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It was Saturday evening. Eric Collins drove down a street lined with rundown houses and closed stores. Garbage was up and down the sidewalks. He parked his car in an empty parking lot. The few other cars were mostly abandoned and gutted.

Looking nervously around, he walked to a seedy building nearby. A neon marquee sign with interchangeable letters greeted him from above the entrance. It gave the building the look of an old movie theatre. Only, this wasn’t a movie theatre but a strip club instead.

In big bold letters, the sign read:




Eric had never been to this sleazy club. He hadn’t even driven through this dirty part of town before. Until recently, he had never heard of the club. And now that he was standing in front of it, the strip joint didn’t look invitingly at all.

His interest had been piqued last week when one of his buddies from work had started chattering about the new ‘Red Rose Whore’.

“That’s one nasty bitch, dude!” he had told Eric over and over again. “You can live out your filthiest fantasies with that kinky whore!”

“She’s called Queeny Ho and she’s definitely the queen of hoes in town! She’s down for everything, man! And I mean EVERTHING!” he had continued gushing about this particular hooker nonstop.

After a full week of listening to his buddy raving about the smoking hot whore, Eric had finally gotten convinced to visit the club. So here he was – an average Joe about to enter a seedy strip joint in the town’s sleazy redlight district for the first time in his life.

Heading inside, Eric went down a short, dark hallway before stepping into the main room. It was a large area with a main stage at one end and two smaller stages at the corners of the opposite side. In between those stages, a seating area with a wide range of tables and chairs was located.

A platinum blonde bimbo was dancing in the spotlight of the main stage giving a strip show. As it was pretty early on a Saturday evening, the club wasn’t packed yet. Despite the dim light, Eric was able to notice that there were two different kinds of guests present. A couple of men looked like regulars chatting with the barkeeper or the waitresses while most guests appeared to be some kind of fanboys. They were easy to identify as they were either holding a camera or a photo of the blonde stripper. Remembering the large poster at the club entrance, Eric figured that the blonde bimbo had to be a famous pornstar feature dancing at the club.

He took a seat next to a regular. It was an older guy with a receding hairline. Looking at the main stage, something else caught Eric’s attention. In front of it, a woman was kneeling on the ground. She had long, jet, dark red hair that flowed down her shoulders and an incredible pair of perfectly shaped, firm D-cup tits. This had to be Queeny Ho. The ‘Red Rose Whore’ his buddy had been raving about.

And his pal had been telling the truth. She looked ravishing with the face of a supermodel and the full-figured, curvy body of a Playboy bunny. She was definitely way too hot to be working as a low, cheap hooker in such a seedy club.

Even more surprising than the whore’s striking beauty was the scene happening right in front of his eyes. He had been expecting a lot of different things but none of that came even close to what he was seeing.

The ‘Red Rose Whore’ was completely naked except for a pair of black fencenet stockings and pink vinyl platform ankle boots. Instead of a dress, she was wearing a leather collar around her neck. A silver chain was attached to the front hook of the collar. The chain hung down the whore’s front, ran though her legs and was tied behind her back to the strip pole in the middle of the main stage.

It wasn’t simply a leash though. It looked more like an accessory cladding the ginger slut – an incredibly obscene accessory. The silver chain didn’t end at the collar. Instead, it was threaded through the hook and split in two parts. Each part was attached to one of the slut’s silver tit rings and extended down to her silver labia rings. Each part then ran through a cunt ring from the outside and got linked back together in the middle right above her pussy. This way, the leash was one long single chain attached to all four rings in a diamond form. If the leash got pulled, it caused a chain reaction pulling on all four rings concurrently.

As the leash was rather short, it pulled the whore’s cunt rings up spreading her twat open and invitingly exposing her tender, pink pussy flesh. At the same time, it pushed her big, juicy funbags up to her chin making them stand up firmly.

In addition to this fetish attire, her arms were cuffed behind her back and some words were written over her forehead and belly with red lipstick. On her forehead, Eric could make out the words:


All over her belly, the service on sale was advertised:



Eric couldn’t believe his eyes. This was the filthiest, most debauched scene he had ever witnessed. On one hand, Queeny Ho looked like a scorching hot glamour model. On the other hand, she was dressed up like a will-less slave.

Looking at the submissive figure in front of the stage was enough to bring Eric’s cock to live. In a heartbeat his dick was erect. Thus, it only shocked him the more that no one else paid any attention to the ravishing slut. None of the guys seemed to give a shit about her. Instead, they rather watched the strip show although the dance routine seemed to be more than lame.

Leaning over to his old table neighbour, he asked.

“Why is no one using that leashed whore?”

“Hehehe!” the old guy responded with some hoarse laughter.

“Nailed that piece of fuckmeat just yesterday!” he explained. “She’s a great fuck but she’s the daily whore in here. You can tap that ass any day.”

“Look at that blond bitch!” he continued pointing at the stripper on the main stage. “She’s today’s special star. A real pornstar! Got all her videos! Jerked off to her countless times!

“Maybe, I can get a piece of that ass later when the strip show’s over. Better save my cream for some fresh ass! I can nail the ‘Red Rose Whore’ any day again.” he concluded.

For a moment, Eric was taken aback by the blunt explanation of the club regular. But obviously, the old geezer wasn’t alone with his opinion. Apparently, all the regulars had already vented their lust on all of her fuckholes extensively. Now, they had gotten used to the ‘Red Rose Whore’ and were back on the hunt for some fresh meat. The fanboys on the other hand only had eyes for their favourite pornstar anyways.

This impression got confirmed by the ongoing action. While Eric had been talking with the old regular, Queeny Ho had gotten into motion. With her arms cuffed behind her back, she had crawled over to the first guy in line on her knees. In the process, she had to drag on the leash and the chain came into full effect.

With her back arched, the chain stretched her massive D-cup tits further upwards causing her full, ripe melons to bulge out from her chest to the effect that they got pressed up against her chin in an obscene display. The chain also pushed her piss flaps further up opening her pussyhole wide and showing off her pink fuck tunnel. As the leash hung down from the collar hook and ran through her legs, the chain was firmly pressed against her open, unprotected pussy flesh.

The first man the ginger whore reached was a fat guy sweating heavily. He was busy taking pictures of the blonde stripper. Kneeling in front of him, the leashed hooker asked.

“Please sir, may this fuckdoll serve you as a cum dump?”

At first, the guy didn’t react not even noticing the whore’s presence. She had to repeat her degrading plead one more time before he responded. With an annoyed expression on his face, the fat ugly guy lowered his camera and gave the kneeling whore a look-over.

“Can’t you see I’m busy, dim-witted bitch?” he shot back with a harsh voice before shooing the leashed hooker away.

Eric could hear the ‘Red Rose Whore’ whimpering in response to the fat guy’s mean reaction. With her head hanging down, she quickly crawled over to the next guy. As the first row was crowded with fanboys, she didn’t have any luck though. She got shooed away by all the guys.

Listening to such a gorgeous beauty begging to be used as nothing more than a cum dumpster and seeing her getting rejected by sleazy old geezers, fat ugly blokes and average Joe’s seemed incredibly pathetic to Eric. Her reactions clearly told him how humiliating it must feel for the ginger whore. She looked like a whipped dog with his tail between his legs. Still, she continued her degrading hooker march.

The second row was positioned pretty far off the main stage. Crawling there, Queeny Ho’s chain was pulled taut. Her cunt lips and fucktits were stretched out to the maximum and the chain pressed painfully into her soft inner pussy flesh. She was constantly whining and whimpering from the pressure by now.

Still, the leashed hooker pulled on the chain with all her might in an attempt to finally score a john. The way she was tearing on the chain like a dog and grovelling throughout the floor made her look even more pathetic and desperate.

“Please, ouh…, sir ouh…, use this piece of fuckmeat, ouh…, any way you want, ouh!”

By now, her pleading got interrupted by her whimpering. It had such a ridiculous sound to it that it only made the guys laugh about the pitiful whore.

Finally, a man in the second row was gracious enough to take the ‘Red Rose Whore’ up on her offer. But once again, the scene unravelling in front of Eric took him by surprise.

The desperate hooker didn’t get the chance to give the guy a blowjob. Instead, the bloke simply pointed at his feet. Queeny Ho reacted instantly. Eric could see her sticking out her tongue and tentatively starting to lick the instep of the guy’s left shoe.

The bloke gave her a few moments to properly spitshine his shoe. Apparently, the leashed hooker was licking away too slowly though. The bloke wasn’t satisfied with her work so he pushed his right foot up and put it on the back of her head. Standing on her head, he firmly pressed the ginger whore’s mouth onto the instep of his shoe.

This action took the ‘Red Rose Whore’ totally by surprise. She tried to fight back against this crude manhandling. Her legs desperately kicked out to all sides but it was to no avail. She wasn’t strong enough. Instead, it only increased the pressure from his foot on the back of her head.

The guy used his foot to push her head back and forth until the whore had scraped any dirt off his filthy shoe’s instep with her lips and tongue. He was using her mouth as nothing more than a shoeshine rag!

When he was satisfied with the whore’s work, he changed his feet making her lick the right shoe clean as well. This time, the ‘Red Rose Whore’ didn’t protest anymore. Instead, she submissively waited for his foot to press her mouth onto his right foot and guide her lips over the dirty instep.

Meanwhile, the guy pulled out his cock and started jacking off. After a few minutes, he grabbed Queeny Ho’s ginger hair and pushed her face in front of his straining dick. By now, her dark red lipstick had been smeared all over her cheeks. Unceremoniously, he dropped his load straight into her mouth. He didn’t even wait for the whore to swallow his gift before he took out a 10$ bill and threw it onto the ground. His attention was already directed back to the strip show.

As Queeny Hoe’s arms were cuffed behind her back, she had to bend down and pick up the dollar bill with her mouth. She mumbled a ‘Thank you’ before crawling to the next guy.

Eric was shocked once again. 10$ was far less than the price of a simple lap dance in any other strip club. The name ‘Rock-Bottom Whore’ somehow seemed more than justified.

By now, his dick was hard as a rock. The scene was so perverse. He had never seen a woman getting debased any deeper. He had never seen a woman being treated in such a devaluating way. He had never seen a woman degrading herself so willingly either.

The ginger whore had to crawl over to the next guy in line with the bill in her mouth as she couldn’t carry it any other way. The man didn’t even wait for her offer though. Instead, he simply kicked her ass when she stopped in front of him. Queeny Ho almost toppled over and fell onto her face. Just the taut chain stopped her body in a most painful way. Once again, Eric could hear the leashed hooker whimpering as much from the pain as from the utter humiliation.

With her make-up smeared over her face, her tits and pussy lips stretched obscenely wide by the chain and the dollar note in her mouth, the ‘Red Rose Whore’ couldn’t look any more pathetic or ridiculous.

Reaching the third guy in line, she had to spit the bill onto the ground before offering her service. By now, the constant pressure on her nipples and cunt lips gave her face a pained expression. Still, she begged the guy to be used as a cum dump.

The guy had a new task for Queeny Ho. She had to get up onto her feet, squat down and spread her legs wide. Then she had to lean back until her shoulders were on the ground. In this position, she was told to hump the guy’s leg like a dog to make herself cum. She had to pump the air with her hips to get into contact with his calf.

This submissive display gave all guys a good laugh. Eric could see her face taking on the dark red colour of her hair. The shame and embarrassment was burning on her cheeks. Adding insult to injury, the chain was painfully pressed into her tender cunt every time she pressed her pussy against the guy’s leg. Thereby, each hump was accompanied by a pained yelp.

Still, the ‘Red Rose Whore’ humped the leg like a demented sex addict in need of an orgasm. When she finally orgasmed her entire body was drenched in sweat from the effort.

In the meantime, the guy jacked off. Instead of dropping his gooey load of cum into her mouth though, he shot it straight onto the filthy, mucky floor. He added a 10$ bill to the gooey puddle on the ground.

Queeny Hoe couldn’t suppress a disgusted whimper when she bent down. Like a true rock bottom whore, she lapped up the sticky sperm and picked up the two dollar notes with her mouth. The grossed out expression on her face told Eric a distinct story about the state of the filthy floor. The thought alone was enough to make him shake in disgust.

Continuing her hooker march, the ‘Red Rose Whore’ scored one more john. It was one of the regulars. He made her turn around so her ass was in his direction. Then she had to put her face on the ground and stick her ass into the air.

With the leashed hooker helplessly kneeling in front of him, the man pushed his legs up and placed them on her ass. He used her as a simple footrest objectifying her as nothing more than a piece of furniture. Every now and then, he ran the filthy sole of his shoes over her spread open pussy making her twitch from the unexpected touch and groan at the same time. He didn’t stop until he had finished his drink. At least, it earned the ginger whore 5 bucks.

Finally the chain reached its maximum length putting an end to her degrading hooker march. Queeny Ho could pull as much as she wanted, it wouldn’t go any further. By then, her tits and labia had been stretched into new dimensions. Her funbags were stretched so wide, they had taken on the form of cones and looked like rockets ready to blast off.

The last guy in reach for the ‘Red Rose Whore’ was Eric Collins. His cock was pulsating and straining like mad from the perverted show. Before the whore had even offered her service, he had pulled out his dick, grabbed her head and pushed her mouth over his tool.

He was more than ready for the ultimate ‘Red Rose Experience’ and Queeny Ho finally got her mouth used as a proper fuckhole.

It was Saturday evening and Vanessa was kneeling in front of the main stage of the ‘Red Rose Club’. She had just given her first blowjob of the night to a new customer. Until then, this hooking shift had been the worst ever. She had never felt as humiliated before in her life.

She was used to being the center of attention in the ‘Red Rose Club’. During the last week, the new attraction of ‘Queeny Ho – the hot fuckslut’ had proven a goldmine. It had turned the club from a seedy, cheap, unfrequented strip joint into the hottest spot in the redlight district buzzing with guests. Pavone had even decided to turn the House-Specials into regular routines because of their tremendous success.

But weekends were a different case. All the other strip clubs and brothels in the redlight district were staging popular, well-known theme nights. And Pavone’s club was known for its live shows with guest strippers. These guest dancers were pornstars travelling from city to city and strip club to strip club. Most of them were big stars in the adult business their name alone was enough to bring new fans to the ‘Red Rose Club’.

These special theme nights implied that Vanessa got reduced to nothing more than a cum dump. An object, the customers could use for their quick satisfaction while focusing their attention on some popular pornstar.

Getting shunted off was more humiliating than any debasing sex act she had ever been forced to do. It hurt her pride. She was the ‘Red Rose Star’! She was the prettiest whore in town! She deserved to be the star of the weekend shows.

Of course, Pavone hadn’t given a rat’s ass on Vanessa’s opinion. The theme nights were a mainstay of the club and nothing would change that. On Saturdays, the featured pornstar gave a 30 minutes strip show starting each full hour. In between, she was giving autographs to her fans. During the dance shows, Vanessa had to serve as the leashed cum dump while she had to wait tables during the breaks.

Right now, the first dance shift was running. As it was early in the evening, the club was only half-full. Pavone had ordered her to earn at least 50 bucks during each dance shift. As no costumer had approached the ‘Cum Dump’ by themselves, she had been forced to grovel to the guests. It had only earned her 25§ though. So she had been more than happy when the final guy had asked for a blowjob. She had gone to town on his dick like a nympho worshipping it like it was her elixir of life. Fortunately, that guy had enjoyed her cocksucking so much he had paid the missing 25 bucks.

The evening had just started and Vanessa already couldn’t imagine being able to take this utter humiliation for the rest of the night. Kneeling back in front of the main stage, she remembered the way this Saturday had begun. It had gotten off to such a good start …

Friday night, Vanessa hadn’t gotten any sleep. After returning home from the restaurant, her mind had been in overdrive and the thoughts running wild inside her head had kept her on her toes.

Over and over again, the events from the restaurant had replayed in front of her inner eye. The walk of shame through Downtown dressed like a cheap, worthless street hooker with a slut-ad hanging off her tits had been an incredibly embarrassing experience. The introduction of Maria as the new office slut and Vanessa’s defeat in the slut-challenge had been a hard blow to her self-confidence. Connor preferring to fuck Maria using Vanessa as nothing more than the ‘Fluffer-Hoe’ had been extremely humiliating.

But the worst thing of it all had been losing her role as office slut. She had been driven down another peg on the status ladder. In the eyes of Stanton, Miller and Erickson, she was now a low hooker working her ass off in the ‘Red Rose Club’ once and for all.

And they were right. She wasn’t needed as a secretary and neither as the office slut anymore. Her only duty was to put her fuckholes on the chopping block for the quick satisfaction of sleazy lowlifes in order to pay back her contractual penalty.

This realization hit her harder than anything ever before and it mercilessly preyed her mind.

It felt like her entire self-image had been shattered into pieces. She had been the elegant, posh secretary who could twist any guy around her little finger with ease – even getting away with her arrogant ice-queen attitude in the country club. She was a classy secretary with a kinky secret – a classy secretary that lived out her submissive side by serving random men letting them treat her like a dirty, filthy whore.

The experiences of the past months had taught Vanessa that she needed both of her opposing, polar selves to feel complete. And she needed to make sure that she wouldn’t lose one of it.

The events in the restaurant had revealed that she couldn’t rely on Stanton and his lawyers. He had introduced her to the country club and paid her more money than she could have ever earned with her qualifications. But it had been all in return for her service as office slut. The moment she would have paid the entire contractual penalty, she wouldn’t be of any use for him and he would drop her like a hot brick.

During the night, Vanessa had been going through her options and her thoughts had wandered back to her time working as a secretary in the law-office. As she had signed a special contract, Stanton, Miller and Erickson had assumed she would never be able to turn her back on the company. Otherwise, she would have been marked as a whore for life never being able to find a decent job ever again.

Thus, she had worked closely with the three lawyers – like their private secretary. They had assigned her to work on several special deals they hadn’t wanted to involve the other secretaries in. Those deals had been more than risky and very juicy. There was a lot of money flowing and lots of real estate involved.

Of course, all the names of the business partners in the files and documents had been ciphered. But one day working on some papers, Vanessa had accidentally gotten a look into an electronic file that matched the anonymous codes to real names. Vanessa had immediately realized the importance of that file. So she had tried to memorize as many names as possible. Amongst others, Pavone and Connor had been on top of that list. Back then, Vanessa hadn’t recognized those names. But now, she knew these two men too well. Stanton kept this electronic file on an external hard drive which he either locked in his office vault or took home.

Vanessa was completely aware that this knowledge was compromising and highly dangerous for all persons involved. Now that she had lost her status as secretary and her role as queen bee of the country club was in danger, this knowledge came in handy.

She only knew too well that Pavone wouldn’t let her go after she had worked off her fine. Most definitely, he was planning to keep his ‘Red Rose Whore’ in his club as she was making him tons of money.

But the public hotel incident and Stanton’s way of handling the situation told her one thing for sure. The lawyers were more than sensitive about her role as office-slut and they didn’t want to get it publicized under any circumstances. There was no other reason for keeping Mark as her watchdog.

For the moment, she couldn’t use her compromising knowledge about Stanton and Pavone’s deceptive business practices. After all, she was deeply entangled in all of these illegal activities. She had helped them conduct their illegal activities so she was an accomplice.

Still, the knowledge could be more than helpful. She needed to make sure that she wouldn’t be dragged down with all the men and she needed some security against Pavone. She didn’t even care if their activities were uncovered or not. All she wanted was to keep her country club status and financial security.

She couldn’t risk being the one toppling over backwards and taking the fall. Stanton, Pavone and Connor were no persons to mess with easily. So she needed to put some pieces into place before she was on the safe side.

Nevertheless, it felt good to have a plan. But first of all, she needed to find a way to keep up her posh lady-self.

When Vanessa arose from her bed on Saturday morning, there was only one thing on her mind. She couldn’t accept the loss of her ice-queen self. She finally had to realize her eternal goal – becoming a spoilt trophy wife.

She put on an elegant summer dress and headed straight to the country club. She didn’t even bother telling Mark about it. Instead, she immediately called Steve when she left her apartment building. Steve was the young physician she had met in the country club a few times who had taken a real liking to her.

After the severe humiliations of last night, Vanessa needed to be treated like a real lady. And she needed to make sure that she retained access to the exclusive country club. The easiest way was to officially become Steve’s girlfriend and in the long run more than that.

Until then, she would have repaid the contractual fine by working in the ‘Red Rose Club’. Steve would be her ticket away from Pavone and the lawyers. They couldn’t allow other members of the country club to get aware of their shady businesses and Vanessa had to minimize the risk of Steve finding out about her whore past. Thereby, it would be a win-win-situation for all of them. Vanessa would live a posh life keeping her insider information to herself. Pavone and SEP would continue their business practices undisturbed while keeping Vanessa on their radar and her whore past a secret.

The dinner with Steve in the country club went just as Vanessa had hoped for. He treated her like a real princess and the two chatted for a long time. When she had to leave, he invited her to a cocktail party on Sunday. She felt closer to her destiny than ever before. Her life goal of becoming a posh trophy wife felt within reach. Getting invited to these high-class events was the next step on her way into the high society.

Leaving Steve and the country club, Vanessa felt reassured of her lady-self again. The other women in the club still considered her their queen bee. With her knowledge about the connections between SEP, Pavone and Connor this wouldn’t change. She was certain that they wouldn’t risk exposing her. They had too much to lose.

Everything was going smoothly with Steve and soon she wouldn’t need Miller or Stanton any further as her access ticket to the club.

On her way out, she nearly bumped into a security guard. It turned out to be the one fat, middle-aged guard she disliked the most.

Each time that particular guard was on duty, he blatantly devoured her full-figured, curvy body. It always felt like he was undressing Vanessa with his eyes giving her the creeps.

In the country club, Vanessa was always in full lady mode and the slutty part of her self was buried in the rearmost corner of her mind. Therefore, she was particularly sensitive to the guard’s lecherous behaviour.

Each time she met him, Vanessa reacted the same way becoming all reactant and acting as abrasive as possible. She always flashed her most arrogant expression and behaved as snotty as possible to show him in no uncertain terms that she was way out of his league.

This time, he walked out of his duty station the exact moment Vanessa passed by. When she bumped into him, he got a good feel of her tits. Vanessa’s blood was boiling. The guard was going too far. She was about to make a scene right there. She started cussing him out but he only leered at her. The more she swore at him, the bigger his evil, leering smile grew. Vanessa kept on cussing the guy out until she realized that there was no one around to watch or hear the argument. So she stopped in despair and stormed off with a crimson face.

The moment she stepped into her car, she had already calmed down. The day was going too good to get worked up over some low, insignificant lecher.

After yesterday’s events, the visit to the country club had been the perfect idea. She had lived and breathed her lady-self for the day. Now, she was more than ready to live out her slut-self during the night.

After a visit to Vanessa’s favourite beauty salon where she had gotten a full spoiling session and a fresh French manicure, she arrived at the ‘Red Rose Club’ with Mark at her side.

Since Mark had started working for Pavone as Vanessa’s watchdog, he had turned into his loyal henchman. By now, he had earned Pavone’s full trust and got assigned to more and more areas of responsibility. It seemed like he had finally found his calling. He appeared like a completely new person. The slacker hanging around the house and watching TV all day long was completely gone. Instead, he was full of beans bubbling over with confidence. In a short space of time, he had earned respect from everyone working at the club from the waitresses to the bouncers.

As soon as Vanessa had arrived at the club, she changed into her stripper outfit. It was a metallic pink two-piece set with a front tie halter top, a matching pink metallic ruffle mini skirt, black fencenet stockings and pink platform ankle boots with 6″ heels. No bra or panties were part of the outfit.

The top was only held up by the tie between her tits. It left her belly completely free showing off her ‘Trailer Trash Whore’ flame ring tattoo that circled her bellybutton and ‘Queeny Ho’ lower back tramp stamp. Only the ‘Property of Pavone’ stamp tattoo was covered by the mini skirt. The skirt didn’t hide much else though. It was so tiny that it didn’t even cover the lower half of her ass. All in all, it perfectly fit the description of a stripper outfit.

When she had just finished getting dressed, Pavone called her into his office. Obviously, he wanted to introduce the star of the Saturday Live Show personally to Vanessa. However, the word ‘star’ had a hollow ring to it. Vanessa didn’t expect to meet a real star but a worn-out whore that had been shooting adult videos for years and was now doing the dance circuit routine living off her famous name from the past.

Entering the office, Pavone sat at his desk and next to him stood a woman that looked completely different from what Vanessa had expected.

The pornstar greeting her was about the same age as Vanessa with long, straight, platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. She was petite with a small height and had an incredible hourglass figure. Her waist was tiny while her tits were huge. The round, overblown, plastic flesh-balloons looked incredibly fake but also very familiar.

It was Maria!

Vanessa stood in the office with a gaping mouth totally flabbergasted and her heart skipped a beat. Once again, Maria’s appearance came as a total surprise catching her off guard.

What was she doing here? What did Pavone plan with Maria?

Her former best friend was Stanton’s new office-slut. But that was no reason for her to be in the ‘Red Rose Club’.

Vanessa couldn’t believe that Maria showed up at the club. This was her territory! She was the queen bee in this place! And she wouldn’t tolerate any rivals!

In an instant, the wrath and anger about yesterday’s loss flared back up inside Vanessa. It seemed like Maria was becoming her nemesis and it made Vanessa furious. It had been a huge effort to suppress all that rage but now it was back on with full force.

Maria showing up in the ‘Red Rose Club’ could only mean one thing. She was the guest stripper for the Live Show. Her ex-bff had been shooting porn movies during her college years and become popular as Heidy Moon Stratus.

That name alone sounded pathetic in Vanessa’s ears. It was a clear reference to those two wannabe celebrities. Not even in porn, Maria could make a name of herself. But looking her former best friend over, Vanessa had to admit the striking resemblance.

Of all pornstars in the world, Pavone had to hire Maria. This couldn’t be a coincidence! Eying him, Vanessa noticed his amused facial expression and she knew for sure. This was no coincidence!

“I heard you two already met.” he said barely able to contain his amusement. “A little reunion is always nice, isn’t it?”

“Stanton has been singing praises about his new office slut for quite some time.” Pavone continued his explanation for Maria’s presence. “And when I found out that she’s a former pornstar, I had to invite her for a Live Show.”

“No one says no to a little extra money on the side, right?” he finally addressed Maria.

Pavone emphasised his point with a rough slap to her ass making the blonde bimbo stumble forward a bit. However, Maria held her gaze looking straight at Vanessa. The redhead could clearly see the lasting elation about the blonde’s win at the restaurant in Maria’s eyes.

And it made her only the more furious. It was just too much to take for Vanessa and the pent up anger burst out of her.

“That bitch got no place in here, you fucking bastard!” she exclaimed in full rage. “She’s not famous! No one’s gonna come to the club just to watch her strip!”

“You’re gonna regret that decision. She’s not gonna earn you a single buck!” she continued her rant. “Let me do the live performance and I can guarantee you that I’m gonna earn you more money than that pathetic wannabe-slut!”

Before Vanessa was finished with her outburst, Pavone had stepped in front of her. His face was glowing dark red. By now, he was just as enraged as his ‘Red Rose Whore’.

“Did I allow you to question my decisions?” he bellowed at Vanessa.

His entire posture and mean expression didn’t bode anything well. And it instantly shut the redhead up. Immediately, she felt intimidated and small.

“That mouth is not meant for talking but for sucking cocks only!” he barked at her. “Haven’t you learnt that the last time? You only speak up when I tell you to! Do you understand that, fuckwhore?”

Vanessa was all submissive by now. Nervously looking over to Maria, she could see the blonde smiling in delight over her former best friend getting a harsh rebuke. It was more than enough to let Vanessa feel her low status.

“Yes master. I’m sorry master!” she whispered with a small voice.

A second later, Pavone had ripped the pink metallic top and pink metallic mini skirt off her body. Now, she was standing bare naked in front of him – except for her tramp tattoos, black fencenet stockings and pink platform ankle boots.

Pavone then produced a collar and a chain leash. When he had put the collar around her neck and attached the chain to her cunt rings, tit rings and the collar hook, he dragged her out of the office on the leash.

“I got the perfect role for you, scumwhore!” he explained while leading his slut into the main room. “As you’re so eager to show your worth, you’re gonna be the cum dump for our customers today. Prove that you’re of any value and earn 50 bucks a dance shift, you stupid piece of fuckmeat!”

Making her kneel on the floor in front of the main stage, he attached the chain to the strip pole while Mark used a red lipstick to finish Vanessa’s outfit.

That was the place Vanessa was still kneeling at when the first dance show came to an end. No further customer had approached her. But at least, she had earned the 50 bucks.

During her shift of waiting tables, Vanessa could see that most of the fanboys lined up to get an autograph and a picture with their favorite pornstar. But most of them left the club after they had received their precious price. They had gotten everything they had come for. Slowly, the rush on Heidy Moon Stratus dried off.

This observation helped lessening the deep humiliation of getting disregarded by those fanboys. Instead, the anger about Maria invading her territory flamed back up.

Vanessa couldn’t let Maria take over the club. But she didn’t see any possibility to go up against it. After all, she was working for Pavone and he had decided to invite Maria as the star of the live show.

Vanessa tried to reassure herself by telling herself that this was only for the Saturday show. Every club needed a little variety to attract new customers. Maria would be gone once and for all after this Saturday. For the entire week, she would be the centerpiece again. ‘Queeny Ho – the Red Rose Star’ would be the main attraction again.

Still, a negative connotation remained. It simply rubbed her the wrong way taking a back seat to another woman – especially to her nemesis Maria.

A few months ago, Vanessa wouldn’t even have dreamt of working in a strip club. And now, she was not only taking pride in being the city’s top whore but she was dead set on fighting for this title.

When the second dance shift started, Mark grabbed Vanessa’s leash and attached the chain to the strip pole again. He didn’t care about her any further even forgetting to cuff her hands behind her back. There she was obediently kneeling on the ground in front of the main stage again.

The club had filled noticeably although the demography of guests had changed. While the number of fanboys had decreased, several groups of young blokes partying and boozing had come to the club. Shortly before the second strip show started, a large biker gang arrived.

Pavone announced the special guest of the Saturday Star Show and a moment later, Maria – or rather Heidy Moon Stratus – stepped onto the main stage accompanied by loud hollers and cheers.

Maria perfectly knew how to play the crowd as she was wearing a slutty cheerleader costume that consisted of a blue tie front bra top, a white Lycra mini skirt, white knee high boots and blue pom poms.

The top was at least two sizes too small tightly squeezing Maria’s huge, overblown fuckudders and making the titflesh bulge out of the bra.

With her tight figure and bleached blonde hair, she looked like the perfect picture of a cheerleader. And with her massive funbags and slutty smile, she made all the guys’ fantasies boil over.

Maria started showing off several cheerleader moves using the pom poms to full effect. After a few minutes, she threw the pom poms into the crowd and began stripping off the bra top.

Vanessa was watching from her position. She almost had to stifle a yawn. Maria was wearing the same outfit and giving the same exact performance as before. The blonde’s dance routine was more than boring. The bimbo bitch was doing nothing more than gyrating around the strip pole showing off her fake plastic boobs.

This ignited Vanessa wrath once again. Maria was simply living off her pornstar name not putting any effort into her dance show. Vanessa could give a far superior performance. Still, she was kneeling on the ground reduced to a cum dump.

The longer Maria’s dance routine lasted, the more unbearable it became to Vanessa. She felt the urge to show the customerss what an enticing strip show was all about. This urge slowly built up inside of her growing stronger and stronger until she couldn’t watch the pretentious Barbie bitch’s show any longer.

Vanessa’s fury about Maria showing up in the club, the disappointment of being relegated to play the second fiddle and the anger about the lacklustre show finally overcame the redhead.

Thus, she started her own big show.

She grabbed the chain and detached it from the strip pole. Then she got up on her feet and walked over to a biker swaying her ass from side to side.

Right then and there, Vanessa was like an animal on the hunt – or rather a slut on a mission. Her only goal was to prove that she was the better slut than Maria. She was totally focused on pulling off a better performance than the pretentious pornstar Heidy Moon Stratus.

Reaching the guy, she handed the leash over to him. She willingly turned herself into his fuck puppet on his strings. With an evil smile on his face, the heavily tattooed biker started pulling the chain into different directions.

He used the chain to make his puppet dance on the strings. He pulled Vanessa’s fat fucktits and juicy pussy lips to each side forcing her body to follow helplessly. He turned the redhead into a marionette that was giving him the most vulgar, obscene dance possible.

The pressure on her precious nipples and cunt lips made Vanessa yelp and groan in rhythm while she got jerked around his chair. The biker dragged the chain from side to side making Queeny Ho pirouette around his chair. Then he pulled the chain up and down making the redhead jump and squat while her funbags were wildly jiggling and shaking.

Finally, the biker pushed the chain towards himself making Vanessa stumble upon his lap. She instantly, cupped her fat fucktits from the sides and pressed them right into his face. She almost smothered him with her soft titflesh while he licked her pierced nipples.

Eventually, Vanessa took the chain off his hands and turned around. The ginger whore bent over deeply with her legs straight giving him the full view of her round bubble butt, invitingly swollen pussy lips and firm round knockers peeking through her spread legs.

In this position, she asked the guy.

“Please sir, rate the slut’s performance! Push a finger up the fuckdoll’s cunt if you liked it! Spank her ass if you didn’t like it!”

A harsh slap landed on each of Vanessa’s ass cheeks instantly turning them bright red. In response, Vanessa said.

“Thank you sir, this dumb piece of shit whore will try better.”

Then she raised herself back up and danced over to the next table in line. There was a group of young blokes seated. They appeared to be a clique of college hunks looking for some naughty action outside of their usual dorm parties. Vanessa handed the chain to one of the young hunks.

“C’mon, make the puppet dance!” his friends immediately cheered him on.

Their comments spurred the young bloke on. He made Vanessa turn around and threaded the leash through her legs. This way, Queeny Ho was dancing with her ass facing him. Pulling the leash from side to side, he made her gyrate her hips.

“Shake dat ass! Show me what you got!” another friend urged the ginger whore on.

“Don’t make me leave with my foot up your ass!” a third friend added making the entire clique laugh at their fuck puppet.

The young college hunk dragged the leash towards him making their ginger marionette bend over and stick her ass out. Vanessa tried to obey their order flexing her ass muscles to make her butt cheeks shake and wriggle as wildly as possible. The bloke started pulling on the chain making his fuck puppet bend her knees. In response, he pulled the leash back up pushing it deeply up her soft, tender slit and making Vanessa jump up.

He started a rhythm making the slut bend and jump. Queeny Ho had a hard time concentrating on the ass shaking while getting yanked around on her tender piss flaps and sensitive nipples so she stumbled several times. Every time she tripped and floundered, the college hunks high-fived as if they had scored a point while the rest of the customers laughed about the clumsy skank. At least, her ass cheeks were bouncing like crazy as the young blokes had ordered.

Vanessa felt like she was caught in an endless stream of humiliation. The chain attire seemed like a device from hell only created to debase her. The only thing that kept her from crying was the fact that her sudden, unexpected outburst brought the customers back to live. They had quieted down further and further becoming bored by Maria’s lame strip show. Now, they started hooting and hollering again – but for Vanessa this time.

Eventually, Queeny Ho took the leash from the young college bloke and bent over for his rating. This time, her cunt got the attention. He approved of her performance! But it didn’t stop with one finger up her pussy. Instead, the one finger was followed by a second and a third one. Then she even felt two fingers wriggling their way up her asshole. In the end, she had five fingers up her fuckholes – one from each member of the college clique. Pulling them out, the three pussy pluggers showed their wet fingertips to all the other customers. The slut was dripping with her fuck juices.

In her competitive state of mind, Vanessa felt the urge to thank the college hunks for giving her a positive rating. So she turned around, smiled at them seductively and purred a ‘Thank you, gentlemen!’ while licking her pussy juice and ass slime off their fingers.

More and more guys turned their attention to the ‘Red Rose Whore’ that was dancing like a sex-starved maniac and begging the guests to either spank her ass or fondle her pussy. Especially, the biker gang and the cliques of young guys were enticed away from the blonde stripper bimbo by the ginger fuck puppet.

Vanessa didn’t get distracted though. She was still on a mission. She didn’t even care about her nipples and cunt lips getting sorer and sorer from the constant pushing and pulling on the chain. Instead, she repeated her slut performance until she had been used as a slut-marionette by half of the tables.

When she noticed that Maria’s strip show was slowly coming to an end, she stepped onto one of the side stages and knelt down.

“C’mon guys! Make this dirty piece of fuckwhore cum! The guy that makes the slut cum gets a free blowjob!” she announced.

This announcement caused a stir among the customers. By now, the entire crowd – except for the few remaining fanboys – wasn’t interested in Maria’s show anymore. Instead, the guests rushed to the side stage and formed a line standing along the stage.

Vanessa started crawling along the edge with her ass facing the crowd. She pushed her face on the filthy ground while reaching back with her French-manicured hands to spread her ass cheeks wide. Her pink pussy opened up showing off the two silver cunt rings and the silver clit stud framing her wet and swollen twat lips.

Vanessa purred like a bitch in heat while she gyrated her hips invitingly enticing the guys. She gave each man a good half minute to fondle her cunt and push their fingers into her pussy in an attempt to make her cum.

The attention from the men, her naughty behaviour and the constant pulling on her rings had aroused Vanessa beyond limits. A fire was burning between her loins – a fire that was spurred on by the realization that she had won the crowd over.

The next guys didn’t settle for simply fondling her pussy though. Instead, they shoved up to three fingers into her asshole. Especially the bowling grip with the thumb up Vanessa’s ass and the two middle fingers in her pussy enjoyed great popularity.

With each guy trying feverishly to make the ‘Cum Dump’ orgasm, Vanessa started moaning and groaning louder. Her hips began a life on their own, shaking and gyrating automatically. Her pussy juices were flowing freely and dripping onto the ground in torrents.

Eventually, a guy grasped her cunt rings with his left hand and spread her pussy wide open. Then he snapped the index finger of his right hand against her clit hard.

A jolt of ecstasy exploded in Vanessa’s mind from the precise, harsh flick and the dam burst. Finally, Vanessa was cumming. Right on stage, she was screaming out her orgasm while her body convulsed madly.

Her body writhed and shook for several minutes until her ecstatic high slowly faded. When she opened her eyes back up, the successful guy was standing on the stage in front of her face. He was waiting to collect his price.

Coming back to her senses, Vanessa remembered that she wasn’t here for her own pleasure. She was acting like a sex-starved nympho to persuade the customers. It was her goal to convince them that she was the real ‘Red Rose Star’, a better slut than any pornstar could ever be – and a far superior slut than Maria.

Vanessa pushed herself up into a kneeling position and put on the naughtiest, most provocative smile she could muster. A second later, she had pulled down his pants and pushed her wet mouth over his erect dick.

Vanessa feverishly went to work trying to give the guy his best blowjob ever. She bathed the whole length of his shaft in her saliva and pushed his tool down her throat from the get go giving herself a good, hard throatfuck.

The men in the crowd supported Vanessa’s efforts starting to clap in rhythm with her gagging until the winner shot his white, sticky load all over her pretty face. With relish, the redhead rubbed the gooey spunk into her skin.

Amid the applause of the men, she walked off the side stage with a huge smile on her face. She didn’t even notice that Maria had finished her live show some time ago with only a few remaining fanboys watching.

Vanessa had barely arrived in the locker room when one of the waitresses called her to Pavone’s office.

Up on stage, Vanessa hadn’t thought about the consequences of her actions. She had acted on pure impulse. She had become too infuriated with the blonde Barbie bimbo getting all the attention. And the enraged look on Maria’s bitchy face when the crowd had drifted off to Vanessa had been too good to miss.

But now that the show was over and Vanessa was slowly coming to a rest, she realized that her actions wouldn’t remain unanswered. She had opposed a direct order from Pavone! She had mixed up the concept of the Saturday Star Show!

What if the word started circulating that any guest star had to face opposition from the club whore? Certainly lots of stars from the dance circuit would avoid the ‘Red Rose Club’ or even worse perform in a rival strip joint. Pavone couldn’t allow this to happen. He had to set an example. He had to restore order in his club.

Vanessa only knew too well that some kind of punishment was awaiting her. But at the moment, she wasn’t too intimidated. The triumph over Maria filled her with a powerful feeling of pride and invincibility. This elating emotion was definitely worth any punishment. She knew that she would act exactly the same way a second time.

With every step taking her closer to Pavone’s office, her nervousness increased though. Pavone could be a cruel, scary guy.

When she opened the door, Vanessa could see Pavone sitting behind his desk. And next to him stood Maria with her arms crossed under her humongous silicone udders.

Vanessa’s eyes roamed from Pavone to Maria and back. Their expression only increased her nervousness. Pavone’s eyes were blazing with anger while Maria’s gaze mercilessly bored into her.

Of course, Pavone was enraged about Vanessa’s behaviour. She had never seen him as furious ever before. It had been a new example of her unlimited arrogance to him. She hadn’t toned down her bitchy behaviour since working in the club and he had the feeling that he still hadn’t managed to put her into her place properly. It was time to make a lasting example.

Looking at Pavone, Vanessa could somehow see something beyond anger gleaming in his eyes. She had acted like a crazed, wanton nympho. And the customers had loved her show. Her performance obviously gave him some new ideas how to use his whore. But most of all, his fiery red face was jumping straight at her completely extinguishing Vanessa’s feeling of invincibility.

Of course, Vanessa’s action hadn’t gone so well with Maria either. She had received a lot less tips than expected. As her pornstar name was still famous, she had drawn a lot of new customers to the club. So she felt like she had every right to complain about Vanessa’s lack of respect.

“You know why you’re here, stupid whore?” Pavone greeted Queeny Ho sternly.

His rigid voice was enough to make Vanessa tremble. Standing in front of Pavone, she felt his dominant presence to the fullest. It was daunting and frightening. She felt like standing trial in front of a merciless judge. Slowly, fear crept up inside of her and she nodded submissively.

“I I have been a bad whore.” she said with a small voice.

“Oh yes! You acted like a misbehaving brat!” he growled. “Seems like you don’t want to listen! You have to feel then! And you will feel it the hard way, whore!”

“You’re nothing but my obedient fuckpet! You only do what you’re told!” he kept on ranting. “Obviously, you still haven’t understood that!”

“I’ve understood master!” Vanessa responded her voice quivering.

She felt like a little schoolgirl getting upbraided for misbehaving.

“It won’t happen again, master!” she added shyly.

“Oh, it definitely won’t happen again!” Pavone remarked. “I’ll make sure you won’t forget about your place in this club once and for all!”

He didn’t give Vanessa time to comprehend this statement. Instead, he ordered her to walk over to him and lie across his lap. With her head hanging, she did as told.

“Like a little snotty girl that needs to be taught some manners!” he commented.

There she was – the redhead with ravishing looks kneeling on the ground draped over Pavone’s knees while awaiting a spanking like a naughty schoolgirl. In this position, Vanessa felt more than helpless and vulnerable.

All the while, Maria looked down on her with a disdainful expression on her face. Vanessa’s former best friend stepped in front of the ginger whore forcing her face up to make her look directly into her eyes.

“Now, you’re not that sassy any more, you little dim-witted bitch!” she spat at her. “You’re only a trashy gutter whore! You can’t take me on in any way.”

“I have fans all over the country coming here to watch my show and get an autograph.” she continued hissing. “And you ruin their day by distracting them!”

“You can try as hard as you want to.” Maria snarled. “You will never be as popular or as famous as me.”

“Tell me what you are!” the blonde Barbie bitch suddenly ordered.

Vanessa was humiliated. Until now, she had only been called derogative names by men. But being berated by a woman – especially by Maria – made her degradation even worse.

She almost yearned for Pavone to get over with his punishment, spanking her bottom and letting her walk out of his office. But looking up to the owner of the club, she realized that this was part of her punishment. She had to submit to her nemesis. She had to bow to Maria.

“I’m just a piece of shitwhore! A stupid vulgar whore that deserves your contempt!” she answered with her cheeks burning from shame.

All the while, Pavone was running his hand over her bare ass cheeks caressing the ripe curves while enjoying her debasement.

Satisfied with Vanessa’s self-degradation, Maria stepped out of the redhead’s sight while Pavone kept on caressing her bottom. Vanessa’s heartbeat quickened with each second elapsing. The anticipation of the inevitable spanking was a torture on its own. Any moment, the first slap could hit her bottom.

Finally, it fell down. And still caught Vanessa unprepared!

“Aaarrrggghhh!” she screamed out loud.

Out of Vanessa’s sight, Maria had walked to the redhead’s backside and taken Pavone’s belt!

With all her strength, she had whipped the belt over Vanessa’s delicate bottom leaving a deep red stripe right across both ass cheeks. But the pain was just as much physical as psychological. Getting spanked by her arch rival was a whole new level of debasement.

After the first blow though, Maria suddenly stopped. She walked back up to Vanessa’s head and held the belt right in front of the redhead’s face. She growled.

“Beg for it, piece of shit whore!”

Vanessa had no choice. She knew she was going to get it no matter what. Even worse, she was about to get whipped by her nemesis. There was nothing she could do to prevent it from happening. She could only hope the begging would soften the whipping somehow.

But begging her arch rival to whip her ass with a belt was too much for her to handle. She couldn’t bring the words over her lips. So Vanessa looked up to Pavone and begged him instead.

“Please, master, whip your whore’s ass hard. Make it red and blue.”

Pavone laughed out loud. He knew exactly what made Vanessa tick. He knew that it was much more degrading for her to beg her former best friend than him. He enjoyed Queeny Ho’s humiliation too much to let it go that easily. With a nod to Maria he told her.

“She’s the one with the whip! Guess you gotta beg her!”

Vanessa let her head hang in defeat. She had to gulp down the huge lump in her throat before she was able to press out the words between clenched teeth.

“Please, mistress, whip this cheap bitch’s ass hard.”

She felt her face flush in the deepest shades of red from shame and embarrassment. But Maria wasn’t finished with the teasing.

“Why am I going to spank your ass?” she asked the redhead.

“Because I’m a stupid, teasing whore that needs to be taught some manners.” Vanessa responded her face turning even darker red.

Before Vanessa had finished her sentence, the next belt lash stroke her ass not even giving her a chance to brace herself for it.

Maria whipped Vanessa’s bottom as hard as she could. She blistered the redhead’s ass for good. And in between each lash, she made Vanessa thank her former best friend.

“Arrrggghhh! Thank you mistress for teaching this stupid whore how to be a good fuckpet!”

“Arrrggghhh! Thank you mistress for punishing my bitchy whore ass!”

“Arrrggghhh! Thank you for whipping some manners into this cheap, trashy whore!”

Calling her former best friend ‘mistress’ was almost as bad as the spanking itself. Vanessa tried to bring up all her will power to keep herself from screaming. She felt tears springing to her eyes while Maria mercilessly whipped her ass. As much as she tried to, she couldn’t prevent it. Each blow brought a loud grunt and groan from her and she began sobbing as Maria continued beating her.

After each lash, she clenched and unclenched her ass cheeks, trying to shake off the stinging blow. This way, Vanessa was giving Pavone a great show. She was wriggling and working her buttocks like doing an erotic dance while draped over his lap.

The whipping seemed endless to Vanessa. Blow after blow blistered her tender ass. Finally, Pavone made Maria stop. He ran his hand over Queeny Ho’s glowing ass cheeks and through her slit. It was dripping wet!

From the touch on her cunt, a yelp escaped Vanessa’s lips. She couldn’t believe it! She was aroused!

“Oh, someone likes the whipping!” Pavone chuckled. “Which sort of girl gets wet from having her ass spanked?”

Vanessa blushed again when she realized that the punishment was arousing her.

“Only the nastiest, filthiest of whores!” she answered under her breath. “Only your depraved fuckpet, master!”

“Hmm, that’s the obedience I wanna see from my whore!” he responded to Vanessa’s self-degradation.

“Now, I wanna see you cumming from getting your whore ass whipped!” he ordered out of the blue. “Frig that naughty cunt, bitch!”

Vanessa’s humiliation deepened. She didn’t want to make herself cum in front of Maria. She didn’t want to get off while getting her ass whipped. Every fibre of her body resisted the order.

But Vanessa didn’t have a word in the decision so she obediently pushed her French-manicured hand back to rub her throbbing clit.

There was no chance of staying quiet any longer.

“Aaahhh! … Ooouuuhhh! …! Yaaahhh! … Aaarrgghh!”

Her screams were a mixture of grunts and whales while Maria continued her whipping. Vanessa’s hand worked her pussy in a fury and unconsciously her hips were wriggling from side to side.

She lost track of time and place as pain and pleasure started mixing. Vanessa got lost in the feeling. She could hear Pavone and Maria laughing, making fun of her and goading her. But it was drowned out by the tidal wave building inside of her.

Her bottom started jabbing backwards towards the slashes welcoming each lash. Finally, the wave broke and her orgasm washed over her. Vanessa shouted out a primal scream while tears of pain ran down her face.

All while Vanessa was riding the waves of her orgasm, Maria continued lashing her blistered bottom. By now, the redhead’s ass had been turned into raw meat. It was beyond glowing. If she would be able to sit for the next week without pain Vanessa would be more than lucky.

When the orgasm finally faded, Pavone didn’t let her go yet. Instead, he gripped Vanessa’s hair and forced her face up to look up to Maria.

“Tzz, what a dumb little whore!” the blonde huffed with the most derogatory sneer possible. “Cumming from getting her ass beaten!”

“Show her what you think of her!” Pavone urged the blonde Barbie on.

And once again, the following action caught Vanessa totally by surprise.

Her former best friend quickly spread her legs and pushed her cunt lips back. Then she started pissing right into Vanessa’s face!

Holding her chin tight with one hand while gripping her hair with the other, Pavone forced Vanessa’s mouth open. The ravishing hot redhead couldn’t do anything against it. She knew better than to oppose anyway.

Maria’s yellow, rancid piss streamed straight into her mouth. The piss sloshing against the insides of her mouth made a sickening noise – almost like sloshing into a urinal.

The gross, debasing mistreatment caused a pained expression on Vanessa’s face. She was gurgling and spluttering from the powerful piss stream. It didn’t impress Maria in any way though as she relished emptying her full bladder into Vanessa’s mouth.

Her piss was dark with a biting stench making Queeny Ho gag immediately. In no time, Vanessa’s mouth filled to the rim and some of the nasty, yellow liquid started flowing back out.

Maria stopped her piss stream and Pavone reacted by forcing her mouth shut.

“Swallow, pisswhore!” he simply ordered.

With her glowing bottom as a reminder of what might happen if she wouldn’t obey his command, Vanessa did as told and gulped the vile broth down.

At once, her entire body shook in disgust and she started retching hard almost puking the vile liquid back up. Revulsion was added to the pained expression on her face. The taste was worse than anything she had tasted before and the acrid flavour deeply bored into her mind.

She had to take several more gulps each accompanied by pitiful retching and choking. Every swallow burned even worse than the one before. Finally, Maria was finished and she had succeeded in completely defiling Vanessa.

When her piss stream had ended, she wiped her cunt clean with her own hand and smeared the last drops off her fingers onto Vanessa’s forehead.

“Bad taste in your mouth?” Pavone mocked the redhead noticing her sick expression.

Not waiting for a response, he added.

“Now, get out of my office and show everyone in the club how a whore gets properly punished for misbehaving.”

Pavone unceremoniously pushed Queeny Ho off his lap and took the chain off of her. Then he picked up the metallic pink tie top and matching miniskirt that were still lying around in his office and threw them at her. While Vanessa was putting on her stripper outfit, she wondered what this change of clothing implied. What did he have in store for her during the next dance session?

Before she had a chance to ponder this question, Pavone kicked her out of his office. Vanessa was beyond shame when she walked back down into the main room of the ‘Red Rose Club”. People were eagerly waiting for the next dance show and the club had gotten really busy. The different groups of bikers, college hunks, regulars and average Joe’s were launching at the tables or standing around the stages.

Vanessa approached the table closest to the entrance with her legs shaking from nervousness and her stomach churning from the disgusting piss load. It was a group of four average looking Joes. Apparently, they were some truckers with fat potbellies and lumberjack shirts – the typical kind of club customers. Shyly, she eyed them like a deer caught in the headlights and asked.

“Dear gentlemen, may I show you how a dumb whore gets punished for her stupidity?”

Instantly, the truckers stopped with their chat and looked at her thunderstruck. Not waiting for their response, Vanessa turned around. Closing her eyes in shame, she slightly bent forward and lifted her metallic pink miniskirt up to show off her blistered, fiery red bottom. At the mere sight of the welts and bruises garnering her abused ass, the group came back to life erupting in rounds of dirty laughter that attracted the attention of the remaining guests.

While Vanessa walked from group to group, her face turned as red as her glowing buttocks. She had to force herself to repeat her question, hold up her skirt and show off her blistered ass to anyone. All the groups made fun of the stupid whore that didn’t know how to behave properly for an ordinary cum bucket. Each time, Vanessa had to wait until the guys were done with their taunting and it always felt like the mocking would never stop.

One of the biker cliques was the worst. The group consisted of a bunch of intimidating, heavily-tattooed guys each one proudly wearing his cut. They enjoyed prolonging the degrading situation by feeling Vanessa’s glowing butt. They pinched and groped her burning ass cheeks testing out the different responses they could charm out of the ginger whore.

Vanessa felt incredibly helpless standing still while holding up her miniskirt and letting the men have their way with her blistered bottom. She couldn’t help going back and forth between loud whimpers, painful yelps and whining to the amusement of all customers.

One of the bikers even touched her pussy. To his amazement, he noticed that she was wet once again. So he started fondling her clit mercilessly. Vanessa couldn’t help it but her body betrayed her another time. The humiliating situation and all the attention were too much for her to handle. It was overwhelming her senses and her body was getting aroused in the process.

The hands on her aching bottom and the finger rubbing her clit made her whimper and moan in turns. There she was standing in the middle of the club presenting her punishment in full colours while being made to cum from getting her bruised bottom and dripping pussy touched. She shamefully felt like the lowest back-alley whore ever.

Still, she came in front of all these random strangers moaning like a bitch in heat while her face was flushed from embarrassment in the same deep red shade as her glowing butt.

Vanessa had now lost the remaining tiny bits of respect that were left in the customers. Watching the ‘Red Rose Whore’ orgasming from showing off her blistered ass and presenting her punishment in public shattered any last restraints. She had demonstrated that any degrading attention, any demeaning use or any rough manhandling aroused the dirty slut.

Vanessa had thought that she had experienced any kind of humiliation by now. But once again Pavone proved her wrong. Each time, he came up with a different way to degrade her and it always caught her off guard. Each new strike of humiliation hit Vanessa from an unexpected angle not giving her a chance to brace herself for it and it always affected her in a different way. Thereby, each embarrassment felt worse than the one before.

Vanessa had to admit that Pavone was a goddamn genius in that regard. But she also had to concede that her body was feeling completely different than her mind about these degradations. In a strange way, her body was yearning for fresh humiliations. It intensified any accompanying emotion making her orgasms much more intense leaving her body with a craving for more debasement.

When Vanessa had finished her shameful round through the club, Pavone took the main stage again. It was time for the third dance shift. Once again, Heidy Moon Stratus – the blonde pornstar bimbo – was about to take the limelight pushing Queeny Ho – the ‘Red Rose Whore’ – into the background.

Suddenly, showing off her blistered ass didn’t feel as humiliating anymore. After all, the attention of all guys had been on her! Everybody had been focused on her. For the moment, Vanessa had been the ‘Red Rose Star’ again. Now, she was getting reduced back to a mere object of utility. She was about to be lowered to a dumb cum dumpster again.

“Obviously, we have two hot and horny fuckstars in the club today!” Pavone suddenly announced.

This introduction pricked up Vanessa’s ears. For a moment, she thought she had heard wrong. She could only look at Pavone in disbelief.

“Seems like we got a little bitchfight going on in the club tonight!” the club boss continued making it clear that she had heard right. Meanwhile, the word ‘bitchfight’ caused a round of cheers from the crowd.

“I guess no one minds making full use of that situation.” Pavone added earning a round of dirty laughter.

“So I decided to let all of you watch the bitches battle it out right here on stage.” he announced making the crowd applaud.

Finally, Vanessa realized what the sparkle in Pavone’s eyes had been about. He had noticed how much the customers had enjoyed her performance and seen the chance to make even better use of his merchandise. He could collect even more money by letting the two arch rivals battle each other in front of all the guests.

Vanessa realized that her slut-show had proven to him that she was more than the daily cum bucket for the regular johns. She had a far bigger entertainment value. She had demonstrated that Queeny Ho was the ‘Red Rose Star’ for a reason. She had proven that she could take on Maria with ease.

Of course, this hadn’t kept him from punishing her for her presumptuous behaviour. He had needed to show all his employees that his word was law and that he hadn’t lost his grip on his strippers. And quite obviously, he had succeeded.

Still, Vanessa had won more than she had lost. Her slut performance had promoted her back onto the main stage. The pornstar Heidy Moon Stratus wasn’t the main attraction of the Saturday Star Show anymore. Vanessa was back on the same level as Maria and now it was a full on battle between the two rivals.

Suddenly, the deep humiliations of being whipped and forced to submit to her former best friend were forgotten. Instead, the chance to compete with Maria excited her. Her ambition and pride came back to the fore.

She was still on a mission – a mission that was already lasting for years since their gogo dancer days. She had to prove that she was better than Maria. Yesterdays, she had to show that she was a better dancer. Today, she had to demonstrate that she was a bigger, nastier slut than her ex-bff.

From an objective point of view, the intentness and fervour of being a good whore appeared absurd and irrational. But for Vanessa it made complete sense. She had gone down the road too far. Step by step, she had turned into the office slut and then the ‘Red Rose Whore’. By now, it was a part of her self-image – the dark equation to her lady-self. Vanessa needed both parts equally to keep in balance. For her own self-worth, she needed to be reckoned as the posh queen bee of the country club just as much as being regarded as the hottest whore in town.

While Vanessa was still occupied realizing the full extent of the changed situation, Pavone continued stirring up the crowd. He imitated a ring announcer while laying down the rules.

“You’re about to witness the battle of the sluts. It’s gonna be pornstar versus hooker. It’s gonna be dirty, filthy and nasty as hell. It’s gonna be epic! Each slut gets one round to strut her stuff! After the two shows are over the crowd decides about the winner!”

Pavone’s announcement had heated-up the crowd beyond all measures. Taking in the agitated mob, the club owner drew a deep breath and finished his introduction in style coining the catch phrase of the evening.

“Let’s get ready for the bitchfight!”

At these words, Maria stepped onto the main stage and immediately managed to cast a spell over the crowd. The smoking hot blonde was dressed in the sexiest police uniform imaginable.

The ‘Hot Pursuit Cop Costume’ consisted of a dark blue zipper front mini dress with a broad black belt around her hips, black fencenet stockings and black vinyl over-knee platform boots. Completing the outfit, she wore a police hat. On the left side of the belt dangled a pair of handcuffs while a baton hung off the right side.

The mini dress ended just beneath Maria’s curvy ass. She had pulled the zipper down beneath her massive, blown-up funbags. As a result, the uniform was barely able to contain her huge, round juggs. Her fat tits almost spilled out of the top. The deep cleavage directly leaped into any guy’s eye. The outfit was extremely sexy. She definitely knew how to fuel the crowd.

Vanessa was standing at the bar watching Heidy Moon Stratus’ performance. Maria’s appearance clearly told the redhead that her former best friend had accepted the challenge. They both had always been overly competitive trying to outdo the other one. This clearly hadn’t changed.

The DJ played some Trance tunes and the smoke machine blew a fog onto the stage. This added up to create a tense, suspenseful atmosphere. The crowd had stopped cheering and hollering. All guys were quiet. They were wounded up to a high pitch.

Maria strutted down the stage and through the mob in the most provocative, tantalizing way shaking her hips and pushing out her big, round knockers.

She played with the guys acting as if she was policing each one of them. One after the other, she approached a man and either ran her pink manicured index finger along his cheek or brushed the baton over his chest. Then she pushed each one away deprecatingly.

With two guys, she even imitated a strip search running her manicured hands over the guys’ chests and down their pants until she cupped their dicks through their trousers. Finally, she took those two men by the hands and dragged them up onto the stage.

Both of them were members of the biker gang proudly wearing their colours. One of them was a young white badass with short black hair and tattoo sleeves. The other one was a middle-aged white, brawny baldhead. Both didn’t look like person’s to be trifled with.

Two chairs had been placed on the main stage in the meantime. Maria pushed each guy onto a chair – the tattoo-sleeve badass onto the left one and the bald-headed bull onto the right one. Then she turned to the crowd and started moving to the onset of a dance beat.

She used the baton to fire up the crowd some more running it over her belly and pushing up her big, round, bolt-ons. This almost caused her massive juggs to completely pop out of the mini dress. Eventually, she pushed the zipper down to the belt releasing her funbags. She bent over deeply showing off her tits to the fullest and pushed the baton between her voluptuous flesh-balloons giving the stick a tit fuck that made all guys drool.

She could see the crowd getting further agitated which produced a naughty smile on her face. Then the blonde bimbo turned around, bent slightly forward and pushed the hem of the dress up to reveal her naked, pantyless ass cheeks. Again, Maria used the baton to run it along her buttocks. She pushed her curvy, meaty ass cheeks up making them bounce and wobble up and down. Then she bent down even further and pushed the baton into her ass crack spreading her buttocks wide showing off her tight asshole and juicy pink pussy.

The mob could barely manage to keep calm anymore. This blonde Barbie doll dancing on stage appeared like the object of any guys’ wet dreams. But at the same time, her teasing, provocative, cop-like behaviour conveyed the impression of her being totally out of their reach.

Finally, Maria let the mini dress slip to the floor. Now, she was standing on stage only clad in her police hat, black belt, black fencenet stockings and black vinyl over-knee boots.

She took the baton which had a hose clamp attached at the end. She clamped the baton to the strip pole in an angle of 10 to 15 degrees. This way, the baton stuck out from the pole in a narrow ‘V’ shape.

Afterwards, Maria turned her attention back to the two intimidating bikers sitting on their chairs. Once again, she strutted over to them like a lioness scenting its prey.

Reaching the guys, she started teasing them again. For a while, she sexily danced around the chairs. Several times, she bent over in front of them showing off her round buttocks and inviting cunt. But she never let them touch her slapping their hands away each time. More and more, the two bikers were getting agitated by the merciless teasing.

Finally, Maria sat down on the lap of the tattoo-sleeve guy. She started bumping and grinding his lap while pushing her fat round tits into his face. She didn’t stop until his cock was about to burst his pants. Then she changed over to the baldhead repeating the lap dance. Still, she continued to slap their hands away each time they tried to touch her.

It was a sight to behold. The smoking hot, pimped-up Barbie doll straddling those two rough looking badass bikers, gyrating her hips and humping their laps almost driving them insane.

The two men looked like they couldn’t take the teasing any longer. They were on the brink to jump up and pounce at the blonde bimbo. The need to grab this teasing whore and punish her for her provocations was overpowering them.

Maria could sense the heated up atmosphere. She had achieved her goal. The blonde stopped dancing and walked over to the left side of the stage. There Mark handed her two objects. Then she stepped back in front of the two bikers and gave an object to each of them.

Afterwards, the pimped-up bimbo knelt down in between the two chairs. She took the handcuffs and applied one cuff to her right wrist. Then she took the belt off her hips and put it around her neck turning it into a leash.

Suddenly, the powerful cop was kneeling obediently on the stage bare naked with a leash around her neck looking all submissive.

Addressing the two guys, she told them

“C’mon sirs, show this teasing slut who really wears the pants in here!”

The two bikers didn’t have to be told twice. In a split second they were up on their feet. The tattoo-sleeve guy was faster though immediately grabbing the belt using it as a leash to drag the blonde bimbo to the strip pole. Meanwhile, the bald-headed bull followed behind using his object to spank the Barbie doll’s ass making her yelp and crawl faster.

Maria had given them enough hints to make them understand what she had planned. Reaching the strip pole, the tattoo-sleeve badass dragged her up onto her feet. Standing between these tall, muscular men with all her charms on display, Maria looked tiny and lost. She had totally turned herself over to them.

Baldhead grabbed the handcuffs dangling off Maria’s right wrist. Then he pushed her arms up. Above the stage, a pulley had been attached to a beam. Baldhead threaded the chain that connected the two cuffs through a loop in the pulley and applied the second cuff to the blonde’s left wrist. Now, she was tied to the pulley above her head.

Then Maria was hoisted into the air and lowered back down so that the baton attached to the strip pole entered her pussy. As it stuck out from the pole in a 10 to 15 degree angle, Maria had to stand slightly bend forward to accommodate the stick in her cunt. They carefully adjusted the height of the dildo. As a result, the baton was just inside of her when she was on tiptoes and deeply planted up her cunt when she was flat footed.

Maria was about to give the crowd a pole dance fucking herself to the music. And the rhythm of the fucking would be regulated by the two bikers. While the blonde bimbo was standing on her tiptoes, the two bikers presented their objects to the mob. The tattoo-sleeve guy was holding a ‘Magic Wand’ while baldhead held a ‘Violet Wand’ in his hand.

The Magic Wand was a powerful electric massager. With its strong vibrations, it could drive any women’s arousal to new heights. In contrast, the Violet Wand was an electrostimulation toy with a long thin glass tube that glowed purple and shot sparks when it was activated by a button on the handle. The electric shocks were giving short but intense stings.

While the music started playing again, the two bikers started their game. The tattoo-sleeve badass used the buzzing Magic Wand to stimulate Maria and make her gyrate her hips while baldhead used the violet wand to prod her making her twitch and jump around. This way, Maria was taken on a rollercoaster ride of arousal. The vibrator took her to heights of excitement while the stinging shocks harshly brought her back down.

Tattoo sleeve guy began running the Magic Wand up the blonde bimbo’s sides. This caused Maria to start moaning and swivelling her hips. Her moans turned into groans when he pressed the vibrator onto her nipples and she began humping the baton. Then out of nowhere, baldhead shocked Maria. She grunted and jerked from the electric spark. Thereby, she lost her balance, impaling herself completely on the baton.

“Aaarrrggghhh! Ooouuuhhh!” she screamed from the sudden cunt stuffing.

The long baton reached deeper down her fuck tunnel than any cock ever before filling her cunt to the max and even hitting against her cervix. So Maria quickly raised herself back up onto tiptoes.

But it had given the two bikers a new idea. It became their goal to make the pimped-up bimbo fully impale her pussy on the long stick. So they mixed the stimulation and shocks to throw her out of her rhythm and make her lose her balance.



“Ooohhh! Yaaahhh!”

The two guys succeeded several times. Each time, Maria screamed out loud. But with every further impalement, the yell sounded more like a cry of pleasure than pain. And every time, the blonde bimbo needed longer to push herself back up onto her tiptoes. All the successful impalements were commented with a round of applause by the crowd.

The music started getting faster and the two bikers responded to the rhythm. They began alternating between stimulation and shocking with an ever increasing pace. This caused Maria to hump the baton in high speed fucking herself silly on the stick while her fuck juices began running down its length. It was an obscene dance she was performing on the baton.

Pressing the Magic Wand against her clit was particularly effective as it made the blonde Barbie groan and grunt like a wanton animal while squatting up and down the baton like a puppet.

The crowd watched the vulgar spectacle in disbelief. It only increased when baldhead started using the Violet Wand on her bubble butt. Each time the sparks connected with her ass cheeks, Maria grunted out and squatted down. Then he held the electro-stimulator against her tiny, little rosebud.

“Ah! Ah! Uuuhhh! Ah! Ah! Uuuhhh!”

Maria almost went crazy starting to hump the baton in rapid speed while screaming at the top of her lungs. Her intense reaction gave the bald-headed biker another idea. He pushed the thin glass tube into her ass and pressed the button. This way, the sensitive insides of Maria’s anal chute got electrified.

“Aaarrrggghhh! Aaahhh! Oh! Oh! Uuuhhh!”

The blonde’s entire body was twitching and shaking uncontrollably. She couldn’t stop screaming, yelping and groaning simultaneously. Maria was bobbing up and down like riding an actual horse at a gallop. Her huge, round, overblown melons bounced around in such a wild way they almost jumped against her chin. She was dancing on the stick like a demented doll. By now, she was in her own world of ecstatic pleasure and arousal.

Tattoo-sleeve guy reacted holding the Magic Wand to her clit. This way, her most sensitive button was stimulated while her asshole got shocked. And Maria finally had an orgasm. She came so hard, she almost fainted. All through her orgasm, she continued riding the baton hard.

When the blonde eventually calmed down her whole body was drenched in sweat. The entire length of the baton was covered with her cunt juices. The two bikers used the pulley to pull her off the stick and lower her down making her kneel on the stage with her hands still tied above her head. Then they took out their cocks. They were so aroused by the show that they only needed a few thrusts in and out of her soft mouth to shoot their sperm all over the kneeling beauty’s face.

When the show was finally over, Vanessa’s heart was thumbing in her throat. She was more than nervous. She had to admit that Maria’s performance had been outstanding. It had been a real spectacle. It had delivered everything the customers could be asking for and more. It had ranged from sexy to kinky, from wicked to downright nasty.

This would be more than a challenge for Vanessa. How could she ever outperform this spectacle? It seemed like a task totally out of reach.

Vanessa had dared Maria to the slut battle. Now, she had to show her paces and prove her value. She had to do more than step up her game and deliver a top performance.

Otherwise, she would only make a fool of herself becoming the club’s laughing-stock. She wouldn’t be the ‘Red Rose Star’ any longer but the ‘Red Rose Joke’ instead.

During the week working as Queeny Ho, Vanessa had learned a lot about what guys wanted from a whore. They wanted her to ooze sluttiness and act like a fuck junkie on the prowl that needed lewd and twisted sex as her drug. Still, they also wanted the whore to be obedient letting them handle her like a ragdoll. And most of all, they wanted to push her limits.

Vanessa knew that she only had a chance to win the slut battle by demonstrating what a nasty fuckslut she could be. She had to surprise the crowd with her perversity while offering the guys the chance to push her over her limits.

After a short break, it was time for Vanessa to take the main stage. She had decided to allude to every man’s favourite fantasy. So she had changed her outfit. She stepped into the spotlight dressed as a schoolgirl – or rather a sexy, naughty school slut.

She wore a set consisting of a white blouse, a red plaid pleated miniskirt, white under-knee stockings and 5 inch red high heels. The blouse was so tight it was barely able to hold her luscious ripe melons in place. They almost burst off its upper buttons.

The crowd had barely calmed down during the break. Seeing the ‘Red Rose Whore’ costumed like an innocent little schoolgirl, turned the crowd into an agitated mob again.

Vanessa started seductively sucking on a round lollipop until drool was running out of her mouth. With the lolly nice and wet, she used the round candy to run it over her nipples. Thereby, her white blouse got wet and shiny. The material started clinging to her big, juicy funbags.

Queeny Ho continued noisily sucking on the lollipop until she had gathered a load of drool in her mouth. Then she let the bubbly spit run out of her mouth. It hung down her lips in a long gooey strand until it tore off and landed on her tits. Rubbing the spit into the white fabric, her nipples started shining through the wet material.

To the hollers of the crowd, the ginger whore started pushing her shoulders backwards and arching her back in rhythm to the music. This way, the blouse got strained and tightened around her big, ample juggs. She continued thrusting her voluptuous firm knockers out until the first button burst off the blouse.

The mob was going ballistic as they watched the ravishing hot slut shoot a second button into the crowd. It caused her big fat fucktits to spill out of the material by themselves. With the blouse hanging open at the top, Vanessa finally stripped it off and threw it into the mob closely followed by her cotton panties and plaid miniskirt.

The redhead squatted down and spread her legs open revealing her shaved pussy. She teased her cunt with the lollipop. She ran the candy up and down her pussy lips before pushing the lolly into her twat. With the stick standing out of her cunt, Vanessa started playing with her tits for a while making her funbags bounce and jiggle for the men’s amusement.

Watching a sexily dressed schoolgirl with a bruised, fiery red bottom was an extremely hot sight. Watching her act in a naughty seductive way made the guys yearn to jump right onto the stage. They felt the urge to defile her and rob her off her innocence.

Vanessa was intent to include all guests in her show – not only two selected guys. She produced an egg vibrator showing it to the crowd. Then she swivelled her hips and slowly pushed the egg into her pussy.

A second later, she threw the remote control into the mob, enticing them by telling the men.

“C’mon guys, play with your fucktoy! Use your naughty schoolgiiiiirrrrl!”

She barely managed to finish her incitement. Instead, it turned into a long groan. The customer that had caught the remote had immediately set it on the highest level.

The sudden vibrations were so powerful that they rushed Vanessa off her feet. They shook her entire body throwing her to her knees. The egg in her cunt was buzzing like crazy pushing all of Vanessa’s buttons.

Ignited by the stimulation, she lost all control over her body. Her hips started moving on their own. Vanessa fell backwards and landed on her back with her legs spread wide. Her hips bucked up and she started humping the air.

“Aaahhh!… Fuck! Ooohhh!… Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Vanessa’s moans and groans accompanied the dry humping while the redhead started mauling her tits pulling on her silver tit rings in a sensual frenzy.

Meanwhile, the customer passed the remote control to another guy in the mob. The men started a game which involved the whole crowd. A guest caught the remote, set the vibrations on a certain level, waited for a few moments and passed it to the next customer. This way, they completely controlled Vanessa’s body. Once again, she was a puppet dancing on their strings.

The next guy set the vibrations down and Vanessa gained back some control. Intent on giving the guys a great show, she got up onto her feet and began gyrating her hips while leaning forward and massaging her full, round funbags.

A moment later, another man pushed the level back up on full power making Vanessa twitch and shake uncontrollably while her fat, ripe fucktits wildly bounced up and down her chest.

Just in time, she was able to grab the strip pole before she was swept off her feet once again. With her upper body leaned backwards, her hips instantly started humping the pole. She looked like a naked, big titted slut riding a bucking bull – only that the bull was a vertical bar. The buzzing was so intense that her fuck juices started flowing freely coating the pole in the process.

When the next customer got the remote, he lowered the level and Vanessa stopped her frenzied pole humping. Like a good slut, she bent forward and licked her juices off the bar while her angry red bubble butt kept swivelling to the slower rhythm of the vibrations.

The crowd enjoyed the power they had over their plaything and teased their fucktoy to the fullest. They loved alternating the level between low and high. One moment, the ginger whore was dancing sensually, the next second she was frantically humping the air. All the while, Vanessa was grunting and moaning uncontrollably.

Eventually, one of the bikers started swiftly switching between the extremes – up and down from the highest to the lowest level in rapid turns. Vanessa felt like riding a rollercoaster. The thrill of excitement and arousal was overwhelming. One moment, she was rendered to an incoherently babbling mess. Then she got a second to catch a breath, only to be hit with a new surge of stimulation the next moment.

The biker’s first switch to the highest level rushed the redhead off her feet again. This time, she simply fell forward landing on her face and big, juicy, D-cup funbags. The rapid vibrations caused her hips to start humping the dirty stage.

The mob got treated to an incredibly naughty sight. The scorching hot ginger whore was lying on the stage with her ample knockers bulging out at the sides of her ribcage and her legs spread as far as possible. Her pussyhole stood wide open with her ringed piss flaps hanging down like curtains. Her hips were working in overdrive banging her cunt against the floor over and over again.

And finally the dam broke. Queeny Ho orgasmed right on stage. The ecstatic sensations rushed over her like a volcanic eruption starting in her pussy and surging up through her entire body. Her orgasm was so intense that her urethra exploded and she began spurting clear fluid all over the stage.

“Aaahhhooohhhaaahhh!” One endless cry of pleasure echoed through the main room of the ‘Red Rose Club’.

Vanessa kept on squirting and spurting like a fountain. It was such a rush of clear fluid that suddenly the egg vibrator gushed out of her cunt. The guys had never seen a woman orgasm that hard and some of them high-fived each other for making their fucktoy cum like a geyser.

But Vanessa’s show wasn’t over by far. As soon as she was able to move again, she got back onto her feet and produced a bowl from behind the stage. She was still lightheaded from the orgasm but she was dead set on beating Maria in the slut battle.

The bowl was filled with strawberries. Vanessa was about to bring out the big guns in her attempt to beat Maria. She had to bring out her perverted side convincing the guys with her naughtiness and depravity.

She picked a handful of the biggest fruits in the bowl and threw them into the crowd. 6 strawberries landed in the hands of several costumers. Then she got down onto her hands and knees and started crawling up and down the edge of the stage. She turned around presenting her bubble butt to the mob. It was still glowing like a red bulb from the whipping she had received before.

Vanessa started spreading her ass cheeks apart building a rhythm of opening her buttocks and letting them flip back together. Thereby, her juicy, wet, swollen pussy lips opened and closed, too. As her twat was leaking fuck juices, her cunt made smacking, squishing sounds. In a perverted way, Vanessa’s pussy talked to the crowd. And the guys loved the degrading sound of her smacking cunt lips.

“Yeah! That’s the way a slut should talk!” a guy from the crowd commented the action.

Under normal circumstances, kneeling on the stage of a dirty strip club while presenting her pussy to random men and entertaining them with her pussy farts, would have been more than humiliating for Vanessa. But at the moment, she was on a mission to meet a formidable challenge. She was in total slut-mode and there was only one thing on her mind – being the nastiest, debauched slut in town.

Vanessa pushed both French manicured index fingers into her asshole and spread her anal ring open. Since Stanton had broken her anal cherry and turned her into a three-hole mare, her sphincter had proven itself as an elastic fuckhole. Guys loved nothing more than fucking the redhead’s shitter open and making it gape obscenely. And Vanessa’s butthole was a motif of vulgar beauty in regard to gaping.

Queeny Ho started finger fucking her ass adding one French-nailed finger after the other until she had four fingers deeply embedded down her anal chute. Pushing her fingers out of her tight asshole, her sphincter opened like a blossoming rose. Her anal muscles were relaxed and ready for the show.

“C’mon guys, feed the fruits to your plaything!” she enticed the guys while holding her ass cheeks open letting her asshole invitingly wink at them.

Of course, the customers didn’t hesitate to follow up on this invitation. The 6 guys stormed up onto the stage, walked past the kneeling slut and sat down on the bar stools that had been placed there in the meantime.

On their way, 2 of them even patted Queeny Ho’s head treating her like their obedient fuckpet. Their behaviour clearly showed Vanessa that they weren’t about to make it easy for the slut. They were out to let the whore work hard to earn their gifts.

Vanessa crawled over to the first guy. He was another heavily tattooed member of the biker gang wearing a bandana and cut. Reaching his legs, she slowly and sensually pushed herself up letting her ample, big funbags slide over the guy’s lap. She straddled him letting him suck on her nipples and pull on her tit rings for a moment. Then she got off the biker’s lap and positioned herself next to him so her bruised, angry red ass was facing the crowd.

Bending over with her legs straight, the redhead reached back with her French-manicured hands and spread her ass open getting ready to take the first strawberry. The bandana-wearing biker reacted and placed the strawberry between her buttocks holding it there. It was a fully ripe strawberry that appeared really big in relation to Vanessa’s butt. The colour of the fruit was a perfect match to her bright red ass cheeks. The biker didn’t proceed to push the fruit inside though.

“C’mon slut, fetch your gift!” he exclaimed.

He wasn’t about to lend the whore a helping hand. Vanessa had to engulf the strawberry on her own. She had to literally bust her ass to fetch the big, ripe fruit.

Queeny Ho was still intent on giving a sexy show. So she started bending her knees pushing her butt up and down and thereby running her ass crack along the fruit. She swivelled her hips so her bubble butt circled the strawberry.

The biker got impatient though and grabbed Vanessa’s big fuckudders dangling off her bent body. He pinched her left nipple and fiercely pulled on the left silver tit ring.

“Argh!” the ginger whore yelped in response and began thrusting her ass backwards.

Apparently, Vanessa’s asshole wasn’t as well prepared for those big strawberries as she had thought. The fruit wasn’t sliding in easily at all. Her thrusting picked up space until she was bucking back with all her might while spreading her buttocks as far as possible. Although she had fingerfucked her asshole with up to four fingers, her anal ring wasn’t loose enough to take the big fruit yet.

However, the crowd loved the show of the depraved whore desperately humping a strawberry. It was an incredibly demeaning display and the fact that the ravishing hot slut willingly acted on her own accord only increased the humiliating aspect.

“Arrrgggh!” Vanessa yelped when the biker pulled her juggs further down by painfully dragging on the tit ring.

He clearly demonstrated his dissatisfaction with her efforts. This was the complete opposite of Vanessa’s intent. She had to please the customers! She had to win the slut battle!

In a final attempt, the ginger whore pushed her ass backwards in one powerful thrust. But it didn’t achieve the desired success. She had tried too hard. Instead of swallowing the strawberry, her ass squashed the fruit.

“Look at that!” the bandana-wearing biker exclaimed. “What a clumsy whore! This stupid slut can’t even eat a fruit properly!”

While his outburst caused a round of laughter from the crowd, it made Vanessa insecure for the moment. She had failed and didn’t know how to make it up to the customer. However, the biker took advantage of her indecisiveness and seized control.

Pulling roughly on her left nipple ring, he turned Queeny Ho sideways, made her kneel down and draped her upper body over his lap. Now, the naughty schoolgirl was bent over his knee.

“Obviously, the slut needs another punishment!” he remarked hinting at the whipping Vanessa had received beforehand.

Hearing this announcement, the redhead’s eyes snapped open. Her butt was still terribly aching and stinging. The lashes were still burning like fire on her ass cheeks. Her blistered bottom couldn’t take another spanking. She began struggling around on the biker’s lap. However, the bandana-wearing biker held her tightly on his lap so her desperate struggle was totally in vain only amusing the crowd.

“Please sir!” Vanessa begged. “Spare this whore’s ass. Give the slut another try. I’ll be a good slut for youuuhhh.”

She didn’t even manage to finish her pleads before the biker’s hand landed on her fiery red ass making her scream. And the mob erupted with cheers. They loved watching the naughty schoolgirl get punished while struggling in vain. Vanessa’s ass went into a bottom-wiggling dance.

The biker slapped Vanessa’s blistered ass 10 times. Each spank felt like a mind-boggling hot flame. He forced the ginger whore to count out each blow and subsequently thank him profusely. Each slap left a white mark on her red glowing buttocks until this white spot turned into even darker shades of red.

The act of getting spanked like a badly behaved child in front of an audience was a new kind of humiliation for Vanessa. And thanking the rude guy for teaching her how to become a better slut was even worse.

Finally, the spanking was over and the biker pushed the redhead off his lap. Whimpering, Vanessa carefully felt her bruised butt. It was radiating heat and felt like it would never stop hurting again. She wouldn’t be able to sit on her bottom for the next days – that much was certain.

For a moment, she had forgotten her mission of performing like the nastiest, most perverted fuckslut ever. She wanted this to be over. She was ready to give up. But a retreat wasn’t possible anymore. She had gone down the road too far. The remaining 5 customers were expecting her service. They were getting restless.

Eventually, the next guy in line couldn’t stand waiting any longer. He grabbed Queeny Ho’s arm and pulled her up to him. Then he waved the strawberry in front of her face. And this finally snapped Vanessa back into slut mode. The battle wasn’t over yet. She had failed with the first strawberry. Still, the customers had gotten a great show watching the naughty schoolgirl get a proper spanking.

Putting her most provocative smile back onto her face, she mustered the guy. He was one of the middle-aged, potbellied truckers with a full beard and greasy hair.

Vanessa knew that she had to regain the active part. She couldn’t risk losing her grip on the crowd. She needed to continue acting like the dirty fuck junkie to win this competition. So she started an enticing trash talk while straddling the trucker.

“Did you like watching this slut getting spanked for being such a clumsy whore?” she asked him receiving an affirmative nod in response.

“Do you think this naughty whore learned her lesson and will eat your fruit properly?” she continued while grinding her pussy on his lap.

“Please sir, open up this whore’s ass before feeding her the strawberry!” she finished her trash talk with a plea.

Following her words with action, Queeny Ho sank onto her hands and knees next to the bearded trucker, put her face on the ground and stuck her ass high up in the air.

“Hmmm!” she purred like a sex kitten when the guy pushed one finger after the other through her anal ring until four fingers were deeply planted up her shitter.

“Now feed the slut her gift!” Vanessa demanded while swaying her ass.

The bearded man was too entranced by the hot, sexy slut to play any games as the biker had done before. He pushed his fingers out of Vanessa’s anal orifice to reveal a wide open gape that beamed at the crowd.

Then he held the big strawberry against Vanessa’s quivering asshole and started pushing. The trucker was so heated up that he didn’t pay any attention to the reaction of the kneeling whore. Instead, he mercilessly pushed and shoved. The strawberry was just as big and ripe as the first one so it still didn’t slide in easily.

Queeny Ho was commenting the process of getting the strawberry roughly shoved up her ass with her groans. At least, her sphincter was slowly giving way finally swallowing the fruit. Still, the strawberry stretched her anal muscle into new, unknown dimensions.

“Ooooooaaaaaahhh!” her moan slowly pitched higher with the strain of getting the fruit pressed inside and her rosette widening.

“Oooooouuuuuuhhh!” her groan turned into a sound of relief when the strawberry slipped inside and her anal ring closed back up.

“Owww!” was the yelp following the harsh, affirmative slap the bearded trucker gave Vanessa’s blistered, red ass cheeks as a goodbye.

Vanessa repeated this process 4 more times, giving each guy a short lap dance then kneeling down next to him and enticing him to push the strawberry up her ass.

While filling the redhead’s bowels with strawberries, the guys weren’t too gentle with the depraved slut. All along, the crowd laughed at the stupid whore getting her ass stretched beyond any limit and added dirty comments to the filthy action.

“Yeah, tear the stupid ho a new one!”

“C’mon, stick the fruits where the sun don’t shine! Push’em up her spine until they pop back out of her foul mouth!”

“Wow, what a flexible asshole!”

“Hehehe, that’s no flexible asshole, that’s a properly worn-out cockhole!”

“Looks like a well broken-in anal whore! You can park a freight train up that ass!”

The last guy in line surprised the mob with a new degrading idea. He held the strawberry against Vanessa’s asshole ordering her to swallow it. When she reacted by pushing her hips back, he suddenly took the fruit away and the ginger whore humped the air.

As the mob spurred him on, he continued his teasing. The crowd loved the humiliating display of the slut desperately bucking the air, futilely trying to fetch the fruit and groaning in despair.

He didn’t stop his teasing game until Queeny Ho rubbed her big, juicy tits on his leg while panting like a dim-witted, devoted dog and begging for relief demonstrating her obedience. Vanessa felt more humiliated than ever before in the club. She was acting like the lowest pet of the strip joint. And she was doing it on her own accord!

Still, that degrading behaviour earned her the final strawberry. Now, all 6 fruits had disappeared down Vanessa’s ass pipe.

“Oh! Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” she commented the feeling of fullness.

Finished with his task, the final guy remarked sarcastically.

“Feeling like a stuffed turkey, whore?”

Adding two more spanks to Vanessa’s fiery burning buttocks, he made her ass shake and prompted a rushed reply from Queeny Ho.

“Yes sir. Thank you gentlemen for feeding the whore properly!”

He was right. Vanessa felt as stuffed as never before in her life. Her rectum was literally overstuffed. Her bowels were painfully widened. The pressure caused her bowels to churn and made her moan steadily. Still, the strawberries also tremendously pressed on her sensitive sex nerves powerfully arousing her.

The head of the final strawberry was still peeking out of her anal ring and the pressure caused her sphincter to spasm around the fruit in rhythm. The mob watched in awe how the ravishing hot ginger whore was writhing and struggling around with her asshole squeezing the strawberry.

Vanessa embraced the feeling. The more used she felt, the more debauched she acted, the closer she got to meeting the challenge. And the thought of being the nastiest slut the customers had ever witnessed turned her on immensely. Her lewd performance had already given her the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

“Now, shit those fruits out and get yourself a good snack!” the guy ordered.

Before he could slap her angry red ass another time, Vanessa hastily started pushing. At once, the mob could see her strained anal ring starting to twitch. They could see the first strawberry slowly inching forward.

Vanessa had to strain herself immensely. She was struggling with the task. She had to take a deep breath and push with all her might. Once again, she was panting heavily.

Even when the strawberry was half way out, her sphincter was still hugging it with all its might. With one powerful thrust, her butthole finally opened up enough and the fruit shot out.

But it was only the first strawberry! There were 5 more to go!

Queeny Ho had to continue pushing as powerful as she could. The fruits were deeply planted up her rectum and her rosette didn’t let them go easily. With all the squeezing and pressing, the strawberries were tightly getting squeezed by her ass chute and red juice started leaking out of Vanessa’s gaping asshole.

It was an extremely vulgar and obscene sight. Vanessa’s raw, abused anal ring twitched and gaped while a red strawberry filled out the wide open o-ring and red juice oozed out running all over her wet pussy.

“Look at that!” some guy in the crowd remarked. “The fucktoy is a great fruit juicer, too.”

Vanessa had to take a break to catch a breath after each strawberry had popped out of her sore shitter. And after each fruit, her asshole looked more battered and swollen – a sight that only stoked up the crowd even more.

The final strawberry was the hardest as it had been pushed deep down her bowels. Eventually, the constant pushing and the steady pressure took its toll. Accidentally, Vanessa lost control of her bladder. Before the strawberry even showed its head at the exit of her wide open o-ring, a yellow piss stream sprayed out of her urethra. The hot yellow spurt explosively sloshed out of her. The piss stream was so strong it made a splattering sound when hitting the ground. Vanessa almost cried from shame when she uncontrollably pissed onto the stage for everyone to see.

Finally, the last strawberry popped out leaving all 6 fruits scattered in a puddle of red fruit juice and rancid piss. Immediately, the bandana-wearing biker jumped off his bar stool and grabbed Vanessa’s hair using it as the hair-handle. He made her crawl over to the puddle.

The fruits didn’t look too delicious. Most of them were squashed from her tight anal muscles and were swimming in a stinking mixture of piss and juice. Immediately, Vanessa’s face mirrored the disgusting sight. Her hair stood on end but she didn’t dare resisting the intimidating biker.

Reaching the revolting puddle, he dipped the redhead’s face straight into the gross mass. He rubbed Queeny Ho’s cheeks through the vile broth making her retch from the yucky smell. Then he ordered her to eat the strawberries off the filthy stage.

The crowd looked in disbelief as Vanessa once again behaved like the dim-wittedly devoted and obedient club pet. She picked each strawberry up with her teeth trying to avoid getting in touch with the vile piss and juice mix any further. Still, the fruits were drenched with her piss and had taken on the full anal flavour from her ass. It was a disgusting, yucky mixture that made the ginger whore grimace in disgust. Still, Vanessa gobbled down all 6 fruits entertaining the crowd with some funny faces. However, the biker wasn’t satisfied yet.

“C’mon fuckslut, be a good whore and drink your fresh ass smoothie!”

Despite Queeny Ho’s pleading glances, he mercilessly pushed her face back into the vile broth. Vanessa’s entire body shuddered when her lips touched the yucky muck and her legs desperately kicked out in despair. But she continued behaving like the obedient club pet. Providing greatest amusement to the crowd, she lapped up the whole stinking puddle accompanied by pitiful gagging sounds.

Vanessa couldn’t tell what was more degrading – getting used as a urinal by her nemesis Maria or having to lick up her own piss in front of an amused crowd. Anyways, the mixture of fruit juice, rancid piss, anal flavour and filth off the stage was the worst taste she had ever experienced.

When she was finally finished with her task, she looked up at the biker. He had a fat grin plastered onto his face.

“Bad taste?” he asked with a sarcastic tone.

When Vanessa weakly nodded in response he exclaimed.

“Let’s help you with that!”

With that said, he opened his pants and pulled out his erect cock. A second later, the other 5 guys had jumped off their bar stools and formed a circle around Queeny Ho. After Vanessa’s sizzling hot performance, they were close to cumming. One dick after the other exploded and the ginger whore was caught in a crossfire of cum. Their gooey cream completely glazed her face like a donut and splattered long strands of white sperm over her heavy juggs.

While the 6 guys stepped off the stage, the music continued and Vanessa scraped the drying cum off her face and tits. She made a show of swallowing every last drop with a smiling face. Any taste was better than the disgusting, gross flavour of the piss and fruit mix.

Slowly, her performance was taking a toll on Vanessa and she was feeling exhaustion spreading through her body. But her show wasn’t completed yet. She knew she only had a chance against Maria if she topped her show. Maria had only sucked off the two customers so Vanessa had to offer more than that.

As the men had loved watching the slut willingly abuse her asshole for their pleasure, she was convinced that they would love the final part of her performance even more.

She crawled back to the end of the stage and produced a new object from behind the curtain. Making her way back to the front, she showed the item off to the crowd. It was an inflatable plug.

One more time, she got up onto her feet and started dancing sexily to the music. She seductively sucked on the plug. When it was nice and wet, she turned around, bent forward and pushed the plug into her glistening, swollen pussy.

“Hmmm!” she purred when her pussy received some well deserved attention.

In a display of submissiveness, Vanessa got down onto her hands and knees. She grabbed the pump hanging off the plug, led the tube up to her face and put the pump into her mouth.

She started biting down onto the pump slowly blowing up the bulb in her pussy. She looked like a dog fetching a bone when she started blowing up the round plug. Slowly, the display of herself as a dim-wittedly devoted, obedient club pet was becoming the main theme of her show. And each time, it sent a chilling shudder of embarrassment down her spine.

The degrading display caused a new stir among the mob. Under their demeaning hollers, Vanessa crawled to the end of the stage, gathered up a few coins and crawled back to the front.

Usually, the coins were used as bottle deposits. Now, Vanessa threw the 4 chips into the crowd in order to determine the participants of the final part of her performance.

The 4 guys that caught the coins got waved up onto the stage by Vanessa. As soon as they arrived on the platform, she crawled from one to the other letting the pump drop from her mouth into their hands. Then she waited for them to pump up the pussy plug some more. The extreme subservience of the red-headed slut drove the man in the crowd wild.

Of course, the 4 participants made good use of the pump vigorously blowing up the pussy plug. Before Vanessa arrived at the final guy, the ballooned bulb already started to show.

As the bulb had a round shape, it didn’t slip out of her pussy though. It was pumped up way too much by now. Instead, it started expanding her crotch area. With every pump, her puffy cunt lips opened up a little bit further like a curtain getting shoved aside. With every pump, the hugely inflated black plug showed a little bit more. And with every pump, Vanessa had to spread her legs further apart while crawling over the stage.

After the final guy had finished blowing up the pussy plug to his taste, Vanessa was constantly moaning and squirming from the pressure. She couldn’t even close her legs anymore. It was a ridiculous sight of the ‘Red Rose Whore’ shakily crawling around with her legs spread so wide her fat fucktits almost touched the dirty ground.

Vanessa had felt stuffed beyond belief before with the fruits up her ass chute. But now, her vagina was stuffed even more. It felt like 2 or even 3 fists had been shoved up her cunt.

With difficulty, Queeny Ho crawled to one of the bar stools. She sat down on it in the most seductive way placing her feet on the foot rest and letting her curvy ass and expanded crotch hang off the end of the stool. This way, her fuckholes were perfectly positioned for a hard ramming.

She had to gulp down before announcing her plan. She knew that it wouldn’t be a walk in the park – not after the fruit stuffing she had endured before.

But her will to win the slut battle made her game for extreme measures. The chance to prove that she was the nastiest slut around had turned into a turn-on. The more she degraded herself in front of random strangers and the more she let them use her as nothing more than a fucktoy, the more the fire burning between her loins got fuelled.

So she addressed the 4 participants telling them in between moans.

“Please gentlemen, fuck that plug out of the whore’s cunt. Nail her ass until the plug pops out.”

In order to stir them on even more, she added.

“The winner gets to use the fuckwhore for the rest of the night for free!”

This caused admiring whistles among the crowd. And the 4 participants couldn’t pounce at her fast enough. The fastest guy was one of the regulars. He had positioned himself with his pants around his feet and his erect dick in his hand as soon as she had finished her announcement.

The inflated plug closed her ass pipe up tightly. But the fruit stuffing had ripped Vanessa’s asshole enough to keep her red o-ring slightly gaping open. So the participant was greeted by a raw, creased rosette invitingly winking at him.

The guy didn’t dwell on the obscene sight for too long though. Instead, he hammered his straining cock straight through her anal ring and went balls deep in one go. With Vanessa positioned on the bar stool, he was able to ram her ass from atop. This way, his cock pressed against the blown-up pussy plug in a good angle to push the bulb out. Instantly, Vanessa’s tightly constricted ass pipe was torn open making her scream and grunt.

“Ouuuhhh!… Ah! Ah! Ah! Ouuuhhh!…”

After watching Maria’s vulgar pole dance and Vanessa’s perverse anal show, he was too aroused though. He was only able to ream her ass for a few minutes before his balls boiled over. With a loud grunt his cock erupted and his white gooey sperm coated the insides of Vanessa’s bowels.

Vanessa looked at him almost disappointedly. But the next cock was up her butt as soon as the guy had stepped away. The dick belonged to one of the college blokes. He was in his twenties and proved to have a lot more stamina using the ‘bar stool ass ram position’ to its fullest effect.

With each hand, he grabbed one of Vanessa’s upper arms and pulled them back using them like reins. This way, the ginger whore had to arch her back like a bow causing her full ripe melons to stick out even further from her chest.

The young bloke laid his full body weight into each thrust jackhammering her ass like there was no tomorrow. His powerful thrusts made the redhead’s fucktits bounce wildly and jiggle up and down. Her vocal reactions commented each stroke with a loud scream in rhythm with the rapid speed of his fucking.

The bloke’s cock pushed the blown-up plug mercilessly against Vanessa’s inner cunt lips. It put an incredible strain on her poor pussy but it gave her twat a completely new feeling. With each thrust drilled down Vanessa’s ass pipe, the crowd saw the whore’s cunthole opening and closing. Her fuckhole steadily stretched and contracted against the insistent plug.

With each stroke in and out of Queeny Ho’s twitching anal orifice, the young bloke’s dick pushed against the soft inner tissue that separated her pussy and ass. Thereby, the membrane was firmly pressed against the pussy plug. The sensitive tissue was mercilessly grinded like grain in a mill.

It was an incredible combination of sensations surging through Vanessa’s body. The grinding of the soft tissue, the merciless stretching of her constricted ass chute and the strain from the pussy plug were driving her nuts. It was an extreme mixture of pleasure and pain. A mixture her body had been conditioned to react to with the most ecstatic orgasms Vanessa could achieve. A mixture the redhead loved by now.

The ecstatic feelings were overwhelming her reducing her to a steadily moaning doll. If the young bloke hadn’t held her arms, she would have slipped off the bar stool.

Monday morning proved uneventful as far as Jennings was concerned. All the tigers had behaved better than expected, and the training session had gone almost perfectly. In addition, two executives from the movie studio had ‘happened’ by and were suitably impressed with his work.

Jennings was thinking about taking the afternoon off and either lounging around the pool at his apartment complex, or giving Sheila, an actress he knew quite well, a call.

But before he could leave, the receptionist at the training center paged him to the front office. Wiping his face with a towel, Jennings wandered into the front office and was told there was a woman that just had to see him.

He walked into the visitor’s waiting room and saw an attractive woman around his own age that seemed strangely familiar. She had shoulder-length blond hair, obviously dyed, but well done; blue eyes, and generous breasts. She was curvy, but by no means fat.

“Mr. Jennings?” she said with a knowing smile.

“Yes, That would be me. And what can I do for you… Mrs.?”

“Lee Aguire,” she said with a slight Spanish accent.

Jennings realized why there had been something familiar about her. She was Aggie’s mother. He prepared himself for an ugly scene and began thinking of how to get her out of the office before she could get started on him.

“I was just leaving for lunch. Would you care to join me?”

“I’ve eaten already, Mr. Jennings.

“Well, walk me to my car; we’ll talk on the way. I’ve got a tight schedule today. I hope you understand, but animals are temperamental and….”

“That would be fine, Mr. Jennings.

He held the door open for her and followed her outside.

“I’m parked over there. Are you sure you don’t mind walking with me?’

“Not at all. It’s good exercise.”

“What can I do for you, Mrs. Aguire?”

For the first time, the woman appeared uncertain about how to proceed. It occurred to Jennings that this wasn’t the way a woman about to read him the riot act was likely to be.

For that matter, Aggie was at least twenty, not jail-bait, so what could she threaten me with?

“I… I… I know about you and Aggie,” she began, as they reached his car.

“Her name’s DeMarco, not Aguire,” he said automatically, knowing the answer before Aggie’s mother provided it.

“I had her with my first husband,” she said quickly, but….”

“She’s at least twenty years old. She can do whatever and with whomever she wants. You must know that.”

“I… I saw the two of you. The things you made her do….”

“So, why didn’t you interrupt us?”

Mrs. Aguire hesitated, she hadn’t expected this. “I came in through the garage and heard you in her bedroom. I stood outside the door while you were…” she dropped her gaze and lowered her voice to a whisper, “… fucking her.”

“Why didn’t you barge in on us?”

“I was so surprised; I didn’t know how to react.”

“Look, Mrs. Aguire,” I said, hoping to get rid of her without her causing a scene, “if it makes you feel any better, you should know that I have no intention of ever sleeping with or even talking to your daughter again. She’s a very provocative young woman, and knows exactly what buttons to push to make me lose control.”

“It seemed to me that you were very much in control, Mr. Jennings, you… you treated her like one of your wild animals.”

“What can I say, Mrs. Aguire? I won’t be seeing her again. At least it’s highly unlikely.”

He was hoping she would leave it at that and leave him alone. But it wasn’t going to turn out that way.

“It turned me on,” she whispered.


“It turned me on,” she repeated, “I kept imagining myself in her place. And if you’re not seeing her anymore, I was wondering….”

“Not a chance.”

“While you were making her do those awful things I was masturbating and made myself cum harder than I ever have in my life. God, it turned me on, Mr. Jennings. Now I want to take Aggie’s place as your slut.”

Jennings couldn’t believe it. The more he tried to resist this type woman, the more they found him.

“Are you married, Mr. Jennings?”


“Of course… I knew you’d say that. You think you need to protect your marriage. I understand completely. So I guess you’d hate it if your wife found out about you and Aggie.”

He smiled at her. It was the coldest smile she had ever seen. A chill ran down her spine, but she pushed on. “I’d hate that too, Mr. Jennings. I really, truly would.”

“How would you feel if Aggie learned that you wanted to take her place in my bed?” Jennings shot back.

“She’s a shit anyway. I could care less.”

“I’m hungry, care to join me for lunch?” he said, changing tactics.

Mrs. Aguire was up to it and quickly accepted. “I have a motel room at the La Quinta. Care to eat near it?”

“Why not, and what shall I call you besides Mrs. Aguire?”

“Lee is my first name.”

“And slut is your middle name, I take it?”

She laughed, pleased at his response. “Whatever you say, Mr. Tiger man.”

They had a quick lunch and he caught her off balance when he declined to enter the motel with her.

“But why? It’s right here.”

“My place, or nothing,” he said authoritatively.

“All right,” she meekly replied.

Fifteen minutes later she parked alongside his car and followed him into his downtown LA loft.


Once inside he began to take off his belt.

“Lean over that table,” he said, indicating the oval oak table in what passed for his kitchen.

Knowing what was in store for her, Lee was quick to obey and moments later she felt the first lash of his belt across the back of her thighs.

“Yes, punish me! Make me your whore! Make me your slut whore!”

“I knew you’d say that,” Jennings said, smiling; and then hit her seven successive times with the belt. Lee’s back and buttocks were soon covered with a series of raised red ridges; yet she had not made a sound.

Tossing the belt aside, Jennings swatted her ass three times and drew blood from the previous welts.

“You seem to have a penchant for rough treatment, Mrs. Aguire.”

“Are you finished?” she asked; she would have given a fortune for a sip of water, but refused to ask for it.

He tossed a towel at her. “Dab the blood away. We may do it again in a while.”

He left her alone for several minutes then returned with a cold bottle of water.

“Drink this; I don’t want you getting dehydrated.”

Accepting the water,” Lee said “Thank you,” in a soft voice.

“So, you want to replace your daughter as my slut?”

“Well, I thought we might share in….”

“That respect,” he said finishing her sentence for her.


“You really want me to degrade you, Mrs. Aguire?”

“Um, you could put it that way,” she murmured.

“And you’ll do anything I want?” Jennings asked.

Lee nodded, her eyes locked on his with lustful determination.

“Alright then. Follow me,” Jennings spun on his heel and led her to the bathroom shower, pushed her in and with Mrs. Aguire fully dressed, he pissed all over her.

She half-sat, half-crouched in the shower stall as rivulets of his urine dripped down her arms and legs.

“I always leave my scent on my women, now clean yourself as best you can,” he told her and left the room, made himself a ham sandwich, which he ate, and washed it down with a cold beer.

Mrs. Aguire stripped the wet clothing from her body and showered, and then attempted to wash the clothing but was compelled to discard her top as it had been torn when Jennings had almost violently ushered her into the shower stall. Still as she left the bathroom an expression of pure lust appeared across her face and her eyes blazed with carnal desire.

“Oh, there you are,” he said on seeing her enter the room. “Get over here and lean over this chair.”

Mrs. Aguire quickly positioned herself over the back of the low chair. The white, fleshy half moons of her ass cheeks stared into Jenning’s face as he examined them for signs of serious damage from the previous whipping. The welts remained as he knew they would, but he saw room for additional punishment. He also saw her eyes glittering in expectation, and when her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips he knew she might just become an apt student; in fact he suspected that she had more than a little prior experience as a Submissive.

His discerning eye caught the quickening rise and fall of her well-shaped, but not overly large breasts as she fought to control her breathing. “Are you ready for your discipline to continue, Mrs. Aguire?”

“Yes,” she hissed in reply.


“Yes, Master… I… I’m so sorry!”

“You’re sorry all right,” he told her coldly and raised the crop he held in his right hand.

“Now open your thighs so I can get in between them if I want,” he said.

Mrs. Aguire tried to relax as she parted her thighs. A trickle of her nectar slid from her cunt and ran down the inside of her thigh. Jennings paused to study the red sexual maw of her slightly opened vagina, and then reversed his grip on the crop and prodded the butt end into her cunt.

Mrs. Aguire flinched, instinctively tightening the cheeks of her ass in an attempt to prevent the crop from entering her love hole, gripping the butt, preventing it from entering her. Jennings, not perturbed at all, jerked the crop and feigned anger. “Relax, Mrs. Aguire, it’s going in one way or the other.”

“I… I know, master, I know.”

“Who was your previous Dom, Mrs. Aguire?”

“What? I… I don’t….”

The crack of the crop against her ass filled the room.

She moaned, for he had fully intended to inflict a higher degree of pain than was customary under these circumstances.

“I asked you a question,” he said, his voice ominous with a threat of what might follow if she didn’t reply.

“His name was Arnold Hamm. He’s… dead. He was killed in a car accident in El Paso four months ago.”

“Too bad,” Jennings said his tone considerably milder. “I met Arnold once, didn’t like him, but that means nothing.”

He placed the butt of the crop back at her vaginal opening and forced it in about three inches.

“How’s that, cunt?”

Lee took a moment to catch her breath, and then said, “It’s good, Master.”

He began moving it in and out, and she watched half-paralyzed with fear that he would drive it to deep and damage her cervix. Her eyes widened as she saw the wet tissue of her vaginal lips clutch at the crop, oozing out when he pulled it outward and tunneling in when he reinserted it.

“You’ve got a big, wet cunt, Mrs. Aguire,” Jennings said with a half-laugh. “Enjoy what I’m doing to you?”

“Yes, master,” she husked.

He withdrew the crop and raised his arm high before bringing the crop down hard on the back of her thighs.

The sound of the slap echoed around the room. It was immediately followed by Lee’s shriek of pain. Two red lines appeared on the taut thighs. He watched them turn white, then red again and Lee began to rock herself back and forth awaiting the next blow.

It came and with it came a gush of blood from the cuts laid out along her milky white thighs.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, her voice barely audible.

Another blow ensued, and Lee flinched at the pain and an involuntary stream of urine flowed from her vulva forming a small pool on the floor between her toes.

“Can’t hold your water, Mrs. Aguire?”

“I… I’m so sorry… Master… I….”

“Lick it up. Lick up every drop of that piss, and be quick about it.”

Dropping to her hands and knees Lee began licking the floor, trying to suck up her urine where possible and licking the floor until she felt he would realize she had gotten it all, leaving only her own saliva in its place.

Jennings looked on, nodding to himself as she continued lapping at the urine, and then tiring of her presence, said coldly, “Get out, Mrs. Aguire. I’m through with you.”

She got to her feet and slowly dressed, and then holding her left thigh, limped out, got into her car and drove home, crying all the way.

***** The reason Jennings had thrown Mrs. Aguire out was two-fold: first, she had almost, but not quite forced herself on him. And second, he had an appointment with Sheila Tourant, an actress he’d been banging every so often; very good in bed and talented in her sexual proclivities; very talented in that category, so that she was in demand for more than bit parts in the occasional movie.

Underneath her coat Sheila wore the dress Jennings had bought her, its worn silk straps and frayed hem. She had been careful with it as she dressed, but now she asked that he rip it off her. He took hold of the neck and tore it down, and the material melted apart, loose threads hung from his large hands until he shook them off.

Sheila’s skin erupted in goose bumps, and she watched as the material swirled down her stomach, across her pelvis, to her legs; her gaze settling at the puddle of torn silk at her feet.

“You up for anything I want?” His fingers were tickling at the base of her spine. Sheila nodded solemnly, her face still turned to the ground. He pushed his thumb rudely into her mouth. “On your knees, pay homage to my cock!”

Sheila dropped to her hands and knees and crawled obediently to his feet and casually reached up and began undoing his fly. He watched impassively as she extracted his erection and kissed it twice before absorbing the spongy head into her mouth.

“Let’s take it into the bedroom,” he said and when they were within reach of the bed, “Put your hands behind your back,” and as she complied, he let his pants fall to his ankles and kicked them aside.

With her hands interlocked behind her, Sheila stared up at him with an innocent, child-like expression. Jennings was never sure if her expressions were real or if she was acting. Over time he found he really didn’t care.

He took a step toward her and Sheila’s mouth opened and his engorged cock pressed down on her tongue.

“Now suck.”

With a hungry moan, she sealed her mouth around him then began a gentle sucking on the spongy head of his erection.

“Open your eyes, you fucking whore,” Jennings said rebuking her. “I want you looking at me while you suck my cock.”

Her eyes immediately popped back open and she moaned around his shaft then made a ‘glucking’ sound as she took him deep. He held her head in place and gave her a couple quick strokes before pulling his saliva coated cock from between her lips. With his hand still on Sheila’s head, Jennings took a handful of hair and pulled. “You’re a fucking cunt. You’re nothing but a fucking cunt!” he spat into her face.

“Yes, yes I am,” Sheila freely admitted.

He released her hair, and forced two fingers into her mouth.

“Suck on them!”

The tears ran down her cheeks as she obligingly sucked on them.

Jennings looked down at her body; saw a series of bruises and hazy shades of purple, blue, red and yellow. Did I do that? Or is she seeing someone else between visits? He wondered then rejected the thought. The marks are at least a week old. I must have done it on her last visit.

Pulling his finger from her mouth, he snarled into her face, “Tongue!”

Sheila immediately thrust her pierced tongue out for him. Jennings, holding his erection in his right hand, began a methodical slapping of her tongue then her face with his member.

Tiring of this game, he slapped her across the breasts (they had an understanding that he would never damage her face as she made her living as an actress). “Suck my dick!”

“Yes, master,” she gasped as his fleshy pole slipped into her mouth, and then resumed her fellating with renewed vigor; ensuring that her tongue stud made contact with the underside of his cockhead with each thrust.

Several minutes passed before she removed him from her mouth to ask, “Master… can I lick your ass?”

“Now why would I let a dirty little cunt like you lick my ass?”

“Please,” she insisted with increasing desperation. “Please let my stick my slutty little tongue in your asshole.”

Satisfied with her crudely worded answer, Jennings turned around and obliged her obscene request by pulling her face into his rectum. He heard her gasp the word ‘Yes’ just before her voice became muffled and her little pink tongue shot out to stab at the entrance to his ass. He couldn’t help but wiggle his hips, as she maneuvered her face between the cheeks, grinding his asshole into her hungry mouth.

“Mmmm,” he sighed pleasurably. “Good little whore.”

He allowed her to rim him and even to delve her talented tongue into his asshole for several minutes then, unable to take much more of her pleasurable mouth, he moved away and asked, “Where should I fuck you?”

“You can fuck me anywhere you want, master” she replied, relinquishing all control.

“Are you still engaged to that fucking fag actor?”

“Yes, master, but he’s not really a fag.”

“He’s a fag if I say he is.”

“Yes, Master… he is if you say it is so.”

A sadistic look crossed Jennings face. “We’ll use the bed,” and then he hissed in her ear, “And the next time you’re lying in bed with your fag lover you can think about all the dirty, slutty things you’ve done with and for me.”

Sheila’s eyes closed. A sexy smile formed on her face as she replied, “That’s so fucking hot, Master, I’m ready to cum right now.”

He swatted her on the ass and told her to get on the bed.

Joining her on the bed, Jennings took hold of Sheila’s hair with one hand and with the other twisted her arm behind her back and forced her to her knees.

“Stay right there,” he said as he let go of both her hair and arm to look under the bed for a pair of handcuffs. Pulling a box from under the bed, he flipped it open and smiled at the varied assortment of “toys” it contained. Rifling through the dildos and condoms, he located the metal handcuffs and pulled them out, pushing the box aside.

“Ever use these with your fag friend?” he asked, dangling the metal cuffs beside her face.

“No,” she answered, trying to withhold her eagerness at being bound as Jennings placed the first shackle around her wrist.

He knew she was telling the truth. Sheila’s fiancé was notoriously ‘vanilla’ when it came to sex. It was the main reason she looked forward to their encounters. To Jennings they appeared to be a very odd couple since she was by far the kinkiest girl he had met in a long time.

Sheila emitted a subtle moan then winced as he tightened the cold metal cuffs around her wrists, firmly securing her arms behind her back.

“Mmmm,” now you’re all mine,” he whispered and reached down between her legs to press his fingers against the silky material of her panties, feeling the dampness of her pussy through the thin fabric.

“Ohhh,” he exclaimed, nuzzling his wiggling fingers up into her dripping hole. “What made you so wet?”

“I’ve been wet all night,” she peeped, squirming from his touch. “I’ve been waiting for this since you agreed to see me.”

“Waiting for what?” Jennings asked, knowing what her answer would be even as he pulled her panties down over her round, naked ass.

Master, I’ve been waiting for you… to use me; to spank me; waiting for you to make me make me your slut.”

Jennings smiled. Sheila always knew what he wanted to hear.

He tore her panties down around her knees, waited for her predictable moan, and then grasped his cock and aimed it towards her glistening cunt.

“You want my dick inside you don’t you?” he asked, as its tip teased her delicate vaginal folds.


“Beg for it, cunt,” he growled and wiggled it against her wanton opening.

“Master, please stick your cock in my cunt,” she gasped.

Sheila was only one of the only girls he knew that liked to use the word “cunt”.

“First tell me how you came to like being spanked.”

“Master… can’t you just….”

“Tell me or I’ll kick your skuzzy ass out the door!”

“Yes sir!” Sheila responded fearfully. She was wild eyed at the prospect of being denied the orgasm she so desperately sought. “It was in high school.”

Martin left the dining room on with his husband and was taken back to see Leanne. Once again Martin found it most difficult to keep up wearing such high heels, occasionally having to run a couple of steps to keep pace. He couldn’t get out of his head what his mother-in-law had said. Was she serious? She seemed very angry with him, blaming him for this entire situation and trying to make him pay a price for his conquering of her son’s affections. An unintended cost to him, at least in her mind. Martin was glad to get out of there.

“My mother loved you. She is so happy to have you in the family,” the Baron said as they walked. Martin looked at him through the Bliss Mask. “This guy is crazy. Didn’t he see the same thing he had just witnessed?” he thought as his calves began to ache again from the running on his toes in his high heels to keep up.

“I must go for now. Enjoy your afternoon my sweet? You are so beautiful today my bride. I will count the minutes till we are together again tonight my love,” the Baron said kissing Martin on the cheek of the mask as he caressed Martin’s butt with his other hand. The white sequined dress Martin wore was so tight that little was left to the imagination. From his padded bustline that pushed out from his chest in cones that demanded attention, to the skirt that was so short it didn’t even cover his stocking tops and garters. Martin felt like a such a fool, but his husband loved it, and found it hard to resist his own desires. Martin squirmed and twisted in the Baron’s embrace as Leanne had just come out to take charge of Martin. She smiled as she approached them.

“I love you my sweet,” the Baron said softly as he released Martin.

“Mmmmffff,” Martin grunted holding his arms extended to the Baron. He hated any terms of endearment from this man. As he backed away only to have Leanne take his arm.

“How was your time with the parents Mrs. Vargos?” she asked taking his arm and escorting him back in the room.

“Mmmmm…….” he moaned and followed her in. Anything to get away from that pervert they called his husband.

“Well, let’s get your mask off and then remove that tape. That sound good?” she said offering the styling chair for him to sit down in. As Martin sat down in the chair, Leanne once again secured him in the chair using all the straps before she continued. She pinned his hair out of the way so she could get to the straps of the mask and unbuckle them. As she worked she talked to him trying to feel out his emotional state.

“I hope your visit with the Baron’s parents was a pleasant one,” she said hunting another strap on the back of his head.

“MMMMM!!” Martin snorted, jerking his head away from her and staring at her in the mirror.

“It’s alright Mrs. Vargos. Let me get this mask off you and then you can talk.” It was as Leanne had thought. She knew when she had been instructed to tape his mouth closed it was going to be a touchy situation in that room. Martin did not resist as his head was turned back and Leanne continued her removal of the Bliss Mask. When the final strap was released, Leanne took the mask and slowly moved it away from Martin’s face. Martin’s eyes were red and teary. He was also a little red faced and the tape was still wrapped tightly around his mouth.

“There……Isn’t that much better,” Leanne said looking at him in the mirror with a smile.

“MMMM….” Martin glared back.

“OK, OK.” she laughed, “Let’s get that tape off now.”

Leanne’s laughter only angered Martin more. This was not funny. Being dressed and undressed by a woman was humiliating enough. Being dressed as a woman for the pleasures of the man that was his husband was just too degrading.

Holding Martin’s head firmly with one hand, Leanne pulled the tape off a strand at a time. When the last strand was pulled Martin reacted.

“OUCH!” In frustration, he jerked at the chair restraints as the last piece of tape was pulled off.

“There now, much better,” Leanne said as she turned to get a few things.

“Leanne this has got to stop. You can’t do this to me anymore.” He sounded almost exhausted. She turned and looked at him as he spoke.

“Yes I can,” she said looking at him as if to say “Who do you think is in charge here?”

“His mother is a crazy bitch,” he shook his head. “She thinks I seduced her son into this marriage for his money or to manipulate her for money in some kind of conspiracy with her son. I don’t know. She is irate.” He looked up at Leanne, “I’m the victim here damn it.” Martin looked around gathering his thoughts for a moment, “She kept calling me a slut and said I was dressed like a whore, like I was trying to impress her or something.”

“Oh my!” Leanne responded surprised, “She didn’t like your appearance?” Leanne seemed genuinely concerned now. “Did she say anything about me?”

“NO!!! She didn’t say anything about you,” Martin said in a mocking tone. What nerve Leanne had. Worried that her little “dress the guy up like a girl” game might have been criticized, not hearing a word of the real dilemma.

“Thank heavens.” Leanne said in obvious relief. “I think you look very sexy and cute in those white stockings. I know your husband was….” Martin interrupted her.

“She is threatening to cut my dick off Leanne!” he yelled to get her attention. She’s insisting I have sex change,” he spat out. “Said she is going to pay to have it done herself, like it is to be some kind of punishment for me.” Martin yelled at her again. “She said she can only allow REAL women in this family.” He looked at Leanne, his hair all a mess from the mask being removed. “That’s fine with me I’ll leave right now. I don’t want to be in this sick family in the first place.”

“Oh Mrs. Vargos. That’s great news! Right?” Leanne said with a smile.

“What???” he lashed out No” it’s not. I didn’t ask for this crap Leanne. Get me out of here before these crazies get their hands on me.”

“Now Mrs. Vargos, you told me last night, before you went into the bedroom to join your husband that you wanted to be a woman. Have a sex change even. Remember? You wanted to have breast and a pussy like areal woman.” She studied him as she recalled the conversation. “This would be good news for you then. Right?” she said considering things. “She pays for your sex change and then you can get the annulment you want from the Baron, and she will even help you get there. What’s wrong with that? Sounds like a good deal for you,” she smiled.

Martin was so frustrated and horrified at the same time. He knew Missy’s plan wouldn’t work. Now it was only adding to his problem. Both women were pushing the sex change angle, both with the intent of getting him out of this marriage. “But it’s not suppose to go this way,” he thought. Martin stared at his feet. The high heels he was wearing with all the rings on his toes, each one of his toenails painted a bright red. “I’ve got to get the hell out of here,” he thought as he sat waiting on Leanne. An escape was the only solution now.

“Mrs. Vargos, would you like to spend your free time today walking in the garden……..alone?” Leanne asked. “I can arrange that if you wish. I do have a lot of prep work to do today before your last night of your consummation.”

“Yes. I would like that,” Martin said politely but with no emotion. “Do I get to have a large pole stuck up my ass again?” he remarked with attitude recalling the day before when he stood on the veranda. “You know how much I enjoyed that.”

“Your language Mrs. Vargos. We will need to work on your social graces for sure,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “but to answer your question, no not today ma’am.

Leanne patted him on the shoulder and gave him a smile as she held up the red satin drawstring bag. “We need to put this over your head for now Mrs. Vargos, so Lisa can enter the room and assist in dressing you today.” Martin looked away and gave a slight disapproving shake of his head, but kept his chin high so Leanne could easily slip the bag over and pull the strings closed around his neck. He felt Leanne tying the drawstring then undoing the straps on the chair. All the straps accept his wrist were removed. Then Leanne softly said, “There. Can’t have anyone looking at that pretty face while you are consummating your marriage with your husband. I’m going to bring Lisa in now,” she said as she cupped his cheeks in her palms gently.

Martin heard the sound of high heels coming down the hallway. They got louder as Lisa entered the room. Lisa walked in and very enthusiastically and said, “There she is.”

“We’re ready to get him dressed for a little quiet time in the garden Lisa,” Leanne said. “He wants to walk alone today. I think that would be good for him..”

“That’s great Leanne!” Lisa said excited. “That means he’ll be wearing the collar then I assume?”

“Oh yes. He has to wear the collar,” Leanne said in a more serious tone now.

“What the hell is the collar and why do I have to wear it.?” the voice from the hooded head said.

“The collar is designed so you can be alone but keeps you from wondering off.” Lisa said with a giggle.

“Like some kind of dog collar?” his voiced sounded dumbfounded. I’m not wearing a damn dog collar.” Martin hissed.

“Oh well, yes it’s similar to a dog collar, but it looks much nicer ma’am. It’s actually very pretty to look at. You will be able to roam a designated area without a problem. The collar has strobe lights that will flash and a loud piercing alarm will sound if you stray from the designated area. It is locked around your neck of course so we can find you, but that shouldn’t be a problem should it Mrs. Vargos? You’re just going for a nice refreshing walk in the garden today, right?” Lisa said daring him to say otherwise.

“I’ll walk wherever I please. It’s my estate.” Martin insisted.

“Oh did I mention the collar delivers a nice little electric jolt every 30 seconds once it’s activated? It will only stop when the batteries run down or you are found and it is manually shut off.” Lisa smiled. Though Martin couldn’t see her, he sensed it her smirk.

“Leanne,” Martin yelled, “This is absurd. I don’t need a collar. We talked. You know I’m not going to do anything like that. You promised me some free time. This is not free time.” Martin was furious at this development.

“Mrs. Vargos, I’m so sorry you’re upset. I have no choice but to put the collar on you if you wish to roam alone and not have to wear your restrictive jewelry or have an escort with you.” Leanne hesitated, “It will be alright Mrs. Vargos. I know you will do what you say, and the collar will be nothing more than a pretty decorative choker.”

Leanne undid the straps on Martin’s wrist and they stood him next to the chair. Lisa immediately went about undressing Martin.

“Please turn around Mrs. Vargos so I can unzip your dress,” Lisa said firmly. As she pulled down Martin’s sequined dress, she asked how things went with the new in-laws. She was curious after all.

“Did you enjoy your new in-laws? Did you make a good first impression ma’am? I’m sure you did.”

“Oh yeah. She loved me. She said I looked like a whore, and you know how she loves men who dress up like whores.” Martin was being sarcastic.

Lisa laughed, “Well, I guess you do look like a whore ma’am, in a way. But let me say, you look like a classy whore and not some two bit street hooker. Nothing at all wrong with looking like a whore I guess,” she said sliding Martin’s panties down to his ankles. Martin now stood naked in front of the two women. Trying to cover his penis in front of these two women, but what was the use, they did as they pleased anyway.

“Oh my Mrs. Vargos. You are going to be wearing a bikini bathing suit today for your walk.” Lisa giggled. “Going to get a little sun today,,” she said holding up the bottoms to take a good look.

“What? Martin looked about in the darkness of the hood..

“These are so cute Leanne,” she gushed. Lisa was enjoying dressing a man in women’s clothes. Especially the male brides, as she had no sympathy what so ever for their feelings on the matter. To her, they were to be nothing more than pseudo women and were to pretend they were women. She didn’t understand herself why two men would join together and do this, but she had seen it more than once. After all, his situation was not her fault, and he was going to be dressed as a woman anyway. She didn’t have a guilty conscious when it came to feminizing these men.

Lisa knelt down in front of the nude Martin so she could guide the bikini bottom up his legs. Leanne steadied Martin as he lifted his leg to step into the bikini bottom Lisa was holding for him. She slid it up his legs and once again Martin’s testicles were exposed, hanging out slightly of the edges of the bikini brief. Lisa handled Martin’s penis and placed it in the brief so it was upright, but bent as it was limp as could be, but he was so well endowed. it couldn’t adequately be covered with the bikini. The bulge from his limp penis was so obvious in the stretch bikini material.

“The Baron’s mother was not happy with our Marcia, Lisa,” Leanne said putting the bra over Martin’s arms. “She was very upset that he and the Baron had gotten married without her consent. Seems as though it would be ok if Martin didn’t have all that extra baggage between his legs,” Leanne said as they both laughed.

“She was pissed because you put her Bliss Mask on me.” Martin yelled in frustration.

“What?” Leanne sounded surprised. “I didn’t know the Baron’s mother had worn a Bliss Mask.” Leanne looked at Lisa.

“Me either. I know his sister did,” Lisa said as she turned Martin around. “I was the one that assisted her in her consummation period. I just assumed this was another mask that looked like it. She wore it so proudly when out in public too.”

“They both wore that same mask on their wedding nights, and now you are making me wear the damn thing. She was really pissed about that and told the Baron so,” Martin stressed his point by gesturing wildly with his hands in his darkness..

“Oh my,” Lisa laughed, “Well that does make it a very special moment, now that you are wearing it also, doesn’t it.”

“It’s not funny damn it. How do you think I feel being paraded around in that mask that says to everyone who see’s it I’m being fucked by her son every night, so they can all celebrate that this consummation is going just fine.” Martin was yelling now, “Give it back to her. I’m not going to let you put it on me again. I think that is what is pissing her off so much anyway.” he argued.

“You may be right ma’am,” Leanne said, “I didn’t know it was her mask. I’m sure she is upset and feels somewhat violated by you wearing such a personnel item of hers. Especially if she didn’t know about it before. I know I would be, but you are going to have to wear it in public through tomorrow Mrs. Vargos. I’m sorry ma’am, but you have absolutely no say in the matter,” Leanne said as she finished padding his bra.

Martin pushed away from her and stood blindly in the middle of the room with the hood still over his head.. His fist clenched as was his jaw, but they couldn’t see that. Leanne was getting more concerned about Martin’s sense of hopelessness and the inevitable. Leanne took him by the arm and said softly, “C’mon Mrs. Vargos, why don’t we have a seat in the chair so I can finish getting you ready for your walk.” Lisa took his other arm firmly as they eased him to the chair and turned him around to be seated.

“I’m a man Leanne. I shouldn’t be treated like this.” Martin whined and sounded tearful as he was backed to the chair by the two women and seated again and the straps added.

“I know you are Mrs. Vargos,” Leanne said as she strapped his wrist to the chair arm.

“You’re such a pretty man too. Most men don’t get the opportunity to live and dress like women. You’re so lucky,” Lisa said. She was not sympathetic to his plight at all.

“SHUT UP!!” Martin lashed out from under the hood.

As they finished strapping him in, Lisa put a pair of 6″ white, high heel sandals on his feet. Martin’s long bare legs rose out of the heels and ended in an obviously male crotched bikini bottom.

“With those sexy long legs and sexy high heels I’ll bet you will turn some heads Mrs. Vargos.” Lisa teased as she was getting ready to go. “And those bright red toenails and all those toe rings……..oh my Mrs. Vargos, you are such a fashion Jezzebel,” she gushed.

“STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!……… I don’t want to be a woman like this,” came the soft sobbing reply from inside the bag. “You’re making me a mockery of a woman. This has to stop,” Martin’s voice faded.

Lisa looked at Martin’s crotch and firmly gripped his penis through the bikini and adjusted his penis so the head stuck out just over the waist band and gave it a little wiggle and laughed, “Believe me Mrs. Vargos, you’re not a woman.”

“Ummm……….Lisa I think it’s time.” Leanne said ready to move things along.

“Oh…….right. I’ll see you in a few minutes……….pretty lady.

Lisa left the room and Leanne locked the door. After removing the hood Leanne looked through some drawers looking for the collar. A she searched Martin couldn’t help but notice the butt plugs, dildos, ball gags, condoms, lubricants and other feminizing items that were being exposed as Leanne opened and closed the drawers. He was obviously not the first man to be put through this kind of experience.

“OK…. now, where is that box,” Leanne pondered a moment, “Ah here it is!” she said at last. Leanne opened the box and took out a white patent leather collar. Leanne held it up for Martin to see. His eyes were still teary.

“No Leanne. Please don’t humiliate me any further in front of these people.” He looked at the collar as she came back to the chair. It looked like it was covered with rhinestones of many colors. The rhinestones were actually the strobe lights that would indicate where he was if he left the area. The collar was 2″ wide and had a gold buckle. Two small alarm speakers were on each side and there were several metal contacts on the inside of the collar to persuade him with a jolt if he set the thing off. There was a square box on the back for the battery unit, and the GPS. Martin shook his head as Leanne walked behind the chair. She put her had under his chin and raised his head.

“Leanne…….please don’t put that on me.” he said softly slowly shaking his head.

“That’s it Mrs. Vargos. Hold still right there.” She put the collar around Martin’s neck and buckled it tightly in place. She pushed a button to activate the collar and two small LCD’s flashed slowly indicating it was activated. “How’s that Mrs. Vargos? It’s a pretty collar isn’t it.?” she smiled patting his shoulder as she turned away.

“It’s degrading to do this to someone Leanne.” he said turning his head to see what she was up to now.

“It has to be done Mrs. Vargos. Deal with it silently please.” Lisa was tired of his whining.

The frustration was now just too much as Martin began to sob as Leanne picked up the Bliss Mask.

“Oh god no. Leanne no!” were the last words he said as the mask that told the world what was happening in his bedroom each night was again fitted to his face.

Leanne strapped the Bliss Mask over Martin’s face, then set his hair in rollers for the afternoon as the near broken man cried the whole time. Leanne had set his hair in curlers. The straps from the mask were visible between the rows of curlers this time. She left Martin strapped in the chair alone for half an hour so he could regain his composure.

Once she let him out of the chair, Martin stood wearing a white bikini, with the head of his penis protruding from the waist band, and 6″ high heel sandals. His ears were adorned with long clip on earrings and his fingernails and toenails were gorgeous in the bright red nailpolish he was forced to wear. And of course a tight set in his hair with brush rollers. Martin looked at Leanne.

Her boyfriend’s words echoed in her mind like a bottomless well. “You’re boring as fuck Candice. You never want to do anything kinky or spontaneous.” I’ll show him. I’m keeping my man. She sat on the edge of her bed and slid her black thigh-highs up her long silky legs. She attached them to the straps of her black lace garter belt. Her skimpy thong and double “D” bra matched perfectly. She put on her tan designer trench coat and shiny black heels. Checking her reflection to see that her long blonde curls and generously applied make up were perfect, she decided she was ready to walk out the door.

“Come on its cold out here. Just buzz me in.” She whined into the intercom.

“What’s the magic word?” Bill loved to give Candice a hard time before letting her into his apartment building.



“Bill, knock it off!”

“Fine, wimp!”

When she entered his spacious apartment over-looking a small lake she was mortified to see his three friends taking up his couch drinking beer and playing X-Box. They all greeted her between their competitive shit-talking.

“Hi you guys. Sweetie, I didn’t know you had company.”


She stood, nervously wringing the strap to her jacket in her moist hands. “Take off your coat.” Bill said.

“N-no. It’s fine. I’m chilly.”

“Bullshit the heater’s on full-blast. Take it off, you look retarded.”

“No really, I can’t.”

Annoyed, Bill walked up behind her, reached around her waist, and stripped her jacket off. She gasped and tried to cover herself with her arms.

“What the fuck is this all about!” he exclaimed. His friends paused their game and gawked at Candice. Bill laughed hysterically. “Is this supposed to be your big surprise? How cliché.”

She froze and stared at the floor.

“Holy shit you’re fucking hot!” Frank shouted followed by Jim and Eric’s renditions of his comment. Candice’s heart lifted ever so slightly at the thought of being admired.

“Just give me my jacket back Bill. I’m leaving.”

“Not so fast. You came here in this get-up for a reason didn’t you?” She nodded. “You’re trying to put the spice back in our relationship right?” he scoffed. Her face turned red.

“I’m trying.” She muttered under her breath.

“If you really wanna’ show me how wild you can be you’ll take off your bra and show my friends your tits.” Candice looked up at him with contempt.

“Are you serious?”

“Either do it or leave.”

Candice hesitantly took off her bra revealing her voluminous breasts. The three men on the couch began to holler flattering obscenities. Unexpectedly she noticed herself being turned-on by this attention. Bill snatched her bra from her hand and tossed it on the floor.

“Now turn around and pick it up.” He ordered.

She did so, arousing the men even more. When she handed the garment back to Bill he repeated the action making her bend over again. “This time stay that way.” She remained in a fully bent position while everyone stared. “Pull your panties aside and show us your cunt.” She did as she was told. “Play with it.” She followed instructions and found herself to be soaking wet. This was the most excited she’d ever been.

“Bill, be a good pal and make her sit on my lap.” said Frank.

“You heard him. Get over there.”

She pranced across the room and sat down on Frank’s lap. “Feel free to help yourselves.” Jim graciously offered. She got a pit in her stomach and a lump in her throat. She felt conflicted. On one hand the fact that her boyfriend was willing to share her with these perverts was deeply hurtful and offensive; on the other hand… this was hot. Frank wasted no time taking Bill up on his invitation. He began fondling between her legs. On either side of Frank sat Jim and Eric. Each took a nipple into his mouth and began sucking so hard she imagined a breast pump would have nothing on them. Jim sat in the recliner and started stroking his cock while he watched his buddies toy with his girlfriend. “Somebody eat her out.”

“Dibs!” called Eric. He got on his knees in front of her. Frank forced her legs open and Eric buried his face in her pussy. She moaned with delight. Frank licked her neck and sucked her earlobe. Jim pulled out his dick and put her hand on it. She squeezed and stroked it fast. He let out a grunt.

“Baby, get on your knees and let Eric fuck you while you suck Frank’s dick.” Without a word she got into position and did as she was told. Eric slipped his cock into Candice’s shaved wet pussy. She hummed with enjoyment while she deep-throated Frank. Jim placed her hand around his member and motioned for her to jerk him off. She did.

“Fuck this, there’s room for me in her mouth too.” Jim said.

“Hell no, I don’t want your dick touching mine.” protested Frank.

“Stop being a bitch and share.” Bill demanded.

“Alright, alright!” Both men rose and pushed their cocks into her mouth. She gagged and drooled at first but she quickly adjusted and liked having her mouth bombarded by two men. Eric continued fucking her until he pulled out and came all over her ass. The warm wetness titillated Candice.

“Wipe that shit off. It’s my turn.” Frank got behind her and waited for Eric to clean up his mess. He wiped the cum off with his hand, and then wiped his hand on her hair. He plopped back down on the couch and resumed his video game.

Being the biggest of all the men, Frank’s penis did the most damage when he shoved it in. She squealed and pulled away from him. “Get back here slut.” He pulled her back onto his dick and pounded her cunt relentlessly. She could feel her flesh stretching around his thick cock. It started to burn and ache. Although the pain was erotic she couldn’t wait for him to finish. She focused on giving Jim head without dragging her teeth. Eventually Frank finally stroked himself off on her clit. Her pussy was bright red and tender.

Shoving Frank aside Jim entered Candice. It was too much for her to take. “Please fuck my ass.” She begged.

“No problem.” He spat on her asshole and squeezed his way in slowly. She groaned and shoved her face into the couch cushion.

“That-a-girl honey!” encouraged Bill.

Deeper and deeper he went, in and out, in and out. She whimpered and moaned. About two minutes later he filled her ass with cum. Bill walked up, steered her head with a hand full of her hair to face him and aimed his juices all over her eyes, nose, and cheeks. He let go, left her on her knees, and went back to his recliner. The men put their dicks back in their pants and continued drinking as though it never happened. Candice wiped the semen from her face and sat on the floor.

“Take a shower. You’re filthy.” Bill recommended.

“Okay.” In the shower she tried to reassure herself. I did what I had to do to make him happy. It would have been foolish to say no. I know he loves me; he just has trouble showing it. She shut off the water and dried off with a fluffy white towel. There was a rap on the bathroom door.


“Yeah babe?”

“Can I come in?”

She opened the door and Bill entered.

“Look, I don’t know how to break this to you but I’m gonna’ need to ask you to leave. We’re kinda’ having a boy’s night and it’s a ‘no girls allowed’ sort of thing. Besides my friends are feeling awkward around you now that you fucked all of them. It’s pretty trashy.”

“But… I… I did it for you.”

“You think cheating on me is gonna’ make me love you more? What kind of girl fucks her boyfriend’s best friends and expects a reward?” He handed her her trench-coat and heels, reached down and picked up her panties, thigh-highs, and garter. “Don’t forget these.” Candice cried, put on her coat and heels, and stormed out.

“You’re one hell of a host Bill.”

“Thanks Frankie. I aim to serve.”

— Author’s Note: Hi! As the description says, this is a continuation from Chapter 2, so if you haven’t already, I suggest reading that one first. I should let you all know, that other than these two stories, most of my submissions won’t really have anything to do with one another, other than involving Sir and his pet. I apologize if that confused anyone in the last chapter. I decided against changing the titles individually because, well, each one is just another glimpse inside my dirty mind! Hehe. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of their night together. Comments and feedback are always appreciated! —


“My my, you look like quite the slutty little pet like this, you know that, whore?” You pull forward on the leather leash that’s wrapped around your hand, the one attached to the collar you fastened around my neck. I’m jerked towards you, putting my hands against the center console for balance. “Put your knees up on the seat. I want you on all fours.”

I widen my eyes and do as you say, bringing my knees up, the small space forcing me to arch my back so my ass is high in the air. I move forward a bit more, so my hands are now leaning on the passenger seat next to your thigh. I move my gaze from your cock, hard beneath your jeans to your hand, now resting on your thigh still gripping the leash tightly. I then trail my eyes up your stomach, your chest, your neck. I take in the way your chest rises and falls, the way your throat muscles move and twitch as you swallow. I finally reach your eyes, and the look you’re giving me forces the breath I was holding out in a sudden exhale. You look like you want to devour me, a predator eyeing his prey hard with a dangerous intent behind the stare.

The effect you have on me is immediate. I let out another breathy sigh, licking my lips slowly, consciously taking my time to run my tongue over them. You smirk at me. You know this little action is my coy attempt at trying to push you into making you feel as desperate as I do right now. You know even after cumming so hard just moments ago, that my cunt is dripping, and that I want more. Need more.

And you’re so right.

You reach out with your free hand and grab my chin, roughly arching my neck back and lifting my head to meet your gaze. You run your thumb over my wet bottom lip, slowly slipping it between my teeth and into my mouth. “Suck,” you say, your voice stern and low. And I do. I keep my eyes on yours and move my mouth up and down your finger, hollowing my cheeks as I pull back, running my tongue along it from the inside of my mouth. I ever so lightly drag my teeth across your skin, smiling as I do before going back to massaging it with my lips and tongue.

A low rumble escapes from you as you push it further towards the back of my throat. I gag slightly, my mouth pooling with saliva as you work it in and out. “Such a hungry slut you are. I bet you wish this was my cock, don’t you?” I nod in response, my lips still wrapped around your digit. “You want me to fuck this little throat of yours? Thrust my cock deep and keep it there while you gag and drool all over those bimbo tits? I’m sure a filthy glutton for pain like you would even want to be choked, have my hands wrapped tight around your throat while my cock bulges beneath them.” You hold my chin from below with the rest of your hand, while pressing your thumb down hard against my tongue. I gag a bit more, the overflow of saliva slightly spilling down over my lip.

I close my eyes as a shiver runs through me, my moan vibrating around your hand. I love having my throat fucked. I love the feeling of your cock hardening because of my mouth, the taste of the precum that oozes from your head. I crave it, and right now I’m absolutely starving for it. I want nothing more than your dick buried deep, my nose pushed against your abdomen while the tears fall from my eyes.

When I open my eyes back up again, my look is desperate and eager. I beg you, even with your thumb pushed inside my mouth. “Please Sir…”

You laugh, pulling your thumb from my mouth and rubbing it, covered in my spit, over my lips and face. “Please what, Slut? Speak clearly. I know you’re not as stupid of a tramp as you look right now.” You grab my face again hard, leaning down so you’re right in front of me. You whisper, your breath hot against my lips as you admire the dribble you smeared across my skin. “Or maybe that’s exactly what you are.”

I swallow hard, panting, my breath coming out in shaky wisps. Your words unravel me. I can feel the wetness of my cunt through the material of my pants, my nipples hard and taut, goosebumps covering my flesh even though it feels as if I’m in an oven. I blush furiously before answering you, humiliated by yet loving the way you degrade me so. “Please Sir, I want you to use my mouth and throat.”

You pause for a moment, sitting up straight again and looking down at me with a smirk. You let go of my face and reach down, rubbing your cock through your jeans. It’s outlined in the soft light, a bulge protruding from the dark-washed denim. I know you’re doing it to tease me. I drop from your gaze and look down at your hand, biting my lip hard, thinking you’re going to give me what I’m lusting after. It’s then that you yank hard on the leash, causing me to lose balance and fall forward into your leg. “Ah ah ah, skank,” you say as you lightly slap the side of my face with the end of the leash. “You keep your eyes up here.”

I whimper while I fix myself, getting back up on my hands and returning my eyes to yours. You tap the end of my nose. “That’s a good girl.” You lean forward once more, your eyes locked on to mine. You stall before you speak to me, knowing it makes me fidgety to have to hold your stare for so long.

“You know,” you finally blurt out. “I just had the most perfect idea.”

You run the end of the leash along the outline of my jaw, tracing over my chin and up to my parted lips. “The way you pant and gasp like that, on all fours, practically drooling for my cock… heh, you look just like a little puppy.” You pinch my nose, causing me to pull away and shake my head. You’re barely able to hold back your chuckle from the deadpan look I shoot you. “Mmm, I think I’ll walk you upstairs like one. Just like this. If you’re a good girl, maybe then you’ll get the treat you want so bad.” You then bite down on your lip, trying to keep the big grin you have forming at bay, but not hiding the sparks of amusement in your eyes.

Fear seizes my stomach, so much so that my whole body begins to shake. ‘He wants to fucking walk me? Like a dog? Is he crazy?!’ I think of one of my neighbors, walking out and seeing you pull me up the stairs on a leash, on my hands and knees with my tits out. I don’t even realize I’m shaking my head at you until I snap out of it and sit back on my knees. “Sir I cannot do that. Don’t you realize what would happen if someone saw me?” My eyes are wide, my voice is high and whiny. “Please, can’t we just go upstairs already and-”

It’s at that moment you lurch forward and grab onto my ponytail. Your entire presence has changed, going from the boyish playful mood you were in to irritated and forceful. I don’t even have time to react before you pull me hard down onto your lap. You roughly grab the back of my knees and bend them forward, pulling more of me into your lap so my ass is slightly raised in front of you. My head is turned towards the side facing you, uncomfortably pushed up against the car door. You grab both of my arms and tug them behind me, closing my wrists together at the small of my back. You grab the back of my pants and viciously pull them down, the button popping off with an audible rip. You do the same with my panties, then rub your hand over my ass while you spit out your next words.

“I’ve had it with you being such an unruly little bitch tonight!” Before I can answer, your hand comes down hard against my right cheek. “You’re going to start doing as I say, or trust me, sweetheart, even a filthy fucking painslut like yourself won’t enjoy the beating I’ll give you.” With that, you spank me, harder than you ever have before. You’re relentless, over and over, on each cheek, on the tender curve just under my ass, even on my inner thighs. I cry out, scream, wiggle and writhe on top of you but it’s no use. Your grip on my wrists is like a vice, and I’m forced to endure your punishment.

I lose count of just how many times you’ve brought your hand down upon me, but I know I’m at the point where I can take no more. The burn and sting from each slap has become seemingly unbearable and I scream out in a raspy, tear stained voice. “Please Sir, I’m sorry!!”

You stop, your breath falling heavily from your lips, matching my own. You let go of my arms but keep your hand against my reddened ass. You reach over and grab my ponytail, pulling my neck back so I’m looking at you. “Sorry for what, whore?”

Through my sobs I answer. “I’m sorry for disobeying you, Sir. It won’t happen again.”

You scoff at me. “You say that every single time. Why should I believe you now? You’re nothing but an unappreciative little slut!” You drag your nails down the tender skin of my reddened ass, and I jerk underneath you.

“Ah… Please!! I swear, Sir. I won’t disobey you again. Please let me prove to you, I’ll do anything you ask. I want to do anything you ask!”

I can feel your cock rock hard sitting beneath my stomach. You pause for a moment and let out a deep breath before you respond to me. “You can start by thanking me for this. Thank me for beating your ass and putting you in your place.”

I’m breathing hard and heavy and I feel helpless, completely at your mercy. The power you have over me drives me crazy, and even through the searing pain and heat from your spanking, I can feel the air hitting my sopping wet cunt lips, giving away just how turned on I really am. “Thank you Sir. I deserved to be punished for being such a disobedient whore. Thank you for putting me in my place.”

Your eyes burn into mine. You reach back and pull my thong and pants back up, and I whimper as the fabric painfully brushes against my abused skin. You pull me upwards, carefully placing me down in your lap, my legs spread on either side of yours. Once I’m settled against you, you reach and connect my wrists behind my back once more. Your erection is right underneath me, and I can’t help but hold myself plush against you, feeling my tits brush against your chest, feeling your bulge grind ever so slightly between my legs. You wipe some of my tears away before sliding your fingers behind my neck, under my collar into a firm hold. You stare deeply into my eyes. “I’m going to walk you on all fours up to the apartment. Do you understand me?”

The fear I felt before has left me completely. All I want now is to be able to please you, and I’m willing to do anything to do so. I answer you after a small sniffle. “I understand Sir. I’m your pet, my place is on my hands and knees at your side.”

Your hold tightens on my wrists. “Beg me for it. Beg me to humiliate you so.”

I return the severity of your gaze through my lashes. “Please Sir. Please walk me up to my apartment like a puppy? Pull me on your leash, on my hands and knees? I so desperately want to be walked, Sir…please?”

You let go of my neck and wrists at the same time, one hand reaching for the leash while the other rises up and cups my breast hard. I keep my arms together behind me, arching my back and pushing my chest into you while you squeeze me, moving your fingers down and pinching my nipple. I gasp as you do, letting out a small moan as you roll it between your fingers. You do the same with the other, kneading it into the mold of your hand. This time, though, you lean forward and suck my nipple into your mouth, looking up at me while you clamp your teeth around it. You flick your tongue against it through your teeth, causing me to moan and grind myself against you, trying to get whatever friction I can against my aching clit. You bite down hard, just for a moment, just for me to let out a tiny high-pitched scream before you let go, grabbing the cups of my bra and fixing them in place. You leave my shirt unbuttoned, but zip up my jacket. I look down at you with a confused expression, but you say nothing, only wink up at me as you reach over into my bag and grab my keys. You open the passenger door, sliding out from beneath me and standing with my leash in your hand and a sly smile on your face. “Lets go, pet. Out.”

I take one last deep breath, praying no one will see me. I lean forward, leaving the car on my hands, then one by one letting my knees fall to the ground. You close the door behind me, lock it, and begin to move to the main door of the apartment building. I follow behind you, and though it’s cold outside, my body is on fire. My face is flushed, small prickles of sweat forming in the crease of my neck and down my back. We come up to the main door and you slide the key in, looking down at me with a content expression as you do. The door opens and you step inside, pulling the collar for me to follow suit. We walk up to the stairs, and as I begin to stand to follow you, you stop and slap me against my cheek. “Hands and knees, pet,” you say in a firm, disciplining voice. I don’t fight, only return to my position, and we walk up the stairs.

I’ve never been so humiliated. My body trembles at the thought of one of my neighbors opening their door and seeing me like this. At the same time, I’ve never been so turned on. My clit aches, my cunt hole throbbing to be filled by you. I look up at you from behind, watching your form climb the stairs, pulling my leash deftly behind you. I lick my lips, wanting nothing more than for you to use every inch of me for your pleasure, just as you’re doing now.

Finally after what seems like forever, we reach my door, and you rush to turn around just as I reach my place next to you. “Up on your knees,” you demand. To my surprise, you reach down and undo your jeans. You wait for me to get into position before you let your cock spring forward, bobbing tauntingly in front of me. My mouth begins to water immediately. “Suck.”

I look around the hallway before glancing back up at you with wide eyes. I open my mouth to protest when you slap me again. “I said. Suck,” you growl at me. I decide it’s better not to test your patience at this point, and do as you say. I lean forward, running my tongue up the length of your shaft and slide your head into my mouth. I suck, moving my wet mouth back and forth on you while I keep my eyes on yours. A small groan comes from your mouth as I push you farther back, your head just touching the back of my throat before I pull back, sucking hard as I do. We begin to get lost in the moment – you reaching down to grab my hair and thrust harder into me, my muffled moans become louder and more urgent, as if trying to coerce you into using me harder to pleasure your cock.

It’s the sound of an opening door down the hallway that startles us out of our lustful trance. We both jump from the noise, and you suddenly pull your cock from my mouth with a pop as you turn and undo the locks to my door. I lick my lips, wiping some of my spit from my chin with the back of my hand, already craving more of you.

You push open the door and yank on my leash, pulling me inside after you and slamming the door shut. My heart is racing at this point, the adrenaline pumping through me from coming so close to being caught. You turn on the light before grabbing my jacket and yanking it open, once again pulling my tits roughly from my shirt. You grab the sides my face, one hand latching around my pony tail and gripping it hard. You bark down at me. “Open wide and stick out your fucking tongue.”

I do so, and you thrust yourself back inside my mouth. I moan appreciatively around you, looking up at you as you force your cock farther down my throat. I start to gag, my eyes start to water as you push past my gag reflex and block off my airway. My nose is against your stomach, my tongue out and flicking against your balls as I use my throat muscles to squeeze your cock.

A long groan escapes from your lips. “Oh fuck, your throat feels so fucking good,” you cry out through gritted teeth. I dig my nails into your thighs as I start to squirm against you, needing to take a breath. You keep yourself buried in my throat, enjoying watching me struggle around your stiffness. You finally pull out, thick strands of my spit clinging to you, giving me a moment to breathe before shoving yourself back inside. You begin fucking my throat, slamming yourself against my face. I keep my eyes on you, tears streaming down my cheeks, drool dripping down onto my tits.

You pull your cock from my mouth, my deep breaths and loud moan of disappointment following as you do. You wrap your hand around it, jerking it hard before slapping it against the side of my face. I stick my tongue out far and you tap it against me, running your swollen head over and around my tongue ring. I reach forward and grab it, wrapping my lips around it and sucking hard while my other hand reaches below and starts to rub and knead your balls. I’m rewarded with a drawn out groan from you and a fat drop of precum which I swallow immediately. I slide your cock from my mouth, squeezing my fist around the base of your shaft and jerking it hard while I look up at you. “Mmm, please Sir. Please give me more. I want to taste you. I want to feel your cum shoot down my throat.”

“Jesus. What a greedy fucking cum whore you are.” You push my chest hard so I fall back on my hands and off my knees. “Strip. I want you naked and bent over in front of me. Face down on the floor, hands on your ankles. I want those slutty little fuck holes wide open and ready for me.”

I do exactly as you say, ripping my clothes off as fast as I can as I watch you do the same. You finish just as I turn around to get in position. I reach between my legs and rub my fingers from my pussy to my ass, smearing the plentiful wetness all over. I then grab on to my ankles, turning my head towards the side and waiting to be used by you.

You kneel behind me, reaching over and pulling my hair back hard so my neck and back arch. You shove your fingers inside my pussy, curving them inside me and pushing hard against my g-spot, causing the pleasure to ripple through me. I moan loudly, trying my hardest to grind back into you. You quickly remove your fingers, spreading more of my juice over my asshole and across my cheeks. I then feel your hand come down hard against me, the wetness added with the soreness from your spanking before causing an intense sting across my skin. I cry out, a scream that turns into a guttural groan, the lines between pleasure and pain becoming blurred in my hazy, lustful state. “That’s for keeping me waiting, bitch.”

I then feel your finger rim around my ass, pushing slowly inside as you line the head of your cock up with my cunt. You yank back hard on my hair as you thrust your cock inside me, not waiting for me to get used to the way you fill and stretch my tight pussy around you. You drill into me, fucking me hard at a punishing pace while you add another finger to my ass.

I moan, the prickles of an orgasm forming deep within me. I cry out for you, lost in lust and desire, submitting completely and loving being used by you. “Oh yes Sir, please, fuck me harder. Use me like the cum dump I am. Please Sir!”

You groan at the desperate plea in my voice, the way I degrade myself for you. You then slide your cock and fingers from me at the same time, causing me to whimper and beg you not to stop. You ignore me, running your fingers up from my cunt, spreading more of my wetness around my asshole. You spit on me, letting it pool against my puckering hole and drip down into my cunt. It’s then I feel you line your head up against it. “Open your ass for me, whore.” I relax the best I can as I feel you push yourself inside me, slowly but with a force, wanting to use me just as much as I want to be used.

As Michael walked up to the door of a very impressive looking house he wondered what to expect this evening, he had been told by his girlfriend Lucy, the night before, that they’d been invited to dinner, at the home of one of Lucy’s work colleagues and her female partner. He was interested to say the least; he’d never really met full blown lesbians before, not that her felt prejudiced towards them. In fact he was determined to treat them normally.

He had noticed Lucy’s car in the street, and was happy to know she was already there, thus avoiding any awkward introductions. So, Michael rang the doorbell.

It was answered by a lady who introduced herself as Paula, whom Michael knew was Lucy’s colleague and vaguely recognised from a few of his girlfriend’s work functions.

“Please come through,” she said. “This is my partner Marg,” she added as the walked into the kitchen. Michael couldn’t see Lucy but thought nothing of it as he made polite conversation.

“You must be wondering where you’re girlfriend is,” Marg said, “She’s just tied up with something at the moment. Please, follow me. I’ll show you.”

Michael followed as the three of them walked down the hallway to a closed door. As they got closer Michael could hear Lucy saying things. He couldn’t make out what she was saying and assumed she was on the phone. His suspicion was aroused when, instead of just opening the door, Marg stopped and turned to face him, a serious expression on her face.

“Michael I need to warn you, what you will see might shock you, but please understand this is what she wants,” she said.

“Ummm, ok,” he replied. He had absolutely no idea what to expect. He just couldn’t fathom what required a warning before he could see it, particularly if it involved his girlfriend.

Without time to think Marg opened the door and they stepped into a bedroom. It was fairly well lit and what Michael saw took his breath away.

In the centre of the large bed was a woman on her knees, her face and chest pressed into the mattress, with her legs apart displaying her vagina and round bottom. That was not all; her hands were reaching back, each grasping a cheek, spreading her butt to show a slightly open pink asshole. Her vagina was obstructed by the base of a flesh coloured thing, which Michael thought was a large dildo, except this one had a hose sticking out of it with a round ball pump hanging on the end.

He recognised that body as Lucy but he couldn’t accept that this was his girlfriend on display, in such a lewd position. What destroyed his uncertainty was the meek voice of the woman. “Please… please fuck me. Please do it.” It was undoubtedly her.

“Lucy!” he gasped with a look of shocked confusion on his face. He turned his questioning eyes to the two Lesbians standing next to him. “Please understand Michael, she has been coming to us for quite some time,” Paula lied, “it was only last night that we found out she had a boyfriend.”

“Lucy!” he called.

“She can’t hear you,” Marg said, “she has earplugs in and you can see she’s blindfolded.”

“We didn’t know what to do when we found out about you, so we decided to make you aware, to at least offer you the opportunity to leave her and get on with your life. The other option is, we continue as before but involve you so that she may stay with you, even still live with you, but visit us when she needs to.” Paula stated. “She is our slave.”

Michael just stood there, he was beginning to feel anger rise inside him, and he felt hurt as if she’d been cheating on him. But he got a hold of his emotions and began to think.

“So she enjoys this?” he said.

“She craves it,” said Paula allowing an evil grin, “she’s a slut, you can hear her begging for it.”

Paula watched Michael’s expression darken as he began to realise that his girlfriend was indeed a slut, she knew he would be blaming Lucy for any hurt he felt. Their plan was going famously; they knew that once they’d invaded the poor girl’s home and turned her boyfriend against her, she would be completely theirs.

“Listen to her Michael,” Paula prompted, “I think it’s time to give her what she wants and to take what you deserve.”

In the meantime Lucy had remained as she was, her hips gently humping the air as she begged to be fucked.

Michael could not deny the sight was turning him on, and without much deliberation he began towards the bed, undoing his pants and stroking his hardening cock.

He knelt on the bed and shuffled up behind the exposed Lucy. As she felt movement on the bed she began to whimper, “Please… please… I need to cum.”

Michael reached for the base of the dildo and began to firmly pull out, but it didn’t move as expected. Instead of sliding out, Michael watched as it stretched her inner lips out informing him that the dildo was significantly bigger up inside her vagina. He would have cringed if he knew how wide her pussy was currently being stretched. Lucy groaned.

As Michael held the expanded dildo out from Lucy’s pussy he noticed two things, one, she was shaved completely smooth, something she’d never done for him. Number two was more shocking, on the inside face of each outer labia, were two names written in an elegant script, ‘Paula’ and ‘Marg’, one on each side. Michael knew immediately from the raw redness around the writing that these were tattooed into her delicate skin, and fresh.

“Let go of the dildo Michael,” Marg said, “as you can see her cunt belongs to us now. You’re welcome to use her other holes.”

Michael knew what she meant. He rose up onto his knees and held this tip of cock at the entrance to Lucy’s back door. Michael had never experienced anal before and he savoured the exquisite feeling as he slid all the way into her pre-lubed asshole. Lucy let out a cry and Michael began to thrust in and out of her clenching sphincter.

Lucy could feel that this was not a rubber cock attached to Marg or Paula as she’d expected, this was a real cock, a man. She already had fears about Michael arriving for dinner before the ladies had finished with her. Surely this could not be her boyfriend in her ass. But with no eyesight nor hearing, she could not be sure. She didn’t even know what time it was. So, strangely she hoped that Paula and Marg had brought in some stranger to fuck her. She didn’t want Michael to see her like this. A thought did occurred to her, if it was Michael, then she wouldn’t have to worry about hiding the changes that had been made to her body, namely her pussy, both inside and out.

But all thoughts left her mind as Michael picked up the pace. The pleasure coming from her ass and stretched pussy mounted. “Harder! Harder!” she cried as he pounded into her, driving her to the orgasm she needed.

Michael got into a rhythm, fucking her hard, using the bedsprings to bounce her back against his cock. It was the sort of fucking that would produce a sore asshole.

All of a sudden Michael felt her clamp down on his cock and stop thrusting back against him as she screamed her orgasm and fell forward to lie flat on the bed, but there was no stopping him as he gripped her hips and slammed into her spasming hole another twenty deep strokes before exploding inside her, filling her with cum.

When Michael pulled out, her hole remained open momentarily, revealing a deep red tunnel with white sperm dribbling towards the entrance. Then it closed, squeezing out a glob of cum.

“Look at the mess she’s made on your cock,” said Paula, gesturing towards Michael’s shrinking penis, which glistened with lube and cum. “She’ll clean it for you if you give it to her.”

Michael moved round to her blindfolded face and poked his cock against her lips. She immediately opened up and took it in her mouth, sucking it clean. Michael could feel her tongue roaming over his cock. His cock began to harden.

As his dick hardened, Lucy began to suck in earnest; with a cock in her mouth she was insatiable.

Michael began to settle into his developing blow job, so Marg took his hand and put it on the back of Lucy’s head, forcing her down on his cock until he felt the head slip into her throat. He soon got the idea and took hold of a fistful of her hair and began using her mouth the way he wanted. It started with alternating deep throat and regular oral with just the head in her mouth. But the ferocity slowly increased.

By the end Michael was gripping her head in both hands and fucking her throat, while slack jawed Lucy gagged and vomited slime and saliva so that it hung in roped from her chin. Finally Michael felt his orgasm approach and pulled her to the base of his cock one last time to spurt a load of cum right down her throat. It was at this point that Marg pulled the blindfold off and Lucy opened her tear streaked eyes to look up into Michael’s face as she felt him cum down her throat.

Michael looked down at her, with her face pressed into his pubic hair, there was no love in his eyes just a look of disdain as he pulled her off his cock, did up his pants and walked towards the door. Lucy felt used, lower than a girl whoring for drugs.

“Michael, please..” whimpered Lucy, not knowing what to say. She regretted saying anything when he turned around, she could see the hurt in his eyes.

Michael stared at Lucy, absorbing the image, his adorable girlfriend, his pride and joy, reduced to a piece of flesh begging to be fucked.. by anyone.. “filthy fucking slut” he said under his breath, his heart hardened against his once tender feelings towards Lucy. “I’m going to the pub bitch, you’re right where you belong.”

Eyes downcast, Lucy began to wimper, oh how she wanted to run after Michael and beg him to take her home, but she she couldn’t get up, her spirit was broken, plus with the ridiculous dildo still up her, she couldn’t catch up to him anyway.

The front door slammed as Michael left, Lucy looked up, her tear stained — cummy — slimy — pretty face shining in front of Paula and Marg.

“There there little piggy, don’t cry, I’m sure Michael will have you back. After all, he’s a man, he just wants a pretty thing to put his dick in.”

“That’s right,” agreed Marg “you just try a bit harder and I’m sure he’ll fuck you again, and if you make it good, I have no doubt he’ll let you stay. It will be just like before”

Their twisted logic confused Lucy, but they were right, she would do anything to keep Michael, she still loved him more than ever.

“Suppose you better stay here tonight, give him time to calm down.” said Marg “We were just going to put on a movie anyway.”

After cleaning herself up in the bathroom, Lucy found herself, still nude, on a cushion on the floor, the abominable dildo still inside her. There was a small plate of food in front of her and both Marg and Paula were seated either side of her, though up on the couch rather than the floor. The two older lesbians had decided on Titanic, as the film started, hungry Lucy began to tuck into her food and relax, at least she could enjoy the movie.

Lucy had just put her plate down when Marg piped up, “mind clearing the dishes honey?”

“Oh,” Lucy quickly picked up her plate, stood and stacked Marg’s then turned to collect Paula’s.

“Ah I almost forgot,” said Paula, handing Lucy her plate, and taking hold of the pump attached to Lucy’s dildo.

Lucy stood between them holding the plates, she looked down past her flat tummy, to the hose running to Paula’s hand. She had stopped thinking about the dildo inside her, had become accustomed to it’s girth. Paula slowly squeezed, Lucy began to breath deep as the stretching resumed. Two more slow pumps and Lucy couldn’t help but notice her belly bulge out ever so slightly.

“Much better, just give them a rinse and pop them in the dishwasher” Paula smiled.

Lucy left with a slight waddle, the pump hose dangling between her thighs.

By the time Lucy had returned, her cushion had moved between Paula’s legs, the woman’s vagina sat at the edge of the couch, open and glistening as Paula gently fingered herself. “Come and make mumma happy little pig.”

Lucy knelt on the cushion, bent her head and began to lap Paula’s clit.

Lucy didn’t get to watch much of Titanic, she estimated about a third of the movie had been spent facing a vagina, her tongue was tired… her pussy was wrecked, Paula had not forgotten about the pump up dildo inside her and had consistently added air pressure to it. Throughout the movie Lucy’s belly expanded.

As the credits rolled, Lucy slouched on her cushion, unable to sit up straight with her pussy so full. “Well time for bed,” yawned Marg, “we’ve all got work tomorrow. What shall we do with the cunt?” she turned to Paula.

Paula laughed, “she sure looks half pregnant. I wonder if she can push the baby out”

Lucy looked at her developing belly, she gave an experimental squeeze, feeling pressure at the bottom of her pussy, it was definitely largest in the middle, the entrance to her hole was still too tight to squeeze the dildo out. “I think it’s too big to come out,” Lucy piped up.

“Might have to stay in over night”

“No please,” said Lucy, stretched to capacity “I can’t sleep with it in, I need to work tomorrow.”

“Well if it must come out, I guess we’ll need the chair,” Paula headed for the bedroom, “Come along little fuck pig.”

Paula pulled the chair from the cupboard, unfolded it and set it at the foot of the bed. It was a toilet seat, U shaped, on a frame, like disabled people might put over a normal toilet if they cannot sit on a low seat.

Marg brought over the tripod and camera, setting it level with the seat, “first time she’s laying an egg, better get it on camera.”

Lucy was scared of what she was seeing and hearing but all Lucy thought was to grit her teeth and do what the women told her to do.

“sit on your nest little hen, it’s time to lay an egg.” Paula teased, as she led Lucy in front of the camera.

Lucy shivered and straddled the seat on her tip toes, then sat. “Ooh!” her eyes bulged, her legs dangled. In the centre of the shot hung Lucy’s cunt. The base of the dildo poked down about 3 inches below her clit, pulling cunt lips with it, the hose and pump dangling. From the base the flesh coloured shaft clearly widened, ballooning out, as it went up between her lips, and presumably beyond, stuck inside her.

The magic of the chair, which Paula and Marg had witnessed before, was simple, the same as a toilet. Any pussy and asshole hanging through the seat were automatically spread, and most importantly they hung, relaxed. Thus allowing a stretched hole to open as wide as it possibly could.

Lucy sat in the chair, feeling it’s effect, plus the weight of gravity and her own weight pushing the round dildo down and out. She could feel immense pressure at her hole, making her pussy bulge out as it hung there. Rising and falling ever so slightly, in time with her breath.

Lucy knew what she had to do, she wanted this thing out of her, she began to push. It hurt. The dildo inched downward, with each effort, stretching her more as it went. Lucy started to realise how much bigger her vagina must be up inside. She felt constipated, like she was squeezing out a big shit. Except it was her vagina and much bigger. She kept her anus clenched, she didn’t want any surprises popping out by accident. As she squeezed and squeezed Lucy began to wonder if this was how childbirth felt.

Lucy pushed, her upper body tense as her muscled sqeezed down, the entrance to her pussy felt stretched beyond belief. She looked down, the dildo had progressed, her cunt lips were taught around the bulge, approaching the size of an NLF ball. Her whole vagina hung lower than it should. “NNG FUCK,” she pushed hard, watching, it protruded another inch, but snuck back up when she relaxed. Again and again she tried, but she just could not push it any further.

“I can’t,” she conceded finally, her face red with effort. She sat there and began to cry.

“Don’t cry little hen, I’ve got just the thing that will help. Some gravity!” said Paula with too much enthusiasm. “Marg, do you have the hook that goes on this?” Paula left the room.

Marg walked over and squatted in front of Lucy’s pussy, gently the began to unscrew the hose and hand pump from the base of the dildo. The valve in the base kept the dildo firm. In Marg’s other hand Lucy saw a little silver hook, with the same screw on end as the pump, she felt Marg gently screw the hook onto the base of the dildo.

When Paula returned she was carrying a bucket and a jug of water.

“Ok little hen, since this is your first time, this should help get the egg out.” Paula explained as she hung the bucket, by the handle, on Lucy’s hook.

Standing aside so the camera could see, Marg began to pour water between Lucy’s legs, letting it stream over her clit and lips and splash into the bucket. It began to fill.

Like a steam train departing the station, the dildo began to chug downwards, paying no heed to Lucy’s vaginal muscles. Lucy looked down, her mouth agape in a silent scream as it emerged, bit by bit.

The tension. Lucy’s entire being was focussed on the lips of her once tight little friend. She was shocked, in awe, no longer feeling the pain. Her sacred entrance was now the girth of a coke bottle. When would it end? She felt so wide, so stretched, beyond belief. When would it pass? The dildo was not moving. Lucy looked. The bucket had hit the ground. Stopped.

Lucy screamed, long and loud. Frantic she grabbed the dildo and yanked it out. With a slip and a splash, it dropped into the bucket. Lucy sat in the seat shaking as she stared at the thing that had come out of her. It was fat.

The camera captured a different angle. Hanging on screen was a hole, swollen flaps hanging agape, about the width of a dainty wrist and an angry red. Her pretty pussy would never feel the same again.

WARNING: This is hard core race play with degradation and some piss play. The story was written for a girl who loves this, and is in anticipation of her enacting this with me. If you don’t like it, find something else to read.


I woke to the warmth of her mouth on my cock, and the smell of fresh coffee and warm biscuits by the side of the bed.

Having risen earlier and quietly cooked me a breakfast, she was now gently and lovingly using her tongue and lips to entice me awake, her head slowly pumping me deeper into her, using her face as another cunt.

I groaned in pleasure and turned onto my back…moving slowly enough so she could scramble to keep me in her eager mouth.

Of course, at my age, I wake with a hard cock and a need to piss, and the latter was too insistent for me to enjoy using my hardness for anything else.

I reached down and dug my fingers into the tight negro curls on her head: “Stay still little cunt,” I murmured sleepily, “Daddy needs to piss.”

I lay back and relaxed into the joy of emptying my bladder into her mouth…and let loose the start of my morning stream. Of course, it was acrid, and undiluted, and I felt her body tense at the taste on her tongue and smell in her nostrils.

But this was her honor as my slave; to serve me as I wished, to be available as I needed, to worship my cock and everything that came from it.

I paused the flow at intervals, giving her time to swallow my golden fluid, feeling her cheeks and tongue massage my cock head with a pulse that made me want to rape that throat with lust.

But my toilet needs came first, and I finished relieving myself down that sweet brown throat, feeling her gently suck the last drops out so nothing would be spilled.

Of course it was fucking hot, using my slave girl like this, and I also knew that my casual use of her in such a degrading manner would push her deeper into her slave space, where she knows she is just nigger slave meat for Master, a fuck and piss hole for his pleasure….where her cunt drips with need for my abuse of her.

Having served my first need of the morning, and now with a throbbing hunger between her legs, my sweet little slut turned again to stiffening my cock into a rod to drive into her holes.

Not for her the teasing licks and shallow oral sex of a shy white coed. My teen black bitch pushed me back against her throat, and drove further down on me. I groaned again, and pushed my hips up to meet that sweet tightness, her lips sucking on the base of my cock, her throat swallowing my helmet and squeezing it. I pushed hard with my fingers in her hair…keeping my back arched and my hand heavy…making her wait for my permission to breath again.

Not being able to breath scared her, but my casual control of this basic need also aroused her. And I wasn’t choking her for her pleasure. I was doing it because I enjoyed the tightness of her throat around my cock and I didn’t want to pull out.

The automatic twitching of her body told me that her need for fresh oxygen was becoming desperate, and I released her head so she could rise and gasp for breath, which she did briefly before forcing herself back down to please me.

I played with her this way for several minutes, reminding her yet again that I set the speed, the depth, the timing of the thrusts, and that I would choose differently every time. But I had no intention of cumming in her mouth…I had sweeter and more succulent pleasures waiting for me.

“Position slave rest, over me.”

We had practiced these positions so often over cam, and in person since her arrival here. With my cane blows to her inner thighs, back, and shoulders she had learned to pose perfectly. Now, she knelt, her thighs pushed push far apart with her legs on either side of my belly, wrists gripping forearms behind her, shoulders pushed back to thrust forward her tits, and her head facing downward in subservience, the head of my erect cock nuzzling her sweet tight ass cheeks.

At 19 years of age, her slim black body was taut and stretched in offering, but being 4 ft 11 in height, she looked so very girlish compared over my 54 year old white man’s body. She had said herself that being displayed like this was both humiliating, yet felt perfectly natural, a reminder that she was just a hole for my pleasure; not that this truth was in any doubt on this morning.

I reached between her dark thighs and probed her cunt with my fingers, laughing to myself as I found exactly what I was expecting. Even now, she still blushed, knowing that I was feeling not just wetness, but the wanton drool of a sex crazed slut who was aroused to point of mindless hunger.

“Is my little nigger cunt all hungry for me?” I smiled up at her downcast eyes, two fingers stretching the swollen wet folds of her sex.

“Yes, yes Master”. The words stumbled out, caught on the in-draft of her pussy being teased almost to the point of exploding.

“Well, you’ve been such a good piss whore, it’s only fair I let you have some fun as well.”

I’m a bald white guy in his mid 50′s, and about to push my cock into the sublime silky wetness of a teenage black cunt, and I was making her feel she was getting the special treat. Because that was the truth of it. Almost from the start my words had bound her heart, head and body to me. She’d always preferred much older men, but no one had collared and chained her mind like me, driven her to multiple orgasms on cam, understood and nurtured her need to be a white man’s nigger cunt, to be humiliated and degraded and called a fucking dumb cunt; and then held and cherished when the passion was spent.

I reached up to her collar and pulled her down to me, kissing her lips, tasting my piss on her and smiling at the thought that my fluids were tucked up safely in her belly.

As her ass lifted, I reached down and positioned the head of my cock against her cunt’s animal wetness, and pushed her back onto me, driving her tightness over my hardness, forcing her to take me in one thrust as I made to kneel back upright. She bit her lip to stop herself from cumming, her stomach dancing with the tension, full with the pleasant ache of Master’s cock at home in her body.

I gripped her hips and showed her the bouncing rhythm I desired, fast enough for friction, but slow enough to enjoy every soft inner fold and womanly curve caressing and serving my hungry sex.

Such an eager little sex slave, grinding and twisting her hips with every thrust, struggling to stay upright and not crash into her orgasm, but waiting for my release.

I calmly gripped a hard bouncing nipple, then pinched and twisted it savagely.

“Cum little cunt bitch, cum for Master”.

Her mouth and eyes wide open in pain and the struggle not to cum too soon, she stared blankly for a second, and then my trigger words released her chains. She threw her head back and ground down on me, driving her engorged clit into my pubis and my shaft as deep as possible into her belly.

And she came, a shuddering clenching climax born from lust and shame, and desire and joy. For several long seconds her spasming vagina milked my cock as she continued to slowly fuck me…extracting every twitch of pleasure from her body.

I watched, mesmerized at her animal enjoyment, wondering that I had brought this, made space for it, built the garden of ownership and dominance and slavery where she was free to flourish as my woman and my lover.

Even after the climax had died away, her body continued its dance of sex, hips rocking and swaying on me, feeding my own sexual desires.

“Good bitch”, I murmured, “keep that nigger cunt hot for me, show Master how grateful you are to be allowed to ride his cock.”

She smiled, and clenched more tightly, increasing both our pleasures, and pushing back towards another climax.

I pulled her back down to me, releasing her arms to rest on either side of my head, kissing her sweet mouth, driving my hips up into her…fucking her hard as I loved her lips. Her soft breasts rubbed on my chest, nipples dragging through the hairs, her thighs pushing her back to meet my driving inwards with equal abandon. I ran my hands down her slim back, feeling the arch of her spine, tracing her slenderness to the ripe swell of her ass cheeks.

My fingers dug into the firm muscle, pulling the cheeks apart, stretching the dark puckered rose bud of her third fucking hole.

I turned my lips to whisper in her ear, a low menacing note

“You know what Master wants don’t you little slave bitch”

“Yes Master”, her words grunted out as I keep hammering her with a steady rhythm.

“What does master want little nigger bitch?”

“Master wants this nigger bitch ass hole, Master”.

“Is that a problem for you?”

“No Master, I’m here for your pleasure, to serve you in anyway you want.”

“Good answer little bitch,” I murmured approvingly, “in that case wet your fingers and lube up that entrance ready to fucked as well.”

Without a word, but a look of relief, she pushed two fingers between her lips and covered them with her spit. I could easily have demanded a dry unprepared entrance, and been given it without complaint, but this morning I was feeling generous and enjoying my slave’s sweet loving.

The wet fingers snaked back and started to lube and stretch that nether hole, then returned to the mouth for more moisture. Each push took her fingers deeper and deeper into that hungry anus, yet she didn’t hesitate to push her fingers back into her mouth for more juices to ease my passage into her. She had known from the beginning that once I have shed my cum in a hole, her first duty is to use her mouth to clean and caress that invader, wherever it has been…and so her fingers were merely a foretaste of her final act of servitude.

Meanwhile, my hands had roamed her slim body and played with her hanging breasts. My fingers had gripped her throat and squeezed, my thumb had rubbed her clit so swollen and engorged it was a tiny penis desperate to be used.

At last she bent and whispered, “Master, your slave’s ass is open for your cock”

I smiled, and kissed her once more.

“Then don’t stop, force my cock up into you. Show me what a sweet little anal whore you are for Master”.

Her pleading look had no effect, I just lay back and smiled, waiting for the inevitable obedience.

She leaned forward, let my cock slip out of that heavenly all encompassing embrace, then reached back and gripped the shaft with her small slender fingers. I felt the head rub up and down the butt cheeks as she sought her other entrance..and then the familiar pressure as my width was forced into a hole too narrow to take me easily.

But the very fact that I was ordering this made it desirable and arousing for her…because she was proving her obedience, proving that her will was completely given to me.

With whimpers and little cries she forced her anus open with my cock, painfully stretching the rubbery ring, but making herself bare the pain for the deeper pleasure of being filled by my meat. She knew how much I loved ejaculating there, spurting deep into the lower entrance to her belly, and my happiness was the most powerful driver of all.

With a final cry of pain from her, my cock sank into the hole, and she paused for a second to breath away the fire before jerking down on me bit by bit, eyes glazed in desire for me, and rejoicing that the worst was over.

Finally I was buried as far as I could be, and she ground her hips down harder to feel me totally possess her. Her empty cunt leaked juices on my stomach in lustful sympathy, and slowly she lifted a bit to push back down, easing the tight ring so that it softened for me, making her anus and bowels a perfect fuck hole for me to enjoy.

When she had been growing up and exploring her sexuality, she had never thought that being used, being treated as fuck meat, being three holes taken in turn according to another’s pleasure and whim would be so fucking arousing….but as this man’s fuck slave, her body sang and trembled at the chance to serve and be of use, to be HIS slave, HIS slut, HIS hole, HIS desire, HIS everything.

As her body had ridden me earlier, cunt over cock, now her ass played that same rhythm, sliding the elastic entrance up and down my shaft, feeling the head rub the tender membranes inside. Without thinking her fingers slid to her aching front cunt and she shuddered as she toppled gently on the edge of cumming again.

She bit her lip and whimpered, watching my eyes half close as I took up my own fucking rhythm, enjoying the sensation of this nubile fuck whore giving me the best sex she was able to with her black body.

I laid back, and arched my back, and felt my own cum start to build inside.

“Get ready my fucking whore bitch, Daddy is going to fill your tight black ass with his cum, and you are going to cum with me and milk me dry”.

I dug my fingers into her hips, thrust several more times deliberately, and then forced myself as deeply as could, as if wanting to reach her throat all over again.

I cried out in pleasure as my cock tensed and then started its spurting spasms, releasing my urges and my need into her sweet, delicious brown body. And is if triggered by my first ejaculation, her body shuddered with its own dance of ecstacy, grinding down on me, desperate to take my seed into its core.

Once the waves had subsided, and we had caught our breaths, she lifted off me, moving her face down to my crotch to perform her final sexual slave duty. I pushed my self upright and grabbed a still warm biscuit and my coffee, served black with one sugar, ate the food she had cooked while I slept, and enjoyed the warmth once more of her mouth on my cock, gently and lovingly using her tongue and lips to serve me as a happy and satisfied slave girl.

Mary had no luck with men. She was a very pretty petite blonde with a perpetually sunny smile and disposition. Yet all the men she was meeting were some mixture of arrogant, horny, desperate, and/or clueless about how to act on a date or around a woman. The worst of these was the horniness. You want men to have a healthy interest; but the guys she dated almost universally either would start pressuring her to have sex, or were so clearly worried about the question of getting into her pants as soon as possible that they were almost incapable of normal conversation.

One day she was about ready to give up and become a twenty-something year old cat lady when she was talking to one of her coffee mates about this perpetual problem. Her friend mentioned a new concept in dating services that she had just heard was starting up. Very low key and private. The idea was to get the sex out of the way first in a setting that would not be threatening to the woman, and would alleviate some of the arrogance and other bad behaviour of the man. This sounded intriguing to Mary although there were few details about the specifics. But she got the number and resolved to at least call them up and ask some questions.

Rob was a man having similar bad luck on the dating treadmill. He meant well, he really, really did. He was normally a nice guy and even a little shy. But on a date he inevitably started obsessing about whether he was going to get lucky. He couldn’t pretend to himself that he didn’t care, because he really did, and the more he tried to pretend he didn’t the more he did, so that didn’t work. He couldn’t stick to a pledge to himself not to not have sex on the first date, because even though it had never happened to him he knew that sometimes it did happen to other people and that there were women out there that were horny enough and seemed to expect it and he was worried about disappointing a woman if she did expect it and didn’t get any. Which would be so frustrating for him considering that he wanted to but was worried that she wouldn’t and so he wouldn’t push it. And so on and so on. It was so much easier to stay home and watch TV.

Then Rob heard about this new dating service, based on an interesting concept and just starting up. Apparently the idea was that they would have the sex first and get it out of the way, so everyone could relax and get to know each other in a more relaxed environment afterwards. Of course this got his attention, and while he didn’t get many details at first, he did manage to get the phone number of the service and he too was determined to call them the next day.

He spoke to a woman there and was told to come in later the same day if he wanted to have an initial interview right away, if it was convenient. The thought of guaranteed sex made the prospect seem very convenient indeed, and Rob found himself in their offices at 7 p.m. that evening.

A woman named Amanda spoke with him at length and asked him questions about himself, his past experiences with women, and what he was looking for. Finally, she began to explain more details about the sex component of the service.

The whole idea she said was to provide a safe and non-threatening environment for the women while at the same time defusing all the tension around the question of the possibility of sex. The sexual interaction was structured totally around these objectives and was not for the purpose of gratifying the men at all. After all, men really didn’t need very much help to achieve their own gratification from any kind of sex whatsoever.

She first had him sign a rather extensive and quite thorough non-disclosure agreement that guaranteed that if he revealed anything of the procedures then he might as well just leave his testicles on the desk on his way out the door. She then went on to explain the details of the encounters, some of which were rather bizarre. Rob was stupefied at first, and started yelling and refusing to participate. Amanda calmly and patiently outlined the reasoning and the advantages of their methods and compared them to his usual disasters. In the end his growing and eventually rampant horniness led him to agree to everything. Amanda smiled at him and had him sign several release forms and other paperwork before accepting his cheque for the agency’s services. When they were done, she said that if he wished he could start the first date right away. Rob by this time was once again horny and eager to start, although with a lot of trepidation, and agreed.

She led him into a room with a large frilly four poster bed as well as some armchairs, a big wooden table, a sink, and some clinical looking apparatus. There were five women sitting around the room sipping drinks and chatting. They seemed remarkably relaxed for a date evening; but of course this wasn’t a normal date, and their relaxation was the whole point.

Amanda introduced them all, including Mary who happened to be in the group that evening, asking the women to tell a little about themselves and asking Rob to tell a lot about himself. Then she asked Rob, who was still standing, to strip and display himself to all the women.

Everyone had known this was coming, but Rob still turned bright red as he peeled off the last of his clothes and stood before them stark naked. Amanda then told him to slowly turn to give them all a good look at him, and to then face them and start to masturbate himself.

Amanda started a movie camera on a tripod already set up in front of the room, and gave another handheld to Susan so they could get a record of Rob’s adventures aver the course of the evening. Knowing he was being filmed did nothing to ease Rob’s discomfort.

After the room had been quiet as they all watched Rob naked and masturbating for them for a couple of minutes Amanda started a patter about Rob and what he was going to do for them. She asked each woman in turn what she thought about aspects of his physical appearance and his performance so far. In doing so she was beginning a deliberate process of objectifying him. She wanted them to get comfortable with the idea of using him for sex, rather than worrying about his feelings and holding back how they treated him. At one point she referred to him as the fuckmeat, and as a support system for a cock. And for a tongue.

Before he got too far along the road to orgasm (which was happening in spite of his humiliation) Amanda told him to stop and announced that it was time to get him cleaned up and out for the next phase of the “date”. This was to be a group participation exercise.

Rob was laid down on a plastic sheet on the bed on his stomach with his legs spread. A rack was brought over with an enema apparatus and two of the women held him in place as another filled the bag with warm soapy water. Rob himself had to lubricate his own asshole in front of the others. He was given a large bottle of water soluble lubricant and told to thoroughly grease himself up inside and out. This was extremely embarrassing but he reluctantly did it, mindful of the pain he was about to experience.

Sarah slowly and carefully inserted the lubricated nozzle into his rectum and then the water was released, again very slowly. They gave him a full two liters, massaging his stomach and sides and pretty much ignoring his discomfort and sometimes even laughing at his escalating complaints. The last of the water trickled into him just as he was on the verge of tears and starting to beg for mercy.

They made him hold it for five minutes and then allowed him to stiffly waddle across the room over to a small commode that was in the corner, where he had to sit down in front of the women and expel the murky mixture from his bowels. He then had to move over to a bidet right next to it and wash himself on it for the first time in his life. It was awkward and embarrassing learning how to use it by trial and error in full view of the others, with them laughing and joking while sipping their drinks and poking fun at him.

He had to repeat the enema process two more times before he was deemed clean enough to fuck. He bent over the edge of the wooden table where there were pads on the edge, and was told to again lubricate his asshole in front of everyone, this time inserting the nozzle of the lube bottle right into himself and squirting a large quantity inside. After he finished spreading it in his hole and all around the outside he reached back and pulled his asscheeks apart and then just lay there waiting for them to start.

Amanda distributed strap-on cocks and harnesses to everyone. Women got to choose whatever size cock they wanted to use but were told that the first to fuck him had to use the smallest as the first would give him the most pain. Finally they were ready to start. Amanda said that everyone had to wet their cock by inserting it into Rob’s mouth and getting him to suck a little cock for a bit before they fucked him with it. Judy, who was first, slid her cock into his mouth and initiated his cocksucking career. She encouraged him to take it as deep as possible but he couldn’t stand to take it into his throat, so she let up on him and moved around back. She touched the cock to his anus and started slowly and gently pressing it against him, telling him to relax and just let it sink in. She was gentle at this point and went very slowly, and the cock was pretty small, so eventually she had it in him with relatively little pain.

She let him get used to it for a while before she moved at all. Even then she started with just short, slow strokes. She did this for a long time before she started pulling out further and going in deeper. But finally she had him fairly relaxed and used to it, and that is when she started really fucking him. With all the lube inside and more being dripped on from outside he didn’t really feel much friction and so she felt freer to plunge all the way in and out. She started banging him harder and faster, trying to put repetitive pressure on her own pelvis through her clothes. The rule was that nobody stopped until they came, no matter what he said or even if he cried.

In the meantime, once Judy had completely “bottomed” out in his ass for the first time, he was told to grab his cock and start to masturbate. Judy would be able to bang him with enough force to get in deep enough without him holding himself, and it would give her more pushback.

Amanda told everyone that it was important that Rob experience an orgasm while his sphincter was clenching down on the hard cock in his ass; both to loosen him up for the larger cocks he was going to get in the future; and so that he would learn to experience anal orgasms as part of his training.

Once Judy finally had her orgasm Amanda told her to pull the cock out of Rob’s ass and put it directly into his mouth so that he could clean it completely, licking and swallowing all the fluids from his own ass in front of everyone.

After all five of the dates had fucked Rob and cum, Amanda announced that they had one more optional activity – each woman could choose to have Rob eat her pussy if she liked. Since the evening had pretty much devolved into a sort of wild girls’ night out party atmosphere and there had been a fair bit of wine involved, everyone enthusiastically agreed that they wanted some. So one by one they all lay down on the bed, removed their slacks, and let Rob go to work getting them all off once more. Inhibitions were so completely gone by this point that the orgasms were fast and very satisfying and accompanied by much laughter from everyone.

During the evening everyone had talked about themselves with everyone else and even with Rob, so that at the end of it all he knew something of them and once the rest had left was invited to tell Amanda whether he would like a second date with any one of them. Although the women had been artificially dominant according to the script, it was important that Rob actively chose one or more he liked; and similarly each one of the women were privately asked if they would be interested in seeing him again. This would be another supervised date, but would be more of the conventional dinner and conversation. He could choose as many as he liked, but was encouraged to date one at a time. In this case he decided he wanted to get to know Mary a little better, and chose to have a “normal” date with her. Fortunately she also indicated that she would like to meet with him again.

For whatever reason, his choice worked out. He and Mary enjoyed a simple dinner in the company of a staffer from the service, so once again sex was not on the agenda and there was no pressue on either one of them about that. They continued to see each other after that, eventually getting married and raising a family.

Every so often Mary would ship the kids off for an evening and invite one or more of the other women from the date night over, where they would all have great times talking and fucking Rob just like they used to. Over the years the others got partners as well and they came along for the fun. Rob would be strapped across the table and everyone, men and women, would take turns fucking his ass and getting him to suck their pussies and cocks. They lived long happy lives and their marriage was the envy of their friends and family.

“Crawl here slut,” I get on my hands and knees and can feel dirt lodging into my knees; the floor hasn’t been cleaned in months. “You’re forgetting something.” I look up confused. “Look in the freezer.” I turn around and crawl with ass shaking gusto (you love a good show). I get to the freezer and find a choke chain and metal butt plug. “You’ve been a little too hot to handle lately. This should cool you down.”

The metal is so cold it’s burning my hands. “Is there a problem? Do I need to spell out what you are going to do with those?” I shake my head no. “Oh I get it, your little slut brain doesn’t know how to crawl and carry things. Have you not learned anything from me? I think someone needs a refresher course in my world renowned slut 101 class. Let me be a gentleman and go to you since you are not capable of doing two things at once.”

You stand and shake your head, “Perhaps I’m being too gentle with you. I’ve heard that sluts from the isle of cuntopia are hard to teach.” I watch your black shoes slide across the floor. My mouth goes numb with the taste of leather. As you stride closer I notice your left shoe has a scuff mark. Once you’re in front of me I put my head down and lick it off. “Good girl. I guess you aren’t a complete lost cause.”

You squat to grab the choke chain. “Invented in the middle ages, choke chains were common for their use on unruly… canines. Now I know what is going on in that useless brain of yours. You think I am treating you like a dog. Yes?” I shake my head yes. You kick my side, “Is that mouth broken?”

“No sir.”

“Good girl. As I was saying, you have been having a real problem lately. Every time I’m finally able to stuff my cock down your throat, your mouth closes a little and I feel teeth on my dick. How do you think teeth on my dick feels slut?”

“Bad sir.”

“Very eloquent. Yes, teeth on my dick feels bad. I’ve been doing some deep pondering lately and am convinced that you are just too focused on the dick in your throat to do it properly. You need some distractions.” While dryly reciting this, you pick up the tinny metal and put it around my throat. My nipples shrivel with the cold and you take the opportunity to twist one. “Good girl. Let’s do an experiment. What do you think happens when muscles touch something cold?”

“They contract sir”

“Obviously slut. Did you expect a gold medal for that answer? That was the rhetorical part of the question and didn’t require an answer.” You pull the chain tight around my throat and tug me off the floor. “What is rule number one? That you listen to me.” You loosen the chain and I gasp for breath. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, we are going to test a very specific muscle with this cold test.”

All of a sudden I feel an iceberg on my sphincter. “You need to stop clenching muscles unnecessarily slut. I will give you until the count of three to relax your ass. Once I get to three, I am going to insert this butt plug into you. I will go at the speed I want. I will not work it in. I am going to push it and you are going to take it. If I feel you are slacking, I will assume it is because you can still breathe so I will pull this chain to remind you what clenching feels like. Is this understood slut?”

“Yes sir.”

“I’m sorry, I must be deaf because I did not hear you say, ‘I understand clenching muscles unnecessarily hurts us both sir.’”

“I understand clenching muscles unnecessarily hurts us both.”

“Good girl. One.” You slide your hand to my nipple and softly drag your fingers down my body.

“Two.” You touch my clit and easily slide two fingers into my cunt. You want to feel the plug inserted.

“Three.” You push in the tip and the cold causes me to clench. As you pull the chain around my neck, my whole body goes taut. “You’re just making this harder on yourself slut.” I feel the largest part of the plug straining and will myself to sink into the cold.

You release the chain (now warm against my skin) and pat my now plugged ass. “Good girl.”

You walk around to my face. “The problem, cunt, is that you didn’t properly learn your lesson. As I see it we have a few options. One, I give up on you and this is the end of it.”

I whimper and look into your face. Your eyes are playful. “You don’t like that do you? Very well. Your other two options are either: One, I shove my dick so far down your throat that I murder your gag reflex with my cock. It will not be a peaceful passing, but one with lots of repeated jabbing and bodily fluids. Two, I fuck your ass.”

You smile after this and reach down to stroke the back of my neck. “Now when I say fuck your ass, I am not talking about the soft way I’ve accustomed you to. Let me give you a demonstration about what I mean.”

You walk over to the tray of homemade doughnuts I made earlier. After inspecting each one, you find the doughnut with the smallest center hole. “This, slut, is your asshole.” You hold the doughnut at the bottom and look through the center hole.

“This, useless cunt, is my hand.” You hold up your hand.

I roll my eyes.

You power walk behind me and I tense up expecting a slap. Instead I feel the plug ripped out of me. I scream.

“Clenching, slut. It’s not a beautiful thing. Now where was I?” You push the plug back in my ass bringing a fresh scream from my lips. “Ah yes, what I mean by fuck your ass.”

You grab the choke chain and drag me in front of your chair. I’m caught off guard at first and don’t have a chance to get my footing. As my knees scrape the floor I can feel rug burns enveloping my knees. You drop me at the foot of the chair and order, “Sit up.”

Ignoring the pain in my knees, ass, and neck, I kneel in from of you. My eyes are even with yours and I sneak a peek to see your pants straining. You catch me looking at your crotch and smile, “I would offer to take my pants off, but I know how terribly you listen when my penis is around. This is what I mean by fuck your ass.”

You take the doughnut and shove a finger into the middle, waving it up and down. All of a sudden crumbs explode over my face as you fist the doughnut to oblivion. I swallow.

“What do you chose?”

“To not clench anymore?” I plead convincingly.

“Wrong. You chose both. Good girl.”

I whimper and you look disappointed. “I seem to remember a certain whore telling me that they can take everything I can dish out. Are you not enjoying this? I would accept a verbal answer from you, but we both know how your mouth doesn’t work when I’m around.” You pull me onto your lap with the chain and reach your other hand over my back. You can’t resist pinching my ass as you reach for my pussy. “My, my. Would you like a towel, Lass? I don’t think I’ve ever felt you quite this wet before.”

Before I have a chance to respond, the choke chain is pulled down and quickly tied around the foot of the chair. My tits are now plastered to the floor and I can feel them being coated with the filth on your floor. My ass is how you like it, high and open.

You know I’m expecting another monologue about clenching or how slutty I am but instead you shove four fingers in my cunt and begin grinding my g spot until I start to squirt. I feel the pressure in my ass release as you pull out the butt plug and place it directly in front of my face.

“Take a deep whiff slut because my dick is coming straight to your lips after I’m done on this end.”

The butt plug has loosed me enough so that when you unceremoniously propel your four fingers into my sphincter it doesn’t rip in half (I’m thankful for the little things). “I was going to use lube but I think I can just lubricate my favorite hole with the wetness from your self-lubricating hole.”

There is no quicker way for me to cum than to have my ass pounded and this time is no exception. Because my ass is already tender from the frigid butt plug I can feel myself about to orgasm. “I’m going to cum sir,” I spit out. Instead of the pressure building I feel my ass become empty.

“Well that won’t do. I’m not even undressed.” You take your time taking off your slacks. My heavy breathing slows and I can feel every inch of my body: the weight around my neck, the stinging in my knees, my messy backside. I hear you unbutton each one of the buttons on your vest. You clear your throat and I feel my toes clenching up in anticipation. You must be naked now because I can’t hear anything. I move around nervously as you inspect me. Your telescope eyes make me uncomfortable (and unspeakably wet). All of a sudden I hear you walk away from me and open the freezer.

My brain spins. Was there something else in there? I rack my brain trying to remember. You walk slowly until you are kneeling behind me. “This will keep you from getting too worked up.”

I jump and choke myself as you put an icecube on my clit and slide it along my labia until it’s lodged in my cunt. I barely feel you jab your dick into my ass as I try and maintain my head down ass up position. You make this harder for me as you begin to rock me back and forth on your dick. The chain around my neck loosens for seconds out of every minute and I spend those seconds gasping for air.

Your hands and bashing me onto your dick and balls deep doesn’t even begin to describe how you’re rearranging my insides. You feel me tense up and correctly assume I’m about to cum. “As soon as you cum I’m shoving this dick down your throat.”

I try and stave my orgasm off—the thought of ass to mouth terrifies me—but I’m too far over the edge. I scream fuck as you pound me with the force of a mutant. My legs give out and I fall on the floor. As I blubber with my eyes closed, you take off my choke chain and drag me by the hair to the kitchen table. “Lay on your back with your head over the edge and mouth wide open. If you pull back or close your mouth this will be our last encounter.”

My mouth has been open less than a second when I feel your dick at the back of my throat. I ignore the acidic taste and open my throat. True to your word you distract me by twisting my nipples until they are raw. “Good girl, I’ll give you one last breath and then I’m going to cum down your throat.” I take the deepest breath I can and feel you fuck my mouth quick and shallow until you push hard down my throat and cum.

“A plus, Lass.” I smile and savor the taste of ass, pussy, and cum.

Part 1 – Where Cambridge Lies

Inspired in part by Twitter .

Dedicated to them, them who might actually like me, them who are capable of not hating a man who is neither alive, nor dead.

Sandstone hair, eyes the color of the ocean on the clearest, bluest day, a voice like a crackling fire in the fireplace, with white in his executive beard and at the temples; he was a lighter compliment to her darker brunette beauty. He met her one night in a small bar in Cambridge, city of technology and business. The bar was called Champions, a sports bar, and they served his favorite beer, a local one called Pretty Things’ Jack d’Or. He went there frequently just for it; it was a Saison, sometimes called a farmhouse ale. The delicious and spicy flavor reminded him of back home, when he used to bale hay. Tonight, however, he had a glass of deep red wine, a Carmenere that was a prodigious find.

He scratched fitfully at his beard as she continued the conversation on her own. He was having a hard time paying attention, because her breasts were so large they were like a second gravitational point. He suspected they must be fake, because she was quite slender otherwise. But even they couldn’t distract from her hair, which flowed in stylish, wide curls down over her shoulders, a deep brown waterfall, glossier than any magazine cover.

“John, are you listening?” She asked with a big smile. Her perfectly straight and white teeth left him temporarily speechless.

“Yes, sorry. Was distracted for a moment. Please go on.” Her name was Peitho, which he wasn’t confident pronouncing as yet, especially not with that much alcohol in him. When she introduced herself, he had to look it up because it sounded familiar. He was beginning to understand why she introduced herself as that, and why she was probably using a pseudonym. He hadn’t given her his real name either, because he’d also had to deal with stalkers before, just as he was sure she had. But by giving him that particular name, instead of something like Gretchen, surely that was a good sign?

“As I was saying, I love April Fools’ day. It just makes me laugh more and more every year. Twitter goes nuts, and people party like they don’t have to work the next day.” She paused. “And I get to meet interesting men on occasion.”

“You do? Where?!” John replied quickly, looking behind him, confused. She laughed before he even had to explain that it was a joke, so he knew she was a keeper. It sounds as if he was overconfident of his humor, but it was more that he understood he could be rather obscure at times, and not everyone understood sarcasm all that well. Peitho did, though, and she wasn’t afraid to use it. He really liked that. Hell, he really liked her personality in general. Flirty without being insane, and generally just very open and interesting.

“I was only April Fooling, of course. There are no interesting men in this part of Boston.” She was smiling the whole time of course, trying to stifle the laughter at her own joke. He laughed enough for both of them, a deep, resonating laugh. She really liked his laugh and his eyes.

She choked a little on her beer. “Sorry, I don’t normally have trouble swallowing.” She smiled again. As intoxicating as the wine was, it was the smile that would do him in this night. And the innuendo.

“Waiter! I need the check. This woman is too amazing.” John said. He had plans tonight, and they involved spanking her for being naughty. She didn’t know that yet, but she would.

The waiter brought the check and he assigned it to his room at the Marriott. He stood up and if anyone else in the bar had been looking, they’d have been staring at the front of his pants, bulging. She certainly was. He smiled, and took her by the hand.

In the elevator, they were all over each other. He kissed her deeply, tongue probing around her mouth phallicly, and fondled her buttocks. When he finally stopped biting her lip, she pulled away and whispered into his ear, “I want you to rape me.”

He replied, “It only matters what I want. You will do exactly as I say.” Then he put his hand around her throat and pinned her to the wall of the elevator. “Do you understand me, you little slut?”

“Yes, sir.” She replied, docile, almost simpering, her bottom lip tremulous. The door to the elevator opened and he grabbed her by the hair with his left hand, and used his right hand to put both her other hands behind her back and hold them there. They walked down the hallway – not a long walk, but a shameful one, her figure prone, prostrate. Servile.

When they got to the door, he whispered into her ear, “Don’t move…your hands.” He pulled out his key card and pushed the door open with her body, pushing her through the door roughly. When the door was fully open, he shoved her and she fell into the room. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, locked the chain. When he turned around, she was on her knees with her eyes down. “Good girl. Tell me, what is your safe word?”

She replied confidently, quickly, “Red.”

“You will say, ‘Sir’, understood? Good. I see you’ve done this before. Now get up and bend over the bed, slut. You’ve been naughty tonight.”

She moved to the bed and spread her legs, bending over and putting her hands down to support her torso. She was wearing a little black cocktail dress, the bottom of it inching up her legs as she spread them and bent over. He grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her head back.

Smack! She let out a yelp. The feel of her ass on his hand stung just as much as it stung her – a kind of subtle masochism, because in every sadist lives a masochist. “Count, sub.”

“One sir. Unh, two. Three. Four. Five.” The smacking continued, each one a little bit harder. He pulled up her dress to her waist and noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Naughty girl. You were looking to get fucked tonight. To get hurt. I like that.” Her body was shivering, possibly from the air conditioning, but most likely from the pain she was in, and the fun she was having. He started again, getting into a rhythm: Smack, smack, smack, rub around the area lewdly, occasionally brushing her dripping wet labia with his fingers. Smack, smack, smack, rub. By the time he was done, she had counted to thirty. His hand was as red and purple as her ass.

“Thank you, sir. Please fuck me, I just want you to fuck me now. Please sir. I beg you.” She was whimpering from the pain of her raw, swollen ass. He pulled her up by the hair and threw her up against the wall. He moved behind her and turned her around, pressing her backward, warm ass pressed to the cold wall. He left her skirt on, but grabbed a condom from the drawer next to him.

“Suck it, bitch.” She immediately knelt in front of him and pulled his pants down. His erect penis was already standing at full attention. She grabbed it by the base and jammed her mouth down over it eagerly. She bobbed up and down with her greedy little mouth, sticking her tongue out to lick the underside of the shaft even as the head of his cock touched nearly the base of her tongue. He grabbed her hair and shoved her down further, gagging her. He held her there, pushing her down, penetrating into her throat, going beyond her tongue, deep inside.

She could feel it starting to raise her gorge, so she pushed back. He let her breathe, pulling out of her mouth. As she caught her breath, he open-handed slapped her. Her face moved to the side and she fell back a little. He spit in her face and her hands wavered, trying to block it, failing. It oozed down her face like light red paint dripping down a painting, colored from the wine he’d been drinking earlier.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up by it, slamming her back against the wall. He slipped on the condom quickly and lifted her up by the legs, pinned her to the wall. He entered her roughly and slipped easily into her thick, slick wetness. She let out a sigh. “Agghh, fuck, fuck me!” She was practically screaming. Her butt bounced against the wall painfully – whack, whack, whack as he pumped in and out of her.

She couldn’t do anything but pull on his ass harder and faster and hang on for dear life. She turned her head skyward as he bit her neck. Within seconds, he had to put his hand over her mouth, because she was screaming out orgasm after orgasm, the energy releasing itself all at once. Her entire body was shaking with shock. The sensation of having her ass pressed against the wall and a thick tree-trunk slammed into her pussy almost made her pass out.

He slowed down and pulled out. She slowly let her legs go back to the floor, still shaky. She leaned on him for support, and he moved her back to the bed. He bent over over it and said, “Now it’s my turn. Hold your ass cheeks apart for me.”

She did as she was told, but said, “Red. I just ask that you go slowly. Go ahead.”

“Very well.” He grabbed the lube he also kept in the condom drawer out and slathered some on her, its cool tingling tickled. He put the head of his penis up to her hole and slowly pressed. She spread apart very slowly. He met a lot of resistance, but she didn’t cry out or even tell him to slow down. She had a look of concentration on her face, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. One hand was on her clitoris, tugging the hood back and forth. Eventually, he’d fit the full thick six inches in and pressed his pelvis against her.

He’d stepped out of his pants when he stepped over to the bed. He was the one shivering now, but it was not from the air conditioning. It was from a woman who was smiling at him when he fucked her in the ass. He moved out slowly and pushed back in. She used her other hand to guide him. He moved at the speed she wanted. He grabbed her hair passionately, and her hip with his other hand. She didn’t have to hold her cheeks apart anymore; he was sliding in and out quickly and powerfully. She felt so used, so taken, so completely filthy.

“Yes, sir, fuck my ass. Fuck it harder. Ohhh fuck, yes. God damnit. Holy shit. I’m going to cum again. Sir, may I cum again? Please?”

“You will wait until I’m ready, understood, whore?”

“Yes, sir.”

But he was about to cum anyway. It didn’t take him long, because of her beautiful smile. Lips so red, slightly messed up from the blow job. “Cum now,” he said, more of a growl as he neared climax.

As she began to scream again and squirt it out all over the bed, he came hard, releasing a goldmine worth of fluid into the condom, inside her butt. He hunched over her back, unable to control himself, collapsing on top of her. He lifted the hair from the back of her neck and kissed her neck gently, sucking on each vertebrae individually as she shivered against him. He slowly slipped out of her, soft now, but happier than he’d been in a long time.

“You please me.” He said with a big smile and a sigh.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had. Can we do this again? I feel like a part of my life was missing, one in which I get to be my real self. Other men don’t understand that. I hope you do.”

He thought about it for a moment. “Of course. I only visit here for work these days – I live in Florida. But we can make this a regular thing if you want. Do you want a relationship with me, or just sex?”

“Let’s just do sex for now. I won’t sleep with other people if you won’t, but I have to get to know you better if we’re to have a real relationship. Is that okay, sir?” She said.

He chuckled. “Yes,” he said. “I would have insisted it be that way, but wanted to make sure it was okay too.” He gave a little laugh again and rolled off of her. He took off the condom and put it in the trash can. “You don’t have to call me sir if you don’t want to, not outside of sex. Come here babe, I want to snuggle.” He put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. She lifted her head up and he held her hair out of the way, and she put her head over his arm, resting gently on the muscles there. He held her butt against him, nuzzling up against her ear, sometimes nibbling it, sometimes flicking it around with his tongue.

As his hands played over her clavicles, she fell asleep, getting wetter and wetter. He just hugged her and held her and protected her. He whispered to her as she slept, “I will try very hard to make you happy, sweet lady.”

The end of Part 1 of the story of The Night King.

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