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Brad was rather unsure of whether he should cancel his plans for the night, or even how to go about doing that. He was invited as a special guest to one of the spring break parties being thrown by MTV. However, the way the redhead was sucking on his cock as if his cum was the nectar of the gods, he didn’t know if he’d be able to get away, or if he’d even want to.

He tried to recall the details of his day that led to this point but the slurping sounds and the moan from the girl currently engulfing his rod made the details fuzzy. The college water-polo player knew he had been at the beach, and he remembered that there was someone having difficulties in the water. It was rather stupid of him to immediately try and get to their aid given that it could have been an undertow dragging her down, but Brad was just too nice of a guy to sit by idly while someone was in trouble.

The way she moaned with her mouth around him before pulling back a little to look up at him and smile (as best as a girl can with a mouth full of cock) was driving him crazy, he could already feel the pressure building up. He continued to remember once her forehead returned to his stomach. He managed to get the girl out and when she wasn’t breathing he helped resuscitate her. Brad never had a chance to get the name of the girl he rescued, or even really look at her before she was being taken to the hospital and tv cameras on the beach began pestering him for interviews.

It was those interviews and his heroics that led to half-a-dozen different private party invites that night. And just as he was getting ready to go there was a knock on the door. Thinking it must be a ride to pick him up he answered it to see a gorgeous redhead standing at the door; a sarong covering her lower half, a bikini top and in between slightly tanned freckled body topped off with long red curly hair that reached just past her breasts. Brad couldn’t help staring at her breasts, they filled the bikini top quite nicely, and he had to catch himself to look up to her face.

She had a cute face, emerald eyes that looked like they could stare through him, a cute little nose, cheeks freckled like much of her body, and cute little lips with pink lipgloss. Little did he know when he answered the door where those lips would be momentarily. She asked him if he was the one who rescued the girl at the beach, and he told her he was. Quickly after he said yes she moved forward, shut the door, and kissed him–Brad might have been put off a little had he been seeing someone, but then again, he wouldn’t be at spring break if he was. The kiss was aggressive on her part, something Brad had never quite experienced. He was already missing it when she pulled back, and said, “I’m the girl you rescued, I just wanted to thank you personally.”

Being the nice guy he is, Brad was about to tell her no thanks were necessary when she suddenly dropped to her knees and her hands reached out for his shorts. A girl had never been this forward with him before, nor this fast. With him just standing there his shorts and boxers lying on the ground, she held his cock in her left hand before smiling up at him and finally moving in to start licking his balls.

Another first for Brad. He’d heard guys talking about it, but always figured he’d rather have the girl’s oral attentions on his cock. Now that he was in the moment he understood completely. His balls wouldn’t be bathed for long by her tongue as it was just the teaser to the main course, which she quickly gobbled down and got to work.

Now that he was done remembering how he had reached this point, he realized how much stamina he’d had in the process. He had rubbed one off earlier, being a little horny after all the girls who were fawning after him for being a hero. He closed his eyes, his breathing becoming a little more erratic as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, knowing he was about to cum when suddenly she pulled off completely.

“In my mouth or on my face,” came her soft voice for a moment before her tongue went back to the ball licking that she had started with.

“Huh,” asked Brad, pulled out of his bliss by her sudden question.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my face?” she asked again kindly before resuming.

Brad had always liked seeing facials in porn he had to admit, and the fact that the girl was asking him instead of him having to be the one to ask. “Your face?” he replied, asking it as more of a question than giving an answer.

“Tell me when,” she said before she pulled back and took him into her mouth once more. The way she swirled her tongue around his shaft as she moved her head along her shaft was driving him crazy, and after only five more bobs of her head he said, “I’m ready.”

He managed to hold on for a moment while she pulled back. She closed her eyes and mouth and just tipped her head back a little bit. Her left hand held his cock to help guide as the streams of hot cum erupted and started to coat her face. As Brad looked down and watched her face get painted he was surprised with the amount she got out of him, especially for his having cum once already today.

When he was finally done she reached up to wipe enough cum away from her eyes to open them, then moved forward to clean the little bit remaining from the tip of his cock. He looked down at his cum-covered pleaser, just amazed from her blowjob. “Wow, that was awesome, you didn’t need to…”

Suddenly she backed off and stood up, though something was different now. The sarong and string bikini bottom she had on underneath were on the floor, as was the bikini top she had on when she entered. It took his brain a moment to realize that the girl who just gave him the best blowjob of his life was now standing naked in front of him.

The fact that the slightly-tanned freckled girl wasn’t perfect helped draw his eyes even more. She had tanlines in all the usual areas. His eyes immediately went to her breasts, now sitting out in the open for his viewing pleasure. Much like he thought from his first glance, they looked to be a little more than a handful, and her paler skin revealed that her areolas were also quite pale, just pink enough to stand out from her skin. The nipples were similarly inflicted, but the decent size of them for her breasts, and the fact that they upturned a little and standing at attention more than made up for it.

As if taken by a sudden realization, his eyes took a turn downward, hoping to see if the fiery red hair was matched below. To both dismay and delight he found that such a question would have to wait for another time as only smooth skin greeted his eyes above her pussy. Just as he was about to take a good look at her soft folds she spoke again, and he was compelled to look upwards once more.

“I owe you for saving my life, so I’m going to give you the only gift I can think of. You saved my body, now you get to have it to do with as you please,” she said once more softly, the smile still wide on her cum-coated face.

“That almost sounds too good to be true,” Brad responded back to her, a slight chuckle in his voice from the nervousness of having the girl throw herself at him. “Aren’t you worried I might hurt you, or get you pregnant, or give you a disease?”

She simply shook her head once to all his questions. “If you want to hurt me, go for it. I shouldn’t get pregnant from both birth control and it just not being the right time, but if I do, oh well. As for disease, I know I’m clean and I don’t care whether you are or not. If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead right now, this body either lost at sea or in a bag down in some hospital morgue. So really, it’s no harm to me whatever you choose to do, as I’m still better off than I would be otherwise.”

Brad really didn’t know what to respond. For the slightest moment he wished he was the type of guy who’d gladly take her and give her the dirtiest, kinkiest sex of her entire life, but he knew that he wasn’t. When he didn’t take the initiative, she once again did. She reached to the bottom of the t-shirt he had on and started pulling it up, over his head. He reacted instinctively, raising his arms for her to remove it.

“Why don’t you go lay on the bed?” she asked.

Stepping out of his shorts and boxers, he took her lead and hopped onto his bed. She moved to the foot of the bed and started to crawl onto it from the end, slowly crawling over his body. When her head reached his still semi-soft cock she gave it a quick playful lick before continuing to lick up his stomach to his chest. When her breasts reached there, she hovered for just a moment, letting them tease the sensitive flesh. When she finally was over him, she laid her pussy down on his cock to just rub it, transferring some of her wetness to his shaft.

“Go ahead, I know you want to. Rub them, squeeze them,” she told him, looking down between his face and her tits dangling in front of them.

He didn’t need telling twice as both hands came up to feel her breasts. As his thumbs brushed over her nipples she moaned a little, eliciting a twitch from his cock. He rubbed her breasts and started squeezing. More moans escaped from her mouth as she was enjoying the work his hands were doing.

As he continued to knead her breasts, she reached back with her left hand and lifted herself off of him enough to guide his now-hard cock to her pussy. He stopped and looked at her as she felt his shaft glide into her warm and ready hole. Another louder moan escaped from her lips as she took his fullness inside her. For Brad it was a new feeling entirely, he’d never been able to have a girl without a condom and now she was the one initiating it.

She rode him with a steady rhythm for several minutes. Her head was up, mouth open just slightly and her eyes closed as she appeared to be enjoying the feeling of him being inside her. Of course he was enjoying it, and as she continued he started to become a lot more confident in himself.

“Could I ask something?” he asked, taking his confidence out for a spin.

“Mhmm, anything,” she said, suddenly stopping.

“Can I do you doggy style?”

She opened her eyes and looked down at him with a smile. “Of course you can.” And she pulled off of him and stood up on the bed and turned around. She got on her knees and put her hands on the board at the foot of her bed. She spread her legs and arched her back to allow him to enter.

Brad’s eyes popped wide at how willing she was to go along with it and just watched as she moved herself into position. Now that he was getting a view of her ass, he didn’t want to stop. As her legs went wider he was treated to a view of everything, seeing her pussy from behind and seeing the pucker of her tiny butthole.

“CanIfuckyourass?” Brad blurted out, he wasn’t sure where it came from, as he’d never taken a chick in the butt, but part of him didn’t see another chance to have it happen.

When her head turned back around to look at him, he was worried that he’d gone too far. The smile that had been on her coated face this entire time wasn’t there. “Well, I’ve never done that before, but for you I will.”

Brad was suddenly conflicted, the girl was gonna offer her only virgin hole to him just cause he blurted it out. “Wait, you don’t have to,” he said, trying to ease his conscience.

“No, it’s okay,” she replied back to him as she got off the bed. It’s just gonna take me a few minutes to get ready. With that she crawled off the bed and back to her clothes while he watched. He hadn’t noticed the small purse that she had apparently brought with her, it did match the sarong in its deep purple color. “I’ll be out in a few,” she said before stepping into the bathroom and shutting the door.

The several minutes she was in the bathroom was nearly agony for him. Part of it was from the guilt of asking to have her ass, but the rest was definitely from the excitement that she was gonna let him fuck her virgin ass would bring. He just hoped he’d be able to last long enough to enjoy it.

When enough time passed that he was starting to get worried she was getting cold feet, he got up off the bed and was walking to the bathroom door when it opened and she stepped out, holding a bottle of lubricant in her hand. She dropped down to her knees and took some of the lube and started to smear it around his cock, getting him ready.

“I’ve done myself as best I can, but you should apply a little more lube to me,” she said looking up to him, the smile having returned. “Only if you want to of course.”

He just blinked, not knowing how he should even respond to that when she spoke again.

“Anywhere in particular?”

He looked around the room and chuckled just a little. “I’ve always fantasized about taking some hottie’s ass while she’s bent over a table.”

“As you wish,” was all she replied before standing back up and walking over to the table that doubled as a desk in the hotel room. When she arrived, she looked back to him and said, “I hope you enjoy.”

She spread her feet apart about shoulder width as she turned to face the table and leaned forward. Once her torso was against the table she reached back and put the tube of lubricant on the small of her back. To Brad’s surprise, she then used both hands to reach back and spread her ass cheeks, once again giving him that unobstructed view of all her charms.

Still filled with nervous excitement, Brad walked over to her and picked up the bottle of lube from her back and spread some on that puckered hole that was waiting for him. She let out a little gasp as she felt his finger apply rub against it for a moment.

Finally ready, Brad took his position behind the redhead, dropping the bottle to the floor. He lined up behind her and pressed his very hard cock against her backdoor, and with his right hand reaching out to grab her hip, and his left hand helping to guide, he pushed forward.

Between her spit, pussy juice, and the ample amounts of lubricant on his cock and her hole, the head popped in with only a slight bit of resistance. The girl made a sound, somewhere between a gasp and a cry. Before Brad could even think to check that she was okay, she said, “Keep going.”

Brad’s cock was in heaven, never had it felt anything wrapping so tightly around it. Barely the head was in and he was already enjoying this newfound sensation. With her blessing he started to slowly push forward. When he encountered resistance, he pulled back so only the head remained inside before pushing forward again. He had no idea how he was lasting–perhaps it was the cumming a few times already, perhaps it was sheer force of will.

He looked down watching as with every attempt a little more of his cock was being swallowed by her obscenely stretched asshole, still made all the more visible by her continuing to spread her cheeks. He lost track of the time, but he rightly guessed it had taken a few minutes but with one final push he looked down to see just the tiniest sliver of his shaft sticking out of her ass, he was buried completely inside her.

“Let go and get up on your arms,” Brad commanded her.

As she did what she was told, making it so she wasn’t pushed into the table but up enough that her breasts could hang freely, Brad was shocked with himself. Apparently it was easy for him to be confident about what he was doing with his cock balls deep in a hot redhead’s ass. He bent over a little himself to reach forward and he wrapped his hands around her breasts, squeezing them and using them as handles as he started to fuck her ass.

He was slow at first, just starting to build up a nice pace while his hands kneaded her breasts, fingers rubbing her nipples and eliciting both moans of pleasures and little whimpers of pain. As he continued and started to feel the pressure rise from within, he let go of her breasts and both hands went for her hips. A man possessed, he started fucking her harder, like he would if he was in her pussy.

The whimpers of pain from the girl became a little more prevelant, after all, this was the first dick in her ass. Once more when she seemed to think that maybe Brad would start feeling guilty, she once again encouraged him.

“Oh gawd, fuck my ass, keep fucking my ass Brad.”

And that’s all it took. Knowing he couldn’t hold on any longer, Brad again buried his entire length in her ass as he started to cum. As her bowels were filled she was breathing heavily, letting her weight collapse into the table once more.

Even as he finished coating her insides like he had her outside, Brad didn’t pull out, he stood there enjoying the view.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” he heard her soft voice say.

Taking her at his word, he pulled out and went to the night stand by his bed and grabbed his camera phone. Once more she reached back, revealing her now well fucked ass to him and turning around and smiling as he took a picture. She stood up and sat on the table, legs spread a little and motioned for him to do it again.

“And now a closeup,” she said as she moved closer and he took two more, one with her breasts in the shot and one of just her cum-covered face.

“Get dressed,” she told him now, and like everything else so far this evening, he gladly obeyed. One he was dressed she motioned him into the bathroom.

Confused, he followed her, and she grabbed his phone from him. “I know the boys won’t believe this story when you tell them, they’ll just say you got those pics from some porn site.”

Leaning back into his clothed self, she took a full body shot in the mirror. Then a closeup. She turned around and gave one last good picture of her backside for him to be standing with and smiled.

“Well Brad, I hope you enjoyed your reward. Consider it payment in kind.”

With that she left the bathroom and went out to get dressed. Of course Brad took another picture as she bent down to pick up her clothes. She put on the sarong but didn’t seem to bother with the bikini bottoms that went underneath. Once her top was in place she went back to the bathroom to get her little bag.

“Aren’t you gonna clean up your face?” Brad asked, noticing she was still wearing his cum.

“No need really, I’m kinda proud to wear it, and besides, if anyone asks, it’ll make one hell of a spring break story.” And finally she giggled.

Even though she headed to the door, Brad was wishing it wasn’t over. As she opened it and stepped out he asked, “I didn’t even get your name.”

“Check my bikini bottoms,” she said as she walked down the hall, not even looking back at him one last time.

Brad blinked a few times and looked to the floor where the white bikini bottoms remained from when she took them off. As he bent down to pick them up, he noticed writing on the inside. Undoing the strings he laid them out on the table he just finished fucking her on. There was a message:

I’ll always owe you for saving my life.

Hope you enjoyed my anal cherry.

Love Lanae

Her email address and phone number were written right below.

Brad couldn’t help but smile, spring break didn’t turn out so bad after all.

I lean back close my eyes and tell you exactly what pops into my head while I’m playing with my vibrator.

There is little structure and no previous thought put into this fantasy. I hope you still enjoy it. Also, I want to share that this is not a normal fantasy for me, so if you liked my last few submissions give this a try, if you didn’t like my them you may really like this one.



* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (27 min/mp3)

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I was just sitting in my dorm room just thinking about things like my ex, my family, school and all the other bull shit a 19 year freshman thinks about in college. I lay on my purple quilted twin bed with the soft quilted padding listening to Panic at the Disco’s New Perspective. “Let’s fast forward to when u go down on me”. I’m a sexy looking 5ft 8 African American woman with Double Ds and wide hips that make every man swoon as I walk by. It was unbelievable that I did not have a date this hallow eve.” Why is it that I’m always dateless on holidays,” I say as I screamed to the white cement ceiling of my dorm room.

My roommate was going to be gone for the weekend because she was staying with her boyfriend’s. Tonight they were going to the campus Halloween party dressed as salt and pepper. Not the singing group which would have been way better but they were going to be dressed as salt and pepper shakers. Lame isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong though, I love my roommate to death and by the looks of it men do to. She is Caucasian with long blonde hair, double d tits and also very pretty, smart and also popular. If she had black hair she would give Megan Fox a run for her money. But her boyfriend was one of the sexiest guys I ever met. He had gorgeous blue eyes, a nice muscular body, wavy dark hair and this sexy ass deep voice. Many nights when my roommate was sleep or alone I would stoke my clit vigoursly imagining he was pounding my ass from the back doggy style and him eating me out. Whatever my nasty mind imagined that would bring me to orgasm. I love those two dearly but when they started talking baby talk and ogling each other I was gone. I will not sit there and watch those two dummies, so I silently left the room unnoticed.

Sighing, I think back to what my roommate told me three hours ago. Jen make sure u light a red candle and put it on your nightstand. Why the hell for? Don’t tell me you haven’t heard the story of Cameron Michaels? Don’t tell me this is a ghost story I should hauntingly be aware of? Just listen. Ok go ahead. 5 years ago on Halloween this insanely hot guy that was the star player on the tennis team got into an accident on Halloween night. He was speeding on the highway about to go to this off campus Halloween party when he collided with this drunk driver and he died instantly from the impact. Rumor has it, he was going to propose to his lover, others say he was going to pick up a package of ecstasy and bring it to the party. To this day no one knows the real reason why he was speeding.

Ok so how does this red candle tradition come in to play? They say on Halloween night he comes into a beautiful girl’s room, makes love to her and leaves. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I wish he would pay me a visit. Girls leave their candle lit so he will actually come to their room. The red candle symbolizes the night he died. See you, I’m off. As she leaves I think how it would be nice if I had someone to actually fuck right now because I am quite horny now. I take a shower with my favorite body wash from Victoria secret and soap up my body quite nicely. I open my legs and start caressing the outer lips of my clit. Mmmm. This feels so good. I imagine my hot history professor and how bad I want to seduce him. I rub faster and harder applying more pleasure as I get more aroused. FUUUUUUUCK! I screamed as I creamed in my hand. My pussy juice mixing with the soap of my bubble bath. I towel dry and find a pair of jeans and a low cut purple blouse that shows off my Double Ds. My clock said 8:00 pm. Might as well walk to Walgreens and pick up some snacks. Especially my favorite candy corn.

I make the short walk down the street through the crisp cold October wind. I see a red candle on a table display so I grabbed one along with my snacks and make my way to the cashier. She ran my purchase up and then I was walking back to my dorm room again. When I get to my room I put in the first twilight movie and start eating my popcorn balls and candy corn. Then I suddenly fell asleep… I wake up and my clock says 2:00 am. I try to fall back asleep but then I feel this cold chill rip through the air. The red candle suddenly goes out. I try to get comfortable and next I feel something graze my chest. Then my covers pull themselves up so I looked back and I looked up and saw this hot sexy stranger leaning over my bed. Most people would scream their asses off but for some reason I didn’t feel the need to. He is white and looks 5ft 10 and has these gorgeous brown eyes that look like that they can see right through me. I sit up in my bed and ask well are you going to just stare at me all night or are we going to fuck?

As I lift my camisole above my head he looks at my cleavage then reaches behind my back and removes the bra hook. He tosses my bra onto the floor and suddenly puts my left nipple in his mouth. MMmmm. AAaaaah. I moan as he swirls my nipple in his mouth. He sucks rapidly and bites it teasing me wonderfully. I can feel my thong getting soaked with my juices. He senses my need and pulls off my pj pants but leaves my thong on. He puts my right nipple in his mouth and pinches my left one. OOOh fuck. I can feel my thong get even wetter.. He trails kisses down my stomach and stops till he gets to my thong. He massages my clit through the thin fabric making me moan even more. AaaaaaaaH fuck. Oh fuck fuck me please put a finger in babe, I said. He smiles up at me and moves my thong a little and stuffs three fingers inside my pussy. Oh YES!!! OH YES! Fuck yes! I screamed as he thrust his fingers in and out of my pussy. I’m bout to cum on his fingers but he suddenly removes them. He takes off his pants and boxers and I see this 12 inch dick pop out. It’s hard and throbbing. I take it in my mouth and start bobbing back and forth using my tongue and the back of my throat.

I swirl his hard length around on my tongue. Mmm he moans as I look up at him and he is looking up with his eyes closed. I play with his balls then I suck on them for a little bit. I put his dick in again as my full lips accept him in to my warm awaiting mouth. I continue my sweet torture then I sense he is about to come so I take his dick out and get off my bed. Then I lean forward down so he can take me doggy style. He thrusts his hard pole into my pussy and thrusts hard pounding me in to a pulp. Oh God, Oh Shit. Don’t stop. So he continued his assault on me going harder and faster… I’m bout to cum again but then he thrusts his dick into my butt. FUUUUUUCK I screamed as he assaults my second hole. While he is pounding me he massages my clit and fingers me super good. My juice over flows and over his hands. He takes it out again… And then proceeds to screw me in the missionary position. We both begin to match each other’s rhythm as both of us are reaching ecstasy…

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmn!, I holler. He takes it out and pumps his cum all over my body. The first spray hits my lips and I lick at it eagerly. The second spray gets on my tits. Then it hits my stomach and lastly my legs. It was unbelievably the best fuck I ever had. I taste my pussy juices and let him suck off the rest that’s on my fingers. He gets in bed with me and then we both fall asleep. The next morning I wake up and remembered the romp from last night and I look and he is nowhere in sight., I look disappointed but then I see next to the candle a note… See u next Halloween—Cameron Michaels…

Not long after I finished writing the last part in the series, Gift from Outer Space, I wrote a couple more chapters on what I thought would happen next. I wanted to explore some sci-fi concepts and revisit some of my favorite characters. However, life got extremely busy and a part of me felt the most interesting part of their tale had been told.

Now they’re back, at least for two chapters or so. To those new to the series, be forewarned that it features dickgirls doing other girls. If you haven’t read the other chapters, I hope this makes you interested in checking them out. If you don’t, no worries. I have recapped the back story for the sake of new readers. This story picks up pretty much right where “Gift” left off.


Renee’s blue eyes gazed at Earth through the Amphitryon’s windows. It was a distant blue sphere set against the star-studded blackness of space and the horizon of the moon. She could make out the distinctive shape of Africa, and even the Sahara, but from a distance of 240,000 miles it all seemed so very small.

The ship’s medical robot came wheeling out of one of the rooms and down the hall, carrying a large bundle of bedclothes. Renee nodded in greeting.

“Doctor,” she said, trying to make humor out of the irony.

The robot stopped. “Is my assistance required?”

“No, get going.”

With that, the robot moved on down the hall. It seemed to Renee that lately the ship’s medical robot was employed more as a housekeeper than anything else. All it did was change out bedsheets around the clock, and pick up after her and her girlfriends.

Renee could hear their voices emanating from one of the staterooms. She remained where she was for the moment, hoping in vain to just enjoy the view of Earth in peace. It wasn’t their chattering that distracted her, it was how she was trying to anticipate the questions her folks would ask. She couldn’t help going over her practiced lies and deflections. She couldn’t tell them the truth, but how could she hope to look mom in the eye, lie, and get away with it?

“Nothing to fear,” she told herself. “Mom and dad love me.”

There would be admonishments. After all, she had flunked out of college and her “lesbian lover roommate” Nina would get some of the blame. It was unjust and unfair. She had much bigger accomplishments than getting a few passing grades, she just couldn’t tell her parents about them. The whole story was utterly unbelievable, perverted, and pornographic.

“Let’s see now Renee,” she could envision her dad saying, after she told the whole story. “In summary, you had an alien cock and fucked nearly everyone in sight. Meanwhile the aliens tried to kidnap you to get it back. Do I have that right, young lady?”

Nope, they would think she was on acid and crack! Tell that story, and sooner or later one of her parents would sneak off to the phone and call a shrink or a rehab clinic. Worse, their image of their daughter would be shattered forever.

Renee sighed and resigned to let the unjust accusations against her and Nina stand, and just make sure her parents knew she loved them both anyway. With that, she headed to Josie’s stateroom, where the girls had gathered.

Josie was there of course. The petite brunette was in a conversation with Kirsten and Bonnie. Rather, Josie was the only one not talking, the other two were yammering away like yentas at a tupperware party. All of them were wearing white bathrobes.

Renee smiled at the girls. Seeing them living in these staterooms gave Renee a feeling of accomplishment. Recently these surroundings had been her prison, and the windows had offered views of various distant places. Now she could see Earth outside, and inside her friends were there with her, free to come and go as they pleased. Yes, she had come a long way. Thanks to a mad robot named Loki, Nina’s support, and luck, they had overcome the machinations of a corrupt bureaucrat that had tried to confiscate her property.

It was a very special and unique piece of property.

What at first appeared to be no more than a strap-on dildo turned out to be an alien sex symbiont. Nina had given it as a novelty to Renee. They thought it would fulfill some of their sex fantasies, but they wound up with a new life they had never bargained for. Renee found herself bonded with the symbiont and no one, not even she, could remove it.

On the capitol world of Serra-5, a mechanized schoolmistress named Lady Vera was informed about the symbiont falling into the laps of the clueless Earth dwellers. She tried to finangle a way to legally abduct them and collect the valuable symbiont. She used her ties to arrange for Renee and her suitemates at the college dorm to be transported to her headquarters at Pleasure Castle.

There were several legs to the journey. Initially they were detained in a single large cell on the moon. Alone with her girlfriends, the symbiont put Renee’s libido into high gear. She fucked her gorgeous coeds night and day, trying every position the moon’s low gravity would allow. She was insatiable, and they were addicted to her cock.

Then she was transferred to the Amphitryon after a few days, where she met a pair of exotic sex slaves that happened to be there by chance. The slaves, Macy and Leifa, were curious about Renee and sought her out, against orders that dictated solitary confinement.

The slaves, categorically known as Avashai, built a friendship that lasted despite being forged in the heat of ongoing sexual trysts. Although Renee was a prisoner that would eventually be delivered as live cargo to Vera’s Pleasure Castle, even this could not prevent their reunion. (For more on this, read A Union Consummated and Gift from Outer Space 1-7)

Renee had heard enough chit chat. The clock was ticking on their last opportunity to visit Earth.

“Ladies, why aren’t you dressed? We’re going.” Renee addressed the girls, placing her hands on her hips. “Don’t you have your beacons?”

“We do,” said Josie.

“It’s the last time. I don’t know why I dread going so much. I miss home,” Kirsten the uptight too-perfect blonde said.

“Oh, I am gonna miss this planet,” Bonnie sighed. “Though, it’s almost difficult to go.”

“Of course it’s difficult,” Josie said. “Seeing your parents again, only to tell them you’re leaving again?”

“They thought we were missing or dead,” Kirsten sighed. “They’re bound to be clingy, and not want us to leave so soon.”

“Well, you know what I think. There’s no sense in going,” Josie flatly stated. “We can’t even tell them the truth.”

As she spoke, Nina emerged from one of the staterooms, dressed in a black skin-tight jump suit with a red jacket on top.

“Let’s do this,” she said, in her Bronx Peurto Rican accent. “Hey, come on, get dressed!” she snapped at the girls. “Hello? Now!

They dispersed to go change. All except Josie.

“I’ve decided to stay here,” Josie said. “There’s a few things I might want to do down there, but really, I don’t know if I could live with myself after all the lying. It’s just not going to work for me.”

Nina and Renee looked at her. Josie was the brains of the group, the girls considered her their best kept secret. They automatically respected her decision.

“Well, no one is gonna make you go,” Nina said. “Just think about it some.”

“Your parents know you’re alright?”

“Yes, I’ve been e-mailing them.”

“Hmm, wonder how long it’s going to take after we leave before she gets all tangled up in bed with Macy and Leifa?” Nina mused with a grin. All three giggled.

“You’re looking great in that outfit,” Josie deflected, admiring Nina’s supple curves through her skin-tight outfit.

“Why thank you,” Nina said.

“Hey, that’s my fiancee you’re hitting on,” Renee said with mock jealousy.

“Josie can compliment me anytime,” Nina said reassuringly.

“Well, you know I have been thinking about when Nina puts TeeGee on, I’d like to um, you know,” Josie blushed. “Which I think you would all agree is understandable.” TeeGee was the nickname of the phallic symbiont. “Are you guys going to be exclusive?”

“I’m going to have a talk with Nina about that,” Renee said. “I know how hard it is to resist temptation.”

There was an awkward silence.

“I still can’t get over that outfit,” Josie said to Nina. “You look like a biker chick from the future!”

“Yeah,” Renee added. “Aren’t your parents going to think it’s a little unusual?”

You try to find Behtorian styles that match Earth’s. Besides, we’re in New York!” she grinned. “They’ll just think I’ve been adapting to college life or some shit. Anyway, they’ll have better things to ask me about than my style of clothes.” Nina grinned. “Not that I’m going to be able to tell them much. I’ll just tell ‘em as many lies as it takes to get ‘em to shut up and stop worrying about me. Before they know it, I’ll be back on this ship.”

“Are you going to tell them about me?” Renee asked.

“I still don’t know, it depends if they’re gettin’ all loco when they see me. You know I want to, but,” she paused.

“I know.” Renee understood all too well. This might be their last chance to leave their parents with kind memories, rather than angst over their daughter’s homosexuality.

“I just can’t wait till we get back to the ship,” Nina effervesced. “Because then I can put him on.”


All the others had left to spend their last day on Earth. Josie sat down at her desk and flipped on a couple of holographic displays. She had access to a wealth of holographic documentaries. There was so much to learn about, she couldn’t decide whether to read up on the most up-to-date engineering and industrial practices or take a detailed look at what astrophysicists had found out about exploration of things like nebulas and gas giants.

The intercom rang briefly and Macy’s voice came over the line. “Josie? We’ve just finished assisting all the girls through the teleporter. They said you weren’t going.” It was Macy’s voice.

“That’s right, I’m just going to relax on the ship.” Josie replied.

“Is that right? Don’t want to see your folks?”


“How come?”

“Don’t want to lie to them.”

Macy’s voice came over the speakers again.

“Hey you know, there are other things we could do. We have a teleporter here, after all.”

“Hmm. Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know. We could visit some hot clubs in Europe right now,” Macy replied.

Josie shook her head. “Not in the mood.”

“How about seeing some old friends?” Leifa asked.

Josie thought about it for a second.

“Nope. I don’t want to lie to them either.”

“We could visit some of Earth’s mountains and historical places,” Macy countered.


“Then what are you going to do?” Macy asked.

“I’m just doing some research here.”

“Research?” Macy furrowed her brow. “What about?”

“About, well, what’s out here in this quadrant. What kind of business there is. You know, where I might go to make my fortunes.”

“Josie, there’s plenty of time for that later. Have a little fun, this is Earth we’re talking about. Your home.”

“Home? Behtor’s billions call it a dirt world – those two words are still ringing in my ears. Seeing it, and the pointlessness of the whole struggle, its just going to depress me.”

“Well, suit yourself then. If you get a moment, come be our company, okay?”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”


Josie decided to keep researching a little longer, so as not to give the impression that sex was a higher priority than her studies. She got so wrapped up in it, however, that the little brunette was at her desk for hours.

The door chirped quite unexpectedly, then medical robot announced itself and entered.

Josie realized she could employ the robot’s services in the shower. She started the next audio documentary in her queue, a discussion on Behtor’s demographics, and transferred the audio to the bathroom. Then she hopped out of her desk chair and flung her robes to the floor.

“Doctor,” she said to the robot, “Assist me in the shower.”

Since she was taking on two Avashai, she decided she would like to be clean as a whistle. She stood facing the wall, hands resting on the handrails and legs spread somewhat. Water streamed down her torso and legs. She braced as the robot gently inserted a narrow probe into her rectum. The probe was about the size of a thick pen, and it was made of stainless steel. It had holes along the surface that functioned as spray nozzles, air exchanges, and water intakes, and the like. The front tip tapered to a rounded cone, and the other end was connected to a half dozen hoses.

Once inserted and activated, it made her feel like she was having a bowel movement and a vibrator up there at the same time. This wasn’t Josie’s first time, but she kept looking down between her legs, expecting the worst. As before, there were no leaks of any kind. In less than a minute the procedure was over.

Josie then handed the robot a soapy sponge and instructed it to wash her back. The robot, of course, complied.

That out of the way, she dismissed the robot and finished washing up on her own. After the shower, she had the medical robot do her hair up in a french braid. She thought about the two Avashai caressing her, eagerly thrusting their cocks toward her pelvis. She imagined them both penetrating her at the same time, and found herself getting wet thinking about how it would feel with both of her holes stuffed.

She dismissed the robot then and admired herself in the mirror. Her brown hair was braided to perfection. Her hazel eyes that used to shine with intelligence were framed with extra dark lashes. Her smile was as flawless as her skin, her body athletic and trim. She had smallish but firm, rounded breasts with perky pink nipples. Her legs were toned and sexy, a remnant of her years in high school track.

She slipped on a pink negligee and stood in front of the mirror, giving herself one last look. Her perky pink nipples poked up against the sheer fabric and her ass was looking very tight and juicy in a lacy matching thong.

“Leifa?” she said, her voice activating the intercom. “Ready when you are.”

After a few moments, Leifa’s voice came back over the intercom. “We’ll be there soon.”

Josie decided to check her email. Ever since she had become famous, she had been getting emails from admirers, and it was a very new experience for her. She had been cute in college, but not this alluring. Not even close. Now, she felt like a beauty queen every day, on par with sexpots like Kirsten and Renee. Her self image also had quite an impact on her sexuality. Before, she only liked missionary and doggy style with her boyfriend. Now she was open to a lot more, including fooling around with other girls. Admittedly, she preferred those girls have big cocks but that didn’t stop her from all the kissing and flirting that went on between her and the other coeds.

She had plenty of admirers throughout this quadrant of the Milky Way, known as Behtor. Many of her admirers were hunky or at least cute — on the surface, anyway. She received holo-vids of them constantly, which ranged from clothed to naked and raunchy. She decided to take a look at the latest.

A guy with a trim and muscular build wearing a metallic mask appeared in 3d.

“Josie, you better get on your knees and beg for my cock.”

“Wow,” Josie said to herself. The guy was clearly going for shock value.

“Slobber all over my hot fuck pole. Swallow my load, you cock slut. I will drown you. Say no, and I will bend you over and nail your ass–”

Josie deleted the email. She was reminded why she had her image consultant hire someone to reply to her most hard core fans.

“What a fucking weirdo,” she murmured to herself.

Though she loved muscular, masculine men, Josie was about to get a better fucking than any of her manly admirers could muster, so she didn’t feel like she was missing out on much.

The door chirped.

“It’s Macy and Leifa,” came the latter’s voice, through the intercom.

“Come in,” she replied.

The door opened and the two Avashai walked into the room. They were naked as always, their bodies white with black markings but otherwise the shape of feminine perfection. At least, they were up until the moment they locked their gaze on Josie and almost simultaneously, their cocks sprang out, hardening before Josie’s eyes.

“Josie, I know you’ve been studying hard, but we are going to help you relax.” Leifa said.

“Relax? We are going to fuck like bunnies,” Macy said with a wicked grin.

Josie couldn’t help but gaze at their throbbing dicks. It felt like she had been looking forward to this moment for days. In truth Leifa had boned her just the night before last, but she was excited by the prospect of having them both at the same time.

They walked up to her. Without a word, they began kissing her neck, shoulders and bare skin. As they moved to kiss her breasts, they deftly removed her negligee.

They sank onto the bed as one. Josie’s inhibitions were already in retreat. Now she felt a new side to her coming out, one with a dirty mind and a filthy tongue.

“I want both of you to fuck me at the same time.”

“That’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Macy said.

Macy and Leifa began licking Josie’s body, lingering on her mouth and pussy. In a moment she found herself on her back, immobilized by their delicate and arousing touch. She shuddered with pleasure when Leifa’s tongue brushed her clit, and spread her long legs wide.

“Fuck me,” Josie said. “I’m so ready.”

Leifa got on top of Josie and slid herself into Josie’s waiting snatch. Leifa’s cock was just a little above average by Earth’s standards, and it felt like a hot slice of heaven to the once shy college nerd. Leifa pinned Josie’s wrists and kissed her deeply while she began humping her in earnest.

Josie’s eyes went wide, but all she could see was her world exploding in colors.

“Ooh, she’s nice and tight!” Leifa remarked. “Maybe too tight for you,” she joked. Of course, she was speaking to Macy, who was laying next to Josie and slowly fondling her rather oversized cock.

“I know for a fact mine fits in at least two of her holes,” Macy said of her porn-star sized dong. “I haven’t tried the third yet.”

“Oh yeah? Which one is that?” Leifa asked, still thrusting away.

“Her ass, of course,” Macy replied, but her voice was drowned out as Josie screamed and cried out with ecstasy.

“Well, I ask because surely the bookish one has not learned how to get all of your meat in her mouth,” Leifa went on, slowing her thrusts while Josie creamed and whimpered.

“Oh no, she can and she has.” Macy grinned. “Can’t wait to do it again, I might add.”

Josie nodded, getting up and swinging her leg over Macy to straddle her cock.

“I love sucking a big cock.” she said.

“Since when can you suck down one as big as Macy’s?” Leifa asked.

“Since I took a nano-surgery pill while we were at the GLO,” Josie said, referring to the Glass Leaf Oronium, a grand shopping center elsewhere in the galaxy. “Now I can turn off my gag reflex when I choose. I can suck cock like a porn star.”

“Oh, I’ve heard of those,” Leifa said, watching as Josie slowly took Macy’s long, thick fuck stick into her body. Avashai were far more adept at all forms of fellatio and even possessed a special muscular canal for it, but the no-gag pill tended to do a good job for women who could afford it. Josie would be able to comfortably withstand a vigorous throat-fucking.

Somehow, Leifa found that very sexy. She intended to put Josie’s ability to good use, but then she saw Macy spreading Josie’s ass with her fingertips.

Leifa started in with her amari-laced tongue, licking around the puckered up rosebud. With her touch, it began to relax, more and more.

Josie was riding on a wave of pleasure as Leifa’s tongue teased her and Macy’s cock stuffed her. Macy used long, slow strokes to drive her crazy. It made it easier for Leifa to tongue-diddle the brunette’s anus.

I am grading papers when I look up to see Jasmine standing at the doorway of the classroom. I don’t know how long she had been standing there, but it is pretty obvious she wants to see me. I wave her in and she smiles as she nods, walking toward my desk.

“Mr. Thomas?” she says meekly.

“What can I help you with Jasmine?”

“Well, it’s about my report,” she says even more shyly. “I worked real hard on it and I was not expecting the grade I got.”

I look her over and smile. Here is a very bright and beautiful woman of twenty-four standing in front on me and at the moment all I can think about is having my cock in her. Pulling my head out of the gutter I say, “I was surprised with the paper myself, but you left out several, very important details of some of your points.”

“I tried really hard to relay that Mr. Thomas,” she pleads.

I know she tried hard and I feel bad for having to cut her grade shorter than any of her other works, but I just couldn’t play favorites. “This was different than your other papers and I could see you tried something a little different and harder. I graded you accordingly so that you could learn from it and improve yourself.”

“Is there something I can do to make up for it Mr. Thomas?” she asks politely.

“I don’t have anything for extra credit this late in the semester,” I reply.

“Are you sure?” she asks pulling at the hem of her shirt.

I swallow hard. Is this woman toying with me?

“Unless you have some idea then we can work something out,” I say testing the waters.

Jasmine smiles and pulls off her shirt, tossing it to the ground. She stands there with just her skirt and blue laced bra on. “What do you think Mr. Thomas?” she asks. “Will you take fucking my ass as extra credit?”

Once again I swallow hard. I can feel my cock harden and push against my pants. “Yes, I think we can do that,” I say.

Forgive me, I am weak I know, but when you have a twenty-four year old standing half naked in front of you, taking off her clothes, you don’t hesitate.

“Good,” she says unclasping her bra and letting it fall to the floor at her feet. “Are you ready for me Mr. Thomas?”

She walks around my desk and pushes me back in my chair before turning around and bending over the desk. I get up instantly and pull off her skirt then I run my tongue in small circles around her lower back before moving down her ass. I plant gentle kisses along her skin before running tongue along the fabric of her matching blue panties.

Jasmine moans quietly as my tongue traces its way along the crack of her firm ass. I take her panties and begin pulling them off, sliding them down her long, sexy legs. Then I lower my head and kiss the top of her ass crack. She lets out a soft moan as I drag my tongue down her ass crack and then back up.

Jasmine moves up onto the desk further onto her hands and knees. Then she lets her legs slide out, still bent at the knees, until she is practically doing the splits right there on my desk. It just makes her ass look even more irresistible. I run my tongue down her ass crack and onto her tight little hole.

“Mr. Thomas—” she starts to say, but is cut off when my tongue slips into her asshole. “Oh my god,” she moans instead.

I tease her a little, by licking around her tight little hole, driving her crazy.

“Don’t tease me,” she says.

I do as corrected and I thrust my tongue as far into her asshole as I can.

“That feels so good,” she groans.

When her ass is nice and wet, I push my face into her, forcing my tongue even deeper inside her. I start sliding my tongue in and out until she is nice and loosened up. Then I pull away and stick my finger into her hole.

I slide my finger in slowly, watching as her tight ass swallows up my finger and grips it tightly in place. I can tell she wants more, as her ass is clenching and unclenching around my finger.

“How does it feel?” I ask.

“So fucking good Mr. Thomas. Give me more!”

“How about another finger?” I ask smiling to myself.

“Oh god yes!” she cries.

I push in another finger and start thrusting back and forth. Jasmine buries her face into her arms as I continue to finger fuck her asshole. I lower my face and start to lick around my fingers as they penetrate her depths.

“Put your cock in me now!” she cries. “I want to feel it!”

Now I am beginning to wonder if this is just for extra credit or does she just want a cock in her ass as well.

I gently slide my fingers out of her ass and pull down my pants and underwear. My cock is already as hard as it can be. I spit into my hand and rub my cock with saliva, then spit onto her already glistening asshole. My fingers go back to work, rubbing my saliva into her tight hole.

I pull her ass apart further than it is already being stretched and begin to slide my slippery cock up and down her ass crack before coming to a stop at her tight little hole. She holds her breath as I begin to push. Her ass is tight and doesn’t give much, but I manage to squeeze my cockhead in with a slurping pop.

She groans as her tight hole clamps down around my cock. I stop and let her get used to the feeling. After a while she begins to relax a little more and I begin to move my hips around. I then push forward a little more. I keep her cheeks spread and I stare at my cock, half buried in her ass as she starts to play with her pussy.

“Keep going,” she urges. “I want to feel all of your fucking cock inside me.”

I reach around and grab the front of her thighs, pulling her back a little. She moaned louder as her ass slides down my cock. After a few more minutes I am completely buried in her tight ass. The feeling is amazing and I start grinding my hips into her ass. My balls are pressed firmly against her pussy lips and I can feel the vibrations from her playing with her clit.

“Mmm, I feel so full,” she says. “I just love it.”

As I withdraw I can feel her ass grabbing at my cock, trying to hold me in place. I pull back almost all the way out then push my way back up Jasmine’s asshole, this time a little faster.

“Oh my fucking god,” she whimpers as I bottom out again. She is squeezing her as tightly around my cock and I am having a hard time even moving it. “Faster,” she pleads.

I start fucking her a little faster, trying to control myself. Jasmine begins pushing her hips back at me and I stop. She increases her pace, thrusting her firm ass backward. She drops her head into her arms once again and screams as she is taken by an anal induced climax. I can feel her ass clenching and unclenching around my cock as she tries to milk it with her asshole. The feeling is incredible.

“Come on Mr. Thomas, fuck me!” she cries.

I grab her hips and thrust forward, feeding my cock to her hungry ass. She groans loudly as I pull out again then thrust back even harder. I pound her tight hole, driving my hips down into the desk and stop just before my cock explodes in her.

She turns and looks at me with a look of near sadness. “Do you want to try a different position?”

I nod and pull my cock free from her slippery asshole. She smiles and rolls over onto her back and pulls her legs up to her head. Before me sits her cleanly shaved pussy and I wonder if I would ever get the chance to try it.

Pulling her legs up to her head, her hips raise up off the desk. I move forward and slip my cock into her waiting asshole. This position is even better. I stare down at my cock moving in and out of her body, then up to her face. Her eyes are closed in pleasure and a soft moan resonates from her lips. I know I am not going to last much longer.

“Jasmine,” I say. “I’m going to cum soon.”

She looks up at me and says, “Will you fill my ass up with your hot cum?”

I nod and keep fucking her. I start going faster and faster as I feel the cum rising inside of me. With a groan, my cock spasms and unloads a massive torrent of hot cum deep inside Jasmine’s well fucked asshole.

“Ohhh,” she squeals. “That feels good.”

I keep my cock firmly embedded in her ass for a few moments before I pull out. As my cock slips from her ass, it is followed by a trickle of my cum. I collapse back into my chair.

Without a word, Jasmine slips her panties back on. “Thanks Mr. Thomas, she says kissing me on the cheek. “That was amazing. Do I get that extra credit?”

I smile and say, “You sure do and then some.”

“I guess I will have to do some more extra credit work from now on,” she says snatching up her skirt.

I stare at her ass as she gets dressed. There is a small wet spot forming in her panties and I know it is from my cum dripping out of her freshly fucked asshole.

When she is dressed she heads for the door and before walking out she turns and smiles at me. Maybe I would get to try out the smooth pussy of hers after all.

Note 1: This is the third in a hopeful lengthy series of stories about Bree, a young woman who has the innate ability to seduce older straight woman. The first part was Lesbian MILF Seductress: Neighbor; the second story was Lesbian MILF Seductress: Bride. This story, like those, stand on its own, but if you want to learn more about Bree and her earlier conquests please read them first (or second, it doesn’t really matter).

Note 2: A special thanks goes to my loyal copy-editor Estragon; another special thanks goes to Goamz86 for an early read through.

Note 3: Another thanks goes to all my fans who have patiently waited for this story to be written…it has been a long road and a lot of false starts.

Note 4: Yet another thanks to nylon_master for suggesting the flight attendant concept.

Lesbian MILF Seductress: In flight


Bree wanted to travel the world and usually what Bree wanted, Bree got. So through a couple of connections, both older women who had submitted sexually to the young blonde, she got a first class flight to Germany during Spring Break. The week was a whirlwind of travel and Bree was so preoccupied with the sights and history that she went the entire trip without sex (well, it was also that time of month). So she was already going through domination withdrawal when the perfect opportunity presented itself.

Bree had requested the very front seat of the plane because she did not like people in front of her and she liked the extra leg-room. As usual, she got what she wanted for the lengthy flight back to America…a crazy midnight flight. The stars were all lining up perfectly: there were only three people in first class and the flight attendant in charge was an incredibly attractive short older woman, who Bree instantly decided would be her personal pleasure pet for the long flight home.

Bree dressed, as she usually did, in a skirt, thigh high stockings (Bree never knew when she would have someone crawling between her legs), a simple blouse and heels. She flipped off her heels as soon as she got seated and made sure the tops of her thigh high stockings were clearly visible to the attractive flight attendant.

Vivian was a veteran flight attendant, having done this for twenty-five years, ever since she was twenty-one. She had seen it all. When she noticed the young girl dressed so slutty for an overnight flight, she shook her head, assuming the young girl was intending on joining the mile high club. Vivian smiled as she recalled when she joined the club, fucking a pilot in the cockpit while the other flew the plane. They later swapped positions as she got a ‘fuck one, get a second fuck free deal’. For the first couple of years she was a popular piece of tail for the pilots, before meeting ‘the one’. She got pregnant, then married and had one child, her daughter Hillary, who was training to be a flight attendant as well.

Vivian loved her job, traveling being her passion, a passion her daughter also inherited. She was giddy with the thought of one day working with her daughter, who was a spitting image of her when she was younger. Even though Vivian loved her job, there was almost always a passenger who was a pain in her ass and this time she could already tell it was going to be this young tramp. Sometimes it was a drunk, others a pervert, others a crying baby or a terrible parent or, like today, a diva girl who thinks the world revolves around her. She sighed knowing it was probably going to be a long flight…unless the young lady fell asleep.

Bree read her a book on her Ipad once the plane was in the air. When the seatbelt light dinged it was safe to take the seatbelt off and get up, Bree stood up and stretched. She surveyed the small first class area. Both other first class passengers were already sound asleep and Bree smiled, knowing her window of opportunity was open now.

She sat back down and pressed her button for assistance.

Vivian saw the light flicker and sighed as she thought to herself, ‘I knew it.’

Hiding her resentment at the young diva, Vivian put on her fake happy face and went to her. She asked, “What can I do for you, Miss?”

Bree liked being called Miss and smirked at the fact that the flight attendant’s job made her a natural submissive. Bree asked politely, “May I have a blanket, it is chillier than I expected in here?”

Vivian thought to herself, ‘Of course, it is chilly, you are half fucking naked.’ Yet, the words out of her mouth were, “Of course, Ma’am.”

Bree, showing her first hints at dominance, corrected the older woman, “I am no Ma’am. I am twenty-two. You will refer to me as Miss.” Bree considered adding ‘or Mistress’ but decided to play the seduction slightly slower and less abruptly.

“Yes, Miss,” Vivian replied with the fake smile she had long ago mastered, glued upon her face. Inside she was seething as she turned and went to get the half-naked co-ed a blanket. She purposely took her time, her own subtle act of defiance.

Bree knew she had pissed off the flight attendant and caught on that the long delay at retrieving a simple item was a power struggle statement by the veteran.

When Vivian returned with the blanket, she handed it to the passenger without actually making eye contact.

Bree asked with sugary sweetness, while reading her book, “Could you please put it on me?”

“Yes, Miss,” the furious Vivian responded as she thought to herself, ‘Want me to tuck you in too?’

Once done, Bree said, her condescending tone as subtle as possible, but clearly there, “Thank you. You are a very good servant.”

Vivian considered clarifying that she was not a servant, but decided to let it go. “Is there anything else, Miss?”

“Yes,” Bree replied, not looking up at her, building on the servant treatment, “I will have a glass of red wine.”

“Of course, Miss,” Vivian replied, hoping the wine would make the young bitch tired.

Bree smirked. She loved the game, the hunt, the sly manipulation. The thrill of the chase was usually way more exciting and sexually stimulating than the sex that would inevitably end the cat and mouse game.

Returning with the wine and a glass, Vivian poured a generously full glass of wine.

Bree joked slyly, “Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?”

Vivian stammered, “I-I-I beg your pardon?”

“Ooooh, a beggar, even better,” Bree flirted, playing on the suddenly ruffled MILF.

“What? No. Please, stop,” Vivian argued, trying to regain the situation.

“Please, yes,” Bree countered, allowing the blanket to slip to one side. “Could you fix my blanket?”

Vivian was flustered as she hastily fixed the blanket, her face suddenly flushed.

The plane bucked in a bit of turbulence, and half the glass of wine spilled onto Bree’s blouse.

Bree saw this as a great opportunity, and wasn’t angry, but acted it. “Fuck! What the hell?”

Vivian apologized profusely, as she did when an accident occurred, “I am so sorry. It was a complete accident.”

Bree unbuttoned her blouse and demanded, “Accident, my ass! Get this in water. If this stains I will have your job.”

Vivian grabbed the stained blouse and couldn’t help but notice the girl’s voluptuous breasts. She looked away just as quickly and took the blouse to a sink. She soaked it thoroughly and used the special stain remover that worked like magic usually. She took a deep breath as she tried to regain her composure. She grabbed an extra flight attendant blouse to bring to the bitch. She sighed when the light flashed, alerting her that passenger in seat one, was in need of assistance again.

While the older woman was gone, Bree slipped back into her heels, knowing they added a sense of power to any seduction.

When Vivian arrived back to the young woman she gasped. The big-breasted blonde was no longer wearing a bra. She began, handing the young woman the blouse, “Miss, you need to be wearing something.”

Bree glared at the stunned flight attendant and pointed out, “If you wouldn’t have overfilled the glass trying to get me drunk to fuck me I wouldn’t be half-naked.”

Vivian was flabbergasted. The girl’s accusations were so off-base they were absurd, yet she suddenly couldn’t resist taking a couple of peeks at the young girl’s firm breasts. She thought to herself how her breasts used to be that perky and firm but age and gravity had not been so kind to her. She stammered, “It-it-it was an accident.”

“Whatever,” Bree replied, dismissing the older woman’s defensive reply and tossing the blouse on the seat beside her. Bree could see the trepidation and confusion in the older woman’s eyes and knew the first pivotal moment was at hand. She said, “The least you can do is make it up to me. My feet are killing me. Could you please massage my feet?”

Vivian couldn’t believe the nerve of this young lady. Regaining her composure, she attempted to regain control of the absurd conversation, while desperately trying to ignore the young girl’s still uncovered breasts. She couldn’t tell if the young girl was flirting with her, or just playing games. She didn’t really care either way, she just wanted the flight to end and to get home and in her nice warm bed. Two weeks away from home was too long and her mind was beginning to play tricks on her. A small part of her, just the slightest tingle inside, was intrigued by the young blonde’s flirting. She had resisted many offers to play some lesbian games when she first started, but she loved men and men only…yet there was something suddenly drawing her to the seductive passenger. Ignoring the small flicker of curiosity, she said, “Sorry, Miss that is not part of the first class package.”

Bree didn’t flinch as she responded, “I know, but I want the full first class package.” Bree finished the glass of wine and stood up. In her heels she towered over the just five-foot-tall forty-six year old.

Vivian suddenly was intimidated. The young girl’s firm breasts and stiff erect nipples were just inches from her. She was speechless as she tried to process what was happening. Unthinkably, she felt a slight dampness in her vagina and her mind reeled.

Bree, like the predator she was, could tell when a prey was weak and went in for the kill. She put her hands on the woman’s shoulders and gently, but firmly, guided the dazed older woman to her knees.

Vivian felt herself being gently led to the floor and although she knew she should resist, the confident demeanour of her passenger had her in a trance. She glimpsed to the two other passengers to make sure they were still sleeping before she looked up at the young woman.

Bree sat back down and ordered like a rich woman would a servant, “Take off my heels.”

Vivian’s face was flushed with the humiliation that comes with servitude, yet she couldn’t deny that it turned her on. Her damp panties were impossible to ignore. She obeyed the simple task and waited for further instruction.

Bree, happy with the older woman’s obedience, continued, “Now please massage my feet.”

Vivian took the stocking-clad left foot into her hands and gently began massaging it. She couldn’t explain it but the touch of nylon, mixed with the girl’s perfectly manicured toes and her purple toenails, mixed with the clearly subservient situation that had somehow occurred, had her pussy was unexplainably tingling.

Bree knew she was in control, yet that there was still a fine line to get the flight attendant to cross. So Bree just relaxed and allowed the massage to relax her.

Vivian, accepting that it was easier to just appease the young passenger than to cause havoc in a sleeping plane, massaged the young girl thoroughly, just like she liked to have done to her. When she switched feet, she glanced up and gasped as she realized she could see right up the young lady’s skirt and that she was not wearing any panties.

Bree noticed the older woman’s reaction. It never got old, watching a straight woman slowly weaken to the point they are not only no longer straight, but also are submissive and eager to please a much younger woman. Bree teased, hinting blatantly at the obvious, “Don’t worry, you will get to massage that later too.”

Vivian who had just grabbed the passenger’s other stocking-clad foot suddenly realized, any lingering doubts now confirmed, the intentions of the young woman. Vivian had no idea what to do. She was not a lesbian. She hadn’t frolicked with a passenger in over twenty years and yet she could feel her responsible, professional self fading away. It was like when she used to get really drunk and her standards and morals dissipated, and she became a horny cock craving slut…although this time she wasn’t drunk and it wasn’t cock she was beginning to crave. A couple of minutes after seeing the young girl’s shaved pussy, she decided she had to end this now before she did something she really regretted. Adamant that she had to resist the growing temptation to submit to this young girl, she let go of the girl’s nylon-clad foot and abruptly stood up.

Bree, seeing a glint of resistance in the older woman, quickly regained control. “Did I give you permission to quick massaging me or stand up?”

Vivian, appalled at the young woman’s attitude of entitlement, replied, “I’m done.”

“I beg to differ,” Bree said, before threatening, “you have five seconds to resume your position, slut.”

Vivian couldn’t believe the half-naked passenger would have the gall to call her a slut. Vivian had only slept with one man for over twenty years; she was as faithful as Old Yeller. Vivian glared at the blonde passenger and retorted, “I am no slut and this little charade of yours is over.”

Bree laughed like the wicked witch of the west. “Reeeeeally,” she rolled out all dramatic.

“Yes, reeeeeally,” Vivian replied, sarcastically copying the young passenger.

Bree flipped her iPad to show her prey what she had been recording while the older woman assumed she was reading.

Vivian went as white as snow. She was watching herself on her knees in front of the young girl.

Bree explained, “Now obviously with one click this video can go to your superiors or to any number of stocking fetish websites. The best part is all they will see are my nylon legs, toes and thighs, but I think as you can see your pretty little face is very clear. And unless I am mistaken, and I seldom am, you sure seemed to be enjoying yourself down there.”

Vivian’s heart sank. She was being blackmailed and portrayed as some kinky pervert when it was the young woman, half naked, that was the real pervert. She tried to spin a way out of this in her head, but nothing came to mind.

Bree pointed out. “It has been way more than five seconds, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt, considering it is obvious you have not actually accepted our new reality.”

Vivian, defeated and confused, returned to her knees and continued massaging her blackmailer’s foot, an anxiety-riddled mess and yet just, as absurdly and unlikely, horny as hell.

Bree, going for the sexual jugular, teased, “You look hungry, are you ready to continue giving me the next part of the full-service first class treatment?”

Vivian knew it was coming and a growing part of her was excited but she knew this is where she had to draw the line. “Please, Miss,” she began but was interrupted and her message construed.

“Begging,” Bree teased, “I like that.”

Vivian stammered, “I-I-I wasn’t….”

But Bree shushed her and opened her legs. “I know what you are thinking right now. A part of you is dying to submit to me, to bury your face in my oasis of sweetness, but another part of you, albeit slowing shrinking, knows it is wrong to submit to a passenger. Go ahead take a good long look at my cunt, Vivian.”

Vivian obeyed staring at the enticing, slightly glistening, pussy. The young girl was completely correct in her assessment as well, as her conflicting emotions were causing complete turmoil in her head, body and loins.

Bree continued, “It’s ok, slut. I have already made your choice for you the moment I met you. I could tell you needed this, and now I am going to make it happen.” Bree paused to make direct eye contact with her about to break prey, before ordering, “Now crawl between my legs.”

Vivian knew she should resist, but she also knew Bree had the video of her. And although a weak excuse, it was the one she used to convince herself to do it. In her mind she was not doing it because she wanted to, but because she had no choice. She obeyed the pretty passenger and positioned herself between the stocking-clad legs of this seductress.

Bree knew she had won, like she always did. She purposely didn’t blackmail the MILF, wanting her to give in because of her own free will, as that was the best part for her, watching the stages of submission in action.

Part one: the initial shock. The idea of submission is presented subtlety, usually a moment that has never crossed their mind…at least not seriously.

Part two: the denial. After the prey gets past the original shock of such an originally ludicrous idea, she denies adamantly the idea even as her body and subconscious begins to get intrigued by the thought of submission. The prey convinces herself she is straight and would never submit to a woman, especially a younger one.

Part three: the consideration. Yet, the longer the temptation lingers the tiny morsel of intrigue in stage two grows and spreads like wild fire in a dry forest. For some they have always been remotely curious, for others their sex-life at home is stagnant and desperately needs to be ignited, for others they are in powers of authority and such submission gives them the stress relief their mind and body is craving and for others it is just a natural transition of their sexual being. For many it is a mixture of all or some of them and for the some it is just the intoxicating aura that Bree exudes without trying, like a sexual perfume that entices the innocent and corrupts them into the sin that deep down inside of them has remained dormant and ignored. But we are sexual beings and such sinful desires are in all of us just begging to be allowed to be let out…Bree has the ability to bring it out in spades. For the prey, this usually includes an inner battle between propriety and society’s expectations and the raw carnal lust that exists deep inside. The inner turmoil causes much anxiety and trepidation at first but these feelings slowly shift to excitement and intrigue as they consider becoming the sexual beings they are.

Part four: submission. Inevitably, regardless of the inner conflict, all the prey eventually submits. Some do so eagerly once they let go of their shame and insecurities, while others pretend to be forced into it. But once they are on their knees, between Bree’s legs and they have that first sample, they are addicted…always. They become addicts of her pussy and will do almost anything to taste it again. Most will wonder why they have never tried it before and regardless of their relationship with Bree after the submission, they will search and crave similar submissions for the rest of their lives.

Vivian stared at the young seductress’s pussy unsure what to do next. An invisible line was all that stopped her from final submission.

Bree allowed the older woman to hesitate. Bree loved to watch the final last second struggle before the inevitable. Finally, Bree, wanting the MILF to cross the threshold on her own, instead of ordering like she often did, offered sweetly, “Go ahead, Vivian. We both know you want to.”

As she heard the words, Vivian knew that they were true. What started as an absurd idea from a pretentious young passenger had slowly become an inevitable evolution to the undeniable. The young girl’s scent of sin was as appetizing as the scent of freshly baked cookies. The kind that mom used to make that she devoured whole. Without even feeling the shift occur, she felt herself lean forward, extend her tongue and submit. She couldn’t believe how sweet the young girl tasted, like peaches and yet like a whole new forbidden fruit. Vivian was tentative at first, but once the taste triggered her taste buds it was like an aphrodisiac shot straight to her brain, numbing any sense of wrong or morals and releasing a hunger that could never be completely satisfied ever again. She was hooked and began to lick with determined focus to make this young girl flood and feed her hungry lust.

Bree let out a surprised moan at the older woman’s eagerness. For one she assumed was a rookie, this one hit all the right buttons.

Vivian felt a rush of adrenalin when she heard the younger girl moan, knowing it was because of her. Such a thrill should not have excited the older woman, yet such recognition felt incredibly rewarding, like a child who had been recognized for doing something well. Vivian used her tongue to split the dominant passenger’s wet pussy lips. The new lesbian was rewarded with a small gush of heavenly sweetness.

Bree had to control herself, not wanting to come to quick. She complimented the new dyke. “Well, you are an eager little lez slut, aren’t you?”

The derogatory half-assed complimented should have offended the flight attendant and would have any other day in her life, yet at this moment the words shot a wave of pleasure directly to her now very feverish pussy. Mindlessly, her left hand went to give her pussy the much needed attention it craved.

Bree noticing this asked, again showing the Domme-sub relationship she had clearly created in such a short time, “Did I give you permission to touch yourself, slut?”

Vivian just as quickly pulled her hand away from her inferno of lust. As soon as she did she wondered to herself, ‘Why did I just obey?’ more determined than ever to get this bitchy young lady off, she did what she liked being done to her when she was close. She swallowed the young woman’s hard clit and nibbled on it with her teeth while simultaneously swirling her tongue around the engorged clit.

Bree was impressed with the older woman’s rookie tongue and knew that she was not going to last much longer. Deciding to remain in control and come on her terms, she grabbed the back of the short MILF’s head and began rubbing her cunt all over her new fuck-toy.

Vivian struggled to breath and yet continued her eager pleasuring of the wet cunt, wanting to drown in the love juice of the addicting young woman.

It was less than a minute when Bree’s legs stiffened and the convulsions began. Tremor after tremor pulsed through her and the dam broke as she released a wave of cum onto the eager and hungry new lez slut.

Vivian bathed in the sweet tang of sin knowing and revelling in the knowledge that it was her that had got the young dominant off.

Bree finally let go and ordered, her breathing still erratic, “Now get yourself off, slut.”

Those were the words that older MILF was dying to hear and so far past propriety, she leaned against the wall and started to frantically finger herself.

Bree watched amused, as she slowly recovered from her more intense than expected orgasm. This seduction was originally just a way to kill some time while on a long flight and join the mile high club, but she figured she might have to reconsider after that quality pussy-pleasing performance.

Vivian’s eyes were closed so she could focus on her impending orgasm. She slid two fingers inside herself and let out a louder than anticipated moan. Her climax was imminent when the seatbelt light came on and the pilot announced, “We are about to experience some turbulence. It may be a bumpy ride for awhile.”

Vivian opened her eyes frantic, but Bree demanded, “Don’t you dare quit until you have finished your bumpy ride.”

Although the building orgasm had subsided a bit, Vivian closed her eyes again and quickly brought it back up and just as she was close she felt a stocking foot on her crotch and without hesitation began riding it. Within seconds, Vivian came hard exploding her juices on the younger woman’s foot. She rode the foot throughout her orgasm ignoring the obvious humiliating implications of such a whorish act. Exhausted and completely sexually satisfied, Vivian collapsed on the floor. A moment later she felt Bree’s wet stocking-clad foot on her lips.

Bree smirked as she put the extra airline blouse on and instructed, “You got my foot soaked with your slut juice. Clean my foot up.”

Embarrassed by yet another humiliating order and her brain beginning to do the thinking again now that her pussy had been sedated through pleasure thought she had to get back to her job. She quickly sucked each of Bree’s toes like mini-cocks retrieving her own juice. She then licked the top of the wet stockinged-foot and looked up and saw that Bree had her Ipad out again asked, “Is that good, Miss?”

Bree, happy with the utter submission of her new slut, suggested “You should probably get back to work.”

“Of course, Miss,” a thankful, humiliated, confused and yet satisfied Vivian answered, finally standing up.

Bree finished with, “Where do you live?”

“New York,” the flight attendant answered, an odd flush of excitement at the thought of submitting to her again taking over.

“Hmmm, I’m from Boston, but I do visit New York on occasion,” Bree replied with a smile, hinting at future encounters.

Vivian left and Bree help asleep into a sweet slumber for the remainder of the flight.


When they were about to begin descent, Bree buzzed again.

Vivian, who had had some time to replay and consider what had transpired, went to the young Domme trying desperately to avoid any further submission. As much as it felt so good to submit and it was easily the best orgasm of her life, she was married and was appalled at herself that she had cheated on her loyal husband.

As Vivian arrived, Bree could see the second doubts of shame that often followed a submission. Bree asked, “Are you wishing you hadn’t submitted?”

Vivian answered, “Yes, no, I don’t know.”

Bree smiled, handing Vivian her cell phone. “Put your contact information in here.”

Vivian grabbed the cell phone and considered entering false information, but even a she considered it, she felt herself typing in her truth. In a brief moment of time, one brief interaction with the young seductress, and she suddenly knew she was unable to resist the temptation to obey her.

Once the new slut returned the phone to Bree, Bree asked, “Do you want to submit to me again, slut?”

Vivian whispered so quietly it was impossible to hear by anyone more than a couple of feet away, “Yes.”

Their conversation was cut short by the pilot’s announcement that we were about to descend. Vivian quickly left and Bree relaxed, suddenly wondering how someone got a job as a flight attendant.


After her seduction of Vivian, it occurred to Bree that a great opportunity lay in front of her. Bree loved to seduce older women, Bree loved women in nylons and Bree loved to travel. Why not get a summer job as a flight attendant and do the two things she loved most: seduce MILF’s and travel.

So through a couple of connections, Vivian being one of them and another older women who had submitted to the young blonde sexually, she was hired to be a stewardess for the summer.

She was giddy with excitement at the complete untapped potential of not only stewardesses, but passengers, hotel workers, maids and maybe even women pilots she would meet on her four month journey. She had already committed to working with Senator Daphne Green when she returned for the upcoming election, but how the most powerful female Senator in the country ended up a submissive plaything to Bree is a whole other story.

Now Bree wasn’t strictly a lesbian; she loved a good hard cock filling her on occasion, but she loved women more….older women mostly. She had always had girls and even more so older women checking her out and falling over themselves to eventually please her. Bree had many, many pets, including her mother (another story altogether…especially since her Mother was a Domme herself), her best friend’s neighbor, her sorority house Mother, the Dean’s wife, a black lawyer, a police-woman, a nurse, a teacher, a banker, a couple of professors, her soccer coach, Senator Daphne Green and more…not to mention her many high school friends and sorority sisters. Bree had learned to use her unique sexual attraction to her advantage and, of course, to get this sweet job that would have her travelling all of Europe and parts of Asia all summer.

Bree was excited at the opportunity to travel and get paid to do it, just as much as the sexual adventures she was anticipating.

Two weeks of training and she was on her first flight: Boston to Paris. She behaved those two weeks, resisting the urge to seduce the clearly curious forty something trainer and also resisting the urge to dominate the cute southern belle she was rooming with. It was the longest Bree had gone without sex since she was a teenager…but she was confident that would change and change in a big way.


Bree loved her outfit, although unknown to her superiors, the patent tan pantyhose that went with her flight attendant outfit had been altered to be crotchless. Almost everyone has a fetish, a simple kink that gets their meter running; for Bree it was silk stockings. At school, both high school and college, she made her submissive pets wear stockings every day as a symbol of obedience and loyalty to her. She decided the pets she collected in the skies would also have to wear stockings or crotchless pantyhose, instead of regular pantyhose, so she could have quick access to them if and when she wanted.

As soon as she met Pearl she knew she had her first target. Pearl was in her early forties, and was going through empty nest syndrome, because she had two kids, twins, who had graduated last year. If anyone was easy pickings for a seductress like Bree, it was Pearl. Pearl was chubby but pretty, and would be MILF-a-licious if she lost a few pounds. Pearl was plain in almost every imaginable way. She had brown eyes, and brown hair with the odd grey strand that she always wore in a bun. In her casual clothes she hid the fact that her breasts were actually still a very impressive c-cup and firm and her ass, although a tad chubby, was still quite fine. Yet, her stewardess outfit highlighted these features and had Bree’s interest piqued.

Pearl was also one of the most sincere and sweet women you could meet; the kind that will one day be the perfect sweet, doting grandmother. She was kind-hearted, patient and an extreme optimist who seldom got rattled even by the most annoying of passengers.

All these traits, mixed with her newfound loneliness, (her husband had died two years ago tragically and she had yet to even consider dating since then, instead focusing on her children and her work) made her the perfect target for the lesbian predator.

Bree often was aggressive right off the bat, overpowering an unsuspecting target and overwhelming them before they knew what happened, but she decided to play it more casual during the flight instead, complimenting the pretty MILF at every opportunity. Bree also made sure to give casual touches, always appropriate, but yet just long enough to hint at what was to come.

Pearl liked the young girl’s outgoing personality and eagerness to learn (something Pearl herself would soon be doing). The girl reminded her of a younger version of herself, a go-getter, a people person and yet someone who knew what she wanted.

Half way through the flight Bree began the seduction slyly. “Pearl, how do you do it?”

“Do what?” the older woman asked.

“Not snap when passengers hit on you?” Bree asked feigning frustration.

“It doesn’t happen too often,” Pearl replied, reminiscing to when it was a more common occurrence.

Beer grabbed her prey’s hand and said, her voice sweet and sexy, “As if. You are the sexiest woman here.”

Pearl blushed, shocked by the compliment and by the strange feeling that jolted through her from the gentle touch of the very pretty and exotic younger girl. Breaking out of her trance, she said, returning the compliment, “There is no way I am the sexiest woman here when you are on this plane too.”

Bree slowly made small circles with her thumb on the woman’s hand, just the slightest hint of the sexual touch that would surely follow. Bree smiled the smile that had weakened many a straight woman, and said, “Well, there we have it. We are the two sexiest women on this plane.”

Pearl laughed and asked, “Who has been hitting on you?”

Bree shrugged, “Well a couple of teenage boys in the back have been rather relentless and annoying, although the pretty redhead in the third row I don’t mind.”

Bree had thrown out there the first lesbian reference and watched as it began its dirty work, like a rumour that starts innocently and spreads like wildfire.

Pearl stammered, “Y-y-you were hit on by a woman?”

Bree shrugged, “It happens to me all the time.”

The seed planted, Bree squeezed the MILF’s hand softly before letting go. She winked and said, before turning to go and check on the passengers, “And she is good enough to eat.”

Bree walked away with a huge smile on her face, knowing that she had confused the older woman and planted the initial seed that would slowly grow as her plan of seduction was set in motion.

Pearl watched the young girl walk away and stood frozen in confusion. Was she hitting on me? Or was she just an outgoing sexual young woman? Weren’t they all nowadays? Pearl couldn’t deny how nice the girl’s soft hands felt touching hers and how she desperately longed for that feeling of intimacy again. That said, even though she felt just the slightest of dampness down below, it never occurred to her that she could be curious.

Twenty minutes later, Bree was chatting and flirting with the attractive redhead when Pearl came by with drinks. Pearl did not hear their conversation but the older redhead’s flushed cheeks and girly giggle implied that flirting was going on.

Bree, seeing Pearl, smiled and promised, “We will talk later.”

The redhead, in a voice that could not be interpreted in any way but forward lust, replied, “I hope so.”

Pearl was instantly curious about the conversation and intrigued by this unique, outgoing blonde.

When Pearl reached the end of the plane, Bree said, “Oh my God, she is insatiable.”

“Really?” Pearl asked, hoping for more details.

“She has invited me for drinks in Paris tonight,” Bree revealed, slowly reeling in the shy unsuspecting MILF with the tiniest pieces of tantalizing tease.

Pearl stammered, “I-I-I don’t think that is a very good idea.”

Bree shrugged again, her devilish smile tantalizing and suggestive. “You only live once.”

Before Pearl could respond, some turbulence hit and they each went to their designed positions.

Pearl couldn’t explain the feeling inside her…eventually she realized it was jealousy. Sure she would give the same advice to any young colleague; she had many times seen fellow colleagues get themselves in troubling sexual encounters with passengers, or pilots for that matter.

Yet, she had never seen a female passenger attempt to pick up a female flight attendant, although she knew many of the European flight attendants were very sexually available, often lesbian or bi.

Although Pearl knew when a woman was attractive and had her own silk pantyhose fetish (which was one of the reasons she became a stewardess), she had never seriously considered having sex with a woman. Although she’d had a couple of opportunities while out with other stewardesses in Germany and Amsterdam, back when she was younger and partied harder. Once she married, she quit partying and any serious temptation to experiment faded as she would never cheat. Yet, now single, her vagina untouched by anyone save herself for over two years, Pearl was ripe for the picking.

Bree couldn’t see her prey, but was pretty confident that she had planted the first seeds of curiosity. She was also very confident she could make that redhead go down on her in the airplane’s bathroom right now, but she resisted the temptation. Joining the mile high club had already been checked off her sexual bucket list, so she focused on today’s prey. That said, she was going to have the redhead between her legs soon. Her pussy was on fire, as it always was, when she was on the hunt for new straight MILF subs. The journey was just as, if not even more, exciting as the final destination and Bree’s final destination was turning her older, innocent colleague and roommate for the next two weeks into a hungry lesbian pet.

Once the pilot took off the seatbelt sign, Bree quickly went to the bathroom and coated her fingers with her addictive sweetness. Once satisfied her fingers were adequately coated, she went directly to the pretty fortyish redhead and slyly offered the first class passenger a free sample. “A special sample, Ma’am.”

The redhead smiled knowingly and opened her mouth to sample Bree’s ecstasy. Bree positioned herself so the passenger behind couldn’t see and purred, “I expect you to be in the first female bathroom when we get off this plane, is that understood, my pet?”

She nodded in the affirmative as her tongue swirled around Bree’s now very clean finger. Bree pulled her finger out of the hungry submissive redhead and stood back up. The passenger beside the redhead’s eyes fluttered open, completely unaware of the sexual game play that was happening inches beside her. The sixty year old woman asked Bree, “May I have a water?”

Bree shifting instantly from predator and Domme to sweet and subservient, like a chameleon, she answered, “Why if course, you can. Did you enjoy your sleep?”

“Yes, I usually can’t fall sleep on a plane so it was a pleasant surprise,” the elderly woman answered.

Bree’s fake smile showed her pearly white teeth and her cute-as-could-be dimples, as she played the perfect stewardess, “I am happy you got some rest. It is a long flight.” Turning to the redhead, whose name Bree still did not know, she asked, “Can I get you anything, Ma’am?”

The redhead smiled, her sexy as hell French accent dripping innuendo, “No thank you. I want the lingering after taste of my last snack to stay with me as long as possible.”

The elderly woman asked, “What did you have? It sounds delicious and I could have a bite to eat.”

Both women smiled at each other knowingly as Bree recovered quickly. “It was a special treat of sweets.”

“Hmmmm, sounds delightful. May I please have some?”

The redhead desperately tried to hold in her laughter as Bree said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Bree left to get the water and snack of some sort when she finally let lose the laugh she successfully held in check while the older woman unknowingly asked to taste her pussy juice. Bree got the elderly woman a fruit platter and water and as she leaned across to hand it to her, she felt the redhead’s hot breath on her neck, which brought a quiver to her needy pussy. Flushed herself, Bree stood back up and asked, “Is there anything else I can get you two lovely ladies?”

The elderly woman said, “I am fine now. Thank you very much, young lady.”

The redhead smiled, “I’m still a little hungry. How long till we land?”

Looking at her watch, Bree answered, “Just over an hour.”

The redhead sighed. “Well, I guess I can wait.” She looked towards the bathroom, implying the obvious.

Bree caught on, but controlling the situation as she always did, countered, “Well, they say all good things come to those who wait.” Bree left to go and check on other passengers, leaving the promise of something great for the redhead to think about, to crave.

Pearl watched some of the Interaction between Bree and the passenger as mixed emotions flooded her. For the most part, she wanted to protect the young blonde from the redheaded predator, completely unaware that the real predator was Bree. Pearl was also in charge of training the young stewardess and didn’t want her to get in trouble for unethical conduct, unaware that one day soon she would be doing many unethical things. Yet, a tiny but growing part of her was becoming intoxicated with the pretty blonde. There was something so different about her. Without even subconsciously realizing it she on more than one occasion had stared at her pantyhose-clad legs, her unpractical four-inch pumps, her firm ass, which she swayed with confidence, and her charming smile that seemed to be winning over all the passengers. As soon as Pearl realized where her mind had wandered, she quickly shook her head back to reality, although it was getting more and more difficult to ignore the growing fire down below, a fire that had not been rekindled in a long time.

The remainder of the flight was uneventful and soon the flight was pulling into the Paris terminal.

Pearl was desperately looking forward to a bubble bath at the hotel, maybe a quick self-satisfying moment and a good night’s sleep.

Conversely, Bree was looking forward to having her pussy pleasured by the French redheaded woman, hitting the hot tub at her hotel and building on the strong foundation of seduction she had began with the adorably cute and innocent Pearl.

Once safely landed and docked, the passengers stood up, stretched and began their weary walk to their next designation, wherever that might be. The redhead made eye contact with Bree who nodded slightly, implying their secret rendezvous was still on.

Pearl noticed the subtle interaction, but was unclear what it meant.

Once all the passengers were gone, the three stewardesses, the third being an anorexic, unmemorable, brunette named Ethel, finished their duties and prepared to leave, when the two pilots came out of the cockpit.

The very handsome and charming pilot, who had been the focus of a few of Pearl’s late night solo adventures, asked, “Well Blondie, you survived your first flight. That calls for a drink or two.”

“Or five, after all that turbulence you were hitting. I figured you were trying to make it my first and last,” Bree quipped, laying on the charm, showing she could play the flirt game with men too.

He laughed and said, “That was nothing, sugar. First round is on me, ladies.”

Bree was a superb reader of facial expression and body posture, and noticed Pearl’s face flush and realized she could use this piece of information to her advantage.

Ethel said, “Sorry guys, early flight tomorrow, I need some shut-eye.”

The other pilot, a balding pudgy man, said, “I’ll meet you there. I have to call the ol’ ball and chain.”

Bree, eager to meet up this the unnamed redhead, followed this lead, “Yes, me too. I need to call my mom.”

“Your mom?” the handsome pilot asked.

“I know, I know,” Bree smiled, “but as my Mom says, I will always be her little baby.”

Pearl defended Bree. “Good for you, Bree. I wish my kids would call me more often. They moved out and boom I no longer exist, except when they need money.”

The balding pilot joked. “Yes, that seems to be universal.”

Bree asked, “Where will you be?”

“The cockpit lounge,” the handsome pilot answered.

“I’ll meet you there,” Bree smiled. Bree disappeared and found the bathroom where she assumed the redhead would be.

As expected. The redhead was waiting by the sink, freshening herself up.

Bree said, coyly, “Is that for me?”

The redhead jumped a bit, startled by Bree. She went red as her hair. “I hope so.”

Bree pointed to the open stall in the corner and followed in behind the redhead. Once the stall was closed, Bree positioned herself on the toilet, spread her legs and demanded, “Get snacking, I am suppose to be going for drinks now.”

The redhead fell to her knees and was soon staring at the glistening pussy of the irresistible sexy, young stewardess.

Bree explained, “I don’t wear panties to often and unusually wear stockings, but these skirts are too short, thus I made my own crotchless ones, you like?”

“I love,” the redhead admitted, her hypnotized eyes and salivating mouth giving away her hunger.

“Get licking, dyke. You have had me horny for hours,” the blonde seductress demanded.

The redhead leaned forward and began licking. If the sample taste on Bree’s fingers on the plane was good, licking directly from the source was heaven. One lick and like so many others, she was hooked. She licked slowly, savouring the young girl’s cunt, not wanting this moment to ever end. The redhead was bisexual and had been with a couple of dozen women in her forty-seven years, but none were even close to the sweetness of this American. She used the width of her tongue to part the stewardess’ pussy lips and then slipped her tongue inside her, attempting to fuck the blonde with her tongue.

Bree was impressed with the redhead’s experienced tongue. Bree’s horniness all day, mixed with the redhead’s tongue had her orgasm building in only a couple of minutes, which was rare for the seductress. She considered resisting the quick orgasm and holding out for longer, but she wanted to get to the bar and flirt with both Pearl and the sexy pilot, who she vaguely recalled was named Ethan. Bree deciding she wanted the long awaited orgasm to hit, demanded, even as she heard a couple of others enter the washroom, “Suck my clit, slut.”

The redhead eagerly obeyed, pulling the swollen hard clit in her mouth.

That was all Bree needed and she flooded the French woman’s face with her cum.

The redhead lapped up the cum, determined to get every last drop of the hypnotic woman’s delicious pussy.

Finally spent, Bree pushed the still licking redhead away and complimented, “You are a pretty good pussy-pleaser.”

Still on her knees, the redhead said, her French accent somehow making it hotter, “It was a privilege to please you.”

Bree helped her up, kissed her, tasting herself on the older woman’s lips. Breaking the kiss (no one ever broke Bree’s kiss first), she said, “That was fun, but I need to go.”

The redhead, worried by the thought of never tasting the young girl again, rifled through her purse and handed Bree a card.

Brew took it, unsure if she would ever use it, but you never know, and looked at it. Her name was Francine and apparently she worked at a jewellery store. “Well, I finally get your name. It was a pleasure to use you, Francine.”

Francine blushed but countered, “The pleasure was all mine.”

Bree suddenly realized she didn’t really want to be caught in a lesbian tryst in her work uniform and said, “Crawl to another stall.”

Not liking the idea, but also not wanting to disobey the seductive young woman, she obeyed, but not before offering. “Bree, I don’t just work at the jewellery store, I own it.”

Bree’s eyes sparkled at the thought of diamonds. “And?” she questioned, wanting the older woman to say it.

“And I would love to give you something special as a souvenir of our time together and hopefully entice you to come and play again,” the redhead gushed.

“I’ll be in contact, slut. But be warned, when I have time I like to train my sluts to be full-service pleasure toys for me.”

“Oh my God, yes,” the redhead gasped, unable to hide the excitement at such a submission.

Bree added, “I’ll text you when I am in town next and you can maybe show me around Paris.”

“I would love to,” Francine agreed.

“Now get out of here, I am late,” Bree ordered. Bree watched amused as the forty-seven year old crawled under the stall to another one. Bree waited a couple of minutes, to make it look less conspicuous, before leaving the stall to a surprisingly empty washroom. Bree checked herself in the mirror, before heading to meet up with the sexy pilot and her MILF prey.

She arrived at the table and the pilot teased, “Is Mommy ok?”

Bree shot back, as she sat down beside him, the only empty spot, “She is good and I had time for a quickie too.”

Bree glimpsed over to Pearl whose face showed her recognition that it might be true.

Ethan laughed, “Well, all you had to do was ask.”

“Maybe, next time,” Bree teased.

Pearl watched how easily Bree flirted and was again jealous. How did it come so easily for Bree? How did she ooze such sexuality? Did she really go and have a quickie? These questions swirled around and around the overwhelmed older woman.

For the next couple of hours, drinks were drunk, stories were told, bullshit was spewed and the sexual tension built with each finished drink.

The sexy, still single, forty-two year old pilot was confident he could score the young new flight attendant.

The balding other pilot just enjoyed being in the company of such beauty, fully aware she was out of his league, even if he wasn’t married and faithful.

Pearl was a mess. Her vagina was on fire and if she didn’t get off soon she might do something very stupid. She had been trying to flirt with Ethan for weeks, and he was receptive it seemed, but she had no idea how to move from flirting to fucking.

Bree watched, amused at the awkwardness of the shy and clearly horny Pearl. She also was enjoying Ethan’s hand on her leg, although he never pushed further inland.

All four of them at different levels of intoxication, it was Bree that finally announced, “I am beat. This whole working thing is exhausting.”

All three laughed, and Ethan, like a player hoping to get into a girl’s pants, paid for all the drinks. A shared taxi later, where Ethan sat in the middle of the two inebriated ladies, and they were at their hotel.

After they checked in at the front desk, Bree went to Ethan and hugged him, her hand going to this crotch. She whispered, “Impressive. I may have to let you fly in for an overnight stay, one day.”

Just as quickly, she was gone, and the handsome pilot was left stunned and horny.

In the elevator, Pearl asked, “What did you say to him? He looked flabbergasted.”

Bree shrugged, “I just checked out his plane size and suggested that one day I may let him fly in for an overnight stay.”

“You didn’t?” Pearl gasped, not even able to begin to fathom being so forward.

“I did,” Bree smiled back. “And since it is obvious that you are into him, I will give you some Intel. He is well-equipped.” Bree used her hands to imply his size.

“Oh my,” Pearl blushed, before defending, “and I am not into him.”

“Oh sorry,” Bree teased, “you want him in you.”

“Bree!” the shocked older woman gasped.

Bree laughed as they reached their floor. “Please. I thought you were going to fuck him right then and there.”

“Oh my God,” Pearl gasped, shocked at the accusations, even if they were true.

Once in the room, Bree laughed, as there was only one king-sized bed.

Pearl said, “Oh, they gave us the wrong room.”

Pearl went to the phone to complain, but Bree said, “No biggie. It will be like back in high school when my girls and I shared everything.”

Pearl joked, but sat on the edge of the bed, “That was decades ago for me.”

Bree flipped out of her heels and whined, “Man, are my feet sore.”

“I told you. Comfort and practicality over look and sexiness,” Pearl pointed out.

Bree took the slight opening offered by the tipsy MILF. “So are you saying I am sexy?”

Pearl stammered, suddenly on the defensive, “I-I-I um didn’t say that. I said your heels were sexy.”

“Oh, too bad,” Bree pouted, attempting to make the older woman feel guilty. She hadn’t planned to conclude the seduction today, but the conditions were perfect. The MILF was clearly horny, rather tipsy if not drunk, and they were alone in a hotel room with one king-sized bed. The sexual seduction gods had spoken. Bree lay on the bed and took the first risk, the one that would set the tone for everything that would follow if the MILF agreed. “Could you massage my feet, Pearl?”

Pearl was shocked by the question. “Pardon?”

“You were right. My feet are on fire and I need a massage, badly.” Bree pleaded with her tone and eyes, a look that had made much stronger straight women than Pearl break.

Pearl paused, and Bree added, “I’ll give you a massage back. I am told I give really good massages.”

Pearl noticed the way the beautiful blonde stressed the word good and suddenly realized she could use a nice massage too. Pearl smiled, “Ok, but don’t you dare back out of giving me one.”

The innuendo obvious, yet oblivious to Pearl, Bree promised, “Oh, I will make your whole body tingle.”

Bree positioned herself strategically using a few pillows to lean back so that if played right Pearl would eventually get a first-hand look at Bree’s shaved, glistening pussy. After coming earlier, her scent would also linger close by, a silent but deadly aphrodisiac.

Pearl repositioned herself as well, onto her knees at the foot of the bed. She didn’t catch on at all to the obvious power shift that had occurred from her very subservient position. She took the younger girl’s stocking-clad left foot into her hands and started to massage. She had always loved the feel of silk on her legs and was surprised at how great the feeling of silk on her hands on another woman felt. Curious, she asked, “You didn’t really have a quickie, did you?”

“Jealous,” Bree teased, knowing this straight MILF would not be straight much longer.

Pearl again on the defensive stammered, “N-n-no. It is just I am worried about your job if you did.”

Bree pushed the envelope. “So I should keep my play time in house.”

Pearl looked up, confused by what Bree meant. “What?”

Bree stated at her, her smile mischievous. “If I can’t play with passengers, then I have to play with my co-workers.” Bree paused a moment, before adding, “Do you think Ethan would fuck me?”

Pearl went red again. “I don’t know, isn’t he a little old for you?”

Bree smiled, the hint as obvious as one could make it. “I like them older.”

Pearl moved to the other foot and Bree shifted her position, to give Pearl a very clear view of her candy.

A couple of minutes of silence lingered as Pearl continued the massage, her vagina becoming wet of its own volition. She realized Bree had not answered the question. She looked up to ask again and was distracted and derailed when she was staring at the young girl’s pussy. She gasped.

Bree asked innocently, “What? Is something wrong?”

Pearl stammered, acting as if she hadn’t just seen the young girl’s wet vagina. “Nothing. I just realized you never answered my question.”

Bree’s smile never changed as she answered, without actually answering, “I don’t lick and tell.”

Pearl knew she should quit now, before things got out of hand. Yet, her pussy was tingling, having a mind of its own.

Bree, seeing the trepidation of her prey, ordered, with pleasant authority (if such a thing exists), “Lay on your belly, Pearl.”

Alarm bells went off in Pearl’s head, yet she ignored them, a part of her curious, another part of her wanting a massage to relax her and another part of her horny as hell. She obeyed the blonde’s order and closed her eyes for whatever might occur.

Bree straddled the adorable MILF, discarded her own blouse and bra and started with a conservative massage. She did the older woman’s shoulders and neck slowly and with detailed attention to weakening the MILF even more.

Pearl relaxed and was soon having an out of body experience, a mixture of the drinks, her horniness and the girl’s hands a heavenly experience.

Bree, gifted in knowing when the opportunity was open, moved lower and gently unzipped the MILF’s skirt.

Pearl still in the zone of relaxation, questioned weakly, “Bree, what are you doing?”

Bree, in charge now, explained, “Ssssshhh, just relax, Bree is here to look after you.”

Bree’s calm voice and explanation made sense to the tipsy, relaxed, older stewardess and she actually lifted her hips up to allow the younger stewardess to slide the skirt off. Pearl should have been self-conscious about being half-naked, yet having shared hotel rooms with hundreds of women, being partially undressed with a colleague was nothing new. Plus, she still had on her pantyhose, panties and blouse.

Bree evaluated the forty-seven year old’s backside. Her ass was still quite firm and her legs were perfect. Bree put her hand under the back off her prey’s shirt and continued the slow burn massage seduction. A couple of minutes later, Bree whispered, “I’m taking your bra off, ok?”

Pearl mumbled, “Sure,” as she continued in her relaxed state of nothingness.

Bree unclasped the older woman’s bra and slyly pulled it out from under her. Bree smiled as she knew she was close to adding another MILF to her collection. Oddly, maybe because she was quite tipsy herself, or maybe Pearl’s sexy body and sweet demeanour had a big impact in her, but she was hungry to taste the MILF, something she never, ever, did first.

Pearl couldn’t believe how relaxed she was and how the young girl’s touch had her feeling so good. When she felt Bree’s hands begin massaging her pantyhose-covered ass, she didn’t even consider protesting, instead allowing the sweet touch just to take over her senses.

Bree expected at least a weak protest when her hands began kneading the MILF’s ass. When no protest came, Bree smiled and gave a thorough sensual massage to the older woman’s ass. Slowly, she parted Pearl’s legs apart, which opened easily without resistance.

As Pearl felt her legs gently being spread open she confirmed her earlier suspicion that the young girl had ulterior motives for the massage. Her pussy tingling, she was in no condition to protest, but instead lay still, excited about the possibility of intimacy, something she had longed for since her husband’s untimely death.

Bree’s hand went to the MILF’s pantyhose-clad crotch and Pearl let out an uncontrollable moan.

Bree took the moan as a sign to continue and she put pressure on the older woman’s layered pussy, again another moan escaped the mother of two’s mouth.

Pearl desperately tried to hold in her moans and hide her growing excitement, but Bree’s touch was like a match lit in a dry forest. The brush fire spread through her and nothing short of a miracle could stop the burning heat.

Bree used both hands to rip the MILF’s expensive pantyhose at the crotch.

This startled the relaxed older woman and she opened her eyes for the first time in quite some time. Looking over her shoulder, her mouth dropped open as she saw a now topless Bree. She stared at the young girl’s breasts, a desire to touch them, taste them, suddenly overwhelming her.

Bree smiled and instructed her soon to be personal plaything, “Relax baby, I know exactly what you need.”

Oddly, the topless girl’s soothing words made sense, and the older woman returned to her state of relaxation, surrendering her body to the beautiful girl.

Bree slid a finger inside the MILF’s panties, tracing her finger along Pearl’s wet and sticky pussy lips.

Accepting the inevitable, the forty-seven year old woman allowed her long ignored vagina to be pleasured by the young woman she was supposed to be training. Ironically, tonight would include the beginning of training, but it would be the trainer being trained.

Bree spoke for the first time in minutes “You need to come, don’t you?”

Pearl’s pussy lips being parted by Bree’s finger, Pearl’s conscious had shut off and she was only thinking about the fire down below. She moaned, “Yeeees.”

“How badly?” Bree asked, her finger entering the horny MILF.

“Desperately,” Pearl moaned, feeling the young girl’s finger glide inside her tunnel of lust.

Bree slowly fingered the deliriously horny older woman whose moans increased in volume parallel to the pace of the finger-fucking. Bree planned to eventually allow the sexy MILF to come, but not before she did, although the key was to get the horny MILF on the brink of orgasm and then quit, a skill the lesbian seductress had long ago mastered. She teased and pleased the moaning MILF for a couple of more minutes until she was confident the older woman would do anything she was told to orgasm.

Meanwhile, Peal couldn’t believe how amazing Bree was making her feel and how nice it was to just let go and allow someone else to be in control. It was something her husband had complained about on occasion, Pearl’s inability to just let go and be the sexual being God made her. Yet, now in a different country, more than two years since anyone had touched her intimately, she was willing to do anything.

Suddenly, Bree sensing the pivotal moment had arrived, pulled her finger out of the older woman, now in near climactic bliss, and demanded, “Turn over onto your back, slut.”

Pearl was shocked back to reality at being called a slut, a word that had never been used to describe her, ever. As she processed the shift in tone and aggressiveness of her predator, realizing clearly now she was the prey, she felt hands on her flip her onto her back. Before she had time to react, she saw Bree straddle her face and was soon trapped in a sauna of scented sex. She was staring at Bree’s vagina.

Maria was coming home from college, graduated and ready to tackle the job market. Friends and family held a huge Bar-B-Que feast by a lake not too far from home. As the evening went on as she was catching up on old times with her cousin Lyn Ann as they didn’t notice that they were the last ones there. Taking an old trail back home they continued with their conversation.

Well after midnight on a hot summer’s night and both still in their bikini didn’t bother them at all. That is until Maria had to go to the bathroom. Being the Southern girl she is, she removed her bikini and proceeded to squat and urinate on the side of the path. Lyn Ann, on lookout, noticed with her flashlight that Maria had a tattoo of a butterfly across her hairless pussy.

Maria had gotten it during her 2nd year at college when she was trying different things with her boyfriend. Lyn Ann marveled on how beautiful it looked and proceeded to remove her swimsuit as well to show Maria her tattoo as well; a snake coming out of her anal hole and circling around her nice clean shaved pussy.

Two women in their early 20′s sitting naked on the ground and marveling on each other’s pussy tattoos. Each proceeded to open another can of beer and tell their stories on when how each got their tattoo. Maria always wanted a tattoo but knew her mother would freak out so she had her boyfriend, John go with her to get one going across her pussy. One area she knew her mother would never see it.

They drove 30 miles away from campus so no one would recognize her. It was a well-respected place as the tattoo artist Mark, allowed her boyfriend to be with them as well another female worker Laura who was learning to be a tattoo artist. Maria was nervous at first but went for it. She undressed and sat in a special chair they had they that would keep her legs spread wide open.

The guy cleaned around her pussy, giving her a more detailed shaving around her now pulsating pussy. She was told that many women do have orgasms when they get their tattoo on or near their pussy. And Maria really exploded with the first of many orgasms that night. As he finished making sure the area was nice and smooth, he placed baby lotion on her skin that sent her over the edge as she literally peed right onto the floor.

After it was cleaned up and Maria regained her composer, her boyfriend John was simply enjoying the show. The tattoo artist began working on the tattoo stopping ever so often as Maria was having one orgasm after another. Eventually she passed out which help the tattoo artist to finish more quickly. When done he took a picture of his work and proceeded to wake Maria up from her deep sleep. She awoke, saw the picture of her tattoo and was thrilled with it. But then she asked for a special request.

She had so many orgasms that she really wanted to have a quick fuck with her boyfriend before she got out of the chair. Mark understood but was still a little reluctant to do it. She didn’t care if they watched or not but she was desperate to have a cock deep inside her as she could feel another orgasm building inside of her. He gave his OK as John quickly undressed and quickly got to work on her.

No foreplay involved as she quickly guided his throbbing 8 inch cock deep inside her. Feeling the pain coming from her new tattoo didn’t stop her from grabbing his waist and assisting his thrusting waist deeper inside her. Letting out moans and grunts, Maria was clearly enjoying herself as each thrust of his cock was pounding long and hard into her dripping pussy. Her orgasm was delivered with a loud scream as he continued to work his cock deeper and stronger into her.

As he was preparing to come as well, he pulled out of her as she quickly grabbed ahold of his twitching cock and proceeded to suck every drop out of his cock. She licked his cock and balls dry cleaned as her whole body was covered in sweat. Looking over towards Mark and Laura as they were engaged as well in their own little fuck fest. She was completely naked and bent over as he was ramming his 10 inch cock deep into her pussy.

As Maria was still in the chair and unable to move, Laura grabbed ahold of the chair and proceeded to buried her face deep into Maria’s pussy. A woman Maria had never seen before was eating her pussy, and doing a better job at it than her boyfriend. Maria was loving this as she moaned and held Laura’s head close to her dripping pussy. Not being let out of the fun John began to fondle Laura’s breast. One of her hands found his half limped cock as she began to stroke new life back into it.

With his cock at full strength again, she was lifted off the ground as the tattoo artist filled her ass hole with his cock and John planted his deep into her gapping pussy hole. Without touching the ground, this woman was buckling into a most powerful orgasm as both her pussy and ass hole was spread wide open and being pumped like jackhammers. Both men climaxed deep inside of her as she collapsed to the ground.

Both looked towards Maria as she knew what was going to happen to her next. She was released from the chair as John laid on the floor. She got on top of him as he slid deed inside her waiting pussy. After a few strokes she felt what at first was intense pain but quickly turned into a new experience for her. She couldn’t move in any way but could easily feel two powerful cocks moving through her. Barely able to speak as she began begging for more. And more she got.

They worked her waist in every direction as they thrusted in unison deep into her. As her tongue protruded from her gapping mouth, it was met by an awaiting pussy from Laura who had composed herself and her cum dripping pussy into Maria’s mouth. Sucking and licking her pussy was turning Maria into a real slut of a woman. But she didn’t care as each man was unloading huge amount of cum deep into both her pussy and ass.

As they disconnect from her, the other woman joined with Maria to form a perfect 69 position as each woman was licking the other dry. Both with their faces covered in cum and bodily fluids was driving the other towards one orgasm after another to eventually they passed out right in the middle of the floor. Both men just looked on as they took pictures of these women embracing the other. A short time later they awoke but could barely move. Too tired and worn out from multiple orgasms.

The shop was already closed up for the night so everyone simply slept there. By morning the women washed off in the bathroom as they gave each other a good cleaning. Maria was really feeling the pain from the tattoo as it was covered up to stop any infection from getting to it. After a night like that Mark didn’t charge her for the tattoo as he asked her to come again if she wants another tattoo. She gave him and Laura a deep tongue kiss as she and John left to head back to campus.

She slept the whole day and that evening John showed her the pictures he took of that night as she was becoming more aroused again. She had to wait until the pain subsided from her pussy so she gave John a quick blow job. A few days later she bought a dildo about the size of Marks and started using it whenever she and Jon had sex together. She was now hooked on three way sex as well as being bi-sexual. John didn’t mind so long as he got to enjoy using every hole of Maria’s newfound body.

And on that hot summer night as Maria and Lyn Ann sat naked under the starry sky drinking a beer, Maria leans over and begins stroking Lyn Ann’s dripping wet pussy.

To be continued…

Welcome to Epilogue III/Chapter 14, or as I like to call it, “Return of the Jedi”…. wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, you might want to read the preceding chapters lest you be lost. Unless you like being lost, some people are into that. I don’t judge. This started out as a project to vent a few sexy stories, and has become more of a novella. Entering in the middle of it would probably be frustrating. It is a quasi memoir, the names and locales have been changed and some parts embellished. Okay, in the epilogues a lot has been embellished. I am still enjoying writing it, so will continue until I no longer do. I truly appreciate any feed back, as I think most folks that post on here do. I also appreciate that you are taking the time to read it, especially you folks that started last summer at the beginning.

Finally, another shout out to my editor, Tangentjoker. If you don’t read his stories you are missing out, especially the one involving the minister (hint hint, that one needs to be continued! just sayin’). The other series I am writing should begin soon, but writing these chapters has distracted me from it. It is easier to write for developed characters than ones I still need to develop and it is easier to write about things I know and embellish rather than things I just make up. I would have thought it the other way around. Oh well, enjoy!


I remembered when I was in sixth grade, I had a teacher who had taken her husband to the doctor for some supposedly simple tests. I never heard what nor would I have understood at that time. When they got home, the phone was ringing. It was the hospital telling her to bring him right back and not to say why. When they arrived, as he walked across the lobby – as the story went – a vessel in his brain had ruptured and he was dead before he hit the floor. This was the first thing I thought of when my mother Donna knocked so early Monday morning with my doctor, her apparent boyfriend, in tow behind her.

“Jessica, we need to talk,” she said, and the blood drained from my face with fear over that memory. Only something truly threatening would have brought her and my physician over unexpectedly like this so recently after I had been hospitalized for the second time following the wreck that had left me in a coma. I feared the worse. That was the only explanation I could imagine.

“What’s wrong?”

“May we come in, Jessica?” Dr. Riley politely asked.

“Of course, of course. What’s wrong?”

“We, well, I need to talk to you, and there hasn’t been a good time, but..” Donna said, as she looked to Dr. Riley for guidance. “Well, let’s sit down and I’ll try to explain it all.”

We sat on the couch and the initial fear began to alleviate, but was replaced with a sense of impending doom.

“Where is Brent?”

“He’s still asleep. Should I get him? Is everything okay?”

“No, no, for now, let him sleep. I think I’d rather talk to you alone for now, if that’s alright.”

“Sure, I mean, if it’s something that affects me, though… Well, we have no secrets.”

“Oh, well, I just hate to,,,” She looked at Dr. Riley and asked, “Where should I begin?”

“I’d start a little over three years ago,” he thoughtfully said, “Then go back further. But, well that’s what I would…”

“No, that’s probably best. Jessica, I was a terrible parent and a lousy mom. I’m so happy to be part of your life again. I don’t deserve to be but, well, I’ve told you all that. I hope you have forgiven me,” she said quickly in a near whisper, as if it hurt her to say it. Her eyes filled with tears.

“Mom, that’s okay. It’s water under the bridge. We can’t change the past. And if it wasn’t for all that stuff, well, I wouldn’t be who I am, and with Brent, or… Well, it’s over with. We need to just move on.”

“I know, I know. But I’ve been needing to tell you some things about the last few years and there hasn’t been a good time. Every time I made up my mind to, well, something would come up and, well, I need to tell you now. Before anything else comes up.” She took a deep breath and I could have sworn Dr. Riley cracked a smile for just a second. Like he heard an inside joke no one else was privy to.

“So, you know I got arrested, and why,.. and why I lost you. You know all that. And you know I dedicated myself to fixing what was wrong with me. And somehow earning a relationship, some kind of, well, any kind of relationship back with you. But you need to know how, I guess. When I was in jail it was like a six month detox. I came out drug and alcohol free for the first time in years. I had no place to live, I didn’t know where you were. I had about twenty dollars to my name, the office address of a probation officer, and a flyer from AA I grabbed on the way out of the jail. I had been to a few meetings over the years when judges made me, but I didn’t believe it. I wasn’t a junkie or an alcoholic. I could stop if I wanted to. I just didn’t want to. That was how I thought. But once I was dry, I could see that every problem in my life went back to it. I had hit rock bottom. So I called the AA hotline from the phone in the lobby of the jail. They were nice enough to come get me. I went to my first real meeting and a nice lady there that night took pity and let me stay in a spare room she had until I got back on my feet. I went to meetings every night. I got a sponsor, and he helped me get into an inpatient program. Unlike before, this time I took it seriously, I had to fix myself. I had, uh, messed up and lost you and I couldn’t go on like that. So this time I worked the steps and worked them hard. My sponsor saw how serious I was. Then he helped me find a job and a school that I could get a two year RN degree from. He helped me study. He took care of me emotionally when I thought it was all too much. He gave me the occasional butt kicking about school, life, and sobriety when I needed it, and helped me work the steps. When I was having trouble with anatomy and pharmacology, he was there making me learn it. When it came time to apply for my license and take my boards, he went to bat for me. He got his friends that knew me to do so as well and got the board to overlook my past so I could actually be a nurse. Well, so, we, uh…” her voice tapered off.

“We became very close,” Dr. Riley finished for her. “Yeah, I’m an alcoholic. I haven’t drank in 23 years, since college, but I work the steps everyday.”

Donna reached over and took his hand. “So, yes, in answer to your question yesterday, Mike and I are involved, and we have been for almost two years now. He is the only man I’ve seen since, well, then. Other than you, he’s the most important person in my life, I should have told you this when you woke up, but the time never seemed right. I didn’t want to talk about it all in front of everyone yesterday. It seemed like something I, well, we, should tell you privately. It wasn’t a coincidence when the wreck happened I had them fly you to his hospital. In fact, he was the one that ordered the helicopter there.”

“That’s wonderful! I was scared you two came here to tell me you found something on my x-ray and I was about to die or something! I’m so happy for you!” I beamed.

“Why would you think that? Didn’t you believe me at the ER Saturday?” Dr. Riley asked.

“No, no! I mean, yes, I did! I just, well, you both being here startled me!”

“Sorry, that wasn’t what we intended.” He grinned. “Donna, you should tell her the rest.”

“Well, uh, Jessica, I, well, like I said, I was a terrible parent to you. And I know you say it’s water under the bridge and all that, but well, it isn’t now, well, because something is, uh…”

“Is something wrong? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes! I’m fine! Better than fine! I’m in the best health of my life! It’s just…”

“Well, stop scaring me! I thought you had a tumor or something. None of that old stuff matters. You and I are family and always will be. I’m over all that. Please, don’t ever bring it up again.”

“Uhhh, I don’t have a tumor, no, but I do have an, ummmm, unanticipated growth,” she said.

“Oh no! What, is there anything they can do?” I asked Dr. Riley. I knew nothing about medicine, but “Unanticipated growth” didn’t sound good to me.

“Well,” he snickered, “the usual course of treatment is wait nine and a half months and it will come out by itself.”

“Wait… you’re pregnant?” I asked as Donna reached into her purse and pulled out what appeared to be a glossy black and white photo, but was actually an ultrasound printout. Donna was 38 or 39, so still within her childbearing years. But this was, well, completely out of the blue.

I literally screamed with joy! I shouted how happy I was for her, me, and the world. I was jumping up and down and stomping my feet as I sat on the sectional. This news just elated me. If I had wings I would have flown away and as it was the brightness in the early morning light must have doubled from my smile alone.

“This is your little brother,” she grinned, handing me the printout. “We just found out and got back the amniocentesis test this morning. I knew I needed to tell you as soon as we knew. He’s perfectly healthy and should be here in five to six months.” Donna smiled. Her eyes were wet with tears. “I had just found out I was pregnant a day or two before the crash, but, well that wasn’t the time to tell you at the restaurant. And when I told Mike, uh…”

“I proposed on the spot. I should have before then.” He smiled.

My mother had never been married, at least not to my knowledge. And while I absorbed all this, Brent came bounding down the stairs and Carolyn came running through the front door, both summoned by my screams.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?” Their words mingled as they accessed the situation.

“Brent!” I nearly shouted, “You’re going to be an uncle! No! Wait! You’re going to be a brother-in-law!” I laughed. “Carolyn, you’re going to be an aunt or something, I don’t know!”


I showed him the ultrasound, and in his shock of half sleep it took a moment to register. When it did, he grinned as big as I had ever seen him.

“That’s great Donna! You must be…”

“Over the moon?” Carolyn suggested.

“Yeah, over the moon happy,” Brent said.

“Do you two always come running when Jessica yells?” Donna asked.

“Well, I didn’t know what was going on.” Carolyn smiled.

“She yells, I come running. Always.” Brent said.

“Oh, she has him so well trained, doesn’t she?” Carolyn asked Donna.

“I have to say, I’m impressed,” Donna quipped. “Oh, and I said, ‘Yes.’ In case you’re wondering.”

“‘Yes?’” I asked, then remembered that Dr. Riley had said a minute or two before that he proposed. “Really? Thats wonderful! Oh, I’m so happy for you both.” I said as I threw my arms around my mother. “When is the wedding?” I finally asked.

“This afternoon. That’s why we came by. To see if you would be my Maid of Honor. That’s why I had to tell you all this today. I was worried it might upset you, but…”

“Why would it upset me? Why would you think that?”

“Well, because… Uh, Carolyn, Brent, could you excuse us a minute?”

“Sure,” they both said and then stepped out onto the porch still in their PJs.

“Because I was so bad with you, I didn’t want you to think you weren’t every bit as important as, well, as the baby. You are. You know I love you. I’ve never stopped loving you. And, well, I’m in a position to do a lot better this time around and…”

“You thought I would be jealous of a baby? Are you on drugs?” I laughed.

“Well, not anymore, but I was. You deserved better. You know it, I know it, and I’m glad you got it. But I was a fuck up and I’m sorry. I just, well, I just wanted you to know how I felt and I was scared you might be mad now that things are going okay, that… Well, look, I’m expanding my family, not replacing it. Does that make sense?”

“Yes. I love you, too.” I smiled. “Is it cold outside?” I asked abruptly.

“A little chilly. Why?” Dr. Riley replied.

“Well, we just sent my husband and my best friend out in just their pajamas and I don’t want them to freeze.” I giggled as I went to the door and told them to come back in.

“So why this afternoon? I mean, is there something special about today?” I asked.

“Well, we’re both off work. And since I wanted to tell you about your brother as soon as we got the ultrasound and amnio back, well, it just was the first chance we had.”

“I thought Dr. Riley asked you a couple months ago. Is there something special about today?”

“Well first, call me ‘Mike’, and second, we were going to get married on New Years Day. But you and your husband decided to get married the night before and this was the first day we have both been off all day since,” Dr. Riley said.

“Well, you could have anyway!” I exclaimed.

“Jessie, I am never, ever, ever going to take the spotlight away from you. That was your time. It’s not a big deal for us to wait a few days,” Donna said.

“So, are you going to quit work after the baby? Do you have a name yet?” I asked.

“No. I told Mike I would never let myself be dependant upon someone else again. And well, you understand, don’t you Mike?” she said meekly, asking him to confirm this.

“Yes, of course. The hospital offers a pretty good family leave package for maternity. Of course I can’t take full advantage of it because I have to see to my patients, but Donna can. Then, after that, we’ll find day care and…”

“You’ll do no such thing. My little brother isn’t going to stay with strangers. I’ll just arrange my courses next fall so I can take care of him while you’re at work,” I declared.

“Oh, I can’t ask you to do that. I would…” was all Donna could get out before I interrupted,

“Hush. You’re right. You can’t ask because I’m telling you. And you don’t need to ask because I’m volunteering.” I smiled. I figured, based on the time line of five and a half to six and a half months the baby would come after the spring semester and before the fall, so arranging my schedule around Donna’s weird work hours would be easy.

“But Brent doesn’t want you to… Well, he doesn’t want his wife to, you know, you’re newlyweds! You’re supposed to be enjoying life, not taking care of our child, I don’t want you to have to…”

“Mom,” Brent said, and startled us all by referring to Donna that way, “Really, he should stay with us, not a daycare. We’re family. Ron once said we weren’t like other families. But, what was it he said Jessie? In Orlando? About folks that might look at us askew? Oh yeah, ‘Fuck ‘em.’ We’re happy to help. Because that’s what family does. Besides, when we get out of school, Jessie and I want to have a bunch of babies and we need the practice. And you two, well, three, are going to be there to help us then. Jessie’s little brother should be with family. So don’t argue with my wife anymore. Okay, Mom?” he concluded with a smirk.

I had never wanted to jump Brent’s bones as much as I did at that moment. No matter what else this day brought, that night I was going to do something so profoundly sexual for him as a tribute to how much I loved him right then that I had not imagined it yet.

“Sounds like that’s settled then,” Dr. Riley said under his breath.

A long silence gripped the room as we all expressed glee on our faces. Finally Donna broke the silence.

“Jessie, there’s one other thing.”

“What’s that?” I beamed.

“Well, it’s about your father,” she said.

“Ron? What about Ron?” I couldn’t imagine what she had to say about Ron truthfully. I knew she and Allison had become close. But she and Ron, well, I could not remember them ever even talking.

“No, not Ron. Uh, your, uh, other father. The one you’ve never met.”

I realized at once who she was talking about. The one that had gotten her pregnant nineteen years before with me and then dumped her. The one that had never had anything to do with me.

“I only have one father. His name is Ron. He’s a dentist. His wife is your friend, Allison. No other father ever wanted me.” I said, the anger in my voice showing.

“I… I thought that is how you would feel. I feel the same. Well, I hope you and Mike can grow close, too, of course.” She smiled at Dr. Riley, then continued. “But, anyway, let me finish. Your wreck got a lot of publicity, as you might imagine. Apparently, your father…”

“He’s not my father! He might be my biological history, but he’s not my father. Don’t call him that, he doesn’t deserve it. He didn’t raise me. You and Allison and Ron did. He doesn’t deserve to be called my father. Ron does. He’s the man that was there for me since he knew me. That accepted me and all my weirdness no questions asked. That loved me unconditionally. He’s the one that dried my tears, took care of me, gave me a place to live, and took me to school, and the library and track practice and church and made sure I brushed my teeth and flossed and had clothes to wear and hugged me and loved me and treated me like a daughter and tried to teach me how to act like a lady and grow up right and grow up to be somebody. Not, not, whatever his fucking name is!” I nearly shouted as tears filled my eyes.

I would simply not let Ron be compared to him, whoever he was. After a quiet moment that gave me time to think a bit I added, just for decorum and politeness really, “And, well, of course I want to be close to Dr. Riley, uh, I mean Mike. You saved my life and you love my mom and she loves you and well, I think you’re great.” I began to choke up again, but continued. “And I know you will be kind to her. Please, be kind. The world has been so mean to Mom…”

I smiled at Mike and he smiled back, then whispered, “I will. I promise.”

“Okay, well, your uh… Well, ‘he’ still has family around. And apparently one of them saw one of the articles in the paper, and…” Mom continued, or tried to as I blubbered to Mike, and her, and anyone that would listen.

“‘Articles’? How many did they write about a car wreck?” I asked through my tears.

“Oh, a bunch. I meant to save some for you,” Carolyn softly answered, trying to ease my mood. “There were some the next day. Then over the next week it was, ‘Local Coed Clings To Life.’ Then a week or so after that update, there was one you would have really liked that called you ‘The Girl Who Lived’. Very Harry Potter, I thought.”

“Wow. That’s really odd.” I sniffled as Brent handed me tissues.

“Any slow news day we were getting calls about your condition,” Dr. Riley said. “I’m surprised they haven’t tried to interview you since you got out.”

“Well, Ron and Allison and I told them to leave you alone,” Donna said, “But look, I just need to tell you that somehow, like I said I think he still has family in the area, he found out about the wreck and contacted me. He wants to meet you. And I told him I would ask, but I didn’t think you would want to. I’m not saying you should. I just thought, well, you might have questions of him.”

That he had reappeared, especially then, really pissed me off.

“So, he finds out a kid he didn’t give a shit about was in a wreck and he probably thinks is going to get a big settlement, and now he wants to connect with a kid he never bought a Christmas or birthday present for. Who he never visited. Who he never signed a report card for or ever paid a dime of support for. Whose mother he abandoned to the wolves and he has the gall to think that kid would have some great desire to see him? I don’t want to see him. Hell, I don’t even want to know his name! No! If he contacts you again just tell him no! If he ever comes around me, the only question I would ask is how quick he can get the fuck away from me!” I said as I burst out crying again in my anger.

“Jessica…..” Donna said, then paused, “I understand. And I agree, wholeheartedly. I just had to tell you, just, well, just in case you didn’t. But you’re right. You are better off without him, and so am I.” She smiled sympathetically.

The room again grew silent as everyone got to listen to me weep. Brent sat down, at last, beside me and pulled me closely so I could cry on his shoulder. He said nothing for a while but, once my tears dissipated a little, finally spoke.

“Come on, Honey. It’s okay. You already have a family full of people that love you. And this afternoon, you’re getting one more. We need to dry those tears and get cleaned up so we can get you registered this morning.” When I finally nodded agreement, Brent turned to Dr. Riley and asked, “What time is the wedding? Okay if I come along?”

“We’ll come by about one, if that’s okay. It’s no particular time. I grew up with a judge who’s going to marry us in chambers whenever we get there. And you have to come along, remember? I put you in charge of making sure Miss Jessica is taking care of herself.” He smiled and his comment got a brief smile out of me, too.

“Uh, guys, I hate to rain on your parade, but have either of you ever registered late before?” Carolyn asked.

“No, why?” Brent said as we both looked at her.

“Well, the classes, especially core classes in the morning, are always full, so you have to either rearrange your schedule to all kinds of odd hours, or go all over campus and get department heads and convince them to sign cut cards to let you in,” Carolyn answered.

“How long does that…” Brent got out before Carolyn interrupted,

“Most of the day the only time I ever did it. I mean, there are ways around it. I saw a guy who got what classes he wanted but he was in a wheelchair and could only take those classes because that was when he had transportation. But I don’t know if they’ll let Jessie… I mean, they might if we explained it, but…”

“I can help with that,” Dr. Riley said, cutting Carolyn off. “Hang loose a second.”

He went to his BMW, which was dwarfed by my truck beside it, and from the back seat pulled a briefcase which he returned with. Once back, he took from it a few sheets of his office stationery, took a pen from his pocket and began to write.

We sat in silence as he scribbled until Carolyn made the comment, “Nice pen.”

“Huh?” I asked, wondering what she meant.

“It’s a Monte Blanc. Whenever I saw someone with one in their pocket at dad’s store, I knew they could afford to be there. And since I worked on commission that meant they were my customer.” She smiled.

Dr. Riley continued to write, but as he did so said, “I do alright. I’m not Allison Anderson rich, but I get by.” He grinned as he handed me the paper.

“You mean Ron? I figured a, well, a brain surgeon, made at least what a dentist does.” I commented, still drying my tears.

“No, I meant Alli… Wait, you don’t know? Well, its not my place. Forget about it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“That should get you the classes you want. I just wrote that your schedule was selected under medical guidance due to your recovery and that it was important that you take these classes at

these times in order to continue therapy on schedule. Will that do the trick?” he asked Carolyn.

“Uh, yeah, I guess. I mean, it would at Tech, I guess it would here.” She smiled. “Think you could write me a note to get out of class sometime if I need it?”

“You got it!” He grinned.

“Wait, what did you mean about Allison?” I asked, my curiosity piqued. I knew it was nosey. I had never inquired about the Anderson’s finances and didn’t think it was any of my business, but I always saw Ron as the breadwinner.

“Jessica, I’ve said too much. If Allison wants to tell you about all that, well she will. I shouldn’t. It’s not my place to. If you don’t know, then its because she, well, Allison is private about things like that, I guess. Besides, anything I would know would be on reputation and rumor anyway.”

I had no idea what he was talking about. Allison and I talked about everything, but money had never come up. She didn’t put on airs. And if you didn’t know better you would assume she was just a regular middle class PTA mom, albeit one that got a new Benz every year and vacationed a lot. She clearly didn’t have to worry about money. But Ron owned his practice and a good chunk of every other one around our town. Why should she have to worry about money? In any event, it was just a curiosity, and one clearly Dr. Riley and my mother, if she knew, were not about to fill me in on.

We agreed to call if we could not be back by one. And I ran upstairs to jump in the shower and get ready to face the jungle of late registration. Once out, I readied myself and by 9:30, Brent – who had used the other shower – and I were ready to go.

“So, any idea what Dr. Riley was talking about? You know, about Allison?” I asked Brent as we started down the stairs.

“Uh, yeah. I thought you knew about all that. I mean, I’ve known for a couple of years. I sat down to talk to them about college and the expense, and that’s when Allison told me to not worry about it. Ron later told me she doesn’t like to talk about it because the girls she went to school with… Well, they were a bunch of phonies that only hung around with her because of who her dad was. When he passed away, well, she was an only child and pretty much inherited everything. Ron doesn’t really need to work but, well, he loves what he does and thinks he should. So their day to day expenses he covers. Everything else, the travel, cars, our college, uh, your engagement ring, probably this house but I don’t know about that. Ron said he covered that, but stuff like that, well, they don’t worry about money.”

“Who was her dad? I never knew any of this,” I said as we stood in the door about to go knock on Carolyn’s.

“He was a doctor. You know the hospital you were in? He and a couple other doctors founded it back in the sixties. They started a chain of them and it was one of the first of like a couple of dozen, which he sold to a bigger chain before he died and invested the money elsewhere. Dad’s regular rich. Mom? Well, she’s stupid obscenely rich. Incredibly rich. Has the same brokerage firm as Gates and Jobs rich. Went to boarding school at a place named after her grandparents rich. Never in her life ate Ramen or store brand macaroni rich. Other rich people are envious of her rich. And that’s why she doesn’t talk about it. I mean, she doesn’t hide it. If you ask, she would tell you, I’m sure. But, I think that you have never asked her about money and always try to keep her from spending any on you is one of the things she finds most endearing about you. Remember when you first moved in she took you to the mall and got you new clothes and had your hair and makeup and all that done? After you went to bed that night she was crying on the couch with Ron about how you were upset that she was spending money on you. She just loved your, well, frugality and that you liked her not because of her money but just because. Because you liked her without knowing anything about her and were so grateful for what she saw as just a pittance. To hear her talk that night she had spent less that day than she had spent on having her car maintenance done a couple days before and you were as grateful as if she had bought you a yacht to go with your private jet. So, well, maybe that’s why she never told you. She wants you to love her for who she is, not what she has.”

“I… uh, she had to show me how to take my makeup off that night. I had never had any before. I was sitting there while she smeared cold cream on my face and then wiped it off. Then she showed me how to make sure my pores were clean so my skin would clear up and I was thinking how nice she was to care about me like that… I started to cry and she said it would take awhile for my eyes to get used to the scent of the cold cream and was apologizing for getting it too close to them. But that wasn’t it at all. It was just, well, she was nice to me. No one had ever really been that nice. She, well, I mean Mom – Donna I mean – well, I don’t think Donna ever had the money to buy any of that or she would have. And I wasn’t accustomed to anyone spending more than twenty bucks or so on an outfit and she had spent four or five hundred just on hair and makeup stuff that I didn’t even know how to use. My eyes weren’t watering because of cold cream.”

I choked up at this memory. Allison was the most wonderful person I knew. Well, other than Brent perhaps. Her generosity defined her, not her wealth. It’s odd that I grew up resenting wealthy folks I went to school with, then benefited so much from Allison’s generosity and never knew about her money, since it isn’t what she is all about. Of course to hear Brent talk, Allison could buy those phonies I went to school with for what they thought they were worth, sell them for what they were really worth, take the loss and still not worry about money.

Carolyn was, of course, waiting on us. I regained my composure and resolved, foolishly on my part, to hold Allison in even higher esteem. I say foolishly as on reflection after all she had done for me before I knew about her money, I couldn’t possibly think more of her than I already did. We hopped in the truck, with Brent driving, and got on our way to the admin building at school to try to get me registered.

We only got the slightest amount of push back. The first problem was explaining that my name was now Anderson, as I had married. I was told I needed to get a copy of the marriage certificate so the school could have proof that I was who I claimed to have been the previous semester. Most of the classes I requested were filled, but Mike’s letter got the limit waived for me like magic. The student worker read it over, called over his supervisor, who also read it, pushed a few buttons on the computer keyboard, and I was in.

I thanked them both, but the supervisor stared at me for a long moment and said, “You’re the young lady that was in the wreck a couple months ago, I remember reading about that. We’re glad you’re better.” She said it with a smile.

“Yeah, I didn’t know they had done stories about it. I was kinda out of it for a while.”

“She’s… the one with the truck?” the student worker asked.

“Yes, that looked like someone had wadded up aluminum foil. You’re lucky to be alive.”

“You saw the truck?” I asked.

“There was a picture on the cover of the student newspaper,” he said.

“I’d like to see that sometime,” I said to Brent.

“No, you don’t. I, well, I hope to never see it again,” he replied, keeping a stiff upper lip against the angst I could tell was boiling within.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. No sense living in the past.” I smiled as we turned to leave.

“Good luck!” the supervisor said as I left, to which I shouted back, “Thanks!”

“So, shall we go get your books?” Carolyn asked.

“I think I need to see the Bursar first to make sure my scholarships are okay.”

“Good point,” Carolyn replied. So we took the elevator to where there were normally long lines waiting to pay. But that day it was quite short and inside a few minutes, again mostly explaining the name change, we had confirmed that all was well insofar as tuition went.

Next it was off to the bookstore. Brent and Carolyn wanted to drive, but I pointed out it was just next door across a small park with a picnic table and a few trees and we were unlikely to find a parking spot closer than the one we were already in. They stared for a moment, then looked around clearly disoriented.

“When I registered, I drove all the way around over there. I didn’t realize I was standing beside it already.” Brent said.

“Well, I guess I know my way around better than you. Do you want me to help you find your classes, too?” I smirked.

“No, I got that. I, well, I just feel dumb now.”

“Me, too.” Carolyn admitted. “I did the same thing only I walked all the way around the library. The map on the inside of the catalog sucks.”

“Geez, what would you all do without me?” I smiled.

“Probably cry our eyes out. That’s what we did last time,” Carolyn quipped with a sarcastic smirk that reminded me how close I was to both my husband and my best friend.

The bookstore was more of a madhouse as returning students who had not gotten their texts when they registered were doing so then. But after 15 minutes of finding them, and another 20 of waiting in line to check out, we were done. Brent was a sweetie and carried my sack of texts for me. Since it was still early, we opted to stop for coffee while in the student center at a Starbucks knock off that was among the eating places there. It was nice to just sit and chat with Brent and Carolyn about school rather than my health for once, and we took the opportunity to arrange a weekly study schedule. Carolyn excelled at this, as did Brent. Carolyn approached it from the perspective of an engineer, making the most efficient use of our time, while Brent had the disciplined mind of an accountant. I just knew what had worked and not worked for me in the past, like a historian.

Occasionally, I noticed people staring at me which was at first unsettling. A couple folks I had class with the previous fall, but didn’t really know, came over and said “Hi” and asked how I was doing. All were quite polite and friendly, but the attention was getting, well strange. One of my previous professors came by and she was particularly nice, welcoming me back and telling me to take it easy while still recovering. She bragged to Brent and Carolyn that I was one of her few students to get an A in her class in the fall. Then she checked over my schedule to see if she knew any of this term’s professors for me. She remarked that a couple of them were really nice, though she didn’t know the rest.

Around 11 we decided we had time for lunch before heading back so we went to a deli off campus that was a student hang out. Both Brent and Carolyn had been there with me in the fall and the food, for college fare, was decent. Here, too, there were stares and whispers as we entered and it was beginning to be annoying.

“I don’t get it. It’s not like I’m famous. It’s just all so weird,” I remarked.

“Well, you are a local hero,” Brent suggested.

“Yes, you’re The Girl Who Lived! You’re a wizard, Jessie!” Carolyn giggled.

“Well, I guess that’s better than being The Girl On Fire!”

“Huh?” Brent said with alarm in his voice as Carolyn and I snickered.

“The Hunger Games? ‘The Girl On Fire?’ You haven’t read them?” I asked.

“Uh, no. Is that something in it? I don’t really have time to read much,” Brent confessed.

“Yeah, they’re a fun read. I’ll tell you what, I have them at home. Next time Sarah comes over I’ll have her read it to you!” I giggled. “And you need to make time to read!”

“You need to make time to drink more fluids.” Brent smiled as he passed the gigantic tea to me that they serve there. “And why don’t you read it to me?” he asked with a kiss.

“I could do that.” I smiled and returned his kiss.

“Awwwww! You two are just so cute!” Carolyn said. “You should kiss in public all the time whenever I’m around.”

“Sorry, I guess it’s just the newlywed thing,” I said, worried that she might be offended by our PDAs.

“No, I mean, it’s just when you do, all the cute guys that are staring at us know you’re taken and start staring at just me, instead,” she grinned.

“What? Who’s staring?” I asked quietly.

“Uh, every guy in here,” Brent said with a smile. “And since I’m out with you two even the gay guys at the table in the corner over your right shoulder are wondering what’s so special about me.” He grinned. “You’ll have to forgive Jessie. She doesn’t really notice the effect she and you have on men.”

I looked around. I hadn’t noticed all the men looking, other than when we came in. But they we clearly stealing glances our way, especially at Carolyn. And in the corner was a table of three fellows that would set off anyone’s gaydar, all eyeing Brent. Or they were until I looked back anyway.


We finished up lunch and drove home to get ready for Donna’s big day. As we got out of the truck, I asked Carolyn what she was planning to do for the afternoon.

“Not much. Finish organizing my closet. Do you know if there is a laundromat and grocery store in walking distance?”

“Uh, well, there is a washer and dryer that has only been used a couple times in the room past the ground floor bathroom in our side of the house. I don’t know about a grocery store close enough to walk to, but you can take the truck. From what I’ve seen, you drive it better than anyone else, anyway.” I grinned.

“Oh! Well if you don’t mind I will use your washer, but I’ll wait if you are going to the grocery store anytime soon.”

“Take the truck, or my car,” Brent said. “We have a washer and dryer, but we don’t have soap. We used up the little sample box that came with the washer so you’ll have to get some.”

“I hate to do that. It will wait.”

“It’s okay, seriously. You’re here because you wanted to be there for Jessie. It’s the least we can do. Besides, you really do drive the truck better than her.” Brent snickered.

“Hey! Only because you never let me drive anymore, buster!” I laughed.

Brent threw her the keys and we went in to change. We dressed for church, having never been to a wedding at a courthouse before. Donna had not given me any direction on what to wear. I dressed in neutral earth tones so I would be subdued compared to her. It didn’t take long to get ready, and it gave me a chance to ask Brent something while we waited in the living room. I had been trying to think of something beyond the norm for him tonight, and remembered that he once wanted to take pictures of me, and that I had got him a camera for that purpose that he had never used.

“So, Honey, uh, what’s your biggest fantasy?”


“Well, you were so good jumping in this morning when I volunteered to take care of my brother after Donna goes back to work.. Well, uh, I was just about ready to knock you down and uh, do it with you right then. So, well, I want to do something special for you tonight. So, what would you like me to do? What fantasy can I make come true?”

“Uh. ‘Do it with me’?” He smiled.

“Sounds better than ‘Rape you.’” I smirked.

“True. Well, uh, I don’t know…”

“It’s okay, baby. You’re not going to shock me. And we don’t have secrets, remember?” I smiled.

“Well, uh, what’s your biggest fantasy?”

“Brent, I asked first!”

“Well, see, the thing is, for the longest time, my biggest fantasy, was…”

“Was what?” I asked when he grew silent.

“You. And that one came true. and while you were, uh, out, I only thought about you getting well, and coming back and us being together again. I thought about what I could do to get back with you, and get us back on track and maybe still get married this summer. So, well, since you woke up, you know, well, I haven’t really had any others come up. I mean, I will I’m sure, eventually. I’m not denying that I’ve had fantasies. I know you want an answer and I don’t want to have secrets, but, well, right now, all of mine have come true.”

“Hmmm, sounds like a cop out Brent. Come on, surely there’s something. What about when we dating? Wasn’t there something?

“Well, actually yes. But, well, I don’t know if it counts as what you’re looking for.”

“What?” I asked, thinking that he would come back with taking pictures as he once suggested, but he surprised me.

“Well, uh, I was really looking forward to your Halloween costume, and I never got to see it.”

I thought for a minute. It was in the closet. Whoever had packed up my stuff from the dorm had packed it, too, and it was kind of sexy but in a silly way. It was a slutty Alice in Wonderland costume I had ordered online. I still had it. I had worn it once, on Halloween, with Trish and Carolyn during the awful week Brent and I were apart, but I had told him about it while we were together before that, and had bought it to wear to his fraternity’s party.

“I can do that. I can totally do that.”

“That would be, uh, neat.” He grinned.

We waited, cuddled together on the sectional and expected Mike and Donna to arrive. Allison did first, but then sat in her car. This seemed curious so I opened the door to check on her and, on seeing me, she got out and came in.

“I thought you must be gone since the truck wasn’t here. Where is Brent? He knows to be here by one, doesn’t he?”

“Oh, yeah, he’s inside. Carolyn took the truck to the grocery store.”

“She doesn’t have a car?” Allison asked. I suppose with all the traffic in and out Saturday she had not noticed.

“No, but we will be riding together to school and usually everywhere else. I think she would rather save her money. I don’t think she’s ever had a car at school. She didn’t at Tech, anyway.”

“Well, if something were to happen and she needed to take you to the doctor, what would she do?”

“I guess drive the truck, or Brent’s car. She’s better with a straight drive than me anyway as it turns out.”

“Hmmmm, that worries me. I mean, I know she wanted to come here to help you if you needed it, but…”

“Don’t worry about it, Mom. Our schedules are almost identical.” I smiled. “So, I gotta ask, how long have you known about Donna and Mike?”

“Well, a while now. I learned about the wedding last week, though. I would have told you but, well, that’s Donna’s surprise and I didn’t want to ruin it for her. I think she’s been trying to get up the courage to tell you. I told her she could talk to you about anything. But, well, after all that’s happened, you know, she’s still nervous about you.”

“That’s silly. I’m so over talking about the past. The past sucks. But the future, especially for Donna, looks great don’t you think?”

“Well, I don’t know Mike as well, but he seems like a good man for your uh, mother, uh…”

“My mother Donna. My mother Allison already has a great man.” I smiled and Allison returned a grin back at me. “Yeah, she does. Donna was telling me when she called this morning what you said about Ron being your only father. I may have to tell Ron that.”

“Oh, please do. I know I should more often. You two have both been so good to me. Brent and I were talking earlier and I reminded him that the first day I came home with you that you took me to the mall and got me a wardrobe then a ton of makeup I didn’t even know how to use. Remember having to show me how to get it off before I went to sleep?”

“Yes, I, well, you got the hang of it pretty quickly. You always look so beautiful now. And if I tell Ron you were bragging on him, well, he’ll get the big head about it! Besides after what Sarah did, oh! I didn’t tell you that! Last night Sarah complained that she has to go back to school too soon and she didn’t have enough time with Ron and I, so Ron, he tells his receptionist this morning to clear his calendar for the afternoon. He’s taking Sarah to the museum to see the impressionist exhibit. Then the main library. Then, no doubt, a book store… They’re having a father-daughter day this afternoon and he was just about as happy as I have ever seen him about it!” Allison cackled. “Anyway, yeah, I think they make a great couple, Donna and Mike, I mean. Mike, well, Dr. Riley, I owe him so much. He saved the life of someone so very precious to me.” Allison’s eyes were tearing up now, it was time to stop this estrogen fest.

I hugged Allison as tightly as I could and whispered “I love you so much, you and Ron. I love Donna too, but, well, you are both just, well, I can’t describe it. You’ll always be my Mom and Dad. I’m just lucky to have Donna, too. You understand?”

Allison hugged me back and quietly said “I know. It’s not a contest. And Donna is so much fun to be around. I know where you get your mischievous streak from now.”

I pulled back, just enough that our watery eyes were staring at each other and said “Ron?”

“Yes!” she cackled with glee. “Yes, absolutely!”

“So, did she tell you about her other surprise?”

“Jessie, I have never been so excited about someone having a baby in my life! She told me you and Brent volunteered day care services, but there’s going to be a problem with that, as I see it.”

“What? I can arrange my schedule in the fall. It will work just fine. I mean, I need to learn about…” was all I got out before she interrupted.

“You may have to fight me for it!” She giggled, “And I don’t know anything about babies, either, so we’ll learn together!”

“Great! This is going to be so much fun!”

“Well, I don’t know. I think it will be hard work. I mean, joyous work, but challenging. But we can do it. Women have been doing it for years!”

“How hard could it be?” Brent asked from the doorway. “Food goes in one end, poop comes out the other. Change the diapers if it starts to smell bad and, if you’re doing it right, more food goes in than poop comes out and it gets bigger, right?”

“Yeah, Brent. I’m sure that’s all it is!” Allison laughed with him.

Dr. Riley and Donna pulled in right then and, after brief greetings, we were off. Donna looked absolutely radiant. I have never seen a more beautiful, happy bride. I rode with Mike and my mother, while Brent rode with, well, with my other mother. The love and affection was easy to understand; the nomenclature, not so much. Allison had asked Brent to ride with her in case she got lost, which seemed odd, but I didn’t really think about it much.

We made chit chat along the way. Mostly about school, but as we approached the parking garage underneath Courthouse Square, Mike asked me, “So Jessica… Can I call you ‘Jessica’? What do you think about ‘William Joseph Robert’ for a baby name?”

“Jessica or Jessie. Either one is fine. I uh…”

“Mike, you are not going to name our baby ‘Billy Joe Bob’! Forget it!” Donna near shouted with laughter in her voice.

I knew then that Mike was going to fit in with my family just fine.

We went to the elevator to take us to the square, and it arrived with Brent and Allison already in it, so we were able to go through security together and find the Judge’s chambers with Mike leading us. Brent and I held hands and stood to one side as Mike introduced us to his friend after we were allowed back by security.

A few minutes later, they were wed, with even less pomp and circumstance than my wedding had. We made small talk with the judge for a few minutes and left. All in all, it was rather anticlimactic. Mike asked us to join them Sunday for dinner to celebrate, and we all agreed. Hugs were distributed and Mike asked Allison what she thought of his chosen name for the baby, and was shushed again by Donna.

We left, this time with me riding with Allison, to go home. Allison had other ideas, though. She drove promptly to the local Honda dealer and told Brent to pick out a new Accord.

“Mom, I told you on the way up! I’ve got a car already!” he complained. “You don’t need to buy me another one. There is nothing wrong with the one I’ve got.”

“How many miles are on it?” She asked.

“I don’t know, forty or forty-five thousand, I guess, at most.”

“Well, it’s too late to trade it in. Why don’t you just give it to Carolyn? She needs a car. And we just got Jessie a truck and you’re not letting her drive it. I know it’s because you want a new car. So pick one out.” She smiled.

I probably should have protested too, but, well, I could see through her, as could Brent. She wanted to help Carolyn out, but didn’t want Carolyn, or Brent and me, to know it. Still, it would have been obvious even if I hadn’t learned about her wealth that morning. I stood silently at first, then decided it wasn’t right for Brent to have to argue this one on his own.

“Mom, sooner or later we’re going to have to take care of ourselves. Brent can drive the truck. He knows I don’t mind,” I said.

“Well after you get out of school you can. But I want my boy in something safe in the meantime. You still like Hondas, don’t you, dear? We can look at something else if you want,” she asked Brent.

“Well yeah. They’re great. They never break down. Mine is practically new. That’s why I don’t…”

“‘New’? You said it had forty thousand miles on it! What if it broke down and left you stranded on the way home to see us? And it’s a two door! You want to help Donna with her baby with a two door? Have you ever put a child seat in a two door? I bet they wouldn’t give you anything for it if you traded it. Just let Carolyn drive it and that way, if Jessie gets stressed out again, well, I won’t have to worry about her getting to the doctor. Now, what color do you like?”

A salesman had been listening to all this and tried to tell Allison they would be happy to look at his trade but, before he could finish, she gave him a look that said “You should shut up and shut up now” and he wisely remembered something very important on the floor by his feet at that moment.

“I don’t know. You’re just too generous sometimes, Mom, really. I love you. I do. But, this is just too much.” Brent said, with surrender in his voice.

“How many times do I have to tell you two… I can’t take it with me, and I’m not leaving it to you? Now, let’s pick out your car, before you stress Jessie out. She’s fragile, or have you forgotten?” She smiled as she scolded him.

We gave up. There was no arguing with Allison when she had her mind made up. And clearly if we didn’t go along with her, she would have probably have just driven us home and went back and bought one anyway. It took Brent all of ten minutes to tell the salesman what he wanted, which was a Pilot, their SUV. Five for the salesman to show it to him. A fifteen minute test drive. And a half hour of Allison explaining that she wasn’t going to finance anything. She was just going to write a check while the dealership washed the car and got it ready.

It was only mid afternoon and Allison suggested we have either a late lunch or early dinner, and we readily agreed. I needed more fluids anyway at this point, and was seriously considering taking the first of my anxiety meds when I got home. Still, I could only bask in the love Allison felt for us. And my heart wanted to leap out of my chest and hug her itself before we left the dealership, even though the experience was probably a bit emasculating for Brent.

“Where shall we go for dinner?” Allison asked,

“Well, first let’s go home,” I said.

“Are you feeling okay?” Allison replied, her voice and expression showing concern and worry.

“Oh! I feel great! No, it’s, well, I want you there because I will never be able to explain why my husband is giving the pretty girl next door a car out of the blue. So you can tell Carolyn she has a

car thanks to you. You don’t want our neighbor, my best friend, to think my husband is flirting with her, do you?” I asked. Then I said, “Besides, I want you to see the look on her face and I don’t want her thanking me or Brent, because its your doing and you deserve the credit. And don’t think we don’t know what this is all about! You know full well Brent’s car is in great shape!” I smiled.

“Was I that obvious?” she smiled. “I just wanted to make sure, well, if something happened, that you could get help. And besides, after all that girl has done, well, she needs a car anyway.”

“Duh. Yes! That was kinda transparent, Mom. And, well, uh, I love you. We love you. You, well, you are just the most wonderful person.” Brent exclaimed, then hugged his mother before I could. Still I got my chance next. It was another good day.

I rode home with Allison so I could tell her more about how special she was, though she would hear none of it, and Brent followed closely behind.

Carolyn was overjoyed and nearly speechless. She said she had never bought a car because she saved the money to spend on things while she was at school like clothes, cell phone bills, computers and such. She just never felt like she needed one when she lived on campus, but now that she was off campus, even just a few blocks, it would make life much easier and safer if she ever had to come home after dark. She worried about insurance though, until Allison called her agent and just had her add Carolyn to her policy as a driver. Finally, she told Carolyn to make sure it always had gas in it and keep the maintenance up, and to call her if she needed any help with it. But I knew Carolyn would never ask her for help.

Carolyn joined us for our early dinner, which we mostly just snacked on, and when I told Allison our plan to go to the grocery store later, she took us all and stocked us up for weeks. The only thing that stopped Allison was the available trunk space in the Mercedes. If we had been in the truck we might still be there. Allison even bought more supplies for Carolyn, even though she had just returned from the store herself. For me, going from being dirt poor a few years ago to being around such generosity was a joy I could never get fully used to.

“So do you have plans for tomorrow, Jessie?” Allison asked as I sipped tea at the restaurant, which was one of those places college students never see the inside of unless they are waiting tables or cleaning them off. The nice thing about that is that no one was staring at me like on campus, but the men there were clearly checking out Carolyn and I.

“No, I guess just read my textbooks and get ready for school. Nothing special, why?”

“Oh, I thought since it is your and Sarah’s last day of freedom before school starts you two might want to go shopping. She no more got done complaining about not having enough time with Ron and I yesterday before she’s started complaining that she missed her sissy.” Allison smiled.

“That sounds fun. What time do you want to go?” I asked.

“Why don’t I come by around nine and we’ll make a day of it. Carolyn, I hope you can join us, too. I need someone to keep me company while Sarah and Jessie traipse off. Trust me, wherever we go, they will find a book store.”

“Sure, sounds fun. But, uh, you mean Brent’s not good company?” Carolyn smirked.

“Uh, Carolyn, I think Mom want’s a girl’s day out. Not sure I have the right equipment for that. And besides, Sarah didn’t say she missed me,” Brent said with a smile.

“You know that little girl loves you… and misses you, so shut up! But what will you do all day?” I asked, worried he might feel left out.

“Oh, probably read those textbooks you should be reading so I can be one step ahead of you,” he said.

“Well we may be gone all day. We’ve got to get two girls wardrobes ready. I mean, we haven’t even started on Jessie’s yet,” Allison said.

“And we’re not going to either,” I replied.

“Jessie, I am not going to let you, uh… Well, you can’t tell me no. I love dressing you up and I don’t care a bit about spending…” was all Allison got out before I interrupted her.

“No, it’s not that. I mean, you do spend way too much on me. You’re trying to spoil me like one of those rotten brats around school. But I’ve given up on stopping you, its just… well…”

“Well, uh, is something wrong?” she asked delicately.

“Well, I’m supposed to spend the next month or so getting back up to a healthy weight, and I’ll probably pick up a dress size along the way, and plus I still have clothes from last fall I haven’t even worn yet. It would be a waste to get me any more right now. I promise, I start getting to run again and workout Saturday. By late February or so you can spoil me rotten again. But not until then, okay?”

“Okay, but make sure you get a copy of those papers where Dr. Riley told you to gain weight.” She smiled.

“I know. I’ll never hear that again, right?”

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to start looking at wedding dresses instead then. Sarah has been begging me to get you to start shopping for them.”

“Oh my gosh! I totally forgot we still have a wedding to plan. Brent, are you sure we want to have another wedding?”

“Now you shut up! You promised Donna and I and we’re going to have another wedding! End of discussion!” Allison said.

“Listen to your mother. I missed the last one,” Carolyn piped in.

“Okay okay! Geez. Hey! Remember when you punked me about driving a stick? How does purple chiffon with a bright green sash and pink bow sound for bridesmaid dresses? Maybe with a sequined trucker hat that says, ‘Brent and Jessie Forever’?”

“I think I might be sick that day,” she said, her voice revealing no emotion but her eyes showing an impish twinkle.

“Well, Mom, I guess it will be nice to pick out what I wear at this wedding,” I smiled.

“I guess it would, but what makes you think that? Between Donna, Carolyn, Sarah and I, well, I’m not sure there will be room for your opinion,” Allison snickered.

“That’s right. You know, Donna should be there too to help me pick out my dress,” I said, being careful to not step on toes.

“Oh, this will just be the first trip. She’ll be involved. Trust me. In the last week, Donna and I have talked about and done more work on your wedding than you did all last fall. Goodness! I just remembered something! Brent, Jessie, Sarah will be mad if I forget to ask, but she wants to know if she can spend the weekend with you next weekend.”

“Oh, uh, well, I’d love that but, I have to start running and hitting the gym Saturday morning, and we have the Dean’s List Recognition thing Saturday night, then lunch with Donna and Mike Sunday, I’m not sure how much time that would leave.”

“Well, why not have Sarah come up Friday after she gets out? I get out at noon and can pick her up at school. Then in the morning we can go running and to the gym with you. Then maybe Ron or Allison can pick her up before the recognition thing,” Brent suggested.

“Or Sarah could just stay with me while you two are at your smart people thing. Campus events never last past nine or so and she could hang out with you through Sunday that way.”

“Oh, we couldn’t ask you to do that! Besides, Sarah will have homework and math is killing her this year,” Allison said.

“Uh,” Carolyn said, then pointed both of her thumbs at herself. “Engineering student. Good at math. Wants to help. Adores both your daughters.”

“It’s settled then,” Brent announced.

“You and Ron should skip town and do something. We got this. Just pack a bag for Sarah and leave it inside the door at your place, or better yet just bring it tomorrow. Then we’ll all meet Donna and Mike for their celebration lunch on Sunday. If you’re nice, we’ll give you your daughter back.”

“Sarah will be, well, uh…”

“Bratty?” I quipped.

“I was thinking ecstatic, but yes, bratty too I suppose. I hope you know you’re getting a handful when it comes to teaching her math, Carolyn,” Allison said.

“Meh. If Brent can teach Jessie, surely I can teach a smart girl like Sarah.” She grinned.

After we ate and went to the grocery store it was early evening when we arrived back home. After unloading the Benz and putting everything away, Allison left to go spread joy somewhere else no doubt and we all settled on the couch at Carolyn’s, mainly because that was where we were when we finally got the grocery situation sorted out. The clerk had not discriminated on our purchases when bagging them as Allison had insisted on paying for everything. A check of the mail revealed our first letter. A gas bill. It came to just over six dollars for the two days in December that the gas had been in Brent’s name, although the heat had barely been on. Brent went online and paid it immediately so we could have at least some feeling of independence. While he was away, Carolyn and I chatted.

“So what do you have going on tonight?”

“Oh, just the usual. Brent wants me to dress up in a costume and ravish me. Just old boring married stuff.” I giggled.

“Damn, I need to find a guy like him. I love cosplay.” She laughed then, seeing my smirk, realized I had been serious. “Oh, you meant that! Never mind!” She smiled. “So what costume?”

Chapter 02: Friday School

Kelsey Beaton was an eighteen year old freshman at South Texas Women’s College. Kelsey had always tried to be like her sister; she was perfectly innocent like Katy, modeled like Katy, winning a lot like Katy, and she was studying to be a teacher just like Katy. Kelsey had long blonde hair that fell almost to her perfect ass; she was five foot five and just as fit as her sister weighing only 105 pounds. Kelsey also had unbelievably perky DDD breasts like her sister and despite being innocent like Katy she liked to show herself off by wearing small shirts and dresses.

Even though Katy had only left for the city on her student teaching job a few weeks ago Kelsey missed her sister. So Kelsey decided to surprise her by visiting Katy after school during her first week and staying a couple nights. Kelsey packed her bags and left on the long drive to the city Friday morning hoping to get there when school got out that afternoon.

Katy kissed her fiancé on the cheek as she handed him his bags, she had told him she was running Friday school that night and chaperoning the dance on Saturday so he should go home for the weekend. After he left she quickly changed into a strapless blue and white sun dress that barely held in her huge breasts and didn’t even come close to covering her knees. Before she ran out the door in her white heels she grabbed the small bag she had packed for after school that hid the naughty teacher outfit she had bought at a local sex store.

On her drive to the school Katy thought about what had happened to her over the last few days. It had only been four days since school had started on Monday but she was a completely different girl. Her mind drifted to Monday after school when three black guys with large black cocks had raped her. The gang rape had only lasted a little over an hour but that was enough to break Katy and completely turn her into a black cock loving slut. Katy had since found out that those boys and several others were part of a very rough gang that had a reputation for gang rape.

Katy arrived to the school a little early so she started rubbing her pussy with a small vibrator she had bought at the sex shop, while she thought about what the boys had done to her on Wednesday the second time.

Katy was told to dress like a whore so she had changed into the shortest skirt she had, a red skirt that just showed her knees, and a black tank top. The two guys there were not satisfied with her clothing; ripping all of it off, telling her she had to do better. To punish her, the boys had both roughly fucked her face and ass each while squeezing her huge tits and spanking her repeatedly. It had hurt as her ass was dry fucked and she was spanked but the abuse drove Katy into ecstasy. Katy still almost couldn’t believe how much she loved being pounded by huge black cocks and how much she loved being abused and treated like a whore.

Katy barely pulled down the top of her dress and one of her tits popped out. Katy shoved the vibrator all the way in her pussy while she twisted her exposed nipple. She moaned softly after a few minutes as she orgasmed and was suddenly startled by a tap on her car window. Katy quickly sat up opening her eyes and pulling her dress both up and down.

Mr. Hammer the six foot eight, black, body builder, school principle opened up Katy’s door and said, “Miss Beaton you should be more discreet playing with yourself, you’re too fine to get guys worked up looking and not touching.” Katy could see a huge bulge in his pants, evidently he had been watching for a bit, so she put her hands on his hips and pulled him close to the car.

Katy took a quick glance to see that no one was around and unzipped Mr. Hammer’s pants letting his huge black cock flop free. Katy gasped in lust and shock at the sight of his cock and said, “Please Mr. Hammer is there anything I can do to not get in trouble?” Katy popped her huge tits out as she sucked his balls into her mouth and tried to wrap her tiny hands around his fourteen inch long five inch thick black cock. Katy licked all the way up the shaft before sucking the head of his monster dick in her mouth. Katy grabbed Mr. Hammer’s ass and slowly forced his huge throbbing black cock in her mouth and down her throat. She began to gag loudly, as tears and makeup ran down her perfect face, and tried to pull out but Mr. Hammer forced the final few inches in her mouth and held Katy’s face down.

Mr. Hammer held all of himself down Katy’s throat as he groped both her tits and said, “You look amazing with my huge nigger cock stuffed in your face. I’ll have to teach you what happens to white sluts around here.” He pulled all the way out of Katy’s throat; as Katy gasped for air she began fingering her dripping wet pussy, the sight of his huge glistening cock and the strings of spit connecting his cock and her mouth made her horny as shit. Mr. Hammer started pounding Katy’s face gagging her uncontrollably as all fourteen thick inches assaulted her throat. He began absolutely raping Katy’s face using all of his ripped muscles to fuck her throat and slam her face down over and over as fast as he could until he pulled out and shot his huge load; completely covering her face and dripping down onto her tits as she arched her back from her own orgasm.

While Katy licked clean Mr. Hammer’s cock he told her that every Monday and Friday she needed to be early to school for a principle-teacher workshop and that once a week on her off period she needed to come to his office for a reminder of this lesson in the parking lot. She cleaned all the cum off her face and fixed her dress before heading inside to the bathroom to fix her makeup.

The school day passed quickly and Katy couldn’t help but wonder what would be done to her tonight during Friday school. Katy cleaned up her classroom as she waited for Friday school to start, the kids had to serve detention until five then go to Friday school until ten, and for the school to clear for the weekend. Katy knew the teacher watching the kids for detention would leave at five without Katy coming so she went ahead and changed into her outfit and did her makeup like a slut as best she could.

Katy walked into the Friday school classroom a little after five and said, after being a little startled by there being six guys, “Who’s been naughty?” The six black boys hooted and whistled at Katy standing there in black heels, black stockings, a hot pink mini skirt that didn’t cover half her ass, a strapless black top that was only wide enough to cover her tits, sexy glasses, and hair done up in a bun with a pencil through it.

The boys surrounded her immediately, grabbing her huge tits and firm ass, then forced her to her knees as they all got naked, letting all their cocks hang by Katy’s face. Katy admired the six black cocks that varied from eight to twelve inches, all being very thick, with lust filled eyes; then she grabbed a cock with each hand and sucked another into her mouth. Katy gagged loudly as the guy in her mouth grabbed her head and began pounding into her throat as hard as he could. After a few minutes the guy in Katy’s mouth pulled out, ripped off her top, and shot his load on her tits just as a guy she was jerking off blew his load on her face. Everyone jerked around suddenly as a loud shriek filled the room.

Kelsey had gotten lost for a little while in the city but had called the school and found out that Katy was monitoring Friday school so she wasn’t worried that she was arriving at the school around five thirty. Kelsey parked beside Katy’s car in the empty parking lot and rushed inside excitedly to see her sister. When the door closed behind her Kelsey pulled down her short jean shorts, pulled up her hot pink tube top, making sure it covered her massive breasts, then checked her long ponytail before walking down the long hall way in her pink cowgirl boots.

It took Kelsey a few minutes to find the Friday school classroom but she finally did and decided to try to sneak in quietly. As she opened the door softly and slid in the back she didn’t even notice what was going on at first but once she did Kelsey froze. She saw six completely nude black guys surrounding a tiny white girl. Kelsey couldn’t look away despite being horrified and disgusted that a white girl was having sex with all these dirty niggers. It was only as she got a little closer that she realized how rough the girl was being used and that the girl was Katy! Kelsey simply froze in shock, her mouth gaping open, when suddenly two guys shot cum all over her sister’s tits and face causing Kelsey to shriek. She tried to run for the door after she was spotted but the boys were on her in a heartbeat.

Kelsey screamed as she was carried over and thrown in the floor by her sister staring with wide eyes at Katy covered in cum. Katy who was surprised to see her little sister asked her what she was doing there. Kelsey barely managed to say she had come to surprise her sister before one guy shouted out, “Hell yeah these fine white sluts are sisters!”

A guy knelt down and rammed his cock all the way up Katy’s pussy before taunting Kelsey saying, “Look how we’ve changed your perfect sister. Slut tell your little sister how much you love big black cock now.”

Katy bounced on the huge pole as she grabbed her tits and said, with her face bright red from embarrassment, “Kelsey I love getting fucked by huge nigger cock!” Another guy stepped up and shoved his cock in Katy’s mouth and Kelsey watched in amazement as he forced it all in.

Two guys moved in front of Kelsey blocking her view with their huge cocks that looked like baseball bats to the tiny girl. They told her to grab their cocks and starting sucking so Kelsey smacked their balls and shouted, “Never you nigger filth,” enraging both of them. One slapped her hard across the cheek and the other slapped the other cheek then they tied her hands behind her back. The guys tied her feet together and sat her on a desk then one pulled a knife out that he used to cut Kelsey’s top and shorts off with. Both guys viscously bit, sucked, pinched, and squeezed her perfect tits while they rubbed her clit through her thong ignoring Kelsey’s cursing and please.

The guys pushed Kelsey to the floor on her knees, giving her a chance to see Katy orgasm and swallow the load being shot down her throat, and peckar slapped her tits and face. This time when a boy told Kelsey to suck she reluctantly licked up his shaft and began sucking on the head of his large cock. The guy laughed and said, “This is for hitting our balls bitch,” then grabbed her hair and thrust his cock down Kelsey’s throat holding her head down as she gagged uncontrollably. Tears poured down Kelsey’s face from choking on the black cock but she could do nothing to resist, due to being tied up, as the guy raped her face without mercy. Kelsey gagged up spit and precum as she gasped for air when the boy pulled out but the other boy, who was slightly larger, quickly took over pounding her face.

After the guy that was fucking Katy’s pussy dumped his cum in her she crawled over behind her sister and pulled her head back. Kelsey gasped for breath, as Katy began pinching both Kelsey’s nipples she whispered in Kelsey’s ear, “I remember how it felt the first time these niggers raped my throat, it was horrible but you have to go through it so you can enjoy when they tear your virginity from you.” Kelsey couldn’t believe what her sister was saying to her but was even more shocked when Katy shoved her head down on one of the cocks.

Katy cut Kelsey’s feet loose and laid down under her so she could eat her sister’s pussy which was already extremely wet. Before Katy began licking Kelsey’s pussy she said, “Damn little sister your pussy is dripping you love black cock more than I do!” This prompted the guy in Kelsey’s throat to smash into her face and cum in her throat. Kelsey gagged when he pulled out and tried to spit out the cum but the other guy immediately began fucking her throat forcing her to swallow. The second guy quickly increased the speed and force that he was fucking Kelsey’s face with until he too blew his load down her throat. The guy held himself down her throat forcing her to swallow all of his cum but suddenly despite the pain Kelsey’s throat was in, despite the horrid situation she was in of being gang raped with her sister, and despite all the abuse she had taken already; Kelsey’s body burned red hot as an orgasm shot through her virgin body caused by her sex crazed sister eating her pussy. The boy pulled out of Kelsey’s throat and she gasped for air as her mind raced. Kelsey body tingled and she was now grinding her hips on her sister’s face; she was still disgusted by the huge black cocks but she craved another orgasm.

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The guys all watched as they got dressed, one of them even said, “Damn those white bitches are sluts!” As all the guys began to leave Katy told them to each bring another guy to her house tomorrow night instead of going to the school dance and that her and Kelsey would invite a couple friends too.

The girls showered and got dressed walking to their cars closely together and when they got home to Katy’s place they sat together and talked about their favorite parts of what happened. They planned their party the next night and began debating which one of their friends they wanted to invite to be broken in by black cock. The girls fell asleep fingering each other while they dreamed about black cock.

Lisa leaned back in her office chair, flicking through the printout of the term paper about Samhain that Jeff had written for her religions class. He always did have a way with words, perhaps it came from a skilled tongue. She smiled to herself at that thought, the arrangement certainly seemed to be working out well for everyone indeed. The report was tucked away into her expanding folder and placed within her backpack.

An appointment notice popped up on her screen reminding her of the upcoming appointment she had for tonight. Leaning back, her arms went above her head and she stretched out her back. Getting out of the chair, she headed to her private shower which was a luxury for a college sophomore. After undressing and while waiting for the water to run hot enough, Lisa stood in front of the mirror. Green eyes slowly looked over her body, toned from having been a cheerleader in her past. She hadn’t made the college team this season, an old hamstring tear gave her too many issues trying to leap off of hands.

Facing having to leave the cheerleader’s sorority home and having to try to find an apartment at the beginning of the semester was near impossible. The dorms were a last resort, all the good ones were filled up and the only ones left were so old they didn’t have central air and the building managers controlled the heat. Two nights before she was due to leave to make room for her replacement, Tara the sorority treasurer, came to pay her a visit. She’d presented a deal to her former squad member, Phi Kappa Phi was looking to fill a very unique position. They were looking for a house mother, house confident, and occasional house fluffer.

She’d protested of course, wasn’t that a form of prostitution? Tara lifted a brow in response to the question. “In a way, yes, yes it is. Granted, it’s getting something in return for what you’ve freely given out for the last year. The way I understand it, you won’t be forced to do anything or…anyone you don’t want to. It is what it is, but it’s a hell of a lot better than dealing with the dorm rules and you won’t have to pay rent.” The way Tara’s gaze leveled at her made her feel like she was being scolded, but Lisa knew it was for her own good, or at least it was being presented that way.

Stepping into the shower she remembered the first time she’d set foot inside and had the offer fully explained to her. As she already knew, the vast majority of the Phi Kappa Beta were the top students at the university. They were, however, far from being the most athletically or socially inclined group of people. This, as one might suspect, led to a lot of them feeling like they were missing out on the world. In addition, many of them were having problems adjusting being away from home and having someone that would act motherly or like an older sibling to them would help the situation.

Of course, she’d had a number of reservations, the first being her reputation. When she brought up that protest, it brought a sharp glare from Tara who very quickly reminded her that she was no longer a freshman and that spending time with the more elite students might just do wonder for her grades. Each argument was met with a logical answer, and gently they reminded her that it was either this or find herself a room at the dorms. With a sigh, she eventually accepted her fate and moved her household goods into the offered mini-apartment the next morning.

During the afternoon she spent her time at the cheerleader’s house, saying goodbye to her friends and occasional bedmates. There were promises to invite her to their parties, but Lisa knew better, she was no longer one of them. Reluctantly she walked out of the front door for probably the last time, glancing back to watch as the door closed behind her. With a heavy sigh and a heavy heart she began the walk across campus to the Phi Kappa Phi house.

As she approached the house, Lisa took note of all the lights on in the various rooms. “Probably studying their nerdy butts off,” she muttered. It wasn’t that she disliked nerds per se, it was just well, they weren’t her and the type of people she preferred to spend her time with much less what they were going to ask her to do. Hell even the sex part didn’t bother her so much, she’d kind of gotten to a point where sex was a mutually pleasurable experience and detached herself from a lot of the emotions young people tended to associate with it. Standing in front of the house, she took a deep breath, steeling herself for the inevitable world of sober, constantly studying nerds.

Up the stairs to the porch she went, pausing at the door to knock before remembering that she now resided there and instead pushing the door in slowly to enter. Eyes went wide at what she saw before her, stopping her in her tracks at the doorway. There, in the living room, were two kegs next to a DJ spinning the latest hits. Over the DJ was a banner that read “Welcome to Phi Kappa Phi Lisa!”. Slowly she blinked, completely caught off-guard at the sight before her.

“You might want to step out from the doorway,” came a male voice off to her side.

Startled from being snapped out of her daze, she complied, stepping off to the side while the doorway was shut behind her. “Wha-What is this about?” She finally asked. The voice just started to laugh, she turned to see the smiling face of Josh, the vice president of the society.

When he finally got control of himself, he just looked at her with a grin. “Did you seriously think that all we did was study, study, study? Geeze, you’ve got a lot to learn. First and foremost, we actually do like the party, we just don’t invite the entire campus. Secondly, the goody goody act is mostly for our parents and the faculty, keeps them from asking too many questions. We get good grades and act like model students on the outside and they don’t ask about what goes on inside. Helps though, when you have sound engineering students who know how to drown out the sounds of a party so passers-by don’t figure it out.”

She nodded a little at this, still just taking in the fact that there was a party going on here. The party was a lot more subdued than she was used to, some were dancing, some chatting while drinking, and a few were around a table playing Magic. She smiled a little bit at that, at least some of the things she expected were occurring and that was a bit reassuring.

Josh poured a red cup of beer from a keg and passed it to her, “Anyways, welcome to our group. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable please bring it to my attention. I know the arrangements are quite…unusual, but we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself as well. No one will expect anything tonight of course, so feel free to cut loose and enjoy.” He offered her a smile, then slipped out to get himself a cup and check in on the Magic game. “Oooo shit, Tom’s got the Red and Green deck out! Ya’ll are screwed!” She heard him exclaim as she began to just walk around the place and check it out.

For a while she just wandered, taking note that the place seemed to be full of nooks and crannies, to be filled with books. She sighed a little when she realized that a number of the books were textbooks or otherwise tended to deal with science, technology, math, or something along those lines. This had proven to be a major culture shock, and while she looked around Lisa for once, felt out of place.

The rest of the weekend felt that way, everyone was polite and each person she ran across introduced themselves and chatted a bit, but she just couldn’t shake the feeling that she really didn’t belong. It also felt to her like people were almost afraid to talk to her for more than a few words. That was what really bothered her, the feeling that the others were wary of her being there. By Sunday afternoon Lisa found she couldn’t take the feeling anymore and made her way to Josh’s room to discuss whether it would be worth it to them for her to stay.

“So you see, there doesn’t seem to be much of a point in me staying around. No one seems to want to talk to me, much less well, you know.” She finished her point to Josh, feeling a bit bad that she’d interrupted his studies but figured it was important enough.

Josh put down his black, wire framed glasses and rubbed his nose lightly while leaning back, “Well for one it feels like I really should point out again that this is a voluntary position, you’re welcome to leave if you like. However, it seems perhaps that I really should point out something to you. Lisa, you need to really think about where you are and especially who you’re around. Most of the people in this club were not especially popular in high school, much like they aren’t super popular here. They were the people that were made fun of for being different, mostly by people who generally fit within the popular groups.”

He paused, looking to be sure she was following him then continued on. “A large part of the reason that we do this is because of that issue that many of them have. It’s a socializing thing, to help them become used to talking to people outside of this secluded group. We want them to be able to feel comfortable talking to other people, even smoking hot ex-cheerleaders like yourself. Ya dig?”

“Well, yeah, I get you. But I mean, what do you want me to do about it? I mean I know part of what I’m here for is sex and that’s great and all but uh, I’m not gonna go sit on the counter nude, spread my legs, and tell them to come help themselves.” She paused, taking note of a dazed look on his face, “Hello?!”

“Oh,” he grinned, “sorry, good mental image there. Anyways, honestly what you should probably do if you wish to remedy this is well, be friendly. Ask for help with homework, that should be a decent ice breaker for this crowd. Most of all though, just be friendly, approachable, and offer to chat or help when you can.” A slight shrug was given to her, “You know, just be friendly.”

She sighed and rose up from her seat, walking out of the room. His eyes followed her, specifically her ass, and he sighed to himself. Josh was trying to wait to sample the goods for himself until after the group had gotten used to having her around, at least until they greeted her on a normal basis. Still, he rubbed the hard bulge in his pants, Josh was going to have to set a limit on how long he’d wait. Looking down at the textbook in front of him, a slight smile was given, after Dr. Wong’s infamously hard Spherical Geometry test. That would be enough time for her to settle in and at least a few questions be asked, maybe even acts performed. A grin spread over his face as he wondered how long it would take for her to realize a couple of the female members swung her way.

Over the next couple of days Lisa tried the suggestions he’d made, just going out of her way to try and be friendly to the house residents. In many ways, she was surprised at just how difficult it felt to approach people with values that tended to be so much more different than hers. Just getting a conversation going sometimes felt like actual work. By the end of Wednesday night she was getting ready to go have a pity party for herself when she remembered that she had a test in macroeconomics the next morning.

With a loud sigh, she dragged out the heavy textbook and her notebook and settled herself down at her desk with a Monster. Flicking through her notes, she quietly cursed herself for playing on Facebook during class instead of taking more notes. But Dr. Fiddler was just so damned boring, droning on and on in a monotone voice that she never felt the ability to pay attention. Alas, this seemed to be her regular problem and thus why she was borderline to being on academic suspension.

“Fucking asset liquidity rules!” she belted out as her frustration finally boiled over. Her head collapsed into her arms, breathing hard as she fought back the tears. Lisa just couldn’t understand how it was so hard for her to grasp the concept, things hadn’t been nearly this hard in high school and while she’d barely gotten by her freshman year it hadn’t been this hard. A soft tap on her shoulder pulled her from the brink of tears and she glanced up to see Philip looking down at her.

“Fiddlers macroeconomics course eh? You wouldn’t by chance need a little help with studying? Fiddlers smart but she isn’t overly creative when it comes to presenting the material in a way people can understand it.”

For a few seconds she just blinked, jaw open, and when the offer sunk in Lisa damned near kissed him but managed to keep her composure. “Well, I would like to pretend that I could only use a little help but umm, I guess it’s probably easy to tell I need a lot of help. And well, honestly, it’s partly my fault as I seriously suck at taking notes.” She sighed, embarrassed, knowing that most of the people here considered note taking a basic skill.

“It’s ok, I still remember most of my notes but if we get stuck they’re just in my room. Do you have something I could sit on?”

“Ummm my bed would be best I guess, only place with room for two people to sit.” The fact that she was offering a guy a place on her bed, even if it was just to study, struck her. Granted, it seemed he was as intent to help her as she was to actually study the material let her feel that this was more than the usual so called study buddy. All those thoughts went out of her head though, when he started from the beginning and slowly worked her through the chapters for the test.

When she finally glanced up at the clock, Lisa realized that it was past midnight and that he’d spent four hours teaching her what had taken Dr. Fiddler days to attempt to lecture. There had to have been numerous times when she’d frustrated him, of that she was sure. Yet, he’d continued on, patiently going over the different liquidity classes and how bonds worked. She excused herself to use the bathroom, and upon her return found him having passed out on the bed. Lisa couldn’t help but smile a bit at the innocence of it, cleared the bed and curled up on bed being sure to give him some space then passed out herself.

When her alarm went off, she slapped the snooze button and settled back under the covers, taking a second to realize there was a hand resting upon her chest. It took another second for her to remember Philip helping her out and then passing out on her bed. Wonder at how he would react to waking up with a handful of tit crossed her mind, as well as the curiosity if hers was the first one he’d felt. Well, she’d find out in four more minutes when the snooze button went off. A little grin crossed her face and she snuggled a little deeper into the covers.

It took about fifteen seconds of the alarm going off before he finally roused himself and very quickly realized where his hand was. “Oh shit…I..I’m sorry!” Philip moved to get out of the bed and realized he was stuck between her and the wall. “I’m really sorry about that,” he kept repeating till she pressed a finger against his lips.

“It’s ok, I knew your hand was there.” A coy smile played on her lips as she watched his facial expressions change, “I just thought you would like to wake up and realize you’d been feeling it. The only thing I want in return is to know if mine is the first tit you’ve held.” When he slowly nodded yes, she just smiled, kissed him on the cheek, and slipped out of the bed. “Well I better run off to class and take that test. Wish me luck!”

Coming out of the test, Lisa felt the best that she’d felt in ages, actually feeling confident that she’d done well on it. Hell, all things considered if she even passed it, she’d be thrilled. Fortunately for her the test had been on a scantron sheet and the teaching assistants had it scanned and entered by evening. She kept having to refresh the online gradebook, not believing the 89 sitting alongside of Exam 1. That test was simply the highest score she’d gotten since leaving high school and Philip had taught her all the material in one night. Obviously she owed him a big thank you for all of the help and slowly her lips twisted to a smile as one came to mind.

She pulled the shirt down a bit before raising her hand and gently knocking on his door. It was open, most people here kept their door open when studying, but she still wanted to be polite. When he finished the paragraph he was working on, Phil turned to acknowledge her. She asked to come in, and when he said yes, she stepped in and gently shut the door behind her. Lisa told him about the score as she approached the desk. While listening to his congratulations, she kneeled before his chair and looked up at him. “So, let me thank you properly.”

Before he figured out what was going to happen, she had pulled down the front of his sweatpants and boxers. A quick glance to see the shocked look on his face before she dropped her head and took his flaccid cock in her mouth, giving him a soft suction as soon as her lips wrapped around him. It didn’t take long for him to harden in her mouth, her tongue slowly stroking the shaft as it filled her mouth. Taking note that he had leaned back and was just enjoying the blowjob. Hands slipped her t-shirt up to her neck, unhooked her bra, and let his cock go for only a second to slip both articles of clothing off. Upon retaking him in her mouth, she decided to take her time with him, knowing he probably wouldn’t last very long.

As she got ready to begin bobbing her head, gently she took one of his hands and placed it to the back of her head. Once he got the idea, she began to fuck her mouth with his cock, sucking hard on it and letting him set the pace. She grunted a little when his body tensed and his hand pushed her head down to shove himself all of the way in. Lisa had anticipated this, and caught enough breath to let him hold her head down and feed her his load. Swallowing it all down she was fairly impressed at the amount he gave her and when he let go of her head she gratefully took a deep breath. Gently she bathed his cock clean with her tongue then leaned back to sit upon the floor, grinning up at him like a Chesire cat.

Philip was just in awe, looking down at her topless body, having a hard time tearing his eyes from the first set of naked tits he’d seen up close and still lost in the reality of having had his first blowjob. When she rose up and settled herself in his lap, instinctively an arm came around her waist, while the rest of him stiffened a bit from being unsure of what to do. She took his other hand and brought it up to her bare chest, whispering in his ear, “Go ahead, feel them, play with them, and taste them if you like.”

She groaned softly as he took a nipple in his mouth, exploring her with his tongue. Gently Lisa stroked his hair, letting him caress all of the soft skin of her chest with his mouth, while his hands began to slowly wander down till they were playing at the hem of her jeans. With a soft smile she slipped from his lap, taking one hand she took him over to his bed and laid down. One of her hands undid the snap of her jeans and the zipper then placed a hand of his upon the opening. With a boyish grin, he took the jeans in both hands and worked them down her legs and drinking in the sight before him.

Wasting not a moment, Philip dived in to her waiting pussy, placing soft kisses upon the lips then running his tongue along her dripping slit. Finding the taste acceptable, he began to lap at her like he’d seen in many of the porn videos that he’d watched. Her wiggling legs and moans drove him to continue his explorations, letting fingers come up to gently play with her folds and eventually slip within her wet walls.

Lisa writhed on the bed, letting moans slip from her throat. He wasn’t the most skilled with his tongue, obviously lacking experience, but he made up for it in enthusiasm. It was that enthusiasm that she wanted to maintain and so she was doing her best to ensure he would maintain it. Not that she wasn’t enjoying his attempts, it was much better than no tongue and maybe she would get the chance to teach him better techniques. For now though, he was more enthusiastic than the last couple of people to go down on her and that meant a lot. Using what bit of acting skill she had, Lisa arched her back and increased her moans, faking an orgasm for his benefit. Why not, she figured, as he began to lick harder upon her, encouraged by the thought that he might have made her cum.

When she sensed his tongue beginning to tire, Lisa softly moved his head so she could see his face and quietly stated, “Mmmm I’d love to feel that cock fucking me if you’d be willing.” She had to hold back from giggling as he scrambled to his feet and stumbled to his night desk to pull out a pack of condoms. With shaking fingers he managed to tear open the box, spilling the contents. Calmly she picked up the condoms, tore a packet free of the others and slowly rolled it over his waiting cock. Wiggling a bit on the bed, she got in position, then guided his throbbing shaft to her waiting pussy. Eagerly he shoved himself in to the hilt, then paused at the sensation before beginning to thrust hard within her.

Legs wrapped around his torso as he pounded her. She let him set his pace while one of her hands drifted down to rub her swollen clit. Just as his pounding was seeming to reach a peak she finally felt her body shudder with a real orgasm, pussy squeezing down on his cock, milking it. She accepted him as he collapsed post-orgasm onto her, stroking his hair softly. When he finally disengaged, Lisa gave him a soft kiss on the lips and got off of the bed. Under the covers she tucked him, smiling as his slid into post coital slumber. Into her jeans and t-shirt she slipped, carrying her bra and panties in her right hand she quietly made her way out of the room, giving one last glance to his sleeping form before walking down the hallway.

As word got out about Lisa having blown Philip, it seemed to be the dam buster she’d needed to start becoming accepted. Over the next week the residents of the house began to warm to her, first with the occasional morning greetings to questions about what classes she was taking and what she was having issues with. Before long she found that they’d built rough groups of mentors for each of the classes she was taking, each alternating nights to help her with her studies. This seemed to be their way to determine individuals alone time with her and considering she was actually learning from the studies, it didn’t bother her one bit.

Each person during the study time seemed to come prepared with their own questions. Some ran along the more innocent lines, asking about fashion tips and ideas for dates to questions on what sex was like and tips on how to pleasure a woman. The question she seemed to get the most surprised her a little, people wanting to know how to eat out a woman. It seemed to her that most of the people asking that question were wanting to ask to try it, but just couldn’t quite make that leap. Several nights she laid in bed, quietly rubbing herself as she imagined the best way to bridge those two questions for them, ranging from seduction to laying herself out on a comfy spot, lining them up, and spending the day “teaching”. That was her favorite fantasy, spending the day getting licked, though it was the least likely she had to admit.

Late one night she was going over solving area problems with trigonometry with Chrissy, one of the structural engineering majors when the question came up again. Lisa stared at the pale skinned redhead for a few seconds, imagining her grey eyes peeking over a bare slit. Without thinking about she leaned over and pressed her lips to Chrissy’s, then whispered in the surprised girl’s ear, “Best way to learn is to do it.” Chrissy looked at her, jaw slack, and slowly nodded her head up and down.

Taking a slender wrist in her hand, Lisa half dragged the other woman to her bed, locking lips as she gently pushed her onto the covers. Lisa wasn’t sure what had come over her, but she wasn’t about to stop it. Taking the slightly more aggressive role, her hand slipped up Chrissy’s shirt, taking a breast in hand and softly massaging it. The blonde knew she had some bi tendencies, having made it to second base several times with other women but this was different. She wanted Chrissy like she hadn’t wanted another woman before, wanted her nude, and wanted her screaming her name till the wee hours of the night.

Stripping the girl of her Wonder Woman t-shirt, Lisa skillfully undid the light green bra and smiled at the smallish chest. Chrissy’s breasts were shaped like a martini glass with soft, red points atop them like cherry’s on a sundae. Lips wrapped around the left nipple, suckling upon it while her hand slipped down and into Chrissy’s sweats, cupping her damp sex.

Chrissy was a bit stunned at the sudden behaviors of Lisa, but welcomed the other woman taking the lead. She’d felt attracted to the blonde since she’d moved in, but her shyness as always, overwhelmed her. Now Lisa was suckling on her chest while fingering her tight snatch with her grinding hard against the hand. She could barely contain the joy of this happening, getting to find out firsthand what it was like with another woman and in particular with this blonde bombshell.

Hands drifted to the hem of Lisa’s shirt and gently she pulled it up, exposing the woman’s black bra, slipping back to undo the clasp. Regretfully she disengaged from that warm mouth on her tit for a moment to slide the clothes over Lisa’s head, and left them hanging upon her elbow. The now three fingers worked up within her were too comfortable to even think of dislodging. Lustfully Chrissy gazed at the full chest, her hands coming up to cup and caress another woman’s breasts for the first time. They were soft and firm at the same time and the slight moan coming from Lisa’s throat sent ripples through her body.

Slowly Lisa pushed Chrissy upon her back, then turned to kneel over her head. Free hand went to the redhead’s sweats and tugged them off of her ass, taking gaze of the soft red hair above the pink, puffy lips that surrounded her fingers. Immediately she dived in, tongue parting the lips to find the swollen clit hidden within, caressing it heavily. The pleasing sounds of Chrissy’s groans reached her ears as the other girls hands undid her jeans and exposed Lisa to the air. Moments later she felt an unskilled but eager, warm, wet, wiggly tongue caress her slit and begin to lick her in earnest.

As she lapped and suckled upon the soaked slit of Chrissy, Lisa reached into her nightstand, fumbled her hand about and pulled out her favorite vibrating dildo. Slowly she worked the toy into her lovers slit, waiting till it was mostly in before turning it on. As soon as the vibrations hit Chrissy, they were returned to Lisa’s pussy from loud moans pressed up against her. Through several orgasms, both hers and Chrissy’s, she fucked the girls pussy with the toy, before starting to have issues keeping herself upright. The toy was turned off, but left inside the slick hole, while Lisa collapsed on her side, chest heaving to catch her breath.

Chrissy shucked her sweats the rest of the way off and slid her way up the bed to cuddle up against Lisa, “I think I like studying like this.” She grinned a little at the weak joke and leaned up to kiss Lisa, wondering if that was her taste upon the woman’s lips. “Do you, do you think I could just sleep here tonight?”

Lisa offered her a soft smile, “Sure, that would be fine.”

“Oh good…” the redhead snuggled in tight, savoring the warmth radiating off of her bed partner and drifting off to sleep.

The next night Lisa had finished with her study session with Jeff, and still had a couple strings of cum laid out on her chest when there was a knock at her door. Thinking it was Jeff having forgotten something, she opened the door still topless and found Chrissy standing there. Her face flushed red as she realized that she was standing there half nude with cum dripping down her, “Ummm hey, want to come in?” So I can close the door was the unfinished thought as she stepped out of the way for her to enter. “If you give me a minute, I’ll just clean up and get a shirt on. What brings you over here?”

“I umm…” she stepped into the room, eyes drawn to the glistening upon Lisa’s ample chest. She’d heard the moans through the door and could take an educated guess as to what was on the other girl. “You don’t have to get dressed on my account, I like the view. But umm, if you want to get cleaned up, well…” her face matched her hair, “you could use my tongue if you want.”

Lisa stopped in mid-stride as she heard that last comment, blinking and looking at the girl she knew to be rather shy. “Ummm well, sure, I guess you’re welcome to lick it off if that’s what you’d like.” It was a little weird of an offer, or at least that’s how it felt, but the girl probably had her reasons and a warm tongue did sound quite pleasant. Slowly Chrissy stepped over to her and seconds later she felt the wet tongue begin to caress over the dripping cum.

Her eyes closed as she felt the tongue tracing over her skin, shivering at the touch. Chrissy was quite thorough and sought out every droplet. “Mmm that’s it, get every drop of cum off of me..” she moaned softly.

“Every drop?” came the quick reply.

“Uh huh, every drop.”

Seconds later she felt her jeans be unsnapped and yanked down, then a tongue sliding along her slit. Lisa’s hands slid down to entangle themselves in red curls as she groaned loudly from the oral attention. That tongue proceeded to lap away all the juices dampening her folds, persisting through the couple of times she gushed forth more before collapsing on her bed. “Mercy, mercy, give me a couple of minutes!” she begged through heavy breathing. Eyeing over the lithe girl, she quirked a brow, “I’ve created a monster haven’t I?” Lisa asked in a bad Eastern European accent.

“Only if you consider having someone crave eating you out as being a monster. If so then yes, yes you have.” Chrissy smiled to her, settling on the bed. “But you have such a tasty pussy, and it is ever so much fun to learn all the little buttons to push to make you squirm.”

“So shall I take it that you’d like to spend the night here then?” Lisa asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, only if you wouldn’t mind.” She offered a little smile.

“Hmmm tell you what, if you let me know what exactly your intentions are in regards to me I’ll consider letting you stay here as often as you like. Just depends on how much I like your answer.”

Chrissy took in a deep breath and let it out, “Well had to ask the tough one then, didn’t you? Ummm I guess you could say I kind of would like a mentor, kinda sorta lover but without all the strings attached, and maybe to offer help as an eager assistant wanting to learn? I know, confusing, but that’s about the best I’ve been able to figure it out as.”

“Huh. Yeah I guess that is kind of a confusing way to look at it.” Lisa chewed on her bottom lip for a minute while mulling over the requests. “Well I suppose I could mentor you, as long as you mean in activities normally associated with the bedroom. If you really want to assist, so long as the other party is interested I don’t see the harm in. The only thing I’m not really clear on is the kinda sorta lover thing, what exactly do you mean? As you know I’m more or less available to everyone in the building in the way you’re describing.” Lisa paused, waiting for clarification.

“Oh, that is a good point.” Chrissy nodded slowly, “but you have the rest of it down for the most part. I mean it’s just, I’m not very experienced and well, the experiences I’d had weren’t very pleasurable. Last night was different, very, very different and I want to learn more. You care, even if you’re not aware of that yet and it shows. But I’m kind of rambling, and back to the topic, well maybe you could just let me sleep next to you every now and then?” She offered a hopeful smile.

“I am so going to need a bigger bed aren’t I? These tall twins were just not made for this..” Lisa pursed her lips, trying to figure out if how they would manage to fit a bigger bed in the room and as to why this hadn’t been brought up before.

“Actually…there’s one in storage for this room. It’s a queen size, it just gets put away for various reasons, mostly till we know it’s going to be needed,” Chrissy admitted.

“Erm, hello? Considering the guidelines of this ummm unique situation,” she paused, not sure what to call what she was doing. After all, she was getting quite some pleasure out of it and she wouldn’t think of it as, nor admit to ever considering it to be some sort of job. “Considering how often a bed is needed, why wouldn’t you just leave it up here and not store it away while putting out that much smaller one?”

“Well uhh,” she realized she probably shouldn’t have said that, it wasn’t her decision to make, but hell the requirements had been met, right? “Well, not everyone who ends up here really fully integrates themselves, if that makes sense?”

“Ummm, so what you’re saying is not everyone that does what I’m doing actually fulfills that?”

“Pretty much, there’s a number of other women that think they’re up for it and end up chickening out. Normally they’re given a semester and then politely asked to find another place to reside. It’s obviously not something we like to talk about, but it happens on occasion and fortunately not with you.” The redhead offered a little smile at that.

She nodded a little, wondering what that meant about her character. It did bother her a bit to feel that she was that slutty and yet, she figured that guys were allowed to live like this if they so wanted so why not her? It’s not like she was just sleeping with anyone, it was a more controlled environment than the bar hopping that so many others did and maybe that was the point of this really. Either way, she was here now and she’d already taken that first taste and found it much to her liking so there was no turning back. Besides, unlike in her previous life her grades were much improved and the future was looming ahead. Maybe she’d look back years from now and rethink the choice but for now she felt this was more the right choice than anything else. With that settled in her mind, she took a breath and relaxed, turning her attentions back to the present. “So, how do I go about getting that bed moved up here?”

Chrissy had watched the emotions play out upon Lisa’s face, she fairly well understood them. Sure the girl had played the field before but this was different and of course there were the social pressures on women. She’d gone through similar emotions her freshman and sophomore years. Heck she’d gone through them all day this day while mulling over the emotions she’d experienced the previous night. When she saw the relaxing of the shoulders and the satisfied look upon Lisa’s face, she knew what the decision was and smiled to herself, “We’ll have to go talk to Josh then.”

“Ok great! Let’s go get that done with!” Lisa jumped to her feet, striding with determination to the door.

“Ummm you know, as much as I love seeing your boobs, you might want to cover up unless of course you want to give a free show to the house members.” Chrissy grinned, watching her unsnapped jeans start to sag down Lisa’s rear and the girl’s cheeks turn a bright red.

Josh chuckled as the girls told him why they were paying him a visit, “Well that didn’t take very long now, did it,” he asked rhetorically. Sure he’d heard that she’d started to break through her shell and grow into what they’d asked, but it seemed like she was moving along a lot faster than they’d hoped. He’d also taken note that the two girls were sitting quite close together with fingers lightly interlaced and wondered what sort of an impact Lisa already had on the Greek house. It also crossed his mind as he noted that she was braless, that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend a little private time with her himself, and soon.

He scratched the back of his head as he thought it over, this was a lot faster than he’d figured on having to make the decision. As he glanced back at the hopeful looks on the girls faces, he knew what the answer would have to be but decided to have a bit of fun. “Hmmm I don’t know, it’s just so early on and the bed’s a real pain in the ass to move. You know?”

The glares he got from the girls could have cracked steel plates. For a few seconds he thought he was in for it before they exchanged looks and both grew mysterious grins upon their lips. Watching the changes on their face, Josh began to wonder just how close the girls had gotten in such a short period of time. His eyes followed them as they both rose from their chairs and walked around his desk. Chrissy took hold of the back of his chair and pulled it back, spinning it to so that he faced Lisa.

The blonde knelt between his legs and raised her hand to gently rub his crotch. “Are you sure that we can’t find a way to come to some agreement,” she asked with a grin. Without waiting for an answer she undid the belt and unzipped his pants, slipping her hand in to grasp his cock and pull it into view. “Mmm well that’s a nice looking one, shame that it’s still soft though. Maybe we could fix that. What do you think hun?” She glanced up at her partner in crime.

“Oh I think we can fix that quite easily,” she replied, while stepping over to where Lisa was, kneeling, and stripping her shirt off. Chrissy paused for a few moments to let Josh get an eyeful of her bare chest, then wrapped her fingers around the soft cock. “Mmm Josh, Josh, Josh, I wish you hadn’t of hid this from me. All the fun we could have had before now. Best we start making up for lost time.” With that she leaned over and took his soft member into her mouth.

Lisa smiled at the other girl and followed suit, stripping her top off and letting Josh get a good look. As she turned her attentions to watching Chrissy, she couldn’t help but grin, getting the feeling that having an assistant of sorts would be very nice indeed. Around the other girl she leaned and tilted her own head down to run her tongue over Josh’s scrotum.

Josh let out a slow groan as he watched the two women work upon him, causing him to quickly harden under their tongues. Chrissy was bobbing her head upon his hard shaft at the moment, they had been taking turns with Lisa offering tips and advice to the other girl. So that’s what was going on, he mused, definitely not about to complain about the arrangements. Chrissy’s mouth was obviously less experienced, mostly bobbing her head and occasionally scraping teeth against him. Lisa’s on the other hand was like being fellated by a pro, smooth, deep, with a caressing tongue and strong suction.

There were hints though, of something more than just teaching Chrissy how to suck dick. Lisa would give her soft kisses on the neck and nibble her ear while the girl sucked. When it was the blonde who was working his cock, he could see a tenderness on Chrissy’s face while she watched.

When they could tell that he was getting close to cumming, Lisa curled her fingers around his slick pole and began to jerk him quickly. As his cum spurted out, she aimed it to paint over Chrissy’s face and chest, then leaned in to slowly lick it off of her partner. After cleaning Chrissy clean, she looked up at Josh, licked her lips, and purred, “So about that bed?”

Lisa flopped back on the freshly washed comforter, they’d spent a good chunk of the afternoon washing all of the sheets and blankets to get rid of storage smell. “Well now, that wasn’t too hard.”

Chrissy giggled, “unlike Josh’s cock. Thanks for the help with him, as you can tell I haven’t sucked much dick in my time.” She blushed a little at that, thinking of the two guys she’d actually tried to suck off, unsuccessfully, before.

“Experience does make a difference I think. We’ll just have to get you plenty of practice, not that I think finding willing partners will be much of an issue. It seems a lot of things in regards to sex are like that…like eating pussy.” Lisa grinned slyly and waited for her lover to join her on the bed.

Friday night found the house in it’s usual party mood, several kegs and a DJ in one corner while they threw their own version of a house party. Lisa was finally starting to get used to them, mostly due to actually feeling more accepted among everyone. She was finally pulling grades that, while not quite as good as the people around her did, were good enough that others accepted her for more than just looks. There also were signs of change from what she was teaching them, people more confident in talking to the opposite sex and more than one “Do Not Disturb” sign hung from doorknobs compared to when she’d first arrived. This evening found her seated alongside Chrissy, trying to figure out this infernal card game they called Magic.

She’d been able to figure out the concept of mana and how it was tapped to summon various monsters and spells, but it was still a complex game nonetheless. It probably didn’t help her concentration that she’d had a couple of beers but then again all except the most dedicated players had been drinking through the night. What she had noticed is that those who were drinking had begun starting to look her way. Not that she blamed them, she had on a pair of yoga pants and a lime green wife beater that managed to reveal quite a bit of cleavage. Not her normal party clothing, but this was such a laid back environment that she hadn’t felt the need to dress up for the party, and was reveling in getting to wear comfy clothes on a Friday night for once.

It was amusing her to wonder at just how many of the guys she’d gotten turned on from sitting at the table, showing some interest in their game and even cheering during good moves, when they were pointed out to her. Lisa didn’t mean to start becoming a distraction, it was just too much fun when she figured out how much of a distraction she could be. As the distractions became larger, she noticed that she no longer had to get up and get her own beer, they seemed to be arriving of their own will, or rather the will of horny, young men.

She really wasn’t exactly sure just how she and Chrissy had ended up in the living room, sitting on couch cushions with their backs against each other. Nor was she fully sure how their shirts ended up on the floor. However, she was very sure as to the fact that the five guys that had been playing Magic were standing around them, in various stages of undress. She glanced at Chrissy, then remembered a couple of comments that they’d made during the game which lead up to this. With a shrug to the girl, she whispered, “Well here’s some more of the practice you’d hoped for.”

Lisa reached over to the closest guy, curling her fingers in his boxers to free his swollen member. Taking that one in her mouth, her hands reached out again and were guided to two more waiting cocks, fingers wrapping around and stroking their shafts. She could hear Chrissy moaning behind her as the girl’s mouth was being slowly fucked. The men’s hands were everywhere, groping breasts and stroking through their hair. She wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or being pushed over the edge by the teasing that had brought out this in the guys but at the moment she wasn’t complaining.

The first one in her mouth pulled out, stroked himself twice, and proceeded to coat her chin, throat, and the top of her chest in a layer of cum. That was one major bonus that she’d been figuring out from being here, since many of the guys didn’t have a lot of time for self-pleasure, they often rewarded her with large loads. A little hand signal to the man in her left hand and he filled her waiting mouth with his throbbing member.

She could hear the sounds of more people entering the room, considering the amount of noise being made she wasn’t surprised. Nor was she surprised when she felt hands beginning to roam south of her chest, moving her hips to greet the first hand that found her swollen mound. Seconds later her left hand found another person to keep it occupied, her fingers wrapping around a surprisingly fat shaft.

Lisa could feel Chrissy being kept well occupied, and mentally grinned thinking that the girl was getting plenty of the hands on training that she’d desired. When the second cock in Lisa’s mouth gave her a fresh coating of cum, her emerald eyes turned to the owner of the fat cock, blinking for a second when she realized he was himself, a bit on the chubby side. Not ever the type that she would normally even think of doing with what she was about to do, but then again this wasn’t a normal situation.

Briefly she let go of his cock, smiled to him, then turned so that she could lower her torso down. Gently she guided the guy in her right hand to sit in front of her, then glanced back at the chubby guy, “Mmmm have at my pussy, lover.” She smiled to herself as his eyes lit up and quickly he scrambled behind her, taking several unsuccessful attempts to penetrate her before she reached back and guided him in. Quickly he filled her and began a haphazard thrusting within her, she just braced herself on her elbows and let him have his pleasure. Her attentions turned towards the guy who had been sitting patiently, to which she rewarded him with taking his cock in her mouth.

Chrissy finished sucking the second cock and looked up, realizing that several others had filtered into the room. The sound of skin slapping brought her attention to what was going on behind her, eyes going a bit wide as she saw Lisa on hands and knees, being fucked from behind while blowing someone else off. She herself didn’t have quite the confidence to pull off doing something like that, but the thought of getting fucked was a good one.

The redhead looked around and quickly realized that she had her choice of who she’d let take care of that want and smiled to herself. Just the thought that each one of them was available for her soaked her pussy. Licking her lips she finally settled on Dan, who was larger than she’d had before but wasn’t quite the largest in the group. She was almost intimidated by some of the cocks she saw, wondering if they would ever fit, and thinking sometime she would like to try. Hell, she thought, that sometime might even be later tonight. For now though she pointed to Dan and wiggled her finger, grinning at him while she laid upon her back and spread her thighs to offer him access. A sigh of contentment escaped her lips as she was filled with his throbbing member.

Lisa groaned as the cock in her pussy pushed in deep and filled her with his load. He’d lasted longer than she’d expected and had given her a stretching that she hadn’t enjoyed in a long time. Mentally she made a note to invite him to another round later on. She didn’t have much time to dwell on it though, as she felt the head of a new cock begin to rub between her pussy lips and enter within her.

As the night was giving way to the wee hours, most of the guys had gotten their release and wandered off to sleep away the beer they’d consumed and enjoy the bliss of sleep after orgasm. When her pussy had gone a couple of minutes without being filled, Lisa looked up to survey the room and found only three other occupants, a young man who currently had Chrissy bent over the arm of a couch and another young man standing there with a fairly embarrassed look on his face.

Slowly she got up from the floor, taking her time to stretch out, before walking over to the young man and offering him a soft smile, “Hey, is there something I can help you with? I mean, I’m all yours now if that’s what you were hoping for.”

His face got redder, if that even seemed possible, and he slowly nodded his head.

“Well then, what would you like? And you kind of need to be naked, it does help with access and all.”

“Erm, well, is there, well a chance that we could do this somewhere more private?” He finally squeaked out a reply to her.

She tilted her head, “Well sure, we could head back to my room if you’d rather that. Just give me a minute.” Lisa walked over to Chrissy, grinning as she watched the girl getting a good dicking and leaned over to kiss her cheek, whispering to her, “I’ll be in our room when you’re done love. Enjoy.”

Inside of her room, she closed the door and turned to the rather red faced young man, “So what would you like me to help you with?”

“Well I um, that is I, well, I um…haven’t ever been with a woman before. And well, you seemed like you were available, but I’m well, not that well-endowed so I didn’t want to, well, join in out there.” He managed to stammer out a reply.

“I see,” she nodded slowly and sat upon the bed, wiggling her finger for him to come forwards. When he stepped up to her, she grasped his jeans and quickly undid them. “Let’s see what we have to work with,” pulling them down she found he was already quite aroused, popping free of the confines of his jeans. She smiled a little to herself, truthfully he was longer than the average that she’d at least had, though noticeably on the thinner side. Looking up to him, she noted the nervousness upon his face, “So I’m guessing the extent of your knowledge about men’s cocks has to do mostly with porn? This is a lovely cock you have here, though I’m not fully sure if you want your first time in a pussy to be in one that’s as full of other men’s cum as mine is.”

“Ummm yes, how did you know? Erm, well, no I’d prefer to not but I can deal, really I can.” He nodded enthusiastically.

“Oh…because this is actually fairly long when you compare it to a regular cock, that’s all. And well, you’re welcome to fuck my pussy if you really want,” she nodded while giving his cockhead a lick. “Or if you desired you could take my ass. Of course, since you’re a virgin I’ll be the one in control.”

“Ummm, ummm whichever you prefer,” hell he was just relieved to know that he’d be getting some action tonight, to the point that it didn’t matter where it went.

“Well then, ass it is.” She quickly removed his jeans and boxers all of the way, then guided him to her chair, getting him to sit down. Wasting no time, she pulled out a tube of lube from her nightstand and poured a generous amount upon his cock, grasping him so she could stroke and ensure that he was evenly covered with the slick material.

Lube put down, but in easy reach if needed, Lisa moved to hover over Paul’s lap, reaching back to take hold of his cock. Her other hand went to steady herself with the desk, then slowly she lowered herself down, holding onto him until she was about halfway down his shaft. She then let go of his cock, and used both hands to keep herself steady while she lowered herself the rest of the way, listening to his moans of encouragement. “Like that baby?” She squeezed gently with her ass, “Does my ass feel good around your cock?”

She grinned when all he could do was moan in pleasure, and began to slide herself up and down upon him. Anal wasn’t her favorite and only occasionally could she cum from it, but the changeup was always pleasant, particularly after all the vaginal penetration she’d had tonight. Each time she slid down, her ass flexed and squeezed around his cock, eliciting loud moans from his throat and causing the smile on her face to broaden. That was the real reason she ever would take it in the ass, knowing how much pleasure she could give her partner with it.

Every few strokes she would pause with him all of the way in her, working his cock with her muscles while giving her legs a break. During one of these breaks, she heard the door open and watched her red headed lover slip into the room. She gave Chrissy a grin and when the girl saw that she had Paul buried in her ass, Chrissy’s jaw dropped making Lisa give her a wide grin. When Chrissy took a seat on the floor to watch Lisa, the blonde began to ride Paul’s stiff member again, slowly to keep milking him.

When she finally felt his body begin to shudder and stiffen, Lisa gave him a couple of quick bounces and then bore down on his cock, working him hard with her anal muscles. She squeezed him through his orgasm, getting every drop of his cum into her that she could. For a minute or so she sat on him, coming down from the sexual high then slowly rose up and let his cock flop from her ass. Lisa helped him to his feet and out the door of her room, shutting the door behind her and turning to Chrissy with a giggle, “Enjoy the show?”

Chrissy had shuffled off to the side, against the bed, to get out of the way of Lisa and Paul. She looked up at Lisa, still a little stunned, “Ummm yeah. I just…wow…I mean I’ve heard of anal. I’ve even read a few stories and seen a couple of pornstars do it, but I’d never thought that people actually did that in real life! Just wow, ummm, wow…how does it feel!?”

Lisa had gone into the bathroom to get a washrag wet with warm water and soap and was already in the process of cleaning herself up from the night and seriously contemplating a quick shower before crashing. After a glance in the mirror, she decided that a shower was indeed the order for the night and started the hot water running. She waited till the shower was ready and Chrissy had joined her in the shower stall before responding.

“It’s umm, different really. The first time I was quite sore the day afterwards and what little I remember of it, I was thankful to have had a couple of glasses of wine to help relax me. I think that’s the key to it, being relaxed. Well, that and lots of lube. Real anal sex tends to be messier than you’ll see in porn, in my experience it’s more caught up in the moment so you don’t have a chance to get ready for it.”

She groaned as Chrissy took to scrubbing her back down, “I’m honestly passe about it, could take it or leave it. The only times I ever cum from it are when I or the guy I’m with rubs on my clit. However, I really do like the responses I get from letting a guy get to fuck me in the ass. Most of the time like with Paul, they’re just very excited and that makes most of the discomfort worth it for me, the rest is from knowing just how naughty it is.” After the shower, she toweled down her hair as best as she could and curled up in bed for a well-deserved rest.

The early afternoon found her lying in bed, feeling a bit sore from the previous night’s activities but that wasn’t what was keeping her in bed this day. It was more the concern about how she would be viewed and how the actions were going to affect her reputation on campus. Finally the rumbling of her tummy reminding her it was well over twelve hours since she’d last given it something other than cum got her to slip out of bed.

Down into the kitchen she walked, wearing a pair of loose sweats and a t-shirt, for once without a pair of panties as she found herself a bit too sore for them. Her walk was a bit wide legged, but she did her best to try and appear normal. Her lungs filled as she took a deep breath and slowly exhaled it before walking into the kitchen itself, keeping off to the side and going for where she kept her cereal.

She sat down gingerly at the table, keeping her eyes down on the bowl of cereal and seriously wishing she knew if the coffee in the carafe was fresh. A couple of the guys were chatting about the Magic game the previous night and she had a fairly good feeling they had been there for her extracurricular activities afterwards. It annoyed her that she felt guilty and was pretty sure that none of the guys from the night didn’t, but that’s how it was.

Head snapped up when she heard someone yell, “Hey Lisa!” Eyes blinked a couple of times before she looked at the guys at the table with her, “Ummm, yeah?”

“If you’re ever interested in starting your own deck, let me know. I’ve got a few older decks that I don’t play so much anymore and I’d be happy to teach you have to scavenge through them and start your own. It’s always nice to have more players to change up the games.”

“Ummm sure, though I uh, am not really sure if I’ll pick it up fast enough to keep up with you guys. Erm…do you know if the coffee’s fresh?” She’d realized the owner of the voice was the guy with the ridiculously thick cock from the night before and a good part of the reason why her pussy was still tender.

“Relatively enough that it’s still drinkable. Want a mug? I was about to get myself a refill anyways,” he rose up from his chair and started walking to the pot.

She just nodded a little, kind of wishing that he wasn’t talking to her but relieved that at least the topic hadn’t wandered to more adult topics. Well, right up until he placed the mug of coffee in front of her, then leaned in to whisper in her ear, “If you’re wondering, nothing about last night’s events will leave the boundaries of this house.” Lisa looked up at him with tired eyes, blinking at his comment.

“Most of the folks in this house have dealt with some form of bullying or so. Just means that we tend to be a bit more closed in about things that are a bit ummm, more sensitive in nature.” He shrugged lightly and poured some cream and sugar into his coffee, then slid them her way. “In the case of last night, I’d highly doubt anyone would want to upset you after having initiated all the fun. Though, I will say that if you decide to do that again, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people wanted to join in, both male and female.”

A slight groan escaped her lips at the idea of repeating the previous night, she was still sore and recovering from it so now was not the time to even think of doing it again. A tiny bit of her was entertaining the idea, looking back she’d had quite a bit of fun with it and getting at least one more of the other women in the house to join in would be a nice bonus. Before she knew it she was starting to plan something, then shook her head and added sweetener to her coffee. “We’ll see I guess. Nice to know that the night’s activities shouldn’t make it far though. That’s more reassuring than if it happened in certain Greek houses on this campus.”

“Yeah…we know.” He sighed, “People aren’t always the nicest. But anyways, last night was a blast and well I personally hope it happens again sometime soon.” He offered her a smile, finished the rest of his coffee, and made his way out of the kitchen.

She sat the table alone for a while, just sipping her coffee while mulling over the things that were said and how she felt about the situations she had been in. It was quite a bit to take in and so far she’d just been going with the flow, which seemed to be working out for the most part. Really, she couldn’t complain, things had been fun, so far everyone was polite, and it certainly wasn’t like she wasn’t getting any pleasure out of the situation. Speaking of pleasure, she suddenly remembered her wayward redheaded bedmate was still asleep last she’d seen her. Refilling the mug with a fresh cup, she slowly made her way back to the room to check in on Chrissy.

Walking into the room, she noticed that her friend was still asleep, entwined within the blankets, and chuckled softly to herself. If last night had been a bit rough on her, she could only imagine how it had been to someone has inexperienced as Chrissy. After the show and discussion last night, she could only muse as to how long it would be before the girl would be asking her how she should go around trying out anal. Surprisingly enough, that was one part of her body that really wasn’t sore, granted he’d been on the thin side but she wondered if the alcohol had loosened her up enough. A slight shrug and she gently sat upon the rolling chair to check her e-mail and browse over assignments for the weekend. That was a habit she’d only recently developed and surprisingly to her it had helped her to be more organized and in the end have more free time which was what really mattered.

Watching Chrissy finally roll out of bed, Lisa paused to admire her lithe form and grin a little as she remembered watching the girl blowing one while getting pounded from behind. Her red hair swaying in rhythm with her breasts, watching her lips be stretched by a thick cock and on occasion the girls throat swell just a bit as the tip of a cock entered it. Lisa had wondered how Chrissy had figured out deepthroating so quickly until she found the half empty bottle of throat numbing spray meant for giving head. That bottle had made her wonder if the night had been pre-planned, and admittedly agitated her at first, but as she began to look more fondly on the night the agitation had faded away.

While the girl went about to get herself some food, Lisa wrapped up the paper she’d been working on and leaned back to stretch out, quite proud of herself for actually finishing an assignment almost a week early. She snorted at the thought that it was beer thirty in the afternoon and debated wandering down to snag one and enjoy a little R&R. Signing out of her laptop, she shut the lid, and stepped away from the desk. For a few seconds she debated changing clothes and decided against it, then wandered down the stairs and to the kitchen.

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