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My Master sits comfortably in his chair somewhere behind me. I am strapped to the table. It feels cool against my bare back. I have been fully prepared. My legs are held spread and strapped in by the stirrups. My pussy and ass are spread and accessible. My hands lay at my sides but are not tied down. My upper body is free to move and my head is unrestrained. My lips are glossed a pretty shade of slut red. My hair is brushed until it glistens as it sits like a halo around my head on the table. My nipples are as hard as rock and pointing at the ceiling above me. I have been completely shaved and waved smooth from the neck down. My hair on or under my arms. No hair between my legs or around my asshole. No hair on my legs.

My Master has given me two enemas to make sure my asshole is completely clean. He has also fully stretched me using a large dildo. He has fully lubed my asshole and pushed a great deal of lubricant into my anus. Being a loving Master he also lubed my cunt, but I am wet anyway. My heart is beating hard in my chest. I am ready and soon the guests will arrive.

I have been instructed not to speak at all. Moaning, screaming, crying, grunting, panting is all acceptable. Master never told me how many guests there would be. I know it won’t be a simple number like five. I suspect it will be upwards of fifteen. I feel a pang of fear mixed with my extreme excitement. I trust my Master that he will look out for me if it becomes too much.

There is a knock at the door. My Master calls for them to come in. I lay there on the table like a Thanksgiving turkey. I watch between my legs as they file in. I count them – one…two….three… I take a deep breath.

Nine…ten….eleven….More. Finally when my count reaches twenty the stream of men stops. I look at them all and they’re all staring steadily at me.

I almost want to cry. Twenty? He wants me to take twenty men? I know I can’t do this. It’s going to be too much. Tears fill my eyes. I am just a fuck toy to all these men. I am not a person. They don’t care about me, they only care about pleasuring their cocks using me. I am a cum dumpster to each and every one of them.

“Gentlemen! Welcome…” My Master says. I can tell he has stood and is somewhere close to my head. I don’t dare try to look back at him.

“This is your cunt to use for the next several hours. You will continue to use her until you have all had your fill – unless I call a stop to the festivities. Even if the whore on the table says enough, you don’t stop. I decide when she has had enough. Understood?”

There was a rumble from the men. I watched some shuffle uncomfortably. My Master chuckled.

“You need not worry. She wants this, but just to make sure we are all on the same page let’s all clarify.”

My Master came up next to me. He placed his hand on my face. “My dearest cunt, do you wish to be used by all of these men? You may speak.”

I glanced down at them between my legs. “Yes, Master.” My voice shook.

“Do you trust me to decide when you have had enough cock?”

“Yes, Master.”

He turned back toward the men. “There you have it. So, is that portion understood?”

The men all readily agreed now. “Now, to be clear on both sides. You have all provided STD testing and you are all clean. My pet and I have also supplied you with proof we are clean as well. We have also provided proof that my pet is in birth control. So, no protection will be used today. If you are not ok with that please leave now.”

I watched the men. No one left. “Are you okay with that, Cunt?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Gentlemen, take your clothes off and use this Cunt! Her pussy, ass, mouth, and hands are fully at your service. Cum anywhere you wish. Enjoy!”

I barely suppressed a cry. My Master moved back to his chair. I couldn’t see him but I was sure he also removed his clothing. He wouldn’t use me while the men did, but he would surely stroke his massive cock while enjoying what I was about to go through for the next several hours.

Once again I looked between my legs at all the men as they hurriedly stripped off all their clothing. I see one after the other bring they hard and semi hard cocks into view. So many cocks! all different sizes and shapes. The men are of all different backgrounds. I am still scared but the slut in me feels her cunt start to throb and leak cream. They almost all immediately start to stroke themselves while looking between my legs. I feel like pray.

Finally one of the biggest cocks gets brave and approaches. He’s a tall back man with a very large hard cock. I send a silent call out that he plans to use my cunt and not my asshole. I feel the thick head poke into the folds of my pussy and then in no time he plunges deep into me, right to the hilt. I gasp in shock. I am suddenly so full it hurt. Before he can even start a rhythm I find a cock being brought to my mouth. I turn my head to accept it. It is slid deep immediately and I gag.

My hands are lifted and wrapped around two more cocks. It has officially started. I am impaled on a cock, sucking a cock and stroking two more all at the same time. The other men circle like predators waiting their turn. I work hard on sucking the cock in my mouth and stroking the cocks in my hands. Between my legs I can only take one he is giving me. It hurts and feels good every single time he plunges deep.

Finally, the big cock inside my cunt goes as deep as possible and fills me with a huge load. I hear the big man grunt with his release. “Uh….take all that cum you fucking cunt!”

He moves away and another takes his place. I can’t look down since my mouth is still sucking cock. I think the man in my mouth is close to cumming. I will swallow my first load. One of the men using my hands pulls back and then moments later I feel hot cum erupt all over my belly and tits. Almost instantly the one in my mouth goes off and hot jism shoots down my throat.

“Swallow it you dirty whore!”

The man still using my hand changes places and puts his cock in my mouth now. My hands become filled with new cocks. The man between my legs explodes another load into my cunt. They’re all calling me names like whore, cunt, slut, cum dump, bitch. Another man steps up between my spread whore legs. He roughly shoves a finger into my asshole, then pulls it out and replaces it with his huge cock. I cry around the cock in my mouth. There is no mercy for me though. He is going to fuck my asshole without any gentleness.

My body bounces with the hard thrusts up my asshole. It hurt and I am crying in earnest now. However, I also know given the option I would not stop what is happening. The cock in my mouth pulls out suddenly and explodes all over my face. I feel the hot cum splash all over my face. It will stay there exactly where it lands. No one will clean me up.

My hands are sticky with cum now too and more has landed on my stomach and tits. The man reaming my asshole finally cries out loudly and dumps a full load into my intestines. My ass steadily gets used for the next several cocks, before someone finally uses my gaping cunt again. I swallow load after load as well. Some don’t last long at all before they are pumping cum down my throat.

Cock after cock uses my now surely gaping asshole and my cunt. I feel stretched and used. I have had several orgasms from the rough use. My body, hands and face are covered in cum. I can feel so much cum leaking from my pussy and asshole.

“Gentlemen, do you wish for a break and to freshen up before another go?” My Master interjects.

I hear the men mumble in agreement. The whole room smells of cunt and cum. I know what is coming. There is refreshments in the kitchen and two washrooms that you may use to clean up in. Relax in the den while you regroup. However, before you do so, would you men like to see this cunt drink the cum you put inside her?”

They all cheer appreciatively. My Master appears beside my head holding a champagne flute. “Oh my Cunt, you’re rather covered in a lot of cum! Well, you need a taste of the mixture directly from your used whore hole.”

I watch as he moves between my legs. He gets in good and close and places the champagne flute at my gaping opening. Using what feels like a spool he brings cum out of my cunt and into the glass. I feel humiliated more by this than by them being allowed to use me as they have. Once he has gotten plenty he stands up and shows us all a half full flute.

“Up!” He orders me. I raise myself onto my elbows.

He brings the glass to my lips and I can smell their cum and mine. “Drink.” He orders.

Without hesitation I drink all the cum down. The men cheer and high five each other. I drain the flute and lick my lips.

“Say thank you, Cunt.”

“Thank you, Master. Thank you, Gentlemen.”

My roommate and I had been passing the evening trying on clothes and make-up and generally just girling around. Neither one of us had bothered to lock the door. We were in a nice area and were without a care in the world.

The men burst through the door suddenly, stomping about and shouting, “Is anybody here?” “We’re gonna get you!” “Come out and we won’t hurt you too much.”

“HIDE!”, I yelled at my roommate as we scrambled to find a safe place. She hid under the bed while I was in the closet under a pile of clothes. Gracie made the mistake of being a cliche.

The first place the men looked was under the bed and she was immediately found. They drug her out by the legs; she was kicking and screaming the whole time.

“Well, well, well. Look at this pretty little thing. Oh, we’re going to have such fun with you,” a bald, but handsome man said. He was tall and built with thick ropes of muscle visible under his t-shirt.

“Hey, hey I found her first,” said another hot man. This one had short blonde hair, but was also tall like the first. He was skinny but not unpleasantly so.

“Oh fuck off both of you, I’ve got first dibs on that sweet mouth of hers,” said the final redheaded man. The most striking things about him were his bright, green eyes. Almost kind if you didn’t know he wanted to rape my roommate.

The men tore at Gracie’s clothes, pulling them off easily. Gracie was petite but had legs that were so toned they seemed to go on for miles. She had nice huge breasts and small pink nipples. She wasn’t skinny, and she wasn’t fat either. She had hips that just begged to be held onto.

Baldy cupped both of Gracie’s breasts roughly in his palms and pinched her nipples until she squirmed. Blondie immediately went for her tight, shaven pussy, shoving two fingers into her and stretching her pussy painfully. Green Eyes cupped her firm ass and slapped it until it was red and raw.

I’m watching all of this from my hiding spot in my closet and failing to stop myself from getting turned on. Its not everyday you see your roommate getting fondled by three hot guys. I can’t help myself, my hand working its way between my legs. Stroking my pussy, I stuff a shirt in my mouth so that my moans won’t give me away.

The men disrobe, and my jaw drops. Their chests are the kind women drool over. So taut and toned it makes you want to run your tongue up and down it. And when I looked lower, I had never seen a man more hung. Their cocks were HUGE. Not only were they huge, they were thick and already so hard.

I look over at my roommate’s face, and I see the fear mixed with excitement that is obvious to everyone in the room. “She wants this so badly now,” I think to myself. “Well I’m going to get off as well, and my body won’t be abused for it.”

They put her on her hands and knees and position themselves around her. Baldy takes a spot underneath her and slides his cock up into her waiting pussy. Blondie situates himself between her ass cheeks and slowly enters her asshole. Green Eyes, true to his earlier statement, shoves his cock roughly into her mouth.

The two men embedded in her lower regions match up their rhythm and get muffled moans from Gracie in response. As soon as they’ve matched paces the speed intensifies. The cock in her mouth moves like a piston, slamming past her lips over and over again.

The scene before me is so erotic and hardcore, I’m surprised the men don’t hear my inadequately silenced moans and grunts of pleasure. I want so badly to cum, but I want it to be explosive. So I make myself wait.

“Anyone wanna switch?” says Baldy. “Lemme have at her pussy for a while,” grunts Green Eyes. “Oh I’m just fine in her ass.” Blondie’s reply is barely understandable from the moans of pleasure coming from his lips.

Green Eyes and Baldy switch places, Green Eyes using Gracie’s pussy like a sheath. Baldy wants his dick sucked and slaps Gracie on the face. “Suck my cock you filthy slut. And act like you enjoy it.” Gracie obeys and greedily sucks his shaft, enjoying the taste of her pussy on it.

I can hear, by the various moans and grunts coming from the men, that the guys are about to come. “Oh cum all over her slutty face,” I think. “She a dirty little cum dumpster and deserves nothing better.” My hands are furiously working at my pussy; one rubbing my clit to madness and the other pumping two fingers in and out.

The men start to cum, one by one. Blondie goes first, filling up Gracie’s asshole. He smirks as a little dribbles out and onto her bed. Green Eyes sprays his hot seed into her pussy and just falls back, exhausted. Baldy gives me what I want though. He pulls his cock from her mouth and coats her face in his cum, even getting some in her hair.

The guys all grab a towel and clean themselves off before getting on their knees before the closet door. Green Eyes opens the door, looks at me and says, “Was that pleasing Mistress?”

Gracie is dumbfounded. She can’t believe that I would send three guys to rape her and humiliate her.

“Yes, my slaves. That was perfect. Now go home and clean yourselves off. I may have use of you later.”

The men depart, leaving Gracie filthy and still in shock over what I had done. I lean down into my roommate’s ear and whisper, “Naughty slaves get punished. The next time you fuck someone without my permission things will be a whole lot worse. Your pussy is MINE.”

After Gracie recovered, she admitted that, aside from me, it was the best sex she’d ever had. And she couldn’t wait to do it again. That little slut was going to get more, I’d make sure of that.

Baby loved being owned. It felt so good to finally admit who she is, nothing but a place for her Master to dump his cum. Nothing but a little whore to be used for his pleasure. Three little holes, made for fucking.

That is…if he was fucking her. She’d been her Master’s slut for two weeks and he still hadn’t fucked her pussy or her ass. He loved when she kneeled and took his cock in her mouth, staring up at him with big blue pleading eyes. Sometimes he’d just jack off on her face and never even let her taste his cock. He’d cum all over her face and make her spend the rest of the night covered in his juice. Other times he’d use a vibe on her, but never let her finish. He’d hold it there for what seemed like hours, smiling as she squirmed, trying not to disappoint him.

Master trained her like a good little puppy. She never came unless he gave her permission. She never touched herself unless he ordered. Sometimes, if she was really good, he let her lay on the ground in front of him and he’d watch her touch herself as he ate the dinner she worked so hard to prepare. It was torture, not having him inside her. Baby couldn’t think of anything else.

Baby sits at home and waits. As always her hair was in pigtails how Daddy liked it. She wore nothing but her collar, thigh-high black stockings and her red heels. The color has a small tag on it that reads “Baby Girl.” She felt so proud to wear it and couldn’t wait for the day Master showed her off to others.

As the clock strikes six, she heard his car in the driveway and rushed to position. He liked her on her hands and knees by the door, ready to greet him when he walked in. Her pussy radiates heat as she hears him walk up the steps and turn the key in the lock.

Master walks in the door, his frame towering above her and he looks down and smiles.

“Good evening, baby girl. Have you been very good today?”

Master places his hand in front of her and she gives it one lick. “Now let me see that beautiful pussy I missed so much today.”

Baby bends over into her present position, ass in the air, arms resting on the ground. Master inspects her sweet little pussy, only with his eyes, she can feel it getting wetter. He taps it two times with his palm.

“Good bitch.” Without saying a word he walks into the study. Baby follows. The room has bookshelves lining the walls, except for one giant mirror facing a large leather armchair. A large rug sits in front of the armchair. Daddy sits in the armchair.

Baby Girl goes to the bar and pours him a single glass of wine. She places it on the table next to him and assumes the present position on the rug at his feet.”

“Bring me today’s mail.”

Baby crawls into the hall and picks up the mail, holding it in her mouth as she crawls back to the study. Daddy pets her head and takes the mail from her.

“You may suck my cock.”

Grateful for the opportunity, Baby eagerly unbuckles her Daddy’s pants and hungrily licks his cock. Quickly, he gets hard in her mouth. She opens wide, taking it all in, using her hand on his balls. Daddy continues to go through the mail as she services him.

“You know, slut, you have taken to your training very well. I’m very proud of you.”

Baby strokes his cock, licking his balls and the underside of her Master’s cock. She soaks his cock with her saliva, alternating between her hand and mouth.

“I’m thinking about giving you a little treat for being such a good submissive little cumslut.”

She wraps her legs around his leg, grinding her pussy up and down on his pant leg leaving a big wet spot.

“You horny little bitch, you just can’t control yourself, can you?”

Baby continues to service him.

“Answer me.”

“No Master, I cannot.”

Master laughs to himself. “Well, what more can I expect from a little puppy slut?”

He pulls the back of her head off his cock and slaps her face with it.

“Lay on your back.”

Baby follows his instructions.

“Spread your legs wide.”

Baby grabs her knees and opens up her legs. Her feet completely off the floor, she’s totally exposed.

Daddy stands up and slowly undresses himself. She can see his hard cock pulsing. He carefully folds his clothes and lays them over the back of the armchair.

The anticipation was killing her. It felt like an eternity. A small whimper escaped her lips.

“Quiet. I do not give treats to a dog who begs.”

Slowly he comes down in front of her. He strokes her smooth legs with his strong hands. Her whole body tingles. She feels the head of his cock at her opening. Grabbing her thighs he pulls her body toward him, his cock stretching her tight little hole until she feels his balls rubbing her ass. It hurts, but she doesn’t dare make a sound.

He pulls out and shoves his cock in again. Harder and faster, Daddy continues to fuck his baby girl. It feels amazing. Her wet pussy soaks his cock and he pushes into her over and over again, each time easier than the last. Her pussy squeezes around his cock, not wanting to let it go. He pulls back and flips her onto her stomach, shoving her face into the rug. He grabs her hips and fucks her furiously.

Suddenly Master stops, pulling out of her completely. Baby bucks her hips desperately trying to find his cock.

“Ah, I knew my little slut would love it.” He picks her up by the hips and drags her over to the armchair. He throws her over armrest. She looks up to see the mirror right in front of her. Daddy begins to fuck her again.

“Look at you, you little whore. Look at how much you love getting fucked by your master’s cock. Tell your Daddy how much you love his cock.”

“Daddy, I think of nothing but your cock. I want you to fuck me as you please.”

“And what if you didn’t want me to fuck you?”

“It wouldn’t matter, you are my Master and you control every inch of my body.”

“Ah, you’re learning.”

He grabbed her pigtails as he continued to fuck her. Baby grinded against his cock, taking every inch she could.

Daddy grabs her ass cheeks, exposing her other hole and begins to tease her asshole. She could feel the orgasm building up inside her, but she didn’t dare to cum without his permission.

“Are you ready to take your Daddy’s cum?”

“Yes, sir.”

Master continues thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Does little bitch want to cum too?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You may.”

Just as the words escaped his lips, and full-body orgasm took over. She screamed as she clenched his cock. Master grabs the backs of her hips, pulling her close as he releases inside her. He pulls out spraying cum all over her ass.

Baby collapses over the armchair as Master stands behind her. She breaths heavy, legs numb. Master spanks her ass hard, but she can’t even bring herself to yelp.

“Clean my cock.”

Baby turns around, sinking to the floor, and takes his cock back in her mouth. It tastes even better covered in pussy. She’d never tasted female cum before. She licks it clean, hoping Master would notice how much she was enjoying it.

He did.

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