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by Kardas W. Fox

Commissioned by CainLucifrio

Dagger walked into his sparsely decorated dorm and kicked the door shut behind him. The tattooed white dragon placed his laptop on top of the bookshelf with a sigh and flopped down onto a weathered couch.

Cain watched Dagger from across the room, his one good eye keen and alert. He hesitated a moment, then stood and made his way over to his roommate. The orange goat demon sat next to the channel surfing dragon, quite a bit closer than usual.

“What’s up, big guy?”

“Trying to find something good.”

“You look stressed.”

“It’s been a rough day.”

“Maybe I can help?”

“How so?”

“Let’s go out, my treat.”

“I don’t know, we’ve only been acquainted for a couple of weeks.”

“I meant as friends, to get to know each other better. Unless you want it to be a date, that is.”

Dagger blushed and looked away. Cain smiled and slipped out of his pentagram t shirt, exposing an identical symbol on his back, and made his way to his dresser to change into some nicer clothes. Dagger headed to his own dresser to change. They slept in the same room, but had partitions set up to allow the both of them to change clothes and sleep in privacy.


Cain and Dagger made their way off campus grounds and down the street. Few words were spoken, the sounds of passing automobiles filled in for the silence. The two made their way to a small coffee shop, only a block away from the college campus. There was quite a line inside, the dragon and the goat demon had to wait a short while before ordering their drinks. After being served, Cain paid for the both of them and they found a place to sit.

Cain sipped his coffee and allowed his eyes to drift, making a conscious effort not to stare at Dagger. “So…how’s it been going?”

“Good, you?”

“Good, good. What kind of hobbies do you have?”

“I don’t really do much in my free time, I just chill and listen to metal music.”

“Really? No way, me too! I’ll bet that pisses your folks off huh?”


“On that note, you never told me much about your family. Any brothers or sisters?”

“I never really had a family. I have no idea who my biological parents are, I’ve been juggled by the foster care system my entire life. They moved me around from house to house, I never really got to settle in anywhere or get to know anyone. I’ve never been so close to anyone that I could honestly call them family.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay.” The two looked away from each other, and a long moment passed in awkward silence before Dagger spoke again. “So, what’s your family life like?”

“I don’t really have a family either. I’m immortal, so I have to accept that everyone I get close to is going to grow old and die before my eyes. There were people I lived with, they treated me like their own and I looked at them as my family, but that was centuries ago. I’m been afraid of feeling that same pain again, so I’ve been a drifter for most of my life.”

“That’s so sad, I’m sorry.”

“It’s cool.” A few seconds more passed in silence before Cain spoke. “I didn’t mean for this to be so awkward. I think you’re really handsome and it’s been so long since I’ve actually been interested in someone.”

“It’s all right. I have a bit of a crush on you, too. Maybe we can forget the talking part and make up for the awkwardness when we get back to the dorm?”

“Whoa, really?”

Dagger nodded. “I’ve never been with anyone sexually. I’m nervous, but I’ve seen the way you look at me. I like you, Cain. I’ve thought about it. If we’re going to do this, is there any reason we shouldn’t do it tonight?”

Cain grinned. “No, there certainly isn’t.”


Dagger was the first through the door, with Cain close behind. The goat demon was already quite stiff, and in the process of feeling the dragon up to try and get him excited. He only took his hands off of his soon-to-be-lover for long enough to shut the door, then groped the dragon shamelessly.

“Cain, slow down. We have all night.”

“Indeed we do, my sweet dragon, and I intend to make use of every bit of that time.” Cain walked past Dagger, undressing all the way. Now fully nude, he leaned on the wall next to his bed and lifted his short tail. “Let’s get this party started.”

“You want me on top?”

“I’m kind of big, I don’t want to overwhelm you on your first time. Take me, and when you’re satisfied I’ll have my turn. Lube’s on the nightstand.”

Dagger hesitantly shed his clothes, exposing his semi-erect dragonhood, and came closer. He grabbed the lubricant from Cain’s nightstand and squirted a gob into his palm. The dragon gripped his meat and stroked it to full hardness, thoroughly coating it with lubricant in the process.

The dragon wedged the head of his draconic cock between Cain’s buttocks and hesitated for a moment. A gasp rose in Dagger’s throat when the goat demon suddenly pushed back hard, taking a quarter of the dragon’s dick in one go. Dagger’s hips reflexively bucked forward in response, burrowing his virgin meat even deeper in tight goat ass.

Cain moved his body in perfect synchrony with his partner, rocking back to every thrust with equal force. Dagger’s knees buckled, the new sensation affecting him more than his own hand ever could. after a few more shaky thrusts, the dragon pulled out and sat back on the bed.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Sorry, I can’t do it standing up like that. My legs are getting too wobbly.”

Cain smiled and got down on his hands and knees, hips raised and tail hiked out out of the way. “Why didn’t you just say so? Come on, I want you to finish in me!”

Dagger slid off of the bed and knelt behind Cain. He pressed the head of his draconic cock to Cain’s tight anus and crammed his full length inside with one push, making both males groan. Within a couple of seconds, they found their rhythm again. Cain easily matched Dagger’s pace, timing his clenches carefully and countering every thrust.

The dragon’s hips moved faster and faster as he built up to a powerful climax. Dagger didn’t last much longer, and soon pushed as deep as he could with a triumphant roar. Ribbons of hot dragon seed erupted into the groaning goat’s rectum. Cain continued to clench and wiggle, milking Dagger for every last drop.

Dagger held himself in for a few seconds after he was done, then pulled out with a happy sigh. Cain tucked his tail down, holding in his cream filling, and turned to face Dagger. Sitting up on his knees, the goat demon shamelessly displayed his throbbing erection. The sight of it still made Dagger blush, but he couldn’t look away.

“Now it’s my turn, get up on the bed.”

Dagger obediently climbed up onto the bed. On his hands and knees with his tail raised high, he looked back at the goat demon. “Like this?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect.”

Cain got on the bed behind Dagger and rest his hard cock between the dragon’s ass cheeks. He grabbed the lube and poured it all over his shaft. After grinding for a few seconds to smear the lube around his meat and Dagger’s ass, Cain lined himself up with the dragon’s hole. The goat demon prodded a couple of times, then pushed his bulbous cock head into Dagger’s virgin sphincter. The dragon arched and moaned, accepting the goat demon’s length as it burrowed deeper and deeper.

Dagger wrapped his tail around Cain’s waist, urging him in further despite the burning feel of being stretched for the first time. The goat was gentle with his lover and eased in as slowly as he could tolerate. Within a couple of minutes, Cain’s hips were pressed firmly against Dagger’s ass and their balls met.

“Impressive, I didn’t think you’d be able to take the whole thing.”

Dagger blushed. “Thank you. It’s really big, but it feels good inside me. I think I like taking more than giving. Please Cain, fuck me…”

The goat demon needed no second bidding. He firmly gripped Dagger’s hips and pulled back halfway, only to press back in. Cain worked into a slow but firm pace, taking the dragon hard but not rough. Dagger threw his head back and moaned every time the hung goat demon bottomed out in him.

Cain maintained his steady pace, rolling his hips in smooth and even thrusts. After getting used to the feeling, Dagger started to rock his hips back to the goat demon’s deep humping. His clenches came reflexively beyond his ability to control them, but with each squeeze he could feel every exquisite detail of the thick shaft and bulbous head invading his inexperienced rump.

Without warning, the sensation stopped. Dagger gasped at the sudden feeling of emptiness. “Why’d you stop?”

“Roll over on your back. I want to see your pretty face while I breed you.”

Dagger did as he was told, now flat on his back with his erection standing proudly. Cain lifted the dragon’s hips and plunged his hot meat deep into Dagger’s ass again. The dragon cried out in combined pleasure and pain, squeezing tight around that hot demon cock. Dagger’s tail wrapped around Cain once more, holding him in.

After a moment, the dragon’s tail loosened its grip on the goat demon, and Cain began to thrust. Shucking the steady pace from before, the goat demon’s thrusts came fast and hard now. Grunts and groans emanated from both males, and the bed frame creaked in protest of Cain’s swiftly moving hips. Dagger wrapped his arms around Cain, digging his claws into the goat’s back. His embrace only encouraged the goat demon to hump faster.

After a few moments, Cain’s thrusting stopped again, but he didn’t pull out this time. Dagger looked up at him pleadingly, and Cain smiled. “Move with me, I want to finish with you on top.”

The two males rolled over without separating, placing Dagger in Cain’s lap. The dragon put his hands on the demon’s chest for support and started to bounce right away. Cain groaned and crossed his arms behind his head, allowing the dragon to do all the work.

Dagger rode his lover fast and hard, trying to replicate the pace Cain had set before but unable to move quite so quick. The goat demon’s balls drew close as he approached a climax, his moans building in volume as he edged ever closer. Finally, he cried out and bucked his hips upward. Thick ropes of burning hot demon semen exploded into Dagger’s back door, making the dragon cry out as well. He continued to bounce until he felt the squirting stop, and then slowly pulled himself off of the thoroughly milked goat to lie beside him.

Cain wrapped his arms around Dagger and pulled the dragon into a close cuddle. The goat planted a soft kiss on his lover’s lips, making the dragon blush. “So, how was your first time?”

“That was incredible, better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much Cain, but is this it?”

“If you wait a few minutes, I can do it again.”

“No, I mean is our relationship going to be anything beyond the physical? I would prefer something more, but I’m cool either way.”

“Of course, I was hoping you’d be my boyfriend. You’re a really cool guy.”

“I’d love to be your boyfriend! I think you’re a great guy too, Cain.”

“Great! Now turn around, I’m good to go again.”

Dagger rolled over so that he was facing away from Cain and draped his tail over is leg. The goat demon pressed himself against his lover’s back and drove his cock into the dragon’s ass without hesitation. Dagger cried out at the sudden penetration, then let out a long moan when Cain began spoon-fucking him as roughly as the position would allow.

Cain’s hands roamed all over Dagger’s body, caressing his scales. The tenderness was directly contrasted by the force of Cain’s rolling hips. Dagger could do nothing but squirm and moan as the goat demon’s tool violated him so thoroughly, his own cock painfully stiff and dripping pre-cum on the sheets.

The goat demon wrapped his fingers tightly around the dragon’s cock and began to stroke at a pace that matched his thrusting. “Cum with me Dagger!”

The two males didn’t take much longer to reach their respective climaxes. Cain pressed deep and groaned, an instant afterwards Dagger let out a roar. The dragon’s seed released as soon as he felt more goat cum spurt into his well-abused ass. His butt clenched around Cain’s prick, milking out an extra squirt of goo. Cain and Dagger dozed off in the spoons position, the goat demon still buried balls-deep in the dragon’s ass.


Cain woke to the sound of running water the next morning. After a moment, he rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Dagger faced away from the door as he showered, blissfully unaware that he was being watched. Cain crept across the floor silently and slid open the door of the shower stall for an instant to slip inside. Before Dagger could turn around, the goat demon hugged him tightly from behind.

The dragon gasped, then let out a soft laugh. “Good morning Cain, I hope you slept well…”

“Of course, how could I not after such an wonderful evening?”

Dagger arched and gasped to the feel of Cain’s morning wood grinding against his ass. Without hesitation, he moved his tail to the side and pressed his rump back to his lover. The goat demon penetrated him right away and began to plow him hard, earning a pleasured groan from the dragon. Dagger leaned forward and put his hands on the wall for support, listening to the sweet music of their wet bodies slapping together as it echoed off the tile walls of the shower stall.

Cain held the dragon’s hips tight as he ravaged that ass, the force of his thrusts throwing water in all directions every time he spanked Dagger with his hips. His balls hit Dagger’s with such force that they were sore after just a few seconds, but he kept up the manic pace. The goat demon didn’t know what time it was, but had no intention of making either of them late for their morning classes.

The dragon growled and clawed at the tile, flexing his ass reflexively. The pleasantness of the brutal fucking had worn off quickly, and Dagger now winced every time Cain buried his length. Just as the dragon was about to ask his lover to slow down, the goat demon buried himself deep and unleashed a wad of warmth with a groan. Dagger sighed and clenched, making sure Cain was properly drained. The goat reached around and stroked the dragon’s stiff cock swiftly, coaxing his white goo onto the shower wall within about a minute.

Cain pulled out reluctantly and gave Dagger a playful slap on the ass. “Sorry to be so brief, I didn’t want to hold us up more than necessary.”

“It’s okay, I’ll get you back for that tonight.”

“I might just hold you to that.”

The two males helped each other wash, then Dagger turned off the water. They toweled each other off, and headed into the main room to get dressed. Cain was the first out the door, but Dagger followed soon after with laptop in hand. The dragon checked the door to ensure it was locked, then the two of them shared a kiss.

“Cain, I can’t thank you enough. I’ve never been so happy, I think you’re the one for me.”

Cain wrapped his arms around Dagger and pulled the dragon into a tight embrace. He took his lover in another kiss, this time slipping his tongue into the dragon’s mouth. Dagger let out a muffled moan, then closed his eyes and obediently suckled the goat demon’s tongue. Cain held the kiss for well over a minute before he pulled away, which left Dagger gasping for air.

“I love you Dagger.”

“I love you too, Cain. I’ll see you tonight.” The goat demon slapped the dragon’s ass, and the two of them parted ways for the day.


The smell was going to attract someone. I’d pretty much figured that out already—hiding in some alley was only going to work for so long, the way I was panting and dripping. I was glad I pretty much never wore panties anymore, but I’d already dropped one ben-wa ball and I could feel the other one slipping. I rolled my head back against the wall, my ears pricked, every feline sense working to detect company. My hands kneaded at the bricks as I tried to fight the waves of my withdrawing orgasm, feeling the heavy metal ball slipping lower and lower.

I caught a whiff of smoke, heard the scuff of boots on the asphalt. I stayed calm, quiet, still catching my breath. I have perfect vision in the dark, so I kept my eyes squinted as I looked towards the mouth of the alley.

A large goat wearing nothing but a pair of torn jeans was coming my way. The black and gray fur around his throat and chest was messy and fluffed. I knew enough about goats to recognize that meant he was in rut. Almost instantly, I felt the heat in my loins rev up again. I lost the grip on my ben-wa ball and just as the goat was approaching me, it slipped free. I was too slow to catch it. The metallic ping-ping was enough to make him pause, and as the ball rolled into the light at his boots, he took a long draw from his cigarette and looked down at it.

I knew he could smell me, and that he knew where I was standing. No point in hiding out. Rolling the other ball in my hand, I danced out into the alley way, flashing him a sure grin as I bent at the waist to retrieve its partner. He blew out a long cloud of smoke once I rose. The clinking of the metal balls in my paw was the only sound for awhile. The smell of his cigarette was sweet, not like a regular smoke or even a cigar. It actually reminded me a little of candy.

“I’m Tarragon,” I said smartly, my heart going all pitter-patter in my chest. I found myself wondering about the size and shape—but mostly the size—of what he had between his legs.

A too-long smile snaked back along his muzzle. I couldn’t tell in the dim light, but his horns looked deep red, and his eyes didn’t seem to have any color at all. Looking into them, I suddenly felt afraid, which is very unusual for me. I hook up with strangers on an almost-daily basis, and I know how to take care of myself.

“They call me the Beast,” he said. His voice was very low, rumbling, a predator’s voice. It sent unwarranted chills down my spine. He took another drawn-out drag of his cigarette before flicking it off to the side, letting the smoke escape in tendrils from the corners of his mouth. There was definitely a hint of cherry to the smoke.

“Mmm,” I said, “Wonder why they call you that?” I couldn’t help myself. The ben-wa balls were just a warm-up, and now I was ready for the real thing. The scent of my musk from the balls in my paw combined with the goat’s own strange flavor was intoxicating.

Suddenly, I was up against the cool brick wall again. The Beast’s larger form over me got my heart jumping in my chest again. I admit, I was excited with the risky location as much as the goat’s fervor. His mouth tasted like cigarettes and chocolate, and his long, flat tongue forced its way into my mouth in a way I might expect from a larger predator. I felt his blunt fingers on my thigh; he’d already pushed my skirt up, and was grabbing my ass, pulling me against him. Through the thick denim of his jeans, I could feel the hint of his organ. It wasn’t even hard yet, but I could tell it was big.

I caught a breath of air when he pulled back, licking his black lips. I noticed that the Beast had fangs—a goat with fangs—so he was probably not all goat. It explained a bit—I may be a cat, but even I am usually larger than a goat. The Beast towered over me by at least a good foot.

“You like danger,” he said. It wasn’t a question. “That’s good. I am very dangerous.”

As if in response, my heart began to race, pumping more adrenaline through my veins. I could feel his breath on my whiskers.

Suddenly, he spun me around. I pressed my cheek against the brick, my eyes closing as he shoved my skirt up around my hips. My tail flagged, but he grabbed it, moving it aside. I knew he was looking at the leather cuff around my tailbase, and sure enough, a second later his hand came down on my rump with a sound slap. I gasped, instinctively spreading my legs further and bracing myself against the wall. My rear lifted on its own, silently asking for more. I was not disappointed.

I can’t explain why I enjoy being spanked. I certainly don’t always enjoy being talked down to, and I am nobody’s pet or slave. The feeling of a well-placed palm on my ass sends jolts of pleasure right where I need it, and that doesn’t really need explaining. It just feels fucking good.

The Beast knew just how to slap me, too. Fingers together, slight cup to his hand, on the bottom of my ass cheeks. He squeezed just before moving his hand away. My gasps were becoming more vocal as the vibrations traveled to the sweet spot between my legs and I was sure that there was a puddle beneath me by then.

When the Beast was finished with that, I felt him squeezing my rear with his large hands. The flesh beneath his fingers was hot and throbbing. I moaned unabashedly. It was taking all the strength I had to keep my hands splayed on the wall on either side of my head—I wanted so badly to dip my fingers into my slit, to quench the fire that was burning there. I told myself to be patient.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long. I felt the rough tips of his fingers slide up between my sopping lips, rubbing, but not penetrating. A groan escaped my clenched teeth as I arched my rump higher still, my back aching.

“You’re so fuckin’ wet,” I heard him whisper, just before his fingers moved away. I bit my lip to stifle a plaintive cry, my entire body thrumming like a taut chord. I heard him strike a match, smelled the sharp sulfur, and I knew he was smoking again. The sweet smell of his flavored cigarette wafted over my shoulders as he leaned against me, his almost hoof-like fingertips pulling my camisole up, over my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra, either, and my breasts filled his large hands. I heard him take a drag of his cigarette, the soft crackling of the burning paper close to my ear.

He spun me around again, grabbing one of my hands and pulling it to his fly. I’d realized by then that he was not the type to get hard over just a little stimulation—he was going to need some special attention. I knew just the thing. As I diligently unbuttoned his pants, pulling the tight zipper down, he puffed away on his smoke, the cigarette dangling from his slightly parted lips.

The Beast wasn’t wearing any underwear, either. He didn’t have a sheath, at least, not one like other furs. His organ hung down into the right pant leg. I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed it earlier—even flaccid, I could see the shape of it perfectly pinned against his leg by the denim. My mouth was watering already. I tugged the heavy flesh out, feeling its sleeping weight in my paws. Without direction, the Beast moved silently back just enough for me to kneel in front of him.

“What a beautiful cock,” I heard myself say. His fingers through the fur between my ears let me know that my words pleased him. I pulled back the skin over the flat head of his penis, enticed by the salty-sweet smell, entranced by the feeling of his blood at last flowing into this piece of meat. I opened my mouth, knowing that once he was hard, I wouldn’t be able to get it in there. My tongue slipped beneath his foreskin; the slight abrasiveness on his sensitive parts made his length twitch with anticipation. I sucked on his tip, rewarded by a few drops of hot liquid on my tongue.

It wasn’t long before I had to let him pop out of my mouth, but I didn’t let his organ go neglected. I pushed it up—must have been at least a foot long, by now—and licked the underside of it, all the way from the thick, curly fur at the base to the still-glistening tip. My hands danced around his cock, pulling the mottled flesh, massaging more blood into it. I let my drool lube his length, all the while imagining how it was going to feel, my own sex pulsing with hunger.

“Get up,” he grunted finally, just when I was beginning to consider letting one paw slip between my thighs. I couldn’t move fast enough. Finally standing, leaning back against the bricks again, my heart was racing and I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. When had I dropped my ben-wa balls?

The Beast did not give me long to linger. He pushed up my skirt again, his cock leaving damp spots on the thin fabric as it bunched at my waist. He lifted me and I placed my hands on his arms, superficially delighted in the bunching muscle under my palms as he steadied me against the wall.

He didn’t even have to aim. I felt the blunt tip pressing against my sex, willing it to stretch. It rubbed teasingly against my clitoris, hot and slick, and I moaned loudly. My moan stopped short as that thick head pushed past my defenses, squeezing into my toned tunnel, spreading me. Pleasure blossomed, sprouting as he continued to push in, hardly giving my body time to adjust for his size.

I dug my heels into the small of his back, willing him forward. He groaned with the effort, his noise making me clench my muscles reflexively. This made him pause, then suddenly, quickly complete his push into me, hilting that long, thick staff inside of me. I could feel the dull ache inside me that meant he was pressing against my cervix, but before it could get uncomfortable, he was drawing his cock out again, the cigarette hanging limply from his lips as he panted. “Fuckin’ tight,” he muttered, dropping ashes on my chest.

The going was extremely slow at first, with the exception of his first push in. I slid my arms up to his shoulders, my hands clenching bunches of his long fur. It didn’t seem like he was going to be able to speed up at all; my body did not want to conform to his larger size. This was to no loss of pleasure for either of us, however, and I felt my body shake as I neared my first orgasm. Sensing this, the Beast took the dying cigarette from his lips and flicked it away, exhaling smoke from his nostrils as he claimed my mouth again, pressing his body inside me. He stuck to shorter pumps, stroking my deepest recesses, the blunt tip of his cock still tapping my cervix. The thought of his cum filling me, breaking past that seal, suddenly overcame me, pushing me over the edge. I gasped and yowled with my climax, my claws digging into him as he continued to thrust against my flexing muscles. He never paused, but worked through my orgasm, his hips finally able to move faster. As I calmed, panting, the sensations were doubled, tripled, and I couldn’t keep my mouth quiet anymore. Every movement the Beast made inside me elicited some sort of cry of pleasure, and I never heard him complain. I knew we wouldn’t be allowed to carry on like this much longer—we were sure to be found out.

Again, he seemed to sense my thoughts. The Beast pulled his long cock out of me with a wet, sloppy sound. I made a pitiful noise, but he was already pulling my skirt back down and setting my unsteady feet back on the ground.

“Your apartment is close,” he rumbled, stuffing his jeans. I didn’t ask how he knew, I just led the way there. I noticed gratefully that no one was standing at the entrance to the alley.

The moment we were inside, he closed the door behind him and locked it. The Beast lifted me up in his arms and carried me into my bedroom, as if he had been here before, and knew where every turn was, every hidden piece of furniture. He dropped me unceremoniously on the bed and closed the door behind him. I was taking off my shirt as he was dropping his jeans, kicking them aside. I wiggled out of my skirt, watching him as he moved over to the shelf built into the wall by the door.

My apartment is my personal place, but my bedroom is a shrine to that which I enjoy the most. I am not ashamed to say that I have my best dildos and other toys displayed on these shelves, along with magazines and books of an erotic nature. The artwork on the walls, tastefully nude throughout the rest of my home, is significantly more sexual in my bedroom.

His expression a mask, the Beast chose a canine dildo from my collection. It was a moderate length, more of a challenge for me because of the bulbous knot near the base. I cannot properly use this one on my own, and seeing him bring it over to me, armed also with a small bottle of lube, awakened a refreshed sense of arousal.

“Turn around,” he directed, kneeling on the bed. His organ was in a half-awakened state, still sticky with my honey. “Let me see that ass again.”

I did as I was told, my heart beating with excitement. Without the distraction of public sex, I could focus my curiosity around him. I felt his wide hand on my rear cheek, rubbing, then giving a little playful slap. I sighed, bowing down on the bed and nuzzling into a pillow. This raised my hips, and my legs parted, presenting myself to him. My tail lifted, the tip brushing my back. I felt him sliding the tapered tip of the dildo along my slit, steadying me with his hand on my rump. Terribly slowly, he pushed the rubber dick inside of me. I was still sopping wet, and it went in easily, being significantly more modest than the Beast’s.

He wiggled the hilted dildo inside of me, rubbing my clit with a finger as he pressed the knot against my opening. I felt my body resisting, trembling, but I couldn’t stop myself from pressing back against it. He rocked it, making the dildo nudge my walls, pressing insistently. He drew it out marginally and slammed it back into me, much the way that a rutting dog would do, and this sent the most carnal of signals down my spine. Though I knew I wasn’t being mated, I couldn’t deny the waves of pleasure this was sending through my body. My gasps became more vocal, and I felt my pussy start to clench against the slick rubber.

The knot was slamming into me, and I knew I was starting to stretch over it. I had a little experience with knots on real lovers, so I knew that I wouldn’t really be stretching over it—it would more like be forced into me, and this was what the Beast was trying to accomplish. I dug my claws into the pillow and bit it as he rammed me with the dildo again and again.

Then suddenly, I was tied. The knot was beyond my outer defenses, my inner walls clenching against it and trying to hold it in while trying to expel it at the same time. I heard the Beast make a small pleased noise.

“Don’t you let that slip out, now,” he said. Panting, I turned my head to look at him. He was stroking his long dick with the lube. My eyes widened, but I felt a trill of excitement run through me.

I watched him until he moved behind me, outside of my vision. Mentally I reminded myself that I should get a mirror or two for my room.

Even though I was prepared, I still started a little when I felt his fingers probing at my back door. I rarely indulge in anal—too much of it can be unhealthy, and while I may be promiscuous, I still want to take care of myself. I knew what to expect and forced myself to relax, concentrating instead on the pressure of the canine dick lodged in my cunt.

With every courtesy, the Beast lubed me up with his fingers first, stretching me with them, while his other hand was stroking his cock against my ass cheek. I felt him slide two, then three fingers inside of me, but I was still focused on the dildo, determined to be relaxed enough for his oversized cock to slip into my ass.

When he finally did press that flat tip against my rear, I felt him slip a hand around to the hilt of the dildo as well, wiggling it around inside my pussy. The sudden pleasure this awakened rolled through me, and I didn’t even feel the usual pain of the initial entrance. It was more of a pressure now, the pleasure multiplied by the feeling of his penis pressing against the canid dildo that plugged my snatch. He eased into me, taking his time for both his benefit and mine.

He was so long, so thick, that it ached my back once he hilted in me. The vibrations of his organ sliding out of me, the way it moved the thick knot of the dildo tied to me, was easily sending me teetering over the edge again. The Beast had put his hand beneath me, flicking my clitoris with his fingers, as if I needed the extra stimulation. I came hard, crying out in my pleasure, as he popped his cock out of my ass and slid it back in again. His hand grabbed the dildo, working it around in my tunnel as I came down from my climax, extending my bliss. My head was swimming and my vocals only grew louder.

“How’s that?” he asked, his free hand slipping under me to grab a swaying breast. His weight over me was hot and heavy. “Do you like my big cock in your ass?”

I moaned my assent, unable to find words at the moment. He was rutting me now, hardly pulling out a few inches before slapping back against me. Still weak from my orgasm, I let his thrusts rock me. I felt him tug on the dildo until the knot popped free, and it seemed like the base of his cock swelled inside me, grateful for the extra room. He was pumping me with the dildo now in a beat that offset his own motions, rubbing the base of the rubber dick down to nudge at my very sensitive clitoris. I groaned into the pillow, knowing he was going to make me come again.

My next orgasm rolled into me, making my entire body seize up beneath him, my breath caught in my throat. He snatched the dildo away and pinched my clit, sticking his thumb into my tunnel and bending it to press into my g-spot while he pounded away at my ass. I came down from it quickly, panting and leaning into the pillow, wet with my own drool. He pulled his organ out of me and stepped back from the bed.

I felt open, exposed, but most of all, cold. I didn’t have the energy to do much besides roll over onto my back, following him curiously with my eyes. He’d gone over to the shelf again, and I knew what he was doing instantly. I had some gentle cleaning wipes for sensitive areas for such an occasion—again, taking care of my body—and he was taking one out of the little white box to clean off that magnificent cock. I blinked at it, trying to focus my eyes—was there a knot on it before?

He dropped the wipe into the trash pail next to the bed before crawling back over the rumpled coverlet to me. The Beast lifted my legs, opening them for himself, as he slid into me like it was his rightful place. He fit like a key. His organ was hot, pulsing, pressing against my cervix with an intensity I hadn’t noticed before, but any idea of pain was far gone out of my mind. I felt what was definitely a knot pressing against me, but after being tied with the dildo, I was ready for it. The Beast grunted over me, rutting me now more like an animal, jamming his knot against my pussy. My paws were on his chest, fingers lost in the knotted, messy fur, clinging to him. My hips rose to meet his unnecessarily.

With a loud wet noise, his knot popped inside of me. I felt the flat tip of his cock nudging harder against my cervix and I cried out uncertainly. He made a sort of growling noise, jerking his hips, but never enough to pull his knot out of me. I was overcome by the mental image of his dick filling me, pressing against my uterus. Amazingly I felt another climax rising inside me.

He came first, loudly, and hot; the strong, wet spurts of his seed painting my deepest recesses. I imagined that I could feel the liquid breaching my cervix, even spilling out beyond his knot. He came and came, and I thought he would never stop. But before he finished, I came with him. My orgasm milked him for all he was worth. He shuddered over me, his inky eyes squeezed shut and head held high. We rocked together, both of us still gasping in the final throes of our climax when his knot popped free. I could feel the sticky jizz running down my ass, soaking the bed sheets. The release of pressure inside me was almost as pleasurable as the sex.


The coffee pot bubbled upstairs, its thick morning smell slithering down the cellar steps to bring my thoughts back to earth. I had been elsewhere, it seemed.

I set eight-six-one back in his cage and changed the water, the food. Then I checked the other cages to make sure the other creatures were still visible, or alive. They were both. I stumbled over to the rack of coats and robes that hung under the basement window and behind the stairs. Then I tied the rope around my naked body and heavily mounted the steps.

It was no use to a logical mind to think, what had I done? I knew perfectly well what I’d done and I’d enjoyed it. A little too much in fact. My fingers kept making contact with the smooth pine of the bannister and feeling the soft down of Amber’s stomach flexing under my grasp. Halfway up the stairs I stopped and drew my fingers to my face.

Her smell was almost gone, replaced by eight-six-one and the familiar aroma of wood and must. What if I had fathered another child tonight? What if I was unfaithful to Margaret?

What if that was just a malevolent spirit who haunted the neighborhood?

I smiled. My heart pounded under my chest from confusion and excitement and fear. And yet I was giddy; innocent; powerful and yet humbled by either the girl’s bold concupiscence or my own singular triumph. Hell, why not make it a double. Amber certainly left a good deal of restraint at the window; I couldn’t speak for the girl but there was certainly an aura of triumph about her all throughout her several climaxes… And I, what had I achieved? Everything.

I traipsed into the kitchen in my bare feet, my wife catching my eye over her pointed shoulder and simultaneously smiling into her phone and glowering at me. She was speaking enthusiastically – far too energetically for so early on a Saturday (was it Saturday?) but it was none of my business, or I chose to leave it as none of my business.

As I poured the coffee I suddenly realized that I felt shell less. Naked, obviously, beneath the robe, but that in itself was not uncommon. Rather, before no matter the woes and hormonal highs of Rebecca or the cold reluctance or alien sociability of my wife the words seldom penetrated because the latest failure, theorem, confounded hypothesis, existential convolution of algorithmic righteousness, boredom, numbers and dead mice were cloistered about my brain like cotton pulled over my ears and eyes.


My wife spun on me.

I had laughed aloud. She gave me a dirty look and stomped out of the kitchen, all the while carrying her high, boisterous enthusiasm over the conversation. I smiled bashfully to myself. I had not meant to let that escape but the wave had washed over me all at once.

I was suddenly free from that. Because it worked. After so long.

Not that I held the illusion that I was free from scientific (or perhaps moral, at this point) inquiry. There were still years of tests ahead of me, ahead of the Institute, of all of us. But… Hell…



I didn’t see Margaret for most of the day. We went to bed in silence that night (I having slept most of the day, waking briefly to drive Rebecca somewhere that was going out of business or going on sale, then coming home and devouring most of what remained in the refrigerator). In the morning of course she was already awake and straightening her hair.

Margaret, my wife, hated her curls. I had always loved them, the original trait that spurred my attraction to her, but she straightened them whenever she could; I disapproved but said nothing; she straightened them more. I sensed that in this, like in so many minute conflicts between us, there was always the brief opportunity for resolution. But we had been married a long time now, almost nineteen years (as long as I had lived without her) and we gradually let the unsaid stay unsaid, the gulfs of unpleasantness that could erupt at the mildest comment soon growing so wide that there was little to bridge the gap between what we had in common – which was little. Ultimately we, like her parents before us, stopped trying. It was easier and happened as naturally as one year following another. I knew this before now and simply not cared.

I continued to stare at her through the high french doors of the bathroom. I rolled over to my side and watched her in the bright light of the morning window; that heavenly light dwarfing the harsh artificiality of her vanity mirror. Her hair was shorter than when we first met, darker too because she dyed it. Her mother went gray at a young age and she was adamant to never find out what that meant for herself.

Margaret was older than I. She had been a Junior in college at the same time I was completing my accelerated sophomore year. Because I had graduated high school early she had been fascinated with me. Maybe, I thought, in bitter moments when I wondered how it had come to this, she gravitated to me because she was less intimidated by a younger man, thinking too that my intelligence and drive would render me low maintenance. She was right. But I wondered, as I was told by men who were not quite friends but nevertheless valuable companions in my final bachelor days, if she had planned it all. The sudden sexual bouts, the demure outer Catholic mask shed the moment we were far (far) away from students and teachers who knew her and safely ensconced in my dormitory where she unleashed herself on me. She needed very little in return and rewarded my occasional attentions with all that my studies could not relieve. It was perfect.

But I’d never asked about the precautions she was taking. I certainly wasn’t.

I was a young and selfish man. But smart enough to know when I was in trouble. Was I stupid enough to be duped? I always wondered.

But I had to smile now. Because it didn’t matter now. I stared at Margaret in the mirror, at her long lashes that her girlfriends endlessly coveted, telling me how lucky I was to have a wife with such bedroom brown eyes, telling me how impressively she had kept her figure. Margaret was a vegetarian, thin though never much for fitness, with teardrop breasts that sagged but in a full, heavy fashion. She had softened some, from her eyebrows to her ears and her nose, her pale lips. It did her complexion good, the way her chin no longer seemed so cruel or her long neck so strained.

I had been with another woman last night but I… I couldn’t tell where my new happiness sprouted from. Was it finally realizing I had won? Was it conquering that young, brazen runner? Was it just staring at my wife in her mirror? Perhaps it was all these things and more, or less.

“Where were you last night?” she asked.

I cleared my throat. “I worked late in the lab. You probably heard me…”

She pulled the iron away from her hair and squinted at me. “You weren’t in there.”

“I ran. Intermittently.”

“Oh,” she said, and turned back to her mirror. I rolled awkwardly in the bed and her voice floated back to me. “Has the Institute called you?”

She wanted me out of the house. “Not yet,” I said. “But I’m going to speak with some of the lab tomorrow.”

“After the carpool.”

“After the carpool,” I agreed.

“I’m going grocery shopping later. Do you want anything?”

“No,” I said. And that was our last conversation of the day.


I sat behind the wheel in our slanted driveway wondering how it would be to see Amber again. Rebecca had dashed next door to go get her, as she did every morning, and the two would walk back to the car – slower or faster depending on all the important events I was too square to hear.

They came back breathless, both of them wearing enormous grins and Amber especially looking healthy, happy and mischievous. “Well?” she asked my daughter after giving me a hurried hello. I put the car into reverse and rolled into the street while Rebecca pondered aloud.

“Ohhh, I don’t know!”

“Come on!” Amber chided.

Rebecca only laughed in reply.

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

I swerved the car and nearly flattened Mr. Potacki’s little Pomeranian. The girls shrieked and I quickly righted the car.

“What the hell, dad?!” Rebecca screeched.

“Dog in the road,” I said.

“I don’t see-” Amber started but I was already turning the corner.

It didn’t take long for the girls to calm down enough to resume their previous conversation.

“No,” said Rebecca, “that’s so stupid.”

“I think my house is haunted,” Amber whispered. She was downright giddy.

I watched Rebecca smirk in the mirror. “Haunted, huh? You don’t seem scared.”

“No…” Amber taunted. “I think it’s a lonely ghost.”

“Oh yeah?” Rebecca said. The fire was suddenly in her eyes. I realized the two girls were communing in secret right behind me in some significant but abstruse way. “What’s his name?”

Amber shook her head forcefully and Rebecca suddenly attacked her with a furious reaching of fingers and pokes. “Tell me! Tell me!”

“Ow!” Amber groaned. “Stop, stop…” The two were already huffing against each other in a giggling pile.

I regarded them coldly in the mirror. “You’re both far too old to be behaving like that.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Lighten up, dad, this is a big deal.”

“I don’t understand.”

Both girls resumed their conspiratorial smiles. “We know.”

I left them to their huddled whispers, sure of nothing else but the fact that I was most definitely not the subject of their conspiracy. Rebecca knew enough that Amber had had some sort of experience in the last 48 hours. How deeply Amber herself believed in its supernatural validity was debatable, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves. My heart was going to beat heavily all throughout that day, seeing Amber or being found out, what I was about to do after I dropped them off, everything in my mind ensured that my body would be rapt and waiting for the slightest physical incitement.

Rebecca planted a swift kiss on my cheek and hurried out of the car to join the gaggle of girls gathering in the school’s parking lot. Amber pulled her long legs from under her and left her seat, closing the door promptly and pulling her dainty skirt around her calves. I was pulling the car out of neutral when she stepped back to the window.

“Mr. Beal…?”

I froze. I locked the car into park and lowered the passenger side window. She smiled shyly and leaned in.

“What is it, Amber?”

“I want to thank you.”

I raised my eyebrows in an attempt to mask the building tension in my jaw. “What?”

She pulled a lock of hair away from her lip and studied me for half a second before swallowing. “Just…the other night, talking to me.”



“Oh. No. No, not a problem, Amber. Cleared my head too, really.”


It was my turn to smile. “Yes,” I said.

“Okay,” she said happily. “Thanks again, Mr. Beal. Have a nice day!”

I waved back at her as she strode away from the car and joined Rebecca in the lot. It took five minutes to clear out of the parking lot behind the endless red lights of other vans and SUVs and then another five to get on the highway toward downtown.

Thankfully I wouldn’t need to go all the way into the city and could avoid rush hour traffic. Instead I turned off halfway down the pike and sped through the outskirts of Boulder towards the outer city park and the imposing acreage of one of the Institute’s many commercial research facilities.

I stuck my permit on the dashboard and waved at the security as I coasted in, parked, and walked determinedly up the peaceful brick walk between the glass and steel cyclinders of the complex, my hand in my pocket all the while fingering the glass vial in my pocket.

I encountered more and larger crowds of people the closer I got to Building G, most of them enthusiastic looking gentlemen in suits, some old, some surprisingly young. All of them looked hungry for something. I stopped at the employee entrance to the research zone and allowed the security officers to take my badge and frisk me (shifting my leg so that the small vial inconspicuously rolled behind my wallet). I glanced over my shoulder at the men in suits; they watched me curiously in turn. I had seen this before and I knew what it meant: the Institute was ready for business again.

After another kindly wave I was inside the building, my identity card swinging around my neck and my soles making authoritative smacks on the abandoned linoleum. Since disbanding the greater body of its advanced researchers the building was only occasionally used. The Institute had no qualms with allowing its senior staff to use the place but it discouraged too many of us gathering at once. After placing a call late Saturday evening I knew Pris would be working in G all day. After the mass outside I suspected that Pris would be doing more than working.

Priscilla Coker M.D. (with another Ph.D. on the way in advanced theoretical cellular electronics) was not a cold woman by any stretch of the imagination. At 31 she was already a leader in the field of both biological mutation and the budding nanotechnology industry, vivacious and endearing and outwardly one of the key faces of the Institute. She was 5’8″, platinum blonde (not naturally) and – as one of the key faces of the Institute – had to smile a lot and wear the sort of outfits that made lab work potentially hazardous. But the Institute needed that because most of us were not so striking to look at. Behind the veneer of Priscilla’s bright white smile, however, was an exacting, even cruel ambition. She was not, despite her high praise in the industry, its leading figure in theoretical transhumanist research. She had a good team of energetic graduates behind her that did what they were told and were rewarded accordingly. And many times over, if tales told out of school are to be believed. But there was a high burnout rate and young men in her brilliant cabal tended to last only so long. Which is not to say that Priscilla didn’t have talent. The girl could thread DNA like a fabled tailor if she ever got her hands on the right tools, and few understood the chemical reactions on the molecular level the way she did. It was never overtly clinical, her methods, but something emphatically instinctual. Public relations were as natural to her as being undressed. She was dangerous but valuable. And, after all, weren’t we after the same thing?

I found her door open, her legs shining under the heat of a solitary lamp at her desk and her knees crossed over each other in a short, red skirt. She looked up when I knocked on the door, her pale green eyes going from curious to tight in the time it took her to recognize me.

“Good morning, Pris.”

She smiled coldly. “Beal. I didn’t think you’d actually show up.”

I crossed her sterile and ordered office and sat down across from her on the other side of the desk. I appraised her shelves. “Your office is neater than anyone else I know. I suppose that’s one way to keep clean – don’t read the books.”

She sneered. “I heard one of the janitors nearly killed himself trying to get into yours. Bit of a health hazard, isn’t it? And besides,” she uncrossed her legs and leaned back, “at least I have friends.”

I leaned forward, my elbows on her desk. “You’ve got me there, Professor Coker. That’s exactly why I’m here.”

She gave a high, hollow laugh. “Moses comes down from the mountain, huh? You’re lucky you’re smart, Abner. Otherwise people might think you’re irrelevant.”

“Better that than illiterate, I always say.”

She frowned. “Why ARE you here? I really didn’t expect to see you. You’re always working.”

“I work until I get results.”

“Very funny,” she said. And stopped.

Her chair cracked as she slowly came upright. “What do you mean?”

“How are the nanites coming?” I asked casually.

“They’re still… they don’t seem to respond to photons the way we expected. The way I expected.” Ask Priscilla the right question about her work and she became just enough of a tolerable person. I never managed that trick myself. “I keep telling Corman that nanites are the wrong way to go about combatting the spectrum. I should be shifted over to neural engagement and let you and the rest of the sci-fi scum work on this whole optical nonsense.”

“Nonsense, is it?”

“It is…” She studied me coolly. “What’s up, Abner? You’re awfully pleasant for so early in the decade.”

I shrugged.

She sighed and shook her head. “I don’t have time for this now anyway. I have a presentation before the investors. Remember that atmospheric shield you opposed?”

“I don’t oppose the idea but the method is entirely wrong. If you want to create a barrier that large you need ten times the output and a completely different agent for the plutonium. It will dissolve at that speed.”

“That’s not what Bostwick says.”

“Bostwick is a quack who still thinks he can send amphibians back in time.”

Priscilla waved her hands in the air, dispelling the possibility of my rambling on about meteorological endogenics. “Whatever,” she said. “The Institute wanted me to sell it to the money.”

I stood up. “What do you mean?”

She tightened her blouse around her shoulders and gathered her papers. She grinned like a jack knife. “It means they’re apt to take me at my word, Professor, which is more than I can say for you.”

“If the Institute gets that project up and running the whole Advanced Espionage unit will be shuffled back another decade. Even if they spent half the budget recruiting new blood there’s no way they’d have the manpower and money to sustain the rest of our research.”

“So wait till next decade.” She strode out of her office. I pursued hot on her stiletto heels. “I don’t know what you’re so pissed about, Abner,” she continued, “you’ll probably be picked to lead it.”

“Over sixty five individual devices and more than two dozen research units will be compromised by investment in some ridiculous vanity project that wouldn’t pass muster at a grade school science fair!”

Pris tossed her hair over her shoulder and laughed in my face. “That’s so cute! Since when did you give a shit about other units’ research?” She continued to march determinedly down the hall to the massive auditorium across campus.

“There’s a difference between science and fiction, Priscilla. And there’s such a thing as principles.”

She spun on her crimson heel. Thrusting a hand into my chest she stared up into my eyes. “Stop it right there, Abby. The Institute cares about two things: money and money. I’m sure you’re aware that you are dispensable, no matter how big your brain is. In the meantime though, why not enjoy that sloppy paycheck that comes your way every two weeks and get with the fucking program.” She narrowed her eyes.

I casually pried her fingers back from my shirt. “Language, Pris.”

She laughed another high, hollow laugh, each one of her pearly teeth glinting in the hallway lights. I watched her swallow that sound, her ruby lips puckering for a moment while she thought about what to do with me. Finally she said, “I’m going to enjoy watching you lead this vanity project. I hope your principles don’t send you and your musty office packing in a cardboard box because it,” she leaned in close, the words cutting through her teeth, “is going to feel so good to watch you try to figure out how to make Bostwick’s project fly. Because if I know anything about men with principles it’s that they’ll try to make shit smell like flowers before they admit defeat. Even you, Abner,” she pointed, again making sure she touched my chest, “will admit that. Are you really going to throw a tantrum to the Institute…just because you know the project’s a waste of your time?”

“So we’re agreed it’s a waste of time.”

She smirked and retreated back down the hall. “Of course it is. But I, unlike you, Professor Beal, have more on my mind than how super smart I am. I like to think about the number of bathrooms I’m going to have when this is all said and done.” I watched her shoulders tense as she drew her hands together. “I’m thinking six – just one more than I really need.”

“That is entirely superficial,” I said.

“Isn’t it great?” She was practically beaming with anticipation. We crossed the empty courtyard in silence and swiftly made our way to the bustling theater. She glanced into the guest entrance and quickly made for the back portico.

“Prepare to be rich,” she said and patted me on the arm. I watched her step behind the curtain and suddenly meet what sounded like hundreds of excited cheers.

I paced behind the curtain itself, listening to the opening joke about how stodgy the rest of us scientists were and how they must have all felt overdressed. Or something like that. By that point I was livid. Bostwick! An ignoramus spawned by a community of ignoramuses! What passed for science in his febrile mind would have choked a primate with its absurdity! And Priscilla knew! She welcomed it just as the Institute had because she knew it was exactly the kind of thing the investors were willing to pay for: flash and fury… There was nothing subtle about the atmospheric shield. It was just another buzz word for missile defense only now it was the twenty-first century and the magic was just within our grasp – for upwards of several billion inflated dollars!

I threw my arms about petulantly and felt ridiculous. Hadn’t I just come to reinvigorate this greedy place? One swig of this elixir and disappear! No need to invest in overpriced tomfoolery when you could send some invisible operative to just deactivate the enemy’s defenses. No missiles required! All it needed now was testing – testing to make sure the effects lasted, that there were no side-effects, that it worked. Hell, I knew it worked…

No missiles required.

I glanced over my shoulder at Priscilla’s erect posture while she dazzled the murmuring crowd with facts and figures and a questionably tasteful decolletage. She was right; she could sell them on it. She was poised, confident, and well organized.

The security was guarding the outside doors, not the inside. There were men at the foot of the stage but no one behind the curtain. I reached into my pocket and pulled the vial out. It caught the reflections of the stage lights in its thin glass, the liquid within shimmering where the light didn’t quite refract the way it should have. Why did I bring it anyway? For science.

I popped the rubber cork and drank it, not stopping to think, as I swiftly began to unbutton my shirt, what would happen if this invisibility gag was all in my mind when I stepped out in front of three or four hundred monied ladies and gentlemen. If it worked as quickly as last time I’d only need a few minutes for it to take effect. If it didn’t last as long as last time I could be in for trouble. But what was I going to do exactly?

I was already down to my boxer shorts and black socks when my fingers drained of all their color. It was like staring through a glass statue, my forearm. I trailed my fingers down my chest and watched chest hair hang in space and then shorten and vanish. I reached down and pulled the sock off of nothing at all, then the other, finally drawing my boxers from mid-air to the ground. I was gone.

“Priscilla,” I whispered into her ear, “do you believe in ghosts?”

The girl snapped her head to the side as if a bullet had swiped across her face. She hadn’t heard me come up behind her from around the curtain and, despite my lifelong stage fright, picturing myself naked in front of the fully clothed assembly was doing much more to inspire my confidence than the other way around. As soon as she turned her head I tapped her on the opposite shoulder – just like some kind of looney tune! She started and whipped to the side, suddenly reaching out into nothing.

I backtracked quickly behind her and let the projector at the far end of the auditorium glide through me to the opposing screen. The happy murmurings of the crowd had suddenly frozen; the whole gathering waiting to understand what had happened. Priscilla, ever the diplomat, smiled broadly and apologized for the sudden interruption. There was a mad fly looking to sabotage the operation. That got an appreciative chuckle from the crowd.

She went on with the speech, the projection behind us outlining the basic planning stages of Bostwick’s idiot schematics. I couldn’t have that. I moved back beside Priscilla and breathed softly in her ear. I had to hand it to the girl, she had talent. All she did was deftly cup her ear, as if pulling a stary hair back around her earlobe (which, for anyone close enough, was ridiculous – each of her hairs was perfectly in place). Then I glided behind her and blew into the next. When she waved that off I suddenly realized just how many were in the crowd before us.

Tentatively I strode towards the edge of the stage. I stared out at the legion of faces, even waved my privates at them, stuck out my tongue, made crazy grimaces. Nothing, no one could see me. I cast no shadow. I danced before the projector and made not a single impression. This was brilliant!

Of course I still hadn’t achieved my objective. So I sallied back to Priscilla and decided to do something drastic. I placed two fingers, very gently, on the back of her neck.

Her whole body went bolt upright but she continued her drone. Perhaps it wasn’t noticeable to the eyes in the back but those at the front were visibly bemused. Priscilla by now realized there was something on stage with her but I was just over her shoulder and I could see her scan her periphery and then the eyes of the audience. No one, not even her, could see anyone but her.

I let my fingers glide down her back, over the fabric of her suit jacket. One elbow tried to nonchalantly brush me away but the gesture was too awkward to carry off, so she swung her arm back, right into my face. Her fingers gave a trembling spasm as they connected with my nose and she couldn’t help but turn. But no, I still wasn’t there, but yes, she did let out a yelp.

Priscilla was by the second looking more frantic – not afraid, but suddenly on unfamiliar ground. She returned to the podium and gripped the sides of the lectern with overeager excitement. Now she had happened on a stilted tangent about the return on investment the bigwigs were guaranteed. Most of them were still on board. Some of them looked unconvinced.

When she went for the lectern she removed herself from my radius, but that was easily remedied. I came up behind her again and drew my fingers down her back. Her legs were shaking behind the podium, each muscle punished by the high stilettos and sweat actually visible in the spaces behind her knees. I wasn’t sure how far I intended to go but my hand was now resting on her impressively toned buttocks. The red skirt glided under my fingertips but still, even still, Priscilla continued to sell it.

So I gently brushed the skirt back and reached underneath. It ocurred to me, even at this stage, that this was twice now I’d used invisibility to my voyeuristic advantage. I wondered if the corruption was inevitable. Yet how corrupt was seeing a round, flexed bottom (my fingers crept stealthily past the band of her panties and into the wet crevice of her ass crack) and not experimenting?

Below Priscilla’s waist everything was shaking. It was as if her legs were caught in a miniature earthquake and her upper body was capable of floating above it. But I could see the tremors in the white knuckles on the podium. And we both knew that she couldn’t risk giving anything away to the attentive eyes in the darkness. I slipped deeper into her ass crack, coming behind her and laying a hand over her left fist. Priscilla glanced at it, glanced at where she figured my shoulders were, and after a sudden eruption of laughter or applause from the audience I heard her whisper away from the microphone, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“You stop I’ll stop,” I whispered into her ear.

“You don’t have the balls.”

My hand slipped underneath her. I twisted my palm and pressed my fingers between her legs. I cupped her vagina and sunk my middle finger up inside her.

Priscilla’s sudden gasp was swallowed by a cascading round of applause.

“Okay,” she whispered as the applause died down. “Okay…” But even as she said it I watched her tighten her resolve and simultaneously felt her vaginal muscles tighten around my finger. She was going to try to ride it out. Ride was the operative word.

I began rocking my middle finger back and forth inside of her. Priscilla caught herself just before her knees buckled, then caught herself again as she tried to rock with it. The intense sweat collecting underneath her made her extremely slippery and my wrist and forearm were already damp wedged up against her body. I decided to send an exploratory thumb up into her anus.

“Polychromatic cells go beyond mere shading in this instance and na-ahhhhhhh!” Her sudden (almost erotic) outburst sent more than a few men to attention. It was as if I held her erect with my right hand, my left hand locked over hers, my fingers plugged into her body and her lower body noncomittally trying to force me out. “Nnmm,” she went on. “The fibers…” I wiggled my ring finger up inside what felt like a thick labial lip. “The fibers…” she gasped. “Ah.” She wet her lips and let out a tremendous breath. “To create this process, we…” My slick middle finger withdrew from her vagina and I slipped it gently up…

“We…” she tried again (the audience could not see her ass gently arching back onto my thumb, her back twisting).

My finger fondled.

“Oh,” she sniffed. “We, uh, ahm. Excuse me.”

My middle finger wicked across her clitoris.

“OH my God!” she suddenly blurted into the microphone. She slapped her hands over her mouth and darted to the right of the stage. My hand still stuck inside her panties I was dragged offstage with her, a weird fin-like protrusion seeming to hump out behind the girl’s skirt.

I finally pulled my hand away from her as she stalked through the theater doors and started lambasting the air.

“You dirty fucking bastard!” she shouted. The security guard started moving towards her and she shrieked at him. “Get away from me, asshole!” The man spoke some stuttered words into his walkie and backed away terrified. Priscilla clomped about ten more steps before cracking one of her heels. She swore loudly and kicked the shoe off, then ripped the other one off with her hand and continued to march across campus back the way we’d come. I followed behind her.

“Are you there?” she snapped as we strode back into G. We were in the hallway again.

“Indeed I am.”

She clawed wildly at the air behind her, realized she looked insane, and let out another stream of enraged curses.

“You might have gotten me fired!”

“Principles,” came the floating voice over her shoulder.

She groaned and shook her platinum head. “You touched me…” she muttered. We were stomping back to her office.

“You’re taking this rather well,” I replied.

“Well you’re obviously fucking invisible.”

“Language, Pris.”

We banged back into her office and she whirled on the space behind her. “Where are you?”

“I’m reluctant to say.”

She stepped backwards in her bare feet and sat on her desk. “Is this easier?”

I stepped forward cautiously. “Maybe.”

She flipped up her skirt. “Is this easier?”

“…I’m confused.”

“Come here…” she said huskily and reached out for me. “Are you naked?”

Before I knew what I’d done I was standing over her desk and she was reaching out to me. Her fingers first brushed my cock and I watched her eyes go wide as my stiff member passed invisibly through her hand. “Oh my God…” she whispered. Her manicured nails sifted into my pubic hair and roved up my stomach and chest. “You’re…you fucking did it…” Her fingers continued across my shoulders. She kept pinching and poking, dragging her nails down my sides. All the while I noticed that she was spreading her legs over her perfect desk. “Do something to me,” she whispered.


“I- I don’t know. My hair!”

I reached out and swept my fingers through her thin blonde, nearly white, hair. I let the hair slip through my hand as I pulled it towards me. Priscilla watched wide eyed as her hair floated before her eyes. She let out a low, earthy laugh. “Do something else,” she whispered.


“Do what you did on stage, you bastard.”

“This?” I laid my hand over her left hand.

“No…” she said. Her legs opened wider on the desk.

“This?” I breathed softly into her ear.

She shivered but shook her head. “No,” she said. “But you don’t have to stop doing that…” While I moved in closer her hands reached up to run down my chest and stomach again.

I pulled my hand away from hers and dragged my trembling fingers up her soft thighs. “This?” I breathed into her ear.

“Oh…” Her breath was coming so rapidly that it was catching in her throat.

I drew a finger over her (what I now saw were lacy, crimson) panties. She sucked a tremendous amount of air down her upturned mouth and fluttered her eyelids. “This?” I said into her ear as I slipped my fingers inside of her.

Her legs clamped shut over my invisible hand and she ground her pussy against me. “Yes,” she groaned. She pressed her head against my temple and reached behind me to claw at my back. “Oh, you fuck…” she groaned.

I don’t know what possessed me other than sheer, powerful lust. I reached down and tore her panties apart. She gasped as she saw the flimsy material fly from her bald pussy. “You wouldn’t,” she taunted.

“This?” I said, and pushed my cock up against her skirt.

“Bastard,” she whispered, reaching for it and dragging it down. “Bastard,” she moaned as she led it to the entrance of her slit. “Fuck me,” she demanded as her thighs raised to allow me entrance into her-


The two of us slammed back to reality as the voice came bawling from the hall. “Holy Hell…” Priscilla rasped as the sound of footsteps came trundling towards us. Gathering her bag and a few choice items she grabbed where she figured my wrist was (missed, but I grabbed her fingers) and pulled me out her office door and down the hall in the opposite direction. Both of us were barefoot and our soles slapped down the hall and made several extreme turns around and around the complex, all the time the voices behind us, all the while more footfalls in pursuit. At last we burst from the building and sprinted towards the parking lot.

“You have to make sure I don’t get fired!” she yelled over the racing wind.

“Why’s that?”

“Sexual harassment!” she screamed. We scurried over the grass and flew into the parking lot. “Where’s your-” She must have realized I was either invisible or without pockets because she suddenly pulled to the left and started pumping her elegant legs towards her own car. “Are you there?” she called back.

“I am,” I said at her side.

She panted. “How are you right there?”

“I run a lot.”

She unlocked her doors from a distance and we piled in on either side.

“I did not intend to get you fired,” I said.

“Right,” she replied. “Fuck you just the same, Abner.” She started the car and we pulled out fast. “And if you don’t mind, nobody needs to know about what may or may not have almost happened back there. This has been an incredibly stupid morning.”

I buckled the seatbelt over myself and Priscilla did a double take.

“That’s so weird.”

We pulled away from the complex and got back on the highway towards suburbia.

“Okay, look,” she said, dragging her fingers through her hair. “I’m going to try to salvage this. I’ll tell Corman and the heads that you’re on top of this.” (She seemed awkward with the phrase.) “I’ll tell them… I had a bluetooth or something and you had a eureka moment or… Dammit, Abner, you better not have got me fired!”

“You’re still taking this well.”

“Because fuck Bostwick!” she bellowed. “You’re invisible!” She reached over and spread her hands over my chest. “And you’re…in much better shape than I imagined.”

“You imagined?”

“You’re still a pain in the ass, Beal. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

“But I am a genius.”

“Unfortunately,” Prisiclla sighed, merging into the carpool lane, “you are.”

“You’re in the HOV.”

“So what?” She thought for a moment. “Right.” She merged back into the fast lane. “I will help you,” she said. “But you have to help me, too.”

“That’s why I came to you.”

“You can’t tell anyone else for now. Who else knows? Your wife? You have a wife, right?”

“She doesn’t know.”

“Who knows?”

Briefly I thought of Amber. “No one,” I said. “And,” I continued, “the formula is not in my laboratory.”

She glanced at me, or the window really, from behind her blonde tresses. “So what?”

“In case you were thinking of having the Institute take what they rightfully own…instead of firing you.”

She turned back to the road. “I wouldn’t do that.”

“Wouldn’t you?”

We drove on in uneasy silence.


I gave her directions to my address and she drove me home. It was almost one in the afternoon but it already felt like a whole day had passed. I had taken the serum only two hours before so I had at least four (and likely five) more hours until I was visible. It would be strange, I realized, when I saw Priscilla again. Being invisible, without meeting one’s eyes in reflection, gave a curious but compelling objectivity to one’s consciousness – and at the same time an inescapably powerful lack of accountability. I could never have done the things I’d done in the past few days if they could see my face.

But it wasn’t just that they couldn’t see my face, Amber, Priscilla, my wife, the audience… It was that I had no face at all. I was not simply myself invisible; I was a void: a complete non-entity who nevertheless had hands and blood. And could do things. And could both create and destroy while being nothing, nowhere at all. I resolved not to think on this too deeply. It was not my way, and I wondered if it was not to my advantage to ponder too deeply on how unfettered and unopposed I had become.

“Can you get inside without a key?” Priscilla asked.

“I’ll find a way,” I said. I unbuckled the belt and opened the door. “Thank you.”

She reached out. I stopped. She held my forearm in her fingers, not out of longing but curiosity. I let her study it, pinch me again, feel my veins beneath my skin and the hair under her thumb. “You really did it, Abednego,” she said. “You sick bastard.” She gave me an alluring, half-mocking smirk and watched the door swing wide and shut. Then she peeled away from the driveway and zoomed out of the suburbs honking all the while. We had agreed to meet at the week’s end when she had had time to smooth over the mess I’d caused.

At the very least I had saved over sixty-five projects from total obscurity, and the jobs of at least half that number. Not something I would have considered before and, in truth, my actions this morning were selfish ones. Yet selfish actions can have charitable results, now and again.

My front door was unlocked.

I hadn’t really thought about it. I’d just wandered to the front door, forgetting my nudity and the fact that I was keyless, and pantsless besides. But the knob turned and swung open in my hand. I denied the urge to call out, to ask if anyone was home.

Because there was very definitely someone home.

I could hear them upstairs. At first, as I searched the bottom floor, all I heard was a muddled bumping, an inconstant creak that was gone as soon as I focused. But there was a greater urgency to the sound, a harder force behind it. The commotion was building somewhere and it was becoming clearer that whoever was causing it was certain they were alone.

The sound of a woman’s voice filled the house. It echoed down the stairwell with an unquiet command, wild, gaining ferocity and passion as it bounced throughout the kitchen. Was it Rebecca, I wondered? Had she cut class and come wandering home with some teenage specimen of fumbling ardor? It sounded too harsh for Rebecca.

Welcome back! In this chapter, Matt finds out who he is. Disclaimers are in part one. Of course, all characters are over 18. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

Matt and Sheila were walking hand in hand through the blackness of the rocky wasteland that lay in every direction beyond the Sanctuary of Forsaken Souls. They slowly picked their way among the rocks and sand, and a charred breeze blew over them.

For the most part, they did not speak. There was little to say after Matt announced his intentions to Sheila.

He was going to bring her to the Valley of Judges. He was confident that she should be judged.

Sheila held that it was insanity, but she plodded on. She craved his touch, particularly the way his big hands encircled her neck when they fucked. Besides, eternity was a bore, and she was enjoying Matt’s companionship more than any other soul she had been screwing in the Sanctuary.

“Ow!” she cried, stubbing her toe and stumbling. Matt steadied her.

He lifted her easily into his arms and cradled here, and resumed marching through the dark waste.

“I’m okay,” she said after a few minutes.

“So am I. I could do this indefinitely.”

“Look,” she said, pointing to the horizon. “See the redness?”

“Great!” Matt said as he saw it. “We’re finally heading out of these dark wastes!”

“And heading into Avernus. It’s a fiery lava field full of demons. Are you sure you don’t want to turn back now?”

“There is no turning back,” Matt replied.

“You’ll change your mind when you see it,” she warned, but to no avail. He insisted on moving forward, and carried he while he plodded on towards the red light.

After a few miles, Matt noticed that it was becoming possible to pick out the rocks that were strewn along the hill, so he let Sheila walk, and they picked up the pace a little. Looking over at Sheila, Matt admired not only her supple, feminine curves but also the purpose in her step, the focus in her gaze.

She in turn would frequently turn to look at him, the goliath of a man, the dim glow from the horizon accenting his mountainous muscles. She wondered what their potential was. Could he fight the demons with his bare hands, and win? Such a mortal was unheard of, or at least very rare. He would have had to have been a mighty prophet to have such a strong spirit.

The dirt gave way to bare rock. They made their way over a rise and surveyed the lands beyond. Black volcanic rock was lined with veins of lava.

Suddenly they spotted a creature emerging from a cave. It was a marilith, a six-armed woman who from the hips down had a powerful, massive snake tail. Her torso was a sickly jaundiced color and her hair was writhing with snakes. Her lips were the color of seaweed and she bared sharp fangs. The obscene creature had full, heavy breasts that it was cradling seductively. It brandished an assortment of blades in its hands.

“Get back!” shouted Matt as he placed himself between Sheila and the demonic creature.

The demon moved with surprising alacrity, slamming Matt with her tail and sending him sprawling. She lunged for him, coiling her trunk-like tail around his body and squeezing. She held her blades at the ready if needed.

Matt struggled, pushing out against the demon’s crushing constriction attack. Slowly, he pushed back against her, and she cursed him in her demonic tongue and began cruelly carving out his eyes and flaying the flesh from his face. He tried to shut his eyes as her serrated cleaver tore into his flesh and popped his eyeballs.

A lesser soul would have given up, but Matt was determined to make the snake bitch suffer. He reached out with both hands, groping wildly and grasping her forearms. He pulled on her arms with a sudden jerk, until she was too close for swords. Then, he head-butted her.

He could only hope that his technique had been effective. He twisted his arms around hers, snapping two of her arms off at the elbows. She recoiled in pain and tried to slither away, but he lunged for the sound and got her tail. He squeezed until he crushed the powerful corded muscles underneath, leaving much of her tail paralyzed.

The marilith tried to move, but her tail was dead weight on her body. She flailed at the ground and dropped her weapons in an attempt to crawl away from the giant’s crushing arms. Matt however was feeling his way up the rest of her tail. He sat down on the small of her back and grabbed the her head, pulling and twisting it.

The snakes in her hair bit his arms repeatedly, filling them with venom, and she tried to pull his hands away with her arms, but he held on with desperation and twisted with all his might.

Unable to rip her head off, Matt tore her other arms off. Now with six arm stumps flailing, she was all but helpless as he proceeded to pound her face into the rock. He grabbed her head with both hands and slammed it into the ground, over and over. Each time it made a sickening sound like rotten wood crunching. He kept going until her head had been crushed to a pulp.

The demon’s corpse dissolved into thin air, and a rush of light began pouring out of Matt’s body. His eyes and mouth glowed, as did all of the wounds in his face and arms. Energy filled his being to the core, and flooded out. In a blaze of light his wounds were healed, the poisons purged, and his strength renewed.

“You can fight them! You can!” Sheila jumped for joy, hope filling her heart.

“That was too close,” he said. He scanned the skies, both eyes in sharp focus. “Quick, there are others coming this way. Come on, run!” He led her towards a cave that he spotted not far away.

As soon as they had entered it, however, their surroundings seemed to dissolve and change. They found themselves in a strange hallway lined with doors. Dim green light from the far end of the hall illuminated the way, and from the cracks in the doors, came light of other colors, from red to yellow to white.

A ferocious-looking demon with the legs of a bull and the head of a white wolf and a battle axe turned and spotted them. A snake growing from its back hissed at them.

“Quick!” Sheila called, opening the door next to her. She tumbled through it, but when he attempted to follow the door had already slammed shut and was locked.

The demon, a molydeus, was almost upon him, and it was swinging a wicked looking battle axe.

Matt lunged for the door across the hall, and tumbled through. Little did he realize that like Sheila, he had walked through a one way door to the lair of a demon.

He was ankle deep in hot water, inside of a cave. The walls were illuminated by an intense red glow.

“Sheila!” he called, spinning around.

She was not there. The room was unoccupied, from what he could tell. The cavern was ringed with a series of stalactites and stalagmites that formed a wall, there was only darkness beyond. One side of the room had a smooth rock formation that protruded from the shallow water to form an island large enough to lie on.

The cave was about the size of a typical living room, and there were a few shelves with books and candles.

Opposite from the side of the room with the island, the floor beneath the water seemed to drop away, the water was deep and black.

No, there was something there. As he watched, a female slowly emerged from the water. She possessed surpassing beauty, dark red lips curled in a seductive smile and her steaming curves were dripping with rivulets of hot water from the water she had just emerged from. The sight of her generous curves and nearly hairless pussy almost overwhelmed Matt. He took note of her horns, bat-like wings, and a tail, and even if he had no idea what a succubus was, he suspected it would tempt him in order to defeat him.

He made a lunge for her, sure that he would break her scrawny neck with a quick twist, but the floor was too slippery and he couldn’t pounce as fast as he hoped. She dodged and levitated to one side. He plunged into the hot water, creating an enormous splash that rebounded throughout the room.

He was now submerged in the water, heated from a hot spring somewhere. It made his body tingle all over and he shut his eyes tight to keep the water from stinging them. He kicked for the ground below and felt nothing but water. With a stroke from his arms, he reached the surface, sputtering, and hurriedly wiped the water from his face. Blinking, he scanned every corner of the room only to find the succubus reclining on a rock as if it were as soft as a couch.

She was propped up on one elbow and smiling with amusement. Matt’s body was growing hotter every second he stayed in the water, and the heat was making him dizzy. Her sexy laugh was quite unmistakable, even amidst the splashing and through his waterlogged ears. He struggled to pull himself up out of the water. The rock was smooth and slippery and he was forced to reach forward, place his palms flat on the rock and very slowly push his body up out of the water until he could lift a knee up over the ledge.

“My my, what have we here,” she mused, as his muscles flexed and he made his way up onto the ledge. “Such an amazing specimen. You look good enough to eat.”

Matt was so dizzy he could barely take a step forward. Was it the heat, or something else? He took a step forward and clenched his fist. He tried to reach back, but his body would not respond.

“I wouldn’t bother trying to kill me in my own lair. You don’t have a prayer in hell.” She giggled. “Oh, I rarely get to use that one,” she sighed wistfully. “Really, big man, why bother?”

She took a bottle of perfume down from a shelf. Pointing it at Matt’s face, she squeezed the pink bladder several times, releasing a series of pink clouds that floated towards him.

His cock twitched with the very first puff of perfume that hit his nostrils, the flowery musk made his mind spin harder with each cloud that hit.

She walked up to him and pressed her fingertips against his rigid abs. “Truly amazing. Who are you?”

“I don’t know,” he managed dumbly. “Call me Matt.”

“That’s better,” she said, confident that he would not try to kill her anymore. “Mine is Aryella. Pleased to meet you.” She was close enough to sniff his cock, and she immediately sensed that he had been with another woman. The other thing she sensed was that he was a very pure soul. Practically a virgin.

“This Sheila you’ve been fooling around with, she can’t make you feel anything close to what you’re about to experience,” she went on, moving closer to him. Her face was about the height of his sternum, and she was very close to him.

“Oh my, oh my oh my!” she exclaimed. “I know I smell pussy here, but there’s something else I smell. Have you never, not once–”

Her green eyes burst into fire for a moment as she reached out to cradle his heavy nut sac. “You’re practically, for all intents and purposes, a virgin! What’s more, you’ve lived a long life. A long, horrible life no doubt, because for all those years you never once spilled your load! You never came! Not once! Not once!”

Aryella could hardly contain her excitement, and as she massaged Matt’s nuts, his cock grew rock hard and he shuddered. Her eyes continued to burn with green flames until she finally pulled her hand away.

Despite the way that evil intent was written all over her face, Matt found himself fantasizing about doing Aryella in all sorts of ways. His mind was not his own. He needed to escape, but where was he?

“Where am I?” he managed.

“You are in a small pocket dimension near both hell and the astral plane. It’s not much, but I’m sure you’ll find it cozy enough.” Aryella had woven many spells through her little room-sized realm, and she took pride in it. “Have a seat on that rock,” she added. “I wasn’t expecting such a special occasion.”

“What to wear,” she mused to herself, standing on the far end of the room. She turned her back to Matt and snapped her fingers. A full length mirror rose up out of the water and she posed in front of it. With a small arcane gesture, her reflection was suddenly clothed in lacy red lingerie, her ample breasts pushed up high and spilling out of half cup corset.

“What do you think, too tacky?” she asked as she looked at Matt’s reaction through the mirror. “How about this?”

She waved her hand and now her reflection had her wearing a Catholic schoolgirl’s outfit, except the pleated skirt was too short to be believed, and she wore thigh high stockings instead of socks. Her reflection’s dark hair was done up in cute curly pigtails.

“Not bad,” she chuckled. She turned to face him, and as she turned the outfit appeared on her. In one quick movement, she was modeling the schoolgirl outfit for him while giving him a mischievous smirk.

“I don’t understand how you got to live your whole life without letting loose a little steam, but I imagine that religion had something to do with it. I chose this outfit because it seems to be popular among repressed men. You must have been very, very repressed.” As she said that, she pursed her lips into a kissy face.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I wish I did, I would tell you if I could.”

“You poor, poor thing. Don’t worry, as I begin to taste you, I’ll learn,” she said, strutting towards him while unbuttoning her blouse. Her horns and tail, those signs of her demonic nature, faded from sight. She looked like a young girl but her steps were hypnotic.

The red light in the cavern grew dim, replaced only by a white light on Aryella. She seemed to be walking on dry ground now, and for some reason she was not growing closer. It didn’t matter, Matt enjoyed watching her walk, watching her hips sway. She removed her blouse entirely and her heavy breasts were encased in a naughty red satin bra.

“Let’s get to know you, while you get to know me,” Aryella said, twisting the ends of her pigtails around her fingers and then releasing them with a bounce. “We’ll need some scenery.”

Illumination to the background returned, but now they appeared to be in a secluded forest. Actually it seemed to be a park, because there was a path, and Matt was seated on a bench. Aryella sat down next to him.

“Let’s cuddle for a moment,” she said, leaning her head against his muscular arm.

Her touch sent a warm tingling throughout his body. Even her clothes turned him on, the feel of the fabric of her skirt and her stockings against his hip and leg made his heart beat faster. He sensed that she was moving in on her prey.

She sensed something else. He had the mark of a guardian angel upon him.

She cursed, realizing that in order to make a move she would have to confront the angel. Succubi were terrible against angels, since angels lacked sexual ability. Even the weakest angel would defeat her.

“Please, don’t do this,” he said, sensing her hesitation. “Let me go.”

“For now, make yourself comfortable,” she said, getting up and walking away. The scenery, her schoolgirl outfit, everything melted away and they were back in her cavern.

She pulled a massive tome off of a shelf and began paging through it. She stretched out her wings once more, flipping pages until she suddenly stopped.

Lifting a wing, she looked closely at Matt’s marking, and back at the marking on the page. “Rigel,” she breathed.

Rigel was a minor fallen angel. Since Matt’s guardian was a fallen angel, there had to be a dark purpose behind the mark. Rigel probably singled out Matt for a particularly terrible fate, one that would not only condemn his soul but be a victory for the dark dominion as well.

This was troubling to Aryella, because she hardly felt a victory for the dark dominion was necessary. Mankind was nothing but a playground of corrupted souls to her. Why bother making a point of it when no one in heaven was going to listen anyway?

She read a few words about Rigel, trying to make up her mind. The book didn’t have much to say. She decided to take her chances, but there was still the problem of dealing with the mark.

“Matt, is there something you’re not telling me?” She figured he must have been someone of great stature in life, a religious leader perhaps, or some kind of pope. Devouring his spirit elements would elevate her status considerably.

“I told you, I don’t remember.”

“You told me you wish you knew. I could help you remember,” she added, in her most helpful and sincere tone of voice.

“Really? How?” Somehow he was already onto her. “If it means sex, I don’t believe you.”

“Just one quickie. I’ll tap into your memories. We can experience them together.”

Matt shook his head. His cock was rapidly hardening.

“Not even a quickie? I’ve been so bored and lonely,” she teased.

“I don’t want to die,” he said.

“You’re already dead, but I see what you mean,” she shrugged. “You don’t want your soul being reduced to cosmic waste, ash, or whatever else it might be. But is hell so much better?”

“No,” he said defiantly. “I abhor you, creature! Let me go!”

“You holier-than-thou types can be so stubborn without the proper ambiance,” she sighed. The cavern grew dim once more, and Aryella enfolded herself in her leathery red wings.

When the light returned, it was from a massive window occupying the entire wall of a spacious bedroom overlooking an ocean vista. On one side of the room, the coast could be seen curving away, dotted with hillside villas. On the other side, white sand beaches.

The room itself had sparse, modern decor, and Aryella was standing near a footstool wearing a simple bikini. Once more, the horns, tail, and wings were gone. Matt was sitting on the edge of a massive bed.

“Just one quickie, I promise you’ll be fine,” she said, crawling up onto him, straddling his thigh. She sauntered over, swinging her hips. Her breasts were practically spilling out of her stringy top, and her juicy pussy was pressing hard against the confines of her thong.

She straddled one of his muscular thighs and ground her bikini-clad snatch on his upper thigh. She leaned forward, and her fingertips tingled as they stroked his broad chest.

She leaned closer, bringing her cleavage in gentle contact with his balls. He could feel her hot breath on his cock. It was already hard, but now it was straining so hard he could barely think. He felt a burning in his chest and his cock was throbbing and twitching uncontrollably. Aryella’s hair fell about her shoulders and tickled his abdomen. She tossed it to one side with a turn of her head and looked up at Matt with a sideways gaze. Her mouth was open, an open invitation to his aching desire.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes. One quickie.”

She took his veiny shaft in one hand, propping herself up over him with the other hand. Her fingers felt hot and silky, and relieved some of the agonizing twitching. Instead he felt a strong ache and throb, as his pleasure began to mount.

She licked the sensitive underside of his cock, and squeezed his shaft, stroking it up and down steadily. In seconds, his cock was about to erupting, and she locked her lips around it, drinking every drop of him down.

Matt felt an orgasm for the first time, intense but premature, and it left his whole body feeling tense and shaky. “Was that, did I come?”

“You most certainly did,” Aryella replied. There was condescension in her voice.

“Did you have to finish me off so quick?” Matt felt used, almost abused, having come so quick.

“Oh, why no. But unless you start being a little more compliant, I am not sure I want to do you any favors. You have a lot of spirit elements in you and I don’t feel like stretching this process out.”

“You want what? What about telling me who I am, why I am here, how I died?”

“You came too quickly,” she lied. “Besides, I was completely distracted by how good you taste.”

“You told me-”

“I tried. It’s a process. Next time you won’t cum so quickly.”

She smiled, and before he could say no, she let her breasts push up around his cock. A warm, sticky ooze seemed to seep out of her nipples, and she smeared it up and over his shaft, against his hips and abs. His skin lit up with sensitivity wherever the liquid touched. Up and down she pressed, coating his cock and hips in a film of warm goo.

Ghost called out a mental greeting as the front door slammed shut. Hello there. My name’s Ghost. It’s nice to meet you.

Harry played along. “It’s nice to meet you too, Ghost. I’m Harry.”

How are you doing, Harry? Done anything interesting lately?

Harry plonked down on the couch beside her. “Well, I went to ask about the job. Some guy at a gun shop is looking for assistance–mainly to guard the store while he’s not there. A few other shops have been looted.” He looked slightly embarrassed. “The catch was, he wanted me to prove I wasn’t a looter. He hadn’t really figured out how I was supposed to do that . . .”

When Harry ran out of anecdotes, Ghost shared a few of her own, stories of the friends she’d made even in the depths of Hell. The minutes passed with soft words–and, a few times, with laughter.

– — – –

“It sounds like not all your memories are bad,” Harry said.

Looking back on it, you know what’s really weird? Ghost asked. Once I forgot who Leila was, I started to enjoy Hell. I really believed in Judith’s cause, and I was happy to do anything I could to help her. Even when she needed to seal some treaty, and she used me as one of the terms–it wasn’t as good as it is with you, but it was what I was made for.

As always, Harry was infuriatingly quick to reassure her. “It was what you needed to do, in order to survive and stay sane.”

At first, I thought that too. I told myself that there was a Leila-me and a demon-me, and that I was letting the demon-me take over, just for a while. But then I started being the demon all the time. I went so long without remembering your face . . .

“There’s a ‘but’ coming, right?”

Not yet, but good idea–that’s the one hole we haven’t used yet. She continued before he could work out what she’d said. There is no Leila-me, just me. I’m a demon, and maybe that’s not a bad thing. She scooted closer to him on the couch, and rested the tip of her tail on his shoulder. You like this, don’t you, having a demon as your lover? For you, I’ll be the best demon I can be.

“You keep talking about how evil you are, but I can’t believe it. There’s more to you than sin.”

Judith was the one who said that I was full of sin, and that I couldn’t go to Heaven because I screwed Neil. I think that she was full of bullshit, and that I exist because Leila felt guilty about screwing Neil. I’m everything she couldn’t tell you before she died. She grinned toothlessly at him. Or everything she couldn’t show you, at least.

There was a certain tone Harry took whenever he thought he was about to win an argument. He used it then. “When you lick my face, to wake me each morning–what does that mean?”

It’s the closest a tempter can come to a chaste kiss. And before you say it, yes, I care about love more than sex. That’s why I’ve been going easy on you, and letting you get used to just how perverted I am. You know, if you really want to prove you understand me . . .

Harry seemed amused–or else he’d gotten better at pretending to be amused. “Should I be worried?”

The couch’s too small for this. She stood, and turned towards him. You have twenty minutes to make and eat dinner. I’d recommend saving the dishes for the morning. When you’re done, meet me in the bedroom–we’ll be there for quite a while.

“Isn’t this supposed to be our first date?”

Just come out and say it. You’re old, and you don’t want to have sex three times in one day. She smiled again, but her tone was serious. This is important to me. I’ll tell you why later.

– — – –

“So, what do you want me to do?” Harry asked.

Take me and make me yours, Ghost replied, lying facedown in their bed.. For once in your life, stop being tender and gentle, and ride me like a bucking bronco until I’m too tired to move. Show me that you know exactly what I want.

Harry seemed oddly disappointed. “You don’t even want to kiss me?”

Leila had listened in on a few of Harry’s sales calls, and Ghost took the opportunity to mimic his speech patterns as she stuck her rear in the air. Why pay the full market cost for a kiss when you can get this fine cut of demon ass for half the price? I can promise you one hundred percent that this ass is the best you’ve ever had–it’s warm, it’s firm, and thanks to the miracle of demon physiology, it’s even self-lubricating! And as a one-time-only special offer, I’m including with this ass a demon’s tail, absolutely free! What does a demon’s tail do? Well, I can’t tell you that right now, but I can promise you’ll love it or–

She abruptly found herself flat against the bed, a familiar weight atop her. Harry hadn’t even finished removing his pants.

That was faster than I expected. Go ahead, stick it in.

Harry obliged–at first cautiously, but soon realizing that she was far roomier than a human. I think it’s a branch off the tube that connects my cunt to my mouth, Ghost continued. It doesn’t have a tongue, but it does have the same liquids. And in case you can’t tell, right now, it feels really, really good.

This feels strange, Harry thought, letting the link take the place of words. Very strange. Not that I dislike it . . . He shifted atop her, slowly and carefully.

Then you’ll love this, Ghost told him, curling her tail behind him. She ran its tip around the rim of his anus, then pushed it just a fraction of an inch inside. She moved faster and faster, and she was gratified to find that Harry matched her pace, filling her with his lust as their thoughts blended together . . .

For a while there, she thought, once it was all over, I wasn’t sure which of us I was.

“Are you sure now?” Harry asked.

I think so–she began, but Harry cut her off. “Let’s just lie here for a while.” She felt him begin to soften inside her, but the love that radiated from him only strengthened as he ran his arms under her chest and embraced her.

This is your way of proving how you feel about me, she thought, a statement rather than a question. You want me to understand that even if we’re not making love, we can still simply be together like this. But there are two problems with that line of thought.

“Enlighten me,” Harry said. “I’ve been inside your head three times now, and I’m still not sure I understand you.”

For the first, there are a lot of stories I could tell you. Marlowe took me quick and dirty, then cast me aside when he was done. Belial made me tell him I loved him–looking back on it, he’s the one I want to kill most of all. Isabella only touched me with her hands, keeping my body away from hers–I did kill her, under Judith’s orders, wrapping a tongue around her neck and snapping it. None of them cared about me, not the way you do, and what I did with them was nothing like what I do with you.

She wasn’t sure if Harry was more confused or disgusted. “Why are you telling me this?”

I know that you love me, Harry–or at least that you love Leila. I can feel it, breathe it, taste it, so powerful that it scares me. But it’s in my nature to want your lust as well. You don’t need to be afraid that you’re using me.

“You can’t stop me from worrying. You’ve been through a lot, and I’m not sure how stable you are right now.”

Ghost would have laughed, if she could. My second problem will help you worry. What do you think happens to a tempter without lust?

That certainly got Harry’s attention. “But–I still–”

Do you remember how your love for Leila changed, once the spark wore off? In its way, it was even stronger, but it lacked that raw hungry need.

Words seemed inadequate, but Harry had two left to use. “Oh. Shit.”

It’s not as bad as you might think–I only really need a bit of lust every few days. Things would be a lot easier if I could teleport to Hell, but I’m not a greater demon, so I can’t control where I go. Without another demon to anchor me, I could end up anywhere.

“Ghost, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier? I can keep doing this for a while, but what are we going to do when I’m sixty years old?”

Most tempters would have answered that question with a sentence containing the word “threesome,” but Ghost knew Harry well enough to predict a negative reaction to that. Instead, she tried a more emotional approach. Remember when you said I was trying to drive you off? You’re the reason I’m still here. Without you, I’d be somewhere random in Hell–maybe dead, maybe bound again, or maybe just alone. Staying with you means having to plan for the future, and Leila’s plans never worked out. Her plans for work, her plans to start a family . . . We can argue tomorrow about what we’ll do, but tonight, I just want you to keep me warm.

Harry wasn’t completely incapable of taking a hint. Rather than saying anything, he simply hugged her tighter.

You know, Ghost thought, it’s a good thing I don’t breathe. I think you’d be choking the breath out of me right now.

“Pretend I am. Pretend you can’t say anything. At least for tonight, I’ll pretend too.”

There was a time when I hated… everything. It was the year 3510 when I was dragged into this existence by my twin brother, Devon-literally. The asshole gripped my hands in our mother’s womb and dragged me out with him. He’s a black haired demon-god… not really, but I like to bother the fuck out of him with that little line all the time. Pisses him off.

I love Devon, but there was a time when all I dreamt about was running my demon sword through his fucking heart. He had everything I never had. He’d been snatched away by Seraph’s when we were only a month old and protected so that he wouldn’t fall into evil hands that would exploit his amazing powers. I was left behind to rot. I was the plain baby boy. The one who was only a mere Master Guardian. I didn’t inherit my father’s demon blood. Touted the most beautiful human creation. That was my father… and of course my brother looked exactly like him. Except for the hair. I got my father’s blond hair. Whoop-dee-do.

That fucking blond hair only got me kidnapped the same night the Seraph’s took Dev. The person that stole me away was a sadistic devil worshiping bastard who did nothing but fuck me every chance he got. Then he’d pass me along to his little cult friends, like a god-forsaken appetizer.

That’s where I learned to hate men. Despise them for the hurt they inflicted on me, night after fucking night. They’d make me take them in my mouth, in my ass… and if I cried or put up a fight, they’d beat the shit out of me.

I got my revenge, though. Slit the bastard’s throat one night. I’d just turned eighteen.

I was approached by a little devil who offered me a way out, that night. But in return, I had to seek out my twin and kill him. Until then, I’d never known I had a twin. The devil told me the whole story, starting with who my parents had been. He also told me I had to find this powerful Master Guardian virgin, kill her or him, and open the gates of hell. That had been my father’s task once, but he ended up fucking my mother and I guess you know what happened after that. No virgin, no sacrifice, just babies. Stupid fuck.

But I guess I was even more stupid, making pacts with demons. I escaped one hell and fell into a worse one. If I thought my sadistic step-father’s version of fatherly love was bad, being repeatedly raped by hordes of demons made his shit look like grammar school foreplay.

Surprisingly, my brother, Devon, along with my other Master Guardian brothers and sisters, came to my rescue and pulled me out of that place, even after I’d made their lives a living hell.

At first I resented them. I felt ashamed for everything I had done while in the clutches of the demons. I didn’t want to live… and I resented that they wouldn’t let me die. I resented that while my life had been nothing but a living hell, they’d found love and happiness.

I felt so alone… so miserable. They’d wanted to share their lovers with me, but I’m not some dog that takes the leftovers. Though I was tempted… just to savor for only a moment a little bit of the love they all shared. I never had love, even though they said they loved me… didn’t know what that was because I instinctively shunned them… I was afraid, but I craved it.

Then they brought me Rayne. God she was beautiful. They’d rescued her from some Grei alien hunters. She was being holographically trained to be a sex slave. The girl still hadn’t been touched by any male or female… until I got my perverted hands on her.

Sweetness. She was pure ecstasy. I couldn’t get enough. Her sweet innocent soul captivated me. Every time those big blue eyes looked at me in wonder I’d want to fall to my knees in worship. The woman loved me. I adored her! She had these sweet little curves and shiny black hair that came down to her ass. Exquisite.

Life couldn’t have been more perfect. I kept waiting for it all to end. This couldn’t be happening to me… Lucien Davariel Angelos… ex-dark prince and angel of destruction. How could I deserve such happiness?

I didn’t. She was taken away from me, but not before they told her what I was. More demonic than my demon brother, Devon. Still, she clung onto me, not willing to let me go. It broke my heart, but I made her go. She deserved better than me.

Then I learned that she was to be traded off for a fucking asteroid. She was some long lost princess and her people wanted to give her to this disgusting alien ruler in trade for a barren asteroid that orbited his solar system. Seems their world was blasted the night the princess was kidnapped as a child and they were all left wandering homeless through the galaxy.

Fuck that. I decided she was mine! And I was going to get her back! The sleaze balls had taken her to Earth and there she’d been stolen and sold as a performer on this little porn-paradise planet.

I had to alter my looks so that I wouldn’t be killed. You’d be surprised at the amount of credits offered for my golden head. Every bounty hunter wanted to bag the ex-dark prince.

At first she didn’t recognize me, but when she did, we fucked each other’s brains out.

Everything was set for the grand escape from Heaven’s Pearly Gates… shit name for a strip club, if you ask me. That’s when I saw him.

He wore a silver mask, because, as Rayne explained, his face had been ripped off by Grei hunters. He couldn’t talk either because they’d crushed his vocal cords in a little practice they utilized to force a male to get an erection. Choking.

His name was Rein, like my Rayne. Both the same sound. He seemed so young to have gone through so much shit. He had this white-blond sort of iridescent hair that came down below his ass. He wasn’t as muscular as I am, but had a good physique nevertheless.

I started to feel sorry for him. Not good. And ended up practically dragging him back home with Rayne and me. He was very shy and scared shitless.

I gave him a new face and used my powers to fix his vocal cords. He had such a sweet voice.

At first I’d intended to share Rayne with him, allowing him to join our little family, but I couldn’t stop dreaming… of touching him… kissing him. I hated men… but Rein aroused me. I loved my girl Rayne, but boy Rein brought out a lust in me that was different. At first I tried to deny it, but everyone saw and knew and understood way before I finally succumbed and fucked my Rein. My Rein!

At first everything was paradise, but then little things began to happen that confused me.

First, my beautiful girl, Rayne seemed to be getting really insatiable, and not that I’m complaining, but she seemed to be trying to sneak private time with just me. At first she didn’t reject Rein, who loved fucking her as much as I did, she just wouldn’t let him come in her. I’d end up having to finish him off and after a while I began to get the feeling he was catching on to her little M-O.

I was getting some rays in the enviro-level of the space station we lived on. Fuck. I’m gonna be honest. My dick hurt already from banging those two so much. Guess I was just trying to get a little alone time to myself. Never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually seek that, but there you have it.

The solitude didn’t last very long. Next thing I knew, I had somebody kissing my thighs, stroking my balls and lapping at my rapidly swelling dick.

I moaned, like a pathetic idiot and looked up. There she was again, sucking me down with a hunger that never ceased to amaze me. Those sweet rose hued lips of hers were stretched wide around my cock. God, it felt good! They were going to kill me… both of them. They had me fucking almost around the clock. I grabbed her jet black hair and pumped, spreading my thighs wide for her. Rivers of black silk spill over my thighs and her baby blues are welling up as every other thrust slips farther and farther into her swallowing throat-just like we love it. I can smell her lust in the breeze, her pretty tits bouncing with each vigorous pump. Rayne reaches down between her thighs and start to stroke her soft little cunt. I want to lick her and open my mouth to twll her to turn the other way, sixty-nine, but knew the moment I uttered the words I’d shoot. As it was, my balls were tight and full. I didn’t want to come just yet. Not before she did… at least a few times to boost my manly pride. As I struggled to control my need to ejaculate, I saw Rein come through the fronds of tropical plants surrounding us. My gorgeous boy smiled and got down on his knees behind her, fully intending to fuck her from behind. My heart did that stupid flip it always does when I’m with both of them-my two loves. Paradise. We’ve done this hundreds of times before, alternating positions so that each of us gets a chance to be in the middle. So it came as really big surprise when Rayne spun around on feeling Rein’s hands on her and slapped the shit out of him. She hit my poor baby so hard he fell dazed to the ground.

“What the fuck!” I’d screamed. Then I sat up, grabbed her and shook her. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Those beautiful blues just welled up with tears and hurt. I’d never spoken to her like that before. Now I felt like shit.

I was going to beg for forgiveness, but she broke free from my hold and vanished from sight. Fine time for the woman to finally get teleporting right.

I almost went after her, but Rein’s heartbreaking sobs were like a fucking chain around me. I couldn’t just leave my other baby thrown on the ground like this.

“Come here.” I gathered his trembling body against mine and held him tight. “It’s okay, baby. She didn’t mean it. Maybe she’s going through one of those female things.” It was a pathetic excuse. We both knew she’d already gone through her female thing just last week.

“N-no. She loves you more than she loves me.” He’d sobbed almost breathless. “She doesn’t want me anymore. You probably don’t want me either.”

My eyes bugged out in shock at that one. “Rein, don’t be ridiculous!” I let my fingers sink into all that silky silvery hair at the nape of his neck and pulled gently. Those huge tear-filled violet eyes of his drowned me in their splendor. “How could you think such a thing? I love you. And so does Rayne. She’s been weird with me too, baby.” Not!

I wiped at the tears as they fell down his flushed cheeks. He shook his head and tried to turn away. Lately he’d been on a ‘I’m a man, not a child’ kick, because everybody treated him like some delicate thing. He didn’t like it.

I used my superior strength and yanked him against me- hard, and gave him one of my famous stern looks. Already I could feel a bit of his precum cooling on my abs. Then again, it could’ve been mine. I was already aroused since that little minx, Rayne, awakened what they both liked to call ‘the beast’. Eight inches of pure fun is what I called it.

I lowered my head only a little. Rein was almost as tall as my 6′ 9″. I kissed him soft at first, coaxing his upset, sweet, trembling body to acquiesce. My lips rubbed over his whisper soft, then I gave him a little taste of my tongue. I felt that hard body melt against mine.

Rein had an exquisite body, all sinew and rippling muscles, lean. He was broad of shoulders, with nice pecs, decorated with tiny nipples. I brought my hand down from the satin of his long hair and tweaked one of them. He groaned and squirmed against me, rubbing that luscious cock against mine. I let my hand trail over his ribcage, feeling the slight impressions of bones there and smoothed over his lean waist, reaching back to cup his smooth, tight ass. His arms came up around my neck then, as he shuddered and sighed. I caressed his magnificent ass underneath his fall of white blonde hair and ground myself against him.

“Luke, fuck me… please.” He whispered.

I shook my head. “No, baby.” He looked hurt, but I hadn’t finished what I was going to say. “I want to make love to you.”

I brought him down in the grass by the bank of the lake in the holo-deck of the space station we lived on.

My eyes devoured the sight of him. My man was exquisite. Everybody always stared at him no matter where we went. The artificial sunlight brought out the iridescent colors in his silver hair. Pink, lavender, blue… His cock twitched. I wrapped my fingers around it making him arch his narrow hips. He wasn’t as long as me, but he was long nevertheless. His fair coloring extended to the swollen flesh I held and flushed out to a delicate rose on his cock’s head. It looked like a juicy strawberry. That yummy tip wept in lust as I stared at it. Couldn’t let it suffer like that, so I bent and took it into my mouth. My hair spilled down over his quivering thighs, teasing him further. He sunk his fingers into my hair and tried to urge me to go faster on his dick. I smiled. Not so fast, baby- I thought with a mischievous chuckle. Slowly, I licked first, tasting his sweet juices. We don’t know what species of alien Rein is, but his precum reminds me of something citrusy and sweet. Me? I’m salty like every other Earth born.

He seemed to be getting frantic, so I appeased him by working him in deeper, sucking harder. Rein was a trembling mess, panting and moaning. He wasn’t going to last long and my own dick was starting to throb in jealousy of the fun my mouth was having. It demanded to be fed too.

I released him and laid back in a reclining position against a tree to see what he would do. He scrambled up, his pretty face earnest, and climbed right onto me. We were facing each other. I helped him by spreading his ass cheeks wide and he proceeded to impale himself on my raging hard-on. I bit my lip, cutting off an expletive. He kissed me, bouncing on my lap. I reached down and stroked him, applying just enough pressure to get his juices flowing more abundantly.

Rein threw his head back with a gasp, his body tight. This boy was going to go off any minute. We always teased each other to see who’d lose their cool first.

“Mmmm. Looks like my baby’s got an ass-full of the beast again.” My wicked smile died a quick death when his anal muscles clamped down on my throbbing cock, almost making me blow my load before him. Naughty boy!

He reached out and draped my blonde hair over one side of me, letting his fingers stroke down its length. The soft hair tickled my abs. It wasn’t as long as his, but it did come down to the middle of my back. He loved playing with it. Then he tweaked one of my nipples making me hiss. He was going to make me come before him. I needed to gain control of the situation.

My hand snaked out and gripped his hair. It felt like the finest silk in my hands. I pulled him close. “You love it when I fuck you, don’t you, baby?”

His violet eyes went liquid. He was a sucker for dirty talk. “Luke-” he sobbed, obviously trying to rein in his need to release. I stroked him mercilessly.

“Come-on, sweet baby. Let daddy see all that pretty cum bathe him.”

“Y-you first.” The muscles in that magnificent muscular ass clenched tighter, pushing me closer to the edge of oblivion. He must’ve seen it in my eyes because he began doing it rhythmically. The little tease!

“Ah- fuck!” I snarled barely hanging by a thread. I pumped him faster, cupped his tightly drawn balls. “You want me to come, baby? Is that it? You want to feel my hot cum filling your sweet ass, till you can taste it in your mouth…”

Rein cried out in ecstatic agony. His pearly white seed arched up and draped my clenched abs with ropey lines of cum. Beautiful! But I was crying out too as pulse after exquisite pulse of my hot semen shot up into him. I came long and hard into my baby’s ass.

We both collapsed, panting. ” Don’t ever say I don’t want you.” I stroked his back tenderly, kissed his temple. “I love you. I Don’t ever want to lose you.”

“I love you too. It just hurts me that Rayne doesn’t love me as much as you do.” His voice was tremulous again.

“She loves you, Rein. As much as she loves me. Don’t ever doubt that.”

After a while, Rein grew heavy on me. Poor baby. He’d fallen asleep, worn out.

I groaned with a sigh. Fuck. Now I had to hunt down my other baby, Rayne, screw her senseless and see what the hell her slapping poor Rein was all about.

My dick was going to fall off if I didn’t die of exhaustion first. What a way to go!

“A man’s work is never done around here.”


This is a direct sequel to “Hell’s Gate”. Read that series first if you wish to read this.

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Thy Kingdom Come

Chapter One: Aurora

{Motel Room; Late Evening}

Aurora opened her eyes slowly, scared at what she might see. She remembered very little before she had mysteriously blacked out, but one image still burned hotly into her mind; two men, naked from the waist up had grabbed her right after she had rammed her car into some woman who had been standing in the middle of the road.

It had all happened so quickly, and although Aurora knew she had not sustained any head trauma, she had still managed to conk out. Hopefully she had not fainted; her mother would never let her live down swooning. If she lived at all. For all she knew, she was five minutes away from bloody murder.

“Are you awake?” a deep, male’s voice said suddenly from her right.

Aurora’s eyes snapped all the way open and she turned toward the voice, which came from a large, bald man sitting in a chair in front of a small desk. Seeing the man sitting there made Aurora suddenly realize that she too was in a chair, except her arms were being held behind it by a rope that softly dug into her wrists, binding her hands together and preventing her from moving.

Aurora nodded in response to the question, and flicked her eyes fervently around her surroundings. She was thankfully fully aware, and it was easy to ascertain that she was in a motel room. In addition to the small desk and chairs, a TV stand stood closed in front of her, and she could see the side of a mattress out of the corner of her eye, meaning that the bed was behind her.

The man spoke again, “Do you know your name?”

“Aurora,” she answered, already having decided to cooperate; she had seen enough crime shows to know there was no use arguing with kidnappers. Especially ones as large and powerful-looking as this one was.

“Unique name,” the man said, standing. Chains rattled from the pockets of his black pants and muscles bunched beneath the tight black t-shirt he wore over his chest. He was about six feet tall standing, and wore dark sunglasses that hid his eyes from Aurora’s view. Definitely intimidating.

“My mother’s a bit of a hippy,” Aurora admitted, watching her captor closely as he pulled his chair closer to her, “She doesn’t ever do anything conventionally.”

The man nodded, placing his chair a foot from Aurora’s and sitting back down, “I can admire that.”

“So is there a reason I’m tied up?”

Smiling, the man shrugged, “You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do you remember anything?”

Aurora searched her memory for a good answer, “After I hit that woman, I remember getting out of the car. She stood up, which was really confusing, and then I started getting a little hysterical. Then I saw two very large men, I think you were one of them, come out of nowhere, which made me even more hysterical. And then nothing; I blacked out. Did I hit my head?”

The man shook his head, “Nope.”

“Huh, I didn’t think so,” Aurora frowned, and then asked after a pause, “What’s your name?”

“Wraith,” the man said.

“Unusual names abound,” Aurora noted.

“That they do.”

“Are you going to let me go, Wraith?”

“Not right yet. But I will untie you if you’d like.”

“That would be nice.”

Wraith stood and began working on the rope that bound her wrists. “It’s a shame,” he mused as he worked, “I did enjoy seeing you tied up like this.”

Aurora blushed and pulled her hands to her lap once she felt the rope fall away, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Wraith sat back down in his chair and then leaned in close. She could see nothing behind his glasses, but could feel his eyes bore into her’s intensely, “I mean you are very beautiful, for a human, and were even more so bound to that chair.”

Blushing, Aurora looked down at her lap, then brought her eyes back level with Wraith’s as something registered, “What do you mean, ‘for a human’?”

Reaching up, Wraith gripped his sunglasses and pulled them off. Underneath them, his eyes were pitch-black with no whites or irises; just pools of pure darkness.

“Holy shit!” Aurora gasped, “Are those real?”

Wraith nodded.

“So…what are you? A vampire?”

“Ha!” Wraith barked, “They, my lovely captive, do not exist. I am a demon.”

Aurora didn’t know what to believe. On one hand, the man did have a very demon-like demeanor, if there was such a thing, and solid black eyes. On the other hand…demons probably did not exist. She most likely had been kidnapped by a crazy man, which meant no amount of cooperation or conversation would see her out alive.

“Prove it,” Aurora demanded, trying to keep her voice calm. Might as well give him a chance…

“Fine,” Wraith shrugged and stood again, pulling off his t-shirt.

Tan, heavily muscled skin was so suddenly exposed to Aurora’s eyes that she couldn’t help but feel a slight tingling emerge between her thighs. The man was a god. Not an inch of fat could be discerned from where she was standing, and she itched to touch him even though she knew it must just be the Stockholm Syndrome kicking in early. She was no prude, but those types of thoughts did not seem appropriate in that particular situation, and she chastised herself for them.

“Look here,” he said, sitting back down and leaning forward. He was pointing at his ribs on the right side.

Taking a deep breath, Aurora leaned in slightly and looked where he was pointing. She could see a small, green tattoo of some strange symbol between two of the bones.

“That’s proof?” she asked skeptically, trying to look at his eyes and not the gloriously sized pecs dusted with hair that just begged to have her fingers running through it.

“Just watch,” Wraith said and pressed the tip of his index finger to the mark.

Aurora watched in fascination as it glowed bright green, mesmerizing her with its mysterious beauty. She blinked once, only to open her eyes and find herself lying on the motel room bed, thankfully still clothed in her jeans and long-sleeved blouse. Wraith was standing on the other side of the room, leaning against the TV stand, thankfully clothed in nothing but his chained pants.

“What…how?” Aurora certainly did not remember moving from her chair to the bed.

“Magic,” Wraith explained, yawning and stretching at the same time, giving Aurora another nice view of his physique, “The same kind I used to get you here. Small enchantment really, but my magic is very limited on Earth so I use what I can.”

Aurora sat up and rested her head against the wall, “So you claim to be a demon. Which means that woman I hit with my car…she’s a demon too? No human could have survived the impact, which is probably why I freaked out when she stood up like nothing had happened.”

“No,” Wraith shook his head, and moved to the door to check the locks before turning off the overhead light, leaving the only illumination to the single bedside lamp, “She’s an Angel.”

“Oh,” Aurora nodded and then raised a single eyebrow as Wraith sat on the bed next to her, “And where is she, I’d like to see her wings. More proof, you know.”

“She is enjoying some much-needed alone time with her demon lover, Taint,” Wraith explained, slumping down until he was lying prone on his back, his hands folded on his stomach.

“Now I’ve heard it all,” Aurora nodded, “Also, is it bed time?”

“For me it is,” Wraith nodded, closing his eyes, “Unless you’d like to stay up and enjoy some of your own alone time with me.”

‘Would I…’ Aurora thought, but said, “No. That’s ok. I’ll just lie here and try to process the past ten minutes’ worth of crazy. Maybe escape?”

“Don’t even think about it,” Wraith muttered sleepily, “Remember, I’m a demon, and now you know it.”

“Right…” Aurora whispered, and then brought her knees to her chest, hugging them close. It was at least two hours until she began to feel even remotely sleepy, but she just continued to hug her legs to her body and stare into the dimly-lit room, trying to ignore the demon Adonis next to her. She had just been driving home from work…She definitely had not expected to be in this type of situation.

At three thirty in the morning, Aurora finally crawled under the covers and closed her eyes. She fell asleep quickly, hoping against hope that she would wake up in her own bed, and knowing somehow that that would not be the case. And, in some strange twisted insane way, hoping that it would not be the case.


{Motel Room; Late Evening}

“Think she’ll be ok with him?” Olivia asked, closing and locking the door behind her.

Taint had, after summoning up some human clothes for all of them, gotten two rooms at a place he called a ‘motel’ simply by talking to a human behind a table. Wraith had taken the unconscious girl from the crash site to his room to keep an eye on, while Olivia and Taint retired to their own room.

“I’m sure,” Taint nodded, sitting on the bed and taking off his boots, “No doubt he’ll tell her everything. He’s always been very honest with humans.”

Olivia came to sit next to him and rested her head on his shoulder, “So what now?”

“I’m not sure,” Taint admitted, staring straight ahead, “If a demon comes to Earth, it’s because he or she is summoned. There is always a tether between this world and Hell. But this time, we weren’t summoned, we were thrown. And there is no tether.”

“We will figure it out,” Olivia said and then stood, “But right now I just want to be with you.” She sat down, straddling Taint’s thighs, her knees on the bed. She could feel the hard bulge of him beneath her and the heat of his skin through the plain white t-shirt he had summoned for himself. Worrying about Hell would come later; right now, all Olivia wanted to do was express how happy she was that they were still alive and together.

Taint growled as Olivia’s hand snuck underneath his shirt, caressing smooth skin and hard muscle. “Get rid of this,” she whispered, and Taint tore the shirt from his body, throwing it to the side and lying down on the bed.

Olivia continued to explore him, running her lips and tongue across his skin. She took a nipple into her mouth and bit gently, causing Taint to cry out in pain and thrust his hips upward, sending rippling pleasure straight through Olivia’s cunt. He tasted like sweat and rain and fire, and she could not get enough. And as she explored him more, she ground her hips into his, dry humping his erection through his black pants and growing damp in the process.

“I need to feel you, Little Angel,” Taint moaned and snapped his fingers. Instantly, they were naked. Olivia whimpered at the sudden and erotic sensation of feeling Taint’s warm cock pressed up against her cunt as she straddled him, trapping it between their bodies. Warm pre-cum was already oozing out of the end, sticking to the skin of her belly.

Strong hands moved up to grip her ass and Olivia bit down on Taint’s shoulder as he began moving her along his shaft, coating the skin with her arousal and speedily bringing her to a mini-orgasm that sent a small wave of moisture from her opening.

“You’ve felt the bloodlust today,” Taint breathed arching his hips up as he slid Olivia along his cock, “Is it making you hot for me?”

“Yes,” Olivia panted then pushed her upper body off of Taint’s, “I need you. Now.”

“Then take me,” Taint challenged. With a wicked smile, Olivia lifted her hips and with one hand supporting her body, used the other to guide Taint’s slick manhood to the opening of her pussy. She needed it fast, and she needed it hard, so she impaled herself in one thrust and immediately began to ride the demon in earnest. There would be time for lovemaking later.

He flexed his member within her, hitting spots deep within that caused her to cry out and dig the tips of her fingers into his flesh. With every thrust came new heights of pleasure. Sweat began to bead on Olivia’s skin and she closed her eyes, awash in the feeling of Taint deep inside her. It had been a long, tiresome day, and she simply wished to surrender what only he could give her.

Something pinched her nipple, and Olivia cried out, arching her back as she came around Taint’s cock. Hot moisture trickled out of her vagina and her walls spasmed uncontrollably, making his cock feel even bigger inside her tunnel.

Taint stilled as she rode out the orgasm, allowing her to get lost in the pleasure.

When she came back down from her high, Olivia’s body was shining with sweat, and her cunt gleamed wetly from where they were joined.

“My turn,” Taint growled and flipped Olivia over so that she was on her back, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and her body still impaled on his shaft.

Planting his arms on either side of her head, Taint began to pump his cock in and an out of Olivia’s drenched pussy. She mewled beneath him, leaning up to lick at the salty skin of his sternum. He was so tall that his head was hidden from her view in this position as she looked straight up. All she could make out was the wide expanse of his tattooed torso, and she had no problems with the view.

With each thrust, Olivia could feel the walls of her cunt stretch with Taint’s massive girth. No matter how many times Taint took her, she always felt almost as tight as her first time with him. The immaculate mixture of pleasure and pain every time he entered her was the best thing she had ever felt, and she never wanted him to stop.

“Fuck me harder, Taint,” she pleaded, reaching up under his arms to grip his shoulders from behind. With this leverage, and the use of her legs around him, Olivia was able to meet his thrusts with ones of her own, driving his cock harder and deeper into her cunt.

A fresh trickle of moisture escaped their joining and slid warmly down her ass and onto the sheets. Taint was grunting now with each thrust, meaning he was close to his own orgasm. The thought of feeling his hot semen spray her insides filled Olivia with energy, and she met his hammering thrusting with even more vigor.

“Yes!” she cried, losing all inhibition, “Deeper! Fuck me!”

Taint growled and gripped Olivia’s thighs. She unwrapped her legs from around him and spread them wide, bent at the knee. Fingers dug into Olivia’s flesh as Taint used her to drive himself even harder into her aching, weeping cunt. She cried out and ran her fingers down his back, leaving scratches in their wake.

Her pleasure peaked, and she screamed continuously into Taint’s flesh as her cunt spasmed, sending cum spraying to splatter against Taint’s pelvis. He stilled as well and grunted as he came, coating her insides with his searing-hot cream. Having nowhere to go in her overstretched pussy, it dripped from her opening, mingling with her own juices on the bed.

Olivia let go of him and collapsed, her chest heaving. Taint collapsed as well, withdrawing from her body and laying next to her, his cock still hard and glistening in the motel room’s light.

“We needed that,” he breathed.

“Yes, we did,” Olivia concurred, “And I’m going to need more before the night is done.”

“Your wish is my command, Little Angel.”

“Just give me a moment.”

They lay together in post-coital bliss for a few minutes until Taint couldn’t wait any longer, and rolled over onto Olivia, impaling himself with a wet sound in the same motion.

After four more times, Olivia was on the verge of passing out. For each of Taint’s orgasms, she had had two or more, and was sure that all her bodily fluids were currently soaking into the sheets and mattress. It was time for bed, so she went to the bathroom to clean up before joining her lover in a magically-cleaned bed.

“I don’t care if we’re trapped her forever,” she said sleepily, snuggling up to Taint’s warmth, “Only that you’re here.”

“I feel the same way,” Taint rumbled, snapping his fingers and turning off the light, “But I have an obligation to uphold. I am still a Gatekeeper, after all, and my duty is not done until Hell and the Spirit Dimension are back the way they belong.”

“Just promise not to leave me behind,” Olivia said softly.

“I promise, Little Angel,” Taint said, then added almost too soft for Olivia to hear, “I love you.”

She smiled, not reciprocating, knowing that he knew she loved him back, and then closed her eyes, drifting swiftly off to sleep.


{Fulmen’s Castle; Mid Morning}

Slake awoke with a start, her chest heaving and her eyes wild. At first she did not recognize where she was, but then she noticed the tall, wide shelves full of books on magic and the red, satin sheets beneath her skin.

They were Fulmen’s, which meant they were in his castle and she was alive and safe.

Getting up from the bed, Slake conjured up her robe, not shocked in the least that the brothers had seen fit to strip her naked before tucking her in. Stepping out into the hall, she was glad to find Magus keeping watch; it made finding him much easier.

“Where is your brother?” she asked immediately upon seeing the handsome, brown-haired demon, “I need to speak with both of you. And any other Gatekeeper who remains alive.”

Magus smiled, more like smirked, and said, “Glad to see you’re awake, Slake. Feeling alright?”

“A little weak, but well rested,” Slake nodded beneath her hood, “Now summon your fellow Lords. With Taint missing, I am now in command.”


“Do as I asked, or you’ll never see a single part of my body ever again,” Slake threatened.

Magus rolled his eyes briefly before muttering into the air. Almost immediately, a blue flash of lighting landed next to Slake, and Fulmen appeared.

“Good thing you’re alive,” he smiled, “I think I really would have missed you.”

Slake ignored him as a warm breeze blew through the hall and Lords Peril and Hazard materialized. They had nothing to say, and Slake noticed that one of Hazard’s red eyes was missing, and only a bloody socket remained.

“How did the battle go?” she asked no one in particular.

“We sustained heavy losses, as predicted,” Peril and Hazard’s disembodied voice said in unison, “And managed to kill exactly zero Archangels.”

“Don’t worry, they are preoccupied for the moment, and the Gate is closed,” Slake assured, “Wraith is not here?”

Fulmen shook his head, “He never came back from Clava’s castle.”

“Then he is with Taint and Olivia,” Slake observed, “Where is your Seeing room, Fulmen?”

The Gatekeeper muttered something, and then they all found themselves in a small, round room with a raised stone basin in the middle. It was a Seeing Well, and all self-respecting demon Lords owned one. They were used to spy on Earth and humans, sometimes as a tool, mostly as a means of recreation.

Having been a human herself once, Slake did not understand the obsession most demons had with them. Humans were backward and powerless, yet demons used them for pleasure and for sport. Perhaps it was the freedom they felt on Earth that drove demons to humans. Of course, they could only visit these humans when they were summoned, and the number of people with the ability to do so was rapidly diminishing.

Slake approached the Seeing Well and peered into its swirling, red fog. She had only used one a couple of times, and only to keep an eye on Taint on the rare occasions he was summoned over the centuries. He was a very high-level demon despite his position along the Wall, and to summon him took a great deal of power.

“Slake?” Magus spoke up, “Who are you looking for?”

“Who do you think?” she answered, scanning through flickering images of Earth.

“Taint and Wraith are on Earth?” Peril and Hazard asked, catching on.

“And the Angel, yes,” Slake nodded, “The Gate sent them there; an artifact of our shutting it.” She did not want to tell them she had urged Taint to be hurled to Earth in order to be reunited with Olivia. They probably wouldn’t understand why she had done it. She didn’t even understand.

“YOU shut the gate?” Fulmen sounded surprised.

“It was much easier than you think,” Slake said and then paused as an image of a road appeared in the Well. It was daytime, and men and women in uniforms were surrounding the wreckage of what Slake recognized as a car; something humans used for travel.

Magus and Fulmen approached the Seeing Well and looked in. “Where is that?” Fulmen asked.

“Where the Gate sent them,” Slake responded moving the image to get a better look at the scene, “It contains the only energy on Earth that matches that of Hell’s Gate.”

Upon closer examination, Slake could make out three scorched circles on the road. Two were near to each other, and one was further off. The two must have belonged to Taint and Wraith, with the third being where Olivia had materialized. As for the wrecked car…

“I think they’re ok,” Slake announced after a moment of thinking, “But a human saw them.”

“How do you know?” Peril and Hazard had joined the party.

“That car,” Slake pointed at the image, “It hit something hard, and I don’t see a broken tree or pole. It must have smashed into Wraith, Olivia, or Taint.”

“Where is the human now?” Magus asked.

“I don’t know,” Slake admitted, “But I don’t see any blood so I’m assuming that he or she survived and is with the others…” Her thoughts had only been musings, but Slake suddenly found herself hoping that that was exactly what had happened.

Without warning, she stepped away from the Seeing Well and vanished, reappearing in her own chambers in Taint’s castle. The place was quiet, which suited her. She had a very tricky job ahead of her and needed the sanctity. No one but herself could materialize in this area, so she was confident she would not be disturbed.

‘Please hold onto that human…’ Slake thought, looking through her shelves of books for something that might help. Wraith was always soft toward humans, especially females, and Slake hoped that he would keep it alive until she found a way to communicate with them.

For where there were humans on Earth, there was human magic. And where there was magic, there were summoning charms.


{Wraith’s Motel Room; Noon}

Wraith had awoken that morning glad to see that Aurora had managed to fall asleep at some point in the night. She had looked beautiful curled up under the covers, so small and frail. Wraith had noticed her petite size the night before, but now admired it as thoughts of what he could do to her raced through his mind. She would be putty in his massive hands as his cock pistoned in and out of her tiny little cunt.

She stirred, and Wraith stood from the bed, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his chest just as Aurora sat up, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“Not a dream…” she muttered to herself, taking in her surroundings and frowning at Wraith.

“You sound disappointed,” Wraith noted and donned his sunglasses.

“Well as charming as you’ve been, this is still not my ideal situation.”

“I’ll do my best to rectify that,” Wraith said with a wink as he laced up his boots, “You just have to stay here while I speak with my cohorts. Be right back.”

He noted the cunning look that flashed across Aurora’s face as she said, “So you’re leaving me?”

Wraith smirked, “Just for a moment. Don’t try to escape, now.” Something burned on his lower back as he touched the door’s knob. Satisfied his trap was successfully laid, he walked out the door, purposely leaving it open a fraction of an inch before heading down the row of rooms to where Taint and Olivia had been staying.

He knocked gently and after a few seconds, Taint answered.

“Sleeping in?” he asked, stepping back and allowing his fellow Gatekeeper to enter.

Wraith walked through the door, “Not me. My lovely charge.”

“How is she?” Olivia asked from the bed. She was dressed in a simple long-sleeved shirt and jeans. It was the first human outfit Wraith had seen her in, and he had to admit it somehow made her even more stunning to look at. Taint truly had won the prize with this one.

“Fine,” Wraith said, sitting in a chair, “For now. I’ve created a little surprise for her,” he smiled wickedly, “Activated an old charm a very kinky witch once gave me. Never knew when it would come in handy until just today.”

“Fun later,” Taint said, sitting in another chair, “Business first. We need to figure out how to get back into Hell. None of us were summoned, and I can’t think of a way to open a portal from this dimension; at least not in this location.”

Wraith nodded his agreement, “I know there a few places on Earth where we could tear open a primitive hole, but I only know they exist, not where they are.”

“We could do some research if we have to,” Taint shrugged.

“What about Slake?” Olivia chimed in, “She sent us here, didn’t she? Can’t she get us back?”

Wraith shook his head, “The Gate sent us here. Slake just told us how to get it to do it. The things that women will do for love…” He was of course referring to Slake’s instructions to get Olivia back for Taint.

Taint snorted, “She really is a bleeding heart, isn’t she,” then his face became serious, “But perhaps Olivia is on to something. Slake would not just abandon us here if she knew this is where we were. If we just wait a few days, maybe even hours, I’m sure she’ll try to get in contact with us. She’s very resourceful like that.”

“So that’s the plan? Wait?” Wraith asked, standing up and looking impatient. He had just felt his lower back burn again, and knew that his trap had been sprung.

Taint’s brow furrowed, “For now…I suppose. What’s the rush?”

“Trap’s been activated.”

Olivia rolled her eyes and Taint chuckled. “Fine,” he said, “Enjoy your day. We’ll try to do the same,” he shot a meaningful glance at Olivia, “Keep an ear open for any communication from Slake.”

Wraith nodded curtly then walked out the door and back down to his room. The door was no longer ajar, and the handle was hot to the touch. After speaking a few words, the handle cooled and turned for him. He walked inside, shutting the door behind him and smiling widely.

“What the hell is this!?” Aurora cried out. She was on her back on the bed, her legs kicking frantically and her arms secured above her head by a thick metal chain. It was wrapped around her wrists and around the headboard, allowing Aurora no use of her limbs.

“You tried to escape,” Wraith said, stating a fact rather than asking a question.

Aurora blushed, ceasing her struggles for a moment, “Maybe…”

“I warned you,” Wraith moved toward her, pulling off his sunglasses and smirking at the way she tried to shrink away from him, “I told you not to try to escape.” He stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at the little human like a predator looks at a meal. A very visible bulge had formed in between his legs, and he noticed Aurora look at it with a nervous glance.

“Now what?” she asked at a whisper. She was frightened and this made Wraith even harder.

“Now,” he said leaning forward a little, “We have some fun.”


{City of Angels, Mid-Afternoon}

Selapheil, Jegudiel, and the non-King Gabriel were dead. The remaining two Archangels, Uriel and Raguel had fled into the City and barred the gates. Clava had sent the heads of their comrades flying over the wall to land somewhere on the other side as a parting message.

She had sustained heavy losses herself, but as far as she was concerned, this had been a victory. With only two Archangels remaining alive, the King in her custody, and the Gatekeepers safely locked behind the Wall, the Spirit Dimension was as good as hers.

At first she had been furious that Taint had managed to not only sic the Archangels on her, but also seal the Gate as well, trapping her and most of her army in the Spirit Dimension. But now she was grateful. The battle to the gates of the City of Angels had been long and bloody, and having the Gatekeepers on her tail would not have done Clava any favors.

They had fought with the Archangels through the night. They had been deadly flying above them, and had had unlimited power behind them. But Clava had managed to shoot three of them out of the air herself. She had been the one to slay Gabriel, and her demons had torn the other two to shreds.

Now Clava lay in wait, ready to siege the City after her troops rested and prepared. It wouldn’t take long. Without their precious King and protectors, the Angles would bow to her in no time and call her Queen.

Nothing would stop her. Nothing could.


{Wraith’s Motel Room, Noon}

Aurora almost could not believe her captor had not only left her alone, but the door to the motel room open. Seeing no reason why she should not try to escape, she had bounded from the bed and headed straight for the door. Something inside her felt a little guilty at betraying the handsome man who claimed, almost convincingly, to be a demon. But he was a kidnapper, and definitely not a demon, no matter what her addled, sleep-deprived mind had thought the night before.

Escape was within her grasp, but as soon as Aurora had touched the doorknob to the room, it had slammed shut. Gripping it tightly, she had tried to pry it open, but it hadn’t budged; although that turned out to be the least of her problems when a loud clink and rattle sounded from behind her.

Turning around slowly, she had gasped to find thick, metal chains floating in front of her like a snake about to strike.

“Of course,” she mumbled and then turned back around to try the door again, but was stopped when she felt cool metal wrap around her right wrist. “Noooo…” she moaned as her left wrist was similarly seized. Then, roughly, her arms were jerked above her head and she was dragged backward, her heels dragging along the carpet.

Hitting the bed, Aurora had been pulled onto the mattress by the chains. When they stopped, she was prone on her back, wrists tightly secured together above her head leaving the rest of her body free. Fruitlessly, she had struggled against the restraints, but they had held fast. She was trapped.

It wasn’t long after being secured that Wraith came back, a sheepish smile on his face and a rather noticeable erection in his pants. Aurora simultaneously went pale in the face and wet between her legs as the man approached the bed. She had put on a good show of trying to get away, but in reality she was feeling secretly, inexplicitly entranced by both her situation and the person who had put her here.

“Now what?” she had asked, feeling both frightened and, unfortunately, aroused. Something was messed up in her head, of that she was sure, but there was nothing she could do about it now. Aurora just hoped that Wraith had one thing in mind, and not another. Mainly, she wanted him to fuck her and not murder her. Either seemed to be a plausible option in this position.

“Now,” Wraith’s sexy masculine voice rumbled as he leaned toward her prone body, “We have some fun.”

Rough hands gripped Aurora’s thighs as he knelt on the bed. She struggled a little, but Wraith was impossibly strong and kept her immobile as he worked at the button and zipper of her jeans. She was wet, and grew more so as he dragged the rough material down her thighs, exposing her small, blue cotton panties to his gaze. Aurora knew that there would be a damp spot between her cleft, and she knew Wraith noticed it when he let out a low, stimulating growl.

“Do you like this?” he asked, pulling her jeans the rest of the way off, “Being tied up and at my mercy?”

Aurora blushed crimson and then whimpered as think fingers began to rub at her pussy over her panties. She did like being tied up for Wraith, but she was not quite ready to tell him that. He was still her kidnapper after all and this was very unnatural behavior.

He continued to stimulate her, and she writhed against her bindings, fighting the urge to arch her hips into Wraith’s touch. More moisture seeped out from between her folds, dampening the panties even more and Aurora could start to smell the faintest odor of her own arousal permeate the small motel room. No man had ever made her this aroused so quickly.

Wraith’s fingers left her pussy for a moment to grip the waistband of her underwear. He wasted no time in pulling them down slowly, dragging his nails along her flesh as he exposed the hot box to the air, and his tongue, which lapped along her slit without warning.

This time, Aurora did arch her hips off the bed, trying to get more of Wraith’s tongue inside her. She was already weeping cream down her crotch and when sharp teeth tugged lightly at her clit, a fresh wave of it coated Wraith’s chin.

“More,” she whispered, and felt the man chuckle against her flesh. It sent vibrations rushing down her tunnel, straight to her g-spot. No use fighting him now; she knew she wanted all of him.

Wraith lifted his head and looked down Aurora’s body and into her blue eyes. Moisture dribbled down his lips and chin and she blushed a little in embarrassment; she had always been a little overly wet.

“I was hoping I’d be able to do this to you ever since I saw you standing in the road,” Wraith admitted, sitting up and removing his t-shirt. Her mouth watered at the perfectly toned muscles that played along his torso, just as it had the night before when he had shown her the mark on his ribs; when he had claimed he was a demon.

Aurora’s conscious suddenly roared to life and she once again struggled against the bonds that held her, “Stop. Please. This isn’t right.” It was a feeble, last ditch effort from her mind to try and deny what her body so clearly ached for, and she was sorry she had even said it.

“What’s not right?” Wraith teased, and plunged his index and middle fingers into Aurora’s soaking wet cunt. He pulled them out, glistening with her juices, a string of the oily substance connecting his digits to her pussy. “Clearly your body wants it,” he stuck the fingers into his mouth and sucked off the cream, moaning in ecstasy, which of course made Aurora replace the arousal he had taken with even more. Fingers once again plunged into her and she arched her back, thrusting her breasts upward as Wraith’s body came over hers.

Resting upon one arm, he brought the other to her mouth. It was shiny with her cum, and she could smell its sharp aroma. Bringing the digits to her lips Wraith made Aurora take them into her mouth. The tangy taste of her own cream was shocking at first, but then extremely arousing and she moaned around him, sucking the fingers deeper so as to get all of herself off them.

Wraith removed them and stared down at her, his eyes meeting hers, “I bet you’re a hard squirter, aren’t you? Rare in a human,” he added.

Blushing again, Aurora nodded once, never taking her eyes from Wraith’s. She was a squirter, every time. A lot of men were turned off by it, but she couldn’t help it; never could. How had Wraith known that?

His head disappeared down her body and she nearly screamed as not one, not two, but three fingers were forced horizontally into her quim with an audible squelch. Wraith curled them upward, pressing and rubbing simultaneously against her swollen g-spot. He wanted to test her admission and that this rate was about to get a crash course.

Chest heaving beneath her blouse, Aurora threw her head back, trying to enjoy the pleasure Wraith’s fingers were bringing and trying not to focus on the fact that she had been chained against her will for him to do so.

More moisture trickled out of her vagina, and Aurora knew she was close to cumming. Her insides were tightening around Wraith’s fingers. If he only…

Lips closed around her clit and sucked, hard. Unable to contain her gasping scream, Aurora let loose the pressure. She felt the ejaculate spray from her cunt. Heard it splatter against flesh. It must have been a new personal record; stream after stream of cum erupted from her and Wraith’s fingers did not leave her channel for the duration. Aurora spasmed around the wide digits heightening her own pleasure and prolonging the explosive orgasm.

Chest heaving and slick with sweat, she finally came down from her orgasm. To her dismay, it had done nothing to relieve the unnatural desire she felt toward Wraith, and if anything had increased it.

“Amazing,” Wraith sat up and Aurora could see the extent of her damage. His face and chest were covered with her jizz. Small droplets had formed among his chest hair and a glance between his legs showed that he was even harder than before, if it was possible. “Now what should we do?”

He stood and Aurora almost cried out in protest. All of that and he wasn’t going to finish what he had started? Heat burned throughout her body, and she couldn’t help but writhe against the chains. Her body needed him inside her and at this point she was willing to give him anything or any hole that he wanted as long as it eased the fire.

Wraith stood patiently, his hands on his hips, small streams of cum running down his torso, and stared at Aurora. That’s when she realized what he was waiting for. He wanted her to tell him what they were ‘doing next’.

Unable to contain herself, Aurora blurted out, “Fuck me.”

Wraith smiled, “Where?”

“My cunt,” she pleaded wantonly, arching her hips and letting her moisture drip onto the bed, “Make me cum again. And again.”

“Then what?” Wraith was enjoying this if the bulge in his pants was any indication, and the dirty talk was making Aurora hotter as more cream gushed from her pussy. At this rate she would be dehydrated for days.

“Then take my ass,” her anus clenched as she said the words, “Fill it with your cum after you fill my pussy.” Any lasting traces of inhibition and guilt were gone. She needed this man to fuck every hole she had and leave her sticky with his cum.

Wraith unbuckled his jeans and pushed them hurriedly down his legs. Aurora gasped at what emerged. At least nine inches long, and as thick as her wrist, she almost regretted urging Wraith to take her ass. But the thought was replaced by sudden anticipation as he climbed between her thighs.

After stroking his dick a few time to full hardness, Wraith positioned its head at her dripping entrance. She watched, fascinated, as he arched his hips forward, driving first the bulbous head, then nearly a third of his shaft into her now-overstretched pussy. Fluid gushed around his member as he withdrew and Aurora groaned. He pushed her walls past their limits, but kept going. When Wraith was halfway inside, she felt the tip of his head brush along her g-spot and she whimpered. It felt amazing, more than amazing, blissful, and she almost came when he pushed hard on her clit with the pad of his thumb as he drove the rest of his shaft into her cunt.

“Fuck!” she cried out and struggled against the bonds that still held her. For some reason they were not uncomfortable in the least, and in fact managed to make her even hornier for the monster currently nestled deep inside her. Something about being at the mercy of this man made Aurora wetter than she had ever felt before.

Wraith withdrew halfway, once again nudging at Aurora’s g-spot, before slamming back inside. She spasmed around him and shot a small squirt of fluid out onto his shaved pelvis. It dribbled down to their joining, and Aurora could feel the hot fluid against her sensitive outer lips. Another slam from Wraith had him hitting the very edge of her cervix, sending a ripple of pain/pleasure throughout her entire body.

Thinking it could get no better, Wraith reached up and gripped her lapels. Aurora let out an excited squeal as he tore her blouse, ripping apart buttons and exposing her blue bra, which he hastily tore from her body. No man she had ever been with had exhibited this kind of strength, and Aurora had been with her fair share of rough boys in the sack.

A/N: This story is set in the Forgotten Realms setting, but only deals with original characters.

Warnings: This story contains elements of non-consent. Please do not read if that makes you in any way uncomfortable.


Note: I plan to end each of these fights all in one chapter after this, so don’t groan too much.

Terraces taken by Arazra’s army: nine of eleven.

“We’re fighting a war on three two fronts now. In our front, we have to take the remaining terraces and slay the pretender before we’re overwhelmed on our back, which is being assaulted by the Harpies and Nergal’s forces, and any possible others that may join them.” Explained Hezazias, the fifth district leader and brother to Arazra, to the rest of the commanding officers.

“Yes, we hadn’t expected any reinforcements other than the Harpies to attack us so quickly. Of all districts, it had to be Nergal’s fourth district.” Lamented Ornias, the eighth district leader.

“His demons are fast. If any more districts show up on the pretender’s side, it is only a matter of hours before they overrun our flank and rear guard. We can thank the fact that while Nergal’s forces are fast, they are not as strong as Zagan’s behemoth of an army or Estair’s skilled magic users.” Added Sasilith, the seventh district leader and sister to Arazra, as she nodded knowingly.

“Forget them. Have all of Black Steps move to the flank and rear, they are useless without Xizaen. The best they can do is act as fodder and a buffer against any reinforcements. Put the district soldier’s full strength in capturing the last two districts. Every single commanding officer will fight from now on. We will not stop until we reach the palace and slay the pretender.” Commanded the leader, Arazra of the tenth district.

“He got back his witch, will that affect anything?” Ornias put this question forth to the group.

In this think tank of Arazra’s army, only the district leaders were allowed to take part. Not even the highest ranked member of their mercenary forces would be privy to their conversation. Not even Zazie was allowed in, Arazra didn’t trust her one bit, even with her precious [World] in his hands.

“No, it will not. If the witch does pose a threat, she will be mercilessly slain just like the pretender himself. This will without a doubt be a tough battle. We must not break our momentum for anything. Once we enter the tenth terrace, tell the soldiers to not even stop their assault for orders unless we go out of our way to order each and every soldier.” Arazra said coldly.

“Mmm, yes. Five pillars are inside those few terraces, biding their time. We managed to deprive them of Sitri, but it will not be enough. Of course undiluted aggression is important now, but we cannot deny the essence of caution. Who knows what the true strength of the pretender’s concubines, that Daughter of Pride, the fallen angel, and the witch?” Advised Hezazias.

“Leave the fallen angel and Daughter of Lust to me. I have a previous engagement with them, a battle to possible death.” Warned Sasilith. She was legitimately interested in Nerissa and Aureal, both in their skills and devotion to the pretender. They both had honest and pure love in them, extremely rare for beings of Sin.

“Oh? Interesting. I’ve no doubt of your skills, Sasilith, but can you take on two of the pretender’s favored? He must have chosen powerful beings to be his concubines.” Asked Arazra.

“I can, though not with ease. Initially, I thought the Daughter of Lust to be the weaker of the two, despite being a white demon. However, I learned two major things about both of them that should tell us they are both powerful foes that cannot be underestimated.” Sasilith’s words were solemn.

Arazra raised an eyebrow, “Ah yes, I know what you’re talking about. Still, explain for these two.”

“Very well brother. The Daughter of Lust wields Old Age, which I assume she stole from the slain Avandar.” Both Ornias and Hezazias widened their eyes in surprise. Sitri continue with an even more insane prospect. “And the fallen angel has an even more mysterious power, one that should be fundamentally and physically impossible for any being in existence… She wields both the dark and the light.”

“Oh?” “What did you…” Both Hezazias and Ornias stood up, either surprised or interested at Sasilith’s impossible words.

“That’s what I thought. Though she did not perform this power in front of me, so I have yet to find out if it is actually true, I did feel both light and dark inside of her. “

“Ornias, find those damn Wars, gather the Legion of Renning, and while you’re at it, get Zazie and her underlings ready. Hezazias, take command of the district forces. We will all begin the attack within the hour.” With Arazra’s command, each of the district leaders bowed and left, with Sasilith blushing a slight red before she left.


“Uh, not that I mind, but…”

“But what?”

“Shouldn’t we get back to the palace instead of having sex?”

“And you call yourself an incubus, and a Lord of Lust at that. Let me at least be this selfish.”

Yes indeed, instead of going back to the palace and coordinating with the Pillar of Lust how to defeat Arazra, Rainer and Lauren were currently engaged in a battle of foreplay. Well, prolonged exposure to the Land of Lust did that to people. Unknown to Rainer and his people, Arazra himself and his subordinates also engaged in libidinous acts quite frequently during this war, just not during important moments.

“Gah, fine, you’ll regret it.” Warned Rainer with a mischievous smile.

Lauren returned the exact same smile, though with a salacious hue to it, “That’s the plan- ayahn!”

Lauren’s incessant words were silenced by a relentless kiss from Rainer. Her lips were whetted by saliva before even half a minute past. Swooning into her lover’s embrace, Lauren smooshed her bountiful chest into Rainer, which was only separated by a thin cloth from when she was captured. Her fully erect nubs could be felt through the cloth, and betraying how aroused Lauren was as she hugged Rainer tightly.

Rainer enjoyed the cute actions of each girl he had been with, Lauren, though having a more mature feel like Asmodea, was no different considering her age. She seemed resistant and rebellious at first, but instantly surrendered when pressured, via lavish and affectionate attention. Almost as if she enjoyed being pampered, though who wouldn’t?

Lauren attacked back with her tongue, licking his and her lips seductively. The soft opening to her mouth freely opened up, relinquishing power to Rainer’s invading tined demon tongue. They both slithered about in each other’s mouths, exchanging saliva and kissing in a hasty, though deep, manner.

Neither party wanted to continue this small level of play for long, they both equally wanted to get to the real action. Smiling viciously, Rainer undid his clothing while Lauren did the same. She swayed her cute butt and cupped her tits in her hands, which proved to be good handfuls each. Showing off for Rainer, Lauren tweaked her nipples, which were not terribly sensitive, though the still did the deed, eliciting a sexy moan of “Yeeeeeesssss…” from Lauren.

Every sound that came from Lauren aroused Rainer even further, hardening his member to full size in minutes. She stoked her pussy several times with several of her fingers, coating them with her juice, and licking it off with her sultry tongue. Lauren bit the tip of one side of her glasses, giving off a “sexy secretary” kind of feeling. Without either person noticing, Lauren’s shaded parts of her hair changed color once again- to a bloody red and fervent turquoise. Rainer noticed, and loved, Lauren’s beautiful alternative look to her.

“Let me have a little fun first, sit down, lusty incubus.” Smirked Lauren as her breasts jiggled with every movement.

Following her request, Rainer sat down on the soft ground next to the lake, with his back propped up by a cushion from his clothes. His soldier was at attention, saluting Lauren’s tits as she kneeled down and wrapped her lovely, silken hands around Rainer’s cock. Spitting on it, Lauren smacked her lips and licked the tip. She twirled her tongue around the head, slowly going down the shaft kind of like the stripes of a peppermint stick. And as if it was a peppermint stick, Lauren savored Rainer’s musky taste. She kissed the tip, taking away and tasting his precum. Desire and lust flooded her body, as an incubus’ semen was not unlike an aphrodisiac, and a powerful one considering Rainer’s status. She couldn’t resist swallowing Rainer’s delicious shaft much longer.

“As much as I love this, why don’t you put those lovely big tits around my guy?” Rainer asked lewdly, completely into his incubus persona. He smacked his lips as he watched Lauren sweetly smile and comply. The pretty witch groped her sizable bust and placing the left before the right around his throbbing cock.

Seeing even more precum leaking out, Lauren took that and smeared it on the inside of her cleavage, giving a piercing shimmer and lubed skin. The witch flexed her fingers and sucked off any leftover precum into her mouth, savoring even more of the sweet seed, which only served to make her even hotter. Because of Rainer’s nature, it was an extremely pleasurable act to orally stimulate him, even through her breasts. He not only gave off a musky smell and taste, but it seemed somewhat spicy and sweet at the same time. It almost seemed as if her own breasts were being given a massage, despite her being the one pleasuring the shaft with her tits.

Either way, both sides profited. Whenever the head of Rainer’s cock disappeared into the soft mounds, Lauren focused her fingers in the area where the head was at when she rubbed and pushed her breasts on the member. To Rainer, it felt like a tickling sensation amplified by a hundredfold of pleasurable sensations. Using a confusing metaphor to describe it, it felt like hundreds of tiny feet from pretty, lewd faeries dancing on his shaft.

“Here, make me come quickly, I want to have enough time to get into one of your other entrances, the tighter one, maybe?” Rainer tossed out this suggestion as if it was a passing fancy, though fortunately for him, Lauren took it seriously.

“Of course, you tasty incubus, you. Allow my magical breasts and tongue bring you to climax!” Lauren partially laughed with her sarcasm, though she put to work trying to make her statement reality.

Rainer felt the incoming rapturous sensations instantly. Lauren rubbed her voluminous along Rainer’s slickened shaft in opposite directions, bringing two separate feelings surging through his spine. Opening her soft mounds of flesh wide enough for Rainer’s cock head to pop up and say hello, Lauren dropped her head and enveloped the shaft into her mouth as deeply as her neck muscles let her. Being a child of nature, Lauren naturally had a flexible body when traveling, thus her head could stretch downwards more so than the average person. She swallowed at least a third of Rainer’s cock that was revealed between her busty chest. Rainer watched as Lauren’s perky nipples twitched cutely in front of Rainer’s eyes as the pressed together, pressing each other’s button.

Seeing Lauren’s brusque, though oddly bashful at the same time, licking and sucking on his cock while also pressing her breasts down on that same shaft proved too much for Rainer to hold onto his orgasm, and it burst almost violently in Lauren’s mouth. Lauren couldn’t even choose whether to keep the thick, white seed in her mouth, it forced and slipped its way down Lauren’s throat, though not before letting Lauren taste it on her tongue. Even more potent than the precum, the full stuff proved to be a powerful aphrodisiac to her human body, whether it was the same for demons was unknown to her. All Lauren knew was that she was practically addicted to Rainer’s delicious ropes of cum.

Unsheathing herself, Lauren looked up and let the last of his seed trickle down her throat, savoring every bit of taste that her nerves released into her brain. If they bottle this stuff up, The Lord of Lust’s semen, any demon could make a fortune selling it off as the most powerful aphrodisiac in existence.

“You cannot believe how tasty that stuff is… I could drink it forever.” Lauren marveled, not faltering at the salacious intentions of those words.

Understanding and playing along, Rainer answered, “You’re free to do so, its not like I’ll be going anywhere, and I don’t plan on losing.” Even though it was because of the high of sexual release, Rainer felt like a chain in his mind shattered into pieces because of his declaration. However, this was no time to ponder that sort of serious stuff, he had more important things to worry about. Things like what position he should use while taking Lauren’s tight ass. “You’re quite pretty, you know that? Sexy too.”

“You realized that only now? Well, thanks anyways. So how are you going to take advantage of me next? O Lord of Lust, devil of the night.” Lauren grinned, clearly enjoying her own high from the taste of Rainer’s seed, even the aftertaste was fairly pleasant.

Even though he was a Lord of Lust, and he could make rational decisions no matter his mental state, Rainer felt that was no fun. So he allowed his affected brain to decided his next move, which resulted in Rainer roughly grabbing Lauren’s round ass and pulling it to him.

“Aya! Why’d you decide to be so manly all of a sudden?” Giggled Lauren.

“Oh? I wasn’t manly enough before? I guess I’ll have to change that. Let’s see how your tight entrance right here fares.” Said Rainer as he dragged his finger, coated in Lauren’s saliva from her mouth, across her the outline of her butt and into her puckered hole, teasing the entrance playfully. “Just to be different, let’s go here, mmhmm.” Rainer hummed at the end whimsically as he penetrated the hole with his middle finger, stretching it slowly. Lauren had cleaned herself thanks to the cave pools, so there was not a hint of dirt or grime anywhere on her body. It would be more accurate to say that her body glowed thanks to several natural remedies Lauren devised from the plants in the cave. It was a testament to her genius in this regard in that she could even develop products from plants in a foreign world. Heck, maybe she could even cure cancer from the plants here.

Lauren shivered from the intrusion, tensing up unintentionally, tightening around the finger. Rainer, in retaliation, moved his finger around in circles, and once he was satisfied, he abruptly shoved in a second finger, eliciting a moan from Lauren’s mouth. She couldn’t help but shut her eyes as she sat down on Rainer’s lap, splaying her legs widely. If anyone saw, they would be given quite the exhibitionist’s show.

“Ah, let me lube it up before you push that monster in here, I soooo want to do this now.” Lauren moaned lazily as she opened her eyes to look straight at Rainer’s sockets. Rainer relented his assault on Lauren and allowed her to “lube” up his shaft.

Even though it had climaxed recently, Lauren marveled at the ability an incubus had in keeping his shaft erect at almost all times, especially during licentious acts. Lauren sucked and licked the shaft several times, giving it a fresh coat of slippery saliva.

Rainer whistled and relaxed his hands behind his head as if he had nothing to do, though immediately turned his attention to Lauren’s deliciously round butt. All of the girls and woman he had been with each had qualities surpassing the “fakeness” of models and pornstars; Lauren was no different. Though that was to be expected when living in the Land of Lust, home of the lustful race of succubi and incubi.

Rainer pushed Lauren’s body into the classic and ever-arousing doggy style position, where Lauren’s hands were positioned on the mossy log with her butt wiggling and ready in the air, just waiting to be penetrated by Rainer’s shaft. And Rainer himself could only keep himself sane so long without indulging. He playfully smacked Lauren’s ass a couple times, leaving a faint red mark behind, each time he did so, Lauren moaned loud enough for anyone in the cave to hear.

“Jus-just stop teasing! Fuck meeeee already!” Begged Lauren with a shrill voice, almost buckling at her legs under the mix of slight pain and pleasure, both of which felt arousing and great to her body.

“Fine fine, you’re so needy, you naughty witch. Now, where do you want me to take you from?” Asked Rainer cruelly.

Lauren pouted her moist and full lips. “Gawd… Rainer, don’t t-tease me more! Please! Please fuck me in my ass!” Begged Lauren as she succumbed to her desire. “Fuck my tight little ass with your big fat cock, jam it in nowwww!” Lauren wiggled her butt, trying to entice Rainer with her full posterior.

“You’re just too cute when you talk like that. Oh very well, I can’t be too mean to my subjects as a lord.” On that note, Rainer, who was prodding the tight ring with his slick shaft, sheathed his spear inside Lauren’s anal entrance. “Unbe-fucking-lievably tight… Shit, you’re going to chop me off.”

As it was obviously a joke, Lauren tried to laugh in between her deep breaths. It was hard for her to speak normally with Rainer’s thick incubus dick throbbing and thrusting in her tightest hole. Thanks to the initial lube on Rainer’s cock and Lauren’s puckered entrance, the invader didn’t have too much trouble working its way inside. Even so, Lauren felt the full impact and girth as it slowly slid its way inside, sending warm waves of pleasure straight into her soul. The throbbing veins full of warm blood ribbed through her insides, rubbing against her tight walls. Lauren’s tongue slowly but surely lazed out of her mouth in a dazed state as she let the log hold up her weight.

Rainer grabbed onto Lauren’s round butt tightly, keeping it aloft so she didn’t just fall over. He dealt it a sharp spank as he continued to pound his thick cock into Lauren’s anal entrance, causing Lauren to arch her back and moan loudly into the cave. “Keep fucking doing thaaat, slap my ass, do whatever you want to me back there… Just keep fucking me as hard as you can!” Lauren cried, feeling the full force of Rainer’s incubus genitalia prying and pushing into her ass. Every fifth thrust, Lauren came dramatically, climaxing multiple times from her ass. “Yessss, keep hitting there. Fuck my horny ass to oblivion!” Moaned Lauren over her multiple climaxes.

“Sure sure, I’ll burst again soon, your ass is just way too sexy and tight. I seriously want to take you here again.” Commented Rainer. He himself had his mind wracked with gratuitous pleasure. If it weren’t for his earlier load going down Lauren’s throat, he would have come much earlier.

It had certainly been a decent while since the two had fucked like this, this was a much more carnal encounter for the two, and they both relished it extremely. Sharp slaps could be heard round the cave coming from Rainer’s crotch slamming into Lauren’s ass, giving an erotic undertone to the environment.

All of Lauren’s miniature orgasms had been building up to this moment. Like the climax of a great orchestral performance, Lauren herself was building up softly and harshly into a smashing crescendo. She had been releasing a constant moan of pleasure from the savage ass-fucking Rainer was giving her, not one moment didn’t feel good, and not one point of her body tingled and shivered with desire and joy.

“Like five seconds, then I’m going to do it inside your ass.” Warned Rainer as he gave Lauren another sharp slap on both cheeks of her ass. Though her butt wasn’t terribly thick or jiggly, it was round in the right spots and looked very enticing to him no matter how many times Rainer spanked Lauren.

“O-okay… Paint my insides full of your delicious seed, get me full from the other side!” Lauren was panting like a dog with her tongue out and eyes everywhere. Lauren had that look on her face that many women did when in the throes of a powerful orgasm, relinquishing their body to pleasure.

“Ah, I lied, make that two seconds.” Then all of a sudden, Rainer violently shot ropes of his sticky seed into Lauren’s tract, giving the walls a new shade of white.

“Aaaahhhn! So gooood…” Lauren was confident no woman in the world wouldn’t agree with her, their decision would be unanimous: pure bliss. Asmodea had experienced it first apparently. Then Nerissa after her, then Lauren was number three, Aureal fourth, and who else Rainer had fucked since coming here in the circles. All of them could get together for a casual coffee klatch and discuss with great detail and length their experiences with Rainer. ‘Hell, that may actually happen if we all survive this.’ Though Lauren.

Great euphoria overtook the two partners, resulting in mutual sounds of verbal pleasure coming from their mouths. Lauren’s glasses had long since bounced off her face, landing in a soft pile of cave moss. Even her makeup trailed down her face by centimeters due to her eyes watering from the sudden intrusion up her butt from earlier.

A noisy ‘schlop’ and Rainer’s shaft fell out of Lauren’s orifice. “Heck, it’s like you just sucked out every bit of my stuff straight out of my dick. Seriously, did you apply some witch magic to your ass?”

Despite Rainer’s slightly crude language, Lauren only smiled and laughed while basking in the afterglow next to the log, “Nope, I’m just training myself to be even better than a succubus for you than all of these sex demons here in this circle.” Lauren beamed at Rainer with a seductive smile that only proved to make his shaft stiffen by a little bit.

“Hahaha, really, if only I got to know you before in school. This would’ve been fun.” Laughed Rainer.

Both Rainer and Lauren clothed themselves in their own attire, summoning outfits with basic magic. Lauren wore her armor and clothes from before when she was playing that deadly game: loose leather armor, magically reinforced pointed beanie, and tightly bound sandals. Rainer, using a summon spell for the first time to bring himself an outfit, acquired a set of garments from the closet in his large closet of his bedroom in the palace. Rainer didn’t want heavy or bulky armor and protection. Instead he opted for a lighter set of clothes like Lauren, though even lighter and smoother than that. He donned the outfit, and showed off his uniform to Lauren.

“Really, it’s almost as if you purposely chose an outfit straight from a video game…” Lauren smirked as she made fun of Rainer’s choice of attire.

In truth, he was thinking like he did when he played video games from before. He gave himself this question: How badass do I want to look? And Rainer answered it.

Among the casual, fancy, and various sorts of attire in the massive closet of his room in the palace, there were also more interesting outfits. Ones made for battle. Rainer wore a set of light malleable plates that seemed fused together. It seemed like an ultra lightweight material that also gave great protection. These plates covered Rainer’s chest and lower body like a film of water, perfectly conforming to every contour and curve of his slender build, perfectly adapting to every flex of his muscles. It was almost as if the armor was made for him prior to his existence (though Rainer would never find out, Asmodeus used a peculiar magic to design various sets of armor for Rainer when he came to this position, a magic beyond Zazie’s level of divination).

Instead of different plates, his four limbs were covered in what resembled “molds” of those limbs. These molds perfectly fit his legs and arms, and seemed to move with his body as if they were a part of his body. Pointed boots fit over his feet with a tough grip on the bottom so he could maximize agility. Rainer pulled his gloves over his hands, gloves that allowed his fingers almost complete freedom of movement. The fingers had a faint pattern of ribbing that would stick to objects almost like a sticky grip.

Going for even more “tacky badassness”, as Rainer liked to put it, he donned a thin mask which covered his face, neck, and head. His hair was kept comfortable and cool, with the mask fitting over his ears and nose. The mask was designed so that it gave full freedom over Rainer’s senses, not allowing a single inhibition of sight, hearing, smell, and even taste. Finally, a durable silk hood was pulled over his head. This hood wasn’t just for show, it also had an enchantment interwoven in done by Asmodeus himself, which gave Rainer anonymity, coincidentally modeled after Zazie’s [Hermit] ability. In the end, the entire outfit had a pattern of pine green, black, and lustrous silver.

“I don’t know about you, but let’s finish a war.” Rainer, from this moment on, chose to never hesitate again with his ideals and beliefs. He wasn’t going to end this war because he wanted to stop Arazra and become a true Lord of Lust. He was going to end it because he was the only willing to take on war itself.


“So… We’ll wait until they take the tenth terrace? That is quite a risk, sir.” A soldier wearing fairly light armor studded with metal gave his honest opinion. He had his full set of appendages out, colored a bright green.

“I hate being called that, I really do. Don’t do it again. I’m not like the Rulers of Sin or arrogant Daughters and Sons of Sin, just call me by my given name, Nergal.” The fourth district leader was devoid of any armor. Out of all demons, he had a fairly different appearance, one much more bestial in nature. Almost like a bat in demon form, Nergal had brown fur all over his body with a face like a bat, leathery bat wings, as well as sharp claws on his hands and feet. Despite his bat like nature, Nergal was still a demon of Lust, and so he furless horns colored brown and a wriggling bat tail. One would think, “If he isn’t wearing clothes or armor, then isn’t he naked? Where’s his genitalia?” Nergal developed a unique ability to hide those parts in his body, almost like a reptile. His nature certainly explained the way he fought, which he planned to make full use of in the oncoming battle.

“Yes, sorry. Still, I must stress that it would be more prudent to attack the enemy now. Surely, with our speed, we can perform lightning guerrilla attacks on the enemy in order to distract them from their goal and allow the defense to retaliate.” The soldier was an honest fellow, he did not fear giving his opinion, much to Nergal’s lament.

“You’re annoying. No, we will wait until they take the tenth terrace. I know Caetorum’s tactics, he will feign heavy casualties in the tenth terrace and reserve the defense’s true strength for the palace terrace in a hopeful attempt to fool Arazra’s forces and blitz his army. That tactic worked perfectly when Uriel’s forces sieged this city before when Caetorum and I were in it. In the war, Arazra was to busy defending his district at the time to know about this unique tactic. We will devastate their rear guard during their siege of the eleventh terrace, slaughter the traitors. I don’t know what this young Lord of Lust wishes to do with the captives, but kill every single traitor until given the order not to by The Lord of Lust himself. There is no room for mercy among traitors.” Nergal smoldered with malevolent words. Nergal, while being more of Lust, was also part Wrath and even a sliver of Pride. He absolutely hated traitors. Though he kept his hate to himself most of the time, so most leaders in the Land of Lust regarded him as a wildcard.

“Give the command to make camp for now. Send an elite team of scouts to find out when Arazra sieges the eleventh terrace. Form a perimeter of our fastest around our camp in order to eliminate any scouts unwanted eyes.” Nergal commanded to his subordinate.

The subordinate bowed and waved his hands to reiterate the orders to the rest of the officers. In the short amount of time Nergal responded to the call for reinforcements, it would be expected for him to call upon around a thousand or two soldiers from the immediate area. Nergal, however, had been silently amassing troops before he even attended the meeting, though only out of a premonition of his. He wanted to inform the other district leaders of his premonition, but he knew that most would laugh or suspect him of suspicious plans. He also didn’t trust all of the district leaders, and he was right to do so considering the unexpected betrayals of Ornias and Hezazias. Nergal was ready to go to war. He amassed ten thousand demon soldiers.


“Ah shit… I knew I should’ve done that thing.”

“What thing, Caetorum?” Asked Asmodea casually to her fellow Pillar of Lust.

“Back when the Capital of Lust was sieged, I used a tactic where I feigned the death of a majority of my troops, and it proved successful. Well, maybe I should’ve done the same thing here.” Sighed Caetorum as he dodged a wave of arrows behind a battlement.

“Even if you did, I have no doubt that Arazra studied the various tactics of ours and would have planned or be cautious about every aspect of this invasion. In the end, all we have to do is hold out for as long as possible until Nergal shows up.” Assured Asmodea as she drew her sword, a soul weapon.

Asmodea shot a bolt of misty energy from her Wallace sword at a clump of tenth district soldiers firing their bows and crossbows. The misty bolt exploded and four sharp blades of mist shot out, cutting each of those soldiers apart. That was her Wallace sword’s ability, Blade Dispersal. In the mists the sword created, blades could be formed that cut apart any enemy as if they were large pieces of shrapnel. Though the ability wasn’t very well suited one on one combat, it was an extremely potent power.

All of the powerful figures of both sides were engaged in battle. Though the superior numbers of Arazra’s army would eventually win out in taking the tenth terrace, it would be done with a bloody loss. There was no doubt in every single person’s mind, on both sides, that this siege would end today, either with the palace taken or the attackers routed. Not even Arazra was so confident now, as two sets of reinforcements had come to the pretender’s aid, and he was having quite a bit of difficulty holding the Harpies back.

“Shit, there’s one of them!” Caetorum called out to Asmodea. “I sense the presence of powerful Sin fairly close by, I assume it is either Hezazias or Sasilith. However, in this thick battle, I can’t rely on my sensing ability for distance.” A ladder pulled up, bringing several low ranked demons along with it. Caetorum stabbed one in the eye, which caused the demon to fall, bringing his friends with him.

On Asmodea’s side, several enemy demons had made it up on the tenth terrace’s walls, which she dispatched in several flawless sword attacks with her magic claymore. In a war where there are basically two different types of participants, the weak and the strong, both sides will eventually only mingle with their own. If Hezazias was near them, he would no doubt fight either Asmodea or Caetorum.

“I do not mind fighting him, but he is a black demon, and a Son of Lust as well. We should fight him together, overall he is stronger than us by ourselves.” Asmodea rationalized the situation with Caetorum.

“Agreed. It would be best to fight the stronger foes with two on one if possible, only engage in a one on one if there is no other choice.”

“And you still believe you can win? I guess it is possible.” A voice spoke to both Asmodea and Caetorum with an air of passiveness, a voice belonging to the exact person they were talking about, Hezazias.

Hezazias simply walked over the walls as if walking up a ninety-degree angle was an everyday thing. He pulled himself over the battlement and crouched down, surveying the two before him. Hezazias was known to not be terribly arrogant, he treated his opponents with dignity while at the same time ridiculing them.

“You! You shouldn’t have been able to get over here so quickly, not at the distance I sensed you from.” Caetorum was surprised at first, but regained his senses quickly.

“Ah… You’re right, I was over there, and now I’m here. Amazing, huh? Well, how I got here doesn’t matter, can we just get this over with?” Hezazias said with disdain.

“Can I ask you one thing first?” Asmodea asked.

“I guess.”

“Not once since the Lord’s death did you show any sign of supported Arazra. Why did you all of a sudden decide to ally yourself with him and bring your army here?”

“That’s a good question. To be honest, I don’t really remember the reason myself. If anything, I sided with him because he is my brother and Sasilith is my sister. I can’t let them be alone on this as siblings. Sitri would never think about it, Alizae would simply scoff, and Azail would probably kill his siblings first hand if he had the chance. Really, am I the only one who cares about all of us?” Hezazias sighed deeply. He was clearly not at all pleased to be fighting in general.

‘He seems to laid back right now, whether he speaks the truth or not, it is impossible for me to tell. Without a doubt, Hezazias is a very mysterious person like his father.’ Asmodea told herself. She wished she didn’t have to, but she did have to fight Hezazias after all. They were on opposite sides of the war after all.

“If you want to talk more, do that while we fight, or after I beat you both into the ground, horns first.” Hezazias drew his weapons, two menacing axes.


“We’re here. Now what sort of signal shall we make?” Wondered Nerissa out loud.

She and Aureal were currently flying high up in the sky, dodging various missile attacks and slaying any normal demon soldier who dared to fly near them. It didn’t take long for the enemy soldiers to take the hint that they could never defeat the two, a fallen angel and a white demon.

Like with the rest of the terraces, there were two main battles, the sky and wall battle. If one side dominated either battle, it would be easy to destroy the enemy forces in the sky or ground. Both Nerissa and Aureal figured it was appropriate to fight their already decided opponent in the sky considering they met her in the sky, Sasilith.

Sasilith was completely not as they expected, cordial and pleasant. While they didn’t know what to expect when first meeting Sasilith, her curiosity and politeness was completely unexpected. Heck, even the name sounds menacing.

“I have no doubt she is here in the air, my light magic will be a suitable beacon, mistress. I am the only one on this battlefield who can wield light magic after all.” Impassively said Aureal.

“Alright, then be my guest Aureal, show them what you can do!” Enthusiastically cheered Nerissa as she flew back a couple meters and allowed Aureal to shine, literally.

Aureal held her massive war hammer in one hand, keeping it aloft with supernatural strength. Then she grabbed it with both hands, and swung it in a fearsome arc sideways and then downwards in quick succession. What formed was a cross of light, though with round and jagged edges. Aureal placed her palm in the center of the cross and it burst forth, accelerating to its max speed instantly. The cross of light smashed into exactly six enemy demons, burning their skin and destroying their bodies before returning to nothingness. After that, Aureal practically kick the air behind her, sending her barreling towards a group of demons fighting it out between each other. Aureal identified the two enemy demons of the group and as she skimmed above the group in the air, slammed her war hammer into the head of one of the enemies, causing to explode with light. The allied demons flew back, avoiding the light easily. The enemies however were caught in the explosion and died.

“She can’t do all the work, time for Old Age and I to really get into action together.” Nerissa did a couple short stretches, getting her body limber in case she pulled a muscle, like that would actually happen. “I’ll never let them take my fiancée’s city! I haven’t even got to see him at all recently because of you damn lust demons!” Nerissa beat her wings, gaining speed and sped towards several aimless seventh district soldiers.

They seemed more skilled than the average soldier, so they readied themselves and got into defensive stances. However, Nerissa didn’t plan on eliminating them head on. Instead, Nerissa flew over the demons, as if jumping on a solid mass of air. Her agility and acrobatic ability in the air stupefied the demons and stared in awe at the pretty white demoness that made the sky her playground. Looping around the demons, Nerissa brought Old Age back and swiftly decapitated one while spinning around and cutting the next twice across the stomach, causing his guts to spill out. Anyone directly below the demon would soon be having a bad time.

Meanwhile, Sasilith had just donned her armor and equipped her weapon. It was time to fight for her beloved brother. “Now, when will I get to fight those two adorable girls? You there, any words of the fallen angel and white demon girls?”

“Mistress Sasilith. While it is unconfirmed, some of our seventh district soldiers have reported seeing burning light exploding around in the sky above the tenth terrace walls.” Reported a simple messenger.

“Back in the air, eh? Alright then, let’s.”


“Damn it, don’t know why I got to do this with you. Too bad Sitri got captured.”

“I’m sorry, did you say something that may be construed as disrespect towards me, Reginald?”

“You’re a damn bitch, Teras, you know that?” Reginald intentionally insulted Teras this time.

“Better, there’s no need to be so quiet when you can just hate me in front of my face. Though I’ll have fun cutting you if you call me that again.” Teras threatened Reginald with the most pristine smile he had ever seen.

‘If there’s a personification of fear, she’s it.’ Reginald told himself. ‘She’s a damn monster. Glad I didn’t fight her in that death game, poor bastard who ever did.’

Reginald pulled out the heart of foe before him with his snake tattoo. His snakes were his main weapon, biting and gnawing at high speed and deadly penetrative power. He had several tattoos on his body, each of which could form an existence because of the special property the ink used to make them had, the soul reaped from an Archmage. Archmages are considered the most powerful of human existences, it didn’t really matter what kind of power it was, it could be magical power or physical power (Lauren holds an Archmage’s soul herself). Taking a giant leap with his tattoos of angel wings, Reginald downed another enemy with a kick from his foot using another tattoo located on the soles of his feet (thick, sharp spikes). He shot two more demons with the mounted gun tattoos on his soldiers before spinning around and having his snakes bite through the mail armor of an enemy officer. While he knew he kicked ass, his path of carnage was nowhere near as scary as Teras’.

A large mass of opposing demons from various districts tried to stand before Teras. The Sadist of Lust simply smiled and said, “You’re all ugly, bye bye!” And with a massive gust of wind, she tossed each of them over the side of the terrace walls. She pulled out her cane sword from her umbrella and charged it with a bolt of lightning, which was released when she stabbed a large demon in the leg. The lightning flowed from the sword and burnt the large demon to a crisp from the inside of his body. Teras traced a circle in the ground with her sword, and a fount of fire erupted, decimating any demon who dared to pass it, friend or foe. She stabbed the air seven times in rapid succession, and each stab formed icicles, which shot forth and buried their selves into vital points of enemy demons. Also, because of her weak muscle structure, Teras could not lift fairly heavy objects. Yet with earth magic, Teras performed an amazing feat of literally punching a catapult’s stone projectile back a couple meters, crashing into a clump of fifth district demons.

Hello again all.

First off I’d like to thank those who have been offering constructive criticism. I appreciate it a lot and I look forwards to incorporating some of your comments into my work as best I can. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I do try to improve myself.

Second, Like to thank WanderingMindGames for her help with proofing and betaing this chapter. She helped a lot and helped point out some issues that originally existed with this chapter. Many thanks to her.

This chapter is the conclusion to Celestine’s punishment, though she probably isn’t feeling punished by the end of it. I hope you all enjoy it, and as ever, I welcome comments and feedback.



Celestine let out a light gasp as she felt Rena’s soft touch running up her thighs and inching ever closer to her already damp pussy. It didn’t take long for Rena to start scrubbing the inside of Celestine’s legs and even less time for Rena to lean in and gently kiss the newly cleaned skin. Despite herself, Celestine couldn’t ignore the fact that Rena bathing her like this was getting her wound up again, even though Celestine had never considered bathing to be a particularly erotic activity. Still, she knew that being tied up, gagged, blindfolded and deafened probably had something to do with it. The sheer helplessness of her situation only served to turn an already stimulating situation into something that was overwhelmingly erotic.

As Rena continued her work happily, Celestine couldn’t help but squirm slightly, even as she felt her features go red with embarrassment. She wasn’t sure why she felt so awkward. Rena had seen her naked before after all. Hell, the two of them had slept together, yet somehow this felt different… like it was more intimate. Yet even as she tried to rationalize it, Celestine felt the gentle push she knew would eventually come.

Rena was softly pressing Celestine to open her legs wider so she would be able to have greater access. Yet Celestine resisted at first, having kept her legs semi closed so far to at least give the facade of modesty. However, after a moment or two of reluctance, Celestine felt a slight pull on her leash. It was not enough to move her, but it was enough to remind her that she was not in control here… That for now, with Tristan being away, Rena was supposed to be in charge. Yet unlike Tristan, Celestine felt no need to resist Rena’s command, and that made it more intimate in a way.

That reminder was all it took, and Celestine opened her legs further, exposing her pussy to Rena. Though at first, nothing happened. Rena didn’t begin cleaning Celestine as she had been with her legs thus far, but instead seemed to be just sitting there. Celestine worried that Rena might be waiting for something from her, and so, Celestine opened her legs a little bit more, even as she tried to balance and stay upright.

Rena watched on, almost shivering with delight as she watched Celestine expose herself to her. Rena’s heart beat skipped up as she looked upon Celestine’s clean waxed pussy, and couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful it was… She could see Celestine was already damp, hardly a surprise given her activities so far. Rena guessed she had creamed herself several times already, with a great deal of aid from Master Durial… Without even realizing it, Rena found herself leaning forwards, her tongue slipping out and lapping slowly up Celestine’s quivering pussy.

Celestine couldn’t help the low reluctant moan that escaped her mouth as she writhed under Rena’s tongue. She hadn’t been expecting Rena to simply be so forward like that, though thinking on it, she couldn’t fathom why she didn’t see it coming. Rena was direct in almost everything she did, why would this be any different? Yet when Rena’s tongue reached the crest of Celestine’s pussy, she pulled away again, leaving Celestine tingling from the contact.

Rena knelt there in front of Celestine, her head lost in the taste of her friends’ pussy. For a long moment she didn’t move, didn’t even breathe, as she savored that taste. She knew she wasn’t supposed to rile Celestine up any more than she already was, at least not until her Master had gotten started, but Rena simply couldn’t help herself. Just seeing Celestine’s damp cunt made Rena ache with want, but she knew she had a job to do. Finally Rena exhaled, but to her own surprise, it came out shuddering and stronger than she had intended, strong enough that Celestine felt it wash over her damp pussy and make her squirm at the stimulation.

Seeing her move like that was too much for Rena, and a moment later she dipped her head down again and lapped again and again at Celestine’s vulnerable pussy. She wasn’t slow and cautious as she was before, instead she was almost ravenous now, lapping and licking at Celestine’s pink folds, before her tongue darted into Celestine’s quim. As Rena feasted, Celestine shook and jerked as she fought desperately to try and stay still. She didn’t realize at first why she was fighting so hard to stay still, but it eventually dawned on her that she hadn’t been told she could move yet… that she hadn’t been led to do something else. Seems that Tristan’s dominance still reigned, either that or she was enjoying Rena’s attentions.

Eventually Rena pulled back, almost tearing herself away from Celestine’s pussy. Rena had to get up and put some distance between her hungry tongue and Celestine’s delicious pussy, because she knew if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be able to help herself… So instead she stood alongside Celestine, trying to catch her breath, only to notice Celestine’s own sharp breathing. Rena couldn’t help but smile wickedly, knowing she had done this to Celestine, and that she had been enjoying Rena’s actions almost as much as Rena had been…

Still, now was no time to dally, and after a moment to calm down, Rena knelt back down and began to wash Celestine’s groin, and took care not to graze her pussy at all. Instead, she came teasingly close, making Celestine quake slightly each time the soft sponge threatened to touch her lovely pink folds. Rena could see that Celestine wanted the contact, to feel someone touching her pussy, and that her want was almost desperate. Rena couldn’t help but giggle when Celestine tried to move ever so slightly to encourage the contact, but Rena pulled her hand away before it happened, inciting a frustrated groan from Celestine.

Rena cooed in response, and got up before snuggling up alongside Celestine and speaking. “Oh… I see someone has gone and gotten all riled up… But I can’t go any farther than this, Master’s orders. Even though I wish I could. But don’t worry, you’ll be finding satisfaction soon enough… Just be patient… Master will be back soon…” Rena explained soothingly, even though she knew Celestine wouldn’t be able to understand the words. It was as much for Celestine as it was for her own benefit. A reminder not to go too far as Rena continued to wash Celestine…

Celestine felt Rena pull away again as she sunk down to her knees once more. She had heard the soothing tone of Rena’s voice, as if assuring her of something. Celestine didn’t think about it for long though, as she quickly felt Rena’s lips, tenderly kissing Celestine’s clit. Celestine wondered why she did that for a moment, having not washed her pussy yet, despite Celestine’s hopes that Rena would. However, as she got over the initial shock of it, Celestine realized that Rena had skipped her damp cunny intentionally, and that the kiss was assurance that Rena thought her pussy was perfect just as it was at the moment… damp, hot, and ready for fucking… Celestine couldn’t help but moan at the realization, and her body quivered as Rena continued to wash her.


Celestine was panting by the time Rena was nearly washing her down. Rena had cleaned nearly ever square inch of Celestine with her feather light touch and soft loving kisses. It hadn’t helped that she took extra time at Celestine’s Demonic Marks, teasing the almost hyper-sensitive flesh. But now Celestine felt Rena turning her around, and carefully pressing her up against the wall of the shower. At first Celestine was confused by Rena’s actions, as she had already washed her back, but after a moment it became clear.

Rena began to gently wash Celestine’s bottom, and was running the soft sponge along Celestine’s toned cheeks, taking special care with each of them. Despite herself, Celestine wondered if Rena was going to plant a kiss on each cheek once she was done, and couldn’t help but smile lightly at the notion of Rena kissing her ass. However after a moment, her preconceived scenario died in shock when she felt Rena’s probing touch. Rena had spread Celestine’s cheeks and began cleaning along the crevice there, taking special care around Celestine’s rosebud. Celestine couldn’t help but squirm at the weird sensation as Rena cleaned that location, yet despite that Rena kept working away until she was satisfied.

As the sponge pulled away Celestine let out a relived sigh, having been largely uncomfortable with Rena touching her there. However, before she could even begin to move, Celestine felt Rena gently parting her cheeks again, and begin to lean forwards. Cold surprise filled Celestine as she felt Rena gently kiss her pink rosebud, sending a strange perverse tingling through Celestine. She almost began thrashing at the strangeness of the sensation, but fought to remain still as Rena took her sweet time.

Eventually a strange groan escaped Celestine, and Rena pulled away in response. Still even with her no longer kissing her, Celestine felt… strange. She couldn’t put it to words, or even specific emotions. On one hand, she had to wonder why Rena did that, and had to deal with the eroticism of the action and how it oddly turned her on a little… On other hand, the sensation was highly unnerving, and frightened her. People didn’t kiss each others’ assholes like that… did they? Celestine knew about rimming and things like that, but she always just thought that sort of thing only happened in porn…

However Celestine was shaken from her thoughts as she felt Rena beginning to pull out her ear plugs, and after a moment, the world became full of sound again. Celestine listened to everything around her for a moment, stunned by the sudden volume of it all. She could hear the drip of water down the drain, the slight buzz of the heat lamp overhead, and even Rena’s own breathing. When had the world become so loud? But Rena’s voice overshadowed it all, as she pressed herself up against Celestine’s side. “You didn’t like it when I did that…” Rena announced, almost worriedly.

Celestine made to shake her head, but realized she wasn’t entirely sure. She wasn’t just going to dismiss what she felt before as wrong… Yes, it was strange, but that didn’t necessarily make it wrong or abhorrent. Yet without words, Celestine couldn’t answer Rena, so she moaned simply in response.

“Humm…” Rena hummed lightly before taking a glance back towards the door. “Master did say I could take off the gag if I needed to…” After a moment more of humming and hawing, Rena turned back to Celestine and began to undo the ring gag lodged in her mouth. After a little work, the gag came out and Celestine let out a low relived sigh. The sensation of being able to move her mouth again was intensely relieving, and gave her an almost euphoric buzz for a moment. “Celestine?” Rena asked, unsure if her friend was alright.

“Hum?” Celestine responded before shaking off the sensation and smiling lightly in response. “Sorry, just enjoying being able to move my mouth again. About what you did…” She paused, going slightly red at even talking about it.

“Where I kissed your pretty little asshole?” Rena asked, voice almost playful with a dirty undertone.

Celestine blushed harder but nodded. “Yea… that… Look, it wasn’t that I hated it. It’s just… I don’t know… it felt really strange is all. I mean, how can you do that? Isn’t it gross?” Celestine asked fidgeting lightly.

Rena surprised Celestine by hugging her lightly. “Nah. It would have been if I hadn’t cleaned you up first, but I did, so no worries. Besides, I think it was so hot seeing you quiver like that…” Rena said smiling against Celestine’s neck.

“R-Rena!” Celestine responded in some shock. “Jeez… not fair.” Celestine sulked out.

“Nope, not even a little. But then this isn’t supposed to be fair. But come on, we aren’t done with prep just yet.” Rena explained as she let go and Celestine felt a slight tug on the collar.

Celestine followed without hesitation and after a step or two, Rena led her over the lip of the shower door and further into the room. “Alright, I’m going to have you climb up on this counter. Once up, you’re going to have to kneel down.” Rena directed.

Celestine followed her commands and began to step up a few steps with her guidance. In a few moments she found herself kneeling on a soft low counter of sorts, and Rena moved her legs around a little as if her position was important. Celestine was about to ask why, but she stopped when she felt soft leather straps being tied around her lower legs. Celestine realized that like this, if she bent forwards, her ass and pussy would be easily accessed. “Rena… What is he planning?” Celestine asked, surprised by the excitement that lined her voice.

Rena giggled in response, and Celestine could feel her climbing up on the counter with her before snuggling up behind her to whisper into Celestine’s ear. “I can’t tell you.” She said teasingly. “But I think you’re gonna like it.” Rena accented her point by nipping lightly at Celestine’s ear. However after a moment’s hesitation, Rena spoke up again, very gently. “Don’t worry; I wouldn’t ever let anything bad happen to you, I would never let anyone hurt you…” Before Celestine could respond, Rena scooted off the counter without any further explanation.

A moment later Celestine felt her leash moving about slightly, before a slight tug on it could be felt pulling her forwards before it went slack again. “What was that for? What are you doing Rena?” Celestine asked, wishing she wasn’t blindfolded for a moment, but realizing that she was excited as she was because she couldn’t see what Rena was doing.

“I told you already, completing preparations… Now we are done, and all we have to do is wait for Master to return… Any thoughts on what we can do in the meantime to keep ourselves entertained?” Rena asked as Celestine felt Rena begin to firmly knead one of her breasts.

Celestine fought off the urge to gasp at the touch of Rena. Instead, she grinned in response before speaking up. “Well, I’m sure there is all manner of naughty ideas running through that head of yours.” Celestine teased.

“Yep, but Master might not appreciate most of them…” Rena paused and Celestine felt the counter she was on shift as Rena leaned over and began feather light kisses against Celestine’s hardening nipples.

Celestine couldn’t help but let out a low frustrated groan. “Damn it Rena… I was hoping I’d get a break… Please, could I get just a moment to catch my breath?” Celestine asked, fully aware that Tristan could be on his way back already. Her day had already been more eventful than she had expected, and given her current situation, she doubted what Tristan had planned would be gentle or relaxing…

“No.” Rena replied playfully before nipping at one of Celestine’s nipples hard enough to send a shock of pleasurable pain through Celestine. A moment later Rena kissed it better before she continued. “Master has been hogging you all to himself these last couple of days. Now it’s my turn. It wouldn’t have been so bad either if you two would have included me occasionally, but you didn’t… I know it was mostly because of the Court, but… but I felt left out.” Rena admitted, her voice somewhat reserved, though Celestine could detect an undercurrent of anger there as well.

Celestine felt a pang of guilt run through her. Rena wasn’t wrong, and it was obvious that Tristan had largely been focusing on her, rather than spreading his attention around like Rena would have preferred. “Rena… I never meant to exclude you… It’s not like I can really dictate what Tristan does and doesn’t.” Celestine tried to explain, even as Rena continued to knead Celestine’s breasts.

“Then what about after you met the Sovereign?” Rena replied back quickly. “I’m happy that you sought comfort in Master but…” Rena paused, hesitant to continue.

Celestine blushed hard. “Y-you heard that?”

“It was kind of hard not to.” Rena replied, her voice half amused as she kept her own frustration in check.

“Look, it wasn’t what it sounded like!” Celestine began, suddenly feeling very embarrassed. “I was just confused and afraid an-ow!” Celestine cut herself off as Rena pinched one of her nipples hard enough to quiet her.

“Lie to yourself if you have to Celestine, but that isn’t what I care about. What I care about is… Well it’s the fact that you didn’t even think about coming to me for help…” Rena admitted fighting to keep herself in check. “I’m happy about what happened with Master, but we’re friends aren’t we? Aren’t friends supposed to help and rely on each other?” Rena asked honestly, not totally sure of it herself.

Celestine was a bit surprised by Rena’s words. She had never thought that Rena had wanted to help back then… Though thinking about it, it began to make a sort of sense. Rena was supposed to be Celestine’s protector during Court, but what could she do against Vestiem? A fresh pang of guilt ran through Celestine before she realized what she had to do. “Rena… could you take off the blindfold for a moment? Just for a second, then you can put it right back on.” Celestine requested lightly. Rena hesitated, but after a moment she slipped the blindfold up slightly, and saw Celestine slowly open her eyes.

But what Celestine saw, when her emerald eyes opened, was perhaps the dreariest friend she had ever known. A friend whom she had hurt, and now felt she had to make amends. Celestine leaned forwards and gently pressed her forehead to Rena’s, her eyes meeting with Rena’s. “I’m sorry I didn’t come to you for help Rena… I was afraid and confused and… well I’m not used to going to others for help… But now I know, and I hope you’ll excuse me if I continue to rely on you for support from time to time.” Celestine responded lightly.

Rena smiled back lightly and let out a slow content sigh. “I’d like that…”

Celestine smiled slightly as she saw Rena sitting there, a shy happiness written on her features at Celestine’s words. Without even thinking about it, Celestine leaned forwards and kissed Rena softly, inadvertently pressing her body up against Rena’s. Rena sat surprised at first, but before long she began to kiss back while letting out light pleased whimpers.

Eventually the two of them broke apart and continued to look at one another, both flush and hesitant to break the silence that seemed to surround them. The odd thing was, Celestine didn’t feel awkward at all. Instead, all she felt was joy at being able to rely on Rena, and that she was happy that Rena wanted Celestine to rely on her. It was very different, compared to her other friendships, where she was always the pillar of support for everyone else. “Sorry about that.” Celestine apologized for the kiss eventually. “Felt like the thing to do.”

Rena smiled wide and giggled a bit before replying. “Oh no need to apologize. I liked it.” Rena leaned in and kissed Celestine once again, though not for long before she pulled away and squirmed and fidgeted. “Ohh… damn it all…” Celestine glanced down as Rena fought the urge to dip her hands in between her legs.

“Now who’s all hot and bothered?” Celestine teased.

Rena gave her an annoyed pout. “Not fair… I’ve been itching for it for days…”

Celestine smiled again and shook her head. “Okay okay… But what exactly can I do to help with that?” Celestine asked playfully. “If you don’t recall, I’m kinda tied up at the moment.” Rena grinned at Celestine before lying back on the counter face up, and pulling her head in between Celestine’s legs. Celestine looked down, half understanding Rena’s plan. However she didn’t get a chance to speak before Rena’s tongue began to play along Celestine’s pussy.

Celestine fought for a few moments to resist making any sound at all, but eventually a low whimper escaped her as Rena continued to lick and play at Celestine’s dripping cunt. “Looks like we are both riled up humm?” Rena asked before slipping a few of her fingers into Celestine’s pussy.

“S-shush you.” Celestine panted out, her features blushing at Rena’s words.

“Nu-uh… How can I stay quiet when your perfect pussy is here for me to admire and adore.” Rena sighed happily before she continued to eat out Celestine’s pussy. Celestine writhed as Rena continued her work, but as she looked on, Celestine noticed Rena opening her own legs before she paused to speak. “What are you waiting for, an invitation?” Rena asked impatiently, her voice coming out between panting breaths.

Celestine snickered at Rena’s words before replying. “I don’t know, I think I’m already doing pretty good.” Celestine teased defiantly, rolling her hips lightly.

Rena reached up and slipped the blindfold back down before Celestine felt a firm pull on her leash, dragging her down over Rena. “Do it Celestine.” Rena ordered, though her voice might have sounded more dominant if she wasn’t half busy eating Celestine out or if she wasn’t so desperate sounding…

Still, the blindfold and tug on her leash were enough for Celestine, and she quickly bent down and buried her head between Rena’s legs. It took a bit of exploring with her tongue, not that that took anything away from the experience, but Celestine quickly found Rena’s pussy and immediately threw herself into feasting upon it. Enough so that Rena’s own ministrations were suddenly paused as she gasped and writhed under Celestine. “Oh! Oh Fuck!” Rena cried out sharply as Celestine’s tongue found her clit and began to relentlessly toy with it. “Are… Are you even better at this then last time?!” Rena asked, not believing what she was feeling as Celestine’s tongue left her hard little clit only to slip into her hot pussy. Celestine only vaguely heard Rena begin to babble and pant. It was like she couldn’t make up her mind between demanding for Celestine to keep going or congratulating her on her ability…

Still, it didn’t take long for Rena to throw herself back into playing with Celestine, and after a few moments, the room was filled with the sounds of the two women, desperately lapping and licking at their partners sweet honey pots. However before long, Celestine pulled up and spoke with a smile on her lips and Rena’s wetness dripping down her chin. “I bet I can make you cum first…”

Celestine’s challenge made Rena pause for a moment. “Oh yea? You’re on.” Rena replied confidently. Before Celestine could respond, Rena threw herself into eating Celestine out, driving her tongue as deeply as she could, looking to stimulate the most sensitive regions of Celestine’s pussy.

Yet Celestine couldn’t help but laugh in between her panting. She knew her challenge would drive Rena on, and she found that she loved the sensation of Rena’s soft tongue dancing inside her. Still, she wouldn’t be beaten, and returned to her assault upon Rena’s dripping quim. Celestine was alternating back and forth between driving her tongue into Rena’s pussy, and flicking and kissing Rena’s clit, and was pleased to hear that Rena was beginning to lose herself to the sensations that Celestine was heaping upon her. Rena’s breath was quickening, and Celestine could feel her squirming more and more underneath her.

However Celestine couldn’t help but let out a long low moan as she felt Rena’s tongue twist and curl inside her pussy while at the same time her fingers beginning to play at Celestine’s clit. It was then that Celestine realized that she was a disadvantage. Rena still had full use of her hands and tongue, where Celestine was left only with her tongue to try and win their little challenge.

Rena was relentless, and Celestine was quickly beginning to lose ground as her body shook and shuddered. She tried to pull away as best as she could, but with her legs tied down, Celestine didn’t exactly have a lot of room to move. Still she tried, but Rena would simply lean forwards and continue, or forcefully pull Celestine back down onto her hungry and unrelenting mouth as her fingers continued to tease Celestine’s clit. Every motion and lick sent shocks through Celestine, and each shock seemed to be enough to make her own body seize up on her, preventing her from continuing to work on Rena overly much. Celestine was losing their little game, and she knew it as her own climax loomed over her, ready to crash down on her at any moment.

Yet just as Celestine was about to reach the end and simply let Rena finish her off, Rena seemed to pause and stop her ministrations on Celestine. Despite wanting to win their little competition, when Rena stopped suddenly, it made Celestine groan in frustration. However pride eventually won out, and Celestine renewed her own attack on Rena’s deliciously pink pussy. Within moments Celestine was rewarded to see Rena’s hips bucking sharply with Celestine’s tender care. She could hear Rena moaning and whimpering before she desperately tried again to regain some measure of control over Celestine, but it seemed as if something was distracting her, and her efforts were only enough to keep Celestine buzzing with pleasure, but not enough to send her over the edge.

In a last ditch attempt to win their little bet, Celestine closed her mouth over as much as Rena’s pussy as she could manage, all the while her tongue danced along Rena’s swollen folds, darting into her smaller companions twitching pussy over and over. Celestine tried to suck at Rena’s whole pussy at once, stimulating every inch of it all at once, and the response was almost immediate. Celestine felt Rena arching underneath her, enough that it began to push Celestine up and make her lean back. Despite that, Celestine did not relent, and did not break away from her friend’s lovely cunt as she did everything she could to devour it. Within moments, Celestine could hear Rena moaning and crying out in pleasure. If Celestine herself wasn’t on the edge of cumming herself, she might have realized Rena’s voice was muffled by something other than Celestine’s pussy…

Soon though, Rena was arched almost completely, and if not for the fact that Celestine was tied down and that Rena was under her, she very well may have reached a complete arch. Still, Celestine could feel Rena was on the edge of an intense and blinding climax, and that the slightest provocation would send her tumbling over that edge. Not that Celestine was far behind Rena. Tasting Rena like this and knowing that she was the one who put her on the edge of such an orgasm, made Celestine almost vibrate in pleasure. Her whole body was ready to follow Rena down into mutually ecstatic bliss, but she wasn’t going to lose their little competition either.

Celestine pulled away from Rena’s pussy, leaving the small demoness whimpering to be finished off, as she let out muffled mewling pleas that made Celestine smile and quiver with delight. Hearing Rena like this struck a cord deep within Celestine as it revealed the innocent and almost helpless side of Rena that drew Celestine in like a magnet. Before long, whether out of mercy or a desire to hear Rena cry out in ecstasy, Celestine decided to finish Rena off and give her the satisfaction she longed for. Celestine leaned forwards again, blew lightly over Rena’s hard erect clit, before Celestine kissed lightly, in the same manner Rena had done to her earlier.

The response was immediate, and Celestine shuddered as she heard Rena cry out loud in complete and utter rapture. There were no words, onlya for that one moment of perfect delight. It was as if Rena was struck by lightening, and her whole body, already tense, jerked and convulsed as her orgasm ripped through her. A moment after the air in Rena’s lungs ran out, her body went limp and she fell back to counter under Celestine. Celestine could hear Rena panting for air desperately, and could feel the aftershocks rocking through Rena’s twitching body. Celestine however was still sitting on the edge, trembling with need to be put over that edge as well. But Rena didn’t seem up to the task any more, having been reduced to a gasping wreck…

“N-…No fair…” Rena began to babble out. “You h-had help…” she continued weakly.

“What are you talking about?” Celestine managed, surprised by the sultry lust that dripped from her own voice. “I have my hands tied remember? Besides… alls fair in love and war, why not friendly fucking too?” Celestine asked before leaning down and lapping at Rena’s clit once, making her writhe and moan all over again.

However, before Rena could reply, Celestine’s dark world became one of blinding stars as her vision went white from crippling pleasure. She felt a long hard manhood begin to grind down against her pussy in a single slow thrust. Its heat felt like it would make her pussy melt, and she felt strong hands take hold of her hips to keep her in place as the hard cock continued its relentless advance along Celestine’s dripping slit.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Tristan replied lowly as Celestine bucked and shook against him as her own climax drowned out everything in her world but the scalding pleasure. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as Tristan’s thrust reached its end, the base of his thick cock almost sitting pressed up against her trembling pussy. Celestine could vaguely feel his arms move to wrap around her as he pressed himself up against her back. Yet that was all background noise compared to the throbbing manhood that threatened to pierce her hungry cunt.

Defiantly, Celestine began to push back, in a vain attempt to pull her still cumming pussy away from his cock. But that all went through the window as she felt one of his hands leave her body followed by a quick tug on her leash pulling her down again, forcing her to prostrate herself to him. Whatever small measure of control she had over herself with Rena had been wiped out, as Tristan reasserted his dominance.

However, for what felt like an agonizingly long time, Tristan simply held her there, even as Celestine shivered and quaked in his hold, her pussy oozing over his scalding cock. “Tristan… Please, just-”

Tristan cut her off, his voice dominant and unyielding. “Silence. You don’t get to ask or suggest anything to me right now. If you say anything that even resembles a request or demand directed towards me, I assure you I will be very angry with you for breaking your word. Nod your understanding now.” Tristan ordered, his self-assured voice sending a shudder of pleasure through Celestine.

Without hesitation Celestine nodded, even as she bit her lower lip to keep herself from speaking. She could feel every throb of his cock against her over sensitive pussy, even as she slowly came down from the euphoria of her latest orgasm. It was so hard not to cry out as she felt his firm hold on her and heard his commanding voice. He was dominating her, and just like earlier, she was loving every moment of it…

However when Tristan began to draw back, she felt him grinding against her spasming pussy again, making her whole body jerk and convulse with unyielding pleasure and ecstasy. She could feel how slick he was with her own juices, and that made it all the more mind numbingly erotic to her. Combine that with her intense sensitivity from just having creamed herself, it felt impossible for Celestine to stay quiet…

“Do you want to scream out?” Tristan whispered into her ear. “Do you want to howl out your ecstasy?” he continued with devastating accuracy. To Celestine, every syllable that slipped past his lips sounded more and more like he was describing her wicked and naughty secret desires… Worse was the fact that Celestine felt all the more aroused because it was so deviant and that she didn’t know if she could hold herself back from letting it all out.

Celestine whimpered once before nodding lightly to answer his question. A part of her wishing he would stop moving so that the agonizing pleasure would stop driving her mad, but at the same time, the other side only wished for more… “Then do it.” He continued. “Tell the world how much you love this, and how it makes you feel.” He ordered as she felt the head of his cock slipping over her pussy and pausing there. He could so easily drive himself into her from his position… or he could grind along her slit again, to torture her with more pleasure that wouldn’t quite be enough to satisfy her again…

Celestine held back at first, unsure if this was a trap or not. He had told her not to make any requests or demands, but he hadn’t told her that she couldn’t speak at all… Slowly, she drew in a shuddering breath before she eventually spoke, her voice surprising her again with how similar it sounded to her inner voice: low and sultry and dripping with erotic desire. “I love it… I love how it feels when your hot thick cock is nestled between my pussy lips.” Celestine answered, her voice growing in strength and volume. “I love how every time it throbs against my pussy, it makes me shudder in delight.” Celestine explained writhing in his grip, her voice becoming faster and more desperate. “I love how your dick makes me gush all over it as it grinds up and down my hungry cunt!” Celestine almost screamed, unable to stop her hips from grinding against the tip of his thick cock. Celestine paused, desperately gasping for air as she shook franticly with desire and delicious ecstasy. “But more than any of those things, I fucking love it when you bury your long thick cock into my greedy pussy, driving it as deep as fucking possible! I love feeling your big hot fuck stick nearly ruin me. I absolutely fucking adore how you make me cum so fucking hard with your magnificent Cock!!!” Celestine screamed at him, her voice dripping with desperation and raunchy desire.

Every fiber of Tristan’s being screamed at him as he heard her words… He hadn’t expected her to say something like that, nor that it would inflame his desires so intensely. Hell, he expected her to resist him, despite her promise to obey. Yet here she was, explaining how she loved to be utterly fucked by him as she ground her pussy against his erect prick. Yet even as his instincts told him to bury himself in this woman, he felt small delicate hands begin to massage his balls from below, quickly followed by loving kisses laid upon each of his heavy nuts. Glancing down, he saw Rena, still half drunk off her earlier orgasm as she worshiped Tristan’s balls.

Earlier, while the two of them seemed to be competing over who would be the first to cum, Tristan had entered the room in silently and came up behind Celestine, his cock hovering just in front of Rena’s face. She couldn’t help herself of course, and took him into her mouth without hesitation. As such, she became distracted during her competition, and Celestine was able to make Rena cum so hard it left her half delirious…

Yet even as lost as she was, Rena still acted, worshiping her masters balls, heavy with thick cum. She saw him aligned with Celestine’s pussy, and in response she reached up and spread Celestine’s pussy lips for her master to have easier access. Her touch made Celestine moan deeply, before her breathing hiked up yet again. Tristan could tell Celestine was almost hyperventilating by this point, and if he didn’t act soon, she might pass out from the anticipation she felt… Not that he was doing much better himself. The urge to drill into her was overwhelming, but that wasn’t the plan, he never intended to screw her pussy, only tease it to get her worked up for what he had planned. But when Tristan heard an anxious whimper from Celestine, full of desperation and desire, all plans went out the window, and instincts took over, even if only for a moment.

The only warning Celestine had was feeling Tristan tense, right before he bottomed himself out in her pussy with one violent thrust, sending the head of his cock colliding with the gates of her womb, and crushing Celestine under another sudden climax. This time however, Celestine wasn’t silent… Instead a wordless howling moan escaped her lips as he reached the end of his thrust deep into her. But he didn’t pause and hold there like she expected. Instead Tristan withdrew from her squeezing cunt and began to pound into her relentlessly, not giving her a second to even begin to come down from her orgasm, and instead, drove it higher and higher.

Each time he stabbed into her, a new ecstatic cry escaped Celestine’s lips and she couldn’t help but try and squeeze down with her pussy as he dragged out of her again, only to repeat the process. Before long, Celestine began to babble with barely any coherence. “Fuck! too…Ohhh…B-Big! Too big! Tristan…uhnn… yo-…mmn! You’re going -Muhnn- to split me Ahh! Ahh! A-apart!” Celestine’s hesitation was utterly gone. It had been replaced by a voice full of pleasure and barely coherent thought.

“Oh please. You love how it feels as I stretch your pussy with my thick cock, don’t you?” Tristan asked harshly as he drove into her over and over. The counter they were on rocked on the tile floor with each thrust as Tristan felt his heart hammering inside his chest. He could feel the lust and utter rapture radiating off Celestine in waves… But he did not sup upon that sweet fruit… He knew doing so might be dangerous and could cause him to burn up like Rena had several days ago when she first met Odeon. It might even drive him mad like in the myths of his people. He was gambling with his life, but that only made it more exciting as he drove into her womanly core again, making Celestine cry out over and over.

Yes!” Celestine finally howled out, though whether she was answering his question or just declaring how much pleasure she was in, wasn’t immediately clear. Tristan could feel her pussy rippling around his cock with every movement and doubted that she was even thinking about his questions. Yet even as he fucked her relentlessly, Rena was adding to situation in her own way. Every time Tristan thrust into Celestine, Rena would lean up and kiss Tristan’s heavy balls, adoring him as he drilled into Celestine. What’s more, every time he drew back, Rena would lap or peck Celestine’s clit, sending shocks through her which Tristan could feel through her clenching pussy. Along side Celestine’s howling and incoherent mumblings, and Tristan’s occasional grunt and rumble, Rena could be heard, giggling and cooing when she was kissing or licking at one or both of them, still half drunk on her own pleasure, apparently finding great delight in seeing her Master fuck her friend senseless.

Soon though, Tristan found himself slipping towards his own climax. Again he marveled at Celestine, unsure exactly what it was about her that made his normally perfect control slip so easily. The only other woman who could ever do this to him was Navira, and she had her powers backing her abilities… So what was it about Celestine that did this to him? That made it so hard to keep himself under control? If it were any other woman he could screw them for hours without losing himself like this, but when it was her… Tristan halted his relentless thrusts as he tried to regain his control… he knew if he kept going he’d lose it and spill himself into Celestine’s womb, and without his self control, he didn’t know if he could prevent himself from fertilizing her.

For a moment, the three of them simply lay there, coiled up amongst one another as they tried to catch their breath. But to Tristan’s surprise, Celestine was the first to disrupt the break he had created. She had begun to rock her hips with him buried inside her, forcing his cock to grind inside her pussy. “S-…Soohh… full… I-… can hardly breathe…” Celestine groaned out to no one specifically, clearly drunk off the pleasure that continued to rip through her. However her words seemed to make her pussy quiver around him, instinctively trying to milk him dry…

Tristan realized then that he had to pull out… that staying buried in Celestine like this was going to ruin everything. He began to pull away, but grunted hard as he felt Celestine clamp down around him, her pussy squeezing him tightly to keep him exactly where he was. “Well… it looks like someone doesn’t want me to leave…” He rasped out, voice strained as he continued to pull away with her, while trying not to hurt her.

“C-can’t help it!” Celestine replied weakly, even as another shock of pleasure tore through her. “I can… can feel every time your cock bucks and throbs… Unnfn!” Celestine bit down as another wave of pleasure ran through her, making her pussy squeeze down again on Tristan, pushing him perilously close to losing himself entirely. “And every time it does… unnggg… it makes me squeeze down…” Celestine finished weakly in between fits of panting.

Eventually Tristan was able to pull free of Celestine, and the both of them grunted lowly as he finally slipped out of her. Tristan looked down at her, seeing her waning pleasure still leaving her only half cognizant. However, that left Tristan’s twitching dick hanging right in front of Rena’s face. Without even pausing to think about it, Rena once again took her Masters cock into her mouth, only managing to get the tip in given the awkward position as she guided him with her hands. But that didn’t stop her from lavishing herself upon it, moaning around the hard twitching member.

“F-…Feels so empty…” Celestine said, again, to no one in particular, yet her tone was almost forlorn, even as she quivered in aftershocks of her most resent sexual experience. Yet unbeknown to her, Tristan heard her words and saw her still quivering cunt as she knelt there, helpless and ready to be driven into again… A part of him howled at him to do exactly that… to drive into her cunt and fuck her until he exploded deep within her, staining her womb with his cum over and over again. But doing that would ruin everything, and Tristan had long since learned to rein in his own lust. He was the Master, not the mastered.

Tristan rumbled lowly, even as he fought his instincts. In defiance to those instincts, he instead forced his cock a bit deeper into Rena’s mouth, taking hold of her hair and fucking her mouth for several moments, letting out a low pleased rumbling groan as Rena happily took his cock down her throat. He would pay his due to Rena and relieve himself of his immediate urge to spill himself in Celestine at the same time. Soon the rumbling grew into a satisfied grunt as the first jet of his thick seed poured into Rena’s moaning mouth.

Celestine heard the both of them and couldn’t help the whimper that escaped her throat before she spoke up. “What? Rena, are you- are you getting it all?” Celestine asked, a tint of yearning tainting her voice.

“Mnn Hum!” Rena replied, Tristan’s cock still in her mouth before she swallowed more of his thick cream down. “Mmmm!” She moaned at the intoxicating taste of her Master as she felt him continuing to fill her mouth with his potent seed, even as her hands wrapped around his cock and stroked him quickly, desperate for more.

Celestine hesitated for only a second before speaking up, rational thought having long since blown away by lust and hungry desire. “Share with me? Please?”

“Uhn UNN!” Rena replied unintelligibly.

“Now now Rena… we don’t talk with our mouths full.” Tristan chided playfully as he withdrew himself from her mouth, the last two spurts from his cock drawing thick white lines across her face. Rena could only giggle happily in response and let out moan low as she felt the hot cock cream begin to cool upon her face. “Now, answer her properly.” Tristan ordered, already guessing Rena’s answer.

“I’m not sharing!” she replied to Celestine after swallowing down the last bits of his cum that lingered in her mouth. “It’s all mine!” Rena continued, before scooping up some of the cum that landed on her face and held it over her open mouth, letting it ooze down onto her tongue. She sighed happily upon tasting her Master again.

“Rena…” Celestine half begged. “Come on, please?”

“Humm… nope! I know you already got a load today Celestine, so this one’s all mine!” Rena replied before giggling again slurping the cum off her fingers as she drew more of it into her mouth, finishing the last of Tristan’s seed. Celestine began to speak up again, but Rena’s free hand came up and spanked her bottom lightly. “No means no! It’s all gone anyway.” Rena replied before giggling contently at Celestine’s grumbling.

However after a moment, Celestine frowned lightly, having had a moment to think about what Rena said. “W-What do you mean you know already? How could you?” Celestine asked, suddenly feeling self conscious.

“Because I saw it al-… … Oops…” Rena finished quietly, realizing she let the cat out of the bag. Rena glanced up to Tristan from under Celestine.

Tristan shook his head, more amused then disappointed. He had told Rena to keep that to herself, but he never suspected she could keep it secret from Celestine for overly long. Still, he could see Celestine going lightly red as the realization began to sink in. “You… you watched it all?!” She asked, voice surprised. “Why didn’t you say something back there? I mean… I wouldn’t have minded really if it were you.”

Rena looked to Celestine apologetically. “I wasn’t supposed to be there… I kind of came without being invited and Master was kind enough to let me stay so long as I hid myself from you. I didn’t… I didn’t want any of the others to lose it and try anything stupid.” Rena explained. “I mean I trust Master Durial completely, but even he can’t be everywhere at once… If more than two or three tried anything… and after what nearly happened at court, I just wanted to be extra careful.” Rena finished her voice hesitant.

Celestine smiled lightly to Rena, her features softening as she understood and was moved by Rena’s worry for her. “Rena, it’s okay… though next time please don’t just spy on m-…uhn… huh?” Celestine went stiff as a foreign sensation ran up her spine like a low electrical current. It tingled strangely and it originated from between her ass cheeks.

It took Celestine a moment to realize it, but the hard heat that pressed up against her anus suddenly had her entire attention. She tried wiggling to pull away, but she felt Tristan’s hands fall upon her hips and hold her firmly in place. Instantly she tried to lift her head up, but found that her leash had gone taunt, keeping her bent over and prostrate. “T-Tristan?” Celestine began, suddenly realizing why she was tied up like this… “Wa-!” She cut herself off before she could finish the word, his warnings sounding in her head.

“I’m sorry… were you about to request something?” Tristan asked lowly, as she felt more pressure building up against her asshole, his hot cock threatening to try and push its way into her. Celestine shook her head as she bit her lower lip to keep herself from speaking again. She knew if she did, she would tell him not to do it… not to… fuck her ass… Before she knew it, Celestine was tensing up, instinctively trying to keep out the intruding member, even as the strange and oddly pleasant sensations continued to tingle up her spine…

“Good… Not that I would have stopped anyway even if you had. I told you Celestine, before this all began, I won’t stop until I’m satisfied, and I won’t be satisfied until I’ve taken this pretty little virgin hole back here…” Tristan accented his point by pressing against her again, making Celestine whimper and quake. “I’m going to take your ass as you kneel there, bound, blindfolded and tied down, completely helpless.” Tristan’s voice was slow and promising.

However, Tristan seemed to pull back for a moment, and spoke to Rena. “It is time for you to take your leave Rena. This is to be between me and Celestine, and no one else.” His voice was calm but firm.

Rena however seemed unhappy with his telling her to leave. “Do… Do I have to Master? Can’t I just sit off to the side and watch? I promise I’ll stay quiet.”

“Rena.” Tristan replied coolly. “I allowed you your fun and let you participate up to this point. I told you that you would have to go before I was finished with her and you said you were alright with that. Now keep your word and go.”

Rena sighed and nodded before she turned to Celestine. “I’m going now Celestine… Try to enjoy yourself okay? It’ll probably hurt at first, but I think after that you’ll end up loving it.” Celestine was about to respond, but she was cut off as she felt Rena gently peck her on the forehead, quickly followed by the sound of her leaving.

Celestine thought about arguing to let Rena stay, but the tight pull of her leash reminded her of her place in this situation, and made her quiver pleasantly. Despite her fears, Celestine couldn’t help but picture the scene he described and found her breath hiking up again, though to her surprise… it was in anticipation… She envisioned what came next… and saw him driving into her, ravaging her asshole with his thick cock, even as she cried out desperately and wordlessly… Another shudder ran through her, and Celestine was stunned to realize it was one of anticipation…

However a sharp gasp escaped her lips as Celestine arched hard at a new sensation that invaded her senses. “Cold!” she rasped out, as she felt some sort of thick gel be applied to her tight little rosebud… A moment later another sharp breath escaped her lips as she felt Tristan begin to work it into her bottom, his fingers slipping into her easily… “Oh…” Celestine began as she realized what he was doing. “You’re… your applying lube to my ass…”

Tristan’s voice sounded again, drawing Celestine out of her shock in despite knowing she should be afraid. “Yes I am. I don’t want to hurt you overly much Celestine. If I did, I’d go without the lube. But it can’t do all the work… You are going to have to continue to follow my orders. Can you do that for me Celestine?” Tristan asked, as she felt him slowly beginning to grind his cock up and down her ass crack, still slick with her juices and Rena’s mouth…

“Y…” Celestine began, gripped with uncertainty, but also by some urge to not back down. “Yes… I can…”

“Good.” Tristan replied slowly, the head of his cock coming perilously close to her rosebud for a moment before sliding away again as he teased Celestine. She could feel the cool gel smeared onto his cock as well, though it was warming quickly. “Then I want you to relax your ass… I know it will be difficult, but it will be easier on you if you do. I promise by the end of this you’ll be enjoying it… The only question is how much pain you go through on your way there…” Tristan explained, voice completely confident and sure of himself.

“…I’ll try…” Celestine said weakly, even as she shivered, half in apprehension, half in anticipation. Celestine took a slow breath and did her best to relax ass, even as apprehension gnawed at her. However, when she felt Tristan’s cock begin to press against her anus, instinct told her to resist it. A new half frightened gasp escaped her lips as he began to try and force his way into her, and the sensation of her ass opening to accommodate him was both unsettling and oddly pleasurable, if not bordering on painfully tight. Celestine found herself surprisingly sensitive, and she could feel every curve of Tristan’s cock as he began to get the first half inch into her. Yet despite his words to assure her, Celestine still felt a terrible unease and couldn’t really relax her ass completely, as much as she wished too. Every movement triggered the reflex to try and keep him out…

At least that was the case until she felt one of Tristan’s hands slip from her hips, and close around her bound wrists firmly, pulling back on her arms lightly and down onto his cock. “Relax Celestine.” His cool voice sounded, making Celestine shudder at the simple calm demand of it all. He was completely at ease in this situation, completely confident that he could do this and that she would enjoy it, despite the strangeness Celestine associated with it. Yet despite her hesitations, his order combined with the simple reminder that he was in control of her, struck a cord in Celestine.

She knew she had no options here… It was exactly as he said it was. He was going to do this, regardless of what she wanted or how it might make her feel… He was in complete and utter control of her. And that knowledge sparked her desires again… The image of him forcefully driving himself into her ass as she knelt there helpless and prostrate filled her mind again. She shivered as she heard herself in the fantasy, crying out. Not in pain, but in strange and deviant pleasure. Celestine let out a shuddering gasp as she felt her body relax, despite her instincts.

Almost immediately she was rewarded by the sensation of feeling Tristan’s cock begin to push into her, and to her, it felt strangely wonderful, even if it seemed impossibly tight. She could feel him throbbing inside her as he slowly pushed and pulled into her, going a little bit deeper with each thrust as the strange tingling spread and intensified, beginning to overwhelm the pain she felt too. She could feel the heat of him through his cock, and somehow it joined with her existing arousal, making her feel like she was melting around him as he pushed deeper into her.

Celestine lost track of Tristan’s slow progression deeper and deeper into her. Several times she felt like he must have reached as deeply as possible, only to find herself ecstatically surprised as he surpassed the previous limit. She wasn’t sure when it began, but Celestine realized she was making light pleased squeaks and whimpers each time he pushed into her again between the grunts and groans of exertion, even as she shuddered around him. She vaguely heard Rena speaking to her, sharing words of encouragement, but they were lost in the din that seemed to surround her. The only thing she could hear was the deep rhythmic breaths from Tristan as he continued to plow into her over and over, along with her own erotic sounds and cries. Over and over she felt so completely full of him, only to have her notion of what it was to be full wiped away as he pushed deeper inside her.

She could feel him twitching inside her, as his cock bucked at her warmth and tightness. A low groan escaped his lips, sending chilling shudders through her as she wondered if he had reached his limit… The notion of him cumming in her ass invaded her mind and she almost bucked at the though of what it would be like… Instantly she found herself longing to find out, and as Tristan pushed forwards into her again, Celestine pushed back to meet him.

She would have pushed harder, in an attempt to drive him on as her own gasping breaths sounded in her ears. But his hold over her kept her at his pace, despite her want to go faster. She wondered why he would slow her, but she quickly realized it was for her sake. Tristan’s size was far too much for her to rush into, yet knowing that only seemed to stir her desire and lust even more. She couldn’t help the whine that escaped her lips as he kept her at his pace, driving ever deeper, sending waves of the strange erotic pleasure coursing through her, building the mound of pleasure that she seemed to float on with each slow thrust.

Again Celestine felt completely full, and couldn’t help but hold her breath as she tried to cope with his size. She couldn’t deny that it hurt a little… or at least it had earlier on… Now that pain had transformed into a wonderfully pleasant ache. Not utterly unlike the soreness that came after a good hard fucking. Yet instead of being an after effect, it was part of her actively being driven into, and she found she loved it…

But Tristan pushed into her another inch, driving her held breath out in a slow shuddering sigh as her definitions of fullness were changed yet again. She felt so fantastically tight around him, and she shook and twitched each time his cock throbbed or bucked inside her. It was like they were connected completely, and his every movement triggered a wonderful chain reaction in her.

But as Celestine basked in the low throbbing pleasure that numbed her senses and thoughts, she began to realize something… Tristan had stopped moving deeper. She wondered what was happening, but when she felt him lean over, the motion sent half dozen ripples of pleasure through her as his cock ground against the sensitive flesh. She felt him lean over her and press up lightly against her back, cock still buried deep into her ass. His deep cadenced breath tickled her bare skin along her shoulders and neck, teasing her with his closeness… She tingled as she felt him draw in another breath, somehow unable to keep herself from matching his breathing.

She could feel he was loving every moment of this, and that deep inside, Tristan wanted almost desperately to let go and simply ravage her. She loved that she could do this too him; drive him to the brink. She loved it, even though she knew that was when he was at his most dangerous, and it was at this time when her soul was in its greatest danger. But soon he spoke, distracting her from the erotic joys she felt. His voice low and grinding and she could hear the barely controlled strain that lined his words even as she felt the rumbling of his voice through his cock, making her shudder with every syllable. “I’m buried as deeply in you as possible my dear Celestine. Here, where no man has ever touched you before, I lay my claim on you. You are mine.”

Celestine quaked hard at his words, and while a part of her defiantly resisted his claim, another part of her sang in joy at his words, and despite her rebellion, she welcomed his claim on her. Her response seemed obvious to her, as if were the only thing she could say in response to his words. “For now, perhaps…” Her voice little more than a shuddering pleasure laced whisper. “But you will relax eventually… then… Then I’ll break free of you.”

She jerked as she felt Tristan’s cock buck inside her at her defiance… He didn’t even care if she was skirting the line on breaking her promise, because it ignited his desire for her to brand new heights… He savored the ecstasy in her shuddering gasp, as he began to draw back from her quivering ass, pulling back far enough so that only the tip of his cock was still inside her. “And once you break free…” Tristan began to reply, his lips so close that they brushed the lobe of her ear. “…I’ll conquer you all over again.” Tristan accented his point by driving into her again, faster this time. Fast enough that he reached as deep as their bodies would allow in only a moment.

The glorious friction of it all sent shocks of blinding pleasure running through Celestine as he drove up into her, making her quake in his hands as he held her in place. It was only after he reached as deep as he could, that she responded. “Only for me to break free again…” She accented her point, squeezing down on him as he began to withdraw again.

“To begin the cycle again, now and forever…” Tristan finished, his voice hungry and rumbling as he drew out of her once again, only to drive into her again, faster and harder than before.

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