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At the dinner table, Bernie was sweating, and not from the hot meal in front of him. Across the table from him, his gorgeous eighteen year old daughter Hayley was eating, still in her school uniform. Bernie stared as she flicked her blonde ponytail out of her way and forked a long piece of sausage, bringing it up to her full pink lips. Her eyes closed as she bit into it. He could see how her lips squashed on its round surface, how juices squeezed out of it. God, he had to get his dick back in there, he just had to get –

“Bernard, are you listening to me?”

With an inward groan, he turned to look at his wife, Freda. Next to the glory of Hayley’s appearance, his wife seemed even worse. Her hair was a dull mousy brown, her figure was short and dumpy, her face was puckered up in a seemingly perpetual frown. Now that frown was directed at him.

“Well?” She demanded.

“I’m sorry, dear,” He admitted. “Please tell me again.”

His wife humphed. She was the only person he knew who actually made a humph sound.

“I was saying, Bernard, that you don’t seem very happy,” She tapped his plate with her knife for emphasis. “You have been moping about since I got back.”

“I’m sorry, dear,” He repeated himself. “Trouble at work, you know.”

“No, Bernard, I don’t know,” Freda cut him off. “Because you have barely said two words to me in the past week.”

“I’m sorry, dear.”

“If I did not know better,” She intoned. “I would think you would rather I had not come back.”

“Of course not, dear.”

“At least Hayley is happy to see me,” She continued. “I thank God that she is here for me.”

Freda favoured their daughter with a warm smile. Bernie was just glad for the excuse to look at Hayley again, to see the pretty pink mouth open in a lovely smile. He thought of all the times he had seen that smile smeared with his sperm, or seen those lips trying to smile around the thickness of his dick.

It had been the best three weeks of his life. Freda had been away on a Bible tour and, by a miraculous series of events, he had fooled his naïve teenage daughter into sucking his cock and eating his cum on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day. He had also managed to fool her into letting him fuck her ass, originally with the idea of doing it once a week, yet he hadn’t been able to keep to that restriction very long. God, that lovely tight asshole, squeezing his shaft, wet with lube and hot and –


He jolted in his seat, possessed of the fear Freda had somehow read his mind. “Yes? Uh, yes dear?”

“I said your name five times then, Bernard,” She seemed to choke on her own annoyance. “Goodness, Bernard, I’m starting to worry about your mind.”

“I’m sorry dear.”

“I do not know what you’ve been getting yourself into in my absence, Bernard,” She sighed. “Have you been getting any exercise?”

“Some, dear. Here and there.”

“Doing what?”

“Uh,” His mind raced over weeks of pounding their only child’s orifices. “Pushups.”

“Really?” She said, raising an eyebrow at his flabby chest.

“And walking.” He tried.

“I think you need something to occupy your time, Bernard,” She frowned at him. “A hobby, perhaps. Something you can really get into. I mean really push yourself into something.”

“Yes dear.”

“Really let yourself go, Bernard. Find some release.”

“Yes dear.”

“It is a shame you have not embraced the faith as much as Hayley and I,” Freda gestured at her daughter. “Hayley gets a lot from the love of the heavenly Father. It is a deep, penetrating love, Bernard. Perhaps you would not understand.”

“I think I can imagine, dear.” He said, wishing he was the heavenly Father.

“Hmmm, yes,” Freda put down her cutlery. “Well, please excuse me for the moment.”

His wife got up from the table and walked out in the direction of the bathroom. Bernie heard the bathroom door click shut, before looking up at his daughter, who was looking at him with a concerned expression.

Hayley didn’t know whether to be happy or worried. The past week since her mother had returned had been restful, yet she was worried about her father and did not believe he was well at all. For the past three weeks, ever since he was bitten by a trouser snake on his penis, she had been sucking out the venom from the bite. Then after her scare when that horrible boy had kissed her, her father had insisted on pregnancy tests once a week. She had never gotten used to the test, with her father’s penis filling up her bottom, but she liked the sense of security it gave her.

Over the three weeks she had lost count of the number of times she had sucked out the venom, or pumped it out with her breasts, or bent over for a test. It seemed like her father’s penis was always out when he was home, its hot swollen form prodding her. By the end of last week her mouth and bottom had been quite sore from receiving it, her breasts too from being gripped and squeezed, plus the taste of the venom seemed ever-present in her throat. Any time she got in the shower, she had to expect her father to stumble in, needing a sucking. Any time she was in bed or on the sofa she had to expect him to appear, demanding to pull down her panties and test her bottom with his penis.

Now, since her mother came back, she had not seen her father’s penis for a week. He was surly and distracted, not well at all. In the past weeks she had seen so much venom come out of the bite every day, surely it must be building up terribly, his penis must be horribly swollen down there. Sometimes she saw him looking at her mouth, or her chest, with a sad look on his face. She wished that her mother could know, so that she could pull out his poor sick penis and suck it all better for him.

“Are you okay, Daddy?” She whispered across the table.

He look back sadly. “I’m fine, honey.”

“How is your penis?” She asked.

“Oh, its, um, well,” He looked flustered. “It could be better, really.”

“Oh no!” She cried, though quietly. “Maybe we should tell Mummy.”

“No! No, we can’t, honey. I’ll be alright.”

“Well,” Hayley hesitated. “What if I did it right now, Daddy? Before Mummy comes back?”

His face lit up. “I don’t know, honey.”

“Maybe if I sucked really hard, it would come out quickly.”

Her father made a choking sound, looking in the direction of the bathroom. Then he vaulted out of his chair and scrambled around the table towards her, his face twisted in a manic grin. Hayley turned her athletic body in her chair to face him as he stumbled up to her, unzipping his work pants. Then it was swinging in her face, totally stiff, bigger and more swollen than she remembered it. The hole on the end of the penis was wet, as though there was too much venom to keep inside.

Bernie sighed in pure pleasure as his cock leapt free of his pants, enjoying the now familiar spectacle and anticipation of his throbbing dick in front of his gorgeous teenage daughter’s face.

“I’ll suck really hard.” Hayley whispered. Bernie made more choking noises as his daughter took hold of his thighs and guided her pink lips onto the head of his cock, which seemed to jump into her mouth. The tight circle of the young lips closed around the shaft and he groaned loudly before stopping himself. This was dangerous stuff, there was no way Freda could find them. He had to hurry!

His mouth open in a silent roar, Bernie took hold of Hayley’s blonde head and rammed his whole length into her face, feeling it slide over her tongue and into her throat, bending himself down into his girl. His fingers sank into blonde tresses as he thrust himself madly into her mouth, fucking her face with total abandon, desperate to cum as quickly as possible.

God, her mouth was so wet, her sucking so energetic. He recalled the first time he had put it in her mouth, in the middle of the night, her sitting on the edge of her bed. She had looked up at him, her big blue eyes so trusting, so loving, as she suckled on his cock. He had been worried then about being too rough, only giving her a few inches, gently fucking her mouth. He grinned, thinking how things had changed. Now his pelvis was slamming into Hayley’s face, his whole nine inches disappearing.

God, he was going to cum, at last. He increased the pace, feeling the tightening of his balls, the welling up of the load. He was going to –

The toilet flushed. Freda was coming back.

Bernie froze. “Damn!” He hissed.

With another curse he pulled his cock out of his daughter’s mouth, shoving it back in his pants and barely missing it with the zipper. His fat figure lurched around the table and he dropped into his seat, just in time for Freda’s footsteps to sound from the hall.

His wife sat down. Bernie fought to control his breathing, trying to smile at her and appear normal.

“Bernard, what is wrong with your face?” She asked instantly. “You look all flushed. And you have not eaten much, either, Bernard. That is not like you.”

“Sorry, dear.” He wheezed.

“Hmmm,” She mused, before turning to Hayley. “Oh dear, Hayley, are you alright?”

Bernie followed Freda’s gaze to their daughter. Hayley sat in her chair, her hair mussed around her face, her skin flushed, her eyes watery and red. There was a bit of moisture around her lips.

“What happened, Hayley?” Freda demanded. Hayley looked at Bernie for help. Thinking fast, he mimed to her, hoping she’d understand.

“I sneezed?” Hayley said uncertainly.

“Well, go and get a tissue,” Freda ordered, watching as Hayley tottered out of the room. She turned to him. “Honestly, Bernard, sometimes I can really see you inside that girl.”

“Sometimes I do too.” He said.


Bernie sat at the dinner table and muttered under his breath. Even his favourite desert of sticky date pudding had not managed to remove his grumpiness, which only made Freda even more inclined to attack him. As a result the rest of the dinner had crawled by, mostly in silence. In his pants his cock had barely softened at all, resting in a painfully bent position where it had been hastily stuffed. He could feel the moisture of his daughter’s spit in his boxers.

Damn it, he didn’t want to just go and jerk off. He wanted to feel that little teen throat swallowing his load again, a sensation he had gotten very attached to in the past month. He couldn’t stand the idea of going back to jerking off in the toilet, never again feeling his daughter’s wet mouth all over his cock. Damn it, he needed a bold move. It had been boldness that got him in her mouth the first time, so only boldness was going to get him in there again.

Setting his jaw, he got up and moved to the kitchen entrance, from which he could hear his wife and daughter bustling around getting ready to do the washing up. When he stepped inside the kitchen his eyes widened and his mouth filled with saliva.

Hayley was bent over, rummaging around in the drawer where the tea towels were kept, her ass pointed right at him. The normally demure school uniform skirt was right up her thighs, molded to the firm swell of her cheeks. His palms itched. If Freda had not been in the house, he would have demanded she stay right there, lifted up that skirt and given her the deepest pregnancy test ever.

“Bernard, what’s the matter?”

He looked up guiltily to see Freda frowning at him from the other side of the kitchen, a pair of dishwashing gloves in her hands. How long had she been watching him goggling at their daughter’s ass? He drew a clumsy smile onto his lips as he tried to think quickly.

“Well, uh, my dear,” He began. “I, uh, thought maybe Hayley and I could see to this washing, you know. Give you some time to rest.”

Hayley straightened up and beamed at her parents, completely guileless. Freda continued glaring at Bernie until he felt quite nervous, before breaking into her pursed little smile.

“Well, this is unusual,” She said. “My, my, looking after things has made you very capable, Bernard. I think I will have a little sit down with the good book after all.”

“Yes, you do that, dear.” He said kindly.

Freda thrust the gloves into his hands. “Its nice to see you putting in some hard work, Bernard.”

“Yes dear.”

Freda walked out of the kitchen smiling. Bernard turned to his daughter, salivating as he took in the beautiful sight of her tight body in its school uniform. She was bouncing on her toes and smiling at him.

“That was nice of you Daddy.” She trilled.

“Yes, very nice,” He leered. “How about you do the washing, honey, and I’ll, uh, dry.”

“Oh, okay.” She said, obviously not sure of his tone of voice. She took the gloves off him in exchange for the towel and turned to the sink while pulling them on. Bernie took the opportunity to appreciate the curve of her ass yet again as she filled up the sink with water. His cock was bulging out his pants, painfully erect and bent.

Hayley scrubbed another plate and placed it in the rack with the two others she’d already washed, vaguely wondering why her father hadn’t started drying them. He was silent behind her and she was about to turn around when she felt him press up against her back, his body very hot, his protruding stomach squashing into her.

“Oh!” She squeaked, dropping a mug into the water.

“Sssh!” Her father hissed in her ear. “Keep washing, honey. I’ve got to, uh, get this venom out, you know.”

“Oh,” She whispered. “Should I suck it some more?”

Her father made a choking sound in her ear before responding, his voice thick.

“No, honey, I think you’re overdue for a pregnancy test.”

“Really? Oh no,” She whispered. “But what if Mummy hears?”

“She won’t,” He assured. “Just keep washing the dishes.”

Hayley picked up the mug again and tried to concentrate of giving it a scrub as she felt her father’s hands fumbling at her back, brushing against her bottom. He was pulling up her skirt until she felt the cool air on her buttocks, the skirt bunched at her waist. There was more fumbling and then she had to restrain another squeal as the familiar big hot sausage of her father’s penis slid up between her thighs, coming to rest firmly trapped against her panties.

“Oh no, its so swollen!” She said quietly. Her father didn’t respond, instead his breathing seemed to increase dramatically. His hands started kneading her buttocks, which he had told her was good preparation for a pregnancy test, at the same time he was rocking his body against her, rubbing his penis between her firm thighs. It gave her a very strange tingling sensation as it brushed her female area.

“Keep washing up.” He ordered in a hoarse whisper. She obeyed immediately, dumping the mug in the rack and immersing another plate as her father squeezed her bottom. She scrubbed at it distantly as she felt his fingers move upwards and hook into the waistband of her panties, roughly yanking them down until they were halfway down her thighs. Now she could feel the air everywhere down there.

She felt him get his penis tangled in the panties as she continued noisily scrubbing the already clean plate, his voice muttering as he freed the appendage. Hayley squeaked involuntarily as the hot piece of meat was suddenly back against her female area, now without the barrier of her panties.

“Oh my goodness,” Her father breathed. “Oh that’s a good girl.”

Bernie looked down at the perky ass of his teenage daughter, sitting atop his rigid cock. He could feel the warmth of her skin and the lips of her virgin pussy against his straining nine inches. With glee he started sliding it back and forth again, trying not to swear with pleasure at the sensation of his little girl’s labia rubbing his shaft and catching the flange of his cock’s head. God, her ass was so firm his fingers barely sank into the muscle at all.

Bernie glanced over his shoulder, half-expecting Freda to be standing there aghast, but the doorway was empty. She was undoubtedly immersed in her favorite book again, following the exploits of Jesus, wholly unaware her precious daughter was about to be buggered in her own kitchen.

He slid his hand into the crack of Hayley’s ass and rubbed the tips of his fingers against the puckered little hole of her anus, feeling her stiffen against his hand and dick. Pulling aside one of her cheeks with one hand, he pushed his index finger against the familiar tight hole, working the tip inside the warm passage. At the same time he sawed his cock against the teenage cunt, wiggling the finger even further inside his daughter.

“Ooh, Daddy,” She whispered, looking over her shoulder at him. “Can you tell yet? Am I okay?”

“Unh, no, uh, honey,” He croaked. “I’ll, uh, need to put my, um, penis, in there.”

“Oh, okay.”

Bernie moved his hips back and slid his cock up his daughter’s slit and up into the crack of her tight ass. The thick head of his cock rubbed her skin until it reached the hot little hole of her anus. He couldn’t believe the heat of her asshole as it accepted just the very tip of his length. Jesus, he wanted to bury the whole thing in that teenage ass, but there was no way it would go in dry. What the hell was he going to use as lube? The Vaseline was in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and might as well be on the moon.

He looked frantically around the room, glancing nervously at the doorway. He had to make this fast if he was going to cum in her ass and clean it up before Freda got suspicious or came to investigate. What was in the kitchen that was slippery and that he could smear on his cock? Then he saw it: the bottle of washing up detergent on the edge of the sink.

“Stay right there, honey,” He whispered in Hayley’s ear, leaning into her to reach the bottle, his dick pushing even harder against her entrance as he did so. “Keep washing up.”

He lifted the bottle and looked it over, rhythmically pushing his cock against her anus in an absent-minded fashion. God, he was so horny he could basically cum just from that, but he wanted to get in her, he wanted to feel her all around him again.

He tilted up the detergent and squirted a little bit of the bright yellow liquid into his palm, before setting the bottle down and moving the hand to his cock. The stuff felt strange and oily as he rubbed it against his bulging shaft, not at all like the Vaseline, yet it was certainly slippery. In no time his hand was sliding easily, little bubbles between his fingers.

Hayley was still scrubbing the same plate, feeling very strange standing at the sink with her panties pulled down and her skirt up. For a second she had been sure her father was going to insert his penis into her bottom without any slippery stuff at all. The thought made her cringe. His penis always felt so big in her little bottom that she couldn’t imagine it going in dry. Still, she knew she should be grateful that her father was willing to do the tests at all, especially when he was so sick.

Now she felt one of her father’s hands grasp one of her buttocks and pull it roughly to the side, which she had learned was the signal he was guiding his penis into her. She figured he needed to see the way into her bottom in order to get it in. Sure enough, the next thing she felt was the end of her father’s penis pushing against the hole of her bottom, still shockingly large. The pressure increased, pushing her pelvis into the edge of the sink. She bit her lip as the big helmet-like end of the penis forced its way up inside her, gasping out loud as she felt its flange slip within her body.

“Oooooh.” She breathed, unable to stay quiet. Her father was breathing very loudly in her ear, obviously feverish. His penis was burning hot as it slowly stretched her bottom open, filling her up with its thickness, seemingly endless. The washing up liquid seemed even more slippery than the other stuff and the penis was going even deeper than she remembered, her breath catching as it finally stopped, her bottom feeling as though it had been split open.

“Oh, so good,” Bernie groaned under his breath. “I mean, such a good girl. So-o deep.”

“Thankyou, oooh, Daddy.” Hayley whispered back.

Bernie stared at his daughter’s asshole as he started to withdraw his cock, gleeful with how deep he’d managed to sink himself in her flesh. Jesus, he’d buried six inches in her sweet little behind! He gaped in glee as he saw her stretched ring give up his thick member, the skin of her hole dragging on the veiny shaft. When he’d pulled out all the way to the head he grabbed those firm cheeks in his hands and squeezed them onto his shaft, pushing himself back in, feeling the silky hot inside of her anal passage right up his straining throbbing rod.

God damn it, he didn’t know how long he could take this. He was losing all control, snuffling and drooling with pleasure, almost delirious with it. The tight firm teen ass, the smooth lovely skin of his daughter’s butt in his hands, the thick blonde hair in his face, was just too much. A week’s worth of frustration was welling up in his balls. He started humping her hard, punching his dick up into that delicious teenage body, making her give out little squeaks of surprise. He had to bite his own lips to prevent himself from howling with lust.

The load was coming. He wanted to feel those gorgeous tits as he came, so he reached around her and took one of them in each hand, their firm globes filling his palms, glorious even through her school shirt and bra. He ran his hands all over them before squeezing them, delighting in how springy they were, hearing her draw in a sharp breath at his roughness. All the while he was thrusting himself into her asshole without restraint. Her passage had never felt so lubricated, it felt like he was getting more and more into her with each push.

Panting, gasping and groping, Bernie looked down at the muscular teen ass that gripped his cock. At first he couldn’t be sure what he was seeing, he made a strange interrogative sound in his throat. The crack of Hayley’s ass was full of bubbles, so much so that he couldn’t even see his cock past the cloud of suds. Holy shit, he realized, the detergent was fucking bubbling out of her ass. His daughter’s anal passage was slicker than he’d ever felt on his cock, he was deeper than ever, he pushed into her again and saw that he was going seven inches into her at least.

Oh God, he was going to cum really soon. His mouth opened in a silent scream of pleasure, the feel of her soaped up anus overwhelming. His fingers sank into the abundant tight flesh of her chest, his hips slamming forward and driving her into the edge of the sink. He felt the head of his cock pioneering into her nubile young body, deeper and deeper until he felt her buttocks press against his thighs. Oh blessed Jesus, all of his thick nine inches was encased in hot, wet, sweet ass meat, his hands full of big teenage tits, his own daughter impaled on his shaft. He let out a bellow of pure joy, while Hayley cried out in shock as he shoved his base against her asshole.

“What’s going on in there?” Freda cried from the living room.

Oh no! Bernie screamed in his mind, instantly panicking, Hayley stiffening in his grip. The sperm which he had been about to spurt up Hayley’s ass seemed to retreat into his balls in fright. Here he was, balls-deep in his daughter’s ass, grasping her tits, as he heard the sofa creak from Freda getting up. Aaaah!

Frantically he released her tits and withdrew the entire length of his cock from her asshole. His erection was throbbing and red and covered with suds that slopped onto the kitchen tiles. It was so slippery that when he first grabbed it, it slipped out of fingers. Muttering obscenities he got hold of his dick and stuffed it painfully in his slacks. He grabbed Hayley’s panties and hauled them up, noticing as he did how her asshole was gaping, stretched wide by his deep fucking, dribbling froth. Then he pulled up her panties, pulled down her skirt and leapt away just as Freda stepped into the doorway.

“What’s going on?” She demanded, staring at them. “I heard someone cry out!”

“Oh, yes, that,” Bernie started, his voice too loud, struggling to breath. “Yes, well, Hayley, well.”

“Well what, Bernard?” She asked sharply. Hayley was looking at him, her eyes big and a bit wet, still in the same bent position she had been fucked in.

“Well,” His mind raced. “Well, Hayley, look what you’ve done!”

“Daddy?” She asked uncertainly.

“Look at this floor,” He pointed at the ground under her. “You’ve got soap everywhere. What a mess!”

“Oh, um, Daddy, that’s from-”

“Go to your room!” He interrupted.

“But its from your-”

“Go!” He shouted, pointing at the door. “Right now missy!”

Hayley burst into tears and ran out, her gait a little bit awkward. Bernie was left in the kitchen with Freda.

“You’re too hard with that girl, Bernard.” She said angrily.

“I’ll go talk to her, dear.” He said, passing her the dish towel.

Bernie had to suppress a smile as he walked down the hallway to Hayley’s room. He glanced back to check that Freda wasn’t following, then stepped inside and quietly closed the door.

Hayley looked up at him from the edge of the bed, her face streaked with tears.

“Daddy, I-”

“Its okay, honey,” He said quietly. “I’m not mad at you.”

“Y-you’re not?”

“No, I’m not. I just needed to get away from your mother for a minute.”

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so glad y-”

“Honey,” He interrupted, his voice thick. “Daddy needs you to do something.”

Bernie pulled open his slacks, the zipper still undone, and let them fall to his ankles. His cock, still very stiff and glistening, swung out towards her.

“Oh Daddy it looks bad.”

“Kneel down here, honey,” He told her. “Daddy needs you to suck him.”

Hayley got down on her knees on the floor, smiling up at him, her eyes still very wet. Something about those big blue eyes shimmering up at him made Bernie’s cock throb even harder. He guided his cock to those juicy pink lips, that parted to take his head into the wet heaven beyond them.

“Eww,” Hayley pulled back, spitting. “Ew, Daddy, it tastes all yucky.”

He sank his fingers into her blonde mane. “Just suck me, honey.”

“But it smells like my bo-”

Hayley didn’t finish her sentence. He pulled her head forward and thrust his cock at her open lips, cutting her off as her mouth was filled with his thick rod, its length still grimy with ass grease and detergent. He felt his daughter gagging and choking on his dick as he held her head down on it, her hands flailing in distress, forcing her to take him all the way down. The warm ring of her lips accepted him until they were in his soapy pubes, his tip bending down her spasming throat. Oh heaven, after a week of hell.

Bernie expelled a giant breath, fighting to stay silent as the semen surged up his pipe and exploded. His cock was convulsing violently as he humped his teenage daughter’s face, jerking off with her throat, pouring days and days of frustrated cum into her. It felt like he came for hours, spurting and spurting as she choked and struggled to swallow it all.

Finally he released her, staggering backwards. Hayley pulled her face off his cock instantly, coughing and spluttering, her face full of disgust. She even wiped at her tongue with her hand, grossed out by the hideous taste of the penis.

“Ewww.” She moaned, tears in her eyes.

“Oh, my goodness,” Bernie uttered, almost losing his balance. “Oh damn.”

His cock was dripping on the carpet. He shoved the softening member back into his underwear and hitched up his slacks.

“Are you okay, Daddy?” Hayley asked.

“Yes, uh, honey,” He said, nearly groaning with relief, smiling broadly. “You’re such a good girl. You’ve saved Daddy again.”

She smiled at him, though her face was still screwed up from the taste of his soapy, ass-fucked cock. Jesus, just looking at her was making him twitch in his pants.

“Oh, that’s so good, Daddy,” She said hoarsely. “Um, can I get a glass of water?”

“Not right now,” He said. “Just stay in your room for a little while, honey. Otherwise your mother will get suspicious.”

“Okay Daddy.”

Bernie checked his pants were all done up before carefully opening the door and stepping into the hall. Freda wasn’t there and he could hear the clinking of plates from the kitchen. He walked back down the hall and found his wife at the sink, finishing the dishes.

“Is Hayley alright, Bernard?” She asked as he came in. “I hope you were not too rough on her.”

“No, dear, she’s fine.”

Freda turned and peered at him. “You seem much more cheerful, Bernard.”

“Well, uh,” He tried to force the grin off his face. “Well, uh, just thinking how blessed we are, uh, to have such a lovely little girl.”

“Praise the Lord, Bernard,” She smiled at him. “That is the nicest thing I have heard you say in a long time.”

“Thankyou, dear.”

Freda turned back to the dishes. Bernie stood there and gloried in the feeling of relief in his crotch, in his whole body. Every muscle seemed relaxed. Had it been this good for three whole weeks?

“Oh, Bernard,” Freda said, not looking up. “Tomorrow you have to take Hayley to see one of her teachers after school.”

“Oh, okay.” He said, surprised.

“I cannot go, Bernard, as I have Bible Group. Hayley will come home and then the two of you have to go back to the school to see Sister Marjorie.”

“She’s not in trouble, is she?” Bernie asked, thinking, she hasn’t told them about sucking and fucking me, has she?

“I doubt it, Bernard. Hayley is a good girl. Can you manage taking your daughter to school, Bernard?”

“I’m sure of it, dear.” He answered, grinning.


Bernie pulled up at the red light and looked out the window at the car next to him. A young couple, talking, not looking his way. Great. Not that they would see much anyway. Just him, maybe a bit red in the face, maybe his chair a little far back.

“Oooh.” He breathed.

“Mmbmmbm.” Hayley said.

Bernie took his hands off the wheel and looked down at his lap, at the back of his teenage daughter’s lovely blonde head. Her hair was flopping about as she bobbed her head up and down. She was crouched in the passenger seat and stretched over the gearbox, her arms folded under her. He put one of his hands on the back of her head and pushed down gently but surely, holding her down.

“Ooooh.” He said again.

Hayley heard her father moan in fever again and wondered for the umpteenth time if he should really be driving in his condition. Even after the flood of venom she had extracted from his penis the previous night, it was now swollen to similar huge proportions, filling her mouth and throat with its sweaty thickness. Her father’s hand pressed insistently on the back of her skull and she felt the rounded end of his penis moving deeper into her throat, so that she had to fight the urge to choke, her spit running messily over her stretched lips.

The hand left the back of her head and began rubbing her back through her school shirt, so Hayley figured she should start sucking properly again. She thought she’d gotten quite good at getting the venom out in the past weeks. With confidence she began moving her head up and down, keeping her lips locked tightly around her father’s appendage, pumping it with her mouth and sucking hard. She knew it helped if she massaged it with her tongue at the same time, rubbing the bumpy sides when it was in her throat, then lashing the dome at the top when she lifted her head up, always keeping at least the end bit in her mouth.

Her father’s hand moved down her back to her side, under her armpit, until it was underneath her body. The questing fingers awkwardly took hold of one of her breasts and started squeezing and pulling, kneading the springy flesh through her shirt and bra. She wasn’t sure exactly how this assisted the process, just that it did, which was proven when she tasted a little of the musty venom over her tongue. Encouraged, she moved her head even faster, while her father groaned in his fever.

The hand left her breast and traveled up her back to her bottom, another place where massage seemed to help her sucking power. The fingers squeezed one of her cheeks, then rubbed at the space between them through her pleated school skirt. As she concentrated on accommodating the bulky penis into her throat she noticed her father was pulling at the material of her skirt. Now the skirt was lifted over her bottom and the fingers were sliding under her panties. What was he doing now?

Hayley paused at the apex of her motion and gasped wetly around the end of her dad’s penis as she felt his index finger roughly hook into the hole of her bottom. It was still tender from the rough pregnancy test she received against the sink the night before, so that she gasped again when his finger was inserted even further, wiggling around.

“Keep sucking it, honey,” He father pleaded. “Such a good girl, yeah.”

She started pumping him with her mouth again, not enjoying the finger exploring her bottom. Another dribble of venom, though, so maybe it was helping. Hayley increased her pace even further, only distantly hearing a car horn honking outside.

“Damn.” Bernie muttered.

He looked up and saw the light was green. Glanced in his rearview and saw the car sitting behind him. He put his free hand on the wheel again and accelerated through the intersection, keeping his other hand at his daughter’s ass, loving the feel of his finger in her delicious asshole. God, Hayley was inhaling that dick, taking it all the way like some sort of porn starlet, his balls wet with her spit. It was great to drive and see all the people on the street while his own daughter sucked him off.

He took another turn that would bring him in a circle around the school, which he had been going around and around for the past twenty minutes. It was still well before the appointed time of the meeting and he wanted to blow a load in Hayley’s mouth before getting there. Then he would probably have time after the meeting to pull over somewhere and let her suck another cumshot out of his sack. Oh, life was worth living again, he thought, as the sweet teenage lips stretched down to his base again and again, slurping and licking him.

Jesus, it was getting too much! Would it be dangerous to cum as hard as he wanted to, while driving? He thought it might. He clamped his self-control down on his balls, fighting against the warm bliss of Hayley’s suckling, searching for somewhere to stop on this main street. There was nowhere, he was boxed in. Jesus, so good, her young mouth so hot and wet and tight on his rod.

The light turned orange up ahead. Grunting with the effort of holding it in Bernie coasted the car to a stop and unclenched, feeling the orgasm building up in his scrotum, welling up the shaft. Holy shit, here it comes, he thought wildly.

“Its coming, honey!” He gasped. “Its coming!”

Another horn honked, closer and louder. Bernie looked up and out his window and almost shrieked in horror. A big dirty four wheel drive was stopped next to his car, the driver leering from the far side, obviously able to see that Bernie was getting a blowjob from his high vantage point. Bernie saw the guy’s face, a hill-billy type with long lank hair and a face that scowled even as it grinned.

“Yeah bitch!” The guy shouted, his window open. “Suck that trouser snake!”

Hayley instantly looked up, releasing her father’s penis to gape out the window at the man in the car next to their own. Even as she took in the man grinning at her, her father gasped and groaned, then she felt the thick wet venom shooting out of his bite, splashing her face, jets of it squirting up her cheeks and lips and all over her, so she was panting and gasping in it.

“Holy shit yeah!” She heard the ugly man shouting, unable to see from the venom coating her face. She felt her father driving the car again quickly, taking several sharp turns, before he stopped and helped her get some tissues to clean herself up.


“Okay, Hayley, perhaps I could talk to your father alone for a minute?” Sister Marjorie said sternly.

“Yes, Sister.” Hayley said sweetly, getting up and closing the door behind her. Bernie tried to keep his face calm as he returned the nun’s tight smile.

“So, Mr Holloway,” She started primly. “I can assure you that we’re not here because Hayley is in any trouble. I want to make that clear.”

“Very well.”

“Hayley is an exceptional student. She’s quite the star of the school, actually. Everyone loves your daughter.”

“I love her a lot myself.”

“The problem, Mr Holloway, is not her character,” The nun continued. “She is a lovely girl. Unfortunately, she is not doing so well with her grades.”

“I see.”

“We teach a very traditional education here, Mr Holloway. Many parents choose Mrs Strictland’s College for that very reason.”

“Yes, yes,” Bernie said. “It was why my wife chose it. My wife and I, I should say.”

“Yes,” The nun seemed encouraged. “Well, God chooses us all for different reasons, Mr Holloway, I honestly believe that. Hayley has many qualities that will ensure she is loved, as you yourself love her.”

I bet, Bernie thought. His cock still felt moist in his pants.

“But I’m afraid Hayley is not doing so well in her exams. I want to try and help Hayley by thinking about her education differently from other girls.”

“How so?” He asked, wondering if there was a wet patch on his crotch. Would he have to get up soon?

“I think book learning and examinations are not what Hayley responds best to. She is a physical girl, good at physical tasks. Have you noticed how physical your daughter is, Mr Holloway?”

“Yes,” He said. “Yes I have.”

“She’s a very physical young lady. I think examinations are causing her a lot of stress. I think it is manifesting itself physically.”

“How so?”

“Hayley has been having little pains a lot lately, Mr Holloway. Nothing serious, but she seems to be suffering tension in her lower back muscles. A few times in the past weeks she has seemed a little sore when sitting down.”

“I see.”

“She has also been having some tightness in he neck, and some sore throats.”

“I see. What, uh, what do you think is, uh, causing it?”

“Well,” The nun clapped her hands. “I think it is stress. Simply stress. Your daughter is having to take in some big loads. Swallow some big mouthfuls. Open herself up to some forceful expectations. Do you understand?”

“Um… no?”

“Tests, Mr Holloway. The end of school. The start of life. Examinations.”

“Ah, yes. Of course.” He gabbled, feeling himself sweating now.

“Hayley is a strong girl. She needs some strong love. Tough, deep, strong love.”

“Excuse me?”

“Physical, Mr Holloway. She’s physical.”

“I’m afraid I don’t follow you.”

The nun smiled, in a very condescending way. Bernie felt himself sweating even more freely.

“Hayley needs practical education. She needs to experience life and learn in a practical environment, not just from books. I think she can succeed in real life where she may not succeed in exams. In short, she needs a job, Mr Holloway.”

“A job?”

“Yes, you need to put her to work. It doesn’t need to be paid. Just a practical job in the real world.”

“Well, um, well,” Bernie said, his breath returning. “Yes, well, what did you have in mind?”

“Is there any chance she could work with you, Mr Holloway? What do you do?”

“I’m in advertising,” He answered. “With Corby & Dean.”

“So, an office environment?”

He nodded.

“Excellent. Is there any chance you could take on Hayley, even for a few days, unpaid? Say, have her as a secretary, or a personal assistant?”

Bernie goggled at the nun, his mouth opened to speak, but only a little hiss escaped him.

“Mr Holloway?” She asked, frowning.

“Yes? Um, yes. Yes of course. I’m sure no-one would mind. Yes. So, um, I’d have Hayley. In my office. All day. Me and her, in the office, all day. Yes.”

“Yes, that’s the idea, Mr Holloway,” Sister Marjorie said. “You can put Hayley to work properly. Really give her a taste. Really let her get her head down and get on with it. Show her all the great things she can do. All the good positions she could get into. Let her take it all right in. Give her some of that deep, deep love we were talking about.”

The nun peered at him.

“Mr Holloway? Sir? Are you all right?”


“Okay, now get me the file, okay?” Bernie said to his daughter. He was sitting at his desk and she was standing next to the filing cabinet across the room. Bernie felt rather strange.

For one, he had never had Hayley in his office. For another, he had dressed Hayley in what he had convinced her was the style for female office workers. He figured it would not look out of place on the sluttiest woman in the company. Hayley’s tight body was packaged into a slightly transparent white business shirt and a black skirt that barely covered her ass and displayed her muscular thighs. The hot pink bra was clearly visible through her shirt.

He watched as she bent over to the bottom drawer, the skirt riding higher up her firm ass cheeks, until he could see the hot pink panties clinging to her. He rubbed his cock through his pants. God, the week since cumming all over her face in the car and the interview with the nun had been spent in total anticipation of this day.

His boss had been surprisingly accepting of the idea of having Hayley work there as a volunteer to get some experience.

“We’re all about family here, Bern,” Todd had said. “Bring her on in.”

“Thanks, Todd,” Bernie had said graciously. “I appreciate it.”

“That’s all right, Bern. I reckon you’ll need all the help you can get at the moment.”

“How so?”

“Haven’t you heard? Apparently Roy’s close to getting the Fountain account?”

“What?” Bernie snapped. He himself had been working on getting the Fountain account for ages, ingratiating himself with their CEO Lionel Pullman, the creepy old coot.

“Yes indeed, Bern my man,” Todd went on, his smirk growing. “Seems old Roy took Pullmanski on a big boy’s night out. Best buds, now those two. Bam!”

Todd aimed two pistol fingers at Bernie, his brilliant white teeth showing. Todd had a habit of punctuating his points with sounds from comic books. Bernie tried to keep his despair off his face.

“Well, it is my account, Todd.”

“I think you meant ‘was’, Bern,” His manager answered smugly. “If Roy-o’s sealing the deal, then its his seal. Pow! Know what I mean?”

“Sure,” Bernie had said. “Sure thing.”

Christ, now it was two days later and he was no closer to a solution. He was pretty sure that if Roy pulled the Fountain account from under him, his position in the company would be left a bit shaky. He didn’t really fit in with all these young go-getters as it was. He let his mind wander off the problem and back to the lovely sight of his daughter’s ass, bent over and delicious. He rubbed his cock some more, even though he wasn’t hard.

That morning they had left the house early, telling Freda that he wanted to make sure that Hayley had enough time to get accustomed to her new job. In actuality, he had parked in an alleyway and convinced their daughter she needed to change out of the very conservative business clothes her mother had bought her and put on the ‘better’ outfit he had purchased. As soon as she was naked in the car he had pulled out his stiffening cock.

“So sorry, honey, but Daddy needs your help.”

So that morning in the deserted alleyway behind the Chinese restaurant, his naked teenage daughter had given him an energetic blowjob, his hands running all over her smooth bare skin, her lean young muscles, squeezing her tits and rubbing the lips of her virgin slit. He had ended up with two fingers wedged in her anus, the other hand holding down her blonde head as she gagged on his squirting meat, sucking down the copious load of sperm.

When she had drunk it all she straightened up and told him that she thanked Jesus she was there to help him. Her lips were smeared with cum and spit, his fingers still up her ass so far that it took some effort to get them out. Then he’d got her dressed up like the office slut and they’d driven to work.

Hayley was thinking about much the same things as she rummaged in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. She hadn’t had an opportunity to get a drink of water this morning and she didn’t want to ask, afraid it would seem like slacking off. The taste of the venom was still very strong in her mouth, in fact she felt like she could smell it on her own breath. She ran her tongue around her teeth, remembering again the warm slimy feeling of the trouser snake venom gushing from the swollen penis. How much of the stuff had she swallowed in the last month? Litres?

She straightened up, feeling the teensy skirt sliding down again to just under her buttocks, feeling the tightness of the skirt and the new shirt. The shirt was so tight that it showed her body in perfect definition, she had never worn a shirt so small before. But her father had said it was what she should wear in an office and she was here to learn.

“I can’t find it, Daddy.”

“Now, Hayley, what should you have called me?”

“Sorry, um,” She almost did it again. “Sorry, My Holloway.”

“That’s better. Now don’t worry about the file right now. Come sit here for a minute.”

Her father patted his knee, pushing his chair away from the desk. Hayley walked over, difficult in the tall heels her father was making her wear, then sat herself carefully down on his lap, pressed against his big stomach. The skirt was so short she could feel the material of his pants on her bottom.

Her father put one arm around her waist and the other hand on her chest, firmly holding one of her breasts. This was how they often sat together in the weeks her mother was away, her father telling her there was nothing strange about it, just that he liked to have her close and feel her heartbeat, which was sweet.

“Now, while you’re in the office, I’m going to need you to do some work for me, okay, honey?”

“Yes, Da-, I mean, Mr Holloway.”

“That’s a good girl,” He smiled, squeezing her breast a little. “Now in a minute, I’m going to get you to suck my penis, ok?”

“Oh!” She said, startled. “Already?”

“Yes, honey.”

“But I just sucked it out this morning.”

“I know,” He said, frowning. “Don’t you want to be a good secretary, honey?”

“Yes, Daddy, of course I do.”

“Mr Holloway,” He corrected. “A good secretary would be willing to suck her manager’s penis, Hayley. You’re here to help your manager, okay? That’s me.”

“Yes, Mr Holloway.” She said carefully, wanting to get it right.

“There, that’s my good girl,” He said, rubbing his hands back and forth between her breasts. “So, first things first, I want you to see if you can fit under my desk.”

“Da-, I mean, sorry?” She asked, her pretty eyebrows raised.

He waved at the space under the big desk. “Just scoot down there, honey. Kneel down there and face me. That’s it.”

Hayley felt very strange under the desk, looking up at her father’s smiling face, smelling the wood of the desk and her father’s shoe polish. The carpet was surprisingly soft on her knees.

“Now here you go,” He was holding something out to her. “Take this.”

“Its an iPod.” She said, turning it over.

“Yes, honey,” He said. “I heard that listening to music will improve your sucking ability. Now when I tell you to, put the headphones in and start sucking. Don’t stop until I give you the signal. I’ll tap you on the head, three times.”

“Oh,” She said, bewildered. “Okay.”

“Good girl.” He said gently. Hayley looked up at him while he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. She was surprised to see that it wasn’t swollen at all, just hanging limply. The end still looked wet from when she’d sucked it earlier.

“Its not even swollen, though.” She complained.

“Its about to get swollen, honey,” He said. “Now put the headphones on and get started.”

Hayley put the headphones in her ears, surprised by the loud classical music already playing. It really was very loud, so that when her father said something, she couldn’t hear him. Before she could take them out he scooted the chair forward and waved the drooping penis at her. In the gloom under the desk Hayley took hold of the appendage and started slurping it into her mouth, amazed as it began getting swollen. She should have known better than to doubt her own father!

“Oh yeah, suck my cock.” Bernie groaned, confident she couldn’t hear him. His crazy, dangerous plan was one step closer to completion. He laughed aloud as he felt himself stiffening up in her mouth. Jesus, he hadn’t done any work yet today, hadn’t even looked in his in-tray.

If he had, he would have seen a memo on the top of the pile. It said ‘Candee Cameron, discipline meeting, this morning’.


Wherever Candee Cameron went in the building, heads turned. Women frowned, men raised their eyebrows. She was the infamous celebrity of the firm, the veteran of many disciplinary meetings, always in trouble but never fired, always the subject of whispered gossip and outrageous conjecture.

Well, not that outrageous, she would have said.

Candee wasn’t very tall and she wasn’t very thin, either. Her waist kind of cinched in and became very briefly narrow, between the astounding curves of her hips and the jiggling swell of her full breasts. She had a tendency to wear outfits that made the most of this figure, like the tight black dress she was wearing as she sashayed through the Accounts Department. Her hair was a lovely spill of dark red, her skin fair and flawless, her lips and long fingernails red also, as were her stiletto heels.

Candee strutted up to one particular desk outside a closed office door and looked down haughtily on the dumpy woman seated behind it. Fuck, she thought, they let all sorts of freaks work in here.

When the fat bitch didn’t notice her, Candee drummed her nails on the desk loudly.

“Oh, hello,” The lard tub smiled at her. “Sorry, didn’t see you there.”

“Yeah, sure,” Candee snapped. “Look, I’ve gotta see Holloway.”

“Oh, do you have an appointment?”

“I just got told to come up here and see him, alright?”

The woman looked taken aback by her tone. I’ll show you bitch, Candee thought.

“Well, I’m afraid he’s busy right now,” The fatty said, her smile gone. “He’s showing around a new assistant.”

“Well, I’ve got to see him. Now.”

“Can I get him to call you when its convenient? Excuse me, I said he’s busy!”

“Its alright, okay?” Candee snapped, already shoving open the office door. Holloway started and looked up from behind his desk, his fat face already grossing Candee out. Jesus, they should call it the Fat Department, she thought.

“Oh, well, yes,” Holloway babbled, his face red. “What can I do, uh, for you?”

Candee strode in and flicked the door shut behind her, ignoring the bleating of the frumpy thing outside. She saw that she was going to get the upper hand easily. Holloway was already running his eyes over her curves, already looking sweaty and red-faced. Fucking hell, she thought, he already looks like he’s getting fucked.

She pulled a chair over and sat across from him, crossing her legs provocatively, smiling when he looked down there.

“So, uh,” He swallowed. “What, uh, can I do for you, Candee?”

She stared at him for a minute. “I just got told to come up and see you.”

“Well, uh, what was it, ungh,” His eyes closed for a second. “What’s it about?”

Shit, what’s wrong with this guy, she thought.

“Well, I think Mr Corby wants you to tell me I’ve been bad.” She said in her cutesy little girl voice.

“Oh, um,” The fat guy stammered. “Well, why is that?”

She huffed impatiently. “Look, let’s cut to the chase, huh? What’s it gonna be this time?”

“What do you mean?” He gabbled.

“Shit,” She said, glaring. “Every time I get in the shit, I get sent to one of you guys. There’s only so many times I can go through the crap before it gets boring, y’know? So how about you just tell me what you want and we’ll call it a day?”

“What do you mean?” He repeated stupidly, his jowls all sweaty.

“Look, I’ll suck your dick, okay?” Holloway goggled at her, eyes bugging out of his red face. “Can I keep my job if I do that?”

“Um, hmm, well, Candee,” He managed, closing his eyes briefly again. “Candee, I think, uh, we should keep this professional, okay?”

“Are you serious?” She scoffed. “What’s your problem, huh?”

“Well, uh, Candee-”

“Are you gay?” She interrupted.

“No!” He blustered. “No, I, uh, just think that, ah, we, oooh.”

He trailed off, his eyes becoming strangely unfocussed. This guy was really weirding Candee out. She’d never seen a dude who looked more turned on, all red and sweaty, his eyes all over her tits and legs. Yet here he was turning her down! No-one had ever turned Candee down before. Jesus, she thought, I got this job by sucking off the interviewer. She remembered the nervous young guy who’d interviewed her, how she’d had to suck his dick for ages to get it hard, then he’d cum almost straight away. Since then she’d become infamous for her talents. The last time she’d got in trouble, that bastard McGruder had his cock out before she’d even walked into his office.

“Look, Mr Holloway,” She said, deciding to try a different tack. “I don’t want to you to be mad at me. I’m sure you don’t want to have to tell me off. So how ’bout I just do something for you, huh? Just a little favour, huh? Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Look, uh, Candee,” He said stiffly. “I’m, uh, married.”

Now she was on familiar ground. “That’s okay. That’s just fine. No strings attached, huh? Just a little favour between friends, right?

He was staring at her with a bizarre look on his face, halfway between happiness and despair. Candee really wished he’d just get his dick out and get it over with. She wasn’t used to having to convince guys about it. She pursed her full lips, trying to think.

“You like my body, huh, Mr Holloway?” She asked with a honeyed voice. “I see you looking at my tits. You like my tits, huh?”

He opened his mouth but only a low moan came out, his bug-eyes riveted to her chest. Candee was used to this kind of reaction and took it as a good sign. She reached up slowly and took hold of her breasts, one in each hand, jutting them out at him and squeezing them.

“Yeah, you like these tits?” She purred, starting to enjoy herself. “Yeah, you like big tits, don’t you? I bet your wife’s tits aren’t as big as these, are they? Huh?”

He didn’t respond, just stared at her kneading hands, his mouth hanging slackly open. She could see his gross brown teeth. Jeez, this guy was really something. Candee figured his wife must be a total hag. Poor guy, probably hasn’t had any action in years. I’m just too much for him, that’s all.

She stood up slowly, smiling now that she felt good about herself. I’ll blow his mind, she thought. She watched as his eyes ran all over her lovely curves. She turned and pointed her big ass out at him, loving it as his eyes immediately zeroed in on it. Yeah, she going to get what she wanted, all right.

“You like my ass, huh?” She slapped herself on the buttock hard. “Yeah, you an ass man, Mr Holloway? I bet you are, yeah.”

She slapped herself again and he let out another moan. The sweat was really running down his face now. She hoped she wasn’t going to kill him.

Candee turned and swayed her hips over to the desk, putting on her sexy half smile as she leaned forward across the desktop, letting him look at her bountiful cleavage.

“Yeah, I bet I can suck that dick now, huh?” She purred. “I bet its all nice and hard for me, huh?”

Amazingly, the fat bastard shook his head. Ok, she thought, don’t get pissed off.

“What if I take these babies out, huh?” She straightened up and slipped her dress off her shoulders, lifting it over her big tits, showing off her lacy black bra. She looked down at them, proud of how good they looked spilling over the top of the fancy lingerie. She slipped the bra off her shoulders as well, making herself giggle for him, watching his eyes explore her bared chest.

“Yeah, you like these titties?” She started squeezing her bare tits, enjoying herself again. “Are they bigger than your wife’s tits?”

He didn’t answer, only stared with his mouth agape. Candee stopped herself from huffing in annoyance. Instead she kept smiling and leaned over the desk again, swaying her body to swing her tits around, half-climbing on top of the desk.

“Why don’t you touch them, huh?” She asked softly. “Go on, touch my tits. I bet you’ve never held a 36 G before, baby.”

She smiled as his hands came up off the desk and she felt his fingers close over her breasts. She was way more than a handful and he started rubbing his hands over her, breathing heavily, staring at her tits. His hands were kind of clammy and gross, but at least he was getting involved. She hissed as he pinched her nipples sharply.

“Careful,” She said. “How about I suck that dick now, baby? You wanna put that dick right in my dirty mouth, don’t you, huh?”

Holloway’s hands squeezed her breasts even harder. She almost swore out loud when the fat fuck shook his head again, even as he groped away like mad. What was it going to take?

Candee grabbed his right wrist and pulled the hand up to her mouth. Holloway was staring at her lips, his own mouth open, a little bit of drool running out. His other hand was gripping the flesh of her tit tightly, almost painfully. She stuck out her tongue and licked his fingers, making him moan loudly. Smiling, she fitted two of his fingers into her open mouth and closed her thick lips on them. He moaned again, trembling in his chair as she started sucking them, pushing them right back into her throat and back.

“Hmm yeah,” She said, his fingertips still inside her mouth. “Yeah, I’ll suck your dick like this, baby.”

She watched his red face as she sucked the fat fingers back into her mouth, wishing she could pull her tit free of his pinching hand, grossed out by the slimy taste of him. God, what was his cock going to taste like? And why was he shaking so much? She thought as his fingers slid into her throat again.

“Oh fuck!” Holloway gasped, surprising her. “Oh my God!”

Candee stared, his fingers forgotten in her mouth, as Holloway went into spasms in his chair, crushing her tit, groaning loudly. Then he slumped, his hand falling from her chest.

Candee pulled the yucky hand out of her face.

“Jesus, did you just cum?” She asked, incredulous.

Holloway just lay there in his chair, a crazy smile on his face. He didn’t seem to care about her being there at all. Candee straightened up, feeling very odd.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe you just cum,” She said angrily, pulling her bra back up over her tits. “You didn’t even get it out.”

“Ooooh, yeah.” Holloway moaned, staring down at his crotch under the desk.

“What the fuck?” Candee cried, totally disturbed by this guy. Not only had he cum in his pants, he was now ignoring her and staring at his own lap, where she figured there must be a wet patch now. She pulled her dress back up onto her shoulders and stormed out, slamming the door behind her, ignoring the smirk of the fat bitch outside.

Bernie leant back in his chair and smiled down at his daughter, her bright blue eyes smiling up at him as she sucked his softening cock. God, he thought, what the hell just happened? Was the famous Candee Cameron just in here, huge tits in his hands, sucking his fingers? It had been too sweet to feel those things whilst also being in his daughter’s mouth. For her part, Hayley had been totally oblivious to Candee’s presence, sucking his cock beautifully, swallowing his hot spurting cum easily. Even now she was obeying orders, waiting for his signal to stop, still sucking away like a trooper.

“Damn you suck cock good,” He said to her, enjoying that she couldn’t hear him. “Suck Daddy’s cock, honey.”

She was trying to smile at him around his shaft, unable to hear anything but blaring classical music.

“Such a good little cocksucker,” He said happily. “You’re going to be fucking and sucking Daddy all day.”

“Mmm?” Hayley raised her eyebrows, her mouth filled with thick soft dick.

Bernie looked up as the phone rang. He was enjoying himself so much that he considered ignoring it and letting it go to voicemail. The young lips and tongue were so wet and hot, he wondered if she could suck him off again, the third time today. Then he figured it might be even nastier to answer the phone while she was doing it.

“Hello, Bernard Holloway speaking.”

“Bernie,” A crustily familiar voice spoke. “Lionel Pullman here.”

“Mr Pullman,” Bernie tried to cover his surprise and get his voice normal. “Yes, hello, I’ve been wanting to speak to you. I’ve heard you’re thinking of going with Corby & Dean after all.”

“Yes, that’s true, Bernie,” The old guy croaked. “I met one of your colleagues the other day. Roy gave me a great presentation, very convincing.”

“Well, I’d really like to talk to you as well, Mr Pullman,” Bernie was finding it hard to get his mind working at all. “I’ve got some, uh, new ideas you might like.”

“I don’t know if that’s necessary,” Pullman said, a smile in his voice. “I think Roy will be handling all of my business from now on, Bernie.”

You old bastard, Bernie thought. He grabbed Hayley’s head with his free hand and pulled her down hard into his crotch, her eyes widening as her pink lips slobbered at his base, his flaccid cock slipping over the back of her tongue.

“I’ve got a new secretary, you know,” He tried desperately, looking into her watering eyes. “I’m sure you’d like to meet her.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes, she’s very good,” Bernie put as much innuendo in his voice as possible. “She’s brand new to the company. Only eighteen years old.”

“Well, that does sound interesting.”

“And I’d really like to talk to you about these new ideas, too.”

“Hmmm, well,” Pullman said. “I’ll tell you what, Bernie. I’m going to be at your building tomorrow anyway. I’ll give you five minutes when I get there to give me your spiel. How about that?”

“That’s great.”

“And to meet this new girl of yours, of course.” He chuckled dryly.

“Of course.” Bernie said, looking into his daughter’s wet eyes.


“And this is the coffee machine,” Bernie said. “If I send you to get coffee, this is where you’ll go.”

“Yes, Mr Holloway.” Hayley smiled.

“Now the little pictures on it show you how it works, okay, Hayley? Just put the cup in here and do what the little pictures show you.”

“Yes, Mr Holloway.”

Bernie looked over Hayley and smiled himself. Having her work for him was turning out even better than he had imagined. Yesterday after he had got off the phone with Pullman, he had let Hayley suck his cock until he was stiff again and then until he came again, which was the third load of his sperm she’d eaten that morning. He hadn’t been able to get it up for the rest of the day after that, so instead he’d shown her around his office and rubbed her tits and ass a lot. When they got home, Freda had quizzed her about the day but Hayley had been suitably vague, just as he’d instructed.

Then this morning he had planned out a particularly good outfit for Hayley, one that would certainly get that goat Pullman’s attention. They’d pulled over in the alleyway again and he found his cock rock hard again as he watched her strip off in the front seat, so that when she was naked he whipped it out and pulled her head into his lap. She didn’t even seem surprised, just opened her mouth and got started. Once she’d sucked down a mouthful of sperm and he pulled his fingers out of her anus, she’d gotten dressed in the hot gear he’d bought for her.

She was wearing the tall black heels and her long legs were clad in pretty striped stockings that went up past her knees. Above them was a very short black skirt that barely covered her buttocks and didn’t reach the top of the stockings, so plenty of her muscular thighs were on show. Her body was barely contained in an extremely tight red business shirt, so tight that the buttons were obviously stressed and her skin could be seen in gaps between them.

Bernie realized he’d been staring at his smiling daughter for a little while, his recovering cock twitching in his pants again. If anything was going to keep Pullman in his office long enough to seal a deal, it was the sight of this blonde sex kitten. Damn, he had to nail her ass today, after Pullman had-

“Holloway!” A voice shouted in his ear, making him jump. He looked around and saw the grinning face of Roy McGruder, too close as usual.

“Oh, hi Roy,” He said, taking a step back. “Hayley, this is Mr McGruder. This is my new assistant Hayley.”

“Hello.” She trilled.

“Yeah, hi,” Roy said, giving Hayley a curt but thorough look over. “Real nice, Holloway. Listen, I wanna talk to you.”

Bernie looked up at Roy’s smug, schoolboy face and wished he was a bigger, tougher guy so he could slug him one. Roy was really every annoying prick that Bernie remembered from high school, he was the ultimate annoying prick, with his curly hair and smirky grin and athletic build. He was also the most successful of the Account Department, despite being considerably younger.

“What’s up?” He asked.

“I’ve got Lionel Pullman from Fountain coming in to see me today,” Roy said, staring down at Bernie with a fixed grin. “Except he says he’s got to see you first. I’m supposed to wait until he’s seen you first. What’s up with that?”

“Well, uh, Roy, I’ve known Pullman for a while and I just –”

“Listen up, Holloway,” Roy shoved his face even closer. “The Fountain account is my account. I don’t want you screwing it up for me. You got that?”

“Well, actually, Roy,” Bernie tried to stand up straighter. “Actually, I’ve been working on that account for-”

“Tell someone who cares,” Roy snapped. “The point is, its my account now. You stay right off it.”

“Well, maybe Pullman will like my ideas bet-”

“Ideas? Ideas?” Roy laughed. “You think he wants ideas? Listen, that old guy wanted someone to take him out and show him a good time. I took him round all the clubs, y’know? Some dancing girls, y’know?”

“Oh.” Bernie said.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Roy nodded, grinning. “So he’s my best friend now. He’s crazy for seeing that stuff. And there’s no way you,” He poked Bernie in the chest. “Are going to get that damn account. So drop it, Holloway.”

Roy gave Hayley a last leer before spinning on his heel and walking out. Bernie looked around and saw that Hayley was looking at him, concerned.

“Daddy, are you okay?”

“Mr Holloway,” He corrected. “And yes, I’m fine.”

“That man was really rude.” She whispered.

“Don’t worry, honey,” Bernie said. “We’ll show him.”


“Well I can see you were right about one thing, Bernie,” Lionel Pullman smiled and his face wrinkled up like a raisin. “Your new girl is certainly very good.”

“Why thankyou.” Bernie grinned back.

They were sitting in Bernie’s office at his desk, facing each other, with Hayley sitting to one side of Bernie so that Pullman could take full view of her lovely figure and her skimpy office attire. She was smiling at Pullman pleasantly and Bernie was sure she didn’t really know what he was talking about.

“Anyway, Bernie, pleasantries aside,” Pullman tore his eyes off the clearly defined young tits. “Give me your pitch. I’ll even make it ten minutes for the sake of the lovely lady.”

Hayley smiled back at the old man, not sure which lady he was talking about or why he was looking at her chest so much.

“Well, Mr Pullman,” Bernie took a deep breath. “I think you’ve made the right decision to let Corby & Dean handle your business. That said, Roy McGruder is one of our most junior employees. I don’t think he’s equipped to handle such a prestigious account as yours.”

“I see.”

“We’ve known each other a little while, Mr Pullman. I think that I would be best placed to take care of your interests here. You need someone with seniority, someone who knows how to get the best results from past experience.”

“I see,” Pullman repeated, steepling his fingers. “Well, see here, Bernie, you’re a nice guy, and I understand your position. I really do. But I’m a man of simple interests. Roy McGruder understands that. And I’ve already promised him that my account will be in his hands.”

“Hmmm,” Bernie said, shouting inside. “I think you should reconsider.”

“Well, Bernie, I’m willing to give you a shot,” The old guy smiled. “What have you got to offer me?”

Bernie glanced sideways at his daughter. She was sitting there smiling at them, her blonde hair framing her pretty face, her breasts jutting out proudly.

“Hayley, perhaps you could go and make Mr Pullman and I some coffee.”

“Right away, Mr Holloway.” She responded in her almost-laughable professional tone. He watched the barely covered teenage ass strut out of his office and noticed that the old goat was watching her just as avidly.

“She’s a remarkable young lady, Bernie,” He said when she’d left. “I wish I had more like her in my office.”

“Thankyou, yes, she’s very good at her job,” Bernie tried a fake grin. “So, Mr Pullman, Roy tells me that you guys had quite a night out.”

“Yes, indeed we did,” Pullman said coyly. “Roy definitely knows his way around the city.”

“So what sort of stuff did you get up to?”

“Bernie, Bernie,” Pullman protested. “I’m far too old to brag about these sort of things.”

“No, please,” Bernie grinned. “Humour me.”

“Well, Roy knows a few special clubs around the city. Where you can see special shows. I have to say I have a particular weakness for them.”

“Are we talking about strip clubs?”

“Oh, better than that,” Pullman smiled. “The places Roy knows, you can see all sorts of things going on.”

“Wow,” Bernie said honestly. “I didn’t know Roy was such a fun guy.”

“Yes, Roy and I have a lot in common, Bernie,” He put his hands flat on the desk. “So you see, there really isn’t anything more you can offer me.”

“Oh no?” Bernie said, his mind racing wildly.

“I’m afraid not.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Mr Pullman,” He said calmly, though his face felt hot. “So you like my new secretary, hey?”

“Yes, yes,” Pullman chuckled. “She’s quite a find.”

“Did I mention she’s only eighteen?” Bernie threw in. “Well, would you like to see her put on a show, Mr Pullman?”

“What, uh, what do you mean?” The old guy’s eyebrows arched.

“What if I fucked her right here in front of you,” Bernie said, scarcely believing his own voice. “Not just fucked her, but fucked her in the ass. Right here, today.”

“Well, my goodness,” Pullman was totally shocked. “My goodness, Bernie. Why would she agree to that?”

“Oh, she will. The question is, do you want to see it?”

“Of course I would.”

“Great. There’ll just need to be a few little accommodations.”


“But, Daddy, why can’t I see?”

“Mr Holloway,” He corrected. “Now stay still. This will help you.”

Bernie placed one of his spare ties around Hayley’s eyes gently and tied it at the back of her blonde head, making sure it was secure. She looked very sexy with the purple cloth blinding her, her mouth slightly open, her stunning figure tightly packaged in her office clothes. In spite of his nervousness he wanted to fuck her now, wanted to get right up inside that firm little ass. His hands itched to grab her big tits.

Damn, what was it about his own daughter that made him so fucking insatiable? He had blown an enormous load down her throat that morning, clutching her pretty head into his lap, fingering her asshole, spurting and spurting into her. Yet now he was hard as rock in his slacks.

“Why did Mr Pullman leave is such a hurry?” She asked. “He didn’t even drink his coffee.”

“Don’t you worry, honey,” He told her. “Now I’m afraid you need a pregnancy test, Hayley.”

“Really? Oh no!”

“I’m afraid so, honey. There are, uh, so many men in this office, can’t be too careful.”

“Should I suck your penis first?” She asked. “Oh, but I can’t see!”

“Its alright Hayley. Not seeing is good for sucking. I’ll get you to listen to your music, too. And try to speak as little as possible, ok? It’ll help the test.”

“Um, okay, Da-, I mean, Mr Holloway. If you think so.”

Bernie put the headphones in her ears and stuffed the iPod into the tight pocket of her shirt, making sure he got a good rub of her breast as he did so. Then he stepped back and took in the magnificent sight.

“Hayley? Can you hear me?”

No response. She just stood there, a slight smile on the pink lips, waiting and trusting. He rubbed his cock through his pants. Oh well, he thought, now or never.

He went and opened his office door. Pullman was sitting in a chair just outside, hiding his face behind a magazine. Bernie had sent his real secretary off on a range of pointless errands. Pullman looked up from the magazine when the door opened and quickly scampered into the office, Bernie shutting the door behind them and thumbing the lock.

“Oh my goodness,” The old guy said, awed as he stood only a few feet from Hayley. “She’s really going through with this?”

“Yes, yes,” Bernie said, coming over to stand next to his oblivious daughter. “She really wanted to do it.”

“Oh my goodness.”

There was an awkward pause, both of them just staring at her young body, Bernie feeling his cock throbbing.

“Well, uh,” He said. “What, uh, would you like to see?”

Pullman cleared his throat. “Why don’t you take off her shirt?”

Hayley was starting to feel weird. She couldn’t see anything with the blindfold on and all she could hear was very loud orchestral music. It was very strange because she did not know the office well and now felt completely disoriented, not sure where anything was. In addition she knew that soon she would have to have the greasy thickness of her father’s penis filling up her bottom for a pregnancy test. She hoped he wouldn’t have to insert it quite so far as the other night.

The lovely teen started slightly as she felt hands touch her shoulders, relaxing as she recognized her father’s fumbling fingers. She felt them slide down her shoulders over the tops of her breasts to the buttons of her shirt, where he began to undo them. He was moving down them quickly, almost pulling at them in his haste. Then she felt the shirt pulled open, the cool air on her hard stomach and the tops of her breasts.

Now her father’s hands touched her slim hips and slid up and around her body, moving over her ribs and onto her back. She felt him taking hold of the fastening at the back and clumsily trying to pull it open. His breath was warm on her face, he was standing very close. Finally the bra opened and she felt him unclip the straps as well and slip the bra off her body completely. It felt good to have her chest unrestrained.

Hayley gasped as her father’s hands came back, this time roughly grabbing her breasts, before running all over them, brushing the little buds on them. She wasn’t sure how massaging her chest helped to extract the venom, just that it often made the process quicker. Often if she was sucking the penis as her father massaged her chest and bottom, the venom came out much faster and in bigger quantities.

Bernie took hold of the underside of his daughter’s breasts and shook them, the young flesh so firm that it barely wobbled at all, the nipples erect from his rubbing.

“My goodness,” Pullman said. “They’re the best I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah,” Bernie said, squeezing the tits in his palms. “They’re pretty good.”

“By far the best,” Pullman said, standing just beside Bernie and staring at his full hands. “Look how firm they are! She’s only eighteen?”

“That’s right.”

“Such a body at eighteen. My goodness.”

Despite himself, Bernie was kind of enjoying having Pullman leer at his daughter. He felt a perverse kind of pride in the effect she was having on the old man. That’s my girl, he thought, the sexiest eighteen year old there ever was. And her tits really were amazing. They overflowed his hands as he squeezed his fingers into them, her big brown nipples rubbing his palms.

“Is the rest of her as good, Bernie?”

Hayley breathed a little sigh of relief as her father ceased the rough massage of her chest, his fingers running down the muscles of her belly to the top of the little skirt he had bought for her. The hands started grabbing her bottom roughly, then he was bunching up the skirt, it felt like he was lifting it up around her waist. Underneath she only wore the strange panties he had bought her, the red ones that were very thin at the back, really just a string that ran up the crack of her bottom.

One of his hands started squeezing her exposed buttocks, first one and then the other, the fingers pushing at her hard muscles. The fingers slid up her bottom and got hold of the stringy straps of the panties, pulling them down her thighs and to the floor. His hands held her ankles and helped her step out of them. Hayley felt very disoriented now, as though she might fall, the music blaring in her ears.

She was so unbalanced that when her father’s body pressed into her back, she let out a little squeal that she couldn’t even hear. He felt very hot against her, the material of his pants rough on her bare buttocks. She felt his arms going under her arms and then his hands closed over her breasts again, squishing and pulling at them, making her gasp involuntarily. He was pulling her hard into his body, bumping his hips into her bottom. She could feel the big lump of his penis in his pants, rubbing and bouncing against her hard buttocks.

Her breasts were released again and she felt his touch moving down her body, down to where her skirt was all bunched up at her waist and beyond, to her thighs, to her female area. Sometimes her father liked to massage her female area as well, running his fingers up and down the strange lips down there and gently touching the skin between them. Now he seemed to have his fingers on either side of the lips, seemed to be trying to pull them apart. What was he doing?

“Yeah, just like that,” Pullman said. “Let me see in there.”

Bernie looked around Hayley’s shoulder at the old guy where he crouched on the floor in front of her, looking up at the delicate little pussy Bernie was spreading. There was a shocking look of total lust on the old face.

“Oh my goodness,” Pullman gasped. “Is she, is she a virgin?”

“Yeah, she is.” Bernie admitted, letting go of her labia and instead feeling the tight muscles of her stomach.

“My goodness. Eighteen years old, virgin, that body. You’re a lucky man, Bernard. I can’t wait to see the rest of your show.”

“What d’you want to see?” Bernie asked stupidly, distracted again with rubbing his daughter’s breasts.

“Does she suck dick?” Pullman asked, getting up off the floor.

“She sure does.”

As a fusillade of cannons went off in her ears, Hayley felt her father pressing down on her shoulders, which she took to mean that he wanted her to kneel down. She’d gotten pretty used to kneeling down in front of her father’s swollen penis and had been waiting for him to ask for it. She carefully sank down to her knees, thanking Jesus for how soft the plush carpet was, opening her mouth expectantly.

When the smooth head of the penis bumped into her lips, she was amazed at how big it seemed now that she couldn’t see it. It felt very swollen, her poor father must be feeling very bad. She wondered how he wanted to start today, would he want her to slide her mouth on his penis, or stay still while he pumped it into her? The head of the penis pushed into her mouth and stopped, so she figured he wanted her to move. She got her head at the right angle and forced herself to push the penis all the way back, past the back of her tongue, until she felt it poking the back of her throat.

Bernie could hear Pullman swearing somewhere off to the side. At first the old guy had expressed amazement at the size of Bernie’s erection, then at how Hayley had instantly opened her mouth when she knelt down. Now Bernie didn’t really give a shit what Pullman was up to, he was lost in the total pleasure of his daughter lips, mouth and throat, bobbing away on his boner. God, she took it so deep with each stroke, he could feel the tip punching the wall of her throat.

“Oh my goodness,” Pullman said loudly, breaking in on Bernie’s mind. “Look at her go! How does it feel?”

“Unh, yeah. Pretty good.” Bernie answered.

“I’ll bet it does. Look at her! She’s taking almost all of it.”

She really was, Bernie thought proudly, watching his beautiful daughter gag herself on his cock. She was taking nearly the total nine inches of thick meat in her face, the wet pink lips stretching wide on his veiny shaft. As they watched, a bubbly string of saliva ran down her chin and dribbled onto her tits.

“You like that?” Bernie gasped at Pullman. “Then watch this.”

He sank one hand into Hayley’s thick blonde hair and took hold of her chin with the other, immediately she stopped her motion, still sucking noisily with her head still. Pullman started swearing again as Bernie began fucking the gorgeous face, slowly at first but pushing his cock right far back, making her gag with beautiful noises. More of her spit ran out over her breasts and muscular stomach. Bernie increased the pace, swearing himself now, her mouth so wet and lovely, his pubes soaked with spittle.

Guk guk guk guk, went his daughter’s throat as he hauled on her head, fucking her face without mercy, totally lost in the sensation of her tongue on the bottom of his cock, her lips on his shaft, his tip in her throat. He could feel his scrotum slapping her chin. Somewhere Pullman was shouting encouragement. God, he was getting too close, he didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to fuck her – even aside from the deal with Pullman, he wanted her ass.

Bernie stopped thrusting and let go of her head, Hayley dutifully continuing to suck his cock herself. Pullman was red in the face with excitement.

“That was amazing!” He said. “You must have been giving her that for ten whole minutes. She’s a machine.”

Bernie didn’t answer, instead reaching down past his daughter’s suckling head to fondle her jutting breasts. He loved feeling the big young melons in his hands whilst she worked on his dick. Her whole front was soaked in her own spit and slippery.

“My goodness, Bernie, I can’t wait to see you fuck this girl.”

“Yeah,” Bernie said, his throat thick. “Yeah, I think now’s, uh, the time.”

Hayley’s throat felt a bit sore and she hoped her father wouldn’t mind if she didn’t take the penis all the way down. It was very big and hard and hot now, filling up her mouth with its sweaty taste, making her dribble on herself even more. Her chest felt very wet and slimy where her father was massaging her, her breasts slick under his fingers.

The penis was removed from her mouth and the hands went away from her chest, leaving her gasping. His hands came back under her arms and lifted her, so she got to her feet, tottering a little in her heels. The hands turned her around and let her a few uneasy steps forward, before taking her hands and pulling them forward onto something. A flat, wooden surface, it must be the desk. She was bent over with her hands on the desk, knowing that this must be where he would do the pregnancy test.

Hayley tried to settle herself into a better position, knees slightly bent, bottom pointed up and out, just how they usually did the test. Sometimes it had been very different. Once her father had lain down on the bed and made her sit down on his penis, which had made it go in very deeply and was quite uncomfortable. Some other times she had lain on her side with her legs tucked up in front of her, her father lying behind her to insert the penis. He had made a comment once that this way made her bottom even tighter, but she didn’t know if that was good or bad.

Now he seemed to want to do it the most common way. As she got into position she felt a cool, oily liquid drip onto her bottom, then her father’s fingers rubbing it around. She waited still and patient as his fingers painted the slippery liquid around the hole in her bottom. As a slick finger pushed carefully inside the hole she let out a little moan, trying to keep her muscles from clenching as the finger slid in and out of her, getting deeper each time. When it moved easily a second finger went in as well. Hayley knew that these were nowhere near the thickness of her father’s appendage.

Oh loving Jesus, she prayed, give me the strength to accept my father’s penis into my bottom.

“Hot damn, Bernie,” Pullman exclaimed. “If I wasn’t seeing it, I wouldn’t believe it.”

He was leaning over Hayley’s body to watch Bernie shoving two fingers into her anus, the oiled hole squelching loudly. The slick passage felt very good to Bernie, hot and tight and smooth. His daughter let out an occasional moan.

“Fuck yeah,” Bernie breathed. “It’s ready now.”

Pullman watched agog as the fingers were pulled out to be replaced with the head of the big wet dick. He was breathing heavily as the head of it pushed against the lubed asshole, drawing a loud moan from the stunning teenager. It looked impossible for such a big thing to get inside the puckered little anus.

Bernie laughed aloud as he felt the wonderful sensation of his cockhead forcing itself into Hayley’s tight asshole again. God, if anything she felt even tighter and better than the first time he’d buggered her against the kitchen table, weeks ago now. He remembered the pretty blue eyes looking back at him over her shoulder as he’d penetrated her ass for the first time. He pushed himself deeper now, thinking of all the times he’d fucked this ass since then, how much he loved her, how much cum he’d spilled into her lovely young body.

“Holy moly,” Pullman said next to him. “Look how deep you are. My goodness, man.”

“Ooooooh,” Hayley moaned. “Oo — oo — oo — ah — ah.”

He was fucking his daughter now, gripping the lean athletic waist, pushing the open shirt up her back so he could see her lovely skin. She gasped and moaned as his cock forced its way up her anal passage, the pace increasing with his lust, shaking her whole body. She was so tight, he could feel the walls of her ass holding on to him, clenching and relaxing, taking him so deep inside of her.

“My goodness!” Pullman shouted. “Amazing! Totally amazing!”

Bernie looked up and saw that the old guy had pulled a chair around to one side of them and was sitting, watching avidly, his face red. He had taken off his pants. One hand gripped a small erection and worked it hard. This hadn’t been part of the deal, but Bernie was in no place to argue. Hayley’s ass felt like it was sucking his cock. He couldn’t stop thrusting madly, pulling on her hips, making her squeal.

“Bernie! Bernie, slow down!”

He looked up and saw Pullman was standing next to him, his little cock sticking straight out.

“What?” He gasped.

“I wanna see you fuck her properly, Bernie,” Pullman said, his voice strangely distant. “I wanna see you fuck her cunt.”

“I can’t,” He answered, slowing down in her ass. “She’s a, ooh, virgin.”

“I know,” Pullman said. “That’s what I want to see.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Do this for me, Bernie,” Pullman said grandly. “And you’ll get all my business. All of it. I’ll even get them to fire that Roy if you hate him so much. And maybe even more. How about a position at my company? A very good one?”

Bernie had stopped moving, his cock buried in teenage ass, as all these wonders paraded through his mind. Everything he wanted, just for deflowering his own daughter. Let’s face it, he thought, you want to do it. You want to spoil that little pussy. You want to feel it on your cock.

“Okay.” He said. Pullman laughed and clapped his hands.

Bernie pulled himself out of Hayley, the air cool on his cock after being up her ass, walking around to her head. The blindfold was holding back her thick hair and it was easy for him to find the headphone in her ear and pull it out.

“Honey?” He whispered, not wanting Pullman to hear. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, um, Mr Holloway,” She whispered. “Is it finished?”

“No, honey. I’m afraid you’re going to need a special test. It might hurt a little bit. Can you be a strong girl for me, honey?”

“Okay, um, Mr Holloway.”

“Good girl.” He said, putting the headphone back in her ear.

The walk back to Hayley’s ass felt a mile long. Pullman was standing there grinning expectantly. Bernie looked down at the smooth young ass, the red asshole between the cheeks and under that the pink lips of her pussy. His own throbbing and eager cock, wet with greasy lube, looked monstrous next to that untouched slice.

Was he really capable of doing it? He remembered that first time he had fucked her ass, that beforehand he had almost taken her pussy, had gone as far as possible before stopping himself. But he had wanted to. He still wanted to. He just didn’t know if he could.

He moved forward and lifted up Hayley’s hips a bit into a better position, before guiding his cock to her pussy. The lips of it felt soft and warm as they touched the head of his cock, making him moan with desire. Bernie carefully pushed a little further, feeling the blockage of his daughter’s hymen, the heat of her pussy caressing his tip. This was it, time to choose. Could he do it or not?

Hayley was feeling concerned. She could feel her father’s penis sitting just at her female area, just inside the lips of it. It felt huge and hot, twitching slightly. One of his hands was squeezing her bottom. What was he going to do? What did he mean by special test? Why was he pushing his penis against her even harder?

Hayley cried out as she felt a sharp pain in her female area, her father’s penis seemingly stabbing her, driving into her body. Oh, it was so big! It was filling her up, pushing up into her somehow, stretching out her insides. She would have panicked if she hadn’t felt her father stroking her back. I must be strong, she thought, I must be strong for Daddy.

His eyes were bugged out, staring down at where his cock was breaking into the virgin vagina. He had felt the thin barrier of her virginity stretch and break under the thrust of his throbbing member, felt his greasy meat slide forward into the tight yielding flesh, the first cock to enter his daughter’s beautiful body. Bernie sank into her further and further, the scorching heat of her pussy squeezing him, taking him in. It was so tight, as tight as her anus, yet softer and more pliant. He was in as far as he could go, almost balls-deep in the new pussy. He had deflowered his own daughter.

“Yes, that’s what I wanted,” Pullman said. “Now pull it out and show me.”

The old guy was standing close by and pulling on his own small dick. It took Bernie a few seconds to process what he had said, the heavenly warmth of Hayley’s pussy was overwhelming his senses.

“Oooh,” Hayley was moaning, shaking her head. “Ooooh, ahh.”

Bernie watched his cock slide out of her pussy, the skin of the tight orifice stretching out over his retreating thickness. Eventually his head fell free with an audible sucking release, throbbing hard. Instantly he yearned to get it back inside her.

“Yes, my goodness,” Pullman salivated, staring at the dirty dick. “Look at that, oh yes.”

Bernie looked at his cock, gasping for breath. There were strings of blood on his shaft and around the flange of the cockhead, his daughter’s virginal blood. God, it really did look like he’d stabbed her with his cock.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he had to get it back inside of her. He grasped one of her buttocks and guided himself to the moistened lips, stuffing himself inside, feeling the slick tight hole part before his member. Oh, he had to fuck her, had to fuck her little teenage pussy so badly. His unprotected cock felt almost as though it was being burned by the grasping flesh of her cunt.

“Aaaah,” Hayley wailed, throwing her head back. “Oooh, ah!”

His cock reached as deep as it could into her and he started to fuck her, not even wanting to pull himself out much, loving the feel of her as he fucked her with most of his length inside. Bernie had never had pussy this good. He was sure Freda had never been this tight, or this hot, or gripped his shaft with such muscular power.

“Ooooh!” Hayley cried continuously. “Ooooh!”

“Oh my God!” He exclaimed, grasping her buttocks, slamming his hips forward, his gut slapping her firm round cheeks. “Uh so good! So tight!”

Pullman was saying something but Bernie ignored him. He might as well have been on another planet. The entire world was his daughter’s perfect body, her upraised ass and the hot wet place she held him in. He buried himself deeply in her, making her cry out even louder, reaching around her to fill his hands with those beautiful breasts. He roared wordlessly in pleasure, cock pistoning in her flesh. Damn, he wanted to cum in her, wanted to fill her snatch with his sperm.

“Bernie!” A voice was calling, a hand slapping his arm. “Bernie!”

He stopped thrusting, his dick buried deeply in her, coming out of his sex trance. Hayley was gasping and shaking in his hands, her tits slick with sweat. Pullman was standing very close to him, similarly sweaty.

“Wh-what?” Bernie croaked, feeling dizzy.

“My goodness,” Pullman said. “You’re gonna break the poor girl.”

Bernie looked down at his panting, penetrated daughter stupidly.

“Huh?” He said.

“Well, I want you to cum on her face,” The old guy said, almost drooling. “You looked like you were, er, getting close to the mark there.”

“Yeah,” Bernie breathed. “Yeah. God she feels so good.”

“I’ll bet.” Pullman chuckled.

Reluctantly Bernie removed his cock from Hayley’s cunt, noticing as he did the red ring around the base of his shaft. Her pussy didn’t look as if it was bleeding though. He helped her to straighten up. She seemed a bit lightheaded and he had to hold her steady, still letting out little moans, before guiding her to her knees in front of him. The greasy, bloody cock twitched in her gasping face.

“Yes, cum on her now,” Pullman sneered, wanking himself. “Jerk off in her mouth.”

Bernie could feel the throbbing orgasm in his balls, waiting, ready to blow. He took hold of his shaft and his own touch was nearly enough to push him over the edge. The tip pushed at Hayley’s lips, she started at first and then her gasping mouth accepted the head, the touch of her hot pink lips and tongue instantly too much for him. He cried out and shook as the cum burst through his cock, spurting into her open mouth. Hayley choked and coughed on the spray, a wave of thick semen running over her lips and splashing on her tits. Bernie came even harder, jets of creamy fluid splashing his daughter’s neck and chest.

He staggered back, the room spinning with the sensory overload, dribbles of cum still falling from his knob. Hayley looked as though she had been painted from the mouth down in yellowish white, her tits practically dripping in goo.

Bernie saw a sudden movement in the room.

“Hey!” He cried, but it was too late. With a banshee wail, Pullman leapt in front of Hayley, jerking his cock wildly. The small dick began shooting long ropes of pearly cum, splashing her blindfolded face, bursts of semen hosing her forehead and hair. Bernie stared, horrified, as his daughter flinched blindly under the assault, more and more sperm flying out of the old penis onto her face, into her squealing mouth, onto her heaving breasts. Pullman looked as though he was being drained through his dick, his face drawn in an expression of complete ecstasy.

When the old guy stumbled away from her, Hayley was coated in cum, it was thick in her hair and dripping off her face and upper body. She was gasping for breath and coughing from the deluge.

“I’m sorry Bernard,” Pullman said, suddenly businesslike. “I couldn’t help myself.”

The old guy was pulling his trousers back on. Bernie felt like he should be angry, like he should attack. But the sight of his daughter so coated in sperm was so hot, he could feel his cock twitching already. He just couldn’t be angry.

“You’ll get everything you want, Bernie,” Pullman said, zipping up. “Everything and more. This is the most fun I’ve had in years.”

Without another word Pullman slipped out of the office. Bernie went over and knelt down next to Hayley, carefully pulling the headphones out of her ears and slipping off the soggy blindfold. Her blue eyes were a bit red and wet.

“Daddy? I mean, Mr Holloway?”

“Its okay, honey,” He said gently. “Are you alright?”

“I, I think so,” She said. “The special test wasn’t very nice.”

“If we have to do it again, it will feel better.”

“Oh. Okay. Will we have to?” She asked.

“Maybe, honey. Don’t worry about that now.”

“It sure was a lot of venom this time, Daddy.” She said, looking at herself.

“Yes, we’ll have to get you cleaned up a bit,” He mused. “You did a good job, Hayley.”

“Some of this venom tastes different.” She observed, licking her fingers.

“Yes, uh, well. You don’t have to eat it all, honey. Let’s just get you cleaned up.”

“Okay. Um, Daddy?”

“Yes Hayley?”

“Am I pregnant?”


Hayley went back to going to school the next day and Bernie was sad that he would have to wait until the next week before she’d be coming to work with him again. Still, he had a lot more to think about now that he was in charge of the Fountain account, now that a lot of Roy’s business had been given to him instead, and now that Corby & Dean knew that he was being headhunted by Lionel Pullman. Things were better than ever at work.

So it was a couple of days before Bernie began really missing Hayley and stroking himself under the desk, remembering the feel of her pussy and ass and mouth, the springy flesh of her tits. God, he thought, can I wait a whole week for that again? So when Freda told him that she would be doing some charity work at the church that evening he was all set to race home and pick up Hayley from school and fuck her as much as possible. Then he’d been called into Corby’s office for a special meeting and the whole plan had gone to hell. Hayley would have to walk home, and he’d be lucky if he got home before Freda at all.

He drove home grumbling, rain spattering on the windshield, his balls aching now after a whole day imagining hot sex that was now impossible. It was half-past seven already, surely Freda would have come back from church by now and the opportunity to dick Hayley in peace was gone. He turned into his street, muttering to himself, then came to a dead stop without turning into the driveway.

There was a police car in front of his house.

Oh God, he thought, they’ve got me. The car was dark, its lights off. He could see that there were lights on in his house, the drawn curtains preventing him from seeing inside. The rain had mostly stopped, now just the odd drop hitting the glass. He sat there, feeling a pain in his chest, shaking with rage and fear.

Caught! How have they got me? Has Hayley told someone? Did she tell Freda? Did someone see what happened at work and report me? Did someone see us in the alley, in the car, in the office? Did Pullman find out Hayley was my daughter? Oh my God, they’ve got me. I’m dead. Jail for sure. All the beautiful future destroyed. He couldn’t breathe.

Escape! He had to run! That was the only way to fix things. He had to give up this life as finished, had to just drive now and get away. How long could he evade justice? Just go now, just push the accelerator and take off, never to return.

He shrieked as there was a rap on the glass next to him. He looked up at the police officer standing there, seemingly huge in the gloom, their face in shadow. A big hand mimed him lowering the window. With shaking hand Bernie complied.

“What in the hell are you doing, Ms. Goodbody?”

Nina’s heart raced with both fear and excitement as she slid into her school desk at the front of the class. As innocent as you please, Nina looked up at her scowling Advanced Biology teacher and said, “Just taking my seat, Mr. Cox.”

“No,” Mr. Cox said, pausing to take a deep breath, obviously marshaling his patience. “I mean—why aren’t you wearing any clothes!

Snickers, whispers, and catcalls from her classmates combined with the roaring of her own blood pounding wildly in her ears nearly deafened Nina. She looked down at herself and not only felt, but also saw her bare skin flush with embarrassment. Even the cold plastic seat beneath her wasn’t enough to squelch the searing heat of her humiliation. At that moment, she dearly wished a giant hole would open up in the floor and swallow her, whisking her away from the stupidest thing she’d ever done.

No, this wasn’t one of those anxiety-induced nightmares we’ve all had about showing up to school or work without a stitch of clothing, exposing our most private selves to the ridicule of the world. No, unfortunately for Nina, this was very, very real.

You see, Nina was sick and tired of being Miss Goody-two-shoes Goodbody. It wasn’t that she was unpopular exactly. It was just that—at eighteen and three weeks shy of her high school graduation—she wanted to break free of her responsible, A-student, perfectly-behaved image and do something wild and crazy. The idea had been niggling at her for some time, but it wasn’t until her Social Studies teacher had given them a project on national holidays that she finally found a way to decimate her good-girl reputation once and for all without ruining her GPA or getting expelled. After all, she was only fulfilling the requirements set forth by her teacher, right?

Well, Ms. Goodbody?” Mr. Cox demanded. “I’m waiting for an answer.”

Despite her initial nerves, Nina was determined and emboldened by the knowledge that her plan was flawless. Let them snicker now, she thought, but by the end of the day, this stunt is going to become the stuff of school legend!

Lifting her chin defiantly, Nina explained, “Mrs. Homely gave us a project on national holidays that is due today. We were supposed to pick a holiday, write a ten-page report, and give an oral presentation dressed in a costume representative of our holiday.”

“And what holiday is this,” Mr. Cox asked, waving his hand to indicate her nudity, “supposed to represent?”

“National Nude Day,” Nina answered proudly. “July 14th.”

There was an awed murmur throughout the classroom and Mr. Cox’s eyes narrowed dangerously. In his mid-thirties, Mr. Cox was a good-looking, tall, trim, powerfully built man with dark-brown hair and green eyes. Even though he was a stern, difficult teacher, Nina had always had a crush on him because he reminded her of Ben Affleck. But Nina knew he didn’t appreciate her disrupting his class and found his expression downright intimidating.

“You’re making that up,” he challenged, piercing Nina with his unwavering gaze.

“No, sir,” Nina said, pulling her report from her backpack. “See for yourself.”

Mr. Cox snatched the well-researched, ten-page, footnoted report with color photos and bibliography from her hand. A tense silence filled the room as Nina and her classmates held their collective breaths while Mr. Cox scanned her history on National Nude Day. She took some satisfaction in watching his eyes linger on the photos she’d downloaded from the Internet of people celebrating the holiday in the buff.

Once satisfied, Mr. Cox tossed the report onto her desk and said, “I don’t think Mrs. Homely had National Nude Day in mind when she gave that assignment.”

“That may be,” Nina conceded, “but she never specifically excluded it. And although the student handbook does makes limitations on what we can wear, it doesn’t say we can’t attend classes in the nude.”

There were a few hoots and hollers at this, but a deadly glare from Mr. Cox quickly quieted them. Then Mr. Cox turned his burning green eyes on Nina, slowly scrutinizing her naked body from head to toe, giving special attention to her breasts and pussy before returning to her angelic face and settling on her hazel eyes.

Leaning over her ominously, Mr. Cox said in a low, steely voice, “I guess you think you’re pretty smart, huh?”

Oh yeah, Nina thought she was an absolute genius. Here she was, flouting the authority of the school and one of its most feared teachers, making a spectacle of herself, earning the admiration of her peers—and they couldn’t touch her. Sure, Mr. Cox could send her to the principal’s office, but as soon as she explained, he’d have to send her back to class. The worse they could do, would be to tell her father what she’d been up to. Nina was prepared for that and had decided this walk on the wild side was well worth her very likely grounding.

But Nina was also smart enough to keep her gloating to herself. She knew she’d bested Mr. Cox. And Mr. Cox knew it—although he’d never admit it. However, there was no telling what he’d do if she made him look like an idiot in front of the entire class, so Nina widened her eyes, adopting an expression of sincere innocence and said, “Gosh, Mr. Cox, I haven’t really thought about it.”

Mr. Cox gave her one last, long, highly skeptical look before straightening and walking to the blackboard. Facing away from the class, he picked up a piece of chalk and began writing on the board. “Today, we begin our last unit before final exams—reproduction. As many of you are aware, the primary female reproductive organs are . . .”

As Mr. Cox spoke, a muted chatter began as the students commented on Nina’s nudity and how she’d escaped punishment.

The goth girl to her left whispered to Nina, “You are friggin’ brilliant.”

“I wish I’d thought of it,” murmured the school tease to Nina’s right.

The boy directly behind Nina, leaned forward and breathed in her ear, “You’ve got a great ass, Nina.”

Nina blushed at the last comment, but she had to admit—she loved getting this type of attention. Because she hadn’t wanted her father to foil her plan, she’d arrived to school dressed as she normally did—in jeans and a T-shirt—and no one had said anything to her. She’d stood out as much as the school’s colorless floor tiles. But when she came out of the girl’s restroom without a stitch of clothing, everyone noticed her. As she walked down the hall to Advance Biology, her first period class, the whistles, lewd jeers, and giggles of her schoolmates energized her in a way nothing else ever had. For the first time in Nina’s life, she felt like a rebel and she understood how being bad could become addictive.

Suddenly, a loud slam startled Nina and her classmates, snapping their attention to the front of the classroom where an extremely irritated Mr. Cox had just thrown his heavy Biology textbook onto the floor to silence them.

Moving in front on his desk, he glowered at the class and said, “Being an outspoken proponent of seeking inventive ways to teach coursework so it’s more interesting, I’ve decided a live demonstration is in order. Since Ms. Goodbody seems to enjoy being the center of attention, perhaps she’d like to volunteer.”

Nina felt like the bottom fell out of her stomach as a sense of foreboding replaced her former elation. “No, sir, I’d rather not.”

“If you refuse, Ms. Goodbody,” Mr. Cox began, his gaze now firmly fixed onto hers, “I’m afraid I’ll have to give you an ‘F‘ in class participation. And as you know, class participation is twenty-five percent of your final grade.”

“B-but, s-sir,” Nina stammered in outrage. “You can’t do that!”

His eyes gleaming with triumph, Mr. Cox said, “If you’d thoroughly read your student handbook you’d know that I can give any grade I deem appropriate.”

The air between them fairly crackled with tension. He had her and they both knew it. The only reason Nina had gone through with this stunt was because she’d thought she’d conceived a foolproof way to shed her prissy image without marring her impeccable school record or perfect GPA. But Nina had underestimated Mr. Cox’s deviousness. Although exceedingly wary of what this “live demonstration” would entail, Nina saw no other choice but to submit to Mr. Cox’s demands.

Breaking eye contact, bowing her head in defeat, Nina asked, “What do I have to do?”

“Stand up here next to me and face the class.”

Nina nervously tucked a lock of her long blond hair behind her ear before following his order. Nina’s heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to burst through her chest. However, Nina realized she wasn’t really experiencing fear so much as . . . anticipation.

Her fellow students had been conspicuously silent throughout the exchange between Nina and Mr. Cox, but she could feel their undivided attention and curiosity focused on her. Even though it excited her to be so blatantly on display, Nina wasn’t quite confident enough to meet their hungry eyes, so she kept her head bowed slightly.

“Ms. Goodbody is an exquisite example of a sexually mature female,” Mr. Cox said to the class. “Actually, I think her name should be Irresistibly-fuckable-body.”

Sounds of agreement erupted from most of the male students and Nina couldn’t stop herself from blushing. She was so surprised by Mr. Cox’s vulgar compliment that she lost some of her self-consciousness and looked up at him. The smoldering desire she saw flaring in his eyes took her breath away.

Mr. Cox stepped behind Nina, moving so close the crisp cotton of his shirt and slacks brushed against her skin, causing an involuntary shiver of awareness to ripple throughout her body. At 5’9”, Nina was a head shorter than Mr. Cox, so he was able to rest his chin on the crown of her head. He pressed even closer, practically enveloping Nina with his much larger, very masculine body.

“I’m going to use Ms. Goodbody to demonstrate some of the more interesting female reproductive organs.”

Nina gasped when she felt the electric touch of his fingers on her waist. She looked down in surprise and saw that his hands were so large they easily spanned her narrow waist. Nina watched in disbelief as his fingers slowly skimmed over her ribcage to cup her ample breasts.

“First, there are these large, firm, mouth-watering breasts.” His warm breath feathering her ear, Mr. Cox asked Nina, “What are they? A C-cup?”

“Yes,” she rasped.

“They’re topped with these succulent pink nipples,” he continued, pinching them and forcing a whimper of pleasure from Nina. “See how sensitive they are and how they harden and become more prominent when stimulated? This is not only useful for breastfeeding infants, but also in arousing the female.”

No one had ever touched Nina so intimately and she found it surreal that her severe Biology teacher was so openly fondling her in front of the entire class. She knew she should be ashamed of herself for allowing this to happen. She knew she should protest or think of some way out of this situation. She should feel degraded or violated—but she didn’t. All she could think about were the wonderful sensations assaulting her, the delicious warmth that ignited in her lower abdomen and quickly invaded every cell.

One of Mr. Cox’s hands left her breast and traveled down her stomach to her lower abdomen, while the other continued to massage her breast and pluck her nipple, making her body burn even hotter. He eased her closer to him so every inch of her back pressed against his front, nestling her backside into his groin. Nina had never felt—or even seen—an erection in the flesh, but there was no mistaking the hard bulge prodding her ass. Her heart thundered with the realization that she was the cause of his arousal.

“What you can’t see are her ovaries and womb,” Mr. Cox said, tickling her as his fingers traced the location of the organs on her bare flesh. “The ovaries release the egg that once fertilized by the male’s sperm becomes a fetus, which grows in the womb until it develops into a full-term baby.”

Mr. Cox threaded his fingers through Nina’s pubic hair, purposely tugging it enough to make her cry out with an unusual mixture of pleasure and pain. “Who can tell me what this nice pelt of neatly-trimmed pussy hair says about Ms. Goodbody?”

“That she’s a natural blonde,” said the boy who sat behind Nina.

“Very good, Mr. Archer.” Mr. Cox nuzzled the hair tucked behind her ear, inhaling her scent, while maintaining a firm grip on her pussy hair. “I believe I also heard you comment on Ms. Goodbody’s shapely ass. Although it’s not directly involved, it does have an important role in the reproductive process in that a great ass grabs a man’s attention. Who can tell me why men are so attracted to large breasts and a round, shapely ass, even though they have nothing to do with reproduction?”

“‘Cuz you gotta have somthin’ to hold on to while you’re bangin’ the bitch,” said a jock named Randy from the back of the class.

His buddies slapped his back and gave him several high-fives, while more than a few girls gave him the evil eye and made sounds of disgust.

“Well, there is that,” Mr. Cox said, his voice laced with uncharacteristic amusement. “But the real reason is much more elemental than that. You see, on a primal level man seeks out fertile women who are best able to carry and rear his offspring. Large breasts and a shapely ass are indications that a woman is healthy and will be able to nourish her young.”

Nina was startled when Mr. Cox suddenly released her and stepped away. He’d gotten her in such a state she was weak-kneed and could feel her pussy getting wet.

“Hop up here,” Mr. Cox commanded, guiding her back onto his desk. “Lean back on your elbows and spread those lovely legs so we can get a good look at your pretty pussy.”

Revealing herself like that would have been unthinkable just an hour before, but now she obeyed his command without question. Nina found it exhilarating the way her classmates were looking at her. Surveying the room, she saw expressions of undisguised lust and curiosity on the boys’ faces and expressions of awe and envy on the girls’ faces. Nina was amazed to see that Sally—the school tease—had actually pulled her skirt up to her hips so she could rub her pussy through her panties.

One at a time, Mr. Cox lifted her legs, propping her heals on the edge of the desk to completely expose her pussy.

“See how, when aroused, the outer lips of her pussy swell and separate, opening it for penetration and insemination. Look at how fat and distended her clit is and how her pussy is soaking wet,” Mr. Cox said, his tone growing more harsh and vulgar. “Oh yeah, you’re ready for a good fucking, aren’t you, bitch?”

Nina was caught off guard by the question and the change in his demeanor, but before she could respond, he turned back to the class and said, “Let’s say Ms. Goodbody isn’t ready and needs some encouragement. What are some ways to get a bitch hot and wet and ready for fucking?”

“Why do you need to get her ready at all?” Randy scoffed. “Just rape the bitch.”

There were more than a few angry hisses from the female students, but they were drowned out by shouts of encouragement from the males.

Yeah, just rape the bitch!

Fuck the slut hard!

Man, the cunt’s been askin’ for it!

Nina couldn’t believe what she was hearing or how much the idea of Mr. Cox raping her, on his desk, in front of the entire class really turned her on. God, she thought, I really must be a slut, after all.

“All right, settle down!” Mr. Cox ordered. “Now to answer Mr. Wood’s question, you could just rape her, but fucking a dry slut is as painful for the man as it is the slut. It’s like scrubbing your dick with sandpaper. And it takes a lot of effort to overpower a woman and force yourself on her. It’s much easier to get her hot and begging for your dick. So what are some ways to get a slut nice and wet?”

The students called out a number of answers: kissing, playing with her nipples, dirty talk, spanking, fingering her clit, etc.

“Those are all excellent answers,” Mr. Cox said, “but let’s focus on masturbation. Now, each bitch has her own way she likes to get off. Ms. Goodbody, why don’t you show us how you finger your pussy.”

Nina knew Mr. Cox wasn’t really asking her, he was commanding her. But could she really do it? Could she actually finger her pussy in front of all these people? Even though she was a virgin, she’d often rubbed her clit until she came—but only at night, in her darkened bedroom, when she was all alone. She didn’t know if she had the nerve to do it in public.

Although . . . hadn’t she found the courage to take off all her clothes and parade around the school buck-naked? If she could do that, so could do anything, right? And this is what she wanted, wasn’t it? To ruin her reputation as a goodie-goodie and do something wild and reckless? What better way to do that than to masturbate with her whole Advance Biology class and teacher watching every flick of her finger? And her pussy was wet and aching for relief . . .

Biting her lower lip, Nina closed her eyes and, putting all her weight on her left elbow, she slowly inched her right hand down over her hip to her pussy. At first, she simply rubbed her outer pussy lips, but soon she was rubbing between them, collecting the moisture seeping from her vagina, spreading it over her inner folds and around her clit. It felt so good to touch her pussy her breathing quickened and her pussy produced even more cream. Nina couldn’t remember ever being so turned on.

Unbidden, an image of Mr. Cox standing before her crept into her mind. As her fingering became more purposeful—her index and middle fingers circling her clit with gradually increasing pressure, occasionally dipping into her virgin hole to collect more juices—Nina’s fantasy Mr. Cox began taking off his clothes. Thanks to her Internet research on National Nude Day, Nina had seen pictures of nude men, so it wasn’t too difficult to visualize Mr. Cox’s beautifully naked body.

Once naked, he knelt between her legs and her probing, teasing fingers became his soft, slick tongue and voracious mouth. His tongue delved into her narrow passage, consuming her sweet juices as fast as her pussy produced them. Then he flattened his tongue and licked her slit in several broad strokes from bottom to top before his lips captured her engorged clit. He sucked, nibbled, and licked her tender nubbin so wickedly, Nina’s body arched violently off the desk, her hips grinding her pussy against his face. In no time at all, Nina was crying out as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life. After the convulsions of pleasure ceased, Nina collapsed in a languid heap on Mr. Cox’s desk.

When she finally recovered, Nina opened her eyes and lazily sat up. She’d been so absorbed in her fantasy, she hadn’t realized her classmates had enjoyed the show so much they’d joined in. Some wore a dreamy, satisfied look and slumped in their seats, suggesting to Nina that they’d come right along with her. Several girls were panting, their hands still stuffed inside their panties while they madly rubbed their pussies. Several boys had their dicks out and were furiously whacking off. Hypnotized by the display, Nina watched as Randy came with a loud shout, shooting his cum out so far that it landed on the little redheaded girl who sat in front of him.

At that moment, scattered gasps and shocked exclamations jerked Nina’s attention away from the copious amount of cum streaming down the side of the redhead’s face.

Oh . . . my . . . Gawd!

Would ya just look at that bad boy!

So that’s how he got his name!

Following their line of sight, Nina was astonished to see that Mr. Cox had stripped off all his clothes and stood next to her in all his naked glory. Even her most vivid imaginings couldn’t compare to the reality of his impressively masculine form. Nina leisurely took in his broad shoulders, sculpted muscles, and washboard abs. Dark brown hair lightly dusted his chest, swirling around large, flat, male nipples and arrowing down to his groin.

Nina’s eyes widened and an involuntary whimper escaped her throat when she saw the thing that had so fascinated the other girls. Mr. Cox’s cock stood proudly erect, rising dramatically from a dense thatch of pubic hair. Nina had never dreamed a cock could be so . . . enormous. It had to be at least nine inches long and as thick as her wrist. Veins bulging, the large plum-shaped head red and leaking pre-cum, he looked painfully hard and about to burst. The sight his giant tool pointing directly at her was more than enough make her mouth dry and her body squirm with renewed lust. Idly licking her parched lips, Nina found it both magnificent and frightening.

Mr. Cox abruptly grabbed her ankle and tugged her to him, causing her to shriek in surprise. Before she knew what was happening, she was sprawled out lengthwise on his desk with Mr. Cox between her legs, looming above her, his fiery green eyes devouring her.

“Look at you,” he snarled, fisting her hair in his hand, “you’re just a dirty little whore, aren’t you? You had everyone fooled, pretending to be sweet and innocent and good—but you not. You’re really a nasty little tease who wants a cock up her cunt, aren’t you? Aren’t you?!

Too many emotions—fear, shame, excitement, desire—warred within Nina, making coherent speech—or even thought—impossible, so she just shook her head stupidly.

“Don’t you say no,” he hissed, yanking her hair, forcing her to arch her back, her heaving breasts nearly grazing his chest hair. “You strutted around here naked, flaunting that hot body, making every disk hard, then fingered your pussy till you came, showing everyone how much you want to be fucked. Tell me you want it, whore!

Please,” Nina begged. But they both knew he was right and that she was actually pleading for his cock.

“Please what, whore? I want to hear you say it.”

“Please fuck me, Mr. Cox,” Nina said, her voice quivering with anticipation.

Never breaking eye contact with her, Mr. Cox said to the class, “I think it’s time Ms. Goodbody and I demonstrated the act of conception. But first I need to determine whether or not she’s fertile.” To Nina he asked, “Are you on birth control?”

“No,” she answered on a mere whisper. She couldn’t believe this was really happening.

“When is your period due?”

Her checks colored slightly, but she said, “A couple of weeks.”

“Perfect,” he announced, then leaned in, taking a deep breath, filling his lungs with her scent. “I thought I smelled it on you. A bitch in heat.”

Nina expected him to slam his massive cock in her right then and there, but instead she felt one of his blunt-tipped fingers probe her entrance and slide into her tight sheath. He groaned when he felt her virgin barrier. “Oh yeah, I’d always hoped you’d be a virgin.”

Nina’s brow furrowed in confusion. Always? Had Mr. Cox thought about her before today? It seemed incomprehensible to Nina that her stern teacher had fantasized about taking her virginity. However, all thought quickly vanished the moment Nina felt Mr. Cox replace his finger with the bulbous head of his cock.

Poised for penetration, he asked, “You know this’ll make you mine, right bitch?”

“Yes,” she rasped.

“You want me to pop your cherry with my big cock, don’t you, whore?” he teased, squeezing her breast with one hand while the other still clutched her hair.

Unable to draw breath, Nina simply nodded.

“Beg me, slut,” he ordered, pulling her hair. “Beg me to pop your cherry. Beg me to give you my cum.”

This wasn’t what Nina had bargained for when she’d come up with her National Nude Day plan, but now she couldn’t imagine wanting anything more—not even her precious perfect GPA. “Please, pop my cherry.”

Sir,” he yelled. “Please pop my cherry, sir.

“Please, pop my cherry, sir.”


“Please, sir, please pop my cherry and give me your cum!”

With a satisfied growl, he thrust his monstrous cock into Nina’s tiny pussy, savagely ripping through her virgin barrier. Nina cried out as a searing pain overwhelmed her.

Sliding deep into her wet heat, Mr. Cox moaned blissfully. “Fuck, your cunt is tight.”

Frantic to get away from the source of her unexpected pain, Nina kicked her legs, trying to gain leverage to scramble out from under him, but she only succeeded in impaling herself further on his cock.

No, stop,” she wailed.

“Shut up, bitch,” Mr. Cox sneered, settling his heavy body on top of hers to stop her struggling, “you wanted my cock.”

“Please let me go,” she implored, trying to push him off of her with her arms, but she was no match for his weight.

He yanked her hair again and said through gritted teeth, “You begged for my cock, cunt, so take it!

He slammed into Nina, burying his cock to the hilt. Nina had flinched, expecting even more pain, so she was extremely relieved when it didn’t come. She just felt impossibly stretched and completely filled by his pulsating member.

“Damn, your cunt feels good on my cock,” he said, slowly easing his cock out and then back in.

It was then that Nina felt the first waves of pleasure and relaxed, enjoying the new sensations he was creating in her body. The ridges of his cock rubbed the walls of her pussy as he moved in and out, causing her inner muscles to clench his shaft even tighter.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Mr. Cox grunted. “That’s it, you hot little slut, squeeze my fucking cock.”

Nina had been wet before thanks to her previous orgasm, but now that she was getting into his fucking, she was positively sopping. Her mind growing hazy with her increasing pleasure, Nina barely noticed the squishing sound being produced every time he drew his cock out of her snug, slick pussy and slid it back in.

Mr. Cox released her hair and turned her head so that her warm cheek pressed into the cool wooden surface of his desk and she faced the class. Nina had been so engrossed in their fucking, she’d forgotten that the entire class was looking on. Now, she saw that every one of them was enthusiastically masturbating, their eyes glued to the spot between Nina’s legs were Mr. Cox fucked his cock into her cunt again and again, faster and faster.

“Look at them watching you, bitch,” Mr. Cox rumbled in her ear. “All of them can see what you really are. They’ll always know you’re such a nasty cunt that you begged me to fuck you in front of them.”

Nina knew good girls didn’t behave like this. She knew only the most wanton slut would let her teacher fuck her, and probably impregnate her, while her classmates looked on. This was irresponsible, reckless, lewd, nasty—and she love it!

“Oh God,” she moaned, luxuriating in the feelings bombarding her senses.

“Yeah, this is what you wanted, isn’t it, whore,” he taunted, sawing his huge cock into her once-virgin pussy, again and again, harder and deeper.

Nina could only moan her assent as she began to move beneath him, her hips rising to meet his thrusts, unable to take her eyes off of her fellow students getting off while watching her. A pressure she’d never experienced began building inside her as Mr. Cox pounded her pussy, the base of his groin mashing her clit with every thrust.

“Tell me how much you love it, slut,” he demanded.

“I do,” she cried, “I do love it. Please don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop what, whore?”

“Fucking me . . . don’t . . . stop . . . fucking . . . me!”

“Fucking you with what, slut?”

“Your cock,” she panted, the mind-numbing pleasure ever increasing the pressure building inside her. “Please . . . keep . . . fucking . . . me . . . with . . . your . . . big . . . cock.”

Sir,” he reminded her, pinching her nipple sharply, making Nina gasp with even more pleasure.

“Please keep . . . fucking me . . . with your . . . big cock . . . sir!

Drilling her throbbing cunt harder than ever, Mr. Cox growled, “I’m going to come, bitch. Beg for my cum, slut.”

Please, sir,” Nina wailed, feeling she’d shatter into a million pieces any second, “please give me you cum, sir.

With a primal roar, Mr. Cox threw his head back, slammed his cock into Nina one last time, and exploded, filling her fertile young womb with his boiling hot cum. The instant she felt the first splash of cum, Nina screamed out with her own climax, her pussy muscles spasming around his cock, milking it of every last drop of cum. And he was more than happy to give it to her. He was still pumping her full of his potent cum, when her body gave out and melted into a sated pile of quivering flesh on his desk. Nina didn’t think she’d ever be able to move again.

But then Mr. Cox pulled his deflating member from her aching pussy, grabbed her arm, and pulled her off the desk, so she fell to the floor, kneeling at his feet.

He took her head in his hands and pulled her face to his groin. “Clean my dick, cunt.”

Both exhausted and exhilarated, Nina eagerly licked his spent member, tasting the sweetness of her own juices, the tangy-ness of her virgin blood, and the saltiness of his sperm.

“Now, ” Mr. Cox said to the class, “it’s time to show me how much you learned watching me fuck this bitch. Everyone pair up. Men claim your bitch and have her suck your cock until it’s hard—but don’t come in her mouth!”

Taking off what clothes they still had on, the students did as instructed, but there were three more boys in the class than there were girls. Randy, another football player named Chad, and a small geeky guy named Harold were without partners.

“Mr. Cox,” Randy asked, “can Chad and I pretend Harold’s a bitch? I can fuck his ass and Chad can fuck his mouth like we would a pussy.”

“Oh, all right,” Mr. Cox said impatiently. “Just as long as you remember you can’t get anyone pregnant that way.”

Nina had stopped cleaning Mr. Cox’s cock to watch her classmates in action, but Mr. Cox grabbed her by her hair and pushed her face back into his groin. “Get back to work, bitch. I want my dick nice and clean before I fuck you again.”

Nina’s heart leapt in her chest hearing that Mr. Cox wanted to fuck her again, but her pussy was so sore she couldn’t imagine becoming aroused anytime soon. But she supposed that didn’t really matter. Mr. Cox would fuck her whether she was aroused or not. She should have been appalled by the idea, but was actually strangely content.

While Nina lovingly laved the cock that had taken her virginity and had given her so much pleasure, she felt the sticky result of their fucking slowly leaking from her tender pussy. He tasted like heaven and smelled even better. Licking his shaft, she buried her nose in his pubic hair and took a deep breath, filling her lungs with his unique manly scent. She was thrilled to discover that he was also bathed in her own scent. It was like she’d marked him as surely as he’d marked her.

Once she’d licked his cock clean, Nina lifted it with her hand and started licking his huge balls.

“That’s it, slut, lick my balls,” Mr. Cox growled, guiding her hand to stroke his quickly swelling cock. “Take them in your mouth and give them a good cleaning.”

Nina tried, but they were just too big to fit in her mouth, so she licked and sucked as much as she could, massaging the rest with her other hand. Mr. Cox groaned in pleasure and Nina could feel his cock getting harder and harder, so she assumed she was doing a good job.

Eventually, Mr. Cox pulled Nina’s mouth away from his balls and directed it to the head of his cock. “Suck my cock, bitch. Show everyone what a hungry little slut you are.”

Nina could only take a few inches into her mouth, but she worked the rest of the shaft with her hand the way he’d shown her and continued to massage his balls with the other. As she worked her mouth up and down his shaft, Nina found she could take more and more of him, until the head was at the entrance to her throat, almost gagging her.

“Fuck yeah, whore, suck it hard,” he hissed. “But don’t you make me come. I’m saving my cum for that hot cunt.”

Now completely erect, Nina could barely get her hand around the base of his cock and could feel his pulse beating against her lips. Fervently lapping the pre-cum dripping from the head, Nina had never imagined she’d enjoy giving head, but she loved it all. She loved knowing she was making him hard. She loved him fucking her. She loved people watching her. She loved his vulgar tone and the names he called her. She loved calling him sir. She loved his cum in her cunt. And she loved the taste of his dick.

“That’s enough, slut,” Mr. Cox said, pulling her away from his cock and jerking her to her feet. “All right,” Mr. Cox said to the class, bending Nina over his desk so her ass was in the air. “It’s time to get your bitch wet and ready for fucking. I think we’ll try spanking this time.”

Nina freaked at the word spanking and began struggling to get away from him. No one had ever spanked her—not even her very strict father—and the thought of Mr. Cox doing it now scared her like nothing else could.

But Mr. Cox put a strong arm on her back and forced her back down onto his desk. “Stay still, bitch, or I’ll make you very sorry.”

Nina believed him and knew she’d never be able to overpower him, so she stopped struggling despite her fear. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed it wouldn’t hurt too badly.

To the class, he instructed, “Bend your bitch over the nearest desk and smack her ass like this . . .”


Even though Nina was braced for it, the stinging slap made her sheik in pain and her eyes well with tears.

“And keep spanking her,” Mr. Cox continued, “until you think she’s ready for a good, hard fucking.”

Smack . . . smack!

“That’s for pretending you were a good girl,” Mr. Cox told Nina, who was now opening crying.

Smack . . . smack . . . smack!

“And that’s for being a cock tease.”

Nina knew she should stay still and take her punishment, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself from trying to escape his heavy-handed blows. Of course her efforts were useless, he just held her down and kept wailing away at her burning ass.

Smack . . . smack . . . smack . . . smack!

“And that’s for showing everyone your pussy.”

Smack . . . smack . . . smack . . . smack . . . smack!

“And that’s for being a nasty little slut.”

And so it continued, but to Nina’s amazement she began to feel something other than pain. It seemed that each blow sent a jolt of pleasure straight to her pussy. She’d thought her pussy too sore to become aroused again, but before long, she was sobbing with need, her pussy dripping wet and her ass involuntarily rising to meet his blows.

“That should be enough,” Mr. Cox announced, pulling Nina’s legs wide apart and firmly taking hold of her hips with both his hands. “Now mount your bitch and keep banging her until you shoot your cum deep in her cunt.”

In one mighty thrust, Mr. Cox buried his impossibly hard cock in Nina’s cunt and she whimpered in relief. He immediately began pumping in long demanded strokes, slamming his hips against Nina’s bruised ass, increasing the pleasure coursing through her body. His cock was driving deeper into her pussy in this position, such that Nina swore she could feel the head nudging the entrance to her womb. The sensation was so erotic that Nina came with a keening cry, her pussy convulsing so violently she thought she might force his dick out of her body. But Mr. Cox kept right on thrusting into her cunt, making her orgasm unbelievably intense.

Laying his body on top of her back, putting his weight in his elbows, Mr. Cox rumbled in Nina’s ear, “It’s going to take me much longer to come this time, whore. I’m going to give you a long, hard fuck before I give you my cum.”

Nina moaned at his boastful declaration. It seemed impossible that she could come again after her last orgasm, but already she could feel another one building inside her.

Mr. Cox turned her head like he had before, so Nina was facing the class. Nina’s eyes widened at the scene before her. Her classmates were going at it like wild animals. All around the room, girls were bent over desks just like she was, while boys fucked them to an inch of their lives. Nina noticed that none of them seemed to mind and were actually egging the boys on. The pungent aroma of sweat and sex permeated the classroom and a symphony of slapping, moaning, grunting, and raucous exclamations reverberated off the walls.

Fuck me harder, baby!

Christ, your pussy’s wet!

Take it all, bitch!

“Do you like watching them, slut?” Mr. Cox murmured in Nina’s ear, never letting up on his rhythmic thrusts, his heavy balls repeatedly slamming her clit.

“Yes,” Nina answered, watching Sally squeal with pleasure, as her pussy was drilled quite thoroughly by Mark, the boy who’d complimented Nina’s ass.

“Does it turn you on to watch or be watched, whore?”

Both,” Nina wailed as she came again, tidal waves of pleasure almost drowning her in unconsciousness.

“Fuck,” Mr. Cox grunted, thrusting his cock faster. “You’re such a nasty little slut.”

Once Nina could breathe again, her eyes focused in on Harold, who was at the back of the room, getting fucked in the ass by Randy and in the mouth by Chad. She would have felt sorry for poor Harold, but he wore an expression of such rapture that Nina knew he loved everything that was happening to him. Nina had never watched men fucking each other before. For that matter, she’d never watched anyone fuck before today, but the sight of the two jocks giving it to Harold in both ends transfixed Nina and sent a shiver rippling through her body.

Mr. Cox must have followed her line of sight, because he asked her, “Does that get you hot, bitch?”

Nina couldn’t deny it. There was something so forbidden, so illicit, so . . . erotic about the scene that spoke to the naughtiest part of Nina’s true nature. “Yes, it gets me so hot, sir.”

Her admission seemed drive him wild, because he starting ramming his dick in and out of her cunt still harder, faster, and deeper. “I knew you were a filthy slut. Only the nastiest, filthiest, most shameless slut would get off on watching men fuck each other.”

Mr. Cox’s derision and aggressive fucking combined with the sight of Harold being hammered was getting Nina so aroused she felt her fourth orgasm of the day quickly approaching. Then she saw Randy and Chad both dump their loads into Harold at the same time and she lost it, coming so hard she thought she might actually die of pleasure.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Mr. Cox yelled as he climaxed with her, slamming the head of his cock into the back of pussy, shooting load after load deep into her womb.

Just then, the bell rang throughout the school, signaling the end of first period. As Nina lay on Mr. Cox’s desk trying to remember where she was—or even her own name—she was barely aware of Mr. Cock withdrawing from her swollen, cum-filled pussy and the rest of her classmates scrambling into their clothes.

“Read chapter thirteen for tomorrow,” Mr. Cox shouted above the chatter before they rushed off to their next class.

Nina didn’t want to move. She wanted to stay right where she was for the next two years at least. But she knew she couldn’t. She had Social Studies next period and she had to give a speech of National Nude Day. After all, that’s what started this wild ride in the first place.

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