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This author would like to thank: TNP, Thee_Disciple, MaitreNuit and DarkLord Z for always being able to proof read my crap.

“No, no, no, no, no!” Nina scolded me as I selected a button-up light blue shirt.

“But I like this one!” I whined, sounding like a child in one of my classes.

“But it makes your hips look wide.” Nina said, selecting a standard white shirt with a red under shirt that hooped around the arm holes and the neck hole.

“Try this with this blazer.” She offered, passing me one of the three button blazers. I nodded and changed my shirt and slid the blazer on. Nina, was one of my closest friends and also one of my dearest fashion consultants. If I wanted to have sex, Nina was the person to go to. She had worked in fashion since we left Uni and knew what people wanted.

Satisfied with the look, I buttoned up the blazer and stepped outside. Giving a playful wolf-whistle, Nina nodded her head approvingly.

“That looks hot Noah!” She said, smiling and nodding her head.

“You think so?”

“She’ll be putty in your hands.” Nina said with a grin. My phone beeped to life in my pocket, fishing it out and fumbling with the touch screen.

“It’s from Paul, they’re about ten minutes away.” Clicking the keypad lock button, I slid the phone back into my pocket and felt the slightest tinge of anticipation. Jesus, I wasn’t nervous was I? It had been a while since I’d been on a date.

Putting on music, we got chatting and into a general party atmosphere. Several minutes passed and there was a knock on the door. My apartment wasn’t very large. I only had the one bedroom, to the side of the bedroom there was a large ish bath room and next to that was a ‘laundry room’. What wasn’t the lounge, was the kitchen. It had a large table, a fridge and a counter top in the corner of the kitchen.

Walking past our friends, I opened the door to find Sophie, Paul and Olivia standing there. Excited to see Paul again, I gave him a friendly hug as Sophie introduced her new single friend. She was dressed very smartly with her long brown hair draping over her shoulders. It was then I had a chance to admire her fully.

She had lusciously long brown hair, greenish blue eyes that seemed to shine whenever she stood in light, her lips had been painted with a peach-ey coloured lipstick and had applied a light shade of black eye shadow. Her body was firm and tight, she certainly enjoyed a run. Her legs were being shown off by a black skirt, under it, her legs were bare running down to her black boots. Taking off her coat, her breasts were revealed to me. They were very admirable, the type you could hold in your hands and they’d be a nice handful . Her cleavage was shown off nicely by the top she was wearing. It was a black number with plunging neckline that ran to the middle, neatly showing off some of her best assets.

Smiling, we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

It was close to eleven at night now and the party was starting to die down. Most of the group had gone home, leaving me, Sophie, Paul and Olivia. We were sitting on one of the sofa’s in the main room and were discussing all sorts of things.

“Oh hell!” Olivia cursed out loud, fishing out her cell. Looking at the time, she groaned and looked at Paul pleadingly.

“I’m going to miss my train. I need to get to the station quick!”

“What time’s your train?” Paul asked, sitting up from his slouched position.

“Eleven forty.”

“I can drive you if you’d like? I haven’t had anything to drink.” I said, picking myself up in a similar fashion to Paul.

“Could you? That would be great!”

“Sure. Let’s go.”

“Well, I think we’re going to go too. We’re heading back home to Oklahoma for Christmas. I’ll be driving so I need to sleep this off.” Paul announced as Sophie joined us standing up.

“Alright then, let’s go.” Sophie said with a grin. We all agreed and made our way out of my apartment building and towards the cars. Politely holding the door open for Olivia, she thanked me and sat down.

Walking in front of the car, I opened the driving door and slid in. Twisting the key in the ignition, we set off towards the airport.

“Right, quickest way is down Stewart’s Road.” I said aloud, talking to myself, but breaking the silence.

“Cool, thanks a lot for taking me. Especially as we’ve only just met this evening too!”

“Yeah, no problem! So why are you heading out? Christmas?” I said, looking out onto the darkened road.

“Yeah, I’ve got family in New York. We always meet up a few days before Christmas and spend most of the time together.”

“That’s nice. Very twee.” I said with a smile, quickly checking the time on my dashboard clock.

“Yeah, my mom loves it… You didn’t think it was weird tonight?”

“How do you mean? I suppose it was rather strange that most of the people left quite early, but… Christmas is coming, we’re not exactly students any more.” I said with a laugh at the end.

“Indeed. I was actually talking about me being here.” Olivia was avoiding eye contact with me, almost like she didn’t want to talk about this.

“Well… I suppose it did seem like a set up. Like when I was talking to Sophie, you came over and she left. Almost like she wanted us to talk.”

“That’s what I meant! God, you wouldn’t believe we were adults with the way she was setting us up!”

“Yeah, she likes that sort of stuff though. She always has.”

“How long have you known her? Since college?”

“No far longer than that. We were in kindergarten together and we always got lumped together, it was however, a matter of coincidence when we went to the same college. That was nice to have someone to hang onto with the first week of College.” I said, letting out another laugh as we turned closer to the train station.

“She can hold her ale can’t she?”

“Yep. So how about you? Did you meet at work?”

“Yeah, me and Sophie were on the same set and we’ve worked together ever since.”

I was about to say something else when a set of blue flashing lights appeared in front of us. Raising my eyebrows, we slowed to a stop in front of a police barricade. A police officer is a luminous green coat walked down to me and I rolled down the window.

“Good evening.” He said courteously.

“Evening, officer. What’s going on?”

“There’s been a gas leak in that office block over there.” He said, motioning with his torch. “We can’t let anyone pass until it’s safe.”

“We need to get to the train station. Can we not go around?”

“You should be able to. When’s the train?”

“Eleven forty.” Olivia piped up, looking up at the officer as well.

“It’ll be tight, but you can try. Head down Young Avenue and take a right on Blair Road. That’ll take you around and put you on the main road towards the station.”

“Right, cheers pal!”

“Take it easy now. Goodnight.” The officer said politely and made his way back to the barricade.

“Shit.” Olivia said aloud, looking at the time.


“We can make it.” I said confidently. I was a more than capable driver and reversed onto the road. Making our way down to the street, I drove at the legal limit, jumping over it on occasions.

“Are you ready to just hop out and go?” I asked as we made the turn onto the main street. It was 11:38 now and the train station wasn’t even in sight yet.

“Yeah, can you stay behind just in case it doesn’t get here?” Olivia asked, fishing out her ticket.

“Yeah, I’ll give it ten minutes. It shouldn’t be too busy tonight.”

11:40 flashed up on the clock just as we made it to the station.

“Go!” I shouted as she jumped out and ran towards the large doors.

Right, with a bit of luck she’s made it. I relaxed and rested in the seat, twisting the radio dial I settled into listening to the music on the radio.

My eyes flashed open, I must’ve fallen asleep. Glancing at the clock it was close to half past twelve so I was ready to go. Looking outside I saw Olivia running towards me waving her arms. Taking my hands off the wheel, she climbed back into the car.

“It went just as I got there and there’s no helpful staff awake.”

“Right, so a train first thing in the morning then?”

“It looks like it. Are there any decent hotels around here?” She asked, fishing out her cell phone.

“Not really. All the other places are going to be tourist traps and they’ll be shut by this time.” I said grimly.

“Great. I don’t suppose you’ve got a spare couch do you?” She said with a laugh.

“Actually I do, if you want to stay?” I said, looking over at her. Biting on her bottom lip she thought about it briefly.

“Ok then, sure.” She answered.

“Cool. Let’s head back then.” I said with a smile. We drove back and discussed various things as the rain started to come down.

I pulled up outside my block of apartments and we hopped out. Locking the car, we quickly made our way upstairs into the building. Fishing my keys out of my pocket, I opened the door and waved Olivia through. I grinned at finding myself not able to stop myself from eyeing her tight ass as she passed.

I stepped in and closed the door, locking it for the night. Walking in, she sort of stood aimlessly unsure of what to do.

“Please, have a seat” I said. She sat down and looked at me.

“Well, since you’re here for the night, should we finish off that last bottle of wine?”

“That sounds great!”

Nodding with a smile, I walked into the kitchen and fetched the wine with some glasses.

“So how did she rope you into this whole thing?” I asked, topping up my glass with the last of the wine.

“Ha! Well, I’m sitting down for make up and she sits down next to me and starts talking. Then she goes… ‘Right, I’ve got this single friend who I’d bet you’d just love.’ Next thing I know, her and Paul are picking me up for tonight!” She said as we shared a laugh about Sophie.

“So do you miss it? Life with a partner?” I asked, as she sipped at the wine.

“Well, there’s certainly an emptiness to my life at home now… But, it wasn’t really working in the relationship so we had to cut it loose.”

There was a silence that lingered in the air. I was fairly certain I’d dropped the ball and was about to apologize when I saw Olivia smile. Bringing the back of her hand up to her mouth, she stifled a yawn briefly.

“Goodness, I’m sorry but I think I’m going to call it a night.”

Matching her yawn, I agreed.

“Alright just gimme a sec” I said. She nodded and smiled as I walked out of the room.

Walking into the bedroom, I grabbed a blanket and walked back to the living room.

“My bedroom’s just through there, I’ll have this old thing out here.” I said, throwing the blanket down by the couch.

“Noah, No! I can’t intrude on you like that.” She said, standing up to take the blanket from me.

“No, no, no. I insist! You’re the guest, you have the bed. I’ll be fine here.”

“If you’re sure?” She said, standing up. I nodded and showed her to the bedroom.

“There you go, hope you find it comfy.” I said with a smile as I walked back into the front room.

“Thanks very much for putting me up like this.” She said from my shoulder. Looking to face her, I nodded and gave a smile. I stripped down to my boxers and my vest, straightening out the blanket I lay down on the sofa. Closing my eyes, I realised I couldn’t sleep. Fumbling on the desk, I found my iPod and put on a podcast. I typically use these to lull me to sleep as some of the voices are quite soothing. Turning on my back, facing the inside of my couch, I shut my eyes and let sleep take me.

My eyes flickered open and the same podcast had still been going on. I listened for another half an hour before I realised that I wasn’t getting any sleep. Mulling over my options, I decided to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Walking over, still listening to my iPod, I cast a glance to my bedroom, I saw that there was no light on, so Olivia must’ve been asleep. Wearily, I pushed the bathroom door open and searched for my toothbrush. It was orange so next exactly subtle, why wasn’t it standing out? Snapping my fingers in a ‘Noah! You idiot!’ motion I remembered that it was still in my bedroom from my travel bag.

Walking out, back into the front room I flipped the light off to make sure I didn’t wake Olivia up. I walked across to my bedroom and lightly opened the door. There I saw her.

She had her panties next to her on the bed and had two fingers deep insider her, her right hand was pawing at her breasts as she moaned at her own touch. She was moaning very quietly, presumably not to wake me up. Her fingers were working double time on her crotch as she bit her lip and gasped at her touch. Her hips were bouncing off of the bed as she rode herself to an orgasm. She let out a tiny squeak and came over her fingers. Grinning madly, she sighed content in her actions. Opening her eyes slowly, she then cast a look over at me, her eyes wide.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry!” I said in a fast paced voice, and backed out of the room into the hall. I leaned back against the wall and took a deep breath. I put my iPod away and collapsed on the couch, wondering what I would exactly say when I was inevitably going to face her.

A few minutes later she walked in with the bed sheets wrapped around her, that only just covered her nice ass. I started to apologize to her again but she cut me off.

“I’m sorry…” She started, that was pretty new. The one being caught apologizing?

“Don’t be. We’ve all got urges right?” I said with a smile, looking up at her before darting my eyes back down to the floor.

“Yeah… Yeah! It’s really great that you understand. And honestly? I’d rather it was you walk in on me that somebody else.” She said, making a joke out of the potentially awful situation.

“I saw the light was off in the bedroom and I thought you were asleep.” I said, still feeling exceptionally guilty.

“Really, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I’m fine with it.”

“Right… Right, why wouldn’t you?”

Well, this is awkward. After a few seconds of silence, I spoke up.

“Uh… I’m gonna…” I started, gesturing with my thumb towards the make-shift bed.

“Yeah… Yeah. Me too. I’ll see you tomorrow Noah. Good night.”

“Good night Olivia.” I replied with a smile, she tugged at the sheets and moved towards the bedroom door.

Sighing heavily, I closed my eyes and let sleep take me.

Halfway through a non-descript dream I felt a weight press against my chest. Then, a soft pressure was applied to my lips and woke me from my slumber. My eyes opened slowly and I saw the now naked Olivia Wilde straddling my chest and kissing my once sleeping body. Closing my eyes again, my mouth pressed back against hers as my arms wrapped around her body, hugging her tightly. The kiss was broken, and our eyes met each others.

“My, my. What do we have here?” She said with a smile. Her hands ran up and down my body as she smiled as she reached my lap. Almost on instinct, my hips lifted off of the couch and she tugged at my boxer shorts. She grinned and slid down my body towards my now rock hard dick. I kicked my boxer shorts off of my leg, sending them towards the corner of the room.

She eyed up my stiff dick hungrily as I slid off my shirt and tossed it to one side as her hands made their way back down to my groin. Cupping the member with her right hand, she lightly jerked it up and down watching with great admiration as the skin folded and straightened with each pump. She would occasionally swap and twist the skin when she hit the bottom of my shaft. Pushing the member up towards my chest, she put her tongue on the bottom of the dick, just above my balls and traced it up along the bottom. Running it along my thin vein, when she reached the head she simply followed it up over. Flicking her tongue against the shaft’s head she held the base of it steady as she did so.

She slowly moved her hands down to my balls and cupped the hairy testes in her hand as she started to suck on my cock. Her mouth had formed a tight seal around my member and she was steadily sucking on it. Covering about half of my eight inch member, she would moan whenever I put my hands on her head taking a hold of her hair.

She would look up at me and smile, her big green eyes lit up with lust with each drop she made. Moving her hands from my balls, she placed one on my backside and the other on my waist to steady herself. Increasing the bobbing rate, she started to produce more and more saliva making a glugging sound with each bob.

She pulled herself off of my shaft and made dives for it, letting the spit hit her on the cheek leaving a thin saliva trail. She smiled as my jaw dropped at her actions.

She continued to paint her face with her own spit while looking up at me with a sweet expression on her face.

“You like that don’t you Noah?” She asked with a grin as I simply nodded, dumbfounded.

“You’re such a dirty boy.” She said, smiling again. Spitting on my dick, she then started to suck it again. Covering nearly all of it, she was taking it like a champ and then she managed to deep throat it. Taking all of my shaft in her mouth, Olivia simply smiled up at me as she carried on sucking my dick. She continued with deep throating and then letting up for about five more minutes before I felt my nuts stirring.

“Olivia, if you keep this up I’m going to cum.” I warned her, as I ran my hands through her hair. She looked up at me and nodded her head. Lifting her head off of my shaft, she smiled and kissed the tip of it.

“Well, we’d better get to work then.” And with that she stood up and pounced on me. Holding her by her thighs I lifted her up as she jumped into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed her legs around my waist. Stumbling on the spot for a while, we eventually fell forward and landed against a wall.

I had managed to pin her against it, and the way she was holding onto me, meant her massive breasts were pushed up against my chest. I removed one hand from her and took hold of my dick. Aiming it at her cunt, she groaned in a satisfactory manner and rolled her hips towards me.

Knowing better than to keep a lady waiting, I slid my dick inside her. She threw her head back and let out a loud moan as she was filled up by my meat. Starting out with a slow, steady rhythm I started to fuck her. Knowing where to hit her g-spot I let my dick grind against her clit making her moan almost cutely. Her warm breath was on my neck as we fucked. I had tired of the slow and steady rate and was ready to fuck her harder.

“Can I fuck you now?” I asked, looking at her. She had her eyes closed but she simply nodded. I then started to fuck her with short and swift strokes. With little care, I started to simply ram my rod deep inside her as her ass shook with each stroke banging against the wall.

I thought about my neighbors, but quickly realized I didn’t care. With each thrust inside her, Olivia’s back was arching more and more to meet each of my thrusts.

Her breathing soon got shorter and shorter before she threw her head back and let out a sharp, shrill scream. I felt a warm liquid start to gush all over my leg, she can’t have came all ready? Shrugging, I started to feel ready too. The brief break in between the oral and the fucking must have only just cooled me down.

“Olivia, I’m going to cum now!” I let out, sighing heavily as I did so. She looked up at me, her eyelids flickering in the post glow of the orgasm. Quickly coming back to her senses, she nodded and pushed me off of her. Letting her get to her knees, she took me in her mouth and started to suck lightly.

I walked into the bar to get a drink. It was late and not too many people were there. The room was dimly lit, with a pool table and a dining area. As I sat down at the barstool, I couldn’t help but notice the smoking hot bartender behind the counter, refilling a glass. Her breasts must have been triple G’s and they were crammed into a tiny, low cut top.

I ordered a drink, and she turned around and bent over to get the bottle. Her huge ass was right in front of my eyes. It had a nice round shape and was perfectly in proportion with her body. She then turned around and handed me the bottle.

After I took a sip, I asked “What’s up?”

“Just working my shift.” she replied.

That’s when I noticed a tattoo the size of a quarter on her arm. It was bald eagle with eyes that seemed to look right at you. The intricate design on the wings was beautiful.

“How long have you had that tattoo?” I asked, pointing to it with the bottle. To my embarrassment, some of the beer in the bottle spilled out all over her. I sat there wide-eyed, not believing what I had done. Sometimes I can be so jittery around beautiful women.

She gasped, but then said with a little smile, “Could you help me find some paper towels in the back room?”

I replied “sure.”

In the back room, I knew this was the last place we would find paper towels. It was nicely furnished, with a green couch in one corner and a TV on the wall.

“Well it looks like we ran out of paper towels, but you can just wipe off all this beer with your hands.” she said with a seductive smile.

She took off her shirt and pants, revealing a black push up bra and matching panties.

I was about to take off her bra when she stopped me.

“Not yet.” she whispered.

I started messaging her breasts. The beer made a good lub. I was limited in what I could do with her bra still on, but I was able to get a good feel for them and it seemed she approved of everything I did. I felt her nipples slowly getting harder and eventually you could their outline through the bra.

When I had wiped off all the beer, she said, “You missed a spot, on my belly button.”

I felt her belly button, it was dry.

“Lower.” she said.

I moved my hand a few more inches down but she still responded, “Lower.”

I slid my hand down even lower, and now I was touching the black embroidery on her panties.

“Even Lower” she said. Feeling adventurous, I slipped my hand underneath her panties.

“Lower, almost there!” she said with urgency.

I slid my hand down lower and lower, and she wasn’t satisfied until half my arm was down her panties.

“I think you found it all right!” she screamed.

I began fingering her vaginal folds and she moaned with pleasure. I kept on feeling her pussy, slowly adding fingers as I massaged her clitoris with my thumb. As I worked her pussy harder and harder, she began messaging her big tits, moaning. After five minutes of my hand inside her cunt, she came all over my hand and soaked her panties.

Then she told me to lie down on the couch. She took off my pants and her eyes widened as she saw my huge package through my briefs. She then slowly took off my briefs, exposing my thick shaft, perfectly round head, and finally, my massive balls. My dick immediately shot up to 10′ as she tickled me down below.

Then, after testing to make sure it was hard enough, she took off her bra and slid my thick cock in between her cleavage. She then titty-fucked me with her GGG’s as I smiled with delight. When I was about to cum, she sensed it and stopped. As she got up, her tits were blood red from all the friction.

We both knew what we wanted next, so she got on the couch facing me. She then spread out her legs invitingly. Her pussy was wet with anticipation, and my immense cock fit slid easily into her. With two inches of myself inside her, she was already moaning. I decided to stay at that depth and I shallow-fucked her slowly. After five minutes, she wrapped her legs around mine, trying to push me in further.

“Come on, fuck me deeper!” she yelled.

“Of course, I should’ve known you like it deep.” I responded.

I got four inches inside her and picked up the pace a bit. Now she was excited. I began searching for her G-spot and found it quickly. She gasped when I touched it with the tip of my cock so I went even faster. Her tits started squirting milk as I fucked her faster and faster. I squeezed her tits and drank some.

She said between moans “How do you like it?”

I answered “It’s so rich and creamy.” I drank some more before returning to business.

I was 8′ inches in now and touching the back of her walls. She was screaming with joy as I felt an orgasm coming. She screamed “Harder! Harder!” In between moans and I fucked her harder with each thrust. I was fucking at my top speed as she told me she was about to orgasm. With one final thrust, I rammed the back of her walls and that sent off fireworks. She screamed “O my gosh Jeremy!” and let out a series of high pitched screams and moans.

I came so much her fuck hole couldn’t hold it all and it spread all over her thighs. I put some of my cum on my finger and rubbed her clitoris with it, just to prolong the orgasm. Her tits looked like fountains of milk and I drank it all up. Her orgasm lasted for a whole minute, during which I withdrew from her and deposited the rest of my cum on her face. She used her tongue to wipe her face clean.

With one final pleasurable moan, her orgasm finished.

She looked at me and began messaging her tits.

“I’m not finished yet, are you?” she asked.

“Baby, I’d love to go with you all night, but it looks like I’ve gotten soft.” I responded

We both looked at my dick. It had shrunken and wasn’t defying gravity anymore.

She whispered, “I’ll take care of that.” and got on her knees.

She took my entire soft dick into her mouth and began deep-throating me. She was so good at it. She looked up at me with those big innocent eyes while moving back and forth on my rod and that made me so horny. My cock gradually grew back and part of it began to emerge out of her mouth. As it grew back to 10 inches, it apparently became to thick for deep throating. She had to slid her mouth off my cock.

She got up and walked toward the door, motioning with her finger to follow.

The bar was deserted. She told me to stand on the counter. I mounted the countertop, wondering what we were gonna do. She then got on the counter too but crouched on all fours. As I realized what she wanted, she slapped her ass and it jiggled.

“Fill’er up.” she said. It was an order. I slid my cock into her ass and began pumping. Her ass was tight, but I could tell it had been widened by others before me.

After about 10 thrusts, she turned her head toward me and said, “Come on Jeremy, I’m a naughty girl. Spank me!”

I began spanking one of her perfect buttocks with each thrust.

She began moaning “Mmmmmmm, your gonna spank me for what I’ve done, right big boy?”

I banged her faster and faster but then all of a sudden she reached for a beer bottle and began thrusting it up her pussy.

“What are you doing?” I asked surprisingly.

“Your competing with a dildo.” she barked.

I decided to punish her for using a dildo with me. I fucked her ass as hard as I could and she screamed with delight. She moved the beer bottle in sync with my thrusts.

I focused on nothing but force, and after about ten thrusts she dropped the beer bottle. It rolled off the table and shattered on the floor. I felt satisfied, knowing I had beaten her goddamn dildo.

I kept on banging her, slapping her ass harder and harder. I put my free hand on her shoulder, keeping her in place with each thrust. She was a slave to my enormous cock and couldn’t do anything about it. Her screams got higher and higher, her moans longer and hornier, and I knew she would orgasm soon.

I forced my dick all the way in and let her ass swallow up my cock. My balls began slapping against her cheeks, creating a “thump, thump, thump” as I went in and out.

I sensed her screams and moans were reaching a pinacle. “How much louder could she be?” Then it hit me. My orgasm caught me by surprise and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and mutter “Oh fuck.” as she came all over the table. My cum shot up her ass in rapid bursts.

It was the strongest orgasm I had ever had. I couldn’t believe the intense satisfaction. I wanted to stay in her forever. My dick felt like it might explode from the pleasure. I put my hands on her ass, and I could feel her shuddering from the waves of pleasure. I began to slow up as she caught her breath. I gradually withdrew from her, leaving out the back door. Finally, the tip of my cock emerged from her ass and she took a deep breath. The entire orgasm had lasted two minutes.

We got off the counter and got dressed together in the back room. There was an awkward silence. I knew I would never see this woman again in my life, but at least we had had a glorious one night stand together. When we were finished dressing we walked out of the bar together. Holding open the door, I thanked her for the drink.

“My pleasure.” she answered.

I see you sitting on the couch and walk up to you. I straddle your lap, grab the back of your neck with one hand and start kissing you hard, deep, passionately. My tongue plays with yours. You grab my ass and pull me tight against you so I can feel your hardening cock through our clothes. I moan and wiggle my hips a little. I trail my hands down your chest to the bottom of your shirt. Sliding my hands underneath, I want to feel your bare skin. When I reach your nipples, I tweak then lightly, making you moan. I then pull your shirt off.

You start to kiss my neck, which elicits a moan from me. Your hands grab the bottom of my shirt and you take it off slowly, watching the skin that’s revealed along the way. When you see my tits sitting pretty in the black lacy bra I’m wearing, you groan and reach for them. Feeling, caressing, squeezing. You go back to kissing my neck and earlobes while your hands are busy. My head rolls back as I moan at what you’re doing to me. Moving your lips to the other side of my neck, you reach behind me and unhook my bra and take it off. Grasping my bare tits in your strong hands, you trail your lips and tongue towards my aching nipples. Taking one into your mouth, you tease me lightly, then sucking hard, then back to lightly using your tongue. You gently bite down causing me to writhe and groan. You repeat the same on my other nipple, giving it equal attention.

Lifting me off your lap, you lay me back on the couch and reach for my jeans. Unbuckling my belt, then undoing the button and sliding the zipper down, you can’t wait to get in my pants. You slide one hand inside and realize I’m not wearing any underwear. Grasping the waistband, you slowly pull my jeans down my legs and off. Tossing them off to the side, your eyes zero in on my pussy. Shaved but for a strip of hair leading the way, you push my thighs apart to take a better look. You can easily see how wet I am. You lean down and tease the outer lips with your fingers. I moan, hips moving, wanting more. Taking a few teasing light licks, you still avoid where I want you most. I groan in frustration.

You take a deep breath, inhaling my scent. On a moan, you start licking my clit, alternating between circling it and long strokes with your tongue. I groan loudly and my hips jump at the contact. Your finger meanwhile teases my hole, which is growing wetter by the second. You slide one finger in a little, then add a second. Finger fucking me while licking, nibbling and sucking my clit. By now, I’m sopping wet, my juices covering your fingers, face and trailing down my ass crack. Following that path, your finger starts to play with my ass. My hips lift in invitation. You apply slight pressure and your finger easily slides in, with the lube of my juices and because I’m just so fucking turned on.

Wanting to feel you, I sit up and slide to my knees on the floor in front of you. I pop the button in your jeans and slowly lower your zipper, feeling your hardness beneath. You lift your hips slightly so I can strip you completely. On a groan, I grasp your hard cock in my hand and take the head into my waiting mouth. Licking, teasing the ridge a bit before sliding my lips as far onto you as I can. Sucking up, then back down again. Up, then down again. Lightly grabbing a handful of my hair, your hips buck and I moan.

You pull me off you as you have other thoughts on what you want to do to me. Putting your hands under my arms, you pull me up. You hold your cock upright as I straddle you again, lowering my dripping pussy onto your hard, throbbing cock. We both moan as you slide in and fill me up. You grab the back of my head and pull your lips to mine again. Kissing you back feverishly, I slowly grind my hips on you, making us both crazy.

Soon I can’t take it anymore. I grab the back of the couch and just ride you. Feeling you deep inside me. Feeling my clit rub your pelvic bone with every thrust. I love the way your cock feels fucking up into me, I’m moaning continually by this point. I can feel my orgasm come closer…closer…rushing up and through my body with every move I make. I open my eyes and look into yours when I finally fly over that peak. Feeling my pussy convulse around your fat cock, you can’t take it any longer and on a groan, let yourself go, cumming hard deep inside me.

I lean forward, resting my head on your shoulder as we wait for our heartbeats to slow and our breathing to return to normal.

Dereza began to hum to herself as she filled out the paperwork that Harvey and Greg had presented to her. Tom sat at the kitchen table at the end closest to the window, while Greg and Harvey sat to his right on one side and Dereza opposite of them on the other. The half-succubus didn’t look at all embarrassed that she was completely naked in front of two total strangers, or that she had been in the middle of having sex with him when they walked in.

Tom had lost those feelings of embarrassment a while back, but it was still a little awkward when your coworkers walked right in on you having sex without a care in the world and listing off things that needed to be signed and done like you hadn’t been doing anything even remotely private.

Greg spoke with Dereza about some of the things she needed to understand on the form for third-party service to the Second Special Division of the Department of Internal Affairs. She nodded and continued to sign and give information as she needed to.

Harvey, however, gave Tom a sideward glance, amused.

“You have good technique, Tom,” he said.

“Really? Dereza’s screaming never told me that,” he shot back. Harvey raised his hands a little on the table to signal he meant no offense.

“It’s just idle conversation. I wanted to kick the door in and start shooting up the place like cowboys in a bar, but Greg said you’d be more flustered if we walked in and let you find us in there already,” the older agent joked with a grin on his face.

“God, you’re too hard to get mad at Harvey. You’re too damn likeable,” the younger of the two said, shaking his head slowly.

“There are some people who have seen the Harvey Fogelman that isn’t as nice. Greg knows,” Harvey said, glancing over at Greg, who held up his middle finger.

“This isn’t story time Harvey. Sorry Miss Unrama, say that again…” Greg continued with Dereza. Harvey let a genuine smile settle on his face and sighed.

“He gets like this when he thinks he’s doing all the work. Sometimes he’s such a little baby,” Harvey remarked, causing Tom to stifle his laughter and Greg to shoot both of them a glare.

Tom shook his head in amusement. “So did you guys come all the way out here just to do this, because I doubt that they’d send both of you to hand out employment opportunity papers.”

Harvey nodded slightly and said, “You’re smarter than they give you credit for. We’re here to bring you back to the Holding Center after she’s filled out the paperwork. There’s a division-wide meeting that the Secretary of State called. All of us, from One to Sixteen. It’s like a call to arms.”

Tom’s brow furrowed. “What, did we go to war with somebody else? Why all the divisions?”

Harvey shook his head. “We didn’t go to war with anyone.” He pointed toward the floor. “Somebody down there went to war with someone else. And that has the Special Divisions Head very worried.”

“Hence the meeting?” Tom guessed.

“Hence the meeting,” affirmed Harvey.

“Do I get to get dressed before I leave, or am I attending naked?” Tom asked jokingly.

Harvey nodded toward Greg. “That’s his decision.”


Tom sat in the largest auditorium the Holding Center had. Sixteen hundred agents of the Special Divisions sat quietly and waited for the speaker to arrive. To Tom’s left sat Veronica, looking through a stapled set of papers and signing them every now and again. To his right were Harvey and Greg, talking quietly to each other and playing some kind of word game between the two of them.

Behind him was Allen, who for once was normal and quiet and withdrawn like he had been before the excursion to Scotland. Tom had asked about him and received just about the same answer from the Director, Veronica, and Jehrme, who Tom didn’t ever see much of because he was harder to find than a giant squid.

Division Thirteen’s members were all sort of offbeat, especially the occultists. So, after being told that it was just Allen being weird, Tom had dropped the subject and just dealt with it. He sat there, bored, and watched the solid granite podium as if their speaker was going to rise out of it when he finally showed up.

The Director sat stone-faced with the other Division directors, who looked less than happy to be here. Divisions Thirteen and Fourteen’s directors looked like they were playing cards, Tenth and Ninth’s looked like two matchmakers trying to pair up people in the auditorium’s uncomfortable chairs. The rest were doing a variety of things, and only the Director looked anything close to serious.

From the right of the stage two men approached one of the Secret Service agents posted at the edge of the stage and spoke to him briefly before walking briskly back the way they came and making a number of shorthand radio calls. Then, they brought up another Secret Service agent who hurried onto the stage and stood behind the podium.

The auditorium began to grow quieter, but not by much. At this, the Director raised his hand and made a cutting motion with it in the air. As if by a spell, all of Division Two’s agents went silent and the others followed in suit shortly thereafter. Soon, it was quiet enough to hear the scratchy background static the old mic naturally had.

The agent cleared his throat and looked around the room before speaking. “I’ve just been informed that the Secretary of State will be unable to attend this meeting as she has other pressing matters at hand both domestic and abroad. However, this will not stop us from completing our goal here today. Instead of the Secretary of State, the Political Underworld Advisor Jona Wilkins is going to explain the situation at hand. I urge you to listen carefully.”

An elderly man took the stage and slowly made his way to the podium with a cane in hand. He surveyed the crowd from behind a pair of thick glasses and then collected his thoughts to speak.

“Good afternoon,” he said slowly. “I am Jona Wilkins, the Political Underworld Advisor to the United States of America. I am both an appointed official here and an envoy for the lower worlds some of you are about to enter. I am, in years on earth, just shy of three thousand. In Hell, let’s just say that I’ve been around long enough to know what I’m talking about. But before I begin, how many of you have ever had any contact at all with a demon before? All manifests and forms included. A show of hands is all that will be necessary.”

A sea of hands arose from the crowd.

“Good, now all those with your hands down, please move to the wall toward the back of the room.” He stopped there and waited for the mass of agents to allow their fellows to remove themselves from their seats and line up against the back wall.

“Now, raise your hand if you have ever injured, kissed, or spoken to a demon.”

Again, hands went up, but this time marginally less.

Jona paused to blink a few times, rubbing the scraggly beard at his chin. He narrowed his eyes at the crowd once again and ran over its members with his keen, ancient gaze. “Those who have their hands down, move into the furthest rows toward the back, and those who have their hands up, move forward.”

The makeup of the crowd changed drastically, and nearly a third of the present members made their way backwards while the rest move up.

“Alright. Let me see… Raise your hand if you have ever physically struck or had sex with a demon. Again, all manifests and forms apply. Hands up, move forward, hands down move back.”

The crowd thinned considerably, and Tom’s best guess at a glance was that only three hundred or so remained up front. The others began to look around as well, and they gave each other shrugs and surprised looks.

“This one applies to Division Directors as well. Raise your hands if your soul has ever been attempted on by a demon of any manifest or form.” He waited for the information to sink in as the agents and directors thought. “If your hand is down or you are still unsure, move back.”

Several of the directors stood and entered the crowd begrudgingly, but without protesting. Only three men and one woman remained on the stage behind Jona: Division Thirteen’s, Four’s, and Ten’s heads, and the Director.

“If you are a demon, please rise and take the stage to my left, all those remaining forward, please move as far forward as you can. Directors, please move to the seats in the auditorium, in the front row if possible.”

Forty or so demons presented themselves on the stage as the directors took their seats and the remaining few in the front of the auditorium organized themselves. Tom realized that there were less than a hundred remaining up front. He sat on the second row quietly near Greg, Harvey, and Allen and waited for Jona to begin speaking again.

His long, pale arm stretched out toward the demons to his left. “These are your bastion of hope in Hell, the very children of the womb you may soon enter. They are neither wholly good nor nefarious in action or emotion. But they are your allies. Understand that if even one of them is killed, then the odds of you returning from Hell are drastically reduced. They are not only invaluable to you, but to the United States of America as well, for without these forty-three demons, two succubi, slime, and seer, the nation you serve and protect would have collapsed an age ago.”

He gestured into the front of the auditorium. “These men and women are the pride of your race, the finest and fittest warriors on a battlefield chosen indiscriminately by both sides in a pitched battle of wits, wills, and diplomacy. They are your most stalwart defenders here in your realm, and the tip of the spear that will be sent to Hell as a gesture of good faith and goodwill. Pray they survive, for every one that may fall lowers your chances of returning from Hell by half. A domino effect occurs when a human is killed in Hell. Once one goes, they all generally tend to follow in suit, either by loss of sanity or by a third party incurring their end.”

Further out, he simply waved his hand left and right dismissively. “Toward the front of this divide are others whose value ranges from nearly as stalwart a defense to nearly useless. Though many of you will eventually return to a similar place as this in front of your peers, many of you will stay where you are in this hierarchy of experience and skill. And you lot against the wall, pray that you are never in one of these seats again, for it will mean a downfall from grace that you cannot imagine.”

He turned to leave, but perked up and resumed his place at the podium for a moment. “And if your score was between two and three hundred on the survey you took recently and you are in the front of these rows or here to my left with the same condition, or received a Not Applicable and are within the previous boundaries, please follow me. Everyone else will be briefed and made aware of the situation growing in both size and concern to you humans.”

He left the podium and made his way off stage right through a door that led further into the building. Tom looked around to make sure he was about to go with the right group. Veronica and Jerhme started off toward the door Jona had disappeared through, so Tom followed them. He and a dozen or so other agents hopped onto the stage and went through the doorway behind Veronica, Jerhme, and four other demons.

Behind them came two Secret Service agents, who closed the door behind them and said nothing to the group as they moved down a long, narrow corridor that no longer had a hollow, wooden sound beneath each step. It was solid now, but the walls and ceiling were still plaster and wood. Tom figured they must be going into the other side of the building, where the secluded meeting rooms and warehousing sections were.

Their pace slowed as they caught up with Jona, whose constant shuffle and cane smacking against the floor were the only noises in the entire corridor. Tom looked at Harvey and Greg for an answer to anything, but they shrugged at him and gave him just as confused looks as he had. Allen didn’t look at all surprised or concerned in any way though. He looked rather bored actually. Tom forced himself to drop all his issues with the occultist for the moment and pushed the thoughts from his mind.

Eventually, the corridor ended and Jona opened a solid, arched door with a complicated latch mechanism that ground gears and slipped bolts out of place on the other side of the door. The old man stepped to the side in the room ahead and allowed the agents following him to enter. The two Secret Service agents closed the door behind the last of the agents and stood outside.

Tom watched the door-length locking mechanism begin to fall back into its closed position, dozens of time-activated bolts sliding across an intricate surface of gears and pulleys and needle tips that pushed and ground against each other until the door was secured shut again.

Tom turned back to face the center of the room, looking over the heads of the other agents. It was a walled circle of stone with a staircase that wound around the circumference all the way to the ceiling that was so dark and far above Tom couldn’t see it. A chandelier hung ten or so feet off the ground, held up by a rusted chain with a twisted pair of copper wires running up its length.

Dim lightbulbs replaced the traditional candles on the chandelier’s banded iron rim. Tom couldn’t tell how old the place was, or even how it had gotten here in the first place. They were in the middle of a warehouse, and in the middle of it was a tower castle? Really?

“I need you all to sit now,” said Jona in a stronger and louder voice than he had used on the stage. The agents moved toward the center of the room and Tom saw a round table surrounded by large wooden thrones that looked like they were hewn from a single piece of wood each. Tom sat down in one between two agents he didn’t know.

One of them leaned forward and turned to him, grinning. “I assume you’re Ceria’s new toy,” he said, revealing a fanged set of teeth as his grin widened.

“I’m not a toy,” he replied.

“Enough,” Jona barked, tossing his cane against one of the thrones. He moved around the table, surveying the gathered men and women closely. He didn’t look like a keen-eyed old man anymore. His stature and stance had almost completely changed. His glasses were held in one hand behind his back, his other hand stroking his beard slowly. Broad shoulders filled fully the jacket he wore and his back popped audibly as he stood straight up.

“I have gathered you here to tell you that you are all going to Hell, and your personal files are being reviewed as we speak,” he said in a commanding tone. “So I expect you to listen closely, because after this meeting is over, you are on your own before you are sent to Hell. Is that understood?”

Everyone nodded silently.

“Good. Let me start by telling you exactly where you are going. Well, what is happening first. The other agents are getting the long part of it, the socio-political nonsense that you humans use to formalize everything you say.” He collected his thoughts for a few moments, looking off to the left as he tugged at his beard.

“There is a demon named Ceria, I believe you agents in Division Two know her as three oh one thirty, is that correct?”

“Yes sir,” Veronica answered.

“Well, your friend has spurned her greatest and most persistent admirer one too many times, and has now incurred the wrath of his marshaled armies. Fentin, as he is called, is a hopeless suitor to Ceria’s wealth, fame, reputation, and her body. He is also a nitwit and an idiot, but a rich and powerful one. Fentin has decided it prudent to declare war on Ceria’s estates and force her to marry him and procreate.”

He took a moment for the information to sink in. Tom was barely surprised somebody was getting Ceria back for being a bitch.

“This would normally be no problem, as personal feuds are very common in Hell and almost never have any effect on your realm or any of your nations. However, the United States of America has already accepted an invitation to a Festival of Triumph from Ceria, an unusual event due to the fact that her last one was declared to be the last she would have on her estate grounds. However, the fact of the matter is, that the United States of America has already agreed to send its agents to Hell for the festival, which will most likely end up coming under siege from Fentin’s troops.”

“Is this her personal estate or her family estate?” one of the demons from Division Four asked.

“Her personal estate. The fact that you all will be there while it is attacked, puts both Hell and your entire realm at risk of a diplomatic disaster. You are the third party in this conflict, a neutral third party. I say neutral with the utmost emphasis and importance. You will not fight anyone, even if you are attacked. You will not be designated an enemy by Fentin’s or Ceria’s forces until you take a hostile action. I cannot stress enough that you will not take part in any sort of combat while in Hell. The repercussions are tremendous, beyond you and everything you could imagine. One slip-up could cost both realms billions of lives. And I do not throw a number out like that to sound scary. Literally billions may die if you make a mistake.”

The room went silent as Jona took his seat at a throne and looked at all the gathered agents again. He narrowed his eyes at Tom and leaned forward, placing his elbows on the wooden table and knitting his brow.

“I can smell her on you. Has she coupled with you?” the ancient demon asked.

“Who?” Tom asked, suddenly feeling like an idiot for doing so.

Jona sighed. “And men of your caliber are being sent to Hell now,” he mused wistfully. “Ceria, dear boy, the only one of two demons I have mentioned that is a woman! Has she received any sort of sexual anything from you recently?”

“Yes sir,” Tom replied as his stomach sank.

“Have you been sent to her more than once? Has she demanded you specifically?”

Tom nodded. “Yes and yes, sir.”

Jona opened his mouth to say something, but caught himself, his entire body seeming to deflate as he exhaled disappointedly. “This is…very bad actually,” the demon said. “I can smell her on you so strongly that you must have struck a sweet spot with her. She…”

He trailed off, his eyes fading quickly to a faraway place. Everything went silent. So silent that Tom thought he could hear the beating hearts of the agents all around the table. He knew it was just his own, but the sound was still deafening in the silence.

“She is going to use you to provoke Fentin. You’re her new piece to play against him.” His gaze fell directly on Tom. His vulture eyes stared right through the agent and into the fiber of his being. “It is too late to save you now. It would take a demon more vengeful than Ceria to be your guardian to protect you from her intentions. You would do well to make friends in Hell while you are there. And quickly.”

Tom closed his eyes and let his head fall against the table. It was over. It was all over now. She had him right where she wanted him and there was nothing he could do about it short of getting himself killed before going to Hell.

“What’s the matter, boy?” Jona growled. “Is the knowledge that you having to act according to your assignment scaring you? Are you going to crack? Do you fear death in Hell?” The ancient demon scoffed and put his hands under his chin, rolling his eyes.

“She’s going to fuck me to death,” the young agent moaned mournfully, wrapping his arms around his head.

“Like the one who tried four years ago? Is that right?” Jona said, pinching a nerve in Tom’s emotions. The agent sat up and clenched his fists until his knuckles were white. If looks could kill, then even Jona would have slumped out of his chair in Death’s hands.

“Pride is an ugly color on you,” Tom said, watching Jona’s expression falter, to his great surprise. No more was the smugness in his features prevalent. It was replaced with a solid frown.

“Go through the door behind you. I’ll be with you in a moment,” he said, calm and collective. Tom stood up and walked to the door they had all come through. There was a short series of clicks and then the door unlocked in its intricate and delicate way, and opened. Tom stepped through it and closed it behind him.

Immediately, the Secret Service agent to his right grabbed his arm and the agent to his left threw a fist into his ribs. Tom found himself thrown to the floor and his right arm twisted behind his back. He glared up at the agent holding his arm down and his knee on Tom’s back.

“What the fuck?!” Tom gasped as the two agents fought to keep him subdued.

“Shut up,” one of them said, kicking Tom in the stomach. The Special Divisions agent couldn’t figure out how to get out of this by logical means, so he spat out the first thing that came to mind to provoke his assailants into doing something stupid.

“I bet your mother’s as much a cunt as Jona,” he sneered. The agent reared his fist back and struck at Tom’s face. Tom opened his mouth and barely managed to keep the agent’s fist from knocking his teeth out. He bit down on the man’s fingers, hard. The Secret Service agent yelled and let go of Tom’s arm, striking him in the back of the head as his counterpart kicked Tom in the side.

Tom bit down harder, as hard as he possibly could. He heard his ears ringing at the force, but continued to bit down as his head and ribs were struck again and again. He grabbed hold of the agent’s arm with his free hand and felt bone between his teeth. He didn’t stop.

This was going to hurt Jona, not personally, but it would wound his pride. Deeply. Tom let up as stars danced in front of his eyes, allowing the agent to tear his hand free of Tom’s teeth, ripping his fingers down to the nails.

Tom spit out the blood that had pooled in his mouth and rolled onto his side, catching the foot that hit him in the groin. He twisted the agent’s leg hard enough to snap something, and the man fell to the ground, holding in a scream. Tom twisted his leg further, and heard something snap again. The Secret Service agent’s leg was bent at a very unnatural angle, and he dragged himself away from Tom, snarling through gritted teeth to keep from screaming.

This time, a heel hit him in the head and knocked him flat on the floor, barely able to stay conscious.

“Jona!” Tom yelled. “Get out here you son of a bitch!” He barely managed to get to his feet, with the help of both walls on either side of him. A long time passed, and nobody unlocked the door. Tom struck the door with his fist and yelled for Jona again.

Again, nothing.

So, he did what anyone would do in a situation like this. He started walking down the hall back towards the auditorium, avoiding the two Secret Service agents trying to calm their nerves and keep from going into shock. He used the wall to hold him up as his side began to hurt, badly. He lifted his shirttail and found his entire left side bruised and bloodied. There were knots of the back of his head that felt as big as plums too.

He made it about half way down the hallway before he couldn’t even walk, and just gave up trying to go any further. He slumped to the floor and put his arms on his knees, locking his fingers together and setting his head on his hands. He controlled his breathing and held back something between a groan and a sob.

Tom waited for almost an hour before he saw the procession to his left coming his way. Jona strode toward him, cane gripped in a bone-white fist and its partner clenched in much the same manner. Behind him came the hustling group Tom had been sent away from, and the two agents, both still in serious pain.

“You are coming with me,” Jona declared, snatching Tom up by arm. The demon forced his way through the agents behind him, whipping his cane back and forth to clear a path. They reached the room at the end of the hallway and Jona threw him into it, slamming the door shut behind his own entrance.

“What?” Tom asked, dragging himself upright against one of the thrones. “You gonna beat me to death? Is that it? Go ahead and start then.”

Jona shook his head slowly. “No, not here. Before I send you away though, tell me how you knew I was of the Seventh Circle.”

Tom shook his head in the same manner as Jona had, mocking him. The demon clenched his jaw, but said nothing. He pulled Tom to his feet and slapped the cane across his face. The agent just smiled, his cheek bleeding and stinging horribly.

“Ask yourself how much more about you I know before you hit me again,” Tom said, bluffing his ass off. Jona raised the cane again to hit Tom, but waivered in his conviction and just let the agent fall back to the floor. Jona turned and left wordlessly, fixing his clothes as he walked.

Tom sat upright against the solid back of one of the thrones and waited for someone to show up. The door in front of his stood wide open, and eventually, someone was standing in the empty space between the open door and the wall, arms folded across his chest and a very unhappy look on his face. Tom would have paled at the Director’s mere presence outside of an office had he not felt like one of Big John’s practice dummies.

“I’ve mitigated your punishment, for now. Before I haul you somewhere to be taken care of, I want to know why you did what you did.”

Tom met the Director’s gaze with a hard, pained look. Tears started to bloom in the corners of his eyes, and soon traveled across his eyes toward his nose.

“He made it a point to hurt me personally, sir. I have no excuse.”

The Director extended his hand to Tom and the younger agent took hold of it. He lifted Tom to his feet seemingly without effort and helped the younger agent through the doorway and down the long length of the hall. Tom couldn’t tell what the old man was thinking, but he knew he’d just have to wait for it to come out before he’d hear it.

They entered the auditorium, empty now and silent save for the pair of footsteps that he and the Director created. The Director set Tom down in one of the chairs lining the back wall of the auditorium and pulled another one up for himself to sit in.

“Joniae Vasilikou from the House of Phyrakiai is one of the most revered and honored demons in all the Seventh Circle of Hell. He has managed to keep his origins and identity unknown to everyone but the most privileged and power-hungry demagogues and agents in the United States Special Divisions. Not even Mrs. Clinton knows his real identity beyond Jona Wilkins.”

“Yes sir,” Tom replied, more answering that he had heard than he had understood.

The Director gave his next words careful thought. “Now Tom, I need to know how you found that information out. Otherwise, there are two Secret Service agents outside that door behind you that are going to blow your brains out and inter your remains in an incinerator. Are we clear on this?”

Tom paled. The Director looked entirely serious. “Yes sir.”

“Tell me where you heard that from.”

Tom shook his head and shrugged. “I just told him pride was an ugly color on him and bluffed so he wouldn’t hit me. I swear. Ask Jona wha-”

“Jona claims rather passionately that you ‘know who he is and are a spy’. Is he wrong?” The Director’s tone was off. He didn’t sound determined or steady or even commanding. He was truly asking questions. It scared Tom deeply, and he tried to answer with some degree of coherency.

“I didn’t know any of that before you told me. I didn’t even know he was from the Seventh Circle until he told me himself. I bluffed about knowing something about him because he slapped the shit out of me with a cane. I swear to God I didn’t know anything. I swear. I don’t know what I have to do to prove it, but I’m telling you the truth,” Tom said, starting to tear up. His throat was getting tight.

Fuck, this was going to be it? The Director was going to walk him through a doorway, and bang, dead. Nothing meaningful, nothing nice, just dirty business to protect some asshole’s identity. Tom grit his teeth at the thought of that arrogant prick’s existence past his own. He looked at the Director and gave him a long, hard stare before tears rolled down his face.

The Director looked toward the floor and nodded slightly a few times, rolling over the verdict in his mind.

“As far as you are concerned, Jona Wilkins is an old badger who talks slow, has a cane, and is a veteran of the foreign relations with Hell. Am I understood?”

They shared a knowing look.

“Yes sir,” Tom replied, and was hoisted to his feet.

“Jona is an asshole by the way, so don’t feel like you’ve done something wrong. We’ve never seen his feathers ruffled like this before.” The corner of his mouth turned up in a very slight grin. “Takes a good long time to forget something like that…”

“Thank you sir,” Tom replied, vertigo hitting him as he walked. He could literally feel his heartbeat in his head. The Director held him upright and they made their way, accompanied by two Secret Service agents, to the medical wing.

Tom was sat down across the room from Jona Wilkins, who looked red in the face and had veins rising all over his arms, legs, neck, and forehead. As Tom sat down to have his general condition checked, Jona glared at him with embers in his eyes.

“Boy, if you ever-”

He was interrupted as a nurse stuck a thermometer into his mouth and slapped his jaw shut with her hand.

“None of that now,” she admonished with a smile. “I’m not through with you. We still need your blood pressure.”

Jona’s face darkened again and the embers in his eyes flared some. He turned his gaze to the nurse and spat the thermometer out of his mouth angrily.

“You don’t talk to me like that!” he snarled.

The nurse pushed Jona against the wall behind him with a long arm and three more sprouted from her uniform, the white scrubs fading to a teal color. She leaned forward and her eyes darkened to indigo orbs.

“Calm down now or you’ll have an aneurism,” she admonished, her color fading quickly to blue all over.

“Um…that’s a slime,” Tom said to the Director. “Why is she a slime?”

“Who better to be a physician than someone who can slip inside you and snip tumors out from their hiding places? Hm?” the slime replied as she put the thermometer back into Jona’s mouth and wrapped a tentacle around his head to keep him from spitting it out again. Jona looked even closer to exploding now than he had before.

“I guess that makes sense,” Tom replied, testing the long, bleeding red mark across his cheek. Jona smirked as he flinched at touching it. Tom ignored the demon and turned his head as the Director used his knee to help himself stand.

“Alright boy, don’t let me hear about you until nine a.m. on Tuesday. There’s a meeting I’ve got to prepare for.” The Director left and closed the door behind him.

“Okay then mister…Lanzig. Now it’s time for your check-up,” the slime nurse said, twisting her body around to face Tom. “Hmmm, let’s start with cleaning these up.” She lifted a tentacle to his face and wiped away the blood on his cheek and around his mouth.

Suddenly, her brow furrowed and her eyes darkened to almost black. She rolled her jaw back and forth for a few moments in thought.

“What?” asked the agent.

The slime touched his cheek again and then looked off to the side before answering. “Have you had a slime as a case subject recently?”

Tom nodded. “Why?”

The slime grinned from ear to ear. “Oh, I knew her before she came to this realm. She still leaves a flavor.” She lifted Tom’s arms with her hands and pulled his shirt off, examining his bruised and bleeding sides. She felt the back of his head and frowned.

“What? Ow,” Tom said as the slime pressed on his ribs.

She frowned. “You’ve got some internal bleeding and a lot of everything really. This may take a few hours.” At that, Jona smirked behind her and Tom rolled his eyes.

“Oh, well awesome. I guess the other two guys came in here before me, didn’t they?” Tom asked.

The slime nodded. “Yes, but their injuries were hardly bad. Two torn ligaments in a knee, a few fingers bitten down to the bone. I assume that was your doing?”

“Yes,” Tom admitted, rather proudly. At that, Jona’s face began to darken again.

The nurse paused for a moment and then latched a tentacle onto his side. Tom felt a warmth spreading through his chest soon afterward and the nurse turned back to Jona, her tentacle still latched to him. The agent just waited until she was done, swinging his legs idly back and forth as he sat, bored.


Ceria picked idly at her fingernails as she leaned against the blue truck that Jerhme drove, waiting for the demon to leave work. She was rewarded for her bit of patience when the demon walked up to his car and tilted his head to the side at seeing her. He smiled and stuck his hand out to her.

“I don’t believe we’ve met before,” he said. Ceria gave him a sideward glance and frowned.

“You know exactly who I am though,” she replied. Jerhme’s hand fell back to his side and he sighed.

“Yes, I do. I was only trying to be nice, considering all the trouble you cause every time you show up here.”

“I’ve got a serious question for you,” Ceria asked, folding her arms across her chest. Jerhme furrowed his brow and loosened his tie a little. He put his briefcase into the back seat of his truck and then closed the door.

“Alright, shoot,” he said, pantomiming a gun with his fingers.

“What happened to Veronica’s husband?” As soon as the words left her lips, Jerhme’s entire face turned a shade paler, his mouth and eyes going slack and dead. It took the demon a moment to regain his facilities and come back to his senses. His gaze hardened toward Ceria.

“Who told you about that?” He sounded genuinely worried, not that it mattered to her in any case.

“Veronica herself told me. Now I am not a patient person, so answer me.”

Jerhme took a moment to sniff the air and look around the nigh-empty parking lot. Once he was sure they were out of earshot of anyone that could be around, Jerhme spoke. “Veronica told you who she is?” His tone was shallow and soft.

“I am losing my patience, Jerhme, so out with it,” Ceria growled.

Jerhme shook his head. “I…I can’t, not without proof that it was she that told you to ask me. I’m sorry, I can’t-”

Ceria grabbed his collar with a clawed hand. “Tell me or I will end your bastard half-breed offspring,” she snarled, her face inches from his. Jerhme’s face paled a shade whiter and he finally relented.

“Fine. Do you know who Doran the Proud was?” he asked, Ceria’s hand loosening enough for him to take a step back.

“I know of him,” the demon answered.

“And the children’s rhyme Death Stalks His House?” asked the demon-agent.

Ceria pursed her lips in frustration. “Get to the point.”

“Death Stalks His House is a children’s rhyme about Doran the Proud and his demise. Veronica was Doran’s wife, but she was not Veronica then, she was Veronaa.”

“I still have not been answered,” Ceria said. “What. Happened. To. Him.”

“You have never heard Death Stalks His House? You still don’t understand?” asked Jerhme, almost in disbelief. Ceria controlled her urge to raise her hand to his throat again. The difference between the Sanctuaries was growing ever faster, apparently.

“I have little time for stories. Now tell me.”

“Veronaa loved Doran her husband with all her heart, and wed him knowing that he enjoyed bedding any woman he wished without restriction. She loved him so deeply that she allowed him to bed women as he saw fit even after they were husband and wife, but declared that she would be the only woman to bear his children. But Doran chose another, a mistress, to bear his son. This upset the Lady to such a degree that I could not look upon her as she wept and destroyed all her earthly possessions in a fit of rage and despair. I have never seen the lady so hurt and betrayed in all the years of service I provided to their house. I was Veronaa’s personal servant, you see. In many cases, her will made manifest.”

“Continue,” Ceria snapped.

Jerhme drew his thoughts together again. “As her sole personal servant, she ordered me to serve Doran as if I was serving her, and to love and protect him and his mistress as if they were my very own family. I was made to be their champion, their guardian and confidant in all things. I spent years in Doran’s direct service, and we grew to be companions and I his favored servant. All the while, Veronaa planned Doran’s downfall carefully.

At first, small things began to happen, things dropping, unexplained missing items, especially from the mistress’ personal belongings. Doran the Proud’s temper was short, incredibly so, and Veronaa used this to have his house collapse around him. At first, he beat the suspects of petty crimes within his house, and then relieved them of the services they provided, exiling them from his house. But the crimes grew worse. Things began to happen, larger things. His mistress was almost struck by a falling stone, and seven servants were put to death for negligence. Food was improperly cooked, or even poisoned, and more were put to death and exiled. Doran did most of the killing himself, but several of the murders he had me carry out, confessing his greatest apologies for having sent me instead of himself.

Eventually, through these things, his house was greatly diminished. But Veronaa was not to be blamed. No, Doran saw her as a fierce and loyal wife, constantly trying to find the culprits and professing her greatest admiration for his continued success in clearing his house of assassins and negligent servants. She played the part without flaw.

The house saw itself whittled down to the four of us, Veronaa, myself, Doran, and his mistress. I cooked and cleaned and served them as best I could, and Doran praised me even when my services were lacking. As one man can only do so much, he pitied me, but never brought in more servants, for fear that his enemies were waiting to put their machinations within his walls.

Ceria stopped him. “What of his death. I don’t care about these details.”

Jerhme nodded slowly, his eyes seeing things that had not been brought up in hundreds of years. “When Doran’s mistress was near the day when her child would be born, Veronaa stole her from Doran’s bed. Even I was unable to notice her until she opened the door in front of my face as she left, nodding to me as she carried the mistress away. I have never seen more malice in a smile in all my life before that day or after. Veronaa put Doran the Proud’s mistress to a torture rack and began to torture her in every way one can be made to feel pain.

Doran was awoken by her screams, and I was alerted to the terrible noise myself at that point. Doran leapt from his bed and we searched the estate. I wept and apologized to Doran for hours, and at every apology he forgave me for letting his mistress be stolen from his bed, blaming himself as much as he blamed her kidnapper. He never once thought to ask me how the intruder entered, and never thought that I was the one to blame for the happenings over the years as much as the culprits.

A/N: For those of you who don’t enjoy graphic violence, I suggest you scroll past this next part until you see the next Author’s Note. Just a friendly heads-up.

We searched for days, unable to find her as she screamed and wept and wailed for Doran and I and the gods to rescue her or end her life and torment. We found her though, days later, in the depths of the estate. She had been strung up with heavy cords, her wrists bound to cords reaching the ceiling, shoulders dislocated and pulled from their sockets. Her legs were strung as wide apart as could be, most of her body flayed and burned and corroded by sorcery. Her belly though had been left unharmed, save for a blade protruding from it.

Before I could advise otherwise, Doran, fearful, heartbroken, and exhausted, removed the blade from her body with one pull. But the blade was not as it had been stuck through her belly. Veronaa had peeled the end backwards into a shape resembling a hook with four heads. As Doran pulled the blade free from her body, he tore out half her entrails and his unborn son, beheading the child in the womb. His mistress died there, staring at the beheaded body of her child, lying in a bedding of her own blood and entrails.

At that point, I had been instructed to reveal who I served and allow Doran to sink into madness, but the years I spent with him and his mistress bore heavily on my heart. I knelt beside my friend, who I considered my brother, and wept openly with him, unable to restrain myself. But Veronaa brushed her hand across my shoulder to remind me that I was her servant, not his, and that I was not done.

A/N: Aaand…safe from all the evils that graphic violence can bring. Please continue to enjoy the story.

So I removed Doran’s blade from its scabbard and handed it to him, declaring that I had been serving Veronaa since his mistress had been with child, and that he had destroyed himself, his child, his lover, and his entire house. At this, Doran’s heart broke completely, and he loved nothing, felt nothing, saw nothing. He died. Only his body lived, and he could carry on with it no longer. He plunged his sword through his body and died before his mistress and son, weeping more bitterly and betrayed than I could have imagined a living creature being able.”

Jerhme looked Ceria in the eyes now, tears streaking down his face. “I have never regretted anything in my life more than watching Doran the Proud slay himself in utter misery. I am haunted by it to this day.”

Ceria sighed and shook her head. “And why should I be afraid of a woman who used her husband’s tempter to trick him? Do you not realize that human scheming is more complex than that?”

Jerhme smiled at that, wiping his eyes slowly as he calmed himself. “No, you don’t understand. It’s…Doran was called ‘old crow’ after he died. Doran the Old Crow. If that still means anything to you ancients in the Sanctuary of Salvation.”

Ceria’s heart skipped a beat.

“Snuck It Past the Old Crow,” she murmured.

Jerhme nodded, tears of shame and regret still falling down his face. “Yes,” he said after a long pause. “I am the noble soul, Doran was the old crow, and Veronaa is still the vindictive one.” Ceria let him leave after that, not wanting to hear him sob anymore. She sat on the hood of her car, mood growing sour.

She had already made one unwelcome enemy out of Fentin. Now she had Veronaa the Vindictive scheming against her. Enemies from within and without, and one simple thing uniting their animosity. She suddenly pushed terrible thoughts of doubt and regret from her mind.

Yes it was worth it, without question.


Tom’s eyes were heavy, more so than usual. Even on a Tuesday, waking up at fucking six in the morning so he could get to school on time was almost impossible. He groaned as his body collapsed into an office chair in the Debriefing Room. Everyone from the week before was here, including Jona Wilkins, who looked much healthier than he had in the medical wing. He was back to his usual frail-seeming and pale self, rather than a red-faced brute.

Tom paid the old asshole little attention as he scanned the room tiredly. Across from him sat the Director and a few other division heads. Around them huddled some of the demons that would be sent to Hell too, looking over some papers and information. Most of the agents were sitting in their seats, waiting on whatever was going to happen at this meeting.

After a few minutes, the clock on the wall hit nine and Jona rapped his knuckles on the table. The noise lessened, but didn’t stop until the Director cleared his throat. Tom was still amazed, even after four years, at how the Director could silence a room without saying anything. Jona pulled a manila folder out of his briefcase and opened it, rifling through the papers it contained before putting on a pair of large, thick glasses.

At that point, everyone had seated themselves and waited on what he had to say. He blinked several times at the papers before reading off some things under his breath. Then, he cleared his throat and sighed.

“Alright, I’ve received all of your personal information and I’ve compiled a list of the agents approved and denied access to the Oculus Infernus. So without any further delay, please listen carefully. If you are approved, please remain here for the next part of the meeting. If you are denied, then please leave the room and follow the two agents outside to complete your debriefing.”

The Director sipped at his scotch quietly as Jona began to read off names one by one. Out of the first eight or so names, two were denied and they left the room, looking almost disappointed.

“Veronica Harkendale, approved. Andre Hashar, approved, Mattiesko Helsinki, approved, John Lackridge, denied, Thomas Lanzig, approved…”

At the mention of Tom’s name, the Director’s eyes froze. Tom’s heart gave a solid, thudding beat in his chest and his pupils dilated. He gave the Director a fearful and hesitant glance. In return, the Director’s brow furrowed and he set down his scotch.

“Hold on, did you say approved under Thomas Lanzig?” he asked, cutting Jona off.

“Yes, Thomas Lanzig, approved,” Jona repeated, adjusting his glasses.

The Director shook his head. “Let me see that.” He took the papers from Jona and stared at the page on top, examining it closely. “There is no way this is right. I made sure that he wasn’t approved from the beginning.”

“The database confirms it,” Jona said, looking at another stack of papers. He showed the Director and Tom saw something in the old man break.

“Something isn’t right here,” he growled, tightening his grip on the papers in his hands. “I made damn well sure that when he joined up with the Second Division that he wasn’t going to Hell. I remember. There’s a mistake somewhere.” He pulled out his own glasses and took another close look at the paper.


“Shut it,” he snapped. “I remember the damned pen I used to mark no on his personal files! Something here is wrong.” Anger entered his voice. He looked up and scanned the room’s occupants as if he could determine who had allegedly tampered with the papers. His eyes then went straight to Tom and he narrowed them. “He is not going.”

“According to the Secretary of State, he is,” Jona quipped, taking back his papers.

“No, he is not. It’s my call Jona. He’s my agent, not hers, or yours for that matter. He is not going to Hell. And that’s final.”

Jona rolled his eyes. “Well, whatever your opinion is now, you said yes to sending him when he was recruited. And the database confirms it. So, despite what you want-”

“Jona, the boy isn’t going to Hell, no if ands or buts about it!” The Director’s fist hit the table so hard it spilled his scotch. Jona removed his glasses and turned his gaze to the Director.

“Please remove yourself from this room. I’ll fill you in on what you miss.” At that, the Director bristled, and glared daggers at the demon. But, he thought better of saying anything else and left, his features hardened to stone by the altercation. Nobody dared to even look at him as he left, not even the other division heads.

When the door closed behind him, Jona continued.


Later that day, Tom was having a late night farewell to Earth with Harvey and Greg at a bar, the three of them sitting on the outdoor patio and enjoying a bit of live jazz. They talked about everything they found interesting, from food to politics to the moon to biology. They digressed and regressed and found the evening a lot more interesting than most.

“…And the funny thing is, it’s like they expected to win fighting over a river with lighter armed troops and crap for morale. Seriously Persia, what the fuck?” Tom finished, downing the rest of the ice from his coke. The waitress refilled his drink as Harvey picked up from there.

“Speaking of Persia, Gaugamela anyone?”

Greg shrugged. “Same thing as Issus, just without the river and with more Agranian peltasts. Frickin’ Greek ninjas.”

Tom smiled at that. “Seriously, what kind of tribe breeds people that climb sheer cliffs and run as fast as Companion Cavalry?”

“Yeti’s or something man, that or Hermes had a hand stuck deep in that gene pool,” Greg finished, smiling to himself. Harvey finished his Heineken and looked into the empty bottle as the last drop fell from the lip.

“Well, since Gaugamela is too boring, let’s try something interesting. Carrhae,” Harvey offered. He raised his eyebrows and the others two looked at him strangely.

“Two words,” Greg offered. “Horse archers.”

“And cataphracts,” Tom added.

Harvey shook his head. “No, how would you win it? As Crassus.”

Tom’s brow knitted. “Win it? Well, for starters, not walk as straight and deep into a hostile country as I can and fight my only real battle with the natives in a fucking desert. Y’know, maybe use some logic every now and again.”

Harvey nodded. “Well, aside from not having the battle at all, how would you have won it? Given Crassus’ troops and equipment.”

Greg offered a strategy. “I’d have fought it out with the legions. Parthians only had ten thousand cavalry, Crassus had twenty thousand infantry, about eight thousand cavalry, and a genius son there. I would have just waited for the arrows to run out in testudo and then let the fight start from there.”

“Tom?” Harvey asked.

“Can I still say not fight? No matter what I come up with, frickin’ cataphracts come in and beat my army black and blue while it rains arrows. I can’t engage their cavalry because they’ll just pincushion my celts and patricians. My legions are gonna get smashed by the heaviest cavalry in the ancient world.”

They both expected Harvey to give his own answer, but the older agent was too busy staring at the opposite side of the patio with a genuine look of disbelief on his face. He blinked in confusion and then sat straight up in his chair.

“Director,” he said. The old badger quickly made his way to the table and nodded to greg and Harvey dismissively.

“Boy, up. We’re going.” He waved his hand once for Tom to get up and the agent followed without question. The Director didn’t look like he wanted to play games, not that he ever did, but this time was different.

“Later then guys,” Tom managed, his head already beginning to fill with wondering thoughts and renewed fear at having to meet Ceria on her own terms. Tom followed the Director to a black Dodge Challenger in a nearby parking lot and when the Director opened the driver side door, Tom realized that it was his car.

“Get in,” the Director said, closing his own door and bringing the vehicle to life. Tom got in and the Director backed out of the lot and began driving. He didn’t say anything the entire way to their destination. His face looked more grim than usual and his features seemed to be stuck in a consistent frown and furrowed brow. When the Director stopped the car, Tom took a quick look at where they were.

Apparently, wherever they were wasn’t in Tennessee anymore, nor was it anywhere in the South for that matter. It was snowing, and the only places that had snow forecasted for tonight were at least in northern Kentuckey. Tom had noticed that they were booking it on the interstate, but it had only been like two hours. Fuck the Director drove fast!

Tom got out of the car after the Director and shivered as the immensely cold atmosphere hugged him closely. The Director grabbed a coat out of the back of the Challenger and tossed it to Tom, who quickly put it on and followed his superior into what looked like an old Chinese restaurant across a small parking lot. Inside, it was decorated like an Oriental restaurant, with tons of ornate wallpaper put up and vases and pictures and whatnot strung, hung, and flung up everywhere. Lots of red and gold and green and silver colors. At the hostess’ podium, a short girl looked up at the Director and smiled at him warmly.

“Table for two?” she asked.

“I’m here to see Carl.” He said gruffly. The hostess’ eyes shot to Tom and then to the door behind them.

“Carl is downst-”

The Director’s eyes hardened toward her. “I know where he is. I don’t have a key.” At that, the girl called another hostess over and then guided Tom and the Director back into the restaurant, through the kitchen, and down a flight of stairs. At the door below, the girl took out a key and unlocked it, leading them down a short hallway to an elevator. She pressed the button and then gave the Director a traditional bow and left quickly, not even giving Tom a second glance.

The elevator door opened and inside there stood a woman lighting what looked like a device that held six cigarettes together so she could smoke them all at once. Her nose was pierced with studs on both sides almost all the way up to between her eyes and a side of her head was shaven clean, the other being spiked like a lopsided Mohawk.

The Director pressed the basement button and the elevator doors closed. Once they were shut, the demon turned her attention to Tom, raising a brow at him curiously.

“You don’t look the type to be here with a friend,” she said, winking. “Wanna change that?” She made to step toward him, but the Director removed a revolver from his pocket and locked the hammer back.

“Don’t. Touch. Him.”

The demon raised her hands and blew smoke in the Director’s face. “No harm, no harm. Just curious about a new invite.” The Director lowered the gun and unlocked the hammer, but kept it in his hand. The elevator descended much further than just one floor however, and when it opened back up, Tom’s eyes and ears were assailed with flashing strobes and booming music. As confused as he was, he followed the Director without asking anything or saying a word.

He was too curious and truly intrigued to ask anything. He could only watch and let his thoughts wander hither thither as the old man in front of him nearly blew someone’s brains across a wall for looking at Tom and nudging a neighbor. Tom looked himself over and wondered what it was that made him so obviously a newcomer.

At the back of the apparent nightclub, a wrought iron staircase rose above the noise and clamor and met a catwalk that disappeared into the ceiling. Tom followed the Director up this and they were joined by a large man in front of them and behind. The Director didn’t try to threaten them, overtly or discreetly, so Tom figured they were supposed to be doing this.

The catwalk ended in a large room that was secured to the ceiling, like a huge skybox that overlooked the entire club from above. The Director entered a code on a keypad at the door and it slid into the ceiling. Tom was about to follow the Director inside when a bouncer grabbed his shoulder and held him back. The door slammed shut with a boom, but in the general loudness of the club it was only a small noise.

Tom let his eyes wander down below the catwalk to the clamoring, screaming, moving mass below. The DJ worked tirelessly as he ran music together and cycled rhythms in and out at will, fading some and switching them once they were soft enough to be left out without notice. Two assistants helped him, shuffling things around on the platform, flipping switches and checking digital readings. Somehow, the DJ kept from being overwhelmed and calmly had his whole body in motion doing things to make the music transition and change.

The club came to life and flared with excitement when he spoke, and he seldom did. It was only a few words, but the entire mass broke into cheers and roars until he was done speaking. Tom was so caught up in it all that he didn’t notice when the Director came back out until the agent grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Get in here,” he said. Tom snapped out of his daze and followed his superior into the room, the door slamming shut inches behind his entrance. He flinched at the noise.

“This is it? Are you kidding me, a kid? And you want him protected by a Warden? A full-blown Warden?” asked a man incredulously. Tom looked at him for one second and could tell that he wasn’t mortal. He sat back on a couch with his arms laid across the back, a woman resting against each. He raised a hand and pointed a clawed finger at Tom. “This is seriously him?”

“Yes,” the Director said. “I don’t fuck around, Klaus.”

The demon stood up, a bright flame bursting between his two curved horns. He glared at the Director, who folded his arms across his chest impassively, gun still in his hand. But as soon as he had decided what to do, he decided against it and just sat back down again, stroking his goatee.

“No, I’m not wasting a Warden on him,” came the verdict.

“Do you want to go back to the Basilica of Torment? One bullet and you’re there,” the Director said, causing Klaus to stiffen visibly.

“Motherfucker I said no! Now get the fuck out of my club,” the demon said dismissively, waving a hand at the Director to shoo him away.

But the old man wasn’t having it. “Give me a Warden,” the Director snarled.


Thunder cracked in the cramped room as the Director put a bullet in Klaus’s shoulder. The demon’s girls bolted away from him, almost throwing themselves against the floor. Klaus looked peeved, but not all the injured. He plucked the bullet out of his shoulder with some effort and tossed it on the floor.

“I said give me a Warden.” The hammer of his revolver clicked back again.

“Shit man, you really still mean business, don’t you?” Klaus asked, chuckling to himself as he put pressure on his gunshot wound. “Get the fuck out and let me talk to him alone. Find Andrea and tell her to get her stupid ass up her too. Fuck, ouch.”

The Director lifted the door by a handle and stepped out of the room.

“Coulda aimed for a leg y’know!” Klaus called over the blaring music, but the Director either hadn’t heard or didn’t care. The door slammed shut in his wake and that left Tom alone with Klaus and his girls.

“Uh…” Tom said without thinking, trying to figure out why in the Hell the Director had left him in a room with three demons and no weapon or diplomatic leverage. Klaus rummaged around a nearby table for a cloth and stuff it under his shirt, holding it down with one hand as he wiped the other off on his jeans.

“So you’re his bitch, huh?” the demon asked idly as he cleaned his hand.

“Sure, whatever,” Tom replied. No use arguing now with a demon in his element.

Klaus smirked. “And you’ve managed to piss off the Stringcutter too, huh?”

Tom arched a brow. “Stringcutter?”

“Ceria, the bitch who’s famous for cutting men’s heartstrings? Is it not her? He told me it was.” Klaus checked his wound briefly before having one of the girls go get him something better to put over it.

“No, I didn’t piss her off, I have to go to Hell to be a festival she’s holding and the Director told me he’d keep me from being sent. Turns out he wasn’t able to, so here I am.” Tom shrugged and tried to make his outward appearance calm as his brain began to slowly spiral downward into fear and despair over his situation.

“So what’s the problem? Is she pining to gobble up that- Oh that’s it exactly, isn’t it? She’s totally into that. Damn dude, that blows dicks,” Klaus said, almost musing to himself as he made himself more comfortable on the couch.

“Wait what? Do what?” Tom asked, unable to contain himself.

The demon grinned. “I could tell by the way you smelled when you walked in that you’re fucked up somehow. Your inner parts, soul, spirit, whatever the fuck you wanna call it, is tainted with something. You smell like someone under possession. But there’s no demon in you, weirdly.”

“What?” asked the agent, confused beyond comprehension. Possessed? He had been told he was exercised as a baby.

“Yeah, you’ve got that smell. Most of us don’t really take notice of it, but I’m not your average demon. I’ve got a good nose for it. How you think I’ve got these up here?” Klaus asked, pointing to his horns, now with just a little faintly glowing spot between them. “Fuck summoning stones, man, that’s way too old school for me.”

Tom was utterly lost, and was starting to get a little fed up with Klaus. Suddenly, he voiced something that he hadn’t meant to say. “What the fuck are you even talking about? Am I getting a Warden or not?” As soon as the words left his mouth, his heart thumped hard like it had in the debriefing room and he froze. What the fuck was that?! Where in the hell had that come from? Goddamnit, now everything was fucking done for. Tom mentally kicked himself for it.

Klaus made an exaggerated look of surprise and then started laughing, but was cut off by sharp pain in his shoulder and began cursing until it faded. The turned his eyes to Tom and shook his head, controlling his laughter.

“Well damn, I never would have expected that from a kid looking like you. Must be something in you really, or you’re just alpha as fuck. Either way, I like that, so here’s the deal. Summoning stones allow us demons to get here with our greater powers intact, but most of us come through human-made portals that drain our powers until we get back to Hell. I broke my wards and got all my powers back up here. Fuckin’ pro as a motherfucker right here!” Klaus raised his arm and flexed it. The glow between his horns began to flare brightly.

“And about me?” Tom asked, this time much less demanding.

Klaus rolled his eyes. “You just smell like you’re possessed. It’s weird, but that’s it. That probably why Ceria wants you, show you off at her place or something. Ceria isn’t a girl to fuck around with though; she’s the real hardcore. I’m cake compared to that bitch.”

The door opened behind Tom and in stepped the Director and the demon from the elevator, smirking as she saw Tom’s expression.

“Surprised to see me?” she asked, winking.

“Yoohoo, your employer has been shot!” Klaus called across the relatively small room. “Come over here and help him!” The demon rolled her eyes and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, stuffing six of them into the device she had used earlier and putting the nearly-empty pack back in her pocket. She stood in front of Klaus and removed the cloth pressed against his shoulder.

“Damn, he’s a great shot. He missed pretty much everything important,” she commented, digging a finger into the wound without warning. Klaus’s voice cracked as her finger drove down to the second knuckle inside of him. She waited for a few seconds, lighting her cigarettes as Klaus ground his teeth and his eyes produced tears.

When she had her cigarettes lit, she took a long drag and then removed her finger from Klaus’s shoulder. Incredibly, the wound was healed in its entirety. It seemed as if there had been nothing there in the first place! Tom blinked in disbelief as Klaus raised his arm and threw it in all directions to check its functionality.

“Excellent!” he declared, turning to the Director after adjusting his shirt some. “Now as for the Warden request, fuck no I’m not giving you one for Ceria’s boy toy, but I’ll throw you a bone since you’re still the same no bullshit boss you used to be. Andrea can help you out, but she’s got her own price. I can’t tell her what to do.”

“Atta boy, lay it on nice and thick now,” Andrea teased, blowing a cloud of smoke at Klaus’s face. The demon groaned, but said nothing back. He sat back down and flicked his hand back and forth to shoo them away.

“Alright, enough. Get the fuck out of here. You’re interrupting the show.” Klaus turned off the lights in the room with a wall switch and the floor suddenly came to life with motion and flashing light. Tom realized that it was see-through, and that the room viewed the club below, all the fanatical moving bodies down below a show for Klaus and his guests. At least when the lights were off anyway.

Out of the room, Andrea grabbed Tom’s ass and squeezed, causing him to jump in surprise and come two inches from throwing his elbow into her face. She just grinned wide, revealing pearly white teeth and two fangs, despite her apparent and heavy smoking addiction. The Director put away his revolver and leaned against the catwalk railing.

“Well, now it’s my ballgame, isn’t it?” Andrea said, her grin running from ear to ear now. Her face took on a devilish expression and her eyes gleamed with mischief. “And if it’s okay with you trigger, I’m gonna take this one downstairs for a little fun.”

The Director frowned, but simply folded his arms across his chest and let Andrea take Tom across the catwalk and down the stairs at the end. Tom didn’t want to know what her expression meant for him, but his gut told him he was going to find out soon.

Andrea took him by the wrist and waded into the moving bodies packed tightly together. Once she had them in about the middle of the crowd, she climbed onto his shoulders and waved her arms back and forth to get the DJ’s attention. The man’s head tilted up slightly and then he shut down the music. In an instant, the room went from deafeningly loud and bleeding with excitement, to almost dead.

“Play something we can dance to!” she yelled at him. The DJ tilted his head to the side, but then ducked under his large array of machines and came up a few seconds later, powering his array back on with a flash of light and whirring cooling fans.

“Something special,” he said, and the entire room boomed with a cheer in unison. The DJ started to play again and Andrea hopped down off Tom’s shoulders. She started to move to the growing rhythm.

“What’s your style?” she asked. “Hardstyle? Glowsticking? Freestyle? You gotta have one, you’re used to this.”

“How would you guess?” Tom said, raising his voice enough to be heard over the growing volume.

“Well, you haven’t complained. You’re comfortable in this kind of crowd, you’re not afraid of the club,” she answered. “I can see your fingers twitching too,” she remarked offhandedly. Tom suddenly noticed his fingers tapping the tip of his thumb to the beat. Well, if that wasn’t a clear giveaway…

“I don’t dance,” he replied. “I just go to clubs to hook up with girls.” At that, Andrea started to laugh and grabbed his hands. She swung her hips to get some of the more static people out of her general area and then started to pull Tom around in an effort to get him to dance.

“Do it or I don’t help you,” the demon warned cheerfully, adding, “And take off your shirt while you’re at it.” Tom gave it a few seconds of thought, and decided it was better to suffer this now than to find himself with no protection against Ceria in Hell. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off, stuffing it mostly into his pocket.

“Alright, now what?” he asked.

The demon shrugged. “Dance.” So, Tom started to follow her as she started moving, not really knowing what she wanted to see. Sure, he could jump around like every other person in a club, wave glowsticks, do some other stuff, but what was she looking for? So, Tom snagged a few glowsticks from some patrons not so aware of their surroundings and started to dance.

Andrea seemed to approve, and pretty soon she was essentially just mimicking him with an amused look on her face. As the music changed, so did the rhythm of the crowd, becoming more excited as harder and faster bass and rhythms were introduced. When the music slowed, the excitement waned some and the volume didn’t seem so deafening.

It was like being in an ocean that rose and fell at the sound of itself crashing against the shore. Foaming and then washing into shore before rising again and washing into the leftover foam. Tom started to get used to it again; it had been about two months since he’d been to a club.

His inhibitions and earlier fears seemed distant, and they were already out of his mind for the most part. Andrea look satisfied with her work and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“How does a private room sound?” she asked.

“And for all you kids who know geography…”

“Hold on one second,” Tom said, turning his ear toward the DJ. “Is this…oh holy fuck it is. This is my favorite song and it never gets played. Can we stay for this one?” he asked, suddenly realizing what he was here to do. He wasn’t with a girl he wanted to hook up with, he was with a demon paying a price for help. He shook his head and slapped his palm against his forehead. “Nevermind, right, let’s go.”

Andrea shook her head. “No, one more is alright.”


Tom sat down on the couch and panted tiredly as his body came down off the adrenaline rush that had carried him through the extended mix of Poum Poum Pi Dou. Andrea put both hand on his shoulders and shook him back and forth jokingly.

“Wheeeere!” she asked, smiling. “Where did you learn how to do Tecktonik?” The demon continued shaking him until she got bored of it and sat down on the couch with her legs draped across his lap.

“I knew this French girl who complained that all the clubs here sucked, so I took her to my house and she made me watch some videos and taught me how to dance. She used to make jokes about how bad I was, like ‘Tom cannot into Tecktonik’ and ‘typical American’ and ‘booo!’. That song that just played was in the first video I watched, and it’s been stuck with me since.”

“Well that was pretty good regardless. I’m sad you don’t come here more often.” She kicked off her boots and put her foot in Tom’s hand on the arm of the couch. Tom squeezed her toes and heard several of them pop.


“Oh man, that felt so good.” She curled her other foot and popped her toes, letting out a pleased sigh as she relaxed again. It was a tense silence that started to build after that, Tom not really sure of what was going to come next, but starting to have ideas. He glanced at Andrea once, and she raised her eyebrows suggestively.

“So…” Tom began, getting his own shoes and socks off with his feet.

“It’s a pretty steep price,” Andrea replied, sitting up enough to remove her leather jacket. Tom rolled his eyes and started with his belt as she pulled her tanktop over her purple Mohawk with some trouble.

Andrea briefly ran her fingers across the studs in her nose, pondering taking them out or not. She shrugged and decided to just leave them, reaching back to unclasp her bra. Andrea tossed her bra across the floor and pushed her arms together, squeezing her impressive breasts to make them look even bigger.

“You like them?” she asked. Tom realized that she was talking about the nipple piercings she had, and nodded after a few seconds.

“Not bad at all,” he said, unzipping his pants.

“Hold on sparky,” she said, putting one hand on the back of the couch and brushing his away from his pants with the other. “Whoever said this was gonna be just a quick screw? I said it was a steep price.” She trailed two fingers up the center of his body up to his throat, tracing his jawline back to his ear. She leaned down to his ear and let out a long, warm breath.

“So what do you need me to do to you?” the agent asked. He nipped her earlobe and ran his tongue around the rim of her ear. She kissed his ear and wrapped her free arm around his back, pressing her ample chest against his.

“What do I need?” she pondered out loud. She suddenly grinned against his ear. “I need you to give me some of that energy you showed me out there. You think you have more in you?”

Without skipping a beat, Tom replied, “It’s my job to have sex. I’ve got as much as you can give me back.” He kissed her cheek and then the side of her mouth. She turned her head and pressed her lips against his softly, testing the water in a sense.

Their tongue met and tangled each other in a slow dance in the joint space they occupied, caressing teeth, lips, each other. Tom let his hands find their place at Andrea’s hips and the demon pressed her lips against his harder with approval. Outside, the beat of the music filtered into the room as dull, lifeless thumps of bass and shrill tones every now and again. Andrea didn’t seem to notice at all as she ran her free hand down Tom’s side and then across the small of his back.

“Not too old now, are you?” she mused, gripping his back and pushing her stomach against his as he bit her bottom lip and let her take control of it again very slowly.

“Nineteen too far gone?” he returned, latching onto Andrea’s neck. He sucked hard at her skin and she moaned with surprise and approval. The demon didn’t think twice about reciprocating once he released her neck with a nice purple hickey on it. She bit down hard on him and he closed his eyes, enjoying the prickling feeling.

When she broke away from his skin, she answered, “Of course not. Young and feisty is the only way I like my partners. And one like you who knows how to give and take isn’t ordinary.” Andrea turned around and sat snugly in his lap, leaning back against him as she settled in.

Tom figured that this was what she meant about a steep price. She wasn’t going to dive right into sex; she wanted some foreplay with it, beyond a little kissing. So, he obliged her request and snaked one hand down her firm midsection and the other up to her breasts. He gave her breast a tender squeeze and she let her head fall back against his shoulder.

He unbuttoned her jeans and slowly managed to get them down her legs enough for her to push them off with her feet. His fingers explored her legs for a short while, teasing her by rubbing up and down her inner thighs, each time coming closer and closer to her core. She loved every second of it, tensing hard as his left hand squeezed her breast while his right reached close to her core.

He kissed her ear gently and came away from it slowly, allowing the demon to feel it for much longer than a brief moment. Shivers ran down her spine to her toes. Goosebumbs rose all over her body and Tom pinched her nipple while it was standing at attention for him. Andrea moaned again, grabbing Tom’s thighs hard with her hands.

“Do you want to continue like this or find another position to explore?” Tom asked, brushing his fingers against her lacy undergarment. Andrea grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand under the fabric of her thong.

“Keep going,” she breathed, turning her head to give Tom a fierce kiss. He winked and pushed two fingers into her wet, waiting core. Andrea bit his bottom lip so hard that when she let go Tom could taste blood. Her hands held his thighs so tightly that he thought she would rip his jeans.

He wiggled his fingers back and forth, massaging her breast in unison with the motions. Without knowing it, their bodies began to move together, just slightly. Andrea’s curvy form arched and rolled just enough for Tom to notice. Their shirtless bodies started to feel the heat of the moment and Tom felt his arousal begin to peak quickly.

He drove his fingers in and out of her without any real care, though it worked to a great effect to arouse her further and make her breathing more labored and deeper as the minutes ticked by. Tom began to massage her other breast, cupping it in his hand and moving it in slow, methodical orbits again and again and again. Andrea’s thighs clamped together as he twisted her nipple and Tom withdrew his hand from her sex.

“Turn around,” he said. Andrea turned around and straddled Tom’s hips, unzipping his pants and tugging them and his boxers down his hips. His throbbing cock sprang out and she grasped it firmly with one hand, stroking him with solid motions as she helped remove his jeans.

“Care to give a little more?” the demon asked. She ran her fingers across the studs in her nose and bit her lip mischievously. Tom leaned forward and gave her nipple piercing a little tug with his teeth.

“I’m here to give you exactly what you want, Andrea. Every wish is a command to me.”

“Oh are they? If I told you to fuck me out there…would you?”

Tom winked. “If you were that kinky,” he replied, and then licked the tip of her erect nipple, causing her breath to hitch. Andrea just shook her head with an amused smile on her face and roped her arms around his neck, leaving his cock alone for the moment. Tom latched onto her breast and raised his hand to its twin, sucking hard as he closed his teeth on her piercing and pinched the other. Andrea’s mouth in turn closed on his neck, biting down hard.

Tom grinned a little and pulled back, still sucking on her breast. Andrea’s arms held him tighter as he played with her breasts, pulling and pinching and sucking as he pleased. He ground his hard cock against her core, the thin fabric of her thong separating them. Andrea rubbed herself against him in turn, moaning against his neck as she continued to bite down on him.

The agent let up on her breasts for a few moments, pushing Andrea’s thong to one side so he could rub her core directly. He breathed against the nape of her neck, watching her skin rise at the feeling. He switched which breast his mouth and hand pleasured and then continued to massage and tease them, the demon on top of him taking full notice that he had done so.

Andrea’s thighs clamped down on his hips suddenly and her body shuddered. She sucked so hard on his neck that it crossed the threshold of pleasure into pain. Tom winced and bit down on her nipple hard enough to get her attention. She let up and removed her mouth from his neck, instead aiming up to his ear to bite down on his earlobe and whisper in a language he couldn’t understand.

When she relaxed her thighs, she sat up, having to fight him to pull her chest away from his mouth. Tom blinked hard as his neck stung and looked up at the demon resting in his lap. She breathed heavily over him, letting her hands fall away from him.

“Time for round two,” she said, snapping the thong with a tug and pulling it off. She tossed it across the room and then ground her sex against Tom’s until she was positioned for him to penetrate her. She put her hands on his shoulders and sank down slowly, her breath catching as he entered her body.

Tom closed his eyes and let his hands wander down to her hips to give her a little help getting down all the way. She squeaked in surprise, and tightened her thighs around his hips. Tom pushed up a little and lifted her a few inches, causing her body to tremble.

“Ding ding, begin round two,” Tom said, coming down again. Andrea followed his hips down, pushing against him slowly. He came back up and the followed again, enjoying it with an almost sinful amount of pleasure.

“This is not what I was expecting from Mr. Tecktonik. You’re more gentle than I expected,” said Andrea, curling her toes as Tom gave her a little buck up.

“I’m just following your lead. If you want an earth-shattering orgasm, then by all means start it however you want to.”

At that, Andrea picked up the tempo and Tom followed, easily keeping pace with the Demon’s desires. She gave her approval with several moans and began to rock her body against his. They quickly fell into rhythm and his hands slid up to the small of her back.

Andrea controlled everything about it. Her rolling hips pushed down as far as she wanted him to penetrate her, which wasn’t any different than if he had gone as deep as he could. Her smooth, warm body slid against his in a timeless embrace, following a tradition that endless pair before them had set before them.

She was like a wave against him, her entire body moving in a wavelength as he matched her speed with each thrust. She grinned down at him, biting one side of her lip teasingly. Tom reached up and put a hand behind her neck. She leaned down without needing any further excuse to lock herself against him completely.

Bridget was at my Lowe’s when I got to work on Friday morning, cementing the fact that I was going to be blackmailed into fucking her after. At least she made it easy to deal with, wearing a sheer tank top that barely hid her bra and a pair of bleached-out jean shorts that left very little to the imagination with the curve of her ass hanging out the bottom of each side. She had her long sun-bleached hair in twin braids on either side of her head, making her appear a bit younger than she actually was until she smiled and showed the laugh lines around her mouth and eyes. She had also doused herself in some sweet smelling perfume that wouldn’t have been out of place in a bakery during Christmas.

Having her ‘accidentally’ rub against me whenever she had the chance was making any actual work difficult, and looking forward to getting some relief from the aching in my pants was making the day drag on for what seemed like forever. At four, Bridget grabbed me by the belt and nearly dragged me to the parking lot. “Time to go.” She laughed as we made it out the front gates of the garden center. “I already punched us out, just follow me okay?” she told me when we made it to our vehicles and I reminded her that we were still on the clock.

I start laughing to myself, happy Bridget was in front of me in her truck, when I followed her to the same Comfort Inn where Mary and I had spent most of Wednesday night. Bridget looked confused when the desk clerk asked me “Will any room do again?” and I suppressed a giggle. I wondered if it was a coincidence that he gave me the room across the hall from the one I had two nights before, but most thoughts were forced to the background when Bridget forced me against the door to slam it closed and pressed her lips to mine.

When I didn’t immediately open my mouth to allow her tongue access, she grabbed my hair and pulled until my teeth parted so out tongues could wrestle. “So you want it rough, huh?” I asked when the kiss ended and I reached to sharply spank her ass. She moaned slightly and smiled at me. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I said and spanked her again, making her jump and grit her teeth. She started kissing me again and I lifted her by two handfuls of toned tan ass. I carried her nearly blind and fell onto the bed on top of her, where we ground against each other until she needed to breath. Bridget pushed me back up and followed to a sitting position. She laughed at me and ran her hands up under my shirt, clawing me lightly before ripping my shirt over my head, popping a few threads in the process, and starting on my belt as she kissed my stomach. “You bitch!” I laughed and grabbed her by the hair. “I like that shirt!” I told her and threw her back on the bed.

I crawled onto the bed, kissing up her long muscular legs as I went. I lifted her legs and jerked her tiny shorts off along with her panties and went to kissing and licking all around the tan line that outlined her waxed smooth pubic mound. She smacked me on the back of the head and barked “Stop teasing me!” I couldn’t help but to drag my tongue up from her taint, across her hole and through the of her slit like a dog lapping at water before diving for her hole and driving my tongue as deep into her as I could. She moaned and grabbed my hands from her hips while I sucked and licked at her sweet juices, and placed them firmly on her bared breasts. I quickly found her hardened nipples with my fingers as I sought out her clit with my lips and pressed down on it while I started to twist her nipples, pulling more moans from her. Her hands had left mine on her tits, and were already knotting themselves up in my hair, pushing my mouth where felt it would be most useful.

I kicked my shoes off and worked my pants down thanks to Bridget undoing my belt earlier, and sucked her clit through her first body shaking orgasm. I worked my way up her body, kissing, biting, and sucking on every other inch of her. One hand knotted in my hair again as I stopped to suck and nibble on her small and firm breasts. The other was raking across my back until I went up to let her lick her juices from my chin and mouth, then it circled around and grabbed the base of my dick and yanked it towards her waiting pussy.

The head popped into her with a gasp both of us. I was reminded how tight Bridget was as I sunk inches into her drippy cunt. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, then dug her heels into my ass, pulling me all the way into her with a loud moan and then held me there. “That feels really good,” she moaned, “when I let go, you better pound the fuck out of me.”

I smiled down at her, feeling her inner walls rhythmically gripping me, and had to say, “Only if you promise to give me copies of those videos.” She rolled her eyes and let some pressure off my ass, and I just twisted my hips and my dick inside her. Bridget arched her back and moaned through clenched teeth, digging her fingernails into my back. I laughed and pulled my cock from her twat, slammed it back inside her to make her tiny tits bounce, and froze there with my dick pushed up against her back wall. “I wasn’t kidding,” I whispered to her, and repeated the process, “I want those vids.”

I yanked away once more, and as I was thrusting back into her, she yelled, “Fine!” and as I pulled out of her sopping wet hole only to plow back in again, she went on screaming, “I promise! Just Fuck Me! I’ll give you copies!” and bucking her hips up at me, trying to work my dick deeper into her greasy tunnel as I plowed away between her thighs. “Harder, Dammit!” she barked at me, and craned her neck to bite me on the chest.

I growled at her and reached up to grab the top of the fake-wooden head board, and pulled my body with my arms while pushing with my legs. I couldn’t help but smile at the half-drunk expression on her face as it rolled around on the bed as I assaulted her bald box. I felt more like I was trying to fuck her into the mattress rather than deeper and harder into her. Bridget started groaning through her teeth as the bed started seriously creaking, and the head board was already beating against the wall. I was afraid something was going to break, when she wailed to me “Don’t stop, Jeremy! I’m cumming!” I watched her face contort into something lust driven and hungry as we bucked and rocked and screamed and roared our way through her pussy quaking orgasm.

When she started breathing again, I jerked away from her and smacked her on the side of the leg hard enough to make her wince. “Roll over.” I ordered. She scowled and didn’t move. So, I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to her knees, and twisted her around so she had to grab the headboard to keep from getting her face pushed against the wall. She whimpered softly as I climbed back onto the bed behind her. Still holding her by the hair, I rammed my dick back inside her quivering box. I leaned in close to her and asked, “What’s wrong, Bridget? I thought you wanted it rough?” then bit her neck just behind her jaw.

She moaned and tried to drop her head, but I held her up firmly as I started railing her again. As I attempted to give her a hickey, I started getting the rhythm and speed back that I needed to make her cum again, and then I felt her pushing back at me. Bridget was slapping her ass against my stomach as my balls were tapping her clit when she started panting and whining, “I’m gonna… Ooo… Keep going!”

I dropped her head to grab her by the waist with both hands, steadying her rhythm with mine and driving my deeper and harder inside her cunt. Bridget’s whining ended as she froze up except for shuddering. After a minute of me pounding away at her slimy pit and her trying to catch her breath, Bridget screeched out, “I’m Cumming!” which was followed by a stream of profanity that I’m not comfortable repeating.

When she started moving again, she was still in the middle of her orgasm, and her hips were rocking back on me harder than I could keep up with. Her pussy pulsed, writhed and gripped on my dick as I kept myself pressed to her, grinding against her ass and her insides. I let go of her waist and leaned back to spank her ass sharply and announced, “I’m gonna cum!”

Bridget reached under herself and popped my dick from her slick snatch and pressed it into her slit, still rocking her hips to grind her clit across my shaft. I pumped my hips, rubbing her gash and her fingers along my cock, panting as my cum boiled up. I twitched and it shot out all over her arm and belly, dripping in long streams down to the bed. She wrapped her long hard fingers around the shaft and pumped, squeezing every drop I had out before releasing me and letting me fall back on the bed.

Bridget left before I even got dressed, saying she was satisfied and she’d see me on Monday. I took a long hot shower in the room before I left, figuring I could go and pick up Linzy to show her the present I’d gotten her and then bring her back to the hotel since the room had already been paid for. When I got to Linzy’s is when things started to fall apart.

My uncle Gerald answered the door, and before I could ask if Linzy was home he punched me. He wasn’t a very big guy, but as angry as he was it still sent me sprawling across his front porch. “Just get out of here you goddamn pervert!” he yelled and threw something at me hard enough to knock himself off balance. I tried to block it, but just felt a wad of paper hit my chest. He turned and saw my aunt crying on the phone and then snarled over his shoulder. “I wouldn’t bother going home if I were you. We already told your parents what you did.”

I scrambled to my feet, and started to ask what the hell was going on, but he raised his fist and I decided to leave. A few blocks later I pulled over and attempted to call Linzy, but a robotic voice informed me that her number was out of service. I rubbed my bruised jaw and wondered what had happened, then noticed I had taken the wad of paper Gerald had thrown at me. I uncurled it as gently as I could and realized it was an envelope with my name on it, but it had already been opened. I took the letter out and recognized Linzy’s handwriting.

Linzy had left for Europe a month early after an online friend offered to board her until school started. Her letter said it was an opportunity to learn the culture before school and she couldn’t pass it up. She didn’t tell anyone in case they would try to talk her out of it. She told me she loved me enough for anyone to tell it was deeper than family even before she wrote that she was happy she saved her virginity for me and wished that we could make love again before she left, but was scared that if she felt me inside of her again before getting on the airplane that she’d end up staying in America.

I managed to hold the worst of the tears until I got back to the hotel. It was hours later when I realized I had no place to go once check-out time came the next morning. I also had no clean clothes to change into or any way to charge my phone because I couldn’t go home without facing more family wrath. I decided to try to rest, and then maybe sneak home to grab what I could in the middle of the night.

Luckily I had gotten good at sneaking out while I was dating Dixie in high school, and I managed to load down my Jeep with a good portion of my belongings. I left a short apology note on my bed, mostly for ignoring the multitude of phone calls that were placed while I was asleep. Back at the hotel, I emailed Linzy twice, once cursing her for being so careless and getting us caught, and the second time apologizing and telling her I loved her and to contact me the second she had a chance. At least Bridget had honored her promise and sent copies of those security videos of me having sex at Lowe’s.

The next morning I started calling every friend I had to try and find somewhere to stay. Most said they didn’t have the room, a few said I spend a night or two on their couch but that was it, and one guy actually laughed at me and said I was getting what I deserved for fucking my little cousin. I didn’t bother calling Mary, knowing her mother would flip her shit. Joan said she was sorry but couldn’t risk getting expelled if they found a guy living in her dorm. Finally, desperate, I called Iris, my regional manager’s secretary that I had hooked up with earlier that week, figuring she had to have extra room in the two story house she lived in by herself.

“Jeremy?” she asked, sounding groggy. “Oh right, Bridget’s big toy.” Something rattled around on the phone for a second and I heard her groan “Hun, do you realize it’s ten AM on a Saturday? Ugh, anyway, what’s up?” I explained as little as I could, mostly just staying on point that I got kicked out of my house and needed a place to stay until I could scrape money together. “Sure thing, there’s a whole room here I don’t even use, but you gotta buy your own food.”

I thanked her profusely until she hung up on me to go back to sleep. I drove slowly and cautiously to her place, knowing the last thing I needed was a speeding ticket on top of all the shit that was going wrong. I parked in front of her house and carried an arm load of essential items up to her door, where I rang the doorbell and waited. A minute later, Iris – wearing a sheer tank top and an old pair of boxers – invited me in, politely waited until I dropped my stuff on the kitchen table, and slapped me across the face. “That’s for waking me up.” she said waving a finger in my face. The she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me down to kiss her, running her soft pink tongue across my lips while she rubbed her big pale tits against my chest. “And this is because I didn’t get laid last night.” She murmured to me before making her hands busy with undoing my pants.

She dropped to a squat in front of me and fished out my not-quite-hard-on. Iris frowned up at me and waved the floppy dick around in her fist. “Sorry,” I sighed “It was a rough night. I might need a little more encouragement.” She rolled her eyes, but opened her mouth and sucked in most of my length, rolling her tongue around the head and gently pulsing her lips to make short bursts of suction on my cock. I felt a nimble group of fingers make their way around my balls and I groaned, leaning back on her kitchen counter to hold myself up in case my knees decided to go weak as Iris sucked any trace of limp out of my dick. She massaged my balls with one hand while her head gently bobbed on my dick and her other hand was helping remove my shoes and pulling my pants the rest of the way off.

She pulled her head back, slurping a line of drool along my gently throbbing shaft as she did. “Much better.” She cooed and stroked me gently, grinning at her own handiwork. She stood, still holding me by the dick, and led me to an adjoining living room furnished in plainly shaped modern furniture covered in bright red and blue fabric. Iris pushed me down on a nearly glowing red love seat, which was firmer than it appeared, and quickly stripped her shorts and top off before climbing onto the seat, placing her feet on either side of my legs and squatting down to look me in the eye.

“Do you have something against foreplay?” I joked as I roughly rubbed her fleshy gash with my hand, smearing her natural lube around and making her jump a little. She humped my hand for a few seconds, rubbing her tits on my chest and gasping when I popped a finger into her hidden hole or grazed her hardening clit. When she decided she’d had enough she slapped my hand away and grabbed my rod just beneath the head and squeezed it between her pale pink lips with a small moan.

Iris shook her head a little and breathed out “I just really like dick.” Before sinking slowly down on mine, stretching her opening further with each inch her hungry cunt consumed. “I like yours a lot.” She added, gyrating her hips and twisting her tunnel around my cock. She held onto the back of the couch for balance and worked her pelvis, fucking me hard and fast, bending my dick in and out of her greasy pussy and working herself into a frenzy. Iris moaned as she ground herself towards an orgasm and my hands found her big bouncing tits and squeezed louder moans out of them. I laid my head back and she started sucking my lips and bearing down more on my dick, pressing it harder against her cervix. She bit my lip and groaned as the tip started to open the door to her womb, but she released the pressure to go back to thrusting her hips at mine before I pierced that piece of her.

I could feel her pussy squeezing more and more each time it engulfed my cock, and her moans were evolving into cries of pleasure. I mauled her pale pink nipples and leaned forward to suck on her side of her neck, urging her over the edge any way I could. “Ooh, yes!” she growled and I felt a spasm inside her followed by a gush of nectar that ran down my shaft and my twitching balls. “Fucking hell! YES!” she screeched and drove her hot tunnel down harder on me. Iris’s legs shook and her arms quaked and her pussy spasmed as she rode my cock through a screaming orgasm.

I hated to tell her I was going to cum, but feared her reaction if I didn’t warn her. “Oh god damn it, Iris,” I groaned into her shoulder as her screams began to quiet, “If you keep this up I’m gonna blow.” Her hips slowed and she smiled sweetly at me before she kissed me long and hard, swirling her tongue into my mouth and sucking mine into hers. Then she nimbly climbed off the love seat and got down between my knees and inhaled my cock. Iris’s throat opened up and took several inches down while her lips massaged the base of my dick and her tongue rolled along the bottom of my shaft. Fingers gently rubbed my balls and muscles in her neck squeezed and throbbed around the head of my dick. I reflexively grabbed either side of her head and tried to thrust deeper as my cock jumped and spurted jets of cum directly into Iris’s stomach.

I released her head and she released my cock with a loud slurp. She smacked her lips a few times before smiling up at me. “I think I’m going to like you staying here.” Iris told me as she stood shakily, and then led me to my feet and upstairs to show me my new room.

Later that day Linzy emailed me and we sat in front of webcams to talk. She’d been crying, but brushed it off. She apologized profusely and told me she loved me several more times. Then she told me she had already launched the website with the videos she had permission to use and mailed out a bunch of forms to get the okay for more. She didn’t put our full names on the site, but if anyone that knew us saw any of the videos they would be able to tell who was starring. I let her know I had some more to give her, plus a going away present and got the address of her Parisian friend to send her camera along. We talked until she started to fall asleep, and just as I disconnected my phone started ringing.

I answered it, since it was neither of my parents and immediately regretted it. Maria, my boss, wanted to know why Bridget and I had stayed clocked in until nine pm the previous night when the store cameras show us leaving together at four. I sighed and asked “Does it even matter if what I say is a good excuse, or am I fired either way.” Maria almost laughed when she told me it didn’t matter, so I took great pleasure in letting her know how and why Bridget was blackmailing me and that she had claimed to have punched us out before dragging me to a hotel to fuck.

After getting fired, I decided to take a drive to try to clear my head and maybe just find a train to lie down in front of. I eventually found myself in front of Mary’s house and decided if anyone could take my mind off my troubles it was her. I rang the doorbell and was met with a sharp smack across my face. Again I was called a pervert, this time also a liar and a cheater. One of Mary’s friends had stumbled onto Linzy’s website, and recognizing me from seeing us together on our first date, had sent Mary a link. “I actually liked you!” she shrieked and slapped me again. She screamed at me all the way to my Jeep, and attempted to dent it up as I drove off amidst a hail of insults.

It was a week after my 18th birthday and my parents had already left town. My over protective mom had made it very clear I’m not allowed to be home alone while they were gone too. It’s a really dumb rule. I’m 18 for god’s sake! I decided t not get them mad and went to spend the weekend with my uncle that lives a few towns away. He’s always been a pretty cool guy even after he divorced with my aunt. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

My parents drove me to his house on Friday morning before they left. All I had was my duffel bag of clothes and bathroom supplies. I got hugged and kissed goodbye. They left before even talking to my uncle. I walked up to the door and knocked. A few moments passed before my uncle answered the door. He opened the door with a huge smile on his face. He was wearing a green T-shirt and tight white briefs which shocked me a little. I hadn’t seen him since the divorce.

My uncle’s name is Gary. He is an average height man with a little stubble on his face and brown hair. He is Keats wearing a baseball cap to cover his thinning hair. He is always loud and crazy which is funny most of the time. I remember from pervious visits that he doesn’t like wearing pants to bed. Gary is a welcoming person so the weekend shouldn’t be too bad.

“Ah there’s the boy I’m babysitting,” he said opening his arms for a hug. I smile and hug him trying to ignore his bulge.

“Yeah. Mom and dad treat me like a little kid still,” I said as he lets me enter his home. There is a nice tv on the far wall and two couches facing each other perpendicular to the tv stand. Behind the farther couch is the dining room and kitchen. I remember that his room is just beyond the dining room.

“So what are we gonna do this weekend?” I ask as I set my stuff on the couch and sit next to it. I watch him as he sits on the couch opposite of me.

“We’ll I rented a movie for us to watch and that’s all I really planned. Unless there’s something you wanna do?” He said holding up a blank DVD case.

“Uh there wasn’t really anything I wanted to do. What movie did you get?” I say looking at it and trying to avoid staring at his crotch that’s hanging there with his legs spread wide open. I think I can see some pubes poking out before he interrupts my thoughts.

“Scary Movie 2,” he says with a smile.

“I haven’t seen that one,” I state and I relax a little more.

“Me neither so I guess it’ll be fun for the both of us,” he says happily as he sets it down and goes to the kitchen. “Now lets get breakfast started!”

Later that night, I’m laying on the couch against the wall with sheets and a blanket around me. I’m resting my head on a pillow and my uncle walks in. He’s carrying the movie and is wearing a white T-shirt and what seemed to be the same tighty whities he was wearing earlier. He walks over to the tv and puts the disk in.

After a bunch of obnoxiously loud laughs at the funny movie, a scene begins that would make the whole weekend different. The scene began with a man in his room when he hears a noise under his bed. He investigates and finds a life size clown looking back at him which I found a little creepy. It drags him under the bed and after a few words, tries to escape the man. I though the scene would be okay until the clown came out for under the bed. The man used impossibly long penis to go out and wrap around the clown to pull him back under.

“Wow! That’s a long dick!” My uncle almost yells accompanied by a loud laugh. I am slightly aroused but the blanket hides my boner. The movie continues on.

Another inappropriate scene comes around later. It’s where a girl and and a guy are trapped in a freezer and the guy tricks the girl in to thinking the only way to keep him from freezing is the jack him off. She is going hard on him. After a minute, he shoots his load of jizz all over her like a fire hydrant. I mean, it was a LOT of cum. My uncle laughs loudly at his cumshot finding it hilarious. I get aroused again but thankfully, my blanket saves me.

“How would you feel about shooting THAT much cum every time you jacked off?” I said loudly to me. I blushed before answering.

“That’d be a pretty big mess to clean up,” I say and he chuckles at my comment.

The movie ended around eleven o clock. My uncle decided to call it a night so he turned off the tv and headed to his room. I laid there silently with a boner from what I just saw. I turned facing the wall and tried to get some sleep but I just couldn’t fall asleep.

Midnight came around and I was still awake thinking about how my uncle only commented on those two scenes. I wondered what it would be like to shoot that much cum. It would like soak me and my partner if I did. I could like fill a bath tub with it. The possibilities were almost endless with what I could do with that much cum. That’s when my thoughts were interrupted.

I heard footsteps. The footsteps were coming from the dining room. I didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. It was my uncle. And no doubt he was wearing those briefs and that shirt. I froze because I also realized I wasn’t covered by a blanket because it was hot and I had a full hard on.

I closed my eyes and rolled over pretending to be in a deep sleep. I heard the footsteps walk closer to me. They stopped and then there was silence. I could feel the body heat from my uncle. He was right in front of me. Standing there looking down on me. I just knew it. I tried to act like I was sleeping but he knew better. He then stepped closer to my face. I could smell his pubes. It got me even hornier.

“I saw that boner earlier tonight when that man’s long sick showed up on the screen,” Gary whispered. I made no movement.

He then moved forward and his bulge slowly pressed against my lips and nose. The smell was strong and alluring. It was still flaccid. I let him push into my face another minute. After that was over, he continued to move his hips in a side to side motion that made his junk slide from my chin to my eyes. It was so erotic, but I resisted acting on it.

“I bet you like that,” he said under his breath. I did. I liked it very much.

I knew the next move I made would be a dead giveaway but I didn’t care. I casually moved my hand and readjusted my erection. My uncle saw this and smiled. I just kept on “sleeping.”

“I knew you were a faggot when you walked in the door and stared at my crotch,” he said and he then proceeded to pull his bulge away. I peeked slightly and I saw his dick getting hard. He then slid his tight waistband over his cock. It flung out violently. It waved around in front of me and then he pulled them down and off. He tossed those dirty underwear on my face. I could only see through one eye through one of the holes. His balls were now hanging loosely and my dick throbbed a little bit. His dick had to be 8 inches and it was thick and cut.

“Now you’re gonna suck your uncle’s dick, boy,” he said and I saw the head of his massive member glide toward me. Within a few seconds, it hit my lips and I didn’t open up.

“Open,” my uncle commanded. He pushed and I let my lips part. It started to slide in and my jaw was forced to open wide. I made sure not to let my teeth drag. His long cock slid into my warm mouth. It pushed against the inside of my wet cheeks. The Tate of his flesh was wonderful. His penis moved around and rubbed the sides of my teeth. It was heaven.

That’s when it got more violent. He finished the warm up blow job. He then started pushing it more into my mouth. My eyes opened as it went deep. I gagged a little but he wouldn’t let up. He shoved it harder and it started to go down my throat by force. His pubes then hit my nose and I knew it was all the way in.

I remained calm as he held it there in my throat. He caressed my face and we made eye contact for the first time. He smiled at me only this smile was more of an evil smile than welcoming smile.

“I’m gonna tear you up, boy,” he said. Before I could process what he meant, he already began. His hips were moving fast. He was face fucking his nephew!

His member was going in and out at a fast speed. I could feel his shaft rubbing my soft and moist tongue. It was so hot. His ballsack began slapping my cheek as I was still laying on my side. They were pretty big too. The sound of our skin clapping together filled the room.

“Oh yeah. That’s a good boy!” Gary said as he dropped his head back in pleasure. He moaned a little bit and I found some confidence.

My hands traveled up to him and I started rubbing his thighs. He maimed at this so I rubbed more as he slowed down a bit. My hands rubbing around to his smooth ass. I squeezed his cheeks as I continued his blowjob. I also started sliding my tongue around his moving shaft. I made sure to get it covered in spit. I could tell he was enjoying this because he moaned a little more. He then pulled out. His dick was soaked in my spit and I let him go.

“Now it’s time for the best part,” he said and grabbed my shirt and pulled it off forcefully. He the went on to grab me by the waistband and turn me so I was in. Sitting position on the couch. He ripped my pajama pants off and then my underwear flew off. I was exposed to my own uncle. My cock was standing at 7 inches cut.

“I bet you’re a tight boy aren’t you?” My uncle said. I only managed to nod. He quickly pulled me forward and slapped me hard with his wet dick.

That’s when he got on his knees. He put m legs on his shoulders and started licking my hole. I could feel his face buried in my ass. His tongue was working around and then I felt it enter. It felt good but it didn’t go in very far. He finished by spitting in my hole and I could feel how wet it was.

I straightened up and my legs went up with his shoulders. He gabbed the base of his cock and teasingly rubbed it up and down my crack. I moaned a little bit. Then, he stopped with his wet head on my wet hole.

My uncle then began pushing. It was so painful. It was more painful than when I fingered myself in the shower. His head was hard to get in but eventually it popped in. It hurt so bad. Like a fire in my butt. And all of this was just from his head! He saw the look of pain on my face as I clenched my teeth and close my eyes right.

“Oh if you think that hurts, wait til I get the whole thing in,” he said and laughs a little. He then starts pushing hard. It felt like his penis was ripping me open. I could feel his well lubed cock sliding against my skin. It was forcing its way in whether I liked it or not. It was a good thing I liked it! It was a fiery pain in my ass. It seemed like an eternity before I felt those nicely low hanging testicles press against my skin and his pubes scrape my skin.

It was all a pain I’ve never felt before. It was a good kind of pain. A pain that have me pleasure. I was leaking precum. I had managed to keep quiet but the last thrust he gave was too much. I screamed out a short scream and breathe heavily.

“I know you like that. It’s so warm inside of you,” my uncle moaned seductively. He let me take a moment to stretch and adjust to his very large penis. I relaxed a little once it felt halfway decent and Gary took this as a sign.

He began sliding out but before he exited me, he shoved right back in. He did this a few times slowly before picking up a rhythm. He went slow at first.

His cock was going in and out of my hole slowly for a few minutes. The sound of our spit was making a squishing sound. It was all so hot. I moaned.

My uncle started to go faster and faster until he was fucking my ass like he was fucking my face earlier. It was so hot. The sound of his slapping nuts, the squishing, his heavy breathing, and my moaning was all I could hear. My cock was ready to blow. I looked at his face. His face was red and he was biting his lip as he drilled my hole. His huge throbbing erection was ramming my ass faster than ever.

“I’m…. I’m gonna cum!” He exclaimed as he went faster. I breathed hard and loud. I let out a moan.

I could feel it. His monster cock unloaded in me. It shot out a bunch if sperm up inside of me before he pulled out. He shot the rest of his load on my chest. It was so much cum. It covered my chest and the warm sticky feeling of his man cream set me off. My orgasm began and my dick shot out a bunch of cum too. It added to my chest and i was easily covered in it. I breathed hard as I felt it oozing out of my ass. It also oozed across my chest.

We just say there for a moment. I looked at him and his softening dick. For being flaccid, it was still pretty big. I decided to say the first words.

“That was nice,” I said panting. He swallowed and nodded in agreement.

“Yeah,” he replies and then checked me out. “You better go get waged up.”

“Okay,” I said with a smile. I dropped my legs to the floor and stood up. I felt all the cum sliding down my body. I didn’t bother getting clothes as I headed to towards the bathroom.

I turned and looked at my uncle still sitting there. It was gonna be a great weekend.

“Time to fuck, I need that fat hard cock thrusting into my wet cunt.”

Sophie left no doubt that she was ready for more sex, even though Dennis had barely caught his breath from giving her an orgasm using his tongue. Her voice was reaching his ears as if distorted by fog- brain fog that is. This barely legal chum of his son – Dennis thought she was nineteen still – had interrupted his afternoon nap, awaking him by taking his dream hardened cock into her sweet young mouth, sucking Dennis until he had filled her throat with great gobs of goo. Returning the favour had been the least he could do.

Though fucking had been mentioned before the excursion into cunt-lapping, Dennis had to wonder whether at his advanced age, he was really up to two climaxes in one afternoon. It was years since Dennis had last had sex with someone else in the room, so he was uncertain about his stamina. Sure, having Sophie curled up cozily on his belly, her legs tucked in his lap, had ensured that his erection was solid. But was his flesh friend just teasing him? Would he disappoint Sophie? If so, would she turn into that woman scorned who then would trash him, gossiping about him seducing her, even though the opposite was the truth? What would that do to his reputation in the neighbourhood?

Dennis knew then that he at least had to give it the old college try.

Sophie must have noticed the doubt flicker across his brow. She beamed up at him, her youthful grin bright as sunshine.

“I just know that you’ll be a treat for me after fucking boys barely turning into men, who just want to get their rocks off. I bet you know just how to please a woman with your cock as much as with your tongue.”

That, or the feeling of her fine firm young ass wriggling against his erection, made Dennis even more turgid.

“Well, I might never get the chance again to fuck such a sweet young ass,” Dennis heard himself say before he could stop the words from coming out.

“No assfucking for this girl,” Sophie said, but at least she was still giggling. “That part of me is still virgin, and going to stay that way. My wet young cunt is what needs the fucking, old man.”

She softened the playful insult with a throaty chuckle, as her fingernails ran along Dennis’ jawline, her face rising up to meet his, lips brushing his cheek.

“My dirty old man,” Sophie chuckled, her breath warming Dennis’ ear, her hips drilling her ass tighter down against his hardness. “all of the girls know how you look at us, when you hope no one will notice. We see the hunger. Some of us like it. A lot.”

As Sophie spoke, Dennis could feel the wooden slats under the cushion hard against his butt. His hips rose naturally, humping back against Sophie out of a combination of excitement and seeking comfort. He sighed just a bit, knowing that this confusion was more confirmation of his advancing age. A few years ago, he would have been so consumed with lust that the couch would be unnoticed, even if it collapsed underneath the fucking.

That thought in turn made Dennis recognize that fucking Sophie was inevitable, regardless of the consequences. They were both adults, no matter what the age or experience gap, and he decided he should relax, enjoy the treat, and deal with any fallout later.

Still, he worried.”What about if someone comes in, or looks in the window, we’re right out in the open.”

“I don’t care,” Sophie insisted, “why should you? It didn’t stop us from the oral sex, and fucking would be much less startling than eating my cunt. Just because girls suck boys at random, cunt-lapping is still an embarrassment to some of those walking egos with balls. An older guy like you not only has the experience to do it right, but you could set an example for guys my age if they saw your enthusiasm.”

Sophie covered his mouth with her lips, her tongue darting between his teeth, her fingers playing in his hair, preventing any spoken response. Dennis could feel the hardness of her nipples against his chest. Even as his cock did the responding for him, surging ever bigger, bobbing up against the curve of Sophie’s taut ass, he understood at that instant that this was more than just goofy random sex for this woman barely older than a girl, that he should take care, but that taking care was the last thing she wanted right at the moment. And Sophie had definitely been in charge from the first moment she had interrupted his nap by taking his cock in her hand, then into her mouth.

There would be time to discuss this, to sort out the aftermath, later. Now, like Sophie, Dennis was just ready to fuck.

He slid his hands along her ribs, creating enough space to tweak Sophie’s nipples. She broke her kiss off, sighing, “when you do that, it is like electrical current runs from my tits to my cunt.”

Dennis moved his hand along her flat young belly, his fingers caressing her folds, confirming her wet readiness. Sophie responded to the light touch by pulling her hips back just a bit, and then her ass slid higher. The tip of her older lover’s cock never lost contact with her flesh, leaving a trail of precum along her buttock.

Sophie took his cock firmly but gently in her hand, her tiny fingers confidently circling the thick shaft. She lowered herself onto it, guiding him into the wetness. At first, she paused, still raised on her knees, just the head of his cock between her labia, poised at the entrance to her sex. He needed to go deeper, to fuck her thoroughly, and Sophie needed that too.

She proceeded slowly, as if to say that they would only have this one first fuck, heck, maybe they would only ever have the one fuck ever, and she wanted it to last, to savour and enjoy ever moment, drilling the memory into both brains. Though Dennis hoped they would fuck again, and again, he instinctively understood why Sophie was taking him an inch at a time until finally, he was buried to the hilt.

“You are so warm and ready. We fit together like a hand in a glove,” Dennis whispered.

The mention of ‘glove’ made him think of a condom, but it was too late. This cowgirl was riding him bareback. Sophie began building up speed gradually, not rushing the fucking. First, she pushed back up, almost but not quite allowing his organ to fall from her treasure, and then slowly lowering herself all the way back until her ass pressed against his thighs, then bouncing back up. With each repetition, she increased her pace. The old couch creaked in response, adding its own notes to the symphony of sex.

“You fill me up so much,” Sophie gasped, throwing her hair back, catching her breath with him pulsing meat buried deep into her womb. Dennis could feel her muscles clench, then relax, as if fucking his cock back.

Sophie was really a tiny girl, and Dennis had not taken time to think about whether she could handle his size. He was pleased that she seemed so satisfied, but he knew that she was far from finished. He was glad that she had already swallowed a load of his seed, because otherwise he knew that he would not last long before he shot his diminished gobs of goo deep into her belly.

“I’ve never been so full,” Sophie continued, her eyes teary with pleasure as she allowed her chest to fall against his body, writhing against his chest as she kept slamming her cunt into his groin, fucking him savagely.

Dennis had lost all sense of time. He knew it must still be afternoon, the sun still streamed in the picture window, through which anybody might see this friend of his son fucking him on the couch, but neither of them cared.

Sophie continued to fuck Dennis hard, while he tentatively tried nibbling and biting the sides of her neck, something which had never failed to bring his wife to the pinnacle. He worried though about how she would feel if he left her with a bright fresh red hickey on either side of her throat. How would she explain that to her cohort, to his son?

After a few more minutes of vigorous thrusting, Sophie’s legs tired, and she lowered her head onto Dennis’ shoulder, but her hips still quietly bumped against his groin, and her abdominal muscles, tight like only a young athlete’s can be, milked my mighty meat. I lowered her back down and as I did, she grabbed on to the couch. Sophie continued this quietly until she gasped for breath, and then pleasure crashed through her body like a tidal wave, exploding with great force, and then receding, before surging forward, again, and again.

“Ohmigawd, Dennis, you ARE a god, feel how you make me cum. Ravish me , fuck me until you can’t fuck any more. I can take whatever you can dish out. In fact, I need all you can give me.”

The last few words were spit out, barely spoken as Sophie panted, catching her breath, then nibbling Dennis’ neck, returning his passion of moments earlier. Until that point, Dennis had been content to leave Sophie in control, but now, as he felt her climax bursting through her body, he began thrusting his hips up off the couch, slamming deep into her cunt, each stroke faster and harder than the prior blow.

Fortunately, the stimulation just seemed to excite Sophie more. She gave him permission to continue, almost screaming out “I am your dirty little girl. Use me like the slut I am.”

Sophie was writhing on top of him, shouting passionately. “Finish, damn you, Dennis, fill me up. I know you can, old man. If you got hard, you have a load for me, for your precious slut.”

Dennis obeyed, twisting her nipples in his fingers as his hips rose higher off the couch, lifting Sophie’s slender form, and then, with her suspended almost in mid air, he arched his back, his seed bursting up from his balls, speeding up his shaft, spurting deep within her tender womb. Sophie’s fluids gushed out in return, coating his lap, probably staining the couch. Not that either of them cared about that at the moment. They were so enraptured that the entire neighbourhood, including Dennis’ sons, might be watching, and all that mattered was their shared lust.

Just as soon as Dennis had made that final thrust, his hips sank back to the cushion, and Sophie collapsed on top of his chest, the orgasmic highs receding, but the bliss still causing her to purr. As she lay there, catching her breath, Dennis caressed her breasts, then her flat young belly, and finally began kissing her neck, nibbling her ear. Sophie raised her face to look Dennis in the eyes, dreaminess still clouding her expression. She brought her lips to his. They kissed, and slowly their tongue met, sharing the promise of more in the future.

“Oh god Dennis,” Sophie whispered after coming up for air. ” None of the boys just becoming men have fucked me so well. I never felt so terrific in my whole life. I hope that you don’t mind if I say that I could get used to more of that.”

She giggled, settling her head again in the crook where his neck met his shoulder. She spoke softly again, her lips pressed up to his ear. “In fact, your cock feels like just the perfect one to take that pesky anal virginity – after we have a shower to clean up.”

“If we shower together, I might get so hard that I fuck your ass right then,” Dennis admitted, though instantly, he feared he had ruined the moment.

“Maybe we should just stay here and nap for a while, and then clean each other,” Sophie mused, ” this couch is sort of our special place now, but we can always just see what comes up.”

Dennis realized as the last few words reached him that Sophie had dozed off. After all the exercise on the couch, when he had planned to be napping, he was tired too, and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Sophie awoke first, once again interrupting Dennis’ afternoon nap. Not that she had much choice this time – she had slept peacefully snuggled naked on his lap, his satisfied cock half deflated, warm between their bellies, her head tucked neatly between his shoulder and neck, her teeny twenty year old weight easily balanced on his middle aged chest.

The couch creaked softly as Sophie wriggled, purring kittenishly, savouring the feel of that half turgid organ on her flesh. She raised her head enough to see his eyes open, slowly, first just narrow slits; then half way; and finally wide, his expression equally elastic as Dennis struggled to process what had happened to him that afternoon.

He had started out grabbing a quick nap on his living room couch during a rare quiet interlude while both his sons, and their many chums, were not at the house. He had thought he was dreaming that soft feminine hands and lips were toying with his cock, but had awoken to find Sophie, his son’s platonic school mate, on her knees finishing sucking his cock until she blew not just his load but also his mind.

She had climbed on the couch, insisting that he return the favour and eat her pussy, regardless of the risk that someone might see them. Finally, before they dozed off, she had ridden him cowgirl style, until eventually, after she had ridden him to more waves of glory, his seed pumped deep into her young womanly womb, the wisdom of a condom foregone in their passionate moment.

“I think it’s time that my ass is no longer virgin, don’t you?” Sophie whispered in her most girlish tone.

The devil within Dennis grinned, recalling the young woman’s earlier offer. The more practical angel side of his personality warned that if Sophie was here, others would be around too, and if not here already, soon would arrive. These youngsters travelled in gaggles of giggles.

His cock of course only heard the devil speak. It throbbed in joyful anticipation, each heart beat and breath pumping more blood down to fill the shaft. That meant Dennis had less oxygen to supply to his angelic self-restraint.

“I know I said we should shower first,” Sophie continued, “but after that nap, I’m way too horny to bother, and just get sweaty again. And I can tell that your cock is ready for it.”

Sophie rotated her hips, grinding her pelvis appreciatively along Dennis’ growing man meat. Her mouth widened into a grin.

“Hooray!” she shouted, oblivious to any risk of being heard.

She threw her arms high above the couch, bringing them down behind Dennis, drawing her face to his. Her lips parted as their mouths met, her tongue pushing deep passed his teeth, thrusting in the fucking motion she wanted Dennis to initiate. She tasted so sweet that Dennis wished that he could just kiss her all afternoon. His cock, however, had other ideas. It quickly swelled to full mast, its hardness obvious to her as she slid along his body. Sophie responded by grinding her hips harder against his groin. Once again Dennis had to wonder if this whole afternoon was a dream, but he no longer cared. He just wanted to fuck this angel in the ass.

He could feel her cunt moistening quickly, ready to resume where they had left off. He guessed that the nap had been brief, not only because the sun was still streaming through the front window, but because he was sure that the creaminess flowing out of her love canal and coating his weapon was not just her wetness, but must also still include the remnants of his earlier deposit.

Sophie’s hips raised up, and she moved her left arm down along his body until she could grasp his cock just above the root, angling it upwards. She wriggled, trying to guide it to her ass hole. He could feel his tip sliding along her perineum, and poking into her rosebud, but her sphincter refused to co-operate. It remained resolutely shut tight, no matter how hard Sophie tried to push her weight down onto Dennis’ massive offering. Even Dennis lifting his hips up off the cushion to try to add more movement failed to generate sufficient force.

Dennis rolled his body slightly, allowing his hand to fit between the sweaty bodies. The next time Sophie lowered against his cock, his fingers grazed her ass hole. Though he was far from an expert about anal sex, to him it seemed well lubricated. Inserting a finger pleased Sophie, who meowed like a kitten as she ground her ass down onto that digit.

She threw her head back, sinking her thighs as low as she could, trapping his hand, forcing his finger as deep into her bowel as he could reach. She paused for a moment, and twitched her hips first right, then left. With a deep sigh, Sophie dropped her upper body forward, which settled him even deeper inside her. As her diamond hard nipples carved a path along Dennis’ chest, he felt her abdominal muscles, and whatever those muscles in the ass were, dancing an exotic rhythm around his finger. This just made him wish that it was his cock. Any ambivalence or uncertainty he had felt about fucking Sophie’s tender young virginal ass had vanished. He was all in.

“Heavenly,” the young woman sighed, lost in her own dream world.

For a fleeting moment, he feared that Sophie, on the other hand, would extract all the anal pleasure she required just from the manual intrusion. He wondered whether he should try to slip his erection into her cunt, giving her a sort of double penetration, and providing him with a receptacle for the great gobs of goo he could feel gathering in his balls. He could not help grinning to himself that it was pretty good for an older guy like him to get off three times in one afternoon. No sooner did that thought occur to Denis than he had to admit to himself that it was the enthusiastic company more than his stamina which deserved the credit. Whatever satisfied her would be just fine for Dennis, who found himself wondering whether his afternoon was a one time impulse for Sophie, or whether they might fuck in the future.

“Still just foreplay though,” Sophie said, with a new, suddenly serious, edge to her voice. “I don’t think it counts as ass fucking unless there is an actual cock in the ass, and I don’t want to be some sort of half assed technical anal virgin still. If I’m going to be an anal slut, now is the time to start properly.”

Dennis watched Sophie’s pretty brow wrinkle. His cock did not flag during this pause. It seemed to trust the young woman’s wisdom and lust. She had been in the driver’s seat throughout, and he, especially his cock, was pleased to be along for the ride. The feeling of her pubic region rubbing against the hair of his belly was like icing on the cake.

He did not have to wait long before the room lit up as Sophie’s lips spread into a grin and her eyes danced with excitement.

“I know this was supposed to be your lazy afternoon on the couch,” she enthused, “but if you get up off the couch, I can bend over it and you can try to fuck my ass from behind. I bet that would work.”

She was so excited by her own suggestion that her body bounced up off his and settled back against his flesh, bobbling his cock and trapping it against her belly in the process.

There was no way that Dennis could say no to this angel.

“Fucking your terrific ass will be better than any afternoon nap I have ever had,” he answered.

Sophie had jumped up effortlessly before the words were even out of his mouth. Her right hand grasped his left wrist, helping him lever his bulk up off the cushions in a much more deliberate process. As he stood there, his dream state was disrupted by the realization that he was upright in his living room, shorts puddled around his ankles, his steely member unsheathed. The reflection of sunlight off the wall above the couch warned Dennis that anybody could be watching.

Any momentary doubt vanished as soon as Dennis saw that Sophie, gloriously naked, her body so fresh it looked unblemished, turned and bent, her hands up on the back of the couch, her ass presented to him. Her feet were just far enough apart that the curves of her buttocks framed her labia, which still shone brightly with the mix of her lubrication and his deposit. Sophie wriggled slightly and shifted, opening just a bit further, her rosebud anus winking at him, still not fully exposed.

Dennis stood there, bending down so he could see Sophie’s nipples dangling, stiff as if she were cold in spite of the warm summer air. She was just well enough endowed that the mounds shifted with each breath. Just looking at the young beauty made his cock ache. He stepped closer, his fingers reaching automatically between her shapely thighs, feeling her shudder as they grazed upward toward her cunt. The wetness was dripping from her snatch, her inner legs wet at least halfway to her wobbly knees.

“Spread your legs, show me what a slut you really are,” Dennis growled, getting totally into the character he somehow knew that Sophie needed him to play in order for her to surrender fully to her desires.

Sophie’s feet shifted just enough to spread her labia wide, begging him to touch her. The aggressor was now ready to submit, to be used, but as much for her own pleasure as for his.

“Please, fill me. Use me like your little fuck toy,” she gasped, though Dennis thought he caught her suppressing a giggle, which inspired him to gently swat her ass. That did make her bark laughter before her sigh of joy.

“Use my ass as a cheap fuck hole. Teach it that it has more important work to do than just pushing out shit.”

Sophie wriggled her hips then. Dennis noted once again how perfect her ass really was, and smiled knowing that he was doing mankind a huge favour by initiating her into anal sex. She was correct that not fucking an ass that enticing would be a waste.

Dennis teased Sophie’s labia with his fingers, his thumb gently grazing her engorged clit, watching her hips thrust back toward him, presenting herself for fucking in a primeval fashion.

“Hurry, please,” she begged. “My ass is long past being due for a good fucking.”

He rubbed his fingers deep in her cunt, making sure that the wetness was dripping off of them. Swiftly, he pulled them back and up, using his other hand to part her buttocks fully. He barely paused an instant to admire that rosebud, open, begging to be fucked as much as Sophie had said. His hips moved toward the inviting target without willful thought, his cock harder than it had been in ages. Ass fucking was not completely new to him, but he certainly had never fucked one which as ripe.

“Are you ready to get that hungry ass filled?” he asked.

Her response was a simple sigh and a positive shake of her head.

Dennis pressed the head of his fat cock against Sophie’s well lubricated hole as he pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as possible. He felt her wobble slightly, almost losing her balance as his energy pushed her toward the couch.

“I wish I could see your dick as it slips inside my ass hole,” Sophie breathed.

“The mirror. Side wall.” Dennis grunted in response, one hand moving from her hip to turn her face so that her wish was granted.

As she grinned, watching her final orifice being deflowered, her delicate pink ring began to stretch around the invading cock, As the head sank past that last barrier, Dennis could feel her sphincter tighten reflexively around his shaft, and she gasped lightly, expressing pleasure, not pain.

He pressed relentlessly forward, confident that they had enough wetness to allow him to sink his full length deep into her bowel in a single stroke, his balls slapping against the wetness of her cunt right where it was running down the back of her thighs.

“So good, it feels so good,” Sophie moaned as Dennis slowly began thrusting, pulling his cock out of her depths only about an inch, and then burying it again. Then he would pull two inches out, and thrust harder. Each stroke was that much longer, that much harder.

“Looks as great as it feels too,” she groaned, her ass thrusting back to add force to the fucking, using the arms stretched out to the back of the couch for leverage.

At the same time, her muscles – the abs, the gluts, the sphincter – all started responding, squeezing and then relaxing, milking his cock. Dennis was glad that he had already climaxed twice this afternoon, which meant he did not come again too quickly for Sophie to have a good fucking as she lost her anal virginity. He watched one girly hand lift off the back of the couch. As it disappeared under her body, he knew that Sophie was playing with her own clit, working herself toward yet another orgasm.

“Fuck me hard!” she screamed so loud that if anybody was outside the house, they would have no doubt that Dennis was fucking his son’s young friend.

“Come in my ass” Sophie begged through waves of climax, “show me how much your fat cock loves fucking my tight young ass”.

Dennis leaned further forward, until Sophie could feel his weight as he forcefully grunted against her, his organ throbbing pre-orgasmically within her tight passage. He reached beneath her, each of his hands roughly grasping one of her dangling tits, his fingers trapping her nipples, pinching them. Using her boobs as handles, Dennis rocked both of them, their flesh truly joined as one. “I can feel your balls tightening, so you must be close,” Sophie moaned. “Please, I can’t take much more…”

Dennis did not respond, unless you consider animal grunts to be a reply. His cock remained locked inside her ass the entire time, and he continued fucking her harder and harder.

Once again seizing control, the young woman slid her hand from her aching clit, reaching beneath her body. As soon as her nails grazed his scrotum, Dennis exploded, flooding her anus with great gobs of goo.

“Yessssss…..” Sophie screamed even louder, matching Dennis’ climax with one more of her own. She pushed back from the couch almost to an upright position, but he was still fucking his last drops into her ass.

They collapsed exhausted onto the cushions, laughing and smiling. Without further ado, they dozed off yet again, Sophie still nude, his flaccid cock still trapped in her poop chute.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


I had just arrived home from college on spring break the previous day and I was already bored; so bored that I was at the mall looking for any kind of action. I hadn’t been able to track down any friends who had spring break the same week as I did and had actually spent Friday night at home with my parents. I had no intention of spending Saturday night the same way even if it meant trolling the mall that afternoon, looking for anyone I knew. Fortunately, things turned out even better than I could have imagined. I was meandering along the upper level when I heard someone call my name. Because it was a female voice, I was excited to turn and see who it was but, when I did, I didn’t immediately see anyone I recognized. When she smiled, though, I realized it was Becky who had hailed me.

Becky and I had attended church together from when we’d been pre-teens into our early teen years. In fact, I’d had a bit of a crush on her for a while, which may have been how I recognized her so easily despite not having seen her in about five years. She had somehow gotten even cuter but, as my eyes dropped to check out her body, it took a moment to process what I was seeing. The unnatural way she was walking toward me was my first clue but, because she was facing directly toward me, I couldn’t tell right away that she was definitely pregnant. I don’t know if I didn’t have a visible reaction to that realization or whether she just ignored it, but she continued toward me with that same smile until we somewhat awkwardly hugged.

“So, what’s new?” I asked with a smirk, glancing down at her belly. She wasn’t huge but she wasn’t trying to hide that she was showing, either.

“How much time have you got?” she asked in response. So we started talking and eventually started walking as we talked and, when she needed to sit down for a bit, we stopped in the food court and continued talking. I learned that, when she’d gone off to college and was out from under her parents’ thumbs, she went a little bit wild. Not only did her grades reflect it immediately, but so did the fact that she found herself pregnant before she’d even been in class for a month. She made it very clear that it wasn’t as a result of sleeping around; she’d met a guy and had fallen in love but, when she told him she was pregnant, he disappeared…literally. He abruptly left school and she had no idea how to even reach him. Then there had been the occasion of having to tell her pious Christian parents. They had immediately yanked her out of school and she’d been under their watchful eye ever since. Getting out of the house and actually having an opportunity to socialize was almost unheard of, though they had lightened up just slightly. And while they weren’t thrilled that she was pregnant, they were even less thrilled that she was planning to give their first grandchild up for adoption. So she wasn’t shopping at the mall; she was just escaping the oppression of her highly critical, extremely judgmental parents.

We did talk about me a bit as I filled her in on my freshman year in college, which wasn’t nearly as eventful as hers. Despite the drama that she’d experienced, the feelings I’d had for her years ago were quickly reasserting themselves. I had a suspicion that Becky was aware of it, too, based on how her demeanor toward me softened. Initially, she wasn’t exactly standoffish, since she’d been the one who’d approached me, but I guess she seemed just a bit cautious, which was understandable. As time passed, however, she was even getting a bit flirtatious, which was what made me wonder if I was unknowingly wearing my heart on my sleeve.

“Whoa, look at the time,” she finally said, “I better get going before the ‘rents send out the infantry to find me. At least I’ll be free of them for a few hours tonight. They’ve got some event which, fortunately, they don’t want to drag me to so they won’t have to answer questions about my condition.”

“Why don’t I walk you out to your car?” I suggested, wanting to spend more time with her if I could manage it.

“Thanks,” she replied, then paused for a moment as if thinking something through, “Do you have any plans tonight? I feel like I’m cutting this short, but we can pick up where we left off later, if you’re free.”

“No, I’ve got nothing on my calendar,” I told her.

“How about I call you once they leave?” she said, “I hope you don’t mind sneaking around a little. I’m sure they’d have a conniption if they knew I’d just spent so much time with a boy, much less invited him into their house while they’ll be gone. Even being a boy from church wouldn’t make a difference.”

“No, that’s fine with me,” I replied, hoping that, being alone in her house, we wouldn’t end up just continuing our conversation.

We planned it all out as I walked her out to the parking deck and to her car. Once she’d unlocked it and opened the door, she turned back to me, maybe just to say goodbye, but I went for it and leaned in to kiss her. Fortunately, she responded positively and before I knew it, we were making out. Her arms went around my neck and mine went to her waist, her belly pressing against my abdomen, but I couldn’t resist sliding my hands down to her ass. My cock was growing as we made out and I caressed her ass, but she couldn’t feel it against her because her belly was in the way and I figured that was probably a good thing.

“I really should go,” she finally said after pulling away from me, “but I’ll see you later.”

She slipped into the driver’s seat and gave me one more smile before closing the door. I headed for the stairwell to get to my own car as she drove off, the threat of my cock bursting from my jeans diminishing with each step. I was on Cloud 9 because that last smile she’d given me was definitely not indicating any regret or apprehension; that smile definitely said we’d be enjoying each other’s company that night.

I was in a fantastic mood as I headed home and while I killed the next few hours until I heard from her. Since the drive to her house would only take about ten minutes, we’d decided that she would call me once her parents were gone, figuring that it was unlikely they’d come back after that ten minute period. Once she gave me the “all clear,” I tried to take my time in heading out, just to give her parents a bit more time in case they forgot something and had to turn around. When I finally parked, a couple of houses away as she’d requested, I was almost jittery with excitement. I’d barely rung the doorbell when she swung the door open, so I assumed that she was pretty excited, too. Once I’d stepped inside and she’d closed the door behind me, we were in each other’s arms in the entryway, making out.

I’d noticed that she’d changed clothes from the shirt and pants she’d been wearing at the mall to a dress and, when I reached down to caress her ass, I discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties. This could only be taken as an extremely positive and encouraging sign. It was after only a couple of minutes that Becky backed up slightly and suggested we relocate.

“Let’s go downstairs,” she said, “If my parents were to return, we’d hear them and, if I couldn’t sneak you out in time, I could hide you until they went to bed.”

She took my hand and led me through a door, closing it behind us as we headed down the stairs into a finished basement.

“I’m going to assume that you don’t have much experience with pregnancy,” she said as we made our way downstairs.

“My only experience was during the nine months prior to my birth,” I replied, “but I really don’t remember anything about it.”

“Well your first lesson is that my body is currently being blasted with hormones,” she said as we approached a couch, “and I don’t know if it’s the same for every pregnant woman, but I’ve found that pregnancy makes me incredibly horny. I’ve been taking care of my needs all by myself for months, but I assume you’d be okay with lending me a hand.”

“How about if I lend you a tongue?” I replied and had her sit on the couch as I knelt before her. She reclined back and spread her legs as I started sliding the hem of her dress up, ultimately revealing her trim, brown bush. She took the hem from me and raised it over her belly as I lowered my head and started kissing her smooth inner thighs. I worked my way closer to her pussy while alternating sides until her protruding belly loomed over me. After a quick look at how well-groomed her bush was, I ran my tongue up her slit, tasting her copious juices and causing her to moan.

I’d never eaten a pussy with a protruding belly right above it so, even though she wasn’t huge yet, it took a little bit of adjusting to get used to it. It occurred to me that, although I didn’t believe it would be a problem, it would also require some adjustment to have sex with her and that certain positions might be out completely while others might be the most conducive to mutual pleasure. It was just a passing thought because the longer I lapped at her pussy, the louder she was moaning and the more she was rocking her hips toward my face. When I slipped a finger into her, finding her fairly snug and quite slippery, and started licking and sucking her clit, it surprised me when she suddenly started to shake as she came.

I suspected that my technique was not solely responsible for her cumming so quickly and, as I continued to eat her through that first orgasm, I figured that the hormones and her general horniness were accountable as well. She made no move to stop me when it appeared as though she’d finished cumming, so I just kept at it, licking and sucking her clit while pumping my finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy. My cock was rigid and I was looking forward to slipping it into her but I also had no problem with spending some time focused on repeatedly satisfying her. If nothing else, it would certainly take the pressure off of my performance once I did slip into her and, additionally, it would make a return invitation more likely.

It wasn’t long before she came again and, as I continued to devour her pussy, she continued to cum. When she finally stopped me, I don’t know if it was because it became too much for her or she just wanted to switch things up while we still had the time. In any case, she eventually started to sit up while taking my head in her hands.

“That was amazing,” she said then leaned down to kiss me, “but I want your cock now.”

I had no intention of arguing with her but, before I started to strip down to give it to her, I grasped the hem of her skirt from where it rested on top of her belly and raised it up over her head, revealing that she was completely naked beneath it. As I cast it aside, I leaned down to lick her hard nipples then also caressed the soft, smooth flesh of her tits. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair, but soon stopped me from doing that, as well.

“Stand up for me,” she said, so I kissed her then did. As she started to open my jeans, I pulled my shirt up over my head so I’d be as naked as she was. I kicked off my shoes as she got my jeans down so that I could step out of them. Before taking down my underwear, she caressed the bulge that was threatening to break through them. When she started sliding my underwear down, my rigid tool sprung out in her face and, once my underwear hit my ankles and I was stepping out of them, she took it in her hand and slowly pumped it. I moaned softly and ran my fingers through her long, brown hair as she gently tongued the head then engulfed it fully in her mouth. She ran her mouth up and down my tool a few times, just long enough to let me know that she was a skilled cocksucker, before slipping it free and looking up at me while still pumping it.

“What do you think,” she asked, “position-wise?”

Missionary was pretty much out, though I wouldn’t have suggested that, anyway. I figured doggie-style would work but didn’t seem very intimate for our first time. I ended up sitting on the couch and had her facing away from me, which gave me a moment to admire her sweet ass as she lowered herself onto my lap. I probably could have laid back on the couch and had her straddle me while facing me but that would also lack a bit of closeness and would make stroking her clit to help her get off a bit more difficult. I held her hips, my fingertips extending onto her belly, as she grasped my cock and guided it to her pussy. As she lowered herself onto it, we both moaned and, once it was fully embedded inside her, she sat there briefly as my hands moved up to cup her tits.

When she started to move up and down on my throbbing cock, she was initially sitting straight up with her hands resting on my knees. I continued to caress her tits as I looked down at her ass bouncing up and down on my lap. Her pussy felt just as amazing as I’d expected it would but I wasn’t worried about cumming too quickly since she’d already cum several times. I also figured if her hot pussy caused me to blow my load immediately that, not only wouldn’t she hold it against me, but she probably wouldn’t have much difficulty getting me fired up to go again.

She started out moving slowly up and down, allowing both of us to enjoy the full embedment of my cock over and over. I savored the feel of her pussy sliding up and down my tool while fondling her tits but, because of her protruding belly, I couldn’t get a hand onto her pussy to stroke her clit as I’d hoped to. Fortunately, as she’d said, she’d been taking care of her own needs for months so it didn’t surprise me when she dropped her own hand down between her thighs. As she rode me harder and faster, moaning louder and longer as she did, I leaned back, releasing her titties and taking her by the waist. Each time she was coming down on my tool, I would pull down on her hips as I pushed up into her, giving her the maximum penetration I could manage.

Though I had been expecting to cum almost immediately, I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t and was able to savor the pleasure provided by her hot pussy as she continued to ride me harder and faster. I was even more pleasantly surprised when, just I was actually starting to feel the stirrings of my orgasm due to her pussy continuing to feel even better the longer she was riding me, she slammed herself down on me and started to shake. I could feel goosebumps break out all over her skin and was glad that she was having another orgasm. I was thinking that maybe we could go with doggie-style after all so I could finish up myself by fucking her good and hard, but she had other ideas.

When she’d apparently finished cumming, she stood up, my cock slipping out of her hot pussy, and turned to face me. She leaned down, her tits swinging, and kissed me as I caressed those swinging titties. As she dropped to her knees, her tits moved out of my reach but, since I had a suspicion about what was impending, I wasn’t too broken up about it. Kneeling before me, she took my throbbing cock, still slick with her juices, and pumped it briefly in her fist before wrapping her lips around it. I moaned and reached out to caress her hair as she engulfed my tool in her hot mouth. I thought maybe she was going to suck my cock briefly again then we’d pick another position for further fucking but, as she continued to bob her head up and down and my orgasm continued to build, I started thinking that I’d prefer cumming in her mouth and fucking her again after a brief recovery.

She was demonstrating again that she not only had a talent for cocksucking but also appeared to be appreciative of having an opportunity to have her lips wrapped around a cock. I suppose if denied the opportunity since she’d become pregnant, the desire might have become overwhelming. She certainly seemed to be savoring having my cock in her mouth and was moaning softly as she slid her lips up and down my shaft. I was likewise savoring having her mouth sliding up and down my tool as I felt my orgasm gradually building as my cock grew even thicker. She was pumping the base as she slid her lips down as far as she could manage, which was pretty far along the length of my shaft. Her abilities weren’t the only thing that providing the pleasure I was experiencing. Being able to watch her, somebody who’d I’d had such a crush on at one time, and seeing how enthusiastic she was really was a turn-on, as well.

With her considerable talents, she managed to draw out the pleasure I was experiencing, though I’m not certain that it was completely for my benefit. I was savoring the experience but ultimately reached a point where I knew I was on the verge of a momentous orgasm. As my cock swelled even more, Becky didn’t let up or hesitate; she maintained her pace and, as I exploded into her mouth with a cry of pleasure, she swallowed my load and continued to suck me off. Only once I was completely spent did she let my cock fall from her mouth and raise her head to smile at me.

“That was outstanding,” I told her as I caught my breath. She let go of my cock and moved up to sit beside me on the couch, leaning over to rest her head on my shoulder.

“Outstanding doesn’t even do justice to the way you made me feel,” she replied.

I put my arm around her and kissed her head as we sat there, naked, relishing the experience we’d just shared.

“I’m glad you’re not put off by me being pregnant,” she said after a bit.

“It’s a new experience for me,” I replied, running my hand over her belly, “but so far I really, really like it!”

We started to kiss again as I caressed her belly and brought my hands up to also fondle her tits and stimulate her hard nipples. I could feel the blood returning to my spent cock as we progressed to making out and, when she reached for it and began to stroke it, the recovery was accelerated. I ran my hand over her belly again but continued over it and between her thighs to find her pussy dripping wet once again. It was obvious that, even if I wasn’t fully erect yet, I’d have no trouble slipping into her hot pussy, so I moved off of the couch to kneel in front of her and slipped my cock into her. She moaned and closed her eyes as my cock filled her again but I was watching her tits bouncing as I started to slowly thrust in and out of her. Rather than reach up and still them, I lifted and spread her legs to allow me full penetration into her sweet pussy.

I liked this position because I had a nice view of Becky’s body and could also see the various looks of pleasure on her face but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold her legs up for an extended period. Aside from that, I wanted to be using my hands on her tits or my fingertips on her clit, so I knew this was not the best position I could have chosen. I suspected that she wouldn’t have any issues with making a change. Before she got too close to cumming or my arms got too tired, I let her legs down and slipped out of her.

“I think I’ve got a better idea,” I said as she opened her eyes and looked at me inquisitively. I helped her to sit up as I stood, then had her turn around, kneeling on the sofa cushions while resting her head on the back of the couch. Stepping up behind her, I caressed her ass before guiding my tool back into her. She pushed back as my girth filled her again then I took her by the hips and began to slowly fuck her again. Once I had a nice rhythm going, I moved my hands up from her waist to her swinging tits and cupped them against my palms. This was a much better position for me and, based on the noises she was making, it appeared to be doing the trick for Becky as well.

Her pussy was amazingly slippery and quite snug so it felt incredible as I slid my cock repeatedly in and out of it. Despite how pleasurable it felt, I was not feeling the immediate build of an orgasm, which I attributed to having cum once already. Fortunately, it seemed to work out the opposite way for Becky. It seemed like, after having that first orgasm, the subsequent ones came easier. I hadn’t been fucking her from behind for very long when I felt her entire body trembling and her pussy, amazingly, felt even hotter and more slippery. The better her pussy felt, the faster I was fucking her, just wanting to feel that intense pleasure as much as I could. Of course, the faster I fucked her, the faster she came again. At my age, the times I’d been able to make a girl cum during sex were few and far between, so giving a girl multiple orgasms during sex was unprecedented. I didn’t know if it was being pregnant or if that was just the way Becky was but it was doing wonders for my ego.

When I felt my orgasm gradually building, I was starting to wonder if it was going to be okay to cum inside her. I knew that there obviously wasn’t any concern with getting her more pregnant, but I wasn’t sure that it was cool to assume she’d be okay with it, especially after what had happened with the last guy she’d let do that. Almost as if she was reading my mind, she said, “You can cum inside me if you want.” It was the first time I’d ever been given that kind of clearance while riding bareback so, even though I would have been cool with pulling out and pumping a load on her lower back or in her ass crack, I knew cumming inside her without protection was going to feel absolutely outstanding.

As stoked as I was, I wasn’t necessarily anxious to reach that point because I was really enjoying fucking her. I didn’t end up slipping my fingertips down to stroke her clit after all because she quite obviously didn’t require the additional stimulation. Instead, I continued to fondle her swinging tits until I started getting closer to cumming. At that point, I brought my hands back to her waist and held her as I fucked her harder and faster, my orgasm building more quickly. When I finally exploded into her with a moan of pleasure, I continued to thrust with each spurt of jizz and, before I’d finished cumming, she started trembling as she came again. I only stopped thrusting into her when my cock started to soften and, at that point, she straightened up on her knees, leaning back against me. My hands went from her hips to her belly and caressed it as she tilted her head back so we could kiss.

My cock slipped out of her as we were kissing and my hands migrated up to cup her tits. As she turned toward me, still kneeling on the couch, my hands went from her tits to her ass and her arms went around my neck. We made out for a few minutes until she had to move off of the couch as my cum started running out of her pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

“Stains on the couch cushions might give us away,” she laughed as she reached for a nearby box of Kleenex. She handed me a couple then started cleaning herself up as I did the same. She took the Kleenex to the bathroom and flushed them then closed the door I assumed to clean herself up further. I gathered up my clothes while I waited for her, thinking that, at the very least, I should be ready if I needed to take off abruptly since it was getting late.

“Have to go?” she asked as she returned and saw me getting dressed.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “Do I?”

“Probably,” she confirmed, “though I wish you didn’t.”

“Well, I’m on break all week,” I told her, “I’d like to see you as much as possible.”

“Even if that means sneaking around in the dead of night?” she asked.

“Whatever it takes,” I assured her, taking her in my arms and kissing her. We held each other for a few minutes before both getting dressed. She went upstairs and checked quickly to confirm that the coast was clear then called for me. She walked out the back door with me in case her parents were on their way; she wouldn’t want them pulling up as I was walking down the front walk. As we stood on the back deck saying good-bye, I noticed another door.

“Is that from the garage?” I asked, pointing to it.

“Yes,” she replied, “so we’d see their headlights if they were to pull in while we’re standing here, but you wouldn’t want to pass that door as you made your escape.”

“Actually, I was thinking that, if your parents are sound sleepers, we could rendezvous in the garage in the dead of night.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” she said, “It wouldn’t be the ideal spot but given a choice of that or nothing, I’m sure we can make it work and the risk of anyone finding out would be minimal.”

So we agreed that, the next night, I would come by at 11:30pm, which would be 90 minutes after her parents typically went to bed. The first thing I’d check would be that there was not light in their bedroom window, then I’d come around to the garage door. If Becky was already in there, she’d have the lamp on her father’s workbench turned on, otherwise I’d wait outside until she turned it on. With our plan in place, I really needed to take off so we wouldn’t get caught and make it even more difficult to see each other. The next night, however, things went smoothly.

She was already in the garage when I showed up, wearing a nightgown and robe. As I held her and we made out, I could feel as I caressed her ass that she was not wearing panties. My cock was growing rigid, but because of her belly, she wasn’t able to feel it against her. She did reach down, though, and find that I was nearly ready to go, but I wasn’t planning to fuck her right away.

“I’m going to eat your pussy then I’m going to fuck you,” I whispered in her ear.

“Then I’m going to suck your cock and swallow your cum,” she replied.

Fortunately her parents’ garage-kept cars were clean so she sat up on the trunk of the closest one and leaned back against the rear window with her feet on the bumper. I pushed her nightgown up as her robe hung open until her trim brown bush was visible below her baby bump. After kissing along her smooth inner thighs, I ran my tongue up her slit and tasted the abundant juices she was producing. She moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair as I lapped at her slit before slipping a finger into her snug pussy. I focused on licking and sucking her clit while sliding my finger in and out, knowing that it was not going to take much before she was cumming. Although the risk of being discovered was minimal, we still felt it would be unwise to spend too much time indulging ourselves; we just couldn’t afford that luxury.

Her breathing rate was picking up as she tried to keep her moaning stifled while her pussy just grew wetter and more engorged. I wasn’t surprised this time when she came very quickly and, obviously, quite intensely. I continued licking, sucking and fingering until she let out a long sigh, then slipped my finger free and straightened up. I had been thinking about her just staying on the trunk and slipping my cock into her, but she hopped down immediately and started to open my jeans. Once she had my cock extracted and had pumped it in her hand a couple of times, she turned around and started to hike up her nightgown and robe. I pushed my jeans and underwear down a little bit further then took the hems of both of her garments and raised them until her ass was exposed.

She laid her head on her arms on the trunk of the car as I guided my cock into her pussy from behind, a soft gasp escaping her as my full length slipped in. Holding her hips and looking down at her ass, I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her but, again knowing that we didn’t have time to indulge, I was fucking her hard and fast pretty quickly. Her ass jiggled just a bit each time my hips slapped against it and I noted that one of her hands crept down between her legs. I’d have stimulated her clit myself but, since she was taking care of it, I moved my hands up to cup her swinging tits.

Since she’d said that she was going to suck my cock and swallow my load, I was planning to fuck her hard and fast until I was on the verge, then let her finish me off. With her apparent natural proclivity for fast, easy orgasms, and her fingers helping the cause, she ended up cumming a lot sooner than I was ready. I continued to fuck her as her body was trembling but, once she’d finished cumming, she straightened up and my cock slipped out of her. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss before hunkering down in front of me and taking my cock in her fist. She pumped it a few times before wrapping her lips around it and inhaling my shaft. It was my turn to gasp as her hot mouth engulfed my tool and her lips started to slide up and down it while she pumped the base.

I’d been feeling the stirrings of my orgasm when she’d cum and fucking her hotter, wetter pussy had continued to bring it on. As she sucked my cock, my orgasm was immediately surging again and, though I had enough time to savor the building pleasure, my cock was soon swelling even more as I approached the verge. When I exploded into her mouth, she continued to suck and pump my cock until she was certain that I was completely spent. When she finally let it fall from her mouth and smiled up at me, I reached down to help her stand.

“Thanks,” she said softly.

“No, thank you,” I replied.

We held each other for another few minutes before we knew that I needed to go. Over the next several days, we had equally successful trysts in the garage and she managed to sneak in a few phone calls during which we discussed them. I would have been perfectly content to keep up with this routine until I had to head back to school, though my preference would have been for something longer and more relaxed, but another opportunity presented itself. Becky waited until the last minute to tell me just in case it fell through, but her parents had another event to attend on the Saturday night before I would be heading back to school. Because Becky had been so compliant during the week, which was mainly due to her not being sexually frustrated, they were comfortable with leaving her alone again.

I’d become adept at sneaking around her house, so I was even more cautious on that Saturday night in case this ended up being a test of some kind for her. She let me in through the garage since I’d become so familiar with that entrance. We embraced and made out briefly before she gleefully led me into the house.

“We’re going to my bedroom this time,” she explained, “because I want you in my bed and I want to look into your eyes while you’re fucking me.”

I loved that she said “fucking” instead of “making love to” or “having sex with.”

I followed her through the house and up the stairs, failing to keep my hands off her sweet ass as she ascended ahead of me. In her bedroom, we stood beside her bed.

“I’m going to undress you, then I’m going to undress for you,” she told me, “then I’m going ride your cock.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her take-charge demeanor and was perfectly okay with letting her determine our course of action. I had also done plenty of thinking about things that I wanted to do, however, so I wasn’t going to hesitate to make sure we did what I wanted to do, as well. We made out again as she started to work my shirt up and I kicked off my sneakers. She backed up slightly to get my shirt over my head, then let it drop to the floor and started to open my jeans. My cock was already rigid as she slipped her hand into my jeans to massage it before dropping to her knees and working them down. She helped me to step out of my jeans as my cock was threatening to burst out of my tighty-whities. With my jeans cast aside, she massaged my throbbing cock through my underwear then started to slide them down, allowing it to spring out.

As she slid my underwear down and helped me step out of them, she brought her face close to my throbbing cock and stuck her tongue out to lick the head. Once my underwear were dealt with and I was standing naked before her, she briefly pumped my cock in her fist while licking the head before standing up. She had me lay on her bed, propped up on her pillows so I could watch as she stripped down for me. Climbing up on the bed, she stood over me wearing a very cute dress which I quickly learned wasn’t the only thing she was wearing. She lifted the hem and showed off a pair of sexy bikini panties which would have made my cock rigid if it hadn’t been already. She rubbed the front of the panties while almost directly over my head, then turn and lifted the back of the dress to show me her ass. I wanted to just yank her panties down and have her sit on my cock, but she had moved to the end of the bed then turned to face me again.

She raised the front of her dress again, this time high enough to expose a sexy bra that matched her panties. Holding the hem against her chest with her chin, she cupped and caressed her tits through her bra, tugging on her hard nipples, then ran her hands over her protruding belly. She rubbed the front of her panties again then apparently decided she couldn’t wait any longer and started pushing her panties down. As I gazed at her trim bush, she was kicking her panties aside while pulling the dress up over her head. Left wearing only her bra, she quickly shed that, as well.

“I had these visions of doing a sexy striptease for you,” she explained as she lowered herself to her knees over my cock, “but I just want your cock too much.”

I moved the pillows and adjusted myself so that I was lying flat rather than sitting propped up. She moaned long and loud once she’d guided my cock to her pussy and dropped down on it. I moaned as well, feeling how hot and wet her pussy was as it engulfed my throbbing tool. She sat for a moment, feeling it filling her snug pussy, before starting to slowly move up and down on it. My hands, of course, went right to her tits and caressed the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples. After nearly a week of rushed encounters in a chilly garage, lying on her soft, warm bed with her looming over me and no real risk of being interrupted was idyllic, though I considered any opportunity to have my cock buried in her pussy to be pretty sweet regardless of the situation.

I was able to just lie there, enjoying her tits and the feel of her pussy, while she experimented a bit until she determined which type of movement on my cock apparently provided her with the most pleasure. Once she’d made that determination, she started riding me harder and faster, pursuing her first of presumably many orgasms. I did find it amusing that, after claiming that she wanted to look into my eyes while fucking me, her eyes were actually closed as she rode my cock. I was okay with that, though, since I was taking the opportunity to visually as well as physically explore her body. Knowing that I was going back to school the following day, I wasn’t sure how long it would be before I got another opportunity to see her naked so I was absorbing every visible detail while I had the chance.

It was no surprise, though it still did please me, when she let out a cry and her entire body began to tremble as she came. She slowed down as she enjoyed the waves of pleasure washing over her but, once her orgasm had apparently run its course, she went right back to riding me hard and fast again. I was savoring the feel of her now wetter and more engorged pussy sliding up and down my tool, though I was in no immediate danger of cumming yet myself. Though not bored with her tits, I did run my hands around to caress her ass while watching her tits bouncing as she continued riding me hard. After she came a second time not long after the first, she slowed down a bit and opened her eyes finally.

“I’m not sure if there are any other positions where we can still make eye contact,” she said, finally making eye contact, “so I hope you’re not getting bored.”

“Although I’m not even remotely bored,” I replied, “I do have an idea for another position.”

She was game so I had her climb off of me and we traded places. Grabbing the pillows I’d cast aside earlier, I had her lift her ass up off the bed and wedged them under her. With her ass up off the bed, I was able to kneel between her spread legs and guide my cock back into her hot, slippery pussy. As I hooked her legs over my arms and started to thrust in and out of her, she was cupping her tits and caressing her hard nipples with a smile on her face. She was clearly pleased with this option and I certainly had no qualms about it myself. Her pussy was still snug and slick and I could look down and watch my cock sliding in and out of it. Of course in this position she started out initially maintaining eye contact, though I realized that she was starting to get a faraway look the longer I fucked her, so I didn’t feel bad about dropping my gaze down to my cock, shiny with her juices.

She ran her hands down from her tits to the curve of her belly, caressing it briefly before one hand found its way to her clit and caressed that instead. The smile and faraway look were giving way to a passionate expression that indicated she was experiencing some intense pleasure. This made me feel very good that I was able to provide this level of pleasure to her. My attention was also drawn to her tits, which were bouncing with my thrusting now. As I thought about how much I wanted to lick and suck her nipples it occurred to me that, being pregnant, she might actually be producing milk. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the idea of actually breastfeeding off of her. Before I spent much time contemplating it, Becky let out a cry of pleasure and started to tremble again. I continued fucking her while savoring the increased lubrication in her already slick and snug pussy.

“I want to suck your cock,” she said once she’d finished cumming and was catching her breath.

“Can I eat your pussy at the same time?” I asked, since I hadn’t yet that night.

“I don’t think I’m too big to sixty-nine yet,” she replied, rubbing her belly as I slipped out of her.

“You want the top or bottom?” I asked.

“Top,” she replied, so we repositioned with me on my back and her on all-fours over me. As she grasped the base of my cock, I was gazing up at her trim, brown bush, admiring it before devouring it. She pumped my cock a couple of times before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them down as far as she could. I moaned, relishing the pleasure of her hot mouth, before reaching up to run my hands over her smooth ass and jutting out my tongue to lick her slit. She moaned herself in response to my tongue, though that wasn’t necessarily the reason that I started licking her more vigorously. I did want to pleasure her, obviously, but tasting her pussy again just made me want to taste it more and more. I lapped up the juices that were flowing from her as I caressed her ass before bringing one of my hands down to slip a finger into her. It slid in easily and I started pumping it while licking and sucking her clit.

We were both enthusiastically devouring each other, our moans filling the room, and it just remained to be seen who would cum first. Of course I don’t think either of us was surprised when it ended up being Becky. I could feel her snug pussy become even more engorged around my pumping finger and continued to lick her even as she started to shake. She briefly ceased sucking my cock as she let out a cry of pleasure, which was fine with me as I was still focused on eating her sweet young pussy. When she finally stopped cumming, she moved off of me while breathing very heavily.

“You’re too good to me,” she finally said, positioning herself beside me, “but I want to make you cum now.”

She wrapped her lips around my tool again and I watched as it was fully engulfed in her mouth. It felt incredible but it was also extremely arousing to watch. I also had a nice side view of her naked body as she knelt beside me so I admired the curve of her ass and belly and her dangling tits as she bobbed her head up and down. I was certain that she was employing all of her skills in drawing out my pleasure this time because I can’t believe that I was able to last as long as I did and the levels of pleasure were incredibly intense. I would have been perfectly happy to savor both the pleasure and the stimulating view for much longer, but eventually I did reach the point where I was on the verge of cumming. When I exploded into her mouth with a moan of pleasure, she swallowed my load and continued nursing my cock until I had nothing left to give. Once she let my cock fall from my mouth, she moved around to lay with me.

Every year in December Mrs. Claus made a trip from the North Pole to here in sunny Florida. Like Santa, she needed a break away from everything going on in the North Pole. It was several years ago when I met her and we started our affair.

Now I know what you are thinking; how can I be interested in some old woman? Well let me tell you Mrs. Claus isn’t an old woman, at least not in appearance. I don’t know how she has stayed so young looking, but hey I’m not complaining. Ever since our first encounter, she has made it a point to stop at my house and every year I have looked forward to it.

A knock at my door made me jump up from my chair. I knew it was her and I was overly excited. I open the door to see Mrs. Clause wearing a tight little red teddy.

“Merry Christmas!” she shouts.

“Speaking of which,” I say, my voice thick with desire.

She walks in and kisses me. She lingers on the kiss for several long minutes before breaking away and walking into the living room. I guess the long year apart drove her mad as well. She unzips the teddy and lets it fall to the floor before spinning around in front of the fire place toward me. Her eyes are pinned by my gaze at her slender, sexy body. She shivers and takes a deep breath and I know it’s from the heat in my eyes. My gaze drops to her perfectly set breasts. Her nipples are already as my rock hard as my cock.

I close the door and peel off my clothes as I walk over to her. I press my lips against hers in a deep, lingering kiss. This time she pushes her tongue into my mouth in a more controlled manner. I wrap my tongue around hers, tasting her. My hands push her back against the wall next to the fire place. They slide up to her breasts, softly squeezing them. Our kiss grows stronger, harder and more passionate.

Mrs. Claus reaches down between our bodies to rub her fingers against my cock. It feels great in her loving hands. She breaks away from the kiss to look down. “I’ve waited all year long for you,” she says almost sadly.

“Hasn’t Mr. Claus been taking care of you?” I ask.

“He’s not the man that you are. Nor is he as big as you.” She drops to her knees and leans forward, slipping her mouth over the head of my cock. As she slowly lower her mouth down me, I moan softly.

“Lucky me,” I say.

“No, lucky me,” Mrs. Claus corrects as she pulls her lips back to the tip of my cock.

She takes me back into her mouth and increases the speed of her movement. She slides her lips along my shaft while sucking firmly on me. At the same time she rubs her hand up and down the base of my cock. I moan deeply as I wrap my fingers in her hair.

“Oh, yes that feels good,” I say. “Keep that up and I’ll be cumming soon.”

She continues to suck on me vigorously, sliding her lips along my shaft. Then my cock begins to throb in her mouth. I grip her hair tighter, pushing her further onto my cock. “I’m going to cum,” I hiss.

A second later I am cumming, blasting her throat with hot, sticky cum. She gives a startled squeal as I fill her mouth. I let out a deep moan of pleasure as I pump squirt after squirt into her tiny mouth. As soon as I finish cumming I pull her to her feet. I could see her swallow the last bit and she licks her lips clean just before I kiss her again. I press my lips hard onto hers and then slip my tongue into her mouth, tasting my own cum.

“Mrs. Claus, that was fantastic,” I say almost excitedly.

She smiles and I take one of her luscious breasts into my mouth. She gasps sharply at the feel of my lips around her breast. I move from breast to breast, licking and sucking. I am in heaven as it has been a whole year since I’ve gotten to suck on Mrs. Claus’ breasts. They are the most perfect, rounded breasts I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. I focused on her two hard nipples, licking and sucking on them. I could be happy to spend the rest of the night just sucking on them, but I couldn’t because I only get to see her once a year.

I drop to my knees in front of her and push her legs apart to plant a soft kiss on her pussy. Mrs. Claus spreads them open even further for me as she looks down. Her face is full of anticipation in what I was about to do. Her eyes flash with both lust and need and I’m not going to deprive her of either. I kiss her pussy again and then run my tongue up the outer lips. Mrs. Claus gives a soft hiss. I reach up and use my fingers to part her lips, then press my face against her and begin licking. I push my tongue into her pussy, causing her to moan softly again. I can feel her leaning against the wall and she lifts one leg up onto my shoulder to give me better access.

I take the opportunity to lick deeply into her, tasting her juices as I do. Mrs. Claus’ moans grow deeper and I can feel her pushing herself into my face. I move upward with my tongue to flick her clit with it and when I do Mrs. Claus lets out a sharp cry. I smile to myself and flick her clit again. This time the cry is at an even higher pitch than before. I run my tongue over her clit with more rapid movement. I run my tongue over it and around it, circling it rapidly so that my tongue never loses contact. Mrs. Claus’ cries are cries of passion and pleasure.

“Yes, yes!” she cries. “More please!”

I reach up to cup one of her breasts, squeezing it firmly and twisting the nipple between my fingers. Mrs. Claus gasps and then moans. She pushes her body harder against my face. I know she is about to cum so I push two fingers into her pussy, sliding them rapidly in and out of her. I feel her body react as her pussy tightens around them.

Yes, yes!” she gasps as her orgasm hits her. I quickly pull my fingers away and replace them with my tongue. I lick as she cums, tasting all of her juices as they pour freely from her pulsating pussy. Mrs. Claus makes repeated cries of passion as her orgasm sweeps over her. I lick until I feel it die down. As I stand back up, I hook her leg off my shoulder into my hand. Quickly I position myself against her. My cock pushes at her entrance before I ram it up into her, thrusting my cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh god!” she squeals as I ram it up into her.

I pull out and slam it in again and again, repeatedly ramming my cock deep into her pussy. Mrs. Claus gasps, crying out from the sensations I cause. I, myself, moan softly as I feel her tight, warm pussy open around me, squeezing my cock with each thrust.

“Mrs. Claus, you feel so fucking good,” I gasp.

“Ohhh, I love your cock,” she says back to me.

I lean forward, kissing her hard and she kisses back, curling her tongue around mine. I feel her push forward to meet my thrusts. As my cock pushes deeper and deeper with each thrust it feels like I am hitting a wall inside her. Each thrust make her shake and cry out in pleasure.

“Yes, of god yes,” she squeals. “I’m going to cum all over your hard cock!”

Her body shutters against mine and I feel her juices soak my cock. I continue to thrust hard into her as she cums, adding to her pleasure and sending ripples of ecstasy through her. I slide my hands down tot grip her ass and lift her off the floor. I carry her over to the couch, dropping her on her back. Mrs. Claus lies gasping at the orgasm’s final tingles.

I stand between her legs, starring down at her. My cock rests against her thigh as I reach up to reverently run my hands over her breasts. Reaching down between her thighs, Mrs. Claus takes hold of my cock. If feels slick as she rubs her fingers along my shaft. I look down at her with eyes burning with lust as she puts her hands to her mouth to lick off the juices. I reach for her, pulling her toward me. My cock presses against her pussy and with a hard thrust I am in her again.

If my thrusts were hard before, they were nothing compared to now. I slam into her, pushing my cock totally into her. Each thrust rams me as far inside her pussy as I can possibly go. She gasps hard with each thrust to the point of me taking her breath away.

“Mrs. Claus, you are so fucking tight,” I grunt between thrusts.

Mrs. Claus can only moan in reply. The force of my thrusts has taken the power of speech from her. Mrs. Claus’ pussy feels like a molten fire around my cock. She writhes on the couch, crying out in pleasure as I bring her to the edge of another orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Mrs. Claus screams as her body shutters beneath me.

Her orgasm is so strong she screams wildly and rolls and twists on the couch. I have to grip her hips to hold her down as I continue to ram into her. I fuck her hard and fast through her orgasm, not letting up once.

“I’m going to cum,” I gasp and she pulls her thighs tight around me.

“Yes, cum in me baby!” she yells.

With one final hard thrust I slam my cock up into her. My cock bursts spewing forth my collective seed into her. The sensation jolts her orgasm back into full passion. She cries out as the orgasm sweeps through her. I can feel my cock being coated with her lovely juices once more. I remain stiff for several seconds, before pulling out of her and collapsing atop of her. Mrs. Claus lies still, gasping hard for breath.

We lay entangled on the couch for what seems like forever before Mrs. Claus gets up and dresses. She leans in to kiss me long and hard and passionately and then says, as she pulls away, “I will see you next Christmas.

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