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Mark: Fuck, your tits are awesome. Touch them for me. Mmm, gawd. Tug your nipples hard now.

Mark: I want to fuck those perfect tits. Watch you lick at the head of my hard cock when I thrust up toward your face.

Sexy: I want to suck your cock. Make me gag with it.

Mark: I’d fuck your mouth just like your pussy.

Sexy: Stick it down my throat and cum.

Mark: Watch you choke with my whole cock in your mouth and down your throat. Pump my cum down your throat.

Sexy: Mmmmm I want your cum.

Mark: I want to give it to you. I’d love to give you my cock. Cum all over your face and tits.

Sexy: I’d lick it up and spread it on my tits.

Mark: Mmmm, I’d suck your hard nipples afterward.

Sexy: I’d let you fuck me in the ass.

Mark: Gawd, I’d love that. I love how you love sex.

Sexy: You’d only last 5 seconds in my tight ass.

Mark: I’d make you cum first. Make my naughty little slut cum with my hard cock up her ass. Imagine your rabbit is my cock and show me how you’d fuck me, Lindsey.

Mark: Mmmmm, you are sooooo hot. I want to fuck you right now.

Mark: I’d also fuck your tight shaved pussy. Hard from behind, spank your ass, pull your head back by your hair. Fill that hot pussy with cum.

Mark: Then I’d put you on your back and open your legs wide and lick your sloppy hot pussy babe.

Sexy: Oh fuck, I’d love that. I want you to lick your cum out of my pussy.

Mark: Look how hard you’ve made my cock. Fuck.

Sexy: Call me. 503 999 9999. I need you.

Thursdays had always been a great day for Mark. Not only was Thursday just one day from declaring another weekend, Mark had for years made them a workout night…a trail run with friends followed by cold beers at the locals pub. Generally home by 8 pm with a good buzz, Mark spent the remainder of the evening with his family. Perhaps the beers and the buzz were what led to the latest evolution of his tradition, cruising pornographic internet sites after his family turned in for the evening. His dabbling first consisted only of looking at pictures. He was amazed at the amount of porn readily available on the internet…literally anything and everything one might be interested in. While his interests were initially restricted to free sites where he could check out pictures and video clips, he soon stumbled onto chat rooms.

Mark is a fairly conservative guy and the chat rooms were more than he could initially comprehend. So many people typing real time to one another, at times inviting another to a private chat…it was very exciting to Mark to enter this “secret world.” Mark soon realized the benefits in creating a secondary, secret email and IM address so that his new chat friends could contact him in a manner he could easily conceal from his wife. Mark wondered how often he was really playing with a sexy woman, rather than an unattractive woman or even worse a man posing as a woman. Nonetheless, the chat rooms were a great outlet to explore sexual fantasies and tendencies that he sensed, or even knew, his wife would not be comfortable with.

Over the course of four or five years, Mark developed “online” relationships with three or four women. The relationships were all similar—they were limited primarily to online chat. They all were very exciting to Mark, he came countless times during those chats, but began to want more. Mark’s most recent playmate prior to Lindsey was “Cutiepie” from Ohio. Cutiepie was the first to convince Mark to connect with her telephonically, rather than only by keyboard.

Voice chat was a new dynamic that rekindled that crazy electricity within Mark–such an exciting, risky play. Cutiepie had a very sexy voice and an equally sexy mind. Cutiepie definitely had her own needs and sexual tendencies…one of her biggest turn ons was having her wrists ducttaped to a balcony and fucked hard from behind. She liked being used. But she was always attentive to Mark’s needs as well. They made each other cum hard during their conversations and equally enjoyed their time together.

Mark received a webcam from family for Christmas and quickly put it to a use for which it was not intended. Cutiepie was the first to watch Mark, at least below the shoulders, on web cam. Mark’s activities with Cutiepie had evolved to voice and video chat via Yahoo IM, all while his family slept just one floor above his head. Had his wife only known he was sitting in the home office nearly directly below her, stripped naked, stroking his hard cock as he talked so crudely and sexually to his online friend. Those conversations inevitably ended with his standing, positioning the camera to capture the full length of his cock, as he stroked it and came a massive pool of hot cum onto the smooth wood surface of the desk.

Mark was disappointed that Cutiepie never reciprocated by showing herself on camera and slowly their online relationship weakened. Mark was interested in the next level…finding a chat friend who was comfortable in front of a webcam just as he had become. He stumbled across a webcam site and decided to subscribe for three months, using his company credit card so that his wife wouldn’t see the charge. It was a fateful decision because it is where he met Lindsey.


Sexy: Hiiiiiii. I’m so glad you called. You made me so fucking horny. I need to hear you cum.

Mark: I think we feed off each other. My cock is throbbing. I want to put it in you for real, right now. I want to fuck you hard.

Sexy: Fuck me hard with it. Make me your slut.

Mark: I want to make you lick your pussy juices off my hard cock, then slide it down your throat.


Mark: You like tasting your cum don’t you?

Sexy: mmmmmm, yessssss.

Mark: Taste it for me right now. Suck your cum off your fingers.

Sexy: mmmmm…

Mark: I want to fuck you right now. For real.

Sexy: Fuck me in my ass.

Mark: I would love to fuck your tight ass. I’d fill your ass with my hot cum babe. You’d feel it oozing out of you.

Sexy: I came earlier while you watched me with my rabbit in my ass. I was thinking it was you.

Mark: You know I’d love to feel my cock in your ass.

Sexy: No one has ever licked their cum out of my pussy. I’d make you do that after you fucked me. Just pull your face up between my legs and make you lick my pussy.

Mark: I’d love to lick your sloppy wet, hot, puffy pussy just after you’ve been fucked.

Sexy: I want you. I wish you were here with me right now.

Mark: Gawd, so do I. I’ve had so much fun with you this way, I want you for real.

Sexy: So do I. I’d let you do anything you want with me.

Mark: I want to do everything with you. Make you my naughty little whore. Tie you up. Spank your ass. Pull your nipples. Cum all over you.

Sexy: I’d let you. I’d let you cum anywhere you want.

Mark: Are you rubbing that smooth pussy for me right now?

Sexy: Yesssss.

Mark: How does it feel?

Sexy: So fucking hot. I want you to fuck it. I want you to lick it.

Mark: Do you want to be my kinky little slut?

Sexy: Fuckkkk yessss.

Mark: I’d like to squirt my cum all over your face and hair.

Sexy: Dooooo it….cum all over me. I want to hear you cum now.

Mark: I’m standing in front of you, stroking my hard cock. Looking down at you, on your knees, your mouth open, tongue wagging and begging for my hot cum.

Sexy: Fuck yes. Doooo it…cum all over my face.

With that, Mark groaned loudly into the phone as his hot jism rose through his hard cock and spewed all over, covering his stomach and chest as he lay on his back. Cum continued to leak out of the tip of his cock, covering his hand as he continued to grip his rod and slowly stroke it.

Mark: Damn Lindsey. You turn me on so much. I would love to be with you right now.

Sexy: Do it. Come see me.

Mark: What if I came to Oregon. Would you meet me for real?

Sexy: It doesn’t matter. We both know it would never happen.

Mark: Why not? If I can find a business reason to travel there it could happen.

Sexy: It won’t. You’re married, I’m married. You have kids, I have kids. We both have our lives. This is fun but that’s all it will ever be.

Mark: Look, I’ve never cheated, not even close. You’re the only person I’ve ever suggested this with.

Sexy: It’s hard for me. My husband is gone for months at a time. I don’t want to fuck either of our lives up. I have almost cheated while out dancing with my friends. I let a guy finger me while we danced. That was it.

Mark: Wow, for real? I love your appetite for sex babe.

Sexy: I do love to fuck. I must be part man. I think about fucking all the time. I had a short skirt on with no panties. I go without panties a lot.

Mark: You’re making me hard again.

Mark was completely taken by Lindsey, aka Sexy on the webcam site. She was first and foremost, very beautiful. Twelve years younger than him, she had medium length blonde hair, an infectious smile, perfect tits, and a very nice body to complete the package. She was very outgoing and playful with a great, dry sense of humor, and a massive appetite for sex. And not just sex…kinky, imaginative, wild sex. However, over the two or so years they had met online, they would talk not just about sex, but politics, culture, religion, economy and more. They genuinely clicked and their relationship had evolved from simple chat acquaintances to true friends. Mark knew that she was in a graduate study program, that her husband was in the military. It was very difficult for her to raise her children and study, almost as a single parent. The web site was a late night outlet for her, much like it was for Mark. Sex made her relax.

Mark: So you didn’t fuck him?

Sexy: No, I might have but my girlfriends rescued me.

Mark: I would have just taken you to the men’s room and fucked you before they had a chance to stop you.

Sexy: And have other men watch me fuck and suck you.

Mark: Would you want to be watched? Have them watch you be slutty for me?

Sexy: Fuckkkk yesssss.

Mark: I need to come to Oregon.

Sexy: We would go to a dark restaurant first. Get a booth, and let you finger me under the table. I’d rub your cock too.

Mark: I’d make you cum at the table. You’d have to bite your lip not to moan out loud. Then after dinner and drinks we would go to an adult store and get toys.

Mark: Then we’d go to my hotel room and play out all the things we’ve talked about together.

Sexy: I would meet you if you came to Oregon. But that’s all I can promise.

(In Chapter Two, Mark and Lindsey will meet for the first time)

David waited anxiously at the arrivals lounge.

He’d waited a long time for this day and he was getting nervous, when Heather walked through the crowds of people. He recognised her straight away; she looked exactly like she did on her web cam, mid thirties, around five foot five inches, curly shoulder length brown hair and deep brown eyes.

She was a larger lady, which is one of the things that David liked. He had never fucked a BBW, and the thought of it really turned him on.

Heather had recognised him straight away as well, and they both smiled and hugged each other tightly.

They looked at each other, still in their embrace, and David leant forward and kissed Heather softly on the lips. She responded by sliding her tongue down his throat and David let his hands slide down Heather’s body so they rested on her large arse as he pulled her toward him, letting her feel the bulge growing in his trousers.

She felt it and whispered to him, “The hotel is a twenty minute tax drive away, can you wait?”

“No.” David said bluntly, before nibbling on Heather’s ear.

“Let’s find a place where we can fuck. I need you now.” Heather moaned softly.

They both snuck into the men’s restroom and went into the last stall in the line. Once inside, they took each other’s shirts off, and then Heather’s bra. David played with her large tits as they kissed, enjoying the feel of each other’s tongues. David reached down and lifted Heather’s skirt around her waist, she wasn’t wearing any panties, he slid a finger into her slit and was amazed at how wet she was.

“Fuck me David. I can’t wait any longer.” She said with a moan.

David pulled his trousers down and grabbed his cock. He rubbed the head of it along Heather’s wet slit before ramming it violently inside her from behind, making her scream out in pleasure. David fucked her hard and fast, not caring whether she enjoyed it or not.

He needn’t have worried. Heather loved his cock in her cunt and was already well on her way to an orgasm. She held the toilet lid tightly as she bucked her hips against David’s, moaning deeply as his large tool stretched her cunt wide.

It wasn’t long before David increased his thrusting to a dizzying speed. He grabbed Heather’s large arse cheeks and shot a big load deep inside her. He slid his cock out of the dripping slit and pulled her dress down for her as he kissed her neck.

“That was just what I needed.” David said satisfied.

“Oh. So can I go home now?” Heather said, jokingly.

“Don’t even think about it. Let’s get a taxi.”

They both straightened themselves out and found a taxi rank. David gave the driver the address and got in the back with Heather. They had barely driven to the end off the road before they were all over each other again. Mouths open wide as they played with each others tongues.

David had slipped a hand down Heather’s top and was cupping her breast. He pulled it out. He lent down to take it into his mouth and Heather sighed, prompting the driver to adjust his mirror so he could have a proper look at what was going on.

David had now pulled up Heather’s skirt and was finger fucking her while he continued to suck on her nipple. She was in bliss, and opened her eyes to see the driver, driving very slowly as he was getting a good show, and stroking his erect cock!

It turned Heather on even more to know she was turning this stranger on, and she tugged on her top and pulled out her other breast so the driver could get a good look. David’s fingers were working her clit and cunt and brought her to orgasm, and she was sad when they pulled up at the hotel.

She fixed herself up and winked at the driver as she entered the hotel lobby. The two lovers checked in and hurriedly found their room.

They had barely got in the room and put their bags down before they had their hands all over each other again. This time they could take all their clothes off and they fell on the bed together, David lying underneath Heather, just loving the feeling of her larger body trapping him under her.

As she leant down to smother him with her large breasts, he knew there was nowhere he’d rather be right now.

He covered the tits in his face with sloppy kisses as his stiff cock flopped against Heather’s arse. Without warning she quickly lifted her hips and slipped straight down David’s cock, making the young man yell. This soon turned to the moans of pleasure as Heather soon built a steady rhythm and fucked her younger stud for all he was worth.

She sat up and rode him and her breasts bounced on her chest as she rode him through several orgasms. She felt a big one coming. She held her hands on David’s arm, pinning him to the bed and began to really fuck him, bouncing and grinding her hips against his, making deep moaning noises.

David watched her intently as her big orgasm ran through her body and she shook violently above him.

She then flopped on top of him and mumbled something about how good it was, before nuzzling her face in David’s neck. But he wasn’t done yet. He rolled Heather over and lifted her legs over his shoulder before slamming his cock deep inside Heather’s dripping cunt. The extra penetration made both lovers moan in unison and they both looked each other in the eyes as David continued fucking Heather as hard as he could.

He remembered the first time he had seen Heather; she had just brought herself a web cam and was nervous about turning it on for the first time.

Waiting, David was erect with anticipation and turned his web cam on to show Heather how much he wanted her. The sight of his big young cock made her pussy wet and she turned it on. David was so turned on by Heather and her voluptuous body that he started masturbating furiously. This only made Heather more horny and she stripped for David, before slipping her hand to her crotch so she could finger fuck herself to an orgasm. The sight of her naked body cumming made David jerk his cock even faster and he shot a big load of cum across the room while Heather watched in amazement.

David was approaching the point of no return now and Heather was watching him as his body tightened and he came inside her with a satisfied, loud, grunt. He lay on top of her, his penis still deep inside, and rested his head on her chest.

They lay together for a while as David’s cock fell limp.

“I need to take a shower,” Heather said. “I won’t be long.”

She got up and walked to the bathroom. David enjoyed watching her walk away and when she had gone, he closed his eyes and thought about the incredible sex he had had in the last few hours. He was shocked to feel his cock get hard again already, but he wanted to fuck. He walked carefully to the bathroom and opened the door. Heather heard him come in and pulled back the shower curtain.

“Come in, the water’s nice and warm,” she said with a smile.

David didn’t hesitate and jumped straight in. He played with Heather’s big breasts and kissed her, letting his hands slide between her legs so he could play with her clit. He rubbed it and in no time Heather was clinging onto him tightly begging him not to stop as he brought her to orgasm.

Once she had cum, he took the shower head off the hook and placed it between her legs. Her clit was already sensitive and the sensation of the water on her pussy was too much as she came again. Hard.

She nearly fell over as her legs began to shake.

David knew he could do what he wanted now and told Heather to turn around, which she did. She thought he was going to fuck her dripping cunt from behind as he spread her large arse cheeks with his hands and was shocked when she felt his stiff member poke her tight arsehole before sliding slowly in.

Heather closed her eyes and bit her lip as David pushed his cock all the way in, moaning as he got as far in as he could. He stood still for a short time to allow Heather’s tight arse to adjust to his cock. Once he was sure she could take him without too much pain, he slid out and then slammed his cock straight back in, making the older lady shudder and cry out in pain.

“Do you want me to stop?” David asked, as the water from the shower trickled down their bodies.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” Heather replied with some urgency.

She was obviously enjoying having her arse fucked more than David had thought. He began fucking it again, slowly at first, and then building up speed. He used one hand to reach down to Heather’s crotch and fingered her clit, making her tremble as he pulled her closer to him. With the fingers in her pussy, the water running down her breasts and the big cock in her arse, she began to shake as she had another orgasm. It felt so strong and powerful as it ran through her body and David had to practically hold her up as she quivered in his arms.

“Th…thank you, thank you so much. I…I came so hard…never had an orgasm like that.”

David was about to laugh and tell Heather she was welcome when he felt an orgasm of his own approaching. He grabbed both arse cheeks in front of him and rammed Heather from behind.

He was finding it difficult to cum as he’d shot so much already today but he didn’t stop pounding at Heather’s arse. Heather was in post-orgasmic bliss and was feeling delirious as the he tried to cum. He was now fucking Heather so hard she was pushed up against the wall of the shower. He felt his balls tighten and groaned as he shot his seed deep inside her arse.

His head felt dizzy and barely remembered lying in bed, but as he drifted off he knew that this would be an amazing few days…

This story is about cuckolding. I have looked at all of the categories and Loving Wives appears to be the one where a great deal of cuckolding stories are submitted and so I have used this category.


Chapter 1 – Exactly How do you Start Cuckolding?

In the aftermath of my birthday our sex life improved significantly for a short time. We spent most of the weekend in bed making love many times a day. Being a man I came every time. I could only tease Jess to gentle orgasms when I used my tongue but we were both happy and horny.

Once the new week started and we went back to work we continued to make love every night and on two days we did it before work. However, without the extreme stimulation of our first cuckolding experience the sexual spark began to fade again. Everything else in our life was as affectionate and loving as ever but the sex dwindled again. We made love three evenings during the second week, once in the third week and then went for another two weeks before we made love again. My frustration was beginning to rise again.

We often talked about starting our cuckolding journey properly. By that we meant not having to pay an escort to help out. The trouble was that we just did not know how. We tried a number of things. Firstly we tried going out partying with Jess dressed a little more revealingly than she would usually. She would dance and drink and I would try and hang back a little; not exactly apart but looking like friendly acquaintances rather than spouses. I initially thought this would work because Jess drew quite a lot of male attention. However, despite chatting, guys getting her drinks for her and even a little dancing she never felt the desire to hook up with any of them. She just was not in to them.

I got a bit frustrated with the situation and we even ended up having a few arguments. However, I had to agree with her that it was hard to introduce the idea of cuckolding into conversation. It is after all not what the vast majority of people are into. Most single guys would happily, eagerly even, take Jess somewhere and fuck her brains out, even if they knew she was married. Having me present though was a different matter and would be enough to put most people off no matter how appealing Jess was. We were at a bit of a loss. Picking guys up in bars and clubs was obviously never going to work.

Next we tried cuckolding dating sites. We posted a couples profile and some sexy underwear shots of Jess. This attracted a lot of interest from others interested in the cuckolding life. Lots of men propositioned Jess but again she never wanted to go through with it.

All this went on for about three months during which time Jess was getting a bit uptight and I was getting unbearably frustrated; we had not had sex that entire time and this showed no signs of changing. I had convinced myself that Jess would only have sex with me once she had cuckolded me again. When I look back on this mindset now I can see how ridiculous it was. Jess was not a slut. Many people would say that what she did on my birthday was her being a slut but I honestly believe that she did it all for me and she was uncomfortable about doing it. The fact that she hired an escort and so there was a commercial transaction involved somehow made it a bit easier for her to justify it. However, in reality I could have stopped the whole cuckolding idea there and then and she would have been perfectly happy about it. However, as I said, I had got it into my head that she really wanted it and the only way she would have sex with me again was for her to have sex with another man first. Of course, me thinking this probably meant that I acted in a way that did not exactly entice her to sleep with me. To put it mildly I was an idiot.


Chapter 2 — The Virtual Connection

I eventually realised that as Jess was not a slut she would never hook up with a guy unless there was some kind of emotional connection and that could only come with prolonged contact over a long period of time. You could say that I finally remembered that she was a woman and not a man. So we tried an adult social networking site. We set up our profile with our story and a selection of photographs of Jess in various stages of undress; always with at least her bra and panties on.

We entered a public chat room for the first time. Our computer was hooked up to our television so we had a 50 inch view and we switched on our high definition webcam. I let Jess lead the way. She pulled up live feeds from many different men. There was a lot of sausage on show; lots of men of all shapes and sizes masturbating on camera. There were a lot of women too but Jess was not interested and did not want me to look at them.

It soon became clear that Jess was not interested in just seeing some random guy wank. Firstly she wanted to be able to see the whole guy, not just his cock and hand. Secondly she wanted conversation before anything else. Now Jess was an outgoing girl and so it did not take her long to get engrossed in conversations with several guys. She quickly binned the ones she found boring or crass or who were only interested in getting her naked.

By the end of our first session she had added five guys as friends and promised each of them that she would be back on the next day to chat with them. She kept her promise and she chatted away for hours the next day. I was largely a passenger and did not really hang around for most of it. By the end of the second day she had acquired a couple more friends. This continued for the next month or so; she would spend a couple of hours each night catching up with some of her cyber friends. She had got over twenty guy friends by that stage that she regularly kept in touch with. Nothing sexual had happened yet though.

Over the next month her regular friends had dwindled down to four guys that she talked to a lot and the conversations got increasingly flirty as she got more and more comfortable with them all. By this stage it had been over five months since we last made love. My deluded obsession with trying to start cuckolding had created a wife who was addicted to social networking and who was much more interested in that than in sex. So I was actually quite surprised when she told me that she was ready to try cyber sex with one of her friends on the social network. His username was PompeyPete and he was white, about six foot four and buff. Even I had to admit that he was pretty. He was also extremely charming and warm and he seemed genuinely in to Jess and was not at all put off by the cuckolding.

Having watched a few other girls on the site we decided that Jess should have a vibrator so we ordered her a nine inch black one with bobbles on. It arrived a week later and Jess said that she was ready. She arranged to hook with Pete at the weekend; he seemed delighted and excited.

As the weekend approached I could tell that Jess was getting nervous. I knew that no one had ever seen Jess masturbate before and she had never used a vibrator. I tried to reassure her and I managed to convince her that it would be okay.

When the time arrived she had a couple of stiff drinks and said to me ‘God, I am nervous.’

‘I know but you will be fine. I am sure you will get in to it once you start.’

With a slightly uncertain voice she replied ‘I suppose you are right but…I feel….you know…. embarrassed.’

‘You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are gorgeous. He will love it.’

‘That is not helping,’ she scolded.

‘Well what will help then?’ I did not expect the answer I got.

‘I think it will help if…err…if…if you are not watching me.’

‘You want to blindfold me?’

‘No. If I am going to be able to do this then I think you need to be out of the room.’ I was deflated.

‘I don’t understand. Pete will be able to see you doing it.’

‘Well obviously. It just does not feel so real doing it on the television as it would having someone in the room watching you.’

‘So shall I watch on the other computer then?’ I asked.

‘I’d rather you didn’t watch at all. I want to do it a couple of times first to gain a bit of confidence and get used to it before I can face the embarrassment I will feel if you see me doing that to myself.’ She seemed strong and certain.

‘But I have seen you naked loads of times. Hell I have even seen you have sex with a big black guy.’ I was sounded like I was pleading.

‘Look, if I am going to do this then it has to be my way or we can call the whole thing off. It’s up to you.’

All I could say was ‘Okay.’ I hung my head a little and left the room.

I was absolutely deflated. I had waited over five months for some sexual activity and now some was going to happen in my own lounge and I could not even watch, let alone get involved. I resigned myself to it and consoled myself with the thought that Jess was beginning to get interested in sex again and so my long wait would be over soon.

As it turned out it was nowhere near as soon as I had assumed.


Chapter 3 – Jess’s First Cyber Sex

I obviously never saw what happened next but after it had finished Jess told me everything.

Jess logged on to the chatroom and quickly found PompeyPete. They chatted in the public area for a while before setting up their own private room.

‘You look gorgeous tonight Jess.’ Pete was right. Jess wore a tight tank top and a short tight leather skirt. Every curve was accentuated and she looked sexy.

‘Thanks Pete. I am a bit nervous though. I think you will have to help me out a bit. I don’t really know what to do.’ Jess was nervous but she felt excited too; she did fancy Pete. He was a beautiful man and the lack of sex in her real life had left her having naughty thoughts about Pete and now that she had said it the thought of Pete telling her what to do tonight was getting to be quite a turn on for her.

‘Well I have been really excited about finally seeing that gorgeous body of yours. Why don’t you take off that top?’

Jess immediately felt a tingling sensation growing between her legs as Pete told her what to do and she was going to obey. She slowly, and as seductively as she could manage, began to lift her top up. The first thing to be revealed was the expanse of perfect milky skin on her tight little tummy.

‘Oh yeah,’ was all Pete could say; he had obviously started to rub himself through his jeans. This affect that she was having on someone she now considered to be a friend made Jess’s heart beat a little faster; she was getting excited.

After what seemed like an age to Pete, Jess finally pulled her tight top over her full breasts; she was wearing no bra. For only the second time in her life she had exposed her naked boobs to someone she was not in a relationship with. They were big and perky and perfect. Jess instinctively began to rub them seductively. She was really beginning to get into this. She was still very nervous; she was even shaking a little bit; but she was getting really horny and could feel a slight dampness between her thighs.

‘Oh my God! They are even better than I thought they would be. How can one girl be so stunning?’ Pete took his top off too to reveal a perfectly sculpted six pack. Jess found herself thinking that if ever her and Pete had kids that they would be so pretty.

‘God, I wish I was there so that I could suck those tits.’

Jess had never really been into sex talk but she wanted to throw herself into it. ‘I wish you were here too. I just want to devour that amazing body of yours. I wouldn’t let you out of the bedroom for a week.’ She felt a bit silly and embarrassed saying it but it was fun.

‘Oh fuck, you are my dream woman.’

‘Well if you can’t be here to suck my tits I will have to do it for you.’ Jess grabbed her left breast and pushed it up to her mouth. She began to gently lick and suck the nipple. She had never done this before but she closed her eyes and imagined that Pete was doing it to her. She was getting incredibly horny.

Pete had opened his jeans and was vigorously rubbing his large hard cock. The site of beautiful Jess sucking and licking her own tits was awesome. He wanted this girl so badly.

‘Do you like that?’ Jess asked.

‘Oh fuck yeah.’ It was only then that Jess opened her eyes and saw Pete’s cock for the first time.

‘Oh my, that is big.’ She was right. Pete’s cock was at least ten inches. ‘That is so much bigger than my husband’s.’

‘It’s all yours girl. How long has it been now since that hubby of yours made love to you?’

‘It must be five or six months.’

‘Damn. What is he thinking? If I had a girl like you I would have you all the time. The things I would do to you. Man.’ Jess felt naughty and horny as she listened whilst watching him rub his massive cock. Pete then gave his next order.

‘Open your legs. Let me see you touch yourself.’

Jess obeyed without question. She parted her thighs to reveal bright yellow lace panties that matched her recently removed top. She licked her finger and stated to run it around her labia but on the outside of her panties. She immediately felt the dampness that had formed over the last few minutes. Her own touch felt wonderful; enhancing her already heightened sensitivity. She began to rub more enthusiastically. All thoughts of embarrassment seemed to have disappeared. At this moment she really wanted this gorgeous man to see her masturbate; something no-one else had ever seen her do; even me.

Jess and Pete’s sex chat continued whilst the action played out.

Jess moved her hand inside her panties and ran her fingers around her wet lips. It felt so good and the sight of Pete tugging his monster to the point of explosion just turned her on even more. She slipped a couple of fingers inside herself and began to play with her clitoris.

‘Take your panties off.’ Pete ordered breathlessly. Jess leaned back, put her legs up in the air and slowly began to lift her panties off. Pete’s view was amazing. Jess’s ass was on full show; it was big and round and to Pete it was just like the rest of her; perfect.

With her panties off she spread her legs and pulled her lips apart so that Pete could clearly see her excited clit. She flicked it and rubbed her labia before sinking two fingers deep inside herself. Jess began to finger fuck herself making sure she stimulated her clit all the time. She began to get a little breathless herself as she got more and more aroused.

Pete could not take it any longer. ‘Oh God. I am going to cum.’ No sooner had he said it than Jess saw massive string after massive string of cum spewing out of Pete’s amazing cock.

‘I wish you had done that inside me,’ Jess whispered.

‘God. Me too.’

Pete watched Jess masturbate enthusiastically. ‘God. I want to be in you right now. I would fill places with my cock that your pathetic excuse of a hubby could only dream of filling. I would make you cum so hard like he never could. Tell me he can’t make you cum.’

‘John cannot make me cum.’

‘Why can’t he make you cum? Tell me.’

‘He has a small cock.’ This trash talk, especially trashing me was turning Jess on even more in her state of extreme arousal. She was getting close.

‘Shout so that he can hear it.’




Pete got her to repeat this over and over again until she finally came loudly and strongly. Jess’s whole body was shuddering. She was still finger fucking herself as fast and hard as she could, trying to lengthen the orgasm as much as she could.

I was in the next room and I felt like hell hearing her shout that about me and then hearing her cum louder than I had ever made her cum. Then it dawned on me that Pete had just seen my wife masturbate and that was something that I had never seen. I was suddenly extremely jealous but I knew I could not interrupt or I would spoil the whole thing. So I sat and waited; assuming that she would be out in a few minutes now that she had cum. I was wrong.

‘Wow, that was amazing. You are such a sexy woman. How can he not fuck you every night?’

‘You know that you are the first person to ever see me doing that.’ Jess smiled at Pete.

‘You’re kidding. You mean John has not even seen you play with yourself?’

‘No. Never.’

‘Well now. Are you still feeling naughty? Feeling horny?’

‘I so am. I don’t know what has gotten into me. I really do wish you were here right now so that cock could make me cum just as hard.’ Jess was now feeling at ease talking dirty.

‘Well I can’t be there right now but how about we try something a bit more daring?’

‘Like what?’

‘Well you mentioned a vibrator.’

‘Yes, it’s here.’ She picked it up and showed it to him and then playfully rubbed it against her pussy. All the time since she had cum her legs were still wide apart so that Pete could see everything.

‘Well how about you play with that and I shut down this room so that everyone can see you doing it? That way over one hundred people will get to see you doing something that little John never has. How fucking sexy is that?’

‘I…I…I am not sure.’

‘Just play with it.’

Jess stated to nervously rub the vibrator against her lips again. She switched it on and the vibrations reverberated through her and almost instantly brought her sex organs to life once more. It felt amazing; she was still very sensitive after her intense orgasm and it was not long before she slowly began to sink the plastic further and further into her vagina. It was as if her whole body was vibrating with sex. Her eyes were closed and she was fucking herself with this vibrating wonder. This continued for about five minutes with her pelvis gyrating to enhance her arousal.

At that point she opened her eyes to look at Pete. He smiled back at her. She then realised that she was no longer in a private room and that 108 people had her video open. She was shocked and embarrassed but the feeling inside her was so amazing that she could not force herself to stop. She closed her eyes and continued her personal, albeit very public, journey to her second orgasm of the day.

When it came it was even more intense than the last one. The fact that 96 men and 12 women were watching her masturbate just made everything seem more extreme, more sensitive, more enjoyable. These had been two of the best orgasms she had ever had.

Unsurprisingly there were a massive number of compliments (many extreme vulgar) on the chatroom text. Jess knew it was silly but these compliments actually made her feel really good, empowered and beautiful.

When she came out of the room she walked up to me and kissed me gently before telling me everything. My heart sank yet further when I found out that over one hundred people had witnessed what I never had. I could barely contain my jealousy but I had to. I still believed that if we were ever to make love again that Jess would have to cuckold me again. What an idiot; I know now that she would have made love to me all night that night if I had just made a move. But I did not. Instead I just kissed her for the longest time before she ran off to the shower.

Over the next two months Jess and Pete had cyber sex every night and it always ended with Jess masturbating in the public chatroom. I was still not allowed to join in or watch and my jealousy reached new heights as the number of people who had seen Jess masturbate was over a thousand and I still never had. What made it worse was the fact that Jess was now obviously very close to Pete emotionally and they had had daily sex for a longer period of time than I can ever remember having with Jess; although theirs was virtual of course.

I was actually torn emotionally. On the one hand I was all jealousy and frustration (it had been over eight months since I last made love to Jess). On the other hand I was glad because I knew that Jess needed an emotional attachment in order to progress to the next level and actually hook up with someone in order to cuckold me. It was my obsession with this that made me persist with it and even enthusiastically encourage it.

A date with a Rose.

I had no choice but to wear the electronic control harness to bed and pack my overnight bag for work. I was relieved today that no one had questioned me.

The transdermal patches under the straps of the harness were itching. My dreams were of Genie and her smart phone. She was shoving it into my mouth like it was a bar of soap. I was sinking into the ground and growing like a plant into a giant blue wobbly dildo.

I was awake for 20 minutes or so before I realized I was awake. Whatever was in the drug patches strapped to me had me in a haze. I skipped breakfast as I was very late.

My morning wood lasted all day as my mind slipped in and out of a confusing erotic dream state. Obsessed with Genie… I couldn’t remember what she looked like. I remember the feeling of looking at her… the thrill of sneaking a gimps of cleavage or admiring her silhouette but what did she look like? My mind swirled.

I didn’t give a thought to “Ms Rose” or what I was supposed to be doing on the “week long assignment”. I was warm and had to constantly fight the comforting feeling of rubbing my crotch. I gave the students a movie day… there was no way I was up for IELTS today.

I ducked into the bathroom at lunch and stood in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. I wanted to masturbate but felt like it was cheating on Genie if I did. I walked in and out of the bathroom two more times, my hard on rubbing uncomfortably on my trousers.

Iesha, a nerdy Teacher I often spoke with came over. She is a little too thin and has a very angular face and messy mousy hair. We have never socialized outside of work and usually only talked about admin issues. She is the head Teacher but Director of studies is in idiot and insists on doing everything so she gets paid extra for nothing… ok what I mean is she and I aren’t, Um… we joke flirted a few times but I just assumed she was seeing someone or gay or asexual… she is quite fit and has a good body, even if she never wears makeup and always wears cheap badly fitting t-shirt dresses and hippie scarves…


Iesha took my hand and led me back into the bathroom. I followed feeling grateful for the direction and she led me to the sink, the warmth of her hand felt really nice. In a fluid action she slipped off her pink cotton g string and sat on the sink facing me. All the while holding my hand. She really is surprising athletic.

On the table that holds the sink in our unisex bathroom Iesha firmly but carefully grasped the top of my head and thrust it between her legs. The aroma was very strong but I really wanted to kiss it. I kissed gently and Iesha made a sound like a sheep.

I kissed it again… with a little tongue… Iesha pushed on my head hard with a breathy:


I tried to answer but my face and mouth were mashed into her pubic hair and very full lips. For some reason I though about oysters at this point… so she made some more sheep-like but very encouraging noises before pulling my hair and sliding me up under her dress.

My head trapped under her stretchy cotton dress, pressing my face into her freckly milky pale skin. I was kissing her slender and muscular breasts and she said something I didn’t catch.

“Am I beautiful?”

I think was the question… I was nodding but I guess she didn’t notice.

Iesha grabbed hold of my balls and gave them a hard squeeze:

“Say it!”

She said with authority but in a half whisper. I guess she was thinking about someone walking in on us…

I said:

“You are perfect.”

Iesha taking the hair on the back of my head jamming my face between her legs again. I started to kiss it… but was too slow. She came in my face soaking me as she ground my face into her with another long bleat.

It was so hot. Literally too I guess, because I felt the cold air hit my face and snap me out of the mini day dream I had fallen into. I have no idea how long I was down there… but when she released my head and I came up for air I was very aroused. OK, so before I had been floating along with a kind of sleepy-warm-all-day-morning-wood thing but now I was very keen for it. My cock pressing mercilessly against my trousers like a torch in my pocket.

Iesha… or is it Aisha? Anyway Iesha (Eye-ee-sha) lifted up her lean slightly muscular leg and stepped on my shoulder. I wanted to suck on that leg but she put her other foot on my other shoulder and I heard paper rustle.

Iesha – now it’s bugging me… it’s probably “Aisha” but we didn’t communicate other than idle Teachers room chat — usually in a group of three or more… I don’t work there anymore so I guess it doesn’t matter, she knows who she is.

I get a ball of paper towel in my face her feet force me down kneeling into a ball, a human step stool, as she slips off the sink table and walks out.

Once again I was in the bathroom *really* wanting to toss off and conflicted about it being cheating. I was still balled up on the floor when sounds out side the door snapped me back to reality.

I noticed Iesha had left her little pink panties on the floor and I snatched them up and put them in my pocket. I picked up the paper towel and almost left. The itchy feeling on my face reminding me I had Iesha’s cum all over it.

I washed my face and straightened up. I was late to class but no one seemed to care.

After work I checked my phone but didn’t see any instructions. I sent a text and waited at my desk. I got a short shock from the collar and a text.

“Not polite enough”

The first time she had punished me without watching felt very serious.

I send the same text with “please” and “thank you” and “may I” everywhere I could think of and got a text back with an address. I could feel the drugs in the patch making more submissive. I really felt guilty at being rude to Genie my “controller”.

The address was in the city six or seven blocks from where I work so I walked. It was a back ally with no entrances just a dumpster and a recycling wheelie bin.

After about 30 min I got a text “Get in the bin.” I looked around but didn’t see anyone. I got a shock from my collar again and jumped into the recycling bin.

I got another text “Duck down and close the lid.”

I did.

I didn’t hear anyone walk up over the traffic noise but saw through the yellow lid a shadow of a hand on top and then heard the click of a pad lock. I called out but my collar was on “Bark control” again so the shock cut out my speech.

We rumbled along for a minute or so. I felt the bin tip up then over on the side then up side down and on the side again and heard the hatch back close. The drugs in the patches strapped to me were making me very spacey.

After we moved off in the car I forgot for a moment how I got inside a bin, upside down in the back of a car… had a panic attack and remembered I was the -human robot project M3-. I felt like I was tumbling over and over as the car drove along.

When we stopped there was a short pause before the hatch back opened. I yelled as I got a shock from my collar and I heard a stifled laugh.

The recycling bin opened and a very bright light shone in from a dark garage. I felt a pillow case over my head and I was led out by the hand.

A woman’s voice said:

“Take of your clothes.”

I did down to my boxers. And the woman said “Take the bin out of the car and follow me” I fumbled around blindly and slid the bin out and put it on its wheels. I felt a hand on my crotch and heard the door open.

I was led out by my balls and steered up a path and told to leave the bin and the Lady let go of my balls.

“My name is Rose. You may address me as m’Lady.”

I felt a squeeze and a little twist of my balls and I yelped “Yes m’Lady!”

She continued “Follow me into the house.”

…and walked off. I tried to take off the hood but it was tied on somehow. I heard a distant “Come along now.”

And I walked carefully in the direction I thought she went. I got a little closer and sped up a little. I walked into a rose bush and scratched my legs and cut my fingers.

“Stupid, boy!” I felt a shock from my collar and cut my self more trying to get out of the bushes.

After that I got a “left, right, 2 steps up…” into the house.

Rose grabbed my balls again and led me through a few rooms. Rose said, “Call your work, you have been in a bicycle accident and won’t be in for the next four or five days.”

I heard the door close and searched around the room for the phone. I found it and tried to remember the phone number layout — was it 1 at the top left or top right? I guessed wrong and felt a hand on my hang up the phone.

“Too stupid to dial a phone, hmm, lucky I’m here aren’t you.”

There was a short pause and I said “Yes m’Lady.”

Rose said “Good — but I want to see a bow when you address me.”

I bowed.

I heard the buttons on my mobile being presses and she must have taken my cell to get my work number. I heard her Dial, wait and say.

Hello… is this the ESL department?… … This is Head nurse in charge of C ward at Bankstown hospital, one of your tutors has been in a bicycle accident… …no, no nothing like that he tripped over a little girls tricycle or some such thing, the doctor has decided to keep him in for observation and a brain scan tomorrow… … I’m sure they won’t find anything, but he won’t be in for the rest of the week… … I’ll give you the direct number if you want to speak o him.”

Rose put my hands over my ears and ended the call. I felt something cold on my hip. Rose cut off my boxers with scissors. She said “follow me” and walked off. I felt along the wall and followed the soft sound of her walking. The thin pillow case on my head was making me feel extremely vulnerable, but now completely naked in a strange woman’s home was surreal, every step a flood of adrenaline.

We went into the bathroom and she said

“arms up”.

My wrists were bound above my head and I felt something cold on my legs It was disinfectant and I gasped as it burned in my cuts.

“All done, now lets test out this harness of yours.” Said rose.

A few seconds went by and I felt a buzzing. I could feel my hard on grow and stretch and feel like it was going to burst.

“Hmmm” said Rose.

Next I felt the pulse — I started uncontrollably thrusting like a fish in air. I could feel and ejaculation coming quickly the electrical current forcing it out of me.

“Oh.” I heard from Rose then the current stopped.

Rose left and I heard the bathroom door close. I felt the electricity from the harness buzz through my limbs. I went completely limp and hung from my wrists. Rose came back into the bathroom and removed the hood from my head. My eyes dazzled by the pink light from the bathroom.

She stood behind me and put some swimming goggles on me. They were tinted blue. Once on I could see the outlines of the room. The tint was very dark, I couldn’t see more than about a meter. She said, “It would be a mistake to remove these.” And released the electrical current numbing my limbs. Handing me a pink blackberry she said

“Type up your report for Genie”

With one hand cut free I struggled to thumb in the last 24 hours or so.

Ms Rose sat on a stool or something and watched me dangle and struggle to type before asking me to return the blackberry mentioning that I would receive one strike of the cane for each spelling or punctuation error.

To be continued…

This story is related to my story “The Beginning” but was written entirely by me. The characters are the same, but this tale is not a cyber chat…it is a fantasy that I wrote from the desire to meet my internet lover in real life. Enjoy, and any feedback you may have is, as always, welcome and appreciated. J


Stretching her arms above her head to relieve the kinks that had developed in her muscles the last few hours of sitting at her computer working, she sighed happily. Taking the time to reread the message she had saved last week and had displayed on the computer screen once more before shutting down her computer for the night, she felt a thrill of anticipation rush through her, flooding her insides with warmth.

Master8: I think we should meet…I need to hold you in my arms, I can’t wait any longer.

Seduzione: I know what you mean….I want you so much…this longing just won’t go away. But when?

Master8: Friday.

Seduzione: But …surely that’s to soon for you to travel all this way?

Master8: I already bought the ticket. I’ll arrive Thursday night, that should give me sufficient time to recover from the plane ride and be at your door at 8pm Friday.

Seduzione: But…wow…I can’t believe I’m finally going to be able to touch you…

Master8: And I you, my sweet. Until then, I must bid you adieu, I have much preparation to do before I come to you.

Seduzione: I count the days…goodbye for now.

Master8: Oh…one more thing luv…

Seduzione: Wha…huh…yes darling?

Master8: I’m bringing the blindfold.

The week was the time had finally come. She was going to meet the man she’d been having an internet affair with for weeks. As the clock struck midnight, she realized it was now Friday, and she’d be meeting her internet lover in 20 hours…and that she still had to sleep so as to prepare for the night ahead, which she had a feeling would last a long, long while.

Laying in bed a short while later, she suddenly remembered his parting line, “I’m bringing the blindfold,” hinting that maybe tonight she’d finally have her long time fantasy fulfilled. Somehow, she managed to fall asleep, even with those thoughts rushing through her mind.


She met him in a games chat room. He referenced her favorite game in the chat, and she messaged him to strike up a conversation about that game. Soon, however, she found out that he was more than just a fellow gamer. He was sweet, funny, and an old-school romantic…in other words, her ideal guy. However, he also had a bit of a naughty side, just like she did. She discovered this one night when he made a slightly naughty innuendo based on something she had said…and she laughed it off and retaliated in kind, which opened up whole new doors of communication between them.

They became quite close…flirting outrageously, sharing secrets. One of these secrets was a mutual interest in erotic fiction, to which both confessed to having written a bit in the past. This conversation led to a very interesting end, but that is another story entirely.

Over the next few weeks after the first story was written together, the two continued to try to push each other’s buttons in all the ways they possibly could over the internet. She took and emailed naughty pictures of her to him…he continued to say little things that made her heart flutter madly. And eventually the day came when they started voice chatting with one another…talking about each other’s thoughts, desires, lives. But also, when the conversations took a more intimate turn, they each encouraged the other’s desire with words and sounds of pleasure, finding their fulfillment alone, but together.

The two lovers longed for the day when their online romance could be taken into the realm of the real world, but neither was sure when or if it would ever be possible. After all, there was one small problem.

He lived in Australia.

She lived in the United States.

But now, it appeared that they would finally get their chance to meet…and to see if their chemistry in real life was anything like it was via the internet.


Arching like a cat and letting out a soft sigh of contentment, she opened her eyes to the light of the day, looking to her left at the clock on her nightstand.

“Oh my god, it’s noon already! I have so much I have to do before tonight!” Throwing back the covers, she slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take a bath before she started to get things ready for that night.

Turning on the tap and adjusting the temperature, she removed her nightgown, stopping to look into the mirror as she did so. Slipping her hands up, she cupped her 38C breasts in her hands, pinching the nipples slightly and feeling herself grow moist between the legs at the sensation it caused. Her breasts had always been sensitive, and everything was more sensitized than normal since she hadn’t touched herself intimately in 2 days in preparation for this night. Buckling down to business, she pushed her panties off her hips and stepped into the hot bath, relaxing in the heated water.

Reaching for her razor, she shaved her legs smooth, before reaching for the shave gel again with a wicked grin. Lathering herself up, she then proceeded to remove every trace of hair from her most intimate place, rinsing off and stroking herself intimately to make sure she had not missed any. Feeling herself getting hotter, she stopped what she was doing reluctantly and climbed out of her bath. Drying herself, she wrapped her body in her satin robe and headed downstairs to gather the things she would want for tonight.

Arranging the candles around the room and placing the pile of satin scarves in her bedside table, along with a few other items intended to make the night more enjoyable, she glanced at the clock again. Realizing that she needed to get her makeup and hair done, as well as pick an outfit still, she decided she better stop taking her time, since she had less than 3 hours till he was due to arrive on her doorstep.

When she was done brushing and curling her hair slightly and putting on a bit of light blush, eye makeup, and lipstick, she turned to her closet to peruse the contents. After standing there for several minutes, she picked her sexiest black dress from the closet. The dress was spaghetti strapped, and was backless except for a 2 inch strap that stretched across her back just below the crease of her arms, which left her entire back and the tattoo that resided on the lower portion of it visible. It had a slightly flared skirt that ended a few inches above her knee, concealing almost all…unless she moved just a bit too fast and caused it to flare up, which it would do very easily and expose all. The dresses tight top pressed her breasts up, showing an ample amount of her cleavage in a sexy but tasteful way.

“Yes,” she thought. “This will do nicely.” Selecting her favorite pair of black lace panties from her drawer and slipping them on, then rolling her stockings up her legs and attaching her black garter belt, she then slipped the dress up her legs, pulling it into place and adjusting her breasts till she was satisfied with the result. With one last look at the clock telling her that her dream guy was due to arrive in 20 minutes, she started lighting the candles she had spread around the bedroom.

Just as she lit the last one, the doorbell rang downstairs. “Here goes nothing.” She slipped on her black heels and headed down the stairs, smoothing her dress once more before opening the door, smiling, to greet the man she felt like she’d waited her whole life for.


They stood there for several minutes as they laid eyes upon one another for the first time. She took in his handsome face, the way his hair fell against his ears and forehead and the look in his eyes as he gazed at her. He was wearing dark pants and a jacket, with a blue shirt underneath, a few buttons of his collar undone which made his ensemble more casual sexy than stuffy and dressy.

He eyed her from the top of her soft brown hair and her adorable bow-shaped lips, all the way down her body, his eyes lingering on the way her chest pressed against her dress, and how her legs looked so curvy and sexy encased in those stockings and high heels.

“G’day, mate,” he said in greeting, knowing how his accent and those words had affected her in the past in their voice conversations.

She felt her knees weaken a bit as she heard him speak. “Hullo there. Can I help you with something?” she retaliated cheekily, grinning at him.

They reached for each other at the same time, wrapping themselves in a tight, warm hug like the kind you would give a long-lost loved one. Soon, however, they couldn’t resist the temptation, and their lips met, softly at first but with growing passion. Backing up inside, she pulled him with her, and he pushed the door shut as he pinned her to it, as their tongues dueled in their mouths. Her hands were going crazy, stroking over his back and his shoulders as he tilted her head to the side and kissed and nibbled her neck and shoulders and let his hands roam over her back and hips.

Breaking away from his kisses with much effort, she took his hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom, which was aglow with candlelight, before reaching for him again. Pushing his jacket off his shoulders, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, groaning slightly into his mouth as his hands reached under her skirt to squeeze her behind gently through her panties.

His hands slipped up her back, then began slowly stroking up and down her sides, drawing closer and closer to her breasts with each pass until his fingers were brushing up against them…at which point he cupped them in his hands and stroked his thumbs across her hard nipples, causing her to gasp and press her hips more tightly against his as she felt herself starting to get wet already at his attentions.

Kissing a wet trail down her neck and shoulder, he kissed the cleavage that was exposed by her dress, all the while pinching and rolling her nipples with his fingers through the fabric of her dress as he stroked her breasts. Nudging her straps down her arms with his lips, he gently pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze. Looking up at her and finding himself looking into her eyes as she watched his every move, he leaned forward and caught one nipple in between his lips, sucking it into his hot mouth and flicking it with his tongue.

She couldn’t take the onslaught of sensation: her knees buckled beneath her and she had to lean heavily against him. Never stopping his attentions, he guided her to the bed and lay her back on it, stroking her chest with one hand as his other hand pulled down on her dress until it was sliding off of her hips, down her legs, and was gone, leaving her laying there in just her wet lace panties and stockings. Her hands clutching at his shoulders, she pulled and tugged on it before reaching for the buttons on the front of it, before he took the hint and stood for a moment to quickly remove his own clothing, standing only in his shorts before her.

Not giving her much time to look, he laid down on top of her body, pressing himself against her, as he kissed her deeply. Pulling her hands above her head, he proceeded to tie first one and then the other to the bed rails with the silken cords he had removed from his pockets as he undressed, all the while still kissing her.

Leaning back and smiling wickedly at her, he slipped down and bound her feet as well, then slid his hand back up her legs, pausing briefly to stroke her heat quickly, causing her to lurch against her bindings in surprise and desire. Kissing her one more time, she opened her eyes to look at him and met only darkness as he slipped the cloth over her eyes and tied it, leaving her helplessly bound and blinded, as he removed himself from the bed, leaving her alone.


A few minutes later, she feels his hands on her legs, warm and soft, stroking them softly and moving up towards her most intimate region. However, he bypasses the place that longs for his touch, instead moving up to her neck, this time not using his hands at all, as she feels his lips and tongue begin to trace a path down her neck, across her chest, taking first one then the other nipple into his mouth and sucking it briefly before continuing his path of kisses down her stomach, ending at her belly button.

Once again, her torment is increased as he removes his lips and pauses briefly before she feels his hand once again stroking her inner thighs, before slipping inside of her panties and stroking the soft heat he finds there. Hearing his small intake of breath when he realizes that she is completely bare there, she smiles, which quickly turns into a low groan of desire as he thrusts a finger deep inside of her, causing her to spasm around his finger and arch up slightly, trying to get more of the incredible sensation.

She feels a weight on the bed near her head, then senses his heat near her face, and turns toward it, leaning in with her head till she can lick the hardness that she so wants inside of her body. He moves forward, enabling her to take him into her mouth, licking and sucking and stroking him with her lips and tongue, taking as much of his length into her mouth as possible with each movement of her head, as he continues to use his fingers to stroke and tease her pussy.

He pulls away, causing her to whimper softly at the removal of their toys and pleasure.

Suddenly, her legs are untied and she can feel her panties being slipped down her legs and removed, and his mouth descends down onto the most intimate part of her, his tongue licking and flicking and his lips sucking, causing her to cry out loudly in surprise and pleasure at the sudden sensation. As quickly as it arrived, his mouth leaves her body, only to be replaced by his cock as he thrusts deeply into her, her wet heat enveloping him, her body squeezing him tight inside of her.

Laying his body against hers, she feels her arms being released and her blindfold being removed, and she gazes up into his eyes as she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him down for a hot kiss, full of desire.

“Please….don’t stop. I need you, luv. Take me…I’m all yours.” She pants as she writhes underneath him. He hasn’t moved since he removed her bindings, and she can’t take the waiting any longer. Wrapping her legs around him, she pleads with her eyes and words to be taken now, the teasing has gone on long enough.

Giving into the seduction of her eyes, he leans back and pulls her legs up over his shoulders, as he starts to thrust again. In and out…deeper and deeper…picking up his pace with each thrust, as she meets his thrusts with ones of her own, wanting him as deep and hard inside of her as she can possibly get him.

Her breathing coming faster and faster, her moans now loader and almost constant, she strokes her hands over her belly and breasts, pinching her nipples and holding them together as her body gives in to all the sensations that have been built up in her, and she arches up against him one more time, her pussy spasming around the length of him thrust inside of her, as her orgasm crashes through her and her cry of pleasure rings through the room.

Her climax spurs his own, and as he feels her start to tremble, he thrusts a few more times before stopping, pressed as deeply into her as humanly possible, as he gives in and comes inside of her, crying out hoarsely as he fills her with himself, letting her powerful muscles milk him dry.

He collapses on top of her, and she languidly strokes his shoulders and back as she revels in the afterglow of the most powerful climax she’d ever experienced. As he leans up a bit to kiss her sweetly on the lips, she sighs contentedly, then whispers in his ear.

“After a performance like that…I’m not sure I’m ever going to let you go back to Australia, my love.”

Smiling at her words, he returned “well, then, I guess I’ll just consider myself kidnapped.”

I’m your average 49-year-old guy from Indiana sitting on someone’s couch in Michigan who I just met only a day ago.

Standing in front of me and looking down was someone that I spoke with online only recently and he was unbuttoning his pants and smiling at me as I watched him. I’m average, just short of 6 foot tall and weighing about 175, I run every day. I’m married, in good health, and just realized that I may have a thing for men. My new pal is just as he described himself on AOL, about 5’11 tall, weighing I would guess 200 lbs and about 55 years old. I’m just about to find out if his other attribute, the one I really want to see, is also as he described.

It started off rather innocently enough; I visited one of those on line chat rooms for men seeking men for my town. I don’t think I had really planned to meet anyone in person, I thought perhaps I would find someone near my age to chat with. Someone who had some of the same interests and maybe the same questions that I had.

Most of the people online were younger and I chose not to talk with them, and so it went for about a year online, just watching and not much talking. Than one day a new screen name appeared someone I didn’t recognize at all. As it turned out he was from Michigan, just north of me, and also older than I was, it all seemed perfect. We chatted only once or twice online and than we made a plan to do what I had not done before, we would meet in person.

Even as we made the plans my knees were shaking, I was nervous and had so many questions. Would he be the type of person that he said, would he show up at all, would I know him or worse yet would he know me? We made plans to meet at the Cracker Barrel just to say hello and if we liked what we saw than we could meet again.

I arrived first and just milled around the store and all the novelties but aware of everyone who walked in. For a while it seemed that my pal wasn’t going to show up which would have been a disappointment to me. About 5 minutes later a group of folks arrived for lunch and just behind them HE walked in, I knew it was he right away. I’m also certain that he recognized me just as quickly, we both made solid eye contact.

Being nervous I turned from his stare and pretended to look around the store some more until I made my way to the exit and left. My heart was telling me that I just ran a 100-yard dash, I was very nervous. He also came out and we made small talk about the weather just as if we didn’t know each other at all. Neither wanted to take the lead, and that would not be my personality anyway. I had been reading a USA Today and gave it to him and said “here is the USA Today if you would like it, I need to go”. He thanked me and we got in our cars and left. I was in a panic; I had never done this before and was not really comfortable meeting anyone from online in person although this venue was safe.

When I got home I quickly got online and there he was, I said hello and waited for a response, he thanked me and said, “thanks for the newspaper” I stared at the screen in almost disbelief, it was him! OH MY GOD that was him that I met, now what happens?

He said that he was impressed with my appearance, and asked how did I felt about him. “You looked great I told him, really great”.

“Would you like to meet again to do some of the things we discussed,” he asked? I said, “Yes, more than ever now that we have met face to face, you are very sexual”. He gave me directions to his place in Michigan, about 45 minutes from here, and asked if I could meet tomorrow at 10:00.

“Perfect I said, but I’m still a bit nervous,” I told him.

Don’t worry we will go slowly to be sure you are comfortable.

In out chat online I told him that I wanted to meet a guy older than me who is in good shape, clean, and nicely hung. Someone who would like a great blowjob and all that comes with it.

He said, “I’m your man, and by the way I’m a solid 8 inches long and thick” he said.

When I arrived at his home I followed him into his home and into his living room where he had music playing and a nice soft couch for me to sit on. As promised he came in front of where I was sitting and asked “are you ready for this” as he rubbed his crotch?

“Yep, I’m ready”, I told him as I watch him seductively massage his balls through his pants.

“I hope you can handle all of me, I’ve been waiting for this all night and I have a big load ready for you”. He started to unbutton his pants as I starred at his crotch and could not look away as if I were hypnotized. The button opened and he stopped and put his hands down at his sides.

I looked up and he was smiling at me, he said “when I unzip I want you to reach in and feel my boxers, rub my cock through my shorts but don’t take it out yet do you understand” I said yes. If you like what you feel I want you to put your hands on my ass and rub my crotch on your face, okay”?

I’m not an expert on size but I thought he had an unusually large bulge in the front of his pants, I was in heat! When he unzipped I put my hand on his lump, his cock and rubbed it to feel that size, all I could think after my hand rubbed it was holy cow. I quickly remembered his instructions and put my hands on his ass and pulled in so that his crotch was in my face. I couldn’t breathe in fast enough, I wanted to taste his smell, and he smelled wonderful.

He backed up a bit and said that he was ready and his cock needed attention and it needed it now. First he just opened the fly of his boxers and pulled his cock through the opening, I almost fainted at his size. He was huge by comparison to what I was used to seeing (my cock) with a very thick shaft and very large head. I must have had my mouth open in astonishment because he just moved forward and put his cock in my mouth.

“Now that you have seen the size of my cock do you still want to be my regular cock sucker”.

“Only 8 days a week” I told him.

“Great, that here is what I need for you to do, just suck the head and use your tongue on the slit” he said. “Take your other hand and hold my balls softly and pet them, yes just like that”. “Your tongue feels great but I want to feel you lick my slit and try to get your tongue in there.

I could start to taste this slippery fluid, his pre cum as it hit my tongue, it was warm and felt like it was foaming up in my mouth. I loved that taste and loved that I was exciting him this much. The feel of him sliding over my lips and on my tongue was wonderful, I could have done this all day for him.

He stopped and took his cock out of my mouth; I hoped that I had not done something wrong because I needed to continue. I looked up to see his face and noticed that he was smiling. “You are doing great he said but I want to try another position, kneel in front of me here. As I kneeled he stepped out of his pants and took off his shirt, he was now naked. This man had a nice body, very strong and well kept for his age. He had great strong legs and a nice ass also. He turned around and bent in front of me and told me to lick that back of his legs but to reach between his legs and keep stroking his cock.

I licked his legs and ran my tongue from the back of his knees to his thighs while I stroked his cock. He loved this and moaned loudly while I continued. He turned his head and said “this is so hot, but now I need your lips on my ass” I was so hot at this point that I thought I would puncture my pants! I started to kiss and lick his tight ass and he said “deeper”. He reached back and pulled his cheeks apart for me, I could now see his bum and thought here we go! I put my face in and attached my lips to his ass, he groaned and said “oh yea, suck my ass for me”. I still had his cock in hand and kept stroking slowly, my hand was now covered with his precum and it made pumping easier.

I slowly put my tongue on his ass and licked in small circles dipping my tongue inside every time around. I loved how nasty this was. I licked up and down until he stepped back and turned back around.

“You are so good you could make money doing that”, he joked.

He told me that he wanted to ride my face and that I should try not to gag on his shaft. I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth again, and I didn’t need to wait long. He held my head and starting fucking my mouth slowly and deeply, on some of the strokes his balls would hit my chin, which really excited me.

“Oh you’re a great cock sucker he said, take me deep honey, hold my ass while I drill your throat”. My lips were stretched to the max and I loved it, his cock was sliding deep but I didn’t gag at all. I could taste his fluid-leaking non-stop into my mouth; it made him so slippery that it helped him go deeper. “Use your tongue on me honey, wrap it around my cock, suck that cum out of me, blow me baby, blow me he said”.

And blow him I did, I sucked his cock as hard as I could, but softly. I wanted his load and I wanted it soon, I also waited all night for this to happen and now I will get my reward.

He started to pump faster and breathe harder; I knew my time had come. “Suck me baby, suck me, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming”. It hit me with force and quick spurts, I held his hips while he shot into my mouth, I was surprised how warm his cum was and how it ticked on the way down my throat. I was in love, not with him but with sucking cock.

He pulled his now deflating cock out of my mouth and wiped it on my face, “let me just paint you a bit he said”, I smiled. He fell back into the soft chair and his spent cock was lying on his leg.

I couldn’t resist the urge to lean over and rest my hands on his thighs and I looked at him and asked, “can I suck you clean”?

“Yea man, suck my cock clean for me”, he said.

One last time I needed to taste him and relish his size.

SashaBunny [12:47 A.M.]: *cuddles up with you and nuzzles her head against your chest*

FallenAngel [12:47 A.M.]: *stroking your hair* hi, you

SashaBunny [12:48 A.M.]: hi.

FallenAngel [12:48 A.M.]: you’re purty.

SashaBunny [12:48 A.M.]: *blush*

FallenAngel [12:48 A.M.]: *kisses your blush*

SashaBunny [12:48 A.M.]: *grin* you’re nice. I like you.

FallenAngel [12:48 A.M.]: yay! You can keep me, if you wanna

FallenAngel [12:49 A.M.]: I don’t eat much and I don’t mind warming up cold feet.

FallenAngel [12:49 A.M.]: and I’m all about showering together to save water.

FallenAngel [12:49 A.M.]: I can also do delicious things with eggs come breakfast time.

SashaBunny [12:49 A.M.]: oooh

FallenAngel [12:49 A.M.]: if’n you like eggs for brekkers.

SashaBunny [12:50 A.M.]: sounds like you’re making me an offer I can’t refuse.

FallenAngel [12:50 A.M.]: there is a catch, though.

FallenAngel [12:50 A.M.]: you have to hold my hand in public so I can show you off.

SashaBunny [12:50 A.M.]: k

FallenAngel [12:51 A.M.]: I’ll even treat your roommate like an actual person and not just some other female to hit on. Eh? Eh? Respect for your friends? Eh?

SashaBunny [12:51 A.M.]: Aww, you’d do that for me?

FallenAngel [12:52 A.M.]: unless you told me to hit on her because she was feeling lonely or dumped or something. And then, jus’ cause you told me to.

SashaBunny [12:52 A.M.]: I don’t share very well.

SashaBunny [12:52 A.M.]: and I have a jealous streak.

SashaBunny [12:52 A.M.]: so um

SashaBunny [12:52 A.M.]: probably not.

FallenAngel [12:52 A.M.]: aye. No problems here.

FallenAngel [12:52 A.M.]: I like to be kept.

SashaBunny [12:53 A.M.]: I attribute both things to being an only child.

FallenAngel [12:53 A.M.]: I’m a youngest child. I’ll soak up 100% of your attention.

FallenAngel [12:53 A.M.]: I’ve been wanting to NOT be shared my whole life.

SashaBunny [12:54 A.M.]: *kisses your neck*

FallenAngel [12:54 A.M.]: *shiver*

FallenAngel [12:55 A.M.]: *offers more neck for your sweet kisses*

SashaBunny [12:55 A.M.]: lol

SashaBunny [12:55 A.M.]: don’t be greedy.

FallenAngel [12:56 A.M.]: *pout*

FallenAngel [12:56 A.M.]: I want more Sasha.

SashaBunny [12:56 A.M.]: *kisses your cheek* no more pouting mister.

FallenAngel [12:56 A.M.]: yes ma’am

FallenAngel [12:56 A.M.]: *turns to catch your lips before you pull away*

SashaBunny [12:57 A.M.]: *grin* Sneaky, you.

FallenAngel [12:58 A.M.]: I like your kisses. I’m gonna collect them.

SashaBunny [1:00 A.M.]: *nibbles your earlobe and then kisses down your jawline back to your lips* you can collect other things, too.

FallenAngel [1:00 A.M.]: *lost in the sensation of your face against mine*

FallenAngel [1:01 A.M.]: *tracing one fingertip lightly up your spine*

SashaBunny [1:03 A.M.]: mmm. *sighs contentedly*

FallenAngel [1:03 A.M.]: *fingernails scratching lightly back down to your waistline*

SashaBunny [1:03 A.M.]: are you attempting to seduce me? *kisses your cheek*

FallenAngel [1:04 A.M.]: am I succeeding? *absently playing with the soft hair on the back of your neck*

SashaBunny [1:04 A.M.]: *shrugs* I dunno. *grins a little*

FallenAngel [1:05 A.M.]: see now, I’d check, but you got all these clothes in the way… *smirk*

FallenAngel [1:05 A.M.]: that’s fine. Half the fun of gifts is unwrapping.

SashaBunny [1:05 A.M.]: Well, as long as you don’t mind making a little effort.

FallenAngel [1:06 A.M.]: *half serious look* I’m willing to give more effort than you expect.

FallenAngel [1:06 A.M.]: *fingertips tracing below clothes, over hipbones*

SashaBunny [1:07 A.M.]: *kisses your lips softly* well…that’s good then.

FallenAngel [1:07 A.M.]: this, here, is one of my favorite places to nibble. *cupping your hip with my palm*

SashaBunny [1:08 A.M.]: *shivers a little, getting goose bumps* Oh really? That is probably one of the most sensitive places on my body.

FallenAngel [1:08 A.M.]: I promise to be gentle. Right up until I don’t want to be gentle any more.

FallenAngel [1:09 A.M.]: *lips against yours, taking in your breath as you exhale*

SashaBunny [1:10 A.M.]: *bite my lip* and what happens when you don’t want to be gentle anymore? *fingers softly moving along the skin just below the hemline of your shirt*

FallenAngel [1:11 A.M.]: then you find out just how much effort I’m willing to pun in… *tracing fingertips over your knuckles as your hand caresses me*

FallenAngel [1:11 A.M.]: put… heh. *nuzzles noses*

SashaBunny [1:12 A.M.]: *kisses your lips firmly as I slide my hand further up your tummy* Oh. It all seems to be very beneficial to me no matter what.

FallenAngel [1:12 A.M.]: *deep shiver*

FallenAngel [1:13 A.M.]: *squeezing your body firm against mine, turning to face you*

SashaBunny [1:14 A.M.]: *stares into your eyes and gives you a half smile*

FallenAngel [1:14 A.M.]: *lightly traces your smile with the tip of my tongue*

FallenAngel [1:15 A.M.]: *hand on your waist, pulls your hips tight against mine* I want you to feel me.

SashaBunny [1:16 A.M.]: *pushes my hips against yours just the slightest bit and bites my lip a little* I like that idea.

FallenAngel [1:17 A.M.]: *clutches your clothes tightly in my fist, kissing you deeply*

FallenAngel [1:17 A.M.]: there isn’t a part of you that doesn’t feel good to me.

SashaBunny [1:19 A.M.]: I can safely say the same. *presses my lips hard to yours again before pushing my hips into yours more firmly*

FallenAngel [1:19 A.M.]: *rolls you onto your back, my weight now between your legs*

FallenAngel [1:20 A.M.]: *kisses your neck warmly, and blows gently against the moisture for a chill*

SashaBunny [1:21 A.M.]: *moans softly* okay, so the seduction worked. *grins a little*

FallenAngel [1:21 A.M.]: *my weight still firm against you, I slither down until my mouth is at your ribs*

FallenAngel [1:21 A.M.]: I could make a feast out of you.

SashaBunny [1:22 A.M.]: *sliding my hands through your hair down to your shoulders* I bet you could.

FallenAngel [1:23 A.M.]: *savoring the heat between your legs against my stomach, licking and nibbling each rib on my way up to your chest*

FallenAngel [1:23 A.M.]: I think this will be my first course.

FallenAngel [1:24 A.M.]: *my mouth close to your breast, exhaling firmly so that you can feel my hot breath against you*

SashaBunny [1:26 A.M.]: *blushes a little* Oh my. Only the first course? *heart beating faster*

FallenAngel [1:26 A.M.]: *lips against your upper chest, keeping still so that I might feel your heartbeat*

FallenAngel [1:27 A.M.]: *hands deliberately freeing your chest of any clothes, so that I may savor you at my will*

FallenAngel [1:28 A.M.]: *pulls head back for a moment or two of admiration* god damn, I love looking at you.

SashaBunny [1:28 A.M.]: *blushes deeply this time, fighting the urge to cover up* Heh. You’re sweet.

FallenAngel [1:29 A.M.]: and you’re delicious. *lowers my mouth to resume kissing your breast, in a slow spiral until I reach the center*

SashaBunny [1:30 A.M.]: *gasps, arching up to your mouth*

FallenAngel [1:30 A.M.]: *taking you in with my tongue, and rolling you around firmly, giving hints of what will lie in store when my mouth is focused elsewhere*

SashaBunny [1:31 A.M.]: *hands sliding up and down your shoulders, grasping them tightly*

FallenAngel [1:32 A.M.]: *arching my back against you, pressing firmly between your legs*

FallenAngel [1:32 A.M.]: *my fingertips paintbrush your ribs, as I start kissing down the center of your stomach*

FallenAngel [1:33 A.M.]: (you’re good. I like you.)

SashaBunny [1:34 A.M.]: *hips pushing up against you, hands clutching your shoulders trying to pull you up for a kiss*

FallenAngel [1:34 A.M.]: *deliberately and slowly dragging my body up yours, never breaking contact*

FallenAngel [1:35 A.M.]: kiss me as hard as you want me.

SashaBunny [1:36 A.M.]: *hands on the back of your head and neck, pulling your face to mine, opening my mouth to yours and kissing you deliberately and passionately*

FallenAngel [1:36 A.M.]: *slowly grinding my hips against yours at the same pace as my tongue*

SashaBunny [1:37 A.M.]: *moaning into our kiss, hands sliding down your back, hips pressing back against yours just to get that little bit of extra friction between our bodies*

FallenAngel [1:38 A.M.]: Sasha, I want to be inside of you.

FallenAngel [1:38 A.M.]: Let me know which part of me you’d like there first.

FallenAngel [1:38 A.M.]: because I’ll happily explore your body with any part of mine you choose.

SashaBunny [1:38 A.M.]: *blushes, pondering the possibilities*

FallenAngel [1:39 A.M.]: *soft kisses against your cheek, waiting for your prompt*

SashaBunny [1:39 A.M.]: *blushes deeply* Maybe your fingers first? *looking into your eyes*

FallenAngel [1:40 A.M.]: *shivers dancing up my spine* as you wish…

SashaBunny [1:40 A.M.]: *giggles* should I start calling you Wessley?

FallenAngel [1:41 A.M.]: hahahaha *pokes your nose* dork.

FallenAngel [1:41 A.M.]: *one arm behind your neck, laying at your side… my free hand brushes your cheek with the back of my fingers…*

FallenAngel [1:42 A.M.]: *caressing slowly down your neck to your chest*

SashaBunny [1:42 A.M.]: *leans up and captures your lips in a kiss, hand caressing your face*

FallenAngel [1:43 A.M.]: *my eyes closed as we kiss, I take your breast into my hand, stroking softly and arousing you*

SashaBunny [1:44 A.M.]: *whimpers softly into our kiss, distracted by your hand*

FallenAngel [1:45 A.M.]: *fingernails trace down your ribs to your stomach, pausing to circle your navel*

SashaBunny [1:46 A.M.]: *kissing down your cheek and jawline to your neck*

FallenAngel [1:46 A.M.]: *traces a heart shape around your navel, grinning deviously at you*

SashaBunny [1:46 A.M.]: *grin*

FallenAngel [1:47 A.M.]: *my palm flat on your stomach, my hand slides further south, breaking the boundary of clothing*

FallenAngel [1:47 A.M.]: *my grin widens as I start to feel your heat envelop my fingertips*

SashaBunny [1:48 A.M.]: *my breathing is becoming more shallow as I pepper your neck with kisses*

FallenAngel [1:49 A.M.]: *guides your mouth to mine, smiling softly as I feel the texture underneath my fingertips change from smooth, to rough, to… wet*

SashaBunny [1:50 A.M.]: *moaning deeply, canting my hips up immediately to meet your fingers*

FallenAngel [1:50 A.M.]: *catching your moisture on my fingertips, and spreading it evenly over you in slow circles, playfully avoiding the most sensitive spots*

SashaBunny [1:52 A.M.]: *eyes closed, jaw clenched, breathing heavily, hands finding your back, sliding them underneath your shirt caressing your warm skin*

FallenAngel [1:52 A.M.]: *pulling my head back to watch your face, as I dip one finger barely into you…*

SashaBunny [1:53 A.M.]: Oh…*my hips pushing up immediately to meet you*

FallenAngel [1:53 A.M.]: *mischievously withdrawing it, so that I may suck your taste off into my mouth*

SashaBunny [1:54 A.M.]: *whimpering softly, opening up my eyes and looking at you* Mean. *pouting playfully*

FallenAngel [1:54 A.M.]: *kissing your pout* patience, sweety

FallenAngel [1:55 A.M.]: *I free your lower body of any remaining clothing, unbroken stare between your thighs

FallenAngel [1:55 A.M.]: *

SashaBunny [1:56 A.M.]: *blushes instinctively closing my legs, burying my face into your neck*

FallenAngel [1:56 A.M.]: *ensnaring your closer leg between my own legs, softly guiding your far leg to reveal you fully.*

SashaBunny [1:57 A.M.]: *bites your earlobe and kisses your cheek*

FallenAngel [1:58 A.M.]: *pulls up the covers over the both of us, to keep us feeling safe, warm, and… Wet, of course*

SashaBunny [1:58 A.M.]: *whispering into your ear* you know, you’ve got too many clothes on.

FallenAngel [1:59 A.M.]: *soft smile, as I pull my shirt off over my head* better?

SashaBunny [2:00 A.M.]: *shakes my head* Nope. Pants off too.

FallenAngel [2:00 A.M.]: *smirk* greedy.

FallenAngel [2:00 A.M.]: this is my time to savor YOU.

SashaBunny [2:00 A.M.]: You still can.

SashaBunny [2:00 A.M.]: but. I dunno…you can savor me in your boxers, right?

SashaBunny [2:00 A.M.]: *grins a little*

FallenAngel [2:01 A.M.]: hahaha.

FallenAngel [2:01 A.M.]: indeed.

FallenAngel [2:01 A.M.]: *grumbling, I shuffle my pants down and off, and resnare your leg between mine*

SashaBunny [2:01 A.M.]: *turns to you and kisses you deeply* Thank you.

FallenAngel [2:02 A.M.]: *savoring the taste of your sweet kiss* save your thanks… you’ll need them later.

SashaBunny [2:02 A.M.]: Haha.

SashaBunny [2:02 A.M.]: Very well.

FallenAngel [2:03 A.M.]: *fingertips caressing down your stomach in lazy s-shapes, down to your hip closest to me…*

FallenAngel [2:03 A.M.]: this is for me, though, while I wait… *I pull myself out the front of my boxers, laying my hard skin against you*

FallenAngel [2:03 A.M.]: I just need to feel you against me.

SashaBunny [2:04 A.M.]: *moans softly, hand grasping at your back just a little more tightly*

FallenAngel [2:05 A.M.]: *gently parting your legs with my free hand, and tracing down the inner thigh of your far leg, following your heat inwards*

FallenAngel [2:06 A.M.]: *my fingertips trace lightly over soft pink skin, catching and smearing a little moisture*

SashaBunny [2:06 A.M.]: *my hand curling against your back in a fist, and then relaxing again, taking in a deep breath*

FallenAngel [2:07 A.M.]: *laughing softly to myself, I dip one finger into you, shallow*

FallenAngel [2:08 A.M.]: *rotating softly in circles, caressing you just barely inside over your full circumference*

SashaBunny [2:08 A.M.]: *leaning my head back, closing my eyes, hand idly sliding up and down your back, the other laying at my side*

FallenAngel [2:09 A.M.]: *my fingertip soaked with your moisture, I pull out slowly, and trace upwards over your outer skin, barely parting your lips…*

FallenAngel [2:10 A.M.]: *…and, as lightly as a person can touch or FEEL touch, I graze the outside of your clitoris…*

SashaBunny [2:11 A.M.]: *gasps softly, body tensing* Oh…*biting my lower lip, attempting to keep some semblance of control*

FallenAngel [2:11 A.M.]: *softly, and arrythymically, I lightly tap against it, listening for changes in your breathing and moaning*

FallenAngel [2:12 A.M.]: *and, pressing down with slightly firm fingertips, I start to slowly slide over it in little circles*

SashaBunny [2:13 A.M.]: *my hips jerking upwards, breathing speeding up* God…*hand sliding up your back, grasping tightly*

FallenAngel [2:13 A.M.]: *meeting your mouth with my own, my tongue caressing yours with the same pace as I am stroking you below*

FallenAngel [2:14 A.M.]: *flat palmed, I slide my hand downwards, curling a finger such that it penetrates you, shallow*

SashaBunny [2:16 A.M.]: *moans quietly into the kiss, then beginning to kiss you with fervor, nails grazing gently over the skin of your back, hips pushing upwards*

FallenAngel [2:17 A.M.]: *at an excruciatingly slow pace, I slide further inside of you*

FallenAngel [2:17 A.M.]: *after several sweet seconds, I am penetrating you as fully as our position allows…*

SashaBunny [2:18 A.M.]: *breaking the kiss, and breathing deeply for a moment before letting out a low moan, fingertips curling against your back* Oh god…

FallenAngel [2:19 A.M.]: *feeling your inner moisture coat my finger, I softly explore you on the inside, smiling as I feel your inner texture pass over the surface of my fingertip*

FallenAngel [2:21 A.M.]: *withdrawing slowly, I collect any dripping moisture on my fingers, and suck the taste off*

FallenAngel [2:21 A.M.]: would you like more of this, or maybe something else? *grin*

SashaBunny [2:23 A.M.]: *glares at you momentarily* you are such a tease. *turning towards you, sliding a finger down your chest and stomach, and then sliding my finger up your length* what do you want to do? I made the first choice.

FallenAngel [2:24 A.M.]: *mind awash with ideas* I know how I want this to END, that’s for certain. The path THERE, however… I’d happily spend all night learning you, inside and out.

FallenAngel [2:24 A.M.]…that being said, though…

FallenAngel [2:25 A.M.]: *freeing your leg from my own, I shift my weight over and on top of you*

FallenAngel [2:26 A.M.]: I’ve tasted you and felt your heat. I need to be inside you or I am just going to die.

SashaBunny [2:26 A.M.]: *reaches a hand down and strokes your length* Oh really? Well, I wouldn’t want to kill anyone. *grins a little*

FallenAngel [2:28 A.M.]: *reaching down, and taking your hand into my own… your wrists in either one of my hands, I press them over your head against the mattress*

SashaBunny [2:29 A.M.]: *staring directly into your eyes, as I lift my hips just the slightest to feel contact with you*

FallenAngel [2:29 A.M.]: *meeting your contact, I allow my tip to trace the path up your soft skin familiar to my fingertips

FallenAngel [2:29 A.M.]: *

FallenAngel [2:30 A.M.]: *arching my back, to slide the same path downward*

FallenAngel [2:31 A.M.]: *my forehead against yours, mouths close enough for a kiss but not kissing, I push my hips forward just far enough for you to feel me part you slightly*

SashaBunny [2:32 A.M.]: *glances down between us, and then up into your eyes, licking my lips in anticipation*

FallenAngel [2:33 A.M.]: *swirling my hips, penetrating you just barely more with each slow rotation…*

FallenAngel [2:33 A.M.]: *…I pull out entirely and grin at you like a bastard*

SashaBunny [2:33 A.M.]: *pouts again, pushing my hips up to find you*

SashaBunny [2:34 A.M.]: You’re really mean.

FallenAngel [2:34 A.M.]: *playfully pulling backwards, nibbling at your neck as you struggle beneath me* yup.

SashaBunny [2:35 A.M.]: There will be retribution, you realize this, yes?

FallenAngel [2:35 A.M.]: *taking both of your wrists into one hand, my free hand cups your shoulder blade, as I ravenously pull your breast back to my mouth*

FallenAngel [2:35 A.M.]: I’m not afraid of your retribution.

FallenAngel [2:36 A.M.]: the only real torture would be to not see or touch you at all.

FallenAngel [2:36 A.M.]: I can tell I could become quite addicted to you.

SashaBunny [2:37 A.M.]: Well, you better watch it, or maybe there will be severe retribution…*my words lose their conviction as you pull me closer to you*

FallenAngel [2:38 A.M.]: *whispering, my hips moving forward, parting you slightly again* I hope the punishment is thorough.

FallenAngel [2:39 A.M.]: *I free your wrists, sliding one arm behind your head, and cupping your hip with my free hand…*

FallenAngel [2:39 A.M.]: *…I pull myself fully into you*

FallenAngel [2:39 A.M.]: *every breath of air leaving my body as I penetrate you*

SashaBunny [2:40 A.M.]: Oh my god…*quickly grasps your back legs tightening around you, eyes closing for an instant to enjoy the sensation*

FallenAngel [2:40 A.M.]: *overwhelmed by your heat, I collapse my full weight on top of you, hoping my wits return quickly, if ever…*

SashaBunny [2:42 A.M.]: *kissing and nipping at your neck, hands sliding firmly down your back, legs wrapping around you, and gently squeezing you with my kegels*

FallenAngel [2:42 A.M.]: *deep shivers*

FallenAngel [2:42 A.M.]: *grinning like a spoiled child, I hug you tight and pepper you with cheek kisses and nose nuzzles*

FallenAngel [2:43 A.M.]: *evolving into a deep kiss, I slide myself out slowly…*

Don got to the airport late but was glad to see he was not the only one as at least four others were rushing to the check-in counter right with him. The ticket agents must have been in an exceptionally good mood as they actually escorted the small group of tardy passengers through the airport straight to the waiting plane. The very pleasant fight attendant cordially welcomed Don and the rest of them on-board.

As Don made his way down the aisle to his seat and took off his coat, he looked around the plane. Although it had a fairly small cabin, he was pleased to find it wasn’t a packed flight. It would make for a nice quiet trip. No one was even on the other side of the aisle.


A woman walked in just before the plane doors closed. He watched as she strode down the aisle and took the window seat across from his. As the latecomer got situated, Don did an innocent double take in looking her way. She was an attractive blonde, hard not to notice twice or even three times. She was smartly dressed in a pressed gray skirt and matching jacket. The nearly plain business attire looked good on her though and he watched as she laid her small brief case on the seat and proceeded to take her jacket off. He couldn’t help peering over the aircraft emergency card he had in his hand to catch a glimpse of her long, very long, legs extending out from the rather modest skirt that fell to just above her knees. Moreover, as she stretched back to remove the coat, her breasts, although not overly large thrust out proudly through her white silk blouse. She turned and leaned over to lay it on the seat next to her.

Suddenly he realized her eyes met his stare.

Don’s eyes locked to hers before he could nonchalantly turn away like so many other times he’d done when looking at a pretty woman. He lowered the emergency card from his face and gave her a warm smile. It was all he could do after being caught ogling. But instead of getting a glaring stare from an irate female the beautiful stranger actually smiled back at him before taking her seat.

He couldn’t believe what he had just done. He felt guilty for his brief, but obvious leering gaze. He shook his head, put the emergency card back in the pouch before him and pulled out the airline magazine, then settled back in his seat and absently flipped through the pages.

Moments after takeoff a movement out of the corner of Don’s eye made him look over toward his row mate. He looked over and saw her lift her small briefcase into her lap. She opened it and rummaged through some papers and folders until she pulled out a yellow legal pad and sat the briefcase back on the seat next to her. He couldn’t help but continue to gaze over at her as she sat and furiously wrote notes on the pad. She was fascinating him even to the point of he couldn’t help noticing her fingers and how long and sexy they looked. For some reason he began to think of how those fingers must look typing away on a keyboard.

That very thought evoked very fond memories of his forays into the Literotica chat room. He had begun chatting a little over two years ago. In that time he had found a favorite lady friend on the other end of the internet, her Lit name was ‘FineWine’. Her real name was Sheri. Don had always pictured Sheri’s fingers gliding across her keyboard as they chatted long into many a steamy night.

Don sighed at the sweet memory. It had been nearly two weeks since they had chatted. His laptop was not working on this trip so he had not been able to connect with her from his hotel room. All this reminiscing of Sheri had brought about a rather noticeable stiffness below his seat belt. He grinned to himself and casually nudged his hard-on with his elbow.

After awhile his sexy fellow passenger caught his attention once again as she put her legal pad back into her briefcase. As Don watched, she closed the briefcase and stood with it in her hands. From behind his magazine now he saw as she stretched up to put it away in the overhead storage bin. She stretched so far she pulled the tail of her blouse out from one side of her skirt. Don felt himself inhale deeply at the sight of tanned skin in the gap between skirt and blouse. He held his breath and bit his lower lip as she proceeded to tuck it back in with her long fingers disappearing under the belt and waist of that pressed gray material.

“Well, that’s enough work for one day,” he heard her whisper to herself as she turned to sit back down.

“My thoughts exactly,” Don replied from his side of the aisle.

“What? Oh, I’m sorry.” The blonde stranger more fell than sat back into her seat, obviously startled by his remark.

“No, no, that’s okay I wasn’t resting.” Don assured her. “I probably will here soon, it has been a long day. And you are right that was enough for one day.”

“Always deadlines.” She said as she buckled back in. “I think I’ll take a nap myself.”

With that, she fluffed up her tiny airline pillow, reclined the seat back and turned toward the window.

Don couldn’t help but continue to admire the comely woman sitting only a few feet away. He just tried to be less obvious about it. She was radiating something sensual, which he knew would arouse most men’s thoughts. Only, as he thought of the translucent blue eyes he had just connected with for the second or third time, he realized it was more than a feeling of lust for him. At least it was not a lust just for this blonde stranger. He daydreamed about another pair of beautiful blue eyes, ones he had never actually set his eyes upon.

Sheri had blue eyes, so she had told him during their chats. They hadn’t ever exchanged pictures since they met last winter. Actually, he had never really ‘met’ her. They had struck up a very cordial and evocative relationship during those first couple of months on Lit. They first shared their stories and poems with one another and moved on to exchanging information about their families and work. They quickly became very comfortable with one another. So they had become good on-line friends before they became ‘cyber-lovers’. He couldn’t remember who was first to introduce cyber-sex into their late night chat sessions. But even in ‘cybering’ they hit it off from the very beginning. They got off on one another at least two to three times a week for awhile there in early spring. He experienced more satisfaction after a good cyber with Sheri than he had with any other woman on-line.

One late evening in June, they took their relationship to a whole new level. Don was on another business trip and while they were cybering, Sheri sent him a note:

FineWine: Why don’t you call me?

At first Don thought it was part of the role playing they were into, but then he realized they were pretending to be on a beach in Hawaii in the latest sexy on-line romp of theirs. He typed back:

Ready7: No phones on the beach (?)

FineWine: I know…call me…555-703-1234

Ready7: for real?

FineWine: Don please! Call me…I’m so close!! I want to cum listening to your voice. PLEASE!!

And with that began their heated and very satisfying phone-sex liaisons. From there it turned into a weekly routine for him to call Sheri early in the morning, to rouse her, to arouse them both. He enjoyed talking to her, her voice was so calming, so sensual, and oh so stimulating.

They had ‘graduated’ to calling one another months ago, but during this last trip of his they had not been able to catch up with one another. The sound of her voice had been a quiet reassurance in his busy life. She was also capable of getting him fully aroused at the very first syllable she spoke over the phone. Her voice had done that to him from that first night in his hotel, as he lay under the sheets, naked, listening to her talk him through his first phone-sex orgasm. He could still remember the huge geyser of cum she had spurred him to that night.

In fact, he knew he could not go long without hearing her voice again. He would call her in the morning after he got back home. That voice was so familiar to him. He could still hear it in his head, so much so he could feel the all too familiar stiffness in his briefs once again.

But as he watched his blonde stranger, her head lying so comfortably on the pillow, it made him drowsy. He tossed the magazine onto the aisle seat next to him and settled back in the soft upholstery. He closed his eyes and thought about Sheri as he drifted off…

Suddenly the plane hit a pocket of turbulence. It jolted him out of his erotic slumber.

“Oh!” He heard the almost strained squeal from across the aisle.

He looked over at his lovely stranger. She caught his gaze as she sat there rigid in her seat looking very nervous.

“I’ve not flown much. Don’t deal with bumpy rides very well.” She rambled.

“What?” Don sat up in his seat. He heard her but he found himself looking into those piercing blue eyes of hers as he came down off the sexy high he had created dreaming of his sexy Sheri. “I’m just a nervous wreck.” His blonde plane companion said just before another severe bump of the plane shook them. “Oh, my God!”

The seat belt signs came on as she gripped the armrests even tighter.

“Ladies and gentleman, this is the Captain. It looks as if we’ll have a short stint of bumpy air. Please stay in your seats with those seat belts buckled. We’ll get through it as quickly as we possibly can. Thank you.”

“It’s just a few bumps. Nothing to worry about.” Don said as he continued to peer into those wonderful blue eyes and face framed by the loveliest blonde hair. She so reminded him of…

“I suppose. But it sure is nerve wracking.” He watched her luscious red lips move, but it was like he had just heard her voice for the first time.

He knew that voice! He looked at the blonde hair, the blue eyes…


“Uh yes?” The look on her face was one of astonishment rather than terror now. “How do you know my name?”

“Would you, uh, happen to be ‘FineWine’ Sheri?” Don haltingly asked.

His blonde stranger abruptly relaxed her body. Her jaw dropped and her mouth opened wide as she stared back at him in silence.

“I’m ‘Ready7′.” Don said barely loud enough for her to hear.

“You! Is that you, Don?” Sheri’s face slowly softened, a slight grin began to appear on her lips.

“Yes.” Don stared at the lovely face. “Yes it is, Sheri.” His voice cracked when he realized the woman he was addressing now really was his on-line chat friend and cyber lover. His eyes widened. “How, – where, what are you doing here?”

Just then, another sudden jolt of turbulence hit.

“Oh my God!” Sheri called out again as her body tensed to its former rigid posture and she grasped the armrests.

Don didn’t flinch nor did he lose his gaze toward this woman. For all he could do was remember the ‘OMG’s she always typed on the chat line when she was in the heavy throes of orgasm. He smiled broadly at that thought now. The intense sensations of their chats and phone conversations came flooding back into his mind and body.

“May I come over there?” Don asked, seeing her still gripping the armrests to the point of white-knuckle tension.

“Oh, please. Yes do.” Sheri nervously smiled at him.

Don got up and moved to the aisle seat next to her. He buckled himself in, just before another jolt.

“Don!” Sheri leaned into his shoulder and grabbed his arm.

Just naturally, Don felt the need to put his arm around her shoulders; he did so and held her tight. Sheri snuggled herself even closer as he slipped his hand down slightly from her hair to stroke her neck. He looked at her face and his fingers played with her blonde hair.

“I haven’t talked to you in almost two weeks. When and, well, how did you get here?” Don said as he looked again upon the face he had only been able to fantasize about all these months.

“Actually, I was just passing through. My flights changed twice. They got me on this one at the last minute, so I can make another connection to get a hop back home.”

“I’m glad…” Don whispered, his honest emotions coming out. “I mean, I’m not glad you got bumped twice, but that by some fate, we finally get to meet one another…in person.”

“I’m very glad too.” Sheri smiled up at him.

“I really feel like we’ve known one another for so long. I thought if this day ever came I’d be nervous as all hell. But I’m not nervous. I’m actually so comfortable right now.” He caressed the back of her hand, then looked at her hair; the blonde hair. It made him remember the blonde ponytail she teased him about all the time. She had said one night over the phone that a good ponytail came in handy for a guy to hold onto while a girl gave him a really good blow-job. She had gotten him off to that scene more than a few times after that.

Then another jolt of turbulence hit the airplane.

Sheri gripped his arm tighter and settled her head back into his shoulder. “I’m just so glad to finally meet you for real.”

Don was dumbfounded by the presence of his friend, his fantasy, who, until a few minutes earlier he had thought had been a total half a country away. He was also becoming very distracted by the feel of his cyber-lover’s breath on his neck. His other hand moved unconsciously in the semi-darkness until he found himself caressing Sheri’s arm. When those lovely blue eyes stared up at him he knew it was real. The eyes were soft and her pupils were dilated. Sheri was here, the vision he’d been fantasizing over all these months.

He couldn’t help himself now. He had to do more than just stroke her arm. He raised the armrest from between them and with his left arm still around her shoulder he slipped his right down over her thigh. She made no effort to discourage him, so he gradually eased his hand into a position where he could massage her inner thigh just below the hem of her skirt. She snuggled still closer and started stroking his leg now, fairly innocently at first near his knee. Her wiggling in her seat caused her skirt to ride up and allowed him more bare thigh to stroke and caress.

“Wait!” Sheri suddenly whispered. She pulled away and then bent down to retrieve a blanket from the floor. She then methodically covered their laps with the thin blue material, smoothing it across their thighs. “Now that’s better.”

Don smiled at Sheri and she smiled back. Her bright smile in the dim light glimmered in the middle of a radiantly beautiful face. His hand never left her leg in all that rearranging and he now found himself boldly stroking further up her thigh, working under the hem of her skirt as if it were not even there. He was pleased to find warmer, smoother, bare skin above.

Sheri sighed and parted her legs slightly when his hand moved along the last smooth inches until his fingers at last brushed gently against a thin damp fabric. Don was suddenly filled with the excitement and anticipation of reaching a much sought after target. He had reached out and met this point virtually many times over while typing away on his keyboard or whispering in Sheri’s ear over the phone. But now it was for real. Really for real! He could hear the closeness of her breathing, heavy and steady. It was not a panting over the phone this time, but her breath was live and wafting over his neck.

As his fingertip tapped against her panty, Sheri sucked in a deep breath while her hand squeezed his leg hard. He was the one to tense in his seat this time. But Sheri leaned in to him, lifting her face to barely an inch before his. She licked, and then pursed her lips. Don kissed her.

All these months they had ‘cyber-kissed’ so many times, in so many ways. All these months he knew he had truly felt her lips on his. But now they really were. They kissed softly, gently, but ever so passionately. Don exercised as much self-control as he could muster as he felt the exquisite sensation of her hand gently exploring him. In turn, he was able to stroke the warm downy softness through her wet panties, so wet he could sense the incredibly inviting slipperiness of her sex. His two fingers gently massaged as Sheri clung to him more tightly and her thighs shuddered around his hand.

Their mouths meshed and tongue swirled over tongue.

What they were doing was naughty enough, Don knew, in an airplane even only half full of people. But he was already thinking of how they could remove enough clothes necessary for them to couple in the way they were both obviously craving. He knew he had to find release, he assumed Sheri shared the same passion the way she was kissing him. They had not built up those desires just over the last few moments, but rather over the last two weeks of being ‘separated’ from their on-line loving.

If her actions told of her sexual frenzy, they indeed both felt the same thing. But how could they satisfy their urgent needs?

With other passengers just a few feet away and a cabin crew occasionally wandering back and forth through the cabin, they couldn’t easily strip off even the essentials and start making mad passionate love without creating an on board sensation. Only nothing else seemed to matter except that overpowering urge he had to get passed clothes and unyielding aircraft seats.

Sheri broke their kiss and whispered. “Wait here a second.” She gave Don another gentle squeeze on his thigh then unbuckled. She got up, smoothed down her gray business skirt and climbed around him. Sheri smiled back at him as she strolled casually to the front of the cabin and the lavatory.

Don sat and pondered what had just happened. One minute a woman, a hot blooded woman was in his arms. The next she was off to the bathroom. As his heart still raced he remembered a close friend of his had told him how he and his wife had done nasty things in an airplane lavatory once. It was possible he figured. Only it seemed to be a very uncomfortable setting and one less fit for romantic passion than raw dirty lust. His heart beat in his ears as if telling him he could easily stoop to the latter at that moment.

His manhood strained unbearably in the confines of his briefs.

However, right at that moment the pretty young flight attendant strolled down the narrow aisle. He pulled the airline blanket back over his lap. He had no doubt that between her, or the passengers that hadn’t nodded off on this red-eye flight, would notice a couple sneaking off for such an obvious interlude. He was horny as all get out, but not sure he could bring himself to make that much of a scene.

Before he could reconcile that thought though, Sheri emerged from the forward lavatory. As she walked back, she picked up another blanket from one of the empty seats. She slid in between him and the seat back before him, her backside covered in that snug skirt flashed by within inches of his face. She sat down, then immediately covered them with both blankets now, before she snuggled back against Don.

“Okay, where were we?” Sheri whispered and raised her lips to his once again. In the semi-darkness Don’s hand went right back to where it had been moment’s earlier. His fingers crawled back up under her gray skirt, retracing the steps he’d taken to her wet, panty-covered sex. He crooked his finger and pointed it inward ready to press into the thin fabric to see how far he could stretch them.

When his fingertip felt the damp tuft of Sheri’s pubic hair instead, he broke from there kiss and froze. With widened eyes and his heart rate upped another notch, he stared down at his seat mate.

“No undies Don.” Sheri looked up into his eyes with a very lusty grin. “Like I’ve always told you, I rarely wear panties. Flying on an airplane is one of the few times, but their gone now.”

Don swallowed hard and his fingers drifted on to stroke gently along the warm and noticeably damp cleft. His imagination had always told him this first touch would be extremely electric. This touch however was beyond ecstatic! His whole body, not just his fingertips, felt the touch of her skin, the moistness of her sex. His finger delved between the wetness of her nether lips. But he was impatient as he deliberately continued up, sought and found her tiny pleasure spot. Just as the tip of his finger tapped that unseen but all so familiar little pink bud…

I imagine you lying naked on the bed. You are asleep but you are not covered. You are lying on your stomach and your beautiful ass is exposed and looks so very inviting to me. A big smile appears on my face as I approach the bed.

I slowly and very quietly walk toward you. Lightly I run my hand along your left upper thigh and brush my fingers softly along the curves of your butt. You move ever so slightly. I hear you moan softly.

I begin then to massage your spectacular body. Your skin is very soft and smooth. I begin at your shoulders and neck. I start out slowly and gently but increase the pressure gradually. My large, strong hands knead your shoulders. What little tension I feel quickly disappears. You are slowly waking up now and I feel you begin to respond to my touch.

I work my way down your back. I am moving very slowly and very deliberately. I want to insure that I massage every bit of you. I lightly rub my way down your back. When I get to your lower back I spend a considerable amount of time kneading and massaging your flesh. You are moaning louder now as you enjoy my touch.

I rub lower and lower down your back. As I approach your sensational butt, you begin to squirm. I can tell that you want to feel my hands on your ass. I very deliberately go lower still. My fingers are now very near the crack of your ass. Suddenly I shift positions and begin to work on your left upper thigh. I can tell you are disappointed but are still enjoying your massage. With both hands I work on your upper thighs. My fingers brush against your butt cheeks as I go. Again you are squirming urging my hands onward.

To your great disappointment I abruptly change directions. Slowly and tantalizingly I work my way down your thigh. I linger on the back of your knee. You wiggle around a bit as this feels somewhat ticklish and yet exciting. I next massage your beautifully shaped calf and on down to your foot.

Skipping your foot, I move over and start on your right upper thigh. As I do I once again make sure that my fingers repeatedly brush up against your ass cheeks. As before you suggestively move against me. I repeat my earlier pattern and slowly massage down your right leg.

This time, however, I do not ignore your foot. I lift your foot gently in my hand and hold it between your hands. I rub the ball of your foot. I massage your arch and heel. I am both gentle and then at times more firm. You are very much enjoying your foot massage.

Suddenly you feel my tongue on your foot. You react with surprise but don’t pull your foot away. I lick all over the bottom of your foot. I take your smallest toe in my mouth and suck on it. I lick the area between your toes. You are really squirming now. My tongue dances along your toes. I take each toe individually and suck on them in turn. Finally I take your big toe entirely in my mouth. I suck on it gently and run my tongue all along it.

After some time I release your right foot and turn my attention to your left one. As before I first massage your foot for a considerable amount of time. Then I lick it all over. Finally I suck and lick your toes. You really enjoy the sensations and squirm provocatively on the bed. I love torturing you this way.

Without warning, I release your right foot and begin to lick and kiss my way up your left leg. My tongue leaves a trail of saliva all over your left leg. Once again I pay particular attention to the back of your knee. As I kiss and lick my way up your leg and thigh I notice that you are spreading your legs further apart to allow me greater access.

I concentrate more and more on licking and kissing your inner thighs. I come tantalizingly close to your ass and pussy. I can smell the wonderful fragrance of your womanhood and see how moist you have become. You are both squirming around and moaning with excitement now. I am really teasing you as my mouth goes closer and closer to your vaginal area. I always withdraw just before I reach your fragrant flower.

Just as I sense that you are about to scream with frustration I move around and begin to lick and kiss your gorgeous ass. My tongue dart ever closer toy our exposed asshole. Without warning, you feel my tongue directly on your brown star of an asshole. You squeal with delight..

My hands are gripping and squeezing your butt cheeks as my tongue dances along your ass and asshole. You wiggle beneath me as my tongue probes your ass.

I lick back and forth across your brown star. I push my tongue directly in your asshole and dart in and out. I shove my tongue as deep as I can it into your ass. Your deep breathing and groans tell me that you like what I am doing.

I stop squeezing your butt cheeks and move my hands between your legs. Your spread your legs even wider apart. I teasingly run my fingertips along the joint where your leg and hip meet. I run them back and forth each time coming closer and closer to your pussy.

After several more minutes of teasing you like this, I very slowly and very deliberately run just the tips of my fingers along your pussy lips. You moan with desire and move against my fingers. I can feel how wet your pussy is as I tantalizingly move my fingers back and forth.

Then suddenly I plunge my middle finger deep inside of you. You gasp and rock against me as I finger your pussy. Your kitty is very wet and hot. My finger plunges in and out of you.

I shove a second finger deep into your womanhood. As I fingerfuck you with my right hand, I rub your clit with my left. I gently rub your clit as you groan with unbridled passion.

I begin to fingerfuck you harder and faster now. You are moving in rhythm with my hand, grinding your pussy against my fingers. At the same time I am patting and rubbing your clit urgently. Your “man in the boat” is now fully extended as I play with your clitoris. As my tongue expertly manipulates your body my tongue continues to probe your brown star. I continually shove my tongue as deep as I can into your ass and then lick all around.

The fingers on my right hand are now slamming into you very fast and very hard. I stop briefly to insert a third finger into your steaming pussy. Your moan of deep appreciation can be heard loudly throughout the room. My three fingers burrow deep into your hot wetness.

My right hand is almost a blur now, it is moving so fast. My fingers are going faster and faster inside of you. I am still rubbing your clit with my left hand, going just as fast and hard. You are moving along with me. Your breathing is hot and heavy.

Your orgasm starts slowly but builds very quickly. I notice that you cease all movement for a moment as your body starts to quiver all over. This causes me to just fingerfuck you even harder than before and to rub your extended clit frantically. You let out a scream and a torrent of juices flow out of your pussy. They coat my hands and the bed. I continue to work your body as you cum so wonderfully for me.

As your orgasm begins to subside, I reluctantly remove my left hand from your clit and my three fingers from your pussy. My hands are totally soaked with your wetness. I also remove my lips and mouth from your ass.

Gently I roll you over onto your back. You have a look of contentment on your face. Smiling down at you I tell you “Marie, I hope you are ready for more because we have only just begun!” Your huge smile back at me is all the answer I need.

Okay. I’m not much of one for confessions, but this is one story I absolutely have to tell.

A couple of months ago, when I was trolling around online for people to talk to, I came across this site called Naughty Little Secrets. It was late, and I had already been looking at some porn, getting ready for my nightly jack-off to relax me before bed. So, I figured, why not check it out.

I expected it to be one of those stupid “Find sex partners in your area” sites where you can search for men and women who are supposedly in your area, and you have to sign up and pay before you’re able to e-mail or talk with them. I was surprised to find that this was a “find your sex partner” type of site, but completely free and all access. Just a quick age verification, and you’re in. I entered my birthdate, proving that I was the ripe old age of 18, and started to browse the site.

The site had everything from free porn galleries, to member videos, to discussion forums, and more. Along the side, they had a search to find people close to you. On a whim, I decided to try that out.

I got 3 matches. One was for a 50-year-old divorcee looking for a long-term relationship. Too old. The second was some girl that was 22, but had very specific expectations. The third was a 26-year-old married woman, listing her desired partner as “anyone with a dick.” Wow. This girl must be horny to be so bold. I clicked on her profile.

This girl, whose handle was kittenvixen, was hot. Not hot in the traditional Playmate of the Year hot that most guys want. She was real, genuine sexy. She had a good body, a little bit of pudge around her belly and ass, but she was fit and smooth and had some ample looking breasts. She was also shaved, which for me is a huge turn on. As I was reading her profile and checking out some of her pictures, I noticed a little icon that was flashing saying that kittenvixen was online. I decided to add her to my buddy list and send her a message.

“Hey,” I wrote.

“who’s this?” she replied.

“I saw your profile on a site. I live near you, and thought I’d see what’s up.”

“oh. ok. cool”

I won’t bore you with the details. It was a pretty worthless conversation. We sort of danced around the issue of sex and meeting up. She kept saying, “let’s talk for a while first.” She did let me jack-off while we were talking. She even sent me a nice new picture to help me finish strong. There she was, from the neck down, in a nice little baby doll outfit, complete with stockings and heels. Her top was pulled open to show her breasts, and her panties were dangling off one ankle as she spread her legs wide for the camera. You could see a wet spot on the chair she was in. She must’ve just cum as it was taken. That was it. I jizzed all over my hand and even got a few drops on the keyboard.

After I finished up, she said she had to go because her husband was coming home. After a few smiley icons were exchanged, she signed off. I saved the picture on my computer, and cleaned up before heading to bed.

kittenvixen was online the next day when I got home from class. I live in my parents’ house, taking classes at the community college. I know, it’s lame. Whatever. Anyway, she and I started talking again. She let me know that our conversation last night had gotten her excited, and that she went to the bathroom before her hubby got home and… relieved herself. That was enough to give my cock another stir.

We kept talking like this for a few weeks. The conversation always went immediately to sex, and it wasn’t long before we started cybering over instant messenger every night. One afternoon I came home to check my e-mail and noticed I had one from her. I opened it up.

Hey, you,

I have a surprise for you.

It then listed her address and a time to meet her. She said her husband had left on a business trip and was going to be gone for a few days. I quickly jotted down the address on a piece of paper and grabbed my stuff to head out. Before heading out, though, I decided to take a quick shower and freshen up for our first encounter. It’s always nice to have sex with someone when they’re clean, and not smelling like sweat and balls.

A little while later, I was driving down some little-used highways and backroads on my way to a tryst with kittenvixen. As I reached her road, I started to slow down to look at the numbers on the houses. Then there it was. I pulled to a stop a little distance away, my hands shaking. “Oh, shit!” I thought. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how I didn’t notice as I was driving in, but the address was to my sister’s house!

My older sister, Jen, is 26 and works from home as an editor of some online health site. Her husband is Chris, my brother-in-law.

I couldn’t believe it. My mouth suddenly felt dry. What the hell had happened? I had never seen kittenvixen‘s face. It was always cut off in her pictures. She said that she didn’t want to give away her identity since we lived near each other. Never had I imagined that I was looking at, and stroking off, to pictures of my sister!

As I sat there, licking my lips to get rid of the sudden cotton mouth I had, images of those pictures flashed through my head. Despite my fear and shock, I felt my dick grow hard between my legs, straining against the material of my pants. Then, in a single moment of bravery, or idiocy, I gassed the car forward and drove down my sister’s driveway. She lived out on the edge of town, and had a nice big house with lots of yard and forest around her; a nice little secluded place for an affair. I pulled up near the house and parked my car, turning the key off. I sat there, my heart racing, trying to think of what to do as the next step. My brain was numb, so I got out of my car and walked up the steps to the door and rang the bell.

After a few moments, I saw my sister peak from behind a curtain and recognize me before she opened the door.

“What’s up, David? I thought that was your car pulling in.”

She looked flustered. Her hair was combed and styled, and I could see gloss on her lips. She was wearing a bathrobe too. I looked down and saw some high heels and a little bit of her leg, covered in white stockings.

“Hi, Jen.” I stood there, looking from her heels to her face, not knowing what to say.

“Umm… so… What are you doing here?” She asked, pulling her robe tighter around her and looking over my shoulder as if she was expecting someone to come down the driveway any moment.

“I’m psychguy.”

My sister’s eyes shot wide open as she looked at me. “Oh shit!” she screamed and she quickly shut the door.

My heart was racing again. What now? I stood there, outside on the doorstep, trying to decide what to do. I knocked on the door softly, receiving no answer. After a few minutes, I decided to head back and try to work this embarrassment out later. Just as I turned and pulled out my keys, I heard Jen call to me, “David. Wait.”

She came walking up to me outside, still wearing her robe to cover whatever she had on underneath. “Do you still want to… well…”

“I don’t know. Do you?” I looked at her as she chewed her lip and averted my eyes.

“I don’t know. Maybe.” She looked up at me, and said quietly, “The way you write. The things we do online…”

“Yeah,” I muttered.

“Maybe we can still… make this work. I don’t know.” She brushed some loose hair out of her face and looked back at me, as if asking me to decide.

“Yeah,” I swallowed. “Let’s go ahead.”

She smiled at me weakly. “I got dressed up.” She opened her robe a little, and I could see that she had indeed gotten dressed up. Besides her black high heels, she had on white stockings that ran all the way up to her thighs. She had on a very short plaid skirt, and a button up white blouse, which must have been two sizes too small because it didn’t cover much of her stomach and her breasts seemed ready to burst out of it.

“I see that.” I managed. I lifted my hand and gently rubbed it along her thigh. “Mmm.”

She gasped a little, and smiled up at me again. “Okay, let’s go.” She took my hand and started to lead me back inside. Just before we stepped in, she turned to me quickly and said, “I’m sorry I shut the door in your face.”

“That’s okay,” I replied. “It’s not like you broke my nose or anything.”

“So I didn’t break this then?” She raised her eyebrows as she pressed her hand against my crotch.

“No.” I gulped. “Still intact.”

“Good,” she laughed, and we headed inside.

Jen lead me through the house and up to her bedroom. All the curtains had been drawn, and she had been burning candles and incense. She had some music on too, some sort of tribal music with low rhythms and drums.

“Wow,” I remarked. “You really went all out.”

“Yeah, I like to go all the way with these things.” She put a husky emphasis on the “all the way” part. Jen walked over in front of the bed and stood facing me. “Take off your clothes.”

I responded without hesitation, slowly pushing my shoes off, and unbuttoning my shirt. Next came my t-shirt. As I began to unzip and pull down my pants, Jen stopped me. “Wait,” she said. “I can help you with that.” Her eyes were fixated on my crotch as she approached me.

As she stopped in front of me, she started to rub my crotch with her hand again, kissing the bare skin of my chest and shoulders. I groaned in response. She looked up at me, licked her lips, and slid the robe off and tossed it onto a chair across the room. Then she bent down and slowly peeled my pants and boxers down. I could feel my dick spring free as she exposed me. She helped me step out of my pants, and then took me into her hot mouth.

“Oh God…” I shuddered. I could feel her working her tongue along my shaft, getting it nice and wet. She was already going hard at it, making sucking noises and gasping and moaning a little. “Jesus, Jen. You’re good at this.” She looked up at me with her eyes, which were a gorgeous green I noticed for the first time ever, and kept sucking my dick, gliding her tongue along the bottom as she reached around to dig her nails into my thighs.

The look in her eyes was enough to drive me wild, and I tossed my head back and grabbed hold of hers, helping her move along my dick. She responded by squeezing my thighs in her hands and lightly biting down on my rod. I grunted heavily, and placed both hands on her head and started forcing her along my shaft. She moaned, but also coughed and choked a little as I forced my dick into her throat. She might be an experienced pro at giving blowjobs, but I was so horny I wasn’t giving her a chance to breathe. Finally, after a few tears had rushed into her eyes, she grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands off of her head.

Once free, she gasped for air. “Jesus, David. You want to suffocate me with your dick?”

I shrugged. “What can I say, you’ve got me hornier than I’ve ever been.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want you to blow your load now. We’re just getting started. I want you primed for the big show.”

Jen stood up and walked over to the bed. She quickly pulled off her panties and stepped out of them, tossing them playfully in my face. I lifted them to my nose and inhaled the odor of her pussy. She moaned a little in response and climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at me. “Have you ever rimmed a girl, Davy?”

“I’ve done pretty much everything.”

“Everything? Oh, I doubt that.” She laughed. “Get over here and lick my ass. Tease it with your tongue.”

I walked over to my sister’s marital bed and knelt down, rubbing my hands up her stockings, to her thighs, lifting the material of the skirt up to expose the smooth cheeks of her behind. She wiggled a little more, “Come on!” I pulled her cheeks apart, and tentatively approached her tight little hole, breathing hot air on it as my mouth got near. As I did, I could see it grow and contract a little, and I stuck out my tongue and begin to circle its tip around the hole.

Jen responded with moans, pushing her butt farther into my face. I took it she wanted me to go deeper, so I wet a couple of my fingertips and slid them inside her butthole to pull it open wide enough to accommodate my tongue. As soon as my tongue was inside of her, I felt Jen shudder. I kept at that, slowly working my tongue in and around her hole for several minutes. All the while, Jen’s breathing got faster and more rugged.

One of the things Jen liked about me when we talked online was that I was always so forward. At least, that’s what she said. So, if she liked daring do, I thought I’d give her some more. Without letting her know what I was doing, I stood up and licked my hand, rubbing spit along my dick to get it wet again. Jen was leaning on her elbows, breathing and waiting for me to start again. I parted her ass with one hand, and used the other to line my dick up with her hole. Before she could say anything, I shoved my dick inside of her.

“Ow, David,” she stuttered.

“Shh,” I responded. I slowly started to work my dick in and out of her, gently pulling it almost completely out before carefully pushing it back in. Before long, Jen was grunting again. She pressed herself back into me, and I watched as she reached up with one hand to unfasten the buttons on her blouse and pulled her bra down, letting her tits flop out. Once her gems were free, she started rocking against my cock again. I reached forward to grab and massage her newly freed breasts.

“Do you like that, baby brother?” She moaned, her eyes closed. “Do you like sticking your big, fat, horny dick in your sister’s ass?” She moaned again, and I could feel her tighten her asshole on my dick.

“Yeah,” I smiled. “I like fucking my big sister, the slut.”

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Slut, huh? Bastard.”

“Shut up,” I teased, as I started to pick up speed, plowing her ass.

The next few minutes were filled with nothing but grunts and half-stifled screams on both of our parts. I could feel my dick pushing deep inside of her, and I imagined I had to be hurting her. The more I rammed inside of her, the more I thought about how I was anal fucking my sister. Something about the word “sister” drove me wild, and I pushed harder and faster.

“Fuck my ass.”

“I’ll fuck you raw, Jen. I’ll fuck you raw like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Do it.”

“Does Chris (her hubby) fuck you like this?”

“Mmm,” she groaned. “He fucks hard. But he doesn’t have your dick. And he won’t do anal with me.”

“What a shame,” I replied. “God, Jen, you’re so tight!”

“Mmm hmm. But you’re loosening me up. It hurts.”

I slowed a little. “Do you want me to stop?”

She pushed herself back along my cock. “No. But I need some soothing ‘lotion’ inside me to help cool the burning.” She looked back over her shoulder at me, making sure I got her meaning.

“I’ve got some right here,” I moaned. I started fucking my sister’s ass in earnest. I forced my dick in and out of her hard and fast, so fast that I popped out of her a couple of times and had to ram my dick back in again. Jen was breathing fiercely through gritted teeth. Finally, as I felt the uprising of semen building up for release, I slowed my thrusts and groaned shakily. “Are you ready?”

“Unn. Yes.” She lolled. “Cum in your sister’s ass.” She looked back at me one more time. “Cum inside me.”

That was all I needed. I gripped her ass tight as I made a few, last, heavy thrusts, and then forced my dick completely all the way in as I spurt my wet cum inside of her. My dick throbbed, and it ached as it finally spilled out the last of its man juice inside of her. I could feel her milk my dick with her ass a little as she tried to catch her breath. My legs were shaking from the effort, so I pulled out of her and flopped down on the bed next to her.

“Oh my God, Jen.”

“Oh my God, David.” She replied. “You’re good at that.”

“You’re good at sucking dick.”

“I’m good at a whole lot of things,” she countered.

I laid my head back on the pillow, letting my own heart stop racing.

“Aww,” Jen pouted. “You’re not tired already are you? You got to cum, and here I haven’t even had my bald little pussy eaten out or anything.” I looked over at her with a pained smile, thinking, My God, my sister is a nymphomaniac.

Needless to say, we spend the next few days together while Chris was gone exploring each other in ways we never imagined before. Brother and sister sex is amazing. We tried all sorts of things, including costumes, roleplay, toys, sex in public, and more. But I guess those stories will have to wait for another time.

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