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(If possible read with Dubstep music – it will add to the experience)

Introducing, the third in the series of Clifftop College entries. Who ever said boarding school would be boring?

Evelyn had always been a rather sexual girl. Since losing her virginity at thirteen, she’d had countless amounts of sexual partners. As a student of the prestigious mixed boarding school, Clifftop College, Evelyn had plenty of men to choose from. However, since finding one man that fitted her perfectly in every way, Evelyn had been happy in her quiet, sexually pleasing relationship with Doni. Though, you can take the girl out of the adventure, but never the adventure out of the girl.

After a very satisfying three-way with her ex-boyfriend and Doni’s best friend, Smyth, Evelyn thought that her craving for sexual adventure had been fed. Not so likely. Evelyn yearned for more.

So, one night, whilst Doni and Evelyn lay in bed together — the dorm room empty aside from themselves — she turned to him with a beaming grin.

“I want an orgasm,” she said eagerly, taking the book from Doni’s hands to get his attention.

“Didn’t I give you one already? — like five minutes ago?” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist and gazing into her feline green eyes that sparkled with excitement.

“Yes,” she giggled “But I want more — multiple!” she exclaimed.

Doni raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend, trying to read her thoughts. He was a proud boyfriend and relished in her enthusiasm and wildness when it came to sex. Though a quiet, mysterious, artistic girl to most, he knew a different side to her. Evelyn was like an animal that could never truly be tamed. With hair the colour of raven feathers that trailed down the length of her petite torso, skin as pale as the moon and lips as red as blood, Evelyn was by far the most enchantingly beautiful young woman he’d ever met. Also, the sexiest. Even as she lay in only a pair of knee length school socks, his pair of boxers and his blue sports vest, she was absolutely gorgeous.

“Roll over then,” he winked cheekily.

He turned her quickly onto her back and leant down to kiss her when he stopped, her hands cupping his stubbly chin. He exhaled heavily, watching her pout. It was unlike her.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, his hands that were resting either side of her head, tangling themselves in her loose hair.

“I was thinking of accomplishing it more daringly,” her pout grew into a grin.

Doni shifted his body until his legs were between hers, thinking through her last sentence.

“How?” he questioned, also rather daringly. Evelyn never stopped surprising him.

“Well say like I want ten orgasms,” she paused, watching Doni’s eyes intently “Then I’d want ten different men to give them to me,” she left the sentence open, somewhat anxious to hear her boyfriend’s reply. He always embraced even her craziest sexual fantasies, but would he do the same with this one?

“I’ll see what I can do,” he winked again, burying his face into her sweet neck.

Evelyn grinned madly, excitement consuming her.

It was settled. On Friday night, Evelyn would meet Doni in his dorm room. He had been able to gather eight of his closest friends to help fulfil Evelyn’s fantasy. Those eight were also friends with Evelyn and five of them were Doni’s dorm friends. No one would walk in as the majority of the sixth formers at CTC were out on Friday nights. The plan was perfect. Now, all Evelyn had to do was allow the excitement to fuel her. She couldn’t believe that one, she was finally doing it, and two, that Doni was okay with it.

More than okay, he was incredibly excited. His cuckholding fetish had really taken hold of him. Though, protective over Evelyn in every other sense, when it came to the bedroom — watching her have sex with another man or woman, turned Doni on very much. He liked nothing more than to see the love of his life having a good time, whether it was him that was giving it to her or someone else. He wasn’t a jealous man and would feel greedy if he kept such a beautiful girl all to himself. And anyway, his favourite part of any threesome was the moment he got to take Evelyn back into his arms, for she was his at the end of the day, and he was hers.

Evelyn walked across the dark campus field wearing a thick coat. She carried a bag full of things she may need for that evening. Her stomach was doing summersaults she was so excited. Doni hadn’t told her which eight guys he’d found, though she’d assumed their closest male friends. She hated to admit it, but she was looking forward to having sex with Smyth again. He may have eyes for her best friend now and their love was long gone, but she knew there would always be a burning flame between them. She quickened her pace, trying to contain her enthusiasm.

She didn’t knock, she didn’t need to. Evelyn stepped inside the large dorm room to feel the heating on, see the bedside lights bright and only Doni stood in the room. She smiled at the sight of him, her heart racing; even now, after five years of being in love with him, he still gave her butterflies.

“Where is everyone?” she asked, closing the door behind her.

She spotted his bed was without a duvet and lying on it was a single black satin blindfold. She shivered with anticipation. Her eyes returned to Doni, who had stepped closer. He was only wearing a pair of white tight boxers, his bare firm chest on show. She bit her lip, already turned on. All day, whilst pampering, she hadn’t stopped thinking about the night ahead. Her friends had badgered her to find out what she was up to, but Evelyn was good at keeping secrets.

“They’ll be here soon,” he took hold of her hands, inspecting her up and down.

She was wearing her school uniform; her white blouse was tight across her large ample breasts; her blue school skirt was short and pulled up to her middle, only just covering her small perky bum. She wore her thigh high navy socks, a tie hung loosely around her neck and her hair was up in a messy bun on the top of her head. Doni always thought she looked beautiful, but she looked especially stunning tonight. With only a hint of make-up and her school girl outfit she was erotic perfection in his eyes.

“You look fantastic,” he smirked, taking the bag from her shoulder.

“Thanks. Ebony was a bit curious as to why I was wearing this tonight but luckily Ava stepped forward, assuming I was coming over here to play out a school girl fantasy with you,” Evelyn giggled, perching on the end of the bed.

“An extremely twisted, dirty school girl fantasy,” he laughed “You should’ve told me — I could’ve got us all to wear them,” he winked, sitting down beside her.

Evelyn raised a single neatly plucked eyebrow, mulling over the thought.

That would be very interesting

She glanced over at his bedside table where his phone sat.

“I think you should give them a text — you’re right, it’ll make for a very good fantasy,” she giggled, twisting around until she was on her hands and knees.

She crawled into the middle of the bed and flipped onto her back, opening her legs and grinning down at Doni. He beamed back at her, grabbing his phone quickly.

This night was going to be one to remember.

Evelyn observed as Doni strolled across the dorm room in his school shirt, trousers and tie. She bit her lip, the butterflies beating harder and lower in her stomach. She had to catch her breath. His black fringe tousled onto his forehead and the shaved sides were neat, revealing his two stretched ears. He gave her a wink and rolled up his sleeves.

“This means business,” he chuckled.

Evelyn watched intently as with each roll he exposed more and more of his tattoos and the muscles of his upper arms. Her breathing was quickening with every second, her heart drumming in her chest. Her eyes were fixated on him, waiting for his next move.

He gestured to the end of the bed, where she shuffled quickly and sat patiently. He lifted the blindfold to her eyes and began to tie it at the back. Now her view was gone, she relied on her other senses. The feel of the satin under her fingertips. The sound of Doni’s deep breathing. The smell of his cologne. The taste of his lips. She shivered.

“Now I want you to sit still and don’t remove the blindfold, understand?” Doni’s voice was stern, the playfulness gone.

She straightened her back and subdued a grin. It had begun.

She pressed her wrists together on her lap, staring forward into the darkness of the blindfold. She felt cold now Doni had moved away. Suddenly, she felt headphone slipping on over her head and onto her ears. Deep rumbling dubstep music pounded into her ears. Slowly, he was taking away her senses. Her heart galloped with apprehension and anticipation. She was now deaf and blind.

Evelyn was unable to hear the dorm room door opening and Doni greeting the eight boys who had agreed to join them. They fist pumped, patted each other’s backs and exchanged curious glances with Doni.

They stood in an awkward semi-circle around the bed where Evelyn sat, none the wiser as to what was going on around her. Doni joined them, turning the music up a little louder just to be sure his girlfriend wouldn’t be able to hear them.

“Why are we dressed like this?” Smyth laughed, gesturing to their attire.

“Evelyn’s idea, not mine,” Doni replied, crossing his arms, his eyes still focused on Evelyn who was tossing her tongue around her mouth anxiously. He enjoyed making her wait. It was all one big tease. He could imagine just how wet she was getting, her mind consumed with what they were about to do. Doni grinned to himself then turned to his friends.

“Looks as if this was entirely Evelyn’s idea,” Ted raised his eyebrows, looking to where Smyth was restraining a grin.

“I’m just gonna say this, before we get started. If any of you are unsure, leave now. And, there are rules to this game,” Doni’s voice turned firm, catching all of theirs attention.

They listened intently, afraid to get on the wrong side of Doni under any circumstances — let alone when it came to Evelyn.

“You know why we’re here. She wants to have ten orgasms, each with a different guy. As I could only gather nine of us, I’ll give her two,” Doni smirked, making the boys roll their eyes “So, after you’ve made her orgasm, your time is up.”

The boys nodded understandingly, switching their gazes back and forth between Doni and Evelyn, who was bobbing her head to the music.

“How you make her orgasm is entirely up to you,” Doni hinted to the bag sat beside his bed.

Smyth picked it up tentatively and glanced inside. He grinned and allowed the other boys to have a look too.

“You all must use condoms and keep it clean,” he stared them all down “And I can step in whenever I like. Plus, Evelyn can stop the whole thing whenever she wants.”

“Is there a safe word?” Wade questioned, looking more nervous than any of them.

Having spent the past two years dating the same girl — one of Evelyn’s friends, Ebony — Wade was inexperienced compared to the others, especially as Ted and Smyth had already slept with Evelyn. The others were looking forward to the opportunity to do so.

“Pineapples,” Doni nodded, watching as they repeated it under their breaths.

“So we can do anything we want?” Declan smirked, looking to Ted and Smyth who matched his excitement.

“Within reason,” Doni answered, taking a step closer “However, if you hurt her, I’ll hurt you,” he scowled, then softened, scaring Declan into silence.

“Who will go first?” Theo chirped up, having been quiet since he’d arrived.

Doni gave his ex-boyfriend a quick once over; he looked gorgeous in his uniform.

“You’ll pick a number out of this hat. While you wait, you can play Xbox or hit bongs on the sofas, cool?” Doni handed them the hat and walked over to Dexter first.

He pulled out a number 6. Soon, all of the boys had picked a number out of the hat and the night was about to begin. All they needed now was Evelyn.

Once the others had seated themselves, Doni pulled the desk chair up to the end of the bed. He sat down, his knees brushing Evelyn’s. She bit her lip at the slightest touch.

He reached forward, running a fingertip around in circles on her bare knees. Slowly, he slipped down one of her socks, taking her leg and placing it on his shoulder. Unaware of his audience watching curiously from the sofa, Doni began to plant tender kisses up the inside of Evelyn’s leg. She shivered, resting back on her hands. She rolled back her head, the headphones and blindfold still securely on.

“Oh Doni-,” she whispered; she knew his touch well. His hands were as familiar as her own.

He grinned smugly to himself, shifting closer. He took her other leg and copied his actions, his fingers running up and down the outside while his lips set to work. Soon, Evelyn was lying on her back, both of her legs up on his broad shoulders.

He pulled her socks back up to their original place and slipped his hands down further until they reached the hem of her small knickers. Biting playfully at her legs, making her giggle and squeal, he pulled down her blue frilly French knickers and chucked them to the side. With one hand, he grasped her bum and moved himself on top of her.

His lips met hers, passionately kissing her. She went to raise her arms to his cheeks when he grabbed hold of them and placed them above her head. He felt her gasp for air between kisses, their tongues dancing in each other’s moves; tongue bars knocking and tickling. Evelyn yearned to feel the ball of his bar rubbing against her.

He squeezed and released her bum cheek continuously, his lips grazing the skin on her collar bone. He popped open the buttons on her blouse with his teeth, his tongue working its way into her bra where he found her erect nipple. All the while, Evelyn moaned loudly, tugging at his hair and wrapping her legs around his back, grasping him tighter to her heated body.

“Save some for us, Doni!” Smyth called over, chuckling with the other boys.

He pulled his lips away for a moment, realising he was getting carried away. He shifted further down the bed and bunched up her skirt, revealing her beautiful pussy. He pressed back her thighs, opening her legs further. Doni licked his lips hungrily. He had been right; all that teasing had made Evelyn extremely wet.

Tentatively, he ran a finger from her small hard clit to her juicy pussy. He watched as she tensed, her hands clutching the bed sheet in anticipation. He liked to make her wait. He pushed her thighs back further, stroking the tip of his tongue across her clit. At the taste of her, Doni was sent into ecstasy. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

He dived in face first, moving her body up and down over his mouth as it ate hungrily. He nibbled at her clit, switching back to his tongue where he lapped and pressed in circles. All the while, Evelyn’s breaths became shorter and her screaming louder. Doni lost control. He was consumed by her, skilfully using his mouth to make her quiver and shake, her body convulsing under his fingertips.

Evelyn couldn’t think straight. All she could do was gasp for breaths between moans and hang on tightly to Doni’s hair as he sent her into a state of sheer pleasure.

She couldn’t hear or see, only feel as Doni’s tongue delved deeper into her tight wet pussy, then slipping up and flicking her clit; again and again, it was a sensual assault. She barely had a chance to understand what was going on before her hips were rising with her pulse and she met her first orgasm on Cloud Nine. Like a drug, it flooded her veins, pumping all the way to head. The music became distant, her limbs tingling as she came down. Her head was fuzzy, almost as if she was about to pass out.

With her legs still hanging over Doni’s shoulders, he straightened up watching as Evelyn’s body twitched, listening to her raspy breaths. He smirked to himself, glancing to the side of him to see Declan beside them. He raised an eyebrow to Doni who grinned, wiping his lips.

“I’ll tag you in, shall I?” he laughed, gently laying Evelyn’s legs down.

They dangled off the end of the bed. She hadn’t regained her strength yet and lay still breathing deeply. Doni fist pumped Declan and stood up to allow the first of the boys to begin.

He glanced over his shoulder to see Declan take off his shirt and gently lay down upon Evelyn, who took him with opens arms — and legs.

Doni smirked to himself again, wondering if he wanted to miss this. Unaware that the other boys were watching him, he stood with his arms folded as Declan set to work.

Declan knew that as the first of the eight he had to set a standard. He couldn’t repeat Doni’s actions but he was determined to make her scream louder and orgasm faster. He knew he shouldn’t be allowing himself to get swept up into the fight for Alpha dog, but he could at least beat his own target.

Though before now, Declan had never looked at Evelyn as being a potential sex partner, it didn’t mean he didn’t find her attractive. As he lay on top of her, he planted deep kisses on her plump red lips. He felt her legs wrap around him, grinding her groin against his ever hardening crotch. He could hardly contain himself. He’d tried not to watch previously when Doni had had his face buried in her delicious looking pussy, but it was hard not to. As her body lay open and ready for him, Declan felt a rush of primeval hunger.

He ripped open her blouse, revealing her ample bosom cupped in a black lase bra. He smothered her chest and breasts in kisses, sucking and nibbling, hearing her heart thumping away. Her nails were beginning to dig into his shoulders, urging him on further. With his face still pressed between her soft warm breasts, he ran a hand down her stomach and in between her legs. His school trousers grew tighter as he withdrew his dripping fingers. Carefully, he placed them against her parted lips. She licked blissfully, sucking his fingers free of her juices with a little grin.

Declan wouldn’t be able to contain himself much longer if he didn’t get on with his original plan.

Evelyn ran her hands along his shoulders, still enjoying the taste of herself. She grinned happily, feeling her way up to his hair; shaved at the sides, fine on the top. She slipped back to his neck to feel only a small tunnel in his ear. She knew instantly this was Declan, even if she couldn’t see or hear him.

She lay at his mercy, trusting him completely. Out of the all the guys Doni could’ve gathered, he would be the gentlest and most good natured. She felt as he kneeled over her, obviously taking off his trousers and boxers. She waited excitedly; she had always wondered what he’d be like in bed.

Soon, his lips were returning to hers and she felt the hardness of his cock against her groin. She allowed him to take full control as he placed her legs back and onto his shoulders, pushing deeply into her wet hole. She threw back her head with surprise.

His long hard shaft moved slowly at first, back and forth, arching at just the right angle so the tip of his cock knocked and rubbed against her g-spot. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer and curling her body towards him as they rocked to a gentle rhythm, his cock drumming into her g-spot with each thrust. She gasped, scratching her nails down his hot back in long red strips, his steady rhythm teasing her beyond belief. She allowed her head to fall back and hang as he quickened his pace.

Doni sat down in the desk chair now adjacent to the bed. He watched as Declan pounded Evelyn until her head was knocking against the headboard. Her body was limp like a ragdoll as she moaned, taking the full force of Declan’s hips and cock as he pumped at a startling pace in and out of her pussy. He bit at his finger, completely focused on the scene before him. Seeing Evelyn being fucked by someone other than himself was an even bigger turn on than he’d imagined. It had been different in their threesome. Now, he couldn’t get involved. He could only sit and watch as the love of his life was pounded out of the stratosphere. It was a type of torture, he was sure; one that would push him to the end of his tether until finally he would be able to get his hands on her. He bit down harder, the sight of Declan’s dick pummelling his girlfriend’s dripping wet snatch, rocketing him into an alien frenzy.

Using her index and middle finger, she pinched her clit between the two, rubbing it vigorously whilst Declan stuffed her full. Soon, the pleasure was peaking. She stroked faster, her pussy tightening with each thrust. Three more pumps from his hips and Evelyn’s orgasm exploded, as did Declan.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get to fill his hot load inside of her as he’d stuck to the rules. However, as her orgasm rippled throughout her, she felt Declan slip between her legs to drink up the remaining juices that were slowly making their way down between her bum cheeks. He didn’t hesitate there either.

She giggled, stroking his head, lying in the blissful pleasure of post-orgasm. He kissed her inner thigh one last time before leaving the bed completely. She felt cold straight away until a new presence appeared beside her.

Doni sat back in his seat, ignoring as Declan redressed and fist pumped Ted. He was focused on Wade who had one knee on the bed, running his finger up Evelyn’s legs, across her stomach and to her breasts. She shivered under his touch, raising her hands to his ribbed firm torso. Wade tentatively placed the other knee onto the bed, the other side of her legs. Carefully, he sat her up and took off her blouse. He carelessly chucked it to the side and leant down to kiss her, softly at first, then firmer, running his tongue across her lips.

Doni viewed as Evelyn ran her nails down over each muscle of his stomach, grinning wildly to herself. Wade’s strong arms then gathered her up until she was wrapped around him. In one swift move, he was on his feet with Evelyn pressed against the wall. She gasped at the thump, hastily using her feet to push down his trousers and boxers.

Wade forgot about his nerves and threw Evelyn’s hands above her head, biting and sucking at the skin on her neck. She let out small squeaks and squeals, tightening her hold around his back.

With his garments now at his ankles, Wade moved back slightly to see Evelyn’s breasts sitting perkily in the bra. He briskly unclipped it at the back, leaving the tie to hang around her neck and dangling between her breasts.

He grasped one eagerly with one of his large strong palms and lapped at her hard nipple, his teeth teasingly tugging. Evelyn was lost, out of control. She leant back and enjoyed every second, her pulse rocketing, the adrenaline pumping through her.

Wade, with one arm around her waist, slipped on the condom and lowered her petite body until her pussy was hovering over his large rock hard cock. She bit her lip, drawing a small amount of blood as she did. She ached to feel him inside of her.

The music was blasting continuously into her ears, her other senses on overdrive. She drank in the smell of his cologne, the feel of his hot firm skin and taste of his lips. She savoured the sweet cider on his tongue and was hungry for more. She knew who this was; Wade was the only one of the boys with a body like this.

He stroked a hand up between her legs, feeling her hot soaked pussy against his palm. He dug his teeth deeper into her nipple, soon switching to the next one. With her hands still above her head, Wade pumped his hips upwards.

Evelyn wasn’t surprised by his largeness. She’d seen him in his boxing shorts on many occasions and had already assumed Wade’s cock would give many men a run for their money. She was overjoyed by the chance to finally see what he could do with it.

His strong hips propelled against her thighs, pummelling her higher and higher up the wall and closer to a climax. The feel of his lengthy stiff shaft stuffed inside of her was a fulfilling and carnal pleasure. She could feel her pussy stretching to cater for his girth but it was worth it. For each thrust he gave her, he brought her nearer to her third and maybe the best, orgasm of the night.

He felt her hot nectar dripping down his leg and the taste of her sweet tits inside his mouth. With the other hand, he grasped her bum. He had lost control over his loins. He had unleashed the animal inside and allowed his hunger to take over. He threw his entire strength into each pump of his hips, sending his cock deeper and harder into Evelyn’s snug pussy. She clenched and released, rubbing the walls of her vagina against his shaft. Wade, although not religious, was sure he was in heaven.

Doni opened his mouth wide, his eyes fixated on the scene in front of him. The sight of Evelyn squirming and moaning, her face full of ecstasy, was enough to tighten Doni’s trousers further.

Seeing her cum around another man’s cock was all one big tease. He wanted slurp up every last bit of her; taste her sweet cum on his lips and tongue. With his legs spread and arms folded, he observed the way Wade rested Evelyn back down onto the bed, leaving her with a sweet kiss to the lips.

He was itching to take Evelyn in his arms and show them all how it was done. But he had promised his darling girl he would be patient. So, patient was what he was.

Evelyn lay in waiting, still catching her breath and allowing the previous orgasm to wash over her. She wiggled her toes and fingers to make sure they were still there. She pushed a hand between her legs, her wetness fading. She was still extremely turned on but was becoming fearful of her next partner. What if they didn’t realise?

She turned her head to the side, music still pounding into her ears and the blindfold securely on. She tried to speak but her throat was dry too. Luckily, she felt two hands cradle her head and the cool rim of a glass to her lips.

Tentatively, she opened her mouth and allowed the refreshing ice cold water to pour down her throat. She gulped thirstily, clasping the glass but allowing the person to sit her upright. Whilst she drunk, one hand reached down her torso and slipped between her legs. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Someone else took the glass away when she hinted she’d finished and the person who had come to her rescue set to work. He started by getting rid of her skirt.

He sat behind her, his legs enclosing hers as she lay back against his chest. In his hold, she spread and allowed his fingers to wander. He caressed her neck and collar bone, keeping her attention up top until she felt a vibration against her groin. Her eyes shot open behind her blindfold and her grin grew. She was wondering when one of the boys would take advantage of her stash of toys.

“The boy’s being rather giving,” Smyth said to Doni as he handed him a beer.

He only nodded in reply, his focus entirely on Jake as he tickled Evelyn’s spread pussy and clit with a small vibrator.

“I think he’s worried what his girlfriend would say if she found out he’s had sex with her friend,” Doni chuckled, taking a swig of his beer. He could sit and watch Evelyn touch herself all day; seeing someone else do it to her was even better.

“Sofia didn’t seem too bothered about her boyfriend when she was sucking Ted’s cock in the summer,” Smyth laughed, his eyes also staying fixated on Evelyn, who was now laying limp against Jake as he added another vibrator into the equation. A bigger one that was he slowly probing the outside of her pussy with.

The two boys observed as Jake smothered the toys and Evelyn in lube, before pushing the silky vibrator into her glossier cunt. Her head rolled back to rest onto his shoulder, nibbling at his ear and digging her nails into his bent knees, urging him on further.

They couldn’t drag their eyes away from the sight of Evelyn’s large breasts rising and falling with each heave for air. Their attention slipped down in between legs, where Jake was skilfully using one hand to massage her clit with the smaller vibrator, whilst the other pumped the larger one into her pussy. It was a magnificent sight and one neither of the boys would ever forget. Silently, they fist pumped. Smyth was even more excited for his chance. He already had something planned that was fool proof.

For the fourth time that night, Evelyn’s pleasure had almost hit its peak. She ground her hips into every thrust from the dildo, the vibration sending her pussy into a frenzy. She wished she knew who’s name she should be calling out, though from his tender touch and the lack of intercourse, she could assume it was Jake. He was slim, his ribs prominent but that didn’t stop him from having excellent sexual prowess when it came to the female anatomy. He removed the larger vibrator and returned that hand to her breast, cupping and massaging tenderly as his other hand worked busily with the smaller vibrator, tickling and teasing her clit in circles.

Evelyn panted and moaned, her body quaking as she reached the climax she’d yearned for. She convulsed in his arms, pure bliss rushing through her. She collapsed into Jake’s firm grip. Her clit continued to quake when he didn’t stop, his teeth finding a hold on the skin of her neck. She wasn’t complaining. She would let him do it to her all over again. She giggled with delight and drew in a lungful of air.

“Time’s up, Jake,” Doni said firmly, placing his bottle of beer on the floor in case he had to get up.

Jake looked up with sad eyes and reluctantly withdrew the vibrator. Carefully, he lay Evelyn back on the bed and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She reached out for him tiredly, but Jake was already busy cleaning the toys and returning to his seat with the boys, who had just lit up a bong.

As Scott made his way over to the bed confidently, Doni stood up. He hushed them into silence.

He then quickly leant over the bed and paused the music in Evelyn’s ears.

“My sweet?” he said, though her hearing was still muffled.

“Uhuh,” she replied.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, stroking her hot flushed cheeks, the sweat gathering on her forehead. She looked glorious, sprawled on the bed with her legs spread wearing only a school tie and thigh high socks. Doni grinned wildly, his heart thumping his chest with excitement. Wouldn’t be long now.

“Uhuh,” she answered between drags of air.

Doni kissed her moist forehead and returned to his seat. Scott took that as his cue.

He grazed the skin of her ankles with the tips of his fingers. She squealed making him grin. He drew soft circles watching her expression change from a pout to a giggle. He observed the way her chest rose and fell faster. Scott couldn’t help but gaze at her wet slit, open, soaked and ready to take him. He had to control himself before he lost all restraint. Quickly, he unzipped and tugged down his trousers and boxers, revealing his hard dick. Unfortunately, she was still blindfolded. Though, at least she would get a chance to feel it pummelling inside of her.

Suddenly, he wrapped his large hands around her ankles and tugged her all the way to the end of the bed. Her giggles and squeals made the other boys turn and watch as Scott dropped to his knees. He gathered the lower half of Evelyn’s body, now dangling off the end of the bed. With her legs draped over his shoulders and her wet snatch brushing against his cock, he slipped on the condom and gave her one last pull until the tip of his dick was teasing the entrance to her tight hole.

Evelyn knew fully well this was Scott. His strength. His dominance. His soft hands. His hairy chest and broad body. She grinned madly, overly eager to finally have the opportunity to fuck the brute.

She gripped the bed sheet at her sides and relaxed, allowing Scott to push his entire shaft inside. Every inch was pure agony and ecstasy, his width stretching and pushing her pussy to its limits. Evelyn licked her lips hungrily, glad Jake had doused her with lube beforehand, otherwise she would never able to handle the beast in Scott’s pants.

He moved his hips in circles, his shaft rubbing against her g-spot while the tip of his cock was buried deep inside her cunt. Soon, he was picking up the pace. He clutched her legs to his chest, staring down at the sight before him. Evelyn’s moans were gorgeous, her bouncing tits were magnificent but the view between her legs was delicious. He bit his lip, watching as his cock delved deeply into her beautiful slit. He spread her clit with his fingers, rubbing vigorously with his thumb. He’d noticed it was the only way Evelyn could orgasm and he didn’t want to disappoint. So, as he pounded with all of his strength, his thumb stimulated her little hard clit whilst Evelyn cried with delight. He grinned smugly, thrusting non-stop until he felt himself coming. That wasn’t the plan.

He glanced over at Doni, whose eyes were entirely focused upon Evelyn.

“Doni,” he called, trying to catch his attention.

“Hmm?” he replied vacantly.

“I’m gonna cum soon and she’s not that close. What do I do?” Scott said between breaths, his eyes switching from Doni in the desk chair to where Evelyn was sprawled before him, taking the entire length and girth of his cock inside of her. He bit onto his lip to restrain himself.

Doni reached into the bag and retrieve the same small vibrator Jake had used. He handed it to Scott and gestured to Evelyn’s bum cheeks.

“Don’t be shy,” he winked and returned to his seat.

Awkward at first, with so many peering eyes watching him, Scott slowed his pace — much to Evelyn’s dislike — and ran the vibrator over the outside of her hole. After soaking it in her juices, he reached beneath her and spread her bum cheeks, cautiously turning on the vibrator and pressing it to the outside of her anus. She gasped, giggled then moaned, turning Scott’s nervous frown into a grin.

With his left hand, he used the vibrator to circle her sensitive rim. With his right, he returned to her clit. All the while, her legs dangled over his broad shoulders as he continued to pound her senseless.

Evelyn wasn’t sure where to concentrate. All she knew was that as the orgasm rippled from her asshole to her pussy through to her clit then shot up throughout the rest of her body, she was no longer there physically. Instead, she was floating on an extreme high that was threatening to take hold completely. She heard her own screams of sheer joy over the dubstep music, shocking herself back to reality. She rejoiced in the feeling of Scott’s large cock convulsing inside of her sensitive tightening pussy as he came and collapsed onto the bed. She was weak and still very distant, but there was no way she was stopping now.

The change over between Scott and Dexter was quick, whilst Evelyn was still on her high. Doni didn’t object. She would cum quicker this way and more intensely.

Straight away, a new pair of hands was taking hold of her. They were less strong but gentler as he turned her weak body. Soon, she was lying on top of him with her lips brushing against his cock. She grinned, gladly licking the tip where she tasted the saltiness of pre-cum. The show must be really turning on all of the guys. If only she could see them all.

Evelyn didn’t have much time to think before a tongue was stroking the length of her pussy and clit. She felt him bury his face deep, tingling all of her senses. She had always been a fan of the 69.

Finally, she would get to taste some cock.

With her forefinger and thumb, she made a loop around the tip and pushed it down the full length of his rock hard shaft until she hit the base. She squeezed and followed her fingers down with her lips, sucking, tonguing and caressing this new dick. All the while, his tongue explored further into her pussy. No wonder it was called eating out.

Dexter sucked at her clit, digging his teeth in ever so slightly and feeling her body squirm with excitement. He closed his eyes, his attention drawn to where Evelyn was assaulting his cock with her mouth. Her grasp was firm; tugging and stroking every inch of his dick. The ball of her tongue bar brushed the tip, making him quake; that was something he’d never experienced before. Infact, he couldn’t recall ever receiving such a good blow job. He busied himself in her pussy, slurping and lapping up her juices, his nose probing her pussy hole while his tongue tickled her clit, which he’d spread with her legs. He also couldn’t recall ever finding a cunt as delicious as Evelyn’s.

Doni grinned with delight as Dexter’s face was flooded with her cum. He relished watching his friend drink up every last bit of it, while Evelyn finished what she started. Soon, Dexter was exploding and moaning her name loudly.

Doni bit at the rim of his beer bottle, hardly able to contain himself. He grinned wildly, one hand resting on his thigh right beside his hard on. He was all about self-restraint. He was putting it to the test tonight. Especially as he caught another glimpse of Evelyn’s wet gorge when Dexter rolled her onto her back. He couldn’t wait to bury his erection deep inside of her taut moist cunt.

Theo grinned knowing it was his turn. Ever since the camp out in the summer where he’d come very close to fucking Evelyn, he had wanted the chance to do so. As Doni’s ex-boyfriend, he needed to know what all the fuss was about. Almost every guy at CTC fancied her and for a little while, Theo couldn’t understand why. However, since his experiences with Eliza had changed his sexual preference, he was ready to step into the deep end and explore the unknown that was Evelyn.

When he got to the bed however, Doni was taking off her headphones. He gave him a questioning look but Doni just winked in reply.

Evelyn looked relieved, gulping down more water from the glass Doni held to her lips. But when he took it away, he chucked Theo a pair of handcuffs. He smirked, grasping them in his hands.

Doni returned to his seat and gestured to where Evelyn was sat cross legged on the bed, wrists pressed together as if expecting the bonds that were to come.

Theo bit his lip keenly at the sight of her. The thigh highs socks were enough to make his heart race, but the single tie hanging down between her perfect breasts, her nipples hard and pink from where previous partners had tugged and played, was what pushed Theo forward onto the bed.

He knelt before her, the handcuffs jingling. He stroked her hot cheek gently; smug he had Evelyn at his mercy.

“Hold out your hands,” he demanded.

Evelyn did as he asked, holding up her wrists to him. He locked each into the handcuffs and allowed them to drop to her lap. He cupped her chin and stared at the blindfold that obscured her eyes.

“Lay back,” he commanded.

She lay back and spread her legs instantly. Theo grinned, reaching down to part her pussy lip. Upon inspection, Theo squeezed on more lube wanting her to enjoy every second of what he was about to do to her.

He took one of the pillows from the head of the bed. Theo then lifted Evelyn’s pelvis and slipped the pillow beneath, raising her hips. Her breathing quickened, her arms stretching above her head as she lay in his control.

Theo glanced to Doni who was already staring back at him.

“Did you ever think we would be here?” he questioned, slipping the condom down onto his cock, his eyes staying on Doni.

He shook his head, a grin still plastered on his lips.

“With your girlfriend, sprawled before me?” Theo grasped hold of Evelyn’s hips, clutching and tugging at her skin making her moan. He brought her legs up and spread them, her toes pointing up at the ceiling.

“Whilst you sit and watch as I fuck her?” he licked his lip and winked at Doni whose hand had crept across to rest on the bulge bursting out of his trousers.

“Because I’m gonna take great pleasure destroying her little pussy,” he winked again and shoved his cock deep into Doni’s girlfriend’s snug wet hole.

Doni slouched further in his seat, consumed by the entire scene. Evelyn’s tits bounced violently on her chest, while her legs quivered and threatened to collapse as Theo thrust vigorously into her. Each pound harder than the last. Each pummel deeper and swifter. Evelyn’s screams were not only loud, but carnal. From her lips she projected the intense pleasure Theo was giving her. Although rough and not at all affectionate, Evelyn could feel the next climax just around the corner.

It’s fun to have both. And fun to sometimes put them together.

I was having a late business lunch with my friend Alex at the local power eatery, and we were discussing the merits of certain distribution platforms for our products. The waiter came over and I ordered a glass of white wine even though it was lunchtime and I had plenty of work to do back at the office. Being with Alex always makes me a bit mischievous since we used to be lovers. He was so insatiable and had the most gorgeous cock. But a bit of a premature ejaculation problem. But hey, it was all in good fun. He ordered a glass also. Guess he wasn’t planning on getting much work done this afternoon also.

So the wine arrives and we continue our conversation. Alex gets a little close to make a point and suddenly we’re sitting pretty close. Old feelings must have emerged because suddenly, under the table his hand was on my thigh rubbing gently. Hmmm. That was nice. And with the warm feeling inside me from the wine I didn’t make any effort to withdraw. As the conversation got away from business and started to get a little heated up, I look up, and across the restaurant, I see my husband approaching. He was just finishing a business lunch and was coming over to say hi. As I introduced them, Alex stood up to shake my husband’s hand and managed that “awkward” half-stand mostly to hide his erection from behind his trousers. Alex invited my husband to stay and have a drink, and while I gave him my surprised eyebrow lift look, my husband, sensing something was up, decided yes, he would stay and have a drink. Guess nobody’s getting any work done this afternoon.

As the conversation began about the economy and how it is or isn’t hitting our businesses, I feel my husband’s left hand on my right thigh and he is rubbing and squeezing it. Always such a horn-dog! That’s why I love him. As I observe these two alpha dogs check each other out via the language of business and sports, I decide to excuse myself to the restroom. While there, I decide to remove my thong in the stall and pull out my little magic bullet vibrator and give myself a good shivering orgasm right there in the toilet stall. With one leg propped on the paper dispenser and the other against the door, I run the vibrator over and around my clit while my other hand plunges two fingers in and out of my now wet snatch. Wow. Nice lunchtime. Soon a tiny shuddering orgasm grips me and I brace against the walls of the stall and have my little private moment.

As I gather myself for reappearance in the restaurant with those two rutting pigs, I decided not to replace my thong and just go commando making it easier for whoever makes the first move on my pie for dessert. I walk out of the peace of the restroom and into the muted lighting of the restaurant.

As I approach the table, both men stop talking and stare at me in my little mini skirt, low cut top and high heel pumps. They both jump to their feet and hold out my chair for me. I take my seat between them. Another round has been ordered. As I sip my wine, I decide ahhh, what the hell. I call over the waiter and order a double shot of tequila. It arrives as the conversation starts to get a little off business and into the latest congressional sex scandals.

At one point, as expected, Alex’s left hand makes its way onto my right thigh under the table, but this time much more aggressively. He slides it up slowly. I part my legs slightly. Then my husband makes a sudden point on the morals of our government and puts his left hand on my right thigh. Hmmm. And that hand is moving north quickly. I open my legs a bit more. Good thing the tablecloth is to the floor. As they continue their discussion, I’m sure they both feel the slick juices of my just frigged cunt on the thigh each is rubbing. Alex is leering slightly as his hand moves up and starts rubbing my labia. Wet. Just as he figured. Just a bit behind…husband’s hand moves up to my clit and the momentary touch sends a shiver to my nipples.

Then their hands touch. Uh-oh. I knew this would happen. The conversation stopped immediately. They both looked at me, and then at each other…and then at me again. I was still a bit in the heavenly moment of having two different hands on my sopping wet pussy, but quickly snapped out of it and addressed them both. To my husband I said, “now don’t act so surprised, you know how I love to play around and how you like me to play around…Alex and I are former lovers” and to Alex, I quickly said “now you knew I was married and fooled around, so don’t look all innocent”. And to both of them I said, “if you’ll both just relax, everyone will be happy. Continue with your conversation. They tried. They really did. But I had reached under the table with both hands and unzipped first my husband, and then Alex. I had each hand under the table stroking both their cocks to hardness. Then I joined them in conversation which had suddenly taken a turn to mundane things like the weather and traffic. “Oh, really”, I would fake as I rubbed the pre-cum on the tips of their cocks. Everyone pretended to drink their drinks and converse while I was pumping their cocks under the table.

Suddenly, my thoughtful husband decided to push my cell phone onto the floor and kick it under the table. I gave him that “you did not just do that” look. And then Alex grabbed his phone and started reaching for the speed dial number for my cell phone…and I gave him that “I am not getting under that table” look, but he pressed the button and soon my phone was ringing under the table.

My husband said, “honey, you better get that call…could be important”. As I gave them both the death look, I slid under the table ever so gracefully and my husband guided my head to his cock. Ok. With my right hand still stroking Alex, I slipped my husband’s cock into my mouth and slurped at it hungrily. Then I alternated and stroked my husband’s spit slick cock, and licked and sucked Alex. This went on for a while.

While under the table sucking and stroking, I heard the waiter come over to take the lunch orders. They both ordered steaks while I was sucking them and when the waiter asked, “What happened to the lady?” Alex said something like “she had to slip out for a bit” and my husband added that “she won’t be hungry when she returns, she’ll have eaten already”. Good to see that they’re such good friends. When I started to cup Alex’s balls while free-mouth sucking him, he could hold it no longer, and exploded into my mouth. As he spurted down my throat, his end of the conversation got a little thin. But as he was cumming, my husband could sense that Alex was exploding under the table and like a yawn in a crowd, ejaculation is catching too….I barely had enough time to swallow all of Alex’s cum when my husband decided to imitate a geyser. I got my mouth over there a bit late as the first shot glanced over my face and I managed to swallow the rest, still stroking Alex’s cum-slicked penis. When my husband finished dumping his load in my mouth, I moved over to Alex and licked him clean, which of course got him erect again. But a little too sensitive to stroke. I went back to my husband and slurped all of the cum and spit off his cock with the same result. Boys, boys, boys.

When I felt the coast was clear, I made a deft move back up to the chair in between them. I immediately deep kissed my husband who loves the idea of his cum mixed with someone else’s cum; he sucked it out of me like an expert. Then I turned to Alex, and kissed him deeply so my husband’s cum on my cheek got on him too. I called for three more shots and we all downed them in one motion.

Then the steaks arrived. The conversation was a bit broken now with the recovering orgasms and the red-hot bloody meat on the plate. As they were eating, I got another tequila shot and started giving myself some under-table action. As my slick fingers went up and down my slit and the cum still burped up from inside my throat, I decided to go to the restroom again, but this time to invite my lunch partners to join me. So one at a time, I whispered into their exhausted heads, that I was going to the rest room, but the men’s room…and I will be in the handicapped stall. They were to wait three minutes and then Alex should leave to go to the restroom and meet me there. Then I told my husband to wait two more minutes and come into the restroom as well.

As they commenced devouring their steaks (will need their strength) I slid out of my chair and glided over to the restroom.

There was quite a surprise in the restroom when I walked in, with dried cum on my face and in my seductive outfit.

There was an attractive tall, dark businessman urinating in the well, urinal. He looked over his shoulder at me and didn’t glance back…I saw a bit of his gorgeous cock peeing and decided that in my horny state from the boys at the table, I couldn’t wait the three minutes for Alex. I strode right up to this gentleman, grabbed his cock while he was still releasing a strong stream of hot pee and got on my knees and jerked that cock to get it good and hard. He was still peeing, with urine flying everywhere including all over me and that cock got good and strong. The salty wetness of his hot stream splashed all over my clothes making my blouse see through and me horny as hell. With the stinging salty liquid all over me, I engulfed his rod in my mouth and let out a low moan. He had stopped peeing by now, but the smell was everywhere and I’d never felt sluttier. I sucked his cock with abandon now and he started to ask me my name! I stopped sucking and gave him that look like…”y’know, I could stop at anytime”. He immediately shut up and let me get back to my work. As he was now rock hard, I spun around and bent over at the waist and he knew what to do. He slid that hard cock right into my pussy and grabbed my hips and rode me as hard as anyone could. At this point, I was grabbing onto the sink to brace myself from his thrusts. He started slapping my ass while he fucked me and that sent me over the top. I had a strong orgasm and almost lost my balance when my knees went weak. But I continued teetering on my impossibly high heels while he pumped away.

Well this must have gone on for longer than three minutes because in comes Alex through the door. He sees me getting banged from behind by a stranger, covered in piss and he locks the door. Oh, this is going to be fun. The two guys exchange pleasantries while Alex undoes his pants; soon his recently exploded cock is up and in my face. I hold his hips while deep-throating (or trying to) his beautiful cock, which btw, still smells like my spit and his previous cum. Heaven.

Suit Guy in the back decides he needs more filth, so he pops that cock out of my cunt, and still wet with my juices and the pee, positions it at my asshole. He spits at that tiny brown target and presses. I back into him and soon that head is disappearing up my anus. Whoa. That was quite a fit. I continue to slobber on the head of Alex’s cock while he reaches over me and spread my ass cheeks for suit boy to get a better view. Suit boy can take no more and erupts into my ass. The force of his ejaculation almost makes me gag on Alex’s cock. Alex likes this and very quickly (again, like a yawn in a crowd) pulls out of my mouth and glazes my face with his second load of the luncheon. None of us heard the knocking on the door. OMG, we forgot about my husband waiting to get in.

Alex strides to the door and unlocks it to let in my husband, not realizing that his cock is still out of his pants, and that Suit Guy is still feeling me up as his cum drips out of my asshole.

My husband loves what he sees (cause he’s a perv) and asks me if I’ve been naughty. Before I can answer, the other two guys tell him exactly how bad I’ve been. I am now soaked with pee and cum and my husband just comes over and gives me the biggest, deepest tongue kiss ever. He loves me all slutted up. Suit Guy gives my husband some access, and my husband can see the rawness of my anus and the cream dripping out of it. He bends over and tongues the cum from my ass, and I eventually slide down to a squat position so the cum drips out and onto his tongue easier. Suit Guy is now in front of me and I put that limp cock in my mouth so that it jumps to attention. Soon it is hard and pumping into my mouth.

My husband, having licked me clean comes over to the front and begins kissing me while Suit Guy’s cock is pistoning in and out of my mouth. Soon, my husband is licking Suit Guy’s balls while I am expertly working the cock. Yea, hubby has a bit of a cuckhold, bi-sexual thing. Suit Guy could have freaked out, but gave in to the pleasure. Alex was wasted at this point, just taking in the scene. Soon Suit Guy was getting close to nutting. Hubby kept licking his balls till he started cumming and then used his hand to guide Suit Guy’s cock as it shot stream after stream of hot cum all over my face.

At this point hubby was at the bursting point. I stood up in all my cum stained, pee-soaked glory and released a stream of my own hot pee right onto the floor in front of all of them. As that stream died down, I reached into my husband’s pants, and pull out his rock-hard cock. I give it, no lie, two strokes with my hand and he releases a powerful load of cum that almost hits the ceiling of the restroom….and of course lands all over me.

And of course, since no one re-locked the men’s room door, two busboys walk in and immediately take in the whole scene. I just motion them over to me and get on my knees. They know what to do and immediately unleash their cocks from their pants. On my knees, I take turns blowing one while stroking the other; all the while they are celebrating their good fortune. As I am working the boys, Alex comes up between them and whips out his dick and begins peeing all over me. The boys are a bit astounded, but don’t want to give up a good thing. Alex is literally hitting me in the eye with his stream and its is dripping down all over me and adding to the puddle on the floor. The boys seem to enjoy this and they start twitching. First the younger of the two grunts and says something in Spanish before unleashing his spunk down my throat. Delish! Then the other says it’s his turn, pushes my head back so his cum stream hits me from nose to breasts. They high five and head out.

Suit Guy thanks us for the most exciting visit to the men’s room EVER and leaves for his lunch I presume.

I was hoping the party wasn’t over when my genius husband had a great idea. He bent me over the toilet in the handicapped stall. Alex started feeling me up and rubbing my clit which drove me into a heightened sense of passion when I heard hubby leave the room. Whatever, I was enjoying Alex’s fingers and then I heard the door open and lots of different voices.

Apparently, hubby went out to the dining room and whispered to other guys there that there was a sexy surprise in the men’s room. And they came in. Word spread to the kitchen and they came in too. Soon the restaurant was closed and there was a line a mile long for the “surprise”.

Alex controlled the crowd, and one by one, people came in and stuck their dick in my well-used cunt and pumped away till they left yet another load of cum deep in me. One after another. Big ones, small ones, thin ones. I never saw any of them, just grinded, bumped, shimmied and rode them to make them cum.

There were grunts, cheers, encouragement, congratulations, and high fives, all behind me as they took turns enjoying my womanhood. I totally lost count of time and how many loads I took there. Alex didn’t. With cum leaking out of me like a river, the last one finished. Alex straightened me up and hubby positioned himself under me to lick out every last drop of the gallons of sperm shot all in and over me. Alex said he counted 26 loads in me, not counting the activity I had under the table previously. An epic day.

They helped me walk to the rear of the restaurant where hubby’s car was waiting. They loaded me into it and he took off. I was relaxing a bit, and noticed the smirky smile on hubby’s face (along with some dried up cum), and the erection he had. So what the heck. As he drove, he got another hand/blow job. What’s another load. And soon I was rewarded, with his cum flying down my throat.

As we pulled into what I thought was our driveway (my head was below the dash working) I got out, only to see that we were at a motel. And that behind us was a caravan of cars that Alex had arranged to follow us so the party could continue. Awesome. Hubby was pleased. But not as much as I was about to be. The real party was just starting.

After a while of marriage I noticed her libido was becoming much greater than mine, and I found sex with her quite hard at times – she would want sex like 3 times a day and I had to work and I probably thought once or twice every 2 days was ok. We tried some counselling and I tried talking, she tried taking care of herself. But in the end she said she wanted to separate, I was hurt and pleaded with her to stay together for the kids sake and I didn’t want to not have a physical relationship with her either.

I said I would do what it took to stay together, she then asked if she could have another lover. Well I was shocked and we talked for a few days and eventually agreed providing it was not a casual unsafe thing and that we maintained some physical affection as well so that I wouldn’t be missing out and that we would not let the kids know.

After a month or so she found a lover about 15 years younger than her off one of the adult dating sites and we cautioned him to keep it secret from all except us. He was a fairly trustworthy and very faithful young construction worker who was new to the area and was staying in a caravan park for a 2-year job in the area.

We had a spare 5th bedroom with separate access and after a month of the relationship going he moved in ‘as an official boarder’ I mostly agreed to this as I noticed that sex was getting much better and more frequent with my wife and I was bedazzled by her sexual prowess and how ready she was to please, and that she even dressed nicer and sexier around the house. So I agreed as I thought things were getting better. The young lover stayed for the 2 years and eventually moved up North.

To this day I don’t know how she kept the both of us absolutely satisfied but she did and at times she did this up to 4 times a day between us, I was amazed at her stamina sexuality.

Now after the Young lover left we slowed down and it became harder to have sex and she wasn’t as ready for it, she started to get miserable after about 3 months – she took a trip up North twice and that didn’t seem to help. She made a decision to break up with him. I asked if she wanted to get another lover, she said she wasn’t shaw, I asked if we had hope between us but she said she would just soldier on, so we plodded along in the status quo for 18 months and the kids moved out and some got married.

After about 2 months by ourselves she started to get more flirtatious etc and one day when I came home she asked me if she could have another lover and that she had one in mind but he was different and she wasn’t sure if I would approve, I asked why and she said he was extremely largely endowed, I raised my eyebrows and said ‘I don’t think its me that needs to approve that – its you that has to deal with the size’ she says Oh thank you.

I started thinking wow maybe the sex life might get better again, and it did for about 2 months, in that time things were looking really good and I never missed out, and she said that she wanted him to move in, I said no , but she persuaded me eventually and he moved in. He is about 10 years younger than her fit ad tall, after he moved in I found he spent more and more time with my wife.

I would be programming in the other room adjoining the bedroom and they would be at it squeaking, banging and thumping, I banged on the wall a bit to quite it down a bit, but nothing happened, I eventually went around to the door that was wide open and for the first time saw this guys equipment size, my mouth opened jaw dropped I had no idea my wife could take that much, she just smiled and said I would have to wait awhile.

I stood there amazed and just watched for like an hour and never knew what I was seeing was possible, so much stamina and so much of his juices just all over her and she just loved it. She could take the size easy, I realised then that I was no stud.

I actually didn’t know why my wife still wanted me, and then I remembered she didn’t I just pleaded to keep the relationship going and basically accepted anything for my and the kids sake. Now the kids are gone I thought its better to get on with life and leave her to her life, over 6 months I moved into my own room (basically to get some sleep) and of course he moved into her bed and kept me awake all night.

When I complained about the noise, She would try and coax me to move back to her bed and said he was only there because I wasn’t, and so 3 times I tried 1st time she just about killed me with trying to have sex all night, 2nd and 3rd time he came in during the early hours of the night and had her while I was still there, they tried to be quite so I was just pretending to be asleep, and soon as he left she starts rubbing juices all over me and trying to have me I kept pretending to be asleep so she would be happy with just one orgasm.

Eventually I moved out to my boat and she ended up having 3 guys in the house within 3 months, I never had sex with her again, but she did talk to me occasionally and apologised and tried to get me back. She says she just cant help it, something just takes over and says she is addicted to the euphoric feeling and young largely endowed men now.

I said well why do you want me? She says that I was the only one who understood or would talk through things and allowed her to be who she wanted to be and the father of her children. I asked if she was ever satisfied with me as a lover, she said she was very satisfied and it made her want even more, and that was the reason, that she just couldn’t get enough. Basically it was my fault.

I asked what about size? She says I had more than enough at first, its just that she didn’t realise that there were really largely endowed men out there until she went to her best friends hens night, and when she first saw the big one she was amazed and fantasised about trying one, she only thought she would just try it but she got addicted to it, she said it hurt a little and ached for the first week but the feeling was too good she couldn’t stop.

Still to a year ago 4 years after separation she had the same 3 guys living with her and they are faithful to her as she is to them (frankly I doubt whether they needed any more sex elsewhere) I don’t see her often but when I do she is always nice and chats and smells so much like ammonia, she says that she has sex on average 6 times a day now and loves it and has little time for much else, and the guys all pay the rent and food.

I have never heard of a woman that could have that much sex and need it to be satisfied – why me, why did I have to marry her, I think the odds are so great its like wining the lotto. Makes me wonder how it affected me, and I guess I found a 11 year older than me married woman and became her steady other man for a few of years.

She thought I was the best lover in the world – I was so glad she didn’t really know about sex and men much she just had an ordinary inexperienced husband – It really made me feel good to really please a woman and be seen as a great lover, although only by her limited comparisons. Her husband had a stroke about 18 months into the relationship – he was in hospital for 2 months and I kind of unofficially moved in to house in the spare bedroom and help her with him at times and help her out sexually.

The husband cant walk, talk or move one hand and has a remote wheelchair he cant have sex either, he can smile and laugh and grunt. One day I was with his wife in the spare room going for it when I hear these grunts behind, and there he is watching us and smiling, she saw his smile and said lets give him a show, and we do, we notice this little bulge in his pants so she goes to investigate and sure enough he is semi hard – not enough to have sex with but enough to play with I suppose, I suggest maybe she should suck it for him, as maybe he is getting better.

She tries and he smiles but nothing poor fella. She tried with him in bed and not a movement. After a couple of weeks I said maybe if we do it in front of him again it might move again, and he grunted and smiled, so we put him in bed naked and she wore a see thru nightie to try and tease him up a little, but nothing then we started to get seductive and I was licking her and he had a bit of movement, she gently put her hand on it while I worked on her and she said to him oh you like this don’t you Brian he grunted and smiled and then I got naked and was just about to enter his wife and he became half erect again.

She tried to jump on him but to no avail, so we went about our sex while she is slowly playing with his piece, when he started grunting a lot and then his penis stiffened a bit more and spurted everywhere all over her and bits of me, I couldn’t believe how much cum there was, we both laughed and were saying good one Brian, his penis limp and a smile on his face and cum everywhere.

I said he must have been saving all that up for a while she said no he always has lots and lots of cum. Wow she just rubbed it all over her body and we just went for it for an hour, I came twice and she just rubbed the juices all over both of us – she seemed so happy, we repeated this many many times for Brian’s and her sake over the next year.

Although she was quite dry at times and we couldn’t penetrate she refused to use artificial lubricant and so we would get Brian going and when he came usually quickly as normal she said, she would rub the bountiful juices into her and then we were into it again, sometimes she would ask me to cum all over her, so that she could rub it in.

She always seemed a little disappointed at my teaspoon full compared to brains half a cup, after a year Brian could nearly talk and use his right hand and get a full erection for a short time, which made things a little easier for her, I would say Ill race you Brian and we would both see who could cum on his wife the quickest, 99% of the time he won and then I had the lube to do my thing with his wife, while Brian was watching and saying yeah yeah harder with his limited vocabulary.

His wife always came when Brian cheered her on, ha couldn’t work that out but works for me. A lot of the time she was so worn out she would just lay there like Brian looking at each other – so I went and got a wet warm washer and cleaned the both naked bodies up, and then went to my room very happy with the result.

I felt like the man of the house! the boss! the stud! such a good feeling for a man to have I wished I had been more of the boss with my ex wife.

I eventually run into my wife about 14 months ago, and as usual she was friendly and flirtatious, still with that familiar smell. She asked me what I had been up to and if I needed some sex.

I told her about the lady and Brian and that I was very satisfied and that I was the stud, the boss up there, and it felt good. She said that’s all she ever wanted me to be for her, she said that if I never left her bed I would have been the boss she always saw me as the boss.

I said really but I thought I was on the outer – she said never you were always on the inner in more ways than one, I asked if she would have me back and she said definitely – I left the other married woman and moved back into my wife’s bedroom – and magnificent sex that night and slept well – one of the 3 guys living there tried coming in again in the wee hours – I just said let her sleep and they went out again.

2 of the guys I had never met before so I introduced myself and laid down some rules and 1 of the guys decided to leave. The 2 guys left agreed that it was my and my wife’s way or the highway, they agreed to stay and didn’t want to leave her – I asked if she wanted them to stay she said she did, ok that’s settled.

She immediately took me to the bedroom and we had awesome sex again, I was impressed she seemed to have learnt so much from her encounters. She asked me if she could still have sex with the other guys, I said if she wanted to – no worries but if I am horny then she will stop what she is doing and have sex with me even if its when one of the others is with her, she agreed and told the other guys.

She must of thought about it a bit and said but why don’t you just join in instead of take over, I said hmmm so your up for more than one at once then hey, she said you know I am I have been keeping these guys happy for 3 years, no one is going to miss out she said. Having never been in a threesome let alone a foursome before except maybe the married lady and Brian (but that was different) I was not quite sure how it would work.

I asked and said how can you even make all happy at the same time surely it would be one after the other wouldn’t it – she said don’t be silly I have been having 3 guys at the same time twice a week and all have been happy no one misses out. I said are you into anal or something she said no way – trust me, lets make tonight and Saturday night group sex night with all of us.

I said are you sure you want 3 horny guys all at the same time? She said oh yes please, tonight after dinner ok. Ok I said dumbfounded and thinking what the heck have I gotten myself into.

At the dinner table she announces that tonight and Saturday nights are group sex night from now on and My Ex-Husband is in control, my eyes widen, then she says with my help – it is his first time you know and giggles. The other 2 laughed and seem very happy and concentrate on her most of the time. After dinner she shoots away to the bedroom and after a while she calls us in and says leave your clothes at the door please.

I go in first naked and kiss her passionately on the lips and roll to the side of the king size super soft bed, I said where are the other guys and she said they will come in 10 minutes I asked them to wait while I give you some education on how this will work. I said ah great how can you have sex with us all at once, and the she starts to explain.

First of all you will be on your back and I will mount you from the top looking towards you, I will lay down on your chest exposing my good bits and the first guy will come and kneel at my face and I will take him in my mouth she said.

I said wont that be a little close to my head, she said don’t worry about it she had it in care, ok I said, she then said the last guy will come from behind and enter with me – wow I said can you take that I said the both of us – of course I can, if I can take these other two then my smaller penis and his will fit no troubles.

I said have you really done this before? Are you sure? She said just shut up and enjoy. She slowly mounted me and sure enough the other guys come in and know instinctively where to go, they have definitely done this before I thought.

The first thing I notice is the guy above me and his huge penis going into her mouth and his balls pretty much slapping me in the forehead as he lazily rocks back and forth. I have never been that close to a penis in my life and it was scary.

It must have been about 11″ long and only just fitted in my wife’s mouth, and she wasn’t scared at all. The next thing I feel is the other guy squeezing into her pussy with me, I was so glad that she is always wet from sex and cum and it made it slip in easier. She said that I had to be still as I was the key to the encounter – if I slipped out it would take a bit to get back in the groove.

Again the other guy must have been large as well it seemed like it was just going and going in further, I stiffened and tried to stay still while these guys did all the work, slow and steady at first building up and up. I thought I would get concussion in the end as the guy above me caused balls slapped me. My eyes fixated on her lips and his penis going in and out so close, so big oh what a woman taking all this in fun not hard work.

The other guy was in the same rhythm and I felt him thrusting in and out sliding and slipping on my penis, squashing it against the walls of her vagina., and then a rhythm change the guy at my face was out of rhythm and getting quicker she held his butt tighter and pulled his penis nearly halfway down her throat, I saw her throat expand for a minute, and she slowly pulled it out and he went rigid and came.

That’s when I thought oh no I am under this stuff – he just sent cum everywhere into her mouth on her face on my face – it stuck one of my eyelids shut, ah I just wanted to get out from there and she said calm down settle I want you right there with me, she let his penis go and it fell on my face, I remember thinking that’s like getting hit with a soft baseball bat.

I was no you better get it off me – she said settle petal embrace all of this and grabbed my hand and put it on his penis she said see it wont hurt you will it, and then she kissed me so passionately and I felt and squeezed this big penis and kept kissing her I felt the rhythm changing at the other end knowing what that meant.

I totally gave in to her kiss and feeling this big penis the cum all over my face and in our mouths I was starting to love it – I wanted to thrust but she slowed me and I braced and just let it all happen for like 5 minutes.

I thought I don’t think I will come if I don’t thrust and then I felt the penis down the bottom rubbing against me go faster and faster and thicken and convulse, I just squeezed the big soft penis in my hand softly and kissed passionately and exploded in sheer bliss.

She broke the kiss and I just breathed rapidly for a while and she said to the others could you leave us for a while – and so they left. She said wasn’t that good, and said yes how did you know, she said I listened to the others and they said it was pure bliss in that position and about as close to a woman feels and tastes as you can get, they used to fight for that position, but its yours now always as long as you want it.

She looked at me and said my your face is covered in cum its such a turn on, it doesn’t hurt at all does it – hmm no it doesn’t I said – a bit salty though, she said oh you will get used to it. Then she said I want you to do something for me now – ok I said what is it – she said I want you to lick me like you used to do.

Sure I said lets clean up first. No she said you stay on your back and she came up and straddled me with her knees either side of my head, I looked with my open eye and had to wipe the cum from my other eye to see – and it was truly amazing she was still dilated from sex and I could see everything inside and her clitoris was erect and red, there was just cum everywhere.

I was amazed and so excited, she lowered herself onto my lips and I licked and sucked and cleaned her for like 30 minutes finally settling in on her erect clitoris and sucking it and then she came and her muscles tightened and she squirted the extra cum and juice out of her onto my chin and neck.

She fell off to the side exhausted and she said see that’s what I really missed, and said have you got better at this. I said I would do that for her anytime she wanted to do the group sex with me in number 1 position – she said it’s a deal.

The other guys wanted number 1 position after that but she wouldn’t allow it, neither would I. I realised the other guy was not as long in length probably 9″ but was as thick as a soft drink can, that’s why she was so dilated and I was squashed inside her.

We all had group sex once or twice a day from then on, and I loved it, I was the boss and I would be the one to get her off in the end with my mouth. The separate sex still went on as well, and every time someone came in her she and she didn’t cum she would get me to lick her until she did cum – she called me the boss and I liked it.

She was right I actually got used to cum it tastes good now like olives and when its mixed with pussy juices its magnificent. I may NOT be able to keep up with her libido that’s for sure, But I sure can keep up and take the time lick her clean and bring to orgasm every time she has sex either with all of us or after she has just been alone with the other guys.

“Stop pacing,” Bethany told her husband.

Harold sat in the crappy chair the motel provided for the table they called a desk. It was a straight backed chair with a plastic cushion for a seat. It wasn’t comfortable. He wiggled his left leg up and down. He wanted to talk, but couldn’t find any words to speak. He tapped his hand up and down on his opposite leg.

“Problem?” Bethany asked with a tiny smirk on his face.

“I’m fine,” he lied. His mouth felt dry. He tried to look his wife of thirteen years in the face. It was difficult. His eyes wanted to wander over her bare shoulders and across the display of cleavage she was showing above the top of her tiny, tight black dress.

“I’m not,” she said. “I’m really wet. Do think it would be wrong if I took off my panties?”

He blinked. Was that a trick question? How was he supposed to answer it? “I guess it’s up to you.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It is, isn’t it?” she said. She stood up, reached beneath the short hem and pulled off the lacy red thong. He knew that left her virtually naked. She wore her dress, no bra and now she sat without panties. His leg stopped wiggling and his hand stopped tapping while he squirmed. “Problem?” she asked again.

“I’m fine,” he lied with the same unconvincing expression on his face.

“I hope he’s big.”

“Do you mean his dick?”

“Yeah, his dick, too. But I mean him. I hope he’s really big. I hope he has lots of muscles. I think I’ll like muscles. Maybe he’ll have really thick arms and big pecs. What do you think? Would that be good?”

“It would be different.”

“Different like if I had red hair?” she asked.

Harold tried swallowing. With his mouth so dry it was a futile motion that nearly made him gag. “Is it okay if I get a drink of water?”

“Sure, baby. Get a drink of water,” Bethany allowed. She examined the paint job on her new nails. Glancing across the empty space between the foot of the bed and the mirror behind the dresser, she checked her lipstick and primped her long eye lashes up.

Harold drank from a plastic cup. It didn’t help. His mouth still felt dry. He crossed between her and the mirror. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

“Are you hard?” she asked.

“A little.”

“Yeah, a little, that is the definitive word, isn’t it? Why don’t you get naked?”


“Yeah, I think so. Get naked and show me that you’re hard.”

“Can I wait…” he started and then stopped when she glared at him. “Sorry,” he mumbled again. He pulled off his clothes. He was hard. His swollen prick throbbed between his legs.

“Here, put these on,” Bethany giggled, tossing him her panties. He didn’t argue. He slipped them into place. The front covered his hard-on. The rear strap dug into his butt crack. How do women wear these things?

Harold jumped when there was a small knock at their door. Wearing Bethany’s panties made him feel worse than being naked.

Bethany jumped up from the edge of the bed and swung door of the motel room open wide for her guest. Jamal filled the doorway. He was over six feet tall, dark skinned and thick. His head was shaved bald. His teeth looked very white behind his dark colored lips. “Bethany?” he asked in a deep, booming voice.

“Yes,” she said with a shy smile. Harold saw her eyes roving over Jamal. She stepped aside and allowed the large black man to enter the room. Jamal looked at Harold and laughed.

“You always wear panties?”

“N-no,” Harold stammered. Jamal frightened him. Harold felt small and insignificant. For whatever reason, Jamal cased the small room. There wasn’t much to see, but he walked as far as the bathroom and looked inside of it before he turned back to Bethany.

“You look good,” he told her. “Hot. You ever been with a brother?”

“No. Does it matter?”

“Not to me. I like fucking white chicks. You got any rules?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know,” Jamal said with a shrug.

“I don’t want to do anal,” Bethany said. Her face flashed pink as she said it.

“That’s okay. I don’t do that. I like pussy.”

“Is it going to bother you for him to watch?” she asked.

“I don’t give a fuck. You said he would. Figured it was a thing for you or him or something.”

“Yeah, or something,” she said.

“I didn’t bring no rubbers.”

“Good, I don’t want you to use one,” Bethany said. She moved closer to him. She put her hand on his large, barrel shaped chest and looked up at him. Up on her tip-toes, she reached his lips when he bent his head. His big hand slipped around her and grabbed her ass and it started.

Harold sat in the chair with his prick straining against the rough fabric of Bethany’s lacy red panties. He watched as Jamal reached beneath his wife’s skirt and found her bare ass. “Nice,” Jamal said. He found the zipper on her back, the same zipper Harold had pulled up before they left the house. Jamal pulled it down. Without the zipper in place, Bethany’s dress lost its ability to stay wrapped around her. It fell into a puddle at her feet. She stood naked in front of this large black man who looked two or three times her size.

“Get on the bed,” he told her. She crawled into the middle of the queen sized bed, laid on her back, leaning against the pillows and facing him. Jamal ignored Harold. He pulled off his shirt and exposed his big, muscular chest. He kicked off his shoes and tugged off his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear. His big, black dick hung limply between his legs. Even limp, it looked twice as long as Harold felt hard. “You like what you see, baby?”

“Yes,” Bethany said. She smiled at Jamal. Her gaze drifted towards Harold. Her smile faded. She shook her head at Harold, as if to say, “You’re worthless compared to this man.” Her eyes returned to Jamal and so did her smile. “I want you,” she told him.

“Good. Why don’t you suck this thing for me?” he asked. He waved his big, limp prick at her. Bethany scrambled to her hands and knees while he knelt on the bed. She pulled his big black dick between her lips.

“Fuck, you’re big.”

“Wait until I get hard.”

“Hmphf,” she mumbled as she put him too deeply into her mouth. With every bob of her head, Jamal’s black cock grew longer and fatter. He played with her as she sucked it. He slapped her face with it. He turned sideways so Harold had a better view.

“How’s it look to see your bitch sucking a black dick?” he asked Harold. Harold didn’t reply. He didn’t know what to say. “Turn around, bitch. I want to fuck now.”

Bethany spun on the bed, remaining on her hands and knees. She turned until she offered him his backside like a bitch in heat. She watched over her shoulder as Jamal took aim, moved forward and pushed his way inside of her. “Oh yessss….” She hissed.

“Baby likes that, don’t she?” Jamal asked. He slapped her ass before grabbing her hips and pulling her backwards against him. Harold saw his wife wince once before it looked as if she pushed backwards. “Fuck yeah, baby. Take it. Take all that black dick!”

“Fuck me,” she panted, pushing and pulling forwards and backwards. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Yeah baby, take it. Take all of it,” Jamal panted back.

“I want him to see,” she said, pulling away.

“Sure, baby. It’s your party.” Jamal pulled away. He laid down on the bed. Bethany straddled him in reverse cowgirl so she could face her husband. Harold watched as she lowered herself on the black man’s big dick. Jamal reached around her naked body and cupped her creamy white breasts in his large black hands.

“Fuck,” she said as she settled around the big dick inside her pussy. “He’s so big. What do you think, honey? Is he twice as big as you? He’s thick. A lot thicker than you. He’s stretching the fuck out of me.”

“Girl, you crazy,” Jamal laughed. He glanced at Harold before laying back to enjoy the ride she was taking.

“I’m going to make him cum inside of me. Deep inside of me. So deep, I might end up having his baby.”

“Whoa, girl. I don’t need no more babies.” Jamal looked concerned.

Bethany ignored him and kept bouncing up and down. If Jamal truly cared, he didn’t stop her. “He’s so big. Was your girlfriend tight? Do you think she was as tight as his big dick feels inside my pussy?”

“No,” Harold said, unsure if he was supposed to answer or not.

“Because he’s really hurting me and I don’t care. I want to feel him cum inside of me.” She spun around on Jamal’s dick, turning to face him. “Do it, Jamal. Cum inside of me.”

“I don’t want to make no babies,” he told her.

She leaned over. She kissed him. She said something soft and low to him. Harold didn’t hear it, but whatever she said made the difference for Jamal. His hands moved to her hips. He pistoned her up and down his hard cock.

“I’m gonna fill you,” he said. “I’m gonna fill you with all my spunk.”

“Do it,” she panted. “Fuck me. Cum inside of me!”

“Yeah, baby. Oh fuck, you bitch. You doing it to me! You making me cum!” Jamal’s body went stiff. His toes curled and his hips thrashed as he came. He grabbed Harold’s wife, rolled her over on her back and finished his orgasmic fucking in a missionary style. When he pulled out of her, white semen clung to the darkness of his shaft. “Okay, we good?”

“Yeah,” she purred.

Jamal wiped his dick off on her thigh, climbed out of bed and pulled on his clothes. “See ya at work,” he told Harold. He opened the door and left.

“Hey baby,” Bethany said from her reclining position on the bed. “Maybe if you eat me well enough you can suck out his cum before I get pregnant.”

“But I thought you were on the pill,” Harold said, confused.

“Yeah, that’s what I told him, too. But I stopped taking my pills two weeks ago. Now get over here and eat me.”

Harold knew he couldn’t do anything with his mouth to stop a pregnancy. If his wife was telling the truth, it was out of his hands, Jamal’s hand and even hers. The idea that she had gotten herself pregnant scared him, but it became secondary to what he was doing. He was eating his wife’s pussy, her freshly fucked pussy, her freshly fucked by someone else pussy. He tasted Jamal’s semen inside of her. He couldn’t avoid it. Whether he recognized the taste or not, he knew it was there.

“Does that taste good?” Bethany teased him. “Do you like the taste of him?”

Harold didn’t answer. He stayed focus on his task. He always thought he was good at eating pussy. He thought his pussy eating skills made up for any shortcomings he had between his legs.

“He was so big,” Bethany cooed as Harold licked and lapped at her pussy. “Do you think it’s going to be difficult to see him on Monday?”

“Maybe,” Harold said between licks of her pussy. She had hit on the other part of things, the most embarrassing part of things. It was one thing for her to pay him back for straying by insisting he watch her get fucked. When she announced she wanted to get fucked by a black man with a large dick, Harold swallowed his remaining pride and accepted her decision. He had earned that indignity. But when she chose one of the truck drivers that worked at Harold’s plant, whether that was her intention or not, it had put him on edge. Worse was being naked, except for her panties, in front of Jamal. Harold felt embarrassed and humiliated.

Bethany came beneath Harold’s tongue. That made him feel good. “Did she like when you ate her out?” she asked.

“Yes,” Harold admitted. He was proud of his tongue lashing skills and he was done lying to his wife.

“Did she like it when you fucked her, too?”

“I think so.”

“Do you like fucking me?”

“Yes,” he said without hesitation.

“More than her?”

“Yes,” he swore just as quickly as before.

“Good. Maybe I’ll let you do it again in two week, after I see if Jamal got me pregnant or not.”

Harold sucked in a deep breath, held it for a moment and cursed himself again for ever getting caught with his redheaded secretary. It was going to be a very long two weeks.

Yep, another less than 3000 word submission as I continue to explore short form erotic storytelling. I hope you enjoyed it!

Author’s Note: This story is a departure for me as it was written from the perspective of a submissive male. I wrote a couple of pages in response to a fantasy sent to me by a reader who dreamed of submitting to his wife and another man. After he read it we discussed his more of his fantasies and I continued writing. It became clear that he had many warped visions of what he wanted done to him. As a result, there are subjects I have not written about before. Some may be offensive if you are a sensitive reader. You’ve been warned.

My name is Sebastian. I am in my early 40′s and am a counselor at a well known liberal arts college. I am also living proof that nice guys finish last. Allow me to elaborate. All my life I have tried to always help people. As a result, some people take advantage of my generosity. I also tend not to stick up for my own needs because I would always put other people first. Some people consider me a wimp, and perhaps I am, but I always thought of myself as the best friend you could ever have.

I got married out of college to a woman who walked all over me, but I didn’t care. I thought she loved me but in retrospect I’m not sure what she saw in me other than the ability to control me. We had a daughter (Anne) who turned 18 a month ago and will graduate high school soon. Her mother and I divorced when she was 8 and she splits her time between our two houses. During the traumatic time my marriage was failing I reluctantly started dating a student named Liz. I say reluctant because it was certainly against the college rules to date a student, but Liz was different and about to graduate.

Liz was a beautiful young girl full of life. She was everything my now ex-wife was not. Liz was one of the students I had counseled for the past few years and we knew each other very well. Liz had a reputation on our small campus as being a girl with a certain zest for partying and although she never admitted to me in our sessions, I knew she slept around. But somehow she never lost her innocent, sweet girl next door quality. As was my usual pattern, I befriended her, offered her a sympathetic ear to cry on and never viewed her as a potential sexual mate. But all that changed in April of her senior year.

I usually saw my senior students more frequently as they prepared to find their way in the world and needed advice. Liz arrived in my office and gone was the outgoing, effervescent girl I knew. She had been replaced with a sullen, withdrawn shell of her former self. Something had obviously happened, but I could not draw out of her what transpired. She had not improved at our next meeting a week later. Our session was even less productive than the week before. She seemed totally preoccupied with something. At the end of our meeting she surprised me with an invitation to go out to drinks with her. The side of my brain which always followed the rules told me it was a bad idea, but she looked so vulnerable and in need of a friend that I accepted.

I took her to an upscale neighborhood bar instead of one of the more popular places where students hang out. After a few glasses of wine she let go all the emotions she had been holding in about how unsatisfying her life had become, how she always dated the wrong guys and how she hated herself. Of course in addition to my empathetic ear I was also venting my own divorce issues to her and how I always felt taken advantage of in my relationships. We had a bonding moment. If I had been the kind of guy she usually dated (her words) I’m sure I could have taken her home that night. But I didn’t. I did not want to take advantage of her vulnerable state.

I wouldn’t call what we did “dating” but our conversations became more intimate and wine was usually involved with our meetings. The week before graduation Liz invited me to her apartment and I ended up spending the night. I should mention, I have limitations in the bedroom being that I suffer from premature ejaculation. But I love to go down on a woman and I’ve learned how to use my fingers and tongue to make up for my lack of penis prowess. But unlike my ex, Liz didn’t seem to mind my inadequacies. She even went down on me after I had helped her cum. My ex never did that. I was smitten.

After graduation I figured Liz would move back home and our night together would be a one night stand. But it didn’t happen. Since she wasn’t a student any more we started actually dating. As she put it I was a nice guy unlike her usual macho assholes. I couldn’t believe this beautiful creature would give me the time of day let alone wake up in my bed, but I wasn’t complaining. I was 14 years her senior, but it didn’t matter. We were happy together and less than a year later we married.

You’re probably thinking this is where she turns into a mega-bitch now that she has me hooked, but that wasn’t the case. She retained her girl next door charm and took a job organizing meetings and trade shows. She had to travel some, but not too much. She got along well with Anne. Things were great for about the first six years of our marriage but then I started to detect a switch. I started to get a sense she was getting bored with me like I wasn’t exciting enough for her. With a guy you call it the seven year itch. She always seemed happier when she would come home from a business trip and I started to suspect that she was cheating on me on the road. In bed she still was happy to let me pleasure her, but she didn’t suck my cock very often any more. She’d let me get her off and then fuck her until I came, but she didn’t seem to be that into it any more. She was becoming more distant. Our relationship was in trouble.

But of course, I let her signs slide. I just wasn’t good at confrontation and even fighting for my marriage was tough. I almost had to face up to her change in attitude when she came home from the gym two days later. Liz was always going to the gym to work out. Almost every day in fact. But tonight she returned with a glazed look in her eyes and her hair out of place. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear she just had sex.

Saturday morning she said she was going to the gym which seemed very out of place (she usually didn’t go on weekends because of the “moron” factor at the gym). She didn’t return for 4 hours. This time her clothes were askew, her hair was a mess and she was walking tenderly. I couldn’t take it anymore and asked her what was going on. She responded that she wanted a divorce. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I suspected she had been cheating. After all she was now 32 and in her prime. I knew I wasn’t providing for her sexually, but I didn’t think she’d want totally out of the marriage. Liz started to cry. Of course I consoled her.

Liz told me what was really going on and I was shocked. She confessed that the day in my office when she had been so upset was the result of being date-raped the night before. She had not been lying when she told me she always picked the wrong guys. She always went for the muscular tough guys who took charge in the relationship and especially in the bedroom. That time it was the starting tailback for the football team. As she put it, he had a strong case of the Neanderthal gene. Although she liked to pretend she was “hard to get” that night her date just took her back to his place and tore her clothes off. She hated herself not because of what he did, but because of how much she loved it. She didn’t tell him, but she came better with him than with any guy before or since.

I couldn’t believe what my sweet innocent wife was telling me. During our marriage while I would eat her pussy she would be thinking about him and that was what got her off. I asked if she was sleeping around on her business trips and she confessed she was. This fed a fantasy I had one that I had never confessed to her but which drove my own orgasms when I made love to her.

Growing up I was bullied a lot in school. That shouldn’t be a surprise. But there was one bully in particular that always taunted me with the threat “I’m going to fuck your mother” or “You’re mom sucked me off last night.” While I was repulsed at the time, the thought stayed with me. I learned to masturbate and invariably the image of this bully fucking my mom or forcing her to suck his cock always got me off. When I got married the image of a strong man fucking my wife began to play prominently in my fantasies. When I was inside of Liz especially, I’d imagine myself being much better than I was. Instead of squiring in a minute or two, I imagined her squirming under a cocksure stud that made me watch as he fucked her brains out. It was warped to be sure, but I always came hard.

I don’t know what made me blurt it out, but I told her I didn’t care if she cheated on me. She looked shocked, but I explained that I loved her and didn’t want to lose her. I said if another man could give her the pleasure I could not, I didn’t mind if she slept around. Little did I know just how much that confession would change my life.

Liz responded with a confession of her own. She said the guy who date-raped her, James, had recently moved back to town and they met at the gym. The first night he told her she was going to blow him in his car and she did without question. The next time she saw him at the gym he fucked her in the backseat and then he ordered her to meet him at his apartment this morning where he fucked her for hours until neither one of them could cum again. Liz told me she hated what she did to me, but couldn’t help herself around him and that nobody could make her cum like he could and that it wasn’t fair to me to have to share me with another man.

I went for broke and told her of my bully experience and what I thought about when I fucked her. It was not a good scene, but we formed almost an uneasy truce and decided we would try to make things work. I promised to try and be more aggressive in bed and she promised to tell me when she had been with another man. As you might imagine, things didn’t quite go as planned.

Monday night she went to the gym. About the time I expected her to come home, I received a call from her cell phone. It was Liz and she was breathless. She told me to look out the front window. I did and I almost dropped the phone. Her car was in the driveway and she was in another car parked on the street in front of our house. The lighting wasn’t good but I could tell she was bucking up and down on somebody in the back seat, although I could not see who she was with. She had dropped her phone but the line was still open so I could hear her guttural moans of pleasure. She came several times before I heard a male grunt and the event came to an abrupt halt. Liz exited the car soon after. She still had her workout shirt on, but was carrying her sweat pants. She was naked from the waist down except for her running shoes. She staggered up to the front porch and walked inside. She kissed me on the cheek and then plopped down on the couch exhausted.

I watched as a very muscular African-American man got out of the back seat and moved back to the driver’s seat. It had not occurred to me that Liz’s mystery man was black. He held up a cell phone and looked at the house. I heard his voice through my speaker tell me to come get her phone. Reluctantly I walked outside. I wasn’t afraid to meet this guy who satisfied my wife like I never could. But my cock was still rock hard from listening to him fuck her. I was harder than I remember being any time I had been intimate with Liz. I didn’t want him to know how excited I was from watching their frenzied passion. The guy rolled down the passenger window and tossed me the phone.

“Your wife is a great fuck,” he told me. “Too bad you’re too much of a wimp to satisfy her.”

I didn’t say anything, but I probably nodded. He sounded just like the bully who promised to fuck my mom but now it was coming true with my wife.

“Liz begged me to fuck her without a condom and to fill her pussy with my cum. Be a good husband and go eat her out. She told me what a wizard you are with your tongue. Put it to good use and get her off for a change.”

With that exchange he sped off into the night. I returned to the living room still hard as nails. Liz was splayed on the couch.

“You hate me don’t you?” she asked.

I didn’t say a word. I set her phone down and got down between her legs. I would have thought she would have been surprised, but apparently James had told her I would do exactly what he commanded. I dutifully cleaned her pussy of the mix of her juices and his cum. Then I went to work on her clit and gave her another orgasm. When I was done, I thought she would pass out. But I saw a glint in her eye when she spotted my cock straining against my pants. To my surprise she released it from the confines of my slacks and gave it several quick strokes.

“You’re going to cum soon aren’t you honey,” she cooed. I tried to think about anything but sex right then.

“James says you are a wimp who doesn’t deserve me,” she said still stroking my cock. “He said I should be his fuck bunny.”

She kept stroking me. I could feel my cum rising from my balls. I looked down at her. She looked so sexy have just been fucked by a real man. I must admit having the taste of his cum in my mouth along with her juices was turning me on.

“I can live with this arrangement, honey,” she cooed never letting up pressure on my manhood. “You will remain my husband, James will remain my lover and everybody wins.”

There was no way this relationship would be that easy, but I was way too turned on to care. I exploded shooting a huge load into her face. Liz was not amused. She told me to lick her face clean of my nasty cum. Of course I did it and then we went to bed. Liz seemed to sleep easy. I tossed and turned visions of James fucking Liz and my eating his cum danced through my head. Of course I was hard again.

Waking to a new day and a new life I wondered what changes my wife had in store for me. As it turned out, not too many. I guess overall she was pleased with our life together with the exception of needing a real man to turn her loose in bed. When she would get home from working out at night she would give me a kiss. Sometimes I could taste the cum on her breath. Other nights she would have me eat her pussy. I could always tell when she had been freshly fucked. Whether she had sucked a cock or fucked one, I always got hard and had to jerk myself off. It got to the point where I would get hard waiting for her to come home so I could see what a dirty girl she had been.

The next Saturday she didn’t pretend she was going anywhere but James’ house. She also didn’t come home after 4 hours like last week. I waited all day for her to return. I knew she would want me to obediently lick up James’ cum from her well used body and I wanted to be home from her. Anne was staying with us that weekend and didn’t understand why I just wanted to hang around the house. But what could I tell her? Should I say “your step mom is out cheating on me and I’m waiting to lick her clean?”

Fortunately Anne went out for the evening before Liz came home. She was a total mess. Her hair was wild (it was obvious there was dried cum in it) and she was walking funny. As usual I was hard and couldn’t wait to hear what James had done with her. It turned out it was more than I could have imagined. Liz didn’t want to talk about it at first and then began to weep as she finally confessed about her day at James’ house.

Liz confessed she had been looking forward to seeing James without the usual rush she felt at the health club and that after last weekend’s monumental screwing she hoped for a repeat performance. Liz acknowledged she was naked, on her knees and sucking off James when another man entered the room. James had placed his hand on the back of her head to make sure she would not pull away while he introduced his brother, Tommy. It was clear to Liz that James had no problem with his brother watching her suck him hard. If fact James made it clear that Liz would be taking care of Tommy as well.

Liz told me that having two men to service was amazing. She said they took turns fucking her whenever she could suck one of them hard. She also confessed that James had spanked her and that Tommy had fucked her up the ass. I had my pants off at this point and was furiously stroking my cock. Liz looked at me like she thought I was pathetic and she was right. Here I was about to explode in orgasm hearing my wife describe how two men had used and abused her all day. The more details Liz gave me the harder I got and the louder my moans became.

Liz described how she bent over James’ lap and how Tommy fed her his cock. It was the third time she had sucked him and it was coated with her pussy juice from when he had just finished fucking her. Liz admitted she loved the taste of her pussy on his cock. I was shocked, of course. One because she hardly ever sucked my cock and certainly never told me she enjoyed it. And two, because she had always been mad at me if I fingered her and then tried to get her to lick my finger.

After James had turned my poor Liz’s ass bright red, Tommy said he wanted to fuck her there. Liz said she struggled and tried to get off James’ lap but he, seemingly without effort, held her there.

“That’s a fine idea, brother,” he said according to Liz. “Go downstairs and get the kit. I don’t think she’s been properly opened before.”

When Liz described what they did next, I came in a puddle on the wood floor. The kit James spoke about was an anal stretcher consisting of 5 different sized plugs. The boys said they needed some time to recover from their morning session so they would use the time to prepare my thin wife for the afternoon debauchery. They started with the smallest plug. Liz said it was tough for her to relax as they greased up her asshole and slid the tapered rubber plug past her sphincter.

“Go make us some sandwiches while that plug stretches you out,” Tommy commanded. James gave her another swat on the tush, although it was more playful than before.

When Liz returned, before they ate they had her bend over and the popped the plug out of her bum. Then they pushed the second plug in. This one was larger than the first. Liz said she had never felt so full. She then described how they dressed her as a maid and finally ate their sandwiches. I was hard again.

The boys were nice, I guess. They let my sweet Liz wear the second plug for about 45 minutes before they switched her to the third size. At that point they also made her start cleaning the house while they watched her parade around in the sleazy costume. Liz told me her pussy was leaking down her thighs she was so turned on by the humiliation of being dressed that way and the fact that she knew her most sacred of holes was about to be defiled.

Liz said the fourth plug felt like it was tearing her apart. James insisted it was necessary in order for him to fit without damaging her. Liz said every step she took with the plug inside of her made her feel like she was fucking the biggest cock she ever had. The boys then brought her outside on James’ deck. She said she didn’t know if anybody saw her as she kept going inside to get them drinks and as she walked around the yard to entertain them. She said the final straw was when James pulled open her top and started pinching her nipples. She said the costume was shameful enough, but now standing outside with her tits exposed magnified the sensation. Of course she was still leaking juices from her pussy which James also checked. Liz told me she was sure she put on a great show for the neighbors as she rode his hand with her breasts jiggling out of the top of her outfit.

“Think she’s ready?” asked Tommy.

“Why don’t we ask her?” replied James.

Liz was near the point of orgasming on his fingers. She would have agreed to anything at that point, although “God yes, fuck my ass,” was definitely out of character for her. The boys smiled and brought her inside. Liz told me at least this part of her humiliation would be private and that she was thankful for that. They stripped her of her maid’s costume. Except for the plug she stood naked before them. Tommy was stroking his cock. Liz was licking her lips. James brought her to the couch and pushed her over the armrest so her ass was in the air.

“Once I’ve broken in your back door you are going to always want me there,” he boasted. “You’ll never feel full without me up your ass.”

Liz told me she prayed he was wrong, but in her heart she knew he was right. She felt the plug being pulled out of her ass and then more lube being rubbed all around and inside of her. She could feel her asshole pulsating in anticipation. She said she could tell it wasn’t snapping all the way shut anymore. Tommy went first. His cock wasn’t as big in length or circumference as his brother’s. It was slightly smaller than the last plug but that didn’t matter to Liz. She howled as the cock pushed deeply into her.

Liz told me she was moaning immediately as Tommy began to piston his cock in and out of her tight asshole. Liz was lost to the moment, but Tommy was not. “Can you shove something in her mouth to shut her up?” Tommy asked James. At this point I assumed James would have used his cock to quiet my normally reserved wife who they had turned into an assfuck slut. But he didn’t. Liz said she passively allowed him to push a ballgag into her mouth which was buckled around her head. How many times had I fantasized that I was a good enough lover to require gagging my partner to prevent her screams and moans from drawing attention to us. Now two other men were doing that to my wife and I could only jerk off to the news like the pathetic worm that I am.

I could only sit and imagine what Liz looked like impaled on Tommy’s cock. I didn’t know it yet but James took pictures after he gagged her. Liz didn’t tell me how long Tommy lasted before shooting his load up her butt. No doubt it was longer than I ever had. Liz told me how after James gagged her she slid a hand between her legs and diddled her clit while they pounded her. Knowing my wife and how she described cumming freely with James before, I have no doubt she orgasmed more times than she could count that day. After Tommy came James slid his cock up her backside. Liz told me it hurt, but she didn’t care. Plus Tommy’s cum helped smooth the way and soon James was completing the conquest of her mind. He was right. Now that she had been filled to the breaking point with his cock, anything else would be less than satisfying. I watched the dreamy look on her face as she described her lover filling her like never before. I doubted I’d ever have my cock inside my wife again. I just wouldn’t measure up. I came again on the floor when Liz described how before he came James pulled out and had me straddle and newly hard again Tommy and ride him cowboy. I could see in my mind Tommy’s cum dripping out of my wife’s gaping asshole as James once again slid his meat into her ass and the brothers finished this afternoon of firsts with Liz’s first double penetration.

I couldn’t believe how turned on listing to Liz had made me. She seemed more than happy about the experience as well. When she finally finished her story about Saturday at James’ house she stood up and lifted her skirt. She then bent over on the couch allowing me to see her still pink ass checks and the large plug she was still wearing.

“James sent you a present,” she said gleefully.

I looked at her ass briefly and then understood what she was saying. I knelt down behind her. The knees of my pants began to soak up the dual loads of cum I had left on the hardwood floor. I reached forward and the plug popped free in my hand with much less resistance than I anticipated. Immediately her asshole winked at me and cum began dripping from her sacred hole. “Damn James must cum a lot” I remember thinking as I grabbed my wife’s ass checks, spread them apart and plastered my mouth against her butthole. I didn’t bother with any tentative licks. This is what James and Liz both wanted so I attacked her with gusto. I gave her long deliberate licks cleaning up the dribbling cum. She was moaning again. Apparently I was hitting the right nerve endings as well. When the cum stopped flowing out of her ass I kissed down her thighs cleaning up the cum remnants that had flowed out of her ass before I could plug it with my tongue. When Liz was satisfied I’d done a good job cleaning her she stood up and looked down at me kneeling on the floor in a pool of my own cum. Of course I was hard again and my hand was stroking my cock.

“I’m going to take a nap now wimp. Get your hand off your cock. I may need that load tomorrow so save it for me. I want that slimy cum cleaned up so everything looks normal before Anne comes home. I don’t think she’s quite ready to learn what gets her dad off, do you?”

“No Liz. No I don’t,” I replied, although a fresh wave of humiliation washed over me thinking about Anne seeing me grovel before Liz. I watched my wife turn and walk to the bedroom. Then I went to the kitchen to get the cleaning supplies.

The next week progressed much like the last. Liz would come home from the gym and present me with either a freshly fucked pussy to lick or would kiss me so I could taste the cum in her mouth. I asked, but she never would tell me who her partner had been that night. I got the feeling it wasn’t James since I never had to suck cum out of her ass. Friday night, however, I did find the large plug buried to the hilt when she took her pants off so I could service her.

When I asked she explained she hoped James would call and would invite her over for another day of fun with Tommy. She said she put the plug in after some anonymous guy at the gym had fucked her. She said she was on fire for the thought of James fucking her ass again and that was all she could think about as the guy at the gym drilled her pussy. She said he wasn’t really any better than me, but the fantasy of James and Tommy double penetrating her again meant she came with him despite his short comings.

“I’m happy to fuck you anytime,” I said pathetically.

“I know sweetheart,” she said with a condescending tone. “But James says not until you prove yourself loyal to him. Now get down there and make me cum.”

I did as I was told. I don’t know if it was the skill of my tongue or the thought of being spit roasted between Tommy and James but soon Liz was thrashing about and grinding her pussy against my face. With a throaty moan, she climaxed hard against me. My cock was straining against my pants, a situation she noticed immediately. She pushed me back and I rolled into a sitting position from my knees. She then put her foot into my crotch and rubbed my hard on.

She mocked my hard on saying “Does lover boy have blue balls?” I did but I perceived the question as rhetorical and did not answer. She continued rubbing my cock with her foot. “Are the filled to the breaking point?” I couldn’t believe the transformation my quiet, vanilla wife had gone through to become the hellcat that stood above me. “James only wants you to cum when he gives you permission.” This was getting weirder and weirder by the minute. Liz was never forward in bed and now she was taunting me almost like a bully. “If you are a good boy tomorrow you will be rewarded.”

She left me painfully hard and my balls filled. I begged her for relief. When she turned to walk away I said something to the effect of “If you will not get me off I’ll have to do it myself,” and I pulled my pants down and grabbed my cock. She gave me a dirty look. “James said no. If you disobey him you’ll be punished.”

I hardly cared right then about James and what he wanted. I continued to stare at Liz and beat my meat. She continued to stare right back. My breathing became labored. She knew I was going to cum soon. I always came soon. She walked back over to me. I thought maybe she was going to let me finish in her mouth or at least save the last two strokes for herself, but she didn’t. She grabbed my free hand and held it in front of my cock.

“James told me how pathetic you were. Go ahead wimp,” the sneared. “Come on your own hand. It’s the only lover you are going to have for a while.”

For some reason hearing how her new dominant lover thought I was a wimp set me off and I had a good squirting orgasm into my own hand. It felt great to unload a week’s worth of buildup from my balls. I felt my legs going week as blast after blast shot from my cock. I was totally focused on the pleasure of release and didn’t grasp that Liz had grabbed my cum covered hand and was lifting it.

“I know you like to cum in my face,” she hissed. “Let’s see how much you like it.”

With that she pressed my hand across my face and began to smear my own seed across my mouth. I had to open my mouth to breathe and so I got a generous handful of goo. Liz moved her hand around my face so I was liberally coated.

“Don’t wash that off. I want you to be my boy-toy-slut walking around the house,” she commanded.

“What about Anne? She’ll be home soon,” I questioned.

“If you keep me happy I’ll let you run to the bathroom before she sees you,” my wife promised.

And that is exactly what I tried to do. While she watched TV I gave her a foot massage, a neck and shoulder massage and I ate her to two more orgasms. She was true to her word and let me scamper to the bathroom when we heard the garage door open. Anne didn’t say anything when she hugged me hello, but I still felt like I was covered in cum and knew she must have smelled it. It was the single most degrading moment in my life. Little did I know that record would last less than 24 hours.

Saturday came and went with Liz staying around the house. I was surprised James did not send for her. Perhaps he was bored with her already. At 7pm Anne said she was going out with friends and not to expect her back until late. I told her 11pm was late enough and she agreed. As soon as she was out the door Liz sprinted up the stairs to the bedroom. She returned 15 minutes later wearing the sexiest lingerie set I’d ever seen and a pair of fuck me pumps with at least 4 inch heels. She didn’t say anything to me. She just walked past me and opened the front door. Standing there was James. I had only seen him sitting down in the car. Now that he was in front of me, he was very imposing indeed. He was at least 6′ 2″ tall and very solid. He was carrying a leather bag which he handed to Liz. He then gave her a passionate kiss. He didn’t seem to care that I was in the room.

“So this is Sebastian,” he said extending his hand. “Glad to formally meet you. Your wife is certainly a hell cat.”

I shook his hand. It was so weird to be standing in front of a man who had turned our lives upside down.

“So Liz told me you wanted to watch me fuck her tonight,” James stated as if it was the most normal request in the world. “Said you might pick up a few pointers to help you please her better.”

I looked at Liz who looked guilty. I was about to speak but James cut me off.

“So babe, you look incredible in that outfit. Did you pick it for me or for Sebastian?”

“For you sir,” she quietly confessed.

“Did you remember your plug?” he queried.

“Yes sir. I’ve wore it every day. I’m ready for you to have my ass again.”

“Good girl,” he complemented her on. “We’ll let’s have a look at you.”

I watched as my shy reserved wife walked over and slowly turned 360 degrees in front of him so he could get a good look at her. Her smile lit up the room. She was obviously very happy to be on display for him. She then turned to face him and raised her arms above her head. I watched in fascination as he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed both her ass cheeks. He then rubbed the center of her butt and winked at me when he confirmed the butt plug was in place. He then pulled his arms back and began to rub her nipples. I couldn’t see them but I knew from experience they would be hard and his manipulation would be turning her on.

He continued to touch her entire body as she stood stretched out and defenseless before him. I realized that I knew how to touch all those places (like kissing the back of her ear) to drive her wild with lust, but I couldn’t remember the last time I really did so. What a fool I’d been. I thought my oral attention had been enough, but I could see this kind of attention was what she really needed. Liz was shaking in need by the time he finished his inspection. He ordered her to undress him which she joyfully did.

I was not pleased with how he looked. I was jealous of his barrel chest, ripped abs, tight calves and of course, impressive cock. Liz wasted no time dropping to her knees to suck him hard. When he was ready he wasted no time pulling out the butt plug, greasing up her ass and shoving his cock deep inside her. He pointed to the corner chair and told me to “sit down, shut up and learn.”

I had a front row seat as he pummeled her ass. The harder he thrusted the harder she bucked back against him and the harder my cock became. I’d never seen her so wild. She was a woman possessed. I could picture her acting the same way last week with James and Tommy. This version of Liz was a woman I’d never seen before. She was howling so loud I thought she would wake the dead. James looked over at me and told me to go to the kitchen and get a glass. As I walked out of the room I heard James say “you were right. He is very good at following commands.” I didn’t hear Liz’s response. I don’t think she was capable of rational thought or expression right then.

When I returned James said, “Liz told me you came in your own face last night. That’s pretty sick dude.”

I started to correct him with what really happened but I changed my mind because he was right. I guess I really did cum on my own face.

“I see your cock is hard because you like watching me fuck your wife. You don’t have to worry. From now on I’ll make sure she is sexually satisfied. Your job is to keep her happy in the other aspects of her life.”

I was amazed how he could carry on a normal conversation with me as he continued to bugger Liz. Looking at her I could tell she was in another world. Oh how I wished I could have taken her to such a place. But I couldn’t. It took another man to give her what I could not. James spoke to me again.

“I bet you want to cum right now don’t you little man?”

“Yes James,” I said. Then I remembered what Liz had said earlier. “Yes sir,” I corrected myself.

I didn’t understand why she had called him sir before, but it seemed natural for me to do the same. James seemed pleased.

“That is correct Sebastian. Liz calls me sir out of respect for me and what I can do for her. It is proper for you to do the same. Although I will not touch you, for I have no interest in girly men, you will serve me much as your wife now does. I expect you to follow my orders without question. I have friends, both male and female who will require your services and you will serve them well.”

My hand was on my cock even before he finished speaking. He glared at me indicating I had made a grave mistake.

“You are not to touch that worthless cock unless you are directed to do so by one of your superiors.”

“Yes sir,” I answered.

Liz moaned and I saw her quiver in orgasm.

“From now on you will make your wonderful wife cum at least twice per day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I said with my eyes cast down to the floor.

“She may choose to fuck you. That is up to her. I will give her a cock ring for you so you will not shoot so fast. If I give you to one of my friends they will expect you to be able to keep it up. I have a supplier of Viagra and the cock ring will prevent you from cumming. You’ll be a stallion yet.”

I could tell Liz was not hearing anything James was saying. She was too busy cumming again as she rut against him. But I was listening intently. I’d thought about buying a cock ring before. My understanding was you tighten it around your cock to keep the blood from flowing out and killing your erection. But I also thought when you did cum and your seed could not escape it would hurt. But I guess James didn’t care about that. He wanted Liz and his friends satisfied. My comfort was far down on his list of concerns. If only I had his level of self control and discipline. How could he not cum while fucking my wife? Her ass had to be tight and the sight of her orgasming against him must have been exciting for him. It certainly was for me.

Finally James gave me permission to jerk off and relieve the pressure in my cock. His one stipulation was that I was to cum in the glass so I “would not make a mess.” That was an easy task as I only needed a couple of strokes to get my jizz flowing. I’d never looked at how much cum I really produced. The glass had a fair amount when my cock stopped twitching. James then told me that he was about to cum. He was going to fill my wife’s ass again and I was to immediately get behind her and suck out his cum. I was also to reach underneath her and finger her pussy.

“You are only worthy to suck my cum out of your wife’s ass,” James said. “Do you understand that wimp?”

“Yes sir,” I replied defeated.

James never made a sound, but he stopped thrusting and held his hips tight against Liz. Her head lifted up. She was beaming with joy and I knew this real man was filling her with his seed. I didn’t want to get myself off watching this carnal display, but I could help myself. I’d already shot one load in the glass but my cock was getting hard again. When James pulled out I had an overwhelming desire to lick his cock clean. I dropped to my knees and began moving toward him. But he pointed at Liz’s ass, gaping and leaking cum. He then moved in front of her and gave her the pleasure of cleaning him as I began the task of cleaning her.

I buried my tongue deep in her rectum. It was fowl but his cum tasted divine. Growing up I never thought I would be so turned on by another man’s cum, but I had to admit to myself I was thriving on this treatment. Liz was lazily sucking on his cock coming down from her sexual high. My fingers were dancing on her clit and finger fucking her. I never remember her being so wet. My cock was painfully hard, a situation which had been happening with more frequency since Liz first told me about James.

After I finished cleaning her out they had one more humiliation for me. The pair of them sat on the couch snuggling like a couple in love and just how Liz and I did when we first hooked up. James was laying claim to my wife and I was powerless to stop him. They joked about how hard my cock still was and Liz told me to jerk off in the glass again. They sat and watched as I stood before them feverishly stroking myself. But I was struggling to get off. I’d cum enough and there wasn’t much left.

My pair of tormentors seemed amused at my plight. Eventually, out of boredom I think, Liz got up and walked around me. She ran her fingers down my spine causing a shiver to course through my body. I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she began to whisper in my ear.

“Beat that cock, sissy boy. Mama’s got a new stud to take care of her. She doesn’t need that worthless cock any more. Your job is to go to work, make money and keep me happy. You’ll eat my pussy when I say and lick the cum from my body when I need cleaning.”

Liz continued to whisper in my ear, quietly berating me for being such a sorry excuse for a man. I’m pretty sure James couldn’t hear what she was saying but I think he understood. I continued to jack myself faster and faster. The more she verbally abused me the more I could feel another load rising from my balls ready to be released.

“You are totally worthless in bed,” she continued. “I don’t know what I ever saw in you. I was confused and scared when James first took me in college. I should have known better. Only he can give me what I need.”

And with that I shot a tiny load into the glass. I had almost no cum left and it hurt to climax without having much to shoot, but Liz managed to coax that final shot of jizz from my body and in the process seared into mind my new position in the relationship. Of course James had one more piece to add just in case I wasn’t 100% sure of where I belonged. He called Liz back to his side and then ordered me to drink my own cum from the glass.

I did it, although tentatively. When he asked how it tasted I had to admit his tasted better. Really it tasted the same, but in my mind clouded by the fog of what had transpired, his cum dripping from my wife’s ass was the only cum I wanted. Mine was vile just like I was and was not worthy of consumption. James left soon after. Liz and I did not talk about what happened but I think she was looking forward to next Saturday. I know I was.

The next week was more “normal” in that Liz did not appear to be screwing random guys at the gym. I wondered if James had told her not to or if she was just saving herself for him. Anne was staying with us the entire week and it was certainly weird to be acting like a dad to her and as whatever I was to Liz. I’m sure Anne could hear Liz’s cries of passion as I pleasured her each morning when she awoke and each night when we went to bed. Hopefully Anne just thought that is how married couples act when they love each other. Anne, while attractive, is very introverted and focused on her studies. I’ve never seen her interested in sex in any way which is unusual in today’s culture. She has a small circle of friends she hangs out with, but doesn’t really date. The one time I tried to have “the talk” with her she assured me she already “knew” everything and that she was still a virgin. I wasn’t sure I believed her, but I let the subject drop.

Saturday morning Liz told me James had told her to plan on spending the day with him but that she would be home tonight. I had been hoping he would have invited me over as well. I’d been a good boy giving Liz all the orgasms she could handle and not having a single one in return. My balls were painfully full and I needed a release. Unfortunately Liz knew how much cum I had stored up so if I took care of myself while she was gone she would know. She told me to expect “extreme punishment” whatever that meant if I came without permission. She was dressed like a tramp when she left the house. I was glad Anne didn’t see her. Now all I could do was sit and wait for her to return.

I did some yardwork and chores around the house during the day, but all I could think about was James burying his big hard cock in Liz’s tiny asshole again. I wondered if Tommy had joined them or perhaps some other friends. Every time I let my mind wander to what they were doing to my wife I started to get hard. The urge to masturbate was almost unbearable. I had to keep adjusting my cock inside my pants and one time Anne caught me. She looked directly at my crotch and had to know I had an erection straining against my pants, but she said nothing. She appeared to be embarrassed and walked away. Soon after she announced she was going out with her friends. I didn’t have to tell her to be home by 11. She said she already knew that. As soon as she was gone I unzipped my pants and began to stroke my cock.

It took all of my willpower not to orgasm. I could feel the cum right up to the tip of my cock. It was ready to fly but I forced myself to stop. It was a terrible feeling. My pre-cum was dripping from my dick but I forced myself to tuck it away in my pants and zipped up. I prayed Liz would be home soon and would allow me to cum. I would have done anything she asked at that moment for the privilege.

Liz returned a couple of hours later. My hard on had subsided but not my desire for her. She didn’t say a word to me. Instead she grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom. Once inside she told me to strip. Of course my cock was getting hard already. Once I was naked, mere seconds later, she spun me around and told me to lay face down on the bed. The last thing I saw was her opening her purse before I flopped onto the bed. I felt my petite wife pull my hands backward with a force that surprised me. Then I heard the ratchet sound felt the bite of a handcuff on my wrist. She then told me to roll over onto my back and get in the center of the bed.

It was a little difficult to move without smashing my cock, but I managed to get into position. Liz was busy stripping her own clothes off. She took only moments longer than I did. She leaned over the bed and surprised me by taking my cock in her mouth. I almost shot immediately. She pulled her mouth off and looked into my eyes.

“You’ve been so good to me this week Sebastian,” she said. “I’m going to let you cum to release the pressure and then when you get hard again I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

I was shocked by the words coming out of her mouth. My girl-next-door wife had completely transformed into the whore of Babylon, not that I was complaining especially when she started to stroke my cock.

“I know your balls are full baby,” she cooed. “There’s no way you’ll last long enough to fuck me the way I need. Shoot your first load and then I’ll get you hard again.”

Her hand was like magic as she alternated between slow and fast strokes. As wound up as I was within a minute I began to squirt. Liz seemed to take great joy in bringing me off with her hand. I think it gave her a sense of power to control my orgasm that way. After the first splat shot upward she aimed my dick back toward my chest. As hard as I was shooting, however, my cum launched much further and spunk after spunk hit my face. Liz was smiling and gave me words of encouragement to “shoot a big load for mama.” And shoot I did. My face, neck and chest were covered in my own semen before she released my cock. I was laying on the bed completely spent.

“Don’t go anywhere honey,” she commanded. “Just relax.”

I wasn’t sure if I could move. My orgasm took that much out of me. Liz turned to walk out of the bedroom and that is when I first noticed the thin purple streaks on her butt. I started to try and get up to ask her about it, but a I rolled over I felt dizzy from the effects of my orgasm so I just let myself slump over onto my back again. Liz returned a minute later carrying our laptop.

“What happened to your ass?” I asked her.

“Oh,” she said. “I’ll tell you later. I really need to get fucked right now.”

I watched as Liz positioned the laptop on our dresser. She then launched Skype. After connecting with James on a video chat, I watched as Liz adjusted the screen so the camera would focus on the bed.

“You were right, master,” Liz began the conversation. “He shot a huge load on himself. Can you see it?”

“No pet,” came the reply. “Take a picture with your cell phone for me.”

Liz opened up her purse again. I looked toward the screen. James appeared to be sitting on his couch. He was naked. There was another woman kneeling between his legs. She was obviously sucking his cock. I looked toward Liz when she told me to smile. I did it as if it were perfectly natural to pose covered in my own spunk.

“OK, done,” Liz said. “I’m going to fuck him now, OK sir?”

“You may proceed,” James replied. “Summer and I will watch.”

My cock was still flaccid after my orgasm, but Liz cured that by taking me in her mouth and giving me a better blowjob than I ever remembered receiving before. I guess she was learning new skills too. I look at the screen and the woman with James was now sitting next to him. She was very cute with curly hair. But what stood out was a massive set of tits. She was stroking James’ cock and her chest was jiggling just enough to let me know her breasts were real. I was so jealous of him.

Liz was doing a fine job of bringing my cock back to life. She started alternating between sucking me and stroking me. Whenever she stroked me she would look back at the screen to make sure James and the mystery woman had as good a view as we did. Soon I was hard as a rock again and ready to fuck my good lady. But she had one more trick up her sleeve. Back into her purse she went and when she returned she was holding the infamous cock ring they had discussed last week.

I remember thinking as she slid it around my cock and tightened it down to trap the blood engorging my manhood that at least she let me cum once. I can’t imagine how painful this would have been without draining my balls first. Liz then turned toward the laptop and mounted me in a reverse cowgirl. I slid down to the base of my cock in one stroke. She was looser than I remembered her to be.

Liz began to slowly grind her pussy onto my cock. I alternated my gaze between her ass and the laptop screen. James and the woman appeared to be enjoying the show. Liz’s arousal was growing by the moment.

“That’s good, slave,” James’ voice rang out. “Fuck yourself for me. I want to see you cum on him.”

First she had called him master and now he called her slave. I didn’t know what was going on but I wasn’t about to complain. I was finally fucking my wife again and I wasn’t about to do anything to jeopardize that. For her part Liz was thoroughly enjoying herself. Looking up I could see she had her hands on her tits. Looking to the side at the mirror above our dresser I noticed she was pinching her nipple. She wasn’t fondling her breasts, she was pinching them hard. What happened at James’ house today? My wife returned as a different woman. With a shriek she came and came hard. Of course that triggered my own orgasm, only my cum didn’t have any place to go. I yelled out in pain as the muscle attached to the base of my cock contracted and spasmed but found no relief. Liz didn’t slow down.

“Turn around and fuck him cowboy so we can see your ass,” Master James commanded.

My wife followed his order immediately. Now I got to see the pleasure on her face as she continued to ride me with reckless abandon. Watching her was always one of the reasons I came so quick with her. She was just so beautiful I couldn’t help myself. With the cock ring preventing my release, however, I suffered a succession of mini-cums causing me pain not pleasure. Liz, however, free from the bonds of having a quick shooting husband continued to ride me through three more orgasms of her own.

Finally she was spent and climbed off my cock. It was purple and angry looking as the blood had been denied the refresh of oxygen. She unstrapped the cock ring and almost immediately I began cumming. Once again she aimed it at my chest. There wasn’t much jizz to shoot the second time, but I’m sure it made James laugh to watch me shoot on myself. As I started to come down from my orgasm I looked to the laptop. The woman had James’ cock in her mouth.

“Your wife did this earlier today, Sebastian,” he proudly told me. “She’s turned into quite the skilled cocksucker. I tied her up and teased her until she begged me to let her cum. I used a cane on her ass just because I could. I kept her on the edge of cumming for about 4 hours until she finally cracked and called me her master. She begged over and over for me to fuck her, but I told her today she had to fuck you. It was my gift to you. Don’t expect it often.”

He stopped talking and I saw his body stiffen. He obviously just pumped a load into the willing mouth of his big titted companion. He looked very relieved. When she came up for air I could see her licking her lips. She was smiling and seemed very happy.

“Next Saturday you are going to play with us. I will also need Liz all night Wednesday. I’m having some guests over to play poker and need a maid.”

Both Liz and I replied, “Yes sir,” in unison. James then cut the video link. Liz shut down the laptop and got a washcloth out of the bathroom to wipe off my cum.

“Don’t worry about that honey,” I told her. “I like how it feels. It reminds me of how much I love you.”

Liz didn’t respond. I think she was disgusted. She did remove my handcuffs and then she went into the bathroom to shower. I jerked myself off again. I had no cum left in my balls, but I couldn’t help myself. I struggled to orgasm again until I pictured myself being James’ maid for his poker game. His party was a mix of strong looking men and beautiful women and I was there to attend their every need.

After Liz returned from her shower, refreshed and looking innocent again, I asked her what James had done to her earlier. She told me a tale of how James tied her spread eagled to the bed and then teased her until she thought she would die from the need to cum. She said she pledged to do anything he wanted in order to gain her climax. He told her he wanted to spank her and she promised to allow him to do that if he untied her. Once she was free, she said she happily lay on his lap while he spanked her like an insolent child. She said he teased her pussy with his fingers enough to keep her on the edge of cumming. She said she almost did just rubbing herself on his knee while he paddled her ass.

After the spanking he cuffed her hands above her head and used a soft flogger on her breasts, stomach and thighs. She confessed she wished he had hit her pussy because she thought it would make her climax. Then he turned her around and used the cane leaving the marks I had seen. Liz told me she was sure James was going to fuck her to complete her submission but instead he had sent her home with orders to take her pleasure from me. I asked her about the woman I saw on the video call but she said she didn’t know who she was and that she wasn’t there when she left. I wondered how many other wives James kept in his stable.

The rest of the week flew by. Liz was spending more time at home. I was continuing to make sure she came at least twice a day. The one night she went out (Wednesday for the poker game) I was overcome by the urge to check her browsing history on her laptop. She had been surfing adult toy sites and looking at a lot of bondage gear. Apparently she really liked what James had done for her last weekend. I had not been crazy about the handcuffs, but of course I said nothing. That night she returned obviously well used. Rode hard and put away wet I believe is the appropriate phrase. But she gave no details and I didn’t ask. The cum I licked from her pussy tasted different from Master James’ cum. So did the cum in her ass. I wondered how many men had been there and how many had availed themselves of her charms. Not that it really mattered. She was happy and I was happy that she had been pleasured.

Saturday rolled around. Initially Anne said she didn’t have plans for going out. I was worried that meant James would not be coming over, but then Liz whispered something in her ear and she changed her tune. I watched as she started a call on her cell phone. I didn’t catch the first thing she said but I did hear “my parents want to fuck so I need to leave for a while.” I couldn’t believe this came out of the mouth of my virginal daughter. Five minutes later Anne was gone and Liz was changing into her sexy lingerie. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so I sat in the living room waiting for James to arrive.

It felt so strange opening the door for the man who was going to fuck my wife. Even though it wasn’t the first time and he had watched us fuck on the laptop, I still was uncomfortable. As matter-of-factly as you can be, he told me to strip while we waited for Liz to return. Thus James was sitting fully clothed in the living room and I was naked when my beautiful wife descended the stairs. Just like the last time he was here he had Liz stand for inspection and just like last time her ass was plugged. And just like last time I was hard from watching this man so completely dominate my wife.

This time James had different plans for us. Instead of just making me sit and watch, he handcuffed my wrists behind my back and told me to lie down on the floor. I didn’t like the prospect of having my cock wrapped again, but of course I did as I was told. What happened next surprised me. From his bag of tricks he pulled out a ball gag and affixed it to Liz to “keep her quiet.” I wondered if I was going to witness another caning. Instead he told her to straddle me in a 69 position. I was treated to a close up view of a very wet pussy. Nobody had touched her yet but her anticipation had her flowing. My cock stood up proud from my body, but I realized the ball gag would prevent her from sucking me. That wasn’t very fair.

James busied himself taking his clothes off. His cock was at medium firmness. Since Liz’s mouth was out of commission I wondered if he expected me to suck him hard. Fortunately he didn’t. He ordered me to start licking Liz’s pussy while he tugged on his cock to finish getting himself ready. Then he pushed himself into her pussy. His balls hit me on the nose as my mouth was plastered to her clit. She made a mewing sound I had not heard before. I took that to mean she liked what was happening.

How can I describe the feeling of watching another man’s cock up close and personal as he gave my wife the pleasure I could not? Obviously I felt inadequate as Liz continued to mew, moan and of course climax. Her juices were dripping from her pussy and landing on my face. I continued to work her clit in the way I knew drove her wild, but I knew my tongue was only part of her pleasure that night as James’ heavy balls continued to slap against me. My cock was painfully hard, of course, and I wished my hands were free to relieve the pressure. But like Liz had done to me before, all I could do was lie there suffering. There was no reprieve for the wimp.

Liz’s position meant she was looking down at my engorged cock. The importance of the ball gag was apparent. I’m sure she would have sucked me off while James and I serviced her pussy. But that would have given me pleasure and my pair of tormentors didn’t seem inspired to do so. Liz came several times as James crushed her from behind. I wondered how long he could last. I was sure he would cum deep inside her and then order her to sit on my face to let his cum drain from her pussy. Maybe then they would give me some relief. Then my world came crashing down.

The garage door opened and I heard Anne walking back in the house. She was talking on her cell phone. I began to struggle, although with my hands bound I wasn’t going anywhere. As she walked into the living room she dropped her phone. I felt Liz tense. James didn’t slow down. In fact he gave Liz a swat on the ass. The sound echoed in the room and Liz began bucking against him again.

Anne picked up her phone and told her friend she would have to call her back. I couldn’t see her face through the tangle of body parts but I imagined her standing there open mouthed trying to figure out what was going on.

“So you are the lovely Anne I’ve heard so much about,” James said breaking the ice. He stopped pumping my wife long enough to extend his right hand to my daughter. I could see just the tip of his cock remaining in contact with Liz’s labia. I’m sure Anne got a good look at its glistening length.

“What the hell is going on here?” Anne asked. “Dad, what are you doing?”

I was too ashamed to speak the truth to her. Fortunately James spoke up.

“Your step-mom is a very sexual woman. She has needs your dad was not satisfying. We have an arrangement. Fortunately I am more than capable of providing sexually for her. Your dad is insecure about his sexuality and does what we tell him.”

“Dad?” she said again with an inflection of disappointment.

“It’s OK honey. What Master James said is true.” I didn’t plan on calling him master. It just slipped out. I now understood how Liz was so easily able to call him that.

James continued with my humiliation. “Liz, your husband has been a good boy and needs relief. I want you to give him a handjob.”

Immediately Liz began to stroke my cock. My whole body tensed. James was going to make me cum in front of my daughter and it wasn’t going to take long. Looking up I saw his balls begin to move backward and his cock plopped out of Liz’s pussy and landed on my face with a heavy thud.

“Oops, sorry about that Sebastian,” James said mockingly. I knew it wasn’t an accident, but would Anne? James repositioned his cock at the entrance to Liz’s pussy. She rocked her hips back. It was obvious she wanted more and didn’t care if Anne was watching.

Anne never said a word. James continued to fuck Liz who came even faster than I did. Of course I shot fast blowing a load straight into my wife’s face. I was crying in shame and apologizing to Anne as soon as I stopped cumming. I still would be if James had not pulled out and shot is own load into my face. That pretty much sealed by fate with Anne as I coughed and spit out another man’s cum. James slapped Liz on the ass again and she rolled off of me. James then stood and helped her up. I was laying in a pool of cum on the floor. Anne looked at me and then turned and ran to her room.

James took the ball gag out. Liz said she would go and talk to her. James said to “take the kit” with her. I didn’t know what that meant. I don’t think I wanted to know. Liz walked out of the room following Anne. James helped me up and told me to go wash up. I went into the bathroom and washed my face and crotch. Then I sat down on the toilet and cried. I stayed in the bathroom for 15 or 20 minutes. Returning to the living room I found James, still naked, lounging and drinking a beer.

“Your wife is very special Sebastian. I am very proud of her.”

Suddenly I was overcome with rage and I lunged at James. Of course violence was never my strong suit as any school bully who encountered me would tell you. James simply moved to the left and I crashed into the couch. He then pushed me to the floor and stood towering over me.

“Let’s not go there Sebastian. We both know I would beat the shit out of you. I would then tell Liz to divorce your sorry ass. Is that what you want?”

“No sir. Sorry sir,” I replied slipping back into my submissive nature.

“I want to explain what is going on,” he said in a soothing tone. I wondered if that was the tone he first used with Liz. “Your daughter is obviously upset. Liz told me she is a virgin. But at that age her hormones are raging and I’m sure she has her own needs and desires which could be brought out in the right situation.”

The way he was talking sounded like he also had plans for my daughter. When will this nightmare end?

“I have instructed Liz how to seduce Anne. Believe me when I say I’ve taken many a virgin’s cherry and know exactly how to get them to spread. Watching Liz cum so hard made your daughter’s pussy wet. I guarantee it. Even though she would have been repulsed by watching you cum, her curiosity will get the better of her. Anne will start by giving her a hug to comfort her. You may have noticed Anne didn’t wipe your cum from her face. That was on purpose. Anne will accidently get a taste of your seed on her lips. She will be disgusted but it will make her think of me and my hard cock splitting her step-mom in two.”

I hated to admit it but his plan sounded plausible.

“Liz can be very convincing. She will tell Anne how liberating it is to submit to a strong man and how much pleasure she receives every day. She will tell Anne how you service her morning and night and how I make sure she has all the cock she can handle. Anne will resist, but Liz will break down her defenses. I give you this promise. I will not pop her cherry. But by the end of the night she will suck me off and drink my cum.”

“Please master,” I begged. “Leave my daughter out of this.”

“The decision is hers to make, Sebastian,” he said. “Liz and I will simply lay out some options and she will come to her own judgment about what is right for her.”

I couldn’t talk anymore. James was destroying my life. Having already turned my wife into his sex slave he was now turning his attention to my daughter. My sweet innocent daughter. I wanted to believe Anne would resist and tell Liz to leave her alone. But I never thought my wife would succumb to the charms of the man who had date-raped her so many years ago. I knew in my heart James was speaking the truth. 30 minutes later I had my proof.

I heard Anne’s bedroom door open. I first saw Liz. She had cleaned her face (or maybe Anne had I wasn’t sure) and her lingerie was disheveled. She was walking toward the living room with her right hand extended. She was holding a thin leash. I followed the leash down and backward to see what I already knew I would. The love of my life, the sweet naive lamb, my innocence personified daughter was crawling behind my wife. She had a small collar around her neck and she was wearing some of my wife’s lingerie. Liz led her in front of me and then had her turn around and face James. Her butt was high in the air and her head was down. She had a plug in her ass.

“Master,” Liz spoke clearly and proudly. “The sweet young Anne has something to say to you.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. 45 minutes ago Anne was repulsed by what she saw us doing in the living room. How my wife convinced her to join our kinky games in such a short period of time I might never know, but Anne was clearly on board.

“Sir, my step-mom has told me of your great power,” my virginal daughter confessed. “Please make me a woman tonight.”

I couldn’t look at her. I was staring at James with a fiery intensity as if I had any control over what he was going to do. I watched as Liz handed him the leash as if she was handing over the family dog. I was shaking in fear for my daughter, but I was powerless to intervene. James said nothing. He just began walking toward the bedrooms. Anne crawled behind him. Liz looked at me with disgust.

“Even now you can’t stand up for yourself can you,” she scolded me. “You know what he is going to do to her don’t you? At least I made that choice for myself. But she is confused and will never be the same.”

I looked down at the floor ashamed until I heard James snap his fingers. “Sebastian, crawl behind us. Liz you may join us.”

My eyes were focused on Liz’s feet as I crawled toward the bedrooms. James handed Anne’s leash to Liz and told her to wait inside the bedroom. He then ordered me to sit outside the door. I leaned with my back to the wall and James went inside closing the door. At least I didn’t have to watch him defile the love of my life.

I quickly realized it would have been easier if I had been inside the bedroom. Sitting outside I could only listen and imagine what was happening. In my mind, the experience was probably worse than in real life. James moved slow in his conquest of Anne. I guess when you are that confident of yourself you don’t need to rush. My wife kept reassuring Anne that everything would be OK. From the sounds coming through the wall I could gather that Liz got down on her knees and taught Anne the proper way to please a man orally. Then Anne got her turn. Both James and Liz gave her pointers. Just like when I watched James with my wife the first time I was in awe that he didn’t cum right then. His level of control still amazed me.

After a while, he told Anne to lay back on the bed and spread her legs. I imagined she thought she was going to lose her cherry and was excited. James had other plans however and told her to rub her pussy for their entertainment. At first she was quiet, but I could tell she was becoming more excited as James interrogated her about her sexual life before that moment. While Anne maintained she was pure of body, except some awkward fondling and two hand jobs, she was definitely not pure of spirit.

I listened as my sweet baby told James of her sordid fantasy life and the visions in her head when she masturbated. I pictured her lying on her bed, fingers in her pussy and eyes in a far away land as she described in great detail how she got herself off. Her moans of pleasure interrupted her narration more and more frequently and I was sure she would cum soon, that is if James had not stopped her.

I knew what was coming next even before Anne did. James was hard and she was wet. The only question in my mind was whether he would pop her cherry or fuck her ass. He had told me he would leave her virginity intact. But I didn’t believe him. How could he resist the gorgeous creature I knew was laying on the bed? Then I heard him order my wife to get her lube and the order for Anne to get on her hands and knees. I wanted to rush in and save her. But my cock was hard from listening to her moan and I couldn’t explain that. I was also scared that James would make me do something to her. Like a worthless piece of trash I stayed where I was while Anne pleaded for James not to fuck her “that way.”

I could hear my wife reassuring my daughter. Liz was telling her that everything was going to be alright. That she had been scared the first time too but now she loved it and that she had trouble cumming without James’ cock in her ass. That certainly didn’t make me feel good after she rode me so hard. Liz continued to encourage Anne that giving herself in this way was the best thing she could do. I could tell the moment James replaced the plug with his fingers to smear the lube around by baby girl’s ass. I knew the moment he pressed the massive head of his cock against her puckered brown-eye. My own ass clinched reflexively as he began to ease his dick into her helpless to resist body.

If I could have traded places with her at that moment I would have. But that was not James’ plan. He wanted both of my girls as his loyal subjects. Anne began to calm down a bit after he finally was buried inside of her. Liz was still trying to give confidence to Anne as James began to fuck her. I pictured my wife on the bed in front of Anne holding her face and looking into her eyes. Trying to get Anne to focus on her and let go of her fears. Being the slug that I am I was now stroking my cock to the rhythm James was setting. I pictured his coal black skin contrasting with my daughter’s alabaster as he towered above her. My balls were on fire ready to shoot another load in tribute to my family’s submission. Anne was no longer screaming in pain but instead had found pleasure. I knew she was no longer my princess but was well on her way to being James’ cock whore.

Faster and faster I stroked my cock as he continued to pound my daughter’s ass. He was as relentless as he always was with Liz. I was sure my wife was more than a little jealous watching her step-daughter get what James given her before but saw fit to tease her with earlier. I am ashamed how hard my cock was and that I shot a very large sticky load onto my chest when I heard the flower of my life howl in orgasm on his cock.

For a while all was quiet in the bedroom. I’m sure Anne was spent as was James. I was surprised I didn’t hear Liz. Perhaps, like me, she had been masturbating and climaxed in unison with us. I leaned back against the wall trying to calm my thumping heart and catch my breath. I was covered in a mix of sweat and cum. My hand was still gripping my cock, although it was deflating. I door opened and James walked out.

“Don’t get up. I’ll show myself out,” he said. “Bring Anne around next Friday night to my place.”

I turned my head to look at him as he walked down the hall. Gathering my strength, I stood up and walked into the bedroom. As I had suspected, Anne was sprawled on the bed. Her legs were open and her ass looked well used. Her head was in Liz’s lap. Anne looked content as Liz stroked her face. I didn’t have anything to say. Both girls noticed I came on myself. Again. I could read their faces. They didn’t have to say what they thought about me.

The next week Anne stayed with her mother for the most part. I didn’t know if she was avoiding me or whether it was just her normal rotation between us. I had told her James wanted her on Friday night. She didn’t commit one way or the other. Liz seemed inspired by Anne’s initial plunge. She came home every night with her pussy or ass dripping of cum and forced me to lick her clean. I lapped up the anonymous discharge without a complaint. I was happy to do so and she seemed happy to let me. One thing she didn’t do was let me cum. Maybe she was still upset about how I came while Anne was being butt fucked or maybe she was just being cruel, but by the time Friday rolled around my balls were painfully full.

I thought Anne wasn’t going to show up, but at 6:30pm she walked through the door dressed as, of all things, a Catholic school girl. I don’t know where she got the outfit since she went to public school, but she even put her hair in pigtails to try to get the look right. She said James had texted her and told her to dress that way. She then lifted her skirt to show us she didn’t have panties on underneath. She had also shaved all of her pubic hair. She said James wanted her to “babysit” tonight and that I was to play the concerned father and drop her off. I was then to wait for further instructions.

Anne made quite a bit of money babysitting through the years. I’d driven her to many a friends’ house. Of course this was different. Neither of us spoke on the way to James’ house. I found myself sneaking peeks at her legs. They were on prominent display due to the shortness of her skirt. The knowledge of her being without panties made it worse. My mind kept wandering. I knew she was probably wet with anticipation of being with a real man tonight. Certainly tonight James was going to take her cherry. If I was stronger I would have turned the car around. Looking at her legs I also kept thinking if I was stronger I would pull over and run my hand up under her skirt. I knew that was sick. I’d never felt the desire to touch her before. But I knew she was grown up now and I was driving her to a night of deviant sex. So my mind wandered to places it shouldn’t go. Finally we arrived. I pulled to the curb and Anne gave me a peck on the cheek and thanked me for driving her. She walked up to the front door. She looked like she didn’t have a care in the world. I wondered if she knew that last week at our house was probably just a warm up. If she didn’t, I think she got the idea pretty quick.

I did as I had been instructed. I sat in the car out in front of the house. I saw James and Anne in the living room through the picture window. Of course I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but it seemed clear that he was expecting her to follow orders more directly than she had at my house. As I suspected, without Liz there to run interference and try to cajole Anne into participating, Anne might be in for a rough night.

I watched as James had her stand for inspection, a pose I knew well from Liz. Then he must have ordered her to strip because she quickly shed her clothes. James then inspected her again. His turned her and positioned her in the window so I could get a good look at her naked form. With the lights on in the room I imagine the window was acting as a mirror. She would have been looking at herself and at James standing behind her as he wrapped his strong arms around her. I couldn’t look away as he cupped her breasts and started playing with her nipples. Her open mouth promised sounds of pleasure emanating from her as he began to move his hand down to her pussy. If she knew she was on display to the world she didn’t seem to care. I could tell her focus was on convincing James to do more with his fingers than tease her.

I couldn’t help but get hard as I watched this superior man so easily manipulate my daughter’s emotions. This in turn fed my self loathing, but I didn’t care. If James had sent me a text to whip my cock out I would have done it and sprayed cum all over the car window. Instead I had to watch as he wrapped a thick collar around my precious daughter’s neck. He then clipped a leash to it. I figured the show was over. But James had two more surprises for me. First he held the leash up just out of view of the window. I watched as the leash went taught and then Anne began to walk out of view. But James stayed still staring out of the window at me. Somebody else obviously was inside the house. Then James really surprised me. He opened the front door and walked to the car. Then he opened the passenger door and sat down.

“How are you doing Sebastian,” he said as if we were best friends. “Anne’s in good hands. Let’s go get a beer and get to know each other better.”

I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react. I wanted to question him about who just took control of my sweet Anne, but I couldn’t speak. I just put the car in gear and pulled away. Slowly I became more comfortable as James directed the conversation and we got to know each other. He gave me directions to an upscale club he knew. It was the kind of place I would have never gone into by myself. It was elegant and filled with beautiful people. James explained that it had the reputation of a singles bar, but that the people who frequented it were of a higher social class than your typical college town bar. The women were all top shelf and dressed to kill. James told me they were here looking to find a short term hook up. The guys seemed all to be successful although not all were as handsome as James and certainly not as confident. James explained money and business success went a long way in this club which explained why some of the best looking women seemed to be slumming with guys that, well guys that looked like me. Of course I could not offer them the financial rewards others were offering or the Greek God physique of the other guys.

I got to watch James work his mojo. He seemed to have his pick of the women. He oozed confidence which was like an aphrodisiac in this place. It became clear which women were willing to accept a hook up and which were looking for more. James quickly discarded the ones who wanted more than he was willing to give that night. I was jealous of his skills. We would talk to a woman, of course I was pathetic barely able to contribute and soon James would escort the fine lady to the dance floor. I was amazed by how far these ladies let his hands roam. Most seemed willing to allow him to do whatever he wanted. However it was easy to spot his favorite. She was a fiery redhead who not only allowed his hand access under her skirt, but also clearly grabbed his cock. From my vantage point I couldn’t tell if he was hard, but the look on her face told me she found something that pleased her in his pants. I had the feeling James would be taking her home that night. Or at least taking her out to my car while I sat alone at the bar.

I watched as James whispered in her ear. Then she looked back at me and shook her head. I imagined James had asked if she had a girlfriend for me. James then looked deep into her eyes. I could see her resistance starting to melt. He took her hand in his and rubbed it against his crotch. He nodded. She shook her head. This unspoken dance of wills continued for about ten seconds. Her hand on James’ pants covered dick must have been working its magic because soon her negative nods became a resigned yes. Then James put his arm around her and directed her back to our table.

“Let’s get a round of drinks and celebrate,” James said and headed toward the bar. The redhead sat down with me.

“What did he ask you?” I questioned her. Then I added meekly, “if you don’t mind telling me.”

The woman took a deep breath. I could tell the answer was embarrassing for her.

“I am not a slut,” she said.

“Of course not,” I countered.

“James told me if I wanted him to fuck me, I had to blow you first.”

She had a look of disgust in her eyes. She clearly didn’t want anything to do with a loser like me. I didn’t tell her that I probably cum as soon as she touched me. I had that problem whenever I was with a beautiful woman who was so far out of my league. Thankfully James returned with the drinks. The woman and I both downed ours very quickly. James seemed amused.

“So I see you are getting to know each other. Good.”

We stayed at the club for another half an hour or so. All told we were there about two hours. I had a pretty good buzz on and so did the woman. James, of course, was totally in charge of his faculties. We had not spoken of their arrangement, but I could tell she was still thinking about it and trying to decide if it was worth sucking me to get to James. I figured her consumption of liquid courage was helping her make that decision. Then James mentioned it was time to go. Her time of decision had arrived.

I guess I still don’t believe that James drove my car while the woman serviced me in the back seat. I had watched him work his magic close up. Just the promise of being with him had turned this woman into a cock gargling slut. As I knew I would I came very quickly into her mouth. When she sat back up I could see James looking at her in the mirror. He told her to masturbate and get herself turned on so he didn’t have to do all the work when we got back to his house. I think she looked even more disgusted at that suggestion than the one to blow me. But that didn’t stop her. I guess she figured she was committed at that point.

She came just before we arrived back at James’ house. I figured I would wait in the car while they went inside. I hoped whoever was with Anne was done with her and she could come out. Of course I also thought about James sharing the redhead with my daughter. The new conquest seemed ready for most anything by that point. Instead James invited us all inside.

Inside the house the moans of a woman obviously being fucked hard filled the air. I knew those guttural sounds of animalistic sex were originating from my daughter, but I couldn’t help but get hard again. I don’t think red was too surprised that somebody else was already having sex. We both were surprised however when James led us to the master bedroom.

I was right about who was being fucked. As before last weekend at my house the love of my life was getting her ass drilled and enjoying every thrust. She was tied spread eagle to the bed with a pillow under her hips. Instead of James, however, a blonde woman was doing the honors wearing a thick black strap-on.

“Sebastian meet Summer,” James began. “She is my wonderful slave although on occasion I give her a treat and let her top. She is going to aid in my training of Anne.”

I watched as this powerful woman never broke stride and continued to defile my daughter.

“Nice to meet you Sebastian,” she said. “Anne is going to make the most perfect slavegirl. She’s wonderfully submissive once you get her turned on and desperate.”

I couldn’t help but watch Anne squirm under the masterful control of Mistress Summer. She was a strong, but curvy woman with amazing firm natural breasts. Immediately I began to picture myself under her control. I saw myself being ordered to eat her pussy and even began to imagine being on the business end of her strap-on.

James began to question Summer about how their evening had gone. I imagined that was more for the benefit of red than for himself. I could sense he was testing his latest conquest to see just how much he could shock her before she balked. I heard about spanking, paddling, oral servitude, clit and nipple teasing and torture and even my sweet Anne’s pledge to be available whenever Summer called. The whole scene was setting an unspoken expectation for red to follow. James’ final question was if Anne’s virginity had been preserved. Anne confessed that it was, although given her new penchant for anal sex the presence of her hymen seemed unimportant.

“Well tonight we will correct that,” James announced. “Summer, is Tony still downstairs?”

“He’s tied right were we left him before Anne arrived,” she replied.

“What?” said Anne. “He’s been here the whole time?”

“He’s been begging me to let him fuck you ever since he nailed your step-mom. I told him if he pleased Summer earlier I’d give you to him. Summer, did he earn that gift?”

“He was pretty good. I rode his face and fucked him to a couple of good cums. He’s been resting for a while. I’m sure he’ll get it up for her.”

“Was she good tonight? Has she earned becoming a woman?”

Summer looked down at Anne who was trying to turn her head to look at us.

“She has potential. Her tongue is pretty skilled and her attitude is right. She needs more practice in giving pleasure, but that will come with time.”

“Well I want to see for myself. Please escort Sebastian back to his car. You can go home Sebastian. I’ll make sure Anne gets back after we are done with her. Anne, I have promised this lovely woman I met at the club a night of pleasure. You will service her like you did your mistress and then you will prepare me to fuck her. Then I will allow Tony to make you a woman.”

Everybody seemed perfectly willing to follow James’ pronouncement. Summer began to untie Anne. Her ass was still gaping from the abuse Summer had inflicted on it. I was still thinking about her doing the same to me trying to imagine how it felt.

All too soon I was being escorted from the bedroom. Instead of going outside, however, Summer led me to the basement explaining she had to check on Tony. We entered a small family room with a locked door at one end.

“Is that the dungeon?” I asked hoping the answer was yes.

“It is. Take your clothes off. You need to make me cum before you leave,” Summer commanded.

Well that was the kind of command I was happy to follow. I had falling instantly in lust when this blonde goddess first appeared before me. I was ecstatic to drop to my knees before her and worship her pussy. I must have been doing something right as she possessively grabbed my head and ground her pussy on my face. No doubt fucking my daughter had turned her on as she quickly showered me with her satisfaction.

“I’m going to talk to James about lending me to you for a weekend,” she proudly announced.

“Oh mistress that would be wonderful,” I said without thinking.

Summer looked down at me. “Oh, you think I’m your mistress do you?”

I realized my mistake. “Only if Master James commands it.”

“Your daughter called me mistress and then I fucked her ass. Be careful what you say.”

My cock started to get hard at the implication that if I called her mistress she would use the strap-on on me. “Maybe Master James can have my wife and daughter for the weekend and I can spend time with you.” I made sure not to over promise, but I knew what I wanted that weekend to look like.

“We’d better check on Tony and get you home,” Summer said ending the conversation.

Summer walked over to the heavy oak door, out of place in a basement, and unlocked the deadbolt. She walked inside flipping on a light switch. I followed her. Inside I did a quick assessment of the room. Somehow I expected fake rock paneling on the walls and shag carpeting. Instead there was linoleum tile and sheetrock. The walls were lined with restraints and implements of torment. In the center were various pieces of furniture I didn’t understand including a wide bench which appeared adjustable with cuffs at the corners and by the headrest. It was obvious this apparatus was designed for long her restraint. I expected to find Tony bound there but I did not. In fact nobody else was in the room. I was confused.

“Where is Tony?” I asked.

“That is not important,” Summer replied reaching into a case on a shelf near the door. “Take a good look at that bench. That is where I’m going to fuck you if James approves.

I walked over to the bench. It was leather and thickly padded. Each arm and leg was articulated as was the headrest. It appeared that a victim could be either comfortable or secured in pain based on the whim of his/her partner. I turned my head to look back at Summer. Part of me hoped she had put on a strap-on and would take me right then. She had an evil grin on her face, but no dildo. She was holding a small box in her hand with two metal points sticking out of the front. Before I realized what was happening she pressed the contraption against the back of my thigh.

With an evil laugh I watched her push its button. I felt the first shock even before I heard the buzz of electricity coursing through my leg back to the other connection point. I felt dizzy and slumped against the bench.

“That packs a wallop doesn’t it?” Summer asked rhetorically. “It’s an old school stun gun used to keep insolent slaves in order. It’s not as debilitating as a taser, but you will be very agreeable for the next few minutes. If your give me any grief you are going to get a shot to your balls. Understand?”

My leg was numb, but I could still nod.

“Bend your ass over on the bench,” she commanded.

As I was following her instructions I took another look at the myriad of whips, paddles and crops hanging neatly displayed on the wall. Exposed as I was going to be, I had a sense my backside was going to be turned red if I didn’t follow her instructions.

“There is something you need to learn quickly, Sebastian,” my goddess began to explain. “Master James doesn’t care about wimps like you. Sure he likes to humiliate you in front of your wife and now your daughter, but he’s strictly into women. He’ll take your women and train them to serve him, but as for you, you are mine. My master doesn’t let me play on my own often, but when he does you are going to serve me well.”

She punctuated the sentence with a slap on my ass. I thanked her.

“The proper way to respond is thank you Mistress Summer.”

She spanked me again, her bare hand feeling tantalizingly good on my butt. This time I responded as she wished.

“Better,” she replied. “Now add may I please have another.”

And so my training began. Within minutes of walking down the stairs my mistress had reduced me to a naked, crying heap of broken man begging her to beat me harder. Her hand gave way to a paddle which soon was switched for a flogger so she could work on my back and legs. My body was on fire and my cock was hard rubbing against the bench. I didn’t dare touch it. Mistress Summer had warned me about cumming without permission and I knew I’d squirt after 1 or 2 strokes.

I felt a euphoric release of emotions as Mistress Summer continued her conquest of me. Although I got off harder than I ever had when Master James would humiliate me in front of my wife and daughter, I felt in my heart that submitting to Mistress Summer would be even better. I wanted nothing more than to please her and knew I would not refuse any request she made of me. I prayed silently that she would let me lick her pussy or even better to fuck her. I knew she deserved better than my pathetic cock, but hopefully she would let me try to make her happy. I began to lose track of time and definitely was no longer thinking of my sweet daughter being defiled upstairs.

After Mistress Summer decided I had learned why kind of pain she could inflict if she chose, she told me she wanted to give me some pleasure. She told me to stay bent over the bench and that she would be right back. I could hear her walking around the dungeon but I couldn’t see her. Finally I sensed that she was behind me again a feeling that was confirmed when my asshole puckered involuntarily when I felt a cool gel being applied to my backside. Then I felt the pressure of a gloved finger pressing against my asshole.

“Just relax,” my mistress cooed. “I’m sure you’ve had a prostate exam before.”

She was right. My doctor had stuck his finger up my ass before. Although I never admitted it to anyone, when he massaged my prostate it did feel good. I ‘d since done some research and found most guys like that sensation, but will never admit it. That was where I was at that moment. But Mistress Summer didn’t make me admit I wanted her to finger me. She was going to do it whether I said OK or not. Again she relieved me of the need to make any decisions. She knew what would make me feel good and what she enjoyed doing to a man.

She wiggled her finger around in my ass and then would pull out and add more lube. She greased me up thoroughly. In retrospect I should have realized she was preparing me to take more than just her finger, but at that moment I was lost in the sensation and the lust of submitting to her. When she was satisfied she pulled her hand away and gave me another spank. This time remnants of the lube splatter across my ass.

“Hold the position a little longer slave,” she commanded.

I didn’t move.

This time she returned with what I later learned was a large glass butt plug. It hurt as she pushed it into my ass, although the stretching felt like I was taking a massive shit it really didn’t hurt long or as bad as the paddle on my ass. As soon as my ring snapped shut to the base of the plug, I actually kind of liked it. It was ticking my prostate and I knew from the shape I could not push it out myself. God how I hoped she would relieve my cock soon. I felt like I was going to burst. Of course she had other plans.

Mistress Summer told me to stand up and walk with her. Well not exactly with her. Behind her. Two steps behind and one to the right to be exact. The plug made it difficult to walk. Fortunately we only had to go about 10 feet before we reached a free standing closet with a full body mirror on the front. Mistress told me to twirl in front of the mirror and look at her handiwork. The front of my body was its usual pale not out in the sun enough self. My backside was another story. I’m sure the color had already faded somewhat. By back and legs were a light pink, but my ass was starting to turn purple with bruises. I doubt my wife would have noticed my back and legs but if she saw my ass she would know I’d been beaten. Of course Master James probably told her of his plan to give me to Mistress Summer so hiding what happened probably wasn’t a big concern.

After about 15 seconds of looking at myself, Mistress Summer opened the wardrobe. Inside was several leather and latex outfits. Some looked like costumes, in fact I could see a maid’s costume that I briefly fantasized would look great on my mistress, and several full body suits. This was what mistress chose for me. I’d never worn latex before. Heck, I’d never even seen a suit like that before. It looked very small and I wondered how it would fit on me. As if she was reading my mind, Mistress Summer explained.

“I’m going to cover you in baby powder. That will make this slip on easier. There is also a zipper up the back. It will be a tight squeeze, but I think you will like it.”

Tight wasn’t the word I would have used. Unyielding was the proper adjective. After a struggle, she had me encased head to toe in the shiny black material. While the suit did not have feet, Mistress Summer put tight boots on my which zipped shut up to about the middle of my shin. There was a 4 inch heel. I’d never walked in heels before which slowed me down as did the extreme fit of the cat suit. I wasn’t going anywhere fast. On my head my mistress put a hood over me which fit like a swimming cap only it was long enough to cover my entire head down to my neck where it met the cat suit. At first as she pulled it over me I started to get stressed out and hyperventilate. But with soothing tones my mistress convinced me to relax. While there was no eye or mouth holes in the hood there were two small holes covering my nose. I couldn’t see more than vague shapes, but I wasn’t going to suffocate. That knowledge made it easier to accept my new position.

Mistress Summer helped me back to the bench. This time she lay me down on my back. I then learned the purpose of the articulated arms and legs on the bench. After securing my wrists and ankles tightly with some straps, mistress adjusted the bench so my arms were stretched outward as if I was spread eagled. She left my legs together. Then she pulled the zipper holding the suit together at my crotch and opened it reliving some of the tightness and more importantly letting my cock spring free. I didn’t actually expect her to allow me to orgasm. That would be too much to ask for I realized, but at least it wasn’t pressing painfully into the latex like a torturous jock-strap.

Mistress Summer then announced it was time for her to get more pleasure. I thought that meant she was going to fuck me. But instead she straddled my head and began to slide her pussy back and forth over my covered face. I’m sure the latex was slick with her juices. There was no way to conceal what she was feeling based on the moans echoing off the concrete walls and the smell of arousal flowing through the tiny air holes in my cap.

Mistress Summer started slowly but soon she was riding my face with abandon. And I loved it. I was bound hand and foot unable to help or stop her. I was a toy for her pleasure. I sensed she was nearing orgasm. Thinking back to how she told me not to cum without permission I wondered if she had the same restriction given to her by Master James. I decided she must have been instructed to get herself close but not climax because she started to slow down a little and then would speed up again, but I don’t think she came. At least she didn’t have the big screaming orgasm I would assume she would erupt into if given the opportunity. Finally I heard the door open and three sets of feet walk into the room. I also heard the audible gasp of a woman.

“Stop,” was the simple one word command issued by Master James and the beautiful woman masturbating herself on my face froze.

“Oh my God,” I heard Anne say. My heart sank, along with my cock, as I realized my daughter was in the room. At least she wouldn’t recognize me dressed this way. She’d still think Tony was downstairs.

“Anne, Jillian, as you can see, Summer has been very well trained,” Master James explained.

I put in my memory bank that the red headed woman from the bar was named Jillian. I wondered what they must be thinking.

“As I explained upstairs, my slaves are not allowed to orgasm without permission. Usually you will be in my presence but if I instruct you to cum somewhere else, you must call my voicemail so I can hear you.”

I wondered how Master James ever got so confident that he could order a woman to only cum in his presence or on the phone. I had no doubt both women would follow his instructions and realized why Summer had struggled so hard to stay on the edge but not go over.

“Anne, my special slave Summer will also be your mistress. She will train you how to be a good slut. We will both teach you how to control your lust and your orgasms. Tonight you will become a woman.”

I didn’t want to believe what I just heard him say, but I knew then that he had not taken my daughter’s cherry. I was pretty sure he didn’t intend for Summer to get that privilege which only left Jillian and me. And I was the only one with a cock so guess who was going to get that task.

“But first, my dear Summer needs a reward. Would you like to cum, slave?”

“Yes master,” I heard Summer reply. “More than ever.”

“Very well. Get a chin strap. You can demonstrate the proper technique for riding a cock to Anne.”

I wanted to cry. Master James was going to “force” my sweet innocent daughter to take her own virginity on her father’s cock. But all I could think about was helping my mistress cum. In my mind she deserved it after having to deal with me for the last hour. I felt her sliding a harness over my head and then pressure against my chin. Then I felt Summer mount me again and the pressure against my chin increase until her ass was against my face again. Also returned was the sweet smell of her arousal assailing my nostrils.

“Please master can I begin,” I heard her beg.

“Anne, look at how well the dildo fills her,” I heard him explain. I then sensed the three other people had walked over for a closer look. “Slowly Summer. Show her how it’s done.”

I felt the pressure lessen and then I realized what she was doing. She had mounted a dildo on my chin and was fucking herself. I could feel the hot breath of my daughter as she was positioned right over my head watching the dildo disappear into the increasingly passionate Summer.

“Watch it slide in and out and imagine that is his cock penetrating you. That is what you want isn’t in Slave Anne?” he asked.

Mistress Summer had picked up her pace and was now moaning in passion, but it was Anne who was struggling to breathe. Finally she managed to agree that she wanted a cock and she wanted it now. Master James instructed her where to find a cock ring saying he wanted to be sure she got all the cock she could handle. I wished I could talk to tell her to beg James to take her cherry and that he would give her more cock than I ever could, but my bondage prevented that. This was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not. I felt a delicate hand on my cock.

“Wait one minute Anne,” James told her. “I want you to watch Summer orgasm.”

Master James instructed Summer to count down from twenty, one number per stroke, and then she could cum. James had trained her well for her to withstand such pleasurable torture. Summer slammed her ass down on my face harder and harder. She obviously was concerned only with her pleasure not the impact she was making on my face. I also imagined Anne and Jillian watching in awe as this beautiful woman finally exploded in the kind of orgasm they had probably only dreamed of having. I also thought how seeing her cum sealed their fate as they would do anything for Master James to give them that kind of climax. I pictured Jillian dropping to her knees right then and kissing his feet or sucking his cock. But my happy vision of the beautiful redhead submitting was short lived. As Summer climbed off me I realized Anne was next.

I shook against my bonds. It was futile but I had to try. I cursed through my latex cap, but I doubt I was intelligible. If I was nobody seemed to care. I heard James ask Jillian if she knew how to put on a cock ring. She said she was familiar with the device. He told her to show Anne the proper way to use it while he explained how it would keep the blood in my cock until she was done with me.

“That might be a while,” I heard my daughter exclaim. I started to feel dizzy.

“Calm down sweetie,” I heard Mistress Summer console me. “You know you both want this.”

I then felt someone beginning to climb over my leg. I prayed that it was Jillian. I prayed that James had already taken Anne’s virginity and this was just an elaborate ruse they were playing on me to amuse themselves. I felt the wet lips of an aroused pussy contact the head of my penis. Then slowly it began to envelop me. I pictured Jillian on top of me. Slowly easing her way down onto my cock. But the feeling I was getting was too tight. Jillian let herself get picked up at a bar and sucked me off to get at James. There was no way her pussy was as tight as the one encircling my dick. No, it had to be Anne. They had not been lying. I started to cry.

Anne was going slowly. I knew it was because she was inexperienced. The effect was to tease my cock beyond belief. If she had been doing it on purpose I would have called her a cock tease and wanted to slam my hard-on into her. But she was my little girl and I wanted her to go slow and stretch properly. I’d never had a virgin before. I would have enjoyed this if I had a different partner. But all I could do was lay there while she impaled herself on me. Finally I felt the resistance of her hymen. I could tell she felt it too. I imagined her looking up for advice. I wanted to scream, “Just do it already,” if for no other reason than to end my nightmare.

I heard her cry out in pain as the protective tissue gave way. There was no denying it. I had defiled her in a way which would probably require her to have years of therapy. But in the moment, I don’t think either of us cared. She began to ride me like a pro and my cock strained to release its torrent of cum held back by the insidious ring. At some point I felt her switch positions and lean over me instead of being upright. I never found out if James or Summer pushed her down to take the chin dildo I was wearing into her mouth. She was rocking back and forth as if she was with two guys, a situation I’m sure James had already planned. Anne was grunting in pleasure. I was struggling not to make a sound.

I heard Summer commend Anne for cleaning off her juices. She then added that soon she would be able to drink from the source. I pictured Anne between Summer’s legs while James fucked her doggie style. I felt my balls contract and try to shoot a load. But it was not to be. All I had was pain and my cock remained hard for Anne to continue fucking herself.

I wondered how long it would take for her to cum. When she asked for permission to orgasm I was proud of her for learning her submission lesson so well. Pride was a strange emotion to be feeling right then. Anger would have been more appropriate. But I also had a sense of satisfaction that Anne was getting pleasure and I’m sure James and Summer were also pleased. I expected James to toy with her and make her try to wait. Certainly she was not as controlled as Summer and would cum without permission. I expected James to set her up to fail so he had an excuse to punish her. But he didn’t. He simply told her to cum and almost immediately she climaxed.

I could tell she sat back up as her mouth was now empty and she was yelling at the top of her lungs. I heard Summer exclaim that “this one is a keeper” and “she’ll be popular.” My own cock was throbbing as I tried to climax. I was clinching and contracting over and over again and yelling into the hood. Finally Anne slowed down and then stopped. My cock continued to twitch. I wished they would remove the cap so I could beg to cum. I didn’t even care if Anne learned I had been the one who made her a woman.

But Summer seemed in tune with my pain and after Anne dismounted she told my daughter she had a responsibility to relieve me. She instructed her how to remove the ring, how to cup my balls and how to stroke my cock. There were no illusions in the room about how long it would take me to cum. I knew it was my daughter stroking me and I didn’t care. I would have preferred that James didn’t order her to open her mouth. I would have preferred to have her aim my cock at my chest like so many humiliating times before. But I knew the game my master and mistress were playing. It was less about my submission and how they were going to control Anne. As I came in her mouth I knew they would use that knowledge someday to further dominate her. I heard her begin to choke as volley after volley of cum shot from my cock. I could feel some dribble onto my leg from her mouth and I heard the sound of Summer giving her three hard spanks for “losing some of that delicious cum.”

When I was done and Anne had regained her composure, I heard James tell her to share some of that delicious spunk with Jillian. I heard the sound of a passionate kiss and then felt another firm hand on my cock. Someone was stroking it. I assumed it was Summer, a fact that was confirmed when she whispered in my ear not to lose my boner because she wasn’t done with me yet. I groaned in frustration. What else could they want from me tonight?

I heard footsteps leaving the room and the door shutting. I then felt the mask being removed. The first thing I did was take a deep breath. The second thing I did was squint as my eyes adjusted. My mistress was still standing there although the rest of the room was empty. She was smiling.

“You did well my slave. So did your daughter. Soon she will be turned into quite the little slut.”

I didn’t want to respond. I was still in shock at having been the one who took her virginity and I was still ashamed that she had made me cum. Summer looked down at me. She could tell I had been crying. I was surprised when she cradled my head against her ample bosom and tried to console me and tell me everything was going to be alright. She told me she could sense that both Anne and I needed the treatment we had received. She told me that she would soon meet my wife and based on what James had told her the need for submission ran in the family. She gently stroked my head and I began to calm down.

“Where do we go from here?” I asked her.

“Well, James gave me approval to fuck your ass. He says you are a worthless piece of shit and need to learn how to submit to a dominant woman.”

“I thought I already did that,” I countered.

“Well, you did,” she replied. “But you still had some fight in you before Anne mounted you. I need to get that out of you. When I make you my bitch and you cum again from it you will realize you are worthless and only good to give pleasure to others.”

“I don’t want that. Let me go,” I shouted.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” she told me, this time not to lovingly as she grabbed both my cheeks.

“Fuck you!” I shouted garnering an inner strength I didn’t realize I had.

“Fuck me, huh,” Summer said with a chuckle. “OK, the hard way it is.”

Bound as I was I had no hope of escape, but I still had a little pride. Of course that was soon gone. Mistress Summer seemed to relish the taking of my anal virginity. She started by taking a red ball gag off the shelf. Just to taunt me she rubbed it against her pussy before shoving it in my mouth. Her taste was heavenly. I started to slip back into submissive mode.

Next she adjusted the bench so my legs were spread and unzipped my suit further so besides exposing my cock she now had access to my ass. Although it is hard to believe, I had forgotten with everything else that happened about the plug she had used to fill me. I lifted my head to watch as she examined me. She pushed and pulled the plug just a little toying with me.

“Yes, your ass stretched nicely. Soon you will not need a plug to prepare you.”

I wanted to cry again but I was determined not to let her see that. I watched helplessly as she went back to the toy cabinet and returned with a fairly large (OK it looked huge but I’ve learned that is really wasn’t that big) strap-on harness and dildo. She showed it to me and commented that there was a small dildo on the inside so she would get pleasure as well.

“I’m going to fuck you until I cum so you better at least act like you enjoy it and help me get off.”

She was also holding a large vibrator “for both of us,” she said. I gritted my teeth. This was really going to happen. I shut my eyes. I didn’t want to watch. Soon enough she had fitted the harness around her hips and was tugging the plug. Coming out hurt almost as much as pushing it in, but as soon as it was gone I was overwhelmed by a feeling of emptiness. Summer was gracious enough to relube my ass before she put the tip of her dildo at the entrance.

“Here we go slut,” she told me. Her choice of words made it clear I was the woman in this arrangement.

With my ass having been stretched for over an hour, I offered little resistance for her assault. In hindsight I was glad she chose a smaller strap-on. Not that I knew any better at the moment. Summer held the vibrator against my balls. I think she got a little tingle each time she buried her cock to the hilt, but mostly the sensations were for me. I was surprised how pleasurable it was to be fucked. The mix of prostrate stimulation, the vibrator on my nuts and finally Summer’s hand beginning to work my hardening cock was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I didn’t have to fake my pleasure to help her cum. In fact I didn’t want her to cum to quickly. I loved what she was doing to me and wished I’d discovered this year ago. My moans of pleasure mixed with her own. The sounds of lust echoed in the room. Summer kept up words of both encouragement and derision to keep me in my place. Once thing for sure was if I came before she did I could expect to be beaten severely. I wasn’t concerned about that. I was just worried about pleasing her. I begged her to cum for me. I promised to be a good slave for her and to eat her pussy or present my ass whenever she wanted.

She told me her pleasure was at the discretion of Master James but that she expected me to serve my wife and daughter with all my heart the way I was pledging to serve her. She told me that wasn’t just sexually but that I was to dedicate my life to making them happy. It felt so right for me to pledge my service to these three women. I promised to do whatever I could to make their lives better. I promised to do whatever I was told. I promised to be a good boy.

Apparently I pleased Summer because soon after she had a noisy, quivering orgasm. The look in her eye was kindness, admiration and yes, even a glint of genuine affection. I could see that the dominant role wasn’t her natural one and I understood why her greatest pleasure would come from serving Master James. But at the moment, she was still stroking my cock and her strap-on was still buried in my ass.

“Same test James gave me. Count down from 20 and then you may cum.”

And much like she had done while fucking my face, she made the most of the 20 strokes I received from the strap-on. She slammed her cock into me with a ferocity far beyond any I’d seen a man fuck a woman. With the straps holding me I had to ability to recoil and absorb some of the thrust. I had to take it. The submissive act of counting down until I was allowed to cum was an exercise in debasement, humiliation and finally acceptance of my new place in life. I’d like to say I made it to zero, but I didn’t. I shot my load with 5 strokes to go. Mistress Summer immediately dropped my cock as my cum began to ooze out.

“Bad boy. You must learn to control that thing,” she chastised me. But there was still a glint of favor in her eye.

“Of course it took me a long time to learn to control my climax. James could make me cum practically just by looking at me. I was punished a lot before I learned but it is still tough when he teases me. I will not tell him about this little indiscretion if you don’t.”

That seemed like a very good deal for me so I quickly agreed. After that Summer untied me and helped me out of the latex cat suit. It seemed weird to be standing there naked after so much time. Summer directed me to a small bathroom with a shower. After I was done before I was allowed to dress Mistress Summer had me kneel before her a kiss her foot. I was hers now and also pledged to my wife and daughter. Summer let me dress and then escorted me upstairs and to my car. It was a location I should have been in hours ago. But oh how my life had changed in those two hours. Walking out of the door I heard my sweet Anne scream again in orgasm from one of the bedrooms. I wondered if James was fucking her or if she was with Jillian. Perhaps she was masturbating and putting on a show for the others. My mind was a rage with possibilities.

Summer escorted me to the car. She had not dressed. She was still naked but didn’t seem concerned about walking out of the house that way. When we reached my car she give me a passionate kiss. I felt more connected to her than I was with my wife.

“You need to wait here. We’ll send Anne out when she is done. She’ll likely be sore tomorrow and need to sleep. Give her anything she wants. Help her make sense of everything. She’s had a long confusing night. You’ve been a good boy. I look forward to playing with you again. Good night.”

And without waiting for an answer she turned and ran back toward the house. I sat and waited. How was I going to explain to Liz that I was the one who took Anne’s cherry. Maybe I didn’t have to. Maybe Anne still thought I was Tommy. After all I was covered from head to toe. Maybe this would be my little secret. I was sure life would not be so simple, but I could dream.

I expected Anne to come out fairly quickly as I had heard her cum as Summer escorted me out of the house. But apparently the boundless energy of youth meant she was a long time from finishing. Or perhaps the three adults taking advantage of her just took turns fucking the shit out of her. Or perhaps she fell asleep at some point. Whatever the reasons she didn’t leave the house until the sun was pink on the horizon. She looked like she was having trouble walking. No doubt both her holes had been fucked and by a bigger dick than I had. I was sure Summer or Jillian used the strap-on on her too. Perhaps the DP’ed her or even filled all three of her holes at once. I tried to shake those naughty images from my head before she opened the door.

“Thanks for coming back for me dad,” she told me.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her I’d spent the night waiting. This way maybe she wouldn’t realize what we had done.

“No problem lovebug. How was your night?”

I wasn’t really sure I wanted to know.

“It was crazy. I’m definitely an experienced kinkster now, as Master James called me.”

She didn’t mention losing her virginity and I didn’t press the issue. In fact we drove home mostly in silence. Back at home she went straight to her room to crash. When I walked into my bedroom my wife was in bed asleep. Pulling back the covers I noticed she had her butt plug in. My own ass twitched in sympathy. Liz stirred waking up slowly.

“Hi Honey,” she said. “What a night I had.”

I didn’t want to tell her nothing she could have done would have been worse (or better) than the night Anne and I had.

“James sent Tommy and two other friends over. They took turns fucking me. They insisted on cumming in my ass and then plugging me to wait for you. Some woman called about 4am saying you would be home soon and that you learned to appreciate a woman sitting on your face.”

My face burned with shame. Although she was obviously tired she must have been keen on removing the plug because she got up and straddled my head. She then began to pull the plug out. I knew I was about to be rewarded with the cum of three men, one of which I had impersonated while fucking Anne. I hoped Liz never talks to Anne about this because if she knows Tommy was here I would be so busted. Liz scooted down and let the cum drain from her ass. She then told me to lick it clean and finally bent forward so I could lick her pussy and nibble her clit. At least I knew how to still please her orally although I had no idea where our lives were heading.

The next couple of weeks we fell into a routine. James was right about turning my sweet Anne into a complete slut. See seemed to be going out with a different guy every night. She would come home with her clothes disheveled and her hair messed up. In my mind I could smell the spunk drying on her body under her clothes. At least she didn’t make me lick off the discharge of her suitors. That was a task Liz continued to make me perform. Although she didn’t go out as often as Anne, I could tell Liz was probably with more total partners. Each night when she came home I would immediately follow her to the bedroom and eat her pussy and suck her ass until she told me to stop. Usually that meant giving her two or three additional orgasms.

Liz was getting very adept at treating me like the piece of shit that I am. It was clear the only think I was good for in her mind was bringing money home to the family and pleasing her orally. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her, but every time I was between her legs I longed to feel her fucking me like Mistress Summer had done. I even started to fantasize about have Liz fuck me while I ate out Anne.

On Saturday night James and Summer stopped by. James stayed to fuck Liz while I watched, my face burning in shame as his cock gave her the pleasure mine could not. Summer picked up Anne and they went out. I don’t know where they went and Anne wouldn’t tell me even though I badgered her about it. But when she returned she was having trouble walking. I assumed Summer had beaten her and then fucked her like she had done to me. Anne seemed happy about what transpired, but I was curious. I was hoping she would give me insight in how to get back into James’ dungeon with Summer dominating me again, but it wasn’t to be.

Fourth of July was fast approaching and Liz informed me that we were hosting a party. She said her new friends (I assume that meant James, Summer and whoever she’d been fucking) would be coming over. She also said it would be my independence day. But she wouldn’t elaborate. I was nervous. Liz made sure I had the house ready. She even bought me a maid’s costume so I could look the part while cleaning the house. When I had to work outside in the yard she made me wear tiny brief style Speedo. I am thin and kind of lanky so the swim suit really looked inappropriate. I wondered what my neighbors thought of me on my hands and knees weeding the flower beds with my ass in the air and a tiny black swimsuit covering my butt. In the end it didn’t matter. I was pleasing my wife so she could be proud of our house when her new lovers came over and that was all I cared about.

(Wiley discovers what happened to Madeline and gets reacquainted with Bobbie from Dallas)

—–After a night of mutual blissful fucking, Wiley awoke to find Bobbie in his bed. The events of the day before jogged his brain but Madeline was still in his mind despite the great fucking on the couch. ——

“Good morning baby,” I said as my face roamed down to Bobbies soft blonde furls. Her sweet pussy aroma was intoxicating and caused a significant stirring in my cock. It was a mixture of her warm fishy juice, my cum and the slight hint of piss.

I admired the shape and beauty of her perfectly proportioned thighs and the center of my interest where it was warm and moist. My face and tongue parted her pussy lips and stroked the slit eagerly tasting the salty clammy juices.

“Hmmmmmm—Oh yes—now that’s how to wake a girl up,” she said sleepily.

Needing no encouragement, I stroked her inner slit and teased her oily clitoris. After some time she began to arch her hips up and stretch each time my tongue made contact with the hardened nub.

Grasping her knees, I raised them back over her chest and sucked and licked furiously on her swollen clit. In less than a minute, she was cumming and ejected a small stream of juice in my mouth.

“Awwww—agggghhhh—I’mmm cummmmiiinnnnnnggggg,” she let out a loud wail and then went limp as I completed my task and lightly licked where I had assaulted previously.

We showered and dressed and decided to walk to the Majestic for breakfast.

We passed the adult book store where I was fucked in the ass several weeks earlier. As we passed, she asked if I had been inside—I smiled and said yes—she inquired and I promised to tell her of my adventure later—then she mentioned buying some movies and toys.

During breakfast, she told me that Madeline showed up at Big Daddy’s in Dallas. She wasn’t looking for a job, just a man to take care of her for a while—pay her rent.

She knew that since the shooting incidence, that she was being hunted by the friends and relatives of the man I shot outside Daddy’s bar.

Bobbie told me that Madeline met a man one night when she and I were at a bar in Atlanta.

Somehow, she talked him into driving her to Texas. Unfortunately for her, the man dumped her high and dry in Mississippi and took off with her things in his car.

I tried not to show any emotion and kept a poker face as though it didn’t matter to me. I recalled Madeline was anxious about something.

“Gee, that’s too bad,” I said flatly. Bobbie went on to say that Madeline’s man didn’t get her money because she hid it in her jacket when he wasn’t looking. Then she talked several truckers into taking her to Dallas.

I didn’t bother telling Bobbie that Madeline took a shoebox full of money. I wondered how she felt when she discovered the stack of bills were mostly ones with a twenty on the outside wrap. I hid my real stash of cash. I smiled and shrugged shaking my head.

“Good for her—lucky I’m not the jealous type,” I quipped. “But, she had a lot of nice clothes and things, though,” I added.

“Yea, apparently the dude got over on her,” she remarked.

“Well as my dear old pappy used to say: ‘what goes around, comes around’,” I commented and shrugged.

Madeline had only brought a few of her things and I paid her rent up in Dallas for three months before we drove to Atlanta.

We decided to take my old Harley Davidson motorcycle out of the garage and tour the city. We traveled downtown to Peachtree Street then past the Capitol building, then over to Grant Park and the Zoo.

We laughed at the monkeys. I told her about “Willie B” the gorilla that I met as a child. I once fed Willie a banana and never forgot how sad and lonely he looked. We stared at the bronze statute of Willie for a minute while I told the story of Willie.

On the way home, we shopped at the adult book store on Highland. Bobbie wanted some lesbian movies and squealed when she saw the magic wand vibrator and a large rubber dildo. It was my pleasure to purchase what she wanted and I was just thankful the chubby clerk was not there.

Bobbie especially enjoyed ass fucking. She would cum real hard two or three times especially with the magic wand on her pussy.

Bobbie and I fucked every hour for the next two days. Eat and fuck was all we wanted to do. And then Julie showed up.

I was surprised when Julie showed up at my house. I introduced her to Bobbie. They seemed to get along right away. All of a sudden, Bobbie has a new best friend.

I told Bobbie about my past sex with Joe and Julie including the video fuck and she was cool with it.

We went to numerous concerts, ZZ Top, and several discos for fun. We double dated with Joe and Julie several times. I admired Bobbie for her ability to drink and not be a drunk. Julie and Bobbie liked cocaine and Joe seemed to have an endless supply.

It was inevitable that the four of us would end up at my house in the living room. Julie and Bobbie sat on the couch and kissed each other putting on a show for me and Joe.

There was a stark contrast between Bobbie’s blond hair and Julie’s brunette and their skin complexions added fuel to the scene. Julie’s skin was more olive and Bobbie was very white.

They kissed and fondled each others titties and gradually stripped. My cock was rock hard watching the two of them making love on the couch.

Julie pulled Bobbie’s top off and then her pants. Her g-string was red and the scene of Bobbie being French kissed while Julie grasped her titties—fondling, pulling, and pinching her big hard nipples was an erotic sight to behold.

“Oooooommmm,” moaned Bobbie as Julie sucked hard on Bobbie’s tit while her cunt was stuffed with fingers. Bobbie’s breath was shallow and she squealed as her tits were ravaged and her pussy invaded.

I unfastened my jeans and pulled them off. My cock was solid and throbbing watching the two of them making out. Joe unfastened his pants and was stroking his semi hard cock.

I stepped over to the couch and unfastened Julie’s pants while she continued to finger fuck Bobbie. I quickly pulled her pants off revealing her dark bush and plump ass. Her crack was already slick from her cunny juice.

I pulled Bobbie’s panties off revealing her blond bush and Julie’s four fingers prodding inside Bobbie’s pussy. Her hand was cupped with four of fingers up to the knuckles and her thumb worked her slick nub.

“You like that—huh—you like that you little pussy tease—you want my fist in your tight little pussy?” demanded Julie as she slammed more and more of her hand inside Bobbie’s stretched pussy.

“Hmmm—ooooo—oooo—oooo-oooo—iiieeee—umpf—yes—yes—yes—fuck me with your hand—yes—o yes,” cried out Bonnie while her breathing was heavy.

“Open your legs—that’s it—yes—open that pussy,” Julie yelled as her hand eventually disappeared inside Bobbie’s cunt hole.

Her wrist was surrounded by Bobbie’s stretched pussy lips as her hand pumped drawing the pussy out and then pushing back in.

“Oooohhhh—Ouchhhh—iyou’re splitinggg me open—it hurtsss—ummgggfff,” cried out Bobbie as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Bobbie’s screams of agony quickly turned into screams of orgasmic delight.

Julie fucked Bobbie’s pussy furiously for several minutes while Bobbie’s hips bucked up and down and Bobbie was cumming over and over again.

“Awww my Gawd—I’m cummminnnngg—o yes—eeeeeeiiiiii,” Bobbie screamed out in sweet agony.

Julie slowly pulled her slick oily hand from Bobbie’s stretched pussy. She presented her hand to Bobbie’s mouth.

“Here slut, suck your cum off my hands—lick it good—suck my fingers,” commanded Julie.

Bobbie sucked and licked Julie’s hand and fingers. She was spent and her chest heaved in delight.

Julie grabbed Bobbie’s hair and pulled her face to her waiting pussy as she reclined back on the couch. She pushed her face hard into her open cunt.

“Suck my cunt—yea that’s it slut—suck my cunt good,” demanded Julie.

Bobbie’s little mouth opened and sucked in Julie’s cunt and her tongue bathed the inside walls. Bobbie’s ass was in the air and her face down between Julie’s legs.

“Mmmpppfffff—slurp—gawwwwkkkk,” Julie’s pussy muffled Bobbie’s groans.

Joe bellied up behind Bobbie presenting his big long cock to her ass. He rammed inside her pussy with no resistance after Julie’s hand stretched it. He worked his big dick in and out and then pulled out with Bobbie’s juices dripping and shinning on his shaft.

He positioned himself above Bobbie’s butt and brought the head of his cock in line with her nether hole. Her crack was slick and oily from her previous emissions.

Joe prodded a little–then pushed hard and half his cock penetrated Bobbie’s tight ass.

“Hmmmmfffff—awwww—ooo—yes—yes—fuck me—fuck my ass,” Bobbie managed to muffle out while Julie held her face tight to her pussy.

Joe wasted no time—his hips bucked back and forth plowing deeper and deeper into Bobbie’s small hole.

Meanwhile, Julie’s face was contorting in orgasm. Her chest heaved up and down and her hips gyrated under Bobbie’s attack on her pussy.

From my vantage point, Julie held Bobbie’s hair with both hands pushing her face in as far as possible inside her cunt. Bobbie’s lower face was indeed buried within Julie’s folds and her dark cunt hair obscured Bobbie’s eyes and forehead.

The three of them were a fuck team. Their moans and muffled cries blended together like a symphony of sound drowning out the sound of the radio.

Julie erupted first. She grunted and groaned then screeched that she was cumming.

“Holy fuck–I’mmm cummmiiiinnnggg–awwwwgaaad,” she screamed out.

And cum she did. Her hips bucked up and down on Bobbie’s face and her emission poured out around her face.

I could tell from the gulps of Bobbie’s throat that she was trying to swallow as much of Julie’s cum as possible.

Julie pushed Bobbie’s sucking face away from her spent pussy. Bobbie’s mouth made a loud sucking noise like a vacuum cleaner hose pulling away from skin.

Bobbie began taking deep breaths after having been smothered inside Julie’s pussy.

Joe was in Bobbie’s back side up to his balls and he began to pound her nether hole and innards with his long cock without mercy as Bobbie squealed in agony and begged Joe to fuck her.

“Oh my gawd—he’s so deep and ooo iiiiieeeee—ouch—uuuuuu—uh huh—yes yes fuck me fuck me—YES O YES,” she screamed as Joe continued to pound in and out.

I could see his long shaft draw almost all the way out and then slam back as deep as possible. My cock throbbed as I slowly stroked it.

Julie got up and motioned for me to take her place. I quickly sat on the couch with my legs spread out and Bobbie’s face near my crotch. Her eyes were closed tight and her whole body contorted in wave after wave of orgasm.

I guided her head to my swollen cock and placed the head at her open mouth. She swallowed my cock deeper and deeper.

Her lips were stretched over the plum sized head and she gradually took more and more of its thick length past her tongue. I could feel my cock head lodge at her throat.

She gagged a bit and then she completely swallowed my fat cock all the way down her throat.

Her face and throat fucked my cock in unison with Joe’s thrusting his cock and pounding her ass. Soon her nose was bumping my pelvis.

Slap, slap, slap, slap went Joe’s pelvis against her plump ass cheeks.

Gork, gork, gork, gork was the sound of her mouth as my cock received her throat.

Every time Joe pounded her ass, a little more of my cock would sink inside her gullet and then out.

Every time my cock left her throat she would suck in some air. After several minutes of hard ass pounding, Bobbie’s body wracked into convulsions as she tensed up and then feinted.

Joe relunctantly pulled his hard nine inch cock from her red hole.

Julie lay in front of me on the wool rug with her legs spread and beckoned me to fuck her.

I mounted her in the missionary position. My cock found her wet opening and entered with no resistance. She raised her knees up and wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Oh baby I missed your fat cock—fuck me slow baby—that’s it—fuck me good,” she babbled.

Joe got behind me and he too applied the missionary position on my ass.

“Wow–I don’t know,” I said.

It’s ok baby, just imagine how good it’s gonna’ feel in your ass,” stated Julie.

I was on top of Julie and he got on my back. I could feel him position his very wet cock to my ass hole.

“Hmmmmffff, my cock is soo dam hard,” I groaned as his big cock penetrated my tight ass. My cock spasmed in delight as his cock head passed my prostate and buried up to his balls.

“Ohhh–mmmffff–it;s so big–yes–o yes–that’s it–gawwddd thats fucking good,” I cried out as tears rolled down my face.

I ground my hips onto Julie’s pussy while Joe pumped deep in my ass. Every thrust of his cock made me grind into Julie’s pussy—my cock spasmed as though cumming.

“That feels good doesn’t it—that big cock in your ass—you like it don’t you,” sniped Julie.

Ummm-hmmm—yes—O’ its so deep,” I mumbled.

Bobbie sat next to us and I could hear the whirring of the magic wand vibrator that we enjoyed so much. She pushed it between my belly and on top of Julie’s pussy. The bulb like head squashed her clit.

I held my cock in her pussy and Joe began to pump furiously deep inside my rectum.

In a few seconds, Julie began contorting in orgasm. Her screams were deafening in my ears.

Aaaaaa—ggggawwww—GEEEEEE—UUUUUUiiiiiiIIIIIEEEEE,” she came hard and bucked underneath me.

Joe grunted and came in my ass and pulled his long cock out. Now it was my turn.

I turned Julie over onto her stomach and mounted her ass with my cock. I found her small bung hole and pushed my cock head inside. She cried out in anguish but I was going to have her in the ass.

I held my cock in her ass as her bottom wiggled underneath me causing more of my fat cock to penetrate her tight hole. It seemed to take a long time but I was soon up to my balls and began a slow in and out motion.

“Ohh ugghhhh—its soooo biggg,” she cried and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Oh Julie your ass feels so good—so tight—your ass is milking my cock,” I told her. I had fantasized about fucking her ass since that night at Joe’s.

“Oh yes, Wiley is gonna fuck your ass real good,” promised Bobbie.

“Hmmm yes—it feels good—fuck me—o yes fuck fuck fuck,” she babbled.

I bounced on top of her well rounded ass for several minutes and could feel something else penetrating my ass.

It was Bobbie pushing in her rubber dildo that we bought from the adult book store. It squeezed in easily after Joe had cum inside me.

My cock throbbed and my hips bucked on top of Julie’s ass in earnest. I pounded her tight ass while Bobbie stroked her dildo in and out.

Julie was writhing under me screaming that she was cumming and telling me to fuck her harder. I don’t think that it was possible to fuck her any harder.

My cum boiled and I couldn’t hold it any longer. It felt like fire erupted through my cock—my balls jammed up and my cum spewed out inside Julie’s rectum.

“Oh yes—I’mmmm cummminnngggg,” I yelled out as Julie came too. I collapsed on her back for a few seconds then rose pulling my fat cock out and saw her bung-hole agape. I patted her ass cheek with my hand and said thank you.

We took a much needed break—drank cold beer and the girls smoked a reefer. My cock was sore from plowing Julie’s tight ass.

We were spent but not finished.

Continued next week in Chapter 12.

It was 11am when Katie received the package from the delivery boy. The General had called the previous day to warn her to expect a delivery. She was told that she was being sent an outfit and was to wear exactly what was delivered and be ready no later than 12pm when he would come by her house and collect her. She was also told that, under no circumstance, was she to mention any of this to her husband. Failure to comply with these instructions would lead to an immediate termination of their relationship and she would never see the General again.

It had been some 10 days since that first brutal meeting when she had been double fucked by the General and Jack. Since that fateful day, she had not, until yesterday, heard from either of them. In the interim, Katie had decided that she would never see the General, Jack or anyone from The Platinum Club again. Despite knowing that she was a whore and how much she craved their big cocks, she wanted to try and save her marriage with her husband, Frank.

Katie still thought that Frank had no idea about the double fucking that she had been forced to endure. As far as she was concerned, he had merely seen her strip and fuck herself with a dildo. Of course Frank had seen a lot more and had witnessed everything next door whilst sitting in the Platinum Club’s video lounge. He knew full well how much of a whore his wife was. But, for the sake of their marriage, he had not mentioned this to Katie and instead had talked through what she thought he had witnessed. And when Frank explained the promotion and why he couldn’t have done anything to stop things, she totally understood. As a result, she agreed not to return any of the Platinum Club’s calls and to terminate all contact. Frank, for the sake of his job, would stay a member but would, as a matter of urgency, look for alternative employment upon which he could leave the club and be rid of the General and Jack.

It all sounded so simple. The two of them would make every effort to patch up their marriage and in this regard, later that week she had made love to Frank. She desperately hoped that sex with him could be as good as it had been with Jack and the General. But she quickly realised that there could be no substitute for being gangbanged by a couple of big old cocks. She knew that made her a whore. And during their love making, she faked her orgasm numerous times. She had done so many times before, but this time it felt even more dishonest. But she so desperately wanted to save her relationship that she tried to put these thoughts to the back of her mind and work on her marriage.

Of course the General calling changed all that.

“Hello Katie, its General Jackson, remember me?” As soon as she heard his commanding voice, her pussy started to become wet. Of course she remembered him. Ever since she had left the film studio that fateful day she had not stopped thinking about him, his cock, the way he had forced her to suck it, the way he had spanked her bottom, the way he treated her with no respect and the way he took her without even asking her permission. And now this same evil man was calling her this morning when her husband was away at work.

“G-General, hello. Y-yes of course I remember you. But, err, I don’t think we should be speaking. I don’t think I want to see you anymore or have anything more to do with you or your organisation. I-I hope that is ok…” Katie blabbered out, desperately trying to get rid of the General and to save what was left of her marriage.

“Bitch, be quiet and listen carefully. A package will be arriving at your house, tomorrow morning, at 11am. Inside will be an outfit. You are to wear exactly what has been sent to you. Nothing more, nothing less. At 12pm, my driver and I will arrive and take you to a meeting at my country residence where you will be required to perform certain “services”. You will not inform your husband of any of this. Failure to do exactly what I say will lead to a termination of our arrangement. As a fully fledged member of The Platinum Club, you will of course receive a fee for your services. Do I make myself clear?”

“G-General, I can’t. This is wrong, I am married…”

“Bitch, I don’t care if you are married. It didn’t stop you acting like a whore for me the other day!

“However, I not a man to force a woman into my service, so I will leave it entirely up to you. If you are not ready tomorrow, so be it, I will leave and you will never see or hear from me or anyone in the Club again. You can then continue with your sham of a marriage and never experience the type of perverse pleasure you so revelled in earlier. It is your choice. Goodbye.” And with that, the phone went dead.

Katie was shocked and a little relieved. The General was willing to leave her alone! He had left it with her to decide whether to follow his orders. If she was not ready when he arrived, he would leave her alone and that would be that. She could not believe it had all been so painless and could not wait to tell her husband the good news when he returned from work that evening.

That night, when Frank came home, for some reason Katie did not mention the call with the General and that he had offered her a way out. She deemed it unnecessary. Why bother him with the details? She could tell him when it was done and dusted. Tomorrow morning she would just go out early, the General would arrive, she would not be there, and that would be that. Game over.

And yet the next morning, for some reason, Katie found herself still at home at 10:45 am. Frank had left for work, as per usual, but she remained, nervously drinking a cup of tea, waiting for this mysterious package to arrive. No worries, when the courier arrived, she would not accept delivery, there would then be no outfit to wear, she would have disobeyed the General’s orders and that would be that. Game over.

And yet when the delivery man arrived, Katie found herself, with much excitement, signing for the package, and taking delivery of a small box. She said to herself that she was just curious to see what the General had sent her to wear. She would open the box, examine the items, throw them away and, when the General arrived, she would have disobeyed his order and that would be that. Game over.

When she opened the box, inside she found what looked like a female army officer’s uniform. But of course it was an army officer’s uniform with a difference. She found a plain, brown skirt which did not look anyway near army regulation since it was way too short; a simple plain, white cotton shirt which, even for Katie’s slender figure, looked far too tight; a regular plain brown army jacket which, pinned to it, was a badge indicating that this was an officer’s uniform (not that she knew but she was dressing up as a captain); and finally there was a round brown hat worn by the British army officer corp. In addition to the uniform, unsurprisingly, the General had included underwear that he required her to wear. Although it could not possibly be regular army issue for there were a pair of brown stockings, white suspenders and a white g-string. Katie carefully looked for a bra. There was none. Her nipples got harder.

Finally, there was a pair of ludicrously high, black patent ankle strap heels. The stiletto was at least 5 inches in height.

The General wanted her to dress up as a sexy, slutty army officer. He had mentioned that she would be attending a meeting with him where, no doubt, there would be other army officers. Clearly he wanted to show off her young, tight body to these men so they could ogle over it and, no doubt, she would be asked to do other things, other nasty things with them. Her pussy got wet just at the prospect.

Katie desperately tried to shake herself out of this stupor. She was not going to dress up like this for the General. She had just wanted to see what was in the box. There was no way she was going to put on what was, admittedly, a stunningly slutty outfit. She was just going to finish her cup of tea, throw out the outfit, and that would be that. Game well and truly over.

Any yet at 11:55am, there stood Katie in front of her bedroom mirror, showered, hair and makeup done and wearing exactly what the General had ordered.

As she had suspected, her skirt was way too short, for the army or otherwise. It barely covered her beautiful little arse, especially with the high heels she was being asked to wear. These had the effect of raising her bottom and skirt up even further and any time she took a step forward, she found that her skirt would flap up and reveal the tops of her brown stockings, white suspenders and the beautiful creamy innocent flesh above. Her shirt was naturally too tight and the material too transparent. Her big naked tits were bursting and, the fact that she was not wearing a bra, made her tits and nipples (which were of course erect) visible to everyone. By her own volition she had elected not to do up the top two buttons which allowed more of her delicious cleavage to be on display. The plain brown army jacket had two low buttons which meant that, when she put it on, all of her cleavage was still visible. The hat of a female officer was probably the only authentic item of army clothing and it was a nice touch since it did make her look like an army officer, albeit a horny, slutty one. With her blonde hair neatly tied up in a bob, and her lips red with lipstick, she looked as sexy as she did that day when she was forced to dress up as a schoolgirl.

And as she admired how hot and slutty she looked, she heard a car pull up in her driveway. It was 12pm. She walked over to the mirror and looked down. A black Bentley had drawn up and it was reversing into the driveway. The General had arrived.

Of course, she did not have to go down and drive off with him, she told herself. True, she had remained at home, taken delivery of the package and dressed as ordered. But she did not need to go outside and step into the General’s car. If she remained inside, she would be safe, her marriage would survive and this depraved, sexual world that she had previously experienced (and so enjoyed) would be over. Forever.

It was what she wanted. Wasn’t it?

For a couple of minutes she just stared out of the window looking down at the car. She waited to see if anyone would get out and knock on the front door for her. But nothing happened. The General was clearly waiting to see if she would go out and join him. He was truly leaving it up to her to decide her own fate and not applying any further pressure. She realised that he was being supremely arrogant, assuming that she would come down, assuming that she would dress up like this for him, assuming she would be his whore…

How long would he give her before he left, she wondered? Another minute or so passed, and still nothing. Katie remained routed to the spot, staring down at the Bentley. The expensive carriage below symbolised a journey to an unknown destination; a destination which, in all probability, would end up with her performing her duties as a whore. Was this really her destiny, she wondered?

She moved away from the window and again looked at herself in the mirror. There she saw a beautiful, horny, hot slut. But she also saw a wife who did so love her husband, and loved him deeply. She desperately wanted to now be faithful to him and she had, when she woke up this morning, every intention of being that faithful, loving wife. But now, looking down at the General’s car, dressed as he had ordered, with her pussy soaking wet, her big fat nipples on her big tits erect and bursting through her thin white cotton blouse, she wondered whether that was really possible.

Down below in the car, the General patiently waited. He was 100% certain that the bitch would come out and join him. The way she had responded to the fucking inflicted on her the other day indicated to him that such a whore would not refuse the opportunity to sample some more big dick. Especially when he knew how little her husband could offer her. And her husband, Frank, was in for some more humiliation, the General thought to himself. For sitting in the driver’s seat of the limo was Katie’s husband, Frank…

Frank was shaking with fear, and not a little anger. How had he ended up here, outside his own house, waiting to collect his wife so she could be fucked by the General? To answer that question, you had to go back a few hours in the day….

Frank and Katie had agreed that he would continue to work for the Platinum Club until he got a new job and was free of the hold of Jack, his boss. Well, today, when he got into the office, Jack told him that there was a crisis at the Platinum Club and Frank’s assistance was urgently required. The General needed him to be his driver for the day and to help out at a crucial meeting. He was downstairs waiting and Frank was to join him immediately.

Frank, at the time, was actually not too disappointed by this. In effect, his boss was telling him to leave work early, go and drive the General’s car in order for him to collect some tart who, no doubt, would then be ordered to perform some sort of degrading act for the General and other members. That was certainly better than staying in the office all day.

Once he got to the car and met the General, who was dressed in full military uniform, he informed him that his trusted driver had been taken sick and they needed a member of the Platinum Club to help step in. Indeed, he was going to collect some bitch who was required to “help” him close an important deal he was negotiating for the government. Since the kind of “help” that was required was not the kind you could normally find from a government employee, the General just couldn’t ask for a Ministry of Defence driver. Only someone from the Platinum Club could be trusted. Hence the call to Frank and, since he was the most junior member, it fell to him to perform this rather demeaning chore. It was as Frank had suspected and it did not initially bother him.

That was of course until the General told him who they were going to collect. It was Katie, Frank’s wife.

Frank froze with fear on hearing this awful news. How could this be, he asked himself? Katie had promised him that she would remain faithful. That was part of the deal. And yet here she was agreeing to see the General again and be his whore. His heart sank in a wave of despondency.

The General refused to allow him to stand there and dwell on things for too long. Time was precious and he was eager to get his hands on Frank’s wife again and to humiliate him in the process. So he immediately ordered Frank to put on a Ministry of Defence uniform, which was in the front of the car, gave him Katie’s home address, which of course he already knew, and ordered him to drive.

In the same sleepwalk state that Frank had found himself in during the photo shoot, he dressed as ordered, climbed into the car and set off. At first he thought his wife would inevitably discover that he knew what was going on, since she would see him driving the car. But one of the first things he noted when he got inside was the blacked out dividing mirror which separated the driver and the passengers. The General explained, during the journey via the intercom, that this was especially designed so that the driver could look in at the back but the passengers could not see the driver. Gave an element of privacy to the passengers but still complied with new security measures.

Once they arrived at Frank’s house, he was ordered to reverse into the driveway rather than drive head on. The General told him that he wanted the bitch to enter into the car as quickly as possible without alerting any of the neighbours. It also meant that the bitch would not see Frank sitting in the driver’s seat, which was far more important than maintaining Katie’s dignity.

So this is how Katie’s husband found himself, with the General, waiting to see if his wife would enter the car with all the inevitable consequences that would follow. As they both waited, Frank desperately hoped that his wife would not emerge, that she would stay in their home and save their marriage. So, with that in mind, he closed his eyes and silently prayed that she would not appear…

Of course, a few feet behind him, the General hoped, no expected, a different outcome.

Who would be right?

The General, of course.

As he had confidently predicted, only after five minutes of waiting, the door to the car opened and in entered Katie, dressed exactly as she had been ordered to and nervously licking her lips at the prospect of what was to follow.

“Do come in my dear and make yourself comfortable.” The General said, as she sat herself down in the deep black leather seat next to him. And as she did, her micro mini skirt rose up her delicious thighs revealing, to the General’s greedy eyes, all of her legs. As instructed, she was wearing brown stockings with white suspenders, which were now clearly on display to the General’s hungry eyes. Katie made no attempt to cover herself up, indeed she crossed her legs exposing more of the lovely flesh above the tops of her stockings. The General licked his lips as he devoured her young body. “Driver, let’s go!” he then barked to Frank.

Frank, who had been previously been given directions to the General’s country retreat, set off.

Frank could not believe it, his bitch whore of a wife was betraying him. Again. And he was being forced to be party to this heinous act of. Of course, he could stop the car and confront Katie, but if he did that he would lose his job and no doubt his wife. And despite her betrayal, somehow he still wanted to keep her. He knew what this made him, but by driving his wife to her fate told its own story. As such, he looked back into his rear view mirror to see what the General was doing to his wife.

The General had calmly placed his old big hand on to one of Katie’s young, delicate legs and was slowly moving them up to the tops of her stockings where there was a nice expanse of naked flesh. The General took a minute or two to savour their beauty. She was his. And he could now do as he pleased.

“So, you decided to come.”

“Yes, Sir,”

“What made you change your mind? You seemed so reluctant on the phone. Worried about your husband?”


“Why? Open your legs.” He ordered and Katie obeyed without hesitation or question, immediately uncrossing her legs and spreading them wide open for the General. The General’s hand immediately went to her inner thigh and started to stroke her. His hand was now just inches away from her wet pussy.

“I love my husband, and I don’t want to hurt him. This is wrong, b-but I couldn’t help it…”

“Why couldn’t you help it Katie? Why, if you love your husband so much, are you here, alone with a man old enough to be your father, dressed in a way that he could not possibly approve of?”

“Oh, General, please. P-please don’t talk to me like this. I am here, isn’t that what matters? Oh, General…” At that moment, his hand had moved over to the young wife’s pussy and he had started to rub her clit through her thong. “Oh, General, Sir, oh that feels good…”

“Then answer the question, bitch, or I will stop. Why are you here with me?”

“B-because I want to feel your giant cock again, Sir. I want to be fucked again by men who know how to fuck me, Sir… Oh that feels good, I am so wet. I am so hot…”

“And you can’t get that from your husband, can you Katie?” The General had now managed to insert two fingers into Katie’s dripping wet pussy and the bitch was beginning to pant like a dog in heat. “No, no General I can’t. I can’t.”

“And are you willing to betray the man you love for some big cock? Take your jacket off and open your shirt. I want to see your big married tits, you dirty whore.” As ordered, she unbuttoned her jacket and removed it. She then unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her shirt and opened the folds to reveal two beautiful naked breasts. All the while, the General had kept his fingers up her throbbing cunt, fucking her gently.

“Yes, Sir, I am willing to betray my husband to fuck you and any other cock you order me to. Oh, Sir, I need it so bad, I am a whore who craves big cock. Oh! Oh! Oh…”

The General looked over at the panting whore. She looked so alluring, with her legs spread wide, her shirt open revealing her big tits, which shook deliciously as she panted in response to his delicious fucking. “Yes, you do need to be fucked. You do need to be treated like a whore. And there is no time like that the present for you to fulfil your destiny. So, I want you to kneel between my legs, take out my cock and suck it until I cum down your throat, you dirty bitch.”

The General, to Katie’s regret since she was close to cumming, then removed his fingers from of the bitch’s cunt, leant back, spread his legs and waited for his bitch to follow his orders. As he did, upfront, thanks to the General leaving the intercom on (deliberately of course), Frank had been able to listen in to every word as his wife made her terrible confession. Strangely, he felt nothing other than being turned on. Seeing his wife submit to the General so easily and quickly and how she had dressed for him (she would never wear an outfit like that for Frank) made his dick hard in anticipation. He now knew that he was a nothing more than a sad cuckhold and, as such, eagerly awaited the next stage in his bitch whore of a wife’s degradation.

Katie, meanwhile, effortlessly slid on to her knees and crawled over to kneel between the General’s spread legs. The back of the limo was plush and big so there was plenty of room in which Katie could perform her whore like duties.

The outlines of the General’s massive cock were already visible through his army trousers. Wasting no time, she unzipped him and removed his enormous 11 inch erect cock. It sprang out with force and slapped her across the face.

“First, I want you to lick and suck my balls, bitch.” Katie immediately lowered her head and started to lick his enormous sack. As she did, she kept her hand on his big cock, gently rubbing it. At that point, the car had come to a stop at a red traffic light. The passengers did not have to worry if anyone outside could look in as all the windows were tinted black. Frank, however, took this opportunity to look back so as to get a better view of his wife performing fellatio on another man’s balls. He could not see much because the General was facing him (he was grinning intently) but he got a good view of his wife’s rear.

Kneeling between the General’s legs and licking his balls meant that Katie had to thrust her delicious arse out. Of course, wearing a micro mini was useless in protecting her arse and all of her beautiful young bottom cheeks, framed by suspenders and set off with a white g-string, was on display to her husband. Her breasts hung heavily down out of her open blouse, and they swayed back and forth as she serviced the General’s giant balls. It made a beautiful spectacle to the watching cuckhold which, but for the traffic light changing from red to green, he could have happily enjoyed for a good while longer. As he drove off, he continued to watch his wife’s unfaithful activities via the rear view mirror. “Now, lick my cock, you whore.” Once more, Katie obeyed her Master. As she did, the General looked down and marvelled at how quickly he had been able to turn this young, religious, conservative wife into a cock sucking loving whore. He thought about how young she was, and how innocent she had been until she had met him. Indeed, at 21 years old, she was as old as his youngest daughter. Of course, the General thought to himself, his daughter was no a whore. [Of that he was sadly mistaken, as all will eventually be revealed in the forthcoming story, "The General's Daughter] Indeed, he had never been averse to fucking his daughter’s friends, even when they were as young as 16.

As he pondered how he loved the flesh of young women, Katie was happily applying sweet, girly kisses all over the General’s big, ugly cock. It was so big that, when she rubbed it, her hand could not clasp it fully. She also noted her big, shiny, diamond engagement ring which contrasted sharply with the cock that she was holding. It reminded her of her marriage and loving husband.

Oh poor Frank, she thought, she loved him so much, he was so sweet, so tender, but he could never treat her like a dirty whore. And she needed to be treated like a whore, like a bitch whose sole purpose in life was to make her body available for other, bad men. Thankfully he had no idea that his wife had become such a big cock loving whore…

“My dear, do you like Daddy’s cock?” It was the first time that the General had ever referred to himself as “Daddy”, but thinking about the age difference and his own daughter, he thought it appropriate. In turn, Katie instantly liked the idea since she recognised the gulf in age between the two and the fact that such an old man could take advantage of someone so young, well it made it all the more wicked.

Rubbing his cock and looking up at him, with those innocent, baby blue eyes, she replied, “Yes, Daddy, your little girl likes your big ugly cock. Do you want me to suck Daddy’s cock? Do you want your little girl to suck Daddy’s cock until you cum down her naughty mouth? Is that what you want, is that what you want your naughty girl to do?”

The General was now panting with delight at how quickly the bitch was prepared to follow his lead. “Yes, my dear, suck Daddy’s cock. And if you are a little good girl and suck it properly, there will be more treats for you…”

And with that, Katie opened her mouth and immediately swallowed half of the General’s great big cock. “Oh, yes, that’s it bitch, suck Daddy’s big cock. Suck it good. You know you want to. That’s it, suck it all the way down, you dirty bitch.” Katie immediately obeyed and lowered her mouth over the General’s 11 inch monster so it completely entered her young mouth. The General then placed his hands on the back of her head to gently guide her up and down. Not that she needed much guidance, such a proficient cock sucking whore she had become. “Oh yes, look up at me, look up at Daddy when you suck his cock. That’s it. Oh you poor thing, you are crying, I take it my big old ugly cock is causing his little girl to cry. Do you want to stop? Do you want to stop sucking your Daddy’s big cock because it is making you cry?”

It was true, the enormity of the beast that poor Katie was being forced to serve caused tears to swell up in her sweet innocent eyes and to fall down her lovely cheeks. Of course none of this meant that she wanted to stop trying to please her Master. So, taking the cock out of her mouth and looking up at the General, she replied, “No, Daddy, I don’t want to stop serving your big cock. Please Daddy, please allow me to suck you off until you can take your pleasure in your little girl’s mouth. Then I promise to swallow all of your naughty spunk. Please Daddy. Please…” And, to emphasise the point, she planted numerous girly kisses all over the enormous plumb of his dick.

“Yes, dear, suck Daddy’s cock until he cums. Oh yes, suck me hard, you dirty little fucking whore. That’s it, take all of my cock, squeeze my balls… Yes! Yes! You are serving Daddy’s cock well…”

For the next few minutes all Katie did was to suck on the massive member and to gently massage the General’s big old balls. The General meanwhile just leant back in his seat and allowed poor Katie to do all the work. It was her duty, after all. And she performed it well. Very well, in fact, for it did not take too long for the old man to reach his climax.

“That’s it bitch, suck my cock. Suck it all, you dirty whore. Daddy’s going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow it all for me. Aren’t you? Aren’t you? Oh yes! Oh yes! Daddy’s cumming. Daddy’s cumming. Oh, Daddy’s cumming, ahhhhhh…” And Katie, as ordered, swallowed every last drop of the General’s copious spunk.

Just a few feet away from Katie, her husband was having difficulty concentrating on the road, such was the excitement being generated behind him. In his rear view mirror he could see the effort his young wife was putting in to sucking the General’s cock. Of course, she had never, despite his numerous requests, sucked his cock. She had been a cock sucking virgin until a week or so ago when she was forced to suck the General. Now she looked like she was becoming quite the expert. And as the General came down his wife’s throat, Frank almost crashed into a car in front of him. He was shaking with excitement watching his wife perform as a whore and he was close to cumming himself. He hoped that, with the General having taken his pleasure in his wife, he would be given a little respite and be allowed to concentrate on the road.

Meanwhile Katie continued to milk her Master’s cock for a good minute or so after he came, ensuring that every last drop of his precious fluid entered her young mouth. Once all the spunk had been drained from his mighty sack, the General put an end to things. “That’s fine my dear. Please, come and sit here and rest for a while. You have performed admirably for someone so young, and so inexperienced in the arts of pleasing a man.” He was now playing the role of a “kind old uncle” rather than the domineering evil Master, which Katie was more familiar with. Katie got up and sat down next to the General. “Make yourself comfortable and take a little rest, it must be hard work sucking on such a big cock. It always amazes me how you girls manage to do it, keeping such a big cock down your throat for so long. It really is good stuff.

“Now, we won’t be getting to my country retreat for a little while yet so I suggest you make yourself comfortable. First, why don’t you take your hat off, you must be quite hot in all that clothing…” The General was being a tad sarcastic since the bitch was hardly wearing anything at all. Nevertheless, Katie took off her hat and loosened the pin which held up her long blonde hair in a bob and let it fall down over her shoulders. “Good. Now, I think you should probably keep the rest of your clothing on… Yes, still keep your shirt open for me so I can see and have access to your big married tits. My, they are lovely, aren’t they. What size are they?

“34-DD”. Katie whispered.

“Yes, so big, especially for such someone so slender. I must say, you do have the body of a porn queen, and other attributes to match. Tell me, do you enjoy sucking my cock?”

“Yes, Sir, I do.” She replied without hesitation.

“Don’t call me “Sir” when we are in private. When we are alone, always address me as “Daddy”; but when we are with others, always address me as “Sir”. Do I make myself clear?” The General’s dark fantasies were being revealed to Katie. His penchant for young girls and being their “father figure” were all too apparent, but for Katie, also all too appealing!

“Yes, Daddy. I understand”.

“Excellent. Now, be a good little girl and fix your Daddy a drink. I need a little break before we proceed any further. Get me a whisky, ice, no water.” Katie was now being asked to be his waitress as well as his whore. For any normal, self respecting housewife, this humiliating treatment would be all too much. But Katie just obeyed and crawled over to the other side of the passenger seat where there was a mini bar, TV, phone and all the other luxuries that one would expect to find in an expensive limo.

As she started to fix her Master’s drink, the General just sat back and watched as his bitch performed for him. She had to kneel like a dog and that allowed him to get a perfect view of her delicious young arse, framed by the deceptively innocent white suspenders and g-string.

His mind then wondered to what Frank made of this all. He was sure he would have being playing close attention to his wife as she blew him off. What must he make of her now? She had never sucked his cock, yet she was quite prepared to go down on another man. It must have been humiliating beyond anything the General had experienced. The General knew that the two of them had tried to patch up their marriage, but despite Katie trying to be a good wife, clearly her love for Frank was no match for the General’s cock and the way he treated her. Treat then rough, keep them keen. Never was a truer word spoken, the General thought, smiling triumphantly to himself.

He himself was married into the aristocracy where his wife knew her place and duties — she was to provide him with children and to be the perfect hostess. Whilst never explicitly discussing it with her, he took it as red that a man of his position was entitled to gratify his perverse needs outside his marriage. And that his wife had to accept that. (Not that she had any real choice).

Of course Frank did have a choice, of sorts. The General was curious to know to what extent a man would be prepared to watch his wife becoming a whore. Admittedly, had he intervened, his career at his bank would be over. But the General was of the opinion that a real man would have intervened. Judging by Frank’s display today and previously, the General knew that he could do whatever he wanted with his wife with no consequence.

As the General mulled over this happy turn of events, Katie returned with his drink. She sat down and handed it to him. The General took it without offering a word of thanks or even a hint of gratitude. As he drank away, he picked up the phone, dialled a number, and proceeded to make a business call, all the while refusing to now even recognise Katie’s presence.

Katie in turn looked on lovingly at her cruel, ruthless Master, who was happily drinking whiskey and discussing business. As he drank away, it only reminded her of how thirsty she was, especially after blowing him off and drinking his salty cum. Yet she had not dared to make herself a drink as the General had never given her permission to do so. Her needs were completely irrelevant and this cold, brutal treatment of her only made her want to please him even more.

With this in mind, Katie decided to expose all of her stocking clad legs to her Master. Shifting in her chair, she hitched her skirt so far up that it came to rest around her waist, not only did this reveal all her legs, it meant that her naked bottom was in direct contact with the leather sweat. She then spread the folds of open shirt even wider so that all of her big tits were on display. She then crossed her legs, placed her hands demurely on her lap and sat back, waiting for the General’s next command, happy in the knowledge that she had done all she could to show off her young body to this old beast.

The General, noticing what Katie was doing, looked over and finally acknowledged her. He smiled at what he saw. Katie was looking at him, with that desperate needy look of a whore in heat. She was displaying her body in a desperate bid for attention. He saw that her tits would wobble up and down in response to the movements of the car. She was some whore.

Not to disappoint her, the General placed one of his hands on her legs and gently stroked her flesh as he carried on with his call. The bitch would get his full attention shortly, but business was business.

Thirty or so minutes passed and the General was still on the phone and was still happily stroking her leg. Every now again her had fondled her shaking tits but he was happy, for now, just to stroke her legs. The car had moved off the motorway and they were now driving down a narrow country lane. They were clearly not too far from the General’s country retreat. Finally, he finished his call and took one last gulp of whisky. Putting his glass down, he once more turned his head and looked over at Katie. He was now ready to continue sampling the delights on offer. Smiling at her, he eyed her up and down in an approving manner. He was ready to give her his full, undivided attention.

“Tell me, my dear, why do you enjoy sucking my cock so much?” He asked, grinning from ear to ear. The General had decided to engage in a spot of verbal humiliation, he always liked his bitch’s to openly admit to being a whore. Some of them found it more difficult than the actual act in question. It added to the intensity of the occasion and made them even more submissive and compliant. By speaking out loud to what they are and what they were doing, it invariably drove them on to further acts of depravity. Of course, in this instance, it had the added benefit of humiliating her husband who was listening in via the intercom.

In response, Katie just looked at him nervously. She did not want to answer the question. Like those other women, admitting out loud that she was a whore was proving to be difficult. Seeing that Katie was finding his interrogation tough, the General slyly moved closer to her, putting one arm over her shoulder in a deceptively comforting manner, and using his other hand to fondle her big married tits. She looked at him in the hope of some respite. Part of her was thankful for the attention on her horny body, the other part of her wanted him to cease humiliating her further by forcing her to confess to being an unfaithful cock sucking loving whore. The General however said nothing, fully confident that the bitch would answer. And of course he was correct. Katie knew she had to obey by answering him truthfully and honestly.

Licking her full red lips and, with her big baby blue eyes looking directly into his, she whispered, “Oh Daddy, I like sucking your cock because it is naughty, and I know it pleases you so much.”

On hearing this, the General laughed. She may have found it difficult, but at least she was being honest. “Yes, it is very naughty, isn’t it? Do you suck your husband’s cock like you suck mine?”

“No, Daddy, I have never sucked my husband’s cock before. The only cock I have ever sucked is yours.” Katie replied, licking her lips and looking ever so innocent, all of which did not fail to go unnoticed by the General.

“Why do you suck your Daddy’s cock and not your husband’s?” The General was now starring into the young wife’s eyes with a scary intensity. He was just an inch or so away and poor Katie was panting with excitement at this aggressive, lewd interrogation.

“Daddy, I suck your cock because you order me to. I suck your cock because you treat me like a whore and dominate me in a way that my husband can’t. I suck your cock because it is so big and so powerful… I don’t suck my husband because he has never forced me to… Oh Daddy, you treat me like such a bitch, I can’t get enough. Daddy, is there anything else I can do for you? Is there anything else I can do to please your great big cock? Oh Daddy…”

Katie was delirious with desire and was panting like a dog in heat. The General’s rough mauling of her breasts had only furthered that forbidden desire, as did the gentle nuzzling of her neck as the General, for the first time ever, started to kiss her. He was surprisingly gentle and tender, which contrasted sharply with the rest of his behaviour. In response, and without any prompting from her Master, Katie’s hand reached out over towards his groin and she once more took out his cock from his army pants. It was still relatively flaccid but nonetheless still quite big and Katie’s dainty little hand started to gently rub it in order for it to once more regain its strength and power.

The General moved from kissing her neck and started to kiss her cheek, slowly moving towards her mouth. As he got closer, he found her mouth open, she was panting loudly. Katie was desperately hoping that he would kiss her properly and display, for the first time, some proper show of love and tenderness. Sadly for Katie, the General did not kiss her and instead, his mouth remained a couple of centimetres away from hers, tantalisingly close but not close enough. The General, of course, never had any intention of kissing her. That would have displayed a level of care and love that was inappropriate in current circumstances. She was there to solely serve his base pleasure, not for love and care. For that, he went home to his wife and dog. Not to his whore.

So, remaining just a few centimetres from her panting mouth, with measured assuredness but still speaking in a gentle, soft tone, the General said. “There is something I want you to do for me.” He then paused for effect. Katie was still breathing heavily. Naively she thought he was about to ask her to kiss him. She briefly imagined how passionately she would kiss him, and how she would tenderly stroke his face when she did, just like she would with Frank.

“Yes, anything Daddy, anything…” She replied, looking lovingly into his cold eyes, desperate for some flicker of emotion.

Of course, none would be forthcoming. “I want you to continue to rub your Daddy’s cock until it gets hard and then I am going to fuck you. And do you know where I am going to fuck you? I am going to fuck you in your arse, you dirty little bitch…”

Poor Katie let out a loud gasp in shock and horror. This horrific, crude request was, for Katie, totally unexpected and brought the poor girl right back down to earth. She realised then, in that second, that she would always be his whore, his piece of meat, to do with as he pleased and any ideas of being anything else was just a flight of girlie fancy.

She then had to make a split decision. Should she concede her bottom to her Master, or refuse? She knew that a “no” from one his whores would be unacceptable. And to remain in his circle of depravity, a “yes”, to whatever he ordered, was a strict necessity. And Katie still so desperately wanted to remain in the circle of depravity. For that to happen, she knew she would have to sacrifice her bottom.

At the same time as the General made his request, the car made a sharp swerve as Frank also reacted to this unexpected turn of events. Frank knew that Katie was still a virgin in her tight little bottom and that she wanted it to remain that way. He had, of course, asked her numerous times if he could fuck her there but she had always vigorously turned him down. But of course things were slightly different with the General…

Meanwhile the General had moved his face away from Katie’s and leant back into his seat, picked up the phone and started to dial away. The man was so confident, so Machiavellian, that he did not even bother to wait for a response. His wish was his command and he fully expected the poor girl to yield her tight, young virgin bottom to his big, old, ugly cock.

Katie’s hand meanwhile remained where it was, nervously rubbing the General’s member in preparation for her bottom. She found that she could not remove it from this beast, despite every sensible bone in her body telling her not to allow this animal to enter her tight, virgin arse. But that sensible part of her died a week ago in the General’s studio. Her pussy had now taken over. That is why she was here in the car, rather than at home making her husband’s dinner. As such, her hand continued to gently move up and down as she helped this evil man get ready to fuck her arse. Copious amounts of the General’s pre-cum began to be spurt out and cover her little hand, which in turn caused a squelching noise. A few weeks ago, performing this act would have been unthinkable. Yet here she was, semi naked, in the back of a car with a man she barely knew, a man old enough to be her father and with whom she was happy enough to refer to as “Daddy”, rubbing his cock in order for him to be able to bugger her. It was madness!

The General had started to talk on the phone and it had become clear very quickly that this conversation would not be about mundane military matters. “Yes, I am on my way, we should be there shortly. Yes, yes, she is with me. What? Yes, she is good. Very good in fact.” He smiled as he looked over at the terrified bitch. He could see the fear in her eyes and this only made his dick harder. Clearly being buggered was something that she had not envisaged. “What has she done? Well, so far she has sucked my cock and she did that very well. Her pussy? No, but I am about to break her arse in, I think that should be more useful preparation bearing in mind what is likely to follow today.” And as her “Daddy” spoke about her as if she was some horse that was being prepared for a show event, she felt that he was taking even more control over her young person. The fact that he felt able to demean her in such a cruel and horrible way, to a man on the phone that she did not even know, said to her that this man knew no bounds when it came to cruelty. And she was willing to take it. Perversely, for the poor bitch, this also happened to be a real turn on…

“Yes, she is rubbing my cock in readiness for some arse fucking. Yes, I am sure the Ambassador and his friends will appreciate her. They are still coming? Good. Good. She will be a useful asset in the negotiations. A useful asset indeed… Just hold the line for a second…

“Katie, my dear, why don’t you be a good little girl and come and kneel between my legs… Yes, just as you did when you sucked my cock… Good… Good… Now, this time I want you take your big married tits and wrap them around my cock… That’s it, you are going to tit fuck me… Rub your tits up and down my big cock… Excellent, you are a natural. Have you done this before? No, oh my, a tit fucking virgin. Beautiful. Beautiful…” As Katie tit fucked her Master, she noted the contrast between her beautiful, tender young tits and his big, ugly old cock.

“Yes, yes, don’t worry. The bitch will do exactly what I tell her to do. Are Claire and Alice there yet? Good. Make sure they dress up as ordered… Yes, stockings, suspenders and no bra. And give Claire a good spanking, she always loves it…” Katie heard the name of the other girls and wondered who they were and what the General plans were? She was not allowed to dwell on it too long since the General had taken hold of her head and was guiding her mouth towards his cock. “Suck my cock, bitch, make it nice and wet. Remember, this will be going up your tight arse in a few minutes so you want it as slippery as possible. Yes. Yes, that’s it, suck it hard you dirty whore…

“God, this bitch is good. To think she was just a normal housewife a few weeks ago and just look at her now; on her knees, in the back of my car, sucking my cock in order for me to bugger her senseless. Remarkable… What’s that? Yes, I will make sure the bitch screams! Ha! Ha! Anyway, we are almost there so I need to take her now. Will speak to you shortly…”

The General hung up and looked down at Katie who was frantically bobbing her head up and down, clearly she too saw the benefit of lubricating his cock as much as possible. “Driver, there is a farm lane just up on the right, slow down and pull in… Yes, just in here. Pull in… Just park the car up against this hedge… I am just going to fuck this bitch and then we can be on our way…”

Frank slowed the car down and pulled up so that he was parked up against a huge hedge. The car was now no longer visible from the road. And even if a farmer or walker came up to it, whilst they could see the driver, they would be unable to see anything that was going on in the back due to the blacked out windows.

As he turned off the ignition, he looked behind through the dividing glass to finally properly see what was going on. And still there was no urge on his part to intervene. In fact, Frank removed his erect 5 inch pecker and gently started to rub it. The sight of his poor wife, kneeling subserviently on her knees, sucking another man’s cock in order to help him anally fuck her, well, it was all a little too much for the poor chap.

Meanwhile, in the back of the car, the General grabbed Katie’s head, by pulling on her blonde hair, and yanked her head off his cock. With the car now stationary, it was time. “My dear, Daddy’s now going to fuck you in your arse. So, be a good girl, turnaround, get on all fours, arch your back a little so that I can see your delightful little anal hole and get ready to be buggered.”

Katie looked up at the General in utter fear at what he was asking her to do. For a couple of seconds she did not move. She reviewed her options, obey and get arse fucked. Disobey, here, where there was no where to run? He could still take her regardless. So, in almost a trance like state, as ordered, she slowly turned around, shuffled on her knees a couple of feet forward, lowered herself down so she was on all fours, dipped her back and thrust her bottom out until she felt a rush of cold air on her anal opening.

As she slowly and innocently presented her young, married bottom to the General for him to fuck it, she thought to herself that this was more than any straight forward fucking. This was much more. For Katie, this was rape.

She had not asked to be buggered. She did not want to be buggered. She was being forced, against her will, to be buggered. The fact that she had got on to all fours and presented her bottom to her Master was, for her, irrelevant. What else could she do? Alone in a car, in an isolated back country lane with the General and his driver, there was no escape. She had no choice but to comply. Had she refused, the General could have no doubt taken her bottom regardless. So, technically, she was right, this was rape. anal rape, the worst possible kind.

As Katie waited to be raped, her head was now just inches away from the dividing screen between the passenger side and the driver’s. Since it was just a mirror on her side, and she could not see through, she assumed that the same applied for the driver and this would afford her a level of privacy. She would have been horrified to learn that, not only could the driver actually see everything that was going on, but, more importantly, the driver was her husband whose face was now just inches away from his unsuspecting whore of a wife.

Frank pressed his face up against the glass to feel closer to his wife. Still she could not see him, all she saw was the reflection of a horny bitch, licking her lips and panting like a dog in anticipation of having her bottom brutally raped. And Frank had no intention of intervening. He wanted his wife to be anally fucked. He wanted her to be taken as roughly as possible. For him it was a win-win scenario, she got to feel pain, which Frank felt that she deserved, and he got to feel pleasure, watching his wife in pain by taking a huge cock up her arse. It was quite something for a husband to feel this way about his wife. How did it ever come to this?

As Frank mulled over this question, the General made his move and of course her “rapist” had no compassionate feelings towards his victim. She was there for his pleasure and his pleasure alone. He did not bother to worry himself with the ethics of all this. Her consent was of no relevance to him, all that he had to concern himself with were with the considerable needs of his mighty cock. And at this moment, hic cock required her bottom, notwithstanding her clear reluctance to offer it to him. If that made him a rapist, so be it. He had raped before, and would no doubt rape again. A bitch’s sole purpose in his life was to satisfy his needs. Anything else, they could get from their loved ones.

As such, the General calmly lowered himself off his seat so that he was kneeling behind his poor victim’s bottom. He looked down at it and marvelled at its flawless perfection. It had an innocent charm to it, the way it was framed by frilly white suspenders. Its innocence and virgin status, and the fact that she was being forced to offer it to him, just made him appreciate it even more. He placed his hand on one of the cheeks and tenderly stroked it. It felt so smooth and girly. He then noted the g-string that still lay snugly within the valley of her bottom cheeks. It was easy to miss, it was so tiny. And whilst its purpose was purely for his pleasure (no woman ever wore them for comfort), he now felt that it was no longer required, indeed he made a mental note to himself that in future, when in his presence, she would not be permitted to wear any underwear of any description, other than stockings and suspenders. A bitch should always wear these items to please her Master, but her pussy, arse and tits should always be readily available to him. So, grabbing hold of her g-string with both hands, he violently ripped it off causing poor Katie to scream out loud. He then dropped it on to the floor. For Katie it represented a white flag of surrender as her conqueror looked to take her bottom.

The General then took hold of his big cock and started to slap her cheeks with it. “My dear, do you want me to fuck you in the arse? Do you want me to bugger your poor little bottom?”

Katie turned her head to look at the General. The look of fear was radiating out from her. Naïvely though, she still thought that there was a chance that he could spare her bottom and, as such, she wanted to make a plea to him for clemency. “No, Daddy, p-please, don’t fuck me in my bottom. P-please, take my pussy instead. Your cock is too big. I don’t think my little bottom can take it. It will hurt me so much, p-please, Daddy, please take my pussy instead…”

“And Katie, would it make you happy if I took you pussy instead of your bottom?”

“Oh yes, Daddy! Oh yes!” Katie screamed back.

The General was of course playing with the poor young girl. He wanted her to plea for mercy. He wanted her to beg for him to stop. But he had no intention of stopping or of doing anything other than fucking her bottom. Her pleas only added to his dark pleasure. Indeed, the more she pleaded, and the more he let on that there was a chance of escape, the greater her sense of disappointment would be when the General finally entered her arse. And of course, the greater his sense of delight for the General that he had been so cruel with her.

He said nothing in response to her pleas and just carried on stroking her arse, looking down at its beauty. It would not be long before he would be taking it, he thought, but he could wait for a little while more.

Katie foolishly thought that she was making progress with the General and he could spare her bottom after all. So, sweetly and innocently, looking up at him with those big, blue eyes, which now had tears swelling up in them, she pressed on with her girly, naïve pleas, not realising how much they actually added to her attacker’s dark pleasure. “Daddy it would please me greatly if you fucked my tight little married pussy! I know your cock is so big and it will hurt my pussy, but you have not fucked me there yet. You can take me there! And when Jack did, I did so enjoy being fucked by a real man… You see, I have never had a big cock in my pussy before Jack. Frank was the only one I had… Oh Daddy, please. Please….”

The General just gave her a sweet smile, it was almost one of kindness. Poor Katie, not yet fully understanding how the Generals mind operated, carried on. “And Daddy, I think my little pussy is still very tight. My husband has never been able to fuck me properly there, but I know you can. I know you can treat your little girl like the whore she so desperately wants to be. Oh Daddy, fuck my pussy. Fuck it hard…”

The General stopped smiling and started to lightly spank her bottom cheeks. He wanted them red for what was about to follow. “You really do want me to save your arse, don’t you bitch?”

Spank! Spank! Spank!

A tear trickled down poor Katie’s cheek. “Yes, Daddy, I do. Please don’t fuck me there, I don’t want it. Anything but that, please…” She replied, in all sincerity.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

“Are you saying that if I anally fuck you, it will be against your will?”

Spank! Spank! Spank!

More tears, more sense of desperation,. “Yes, Daddy, oh yes Daddy, it will be against my will. P-please Daddy, don’t do it. Spare me…”

Spank! Spank! Spank!

“Are you then saying that if I were to bugger you, I will be raping you?”

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Katie had now turned her head back towards the front of the car and was starring at her reflection and that of the huge, towering presence of the General who, kneeling behind her, had a stern look of evil determination as he continued to spank her bottom. Each firm, crisp spank alternated between each beautiful, young, innocent cheek. She realised that her chances of surviving were rapidly diminishing. The look in his face as he spanked her was of a man determined to take whatever he wanted to.

But whilst she contemplated her fate, she found that the spanking, just as it had done in the film studio a week or so ago, was making her pussy soaking wet. This, despite the genuine fear she had of been anally raped. It was a strange contrast in feelings and one that she found difficult to explain. Was rape a turn on for her, she wondered?

“Are you then saying that if I were to bugger you, I will be raping you?” The General asked again, but this time louder and sounding annoyed that she had not responded immediately. His spanks also became that bit harder.

Still no answer as she pondered his question. Was this actually rape? Technically it was, if she refused entry. And she was refusing. Clearly she did not want her bottom fucked and the fact that the General was so obviously teasing her by asking her about being raped, meant that he liked the idea of raping her. This would fit in with the nature of the man. His penchant for very young girls and domination could easily progress into a fantasy of rape. Especially anal rape.

And had his attitude triggered in her an unexpected, dark fantasy? She actually had never previously fantasised about being raped. But alone, in a secluded country lane, where no one could help her, with a man as powerful, domineering and cruel as the General, on all fours, semi naked and having her bottom spanked, perhaps that was changing all that? After all, her pussy was now dripping wet. True, that was partly in response to the spanking, but she also felt that the prospect of being taken against her will could well have been a major contributing factor to her horny state.

She also realised that in order to please the General (and deep down that is all that mattered to her) she needed to respond truthfully to his cruel interrogation, which meant, whilst admitting that she did not want the General to anally fuck her, she could not however let on that she was turned on at the prospect of being taken against her will. After all, no rapist wanted his victim to consent.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

“Answer the question bitch!” The General growled.

Spank! Spank! Spank!

So, Katie answered the General honesty, and in a manner that would appeal to him. “Yes, Daddy, it would mean that you are raping me. I don’t want you to fuck my tight little married bottom, so please, Daddy, don’t rape your little girl. Don’t rape her poor little bottom. I don’t want to be raped. I want to be a good little girl. I want to be your good little girl but please don’t rape my bottom…” Katie could now hear the General pant in excitement. His spanking was getting harder and harder in response to her desperate pleas. Clearly Katie was correct and the General was turned on by the prospect of raping this young, innocent girl.

And as the spanking continued unabated, Katie wondered how many girls he had raped before, just like this, in his car, in a dark, secluded country lane, or in a secluded part of town, where no one could hear the screams? She also wondered what the driver made of it all and if he ever partook in these activities, thus making it a gangrape? She groaned at the prospect…

In fact, the General’s usual driver was sometimes offered a piece of whoever the General happened to be fucking — a bonus for years of loyal service. But not today. Not when the piece of meat in question was the wife of the driver! Frank was actually frantically rubbing his cock, utterly turned on at seeing his wife being readied for the inevitable anal assault. He had fantasised about raping her anally. Many times. He just never had the balls to pull it off. Unlike the General, who he was fast beginning to admire.

I met Marti by accident, and I do mean by accident. I was wandering around our small PX on the kaserne, getting in a little OFO time, as we called. Since you probably don’t understand, that means Officially Fucking Off! Basically it was slow in the office and I needed to stretch my legs, and I decided to look at some new stereo equipment that had just arrived.

I grabbed a couple of music CDs and a magazine, and wandered to the register to check out. There were a couple of people in line at the only register open, so I was standing out in the aisle. I was minding my own business and leafing through the magazine when a shopping cart slammed into me and almost knocked me down.

I fell against an end cap, fortunately though I didn’t knock anything over. When I looked up to see who did it, I was face to face with a big girl, red headed, about 220 lbs, just slightly shorter than me. She had a really pretty face that was twisted into a snarl.

“Why can’t you stay out of people’s way?” she hissed at me.

“Pardon me?” I asked.

“Stay out of people’s way! Or didn’t you hear me the first time. Do you speak English?” she continued.

I was slightly taken aback, not expecting to be run over while waiting to check out. I also didn’t tolerate anyone talking to me like that. Her running into me had nothing to do with me and everything to do with her own carelessness.

“I speak English quite well,” I replied. “Are you blind?”

She didn’t like that at all and quickly responded, “No I’m not blind and I will not tolerate being spoken to like that.”

“I really don’t care what you will or will not tolerate. You should pay attention where you point your cart in this cramped building,” I snapped.

Wow! She turned red in the face, and loudly spouted, “I will see the manager about tossing you out of her. I will not tolerate being talked to like that.”

I had to laugh, which made her even madder.

“Go get the manager, please. And while you return with him, please also explain why you can’t seem to drive a shopping cart without injuring people,” I slammed back.

She went charging off in a huff (okay, time for a Groucho Marx joke) and returned in about a minute and a huff with the manager in tow. Actually he was the assistant manager; the manager had not come to work yet. He appeared thoroughly scared and overwhelmed.

“That’s him. That’s the one I told you about,” she bellowed, pointing at me.

A small group of nosy onlookers found some amusement at the situation. The manager carefully stepped up to me where I was now standing next to the cash register waiting to check out.

“Pardon me sir, but did you insult this lady?” he said, pointing toward the big red head.

I figured that snide was out and nasty was called for, so I retorted, “I find it difficult to insult someone who is, in fact, their own insult to me, your other customers, and Western civilization!”

He looked slightly confused. Apparently what I said flew past him and hit the red head in the ears.

She sputtered and choked for a second, and proceeded to yell, “Do you see what I mean. He should be tossed out of here immediately.”

The poor guy was trapped, and had no idea what to do until someone stepped up beside the end cap where I had been previously and said, “The lady ran into him with her shopping cart. If anyone should be thrown out, it’s her. She appears to be trying to start trouble.”

I looked to see who was defending me, and saw a slightly built black gentleman in civilian clothes but obviously military. I knew the face but couldn’t picture where I had seen him. He smiled at the assistant manager and offered him an identification card. The fellow took a look at the ID card and turned slightly pale. He apparently knew who he was speaking to.

Red decided she wasn’t getting enough attention and bellowed at the black gentleman, “Why don’t you just keep your nose out of people’s business. And don’t get in my way either or you’ll regret it!” she warned, shaking her finger at him.

The gentleman just smiled politely at her, leaned over to the assistant manager for a second and stepped toward the exit. I put my CDs and magazine on the counter and the clerk rang them up while Red continued to harangue the assistant manager about what he was going to do about me. I noticed that the black gentleman was standing by the front door now and had a small, hand held radio up to his mouth. It was a radio that the Military Police used!

I wasn’t the least bit worried but this was too good to pass up. After I paid for my purchase I started toward the door but the black gentleman asked me to wait for him in the foyer. About that time an MP vehicle stopped out front in the loading zone and two MPs entered the store.

The black gentleman motioned them to follow him, and he proceeded over to Red, who was still chewing on the poor assistant manager. He walked up and showed his identification to Red, who ignored him for a second and then noticed the MPs. I could hear her roar from the front door.

“Well, it’s about time you people decided to throw the trouble maker out!”

The black gentleman told her something quietly, and she turned almost purple. She let loose with volley of yelling and screaming at anyone within earshot about who she was and what she was going to do. This tirade lasted long enough for one of the MPs to move beside her and take her arm to guide her out. She jerked away violently and pushed him away. In a flash, the MP had her arm behind her back and the other one had his cuffs out handcuffing her. She was screaming bloody murder, swearing now, and I just ducked out of the way as they hauled her to the waiting car.

As soon as they cleared the door the black gentleman identified himself as the Provost Marshal for the military community in Heilbronn. For you civilians, that meant he was the Police Chief. He took my name, unit, and work phone, and I left. Later I was called to the Community Commander’s office to provide sworn testimony in a hearing to determine if Red was going to be sent back to the states.

The next time I saw her was at the hearing. She was a totally different person. Smiling, subdued, quiet. She appeared to have met God, or the fear thereof. She was with her husband, a captain in a field artillery battalion. He was not a happy camper either.

When I was called to speak, I gave my version in simple, brief terms. But when I was asked if I thought she should be evacuated to the states, I said no.

For some reason, I felt she had learned something important, mainly about not getting her way and running over people, and if she stayed she would have a figurative Damocles sword hanging over her head.

She was allowed to stay in country, and I didn’t see her again for about 3 months. I accidently ran into her in the slot machine room at the club. I had eaten lunch and wandered in to play some quarter slots and sat down next to her without realizing who it was. She touched my sleeve and I looked around.

“Aren’t you the guy I got into trouble at the PX?” she asked quietly but casually.

I looked again, and sure enough, it was Red.

“I believe I am,” I replied, not knowing if she was going to repeat her shenanigans.

She looked away and down for a moment, and then smiled sweetly and said, “I just wanted to thank you for what you said at the hearing. When the Community Commander gave us his decision, he said that he weighed what you had said seriously, and felt you were correct. He decided to let me stay here.”

I smiled back and said, “Well, I hope that it works out for the best.”

She touched my arm gently and told me, “I am so sorry about all that. I had jet lag, and I was PMS’ing, my husband had to leave for a 45 day exercise in Gräfenwohr, and I was just miserable and lost. I thought you would tell them how mean and nasty I was and I was doomed to go back to the states. You really helped me.”

I was surprised to hear such nice things coming from Red, considering what a trash mouth she had. She looked away shyly, and fed some more coins into her slot machine. I reached over and touched her arm.

She looked up and I told her, “I’m really a nice guy and I felt something was bothering you. You couldn’t make me that mad. Besides, I don’t care what a beautiful woman does around me except maybe pack a pistol. Otherwise, you can pretty much do what you want!”

She blushed, and positively beamed. She brushed back her hair nervously and went to say something and didn’t. She added some more coins even though she already had some good features lit up. She fidgeted on her stool.

Finally she gave the hair one last toss, and asked, “You really think I’m beautiful?”

I paused for a pregnant moment, leaned closer to her and in a conspiratorial tone whispered, “Beautiful…and damn sexy!”

Her face went totally red, and I thought for a minute I was on the verge of another tirade when she sputtered, “Why, uh, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. And I mean that….. actually both.”

She looked at me quizzically, “Both?”

I replied quickly, “All three, welcome, beautiful, and sexy.”

She positively beamed. She played her machine for a couple of more pulls and said, “A lot of people think I’m gross.”

I looked her in the eyes and said, “I meant what I said and I’m not a lot of people.”

She squirmed on her stool like a little school girl. She was obviously flattered, and as she tried to avoid my gaze, I gave her a once over. Sure she had red hair but it was a beautiful, natural color, not too bright, with subtle highlights. She had a wonderfully nice face when it wasn’t screwed into a grimace. As I mentioned, she weighed about 220 lbs. About 50 of that appeared to be breasts. She was wearing a shirt open at the front and a tank top underneath. I could see through the open shirt a pair of monsters.

Her ass was big and plump but not ill proportioned. It was actually well shaped and bounced nicely when she moved around. I found myself wondering if she was ripe for some extracurricular activities. I leaned toward her and told her my name. She smiled at me and told me her name was Marti. I asked if she came to the club at lunch very often. It was her first time.

I had to head back to the office but I asked as I was leaving, “Why don’t you meet me here for lunch tomorrow?”

She looked almost panicky for a second, and then stammered, “Lunch?”

“Yes, lunch, the midday meal. Eat. Talk. You can eat and have a conversation can’t you?” I asked.

“But…but…I don’t know.”

She was hooked.

I smiled and gave her the straight in the eyes sweet look and said, “We aren’t meeting, per se. We’ll just share a table and have some conversation. Do you like a late lunch.”

She blushed again, apparently a habit with her, and finally said, “I guess sharing a table and some conversation would be okay.”

As I stood, I told her, “Great. See you tomorrow right here, 12:30. Be hungry.”

Before she could say anything else, and since there was no one else in that section of the slots, I reached out and took her hand, gently kissing it. I dropped her hand, smiled and gave her a wave as I left.

I had no idea if she would show, but when I walked into the club, I was disappointed not to see her. I figured she chickened out. I wandered into the slots room, and there she was. I gently tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she was hungry.

She turned and smiled, saying, “Ravenous.”

I helped scoop her nickels into a small cloth bag and we headed for a table. The club wasn’t too busy since several of the units assigned were all in Gräfenwohr at the time, including her husband’s. We chatted over schnitzel and pommes frites, washing it down with Stüttgarter Hofbrau. She turned out to be an intelligent woman, knowledgeable about a wide variety of things. She was looking forward to a trip to Spain so she could try out the Spanish she learned in high school and college.

She enjoyed my telling her about many of the shopping, eating and club venues in Heilbronn and the surrounding area. She also asked if I was married. I told her about Mandi, and she told me a little about her husband. We had a fairly private corner, away from eaves droppers. While few people knew her, most of my battalion knew me. But I didn’t worry about any prying eyes.

After a second beer, she started telling me some personal information. She had started to gain weight shortly after she married her husband. She had topped out and actually lost about 20 pounds over the past couple of months. She was making a determined effort to slowly and permanently lose about 80 pounds. In the mean time, when she hit about 190, he husband quit sleeping with her, and told her he hadn’t married a fat pig and until she dropped weight, he didn’t want to have anything to do with her physically.

I was appalled at an insensitive jerk like that. Of course, here I was chasing tail like the jerk I was, but that’s a bunch of other stories! Anyway, she pretty much spilled her guts. She showed me a pic of her when she was around 140 lbs, and she was a doll. I asked some subtle questions about her experience before marrying (very little) and what she thought about not getting any sex (she wasn’t happy). I figured I would wait for one more lunch and see how I could get some of the plump butt.

She apparently had other ideas, and she broached them rather quickly.

“You know, I don’t mind having lunch here, but if I want to talk openly, I’m not really comfortable. Would you mind coming to my house for lunch instead?”

I weighed this invitation quickly, and considering my instincts before, I casually replied, “It’s okay with me.”

She smiled brightly and said, “Great. Tomorrow, 12:30, don’t be late!”

I was set back a bit with this but wasn’t about to blow a chance for a big, beautiful bottom.

She popped out of her chair, dropped some cash on the table, saying, “I got the tip.”

As she headed for the door, I honestly think she exaggerated her walk for me, because her ass was rocking and bouncing like it meant business. She looked back to see if I was looking and I leaned over to show her that I liked the view of her ass.

I showed up at her quarters for lunch. Since her husband was a captain, they had a two bedroom unit way back of the housing area near some woods, and at the end of the street. I had walked a walking trail that came within a few feet of the back of their quarters. I made a mental note that if I needed an escape route, or a hidden entrance, I couldn’t have asked for better.

I pulled into the drive and casually strolled up to the house. She opened the door before I could knock. I walked in and said hello. She motioned me to follow her into the dining area. She had made a mostly diet lunch with fruit, thin sliced deli meats, some German brotchens, and a beer for me.

We ate quietly for a few minutes until she asked if it was okay to pick up where she left off yesterday. I let her talk, taking in most of it, and tried to avoid letting my mind, or eyes, wander to some heavy cleavage she was showing me. She must have found an underwire bra with a demi-cup because her breasts looked like they were sitting on a shelf, and the nipples poked through the thin pullover shirt she was wearing. She was also wearing some shorts that showed some nice ass cheek below the legs.

I had to shake myself out of my reverie when she asked me if I was one of those people who had a kink for big girls. Her cleavage was so interesting I almost missed it.

“Not at all,” I told her. “I just like women of all shapes, sizes and colors.”

She chuckled at this, and then asked, “So you’re one of those, what do they call them…you’re a dog!”

I laughed heartily, and agreed.

“You have something against dogs?” I asked.

“No, not at all,” she replied, “Some of my best friends are dogs.”

We both laughed at the small joke. Since she seemed to be in a jocular mood, I got up from my chair and walked around behind her.

Placing both hands on her shoulders, I leaned down into her ear and whispered, “I appreciate lunch, but this dog needs some raw meat to satisfy his hunger.”

She almost choked on the food she was chewing and took a sip of my beer to wash it down.

She leaned back and whispered back to me, “And where would there be any raw meat?”

I chuckled deviously and slid my hand down her side, and slowly over her thigh and pushed between her legs. She parted her thighs a bit so I slid my hand a little further down.

I whispered, “How about right here.”

She turned her favorite shade of red again, and gently moved my hand away. I noticed that she was breathing a bit harshly. She turned toward me and then back to the table.

“You’re a bit fast for me,” she said breathily.

“No faster than you want to be,” I told her quietly.

I leaned into her neck, pushing the hair aside, and nuzzled and kissed her neck for a moment. Then I gently moved down to her face and kissed her lips. She had nice, plump lips and she tasted like fresh fruit. She returned my kiss for a moment, and then pulled away almost reluctantly.

“Let’s just finish lunch today, Okay?”

I quickly replied, “Sure.”

She was still blushing and after a moments silence told me that she was eager to have sex but she also felt really guilty. Then, as though to make sure I returned, she told me something really sweet.

“I really want to have sex with you. And we will, but not right now. I promise I will be ready for anything when I am ready.”

“I can’t wait,” I told her.

We finished up, and I left with another kiss. The following Monday I answered my office phone and it was Marti. She went directly to the point.

“I think I know where a dog can find some raw meat, if he’s still hungry.”

I chuckled and replied, “He’s starving. Just point the right direction and he’ll find it.”

She laughed and said, “If you can get away for lunch maybe we can let that dog get his fill.”

“I can,” I replied quickly.

“Can you get here another way without driving up to the house? I found out there are a couple of busybodies who see everything.”

I told her, “Not a problem. I will come in off the walking trail in the woods. Just leave the living room doors to the back open. And no one will see me. I wear camouflage clothes!”

She chortled at the quip, and said, “Good, see you at the usual time.”

I hung up and thought, ‘the usual time?’ But it didn’t matter. I would soon be buried in a hot pussy, and hopefully a big round beautiful white butt.

Marti was obviously ready for action when I got there. She was dressed in a sheer silk gown. Without a bra, her breasts showed the obvious size, and weight, although they didn’t sag like I thought they would. The gown fit her fairly tightly, and I could see that although she was heavy, she didn’t have rolls. I liked that, because I enjoy a big girl occasionally, but not one who has mounds of fat sagging everywhere.

I pulled her to me and kissed her. She reacted quickly by pulling me closer and probing with her tongue. I kept this up until she was almost panting, and then released a hand from her waist to slowly slip a hand up and caressed a breast. She moaned quietly, and pushed back against my hand. After switching breasts, eliciting more moans, I reached down to grab a nice handful of plump butt. As I massaged and played with her ass, she pulled away from the kiss.

“God that feels wonderful. I haven’t had my butt played with in so long.”

I answered her comment by continuing to squeeze and massage her cheeks. She kissed me some more, and finally snaked a hand down between us. I hadn’t gotten very hard yet, since I was biding my time and I didn’t want to leak in my nicely starched, pressed uniform pants. But as she felt my cock through my pants, she smiled devilishly.

“Wow, nice,” she said. “I think this will be fun.”

I leaned back and said, “Glad you like it.”

“I do,” she said as she suddenly knelt and started unbuttoning my fly. I let her take my cock out and give it a kiss. Then without warning, she plunged it into her mouth, taking about half. She sucked and stroked on my cock for a few seconds, and then pulled out.

“You like that?” she asked.

“Always,” I replied.

Before she could continue to suck, I reached down and slipped the gown from her shoulders and over her breasts. They were smooth, pearly white, very few veins, and light colored areole and tiny nipples. She rubbed my cock between her breasts for a moment and then popped it back in her mouth. After a few more minutes of her oral ministrations, I finally got completely hard. She stopped and looked closely at my cock.

“Holy shit! You really grow, don’t you?”

I just smiled and said, “You’re one hellava woman if you can swallow it all!”

She dived back on to show me, and quickly gagged just past the half way point. She pulled away, stifling the urge to gag some more.

“Jesus, this is a surprise. How did you get this big from a few minutes ago. I thought you were pretty nice before. Now….. my God!”

I stayed cool and just smiled.

“Thanks,” I said with a ‘gee, aw shucks’ manner.

I pulled Marti to her feet and quickly finished slipping the gown off her. She stepped out of it as I grabbed her hand and led to the couch, a big, overstuffed, plush thing that reminded me of her. I pushed her back onto the couch, threw her legs back toward her chest and without hesitation, dived straight into her pussy. She was already juicy, and the first couple of tongue strokes opened up the dam. I sought out her clit, which was surprisingly small, but also tightly erect.

I went after her pussy with my signature lips and tongue action, and found out she must have been really horny, or she had a really short trigger. I wasn’t at it more than a minute or so before she began to spasm. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and she wailed, and I let her writhe around on the couch while I kept up the action on her clit. After jerking through a couple of more spasms, she pushed my head away.

I was still hard, with my cock sticking up through the fly of my uniform pants. Before she could react, I leaned over the couch, taking her legs with me. For a big girl, she was limber. I plunged the entire length into her sopping wet pussy. She gagged and spit and cried out as I didn’t take any time for warm-ups. She needed to be pounded with some heavy meat and I intended to oblige.

Marti squeezed her legs into me as I slammed hard in and out of her, giving her the full length and feeling my cock bottoming out in her wonderfully hot, tight pussy. She grabbed my arms and held on, letting me pound away. She grabbed my ass and helped me stroke even faster, until she began to wail and moan, making odd noises and bouncing as hard as she could. She finally exploded into a gushing, noisy orgasm.

I quit holding back and exploded into her sopping pussy. I backed down from the pounding until I achieved a slow crawl, rubbing my pubic area against her clit. As I softened, Marti lay there panting with her head back and eyes closed. As I slipped out, she partially opened her eyes. I stood up straight and moved to the table, finding a paper napkin to wipe my cock.

Marti was still sprawled on the couch, with her feet back on the floor. She had sparse red pubic hair, totally untrimmed but not bushy or brushy looking. Her pussy was now a single, fine slit with downy wet hair framing it. She had no stretch marks or flaws; her skin was pearly white. I figured she didn’t get a lot of sun.

She finally looked at me and said, “My God, I needed that! And by the way, you’re a rotten bastard!”

I laughed and stuffed my cock back into my pants to clean later in the privacy of the toilet off my office.

She idly looked down and said, “I am sitting her with nothing on.”

I looked over at her and agreed, saying, “And I am enjoying every minute of it.”

She looked at me strangely for a second and finally asked, “Can you hand me my gown?”

I picked it up from the floor and tossed it to her.

She slipped it over her head and smoothed it around her, saying, “I don’t usually sit around like this with nothing on.”

I was amused, and told her she should try it more often, especially if she ever thought about having me for lunch again. I told her that my favorite was naked with some funky high heels. I also told her she had no reason whatsoever to not be naked. She looked absolutely beautiful to me.

Again with the blushing, and then she tried to pooh-pooh the compliment. I shrugged off her feeble efforts.

“So, can I come back for lunch again some time? Or if it’s okay with you, how about I take some extra time off and spend an afternoon?”

She looked at me almost angrily, saying, “What makes you think I would ever let you near me again?”

I decided to get into the verbal sparring and quickly shot back, “I know two good reasons, which you cannot deny. My face has the remnants of the first reason, and I just threw away the remnants of the second reason. And if you had any problems with either of those two reasons let me know and I won’t darken your door again!”

She spit back, “Boy, you sure think a lot of yourself, don’t you!”

I shot back almost as quickly, “Don’t change the subject!”

She started to say something else and stopped.

She looked at me curiously, and finally said, “Well, you didn’t mention lunch.”

“I thought we weren’t changing the subject,” I quipped.

“You don’t cut anybody any slack, do you?” she asked with a smile.

“Nope,” I answered.

She walked back to the dining room table and finished her beer, and picked up the plates. She carried them into the kitchen and placed them in the sink. Upon returning, she had a refill in her hand and sat at the table.

“So, where is my answer, ” I pried?

“I’ll call you. So make sure you don’t let the neighbors see you leave,” she said quietly.

I walked past her and gently stroked her cheek and down to a breast. Then, without looking back, went out through the door I came in and disappeared into the woods.

I didn’t hear from Marti for a week, and didn’t see her around the kaserne anywhere. I wasn’t sure if she had gotten a guilt trip or what. Then I noticed that her husbands unit had returned from Gräfenwohr. I figured if she wanted a replay she would call, else I would scratch it off as a onetime thing. Then one morning, right after I got into the office, I answered the phone and it was Marti.

She went straight to the point, saying, “My old man is going on TDY for a week. Do you still want to spend an afternoon together?”

“Sure. When?” I replied.

We made some arrangements and worked out the details. I would leave my office about noon and take the rest of the afternoon off. We would have about 4 hours to play. I told her if she was a true sex goddess like I thought, she would be able to handle me anywhere I wanted to put my cock.

She choked for a second or two, and asked, “What do you mean, anywhere?”

I laughed and said, “I don’t explain perfect English. Read a book.”

She stammered a bit but said she would see me then.

I made sure Mandi was busy with something that would keep her away from trying to phone me at work, which she normally didn’t anyway. I headed to Marti’s quarters, taking my usual path through he woods and out of sight from prying eyes. Marti had left the door open, and I closed it behind me. She was nowhere to be seen. I waited by the door for a few minutes, wary of an ambush by her husband or something.

There wasn’t a sound in the place. I had visions of a movie where she would be dead and a Military Police patrol would be knocking on the door at any second. It was almost unnerving and I came close to bolting out the door. Just then I heard a voice coming from one of the bedrooms. It was Marti, apparently ending a phone conversation. I breathed a sigh of relief for a moment. I stayed quietly by the door, waiting for her to appear.

As she started out of the bedroom I could hear shoes on the wooden floor. When she finally appeared, she was naked except for a pair of really cute heels. She unabashedly put her arms out, did a pirouette, and stopped. She had trimmed her pubes and looked absolutely marvelous.

“Is this what you had in mind,” she asked?

“Oh boy yes,” I told her.

“I feel a little odd with nothing on, but I am really glad you are enjoying looking. I was afraid you wouldn’t like it.”

“You look wonderful. Mind if I join you?”

She smiled sweetly and replied, “Please do, sir!”

She directed me to one of the bedrooms, which turned out to be the spare bedroom. I quickly undressed, and hung my uniform on the hangar she provided. She had obviously been around the military long enough to know that scenario. As soon as I was naked I stood and wrapped my arms around her, grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands and kissed her. She responded hungrily. She quickly reached down between us and began to play with my cock.

“I am amazed how much you grow,” she told me. “I have never seen anyone who could look that small and turn out so large.”

“Just how many cocks have you watched grow?” I teased.

“No that many, smart ass. Just enough to know what I’m talking about. I’m not a virgin you know.”

I took that in stride. I kissed her some more and let myself get the makings of a hard cock going. She moaned impatiently. I let her play while I kissed her some more, and then as I nuzzled in her ear, got serious.

“I want you to tell me what you want me to do to you, and in plain terms, no kid stuff. And make sure you are explicit, and dirty. If you don’t get it right, we’ll try it again,” I whispered in her ear.

She blushed, and whispered back, “I don’t know if I can be that dirty.”

“You better be,” I warned, “or you may not get what you want.”

She sighed and continued to stroke my cock with her hand. Finally she pulled her head up mine and moved to my ear.

“I want you to eat my pussy.”

“Very good,” I replied quietly. “Is that all?”

She looked away and then turned back to me, whispering, “Can that be first and wait for the next thing?”

“Okay, but you better think about what’s next,” I told her.

I gently pushed her back on the bed so she was lying on the mattress from her hips up. This let me kneel on the floor. I love eating pussy like that. She had also sprayed light cologne all around her because she smelled both clean and fragrant. I settled in for a good, long session of oral sex. She didn’t light up as quickly as the first time, something that wasn’t totally unexpected. She was obviously in for a long, slow session.

I got her off to a good start, and began probing with a couple of fingers just for fun. She seemed to enjoy the digital penetration, as she wiggled her hips for me to go deeper. I pushed her legs all the way back to her ears, marveling at her flexibility. This finally gave me my first good look at her little rosebud, and a rosebud it was. Her ass had light, sparse, downy red hair. Her asshole was more a tiny slit than a hole. It was barely visible, even though I had her butt cheeks spread pretty wide.

I wondered about getting my cock into that little opening. I knew that if I could accomplish that it would be really tight. After unleashing the full tongue and lips action, I felt her heading toward an orgasm. Just before she got there, I slipped my index finger back into her pussy and the middle finger into her tight little back hole. She gasped loudly and wiggled, but moaned and got on the path to her first orgasm. Just after grabbing my hand and pushing it tightly against her pussy, she went into several jerking spasms and her orgasm washed over her.

Marti’s mighty breasts were heaving up and down, and she held on through a couple of more small spasms until she finally shrieked and pushed my head away. I stood up and noticed that she was the perfect height to enter her pussy, so I pushed in slowly this time, squeezing inch by slow inch deep inside her. She lay back with her eyes closed, moaning. When I finally hit bottom, she let out a whooshing noise.

“Damn, you’re in there deep!” she exclaimed.

I chuckled under my breath and began to stroke in and out. I reached up and played with her tiny nipples and monster breasts. After a few minutes of this, I began working her clit with one hand while staying with the breast attention. She settled into a nice rhythm with me, and I kept a steady pace so she could work toward another orgasm. We rode like that for several minutes, until I saw her eyes start to open and close and she began to moan constantly and louder.

I picked up the pace on my stroke and my fingers, and before long she broke into another orgasm, shrieking again and bouncing. She suddenly squeezed her legs around me, got absolutely still, and then totally burst with a long groan that merged into another shriek.

I let her continue to ride until she got the last spasms over with. She was panting hard, and let her hands collapse back on to the bed. I pulled out of her and moved to the other side of the bed. Reaching underneath her, I pulled her head to the edge of the bed until it hung over. Before she realized what I was doing, I slipped my cock into her mouth.

I like this position, basically because a woman who can stifle her gag reflex can usually take all a cock down the throat. She made a heroic effort but finally gagged and pulled me away.

“Too big,” she cried.

“Oh well,” I chuckled. “I guess that only leaves one other place to try.”

She quickly rolled over on the bed and looked up at me.

“What are you talking about?” she said cautiously.

“Well, I have been in your pussy, and now I have been down your throat. That only leaves one other place to try. And you’re supposed to tell me that’s next on the agenda.”

She got up on her knees and said, “If you mean back here,” as she pointed at that plump bottom, “you can forget that. I was sore for a week when you pounded into my pussy before. Now I just about puked all over you. I don’t think you could fit back there at all.”

I just smiled and said, “Light weight.”

“Say what you want,” she said testily. “I don’t think I would ever want to try that.”

“Don’t be so sure,” I replied. “You let me steer the boat and you may want to get into the water.”

She just giggled, and brashly turned around, showing me her plump, white ass.

“Just push it up my pussy like this,” she said.

I obliged by climbing onto the bed, and quickly slid my still hard cock into a soaking wet pussy. Even after getting so wet, she was still very tight. Her pussy was feeling pretty good. I pounded her doggy style for a while, until I slowed and wet my middle finger with saliva. I played with her cute little slit of an anus for a few seconds, and began to ease a finger in. It slipped past her outer ring with little resistance, and this elicited a groan of pleasure.

I worked the finger in and out with the same motion as my cock. After a few minutes, I eased a second finger in. She wiggled and groaned again, but didn’t stop me. I started drilling her fast and deep then, and began to work my fingers so that as I pulled my cock out I plunged my fingers in. She started wailing, and in short order burst through another orgasm. I let her finish, and pulled my cock out, leaving the fingers.

I continued to slide my fingers gently in and out of her asshole. She had her face pressed to the bedspread, panting heavily. After she settled down, she stayed motionless for a few seconds, and then gave out a low, “Ummmmm.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she replied quietly.

I kept probing in and out of her asshole as she stayed on her knees, motionless. I kept the same pace of stroke for a while longer and finally broke the silence.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” I asked.

She simply moaned. I kept going for a while longer, and decided to reach underneath and play with her clit. This elicited some more moans, and she spread her legs wider. I worked her clit with my thumb and index finger until she began to get wet again, and after dripping some of her juices on the fingers in her ass, added my ring finger and pinky to her pussy.

I started working her clit faster and pumping my hand into her, reaming her ass and pussy simultaneously. She began moving her ass with my hand motion, pushing back at me to try and get more depth. She muffled a long groan into the bed, and then rose up on her elbows and began to rock back at me. It didn’t take long for her to blast through another orgasm.

I waited for a few seconds for Marti to settle down, and withdrew my hands. She fell over on the bed panting. I crawled in behind her and nuzzled her neck, coming to rest with my cock nestled against her butt crack.

“Are you ready for my cock in your ass?” I asked.

She leaned over a bit and said, “I’m not sure. I’m afraid it will hurt too much.”

I nuzzled her neck some more and reached around to tweak a breast.

“I can be very slow and gentle. And you should take it in as you want, or can. I’ll let you do the driving until we see how it goes,” I intoned quietly.

She pondered this for a minute and finally said, “If I try, will you stop if I can’t?”

I patted her and nuzzled her neck some more and whispered, “This one is on you. You’ll never know until you try and I promise to stop if you have problems.”

“Okay, but just because you’re so sweet and you make me so horny,” she whispered.

I told her to lay there a moment and went into the bathroom. I found a jar of petroleum jelly and returned to the bedroom. I had her get back onto her knees, and gently spread her butt cheeks. I kissed and tongued her asshole until she was moaning again and began to drip the first bit of pussy juice. Once she got really hot, I replaced my tongue with a finger, dipping liberally into the petroleum jelly. She moaned some more as I greased her little hole. I added a second finger with no resistance. I pushed more into her rectum, probing deeply as possible.

When she seemed really loose, I lay down on the bed.

“Climb on top of me with your back toward me,” I told her.

She complied, crawling over my legs. I held my cock straight up and told her to back up until she bumped into my cock.

“Once you get there, just ease back and down, taking me in as you can handle it.”

She eased back slowly, finally nestling her greasy butt cheeks around my cock. She moved up and down a bit, which felt really good. Then she finally pushed back a bit more until my cock bumped into her little rosebud.

“It’s right there,” she said quietly.

“Relax. Slow and easy,” I replied.

She took a deep breath and pushed down slowly. I felt the head of my cock begin to penetrate her asshole. She moaned, but I couldn’t tell if it was pain or pleasure, maybe both. She lifted a bit, almost letting my cock come out. Then she slowly pushed again until the head popped into her rectum.

She let out a deep groan, again, masking what she felt. She pressed in some more and I felt my cock begin to slide into her. She shifted and rose up a bit. I thought she would pull out completely but she pushed back down, going in about three inches. She leaned her body forward, putting her hands on my knees and giving me an unobstructed view of my cock wedging its way into her tight little asshole.

She took a couple of more deep breaths, and then slid down slowly until she had reached the upper end of her rectum. She sighed, and began to rock slowly, moving up and down about an inch or so. She seemed to relax and didn’t really show any sign of stopping. I enjoyed the view and decided I would let go and bust my load into her ass as soon as possible.

Marti began to rock up and down with a bit more enthusiasm, moving her ass in a short stroke but increasing the rhythm. She began to make little ‘ummm’ noises occasionally. As she increased the depth, she finally relaxed enough to take the entire length, and when she slowed down, I thought she would pull out. Instead, she slowly sank back until she took the entire length of my cock deep into her ass, fully enveloping me.

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