.

Unfortunately the blonde had to deliver a few more, but eventually Ellie started increasing the pace of the bouncing again, quickly moving herself back up to full speed and making herself cum again.

This time Ellie continued sodomising herself, relentlessly pounding her own ass to climax after climax, unknowingly bashing the stimulator inside the strap-on harness into Sarah’s clit and causing the blonde spy to have a very pleasant orgasm of her own. However shortly after Sarah came Ellie began slowing down again, and no amount of hard slaps to Ellie’s ass could convinced the brunette to continue the butt fucking.

(This is part 7 of a series; you must read the other 6 parts first! Enjoy! )

I slid out from under my parent’s bed and tried to compose myself as best as I could. I knew both my mother and father would be off to work, but I still stayed as quiet as possible as I grabbed my crumpled clothes and snuck my way back into my own bedroom. I slowly crawled into bed and cuddled up under my covers. My body was sore from head to toe from sleeping under that bed all night. As I lay and think of last night I feel familiar pains and aches, some from my mother’s sexual acts and some just from simply sleeping uncomfortably. My asshole finally started to feel somewhat better from her favorite toy two nights ago. Even so my dick and my balls really have been taking a beating all week and it’s all hitting me now, I decided to take a quick nap before a nice shower. As I drift off I grab my phone and send my mother a simple text message that read, “…<3..."

I woke up about forty minutes later to the sound of my phone beeping. I grabbed it and seen two missed texts from Mom. “Aww… <3 to you too baby...can we finish this convo later, my hands are still trembling from the great orgasm your father gave me last night." I knew she was only saying this to get me upset and it worked, she loved to tease me and not admit how wet I make her. I figured I'd play along and humor her so I opened the next message. "Honey...why aren't you answering me, I'm still so horny from your daddy...c'mon talk to me!"

I decided to play her little game…”Sorry mom I was sleeping, I had a rough night last night and it sounded like you did too.” I started my day while waiting for her response, I grabbed some clean clothes and made my way over to the bathroom and ran my shower water. I needed the water hot today, hotter than usual. As I slid into the shower I felt all the muscle on my body start to relax. I ran the soap slowly over myself and just enjoyed the feeling as long as I could. As I let the water run over my face I heard my phone that was sitting on the closed toilet bowl go off. Just hearing my mom’s text message sent a rush to my groin and I felt my cock hang slightly heavier. My impatience got the better of me and I finished up my shower and rushed to my phone. I opened her message that read…”Yes honey, mom had a real rough night…I just never felt so full and loved. I felt like there was something new and wonderful inside me while I sucked your fat dicked father…xoxo.”

I stood there naked in the bathroom half wet, I flipped on the camera of my phone and with one hand held my cock from its underside in the palm of my hand and took the picture with my other hand. I sent her the picture and titled it… “New and wonderful?” I dressed and ate knowing she was working and it could take some time to get a message back. Finally as I set my dirty dishes into the sink I heard the phone beep and I ran over to it. When I opened the phone I became slightly flush once I realized it was a picture mail. As the picture downloaded I read the title…”Hmmm…in a meeting at work… Bye Babe.” Then the picture took over the screen. It was a weird angle but after much inspection I realized mom must have held the camera outwards and took the picture of herself. In the picture I had seen a black board, some chairs and people standing around her. I zoomed in on her body in the picture and that’s when I seen it, the slightest hint of a hard nipple poking through her tight red button down suit shirt.

I had the day off so I decided I’d get my daily sample for the doctor myself and drop it off now. I was pretty sure the pretext of my medical condition was gone now between me and my mother and I figured why waste more of her time going to the doctors and such. However I knew I’d have to see this out with the doctor so he and his office didn’t get suspicious or think all of this was in vein. After a quick an non dramatic session in the family bathroom I collected my sample and did what I had to do at the doctors. I tried my best to give positive vibes to the doctor and make him feel like I was doing much better. I jumped back in my car and sent mom a quick text…” Just dropped sample off, doctor’s happy I’m doing better…he said he will call when he gets some definite results.’

I lay on the sofa and watched TV till about 4pm and anxiously awaited my mother’s arrival. I Get this feeling right before I know I’m going to see her, it’s like my dick gets butterflies. I finally heard her car arrive, I quickly went face down flat on the sofa and slightly pulled my boxers down to show my ass to her. I heard the key turn in the door and that was the sound that got my dick at full length. I laid my head sideways so I could catch her reaction. As I stared at the slowly opening door mom walked in with a handful of grocery bags and immediately looked my way. I stared at her while I sported a big grin from ear to ear, But I slowly started to panic when I seen mom turn pale white and stomp over to me and drop her bags halfway towards me. As she was two feet from me all I heard from her mouth was…”Cum Fast!!!’

With that mom got on her knees and in frenzy grabbed my dick and jammed it in between the gap between the two sofa cushions. With both hands she grabbed fistfuls of my asscheeks and spread them as wide as possible. I felt the stretch of my asshole as she pulled them apart roughly. Before I could even ask what was happening she buried her tongue as hard and rudely as she could into my hole and licked every which was possible. I swear I think she tried to hit my prostate with her tongue, I realized there must have been a reason for all this panic and then I heard the car trunk slam. I started to hump the sofa in abandonment realizing my dad must have come home with mom. All this thinking and humping was going in slow motion but it couldn’t have been more than ten seconds and all the while mom never lifted her head to speak. The whole time she swirled and spun her tongue in and outside every part of my asshole. I totally loosened and relaxed my ass and felt her tongue sink in even deeper, her nose was pressed up against my skin.

I felt my orgasm approaching and kept my dick deep in the cushion gap. That’s when I heard it…”Hey I’m coming in with the bags!’ I realized this wasn’t my dad but my next door neighbor Danny. He must have seen my mom struggling with the bags and offered to help her. I was just about to cum deep inside the pillows when my mom and I both heard Danny cross the threshold of our front door entrance. Mom did one more deep swirl with her tongue then removed it with a plop sound. She sat beside me on the sofa, grabbed the fleece cover that was hanging off the back of the sofa and covered my important parts with it. I turned my head so I was laying face down and stopped my humping. My cock was so deep in the pillow and I felt the cum right at the at the tip screaming to shoot out.

“Sorry Dan, you know Phil…lazy as ever.” While saying this I felt moms hand Snake up my back thigh and search its way to my ass. “Oh you don’t have to tell me… I spend my whole morning trying to wake my two kids’ up.” Then “Ughh Mmmmm”…I moaned into the pillow as mom entered my ass with her pointer finger at the same time holding a conversation with our neighbor. “Let me just wake him up and send him to his room and then I’ll get you the recipe for your wife.’ With moms free hand she shook my slightly awake and kept the pretense of my sweet mom. “Phil baby… C’mon go up to bed we have company.” Her finger digging into my prostate with all her might was actually saying…”Cum in the sofa… and get the Fuck out before we get caught!” I did just what her finger asked me too. I started Cumming into the sofa and felt moms finger ease out of my ass; she must have felt the throbbing of my orgasm on her finger inside me. I was careful not to jerk or spasm, I let the cum flow freely from my balls into the sofa.

Once I was done Cumming I needed a few seconds for my dick to deflate before I could get up and walk upstairs. In the mean time I acted like I was slowly waking and seemed surprised to see mom and Dan. “There he is… hey kiddo your moms been trying to wake you.” Mom got off the sofa and stood next to our neighbor. I felt confident my dick was deflated enough so casually as I pulled the sheet off me I pulled my pants up.

I decided not to look at the sofa or my crotch and instead read moms face to see if we left any evidence. As I shook Danny’s hand and started to head upstairs I glanced at mom. She just finished her glance toward the sofa; she looked in my eyes then down to my crotch and back in my eyes. She lifted her pointer finger to her mouth, with a satisfied smirk said “Dinner will be ready in an hour…Hun.” …It was then I knew we were in the clear.

It is 1811. I have been sitting in debtors prison for almost a year now, trying to raise the money to pay my landlord all the back rent I owe. I couldn’t help but get behind. A single woman in this day and age can do very little to raise money for herself, but I’m a religious woman and won’t prostitute myself. Someday, maybe I will marry – but that seems unlikely, wasting away my best years here in prison.

I was born in 1792 into poverty, and my parents died when I was a teenager, leaving me nothing. I had no prospects, and tried to find jobs in restaurants and shops, but it is difficult to keep a position. After being unable to pay my rent one month, my landlord had me thrown into prison. Now, I rely on the alms provided by passersby who see my outstretched hand.

“Woman!” The gaoler was yelling at me. I raised my head and looked at him silently. “This man is here to take prisoners for medical research. He picked you. Go on, now.”

“I choose not to go,” I answered.

Turning red and stomping toward me, the gaoler grabbed my arm and roughly pulled me forward. “You have no choice. He is paying me for prisoners, and you are one he wants.” He flung me toward the awaiting doctor, who proceeded to put handcuffs on me.

The doctor smiled. “You are an intractable one. Collins, the ether, please.”

Another man came forward with a rag, reaching toward my face. Unable to use my hands, I tried to resist by moving my face away, but the two men held me close as the rag was forced over my nose and mouth. Soon, things went dark.


When I awoke, things were a bit hazy. I could see men looking down on me in two tiers – some were in seats before me, and others were in a balcony. The ones on the ground floor were all in white aprons and had notebooks. The doctor saw me open my eyes.

“Hello, I don’t believe I have your name. I am Dr. Kraus,” he said to me.

“Ann,” I said, still groggy. I tried to scratch my nose, but could not lift my arm from my side. I looked down.

I was completely nude, lying on a table that was tilted slightly up at perhaps a 20 degree angle. My arms were restrained by straps at my side, and my feet were tied into stirrups, held up in the air apart. I was completely exposed with a room of perhaps 40 men staring at me.

“It’s nice to have you with us in the operating theater, Ann. The men above are paid spectators, and the men below are students that will be learning from you.” He turned to the audience. “You see that I have shaved the patient. She is a virgin, which makes her particularly agreeable for this session.”

Dr. Kraus now took his finger and traced it around my vaginal entrance. “This is where the hymen is visible. You probably cannot see well from where you are, so I invite the students to come forward to take a closer look.”

The students stood and began to file down. As the first one leaned over and took a good look at my most intimate parts, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. He touched the rim around my hole.

“Which part is the hymen?” he asked.

“This filmy tissue just inside,” the doctor answered, taking his own finger and pushing it slightly into my vagina. “You are all welcome to come and feel the hymen for yourself. You’ll need to know how to establish that one exists, when the men in the balcony ask you to check the purity of their fiancees.” The balcony rippled with laughter.

One after another, the students, about twenty of them, came and peered closely at my vagina, then felt gingerly inside for my hymen. One of them spent quite some time with his finger feeling inside my hole, claiming he couldn’t find it, which led to the Doctor again pointing out the hymen by carefully tracing my hole with the student. Having both fingers inside was painful as they vied to both fit inside my tight vagina. Finally, the examination was over.

As the students sat back down, Dr. Kraus continued with the lecture. “Of course, the hymen isn’t the only part of the vagina worth studying. There is also a clitoris, sitting just within the two lips of the labia. The clitoris is a useless organ, but during intercourse it can become engorged, as can the breasts.” He again touched me, pulling on my labia. “This is the labia,” then he touched the senstive bump above that, “and this is the clitoris.” He then moved to my side and started massaging my left breast. “You also see how the nipples of the breasts become hard when handled. This can also occur during normal intercourse.”

Dr. Kraus took off his apron and unzipped his pants, removing them. He folded his jacket and shirt up, revealing his flaccid penis.

“I know you’ve all seen one of these before, gentlemen,” he said. The crowd laughed. “You know how they work, no doubt. I will now show you how a woman reacts during normal intercourse, and how it changes her body afterward, so that you will be able to identify a used woman readily.” He began to stroke his cock, getting it hard. When it was standing out from his body, he took a cloth from a bucket and wrung it out.

“No, please, don’t!” I exclaimed. I valued my purity! I did not want to give it up!

“Collins? Please gag the patient.” The man who had administered the ether at the prison came forward and tied a cloth around my face. I could not fight him, restrained as I was. I tried to talk, but only muffled noises came from my throat.

“A woman will usually, upon first intercourse, be too dry to admit a penis into her vagina, so for that purpose we have here a soaked rag.” Dr. Kraus began to wipe my vagina, leaving my wet in the drafty room. He then positioned his member up to my hole and pushed it in. I screamed, but the gag muffled my voice. His penis pushing in and out of me burned me deep inside.

“You can see that the woman does not enjoy intercourse. This is true of women for most of their lives. You may have to instruct a frustrated husband that he will have to restrain his wife by brute strength or by other means.”

At this, Dr. Kraus began to move in and out faster. I squeezed my eyes shut. I could hear the crowd whispering and coughing, and some laughter here and there. Finally, he pushed himself into me hard, and gripped the table I was laying on to steady himself. He shuddered a few times, then stood up straight and carefully withdrew.

As he put his pants back on, he began lecturing again. “You can see that, in confirmation of our examination of the hymen, the patient is bleeding vaginally. She was in fact a virgin. You can also see that not all of the semen remains inside the vagina. This is an indication of obstinateness, an unwillingness to bear my child.” Dr. Kraus began to wipe me off again with the water soaked cloth.

“For the remainder of the lesson, each student will perform intercourse with the patient. You are instructed first to examine the vagina and confirm that you see no hymen, so that you can contrast the two states. After you have performed, you should wipe her off for the next student, out of consideration.” The audience laughed. “Be sure during intercourse to observe as much of the reactions of the patient as possible, and share those observations with the other students. I will call each student down alphabetically. Mr. Ashdown, please come forward.”

A student emerged from the gallery. He removed his apron and pants, as Dr. Kraus had, and began to stroke his penis as he moved toward me. He stood before me, still stroking, and peered down into my vagina.

“You can see that she is missing the tissue that was earlier covering her vaginal entrance,” he said aloud. Then he inserted himself. I began to sob for the loss of my virginity.

“She is crying, which leads me to believe she does not enjoy intercourse. She feels very warm inside, and very tight. I am a little amazed, in fact, that her vagina is expanding to accept my penis.” He moved faster, in and out, examining my body clinically. Then, he leaned forward, grabbing the table, and quaked as he released his fluid into me.

When he had recovered enough, he stood up and withdrew, accepting a wet cloth from Collins. He cleaned himself and then me off. I could feel his semen dripping from me.

“Mr. Bennett,” Dr. Kraus called.

Another student emerged from the gallery, removing his apron and then his pants. He again peered carefully at my vagina, inserting a finger. “I can see nor feel any trace of a hymen.” He stroked himself until he was hard, and clinically inserted his penis into me again. At this point, I was merely crying silently, the tears dripping from my face, imagining the horrible fate that awaited me as a slut with no one who would marry me after this.

As he moved in and out, he examined my labia and clitoris with his fingers. “Her clitoris is becoming enlarged, bigger than it was when she was still a virgin. She feels warm and tight.” As the others had done, he braced himself as he moved faster in and out of me, finally leaning over me and pressing his pelvis hard into me as he exploded with his own pleasure. Not once did he look me in the eye. He withdrew and silently cleaned me for the next student.

“Mr. Bigge.”

A large man stood from his seat and came toward me. As his name would indicate, when he took off his pants, his cock was quite big. I began to sob again. I did not think I could survive this onslaught. He laughed at me.

“This gutter trash thinks she does not deserve this abuse! Maybe next time she will not break the law.” He unceremoniously inserted his finger into my vagina, smiling as he did so, then pushed his huge member into my still delicate hole.

I screamed in pain. I could feel his hands rove over my thighs. “I observe that her thighs do not strain in this wide position; maybe she is not so virginal as we would have believed?” He chuckled. He put his hands around my waist. “She doesn’t eat much, does she?” He took his time, pumping his cock into me hard each time, but still not finishing. He was obviously enjoying the show. Finally, with two hard thrusts, his seed flushed into me. Before he even removed his member, I could feel the sticky juice dripping down. He withdrew and cleaned me with the offered rag.

“Mr. Brickenden.”

Once again, a student came down, examined me silently, then inserted his penis. Mr. Brickenden pinched my nipples as he pounded me. “She is warm, not so tight anymore.” The audience roared with laughter. “Her breast are firm and enlarged.” He slapped them each a few times, again drawing guffaws from the crowd. “I rather believe she’s enjoying this.” He smirked at me.

I could feel the tears drip down my cheeks. He finished pleasuring himself between my legs and wiped me up. I resigned myself to my fate.

“Mr. Brooker.”

Mr. Brooker stepped down, ritualistically examining me as the others had, then rubbing my clitoris carefully as he inserted himself into my vagina.

“I have read that women as well as men can have an orgasm if the clitoris is stimulated. May I try, Dr. Kraus?” I looked at the doctor, who nodded.

As he moved himself in and out, Mr. Brooker also massaged my clitoris hard and fast. I tried not to respond, but despite my efforts to hold back, I could feel myself trembling. Soon, I was bucking my pelvis, my whole body rippling with pleasure as I involuntarily reached out for his fingers. When I was exhausted, I fell back on the table, and he stopped touching me, laughing. “I see that Mr. Brickenden was correct. She does enjoy being the object of our class.” Everyone chuckled. I was completely humiliated and embarassed, angry that my body had betrayed me. My hot tears continued to flow. Mr. Brooker finally came inside me and cleaned me up.

The class continued to use me, about 20 of them in all. Finally, it seemed everything was over. Collins was unstrapping me. I could barely move anyway, so what was the point of restraints?

Collins stood me up and turned me so that my back was to the crowd. Then he pushed me back on to the table, stomach first.

Still gagged, my surprise and the questions I had immediately formed were inaudible. I felt him strapping my knees into the stirrups, legs apart, and my hands were restrained to my sides again. Although I was confused, I was relieved not to be so exposed to such a large group of men any more. I also could no longer see them, as my head was through a hole in the table, facing to the front of the theater.

Dr. Kraus again began his lecture. “Some women are such sluts that when their vagina becomes too loose, as has Ann’s here, they perform their sexual work anally.” I felt something pushing into my rectum. “This cone is designed to open a woman’s anus sufficiently to allow a penis in.” My rectum was being opened wider and wider. I groaned from the pain.

“One of our spectators today has paid for the privilege of using Ann’s anus first. Mr. Mannering, you may come down.”

I heard footsteps, then the sound of clothing dropping to the floor.

“Thank you, Dr. Kraus. Any instructions, or may I get to it?”

“You may proceed as you wish, Mr. Mannering,” Dr. Kraus answered.

I felt the cone removed. “As you can see, class, the anus has been opened.”

Something warm, presumably a body, moved up against me, and I could feel a fleshy object press against my rectum. Soon, it was in, and I could tell that it was like all the other members that had entered my most private parts that day. Mr. Mannering was gentle at first, then more urgent. It wasn’t long before his penis was moving in and out of my anus so quickly that I couldn’t help but yelp each time. Finally, he pressed himself all the way in. I could feel testicles against my sensitive skin as he orgasmed. Before he withdrew, he stood and rubbed my buttocks as my anus closed on his increasingly flaccid member. He finally withdrew.

“You can see that her anus is now of a different size than it was at first. You can always look for the difference in a woman to see if she has allowed herself to be so used. You will also note that the semen is brown, because the woman is unclean back here. Any questions?” The crowd was quiet. “Class dismissed.”

As the men were leaving, they were free to come by me and touch me, and many reached their fingers into my throbbing anus, exploring me. Finally, they were gone.

“Collins, the ether again.” Unable to fight, I was again transported to another state of consciousness.

When I awoke, I was dressed, laying on the floor of the prison. The gaoler was laughing at me. I gave him a dirty look, to which he replied, “Don’t act high and mighty to me. I know what you are.” Again, I could do nothing but cry. I was a ruined woman.

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Previously in The Dermott Clinic, Part I:

Laura and her two youngest daughters – Cora and Emily – began their semi-annual physicals at the Dermott Women’s Clinic. For Laura, this is something that she’s experienced dozens of times over the previous few decades; although she’s been lax in maintaining a proper schedule for the past few years. For her two daughters, this is their first experience undergoing a full physical for an adult female. Laura was assigned the buxom and bubbly Nurse Melissa and the two felt an instant connection. Conversely, Cora and Emily were assigned the sadistic [and anally inept] Nurse Lana and are not enjoying their first physical anywhere near as much as their mother.

Is it love at first site for Melissa and Laura, will they just fuck, or will nurse/patient professionalism win out? Will Lana be punished for her heavy-handedness or get put through remedial anal training for her rectal ineptitude? Let’s find out together…

The Dermott Clinic, Part II

“Alright, Cora, you just sit here comfortably and rest up for a few minutes while I get Emily situated on one of our ADVerS,” Lana said as she unlocked the wheels of Emily’s Multi-purpose Gynecological Chair and started to push the cute brunette’s younger redheaded sister out of the examination room. Not that there was any chance that the tightly bound and distinctly uncomfortable Cora would get much rest in her current position on her own MGC. “I’ll be back soon enough to fetch you for your own evaluation.”

As the equally well bound Emily neared the glass door that let into the hall, she began to get a little nervous. “‘Nurse’ Lana, shouldn’t I get covered up with a sheet or something?

“I’m still naked!” she added after a few heartbeats.

The sadistic, blonde nurse only smiled to herself at her young patient’s naivety. “Of course you’re still naked, silly! All patients here at the Dermott Women’s Clinic remain naked from the start of their procedures until the end. Messing around with sheets or hospital gowns would be a waste of time. Don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” Emily answered.

“Oh, that reminds me! Patients must be gagged when outside of their examination rooms. Have you been taught to deep-throat yet?”

“A little, but I’m not very good at it yet.”

“Well, we’ll just go with a standard ball gag then,” said Lana, with just a trace of disappointment as she walked over to the counter to fetch a hermetically-sealed rubber ball gag. Undoubtedly, a medium gag would have silenced the cute eighteen year old well enough, but the blonde nurse selected a large gag just for the hell of it. Stepping back over to the restrained teenager, she commanded, “Open wide please.”

It took some effort on Lana’s part, as well as some pain-filled whining from Emily, but the slightly too large mass of rubber eventually managed to seat itself behind the youngsters teeth. There was no way Emily would be able to dislodge it without the use of her hands – which were unhelpfully securely restrained behind her head. Regardless, the mean-spirited nurse lifted the girl’s head to buckle the gag’s straps in place – much tighter than necessary, of course.

Emily closed her eyes and tried to adjust to the unfamiliar pain. Her jaw felt like it was on the verge of dislocating. Her mother never gagged her during training and only rarely for punishment. In fact, Laura taught all her daughters to vocalize their suffering as much as possible in response to whatever stimulation was visited upon their bodies. They were encouraged to cry out in pain, weep openly, beg for mercy – that would never come – and, lastly, to scream out in ecstasy once their bodies finally surrendered to the agonizing sensations and achieved mind-blowing orgasms.

Emily was getting tired of the pain Lana seemed to enjoy inflicting on her and her sister. When were the orgasms supposed to start? She hoped soon.

“We’re also supposed to transport our patients flat. The MGCs are more stable that way; lower center of mass and all,” commented Lana as she dropped Emily backwards from a forty five degree semi-sitting position to one that was level with the floor.

Satisfied that her young charge was properly secured for transport, Lana started the MGC in motion once again. As the exam room’s door opened automatically and the petite eighteen year old was swung out into the hallway. She was still bound as she had been when her examination started: Legs pulled backwards and apart so that her knees were in line with her chest; her lower legs sticking out at a ninety degree angle from her body; Emily’s arms pulled over the top of her head and backwards. The multiple straps were strategically placed so as not to interfere with here wide open lower holes, abdomen, or naked breasts.

Emily was appalled! Now she was to be pushed down a hallway full of nurses and other patients with her sore and gaping asshole leading the way! In her current position, she couldn’t even see where they were going unless she strained her neck to look down between her sweaty 32B tits and widely separated legs. She almost died of embarrassment when they passed the first nurse heading in the opposite direction. Emily was positive that the attractive honey blonde nurse was staring right at her wet pussy and up her dilated anus!

And the breeze! That cool breeze shooting right up her butt was finally removing the last of the heat from her previous scalding hot enema. It was also hardening her pink nipples noticeably.

“I think someone is enjoying her trip a little too much,” joked Lana as she reached down to tweak Emily’s right nipple. Just for good measure, she pulled the pink nub away from Emily’s chest – hard – only to let go. She enjoyed the sight of the teenager’s firm breasts jiggle as the nipple snapped back to its proper position. “I think the other one is jealous, don’t you?”

Emily didn’t answer as her left nipple was subjected to an identical tweaking.

“I asked you a question, young lady,” Lana said sternly. Her pretty face scoured up into a frown as her hand returned to her charge’s right nipple.

“Unngh!” Emily replied and then gasped as her nipple was yanked even harder away from her body. The sounds weren’t much, but they were all she could make past the rubber sphere filling her mouth to over-capacity.

“I thought it might be,” smirked the sadistic nurse before she repeated the tit-stretching nipple pull with Emily’s other hard little nub. Once she’d allowed it to snap back again, she decided she’d had her fun and left her charge in peace as she pushed the MGC slowly down the hall. That, and the nurse’s station was just up ahead; she didn’t want to get caught being unnecessarily rough with her patients again.

Emily was glad when the bitch of a nurse finally left her poor nipples in peace. If Cora or her mother were the ones abusing her firm little titties like that, her pussy would have been positively boiling over with juices; but she loved them. Emily finally decided she hated Lana. There wasn’t much that the blonde could do to Emily that would turn the young woman on. Of course, Cora was probably going to get devoured during their normal after-school playtime that afternoon. Despite hating Lana and the physical as a whole, Emily could not deny that she was still highly aroused by the constant attention being paid to so many of her erogenous zones.

Her neck quickly tired of trying to keep her head up so she could see where she was being pushed. Finally, she allowed it to come back down to rest on the MGCs small built-in pillow. Turning her head to the side as they passed a glass door to an examination room, her breath caught. She had known that anyone passing by could see right in to the exam rooms, but that did not prepare her for actually being able to become a voyeur herself.

The first room Emily looked into contained a thirty something raven haired beauty with a decent sized rack securely bound to an MGC in a similar manner. Her face was contorted in either agony or ecstasy; Emily was unsure of which. A smallish blonde nurse – whose packed-full rectum was clearly visible to Emily through her uniform’s cutout – was working on inserting – or possibly fucking – a substantial dilation plug up her patient’s stretched ass.

The next room she passed contained a young, mousey, brunette woman – about the same age as herself – with smallish tits bound to yet another MGC. An older woman – probably her mother, based on the facial similarity – was standing behind her and rolling her nipples around harshly while a redheaded nurse squatted at the MGC’s foot with most of her forearm buried up the teenager’s backside. The nurse and mother were obviously in a discussion of some sorts.

Emily’s breath caught again at the third exam room she looked into. Inside was her mother; just as severely bound as Emily and Cora were. Her impressively gaping anus was held wide open by a large speculum as a voluptuous brunette nurse fed a fiber-optic camera up into the cavernous, fleshly hole. Emily had a brief glance at the nurse’s large rectal plug and wet pussy lips through the cutout in her nurse’s uniform. She couldn’t be certain, but it almost looked as if her mother was smiling and enjoying herself. How could that be? Emily asked herself.

At least mom is getting the same treatment we are, Emily consoled to herself. Hopefully, it’ll be a long time before she brings us back here!

The next room was a little different. It had the words, ‘Break Room’ stenciled on the glass door. As they quickly passed, Emily could see three nurses inside. One was lying on a low ottoman and running a sizeable dildo in and out of her well trained ass while watching what looked like a live feed from one of the clinic’s many examination rooms. Another nurse was sitting in an overstuffed chair with the look of someone in the throes of a good orgasm. A third nurse knelt in front of her. While Emily couldn’t see what the third nurse was doing past the woman’s wide hips and plug-less, gaping asshole, the fact that the nurse’s hands and arms were nowhere to be seen gave her a pretty good idea.

The rest of the exam rooms were pretty much more of the same. Almost every room was occupied by one or two harshly restrained female patients and a rectally plugged nurse. Inevitably, some kind of anally themed treatment was in progress: Enemas, speculums, dilation plugs, and even a few instances of fisting.

Emily had mixed emotions as Lana pushed her through the door to the ADVerS room and out of the hallway at last. If she was actually assigned to a nurse she liked, she could see herself really enjoying the doctor’s office. As it was, Emily was just ready to go home.


The knock on the examination room’s glass door interrupted the giggling of Melissa and Laura as they enjoyed each other’s company; or, more accurately, Melissa enjoying playing with Laura’s beautiful butt and asshole, and Laura enjoying her bottom being played with.

“Are you ready for us yet, Nurse Melissa?” came a question from the half open door. Standing outside was a very cute nurse of Japanese descent.

“We sure are, Nurse Mai,” responded the bubbly brunette nurse as she quickly put her serious, professional nurse mask back on. “Please come in.”

Mai nodded and momentarily went back into the hall. She returned a second later pulling a normal looking office chair on casters with the extraordinarily dumb, yet extraordinarily busty, Georgina mounted on top of it. The shapely Asian nurse used her butt to push open the glass door all the way open and pulled the brunette receptionist into the exam room after her. This gave Laura the chance to admire the obviously sizeable plug that was locked into the young nurse’s nether hole. She was beginning to see the appeal of the new nurse uniform’s backside cutouts.

Laura’s left eyebrow rose slightly as Georgina was rolled into the examination room. Her legs were firmly strapped to the underside of her office chair. Laura could clearly see the small padlocks dangling down from the young woman’s ankle cuffs. It was likely that the dim-witted receptionist was confined to her chair until whoever maintained the keys deemed it was necessary for her to actually get up.

When the new nurse had positioned the receptionist in the center of the room and turned around, Laura was not surprised to see her Certified Capacity button announced her achievement of 87%. Beyond Nurse Mai’s obvious talent for anal dilation, the pretty young women had a very petite figure with perky 32Bs, long dark hair, and large expressive eyes. All in all, Laura approved. Although she managed to catch herself before licking her lips.

“Hi’ya again!” Georgina announced happily to Laura as she was turned around in her chair. “Ya wanted ta see what a girl’s butt looks like when it’s been fully stretched?” she asked in her annoying southern drawl.

“Yes. I was told that you’re one of the few people around here that have actually reached 100%,” Laura responded with curiosity.

“The youngest!” Georgina said proudly. “Only Dr. Veronica and two of the senior nurses have reached 100%. Although, most of the nurses are getting pretty close,” she added to acknowledge Melissa’s 90% and Mai’s 87%.

“Dr. Veronica – herself – is at 100%?” Laura asked with surprise.

“She sure is,” Mai responded. “Dr Veronica likes to lead her nurses by example,” the Japanese nurse said with respect. “It’s a mantra she said she picked up in finishing school when she was a teenager.”

Laura already knew that Veronica Dermott was an alumna of St. Patty Parker’s Academy. She didn’t want to get into how close she’d been to Veronica in the past or that her future daughter-in-law was the school’s current head mistress, so she simply answered, “Ah. That makes sense then. They tell me you spent quite a bit of time over in Spain to achieve your maximum capacity,” Laura continued.

“We actually call it our Certified Capacity, hun,” Georgina corrected. “We all have a maximum capacity.”

“True enough,” Laura replied with an eye roll.

“Why don’t you show her your video right quick,” Mai interrupted in an attempt to keep her bound charge on topic.

“Oh!, yeah! I normally start wit’ that. Don’t I?” giggled the blonde bombshell. Her massive 36FF breasts threatened to pop out of her tight, low cup top as she did so. Retrieving her tablet from her lap, Georgina tapped a few commands into the screen and passed the device to Mai, who walked over to the securely bound redhead to give the woman a better view.

“This’s me in ma final week at Rosa Culo Paraíso – that’s in south eastern Spain. It’s a beautiful resort right on the Mediterranean Sea. I’m a hoping ta get back there again this summer for a few weeks ta relax a little. This job is so stressful, ya know. They have this…”

“Ahem. Georgina? The video?” prompted Mai.

“Oh, yeah! I normally start wit’ that. Don’t I?” giggled the well endowed receptionist again. “Where was I?” she asked after a few seconds.

“Your final week…” Mai said slowly.

“Yes. This is me on one of their stretching chairs, just before I achieved my Certified Capacity,” Georgina said as Mai pressed the start button on the tablet.

The receptionist’s recorded cries of anguish came thundering out of the speakers, capturing Laura’s attention. The young woman was lying back, restrained to a table, with her legs splayed out in a full splits and bound in that position. Her massive breasts were flattened out against her chest and heaved in time with her blubbering. The blonde’s bald, beat-red, and obviously gushing cunt was spread so wide that it gaped slightly. Despite herself, Laura couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of her nakedness.

Seated between Georgina’s legs and off to the right, a beautiful Spanish woman in a black latex nurse’s uniform worked a control panel. This board was obviously controlling the massive cone shaped dilator dildo that was pressing itself deeper and deeper into the bound girl’s straining asshole. The dildo looked to be attached to a pneumatic driver. Laura had read about such stretching tables in an article in one of her fashion magazines a few months ago. They were evidently very common in European stretching clinics.

“Just a few more fractions of an inch, Georgina,” came a melodious, but thickly accented Spanish voice from the tablet Mai was holding. “You’re almost there!”

Laura found herself holding her breath as she watched the gigantic latex dong creep farther inside Georgina’s grotesquely dilated anal opening.

“Almost there! You’re doing it! You’re doing it!” cried the Spanish nurse. A mere second later, the pneumatic piston leapt forward a few inches as Georgina’s sphincter at long last lost its final battle and the painfully wide dildo sunk into its new home inch by torturous inch.

The on screen version of Georgina screeched in agony.

“Congratulations, Georgina! I now officially certify you: 100% dilated.” announced the nurse happily. “The diameter of your anal sphincter is now seven and three eights inches.

Laura doubted the crying, spasming woman tied to the stretching table even heard the announcement.

“I’m so proud of you,” continued the nurse as she backed the dildo out of the blown-out hole it had been stretching. The nurse turned in her seat and quickly swapped out the smooth, cone-shaped dilator with a realistically veined, cyclopsian dildo that looked to be a consistent thickness down its entire length. She immediately returned to the control panel and began advancing the menacing looking girl-sodomizer back into the gaping abyss between Georgina’s stretched out legs. “You know the drill, Georgina,” explained the Spanish nurse as the width of the massive dong began violating the bound woman’s rectum. “Now that you have achieved a new maximum size, we’ll start retention training immediately. I’ll set your new seven and three eights inch wide toy to a medium fucking speed for the next hour or so and then I’ll be back to check on your progress. As normal, feel free to cum as much as you want; it’ll help you relax,” the darkly tanned nurse said helpfully.

Georgina only gurgled incoherently as the massive faux-dick began picking up speed and ramming her destroyed anus into oblivion.

The nurse stood up from her seat and treated the camera, and Laura, to an amazing up-the-anus shot of her own fully dilated nether hole – which was held wide open by a pair of gaper panties – and quickly exited the camera’s recording angle. Georgina was left in the center of the video, wailing as her newly stretched rectum was ram-fucked with the impossibly large dildo.

And then Mai pressed the pause button and pulled the tablet away. “It goes on like that for another hour or so, but you get the idea,” she added as she returned the device to its owner. Georgina’s eyes were closed as if she was reminiscing in a fond memory.

“Well, what do you think of that?” asked Melissa.

“I’m speechless,” responded Laura honestly. “Seven and three eights inches of rubber up the butt? All I have to say is, ‘OUCH’!”

“It ain’t that bad once you get used to it,” remarked Georgina with a grin.

“How long did it take you to get used to having something that big up your ass constantly?” asked Laura.

“I d’likely know,” she responded sheepishly. “It’s been over a year and I’m still not used ta it yet. I d’know if I’ll ever be truly ‘used ta it’,” she added.

“I see,” Laura replied. She had serious reservations.

“Are you ready to see seven and three eights inches in the flesh, so to speak?” asked Mai as she squatted down behind Georgian’s chair to unlock the padlocks holding the receptionist in place – grunting in discomfort as she did so.

“I guess so,” said Laura with trepidation.

One, then two stocking clad feet were freed and touched the floor. “Can you give me a hand, Melissa?” asked Mai as she stood up.

“Sure thing, Mai,” replied the brunette nurse, stepping over to Georgina’s side. The two nurses then began pulling upwards to help the massively titted receptionist off of her chair. The upwards force caused the sitting woman’s breasts to pull up slightly and Laura was treated to a peak of areola tops as she began to rise.

Inch by inch, Georgina came free of her chair. Inch by inch, the seven and three eights inch plug that violated her dilapidated rectum came into view. Laura had to gasp as its true size was slowly revealed. Seeing that massive slab of latex on a video was one thing; seeing it exit from a normal – albeit dumb – human being’s asshole was something else entirely!

“Oh, my…” commented Laura in awe.

Finally, all twenty four inches of rectal stretching latex were withdrawn and Georgina was able to stand on her own two feet at last.

“Impressive? Yes?” she asked as she rubbed her butt cheeks with her hands.

“Turn around and show Mrs. Wilder your hole now,” commanded Mai.

Obediently, Georgina spun around and bent over at the waist. Laura gasped again at the almost six inch wide gape that looked back at her; and Georgina wasn’t even spreading her cheeks for effect. That was just the normal diameter of her atrophied sphincter!

“Oh, my…” Laura repeated. Her gaze went back and forth from the flesh pink round hole between the blonde’s cheeks and the intimidating, nub laden dildo mounted on the chair. They were both equally impressive.

“And if you’ll notice,” Mai said breaking Laura’s concentration, “this thing is driven by the chair’s casters,” she added. The cute Japanese nurse rolled the chair back and forth to make the nubby dildo spin in place. “Georgina gets quite the thrill as she pulls herself around the office; or if she gets pushed,” she said smiling.

“Oh, my…” Laura said for a third time. She was truly speechless; and that didn’t happen very often for the normally chatty forty six year old cougar.

“Alright, girls,” Melissa said at last. “Mrs. Wilder needs to get on with her physical. Thank you for the demonstration.

“You’re welcome,” Mai and Georgina said in unison.

“Now what about you? Still interested?” asked Melissa as Mai helped the blonde bombshell back onto her dildo and office chair.

“Maybe,” considered Laura, regaining her power of speech at last. “How much is the test?”

“Oh, don’t worry about the cost. Your insurance covers it as part of your preventative medicine package. After all, it’s cheaper to do the calculation than it is to fix you up if you go way past what’s safe.”

“Good point,” Laura agreed. “Okay, you sold me. Sign me up!”

“Excellent!” Melissa exclaimed as she tapped a few more commands into her medical tablet. “I’ll wheel you over to X-Ray after we’ve finished with your dilation evaluation and capacity enemas. The MRI will be covered as part of your checkup and most of the rest of the necessary data should already be in your medical files. You should have the results before you leave today.”

“Ya won’t be sorry ya did,” added Georgina as Mai locked her ankles to the chair once more.

“Amazing what technology can do for us, isn’t it?” Laura reminisced.

“It is, isn’t it,” Melissa confirmed.

“We’ll be taking off then,” confirmed Mai as she began pushing Georgina out the door.

“Thanks again,” Melissa said, watching the pair exit the exam room.

As the door closed, Laura heard Georgina ask, “Can we take the long way back, please?”

“Of course,” answered the cute, raven haired nurse as they moved out of view. “But it can’t be too long; I’m due in the ADVerS room in a few minutes for my morning shift.”

“That girl,” Melissa remarked rhetorically. “If ever there was a true anal masochist, it’s her!

“Anyways, so I’ll make a bet with you, beautiful,” the busty brunette said, turning her full attention back to Laura at last. “If your Certified Capacity is over seven inches I win. If it’s under, you win. Deal?” she said laughing.

“Deal.” Laura laughed too. “Wait, what do you get if you win?” Laura asked.


“And if I win?”

Melissa smiled knowingly; she did this for a living after all. “Oh, honey…

“You’re not going to!” said the nurse confidently. She was looking forward to her free meal; and the pleasurable activates that would likely follow.


Cora was just as speechless as her younger sister had been after her trip through the clinic’s hallways. Well, the large ball gag strapped behind her teeth kept her speechless, but Cora was awestruck none the less.

Their mother had raised them to be proper young women and treat their anal training with a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ attitude anywhere outside of the home; or someplace where you couldn’t hide it if you wanted to. Like a locker room. After all, just because everyone knew that every woman you were likely to meet most likely had a heavy slab of latex stretching their nether hole was no reason to be crass about it!

Such rampant displays of anal shenanigans in semi-public were something Cora had never experienced. Sure, things could get pretty out-of-hand in a locker room full of giggling eighteen and nineteen year olds after gym class; or in the locker rooms after the girls’ basketball team had won State earlier this year; or even in the locker rooms at their mother’s gym when it got a little too crowded. Come to think about it, women’s locker rooms were certainly no place for a prude; that was for certain! Scores of naked and half naked women – some anally plugged, others widely gaping – trying to hold polite conversations with each other as they changed into or out of their workout clothes.

But this clinic was on a-whole-nother level entirely! Cora had never been to Europe, but she imagined it couldn’t get much more blatantly exhibitionist over there; although, she did love playing the voyeur. Hopefully, one of these days, she’d get the chance to find out first hand!

Her reverie was interrupted as ‘Nurse’ Lana wheeled her into the ADVerS room at last.

“Welcome to the Anal Dilation Verification System Room,” proclaimed the blonde sadist happily. Glancing down to her tightly bound charge, “Let’s get you all set up right next to your sister. She’s got quite the head start on you.”

Cora lifted her head up to look around the fairly large chamber. She had entered from the single door in one of the room’s corners. All four walls had half a dozen stations built into them; almost all of which were occupied by a naked woman restrained to a Multi-purpose Geological Chair. The few stations that were empty looked to be in the process of being cleaned to get them ready for their next patients. The entire room was filled with the sounds of gagged women grunting and crying in what was either horrendous pain or rapturous pleasure; Cora couldn’t quite make out the difference.

“Cora Wilder for a standard Dilation Verification procedure,” announced Lana to the head nurse as she and Cora approached the room’s central control pavilion. “Station 14 should be reserved for her; right next to Emily Wilder in Station 13.”

“Let’s see,” said the stern looking older nurse. She had long, dark hair, an athletic build, medium sized breasts, and wore an aura of authority that said, ‘I don’t have time for any of your shit today!’

Glancing at the nurse’s nametag, Cora saw her name and title was, Senior Nurse Jocelyn. Next to her name tag was a button similar to ‘Nurse’ Lana’s button advertising the Certified Capacity program. Unlike ‘Nurse’ Lana’s unimpressive 69% though, Senior Nurse Jocelyn button proclaimed a full 100%! It even had a large pink star sticker next to the number.

“Ah, I see her scheduled,” the imposing looking dark haired nurse said at last. “Go ahead and sign her in and get her hooked up.

“Wait a minute. Did you sign in Emily Wilder earlier? I found her procedure reservation but I’m not seeing her actually signed in.”

Lana stuttered for a second before answering. “Sorry, I must have forgotten. I really am in quite a hurry. Can you sign them both in for me while I get her hooked up?” asked the suddenly very subdued nurse as she turned to push Cora away from the control pavilion and steer her to the waiting station.

“No.” It was a single word that stopped the blonde nurse in her tracks. “What kind of place do you think this is? An amusement park? We have to keep extensive records for the insurance companies. Now get over here and put your thumb on the pad to sign in your patients. It’ll only take you half a damn second.”

Lana looked like she wanted to argue, but finally said nothing. She brought up the forms on the pavilion’s monitors and signed in both her patients. Quickly, she turned to go about her duties.

“Just hold one second, Nurse Lana,” said the head nurse authoritatively. “You’re flagged. You missed your own, regularly scheduled, bi-weekly Dilation Verification procedure last night. Is that why you were avoiding signing in your patients? Just how long did you expect to get away with this charade?” demanded Nurse Jocelyn.

Lana only looked at her feet in dismay. “Can I make it up tonight?” she asked after a few seconds.

“I’m afraid not. Looking through your records, this is your fourth offense this year. I’m afraid this is unacceptable.” Turning in her seat to the pretty crew cut blonde nurse next to her, “Nurse Mandy, please take Nurse Lana to an empty exam room. Get her strapped onto a MGC, cleaned out and back here for an extended procedure.

“And you, Nurse Lana, I’m writing you up this time. I’m also setting your ADVerS to Punishment Mode today.

“Nurse Mai,” Jocelyn called over her shoulder to a Japanese nurse in her late twenties, who was looking on with a grin.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Please take over for Nurse Lana for the Wilder girls. Stations 13 and 14.”

“Yes ma’am!” snapped Nurse Mai as she moved over to Cora’s restrained body and got her MGC back in motion. “Good morning… Cora,” said Mai politely, as she glanced at her tablet as all the necessary data was dumped into its local memory. “I’m Nurse Mai, but you can just call me Mai. Well, you can call me Mai when that gag comes out,” she added with a grin. “Anyway, it looks like you’re going in for a standard Dilation Verification procedure, is that correct?”

Cora nodded confirmation at this new nurse.

“No need to be scared,” consoled the cute Japanese woman. “It only hurts for a little while. Just think of it as an automated way to insert a maximum capacity dildo up your bottom. I’m sure you and your sister have had lots of practice doing that with your mother, right?”

Cora tried to smile behind her oversized ball gag and nodded again.

“Alright, first, let’s get you vertical,” said Nurse Mai as they approached Station 14. Cora felt the MGC jerk momentarily before she found herself sitting straight up; and staring directly at her younger sister, Emily.

The youngest Wilder was strapped vertically to her MGC identically to her older sister, Cora. The device was backed up against the wall where it had been securely mounted by numerous connection points to ensure that it was sturdy and couldn’t move. Cora allowed her eyes to start at her beautiful sister’s red hair and pretty face; a face that was currently contorted in the throes of obvious multiple-orgasms. Emily’s eyes were half rolled back as snot and drool ran out of her nose and mouth to splatter onto her naked and heaving tits. The young redhead was making cute gurgling noises past her gag.

Moving her gaze downward, Cora wished she could lick her lips as she watched the drool and snot run down Emily’s perfect 32B breasts to drip off her rock hard nipples or collect along the underside of the small, creamy orbs. Just below those heaving bosoms, Cora could see the unmistakable outline of something working its way through the deepest depths of Emily’s rectal tract. The obviously very large object was causing the cute eighteen year old’s toned belly to budge outward obscenely as it made its way from her anal opening, through the first few feet of her colon, and up under her rib cage. God only knew where the foreign object finally stopped!

Emily stopped to admire the enticing view of her sister’s distended belly before completing her visual inspection. Emily’s legs – just like Cora’s own – were still widely spread and pulled upwards so that their knees were at the level or their torsos. The effect was to make Emily’s succulent pussy almost gape open as what looked like gallons of precious cunt juice leaked from the moist red hole. Cora wanted to protest! Such delicious juices should be making their way into her stomach, not down the conveniently located drain below her orgasming sister!

That just wasn’t right!

Finally, Cora’s gaze fell on the rubber hose coming out of Emily’s catheterized piss hole and the sizable, smooth latex shaft that was slowly, but unstoppably, being pushed and pulled through the straining sphincter of her lovely young sister. Cora wasn’t certain on exactly what Emily’s maximum capacity was, but she was darn sure this monster was getting pretty damn close!

“Well, what do you think?” asked Mai at last as she stood next to Cora to admire the pretty little redhead. “Let me introduce you to the Anal Dilation Verification System, Model 3700, produced by Anal by Design. While it looks like your standard fucking machine, it’s actually quite advanced. Sensors throughout the shaft measure sphincter tension and colonic stretching; and it adjusts its size accordingly. Numerous safety features and fail-safes are built in to ensure that a girl’s bottom is not stretched any farther than it’s already been trained to do. Of course, that’s in Verification Mode. A ride in Punishment Mode – like Lana will soon be experiencing – is considerably more… errr… intense,” commented Mai as she shivered slightly.

“The shaft is self lubricating and made of ultra-slick, smooth latex, so it won’t damage your insides; we leave that up to your mother and sister!” Mai said with a wink. “I would ask if you had any questions before we begin, but that would be kind of silly now wouldn’t it?

“So let’s get your MGC locked in and we can begin with a medium sized catheter for your urethra; or would you like something bigger? Personally, I prefer something in the range of extra large with nubs or small ridges on it,” Mai asked hopefully.

Cora shook her head, ‘no’ as her MGC was loved into position.

“To each her own, I guess,” said the petite beauty. She picked up a small sound and lubricated it so she could start stretching Cora’s pee-hole with it. She’d noted earlier – as she’d scanned Cora’s file – that this was the young woman’s first visit to the Dermott Clinic. Mai didn’t want to hurt or frighten the teenager.


“Alright, let’s get you over to the ADVerS so we can get this physical back on track,” Melissa said. “As it is, we’re almost half an hour behind schedule and I’m going to have to find another nurse to cover my next appointment. Although, I was able to convince you to get your Certified Capacity check done, so my punishment for going over the allotted time span shouldn’t be as severe as it could be.”

“I’m sorry if I got you in trouble, Melissa,” Laura said sadly. “I didn’t know that a physical running over was bad for you.”

“Don’t worry about it, Laura. It happens to all the nurses at least a few times a week,” she said as she rummaged through the exam room’s shelves. “Now, you know the drill, cock or ball?” she asked holding up a gag in each hand.

“Cock gag, of course,” Laura replied to Melissa’s question.

“Yeah, I guess it was a silly question,” the leather-clad nurse said as she laid the ball gag aside and brought the inch and a half thick, twelve inch long phallus to her patient’s open and waiting mouth. “I prefer these to ball gags myself,” she continued as she fed the length of the dildo gag into Laura’s throat; effectively silencing any further speech for the moment. Just as she’d expected, the hot, restrained cougar took every inch into her throat with barely a hint of gag reflex.

Melissa’s own mother had considered gagging during deep throat the sign of an amateur. Thankfully, mommy dearest had ensured that each of her three daughters had mastered the distinguished, age-old art of fellatio before their senior years of college. Obviously, Laura’s mother – or possibly her husband – had felt the same way. She made a mental note to ask about which one was the case during their date.

“Ready to go?” she asked rhetorically as she unlocked the MGC’s wheels and rolled Laura out into the hallway. Despite herself, she always found the sensation of the wind rushing up her gaping asshole as she was pushed, butt-first, down the hallway disconcerting. A proper woman’s ass just shouldn’t be left open and empty like that for all the world to see.

Although she’d been wheeled around this clinic many times while gagged and bound to an MGC, the humiliation of it all still gnawed at her soul. She realized that most of the women who would see her were professional medical personnel – who saw literally hundreds of bound and gagged females rolling through their halls every day – but that did little to quiet the burning desire to cover herself and save what little was left of her virtue. For sure, that was one of the main reasons why her hands and arms were securely bound over and behind her head. These busy people had little time to deal with one woman’s overdeveloped sense of modesty.

As they approached the main nurse’s station, Laura noticed Veronica – Doctor Dermott, that is – standing amidst six or seven nurses, lecturing the group about something obviously important; as each nurse was tapping in notes into her tablet. At least half of them had their backs towards Laura’s oncoming MGC giving the bound woman an excellent view of their fully plugged bottoms through the cutouts of their uniforms.

Sweet, Lord! Laura thought appreciatively as she admired the nurses’ latex filled backsides, which were clearly on display to anyone standing behind them. I didn’t realize until now that possessing a big, firm ass was a requirement to become a nurse here! Of course, the high heels, garters and stocking each woman wore undoubtedly accented their womanly assets.

As they approached the group, Veronica recognized the large breasted woman who was tightly bound to one of her MGCs coming her way. “Laura? Laura Wilder! Holy shit, girl! You’re looking amazing! Have you been having a lot of great sex lately, because it shows,” she said happily as she stepped up to the MGC which Melissa was bringing to a stop at the obvious desire of her boss.

“You don’t need to answer that,” Veronica said playfully as she came to Laura’s side and nonchalantly slipped two fingers into the reclining woman’s hot, and very wet, pussy. Her thumb immediately found an aroused clit and the digits quickly began to massage Laura’s cunt and love button expertly; as the dozen or so anally-plugged nurses occupying the station looked on with interest.

Laura could only try and smile up at her friend as she moaned through the cock gag filling her throat. Those latex dicks really did a good job at silencing a girl, she thought.

“Laura is one of my oldest friends,” Veronica told Melissa, “Although it’s been far too long since she’s darkened my door. What’s it been? Eighteen months? Twenty? That’s too long to go between checkups, young lady,” she said as she pressed down on Laura’s clit extra hard.

All Laura could do was melt under the skillful manipulation of her already horny pussy.

“Our husbands used to play golf together regularly; usually for the bar tab, but occasionally for something… a little more valuable,” she continued.

Veronica and Laura had actually only caddied for their husbands on their golf games maybe half a dozen times. Naturally, each time the wager was the same: Instead of their usual just-for-fun prize of a hundred dollar bill – which never even covered the bar bill afterwards – the prize was the other’s wife as a fuck toy for the evening. To date, they were tied with each husband having had won three times.

Veronica and Laura had often confided in each other that they were glad their husbands shared the same deep-rooted concern and appreciation for their wife’s – and their friend’s wife’s – anal well-being. The two women had had almost as much fun going through the other’s toy collection picking out interesting items that they didn’t own themselves as they did getting a chance to use those toys on each other.


“Really?” Melissa said, glancing down at her bound patient with a new-found respect. “I imagine that was a lot of fun!”

Not really, Laura answered silently. She’d always found the game boring in the extreme. Although anything can be at least a little interesting with the right wager.

“Oh, yes! Very much so!” Veronica said pleasantly. “Oh, you meant the actual golfing? No, not so much.

“Anyways, it’s great to see you again, Laura, and you’d better start taking better care of yourself by scheduling regular checkups. We recommend at least two or three a year, if you remember.”

Remembering that she still had two fingers and a thumb playfully working away at her friend’s honey pot, she commented, “Oh!” as let them slide out of the well lubricated hole. She started to bring the dripping fingers up to her own mouth to clean off and reminisce about good old times when she noticed the look of longing on Melissa’s face.

Smiling broadly, Veronica offered her nectar soaked digits up to Melissa’s mouth; which the lovely brunette nurse eagerly opened to lick clean her boss’s fingers.

Melissa closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as the tangy flavor of her patient’s juices filled her mouth again. As she did so, she squeezed her legs tightly together to increase the pressure on her plugged and dilated rectum. She just hoped she wasn’t making too much of a scene in front of her coworkers. Although, to be honest, she really didn’t care that much.

“Now you be sure to take extra-special care of Mrs. Wilder, Nurse Melissa,” Veronica commanded as she pulled her now clean fingers out of the busty nurse’s still sucking mouth. “If you don’t, I’ll be sure to hear of it and you’ll find yourself mounted on one of my ADVerS; set to punishment mode instead of normal mode, if you catch my meaning!”

“Yes, Dr. Dermott!” Melissa answered obediently and shivered slightly. While she considered herself to be a properly submissive anal slut – just like her mother had taught her to be – she’d been mounted on one of the ADVerS set to punishment mode during her orientation at the clinic – exactly as every single nurse working at the Dermott Clinic had – and had not enjoyed the experience.

“Good! Not that I would expect anything but the best out of my nurses at all times, but I have to look out for my friends; you understand.” Veronica added rhetorically as she smiled maternally at the younger woman.

“Yes, Dr. Dermott.” Melissa repeated, “Of course.”

“Oh! And I hope you’ve noticed in Mrs. Wilder’s medical file that she enjoys heavy duty nipple clamps while being anally dilated; the spiked punishment kind that you prefer, if memory serves,” Veronica smiled mischievously as her gaze drifted down to the impressive swell of Melissa’s large bosom in her tight nurse’s uniform. Like quite a few nurses in her employ, Melissa was a true masochist when it came to her tender nipples. It was a trait that Veronica looked for in potential new hires.

“I did, Dr. Dermott,” Melissa replied as she shivered slightly under the predatory stare her boss was giving her hefty tits. The mere thought of nipple torment had caused her large nubs to instantly harden and their outlines were now clearly visible against her white blouse.

Laura made a mental note of the revelation about her nurse’s perverse tastes. Perhaps this information will come in handy later, she thought to herself. After all, Laura did have a very respectable collection of tools designed for extreme nipple torment at home; Dave had usually given her a new piece of painful tit-jewelry on their anniversary.

“Carry on then, Nurse Melissa,” the good doctor said as she turned back to her gathered nurses and began instructing again.

A few seconds later, as Melissa was again pushing the naked and severely bound Laura down the hallway, she bent down as said to her gagged patient, “Don’t worry about a thing, Laura. I was planning on taking extra-special care of you even before I found out you’re a personal friend of my boss; and that’s not going to change!”

The two women smiled at each other in understanding.

Rounding the final corner before reaching the Dilation Chamber – and the waiting ranks of ADVerS – Melissa had to suddenly plant her feet and throw all her weight backwards to bring Laura, and her MGC, to an abrupt halt; an action that caused her to cry out in sharp pain as her anal ring attempted to pucker around the unyielding mass of black latex locked deeply and securely inside the nurse’s rectal cavity.

“Fuck me!” Melissa announced in irritation as she rubbed her now sore ass.

Nurse Lisa, who was pushing a medical supply cart, and Nurse Missy, who was moving an MGC – with a gagged, tightly bound, and orgasmed-out looking brunette in her mid forties, who was sporting a truly massive gaping asshole – coming out of the Dilation Chamber, had collided. Boxes and packages of miscellaneous medical paraphernalia where strewn all about the hallway; blocking everyone’s path.

“Crap, wait here Mrs. Wilder,” Melissa said as she locked the wheels on the restrained woman’s MGC. Then, with a swiftness than showed how much experience the younger woman had with moving around in a tight skirt, high heels and thick anal invader, Melissa moved to help the two other nurses pick up all the supplies that had been littered across the hallway floor.

For a few seconds, Laura contended herself with watching the three nurses – especially the lovely Melissa – bend over again and again to pick up the spilled medical paraphernalia. She was enjoying the flashes of thick latex splitting toned ass cheeks and the invariably wet pussies underneath them – intermingled with constant grunts and groans as those same plugs were uncomfortably moved around inside of their confining rectums – when her peripheral vision picked up motion inside the examination room her MGC was parked next to.

Glancing over her shoulder, Laura was treated to the charming sight of a nurse with curly brunette hair bent over at the waist with her latex filled rump on full display for anyone walking by the room. The white corseted nurse was viciously double fisting a well-toned, small breasted blond woman’s ass – who looked to be her mid-thirties – up past her elbows. The fistee was bound to an MGC in the exact same matter as Laura herself – or, for that matter, all the patients here at the clinic were – and was either screaming in unbearable pain or exquisite ecstasy; most likely both. It was hard to tell the difference through the examination room’s sound proof glass door. Spell-bound, Laura watched the expert display of anal fisting before her and tried to think back to the last time she’d been on the receiving end of a ravishment like that.

Far too long, she quickly determined.

Melissa pick up the last of the spilled boxes and stood to place it back on the cart with an exaggerated grunt of discomfort. She’d intentionally made sure to bend fully over at the waist, with her latex filled nether hole pointed directly at Laura, and made sure to grunt extra hard every time; in order to give the attractive cougar as good a show as she could. When she turned around and saw that Laura wasn’t even looking at her, she was more than a little disappointed.

After being gratefully thanked for her assistance by the frazzled Lisa and an equally annoyed Missy, Melissa moved back over to her tightly bound charge. As she came closer, she followed Laura’s stare into the room where another of her fellow nurses – Natalie, she assumed by the shape of the woman’s firm butt and the curly hairstyle – was giving her patient a serious good behavior treat. Natalie was the best fister on staff at the Dermott Clinic, so Melissa knew the petite blond bound to the MGC was getting a professional, grade A treatment.

Natalie occasionally gave after hours double-fisting workshops to the nurses at the clinic; Melissa herself had attended every one. Natalie’s workshops usually started with her demonstrating fisting techniques on her fellow nurses and ended with everyone pairing off to practice. Having experienced a dozen or so of her fellow nurse’s skills first hand – or double handed, as the case may be – Melissa had to admit that the nurses, as a group, were getting much better.

While Melissa had learned the art of double fisting well enough from her mother during her initial training – as any proper young lady should – she had to admit that Natalie definitely had mad-skills; having mastered techniques far in advance of most women’s abilities. She’d discussed Natalie’s gift with her after one such session. Evidently her mother was a devoted fan of the act and had acquired an unrivaled expertise over the years. She had then passed her experience on to her daughters; through long hours of rigorous practice.

Melissa smiled broadly at the look of longing on Laura’s face.

“Ready to go, Laura?” she asked, breaking the woman’s concentration. As she unlocked the wheels of the MGC, she bent over the reclining woman – allowing her long, curly hair to brush back and forth across the Laura’s rock hard nipples – and softly asked, “Do you like what you see in there?” She then stared into the room with Laura for a few seconds for added effect.

Laura only garbled an answer behind the penis gag lodged in her throat, which Melissa took to be a simple, “Yes.”

“Well, since we here at the Dermott Clinic don’t give out candy to our good patients – it’s bad for the teeth, don’t you know – we prefer to reward good behavior through other means,” she said, motioning towards the scene in the examination room again; as Natalie continued to violate the bound blonde’s rectum with the majority of both arms. The motion also caused her hair to tickle Laura’s painfully erect nubs even more.

“Would this be something you’d be interested in?” ask asked, already knowing the likely answer.

Laura’s more powerful garble was clearly a ,”YES!” this time.

“Well, good; because you’ve been a model patient so far. I’m really looking forward to rewarding you for your good behavior by having that taunt ass ring of yours wrapped around both of my biceps; at the same time.

“Does that sound like a reward that’s better than some stupid candy?”

Laura nodded her head up and down emphatically.

“Remember what we talked about with that extra-special care? Well that’s just part of it!

“So it’s settled then,” Melissa said standing back up and pushing the MGC back into motion. “Now let’s get you past your dilation verification and through the rest of your checkup.

“And if you’ve still been a great patient, we can get on to that reward!”

As Melissa rolled Laura down the hallway once again – gaping anus leading the way – Laura found herself looking forward to more than just a nice ride on the clinic’s ADVerS fucking machines. Her pussy was literally drooling with excitement; a flow that had nowhere to go but to drip down into Laura’s large, cavernous asshole.

As she was pushed through the door and into the large room, Laura made a quick visual inspection of the two dozen or so women in the room. Numerous patients were mounted on ADVerS, several nurses were monitoring sensor readout, while a few other nurses were idly chatting in corners as they waited for their charge’s dilation verification to complete. Laura was even surprised to see one ADVerS occupied by a fit looking blonde nurse. It only took a second before she recognized the blonde as the nurse she’d run into in the hallway.

So who’s taking care of Emily and Cora, Laura wondered momentarily. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than she located her two youngest daughter’s side-by-side on a pair of ADVerS’s. Both young women looked to be totally out of it as their tender anuses were expanded to their maximum capacity by the emotionless machines that she herself would soon be mounted onto.

Of course, neither Cora nor Emily noticed as their mother was wheeled into the ADVerS chamber and parked next to them; they were both too far gone in orgasmic bliss of their shared anal masochism. They took no interest in watching their mother being hooked up to an ADVerS. Neither young woman’s groans of ecstasy were disrupted as their mother began to moan in pain as the machine picked up its pace. The pair’s own cries of orgasm were uninterrupted as their mother’s uncomfortable groans turned into painful cries, and then into gag-silenced screams of orgasm as the remorseless machine ravaged the older woman’s well trained rectum.


Emily’s ADVerS chimed its completion notification and the pistoning expansion dildo that had been ravishing the adorable teenager’s nether hold for almost half an hour slowed to a mere one revolution a second.

Nurse Mai groaned in frustration. While her two charges were undergoing their stretching procedures, she and Nurse Melissa had been idle chatting. As they talked, the brunette nurse’s hand had wandered under Mai’s skirt and had been idly fucking her coworker with a studded three quarter inch wide, four inch long urethra dildo. All Mai needed was maybe two more minutes and she could have joined the teenage pair in orgasm. Although, Head Nurse Jocelyn had been eying the pair suspiciously for the past few minutes; and it was never a good idea to orgasm on the job in front of your boss. So, reluctantly, Mai grabbed Melissa’s hand and pushed the small dildo fully inside her body and snapped the toy’s base onto the purpose built hard-points of her dildo strap. She sighed in aggravation as she smoothed out her short nurse’s skirt and turned her attention to the binging ADVerS; her own needs would have to wait for her lunch break.

“Maybe later,” Mai commented to the other nurse, after she’d collected herself.

“Hopefully,” answered Melissa. “I never understood how some women got off on urethra dilation, and watching you orgasm from that is fun to watch!”

“I keep offering to help you get started,” countered Mai hopefully.

Melissa giggled softly. “I’ve told you before: I’m strictly an old fashioned girl. I prefer it in the ass like my mother taught me.”

“Well, so do I,” said Mai, “but I like to keep my options open.”

“Maybe someday,” Melissa answered dismissively.

“Have it your way,” Mai said as she turned to dismount Emily from the ADVerS. She briefly double checked Cora’s rapidly pistoning ADVerS; it looked like it still had five minutes or so before the machine would deem the young brunette, ‘stretched to maximum’.

“I’m going to take Emily back to the room. Can you watch Cora while I’m gone?”

“Of course,” said Melissa.

“Thanks. Dr. Veronica should be ready for them in ten minutes or so. I need to get them back and cleaned up a little before she can finish their physicals.”

“Hurry back,” called Melissa and Mai pushed a delirious Emily out the door and down the hall.


“Hello again, Laura,” said Dr. Veronica Dermott opening the exam room’s door and letting herself in. “It looks like you’re all ready for me then,” she continued as she brought up the busty redhead’s chart and started reviewing it.

“Yes, Doctor,” Melissa confirmed. “I made sure everything was uploaded to the server a few minutes ago.”

Veronica nodded and began going over Laura’s data. After a minute or so of reading up on the highlights, Veronica commented offhandedly, “I’m only seeing minimal rectal tearing and abrasions on your MRI. Are you anally penetrated with maximum capacity punishment dildos very often?”

“Not very often, Doctor. My oldest daughter, Amanda did a few nights ago, but other than that, not very often at all.”

“Well that’s good for your colonic health, but not very good for your overall wellbeing; and a woman’s rectum heals a lot faster than her emotions do. You still have two or three daughters at home, correct?”

“Three, Doctor.”

“Well, I’m sure one of your daughters would be up to the task of making sure their mother’s bottom is properly cared for. I would prescribe at least one regular anal session a week with a maximum capacity punishment dildo with a medium grit or rougher; or perhaps something with rough nubs or bristles.”

“I don’t think that would be a problem, Doctor,” Laura confirmed.

“Good. I recommend my staff have two regularly scheduled sessions a week, just so their wellbeing is maintained. Unless they’re in a relationship, or have daughters who are old enough, they’re normally conducted here at the clinic. So that is an option if you’d like to go that route.”

“I don’t think that would be necessary, Doctor,” Laura responded after thinking about it for a few seconds.

“Are you sure, Laura?” questioned Melissa hopefully. “I have my punishment sessions scheduled through the clinic every Tuesday morning and Friday evening and they’re very… strenuous. They’re quite effective actually. I’m usually on Cloud 9 for hours afterwards.”

Laura smiled at the mental image of the lovely Melissa screaming in orgasm as a maximum capacity, heavy grit punishment dildo sawed in and out of her raw ass. She almost agreed to schedule a weekly session or two as long as Melissa was the administering nurse, but decided against it. Hell! If all went well with the buxom brunette, Laura could very well end up getting all her punishment ass fuckings for free!

“We’ll see how everything goes in my personal life before I need to start seeking the clinic’s help for that,” she said finally, adding a sidelong wink to the grinning Melissa when Veronica was again reading her charts.

“Fair enough,” the doctor responded. “Just let us know. We’re here for the needs of our patients.”

A few more minutes past before Doctor Dermott spoke again. “Ah. I see you had a Certified Capacity check done. It looks like you have quite a ways to go,” she said looking at the tightly restrained forty six year old redhead. “Would you be surprised to know that you could be expanded to seven and an eighth inches without fear of any physical harm?”

Melissa did a quick pumping action with her arm and whispered, “Nailed it!”

Laura gasped in surprise. “Doctor! That can’t be right! Dave worked for years to open me up as wide as possible, and I was only able to fit in six and five eights inch wide plugs. Even those were agonizingly painful! Seven and an eighth inches? That’s a-whole-nother half inch!”

“Actually, that’s about ‘a-whole-nother’ full inch,” the busty blonde doctor said sternly. “According to your ADVerS results, your maximum dilation is currently only a little over six inches wide. What happened, Laura? You used to be one of my best patients. I had not expected you to lose a full half inch of dilation in a little over a year’s time,” asked Veronica, and then cursed herself for her insensitivity. Of course! Dave! His death probably hurt Laura a lot more than anything that man had ever done to his loving wife’s battered ass. “I’m sorry, Laura,” Veronica said quickly in a much softer voice. “You don’t have to answer that; I know.”

Laura only nodded as all the surprise and levity drained out of her face.

“I could refer you to a psychiatrist if you’d like to talk to someone about it,” Veronica suggested helpfully.

Melissa was a little confused, but decided now was not the time to start asking questions.

“I’m fine, Doctor,” Laura managed after a few seconds. “Amanda’s come back to live with us for a few months to help me out. I should be okay.”

“That’s good news then!” Veronica said happily. “A woman of her drive and accomplishments should get your butt back on the fast track to 100% dilation in no time!

“Now, let’s get to the manual portion of the examination, shall we?” asked the doctor as she pulled up a short stool and sat between Laura’s widely separated legs. She grunted in discomfort as her weight came down on what was most likely a very large slab of latex up her fully dilated rectum. After a second, she turned and questioned, “Nurse Melissa?”

“Oh, right! Sorry, Doctor,” said the momentarily off balance nurse. Quickly, she stepped up beside the sitting doctor.

Veronica reached behind her employee and pulled out a pair of latex gloves from the woman’s rectal dispenser. “Thank you, Nurse. Please stimulate the patient’s breasts while I examine her anus and vagina.”

“Yes, Doctor,” said Melissa happily. She did not need to be told twice to play with her sexy patient’s naughty bits. Stepping quickly behind the bound cougar, she reached down and found two rock-hard nipples begging to be pinched and pulled. Melissa smiled as soft purrs escaped Laura’s lips as her nipples were mauled.

“I see you still have sensitive nipples, Laura,” Doctor Veronica commented as she lubricated her hands, “And do you still like them bitten and twisted during anal intercourse?”

“Yes, Doctor. Very much,” Laura replied.

Melissa made a mental note to herself. Bite Laura’s nipples at every opportunity.

“Good. Good,” Veronica commented as she began squeezing Laura’s engorged clit with one hand and stuck two, then three, then four fingers up the bound patient’s soaking wet cunt. “Your clitoris is still nice and firm, and your vagina still produces ample fluid when you’re aroused – especially for a woman of your age. Do you orgasm vaginally very often?” the doctor asked as she hooked her thumb inside her palm and slowly sank her entire hand up to the wrist inside the warm, slimy confines of Laura’s hot pussy.

“Occasionally, Doctor,” Laura gasped. The combination of rough nipple play and pussy fisting was getting her riled up again.

Doctor Veronica pumped her fist inside of Laura’s slit a few times while feeling around the insides of the tight hole; paying particular attention to the woman’s cervix for any abnormalities. “Are you being anally stimulated during your vaginal orgasms?” she asked as she began twisting and turning her fist a hundred and eighty degrees to check the firmness of Laura’s vaginal walls.

Laura cried out in pleasure before she could answer, “Of course, Doctor! What kind of a woman do you take me for?” she said, deliberately not mentioning that that was the reason Amanda had anally punished her only a few short days ago.

“I don’t mean to be offensive, Laura. I’m a doctor and I need to ask the uncomfortable questions,” she said as began to withdraw her closed fist from Laura’s spasming cunt, only to quickly reinsert her hand back into the wet hole almost immediately. She had to check the vaginal elasticity. This process was repeated several times. Laura’s pussy made wet popping sounds every time Veronica’s fist was yanked out only to make squishing noises as the hand was unceremoniously reinserted. All the while, Veronica’s thumb continued to rub over Laura’s hard clit.

Laura groaned and threw her head back in bliss.

Satisfied that her patient’s bald cunt was strong and healthy, Veronica finally removed her hand completely. “Your vagina is in excellent health, Laura. Now I just need to check your anus and we’ll be all done with you for today,” continued the doctor as her pussy juice soaked hand left Laura’s top hole, dropped a few inches, and was quickly inserted up the bottom hole. Laura’s nether hole was still gaping to almost five inches in diameter. Veronica’s arm didn’t even touch the sides until she was halfway up her forearm.

Laura moaned, “God, yes!”

“And how often do you orgasm anally?” Veronica asked, continuing with her normal questioning. Her one hand continued to mash down on Laura’s clit with its thumb while her other hand worked its way farther and farther up the busty redhead’s rectal tract.

“Daily, Doctor!”

“And how many times a day do you experience an anal orgasm?” probed Veronica as she repositioned herself on her stool to better get her elbow past Laura’s dilated sphincter. “Multiple orgasms only count as one,” she clarified.

Laura did her best to gyrate her hips to assist in the deep penetration of her wide open ass. She was moaning and carrying on loudly enough that she barely heard the doctor’s question. Finally, after thinking about it for several seconds, she answered, “Maybe six to ten times a day. It depends on the day,” she finally managed to get out.

All the while, Melissa continued to grind her lovely patient’s nipples into angry red pulp.

“That’s pretty healthy for a woman your age. And how many of these anal orgasms are brought on by your own masturbation and how many are from penetration with a partner?” Veronica asked as her fingers began feeling all over the insides of Laura’s spacious colon. Her hand was so deep that she could feel the woman’s lungs fill with air when she breathed in hard.

“Most are from masturbation, I guess,” Laura replied after thinking about it. “My butt sees a bit of action from my daughters, my secretary, and occasionally my boss, but most of the time I have to take matters into my own hands.”

“Well, I would certainly maintain your current frequency of anal masturbation sessions. Personally, I try to get in at least half a dozen a day to keep the stress levels down, but you need to get more penetration into your life from a partner,” added Veronica as she steadily worked her second arm up Laura’s fully dilated rectum. “And the sessions you do have with partners, are those mostly fisting or dildo penetrations?”

Laura was almost too far gone from her approaching orgasm to respond. Veronica had to repeat herself before Laura answered at last. “Mostly fisting, I guess.”

“I figured as much,” Veronica said as she tested the flexibility of Laura’s sphincter by sliding one arm into the bound patient’s lose ass from elbow to wrist while her other arm was withdrawing. Laura’s taut sphincter, while red and obviously very sore, was being pushed into her body and pulled away just as a healthy ring of muscle should. “Believe me, I realize how good a nice long fisting session can feel, but you get more stretching out of dildo penetration. I recommend turning some of your nightly masturbation sessions into bonding time with your daughters. You could even combine this with capacity training and the punishment sessions I was talking about earlier.

“I just came from examining Cora and Emily. While Cora’s dilation is right on track for a girl her age, Emily is way behind. I recommend the two of you have nightly stretching sessions to get both of your anal dilations back to where they’re supposed to be. Does that make sense?” Veronica asked as she pumped both of her forearms in and out of Laura’s spasming rectum in tandem. Laura’s entire colonic tract felt nice and healthy.

“Laura?” Veronica questioned when the mother of five didn’t respond. “Laura, do you hear me?” she asked again without breaking the stride of her fists and forearms as they pounded in and out of Laura’s loose rectum.

Laura was lost in the world of flashing lights and colors as her orgasm grew nearer and nearer. When it finally reached her, she screamed out in ecstasy. Her abused sphincter clamped down onto Veronica’s forearms hard.

“Excellent responsiveness, Laura,” Veronica commented to the orgasming woman – knowing full well that only Melissa could actually hear her. Glancing at her tablet, Veronica noted the time. “Make a note, Nurse Melissa. From first anal penetration to orgasm: one minute, seventeen seconds. I’d call her anal health excellent,” Doctor Dermott announced as she at last stopped the pounding of Laura’s butt and slowly withdrew her arms.

Melissa stopped mauling Laura’s nipples at last to tap the reading into her tablet. She also keyed in Doctor Veronica’s last few instructions since Laura had been too out of it to hear them. Although, the full transcript and surveillance video would be emailed to Laura as a matter of protocol, sometimes patients just wanted to get the annotated version. “Would you like me to schedule Laura for any anal therapy or counseling sessions, Doctor?” Melissa asked when she was done.

“I don’t think that will be necessary at this point, Melissa,” said Veronica. Having extracted her hands and arms from the severely restrained redhead’s still quivering anus, the doctor stood up – grunting slightly as her anal ring tried in vain to contract against the huge wedge of latex holding it widely apart – and went over to the exam room’s sink to wash up in preparation for her next patient. “But set her up for another checkup in two months. If I don’t see any marked improvement at that time, we’ll start considering anal therapy with an emphasis on Advanced Expansion Training.”

Despite herself, Melissa winced internally. AET was amongst the most painful and extreme regimes offered by most anal therapy companies. For her final medical certifications to become a registered nurse, she was required to attend three sessions as a patient; her butt cheeks clenched around her massive plug in painful remembrance.

“Yes, Doctor,” she replied simply as she tapped the Veronica’s medical advice into Laura’s record and scheduled her beautiful patient for a 9:00 AM appointment the month after next. “Anything else you’d like me to pass along before you go?”

“Nope; but do page me when she’s dressed and ready to go. I’d like to walk her out and catch up for a few minutes.”

“Will do, Doctor,” the busty brunette nurse said as she put her tablet away. “I just have to give her a nice reward for being such a good patient today. It’ll be another twenty minutes or so,” she added as she sat down on the stool Doctor Veronica had just vacated. Melissa began to pump lubricant into her hands to prepare for a vigorous fisting session.

As the nurse began to spread the viscous fluid down her forearms, Veronica smiled and stepped up behind the sitting brunette. “I’m glad to hear that Mrs. Wilder was such a model patient today,” remarked Veronica as she placed her hands on top of Melissa’s shoulders before dipping her hands down the front of her employee’s chest and into the cups of the nurse’s uniform she wore. Quickly finding the woman’s erect nubs with her finger’s Veronica began to slowly but firmly massage them.

Melissa only groaned and pressed her head backwards against the substantial cleavage of her boss’s breasts.

Veronica leaned down to wisher into Melissa’s ear. “You’ll find that Mrs. Wilder orgasms hardest from deep, brutal fistings; so don’t be gentle on the poor woman,” she commented, increasing the pressure on the younger woman’s nipples. “Just give her a similar treatment to what you’ve learned in Natalie’s workshops and you can’t go wrong!”

With that, Veronica gave her nurse’s nipples one final squeeze before removing her hands, straightening up her clothes and exiting the room. Melissa watched her go over her shoulder before returning her attention to the bound cougar in front of her. Laura had regained most of her senses from her single strong orgasm at the hands and arms of Doctor Veronica. The redhead’s eyes were still slightly unfocused at the climax’s aftershocks though.

“I figured you liked it rough after I saw you drooling with envy while watching Natalie ply her skill,” commented Melissa as she penetrated Laura’s back hole easily with both of her slick hands at last. “You’ll be pleased to know that that’s one thing that we both have in common,” she added truthfully.

Between her gasps and sighs as the cute nurse worked her arms farther up her sensitive rectum, Laura managed to get out, “I hope I can return the favor sometime!”

“Oh believe you me, after watching you having all these orgasms while I’ve had to be the professional nurse for your entire examination, you have a lot of favors to return!” Melissa said half playfully as her forearms continued to bury themselves into the depths of her restrained patient’s cavernous ass.

Laura only groaned and closed her eyes in ecstasy.

“Now, just to bank a few more orgasms for me to cash out later, you just sit back and enjoy,” she said as her arms bottomed out at last.

Leaning forward, she brought her mouth gently towards the folds of pink skin that were mere inches from her sweet face. As her tongue made contact with Laura’s slippery front hole at last. Laura jumped at the sudden contact and groaned like a lioness in heat. Had she been able to move more than an inch, she would have gyrated her horny pussy all over the pretty nurse’s face.

“You taste just as good as I’d had hoped you would!” commented Melissa before returning to the delicious cunt. Since there was no longer any point in taking it slow, Melissa put every trick and technique her mother and older sisters had taught her about the art of cunnilingus to good use. As the busty brunette nurse greedily devoured the tangy smorgasbord before her, Laura’s pent-up cravings from the constant flirting with Melissa over the course of her checkup got the better of her: she lasted barely ten seconds before the first world-altering orgasm crashed over her.

Satisfied that Laura was now relaxed and ready to experience some first-rate anal orgasms, Melissa’s arms began to pump in and out of the widely dilated sphincter between the beautiful redhead’s spread butt cheeks. The room filled with soft, wet smacking and sucking noises as Melissa found her rhythm. Orgasmic cries of lust soon joined them.


Half an hour later, Dr. Veronica and a still shaking Laura were slowly walking down the clinic’s hallway chatting and catching up; and pausing to glance into an occasional examination room when something interesting was going on inside.

“Are you sure Emily actually needs anal therapy, Veronica?” asked Laura.

“I think it would be good for her,” confirmed the impressively busty doctor. “A few months with a professional anal therapist would do her tight little sphincter wonders.”

“Oh, God! I’m a failure as a mother, aren’t I?” asked Laura seriously.

“Laura! Don’t talk like that!” commanded Veronica. “You raised three beautiful and proper women and have two more teenagers to go before you’re finished. I just think you need a little time to focus on yourself. Let me worry about Emily’s dilation for a little bit; I know some really good therapists I can schedule her with.”

“You’re right. Since Dave has been gone… I just haven’t been myself.”

“You’ll get back on the horse.

“And if my eyes weren’t deceiving me, I’m pretty sure I saw some definite chemistry between you and my brunette nurse,” Veronica said with a knowing grin.

“We did… hit it off quite nicely,” Laura admitted.

“She’s a beautiful woman, Laura; inside and out,” the older woman said. “I think you two would make a great couple.”

“Well, let’s not put the cart before the horse! Don’t try and marry me off when we haven’t even been on a first date yet!” laughed Laura.

“Perish the thought!” laughed Veronica right back.

“Would you like to say hi to Mark before you leave? I’m sure that husband of mine is around here somewhere,” Veronica said as she queried her tablet.

“I’d love to! I haven’t seen him since he beat Dave with that six under par and he won me for the entire weekend. My ass was sore for days afterwards!” commented Laura as she absentmindedly reached back to rub her shapely ass.

“You were sore?” asked Veronica in a mockingly shocked tone. “He wanted to concentrate on you and I spent the entire weekend locked in a punishment box under the bed. I had to listen to your screams of orgasm and cries for mercy all weekend. I did notice the latter were never met with any kindness; I think you just egged him on.”

“You’re probably right.”

“And he was so horny after he gave you back to Dave that he hauled me out of my box and ravaged me for half the night. I had to call in sick with ‘Rectal Fever’ for the next two days!”

“Oh, you poor baby…”

“Yeah, it was a fun weekend,” Veronica confirmed. “We need to do that again.”

“We do. Wait till I get in a relationship though, otherwise it’ll be just you and me being reamed by Mark over and over again.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, really,” answered Laura. “It’s just the more the merrier.”

“Here we are,” commented Veronica as they stopped at another examination room. “Mark will be thrilled to see you. He’s always loved how flexible your ass is!” she added as she opened the door and led her old friend inside.

Mark Dermott looked up from his tablet with an annoyed look at the unanticipated interruption before he recognized the two women who were approaching him. His face softened instantly.

“Laura! How long has it been?” he said standing up and rushing over to the redhead. Mark was an ogre of a man. He stood at nearly six feet six inches and was built like a pro-wrestler; he’d been an avid lifter since high school. His hands were huge and his hairy forearms were the size of most men’s biceps. “How have you been?” he asked as he bent down to give Laura a deep kiss.

As their tongues played with each other, Mark reached around Laura’s pert backside, grabbed the base of the large plug her knew would be there, and stood up straight; lifting Laura’s weight with ease. Even though Laura knew that it was coming, she still gasped audibly as most of her weight was transferred from her feet to her now straining anal ring.

“Good, good,” she managed to get out at last. “Yourself?” she added as his meat-hook of a hand twisted her daily plug this way and that with contemptuous ease. She had to groan again under the strain.

“I’ve been great! The other Dr. Dermott takes good care of me.”

“I try,” said Veronica as she stepped up to giant of a husband, “But you can just get into so much trouble, even with my guidance,” she added with a smile.

Mark reached down to grab his wife by the plug too, and quickly hauled her off her feet as well. Despite being manhandled in this manner daily, Veronica still grunted in discomfort as her gigantic daily plug slammed into the base of her lungs with a familiar force. Mark kissed his wife deeply to shut her up. The trio held each other tenderly like this for a few moments and exchanged small talk. Mark alternated kissing the woman who was moaning or grunting the loudest as his hands twisted their anal plugs deeper into their abused rectums.

Finally, Mark let the women down. “We really need to get together again, Laura,” Mark said at last.

Participant is over 18.

I’m sitting on the end of the table, waiting for the knock on the door. My pulse is racing, and I take a deep breath, trying to relax. It doesn’t matter how many times my feet have been in the stirrups. I get nervous every time.

The paper beneath me crinkles when I move. I try to stay still, mostly because the paper shirt I’m wearing gapes in the front, and the paper towel covering my bottom half doesn’t stay put. My back is cold, making me shiver.

I clasp the front of the paper shirt tighter, trying to keep my bare breasts from being exposed to the chilly, antiseptic air. My nipples are already erect from the anticipation of the doctor’s clinical touch. Last year her hands were cold against my skin. They warmed only slightly as her fingers prodded my flesh, circling closer and closer to my nipples. I remember that her eyes were closed. I wondered if she did that to make me feel more comfortable, or if she could better feel the tissue beneath my skin if she wasn’t looking.

Remembering last year’s exam sends a pang of nervousness through my stomach and brings a dull throb to my clitoris. It’s a familiar pulsing, which feels like arousal, but is really nervous excitement. It’s a sensation that I have associated with a doctor’s touch against my genitals since the first time my doctor put his hand into my pants to examine me.

I didn’t know what he was doing. All I knew was that his cold hand slipped into my tomato-soup colored pants, under the waistband on my panties, and rested on my privates.

I never wore those tomato-soup pants again. My crotch throbbed every time I saw them in the bottom drawer of my dresser.

I think back to my first trip to the gynecologist. I was prepared for the paper garments and the breast exam. I knew about the stirrups, although I did not know that my legs would be spread so wide apart. I had a vague idea of what a speculum was, but nobody told me how cold the metal blades would be or how uncomfortable it would feel when they were cranked open against my vaginal walls. I knew that the doctor would insert her fingers into my vagina to examine parts she couldn’t see.

But the rectal exam surprised me.

I remember the slipperiness of her fingers as they slowly withdrew from my vagina. I exhaled, thinking it was all over.

I heard the doctor saying that we were almost done. Just a quick rectal exam, and she’d be finished.

She changed her gloves, rubbed a fresh gob of cold lube onto her fingertips, and told me to relax. I tried not to tense up when I felt her cool fingertip resting on my anus. She pushed and pushed again before my sphincter started to yield. I felt her finger slipping inside of me, and my eyes snapped open. She asked if I was OK. I nodded, afraid to speak.

I trembled as she turned her finger, right to left then left to right, inside my rectum. Such a strange sensation. The fullness. The slippery feel of the lubricated glove. The humiliation of having a stranger’s finger sticking through my virgin hole.

Today I wonder if my doctor can tell that I have anal sex sometimes. Will her finger slip in so easily that she’ll know that my anus is used to accepting a much larger intruder? Will she wonder if it’s a hard cock or some sort of sex toy that penetrates me back there?

She can’t possibly know that my first rectal exam awoke the need to have something filling my bottom. She can’t possibly know that the memory of her touch will bring me to orgasm over and over. She can’t possibly know that the humiliation of lying naked on the table, feet in the stirrups, knees spread all the way open, private parts exposed to the air and her eyes fuels my fetish, satisfies my need.

My clit is throbbing, and my pussy is warm and dripping with arousal. I wonder if I’m leaving a wet spot on the paper covering the table. I’m nervous and turned on and excited and embarrassed all at the same time. My hard nipples rub against the paper shirt, and I feel another spasm in my stomach.

I take a deep breath. I tell myself to relax.

Then I hear the soft knock on the door.

The strobe lights reflected off her glasses, obscuring her eyes. From my darkened vantage point across the room, I imagined I was invisible to her. I was caught off guard, then, when her lips curled up into a fey smile. Was she really looking at me? I felt a warm tingle build in my lungs.

She turned her head slightly, allowing me to see those dark umber irises underneath. They were, in fact, pointed directly at me. Her face was bathed in a blanket of crimson.

I smiled back at her weakly. She blinked, then looked away. I thought to divert my gaze as well, but somehow I remained transfixed. There was something oddly familiar about her, something that tickled the depths of my memory in a vague and increasingly vexing way.

I then noticed her getup. Her cloche hat was tipped just so. A lacy tank dress clung to her like Saran Wrap, framing her curves with tailored precision. Those pumps her feet were crammed into didn’t look cheap either, nor did the somewhat garish jewelry dangling from her neck and wrists. It all appeared so fussily considered. Pretenses aside, this was a dyke hookup party; that usually went without saying, but everyone knew that’s what it was at base. Dress-up was purely optional.

Still, I found this girl’s extra effort charming. It spoke to her youth, and looking at her, I was reminded of the days when I felt compelled to do the same. Like her, I once went the extra mile in my presentation, nitpicked every detail. I felt that if I could define myself with fashion, I wouldn’t have to actually explain myself to anyone. In more recent years I’d grown a bit cavalier, perhaps a bit too comfortable with myself. I didn’t have to doll myself up much anymore. These get-togethers drew a lot of regulars, and the women who shared my interests knew where to find me. I rarely went home alone.

Had this girl heard about me? Or was she just naively browsing, unaware of my reputation? I saw her clutch her plastic cup tightly and raise it to her lips. Watching her, it dawned on me that the light beaming down upon her perfectly matched the hue of her ensemble. Red on red, like a chameleon settling into its camouflage. And yet I the same, with my dark grey dress pants and black blouse, laying in the murky shadows.

She suddenly stood up, her head still turned away from me. I took note of her figure. She was fairly short, with a trim upper body and modest bust. From the waist down, things took on a more well-fed appearance, culminating in a rather prominent bubble butt. Even through the loose-hanging drape of her skirt, it was hard to miss. As she turned in profile, it jutted out at a crisp angle.

She took a few short and meandering steps towards me, pausing every so often. I saw her mouth move as if she were talking to herself. She hung her head now, stealing glances at me so quickly that I’d have missed them if I weren’t glaring at her as expectantly as I was. I slowly uncrossed my legs as she approached, and placed my hands on my lap.

As she wandered closer, I squinted, realizing that her long black hair was actually dreaded in places—a strange curveball, I thought. I noticed her raccoon-grade eyeshadow and excessive lip gloss. Glimmering studs ran through two sections of her nose. These details clashed with the abbreviated sophistication of her dress, though of course this was probably just another of her inspired calculations, and I found it charming all the same.

I felt caution creep in, however. At this proximity, I couldn’t determine her age. She honestly looked like she could easily be one of my daughter’s friends, and keep in mind my daughter hadn’t yet graduated from high school. Was this girl even old enough to be in the bar? You’d think the staff would have tightened up door security after last year’s incident, but the Friday bouncer remained notoriously lazy.

The girl’s large eyes glimmered up close, snapping with subtle mischief, topped by strong dark eyebrows. Inhaling dramatically, her lips parted slightly to reveal small, faintly yellowed teeth. She held her smile, stomach contracted as if she were waiting for permission to exhale.

I blinked. I wasn’t sure what to say. I nodded and flashed a grin. She relaxed her posture a bit.

“Hi, I’m Branda,” she said. I detected a curious spot of southern drawl in her speech. I took a quick sip from my cup, then flashed her a grin.

“Hi there,” I said, casually. “My name’s Cat.”

She blushed, looking me up and down. “Oh, nice. I like cats! Or is that short for something?”

“Catheryn, but I prefer Cat,” I said, finishing the last of my vodka tonic hastily and setting the cup on a nearby table. “Nice to meet you, Branda. That’s a pretty name.”

“Oh, thanks! Nice to meet you, too, hehe,” she muttered, bouncing on her heels a bit. There was an awkward pause. I could see her calves tense with each movement, and I noticed that they looked rather toned. I took a chance and seized the opportunity for conversation that they presented.

“Hmm. You’re not a cyclist by any chance, are you?” I asked, glancing down at the exposed portion of her legs. She paused, looked down, and then chuckled again.

“Oh, wow. You’re pretty observant. Um, well I’m not pro…I just ride my bike a lot,” she said, downing the last of her drink almost simultaneously. “Are you?”

I shook my head. “Me? No, I do a few laps around the reservoir on Sundays if I have the time, that’s about it. I should do it more often.”

“That’s cool. I’m a bike junkie. Been riding since I could ride!” she said with a grin. She stared at me as if wanting further validation, tensing her stomach again. I nodded politely. I could smell her cheap alcohol breath and it wasn’t particularly flattering. I also was now a little unsure how attracted I actually was to her; I can be quite fickle, I’ll admit, and something about her manner coupled with her less-than-ideal age was beginning to disappoint me.

“So…” she said, looking around. The bass of the trashy dance music rumbled underneath us dramatically for a moment before settling into an ignorable throb. I leaned back, my hands now on my lap. I took a deep breath.

“So!” I returned, smiling more exaggeratedly. I brushed a minuscule speck of lint off of my sweater for no particular reason.

“So, Cat. Who do you know here?” she asked.

“Everyone and no one,” I said. She tittered. I narrowed my eyes. “Hmm. If you don’t mind me asking, Branda, how old are you exactly?” I asked. I saw her calves bulge again.

Her eyes dodged around the room. I folded my arms and flexed my lips up to a sneer. She caught my cue and stopped, and then exhaled deeply.

“I’m sorry! I just don’t want you to think—”

“How old are you?” I interrupted, my patience waning. As cute as she was, I simply was not in the market for jail bait. I ran my fingers through my hair and stared her down severely.

“Uh, 21,” she said unsurely.

“21?” I asked, searching her face for some kind of clue. She quickly nodded.

“Yes, I am. I mean—actually, I’ll be 21 in about sixty seconds,” she said, looking at the large LED clock hanging from the upper balcony.

I glanced at it. 11: 58 flashed to 11:59.

“Is that so? I guess Alvaro gave you a pass tonight, then?” I asked, incredulous.

“Oh, you mean the door guy? Umm, yeah. Okay, I’ll be honest, I used a fake ID to get in, just because. But I’m going to get a real ID first thing tomorrow, promise!” she said, quickly looking around her to make sure no one overheard her admission.

“I see. Then happy birthday, Branda,” I said.

“Thank you, Cat!” she let out. She stood still, staring at the clock while crimping her fingers. Finally it flashed midnight, and a joyous peep escaped her shiny lips. “Yay! Alright, so I’m 21 now. That means…um,”

“Yes?” I said, exhaling deeply.

“So uh. I was gonna ask. Do you remember me?” she said, anxiously fiddling with her necklace.

I shook my head no. I wondered if she could see the soft lie in my gesture, the glimmer of stifled recognition in my eyes. She seemed undeterred, in any case. I did recognize her somehow, but the word “remember” implied something more than that.

“You don’t remember last Friday?” she said. She ducked her head down close to mine, her knotty hair swinging back and forth in tandem with the bling dangling from her neck. I mentally replayed my previous Friday night at the bar…

I remembered being approached by a woman approximately in her 40′s who introduced herself as Letitia. I’d seen her on the periphery for a few months, and we’d made some telling eye contact, but it took her some time to find her way to me. When she finally came up, we chatted for about five minutes, though I can’t recall what about.

Whatever it was aroused both of us, that much I know. I then guided her into one of the lockable bathrooms. When she turned quietly and bent over in front of me, we both knew why; as I’ve said, I’ve got a solid reputation. I pulled up her skirt to reveal her predictably bare bottom. It was flat and pasty like the rest of her, but I wasn’t feeling particular at the moment.

Approving of it, I slicked my fingers up with liquid soap from the disposer, and within a few minutes my fist was wrist-deep in her rectum. She orgasmed fairly quickly, leaving my fingers slightly soiled in the process, though this didn’t bother me. As I washed my hands in the sink, she stood in the mirror next to mine fixing herself up with a large smile on her face.

I remember that awkward moment where “Letitia” tried to kiss me, but I pried her off of me as politely as I could. I wasn’t in for that kind of thing. if she’d had asked around the bar a bit more, she would have known that in advance. I’m married, and I just do this for the release—I get enough kisses and hugs at home.

I could see the dejection in her eyes, and was a bit sympathetic to it, but I had my boundaries. To soften the blow, I told her that she could come back for another examination any time she pleased. I said it as sweetly as I could, even though deep down I wished she wouldn’t take me up on the offer; I’m not too fond of return customers unless they’re extraordinary. In any event, my encouragement seemed to hearten her a bit, though I sensed I may never see her again. She seemed to get the hint. She wasn’t there the night I met Branda, in the least.

That was my only strong memory from last Friday night, and this young Branda was definitely not anything like the woman in my recollection. So I could not for the life of me know why she would have any recollection of us talking previously. I shook my head to her question.

“No, dear, you must be thinking of someone else. I’ve never spoken to you before.”

“But, you have! Ms. Weiss, you have to remember me, I—”

“How did you know my last name?” I shot at her severely. My heart began beating faster.

“Oh…” she began, then bit her lip.

My mind started to race. The only person in the bar who I’d ever given my full name to was Lena, one of the bartenders. But she doesn’t work Fridays, so there’s no way this girl could have gotten it from her—or was there? I always figured that if rumor ever got out about me and my profession, Lena would be to blame. But that would go against everything I knew about her. Lena was as trustworthy as they come. Plus, I knew just as many potentially defamatory details about her life as she did about mine. In any case it didn’t make sense for her to blab to some random, clueless 20 year old.

“Tell me,” I repeated. “Tell me how you know my name.”

“I don’t know,” she said unconvincingly.

“Tell. Me,” I said, flexing my upper lip.

There were very few functions where she’d have access to my last name. Wait staff taking my credit at a restaurant, okay. Behind the counter at a DMV, okay. But I couldn’t think of many other legal ways. Or, more accurately, the only other way I could think of was so unfathomable that I merely did not even want to entertain it. And, then, the unfathomable came from her lips.

“Because…you saw me last week. In your office. You’re a doctor, right?”

I froze, then looked away. I wanted to deny it, but she was right. I was a specific kind of doctor, too: a colorectal surgeon. Proctology was (and still is) my calling in life, strange as it seems.

I shifted in my seat, lips pursed. I knew that my non-answer would tip her off, but I wasn’t about to out myself in public. I just waited for her to continue. She crouched before me and put both hands on my knees. Every muscle in my body tensed.

“You are. I know it! You saved my life…” she said. “You really did. You don’t remember?”

Suddenly I recalled who she was.

Last week at work, a young college-aged girl had come in with an emergency. She’d inserted a vegetable into her anus—a relatively small butternut squash, if I recall correctly, which is still fairly big by nature—and it had traveled so far up her rectum that she couldn’t retrieve it. I’d extracted plenty of anorectal foreign bodies in my time, so nothing about my initial interaction with Branda stood out in my mind.

When I’m at work, none of my kinks apply; I am all business, and details about one-time emergency patients usually exit my mind the minute they’re out of sight. But with Branda’s reappearance, it began to dawn on me not only had she enjoyed her medical experience, but she was stalking me for more, and this flustered me. It also had the strange side-effect of turning me on, which I found slightly disturbing.

Reflecting for a moment, I did recall sensing something strange in her demeanor during the operation, something oddly lascivious in place of where ordinary concern, fear or discomfort would have been a more normal response to the probings she’d undergone. But, again, when you see as many asses in one week as I typically do, you stop trying to psychoanalyze your patients and just get to the task at hand.

“Yes, I do,” I said curtly. “But whatever you have in mind, forget it. I don’t know how you found me here, but I don’t appreciate being stalked. Please, leave me alone.”

I saw her face immediately droop.

“But…” she began. “I’m sorry for stalking…I mean, all I did was follow you after work that day, but it’s not like I’m, y’know, hacking your emails or anything.”

“What?” I said, fighting the urge to stand up in outrage and cause a scene. The bar was only a 15 minute walk from my office, yes, but I never imagined anyone would trail me like that. I wasn’t exactly in the closet about being a lesbian, but I did want to remain discrete about my particular sexual practices as much as I could, especially since they correlated with my professional interests so closely.

“Wait, you mean you didn’t think it was hot?” Branda said.

“No,” I said.

I could tell she’d come too far to give up so easily. She took a step closer, daring to place a hand on my shoulder. “I mean, it hurt like hell…and it was really embarrassing, I’ll admit that,” she said. “But, come on. You didn’t enjoy…feeling inside, so deep. Feeling me stretch…”

“Oh god. Go now, dear,” I said, a twitch rolling up my spine. I pulled away, releasing her hand from me. “I think you’ve got the wrong person.”

I’d had a very distinguished professional career up to that point, and I wasn’t about to jeopardize it by talking to some tipsy college girl. I knew I had to put up clear boundaries, whatever her intent was.

“I’m sorry—” she let out, her eyes beginning to water. She began to turn away. Her sudden, almost innocent-seeming reaction took me by surprise, and almost made me forget how sketchy she was being.

“Wait, hold on,” I said in a hushed voice.

Why did I say that? I couldn’t tell. I’d just nearly managed to get her off of me, and yet I was calling for her to stay a moment longer. Maybe it was the alcohol, though I hadn’t had much. Maybe it was just the power of her charms working, as skeptical as I was.

I unthinkingly reached into my pocket, and pulled out one of my business cards. I pressed it into her hand. “Here’s my contact,” I said.

“Wh…what?” she said, confused. Frankly I confused myself as well, but arousal began to realize itself within me as those little dirty words flitted through my mind—”feeling me stretch.” I enjoyed hearing them spoken with that little country twang, falling from the mouth of this doll-faced little tart. connected them in my mind to the image of that fat, filthy veggie. My vividly soiled rubber gloves.

Other images came back to me—the pink rim of her elastic sphincter as it widened under the pressure of my dilator. The vivid details of the proctoscope as it traveled deep into the membranous darkness of her impacted bowels.

And then the smells—the heady fragrance wafting from her her gaping asshole, lingering in the air. The bittersweet scent of her sweat as it trickled down the small of her back, parting into two streams along the widely split ravine of her crack.

I shook my head, pulling myself back into the moment. When my eyes locked with hers again, I saw her in a totally different light. A green light.

“I can’t see you here. Come during business hours,” I said as calmly as I could, my mind swirling.

She looked at the card in her hand, then back at me, and finally a smile began to return to her face.

“Oh…so you mean, I should make an appointment?”

I nodded quickly. “Yes. Now go,” I said.

She bobbed her head in understanding, laughing nervously. “Oh, wow. Yes…Miss!” she said, turning on her heels. “I’ll…call…first thing Monday.”

I looked away, fearing someone would hear us. I’d developed a very good sense of when I was being eavesdropped upon, and a particular dyke hovering near me was well-known for being nosy. One thing about that bar was that everyone gossiped. I was walking on thin ice at this point, so I picked up my cell phone and pretended to busy myself. Branda thankfully got the hint, and by the time I looked up again, she was gone.

As of this writing, she hasn’t called.

I believe I’ll remember her as “the one that got away.” I didn’t even know I wanted her for certain until it was too late. That was over two years ago, so I doubt she ever will ever return to the bar.

I wondered, did she slip that veggie inside of her just to get the attention? Was this a pattern, and were there unsuspecting proctologists all over town who she secretly crushed on after painful extractions over the operating table? I may never know.

Perhaps never knowing is for the best. But in the wake of that bizarre encounter, I found myself taking more interest in my female patients, especially ones I suspected could be bi or lesbian. I began asking them about their lives more, something I’ve never done naturally.

I’ve never been an extrovert, but something about my experience with Branda bridged a gap for me I feel just slightly more invested now that I know my profession can, in fact, draw a few crazy moths to my flame.

Back at the bar, I’ve since decided to light up my murky little corner a bit. I bought a little red night light, and I plug it into the wall right next to my usual seat next to the bar.

It’s the same color red that Branda wore, and think I’ll leave it on until she returns.

The End

Part of the ‘Butt Monkey’ series of stories by Robert Furlong


“Okay, Rob. What seems to be the problem?”

My doctor, James Courtney, threw me a weary look as he sat himself down in front of me alongside his desk. No doubt he’d had his fill of the local hypochondriacs and nutters today.

“Well, it’s a bit of strange one, James,” I said, hesitantly.

We had, quite a while ago, despatched with the formality of using each other’s surnames after I’d ran into him a few times in the changing rooms after squash.

“Surprise me,” he said with a smile which looked peculiarly tired on a face which was a good few years younger than mine. I noticed that, above his sideburns, his luxuriant auburn hair was just beginning to be peppered with grey.

“Well, you remember my wife and I divorced… quite a while ago?”

He nodded. Of course he did. He’d had to prescribe me a course of sleeping pills and antidepressants as soon as he’d started here, almost before he’d time to pull on his white coat and stethoscope.

“Well,” I said, pausing to feel my cheeks colour a little as I prepared what I wanted to say. “My sexual interests have taken a… kind of… unusual direction in recent months.”

“Could you be more specific?” he asked.

Okay, Robert, I thought. Time to bite the bullet. You’ve rehearsed this in your head so many times and you know exactly what you want to say.

“I’m developing an interest in other men,” I said flatly.

There. It was out. That felt better, didn’t it?

Didn’t it?

James nodded, thoughtfully.

Perhaps he was a little too young to deal with this. Maybe I should have gone to Dr Darvill instead. I’d worried that old, traditional Dr Darvill would have guffawed at the absurdity of my problem and said it was nothing a daily cold shower and a few rounds on the golf course couldn’t sort out, but maybe —

“That’s not completely unexpected,” James asserted.

“Not unexpected?” I asked in surprise. “You think I’m the type to have gay tendencies…?”

He chuckled, but with a warmth rather than with humour.

“I’m not saying that. It’s just that, after a divorce — especially a bitter and acrimonious one — some men find that they feel disillusioned with the opposite sex and, since viewing homosexual material is so easy on the internet these days, it’s natural that you might feel a curiosity towards –”

“It’s a bit more than that,” I interrupted. “And, in any case, we split up years ago. This isn’t just some rebound thing.”

He nodded. “Okay. So what is it?”

I hesitated again. This was proving to be just as difficult as I’d feared.

“I have a bit of thing about… erm…”

How could one best put this?

After a few seconds I ventured: “other men’s bums.”

“Specifically their bums? Not their genitals, their –”

“Very specifically their bums,” I affirmed.

“You want to have anal sex with another man?” he asked.

“Perhaps in time,” I admitted, feeling a little dirtied by saying that to him. “At least… it’s not out of the question. But my interest has mainly been centred around…”

He threw me a quizzical look, his eyebrows furrowed.

Come on, Rob, I urged myself. You’ve come this far…

“Sniffing them… licking them.”

His curious expression broadened into surprise.

I had surprised him. So there, Dr Courtney.

“The cheeks,” he asked. “Or…?”

“Between the cheeks,” I said, with a slow nod.

“Right…” he said, nodding back. “That’s quite a specific fantasy…”

“It’s not just a fantasy,” I confessed.

“You’ve acted on it?”

I didn’t want to get into the whole story of Guy and me in the hotel — in the sterile setting of the surgery it would have sounded too far-fetched and implausible that such a thing could have happened accidentally — so I told him simply that I’d had “an experience” with another man which I’d found highly arousing.

“And since then, you’ve started wondering what it would be like to repeat what you experienced?”

“Very much so,” I nodded. “I’ve actually found it difficult to think about anything else.”

“Did you ever do anything like this with your wife or any other woman? Did you ever even fantasize about such a thing?”

I shook my head. “No, never. It wouldn’t be something that would interest me at all. With women, I’ve always practiced straightforward vaginal sex, at least when it was offered to me.”

He nodded, throwing me a smile and a shrug which I took to mean I wasn’t the only one who had experienced such unwillingness in the bedroom.

He said, “You said you might like to move onto anal intercourse with another man…?”

“Perhaps at some point.”

“So what about a relationship with a man? An emotional as well as sexual relationship?”

“No!” I said, realising immediately I had sounded rather too emphatic. Calming my voice, I went on: “I don’t want that at all. I still want a woman in my life — that hasn’t changed — I just want…”

“Sex with a man as well?”

“Yes,” I agreed. “Just occasionally, maybe. But it’s clearly something which attracts me…”

James thought for a moment and then seemed to come to a decision about what to do.

“While it’s not unusual for a man of your age to discover a side to his sexuality which he wasn’t previously aware of, I’d like to examine you — if that’s okay — to rule out any physiological reasons for what you’re currently experiencing.”

“Yeah… I was hoping you’d do that. You mean hormonal changes, that kind of stuff?”

“Exactly,” he said with a comforting smile. Like this was all perfectly normal. Like all guys my age go through a phase of wanting to lick each other’s butts.

“Could you undress, please?” he asked. “I’ll need you naked in a moment, but for now you can keep on your underwear.”


I hadn’t realised that he’d want me to strip completely. It was suddenly obvious that he’d want to check my balls for abnormalities: why hadn’t that occurred to me?

“It’s okay,” he said, with a reassuring air. “I’ll just need you undressed for a moment or so.”

“Sorry,” I spluttered, standing up. “I’m… er… not really that comfortable about people seeing me naked.”

“No-one will come in here,” he said calmly. “No-one can see through the windows. You have complete privacy in here.”

I nodded, taking off my jacket. “Yeah, okay. Sorry. It’s just a thing I have.”

As I undressed, I thought back to a school medical I’d had in my teens in the nurse’s office, a room not much bigger than this one. Like this room, it had smelt vaguely of latex and disinfectant, and like today there had been a tingling coldness to the air which had made undressing seem even more unpleasant than it might otherwise have been.

For some reason, probably due to some cost-cutting drive, that year they were doing medicals in small groups and so four of us boys had been herded into the small office together. We’d been told to strip to our ‘pants’, as they called the white saggy standard-issue school shop briefs we all wore in those days, and had lined up in front of the local authority doctor who had looked even more cheerless about being there than we had.

I remember glancing at the other boys — none of whom I really knew because our year-group had been sorted alphabetically rather than by class — and noticing that I, as usual, had by far the most prominent bulge in my underwear. The boy at the end of the line had been a big lad with a growth of hair across his chest, and yet even his underpants showed only the smallest suggestion of what was contained inside.

Here we go again, I thought.

I knew the drill; everyone did. We were going to be asked to strip so he could check our balls, and everyone was going to look at how big my penis was, just like they always did.

The three of them would have willies like their little fingers, while mine, even in its limpest state, would hang halfway down to my knees looking as thick as my forearm. They’d have bollocks like wrinkled walnuts, while mine would stick out, blown up to the size of a pair of over-ripe plums. They’d have only a modest fuzz of hair down there, while my pubes would burst forth like some dense, tangled undergrowth from my belly button down past my scrotum.

As I’d stood there in front of the school doctor, I’d felt deeply ashamed. I knew that my genitals had grown disproportionately larger than the other boys because I masturbated so often whereas they were able to resist their urges. After all, what other explanation could there be?

Every morning, as I got dressed in my bedroom, it was getting progressively worse. I was finding it more and more difficult to pack myself into my underwear, struggling to get the flimsy gusset of my briefs to contain my testicles and penis — ideally together — in a way which wasn’t too uncomfortable. It was becoming more and more of a challenge to close the fly of my school trousers over my unsightly bulge and I’d had to endure the embarrassment of asking my mother to replace my zip, not just once but twice. And in the classroom, during lessons, I was having to ask to leave the room to adjust myself every time I could feel I was beginning to develop an erection.

And yet, in spite of the obvious effect it was having on me, try as I might, I simply couldn’t stop playing with myself.

Each night in my bed, no matter how ardently I forced myself to think of other things, my penis would slowly stiffen under the bedclothes, steadily lengthening and thickening until it had outgrown its foreskin and its pink exposed head would dribble clear liquid inside my pyjamas. Whatever I then chose to do — whichever strategy I tried to use against it — the outcome was always the same. Within minutes my hand would be working at full speed underneath the tent I’d made with my bedsheets, my pyjamas would be hitched down around my thighs, a film of sweat would be forming on my forehead and a guilty smile would be slowly broadening on my mouth.

I knew full well what I was doing — my mother and brother had warned me of it often enough — and that only ‘bad boys’ shared my forbidden pleasures. I’d heard all about such bad boys, for many years, oblivious that I would one day secretly share their company. Bad boys started out as good boys, just like I had, but when their peckers started growing hard, they’d find themselves unable to stop rubbing them.

Soon those boys had rubbed themselves so much that their genitals had grown, like mine, too big to for their underwear. Soon their balls were so swollen with their seed that they would chafe, like mine, against their thighs. Soon they had sprouted so much hair down there that it had spread, like mine, right up into their bum cracks.

I knew full well that every time I masturbated, my organ would grow a little bit bigger. That every time I released my seed by my own hand, my balls would refill to be that little bit plumper. And that the more I gratified myself in such a way, the more hair I would grow down there as a way of telling the world how dirty I was.

And yet, I simply couldn’t stop. In every other respect, I regarded myself as a good boy. I tried hard at school, did well in my exams and fulfilled all of my chores around the house. I steered clear of girls and was respectful to my elders. I even ate all my greens. On top of that, though, I liked to rub my penis whenever it got hard — which it very often did — and that, by some cruel decree, seemed to be all that mattered.

So here I was in my school medical, alongside three lads I didn’t even know, when the inevitable happened: “Right, boys. Take off your pants, please.”

And so we did. We yanked them down and stepped out of them, all cringing with embarrassment. I blushed when I realised my briefs had a noticeable stiff patch on them from when I’d nipped to the boys’ toilets during Maths and had taken the opportunity of finding an empty cubicle (and having forgotten about the medical) to quietly attend to myself. Glancing at the other lads, though, I saw that their underwear was — for a variety of other reasons — a lot worse for wear than mine and had felt that rare combination of relief and disgust.

However, the worst was yet to come.

Inevitably, as all boys do when they find themselves naked together, we glanced to see what each other was brandishing. Even the doctor ran his gaze across our row of genitals, his eyebrows betraying a flicker of surprise when he got to mine.

The other boys were all much of a muchness: they were clearly the sort of good boys who had accepted what their penises were for and what they were strictly not for. I don’t remember specifics, but they were all as they should be: small and insubstantial; foreskins nicely puckered; testicles discreetly tucked away; all framed by the merest dusting of downy hair. All exactly as nature intended; all very proper.

And then there was me.

I stood there, staring down at the carpet with my cheeks burning. I was a thin youth, pale and scrawny, and yet emerging from between my legs were genitals which would look generous even on a grown man; the sort of thick, hairy cock and heavy, prominent bollocks one might expect on a great, looming brute. My cock was so long and fat that my foreskin wasn’t long enough to cover the head completely: the tip of it, dry and pink and with its broad slit exposed, peered out from its gaping end.

There was nothing I could do to hide what I had: it was visible for everyone to see and so that everyone could deduce from its abundance what I enjoyed doing to it so much.

One the lads whispered, “Look at Furlong’s knob! Jesus…”

Someone else whispered, “They call him Footlong!”

I blushed a deeper shade of red.

The doctor would know that, of the four boys in front of him, one of us was a compulsive masturbator. He’d already deduced, I was sure, which one of us went to sleep most nights soaked in his own seed. Which one of us directed the shower head towards the curtain most mornings so that his parents couldn’t hear the slapping of his wrist against his thigh. Which one of us habitually sneaked our mother’s catalogue up to his bedroom so he could jerk his foreskin back and forth while he pored over the women’s lingerie pages.

I glanced up at the doctor and he threw me a small smile. In retrospect, I realise he was trying to let me know I was okay; that it didn’t matter a jot what was between my legs; that I was different through no fault of my own. But at the time I saw it as a sneer. I imagined he had a big red stamp which he would apply to my medical record when we’d filed out from the room: CHRONIC MASTURBATOR.

He walked along the line towards me, holding each pair of balls while the lads attached to them forced a cough.

When he got to me, he made a joke. He probably thought it would ease the tension I was feeling and make the others feel less inadequate. But it was a line which the boys in my school would use to taunt me for months thereafter.

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to get my hand around these!”

The others tittered while I went purple and stared downwards. He might as well have announced to the assembled crowd that I had balls like a bull elephant.

He cupped a hand with some difficulty around my testicles and gently fondled them as he manoeuvred them into the required position.

Before he could ask me to cough, I felt the unthinkable begin to happen. The sensation of the doctor’s fingers on my balls, cold and mechanical in itself, was having a profound effect on me. In front of the other three boys, flopping against the doctor’s wrist, my cock began to swell.

I glared down at it, mortified, and saw the thick ridge at the base of its helmet becoming more pronounced and the foreskin slowly easing back to expose even more of the swelling pink head. The shaft of it was beginning to thicken and I could see it lengthening steadily, pushing forwards against the doctor’s wrist.

I couldn’t believe this was happening! What could I do to stop it?

I tried to think of all the things which I disliked; things which upset me. My brother and his god-awful friend Aiden. Having to kiss my ancient Aunty Ruth who had bits of skin sticking to her prickly beard. The smell of the dead badger we’d found half-decayed in the woods.

Nothing I could muster up had any effect. My cock had, as usual, a mind of its own.

The doctor seemed to notice my reaction and said, hastily, “Just give me a quick cough and you can get dressed again. There’s a good lad.”

Jesus, it was starting to stand up.

However uncomfortable I’d felt a few moments ago, standing there showing everyone I had the cock and balls of a compulsive jerk-artist, as my brother often put it, would pale into insignificance compared to what I was about to feel.

It would be round the school in minutes.

“Furlong got a hard-on when the doctor touched his nuts.”

“He kept looking at our dicks and next thing he had a stiffie.”

“He wanted the doctor to wank him off.”

The doctor looked up at me, uncertain as to why I was hesitating. “Come on, son. Just a quick cough and then you can pull your pants back on.”

I tried to cough but found that my throat was too choked up.

I tried again but now I had the image of being masturbated by the doctor in my head. Him saying, “Come on, son. Now that your balls have grown, we’ve just got to collect some spunk from you. There’s a good lad.”

I tried another cough, desperate for this to end, but it came out as a grunt. I imagined him holding a sample pot in front of my cock, pounding at my shaft with an experienced rhythm and grinning at the others while they gawped on. Me staring back at them, scarlet from the neck up, while my balls released thick jets of my strong-smelling seed into his glass jar.

I forced the loudest cough I’d ever done and the doctor jumped back. My cock stood upward at a forty-five degree angle, the foreskin continuing to retract from the reddening head. I could smell its crisp, sexual tang starting to waft around the room as it gradually hardened.

The other boys, mercifully, seemed oblivious to its misdemeanours. They were nudging each other and looking over at the doctor’s notes on his desk to see what he’d written about them.

“That’s great,” the doctor said, quickly, strolling back across the room. “No problems at all for any of you. You can all get dressed.”

I turned my back to the others and hitched up my semen-spattered briefs as quickly as I could. I directed my cock up towards my hip, giving it space to lengthen further along the waistband as I grabbed for my trousers.

One of my balls was hanging out through the leg of my underpants but I didn’t care. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. To go somewhere people couldn’t see that I had, as my mother had once put it, depravity between my legs.

Now, standing in front of Dr James Courtney in my boxer shorts, I felt another flush of discomfort which I knew to be a leftover from that unpleasant experience and from the years of hearing negative things about my genitals when I was growing up.

After James had finished running a few standard checks on my eyes, ears and throat, had listened to my breathing and heartbeat with his stethoscope and tested my reflexes, he asked me to take off my shorts.

The memory of the school medical flashed back to me again. I hadn’t thought about it in years and yet being here, in this small consultation room, had brought it back to me as vividly as if it had happened last week. I wondered why I had imagined being masturbated by the doctor — the male doctor — in front of the other boys. Had that been an early foreshadowing of what was I was now going through? The first inconspicuous swell of a wave that was only now crashing onto the beach?

I pulled down my boxer shorts and tossed them onto the chair with the rest of my clothes. They weren’t the best pair I owned: if I’d known James was going to ask me to strip I’d have worn my stripy blue pair which had the prestige of being granted Jake’s seal of approval. (He’d once seen them when my dressing gown hadn’t been fastened up properly and had proclaimed them, with some surprise, to be “not too bad”, before correcting his verdict to “well, not as grodey as everything else you wear.”)

My cock drooped down in front of my thighs, looking slightly more shrivelled than usual in the chill of the room, but nevertheless making me tingle with embarrassment from its conspicuous length and thickness. I was by now well aware that my size revealed nothing about my sexual habits, but I was still very conscious of the way the swollen head made an obvious helmet shape underneath my foreskin, and the way my balls hung down so heavily, as if announcing to the younger man how bloated and full with my semen they were.

I also knew, of course, that James wouldn’t make any kind of judgements about me based on the huge phallus I happened to be bearing, but I nevertheless felt very self-aware as I stood there, naked, in front of him. It was so excruciating, almost humiliating, for a guy like me — a quiet, gentle man; average and unassuming in every other way — to have something I still subconsciously regarded as gratuitously vulgar and which seemed to have almost bestial proportions, sprouting like some third misshapen limb from between my legs.

James didn’t grant my manhood more than a fleeting glance and managed to resist greeting it with one of the usual old chestnuts: “You don’t get many of those to the pound,” or “You’ll have someone’s eye out with that.” I figured he must have seen just about every size and shape of male appendages it was possible to see, or perhaps he was rather well-built himself in that area and so its unusual size didn’t really figure on his radar. I tried to remember if I’d noticed how he was packed when I’d seen him in the changing rooms after I’d played squash, but back then I’d been oblivious to the appeal of the male body and wouldn’t have picked up on such things.

After snapping himself into some latex gloves, he came across to me and apologised in advance if his hands were cold.

I smiled stupidly, feeling painfully self-conscious to be naked in front of him.

He took my penis in one hand and lifted it away from my balls. Again, I was relieved that he didn’t make some trite joke about how large it felt between his fingers, but just cupped my scrotum with his other hand and gently examined each of my well-stocked testicles in turn for unusual signs.

It felt good to have my cock and balls fondled like this by another man — surprisingly good, in fact. Since being a teenager in the school nurse’s office, I’d had many years to perfect the art of controlling myself when I was aroused by something, but even with all that practice I found it quite a struggle not to respond to James’s remarkably nimble fingers.

I was reminded of being masturbated, many years earlier, by Carl, the husband of my ex-wife’s college friend, who had followed me into the bathroom. That had also felt good, and I would probably have been enjoyed returning the favour if I hadn’t climaxed first. It hadn’t occurred to me at the time to wank him off as his hand was working on me. It would have felt almost fraternal to have done that together; a mutual indulgence of our raging appetites as two excessively horny men.

I’d never beaten another man off in my life and I suddenly felt that it was something that I’d missed out on. It would be oddly satisfying to pleasure another man by doing something as simple as working my hand up and down his cock. It would be fascinating to watch his expression change and feel his cock growing steadily harder as my rhythm gradually increased, and to have his hips start bucking back and forth as he unloaded his pent-up cargo all over my chest.

James glanced up at me and at first I thought he had found something troubling. I realised, though, that he was throwing me an odd look because my penis had just about doubled in size in his hand and the shrivelled pink head was slowly easing itself through the round opening of my foreskin.

“Sorry,” I muttered, feeling my cheeks flush. At least this was a bit more private than when it had happened at school.

I tried to joke to ease my awkwardness: “It likes to do that when it knows it shouldn’t.”

“I think that’s a habit they all share,” he said with a smile.

I had to think about something else. I forced myself to start planning for Christmas. What was I going to buy Jake? Did he want an iPhone or iPad or something? Had he mentioned that he wanted one, or did he tell me he’d just bought one? Why couldn’t he just want a motorbike or something else I could understand?

James’s fingers were really digging into each side of my balls as he checked both sides of them for any abnormalities. In spite of the fact I knew he was probably hunting for tumours, the firm grip of his hand felt extremely arousing. He was being surprisingly rough with me but I wasn’t too concerned: as a fellow male with a presumably similar, though probably smaller, pair of balls of his own to practise on, I had no reason to fear he might push too hard and hurt me.

How great would it be to be kneeling face to face with him on my bed, both pumping each other’s cock and fondling each other’s balls? Our bodies would be similar, but so fascinatingly different — for a start, as a redhead James’s pubes would be ginger. We’d bask in the combining fug of our sweat, enjoying the sharper whiffs our oozing cocks, as the rhythm of our right hands grew faster and faster. And perhaps, as we grinned at each other in our shared pleasure, our left hands would creep beyond each other’s balls, our fingers edging forwards between each other’s legs, reaching out towards the hot, hairy clefts just beyond our touch.

I wondered how James might smell down there… how his cute little doctor’s butt-crack would taste.

“Your testicles are obviously quite an erogenous area for you,” James said as we both watched my ripening helmet slide completely out through my foreskin as my cock continued to harden and grow.

“I’m really sorry,” I said again, mentally observing that I must have a thing about developing erections during medical examinations. At least this time I didn’t have three boys standing alongside me.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, standing up and grinning over at me. “It happens to a lot of men during medicals.”

He looked down at my organ as it continued to harden and I saw a trace of what might have been appreciation in his eyes. Once again, though, he didn’t offer a comment on its size.

“If I could just ask you to turn around, Rob. I’d better check your prostate while I’m at it.”

Oh God. I really hadn’t bargained on this.

I shuffled around and presented my backside to him. In spite of my curiosity about penetrating another man, I didn’t feel at all ready to be penetrated myself; not even by my doctor’s finger.

He walked over to his drawer and took out a small tube. After squirting some of the clear gel onto his glove and working it up and down the length of his middle finger, he came back over to me and stood alongside me.

I tried to see what he’d smeared on his finger but he told me it was just some KY jelly. Seeing me draw a blank, he muttered, “You don’t know what KY is?”

I shook my head.

“Well, if you’re going to be having sex with other men, Rob, I rather suspect you soon will.”

After asking me to bend forwards a little, he used his thumb and forefinger to prize apart my butt-cheeks and eased his slickened finger into my anus. The gel he’d applied felt cold but allowed him to enter me easily: he could push his finger far deeper than I was able to when I was playing with myself.

I’d have to buy a few tubes of this KY jelly. As he’d suggested, it could prove very useful.

When he’d pushed his finger into me as deep as it could go, I involuntarily let out a gasp.

He smiled. “That’s just about got it! You can stand up again.”

After I’d straightened up, we both looked down at my cock, pointing outwards from my body; the two of us watching with interest as it rose rapidly to its highest incline and the shaft of it thickened to its full girth. Its head was swelling up and becoming so fat that it was glistening with the skin stretched taut and its colour was darkening to a deep shade of crimson.

I looked at him in horror, shocked by how my dramatically penis was responding to him having his finger up my bum, but he just smiled in reassurance. “It’s all right, Rob. Really, it’s okay…”

He jiggled his finger around inside me, feeling around for my prostate, and I gasped again. It came out more like a sigh or a pant. My cock was almost bursting in its excitement and I was finding it difficult to suppress the urge to touch it. I knew that if I were to rub the throbbing head or grab the vein-raised shaft, I would start climaxing profusely all over his cupboards and drawers.

“Squat down for me a bit,” he ordered, gently pulling my shoulder downward with his free hand.

I did as he wanted and gasped another, “Aah!” as his finger delved further into my bowels and his knuckles pressed into both sides of my stretched ring.

My cock was pounding at the feel of him inside me, my balls pumped up to their maximum and dangling down between my open legs as they readied for orgasm. I gritted my teeth to hold my climax back: only the thought of how crushingly mortified I would feel if I were to start squirting my thick white ropes of seed across the surgery during a rectal examination was keeping me from doing so. How I would ever face James after squash again? How could I ever return to the surgery?

James chuckled. “I would view your enjoyment as a good omen, Rob. Perhaps a sign of things to come, if you’ll… er… forgive my choice of wording.”

He pulled his finger out of me with an unpleasant wet slurp and, making a well-practiced flick of his wrist, pulled off both gloves to be disposed of.

As I stood there, hunched and recovering my breath, I could smell my own arse from his finger quite distinctly in the air. He must also be well aware of it. It wasn’t very strong but it was instantly recognisable: faintly pungent and teeming with my own raunchy, sexual musk.

“Well there’s good news on two counts,” James said brightly as if oblivious to my anal whiff. He turned to search through the top drawer in the cabinet behind him for something.

“The first is that you obviously enjoy the touch of another man, so we know that any homosexual feelings you’re experiencing at the minute have a psychological basis.”

“Is that a good thing?” I asked, as he worked down through the drawers beneath, trying to find whatever it was he was looking for.

“I think so,” he said. “It proves that you’re comfortable being with another man in a sexual context… that you’ve worked through the issues a lot of men instinctively have about having their bodies touched by a member of their own sex.”

He bent down to search through his bottom drawer. His white jacket rode up exposing his pert, round backside in his tight, black trousers. The hem between his buttocks was riding up into his cheeks, pulling the briefs he was so clearly wearing deep inside his arse-crack.

“And that’s a good thing?” I repeated, feeling my mouth becoming dry.

“Of course,” he said, fumbling through the drawer.

What a beautiful backside he had. I imagined having my nose pressed between those cheeks; sniffing at the material where the hemlines of his briefs were coming together. Getting a whiff of his most private and personal flavour just as he had mine.

“It shows that whatever you’re going through isn’t just physiological, and that’s the second bit of good news,” he called back to me. “There’s nothing physically wrong with you which could cause these changes. Everything checks out as perfectly normal.”

My cock was still at full size and a dribble of thick, clear liquid was oozing from the slit at its tip. I could clearly visualise pulling his trousers and underpants down and pushing my face between his amazing butt-cheeks. I wondered if the hair inside his arse-crack would be auburn like his hair. I wondered how assiduously he washed himself; how strong his scent back there would be.

“Aha… found it!” he called out, as something clattered inside the drawer.

I’d crouch behind him, licking between his cheeks, and then stand up so that my erection was level with his spit-soaked furry cleft. I’d grab his hips and ease my bloated helmet into him, right where I knew his tiny, untouched hole would be. He’d call out, “Yeah… fuck me, Rob! Fuck my arsehole!” And I’d slowly ease myself into him, watching the hungry mouth of his anus consume inch after inch of my length and sniffing as the crisp, sterile air of the room was sullied again; this time by his own indelicate odour.

I’d push myself right up into him with my engorged, throbbing cock; boring into him far more thickly and deeply than his finger had me.

My cock was now aching painfully, demanding my attention. The head had darkened to a deep, angry purple and the end of it had swollen so fat that the thin strip of skin underneath the slit was pulling the tip into two distinct lobes. I’d never seen it take on that shape before. I seriously needed release.

James stood up and turned to me, smiling. “Funny how things end up getting wedged in so deeply at the back!”

“Er… sorry?”

Jesus — had he read my mind?

“This!” he said, showing me a leaflet. It was a small pamphlet, somewhat crumpled from where it had been pushed to the back of the drawer, and seemed to be a health leaflet intended for gay men.

He glanced at my nudity and his gaze lingered for a moment on my flagrant erection, its distended head glistening with my ooze. “Sorry, Rob. I should have said — you can get dressed now.”

“Oh right. Thanks.”

I walked over to the chair with my inflamed organ wobbling up and down. A drip of the clear liquid dribbled onto the lino floor making a small puddle of goo.

James grabbed a box of antiseptic wipes and knelt down to clean up my mess while I pulled on my boxer shots.

“Sorry,” I muttered, feeling my cheeks blush scarlet.

“It’s not a problem,” he said brightly, disposing of the tissue in the bio-hazard bin. And then, seeing how flushed my face was, smiled to reassure me. “Don’t be embarrassed! You’re going to need to get used to a lot of stray liquids and unfamiliar smells if you’re going to enjoy homosexual sex.”

“I’m quite looking forward to all the liquids and smells,” I informed him, struggling to tuck my cock into my boxer shorts without triggering an orgasm. I knew I was still precariously close to a very copious climax: were that to happen, it would take a lot more than a wet wipe to mop up my outpouring of strong-smelling semen.

“That sort of thing doesn’t bother me at all,” I went on, managing to tuck myself into my shorts without rubbing the head too vigorously against the material. “In fact, I think it’s the unfamiliarity of it that excites me.”

“So why do you look so flushed?”

I angled my cock diagonally upwards in my shorts, aware that it was making a wet, sticky patch up near my hip. It was pulling the material upwards, making each of my balls hang down through the separate legs of the shorts. In spite of how ridiculous I looked, I gave up trying to reposition it and grabbed for my trousers.

“I’m just blushing,” I began to explain, pushing one leg and then the other into my trousers and pulling them on, “Because of a few longstanding body issues I have. I’m quite well-endowed and… er… well…”

He nodded. I suppose there was no point in him pretending he hadn’t noticed. The thing had almost gone off in his hand.

I went on, “I suppose… sometimes I’m not very comfortable with it.”

“Well, be that as it may,” he said, putting the leaflet on his desk, “in every physical respect you’re in very good health. You could benefit from taking more exercise and cutting down on the booze, but that applies to just about anyone.”

I reached for my shirt, thankful that my feeling of imminent climax was abating. The stiffness of my cock seemed to have eased, albeit ever so slightly, although it was still making a lewd-looking ridge along the front of my trousers.

Without apparently noticing it, he continued, “Whatever homosexual urges you’re current experiencing must — I would guess — be coming from some subconscious need that you haven’t been fulfilling.”

“What subconscious need could make me want to push my face into another man’s bum?” I asked, buttoning up the front of my shirt.

He shrugged and sat down in his chair.

“I assume you’ve researched this a little on the internet?” he asked. Seeing me nod, he went on, “So you’ve no doubt found out that what you’re interested in is called ‘rimming’?”

“It was the first thing I found out about it,” I told him as I knotted my tie. “It was nice to be able to put a name to it, but even more of a relief to find that other people enjoy doing this too. That I’m not the only one.”

He smiled. “You’re certainly not the only one, but rimming is generally restricted to the realms of homosexual foreplay.”

“Not exclusively,” I told him. “You don’t realise how many straight men are into it, until you start probing. If… er… you’ll forgive my choice of wording this time.”

He nodded, throwing me a small smirk. “So what is it that attracts you, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I thought for a few seconds before trying to begin to explain the pervasive allure of my fellow men’s rears. I sat down on the chair and started pulling on my socks, thankful that my ungratified erection was becoming much softer.

“I don’t know exactly,” I began, after I’d pulled on one of them. “Having my face down there… pushing my nose and mouth between another guy’s bum cheeks. The smell, the taste of a man back there is so exciting… so erotic. But just the fact of having my face so close to his bum… I don’t know what it is about doing that which should arouse me so much…”

I thought back to one of the books I had read in the library and added, “Maybe the fact it’s such a taboo place… a part of the body we’re supposed to regard as disgusting… and I’m pushing my tongue into it…”

“It might not seem like it, Rob, but I think what you’re describing is a very natural response,” he said, nodding slowly. “It’s clearly documented that some people experience arousal through oral contact with another person’s anus. It’s one of the most intimate sexual acts one person can perform on another and is also, arguably, one of the most intense.”

“Is that right?” I asked.

“I’m no sex therapist by any stretch of the imagination, but rimming is a way for you to say to someone, on a purely subconscious level, ‘I want all of you. Every single part of you excites me.’ And the person you’re rimming is telling you, by letting you do that to them, ‘I’m totally yours. No part of me is off-limits to you.’ Such implied mutual acceptance is, to some deep innate part of the brain, a powerful turn-on.”

I nodded, still seated and without my shoes on, surprised by how much sense he was making.

“Apart from that,” he went on, “as you’ve just experienced, the anus and surrounding tissues are richly endowed with nerve endings highly sensitive to erotic touch. For some reason, perhaps lost in our evolutionary past, we’re meant to find that area highly arousing.”

“But why am I so fascinated by the idea of doing it with other men?”

“Hmm… that’s an interesting question,” he said, staring past me as if trying to figure out the answer. “It’s as if your normal sexual interests have been flipped one hundred and eighty degrees: from the female and the vaginal, towards the male and the anal. Perhaps you have a need for intimacy with another male which you craved when you were younger…?”

I nodded, reaching for one of my shoes. “I suppose that could be my brother. But I never wanted to do anything sexual with him…”

“Whatever issues you had with your brother, it could be that your desire for affection is being expressed sexually now even though it had no sexual component at the time.”

“Don’t you think it’s more likely that I’m excited by doing something that I see as ‘wrong’?” I insisted. “I mean, rimming in itself has so many negative connotations attached to it, and so for me to compound that by wanting the act to be homosexual as well as sordid –”

“I’ll stop you there,” James interjected. “That’s exactly my point: I don’t think rimming is in any way ‘sordid’. Not too long ago, straightforward oral sex was seen as a perversion — it was actually illegal for husbands and wives to do it together in some US states. Since then, it has been largely accepted as a normal part of a sexual relationship. I think, given time, rimming will be similarly brought in from the dark ages. There shouldn’t be any shame associated with any sexual act as long as it’s not hurting anyone.”

I nodded. “I suppose you’re right… it just seems such a… I don’t know… a really base thing to want to do to someone…”

James smiled. He had a nice smile; a little tired, no doubt from the long hours of his job, but warm and genuine.

“I’ll tell you a story,” he said. “I wasn’t going to mention this because… well… it’s kind of personal and it involves someone who used to work here, but if you’d be happy to hear me out, you might find it interesting.”

“Of course,” I assented, curious as to what he was going to tell me. I grabbed my other shoe and pushed my foot into it.

“It was a few years ago, just after I’d taken up the position here and moved down from Sheffield with my wife and our daughters. One of the doctors here — a young guy who I won’t name — had been sponsored to grow his beard for some charity or other and had come to the point of shaving it off. He’d grown it for about a year, I think, and it was getting quite big and curly. I got the feeling that it was, quite literally, starting to come between him and his girlfriend.

“Someone had the idea that he could raise more money by shaving not only his beard but his whole body. He was a hairy guy — you could see his chest hair bristling over the top of his shirt and tie — and it seemed like it would be quite a fun thing for him to do. As it turned out, he got more sponsorship money for agreeing to get ‘sheered’, as he put it, than he did for growing his beard.

“On the day of the sheering, we decided we’d need some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of him to satisfy people that he’d gone through with it. He was going to shave himself in one of the examination rooms which has a shower and, for some reason which I can’t remember, I was volunteered to take the photos.”

James chuckled at the memory and I smiled uncertainly at him, trying to figure out where this was leading.

“We got a few ‘before’ photos with him stripped to his underwear. If I’d have been getting photo’d in my next-to-nothings, I’d have worn the baggiest pair of boxer shorts I could find. Not this guy! He was wearing the skimpiest, tightest pair of briefs you could imagine. Everything else was in the laundry bag, he said. ‘Yeah, right,’ I thought — it was pretty obvious that the guy clearly loved showing himself off.”

“Who was going to see these photos?” I asked.

“Anyone who happened to look over at the noticeboard in reception,” James said with a smirk. “He knew full well we were going to make a poster but I think he quite liked the idea of all of the old grannies who fussed over him when they came in for their haemorrhoid treatments seeing him stripped down to a pair of skivvies which left nothing to the imagination.”

I suggested that maybe he liked showing off his hairy chest. (If I’d had a hairy chest, I would have been rather pleased to have had it photo’d and plastered all over a noticeboard — though not if I’d had to strip down to my underwear, of course.)

“There was certainly plenty of hair to show off,” chuckled James. “Not just on his chest, but his arms and legs were as furry as a gorilla’s!”

I smiled. This guy sounded very interesting; it was a pity he’d moved on to a different surgery.

“Once I’d taken a few ‘before’ shots, he got to work shaving his chest. I went off to do something, maybe some paperwork or something, while he finished off shaving. When I returned, most of his body, arms and legs were looking smooth. He was covered in smears of shaving foam mixed with stubble from where he hadn’t yet showered, but even so, the transformation was breath-taking — he looked more naked, perhaps… but also more vulnerable, if that makes sense.

“He turned to me and grinned and I burst out laughing. The problem was that he hadn’t shaved his crotch and the hair was bristling out from his briefs, looking utterly ridiculous now that the skin around them had been shaved.

“‘I’m not shaving down there!’ he said. ‘I’ve got to draw the line somewhere!’

“‘But it looks really silly,’ I laughed. ‘Like you need an emergency bikini wax!’

“He tried to tuck his bush into his underpants but it kept poking out, like it was re-sprouting, which made me laugh even more.

“‘Look,’ I told him, ‘you said you were going to shave off all of your hair — surely that means all of it. Every last whisker.’

“Eventually, after some persuasion, he agreed, and I went off again, while he took off his pants and started shaving his pubes. When I returned after a short while, his front was completely hairless. It was strange to see him like that — with his genitals completely hairless.”

“I suppose it’s odd to see a grown man looking as hairless as a little kid,” I suggested.

James smiled but shook his head. “That would probably be true for you, but for me it just looked as if he was prepped for surgery. Like he was waiting for me to give him a vasectomy or something.”

“That would make an interesting fundraising idea!”

James chuckled.

“He turned around and asked me to finish off his back for him. He’d managed to shave around his shoulders, but most of his back was still covered in hair. Like I said, he was a very hairy bloke. His backside, and particularly between his cheeks, was especially… shall we say… hirsute.”

I finally started to realise where this was headed and leaned forwards a little, eager for him to continue.

“I carefully shaved his back for him, sloshing the razor around in a beaker of water to get rid of the thick clumps of hair I was removing. I asked him if he wanted to me to do his backside, figuring he might want to sort out that part for himself, and he said it would be easier if I did it. So I knelt down behind him and he bent forwards, supporting himself against the back of a chair.”

James stopped, as if unsure as to how to continue, and threw me another of his smiles.

I smiled back expectantly. After a moment or so, I ventured, “And then?”

“Well…” he began carefully. “Let’s just say I can empathise with your attraction for that area. There was something about kneeling behind another guy… being so close to his bum… that I found quite — I don’t know how best to describe it — perhaps ‘intriguing’ might cover it…”

“Okay,” I said nodding, disappointed that he seemed to have bottled-out at the best part. “Let’s just take it back a few steps. You knelt down behind him and you did what, exactly?”

James smiled more broadly and nodded, throwing me look which seemed to acknowledge that he’d short-changed me.

“I shaved his buttocks quite quickly, all the time becoming aware that his backside had a certain smell to it which was… well… not unappealing… very much along the lines of what you described.”

“Didn’t the smell of the shaving foam overwhelm everything else?” I asked. The stuff I used always smelt cloyingly of artificial lemon.

He shook his head. “It was unperfumed NHS stuff — the type we use in minor surgery.”

“So what was his smell like?” I asked, wondering if for the first time I had found someone in person who had shared, to some extent, my experience. “Did you like it?”

“Yes, I did,” he agreed. “It wasn’t… you know… as you might expect…”

I nodded. “I know exactly what you mean.”

“It was a bit sweaty, a bit skunky,” he went on, “But something about it caught my attention… it was, maybe on some deeply buried level of consciousness, quite fascinating…”

“Surely you’d had a face around guys’ backsides before? When you were taking samples, inserting suppositories, that kind of stuff…”

“It’s standard practice to wear surgical mask if you need to get up close,” he said. “Nothing gets through those things.”

I nodded. “Ah. So what was it about it that you liked?”

He chuckled. “I think, Rob, you could probably describe its appeal better than me. Suffice to say that, in spite of its place of origin, the scent was undeniably sexual and had quite a potent effect on me. Perhaps there was a pheromonal component, I don’t know.”

“So you developed an erection?” I asked, rather without thinking.

“I think that’s a little personal,” he retorted, throwing me a frosty look of reproof.

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly. “I was just trying to parallel your experience with my own. The first time I did it, it had a very dramatic effect on me — both mentally and physically. Having said that,” I said, trying to lighten the mood with a smile, “as you saw, it doesn’t take very much to trigger a response from me.”

His expression softened slightly and he nodded. “Okay… fair point. Yes, I became aroused. And, as you say, very dramatically so.”

“So what happened next?” I asked, resolving to keep my line of questioning more open-ended.

“Having shaved his buttocks, I asked him to bend further forwards so I could get the razor between them. That was when I really became aware of how… intoxicating his scent back there really was.

“I had to ease his cheeks apart so that I could shave his cleft, rinsing the razor off with water as I did so, and all the time I was growing more and more aroused by the intensifying smell of him… that exciting and slightly crass, but incredibly masculine, odour. Inside the confines of my clothing, things were getting somewhat painful.”

I wondered if that meant he was, like me, rather a grower.

“Could he see, do you think, how aroused you were?”

He shook his head. “I was kneeling down, remember, so my… er… excitement was hidden among the folds. I was more concerned that the wet patch it was making on my underwear was seeping through to my trousers, to be honest.”

He chuckled and I smiled back at him, surprised that, while he’d been reticent about telling me he had an erection, he had no qualms about letting me know how much it oozed. Perhaps he thought all men dribbled precum so profusely when they were aroused.

“So what did you do next?” I asked.

“Like you, I confess that I was drawn to press my face close to him and I guess I must have moved in too close. He called back to me, in a joking way, ‘Get your face out of there, man!’ But there was an unmistakeable edge to his voice — as if I was invading a very personal part of his body space… which, obviously I was.”

“If he hadn’t been so… er… disobliging, do you think you’d have gone further?”

“Maybe… but I don’t think so,” he replied. “I was certainly fantasizing about what I might like to do, and my thoughts were straying into areas which I knew they shouldn’t.”

Then he added with a mischievous smirk: “Areas not really befitting a happily married man…”

I smiled back, keen to know exactly where those naughty thoughts of his had strayed to. Had he fantasised about actually rimming the other man; of leaning forwards and exploring with his tongue the part that smelled so tempting? ‘Just putting a bit of spit back there, mate! Helping to lubricate the razor!’

As if that possibility wasn’t fascinating enough, was it conceivable that his thoughts could have been driven by the more pressing needs of his “painful” erection? Was he contemplating, while he was crouching there behind his naked friend, getting to his feet and unzipping himself; pushing himself forwards so he could ease his wet, sticky cock into the part which was so arousing him? Would young Dr Courtney, who seemed outwardly so innocuous, really have mentally plumped straight for the full-on butt-fuck, sidestepping the more circuitous route along which my fantasies had sauntered?

Perhaps his heterosexual experiences had, unlike mine, been peppered with regular doses of anal intercourse. If he enjoyed that particular variant of straight sex, it was quite possible that, on finding himself excited with his face poised over the male version of the same hole, his first impulse would be to use his cock to probe that area rather than his tongue.

I smiled to think of the good doctor imagining doing the dirty with his younger colleague. Bending the other man over, grabbing him by the hips and pleasuring himself in his freshly-shaven arse. I wondered if he’d played out the scenario again that night with his wife, or if he’d surreptitiously masturbated in the bathroom with it at the forefront of his mental imagery.

Whether he might even have used his fingers on his own bum to experience a second time a whiff of the smell that had so aroused him.

Whether the smell of mine, subtle but unmistakable in the air just moments earlier, had caused his cock to grow and dribble a little more.

Before I could think of a way I could phrase a question to discreetly delve into such matters, James sought to draw the discussion back to my own situation: “My reason for telling you this is to give a first-hand example of the point I made earlier. Namely, that the anus is a surprisingly sexual area and being in close proximity to such an intimate area of another person can elicit unexpected reactions.”

“So what happened next between you two guys?” I asked, hoping to draw him back to the action, such as it was.

James smiled, no doubt seeing straight through my question. “What’s left to say? I finished off shaving him and he got in the shower to wash off all the gunge and the stubble. Then he pulled his underwear back on and I took the ‘after’ shots with him looking smooth and sleek. By then, the feeling I’d had — the sudden urge to get physical with him — had passed and I couldn’t, to be honest, understand what had come over me. He was just another guy — albeit a scantily-dressed one — and of no sexual interest to me at all.”

“Have you thought of it since? About how you felt when you were so close to him?”

An image of him locked away in his bathroom feverishly enjoying the memory with that copiously oozing cock of his flashed into my mind.

“Not really,” he said, disappointingly. “Not until you told me about what had happened to you. Perhaps what I experienced was completely different from what you did, but feel free draw any similarities which might prove useful when you’re trying to figure it out.”

“I don’t think it was so different — in fact, what you’ve described makes me feel like maybe I’m not so weird after all. Thank you for telling me.”

I did appreciate his honesty and trust. He was married man with two kids and I was sure he wouldn’t want it to become common knowledge that he got off, like I did, by having his face pressed up against other men’s arses.

He handed me the leaflet which he said was more to inform me about the physical aspects of rimming rather than to answer my more pressing questions about the reasons I was having such feelings, and we stood up together as I made to leave.

“Does your son know about what you’re going through?” he asked. James knew Jake quite well and was aware of some of the struggles I’d had trying to single-handedly guide my son — often by the scruff of his neck — through his turbulent teens.

“No,” I replied, surprised at the question. “I wouldn’t him want to know that I’m… well…”

“…human?” he suggested.

I thought for a moment and nodded. “I suppose…”

For some reason, we both felt compelled to shake hands as he saw me out of the room. Perhaps it was a way of acknowledging the peculiar connection we’d identified with one another, or perhaps we were silently agreeing that what we had both said in the room would remain strictly between the two of us.

As I left the building, I wondered if maybe James was right that my interest in rimming other men had emerged as some kind of manifestation of a problem I’d experienced in my youth, whether it was a throwback to the adversarial relationship I’d had with my brother or something else. Perhaps if I rooted through my past enough, I might find the reason for what I was going through and, if I did, it might make these feelings which were welling up in me, subside and go away.

Walking across the car park, I asked myself if I really wanted to be free of these thoughts and to return to seeing other men in a completely asexual light. How pleasant would it be to have this new aspect to my sexuality simply fade away like the fragments of an interesting dream on waking? Would it be a relief, or would I miss them? I wasn’t sure that wanted to find out.

I felt like I’d been re-energised by what had happened to me with Guy and during the months since. My life had acquired new meaning: every day seemed to reveal some novel twist on things I had previously taken for granted; I was endlessly astonished at how what had only recently appeared drearily familiar could be transformed into something so exciting and stimulating.

No — I didn’t want these feelings just to die away. I wanted to embrace them and enjoy them; I wanted them to continue to surprise and revitalise me.

Back in my car, before I started the engine, I looked at the leaflet which James had given me. On the front of it was a picture of an aggressive-looking short-haired youth taken from behind. He was bending forwards slightly with his scruffy jeans yanked down to reveal a rather delicious-looking pair of pale buttocks. The caption underneath read: “If you rim him, you rim every other guy who’s rimmed him.” Now there was an enticing thought! Talk about all your Christmases coming at once.

Inside, the leaflet was disappointingly wordy and devoid of any more pictures of other young men showing off their backsides. The text described some of the diseases which could be picked up by two men — and there seemed to be an implicit assumption that they would be gay — during rimming. I was surprised that it said HIV was not a significant risk, but it listed a number of scary-sounding conditions which could be transmitted by the arse-to-mouth route. It warned against the dangers of rimming a guy straight after brushing or flossing one’s teeth because this could leave small scratches on the inside of the lips and cheeks which microbes could exploit. It also recommended using a sheet of latex called a dental dam when rimming a guy which struck me as defeating the whole point of the activity.

I decided that I’d do what I could to minimise the risks, but ultimately I’d have to take the rough with the smooth. Rough bums and smooth bums… so many choices…

On the back of the leaflet there was a large white rectangle into which someone had, probably a long while ago, stamped the details of a weekly meeting which took place up near Leicester. The group went under the rather vague banner of “Men’s Sexual Health Issues” and it ran on Monday evenings at an adult learning centre, led by a “fully trained male counsellor”. Anonymity was most categorically assured. I wondered if it still took place and whether, perhaps, some of the answers I was seeking might be found there.

Stashing the leaflet into my jacket pocket and starting up the car, I decided that, if I could remember what I had to do to withhold my phone number before calling someone, I would give the centre a ring. Leicester was a long way away and it was unlikely I’d know anyone at the meeting. And even if I did, I could quickly leave, claiming I’d wandered in by mistake and was really looking for the pottery class or something.

Chapter 1 – The Doctor’s Appointment.

My name is Travis. I am 35 years old and had been needing to go in for a physical for some time now, so I made an appointment with my doctor. My doctor is a woman who is about 10 years older than me. She’s been my doctor for years and I hadn’t ever had any issues with her. She had a practice with several other doctors, one of whom was her husband who I had seen once or twice when she wasn’t available.

The morning of my appointment came and I got ready to go. I showered and put on jeans and a button up shirt. I knew that I would have to take my shirt off for the exam and figured it was easier this way.

I pulled out of the garage and made my way to the doctor’s office. Upon arriving I entered the building and checked-in at the reception desk. They told me to take a seat and wait for my name to be called. I sat down in one of the corners and noticed a very attractive woman on the other side of the waiting room. She had a low cut top on that was showing quite a bit of cleavage. I started to get aroused and couldn’t help but stare at her chest, hoping to get a glimpse of her nipples through her top. Just as I started to get a tad bit uncomfortable in my chair, my Doctor’s longtime nurse Katie called my name.


I got up and started to walk towards the door. My dick was hard and starting to make a nice tent in my jeans. I thought to myself, “I sure hope that this isn’t too noticable”.

I did the usual check-in procedures with blood-pressure, weight and tempurature checks and was shown back to the exam room to wait. I couldn’t get the image of the woman in the lobby out of my mind and needless to say I was VERY horny by now. I knew I would have a few minutes before the doctor arrived, so I just started to casually rub my crotch on top of my jeans. It felt good feeling pressure against my cock. I was getting more and more aroused when I figured out that the doctor would be arriving soon and might not appreciate my ragin hard on. I knew if I stopped and started concentrating on something else that my cock would deflate in time for my examination. Just then there was a knock at the door and in walked Doctor Moss. She was dressed in tan slacks and a button up blouse that unfortunately for me seemed a bit tight today and had one of her buttons straining to maintain her chest. I knew I was going to be in trouble and hoped that the rest of the exam took a few minutes longer before we got to areas below the belt.

“Good morning, Travis,” she said as she smiled and came into the room. I saw that she glanced up and down my body when she entered. Was I imagining something or did her smile grow even more as her gaze fell across the bulge in my pants? Surely I was just horny and imagining things!

“Good morning, Doctor Moss,” I replied. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine thank you. So what are we seeing you for today?”

“Just a yearly physical.”

“I see. Well, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?” she asks as she glanced at my chart. “Why don’t you take off your shirt and let me listen to your breathing.” She turned towards me and put her stethoscope into her ears. I unbuttoned my shirt, slipped it off and placed it on the exam table behind me. She came up beside me and placed her left hand on my chest and her right hand with the stethoscope on my back. “Breath in…and let it out.” Her hands moved around my chest and back, letting her listen in different areas. Suddenly, her left thumb brushed against my nipple and a quick tinge of excitement rushed to my crotch. I let out a slight gasp.

“OK,” she stated. “Stand up and undo your pants for me so we can take a look.”

“Oh no!” I thought to myself. My cock was hard as a rock and I know I wouldn’t be able to hide it. I hope she wouldn’t be offended. She was a great doctor and I didn’t want to have to change. How on earth was I going to explain this? I slowly stood up and undid my pants, but I left them pulled up. Maybe there was some way I could hide this.

She sat down on her stool and rolled it in front of me, placing her face right in front of my crotch!! I could feel myself starting to blush as I knew there would be no way to hide this now. She grabbed hold of my waistband and pulled my pants down over my hips. Almost immediately my boxers couldn’t contain my cock and it popped out right in front of her face.

“Whoops!” she said.

“Doctor Moss, I am SO sorry. Please forgive me. I’ve just been aroused this morning and couldn’t get it to stop.”

She chuckled. “It’s Ok. It’s perfectly natural and happens more than you might think. They prepare us for this type of thing in med school.” She then pulled my boxers down, making my cock bounce again. By this time, there was a small bit of precum on the tip from when I was rubbing myself before the doctor came in. She took her finger and wiped off the precum before it would fall off and slipped her finger into her mouth.

“Holy shit!” I thought. “Did she really just do that?!”

“Ok, time to check for hernias.” She put on a latex glove and cupped my balls. “Turn your head to the left and cough.” I coughed and she shifted her hand a little bit. “Again.” I repeated the process and she started to gently rub my balls. This was not helping my erection at all. “Alright, now turn around and lean over the exam table. I will need you to spread your legs about shoulder width apart.”

I knew what was coming next, or at least I thought I did. I turned around and bent over. My ass was at eye level of Doctor Moss and my cock was trapped against the exam table. The pressure felt really good as it throbbed. She took a little bit of lube and coated her index finger.

“You might feel a little bit of pressure.” She slowly slid her finger into my ass, and started to move it around slightly.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned. I couldn’t stop myself!

“Oh, that must be uncomfortable in your condition. Here, take a few steps back.”

I stepped back until my cock had gone over the edge of the table. She kept her finger inside of me, slowly moving it around and then started to move it in and out very slowly. Up to this point I thought I was still being examined. Now I wasn’t so sure.

“Is that better?” she asked.

“I guess,” I managed to choke out. I could barely speak. The feeling was too good. Suddenly I felt her hot wet tongue caress the shaft of my cock as she ran the tip of her tongue from my balls up to the tip. I could feel my precum stick to her tongue.

“How bout now?” she purred.

“Oh my god yes.”

“I thought you might say that. If you thought that was good, you’ll really like this!” She grabbed my hips and turned me to face her. Holding tightly onto my hips she sucked my cock deep inside of her. She continued to suck, moving her lips over my cock, moving up and down. I stood there in shock as her mouth enveloped my shaft. Her tongue tickled the slit in my cock tip as her lips caressed the shaft. The feeling was surreal! Here I was at my doctor’s office, my pants down around my ankles with my doctor giving me a blowjob! Soon enough the shock of the situation began to wear off as I gave in to the sensations I was feeling between my legs. I wasn’t exactly sure how far Doctor Moss would let this go. Was she just wanting to have a little fun with me or was she wanting something in return? I took a chance and I reached down and started to rub her tits on top of her blouse.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned.

“You don’t mind do you?” I asked her. She never removed her mouth from my dick and shook her head no. I slowly started unbuttoning her blouse, and reached my hands inside. I ran my hands over her lacey bra and her nipples grew hard as I started to pinch them. Her attention with her mouth increased as she got more and more aroused by my hands.

Suddenly, there was a quick knock on the door and it opened and in walked Katie, Doctor Moss’ nurse. I instantly froze.

“I…uhh…” I stammered. Here was Doctor Moss with my cock in her mouth and me feeling up her tits.

“I’m sorry Doctor,” stated Katie. Doctor Moss didn’t even break a stroke as she continued to slurp on my dick. Katie backed out of the room and closed the door behind her.

“Doctor Moss! What are we going to do about Katie?” I asked.

She broke off her cocksucking. “I don’t know about you but I’m going to get more of this hard cock!” She shrugged off her blouse and quickly unhooked her bra letting her titties spill free, then she started sucking in earnest again. She took one finger and inserted it back in my ass and took her other hand and started massaging my balls. I couldn’t even think straight this felt so good. I knew we were going to get in trouble but I didn’t care. I went back to massaging her now free breasts.

This kept up for a few minutes when I heard the doorknob again. “This is it.” I thought. “I’m sure this is her husband and I’m about to get my ass kicked.” The door swung open and Katie stepped in again and quickly shut the door behind her.

“I put out the special appointment sign for you Doctor,” stated Katie. I could see the lust her her eyes as she watched Doctor Moss suck my dick. “I brought your examination bag with me as well. Is there anything else you need me to do?” Katie placed a small black medical bag on the counter and leaned back against the wall casually.

Doctor Moss again lifted her mouth off my cock and looked at Katie with a lustful grin. “No thank you, Katie. That will be fine.”

“OK,” replied Katie.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I try to get dressed and leave? Was Katie just going to leave and Doctor Moss and I could play some more? It didn’t take long before I found out though. Doctor Moss got off of her stool and stood in front of me. She leaned in and kissed me passionately on the mouth. We embraced and continued to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues and she gently stroked my manhood with her hand. I went back to playing with her breasts. They were just more than a handfull and were surpisingly perky for a woman of her age. When she moved, they gave a nice little jiggle and her nipples were large and pink and jutted out at my touch. Katie started to rub her chest over her scrubs as she watched us. I decided to continue with what we were doing as I didn’t think I could get into any more trouble than I was already. I started to trail kisses down her neck towards her chest. I let my tongue explore her right nipple, just flicking the tip of my tongue across her. Doctor Moss removed my mouth from her nipple and sat back down on the stool between my legs. Meanwhile, Katie had started rubbing her crotch over her pants with one hand while still playing with her boob with the other. Doctor Moss took my cock in one of her hands and started sucking me off again. She started rub my ass cheek with her free hand. Katie moved towards the exam table, still fully clothed. She leaned in towards me and kissed me on the lips. Softly at first, but then with more passion as she let her tongue start to explore my parted lips.

She broke off the kiss after a few minutes and took her middle finger and offered it to my mouth. “Get it nice and wet, Travis.”

I sucked her finger into my mouth without breaking eye contact. She smiled and backed away all the way back to the wall. She leaned back and took her hand that I had just wettened the finger of and put it inside the waistband of her scrubs. She closed her eyes as I watched her start to rub her clit inside her pants. Doctor Moss kept sucking my dick and Katie opened her eyes. We locked gazes as I could see she started breathing faster and faster. She began to moan and let slip, “Ooohhhhhh yeeeessss.” With that she had reached her orgasm and her body began to spasm.

Doctor Moss stopped her oral exercises on my dick and looked at Katie grinning. “Was that a good cum, Katie? I bet you got off watching me suck this nice hard cock.”

“Oh yes I did. It’s so hot to see you working on him. It is so hard not to join in!” answered Katie.

Doctor Moss looked at me and asked, “You don’t mind helping Katie out with her problem do you?”

“Not at all!”

“Travis, lay down on the exam table,” said Doctor Moss. I smiled and complied. “Katie, while I continue sucking this beautiful dick, why don’t you let Travis eat that wet pussy of yours?”

“Yes Doctor I would love to do that.” Katie started moving towards the table and in one quick motion slid out of her scrub pants and panties. She climbed onto the table facing Doctor Moss and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. “Suck my pussy, Travis!”

I followed my orders and started running my tongue over her clit. She gasped in pleasure as my tongue met her clit. I could feel her pussy juices from her orgasm starting to coat my face. She tasted warm and sweet.

“Doctor he’s doing great!” whispered Katie.

Doctor Moss reached over and helped Katie to lift off her shirt. Katie reached around and unhooked her bra. She started grinding her pussy into my face with earnest, coating it in her slick pussy juices. Doctor Moss stood up and took off her slacks and panties and went back to sucking on my cock.

“That’s it! Suck his cock good Doctor!” said Katie. The three of us continued on like this for what seemed like forever. I’d never felt so good. The sensations on my dick were so intense that I had to concentrate hard on licking Katie’s cunt. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I thought for sure I would wake up from a dream any minute. How could these two middle aged women be so damn hot?

Doctor Moss came up for air, but continued to stroke my erection. She was breathing very heavy and smiling. “Ok, all of this is cocksucking is making me very hot. My pussy needs some attention.”

“Oh Doctor, I’m sorry. Travis has been eating my cunt so well that I haven’t been paying much attention to anything else.” Katie leaned farther back as Doctor Moss climbed onto the table. She straddled my cock as Katie reached down to guide me into Doctor Moss’ sopping wet cunt. She lowered herself slowly inch by inch until I was buried completely in her pussy. She began to rock back and forth, rubbing her engorged clit against the base of my cock. I could feel her pussy muscles tightening around me. I couldn’t see much with Katie’s pussy in my face, but I could tell that Katie had leaned in and was sucking on Doctor Moss’ nipple. Doctor Moss had started moving up and down a little more than just rocking and had also started to rub Katie’s titties. I was in heaven.

Doctor Moss stopped moving and said, “Travis, you’ve been letting us do all the work. I think it’s high time you started doing a little bit more!”

“I agree Doctor, and I have the perfect way to do that,” stated Katie. She lifted herself off of my face and climbed off the table. Doctor Moss followed as well and I slowly sat up. Katie went to the exam bag and pulled out a strap-on dildo and started to attach it to her hips.

“Oh excellent idea Katie!”, said Doctor Moss. “Are you going to use that on me?”

“That’s exactly what I am going to do Doctor.”

Doctor Moss faced the exam table and bent over with her ass wiggling at the two of us. Katie finished hooking up her toy and then stood behind the doctor. She took ahold of her hips and slowly slid the dildo into the doctor’s pussy. I stood there for a minute just watching the two of them. Katie started slowly at first but then started to bang into Doctor Moss’ pussy harder and faster. I could hear her ass smacking against Katie’s stomach. With each stroke, Doctor Moss grunted in delight.

Katie was starting to breath heavier, but managed to say, “What are you waiting for Travis? Get your cock in me now!!”

I positioned myself behind her as she continued to pound into Doctor Moss’ cunt. I grabbed her hips and tried to guide my cock into her cunt.

Katie reached around behind her and grabbed my cock. I thought she was going to help guide me in, but she moved it slightly upwards. “My ass! Fuck my ass with that hard cock!!”

I didn’t waste any time in compling with her wishes. I placed the head of my cock against her asshole and started to slowly push in.

“Don’t be so gentle! Shove your cock in that ass!!” Doctor Moss ordered. I shoved hard and it popped right in.

“Oh my god!” shouted Katie. “That’s it, fill my ass!” I started to grunt as I slammed my cock against Katie’s ass. My balls slapped against her pussy and with each stroke in it shoved her strap-on into Doctor Moss’ cunt.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!!” Doctor Moss was saying over and over again.

“Fuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!” grunted Katie.

“Shit I am going to cum! I can’t take much more of this.” I blurted out.

“NO!! Not yet,” ordered Doctor Moss. I pulled out of Katie’s ass to try to releave my pressure and not cum immediately. Katie stopped fucking Doctor Moss. Doctor Moss spun around and laid on her back on the exam table.

“OK Travis, empty that huge load of cum into my cunt. Katie can’t WAIT to suck it out!” Doctor Moss told me.

I grabbed Doctor Moss’ ankles in each hand and held them out wide, spreading her pussy wide. I shoved my dick into her red wet pussy and started pumping her pussy for all I was worth. Katie took off the strap-on and climbed onto Doctor Moss’ face. She lowered herself on her tongue and Doctor Moss started sucking and licking her pussy. That was all it took and I shot my load deep into Doctor Moss’ pussy.

“Oh Fuck Yes!!!” shouted Doctor Moss.

I pulled out of Doctor Moss and Katie immediately dove face first into Doctor Moss’ pussy. She sucked long and hard, getting as much of my jizz out of her boss’ pussy as she could while her own cunt was reamed by the doctor. Satisfied that she had it all she sat up and climbed off the doctor. I couldn’t tell if she had swallowed my cum or not as she kept her mouth closed. She leaned in to Doctor Moss and she and Doctor Moss exchanged my cum with a passionate french kiss.

“I can’t believe that happened,” I said in disbelief.

Doctor Moss smiled. “You better believe it. It will not be the last time either. I’m ordering that you have to come back for another examination tomorrow.”

Katie grinned wickedly. “Doctor’s orders.”

“Yes M’am. I will be back tomorrow.” The three of us kissed and caressed each other for a few more minutes while getting dressed. We exited the room and I headed on my way. I couldn’t help but wonder what tomorrow would bring.

It was a typical winter’s day. The mercury was touching freezing, the trees that lined the side of the road looked frail without their leaves, and with the threatening black clouds there was a good chance of rain.

Despite the horrible weather there was one face in the sea of people that wore a huge smile. Her name was Ilona and she was ecstatic for a good reason. She had managed to get herself a job after three years of unemployment.

At the tender age of sixteen, she had dropped out of school with no qualifications. Though she looked for all types of jobs, she quickly rejected anything that she classified as work, which turned out to be most jobs.

She wanted a glamorous job that also paid well and finally the perfect one came in the form of an air hostess. Being able to fly all over the world and to get paid for the privilege, it was her idea of a dream job.

Thanks to trashy gossip magazines, Ilona had images of hot air hostesses sleeping with rock stars or Hollywood actors then being showered with gifts and when the gifts dried up she could sell her story and instant fame beckoned. With these fantasies filling her head it was easy to see why she was so happy on such a miserable day.

Though Ilona wasn’t blessed with brains, she more than made up for it with her looks. Standing at just under six feet, her tall slim frame stood out in any crowd and thanks to her African heritage her pert ass stuck out nicely, attracting lustful stares. At 32B her breasts suited her figure. All in all she was still a striking beauty. Her long legs and smooth black skin made many people remark how much she looked like a young Naomi Campbell.

It was actually due to her looks that she left school as soon as she turned sixteen. A talent scout had spotted her during the school holidays. It had only taken a little encouragement and was signed with snapshot modelling agency. The week after Ilona was apart of her first catwalk, though she was one of the first models her striking features and sultry strut marked her as the next big thing in the modelling world.

However, just as everything was going well for her, it would all fall apart. An unfortunate incident involving the rear wheels of her car and a prominent designer’s dog permanently cut her career short.

Ilona’s blasé attitude to what happened was one thing but thinking that all the clothes she wore were hers to keep meant she lost her job. With her life seemingly in ruins Ilona spent the next couple of months spending all of the money she had on party after party.

Finally with the help of her parent’s threats she got out and started looking for another modelling job however Ilona quickly found that her former employees had put her on some sort of modelling black list so finding another job would be impossible.

So giving up on her modelling aspirations, she looked for another job. It was while she was surfing a gossip website that she spotted the air hostess job. Filling out the application form a week later she was just about to take part in a series of airline safety assessments when she was pulled aside.

“Hi there, my name is Stan and you are stunning.” The man smiled, his breathing growing heavier as he continued to stare at her.

“Thank you, that’s so nice. My name is Ilona and I’m flattered but I need to go and do a test and well you seem nice but you’re really not my type of guy.” Ilona said smiling widely.

“No, no. I’m not hitting on you. Just hear me out. I’m the head of recruitment and well… we have enough people who know the airline rules inside out what we need now is attractive people.” At that point he actually slobbered, “so if you want it the job is yours.”

Squealing loudly Ilona grabbed him and hugged him tightly, even without her heels on she would have been taller than him but Stan didn’t care at that moment. The tight hug meant her breasts were being pressed into his eager face. It was a good couple of minutes before they broke apart.

“Whew you have everything that we are looking for.” His face was now bright red and complete with a dazed look. Taking a deep breath he continued, “all you have to do is pass a medical but don’t worry it’s just something that we have to do.”

With a copy of her contract in hand and a letter detailing her medical, Ilona headed home her heart skipping with joy. There were several parts of the medical, on top of the standard sight and hearing test there was a small matter of a urine test, blood test and breathalyzer.

As her medical was in two weeks Ilona decided to stop drinking, jogged each morning and even went as far as to stop having sex. For someone who hated mornings, loved tequila and had a high sex drive it was almost an impossible taste but she desperately wanted the job.

The day before the exam, went to bed early thinking a good night’s sleep would mean a good medical. After waking up early she had a quick run, then a healthy bran breakfast and shower. Constantly watching the time she gathered all the papers she needed and set out her clothes.

She had already decided what she was going to wear. She really wanted this job, and knowing that it was going to be a male doctor she chose her clothes with him in mind. Wanting to emphasize every perfect feature, she grabbed her pink blouse and threw it onto her bed. It was too tight but it was the same top she wore when she was spotted for her modelling career and that meant it was lucky.

Looking for the perfect bottoms, she hesitated for a moment before choosing a black mini skirt and then moved onto her underwear draw.

Without any lucky underwear she tried to find a pair that felt right but nothing did. Throwing her bra and panties all over the room her eyes finally rested on her lingerie.

She had several pairs, mostly given to her by boyfriends, picking up the push up lace bra she considered it for a moment before pulling it on. The deep red contrasted beautifully with her dark skin. She knew it wasn’t really suitable for her doctor’s visit but she enjoyed the feel of silk. Besides it would be like her little secret.

The thrill of wearing something so naughty was an unexpected bonus. Picking out the matching garter belt, she tightened it before pulling on a pair of stockings and clipping them in place.

With the lingerie on, she smiled at herself in the mirror. The bra pushed up her breasts creating a deep valley in her cleavage. Her eyes travelled down her flat stomach to the frilly belt. Picking out a sheer thong she completed her look.

Pulling on her skirt, she fastened it around her hips, then pulled on her top and buttoned it. The pink blouse contrasted sharply with her dark skin, and her mini skirt just emphasised her long legs. She looked hot and she knew it.

Ilona checked the clock as she got in the car. She had given herself an hour to get to her appointment and with her Sat Nav guiding her, there was no way she could be late.

Pulling up along side the medical building, she was surprised at how plain it was. She was expecting it to look more like a hospital, yet it could have passed for an office block. She checked and double checked the address on both the letter and the street until she was confident that she was exactly where she needed to be. Now she just needed to park her car.

Looking up and down the road, she found there was no space available and the disabled parking she was in at the moment wouldn’t do. Starting up the car, she headed for the multi-story car park. Annoyed at how much time had passed, she quickly made her way back onto the street.

Marching down the street she constantly looked up at the street numbers making sure that she hadn’t passed it.

“Why do all these crap buildings look alike?” she grumbled ass she tilted her head once more to check the number. “Two more…” she began to mutter before letting out a shriek as she ran into a large object and fell stunned to the floor.

The object in question was a tramp. Whilst Ilona was hurrying down the street he had slowly got to his feet. Stumbling on his feet he walked into the middle of the pavement, being a tramp he was as good as invisible and with Ilona focused on other issues a collision was inevitable.

It took a full minute for Ilona to realise what had happened. One second she was running and the next she was sprawled on the floor, a stinking mess of a man on top of her.

Trying not to breath in, she looked down to see a wild straggle of brown hair so thick that it seemed to cover the entire man’s face. When she saw something move in his hair, she opened her mouth to scream.

She soon regretted that action when his mouth travelled the short distance to hers. Thrusting his tongue inside her mouth, he moaned and groaned as he kissed her hard, ignoring her struggles beneath him.

With the smell of alcohol and sweat invading her nose, she continued to struggle but he didn’t move. She began to feel sick when finally she felt him roll off her body. As soon as he was off her, she gingerly got to her feet with the help of two passers bys.

Thanking the two men who helped her, she picked up her bag before suddenly worrying about the man she had knocked over. Looking up and down the street, she couldn’t spot him anywhere so wiping her mouth with the back of her hand; she gratefully took the piece of chewing gum offered to her and threw it into her mouth.

Checking her watch, she was still on time if she hurried. So saying thank you one last time, she ran down the street until she reached her destination. Pushing the door open, she walked towards the receptionist chewing manically on the gum as she tried to rid the foul taste in her mouth.

Returning the smile of the receptionist, she began to speak. “Hello, I’m Ilona, Ilona Roach. Um… I’m here for a medical.”

The dark orange woman sitting behind the desk smiled showing impossibly white teeth. “I know who you are,” she said, looking up at Ilona’s, her smile faltered slightly when she saw lipstick covering half of Ilona’s face.

“Just take a seat over there and the doctor will call you when he is ready. Oh by the way the ladies loo is over there.”

Sitting down on the seat pointed out for her, she furiously chewed on the gum and took out her small mirror to begin touching her make up. When she was satisfied, she brushed her coat off and waited. As the time ticked by, so her nerves began to increase. Twirling her long hair in her fingers, she listened intently for her name to be called.

While Ilona waited, the tramp that had knocked her down was in the doctor’s office. He entered through the fire exit in the room. Taking off his wig and beard he furiously washed his face and put on his reading glasses before looking into the mirror where a respectable middle aged Doctor looked back.

The tramps name was Dr. Michael Rox and dressing up as a tramp was all a part of his plan. Finding Ilona and falling on top of her was the first step in his plan and if it all went as he hoped, he would soon be getting to know Ilona a lot more intimately.

Moving over to his wardrobe he shrugged off the large moth eaten coat and hung it up then pulled on his suit jacket followed by his doctors white coat. Flattening down his hair, he took a swig of mouthwash and sprayed some cologne both of which helped to mask the scent of the alcohol. With one last check in the mirror, he finally decided he was ready. Pressing the intercom, he called out Ilona’s name.

Ilona was trying to focus on the upcoming medical but her mind kept on drifting back to the tramp and his invasive tongue worming into her mouth. It has almost got to the point that she could taste the alcohol when her name crackled over the loudspeaker.

Taking a deep breath, she got to her feet and made her way to the door marked ‘Dr. Rox’. Throwing her gum in the bin, she checked her make up and hair one last time and then knocked.

The audible noise of a chair scraping on the floor and someone walking towards the door was heard before it opened and a middle-aged bespectacled man stood before her, smiling.

“Come on in and take a seat,” He beckoned her into his office and pointed her to a seat in front of his desk.

Taking a seat, Ilona looked around the room. On first glance there wasn’t anything that would distinguish itself as anything but an ordinary work office. The room was plain except for a desk in the centre with a computer sitting on top and a wardrobe in the corner. There were a few things such as a sink, a poster detailing how to wash your hands properly and a blood pressure monitor, that helped distinguish it as a medical office.

When the door clicked shut, the man was already sitting back in his seat facing her across the desk. He was utterly unremarkable. His balding hair was closely cut making his large forehead bigger still. His large circular glasses were perched on the end of his broad nose, the size helped cover his thick eyebrows yet they did nothing to hide his beady brown eyes.

“Have you been drinking?” He asked as his friendly smile was replaced with a frown as he sniffed the air.

“What me? No… never…” She spluttered trying to look innocent as Michael scoffed and shrugged.

“Well it doesn’t matter if you’re lying. I’ll find out soon enough.” He turned his attention to the computer screen and began typing glancing up every so often noticing that Ilona was nervously biting her nails. With a loud grunt he finished typing and spoke once more.

“I have a few questions to ask, so if you want to take your fingers out of your mouth, we can begin.”

Over the next ten minutes Dr. Rox asked her question after question, his pudgy fingers punching in her answers into the computer. She had just finished answering the last question about her weekly exercise regime when he scraped back his chair and stood.

The buttons on his shirt looked close to popping with each deep breath as he slowly walked around his desk towards her, an instrument in his right hand. In complete silence he knelt in front of her. Turning on the instruments light he peered into her left eye, muttering quietly before swapping to her other eye.

Switching off the light he left Ilona temporarily blinded, she blinked repeatedly as she heard Michael speak again.

“Now if you could read the page in front of you out loud from top to bottom.” He queried handing her a piece of paper.

Taking a couple of seconds to get back her sight Ilona looked down at the page and waited for the words to come in to focus before she began to read. The first couple of rows were easy and now that she could see clearly, she spoke confidently. However as the letters got smaller, Ilona not wanting to admit that she could see the words clearly started to guess what was written until Michael stopped her.

“If you hand me that and then follow me.” Taking the sheet from her he threw it to the desk and walked from the room. With Ilona close on his heels he opened up the adjacent room.

“Take a seat in the booth and put on the headphones. When you hear a beep press the button, I’ll be back when it’s finished.”

After explaining what he wanted her to do, he left the room. With the booth closed Ilona sat still waiting patiently for the beep to sound. When twenty minutes passed Michael came back in and led her back into his office. Taking their seats once more, they sat in silence whilst Michael peered over the hearing test results.

“Congratulations, you have passed the sight and hearing test.” He smiled causing Ilona to squeal in delight. Michael waited for her to calm down before continuing to talk.

“Now we come to the breathalyzer.” He picked up the device and held it in front of her face.

All the confidence Ilona had began to drain from her as her mind drifted back to the tramp and the alcohol drenched kiss. As she stared at the nozzle in front of her she briefly thought about explaining what happened outside but she reasoned that whatever the tramp had been drinking couldn’t possibly affect her reading.

Reciting pray after pray, she took a deep breath and blew steadily into the nozzle until she had to stop. Slumping back into her seat, she inhaled as the doctor inspected the machine until two beeps sounded. Not knowing what that meant, Ilona waited in anticipation as Michael tutted disapprovingly.

“Well, well, well!” He said with a smug grin on his face, “those two beeps mean a positive reading and coming from someone who smells like a brewery it’s really not surprising but just to make sure we’re certain, I’ll get another nozzle.”

Ripping the old nozzle off, he threw it into the bin and replaced it with a new one. Carefully, he secured it before taking out the batteries and pushing in new ones, making sure Ilona saw each movement.

If Ilona was inquisitive she would have question the need for a big show. However at that moment she was just grateful to him for giving her a second chance. When the nozzle was back in her face she took a deep breath before blowing hard, closing her eyes as she did, hoping the two beeps wouldn’t sound.

Once more, Michael inspected the breathalyzer before the beeps sounded. Dropping her head she made a noise halfway between a scream and wail.

“Look I can explain. There was this tra…” She began only for Michael to cut her off with a loud cough.

Attaching the breathalyzer to his computer he pulled open the drawer under his desk and pulled out a pot and syringe. “Well, I really don’t like to fail anyone. So we’ll move onto the blood and urine test.” He smiled reassuringly at her.

Taking a sample of her blood he gave her the pot and directed her to the toilet, usually both samples were sent off to a lab for testing but this time Michael took both to another room. Waiting for a five minutes to make Ilona grown more nervous he eventually came back to see her and loudly proclaimed that both had failed due to a high level of alcohol.

Michael sat behind his desk while Ilona tried hard not to cry. When he finished typing he looked up and asked, “How did you get here today?”

“Um… I drove. Does… does that matter?” she answered sniffing back the tears.

“Oh it matters. I’ve already told you that all of your tests have come back positive which means you’re well over the legal alcohol limit, and I’m afraid that means you have lost your job. They can’t take alcoholics on board flights. It’s a big health and safety risk. However right now there is a bigger problem.”

He sighed loudly and shook his head. “As a medical professional and a concerned member of the public I am morally obliged to call the police to inform them you have been driving under the influence of alcohol.”

While he spoke, Ilona’s mouth dropped and fear filled her body as the realisation of what he was saying sunk in.

At the beginning of the day, she had been within touching distance of getting the job of her dreams, yet fast forward a couple of hours and she had lost her job and was now facing a drunk driving charge. With a couple of points already on her licence, the charge meant she would lose her licence and also her freedom.

With nothing left to lose, she decided to explain what had happened to her. Ignoring his protests, she spoke quickly and tearfully. “You have to listen to me. On my way here, a drunk came up to me on the street and forcefully kissed me. Of course I struggled but he was too heavy for me and I could only get free once he rolled off me. I don’t know how, but he must have passed something onto me. You have to believe me. Those tests are wrong. I haven’t drunk any alcohol in weeks.”

The desperation in her voice told Michael that he had her where he wanted her. He was even confident that she would actually thank him for giving her the opportunity to get rid of the chargers and pass the medical, but at that moment he wanted to play with her a while longer.

“I’m sorry but that is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. I’ll give you some marks for originality, but I heard this excuse before. The posh people say they ate a brandy soaked cake whilst the scumbags complain that their mother was an alcoholic which must mean that they must have got their alcoholic blood from their parents. All of them were telling me a load of shit and that also includes yours.” He explained not bothering to hide the patronising tone from his voice as he continued.

“First of all, you claim that you saw a tramp at this time of day and not only that he was actually awake and walking! Then to top it off, he was some sort of a magical tramp who can make anyone he touches drunk. You must think I’m really stupid and worst than that, you’re wasting my valuable time. I’m going to ask you to wait outside until the police arrive because, unlike some people, I’ve actually got a job to do.”

“Please, you must believe me. Why would I make something like that up? There just has to be another reason for the readings.” She cried out, tears starting to form as Michael’s brow creased deep in thought.

“Alright calm down, I’ve got an idea. If, as you said, this guy gave it to you by kissing you, then surely I must be able to take it from you by kissing you. You know, if it worked once then it must work again.”

Ilona’s beautiful face scrunched up in concentration as she tried to work out the logic of what he said. In a crazy way, the idea kind of made sense and she wasn’t about to question someone who had her career in his hands. With a renewed sense of hope she smiled at him and nodded her head.

Getting to her feet she stepped towards him as he did the same until they were face to face. “So how do we do this?” she asked sweetly, looking trustingly at him.

It was at this point she felt his hands cup her face before leaning in. Closing her eyes she felt his lips press against hers, ignoring the familiar forcefulness, she opened her mouth letting him push his tongue inside.

While his tongue duelled with hers, Michael couldn’t stop himself from moaning. Her full, plump lips were just how he remembered. Enjoying the soft silky feel of her hair he kept her still as he kissed her harder whilst fighting the temptation to grope her body at the same time. After two minutes, he reluctantly pulled away, licking his lips as he savoured the sweet taste of her lips.

“Ahem… now let’s do the breathalyzer again.” He announced before he raised the device to her mouth and let her blow into it. However, even with the kiss and Ilona’s frenetic wishing, it still came back negative.

“Still positive, I’m afraid.” He spoke, shaking his head in disappointment, “look I’ve still got one idea left but… no… it’s ridiculous… It’s too much of a wild shot.” He chuckled at his own thought.

At that point Ilona reached out and grabbed his arm forcing him to look into her teary eyes. “Wait! Please tell me I don’t care what it is. I’m willing to try anything to help. Please, can you at least explain it?!”

Her pleading voice was music to his ears. “Well it’s really a controversial idea that has only been tested in Japan and Holland. Yet, if you are willing then I’m willing to give it ago. It’s like the previous method but in reverse. If I can’t get the alcohol out of your system, then I will have to counter it with my own fluids….” Michael tried to sell the last sentence with his eyes but it was clear she didn’t have any idea.

“Look doctor, I’m willing to give anything a try and… oh I’ve got it. You want me to drink some water to counter the fluids!” She smiled at him as she walked over to the water cooler in the corner, pouring herself some. “How much water do I need to drink then?”

“Yes! Yes!” He exclaimed. “It’s very similar to that, kind of like washing away the alcohol, but I’m sorry to say water won’t be enough. You see, it’s powerful enough to do it quickly for you. What you really need is something that swims to the target and well there is only one fluid that is strong enough and can actually swim. It’s a remarkable little thing, so if you can guess what it is, I will let you use mine.” He smiled knowingly. It was getting harder to keep calm despite his plan coming to fruition.

Ilona fell silent as she rattled her brain, working her way around the body she tried to think of each liquid that came from her body until it finally came to her. “Cum! Spunk!” She yelled looking at the doctor smugly.

“Well done! You are one clever thing, aren’t you? Seeing as you have lived up to your promise, so will I.” With that he pulled down his trousers and pants, letting his cock hang free.

Seeing that Ilona wasn’t moving, Michael kicked his trousers off and sat on the edge of his desk before beckoning Ilona over.

“If you come over here then we can get started. Just remember that you will need to swallow it to make it effective.” His cock twitched as Ilona still sat shocked. Getting bored with the waiting, Michael decided to remind her of the alternative. “Look Ilona, it’s this or no job and a criminal record!”

Upon hearing the threat, Ilona began to question the whole medical procedure. But as she saw him slowly pull up his pants she realised that this was her only option if she wanted the job. Besides there was every chance that he was telling the truth and she didn’t want her reservations about him to cause her to lose her job.

Swallowing hard, she slid off her seat to her knees. Looking up at his expectant face, she crawled over to him and grabbed his pants pulling them back down. Once again his cock came out erect and glistening. Looking up she could see the bottom of his large hairy belly peeking out from under his shirt, gripping his shaft she lowered her head and caught the tip of his cock in her mouth.

Immediately her first thought was thankful that he had a wash that morning though the smell of soap was quickly replaced with a strong salty taste as she swallowed his precum. Deciding it was better than the tramp kissing her, she forced herself to take more of his shaft, sucking hungrily, hoping that he would cum and get this medical over with. Coming up for air, she licked from the bottom of the shaft to the tip, coating his cock in salvia before engulfing it again.

“Oh my!!” He bellowed as Ilona got into a steady motion. Bobbing up and down on his prick she continued to suck hard, flicking her tongue around his tip as she did.

Looking down, Michael immediately felt his climax edge closer. The sight that met him was something he would never forget. Her puffy lips were tightly wrapped around his cock her eyes closed as gentle slurping noises filled the room.

Biting his bottom lip, he let out a guttural grunt. Releasing his grip on his desk, he moved his hands to the back of her head and gripped her hair. With a tight hold of her, he gently yet steadily forced her to take his cock in deeper. Ilona could only choke and gag as his thick shaft was totally embedded in her hot, wet mouth.

The sensation of her tight, hot throat was too much for Michael. With his voice strained, he managed to blurt out. “Fucking hell, I’m cumming. You need to swallow it all.” His voice broke into a cry of pleasure as he began climax.

Grunting and snorting, he began to shoot rope after rope of spunk into her mouth. “Fuck… fucking hell yes.” He tightly gripped her head as he bucked against her face.

Eventually, his eyes rolled back into his head as his orgasm started to wane. His legs jerked as Ilona continued to suck, her hand playing with his balls trying to coax more cum from him.

Michael, meanwhile was in another world his vision slowly came back into focus as he watched Ilona swallow the last remnants of cum, pumping his softening cock before licking around his sensitive tip making sure it was totally clean.

When she was done, she gave up and moved back to her chair, licking her lips before taking a swig of water as she waited for the doctor to recover. She couldn’t help but feel proud of her blowjob. From the glazed expression on Michael’s face he had never experienced something like her mouth.

Once she saw him come back to realist she spoke, “how long until it takes effect?”

Michael almost laughed at her quizzical expression. She sat looking at him, her face flushed with a small dollop of cum slowing making its way from her mouth to her chin. He was almost impressed that despite his rough treatment, her make-up was still perfect.

Kicking his pants off, he stood there half naked and smiled at her. “Well with other case studies, it can take anything from twenty minutes to an hour. Though these people always took several doses… now given the level of alcohol in your body, I suggest that you do the same, especially since we want you to pass this medical.” He spoke confidently, trying to work out how much he could get away with.

Over his twenty five year career, several women had propositioned him in exchange for his signature. When he was a young twenty something, he always rejected them but as he got older he gave into temptation. As with all taboo activities, moving to the next step gives a bigger thrill and the way he was manipulating Ilona made it far more enjoyable than the other women.

Ilona sat silently as he spoke but as soon as he had finished, she took another drink before getting to her knees again. Michael smiled and tried not to laugh in happiness at her willingness.

“Now there is another factor that needs to be adhered to, the cum has to spread around the body. So I’m afraid that your mouth has already been used which means you need to think of another way as I’m a bit unsure what to do next.” Michael explained all the while looking apologetically at her. The ultimate thrill would be having Ilona asking him to fuck her, and he was close to realising his wish.

Again Ilona went into thought, licking her lips in concentration. She could still taste his salty cum. She wasn’t stupid, she knew what he wanted and she was trying to work out another way to keep him satisfied but it was either her pussy or her ass and one was slightly better than the other.

Despite her reservations, she could feel her pussy moisten in anticipation. She had had no sexual contact in weeks and his thick cock was starting to look appealing, even though the rest of his body did not.

“Well…” she spoke slowly, “I think the best way is if you cum in my vagina.” She said it matter-of-factly, her eyes widening when she saw his cock start to rise once again.

“Bloody hell! That’s a great idea. It makes perfect sense. You would be attacking the alcohol from both directions. It has to work.” He grinned as he shrugged off his jacket and was about to take off his shirt when Ilona stopped him.

“Leave it on. It… looks nice,” she lied. At least with his shirt on she couldn’t see exactly how disgusting his body was.

She was now on her feet in front of the desk, her pussy dripping. Not having control of the situation was something new to her and it was exciting.

Looking at the expectation in his eyes, she began to take off her own clothes. With each button of her pink blouse undone, she saw his lip quiver. Letting the thin material fall, she unzipped her tight black mini skirt before peeling it down her legs.

Michael gasped when her red lingerie came into view and it was quickly followed by another as his eyes took in her body. Her dark nipples poked out from behind the sheer bra. They were clearly hard but the bigger shock for Michael was the damp patch on her thong. The material had ridden up in between her juicy pussy lips showing just how turned on she was. Already his cock was rock hard and ready to go again.

She could see he was fighting himself to stop from pouncing on her, having this power boosted her confidence. She was in control and she was going to use it.

Slowly, she moved to her bra and as she unclasped it, she thought she heard the breath catch in Michael’s throat. Smirking, she let one strap fall from her left shoulder, then holding the bra up she let the other strap fall. Looking him in the eyes, she dropped the material unveiling her pert, perfect breasts to Michael.

“Jesus,” he uttered softly as he clenched his fist and waited for her next move.

Michael looked on as Ilona ran her hands over her breasts and down to her flat stomach to the top of her garter belt. Briefly she stroked the silk material, then gripped the top and pulled them down gradually, showing her trimmed pussy to his drooling gaze.

It was when her thong hit the floor that Michael finally managed to put together a sentence. “Wait!” he spluttered. “Turn around and put your hands on the table. I need to check something.”

He licked his dry lips while he watched her lean forward and place her hand just inches from his own. Her breasts were presented to him and his cock shuddered violently in response. Pushing away from his desk, he stood and walked around to where her ass jutted out.

Ilona heard Michael fall to his knees behind her, and when she felt his breath on her ass, she shuddered in response. Closing her eyes, she gasped when she felt his cold hands touch her ass. He spread her cheeks, exposing her to his gaze. Biting her lip in anticipation, she didn’t have to wait long for his next move. He blew gently on her soaked pussy before dragging his tongue from her clit up to her tight asshole.

“Oo! Oh my God.” She groaned and dropped her head as Michael continued to lick hungrily at her pussy, avoiding her most sensitive parts until he felt Ilona push her cunt into his face.

With his large hand massaging her smooth ass, he curled his tongue and pushed it in her pussy, jabbing and slurping as he did. Her long legs quivered as her already wet cunt started to load his mouth.

Michael wasn’t able to help himself. He had only planned on a quick taste then a long fucking session but she tasted extraordinary and he couldn’t pass on trying to get more.

His tongue never stayed in one spot for long, darting over her pussy and ass, trying to find a sweet spot so she would drown him. With his mouth wide open, he grated his bottom teeth against Ilona’s clit, causing her to yelp and groan in pleasure as climbed toward her climax.

With her body starting to waken, she slid forward squashing her breasts on the table and pushing her ass into his face. She clenched her fists and let out a staggered grunt as pleasure overwhelmed her. It was when she felt his finger part open her pussy that she went over the edge.

“Oh I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck yes!” She screamed out in delight as her cunt clamped down on his probing finger.

Licking his lips clean, he sucked her pussy one last time before standing up behind her. Gripping his cock with his free hand, he lined it up with her pussy. Pausing to admire her body as she shuddered he pulled his finger free and quickly replaced it with his cock.

“Fucking hell” He groaned as his cock speared through her tightness, forcing several inches inside before being forced to stop. He licked his finger clean, and then gripped her hips with both hands. He could feel her muscles pulsating, gradually loosening to allow him deeper inside. Ilona was still in the throes of her orgasm when she felt his cock bottom out. Her whimpering grew louder as he began to drive into her.

Using short sharp thrusts, he enjoyed the sound of his balls slapping against her wet cunt. As she swung her head to look behind her he pulled his cock until only the tip was left in the folds of her pussy.

Pausing for a moment, he heard her groan before he slammed back inside. Again and again he did this, enjoying the cool air on his shaft only to be engulfed once more by her tight, warm cunt.

Removing a hand from her hips, he lightly slapped her ass before spreading her cheeks, taking a moment to appreciate the way her tight pussy wrapped around his shaft.

After slapping her ass again, he dropped his hand to her left leg and lifted it up onto the desk. When Ilona didn’t complain, he took hold of her right leg and lifted it until it also rested on the desk, leaving her doing the splits with his cock separating her pussy lips.

Ilona had never felt more exposed in her life. With her legs spread, he felt deeper and thicker inside her. Once again his hands clutched her waist, and then he began to fuck her gently.

Gripping her hips, he forced her back and forth on the desk causing the smooth surface to rub against her hard nipples and protruding clit. She was still sensitive from her orgasm, and his rough treatment was sending shock waves of pleasure through her.

While Ilona whimpered, Michael continued to be amazed with her flexibility. Having her in this position meant he could see his cock pump in and out, watch her ass jiggle, and best of all he was able to force himself deeper inside her.

Due to the awkward position, Michael had the added benefit of feeling her muscles tightening around his shaft spurring him to pick up his speed. The sound of her moaning was hot, but seeing her firm ass quiver under his thrusts was the ultimate satisfaction.

His continued assault on her cunt, in addition to the friction on her clit and nipples, Ilona found herself rising to another level of pleasure. Her fingernails scratched at the desk as she screamed out. “Keep going… harder!”

Just as she was about to yell out again, she stopped when she felt something wet land on her asshole quickly followed by a large finger smearing it around her tight ring before it penetrated her.

His thrusts stopped as he worked his finger further into her tight ass until it was buried inside. Twisting it, he caused Ilona to let out a sharp gasp before he pulled out. Spitting on her asshole again, he forced the digit back inside.

This time the passage was much easier, resulting in a satisfied moan from Ilona. With his finger lodged inside he gently pushed against the thin wall separating his finger and cock. Feeling his shaft throb, he groaned in decadent delight.

“Fuck,” She grunted as she felt his finger twist and turn inside her, when it was loose enough, he pushed a second finger alongside the first. It was as she began to squirm that he renewed his thrusts, keeping them short and sharp while his fingers played with her asshole.

Ilona couldn’t work out whether she liked the odd sensation of having his fingers probe her ass. “Ohhh… ahhh.” Her guttural groan came out whenever his fingers pulled out, she had the unusual feeling of emptiness yet with his cock continuing to slam into her, she realised she was enjoying it to such an extent that she was moaning uncontrollably.

“What… what are you doing?” Ilona started when she felt him pull both his fingers and shaft free. Along with a mumble of protest she looked behind to see what he was doing.

Ignoring her protests, he wrapped his hands around her stomach, pausing for a minute to enjoy her soft skin against his. He then leaned back, picking her up off the desk and leaving her impaled on his cock.

Mustering all his strength, he carried her around his desk before carefully negotiating himself into his chair. For Ilona, the helpless feeling of being carried with his cock still buried inside her was a new sensation that she would definitely repeat.

Sitting on his large leather chair, Michael relaxed and took a deep breath, trying to will his heartbeat to return to normal.

“Come on, fuck me!” Ilona moaned when she noticed his lack of movement, rotating her hips on his lap, she stimulated him back into action.

Shuffling forward until his hips fell off the end of the chair, he held the position and slowly lowered his hips leaving just the tip of his cock inside.

Michaels held his position watching as Ilona dropped down slowly, the satisfied smile on her face telling him that she enjoying his shaft filling her up again. Michael chose that moment to thrust upward burying himself inside her.

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