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This is for Gerri and some special memories. Hope you enjoy it.


This is my story of how I was introduced to domestic discipline, how it made me a better woman, how it changed my life and how I came to enjoy it. I had a strong urge to share my experiences with someone and I chose you, dear readers.

I am 34 years old and until about a year ago I really was not enjoying my life. I hated my job and it surrounded me with lots of horrid people. It felt like a dead-end and I was feeling desperate about getting out and trying something new.

I’d never had a really enjoyable relationship with a man as the few I had been with were all total pricks. I wondered sometimes if that was to be my fate. The sex never made up for it either. I was not very sexually experienced but I was sure that the sex I was having was not as good as it should be. The men in my life were all dud lovers, the kind who climb on and climb off once they’re done.

At the time I was seeing a guy, someone who’d previously been my senior at work. He seemed hardly to care about me at all. The sex was terrible and he was emotionally abusing me into the bargain.

One day I finally plucked up the courage to start looking for people on-line. I knew it was a common thing nowadays and also that the internet was where people went for new or kinky things. That was what I wanted. My sex life totally sucked and I just thought that if I could try something a little more adventurous then I’d at least find some pleasure and satisfaction in my sex life.

In fact it was more than that. I felt like my life was a disaster. I just couldn’t see how I was going to make it any better. I had started to wonder whether I needed someone to take control of my life, to take control of me. I had started thinking about submission, although truly I had no idea what it was all about.

So I found Doug on the internet and sent him an email asking if he would teach me about submission. Pretty dumb, I know. But Doug eventually replied and asked me a few questions. So we emailed some more and he asked me even more questions. By then I was starting to feel a little foolish because I was certain Doug could see I had no idea what submission was all about.

Soon, though, Doug suggested we meet. He also set a little test for me — I was to meet him out on the street and walk to a restaurant with him but I was to do all this without wearing a bra!

I suppose I should tell you I have large breasts, 34DD. I am slender though so they really are obvious. I am taller than average. I also have a very flat tummy (don’t ask me why, it just is that way). I wish my bottom could be a better shape. I should add I have light brown hair that I like to wear shoulder length. But I often look at my breasts and think they are too big and saggy. So going in public without a bra was a really difficult thing for me to do. But Doug seemed nice and by this stage I was ready to take a risk. What harm could it do?

I turned up feeling so incredibly nervous and exposed. The thing was that Doug turned out to be really nice in person too, very pleasant and refreshing for someone like me. He is a little older than me which gave him a nice calm confidence. He wasn’t overbearing and he struck me as a kind man who seemed genuinely interested in me. I did notice him stealing admiring looks at my breasts but I supposed that was only to be expected. We talked about a lot of things, especially submission and different ideas about BDSM. Then we agreed to meet up the next week for another dinner date.

You’ll note that at this point I was still seeing this other man, my former work colleague. Doug knew about him and didn’t seem bothered at all. I didn’t tell the other guy, I hardly felt like I was cheating on him since he was such a shit. After all, I had no idea that the thing with Doug was going to go anywhere.

So, to cut to the chase, on our second date I was very pleased when Doug invited me back to his place. I felt really relaxed with him and he didn’t make me feel inferior or small in any way. Plus he was a hunk and that definitely helped!

We had wonderful sex that night and it was obvious he was totally hot for my body. I’d never really experienced anything like that before. From there we quickly began to see each other once or twice each week, each time to have sex for long hours into the night.

After those early ‘dates’ we started to experiment with submission and with BDSM. You’ll remember it was me who had asked Doug to introduce me to these new things. I was really excited and very nervous. I was also pleased because I knew Doug was very keen to start teaching me.

In the end, however, for some reason the BDSM play didn’t really click. I know my ideas were all wrong and my expectations were quite foolish. I enjoyed him spanking me when I was across his lap. That was mainly because I knew that it excited Doug. I also enjoyed the warm tingling in my bottom as we had sex later on. But I think we both knew that some spark wasn’t quite there — not yet anyway.

Personally I did not mind too much about that. You see, the sex with Doug was FANTASTIC! He was amazing in bed and soon brought out a side of me I’d never known existed. I had never imagined sex could be as thrilling as that. He got me wetter than I had ever been in my life. In fact, the first few times I thought something was wrong as my vagina was just creating so much wetness!

Doug made me feel warm and safe and protected and was not judgemental about me in any way. I was more than happy to let him do anything he wanted with me. He made me feel so FABULOUS I wanted to do anything he suggested. I was actually secretly pleased when he gently tried to introduce some more kinky things into our sex play. I wanted all those things too — and more! That made me so incredibly wet as well and I started to get used to having my vagina gushing with my sex juices.

I tried new positions and toys and 69s and was excited when Doug introduced me to face-fucking. When he asked me about anal play I was able to confess that I’d secretly considered trying it out. So Doug bought me a collection of sex toys, including some with odd shapes that he loves to insert in my bottom. He made me orgasm in so many new and wonderful ways and I quickly discovered I enjoyed the new and strange sensations of climaxing when he was invading my bum hole.

All this teaching and guiding me pleased Doug and got him really turned-on each time we were together. Soon enough he had me doing all kinds of new and exciting things outside the bedroom as well. We had sex in some new places, including outdoors. Then he would ‘order’ me to go on errands without underwear or with those lovely ben-wah balls inside my vagina. Several times he sent me to work with a sex toy in my handbag and during lunch I would have to close my door and squat down, with Doug listening on the phone, while I pushed the toys into my vagina or my backside.

All this time I suppose ‘officially’ I was still seeing that other guy. For some reason I just didn’t think about the fact I supposedly had two lovers. The other man was too interested in his career to really care about me. It had been weeks since he’d wanted to spend time with me and I knew when he did it would only be for his own sexual pleasure.

Doug seemed to worship my body. He didn’t see any of the flaws I saw. One day I confessed to Doug that I thought my breasts were too big and saggy. I suggested one day I would have them reduced to make them all firm and high and perky once again. Doug just gave me a stern comment about my tits being amazing and perfect and just the way they should be. He also told me I was being silly to contemplate having anything done to them. A little while later I asked him again and Doug gave me the same response in the same stern tone of voice.

There were other new things to experience. Doug introduced me to watching porn and I found out that I love it. I guess I was excited to watch other people and to see them having pleasure (even faked) that I’d been denied for so long. I started masturbating for Doug when I was at home and then writing reports for him to read. I also knew that we were getting closer to really having anal sex. I was a little scared at the idea of his big, hard penis in my bottom but I wanted it all the same and knew the day was fast approaching.

Then came the night that changed everything. Not straight away, but it did change my life. I mentioned to Doug once again that I didn’t like my big droopy breasts. I was still feeling self-conscious and inadequate and although I had told Doug about it before I was still concerned. 34DD seemed too big and I was wondering about having my boobs reduced in size and lifted.

Suddenly a change seemed to come over Doug. He took me to his bedroom and told me to take off my skirt and panties. The whole time he looked at me in a way I’d not seen before. Then he ordered me to lie across his lap again. I knew what was coming, or thought I did. We’d played with spanking and at first I decided he wanted to have another try. It seemed like harmless fun. I was more than happy to oblige.

Then Doug spanked me. It was hard, very hard. It hurt. But I didn’t make a sound or move an inch because I trusted Doug so much by then.

He kept on spanking me. One after another. I was shocked. He was hitting me again and again with the palm of his big strong hand. The sound was terrible and the pain in my bottom was worse. Part of my brain told me that this was abuse, physical abuse and I couldn’t believe I was getting this from Doug, my kind and wonderful man. I’d never been spanked like that in my life so this was a real shock.

But I stayed there over Doug’s lap all the same. I didn’t dare move because I was a little afraid by then. I didn’t want to move because something inside me felt good about being punished. It really didn’t feel like abuse and, strangely, I wanted more. The pain in my bottom was strong but I somehow sensed that Doug wasn’t in a frenzy. In fact, he seemed very controlled and deliberate.

And in between some of the smacks he was talking to me, still with that stern tone of voice. It was hard to hear what he said over the loud sounds of the spanking on my bare bum but he spoke slowly and deliberately.

‘…time to stop being weak… stop judging yourself… want to see more pride in yourself…’

The spanking seemed to go on and on. I had no idea if it was long one or not because I had never been spanked at all. My bottom was terribly sore and my flesh was burning from Doug’s constant smacking. I was ashamed and embarrassed in a way I had never felt. And the whole time he was still being very deliberate and talking sternly to me.

‘…listen to what I say… respect my opinions… start respecting me.’

I think he must have given me forty or fifty smacks. I was about to give up and cry out for mercy. It was almost more than I could bear. I was still in shock that Doug had hit me at all but the incredible pain in my backside was about to overwhelm me.

Finally he did stop and I lay there for a long time, limp across Doug’s lap while he softly rubbed by bottom, my very sore bottom, and my back. I was still completely at a loss to understand what had just happened. Surely it was domestic violence? But why would Doug do that to me? And why did it somehow feel like it was not abuse?

Soon after that we were having sex and I quickly tried to forget that horrible experience. The sex was as good as ever and Doug even seemed more turned on. To be truthful I think the sex was maybe a little better on account of the tingling heat I could still feel from my battered backside.

It was two more days before Doug and I spoke about that night and what he had done to me. Doug asked me again about submission and why I had wanted him to teach me about it. The he said he realised that it wasn’t exactly what I needed. Perhaps I didn’t really understand myself. I told him I was sure that was true.

Doug told me that he had come across some reading about domestic discipline. He guessed that when I had spoken about submission that I was mostly interested in having someone who could take charge ‘when required’.

Domestic discipline, he said, wasn’t really about submission in the way we had first experimented. Domestic discipline, said Doug, was more about one person establishing certain demands or expectations for the other person. It would mean me being required to live up to certain demands or expectations from another. That night, when I was worrying aloud about my body, Doug had decided that was the time to introduce me to domestic discipline.

Doug and I talked a long time that night. He told me, again, that I have a fabulous body and he wanted me to realise that it was true. He was pissed off (in his words) that I kept taking on board what I imagined where the negative comments from other people.

I was quick to admit that Doug’s insight seemed right to me. I hadn’t understood it myself but somehow I knew he had discovered the key. I did want to be a better person and but I knew I often lacked he courage to do it by myself. Having someone believe in me and push me to improve seemed perfect for me. The idea of living up to Doug’s expectations was exciting. Here was someone who instead of putting me down would demand that I improve and become stronger and more capable.

That long talk had an effect on me. It was only weak at first. Still, I suddenly found the courage to get rid of that other guy, my former work boss. I called him that weekend and told him I wanted the whole thing to end. I felt good and strong and brave for the first time in a long time. He, of course, was still a prick and tried to tell me that he wasn’t at all bothered.

Then I had a fresh idea. Doug loves my body. This might sound foolish but secretly, I’ve always liked some of my bits and had this wish that I could have the kind of body that men want in their magazines. It was always a fantasy thing, wishing for something that could never come true.

So I asked Doug if he would do a nude phot shoot of me. He agreed instantly and a few nights later we did the whole thing at his place. I felt so wonderful and free and liberated and, most of all, sexy. I brought along a whole lot of outfits and Doug shot hundreds of pictures of me in different states of undress or totally nude)\. I was in all different kinds of poses and some were tasteful and some were very lewd. I posed in my business attire with my boobs hanging out and my legs spread to show my vagina. I posed in the shortest shorts, so short that when I opened my legs my vagina lips were exposed. Doug even got a little arty and took some lovely shots of me standing like a statue with a sheet draped around me.

I loved it all and my vagina was wet for most of the time. That was good because Doug made me finish with some pornographic shots with me placing some of my toys into my vagina. That was the first time I had ever really seen what my vagina looked like and I have to say that I was fascinated.

I thoroughly enjoyed that night and getting to show off my body, despite still thinking of its many imperfections. It was a night that got me into trouble with Doug later though. Of course we ended up having great sex that night. As were relaxing afterwards Doug asked me again about my pubes. He loved my waxed vagina but was curious about how I looked with all my hair. I have to say I hate my pubes and as soon as I could I started shaving and then getting them waxed. I grow a very think, dense bush of long, light brown hair. The pubes even grow on my inner thighs. I have always thought it gross and completely unattractive.

Doug was insistent that I stop waxing until I grew a full set of my own pubes. He tried to assure me he would be so turned on to see a forest between my thighs. So, nervously, I agreed and skipped the next wax I was due a few weeks after that.

I lost my anal virginity about a week later! I was still scared but I was so ready for it. Doug was making me feel so sexy and much braver. He was very gentle and careful and slow. He got me all warmed up with some nice licking and fingering of my vagina and then my bum hole. We had some really good fucking as well before Doug started to eat me out. I was in the middle of another orgasm when Doug moved up into position and announced that the time had come!

As always, he coached me in just what to do. It wasn’t hard at all to get his penis into my bottom. At first it felt uncomfortable but soon I was feeling really turned on to be so stretched out. I also, of course, loved the idea I was finally doing something so kinky and taboo.

Doug instructed me when to start rubbing my clit. He slowly moved in and out of my bottom and the pressure and the heat were wonderful. I came so hard that night and I am certain that the orgasm really felt different because of Doug’s penis deep inside my bottom. Soon Doug came as well, putting his semen inside my backside. I was very excited by that because I had given him so much pleasure and because it made me feel like a filthy slut!

But a couple of weeks later I kind of ‘forgot’ about my promise to Doug. I noticed the hair on my vagina one morning and decided Doug wouldn’t really want to see my thick bush. So I shaved and expected he would say nothing more. A big mistake!

That very night I was stripping off in front of Doug at his place and almost immediately he stopped and felt my vagina lips. Then he questioned me about what I had done and what had happened to my promise. I tried to explain it all away. Doug just gave me that look again.

In seconds I was over his lap again and he was spanking me. Of course he took his time and spaced out the smacks. I was relieved it wasn’t as hard as my first spanking. But I was starting to realise that this was a punishment and that Doug had been very serious about wanting me to meet his expectations. In fact, all during the spanking, he told me so.

‘…trust is about promises …you’re better than that …not let me down again.’

It was another long spanking, maybe thirty or more smacks of his big, hard hand. But I stayed still and accepted them all. I listened carefully to everything Doug had to say as well. I was relieved he didn’t go as hard as the first time but I knew deep down that I had disappointed him and was actually glad he was punishing me.

Afterwards we talked a lot. I realised that when Doug wanted me to undergo domestic discipline that it was exactly what I needed and had been looking for. He was determined that I should become the best person I could be. No-one had ever suggested such a thing to me. For too long I had accepted second or third best in my life. I had reached the stage where I accepted third best of myself.

That night I agreed that Doug should continue trying to build me up and guide me to being a better, stronger person. He made me say the words and I told him that I wanted him to keep helping me and that I wanted him to discipline me and punish me whenever I fell short. I actually asked Doug that night to spank me whenever he felt I needed it to remind me to always try harder.

It felt weird to say those things to Doug, to anyone. It was scary, too, because I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. But it was like a promise between the two of us. It was also a challenge to myself. The whole thing made me feel strong and liberated. I knew Doug cared about me and I wanted to have all the things he was offering me. So we agreed to include domestic discipline as a regular part of our relationship

I had anal again that night. Only this time Doug pushed a small vibrator into my vagina while he was inside my bottom. The extra sensation was so different and I came so very hard. I almost saw stars that night. Afterwards Doug announced that he was going to buy me a me collection of anal toys. I was quite pleased to hear that because I had discovered I loved having things inside my bottom. Then Doug licked and sucked on my boobs for ages and ages before he ate out my vagina and made me orgasm over and over until I couldn’t take any more.

It was only a week or so later that I suddenly regretted my promise to Doug and wished I hadn’t asked him for regular discipline. I arrived at his house early on a Friday evening. I’d had a terrible week at work and my so-called colleagues had been monstrous. My belief was that the bosses were slowly destroying the organisation and everyone was fighting and attacking one another as if they wanted to have the lifeboat all to themselves.

I had talked to Doug about my issues with work so many times before. I hated it and it was a dead-end. I was tired of all the crap and frightened of what would happen to the staff and me in particular. I was at my wits end trying to do my best to keep everything functioning properly. That was all a big mistake on my part. At first, however, I thought my mistake was to complain to Doug about my week in the office.

He had been very attentive and listened to me moan and complain and worry for quite a time. Then I saw that look in his eyes. I wasn’t sure what it meant and, sadly for me, I was too caught up in dumping all my emotional turmoil onto him.

Doug stopped me talking all of a sudden and had me stand in front of him. He still had that look in his eyes.

‘Do you remember the promise we made?’ he asked me. Yes, of course I did.

‘Do you remember you agreed, you asked me, to correct you and discipline you whenever you’re not coming up to my standards?’ I remembered only too well, I told Doug with a small gulp of fear.

He then instructed me to go into his bedroom and open the wardrobe. There was a small package inside that I was to open and bring to him. I did as he said and inside a black bag I found something like a bat made out of leather. Later I discovered it was called a paddle. It seemed heavy and evil and I was starting to really regret the situation I had put myself in.

Back in the loungeroom I was ordered to strip completely and get over Doug’s lap. I was feeling very confused and a little afraid. But I did as I was told without question. Something in my head warned me not to question Doug right then. The look was still there in his eyes.

Of course you know that Doug spanked me. He spanked me really hard. First he used his big bare hand to smack my bottom again and again. He was really hitting me hard and just like the first time my head was filled with the terrible sounds, the searing pain and my deep shame.

Doug did not say a word to me for the first twenty or so smacks. I just had to lie there, naked, abused, ashamed, helpless while this otherwise caring man whaled into my behind. I knew I was being punished and somehow I knew that it was good for me. I just wasn’t sure why I was being punished and it made the whole thing seem so unfair.

After twenty Doug took up the paddle and really let me have it. I was so shocked I know I cried out in protest. The sound was louder and the pain was worse. Doug started talking to me then between smacks and I did all I could to focus on his voice.

‘…do something about it …need to take charge …make it happen …don’t owe them anything …need to be number one.’

The spanking just went on and on. I lost count altogether. All I knew after a time was that my bum was giving me more pain than I’d ever known. There seemed no end in sight. Doug was being relentless and my poor bottom was sure to be bruised. It really did feel like abuse because it just seemed so unfair. I could hear that Doug wanted me to make a change in my worklife. Why was I being spanked?

Then the tears came. Big, heavy tears that rolled down my nose and dropped from my eyes onto the floor. I started to sob aloud and my nose began to run. Soon I was a total mess of blubbering, streaming tears and runny snot. I gave up wanting mercy from Doug. My whole world was focussed on my backside and the cruel pain he was inflicting on me. I honestly cannot say how long he smacked me for or how long I cried.

All I know is that after a time I realised that the spanking had stopped. I was still sobbing loudly but Doug had stopped hitting my bottom. Instead he was rubbing me tender cheeks and my lower back and gently encouraging me to ‘let it all out’. Then he spoke some more.

‘I know you’re crying because it hurt so much. But I need to make sure you remember this lesson because I don’t want you to go on hurting yourself.’ I was still crying too hard to reply.

Later Doug said, ‘I know you are frightened to leave work. But its hurting you so much to stay there that you need to find a way to leave.’ I could only agree with him. Then he really hit the mark.

‘I also know the real reason you can’t leave that place is because you’re afraid it will upset other people. You want to make them all happy. That’s why you try so hard to fix everything that is wrong there.’

I knew that he was right. Doug sat me up and through my tears I nodded in agreement. It was true. I always wanted to make people happy. Somehow I had always wanted to make people happy. I suppose I was afraid of them being angry with me. It was one of the reasons I lacked the courage to get out of bad relationships with men. It had stopped me looking for a new career.

Just hearing Doug say these things seemed to take a huge weight off my shoulders. Then Doug said something else. ‘If we’re going to stay together I need you to be stronger and to fight for the things that you need.’

We talked more and more, even after Doug took me to bed. There was no sex that night but we talked longer and more honestly than I’d ever done before. My need to please people, to keep everyone happy, had been the cause of so much unhappiness in my life. It was the reason I’d accepted so many pricks as boyfriends. It was the reason I had such a difficult relationship with my parents. It was the real reason I’d stuck it out at work — that and the fear of stepping into the unknown.

Doug had helped me to see that I had been going about things the wrong way. I saw that my desire to please people wasn’t about being good or successful. It was an excuse to be weak. But now I had discovered that I didn’t need to be weak. I had learned with Doug in the past few months that I could have a lot of things that I secretly wished for.

Most of all I knew that I wanted to please Doug. He’d said something about us ‘staying together’. Suddenly that seemed very important and I knew the key was to shape up and begin to work harder to meet the expectations Doug had of me. He believed I could do it. That was making me feel braver already. I needed to stop trying to make everyone else happy, trying to win their acceptance, and focus on the happiness of myself and Doug — the one person who accepted me for the inner me.

So I really threw myself into re-making my life. With my butt all sore and bruised I spent the next week and a half submitting two applications for new jobs and enrolled myself in a course of professional development. Each day was really hard and each time I took a step towards a new life I felt the old worries and ears rising up inside me.

Domestic discipline works I can tell you! It does for me. For each and every time I felt those old fears my mind turned instead to my bottom. I remembered the paddle and the horrible pain. My poor bum had been bruised black and the bruises stayed for over a week. It ached and felt stiff. But I also remembered that I had had the courage to endure my punishment. It was like a badge that constantly reminded me that quitting my job was not the hardest thing I’d ever done.

Later Doug told me that he had bought the paddle on-line straight after my second spanking. He knew it was a gamble, especially without telling me in advance that he was going to use it on me. He also mentioned the way it would look in the eyes of the law. But after the second spanking and our long talk he had decided he really wanted to support me. And he had thought that the best thing for me was to receive some firm reinforcement. Somehow he had seen that I needed to be pushed hard and that I would welcome the benefits of domestic discipline. He told me that the paddle was a gift to me and we both laughed aloud at that one.

We celebrated that period of ‘re-making Gerri’ by having a ‘grand unveiling’ of my bushy pubes. I finally convinced Doug I had grown enough of a forest for him. He made me pose in the nude and took lots more pics of me showing my hairy vagina, including with my legs wide apart, and I was very embarrassed. But I didn’t really care because I knew the pubes were coming off! Doug did it himself, carefully shaving me all over my vagina. It was rather romantic and very erotic! I knew I would go back to waxing again but it was so intimate to have my man shave me like that.

Around that time I was finally introduced to Doug’s children from his marriage. Two wonderful little girls that adore their father. I didn’t want to intrude on their lives. But I kept thinking of what Doug had said about us ‘staying together.’

I also started doing a little more exercise. I wanted to be healthy and I also thought it might help to tone up my bottom a little more. It didn’t seem like I had to hate my body, I could just take better care of it.

Doug continued to introduce me to all kinds of new and kinky sex play. As promised, he took me shopping for some new anal toys. That was an experience! I got a new collection of butt plugs and dildos. Since then I have many times gone out of the house, at Doug’s insistence, with some strange object lodged in my anus. Every time I feel deliciously naughty and free. Its so exciting to walk down the street or through the mall with a rubber toy in my bottom and knowing that none of the people there would ever guess I am so kinky.

One of my applications had some success and I was offered an interview for a position in another firm. That was also the cause of another punishment spanking from Doug. Naturally I was nervous ahead of the interview. As it got closer I started to voice my concerns. What if I didn’t match up? What if they didn’t like me? What if I blew the interview? What if I had to stay at my old, crappy job? Doug listened patiently to my worries and my nerves and did his best to reassure me. But even my Doug has his limits as I have found out lately.

It was two days before the interview Doug when decided to take action. ‘Enough,’ he said to me in that stern tone I have learned to dread. ‘There’s only one way to fix this.’

I was ordered to remove my pants and underwear. This time I didn’t go across Doug’s lap. I was ordered to spread my legs and bend over, holding on tight to the back of an old dining chair. Usually I enjoy being naked and exposed in front of Doug. But in this position I mostly felt shame and fear. This night we were at my place so, thank goodness, there was to be no paddle.

I was given a proper spanking though. Doug has mentioned the idea of ‘warm-ups’. But I don’t think he’s ever really given me any warm-up. I was given about ten really hard smacks to start with. I knew what I had done wrong, at least partly. So domestic discipline still felt strange to me but I was glad to receive those smacks because I’d upset Doug. He continued smacking me really hard with his bare hand, slowly and talking to me at the same time.

‘…better than that …show them confidence …strong enough …good enough to win this job …don’t talk yourself out of it.’

As usual, I was spanked for the entire time that Doug was talking to me. I tried my best to listen, not least to avoid thinking about the pain in my backside. Somehow the noise of the smacking helped me to concentrate. I didn’t flinch once. I never have flinched during a spanking even when I know to expect the next smack.

Altogether I received about forty smacks, good hard ones. This time there were no tears. Doug had spoken about me being strong and I wanted to show him that strength in my reaction to the spanking. He was trying to motivate me, make me stronger for the interview and I wanted that too.

When it was done I was ordered to stay in that position. I did exactly as I was told. Doug took a few pictures of my pink, glowing bottom and then left me there ‘to think about what was expected of me’.

I did the interview and I really did feel strong and confident. Doug believed in me and I put my best foot forward because I owed it to him. I was shocked when they rang and offered me the job! I started there as the second-in-charge of their human resources section. I even got a small increase in pay. Who could have guessed that after the crap I had endured in my last job.

Doug and I also celebrated that great event. At one stage I had revealed to Doug my interest in having a piercing done. I wasn’t sure how he would take it. It turned out that Doug didn’t mind at all. To him it was body jewellery and not a surgical modification like a breast reduction.

Doug made the booking and took me along and held my hand while I sat, half naked, with my legs in stirrups while a young woman prodded and measured my vagina. We had decided on a clit hood piercing and I chose a nice, wide ring with a heavy bead on it so we could hang things from it and I could play with it whenever I wanted. The bead even has a turquoise jewel set in it. Having the young woman touch me down there actually felt quite sexy. I was warned about the pain of the actual piercing but, you know, compared to Doug spanking me with the paddle, it really wasn’t so bad.

There were still more new, kinky things for me to explore. We decided to try enemas. By now I think I officially had a fetish for playing with my own bottom. Doug got me a couple those rubber bulbs, different sizes, that have thin nozzles to stick in your anus. I wanted to play with them by myself a few times so I could get the hang of it. Since then Doug has used them on me a few times as well. I love it of course! I don’t suppose these are genuine enemas like in hospitals or some people write about. But I always really enjoy the sensations of playing with my bottom, or having Doug do it, and to be honest I love the idea I am also making myself clean for Doug.

As things went along Doug also encouraged me to be less ‘proper’ or prudish. If I was going to be a liberated and kinky woman I needed to be able to express myself properly. So gradually I learned to use words like cunt, cock and arsehole. Sometimes it made me laugh but I really did try my best. Doug wanted it and he had set an expectation for me. I didn’t want the consequences of failing to measure up.

A big event for me was when Doug has introduced me to a threesome. One of my previous boyfriends had tried to force me to do that and I had hated him for it. Doug was totally different and just asked me how I felt. I had to confess the idea was very enticing. I wanted to see how it would feel to act like that with another person. Finally I felt brave enough, and safe enough, to actually try it. Plus I knew it would excite Doug and that definitely made me want to try.

My first threesome was special and delightful. Doug chose a nice man, Mike. He was a little younger than me which was a change because most of my lovers had been at least several years older. Mike had a very nice body and also a very nice penis. By now I was happy to call it his cock — a very nice cock.

It wasn’t totally a threesome because for a lot of the night Doug was happy to watch me fucking Mike and to give me a few kisses or suck on my boobs. He told me he wanted me to totally enjoy the other man. I did, too, because Doug had chosen well and Mike was quite a good lover. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not all men were as bad in bed as my previous boyfriends. And he loved my clit hood ring.

We finished up that night with me taking both men at the same time. I was on my hands and knees and Doug was fucking me from behind. Mike was on his knees in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth. Once upon a time I would have thought it was very strange and abusive behaviour for my boyfriend to allow this to happen to me. Instead I felt strong and free and I really LOVED all the attention and the fact these two men were so turned-on by being with me.

Doug asked if Mike could cum in my mouth. I said yes! I was so wet already and knowing he was that excited only made me want his semen even more. He erupted soon after and I let him shoot it all into my mouth. Well, not quite all because I managed to get some of his cock juice onto my face as well. The rest I swallowed happily right away. Yet again I can say I was pleased to feel like a dirty slut.

After that Doug fucked me hard and fast until he shot his load deep inside my cunt. Doug had a great time and kept telling me how sexy and desirable I am! I loved it too, of course. Having two cocks to play with was FABULOUS and I got so much attention and pleasure from them both. Now Doug is looking for another man to join us in a threesome. I know we are going to play with Mike again and I am looking forward to that very much. I think Doug wants to have Mike fuck my arse and I think I am going to let them do it.

You won’t be surprised that Doug has also asked me about a threesome with a woman. I don’t know if I could do that. It would excite Doug a lot but I had to be honest with him. I didn’t want to give him a reason to punish me with a spanking.

However, Doug has also introduced the idea of group sex or maybe even an orgy. He knows about these things and has participated in them before. Right now I don’t think I am ready for that much kinkiness. But I know that one day I will say yes.

We’ve also gotten into pee play. That definitely was Doug’s idea as I’d never even imagined such a thing! It seemed rather weird at first that Doug would want to watch me pee. Soon we got to the point where I was pissing into a large bowl whenever he asked. My bladder can hold quite a lot so it needed to be a big bowl! I saw how excited it made Doug and that was enough for me. Having been through so much with Doug, having learned to overcome my fears and inhibitions, piss play turned out to be quite easy in the end. Now I enjoy doing it for him whenever he wants.

Sometimes Doug decides to piss on me instead. I was ready to accept that. Another man would have made it feel horrid and demeaning. With Doug it feels so primal and basic that I enjoy it a lot. His stream is always so strong and hot and I love the way it splashes off my skin. We always follow up with a lovely shower.

As I have said already, domestic discipline works for me. I wanted to be free and liberated and no longer afraid of myself or afraid of the reactions of other people. Doug, using helpful doses of domestic discipline, has helped me to break through those barriers and experience wonderful things I would have kept on denying myself.

Our sex life continues to be fantastic. We are travelling overseas together next year. And we’re now planning to move in with each other in a few months time. Hat means more time with his daughters. I don’t know if I can call it love yet. But I do know I am so very happy and content with everything I have with Doug.

You shouldn’t think that we have left domestic discipline behind us. I still need to be pushed and have expectations enforced. I like the new me and I want to do what I need to keep her. So Doug still spanks me from time to time when he decides it is required.

A few weeks after I started my wonderful new job I had to be honest and tell Doug I hadn’t given myself an enema for some time. The reason was that I had been so concerned about making a good impression in the new job that I had to admit I’d neglected to set time aside for that little personal pleasure. Doug didn’t really mind the missed enemas too much. What he was upset about was that he saw me slipping back into my old, bad habits. He didn’t want me to sacrifice my personal life for my work.

I look up from my kneeling position, past your erect cock that is mere inches from my face. I lick my lips as my eyes reach yours. There is a hungry look in the depths of your blue orbs and I feel the fresh rush of liquid coat my slit from that look. I know that you are waiting patiently, but only for a moment, so I move my focus back down to your bobbing member.

“Pleasure my cock cunt.” You command me knowing that the very words will cause my pussy to clench in response.

Your cockhead is already dripping with precum and it causes me to lick my lips again. I stick out my tongue and dip it into that little whole that will bring me a greater gift later on. For now I am pleased to taste your salty nectar on my tongue and I moan as I lick it up. My tongue swirls around your plum size head, the feel like wet velvet, before I slurp around it. I love doing this to you, focusing on your sensitive tip before licking my way down your thick shaft.

My saliva is running freely as I enjoy the feel and taste of you against my tongue. I move back up, my lips stretching over your engorged cock as I take you into my mouth, working more of your hard dick into my mouth and down my throat with each downward motion of my head.

Your precum and my saliva mixes, making my mouth as slippery as my cunt is at the moment. I know that my juices are running free and are dripping to the floor underneath me. The thought causes my desire to mount higher. You will be pleased to see the evidence of my need for you.

You are looking down at me as I service your hard cock. You have bound me in the spreader bar at my ankles and have cuffed my arms behind my back. You watch as your thick meat slices in and out of my mouth, my head bobbing up and down. My tits bounce with my effort causing the nipple clips to pull the weight of the chain with each movement. You know this causes the pleasure pain that will only enhance my lust.

In your hand you hold the crop. You have not used it yet, enjoying the view and the feel of my mouth on you. You bend over slightly and tap my right butt cheek with it. The action causes me to moan over your cock. You tap my ass again bringing on the same action. Soon you are spanking my ass with the crop and have created a steady moan to vibrate over your throbbing shaft.

My backside is beginning to burn but the more you land the crop on my ass the more I want. The little shots of pain you give me, causing my pussy to clench over and over wanting more. I suck you deeper now. My lust to pleasure you equaling the lust filling my body.

You pull out of my mouth and grasp your steel shaft, holding it up against your stomach. “Use that slutty tongue on my balls.” You command me.

I swirl my wet tongue over your meaty balls. I love how full they are and my tongue has much territory to cover. I lick up and around all over and take one side into my mouth.

Again you pull back and reprimand me. “I did not tell you to suck my balls bitch. Place your head on the floor.”

You help me to lower myself until my forehead is resting against the cool tile. Walking around me you tap the crop over my back as you go until you are standing me. You view the wetness on the floor that I have caused but do not comment on it. Actually you say nothing at first as you begin to spank me with the crop, landing blows to my ass and the back of my thighs.

“When I tell you to lick my balls that is exactly what I mean.” You finally speak still swinging the crop. “Did I say to suck my balls?” You ask, holding your arm still until I answer.

“No Master.” I whimper in pain and pleasure.

You straddle my back, grabbing hold of my hair and pulling my head back. As you continue to pull me up, you back up, until I am back up on my knees. You reach around and begin to hit my tits with the crop bringing forth whimpers from me.

You lower me back down and tap the insides of my thighs, each hit rising higher until you begin to spank my dripping quim. I jerk and moan at the contact but you tell me to remain still. I force my body to stop moving as you continue to punish my aching pussy for a few more minutes.

Satisfied that I learned my lesson you raise me back up again and step back in front of me, your hard cock oozing with more precum. I keep my gaze on your cock and wait for you direction.

You tap your hard dick on my face reminding me that I am to do as directed by you. Again you hold your cock up and command me to lick your sac. The skin there has tightened some and I know that you have found pleasure in disciplining me. Though my pussy is stinging I am relieved that I stopped myself from cumming as you punished my cunt.

I lick my tongue all over your large balls, wetting it with my saliva until it shines in the light. I moan as my tongue begins to thrill over the feel of you under my ministrations. I bend my head down and try to reach for the area just below your heavy sac. Finding my mark I am pleased to hear you moan at the sensation.

Your hand thrusts into my hair and you finally give the command to suck your testis into my mouth. “Now you may suck them. Slowly.”

I carefully get a mouthful of your tender flesh and suck you into my mouth making sure to swirl my tongue at the same time just as you had taught me that you like. I feel your hips move forward, pushing the back of your cock into my face but this only thrills me more. I moan at the feel the rest of your sac pressing into my face as well.

I release one side and take the other side into my mouth. Slowly I pleasure you in this fashion, sucking and licking. You pull back lightly watching your skin stretch out from my mouth until I release you. You aim your rigid rod back at my mouth and tell me to suck you again.

My mouth devours you into its depths, wanting to feel that rush of your release coating the inside. I do not know where you have decided to cum yet for you have remained silent about it. I wonder, as I suck you, where you will choose this time. I hope you will choose my mouth but with my disobedience you might choose another option.

I know you are getting closer to your release as your cock thickens slightly in my sucking mouth. I am surprised when you pull completely out and step behind me again. I remain still as I feel your hand run from my neck on down to my ass, swooping further till your fingers are sliding through my wet slit.

“Mmmmm my slut is soaking wet. Do you want to cum slut?” You ask me driving two fingers into my wet hole.

“I want what you desire Master.” I answer knowing that at this point my want is not the matter at hand. This is further training and discipline on your part for not obeying you.

You continue to finger fuck me as your other hand reaches around and one finger circles my swollen clit. “Correct answer. You better not cum.” You tell me as you torture me. I want to cum so bad but hold back knowing that you will be pleased at my effort.

You stand back up and come back around to face me. You tell me to remain still and open my mouth. You grasp both sides of my head and slowly feed your cock in my mouth, watching as it disappears slowly until you are lodge down my throat. I concentrate and breathe slowly through my nose, gagging a little. Just as slowly you pull back out, stopping with just your cockhead in my mouth, before pushing back in. You begin a steady slow rhythm of fucking my face telling me how good your slave’s mouth feels around your throbbing meat.

I am pleased to hear your words. Even though you needed to discipline me you also acknowledge the accomplishments that I make through your direction. Soon your thrusts are shorter and faster and you tell me to prepare to receive your cum.

“You want my cum in your mouth cunt?” You ask spreading your legs a little further.

I nod my head as best I can to confirm my desire. I hope that you are not testing me again and am happy as you thrust faster, getting your cock a bit deeper. “I want you to drink all my cum down.” You grunt feeling your balls tighten up.

Your cock thickens even more and I know I am about to receive my cum reward. The first pulse splashes against the back of my throat.

“Take all my cock and cum cunt!” You groan as the second spurt fills my mouth. You are still pumping in and out of my mouth as your cock releasing its torrent of cum, making me to have to swallow your hot cream faster. I gasp for breath as your cock and cum fill me to overwhelming. The seventh spurt is smaller and then a small thin trail as you slow your thrusting giving me a chance to finish swallowing and to lick your cock clean.

I lick and suck you until you pull your semi erect shaft from my mouth. You smile and tell me the words that I want to hear. “Good girl.”

I smile at you, pleased that you are pleased. I stay kneeling as you walk away from me and retrieve the vibrator. You switch it on as you come back to me and lower me back down so that my head is resting on the floor again. You tease me with the vibe, running it over my back and backside before sliding it between my wet pussy lips. You glide it back and forth before concentrating the buzzing toy on my clit. You kneel to the side and behind of me, taking my chain of my nipple clamps and pulling slightly. I moan at the pain and feel my pussy clench. With the toy circling and vibrating over my aching clit and you playing with my nipples causes my desire to rise.

As you watch me you know I am right at the edge. “Cum for me slut! I want your juice drenching the floor beneath you.”

I feel my clit pulse at the command and then my cunt walls grasping over and over as I cum, wailing in my release. My body jerks with the power of my release at your hands. I barely hear you speak at the blood pounding in my ears, making me almost oblivious to anything but the wonderful sensations shooting through my entire cunt.

“Good girl. Mmmm you are cumming hard whore. I am well pleased.”

I am falling back down to reality but you keep the vibe on my clit. Your hand begins to spank my already sore ass as you tell me that you are going to make me cum again. I moan as your hand spanks and gropes my ass in time with the swirling buzzing vibrator. You move the tip of it on the top of my clit hood and use your other hand to slick up your fingers in my cum. Once wet you slide one well lubed finger into my puckered hole.

I begin to buck my hips, the sensation of your finger sliding in and out of my ass bringing me closer to another orgasm. You add the second finger and fuck my ass with them, bending down to growl in my ear. “You like my fingers in your ass?”

“Yes Master.” I gasp as I buck my hips back against your hand.

“Good because you will not get my cock tonight for disobeying me. But you will cum on my fingers!”

You put the vibe down and reach around with your free hand so that you can shove two fingers in my sopping cunt and ride my clit with the thumb. I buck wildly now, both my holes being filled by you. I started panting hard my orgasm climbing.

“That’s it whore, fuck my fingers. Cum for your Master!” You yelled at me causing exactly what you want. My cunt walls and my ass clamped down on your thrusting fingers in a steady rhythm as I cum hard at your Master touch. I cannot form words, I can only scream out my release as my body rocks and jerks in pleasure.

You slow your pace and then pull your fingers from my body.

You reach your cunt soaked fingers to my mouth and tell me again. “Good girl.” I know to suck my juices from your fingers and open my mouth as you push them forward.

You watch me until I have licked and sucked them completely clean. You set to releasing me from my binds, your thoughts on what you have planned next…

It has been 2 weeks, more than 2 weeks actually: 2 weeks, 3 days, 4 hours and some odd minutes. I kept telling myself that things would get easier. That this decision I made was for the best, and things would get easier. I needed to do this. I couldn’t walk around for the rest of my life being someone’s sex slave… regardless of how much I enjoyed it. It was time to move forward with my life. Not to mention that things between us had fizzled, I didn’t have the time and neither did you.

When I had told you, you had tried to talk me out of it… but I had none of it. I was adamant that things were over, and our relationship would be purely platonic moving forward. However that was easier said than done. I could say whatever I wanted, but it didn’t keep my mind from wandering. I had to fight myself every day to keep from calling you and begging you to guide me to orgasm after glorious orgasm. Throughout every day I would find my mind wandering back to our afternoons together, and reliving the experiences, until I found myself lying in bed, fingers in a soaked pussy cumming. My dreams always cycled back to you, and when I awoke, I was teetering on the edge of calling you again. I tried to get rid of you, by having sex with someone else… it didn’t work, I still wanted it to be you. I envisioned it was you behind me pounding relentlessly into me; harder, faster, deeper, until I could no longer take it and I exploded into orgasm. I wanted it to be you punishing my ass, my pussy, my breasts until I begged for mercy. Two weeks, three days, 4 hours, and some odd minutes.

Things would get easier I tell myself again… I just need to get you out of my head, and move forward. With that I toss the blankets back, and get out of bed, where I had spent the night in restless sleep dreaming of you. It was time to start the day. I get dressed for the day, my white lace bra, panties, a simple button up blouse, and a pair of jeans. I couldn’t help but know that you would not have approved of the outfit, but that didn’t really matter now did it.

As I moved downstairs, I start a pot of coffee, and move to the bathroom to clean up, and brush my hair. Feeling human, I sip my coffee. Eight am… after this I can head outside and get a few things done in the yard I tell myself. Enjoying the morning sunshine coming through the window, I am startled back to reality when I hear my cell phone buzz at an incoming text. I look to see that it is you, and before I read the message I feel a shot of electricity buzz through my spine.

“I will be at your house in 15m, dress to impress.” A simple message, yet the effect it has on me is immediate. I feel myself gasp, and my body begin to heat up.

Oh no he doesn’t, I tell myself. He isn’t just going to waltz in here and derail me. No matter what my body is telling me, I will not cave into this man. Pffft… dress to impress… he doesn’t own me… not anymore. In fact I am not even going to let him in the house. All this going through my head, but I can already feel the wetness building. My body is on fire with desire.

“Get yourself under control Sarah.” I say out loud.

I have no idea what I did for the next 15 minutes, time just rushed away, while I tried to give myself a pep talk of what I would and wouldn’t say and do with you. But I hear the doorbell ring, and I know it is you. I take a deep breathe, and walk to the door, forcing myself to put on a pleasant smile.

“Good morning…. Ike,” I say, remembering that I will no longer be referring to you as sir, or master… which is a change that takes us both by surprise.

You are wearing sun glasses, and I can see your brows arch in surprise over the top of them. I smile, knowing that I have just driven the point home.

“Good morning slave,” you reply.

Refusing to back down I reply, “I’m sorry you have come at a bad time, I am just getting ready to leave, maybe we can do this another time.”

You look me up and down and say, “Without your shoes on?”

CRAP, I think to myself.

Before I can say anything else, you raise the glasses up to the top of your head, you stare coolly at me. “We need to talk, it can either be out here where your neighbors can witness things, or you can invite me in… which is it going to be?”

“I… well… ummmm….” I feel my head spinning a bit as I try to decide what to do, and how to respond.

“Well….?” I hear you say impatiently.

“Yes, of course come in si.. Ike,” I catch myself before I get the title out.

I open the door, to allow you in, knowing it is a mistake, knowing that this is the beginning of the end. NO NO NO, I tell myself, hold strong.

“Can I offer you a cup of coffee?” I say moving into the kitchen.

“Sure,” you say following me in.

I pour you a cup, as you pull a chair out by the table and sit down. I sit it down before you, and back up leaning against the kitchen counter, placing some distance between us.

“Aren’t you going to sit down?” you ask, knowing what I am doing.

“No I think I will stand,” I reply, “what was it you needed to talk to me about.”

You wait a few moments, as the silence sits in. “Please sit down with me,” you say taking a drink of your coffee.

I must look shocked, I don’t think I have ever heard you ask me for anything with the word please associated with it in my life. I feel myself moving across the room, and I pull a chair out from the table, still positioning myself several feet away. I cross my legs as I sit down, with a mental note that they are to stay crossed.

I see the sly smile perk at your lips.

“What did you need to talk to me about?” I ask.

You pause, watching me intently for a moment. Then place your cup down on the table, and look attentively at me again. I fight the urge to start fidgeting, force my legs to stay crossed, and force myself to meet your eyes, rather than looking away like I used to do. You can sense my imposed authority, as I make my stand.

“You are not dressed as I commanded.” You say matter-of-factly.

“And you no longer have any right to command me,” I retort proud of myself for the quick reply.

You stand up and walk to the window, peering out momentarily. I listen to your footsteps, but stay seated with my eyes ahead. I hear you walk back, and stand directly behind me. I am a box of nerves, and every nerve in my body is screaming to be fucked, but I make every attempt to maintain a cool exterior, and show no signs that my body and mind are not in agreement as to what they want.

“Spread your legs,” you command.

I feel myself start to waiver, my body wanting to respond to your commands, my muscles strain wanting to obey. “No, we are not doing this,” I say with a small quiver in my voice.

I feel your hands brush my hair from behind my neck over one shoulder, and your hot breathe on my neck. My body surges with heat in response, and I tense and gasp in air. “You think that you can just walk away so easily. I know you, and your body, and you can say what you like, but you still want this. One touch and your body was ready for me. You fight to remain poised, but I know that deep inside you are quivering with desire. At your essence you are submissive, this is what you want and desire, to fight it is to fight who you are; so submit to me now.”

“I …. Am….. I can’t… no” a series of jumbled words pops out making no sense at all.

“Are you telling me that if I were to bite down on your neck, and you felt my tongue dance over your skin that it would have no effect on you?” you whisper into my ear before clamping down. I can not help as a moan escapes my lips, and my head tilts to the side granting you more access and urging you forward. I feel my breasts throb and my nipples tighten in response, my pussy getting very wet.

You release my neck, moving back up to my ear and whisper, “Submit to me now, spread your legs.”

I feel my legs uncross, and know that my convictions are failing; I am falling to my lust. I want this so badly, it is burning like an all-consuming fire within me. A pang of guilt cuts through the lust and gives me a moment of clarity before all is lost. Instinctively I stand up moving away from you. I must get away from the hot breathe on my neck, the whispers in my ear. I must regain my self control, or I will hand all control to you.

I walk to the window, with my back to you, and take a deep breathe, trying to get my feet planted on solid ground again. But no sooner than I am standing there and you are right behind me. I feel a sharp smack on my ass, and it lights a fire back through me again. The sting piercing through me, making every nerve in my ass and pussy twinge. I gasp out loud, and turn to face you, breathing deeply.

I want this so badly, but the internal battle still rages forward, as I fight to not yield to you. I attempt to move past you once more, I need more space. But you anticipate my move, step in front of me with a smile on your face. You grab my wrists in both hands, and step forward, forcing me to step back, and push my back against the wall, pinning my body between you and the wall. I gasp out and try to push you off, with no success. As you press one leg between mine, and pin both wrists in one hand, and raise them over my head. I look at you with as much defiance as I can muster, but my body is taking over, and I can not deny how much I want this.

“Submit to me now,” you repeat.

I look away from you, refusing to speak, because if I do, I know that you will own me once again. I feel your free hand graze over my breast, as my nipple tingles in response.

“You think these clothes will stop me… I can see your nipples hardened through your shirt. I can see your breathing has changed, your eyes have dilated, and I am betting that if I were to unbutton your pants, I would find a very wet pussy, wouldn’t I Sarah?” you question knowingly.

“Yes,” I moan out, as I feel you pinch my nipple through my clothes.

“Submit to me now,” you repeat once again.

I am quiet for a moment, as you await my reply, and I use all my strength to whisper, “no, I can not.”

You sigh out loud, “you insist on doing everything the hard way. You will submit to me. It is going to happen today, so save yourself the fight, you are going to need your strength and energy for today, because I am going to fuck you until you can not stand up to walk. Submit now, so that you can feel orgasm after orgasm ripple through your body, like you know only I can deliver to you.

I feel myself sag, wanting so much to fall into your arms, and let you ravage me over and over again. I look down and see the bulge in your pants, and I think how much I would love to sink to my knees, take out your rock hard cock, and suck it deep into my mouth. Savoring the taste of your precum as I lick and suck from base to tip. I do want this badly, the need is almost overwhelming me. But from somewhere deep within I hear myself say again, “please stop, I can’t do this.”

I feel your hand graze down to my belly, and lower, to my inner thigh of my spread legs. I moan in pleasure as I feel you grab my pussy through my jeans, rubbing back and forth . My body taking over, I begin grinding down on your hand.

“I am going to punish you for having all these clothes on, you know I like easy access. Your ass will suffer for these jeans. Now beg me to take these pants off of you so I can continue playing with my pussy.” The grinding on my pussy I just want more, more, more, I want your fingers sliding deep within me, bringing me to the orgasm that is lingering in the background.

“Yes, please,” I moan out loud, desperate for more, “take them off.”

I see your devilish smile spread across your face, as you unbutton the jeans. You release my wrists, saying firmly, ” Do not move your arms, and narrow your stance.” I obey without hesitation, and watch you take a zip tie from your pocket and secure it around my wrists. You look around and see the hook over the pantry door that I use to hang extra bags on. You smile smugly, and direct me to the door. Once there you lift me around the waist, and tell me to dip my hands over the hook. Once secure, I am standing flat footed on the ground, but am incapable of leaving unless I want to take the door with me. The idea of being trapped to your mercies sends a wave of excitement pulsing through my body as I feel you tug my jeans gently off revealing my panties. I hear you tisking lightly, “your pussy is going to be punished for these,” you say as you pull them back and let them snap back on my skin. I gasp out, as the elastic cracks against my skin. “Spread,” you command firmly, and wait as I widen my stance once again. You run your finger between the slit of my pussy through the cloth and chide… “these panties are dripping wet, yet you attempt to hold back still,” your fingers relentlessly stroking my pussy through the thin layer of wet panties, “submit to me now.”

“I need to cum,” I moan out. “Please make me cum.”

“Submit,” you repeat, pulling your touch back just enough to drive me crazy without being enough to push me over the threshold to the orgasm I desire so much. “I know you need to cum, and all you have to do is submit.”

I try to grind down onto your hand, but instead you pull your hand back altogether standing up and looking me in the eyes. I have a sex-crazed look on my face, as my desperation is mounting for release.

“Submit to me now,” you repeat firmly.

“I want to cum,” I persist, whining with my desires going unfulfilled.

“Then submit,” you reply.

Angry that you are using my body against me, I gain a moment of fortitude, and look you square in the eyes, “NO.”

Without warning, you drop your hand back to my pussy, pushing under the cloth and rubbing my juices onto your hand, making my knees weaken, and my mouth drop open in a silent moan. Once you see my mouth open, you quickly move your hand up to my open mouth, plugging two fingers in. “Taste your desires, you know you want this, I know you want this, so submit.”

I suck greedily at your fingers, and watch the bulge in your pants twinge. I can see that you are enjoying yourself, after all you are a dom. You see my eyes watching your bulge, and remove your fingers from my mouth.

“Submit, and you can have my cock.”

“Ike, I can’t, I have already told you why, ” I plead with you.

You ignore my pleading, “this shirt must go, you say, abruptly pulling it and snapping the buttons off, leaving it opened with my breasts and white lace bra showing. “I see that now I am going to have to punish these tits too you chastise looking at me.

I look to the side, averting my eyes from your penetrating stare. I am losing the ability to fight you off, my desires overwhelming. I feel your hands over my breasts massaging and pinching my nipples. I arch my back into your hands, and feel your hot breath blow through the fabric of the bra over my right nipple. “Please, make me cum” I beg, being taken back into the sexual reverie.

“Submit to me now, and I will feast on your pussy until you are oozing cum from multiple orgasms.” Your hand goes down and begins working on my cunt again, driving the idea home, as I writhe against you.

“I….want…. oh God, please” I moan into you.

“Submit,” you persist.

“Ike, please…”

“Submit,” you pinch down and roll my nipple between your fingers.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moan loudly.

“SUBMIT TO ME NOW,” I hear your voice boom.

“Yes…… sir, ……I submit to you,” I finally yield, caving into my desires, “you own me, …..I submit.”

In one fluid motion you squat down between my legs, “hold on,” you growl approvingly, “I like to eat at the table.” With that you hoist me up by the legs, as I gasp in surprise, and carry me to the table, placing my ass down on the edge. You move back pulling my panties down, revealing my shaved naked pussy. I see you smile, knowing that was the one thing I maintained after I called everything off a couple of weeks ago. You rip my legs apart, to show my swollen glistening cunt before you, my clit peaking out from between pussy lips. “Cum as often as you like,” you say with a triumphant smile on your lips.

With that your head disappears between my legs, and a moment later I feel your tongue like velvet beginning to probe my eagerly awaiting pussy. Lapping up the juices, I feel my body surge with pleasure, as your tongue grazes across my ever-so-sensitive clit, and I moan out in pleasure. “Oh God yes master, please don’t stop,” I cry out as you flick my clit relentlessly with your tongue until I explode in orgasm. I scream as I cum, the sensations washing over me like waves in the ocean, one after another. Your tongue still lightly moving, over my pussy as I come down from the high. Just as the orgasm subsides you amp back up, causing my legs to twitch and tremble. I feel you slide two fingers deep within me as your tongue continues gliding over my pussy.

“Yes, finger fuck me while you eat me, my pussy needs to be filled,” I hear you chuckle as you continue your path with your tongue, going in circles around my clit, then a few flicks over the top, then another circle, and more flicks. I move my bound hands to your head, grabbing your hair and thrusting my pussy to your waiting mouth. Your fingers deep inside of me, probing back and forth as I lay before you on the table, holding my legs wide apart, displayed like a wanton slut. You bring me to a second then a third orgasm as I scream out in pleasure. Barely able to form a coherent thought, much less a sentence, I feel you remove your fingers from my dripping pussy. I grunt my disapproval and thrust my pussy in search of your hand.

“I think it is time to move this party to the bedroom you say,” patting my pussy repeatedly with your hand and standing up. The little pussy spanks ricochet through my body because I am so sensitive with all the extra blood flow there. I twitch and moan out… “more, please more sir.”

I hear you chuckle, “you will have to beg me to stop upstairs… now lets move,” This time you give my ass a hard smack to end the conversation, and get me moving. I squeal and move off the table. I look you square in the eyes, before aggressively moving toward you.

A bit surprised, I see your eyebrow cock upward, wondering what I am doing. “You got what you wanted I say, and you promised me something else if I would submit, and I intend to take it right now,” I say with determination and authority in my voice. With that I grab ahold of your belt loop with my bound hands, and give a slight tug, edging you to me. “You told me I could have your cock if I submitted,” I see you smile as I unzip your pants, and tug them down a bit awkwardly with my hands still bound together. “Besides, I feel over dressed, with you wearing all these clothes,” I say as your pants sag down to your knees.

“You were overdressed,” you say as I sink down to my knees, “and that is something I am going to remind you of when we get upstairs, your body will soon remember who is … aahhhhh.”

I hear you moan, as I eagerly take you all into my mouth, plunging deep into my throat. “Well that is one way to get him distracted,” I think smugly to myself, as I begin working your cock in and out of my mouth. I allow my tongue too twirl around the girth of your shaft, enjoying the salty precum that drops into my mouth. I suck hungrily until I sense you wanting release, and then pull back and begin bobbing back and forth, letting my tongue work the vein on the underside of your cock, while my lips and teeth graze along your skin. I am desperate to taste your cum in my mouth, desperate to pull the orgasm from you. I bring my hands up to gently massage your balls while I suck your cock diligently. Your small moans and groans spur me on as I continue licking, sucking, and massaging you for several minutes, until I feel you start thrusting your hips. Setting the rhythm that you want; your hand moves to the back of my head, and I feel your fingers lace through my hair. You push my head forward, and feel me begin to gag and choke as your cock pushes past my gag reflex.

“You wanted it, take it all,” you chime triumphantly.

You pull my head back, and watch as I take a gasp of air, look at you with a big smile and say, “yes sir.” With that I open my mouth and dive back in. Allowing your thrusts into my mouth with as little resistance as I can muster, as you thrust in and out. I feel you tense, and know that the moment I desire is coming quickly now. One last thrust and you begin to shoot your load into my mouth, stream after stream of cum. I swallow every drop, suckling gently until you are completely spent. Then stand up, quite pleased with the power exchange that has occurred. It is one of the few times, that I am in control in our relationship, that I am the one with the power to bring or deny your orgasms, and I do enjoy that.

I walk to the sink, still wearing my bra and my shirt ripped half open, to get us both some water. I realize that I have completely given up on all my convictions to leave, and am content and happy to remain your slave. I feel your hand on my ass, and I turn to smile at you…. “you are just as insatiable as I am,” I tease.

“And you love every bit of it,” you respond giving me a playful smack on the ass.

I hand you the glass of water, “shall we adjourn upstairs?” I question nodding my head in the direction of the stair case.

Your eyes twinkle in response, “unless you prefer the cave man approach where I drag you kicking and screaming by your hair.”

“MMM … lets leave my hair out of this, I prefer whips and chains to having my hair pulled out,” I say as I begin walking to the staircase.

Once upstairs, I realize that I didn’t make the bed, my vibrator is still lying on the night stand beside the bed, and the clothes from the day before are still in the corner of the room. Embarrassed, I begin picking up the clothes, and apologize for the mess.

You ignore me, your focus on the vibrator on the nightstand. “Have you had some restless nights lately? Trouble sleeping?” Attempting to ignore the questions, busying myself getting things organized,and fixing the bedding. But you know that I avoid questions I don’t want to answer, and persist. “Answer the question.”

I sigh loudly, keeping my back to you. “The truth is that every night is restless, as I relive our times together, and succumb to pleasuring myself, before falling into a restless sleep, where I continue to dream of you, where I submit to you over and over again in my dreams, and wake exhausted and horney as hell… after the last two weeks I was utterly exhausted. Yes, I have been restless.”

“Why didn’t you call before now, why do you continue to fight who you are?”

I don’t respond, I just shrug my shoulders, not wanting to get into it again.

“Well I can guarantee that you will not have a problem sleeping tonight, now where are the rest of the toys at,” you say confidently.

“In the drawer,” I reply glad that you are done quizzing me.

You open it up pulling an assortment of ropes and bindings, a gag, blindfold, the other two vibrators, the whip, and riding crop. I feel my heart rate surge as you take each item out and lay them on the bed. The last thing you pull out is a simple box. You look at me before opening it, “I thought you said you were getting rid of this,” you say piercing me with your eyes.

“I just hadn’t got around to it,” I say trying to play it off, but in truth I just hadn’t been able to bring myself to getting rid of it.

“Or perhaps it is because deep down you knew that this is symbolic of a lot more than you would like to admit,” you say opening the box to reveal the black collar that I wore when we were together. The symbol of who owned me. The silence confirms to both of us that what you say is true. You step toward me, and put the collar around my neck, and it feels like home as I slide back into my role as your submissive.

“Now, I do believe that I told you I would punish you for the way your dressed, the first being your ass for those jeans,” you say stepping back.

“You can not be serious, I was not your slave then, you have no right to punish me for something when I wasn’t your sub.” I respond indignantly.

“I can see you are going to need a refresher on your training, as you have not been addressing me with the correct title when you speak to me… and your indignant behavior is borderline disrespectful. You were always my slave, even when you thought things were over. Your behavior proves that, or we would not be in this room right now. If you didn’t really want this, I would have turned and walked out the door. But I had to see it for myself. I have forced you to do nothing. It was you who begged me to take your pants off, begged me to make you cum, and it was you that dropped to your knees to suck my cock. The thought of using your safe word never even popped into your head. You wanted this. Isn’t that right? ” You say coolly.

“You didn’t exactly make it easy for me to walk away. But you didn’t force anything on me either. I did want this, nothing was done against my will, it was a battle between my mind and my body,” I reply back to you. “Sir.” I throw in at the end.

You smile back toward me, “Your body just needed a bit of help convincing your mind is all. But that does not mean that you are going to get out of these punishments. After all, it is my decision to pleasure or punish at my will, and I have been deprived of that for more than 2 weeks now, and my palm is twitching with the need to spank that ass.”

I almost giggle as I watch you shake your hand back and forth. Besides, I can not deny that a spanking gets me hot really quick.

“So I am going to sit on the edge of this bed, you are going to come and ask me to spank you, and then lay yourself over my lap willingly. Do you understand.”

I flush red with embarrassment. This is not really what I had in mind, I was not going to ask for a spanking. That was too embarrassing. It was humiliating enough to have to lay myself over your lap like some sort of school girl, and ask you to punish me.

“Well?” you question looking at me.

I decide to put my own little twist on it to save face somewhat, and try to sneak one over on you. I nod my head to you, affirming that I understand, and you sit down on the bed. I walk over, and lay myself over your lap, “will you please spank me?” I say not having to face you.

I feel a hard smack come down on my ass, and then, “get up and do it the way I told you the first time. I want to see you ask me, and you had better address me correctly next time as well.”

I sigh as I pull myself off your lap, this being even more humiliating than it would have been had I just did it as you said the first time. I feel the heat coming off my face as I stand before you with my hands still bound. I take a deep breath, “Sir, will you please spank me,” the words roll off my tongue and I am sure my face is scarlet red.

I feel you looking at me, your gaze piercing me, but I can not bring myself to look up at you. I feel so foolish. “What are you needing spanked for?” you persist in your questions. I feel the humiliation burning, as I realize that you are going to continue this until you are satisfied. I pause not wanting to answer you. “Alright have it your way… we start at the beginning and do this until you get it right. Walk out of the room, then come back in and start at the beginning.”

I feel a flash of anger cross over my body, as I turn as walk away bitterly. This is ridiculous I think to myself, as I walk out, I refuse to play these mind games with him. I am better than this. I take a breath walking with determination back into the room.

“Sir, will you please deliver my spanking now,” I ask defiantly, looking right back at you.

“And what did you do to deserve a spanking?” you respond.

“I was not dressed as you commanded, even though I was not technically your slave at the time,” I respond sarcastically.

“Again,” you point to the door.

I look at you, feeling defiant, and turn to walk out grumbling under my breath. This is just absurd. I walk back into the room angrily. I watch you as I approach, and when I stand before me, all you say is, “Submit to me NOW,” then you point to the door.

I look up at you is astonishment, that you are making me go through this. A defeated sigh, and I walk from the room. When I get out into the hall way, I take a deep breathe, tell myself to put my pride to the side, and just do as you have said. I walk back into the room, and approach you, I see you watching me from the bed, I grit my teeth as I approach.

“Sir,” I say as politely as I can muster, “will you please deliver my spanking now.”

I see the smile perk at the corner of your lips. “And what has my slave done to deserve a spanking,” the same question over and over again.

I grit my teeth, resisting the urge to shoot off my mouth, “I was not dressed in a way that pleased you sir.”

“And how many spanks should be delivered to rectify this?” you question.

I feel a fresh flush cover my skin, as I try to quickly decide a response that will not have me back in the hallway starting this humiliation again from the beginning, “as many as you deem appropriate sir.”

“And a few more on top of that for that smart mouth of yours would be warranted,” you chastise. “Permission is granted.”

“Yes sir,” I respond feeling defeated as I voluntarily lay myself over your lap, placing my bound hands above my head.

“I will allow you to select the instrument of delivery, slave,” you tell me, and I can sense the smile on your face without being able to see it.

“Your hand please, sir,” I reply feeling the humiliation sink deeper through my body.

“Why do you prefer my hand,” you ask.

Dear God please let the questions stop I think to myself. “I don’t know,” I say attempting to end the conversation.

I feel your hand rubbing my ass cheeks, as you contemplate my response. “Is it the pain that whip and crop provide?” you question.

The touch begins to distract me from the embarrassment that has rippled through my body. “I… I like the skin on skin contact, it isn’t about the pain, you are careful to gauge my reaction regardless of what you use to punish me, and not take it too far sir.”

“I suppose you prefer my hand on your tits and pussy too then,” you question as you continue stroking my ass.

“Actually no, I prefer the whip on my breasts, and the crop on my pussy.” I say a bit breathlessly, “although I always enjoy your hands on my body.”

You pause for a moment, contemplating my response. “Why?” you question.

I feel myself flush again, wondering if the red on my face will soon match my ass, as I struggle to verbalize myself. “I don’t know, I suppose I like all the strands from the whip as it strikes a sting along my breasts and nipples, and the crop is the prefect size, and I like the smack it makes against my skin as the leather strikes down.” I feel my body responding from the dialogue, my body yearning at this point for the punishments.

“Then you shall have them as you desire tonight,” you respond and start smacking down on my ass. Your hand coming down rhythmically in a sharp series of spanks that take my breathe away. I can’t help but cry out in pain as the initial slaps sting… but soon my cries become moans, as the pain gives way to pleasure. Before long I feel myself grinding down on your lap, looking for something for my pussy to find relief on, and I can feel your cock erect again beneath me. I can feel the wetness between my legs, and my nipples hard against my bra. “Please…” I moan out to you.

You pause, rubbing my now red ass, “yes slave?”

“Please, fuck me sir, I want to cum.” I moan desperately needing my pussy filled.

I hear you chuckle softly, knowing that you have me completely at your will. “Not yet slave,” you say moving one hand between my legs, “but I can feel that you are enjoying this,” you say rubbing the lips of my pussy.

“Ooooh,” I moan out and press my pussy into your hand, “please sir, I want to cum.” I find your fingers and start circling down on them, rubbing my clit against your hand shamelessly. I know how I must look right now, but I am overcome with a desire to cum. You allow this to go on for a minute, no doubt enjoying the show with my reddened ass gyrating before you, my arms bound ahead of me, while I use your hand to derive unspeakable pleasures. I feel the orgasm mounting and the moans escalate, the orgasm I so desire teetering on the edge. “Please master, I need to cum, please….” I continue using your hand to fuck my pussy.

“I already told you no,” you say matter-of-factly.

I stop moving, knowing that too much more and the orgasm will come whether I want it to or not. “You torture me,” I complain, turning my head into the mattress in silent protest.

“You torture yourself, I said no when you first asked, you took it upon yourself to get into this state.” You reply.

I curse in my head, hating it when you are right. “Please sir, please fuck me,” I beg again.

“But I am not done spanking you,” you reply stroking my ass once more. You hear me moan into the mattress, and I can sense your amusement at the situation. “I am feeling generous though,” you begin speaking again, “I will shove this vibrator up into your pussy and put it on high. The rabbit ears will be right over your clit. You may cum as often as you like. In fact I will not stop spanking you or remove the vibe until you beg me to. But in return, for my generosity, you must first remain on the edge for 10 minutes, with no orgasm, and I will continue spanking at my leisure. If you cum before the ten minute mark, you will be punished severely. Do you accept?”

I consider your offer, my pussy so desperate to be fucked, but I am not sure I can maintain the edge for ten minutes, not with the vibe going and the spanking sending tantalizing sensations rippling through me. But then again, if I can make it for just ten minutes, then I can have as many as I like. “Yes,” I reply greedily imagining multiple orgasms washing over my body.

“Mmmm, I do believe that you are going to find this harder than you realized, in fact, I know you will, because I intend to make this very difficult,” you say, and I can hear the wicked smile behind your words.

Dammit, I should know better than to make deals with you by now, it never turns out in my favor. But I make up my mind, that this time, I will not break down before the 10 minutes are up, and then I will cum… many times. I will not beg you to stop until I can not breathe. I feel you shifting, then the familiar feeling of my vibe being thrust into my pussy. You thrust it a few times, and make sure the rabbit ears are positioned over my clit.

“Are you ready slave,” you question.

“Yes sir,” I moan out enjoying the feeling of my pussy being filled.

I feel the vibrations start and moan once more into the mattress. I must focus on something else, anything else, to keep my mind away from the orgasm my body is lunging towards. SMACK.. a powerful slap sends ripples through my body, causing me to jerk on your lap. “Ahhh,” I cry out loud. Then another on the opposite cheek, so hard I almost bounce off your lap. Then soft soothing rubbing, that takes the sting away, and begins fueling the fires toward my orgasm. For what feels like thirty minutes you confuse my body alternating between hard smacks, light taps, and caressing my ass cheeks. I am moaning loudly, my orgasm pounding for release. My clit is on fire with every nerve responding to the stimulation, and my pussy squeezing against the vibe ready to release in spasm.

“How much…. longer master,” I pant between moans.

“Haha…” you laugh triumphantly, “it has only been 4 minutes.”

“Oh God, I cant make it another 6 minutes sir,” I groan.

“Then beg for me to stop, and it all goes away, no more spanks, no more vibe… but no orgasms either,” you reply calming smacking my ass lightly.

I groan into the mattress again, now understanding your plan. You love to hold me on the edge. “Please allow me to cum early,” I beg.

A hard smack snaps down on my ass, causing my to bounce on your lap, and then hiss as the sting reverberates through, then moan as the vibe rippled waves of pleasure, almost sending me over the edge. “No, a deal is a deal, and you readily agreed.”

You begin stroking my ass, and gently smacking down, the vibes persistently pushing for the euphoric release that I want, my clit on fire. I know that I will not be able to hold out for ten minutes, but the pending orgasm is bound to be worth the wait, if I can just force myself to hold out. I moan, feeling my body take over, as I arch up, pressing my ass into your palm. I feel your hand move from my ass and onto the vibrator, gently thrusting it. “Oh God, please sir,” I feel my legs shift wider, and I start grinding on the vibe, your other hand massaging my ass cheeks.

“What is it you are begging for slave?” you probe.

“Release,” I groan as you increase the speed, “I can’t hold it, please ….”

“It has only been 6 minutes, you either hold it, or beg for me to stop.” You reply, denying my pleas.

I groan my discontent with your response, my breathing heavy and labored. I know I can no longer wait. I will either cum without permission, and suffer the consequences, or beg you to stop… and I do not want that kind of punishment. “Please master, mercy… please stop.”

The vibe shuts off immediately, and I feel you slowly remove it from my wet pussy. I feel my body relax, and the orgasm withdrawal to a manageable level. I groan again, as what I so deeply desire is refused to me. You allow me to lay over your lap for a few minutes, letting my body wind down. I still feel the fire burning, the need still there, but being held at bay now.

“Alright… I think it is time to punish those tits,” you say giving my ass a light tap, signaling me to get up.

“Yes sir,” I say a bit begrudgingly, ” as I pull myself from your lap.

You reach over with a pair of scissors and clip off the binding on my hands. “Take off the rest of those clothes,” you say ignoring the disdain in my voice, “and ask me for your punishment.”

I feel myself flush red again as I face the embarrassment of having to ask you to punish me. I slide the shirt off, and take the bra off, standing before you completely naked. You gaze at me for a moment.

“Submit to me now,” you say looking at me daringly.

As I swallow my pride, I take a breath, “Master, I submit, will you please punish me.”

I see the evil smile perk at your lips, as you know how hard it is for me to do this, “what have you done to warrant this punishment?”

I grit my teeth, as I fight the urge to be a smart ass, and I see your eyebrow cock up as you anticipate my response. I sigh, deciding to mind my tongue and not prolong the humiliation I know you will inflict upon me if I do not respond appropriately, “I was not dressed in a way that pleased you, sir, I was wearing a bra.”

“And how should I punish you for that offense, slave?” you question.

“By whipping my breasts and nipples, sir” I respond, feeling my body warming at the idea of what is to come.

“Up on the bed, on your knees, at the head of the bed, back to the headboard, legs spread,” you command. I silently do as I’m told. I rub my wrists lightly, looking at you, waiting eagerly for you to command me. “Legs spread wider, I want that dripping wet cunt about 6 inches from the mattress, and arms out stretched to the sides.”

I feel myself blush again, as I comply to your orders. You take each arm, and bind it to the headboard, so that I am outstretched before you. I feel so exposed, and vulnerable, yet at the same time my body is already yearning for you. I watch as you pick up the whip, the black strands dangling before me. You glaze it along my collarbone, and down between my breasts. I see your erection, and I can almost feel it sinking deep into my pussy.

I feel you move the vibe beneath my pussy positioning the tip just at the entrance to my core. “Same deal as before, except now you have to add the 4 minutes from last time to the clock. So no orgasm for 14 minutes, while I punish those beautiful tits of yours. However, since you made it through the last line of questions without letting that mouth of yours run off, I will allow you to control the depth of penetration. If you desire more, then grind down. But the tip must always stay touching you. If you cum before the 14 minutes are up, then you will be severely punished. However, if you make it to the end, then I will remove that vibe, lay down beneath that dripping pussy, and you will show me what a good slut you are as you fuck my face until you have cum all over me.”

I gasp out at the deal you have laid before me, and accept it quickly, “yes sir,” I say enthusiastically.

Your amused laugh rings out, “then let us begin,” you say as you turn the vibe on high.

I decide that I am not going to grind down at all, there is no need to torture myself, and I want my prize at the end of this 14 minutes. I feel your mouth and tongue hot over my breasts, as you suck and bite down on them. I let my body sag into your mouth, enjoying the sensations over my nipples. As I sag I realize that an inch of that plastic vibrating cock has penetrated into me. I moan in pleasure, wanting more, but knowing that I must refrain. Already I feel the orgasm mounting again. I know it will not be long and I will be on the edge.

I hear the faint whisper and a movement of air followed abruptly by the sound of a swishing whip, and my screaming voice. The strands of the whip bite sharply into my breast. The sudden surprise of it had caught me totally off guard, and my scream was as much of shock as it was of pain. I grasped the ropes on my hands tighter, trying to brace myself for what might come next. I waited for the pain once more…

Instead, your fingertips run lightly over the breast that had just been whipped; your touch at once soothing and refreshing. As you softly brush my breast with your fingers, your other hand moves down the front of my body, light as a feather, across my stomach, in soft, delightful concentric circles. Your hand cupping my aroused breast, holding its weightiness like a small pineapple, then kneading it gently. I moan in response.

I didn’t even hear the whip this time as it comes down on my other breast, causing me to squeal out again, as my body jerks in response. You hardly give me a moment to react before you begin whipping my breasts, alternating each one, with slightly less force than the two initial strikes. My breathing becoming ragged from the pain. As I yelp out from each strike against my body. I feel my breasts, skin tight, nipples erect and burning.

You pause, “are you alright,”

Through my gasps for breath I somehow tell you that I am fine. Yes, fine. In fact, the hard part for my mind to accept, is that there was a strange but definite sense that I can take more. Even, perhaps, that I want more.

I feel your hands leave me, and I suck in air sharply, as I feel the whip begin coming down on my breasts again. You spin it in circles swiftly, making the strands bite down every couple of seconds on my breast. I feel my arousal building, and my pussy is aching for deeper penetration, to feel the pulsing vibrations deeper. The pain and pleasure melding into one, as you continue to punish my breasts. I feel my head spinning into a euphoric state and I am breathless.

You stop the whips, gently guiding the strands over my erect nipples, my skin reddened from the continuous whipping. “How much more sir?” I whisper my voice breathless and a bit raspy.

“You are doing well slave, 6 minutes to go,” I can sense how turned on you are by the tone in your voice. I feel you move the whip lower and lower, and then I feel the strands tickling my pussy.

“Yes, please master.” I moan in desire.

“You want me to whip your pussy?” you question.

“Yes,” I try to thrust my hips toward you, but only succeed in gyrating the vibrator a bit deeper into my dripping pussy.

I feel your hand slide down between my legs and between my lips.

“You are wanton,” you hiss in my ear as you bring a wet finger up to my lips. I open my mouth eagerly, as you hold your hand tightly over my mouth, your finger sheathed inside, while I greedily sucked. Yes, I am wanton… Lustful… Shameless…

“No, that pussy will be punished soon enough, as tempting as it is, we will both wait for that,” I feel the whip bite into my breast again, and I scream out as the pain sears through my nipple. First one then the next. I strain against the ropes, as my head begins to spin, the vibrator about half way into my pussy, and the orgasm now beating at the door ready for release.

“Please sir, please I need to cum.”

“You had better not, or you will be severely punished,” you let the whip fall down harshly across one breast causing my body to jerk in response and a shout of pain.

“How much longer, master,” I question trying to breathe through the need to cum.

“Only 2 more minutes,” you respond.

I can do this I coach myself, only 2 minutes. Hold it together and you will have the biggest orgasm of your life. I feel the circling whip coming down on my right breast, with just enough force to make the sting hurt in a good way. I moan, letting my head fall back and my body sag down a little further onto the vibrator. My pussy surges and I gasp and fight to hold the orgasm back, almost losing control. “Oh God,” I scream out, “please sir.”

“One minute to go,” the circling whip moves to my other breast, and I gasp out as the fresh sting hits nerves directly linked to my clit, and I almost lose the last strand of control I cling to.

“Oh God, oh God, Oh God,” I start chanting out as the strands drive me further and further, my head in a daze, my body trembling with the need to cum.

“Cum now,” I hear the words penetrate through the clouds I hover in. Like a slice of heaven, the permission granted, I cum, and cum, and cum. My orgasm rippling through my body in wave after wave, as I am orbited off the Earth into another dimension, beyond conscious thought.

I don’t know how much time goes by before I feel you unbinding my hands, then moving the vibe from my pussy. I sit back on the bed, and feel myself descend back to earth, still unable to form coherent thoughts or sentences.

“How was that orgasm,” you question as your fingers dance their way from my shoulder down to my wrists, now red from pulling against the restraints.

“Out of this world,” I comment.

“You see what happens when you accept who you are, and submit to me,” you state confidently.

“I do,” I smile back to you, knowing that ordinary sex can never make me feel this way.

We make some mindless chatter for a few minutes as my body comes fully back down to Earth from the after effects of that orgasm.

“Good, now up on your knees again, I did promise you one other thing if you made it through that punishment, and I need to have that pussy prepared for your final round.

“Yes sir,” I respond, eager for this experience as I stand on my knees. I feel you slide your head between my thighs, and tug me down so I am straddling your face. Then that luscious tongue begin its work, licking my pussy from one end to the other.

“Oh master,” I cry out as I feel a shutter through my body, “It feels so good.”

“Show me what a slut you are,” I hear you say from beneath my core. Then I feel your hands squeeze my ass cheeks hard and pull them apart as your tongue moves back and forth. You bite one of my ass cheeks, making me jerk, before you start licking again. I feel you push a finger into my shaved wet pussy, and I moan and grind down. Then another, and you start pushing harder, slowly fucking my pussy. I feel your tongue slide in around your fingers, and I grunt and moan in pleasure. My pussy wide open to you for your pleasure, and my own.

I know that I must look like a complete slut as I rock and pump down on your face, but I can not help myself as the experience is so erotic. I feel you start to lick up and down my slit, as you use your fingers to pull the folds of my swollen pussy lips away from my clit. I feel your tongue press down on it and I almost scream in ecstasy. My clit is rock hard, and I feel you hum against it, as you continue stimulating my hole with your fingers.

“OH MY GOD,” I scream as you suck on my clit, surging my body toward my next orgasm. You move your heavenly lips from my clit, and I feel you suck one of my lips into your mouth, playing with it on your tongue, then move to the other for the same treatment. I grind my pussy, and I feel the orgasm about to wash over me, my moans growing louder and louder.

“Oh master, lick my pussy and make me scream,” I cry out.

I feel your tongue in response, circling my clit. Shocks of pleasure ripple through my body and hitting directly against my pulsing throbbing clit. I feel you suck my entire pussy into your mouth and hum all over it as your tongue fucks and licks around it, and I can’t take it anymore as my body erupts again into orgasm. I feel you continue licking lightly, lapping up the juices from my orgasm as I come down from another high.

I look in front of me, and see your outstretched legs, and your rock hard, fully erect cock standing straight up before me, and I can’t help but lean over to start sucking it. I feel your body tense in surprise, as I start to suck you deep into my mouth, then a groan of acceptance as I start bobbing my head up and down and you slide in and out of my mouth.

As I pull back I flick the head of your cock with my tongue, then quickly suck all the way down until my lips touch your balls, and your cock hit the back of you my throat. I hold for a few seconds then draw away, strings of saliva connecting your prick to my tongue. I continue licking and sucking and deep throating your throbbing cock, making you moan with desire. I start to squeeze the hilt of your dick with one hand, fondling your balls with the other, and licking the head of cock with my mouth. I am certain that you can feel the pressure building up in your balls by now. I deep throat you again and then pull back sucking in hard as I move up your shaft.

I can feel your body tense, preparing for orgasm. “Master, will you fuck my ass now?”

“With pleasure slave,” you respond flipping me off of you so quickly that I’m afraid I will topple off the bed. But as quickly as I am off of you, you grab my ankle and drag me back. “Hands and knees slave,” you growl with lust in your voice.

As I attempt to follow your command I am no sooner up on my hands and knees then your hands are on my hips pulling me back to your waiting cock. I feel you penetrate and moan in pleasure. I am taken back to the training you gave my ass at the beginning of our relationship, and how I initially cursed you for it, and slowly came around to love it. “Rub that clit,” you command.

You waste no time, already on the verge or orgasm, and start driving full force into my ass. Driving with such force I almost lose my balance, and fall on my face on the bed. “Oh, oh, oh,” I cry out with each thrust, and my clit on fire from all the stimulation. In mere minutes, I hear you grunt as you start to cum deep in my ass. “Ahhhh,” the simple expression of satisfaction, makes me smile knowing that you are satisfied and happy, and I am fulfilled knowing that I was the one to bring you that satisfaction.

A few moments pass by, then I feel you withdraw from me. “I do believe there is one final punishment for you today,” you say swatting my ass playfully. I moan in response and flatten myself from the mattress, not wanting to put myself forward for another round of questions. “Get up, I spent time getting that pussy ready for this, and I am going to have to repeat work now, thanks to you detouring me…though I did enjoy the results of that.” I feel your fingers begin probing my pussy again, softly circling my clit. I arch my back up raising to my hands and knees in response, with a moan of pleasure. I rock back into your hand, wanting more of your touch.

“MMMM never satisfied… you always want more. This pussy is so responsive, I could have you cumming in minutes if I choose to,” you observe.

“Yes, please sir.” I moan in response, grinding down.

“Hahaha that wasn’t an offer, now stand up and beg me to punish your pussy,” you reply triumphantly.

I groan as I roll off the bed, and stand before you. You sit up, moving to the edge of the bed, and beckon me closer with a “come here” finger. Not sure what you are plotting, I move forward cautiously. You reach forward and slide two fingers back between the lips of my pussy, continuing the teasing of my clit. I feel my body heat up, and instinctively spread my legs to give you better access.

“Now submit to me, and beg me to spank this pussy,” you speak with authority.

Now the reason for me struggling to spit the words out has little to do with stuffing my pride, and feeling humiliated, and more to do with focusing through the waves of pleasure washing over my body.

“Submit,” you persist, pinching my clit sharply between your fingers.

I gasp out from the shock, and the pain that shoots through my pussy. “Yes, sir,” I reply quickly, to let you know that I am putting the words together, I just need to breath for a moment. You understand and begin rubbing again. “I submit to you, …..please…. ooohhh…. punish my pussy…. for not dressing as you ordered, sir.”

“Very nice, and how long should I punish this pussy slave,” you respond.

Without thinking I respond, “Until I cum sir.” You pause for a moment, and I realize what I have said, I don’t think that I can cum from having my pussy spanked. “I mean, as long as you see fit, sir,” I try to correct myself.

“Too late,” you respond, your fingers rubbing my clit with fervor “I like that first suggestion. I am going to spank this pussy until you cum, and once that orgasm quakes through your body, then I am going to fuck you. I am going to fuck you until you are gasping for air, I am going to fuck you until you can not walk, and you beg me to stop. Only when I hear you begging for mercy, only then will I stop.”

“I don’t think I can cum from that,” I moan my knees about to buckle. Despite how much I enjoy having my pussy spanked, it still scares me, because the potential for the pain to be too much very quickly is high.

“I will be the judge of that,” you reply. “Now get on this bed, and lay on your back, legs spread wide. If your hands attempt to block me, I will bind them, and if those legs attempt to block me, I will tie them. That means I will have to stop what I’m doing, and you will have no stimulation during that time….and the punishment will be prolonged. So you best control yourself. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I comply, sure my nervousness shows through my voice, as I move away from your hand, and get back up on the bed. I lay down immediately, raise my knees up and spread my legs wide, so that my glistening, swollen pussy opens up to you.

“Mmmm,” you growl in approval, and pick up the riding crop. You begin to rub the leather down my slit and over my clit.

“Oh,” I moan out loud raising my hips toward the crop.

I feel the light taps as you gently start spanking down with the crop, sending pleasuring pulses through my pussy. Light and fast, increasing slowly in intensity and force; until I am breathless with a mixture of arousal and pain, then with a quick flick you sharply slap the crop directly over my clit. I scream out, and feel my legs close over my pussy, as I immediately open up again, not wanting you to bind me.

“Tisk tisk,” you say rubbing the crop against my swollen sex, “that better not happen again or I will have to bind those legs.”

“Yes sir,” I moan as you play with my pussy with the instrument of pain. Again the soft spanks start, and I begin panting, I can feel an orgasm building. I can feel how wet my pussy is as the crop comes down and makes a wet smacking sound with each smack. My orgasm is building and building, but not at a point where I can obtain release. The smacks becoming harder now, I feel my legs twitch with each one, as I groan in pleasure and pain. “Oh God, please sir,”

“Yes slave,” you stop the spanking and go back to rubbing my clit.

My breathing is labored, I just want your cock inside of me, pounding deep into my pussy, I just want you to, “Fuck me,” I demand finishing the thought out loud, without even realizing it.

SMACK! The crop comes down sharply over my pussy causing me to scream out, snapping my legs closed momentarily, then back open almost as quickly. “I’m sorry, I thought I heard you demand something… I must not have heard you correctly, would you care to repeat yourself,” you reply coolly.

“No sir, I’m sorry,” I reply as you begin your light swats again. Building and building, the fire burning just beneath the surface and out of reach. Now as each strike comes down you stroke my clit up and down before lifting and swatting again. I moan in pleasure, as the added stimulation edges me that much closer, the fire picking up momentum.

“Please sir, I need you to fuck me,” my voice whines, desperate for you to end the torture and give me what I want. I know that if you would sink your dick into me I would be cumming in less than a minute.

“I (spank) don’t (spank) think (spank) so,” you say smacking down with a bit more force on each word. Then you go back to rubbing my clit. I moan out, wanting so badly for you to push me over the edge. I purr as you use the crop to rub my sensitive clit, and raise up my pussy as you keep rubbing, grinding into it.

“Please make me cum, sir” I cry out as I feel the orgasm move in closer and closer. You continue rubbing, and I continue grinding and I feel the orgasm ready to overpower me. You sense the change as start the light spanks again, swatting at my clit and pussy lips and I cry out in pleasure. “Master I need to cum please,” I plead with you.

“Maintain the edge,” you say quickly spanking my pussy with swat after swat. I feel my pussy trembling, each swat pushing the orgasm higher and higher, as I fight to not let it break through. “What do you have to say to me,” you say smacking a little harder, a little faster.

My body surges and I feel the orgasm push towards me, aching for release, the slow burning fire, now an intense heat wave that threatens to burn me to the ground. I take a deep breathe, “You own me, I am your slave, my body is meant for fucking and breeding, please fuck me and breed me sir.” There it is, the mantra of our relationship. The confirmation to both of us, that you do indeed own me.

I stretch my legs open even wider, giving you even more access, “please, sir,” I whine. I want more, I want you to keep spanking my pussy, I want to cum, I want….

“Cum now,” I hear your voice pierce me, as you keep spanking. I feel the release wash over me as I start to cum, each swat dragging the orgasm out further. Before the orgasm has subsided, I feel you on top of me, thrusting into me.

“Ohhhhhh yes,” I cry out to you, feeling you powerfully thrusting into me. Driving me deeper and deeper, as my pussy convulses in orgasm, involuntarily shaking and spasming around your cock. You don’t stop, you just keep thrusting, again and again, right through my orgasm, never relenting, never pausing, never losing momentum. I scream in ecstasy, as the orgasms keep rippling through my body in one never ending cycle, it seems as if they are never ending, just one long continuous orgasm.

I feel light headed, unable to catch my breath, as you keep delivering one thrust after another. My body feels like one basket of nerves, and I feel like I might explode from the over stimulation. “Please,” I cry out, barely able to form the word. “Please,” I say again as another orgasm ripples through my body, “no….. more,….. I ………..can’t …………take….. anymore.” I feel you thrust a few more times, and then groan as you explode into my tormented pussy. You collapse down on top of me, both of us panting and out of breath.

There’s a room in the house that I’ve never been in, I don’t even know if the door is locked or not because I’ve never tried to open it. The door has always been kept shut as long as I’ve lived here. I figured if you wanted me to know what was behind that particular door you would have left it open, after all it is your house. I just live here with you.

Well all of that changed today you called me and told me that you had a surprise for me when you got home tonight and for me to be ready for a night of fun. I hang up the phone after your call leaving me wondering just what you have planned for me this evening. You told me that you would be home at 8 and to take a long bath making sure that I’m very clean everywhere. You also told me that you had already picked out my clothes for tonight you had left them in the closet in your office. Just wondering what you have in mind for tonight has gotten me excited already.

The hours in the day pass by quickly as it soon becomes night the sun sets and I know that I need to get in the tub and get myself ready for you and your surprise. I undress and slip into the warm water, I need a bath again anyway I’ve been busy cleaning the house today. It seems that I usually take two showers or baths these days; I always want to look and smell my best for you. I clean myself thoroughly following your instructions making sure that my legs, underarms and cunt are clean and shaved smooth for you. I take special care making sure that my ass is clean too I never know which hole you will take your pleasure from. I climb out of the tub and dry off, lotioning myself everywhere making sure that my skin is soft and smooth for you.

I wander off into your office to find my outfit for tonight festivities. I open the closet to find it hanging there. Hmm, I like this thinking to myself, he has such a good taste and it’s oh so sexy. The top is pretty skimpy and made of black leather it shows off my breasts but not my nipples. It’s a very small corset like top. The very short black velvet mini just about covers my cunt. No thigh hi stockings this time just a pair of black spike heels. I’m not sure if I would want to wear something like this in public it doesn’t cover much but I would if you told me to, above all I only want to please you. It’s about what you what and pleases you, what Sir wants Sir gets. Besides I love making you proud of me knowing that you are pleased is the very best thing in the world. I finish getting dressed passing by the mirror in the hallway, damn I look good just wait until Sir sees me in this.

I finish getting myself ready in the master bath making sure that I look perfect for you. The final touch is putting on the new collar that you left for me along with my outfit, oh its soo pretty. I just love it; he’s just too good to me sometimes. My new collar is black velvet with short rows of rhinestones around the ring where the leash attaches to, and of course I also have a new matching leash. I keep a close eye on the clock as I make my final preparations; I need to make my way to the door that goes to the garage so I can greet you properly tonight. I wait for you on my knees, my ass resting on my feet, thighs slightly spread which exposes my cunt my mini is so short, back straight, and my hands resting on my thighs palms up. My leash is attached to my collar per your instructions hanging down from my collar and between my breasts.

I don’t have to wait long as I hear the garage door go up and your car drive in and shortly after that you enter the house smiling as you see me there waiting for you on my knees.

“Ahh My sweet pet, I see that you are already for tonight. Such a good girl I have.”

“Thank you, Sir, I only want to please you.”

“And you have my special slut, what plans I have for you tonight and I know that you will enjoy it all.”

“Well, Sir, I have been looking forward to tonight ever since you called, wondering what you have in mind as gotten my very excited.”

“Hum, well my sexy pet, you will find out soon enough.”

You grab my leash and pull me to you; my head and mouth are near your now hard cock that I can see the outline of in your pants.

“You want my cock slut?”

“Oh yes Sir, please may I have your cock?”

“Beg for it slutty whore, tell me how much you want my cock.”

“Please Sir, I want your cock, I’m your naughty cock sucking, cock hungry whore. Please allow me the privilege of sucking your cock. Please…I crave your cock and cum Sir. Please.”

“Good enough slut, you can have my cock. Take it out and enjoy it whore.”

“Yes, Sir, and thank you, Sir.”

I take your cock out of your pants, kissing every inch and then licking every inch of your cock, worshiping at the altar of your cock… savoring it. I love to suck your cock so much. My cunt is dripping now so excited to be able to suck your cock, wishing that it was getting fucked like my mouth is, but all in good time. I bury your cock deep into my throat trying my best to get every inch in my mouth. Your grip on my leash tightens keeping your cock deep in my mouth as you fuck it. I feel your hand in my hair holding me there also knowing that you are about to cum soon.

“Oh god baby, soo good…. Mmmmm…you’re such a good little cock sucking whore…. mmmmm…. I’m going to cum slut. MMMMM yessssss,” you growl as you cum.

Your sweet cum floods the back of my throat almost making me choke but I manage to swallow it all like the good little slut that I am.

“Thank you for letting me have your cock and cum, Sir.”

“You are welcome my naughty little slut. And may I say that was awesome my pet.”

“Thanks Sir, glad that I pleased you.”

You pull upwards on my leash and I stand up, you take me in your arms and kiss me. You tell me that you have a few things to do before I get my surprise for this evening. I ask you if I should prepare us something to eat while you’re taking care of business. You tell me that something light to eat would be a good idea that we will both need our strength for tonight. Makes me wonder what’s going to happen tonight. Hmmmmm.

You take care of whatever you need to do and I make us a little something to eat, and finally its time for my surprise.

“Come, My pet.”

You lead by my leash to in front of the door that I’ve never opened, the room that I’ve never been in. You grab the doorknob and twist it, hmmm it wasn’t locked after all, the door swings open you reach just inside to turn on the lights. And then the room is revealed to me.

I stand there in wonderment, I cant believe my eyes before me is a play room filled with all sorts of things: chains hanging down from the ceiling, low long tables with restraints attached to them, a St Andrews Cross, something that looks like a saw horse, not sure what that is, and a swing hanging in the corner. And then there’s a wall filled with whips, floggers, crops, a tawse, spreader bars, restraints, paddles and even a cane.

I’m almost speechless as you ask me what I think.

“Wow, Sir, it’s pretty awesome but kind of scary at the same time, a lot of take in at once.”

“I’m glad that you like it my pet. I’ve been working on this room before you even moved with me and I didn’t want for you to see it till it was finished. And now it is and we can play properly. And there is nothing to be afraid of my sweet pet anything that you are not familiar with I will explain to you like I always have.”

“Thank you, Sir; you have been really good about explaining things to me, helps me a great deal when I understand what it is and how it’s used. And of course I know that you would never hurt me either.”

We stand there in the doorway for a few moments I’m still taking it all in, so much to look at. You suggest that I take a walk around the room touch and feel things get familiar with everything and of course ask any questions that I may have.

I do as you suggested, walking around with you very close behind me as I touch and feel the smooth wood of the tables, the soft leather of the restraints and I cant help myself but to go over to the wall and touch the soft tails of the suede flogger. I imagine what they are going to feel like on my skin, my bare ass as I let the tails run through my fingers.

“I knew that you would love that flogger my pet, I picked it out especially with you in mind, and you’re going to love the way it feels. Now my sweet girl what do you want to try first? I know that it’s a tough decision to make so many things in here to play with and try out.”

“Well Sir, what is that saw horse looking thing over there?”

I point towards the saw horse looking thing in the corner.

“That My pet is a spanking horse and how did I know that you would pick that one first. You naughty girl.”

My eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning as I smile.

“Reaaallly Sir?”

“I’ll take that as a yes pet. Come over here and we will get you some wrist and ankle cuffs first, then we’ll get you all settled in on the spanking horse.”

We walk over to the wall where everything is neatly hung and organized; you take down the cuffs and fasten them around my wrists first. You take me by my leash and tell me to follow you that you will put on the ankle cuffs when you get me positioned properly on the spanking horse.

“Hum I guess we’d better get rid of some of these clothes first before I get you all fastened down to this thing, huh, pet.”

You pull my very tiny top up and over my head. My pierced nipples harden even more in the cooler air.

“A bit chilly my pet?”

You giggle your eyes locked on my nipples,

“Well I think that I can get you all warm really fast.”

You instruct me to get on my hands and knees on the padded side rails spanking horse, the center-padded beam supporting my body as you clip my cuffs to the already attached eyehole screws.

“Now is my pet all comfy? But just one extra added thing tonight, a blindfold.”

“Yes, Sir, I’m comfy. And I will do whatever you wish, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

You come to my side admiring your work as you slip the blindfold over my eyes.

I’m so much more aware so every sound now trying to figure out what’s coming next. I hear your footsteps walk away and then come back to me wondering what I’m going to get spanked with first. There are so many things on that wall that you could have chosen to use. I flinch at first as your hands touch me, caressing… teasing my naked skin. The feeling of being very vulnerable and helpless right now, knowing that you could do anything that you wanted to me and I would have no way to stop you. Well actually I do, but I would only use my safe word if I really needed to.

My mind races as your touches stop, wondering what’s coming next. I soon find out as you hand makes contact with my ass as you start to spank me. I can feel myself getting wetter. You’ve pulled my very short mini up so my ass and now dripping cunt are totally exposed to you.

“Damn slut you’re so fucking wet and I’ve barely spanked you. Such a dirty little slutty whore I have.”

“Yes, Sir, I’m your dirty little slutty whore that likes to get her ass spanked.”

“Well slut lets see what else I have for that slutty ass.”

I hear your footsteps again walking away and coming back again, I can barely make out swishing sounds as you approach me.





You smack me again on each ass cheek with the paddle, making them sting and burn even more. I moan and whimper the pain is more intense than I’ve ever felt before but my slutty cunt betrays me, as it gets even wetter.

“Now for my good girl’s favorite thing.”

I feel the suede flogger tails hit my back, thighs and ass. You’ve taken off my velvet mini it was getting in your way. The flogger tails caressing my skin, this flogger is more thuddy than stingy and thank goodness for that, I don’t know much more I can take my ass really hurts, but I’m so turned on the hot at the same time.

“Hum, my pet I think that it’s time for something else, think your ass has had enough for awhile, it will be a nice shade of red for some time.”

You unfasten me and help me up; removing my blindfold once you get me to my feet again. Now that I’m standing up again, my ass is quite sore. You tell me that you get to pick the next thing for us to play with. You’ve left my cuffs on so it makes it very easy for you to attach them to the St Andrews Cross, you’ve positioned me so I’m faced forward this time, my arms stretched above my head and my legs spread far apart. My heart pounds in anticipation of what’s next as you place the blindfold over my eyes once again.

I know that you’re standing very close to me I can smell your cologne, I hear you whisper in my ear in that voice THAT takes me to THAT special place.

“I’m going to tease you slut until you are begging me to let you cum, and then maybe I will allow you to cum and maybe I won’t.”

You begin my nibbling my neck you know how sensitive it is and how hot it gets me. My cunt and clit are throbbing and aching to be touched…licked.. anything. My wetness runs down the inside of my thighs as you kiss and lick your way down to my pierced nipples. They are so much more sensitive than they used to be since I’ve gotten them pierced, one lick or suck and the pleasure rushes straight to my now sopping cunt.

My moans and whimpers of obvious excitement have gotten you aroused as well; your nibbles and licks on my nipples have increased in intensity your hunger and lust for me growing. You move quickly down my body nibbling, kissing, and licking pausing briefly at my belly button your tongue playing with my piercing there as well. Your hands cupping my red, tender ass as you position yourself between my bound spread legs, I gasp as your tongue slips between my engorged cunt lips and makes it way to my swollen clit. You begin to lick it with just the tip of your tongue, making me moan and whimper; my hips moving with your mouth fucking it and needing and wanting so much more right now.

“Please Sir; please let me cum… fuck me anything. I need your hard cock deep inside me…pleeassseee.”

“No, you may not cum, slut, not yet, but don’t you worry slut you’re going to get my cock.”

Your tongue continues to ravish my clit bringing me so close to cumming, but then it all stops I feel the breeze in the air as you get up and move away from me, I whimper in frustration. But soon I hear you come back your footsteps coming towards me again. I jump and strain in my bonds as something rubs against my nipples and I whimper as they are both smacked with whatever it is you have. I feel that same tip moving down my body caressing my curves, down the front of my legs and then back up the inside of my thighs. I finally figure out that it’s your crop that you have when my cunt gets smacked hard making me cry out. You continue to tap my cunt with the crop making sure that your aim is good hitting my swollen clit over and over

Tap, tap, tap, tap tap, tap, tap, tap.

“Slut, you still need to cum?”

“Oh yes Sir, please… please allow to me cum. Please.”

“Hum well, I guess you’ve been a good girl so far, ok cum for me.”

I begin to cum releasing all the pent up sexual energy just as you shove two fingers into my soaked cunt and start to fuck it roughly.

“Ohhhhhh… mmmmm Mmm oh goddddd. Sooo good……yesssssssss!!!!.”

I cum hard, my juices run out of me and all over your fingers. While I recover from my orgasm you stick your fingers in my mouth for me to clean them off, which I do eagerly.

“Thank you, Sir, for letting me cum.”

You whisper in my ear again how much you want me; your growing need of me and how hard your cock is for me right now as you unfasten my cuffs from the cross. You guide me carefully to another place in the room and tell me to lean over but not to worry there’s a low table underneath me and that I’m not going to fall. My thighs soon hit the edge of the table and I lean down till my breasts are the tabletop, making me wince as my sensitive nipples hit the hard cold wood. I feel something cool and maybe leather slide around my waist and feels like it’s connected to the table keeping me securely in place, you also fasten my wrist cuffs to it so my arms are restrained to my sides. You place a spreader bar between my ankle cuffs and attach it to the table legs; I’m not going anywhere now. Not that I would want to anyway.

I hear you take a few steps back to admire your work.

“Mmmmm, you look so yummy slut, good enough to fuck and I think that I will.”

I jump once again when I feel something cool and wet being rubbed on my ass.

“This slutty ass is mine whore, and I’m going to fuck it good.”

“Yes, Sir, it’s your slutty ass to do with what you wish.”

Your shove your cock into my tight ass all at once your need for me is so great. I cry out in pain at first but it soon turns into moans of pleasure as you thrust in and out of my ass. Your cock filling me and fucking my ass hard, I hear your grunts of pleasure from behind me and I know that you are pleased and enjoying yourself. Your own pent up lust coming out as you ravish my ass with your cock.

“You liked getting your ass fucked whore? You like the way my cock fills your tight ass up?”

“Oh yes Sir, fuck my ass. It’s there for your pleasure, Sir. Fuck it…use it. I’m a just a naughty whore that likes getting her ass fucked.”

“Well my little anal slut, I’m going to fill that tight little ass up with my cum right now,” you growl at me as I feel you cum in my ass.

I feel you pull out and your cum dripping out of my ass.

“Damn baby, that was awesome, you ok my sweet pet?”

“I’m no worse for the wear, I’m good Sir. And you’re right that was quite awesome, so many fun toys to play with and I’m sure we will have lots more fun in this room.”

“I’m glad that you enjoyed it so much, so many possibilities for the future in this room, I know that we will enjoy it for years to come.”

As you unfasten me from the table and help me to my feet you tell me how proud you are of me and that I’m such a good girl. You finally remove my blindfold it takes a few minutes for my eyes to readjust to the light as you hold me stroking my hair, kissing me gently and praising me. My body relaxes against yours as you hold me I breathe in your scent that I love so much, so very content to be right here in your arms even though I’m pretty tired from this evenings activities.

“What do you think my sweet girl shall we go sit in the hot tub or just go straight to bed?”

You kiss my forehead gently.

“Hmmm tough choice, but my muscles could use some relaxation, I vote for the hot tub.”

“Good choice, I was thinking hot tub myself my sexy girl; you know what they say great sexy minds think alike.”

And to my surprise there’s a door that I hadn’t noticed until now when you opened it that goes outside and just outside that door is…. the hot tub. You do think of everything… I guess that’s why you’re the Dom.

©2012 angelface195 – The Amazon Rain Forest

Mandy and James walked miles and miles in the raining rain forest. It was pouring as if someone took a pitcher and just dumped water on them. It was dreadful and Mandy wondered how they ever would find this damn plant. She was getting exasperated.

The Marines were a hardy bunch. They didn’t complain just trudged on determined to find the plant and make their President proud. Marcus was a whiz in the forest. He knew all the paths. Marcus had spent most of his life here and loved the rain forest. They were lucky to have him. Marcus was cheerful and would sing. Mandy was in awe of him.

They searched for hours. “We got it!” Yelled a Marine named Lawrence. He brought the plant to Marcus who looked it over and sighed. “Very close” he said. “But the leaves are longer.

The Marine looked dejected, but they kept on searching. They spent another night in the rainforest eating rations and Mandy was feeling waterlogged, but she knew she couldn’t go back until she found this plant. She missed her Mistress. Katherine was her responsibility and she wanted her to be safe.

The bandages were taken off. The President’s headache’s had subsided and he just had a dull ache in the back of his head. Grant opened his eyes slowly and it was like there was a film of Vaseline on his eyes. He could make out shapes, but he still couldn’t see clearly even with glasses. He could read if the paper were held nearly close to his eyes, but he could see.

Kate stood in front of him. Grant reached out to touch her and pulled her close. He could see her features better and kissed her lips. “Step one down and I can see your beautiful face.”

Kate wiped the tears from her face, “Yes, and they will find that damn yellow plant and get those bugs out your ear.”

Michael entered the room, “I haven’t heard from the team yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know. The Vice-President’s called and asked, if he were free. He really wants you to take your job back.” Michael smiled.

The President looked at Kate, “You can tell him, tomorrow at 7:30, I’ll take it back. Tonight, I plan to go home and get in my bed to sleep with this lovely lady. Tomorrow we will get that plant and Dr. Heart can do his magic. Baby,” He said taking Kate’s hand, “Let’s go home.”

Dr. Heart told the press that the President was returning home. Before all the glittering lights and cameras of the press Dr. Banyon said, “The President’s vision has improved somewhat and he will be resuming his normal duties. We are waiting for a rare plant to be brought back from the Amazon to continue treatment. The President was infected by a rare bug called El insect Durmiente aka The sleeping bug. We got out two of the bugs out, but we need to make a serum from the plant to get out the other two so we don’t have to do surgery. A team was sent to the Amazon to retrieve the plant.”

The press peppered the doctor with questions, but the White House closed the session and they didn’t get any answers. A doctor on ABC news discussed the type of bug and that the President should fully recover after they find the plant.

In Saudi Arabia, a Sheik by the name of Abdulla Rahimina was watching television. He saw Kate and he grew very angry. “She was mine. I paid the Senator good money for her. I want her. Look at how beautiful she is, how poised. She belongs here with me, with a lovely veil on her face so that I may only see her. Get me Kalif.” He said to a servant. Kalif was a tall, light skinned man with a beard and a mustache. “Kalif, go to Washington DC. and bring her here.”

“Yes Master I will bring her back with me or I will not return alive.” Kalif bowed and left.

The President, Kate, and Michael were driven to the White House. Michael got in his car and went home to his husband, while Kate and The President went to the Residence. It was evening. Vivian brought dinner to them and they ate alone.

The President called Constance to see how the children were and also to let her know he was better. He could walk without the cane. Grant could see what was very close up. Grant took his time.

He decided not to take anymore medication for the headache because it made him sleepy, but to wait and see what would happen after they got the serum. “I miss Mandy.” Said Kate. “I think she needs to be with us more. We need to find her someone to spend time with.”

“Yes, she needs a distraction. So after she gets back let’s ask her what she wants to do.” Grant said, “I want her to know that she will always be with us. She is going to move in with Michael and Eric, but she needs some stimulation. So we need to talk about her, but not tonight. Tonight I just want to be in your arms.”

Kate left him for a moment and changed into a black long negligee. She went on her knees and knelt by his chair. Grant stroked her hair. “Master, I’ve been a really bad girl.” He smirked, “How bad?”

“So very bad. I used your dildo and fucked myself while you were in Peru. I had Mandy bring me to six orgasms in one night while you were gone.” Kate bowed her head.

Grant stood up and went into the bedroom. He took off his pants, shirt and underwear and put on his pajama bottoms. He took out the crop and opened the safe and took out a diamond collar and went back into the room and sat down on the sofa. “Crawl over to me Kate now!”

“Yes.” She said. “You forget yourself.” He said his voice stern. “I’m sorry, yes, Sir.” She crawled towards him. “Get over my knee and pull up that gown and you better not be wearing underwear.”

Kate knew he couldn’t see the smile on her face as she crawled over to him and got over his knee. His dick was growing harder by the minute as she pulled up her gown. The President felt the black silk panties. He smiled, she really wanted a punishment. “So panties.” He growled. “I’m sorry Sir. I’ve forgotten.” Kate said apologetically.

Grant ran his hands down her pantied butt and caressed the silk fabric. Then he slammed his hand down on her butt causing Kate to wince. She choked, “One, thank you Sir for spanking me.”

Grant dug his finger into her sex through the panties. She was very wet. Grabbing both sides he ripped the sides off of her and slid the panties down. Grant spanked her hard on her right cheek. Kate grimaced. It hurt, but she was soaked. She needed this spanking and so did he.

“Two, thank you Sir for spanking me.” Her voice was giving away her excitement. Grant slid the panties off of her and balled them up. With his other hand he pulled her hair and when she raised it back he thrust the panties into her mouth, “I’m going to spank you hard and then I’m going to ram my prick into that very wet pussy. No safe words, no talking, nothing. I haven’t forgotten how you flogged me in the attic and I owe you for that.”

Grant raised his hands and spanked Kate hard on both checks. He went from one check to the other. Her ass was turning pink. He picked up the crop and kept spanking. Kate was weeping, tears flowed. Her ass was burning and she knew it was probably red. Kate had been so wound up from all the worry, that now as he was spanking her ass, it was all fading. Her brain screamed, yes this is exactly what I need and he does it so good. Tonight she needed her Master to take away all the pain and anxiety she had been feeling about his illness. Yes she needed him to turn her ass red and fuck her hard.

Grant needed to do this. He had been so wound up about his illness and worried about whether she would stay or go. He loved this woman more than life. Grant knew that he would go to the ends of the earth for this woman. He would give up the Presidency, he would run away with her, he would do anything for her, even slit his own throat because he adored her and tonight, he loved her even more. He loved her because she was everything to him. She knew what he needed and she knew that he needed to be her Dom. She was his heart and soul and he would die for her.

Grant kissed her butt and rubbed it. He dropped her down on the floor carefully. “Get on your knees and take off that goddamn gown.” He ordered. She went to take off the gown. “Get on your knees and then take it off.”

She got on her knees and maneuvered so she could take off the gown. Her ass was burning. Grant picked up the crop and slashed her across the butt. She still had the panties in her mouth and groaned. He came up to her and took the black ripped panties out her mouth and shoved his dick in her mouth in their place. Grant fucked her mouth ruthlessly and Kate loved it. She had missed this Grant, the Grant that had taken her like this so long ago. He grabbed her head and pulled it back, “My little bitch, look at me while I fuck that beautiful black face.” She looked up at him and he fucked her face harder. His dick went to the back of her throat and she relaxed it for him so he could go in all the way. He held her there. When he released her, Kate took a deep breath. Grant withdrew his dick and slapped her face with it.

His dick was like steel. Grant almost came in her mouth, but he wanted that pussy. Really he wanted that ass, but he had promised to wait until they got married.

He got behind her. “Not a word, not one word until I’m done. Not a moan, not a word or I whip you with the crop. Do you understand me. Nod dammit!”

She nodded. It would be rough, just the way she wanted it to be. Kate steadied herself. Grant went behind her and to her surprise he kissed her butt. He licked between her legs. Kate shuddered. Grant picked up the crop and slashed her one more time and Kate opened her mouth to scream he slammed into her and put his hand over her mouth. He fucked her as he had never fucked her before and she came and came and came again. “I love you so damn much my Queen. I love you more and more every day.”

He slammed into her and her back bowed and he pulled her into his lap and held her. She turned her head so that he could kiss her. “I’m sorry baby that I hurt you.” He said stroking her neck. She was silent. He smiled, “Please baby speak to me.”

“This was incredible. This was the best. Thank you baby. We both needed this. We both wanted this. Please finish baby. Please Master let your submissive come again. I need to come baby.” Kate got back into position on her knees and Grant kissed her butt then slammed into her. He fucked her hard, twisting his hips just so and played with her clit. Kate was so close and he kept pounding away at her. His dick going deeper and deeper and she met him thrust for thrust as he twirled her clit with his thumb. Finally he just pulled back and groaned, “Shit, Kate baby, I’m cummmming.”

Kate felt him spilling into her and he held her sore ass. Grant released her and lay his head on her back. He eased his dripping cock from her and Kate turned and cleaned him with her mouth.

Grant stood and scooped her up into his arms. He took her to the bed and laid her down. Reaching into the drawer, Grant took out the vibrator. First he went between her legs and licked their mutual juices from between her legs, then he turned on the vibrator and thrust it inside her as he sucked on her clit. Kate was going wild with the vibrator inside her and his mouth on her clit. She came again, this time very hard screaming. Kate was so loud that Grant thought the Secret Service would come running.

Kate nearly fainted from the intensity. Grant held her. Finally he turned off the light, gathered Kate into his arms and kissed her face. “We belong together.” He said kissing her forehead.

“Yes we do. I love you Sir.” Kate said kissing his chin. “I love you my Queen.” He said. They fell asleep her head on his chest, his arms around her holding her close.

In the morning, Grant’s vision was a slight bit better and up close he could see her features more clearly. At 7:30 am he walked into the Oval office, he was officially President again.

In the rain forest Mandy and James were slugging through mush and watching out for snakes. The snakes were unlike snakes anywhere else, they were huge. Marcus also told them about piranha in the river. Mandy hated this assignment and prayed that she would get back alive. She and James were both afraid they would never see Washington again.

Mandy sat down on a log, her rain jacket soaked and she saw a field of yellow plants that were almost hidden. She walked over to them. They were under a tree whose leaves covered the plants. The water dripped around them. Mandy yelled, “I think I found them.” Marcus and the Marines came running with James following close behind.

A big grin showed on Marcus face, “We are going home.” He announced. They took nearly all of the plants, about fifty and packed them in their dirt and took them back to the jeep. It took another day and a half before they returned to the medical facility. Marcus was going to be leaving with them to make sure the plants were cared for properly and arrived safely. He had never been to Washington DC and was looking forward to it.

The moment they were on the plane, Mandy called Michael. “We have the plant and we’re coming home.”

Michael smiled, “Thank God. Are you and James all right?”

“Sir, please don’t ask me ever to come back to this god forsaken place again. It’s not in my job description.” She said and Michael laughed. “I promise never again.”

James added, “And that goes double for me or I’ll quit.”

Michael called Dr. Heart and Dr. Banyon, the plant would be theirs in two more days.

The President was informed and he was happy, but he still didn’t know if it would work. So Grant kept his focus on the country.

Kalif arrived in the United States and met with six men. They took up residence in a house in about twenty miles from the White House. They started planning how to get Kate and take her out of the country.

Audrey was very busy helping Kate with the wedding. She was her liaison between Colin and the press. Isabella’s salon was on lock down and the dress was locked in a vault. She was taking no chances and asked the President for secret service to guard the dress. It was done. Kate met with Audrey to go over the day’s duties. “Audrey, I’m sorry that James had to go on this mission.” Kate said sympathetically.

Audrey sighed, “So am I. We are really getting very close and Miss Morgan I think I’m falling in love with him.”

Kate hugged Audrey. “I’m so happy for you. I’m sure he feels the same way. When he returns you take a day or two off and spend some time with him. I’ll talk to the President about giving him a few days off.”

“Thank you Miss Morgan, but I don’t want time off until after this wedding.” Audrey said seriously.

“Did you go to the fitting for your dress.” Kate asked. “Yes and thank you it’s lovely. I am honored to be a bridesmaid at your wedding.”

“Barbara should be arriving tomorrow. She’s planned some kind of crazy party which I am looking forward to.” Kate said excitedly.

“My lips are sealed, Miss Morgan. Your sister has some fun things planned.” They spend the rest of the morning going over Kate’s schedule for the week. After today they were on Wedding Countdown. It was 10 days until the wedding.

Kalif and his men knew they could do nothing until after Kate returned from her honeymoon. So they would put all their planning into where she would be. It might take a month, it might take a year, but Kalif had never let his Sheik down and he would die rather than fail.

The plane touched down at Andrew’s Air force Base and the military personnel along with Marcus, James and Mandy gathered the plants and took them to a research facility where Dr. Heart and his crew were waiting. It would take a day or so to make the serum and then try it on the President.

Barbara arrived ready to play. She was staying at the White House and everything had been arranged for the bachelorette party to be held on Saturday, a week before the wedding. The President would be having a get together with Michael and some of his college buddies and a few other friends. Nothing rowdy, but a celebration which would take place at the club house across the street from the White House which was mostly used by ex-Presidents. There would be good food, great alcohol and entertainment from Michael Buble, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce. There would be no strippers here, but a few Victoria Secret models would show up to wish the President well on his upcoming marriage. Scarlett Johannson and Kim Kardashian had also been invited.

The night of the parties, the President had dinner with his children. Kate had been busy all day with Barbara and now it was party time. Before they left for their respective events, The President spent some time alone with his bride-to-be. “I don’t know what Barbara has planned but I hope Michael won’t be bringing any strippers across the street.” She admonished. Grant laughed, “No strippers and I should ask the same of Barbara. She is a wild child your sister.”

“Trust me, I know and I promise to behave.” She kissed him.

“Mandy will be returning shortly.” He said, holding her closer, “I think tonight, she should just be with you.”

“I agree. Will you be sleeping across the street?” She asked unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest.

“If you don’t stop this, we won’t be going anywhere.” He said swatting her behind. “Say it.” She said, “And then I will behave or I’ll just tease you until you say it.”

He squeezed her shoulders and tilted his head, laughing. “I didn’t want to mess up your make-up and your hair.”

It was her turn to laugh, “Fuck the make-up. We live in the White House and there is someone to redo all of this, so say it.” She says squeezing his dick.

The President bursts out laughing. Kate squeezed harder, “So now you’re laughing. I guess I’ll just get ready.”

Grant put his face back together and says, “Mouth, Kate.” She kneels down and he bursts out laughing again. She starts to laugh and he kneels down next to her still laughing. They laid on the carpet and held each other.

Kate stroked his face, “No matter what happens, we are still getting married a week from tomorrow. I adore you.”

He kissed her, “And I adore you. Nothing and no one will stop me from loving and marrying you.”

They kissed and Vivian knocked on the door to bring in some hors d’oeuvers and champagne. “come in” Kate said and the surprised look at seeing the President and Kate on the floor on Vivian face was priceless. Kate and Grant both went into gigantic laughter all over again.

Angie squirmed and wriggled, testing the restraints as she reveled in the sensation of her captivity. Vanessa had tied her to the fucking table, and she was helpless to do anything at all, which was just the way she liked it. The panties had been replaced with a ball gag, because they wouldn’t have been nearly enough to stifle the screams the machine would draw out of her.

Vanessa struck her with the crop, savoring the different noises she made. Angie writhed and pushed her breasts forward as best she could, loving the bite of a crop as precursor to pleasure. After a small set of strokes, Vanessa set the crop down and started to tease and caress her lovers body with her hands. Angie moaned as her fingers pinched her nipples. Vanessa stroked her all over; slipped a finger between the gag and her cheek. Finally she rubbed her wet cunt lips, lightly but firmly, tracing a small amount of her juice over her clit. Angie strained against her bonds and panted with lust. Vanessa grabbed her hair. “You’re really in for it now, slut, you’d better fucking hold still or else.” With that, she powered up the machine and sat down on her cushioned bench off to the side to watch.

The phallus started slow, pressing against her lips and sliding inside. Angie sighed, enjoying the feel of the dildo rubbing inside her, Within a couple of minutes, Angie was very excited, dripping wet, and very nearly ready to cum- but the machine was still going too slow for her to orgasm. Vanessa watched her from her seat, with a finger rubbing her hardening clit and a wicked glint in her eye. She fingered her pussy lightly, delighting in Angies frustrated, eager writhing. Slowly, she slid her finger to her mouth, licking and sucking her own juices, never taking her eyes off her bound, aroused lover. She stretched sensually, then turned up the speed.

Angie gasped and writhed, struggling against her bonds. Within seconds she was cumming. The dildo kept fucking her, as she had expected. She knew she was far from done.

The dildo fucked her for several long minutes before she came again, and then again, her pussy growing more tender and sensitized. Vanessa sauntered over to pour lube on the dildo, watching it batter her lovers wet, tender cunt. “Now,” she whispered to her, leaning close to her ear, “The REAL fun starts now.” She set the machine to the highest possible speed.

Angie screamed into the gag, wailing as she came hard on the dildo. Vanessa watched her for a while, her own cunt growing wet as she watched her lover writhe and cum uncontrollably. She straddled Angies wet pussy and started rubbing her clit hard, masturbating astride her so she could see and feel her cum too. In Vanessas excited state, she didn’t last long, and sprayed her cum all over her lovers sweating body. She sighed with release, and leaned forward to tenderly kiss Angies forehead, but she did not shut off the machine. Instead, she slid off her and lowered her head to her soaking wet, smooth and delicious pussy.

Vanessa licked her slowly at first, then quickly started lapping at her in earnest, drinking up her flowing juices. Angies pussy spasmed with pleasure as she screamed her enjoyment of Vanessas hot tongue. Angie squirted onto Vanessas face, not a lot, but enough to catch her attention. Vanessa licked her lips as her eyes rolled back in her head with satisfaction. “Mmm,” she said. “That was nice, but you’re still not done yet, girl.” She walked over to the toy chest, and returned with their Hitachi wand, which she then plugged in and held over her struggling lover. “Do you want it?” Angie nodded her head furiously and made desperate noises of affirmation into the gag.

Vanessa turned the wand on low and rubbed it over one of Angies nipples, and then the other. She slid the wand over Angies body, lower and lower. Then, she held it over and above her pussy. “Are you ready to cum your brains out now, you whore?” Angie thrust her body upward, struggling to reach the toy with her clit as she wailed her want into the supressing gag. “I guess you are.” Vanessa flipped the speed to high, then pressed the head of the wand to Angies clit.

Angie arched her body, pressing herself into the toy, cumming harder than she had in weeks. She screamed and screamed with pleasure, and squirted uncontrollably, until finally she couldn’t take anymore and Vanessa removed the vibrator from her spasming pussy. She switched off the Hitachi, powered down the machine, and tenderly caressed her lover before taking off her gag and kissing her passionately, juices mingling in their mouths. “Did you enjoy that?” Vanessa asked her softly, teasingly.”I did.” Angie responded, gazing longingly at her lover. They shared another kiss, and Vanessa set to work undoing her bonds.

Alex looked down at Julia, and grinned. She was so beautiful when she slept. She was so exhausted from last night that when he untied her from her bonds, she didn’t stir from her slumber. Not that he could blame her. Having your ass taken for the first time, forcibly at that, was a tiring experience. She had performed beautifully. He couldn’t wait to have another go, but for now he would let her sleep. He nestled down beside her and gathered her in his arms. She snuggled closer to him, and he smirked. Even when she is asleep she can’t resist me, he thought.


His arms felt good around me. They made me feel safe and warm. It was almost as if the experiences I had suffered through at the hands of Alex were being slowly erased away as he covered my shoulder in soft, light kisses. I sighed contently and turned to face him, the man I loved. When he dipped low and nibbled on my neck I cried out.

“Oh Logan!”

I heard a sharp intake of breath, and my eyes fluttered open. As they focused, I found myself staring up into the shocked brilliant green eyes of Alex. My eyes darted around the room trying to fight through the confusion I was feeling. A feeling of dread slowly seeped into my stomach as I realized that I had never left my prison, and the arms that held me were not those of my love, but those of my captor. It was only a dream. I was still at Alex’s mercy. My eyes met his again, and I swallowed at his expression.

Alex grabbed my face and jerked it close to his. I could almost feel his anger radiating off of him.

Gritting his teeth he hissed, “What did you say, love?”

I nervously licked my lips. Did hearing Logan’s name really upset him that much? Or did I say something else? Oh god. I don’t think I have been this scared of him since he first took me three days ago. I didn’t know what to say, so I tried to jerk my face out of his hand. Alex snarled and tightened his grip. Tears pooled at the corners of my eyes, as I struggled.

“Stop, you’re hurting me. Please. LET GO!” I shouted in his face, and I drew my knee up fast, slamming it into his gut. He sucked in air and rolled off of me. I quickly scrambled across the bed trying to put as much distance between us as I could. I felt his hand grasp my wrist tightly and he jerked me back on to the bed. He dragged me back to the middle, and settled on top of me.

The look on his face was terrifying. His eyes darkened, and his hands balled into fists. There were no signs of his usual arrogant smirk, and the mischief that usually danced in his eyes was replaced with a blazing fury. It felt as though his whole body was shaking. I gulped. This wasn’t good. I wished I could figure out why he was so angry. He sucked in some more air and spoke again.

“I asked you a question love. What did you say?”

I narrowed my eyes in response. My earlier fear was being replaced with anger. I was tired of being pushed around by this freak. I was tired of being used by him, I was sick of bending to his will. I stared defiantly up into his eyes, remaining silent.

Alex then narrowed his eyes, and quick as lightening smacked me across the face. I cried out more in shock that he struck me, than from pain. Bringing his face down close to mine he whispered menacingly, “I will make you want me as you want him, love. I will eradicate any thoughts of him from your mind, and if I you refuse, perhaps I will just eradicate him from your life.”

With that he smashed his lips on to mine, and got up. Without turning he strode through the door and slammed it shut.


Alex strode down the hallway and into his private office. He didn’t pause to switch on the lights, opting to settle into his desk chair engulfed in the darkness. He sucked in air and breathed out slowly. Perhaps he did over react. But when it came to Julia, he felt this overwhelming sense of possession and jealousy. Sometimes it was hard to swallow those feelings. He sighed.

Switching on the small desk lamp near the edge of his mahogany desk he opened the secret compartment in the second drawer and pulled out his photos of Julia. He shuffled through them until he got to the one he was looking for. His eyes narrowed when he looked at the fair young man holding Julia’s hand.

So this is Logan, He thought.

Alex could see why she was so infatuated with him; sure he was handsome and had kind eyes. But he could never give her what she really needed. Only he could do that, of this Alex was sure. Resisting the childish urge to cut Logan out of the picture he was holding, Alex put the pictures back into his compartment, and leaned back into his chair.

Something needed to be done about Julia. It would appear he has been far too lenient with his lessons so far. She wasn’t quite responding to his treatment of her as he had expected or hoped. Perhaps it was time to try a different approach. Once she started to show more respect towards him, then he could go back to just having fun with her. He tapped his fingers on his desk trying to figure out just how he was going to punish her this time. Perhaps it was time he introduced her to some of his favorite toys.


I sat in the middle of the bed with my knees drawn up to my chest. I was so sick of that bastard. He rapes me, figs me, and then forces me to beg him to take my ass. And he has the gall to get upset when I utter another man’s name? How could he possibly think that I would like or even accept him? Tears started rolling down my cheeks, I didn’t bother wiping them away. I was losing hope, and resolve. I started to think I would never get out of here.

My thoughts turned to Alex. Earlier I caught myself thinking he was attractive. This made me angry. What the hell was I thinking? How could I find this rapist bastard cute, after all that he has done to me. I gingerly touched the cheek he had struck. It still throbbed a bit, but nothing compared to some of the other pain I had felt thus far. His action worried me though. It didn’t quite “feel” like him. All the other things he had done with me…to me.. he had been smirking, almost playful. But this… this was cold. Angry. It added a whole other dimension to his twisted character. And I felt far more afraid of him than before.

My stomach growled, and I found myself wishing that Alex had left me another bowl of fruit. If I was going to get out of this mess, I was going to have to keep up my strength and morale. Even though I was now more afraid, I would not submit to his will and I would not allow myself to get down. I sighed. Sure it was easy to say I wouldn’t lose morale, but actually following through was a hell of a lot harder.

I jumped at the sound of the door to my prison slamming. I watched Alex stalk in, and I could feel tendrils of dread coil in my stomach again. He still looked angry, and his usual arrogant swagger was replaced with something much more dangerous. I wasn’t sure how to react, so I stayed where I was, watching him. This “new” Alex was harder to read. I’d have to be more careful.

Alex locked eyes with me, and it sent shivers down my spine. He turned his attention to the small basket he was carrying. He placed it down next to the wall and turned back to me. He started to walk towards me. His expression lacking its usual dancing mischief. As he approached I started backing up. Fear was replacing the dread, and I wanted to put as much distance between us as I could. I felt myself almost missing the “old” Alex.

Before I could react, Alex lunged forward, stopping my backwards movement with his weight. Settling on top of me, he narrowed his eyes. There were still no traces of his usual smirk. I gulped and tried not to look scared. Without saying a word he pulled out the silk cords he used many times before to tie me. I started to struggle again, and he stared down at me, eyes blazing with a cold fury. The look in his eyes made me stop my struggles. After studying my face for a moment he went back to tying me down, and I renewed my struggles. I did not want to be tied up when he was like this. I had quickly grown accustomed to his treatment when he was his “usual” self. I could be relatively certain that though he was rough, he wouldn’t be cruel, and the pain eventually turned to pleasure — even if I didn’t want it to. Even though I hated it. But now I had no idea what to expect.

Despite the fact that I was putting up a pretty good fight, Alex had little trouble tying my wrists together tightly. He flipped me on to my stomach his weight once again keeping me from escaping, though it was not for lack of trying. He secured my arms to the bedpost, and then went to work on my legs. I felt his hands on my ankles, attempting to pull my legs apart. I tried as hard as I could to keep them together but in the end Alex was able to spread my legs wide. Though I couldn’t see what he was doing I knew that my legs had been secured to the other bedposts.

The silk cords had more slack than usual, and I briefly wondered why. He usually pulled the cords tightly so I had little room to struggle. My question was answered when he jerked my knees in a kneeling position. With my knees bent, the cord was tight again. To avoid falling flat on my face I bent my elbows. I felt Alex secure something that felt like leather around both of my legs, near my bent knees. Right after this he secured something similar around my both of my arms slightly above my elbows. I started to feel him pull my elbows back towards my knees.

When the silk cord securing my arms to one of the bedposts was taut, Alex stopping pulling my elbows back. I felt his presence move away; I shifted my weight, trying to understand what he did to me. I felt sick to my stomach when I realized I was stuck on my knees and elbows. My legs were spread painfully wide, and I wasn’t able to straighten my legs to lessen the strain. He had attached leather straps connecting my knees to my elbows. I gulped. This was bad.

For several moments I couldn’t hear Alex, and was afraid of what was in store for me. Relief mixed with fear washed over me when I saw him move into my line of vision.

Alex leaned forward and grabbed my chin jerking my face up to look him straight in the eye.

“I fear I’ve been too easy on you, pet.”

As he spoke my mind raced.

Uh-Oh. He always calls me love. What’s up with the new nickname?

I focused back on Alex. He still wore an expression of malice and anger, rather than his usual smug grin.

“I’ve tried to play nice, but now playtime is over pet.”

I personally didn’t think any of the things he did to me were particularly nice, but if that was his idea of nice I didn’t want to know what he thought was harsh. I promised myself that I wouldn’t act differently to this new treatment. I didn’t want him to think that abusing me would get me to give him what he wanted. The only problem was I was in an extremely vulnerable position, and I hadn’t had a hell of a lot of luck resisting him thus far.

Alex seemed to understand that I wasn’t completely focused on him, and tightened his grip on my chin. This snapped me out of my thoughts, and I tried hard not to yelp. A small whimper escaped my lips. A small cruel smile spread across his face. I decided right then and there that though his smug smirk was annoying as hell it was far better than the smile he wore now. I was starting to miss the “old” Alex.

Alex continued, “You are now to address me as Master. You are no longer allowed to call me by name, Perhaps that will teach you respect.”

This was too much for me. I momentarily forgot my thoughts about being cautious, anger coursing through me. I narrowed my eyes.

“Go to hell Alex, nobody is my master, much less an arrogant asshole like you.”

Immediately I wished I hadn’t said anything. Alex dropped his grip on my chin and back-handed me. My cheek stung, and burned. Tears pooled in my eyes. This was the second time Alex had ever hit me. I quickly realized that when I had murmured Logan’s name something in him snapped. Now I had to think, was there a way to get “old” Alex to return? As much as I hated him, this new change in personality was far more frightening, and unpredictable. Which meant it was probably going to be more painful for me.

Alex gripped my chin again and yanked it towards his face. He smiled that cruel smile again.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t give in easily, pet. This means I am going to have more fun breaking you.”

He released my chin and walked out of my vision line. I dropped my head, my neck was sore from being held at an odd angle for so long. I didn’t like the thought of “breaking me”. This made me hold on to my decision not to alter my behavior more tightly. I was not a wild horse. I could not be broken.

I heard Alex shuffle through something. Probably that damn basket he brought in with him. I heard me walk towards the back of me. I began to get nervous. My ass was high on the air, and still sore from what he had done to me yesterday.

I felt his hands on my ass, massaging it. I grit my teeth. He spoke again.

“What must you address me as pet?”

I remained silent. His hand left me, and I heard a slight whoosh in the air before I felt a sharp pain across my ass. Before I could stop myself I let out a shriek. Alex chuckled darkly.

“This is one of my favorite tools pet. I’m sure you’ll agree that I am good with my hands, but sometimes I enjoy the sensation of holding a riding crop while I deliver punishment.”

I swallowed hard. This was going to hurt. A lot.

I heard another whoosh, and he struck me again. I tried to keep myself from vocalizing the pain, but the fact that I couldn’t see when he was going to hit me kept me from being able to brace myself.

Alex brought the crop down on my ass several more times, each time increasing the force used. I was gritting my teeth trying not to give him the satisfaction of hearing me cry out but every time he connected with my flesh a low wail escaped my lips. For a few moments Alex stopped and I had relief. I tensed when I felt Alex lay the crop on my lower back. He saw my reaction and sighed from pleasure. I felt sick.

“I love how your ass looks when it is striped with red, pet. Very arousing” He sneered as he rubbed my ass, “Here is how this game is going to go. We can stop anytime; all you have to do is call me master.” His hand started traveling between my legs, seeking my outer lips. “Until you give me what I want, I am going to make you scream.” He started stroking my pussy slowly.

“You are going to beg, you are going to cry, and you are going to ache.” He stopped stroking me and sharply pinched my clit for emphasis. I yelped in surprise. Alex gave a short bark of cruel laughter and continued, “How long you suffer will be up to you. We can even stop right now, but that all depends on you. You know what I want to hear, pet. Now tell me, what are you to call me?”

My mind raced. I didn’t want to be hurt anymore, but I certainly didn’t want to give Alex any sort of satisfaction either. What was I more afraid of? The physical pain? Or the chance of losing my sense of self? Apparently I took too long to answer because Alex withdrew his hand from between my legs and picked up the crop again.

“WAIT! PLEASE STOP” I yelled. I didn’t want to give in to him, but I was done with being beaten. I was hoping for more time to figure out what to do.

“Not what I wanted to hear, pet.” Alex sighed and once again brought the crop down hard on my tender ass.

A scream was torn from my lips. I thought that I might be less sensitive after surviving the first round of blows, but his lashes only seemed to be hurting me more.


I continued to cry out, fighting with myself not to beg, not to submit. Alex brought the crop down hard three more times before placing it on my lower back again. Pain blossomed across my ass. I was shaking, my vision was blurred by tears. I tried to keep my sobs in but every so often one would escape. I felt Alex’s hands on my ass again massaging my beaten cheeks.

“You are so very stubborn, pet. I believe it is one of my favorite characteristics of yours. Now will you submit? Or are do we have to begin the game again?” Alex’s finger traveled in between my cheeks towards my hole, tapping the outside of it.

As much as I didn’t want to play this “game” anymore, I couldn’t bring myself to call him master.

“Please stop Alex. God it hurts so much. Please don’t hurt me anymore.” I begged, dropping my head in shame.

Alex stopped tapping my asshole, and his hands left me once again. I felt him remove the crop and seconds later I felt him slide the crop against my pussy. My eyes grew wide.

“Let’s give that poor ass a rest pet.”

“Oh god no. Please Alex, don’t. STOP PLEASE STOP” I screamed just as he smashed the crop against my pussy. Pain burst through my body.

“NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH. PET.” Alex bellowed as he brought the crop up against my pussy with each word. Each blow brought new waves of excruciating pain to my pussy. I pleaded and begged Alex to stop, but my words fell on deaf ears. He continued to bring the crop up between my legs, striking my pussy. Slowly he moved his blows to my clit.


I arched my back, and howled from this new sensation. My pleading almost indistinguishable through my sobs. I knew there was only one thing that would make him stop, but there was no way in hell I would ever call Alex master. Finally Alex stopped his assault on my pussy. I couldn’t stop my sobs. My head hung, I was near defeat. Again.

I heard Alex sigh, and I gulped. I heard him move away from me and rustle through the basket. Through the pain I also felt my fear return. What more could he possibly do to me?

Alex walked into my vision line holding something I couldn’t quite make out. I could, however, see his dark smile. His expression scared me, and again some small part of me was beginning to miss Alex’s old mischievous grin. Immediately after that I felt fury whip through me for being weak enough to long for that. I didn’t have long to dwell on my weakness because Alex gripped my chin and wrenched my face close to his.

“You’re pretty tough, pet. We’re going to take this game to the next level. Let’s see how long you last.” With those words He smashed his lips against mine. Without thinking I bit him. He jerked back and I could see that I had drawn blood. Immediately I wished I hadn’t antagonized him. I saw Alex’s expression darken further and he snarled.

“Bad move pet. I’m going to make sure you regret that.”

Alex stepped out of my vision and I felt his hands on my abused ass. Roughly he shoved a finger into my ass. I yelped and clenched down trying to deny him passage. Alex laughed cold and harsh, and continued to roughly open my ass. He succeeded in getting two fingers in and quickly pumped them in and out. I pleaded with him to stop, but his only response was to pump faster.

To my relief he soon removed them, though my relief was short lived when I felt Alex squirt cool lube on my ass. He quickly spread it deep into my hole, and I felt him press a plug against my entrance. I gasped and tried to prevent him from inserting the plug into my ass. Alex didn’t seem to notice as he forced it in.

My ass burned and stretched causing me to cry out, and new tears pool in the corners of my eyes. Finally it popped in, and my abused ass felt full. Suddenly I felt a tingle. The tingle began to burn. I gasped and groaned at the sensation. I remembered the ginger he had used on me, and paled.


Alex chuckled nastily, “I used a special lube, pet. The more you clench the more it will burn. But don’t worry, it’s not as intense as the ginger. Though it does last longer. You ready to submit?”

Ignoring him, I tried to relax my ass, but it was too full. The burning continued to increase and I started to wail. I felt Alex grab my ass, and squeeze, forcing me to clench around the plug. I cried out louder, and begged him to stop. He said nothing, and continued.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

Red Satin Gloves have just been on my mind for so long now, I had to record something. You know, exorcise the demon ;)

This offering features a hot sexy little whore who dresses up for her man to prepare herself for him to have his way with her. And he has quite a surprise in store for his naughty girl.

Thanks to all the listeners new and old, you inspire me to keep recording and a very special thank you to the ladies who listen *SMILE*.

As a side note, perhaps listeners would find it interesting to know, I do not read from a script. I usually start with an idea in my head and improvise from there, so my audios are always off the cuff. I never know where my dirty imagination will take me. I mention this only to say, I am far from prefect in my recordings and grateful that you all overlook my faux pas here and there ;)

Happy listening!

You are used by a bondage curious young couple. Girl wants to try being a mistress and discovers the pleasures of submission too.

You awaken in your own bed to the sun streaming through the window. Dreamily, you glance at your bedside clock and realise it is halfway through the afternoon. You stretch in that feline way of yours and notice you are completely naked beneath the silky sheets. You have no recollection of how you got to bed and it dawns on you that I must have carried you from the car and undressed you before tucking up and leaving.

There was an insistent knocking on your flat door and you realise that was what woke you. You wonder who it was and who buzzed them in. Sliding out of bed, you wrap your silk kimono around you and pad to the door.

‘Who is it’, you call through the door.

‘Courier, Miss Smith’, comes the basso reply.

Without thinking, you open the door to reveal a huge but smartly dressed black man, holding out a box and a letter.

‘You are to open the letter first’, he says, pushing past you to enter the flat and closing the door behind him.

The letter is of course from me and is to the point. ‘A car will arrive for you at 8pm. Be ready and wear only what is in the box. Firstly though, Clive needs to be paid for his trouble. Get on your knees and do what you do best!’

You look up and see that the 6 ½ foot black man was stroking an enormous ebony pole. Oddly, it looked exactly like the plastic cock that Candy had punished you with last night. Walking over, you let your robe fall open and Clive helped himself to a generous squeeze of titflesh as you dropped to your knees.

This has to be the longest, fattest cock you have ever sucked on. Your jaw aches and your lips feel stretched to the limit as you begin to suck on the helmet. You begin to bob your head back and forth, taking a fraction more of the monster cock with each repetition. You are really working hard for this, the tears run down your face and your face blushes red with the exertion as you make a guttural grunting and moaning sound: ‘Uh, uh, uh.

You have managed to get about half of Clive’s 12 inches in your mouth when he loses patience, grabs you by the head and rips that huge cock straight into your airway. You begin to panic as your air supply suddenly stops and you jerk around as though having a fit. Clive holds you firmly for several seconds with most of his penis in your throat, before pulling back to let you have a breath and thrusting in hard again, breaking new ground. This continues for what seems hours but was probably only a few minutes with Clive relentlessly fucking your face and you helplessly struggling with each thrust. Finally, he stiffens, shouts out and floods your mouth with spunk. You somehow manage to swallow it all as he drops you into a puddle on the floor and leaves without a word. You pick yourself up, gather up the box and return to bed to look at what you are to wear tonight and get a few more hours sleep.

Your alarm sounds at 6:30 pm and you jump out of bed. You can’t risk being late. Lathering yourself up in the shower, you examine your pussy which was well-used the night before. There seems to be no lingering soreness, it is just tingly to the touch. You resist the pressing temptation to finger yourself to another orgasm. Time is not on your side. Finishing quickly, you towel yourself dry and fix your hair and makeup at the dressing table before reaching for the box once again. Lifting the lid and the layers of tissue paper, you lift the sheer garment out and slide it on to your bare skin, before reaching back into the box for the 8 inch patent leather heels and matching puppy collar with little metal studs. Tottering on your heels, which are far higher than you are used to, you strap the collar snugly around your delicate neck before looking at the finished article in your full length mirror. The girl who looks back at you is horny beyond belief: You are dressed in a thin, almost transparent robe that is open at the front; you have to hold it around yourself to preserve any measure of dignity, your lovely blonde hair softly crowns a beautifully made up face and the heels add several inches to your height. As you wrap the robe tightly around your body the doorbell rings. You collect your handbag and rush downstairs, not daring to be late.

A gleaming Black Mercedes Benz sits waiting for you and as you approach, the driver’s door opens. Your heart drops as you recognise Clive, the huge black man you brutally used your throat earlier in the day. Now dressed smartly in a dark suit, he holds the door open for you to climb in the back and drives off without a word.

The journey is very familiar to you and lasts only a few minutes before the car is crunching up the steep gravelled drive to my house. The car stops and Clive opens your door, reaching in to help you out by the hand, not giving you the time to reach back for your bag. Abruptly, he spins you around and you find your face pressed to the car roof as he pulls your hands behind your back and secures them with leather cuffs. A ball gag finishes the job and you feel his hand snake its way inside your flimsy garment to cup your pussy.

‘I’m going to have this cunt and more when your Master’s finished with you tonight’, he whispers into your ear.

Pulling you upright again, he produces a long leather dog leash and clips it into the D ring at the front of you collar, leading you to my front door.

When the door opens you are surprised to see not your Master but a young brunette with shortly cropped hair. No more than 22 or 23, this young beauty is dressed all in black leather; form fitting miniskirt to her shapely mid-thigh and a tight jacket barely containing a considerable pair of tits. Without a word, she takes the lead from the driver and leads you at a brisk pace along the long hallway. The high heels cause you to stumble a couple of times and the loss of your hands keeps you in a constant state of worry that you will fall off them.

As you enter my ‘dungeon’, a couple of unexpected things become apparent: the room is fully prepared for playtime. There are ropes and chains hanging from the thick oaken beam in the centre of the room, several padded frames, a sturdy steel bed and an imposing crucifixion cross at the far end of the room. I am sitting on a huge leather settee with a rack of whips and floggers to my right and a table loaded with miscellaneous equipment on my left. The other surprising addition to the room was another person. Sat on chair across from my sofa was a young man – clearly the partner of the junior ‘mistress’ currently holding your leash. I watch you study him as closely as you dare. He is below average height with a slight build and a soft complexion. Probably well into his twenties, he looks a lot younger.

I address you: ‘Welcome home, my pet!’

Your head now lowered, you raise your eyes just to catch my eye for a moment and then quickly drop them again for fear of punishment.

‘I’m know you’re wondering’, I continue, ‘so let me introduce my new friends, Charlotte and her husband Aaron. Both curious to try domination and they have paid me well to play with you tonight’. I pause for effect and watch you shiver with anticipation. ‘You will call them Mistress and Sir when allowed to speak and follow their orders as my own’.

As I spoke, I watched Charlotte’s soft hands snake around your body and begin to fondle your exposed tits. The rise and fall of your chest reveals your arousal and your legs almost buckle as your Mistress reaches down to gently rub your clitoris. You are putty in this girl’s hands and I delight in watching you wriggle and moan around your gag as Charlotte caresses your soft skin. An errant hand now works its way around to your forbidden crease and the sudden jerk of your whole body signals the penetration of your tight anus by one of Charlotte’s long fingers.

Considering you to be more than ready, Charlotte pulls your head down with the lead and ties it to the bed, beckoning her feeble husband across. You are now bent at the waist and completely vulnerable with your hands cuffed behind your back and your mouth gagged. Reaching into Aaron’s pants, his young wife pulls out a predictably small but very hard dick and pushes him into you.

Small though it may be, you are craving cock by now and the sudden penetration drives you right to the edge of orgasm. A few frantic thrusts and this inadequate boy fills your cunt with buckets of cum. Sadly, there was not quite enough stimulation for you and you are left hanging on the cusp of pleasure.

Your gag is suddenly removed and Charlotte encourages her boy to stuff his sticky cock in your mouth instead. A few short sucks leave you with a taste of cock and pussy before he is pushed to one side and you find your face being pushed between Charlotte’s slim thighs.

‘Paddle her until she makes me cum’, you hear and sure enough, your arse begins to burn with the caress of a leather paddle as you begin to lick and suck the nectar from Charlotte’s young pussy. Aaron is swinging wildly but doesn’t appear to be making much of an impact on your battle-hardened derrière. Whether through nervousness or pure weakness, his blows are not having the desired effect in encouraging you and Charlotte is beginning to look bored and frustrated, grabbing your head to push your face further up her miniskirt and into her quim.

I decide to take things more directly into my own hands and advance the programme a little. Walking across, I tap Aaron on the shoulder and point him towards a chair, reaching across to remove your cuffs and unclip your dog lead. Moving around to get on to the bed behind Charlotte, I unzip her jacket and expose her magnificent breasts, nuzzling her neck at the same time. There is the hint of a struggle as she realises that control is slipping from her grasp and then a contented moan as I knead her soft breast flesh in my hands and you slip your long tongue into her pussy.

Suddenly the tempo changes as I grab Charlotte firmly around her slender neck with one hand and lift her bodily off the bed to drag her across the room and slam her back against the far wall. Keeping her held firmly in place by the throat, I push three fingers straight into her little pussy and my tongue down her throat, hearing her whimper as her body relaxes against me. The would-be Mistress is already mine to command.

I look back at you, sprawled across the bed and bark an order. ‘Bring the cuffs over!’

Still holding Charlotte firmly by the neck, I strip off her jacket and firmly fasten the cuffs to her wrists. Dragging her to where a rope hangs waiting from a pulley in the centre of the room, I fasten the clip at the end to a convenient ring between the cuffs and haul her up on to her tip toes. The moment I take my hand from her throat, she begins to struggle and protest that this wasn’t what she wanted, threatening me with all sorts of reprisals and ordering her husband to stop me.

Tying off the rope, I move to stand in front of her to watch her futile struggling. Her lithe body is now stretched out as tightly as a bowstring and she can’t do much but sway from side to side; even that is rapidly tiring her out. Her mouth is still active though, now spewing obscenities at a rapid rate.

‘Thwack’, I slap her once across the cheek. Her mouth immediately falls silent and her big eyes fill with tears.

I admire her splendid body. Her breasts are displayed at their finest, her succulent nipples pointing toward the ceiling. She is a rare beauty, her brunette bob frames the face of a china doll and her upper body appears to have no fat on it at all. Unzipping her skirt, I let it drop around her feet and gently caress her little pussy.

‘You want to be a Mistress, pet?’ I ask her and continue without waiting for a reply. ‘The fact us, like most women, you are naturally submissive and to explore your dominant side you first need to understand your submissive.’ I pause to let this sink in and continue. ‘There never was any intention of letting you play at being a Mistress with my slave. The fact is Aaron is tired of your lack of cooperation in the bedroom and has paid me handsomely to train you properly in your duties as a wife while he watches. I step closer to her and run my hand gently down the length of her body. ‘I am also going to enjoy you every way possible my sweet one and when I’ve had enough, my pet will take her pleasure in your body too’.

Charlotte begins to wriggle and protest once again so I grab a substantial penis gag, ram it into her mouth and fasten the straps behind her head. Her eyes bulge as the wide helmet end settles on the back of her tongue and her attention is all of a sudden focussed on not gagging.

Moving behind her, I run my hands down Charlotte’s slender back and cup her firm buttocks. They really were lovely, almost spherical and very firm. Worming a finger between her cheeks, I probe her smallest hole, feeling her body stiffen the moment I made contact with her anus.

‘Is she a virgin back here, Aaron?’ I ask her compliant husband.

His nod confirms my suspicions and I lean in to whisper in her ear. ‘You won’t be soon, my sweet. By the end of the evening, this little arse of yours will be as well used as your mouth and pussy’. I slap her hard on the left buttock to accentuate the point.

I turn around to pick up two objects from the table behind. The first is a small red butt plug which I hand to you and the second is a leather riding crop. You know exactly what to do with the butt plug and, having rubbed a small amount of lube all over it, you separate Charlotte’s lovely buttocks with your left hand and introduce the tip to her rosebud with your right. Charlotte really doesn’t like anything touching her arsehole it would seem as she does her best to pull away from the plug, although with very limited success still on her tip toes. A quick swipe across her clit with the crop sent the right message and she becomes completely still, allowing you easy access to twist the little dildo into her virgin arse until all that was visible was a little red star nestled between her cheeks.

I tell you to kneel and you take Charlotte’s clit between your lips, gently sucking as I start to vigorously stripe her lovely tits with the riding crop.

‘Ngugg, ngugg’, Charlotte tries to cry out with each blow but the sound only gets as far as the rubber cock invading her throat. She is clearly in a lot of distress, her body swaying aimlessly from side to side and her face bright red. I give her twelve good strokes which leave her tits an angry red and take her face in my hands to get her attention.

‘I’m going to remove your gag’, I tell her. ‘You will only speak when given permission or I will give your tits another twenty of those! Do you understand?’

She slowly nods her head and I reach behind her head to unfasten the gag. She sucks in deep lungfulls of air but remains silent, looking at me sullenly.

‘This is how is works’, I continue, stroking her sore nipples to remind her of her position. ‘You are here to learn your place. You are owned by your husband and I own both of you.’ Aaron starts to protest behind me. I cut him off with a glare and refocus on his succulent wife. ‘Now, when you behave you will be rewarded, when you misbehave you are punished, it’s a simple as this. Nod if you understand’.

Charlotte nods her head again, this time vigorously.

I notice her legs are beginning to shake and drop the rope down about a foot to stand her fully on her feet and leave a bit of slack in her arms so she can move them a little. The relief in her face is palpable. I move your head aside a little and finger her cunt.

‘Now’, I continue, ‘Your husband is going to be the first to enjoy your little bottom. There’s two ways this can go and only one of them is going to be enjoyable for you. Are you going to cooperate?

Charlotte’s head drops and a barely imperceptible sound comes from her lips.

‘What was that?’ I ask. ‘Speak up nice and loudly and tell your husband he can fuck your arse’.

‘Yes’, she repeats, much louder.

‘Yes what?’ I push.

‘Yes Aaron can fuck my arse’.

You are already behind Charlotte by now, with an eager Aaron stood at your side with his little cock out. You pull out the butt plug with a little moan from Charlotte and squeeze a good amount of lube straight into her rear passage. Aaron can’t wait any longer. He pushes you aside, grabs his young wife by the hips and buries himself in one stroke in her bowels.

Charlotte howls like a dog. She is clearly very uncomfortable so I push you back onto your knees to lap at her pussy and pick up a soft cat o’ nine tails to gently whip her raw nipples. Her cries of anguish soon change pitch and it is clear she is fast headed towards an orgasm when all too soon Aaron stiffens and with a short almost girlish cry, unloads into Charlotte’s arse.

Sending Aaron off for a shower, I unfasten your collar and lead before refastening it around my new slave’s neck. Compliance is now written all over Charlotte’s face and I untie her before handing the lead to you. ‘Take her over to the bed and get her pussy ready for my cock’, I instruct you.

Charlotte meekly pads behind you to the bed, where she gets onto her back and lets you gently rub her clit for a few minutes. Removing my own clothes, I walk across and stand next to her head, watching her eyes widen as she fully appreciates just how big I am. Without a word I pull her head towards my groin and begin feeding her my cock. Once fully hard, I pull out of her mouth and position myself between Charlotte’s silky thighs. When I take a girl for the first time, I always like to do it missionary so I can watch the effect of my big cock opening her up being reflected in her eyes and Charlotte was no exception to this. Holding both of her arms above her head by the wrists, I slide my tongue over her shapely lips and look deep into her eyes. Her brow wrinkles slightly and she inhales a little as I gently ease my helmet between her open petals. Slowly pushing the first couple of inches inside her, I pause to let Charlotte become accustomed to my girth and lightly slap her cheek to keep her focused on my face. She is lightly panting now, sweat forming on her brow and her eyes betraying a wavering confidence in her ability to take me all inside her little cunt.

Suddenly and without any warning I thrust forward and slam all 8 inches of my thick cock into her. Her eyes suddenly widen with fear, a little pain and a sudden rush of pleasure and her whole body tenses as though she has received an electric shock as she lets out a high pitched moan.


Lifting Charlotte’s legs on to my shoulder, I begin pumping her hard. There is no respite; I am fucking the shit out of her. I am conscious of you kneeling next to us on the bed, waiting for further direction and I see that Aaron is now standing next to his wife’s head, watching me smash into her and probably wondering if his little prick will ever touch the sides again. I know I am not going to last long and it only takes another highly charged orgasm from Charlotte for me to splatter her womb with large quantities of cum as I wonder wryly whether she’s on the pill; I would surely have impregnated her if not protected.

Lifting myself off Charlotte’s soft and fragrant body, I invite you to take a turn between her legs while I recover and within seconds, you have a substantial rubber dong in between your thighs and are working into that little pussy. While you work your little bitch back into a frenzy, I beckon her husband across to a padded bench I had made especially for this occasion. A peculiar device to look at, it has 2 legs facing each other and rising slightly from the centre. Indicating to Aaron that he was to lie facing down along one of the legs, I reach down and secure his wrists and ankles to the straps designed for that purpose. He was now firmly fastened with a padded cushion under his pelvis ensuring his arsehole was pointed up, open and vulnerable.

Swallowtail is a novel that traces the narrator’s gradual acceptance of submission.

Previously: The relationship between Dex and the narrator has crossed the line and it looks as though the pair might be finished.


This time it is I who stay away from Dex. Although my strange liaison with her has never been easy or predictable, her absence feels like a death, a hole in my life, a salted piece of land. With Dex, there was always an anticipation of the unknown. Now there is nothing. I tell myself that it’s for the best. It becomes my mantra, filling the space that she previously occupied. I am still unnerved and bewildered by the violence that I might have perpetrated had Dex chosen to resist me. It’s as though she had expertly peeled away my layers and revealed a kernel of ugliness and violence that lay at my core. I hadn’t expected to find it. I’d thought myself better than that. And even Dex, for all of her unreasonable demands on me, deserves better.

I don’t attempt to call her and don’t answer any calls from unknown numbers. There are several of these, but no messages are left on voicemail. It may be Dex, but the numbers are all different and I don’t bother to return the calls to find out. If it is Dex, then for some reason she’s pursuing me now. In unguarded moments, I find myself hoping that she is, and then I push the thought away. Months ago, I would have reveled in the attention. Now it saddens me. I hope that she will soon lose interest and find someone else. No one deserves the brute I appear to be.

I spend the weekend moping around the house, listening to older Coltrane, drinking single malt and trying to sort through conflicting emotions. It’s my typical breakup behavior and I’ve wrapped myself in it like a hairshirt. If Dex and I ever had what could be called a relationship, this is the most difficult and confusing end I’ve ever experienced.

After finishing what’s left of my favorite bottle, I’m just as adrift as I was before. I wonder, for example, whether my sexual palate is ultimately averse to the kind of spice Dex has brought to it. I wonder whether I’m capable of bowing to someone else’s will as Dex appeared to want me to. Am I a lesser man for even considering it and then resorting to violence when it didn’t suit me?


Monday comes too soon. I arrive at the office early, wanting to avoid the usual Monday morning pleasantries with Sharon. The messages on the whiteboards in the lunchroom strike me as intolerably bleak. I close the door to my office and resolve to bury myself in the work that Dex so often distracted me from. My eyes are gritty and my soul is empty as I sit at my desk, sorting through the emails that have accumulated in my inbox.

A reminder of a lunch date surprises me when it flashes up on the computer screen. The hours have flown by. I debate cancelling, but then my stomach growls a warning that I know I’d better heed.

My friend is already at the restaurant when I arrive. Out of duty I inquire about his family, a disinterested wife, two surly teenagers, and an incontinent dog. There’s the usual litany of anecdotes, half funny, half depressing.

I ask him, in a way guys seldom do when there are safe things like sports and politics to talk about, whether it was all worth it—whether following the well-trodden paths from dating to marriage to kids has given him the sort of fulfillment I’m now afraid I’m incapable of.

He seems surprised. “I hope I’m not detecting any regret,” he says. “I’ve lived vicariously through you forever.”


He leans back and smiles. “You’ve never lacked for women and I’ve never seen you pining for permanence. To me, your grass is greener.”

I tell him that I sometimes wonder about it.

He nods and sips at his beer. “Don’t get me wrong, there’s comfort in comfort. More often than not I’m happy. But there are moments when you wonder how the person you were became the person you are. You wonder how the marriage you had became what it is and whether it’s boredom or comfort or a profound lack of energy that keeps you from wanting to make it better. Then you get nostalgic for the good old days. You remember the beginning, when you were young and carefree. You’d go at it like rabbits then, with your happy rabbit fuck-faces and not a care in the world.” My friend sighs. “I miss the rabbit years.

“Then, before you know it, come the manatee years. You have kids now and you’ve let yourself go. You’re fat and ungainly and you wallow in warm, comfortable waters. You’re tired and distracted and you’ve obeyed the biological imperative and have seen where that has led you. If you take your vitamins or the little blue pill and get around to doing it, you have to do it quietly, otherwise you wake up the kids. You do it slowly, as though you’re underwater and anything too violent or unexpected is enough to cause you to float away from each other. You do it at the edge of the bed because the middle squeaks too much. You do it infrequently because you’re lucky to find yourselves in all the murk that surrounds you.”

He shakes his head and this time gulps his beer. “You’re one of the last non-manatees that I know.”

“Why manatee?” I ask.

“Have you ever heard manatees fuck?”


“There you go then. They’re like parents—you can’t imagine anything so big and clumsy ever mating.”

“What happens after the manatee years?”

My friend looks genuinely surprised. “There’s something after the manatee years?”


I’ve made it through the week. I’ve gone through the motions, attended the meetings, made the decisions.

Only Sharon, my business partner, notices something amiss. “Are you okay?” she asks before I leave for the day.


“You seem subdued.”

You have no idea how subdued I’ve been, I think. I merely shrug.


“I’d prefer not to talk about it.”


“Later, maybe. Not now.”

It’s Friday night again. On my way home I stop at the liquor store to replenish the stock that I’d put such a dent in the weekend before. I’m feeling marginally better now and regard my tumbler of whiskey as a friend rather than a crutch.

The house is cold and empty and I light a fire. It doesn’t do much to heat the house but it’s comfortable and the sight of it relaxes me.

The doorbell rings during an intermission of the hockey game I’m watching. I’m tempted to ignore it. I’m not expecting anyone and the third period is about to start. I top up my glass and listen for footsteps retreating down the driveway. There’s only silence.

With a pang I realize that it could be Dex. I get very little unexpected traffic up here. There are no neighbors. My street is slim pickings for salesmen. I’d bought the house ten years ago, attracted to the view of the town at the foot of the escarpment below and the protected forest behind. I’d been drawn by the promise of solitude and the proximity of what passes for civilization. The house stands alone and is far too large for one person. At the time, it suited my ego well. Perhaps it still does.

There’s still no sound from outside. Perhaps Dex, if that’s who it is, has left. Perhaps, I realize, she’s still standing there in the February cold.

I’m being an idiot. Again. If it is Dex, then she knows I’m home. My car is outside and there are lights on, everywhere, it seems, but my brain. I curse myself and my indecision. Dex is the injured party in this and here I am adding the indignity of leaving her on my doorstep like a beggar I’m too timid to face.

I hurry to the door and heave it open. An envelope falls to the floor, carried by the frigid night air that eddies around my bare feet.

I look for her. She’s nowhere to be seen but I can sense that she’s around here somewhere watching me.

I open the envelope and withdraw a card. I glance up again but there’s nothing.

I read: Forgive me. Please.

My heart gives a lurch. The breath catches in my throat. She’s apologizing? To me?

I look at the words again. I really, really don’t understand this woman. It’s almost as though, behind the sturdy battlements of her aloofness, she genuinely cares for me. It hadn’t occurred to me. I’d convinced myself that I’d been an easily replaced plaything for her. An experiment. Certainly there was nothing in our last meeting to suggest otherwise.

I still can’t see her. “You can come in,” I say into the darkness.

Nothing happens for a moment. Then a shadow detaches from an oak that stands naked and solitary by the driveway. The lonely streetlight out front lights her from behind. She seems small and fragile as she crunches through the snow at the edge of the driveway. Her steps are slow and deliberate, as though she shares in my apprehension and uncertainty. She enters the halo of the light that spills from the house. She’s all goth tonight—dark make-up, dark clothes, and clunky boots. I’m reminded of how different we are and of how much we’ve shared. At that moment, I realize that I’ve been with no one more beguiling.

Without pausing her approach, she’s in my arms. At the touch of her, I relax.

“I’m sorry too,” I whisper.

She leans back and places a finger softly to my lips. “No words,” she says.

A command again. The tone is different now than the last time. Less imperious. I nod and pull her gently into the house.

In the light of the living room, I see how tired she is. Dark make-up can’t quite hide it. I move to her and she places a hand on my chest and takes a step back. I stand and watch as she unlaces and removes her boots, losing four inches in the process. She looks almost self-conscious in what she is doing. There’s no brazen exhibitionism, only a subtle vulnerability that I haven’t seen from Dex before. She unzips the dress she is wearing and steps out of it. She stands motionless and naked before me. There’s no sultry pose, just Dex, arms at her sides, small feet spread shoulder width apart. Our eyes lock. I can’t quite read her but am aware that something significant is happening.

At length she approaches me and begins to unbutton my shirt. Still no words pass between us. My hand finds the small of her back, feeling the warmth of her soft, smooth skin and I gently pull her to me. She doesn’t resist but does look up at me with an uncertain smile.

I’m soon as naked as she is, standing in the middle of the living room.

She takes me by the hand and leads me to the bathroom.

Things seem easier between us after we have taken a shower. The hot water has washed the residual tension away. We’ve touched everything there is of the other that there is to touch, explored each other without sexual imperative. Without words.

Now we’re back in the living room. She’s naked, reclined unselfconsciously on my sofa. I see the swallowtail tattoo low on her abdomen. She picks up my forgotten tumbler of scotch and eyes me speculatively.

“What now?” I ask, uttering the first words spoken since she entered my home.

She shrugs. Her eyes are wide and dark. “What do you want?” She’s not dodging my question for a change. She wants to know.

This could be a new beginning. I’d like for it to be. She’s leaving it to me, allowing me, perhaps, to set the ground rules. I’m not even sure that I weigh the consequences before the words are out of my mouth: “I want to be with you.”

So few words to describe what I want. I want more. More of Dex. More than just the occasional visit. More accountability. More of what I’ve come to crave. I want the opportunity to atone.

She takes her time before answering. Is she thinking of what I’ve left unspoken? She looks at me, unwavering. I see that she understands. Her voice is quiet but intense. “I want that too.”

I take the tumbler from her hand and study her. Her body is pale and inviting against the dark brown leather of the sofa. It becomes clear to me. It takes me a bit longer to assemble the pieces than it has for Dex. The price of being with Dex is to accept her rules. It’s not something I can pretend only as long as there’s something in it for me. That’s what I’ve been doing—pretending. Strip away the thin pretense of acceptance and I’m a brute. Truly accede to her, accommodate her demands, and… who knows?

Accept her as she is and all this and more can be mine. Someone to please however I can. Someone to please me. Whatever her pleasure, I know that I want be the one to provide it. Whatever pleasure she grants me, I’ll gratefully lap it up. We’ve both made mistakes and crossed the fuzzy lines that have loosely defined our relationship. They’re less important now, these lines. They seem more flexible and less like tripwires. If I allow it, I’m confident that she can navigate us along or over those lines as she chooses.

I take a small sip of the smoky liquid and press my lips to hers. Her tongue insinuates itself between my lips and tastes it and I let a small amount pass to her.

She smiles.”That’s good.”

I ask her to lie still and pour some whiskey onto her belly. A small pool of it forms in her navel. An amber rivulet spills over the edge, halting and proceeding in time with her breathing. The leading drop disappears between her legs.

I dip the tip of my tongue into the quivering pool, displacing some of the whiskey and sending another trail to follow the path of the last.

Something has changed. Despite the submission that Dex has always asked of me, I feel less diminished at the prospect now than I did before. I could enjoy pleasing her. If I allow it and she takes the reins, we can be good together. We can be better together than apart. I feel that we might be capable of some perverse balance.

I can trust her.

I follow the glistening trail of whiskey and lick it where it has moistened the margins of her pussy. I’m in no hurry. I lap up the smoky liquid until its taste is replaced by that of Dex alone.

She sighs contentedly and raises her legs, perching her feet on my shoulders and opening herself up to me.


I wake to sunlight streaming into my bedroom. I must have forgotten to close the blinds last night. I then become aware of a weight across my chest and realize that it is Dex’s slender arm and that she’s pressed to my side.

I close my eyes again to block out the sun and to enjoy the simple pleasure of her unexpected presence.

Dex is perched on a stool at the kitchen island. She has washed away the makeup and looks younger. More inviting and open. Almost wholesome and innocent. She’s wearing one of my dress shirts, mostly unbuttoned, and nothing else. I like the look.

I set down our mugs of coffee and regard her for a moment. “Why did you come back?” I ask.

Dex takes a deep breath. “It was a bad way to end. I was arrogant and selfish and I made a mistake with you that night. I couldn’t leave it like that. I wasn’t sure that it had to end. I didn’t want it to end.”

“We were good last night.”

Dex nods and looks off into middle space. “We were.”

“Is there a ‘but’?”

“Has good ever been good enough for you?”

It’s too early for this discussion, too soon after the night before. I haven’t even finished my first coffee. I know where she’s going though. I’ve had it good before. I have played the lover, the housemate, the affianced. I have remained deaf when others have heard Wagner.

Life has a habit of settling into routines, patterns of behavior that lull you into numbness by their very predictability. I’d seen it in my parents and too many of my friends. I’d been numbed by it too, when life and love adopt such a predictable, banal choreography that you want nothing more than for the actors to take a bow, for the curtain to fall.

“There’s a time and a place for good,” I say. “Last night was a good time and place.”

Dex nods. “It was. But good gets boring eventually. You know that. We’ve both had good and it’s not enough.”

“I know.”

Dex pours us another coffee. I enjoy watching her move around my place. She looks comfortable here and I’m glad for it. “You give me too much credit,” she is saying. “I’m feeling my way. I don’t know anything.”

“You know well enough. You have me going places I wouldn’t have dreamed of a couple of months ago. I think you know more than you’re letting on.”

She returns to the table and sets down the mugs. It’s good to be talking this openly. We’ve never done it before. I have a hunch and play it. “Were the roles reversed?” I ask.


“Before… With your last partner.”

She nods so faintly that I almost miss it.

“That guy at the tattoo parlor?”

She nods again and averts her eyes. “That’s when I learned what lies beyond the play. I learned what it takes to be good and fair. Or I thought I did.”

“You do. We just took a bad turn. That’s all.”

Dex laughs. “It’s funny how just when you think you’re at the top of your game, life throws a wrench in the works and you’re back to square one, relearning the lessons you thought you knew. Making you humble.”

For some reason my heart is hammering in my chest. I want the conversation to stop, afraid of where it might lead. Instead, I ask, “So what did you learn?”

She sits down opposite me and cradles her mug in her small hands. “There has to be trust and understanding and creativity. Ego is an acid. I thought I knew it before but I guess I didn’t. Even before that night, I was guided by ego. I thought it was independence but…” Dex shrugs. “I know it better now. I’ve been floating along on assumptions and arrogance. And you’ve been going along with it for whatever reason, though I’ve done nothing to earn your trust.” She sips her coffee. “Why have you gone along with it?”

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for months. “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

Her eyebrows rise a fraction.

“It’s been new.” I’m stammering now, hunting for words. “You’ve introduced me to things…”

“Awakened appetites that you didn’t know you had?” she asks.

“Something like that. I like the challenge. The unpredictability. I don’t like the frustration. I don’t like the not knowing.”

Dex sips her coffee and stares off into middle space for a moment. “I’ve been doing some thinking,” she says.

“Okay.” I’m wary.

“I think we can work well together.”

“I agree.”

“But there have to be some ground rules.”


“It may be time to formalize things or go our own way.”

I’ve never negotiated a relationship before, at least not like this. Relationships are negotiated by a multitude of tiny decisions over time, each one building on the other until the relationship has a broad shape and texture. Given what I know of Dex, she has a definite shape in mind and I’m apprehensive now that Dex seems intent on laying it out.

Her last words echo in my mind though. Go our own way. I have a choice, it seems. A relationship as Dex wants to define it or nothing.

“You’re trying to make me some kind of slave. Is that it?”



Her eyes narrow. “A slave has no say in the matter. You have. You’ve accompanied me every step of the way when you didn’t have to. You did so of your own volition.”

“So what does that make me?”

“Not a slave.”

“What then?”

“A submissive. Or someone who could be.”

The word has been spoken. Her wishes and expectations of me have been reduced to three simple syllables. We’ve been dancing around it so long that the word itself is anticlimactic. I’d more or less come to the same word myself last night. Now that the word has been spoken, carrying with it a weight of implication, I’m not sure that I can carry it, despite the fact that I’ve followed her this far.

“Submission is a choice,” continues Dex. “Slavery is not. Submission is a gift that has to be earned. With the right master, it can be liberating. Done right, there’s no greater bond.”

I’ve had a taste and now that taste has a name. Submission. The concept of submission as the cornerstone of a relationship makes me uneasy. It’s one thing to consider the idea in the abstract and to dabble in it, quite another to have it on the table as something concrete and neatly labeled. I’m all for being tied up and played, but in the end there’s comfort in knowing that it’s just an act. What Dex is proposing is entirely different, I realize now. It’s less a role than a mindset.

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