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Brad was rather unsure of whether he should cancel his plans for the night, or even how to go about doing that. He was invited as a special guest to one of the spring break parties being thrown by MTV. However, the way the redhead was sucking on his cock as if his cum was the nectar of the gods, he didn’t know if he’d be able to get away, or if he’d even want to.

He tried to recall the details of his day that led to this point but the slurping sounds and the moan from the girl currently engulfing his rod made the details fuzzy. The college water-polo player knew he had been at the beach, and he remembered that there was someone having difficulties in the water. It was rather stupid of him to immediately try and get to their aid given that it could have been an undertow dragging her down, but Brad was just too nice of a guy to sit by idly while someone was in trouble.

The way she moaned with her mouth around him before pulling back a little to look up at him and smile (as best as a girl can with a mouth full of cock) was driving him crazy, he could already feel the pressure building up. He continued to remember once her forehead returned to his stomach. He managed to get the girl out and when she wasn’t breathing he helped resuscitate her. Brad never had a chance to get the name of the girl he rescued, or even really look at her before she was being taken to the hospital and tv cameras on the beach began pestering him for interviews.

It was those interviews and his heroics that led to half-a-dozen different private party invites that night. And just as he was getting ready to go there was a knock on the door. Thinking it must be a ride to pick him up he answered it to see a gorgeous redhead standing at the door; a sarong covering her lower half, a bikini top and in between slightly tanned freckled body topped off with long red curly hair that reached just past her breasts. Brad couldn’t help staring at her breasts, they filled the bikini top quite nicely, and he had to catch himself to look up to her face.

She had a cute face, emerald eyes that looked like they could stare through him, a cute little nose, cheeks freckled like much of her body, and cute little lips with pink lipgloss. Little did he know when he answered the door where those lips would be momentarily. She asked him if he was the one who rescued the girl at the beach, and he told her he was. Quickly after he said yes she moved forward, shut the door, and kissed him–Brad might have been put off a little had he been seeing someone, but then again, he wouldn’t be at spring break if he was. The kiss was aggressive on her part, something Brad had never quite experienced. He was already missing it when she pulled back, and said, “I’m the girl you rescued, I just wanted to thank you personally.”

Being the nice guy he is, Brad was about to tell her no thanks were necessary when she suddenly dropped to her knees and her hands reached out for his shorts. A girl had never been this forward with him before, nor this fast. With him just standing there his shorts and boxers lying on the ground, she held his cock in her left hand before smiling up at him and finally moving in to start licking his balls.

Another first for Brad. He’d heard guys talking about it, but always figured he’d rather have the girl’s oral attentions on his cock. Now that he was in the moment he understood completely. His balls wouldn’t be bathed for long by her tongue as it was just the teaser to the main course, which she quickly gobbled down and got to work.

Now that he was done remembering how he had reached this point, he realized how much stamina he’d had in the process. He had rubbed one off earlier, being a little horny after all the girls who were fawning after him for being a hero. He closed his eyes, his breathing becoming a little more erratic as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, knowing he was about to cum when suddenly she pulled off completely.

“In my mouth or on my face,” came her soft voice for a moment before her tongue went back to the ball licking that she had started with.

“Huh,” asked Brad, pulled out of his bliss by her sudden question.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my face?” she asked again kindly before resuming.

Brad had always liked seeing facials in porn he had to admit, and the fact that the girl was asking him instead of him having to be the one to ask. “Your face?” he replied, asking it as more of a question than giving an answer.

“Tell me when,” she said before she pulled back and took him into her mouth once more. The way she swirled her tongue around his shaft as she moved her head along her shaft was driving him crazy, and after only five more bobs of her head he said, “I’m ready.”

He managed to hold on for a moment while she pulled back. She closed her eyes and mouth and just tipped her head back a little bit. Her left hand held his cock to help guide as the streams of hot cum erupted and started to coat her face. As Brad looked down and watched her face get painted he was surprised with the amount she got out of him, especially for his having cum once already today.

When he was finally done she reached up to wipe enough cum away from her eyes to open them, then moved forward to clean the little bit remaining from the tip of his cock. He looked down at his cum-covered pleaser, just amazed from her blowjob. “Wow, that was awesome, you didn’t need to…”

Suddenly she backed off and stood up, though something was different now. The sarong and string bikini bottom she had on underneath were on the floor, as was the bikini top she had on when she entered. It took his brain a moment to realize that the girl who just gave him the best blowjob of his life was now standing naked in front of him.

The fact that the slightly-tanned freckled girl wasn’t perfect helped draw his eyes even more. She had tanlines in all the usual areas. His eyes immediately went to her breasts, now sitting out in the open for his viewing pleasure. Much like he thought from his first glance, they looked to be a little more than a handful, and her paler skin revealed that her areolas were also quite pale, just pink enough to stand out from her skin. The nipples were similarly inflicted, but the decent size of them for her breasts, and the fact that they upturned a little and standing at attention more than made up for it.

As if taken by a sudden realization, his eyes took a turn downward, hoping to see if the fiery red hair was matched below. To both dismay and delight he found that such a question would have to wait for another time as only smooth skin greeted his eyes above her pussy. Just as he was about to take a good look at her soft folds she spoke again, and he was compelled to look upwards once more.

“I owe you for saving my life, so I’m going to give you the only gift I can think of. You saved my body, now you get to have it to do with as you please,” she said once more softly, the smile still wide on her cum-coated face.

“That almost sounds too good to be true,” Brad responded back to her, a slight chuckle in his voice from the nervousness of having the girl throw herself at him. “Aren’t you worried I might hurt you, or get you pregnant, or give you a disease?”

She simply shook her head once to all his questions. “If you want to hurt me, go for it. I shouldn’t get pregnant from both birth control and it just not being the right time, but if I do, oh well. As for disease, I know I’m clean and I don’t care whether you are or not. If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead right now, this body either lost at sea or in a bag down in some hospital morgue. So really, it’s no harm to me whatever you choose to do, as I’m still better off than I would be otherwise.”

Brad really didn’t know what to respond. For the slightest moment he wished he was the type of guy who’d gladly take her and give her the dirtiest, kinkiest sex of her entire life, but he knew that he wasn’t. When he didn’t take the initiative, she once again did. She reached to the bottom of the t-shirt he had on and started pulling it up, over his head. He reacted instinctively, raising his arms for her to remove it.

“Why don’t you go lay on the bed?” she asked.

Stepping out of his shorts and boxers, he took her lead and hopped onto his bed. She moved to the foot of the bed and started to crawl onto it from the end, slowly crawling over his body. When her head reached his still semi-soft cock she gave it a quick playful lick before continuing to lick up his stomach to his chest. When her breasts reached there, she hovered for just a moment, letting them tease the sensitive flesh. When she finally was over him, she laid her pussy down on his cock to just rub it, transferring some of her wetness to his shaft.

“Go ahead, I know you want to. Rub them, squeeze them,” she told him, looking down between his face and her tits dangling in front of them.

He didn’t need telling twice as both hands came up to feel her breasts. As his thumbs brushed over her nipples she moaned a little, eliciting a twitch from his cock. He rubbed her breasts and started squeezing. More moans escaped from her mouth as she was enjoying the work his hands were doing.

As he continued to knead her breasts, she reached back with her left hand and lifted herself off of him enough to guide his now-hard cock to her pussy. He stopped and looked at her as she felt his shaft glide into her warm and ready hole. Another louder moan escaped from her lips as she took his fullness inside her. For Brad it was a new feeling entirely, he’d never been able to have a girl without a condom and now she was the one initiating it.

She rode him with a steady rhythm for several minutes. Her head was up, mouth open just slightly and her eyes closed as she appeared to be enjoying the feeling of him being inside her. Of course he was enjoying it, and as she continued he started to become a lot more confident in himself.

“Could I ask something?” he asked, taking his confidence out for a spin.

“Mhmm, anything,” she said, suddenly stopping.

“Can I do you doggy style?”

She opened her eyes and looked down at him with a smile. “Of course you can.” And she pulled off of him and stood up on the bed and turned around. She got on her knees and put her hands on the board at the foot of her bed. She spread her legs and arched her back to allow him to enter.

Brad’s eyes popped wide at how willing she was to go along with it and just watched as she moved herself into position. Now that he was getting a view of her ass, he didn’t want to stop. As her legs went wider he was treated to a view of everything, seeing her pussy from behind and seeing the pucker of her tiny butthole.

“CanIfuckyourass?” Brad blurted out, he wasn’t sure where it came from, as he’d never taken a chick in the butt, but part of him didn’t see another chance to have it happen.

When her head turned back around to look at him, he was worried that he’d gone too far. The smile that had been on her coated face this entire time wasn’t there. “Well, I’ve never done that before, but for you I will.”

Brad was suddenly conflicted, the girl was gonna offer her only virgin hole to him just cause he blurted it out. “Wait, you don’t have to,” he said, trying to ease his conscience.

“No, it’s okay,” she replied back to him as she got off the bed. It’s just gonna take me a few minutes to get ready. With that she crawled off the bed and back to her clothes while he watched. He hadn’t noticed the small purse that she had apparently brought with her, it did match the sarong in its deep purple color. “I’ll be out in a few,” she said before stepping into the bathroom and shutting the door.

The several minutes she was in the bathroom was nearly agony for him. Part of it was from the guilt of asking to have her ass, but the rest was definitely from the excitement that she was gonna let him fuck her virgin ass would bring. He just hoped he’d be able to last long enough to enjoy it.

When enough time passed that he was starting to get worried she was getting cold feet, he got up off the bed and was walking to the bathroom door when it opened and she stepped out, holding a bottle of lubricant in her hand. She dropped down to her knees and took some of the lube and started to smear it around his cock, getting him ready.

“I’ve done myself as best I can, but you should apply a little more lube to me,” she said looking up to him, the smile having returned. “Only if you want to of course.”

He just blinked, not knowing how he should even respond to that when she spoke again.

“Anywhere in particular?”

He looked around the room and chuckled just a little. “I’ve always fantasized about taking some hottie’s ass while she’s bent over a table.”

“As you wish,” was all she replied before standing back up and walking over to the table that doubled as a desk in the hotel room. When she arrived, she looked back to him and said, “I hope you enjoy.”

She spread her feet apart about shoulder width as she turned to face the table and leaned forward. Once her torso was against the table she reached back and put the tube of lubricant on the small of her back. To Brad’s surprise, she then used both hands to reach back and spread her ass cheeks, once again giving him that unobstructed view of all her charms.

Still filled with nervous excitement, Brad walked over to her and picked up the bottle of lube from her back and spread some on that puckered hole that was waiting for him. She let out a little gasp as she felt his finger apply rub against it for a moment.

Finally ready, Brad took his position behind the redhead, dropping the bottle to the floor. He lined up behind her and pressed his very hard cock against her backdoor, and with his right hand reaching out to grab her hip, and his left hand helping to guide, he pushed forward.

Between her spit, pussy juice, and the ample amounts of lubricant on his cock and her hole, the head popped in with only a slight bit of resistance. The girl made a sound, somewhere between a gasp and a cry. Before Brad could even think to check that she was okay, she said, “Keep going.”

Brad’s cock was in heaven, never had it felt anything wrapping so tightly around it. Barely the head was in and he was already enjoying this newfound sensation. With her blessing he started to slowly push forward. When he encountered resistance, he pulled back so only the head remained inside before pushing forward again. He had no idea how he was lasting–perhaps it was the cumming a few times already, perhaps it was sheer force of will.

He looked down watching as with every attempt a little more of his cock was being swallowed by her obscenely stretched asshole, still made all the more visible by her continuing to spread her cheeks. He lost track of the time, but he rightly guessed it had taken a few minutes but with one final push he looked down to see just the tiniest sliver of his shaft sticking out of her ass, he was buried completely inside her.

“Let go and get up on your arms,” Brad commanded her.

As she did what she was told, making it so she wasn’t pushed into the table but up enough that her breasts could hang freely, Brad was shocked with himself. Apparently it was easy for him to be confident about what he was doing with his cock balls deep in a hot redhead’s ass. He bent over a little himself to reach forward and he wrapped his hands around her breasts, squeezing them and using them as handles as he started to fuck her ass.

He was slow at first, just starting to build up a nice pace while his hands kneaded her breasts, fingers rubbing her nipples and eliciting both moans of pleasures and little whimpers of pain. As he continued and started to feel the pressure rise from within, he let go of her breasts and both hands went for her hips. A man possessed, he started fucking her harder, like he would if he was in her pussy.

The whimpers of pain from the girl became a little more prevelant, after all, this was the first dick in her ass. Once more when she seemed to think that maybe Brad would start feeling guilty, she once again encouraged him.

“Oh gawd, fuck my ass, keep fucking my ass Brad.”

And that’s all it took. Knowing he couldn’t hold on any longer, Brad again buried his entire length in her ass as he started to cum. As her bowels were filled she was breathing heavily, letting her weight collapse into the table once more.

Even as he finished coating her insides like he had her outside, Brad didn’t pull out, he stood there enjoying the view.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” he heard her soft voice say.

Taking her at his word, he pulled out and went to the night stand by his bed and grabbed his camera phone. Once more she reached back, revealing her now well fucked ass to him and turning around and smiling as he took a picture. She stood up and sat on the table, legs spread a little and motioned for him to do it again.

“And now a closeup,” she said as she moved closer and he took two more, one with her breasts in the shot and one of just her cum-covered face.

“Get dressed,” she told him now, and like everything else so far this evening, he gladly obeyed. One he was dressed she motioned him into the bathroom.

Confused, he followed her, and she grabbed his phone from him. “I know the boys won’t believe this story when you tell them, they’ll just say you got those pics from some porn site.”

Leaning back into his clothed self, she took a full body shot in the mirror. Then a closeup. She turned around and gave one last good picture of her backside for him to be standing with and smiled.

“Well Brad, I hope you enjoyed your reward. Consider it payment in kind.”

With that she left the bathroom and went out to get dressed. Of course Brad took another picture as she bent down to pick up her clothes. She put on the sarong but didn’t seem to bother with the bikini bottoms that went underneath. Once her top was in place she went back to the bathroom to get her little bag.

“Aren’t you gonna clean up your face?” Brad asked, noticing she was still wearing his cum.

“No need really, I’m kinda proud to wear it, and besides, if anyone asks, it’ll make one hell of a spring break story.” And finally she giggled.

Even though she headed to the door, Brad was wishing it wasn’t over. As she opened it and stepped out he asked, “I didn’t even get your name.”

“Check my bikini bottoms,” she said as she walked down the hall, not even looking back at him one last time.

Brad blinked a few times and looked to the floor where the white bikini bottoms remained from when she took them off. As he bent down to pick them up, he noticed writing on the inside. Undoing the strings he laid them out on the table he just finished fucking her on. There was a message:

I’ll always owe you for saving my life.

Hope you enjoyed my anal cherry.

Love Lanae

Her email address and phone number were written right below.

Brad couldn’t help but smile, spring break didn’t turn out so bad after all.

Payton had her first threesome on this leg of the tour.

Two gorgeous men approached her after the show and started speaking to her about how good her performance was.

She had noticed them right away after the show started. All night they stood just off to one side of the stage; engaged by the music but not screaming and dancing down front with most people. They were both big, muscular, model looking types with chiseled features and hard bodies. She had been immediately attracted to them both, but she tried to continue to perform for the whole crowd.

Instead she had found herself giving much of her performance as if it were for them alone.

She was wearing the burlesque outfit that night and after the show stood talking to them with just pasties covering her breasts, the corset covering her torso, and merely panties, garters, and stockings below her narrow waist.

Sweat still trickled down her face and body from the crazy climax of the show.

She and Dylan had traded guitar solos for over ten minutes making the place scream with the intensity of their music.

Now, drinking water to sooth her tired voice, she felt her pussy begin to slather up as these gorgeous men flirted with her. Their eyes couldn’t stay off her practically bare breasts and she was anxious for one of them to take her home.

As they moved in closer and flanked her their hands began to stroke her arms and she realized either she was going to have to choose, or they wanted to share her.

Falling into the same strange headspace she’d had with the first stranger she had used as a sexual release she simply told them. “Take me to my hotel.”

The men smiled and they all left. Payton didn’t even bother to change; she walked out in her burlesque outfit, breasts bared but for her nipple tassels.

In the car the one who wasn’t driving, Nicolas was his name, began to kiss her and then lick her neck. Sighing and leaning back she gave herself to him. His hands peeled the tassels off her nipples painfully and then he set about cleaning them with his tongue. She was sure the sticky glue she used to hold the tassels on tasted terrible, but he didn’t stop.

The trip to the hotel was an adventure all on its own. Reclining in the backseat Payton indulged in having her breasts groped and licked as she sighed with pleasure.

She could see Trent, the other man, watching her in the rear-view mirror, and she smiled knowing he was enjoying the show. Passing cars might be able to see what was going on, and she found she didn’t care. Nicolas was getting her aroused enough that public nudity didn’t even faze her.

Entering the hotel Payton snuggled close to the two men, covering her mostly bare body with their large muscular forms. She still wore the corset, but her breasts were completely bare and her nipples grew as hard as diamonds as she risked being seen by the hotel staff or another guest.

Inside the elevator Trent began to kiss and lick her drenched panties and Nicolas continued groping and nibbling her breasts. Payton couldn’t believe how she was behaving. She was being such a slut, and she loved it.

No-one saw them, and she felt mildly disappointed when the door to her room shut denying her a witness to what was about to happen.

The men pulled her to the bed and immediately stripped her of her clothes. Hands stroked her skin, and kneaded the muscles of her limbs stealing tension of one sort and replacing it with another. The sexual charge was palpable between the three of them. Mouths captured her nipples and lips licking and nipping her into a frenzy.

Taking turns the gorgeous men took her mouth and kissed her delirious while the other removed his own clothes, giving her glimpses of sculpted bodies that made her tremble with desire.

Nicolas was the second to finish stripping and when done he parted her thighs and buried his face in her sex. Payton arched back and sighed as his tongue explored her folds bringing her intense pleasure.

Trent moved his mouth from hers and began to devour her breasts, licking and nibbling them with a desperation that made her squirm. It felt as if every part of her was being tasted or fondled and it was driving her into an ecstatic state.

Unable to stay still and passively accept this attention she reached for her purse beside them on the bed and grappled for her phone.

Her body trembled with passion as her nerves were overwhelmed with stimuli and it took all of her will to grope her phone out of her purse and get it recording her current bout of incredible sex.

At last she had a recording going and she began to allow the magical music being created by this electrifying encounter to spill out of her throat.

Reaching for the nearest cock she began to stroke it and sing her uninhibited song. Music translated her lust into song and the men looked at her from where they were bringing her to climax and smiled.

The men returned their hands and mouths to her succulent body and within moments her songs devolved into animalistic grunts as she fell over the edge of her orgasm.

Payton climaxed and cried out her delight to the world in general as Nicolas’ wonderful tongue teased her clit and his fingers probed her slot. With her chest aglow from Trent’s mouth and hands she lost herself in a Kaleidoscope of colour and sound, this the most intense orgasm of her young life.

When at last she could form coherent thought she was ready to explore more of these gorgeous men. Her new playthings.

“The two of you sit on the edge of the bed.” she commanded.

With grins from ear to ear they sat as instructed and Payton knelt before them and reached for Trent’s cock, while opening her mouth and swallowing Nicolas’. Both men had good sized pricks, Nicolas slightly larger, but Trent’s was smoother and more aesthetically pleasing to Payton.

Smiling to herself she marveled at the idea of having two penises to compare at once. With a mouth full of thick man meat and a hand full of rigid cock she was drunk with libidinous excess.

Suckling on Nicolas she was overjoyed at having a mouthful of such a perfect specimen of manhood. His cock was gnarled and knotted with veins, but it felt wonderful moving her tongue and lips over it.

He tasted of maleness, sweat and the lingering perfume of his shampoo. His hips rocked gently easing his erection deeper and deeper into her willing mouth.

Her hand was full of Trent at the same time, and she loved the play of his velvety skin over the strong muscles of his hard-on.

Switching from sucking Nicolas’ cock to sucking Trent’s Payton began to stroke Nicolas with her other hand. The slippery, spit soaked tool in her hand felt lewd, and her tongued eagerly bathed Trent making him just as slick.

Humming her song once more over the head of Trent’s cock she relished the wantonness she was exhibiting. The “prude” the guys though she was no longer existed. Now she was a rock star living out the rock star life. Happily on her knees alternating between two fantastic cocks she reveled in her debauchery.

Just thinking about how hedonistic she was being made her pussy twitch. She needed to be filled with cock, now.

Lifting her face from the pole she was currently suckling she stood up and looked down at the men who gazed at her with passion and eagerness.

“Alright gentlemen, here is how this is going to go. My asshole is off limits, but anything else your dirty little minds can come up with I’m game for. Fuck me. Lick me. Rub me and make me cum. You aren’t leaving here until I’m done with you.” She smiled a wicked smile at them to take the edge off her demand, but she needn’t have bothered. The men reached out and pulled her back to the bed their smiles and pulsing erections telling her they were more than happy to fulfill her every whim.

As her recorder captured every sound Payton was ravished by these two ardent lovers. Putting her on all fours Nicolas pressed his wide purple head against her slippery pussy. Meanwhile Trent moved to her head and began to rub his cock over her features, filling her nose with his smell and making her mouth water, eager to taste him once more.

As Nicolas entered her, filling her pussy, she moaned appreciatively. Taking advantage of her open mouth Trent placed his tip on her parted lips. Flicking her tongue over his head she began to lick him lightly, teasing the big man.

Starting to slip in and out of her sopping hole Nicolas found a slow steady rhythm, her slot tingling with joy as he filled it, and pulsing angrily when he emptied it.

Opening her mouth wide, her song filling the space for a moment Payton offered her tongue to Trent, who placed his tip on it and slid along the soft pink appendage filling her face with his tool, muffling her song.

For long blissful moments the three lovers enjoyed the groove they were in; the men alternating stroking in and out of her; one filling her at one end, then withdrawing as the other filled her from the other end.

Payton divided her focus between enjoying having her pussy thoroughly filled and used, and licking and pleasuring the cock in her mouth. Singing all the while, she gloried in her body being so perfectly taken advantage of.

Growing more ardent in her need to reach fulfillment Payton began to suck harder on Trent and to arch her back, thrusting her ass out to encourage Nicolas to drive into her more powerfully. When he didn’t she humped back at him, driving her cunt onto his spear.

Getting the picture Nicolas began to pump into her with more force. Moaning with desire Payton thrust back at him almost losing her oral grip on Trent. This made Trent reach down and hold her head while he began to thrust into her face with more enthusiasm.

Now both men were shoving into her greedy holes and Payton felt a level of shamelessness she had never known. Being drilled by two powerful studs eager to please her was elating, spurring her to more obscene behavior than she had ever engaged in.

Grabbing Trent’s ass with both hands she guided him into her face, encouraging him to pump harder into her wide-open, humming throat. When he did so she put one hand on her own ass and pried her cheeks apart lewdly displaying her anus to Nicolas and impelling him to shove harder into her dripping pussy.

Moments passed as the sound of slapping flesh grew louder and the grunts of the lovers more animalistic, then Nicolas cried out in inarticulate joy, his orgasm taking from him the power of speech. Emptying himself into her clutch he spilled his seed into her ravenous slot.

Immediately Payton took her mouth off of Trent and began to howl a musical climax of her own, the song fractured and primal but still melodic. As her body convulsed with euphoria Payton gasped out her tune, her mouth wide and her face contorted with the extremity of her orgasm.

When at last Nicolas finished filling her with his spunk she dropped her head to the mattress, her ass still high as her bliss faded into a manageable level.

The bed bounced as the men moved around her shivering form, then Payton’s clenching cunt was filled once more, now by Trent. As he started to pound her with his mighty tool she went off once more on an orgasmic flight of sound and colour.

Not able to focus on anything other than her pleasure Payton sang an unconscious song of rapture, her body gratified in new and amazing ways. Trent impaled her on his dong while his hands clutched her buttocks. After a few moments of this treatment, her mind still flayed with chemical release, she felt her tender breasts gripped and kneaded by Nicolas’ strong hands, sending her further away in a delirium of delight.

A feeling of frothy squishiness seeped out of her gripping cunt and Payton came back to herself to hear a sloshing slurping noise accompanying her odd song. Churning up Nicolas’ cum with his pounding, Trent was still wedging himself into her sloppy opening.

Just as she was feeling aware enough to blush in humiliating at her depravity Trent began to spurt his seed into her adding yet more goo to the stew of juices inside her.

Feeling his warm seed gush into her boiling centre sent Payton off once more in a maelstrom of carnal gratification. Losing her consciousness once more Payton felt like a small voice singing into a gale of sound.

Crying out her Self in the harmony of Identity, Payton wallowed in the colourful inner landscape her minds sent her to as her orgasms, and there were many, violently shook her body like a giant dog with her awareness locked in its pleasurable grip.

When next Payton knew what was happening to her body she found that she was lying on the bed on her side, the men holding her and stroking her face, and body. Shuddering with aftershocks Payton smiled weakly at them.

“What happened?” she whispered.

“I have no idea.” Trent whispered back. “You started to sing like a banshee and shake all over.”

“I would have thought you were having a seizure if you didn’t have a huge smile on your face, and that amazing song coming out of your mouth. “

“I was still singing.”

“Well singing is the only word I have for it.” Trent said.”

“It was music, but it was strange and otherworldly.” Nicolas offered. “Eerie.”

“Yeah, really spooky, but cool spooky.” Trent said.

The three of them sat quietly for a time and stroked each other.

Then when drowsiness threatened to swamp her the big men lifted her from the bed, Trent carried her while Nicolas moved ahead to the bathroom. Then running a shower, the three moved into the steamy spray and the two men tenderly bathed her of perspiration and the mess of their fornication.

Glorying in the ministrations of her lovers Payton wallowed in self-indulgence. Two strong, sexy men bathed her, and rubbed her slick skin with large hands made tender with caring.

When Nicolas probed her tingling slit with his fingers, washing away the mingled deposits of him and his friend, Payton trembled with desire ready for more.

Trent stroked her limbs. Her arms shook while he massaged the fine muscles of her biceps and shoulders. Working his way inward soon his hands were caressing her tender breasts, teasing her slippery nipples with his thumbs.

Soon mouths began to taste her flesh once more. Nicolas kissed her nether lips and made her hips buck as his lip grazed her burning clit. Above Trent captured a nipple in his mouth and sucked, and licked it.

Gripping their shoulders with each hand Payton held herself upright by sheer force of will, her body ready to collapse into carnal submission.

Trent turned off the shower and the men stepped out and both grabbed towels. Before she could step out of the tub herself they reached out and began to dry her with tender pats of the soft towels.

Nicolas returned to the tub and stood behind her drying her back and buttocks, while Trent focused on her front, dabbing her breasts and belly. The friends worked as a team one going up, the other down, drying every part of her, and then returning the other way.

Finally both took her long hair and gently dried it while she relaxed utterly enjoying their considerate care.

When she was dry, they helped her out of the shower and led her back to the bed. Laying her out on the rumpled sheets they stretched out and Nicolas lay down beside her. Beginning to kiss her soft mouth, Nicolas massaged her breasts and slipped his tongue along hers, teasing her back to full arousal.

Trent opened her legs and kissed his way up her thighs to her moist folds. Parting them with his thick fingers he licked the insides of her tender pussy and her hips involuntarily twitched.

Once more her voice thrummed with unconscious music, and with her hand Payton sought her phone.

Nicolas found it for her and when she had it she opened a new voice memo and began to sing openly. Nicolas lowered his face to her neck and kissed is way around her vibrating vocal chords as she sang out her bliss.

For the next while the men licked and kissed every inch of her flesh, no nook or cranny ignored. Rolling her over they even parted her buttocks and licked her asshole making her giggle and change the tune to something more lascivious.

Less wound up than before Payton was better able to accept this tongue bath and, singing all the while, soak up the slavish devotion the men were showing her.

Finally she switched to a hungrier song. A song of need and rolled on her back and opened her legs wide offering her saturated cunt to them for use.

“One of you better fuck me before I lose my mind.”

Trent being the closest to the right position knelt between her gorgeous legs and aimed his hardness at her pink slit. Sliding effortlessly into her Trent moaned with pleasure as she enveloped him in her searing heat.

Singing out her own happiness Payton started a new song and reached for Nicolas’ tool as he sat watching his friend fill the petite songbird with hard manhood.

Pulling him to her face Payton stroked Nicolas’ big tool and kissed along the underside as it hovered over her pretty face. Singing into hic cock like it were a microphone she rhapsodized her joy with random words of longing, and bliss, and licked and suckled him while humming.

As her lust mounted from using, and being used by these magnificent men Payton began to grow more and more depraved in her needs.

Starting with the tool in her hand Payton lifted Nicolas’ shaft from her mouth and began to lick and suck his balls, her song muffled by his weighty sack. Then needing something more lewd, spurred on by a raunchier tune emitting from her mouth she licked her way back to his anus and began to rim him with her tongue. Singing up into his backside she swirled her tongue around the lip of his sphincter, then dipped the tip into the dank, dark hole.

Still stroking him with one hand she used the other to pull back his ass cheek and expose him to her questing mouth. Licking him with the thick width of her tongue she bathed his nasty opening, reveling in the squalid, debasing nature of this.

Trent began to drive into her cunt harder seeing his friend so sordidly stimulated, and taking that as his cue to ramp the debauchery. Spreading her legs even wider he speared her with his cock making her gasp as she sang into Nicolas’ bung hole.

Grinding his ass down onto her mouth Nicolas reached behind himself and began to tweak her nipples, making her moan with lust.

Moving back to Nicolas’ balls Payton slurped on him noisily and her song began to fade away as her mouth drooled to be filled. Licking and kissing her way back upward she opened wide and swallowed the hard pole and devoured it gluttonously.

Leaning forward Nicolas placed his hands on the bed and drove hip his downward shoving his tool into her frantic mouth. The hand Payton had on his ass moved inward and she pierced his dark hole with her slender finger, fucking him with her delicate digit.

Her other hand pumped up and down his shaft in time to his thrusts, her tongue lathering him as her throat opened to accept him deep inside her face.

Feeling utterly depraved by fucking these two strangers Payton released herself from any mental bonds holding her back.

“Cum on me you fuckers. Cover me in that hot jizz! I need it!” She ordered, her skin tingling, her body eager for sperm.

Pulling out of her grip Trent began to spray her belly with his cum, the hot spatter driving her wild. The spill of his spunk on her skin felt so gratifying that Payton immediately began to cum. Her body twisted in the throes of a specific delight she had never known. The delight of being an object of lust.

Pulling her finger from Nicolas’ ass she began to smear Trent’s sticky goo around on her quivering stomach, tremors vibrating her body from head to toe.

Then as she was beginning to sink from the heights of passion Nicolas pulled out of her slobbering orifice and began to jet his spooge onto her contorted features.

(This story is a companion piece to others on this site. The character of Trish has appeared before in “Her Hottest Halloween”, and “The Hills Are Alive”. Her sexcapades continue once more.)


Always on the lookout for inspiration for her sexual adventures Trish Stark was seeking a new way to push her inner boundaries. Something risky, risqué, and an adventure that would push her hard up against the wall of her Self Control.

It was a rare day that Trish ever saw television, it simply wasn’t part of her life in any meaningful way, but on one of the rare occasions when she was near a T.V. she saw an amazing video for a wonderful song; Madness by the British band Muse.

It was sexy in a strange way and she filed it away knowing at some point the idea of public sex on a train platform might be possible.

What she didn’t know was that within months of seeing the video she would re-create it even closer than she could imagine.

Trish was getting horny, her body itching for some hard use, her mind clawing for a way to test her will-power and push her spiritual limits. She needed an adventure. It had been weeks since she’s had sex and this self-imposed celibacy was growing dull.

Incidentally Trish also absorbed the idea that a big protest was brewing in her town. It was to protest the human rights abuses going on in Russia against LGBT people. The big G20 summit was happening in Russia and the world was gearing up to make a lot of noise and try to get world leaders to discuss the abuses while in the very country doing the abusing.

Trish was in no way a political person, but even she felt what was going on in Russia was horrible and the idea of the protest garnered her attention.

Then the penny dropped.

There was going to be some heated protesting going on. People were going to be on both sides of the debate and there was bound to be some anger, and perhaps even some violence.

The video she had watched showed a couple kissing and groping during a riot and it was that visceral, human sexual response to violence that had gotten her excited about the video. Could she find a way to recreate that experience for herself?

Did she dare try and seduce a protesting man in the midst of a potentially violent encounter, with police all around.

She was Trish Stark. Of course she dared.

This challenge to her Self Control and the mastery of fear wouldn’t take much planning, just a few simple props, but the event itself would be as challenging and as dangerous as anything she had yet tried. Just thinking about it made her as horny as anything she had done before.

The day of the protest, September 3, the day before the summit in Russia, finally arrived and Trish had booked the day off work, and skipped school, as had many of her colleagues.

Dressed as much like the woman from the video as she could Trish wore a black two button blazer, no shirt or bra under it, her small firm breasts peeking out from beneath the lapels as she moved. Beneath she wore a tiny, stretchy, black skirt that was shorter in the hem than the blazer. From any distance other than immediately next to her she looked nude under the jacket, and looking at herself in the mirror before she left had made her feel sexy and slippery between the legs.

On her feet she wore utterly impractical high heeled shoes. They added three inches to her five foot five height and without her years of dance training, and proficiency in martial arts she would have toppled over trying to walk in three inch heels.

To hide her identity, thus separating her regular life from the sexual adventurer she was in her spare time, she wore a long brown wig over her light blonde hair. The wig was loose and natural looking. Trish spent money on her disguises, her anonymity precious to her.

To cover her face she painted her skin to look like a little girl’s doll, giving her a creepy, hyper-sexualized dolly look that was actually pretty disturbing. Trish was very good with make-up and the porcelain kewpie doll make-up was very well done, but still somewhat off-putting none-the less.

Thusly attired she made her way to the afternoon protest.

She drove there, parking a few blocks from the protest, near a subway station in case she needed a quick escape. She rode the train the two stops to the protest location outside the Russian consulate.

The train was full. Many of the other passengers were clearly headed to the protest as well, as indicated by their choice of clothes. There were a lot of men dressed in camouflage, and heavier, thicker clothes than this time of year would necessitate, and there were a plethora of backpacks with Peace signs.

The looks she got were amusing to say the least. She could see that most people were immediately drawn to her exposed skin. Her bare legs looked great, as they should, given how much work she put into looking her best physically, but her bare chest peeking from beneath the lapels of her blazer drew the most attention. Her slim build meant that any movement exposed at least one pink nipple to the eyes of someone on the train.

However as soon as they noticed her odd face, the heavy cutsie make-up obscuring her features they began to look confused.

Before anyone could approach and ask what she was doing the train arrived at the proper stop. Excited people disembarked and in the press of bodies Trish felt a few hands brush her legs and bum as men used the close quarters to press against her unnecessarily.

It got her excited having all these men touching her and looking down her jacket to see her breasts.

Everything was going perfectly.

As the crowd climbed the stairs and began to leave the subway station Trish found more space around her, and she took a good look around the street where the protest was happening.

The crowd was big, but not huge. Perhaps two thousand people, mostly young, wearing things ranging from Anonymous Masks, Ski Hats with face-masks, and gas masks, to simple t-shirts and jeans. Some protesters clearly thought things were going to get violent, yet most seemed calm and peaceful hippies.

Trish was also not the only person dressed in a costume. There were many painted faces, some Styrofoam statues of Lady Liberty, and angels and even a Gumby.

There were brightly painted signs both for and against homosexuality and freedom to marry and all the hot button topics around LGBT groups. The atmosphere was loud and excited. Everywhere she looked there were policemen dressed in riot gear.

No matter what, this was going to be an interesting day.

For the next half an hour Trish wandered amid the crowd looking at the various men there appreciatively. And they in return ogled her back.

All the political tension was building between a group of anti-gay bigots and some trouble-making young men dressed for war. They yelled back and forth and the speeches planned for today were being drowned out by the name-calling and slogans being chanted.

Relishing the challenge of distracting some of these polarized people Trish moved in and out of the milling mob getting herself seen.

There were a few men in the Warriors group that seemed very interested in her. There was more than one man in a gas mask, or balaclava who broke off chanting, or waving signs to stare at her as she strolled by.

All Trish was trying to do is get into their heads. She didn’t know how she would do it, but she needed to separate a few of these guys from the herd in order to get properly fucked by them out in public. Her plan only covered being seen and then luring a few guys away and having a blast. She wanted risky public sex, not a certain arrest.

The situation, however, took a turn when some of the anit-gay bigots began to howl curses at her, calling her a slut, a Jezebel, a harlot and generally targeting her for hatred given how much she excited their poor little animal brains.

Trish was momentarily confused. She hadn’t been paying any attention to the other line of protesters and now that they were targeting her she was the centre of attention.

The militant protesters began to defend her and scream back.

Then objects began getting thrown and in moments a physical altercation took place between a small group of sign waving zealots on both sides.

Trish was almost overrun as the crowds of opposing sides drew together to hurl insults, fruit, rocks and even themselves at each other. A young man of the Religious Right grabbed her arm tightly, as if he were going to make a citizen’s arrest.

Instinct kicked in and Trish immediately twisted his hold into a hold of her own, and applied enough pressure that she brought him to his knees in an arm bar as she neatly stepped behind him. He howled in pain and fear drawing the attention of his friends.

Suddenly Trish was surrounded by screaming people, some of whom tried to grab her. Letting go of the first assailant Trish ducked and weaved attempting to escape the ring of people trying to contain her. Hands reached for her and tried to restrain her and she used her martial art training to bat away their attempts.

Just as she pushed past the last ineffectual clutch at her jacket, a collection of gas-mask wearing men arrived and began punching the religious protesters and driving them back and down.

One gas mask wearer stood apart, his body rigid with tension, but clearly he wanted to be involved somehow.

Trish reached for and took his hand seeing the first opportunity to cull from the herd.

Even as her heart raced, and her body heated with fear, she still held firm to her plan of getting fucked by at least one anonymous man during this protest.

Leading him away she glanced at him trying to determine as many detail about him as she could.

He was young, judging by his dress, and the little of his face she could see through the mask was all eyes, wide with fear and surprise. His skin was all covered so she assumed he had planned on getting into some kind of fight, but he hadn’t, so maybe he was new to this level of militant protest.

Behind them screams were getting louder and the situation looked to be getting very intense. Voices blared on bullhorns, and the police were trying to separate the two skirmishing groups.

The protest had been staged in an open plaza and Trish dragged her companion to an alleyway that opened onto the plaza. As soon as she had any cover what-so-ever she let go of his hand and faced him squarely.

“That was intense.” She said. She had to raise her voice to be heard over the yelling of the thousands strong crowd. People jogged past them, a few feet away on the sidewalk, but Trish didn’t care.

The man she had pulled here bean to raise his gas mask and Trish reached out gently and stopped him.

“I want you to fuck me with that on. Right here.” She unbuttoned her jacket baring her small, delectable breasts to him. She lifted his hand to one supple mound and his fingers automatically began to massage her sensitive tit.

In return Trish reached for and grabbed hold of his cock through his jeans. She massaged the length of him and felt that his prick was quite small.

A little disappointed, she mentally switched gears to accommodate having a small man and not wishing for a big cock to play with.

He lifted another hand to her chest and used both to knead her pliant orbs. Trish unzipped his pants and fumbled around trying to pull his cock out of his underwear and out through his fly. His pole was short and tiny his balls almost non-existent. She had never felt a cock quite like his.

Once she had managed to pull what there was out into the air she looked down and saw it was very pale and shriveled looking. Then it occurred to her that he was terrified.

Once more she looked into his mask and saw large white eyes staring back at her.

Yes, he was very frightened, his body was reacting to the violence and his penis was shrinking to protect itself. She smiled, indulgently. Poor guy. Was he more afraid of violence, or her?

Trish dropped to her knees before him, and opening her mouth, holding her lips slightly above his cock, she looked up to be sure she had his attention.

She did.

His huge eyes were locked on her mouth, anticipating what she was about to do.

Slowly, lovingly, she engulfed him in her warm, wet cavity and she heard his muffled groan through his mask. His penis was cool to the touch, and it took a moment for her services to overcome his fear. Yet soon enough she felt him respond to her mouth. As her tongue caressed his softness, she felt him grow warm to the touch, and then fill with blood, swelling to full length as she bathed him with her mouth.

Near-by the sounds of the crowd grew louder, and angrier, meanwhile Trish knelt in the grungy alley sucking this stranger’s cock, thrilled to be doing exactly what she had hoped to be.

Trish never tired of having a hard cock fill her mouth, and the danger and exposure of this scenario had her pussy thrumming with desire.

Now that he was hard Trish ran her contented mouth up and down his length, tasting every part of his erection. It turned out he was plenty big, larger than average by a bit and as his balls returned from their hiding place up in his body she saw a hefty pair that had her anticipating a tasty load of cum.

Stroking his shaft with her hand while massaging his sack with her other hand Trish licked his knob and ran her lips over the bulb of his tip teasing him with multiple sensations.

Trish had learned from experience that it was far better to get men off quickly in these risky situations. She found it far more satisfying to have them cum quickly than hazard being interrupted and neither of them getting off.

Working him over with that in mind she ran her mouth all along the length off his pole swallowing him deeply, before pulling back and licking his head. She put everything she had into bringing him to climax as quickly as she could. When his hips began to move, driving him in and out of her delicious grip she knew it wouldn’t be long before she tasted his spunk.

Letting her hand fall from his balls she began to play with her tingling clit and she shuddered as she touched the responsive little nub of flesh.

In the spirit of challenge; the game of self-control, Trish decided that she would not cum this encounter. She had pulled this guy far more easily than she had anticipated, and she wanted to try for another to make it more demanding.

And after a few moments of blowing him, when she knew he was close to cumming, she chose to make it one step harder by having him cum on her face. Having a load of sperm on her features would make her less appealing to any other dudes looking to fuck her, and that impediment made her even wetter.

Trish absolutely loved having a hot, wet load of cum on her face. More than tasting it, or feeling it fill her snatch, Trish loved the oozing weight of a man’s seed dripping down her skin. It had been like this for as long as she could remember, and she had never seen a reason to deny herself that thrill when so many men seemed preferred it on some level.

Thus as her random lover began to buck and shudder with his approaching climax she focused on his tip, urging to climax while preparing to pull him from her mouth and aim his ejaculation over her face.

When he finally unleashed his jism Trish felt the first spurt land on her tongue and began to breathe heavier with the first tingles of her own orgasm. Pulling him from her oral grip she held him over her open mouth and stroked his shaft.

Sympathetic tremors quaked her lithe frame as his seed pulsed from his knob and out over her face. Pumping him and licking his tip Trish prolonged his pleasure for as long as he was willing to receive her attention. His climax went on and on as he spent himself over her lips, chin and up over her forehead.

Joyfully accepting his gift Trish had a series of tiny orgasms that made her smile as his cum rained down over her. She never tired of feeling the hot splash of sperm glazing her skin with sticky love.

Before she could begin to suck him off again, to retain his erection for further fun the tone of the crowds yelling grew more tense. It seemed to shift from anger toward fear.

Looking out of the alley toward the protest Trish saw riot police with shields pushing the two factions apart. She saw truncheons being used and people falling to the ground beneath the swinging weapons.

This was now a full scale riot.

“Holy shit!” Her lover exclaimed, and began tucking himself back into his pants. “We have to get out of here.”

“Yes.” Trish said dreamily, not at all caring whether he heard her. The next phase of her plan became clear. She was going right into the fray to see if anyone would play with her. This was so similar to the video that had inspired her that she simply had to take the opportunity to try and recreate it.

She was going to try and draw the rioters down into the subways tunnels.

She stood, leaving her jacket open, the lapels parting to expose her toned belly and flash her bare breasts whenever she moved. Licking her sunk stained lips and tasting delicious cum she shuddered with the desire for more.

Trish felt hypnotized with passion. The lure to give herself to the crowd of men scuffling nearby both frightened and thrilled her.

Wandering off, not looking to see what became of her lover Trish wove her way through the people fleeing the riot into the thick of the maelstrom.

Randomly men broke off fighting around her, and when they did many were momentarily distracted by her blatant sexual offer. Yet the efficient police were driving a wedge between the opponents and forcing combatants to the ground.

Tear gas was fired into the thickest part of the fray blanketing the battle in thick chemical smoke that burned the tear ducts, throat and nasal passages of those without breathing gear.

Trish stopped her approach when she saw that, and looked to see if anyone was running toward the subway station.

Many were fleeing that way, so she circled around the surging mob and made her way over to the stairs leading down.

She wasn’t close to the tear gas, but she could feel its burn, and she felt tears run down her face, mixing with the sperm already there.

Most protesters who weren’t here for violent action had fled already, so Trish found herself one of very few people without some form of protection from harm. Because of this she picked her way cautiously through the riot, avoiding conflict, looking for others not directly involved in a skirmish.

She saw many but few noticed her sexuality. They were scanning for threats, which she was not. Some few of them noticed her naked chest, but it didn’t seem to register what they were seeing.

Finally she made her way to the stairs down into the subway system and she jogged down the stairs as fast as her high heels would allow.

Down below there were fewer screams and less hubbub, but what noise there was echoed loudly in the enclosed space.

Trish walked along the platform as men ran past her, some seeking escape, some seeking enemies.

Positioning herself next to a thick tile covered support column Trish scanned the crowd for a likely sexual partner. Behaving as if she were in a bar looking to hook up Trish casually stood with her back to the wall, one foot pressed to the pillar, her hands roaming her belly, thighs and squeezing her bare tits occasionally as she offered herself to the rioters.

As man after man passed her by without stopping, Trish knew she would have to be more aggressive. She reached for the sleeve of a passing man in an anonymous Guy Fawkes’ mask and tried to stop him. He ignored her and shrugged off her grasp.

Next she called out to a passing man, but he only glanced at her confused.

A police officer in full riot gear hesitated, looking at her through his gas mask, and then moved on, dismissing her.

Maybe she couldn’t get what she wanted here. Maybe the violence was all too intense for these men to think about sex.

Rising to the great challenge, she lifted her skirt and began to play with her bald pussy, slipping a finger into her slit and rubbing up and down while massaging a tit with the other hand.

That worked. Two rioters spotted her and stopped running to watch her play with herself. They were about fifteen feet away from her and they nudged each other and spoke with their gas masked head close together.

One looked around for threats, and then began to walk over to her, closely followed by his partner.

Trish parted her legs wide, pulling her skirt way up over her waist showing them every inch of her legs and her exposed sex. When they were closer, their interest clearly piqued, she pulled off her jacket exposing her entire torso.

Feeling vulnerable, aroused and terrified Trish turned her back to the men and stepped away from the pillar. Letting her weight fall forward she leaned on her hands thrusting her ass out toward them offering her pussy to them.

They moved right up next to her. Gloved hands began to stroke her skin, making her tremble with need. Turning her head to look at them she saw them gazing at her offered body through their masks. One man pulled off his glove and slipped a finger into her dripping wet sex. Trish moaned and gripped him with her inner muscles.

The man began to fuck her with his finger as his friend removed a glove as well, grabbing her hanging tits with his bare hand.

“Fuck me. Both of you please fuck me.” She shouted over the noise of the riot.

People still ran here and there, and the police fought protesters and tried to subdue the greater numbers of still battling opposition. Outmatched, they had little energy to spare for Trish’s lewd behavior.

For now. Her time was severely limited.

Reaching a hand back to the man groping her chest she began to massage the bulge between his legs. Like the last guy he felt small, but now she had figured out why, and undeterred she attempted to bring his manhood to life.

The man using his finger to plum her depths, began to stroke her thigh and massage her buttocks with his free hand. He was clearly beginning to enjoy himself and Trish lifted her butt higher and spread her legs further, encouraging his pillaging of her charms.

The penis under her hand began to stir and she anticipating sucking it soon. Her chest felt warm and yummy as the man caressed her small breasts. His hand roamed over her smooth flesh, cupping the weight of her mounds in his palm and squeezing gently.

The men removed both gloves and their smooth warm skin stroked and explored her own warming flesh as they grew emboldened by her squirming encouragement.

Trish was in heaven as she anticipated what would happen next. This challenge was both her most daring, and her most foolhardy and that dangerous mix was making it one of the most titillating.

The cock she was groping was now at full hardness and Trish did her best to unzip the man’s pants and pull out his cock while bent over awkwardly, offering herself. When it grew too difficult she turned and bent to her knees and used both hands to free the straining boner trapped in denim.

When she pulled her hungry pussy from the other man’s hand she felt forlorn, but she lived to please, and so once one cock was free she immediately began to free the other.

The owner of the first freed cock began to stroke himself while Trish struggled to release the other. Then when both men had their cocks out Trish used both her hands and mouth to reward them for approaching her.

Taking first one then the other in between her lips she sucked and stroked them both to trembling heights in the midst of a riot.

Both men moved nice and close to her, shielding her somewhat from view, but her bare skin and intimate position were obvious to any who cared to look. Luckily for them no-one seemed all that interested in three people having sex while fists, rocks and batons were a very real threat to life and limb.

Both her new lovers had fine specimens of maleness. Each were six to seven inches long and fairly thick. As she gulped and slurped on them she felt a familiar sense of completeness and belonging. Trish never grew jaded about how much she loved sucking cock. She never took it for granted. Something inside her felt whole when she was engaged in pleasing a man.

In her normal life Trish didn’t seek male attention. Men found it too hard to see past her physical beauty and that limitation on their part bored her. But when it came to sex Trish was at her best when actively gratifying a male. It was a holdover from an abusive childhood, but she looked at it as an enhancement to her life, not a detriment.

There were times when her deepest-self worried about these games of Self Control. Trish certainly questioned her own sanity when she considered how dangerous her life could get at times like this, but as soon as she had a cock in her mouth all consideration of consequence fled and she thought only of the reward. A hot spray of sticky cum drenching her. Nothing else mattered.

So it was that she put her all into pleasing these men. She knelt on the cool tile of the subway platform and worked both cocks with her expert ministrations bringing them to the heights of passion.

When she felt them getting close to climax she pulled back and went to her hands and knees, taking one firm cock with her, pulling her lover with her grip on his tool and she swallowed him once more when she was properly positioned to take both men at once.

Offering her firm ass to the man left behind she suckled the one man while reaching back and spreading her pussy lips for the other.

Easily picking up her obvious clue the other man positioned himself at her entrance and eased into her steaming slit.

As she was filled by cock for the first time in weeks Trish moaned her need over the firm member lodged in her throat. Voracious with longing Trish began to push back on the cock entering her, urging him to plunge in and fuck her hard.

Once she had forced him to bottom out in her tight grip Trish bucked and humped back at him while feeding the other man’s cock into her face. She gripped the man in her mouth with lips and one hand and pumped him eagerly into her drooling orifice. Trish was on fire, desperate to be hammered violently by these men. She wanted their fucking to match the intensity of the riot around them.

Quickly the men drew confidence from her obvious desire to be aggressively fucked and they started to pound into her. The man fucking her cunt drove himself into her , his belly slapping her upturned ass and his cock slamming into her cervix making her cry out with delight.

The man using her mouth also started propelling himself in and out of her mouth assertively, his balls slapping her chin lewdly making her wriggle with lascivious arousal.

Both men instinctively began to plunge into her at the same time, filling her so completely that Trish began to feel the beginnings of her climax approaching only moments after being penetrated.

All around them the riots continued. Policemen shouted at people to stop and lay on the ground. The meaty thud of clubs being driven into flesh echoed the slap of belly to butt as Trish was as ferociously assailed in one way as the protesters were assaulted in another.

Knowing this would be brought to a potentially violent end any moment Trish felt the beauty of the transience of this encounter. Any second it could end as a police officer arrested them. Using the fragility of the instant Trish gave herself over to her pleasure and began to cum.

A warm, thick wash of bliss emanated from her clit and spread out over her body. Working out from the deep thick muscles of her inner thighs it radiated outward in waves that washed further and further away from her centre and finally encompassed the whole of her being.

Wailing her rapture around the dong slipping in and out of her gaping mouth Trish felt tremendous delight as every moment became more perfectly filled with gratification. The longer her pleasure peaked the more she enjoyed having these men use her body. Every cell opened up like a flower in the desert opened to the rain.

Pure elation cascaded outward from her pussy enveloping the whole of humanity. She felt glutted on delight and she spilled over the remnants in a warm flow of sticky fluids. Shuddering and bucking she came and came, her body too small and frail to contain this amount of euphoria.

And yet there was more pleasure to experience. Suddenly the man fucking her blissful pussy began to fill her clenching core with sperm. When she felt the warm gush of his seed Trish discovered that the limits of her physical being had only just begun to be expanded.

Light exploded behind her eyes as her brain registered the thrill of being pumped full of cum. All her sexual life she had gloried in a man’s orgasm. The hot thick spill of jism delighted her like nothing else. Already primed fully to revel in her pleasure Trish felt her delight swell to engulf her in even greater waves of ecstasy.

Clutching at the moving cock ensconced in her quivering cunt, Trish tried to hold her lover still so she could revel in his swollen manhood , but he continued to move, driving into her and pumping his load into her deepest recesses.

Desperate to feel every throb of his member she clamped her strong pussy over him and squeezed as hard as she could. Forced to release the other cock from her mouth Trish willed her body to hold her other lover still needing him wedged deep inside her ravenous core.

It worked. With one last thrust the man found he could no longer pull out and his climax came to a final euphoric culmination. His fingers dug deeply into her buttocks and she could hear his muffled groan as he spilled his last drops into her contracting quim.

Her climax was a ferocious monster that tossed her helplessly. Shuddering violently as her orgasm thrashed her in a delightful grip, Trish languished in the jaws of a beast beyond her control.

Then, after a prolonged spasm, Trish was finally once more the one in control of her limbs. As she unclasped her firm grip on the man in her pussy she felt him pull backward, not out, but outward and this sensation, minimal though it was, sent her off on another climax just as violent as the last.

Helplessly she convulsed with paroxysms of joy, her body supremely fulfilled by this encounter. Heat burned in her slot as her lover moved in and out slowly, easing himself gently out and back into her velvety grip. Yet even this much stimulation was too great, and her overcharged body throbbed with passion.

Then her other lover began to stroke her face with his damp tool. She opened her mouth for him, beyond reason or caring. As his knob passed her lips she felt an even deeper climax contract her body in a tightly coiled grip.

All her life Trish had wondered how far she could push her body in these sexual encounters she subjected herself too, and today she found a hidden depth to sexual gratification she had never encountered before.

This dangerous setting, so public, so sordid and deviant had unlocked an even greater capacity for pleasure in her than anything she had known before.

Degenerately she rutted like an animal on the filthy tile of the subway floor while all around her humanity thrashed in polarizing conflict. As other members of her species struggled with each other Trish indulged in her basest carnal desires and achieved bliss amid their torment.

And she was not alone.

Her mouth suddenly began to fill with delectable sperm. The man fucking her face spilled his gooey jizz onto her thrashing tongue and once more the pleasure of her partner drove her deeper into the veiled pit of pure delight she could never fully remember after.

As warm cum filled her mouth and she guzzled it like ambrosia her body pulsated with pure delight at having achieved her goal. All she ever wanted was this reward, this wet, viscous sign of approval. A man’s seed signified his acceptance of all the sordid, unsavory conduct she engaged in to test her Self Control.

Exulting in her reward Trish quaked with physical gratification as she drank his cum. Approval splashed over her tongue thrilling her with wicked tribute.

Swallowing her reward Trish let the slippery dong fall from her lips as she gasped for air, her body spent from her exertions.

A pair of struggling opponents stumbled by just then and jostled the trio of sexual partners.

Her lovers hustled to disengage from the panting woman they had just fucked. Zipping up they scrambled to their feet suddenly reminded of what was going on around them.

Trish beyond the ability to care at that moment rested her head on her forearms and, with her ass still in the air, gasped to catch her breath after her debilitating orgasms.

Abandoned by her erstwhile paramours Trish tried to gather the remnants of her sense of self-preservation, tattered to ruins by a series of explosive climaxes. All she really wanted was to stay here, ass up, and either rest or continue being fucked.

Yet she forced awareness back into her exhausted body and once more became aware of the conflict around her. Violence surrounded her. Struggling men fought each other mere feet away in clumps and pairs of bodies.

Trish summoned her willpower and coerced her tired body to rise. She crawled to her jacket and used the pillar to struggle to her feet.

Chaos roiled all around her as the police attempted to part fighting protesters and apprehend rioters.

Leaking fluids from her still thrumming pussy Trish pulled the jacket over her torso and then tugged her skirt over her groin. Then she staggered along the platform, avoiding thrashing men and running people. Aiming for the stairs back to the street she tottered along slowly, careful to negotiate her way past fighting men.

As the aftereffects of her tremendous series of orgasms left her body she grew more acutely aware of danger and moved more quickly.

Occasionally someone would look at her, assessing the risk she posed, and then seeing her smeared make-up, and open jacket would pause and really look at this tussled, stained woman walking slowly through the combat.

Trish made no attempt to hide her bare chest and if anyone had approached she would have happily fucked them. That was why she had come here and she had not reached the limit her Self Control demanded she test.

Yet no-one did approach, they were understandably far more worried about the riot.

When at last she emerged above ground she saw the carnage that had occurred in the plaza. Broken glass, smouldering wreckage and spent tear gas canisters littered the street.

Here and there the police hauled away combatants, and the protesters attempted to stop them.

There were a few broken windows, but it appeared that no looting had happened, or was happening at present anyway.

Trish began to walk in the direction her car was parked a couple blocks away, her mind nearly numb from the shock of the violence going on around her and the stupefying orgasms she was still recovering from.

Before she had gone a block she encountered three men in once tidy button down shirts and khaki pants. They were disheveled and had some blood here and there indicating they had been in a fight of some sort.

They gaped at Trish, her legs glazed with her cum and the seeping sperm of a lover, her face, once painted like a doll looking smeared and vulgar her breasts bared lecherously. She saw the moment that one of them recognized her. One of the men suddenly looked furious; his face darkening and his eyes blazing.

“Look at that whore! Look at that slut parading around here like a harlot. She was the one that started all this!” The three men began to walk toward her.

Recognizing this man in return she recalled him screaming at her from the line of bigots when things began.

The leader was continuing his tirade, working the others up to a fever pitch and she saw him as clearly in those first moments as he saw her. This man feared and hated women because they brought out in him feelings he was powerless to contend with.

Every word he said confirmed this.

“Behold the spawn of Satan herself come to lure us with her lustful looks and bared flesh!” He cried as if speaking to hundreds, not two. “In days of old she would have been stoned to death here on the street for looking so wantonly!”

Instinctively Trish assessed the best reaction to give them. These men were fueled by hatred and fear, they had obviously already engaged in violence today, and were ready to do so again. She needed to turn this violence into sex rather than a beating.

If she wanted this to be a sexual encounter not a wholly violent one she needed to get off the street. Looking around she saw a worn derelict brick building to her immediate left. The door was open and the interior dim and grungy looking.

Trish began to walk that way as the men moved toward her. They followed her from a distance and she used a combination of fearful movement and sexual provocation to pull them after her.

The loud mouth stepped ahead of the others. “She seeks to tempt us brothers! Do not submit.” He called.

Poised on the threshold of the door Trish called out to them.

“You guys wouldn’t know what to do with a woman if she offered herself to you.”

As she spoke Trish removed her jacket once more, exposing her perfect breasts to their wide open eyes. When she saw them gaze at her firm, proud breasts she let one hand brush over her soft flesh.

Then she slipped inside the derelict building and prayed they followed her.

Inside it was dirty and dingy and smelled musty. Someone had kicked the door in and the remains of the doorjamb littered the nearby floor.

Immediately to her left a room opened up and the floor was littered with debris and the refuse of the many junkies who had used this room to do whatever drugs currently gutted the poor. A stained mattress caught her eye and she shivered excitedly thinking about having three men take her on that filthy bed.

Behind her the men arrived. Trish walked over to the bed on the floor and tossed her jacket nonchalantly.

Stepping out of her skirt Trish revealed her swollen, glistening slit to their dumbfounded gaze.

“You church boys got any balls? You think you can handle a real woman, or would you rather kneel in front of your God and beg?”.

The leader ran up to her and Trish went loose ready to absorb the strike she saw coming. She could have avoided it, or countered with a move of her own, but instead she took his slap to the face, turning with it to lessen the effect.

Even so the crack of his hand on her cheek echoed in the stillness of the room. It hurt and made her eyes water but she had endured far worse in the S&M dungeons she had visited.

Everyone froze waiting to see what happened after such a brutal slap. Trish slowly turned back to look at her attacker and she smiled and reaching out cupped his cock in her hand.

“Did that get you hard big boy? Does hitting women make you feel manly?” Stroking his cock she felt that in fact he was somewhat hard.

He didn’t move her hand, but grabbed her shoulders and shook her.

“Jezebel, you will not tempt the likes of me with your lewdness.”

“Go on hit me again, show me how much of a man you are.” Her hand gripped his shaft and squeezed.

His hand came up and once more she went loose to absorb the impact. Another slap rocked her head back and to the right, her left cheek stinging from the blow, but it was still less than she could take.

She looked up at him, tears leaking from her eyes, and she smiled into his snarling face. The cock in her hand stirred as she made eye contact and she kneaded the still pliant flesh.

“Oooo. Hitting me really turns you on doesn’t it? Here spank my saucy ass.” Turning she pressed her buttocks into his stiffening member and ground her ass on him. He didn’t step back but he did begin to spank her.

“You are a whore and I won’t sully myself with the likes of you.” He screamed as he walloped her cheeks. These strikes did hurt, a lot, because she couldn’t see them coming, but Trish knew how to separate herself from the pain.

The leader of the group grabbed her arms at the elbow and pulled her to him. She stood with her back and buttocks pressed to his front as he gripped her arms painfully, holding her still. Trish could easily have gotten out of his grip, the hold he used could be countered in many ways, but she chose to keep still and see what developed.

The other two men moved to her front and stared at her out-thrust beasts and exposed pussy.

“You boys like what you see?” she asked and spread her legs wider. Tilting her pelvis forward she offered them the slick, wetness of her sex, still full of sperm from her last encounter.

“Punish her, Mark. Slap her. Teach her to respect us, and our ways.”

Mark went pale and identified himself. “Go on.” The leader encouraged. “Do it.”

Raising his hand slightly he stared at her painted face; tears leaked from her eyes, her make-up smeared and stained with dried jism from her first man today, and still Trish knew he found her attractive. Men always found her attractive when they hurt her. That was why she has spent years training her body to respond with pleasure when she encountered pain. The more they tried to hurt her the more pleasure she took from it. This was the core of her ability to maintain Self Control. She lived for the moment when the men who tried to hurt her broke and gave her what she wanted. That special, magical moment when they ejaculated and she knew she had won. When they proved that she was stronger and better than them.

Each man had his breaking point, and a trigger that led to it. Her skill lay in exploiting them. Looking at Mark she saw a man conflicted between his lust and his compassion. He wouldn’t respond well to her anger. He needed to see her genuine arousal in order to engage in sex with her.

Trish had been in a number of dangerous situations like this, she purposely sought them out, but the trick to each was walking the terrifyingly thin line of balance between the many personalities present. Mark was almost the opposite of the loud mouth. Yes he wanted her and he would take her violently if Loud Mouth told him to, but Trish wanted to push Mark far enough that he wanted to actively participate in this.

That was the hard part. How to do that, while keeping Loud Mouth engaged in his particular way too, and the still unknown fellow on top of that. These were the challenges she lived for.

With acting skills keenly honed over years spent in an abusive home Trish adopted the role she felt in her deepest gut would pull Mark into willingly abusing her, and thus she would be able to control the abuse, keeping it within the boundaries she accepted.

Allowing her tears to fall freely, she softened her face appealingly, changing from the challenging shrew to the cute girl-next-door that she suspected Mark wanted her to be.

“You’d better do what he says. It’s alright.” She smiled for him, a weak, sad smile. Then she winked at him. “I can take it.” Then she wiggled lewdly against Loud Mouth, grinding her ass against his cock once more. “Hold me tight, wimp.” And she shared a secret smile with Mark.

“Slap this whore already. She is making a mockery of everything we have fought for today.” Loud Mouth held her tighter still, trying to stop her squirming.

Mark stepped close and looking deeply into her weeping eyes prepared to slap her. Trish nodded to him, and Mark swung his hand and his palm smacked her cheek with a weak pat.

The other young man with them giggled at Mark’s feeble effort.

“You do it.” Mark hissed, clearly embarrassed by the whole thing.

The other man, a rat faced fellow with a mean glint in his eye stepped up immediately and slapped Trish across the face, hard. She gasped as she recoiled. She’s had no time to prepare and it stung the worst of the lot so far.

Before she could regain her equilibrium he slapped her again with a backhand that sent her head flying the other way. That was going to leave a bruise.

“You like that?” He gritted between clenched teeth. “I don’t see you smiling now whore!”

He was however. He had a tight mean smile and Trish realized that he was a hard-core bully. This was the sort of man she most feared, the hardest kind to placate with anything less than blood.

Then he began to slap her breasts. Swatting her naked flesh he struck her soft mounds over and over while yelling at her, spittle flying from his mouth.

“You are a slut! A tease! You skank! The Lord is too good for the likes of you!”

With her chest stinging like a horrible sunburn Trish took deep breathes and tried to calm her panic as she absorbed the assault. The shock was overwhelming, but the pain was no more than she had endured in the dungeon of the sex club she frequented. She could deal with this.

As she found her place of calm the slaps continued as Rat Faced slapped her tits, then her belly and down to her thighs. He switched hands as his face went bright red with his efforts.

Tears flowed from her eyes and she gasped periodically with pain. And yet her goal remained the same. Trish still sought ways to turn this from a beating into a fucking. She ground her ass into Loud Mouth’s crotch and clenched her buttocks around his hard shaft as much as possible. She spread her thighs for Rat Face, offering him her glinting sex. She wanted more than ever for these three assholes to fuck the shit out of her.

Rat Face ran out of steam pretty quickly, he didn’t know how to do this properly, and his hand was clearly hurting.

“That’s how you do it Mark.” He sneered at his friend, while cradling his sore hands as unobtrusively as he could. Trish saw however, and hoped that would be the end of the slapping.

Suddenly inspired, Trish allowed her weight to sag, making Loud Mouth choose to either hold her up bodily, or let her fall to her knees. He opted to hold on but let her weight slump. Trish went to her knees on the squalid floor and sagged as if she were vanquished. Loud Mouth still held her arms, pulling them back, his grip slipping from her elbows to her wrists.

Falling as far as she could forward in Loud Mouth’s hold she let her face move within inches of Rat Face’s crotch where he stood panting in front of her. She let her wig cascade over her face in long brown locks and she brushed his crotch with the top of her head.

Rat Face froze at that light contact and Trish exaggerated her gasping letting her whole body sway while pressing her head to the growing erection in Rat Face’s pants. When she felt him lean onto the top of her head slightly she sobbed loudly and lifted her face and pressed her cheek to his rapidly hardening cock.

It was incredibly difficult balancing the desires of three men in such an extreme situation, but Trish felt she had a handle on how to play these guys. So far it seemed Loud Mouth wanted to punish her, Rat Face wanted to dominate her, and Mark wanted to save her.

Trish didn’t have time to play coy with these guys, someone could arrive, or one of them might grow too scared to proceed, or even determine that they weren’t going to get the encounter they wanted and just start to beat her, so Trish gambled and escalated things.

Opening up her mouth she stuck out her tongue and lifting her head ran her pink appendage along the shaft of Rat Face’s cock through his pants. Looking up at him through the sheath of her hair she gazed at him with need and submission while licking along his length.

Then she turned her head looking for Mark and saw him pull his gaze from her nudity and glance at her face. Trish shrugged and smiled for him. Then she twisted around and called back to Loud Mouth.

“At least one of your minions is a real man.”

Rat Face seemed stunned by her lasciviousness and he made no move to stop Loud Mouth as he bent down taking Trish’s head in his hands and held her immobile.

“You have a lot of nerve you slut. I would be careful what you say here, if I were you.” He squatted behind her, his legs parted around her back, his hard-on pressing into her spine.

With her hands now free Trish reached forward to balance herself and grabbed Rat Face’s cock with one hand and his thigh with the other.

“Do you think I might get in trouble? Oh no! If I play nice will you let me go?” She stroked Rat Face’s erection boldly and she looked up at him with imploring eyes, her head still held firm by Loud Mouth.

“You’d like us to sully ourselves with the likes of you, wouldn’t you, you skank? You like to tempt us from Heaven’s embrace!” Loud Mouth hissed in her ear.

“I’d like to sully myself with this.” Trish deftly unzipped Rat Face’s pants and reached into his fly to grab his penis through his underwear. Rat Face didn’t move, but she saw him smile down at her with his evil little grin. His hard-on pulsed in her hand, heat radiating off the engorged shaft.

All three men froze as she groped Rat Face openly. Her hand was the only part of the small group moving, all eyes on her wrist where it disappeared into his fly and the bulge of her hand on his cock as it ran up and down.

Knowing she needed to proceed before she was stopped Trish nimbly tugged Rat Face’s underwear down and then extracted his tool from his fly, exposing it to their view.

His cock was pleasing looking, big, but well within the average size and pink with a darker circumcised head. It was smooth with a few prominent veins and a clean healthy skin.

Trish stroked Rat Face’s shaft openly. She glanced over at Mark and saw that he was mesmerized by what she was doing, his eyes wide and his tongue licking his lips tentatively.

Behind her Loud Mouth squeezed her head tightly and leaned forward forcing her to move her face closer to the erection in her hand.

Leaning in of her own accord Trish brought her lips right next to the head of the cock and beseechingly looked up at Rat Face seeking permission to suck it.

There is a special sort of tension to the initial moment sex starts that Trish loved. As she held still poised to start sucking his cock Trish saw the choice flash across Rat Face’s features. Like the moment a performer pulls an audience member on stage, there is a split second of hesitation from the audience member. A good performer can pull the person through it effortlessly, and Trish had learned to do that.

All it took was eye contact, confidence and compassion.

When Rat Face looked into her eyes he would see that she meant him no harm, that she wanted his participation in her defilement. Trish sincerely wanted him and all his friends to fuck her here on that soiled mattress. Seeing that he had permission to indulge in his most perverse fantasies Rat Face proceeded where otherwise he might not.

Placing his hand on her head Rat Face urged her on and she opened up and took him between her lips. Sliding her tongue around his knob she ran her lips over his head and made a real show of it for the others watching.

Trish could feel Loud Mouth’s cock grinding into her back and feel the heat of his breath on her cheek as he leaned closer to watch every miniscule movement.

Trish let the knob pass from her lips and she began to run her lips and tongue along the side of the shaft so she could face Mark. Looking up at him she saw his eyes meet hers above the hard cock between her lips.

Reaching out Trish grabbed Mark’s belt and pulled him closer. While running her mouth along the length of Rat Face’s pole she began to stroke Mark’s cock through his pants. He flinched at first but her hand on his obviously aroused member relaxed him.

Loud Mouth could no longer see her face or Rat Face’s cock from where he was so he adjusted. Moving around he knelt on her right and began to stroke her bright red, stinging breasts. He pinched her nipple hard and made her groan.

Opening her perceptions as wide as she could Trish, the sexual virtuoso she was, began to perform for all three men.

Engulfing Rat Face’s prick fully in her warm mouth she pulled Mark’s cock out with her left hand and used her other to search for and find Loud Mouth’s. She groped Loud Mouth clumsily while stroking Mark’s boner and blowing Rat Face. Three cocks all happy with her attention.

If she could purr like a cat Trish would be doing so now. With a hard cock in each hand and one in her mouth she felt utterly content to kneel here for a few moments basking in the attention of these three men.

Her tingling skin, sore from being slapped, was now being mauled roughly by Loud Mouth and that tingling pleasure was getting her very horny.

Mark stepped closer and she switched from sucking Rat Face to slurping on Mark’s straining tool. Rat Face smeared his wet pole around her hollowed cheek and painted her features with her own saliva.

Loud Mouth pulled away and her hand fell from his cock, which was the only member still ensconced in pants.

Lifting her small hands she wrapped fingers around the two cocks aimed at her face and stroked both, taking turns sucking each for a few seconds then switching to the other. The sounds of her pleasure filled the room with soft voiced moans of delight.

Back and forth she alternated stuffing one cock down her throat then the other while madly jacking both off. Hungrily she gobbled them, devouring their erections, putting on a lewd display of being a cock hungry whore.

Then she felt Loud Mouth move immediately to her side and looking over saw his exposed cock also aimed at her face.

Now she began to juggle cocks.

With both hands and her mouth Trish pleasured these men. Kneeling on the trash covered floor, the sounds of a riot still echoing from a block away Trish stroked two slippery pricks and sucked one. Then she would switch who was being blown and who was being jacked off.

Her head bobbed up and down over hard man flesh and her spittle dribbled over her face and hands as she drooled over these hard rods of throbbing manhood.

At times like this Trish felt more at home than at any other moment. Feminism meant nothing to her, Equality a distant memory. Trish Stark lived to be used by men. Aware of how demeaning it was for other women to contemplate a situation like this, Trish made no apology for her lusts.

Trish was grateful for the efforts of other women to advance the lives of females everywhere, and Trish had every intention of living a life free of the constraints men placed on women in normal situations. Yet for Trish sex could only be satisfying if it were dangerous, degrading and pushed her emotional boundaries.

Trish wasn’t like other women. It wasn’t her fault, or her choice, but she indulged it wholeheartedly now that she was aware of it. It scared her how well her body and mind worked together to bring her explosive orgasms from uninhibited, dangerous sex. But that is what brought her the most pleasure, and after a terrible childhood she felt entitled to as much pleasure as she could achieve.

With three men all under her spell, literally in the palm of her hands, she was able to access a freedom no other area of life could provide. Here everything was simple, she used the body she had been given, the one she trained for just this purpose; being exploited and utilized for the pleasure of strangers.

Her attention had wandered and she had focused too long on Mark’s cock. Rat Face and Loud Mouth grew restless rubbing their cocks against her cheeks trying to get her to suck on them. Then Loud Mouth moved behind her and disappeared from her cock filled view.

She switched to Rat Face’s erection and was swallowing him as deeply as she could when she felt Loud Mouth spreading her legs wider apart and exposing her sex. Helping him she adjusted her position to give him greater access by sticking her ass out and arching her back.

Still sucking Rat Face she used his and Mark’s bodies to support her weight as she leaned forward to give Loud Mouth a better shot at her pussy. Anticipation made her tremble as she waited to be filled from behind.

Doubling her efforts to suck off the other two men Trish worshiped their cocks adoringly as she felt Loud Mouth position himself behind her, his cock rubbing along her thighs as he aimed it at her slit.

When his knob parted her wet nether lips she moaned with need. This whole scenario was one of the hottest she had ever been in, and she had already gotten herself deliriously fucked in a crazy situation earlier. Her body was thrumming with desire, her brain fogged by lust as she felt herself taken by these men in this crack den.

At last Loud Mouth shoved his cock into her. He didn’t ease in, he didn’t allow her to accommodate herself to accept his size, he just rammed himself into her slick opening and it made her feel amazing.

She was still slippery from other men’s cum, but her juices were in full flow anyway, she was so aroused by this situation. She gasped as she felt hard cock fill her, but it didn’t hurt at all. She wanted it harder.

Loud Mouth began to drive in and out of her dripping cunt and each time he filled her up Trish grunted over the cock she was sucking. When he pulled out she whimpered from the loss. The tingling friction of his pole moving in her sensitive depths made her tremble with passion.

Loud mouth groped her tits as he pulled her body back onto his shaft while driving his hips forward and filling her with meat. He treated her like a fuck toy and Trish loved it.

The other men began to masturbate over her face when she wasn’t sucking them, and their cock heads rubbed all over her damp face as she swayed back and forth from the deep thrusts she was getting from behind.

What little make-up still covered her face was transferring to the cocks waving before her eyes, and spittle coated them with gleaming wetness. Trish’s face was a wet mess of fluids and she spilled even more drool down her chin and over her breasts as cocks came and went from her wide open maw.

Trish could have stayed like this forever, but she wanted the men to all enjoy themselves fully. She wasn’t here simply to please herself. Her aim was to make these men lose control before she did. That was the game and she needed to win.

She wanted them all in every hole, she was desperate to be completely filled by cock, but by the rules of her game she needed them to be in charge. They had to dictate what happened to her and she had to have the courage to do it, or fail.

Pretending to stop for air Trish let her head droop, hanging between the two men whose cocks were in her hands. She continued to stroke the slippery shafts while waiting for a particularly deep thrust from Loud Mouth.

With her hips she tilted her sex away from Loud Mouth slightly not letting him cram himself all the way into her. She denied him that last inch of her pussy and when he grew frustrated he slammed into her driving his prick as deep inside her as he could.

Trish used his momentum to push forward and she let herself fall between the other two men. Letting them go she stopped her fall with her hands on the filthy bed beyond them.

Now she was on all fours, Loud Mouth had just the tip of his cock inside her, his hands fell from her breasts to her ass when she toppled, and the other two men laughed at her awkward tumble.

WARNING: This is EXTREMLY Futa / hermaphrodite heavy fiction written for a niche audience. The plot is a bit thin, and really only there to string our poor hero from one encounter to the next. Please exercise a healthy suspension of disbelief: This is not realistic erotica, it is fetishized, exaggerated, largely impossible pornographic smut. Thank you, and happy fapping.

I will write future chapters until I run out of inspiration / ideas for this story arc. Enjoy!


Chapter 1, “The Woods”

Rick was making good time on the trail, on track to reach the hill’s summit by noon, when the alert tone on his phone went off. Unlike his friends, Rick had opted for the ultra rugged, satellite uplinked mountaineering cell phone over a flashy smart phone. He couldn’t surf the web, but the thing was fully waterproof and could get signal anywhere.

Currently, its insistent buzzing was telling him that the National Weather Service had issued an alert for his area of sudden T-storms and flash flooding. Sudden changes in weather were to be expected in this part of the country, but this was supposed to be a doozy. Rick was prepared though, being a more experienced hiker than many twice his age (other college kids went to Cancun for spring break, he’d been hiking since he was three..), and broke from his planned route to get to the nearest high ground. It began to drizzle as he found a good spot, and outright rain as he started setting up.

Rick quickly strung his camping hammock and rain tarp between a pair of tall, sturdy trees, slung his pack with its waterproof cover on a nearby branch, and ducked into his setup as a loud crack signaled the sky opening. The rain became a downpour, dropping the temperature considerably. Rick had gotten a bit wet while setting up, and he was beginning to get cold. Fortunately, dry clothes were in his pack for later, and he had tossed his micro-fleece blanket in the hammock while setting up.

Amidst the roar of the rain and booms of thunder, he shimmied out of his wet clothes and stuffed them into the storage pouch of his hammock, and wrapped himself up in his blanket. Figuring it might take a while for this to blow over, Rick drifted off for a light nap.


Rick dreamed of his college dorm, just that morning when he was about to set out for his hike. Stacy, one of his friends (not ‘girlfriend’ though, more like frequent friend with benefits), had just got out from a morning lecture on deviant behavior, and being a deviant herself, was intolerably horny and determined to delay him for a little while. He had just finished filling his pack when she slunk into the room and pressed herself to his back. He could feel that she had already ditched her blouse and bra, as her perky little tits were unmistakable through the thin fabric of his tank-top. A delicate hand reached around to cup his crotch as she nuzzled his neck.

“Stay a while why-don-cha?”

Rick laughed and squirmed in her embrace, as much to get some movement on his cock as anything else. “Stacy, I gotta go, its a long drive out there..”

She slipped around in front of him, giving him a full dose of pouty lips and puppy-dog eyes. “But its such a short drive in here…” She said, rubbing between her legs with her other hand. Her firm hand-fulls bobbed on her chest as she pressed her arms together to give Rick a good view of her cleavage. Stacy had kind of a sultry punk girl appeal to her, with modest curves on a slight frame, bright pink hair, and dusky eyeshadow. Her pale skin was decorated here and there with a growing tattoo collection, and glints of light shined from a few piercings that punctuated her features from her eyebrow to her nipples. She planned to go lower eventually…

“You could always come with me…we’ll pack a picnic and I’ll eat you for lunch!” Rick waggled his eyebrows at her, knowing that oral was her weak spot.

She smirked at him and suddenly dropped, taking his shorts with her. “How about we stay in and 69 all day.” Her lips dove forward, not waiting for a reply. She licked up the length of Rick’s growing shaft before guiding it into her mouth with her tongue, rolling the studded ball of her tongue-ring right under the head of Rick’s cock. She gave him a look halfway between innocent schoolgirl and town harlot as she started to bob her head over his shaft.

“You mind-tricks won’t work on me…” Rick’s voice shuddered and sounded less than convincing. Stacy was a psych major, and the only thing she liked better than a real fuck was a mind-fuck. Still, Rick figured he could stand to be a little late getting out. His hands went to rest on her shoulders as she swirled her tongue under his cock and slid her lips up and down his shaft, sucking gently all the while. Rick’s knees trembled a little and Stacy swung him over towards the bed, breaking her mouth off his cock to lick his balls while Rick leaned back against his pack.

“Mother nature can’t make you feel like I can Ricky-boy, Besides, she’s always around and I’m feeling freaky now!” Stacy’s lips nibbled softly up the underside of his shaft, her tongue tip flicking its stud back and forth as she climbed, until taking him into her mouth again and bobbing more energetically than before. Rick had no reply but a moan as he let her win this one. Suddenly he felt something knocking at his back door and sat up abruptly.

“What the hell Stacy!”

Stacy just grinned at him around his cock, withdrawing her finger from where it was poking at his asshole. She pulled off and kissed his tip. “Oh come on, some guys like it. How can you be sure you don’t unless you try?”

Rick scowled at her, his ass clenching reflexively. “Hell no. I’ll be into that when pigs fly. That’s an exit only…” Stacy just smiled and slipped her hands under his butt, squeezing and rubbing his cheeks. “Can’t help it, dat ass!” She nuzzled his cock and gave an over the top porn star style lick up one side. “Besides, you didn’t seem to have a problem going in my exit last night…”

Rick blushed, admitting to himself that it did feel amazing. He was just a little uptight about it, after all, he was a guy… “You’re right, I’m a prick. Maybe…I’m just not ready for it yet ok babe?”

Stacy grinned and grazed her teeth carefully over his tip, making him shiver. “Ok lover, whenever you’re ready.” She gave him a naughty wink and went back to stroking her fingers and lips across his shaft. “And you’re not a prick. This is a prick!” with that she downed his cock again, rolling his balls in one hand while squeezing his buns with the other. She had him moaning like a whore in minutes and cumming like a champ soon after. She swallowed his load, making sure to suck just a little more to make Rick squirm and yelp, then pulled off his cock with a smack of her lips. Stacy stood cupped his balls, giving him a Cheshire grin, “Well, I really should go study for my test tomorrow. Enjoy the woods! I enjoyed yours…” and sashayed back out of his dorm, slipping on her top along the way. Rick let out a bewildered chuckle as he tried to catch his breath and got dressed again. Stacy was crazy, but then thats why he lov…liked her.


The vivid dream / memory faded, leaving Rick with his hands around his dick under the blanket. Something nagged at his mind, bringing him out of dreamland and back to reality. When Rick woke up it was eerily calm. No patter of raindrops falling from leaves, no birds chirping as they emerged from their hiding places, only wind blowing over tall grass. Wind, and the creaking of overstressed wood…

No sooner had Rick peeked out of the hammock to see what was going on, than he suddenly fell earthward. Landing with a splat, his fall was cushioned by a deep mud puddle below him, which immediately seeped into the hammock and covered his blanket and clothing. He struggled to disentangle himself from his muddy silk sheath, and what greeted his eyes when he got free left him in shock: everything was gone.

All the trees that had been surrounding him were gone…

Washed away maybe? No, because in their place were rolling fields of chest high grass. The trees where his hammock had been hanging were now old rotted husks, broken from his weight. How could this have happened? Even if he had somehow slept through some kind of landslide, there would be evidence of it…right?

He wasn’t in a good place to sit and ponder though. For one, he was stark naked out in the wilderness. Not that he was bashful; while Rick might have been a little round in the middle, his muscular arms and legs made it obvious he wasn’t soft. And his partners so far hadn’t complained about the girth of what was hanging between his legs or how he used it (though he had always been paranoid that it was a bit short).

His blanket and damp clothes were muddy now, but he’d have to figure out a way to salvage them; his pack with all his spare provisions was nowhere to be seen, possibly washed away with the rest of…everything. Rick re-strung the ridge line of his hammock as a makeshift clothes line and tossed his much covered gear over it to drip dry. He might have to park it here for a while to at least let his shorts dry before trying to figure out where he was, he just hoped on one else happened upon him while he was au-naturel.

A buzzing from the mud broke him from his sulking and instantly lifted his mood, his phone! Quickly he bent over and snatched it from the mud, wiping off the screen. Somehow the battery life had dropped from around three quarters to less than 10%. With the last moments of battery life he checked his GPS – ‘Location not found’ was all he got for his efforts. Before he could ponder just what in the hell was going on, he heard a sound like rapidly approaching hoofbeats…

Rick looked up just in time to see what looked like a strange horse barreling down on him through the tall grass. From the expression on its face, it was just as surprised to see him! He had only moments to puzzle out how the animal’s gait seemed wrong, and its face too short… almost like a cartoon character, before they collided and he went down into the mud with… whatever it was.

When the stars cleared from his eyes he was sitting atop something from the mind of a perverted cartoonist: Somewhere between a person and a horse, the creature… a “she” as Rick was embarrassed to find out from his hands firmly planted on her ample, heaving, bosom, was covered in fine jet-black hair and was firmly muscled, except for the soft yet perky globes on her chest. The skin under the hair was also black, becoming inkier around her lips and nipples, and her eyes were storm grey. Rick was even more startled when this humanoid mare smirked and spoke,

“Well little naked monkey, if you wanted a pony ride, all you had to do was ask!”

It was almost too much; she even had a deep southern accent like some hayseed country horse might have in children’s program. Rick’s face crumpled in confusion at her remark, then alarm as he felt something smack into the small of his back and creep up. He twisted around to see what looked like a mottled black and pink snake the width of his forearm crawling up his back…until he realized that it wasn’t a snake, and that the horse lady wasn’t strictly a “she”.

The mare, ‘stallion-ess’ actually seemed more appropriate, chose that moment to buck, sending Rick flying over the growing monstrosity of her horse-cock, to land on his face in the mud ahead of her. Before he could react he felt strong hands grip his hips and yank him back. Something wet and wide pressed against his pucker, threatening to stretch his poor virgin ring wide. He felt a little spurt against his ass, the thick pre lubing his entrance and letting him know that the the horse-woman was more than ready for him, tingling slightly.

“Oh God no, please please, it won’t fit…” was all Rick managed before she jerked his hips back again, her tip starting to push into him slowly.

“Giddy-up partner.” the stallion-ess whispered into his ear as she slowly pressed forward with her hips, forcing the oversized blunt tip of her horse meat past his sphincter. Rick cried out in shock and pain as he was stretched wider than ever before, a thick invader making its way up his gut. Miraculously, Rick could feel himself stretching faster than he thought possible and the sharp pain he imagined he would feel as his hole was torn apart never came. “Ooooh, a virgin!” she cooed, shuddering behind him as she fed inch after inch of her fat cock into the man’s ass, squeezing his cheeks in encouragement. “Just relax boy, let it happen and I won’t ride ya too rough..”

She nibbled on his ear as she passed halfway, many more inches yet to go. Rick squirmed and clawed at the mud, but she held his hips firmly. He could feel her pre lubing up his insides as she stuffed him, the tingling spreading. Was there something about her spunk that was making this possible? By all reason this should be splitting his pristine little sphincter in two, but she was putting him on like a tight rubber glove! Despite the shock and shame of being so suddenly ass raped by a talking horse with tits, Rick’s cock was rock hard from the constant slow slide of her prick over his prostate. This did not escape the stallion-ess’ notice, who chuckled into his ear, “Like it? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet..” She finally stopped an inch or so from her base, pausing for a moment to wiggle her hips and feel her cock stir the man’s insides.

Rick moaned again, no longer trying to get away, but just trying to endure this. She started to move again, drawing her length out of him, stopping at her flare, and sliding it all back in. Rick cried out and began his struggles anew, the constant motion of her shaft making it hard to think. The black beauty behind him bucked like a broncho, stuffing him over and over, making his whole body shake with each thrust.

There was a rustle in the grass ahead, and Rick heard a new voice, “Hey, where did ya go?” A moment later another horse-woman stepped forward, smaller then the first – pony like. Her coat was patterned like a painted horse, brilliant white with chestnut splotches, and pearly skin covering her face, nipples, and of course, her oversized, dangling fuck-stick.

“Oooooh, there you are…Did we make a new friend? I wanna ride too!” the pony exclaimed, and trotted forward excitedly, her mast extending and rising swiftly.

Rick only had time to open his mouth in protest before his new playmate thrust herself deep between his lips, making Rick gag around her cock. He felt it slide down his throat, and it was all he could do just to try to keep breathing as the monster began to pump in and out of his mouth, the salty tang of her pre smearing all over his tongue.

The two worked in unison, silent now except for alternating grunts, and moans, and the wet sound of fucking. The pony was taking Rick’s mouth with vigorous enthusiasm, lacking the measured pace of the stallion-ess. She also seemed to lack the stamina of her counterpart, as her body suddenly tensed and she rammed her entire length down Rick’s gullet, making his neck bulge out. She came in long spurts, pumping at least a liter of hot salty spunk right into Rick’s belly, trembling and whinnying all the while. Her hips sprang into action again, convulsing in short little bursts, fucking Rick’s face like she was trying to fling the last few spurts of her orgasm down his throat. Panting, she pushed away from Rick, a torrent of cum pouring out of his coughing, hacking mouth as her limp cock flopped out.

“Im… not… done… yet!” she panted and shoved on Rick’s shoulders, taking her partner by surprise and pushing the stallion-ess onto her butt.

The stallion-ess’ hands clamped down hard on Rick’s hips, pulling him back with her as she fell. Rick was briefly suspended mid air on the black horse-woman’s cock before his body weight drove him all the way down the the hilt, impaling him on well over a foot of horse-cock. The stallion-ess moaned and rolled her hips under Rick as he bottomed out, grinding her pelvis against his ass.

“Again? Always did think you were part rabbit.” she grunted out between groans, “Well, I ain’t even halfway, so git on already!” The stallion-ess’ hands went from their grip on Rick’s hips, after all he was speared on her pole and wasn’t going anywhere, to pull Rick into an arm lock that leaned him back enough for the pony to climb aboard. Her hard nipples dug into Rick’s back as she nuzzled his neck, “That poor filly always did blow her load too soon. Don’t worry, she has plenty of spunk left in her. Speakin’ o which, I’m savin’ all mine up; I’m gonna plug yer ass up good…”

Sapphire blue eyes locked on Rick’s hard-on hungrily as the pony straddled over the comparatively small human penis. “Aw, its so small it’s kinda cute! Still, I just gotta have something in my cunny… it feels so empty!”

The pony spread her loose, drooling cunt lips wide and slowly sank down over Ricks cock. With constant pressure on his prostate, Rick had been hard almost the whole time, and his dick ached for some attention. Rick was barely even still lucid at this point, a dribble of cum still oozing out of the corner of his slack-jawed mouth, but his eyes flew open wide as he was sheathed in the pony’s burning hot horse sex. Her cunt slipped on easily, but then squeezed tight as a virgin once she had him hilted.

The weight of the white horse woman drove Rick down even farther on the black one’s cock than he thought possible, spreading his ass cheeks wide over her lap. He was surrounded with, and crushed by, two pair of massive, soft tits, and sandwiched between a throbbing cock and a milking cunt; every which way the boy was covered in horseflesh. The pony started to rock her hips, sliding his cock within her, sliding his ass over the cock in him.

Rocking and grinding soon became bouncing, which then became hammering, making his ass take the stallion-ess’ cock deep with each slamming stroke of that mare-sex. The stallion-ess behind him began to get into the action, thrusting up in time with the other’s bounces, making the tits smooshed on his chest and back bounce and jiggle furiously. He was in her pussy so deep it almost felt like her cunt lips were slurping on his balls, and with the stallion-ess driving him from behind, it was almost like she was fucking the pony-girl with Rick as a kinky cock sleeve.

Rick felt something getting hard over his belly and begin to creep up, and before too long the white flared head of the pony’s cock was playing peek a boo with him from within her cleavage. His ass had finally accepted the thick cock deep inside it, and he was actually beginning to feel good. Rick moaned again, bucking his own hips up and down between the two in an effort to get himself off. He was so close, and from the feel of the other two, so were they.

The pony’s prick finally extended past the jiggling valley it had been trapped in, pistoning up and down under Rick’s chin. The pony grabbed her own breasts roughly and began to mash them over her cock, rubbing them up and down, smearing them with the pre bubbling enthusiastically from the tip. The slow and steady work horse under him finally reached her peak and screamed, unloading buckets of cum into his ass, spurting with such force that squirts of the thick white stuff were forced out of his hole from around her cock in great waves. Her orgasm triggered his, making him erupt into the pony, his balls clenching as his cum disappeared into the white horse’s hungry snatch. The pony came last in the chain, her cunt bathing Rick and the stallion-ess under him in her hot juices, quivering and clenching around Rick’s modest cock. The pony’s self tit-job set off her cock next, hosing Rick’s face down with a white spray, causing the mess to ooze down his neck and onto his chest.

Trish lived a little over an hour away from the mountains, some of the most beautiful in the world, in many people’s opinion, but she practically never got out to them. She was busy with school, work and a full fitness regime.

Yet she yearned to go out and climb in them. A very athletic woman Trish loved the idea of pitting herself against the natural splendor of those mountains and climbing them.

When at last she found the time to get away and spend some time in the wilderness she packed up and went to a trail hike that she had never been to. One of her great joys in life was physical and mental challenge and she anticipated both on this trip.

When ready, Trish drove out to the mountains with her gear. Parking at the trailhead she saw other people gathering their things to start hiking. There were two groups already there, a young couple in their mid twenties who were just disappearing into the trees, and a group of men. The men ranged in age by a fair amount, the oldest looking mid thirties, the youngest who looking to be her age, 19 or twenty.

Trish waited until the couple was out of sight then she climbed out of her car. She wore tan hiking boots that went up to her ankle, and grey wooly socks rolled down to the top of the boot. Her tan legs were bare up to her shorts, which were loose, light jogging shorts that cut high on the thigh, and looked so loose that a hand would easily slip right up inside them. On top she wore a light, loose, collared, blue plaid shirt, open at the front to reveal a light-blue bikini top that was small triangles of cloth on tiny strings. The string was tied tight and her breasts were pushed together giving her cleavage. The plaid shirt was tied over her belly allowing her toned stomach to show.

On her head Trish wore a blue bandana holding back her loose bangs, while the rest was tied into two ponytails, one on each side. Going around the back of her car Trish was acutely aware of the attention she had garnered, and she quite enjoyed being looked at. Trish knew she was an exhibitionist at heart and the male attention was making her warm and squishy inside.

The parking lot grew silent as boisterous conversations dropped off. Trish showed off her long, lean legs. The strong muscles of her calves and thighs moved beneath her sleek skin as she walked. Popping the hatch Trish pulled out a large backpack. She had brought a four-person tent, a lightweight sleeping bag and a yoga mat to soften the ground a tad. She had packed lightweight high protein food, water purifier tablets and cooking gear for one. The pack was almost forty pounds, but she was suddenly hopeful she wouldn’t have to hike too far with it all. Not with all that male company to spend time with.

Turing her back to the car, angled so that the group of now quiet men got the best view, she hauled the pack over her shoulders, her breasts thrusting out as she worked her shoulders in. Much jiggling and bouncing got the pack in just the right spot. Then various straps around her hips, shoulders and breasts were adjusted thoroughly. All in all Trish managed to show off her body excellently. Things were off to a good start as Trish moved off into the woods, her car locked and her spirits high. This might just prove to be an excellent vacation.

Walking up the trail she soon began to perspire with the muggy heat, and under the strain of the pack. The bag weighed almost a third of her body weight, and even in her fantastic condition this was a workout. Slowing down Trish listened for company on the trail, and soon enough she heard it. The gang of men were closing in and talking loudly among themselves. The first of the group to approach was talking back over his shoulder to the man behind him. They were discussing a movie Trish had not seen and they were relishing a performance.

“I don’t think Richard E. Grant has topped himself since. He has done great work, but Withnail is his best performance.”

“I’m not arguing that, I’m saying that he hasn’t been given the opportunity to top it. I think he could, given the right role.”

“You could probably say that about any actor.”

“Naw, some actors just give up, and lose their edge. Like Gary Oldman. Since he sobered up, he lost his edge. I’m glad he’s happier in life and all that, but his work isn’t as good. He isn’t a lean mean acting machine anymore.”

“No, I’m sure he has got a lot of great stuff left in him. He just got sidetracked by the paycheck. Not that the Batman movies aren’t amazing, but they weren’t going to give him any room to do a performance like Heath Ledger. Imagine Gary Oldman as the Joker?”

“There was talk of it once.”

“Hi there.” The leader called up to Trish.

Turning she said “Hi” back. The man was about three feet behind her and not in a hurry to pass it would seem.

“Gorgeous day isn’t it?”

“Yeah, we chose the right day to hike.” She replied.

“You going it alone?”


“You not worried? I take it from that pack you aren’t just going in for a few hours.”

Grinning she said, “I figured there would be lots of folks on the trail if I got lonely.”

The man pushed up beside her and smiled at her. He was around thirty, with good strong features, handsome, not cute, clean-shaven with a strong jaw and dark eyes. His hair was short and brown with golden highlights. This was a guy Trish could look at for years to come.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this alone. Is this some sort of spiritual journey, or quest or something?”

“No. I just wanted to get out into nature, to feel the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and all that.”

“It sure is great out here. We come up all the time, this group of us. We all, at one time or another, worked for the same company, though not all at the same time.”

Trish felt the second man walking close behind, the voices behind him became quieter, perhaps wondering what these two were talking about.

“My name’s is Pia.” Trish said impulsively and held out her hand to the man next to her. It suddenly occurred to her that she was going to have a very wild weekend, and she decided to protect her identity.

“I’m Cale.” He took her hand in his strong grip. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. Who this?” Turning Trish held out her hand to the man close behind.

“I’m Roger.” He too had a strong grip; his hands were more callused, but still not a working man’s hands.


The three of them chatted as they walked. The path was clear and easy, and the trees far enough back from the path to allow for a view of the fabulous mountains around them. Periodically others of the group of men would come up and try and get in on the conversation, but it proved to be too awkward on the trail, and Trish had no real sense of them. Cale and Roger she got to know well, and they in turn learned a great deal about a girl named Pia who was an art student specializing in performance art. Trish created the whole character out of thin air, just allowing herself to spout off the first thing that popped into her head whenever either of them asked a question. Pia, as performed by Trish wasn’t all that bright, not dumb, but naive, and it was a joy to feel the men trying to manipulate her into spending more time with them.

The day grew warmer and everyone grew moist and flushed. Cale called for a water break and everyone gathered around in a big circle in an open space to the side of the track.

Easing the pack off, Trish let it fall to the ground with a big sigh of relief, only slightly exaggerated. She took off the damp plaid shirt and exposed her bikini which barely contained her squished together breasts. She squatted beside her pack with her legs open wide, but not obviously so, while she took her water bottle out and re-packed her shirt. Closing her eyes she tilted back her head and drank some water enjoying the cool drink as much as the eyes she could feel on her body.

Roger introduced her to all the guys. “Gentlemen this is Pia, she’s an artist. Pia this is Stephen, Rob, Shawn, Jess and Scott.”

“Hi guys! Wow, I hope you don’t mind if I ask your names again later, I probably won’t remember them all at once like this.” The men grinned and said it was fine. She could tell they liked that she was going to be around later, and that she was likely going to talk to them all.

Soon the men began putting packs on again. Trish had been grilled by the group as to her packing habits, her job, her schooling and why she was traveling alone. No one seemed courageous enough to ask if she were seeing anyone or not. Trish acted flirty and funny. Bantering with the guys in a refreshing manner, one she was not used to and it felt pretty good. She was being a lighter, friendlier version of herself, only much more gullible.

There was a little dance of hesitation and confusion as they tried to start out once more. All the guys were trying to figure out where she was going to walk, to be close to her. Finally Jess set off and was joined by Shawn. Trish ambled over to the path, and Scott and Rob moved just ahead of her, Stephen and Cale came directly behind her and Roger took up position on her right.

The pack rubbed a bit on her bare back, but the feeling wasn’t so bad that she thought she would get blisters so Trish left her shirt off, loving the sun on her bare skin. She laughed out loud and said to Roger how strange her tan lines were going to look across her chest. She pointed to her breasts that were bisected horizontally by the chest strap of her pack. The black strap made her breasts bulge over and under it, and it squeezed them flat almost exactly along her nipple line.

“Well if memory serves this trail kinda wanders in and out of the trees so it shouldn’t get too bad.” Rather than look ahead to the trail to come Roger stared at her breasts, perhaps memorizing them for later recall.

The conversation hovered around her school and potential career as a performance artist. Naturally they asked what sort of performance art she did and Trish enjoyed embellishing a life in the arts.

“Well this one piece I did that my teacher loved was called What are we selling? In it I sat in a fake photographer’s studio with lights and cameras set up and I was in front of this huge wall of ads from all these different “Reputable” magazines. In each picture there was this young, probably teenage girl in some provocative outfit, or half, and even sometimes completely nude. Almost all the nude ones are selling clothes, you know? Anyway I was on a chair completely naked with waaaay too much make up on and a little lollipop in my mouth and pigtails, all curled up with a teddy bear in my lap.”

“No shit!”

“Yeah. I wanted to point out that we use the sexualization of little girls to sell everything. Everything. Watches with a nude wearing only a watch, or a girl with no shirt on selling perfume. It is everywhere. And those girls are way too young to be viewed like that.”

“Yeah, your right. It makes me feel dirty when I look at them.”

From behind Stephen said, “You feel dirty when you wank off to them too.”

“That I do my friend, that I do.” He grinned foolishly at Trish, “No offense I hope?”

“Oh no. I have a healthy sexual appetite, and I like sexy pictures as much as the next guy. I just wish that little girls got to be little girls for a little bit longer than they do now-a-days.”

“Yeah, it must be tough to be a pretty young girl out there. I’m not being facetious, I know that the popular idea is that beautiful women get everything handed to them, and they may get a lot out of their beauty, but still there is a price to be paid for it too. The leering, the cat calls the objectification…”

“I’m sorry I objectify you Rog.” Scott shot back over his shoulder from right in front of Trish.

She jumped in with her own quip. “I think Roger might be flirting with me. He implied that I was pretty.” Instantly Roger began to blush bright red.

“He’s also sucking up pretending to be a women’s libber.” Cale said from behind.

“Well, you are a hottie and I would imagine you know it.” Rob said turning back to look at her over his shoulder.

“I do appreciate the attention when it comes.” She acknowledged and smiled.

Scott said, “Women know, and they manipulate us all the time with it. Women know that men will do anything for sex, and they use our weakness against us.”

“Don’t underestimate a woman’s sex drive.” Trish countered. “I hate how men act like they are the only ones who can get sexually frustrated. That woman are sex misers holding it back, like penny pinching hags. Women just want to get laid too. We masturbate, and get inappropriately horny in weird places too. I don’t think the difference is that big.”

Trish loved how the conversation was going. The guys were getting brave, and she was having fun walking the line of teasing them. She knew they weren’t sure what to think. Was she looking to hook up with one of them? Who was she favoring? Could one of them be so lucky? Trish was starting to think they were all going to get lucky. She had never been with more than two men, but that had been a wonderful experience. Besides she hadn’t been laid in a long time.

At lunchtime when Trish pulled out her protein bar and dried fruit the men looked on dubiously. They made fun of her, teasing her about her pixie food, and a warm glow washed over her. Never before in her life had Trish been a part of anything like this camaraderie. It was something she always felt was made up in movies. She had seen shadows of it in school or at work, but nothing like this quick-witted joking and playful teasing.

She almost hated to ruin it with sex.

Then in the heat of the afternoon everyone withdrew into themselves a bit more as the path grew steeper and the day hotter. Trish ran with sweat as she hauled her heavy pack up the hundreds of feet of elevations.

The men gave ground and most of them had the chance to talk with her between panting breaths. All of them were fit, and their own shirts had come off to show hard firm bodies. Jess was the most conspicuously covered, as he was a bit heavier than the rest.

Trish admired the smorgasbord of man flesh laid out to her appraising eye. Jess was the only overweight man, but even he was cute and not at all gooey, just pudgy in an appealing way. Shawn was rail thin and wiry. Scott was strong and fit in an all round way, it didn’t look like he lifted weights or sculpted himself, just kept active. Rob was really good looking, and knew it. He was more sculpted than most of the others, but was far from having a body builder look, just a man who looked after himself and wanted to look like it. Roger was small and firm. A natural build with just the beginning of a belly, but his arms and legs were very toned, so maybe he had just lost the high metabolism he had when younger. Stephen was boyish and cute, with a tight young man’s body. Not any specific tonality, just all over youthful health.

And Cale. Cale was Trish’s favorite. He looked like a male model. He was packed with muscle like an action movie star. He had fantastic sculpted abs, shoulders and chest. His arms were perfect, and his legs hadn’t been left out in the name of vanity. He was a perfect picture of male virility. And that clean handsome face was dreamy.

Each of them tried a differing approach to garner her favor. Jess’ had been with playful self deprecating humour, which was very charming. Shawn had been the serious “I’m listening” type. Scott was all bravado and showing off, which had its charms too, in that it was flattering to see the effort going in. Rob was smart, and funny, and he used his insights into the others to play off of. He and Scott had known each other for years and years and they pretty much tried to use each other to make themselves look good in her eyes. Stephen tried to show off physically. He ran and jumped, wrestled, climbed things, anything to make her look at him and see his prowess. It made her laugh out loud many times.

And Cale was a watcher. He observed what approach the others used, and which had more apparent success, and he would do that better. He looked at her with dark eyes, gauging her reactions and often a little smile of self satisfaction would play over his lips. He made her wet with his presence, and self-command.

If she were actually going to just choose one, it would be Cale, and he seemed to know it.

Trish decided that she wouldn’t make her move tonight. This game was far too fun, and the antics of the boys too enjoyable to throw away so soon.

When they made camp in the late afternoon, Trish was weak with fatigue. All her various fitness activities were of little use in the face of this climb with all that weight on her back. One of the guys told them all that they had climbed over a thousand feet in elevation that day. The air was thinner, and the terrain different.

When Trish pulled out her tent and began to assemble it Jess and Shawn came over to help. They commented on her carrying such a huge tent all the way up there just for herself.

“Well it is the only tent I own. And you never know if you are going to meet anyone on the trail that needs someplace to sleep.”

The boys tried not to look excited by that, but failed.

When everyone had their tents set up it was obvious Trish had the largest, and the men often looked from it to their various small two person tents.

Everyone sat around the fire that Cale built in the regulation park approved fire pit. The men had traded sopping wet t-shirts for dry clothes, and Trish had changed her boots and socks for flip flops, her dainty feet drawing more looks. She was almost naked in her tiny blue top and her small shorts, but still new flesh was new flesh to ogle.

Beers were passed around and Trish accepted. Drinking was not her thing, she didn’t like to numb herself to sensation, and she had no need to lower her inhibitions, but tonight she felt she had earned it. Plus she didn’t want to sleep with them tonight anyway so why not.

As the men ate their smokies and chips, Trish ate a recipe she had gotten off of a hikers guide online. It was couscous, minced sundried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, a chicken bouillon cube, onion flakes, parsley flakes, black pepper, and it tasted delicious.

Cale asked if he could taste some and she could feel the envy palpable in the air as he sat beside her on a log and ate off of her spoon. Their thighs were brushing together, and as the air cooled as the sun went down it was a very pleasurable experience.

On her other side Scott drank beer and made loud jokes that no-one found as funny as he did. As time passed he leaned in closer and closer, trying to press as much of himself against her as he could.

Cale yielded his spot after a time when he got up to tend the fire. Stephen bolted for it so obviously that Rob had to call him on it.

“Jesus Steve, could you at least try and pretend you’ve seen a pretty girl before?”

“I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as Pia.”

The entire group groaned, including Trish.

“Oh man, 1939 called and they want their cheesy come on back!” Roger called.

“Is that a chapstick in your pocket or are you just glad to see her.” Rob quipped.

The energy shifted as the men sensed weakness and they went in for the kill.

“Hey Stephen, your dicks so small bacteria laugh at it!” Scott jeered.

“Fuck you Scott.” The crowd ooohhhed!

“Your dicks so small you’ll never be half the man your mother was!” Roger joked, but it had way less heat than Scott’s. It felt more like a challenge to come up with the best joke, which the guys all jumped at.

“Your dicks so ugly it cries itself to sleep at night.” Jess said to no-one specific.

“Your dicks so small, your girlfriend took it to court and they threw it out for lack of evidence.” Shawn joined in. That got a good laugh from everyone, with the odd “nice, nice.” Thrown in. There was a pause while everyone tried to remember other ones.

Then from the darkness Cale said, “My dick is so big, it was overthrown by a military coup. It’s now known as the Democratic Republic of My Dick.” Everyone howled, Trish as loud as the rest. The vibe went back to the friendly banter of before.

At last Trish got too cold to stay almost naked. Going into her tent she rummaged around and found a candle. She lit it and set it on the far side of herself from where the fire was. Glancing to her left she looked at her shadow on the tent wall. Her silhouette clear and as she moved, her outline was perfectly cast to show off her body. Then she pulled out some clothes and put them aside.

She pulled her shorts down over her legs, and silence descended over the men. Then she wiggled her way into her tights, smoothing them over her ass. She then undid the ties on her bikini and let it fall off her arms. Next she pulled out her damp plaid shirt and pulled it on leaving the last few buttons undone exposing her clavicles and upper chest. Then she pulled on her boots again with fresh socks.

Stepping out she blew out the candle and left it by the door with a lighter.

The mood around the campfire was subdued, and the boys were barely talking now.

“Anyone know any good ghost stories?” She asked. No one had taken her spot on the log, so she sat back down between Stephen and Scott.

“I know one.” Rob offered. When no one objected he began. “It was on a night just like this when a little girl went missing in these woods.” He spoke in a low ominous tone, perfect for campfire ghost stories. Everyone settled in ready for the show. “The rangers say her name was Cassie, and she had gone camping with her Girl Scout Troop. That first night, when everyone was gathered around the campfire, the little girl ignored what she had been taught about sticking with her camp buddy. She heard a rustle in the nearby brush and thought she just might catch a bunny to keep as a pet. She snuck off after the sound.”

Rob paused, as if listening and sure enough there were some rustling sounds in the woods.

“Probably just the wind.” Roger suggested.

“Right.” Stephen affirmed, but he seemed nervous.

“It wasn’t very long until her camp buddy noticed that Cassie was missing,” Rob continued, slightly quieter, “and she told the scout leader about it. The rest of the girls were ushered back to their tents, and the scout leader and a few of the moms gathered their flashlights, and set out to look for the girl. A short time later, a terrible thunderstorm blew in, making it impossible to keep looking for the missing camper. The moms decided it was best to turn back and continue the search after the storm had passed; after all, the little girl wasn’t one of their daughters. However, the scout leader refused to give up. With her hair plastered to her face by the rain, and the lightening flashing all around, she bravely walked into the woods, calling the little girl’s name. The sound of her calling could be heard, over and over, until it faded away.”

Again Rob paused and the wind was blowing a bit, and the trees were swaying and soughing in the breeze, but the rustle from before didn’t repeat itself.

“When the moms arrived back at the tents, they discovered that the little girl had found her way back on her own, and, except for a few scratches, was none the worse for wear. The violent storm continued through the night, but all was still again by morning. However, there wasn’t sight or sound of the scout leader. The moms alerted the park rangers, and a search party was formed, but not a trace was ever found of the missing leader.”

Barely above a whisper Rob said, “That was ten years ago, but some people say you can still hear her ghost calling out the little girl’s name, ‘Cassie, Caaassieee…’ Listen, you can almost hear it now…” He grew silent, waiting. Everyone listened to the soft blowing of the wind, and the sound of the fire.

Then Scott screamed “Cassieeee!” in a high shriek making everyone of them jump and cry out in fear. Stephen buried his face in Trish’s shoulder and she hugged him tight, then she burst out laughing, as did everyone else.

Jess pointed at Stephen and laughed, “I think Stevo wet himself.”

“Look at him; he’s using Pia as protection!” Roger called.

“Well fuck, Scott scared the shit outta me!” They all laughed again.

Cale asked, “You guys learn that in camp together or something?”

Scott replied, “Totally. Our councilors told it and freaked us right the fuck out.”

“We were ten and I barely slept the rest of the time we were there. Another two weeks I think.” Rob said.

“Thanks guys. That was exactly what I wanted.” Trish said.

Conversations meandered from person to person, and broke off into tiny pockets for the next little while. When Trish noticed Scott’s attention focused on her from the right, she intuited that he was about to make a pass and she got up and said, “Well boys I’m beat. I’m off to bed. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

They chorused a heartfelt “Aw.” And she grinned.

“I’m thinking I might stay here tomorrow, do some exploring, maybe do some tanning, just relax. I don’t have an agenda at all. So if you leave early wake me up and say goodbye, okay?”

“Will do.” Cale promised.

And with that Trish moved to her tent, lit her candle and went inside zipping the door closed behind her. Placing her candle in the same spot as before Trish once more did a silhouette striptease. Removing her top one button at a time she took it off slowly letting herself cool down in the chill air. Looking sideways she angled herself so that her erect nipples shows on the tent wall. Then she pulled her hair from its bandana and she undid her ponytails. She shook out her hair, running her fingers through it to work out the tangles. Next she took off her boots and socks, and pulled her tights off. Turning to face away from the candle she pulled the material over her ass and down her thighs. Stepping her first leg out of the tights she placed it wide away from her other, giving a clear shot between her legs.

The light source was close to her parted thighs and the outline of her legs and the cleft between them was sharp and well defined. Her head was the least defined so she could watch her shadow and move in such a way so as to be sure that the guys didn’t know she could see exactly what she was doing.

Pulling her other leg out of the tights she put it back down leaving her legs parted, but not a lot. She folded the clothes she had been wearing neatly and then sat down on her mat and sleeping bag. She pulled out a brush and began to comb her hair thoroughly. The shadow of her breasts wobbled and rippled from her movements, but still the nipples were clearly defined sticking out from her mounds.

When she felt she had put on enough of a show, while not making it too obvious she was putting on a show, she blew out the candle and crawled into her sleeping bag.

Sleep overtook her far faster than usual, and she hardly had time to begin her fantasies about tomorrow night when sleep overtook her.

If anyone tried to get into her tent and make a move Trish didn’t hear it, she slept the whole night uninterrupted. Perhaps because she went to bed earlier, or because she was more fit Trish woke up before anyone else. Crawling out of her tent in her tights and a small t-shirt Trish brought her flip flops and her yoga mat. Walking out a bit into the flat open ground past the fire pit she set up her mat and began to do some yoga and pilates to stretch out her sore muscles. The hike had worked her harder than she had though possible.

As she worked her body, stretching her limbs through various poses and working out the stiffness she noted that some of the guys were getting up and moving around.

The sun was up, just not over the surrounding mountains, the air crisp and chill, and if not for her working out Trish would have been too cold for her skimpy t-shirt.

At last she felt her body was loose and back to normal, except for a knot in her shoulders from her pack which she couldn’t get loose. Looking around she saw Roger and Jess at the fire making coffee, and Cale was gathering more wood. All the men smiled and greeted her quietly as she approached the fire. That they had been watching her stretch was obvious in the way they avoided looking at her directly, but tried surreptitiously to look at her nipples poking through her thin top.

Soon with the fire going and the sun climbing over the top of the nearest mountain the air grew warm and Trish felt her body relax even more.

One by one the men emerged from their tents looking disheveled and groggy. Everyone gathered around and talked about their various sleeps, complained about who snored, and how cold it had been, and what not. Trish said she had been chilly, but she liked the feeling of being snuggled into her sleeping bag more than she relished being too hot in bed.

“Heh heh, she said ‘Hot in bed’!” Stephen cracked. That received a chuckle from the group, probably more for the audacity of it, than its actual humour.

After a simple breakfast of an apple Trish moved back into her tent to change for the warmer day. She emerged in a few moments in her bikini top and proper hiking shorts, boots and socks.

“I’m going to climb up to the top of that peak and have a look around.” she said. “Anyone wanna come?”

“Heh heh, she said ‘Cum’.” Stephen tried again.

Ignoring him Cale said, “Sure. We decided as a group that we weren’t in any hurry either, and that we were happy to camp here again tonight. If you don’t mind the company.”

“Are you kidding? I love you guys. I think it would be awesome for us all to spend the night together again.” Trish grinned.

“Hehe heh she said-”

“Okay it’s settled then. ” Cale interrupted.

Jess and Roger, who were the first to rise, were also the first to be ready for a day hike. The others said to start without them and that they would meet at the top.

So the foursome of Trish, Jess, Roger and Cale began the ascent.

The peak was a small one as far as mountains go, and it looked to be no more than three hundred feet higher. With her pockets crammed with necessities, and a small fanny pack that turned into a windbreaker just in case, Trish was far more comfortable hiking than yesterday.

The climb wet by quickly and they were panting and sweating by the time they reached the peak. The wind as they looked over into the next valley was cool and dried the trickles of sweat giving them all goosebumps, but it was a refreshing after the hot climb.

The small group looked at the views, Trish took some pictures with her digital camera, which she hadn’t used in over a year. Jess was a shutter bug with a really good camera and he took lots of shots, many of which included Trish and the other two. Each time they could the others put arms around her and held her close, brushing themselves against her exposed flesh, or pressing into her breasts and buttocks. It was a thrill, all this attention. Each time she let them get away with something, they grew more bold, but never overt.

Trish lay her windbreaker down on a smooth ledge out of the wind but still in the sun. Pulling off her shorts she revealed the thong bikini bottoms she wore under her shorts. Laying her clothes down on a ledge she stretched out and began to tan. Peeking out from behind her sunglasses she saw the men gaping at her. The sparse covering of materiel stretching over her obviously bald pussy left little to the imagination. The swell of her mons was a treat just barely out of view, and it was captivating the guys.

Cale was the first to recover. He moved to his day pack and pulled out his lunch. Stripping off his shirt he sat down near Trish and nonchalantly ate, stealing glances at her whenever possible.

Jess moved off behind Trish so she couldn’t watch him, while Roger sat beside Cale and also began to eat.

The whirring, and clicking of Jess’s camera behind her made Trish horny. She imagined him doing close ups of her body, and she twitched, moving herself into slightly different positions, as if posing for him.

“You okay?” Cal asked.

“Well, this rock isn’t as good a surface for laying on as I thought it might be.”

“Here.” Cale offered his own jacket, a fleece that was way too hot for the hike, but was perfect for the wind up here. Taking it Trish smiled and put it under her back. Taking her time moving onto all fours Trish adjusted the fleece to be smooth, and comfy under her back.

The men continued to drink in the sight of her body hidden by just the smallest scraps of cloth.

Finally she deemed it perfect and she lay down on her back, wiggling her torso around to find the best spot, letting her breasts thrust up in the air. Then she settled in and let her mind wander away, relaxing as she so rarely did.

The way other woman might fantasize about fucking these men, Trish fantasized about dating one. She imagined what it might be like to live a normal life. In her minds eye she saw Cale, or one of the others coming over to her sparse apartment to pick her up for a date. Them going out, having dinner, going to a concert, holding hands, being normal. And naturally as she drifted farther away from her physical surroundings, she imagined them in bed. Nothing strange, just people making love. It started out like she saw in the movies, with low lights, and soft caresses, but soon she had other men there, and she was being taking roughly by many men, her body used by them as she tried to please them all.

A small tremor shook her body as she began to get aroused by this picture. Trish’s deepest fantasy had always been to be in a gang bang with her as the star performer.

She must have actually fallen asleep because suddenly the other men were here gathered in a circle ten feet away talking quietly.

She sat up and looked down the slope at them.

“Hey guys. What’s up?”

“Sorry did we wake you up? “Roger asked.

“Nope, I didn’t hear a thing. What are you guys doing?” She noticed Jess still had his camera out.

“We were talking about going over to that peak, using this bridge here. It is narrow, and looks a bit dangerous. Not everyone wants to.”

“Well I’m going to stay here. I’ll watch people stuff if you like.”

“Sounds good.”

Trish began to apply sunscreen to her limbs, distracting the guys once more. She actually heard one of them say something that sounded like. “What? You gonna stay here and drool?” Massaging the cream into her skin Trish covered every part of herself, working the cream in under the minimal covering of her swimsuit. None of them men had left yet. Her fingers slid under her top and rubbed the pillow of first one breast, then the other. Then she worked the cream into the skin of her belly, massaging down and down. The cream spurted loudly out of the container with each application to her hand.

Soon she was down to her groin and she worked the cream into the juncture between her legs all around her bottoms. Letting her fingers slip under the fabric she smeared the viscous mixture all around her pubic area, trying to keep from flashing her slit, but not very hard. Then lifting one leg high she held it straight up and applied cream to the back of her thigh all the way up to her ass, working her long, strong leg like a huge hard cock. Stoking and massaging it, she was less careful about pretending not to be aware of the guys. She gave them little glances, and furrowed her brows as she noticed they were watching. Many of them pretended to be looking elsewhere, and picked up on suspended conversations.

Switching legs she said, “Are you guys watching me?”

Some said “no” and some said “yes”, and at least one said “what?”

“What a bunch of pervs.” She pretended to be offended, but smiled to take the edge of it.

“Come on!” Scott shouted. “You know you are putting on a show over there. You’re trying to get us all hot and bothered.”

“Like you’ve never seen a girl suntan before? What are you thirteen?” Trish called back. They all laughed

“Come on guys, let’s go if we’re going.” He walked away and most everyone followed. Jess and Shawn stayed behind.

Trish finished her leg and laid back down to get some more sun.

Shawn moved in closer, but not too close and pulled out a book and sat to read. Jess wandered off with his camera.

“We were totally checking you out.” Shawn admitted.

“Good.” Trish said simply.

They sat in silence for a few moments then Trish sat up reached behind and undid the top of her suit. Holding the front she lay back down and then pulled the stings around and piled them onto the top of her tits. Then carefully she pulled the material in close to her nipples, keeping them covered, but almost nothing else. The utter silence beside her told her she had Shawn’s attention fully engaged on her body, exactly where she wanted it.

The bottoms also tied, two knots on each hip. Reaching down, but not opening her eyes she undid first one then the other, and with out looking she draped the strings over her pubis, and pushed the already miniscule covering in closer to her groove to show even more of herself. Spreading her legs slightly she allowed the hot sun to bath her nearly exposed crotch.

Then once more she let her mind wander. She tried to imagine what Shawn was seeing. Her skin lightly tanned, with no visible lines, glowing pink, shiny from the cream, and her perspiration. Her toned stomach rising periodically with her breath, the temptation of her breasts so visible, but not the part he now most wanted to see.

And worst/best of all, her succulent juncture, so close to him, the skin so smooth, not a hair visible, perhaps one of her puffy outer lips peeking out from underneath the blue sheath of her bottoms. A fine sheen of glimmering sweat trickling over the glorious swell of her mons.

What a torture. How cruel of her. Well tonight she would make it up to him. She might do a lap dance for him to start things off.

As she slipped off into her fantasy world again, one in which Shawn reached out and began to play with her pussy Trish slipped off into a nap, dimly aware that if she moved too much she would dislodge the precariously piled material covering her naughty bits. Asleep her face was soft, but still smiling.

When she came back to herself Trish had the impression that not much time had passed. Her body was in essentially the same position, and she wasn’t uncomfortable. She checked to see if she was still covered and she tied the bottoms back on. Then she spread out the top to cover more and allowed herself a delicious stretch. Her arms and legs taut and quivering she lifted her arms over her head, curled her toes up and elongated herself across the rocks, thrusting her butt back, lifting her belly, and pushing her chest out arching her back. Then she released, flopping back down onto the rock, splayed out limply.

Turning her head she looked for Shawn, who was watching her.

“I fell asleep again. Was I snoring?”

“Only tiny little snores, like an inhalation without any snort.”

“Oh that’s a relief!” she laughed.

“Better than Scott. I could hear him from two tents away.”

“Oh that was him? I thought it was a chainsaw off in the woods.”

Trish rolled over on her stomach and undid the straps on her bottoms again. She reached around awkwardly holding he top on with one hand and using the other to put the strings down between the globes of her buttocks. The back cover of her bottoms was so small that she really didn’t need to move it much to expose all of her cheeks. The suit wasn’t a thong, but it was very close, the widest part of the rear was only two inches wide.

Laying back down she wiggled once more to find a comfy spot and rested her head on her crossed arms turning to look up at Shawn.

“Whatcha reading?” she inquired.

“Oh it is this excellent book called Freakonomics, by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. It is a book that uses economics to explain social behaviors of humans. Sort of.”

“How do you mean? How does it do that?”

“Well they do weird things like compare Sumo wrestlers cheating in matches, to teachers cheating on students test scores to show how humans will always do things to make themselves look better.”


“Yeah, they love to use numbers, and economic models to make controversial statements, like how abortion lowered crime rates in New York, or how little effect so-called “good parenting” has on a child’s education. Stuff like that. It is mind blowing really.”

“That’s excellent. I wish I had more time to read. I so rarely do it.”

“Well I recommend this one. This is my second time reading it, and I’ve read the sequel Superfreakonomics too.”

“That’s great. Hey would you mind putting some lotion on my back. I’m too lazy right now.”

“Sure, no problem.” He picked up the tube and splurted some out on his hand. He rubbed his hands together, and began smearing the lotion first between both palms, and then onto her bare back. Working from her shoulders down he applied a liberal coat of the lotion to her body. His hands massaged her muscles making her moan with pleasure.

“Oh my god that feels amazing.”

Continuing he worked the skin with globs of the cream then caressed her body urging her to relax all the way. His firm grip kneaded her muscles and she felt the efforts of yesterday, and the strain of her lifestyle melting away.

“Jeezus, you are good at this.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice.”

“Lucky girl.”

“Well, yeah, sometimes.”

Slowly, inexorably he moved lower and lower rubbing the tension from her back. After a good long massage Shawn’s hands reached her butt, and teasingly, as if unsure of what her response would be, he starting to massage the top of her buttocks. When she made no complaint he moved lower, and truly began to massage the deep muscles of her glutes.

Trish moaned again as the years of martial arts, and dance were kneaded from her overworked ass. Working on one cheek at a time he massaged her globes and Trish opened her legs wider to allow him better access to the whole of each cheek.

Assuming he could see something of her hidden charms Trish just lay still, and relaxed as he continued to loosen up her long tightened musculature.

When at last he finished her butt Shawn moved down to her thighs and he worked right up close to the juncture of her legs, brushing her now soaking pussy. Beginning to focus on her left leg he worked down her thigh away from her aching cleft, and down to her knee.

Then he moved to her calf and once more Trish was treated to a fantastic indulgence she had never encountered before. Those hands brought joy to long abused limbs. The large muscles of her calf were knotted and tight, but Shawn persevered and managed to bring true relaxation to them.

Next he did her left foot, and after years of dance Trish had tight hard feet. With liberal amounts of lotion Shawn was able to relax the tense arch, and the ball of her foot. He then switched feet and began the reverse of what he had done. All the way up her grateful right leg his magical hands massaged. When he was once more at her upper thigh Trish felt a gush of juice flow inside her. She thought if he so much as touched her pussy she would cum.

With one hand on each of her butt cheeks spreading them apart he massaged along the deep crevice working distractingly close to her anus, and then lower skirting the edge of her perineum. His fingers were inside of her bottoms now, the cloth fallen away probably exposing her asshole at the very least. She wasn’t about to move to break this spell he had put her under. Strong thumbs pressing into her yielding flesh Shawn continued to manipulate her tissue just barely brushing the outer meat of her labia. With sweat and lubricant moistening the area his thumbs were able to slid around the slippery region of her pussy, but still he did not touch.

Then suddenly he sat back and asked her if she wanted him to do the front.

Trish groggily moaned yes, and rolled over just barely remembering to keep her breasts and slit covered in a false display of modesty.

Starting once more at her feet Shawn massaged them some more, and then worked up her shins and then to her thighs. He lingered over the strong muscles of her quads and kneaded them completely. The loving manner in which he fondled her thighs told her he was a leg man, and that hers pleased him. He worked her thighs thoroughly, being sure to leave them supple and loose when he was done.

Now he reached her hips and massaged along the hip bone and the strong hip flexor muscle. This was uncomfortable, as it was a strong tight muscle from years of kicks in both dance and martial arts. His thumbs worked the long line of tendons down into the region between her legs where the ligament attached someplace deep, and very close to her sopping cunt.

Once more his fingers slid under her minimal covering and the tips of his magic fingers pressed tantalizingly along the very edge of her yearning lips first on one side, then slowly moving down from her hip to the other side.

Trish was panting now, barely able to hold back from opening her legs wide and telling him to use those fingers on more appreciative flesh, but she held herself back, and kept a stranglehold on her lust. Forcing herself to relax, she continued to stay supine and vulnerable, accepting the gift she was being given.

Now he worked his way up her abdomen, massaging the deep muscles of her stomach. This was the most self conscious she became. Even though she was fantastically fit, still a man pressing her belly, making it move and feel gooey left her feeling vulnerable.

“Relax, here okay, try not to hold tension in your diaphragm.”

Breathing out heavily Trish gave herself over to the massage, ignoring her insecurity. After a bit his hands jumped up to her shoulders and moved along relaxing them, and then moved along her clavicle, along the lines of muscles surrounding her throat. Another shiver of lust lashed her ragged nerves as his hands wrapped around her throat and began to massage the bands of muscle there. Trish enjoyed choking games on occasion, and as horny as she was now this got her more so.

It was all Trish could do to not reach down and begin to finger her desperate hole now. Letting out her breath in a big sigh she made herself relax letting her jaw fall open as she released into his hands.

Opening her eyes she could look into his face, and saw how aroused he was too. From behind her glasses she made eye contact with him, and she smiled.

“I want to have your babies.” She sighed, thinking that was the appropriate amusing thing to say here.

“That might be fun.” He tried back.

There she lay, with three teensy flaps of cloth between him and all her most intimate areas, Each piece unfettered, only resting lightly on her tingling skin, begging to be lifted away, and he wasn’t doing it. Trish didn’t know what to make of this young man. Was it nerves? Surely he could see the arousal in her body, smell it leaking from her pores, feel it beneath the fingers of his hand as he pressed the flesh near her openings. Yet he did nothing obvious to indicate he wanted to take her.

Trish imagined his cock aching inside his shorts, screaming at him to let it out, that it knew what she wanted.

For the first time during the massage she was looking at his face and she saw his eyes dart away every so often to the slope above her.

When he looked away down her body and moved his hands from her neck to her upper chest Trish did her best to look where he had been looking, without being obvious.

There laying on the rock, twenty feet or so away Jess had his camera pointed at the two of them. How long had he been there? The wind covered the sound of his shutter, so Trish had been unaware of his presence, but now she knew what was holding Shawn back.

As Shawn began to massage her chest closer to her breasts she arched up to meet his hands.

“No,” He said, “relax and let me do the work.”

She moaned her frustration, sending him more signals. Now his fingers were at the first swellings of her mounds, and his talented fingers began to massage the pliant orbs, one hand per breast. Trish began to squeeze her thighs together and make miniscule tilts of her pelvis, in a futile attempt to get more stimulation on her throbbing clit.

Shawn moved both hands over to her right breast, the one farthest from where he was kneeling, one hand massaged the upper muscle of her tit, and the other massaged the swell of tissue on the underside. This was pure breast tissue, not muscle, and it was a bolder sexual arena now.

Trish lifted her left hand languidly and let it rest on Shawn’s hip. As he stroked and fondled her boob, she trailed her fingers along the line of his belt letting her hand wander around the front. With his right hand inside her top, and the left cupping the bottom of her breast the only part of her tit that he wasn’t touching was her nipple; which was aching to be touched. Every movement of the material was rubbing her nipple and making her squirm.

Moving himself back slightly Shawn gave himself more room with which to work on her left tit, and perhaps intentionally it gave her greater access to his front, and thus his boner. He may well have been trying to get her to be the one to make the first overt move.

Still being languorous Trish did let her hand fall along the top of his thigh as he moved out, now she distractedly stroked up and down his leg, sometimes on the cloth of his shorts, sometimes on the skin of his leg.

Meanwhile he fondled her left breast, still massaging it but now more of an overt grope, but still not touching her nipple.

It seemed they were at a pleasurable stalemate, neither willing to be the first to take it to the next level. So they remained for a few moments more, he caressing her breast, she gently stroking his thigh when in the distance they heard laughter of the returning group. They were still a ways off, but when Trish opened her eyes Shawn looked like he might cry.

Reaching up Trish cupped the heft of Shawn’s balls regaining his undivided attention.

“I’ll make this up to you tonight. I promise.” She said while holding his full balls in her hand.

He slipped his fingers around to her nipple at last and pinched gently. “I’m looking forward to it.” She moaned arching up to meet his hand, and smiled up at him.

Moving away Shawn picked up his book again, and Trish reached down and did up the stings on her bottoms. She left her top undone and rolled back over onto her back once more.

It took a long time for the guys to reach them, the sound up here carrying further than they thought. When at last the sound of their talking became consistent, Jess appeared.

“Hey”, he called to them.

“Hey.” Shawn called back, his voice calm.

“Hi.” Trish lifted herself up on her arms and her top fell off. Her breast were not fully visible, but the effect was still profound, Jess stared openly. “Oops.” She said ignoring his ogling, and she lay back down, and tied the straps around her neck and back. By the time she was done the whole gang was back.

Sitting up she adjusted her breasts back into the centre of the triangles and it felt great to hold them for the briefest of moments. The guys all tried to make the three of them jealous listing all the awesome things they had seen and done, but no-one was buying it, including the story tellers. They could sense something had happened and they all dreaded it might mean they had lost out on a chance with her.

Trish stood up and while they all chatted she put her shorts back on and gave Cale his fleece.

“I’m hot and could use a swim in that lake we saw.” Trish said.

“That would be awesome.” Stephen enthused.

So one and all they hiked back down the mountain to their camp and the boys grabbed swimsuits, then they all made out for the small lake they had passed just before they reached camp yesterday.

It was late afternoon, with a few hours left of sunlight when they hit the water, the guys all went off into the woods to don their suits and Trish jumped right in and began to swim out into the deeper water. It felt good to cool down after the hike back. Looking at the water she saw oily shimmers of the sunscreen washing off in her wake.

Soon the guys all came leaping and splashing into the water, whooping and hollering like apes.

The group of them had races, and breath holding contests, the latter of which Trish won. They began to wrestle, Stephen and Scott being the most interested in that particular exercise.

All of a sudden the two of them rushed her and they hauled her up over their heads and threw her a short distance through the air.

“That sucks, c’mon guys lets make her fly!” Scott shouted.

All of them except Cale chased her down as she tried to get back to shore, and they held her, pulling on her arms and legs holding her spread between them like a wishbone. Then as they all counted to three they threw her through the air. She flew so high she had time to worry that it was too high, then she hit the water all tangled and splayed awkwardly.

When she came up they were all still high fiving each other and cheering.

“Holy shit you flew! That was awesome.” Stephen enthused.

“Guys! Do it again, I want to get it on film!” Jess shouted, and made his way back to shore. Trish took off trying to get away, but not really wanting to. She was having the time of her life.

She managed to elude them for a time, but soon enough they caught her and brought her back closer to shore, where they could swing her at waist height. When Jess called out that they he was ready they began once more to swing her. Holding herself rigid this time to really help them gain speed she flew much more elegantly, and in control when they released.

She completed a high arc and then began to descend, when she tucked into a cannon ball. The water hit her like a slap and she sunk like a stone bumping the bottom with her bum. Getting her legs under her she pushed off breaking the surface with a big splash and waving her arms over her head.

They threw her once more, with her full cooperation. Then they turned on Roger the next smallest. When she saw how high they threw him Trish was amazed, Roger weighed at least thirty pounds more than she did, so she figured she must have gone much higher.

Now the men were exhausted. It was time for supper, before they lost the daylight.

While waiting for their food to get ready everyone changed and dried off. Trish put on her t-shirt and tights again and left her hair loose, padding out of her tent in her flip flops Trish brought her brush out to the fire and ran it through her hair until it was long and straight, and almost dry.

Jess came over and showed her some of the pictures of her in the water. He was a very good photographer and she looked clear and sharply focused. In one of the shots when she was leaping back up out of the water her bikini top had come off over her breasts exposing both nipples.

“Whoops!” she said, “I showed a bit mush here!”

“I’ll delete that if you want.”

“No that’s cool. I’ve done nude modeling before. Oh hey, let me see the ones you took of me and Shawn.”

“What?” He looked comically guilty.

“The ones when he was giving me the massage. I saw you taking pictures; I just want to see them.”

“I’m sorry… I-”

“No it’s okay. I don’t mind. I’m a total exhibitionist, as if you couldn’t tell. I just want to see what they look like.” She looked up at him and smiled to show her lack of anger.

So Jess began to scroll through his photos of the day. The ones she could see were really beautiful, and she said so.

When he got to the ones she was looking for he got all nervous and handed her the camera, then went to check on his food.

Trish looked at the images and was thrilled at the close ups of Shawn’s hands on her breasts, and a wonderful picture of her face, her mouth open, cheeks flushed, her eyes just visible around her sunglasses closed tight in a passionate grimace. The rest of the shot showed Shawn’s arms and his hands on her tit, her nipple in between his fingers, her hand cupping his balls. It was gorgeous. Flipping through the rest she got wet remembering it all, his hands all over her body.

Trish went to her tent and came back with a pen and some paper. Handing him the camera back she told Jess to send her the pictures when he got back, and she gave him an e-mail address.

Others wanted to see too so Jess filed through them until they were back at the water fun and passed the camera around. Shawn kept it longer than anyone else and Trish gave him a secret smile when he looked up at her, all flushed. He had been looking at their photos, she was sure.

Trish ate a chicken dish with more sliced up dried vegetables, and added just a bit of water to make a light broth. The guys mostly ate more smokies.

After dinner a hush fell over the group as they digested. Jess sat on one side of Trish on her log, and Roger sat on the other.

Trish broke the silence.

“I think each one of us should tell a story. A personal story. Something intimate.”

“Like what. Our most embarrassing moment?” Asked Stephen.

“That would be too many for you to choose from.” Scott said.

“No, how about the story of our first love?” Jess asked.

More than half the group groaned so that idea died.

“Our scariest moment?” Rob asked.

“No. Our greatest sexcapade!” Cale said.

“Yeah!” The crowd agreed.

“You go first.” Stephen said to Cale.

“Fuck that!” Roger groaned, “He’ll put us all to shame. I want to have a chance at not sounding lame so I’ll go first. When I was a kid, twelve or so, I was taught to kiss by twin sisters. They took turns French kissing me until my balls ached.”

“Did you fuck them?” Stephen asked.

“No dip-shit I was twelve! But no other event has been as overwhelmingly erotic. I’ve had some great sex, but they were hardly sexcapades, you know.”

“Good one man.” Rob said.

“What’s yours?”

“Well I think it would have to be when I fucked a girl on a plane.”

“No way! That rocks! Bullshit!” Echoed out over the forest.

“True story. I was flying to Vancouver and I was with my girlfriend at the time Kaitlyn, she was a horny thing, who was pretty wild in bed. So anyway she starts playing with my dick under my coat getting me hard as a rock. I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked her to stop. Instead she told me to meet her in the bathroom. It was the middle of the day, but I thought ‘When is this ever going to happen to me again?’ so I waited a few minutes and went after her. I am sure most of the people around us knew, but who gives a shit, right? Anyway I go knock on the door and she lets me in. She has her jeans and her panties off and she unzips me and sucks me hard again and we do it with me on the toilet and her straddling me.”

“That is fucking awesome!” Stephen crowed. “Beats anything I’ve got.”

“So what is your best?” Rob asked.

“Aw I fucked a girl at work once.”

“Our work?” Cale asked.

“Yeah. On my desk.”

“No shit, anyone we know.” Shawn asked.

“Yeah, remember when I was dating Debbie in accounting? Well I was working late, trying to get my imaging done and she came in and brought me supper. One thing lead to another and we fucked right on my desk. It was really hot. That one gets pulled out of the spank bank a lot.”

“Just so you know Pia,” Jess informed her, “he doesn’t have an office, he is a junior. His desk is right in the middle of the room.”

“What if the cleaners came by?” Shawn asked.

“We would have been able to hear the elevator.”

“It isn’t like he would have lasted very long!” Scott razzed.

“Alright tough guy lets hear yours.” Stephen demanded.

“Alright then. Check this out. I had a nurse blow me when I broke my leg.”

Cries of derision split the night. They didn’t believe him, but Trish did, having done similar things herself.

“No, no, no it’s true. I was all doped up on pain killers and this really cute young nurse, comes in to take me to my x-rays. She is all flirty so I started to rub her leg through those pajama things they wear. She tried to stop me, but I’m so high I don’t care. So when we are outside the x-ray room, I’d just had mine done and I’m still waiting for a cast, I keep groping her, feeling her boobs and her pussy and I don’t really know why, she must have felt sorry for me, or just wanted to stop me, but she wheels me into a single-room bathroom and goes down on her knees, lifts my gown thing and whips it out. Before I know it she is sucking me like a pro. I mean she was really good. And since I’m high and don’t care I don’t hold back and shoot in her mouth right away. She doesn’t pull away or spit or anything, she keeps sucking, and pulling on my dick. Then when there is nothing left and I can’t take it anymore she pulls back and I swear to god smacks her lips all satisfied. She checks her face in the mirror, licks her lips to clean them up and puts my robe back. Then she wheeled me out, and I got my cast. It was amazing.”

“No shit it was. I’m not sure if I believe you or not.” Roger said.

“I understand your feelings and accept your doubt.” While he said that he held up his middle finger and aimed it at Roger.

There was a pause while they tried not to look at Trish, she could sense that the unspoken agreement now was that she would go last.

Jess cleared his throat and relieved faces turned toward him.

“Well it isn’t all that amazing or anything, but I think it was great. I once made love to my ex in a boat on a lake in the middle of the night. We were out for a little cruise and wanted to get away from our friends at the cabin we were staying at. And once out on the lake it was so romantic that we made love.”

“That is sweet.” Trish said.

“Yeah man nice one.” Rob said.

“Yeah, good story. Does that come in Men’s?” Scott quipped. Everyone laughed in spite of how rude it was.

“You’re such a dick Scott.” Rob laughed.

“Yeah, its true I am.”

“Shawn?” Jess asked.

“This oughta be good.” Scott scoffed.

“I think you’ll be pleased Scott. I submit for your listening pleasure this little anecdote. When I was on vacation with a girl friend of many years we went south to a little all inclusive in Mexico. We were having a blast tanning drinking and of course having sex. One night after a little too much drink and a little bit of pot, we were hanging out with this other couple and we went back to their room. They got us even higher and then told us they were swingers and that they would like to fuck us.”

“Oh damn!” Stephen exclaimed.

“Oh damn indeed. We agreed after a brief consultation and the four of us retired to the bedroom where we swapped partners. We all were on the bed and soon enough the girls were making out while we fucked them, and when we both had cum the men sat back and watched them clean themselves up.”

“I fucking love it!” Scott shouted.

“The rest of the night is sort of fuzzy, but both women got double teamed and the girls made out a lot.”

“You fucked the guy didn’t you?” Rob said. “That why it is fuzzy! The rest of that shit would be burned onto my mind like etchings in metal.” The gang all laughed.

“No we didn’t touch each other, but we were pretty drunk and high so after two orgasms I was a little groggy. We fucked opposite partners again in the morning then my girlfriend and I fucked again in our room. It was so hot!”

“No shit it was!” Stephen said.

“Bullshit!” Scott said.

“Totally happened.” Shawn returned.

Everyone paused to consider, Trish was getting really wet thinking about what was going to happen soon. She knew exactly what she was going to say on her turn.

The men however seemed apprehensive. Should they let Cale go last because he was likely to have the best story, or her, because that would be the best way to end it off?

Trish helped them out.

“Okay Cale, I’m squirming in anticipation. What have you got?”

“Well I aim to please, so I’ll tell you about this one. When I was in college I made it a habit to spend more time with women than with men. I wanted to learn what it was they wanted. I flirted and played it cool, but I was always listening and learning. So one night I find out these three chicks are all going to be home studying for a test they have next week. They set up a cram session if you will.”

“I bet it was a cram session.” Stephen said, and was shushed the others.

“Anyway I show up around nine thinking it would be fun to break things up for them, and maybe, just maybe one of them wants to make out, y’know. So I go over and they let me in and we joke around and talk and shit. They are all in their p.j.s, little shorts with big t-shirts and one in tights and a t-shirt, nothing overtly sexy, but totally hot if you know what I’m talking about.” Murmurs from the men puzzled Trish. Seeing her look Cale explained.

“Woman have no idea that those little comfy-knocking-about-the-house outfits are some of the sexiest they can wear. The loose, worn out shit looks so good. So effortless. Or a man’s shirt and nothing else. Way hot. Anyway they are dressed like that. So naturally as with all young people, and ourselves tonight, the subject of sex comes up. We all start comparing things we’ve done, and trying to one up each other. Then they start daring each other to do things with me. I’m stunned, and I just grin looking confident, but inside I’m freaking out. So one of them dares another to make out with me in front of them. So she leans in and we start kissing and it is great. Then she leans back and dares another to show me her boobs. So she lifts up this old t-shirt of hers and flashes me her gorgeous tits. Then that one tells the next one to show me her pussy. She hesitates, and I look as cool as I can, just acting like its no big deal, I see pussies all the time. Well something works for her, because she stands up and drops her little shorts, and just stands there letting me see her totally groomed, and sculpted pussy. This is before everyone is shaving everything, and a well trimmed muff is the height of slutty.

Slowly she pulls her shorts back up, almost like she wishes she didn’t have to. So she turns to the first girl and tells her to jack me off a bit. But not to let me cum, and she looks at me like it is a challenge to keep me from cumming, or daring me to hold off for more later or something. At any rate she is challenging me not her friend. So this girl takes me by the hand and takes me to a bedroom and pulls my dick out of my jeans and starts to pump it. She is looking up at me to see how I’m doing, but mostly she is looking at my dick, and I’m wondering how many, if any she has seen. Just when I’m getting into the ‘I could maybe cum’ phase of things she stops. And gently tries to put me back, but now there is no gentle way to do it, so I take over and put myself away.

We go back into the other room and it is really tense out there now.

The handjob girl turns to her friend and says, “Now you have to suck his cock, but no orgasm buddy”. She looks at me, but then back at her friend to see if she’ll do it. Well this one takes my hand and takes me back to that bedroom and I get out my cock for her and she looks at it for a while and then she takes it in her hand and aims it at her mouth. She is nervous. She doesn’t really know me that well. Soon though she licks it, and then starts to suck it, taking it into her mouth a little way, but mostly licking up and down the side, sort of like a corn on the cob.”

The entire circle was mesmerized by they way he was telling the story, and Trish was getting more and more horny.

“So after a really short time, maybe a minute she stops and looks up at me, she smiles sort of embarrassed and gets up and walks out. I’m left alone with my dick out and just as I start putting it away in comes the tough leader chick and then the others following. The leader pulls off her clothes and tells me to take off mine, which I do, not even trying to be cool now. We get on the bed and she sits down on my dick and fucks me riding on top. While she is doing that she dares the hand job girl to sit on my face. And she leans in to me and says “Don’t you dare cum, but you better make us cum.” So I fuck the girl on my dick and lick the girl on my face as best I can, like a man possessed and I make those chicks cum. When they climb off the girl that sat on my face now tells the last girl to suck the leader’s juices off my dick. This is the same girl that blew me before, but now she leaps on it and sucks me like crazy. It is a totally different blowjob. All the girls take off their clothes and while I’m getting this incredible blow job the others start licking each other. It is a free for all. I get up and start to fuck the blowjob girl and doing her doggie style so I can keep an eye on things. One of the other girls climbs under the other girl I’m nailing and gets her to start licking her pussy. I’m loving this. Just out of my mind happy, when I feel something behind me.

The leader girl is back there and she reaches around and starts to squeeze my balls while I’m fucking her friend. She whispers in my ear not to cum, which is really hard now. Then she puts a finger to my ass, and it is all slippery, she rubs it around and I’m worried because it is making me hot and I don’t want to cum when she told me not to.

Then I feel something big and cool back there and before I can say anything she slides this big strap on into my ass!’

All the guys shout “Whoa!” in almost identical expressions of disbelief.

“I swear to god. She start fucking me with this thing while I’m fucking the other chick and it feels intense, and pretty awesome actually.”

“Holy shit!” Stephen exclaims.

“Yeah man. It was bizarre. I can’t believe she had that thing. I tell her I’m going to cum, and she hisses in my ear not until she tells me to. So I’m trying not to move very much inside that one girl but the other fucking my ass means I’m moving anyway. So I beg her to let me cum. She yells at the other two to stop what they are doing and to turn around and suck me. They look pretty surprised when they see that dildo in my ass but they start sucking me off one on my balls and one on my head, and switching it up. It is way too hard to hold back now and I’m making these weird whimpering noises and finally she tells me to cum and she moves the dildo around someplace and presses it against something in my ass and it feels amazing and I start to shoot the biggest load of cum I have ever shot. It is so incredible this orgasm. It seems to go on and on forever, and the girls below are doing their very best to take all that cum I’m spilling out, but it is getting everywhere. All over their faces, in their hair down their fronts on their tits. Everywhere. And when the boss back there pulls out of my ass, even more cum spurts out. I almost fainted. I couldn’t even get hard again when the three of them started licking my jizz off of each other that’s how spent I was.

Best night ever.”

Silence reigned over the group.

The fire crackled and Cale got up to put some more wood on it. Then when he settled back down everyone turned, slowly one at a time to face Trish. She smiled a soft upward turn of her perfect lips. This was going to be easy; these guys were so riled up.

Taking a deep breath she began.

“Wow. That was some story Cale. Got me a little short of breath, but… I’m pretty sure I can top it.” Glances between various men showed excitement as well as disbelief, but no one said anything.

“My story starts when I was camping once. I was alone and there was this group of guys. I didn’t know them, but they seemed pretty great. If I had been looking for anything, like a relationship or whatever, there were candidates for sure, but as it was I was just looking for a good time. My version of a good time, which isn’t quite the same as most girls. So there we were sitting around the campfire swapping stories about ourselves when I just got so horny that I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up,” She stood up, “I walked over to one of the guys who had given me one hell of a massage earlier that day.” Trish moved slowly, seductively over to Shawn. The guys were all looking back and forth to each other trying to get a handle on what was happening. Shawn looked like a kid who thinks he knows what his birthday present is, but is terrified he might be wrong.

“Now this guy had really gotten me hot with his hands all over my body. His fingers had been teasing me, almost touching my pussy, my asshole and just as he finished he tweaked my nipple. I could still feel it now hours later. So to reward him, I decided to give him a lap dance, right in front of all his friends.” As Trish planted herself squarely in front of Shawn, behind her she could hear the others whispering their excitement.

Reaching her hand down to the bottom edge of her t-shirt Trish began to sway her hips and pull up the thin material. She stopped and turned her head over her shoulder. “Jess, you might wanna get that camera ready.”

Beginning a seductive dance, with no need for music Trish began to undulate her body in front of Shawn. Her gyrations brought her closer until she was straddling his thighs, her breasts almost touching his face as she thrust them in and out. The guys around the circle began to cheer and whoop as they watched her butt contract and release with her provocative movements.

Lifting her right leg up Trish placed her knee on the log beside Shawn, and she thrust her hips toward him, humping the air above his crotch, while she did this she massaged her tits in front of his face, working the shirt up over her undulating belly.

Then she brought her other knee up onto the log and gently squeezed him between her legs, and holding herself in place like that she rocked her body up and down over his groin, as if she were riding him. One hand reached out to hold herself steady on his shoulder, while the other rubbed down over her thrusting pussy, and to great cheers she stroked herself in time to her thrusts above him.

Putting one foot back down on the ground, Trish let her body press against Shawn, he needed both hands on the log to hold them both up as she slid down him keeping as much contact as she could, her one leg still on the log, leaving her legs wide apart, her hand still pressed to her pussy.

Lifting her hand from herself she placed it on his lap, just to the side of where she assumed his cock was and she pressed down lifting herself off him and then easing back down bumping her mound against his thigh. Over and over she humped his thigh, grinding her crotch against his thigh.

Next she stood all the way up and did a belly dance twirl around on the spot, her hips pulsing back and forth, and in and out, her whole body swaying sinuously. As she twirled Trish smiled out at all the other guys who were shouting encouragement to Shawn.

With her back to Shawn Trish stepped back and with her arms she reached for his shoulders to balance herself. Then Trish placed her ass right in his lap and ground her globes into his hard dick. Squeezing and pressing into it Trish stimulated his cock through his pants, driving him and all the guys wild. Shawn opened his legs wide to allow her full access to his raging boner.

Letting herself slide down him she released her grip and ran her back down along his body, nearly pushing him backwards off the log. She then lifted herself up again and placed her ass on his pole, then with sensual movements she rubbed herself on him. Gradually increasing pace she swirled her hips in a bigger arc, covering more and more of his groin, her bum touching every part of his crotch.

Standing again Trish reached down between her legs and slid a finger up along the crack of her cunt and upward along her ass giving him a view of her dampening tights.

Then swirling around on the spot again she lifted her shirt up over her undulating belly, showing him her muscles, rippling with her movements. Inch by inch, with each thrust her belly made toward Shawn, Trish eased the shirt higher over her stomach, until the bottom of her breasts were peeking out from the cloth.

Stepping forward once more with her legs straddling his right thigh she pressed herself down, pushing her twat down onto his trembling thigh. Then with her tits a foot from his face Trish revealed her orbs to his gaze. Playing peek-a-boo she flashed her shirt up and down exposing herself to him for a second, then covering herself again. Then with one long pull she wrenched her shirt up over her head and all the way off. An eruption of male voices pummeled her bare back as she dropped her shirt on the ground at their feet. Still prodding his thigh with her cunt Trish kneaded her breasts before his eyes. Pulling on her nipples and twisting them she manipulated her mounds for his approval.

Feeling it was only fair to share her assets Trish stood up again and covering her breast with her hands faced the fire.

Again she plopped her ass onto Shaw’s cock and she leaned back making him support her. Then she began to massage her breasts giving the boys out front a peep show between her fingers, and she rippled her body from head to toe in a wave of pleasure and began to pull on her nipples again. Then rubbing her stomach she exposed her entire chest in brief flashes.

Finally with a sigh she let her body go limp, her hands fell to her sides and Trish left her torso completely uncovered for their hungry scrutiny. Limply she slid down Shawn again. When she was squatting wide legged on the ground, with her head on his prick Trish rubbed the back of her head on his protruding member, still leaving her chest displayed.

Standing up yet again, Trish slowly turned back to Shawn her hands rubbing up and down her body and when she turned back to him she once more massaged her titties. Putting her hands out and leaning on his shoulders she tilted herself forward, thrusting her ass out to the other guys and easing herself down Trish caressed his flushing cheek with her left nipple, pressing her breast meat into his face.

While she began to stroke his burning face with her boobs Trish slid her right leg up into his lap and ran the length of her shin up and down his hard-on stimulating him to the maximum.

Now leaning back she lifted her leg higher and placed her foot on the log and with one hand on his shoulder and the other free Trish began to pull the edge of her tights down her belly, exposing her lower abdomen. Still bucking her hips at him she eased down the black material inch by inch until it was as low as it could go without showing her slit. In the back her ass crack was now visible above the contorting globes of her flexing ass.

Standing and turning her back to him Trish bent over and pulled the tights down over her ass showing Shawn her naked bum, then with a quick turn she stood all the way up and bent over for the other boys, showing them her ass.

Standing once more Trish brought her legs all the way together and maneuvered the tights down off of her hips, pushing the pliant material down with both hands between her legs covering her still hidden charms. The tights slid easily down her thighs, and Trish Turned once more to the fire, and bent way over giving just Shawn the view as she pushed the tights down, down, down her thighs, over her knees and down her calves, her ass was less that a foot from his face, her pussy hidden in the shadows.

Rising ups and pivoting on the spot Trish held one hand over her juncture, kicked off her flip flop and lifted her right leg, balancing on her left and carefully lifted her right leg up, pulling the foot out of the leg hole, and lifting it up and up over her hips. Then with her free hand she took her ankle and lifted her leg all the way up until it was straight in the air, toe to the sky, her left hand cupped around her sex. She stood perched on one strong leg while the men cheered their approval.

She stood essentially naked before them, her ass glowing in the firelight, her front mysterious and seductively visible in the shadows for Shawn. Lowering the leg, Trish used her free foot to step on the tights pooled at her feet and she stepped out of the left leg placing her foot on the log beside Shawn.

Then Trish took her left hand and slid it along her raised thigh unveiling her smooth, waxed slit, glistening in the uncertain light. Shawn gaped at her, his eyes riveted on her opening.

Once again Trish began to gyrate her hips, thrusting her uncovered sex toward him in an erotic fashion. Taking his head in her hands Trish brought Shawn’s face to her undulating pelvis, and holding him in a fixed position she used his rigidity to allow herself to make even broader humping motions, her hips twisting and turning, her pussy passing within an inch of his bulging eyes.

It was time to show the goods to the others, and give poor old Shawn a bit of a break, so Trish brought her foot down, and once more pivoted on the spot, gyrating her hips letting her lead hip bring her around. Then when she was facing front, to even louder cheers, she sat back on Shawn’s lap and lifted her legs up and out in the splits displaying her dripping cooze to all assembled. The men sitting to the sides leapt up and moved to get a better view.

Balanced precariously on Shawn’s lap Trish took her left hand and began to stroke her thigh moving closer and closer to her glistening gash, then after a few hesitant strokes, she pulled open the folds with her thumb and middle finger and began to tease her clit with her index finger. The feeling of finally having her button pressed was such a relief that Trish moaned aloud.

Lowering her legs and removing her hand from her cunt Trish placed both feet on the ground and leaned forward hands on her knees, looking around the circle.

The cheering died down, and Trish took in a breath to speak.

“So I did the lap dance for the Magical Masseur, but I had gotten him so horny, and I was so hot too, after feeling that big cock of his pressed into my ass so many times, that I just had to taste it. I was out of my head with lust. So I blew him.”

Trish rose to her feet, and pulled Shawn up off the log. Silence descended over the group and Trish stood up on her tip toes and kissed Shawn on the lips, then kissed around his cheek to his ear where she whispered, “Don’t hold back baby, this is going to be a long night, and I need to taste your cum right away.” Dropping to her knees Trish undid Shawn’s belt and pulled open his shorts. Poking out of the top of his underwear was the head of his cock. Trish leaned in and kissed the tip.

Lowering his shorts down over his thighs, she continued to kiss the tip of his prick and when she pulled his underwear down she engulfed his pole in her mouth.

Kneeling on the sharp gravel around the fire pit Trish sucked his tool, slurping along his length.

Taking her right hand she began to pump him and bring her mouth down to meet her hand as it tugged upward from the base. None of the men were making any noise now, except the endless clicking of Jess’ camera as he captured each pornographic moment.

With her other hand Trish began to massage Shawn’s scrotum, urging him to spill his seed, and sure enough he soon began to buck his hips, humping himself into her mouth.

He began to grunt in the back of his throat and Trish quickened her pace, pumping hard and bobbing her head up and down rapidly, slurping the saliva leaking from out of the seal of her lips on his shaft.

Then at last his jism surged out of his quivering cock and spattered across the length of her tongue. Shawn grabbed her head and held them both still as he ejaculated into her. As her hand pumped his length milking him for every drop of his cum, Trish’s tongue bathed the head of his cock teasing more convulsions from him until with a moan he pulled away, too over stimulated to remain in her grasp.

Falling back onto the log Shawn gasped “Holy fuck!” and Trish smiled wiping the extra fluid from her mouth on the back of a hand.

“When he has spent himself in my mouth I knew that I wasn’t done. The taste of spunk only heightened my arousal. My pussy needed to be filled, and my lucky massage therapist was too overwhelmed to provide. So I turned next to one of the others.” In the forty some hours she had been with these men not once had they been as utterly still, or quiet as they were at that moment.

Looking at each of them in the eye Trish gauged her options.

“Each of them had been amusing, and endearing in their own way throughout the last two days, but one in particular made me itch deep inside. Only he could be the first man to fill my aching need right now.” Trish turned to Cale. “He had been coolly observing everything I’d been doing that night, appraising, and his eyes as they met mine were equal to the task of taming this wild pussy.” Trish walked over, the sharp stones on her bare feet, the pain mixing with her lust driving her wild with passion. Kneeling before her chosen Trish reached for his belt and undid it, and unzipped his shorts, once more pulling out an ardent member. Cale was big, thick and smooth, and Trish swallowed this excellent manhood as deep as she could in one plunge. She began to push his shirt up over his torso as she deep throated his tool.

As she continued to suck him into her mouth Cale removed his clothes, never once moving out of her mouth. Trish held him by the buttocks, grasping his cock with her ravenous mouth.

“Stephen, go get me a sleeping bag.” Cale ordered, and Trish heard scuffing feet as someone left the circle.

All the last two days Trish had wanted to be exactly where she was now, the centre of attention, on her knees with Cale’s schlong buried in her face. She was beside herself with pleasure. Slurping away on his shaft Trish gripped his tight buttocks. He was really one of the most beautiful men she had ever had. His dong was perfect, and he trimmed his pubic hair close so her nose wasn’t tickled as she swallowed nearly his entire length deep into her throat.

More scuffing sounds heralded the return of Cale’s assistant and Cale’s strong hands pried her from his meat and pushed her backward onto the cool soft material of a sleeping bag laid out behind her.

Trish moved farther onto the bedding and opened herself wide to him, offering her deepest most vulnerable self. She hungered for him like no-one she had in her life and as he fell over her, his arms supporting his weigh, she got him.

Aiming his boner at her slot he eased himself into her without using his hands. Trish cried out as his cockhead breached her tight opening. As he shoved himself into her the first orgasm of the night detonated in her centre. Even before he could pull out for the second stroke Trish was screaming her pleasure into the night sky.

This continued for the first series of thrusts, each time he drove himself into her, she was overcome by a cascade of sensations and her body quivered in rapture. Trish was lost in a sea of sensation, all centred on the wang nudging her deepest places.

Cale stopped lunging and leaned over and began to lick her nipples, sucking them into his mouth one by one, allowing her to calm down, but pleasing her still.

When at last Trish was able to take command of herself once more she reached down and grasped his butt again, urging him to move in and out once more. Looking at her with a grin, Cale started to drive himself into her, with more vigor than before, and Trish bit her lip to keep herself from flying off the edge of an orgasmic abyss again.

When she was sure she was going to be able to control herself Trish started to push herself up to meet his thrusts and engage actively in this romp.

Rocks and roots pressed into her back as Cale drove down into her, and Trish enjoyed the sensation as it helped ground her, keeping her from losing herself to the pleasure Cale was giving her. She was the one here to do the pleasing, which was her function. Not to be pleased.

Gripping him with her strong inner muscles Trish tilted her pelvis up and down meeting his motion, encouraging him to lose himself to their coupling.

“Fill me up big boy. Give me all that hot cum, I need it.”

“Oh you’ll get it baby. I’m gonna drown you in it. Just as soon as you cum for me again.”

“I want you to cum, baby. I’ve had mine now you have yours.”

“Nope. Show me that face of yours all blissed out again. It was beautiful. C’mon Pia, give me a show. Make me happy.”

Now Cale began to push deeper, and at the bottom of each plunge he ground his pubic bone hard against her clit, making her gasp. Looking up into his eyes Trish saw his desire to be the best, the man who made her cum whenever he wanted, and Trish felt her heart melt a little for him, recognizing in his need something of her own longing to bring pleasure to others. So as a gift she relaxed her iron control and accepted the wave of lust that threatened her self-denial, and tipped over the brink of her climax.

A moan escaped her mouth as she let the electric pulse of need engulf her. Her legs lifted up over his pounding hips, her arms clasped her to him as he rammed into her. Tilting back her head Trish cried out her ecstasy, her mind ravished by delight. A squirt of juice soaked his pole as it thrilled her spasming cunt. Trish lifted herself completely off the ground in her need to pull him deeper inside. Animalistic grunts issued from her throat, as if from some distant other, but she knew it was her.

When she could take it no more, her body slumped to the bedding spent, her arms too weak to hold him any longer, her legs splayed out wide, her chest heaving with extremity. “Thank you.” He said and unleashed a geyser of fluid into her. As the warmth of his seed spread through her quivering core, Trish felt another orgasm rip through her body; this one left her acutely aware of herself. There was no separation; she could feel each throb of her pussy, and each spurt of his spunk hitting her vaginal wall. The weight of him as he fell over onto her chest, the heat of his skin, the trembling of his legs, and the sweet secret triumph as his sperm oozed around inside her slot mixed around by the last of his convulsions.

This was paradise.

Wincing a bit as Cale withdrew from her embrace; Trish roused herself from her glowing, sleepy state and looked around the circle.

“After I fucked that one I was satisfied, but it just wouldn’t have been fair to the others who were all sexy men, with needs like any other. I randomly choose the two closest to me. Roger and Stephen get over here.” Stephen practically jumped up from where he was sitting and frantically began pulling down his pants. Roger moved closer, as if in some kind of daze.

“You don’t have to do this he whispered.”

“I want to Roger. It is why I came out here. This and only this. To be fucked stupid by a gang of men.” Reaching out she took his hand and kissed his palm, while moving herself onto all fours. She reached up and pulled Roger to her while arching her back and spreading herself for Stephen.

Roger began to undo his pants and Trish relaxed, her eyes looking up at him from way down below. Behind her Stephen positioned himself between her legs and began to work himself into her oozing cunt.

Sighing she accepted his manhood inside and he began to rail her eagerly, wedging himself in, and out shallowly, much more into speed than technique. Trish suspected Stephen watched too much porn.

Now Roger was ready to place himself in her mouth, and Trish opened up and stuck out her tongue. Placing the head of his cock on her tongue Roger held himself in his hand and moved it side to side on the offered appendage.

Allowing herself to me moved by the violent hammering happened to her bottom half Trish slid forward onto the penis aimed at her face, inhaling it lovingly.

Stephen was panting and gasping over her rump, and she felt drips of sweat, falling onto her back.

In her mouth Roger was slowly moving in and out, just the first few inches gliding across the tip of her tongue and through the loose grip of her lips.

As both men set their own pace Trish allowed herself to move automatically, her tongue lashed Roger’s head whenever she felt it nudge her there, and her quaking pussy clenched each time Stephen’s body bumped into her wide spread ass.

It was a wonderful feeling being filled by two men, who were both so eager to supply her with much needed cock. Stephen clutched her ass cheeks in both hands as if trying to tighten her vagina from without, so she clamped down on him hard, making him groan.

Roger in the opposite fashion was stroking her face with his hands in such a loving fashion it made her weepy.

Leaning farther over, Roger let his hand reach under her and begin to play with her breast, rubbing the swaying orb.

“Stephen, rub her clit, don’t just use her like a ham you’re wanking into. Make her feel good.” Roger hissed over her arched back.

“Oh, sorry.”

Trish couldn’t tell him she liked being used, that it was often the key to her pleasure, because her mouth was so wondrously full of him. And before she could think about disengaging to allay Stephen’s guilt his fingers found her button and began to fumble between her legs probing around her bud.

Rather than argue, when a lucky digit grazed her enflamed clitoris and sent a thrill through her body, Trish just lifted a hand and guided the groping fingers to her magic button and pulled back her hood to give him full access to her most sensitive spot.

Juddering convulsions shook her as another orgasm ripped along her nerves.

Impaled on two poles Trish writhed about as she was skewered. Her arms and legs shook and her torso trembled from top to bottom. Both men had to lift their hands away from where they were playing with her sensitive bits and hold her close, trying to control the shudders threatening to shake her loose from where they impaled her.

Stephen cried out and let loose a torrent of jism into her. Holding her twitching buttocks he drove himself as deeply into her as he could and sprayed his load of goo all over her insides.

This flood propelled Trish even further along the road of euphoria. Colours danced behind her clenched eyelids. A rushing kaleidoscope of bright lights flashed as neurons in her brain fired sweet pleasure throughout her addled brain.

Dimly she could feel the hard shaft drop from her silently screaming mouth. At the other end, a now still boner twitched its after shocks, stuffed inside her clenching grip.

Trish regained awareness when Stephen slumped back onto his haunches, wrenching himself from her fissure. A warm flood oozed down out of her yawning twat. Still high and trembling with after shocks Trish reached out her long neck and took Roger back into her mouth.

Holding her ass aloft on quivering legs Trish left herself exhibited, desperate to soon be filled once more. Her insides fluttered with need; her body was so close to another climax that she wanted to let it happen. The whole of her being felt on the verge of a sneeze and she was desperate for release.

Someone, she didn’t know who as her face was now buried in Rogers tuft of pubic hair, lodged themselves between her legs and gratified her longing by entering her slit and jabbing into her interior.

Slushing noises accompanied his penetrations and Trish was excited by the sloppy noises coming from her cunt. After three stabs once more her body reached fulfillment and Trish had another orgasm, squirting again in her gratification, fluid oozing out over her unknown lover, bathing his cock.

With a deep moan of satisfaction Trish gave in to the tide enveloping her in pleasure, with no control of her limbs what-so-ever she slumped popping Roger’s meat from her loose mouth and falling to her face on the sleeping bag. The man in her snatch just held her hips and continued to pummel her into oblivion.

The only awareness of having a body she had was an electric burning sensation centred in her clit, where a steady pulse sent signals from there to her scattered thoughts. Over and over this beacon jolted her numb brain with fresh impulses, and she clenched her beleaguered muscles over and over seeking more and more sperm to wash her in its life giving flow.

Then a new signal was added to the one impelling her to squeeze her core. This one coming from her chest and she concluded her breasts. More intense pleasure, more painful bliss as a new note to the chord of rapture singing along her nerves completed a triad of physical delight.

The thrumming of her nerves resolved into the continued manhandling of her pussy and a constant pulling and pinching of her nipples as her breasts were mauled by unseen hands.

Trish forced her eyes open and saw Roger’s cock a foot from her face as she knelt on the ground, behind her a man was still pummeling her twitching cunt, and Roger was laying on his side reaching under her to torment her sensitive tits.

Glowing from the glorious orgasm and all the attention Trish raised her head enough on her wobbly neck to fall onto Rogers lap and lick and nuzzle his schlong. He moved his hips giving her full access to his meat and Trish slurped him into her mouth. This time she would get him off before she lost herself again.

“Oh fuck she is so wet!” The man fucking her pussy shouted, and she recognized it as Scott’s voice. No one stated the obvious that most of the lubricant he was using was the jism deposited in her by his friends. Instead Trish just moaned around the head of Rogers’s rod and pushed back hard against Scott’s ramming tool.

Leaving her ass lifted wantonly Trish engaged her other lover, reaching out her hand and pumping his hardness into her maw.

He had yet to stop twisting her nipples and with her other hand Trish lightly stroked his arms under her chest, encouraging him to continue. Ignoring the raw pulsing in her abused nipples Trish suckled his knob, gathering her resources. And when at last she felt able she lifted herself up with the hand that had been stroking Rogers arms and held herself up so that she could jack him with one hand and gobble him with her mouth; bobbing her head up and down, her lips sucked tight her tongue glossing over his sensitive gland.

Soon Roger gave up on her nipples and lifted himself up to his knees, Trish didn’t miss a stroke, devouring his manhood like a fiend. When upright Roger began to fuck her face, his balls nudging her chin with each thrust. Opening up her throat Trish swallowed all that he had to offer, which wasn’t as substantial as the others, but still a nice piece of meat.

Pumping her fist along his length, Trish crammed his cock inside her mouth, and he in turn held her head and humped himself into her face over and over.

His breath began to deepen, and he made grunting noises, which Trish returned as whimpers and hums of pleasure.

Knotting his hands in her hair Roger at last disgorged his spunk into her throat and she guzzled his spew like a drowning woman. Holding himself still Roger shot a thick load into her, and Trish continued to pump his shaft while working her tongue all over the underside of his twitching dong.

When he at last finished dumping gobbets of cream in her throat Roger pulled back and Trish took in a gasping breath, as she had been unable to get a full breath with Roger so far down in her esophagus.

As the viscous fluid tricked down her throat Trish let her attention drift back to the pounding she was taking down below. Scott was working her pussy hard, sliding around, and ramming deep. She was breathing hard and grew lightheaded as he pulled her hips back onto him, bouncing his pelvis off of her ass.

Reaching down between her legs with both hands Trish began to tickle Scott’s nut sack. With her face pressed to the sleeping bag she sighed with pleasure as Scott exploited her assets. The arc of her back lifted up, offering the fullest depth of her being to his plunging assault.

Moisture dripped onto her hands from her cleft; the leavings of the other men, her own seemingly endless flow and the sweat now dripping off of Scott. All this slime ran in rivulets down over her fingers as they groped his testes, entreating him to unload their burden into her.

The constant flash of Jess’ camera matched the brilliant flashes of light happening when she closed her eyes. Euphoria plunged her headlong into strange mental landscapes of lust, passion and joy. The documenting of her lechery excited her to no end. In her mind’s eye there were millions of people watching her right now in her most intimate, glorious, debasement.

“Here is comes baby!” Scott gritted through clenched teeth.

“Oh shit yes! Give me all that hot cum!” She screamed to the night.

A pleasant warmth seeped into her centre as his splooge oozed out inside her. A ripple of sympathetic contentment tickled her insides and she wiggled her bum into his belly, teasing him as he jerked and groaned in his extremity. Her hands continued to squeeze his twitching balls and Scott made mewling noises in the back of his throat as he tried to endure too much stimulation.

Smiling to herself Trish eased away from him while gripping his pole in her tightness, tormenting him with still more sensation.

“Oh Jesus!” He hissed as Trish pushed back hard impaling herself onto him. With a moan Scott pulled all the way out of her and rolled onto his side next to her. Curling up next to him she kissed him on the shoulder a few times, so grateful to him for the pleasure he had given.

When she had caught her breath Trish looked for her next lover.

Rob was sitting on a log nearby looking on with an intense expression. The men she had already had were in states of undress around the perimeter, most looking stunned and soft in their post orgasmic state. Rob looked like a soldier getting ready to storm a castle.

Laying on her back her legs fanned out across the bedding, Trish began to smear the leaking goo from her cunt around her swollen lips. Each time she passed over her clit a spasm convulsed her frame.

Scott levered himself off of the sleeping bag and Rob rose to replace him. Trish grinned dazedly up at him.

“Come on handsome, I want you so badly.”

One hand on her snatch and one on her nipples Trish waited while Rob disrobed beside her, his eyes roaming her displayed body. As if he were hypnotized Rob moved slowly between her flung open legs and placed his prick over her opening. Rubbing his head over her folds he swabbed her lips with the tip of his cock coating himself in the sticky mixture there.

Holding his tool in his hand, with long strokes he teased her, sliding the length of his shaft along the groove of her lips, but not entering her. Trish lifted her pelvis up to meet him, pressing herself onto his pole, but still he avoided entering her. He just teased her, moving around the opening, and passing repeatedly over the bundle of nerves at the top of her vulva.

“Oh please, put it in me. I need it in me.” She whispered.

“You want it?”

“Yes I do, I really do.” She whimpered.

“I’m gonna give it too you. But I want to know that you really want it.”

“I do. God do I ever.”

“Tell me.”

“Rob, please, put it in me. Fuck me. Fuck me with that glorious cock of yours. Fill me up. Please. I need it so badly. Look at how much my body wants you. I’m shaking I need you so bad.” It was true. The more she told him she needed him, the more ravenous her box became. Quivering with the need to be filled, desperate for his cock, Trish wiggled and shimmied trying to get him to slip inside.

Lifting himself up higher by rising on his knees Rob made her arch up off of the ground lifting her snatch higher and higher to maintain contact with him. When he was all the way up on his knees she had to plant her feet wide on either side of his legs, her gash upraised as far as her body could achieve, her hands frantically stroking his legs reaching for his cock and stroking her tummy distraught with desire.

At last Rob pierced her opening with just the tip of his prick and Trish hissed as the tease of fulfillment left her bereft of contentment. Already straining at the highest point she could reach while leaving herself available to be speared by his pole, Trish moaned her frustration up at him.

Inch by inch Rob eased himself into her slot. Each pressing forward only made her frantic for more of him. Watching him disappear into her cleft Trish felt dizzy with desire for more penetration. When he was half way in she felt the beginnings of another orgasm, her entire body vibrating with the strain of her awkward position, and the need to have him all the way in.

Rob reached down now that he was firmly in her slot and began to stroke his fingers along her ribs, tickling her, and her hands moved to his seeking firmer grips, but he eluded her hands and teased her with feather light touches along her skin.

Gasping Trish felt herself losing control, her body shuddered with powerful contraction, her hips dropping and his penis slipping out of her weeping pussy. Thrusting her hips back up to return him to her clutch Trish swept at his hands with hers trying to get him to stop tickling her while pushing her hips toward him trying to get more of him inside.

At last, desperate, Trish threw her legs out and over his hips and pulled her body onto his hard prick using her legs. Surprised at the sudden change of weigh Rob toppled forward onto her and Trish began to grind her raving vagina onto his rod.

As she was completely filled by him Trish began to erupt with a powerful climax, her body taut and rigid as she clung to him with her legs, her hands scrabbling along his arms clawing and trying to pull him close, to hold him inside of her tormented core.

Every fibre of her being wanted to be filled by him. She wanted him in. Deeply, fully, completely crammed inside her vast, ravenous depths. Her deepest recesses yearned to be touched by his cock, and it felt to Trish as if her cunt were turning inside out in an attempt to touch every part of him.

A strange prolonged grunting emerged from the furthest depths of her throat as the strain of her orgasm contracted all the muscles of her body. Having succeeded in climbing Rob’s body with her arms Trish clung to him, her weight suspended below him, pressing her skin to his. His cooler flesh aroused her still further and another contraction knocked the wind out of her lungs, and made tears spring from her eyes.

Gasping for air Trish was paralyzed with passion. Wracked with the throws of her climax she hugged Rob tightly as he lowered her back to the ground, hovering over her in her extremity.

Then the moment she released her death grip as the tension of her orgasm left her, he pulled out and plunged himself back into her sending her off once more into the stratosphere.

Now she was too weak to hold him firmly with her fatigued pussy walls, and he was able to move in and out of her at will. Still she clung to him with her legs and arms, but now he rocked himself back and forth stimulating her frazzled nerves.

Breathing felt like the hardest thing to do as her body continued to spasm every few moments, a seemingly never-ending series of orgasms ravaged her body. Sounds she had never before uttered ground out from the depths of her throat. Her fingernails dug furrows down Robs back as she sought more of him inside. She barely moved at all, as he drove his prick into her, she was too far-gone. Her entire universe was an electric conduit of sexual energy, and it all seemed to beam out of her genitals in a coruscating fire burning away her awareness.

Trish didn’t lose consciousness, but robbed of air for too long her body finally released and she fell limply to the bedding, a sheen of perspiration glowing on her body in the uncertain light of the fire and the incandescent flashes from Jess’ ever present flash.

On the sleeping bag Trish lay supine under the heaving man above. The burning lust that had so utterly consumed her was now a gentle heat emanating from her pussy. A smile spread across her lips as Trish relished the feeling of being incapacitated. Her limbs felt like jelly, all liquid, and distant. And euphoria numbed her to the discomfort of lying on uneven ground with only a sleeping bag to protect her from the rhythmic pressure mashing her to the earth.

Before long, there was no way to tell how long as her consciousness wandered, Trish felt Rob stiffen and hold still as his own orgasm overtook him.

Reaching up Trish ran the fingers of both hands along his face, through his hair and along his neck. She traced the veins in his throat and brushed the sweat from his brow. Rob unloaded his cum deep inside her, and a thrill of pleasure accompanied his deposit. As his sperm welled in the very nexus of her body Trish stroked a finger along his lips, then across his cheek, exploring his face as they lay entwined in the mutual glow of great satisfaction.

As Rob relaxed down over her, his body a blanket covering her from the cool night air a flash of the camera reminded Trish that she had one more man to satisfy. Patting Rob on the shoulder she wiggled and he flopped over on his side exposing her once more to view.

Looking up Trish saw the camera less that a foot from her face and behind it Jess looking at her through the lens. She gave him a tired, blissed out smile, and he clicked off a couple shots.

“Okay shutterbug, time to put down the camera and give me that dick.”

“I wanna shoot while we do it, okay?”


Jess crawled onto the sleeping bag, forcing Rob to move, then Jess lay with his head toward the fire, and pulled his pants off revealing a hard cock. Not a big one, but a nice one.

“Okay, can you sit on me?” He asked shyly.

“Anything you want lover.”

Trish straddled him, her legs like jelly from all the orgasms she had had in the last half an hour. Easing herself down onto him she felt a stream of cum oozing out of her cunt. Plugging the leak with his cock Trish giggled at the loud sloshing noises she made as she sat down on Jess. The whole time Jess clicked away snapping photos of all of it.

Riding up and down on his prick Trish put on a show for the camera, She ran her hands up and down her body, squeezing her breasts offering her nipples, rubbing them and pulling on them, exciting herself and generally mugging for the camera. Lifting her arms up she played with her hair, posing for him while she fucked him.

This was perfect. Trish was an exhibitionist at heart and after all this fucking she was weary, so playing for the camera really helped her find the energy she needed to give Jess the fucking she felt he deserved.

The whole time Jess played with his camera, changing setting, sometimes using the flash, other not. She thought he was even video taping for a while. After a few minutes however Trish wanted to get down to some serious fucking, she wanted him to lose himself in her body, not his camera, so she leaned over on her hands, close to him and began to fuck him in earnest. Each time she sat all the way down on his meat she would squeeze him with her pussy, and grind her clit against him. And on the upstroke she would tease him by playfully moving quickly back and forth almost letting him fall out of her embrace. His breathing grew shallower, and his hips rose to meet her as she lifted up of him, not wanting to leave her.

“Pia, please lean back into the light more, I want to see you better.” He whispered.

Obliging Trish leaned way back, putting her hands behind her and arching her body toward him, the muscles of her abdomen rippling.

Bucking her hips up and down along the girth of his penis Trish flailed her head back and forth and gasped and moaned like a porn star. Clearly Jess wanted a visual show so she gave him one pulling out all the stops. Lifting herself back upright she began to suck on a finger looking into the lens at him.

“Oh baby, give it to me.” She cooed. “C’mon baby, fill me up!” His hips jerked up into her, and Trish knew she had it right. He was a voyeur and wanted a show.

“Which one of you swinging dicks can give me something for my mouth?” Again a twitch of his hips, showing his approval.

Stephen once more jumped in eagerly.

Trish hadn’t seen his cock before as she was preoccupied with Roger at the time, and she was happy to see it was a large cock. Reaching for him as he placed himself to one side Trish brought his pole to within an inch of her mouth, then with a coy look she stared into the camera. Still humping Jess Trish began to jack off Stephen while looking at the camera as if Jess were who she really wanted to be doing this to. Slowly Trish leaned to the left and brought her mouth closer and closer to Stephen’s rod. Then extending her tongue she licked the head of his cock. Stephen sighed.

Making a meal of it Trish licked Stephen’s prick all over while she ground her cunt down on Jess. She let her free hand play with her clit, and then a nipple. Jess caught all of it on his digital memory stick, and the thought of all these guys masturbating to these images later spurred her on further.

Swallowing Stephen all the way into her throat Trish began to suck him in earnest, no more teasing. Using both hands she milked his shaft and squeezed his full balls. Stephen was the youngest member of the group and his youthful exuberance manifested in his not being able to hold himself back. Before two minutes of her excellent ministrations had gone by he began to shoot his second load into her.

Pulling back Trish jacked him off onto her outstretched tongue, letting the camera catch every glistening drop as it spilled out onto her. One wild shot spurted past her mouth and landed on her cheek where it trickled down catching firelight and gleaming like gold.

Trish milked the last drops out onto her tongue and then made a big show of taking it in and swallowing it all. With a couple more licks to wipe Stephen off she called out, “I want two more.”

Shawn and Scott stepped forward and offered her their cocks, one on either side. Making sure that the light was not blocked Trish began to alternate blowing the two men. Jacking one in her hand while she suckled the other Trish pleasured both men, while keeping a steady pulse going with her hips. Not really fucking Jess, but keeping them both stimulated.

The camera clicked away while she took first one then the other cock into her mouth. Jess started directing them from below, his cock getting harder and hotter inside her.

“Scott rub your dick on her face while she sucks Shawn.” Trish felt his cock-head stroke her cheek smearing Stephen’s cum around.

“Perfect.” Jess said. “Now grab her tit and let her jack you off. Pia keep sucking Shawn.” Trish took Shawn as far into her throat as she could and tugged on Scott while she felt him begin mauling her breast. She loved being told what to do like this. It was exciting.

“Hey you other guys, start playing with yourselves just behind her. Show the camera how many of you there are. Then later I want you all to shoot your loads on her.”

Those words thrilled her. Trish was getting totally crazy again. Her hips moved of their own accord, milking Jess while her fists did the same to Shawn and Scott. Trish switched to Scott with her mouth and she began to slurp on him furiously, wanting his cum to spill out over her. Behind her she could feel the others closing in, their warmth surrounding her.

She let Scott fall from her mouth and she twisted around taking some one else into her mouth for a moment. She didn’t even know who it was. Now she had Jess in her pussy, Scott and Shawn in her hands, and some random member of the group in her mouth. Four cocks, and three more to go.

Once again she switched. She felt unfocused, and crazed. It was as if she were ADHD and couldn’t stop sucking or tugging on cocks. Her hands found some other poles behind her, and she wrapped her lips around Shawn again. The angle was awkward and she felt strain in her shoulders and neck, but she was open to the camera and the firelight so that was good enough for her. Men’s hands covered hers and helped her stroke them as her attention was scattered. Shawn took a hold of her head and began to hump her mouth.

When she needed a breath Trish pulled back and he released her, when her mouth opened a gush of drool spilled down over her chest and, gasping, she reached her head around for Scott. He too took a hold of her head and drove himself into her mouth, fucking her head hard and fast.

Someone behind her reached around and began to squeeze her tits. Trish moaned her approval. Strong fingers tweaked her nipples and kneaded her mounds. Someone moved her hand over to a new cock and judging from the angle it was Shawn. Shawn said he was going to cum, and Trish pulled back from Scott and turned to Shawn, mouth wide open to receive his load.

With one hand still on someone behind her Trish let her hand fall from Shawn as he began to whack off earnestly in front of her open mouth. Another man took the dropped hand and began to use it on himself.

Opening her eyes to look up at him Trish said, “C’mon Shawn cover my face with that steamy spunk.”

“Oh fuck!” He cried and jets of jism spattered across her face, coating her from forehead to chin. Some even landed in her mouth, which she swirled around with her tongue and pushed out, letting it dribbled down her chin. Trish felt Jess’ cock spasm inside her, but still he didn’t cum, he just began to strain upward, the camera capturing every moment as cum drizzled across Trish’s face.

When Shawn stepped back, another man, Roger, stepped up where he had been. It was his cock that Trish had in hand, and she gave him a squeeze, then turned her spattered face back to Scott and devoured his spear.

Twisting to the right Trish swallowed Scott while reaching past him and gripping some other cock back behind her.

It wasn’t long before Scott too began to cum.

Just like Shawn, Scott took over control and aimed his cum at her face. While she jerked off two men, and fucked a third Trish was bathed in another stream of sperm. Scott’s load was weak this time, and it dribbled out of his cock onto her outstretched tongue. No gouts sprayed across her features, but with each pulse of goo she swirled it around adding saliva and let it tricked down her chin onto her tits. When he finished and stepped back Trish had a glistening coating of sperm and spit from forehead to navel. Grinning she looked right at Jess through the lens of his camera, while he flashed away making the mess gleam in the flare.

Next she set her sights on Roger and made him cum while manhandling Cale’s wang, leaving Rob in her remaining hand.

“Guys try time it so you cum as close together as you can. ” Jess said.

“Fuck man, what are we porn stars?”

“Yes. Today you are!”

Rob said, “Fuck man she is such a mess I’m not sure I want to touch her.”

“Bullshit Rob. ” Jess said, “Look at her. She is doing this for us. She loves it, and you should too. You’ll never have a woman so completely give herself to you as Pia will. That woman is covered in our lust. All that cum is our gift to her for being so amazing to us. Fucking show some respect. Don’t think of that as a mess, and think of it as beautiful.”

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