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He came to me in the night. It was always in the night. In the daylight we both pretended that there was no nightly visitation. But he was highly sexed, and since my mom died, he came to me often at night. He waited until I’d turned eighteen, but after that, he came for me.

“Dad . . .” I murmured, still only half awake.

“Shush. Take this.”

I was on my back and he was straddling my chest with his knees and leaning over me, holding my arms out and above my head with strong fists encasing my wrists. I felt the tip of his erect cock at my lips and I opened to him, and we both moaned quietly in the dark as he stroked his cock in and out of my mouth, hardening it and arousing him further—and slicking up his tool for what he’d do later.

When he was sufficiently aroused, he moved his knees and lips down my chest and belly and swallowed my balls as his hand went to my cock. His hand went to join the other to cup and raise and separate my butt cheeks as his mouth went to my entrance. His hand on my cock was replaced by one of my own, and I lay there, looking dumbly toward the window, watching the wind sway the branches of the willow tree, and stroking myself. For a moment I had the sensation of someone being there, watching us, but I had shut my systems down. I didn’t care and my senses weren’t on alert. I was trying to transport myself to someplace else altogether.

He pulled my sleeping shorts—all that I was wearing—off my legs.

“Turn on your belly.” The voice was low, raspy, needy.

“Dad . . .” I murmured again. It was all I could manage, and I knew it had no effect.

“Turn on your belly, son.”

With a sigh of resignation, I did as he commanded. I always did as he commanded, whether day or night.

A heavily muscled arm went under my lower belly and lifted me to my knees, while a palm between my shoulder blades pushed my chest down on the cool sheet. He was crouched over me from behind, his thighs encasing mine. I felt the stretch and filling of the entry. But no pain. There hadn’t been pain, really, for months. My channel was fit to his cock now. He just slid up into me as I gasped slightly and groaned the almost nightly possession by him.

One of his fists went to the wrist of my left arm and pinned it to the bed above my head. He let me have the use of my right hand—he’d done so for nearly two months now—and I moved it to my cock and began stroking it again to the rhythm of his fucking cock.

He moved his other hand between gripping my waist and pinching my nipple and turning my head toward his face when he brought it down to my head. When he did that, we kissed, deeply, his tongue invading and searching my mouth cavity. This was something else that had only entered the ritual in the last month or so.

My lips freed, I once more turned my head and gazed at the window—and once more had the sensation of someone or something pulling away from it out there as I turned my head. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated again on not being there.

The nature of pretending I wasn’t really involved in what was happening to me in the night had changed in the last month or too also—and it scared me. In the initial months, I had zoned out to deny it was happening. Now I was zoning out because I was beginning to need it—to look forward to it each night.

Of course he really wasn’t my dad—not my biological dad—and nothing that he was doing was something I could report him for, something I could stop, short of fighting him, which, considering our differing sizes and physical power, was a comical notion. And leaving was something I couldn’t do, at least not yet.

My real dad had died when I was eleven, and Tyler had been with us for six years now, arriving a little more than a year after Mom was widowed. I say us, but he really was only with “us” for a bit more than five years. My mom died six months ago. She had been sick for some time before she died, and I think she understood Tyler’s interest in me before she went. But by then she was too far gone to do anything about it. She seemed to be hanging on mostly to be there until I got old enough to leave the house and go on my own.

My real dad’s death and her own quick decline there at the end had bollixed up that idea, though. I’d worshipped my real dad, and his death had been a real blow to me. I just shut my life down for nearly a full year though—and that included school work. So, I was set back a grade. And, so, when mom died, I was no more than a week past eighteen, but I had a year and a half more to go in high school. And what were almost Mom’s last words to me stuck.

“Stick it out until you graduate high school, Chris,” she’d said. “Promise me you’ll get your high school. Then go in the service for a while or something. Get away from this. But promise me you’ll get your high school in first. A man can’t do much of anything without that diploma.”

And so, I promised.

And the way it worked out with Tyler wasn’t wham bang, either. It was gradual. He worked me. He seduced me. And he was smart. He waited until I was eighteen. And when he finally had me, there I was, an adult, and not able even to claim rape. And the longer I stayed, the less anyone would care what I let happen to me. They would have asked, “Why didn’t you just walk?”

Well, I didn’t walk, because I promised my mom I’d get in that last year and half of school, and I didn’t have any other good options. I had no living family left, and I had no means really to live out on my own. I didn’t mind the idea of signing up for the military—I was leaning toward the Navy—but it stuck in my mind that one thing my mom had asked me to promise to do was to get that high school diploma before leaving.

And, as I’ve said. Tyler was clever. And he took it slow so that by the time I really was over the edge, it was done.

It had started the day after I turned eighteen. Mom was in the other room, dying. She’d been to the hospital and was back, under Hospice care, to die at home. I was keyed up and confused and into self-denial and wanting to make it all go away—transport myself to some fantasy land—and because I was a teenager with raging hormones, that meant a flashlight and dirty magazine and beating myself off in the middle of the night.

Which was all fine, but Tyler found me that night, right after my eighteenth birthday. I was terrified and paralyzed in place when he found me. But he came into the room and was calm and sat down on the side of the bed and told me all sorts of mumbo-jumbo over how it was normal and understandable under the circumstances. And while he was talking and holding my attention, he had his hand on my cock. When I noticed and flinched and began to object, he shushed me, reminding me that Mom was just in the other bedroom and that, although what I was doing was normal and understandable, it wasn’t something we wanted to worry her about.

“So, just lay back, and I’ll take care of it.”

And so I did. And he did. And I was surprised at how much different and better it felt when someone else did it.

Three days later, the night before Mom died, Tyler was back and sweet talked me into letting him take care of my fears and tensions again. And this time he ran his other hand over my body as he was slowly jacking my cock off.

When we came home from Mom’s funeral, I was a basket case, and Tyler sent me to my room and told me to try to get some sleep. But I couldn’t and I couldn’t stop crying. And Tyler came into my room and sat on the bed and hugged me close and soothed me with his calm, soft voice—which was really something coming from such a big, muscular man—and with his hands patting and stroking me here and there. He had my cock out of the fly of my sleeping shorts before I knew it. And I was in such a state that I didn’t care—in fact it was comforting. And this time he didn’t relieve me with his hand. He did it with his mouth.

Mom was dead now and there was only Tyler. And he’d already given me a blow job. And I was already eighteen and had promised my mom I’d stick it out through high school. And not only wasn’t I thinking too straight, but I was a teen with raging hormones and Tyler was giving me release and pleasure that, though I knew it was evil and not right, was overwhelmingly hard to resist.

Everything was fine during the day. Tyler was a coping single-parent dad by day. Fitting in getting me to school and being there during my ball games and other activities while still holding down his job. I took up more of the cleaning and cooking duties, but Tyler was hanging in there on those as well. And we said nothing during the day of what was happening at night. The dark covered all of our sins.

But he was coming to me more often at night now. And he cajoled me into taking head, and one night he introduced a dildo into the ritual as he was sucking my cock. The first time I just thought it was his thumb, which he had started strumming rim of my hole with while sucking me, but it wasn’t—it was a dildo. And the second time I knew it wasn’t a thumb—and that it hadn’t stayed at the entrance. By the time he fucked me with his cock, he had me asking for it. And I was over eighteen, and with nowhere else to go.

And now it was four months later.

Tyler had just been to visit me the night before. But he was here, at the door, tonight, as well. I’d heard it. He’d had a video on out in the living room. A male porn film. He was standing at the door, breathing heavily and giving me a scary stare. He was stark naked and had a raging hard on. I was sitting on the floor, on the thick cushion I’d taken off the overstuffed chair in my room; my back to the bed; earphones in, with the music set to something I liked to listen to before I went to bed; and doing my last-minute homework. I already was in my sleeping shorts.

Tyler was on me like a flash, grabbing my wrists with his hands and pushing my arms back on the bed. His cock was assaulting my mouth, pushing my head back on the bed as well. And I was gagging and gasping as he face-fucked me.

Then he pulled me up on my feet and kicked the cushion out into the middle of room as he was stripping off my sleeping shorts. He pushed me down on my shoulder blades on the cushion and grabbed my hips in his hands, and pulled my pelvis up into his crotch and my hole onto his cock, and started fucking down into me with long, deep strokes, thrusting down with his cock, while he pulled my pelvis up into him. Pushing me down as he moved his hips back and then pulling me in again as he thrust forward.

He was fucking me with a fury as he’d never done before, and I hooked my legs on top of the flare of his butt and hung on for dear life, my soothing “go-to-bed” music still playing in my ear from the earphones.

Above the sound of the music, I could hear the sound of the sex. Grunting and groaning and moaning in harmony, but above that, a plaintive cry of “Oh, shit, oh yes, oh gawd yessss, Fuck ME!”

I was shocked—and scared—at the realization that it was my voice.

* * * *

By this time, Tyler wasn’t the only one fucking me. By now, I knew what was done was done—and that I didn’t mind it when I wasn’t thinking real hard—and was thinking why should I give it away just to Tyler for free. I was scraping together whatever money I could to help my escape from here, which was coming within a year. I kept the money in an old can out in the rafters of the storage shed in the back yard.

I figured I knew where I would make some money off this. And I was right.

For years, Mr. Collins, a bachelor living in a house twice as large and tidy as ours just down the street from us, had been giving me the eye and trying to make friends with me when I walked past his house. I wasn’t so dumb that I didn’t know what his interest was—and there were whisperings going around the neighborhood and at school that bore this out.

All it took to get him to come out of the house was for me to stand out on the front walk by his white picket fence one day and look around like I had nothing better to do than stand there. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he sauntered out, acting like he had a reason to be on the move and “accidentally” noticing I was there and coming to the fence to greet me.

“Hi there, Chris,” he called out in a chipper voice. “Great day, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah, it is,” I answered. “Might rain tonight, though. The rains will be heavy this summer, they say.”

Mr. Collins was trembling like a Chihuahua on speed at this string of words from me. It was more in total that I’d ever said to him in all the years he’d been living in the neighborhood. He literally wagged his tail as he came out to the fence, obviously thrilled that I was still standing there.

“Yes, it’s good for the flowers, though.”

“Nice flowers,” I said. “And you got a gardener to take real good care of them, I see.” I was searching for words. The gardener was kneeling at the rose bed that lined the front porch of the house. He was facing away from us, an Hispanic, I guessed, maybe in his thirties. An outdoor worker. I wondered if he could hear us—and if he could understand English if he could.

“I try to keep the grounds up,” Mr. Collins said, his voice full of pride. “Say, I was real sorry to hear about your mother. I—”

“Thanks. Thanks, Mr. Collins. You’re a nice man for saying that.” I turned my eyes on him and smiled.

He practically melted on the spot with pleasure. He had his hands on top of the fence and they were trembling. I put a hand up there too, trying to make it seem like a natural move, and I could see him shudder as our hands touched each other.

“Nice house too. Real nice house. Big. Bet you have lots of rooms in there. Bet you have some nice things in there.”

“Would you like to see inside sometime?” Mr. Collins asked. His voice sounded so hopeful that I felt kind of sorry for him.

“I’m not doing much of anything now,” I said. I tried to keep my voice low, because I could see that the gardener had turned his head toward us—that maybe he was listening to us.

I thought that Mr. Collins was going to melt down to a puddle on the spot at the prospect of getting me in the house.

The gardener looked up from the rose garden as we passed and gave me a tentative little smile. I wondered if he figured any of this out. But then I didn’t care. He was just a gardener.

“How’s school and the baseball going, Chris?” Mr. Collins asked me as we entered the foyer. I walked right on into the living room, which showed that Mr. Collins made a whole heap more money that my stepdad did. “I’ve always been interested in how the kids of the neighborhood were doing.”

“Yeah, I know you have, Mr. Collins. I’ve seen how you watched me over the years. Well, I’m here now. And I’m over eighteen.”

He turned his head toward where I was standing in the living room, surprised by what I said and by the hard tone I’d taken when I said it. And there I was, standing in the middle of his living room, with my fly open and my dong hanging out and cupped in the palm of my hand. I was kind of proud of my cock, and Mr. Collins seemed pretty impressed too. He went to his knees with a loud moan and began sucking my cock in a way that assured me that, as suspected, I probably wasn’t the first neighborhood boy who had visited this house.

We were naked on his bed with him stretched out behind me and stroking his cock inside me from the rear as I propped my knee up on the bed to give him better access when I told him what the deal was: “$15 for you to suck me; $25 if I suck you. $50 for a fuck; $60 for the whole package.”

He didn’t object and signed up for the next visit to be on my way home from school three days hence. My stepdad didn’t get home from work for nearly three hours after my school finished for the day.

The gardener was in the front garden the next day I visited Mr. Collins, and he turned his head and gave me a little smile again when I reached the stairs to the porch and started climbing. I instinctive smiled back, a little nervous because he was there, and because I couldn’t think of a plausible reason to be approaching Mr. Collins’s house by myself if the gardener asked. But he didn’t ask.

The door was slightly ajar when I got to it, and I heard a faraway voice call out from upstairs. “Come on in. It’s open. I’m upstairs.”

I went in and began to climb the stairs. Half way up I stopped dead in my tracks and let out a “Holy shit.” I began to turn to flee the house, when Mr. Collins said probably the only thing that kept me there.

“$75. I’ll give you $75. And you won’t be doing anything special or different. This is for me. This is to make it more interesting for me.”

I turned back and looked up at him again. He was wearing women’s lingerie. A black lace bra, with matching panties and black mesh stockings and black stiletto heels. He also had on a red-haired wig, and his face was made up like a baby doll, a mean slash of shiny, deep-red lipstick across his mouth. He was talking in a funny, high voice like he was playing some sort of game. And I guessed it was pretty obvious that he was.

“It’s no different for you, honey,” he repeated. “It’s just me. It’s just what I like. $75, OK?”

He didn’t look all that bad as a woman. Younger even. And he wasn’t fat; he had good muscle tone and firm arms and legs. A flat belly and a nipped-in waist.

If I closed my eyes. . . . And it wasn’t like I had to get it up. He said it would be no different. And he had topped me earlier, although for the money, I was willing to try going either way.

I started walking up the stairs again, and as we crossed the hall to the master bedroom, I was impressed on how well he walked in the heels. I guessed he’d done this a lot.

“Please take your clothes off and sit on the side of the bed,” he said.

I watched myself—and him/her in the mirrors as I stripped. That was the thing I’d remembered the most about his bedroom from the other day. The mirrors. He had them everywhere. It had been arousing to me to see myself being fucked no matter how I turned my head. I assumed that the mirrors were there because he found it amusing as well. He wasn’t bad looking for an old guy and was a good cocksman—or so I thought, only having Tyler to compare him with. But I thought Tyler must be good at it as much as he was fucking me—and I knew he and my mom really went at it before she got too sick to enjoy it. And, surprising, Collins was as good at it as Tyler was, although he must be at least ten years older than Tyler.

We didn’t do it just like we had the first time. This time Mr. Collins spent more time in setting it up—and he had an extra fetish thing going with the lipstick. The color was something that rubbed off easily. Collins made a point of paying attention to nearly every inch of my body with his lips, and I could see that the lipstick was rubbing off on my skin. And he got up every once in a while and renewed it, so that it was always leaving fresh lip marks.

I found quickly that the panties had a slit in them in front, so that his cock came out without having to remove the panties. I sucked him and then he sucked me, being careful to leave distinctive lip-shaped red markings on my cock. He followed this up with lip attention to the rest of my body, and then he had me lay on my back on the edge of the bed, and he came between my thighs and fucked me to mutual ejaculations while we watched ourselves and each other in the mirrors. Although I had been worried about being able to get it up, the setting was so exotic and he was such an expert cocksman that I didn’t have any trouble at all. The mirrors helped too.

Afterward, Mr. Collins made me stand in front of a full-length mirror and he took photos of the artwork he’d done on my body with his ruby-red lips before he let me shower and gave me four twenties and told me to keep the change.

I had a pretty busy extracurricular activity schedule at school and on the baseball mound, but I did have Tuesday afternoons free, and Mr. Collins signed up for that time slot. He must have had quite a closet, because he was wearing a different set of lingerie each time—and a different shade of lipstick.

Tuesday’s must have been one of his set days with the gardener too, as he was always there, kneeling by the roses and giving me a little nod and smile when I mounted the porch stairs to Mr. Collins’s front door.

* * * *

I rather enjoyed the fucking with Mr. Collins, and it worried me that I did, but the money was too good to deny myself and put the brakes on this stuff. At $80 a week, my tin can in the storage shed was going to need company soon. I’d made it to late summer. One more year, my senior year, and I could just walk away from here—and with some serious cash in my pocket. I’d put it all behind me, or so I thought.

I was getting old enough now to accept that I was just fooling myself. I began to become obsessed with the women’s lingerie—and wondering about it in connection with my nights with Tyler. I have no idea what caused me to do it, but one afternoon, when rain had wiped out a baseball practice and Tyler wouldn’t be home for hours, I stole into the master bedroom and started browsing through the drawers in my mother’s bureau. Tyler had done nothing about getting rid of her clothes.

I found her intimate lingerie in one of the lower drawers and I took a pair of black lace panties back to my bedroom and stripped and put them on and walked around the house for a half hour. It didn’t give me quite the thrill I thought it might, but just the idea of how I wanted it to make me feel made me hard.

And then Tyler went four nights without visiting my bedroom. I didn’t think he was doing this on purpose at the time, but now I think he did. Now I think he wanted me to take that last step. The first two nights I luxuriated in a full night’s sleep. The third night I couldn’t sleep and kept looking at my door, waiting for it to open and for Tyler to slip into the room and into my bed. On the four night I was in a stew, wondering what was wrong, why he wasn’t coming.

On the fifth night I could take it no longer. I padded out of bed, stripped off my sleeping shorts, and slipped on the black lace panties I’d purloined from my mother’s drawer.

Tyler was awake, on his back, no doubt waiting for me—although I didn’t know it at the time. I climbed onto the bed and straddled his pelvis. He laughed and pulled my face down to his and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I could feel his cock come alive. He moved his hands over my bare torso as we kissed and then down to my hips, and I felt the jerk in his cock and heard the low gasp when he learned I was wearing lace panties. He let me know he enjoyed that a lot—but he didn’t enjoy it so much that it prevented him from gripping the flimsy material covering my buttocks on both sides and rending it apart with a low ripping sound and then settling my channel on his cock through the slit he’d made.

He laid there, providing the ramrod, and smiling up into my face as I did all of the work, riding his cock in undulating waves. When he had shot his load up into me, he laughed his ultimate victory over me, the fulfillment of my conditioning.

Later, in my own room again, I couldn’t sleep. I had come in the panties in Tyler’s room and he’d kept them as a trophy, so I was in my sleeping shorts once more.

It had already rained once and then stopped, and I could hear the splatter of precursory rain drops once again on the window. They were promising quite a storm tonight.

I liked watching storms, and Tyler’s laugh at the conclusion of our sex had awakened me to what he had conditioned me to do—that final step of me coming to him, wanting it, and willing to do all of the work to get it. This depressed me, and for the first time I wondered if staying around to complete high school was going to be the end of it—whether I could break away from Tyler even after that. And, even more depressing, I was beginning to doubt if the high school diploma was the real reason I was staying around—whether I wasn’t completely under Tyler’s spell now.

I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed and took a Coke from the refrigerator and walked out onto the front porch, just in my sleeping shorts, to welcome the coming storm and to try to force my racing brain to be lost in watching the thunder and lightning show.

I had finished the Coke and gotten tired of waiting for the storm to arrive. I turned to go back into the house, but I was grabbed from behind and tossed out into the yard. I landed on the wet grass and someone was on my back, his knee in the small of my back, and my hands were pulled behind me and being tied off. A burlap sack was pulled over my head and I was roughly pulled up and frog marched across the yard, tossed into the back seat of a car, and, after doors slammed, the car was on the move.

I have no idea how long we drove; I was too stunned by the sudden assault to keep any sort of track, but the car eventually stopped after a particularly bumpy ride at the last. I could hear the pattering of rain on the metal roof. The storm was starting. I heard a door open at the front of the car—and slam shut—and then one of the doors to the rear seat opened, and I almost tumbled out of the car. Strong hands grabbed me, though, and lift and tossed me toward the other side of the car. Someone was in the back seat with me. His chest was pressing in on mine—he was bare-chested, so I knew it was a man, and heavy muscled and slick with sweat. I heard and felt the ripping of my sleeping shorts—and heavy breathing. Whoever it was was too agitated to just pull my pants off. I was wedged, facing up, in the back corner of the seat. The seat was wide and plush, I figured some older model car—something American and from the 60s, maybe.

Rough hands were forcing my thighs apart and raising my legs, and the man was between my legs, and I screamed as a cock far thicker than either Tyler’s or Mr. Collins’s split me and forced itself deep inside my channel and I was being furiously fucked. He bit into my nipple and I cried out in pain again. I began to sneeze from the dustiness of the sack over my head. I tried to suppress it, thinking, “No, please don’t take the sack off, please don’t take the sack off”—knowing that if he did I would see what he looked like. And if he didn’t care if I knew what he looked like, then . . .

I couldn’t suppress the sneezing, though, and also began to cough. And the sack was drawn off my head.

It was Mr. Collins’s gardener.

“Why?” I cried out.

He backhanded me across the face and growled, “Shut the fuck up.”

And I turned my head toward the window in the passenger door I was wedged up against and watched the storm roll over us. There was thunder and lightning aplenty, and it seemed like each clap of thunder and flash of lightning was accompanied by a ramrod splitting me asunder. Each time the thunder clapped, I lurched at the thrust of his cock inside me, each time thinking he couldn’t go further down inside me, widen my channel with his monster tool any wider, but, with each thunder clap, he did.

He fucked me with intense purpose and abandon, and I moaned and groaned at how much fuller and more intense his taking of me was than Tyler’s and Collins’s fuckings were. He wanted me and drilled me in ways they hadn’t done, moving deep inside me, relentlessly fucking, making me writhe and whimper and cry out, afraid of what came after this, and then, because he was at it so long and so deep, afraid that this was the last of me—fucked to death. I had ejaculated a long time before he exploded and fell on top of me, sweaty and panting. Holding me tight, his breathing becoming less ragged but his cock coming back to life inside me the longer he held me there.

The second fucking, in consort with the abating of the thunderstorm into a gentle rain, was slower, more methodic and longer, with his hands now searching my body more, as if assuring himself that I actually was here, that the snatch and furious fuck that went before were real, not just one of the longing wet dreams that had driven him to do this.

When he was finished, he covered my head with the sack again and went over the front seat back into the driver’s position while I whimpered, exhausted and taken as neither Tyler nor Mr. Collins had ever done with me.

We drove on for a half hour or more, and I sensed when we turned off asphalt and onto gravel and then, eventually onto dirt—probably mud now. The last quarter of a mile or more was on jarringly rough road.

I was bundled out of the car, across uneven dirt, and up onto a wooden porch—which I discern because I was barefooted, and then through a door which was closed behind us. I heard two bolts being thrown on the door and the scrape of a key in a lock. The sack was jerked off my head again.

He had prepared for me. This wasn’t a casual snatch. We were standing in a log cabin that was about twenty feet square. The windows were all shuttered from at least the inside. There was a double bed in one corner and chains were welded to the wall above the headboard. At the loose end of the chains were wrist clamps, and this was where the gardener herded me—over to the bed, where he pushed me down on my belly. He untied my binding and turned me over on my back on the bed and forcing my wrists into the wrist clamps. The chains attached to the walls were short, and I couldn’t move my hands below my shoulders as I lay on the bed.

The gardener stripped off his wet jeans and his briefs and came down on the bed, forcing his knees between my thighs and sliding them under my buttocks. Then he thrust his cock inside my channel again, and fucked me for a third time—long and hard, with animalistic noises like he’d been building up to do this for months and hadn’t had sex in the meantime.

He said nothing to me, didn’t answer my whimpered questions or respond to my pleadings. If he hadn’t told me to shut up in the car in half-decent English, I would have thought there was a language barrier between us. There certainly wasn’t any other barrier between us.

He got out of the bed and padded around turning off lights. I had only a brief opportunity to see what was there, while he was doing so. Just one room. A small kitchenette area over on the front wall by the door we’d come through. This bed was in one back corner and a raised tin square about three foot square was in the other back corner. A shower head was on the wall above this. A toilet was set in the wall at one side of the open shower square and a white porcelain sink on the other. Thus, the room was completely exposed. There was an old couch with the stuffing coming out. A small desk against the front wall, on the other side of the door from the kitchenette—with a laptop computer on it—a round wood table with three mismatched straight chairs in the center of the room, and an overstuffed chair that didn’t match the couch.

Just this one bed. When he’d turned out the lights, he came back to the bed and stretched beside me and almost instantly started to snore. It took me longer to go to sleep, and shortly after that, he was waking me again, turning me on my belly—with my chained arms crossed above me—and straddling my hips and fucking me again.

When I woke in the morning, he’d changed the chains. They were longer now, enough so that I could get out of the bed and stand and walk maybe three feet from the bed. There was a hunk of bread and a cup of cold coffee on the nightstand next to the bed and two tin bowls on the floor below that. One was about a third filled with water and there was a sponge floating in it. The other was empty and had a half of roll of toilet paper in it. I could pretty much tell what both of those bowls were for.

The gardener was pissing in the toilet on the other side of the room. He was still naked, as, of course, was I. I listened as he emptied his bladder in a long, steady stream going on for almost a minute.

I wolfed down the bread and drank the coffee as the gardener moved to the sink and brushed his teeth and shaved. He still looked like an Hispanic to me. But he had a well-worked body, muscles bulging on muscles, and his cock and balls were hanging heavy. He was taking side glances at me as I sat on the edge of the bed and chewed on the bread, and I could see that he was getting hard again.

So, I wasn’t surprised when he put his razor down when he’d only half shaved and came over and grabbed for my legs while I sat on the bed. I slapped at his hands as best I could and told him no as emphatically as I was able, but he just stunned me again with a backhanded slap across my face that snapped my head to one side, and roughly grabbed my legs, tipping me back on the bed, and crouched been my thighs and fucked me to his ejaculation.

When he was finished with me, he just left me there, my heels dug into the corners of the bed and my legs spread and trembling, and me moaning softly, and went back to his shaving. He took a shower, dressed in his gardening work clothes, and was gone for the rest of the day.

The first thing he did when he returned to the cabin that night was fuck me again. He obviously had been building up to this and looking forward to it for some time. After that, he usually didn’t do it more than once a day, but he never got tired of doing it.

When the first weekend came up, he brought out some red lace panties he had been keeping hidden somewhere, put a slit up the middle of them in back with a knife, and forced them over my legs. He then sat on the edge of the bed, forced me onto his lap and cock—through the slit in the panties—with me facing away from him and stroked my cock through the material of the panties until we both had come. He hung the torn panties with my cum in them on the bedpost, where they remained for a week. I now knew that he’d been peeping on me at Mr. Collins—and probably at my own house too while Tyler was fucking me.

And I now also knew what had prompted this elaborate scheme.

I stayed with Julio—for after the first few weeks I ascertained at least that much about him, that his name was Julio—for thirteen months. I knew it was thirteen months, because he had a calendar hanging above the desk and he delighted in marking off the days. He delighted even more in the first few weeks he held me captive in marking off each time he fucked me. And there were more of the latter marks than the former.

Slowly, over the initial months, he lengthened my chains in stages of trust. The longest addition, permitting me full access to the cabin so that I then could shower in the corner stall too and go to the toilet properly and have access to food and drink was the night I woke him up and straddled his cock and fucked myself on him. That was a watershed of him believing I wanted him now and that he’d won me over.

He took the shutters off the windows soon after that, and I discovered we were in the deep woods, with a clearing for a power line not far in front of the cabin and railroad tracks in back. I’d already ascertained that a train ran by somewhere near at three set times a day, as it was about the only sound of life outside the cabin I’d heard for two months at that point. It didn’t escape my notice either that the train ran slow in this section of the forest.

By that time I’d figured I was here for good—or at least until something drastic happened. No one had come for me; there was no hint that anyone was looking for me. And I thought that figured. I was over eighteen. The school system couldn’t touch me if I’d decided just to drop out. And Tyler wouldn’t come looking for me; he would just have figured that I’d had enough and had cleared out that night I disappeared. I had screamed obscenities at him the night I’d left—mad, frustrated, and angry that he’d tricked me into coming to his room on my own for the fuck and begging for the fuck—and taking all responsibility for it. Tyler would neither wonder at me leaving that night nor want anyone to look into my disappearance too closely.

So, I was on my own. And seeing the effect of initiating the fuck on Julio—which I had tried as an experiment—had given me hope of being able to work on his vanity. I was making use now of what Tyler had taught me in his conditioning—he had taught me to move from one frame of mind to another just by gradual reconditioning. In Julio’s case the method could still be sex, which Julio was obsessed with, but the goal would be developing a level of trust that would, I hoped, eventually set me free.

I made him believe I couldn’t get enough of his cock now—and I admitted even to myself that it was, indeed, a very nice cock. I went after him and gave him master head, something he’d never had done before, and more often than not I was initiating the sex—and complimenting him on what a great lover he was. I asked him to bring more lacy and silky panties, and we repeated the fetish that he seemed to enjoy so much.

Increasingly, he was giving me little freedoms and favors here and there. And I was showing appreciation for them and doing my best to convince him that I was here by choice now.

Then, purposely, I went into a blue funk. He, of course, asked me why, noticing that my end of the lovemaking had become lethargic. I told him I was bored—and wanted to use the Internet. He said that wasn’t possible. I cried and pouted and told him that I wanted to study—that I could complete my high school via the Internet by taking GED—general education diploma—classes on line. He told me he couldn’t really trust me alone on the Internet, and I said, he could use the keyboard and I’d just sit there and do the class work.

He wanted good sex again, so he gave in to me. I started working on a GED on line to complete my last year of high school—thinking that if nothing else in life I could try to fulfill the promise I’d made to my mother. And, in turn, I gave Julio great sex again.

After a month of acting as intermediary for my studies, Julio got bored and let me do the classes myself. I was careful to stick to only that on the Internet, though, as he tested me several times to make sure that was all I was doing. And I gave Julio really great sex, thinking of inventive positions that he’d never even dreamed of before.

I had him convinced in the first eight months that I couldn’t live without him, that all of the police in the state couldn’t close in on the cabin and pry me from his bed.

The chains came off completely. But I was still naked. Julio had never permitted me to wear a stitch of clothes. That was one hedge on me not going anywhere. He had locks on the doors of the drawers and closet he used for his clothes and he kept them all secure.

For a couple of more months he still locked me in the cabin and shuttered the windows, using the outside shutters, when he went to work. I gave him no reason to think I’d even thought about trying to escape, and I always had my legs open for him, begging for it, when he came home.

He was the world’s greatest stud. I couldn’t go five hours without a cocking by him and by him only. I made him believe that.

I had complete freedom of the cabin and its environs for a full month during which he laid many a scheme to catch any sign that I’d tried to leave him.

At the end of that month, I completely finished my online GED work. I went to a virtual graduation ceremony, without inviting Julio to it or telling him that I had finished the work—and had a graduation certificate waiting for me on line for whenever I wanted to download it.

The next day, a Tuesday, while Julio presumably was pruning Mr. Collins’s roses, I put on trousers and a T-shirt of Julio’s that I had kept out of the wash and Julio hadn’t noticed were missing when he’d locked his clothes away, dug the pair of old boots out from under the bed that Julio had thought he’d taken to the dump with other trash, and held my breath until I heard the whistle of the train somewhere down the track, where it blew its whistle three times a day at almost exactly the same time.

Well Andrea had her wedding, now comes the honeymoon. The girls go to Hawaii and have fun in the surf and sun.

We learn more about why these girls are so good for each other and Andrea has the problem of concealing her bulge on the beach…

After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was adjusting well to a life living with Jane’s lesbian lovers, now also my lovers. On a combined business trip and visit to my friends, Jane and I went to California where we ended up having fun with my employer Liz as well as Trish and Sandy, ending up with me sucking Trish’s dick. And later, despite my initial reservations, I took her dick inside me.

Later my sister Jill, who I had not seen for almost 2 years, came over in advance of the wedding along with her lesbian lover Ashley, and I ended up fucking and getting fucked by both of them. Just before the wedding I met Jane’s brother John and his girlfriend Ally and had my first experience with a man, as I did not consider Trish to be a man.

The wedding was the best day of my life, where I was finally married to the four beautiful women I had come to love so much Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, and they all loved me, we all loved each other. On the wedding night as we lay together I really felt that this was where I belonged, the bride of four beautiful brides.

Following the wedding we had had some beautiful presents which consisted of furniture and other items for the house and money for us to spend, but the real surprise was that Trish, Sandy and Liz had put together to pay off all our student loans, giving us a clean slate for our new life together.

I had been broke after paying for my treatments and surgeries for my transformation to Andrea, and had been supported by my ‘brides to be’ for my first year in the relationship, but this had changed after I received my first check in payment for my software development work for Liz and now I was in a very good position financially.

With money in the bank and more money to come from my continued work and software loyalties, I secretly organized a honeymoon to Hawaii for myself and my new brides, and so it was that in the morning at breakfast I announced the honeymoon to the other girls, handing them their tickets. We would leave for Hawaii a week after the girls broke up from University for the summer vacation.

On hearing the news, the girls were very happy and threw their hands around my neck hugging me. We all started talking about the clothes we would need and other things to prepare ourselves for our vacation, and decided that a trip to the mall was in order.

We had a list of things to buy. First the clothes including: skirts, thin blouses and tops, sundresses, sandals, T-shirts and thin panties and bras, Then there were things for the beach including: swimwear, cover ups, towels, flip-flops etc. Then other items for the sun such: as sunglasses and sun cream.

We had great fun in Victoria’s Secret, trying on various panty and bra sets of light cotton materials and as I watched my beautiful romantic partners with their beautiful features perfectly formed tits and incredible curves, my dick was continually hard, and it was not helped by the fact that we kept touching each other’s asses and tits.

I was getting worried that the young female shop assistant, who had introduced herself as Julie, would notice my bulge, because despite my gaff I was sure that my hardness was visible through the thin panties I was trying on. Attention was also drawn to our little group because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

I became aware that Julie was becoming fascinated by watching the way we kissed each other and touched each other’s tits and asses, also more and more her gaze kept drifting over to my crotch. Then Jane brazen as ever said, “Julie would you like to have some fun too? Do you want to feel my tit?”

Julie flushing with embarrassment swallowed and silently nodded, letting Jane take her hand and put it on her exposed tit. In the meantime Jenny put her hand on Julie’s covered tit and Chris felt her ass. On seeing this, my bulge became even more prominent and Julie noticed this.

Ann, who was standing close to me, said to Julie, “Andrea is very beautiful isn’t she.” Julie nodded.

Ann continued, “She also has a little secret. She has a dick.”

I saw the look of astonishment in Julie’s eyes as she tried to reconcile my having a dick with my beautiful female form. As she looked at me in wonder Ann asked her, “Would you like to see it Julie?”

Julie looking straight into my eyes with a look of pure desire whispered, “Yes.”

We all then bundled into the changing room which we had been using, and Ann removed my panties and gaff displaying my 7″ cock which now jutted out prominently.

On seeing this Julie let out a gasp, and said quietly, “It’s beautiful, she’s beautiful.”

Then Jane whispered to her, “You can touch it if you like.”

Julie responded by gingerly reaching her hand out towards my cock, she took my cock gently in her hand feeling it suddenly harden at her touch. Then as she became more comfortable with it Julie’s hand tightened about my dick until it became almost painful, causing a sharp intake of breath on my part.

Suddenly, now seeming to lose all her inhibitions and become much more daring, Julie said, “I want to feel her dick inside me.” At this point my lovers sat me down on a chair and removed Julie’s panties from under her skirt, and led her over towards me. Then Chris told Julie to position her pussy above my dick and Jenny grabbed my dick and rubbed it against Julie’s wet pussy, finally pushing me into her entrance and telling Julie to slide down onto me.

Julie slowly slid her pussy down my rock hard cock letting out a cry of joy as she did so. Then finally reaching the bottom, so that my dick was fully inside her, Julie said, “Shit, that feels sooooo good.”

Jane then started to kiss Julie as she rode up and down on me while Chris pulled out one of Julie’s tits and started to suck on it, and while they did this Julie grabbed hold of my left tit amazed at the idea of riding the dick of a beautiful girl.

Soon Julie started to cum from riding my dick but I remained hard inside her feeling the wonderful sensations of her pussy around my dick. She rode me to two more orgasms before I finally came inside her.

After resting on me with my softening dick still in her, Julie finally, rather reluctantly, let me out of her, pulling up her panties and fixed herself up a little. Before leaving the changing room Julie said, “Oh fuck, that felt so good, I will have to meet up with you girls again sometime soon.”

Jenny replied, “Well we would certainly like to see you again sometime soon.” And scribbling on a piece of paper she handed it to Julie saying, “Here is our phone number.”

After finally going to the till with our purchases, Julie rung up our purchases, and Ann said, “Thank you for taking care of us.”

To which Julie replied, “You’re welcome, it was my pleasure, really.”

After we had purchased some footwear and beach towels, we went and treated ourselves to new sunglasses including Ray Ban and Oakley. Then we went into a shop to purchase swimwear.

We all got ourselves some bikinis and some pretty one piece and I got a pretty black bikini and a red Baywatch style one piece. But we also decided that to avoid showing my bulge on the beach in the daytime I should wear a swimdress. “Remember the way Julie spotted there was something different about you wearing underwear,” Jane reminded me.

The girls pointed out to me that today many slim young women could be seen in swimdresses as there were some very attractive styles available today. We found an attractively styled navy blue swim dress and I tried it on. When I came out to show the others Jenny said, “Well there’s no possibility of you looking matronly in that, you look totally fuckable. Looking at myself in the mirror I had to agree with her. We then bought ourselves skirts and blouses, ending up buying my favorite, sundresses. I bought myself some beautiful short cotton sundresses in white, yellow and sky blue, and ogled my lovers while we all paraded in front of each other trying out different styles.

Finally after a full day of shopping we got back to our apartment and after getting a pizza delivered spent the evening putting on a fashion show for each other with our new purchases. It will probably come as no surprise that our impromptu fashion show finally disintegrated into a group orgy. Finally came the day when we were due to go on our honeymoon.

We took a minicab to the airport and after checking in and clearing security we were waiting at the gate for our flight. I noticed that all of the men and many of the women waiting for the flight were continually turning their gaze towards our group.

I was sipping my latte when Jane whispered in my ear, “I am sure people are not used to seeing so many beautiful girls together.” Myself and the other women in the family were already getting into the mood of the holiday and we were wearing sundresses which came to mid thigh, which accentuated our curves and unblemished flesh.

I myself was wearing the yellow sundress that I had bought for the trip which flared out around my hips and Jane next to me was wearing a white sundress which like mine came to mid thigh accentuating our long legs.

Soon we were able to board the aircraft and get seated for our flight, the flight to Hawaii would take several hours and we would have to entertain ourselves in the mean time.

It was dark and most people on the flight were sleeping when Jane, who was sitting next to me, got up to go to the bathroom. Leaning across she took my hand dragging me with her. Then she whispered that she would go to the bathroom and I was to follow her in a few moments later.

Fortunately nobody was waiting for the bathroom so Jane was able to enter and I could enter a few seconds later without either of us drawing attention to ourselves. Sliding the lock on the door, Jane pulled my panties aside and pulled my cock out from under my dress and started sucking on it her life depended on it.

Then when I was really hard, Jane pushed me down on the toilet seat and pushed my hard cock into her, shit it felt good. After a few minutes to let me get used to being inside me, Jane began to ride up and down on me whilst grabbing my tits in both hands.

Suddenly the aircraft hit severe turbulence bucking up and down like a toy in the wind, and this only served to intensify the experience for Jane and myself, Jane starting to cry out.

Then, not surprisingly the captain started announcing over the intercom for all passengers to be seated immediately as we had encountered severe turbulence, and soon an air hostess was knocking on the door telling the occupant to please vacate the bathroom and take their seat.

But Jane would not let me out of my position until she achieved orgasm, resulting in one of the most intense mutual orgasms I had ever had. By this time the air hostess was getting quite irate and her mood was not improved when Jane and I left the bathroom together, our makeup smudged and our hair in disarray.

She started to really berate us saying that our behavior was very bad and there would be consequences, but Jane said she would come back to the rear cabin with her and talk about it. I was only now beginning to notice that the air hostess was actually very pretty, a native Hawaiian.

So I went back to my seat and Jane went off with the angry air stewardess, and after about half an hour Jane finally came back to her seat, looking very pleased with herself.

“It’s all fixed,” Jane declared, “she won’t make a report or anything.”

“So how did you manage that,” I replied.

“Well I went back with her all apologetic, when I began to notice she was looking at my breasts,” said Jane, “so I took her hand and put it to my breast allowing her to feel it.”

Jane continued, “Then I suggested we go back to her seat so we could continue our ‘conversation’ in private. Once we got there I took her hand and pulled it under my skirt allowing her to touch my pussy through my panties and soon I reciprocated reaching my hand under her skirt to feel her pussy and then we brought each other off like that, it was hot.”

“Finally I wrote down the hotel where we will be staying and gave her my name and we exchanged telephone numbers. We agreed to meet in a few days when she has a stopover so that she can have some fun with us. By the way she really wants to get it on with you as well Andrea, she thinks you’re cute.”

“Fuck Jane,” I said, “you are such a flirt.”

Jane couldn’t argue about that, “That’s me.” She said.

Finally we arrived at our destination and there was a complimentary vehicle to take us to the Hotel. The hotel I had booked was a 5 star hotel, and we had a honeymoon suite which was big enough for all 5 of us.

The porter took us, with all of our luggage, to the hotel room and we rewarded him handsomely with a $100 bill, but I guess that the thing that will stay in his memory was the unexpected kiss right on his lips that he received from Jane.

The hotel suite was very impressive, having a large balcony with a very impressive view of the beach, a lounge area, a walk in closet, a large bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub having a 5 person capacity, and a large bedroom with a large water bed which was easily big enough for all of us.

After unpacking we all got into swimming costumes as we were eager to get down to the beach. We grabbed some towels, put on our flip-flops and walked down to the beach which was attached to the hotel.

Jane was wearing a black bikini which really showed off her features to advantage and Jenny had a white one piece which came high up on her thighs, revealing her beautiful legs. Ann, bless her, decided to show solidarity with me wearing a very attractive bright red swimdress to contrast my navy blue swimdress and Chris was wearing a green yellow bikini which nicely emphasized her tits.

We found ourselves a spot on the beach and immediately started applying sun lotion to each other. I, with some training in massage was in demand, and Jenny was quick to ask me to cover her supple body with her rippling yet very feminine body with the moisturizing sun lotion.

As I applied lotion to her Jenny exclaimed, “Ahhhh that feels sooo good,” as I rubbed the lotion into her back, her back being exposed with the swimsuit almost coming down to her ass at the back. When I turned Jenny round she almost got off on me rubbing sun lotion into the exposed parts of her tits.

After Jenny Jane was in need of my services, while Chris and Ann looked after each other. Jane lay on her front and untied the back of the top of her bikini so I could cover her back with sun lotion un obstructed. When she turned over she had me push my hands into her top to massage the lotion onto her tits. She claimed that it was to ensure she didn’t get burn lines at the edge of her bikini, but I am sure she was getting off on me massaging her tits.

Surprise, when it came to the bottom half of her bikini, Jane wanted me to push my hands under her bikini bottom, again claiming it was to avoid burn lines. I am sure she had a small orgasm while I was doing that.

When it was my turn Jenny and Jane attacked me with the lotion together, Jenny working on the top half, and Jane, working on the bottom. Pushing their hands under my swimdress as they massaged the lotion in they caused me to cum in the panties of my swimdress. Thank god the skirt covered up the evidence. Jane pulled her hand out of my swimdress with my cum dripping from her fingers and a look of triumph on her face, and the two girls giggled as they shared the cum from her fingers.

After lying on the beach for a while sunbathing we finally decided to take a dip in the sea and we all immersed ourselves in the relatively cool sea water. It felt great in the sea water, and Chris, Jenny and myself broke off from Jane and Ann who were already feeling each other up under the cool water.

Still able to stand we moved out into the breakers and while we stood there feeling the waves crashing against us I was suddenly surprised by Chris moving the panties of my swimdress to one side and pulling my dick out. Then just as quickly she removed the bottom part of her bikini, looping tucking them into my swimdress between my tits.

Suddenly Chris took my rapidly hardening member and pushed it into her pussy, causing me to gasp in surprise. It felt so good to me inside Chris, and then my pleasure was further increased by Jenny uncovering my left tit and starting to suck on it hard.

Then I felt Jenny’s fingers poking into my ass causing me to cry out, by this time Chris also had her fingers in Jenny’s pussy. So in this way, buffeted by the surf, Chris and Jenny came to orgasm several times before I finally blew my load inside Chris.

Later, back on the beach, we applied some more sun lotion and lay soaking up the sun, satiated form our earlier activity. I was thinking to myself that this was already the best holiday of my life, in fact ever since I had hooked up with these beautiful women all the time with them had been precious.

Finally we left the beach and returned back to the hotel where we had made reservations at one of the high quality restaurants.

We all changed for the evening, I selected a darling white sundress and showing off my long legs which were beginning to show a bit of tan, paired with white strappy sandals. Jane selected a short ruffled black skirt with a light pink blouse, Jenny, a light red sheath style dress, Chris was wearing light blue Capri pants with a short lilac top, showing her trim waist and belly button and Ann had on a black and white knee length skirt with a flower pattern strappy top.

When we arrived at the restaurant we all decided to order the same, we started with clam chowder followed by lobster, and finishing up with strawberry cheese cake and all of this was consumed with 6 bottles of white wine between us.

Returning to our suite a little tipsy we sat out on our balcony for a while chatting and enjoying the view. Then after a while we all decided to try out the large Jacuzzi tub, so we filled the tub, started the water jets, then all quickly removed out clothes and jumped in.

Initially we just sat luxuriating in the fast flowing warm water and continuing to chat but soon the chat deteriorated into saying what we wanted to do to each other, and soon we were feeling each other up with tits and asses all over the place.

At one point I was in Jenny’s ass with Jane sucking her tits and Jenny and Jane fingering each other, later I was in Ann’s pussy while she was bent over sucking Jenny’s tits while I was sucking Jane’s tits and she was sucking Chris’s tits, we were just all over the place.

When we finally got out of the Jacuzzi and dried ourselves off the fun then continued on the bed. Jenny and Jane both put on strapons and started to fuck the rest of us.

Jane immediately started to fuck Chris with her strapon and it was making me hard watching them together. Ann lay on her front and asked me to put my rock hard cock in her ass, then she had us roll over, my cock still in her ass and she was laying on top of me. Now she asked Jenny to fuck her with the dildo in her pussy while my cock was in her ass.

“Oh fuck,” screamed Ann, “it feels great being filled in my pussy and ass at the same time and rubbing tits with one Jenny while I can feel Andrea’s tits pressed against my back.”

Soon Ann was coming hard and Jenny wearing a double ended dildo also started to cum from fucking Ann. Finally after Ann had cum several times and Jenny twice, I eventually exploded in Ann’s ass.

Next Jane started fucking me up the ass while Jenny made me suck her rubber cock, while Chris and Ann got into a 69 position. Jane’s insistent fucking of me was pushing Jenny’s rubber cock deep into my throat almost causing me to gag, and I was loving the sensations.

Following her honeymoon life starts to assume more of a normal routine for Andrea, well as normal as you can get when you are a shemale t-girl in a family with 4 lesbians.

Kate finds a shy new boyfriend and asks Andrea for help with him.

But can Andrea’s idyllic lifestyle continue indefinitely, in this story things events take a nasty turn…


After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was adjusting well to a life living with Jane’s lesbian lovers, now also my lovers. On a combined business trip and visit to my friends, Jane and I went to California where we ended up having fun with my employer Liz as well as Trish and Sandy, ending up with me sucking Trish’s dick. And later, despite my initial reservations, I took her dick inside me.

Later my sister Jill, who I had not seen for almost 2 years, came over in advance of the wedding along with her lesbian lover Ashley, and I ended up fucking and getting fucked by both of them. Just before the wedding I met Jane’s brother John and his girlfriend Ally and had my first experience with a man, as I did not consider Trish to be a man.

The wedding was the best day of my life, where I was finally married to the four beautiful women I had come to love so much Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, and they all loved me, we all loved each other. On the wedding night as we lay together I really felt that this was where I belonged, the bride of four beautiful brides.

The honeymoon was wonderful, but when it was over all of us were looking forward to establishing some sort of normal routine as a legally joined family.

In my work on the new application for the Psynphone that I was doing for Liz, I had reached the point where we were ready to do a beta test on the product, and Liz had decided that a good place to conduct the beta test would be at our university campus so that I could supervise the application performance on a day to day basis.

All campus based students would be given the opportunity to participate in the test and if they agreed they would be given a free Psynphone along with an allocation of talk time and a monthly data allocation.

Liz had asked me to suggest a non-technical person to help me administer the test, who had to be a security minded person, given what would be some of the selling points of the new application, and I had suggested Jenny, who Liz had readily agreed to. Jenny was happy to take on this work as she would be handsomely rewarded for spending a few hours a week administering the tests.

So we had gathered the family together and Jenny was handing out the phones to each one of us. Then we were told to all strip off our tops, Jenny stripped off her own top as well. We could keep our bras on, much to Jane’s disappointment.

Then Jenny went round applying a small adhesive patch to each one of us, as close to the heart as possible, explaining what they were. “This is a tiny piece of miniaturized technology is a heart monitor and is designed to monitor stress and health levels as well as general heart condition. There is a blue tooth connection to the Psynphone.”

Jenny continued, “Andrea will explain how this monitor is used in the application.”

I continued, “The heart monitor serves two purposes, firstly for people who are at risk of heart attack or even those that are not known to be at risk, the Psynphone will automatically call an ambulance and notify designated contacts when certain characteristic heart rhythms are detected. The application will also allow hospitals to remotely monitor the heart monitor while an ambulance is on route so that paramedics will have up to date information on the person’s condition.

Secondly the monitor is also capable of detecting when the user is under high stress because they are being attacked or otherwise in severe distress, this will cause the Psynphone to automatically call the an ambulance and police as well as notifying designated contacts.”

At this point Jenny commented saying, “I think right now the last function is particularly important for us given recent news that 5 women have been violently raped in this area. And to this end I also want all of you to sign up for self defense classes just in case.”

After this I went on to explain the other features of the personal organizer features and social networking front end, explaining that each of us would complete a 15 minute survey at the end of each week documenting their experience in using the application.

Later that week Kate came to visit us and brought her new boyfriend with her, Allen, he like Kate was 18 years old. Allen appeared to be a very shy guy, which was surprising in a way given how outgoing Kate was. Jane and I could see that Kate really needed to talk so we excused ourselves saying we wanted Kate’s advice on fashion and retiring to the bedroom.

Immediately Jane asked Kate, “Did you fuck him yet.”

“No,” Kate replied, “I really want to, but he is shy and I really don’t want to screw it up with him as he is such a lovely person.”

“So,” asked Jane, “What is it you like so much about him?”

“He is so kind and considerate,” replied Kate, “I feel so safe with him, I feel that I can talk to him about anything and never be judged, I just wish he wasn’t so shy around me. It is like he is holding back, like he has some insecurity even with me, and that bugs me. I just want him to feel able to completely be himself with me whatever that might be.”

“Do you want me to talk to him?” I enquired, “Back when I was a guy I was quite shy, I didn’t feel secure, perhaps I can help him.”

“Would you,” replied Kate, “I would really appreciate that.” And with that she gave me a big hug throwing her hands about my neck.”

We, the family, invited Kate and Allen to spend the evening with us and after consuming food and quite a lot of alcohol, the girls were watching a program about makeovers for women that seemed to make Allen embarrassed for some reason. Noticing Allen’s discomfort I asked Allen if he would help me with the washing up, and he jumped at the opportunity.

Once we were in the kitchen I started chatting with Allen about Kate, saying what a wonderful person I thought she was. Allen was heartily agreeing with me saying how she was so easy to speak to and so friendly.

As we talked I noticed that many of Allen’s movements had a feminine appearance being very attuned to such things myself. And as we made small talk I observed that Allen was not very interested in ‘manly’ things, knowing what I knew about Kate I began to understand why she might be attracted to Allen.

So I said very casually, “So have you fucked Kate yet?”

In response to my question Allen’s face became as red as a beetroot, he floundered a little, obviously taken back by the directness of my question. I could see that he was struggling to hide his anger at me for asking such a direct question but he simply whispered his answer, “No.”

Explaining myself somewhat I continued, “Because Kate is a very spontaneous person, I am sure she wants you to fuck her, she must have dropped you many subtle hints and some not so subtle at all.”

“Well yes,” Allen replied, “she often invites me in for coffee after we go out, but I am always making excuses saying I have to leave. One time she really got mad at me so I agreed to stay for a few minutes, but when she started touching me a lot I made an excuse again saying I had to leave.”

“Don’t you like Kate?” I asked, “Don’t you find her attractive? Don’t you want to fuck her?” Knowing as I said these things that there was nothing that Allen wanted more than to make love to Kate.

Allen replied, “Kate is the greatest person I ever met, she is incredibly attractive, and I would love to fuck her, as you put it.”

Some of his anger was beginning to show as he said these last words. This was exactly the reaction I wanted, it was only by him really getting in touch with his suppressed feelings that he would do what he desired to do as far as Kate was concerned.

Allen continued, “It’s just that I am afraid that I will fuck things up between us, Kate and I that is? I have no experience sexually, I’m afraid she will not want to see me again.”

Suddenly my tone became a bit harder as I said to Allen, “You expect me to believe that?” Then after leaving a dramatic pause I continued, “Sure you probably tell yourself that you are worried about your performance so you don’t have to think about what might follow, but there is more to it isn’t there. I doubt at your age you have problems getting an erection and you probably whack yourself off at least twice a day, probably five or more times.” Allen’s skin reddened as I said this.

“You know what a kind and accepting person Kate is.” I continued relentlessly, “You know that she would be patient with you because you know how much she wants you.”

“There is something else isn’t there?” I said sternly, for the first time worrying if I was pushing the poor boy too far.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, Allen broke down and started to cry, and all I wanted to do was comfort him, so I put my arms around him allowing him to cry onto my warm breast. He felt reassured by my warmth and after letting him cry for a while I took his head in my hands wiping his long hair away from his eyes.”

Then suddenly I gave Allen a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Allen, whatever it is you can trust me.” And as Allen looked back at me he could see the sincerity in my eyes, so suddenly he confessed what he had been hiding.

“When I am alone I like to wear women’s clothes.” Allen said.

“Knew it,” I said to myself, all the feminine gestures, not being preoccupied with things that interested most men, his sensitive emotional characteristics all made sense now.

As he finally said it, he looked frightened, almost as if he expected me to react with disgust or worse laugh at him, this, only moments after he had been sure he could trust me.

I said, “And you feel ashamed of yourself for this?”

“Yes,” Allen replied, “I mean it isn’t normal is it?”

“What is normal,” I came back, “normal is a very relative term. So do you want to stop it?” I continued.

“Yes,” Allen replied earnestly, “particularly now I am seeing Kate, but it is hopeless. I have tried to stop it in the past, but I always start doing it again, sometimes I feel most at home when I am dressed as female, it’s hopeless, I’m hopeless.”

Again he started crying and I pulled him back against my warm breast finding the feeling of his warm tears on my breast was producing nurturing feelings, and surprisingly erotic feelings, I guess it was just the effect of him being vulnerable with me.

“You know what I think?” I asked.

“What?” Allen replied.

“I think that Kate would be really pissed at you if you tried to suppress this side of you. It is part of you and helps make you the caring, sensitive, emotional person that you are, the person that Kate loves.” I continued.

“You think so? Allen asked.

“I know so,” I replied, “I think there is something you should know,” I continued, “I am a T-girl myself, a shemale.”

I could see the idea was not sinking in, so I made it as clear as possible, “I’ve got a dick.”

“B-b-but, that’s impossible,” Allen replied, “You must be winding me up, nobody could look more womanly than you.”

With that I pulled my panties down and lifted my skirt, saying, “Satisfied,” as Allen looked at my semi-hard cock.

“You know,” Allen said, “even when I see your dick clearly displayed I cannot think of you as anything other than female, but I guess you have heard that before.”

“Oh all the time,” I said.

“Look,” I said, “I happen to know for a fact that Kate doesn’t have any problems with a guy who has a feminine side, quite the opposite in fact. When I come to think about it, it was probably subconsciously picking up on the fact that you had a feminine side that drew her to you in the first place.

But right now you first need to concentrate on accepting yourself and becoming comfortable with who you are in your feminine form and I can help you there, but you have to trust me completely, what do you say about us meeting up together in a few days so I can help you explore your feminine side.”

“Thanks,” said Allen, “I would really appreciate that.”

I noticed that Allen was already looking much more self confident, and after we returned to the girls to playful banter about what we may have been up to together, Allen sat next to Kate and I could see that his whole attitude with her was much more confident. He was more outgoing and even rested his hand on her leg when they spoke.

Kate had a big grin on her face, she looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

That night as Kate and Allen left us, Kate whispered in my ear, “I don’t know what you said, but thank you.” She squeezed my hand as she said it.

I whispered back, “The best is yet to come, believe me.”

So it was that Allen arranged to meet up with me later that week in our apartment.

When I answered the door, the other girls were out at university except for Jane who did not have classes that day. Jane was at a local café, nearby waiting for my call.

As I led Allen to the bedroom he looked a bit pensive, so I started with some general chat to put him at his ease.

“So how has it been with Kate?” I asked.

“Great,” replied Allen, “since I opened up to you about my cross dressing, I feel I can be much more myself with her. We even kissed one time, and I touch her we hug and stuff all the time now.”

“Did you guys made love yet?” I inquired.

“No not yet,” replied Allen, “I think she wants it, but I keep putting her off before things go too far. I want, I want…”

“You want to feel more comfortable with yourself before you take the next step with her.” I supplied.

“Yes,” Allen said. “I want to explore who I am more.”

“Well you have come to just the right place,” I said, “that is exactly what we are going to do.”

“So,” Allen inquired, “How are we going to go about this? How do we proceed?”

“Well,” I replied, “You are going to meet your alter ego, the side of yourself that you have been suppressing for so long, and first that means taking a long bath, so you can smell sweet and remove all that body hair, not that you have much to speak of.”

So it was that I got Allen to strip naked and get in the bath, to put him more at his ease, I just put on a short bathrobe myself, I chuckled to myself when I noticed Allen’s dick hardening as he saw me in just my short robe.

As Allen bathed and applied the hair removal cream, I sprung my surprise on him.

“Look Allen,” I said, “transforming you will take quite some work, and it would go much more quickly if somebody could help me with you.”

Suddenly Allen looked frightened, “I-I’m not sure about that, I feel safe with you, but somebody else, I’m not sure I could do it.”

At this point I replied sternly, “You said you would trust me completely, and besides you are going to have to tell other people about this sometime, Kate will have to know for example, being open about who you are with people you can trust is very important in the process of self acceptance, the sooner you start the better.”

“OK,” Allen replied, “If you vouch for this person.”

“Don’t worry, I trust her implicitly.” I said. “So it’s ok if I have her come along?” I reiterated. It was important that he felt happy about me bringing somebody else in to help with his transformation.

“Yes.” Allen replied.

On Allen’s confirmation, I called Jane, “It’s ok to come now.”

Jane arrived more quickly than I would have thought possible, eager to help in the transformation, quickly enough to catch Allen while he was naked, just getting out of the bath.

“OOOh,” said Jane always direct, “You do have a nice bod Allen, and you look sooo good with that smooth hairless skin, your skin is so supple and soft, just like a woman, but oh my you have a lovely cock, I’m sure that would feel lovely inside me.”

At Jane’s words Allen reddened and he quickly grabbed for a towel to cover his private parts.

After rubbing himself down with a towel I passed Allen a short bath robe like the one I was wearing, and so as not to look out of place Jane also put on a similar bath robe.

We sat Allen down on a chair and I got to work styling Allen’s long blond hair into a very feminine style while Jane gave him a manicure and a pedicure, painting his nails a bright red color.

I then went on to work on Allen’s face, working on his makeup while Jane went to select some clothes for him.

When I had finished with his face even he would have had trouble recognizing himself in the mirror.

Jane, knowing what we would be doing had thoughtfully gone out and bought some breast forms and a gaff for the transformation.

And as Jane was putting the breast forms in place with a mild adhesive, Allen became a little alarmed, “How permanent is this stuff?” He asked.

“Don’t worry,” replied Jane, “this glue is only temporary and there is a solvent to break it down when you want to remove the breasts.

As Allen put on a red panty and bra set that Jane had laid out for him I noticed that he was getting an erection even with the gaff he was wearing. Finally he slid into a pair of strappy shoes with 4 inch heels and Jane helped zip Allen into the tight fitting red minidress. It was only at this point that we let Allen see himself in the mirror.

As Allen looked at himself his Jaw dropped, he reached and touched himself on the breast, at first he even seemed unsure that he was looking at himself.

“Oh fuck, I’m beautiful,” said Allen, “thank you so much guys, I would never have believed I could look this good.”

Then he turned to Jane, “What do you think?”

Jane replied, “You look totally passable, no one would ever guess you were a guy looking at you. But then as you begin to get used to being like this you will start to realize that when you are like this you are not a guy, but rather a beautiful girl.”

At this I could see the pride in Allen’s face.

Jane continued, “You also look totally fuckable, I would fuck you right now if I didn’t know that you want Kate to be your first.”

This again caused Allen’s to turn red, but less so than before, he was beginning to become more confident and less embarrassed as time went by.

Jane continued, “But we can’t call you Allen anymore when you are like this, have you ever thought of a feminine name for yourself.”

“No,” replied Allen, “up till the day I confessed to Andrea, I was just completely ashamed of this aspect of me.”

“Well how about Alice,” Jane supplied, “it sounds similar to Allen so it would be easy for you to remember.”

“Alice,” Allen repeated, “I like that name, and I think it fits me, after today I certainly can identify with ‘Alice in Wonderland’.”

Now it was time for our next surprise for Allen/Alice.

“Well Alice,” Jane continued, “how would you like to come out to a lesbian bar with us?”

“L-Like this,” Allen replied very anxiously.

“Well at the bar I am thinking of, I don’t think they would take too kindly to you if you went as a guy,” said Jane, “and besides you will pass as a girl no problem, and if anybody did spot that you are a t-girl it wouldn’t be a problem as there are quite a few trannies who go to this bar and they are always welcome.”

Jane and I had discussed taking Allen, now Alice, out before hand, but I played along pretending the suggestion was new to me.

“Now wait a minute Jane,” I said, “Alice is still new to all this, it is her first day dressed and fully made up as a girl, and her first time ever dressed when she has not been alone, and you want to take her out like that. Aren’t you rushing things a bit.”

I could see that Allen/Alice was looking at me with relief, glad that I had stepped in on his/her behalf.

If you read Parts I, II, III, IV, & V jump to the text just after the stars.

As stated at the beginning of Part II, this would be best read as a series; however if this is your first look at the Sally’s series, the following summaries will provide enough background to begin here.

Summary—Part I

After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had hidden interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today’s sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally’s—a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim—a close friend of Olivia’s, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.

Summary—Part II

As we left, Kim asked if she could stop by Olivia’s after her shift at Sally’s. Olivia played a bit of a tease game before saying yes. She was sure if Kim should join us since this was our first plunge into erotic play together.

Olivia came from wealth and owned a country estate—appointed for kink. Our kink began with wet fun under a full moon in front of her villa. We left our clothes at the entrance as a sign for Kim. Inside Olivia was giving me a tour and had just finished with me in the ‘Flogging’ room– where using the tools of the trade I confessed my love of cock and anal sex.

A very important factor because Kim had just arrived…

Summary—Part III

Kim, Olivia, and I had torrid sex until the sun came up. It was an erotically wild evening since both Kim and I had cocks. Part III is wall to wall sex. It ends with a plan to meet at Sally’s that evening for the Thursday night bash.

Summary—Part IV

Olivia and I wake up to Anna. Anna and Friedrich are her lifestyle staff. Anna gives Olivia a morning orgasm which triggers her first pee of the day as both she and Anna release on me. We then shower and dress in fine intimates and apply enticing cosmetics. The rest of the day is spent by the pool in a wet foursome sharing all of our nectars.

Summary—Part V

After receiving Anna’s cleansing enemas and machine induced orgasms, we prep for Sally’s: Olivia was in rubber and I had a more fem look. Sally’s was jumping and I met Keith, a hunk of a man. By coincidence his wife, Kelly was with Olivia. We went to watch their action but took the long route and came across a torrid scene with Master, Madame and Nicole; leaving us hot and in need.


The end of Part IV….

Master continued to ejaculate. The long streams were now drips which he flicked onto Madame. A few final strokes and it was over. Nicole’s orgasmic contractions were so great she discharged both eggs onto the floor. Madame collapsed and lay quivering with Master’s cum covering a good portion of her torso.

Master stuffed his softening cock back into trousers and zipped it shut. He straightened his tie and the rest of his clothing. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a small key and unlocked Nicole’s handcuffs. He turned, picked up his glass and left.

Nicole moved slowly to the floor and crawled between Madame’s legs and up her torso. Along the way she used her tongue to scoop up Master’s cum. Nicole body slid over Madame’s and when their mouths came together, her tongue pushed Master’s cum into Madame’s wanton mouth.

Keith and I needed to find an empty booth quickly…

………… be continued…..


Sally’s Part VI

The small gathering of voyeurs who were watching the action began to disperse. However, I lingered with Keith a few minutes more. Nicole and Madame’s snowballing of Master’s cum was intensely hot. I knew the feeling, the taste, the smoothness of tongues moving between mouths and I wanted to experience it again—right then.

I blurted out “Let’s find a booth;” which was more of a command than a suggestion. My lust filled voice was louder than normal. I am not sure if it was subconscious or not, but it did catch the attention of Madame and Nicole.

Madame turned her head towards me and said, “Stay. Please join us in our booth.” The two women broke from their embrace and reached out to us; Nicole extending a hand to Keith and Madame’s hand to me. Our aroused state gave us no option but to accept. We took their hands.

Nicole led Keith to the far left side of the booth where Master sat a few minutes earlier. She wasted no time; pushing him onto the cushion and kneeling between his legs. Her hands began to unfasten his belt and pull down his fly. Her mouth still glistening with Master’s cum and Madame’s saliva hungrily devoured his cock once she freed it.

I was bit jealous because Keith’s dick was going to be mine. The look on his face told me it was too late as the naked Nicole buried her nose into his groin. His cock was down her throat and she wasn’t giving it back until it was empty.

Madame had other plans for me. Pushing me with her nakedness to the other side of the booth, her mouth and tongue found mine. The taste of Master still lingered and I lost myself in her passion. Madame’s hands began to fondle my puffy nipples, making me weak in the knees. Using one arm to hold me, she sucked my tongue and pinched my nipple between her nails. My moans filled her mouth.

Although I heard Keith’s moans from across the booth, my attention was completely on Madame’s actions.

With her own soft moan she broke from our kiss, holding me in her gaze. Both hands were again playing with my nipples as she began to speak. “When I saw you standing there with these puffy nipples pushing against your blouse and your pink heels jutting out, I knew I had to have you.” She affectionately squeezed them this time.

Her mouth went back to mine, kissing me with a passion and tenderness women innately posses. Allowing myself to melt into her, my feminine side took over. My cock was rock hard yet my mind had crossed over. I was becoming Madame’s lesbian lover.

Our hands roamed each other’s body; mine across her smooth skin and Madame’s over my blouse and jeans. Our eyes were closed; our mouths opening and closing, consuming each other as our tongues erotically melded. I could feel her nipples brush mine sending sparks up and down my spine. Her mound was rubbing against the leg of my jeans where the head of my cock was trapped.

Another pair of hands broke our trance. I looked up and saw a spent Keith trying to recover while a hungry Nicole was kneeling next to us, trying to remove my pants. Madame stepped back giving Nicole better access. As she pulled them down, my pink thigh highs and matching crotchless panties were exposed—as was my hardened seven inch shaft.

Nicole helped me shed my pants by removing my heels as I stepped out of the jeans and then placing them back on my feet. She tossed my pants on the bench next to her clothes. I was surprised—pleasantly by the way—as my cock was being ignored. Instead, Nicole let her hands caress my legs and ass while she stood.

Madame untied my blouse and unfastened the buttons as she whispered into my ear, “I am so horny and hot for you.”

Her tongue bathed the inside as her warm breathe surrounded it. The prolonged arousal was overpowering me. This had to be close to an out-of-body experience. Her fingers were now, skin on skin, with my swollen and wanton nipples.

Nicole’s mouth brushed against mine and I turned towards her opening mine with desire. She pushed her lips onto mine, swirling Keith’s cum into my mouth. Without hesitation I lapped the salty mixture from her tongue. Madame licked at our lips where some had leaked out.

Lowering her mouth to my nipples, she coated them with the captured essence. Her hands squeezed my chest to make my areolas and nipples bigger. Sucking and biting them drove me wild with desire. I needed more.

Taking my hand, Madame placed it on her dripping pussy. My fingers began to crawl over her lips combing and colleting her juice and rubbing it across her clit. Madame let out a moan and stood upright, arching her mound onto my hand; losing herself in the pleasure.

With our mouths still entwined Nicole guided me to my knees in front of Madame. Softly she turned my head to Madame’s box. My mouth willingly covered the front of her mound and the upper part her lips, capturing her clit in the process.

Licking and sucking all around it caused Madame to shudder with a mini-orgasm. Grasping my hair, Madame wildly took a step back throwing herself on the bench. Opening her legs as wide possible, she jammed my mouth back onto her pussy

I was on my hands and knees lapping Madame’s beautifully smooth cunt, savoring her thick dripping nectar. Two hands spread ass cheeks apart and a warm mouth went over my anus. While I sucked Madame’s folds, a tongue coated and probed my bud. I assumed it to be Nicole until her body slithered between my open legs and her mouth found my cock.

In a lustful daze I looked around. Keith had rebounded and was stroking his cock back to life. Others had joined us in the booth. I saw three people, one being Olivia. The tall small breasted bartender dressed as the Indian princess was there along with another woman who had to be Kelly. But who was working my ass if Nicole was sucking me?

Turning, I saw Kim’s face buried between my cheeks. As I learned later, the staff gets one hour play breaks on special nights and they came to find me—find me they did indeed.

The others joined in. Kelly took Madame with a deep French kiss; caressing her flat chest and nipples. The Indian princess and Olivia stood on each side of Madame and were slowly masturbating. They began to rake my back with the nails of their free hand.

My mouth went back to Madame’s hole. I licked her every nook and cranny. Her moans were muffled by Kelly’s mouth. She drove her grinding hips harder over my face. Olivia and the princess’ pussies were beginning to squish as their frigging built. With Nicole sucking and stroking my cock for all it had, I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer.

Kim’s mouth left my ass and was replaced with the tip of her cock. Oh yes, I wanted this and relaxed my asshole. The tip of her shaft easily slipped into my clean passage and Kim wasted no time pushing it completely up my ass. I was going over the edge as Kim began to fuck, her cock gliding over my gland.

The booth filled with moaning and panting as one orgasm set off another. Olivia and the princess’ cunts exploded, showering my head, Madame’s pussy, and each other with their nectars. This sent Madame into the throws and she began a series of contractions shooting waves of her juice into my mouth, much akin to a man’s orgasm.

Kim blasted her white goo up my brown passage. I could feel the warmth splash against my walls. With a loud groan I lost all control and emptied myself into Nicole’s hot and wanton mouth. I wasn’t sure if Nicole came or not because for the first time in my life, I actually passed out after an orgasm. I have no idea how long I was gone.

When I came to, everyone was sitting around me softly caressing my body which was still clad in my stockings and panties. They were all smiling knowing how intense my orgasm was. With gentle hugs and kisses they welcomed me back.

Keith showed up with a tray of drinks—a great idea and much needed. I was moving rather slowly, sitting on the floor leaning on the seat and Nicole. Savoring our drinks, an easy conversation ensued. I learned Madame’s name was Trisha and as I suspected, she was Nicole’s mother and Master (Jim) was her father. They said he was lost somewhere in the crowd. They were old friends of Olivia’s.

Lying above me on the cushion, Kelly introduced herself by giving me with a gentle kiss on the top of my head and a slight pinch of my nipples. I loved it and my cock jumped thanks to the Viagra. The Indian princess was Catherine, but she went by Cat.

We recounted the scene and how it all transpired. Olivia said it sounded so hot and was disappointed she missed it. Trisha mentioned there was always Saturday and one never knows what they will dream up by then. Kelly looked at Keith and told him they were invited to ‘Olivia and Brad’s Party’ on Saturday. It made me feel good to be included so quickly into Olivia’s world.

It was nearly midnight and Keith and Kelly needed to get home as they had younger kids. Kim and Cat needed to get back and Olivia asked Kim to make sure Kelly picked up their invite before they left. We all exchanged kisses and I copped a feel of Keith’s shaft. It was a bit of a let down not getting to suck him, but as Trisha just said, there is always Saturday and one never knows.

Olivia, Trisha and Nicole said they’d help ‘put me back together.’ We went into the ladies lounge—no one cared. It was very large. There were people showering and others tending to other needs. We just washed our faces, used the bidet and dried off. Sally’s even provided stacks of towels for such events.

I could see the three women talking as I reapplied my make up. Trisha asked if I would like to make a little adjustment to my outfit. She walked over with Nicole’s short pleated skirt, commenting on how it would compliment my legs, heels and stockings while giving me the look of an (not so) innocent school girl. Nicole was already in my jeans and looked pretty good. Thank god I was thin.

Even though I wore stockings and panties all the time, this was a first for me and I found it very exciting. Wearing the short skirt rejuvenated the tingle in my groin. Knowing my cock was swinging freely in crotchless panties was heady. After retying my blouse and making a few touch ups, the ladies told me I looked hot. I was ready for more.

Olivia took me by the hand and asked if I would stay with her for the rest of the evening telling me it was going to be very special. I smiled saying I’d like nothing more. We left the lounge area with the look of a rubber skirted dom and her tartish sub.

Our first stop was to our booth. Although the crowd had thinned, those who remained were engaged in various activities, giving the atmosphere a more erotic feel; something had changed. The music had turned seductive; movements were more clandestine; and moans of passion broke through from random directions. Olivia said only the ‘true followers’ were left. It sounded a bit odd but I didn’t give it a second thought based on the past twenty-four hours,

Olivia asked me to have Kim make two ‘specials’ for us as she needed to pick something up from a friend she saw. I smiled my okay and made sure my ass swayed as I went to the bar. When Kim saw me she gave me a wanton look. She already had the drinks prepared. Leaning in for a kiss as payment for the small shots, she told me to enjoy—”for tonight is going to be very special.”

I returned to the booth and Olivia was waiting. We toasted in a rather pagan way as she entwined our arms while we drank. Olivia then turned and took something from the cushion. It was a collar and she fastened it around my neck. Using the small leash clipped onto the front, Olivia led me onto the empty dance floor.

“The Principles of Lust” by Enigma began to fill the room. Only Olivia and I danced but all around us people were watching. Olivia’s style was slow, seductive, and in rhythm to the music. As we moved she used the leash to lewdly pull my mouth onto hers for a wild, impassioned kiss. Our display of exhibitionism was becoming hotter. There was a definite charge in the air. I was very turned on by the stares from the crowd.

Olivia then pulled me into her pressing her torso against my back. She began to ‘fuck me’ to the beat of the music while her hands roamed my breasts and crotch. All eyes were on us and the crowd started to close around us.

My excitement was showing as I ground my ass into Olivia’s rubber clad pussy. Taking hold of the front of my skirt Olivia began stroking my cock with it. It was as hard as ever. Olivia momentarily released it and gestured to the crowd to join us.

Men and women started moving towards us in various seductive and erotic forms of dance. Bodies pressed into us. Hands groped my cock and Olivia’s ass. Random mouths would encase ours for a brief but steamy exchange of tongues. Each pinch of my nipples made me harder, hornier, and my movements more suggestive. I didn’t know if it was the ‘special drink’ or me, but lust was now in command.

At the end of the song Olivia took hold of the leash and spun me around. Speaking slowly but with total control she said, “It’s time.” Her eyes were spell-binding as she held the leash tightly near the collar. She gave the crowd a look, turned, and pulled me off the floor towards our booth.

The music remained intoxicating with low tribal drumming and chants. The lights in our booth were on high. A woman wearing a richly dark, feathered mask was removing her clothes. As we approached I saw a flogger on the seat cushion. People had gathered around the booth as the seductress stepped from her clothing.

Olivia led me into the booth. I was facing the woman as Olivia removed the collar and tossed it onto cushion behind me. She kissed me deeply, biting my tongue and digging her nails sharply into my back.

It ended abruptly. Olivia walked behind me and pressed her body into my back. Her hands began to roughly fondle my nipples while she spoke slowly into my ear, “Tonight is the first of three rituals which will bind us together as one. Do you accept?”

Both of us knew the answer. We had already pledged ourselves to each other and whatever it took to become one with Olivia was my desire. I shook my head as I whispered, “Yes.”

“Then repeat after me so the Priestess and all gathered can hear your words” Olivia went on. As she spoke I repeated her words.

“Dear Priestess…” Olivia began to unbutton my blouse.

“My dearest Olivia Laraway has asked you here tonight to begin the binding ritual which will bring us together as one.” My blouse was now open and Olivia let it slip from my shoulders.

“My name is Brad Williams and I wish to be bound together with Ms. Laraway.” Olivia’s hands had removed the skirt and my panties. She was now rolling the stockings down my thighs.

“I ask you Dear Priestess to begin your binding ministrations.” My shoes and hose were gone. I stood naked before the Priestess.

The Priestess spoke calmly. “And what say you Ms. Laraway. Do you wish to be bound to Mr. Williams?”

Olivia stepped from behind me and said, “With my entire body, mind, heart and soul.” Her words sent a warm feeling through me. The sexual nature of her words and these acts kept my cock erect.

“Mr. Williams, remove Ms. Layaway’s clothing” the Priestess commanded in a steady voice.

I proceeded to remove Olivia’s garments in the same manner she removed mine. Her pussy was dripping through her crotchless rubber panties. I wanted to suck up every drop but the aura around us told me “No.”

Once naked the Priestess had us embrace–torso to torso. She instructed us to wrap our arms around one another as tightly as possible. We were to place our heads on each other’s shoulder and stay in that position until told otherwise. My cock was pressed into Olivia’s lower abdomen. We were so close I could feel her juices trickling down my thigh.

The Priestess circled us three times while reciting an incomprehensible chant. On the fourth circle, the straps from her flogger snapped across my back. It wasn’t overly painful but it still made me twitch. Olivia held me tighter. The flogger struck us time after time. Its blows were not punishing but rather stimulating.

My eyes opened the next morning and I was a being held in someone’s arms, I felt very safe and secure. For a second, until the cobwebs cleared, I thought it was Trent holding me in our bed in our cabin. Then I felt the soft breasts pressing into my back and I remembered where I was. I was sharing a bed with Anna, the daughter of the family we had dinner with last night. The memories of what happened came back to me and I tensed up, angry.

Anna was spooned up behind me and had her arm over my mid section. There was nothing erotic or romantic about it, just someone cuddling someone else. I felt myself start to relax; it was that movement in my muscles that caused Anna to stir.

“Hi,” she said sleepily.

“Hi yourself,” I responded.

“Sorry about that,” Anna said as she withdrew her arm, “I tend to do that in bed with anyone.”

“I am not complaining. It is a nice way to wake up.” I reassured her.

“Good,” Anna said looking sheepish, “how about breakfast?”

“Not yet, I need to get changed first.”

There was a knock on the door and Adam’s voice carried through the wood. “You decent?”

“No, but give us a minute to take our clothes off.” Anna said, laughing as she got up and unlocked the bedroom door.

Adam stepped in and carried a tray with a tea service on it.

“I hope you like tea Janie.” He said, pouring.

“Yes, in fact I prefer it.”

We sat on the bed and talked. Mostly we made plans for the day. We were at sea all day and would not dock until the next morning. Anna disappeared for a few minutes and returned saying that she tested my key and the door opened fine. Trent must have gone out.

“No,” Adam said, “I called the concierge and asked him to unlock it for you. I said that Trent must have flipped the lock by accident and locked you out.”

“Thank you for your discretion.” I told him colouring slightly.

“No problem. Now, why don’t you get changed and we can go get breakfast.”

“Great idea, but I need to work out before I eat.” I said. “I am determined to go back to school ready to start cheering again and this cruise food is not going to help that.”

“Good plan, in fact I will join you.” Anna said, and Adam nodded.

I slipped across the hall and into my cabin. Sure enough Trent was sawing logs in the bedroom. I tossed his tie on the dresser and grabbed my workout leotard, pink with white accents, my leggings, and white running shoes and headed for the fitness center. Adam and Anna were coming out the door at the same time, both wearing the same evil smiles.

There was a yoga class just starting and a Pilates’ class right after. Anna and I spent the next ninety minutes stretching and working our muscles, I occasionally shot glances at Adam as he went from the stationary bike to the fitness machines and then cooled down on the treadmill. I almost killed myself watching him on the bench press and upper body machines. As we were walking back to our rooms Anna told me of their plan to teach Trent a lesson about locking me out last night. It was wonderfully simple, yet infinitely devious. I agreed and we went into our cabins to shower and clean up and agreed to meet in the corridor in thirty minutes. Fortunately Trent was nowhere to be seen when I went to clean up.

True to their words, both Anna and Adam were waiting for me when I came out ready for breakfast. We made our way up to the Lido deck and the café there. Sure enough, we spotted Trent sitting alone at a table for four, looking like a vulture with a headache and nursing a cup of coffee. I got my breakfast, cereal and fruit, milk and yogurt and headed for the table. I dropped my tray loudly on the table and got a very dirty look once his head stopped ringing.

“Good morning Trent, isn’t it a beautiful day at sea?” I gushed all over him as I sat down at the opposite corner. He was against the window and I took the aisle seat. I got a grunt for a response.

“Did you have a good time last night? I did not see you after dinner.”


“Well the only reason I ask is that I spoke to Anna this morning and…” I was interrupted by another tray dropping even louder on the table. Adam had joined us and sat down next to me.

“Good morning my sweet,” he said as he leaned in and kissed me on mouth. No tongues were involved, but he spent the next minute or so pressing his lips to mine. I almost swooned.

“Good morning Adam.” I replied when he let me up for air. “Did you sleep well?”

“Not a wink, as you well know.” He responded grinning at me. “Morning Trent, you look like death warmed over, hard night?”

“Well as a matter of fact…” Trent whispered only to be interrupted by a third tray making even more noise.

“Good morning all.” Anna said cheerfully. She leaned over the table and kissed her brother, not the usual way a sister kisses a brother, but they did not get too out of hand. Then she turned to me. “Good morning Darling” and she kissed me. This girl could give lessons, she had me panting in seconds and I had to hold onto the table to keep from grabbing her. She pulled back only far enough to let Trent see our tongues entwined and then kissed me again. Anna broke the kiss and smiled as she sat down. “You taste just as sweet as last night. Hi Trent, feeling better?”

Trent sat there open mouthed and decidedly green. He looked like he was gonna feint and Anna pushed the last button that he had.

“You okay, you look a little pale. You should eat something. Here, I got you a plate.” She slid a dinner plate in front of him and I almost got sick looking at it. Anna had got him runny scrambled eggs, burnt toast, half cooked bacon and the coffee smelled as though it was used to clean the engines. Trent lasted all of five seconds before he jumped up and dashed to the door, holding a hand over his mouth. We all laughed and Anna picked up the plate and tossed the food away.

“That will keep him guessing, and teach him a lesson.” Adam said firmly. We all laughed and started to eat as the chair that Trent vacated was pulled back and Jason sat down looking stern. We looked up and saw that we were surrounded by parents.

“All right, what was that all about?” Jason demanded. “We saw your little display from across the room.”

Looking guilty, I explained about Trent locking me out last night. Anna told them of how he got drunk after seeing Adam and me going off after dinner. Adam piped in and finished the rest of the story, how he took me back to their room, I slept with Anna and he figured out a way to teach Trent a lesson. By the time we finished, there were smiles all around.

“Well, if that doesn’t get him off his high horse, then I will have to talk to him.” Jason said with a grin.

“No,” I said firmly. “This is between him and me. I don’t want anyone to say anything to him.”

“Are you sure,” Heather asked softly.

“Yes, if he won’t accept me as I am, then I will find someone who will.”

There were looks of confusion from Adam, Anna and their parents, so I launched into my pre-planned speech about wanting to remain a virgin. Kevin and Jennifer smiled approvingly and looked sharply at Anna, who promptly ignored them.

We finished breakfast and Mom grabbed me and dragged me off to the front of the ship. Jennifer had Anna in tow and Heather and Susan completed the party. Heather waved at Jason and said that we were having a girls’ day at sea and would see them at dinner. I started to protest, but Mom gave me a look and I stopped talking quickly. We ended up outside the ship’s theatre at the very front. The movement of the ship was much more pronounced here, anyone putting on a show would be hard pressed to keep their feet under them.

There was a table set up and a woman selling books about two to three inches thick. Mom walked right up and grabbed six. She handed her room card over and the lady ran it through before handing it back. Mom handed them out and we went directly into the theatre. We found seats about half way to the stage and Mom handed out the books.

They were filled with coupons for the stores all over the world. I asked Mom what was up and she said just wait and see. Since I could not get any more information and Anna seemed as lost as I was, we flipped through the books as the theatre filled around us. I stopped flipping and started reading and noticed that several of the coupons were for free items.

After about fifteen minutes a woman appeared on the stage, wearing the uniform of one of the ships staff. She introduced herself as the ships shopping consultant and for the next forty five minutes explained how and where to get the best items. Each port we were headed to had its own specific items to look for. One was for jewelry, one camera’s and electronics, one for alcohol. She gave us tips on how to shop, where to shop and where to avoid. She explained the books and how to get the most out of them, including all the free items from the ports we were going to. The book was good for a year and could be used anywhere in the world. It was more than worth the thirty dollars Mom paid.

We left the seminar talking about the stores and ports that we would be at starting the next day. We headed to the elevators and went up to our deck and to our cabins with instructions to change to bathing suits and be back in ten minutes. We all made the required time and headed to the pool on the deck above. We swam and hot tubbed for about an hour and then the Moms lead us down to the spa at the rear of the ship on the same deck.

We were welcomed with open arms and were whisked away to be completely pampered. We emerged about five hours later, massaged, facialed, manicured, pedicured, relaxed and hair done in time to return to our cabins to dress for dinner. I got the full body massage and a body wrap, the mud facial felt nasty, but did the job. I even got special nail polish that changed colour in sunlight.

Since this was a full day at sea, it was a formal dinner. I dressed in a strapless little black dress, with a beaded sweetheart neck line; no stockings and open toed knot sling back black four inch heels.

Anna wore a one shoulder little black dress with a rosette on the shoulder and a ruffled body. Her shoes were a platform sandal with a four inch heel. Susan wore a pleated waist rhinestone bow floor length gown in red with spaghetti straps. Mom was dressed in a one shoulder fitted floor length gown in dove grey. Heather was in a strapless pleated floor length brooch in white with matching heels. Jennifer had on a classic A-line mid length formal in blue. To say that we were all looking incredibly hot would be a classic understatement.

We took the elevator down to the promenade deck and headed through the casino to the main dining room. One the way through I found a token on the floor and fed it into a slot machine and pushed the button. I was about to keep on walking when the sirens went off. I thought that I was in trouble and was about to be busted for gambling under age, but I had just hit the jackpot. Mom stood beside me and made me wait while the manger came over and unlocked the machine. He checked the computer and announced that I had just won over five thousand dollars.

They took me to the cashier and tried to get me to put the money on my stateroom account, but seeing the trouble I was having with Trent, I wanted cash. They pushed, but I was firm, and they paid me out in cash. It took about twenty minutes to get everything sorted out and we were almost late for dinner.

We met the guys at our table, all of them looked delicious in their tuxedo’s, even Trent damn it. But we were seated attentively and ordered dinner. Shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, marinated chicken breast, and I begged off of desert, but the cheese cake looked absolutely divine. Adam was ever the gentleman, and he seemed surprised that we could have spent all day in the spa. The boys spent the day shooting hoops, skeet shooting and golf driving on the after deck. It sounded like fun, but I think we had the better day.

After dinner Adam led me up to the Sky Observation lounge. It was a clear night and you could feel the slight motion of the ship but we lay on the lounges provided and watched the stars go by. I had never seen a night sky so clear and dark before. We could see every star in the heavens, or so it seemed. It was very romantic and I couldn’t help but wish that I was sharing it with Trent.

Adam and I talked again about our goals and life plans. He was studying engineering and was looking at going into large civil projects, dams, highways, things like that. I told him that I was hoping to study photography and was waiting to hear from UCLA about going there. Adam said that I was certain to get in, which I thought was sweet, since he had not seen any of my work.

It was after one in the morning when Adam took me back to my cabin, this time the door was partial open, held that way by the security bolt. We went in and found Trent and Anna sitting at the table in the veranda, talking softly. We went over to them and I opened the sliding door to let them know that we were there.

Both were drinking sodas, I figured Trent learned his lesson the night before. Anna invited us to join them and we sat on the other two chairs and talked for another hour before Adam said that he was going to bed. Anna joined him and left me and Trent alone on the balcony.

“Trent, we need to talk.” I said softly.

“No, we don’t.” He replied tersely and headed back into our cabin. I followed him in, but he locked the bedroom door on me and I sat down on the sofa, getting ready to cry when the door opened and Trent reappeared in his shorts and made for the other sofa.

“I got the bed last night, so you can have it tonight. Sorry it won’t be as fun as last night with those two, but at least you can get caught up on your sleep. Goodnight.”

Trent rolled over onto his side facing the back of the couch and ignored me. I sat there for a few minutes, and then stood to go to bed.

“Trent, I still need to discuss this with you. I want to explain everything to you. But I need you to meet me at least half way and listen.”

He said nothing and I went into the bedroom, changed into my nightie, removed my vagina and went to bed. I made it a point to not lock the bedroom door. I spent the night staring at the ceiling and watching the waves out the window. By dawn I had got maybe two hour sleep and I was again on the balcony watching the sunrise. I was tempted to use the whirlpool, but decided against it. I heard the sliding door open behind me and Trent stood there dressed for the day, I was still in my nightie.

“Come in here, you must be frozen solid, you have been out here for over an hour.” He ordered, I wanted to tell him to stuff it, but I was cold. He led me into the sitting room and wrapped a blanket around me and proceeded to serve me the breakfast that he had ordered. We ate without speaking and by the time we finished, the tension in the room was reaching the breaking point.

“Janie,” Trent said finally, “I want to say something to you, but I have to say straight out with no interruptions.”

“Okay,” I replied meekly, I knew where this was going. He did not want anything to do with me.

“I need to apologize about how I have been acting and I don’t really know how.” My mouth dropped open and I almost said something, but Trent kept on talking.

“I have been mad at myself and been taking it out on you.” He continued. “Before I met you, I was the shallow, pathetic little rich boy that you see in all the movies. I won’t make excuses about why I was that way, but it is how I was. I had gotten used to being careful about people who wanted to be my friend, with Dad being so rich I got a lot of people toadying up to me to curry favor with Dad. I learned early how to use that against people and it worked at keeping people at arm’s length. My only true friend all these years has been Candy, she and I have been together since we were babies. Her Mom and mine went through school together.

“Anyway, I learned to use people and then dump them when I got what I wanted. Before we met, I was only interested in my car, football and getting laid. Then you strolled into my life. You are the first person I had ever met who treated me like you didn’t know who my parents were. I couldn’t get over the fact that you weren’t swooning all over me. I was actually nervous when I asked you out. I didn’t know what to do if you said no. No one ever turned me down for a date before and I was up all night worrying about what you would say.

“When you said yes, I thought my heart would burst. Then when I picked you up, you came down the stairs, you were a vision. I didn’t think I was good enough for you. Then you handled my parents like you had known them for years. Nothing fazed you. You were more of an adult than anyone I had ever met.

“Then we were dating officially and I saw how you treated everyone else, even the school nerds, you got Candy and that guy Kevin together, I realized just how wonderful you were.

“When you told me you wanted to remain a virgin I accepted it without question, because I couldn’t think of anything worse than taking that from you. You were always in control of every situation, so confident that it never occurred to me to try anything.

“When we were at the cottage and you came out in that bathing suit I was in shock. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as you were. Then you climbed into the hot tub and told me the truth and showed me that you were a guy. I didn’t know what to say or do. I lost it.

“I reacted only on instinct. I forgot what a wonderful person and lover you were and thought only of the stigma attached to having sex and being in love with a guy. It came as such a shock that I wasn’t thinking. I blamed you for the fact that you are who you are. I knew that I needed to get out of the cottage and think before I really did something stupid.

“When I was out driving around, I realized that it was the shock of what you had told me and shown me that had gotten to me. I understood why you lied to me, it makes sense, you didn’t want anyone to know that about you. Then when I got back your Mom and Susan were there and it seemed that they were mad at me for the way I reacted to the news and that just got me madder, so I attacked you and threatened to out you at school. Susan put me in my place about that, not that I would have really said anything.

“Then she hit me with the point about my sexual orientation and being a homophobe. That really stopped me and made me think. I realized that she was partially right. I was being a homophobe, even though neither of us is gay, bi maybe, but not gay, since you are a girl. After you left, I thought about her comments and spent the rest of the time at the cottage and since then really thinking about what happened on our dates and when we had sex.

“I loved the feel of your ass around my dick. I loved the feeling of you on top of me riding my cock till we both came. I loved the feeling of you sleeping next to me, waking up in the middle of the night to feel your warmth next to me. I even liked it when you shoved your finger up my ass or fed me my own cum. I think that was the biggest problem. The feeling that I should not have enjoyed that, which is what has been bothering me for the last few months.

“And then I saw you standing in the door of this cabin, looking beautiful, despite the shock of seeing me. I knew then that I loved you, and only you. I have been trying to get my courage up to tell you how I feel, but then you went off with Adam and I realized what I had lost, probably for ever. That is why I was so drunk the first night. I locked you out so that you would have an excuse to be with Adam and then I would be justified for how I felt. When I saw you the next morning and saw that the three of you spent the night together having sex, I was furious, and very hung over. I really did have to go be sick, but only because I had finally realized what I had lost.

This story is a transsexual fantasy.

It still amazes me when we consider the mysterious effects that occur at the subatomic level, and it has been suggested that matter itself can be morphed by subatomic effects. Quantum effects are still not really understood by scientists and maybe never will be, with new effects being discovered like super conductivity and super fluidity that the old Newtonian style cause and effect physics simply cannot explain.

All we can say with any certainty is that there are things in this universe which are beyond our understanding, maybe nothing is exactly as seems…


“Imagine starting to believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities. Imagine believing you deserve everything you want out of life. Imagine getting everything you want out of life.

Once you apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ everything is possible.”

My name is, or should I say was, James (now Jamie), and there I was, a 30 year old guy, who was a virgin, sharing a New York, rent controlled apartment with a 25 year old lesbian, Ashley, and she was a hot looking lesbian at that.

Ashley, although a lesbian had started to help me explore my feminine side, and it was becoming clearer to me with each passing day that Ashley was starting to fall in love with me as a woman.

I had mixed feelings about this because although from the moment I laid eyes on Ashley I fell for her, I felt that in the end our relationship could only ever be a disappointment to Ashley as I was not a biological woman.

Then in a surprise gesture Ashley had paid for a very expensive therapy for me called deblock therapy, and this therapy was supposed to help me realize my true potential.

Now it appeared that the result of deblock therapy was going to be fame and fortune way beyond my expectation and it was all happening so fast.

My launch as a major New York artist had been spectacular and at the same time I had been thrust onto the New York social scene mixing with celebrities and people in entertainment, due in large part to Annabel (my artistic agent) and her expert promotion of my inspired art.

My success also appeared to hinge on the fact that ever since the deblock therapy, my body, attitude and mannerisms were becoming ever more feminine, so much so that I was introduced to New York society as a beautiful woman in a lesbian relationship.

Suddenly I was stirred from my thoughts by Annabel, she was telling me that my interview and shoot for a major women’s magazine would be very important in helping my career as an aspiring artist and increasing my exposure to New York society.

The piece would focus primarily on me as a person and new artist. Some of my artwork would be displayed, but equally important would be a photo shoot of the beautiful Jamie in the high end fashion promoted by the magazine.

Annabel was enthusiastically saying, “When women read, this piece and see your picture in beautiful dresses, they will want to be like you, look like you and dress like you.”

So the next day I waited at the offices of the publisher of the Magazine, I was feeling a little nervous so I had brought Ashley along with me, also believing that she could help if I needed any help changing clothes. Obviously I did not want anybody to see my bulge.

Earlier that morning Ashley had spent a long time applying very little makeup and selecting casual clothes, I was wearing a flowery halter top with ruffles, light pink Capri pants that came half way up my calves and strappy white pumps with three inch heels.

I had asked Ashley why she took so much time over achieving what was a very casual look, and she explained that as the interview included a photo shoot, I would be dressed by the magazine’s wardrobe department in clothes by high end fashion designers, so there was no point in going dressed formally.

However the impression we needed to create was that even dressed informally I looked like a bomb, “We are trying to create the impression that you get out of bed and throw some clothes on and look impeccable.” She said.

“But that’s ludicrous,” I said, “nobody just casually throws on clothes and looks impeccable.”

“It’s all part of the game,” Ashley had said, “they know that you can’t just throw your clothes on and look perfect and they know that we know it, but the thought that subconsciously enters their minds is that if you spend that much time to look casual, how much time would you spend if you were dressing yourself formally, and that gets you respect.”

I thought for a moment about the effort that had gone into my formal presentation as an artist to the New York elite, the facial, manicure, pedicure, hair styling etc, all the trouble with clothes and jewelry and I started to see what Ashley meant.

“Sometimes it’s hard work being a woman isn’t it?” I had said.

“Yes it is,” Ashley had replied, “particularly when you are in the public spotlight like you are going to be.”

Before I left the house that morning I looked at myself in the full length mirror, “Well I certainly passed the fuckable test I told myself, I would definitely fuck me.”

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the arrival of a pretty 30 year old sub editor. “Good morning, you must be Ms Williams, the woman said, “My name is Joan.”

“Please call me Jamie,” I replied, “and this is my partner Ashley.”

“I must say Jamie,” said Joan, “my editor told me that you were beautiful, but in the flesh you are much more beautiful than she described, I can see why she wanted me to do a piece on you.”

Then Jamie looked over at Ashley, “You are very beautiful also, the two of you make a very beautiful couple.”

If I was not mistaken, I noticed a look of lust in Joan’s eyes. I was beginning to understand that Ashley and I often had this effect on women.

As expected my makeup was done by a professional makeup artist and the look was specifically designed to be photographed. My long platinum blond hair already looked good, so only a touchup was required.

Then Ashley helped me get into the first of the designer dresses, a sky blue summer dress with a belt and short pleated skirt. Ashley said I looked great and Joan certainly liked how I looked when I went for the photo session.

As the photo session proceeded, Joan, asked, “Is this your first photo shoot?”

To which I replied, “Yes, why do you ask?”

“Because you seem new to this, yet you seem almost like a model the way you can give us just what we want, you must be a natural.” said Joan.

Later I changed into a short strapless black minidress with a tulle skirt and shiny black pumps with 4 inch heels. The lust in the eyes of both Joan and Ashley was very clear.

I stayed in the black dress for the interview, where Joan asked me a few questions about my art and my life with Ashley. Then when the interview was over I was allowed to keep the black dress.

That night back at Annabel’s luxury apartment, when Annabel saw me in the short strapless dress with the sexy tulle skirt she said she wanted to fuck me, it was also clear that Ashley wanted to feel me up and have me eat her out, but I said, “Let’s eat first I’m starving.”

Later in the bedroom Annabel stripped me and threw me on the bed, and then stripped herself and impaled herself on my 7 inch dick. Ashley also stripped quickly and sat on my face, reaching down to grab my now well developed tits in her hands pinching my nipples firmly as I thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy.

“Oh Jamie your tits are so beautiful,” cried Ashley, followed by, “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh,” as I tongued her clit to bring her to orgasm.”

Annabel cried, “Hmmm, I just can’t get enough of this beautiful cock on a beautiful girl.” then biting her lip said, “Oh fuck I’m coming.”

Annabel and Ashley both came together but I stayed hard to give these beautiful women 3 more orgasms myself before coming very powerfully inside Annabel.

A few days later the piece about me came out in the women’s magazine.

Annabel was very pleased with the result, there was the written article but Annabel was more interested in the pictures. There were pictures of my art, pictures of me with Ashley and Annabel at my opening and finally a two page spread of me in the sundress and the evening dress.

“WOW,” Annabel enthused, “this is so good, and you look brilliant in those dresses Jamie. This is just the sort of incredible publicity that money just can’t buy, and the dress designers will be pleased also because you look just perfect in those dresses Jamie. It is definitely a WIN WIN situation.”

Over the next few days Annabel was working on promoting me in the art world and starting to prepare for my national tour in a few months time by getting me recognized at a national level. And while this was going on Ashley’s current season on Broadway was coming to an end.

It was during this period that Jeff’s twin brother Alex came to town. Not only did Alex look like Jeff, but also like Jeff he was a real gentleman and really knew how to treat a lady well.

One night Ashley, Annabel and I met up with Jackie, Jeff and his brother Alex at a night club, and the moment Alex was introduced to Annabel I saw there was a spark there. It was not surprising therefore to either Ashley or I when Annabel went off with Alex.

Both of us knew that Annabel, while she loved our threesome, was just biding time with us until she actually met a guy who was sensitive, gentle, secure in himself and manly. And if he was as similar to Jeff as he appeared to be then Alex appeared to have all these qualities. I mean even I was attracted to Alex a little just as I often found myself attracted to Jeff nowadays.

The real bombshell came when Annabel told us that she had been invited on a 2 month cruise by Alex and suddenly realizing that she might have met her soul mate in Alex, she accepted. That left Ashley and I alone together, it left me without anybody to fuck me and give me head, and more important as far as I was concerned it left Ashley without pussy.

Annabel was very quick to assure me that when she came back from the cruise she would have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming national tour of my art work, she even promised to get together with us from time to time for some sexy fun, but Ashley and I knew it would not be the same now that Alex was in her life.

After Annabel left for her cruise, for the first few days, Ashley and I were fine. Ashley was performing the last few nights of the run of her play. And with the money from selling some of my artwork plus Ashley’s advance for this run of her play, we moved into a new apartment with a view out over the harbor and splashed out on a new BMW.

Once we started to settle down to a routine however, and particularly after the closing night of the run of Ashley’s play, it became clear to me that Ashley was missing pussy. Don’t get me wrong Ashley loved me eating her out and sucking her tits, and she loved sucking my tits, but it wasn’t the same for her not being able to give pleasure to another women through her pussy.

The issue was exacerbated because both Ashley and I had stopped doing our waitress jobs because of the income we were making from selling my artwork and Ashley’s acting respectively. Also all the activity associated with the launching of my career and Ashley’s nightly performances had meant that we had simply not had the opportunity to continue waitressing. Now however with Ashley particularly having time on her hands, she had time to reflect on what she was missing by not having Annabel around.

One highlight was when we got really drunk one night with Jackie and Jeff and all went back to our apartment.

I fucked Jackie doggie style while she ate out Ashley, and then Jackie sucked me off while Ashley ate her out and all the time Jeff was jerking himself off watching us together. As before Jackie told Jeff to spray his cum all over my now C cup tits and again she licked Jeff’s cum off my tits, but this time she took my face in her hands and kissed me hard pushing some of Jeff’s cum into my mouth.

Now she lay down on the bed and got Jeff to lie down next to her. Jackie was really drunk and she suddenly said she wanted me to suck Jeff’s cock, she said she wanted to see me do it since the first time she had seen me with tits (at that time girlish A cup tits).

Then Jackie said, “What about you Jeff, are you ok with it?”

“I’d love it if Jamie sucked me,” he said, “I can’t think of her as anything other than a girl now anyway.”

I was saying, “I don’t know Jackie I feel a bit weird about it.”

Then Jackie said, “Ashley only gets to eat me out if you suck Jeff off.”

Then Ashley said, “Please Jamie I need this.”

There was no denying Ashley’s need and I really wanted her to have this, but I still hesitated.

Then Ashley said, “I’ll let you fuck me, when we are alone.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, was this Ashley saying this, my lesbian girlfriend, that she would let me put my dick in her. Then I thought that the following day she would try to get out of it, and I would let her of course, but right now I knew she was sincere and that indicated just how great her need must be.

I looked at Jeff, since my body had started to change I was finding him attractive, his 8 inch dick looked very beautiful to me right now in my drunken state. Gingerly I stretched my long tongue out towards the head of his dick.

Suddenly I was aware that Jackie and Ashley were still, they were looking at me in fascination.

The head of the dick felt smooth to my tongue, it was stiffening quickly, the sensation was interesting, but what was really turning me on was the way in which Ashley and Jackie were looking at what I was doing, the knowledge that what I was doing was turning them on.

Gently my tongue flicked around the head of Jeff’s dick before I finally took the tip in my mouth, I sucked slightly, causing Jeff to moan in pleasure. Raising my eyes to look at Jeff as I gently sucked his cock I saw that his eyes were closed, he was surrendering himself to the sensations I was giving him.

Flicking my eyes towards Ashley and Jackie, I could see that they were both biting their lips in concentration, so I impulsively sucked harder pulling Jeff’s dick further into my mouth causing both the girls to moan and Jeff to moan louder.

After sucking further and letting his dick out of my mouth a little and sucking again I soon got a rhythm started and as I did now Ashley aggressively started to bite and suck Jackie’s pussy, clearly watching me sucking Jeff was making her more aggressive, I don’t think I had ever seen her so turned on.

Then as I continued to suck off Jeff Ashley brought Jackie to a shuddering orgasm, I had never seen Jackie come so fast or so hard, I was sure a lot of it was because of seeing me suck Jeff.

Now Ashley and Jackie got into the 69 position and brought each other to mutual orgasms several times before Jeff finally announced her was going to cum.

Now Ashley and Jackie exhausted from their mutual activity split and I took the opportunity to wank Jeff until he came all over Jackie’s tits.

This time it was I who licked the cum off Jackie’s tits before giving her a long kiss where I pushed the cum into her mouth. As I did this, she took my rock solid dick and slid it into her, and it wasn’t long before I came. As I looked at Ashley while I fucked Jackie, I saw a look I had never seen in her eyes before. Did she want to be fucked?

After I had come inside Jackie, Ashley aggressively pulled me over towards her and thrust my face into her pussy hard, telling me to suck her clit and push my tongue inside her.

While I was doing this Jeff was fucking Jackie doggie style, and both Jackie and Ashley when they came, came very hard, and were shaking for minutes afterwards.

Finally Ashley pulled my head to her bosom, encouraging me to gently suckle her nipple, and like that we fell asleep.

The following morning Ashley prepared a special breakfast for me of omelet followed by Belgium waffles.

She said, “I want to let you know that I really appreciate what you did for me last night, sucking Jeff off so that Jackie would let me eat her out. I also want to let you know that seeing you suck him off was a real turn on for me, even though sucking dick is something that I would never do.

I guess somehow you doing that made you look so girly. You might have noticed how turned on I was by the way I ate Jackie out.”

Then Ashley continued, “When I promised that I would let you fuck me I meant it you know, but you have to promise you will trust me however weird things might get.”

“I trust you.” I replied, not knowing what she meant but knowing that I trusted Ashley implicitly.”

That day Ashley had her acting class and I was working on my latest piece of art. As I worked on my art I thought about what Ashley had said, what did she mean by, “However weird things might get.”

That night in bed I was particularly tender with Ashley, licking her body all over but paying particular attention to her tits, ass and pussy. She came a total of nine times and we fell asleep with Ashley suckling on my tit.

The following morning I woke up and tried to get up, but suddenly became aware that I was tied to the bed.

Looking around I found that I was on my back and my arms and legs appeared to be bound to the corners of the bed by rope, and a pillow had been pushed under my ass to lift it slightly.

“What the fuck,” I thought to myself. I assumed that it had to be Ashley, but why?

If realizing that I was tied up seemed strange however, this was nothing compared to what I saw next.

Ashley entered the room naked except for a large strapon dildo, it must have been at least 8 inches in length and very thick, and there was a piece that pushed against her clit so that she would also get stimulated when she used it on somebody, I realized that that somebody would be me.

Now Ashley opened a drawer and took out a tube of lubricant.

I looked at Ashley, my eyes questioning her but she said nothing. Quietly Ashley approached, and now she started to lube my ass up, I opened my mouth to speak but she put her finger to my lips telling me to keep quiet.

Now she started pushing one and two fingers into my ass and moving them around, surprisingly I found this stimulation quite nice, moaning slightly.

Now Ashley started to lube up her strapon dildo and as I looked at its girth I thought to myself that this rubberized dick was just too big for me.

Suddenly Ashley started pushing the massive dildo against the entrance to my ass hole and I was pleading with her asking, “Why are you doing this to me Ashley?” but Ashley just pushed harder.

Then with all Ashley’s applied pressure the head of the dildo entered my ass, and the pain was excruciating. Tears were rolling down my face and I was pleading desperately now saying, “Please take it out Ashley, it’s too big, it feels like it’s ripping me apart.”

But as Ashley continued to push ‘her’ plastic dick into me the pain was even greater for me and I noticed a look of lust on her face. This was a side I had never seen of Ashley before and it was frightening me.

Now the plastic monster was filling me completely and it hurt like hell, there was slight relief when she pulled it out a little but then she pushed it back in hard causing me to cry out in agony.

As Ashley fucked me it was clear that it was turning her on and the stimulation to her clit was causing her to respond sexually. She grabbed my tits hard as she fucked me and she was looking into my eyes saying, “Take it bitch.”

It was giving me a lot of pain and I was crying like a baby, Ashley knew I was in pain and yet she was clearly enjoying the sensation. Looking into her eyes I also saw anger as she pounded into me, and I was saying, “Why are you doing this to me Ashley?”

FINAL Chapter

Dressing as a woman in secret, how far would he go?


Once my manpussy stopped throbbing I decided to freshen up and have some more wine and enjoy the porn movies that were on the television I had ordered. The girls in the video were shoving this big double headed dildo into each other. They were eating each other out and were cuming over and over. They were making me horny again and the wine was going down so smooth.

I started felling brave again and getting a little tipsy and wanted to test my courage. I decided that I was going to take the chance and drive to the nearest liquor store and buy another bottle of wine dressed as CandyCane. I was hoping to be seen by someone, anyone and hopefully not laughed at.

I freshened up my makeup and put my red miniskirt back on and wiped the excess Vaseline off my manpussy that was making my butt cheeks slide too much. I even got a feminine pad and stuck it to my skirt just in case I leaked a little from my big dildo that had just fucked and gapped my ass so good. I was getting so nervous as I gathered my keys and wallet.

I stood at the door and took a deep breath and opened the door to the hallway and hurried to the nearest staircase which leads to the parking lot. As I started down the second set of stairs from the third floor, someone was coming up! I didn’t know where to turn or to stop so I just kept walking at a steady pace holding my breath.

As I approached the couple, a man and a woman, I hid my face under my wig hair but peaked out of my bangs as we started to pass. The man was a tall handsome European looking man in his mid 40′s and was talking sternly to the woman who he had by the arm. As we passed I noticed he looked directly at my face and actually turned a little to see more of me as we passed.

I was so afraid he was going to laugh but didn’t hear anything except his voice directed at the woman. After they were almost out of sight I looked back and caught him still looking at me. Oh my god, did he know I was a man? Did he think I was ugly? Did he think I was a hooker?

I must have looked very different than anyone else in the hotel and all I could think about was if he found me attractive or not and how big his dick was. I finally reached the door to exit the building and as I searched the parking lot for anyone else I realized I still was holding my breath and let out a huge sigh.

The coast was clear. I hurried to my car but felt a complete feeling of freedom walking in plain sight dressed as CandyCane, as a hooker, a little slut! The cool air rushing up my skirt and was so cool and soothing. So this is how a woman fells when she is outside in a skirt?

Mmmm, the breeze was cool on my face, my makeup, and it cooled the back of my neck. I could feel it going through my thin white blouse and was cooling me off all over my chest and shoulders.

Once I arrived at my truck and got in, I looked in the rear view mirror and started to check my makeup like my wife always does when she gets into the car. How funny I thought to myself. After I adjusted my skirt and got situated, I started the truck and headed to the liquor store I had been to earlier in the day. Would it be a guy or a girl at the window this time?

Please let him or her be nice and not make any comments that will embarrass me I thought. Once I arrived at the drive up, there was a car in front of me. I decided to remove cash and my ID from my wallet so the guy which I could see didn’t suspect I was a man if he saw my man wallet.

“Hello,” I said in as low a voice as I could, “could I have a bottle of Sangria in the green bottle, please?” The guy looked into my eyes, then the car, leaning out of the drive up window a little more than usual I imagined and said, “sure young lady, you partying alone? Can I see your ID?” Just then I hesitated with my ID card, it was a man on the picture, me!

Oh my god, what an idiot I thought to myself that instant and slowly handed it to him. He looked at the ID, looked at me and smiled from ear to ear and handed it back to me and said “$12.75 please” as he went to the wine cooler. Whew, he wasn’t going to make a big deal out of my ID not matching my face.

I handed him a $20.00 as he handed me the wine and I nervously waited for my change. He reached out and handed me my change and again he looked into the car and down at my shaved legs in my thigh high stilettos. I looked up at him right into his eyes to see his reaction and he gave me a little wink as I drove away. I did it! I did it! Someone finally saw me as CandyCane and I even got a wink from a man I thought to myself, WOW!

Now, after being seen I was getting even braver and decided before I go back to the hotel I wanted to drive around a bit and feel the freedom of just being a girl in a car driving down Main Street. It was exhilarating and it felt so good to have my bare butt cheeks on my heated seats and it was making me tingle all over again.

My stomach was feeling jittery again as I thought to myself, I just want a warm throbbing cock in my ass but how would I do that without exposing myself? As I drove around keeping my face semi-hidden, I could hear people talking at each intersection in their cars or radios playing music as we passed on the street with their windows down.

No one was making a big deal out of me dressed as a girl but, who knew I wasn’t? No one but me.

Once I arrived at the hotel I hurried across the parking lot and up to my room without anyone seeing me. I was very surprised that all the practice I had walking in heels at home I can actually walk pretty unnoticeable in my stiletto thigh high boots. They make me feel so sexy with the leather on my thighs.

Once in the building, I start up the stairs and notice something. Oh great, look up there on the ceiling, hall cameras. Great, now I’m being videoed entering a room that was rented to a man. I wonder if they will report this or not even notice? Oh well, I’m here and I’m ready for a glass of wine.

Once I got the wine unwrapped and poured, I sat with my legs crossed over my shaved sack and could feel the warmth from my balls creeping up my thighs again and my cock stating to twitch. I wondered if that guy at the drive up would fuck me as I sipped my wine. I wondered if he was gay and how big his cock was? I guess I’ll never feel that REAL feeling of a cock in my manpussy.

After having a few more glasses of wine I was feeling no pain and the porn movies were getting to be boring. I said to myself,”You know what Candy, let’s go to the lounge.” I bet its empty and I can just sit at a little table in the back and just relax listening to some music.

Did I have the courage? I was drunk enough.

I grabbed the glass of wine and tipped it up and drank it to the bottom. Then lifted the glass of my imaginary friend and said out loud “fine, then I’m leaving” and giggled as I went to relieve myself before going downstairs. As I sat on the toilet with my cock between my legs I started to realize what I was about to do.

I was going to have to show my ID card again if asked and possible be exposed. You know what, the worst that can happen is I don’t get served and I come back to my room and fuck myself again with my dildo.

Once I finished relieving myself, I wrapped a few wraps of toilet paper on my hand and reach between my legs and wiped my manpussy off and the tip of my cock, feeling just like a girl. I was feeling so feminine and girly and it was wonderful. I then touched up my lipstick and powdered my face and rechecked my eyeliner. I couldn’t resist the full length mirror again and stood there admiring myself one more time before the revel.

Was I nuts or plain desperate?

I think it was a combination of the wine and my desire to be seen and admired, or maybe the craving to have a hot real COCK in my ass. I just want to be told I’m beautiful, just once dressed as CandyCane.

Once I finished in the bathroom, I practiced walking back and forth in the room from one end to the other so I could see if I needed to work on my walk or if I looked to manly. I was amazed that I looked the part, walked the part, and actually didn’t look to manly in the outfit I was wearing. The blouse hung perfectly to hide my small belly and wide shoulders.

The thigh high boots hid my very muscular manly legs and the fingernail polish and fake nails feminized my hands and my makeup was perfect. I had finally mastered the art of makeup and even toned down the small wrinkles and small bags under my eyes to the point they weren’t even visible. Using different tones of makeup to lighten the deep areas and darken the areas I wanted highlighted, I was ready.

I grabbed my key card to the room, my ID card and some cash which I stuck in my bra and headed to the elevators. Once I arrived at the first floor, I could hear the music through the doors and took a deep breath and walked out of the elevator. I scanned the room quickly and saw the room was fairly empty except for three guys playing pool and a man in the back where I wanted to sit.

The bartender saw me as I walked to a dark table in the back; a few tables away from the man in the back that looked like he was having a mixed drink. Once I walked to the table I could feel the guys at the pool table looking at me as my heels made their clicking sound on the wooden floor. As I sat I crossed my legs and faced them.

A few of them were gesturing obscenely as most men do when a lady walks into a room.

I was feeling no pain. I was numb but getting wet and excited seeing all these cocks in one place. Was this going to be the night CandyCane was going to be fucked by a real man with a big fat cock?

The bartender walked over and asked what I was having and I said “a glass of sangria wine if you have it?” For a second he looked at me like he knew something and asked for my ID card. I got nervous and said I had forgotten it in my room and he said “oh you’re a guest, what room?” I said I was in “room 308″ and he said “no problem” and went for the wine, whew!

No ID needed and no embarrassment in front of all these guys. I was starting to feel good about the situation.

Once I got my wine I noticed that the guys at the pool table were drunk and one of them started to approach me. I turned away from him as he stepped closer and asked if I wanted to join him and his friends. I slowly raised my eyes to him and said “I’d rather be alone if you don’t mind” and sipped my wine again. He was persistent and continued to get closer to me which was making me real nervous.

Just then the gentleman who was seated a few tables away got up from his table and said “the lady’s with me” and sat at my table!

I was in utter shock. It was the man from the hallway. He was gorgeous and had the most piercing blue eyes and perfect kissable lips. I looked up at him and said “Thank You.” He looked up at the man who was still standing there and he took the hint and walked back to his friends who laughed at him once he was back at the tables.

I sat staring at this hunk of a man and slowly his gaze reached mine and we were staring at each other. I finally blinked and he said “are you really alone?” I cleared my throat, took a tiny sip of wine I thought, and squeaked out a “yes” and asked “if he was alone as well?” He said he was for the night and put his hand on top of mine.

I almost screamed with fright, joy, delight. His hand was heavy and warm as he caressed my hand with his thumb and said if I remembered him from the hallway.

I looked up and said “yes” in a shaky voice and he said “then you know I’m with a woman in this hotel.” I again said “yes” and sipped my near empty glass of wine. I hadn’t realized I wasn’t sipping anymore, I was gulping it down nervously. He then said if I was offended by him coming on to me with another woman upstairs and I said “no.”

As I stared at his handsome face I felt a connection with him and felt like he knew my secret, or did he? He ordered both of us a drink as we watched the guys at the pool table leave. We were alone except for the bartender. He looked at me as we drank our drinks and asked “if I would be more comfortable in my room?”

I actually started to feel my cock get hard and my manpussy get hot and wet as I said “I would” and started to stand up as a gesture for us to leave. He threw a $10.00 bill on the table and asked the waiter to send up a bottle of Sangria to room…hesitating as he looked at me and I said “308.”

He placed his hand on my shoulder and walked me to the elevator and pressed the up button. My legs started to shake and my manpussy was getting real hot and wet. I could feel the warmth of his hand through my blouse as the doors opened he eased me forward into the elevator. Once we stepped inside he pressed the “3″ button knowing I was on the 3rd floor.

The doors closed and he turned himself towards me, looked into my eyes and pressed his swollen lips into mine! I instinctively opened my mouth as he snaked his flaming hot tongue into my mouth. I could smell his cologne…mmm. I could feel his unshaven face stubble pierce though my makeup and I could feel something on my thigh. Was he getting hard already? Was that his cock or his keys?

I could only imagine what his motives were, his thoughts, did he know?

I didn’t care at that moment when the elevator started to move up to my room. I just continued to suck his tongue like my wife would do mine and tried to remember to be gentle with my hands. I even raised one of my thigh high boots and rubbed his leg with my thigh as we entwined for the brief ride.

As the elevator started to jerk in the usual stopping motion, we slowly separated and for an instant looked into each others eyes knowing this was going to get hotter and hotter by the second.

He reached down and grabbed my hand as the doors to the elevator opened and he lead me to room 308. We stood there for a second and again he kissed me as I reached for my room card in my bra. He took the key, inserted it into the slot. As the green light flashed I knew I was going to be in for a treat and hopefully a good fucking.

As we entered the room, he stopped and looked around and said, “I thought you were alone” as he pointed to the two glasses on the table. I looked up at him and said “they were both mine” blushing I’m sure. I know I must have had an embarrassed look on my face so he took me into his arms and kissed my swollen lips and stuck his tongue down my throat.

I could feel his muscular hand on my neck as he continued to tongue fuck my mouth and squeezed my ass through my miniskirt. I was starting to get hard as a rock but leaned my pelvis away from him so he wouldn’t feel my cock on his body.

Should I tell him now? He has to know or he might get angry once he reaches down to touch my pussy and all he grabs is cock. I stopped him for a second and put both hands on his chest and looked up to his eyes and said, “I need to tell you something.”

He reached up with his hand and gently touched my lips and said “I need this” and proceeded to shove his tongue in my mouth.

I stopped him again and said as I grabbed his hand and pressed it to my cock “does this change anything?” He gently squeezed my cock and shaved sack and said “I was hoping you had a cock I could suck.” Than he slowly knelt to the ground kissing my chest and then down to my waist as he reached into the waist band to pull down my skirt.

I shuddered as the cool air from the air conditioner and his hot breath hit my upper thighs as my skirt slid down my thigh high boots. He licked all the way around each boot at the thigh and with his other hand slide a finger into my manpussy. I let out a small moan of pleasure…”mmm” as his hot mouth continued to search for my now engorged cock.

I could feel him nibble at my silk thong underwear at the crotch and finally letting my cock out of the mesh. He slowly kissed the tip then slurped my cock down his throat. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror with a man sucking my cock and trembling near collapse from the fear I had thinking I was going to lose him or anger him once he found out I was a man.

I stepped back and slid onto the couch and started to sob and he quickly came to me on his knees and said “why are you crying, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!” I stopped crying, looked into his eyes and said “I’ve waited so long to hear those words and I thought you were going to be mad and leave once you knew I was a man!”

He wiped my tears and kissed me passionately with his sexy lips, sliding his hot tongue passed my enflamed lips and down my throat.

I stepped out of my miniskirt and started to unbutton his shirt and looked into his eyes and said “I want this to last all night” as I sucked his nipple into my mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure and I reached between his legs to find he had a monster cock. He must have been 10-12 inches long and at least 5″ in diameter!

I wanted that cock in my mouth, in my ass and wanted it now. I continued to suck his nipples and with the other hand undid his belt and then his pants. His pants once unbuttoned slide down his muscular legs from the weight of his belt and I immediately dropped to my knees to see his gorgeous cock and to my suprise, no underwear.

The head of his cock was huge and purple and barely fit in my mouth much less his length. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put that throbbing head into my mouth and slide all I could into my mouth. His cock was huge and on fire. I could feel every vain engulfed in blood with my tongue as he pumped it deeper and deeper into my throat. I could fell his cock head at my deepest point but I wanted him in further and grabbed his ass as he pushed forward.

I pulled as he pushed into my mouth stopping him every few seconds for air as he lunged forward. I know girls take a cock and swallow it so I thought so can I if I’m persistent. I continued to pull him in further until I felt my throat give at the deepest point like something broke or give in as he pushed down my throat to my adams apple!

I could feel him deep, deep in my throat.

Could my throat ring I had read about finally be broken? He knew he was in deep and he even reached down with one hand to feel his cock in my throat. Once he felt my neck and his cock inside my throat he immediately started to moan and groan holding back his cum. I could feel it boiling up in his shaft on my tongue as I held his cock deep in my throat as I inserted a finger in his ass.

He let out a moan of joy “uuuhhh,” as I finger fucked his ass.

I wanted every drop of his manhood in my throat so I pulled him out for a few seconds to get some air. I took a few deep breath and shoved him in as far as I could get him in with hot wet saliva dangling from my chin. His balls were against my chin and nose and I could feel my mouth stretched open farther than it had ever been opened.

He reached behind my head and started to pump his monster into my mouth and throat like he was fucking a pussy.

Inch by inch he pushed and inch by inch I swallowed until I could feel his legs tense up and then the lava rising up his shaft gushing down my throat. It felt so good that my own cock began to twitch and squirt cum onto my cloth and thighs as I sucked him dry. I could feel every pulse of his cock on my tongue as he came.

He pumped and pumped cum into my belly till I felt like I was going to bust. Then I pulled away gasping for air with sticky saliva running down my chin and clinging from his cock and my lips. I gasped for air and looked up at him with my tear filled and mascara smeared eyes and immediately sank his cock back into my throat remembering a video of deep throating and how men loved it.

I remembered from the video if I stuck my tongue out under his cock I could breathe small amounts of air and could last longer with him in my throat. I could feel his hand holding the front of my neck again so he could feel his cock pulse his hot lava down my throat. I could feel his man meat deep, deep in my throat.

The characters in this story are based on real people but their names have been change. ALTHOUGH they are based on real people NONE OF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! EVER!!!


“What do you mean us?!” Dylan shouts.

“Come on. I’ll explain on the way down” Sam says blushing. Dylan walks towards the lower field with Sam explaining how they were volunteered by Rachel. Dylan’s mind races as he thinks of kissing Sam, the boy he has had sexual fantasies about.

-Dylan’s thoughts: what if I can control myself? What if he thinks I’m a total freak after?-

~Sam’s thoughts: oh my god! I’m going to kiss Dylan! I wonder if he thinks this is weird or gross~

they walk down the bleachers to the track mat that’s been left out for the season with everyone lying on the mat.

“Our boys are here, since all the other males are to pussy to do it!” Rachel hollers using air quotes around males. She gets off the mat, her hair full of static, and walks over to Dylan and Sam. “Ok boys here’s the rules: it has to be a real kiss not a peck. You can go for as long as you want but you have to go at least 15 seconds. You can go as far as you want, don’t mind us.”

“Why were we volunteered, Rachel??” Dylan shouts at her as he towers over her 5 foot 6 inch frame.

“I’ll answer that when you finish, dear Dylan.” She says knowingly as she takes Dylan’s wrist and turns him to Sam. “Now you two can stand up and kiss or lay down in the middle of the mat. Your choice.” She lets go of Dylan and he looks to Sam to decide.

“Come on boys!” Adrie shouts at them, recording with her phone.

Sam looks into Dylan’s deep hazel eyes and knows how badly he wants to kiss the naturally tanned boy.

~he’s so cute! And I get to kiss him! ~

-what the hell is she thinking?! I don’t know if I can hold back-

Dylan walks over to Sam and puts his hands on Sam’s pale cheeks that began to flush into a cute pink color at the touch. Dylan leans in and touches his lips to Sam’s lips softly but it was electric to them. Both their dicks start to harden as their bodies draw closer together. Dylan starts to make out more passionately with Sam. He pulls Sam closer to him making a lot of girls squeal in joy and guys retch. As Sam opens his mouth to let Dylan slip his tongue into his mouth, one of the guys start calling out “15 seconds are up faggots”

“They are more confident in their manhood’s than you pussies!” Rachel yells at the guys, “They can go as long as they want to!”

-damn it! I don’t want to stop-

~no I want to keep kissing him~

Dylan, reluctant to let go of the moment, pulls back and lets go of Sam. Dylan then whips around and glares at Rachel.

“Now you owe me an explanation.”

“Alright follow me.” Rachael says calmly and starts walking to the end of the track. Dylan follows her glaring at her back.

“Ok explain why you volunteered us to kiss?”

“‘Cause I know you like him.”

“What!? I do not like Sam! He’s a guy!”

“So? You still like him. I’ve seen the way you look at him.” She says licking her lips. “I’ve seen the way he looks back at you.”

“H-he looks at me?” Dylan asks hopefully.

“Like a school girl with a crush on her teacher. He likes you a lot but doesn’t think you like him.”

“But I love him….”

“Don’t tell me that. Tell him.”

She starts walking back to the mat and Dylan slowly follows behind her. When they reach the mat she starts conducting the game of truth or dare and Dylan sits down cross from Sam. Dylan stares at the pale skinny boy who is still slightly flushed.


Sam is sitting in an empty class room waiting for Dylan after early morning classes ended. Sam’s brown hair falling into his pale face as Dylan walks in.

“I’m sorry I’m late baby,” Dylan walks over to Sam and hugs him, kissing him deeply.

“It’s ok sexy. I just got here a little bit ago.”

“Why did you want to talk?” Dylan asks worried.

“Not so much talk as do,” Sam whispers to Dylan, sending chills up and down Dylan’s spine. Dylan wraps his arms around Sam’s waist.

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to take me right here right now.”

Dylan looks deeply into Sam’s icy blue eyes looking for any hint of a joke, upon finding none he kisses his lover and runs his hands all over Sam’s body, squeezing his firm round ass.

“What do you want to do?” Dylan asks undoing Sam’s jeans. Sam pulls himself up to Dylan’s ear and nibbles on the lobe making Dylan shiver. Sam’s hands make their way to Dylan’s jeans and pull them off. Dylan lifts Sam onto a desk after taking his pants off.

“Take me so I can have your baby” Sam says as he kisses Dylan, taking Dylan’s thick rod into his hands and starts to jack him. Dylan pulls away Sam’s hands and gets on his knees. Dylan slings his loves pale legs over his shoulder exposing the little pink bud.

Dylan runs his hands under Sam’s round ass lifting his tight hole up to his waiting wet mouth. Dylan’s eager tongue worked around the sensitive hole making Sam moan and run his slim hands through Dylan’s shaggy brown hair. Dylan works his tongue into Sam and works it in and out fucking his love with his tongue. Once Sam’s hole is loosened up and gets down on the floor and takes Dylan’s dick into his hand. He guides the large head into his mouth and runs his hands down to the low slung balls. Dylan moans as Sam bobs his head up and down onto the thick dick of his lover.

“You’re so sexy,” Dylan moans as Sam starts to deep throat the long thick dick. Dylan thrusts up to meet Sam half way. Once Dylan’s dick is covered in his saliva, Sam gets up and leans over the desk showing his well licked hole.

“Dylan, take me nice and deep”

Dylan walks up and grabs Sam’s hips and puts his steel hard rod to the nice tight hole and pushes so it spreads around his head.

“God you’re so tight!”

Dylan starts to push in and pull out making Sam moan and clutch the desk. As Dylan pushes his cock all the way into Sam’s warm asshole he moves his hands up to Sam’s chest playing with his stiff nipples. Sam starts to moves his hips to make Dylan fuck his tight ass.

“Dylan, your dick feels so wonderful in my ass!” Sam moans as his ass is fucked by another boy. Dylan starts to pound into Sam harder and faster.

“Dylan, I’m gonna cum!” Sam shouts as he feels his balls tighten. At this Dylan goes wild and fucks Sam trying to get the tall slender boy to cum.

“I’m c-c-c-cumming!” Sam stutters out as his white sticky load lands on the desk below him. When he comes down from his high he feels a warm sensation in his well fucked hole as he realizes his love had planted his seed in him. As Dylan pulls out Sam reaches into his bag and pulls out a pair of frilly girl panties in a light purple color and pulls them up over his ass and dick.

“You’re going to wear those panties for me?”

“How else am I going to keep your seed with me longer?” Sam says blushing as he feels the warmth already starting to leak out into the panties. Dylan hugs the boy putting his chin on the top of his head.

“You can have it whenever you want, baby,” Dylan says as he runs his hands over Sam’s ass. Sam blushes as he feels the wet spot form in the panties. The boys get dressed and leave for first hour with a kiss.


Dylan watches as Sam motor boats one of the girls then realizes he is sporting a nice boner. When most everyone leaves, just Dylan and Sam sit on the mat.

“I liked kissing you,” Sam says looking away blushing.

So, I am a closeted cross dresser. I have never had the nerves or really the chance to explore my fetish with someone. So one day I decided to just cruise the on-line ads. I saw an ad posted by a Fem Dom. As I read the ad, with all fetishes listed, I see “crossdressing”. I thought why not, I’ll reply. So I send an email explaining my fetish. I didn’t really expect to get a reply, but I did.

After a few emails we had decided to set up an appointment. We had discussed that I would bring panties, stockings, a garter belt and a see through nightie top.

I show up at the agreed time, we met in the drive way and chatted for a minute. She then took me around the property to a small building. I guess you could say it was like a dungeon, but not the dark creepy kind of way. There was a bed, a small table and chair, a window with curtains. Quite comfortable actually.

She has me lay out the items that I had brought on the bed. She also had a few items. She sits in the chair and tells me “get completely naked. Pose for me and slowly turn around”. So I’m all the way naked, she gets up and walks around me. She pulls the curtain from the window, “turn around slowly again”. It was so exciting knowing that someone could possibly see me!

She has a long silk gown, she has me put it on. She also has a wig for me to wear. Along with a little make up and some nice red lipstick.

She has me get naked again. Leaving on the wig. She gets up and walks behind me as I stand there naked. She bends down, running her hands from my ankles to my neck. Not missing a single spot. Slowly running her finger along my ass crack, gently breezing by my cock and balls.

She then grabs me tight from behind, whispers in my ear, “your going to get fucked, and like it”.

She sits back down in the chair, and instructs me to slowly and seductively get dressed for her. First the panties, black lace thongs. ” I want you to lay them on the floor and step into them. Then bend all the way over and slowly pull them up. Now turn around, put your leg up here next to me and slide on those black stockings”. As I was sliding on the stockings she was rubbing my legs and crotch area. Oh it was so nice. I then slid the garter belt up the same way as the panties. Next was the black see through nightie.

Now the outfit is complete, and the fun starts. She says “get on the bed, on all fours”! She smacks my ass, then gently rubs it. She continues to run her hands over my dressed body.

She then tells me “get on your knees. Take off my pants”. As I pull the pants down, I see a nice hard strap on. She slapped my lips with the cock and slowly put it in my mouth. I was so excited now! She kept going back and fourth, put her hands on my blonde wig and pushed my head on the hard cock. I enjoyed taking that hard thing.

She then had me get back on the bed, ass up with my head in the pillows facing her. She grabbed some lube and starting massaging my ass, working her way to the center. She said “relax” as I felt something cold pushing against my ass.

She worked the toy in slowly, going deeper and deeper each time. It felt so good, the toy going in and out of my oiled ass.

She asked “are you ready”? With excitement of what would happen next as I nodded my head yes. She turned around and pulled out a bigger strap on! I was ready and didn’t even know it. She gets behind me , my ass is still up in the air with my knees on the bed. She slapped that big hard strap on against my ass cheeks and slowly slid it over until it was directly on my hole. She spread my cheeks apart and slowly pushed the cock in. Apply a little more lube, she started going faster, deeper, faster, deeper. Before I knew it she had her hands on my hands on my hips and was pounding my ass! It suprisingly felt very good, being taken like that.

She said, “it’s time to roll over baby, lay on your back and put your legs on my shoulders, pull your panties to the side and slide forward placing your ass right against my hard cock”! So I did, she slid it in again, this time going much slower, pulling the tip almost out and pushing it right back in. While she was teasing me, her hands were up and down my stockings, grabbing my ass cheeks and brushing over my exposed cock.

At this point I can’t hold back, I said “I’m Cumming” in a small girlish whisper, and it went! That was the best orgasm I have ever had.

This story is true, oh so true and I hope everyone enjoyed. Please let me know

In the months since Curtis had started his “employment” with Mama and moved into the rambling old Victorian mansion his life had changed considerably. HE had changed considerably… His hair, always full, and still dark thank goodness, had started growing out. The first time Mama had taken him to her salon to get his hair cut and styled was both hideously embarrassing…and in an odd way, wildly stimulating. Mama had dressed him “special” for the outing in a pearl gray satin bustier. The snug satin held him firmly, while at the same time stimulating him with its rich texture. Regulation pantyhose held “him” in place below wool slacks and a sweater. It was the first time he’d ever appeared in public in “dress” clothes.

Mama had chatted quietly with the attendants for several minutes before bending over him as he sat quietly waiting in the chair. Reaching under the capacious black styling cape, she fondled him to quick arousal while murmuring -

“Mama is going shopping now. If you’re a good little slut maybe Mama will bring you a surprise when she comes back,” her fingernails caressed his sack. “In the meantime you behave yourself and mind the girls!”

It had been an…”interesting” day. The girls had stripped him naked, chattering softly among themselves in their native language – he thought it might be Viet Namese or perhaps Thai. They oohed and aahed appreciatively over the size of his cock, enhanced by the some of the multiple rings and bands he was getting used to wearing. The ridged silver ring worn just below the crown increased the size and swelling of the head itself, while the ridging on the ring provided added stimulus to those on the receiving end of his attentions. Additionally he wore one snug latex band at the base of his cock itself, and another, larger band, around both cock and balls. Once banded he was able to stay erect for long periods of time without cumming, but without danger of totally losing circulation to his genitals. For ‘special events’ other rings would be added that would be tighter and some had special protuberances designed to particularly excite and please a partner.

Being stroked and fondled by so many women, although exciting in itself, was merely the start of his adventures that day. He had been pampered, massaged, oiled and loofahed. Manicure and pedicure along with the style and cut of his hair were next. Finally, after intense discussion and some forceful argument among themselves, he had been led into the back of the salon his robe removed again and told quite firmly to “sit” and “don’t move”. At the end of a sharply painful period of time that had brought tears to his eyes more than once, his glowing pink body was as smoothly hairless as Fleur’s.

Admiring himself afterward in the mirrors, seeing his gleaming enameled nails stroking the ridged purple head of his cock and the baby smooth bag between his legs, he nearly cried in thankfulness. The women all smiled and applauded at his obvious pleasure – then gathering once more they began stroking oil into his freshly waxed skin, seeming to pay special attention to the crack of his ass, his scrotum and rod. He knew he wasn’t imagining their focus when the first tongue tip reached out boldly to rim his anus. Another mouth hotly engulfed his balls, sucking first one, then the other into the woman’s mouth as she tongued them wetly throughout.

Thankfully Mama had returned before their little debauch could gather too much momentum and he nearly cried again at how pleased Mama was with his appearance. She had praised him for cooperating with the suggestions of the women, and praised and generously tipped the young women themselves for their work. Stroking and fondling him from shoulder to asshole she had exclaimed over and over again about how silky and flawless his skin was for ‘a mature man’.

As he began to get dressed again Mama had presented him with the first of many ‘surprises’ he was to receive that day and in the many days to come. The double-ring ‘trailer hitch’ style cock ring was beautifully light-weight, wrought in titanium and he was duly flattered that Mama had thought so highly of him that she had spent so much on what was essentially a sex-toy for him. The ring portion was tightly snug and even with a liberal coating of oil on his prick, took a little effort to settle into place. Once that was done, the women had him bend over a chair, ass in the air and several of them ‘helped’ his Mistress to oil and lubricate his anus and the ball hitch before inserting it in its proper location. The ball portion was somewhat larger than he usually took in a butt plug and he felt a little stretched before it finally popped into place, the neck of the hitch being long enough to allow it to nestle against his prostate providing continual stimulation. The feeling was amazing when he stood and moved around again.

That day they had returned to the house in time for one of ‘The Monsignor’s’ periodic visits, allowing him to meet the man. He didn’t know who the man really was, whether he was a priest in fact or only in fantasy. Whenever he appeared at the house he was wearing a clerical collar and cassock, and Mama had first introduced Curtis to him as ‘Monsignor’. He was an older man with short gray hair and if he wasn’t a real priest Curtis never knew it – in his clerical garb the older man looked the part. He certainly played the part well.

As was apparent from the nature of some of the rooms themselves, illusion and role-playing were major drives in the lives of many of the guests who came to ‘The House’. Mama kept out most of the ‘riffraff’ – those whose goals truly revolved more around pain and injury than around pleasure and its prolongation, or perhaps at times withholding overt pleasure as a means of intensifying the end result. Mama ruled everything and everyone who served The House with a velvet fist and there was nothing that any one of them wouldn’t have done for her. Some, like the lovely Fleur, never left The House and its environs, while others like the driver, some of the gardeners and Curtis himself, came and went at Mama’s discretion. He had his own set of keys now and his truck had it’s own reserved space in the barn-like garage.

Curtis had helped solidify many of the plans and designs for rooms of the house, redesigning a bath in one of the ‘harem’ rooms to appear as if it was a small, community pool built of stone. Shower heads and handheld units were artfully concealed in the faux stonework of the walls, along with growing mosses, hanging plants and vines. Several of the gardeners were promoted to handle ‘in-house plants’ and a number of clandestine ‘rewards’ of various types were meted out among various household members. The bath had proved to be quite a challenge, from providing sufficient light and circulation for growing plants through recessed lighting, a glass-block wall and antique Moroccan ceiling fans – to re-bracing floor joists to ensure sufficient support for the weight of the over-sized tub. Eventually it was accomplished by joining rooms on two levels. The added supports and braces in the cellar were used in a number of interesting designs.

Mama was more than pleased with the final result and had hosted a lively weekend party. The first truly “open” house event Curtis had experienced since moving in. He found himself, at one point, overwhelmed by both the sheer number of people in the house, and by the overwhelming eroticism of everything he was seeing and experiencing. In one harem room upstairs a naked ‘sheik’ was surrounded by half a dozen lovely odalesques in all shapes, sizes and colors. In another lounge a tearful slave, shackled to a wall, her backside already showing a crisscross pattern of red welts, begged for ‘mercy’, although her hips were thrust backwards for the teasing touches of her Mistress’ hand-held vibrator.

The community bath held a bevy of exotic beauties lounging in the water or on the plush benches. At one time his Mistress held court in the room and he’d watched, hard as a rock, while two, and then three other women had stroked her with their soft, manicured hands, drizzling warm scented oils over her skin. Mama had stroked and kissed them in return until it became difficult to tell whose flesh was whose and he had longed to join in, to suckle from Mama’s abundant teats and to nestle between her thighs – licking and sucking until she came against his mouth and face.

Through it all, the Monsignor had stalked like a dark-winged bird of ill omen – impossible to tell what he was thinking or feeling, Curtis only knew that the stern, disapproving man made him extremely uncomfortable.

The house reeked of rut and cum despite scented candles and bowls of of pot pourri scattered through the rooms. Maids in abbreviated French-style uniforms moved from room to room with trays of hot scented towels, clean sheets or refreshments, while ‘butlers’ wearing only leather chaps and hoods greeted guests, took coats and maintained the buffet tables, both providing other services as demanded. Curtis didn’t realize until much later that many of these apparent servants were, in fact, guest subs, either brought by their Dom/mes for the event – or known to Mama in some way and seeking their own Master or Mistress to serve.

Curtis was nervous and anxious – not simply because he had no idea who might or might not show up, whether or not it might be someone from his previous life, but also because he was not used to being around so many people. In many ways he felt quite at a loss how to behave, and his cock, as always with a mind of its own, wouldn’t have altered its proud throbbing stance if he COULD have taught it better manners. The simple fact was, he wasn’t sure, under these circumstances, just what DID constitute good manners, although everyone else seemed to feel quite comfortable in their roles. He still hadn’t been a member of the household long enough to meet all the guests and felt vaguely guilty and humiliated in the tobacco brown and gold, satin and lace teddy and tap pants he wore with the lace-top stockings and low heels. He had not yet mastered wearing higher heels, and despite his growing comfort wearing lingerie ‘at home among family’ it was the fact that so many strangers (at least he fervently hoped they were all strangers) were here today that made him so uneasy.

Additionally, he was ‘free’ today, under no constraint from Mama to withhold his orgasm, he might cum when, how and with whomever he pleased. But in some ways it was like sending a starving man to a banquet – EVERYTHING looked delicious and he had no idea what to sample first.

Looking into some of the other rooms he located Fleur, legs up in the stirrups, while a ‘doctor’ examined her closely – apparently testing her ability to orgasm. Seeing Curtis peering in around the door she winked at him solemnly when the man with her bent to insert a speculum into her dripping cunt. Assured that she was fine and enjoying herself, at least as much as their Mistress was, he moved on. Peeking into the ‘classroom’ he enjoyed watching what appeared to be a pubescent school girl (judging solely by the size of her small breasts, and the hairlessness of her snatch…and her pigtails of course), with panties around her ankles and a rosy-red bottom fresh from spanking, as she sucked her ‘teacher’s’ cock.

Feeling much as though there was no place in the crowded house where he belonged or ‘fit in’ he ducked into the library room. There at least it was quiet, and he could work on his plans for the ornate gazebo with its designs for the sex swing, the free swinging ‘bed’ and several heavily framed ‘trellises’ that would serve to not only screen the interior and its occupants, but would also support the heavy brackets and chains he had planned for restraints. Mama’s birthday was coming up in a few months and he’d been working on the plans in secret for weeks.

Bent over the desk and lost in his work he didn’t hear the door opening quietly behind him. He was startled when the cultured, slightly British sounding voice behind him said -

“I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t realize this room would be occupied…”

As Curtis stood upright and turned, the Monsignor’s face altered swiftly from a look of solicitous apology to one of venomous outrage.

“YOU!” he spat. “You filth! Abomination!”

“Monsignor?” he stammered. “What…”

“You disgust me and you disgust God you Man-Whore!”

The priest’s lean, ascetic face was flushed with his rage, his piercing blue eyes taking in everything, from the carefully styled hair and manicured nails to Curtis’ silky smooth hairlessness and still-straining erection, tenting the satin and lace tap pants. His hands appeared to Curtis to tremble slightly as he began to remove his cincture, doubling it in his hands. Shoving Curtis back, face down and sprawled across the top of the desk he began whipping him mercilessly, alternately cursing him and praying over him.

Curtis didn’t know specifically what had set the old priest off, but the braided cord was not the worst thing he had ever been spanked with. Laying face down he was in a good position to stroke himself against the satin of his lingerie, at least until an excess of religious zeal caused the Monsignor to rip the pants down and away, exposing his buttocks and the titanium ‘hitch’ linking the ball inside him to the coils around his cock. The sight seemed to inflame the priest even further and his arm was tireless as it rose and fell. He beat Curtis indiscriminately, blows landing on his thighs, back, and buttocks.

The repeated blows from the cincture began to have an affect. Curtis could feel his ass and thighs becoming more sensitive, increasing his stimulation and arousal. He pressed forward, rubbing against the desktop, barely stifling his lustful moan. The whipping stopped abruptly, and he barely heard the hoarse whisper behind him -

“You slut! You WHORE! You DARE to use this for your pleasure?”

He heard the man fumbling at his clothes and the sonorous whisper of a zipper, then a sharp pain as the large titanium ball in his ass was abruptly removed.

“Is THIS what you want then, cock-whore?”

Curtis felt the massive head and hot steely shaft of the priest’s cock pressing into him mercilessly. Without benefit of any form of lubrication he felt like he was being torn in half and tears sprang to his eyes as he pleaded -

“No, please, Monsignor, not yet….I’m not ready….please….let me…..”

“Let you what?” the older man demanded.

Half turning Curtis reached behind him, grasping the man’s girth firmly. Looking him directly in the eye at first, he then lowered his gaze to the meat in his hand, before looking back up into the piercing blue eyes again, and licking his lips -

“Let me….please?”

The Monsignor didn’t say a word, but he took a half step back, his eyes narrowing. Curtis took that for assent, standing and moving around to the other side of the desk, never removing his hand from the cleric’s prick. The older man followed him, taking a seat in the upholstered leather executive chair when Curtis nodded toward it. His eyes never left Curtis, as though he was a snake about to strike. Curtis parted the man’s knees, thankful for the roominess of the cassock that allowed him to nestle between his thighs. Licking his lips again he looked at the large, uncut cock, straining toward him. Skinning back the foreskin his mouth began to water at the appearance of the swollen, red head. Engulfing the helmet his tongue swirled around and over it, bathing it with his saliva.

From the corner of his eye he could see the priest’s hands tighten on the arms of the chair and he heard a barely muffled groan, tasting the first salty drops of pre-cum against his lips. Straining his mouth and his abilities to their utmost he bobbed on the cock he held, his hand working the loose skin further down. It was, by far, the biggest prick he’d ever had the pleasure of….pleasing, he thought. His goal not to make the older man cum in his mouth, but simply to coat him with sufficient saliva to hopefully ease his access. As his drool began to cover his fist and even drip into the thickly matted pubic hairs exposed around the man’s groin and balls, Curtis hoped it would be sufficient. His own cock was steel hard with excitement now too and freely dripping pre-cum. Wiping his hand across its tip he gathered as much as possible, reaching back to coat his anus with the slippery substance.

Rising again he bent across the desk, spreading his legs wide and reaching back with both hands to spread his ass cheeks as far apart as possible. With a whisper of cloth and a barely contained hiss of renewed fury at the sight the Monsignor pierced him to the core, driving into him in one hard push, only then pausing a bare half second to allow himself to adapt to the sensation. Even with the benefit of saliva and their now mingled pre-cum Curtis felt like he was being split in two, especially when the cleric began to pound against him in earnest.

The older man’s constantly muttered litany of prayers continued as he hammered into Curtis from behind and Curtis could feel the man’s heavy sack, swinging forward to slap against his thighs and his own scrotum with each thrust forward. His own balls were drawn up tight and hard as golf balls with his excitement now and there was a nearly steady stream of pre-cum oozing from his pee-hole. The priest fell forward heavily, propped now with his hands on either side of Curtis rib cage and he had returned to muttered curses and name calling. Curtis could feel the sweat from the man’s face dripping between his shoulder blades, wetting the satin teddy. He rolled slightly, just far enough to ease one arm below him to stroke the rigid length of his own cock, his hips flexing uncontrollably as the Monsignor continued to drive into him.

The older man paused then -

“You ARE a slut – a cock-whore!”

Standing he pulled his cock free, eliciting a moan of disappointment from Curtis. Reaching down he grabbed Curtis hair and pulled him around, pushing him down on his back on the desk, hips and legs dangling over the edge of the desk.

“Pull up your legs you….filth!” he expostulated, eyes once again narrowed and face flushed with apparent rage.

Curtis obeyed eagerly if it was going to mean the Monsignor was going to fuck him some more.

“Now hold your legs open to me slut….and keep your filthy hands off your….prick!”

Curtis obediently pulled his knees up and back, effectively lifting and spreading his ass as the priest leaned forward, thrusting into him again. Now that his anus seemed to have stretched the sensation was much more pleasurable and the length and thickness of the Monsignor’s shaft reached places inside him no living person had ever explored before. He leaned forward again, his blue eyes locked with Curtis’ own as he began to fuck with a skill no celibate should be able to demonstrate. Thrusting and rotating his hips the fat mushroom head of his cock stroked and massaged Curtis’ prostate without mercy, seeming to know exactly what he was doing and exactly what Curtis was feeling.

Finally, biting his lip to keep from shouting out loud with his pleasure, Curtis felt the boiling spasms as his hot spunk shot out over his own, face, chest and belly. Closing his eyes briefly he felt for a moment that he might never stop cumming, and as he did he felt the shaft inside him swelling as the priest gained his own release. It seemed briefly that he could feel gallons of the man’s jism spurting into his bowels, filling him to overflowing.

The gray-haired Monsignor collapsed onto the floor, face in his hands, weeping and Curtis clambered to his feet, feeling the man’s cum draining from his widely gaping asshole.

“Monsignor?” he began.

“Oh what have I done? What have I done? What have I done?”

“Sir, are you alright?”

“Oh, I’ve sinned…..I’ve sinned. I’ve hurt you and I’ve sinned.”

“No, Monsignor, you didn’t….”

“You must punish me!” the man exclaimed frantically, scrabbling on the floor for his cincture cord and thrusting it into Curtis’ hands when he found it.

NO, Monsignor, I can’t….” Curtis protested, appalled.

“You MUST punish me! I have sinned and YOU must punish ME!” the older man begged tearfully.

Stepping away from the priest he watched in disbelief as the other man crawled across the floor toward him, bending to kiss and lick his shoes and feet.

“Please, I have sinned….I MUST be punished.”

It was with enormous relief that he heard Mama’s voice from the doorway.

“Are you insane? What have you done to MY sweet boy?”

Hurrying to Curtis side she asked, “Are you alright child? You’re bleeding, did you know?”

Curtis felt his head swim then, realizing that it was not just the priest’s hot cum he felt continuing to slide down his thighs. That in fact his first impression of feeling split in two was likely more accurate than he had thought. Mama wrapped an arm around him tightly, using her considerable strength to hold him up while moving him to the Executive Chair to sit.

“Still feeling faint? No? Good…if you should start to again put your head down between your knees.”

Going to the door she summoned a passing ‘butler’. “Go to the Medical Room – see if Fleur and Dr. Morrisette are still there and bring them both here immediately.”

Coming back into the room she opened a drawer of the desk, groping in the back for the bottle of bourbon and glasses stashed there. “Tea might be better for you in the long run Curtis, but this may be more restorative.” She poured a healthy two fingers in both glasses handing one to him and draining the other. The old priest continued to grovel on the floor but she had ignored him since her first expostulation.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I had no idea this would happen, that he would react this way, it all happened so fast….”

“Curtis, sweetheart, you have no need to apologize. YOU have done nothing to be ashamed of and you have certainly never abused MY trust or the rules of this house!”

Fleur and the ‘doctor’ entered at this point. Curtis wasn’t sure of the doctor’s actual credentials, any more than he was of the Monsignor’s, but Mama had referred to him as ‘Doctor’ so he would give him the benefit of the doubt. Fleur had dropped to her knees at Mama’s feet on entering the room, but her Mistress had simply petted her briefly and sent her to sit by Curtis. She was now nestled between Curtis knees, watching the proceedings with her green eyes wide with curiosity. Mama murmured briefly to the Doctor who had promptly come to Curtis side, checking his pulse and color. Having him stand and lean over the desk briefly he announced -

“A small fissure only. The bleeding has nearly stopped now and there should be no permanent damage.”

Then speaking more directly to Curtis, “I’d advise a soft diet, high in fiber for the next few days to allow the tear to heal completely. No heavy lifting. I’ll prescribe some stool softeners and whatever you do don’t strain with movements or you’ll break it open again.”

“Thank you Glenn” Mama said. “I trust you’ll keep this…”

“Under my hat, Madam, as always!” Nodding toward the sniveling cleric he asked, “Do you want something to help calm him?”

“Only temporarily, Glenn. He wants punishment…he should be fully conscious during it.”

“I’ll send someone back with something for him then.” Pausing briefly to stroke Fleur’s hair back and away from her face he bent and kissed her lightly on the forehead, “Thank you for your assistance with my research, child. It’s always such a joy to see you and work with you…”

Picking the cincture cord up from where it lay on the floor Mama doubled it thoughtfully in her hands, walking around the desk to an upholstered wing chair in the corner, carefully avoiding the grasping hands of the priest, still weeping and muttering prayers. She was dressed all in burgundy red today a lace up the front corset with built in shelf bra that supported and exposed her coffee brown nipples, burgundy lace, finger-less gloves and dark red lace-topped stockings made to stay up without garters with burgundy mules completed her ensemble. Unlike so many of her staff she had a neatly trimmed and groomed thatch of pubic hair. Her nail and lip color matched the rich burgundy red of her corset today and the cane she carried was topped with a large, dragon head carved of red soapstone.

Settling back in the wing chair she snapped her fingers once -

“Fleur, another bourbon please.”

Curtis reflected that she was always unfailingly polite, saying please and thank you – as though, he thought, any of them would dare to deny her a demand. Wondering momentarily what might happen to anyone foolish enough to do so, remembering with a thrill his first meeting and interview when she had spanked and fucked him so thoroughly and thinking perhaps he needed to risk saying no again at some point. No, he decided – no point risking what he’d found, and it wasn’t, he thought, as though he hadn’t had plenty of rewarding spankings and fuckings since moving in. No, he’d grown to love this job and the people – Mama and Fleur were his family now, in ways his own father never had been.

Fleur had moved from between his feet to the desk, accurately pouring another two fingers into Mama’s glass and taking it to her. Mama, meanwhile had draped one leg over the arm of the chair and was absently fingering herself, staring thoughtfully at the Monsignor’s grovelling form. Fleur slid between her Mistress’ silk and lace clad thighs, her face pressed to the older woman’s crotch. In the quiet of the room, Curtis could hear the wet sounds of her lapping at Mama’s cunt, even over the sound of the priest’s continued tears and prayers.

Watching her curiously, Curtis was surprised to note that his Mistress, still thoughtfully staring into space, seemed as indifferent to Fleur’s attentions as she was to the sniveling priest, crouched abjectly in the middle of the floor. A quiet knock on the door announced a butler carrying a tray, and a rather stern looking woman dressed in a two sizes too small, old fashioned nurses’ uniform with white, button down shirt, skirt and white nursing cap. Her breasts seemed ready to explode from the tightly buttoned top and the skirt barely covered the garter tabs holding her white stockings in place. She seemed, however, to know the basic mechanics, lifting the back of the Monsignor’s cassock and summarily yanking his trousers down. She swabbed his ass with something before sticking him with the needle and depressing the plunger end. That done she handed the syringe back to the butler who left without a word, while she stopped by Curtis side to check his pulse again. Apparently satisfied she patted his shoulder warmly, paused to whisper something in Mama’s ear and left. Fleur never stopped tonguing her Mistress’ pussy.

As the priests’ broken sobbing and prayers dropped to occasional snuffling hiccups and murmurs, Mama patted Fleur on the head -

“Thank you child, that will do for now.”

Looking at Curtis she inquired, “How are you feeling now, son? Better?”

In some distress, feeling that perhaps he had failed in expected courtesy to a guest in some way, Curtis went to the side of Mama’s chair, his eyes filled with tears. Putting her hand under his chin Mama forced his head up so that she could look him in the eye -

“What’s wrong Curtis, my dear?”

Waving in the general direction of the priest, now curled in fetal position on the floor, Curtis said, “I’m so sorry, Mistress. I never meant for THAT to happen. I thought….”

“Yes child, what did you think?”

“I don’t know,” he exhaled gustily, dropping his head against the arm of the chair. “I guess I thought it was a role play, like all the others I’ve seen today. I just….feel responsible somehow.”

Cupping his chin and forcing his head up again, Mama shook her head firmly, the silver lock of hair at her brow catching the light and flashing around her head. “You are NOT to blame for any of this Curtis. For some, RP…role play, is more serious than others – more a part of the framework of their lives. If anyone is to blame, then I am to blame for misunderstanding how deeply the Monsignor’s ‘quirks’ lie within his psyche.”

At that both he and Fleur shook their heads vehemently, their Mistress finally smiling at their disagreement.

Tsk-ing at them both she said, “No arguments now, or Mama will have to spank.”

Seeing the glimmer in Curtis’ eye she stroked his cheek, “Not tonight sweet boy. My sweet sissy has to heal a little before Mama can ‘punish’ him for arguing. But let’s see if we can’t find some other way of enjoying ourselves, shall we? First though, Mama has to take care of that.” She waved expressively toward the priest – usually so coolly immaculate and stern – now tousled and torn, his blood and cum smeared dick still hanging from the front of his robes and his red face liberally smeared with tears and snot.

Rising from the chair she took the cincture cord she still held, loosely knotting it around the Monsignor’s thin wrists. Nudging him with the toe of her shoe she commanded -

“Get up!”

He tried to obey, stumbling once or twice on the hem of his cassock before finally attaining his feet. As he stood there swaying, his fumbling hands reached to stuff himself back into his pants and Mama slapped him so hard it rocked him on his feet, the imprint of her hand bright on the pale skin of his cheek.

“Did I TELL you to cover yourself?”

“N-n-n-no!” he stammered.

She hit him again, back-handing him across the other cheek.

“Did I give you permission to SPEAK?”

He shook his head dumbly this time, a thin line of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth where he’d apparently bitten his cheek or tongue when she hit him.

Glancing at Curtis and Fleur where they stood together holding hands, Mama gave the rope in her hands a sharp tug, “All right then, children, come along…”

She marched out the door, the disheveled cleric stumbling behind her with his dick flopping at every step, Curtis and Fleur bringing up the rear. Curtis was quite self-conscious of his appearance. Pantiless with cum and apparently blood smeared around his backside and possibly down his thighs he felt as though everyone must be pointing and whispering about him. He was unsurprised at one point to look back and discover a small crowd trailing them as they descended the winding staircase into the basement areas of the house. Fleur, naked as always, tossed her hair back over her shoulders and took his hand again. In that moment, her courage covering him like a blanket, Curtis fell quite helplessly in love with the petite red-head. Submissive or not, Curtis realized, in her own way she was as strong, spirited and courageous as Mama and he wondered again if they were really mother and daughter, or like he and his Mistress, no blood relation at all.

Arriving at last in the “grandstand” area of the main cellar, Mama let the cord fall from her hands, a one word command whipping through the air, as people silently filled the bleacher-type seats -


Curtis felt confused for a moment, but Fleur gave him a miniscule shake of her head, following the older woman to the deep sink area, where she already had water running. Following the two women Curtis realized they were preparing an enema bag. Warm water with a heavy concentration of castile soap filled the sink and Mama filled the heavy bag, clamping off the hose end before hoisting it from the sink. Curtis moved to take it from her but she said quietly -

“Not this time, sweet boy. No heavy lifting remember?”

He shook his head and flushed, chagrined, but Mama ran a finger lightly over his lips, then down to his groin to cup and fondle his balls briefly. She muscled the heavy bag onto the wheeled stand and Fleur took it to where the priest was still standing, hands cupped over his genitals. Looking at the priest in some disgust she shook her head.

“Are you deaf now too? I said STRIP! I won’t tell you again…”

He lifted his hands to his mouth to work the knots loose and the braided rope fell at his feet. He began unbuttoning his robe with shaking hands. Mama meanwhile turned her back on him to prepare other aspects of his forthcoming punishment. Opening the cabinet holding the various whips, paddles and crops authorized for use in the house, she fingered several items lightly before finally settling on a light, wicked looking riding crop. She’d used the wider crop on him once and he had to admit it was quite effective – the metal core giving it quite a bit of spring. But while it had stung and reddened his ass, this little thing looked like it could cut and hurt and he wondered if that was her true intent.

Another cabinet held various dildos, vibrators, harnesses, as well as an assortment of cock-cages. Those members of the audience who knew the contents of the various cabinets and dressers in the room sighed in appreciation of the implements she took. The cock-cage was built to hold both cock and balls, tightly compressed, with no allowance for erection, and in fact had some painful spines built into the interior of the cage which would make an erection quite excruciating. Additionally, his Mistress held a harness, built to hold various interchangeable dildos – although he would guess it had never been intended to hold the thing that Mama handed him.

The artificial horse-cock in every way resembled the stallions it was patterned after, as long and big around as his forearm it was made of firm, black silicon. Curtis noticed several women, and a few men watching who were so aroused by the sight that they were playing with themselves or each other. He wasn’t sure what Mama had in mind, but he was glad he wasn’t the one being punished. He knew for a fact the damn thing would have torn his ass apart under the present circumstances.

Spinning the older man around and shoving him toward the wall, Mama gestured to Curtis to handcuff him with the manacles hanging above his head. Fleur appeared, as if by magic, with a spreader bar and the two of them shackled the priest’s ankles into it. Mama, stepped up to face him -

“So priest,” her voice dripped with contempt, “you think you have the right to come into my house and abuse my staff?”

He shook his head, tears starting to fall again.

“Speak. You think you have the right to abuse MY people?”

“N-n-noo!” he wailed.

Gripping his balls and cock in one hand she twisted hard. The priest screamed. A high-pitched scream as much from terror as from pain at this point but his knees went weak and he hung limply from the wrist manacles.

“No WHAT?” Her voice cracked through the room.

“N-n-noo M-m-mistress!”

She nodded thoughtfully, “But you have the right to beat, verbally abuse and RAPE my sweet son?”

The priest’s only answer was to piss himself from fear. Mama nodded sharply to two of the heavily muscled, hooded “butlers” standing by the doorway, and although Curtis didn’t understand how they knew what she wanted from them the two went to a back room, bringing out a well padded pommel horse – just like those seen in any gymnasium in the world. They muscled the heavy piece over the brick and tile rim Curtis had built up around the drain areas. At another nod from his Mistress they loosened the Monsignor’s hands from the manacles, bending him over the end of the ‘horse’ and cuffing his hands round the pommel. The old priest’s lean white ass clenched and flexed with shame and fear but Curtis noticed with some fascination that his cock was starting to grow again. A murmured command from Mama sent Fleur scurrying to lock the cock and ball cage on and the cleric seemed to flinch away, as much from Fleur’s feminine touch, as from the pain of the cage itself.

The snap of latex gloves being pulled on drew Curtis attention back to where Mama stood next to the pole holding the heavy enema bag. Her heels clicking sharply on the cement floor, and the squeak of the wheels as she moved the pole closer to the old man were the only sounds in the room. The horse had been positioned in such a way that the ‘audience’ of party-goers all had a clear view of the proceedings, as Mama bent and pried his ass cheeks apart with one hand. A collective sigh seemed to be exhaled from the on-lookers when his puckered brown anus came into view. Snapping the fingers of her free hand resulted in Fleur placing the nozzle and a generous loop of hose in her hand, the clamp within reach of her fingers.

As casually as if she did it every day Mama slid the nozzle into the older man’s rectum, thumb compressing the clamp to release the flow of warm, soapy liquid into his bowels. Fleur stood by, ready to compress the bag with her hands, forcing the fluid out faster if desired. Mama strolled back to the cabinet, pulling out a large sized anal plug, bulb shaped with a large flange and loop. Walking back to the priest she stuck it in his face commanding -

“Suck this!”

The old man was pale faced and sweating profusely now from the cramping pain of his bowels. He sucked the butt plug like an over large pacifier, but when Mama pulled it from his mouth she sneered disdainfully -

“One way or another, this IS going in your ass – you might want to put a little more saliva on it.”

Curtis wondered if she knew how hard it was to manufacture saliva when you were scared – how true the old saying about being “scared spit-less” was – then realized she most likely did and her torture of the old priest was likely to be as intensely psychological as it was physical. He still thought she was over-reacting though and didn’t understand why. He wasn’t that badly hurt. He’d be fine in a few days, the doctor had said so. He’d even enjoyed it at the last – that old man knew how to fuck, priest or not.

While he stood pondering, Mama had removed the nozzle, still flowing, from the priest’s ass. Soapy water squirted from the tip over his ass and down his legs but nothing leaked from the tight pucker of his anus. Pulling the plug from between his lips again Mama leisurely, but steadily and with some force pushed it into his anus. It was a large plug, bigger than those Curtis normally took and he was somewhat surprised when the tissues parted and the bulb disappeared, leaving only the flange and loop in evidence. The Monsignor was making faces and noises like a fish out of water now, alternately gulping, swallowing and panting heavily, and his skin looked greasy under the overhead lights.

“Now then,” Mama’s strident tones echoed through the cement halls of the old house’s cellars, the tap of the riding crop against her leg, punctuating her sentences.

“We’re going to have a ‘little chat’.” She announced, and the Monsignor groaned, the muscles of his ass working against his discomfort. “Those of you in this room who know me well understand why the rules of this house – MY HOUSE,” and she lashed out with the crop against the back of the Monsignor’s thighs, raising a tight red welt in the tender skin.

“Why these rules are the way the are – why they have been so as long as there has been a ‘Mama’s House’, and why they WILL be enforced!”

Again she lashed out, fast as a striking snake, and a thin bloody line appeared along the crease of the old man’s buttocks. If not for the spreader bar he’d have danced in pain, but he howled loud and long until Mama slapped the riding crop on the leather of the ‘horse’ mere inches from his nose. He went nearly cross-eyed at that but shut his mouth with a sharp click of his teeth. His skin was shuddering now – like a horse in fly-time Curtis thought absently – and you could smell the fear-stink on him.

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