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Saturday, July 20, 2013

I finally felt like I had things down pat at Comic Con, at least with my clothes on. I did get some sleep, but woke up quickly and got a good place in line for the “How I Met Your Mother” panel.

I didn’t dare to try and make direct eye contract with Cobie, who carried on as if she didn’t swallow my cum last night. But when I raised my fist while the audience sang along with “Let’s Go To The Mall” I chose to believe that singled me out to her. Regardless, I left the audience at the end without daring for more.

For a moment, I was emboldened enough to consider standing in line for the big Marvel panel – which included the Captain America 2 panel with Cobie. And Scarlett Johansson as an added bonus. But there was no way the line wouldn’t be far too big by now, so I put those thoughts out of my head.

I browsed through the convention, got dinner, then went back to browsing – until I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around, I saw that the source was a security guard who wasn’t alone. After he confirmed my name, he and his partner said I had to come with them.

They took me to a secluded part of the building, which made me briefly think that this felt like S.H.I.E.L.D. abducting me. But S.H.I.E.L.D. never beat up or banned someone on screen, and that was a possibility here for one reason or another. If people close to Yvonne or Cobie found out my….activities and had justifiable cause for revenge….

I tried not to visibly shudder near my abductors. When I cleared my head, I actually took note of my surroundings, noting that they led me towards some backstage. As I went deeper, I dared to rule out a revenge wacking, yet this made it more confusing.

Until I saw what was beyond the backstage – the filled auditorium for Hall H, location for the Marvel panel. “Why am I here?” I asked my guards, although I could fill in some blanks myself.

“We were just told to find you and make sure you got here. And make sure all those people in line didn’t see us do it. Guess you helped us by not standing in line,” the guard explained.

“It wasn’t planned out like that,” I said in awe.

“Just go take a standing room only seat without getting noticed,” the second guard explained. “We’re also supposed to get you to an after party later, so don’t go anywhere.”

I wasn’t planning on it, perhaps because I couldn’t think of any plans right now. I just went towards the auditorium, took the first seat I could find – although I didn’t have the best view – and tried to take this latest twist in.

Obviously this was for the Captain America panel, and it was obvious who got me in. I didn’t know if I’d be allowed to stick around for the Avengers panel afterwards. But if Cobie had arranged to get me here – and arranged to see me again at a party, despite how iffy that could turn out – this was beyond the Avengers’ billion dollar scope.

I tried to put that aside and enjoy my second panel of the day, while I still could. Cobie was there, though she was less likely to notice me this time, and I could even enjoy seeing Scarlett Johansson in person.

When the panel ended, no one came to get me, so I assumed I could watch the rest of Marvel’s presentation. Once it ended and Joss Whedon told us Avengers 2 was titled “Age Of Ultron”, the guards finally escorted me while the audience filed out.

I followed them until I got to a lavish, Marvel themed party hall. By the time I finished gawking, the guards were gone and I realized I had no idea what to do. Was I brought here just to see Cobie, or was I allowed to just hang around with anyone? And what the hell could I say if someone asked me how I got in?

I walked around pondering those questions for a few minutes, not daring to greet any famous person yet. Eventually I reached a bar, then looked back and finally saw Cobie far away in the crowd. But she was with her husband, so there was no way I was taking that risk – whether she wanted me to or not.

“Hey there,” a female voice interrupted my limited train of thought. A voice I swore I heard back at the panel – and in various other places.

This time, I knew I was seeing a celebrity and not someone in costume right away – and not just because Tom Hiddleston was the only costumed one here as Loki. Scarlett Johansson was indeed there next to me, with her costume being her flowery Versace dress.

I should have been more nervous seeing her than Yvonne or Cobie at first. Especially since this was the biggest star of the three – and the most drooled over, for good reason. But after these last two nights, the shock factor of famous women talking to me was starting to wear off. Getting naked for me, however….

I shook that off and tried to start off normal with a celebrity, for once. “Hi. Great party for a great panel,” I said semi-normally.

“Thanks. Still a long way to go with the party, though. Let’s hope it stays great,” Scarlett said.

“Still, looks really good so far,” I said – with a double meaning that wasn’t completely on purpose. Yet I tried to think of another topic quickly, and settled on, “There is something I should get out of the way early.”

I took out my notepad of signatures and asked Scarlett to add hers. Once she agreed, I gave her my pen and turned the page – not realizing it was the same page Cobie signed until Scarlett was done.

“I see I’m in familiar company,” she commented, once I saw the page and realized I had some dancing around to do.

“Yep. Um, got that after her TV panel,” I covered up.

“You waited for her autograph, then stood in line for our panel? How’d you make it on time to get a seat?” Scarlett logically poked holes in my lie.

“I had luck on my side, probably,” I poorly answered.

“So that’s Cobie’s new name,” Scarlett quipped, then broke out into a laugh – the last thing I was having so far. “Relax. I know Cobie got you in there, and in here. She said you talked to her last night and helped her get settled in. So she asked me to help you settle in here.”

I wondered why she couldn’t do that herself, until I remembered she was already with her husband and friends. I wondered why she asked Scarlett to do it, and wondered if “talked to her” was what she really said about what I did. Answers to those questions were harder to remember and figure out.

In the meantime, I tried to be courteous and told Scarlett, “You don’t have to go to that trouble.”

“Guys like you go to the trouble to see these movies. Makes stuff like this possible. So this is the least I can do,” Scarlett commented. In a way, I couldn’t argue with that, so I ignored the ways in which I could.

I kept ignoring them as Scarlett showed me around the party, let me meet a few of her other co-stars, and stuck by my side most of the way through. This seemed like going above and beyond for a friend – I couldn’t have been that impressive meeting the old and upcoming Marvel heroes, and I was sure my nerves showed around Joss Whedon.

Yet Scarlett still put up with my geeking out, even as the party neared its end. As I took that in, I wanted to see if Cobie had already left – although I hadn’t thought to peek for her in a while. But with the crowd starting to file out, it was clearer that she wasn’t there.

“Have you had enough? Do you wanna go?” Scarlett asked, once she saw I was looking away.

I thought it over, as she didn’t qualify if I wanted to leave, or leave with her. So I answered, “You’ve been my gracious guide here. I’ll go whenever you want me to go. Or when you want to go, that too,” I corrected.

“Well, we’ll still have to get through a crowd when we go. I know a shortcut out, though. I can show you so you’ll be ready,” Scarlett offered.

With no better ideas on what to do, I accepted and followed Scarlett to the back of the room. She went to a door and opened it, and I followed her into what looked like a storage closet. There was another door on the wall that Scarlett opened, showing me I was at the back of the convention building, with less of a crowd outside.

“All right, I think I can memorize this route. Thanks again,” I told her. “And if you run into Cobie, please thank her for me too.”

“I think you thanked her pretty good already. At least from how she explained it,” Scarlett stated – clearly with more than one meaning.

I tried to tell myself she couldn’t mean what I thought. “Yeah, she told me about your private screening too,” Scarlett broke my delusion.

“Why would she do that?” was my first response. Not to deny it, or to ponder that Scarlett Johansson heard about me fucking her co-star – or that Cobie might have made me sound pretty good. But this response sounded better to say out loud.

“That’s how it works. Except for that one time in Spain, but we got past that,” Scarlett confused me further.

“I….didn’t know you were that close,” was my next futile comment.

“These conventions are the tip of the iceberg on what Marvel puts us through,” Scarlett started explaining. “The shoots and stunts are one thing, but then there’s the junkets, the premieres, and going to a new country every single day. I’ve been doing that for years, but its extra exhausting for these guys! And Cobie’s just starting it too! So….we do special stuff with the little free time we have.”

“And special means….” I asked, trying not to answer it in my own head – or react visibly to my steamy imagination.

“We find people to help us take the edge off. And whoever goes first can…..pass the guy along if he was….up to it. It just so happens this was Cobie’s turn to choose and go first,” Scarlett said. Now my steamy imagination was on overdrive – but perhaps that wasn’t supposed to be a problem.

“Wait….Cobie was scouting me…..for you?” I got bold enough to ask.

“I’m sure she didn’t fuck you just for me,” Scarlett stopped my breath. “But she seemed glad either way. Usually she has to tell them to play with her ass first. That’s bold.”

In a near perfect segue, Scarlett turned around, allowing me to see how her dress framed her ass. It looked to be framed quite well when I peeked those two times at the party, but it was nothing compared to this. And little else in my life compared as Scarlett reached back and pulled her dress zipper down.

She shimmed her dress down and stepped out of her heels, allowing me to see she had nothing else on besides a red bra and panties. This was nothing that should have overwhelmed me by now, but in spite of how stunning and sexy Yvonne and Cobie were – this was the next level.

Obviously with all that superhero work, Scarlett’s curves weren’t as….defined as they might have been in years past. Nevertheless, any other complaints about that hourglass figure, that peach shaped ass or those creamy legs would be insane. And I felt very sane right now.

Until she turned around and showed me the front of her red bra.

Her dress hadn’t really shown off her famous tits too much – not like the ones with cleavage. But now that her cleavage was on display – with the apparent promise of even more – there was no harm done.

Somehow, I cast my eyes down to see the front of her panties, then went past her breasts to see her shining, seductive green eyes, and a goosebump inducing smirk on her famed lips. My brain rebooted in time for me to realize, “Here? Now? There’s still enough people out there to hear us.”

I was shocked I could say that many words. Then Scarlett shocked me with, “Makes this stand out even more. At least it’s supposed to with the right person. Unless Cobie was pulling a prank on me.”

Okay then. I shouldn’t have been that easily manipulated, given my track record. Yet when you’re manipulated into rocking Scarlett Johansson’s world and body, it’s easier to be a puppet. And since I was no Comic Con virgin anymore….

I was sure Cobie told her about my opening move. So I marched up to Scarlett and showed she wasn’t lying by putting my left palm on her panties. I rubbed my hand between her legs and grabbed on to show Scarlett, then when she gasped, I smiled and rubbed her slower.

My thumb brushed her panty-covered lips, then teased the top of her garment without dipping in. Meanwhile, my right hand went onto her waist to feel her supple bare skin. I wanted to stand out by not diving for her tits and ass right away, no matter how she was breathing or how her thighs were clenching.

I evened the playing field a bit by removing my hands and getting my shirt off. With my chest bare, I could have demanded that she follow suit, but I put my hands back where they were and had her bra covered tits pressed against my skin, which still felt pretty great.

Just barely greater than her lips connecting with mine a moment later.

Scarlett wrapped her arms around my neck, making it harder for me to keep my hand between us. Yet when I put my left hand on her side, she started grinding herself against my crotch. Her mouth covered my groans as her tongue entered my mouth, and I just concentrated on staying upright.

Both my hands went down to her ass, squeezing the ample flesh before trailing my fingers down her crack – quickly proving that part of Cobie’s story too. This made Scarlett jump up and wrap her legs around me, so I had to hold her by her ass until I could find somewhere to sit down.

Eventually, I backed up towards a seat, settling Scarlett on my lap once I sat down. She kept her arms and legs around me while also keeping our mouths connected. But after a few more licks and suckles on her lips, I moved on to other territory.

My lips went down to Scarlett’s neck, where they attempted to slow down and savor what they were kissing and sucking. I went back and forth between licks and nibbles, and when I nibbled one spot next to her throat, she let out a deep, sultry groan. In addition, her hips grinded deeper onto my lap while she pressed her chest harder into me.

I repeated the process a few more times, then moved my lips to her upper chest. Although this was the promised land, I didn’t want to neglect the other one. So while Scarlett figured I’d focus completely on her tits, I had my hands go to her ass and pull the back of her panties down.

I peeked over her shoulder to see her delectable bare cheeks – and to make sure I slipped my finger below them just right.

Scarlett groaned louder, but seemed to remember she couldn’t be too loud. If someone heard us and stopped this now, I would probably be inclined to kill them. It may not have made it hotter, like it did for her – but it made me appreciate that time wasn’t on my side.

This was likely my only chance with one of the sexiest women alive – if not my last chance with any of the other sexiest women alive at Comic Con. As insane as that sounded – albeit less so than a day or two ago. In any case, if I had limited time to work with, I was gonna savor it and go all out.

I backed up this inner vow by slipping my right index finger into her pussy, then circling around it. Scarlett was trying to keep her groans down, which made her voice even huskier and sexier. When she backed her ass up against my hand, I drove my finger in deeper and then suddenly pulled out.

I lifted my finger up and could tell how wet it was. When Scarlett noticed too, I placed that finger right in between her breasts and glided it up and down, until those juices were on the middle of her chest. With that, I finally put my face on those tits, but my tongue merely licked the juices between them.

I kept my face on her cleavage, but my mouth kept kissing and licking between it, content to just feel her breasts on the rest of my face. Scarlett edged me on by pushing her tits up, but I didn’t move. Yet my hands crawled up her smooth back and landed on the back of her bra, attempting to unhook it myself.

I got halfway through and finally started to suffocate, until Scarlett pulled her chest back and reached over to finish unhooking herself. When the hooks were off, she didn’t throw the bra off, but let it hang onto her ample chest. She leaned back to let me see, giving me a look both alluring and playful – a deadly combo on that face of hers.

I swore to get back to that gorgeous kisser later – after I took her dare and flung her bra off.

My eyes stayed locked onto her delicious bare breasts, even as my hands were busy feeling them up and pushing them together. I rubbed them and listened to Scarlett purr, then brought my mouth into the mix at last. Putting both my hands on her left tit, I held it up and suckled down as much of her bounty as I could, my eyes staring up at her the whole time.

Both hands clenched her breast, my fingers brushing her sides and underside. Her right breast was likely feeling neglected, so my right hand went over to play with it. My mouth soon followed suit, as I kept a hand on each tit, then lifted up them and pressed them together again.

With both her nipples close together and fully erect, I dabbed my tongue back and forth between them. I then wrapped my lips around her right one, suckling it like a newborn and quickly taking more of her flesh in, while my tongue licked every inch it could. I looked back up at Scarlett to see her reaction – and with her eyes half open and mouth parted, it wasn’t a bad move.

“You have a good mouth,” Scarlett rasped out. “Speaking of which….” she warned before taking her tits away from my mouth and hands, only to push me back against the chair.

She removed herself from my lap, and it was pretty clear where she was going. In anticipation, I spread my legs and unbuckled my belt for her. I lifted my hips up to slide my pants down, then adjusted to the cold feel of the chair on my ass before settling down for Scarlett.

She kneeled between my legs, looking down at my erect cock. It was as hard as it was gonna get over what was about to happen, so I didn’t know what she waited for.

Apparently it was to lull me before her lips went almost all the way down my cock.

Without any warm-up or warning, she suckled my cock hard and slid those full lips of hers all the way up my shaft, then opened her mouth and shoved me all the back in. She closed her lips around my base, suckled me down like a Hoover and used her tongue wherever she could, then popped off and took a deep breath.

Not only couldn’t I breathe, I was amazed I didn’t cum. All the jokes and snide comments about those lips of her were true. Unfortunately, she wasn’t putting them back on me to rub it in further. Maybe she was giving me time to recover, which was kind of her after that show, but enough was enough.

I waited for her to suck me down again, but instead, all Scarlett did was kiss my tip. After that, she took my shaft in her hand and licked my head slowly and all around. She stuck her tongue out so I could see it, then slowly and torturously licked down my shaft and stopped short of my balls.

Scarlett locked eyes with me as she placed her lips on my balls and started kissing – not suckling. Her lips kissed up my cock, with her tongue put into use every other second. I started to relax at the sensation of her kisses – until she dove her mouth back in and tried to suck me dry again.

She only deep throated me for a few seconds, then came off and gave my head another soft kiss. She suckled it back in, but softer this time, rubbing her lips back and forth over me. She opened her mouth to take a breath, went down another inch, suckled and rubbed her lips over me again while adding her tongue, then repeated the pattern a few more times.

Soon, she settled into a full, sensual blowjob, humming softly while practically making doe eyes up at me. I felt like jelly as my right hand rested into her hair, while my left reached for her breast.

So of course, she took my hand off her breast in order to put both of them on my cock.

Before this latest rollercoaster twist could hit me, I was unconsciously thrusting into her tits, as she bounced them up and down on me. Forgetting about containing myself, about time crunches, about being in a public place, and about everything else except Scarlett’s breasts, I was full on ready to blow. Especially when Scarlett bent down and swallowed my head one more time.

Thursday night, July 18, 2013

I stumbled into the lobby of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel in San Diego, but not out of being drunk. Not in the alcoholic sense. Whatever kind of drunk you can get from your first day at your first Comic Con, this was what I was on.

It took me long enough to take in the regular spectacle, before I actually got to attend my first panel. In fact, it was the last one for “Dexter” to honor its ongoing final season. As if that wasn’t enough when it was over, I got my way through a crowd of autograph seekers and got a signature from “Dexter” femme fatale Yvonne Strahovski.

I spent the first minute in my lobby chair studying that signature, then the next few going over all my other new memorabilia. I went back to the autograph as I heard someone walking nearby, then heard someone plop into the chair next to me.

I turned my head to give a courtesy look at whoever was next to me. Then I gave another look after the first one seemed too ludicrous to believe.

“Are you in a costume?” I blurted out before I knew better. Then again, if I didn’t know better, I would swear that Yvonne Strahovski was sitting next to me. It was far more likely that one of the female Comic Con nerds was dressing as her for the day – though I probably would have seen her at or near the Dexter panel.

This woman had on the exact same polka dot white dress Yvonne had at the panel. So maybe this was a mega fan with creepy, suspicious accuracy in her costume. Then again, Yvonne didn’t have a signature costume to impersonate on “Chuck” or “Dexter” – unless the Weinerlicious outfit on Chuck and the saran wrap on that one Dexter counted. Sadly, this woman had none of those on.

“Not today,” the woman commented, interrupting my analysis. But the fact that she spoke in an Australian accent – one Yvonne never used on TV, and one I had heard quite recently on the panel – gave me much more to go on.

When it all finally dawned on me, I narrowly kept myself from gasping. I’d already embarrassed myself enough. “Oh God, of course, duh,” I said anyway. “I just saw you, so why would….”

“You….oh, right, you did!” the woman who really was Yvonne Strathovski realized, actually remembering me and actually smiling.

“Yeah. Hello again….Yvonne,” I paused before looking at her autograph, pretending to need it to remember her name. Even without that, the blond hair, piercing blue eyes, big smile, long, crossed legs and silky accent should have been the final giveaways. But she kept her big smile on as I introduced myself, nonetheless.

With that out of the way, I actually took in how she was relaxing after a long day at Comic Con, just like me. “Exhausted? I thought you were a veteran around here,” I pointed out casually, if not more casually than I probably should have.

“Yes, but it’s still overwhelming each time. No matter what fan base you talk to,” Yvonne noted.

“As a first timer who’s never been on a panel before, I can only imagine,” I explained.

“First time? You’re a Comic Con virgin?” Yvonne nearly made me choke on air.

When I recovered, I went on autopilot to add, “That sounds about right. You could say I popped my Comic Con cherry on your panel,” I did say. I figured I’d go on until she slapped me, but she kept looking amused instead. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I wasn’t a Comic Con virgin like…..some virgins at this convention, though – but I was thinking it.

“Well, from one veteran to a newcomer, I’m honored to take your v-card. That’s the right way to say it here, right?” Yvonne checked. It was the right way in a bunch of ways.

“Just about. It’s even better with a toast, though,” I was emboldened enough to offer. “Let me go get the glasses and drinks from the hotel bar.”

I really was on autopilot, or something else where I was out of my mind. Tempting my good first day fortune with the comic gods – and the other gods in town – like this was bound to end badly. Yet Yvonne still didn’t slap or chide me, so I took her order, got us both drinks at the bar, and came back with the necessary tools for a toast.

“A toast to Comic Con. You never forget your first,” Yvonne stated. I brushed aside how she kept harping on that, and toasted her as instructed.

“Here here. And don’t worry. Other fans might shoot for the moon and ask for stuff they’ve only fantasized about, but not me,” I assured. I added just enough of a leer to make her think I meant….something physical. Obviously, it was a convincing leer, considering who I was leering at.

But it was only for a second, just to give her the idea. Then before she really could think about slapping me, I added, “You guys gave enough teasers at the panel anyway. Not really, but I can handle the suspense for 10 more weeks.”

Yvonne unsettlingly paused for a second, then seemed to roll her eyes comically while holding back a laugh. Still, she stuck around and took a sip, so I took one from my drink. Now that I’d joked about vague sexual stuff and got it out of the way, it wouldn’t be a problem the rest of the night. Whether it was one beforehand or not.

Yvonne did say some stuff about the very last days of shooting on Dexter – which at most, was a hint that her murderous character would play some part in the finish. I filed that away as scoop, but by the time I came back with our second drinks, I got to asking about her own first time at Comic Con, when they screened the “Chuck” pilot in summer 2007.

“Well, that was a blast. Eventually,” Yvonne started. “I mean, before the screening, it was all just nerves and panic, really. First big acting job I’d ever done, first time screening it for an audience….not the easiest thing to look forward to. I had to use some tricks to calm myself down, but when it was over….I used them to celebrate. Even got someone to help me out.”

What kind of tricks worked like that? What kind other than the ones I couldn’t think about around her? “Tricks, huh?” I asked, just to move the conversation along.

“You know, it’s unfair what they say about this place just having geeky virgins,” Yvonne carried on. “There are some hot, virile ‘nerds’ all around here every year. They don’t even need slave costumes from 30 years ago!” Now that made my head play too many visual tricks on me.

As I shook them off, I heard Yvonne continue, “This really is a whole new world for new people. It can be overwhelming at first, but once you….relax and enjoy it, the rest is easy. I know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you will too.”

That would be a change of pace. And a few other things, if this was going….a certain way that seemed less and less outlandish. “I mean, you’ve been telling me you want to all night,” she went on. “This is your first time, and who know if I’ll get another show or movie by next year. Sounds like a fitting way to pass the torch.”

Funny choice of words, since the torch was getting too hot for me to handle. I figured I’d have to handle it myself as soon as I got back to my room. But if she was offering to make it a two person job….

She wasn’t, right?

But then she dropped her hand on my chair – on my leg, more specifically – and filled in the blanks with a penetrating, sultry glare on her gorgeous face. There was my answer.

When I found my breath again, I asked, “Where do you want to give it to me? The torch,” I caught myself at the end.

“We can try not to burn down your room first,” she answered. She was trying to be clever, although I hoped she wasn’t just being drunk. Two drinks shouldn’t have made her impaired, yet the offer suggested evidence to the contrary.

If Yvonne didn’t stumble or slur on the way up to my room, I figured I could do this guilt free. So I got up and had her walk side by side with me to the elevator, then got in and sent it to my floor. And as we walked to my room door, I didn’t see her sway or drunkenly giggle once.

Yet when we crossed the threshold and entered my new room, I felt one final need to get the gentlemanly stuff out of the way. “You’re sure you’re up for it? You’re not still exhausted from today?” I checked.

“Not yet,” Yvonne said suggestively.

With her back turned to me, I let my eyes trail up her sleek legs, gaze at the perky outline of her ass, and stop at the shoulders covered up by her dress straps. This inspired me to say, “Let me just make completely sure,” as a segway.

Ready to make sure Yvonne was completely relaxed, I put my hands on her for the first time. Instead of going for her breasts, ass or waist, I rested my hands on her shoulders and started rubbing. Yvonne stood still as I positioned myself behind her, just rubbing the parts of her shoulders covered by her dress. But when she let out her first soft moan, I slid her left strap down and went to work on her bare skin.

The smooth, sun kissed texture of her skin nearly got a quiet moan out of me. When I glided my thumb down to her collarbone, she moaned louder and sexier. This empowered me to get closer behind her, placing my face against her soft, honey scented blonde hair, while keeping my increasingly visible bulge just short of touching her ass. In the meantime, my right hand lowered her other dress strap to expose her right shoulder.

Yvonne took it a step further, walking forward a step to untie the string around her waist, before proceeding to remove the entire dress next. Her back was still turned, but I could still clearly see that her bra was blue – matching the blue panties that lifted and halfway covered her ass so delectably. But other than that, none of her taut, perfectly shaped back, ass or legs were covered.

Resisting the urge to turn her around and study her front half, I walked forward and resumed my massaging duties. Unlike before, I put my head down to her left shoulder, and gave it a tentative kiss when I stopped rubbing it. After kissing it again, I leaned my hips forward and made sure Yvonne’s ass could feel my bulge.

My hands finally left her shoulders and started to glide down her trim waist. But before they could reach her hips, Yvonne turned around, giving me time to stare at the front of her panties and bra. Once I took in enough of her shapely breasts, I looked up and was hypnotized by the sexiest, half lidded smolder and smile I’d ever seen.

I could only get lost in her eyes for a half-second, before she closed them and put her lips onto mine. When the initial sensation wore off, my hands picked up where they left off and went back on her waist. Her hands cupped both sides of my head, helping her lips to press deeper, and her tongue to glide in easier when it moved into my mouth.

Yvonne all but cooed into my mouth, causing me to open it up wider as she took it over. It felt like there was pure silk flooding my mouth, to say nothing of the feel of her backside once my hands reached over. Having given Yvonne her opening bit of fun, I finally joined in and gently began to let my tongue push hers back into her mouth, with mine closely following.

After a squeeze of her ass, my hands slid up her back and tried to work on her bra strap. I stopped halfway through, but I shot my right hand into her hair to keep her from breaking our kiss. Yvonne didn’t stop, and after my lips broke off and went down to her collarbone, my hands returned to finish unhooking the strap.

Although the bra was loose, I didn’t remove it, choosing to keep the cups on as my lips arrived at her breasts. I made sure the cups and their nicely bountiful cargo fit nicely in my hands, then teased Yvonne by licking her nipples through the cups. I tried to nibble on the fabric covering them, which made her groan more impatiently.

“Take them off,” Yvonne asked, her accent taking on a sultry timber. Just when I began to enjoy having control, she put her hand right on the front of my jeans, adding, “I can show you how it’s done.”

The concept of not removing Yvonne Strahovski’s bra right away was flimsy as it is. Now it was downright lunacy. So I threw the bra off, took in how her chest was firmer and rounder while uncovered, and began licking her nipples for real – right as Yvonne lowered my zipper.

I tried not to bite down on Yvonne’s right nipple too hard as her hand reached into my pants. Yet after her fingers glided down the front of my underwear for a moment, she removed her hand and got to work removing my shirt instead. It was only fair, but it was kind of cruel – which signaled I shouldn’t bite anything again, even if that wasn’t really her point.

Once I was shirtless too, I decided to take care of my pants myself. I removed them and left myself in just my underwear, like Yvonne. Thinking ahead, I backed her up until she bumped into the bed, then she took the hint and laid down flat on the mattress.

With Yvonne’s seductive, 90 percent naked body lying on complete display for me, I took my time settling myself over her. But I still set myself on top of her, savored our naked chests rubbing each other, then resumed work on kissing hers. Yet before I went too far below her breasts, Yvonne pulled a fast one.

In a move that would make Sarah Walker and Hannah McKay proud, Yvonne suddenly flipped me onto my back and put herself on top of me. Before I could catch my breath or even make a joke about her stunt work paying off, she turned around and set herself on top from a different angle.

She had her panty clad ass hovering over my face, while her face was hovering above my underwear clad erection. With the 69 position all set up, I scrambled to catch up and rise to the challenge. Yet Yvonne licked the evidence of how risen I really was, although it was still covered in underwear.

Paying her back, I licked the already wet front of her panties, then tried to move it aside with my teeth. Yvonne beat me to it, dipping her tongue into my underwear, then lifting it up just enough so she could lick my throbbing head. It would have been so hot to see, if my vision wasn’t clouded by Yvonne’s own throbbing genitals.

Leaving that aside for now, I lowered Yvonne’s panties to expose her firm ass and wet pussy. I gave it a long, wet lick of my own, yet Yvonne stuck to batting my cock head with her tongue. I felt her all but dig the tip of her tongue into my slit, until she finally grabbed my shaft and gave my head a deep, sudden suckle for one all too brief second.

I moaned right into Yvonne’s lower lips, pushing my mouth deeper into them as she kept suckling me every few seconds. To up the ante, my hands grabbed her ass as I attacked her harder with my tongue. Yvonne’s just teased my shaft as her mouth took me in deeper and longer – so she still had the winning strategy.

I removed my tongue from her pussy and started focusing on the back of her lovely legs. I licked her left upper thigh and began going down to her lower one, with my right thumb brushing her pussy every few seconds. I felt Yvonne taking me in deeper, but I kept my mouth on her leg – even when her mouth popped off my cock.

All I felt her do next was take my balls and start bouncing them up and down. I was in a precarious position, yet I kept teasing her and only briefly put the tip of my finger into her. When I took it out, both hands went down her thighs, then slid back up and got a hold of the sides of her breasts.

At that point, I didn’t feel her jiggling my balls anymore. Her right hand went off me altogether, then I heard a suckling noise – although she wasn’t suckling me.

My best guess was that she was sucking her finger like she sucked my cock, whether to get a substitute or just to torture me. Either way, once the suckling noises stopped, it took another few seconds until I felt her wet finger right below my balls. Moments later, I felt her tongue on that area.

In the 69 position, she couldn’t lick that much all the way down there. Perhaps that helped explain why she hopped off me at last, then turned back around and faced me as she lowered her head to my crotch.

With her right hand down below, doing the job to her pussy that I wasn’t, Yvonne took me with her left hand and stroked me as she licked underneath my balls. She then moved forward as her tongue slid up to her balls, up my shaft and over my slit and head. It left my cock altogether and just kept licking up my body, while the rest of her followed its lead.

Yvonne licked up to my chest as she crawled closer to me, her deep blue eyes never leaving mine. Her tongue didn’t leave my body as it glided past my own breast, reached my neck, lifted up to my chin and then effortlessly entered my mouth.

Although that tongue had tasted so much of my body already, I met it swipe for swipe. However, the swiping didn’t last very long, as she broke the kiss and turned her body around all over again. But this time, Yvonne didn’t hover her ass over my face.

Since my fingers fell down on the job and her own weren’t enough, Yvonne filled the gap herself with my own cock. The only problem – a slight one, really — was that she put herself in the reverse cowgirl position as she sat on my shaft. I wasn’t in position to complain as she settled myself into her, then got all the way down after a few bounces.

Once she sat her ass down and adjusted to my full cock inside of her, I made a move to touch her. Before I got there, I saw her own hands leave my sight, only to obviously go onto her breasts. She bounced her own tits out of my sight while riding my cock, which only seemed halfway fair.

But with her hands playing with herself up above, I could put mine back to work down below.

After Yvonne settled into her rhythm of riding me, my hands returned to work in grabbing her hips. My right hand soon went between her legs and beside her filled pussy. Without any more warning, my index finger went on top of her pussy and started rubbing it as fast as possible. To add on, my left hand grasped her hip as much as it could.

“Oh! Ah….oh, fuck,” Yvonne said for the first time. She got herself to keep riding me steadily, but I started thrusting so she wouldn’t have to do all the work. I pushed harder into her and rubbed faster, while Yvonne kept fondling her tits during the ride. But after I drove in harder, she put her hands down and tried to stable herself by putting them on my legs.

This gave me the opening to wrap my arms around her waist and pull her down, so that she was lying her back on my stomach. From that position, I rolled around and put her on her side, halfway doing what she did to me. I slipped out of her for a moment, but put myself right back in as we lay on our sides and spooned.

Yvonne turned to look at me for the first time in several moments, and I responded by licking her lips. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, leaving us to rub ours together with our mouths and eyes open. We kept eye contact as my tongue briefly entered her mouth, then hers dipped into mine for a time.

“Not deep enough. Come on, fuck me,” Yvonne purred. To answer her, I gave her one brief kiss and rolled her over on her stomach. I quickly got off and lined myself up behind her, then Yvonne got herself up on all fours on cue.

I brushed my head over her pussy lips before sliding all the way back in, not stopping until Yvonne’s ass collided into my hips. I grabbed hers and started pumping into her, letting the sounds of our slapping hips fill the room. But we both added groans soon enough as she clenched tighter around me and looked over her shoulder.

“So good for a virgin,” she teased, knowing full well now how misleading that title was. I pulled all the way out and gave her four hard thrusts back in to drive it home. “Fuck, so good….” She said again.

I let myself enjoy fucking Yvonne from behind for another minute or two, until I realized I didn’t have much time to work with. As such, I took us out of the doggie style position and laid her on her back again, getting myself right on top of her.

Friday morning, July 19, 2013

I fell asleep earlier than I wanted to, so I didn’t know if Yvonne was doing the same with me. When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t dare to open my eyes – both in fear of not seeing her there, and in fear of how to talk to her if she was there. However, I heard footsteps nearby, which told me she’d stayed the night but was ready to go.

I should have been the gentleman and said a goodbye, at least, but I was too nervous. It was easy to be gusty near a hot celebrity when they’re letting you take her, yet the aftermath seemed too tricky to handle.

Before I cursed myself too much for not having guts, I felt a pair of cool lips on my cheek. Yvonne was sneaking out while she thought I was sleeping – but she still had the decency and appreciation to kiss me goodbye. Even if she thought I wouldn’t know about it.

So half good, half bad morning after. At least I had enough of the good to cling to. I’d carry that with me in my long wait for…..


It wasn’t a last look at Yvonne Strahovski that made me spring out of bed, but the prospect of being late in line for the afternoon’s biggest panel. Marvel was holding a screening of their new Avengers based TV pilot “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” — and although it was hours from now, it still might be too late for a good place in line.

I got myself dressed, left the Hilton, went over to the convention and saw way too many people camped out in line already. Nevertheless, I dared to hope I was just on the borderline of fitting into the way too small Ballroom 20.

Hours later, the dare didn’t pay off.

I was reduced to going online and looking up live blogs to see what I was missing. Of course few people in that crowd were going to hate the pilot, or hate hearing from the likes of Joss Whedon. This told me little I couldn’t have figured out – except that Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill was in the pilot too and would likely be a recurring guest in between “How I Met Your Mother”‘s final season. But it would been nice to see them prove me right in person.

I guessed this was my comeuppance for getting so lucky last night. Figured it would happen, but it didn’t have to take up my whole day. With no chance of getting into the night’s big panels – including a Spider-Man 2 one that wouldn’t even have Emma Stone there – I quit while I was behind by a manageable figure.

All I did was walk around the convention, check the exhibits, and have some leftover regret over the end with Yvonne. While that was only a little asterisk on the hottest night of my life, it wasn’t like I’d get a chance to improve on it. With her or anyone like her.

I carried that feeling with me as I left the convention building. Apparently to an astounding degree. Because I could have sworn someone that looked like Cobie Smulders was hanging around there too.

So I was imagining a celeb associated with Marvel now. Then again, I thought I imagined Yvonne at first, or at least thought she was a costumed fan. This Cobie lookalike wasn’t dressed up as Maria Hill, or even as Robin Sparkles. Then what….

Oh God. Did I just see a real life celebrity and mistake her for a fan again? Tonight, of all nights? When I answered my own question, I had to go into a laughing fit.

When I remembered Cobie Smulders was there to hear my fit, I made myself sound human again. But just in case I hadn’t embarrassed myself enough, I asked, “You are Cobie Smulders, right?”"

“The guy who gave me my Comic Con badge thought so,” she replied. It was more of a joke than an answer, yet it sounded enough like her, so it was close enough.

“Good. I mean, this isn’t the first time I saw a celebrity here and thought she was in a costume. Now I know it’s a trend,” I explained, without adding the other details.

“It’s my first time here, so I don’t know where all the costume shops are yet,” Cobie retorted.

“Oh right, that’s right,” I exclaimed, remembering this was the first year “How I Met Your Mother” was at Comic Con – and the last – and she hadn’t been on any Marvel panels yet. Not off screen, anyway. Still, another first timer here like me – at least in one regard.

Shaking that off, I revealed, “I tried to see your big screen Comic Con debut today. I didn’t quite make it. Spent hours in line and everything.”

Cobie took a second to decode that, then looked apologetic. “Ouch. Sorry, man,” she said.

“My fault for sleeping, I guess,” I commented, again brushing aside the exact circumstances. “Now I know what not to do tonight before your next panel,” I added, throwing away my plans to go to the Hunger Games panel tomorrow – I pretty much had to now. But the Mother panel was my second choice for the afternoon, so no harm done.

“No sleep, good advice. I can do that before my two panels tomorrow and get away with it, right? You probably know more about what works here than me,” Cobie stated. It took me a while to realize she was talking about being on the Captain America panel too, which made me feel even more like a time waster. Still, I had to correct something before I stopped.

“Actually, this is my first time here too,” I said, adding the “here” to the first time since there was no need for innuendo. Not with another celebrity, and not with one married with a four-year-old kid. Karma had punished me enough today.

Nevertheless, I continued, “I’m no expert on how this place works yet. Maybe oversleeping will work better for you. They can afford to wait for you in a ballroom,” I tried to say in a non-bitter way. To erase that, I added, “But from what I hear, I missed out on some pretty big stuff. I’m glad you were part of it. And part of the stuff after that. Eventually.”

“Thanks. Eventually,” Cobie replied with a smile.

This was resembling a now familiar formula – a thoroughly beautiful celebrity actually letting me talk, and actually being amused by my idiocy. Regardless, I knew that was all the déjà vu I was getting tonight.

“Well, I should let you solve your sleep dilemma,” I called back. Before I actually said good bye, though, I remembered I was still carrying my little book – the one with Yvonne’s autograph. I turned a page that was far away from hers, and asked Cobie to add her signature. She added it, then I gave her my name, a few more congrats and a goodbye.

It was my best goodbye of the day, so I at least ended that on a high note. Not pushing my luck, I returned to my room for the first time since Yvonne left. After relieving the memories for about an hour, I flipped through the TV until I heard a knock.

I went over to my door, puzzled since I wasn’t causing any disturbances. For a brief second, I thought it was Yvonne. It wasn’t, but I wasn’t that far off – although this was still far more shocking.

When I recovered from seeing Cobie at my door – in a casual black and grey shirt, no less — and remembered to let her in, I noticed she was holding something. A something that almost looked like a DVD case.

“I told Joss I wanted a DVD of my first Comic Con footage. I didn’t tell him I’d be the only one watching it, though,” Cobie hinted at, as it dawned on me that she was holding a DVD of the S.H.I.E.L.D pilot I missed. “But I am gonna need it back when you’re done. The cat’s out of the bag already, but we didn’t let those cats take the episode with them.”

“Right, thank you, of course,” I mixed up my phrases in my gratitude. “So I should drop this off somewhere when it’s over?”

“I’ll probably be too busy to get it tomorrow. And I’ve got just over an hour to spare now. Luckily this is only 44 minutes,” Cobie did the math. I started to do math of my own, then I snapped out of it when Cobie found the DVD player in my room.

I took the hint that I’d have to watch this now – but the larger hint of Cobie sticking around to watch it with me was still a lot to comprehend. Still, that was the only hint I could handle, even as she bent down just within my eyesight to put the DVD copy in.

Instead of sitting on the bed, I found two chairs and put them in front of the bed. I took the right one while Cobie sat next to me on the left, as the bootleg copy of the episode I missed hours ago came on my screen.

I normally like total silence to focus on watching my shows. I should have insisted on it after all the trouble me and Cobie had gone through for this – especially Cobie. Yet in between laughing at the banter and widening my eyes at the budget, I had a bit of running commentary with Cobie during the screening. I made some notes during her scenes, and she chipped in a few behind-the-scenes tidbits as well.

Our chairs stayed a couple of inches apart, as did we. But I caught Cobie glancing at me nearly as much as she did the episode. Then again, she was in the episode, so she probably already saw some of it already. But although I hadn’t seen any of it, I split my time peeking at Cobie too.

When it was over, there wasn’t anything left to distract me from her. I owed her a thank you, at the least, for making this happen – or at least a little review. However, I was once again at a loss on what to say to a celebrity, after an unprecedented experience with her. Only this time I couldn’t fake being asleep.

Since Cobie was looking at me with a little smile, and a hint of something else in her striking blue eyes, I was even more speechless. I opened my mouth to at least start to say something, but she stopped me by saying, “You’re welcome.”

Then she further stunted my ability to speak by kissing my cheek.

This made even less sense to me than Yvonne coming on to me. As I remembered earlier, I knew Cobie was a married mother, and I knew husband Taran Killam of “SNL” was probably here at Comic Con too. Might help further explain why she said she only had an hour to spare. It didn’t explain anything else at all, though.

Nevertheless, Cobie didn’t look ashamed or scared when I finally looked at her again. She just looked as tempting as ever.

It took 44 minutes to watch that pilot. If she was only here for 15 more minutes….there really was no time to analyze why she was doing this. If I could pretend that motives didn’t matter once….

Hell, I wasn’t looking away from her gaze anytime soon anyway. By the time I felt myself moving closer, I threw everything else out of the window.

After I took the time to savor our first kisses, I remembered I had to go faster. So I glided my tongue over Cobie’s silky lips and slid past them, while my right hand grasped her hair and slid down to her back. She kept her hands on the back of my neck, fiddling with my collar as my hands started fiddling with the bottom of her shirt.

Cobie broke off and got up off her chair, leaving me needing to follow suit. She lifted her shirt up as I started to do the same, and was undoing her pants before I lowered mine. Once I was left in my underwear, I could focus on Cobie being left in her black bra and panties.

She had the same relative body type as Yvonne – model thin, with medium sized but perky and round breasts, an ass that fit the same description, and sky high legs. And as I already knew, she and Yvonne had piercing blue eyes to get completely lost in, yet Cobie’s brunette hair framed hers in an exceptionally alluring fashion.

When I shook off her hypnotic effect, I had us sit on the front of the bed, then I put my hand on top of her leg. When I didn’t hear her object, I slid up higher before sliding three of my fingers onto the front of her panties. Her legs nearly clenched around my hand, which empowered me to go a step further.

My left index and forefinger dipped inside her underwear, earning a moan from Cobie. When I heard her go “Mmm hmmm….” I suddenly put all five fingers inside, then attempted to palm her pussy as best I could. Cobie hissed before helping me along by rubbing herself on my hand.

My other hand went to her right hip, lowering the side of her underwear down. Cobie took the hint and lifted herself up to take her panties down. When she sat again, my left hand went back to palming and teasing her, as Cobie let out her approval and reached back to unhook her bra.

When she took her bra down, she only let me stare at her breasts for a moment before her hands worked on something else – gliding over my own underwear.

Cobie fondled my bulge with both hands, which made harder for me to use one on fingering her. She made it slightly easier by taking her left hand away, leaving her right hand to cup my balls. I finally got a finger inside Cobie to thank her, then she thanked me back by reaching into my underwear and pulling my shaft out.

I quickly got the rest of my underwear down, then we both resumed pleasuring each other with no more barriers. Cobie worked a quick pace on my cock with her right hand, but soon slowed it down to tease me. To balance it out, my left index finger dug deeper into her pussy and wiggled around as fast as it could.

“Mmmm, ah, that’s good,” Cobie approved, before giving my cock a harder squeeze. “Really good,” she emphasized, going back to a soft teasing of my head with her thumb.

Somehow, I remembered I had a free right hand, which I used to cup Cobie’s firm right breast. I used my thumb to brush the underside of her boob, then leaned down to lick it. As our hands kept pumping, my mouth started suckling her breast down and circling around her nipple. Cobie groaned and put her free hand on the back of my head, pushing it forward like I might have if her mouth was….on me.

I looked up at her flushed, pleased face and her open mouth, which inspired me to nibble on her nipple and watch her get even more flustered. My hand left her breast and tried to reach for her left tit, jiggling it as my mouth stayed on her right one. It was certainly awkward to do all that while we were jerking each other off, but Cobie broke it off first.

She got my face off of her chest, then put hers onto my neck and began to suckle it in kind. Her hand moved lower on my cock and brushed my balls, while her mouth went higher and landed on my ear. In return, I put a second finger into her, which forced out a seductive whimper into my ear.

“Fuck, you got it,” Cobie breathed onto me. “We don’t have much time, though, so….”

I figured that meant we had to fuck shortly, not that she wanted to stop. But with the way Cobie was handling me, I wouldn’t last long inside her anyway. Still, I needed to do one more thing first.

Since Cobie hinted we would stop using our hands soon, I reluctantly got her hand off me and took mine off of her. But instead of lining her up to fuck her, I dove my head down and lined her up with my tongue.

I couldn’t spend much time down there, so I licked her as hard and as fast as I could. My hands rested on her thighs, gripped them and spread them wider as I nibbled on her clit, then licked it all better. Cobie gasped and groaned, fisting my sheets with her hands, or at least that’s how it looked through my limited vision.

After sliding my tongue in as deep as possible, I licked her up and lifted my head, not bothering to close my mouth. With her taste and juices fresh on my tongue, I kissed Cobie so she could taste them too. Before I wondered if that would go over well, her tongue attacked mine and I had my answer.

Cobie circled her tongue around mine before pulling away. Once our breath returned, she commented, “Not a bad idea,” then proceeded to top it.

Her head dropped into my lap, and before I knew it, her mouth was on my cock and her tongue was circling it too. When it made contact, she licked up and hummed around my head while her tongue played with the underside. Her hands returned to my shaft, as one pumped the bottom half and the other palmed my balls.

When Yvonne blew me, I couldn’t see it since I was occupied with her pussy – and I couldn’t focus when she sucked me while I was cumming. But this time, I could clearly take in the sight of a sexy celebrity sucking my cock – despite the urge to throw my head back. Fortunately, I kept my head still when Cobie looked up at me, with a sultry glare and her mouth halfway down my cock.

Without thinking, I put my hand on the back of her head, like she did to me while I sucked her tit. I had just enough sense not to start fucking her mouth too hard, to be easy on her and to keep myself from going too soon. But I gave her mouth a few pumps and she kept swallowing and licking me, until she popped her head off.

I had a brief second to worry if I went too far, before Cobie went up and kissed me. Kissed me right after taking my cock in her mouth – and making me feel the aftertaste like I did with her. Obviously, it wasn’t the best sensation, yet the rest of her lips and mouth – and the still lingering taste of her pussy – helped it go down easier.

While that overpowered me, I felt Cobie climb into my lap. Yet she didn’t break our kiss as she lined my cock up against her, then started to sink down. She only broke from my lips at first, but soon went back to kissing me as I fit myself in.

Cobie put her arms around my shoulders, while I settled mine around her hips and let myself hold her ass for the first time. Her legs went around me as I took my first thrust, then she lowered herself almost all the way down, with my second thrust getting the rest of me in.

We broke our lips and our hips at the same time, but soon pushed our hips together again. After a few more times, we rested our foreheads against each other as we started fucking in earnest. I studied her face to see how it would change after each thrust, yet mine broke first when she briefly swiveled her hips.

I didn’t know how much time had gone by, or how much I had left to do any other moves. It was hard to calculate while Cobie tightened around me anyway. Nevertheless, she made it harder when she pushed me down on the bed, then sat up to ride me in full.

I took in the sight of her flawless figure on full display while bucking on top of me, settling on her bouncing breasts. With that, I got back into things and held onto them, making them bounce even more. I pushed them together and tried to rub them side by side, resulting in Cobie putting her hands on my chest and pushing down on it.

Her ass bounced harder onto me, so I left her breasts and went down to grab it again. I tried to help lift it up and down, but Cobie seemed plenty good at it herself. Regardless, I made an effort to jiggle it around anyway, as my fingers wound up getting closer to her ass crack.

Taking a chance, I brushed my left index finger between her cheeks – and it sounded like her moans got a little louder afterwards. To get a second opinion, I put the tip of my index finger into her cleft and slid down. As I did, I looked up at Cobie, whose face certainly looked encouraging.

“Don’t put it in there,” she gasped out anyway. “Just tease it…..put me on the edge.” Like I had time to argue.

Encouraged, I rested the tip of my finger onto her hole, but I followed orders and didn’t put it in. I brushed the hole and pressed on it, yet that was all. It seemed to do the job, as Cobie came down on me harder and pushed her ass back a few times as well.

Clearly this was going to make her go soon, so if I had any more bright ideas, I had to use them now. I settled for using an old idea, as I sat myself up again, had Cobie settle onto my lap, and put my head against her breasts again while nearly fingering her ass.

My right arm wrapped around her back as my face buried myself in her tits. We held each other, bucked against each other and grabbed each other pretty tight, although my finger was actually lighter around her hole. Cobie bucked her hips forward extra hard, which caused me to lose my balance and fall onto my side, taking her down with me.

We temporarily stopped as we both found ourselves on our sides. Yet I was still in her, my hand and finger were squarely on her ass, and this position was maneuverable. So I lifted my right arm up and put it around Cobie, letting her rest on my arm while I slowly started pumping again.

I didn’t mind shelling out money for the Philadelphia Comic Con in my hometown, which I did pretty much every year. I did raise a few eyebrows when my best friend Joel insisted I shell out $350 for two VIP experience tickets, though. It was good for four days, yet Joel was only interested in one day.

On Saturday, June 2, Hayden Panettiere of ‘Heroes’ fame would be appearing at the Comic Con, and Joel wanted the special VIP Experience tickets to see her that day. According to the website, we would be able to get an 8X10 photo of her, have it autographed and get a photo op with her, and have guaranteed seating at her panel.

As a huge fan of hers, Joel wanted all of this and more — as well as the $350 for two tickets. Technically he already had $100, but he needed $75 more for his own ticket and suggested I spend $175 for my own. Yet I raised a few concerns first.

“You’re really gonna make us both spend that much just to meet her?” I asked like I didn’t already know what the answer was.

“Hey, you’d spend that much for Alison Brie, or Emma Stone, or one of your celebrity girls!” Joel pointed out all too accurately. “So help me get to meet mine! You’re dumb enough not to drool over her too, but don’t take that out on me!”

I rolled my eyes, since I wasn’t debating her….drool-worthy capabilities. She just wasn’t on my radar of celebrity hotties, yet pointing that out would probably make him madder. Instead I needled him with, “You realize you probably won’t get her to fuck you just by taking a picture, right? That only happens in smut fics.”

“This isn’t about you and your smut fics, okay?” Joel nitpicked. “Just being near her should be enough to get me going. And it’d be nice for you to meet someone famous and hot instead of just writing about fucking them! Even it isn’t one of your usual girls!” Damn him for finding some logic at the last minute.

Still, meeting Hayden didn’t get me as excited as meeting one of my actual favorites would have. But it was still a beautiful celebrity — albeit one I didn’t pay much attention to — and Joel wouldn’t leave me alone about it. That last part put me over the top and made me pay $350 for the two VIP tickets online.

Not long after, the Philadelphia Comic Con started on May 31 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and me and Joel did our usual geeking out on that day and the next. When the day of June 2 came, however, Joel did most of the geeking as we got our VIP badges and lithographs, took our photo op and autograph tickets and speed passes at registration, and were among the first to arrive at Hayden Panettiere’s Comic Con panel.

I sat next to Joel and occasionally joked/seriously warned that he’d better not start jacking off when she arrived. Joel wasn’t that much of a pervert/obsessive fan, yet it was probably good that I was here to keep an eye on him. I felt like a parent who went to his child’s favorite non Disney/Pixar movie to pacify him, even though I would get less out of it than he would. Yet maybe that wasn’t entirely fair to all of Dreamworks animated films — and it probably wasn’t fair to Hayden either.

It did seem less fair when she finally came out, and I went back and forth between studying her and making sure Joel didn’t make my ears bleed.

Just because I didn’t follow Hayden’s looks too closely didn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate them. Her sunny blonde hair was down, she had a big bright smile — fake or not — her green eyes were just as bright, and the white blouse and pink shirt she had on did flatter a rather lattering figure. Unfortunately, she would be sitting down for the panel, so I couldn’t check it out much further. In any case, Joel would likely describe it at length later.

So I sat back and politely paid attention to the panel, her words about ‘Heroes’ nerd-dom and her career, and an audience Q&A that Joel couldn’t quite get to take part in. However, I probably did look like I zoned out once or twice. But it had less to do with Hayden and more due to my own ADD, my memories of the previous few days, fine tuning my schedule for the next two and going over the story ideas rattling in my head. Nevertheless, I didn’t draw attention to myself, laughed and applauded at the right places, and cheered at the end while Joel drowned me out.

After that, it was off to stand in line for autographs, and I naturally made sure Joel was in front of me. I was actually behind a few other people, so I couldn’t go over what he planned to do or say to Hayden. I was kind of nervous to find out, so I looked away when Joel finally got to the front of the line.

I didn’t hear any of them scream and I didn’t hear a slap, which was a relief. Still, as I saw Joel leave and give me a big smile while he held up his autographed photo, I did hope he didn’t embarrass Hayden. With that, I decided to double check as I got to her booth and held out my photo.

“I hope my friend wasn’t any trouble,” I said to Hayden while pointing over at Joel — who thankfully didn’t notice.

“Oh, no, he was fine,” Hayden as she took my photo. “Was there a chance he wouldn’t be?”

“No, no, he’s harmless, really!” I corrected, hoping I didn’t just screw Joel over. “He’s a good guy, he’s just a….really big fan of yours. In the harmless way, I mean. But I guess you’ve had worse.” I said before catching myself and trying not to babble in front of Hayden. After all, I risked enough damage to Joel and I was probably holding up the line.

“Well, he didn’t get that bad,” Hayden assured as she finished signing my photo and smiled, which actually made me smile in response.

“Good. He should be fine at the photo op too, so….thank you. On his behalf and mine, too,” I stated as I took the signed photo and hoped I wasn’t the one who made her uncomfortable — irony of all ironies. Yet she thanked me back and smiled winningly, although who knew what kind of creeps she thought we were in her head.

But I finally got out of the line, caught up to Joel and let him rave about his brief time with Hayden. We still had another one on the way since she had photo ops to do afterwards, and I felt safe to let Joel get to the front of the line himself. Again, I stayed a few steps behind, figuring I wouldn’t need to take any precautions this time.

Joel finished getting his picture taken, gave me a huge thumbs up afterwards, and soon it was my turn to be near Hayden. “He was fine again, don’t worry,” she actually said as I got up alongside her.

“Oh, well, I wasn’t really worried this time. Not that I should have been before,” I stumbled again. Once more, Hayden shook it off and got into position to pose with me. At just over five feet, she was a few inches shorter than me — although she had been involved with far bigger men, as Joel reminded me a few times over the years. Still, I tentatively put my arm around her and made sure not to tower over her.

I was actually able to feel the bare skin of her shoulder, which was quite smooth to the touch. I looked down and saw her hair near my arm, at the same time I could catch its….summery scent in my nose. I then saw her bright eyes and her big smile light up as she looked at the camera, and found that I would have been tempted to seek a tiny peek at the small but certainly visible cleavage of her blouse. That is, if I didn’t have to look at the camera and smile big as well.

After that was finished, I shook off my earlier thoughts and tried not to let them make me feel awkward. I turned back to Hayden, thanked her and shook her hand — while trying not to let its warmth and small structure make me check her out more. But that line of thinking was supposed to be Joel’s department today!

Nevertheless, a hot celebrity is a hot celebrity, regardless of how much one thinks about them before meeting them. With that excuse, I got back to Joel, let him rave about being that close to Hayden and tried to forget about how I was that close as well. At least while I was in public.

After paying for the photos, we carried on and started exploring the rest of the Comic Con activities, eventually splitting up by around 5:30 pm. The place closed at 7 p.m., so we’d need to meet up and head home soon. However, it was a guard who was looking for me by then instead. When he asked me to come with him, I didn’t exactly have the highest hopes for what was to come.

Before fears of strip searches, rendition or some Comic Con prison took too much of a hold on me, I found myself led into one of the bars in the Convention Center. I was quite confused in between my relief — but the confusion won out once I saw Hayden sitting at a nearby bar stool. She nodded to the guard and he then left me alone, yet I knew I wouldn’t be alone for too long.

“Ms. Pane — ” I stopped myself, figuring I didn’t need to be that formal. I didn’t know if Hayden was too formal, though — which made sense since I didn’t know what I was doing here, either. “Why am I here, again?” I led off as I took a seat next to her.

“I like meeting one of my VIPs up close after these things,” Hayden informed.

“And I made the cut?” I filled in. I wanted to ask why without mentioning Joel and how he would love this more, but that would be difficult.

“I remember your friend cheering and hooting at the panel. But then I remembered you looked a little bored. Yet you still ‘warned’ me about him anyway,” Hayden recounted, leaving me embarrassed that I really did look bored after all.

“So I’m here because I looked bored? It wasn’t that, really!” I tried to make myself look better. “It’s nothing against you, you were great! I was just mainly there to keep him company. Not that he forced me that much to go see you!” I shut up mainly to buy myself time before digging myself in deeper — I was doing that a lot around her today.

“But he’s the big fan of me. And you?” she inquired, which intimidated me a bit. However, Hayden then looked a bit flustered, stating, “Not that I’m attacking you for not being a fan! Even if you’re not! That’s not it at all, I’m just….curious.”

That sounded a little less ominous, at least. So I answered, “It’s not like that. I know about you, of course, and you’re clearly talented and beautiful. I just didn’t watch Heroes….I was much more of a Lost guy, actually,” I pointed out. “And they took longer to string us along, so…” I joked while trying not to slam her old show too much.

Hayden once again took my awkward statements in stride and chuckled, which gave me time to think of something else. “You know what I do remember you from, though? Your old Disney films! Dot in A Bugs Life, Remember the Titans, that stuff!” I recounted with amusement. “You’re technically a Disney girl, like Miley or Selena!”

“Ah, so that’s your cup of tea, then!” she answered back.

“Not really, but I know just enough about them to make jokes. Like I know just enough about you to keep up when Joel talks about you,” I recapped. “But he has his celebrities that he’s nuts about, and I have mine. I probably annoy him a bit whenever I go on about Alison Brie, or Emma Stone, or Mila Kunis or Kaley Cuoco or one of them,” I listed. “Not that I’ve gotten this close to them, though.”

“Well, I can live with standing out that way,” Hayden assured. I did hope it didn’t mean that much to her one way or the other, though.

“So you do this at every Comic Con or something? Bring non-fans over to convert them?” I checked.

“Usually it’s regular fans. Sometimes a few irregular ones. But you looked like one of the only ones not having fun today,” Hayden reminded.

“I’m sorry if it looked that way. It really isn’t anything against you,” I stressed. “I kind of have a selective list of celebrity actress crushes. I don’t think about a lot of them that way, so I get consumed by the ones I do think about. There’s not a lot of room for others if I don’t watch that much of them. I guess that’s how I thought of you until now,” I found myself blurting at the end.

“Until now, huh?” Hayden wondered. I thought a bit about what I actually meant by that, yet I soon found a solid enough answer.

“I mean you’re on my radar now. I didn’t think that much about you before, but this should fix that. Especially since you didn’t attack me for being bored, or attack Joel for being….Joel. My favorite actresses are sweet and hot, so that bodes well for you.”

I almost couldn’t believe I was quasi-flirting with a celebrity — and one who wasn’t on my radar just days ago. But I had to admit, talking with Hayden and seeing her play along with all this was impressing me. And the more it did, the more I took notice of her petite, trim figure that I didn’t get to notice for much of the afternoon. Hell, if she was planning on having me here for a while….

Just then, the phone rang to unfortunately/fortunately snap me out of it. I then checked and saw what time it was, then easily guessed that Joel was texting me and wondering what happened to me. It was almost closing time, so we did have to get going. At least he did….

“Is that him?” Hayden checked. “Are you going to tell him where you are?” She then gasped and wondered, “Should I tell him? Give him a little something extra for his trouble too?”

“I don’t know….you do that while he’s still here and he might never leave,” I predicted. “How long do you need me for, anyway?”

“You can go whenever you want,” Hayden revealed. After about a second, I texted Joel. “Tired, heading home. Will meet you at Comic Con tomorrow.” Since we didn’t drive together and we didn’t park next to each other, he’d never know I was still here. With that loose end tied up, I stayed around to let Hayden keep winning me over.

If I had been talking to one of my established favorite actresses, I might have stayed tongue tied a while longer. But since I had no expectations/preconceptions about Hayden before today, it was much easier to talk to her like a normal person. Probably helps that unlike the other favorites, I never wrote a smut fic about her.

Wait. That didn’t sound like I said it in my head. “You didn’t, huh?” Nope. Didn’t say it in my head.

“No, no, no! I mean, yes, I never did that, but I didn’t write smut about anyone else, either! I was joking!” And I was aware that I wasn’t selling the joke that well. Still, I kept shooting myself. “I write a lot, sure, but on regular stuff, not about real people having sex!” Damn. I wasn’t drunk, so I really had no excuse for this poor cover up. She wasn’t drunk either, so I couldn’t say she was hearing things.

“It’s not like you’d be the first one to….not write about me having sex,” Hayden said. “Those guys were everywhere a few years ago. The stuff that wasn’t about rape or incest or weird fetishes was hot sometimes, though.”

Emboldened by her review, I let it slip that, “Well, I don’t do that stuff! Mine is hot without being painful or humiliating!” Hayden’s eyes widened, knowing she caught me, and I just stayed silent so I wouldn’t dig myself deeper. It was clear she wasn’t offended, but this was still kind of embarrassing — which strangely mixed with how it was getting hotter as well.

“So you do write about fucking celebrities. Just not humiliating them,” she pressed on.

“Well….I try not to be boring. Regular old stuff is hot, depending on the position. And the chemistry. And the star. And how much you really wish you could fuck the star in real life.” I said before I knew what I was doing.

“Then if you never wrote about me, you never wanted to fuck me, then,” Hayden concluded.

“I didn’t watch you. That doesn’t say anything about wanting to fuck you.” I pointed out for what seemed like the 100′th time. “If I did and I didn’t watch Alison or Emma, or Mila, Kaley, Christina or Tina, of course I’d probably write about you! You’ve got enough people who do that already, anyhow!”

“None of them are here, though,” Hayden reminded. “And I’ve never met any of them in those other events. And only a few of them knew what they were doing. And none of them wrote about it enough to get a good idea, though.”

“What are you….” I asked before trying to figure it out myself. The answer was fairly obvious, yet it just took longer for me to believe it. “These….fans you pick out at these events…..”

“Luckily I have the kind of fans who don’t blab to the tabloids, or film anything,” Hayden celebrated. “They’re pushovers, even before they know what’s going to happen. But you’re making me work to get your attention….that is new.”

She kept working by crossing her legs, giving me a view of her taut upper thigh. I couldn’t help but look higher at the curves, crevices and cleavage above it — now that I knew Hayden was probably encouraging it.

Oh God….Joel could never know about this. Yet as I saw her eyes study my body, her smile turn more arousing, and her blond hair frame her face perfectly, I could at least stop ragging on him for talking about Hayden so much. I could give him that much if I was going to take one of his fantasies in return.

And yet I had to risk raining on it by saying, “Technically, you didn’t have to work that hard to win me over. And you were gonna make my list before you offered….that. Probably get a story or something….”

“Maybe. But I still want to please my fans. The old ones and the new ones,” Hayden made clear, as I began to notice her hand approaching my stomach. Our backs were turned to the rest of the bar, so no one probably noticed — yet I did. “My Heroes fans won’t stick around forever, so I have to get new ones wherever I can,” Hayden continued. “And keep them, make them happy….make them so happy to see me that they just explode….”

My explosion nearly came when Hayden dipped her thumb into my pants, yet made sure not to directly brush my underwear or cock. Given how hard it was getting, it was impressive that she did avoid it. Although no one saw her do that, I tried to keep quiet so they wouldn’t notice my comical face as well. So far, it seemed to work — even when I gasped out, “I’m gonna need a minute before we go….”

“That’s good, we needed to leave apart anyway. When you’re ready to go, meet me at the lobby in the Marriott. If you’re still ready to go,” she said with an entirely different meaning. She got up and left — and watching her ass sway away in that pink skirt didn’t make me feel any safer to get up yet. Not in that way.

After giving myself a minute to settle down, I made myself leave so Hayden didn’t get that much of a head start. The Marriott was within walking distance of the Convention Center, so I knew exactly where to go. By the time I got outside, I could actually see Hayden walking away from a distance, signaling I was on the right track.

I kept following that blur of blond hair and soon saw it entering the Marriott. When I got in, I saw her standing at the lobby, then she headed for the elevators right when she noticed me. I hurried up a little bit so she wouldn’t get on without me, yet a set of doors opened by the time I got there. We both entered together, then Hayden pressed the number 12 and we headed up, presumably to her floor.

I didn’t know what to say or what I could say, so I distracted myself by checking the time. “Holy shit, it’s only 7:30!” I exclaimed before I could censor myself. I turned to Hayden and pointed out, “I, um, guess we can take our time.”

“Later,” Hayden answered. I only had a little while to analyze that before we reached our floor. I followed Hayden’s lead out, since I obviously had no idea what room we were going to. She stopped at room 1217, so I stopped and stepped back as she opened the room. After she got in and held the door open, I willed myself to walk in without any nerves or hesitation.

I was about to fuck a celebrity I barely followed 12 hours ago, but now was practically drooling over. Still, no need to look too overwhelmed. “So, what was that about later?” I was ready to find out.

Hayden answered by backing me up to the closed door, although it was comical for a 5’2 woman to back up a 5’6 man. But no one was watching and I doubt either one of us wanted this plastered on the Internet. So I was the only witness as she placed her hand right on my hard, clothed cock. And I saw her trail her fingers slowly up to my zipper and start pulling it down all too well.

“You’re right, we’ve got a lot of time. So you can afford to cum quickly the first time,” That was almost what I did as she reached into my pants and went underneath my underwear to grab my cock. When it was fully out, Hayden used her other hand to make sure my balls were out as well. That hand jiggled my balls while the other stroked my cock simultaneously.

“Fuck…..not too quickly,” I asked her, yet Hayden sunk to her knees and placed my cock in front of her lovely face anyway. And once she opened her mouth and suckled my head, I truly saw how beautiful she really was. She looked even hotter as that sweet face and blonde hair contrasted with her mouth slobbering on my cock — not to mention her hands still stroking my shaft and balls. It got even hotter when that mouth moved down to my balls next.

All I could do was hold onto the doorknob and try to stay upright. If Hayden had fucked a lot of her fans, she obviously had a lot of practice in this, and it showed. My right hand kept me upright while my left finally went into Hayden’s honey blond hair and nearly tugged on it. Once it did, she sunk her mouth all the way down my cock, and by instinct, I put my hand on the back of her head to keep it there. Ultimately she came up for air, stuck her tongue out and licked all over my head, before batting my cock on her tongue.

“I didn’t turn you on just a few hours ago,” Hayden recapped before licking up and down my shaft slowly. “Now I’m gonna make you cum so hard, and not for the last time,” she promised before grabbing below my balls and shaft. She shoved my cock into her mouth and basically fucked it for me, making it thrust in and out until she finally popped off. “Getting someone going that fast is soooo hot….”

To top it off, Hayden placed the top of her tongue on my tip and took most of my cock back in her mouth. She bobbed up and down while keeping her tongue on top, wiggling her tip directly into my slit. She then opened her mouth and bobbed up and down for several moments, then took her mouth off, kept it open and stuck her tongue out as far as she could while keeping it on my tip.

After I took in that sight, Hayden went back to simple tactics by putting both hands on my shaft and her mouth on my head. She suckled a lot slower this time, while looking up at me with her big green eyes and lathering my cock head with the bottom of her tongue. She kept suckling my cock like it was a pacifier while grasping it tightly and devouring my head with her tongue, in the most innocent/sexy display I could think of. Not that I could think much then.

All that came to mind was, “Fuck, I’m cumming!” which were coincidentally the only words out of my mouth. Hayden just took her hands off me and then all but deep throated me again, yet took most of my cock out before it finally let loose into her mouth.

Some cum went onto her lips, although it sure felt like she swallowed most of it. When she was done, she popped off one last time, licked the cum that fell onto her lips, then briefly suckled my less than throbbing head once more.

As Hayden got to her feet, I pretty much sunk to the floor, though I managed to make myself sit upright while leaning against the door. “Now we can take our time,” Hayden stated as she actually stood over me, still clothed while my now flaccid cock and balls remained outside. She then headed to the bathroom and I heard her brush her teeth, which was a smart move.

I eventually got enough energy to tuck my cock back in my pants, despite how I still might not need them in a moment. Yet I stood back up as Hayden returned from the bathroom, then headed to test out the bed. I felt the mattress for a second before sitting on it, as it made me tempted to lie on my back and take a nap before whatever came next.

“Hey, where can I find your stories?” I heard Hayden ask before finally noticing she was sitting at a table, logging onto a laptop. “I should know what I’m in for the rest of the way, right?”

“I guess, but that’s not going to tell you anything,” I warned. “I’d rather not use something old from my stories on you. You’ve earned a little more effort than that, I’d say.”

“Well, I’ve gotta keep busy somehow while you’re recovering,” she pointed out.

“Hold on, I’m not an invalid yet, despite your best efforts,” I shot back. “My cock may be out of commission for a while, but I’m not. In fact, if you come over here, it should speed up its recovery.”

“No, you can give it a rest. I’ll just read your stuff and get hot that way,” Hayden teased. It actually did more to annoy me, although I was still getting hot again. If not totally hard yet. I just studied her on her laptop as she tried to find my stories, and yet wished she wouldn’t so she could come over here. That was the state she was putting me in.

Although I suspected this was exactly what she wanted, I still decided that if she wouldn’t come to me, I’d go to her.

I walked over to Hayden and started typing on her laptop, intending to get her to my page of stories. Once I got there, I announced, “Knock yourself out,” which she certainly could have taken literally. But I wanted to beat her to it.

Hayden turned her attention to the computer, while I focused on crawling under the table. I was shortly on my knees, right in front of her bare legs and open, teasing pink skirt. Before she noticed I was gone or where I was, I placed my hands above her knees and heard her suck in some breath. And before she said anything, I took a deep breath and put my head into her skirt.

I could only see enough to tell that her panties were black, but I could smell how wet they were even if I couldn’t see it. I made it wetter by licking the front of her panties, then kept licking then and even nibbling them as I heard Hayden start to moan. I kept my hands above her knees, yet soon raised them up higher and then said “Stay right there and keep reading,” right into her covered crotch.

“Okay….okay, just keep going,” I heard Hayden ask. Now that I was eating her out while she was reading my own smut stories, I’d have no trouble in keeping going. Of course, I wasn’t directly eating her pussy, yet keeping her panties over it would do for now.

I kept licking her panties until she thrusted her groin into my face, then I pulled my head out of her skirt. Now I focused on her smooth bare legs, putting my left hand at the back of her knee and beginning to kiss and lick the taut skin. As for my right hand, it took over working on her pussy, yet it still didn’t dip below Hayden’s panties. However, my thumb did press deeper against her crotch while I kept kissing and nibbling up her thigh.

I looked up and saw Hayden trying to look down and see my work, but I chose that time to finally dip a finger into her panties. She threw her head back with a few “Fuck!”‘s as my finger entered her and my thumb glided onto her clit. My head neared her skirt again since my tongue was going higher and higher up her thighs, then my whole mouth suckled on the nearest flesh.

At last, my hand left her pussy and tried to tug her panties down, so Hayden helped by lifting her ass up. I slid her panties off her legs as her bare ass sat back down, yet I didn’t want her skirt off too. I lifted it up and fit my head inside, savoring what I could see of her wet opening before I made it wetter with my tongue. But I soon moved to lick and suck her left inner thigh, then her pussy again, and then her right inner thigh before finally focusing on her vagina.

“So good…” I whispered in her while both my hands rubbed and stroked her legs. Hayden just moaned her approval while grinding herself against my face. As she did, I was able to slide my hands under her ass and start squeezing the round surface. She did sit on my hands and make me uncomfortable for a moment, but then lifted it up to better rub herself on me.

After I had my fill of filling Hayden’s ass with my hands, I returned them to her pussy and fingered it as she sat down. I put a finger from each hand inside there and licked underneath them, while also getting my thumbs into the mix.

“Fuck, I don’t see that in your…..” Hayden started before another long, low groan escaped her. When she finished, she then let out, “Let me take this off….let me look at you when you make me cum….”

I needed to get a look at her when she came, so this worked out for everyone. I pulled my head back and gave Hayden room to unhook her skirt, then leaned back into her pussy when she tossed it away. This gave me a clearer look at her snatch and let me look at how turned on the rest of her was, which was an added bonus. In addition, it inspired me to finally reach for her upper body as well.

My hands went underneath Hayden’s shirt as my tongue went back into her. As I felt the soft, curved flesh of her waist, I ate her out more intensely and looked up into her eyes to show how much this was getting to me. She wanted to make a new fan, so she deserved to know how much it was working.

I showed it further by nibbling her clit while caressing every inch of her silky waist that I could. And although her eyes were closing too much for her to make eye contact with me, seeing the rest of her beautiful face tremble and quiver made up for it. However, Hayden did recover fast enough to grab the bottom of her blouse and pull it off, leaving her in just a black bra that showed more of her perky cleavage.

With that new feature exposed, I reached up further and jiggled her breasts just like she jiggled my balls when she blew me. As I pushed her firm tits up, I pushed my tongue even further up into her, knowing it wouldn’t take long now. “Go on, look at me,” I mumbled into her before lathering up her pussy even more and then blowing on it.

“Ooh, yeah….come on, make me cum for you,” Hayden demanded. I hoped that brushing my thumbs over her covered nipples and sucking deeper onto her clit would do it. But it took one more lick, one more hard grasp of her tits and one more moan into her to finally set her off. With that, I stopped suckling and opened up to catch as much of her juices as I could, with the symphony of her groans and curses as the soundtrack.

I did my own moaning as I licked her up and swallowed her essence, looking up to see Hayden’s orgasmic face start to settle down. I poked her cleavage a bit more to pass the time as I finished licking her dry, then finally broke from her pussy to catch my breath. But just before I got it all back, Hayden suddenly stood up, towering over me as I remained on my hands and knees under the table.

First she unhooked her bra and finally made herself completely naked, giving me a full frontal view of her tight, tanned, tempting, post-orgasmic body and her no longer hidden breasts. She briefly turned around to give me a nude shot of her supple, peachy backside, before turning back and putting her wet pussy back into view. It then dawned on me that I was still completely clothed in front of the naked blonde beauty, which probably needed to change in an instant.

Before I started on that task, Hayden went onto her hands and knees herself in front of me — apparently for a better angle as she finally actually kissed me. Her tongue licked all around my mouth, perhaps trying to lick her own juices that I hadn’t swallowed down yet. Yet eventually, my tongue got into the act and made her lick that instead. Yet she soon returned to licking and suckling my lips before breaking off.

“So I don’t need to brush, then?” I joked, given that she brushed after swallowing my cum and I apparently didn’t have to. Hayden just smiled and licked her own lips, which made me feel even hotter with all these clothes on. So I crawled out from underneath the table and started to strip, taking my cock and balls out once more and introducing all my other nude parts to Hayden for the first time. Yet the most important part was fully erect and throbbing once again, although Hayden was likely the one who needed a breather this time.

“Okay then. Now do I have to watch a Heroes episode online until you’re ready to go again?” I quipped.

“Can’t wait that long. I can tell you can’t either,” Hayden commented, talking more to my cock than me.

“Oh, well, okay….I guess you should lie down on the bed and relax. Let me do the work to start off,” I offered.

“So sweet….” Hayden complimented, spinning around and swaying her fairly full behind as she walked to the bed. “From the little you let me read, I can tell you like it sweet. To a point.”

“Well, sweet and dirty stuff is the best combination,” I reasoned as I walked over.

“Then it’s more shocking you didn’t think of me before today,” Hayden commented. “That’s me all over. You only think those other girls are sweet and naughty in bed, but you only know it about me.”

“You do have me there,” I admitted as I laid on the bed, then started crawling towards her.

“So you be the gentleman right now if you want. But when I’m revved up, we’re doing things a little differently,” Hayden warned. “You want that?” she asked extra sweetly before suckling my bottom lip. “You also want to shoot big loads of cum all over me, right? More than you did with those other actresses?” she asked more seductively as she grasped my cock anew. “Would you rather they fucked your brains and cum out right now?”

“Not at the moment….” I all but whispered out.

“Then fuck me good and prove it.” Not a tall order, really.

Well, one part of it was tall and big. Which Hayden was reminded of as I sank it into her wet opening. I still tried to go slow for her benefit and for mine, yet we both withstood my cock getting halfway into her anyway. We even endured it when I slowly thrust my top half in and out of her, although we weren’t exactly quiet about it.

I pulled out briefly and rubbed my tip up and down Hayden’s pussy lips, warming her up before I thrust even more of myself into her. With my cock nearly completely buried in, I focused on the rest of her smooth naked body. I hadn’t gotten to taste that much of it above the waist, so I started on her upper chest and soon went down to her nipples as my cock went all the way in.

I bit Hayden’s left nipple right as I did that, which nearly made me bite even harder. Yet I kept somewhat under control while Hayden adjusted, then rotated her hips a bit to adjust to my cock. In response, I bit her nipple a little softer, then suckled it in sync with my thrusts. Soon I opened up my mouth to take more of her perky tit in, before turning similar attention towards the other one.

“You like?” Hayden cooed. “They’re not huge, but they’re nice, right?”

“Right on both counts,” I teased before pressing her breasts together and licking down her amplified cleavage.

“Oh yeah, you like them….” Hayden admitted. “How about from another angle?”

Hayden did warn me that we would only start slow. That time period ended when she tried to roll me over on my back — which might have been harder for the smaller actress if I wasn’t caught off guard. Yet I was, and the end result had Hayden on top of me and starting to ride my cock. This meant I was staring up at her tits as they bounced up and down along with the rest of Hayden — which was quite an angle.

“I can like this angle, too,” I conceded before leaning up and letting Hayden’s right breast drop into my open mouth. I closed around it to get back to work, moaning more around it as she rode me harder. Soon I pulled my mouth off and kept a thumb and forefinger on each nipple, tugging it up and down as Hayden kept bouncing. With that, I laid my head back down and enjoyed what the effect did to Hayden’s eyes and face for a while.

Hayden still moved her hips around even as I did more handy work on her tits. But I wanted to work on the rest of her enticing body, so I slid my hands back down her waist. While Hayden was doing all the bouncing, I wanted to help her along by trying to pick her up a little higher, before she came crashing down back on me.

It didn’t work that well, but Hayden did get the general idea. In her version, she lifted herself off my cock and left the tip barely in, only to drop all the way back down in an instant and nearly make us both lose it. She did it again twice, and I stayed transfixed on her pussy rapidly taking my cock back in. Then she lifted it up again, but sank back down incredibly slowly and transfixed me even more as my cock oh so slowly disappeared again.

That move couldn’t be topped, so I grabbed her ass and let her just ride my cock again, while my own hips helped push it in deeper. Her hands rested on my chest, while mine squeezed her fleshy cheeks and helped push them down on me harder. “Oooh… you like my ass, huh?” Hayden questioned.

“I’m getting fond of it,” I noted as I gave an extra squeeze and another deep thrust.

“Mmm….hold that thought,” Hayden asked, then got off me before I even had an answer. Plus I found it hard to hold the thought when I saw her turning her back to me — then getting on all fours and sticking her ass out.

“Oh, that’s what you want now?” I wondered rhetorically. I almost wanted to ask where she wanted it, but there would be plenty of time for anal later. I got up on my knees and knelt behind her, teasing her by grasping her ass and enjoying its delicious heart shape from this angle. My next diversionary tactic was to rub my shaft and its head across her cheeks, enjoying their silky texture against my sensitive areas.

“Come on, get back in there!” Hayden groaned impatiently, despite some pleasure being mixed in there. I added to the pleasure by leaning down and giving her a few licks from behind, making her arch her ass and pussy into my face. I then got up and savored how her ass was curved up before finally going back inside of her.

I kept holding onto her hips while staring down at her ass pushing into my groin, slightly rippling as it did so. After going up for a few final squeezes of her tight buns, my hands slid down and started working on her back. We thrusted against each other as Hayden’s hands gripped the sheets and her face turned back to see me at work. When I saw her gaze at me, I gave her a few more hard thrusts — although this made it a little hard for her to keep her eyes open.

“Oh, you like it like that, don’t you?” Hayden cried out. “Seeing me get fucked like this is hot, huh?”

“Uh huh,” I agreed. “There are….fuck….other fun ways….” And in a flash of inspiration, I proved it by grabbing her by the waist and pulling her back, so that we were both just on our knees and her back was pressed against my front. But my cock was still in her, leaving me to keep thrusting while I wrapped my arms around her waist, grinded her against me and started kissing her arched neck.

“Fuck me, that’s so good….” I actually beat her to saying. My left arm stayed around her while my right hand went down to rub her exposed pussy while I was still fucking it. Meanwhile, I buried my face into Hayden’s soft golden hair, letting it cover me while I felt her hand grab the back of my neck. It stayed there when she turned her head and furiously made out with me as she kept grinding me.

She only broke off when I lightly slapped her pussy twice, then dipped a finger inside with my cock, collected some juices and smeared them over the slapped areas. Hayden groaned even louder as I rubbed her even more furiously. “Oh, you naughty boy…..I have the naughtiest fans…..even the new ones…” she called out, managing to stay coherent.

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