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“Ugh. I hate group jobs. I swore after the last one, never again.” Molly groaned, pulling a pillow over her face. She and Shayla were lying in a queen-sized bed, taking full advantage of the five hours left on Molly’s last trick’s luxury suite.

“These guys are different.” Shayla sighed dreamily, twirling her long, blonde extensions. She had been acting strange since she got back from last week’s group gig. “They’re not frat boys–to them, its like, spiritual or something.”

Molly raised a suspicious eyebrow. She loved Shayla, but they were in the business for different reasons altogether–Molly started working as an “escort” to pay for school, Shayla because she was had dropped out of high school and found herself with no other skills. She got fucked often enough, she reasoned, why not get paid for it? Molly, alternately, didn’t date at all through school–too busy with research and writing. She didn’t mind sex with clients, it wasn’t much worse than waitressing, and paid much better, at least. She thought she’d fall right into a good, straight job as soon as she graduated–two years ago. The economy was, she joked bitterly and often, literally fucking her.

“You do remember my last, and only, private party?” Molly asked Shayla. It had been a sad little frat affair–five or ten fat, loud, drunk guys who attempted to gang-bang her, but only two or three managed to keep a hard dick. She’d had to suck limp cocks that dripped with early ejaculate, while sticky, soft hands searched her body, groping her breasts and sloppily slapped her pussy. Molly had slept with old men, with very old men, with men whose disabilities caused her to manually erect their penises with pumps or fingers in their asses, and she’d taken it all in stride. Men like that usually treated her with respect. They were happy just to have a pretty girl treating their cocks nicely in their bed–happy to have her lithe, firm body next to them, to watch her dark, curly hair bob in their laps. She didn’t even mind the occasional face fuck from these guys, or the odd “bitch” and “whore” thrown out at the height of passion (so long as the apologized before their load had gone cold inside her). But those entitled assholes groping her, without the decency to even stay hard in front of her beautiful, pert tits? No thank you.

“I swear these guys are different.” Shayla giggled, rolling over. “God, just thinking about it makes me wet. Wanna feel?”

“Nice try, lady.” Molly pushed her away.

“Oh, come on.” Shayla said, licking her lips enticingly, her hand creeping to Molly’s breast.

“What’s so different about them?” Molly asked, sighing, acquiescing to Shayla’s hand under her robe, feeling the warmth radiating from her tweaked nipple.

“I’m not allowed to say.” Shayla answered, beginning to suck Molly’s nipple. She moved an expert hand to Moll’s cunt and started to massage. This, Molly had decided long ago, was a perk of the job. She liked sex–when her partners were good at it–and Shayla as good at it. Gender didn’t matter as much, these days. “Part of their deal. But its a thousand a guy.”

“Fuck!” Molly exclaimed, as Shayla’s finger slipped inside of her, in response to both the sensation and the price.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Molly said. “After I do you!.” The girls laughed and pulled off one another’s robes, as Molly buried her face in Shayla’s shaven cunt.

The address was not what Molly had been expecting. Usually, group jobs were in back of a bar, or at some sad little frat house or ranch style in a cheap suburb. This place was nice– an older, somewhat Victorian house. She hadn’t even been instructed to go in a back door. She had quite a list of instructions. Not to bathe, to show up dressed modestly, with complex undergarments. The man, who called himself Brother Heavener, had specified complex, he didn’t seem to care about sexy.

She rang the doorbell, and was happy when it was answered by a handsome man in his mid thirties, with clear blue eyes, a broad chest and shaggy hair that fell to his broad jaw line. He smiled, and in a strange way, Molly trusted him immediately.

“Brother Heavener?” She reached her hand out to meet his.

“Yes, beautiful girl. And your name is not Starla.” He kissed her on the cheek. Starla was the name Molly used for tricks, and only seldom was it questioned.

She smiled, and allowed herself to be led inside. The house was lavishly decorated, and she wondered what kind of person would fill their house with gorgeous antiques and gang-bangs.

“No, you’re right about that.” she said.

“For this to work, we’ll need to know your real name.” Brother Heavener said.

“Like Heavener is your real name.” She teased.

“It is now.” He looked into her eyes intensely, and to her great surprise, Molly found herself getting wet.

“For what to work?” Molly changed the subject.

“We’re a group that specifies in…well, transcendent experiences for women. May I kiss you?”

Molly was flustered. She had never been asked this before. “Sure.” Heavener kissed her deeply on the mouth, sucking her lower lip, looping her arms around her and pulling her in close. She expected to feel a raging hard on, but there was nothing. As if sensing her misgiving, Heavener said :

“We all have excellent self control. Until you’re ready, I’m not ready. Thank you for the kiss. You’re a very sensual woman. Are you ready to meet the group?”

Brother Heavener placed a strong hand in the small of Molly’s back and led her to the next room, where five other men waited. Molly blanched a little, realizing with a group this small, each would expect a turn, probably in all of her holes. At least with awful frat jobs there were a lot of spectators–nothing wore her out quite like too many customers in one day. Sensing her distress, Heavener leaned and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. We can give you time.”

Time for what? Molly wondered.

Heavener led her to an old fashioned chaise–upholstered in leather, lying on it arced her back, and, she knew, would offer easy access when the men began straddling her.

The other men stayed quiet, and instead of rubbing themselves as she was so used to men doing when they saw her laid out, could not take their eyes off her.

“Goddess Shayla was right about you.” One finally spoke. He was smaller, with dark hair and eyes, and broad hands. Goddess? Molly thought.

“She said you were gorgeous.”

The other men nodded in assent.

“Did she say anything else about me?” Molly asked, teasingly. It helped her to take on a persona of playful sexuality in these situations, despite her usual reluctance.

“She said you’d try to joke your way around this.” Another man answered. He was dark-skinned, with wide shoulders and a sly smile.

“You need to be yourself, Goddess. Be honest.” One of the remaining men, identical to the one sitting next to him twins?! thought Molly said, and the brothers nodded their close-cut blonde heads together.

“Enough talk.” Heavener said. “Let’s get started. ” James, ready our Goddess.”

The dark-skinned man nodded, and removed Molly’s outer coat. He brushed his lips across her neck and she shivered.

“Not ready yet?” Heavener asked. “That’s fine. Let me tell you what we do here.”

Molly felt James’s big, strong hands slide down her sides, feeling the taught shape made by her corset. His fingers started on the laces, loosening them, but he did not yet expose her breasts.

“We show women how far they can go. Tim, get the oil.” Heavener gestured to the small man, who produced a bottle of a sweet-smelling oil he began to rub between his hands.

“We make them come.” Heavener continued, as James’ hands eased Molly’s stockings off, as she lifted each leg obediently. He was nuzzling his nose against her neck again, and now she acquiesced. Somehow, she felt more comfortable already. ” It’s almost a…spiritual experience for us.” Heavener said, as the man he’d called Tim began to massage the oil into Molly’s legs. She let out a little moan, and allowed herself to be lifted by James’ strong arms and laid her down on the chaise. Tim massaged in wider and wider strokes, nearer and nearer Molly’s shaven pussy. Involuntarily, she arced her back toward the sensation.

“Does that feel good?” Heavener asked.

Molly nodded. It was rare that a trick actually made her feel good–but she could feel herself getting wet. She wanted a hand on her cunt.

“Ask.” Heavener demanded.

“Rub my cunt.” She gasped, feeling Tim’s hand immediately move to her mound, holding her whole pussy. He kneaded it firmly, and she felt herself slipping.

“Goddess Molly, do you give us permission to make you feel good?”

Molly nodded desperately, grinding her hips against Tim’s eager hand.

“You won’t be able to respond later. You need to be sure.”

James slipped her corset off, flicking her nipples. Molly moaned and instinctively started pushing her tits up toward him.

“Yes, yes. Make me feel good, make me cum!” She leaned her head back and James kissed her upside down, long and sensually, sucking her sweet bottom lip. The twins moved to her tits, each taking a nipple in their mouths and sucking deep. Molly gasped and looked to Tim desperately. As if reading her mind, he moved his head between her legs and began to lick. He was merciless, and talented. She had never been eaten so well. The twins continued sucking, as James offered deep kisses–and Molly was shocked to feel she was close to coming. She gasped.

Heavener laughed. “First one of the night. Do her, boys.” Molly’s body flushed, and she writhed beneath the men–only to feel them pull away.

“What? Please, please! Finish me!” She pleaded. Heavener himself smiled, and gestured to the men. She looked around and saw all their erect cocks, and knew what they were asking.

“You!” She said to Tim “In my pussy! And you!” She looked up at James “Get that cock in my mouth.” Secretly, Molly loved giving head, loved the feel of wrapping her lips really thick, really hard, pulsing dick. As if they had practiced a thousand times before, she felt both holes filled up at once–Tim slid in and James pulled her head back, shoving his giant cock inside. Molly had never felt so filled up–the men moved in perfect rhythm, as the twins moved their hands all over her body.

“Faster! Harder!” She shouted frantically, before pulling James’ cock back inside her mouth. Tim pounded harder, faster, as one of the twins rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” Tim shouted, grunting. With one final thrust, he let lose a huge, hot load of cum into Molly’s pussy. Feeling the stick sperm inside her pushed Molly over the edge, and she came again, her contracting cunt pushing some of the load out.

She lay panting. She couldn’t move any more–she paralyzed with pleasure.

James grabbed her head, and roughly shoved his cock in over and over. Molly didn’t care, it felt so good to be wanted so badly.

“Shoot it.” She muttered, unsure if he could understand. “I want to eat your cum.” She sucked as hard as she could muster, and feeling James’ balls jerk, swallowed the hot spurt of cum from his thick black dick.

“Goddess has a sweet mouth.” He said, and kissed her, even as his own cum dripped from her lips. Molly felt so satisfied, sucking on his lips with savor. She was limp with pleasure, exhausted with the force of her pleasure, as she felt herself lifted from the chaise.

“We always share.” One of the twins whispered, his breath warm on her neck. She leaned in to kiss him on the mouth, and used what little strength she had left to reach back and stroke his brother’s hair. She’d heard Shayla talk about this kind of experience before, being passed back and forth between two cocks–Shayla, of course, loved it. It wasn’t until she felt a hard cock pushed against her asshole that she realized what the men intended to do to her.

“No…” she gasped “No DP.”

The twin to her back began to massage her ass, stroking her hole.

“We only want to make you feel good.”

The men had proved themselves at this, Molly thought. She felt him push again at her anus with his thick cock tip. She was so wet from her cunt, dripping with both her juices and Tim’s cum she felt it slide in easily, and out again just as easily.

“Do it. Pound my ass and pussy together.” She moaned, as the twins worked together, bouncing her on their identical dicks. She’d expected a sawing motion, being pushed back and forth between the men, but they worked in perfect rhythm, thrusting as one. They grunted, she could tell they were feeling their cocks rub together as they stretched her holes–she’d never been part of something so dirty. She began to thrust on her own, finding her second wind, winning another orgasm that gushed her own fluids and the cum inside her. The brothers, for their part, reached around Molly, pressing her close between them as they simultaneously unloaded into her raw cunt and her virgin asshole, kissing either side of her neck, their tongues occasionally finding one another. They kissed her gently on her cheek and forehead as they withdrew they cocks and lay her back on the chaise, where she sprawled, her holes oozing with cum, red, swollen. On her breasts and ass were small, thumbprint bruises of passion that matched a few she’d laid on the men too.

Brother Heavener approached her.


Molly shook her head.

“I can’t, I can’t come anymore, I can barely move!”

He shushed her.

“You don’t have to. Nothing I love like a spent Goddess.” He stroked his penis, as Molly watched it get thicker even than it had been as he watched her. She was too exhausted to demur, to say it was bad form for an escort to just lie back and take it.

Brother Heavener slid into Molly’s newly-widened pussy, sluicing through his associate’s cum. Molly lay panting as Heavener picked up speed. Strangely, she felt her clit stirring again–there was no way she could come one more time.

“Ah, you like that, right?” Heavener asked, and she nodded weakly. He put a thumb to her clit and rubbed with his rhythmic motions. “You’ve been beautiful, you know that?” He asked her, leaning down to lick her nipples of the sweat and cum that soaked them. “One of the best.” He said, a final thrust, and she felt his cock pulse, twitch, hot, thick jets inside her –

But more than that, she felt a tingling that started in her toes, a warmth that spread up her legs, through her chest, getting hotter at her cunt, and she felt herself squirting–something Molly never believed possible–as her body shook with the force of the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt.

Molly fainted.

“Wake up, sleepy-slut.” Molly heard Shayla call in a sing song voice.

“What happened?” Molly asked “Where are the boys?”

Shayla shrugged.

“They’ve gone. That’s how they do their thing–but they called me to pick you up.” Molly thought to be embarrassed, as covered in cum and sweat as she was, but found herself quite clean. Someone had obviously bathed her carefully, gently even–the soreness she felt after a group job had been assuaged by a salve one of the kind men had massaged into her over-worked pussy.

Molly tried to stand, but Shayla stopped her.

“Don’t try, lady. Or should I say Goddess.” she laughed.

“They called you that too?”

Shayla nodded.

“They aren’t a cult, I don’t think. just, hangers on. Worshippers of the Goddess.”

“Temple Goddesses are hard to come by, these days, I guess.” Molly laughed, letting Shayla lead her toward the door.

“Oh, no. I think they make us come pretty easy.” Shayla smiled, as the two women hobbled back to their car, both aglow with sex and vitality.

I hardly got any sleep during the night, the words of the guard whose dick I had sucked playing on my mind, and when morning came I was still exhausted from the day before.

We went through the same routine as before, only this time I didn’t see Jeff and wondered what had happened to him. Again, straight after breakfast, we were all herded out to the waiting van but, as I was about to board, the guard stopped me.

“Not you today,” he said. “The governor heard about yesterday and wants to see you.”

I swallowed hard, wondering exactly what he had heard, and watched as the transport left for the quarry.

“Come on follow me,” the guard said as he began to walk back through the gates.

Struggling to keep pace with him we went along a few corridors until we reached the governor’s office, where the guard knocked on the door.

“Enter,” came the governor’s voice from inside the room.

The guard opened the door and I came face to face with not only the governor, but also the boss from the quarry.

“Ah Julez just who I wanted to see,” the governor said.

“Have I done something wrong sir?” I asked before glancing at the boss.

“No Julez in fact the reports I am getting from ALL the staff at the quarry are excellent.”

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, why am I here instead of on the van?”

“Because I just wanted to know what you thought about the work.”

“Well apart from the heat it wasn’t too bad,” I replied. “I’m shocked that no-one else had completed the job in a morning before.”

“Well boss here thinks you might have been taking the piss,” the governor said. “But I told him about your past and he finally calmed down.”

“So what happens now then?” I asked.

“Boss will take you back to the quarry and he will keep you a lot busier in future,” The governor said. “Don’t let him, or me, down though.”

“No sir I won’t,” I said.

“Good then you may go.”

The boss stood up and led the way out of the room and outside to his car. Looking at the vehicle wondered just how much money the staff were getting paid. It was a huge, jet black Hummer with chrome bull bars on the front and the image of a naked woman spray painted on to the hood.

“Get in Julez,” the boss said as he walked around to the other side.

Doing as I was told I sat in the passenger seat, next to him, and he started the car up. The engine roared and we were soon hurtling along the roads at almost 100, on the way back to the quarry. As we drove I almost dozed off and it was only the fact that the boss brought his hand crashing down onto my knee that stopped me.

“Tired Julez?” he asked as I sat bolt upright.

“Guess I still am from all that rock shifting,” I replied.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason?”

“Yeah why?”

“Oh nothing,” he replied but I could tell there was something.

We continued the drive when, all of a sudden, the boss pulled the car off the road and headed down a dusty road, causing me to start panicking.

“Where are we going?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t you worry about that,” the boss said. “We’ll be there in five minutes.”

I turned my head and started to look out of the window hoping to see some sort of sign that told me where we were heading, but there was nothing, just miles and miles of open countryside, and the further we went the more uneasy I became.

Eventually though the boss brought the car to a stop outside a small roadside café.

“Let’s get something to eat,” he said. “What they don’t know won’t hurt.”

I stayed where I was as he climbed out of the car, until he stuck his head back in and told me to follow him.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave you out here alone did you?”

“But I had my breakfast back at the lock up,” I replied.

“Trust me for what I have in store you will need as much energy as possible.”

Not liking the tone of his voice I just followed along and sat where he told me to, once we were inside. As I sat there, waiting, I stared towards the door and wondered if I could make it out before he came back. The only problem was that he had picked the furthest table from the door, and I would have to pass him to do so.

Just as I had made up my mind to risk it a large plate was paced down in front of me, covered with a full English breakfast, and the boss sat opposite me.

“I suggest you eat that,” he said picking up his own knife and fork.

I stared at the amount of food on the plate in front of me and was amazed. There were three sausages, three slices of bacon, two fried eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding and a fried slice, as well as a plate of toast on the table.

“Come on Julez get stuck in,” the boss said watching me carefully. “Don’t worry I’ve not poisoned it or anything.”

He burst out laughing at his attempt of humour causing me to smile, and then I picked up my cutlery as well. We didn’t speak as we ate, and all I could think was that he must want me for more than just rock shifting to be treating me this well.

Once we had finished eating we had one more coffee before heading back out to the van, and continued our journey. The boss opened up as we spoke, telling me about The Quarry and how the new government thought it would, at least, half the crime statistics. Listening to him as he spoke I began to relax more, his company wasn’t bad, and he would occasionally come out with a joke as well.

“Not long now Julez,” he said as we turned off the road onto another dusty track. “If we go this way we can save twenty minutes driving time.”

I was looking out of the window as he said it, and didn’t notice him massaging his cock through his worn, dusty jeans, glancing at me as he did so.

As I continued to stare out of the window thoughts of the day before, the two guards I sucked off, images of Jeff through his cell bars all flooded through my mind, and I began to wonder if there was something more than just rehabilitation going on at The Quarry.

Suddenly the boss stopped the car and I felt his hand grip my thigh tightly. Turning to face him I was shocked to see that he had his cock out of his jeans, and was slowly stroking it.

“What the fuck are you doing!!?” I asked.

“Come on Julez surely you didn’t think your antics yesterday would go unheard of,” he replied.

I was listened as he spoke, but couldn’t take my eyes off his huge throbbing member, it must have been at least nine inches long and at least half as thick, and it really was the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen.

As I continued to stare at his hand, moving slowly along the full length of his hard shaft, I felt the hardness of my own cock inside my jeans throbbing.

“What do you mean about yesterday?” I asked feigning innocence.

“Something along the lines of you, two guards and a mouthful of cock that’s what,” the boss replied.

“I never had a choice,” I said. “Once they knew I was there they threatened to tell you I was trying to escape.”

“Why didn’t you just run and come to me?” He asked.

“Who would you believe a con or two trusted guards?”

“I’m sure something could have been worked out,” the boss said. “Unfortunately we now have a problem don’t we?”

“How do you mean a problem?”

“Well I can’t have convicts just going around sucking anyone’s dick can I?” Boss said. “Especially when they aren’t looking after the one person can make their life a living hell.”

Before I could say another word the boss let go of my thigh and placed his large hand on the back of my neck.

“However I also have the power to make life so easy for those that I choose to do so for,” he said smiling at me, his hand still wrapped around his hard, thick cock. “If you get my meaning.”

I knew exactly what he wanted, and normally I wouldn’t hesitate to wrap my lips around the swollen, purple, pre-cum covered head of his cock, but sitting in the truck alone I felt scared, and pressured. For all I knew I could suck him and he could treat me worse than all the others. On the other hand though doing it could get me away from shifting all those fucking rocks, day after day, and get me much easier work.

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea I knew I had no alternative other than sucking his monstrous cock, I just hoped that he didn’t take long to cum, and lowered my head slowly.

“I knew you would see sense,” the boss said as I flicked my tongue over the end of him, tasting his pre-cum. “Mmm that feels so good Julez.”

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, to take his monster cock, I slowly lowered my head, taking inch after inch of his hardness into my mouth, until I couldn’t get any more in.

“That’s it Julez suck my cock,” the boss gasped. “Make your boss a very happy man.”

Struggling not to gag or choke on his size I soon got into a good rhythm, my head bobbing up and down quickly, only occasionally going to low and catching the back of my throat.

“Fuck yeah that’s it,” boss moaned breathlessly as I continued to suck his cock.

I sucked for all I was worth but it looked like the boss was never going to cum, and eventually he placed his hand on my head and told me to stop.

“What’s wrong?” I asked letting his cock fall from my mouth, my jaw aching.

“Get out of the car,” the boss said opening his door.

Wondering what was wrong with him I did as he said.

“My cock should be wet enough now,” he said as he looked at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What I mean is drop your jeans, turn around and bend over the hood.”

“You’re kidding right?” I said shocked.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

His face had changed from one of pleasure to one that said ‘do it or you will suffer’

Realizing that this had been his plan all along I slowly undid my jeans and slid them, and my boxer shorts, down to my ankles before turning around and doing as he had asked.

“What a gorgeous white ass,” the boss said and I heard him take a couple of steps towards me.

I braced myself, and tried to relax my sphincter muscle as much as possible, as I felt his hands grip my hips. As the thick head of his cock came into contact with my tight hole I closed my eyes, and gritted my teeth.

Slowly the boss pushed against me, more pre-cum covering my hole, and after a few attempts the head of his cock broke through my defenses, causing me to yelp loudly.

“Good job no one can hear you yelping like a girl,” the boss said as he brought one of his hands crashing down against my ass cheeks.

“FUCK!!!” I called out. “That fucking hurt.”

“Stop whining like a bitch or I’ll really hurt you,” the boss said the tone of his voice scaring me.

Without warning he slapped my ass again as he drove forward, burying the whole of his cock deep inside me. Pain tore through my body and I thought he had ripped me open, yet the boss just proceeded to continue thrusting hard and fast into me. Gritting my teeth the pain gradually subsided and I soon found myself enjoying the feeling of the boss’s thick, cock driving in and out of me, and reached down for my own hard cock, and began to masturbate.

“Good to see you enjoying it,” the boss said as I wanked in time with his powerful thrusts.

“Oh yes fuck me,” I gasped the feeling of my orgasm beginning to grow in my body. “Cum with me boss.”

“Oh I will Julez believe me,” he said thrusting hard into me. “And I’m not going to be long.”

Gripping my cock and stroking faster than ever as the boss pounded, and slapped my ass, my balls tightening. Try as I did I couldn’t hold back any longer and letting out a loud moan, I started to cum Jet after jet of my white, milky liquid erupted from the end of my cock, and onto the front of the car as I felt the boss’s cock twitch deep inside me.

“Oh fuck Julez yes!!” He called out as he drove his cock, hard into me once again, before beginning to unload his own seed into me.

Each twitch from his cock caused me to cum more and soon we were both totally drained, the boss inside me and my cum coating the front grill of the car.

Finally he withdrew his, still hard, cock from my ass and turned me to face him.

“I think you and I are going to get on just perfectly Julez,” he said with a wink. “Come on get tidied up and let’s go the governor’s coming to The Quarry this afternoon.”

Once dressed we jumped back into the car, my ass sore from both the pounding and slaps that he had given me, and we continued on our journey, arriving fifteen minutes later.

I climbed out of the car to be greeted by one of the guards from the day before.

“Glad you could make it boy,” he said sarcastically. “We didn’t think you were going to come.”

“Believe me he will always come,” the boss said and the two of them burst out laughing.

“Right let’s get you to work boy,” the guard said and led me to join the others and yet another pile of rocks.

This pile didn’t seem as big as the previous days and I began to move them quickly, and efficiently, soon catching up with the rest o the cons that were busy doing the same.

Looking around there was no sign of Jeff, and I began to wonder what had happened to him, as he wasn’t at breakfast either. I assumed that he was needed back behind the prison walls, probably to keep the guards entertained, and wondered if that was what would end up to me now that I was the boss’s favourite cock sucking fuck slut.

[ Any names, events, references or characters belong to their original owner, I suppose to the creators of the video game Dante's Inferno and Dante, considering he's the one that wrote the poem. This is a story branched off of the video game Dante's Inferno, and I don't claim ANY of the characters from it, it belongs to the amazing creators of that game!

Though I try to stick to the game closely, I'm a little off sometimes, and yes, I have changed certain situations so that it fits. I hope you enjoy this, and feedback is always appreciated. Thank you! ]

Dante’s Inferno: Lust, Chapter Two

The Queen of the Nile

Dante heaved out a great sigh of relief, letting his scythe fall loosely between his fingers. His eyes gazed upon to lustrous Cleopatra, clinging to her lost love, Marc Antony, whom had been defeated by the very scythe in Dante’s large hands.

“No!.. Antony!..” Cleopatra cried, kneeling before the fellow’s limp body.

“You said we’d be together for all eternity,” He croaked with his last, gasping breath. His eyes rolled upwards and his head tilted back very slowly, and Cleopatra paused in awe and sour passion. She lowered his head towards his and whispered his name in a quiet sob. Then, she shot a fiery glare at Dante, the man who had just destroyed her dearly beloved.

“It wasn’t supposed to end like this.” She hissed, “We had a deal!”

Dante, prepared to reap her life next, gripped tightly onto his weapon, but just as soon as he did this, it subconsciously weakened. The Queen of the Nile had begun crawling slowly towards him, as if she were a feline stalking its prey, and a strange sensation came over him. The closer she got, the weaker he became. He felt his face flushed as she raised to her feet before him – much like a snake, even producing the hissing of a snake, but oh so seductively.

Dante fed his eyes with her body, which glistened from sweat or some kind of hellish nectar; one could never be sure in a place like this, after all. Her tits seemed so perfect, from the shape to the size, and they just begged to be touched, licked and sucked. Her upper body curved lusciously into a thin middle and wide, flawless hips and then to long, goddess-like legs. His heart raced. This woman, this evil, evil woman, was controlling him this easily… He knew it was wrong but what was so bad about a bit of a sin?

She made a soft coo from the back of her throat and Dante dropped his scythe, backing away as she continued to approach him. He raised his hands up as to shield his eyes, but it was to no avail. Suddenly, she sprung into the air and skillfully wrapped her long legs around his middle, biting hard onto his neck. She drew only a slight amount of blood and sucked on his neck, all the while her hands exploring his chest and middle. Dante felt a pleasurable rush come over him as she treated herself to his neck, then he came to his senses and quickly shoved her off.

Cleopatra retaliated as if it were nothing at all, and with outstanding quickness, she pounced forward, pushing Dante on his back. Still weakened, Dante was easily pinned by her lust-powered strength. She arched her back and grinded her hips against his, and with a frustrated roar, Dante rolled over, now pinning Cleopatra beneath him.

With a sudden loss of control again from her mere scent and aura, Cleopatra let out a beautiful moan as she guided his hand to her breasts. He played with these wonderful things of nature, trying his hardest not to lose sight of his goal… but her influence was just too strong.

Dante struggled with himself as he fumbled with his armor to relieve his pulsating erection from it, and when he had situated himself, he moved his hands to Cleopatra’s hips and pulled her onto his thick cock. Her pussy lips wrapped around his member as he pushed his entire length inside of her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Dante fiercely nibbled at her hard nipples as he began pumping in and out of her. His cock was so soaked with her pussy juice and his own precum that it was simple to slide in and out of her, pounding into her little womanhood. She gasped and groaned and arched her back in pleasure, biting her bottom lip as he picked up speed and power. He had begun slamming into her cunt, a loud slapping noise made from the frequent and sudden connect of his hips, hers and her thighs.

He stopped for a moment, and began pulling out of her. Cleopatra’s eyes widened in shock. “What are you doing?” She snarled.

Dante angrily reached his arm up and wrapping his fingers around her throat in a tight grasp. “You will have the fate of your Marc Antony,” He murmured under his breath as she squirmed within his clasped hand. Still holding onto her throat, he used his free hand to position his dick at his tiny asshole, and then he pushed forward into her. She wriggled in pain and pleasure, moaning out loudly, strained through his choking hold around her neck.

With a smirk, Dante whisked into her, making her scream as much as she could, though hoarse and barely audible. He let go of her neck and she gasped for air through pained cries and he took ahold of her hips, rocking violently in and out of her ass. It felt great around his cock, the walls of her insides squeezing around the length of his member.

“Uhh,” He groaned as he pulled her into him as he pushed in as well, then reclined and repeated several time. He knew he was close to cumming, and by the amount of wetness running down from her pussy and all over his cock, she had already done so many times before this.

But this, this would be something she had never experienced and what she would never forget.

With a final thrust, Dante threw his head back and shouted as his cock spit out its first load into her ass. Carefully and successfully he withdrew from her asshole and shoved himself back into her pussy, where he pumped a few times into her and let out the next two, three, four hot streams of cum into her cunt.

Panting heavily, sweat dripping from his forehead, he removed himself from the Queen of the Nile and readjusted his armor, picking up his scythe and heading off for the next level of hell.

Cleopatra’s pussy twitched with satisfaction and defeat, Dante’s white cream oozing plentifully from both her holes. She lay unmoving, her chest rising and falling quickly to regain her breath. With the energy that still remained, she watched Dante exit her circular prism platform, the powerful warrior who had overcome her and her seductresses… all for what?

A worthless, untouched farm girl?

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No, none of these events have actually happened. They are pure fantasy concocted by my loverboy and myself.

Story 2: Fellatio

Another time, another place. You can feel that it’s cool in this room, but you cannot see a thing. All you can do is use your other senses to figure out your current location. You can smell the heady scent of vanilla and lavender close by, but you can’t tell from what. You’re tied up naturally. Though this time I’ve been more thoughtful and wrapped the cuffs with rags so they don’t chaff so bad. You feel a soft breeze caressing your skin. It’s warmer than the room is and causes goosebumps to rise over your skin. The scent of vanilla and lavender grows stronger. You can hear the soft padding of footsteps across the soft-ish floor. If you shift enough, you’ll notice that they’re tatami (rice mats). They’re perfect for cushioning your kitty knees. Your ears twitch, trying to find the sound again, but it doesn’t sound again.

The scent is extremely strong though. You keep looking around, sightless, your ears twitching. “Rachel?” you mewl. “Are you there?” Something touches your ear. Something warm and soft. A finger? Yes, a finger. My finger? Perhaps. “Rachel?” you implore again. Both of your ears were tweaked now, perhaps as an answer. You strain against you restraints. “Please! Tell me if that’s you.”

Something shifts in front of you and you can feel the air move downward. You feel fingertips on your nose, trailing down to your lips and over your chin. Soft lips touch your cheek as the fingers continue to trail even farther downward. You notice then that you are naked once more. Your cock twitches. “Rachel,” you mewl again, straining against your bonds. You want to make sure it’s me. You want to remove the blindfold so bad. Too bad you can’t. Lips keep kissing, nipping softly on your skin, moving toward your lips. Ten digits slide over your fuzzy chest, tracing patterns through the black fur. The lips skip yours and move up the other side of your face. You can feel your cock rising as the fingertips get closer and closer to it. You groan at a particularly sharp nip to your cheek. You shift in jerking motions, trying to get away or get the person teasing you to pull the blindfold off. You whine, pulling away, but each time finding that you can’t escape. Resistance is futile. You have yet to realize this, of course. “Let me see you,” you whisper when the lips find your earlobe and suckle on it gently. “Please, let me see you. I have to know…”

You feel a smile against your where your cheek and ear meet. The being still says nothing. You don’t know if it’s male or female, just that it smells of sweet vanilla and lavender. You can tell now that they’re so close to you. The fingers feel rather feminine though. They are slim and tiny, obviously feminine or perhaps Fae. You doubt you have a fairy in the room with you. Something about the touch is familiar. You think you know who it is, but you’d have to feel with your hands, taste with your tongue or see with your eyes to be sure. She isn’t going to let you do that quite yet though. She finally pulls away with a tiny giggle, leaving you aching for more. You let out a whimper, ashamed to be wanting to be touched so much and even more ashamed that you are sent into a spell of whimpering and desiring to beg and plead for more. You grit your teeth instead, growing angry with yourself and the woman who is so insistent on teasing you. You let out a growl, glaring into the thick blanket of black that the blindfold provides you. “Who the hell do you think you are?!” you shout, really rattling the chains as you strain and pull against them. “Who do you think you are that you can string me up like a prisoner and blindfold me then tease me like that?!”

You feel the female’s presence close up again. The scent fills your nostrils again as she leans close. Her hair brushes softly against the juncture between your neck and shoulder. You shiver. Your sense of touch is amplified since one of the other ones is blocked. You feel her breath against your ear, hot and sweet. It’s like she’s tempted to say something, but decides not to, instead touching your shoulders gently and pressing her lips to your jaw. She kisses downward this time, licking the muscles of your neck with a thick, hot tongue. She finds your collar bone and you can’t really remember why you were mad now. Everything in your mind goes hazy except for one feeling: lust. You want this woman, even if you don’t know who she is. She’s driving you insane. Your insanity is of course making this even harder to go through. You fight your bonds more. It’s obvious that you want out. She just giggles softly. Her maddening fingers slip lower, teasing the line of your hip bones. Your cock starts to strain and twitch. Why won’t she touch you? Why won’t she kiss you!? You’re beyond frustrated and keep letting out noises that indicate this. A grunt, a hiss followed by a pleading whimper. “Woman, please…” you say softly. Your collar is starting to really kick in now. You’re beginning to turn more uke.

The woman doesn’t like this. She stops what she’s doing and reaches up to take your collar off. You let out a loud hiss as the change happens and you’re returned to your human form. The lips find your chin, nipping and sucking for a moment as the hands, soft and silky against your skin, return to your hips. The bell jingled softly as it fell to the floor. You gasp softly as she kisses down your chest. She rubs her hands down your thighs. You suddenly realize the size of her hands match mine. Rage boils inside of you. “It is you! You little –” You cut yourself off with a loud gasp. The woman’s mouth has closed around your cock. She didn’t even try to play with it first, she just went for the goal. You hiss in a breath and pull on the chains. You can hear the sucking of her mouth as she moves up and down. Her fists closes around the remaining part of you and strokes in rhythm. You definitely recognize the mouth and the hand now. It is me. “Rachel…” you moan, flopping against the chains. Your cock is aching from its engorgement of blood and I’m the only thing that can ease it.

I apparently get bored of sucking on you and move away for a moment. “Don’t!” You fight the chains again in an attempt to grab at me. Unfortunately, that is a fruitless and futile effort. Well, that’s only natural since you’re chained up in iron cuffs. “Rachel…” you say softly. You sound sad and needy.

You hear rustling on the mat in front of you. “So you figured out it was me for real?” you hear my voice ask. “I figured you would after I sucked your cock a little bit.” I reach up and touch the blindfold, as if tempted to take it off, but I leave it where it is. Instead, my hands run down your body. I touch your shoulders and sides before slipping around and groping your taught ass. “I’m tempted to try other things…” My hands slide lower and into your crack. You shiver as they get lower and lower. Finally, I touch the tight bud of your asshole. Your breathing hitches, but otherwise you don’t react. “Would you like me to play with your asshole?” I ask softly. You don’t answer me. I kiss the corner of your lips as I continue to touch and gently prod at it. “No answer means yes,” I murmur, taking your lips with mine in passion and heat as my finger pushes against your hole. It doesn’t give though. So, I finish my kiss, licking your lips when I’m thoroughly done with you. I pull completely away from you and you hear something squish. You don’t know what it is, but you feel my hand, slick with something, rubbing your hole again. I’m kneeling in between your legs, you can feel mine brush yours softly as I shimmy closer. With one hand, I rub your thigh. The other, has found its way back behind your balls from underneath this time. This lubrication makes it easier to push inside.

You groan. “What are you using?” you ask, your voice thick with lust. “To make it easier?”

You can almost hear the grin in my voice. “How sexy would it be if I said it was my own juices?”

Your sphincter clenches tightly around my finger as your hips buck. “Very sexy,” you gasp. You let your head loll back on your shoulders as I continue to push my finger inside. I pump it slowly a few times before easing it back to the opening. A second finger joins it, pushing slowly inside. I ease my fingers up inside of you until they reach their hilt. They wiggle around a little bit, as if looking for something. They find your prostate and your hips buck. A soft whimpering moan escapes your lips.

“Perfect,” I purr, leaning down to kiss your cock. You moan again as I slide you into my mouth. My free hand moves to encircle the base of your cock. I can already feel you thickening up as I suck, stroke and massage. I’ve apparently found one of the ultimate guy-pleasers. You buck against the chains, grunting and thrusting into my mouth. I let you, for now at least.

All you can do is feel pure sensation. You can’t see anything, but you can hear and feel every little thing that I’m doing to you. Slowly, in little wafts, my scent joins the smell of vanilla and lavender. “Engh! God! Rachel, let me fuck you,” you gasp, struggling even more now. “Please let me fuck you!”

I stop what I’m doing for a moment and look up at you. I let my hand fall away from your penis, leaving my fingers plunged deep into your asshole. They keep wiggling as I reach up and remove the blindfold. “No, you can’t fuck me. But I will let you watch.” Your eyes blink open and I slip your glasses onto your face, adjusting them so they sit right.

You can see my bare back since I’m leaning down so far. I’m naked, of course. You aren’t really paying much attention to my back though as I lean back down to suck your cock. You watch with rapt attention, I notice as I look up every so often. Eventually, I’m staring up at you, waiting to see you orgasm. Your face starts to scrunch up as your breathing gets more choppy. Your breath hitches in your throat as your mouth opens up. You struggle to keep looking at me, but you find you can’t. I feel your cock bulge and I pull my face away quickly. My fingers wiggle wildly against your prostate as the first jet of cum erupts from your member. I let out a gasp as the first jet hits my face. Another string comes and lands on my chest. I open my mouth as you look down again and aim your cock toward my mouth as it bursts again. All of this seems to be occurring in slow motion. I moan for you, not relenting on my milking of your cock and your prostate. By the time you’re completely empty, I’m covered in your hot seed. I fall back on my ass, withdrawing from you completely. I feel naughty and bad for what I did to you. My hand touches my face, touches your cum. I bite my lip and look up ate you. I’ve already swallowed what managed to make it into my mouth. I lay back on the rice mats below us.

You’re watching me, knowing exactly what I’m going to do. I scoot back a little bit so you can see me better. I love that look of complete attention you’re giving me. My fingertips move from my face down my body, drawing patterns in the cum covering me. My nipples are standing up proudly and I tweak them a few times before groping myself. I let out a sighing moan, continuing to watch you as you lick your lips.

I continue on in silence, sliding my hands down until they reach the parting of my thighs. I draw my knees up and lay my legs open so you can see everything and just how glistening wet my shaved pussy is. I watch you groan and lick your lips a few times. My fingers find my clit. I start to rub slowly, loving your eyes on me. I’ve always enjoyed masturbating for you, this time is no different. It always feels more intense when you can see me or hear me. I love teasing you like this. I’d love to feel your hands on me now, but that would be too risky at this point. You’d begin to wonder more about how you ended up here and what was going on. You’d begin to question if these were not dreams after all. This would not do. I enjoyed making you my sex slave far too much.

After a while of teasing myself, I’m rubbing furiously at my clit as my other hand finds itself finger deep inside my pussy. I’ve squeezed two inside, imaging it’s really your cock, which is beginning to stand at attention in front of me again. I bite my lip, refusing to let a moan escape, but it does anyway. My breathing is uneven and shallow. You can see the expression that I usually get just before I orgasm. Frustration, desperation… I stare up at you, continuing to rub and fuck myself. “Eric,” I breathe, my breath hitching in my throat on the last syllable. “I love you.” Then my orgasm crashes over me.

Covered in cum, still twitching from my own orgasm, I stand up and stand in front of you. Leaning down to your level. I kiss you softly. “Thank you lover. Time to wake up.”

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Continued from “Finally Some Action for the Third Wheel”


I woke up in my bed with a raging hard-on and the memory of tag-teaming my slutty friend, Stacy, with her boyfriend, Dave, the night before. In case you don’t know what is going on my friend Stacy is one hell of a nasty whore. I live in a two bedroom condo near the beach with her and her boyfriend. Things started a few weeks ago with Stacy teasing me and the two of them leaving their bedroom door open to put on nasty sex shows for me. The teasing quickly led to me fucking my best friend and doing all sorts of nasty things with her. I thought she was cheating and that I was being a perverted asshole but it turned out that Dave was in on the whole thing. His girlfriend is too much of a cock fiend for him to handle alone so he welcomed the chance at having someone else to help keep her occupied. So that was how last night ended up with Dave and I double stuffing Stacy with our fat cocks. After last night life was going to be very different in the condo.

I rolled out of bed and pulled my hard cock out through the fly in my pajama pants. I had just woken up but I was already horny and ready to have some nasty fun. I walked out of my room and could hear someone playing a video game in the living room and someone doing dishes in the kitchen. I knew there was no way that Stacy was playing the video game so I walked down the hallway to the kitchen, letting my swollen member lead the way.

I walked into the kitchen and the sight before me made my cock stiffen even more. Stacy was standing at the sink doing the dishes without any clothes on. Let me describe Stacy for you real quick. She has long blond hair, blue eyes and a sexy body that she keeps in shape with yoga every day. She’s not a skinny girl but she has a nice, tight, curvy body with wonderful, grapefruit-size tits and a juicy ass that any black guy would love. Right now that wonderful ass was arched back for my full viewing pleasure.

“Good morning,” I said as I hugged Stacy from behind, pressing my hard shaft into the crack of her ass. I could instantly feel the steaming wetness of her tight snatch.

“Mmm, good morning to you too,” Stacy replied as she ground her ass and cunt back onto my throbbing cock.

I was incredibly horny as I wasted no time in pulling back and shoving my fat prick into Stacy’s tight pussy. She let out a surprised moan as my entire fat eight inches buried itself in her sopping wet cunt. I grabbed Stacy and bent her over the kitchen sink as I started to pump my cock into her.

“Ugh…I see someone….unnhh….woke up horny…..uumph….this morning,” Stacy groaned as I started to brutally pound into her. I could hear the sound of my balls slapping against her thighs as my thick shaft slammed into her snatch.

When I woke up this morning I had come to the decision that I was going to treat Stacy like the degraded slut that she was. She had tricked me into thinking that I was helping her cheat on her boyfriend (which I had felt really guilty about) when she was just toying with me. I decided that I was going to get back at her by getting as rough and nasty with her as she could possibly handle. If Stacy like acting like a pornstar whore than I was going to treat her like one.

I grabbed a handful of Stacy’s hair and yanked her head back so that it was next to mine as I continued to relentlessly fuck her. “You had fun with your little game the last couple of weeks but now it is my turn. You are a filthy slut and I am going to treat you like one. Prepare to be punished.”

“Oooh, bring it on fucker,” Stacy said as she mashed her lips to mine and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We explored each others tonsils as I relentlessly pounded her pussy with my cock. I reached around with my left arm to maul her juicy tits.

“Sounds like you guys are having a sweaty morning!” Jason suddenly yelled from the living room.

“I have to punish your slut of a girlfriend for playing her game with me these last few weeks!” I yelled back as I bent Stacy over the sink again, still fucking her.

I looked down and enjoyed the view of my thick shaft spreading Stacy’s cunt lips wide each time it mashed its way into her womb. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them so I could get a better view. Her puckered asshole looked inviting and for a second I considered pulling out my cock and burying it in her ass when I decided to skip it as I could already feel my load building.

Instead I pulled my cock out of Stacy’s ass with a wet pop, spun her around, and push her down to her knees in front of me. Stacy stared at me with a look of lust as she opened her mouth wide, knowing what I wanted. I did not disappoint as I aimed my swollen cockhead at her open mouth and started pushing it in. Stacy’s tongue slurped on my cock as I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed down. I felt the tightness of my best friends throat as my throbbing member slowly forced its way down her gullet. Stacy gagged and gurgled as her nose came to rest in my pubic hair with my cock fully engulfed in her mouth and throat. I moaned as I felt my dick pulsate and swell in the tight confines. After about ten seconds Stacy tried to pull back but I denied her as I held her head firmly in place.

“Breathe through your nose slut,” I said as I tried to force my cock even deeper. “I want to feel my load pump straight into your stomach.”

Stacy snorted some air through her nose and looked up at me. There was no anger in her eyes as they appeared to be glazed over with lustiness. Her face looked so wonderful with my shaft buried in her mouth. I reached down and stroked the front of her neck, feeling my hard cock in her tight throat. Every once in while Stacy would gag and choke a bit but for the most part she kept my dick lodged in her throat like an absolute pro. After a couple of minutes I felt my cock getting ready to explode.

“Uuuggh, prepare for your breakfast protein boost!” I groaned as I felt my prick erupt in the tightness of Stacy’s throat. She had no choice but to work her throat muscles as fast as she could and gulp down my gooey seed. I gripped the sides of her head as it felt like I was pumping a gallon of cum right in to her stomach.

When my orgasm finally subsided I pulled my softening, wet cock out of Stacy’s mouth. She looked up at me and smiled as she licked her lips for any remnants of jizz. Her smile grew even bigger when she looked over and saw Dave standing in the kitchen doorway, stroking his hard shaft. He must have watched me fill his girlfriends belly with my cum and decided to get some action himself.

“I’m gonna hit the shower now, she’s all yours,” I said as I moved past Dave so he could get in the kitchen. As I walked into the bathroom I heard Stacy gag as Dave grabbed her head and shoved his prick down her throat.


The next few days were a nasty, x-rated dream. Stacy’s sexual appetite truly was insatiable. She was in the mood for a hard cock any time, anywhere. Any time my dick twitched and I felt a little horny all I had to do was grab her, stick my cock in one of her lovely holes and go to town. She was never not in the mood. She still ate regular meals but she was consuming huge amounts of cum as well.

There was even one time when I woke up in the early morning around 3 AM to the sensations of Stacy slurping on my cock. While I was half asleep, she got me hard and then rode me until I filled her snatch with a load of cum. I thought it had been a dream in the morning until she confirmed that it had actually happened.

That was how things went for a few days. Dave and I would wake up, have a fuck and suck session with Stacy and then we all go to work. After work we got home and it’s nastiness all night until we go to bed (we watch TV, eat and do other stuff in between of course).

When it was Wednesday Dave informed us that his family was coming out to visit from Friday until next Tuesday and then when they left he was going to fly back home with them for a few days. His mom, dad, younger sister, and younger brother would be staying at a hotel nearby. Of course they wanted to meet Stacy and myself and do all sorts of activities, meals and sight-seeing. We were a bit bummed as this seemed like it was going to put a damper on our sexual activities. I decided that I could deal with it especially considering that when they left Dave was going with them for a few days. This meant that I would have Stacy all to myself for a little bit. I was already forming ideas in my head of some nasty fun we could have without Dave around. It was going to be a tough few days to get through.

We got as much nasty fun in as possible in the next couple of days and then Dave’s family rolled into town. Dave left to pick them up in the morning while Stacy and I stayed at the condo. They arrived just minutes after I had blown a fat load of jizz down Stacy’s throat. She was in the bathroom freshening herself up when they walked in through the front door.

Dave’s dad seemed like a really nice guy. His name was Hank and he looked like an older version of Dave except he seemed to be in better shape then his son. Dave’s mom, Janice, was short, dumpy and not very good looking. Hank was a handsome guy and I thought he could have done better than what I was looking at in front of me. Love is love though I guess. Dave’s sister, Sara, was next. I had to will myself to keep my dick from hardening at the sight of her. Sara was 19 years old but I imagine she could have passed for 16 if she wanted. She wasn’t even five feet tall and she probably weighed in somewhere in the 95 pound range. She had one of the most petite, sexy bodies I had ever seen. Her delicious body was tight and toned with an unbelievably gorgeous ass and a nice set of tits for such a compact frame. This lovely body was combined with the face of a pixie. Sara had short, brown hair, trimmed at her shoulders and sparkling green eyes. When we shook hands there was something about the look she gave me that was not innocent all as she seemed to size me up in some way. I got a very interesting vibe from her. Lastly came Dave’s little brother, Todd. He was 16 years old and looked exactly like a younger version of his brother and father. He looked to be in great shape just like his dad.

Eventually Stacy came out and introductions were made once again. When Stacy met Hank she gave him a huge hug. Everyone else was chatting so I was the only one who noticed the sultry look that Stacy gave Hank. He responded by briefly pressing his crotch into her as they finished their hug. After seeing that I was starting to have second thoughts about this family visit being a bummer. Things could get interesting after all.

Once introductions were finished it was decided that everyone was hungry. Stacy had prepared a picnic lunch that she thought would be great to take down to the beach. Everyone agreed and that was decided to be the plan. We loaded up with all our chairs and towels and other beach stuff while Stacy went to finish getting the food ready. When we are ready to go she announced that she still had a little bit left to prepare but that everyone else should go ahead. Hank had already been helping her pack the food up so he announced that he would stay and help her and meet us down there.

We were half way to the beach when I realized I had left my cell phone at the condo. I was expecting a call about a new job so I needed to go back and pick it up. I let everyone know what I was doing and that they should keep going and get us a good spot. It was a nice day so I knew the beach would be a little crowded.

When I got back to the condo I walked in and heard some odd noises coming from the kitchen when they instantly stopped. Stacy peeked around the corner with a look of relief on her face.

“Oh good, it’s just Jeff. Trust me he is cool.”

I walked down the hallway and looked in to the kitchen. I was only somewhat surprised at the sight of Stacy bent over with her bikini bottoms around her ankles and Hank standing right behind her with his very large looking cock sticking obscenely out of Stacy’s tight snatch. His prick was so thick and long that it looked like a veiny arm reaching up into her sucking pussy. Hank still looked a little uneasy at the sight of me standing there in doorway.

“Damn Stacy you did not waste any time did you?” I said as I pulled down my board shorts and released my hardening cock. Stacy immediately leaned forward and took my member into her mouth. I placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed down, shoving my dick down her tight throat. Stacy was choking on my cock as I extended my other hand out in a handshake to Hank. “Nice to meet you again Hank.”

“Haha, yes Jeff, it’s nice to meet you again too,” Hank laughed and smiled as he reached across Stacy’s back and shook my hand. With that he put his hands on her hips and resumed thrusting his fat prick into Stacy’s snatch. She moaned and gurgled around my cock as Hank pumped into her. “So my son has himself quite the girlfriend it appears.”

“Oh man Hank, you have no idea,” I grinned. “He’s cool with it though. He realized that there is no way one man could keep this slut satisfied.”

“I can see that. Wow there are some nasty chicks back home that I enjoy fucking but this girl is something else.”

“Oh man you haven’t seen anything yet. I don’t think she has any limits. Do you have any limits Stacy?”

Stacy made a gurgling noise around my cock that sounded like a no. Hank laughed, put his hand on the back of her head and shoved it towards my cock. Stacy’s nose mashed into my pelvis as my shaft was as deep down her throat as it could possibly go. Stacy gagged and a bit of saliva drooled out of the corners of her mouth.

“Damn that is some hot shit,” Hank said as he held Stacy’s head in place. “Not too often you find a chick who can deepthroat a big cock like she’s doing. What a nasty fucking slut.”

“You look like your packing a pretty big weapon down there Hank. You should see how good her deepthroating skills really are.”

Hank nodded and pulled his huge prick out from Stacy’s wet cunt. It made a wet plop as it slapped on to the top of her ass. Hank’s massive cock was dripping and glistening with Stacy’s juices. I could not help but be impressed by what Hank was packing and amazed that he was able to get it inside Stacy’s tight pussy. His cock had to be about 11 inches long and was ridiculously thick.

I released my dick from the confines of Stacy’s throat as she gasped for air. Hank grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him. Stacy smiled as his huge cock smacked her in the face.

“Mmm, your cock is so big Hank. I hope it can fit all the way down my throat. I bet your cum would shoot right into my belly.”

“Oh Stacy, your so pretty and nasty I think you will find a way to make my dick disappear.”

Hank aimed is monster dick at Stacy’s face and she opened her mouth as wide as possible. Her lips stretched wide as his prick entered her mouth. He was able to get a couple of inches in before he hit the entrance to her throat. Hank put a hand on each side of her head and began to force his cock down her gullet. I watched in amazement as Stacy’s throat stretched and bulged as inch after inch of Hank’s thick cock disappeared down into her mouth. Stacy snorted air through her nose and made choking noises as Hank really had to work hard to get the last couple of inches down her throat. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed to try and help out. Finally Stacy was looking up at Hank with all 11 inches of his cock buried in her mouth and throat.

“Well holy shit, I can’t believe it,” Hank said in shock. “I can’t believe how fucking tight her throat feels around my dick. I already feel like I could blow my load.”

“Do it then Hank. Pump you man goo right in to her stomach. Stacy loves a belly full of cum.”

Stacy looked up at Hank with his cock buried down her throat and did her best to nod in agreement.

“Well all right then. I hope your hungry slut cause I’m gonna blow big time.”

Stacy moaned around his cock as he held her there. Hank groaned as he flexed his prick in the tight confines of her throat. A steady stream of drool was spilling out the sides of Stacy’s mouth as she breathed through her nose and maintained her deepthroat action. Finally Hank let out a loud moan and forced Stacy back against the kitchen cabinets as he tried to forced his cock even deeper then it already was. I watched as Stacy’s throat muscles worked frantically to gulp down what seemed to be a huge amount of cum. Hank was groaning as he seemed to be unloading an endless supply of jizz into her stomach.

Eventually Hanks orgasm subsided and he slowly pulled his softening cock out of Stacy’s mouth. She let out a small belch as she seemed to be fighting to keep her semen meal down.

“Oh my God, that was so much fucking cum,” she said as she licked her lips. “I feel like you just filled my belly with a gallon of jizz.”

“Think you got room for a little more?” I asked. I had been stroking my hard cock while I was watching Stacy deepthroat Hank and was about ready to blow my load.

“Mmm, I’ve always got room for more,” Stacy answered as she crawled over to me and took my cock in to her mouth.

I felt the jizz rush up through my cock and I exploded in Stacy’s mouth. I moaned as she gulped down wad after wad of my cum. Stacy was a pro as she drank down her second huge load of cum without spilling a drop.

After I was finished I pulled my shrinking cock from Stacy’s mouth and put my board shorts back on. Stacy went into the bathroom to brush her teeth while Hank and I finished packing up the food. When Stacy came out of the bathroom she had a smile on her face.

“Looks like I already had my picnic lunch. I literally feel full from all that cum you guys fed me. What a delicious meal.”

I felt my dick twitch again in my shorts. “Come on Stacy you gotta cut that talk out now. Your gonna make me and Hank show up at the beach sporting huge boners. Could get us in a bit of trouble.”

We all had a laugh at the thought of that bad idea. As we walked to the beach we made sure to chat about everything except sex. We successfully joined the others without growing huge protruding hard-ons.


We spent the next couple of hours lounging in the sun and frolicking in the water. I had to either go in the water or stay in a folding chair in order to hide my constant erection. I could not help but get hard every time I saw Sara running around in her bikini. It was solid black and did not leave much to the imagination. Her tight ass and pert tits looked amazing as she ran around. I could have sworn that it seemed like she was purposely bending over in front of me every once in a while so I could get a great view of her ass and even see the outline of her pussy lips. Sara’s tiny, petite body was unbelievably sexy.

As we finished up eating lunch Stacy announced that she had forgotten the cookies she had for dessert and was going to go back to the condo real quick and grab them. To my surprise she asked Todd if he wanted to go with her. He instantly agreed and as they were leaving she turned around and gave me a wicked look. I knew exactly what she intended to do and could not believe she was going for Dave’s little brother. She truly was a degraded, nasty slut.

It was a five minute walk to the condo and they were gone for twenty minutes. As Stacy was walking back to join us she seemed to be walking a little bow-legged. She immediately announced she wanted to go for a swim after the walk and headed into the ocean. I followed her in so that I could find out what had happened.

“So did you fuck Todd too?” I asked as we bobbed in the waves.

Stacy looked at me with a devilish grin on her face. “Of course. I found out that kid is actually a filthy little pervert. Just the kind I love.”

“So what happened?”

“As soon as we got back to the place I just went for it and grabbed his dick through his shorts. The kid was already hard and as soon as he got the go ahead his cock was out and he was yanking down my bikini bottoms. He said he wanted to fuck my asshole so he bent me over the loveseat and shoved his cock up my ass. He’s got a big dick just like Dave and his dad.”

My dick was rock hard while Stacy was telling her story. “Damn, Todd sounds like he’s definitely no virgin.”

“He’s definitely had some experience. He fucked my ass so hard I thought he was going to rip me apart. Then he unloaded a huge load of jizz inside me.”

“Hence why you’re in the water right now.”

“Exactly. I think I’m good to go now. I’m heading back in.”

“Yea, I gotta chill out here for a few minutes. You kinda got me riled up with your story.”

“Ooh, well save it for later. We will find some time for a little more fun.”

Stacy winked at me and headed back to the beach. We ended up hanging out there for another hour before everyone decided they had enough sun for the day. We walked back to the condo and Hank, Janice and Sara decided they wanted to go to their hotel to check in, take a nap, and freshen up so Dave left to give them a ride. Todd decided he would stay and hang out with us.

I took a quick shower and when I got out I could hear the distinct sounds of sex coming from the living room. I walked down the hallway and found Todd lying on the loveseat with Stacy straddling him and bouncing on his hard cock in her pussy. Todd had a tit in each hand and was busy kneading away at them while talking dirty to her.

“Yea you fucking love my cock in your cunt, don’t you slut?”

“Oh God yes. I love getting fucked like the whore I am. I love how big your cock feels in my pussy.”

Stacy looked up and noticed me standing there. I dropped the towel I had wrapped around my waist so that I was naked, with my rock hard cock jutting out towards her. I walked over and she took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. Todd did not seem surprised at all to see me standing there.

“What’s up Jeff. You should stick your dick in Stacy’s ass so we can double fuck this slut. I’ve never done that before.”

“Haha, I see you are an expert at how to treat a slut Todd.”

“Eh, I’ve had some practice. My dad passes his sluts along to me sometimes and I have my own as well. We’re a very horny family. I gotta say though, Stacy you are beyond anything I’ve met back home. Your so sexy and slutty, your fucking awesome!”

“Aw, thanks Todd,” Stacy said as she leaned down and shoved her tongue in his mouth.

I took this opportunity to move up behind Stacy. I spit on my hand and rubbed the saliva on my cock so I could lube it up a bit for entry into her tight asshole. Stacy stopped bouncing on Todd’s dick as I pushed the head of my cock into her anal entry. I relished the view of my thick shaft spreading her asshole wide as it pushed into her bowels. My cock finally sank all the way into her ass and Stacy moaned as she enjoyed the feeling of being filled with two huge pricks.

“Holy shit!” Todd exclaimed. “Her pussy is even tighter now!”

“Oh God! I’m so full of cock!” Stacy groaned as Todd and I started to pump our dicks in and out of her.

It took us a couple of minutes before we finally got a rhythm going. Stacy was moaning and groaning as Todd and I double fucked her on the loveseat. After a couple of minutes of fucking her the door suddenly opened and Dave walked in.

“Ah ha! Looks like you guys are having a fun time! I see your definitely enjoying yourself little bro,” Dave said as he walked over and smacked Todd on the back of the head. “Stacy, looks like these two guys got you pretty well stuffed.”

“There’s always room for more,” Stacy said as she reached for Dave’s crotch.

Dave obliged her by pulling his board shorts down to let his hardening cock spring free. While Todd and I continued to fuck Stacy’s ass and pussy, she leaned over and took Dave’s cock into her mouth. He grabbed the sides of her head and slowly started to fuck his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“Wow Dave, your girlfriend is one hell of a nasty, filthy slut,” Todd said.

“You have no idea bro. Did you fuck my dad yet Stacy?”

“Of course she did,” I answered while Stacy nodded with her mouth full of cock. “Walked in on him plowing her in the kitchen this morning.”

“You are an insatiable little cock slut,” Dave said as he started to fuck her face harder. Stacy gurgled around his prick in agreement.

Stacy was moaning and groaning in cock heaven as the three of us had all her holes stuffed with man meat. I could not believe how nasty Stacy could be. She had her boyfriend facefucking her while his little brother pumped away at her pussy and her best friend fucked her tight asshole. Stacy groaned and choked on Dave’s cock as her body shuddered with an orgasm. She was thoroughly enjoying the triple fucking that we were giving her. After a few more minutes of sweaty fucking I felt my own orgasm begin to build.

“Shit. I’m about to cum. How bout you guys?”

“Ugh, yea I’m about there,” Todd said from below Stacy’s sweaty body.

“Me too,” Dave grunted as he shoved his cock all the way down Stacy’s throat.

“Fuck yea, let’s fill this slut with our jizz at the same time!” I yelled as we all started fucking Stacy as hard as we could.

Within seconds I felt my orgasm coming and I grunted as my cock exploded deep inside Stacy’s tight asshole. Todd and Dave both groaned as their pricks erupted in unison inside Stacy’s pussy and down her throat. Stacy was moaning around the cock in her throat as the three of us unleashed a torrent of cum into her. I could feel Todd’s dick pulsating in her snatch as my own cock throbbed in her butt with each spurt of gooey semen. When we finally finished cumming we pulled our softening cocks from her holes and she flopped down on the loveseat, an exhausted cum-filled mess.

Dave went to go take a shower and a few minutes later Stacy went to go join him while Todd took a nap out on the patio. Eventually I could hear the sounds of Stacy getting fucked again in the shower by Dave. I guess Dave wasn’t finished after filling his girlfriends belly with his sperm.


I decided to take a nap myself and went into my room to lie on my bed. An hour later I woke up and came out of my room. Dave was gone, probably to pick up the rest of his family to come back and have dinner. I could see Todd still sitting out on the patio but no sign of Stacy. As I walked closer to the patio door I discovered where Stacy was. She was on her knees between Todd’s legs, giving him a quick blowjob before his family arrived. As I walked outside I could hear Todd grunting as he was obviously cumming in Stacy’s mouth.

I considered whipping out my dick for a quick blowjob but figured I didn’t have enough time before everyone showed up. I was correct as Dave and his family walked in the door a couple of minutes later. Dave and Hank started the grill to cook some burgers while the rest of us cracked some beers and chilled. Stacy was wearing a little skirt and as soon as I could I reached up her skirt to see if she had panties on. There was nothing as my fingers rubbed on her dripping snatch. Stacy winked at me and flashed a wicked grin. She wanted the guys to have easy access if they had an opportunity for a quick fuck.

I kept my eye on Stacy to see how daring she would be. Every time Sara and Janice had there attention elsewhere she would be groping cocks through our pants or be getting groped herself. Everyone was getting in on the action whenever Janice and Sara were not looking. Todd was relentless as he was constantly pressing his crotch into her or reaching up under her skirt to finger her pussy whenever he had a chance. At one point I saw Hank go into the kitchen where Stacy was washing some dishes and start talking to her as he was obviously pressing his cock into her ass from behind. Even Dave was groping his own girlfriend whenever he could. I got in on the action as well, grabbing her ass and shoving fingers into her snatch as often as possible.

Partway through the evening Dave’s cousin, Ron, showed up to say hi to everyone and grab a bite to eat. I figured out pretty quickly that Ron was obviously familiar with Stacy’s nastiness as he got in on the groping action as well. At one point he caught me watching as he dry-humped Stacy from behind and gave me a wink.

At one point we started running low on beer and Ron and Stacy said they would walk down to the liquor store to buy more. Stacy asked me if I would like to join them and I agreed. We left the condo and started walking to the liquor store. The whole time we were walking Stacy kept grabbing at our hard dicks through our pants. We reciprocated by mauling her ass and pussy with our hands and fingers. Part way to the store Ron suddenly stopped and looked down an alleyway that ran between two closed retail stores. It was very dimly lit and quiet as well.

“Aight, there’s no one around and this looks like a good spot,” Ron said. “Ok Jeff one of us can stand lookout while the other goes back and takes care of this naughty slut.”

“And here I thought we were just getting beer,” Stacy said sarcastically as she rubbed Ron’s dick through his pants.

“Haha, well Ron looks like Stacy has you going already so I will take first watch,” I said as Ron led Stacy down the alley.

There was a planter in front of one of the stores so I sat down on the wall in front of it. I had a good view of anyone coming by and a good view of Stacy and Ron part way down the hallway. I watched as Ron unzipped his fly and pulled out his large cock. It appeared as though big dicks were abundant in the entire family. He flipped Stacy around and pushed her up against the wall of one of the stores as he flipped her skirt up to reveal her juicy ass. I watched as he aimed his prick at her snatch and slowly impaled her on his cock. Ron pushed Stacy into the wall as he slowly started to fuck her.

They were doing a good job of being quiet as I could barely hear them grunting and groaning as they fucked in the alley. My cock was straining to burst from my pants as I watched Ron’s thick shaft sliding in and out of Stacy’s twat. Ron grabbed her hair and yanked her head back as he would thrust his prick so deep into her cunt that she would lift slightly off the ground. After a few minutes Ron pulled his cock from her snatch and pushed her down to her knees in front of him. Stacy opened her mouth just in time as Ron’s load erupted from the head of his cock. I watched as he unloaded spurt after spurt of cum into her waiting mouth. When he finished he shook the remaining drops of jizz into her open mouth before Stacy swallowed the whole load down in one gulp. Ron put his dick away and headed back down the alley while Stacy stayed where she was.

“Your turn dude,” Ron said as he came out of the alley and sat down on the planter.

I walked down the alley towards Stacy, pulling out my hard cock in the process. Stacy licked her lips at the sight of my throbbing member wobbling back and forth as I walked. I pulled Stacy to her feet and pushed her up against the wall as Ron had done.

“Mmm, so you want to fuck me like a dirty hooker too I see,” Stacy cooed as I jammed my fat cock into her sopping wet pussy.

My shaft was glistening with her juices as I watched it pump in and out of her tight pussy. Her snatch made obscene slurping noises as I fucked her from behind. Stacy moaned as I forced her up against the wall even more as I shoved my cock into her as deep as it could get. I was thrusting away at Stacy’s snatch when I suddenly heard Ron talking to someone at the end of the alley. I stopped fucking Stacy and froze with my cock still buried in her cunt. To my surprise a random guy came around the corner and started heading down the alley. Ron peeked around the side of the alley and gave me a thumbs up as the guy came up to us.

“Hey guys, I was walking by when I happened to see you two having fun down here,” the guy said. He seemed nice enough and looked like any other guy you might run into at a bar down here. “Your buddy said it would be cool if I got a quick nut off.”

“Whip out that cock and feed me your gooey cum stud,” Stacy said to the guy. Damn, she was such a slut.

The guy smiled as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his hardening, six inch cock. While still keeping my prick buried in her snatch, I turned with Stacy so she was facing the guy. She wasted no time in bending over and taking his cock into her mouth. The guy groaned as she took him all the way down her tight throat.

“Go ahead and fuck her face man,” I said to the guy. “She loves that sort of shit.”

Stacy gurgled in agreement as she started to fuck her own throat along the guys cock while I went back to pumping away at her pussy. The guy took his cue from Stacy and started to fuck her pretty face. It only took about a minute before the guy groaned and unloaded his cum down Stacy’s throat. She eagerly gulped down the gooey treat until she had drained his balls.

“Oh man, thank you. That was fucking awesome,” the guy said as he put his dick away and took off back down the alley.

I fucked Stacy for a few more minutes until I felt my own load brewing. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she immediately turned around and took it in her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my prick down her throat as my orgasm hit me. Stacy made gagging noises as I spurted my fourth load of the day down her throat. I finished blowing my load as Stacy sucked at my dick to get the last few drops of jizz. After that we straightened ourselves up and headed out of the alley to meet Ron.

“Damn slut, how many loads have you drank today,” Ron asked Stacy.

“I don’t know,” she answered as she let out a little burp. “Not enough though. I’m still hungry for cum, but I imagine I will be getting some more later on.”

I imagined she would considering there was three more horny guys chilling back at the condo. They would just have to find a way to dodge Janice and Sara. I loved how nasty Stacy was when she talked. She was so blunt about how much of a slut she was. Just like with that stranger she seemed like she would never turn down a hard cock.

We bought some more beer and hurried back to the condo. When we walked back in Todd gave us a jealous look that said “I know what you guys did and I wish I could have joined in”. I had a feeling that he planned on getting his dick into Stacy at the first chance he got. Dave and Hank had a fire going in the fire pit as we all sat around drinking beers and chatting. After an hour Janice announced that she was getting tired and feeling jet lagged so she wanted to go to bed. Sara agreed with her mom that she wanted to get some sleep as well. Hank and Todd told them that they felt like staying and having a couple more beers but that they should not wait up for them. Dave agreed to drive Janice and Sara back to the hotel now and Ron would take Hank and Todd over there later on when he went home for the night. Of course I knew what this little plan meant.

The second they were out the door and Dave’s car was pulling out of the driveway Todd jumped up, yelled “First!” and ran over to where Stacy was sitting. She had been about to take a sip of her beer when Todd pulled his hard cock out of his shorts and shoved it in her mouth. Stacy choked as he pushed his prick right down her throat and started to fuck her face with a horny fury. She was gagging and gurgling on his fat cock as his balls slapped against her chin with the force of her facefucking. I was kind of shocked at how brutal Todd was being to her but Stacy seemed to not mind at all.

Stacy let out a loud choking noise as a large amount of saliva drooled out her mouth and down her chin. Todd pulled his dick out of her mouth and yanked her top up and over her head, revealing her luscious tits for everyone to see.

“I’m gonna make a mess of you so let’s keep it off your clothes,” Todd said as he grabbed Stacy’s head and shoved his prick back down her throat.

Todd resumed violently throatfucking her. Stacy was making the nastiest gagging and choking noises as I watched her drool out another mess of saliva. It drooled down her chin and slopped on to her tits. Todd wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to make a mess of her.

I looked to my left to see Hank stripping out of his clothes. He walked over to Stacy and Todd, his massive hard cock leading the way. Hank went behind Stacy and lifted her out of her chair while not interrupting Todd’s facefucking. Hank held Stacy up in the air and spread her legs, exposing her wet pussy. He had other ideas though as he started to flip her over. Todd took his hands off her head as she was twisted around, his fat cock still remaining in her throat.

Now they were holding Stacy up so that she was bent over backwards. Stacy braced her arms on Todd’s shins as she seemed to be in some sexy yoga pose. Her head bent back and lined up at a perfect angle for Todd to fuck her gullet and watch her throat bulge with each thrust. Hank spread her legs again and now had his cock pointed at her tight asshole. I watched as he lowered her down and the fat, bulbous head of his prick began to spread her butthole open. The sight was incredible as her anus had to spread ridiculously wide to accommodate Hank’s incredibly thick cock. Hank was grunting with effort as he slowly started pushing his dick into her bowels.

On the other end Todd was still going to town on Stacy’s throat. She was still drooling out tons of saliva except this time it was all running down her face and in to her hair. The kid really wasn’t joking when he said he wanted to make a mess of her. Hank put Stacy’s legs over his shoulders as he continued to work his prick into her ass. His thick shaft was really spreading her sphincter wide as she groaned around the cock fucking her throat.

By now Ron had his cock out and was lewdly stroking it as he watched his uncle and cousin tagteaming Stacy. I decided to join him as I released my throbbing dick from my shorts. I could not believe I was ready to go for my fourth round this day as I stood there jerking on my cock. I realized that neighbors might hear the nastiness going on as Stacy, Todd, and Hank were starting to get a little loud.

“Hey guys, let’s take this party inside. We wouldn’t want to wake the neighbors now.”

Hank and Todd agreed and, while keeping their dicks buried in her throat and ass, carried her in to the condo. Once inside they stopped in the hallway and went back to fucking her. Hank was still having difficulty working his huge cock into Stacy’s butthole. At that moment Dave walked back in from dropping off Janice and Sara.

“Why am I not surprised,” he said when he saw his little brother facefucking his girlfriend while his dad was attempting to force his massive prick into her tight asshole. “Let’s grab the mattress off our bed and put it in the living room so we can get more situated and comfortable.”

Ron went to help him as they went to grab the mattress. I went into the living room and pushed the furniture to the sides so we could make room as they brought the mattress out and set it on the floor. Dave took off all the sheets and put some new ones down so that we could “make a mess of them” as Dave put it. Todd pulled his cock from Stacy’s throat as he and Hank flipped her around so she could stand up. Hank still had his cock jammed in her asshole as she led him, bow-legged, down the hallway. It was an obscene sight as they came by me to see the two of them connected by Hank’s thick cock.

Hank laid back on the mattress and Stacy sank down on to him, forcing the last couple inches of his dick into the confines of her ass. She groaned as she had all 11 inches of fat prick buried in her bowels. She looked so nasty and sexy sitting there with the huge cock buried inside her. Her face was a mess of saliva and smeared makeup with streaks and globs of drool running through her hair from Todd’s brutal facefucking. By now we had all stripped off our clothes and we surrounded Stacy. She had four big, fat cocks aimed at her while she had a fifth massive prick deep in her asshole.

“So guys, what do you think we destroy this bitch?” Dave said as he looked down at his girlfriend.

“Bring it on!” Stacy challenged as she leaned over and violently forced her own head down onto Dave’s prick. She jammed his entire shaft down her throat in one disgustingly beautiful move.

“Fuck yea!” Dave yelled as he grabbed his girlfriend by the sides of her head and basically started to skullfuck her with all his might.

While Dave was busy slamming his cock down Stacy’s throat, Hank started to lift her up from underneath and began pumping his fat prick in and out of her tightly gripping anus. Ron moved in and Stacy wrapped one of her hands around his dick and started stroking him. Todd quickly moved in and grabbed her other hand so that she could start jerking on him as well.

For the time being I just stood back and enjoyed the show. Stacy had to be in cock heaven with all the attention she was getting. I could not believe I was watching my best friend getting gangbanged by her boyfriend, his little brother, cousin, and even his father. It was hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were just a couple of normal, platonic friends. Now I know Stacy as the absolute slut she is. I was not going to complain though, it was all way too much fun.

It almost sounded like Dave was killing Stacy as she was gagging and choking so much from the ridiculously brutal throatfucking he was giving her. I was about to say something when he suddenly stepped back and pulled his wet cock out of her mouth. Stacy leaned back and laughed as a ton of drool flowed down her chin and all over her tits. I guess she had thoroughly enjoyed his brutality. She really did seem to have no limits.

As Stacy was leaning back she gave us a great view of Hank’s monster cock thrusting into her asshole. The sight was so sexy and obscene as her anal opening was stretched incredibly wide to accommodate the piece of meat invading it.

Ron and Todd both moved in at the same time to get at her mouth. Stacy giggled as they fought to get their cocks into her mouth and most likely down her throat. I was laughing at them when an idea hit me.

“Go at the same time guys,” I said. “See if the slut can take two dicks down her tight throat.”

They looked at each other and nodded. They both grabbed Stacy by the head and pulled her towards them. They got their cocks side by side and directed them into her mouth. Stacy’s jaw was stretched wide as both pricks forced themselves into her mouth and began attempting to push down her throat. Dave came up behind her and pushed on the back of her head to help them out. I watched her throat distend and bulge as they shoved their pricks down her gullet. They were a good way down her throat when it became too difficult to go further.

“Damn, that shit is so fucking tight,” Ron said.

“Seriously,” Todd agreed. “I can’t even move my dick in there.”

“Hey guys,” Hank said from below Stacy, where his cock was fucking her asshole. “I could use a break here. Don’t want to blow my load just yet.”

Todd and Ron quickly pulled their dicks from Stacy’s mouth and helped lift her off of Hank. Her asshole sucked lewdly at his prick as it slowly exited her bowels. Hank got up off the mattress as Ron pushed Todd out of the way and bent Stacy over the side of the loveseat. He spread her ass cheeks and we all got a good look at her gaping asshole. Ron grabbed his dick and shoved it right into her anal cavity. He immediately started to fuck her in the ass with all his might.

“Unngghh yea fuck my ass Ron!” Stacy groaned. “I love all your big fucking cocks! Treat me like the slut pig whore that I am!”

Todd cut off her filthy talk as he jumped up on the love seat and shoved his cock down her throat. He began to skullfuck her as violently as his brother had been doing. I was half expecting to see Stacy’s spine bunch up like an accordion as they were plowing into her so violently at each end. I moved up and sat on the back of the love seat so I could get a better view of Stacy choking and drooling all over Todd’s dick. While I was enjoying the show Stacy reached out with her right arm and started to stroke my throbbing prick. After watching for a couple more minutes I decided it was time for me to get in on the action.

“My turn,” I said as I grabbed a handful of Stacy’s hair and yanked her off Todd’s cock. She didn’t even have a chance to say a word as I pulled her head over to me and stuck my dick in her mouth. I grabbed on to the sides of her head and slammed my hard prick all the way down her throat. Stacy gagged and choked as I fucked her throat as hard as I could. At one point I plunged my dick all the way down her gullet and held her there. I told her to lick my balls and her tongue came out and lapped meekly at my nut sac. I had a better idea and told to open wide as I forced my balls into her mouth along with my entire cock. Her cheeks bulged as my nuts filled them up. The guys whooped and hollered at the sight of her face mashed into my pelvis with my entire cock and balls buried in her mouth and throat. Finally I pulled out of her mouth and she drooled a bunch of saliva all over my dick and nuts. I shoved my cock back in to her mouth and resumed facefucking her.

Ron plowed away at Stacy’s ass for another minute before he tapped out to take a break. Dave stepped up and drove his rigid member into her yet-to-be fucked pussy. Stacy squealed around my cock in her throat as Dave started pounding away at his girlfriends snatch.

We kept this going for a good 15 minutes. We kept Stacy bent over the side of the love seat and alternated fucking her mouth, pussy, and ass. Eventually I moved aside to let Hank jump in. I watched in amazement again as he forced his entire prick down her throat. When he bottomed out Stacy actually threw up a bit of beer and saliva around his cock. Hank used it as lube to get a good rhythm going of throatfucking her with his massive member. Eventually Dave took a break and Todd jumped in and filled her pussy again with man meat.

We all took a turn at fucking Stacy and slamming her throat when she finally got a word in and said that if we changed up positions, three of us could fuck her at the same time. I seconded that idea and thought it would be awesome to see Hank and his two sons with their big dicks all buried in the same chick.

We let Stacy stand up and stretch for a minute before we resumed fucking. She looked like such a sexy, slutty mess. Her face, hair and chest were a mess of dripping saliva. It almost looked like she had already been splattered with a few loads of cum.

Once Stacy was ready, Hank laid down on the mattress with his huge cock jutting up in the air. Stacy straddled him and slowly lowered herself down, impaling her cunt on his fat prick. She groaned as she sank all the way down on him.

“God, it feels like your cock is in my stomach,” Stacy grunted as Todd came up behind her. He aimed his fat dick at her tight anus and pushed. Stacy moaned as Todd’s prick slowly entered her anal cavity. It was incredibly tight and there was not much room as Hanks meat took up quite a bit of space. Finally he was all the way in and Stacy had two big dicks buried to the hilt in her ass and pussy.

“Fuck! I’m so fucking full of fat cock!” she yelled as Dave came and stood in front of her. Stacy opened her mouth wide as Dave shoved his prick down her throat.

It was quite a sight to see a father and his two sons, all with their big dicks buried in the same horny slut. I had a great idea and ran into my room and grabbed my digital camera.

“Hey guys, how bout some pictures to remind you of your awesome California vacation?”

“Do it!” Dave said as he throatfucked his girlfriend.

I started snapping off a bunch of pictures of Stacy getting triple fucked. I got a few great ones of all three guys giving the camera the thumbs up while thrusting their dicks into Stacy. She did her best to strike some poses as well but she was pretty much at the will of whatever the guys wanted.

I took a bunch more pictures before we started switching people out so Ron and I could get in on the action. Over the next ten minutes we all had a chance to fuck her pussy, ass and mouth until we were all just about exhausted. I had refrained from unleashing a few times but now I was ready to blow a huge load of cum.

“I don’t about you guys but I’m bout ready to bust a huge nut here,” I said as I stroked my cock. Ron, Dave and Todd were fucking Stacy and they all looked at me and nodded in agreement.

“I say we drench this little whore,” Hank said. “What’s that word for that sort of thing? Is it a bukkake?”

“Ha, yea your right dad,” Dave laughed. “Yea, I say we bukkake this nasty slut.”

The guys pulled their cocks out of Stacy’s orifices as she stretched on the mattress.

“So you boys are gonna shower me with you jizz huh?” Stacy cooed as she rubbed her saliva coated body in front of us. “Mmm, I want to feel all that gooey cum dripping down my body.”

Stacy knelt on the mattress and inserted a couple of fingers into her freshly fucked pussy as the five of us gathered around her. She stared at us individually with a look of lust on her face as we jerked and stroked our hard cocks. We were all grunting and groaning as we worked up our loads so we could splatter Stacy.

“Yes! I can’t wait for you guys to cover me in jizz!” Stacy moaned as she looked at all the throbbing dick in front of her face.

Ron let out a grunt as he was the first to unleash his load. His first huge wad of cum launched from the head of his dick and hit Stacy square in the middle of her forehead. It oozed down between her eyes as more spurts of man goo landed on her pretty face. The flood gates suddenly opened up as we all started groaning and letting loose. Stacy just sat back as a veritable shower of jizz rained over her. It was hard to tell where it was all coming from, there was so much cum flying at Stacy. I saw a huge wad of semen erupt out of Hank’s dick and seem to splat and coat half of her already messy face.

When we were finished we all stumbled back to lean against the walls and catch our breath. When I looked at Stacy I could not believe how much of a ridiculous mess she was. Her entire face and tits were completely drenched with cum. Huge globs of jizz were oozing down her face and streaked in her hair. She was quite the sight as she was absolutely covered in our semen. Stacy laid back on the mattress, an exhausted cum-covered mess. She slowly started to scoop our jizz off her body and spoon it in to her hungry mouth.

“Damn girl you are one degraded, nasty slut!” Ron exclaimed as we watched her feed herself the cum from all over her body.

“Mmm, your jizz is so delicious all mixed together,” Stacy purred as she scooped glob after glob into her mouth.

“Jesus Christ, we better get going before we start this thing all over again,” Hank said as he started putting his clothes on. “Got to get some sleep tonight or the ladies might start getting suspicious.”

Todd looked reluctant to leave as he watched Stacy lift up one of her tits and lick the sperm that coated it. “Ah man,” he said as he started to put on his clothes as well.

Ron, Hank, and Todd finished getting dressed and headed out for the night. Stacy finished up cleaning herself off as best she could and once she was satisfied she headed off to the shower. Dave followed her, I imagine to clean up as well and probably get another fuck in before going to bed. I was so beat from the day that I just went to my room and crashed in my bed.

As I was falling asleep I could not help but be amazed at how the day had turned out. I thought we were in for a boring family trip but instead Dave’s family turned out to be a bunch of horny pervs. I started the day thinking family BBQ and it ended with full blown gangbang action. Stacy had transformed into such a nasty, degraded, filthy slut whore right before my very eyes. The chick that loved having five guys plug all her holes with their huge cocks and splatter her with cum was not the same friend that I knew a few weeks ago. I thought about the course of the day and realized that Stacy had consumed over a dozen loads of cum. What an amazing, insatiable slut.


The next morning I woke up with my usual raging boner. The plan for the day was for the girls to all hit the town for some shopping and the guys would figure out their own thing. This was kind of a bummer because it meant Stacy would be gone for most of the day. As I came out of my room Dave was just coming out of his as well. He was naked and I could tell he had just finished fucking Stacy because his dick was still semi hard and oozing cum.

“Morning dude,” Dave greeted me. “I’m gonna hit the shower and then go pick everyone up so get your jollies in now while you can.”

I stripped off my shorts and boxers and tossed them in my room. I walked into Dave and Stacy’s bedroom to see Stacy still lounging on her bed. She was nude and her legs were spread wide open. I could see where Dave’s cum was starting to leak out of her freshly-fucked snatch.

“Morning slut,” I said as I crawled on to the bed with her, my hard cock sticking out in front of me.

“Mmm, good morning to you and your morning wood,” Stacy said seductively as she rolled over on to her belly. She waggled her juicy ass at me in a very inviting manner.

I knew what she wanted as I crawled up to her and straddled her from behind. I spread her ass cheeks to reveal her puckered butthole. I grabbed my cock, aimed it at her winking anus, and pushed. Stacy moaned as my prick slowly pushed deep in to her sucking shitter. I pressed my thumbs into the small of her back as my dick bottomed out in her bowels. I laid down on top of her and just relished the feeling as my cock throbbed and pulsated deep inside her ass.

“Fuck, your cock feels so good in my ass,” Stacy groaned into the mattress. “Come on! Fuck me hard!”

I sat and pulled my cock out of her shitter until it was about to pop out and then with one big thrust I plunged it back in. Stacy was making muffled animal noises into the covers as I started to brutally fuck her. Her tight anus sucked and gripped at my cock each time I pumped it in and out.

I was really pounding away at Stacy’s ass when Dave came in the room from his shower. He hadn’t dressed yet and had just a towel wrapped around his waste. He looked at me roughly fucking his girlfriends asshole and said “fuck it” as he dropped his towel and walked over to where Stacy was still groaning into the mattress. He lifted her face up to look at the hardening shaft in front of her and started to feed his dick into her mouth.

Dave started to slowly fuck his girlfriends throat while I continued to assfuck her. This went on for a few minutes before I grunted and felt my cock explode deep in Stacy’s anal cavity. Stacy moaned around Dave’s cock as I unleashed a torrent of cum into her sucking sphincter. Just as I was pulling my dripping cock from Stacy’s asshole Dave groaned and began blasting his jizz down her throat. I watched as Stacy gulped down her first, but probably not the last, load of cum for the day.

I told Stacy I would take a quick shower while she caught her breath and then she could jump in and clean herself up. As I was finishing up my shower Stacy came in and joined me. I was tempted to get a little more action out of her but decided against it since I knew I was short on time. It would probably be a bad idea if Dave came back with his family and his mom saw us both come out of the shower together.


The day actually went by pretty quickly as we kept ourselves occupied. The girls all went shopping while we went down to the beach and played a few games of volleyball. We spent a couple of hours lounging in the sun and drinking beers before we headed back to the house to start the BBQ. I think the only person who had a tough time passing the time was Todd. He kept making comments about how it sucked that the girls had to leave and he couldn’t wait for Stacy to get back so he could have a chance to ravage her. Hank had to tell his son to shut up as his lewd comments were starting to get us all hot and bothered. By the end of the day, after a few beers, we all had Stacy on the brain. The plan was to BBQ at the condo again so I knew it might be tough for all of us to “relieve” ourselves at some point.

The girls returned to the condo around six with all of their purchases. It was still very warm out so Stacy and Sara decided that they wanted to wear a couple of their new items. These items just happened to be a couple of skimpy bikinis. Both girls swimsuits were incredibly sexy and very skimpy. I think every guy had to do the best to hide their erections as the girls pranced around. I was amazed at how oblivious Janice was to everything that was going on. She always seemed to be boozing it up pretty heavily though so that might have been the explanation (I think she was on some meds as well). I was kind of surprised about Sara though. In my opinion she was ridiculously hot and I had no idea how her brothers or dad could deal with such a minx. Incest is pretty messed up but Sara was some hardcore temptation. That wasn’t happening though otherwise she would have been partying with us already.

The girls teased us without mercy for the next couple of hours as no one had an opportunity to sneak away with Stacy at any point. I knew Stacy was getting a kick out of messing with us but I was really starting to wonder what Sara was up to. She seemed to be spending more time then needed flaunting her body in front of me. Any time I sat down somewhere it was not long before she was in front of my view, usually bending over for one reason or another. I got my answer to this mysterious teasing when I went into the kitchen to refill the chips and salsa. Everyone else was out back on the patio when Sara came in to join me.

“Hey Jeff,” she said as she came and stood next to me. “We haven’t talked much since I’ve been here.”

“I suppose. Just haven’t had a chance I guess.”

“That’s too bad, I could have found out earlier that you could help me with my problem,” Sara said as she gave me a funny look.

“What’s your problem?” I asked.

“Well, I was talking to Stacy today and she told me you could help me with my need for a big fat cock.”

My mouth dropped open as Sara reached down and grasped my already hardening dick through my shorts.

“Damn, she was not kidding. Your cock feels so nice,” Sara cooed as she rubbed my now rock hard prick.

I was shocked at first but then I realized that I should not be surprised that Sara is a horny slut. Her dad and two brothers were such horny fuckers that it made sense for the daughter to have a crazy sex drive as well. Plus, Sara was so damn sexy that if she was giving me the go ahead, I was going to take advantage of it.

“I see now what your problem is,” I said as I reached back and squeezed one of Sara’s tight little ass cheeks. “You’re a horny little slut who needs to be stuffed with fat cock.”

“Mmm, you know exactly what I need,” she moaned as I reached under her bikini bottoms and inserted a finger into her tight snatch. Her pussy was so tight around my finger I had no idea how I would fit my dick in there. I intended on making it happen though.

“Everyone is around though and I want to make sure I give you a proper fucking like you need.”

Sara reached down the front of my shorts and gripped my hard prick in her tiny hand. I couldn’t see but it felt like she could barely get her hand around it. “God you’re so big! After my brother takes us home tonight come by the hotel. I have my own room on the other side of the hotel, so we can take our time.”

This sounded like a great idea to me, I just hoped that I could hold out that long. We were both starting to get really hot and bothered so we stopped groping each other. We went back out to join the others and hopefully make the time pass by before the real fun could begin.

18 year old Mike Hampton stood in the doorway to his living room and the sight he beheld made his already hard young cock grow painfully harder in the tight yellow Speedos he still wore from swim practice. He had gotten home a few minutes earlier and had dumped his t-shirt, towel and sweats in the laundry and was headed to his room to cruise the internet for porn to help relieve the knot that always built up in his young balls at practice. Being an always horny 18 year old, the sight of all those tight young bodies in wet Lycra never failed keep him half hard through practice and by the end of the two hour session he usually had some seriously over bloated nuts to pop.

Stroking his hefty 8 inch cock and emptying his aching balls was all that was on his mind but as he was about to take the back stairs to his room, he heard a soft moaning coming down the hall from the front living room. His cock responded to the noise by stretching his Speedo even more. Holding his stiff member and lightly pinching the head, feeling the pre-cum leak through the overstretched Speedo, Mike headed quietly toward the noise.

As he got closer the noises got louder. It was definitely the sounds of someone having sex. It was probably his older sister and her boyfriend. They had a pension for having sex wherever the urge hit them and he had spied on them a couple of times before. Once in the garage and once while they were out back on a chaise lounge. Both times he had stroked himself off to their frantic sex and was sure he would be able to do the same now. Sex right in front of him certainly beat sex on his computer.

Taking the last few steps as silently as he could put him to where he stood now, mouth open and his large cock painfully pulsing against the slick material, staring at the scene before him. He had peeked around the door frame expecting to see his sister and was totally blown away by what he saw instead. Instead of seeing his sister, the person on the couching moaning and cooing was his 40 year old mother Laura! And, what made him even harder was that she was straddling one of the largest blackest cocks he had ever seen and it was buried to the hilt in his mother’s grasping asshole.

She was facing him but her head was thrown back, eyes shut and a high pitched keening was issuing from her mouth. She was completely dressed in what she usually wore to work; a nicely tailored business suit, a beautiful silk blouse, black stockings and shiny black two inch heels. Only now the skirt was bunched around her middle and she had her gorgeous aqua blue Victoria’s Secret full cut bikini panties pulled to the side to allow that huge black cock access to her over stretched asshole. He had jerked off many times into that pair of panties whenever he found them dirty in her hamper and few times they had been overly crusty and used. Now he knew why. His lovely divorced mother had been hitting it with this black dude with the giant cock.

Still stroking his turgid cock through his now soaked Speedos, he stealthily moved closer to the action before him. Neither one had noticed that he had stepped into the room. His mother was slowly pulling herself up from that throbbing black cock revealing the overly thick 12 inches that had been buried balls deep in her slickened anal chute so that just the head was still in her. He could see her asshole squeeze the man’s cock head a few times before she slowly pushed down taking the amazingly long steely cock back into her stretched out ass.

He held his breath as he watched inch after inch of black veined cock flesh slowly slip back into his mother. After what seemed like an eternity, his mother’s asshole came to rest on the smooth goose egg sized balls that hung below that huge dripping cock in a ball sack that looked like soft velvet. They visibly jumped and danced in their nut sack wanting no doubt to release the load that was making them so bloated. She let out a low moan and her body shivered in delight around that big black dick. The cock buried to the hilt in his mother’s ass was so dark and his mother’s skin was so fair and the wet aqua panties that framed their sex were so hot that he couldn’t help but grasp his rigid staff, which by now was freely oozing an abundance of his pre-cum. As he squeezed more of his young fluid from his aching sheath and before he could stop himself, a low moan escaped his own lips.

His mother’s eyes shot open and she lifted her head and stared right at him. He was no more than a few feet from them and froze like a deer caught in headlights. She didn’t say a word but shifted her stare from his eyes down his muscled torso to the wet lump he grasped in his bright yellow Speedo. When she had fully drunk in the sight of her son stroking his leaking cock in his swimsuit before her, her gaze shifted back to his bright red face.

He was about ready to run from the room when she said, “like what you see, son? Why don’t you come closer for a better look?” She turned to her head back to the man beneath her, “Charles, we have company. I hope you don’t mind.” Charles peered from around his mother and when Mike saw his face he knew immediately who it was. His mother was being royally ass fucked by their mailman Mr. Simpson.

In his low rumble of a voice Mr. Simpson said, “Don’t mind at all. It’s real hot having your boy watching me fuck your sweet tight ass. By the looks of those little Speedos, he seems to like watching too. Come closer boy. Kneel down here between my legs and gets a real good look at my big black cock slidin’ in and out of your mama’s ass.”

Laura held her hand out to her son and he took it with the slimy hand that he had been stroking his leaking cock with. “Ooh,” she said with a voice thick with lust as she felt his slickened palm, “you really do like what you see. You have quite the mess there in your Speedo.” She pulled him gently forward and he knelt as she did so.

He was now only a few inches away from where Mr. Simpson’s big black cock was plugged into his mother’s over stretched asshole. He looked up into his mother’s face as she stared down at him just in time to see her lick the mess out of the palm of her hand, the mess he had left on it. This act made him even harder, if that were possible, and he slowly began to stroke himself though his wasted Speedo.

He could barely breathe as he watched his mother pull up again from Mr. Simpson’s impossibly large cock. Painstakingly she rose up on that big black cock as slowly as she could. The giant cock and his mother’s wide open asshole was all that filled his vision. Up close, the cock looked bigger than it had from his first vantage point. He couldn’t believe that his tiny mother could fit something that huge in her ass but the proof was in the pudding and as she reached the point where the only thing left in her asshole was the head of Mr. Simpson’s monster cock she pushed back down again and he watched as her abused chute greedily sucked it back in as far as it would go.

With his face being mere inches from their dripping communion, Mike could smell their sex just reeking from them. Still stroking his obscenely hard cock through the now transparent Speedos he unconsciously licked his lips.

Laura saw her son’s tongue snake out between his lips and shivered at the thought that he found Charles and her sex apparently mouthwatering. She began to wiggle her ass back and forth on the root of Charles’ big cock. The more she wiggled, the more her swollen pussy gushed and leaked her juice out bathing Charles’ big cock and balls with her womanly slather. Her son just stared wide eyed at their joining. She watched as he leaned in a little closer and took a long inhale of their sex. He licked his lips again and began stroking his Speedo encased cock even faster.

“You REALLY like what you see, don’t you?” she asked her transfixed son.

Mike barely shook his head but she saw it bob up and down.

“It’s alright if you want to touch us. Go ahead, I know you want to. I can tell by the way you’re looking at Charles’ big dick that you want to touch it. It’s alright. I don’t think Charles would mind, would you Charles?”

“Not at all, babe,” he replied in his rumble tones. “Go ahead boy, you can do anything you want too. A mom and her son workin’ my big nut out is hot as hell! Go on boy. Don’t be afraid. It aint gonna bite ya. It may spit at ya though!” he laughed and that made his big cock pulse in his mother’s ass.

Tentatively, Mike reached out with the hand that was not busy pleasuring his hard rod and gingerly ran his finger tips over the bloated black nut sack that hung before him. The large balls began to dance in their smooth soft sack. Upon hearing a moan escaping Mr. Simpson’s mouth he became bolder and cupped the large nuts in the palm of his hand. The balls were so big that Mike had to stop stroking himself and use both hands on Mr. Simpson.

Mike held one of Mr. Simpson’s swollen nuts in each hand and began to massage and rub them for all he was worth. Mike hefted them up and the skin from Mr. Simpson’s nut sack poured over his hands. He fondled them and tugged on them, feeling them becoming more and more bloated as he did so.

“Woo hoo, boy that feels awesome.” Mr. Simpson growled as he began to pump in and out of his mother’s ass. “The only thing better, would be your sweet little mouth on ‘em!”

Laura reached down between her splayed legs and held her son’s face up so she could look him directly in the eyes. “Do you want to kiss them honey? Its okay if you do. If it feels good, do it. Don’t worry baby Mommy would love to see you suck on those big black balls. Go on, let mama watch you work over those big black nuts. Help Charles unload in your Mommy’s ass.”

Mike held his mother’s gaze for a few seconds more and then he did something he never thought he’d do. As he held Mr. Simpson’s large swollen balls, which were covered in his mother’s silken pussy juice, in his hands he leaned over and lightly kissed one then the other. When he pulled up, his lips were covered in his mother’s incredibly delicious juice which he licked off immediately and without any further hesitation, leaned back in and began to swath Mr. Simpson’s balls with his tongue. It was all he could do to control himself. In fact, he couldn’t control himself and he began to feed and suck and lick on Mr. Simpson’s smooth nuts like there was no tomorrow. He would suck one big ball into his mouth and then the other. He would chew on the smooth excess skin of Mr. Simpson’s scrotum and then rub them all over his face. Mike made a complete pig of himself on Mr. Simpsons nuts. He couldn’t stop himself from licking all of his mother’s juice from the giant sack.

Laura watched as her son worked the massive black balls of her mailman lover. By the sounds that Charles was making, she knew his nut was not far off. The friction of the monstrous cock in her ass and the fact that her 18 year old son, still in his sexy little Speedo, had a mouthful of her lover’s nuts was pushing here closer to her own climax.

Mike looked up at his mother to discover that she was intently watching him work over Mr. Simpson’s balls. Still looking her directly in the eye he sucked the left nut into his mouth and pulled back till it plopped out of his mouth with and audible pop. Then he did the same to the right one. He wanted to be as nasty as he could for her so while still holding her gaze, he began to lick up the underside of Mr. Simpson’s cock, nibbling and kissing the large pulsing vein as he made his way toward where Mr. Simpson and his mother were connected.

Mike didn’t stop. He got closer and closer to where they were joined in their messy ass fuck and, looking his mother in the eyes, swiped his tongue right across her asshole and Mr. Simpson’s badgering cock. He did more than swipe, he dined. Mike licked and sucked for all he was worth. He stuck his tongue into his mother’s asshole as Mr. Simpson also pumped furiously into it. He could taste them both and it made him want more. He fed like he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

Laura held her son’s gaze as he worked over her ass and Charles big cock with his relentless tongue. Mike looked at her with his tongue buried in her ass along with Charles’ steel rod horse cock and winked at her. That did it. Her son’s nasty wink pushed her over the edge. With a high pitched keening she began to cum hard. She came so hard that she squirted a large stream of juice out of her swollen pussy that drenched Mike’s face and Charles’ pounding cock. Through all this, she never broke eye contact with her son.

Mike’s face was blessedly covered in his mother’s tasty cum and still he did not stop his persistent tonguing of their nether region. Mr. Simpson was sawing his fat cock in and out of his mother’s ass with total abandoned when suddenly he pulled all but his cockhead out of her and held stock still. Mike nursed on the large vein right where it disappeared into his mother’s ass when he felt Mr. Simpson’s cock suddenly grown bigger and then the huge vein he had been nursing on bloated up and he could feel Mr. Simpson’s nut rushing through his cock, past his sucking lips and begin filling his mother’s abused asshole with his scalding black seed.

“There it is.” Mr. Simpsons sighed. “Your boy done good, Laura.” He said leaving his cock in her ass.

Mike worked the underside of Mr. Simpson’s cock until it softened enough to pop out of his mother’s worn asshole. There was a mixture of Mr. Simpson’s seed and his mother’s ass juice clinging to the deflating cockhead and Mike made no bones about popping it into his mouth and making sure it was completely cleaned of both their juices.

Mike sat back on his haunches and licked their mess off his lips. He scooped a big blob of their mixed juices from Mr. Simpson’s now sated balls and greedily sucked his fingers clean. He couldn’t believe how wonderful they both tasted. He wanted more.

His mother must have read his thoughts because she stood up leaving Mr. Simpson basking in his after cum glow and pushed him on his back. She pulled the gusset of her satiny aqua panties back over her dripping sex and stood over him with a two inch black high heel on either side of his head.

“Open up,” she said as she slowly lowered herself toward his face. “There’s more where that came from.”

Mike opened his mouth and his mother placed her panty covered, swollen beyond belief asshole right over it. She made sure her asshole was seated in his mouth. Her asshole was so swollen that it pushed obscenely against the drenched gusset of her sexy panties.

“Tongue it.” She said when she was finally settled. “Tongue mommy’s swollen rosebud you naughty boy. Tongue it good and you’ll get more of what you crave.”

Mike licked and nipped at the smooth wet satin that clung to her swollen ass lips. He ran his tongue around her engorged asshole and stuck it in her as her asshole greedily sucked at his probing tongue. Laura looked down at her sweet boy and could see his eyes looking back at hers. She reached down and gently stroked her fingers through his tousled hair. She could feel his probing tongue working her battered asshole.

“Ready?” she asked staring into his lovely blue eyes.

She felt him nod, unable to answer her with his mouth so full.

“Here.” She said and pushed down against his mouth.

Mike felt her swollen asshole open up against his tongue. He held her gaze as she pushed harder a second time and then he felt and tasted the sudden rush of Mr. Simpson’s spent load as it poured from her battered chute. He sucked and licked greedily at the tasty mess that gushed from his well fucked mother. There was a tremendous amount but that didn’t surprise him considering the size of the Mr. Simpson’s huge nuts. His mother kept bearing down until the flow became a trickle and he had sucked her torn asshole clean of Mr. Simpson’s spent seed.

When she had pushed the last of Charles’ mess out of her ass, through her soaked panties and into her son’s insatiable licking mouth Laura slowly laid herself down on top of her son and licked up what remained of Charles load as it slid down his chin. When she had collected what he’d missed, she opened her mouth above his and let the final bit of it slip from her tongue to his and ended by giving him a big soulful French kiss. He greedily sucked at the tip of her tongue as she pulled away.

“My aren’t we the hungry little man.” She said as she sat up next to him. Looking down between his muscled thighs she said, “Looks like its your turn.”

She could see the sizable lump in his yellow Speedos and knew he needed release. She kissed her way down his chest and torso and clamped her mouth around the rigid head of his cock as it pushed against the filmy material of his Speedo. She used her long red fingernails to tease and tickle his overly swollen nuts and applied suction to the swollen glans in her mouth.

“Oh mom, that’s it! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” he shouted just as a huge rush of thick viscous cum shot out of his cock through his clingy yellow Speedo and into her suckling mouth. He kept cumming. There was so much that she couldn’t keep it all in her mouth and it ran out coating his already drenched Speedo. She kept as much of it in her mouth as she could and when his spasms began to subside she leaned up to him again opened her mouth and shared his load with him. Once again he greedily sucked at her tongue getting every bit of his load from her and gulping it down like a man possessed.

When there was no more for him to eat, he lay back and stared up at her with loving eyes. “You’re the best.” He said and kissed her again.

“No, you are.” She said and squeezed his now soft cock through his sticky Speedo.

“No,” Mr. Simpson said from the couch as he waved his cock at them which was hard again from the show mother and son had just put on for him, “get over here and I’ll be the judge.”

Tina and Suzy sat on the side porch on a fine summer sunset, wine in hand, conversing easily about the events of the day, the weather and, of course, the two strapping lads inside fastened to their milking stands.

“How long has it been for Kevin?” Tina asked, watching the sunset, crossing her sexy GILF legs as she sat in a coverup over her tiny white bathing suit; she and Suzy had spent the afternoon at the beach while the boys were strapped inside, waiting.

“Two weeks, same as Bobby, your son, honey,” Suzy sighed, crossing her own sexy legs in her tiny lacy coverup over a tiny yellow bikini.

Both women were 60, blonde, possessed of lean, muscular, sinewy bodies that were the envy of the beach, and worthy of being on bodies of women half their age. Their boys, both 22, were their milking slaves, available to the women whenever they felt the urge to milk them. They’d often keep the boys in chastity devices for weeks, building up ample loads. The women, though beautiful and well preserved, had the usual wrinkles and sags of women their age and used their sons’ jism as a youth cream.

“Well, sun’s going down, honey,” Tina sighed, standing to stretch her lithe, tanned body and slipping off her cover up as did Suzy, both standing in their tiny bikinis that did little to cover their strong, sinewy bodies, a patch of pussy hair exploding from the tiny covering between their lusty, tawny thighs. “Long night ahead of milking.”

They walked into the living room where the boys, naked, were strapped upright to boards, straps holding their chests and bellies into place, straps around their hands, feet and legs, rendering them immobile. Their cocks hung free, limp. The women stood before their sons, Tina before Bobby, Suzy before Kevin, eyeing their soft meat as the boys moaned in their straps.

“Have to pee, boys?” Suzy laughed, flicking the end of Kevin’s soft cock.

“Yes, Mom, please!” he begged.

The women picked up containers and fit them around their boys’ dicks, holding the soft meat in their hands and letting them relieve themselves, then going to empty and clean them. They returned to stand before each boy, switching places and getting each other’s sons in clear view.

“We want 10 loads this evening, studs,” Tina growled, bending at the waist, showing Kevin the firm, sinewy planks of the backs of her muscled thighs, and the bulging bubbles of her calves as Suzy did the same before Bobby. “This should get you started, the site of our wrinkled, sexy legs and asses!”

It worked. The boys didn’t want it to, but sure enough in seconds of seeing the 60-year-old legs and exposed asses of the GILFS before them, their cocks stuck straight out, each eight inches long, dripping pre-cum. Not cumming for two weeks wasn’t easy for young men, the women knew, and they smiled as they turned around to walk up to the struggling youths.

“First one should take long,” Tina sighed, wrapping a skinny, bony hand around Kevin’s enormous cock and jerking it slowly, making him moan, and with her other hand, lifting a wrinkled tit from her tiny top to feed him the nipple, his mouth wrapping around it.

“You get neck,” Suzy growled, doing the same to Bobby and turning her head to offer the boy her turkey waddle, rich and deeply tanned, thick folds of sexy flesh which the boy eagerly suckled and lapped.

The boys sucking moans filled the air as did the slowly increasing pace of the jerk off, and soon both groaned as a signal.

“Mrs. B….gonna blow…” Kevin groaned, his mouth popping off her tit.

“Mrs. O…cummmming!” Bobby wailed, his mouth off the soaked flesh of Suzy’s neck flaps.

The women quickly came around front and knelt, using both hands to complete the milking, aiming the jetting loads onto their faces, a thick blanket of cum coating them from forehead to chin, and then aiming it to their necks, jerking madly and moaning loudly. Seconds later, the released the boys’ wet cocks and stood facing each other, kissing madly, sharing the loads. They licked each others’ faces, swapping cum between them and used their fingers to rub the thick cream into each others’ necks and upper chest, working the hot sperm into the deep wrinkles in their sexy old flesh.

“Mmmmm, that’s so hot!” Tina gushed, lifting her neck to let Suzy work the cum into the folds there, doing the same to Suzy. “God, they shot SO much this time!”

“Yeah, and so tasty, guess we’ve been feeding them well,” Suzy giggled, leaning into Tina’s neck to lick the cream and swallow it down with great relish. “God, I never get tired of their cum!”

Moments later, with cum dangling in obscene strings from their pretty old faces, the women knelt, each blowing their own son, using both hands to madly stroke the thick wet dicks into their wrinkled mouths, a gentle pucker of folds around their bulging lips. It took a bit longer this time, but soon, both lads were emptying their balls again, this time into the sucking mouths of their own mothers, who when done, stood, cheeks bulging with seed, a smile on their faces, trickles of cum escaping the corners of their lips.

Again they stood, making out, shooting cum between their moaning mouths and then scooping it up in their hands to work it into each others’ shoulders, biceps and forearms, working the gooey cream in deeply until their aging luscious bodies gleamed with cum. Nearby, the boys watched, their cocks drooping.

“Can’t have that,” Tina sighed, breaking the kiss with Suzy, a bridge of goo hanging between their lips which Suzy eagerly gobbled down and swallowed.

The women stood face to face with their sons now, eye to eye, their faces full of shiny cum, their boys’ faces full of fear and shame. They held onto the milking frames and snuggled closer, scissoring their softening cocks high in their muscular old thighs, the tops of their dicks brushing the brush of their bushy cunts. Suzy and Tina locked on tightly and started humping back and forth, using their thighs to coax their boys’ dicks back to life and then increased the tempo, slamming onto their dicks, which were helplessly trapped in the meaty wrinkled muscles of their mothers’ clutching legs.

“Nothing like a thigh fuck,” Tina cooed, grabbing Bobby’s head and twisting it down, burying his face in her wrinkled neck flesh full of cum. “Suckle that neck, boy, lick cum!”

“Mmmm, my Kevin’s cock feels so hot against my cunt!” Suzy hissed, thigh fucking her boy madly, her wrinkled thighs quivering on the trapped stem. “This is gonna be so hot for our hamstrings, thighs and calves!!”

They thigh fucked them for 30 solid minutes, the pre-cum they oozed coating their mothers’ scissoring thighs, lubing them up and making the sweet crunch of their legs feel like moist velvet. The tips of their dicks barely cleared the thighs squeezing them and when they came, they did so not as hard as before, but instead almost gently, thick gobs of young-man spunk bubbling out of their mammoth cock heads and washing down the backs of their mothers’ strong thighs, in a slimy trail down over their muscular calves.

“Not bad for the third load in about an hour!” Tina laughed. “Let’s work it in…”

They stood, side by side, bending at the waist to reach behind each other and use their strong hands to knead each other’s powerful hamstrings and calves, working their sons’ loads into the deeply tanned, wrinkled flesh, massaging the backs of their meaty thighs, making them shine and bending further to do the same to their bulging calves. When they were finished, the entire length of the backs of their 60-year-old legs shone with boy goo. They straightened up and faced their sons, whose cocks were drooping badly.

“Uh-oh, can’t have this!” Suzy barked.

The milking stands were on pivots, so the women tilted them back, making them into more of a table, the boys heads at crotch level. Tina stepped over Kevin’s face and enmeshed it in her thick, sweaty bush and the boy ate eagerly of her cunt, as Suzy did the same to Bobby, both women standing, squeezing their victims’ heads between their powerful thighs, hands on hips and smiling at one another as they watched their thighs bulge and ripple in the crush they unleashed, thick drips of remaining cum coating the boys’ sucking faces.

“That’s working,” Suzy moaned, cumming on Bobby’s face and squeezing so hard with her thighs as she did, devouring his screaming face into her wrinkled butt cheeks and smothering him in her saggy hamstrings that the boy bellowed in agony.

Sure enough, as the women came, their boys’ cocks bobbed into full erection. The women laughed and slipped down to ride those cocks, taking them into their hairy, hungry cunts, facing away, straddling the boys’ waists and letting them watch the sight of their wrinkled, sagging asses flex madly as their pussies milked their cocks.

It took much longer but soon the boys shot their fourth loads of the long night, the women popping the spurting heads out with their hands and jerking the sperm onto the flexing, twitching orbs of their milky white, saggy asses, coating the creamy smooth flesh, then used both their own hands to massage all that goo into their sweet rump mounds.

By now the boys were largely spent, but unable to do anything about it. Suzy mounted her son’s cock, facing him, straddling him and taking his soft meat into her spongy cunt and using her muscles there to milk him to hardness as Tina did the same to Bobby. They leaned forward, forcing the smothering flesh of their wrinkled tits over their faces, robbing them of sight and breath, making them suckle the warm saggy meat of their boobs and the thick brown nipples on them. They grunted as they fucked their sons, pounding up and down, their cum-stained butts jiggling on each downstroke until many minutes later, they forced the fifth loads from their cocks. They sat up on the squirming boys who looked up in sheer terror.

“Mom, stop, it tickles!!” Bobby cried, twisting against his bonds.

“Then you’ll hate this!” Tina laughed.

Moments later, the women were 69ing their sons again, sitting on their faces, force feeding them their own cummy loads, pushing out with their powerful cuntal muscles and unleashing a flow of their cum and their mothers into their gagging mouths, as they leaned forward and attached their slim hands to the failing peckers, jerking madly. The boys screamed into the cummy, hairy wells of their mothers’ cunts at the horrendous tickling sensation.

“C’mon, stud, gimme more hot cum!” Tina hissed, leaning forward and suckling her son’s sensitive dick tip as she tortured him further by twisting her bony hand around the slimy head and the super-sensitive flesh behind it. “We want load number six!”

“Give it up, boy, give it up,” Suzy growled, fisting Kevin’s nuts purple in one hand and washing the other madly over his sensitive tip, twisting it back and forth, using her palm to brutally rub the head, making him scream into her hairy, cummy cunt that gave up even more of his spunk that he was forced to gobble down.

It took nearly 30 minutes, but the boys came again, a pathetic, weak load each, the tips bubbling out hot white cream which coated their moms’ bony fingers. The women sighed, sat up and dismounted their sons’ cum-streaked faces, taking each others’ arms and hands to work in the sixth load of the night.

For the next extraction, Tina sat on Kevin’s face, taking it deep into her supple, moist flesh, as Suzy did the same to Bobby, both women stretching out their long, tanned legs to capture the boys’ flagging meat in their rock-solid, deeply tanned and commanding calves, scissoring the soft flesh in the meaty muscle and flexing them, milking the cocks hard and then ramming their locked legs up and down on their dicks.

“Little shin cream would be nice, good for the skin,” Tina hissed, pumping Kevin’s aching cock in her bony yet muscular calves, the big tip barely visible in the fierce clamp of calf.

This load took forever, it seemed, but the women never stopped, never tired, but the boys under them were fading badly, barely able to breathe with their noses captured deep in the hairy puckers of the women’s smother asses, their mouths buried in hairy quim as Tina and Suzy rode those faces to endless orgasm as the shin-fucked their sons. Almost an hour later, weak loads bubbled from the calf-trapped cocks of each lad, coating the women’s shiny, freckled shins. They laughed as they looked at the tiny load each boy had given them, running down the sides of their shins.

“Well, it IS seven loads, that’s quite a bit,” Tina sighed, stepping off the stand and Kevin inhaling fresh air madly as Suzy did the same.

“Better put the rings on to keep those peckers up,” Suzy said.

The women snapped leather dick rings into place around the barely stiff cocks of their sons, which forced the meat to stand somewhat erect. They stood and watched the boys moan in their straps, the women’s bodies taut and hard and coated with cum on nearly every GILF inch.

“What are you thinking for the last three loads, Tina?” Suzy asked, walking over and smacking her son’s aching nuts with the tip of one finger, enjoying making him jump.

“Well, we haven’t taken them in the ass, yet,” Tina pondered. “Could get the eighth load up our butts, I’m aching for a good ass fucking.”

“Sounds good to me,” Suzy said, straddling her son’s face and spreading her wrinkled ass hams in her hands, aiming the hairy pucker at Kevin’s mouth. “You heard Mrs. B, get mom’s asshole ready to fuck!”

The women force fed their boys their tight, hairy sphincters, letting them lap deeply and wetly between the white mounds of ass still flecked with gobs of cum until they were ready, then switching places, rode those cocks deep in their gripping assholes. It took a long time, with Tina pounding up and down on Kevin’s dick and Suzy on Bobby’s, as they leaned over and let the boys suckle at their wrinkled tits, eager mouths pulling on thick brown nipples.

“Admit it, stud,” Tina hissed down at Kevin, “you LOVE me and your hot mom milking your cocks, don’t you?”

“Oh, fuck, YES, Mrs. B….so fucking hot up your ass!”

“That’s a boy,” Tina giggled, cupping her strong arms around his head and mashing him deep into the cummy cleavage of her wrinkled tits.

After a long time, the boys groaned they were going to cum, so the women reached down to unsnap the cock rings, freeing the flow of remaining cum from their anguished nuts, each jetting a weak load into the twitching bowels of the madly milking women. They climbed off, snapping the rings back on to keep those cocks hard.

“Not much to work with here,” Tina sighed as she and Suzy stood, making out, fingering each others’ cummy assholes to work out the small loads they used to rub the buttocks in them and also their lower and upper backs, working the cream into their wrinkled flesh as they kissed.

“No, not really, last two will be tough,” Suzy moaned, kissing her friend’s neck and shoulders as she worked cum into her back and butt.

“Non-stop JO?” Tina asked.

“Fuck yes!” Suzy laughed.

They pushed the stands back up vertical and standing to the side, started madly jerking the sore cocks of their sons, each woman taking her own, Tina’s bony hand flying up and down Bobby’s tender shaft while Suzy did the same to Kevin, both women’s long, sinewy forearms rippling, the brown skin dancing as their hands worked their sons’ cocks.

“Get it over with boys, you got two more loads and we are NOT stopping until you give it up!” Tina hissed, twisting her face to Bobby’s and forcing her hot tongue into his mouth.

“Cum, cum for Mommy, cum for Mommy’s hot hand job, baby, cum for Mommy, you know you want to…” Suzy hissed, biting her son’s nipples.

“Yes, Mommy, I want to cum for you!!!” he screamed, writhing in pain and pleasure.

They quickly unsnapped the rings and the boys gave up two very weak, very small loads, the nearly clear fluid coating their gnarled fingers, an obscene squishing sound filling the air as the women never stopped, just kept jerking the flesh in their hands that was trying so hard to go soft. The boys screamed in pain as the women palmed the knobs and sensitive backsides of their dicks, laughing heartily at their sons’ agonized yelps.

“Cum again, bitch, you’re Mommy’s bitch, you know you are, so cum again for Mommy!” Tina teased darkly, madly jerking Bobby’s softening meat, the cum there flying everywhere. “Cum for Mommy’s hand and you get some rest, CUM BABY CUM!!!!”

The women stood in the dimly lit room, their muscular old forearms rippling with sinewy steel as their powerful old bony hands jacked their sons’ dick with renewed force, harder and harder, working them into full stiffness and spitting down on their hands to lube those glistening shafts as the old women jerked them closer to completion. Soon, their young asses knotted as they thrust into their mothers’ pumping fists, sweat pouring off their faces, eyes wide and staring down at the tender red meat being abused in those clutching fingers.

“FUCK!” Kevin screamed. “Gonna blow, mom!”

“ME TOOO!” Bobby yelled.

Tina and Suzy looked at each other and winked. Just as the boys’ nuts twisted and were about to spew, they suddenly stopped, taking their hands off their dicks, watching and laughing as the two cocks dribbled out a single drop of cum each, the boys screaming in frustration, bodies tight and coiled against the straps that had held them from noon this day until midnight at the moment, 12 hours of endless bondage, milking and now tease and denial.

“MOM NO!!!!” Kevin wailed. “Finish me, please!”

“MOMMY JERK ME!!” Bobby cried, thrusting into air. “Please…jerk me off!!!”

“We lied,” Suzy sighed, picking up her clothes and hugging Tina.

“Yeah, nine loads was enough,” Tina giggled. “Tomorrow morning, we’ll get number 10. You boys get some rest, Suzy and I are going to bed.”

The boys begged to the forms of their mothers walking away, hands on each other’s hard asses as they went upstairs for a good night’s sleep, leaving them drooping, frustrated, in their bonds, hoping morning would cum soon..

Author’s note: Mostly true, the situation changed a bit to spice things up. While I didn’t sleep with “Kathy’s” mom (not for lack of desire, she was hotter than “Kathy”!), the motel event did actually happen.



It was the early 1990′s and I was 33, stationed in Savannah, Georgia. I’d been there for about four months and got a part-time job delivering pizzas, figuring that the extra cash would help and the time spent working would keep me out of the bars and out of trouble.

Kathy, my new girlfriend, worked there also. She worked at the same pizza store and we’d been dating for two months. Kathy was a 24 year old short little hottie with huge boobs, but not especially pretty. What she lacked in looks, though, she more than made up in body and personality. It was always great to hang out with her. We were about to take the next step in our relationship, meeting her parents, the next day. I hoped that hurdle was the last before I got into her pants.

It was a Thursday night, and the following day was a training holiday (ie, day off for you non-military types), so I volunteered to work the closing shift. It was about three minutes to closing and I had already cashed out when the phone rang. I gave Gary, the manager, a disgruntled look as he reached for the phone to take the order.

“C’mon, man,” I pleaded, “you can ignore it this one time. I’m ready to go home.”

Gary gave me a stern look and picked up the phone. “Thank you for calling [big pizza chain with mafioso overtones], may I take your order?”

I saw him jot down the order (yeah, no computers then) and I started making the pizza even before he hung up. After he did, I glanced up at the clock: 11:02 PM.

“You realize that I’m off, right?” I said.

“Just pay for the order with your tips and go home after the delivery,” he replied. “If they stiff you, I’ll reimburse you tomorrow.”

I checked the address. It was in “The Hood” as we called it. There were several places in Savannah that a pizza guy, especially a skinny white one like me, had to keep his head on a swivel or else someone would liberate all his cash, accompanied by bruises or some cuts. We’d had two drivers robbed in the last six months and normally Leon, a massively-built black guy that nobody messed with, delivered to this area. The irony was that for all his mean looks, Leon was probably the nicest guy anyone would ever have the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately for me, he was off that night to study for finals at the college he was attending. I was going to have to make the delivery.

Twenty minutes later, I nervously walked up with the small cheese pizza and twenty-ounce coke in hand. The delivery address was a sleazy motel that I’d never delivered to before. I knocked on the door to room 3 and waited. It was on the ground floor and I was angled so that if the door opened and I saw a knife or a gun, I could drop the food and make a break for it.

When the door opened, I was more surprised than if there HAD been a knife or gun sticking in my face. The woman that answered the door was probably in her mid to late 50′s with salt-and-pepper hair cut into a bob. I could see that life hadn’t been kind to her, and her face showed years of hard living. She was a few inches shorter than me and a bit on the thin side. The truly surprising part was that she was wearing a full-length nightgown that was completely see-through.

Her tits were small and kind of flabby, and she had the “old lady pooch” of a belly. Other than that, however, she wasn’t too bad to look at. She had nice legs.

“Uh….pizza!” I stammered, averting my stare and looking past her and into the motel room instead. I noticed that there wasn’t a single light on in there.

She turned and walked to the back of the motel room, leaving the door wide open. With her back to me, I noticed that she had a really nice ass. She pulled some cash from her purse, then turned around and stood there as if she wanted me to come into the room.

I’m a Star Wars geek. I wasn’t surprised to hear Admiral Ackbar’s voice saying “It’s a trap!” in the back of my mind, so I wasn’t planning on walking into that room. I shoved the pizza box out in front of me and repeated, “Pizza.”

She gave me an exasperated look and simply stuck her hand with the money out. I glanced around the dark room and didn’t see anyone, so I gathered up my courage and walked into the room over to her. I took the cash and set the pizza and soda down on the desk next to her purse. I thanked her as I started to walk out, but I made the mistake of looking into her eyes.

The second my eyes met hers, I knew I was going to fuck her. I could see it in her eyes…pleading, yet triumphant. The sexual connection between us was such a shock that I stumbled and almost fell. As I regained my composure, she had walked over and closed the door. It was almost pitch black, the only light coming around the edges of the curtain from the streetlights outside.

My breathing was rapid as she walked up to me, then I felt her slowly dropped to her knees in front of me. Nimble fingers unbuckled my pants, unzipped my jeans, and fished my half-hard dick out of my pants. The sensation of her wet, soft lips sliding down the head of my dick was exquisite. I’m sure that the situation heightened my senses…the dark, the mysterious woman, and all that, but she had the best mouth that ever covered my dick.

I felt the head of my cock nudge against the back of her throat, then her mouth slowly slide off it. Her tongue ran itself around my cockhead before the whole length disappeared back into her talented mouth. One of her hands caressed my balls while the other ran itself up and down my belly under my shirt.

She was mewling softly as she hungrily sucked my dick faster and harder. I knew it t wouldn’t be long before my dick would explode in her mouth, and I told her, “Jesus, lady, you’re going to make me cum!”

She yanked her mouth off of me. “No!” she said in a loud whisper. “I need to get fucked hard.” She stood up, and in the dim light I saw her turn around, bend over the bed, and gathered her nightgown up around her hips. “Fuck me in the ass!” she commanded.

I was definitely wet enough from her mouth. I moved behind her, lined up my dick with her asshole, and slowly started pushing myself into her.

She obviously didn’t want gentle. She slammed her ass back into me and my cock slid smoothly deep into her ass. I heard her gasp in pain, but she didn’t pull away.

I immediately started to pump my cock in and out of her, but she hissed “Wait….wait…” It was difficult to keep from moving, to keep from twitching my hips and making my throbbing cock move inside her hot, tight ass. I was just about to give up and start fucking her hard when I felt her relax around my cock and heard her say, “Fuck me hard, honey.”

My hands grabbed her hips and I started pounding into her with abandon. With every thrust, she grunted in pain/pleasure. My thighs slapped loudly against the back of hers. I felt her hand brush across mine as it shoved it’s way beneath her, her fingers search for and finding her clit. She stroked it madly as I frantically fucked her.

“Unnngh….oh…..OH……..YESSSSSSSS,” she moaned. I could feel her asshole convulse around my pistoning cock as her fingers brought her over the edge to orgasm. It brought me to the brink.

“Fuck, baby!” I grunted as my cock throbbed deep into her ass. My cum exploded into her, filling her ass with sticky wet heat. It felt like it went on forever as she massaged me with the muscles in her ass.

Eventually I collapsed on top of her, exhausted. Even though it was short, I put all my energy into fucking her ass and it left me drained. My dick slowly deflated inside her, then popped out with a rush of my juices.

I slowly rolled off of her. As I laid there and caught my breath, I felt her stand. A moment later, the light in the bathroom came on and I heard water running. I watched as she came back from the bathroom, a washcloth in hand. Climbing on the bed next to me, she gently washed my dick with the washcloth, then tossed it on the floor and laid down next to me.

“Is there more?” she asked, softly. There was a hint of a smile in her voice.

“Yes, ma’am…uh, what’s your name, anyway?” I asked.

“Wanda,” she replied as she laid back on the bed.

“Nice to meet you, Wanda,” I said, rolling over onto my stomach next to her. I kissed a trail from her neck to her chest, ending up with one of her nipples between my lips. I licked it gently, then softly sucked it into my mouth.

“Ohhhh,” Wanda moaned. In the dim light from the bathroom, I could see her hand slip between her thighs again. She slowly stroked herself as I paid attention to one nipple, then the other.

As I said before, she had small, kind of flabby tits. It was obvious that they were sensitive, however, as she arched her chest up and pulled my head against her breast tightly with her other hand.

“You can bite a bit,” she whispered. My teeth instantly grabbed the nipple and gave it a quick, sharp bite. She rewarded me with a gasp followed by a long moan.

As I alternately sucked and bit her nipples, my hand slid down her belly and pulled hers out of the way. My fingers found her sopping wet pussy, and I quickly found the engorged nub of her clit. I bit down fairly hard on a nipple as I forcefully rubbed her clit. She gave out a cry, but didn’t pull me off of either. The rougher I was, the more she moaned.

“God, fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me now!”

I pulled my mouth from her tit. “Are you in a rush?” I asked.

“Yes….no…..I don’t know….God, put your dick in me, please,” she begged.

I bounced up and slid between her legs. Grabbing the back of her thighs, I lined up my dick with her pussy and shoved. She was sopping wet, and my dick slid effortlessly into her. She wasn’t very tight, but the heat radiating onto my dick and the warm wetness of her pussy was intense.

I had thoughts of making love to this woman, fucking her long and slow, making her cum again and again. However, I was so turned on that I immediately started pounding her hard. I was immediately rewarded when she came again, scratching my back with her nails and slamming her crotch up to me in time with my thrusts.

I continued pounding into her pussy. Her pure lust had turned me into a raging animal desperate to mate. I was fucking her hard, feeling like an 18 year old with limitless energy and stamina. I wanted to cum, cum deep into her incredibly wet pussy and fill it with my seed.

I heard her gasp another orgasm and dimly felt her fingernails pull more furrows into my back. I slammed into her deep and hard and held myself there as my cum boiled out of my balls and sprayed deep inside her. I came so hard that it made me shake.

Suddenly, my body reminded me that I wasn’t actually an 18 year old with limitless stamina. Drained, my quivering hands released her thighs and I slowly collapsed on top of her. Gasping for air, I felt her pussy give a few more soft contractions.

“Uh….” she said, her voice shaky, “you’re heavy.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, using my last bit of strength to roll off of her. She immediately rolled onto her side, her head cradled in the crook of my shoulder.

Silently, we laid there together, both of our chests heaving. When I caught my breath, I gently started to pull myself away from her.

“No…..please stay,” she said. “Stay with me tonight.”

I thought about it for a moment. I didn’t have to work tomorrow, and I wasn’t supposed to meet Kathy until the afternoon. “Okay,” I said. I felt her relax against me, one arm tossed across me almost possessively.

I don’t know which one of us fell asleep first. When I woke up, both of us were on our sides and I was pressed up against her from behind. I had a hand full of one of her tits.

While she softly snored, I untangled myself from her, got up, and did my morning bathroom routine. Seeing the motel had a coffee maker in the room, I made a pot. The smell must have woken her up.

“Good morning,” she said from under the covers. “Did you make coffee?”

“Yes,” I smiled back. I poured her a cup (“one sugar”) and brought it over to her.

“Do you know when the last time a man brought me coffee in bed was?” she asked.

“Seeing as how I just met you last night, no,” I laughed.

“It’s probably been decades,” she said, taking a sip from her cup.

I raised my coffee cup in salute to her. “Here’s to the next time being less than a decade,” I said.

Both of us lit up a cigarette and she gave me her story as we drank coffee and smoked. It turned out that she was married with an adult daughter that lived at home with them. Her husband wasn’t all that spectacular…overweight, overbearing, and she hadn’t had sex in a long time.

“So, do you do this often?” I asked.

She blushed. “No, this is the first time. I’ve been thinking about doing it for years, but I finally worked up the courage.”

“This is probably the wrong part of town to pick up strange guys,” I said. “You could have gotten robbed, or worse.”

She nodded. “I know,” she said,” but I didn’t want to have an affair, I just wanted to feel like a desirable woman again. I needed it so bad that I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“So how did you get out of the house without your husband knowing?” I said, curious.

“I’m supposed to be visiting my sister in Rincon,” she replied. “They don’t get along, so he’d never call to check up on me.” As she talked, her hand moved between us and gently grabbed my dick. It instantly sprang into full hardness.

I set my coffee down and leaned over her. I kissed her, a full lover’s kiss that spoke of the desire that she was causing in me. She responded, pulling me down on top of her.

I made the slow, sweet love to her that I had intended to last night, then left her basking in the afterglow as I went home. On the way out, I grinned at the unopened pizza box on the desk.

When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine from Kathy, reminding me that I was supposed to meet her parents that evening. Honestly, I did feel a bit bad about the spending the night with Wanda the day before meeting my girlfriend’s parents, but I rationalized it as just a one-time thing. She needed it, and I definitely enjoyed it, but it wouldn’t happen again.

I did some stuff around the house during the day, then about 4PM I took a shower, dressed in “meet the parents” clothes, and headed over to Kathy’s house. She answered the door and let me in, leading me to the living room. Her father sat on the couch, engrossed in some show or other on TV.

There was an immediate dislike between us. He’d spent some time in the military, having been drafted in the 60′s and thought he knew everything there was to know from his short term of service. After about 20 minutes, I gave up trying to correct his misconceptions about military life and gave Kathy a pleading look: Get me out of here.

Kathy asked me to help her in the kitchen. Once in there, she said, “Dad will probably take getting used to.”

“No kidding,” I said. She seemed a bit irked when I rolled my eyes.

Where’s your mom?” I asked, sneaking a slice from the carrot she was slicing up.

“Oh, she went to visit her sister yesterday,” Kathy replied. “She should be home any minute.”

Something twigged my memory, but I couldn’t put a finger on it. Stealing a second slice, I asked, “Oh? Where’s her sister live?”

“Rincon,” Kathy said. The sound of the front door opening and closing carried over the TV’s volume. “That’s probably her.”

“Mom! We’re in the kitchen!” she called out. She completely missed my choking on the slice of carrot. I managed to cover it. Surely, it couldn’t be…..

The color drained out of Wanda’s face as she saw me standing next to Kathy. She didn’t recover as quickly as I had, and Kathy had to ask her, “Mom…are you alright?”

Wanda nodded. “I’m fine, Kathy,” she replied, her voice strangled.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” I said. I acted like I hadn’t just pounded her pussy, fucked her asshole, and filled her with load after load of cum the night before. She shook my hand, then quickly left the kitchen.

Dinner went fairly well, if you exclude Kathy’s father being an ass the whole time. Wanda was quiet at first, but when she realized that I had every intention of keeping our secret, she opened up some and by the time dinner was over she was fairly chatty.

After dinner, I really didn’t feel like sticking around and visiting any more with her folks. I really disliked her father, and I was afraid that either Wanda or I would let something incriminating slip. I suggested that Kathy and I go see a movie and we left. Wanda was smiling as we left, giving me a big hug.

As we drove to the theater, Kathy said, “I’m sorry about Dad acting the way he did. He’s always like that, unfortunately. But, at least Mom really liked you.”

“Imagine that,” I said, smiling inwardly.

Kathy snuggled up against me. “Yep. She even told me that you were a keeper.”

Smiling, I figured I knew exactly why she’d say that.

As work had been short of late I had been into town and signed up with a hand full of recruitment agencies offering temporary contracts to basically anyone who wanted work and wasn’t bothered about what it was or where it was. Unfortunately after wandering round town for hours I finally got fed up of dealing with the consultants and answering the same questions time and time again only to be told that if anything came up they would call me but they had nothing I could do right now.

Feeling annoyed and a bit down I decided I definitely needed to take some time out so opening up my phone I called a old mate who I knew worked through the agencies himself and arranged to meet him for a few beers in our old regular pub in town, around 5 pm I found myself sat in a corner waiting with a pint in hand my second already as I tried to drain the feeling of being completely useless from my system when my mate suddenly appeared and joined me before putting another pint down in front of me.

As we sat chatting the main reason for our meeting was soon apparent as he asked me “so what’s up mate?”

I explained the agencies seem useless mate, I can’t get work around here for love or money and I don’t give a shit what I do but I need money.

Quickly he told me I know one of the agents as I have been screwing her on and off for a few weeks I will sort you out bro. He wasn’t my brother but since we had met when I moved into the area we had always been best mates and therefore we were brothers, there was only one thing I hid from him and the world we lived in and that was my sexuality as a bisexual man I would have been beaten or worse on our estate.

Soon enough both of us were blind drunk again just like the old days on the usual Friday night pub crawl and as we both decided it was home time we staggered off to the bus station to get a KFC takeaway and fall onto a bus. Soon I saw the darkness of the Moor estate looming and remembered why I never ever got the night bus home alone as the bus ventured deeper into the estate.

Sure the Moor estate wouldn’t be considered bad by some but as night fell the crime rates soared and I personally knew of two lads who had been hospitalised walking to the local shop and back, it’s definitely not the kind of place you go letting people know too much just in case they decide to use it against you. I wasn’t a popular guy locally anyway and I never had been for one reason or another my face just didn’t fit and never had so it was good to have friends who lived on the estate.

As we stepped from the bus my mate shook my hand and as we separated I quickened my drunken pace to get back to my front door before I ran into trouble of one sort or another, minutes after I got in and flopped onto one of the big comfy sofas in the lounge my mobile rang and it was my mate just checking I got in as he hadn’t heard from me.

Telling him yeah i’m in no problems buddy, don’t forget to tell that little tart of yours to find me a job and as he chuckled he said no worries bro give me a day or two and I will get you something.

Before I knew it I woke still on the sofa as the movie I had been watching came to an end so I decided it was time for bed and without knowing it I dragged myself upstairs and collapsed still dressed onto my bed and fell into a deep drunken sleep, I must have been pissed as I woke with the sun blazing through the still wide open curtains and saliva running down my cheek where I had drooled in my sleep all over my pillows.

All of my indiscretions from the night before were now just drunken flash backs as I decide to crawl back downstairs to nurse my hangover with some dull television and that’s how I ended up for the next few days. Weekends were usually pretty quiet until Sunday when the football was on and this weekend my team was playing so I decided to invite the boys round for a few beers and the game on my big flat screen television.

As usual my best mate was in attendance as he supported the same team as me and with him he brought a couple of large bottles of cider and a short hung over looking blonde girl who I recognized from one of the agencies I had visited. As we all sat round she sat going on about how nice my place was and as I got drunk I couldn’t help but tell her it would be better if some agency consultants bothered to find people work.

As I looked across to my best mate he just sat laughing at the look of shock across her face and as he regained his control he said to the blonde bit of tart this is my mate the one who needs some work as soon as possible, instantly she recognized me and said you came in Friday didn’t you?

I replied yeah I did and you lot were no use what so ever just like the rest making it clear that no one messes me around and I don’t accept bullshit from people only interested in themselves and their commission.

As soon as I had finished she piped up I think I may have something for you, I will ring you Monday morning if you want to give me your number again, telling her you better not mess me around I wrote down my number on a scrap bit of paper and passed it over before refilling my pint glass with cheap strong cider and getting back to the game on television as my team went 2-1 up.

As soon as the game had ended and everyone went on their way I decided I could not be bothered to cook tonight so I just went off back to bed and watched a few movies before once again crashing out and sleeping like the dead. Unaware of the time and sleeping straight through my alarm I awoke around midday on the Monday and saw I had several missed calls on my mobile but as I had no phone credit left I couldn’t call anyone back and I didn’t get any more money for another two days so couldn’t top up either.

Fortunately it seemed my luck must have been in today because as I stumbled downstairs to make a coffee my mobile rang again and I recognized the number as one I had missed earlier in the day, answering it and trying to sound awake the girl on the other end said it’s the dumb blonde from the weekend I did say I would call you Monday. Suddenly snapping into life I apologized and said I was probably drunk so I do apologise I’m not normally like that, but as the words fell lifeless from my mouth she replied no worries I know the score with agencies.

Once we were on better terms she explained to me that she had a vacancy for a store assistant at a local home wares store on nightshift 4 nights a week with a decent hourly rate and if I fancied it she would set me up to start tonight, of course I jumped at the chance of any work so decided I would give it a shot and see if it was to be of any good to me so as soon as I agreed to take it on she gave me all the details of where it was and who I was to report to.

Thanking her for the chance to get back to work I hung up my mobile and quickly dialled my mate and thanked him also to which he simply said no problem bro anytime, he then told me stay on the right side of Claire too as she was a damn good fuck and would spread her legs for most of the lads who worked through the agency. Chuckling to myself I told him yeah no problem bro, maybe I will nail her sometime not letting on I actually preferred fucking cute looking gay or bi guys and tgirls and only ever a occasional bit of pussy if I fancied which was rare.

As the day passed by I did as little as possible to save my energy for working all night but soon found myself drawn to my favourite websites with lots of free she male porn on offer, before I knew it my trousers and pants were down as I sat and slowly got harder and harder. I hadn’t had a fuck in weeks so my sex drive was out of control again and within minutes I felt the first quiver of an orgasm racing through my body and finding its way out all over my tightly clenched fist.

As I sat and recovered my mind turned to I wonder if there is any fit guys or girls at this new job that I could maybe hook up with in more than a work mate kind of way, I mean I had plenty to offer a new job my own flat and car and a huge cock with a tight arse that loved cock. Pulling myself together I realised the time and as 6 o clock rolled round I chucked together some sandwiches and headed for my car and programmed my sat nav to find the store as it was on a large industrial area I wasn’t familiar with.

Soon I was well on my way and forgetting the time of day I had to struggle through rush hour traffic to the outskirts of town but as soon as I started to get close I felt nervous at who may be there or what I may have to do. Pulling up outside I cautiously wandered into the store and headed for the first member of staff I saw a pretty looking brunette in her 40′s I would of guessed but definitely fit and well worth a good seeing to if the occasion ever arose.

As the brunette led me off to the staff room to meet my supervisor I had to ask so what’s it like around here and her answer shocked me a little as I was told day shift is boring and the nightshift, well you will see. Asking what she meant it seemed she wasn’t going to let me into the secret just yet and pointed toward a heavily tattooed guy with a grade 1 crop in the corner and said that’s your supervisor have fun before turning and wandering off.

Wandering over I approached him and said “Hi i’m the new guy”, his response was kind of what I had expected as he turned and looked me over and said no shit didn’t think I had seen you before. I don’t know why but I kind of chuckled at his comment but he obviously was not the joking type in fact quite the opposite as he turned to me again and said you can work with that bitch you had your eyes on already, have fun and with that he wandered off.

Obviously new people round here were not popular and so I quickly left to go and find the brunette again and after wandering round most of the huge warehouse I ran into her coming to find me after the supervisor or more like thug had sent her. Finally I found out who she was as she stretched out a hand and said i’m Laura reciprocating her gesture I said i’m the new meat or Mike whichever you want to call me and as she chuckled gently she said Mike will be just fine for now.

Working with Laura was indeed a treat in itself watching her cute butt most of the night as she showed me the routine, I had to admit I had a semi on for hours and was gagging to drag her off somewhere quiet and fuck her brains out. As soon as we had started shift it seemed to come to an end as most new jobs do and I was now eager to do my next shift just to see Laura again and try to get to know her a bit better for obvious reasons.

Night after night we worked together and chatted about things as you do with your work mates but the more time I spent with Laura I felt there was something different about her, something different but kind of good and still enormously sexy too. The other thing that always became apparent was that not one of the other guys ever tried it on with her so I presumed she either had a husband boyfriend or maybe a girlfriend and that’s why they left her alone.

Around a week later I was working the normal duty along with my now good friend Laura and as the week got toward the end she caught me completely off guard and asked me so what you doing Friday this week.

I told her straight I wasn’t sure even though I knew I would be down my regular bar in town with the lads.

Instantly Laura said “well I kind of have these tickets to a gig in town and my friend has let me down so I wondered if you fancy taking me as we like the same music and all that adding I don’t expect anything for it just company so I don’t look like a loser.

I didn’t waste any time in saying yeah sure Laura I will take you and as I did I felt my cock begin to throb deep in my groin and my mind went into overdrive as I thought about taking Laura out and hopefully fucking her after if I got my chance.

As soon as we had arranged where to meet up and what time we exchanged mobile numbers and went back to our mundane daily duties of checking stock and loading up shelves with even more cheap rubbish that only a fool would buy.

Soon enough though Friday night came round and as soon as I stepped from the shower my mobile began to ring, picking it up it was Laura and the thoughts of bringing her back to mine and fucking her all night soon entered my head. Answering the phone with is that my sexy work mate Laura quickly answered well maybe.

As we got chatting she soon turned the subject to you think i’m sexy Mike? I couldn’t deny it I had a thing for her and just chatting to her was making my cock slowly stiffen at the though of her wet pussy wrapped round my thick 8 ½ inch cock pounding her in orgasm after orgasm.

Answering her Yeah I kind of like you Laura, you just seem the type I go for to be honest and to my surprise she replied yeah me too. I think you are kind of cute but in a good way and then quickly changed the subject again back to the band we were going to see that evening and how she had all of their albums if I ever wanted to drop round and see.

By now it was obvious we both liked each other and tonight was going to be amazing, I had been trying to get tickets to see the band playing for ages and every time I had missed out. Quickly I told Laura maybe I will come to yours first then and we can check out that collection of yours, wasting no time Laura agreed and gave me her address that I was desperately trying to remember as I stood naked lathered in soap bubbles with a throbbing hard on just from the thought of seeing Laura let alone getting to fuck her.

Making sure I looked good but suitable for a rock concert I grabbed my phone, keys and wallet and headed out the door.

Within minutes I had plugged Laura’s address into my sat nav and oh boy was I glad I did, as I worked my way through town passing the shops and bars and into one of the areas not so great estates. Driving deeper and deeper into the estate I was starting to think I really should have got a taxi as I half expected my alloy wheels not to be on the car when I came back out.

Suddenly my always sharp tongued sat nav said you have arrived and as I looked over Laura’s place looked quite nice considering where it was, giving her a quick ring just to make sure I had the right place Laura answered and as she did I saw the curtains pull aside and as they fell back into place I went to get from the car and Laura came running out to tell me to park on the driveway.

Pulling up onto the drive Laura stood in the doorway looking stunning with her long dark hair tied back and cascading down her spine, stepping from the car and walking towards the door Laura beckoned me to give her a cuddle and as I did she lent in and kissed me gently before breaking away and walking inside, as I followed her in I prayed she didn’t spot I was now packing a hard cock in my jeans for her.

As we got into the lounge I was suddenly confronted by another girl who was just as stunning as Laura but blonde with big breasts and a chubby but cute build. Laura told me to take a seat on her sofa and as I did the blonde said hi i’m Emma, reciprocating I said I’m Mike and instantly she said I know Laura has been talking about you.

Well now I knew she wasn’t gay or married so I had to ask Emma how she knew Laura, replying Emma said we are housemates, just the two of us here alone.

Last thing I wanted was to play with Emma too as she just didn’t do anything for me at all, just in time I thought Laura came back and made herself comfortable by my side. Wasting no time I put an arm round her pulling her tight against my side and as I did she snuggled tight into me and asked so do you fancy me then Mike?

I was going to waste no time and I told her I had fancied her since the first time I saw her and with that we were suddenly face to face and kissing more passionately than before, as we relaxed I noticed her mini dress riding up just enough to show her stocking tops off and with that I slid a hand up her thigh and as I did she began to slowly rub at my crotch well aware I was hard and ready to take her in front of her mate.

With that Laura stood up and set her tight mini skirt back into place and said well lets get out of here and go have some fun, presuming she meant that we should go to the concert I stood gave her a quick cuddle and took her hand leading her out of the door and towards my car.

Thinking it would just be me and Laura going to the gig I was surprised as her friend Emma came out as well, not saying anything I just thought she must have a ticket to come along and as I turned the key and backed off the driveway.

As soon as I could I hit the power button on my stereo system that I have filled with my albums from the band we were going to see, as I tried to concentrate on getting out of the estate Laura slid her hand onto my inner thigh letting me know exactly what she expected from me. Just the feel of her beautifully manicured nails running around near my groin was making me exceptionally aroused.

As we got into town again and found a car park I decided that as Emma had got a free ride then she could go get the parking ticket from the machine that I had made sure was a good walk from the car, as she stepped out I lent across to Laura and began to kiss her again as she gently rubbed at my rock hard cock through my flies.

I really wanted to take her but as she took a good grip on my manhood Emma reappeared and with that it was once again over, as we stepped out of the car Laura obviously was fed up with Emma being around already as she made a bitchy comment in her direction. Both Laura and me knew what we wanted and if her friend hadn’t of been around we would of ended up fucking in my car.

As Laura stepped round the car to come to my side I saw her properly for the first time, standing around 5’9 tall in her 5 inch stiletto heeled ankle boots with black fishnet stockings, a short tight black mini dress showing off her curves with a gorgeous pair of pert C cup breasts and her long hair now pulled from its hair band and let to fall free.

She looked amazing and I still couldn’t figure what it was about this stunning girl that kept all the guys at work away from her.

Wrapping my arm round her we walked down to the gig and at last on route Emma saw a few people she knew and decided to leave us together to enjoy our night, as she left Laura said to me I am glad she has gone, I want you all to myself tonight.

Before we knew it the gig had started and finished and we were heading back to my car, just this time it was me and Laura and there would be no interruptions. As we slid back into the car I leant over to her and kissed her gently but long before pulling away from her and telling her how gorgeous she looked, wasting no time Laura lapped up the compliments and blew me away as she said well your place or mine.

Not wanting to go back to hers and possibly run into Emma and her friends again I asked Laura if she would stay at mine with me, replying she told me either way I want you to fuck me and enjoy my body for your pleasure honey.

I wanted her so bad and as I leant in to kiss her again I felt my flies pulled down and Laura’s hand slipping in to massage my stiffening shaft again, I wanted her and as our tongues met she pulled at my belt so with my free hand I pulled my belt loose and undid my jeans just enough for Laura to pull my cock out.

As we continued to kiss Laura slowly massaged my thick 8 inches of meat but as I broke away from her she did just what I had been wanting all evening, wasting no time she lowered her mouth down to my throbbing cock and soon her pierced tongue and beautiful red lips were sliding up and down the length of my shaft.

I have always adored fucking older women and as she sucked me like a professional porno girl I was starting to loose control, not wanting to cum just yet I had to ask her to stop and as she pulled away she lapped up my pre cum from my now throbbing bell end and pulled back to put on her seatbelt.

OK, Well after my last email detailing to you all what a slut I had been a couple of weeks ago at the pub with Hubby’s friend, my hubby got so aroused by the responses and my eagerness to please, he organised surprise for me…. and as it turns out, “what a surprise!” He had always talked about seeing me used by a group of men, but I never really thought he would do it and we just spoke of it during sex as one of our fantasies. Well, no more and this is exactly what happened last Saturday night….

It was around 9pm when I got a call from my hubby, he was still at the pub after footy with his mates and he called to tell me he would be about another half an hour, BUT that he had a surprise or me and I should make sure the kids were asleep and I was “ready for him” when he got home.

He sounded pretty drunk, but horny as always, so I was expecting that he had bought a new sex toy, or a 3some / group sex DVD for us to watch whilst we fucked, so I was pretty happy about that and proceeded to groom myself and be fully prepared for when he got home.

I went upstairs for a quick shower and then put on a very sexy small short dress that I know hubby likes and some thigh high black lacy stockings, I glimpsed in the mirror and thought I looked pretty good, but also if he bought home any of his mates for post match drinks then I wouldn’t look to slutty and offend them.

He came in alone and as the kids were all asleep downstairs, he took me upstairs into our bedroom, which is very large and has another sitting room in it and a huge bathroom and walk in robe (his and hers). He told me to undress and hop on the bed which I did, slipping out of my skimpy dress and just leaving my thigh high stockings on.

He then bought out a small bag of cocaine….. (We don’t do it often, but when we do I LOVE it as the sex is INCREDIBLE just AMAZING on coke and always blows my mind). After we have cocaine we lose all of our inhibitions (if we have any left) and then I’m up for anything.

So we did a few lines and started kissing on the bed and hubby, as expected put a DVD on the flat screen which was all about 3somes, multiple men on single girls and gang bangs etc. We watched it for about half an hour, doing more lines as we watched and by now I was literally soaking wet, dripping juice from my pussy and dying to be fucked. Hubby kept on teasing, but he wouldn’t touch my cunt and was dragging it out like he was waiting for something. So at about 10 pm he went into the robe and emerged with the bondage cuffs and ropes again.

I was pretty turned on at the thought of being tied up and used again as it is one of my favourite things to do, and I laid on my back for him to do it, but he said ‘no’ and made me stand up at the side of the bed facing it and bend over.

He tied my legs to the ground, one rope on the head bed post and one on the bottom bed post and my feet were well apart. He then made me lean right over the bed and then tied my arms to the other bed posts so I was face down, spread eagled leaning over the bed with my arse and pussy in the bent over ‘doggy’ position facing the sitting area. He then reached into his pocket and bought out a blindfold.

Before he put it on, he let me have one more big line of coke, and then he blindfolded me and left the room. My head was spinning and I was high, really turned on, super horny and helpless!

About 10 minutes later, (seemed much longer!!) he came back in the room and started licking my cunt and fingering me from behind. It was so good and I felt my orgasm building and I was moaning and telling him I was his cum slut and I wanted to feel his cock in me now. He obliged by standing up and mounting me deep and hard and as he did I came straight away, and tried forcing myself back on his cock which seemed huge! As I did I opened my mouth to talk and without any warning I had a another cock rammed into my mouth making me gag and took me completely by surprise. I had no idea anyone else was in the room and I was shaking with surprise, excitement and shock wondering just who it was, how long had they been there… who was it?

I didn’t have any chance to ask as I was doing all I could to suck the cock in my mouth and again he rammed it into me and I just surrendered to it and became the whore he wanted me to. I tried as hard as I could to suck his knob, he was uncircumcised and big, and the guy behind me, who I thought was my hubby told me to suck his friends cock like a slut and he grabbed my hair and rocked my head up and down as I did……….. And no, it WASNT my hubby.

My head was spinning again, and I was still really high and in absolute heaven being fucked from both ends by 2 strange cocks, tied to my bed and being used. I lost count of my orgasms again, and had the time to catch my breath as they swapped ends.

As they got into position, I got to taste my own cunt juices on the guy that was fucking me, and when he was in my mouth I could tell he was HUGE and uncut also and tasted Devine. The other guy was then behind me and he spat on my arse and cunt and rubbed his cock up and down my crack, but when he pushed in, he pushed into my arse instead of my pussy and started fucking me like a slut in my arse. I really do like anal sex and especially when I’m on coke, so the feeling it gave me was simply amazing and I urged him on in between thrusts of his friends cock.

I was SOOOOOO wet by now I was still leaking juice and as I was concentrating on these 2 I felt a tongue darting in and out of my pussy.!! FUCK!!! how many guys are in here I thought and I got a bit concerned as hubby hadn’t said a single word yet, and I knew it wasn’t him eating my cunt as the guy that was had a beard and hubby doesn’t!!!

Well this went on for ages, they swapped many times, different holes all the time, from my arse to my pussy, in my mouth calling me a slut and a whore rubbing their dicks in my face my hair all over my body and not a word from hubby, who I sensed was sitting in the chairs in our room, as I could hear the camera clicking away in the background.

After I had yet another orgasm, I heard them all talking about where to cum on me, and then I heard ‘not in her pussy, I want it clean’ from yet another guy who wasn’t my hubby!!!!! OMG!!!!!

So the 3 guys then all got in front of me, grabbed my roughly by the hair and took turns fucking my mouth and shooting their loads on my face, my hair and blindfold and then some into my mouth. It was fantastic to taste all their cum and it was all over me and I just stank of it and the salty taste and smell made me cum again.

I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much before and I knew hubby was sitting somewhere with a hard on taking pics and planning on fucking me afterwards in my cum filled and splattered state.

So the 3 guys who were now all spent all got off the bed and I was unsure what was next, until hubby finally spoke up and told me to snort another line, (which he bought over to me on a plate while he held the straw). After I did as I was instructed I was high, very happy and very horny again.

On coke you can fuck for hours, and every time it’s like the first time as you are sexually aroused to the extreme and a guy can hold off Cumming for as long as he wants. Hubby usually takes a Viagra, and he and Chris have had some awesome sessions with me like this.

Well there I was , high and still tied up and my face completely covered in cum, so I was a bit nervous about what was next when I felt some really large rough hands on my arse and he slipped an finger into my cunt and my arse at the same time. I can tell you the whole time I was getting off on knowing how much this would excite my hubby and how horny it will be in reliving it over and over again when we fuck.

The guy behind me then spat (I think on his cock) and literally drove it into my well used pussy to its hilt, right up to his balls in one thrust and I screamed and then moaned uncontrollably while he continued to thrust his cock all the way into my cunt. I can tell you he was fucking HUGE, his cock completely filled me and touched the top of my cervix with every thrust and he was grabbing me so hard on my hips he has left marks on me… bruises.

He just kept on slamming his cock into me like a piston, It was like he was hate fucking me and I loved it. I felt a hand on my chin and I opened my mouth and yet another cock slipped into it. I could tell it was hubby as I know his cock so well and he was smooth and uncut and I started to blow him like he desires and deserves for giving me such an awesome surprise, so I kept on moaning like his bitch. He was calling me his cum slut and telling me how sexy I looked covered in cum and he was wiping his cock all over my face making me taste the other men’s seed again and face fucking me holding my hair in fistfuls in his hands as he drove into my mouth and throat.

I knew they guy who was fucking me couldn’t keep up the pace he was going for long, although he had done an amazing job so far, and after about 10minutes he started to drive even harder and faster and then finally he screamed out ‘I’m Cumming I’m Cumming’ and then I felt him tense up as he drove right inside me, touching the top of my pussy and I felt him spurting his load as deep inside me as anyone could and he began filling my cunt up with his load.

He stayed in me for a while as his cock softened, and as he pulled out my cunt, it made a popping sound as he was so big it stretched me out and then he swapped with hubby and made me lick and suck his cock until it was clean again. I could taste my own juices and my cum, as well as the salty flavour of this unknown guy who just fucked me better than anyone else had ever done before, and it was fantastic.

Hubby had withdrawn from my mouth and then he went behind me and started to fuck me furiously, in the cum filled mess that was my slutty pussy and then after just a minute or so he came inside me and added his cum to my strange lovers seed.

I heard them all leave and there they left me, tied up, still high and my face completely covered in cum and, another 2 loads leaking out of my pussy and running down my legs and onto the floor.

I could hear them all downstairs having a drink and talking, then after about 15 minutes they all left and hubby came back upstairs to talk to me. I still had my blindfold on and I have NO IDEA who these guys were or how I was just fucked and used by.

Hubby went around behind me and rammed his still hard cock into once more and as he fucked me he removed the blindfold and fucked me furiously again. He said I was full of cum and sloppy and stretched out, so he then put his cock in my arse and proceeded to fuck me till he shot his load inside of me again.

So I was now a true whore and cum slut, his whore and cum slut and I was totally filled with cum, in all holes. It was only then I was untied by him and made to stay on the bed all night and sleep in the wonderful mess they had created for me. It was just fantastic!!!!

I have asked MANY times for him to tell me who it was that he had fuck me, or show me the pictures but he always says no. He says that I will never know who had used my body, taking me in all my holes and emptying their sperm all over me like a slut.

Hubby loves the fact that I have no idea who they were and that I will run into them in my normal daily life without a clue, and they will be remembering what I looked like as their cum slut for the night for the night, looking into my pussy and they will be devouring me with their eyes again and again. I have to admit, the thought drives me crazy and I’m constantly looking at the people I know trying to work out if it was one of them…….. I’m always horny trying to work it out and don’t look at our friends the same way anymore. I’m constantly trying to picture them naked or listening to their voices to find a clue.

Hubby is either perverted or a genius…… perhaps a perverted genius at that.




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