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I was walking to the bus station from my grandma’s house, it wasn’t too far away, probably 10 minutes, so I was willing to take the walk. It was a hot Friday afternoon, so I was dressed in a tight baby blue tee, and a pair of short shorts.

Before I knew what what happening, I felt a cold blade to my throat.

“Move and I’ll kill you.”

Tears started to form in my eyes, I was being kidnapped. What did I do? Did I do nothing and let him take me or did I run, and risk my life?

I followed him into his car, I didn’t know where I was going. I started to scream but then I remembered the knife.

“The next time we drive, you will pleasure me slut.”

Next time? What was he gonna do to me?

The car finally stopped, he blind folded me and carried me off somewhere. When we finally stopped moving, i felt something against my face…something warm…and stiff….dear god please don’t let it be his…

He took of my blindfold and my deepest fears were confirmed, his dick was staring me point blank in the face. I knew where I was now, I was in a hotel room, I saw the door, I could escape.

He yanked me from my hair, “Suck slut.”

I felt his disgusting shaft in my mouth, first instinct was to bite, so I did. He jumped back and I ran for the door. Just as I touched the knob he grabbed my leg. Then yanked me of the floor by my hair, “This coulda been done less painfully.”

Knife in hand, he cut my shirt to shreds, and snipped right through my bra. “I like your tits. Let’s see how they taste.”

Before I could stop him, my breast was in his mouth, and he was sucking my nipple. I was getting aroused, I felt the moisture in my panties (which makes me wonder where my shorts had gone) “You’re getting wet off of this you whore?”

He bit hard on my nipple, then yanked my hair and pressed his dick to my lips, “Open your mouth.”

I didn’t budge so he forced it in my mouth, 2 inches…3 inches…4….5…i started to gag. It wasn’t even half in, “Take my dick down your throat,” 1 more inch, “All of it.”

Somehow he had managed to get the last 4 inches down my throat. He started pinching my nipples, my eyes shut open, I dared not to moan. I almost pulled my mouth off his dick.

“Don’t you dare move.”

Not only was he humiliating me, but he was forcing me to enjoy it. I hated it, but my body didn’t feel that way, not all all. Then he grabbed my head, force feeding me his dick, I couldn’t breathe.

“Your a good little cocksucker.”

He went back to my breasts, “Such nice tits.”

I started to spread my legs in response, “Your getting off on this aren’t you?”

“Please stop,” is all I could whisper.

My wetness was seeping through my panties so I couldn’t deny the arousal, I just wanted it to stop.

“I’ma give the dirty little slut what she wants.”

I felt him push against me, trying to enter me, I was wet so he got the head in easily, my boyfriend always said it was like slipping into a pool. I felt him tear through me as he forced all of his stiffness into my pussy. He came up to my ear, “Let’s see if that pussy’s as good as that mouth.”

Then he slammed into me, my insides began to burn. I didn’t know how much I could take. He was slamming into me faster and harder than I could stand. It felt soo good. He grunted, then picked me up, and bent me over the bed. “Your ass is big and sexy…I want it…but for now, I’m claiming your pussy.”

I started to moan, but I’d never tell my rapist how much I was enjoying his assault.

“You like it,” he taunted, “Scream for me slut, cum on my dick.”

“Ready for me to fill your pussy with my cum?”

I wasn’t on birth control ,he wasn’t wearing a condom, I could get pregnant.


“Oh yes….yess.”

He pulled out then forced me on all fours, he stuck his finger into my ass, “Your ass is tight.”

“Oh please not that…please.”

“If your ass does the same thing to my dick then I’ll give you your cum like a good girl.”

He forced my face down so I couldn’t object, and my ass was now in the air, plain for him to see.

“I want this hole.”

I screamed, he smacked my ass, “Shut up and take it, dirty sluts like you like it up the ass. Now I can do it with lube or without it. Your choice.”

He covered my whole in something cold, it was so unusual….I was scared…then I felt his head. I wasn’t ready for this…I wasn’t ready for this.

And without warning he started shoving it in. I started to scream in agony.

“Yes…scream slut.”

It burned, though in time that burning sensation turned into pleasure. I couldn’t breathe, my mind was blank. He was abusing every part of my body, and taking it anyway he pleased. The humiliation. “I’ma bout to cum in your ass.”

After feeling him fill my ass with him cum, I was worn. I couldn’t move, I was stuck. He turned me onto my stomach and started to run his hands over my body as I started to fade in and out.

“I own your ass….your body is mine…and I know my friends will love it.”

I was gone.

“Sleep, your gonna need it slut.”

Monday morning proved uneventful as far as Jennings was concerned. All the tigers had behaved better than expected, and the training session had gone almost perfectly. In addition, two executives from the movie studio had ‘happened’ by and were suitably impressed with his work.

Jennings was thinking about taking the afternoon off and either lounging around the pool at his apartment complex, or giving Sheila, an actress he knew quite well, a call.

But before he could leave, the receptionist at the training center paged him to the front office. Wiping his face with a towel, Jennings wandered into the front office and was told there was a woman that just had to see him.

He walked into the visitor’s waiting room and saw an attractive woman around his own age that seemed strangely familiar. She had shoulder-length blond hair, obviously dyed, but well done; blue eyes, and generous breasts. She was curvy, but by no means fat.

“Mr. Jennings?” she said with a knowing smile.

“Yes, That would be me. And what can I do for you… Mrs.?”

“Lee Aguire,” she said with a slight Spanish accent.

Jennings realized why there had been something familiar about her. She was Aggie’s mother. He prepared himself for an ugly scene and began thinking of how to get her out of the office before she could get started on him.

“I was just leaving for lunch. Would you care to join me?”

“I’ve eaten already, Mr. Jennings.

“Well, walk me to my car; we’ll talk on the way. I’ve got a tight schedule today. I hope you understand, but animals are temperamental and….”

“That would be fine, Mr. Jennings.

He held the door open for her and followed her outside.

“I’m parked over there. Are you sure you don’t mind walking with me?’

“Not at all. It’s good exercise.”

“What can I do for you, Mrs. Aguire?”

For the first time, the woman appeared uncertain about how to proceed. It occurred to Jennings that this wasn’t the way a woman about to read him the riot act was likely to be.

For that matter, Aggie was at least twenty, not jail-bait, so what could she threaten me with?

“I… I… I know about you and Aggie,” she began, as they reached his car.

“Her name’s DeMarco, not Aguire,” he said automatically, knowing the answer before Aggie’s mother provided it.

“I had her with my first husband,” she said quickly, but….”

“She’s at least twenty years old. She can do whatever and with whomever she wants. You must know that.”

“I… I saw the two of you. The things you made her do….”

“So, why didn’t you interrupt us?”

Mrs. Aguire hesitated, she hadn’t expected this. “I came in through the garage and heard you in her bedroom. I stood outside the door while you were…” she dropped her gaze and lowered her voice to a whisper, “… fucking her.”

“Why didn’t you barge in on us?”

“I was so surprised; I didn’t know how to react.”

“Look, Mrs. Aguire,” I said, hoping to get rid of her without her causing a scene, “if it makes you feel any better, you should know that I have no intention of ever sleeping with or even talking to your daughter again. She’s a very provocative young woman, and knows exactly what buttons to push to make me lose control.”

“It seemed to me that you were very much in control, Mr. Jennings, you… you treated her like one of your wild animals.”

“What can I say, Mrs. Aguire? I won’t be seeing her again. At least it’s highly unlikely.”

He was hoping she would leave it at that and leave him alone. But it wasn’t going to turn out that way.

“It turned me on,” she whispered.


“It turned me on,” she repeated, “I kept imagining myself in her place. And if you’re not seeing her anymore, I was wondering….”

“Not a chance.”

“While you were making her do those awful things I was masturbating and made myself cum harder than I ever have in my life. God, it turned me on, Mr. Jennings. Now I want to take Aggie’s place as your slut.”

Jennings couldn’t believe it. The more he tried to resist this type woman, the more they found him.

“Are you married, Mr. Jennings?”


“Of course… I knew you’d say that. You think you need to protect your marriage. I understand completely. So I guess you’d hate it if your wife found out about you and Aggie.”

He smiled at her. It was the coldest smile she had ever seen. A chill ran down her spine, but she pushed on. “I’d hate that too, Mr. Jennings. I really, truly would.”

“How would you feel if Aggie learned that you wanted to take her place in my bed?” Jennings shot back.

“She’s a shit anyway. I could care less.”

“I’m hungry, care to join me for lunch?” he said, changing tactics.

Mrs. Aguire was up to it and quickly accepted. “I have a motel room at the La Quinta. Care to eat near it?”

“Why not, and what shall I call you besides Mrs. Aguire?”

“Lee is my first name.”

“And slut is your middle name, I take it?”

She laughed, pleased at his response. “Whatever you say, Mr. Tiger man.”

They had a quick lunch and he caught her off balance when he declined to enter the motel with her.

“But why? It’s right here.”

“My place, or nothing,” he said authoritatively.

“All right,” she meekly replied.

Fifteen minutes later she parked alongside his car and followed him into his downtown LA loft.


Once inside he began to take off his belt.

“Lean over that table,” he said, indicating the oval oak table in what passed for his kitchen.

Knowing what was in store for her, Lee was quick to obey and moments later she felt the first lash of his belt across the back of her thighs.

“Yes, punish me! Make me your whore! Make me your slut whore!”

“I knew you’d say that,” Jennings said, smiling; and then hit her seven successive times with the belt. Lee’s back and buttocks were soon covered with a series of raised red ridges; yet she had not made a sound.

Tossing the belt aside, Jennings swatted her ass three times and drew blood from the previous welts.

“You seem to have a penchant for rough treatment, Mrs. Aguire.”

“Are you finished?” she asked; she would have given a fortune for a sip of water, but refused to ask for it.

He tossed a towel at her. “Dab the blood away. We may do it again in a while.”

He left her alone for several minutes then returned with a cold bottle of water.

“Drink this; I don’t want you getting dehydrated.”

Accepting the water,” Lee said “Thank you,” in a soft voice.

“So, you want to replace your daughter as my slut?”

“Well, I thought we might share in….”

“That respect,” he said finishing her sentence for her.


“You really want me to degrade you, Mrs. Aguire?”

“Um, you could put it that way,” she murmured.

“And you’ll do anything I want?” Jennings asked.

Lee nodded, her eyes locked on his with lustful determination.

“Alright then. Follow me,” Jennings spun on his heel and led her to the bathroom shower, pushed her in and with Mrs. Aguire fully dressed, he pissed all over her.

She half-sat, half-crouched in the shower stall as rivulets of his urine dripped down her arms and legs.

“I always leave my scent on my women, now clean yourself as best you can,” he told her and left the room, made himself a ham sandwich, which he ate, and washed it down with a cold beer.

Mrs. Aguire stripped the wet clothing from her body and showered, and then attempted to wash the clothing but was compelled to discard her top as it had been torn when Jennings had almost violently ushered her into the shower stall. Still as she left the bathroom an expression of pure lust appeared across her face and her eyes blazed with carnal desire.

“Oh, there you are,” he said on seeing her enter the room. “Get over here and lean over this chair.”

Mrs. Aguire quickly positioned herself over the back of the low chair. The white, fleshy half moons of her ass cheeks stared into Jenning’s face as he examined them for signs of serious damage from the previous whipping. The welts remained as he knew they would, but he saw room for additional punishment. He also saw her eyes glittering in expectation, and when her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips he knew she might just become an apt student; in fact he suspected that she had more than a little prior experience as a Submissive.

His discerning eye caught the quickening rise and fall of her well-shaped, but not overly large breasts as she fought to control her breathing. “Are you ready for your discipline to continue, Mrs. Aguire?”

“Yes,” she hissed in reply.


“Yes, Master… I… I’m so sorry!”

“You’re sorry all right,” he told her coldly and raised the crop he held in his right hand.

“Now open your thighs so I can get in between them if I want,” he said.

Mrs. Aguire tried to relax as she parted her thighs. A trickle of her nectar slid from her cunt and ran down the inside of her thigh. Jennings paused to study the red sexual maw of her slightly opened vagina, and then reversed his grip on the crop and prodded the butt end into her cunt.

Mrs. Aguire flinched, instinctively tightening the cheeks of her ass in an attempt to prevent the crop from entering her love hole, gripping the butt, preventing it from entering her. Jennings, not perturbed at all, jerked the crop and feigned anger. “Relax, Mrs. Aguire, it’s going in one way or the other.”

“I… I know, master, I know.”

“Who was your previous Dom, Mrs. Aguire?”

“What? I… I don’t….”

The crack of the crop against her ass filled the room.

She moaned, for he had fully intended to inflict a higher degree of pain than was customary under these circumstances.

“I asked you a question,” he said, his voice ominous with a threat of what might follow if she didn’t reply.

“His name was Arnold Hamm. He’s… dead. He was killed in a car accident in El Paso four months ago.”

“Too bad,” Jennings said his tone considerably milder. “I met Arnold once, didn’t like him, but that means nothing.”

He placed the butt of the crop back at her vaginal opening and forced it in about three inches.

“How’s that, cunt?”

Lee took a moment to catch her breath, and then said, “It’s good, Master.”

He began moving it in and out, and she watched half-paralyzed with fear that he would drive it to deep and damage her cervix. Her eyes widened as she saw the wet tissue of her vaginal lips clutch at the crop, oozing out when he pulled it outward and tunneling in when he reinserted it.

“You’ve got a big, wet cunt, Mrs. Aguire,” Jennings said with a half-laugh. “Enjoy what I’m doing to you?”

“Yes, master,” she husked.

He withdrew the crop and raised his arm high before bringing the crop down hard on the back of her thighs.

The sound of the slap echoed around the room. It was immediately followed by Lee’s shriek of pain. Two red lines appeared on the taut thighs. He watched them turn white, then red again and Lee began to rock herself back and forth awaiting the next blow.

It came and with it came a gush of blood from the cuts laid out along her milky white thighs.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, her voice barely audible.

Another blow ensued, and Lee flinched at the pain and an involuntary stream of urine flowed from her vulva forming a small pool on the floor between her toes.

“Can’t hold your water, Mrs. Aguire?”

“I… I’m so sorry… Master… I….”

“Lick it up. Lick up every drop of that piss, and be quick about it.”

Dropping to her hands and knees Lee began licking the floor, trying to suck up her urine where possible and licking the floor until she felt he would realize she had gotten it all, leaving only her own saliva in its place.

Jennings looked on, nodding to himself as she continued lapping at the urine, and then tiring of her presence, said coldly, “Get out, Mrs. Aguire. I’m through with you.”

She got to her feet and slowly dressed, and then holding her left thigh, limped out, got into her car and drove home, crying all the way.

***** The reason Jennings had thrown Mrs. Aguire out was two-fold: first, she had almost, but not quite forced herself on him. And second, he had an appointment with Sheila Tourant, an actress he’d been banging every so often; very good in bed and talented in her sexual proclivities; very talented in that category, so that she was in demand for more than bit parts in the occasional movie.

Underneath her coat Sheila wore the dress Jennings had bought her, its worn silk straps and frayed hem. She had been careful with it as she dressed, but now she asked that he rip it off her. He took hold of the neck and tore it down, and the material melted apart, loose threads hung from his large hands until he shook them off.

Sheila’s skin erupted in goose bumps, and she watched as the material swirled down her stomach, across her pelvis, to her legs; her gaze settling at the puddle of torn silk at her feet.

“You up for anything I want?” His fingers were tickling at the base of her spine. Sheila nodded solemnly, her face still turned to the ground. He pushed his thumb rudely into her mouth. “On your knees, pay homage to my cock!”

Sheila dropped to her hands and knees and crawled obediently to his feet and casually reached up and began undoing his fly. He watched impassively as she extracted his erection and kissed it twice before absorbing the spongy head into her mouth.

“Let’s take it into the bedroom,” he said and when they were within reach of the bed, “Put your hands behind your back,” and as she complied, he let his pants fall to his ankles and kicked them aside.

With her hands interlocked behind her, Sheila stared up at him with an innocent, child-like expression. Jennings was never sure if her expressions were real or if she was acting. Over time he found he really didn’t care.

He took a step toward her and Sheila’s mouth opened and his engorged cock pressed down on her tongue.

“Now suck.”

With a hungry moan, she sealed her mouth around him then began a gentle sucking on the spongy head of his erection.

“Open your eyes, you fucking whore,” Jennings said rebuking her. “I want you looking at me while you suck my cock.”

Her eyes immediately popped back open and she moaned around his shaft then made a ‘glucking’ sound as she took him deep. He held her head in place and gave her a couple quick strokes before pulling his saliva coated cock from between her lips. With his hand still on Sheila’s head, Jennings took a handful of hair and pulled. “You’re a fucking cunt. You’re nothing but a fucking cunt!” he spat into her face.

“Yes, yes I am,” Sheila freely admitted.

He released her hair, and forced two fingers into her mouth.

“Suck on them!”

The tears ran down her cheeks as she obligingly sucked on them.

Jennings looked down at her body; saw a series of bruises and hazy shades of purple, blue, red and yellow. Did I do that? Or is she seeing someone else between visits? He wondered then rejected the thought. The marks are at least a week old. I must have done it on her last visit.

Pulling his finger from her mouth, he snarled into her face, “Tongue!”

Sheila immediately thrust her pierced tongue out for him. Jennings, holding his erection in his right hand, began a methodical slapping of her tongue then her face with his member.

Tiring of this game, he slapped her across the breasts (they had an understanding that he would never damage her face as she made her living as an actress). “Suck my dick!”

“Yes, master,” she gasped as his fleshy pole slipped into her mouth, and then resumed her fellating with renewed vigor; ensuring that her tongue stud made contact with the underside of his cockhead with each thrust.

Several minutes passed before she removed him from her mouth to ask, “Master… can I lick your ass?”

“Now why would I let a dirty little cunt like you lick my ass?”

“Please,” she insisted with increasing desperation. “Please let my stick my slutty little tongue in your asshole.”

Satisfied with her crudely worded answer, Jennings turned around and obliged her obscene request by pulling her face into his rectum. He heard her gasp the word ‘Yes’ just before her voice became muffled and her little pink tongue shot out to stab at the entrance to his ass. He couldn’t help but wiggle his hips, as she maneuvered her face between the cheeks, grinding his asshole into her hungry mouth.

“Mmmm,” he sighed pleasurably. “Good little whore.”

He allowed her to rim him and even to delve her talented tongue into his asshole for several minutes then, unable to take much more of her pleasurable mouth, he moved away and asked, “Where should I fuck you?”

“You can fuck me anywhere you want, master” she replied, relinquishing all control.

“Are you still engaged to that fucking fag actor?”

“Yes, master, but he’s not really a fag.”

“He’s a fag if I say he is.”

“Yes, Master… he is if you say it is so.”

A sadistic look crossed Jennings face. “We’ll use the bed,” and then he hissed in her ear, “And the next time you’re lying in bed with your fag lover you can think about all the dirty, slutty things you’ve done with and for me.”

Sheila’s eyes closed. A sexy smile formed on her face as she replied, “That’s so fucking hot, Master, I’m ready to cum right now.”

He swatted her on the ass and told her to get on the bed.

Joining her on the bed, Jennings took hold of Sheila’s hair with one hand and with the other twisted her arm behind her back and forced her to her knees.

“Stay right there,” he said as he let go of both her hair and arm to look under the bed for a pair of handcuffs. Pulling a box from under the bed, he flipped it open and smiled at the varied assortment of “toys” it contained. Rifling through the dildos and condoms, he located the metal handcuffs and pulled them out, pushing the box aside.

“Ever use these with your fag friend?” he asked, dangling the metal cuffs beside her face.

“No,” she answered, trying to withhold her eagerness at being bound as Jennings placed the first shackle around her wrist.

He knew she was telling the truth. Sheila’s fiancé was notoriously ‘vanilla’ when it came to sex. It was the main reason she looked forward to their encounters. To Jennings they appeared to be a very odd couple since she was by far the kinkiest girl he had met in a long time.

Sheila emitted a subtle moan then winced as he tightened the cold metal cuffs around her wrists, firmly securing her arms behind her back.

“Mmmm,” now you’re all mine,” he whispered and reached down between her legs to press his fingers against the silky material of her panties, feeling the dampness of her pussy through the thin fabric.

“Ohhh,” he exclaimed, nuzzling his wiggling fingers up into her dripping hole. “What made you so wet?”

“I’ve been wet all night,” she peeped, squirming from his touch. “I’ve been waiting for this since you agreed to see me.”

“Waiting for what?” Jennings asked, knowing what her answer would be even as he pulled her panties down over her round, naked ass.

Master, I’ve been waiting for you… to use me; to spank me; waiting for you to make me make me your slut.”

Jennings smiled. Sheila always knew what he wanted to hear.

He tore her panties down around her knees, waited for her predictable moan, and then grasped his cock and aimed it towards her glistening cunt.

“You want my dick inside you don’t you?” he asked, as its tip teased her delicate vaginal folds.


“Beg for it, cunt,” he growled and wiggled it against her wanton opening.

“Master, please stick your cock in my cunt,” she gasped.

Sheila was only one of the only girls he knew that liked to use the word “cunt”.

“First tell me how you came to like being spanked.”

“Master… can’t you just….”

“Tell me or I’ll kick your skuzzy ass out the door!”

“Yes sir!” Sheila responded fearfully. She was wild eyed at the prospect of being denied the orgasm she so desperately sought. “It was in high school.”

Mark was on the phone with Gary Edwards several times that morning. Gary was upset with good reason. His parents and the Carters had founded D’Orgasmic Lingerie when Gary was just a kid. His mother and Maggie had designed some of the most elegant and sexy lingerie the industry had ever seen. Their company had grown quickly. Upscale retail stores bought their lines and everyone prospered.

A few years after Gary’s parents were killed in a traffic accident, Robert and Maggie’s son Jeremy was indicted on multiple fraud charges stemming from him playing fast and loose on Wall Street.

Jeremy had left the country just before the indictment came down and he wasn’t coming back. Gary and Mark had put their heads together and decided it would be best if Gary bought Robert and Maggie out, not only from the business but he bought up all of their assets. They knew that they could not leave anything to Jeremy. The government would confiscate every asset he would be entitled to inherit. Jeremy wasn’t stupid. He had moved to Thailand and was now one of the largest porn producers in the world. He didn’t need their money, as his own wealth was massive.

Now that Robert and Maggie were dead, Jeremy was a mess. It was time for Gary to take the reins of the company he owned. Mark and Gary talked about going to Thailand to spend some time with Jeremy. Mark said he would leave that afternoon. Gary had to reassure everyone that the company would continue as it always had. The executives knew that Gary owned the entire company. He just had to reassure the rest of the staff. After he had done that, he would join Mark in Thailand.

Jack and Tom had the jet fueled and ready to go when Mark and Dani got to the airport.

“I sure didn’t expect to be heading back to Honolulu this soon,” Jack said as Mark boarded. “Are you okay Mark? We know how close you were to the Carters.”

“I feel bad for Jeremy. He is a basket case right now, which is understandable. Let’s just say that this has been a terrible day so far. Get us to Thailand as fast as possible. I hope you restocked the bar. I need more than a few drinks.”

“We’re wheels up in five Mark,” Tom said as he closed the cockpit door.

Mark poured himself a stiff drink. The news of the passing of the Carters had hit him hard and then Cherry’s unimaginable outburst over something as inconsequential as his watching Fox News started a firestorm that he never expected. The things she said to him cut him deep and hard. He wasn’t going to sit here and stew about it. He had enough to think about other than her.

Somehow, faced with a seventeen-hour flight to Bangkok, he was going to have to put her out of his mind. He also realized that he couldn’t get her out of his thoughts. He had spent his entire life as a confirmed bachelor and had vowed to stay that way. There had been several women in his life that had come close to stealing his heart but none, not even one, had ever touched him the way she had. He poured himself another drink.

Dani was Mark’s private secretary who had started working for him five and a half years ago. On top of being cute as a button, she was smart as a whip. Everyone teased her about being psychic, as she seemed to have an uncanny ability to know what Mark needed before he did. She was irreplaceable in his eyes. There was work to do and she settled herself into it.

She had no idea that Mark and Cherry had fought until she got an email from Michelle. The Gulfstream was equipped with satellite internet so that they were never out of touch. She read the letter and then re-read it. Michelle told her that there had been a huge fight and that Cherry had left Las Vegas in a hurry.

She fired off an email to Michelle telling her that he was in a foul mood and that he was drinking heavily. Dani said she would try to cheer him up but based on what she had just learned, she doubted that he would be interested. Nonetheless, she would try.

Dani had just met her new neighbor that morning. Lori had just taken up residence in the apartment next to hers. Dani was, like most of Mark’s top people, on call all the time. She was about the same age as Cherry although she would never put herself in the same class as she was. A brunette, barely five foot tall with a nice slender body and modest breasts, the one thing she did share with Cherry was that she was constantly horny. They were frequent lovers when she traveled with Mark. This time, she had her doubts though. She had thought his foul mood was because of what had happened to the Carters.

Dani got up and poured herself a drink. She looked over and saw that his glass was almost drained again.

“What are you drinking Mark?”

“Rum and coke and make it a triple Dani.”

“Not at this altitude. Did you fall and hit your head? What am I going to do with you?”

“Just shoot me and put me out of my misery Dani. If I’m not around, no one would miss me anyway.”

“You keep that crap up and I’ll make you pay for it. You can pull that shit on some people but not with me. I know you better than that.”

“What, did you get an email from Michelle?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I’m sorry that you and Cherry had a fight. Do you want to talk about it?

“That is the last thing I want to do. I appreciate the offer but I don’t even understand it myself so there really isn’t anything to tell you.”

Dani sat his drink down, leaned over, and gave him a kiss. She pulled the armrest away and snuggled into his chest. He put his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

“You know I am here for you Mark, don’t you?”

“I know that, hell, if the rumors are true; you always know what I need.”

“I usually do but right now, I don’t think fucking your brains out is what you need. Write this date on the cabin wall. I seriously have no idea what you need.”

“I can tell you what I don’t need. I don’t need some coked up stripper fucking with my head. I don’t care that she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. I just don’t need it.”

“Mark, let it go. If it is meant to be, it will happen. If not, you have a black book that is worth a fortune. You date the most elegant women on earth all the time. You sleep with Michelle and you sleep with me. I hear the new lady, Lori has a thing for you too.”

“Lori has a thing for cock. If she can’t suck back a few before breakfast, she gets grumpy. She is a good at it too, I’ll give her that.”

“Well, coming from a man who loves to have his cock down someone’s throat is a pretty good recommendation. How is she at licking a gushing pussy?”

“The woman is insatiable. She will fit right in. Thank you, by the way, for taking care of the move for her. She loves her new place. She is right next door to you isn’t she?”

“Yes, I met her today. Damn Mark, how did you meet her? She was always on our short list but I didn’t know she was having a problem with Trainer. None of us did.”

Mark filled her in on the surprise he got in Hawaii. “I knew who she was the instant she walked into the suite. I had no idea she was available either. Thankfully, research did an excellent job in a very short time. Those three bozos really did surprise me. Here I was, expecting to spend some time with Michelle and it turned into a total orgy. I knew Cherry was going to be busy; I just had no idea what they had in store for me. You’ll meet Diane and Aleka soon. You’ll fall in love with both of them.”

“I can’t fall in love with them too. I have enough people I love already,” she said as she turned his face to her and kissed him deeply. “You’re my number one love Mark, you do know that don’t you?”

“Yeah right, you keep saying it but I know you’re just trying to butter up to the boss.” He was laughing as her hand fell to his zipper.

“You can be a right asshole Banner, I’ll show you just how much I mean it,” Dani quipped, kissed him and dropped to her knees.

“You know something Dani? You are one fabulous cocksucker too. Oh yes darling that does feel so good.”

The one thing she knew about her boss was that he would never say no to her. Sure, he slept with models and actresses but he never once complained about her either. She was a pretty girl, not gorgeous by any stretch of the imagination but she was an enthusiastic partner in bed. She wasn’t kidding when she told Mark that she loved him deeply.

Dani thought back to the day she met him as his beautiful cock passed between her lovely lips. She had just quit her job in the DA’s office. Her boss, David Rogers was such a prick. He was rude, arrogant and insufferable. She had taken all the abuse she was going to take from him. She had told him to shove his fucking job and she walked out. She decided that her chances of landing another decent job had been damaged greatly. She needed a drink and she decided to head to the Ghost Bar and drown her sorrows.

She ordered a double rum and coke, put her face in her hands, and sighed deeply. The man sitting beside her started a conversation with her. Being hit on by some strange tourist was the last thing she wanted at that moment. She just wanted to get drunk and do it all by her lonesome. He persisted and she finally took a good look at this man.

Who is he? He sure looks familiar. He is a local and someone I definitely should know. She drained her drink and he motioned to the waitress to refill both of their drinks. When she brought the drinks back, she looked at him and asked, “Will there be anything else Mr. Banner?”

“Tracy, for the fifteen hundredth time, call me Mark please.”

“Will there be anything else Mark?” she giggled as he looked at her lovely young body.

“Tracy, hold that thought, the night is young and you are so beautiful. Something may come up.”

Dani looked at him and smiled. “Are you the Mark Banner?”

Mark laughed, “My name is Mark Banner, I don’t know about the ‘the’ part.”

“You’re the agent to all the athletes, right? All the women in the DA’s office swoon over you every time your photo is in the Review Journal. You’re pretty famous but you’re actually much better looking in person.”

“So you work for David Rogers? You have my complete sympathy,” Mark laughed as he took a long sip of his drink.

“I don’t work there anymore. I told him to shove his job up his ass about two hours ago. I am so completely screwed now. No lawyer will hire me now. He is a prick but he is a powerful prick and he made it quite clear that I would never work in this town again.”

They talked for the rest of the evening. Mark learned that Dani was not only cute but she was intelligent as well. He learned that she was from Maine and she moved to Las Vegas to escape the cold. It had taken her some time to get used to the weather in Vegas but that was normal for everyone. She was funny and very sexy in a real life girl kind of way. Mark also learned she could drink and hold her liquor pretty well.

They drank, they danced a few times and he was enchanted by this girl. Mark knew she was depressed and he tried his best to make her smile.

As she knelt before him, his lovely cock filling her mouth and throat, she kept thinking of how upset she was that night. Mark had done his best to cheer her up and mostly, it was working. A slow song was playing and he took her back on to the dance floor. He held her tiny body tight and she wasn’t sure if it was the booze or the man but she molded herself into him like silly putty. Mark lifted her face to his and he kissed her deeply.

Dani was shocked to have a man with his reputation kiss her. She responded the only way she knew. She returned that kiss with a fiery desire that left no question that if he wanted her tonight, she would not say no. Her head swooned as he took her hand and headed to the elevator. When they walked through the casino, many men and women greeted Mark and looked at her with envy in their eyes.

It was a short drive to Mark’s place. Dani couldn’t believe this man was interested in her. They made love that night, they fucked and then they made love again. Mark was a wonderful lover and she showed him that although she wasn’t one of his gorgeous models, she could please a man as well as anyone else on this earth.

Mark’s body tensed and Dani felt the signs of his orgasm begin to build. She cupped his balls and her tongue stroked his shaft lovingly as the flood began to flow. Dani looked in his eyes and he unleashed his load into her pretty face. Dani sucked and swallowed every drop. Dani stood, dropped her skirt and slid his cock into her waiting pussy. As she straddled him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and she kissed his with the same passion she had shown him their first might together. He was a good man and an even better lover. He held her small hips and she ground her tight twat on his cock. Their tongues twisted and danced and he loved the feel of this wonderful woman no matter what she was doing. Her pussy was like silk and her body needed him as much as he needed her.

As she rode him, she thought back to their first night together. It was like a dream. His place was unbelievable. She had never seen anything so elegant in her life. The sex was amazing. The man was delicious and she had no idea that her life was about to change.

When she woke up in his arms the next morning, she realized last night had not been a dream. She looked around and saw his arms holding her. She was having a hard time processing this but she knew one thing, it felt comfortable.

She started to drift back to sleep when a tall, gorgeous blonde-haired woman walked into the bedroom and began to undress. Dani looked at the statuesque woman and realized that she didn’t know that Dani was there. She started to get into bed and saw Dani looking at her gorgeous body.

“Hi, I’m Michelle, who are you?”

“Dani, meet Michelle. Michelle is my Personal Assistant. She is also one of the sexiest women I know. Dani, there is one thing I know, she is not just great in bed, she loves pussy as much as I do. Michelle, meet Dani McRae, my new private secretary.”

Dani’s head swiveled to Mark quickly, “What did you just say?”

“I said that you were my new private secretary. The job is yours if you want it. The pay is a lot better than what you were making with the DA’s office and the fringe benefits are a hell of a lot better. You still have much to learn about me Dani but for now, it is time that you and Michelle got to know each other better. You two will be working together closely from now on.”

Michelle pulled the sheets down and gazed at Dani’s gorgeous slim body. She began to stroke her flesh and she began to kiss Dani all over.

“Mark, she definitely knows how to lick a pussy.” Dani said as she took him into her mouth once again.

Michelle licked her pussy and Dani began to cum. Dani sucked Mark sweetly until Michelle pulled him off his cock and slid her pussy onto him. Michelle was facing his feet and Dani slid between his legs and began to suck Michelle’s clit as she rode Mark’s perfect cock. It wasn’t long before Mark came into Michelle’s sweet pussy and Dani cleaned them both fully.

“Mark, you never cease to amaze me,” Michelle said. “Dani will make a wonderful addition to our company.” She reached down, pulled Dani to her lips, and kissed her deeply.

Mark, Michelle and Dani enjoyed a great breakfast and then Mark took Dani on a tour of the place. She saw the second floor and then he took her to see the playroom floor. Dani was more than impressed. Mark had one more surprise for her. They took the elevator to the fourth floor and he walked her to a door. He handed her the keys and told her to go inside.

Dani walked into a five thousand square foot apartment that was the most sensuous place she had ever seen. The décor was exquisite and the place belonged in Better Homes and Orgasms. This was the sexiest place she had ever seen in her life.

“Why are you showing me this place Mark?”

“Welcome to your new home. All of my executives live on this floor. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have many lawyers employed in my firm. My executives are all on call around the clock. We have clients in all time zones. This can be a highly stressed occupation. Athletes are usually little boys in big man’s bodies. They get in trouble and we have to bail them out. The executives and my pilots live on this floor. They are highly skilled and competent people. They are completely over sexed and each one of them fucks like champions. They need a safe place to play away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Everyone is bisexual and they all will love you. This place is yours, gratis. All expenses are paid. I’ll make arrangements to have your stuff moved over here.”

That was five years ago. Dani did love her job and her boss too.

Cherry woke up in the same deep, dark funk she had experienced every day since she ran away from Las Vegas a month ago. Michelle had tried to talk to her but she wasn’t having anything to do with her or anyone else for that matter. Michelle had given her an envelope, which she had just shoved in her purse. All she had to do was get away from Mark and his bullshit attitude towards life. Cherry knew she was very rude to Michelle when she told her that she wasn’t going to ride on Mark’s jet ever again. She really didn’t give a shit either. She would get a flight home herself.

Mark was seldom online anymore. She had looked. She finally saw him two weeks later, sitting alone in the room they used to share. She went into the room many times and used different screen names so he wouldn’t know who she really was. She would not speak to him. Several times, she used screen names that left no question as to her identity. She was going to be ‘in his face’ and fuck around with other people and to hell with him and his fucking political beliefs.

He thought he knew her but he didn’t know jack shit. She didn’t know herself so how could he possibly know her. He was just like everyone else, worthless and useless. She knew she was broken. She had told him that but he didn’t listen. Mark was just another useless prick.

She returned to the Peeler Palace and the girls wanted all the information about her trip to Hawaii. All she would say was that Hawaii was gorgeous. She never said a word about the other stuff. As far as they were all concerned, she went to Hawaii with her boyfriend. They knew nothing about him other than he asked her to go. She kept everything from her two best friends at the strip club as well. She was a mess and she knew it.

She wasn’t the only one who noticed that fact. Ted owned the Peeler Palace and he saw it. She went into work and he called her into his office.

“Close the door and sit your ass down,” Ted said in his usually gruff voice.

“What’s up Ted?”

“Do you like working here Cherry?” he asked.

“You know I do Ted, why the hell did you ask me that?”

“I’ll tell you why. You are my best dancer. You are, or I should say, you were the number one earner around here. Ever since you got back from Hawaii, you’ve been useless to me. Fuck, I could bring in the scraggliest crack whore with tats on her face and she would make more money than you are. You’re abrupt with everyone from customers to the rest of the staff. I want to know why?”

“I don’t know. Things didn’t go as well on my vacation as I thought it would.”

“Are you shitting me? Mark Banner is one of the wealthiest men in the country. What could go wrong?” Ted asked.

“How did you know I was with Mark Banner? I never told anyone I was going to Hawaii with Mark.”

Ted turned around and pulled a news clipping from his credenza. There she was in all her glory. Miss 36-23-40 was arm in arm with Mark Banner, the athlete rep, lawyer and playboy. “I didn’t know who he was but I was talking to my brother in Las Vegas. I mentioned to him that one of my girls had made it into the paper. I told him you were at the Pro Bowl and you were photographed wearing a unique football jersey. He knew immediately. He has the same photograph. He is a friend of Mark’s. His club is right next to Mark’s office building.”

“His club, what club does he own?”

“He owns Sapphires, you know, just like those jewels you used to wear. His club is right next to Mark’s office building. He knows Mark quite well and he told me if you were on Mark’s arm then I shouldn’t even expect you to come back to work for me at all. So, what happens is this, you come back, you walk in here with an attitude, you aren’t dancing the way you used to, you are not your normal self and I am willing to listen and try to get you back on track. What the fuck happened?”

“I got angry when I caught him watching Fox News. I told him CNN is the more journalistically reliable. They have a solid global operation, however, and Fox News is known as ‘faux news’. That does not speak well of it and that if you want actual news, instead of spin, skip CNN and Fox and head to NPR.

He told me NPR doesn’t have a single conservative journalist. I told him that he and I had just developed serious philosophical differences. He said that I obviously didn’t watch it or I wouldn’t think that way. I told him I honestly only know what I do about it from the buzz around it. I told him we don’t get it here, but I’ve never heard anybody I consider smart say a good thing about it. He just looked at me as if I was a raving lunatic.”

“I don’t blame him one bit. If you actually said that, then you were a raving lunatic. Let me tell you something. I want it here. Out in Las Vegas, they didn’t get it either until after 911. The Fox entertainment network switched over to Fox News for three solid weeks. The public had never seen it before because the authorities wouldn’t put it on the air. It offers a different take on the news. They hate the fact that Fox is the only conservative voice in the media and they were hell bent on keeping it off the air. Once the public out there was exposed to it, they wanted it. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC NPR and all the others are so far left wing in their coverage and commentary that it is sickening. Fox has as many liberal commentators as they have conservative ones. They give both sides of the story unlike the other news outlets. The public saw that and demanded it and they started canceling their cable subscriptions and going for satellite dishes. Finally, they relented and put it on the air. It is the number one cable news in the world for a reason. Anyway, what else happened?”

“Then the shit really hit the fan when he said when Bush left office, this country had a $565 Billion dollar deficit and that today, under Obama it is $2.4 trillion. He said Obama is destroying this country. I lost it. I told him that Obama couldn’t bail out the sinking ship with a teacup. The issue is not that ‘Obama broke it’ it’s that ‘it’s fucking unfixable’ at least, not quickly.”

“You are wrong on that. It can be stopped quickly but Obama doesn’t have it in his DNA to stop spending money. Obama is spending the country into bankruptcy, Cherry. He is correct on that. The figures he gave you are accurate. Bush made mistakes, everyone agrees on that, but there is no way he can be compared to the colossal errors Obama is making every single day,” Ted said.

“Then he said that Obama was as close to a communist as one could get. I freaked out at that. That is the dumbest thing I ever heard.”

Ted turned and reached for his bookshelf. He took two books from the shelf and slid them across the desk to Cherry. “These are Obama’s books. He supposedly wrote them. Have you read them?”

“No, I haven’t Ted.”

“You know, of all the dancers I have here, you are the only one with a fucking degree but you are also the dumbest. Have you ever heard of Frank Marshall Davis? It turns out that Frank Marshall Davis was a communist. He just happened to be Obama’s childhood mentor. Davis was a member of the Communist Party USA. Google him, you’ll be amazed at what is out there.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Obama started hiring all these so-called Czars. One was a man named Van Jones. Jones served as an adviser to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. In 2004 he supported the ’9/11 truther’ movement, which believes the Bush administration may have been involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. Jones self-described himself as a ‘communist’ during the 1990′s and previously worked with a group dedicated to Marxist and Leninist philosophies. Obama brought this man into the White House for God’s sake.

Then, just to piss on everyone, Obama allowed a Christmas tree ornament to be put on the White House Christmas Tree with Mao Zedong’s picture on it. One of the largest mass murderers of all time and they thought that this was just fine to hang in the White House for Christ’s sake!

Maybe now you can see why intelligent people have serious questions about the man running the country. These are facts, serious facts,” Ted said.

“He just pissed me off with his Conservative views. Conservatives are jerks. Can’t they see what they are doing? They want to start wars and the democrats want to make things better at home. That is the difference.”

“Really, so I am a jerk too? You went to a liberal college, taught by liberal professors and fed the liberal bull crap and you bought it. I am a businessperson. I own this place. I pay the bills. That doesn’t make me a conservative; I chose to be one because I want to insure that all of you have a place to continue to work. Conservatives want less government, not more. Conservatives want the government to live within their means. That means not spending more money than they take in. Liberals believe that people are too stupid to manage their own money and their own affairs. They want to take the decisions away from people and make them for them. I don’t believe in that at all.

Every decision that man makes affects my bottom line, you, and me as well. This man is spending this country into oblivion. If he keeps this up, we’ll lose our credit rating, the stock market will fall and when that happens, the customers you rely on will not be here. He wants you to never question him and just follow whatever he says and accept it as gospel. It’s time you got your face out of your coke mirror and screw your head on straight for once. If you can’t do that, then you need to find a new place to work,” Ted stated emphatically.

Cherry was pissed when she left Ted’s office. She looked around the club and saw many empty chairs. She wasn’t a dumb girl. She knew that the unemployment rate was climbing. Many of her ‘regulars’ were MIA and she missed seeing them. She missed the money she used to make from them as well. What happened with the nearly one trillion dollars Obama spent in the stimulus? Didn’t he say that if he spent that much money unemployment would not hit 8%? It was now 9.2% and growing. Was she wrong? Something in her warped mind just wouldn’t allow her to accept that she was wrong.

She went home that night and checked her mailbox. There was a letter from The Banner Agency. She opened it to find an invitation to the St. Valentines Day Bash. The party weekend was only a week away. On the bottom of the invitation, was a handwritten note from Michelle asking her to let her know what would be a good time to send the plane to pick her up? Cherry didn’t call her back; she just sent her a text telling her she would not be attending.

She turned on her computer and went into the chat room. Mark was nowhere to be seen. She searched and even checked the numbers but he just was not there. Why am I even bothering, I don’t want to talk to him anyway?

Her funk was blooming that night. She hadn’t heard from Jamal, Chris or Rashad. They would definitely be going to the party. They had told her that they would be in town the first week of February but they hadn’t come into the club yet. She wanted to see them. She needed to see them. She needed the one thing only they could give her. The more she thought about it, the worse she felt. Why had they abandoned her?

She lit a bowl and thought back to the great times she had with them. From the first time she met them, they were her total fantasy brought to life. She remembered the first time she danced for them at the club. That was the first time she wore her sapphires, Mark had just given them to her at dinner. He introduced them to her and then he left. Those three strong, handsome men were everything she had ever dreamed of being with.

She remembered the first time she saw the bulge in Rashad’s slacks. Her mouth watered at the thought that before that night was over, she would know every part of these fine men. When they got back to her home, the sex had been out of bounds. They took her to paradise and brought her back repeatedly. She sucked them, she fucked them and they all took turns reaming her tight asshole. They filled her completely with their cocks and with their friendship.

She thought about Hawaii and the perfect times they had shared. Their times together and the fabulous gangbang those idiots arranged had her in a state of constant happiness. The time she shared with the girls, the orgies, all of that had her dripping wet. She was slapping her pussy and cumming as she smoked. Everything about Hawaii was perfect. The best part was finally making love to Mark. What did I just say? Making love is something far different than fucking his brains out. She did fuck his brains out but she made love to him in his suite, under that gorgeous waterfall and in the surf on Waimea Bay just to name a few places. Her body relived those moments and she was cumming harder than before. She knew those days were over but at least she had the memories. Those memories would stay with her forever.

Cherry danced daily and she tried to regain control of her head. Each day brought her closer to the date of the party. She had walked away from more than just Mark Banner; she had thrown away a career that every slut on earth would kill to have. She didn’t even say goodbye to anyone. Her rage just forced her to leave immediately. She really was a bitch.

As Thursday approached, she was beside herself. This was supposed to be a wild weekend filled with many beautiful black studs to rock her world.

She walked into the Peeler Palace in a dark mood but she knew she had to get rid of that before Ted saw her. She had already lost so much and she couldn’t lose this job too.

The club was modestly busy and she did her thing and made good money. It wasn’t great but it would do. Towards the end of the evening, a black man walked into the club. He was tall and well built. He was definitely ‘gangsta’ material. She caught his eye and she danced for him. His grill was gold and his face was scarred but he tipped her well. She went on stage and when she came down, he was gone. Her shift was over and she headed out of the bar. She saw him standing at the rear of the building. He called to her, she walked over to the entrance to the alley, and they talked.

“Yo mamma, you up for some black dick tonight? Do you think your tiny pussy can handle what I’ve got in my shorts?”

“Baby, I can handle anything you got and more,” she said sarcastically. She was supposed to be in the arms of three of the best looking black men on the planet tonight but that wasn’t happening. “What have you got in there that would impress me?”

“Come on over here mamma and I’ll show you wot I gots.” He turned and walked into the alley.

Cherry followed him and he pulled his black cock from his pants. It was a good size but not great. He waved it at her and she was drawn to it like a bee to honey. She wrapped her hand around his cock and felt him swell in her grasp. He was not as big as she was used to but he was a good size. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

“Suck my cock bitch, show me what you got.”

Cherry took him in her mouth and began to suck. Her lips felt the ridges and veins as they passed into her mouth. She wasn’t as turned on as she had hoped to be but she was sucking his cock nonetheless. Suddenly, she felt additional hands on her. She looked around and saw that he was not alone. There were at least six or more black men waving their cocks at her. The hands tore at her top, ripping the thin fabric and exposing her breasts.

Strong hands pulled her face to a cock that was shoved into her mouth. She started to protest but that just made matters worse. They were tearing her clothes off and someone was shoving his cock into her pussy savagely. She tried to stop it but all she got was a heavy smack to the head.

She had always wanted a ‘gangsta’ gangbang but not like this. She was passed from one to another and used viciously. If she didn’t do exactly what they wanted, they hit her and hit her hard. They all fucked her and shoved their cocks into her mouth repeatedly. They all took a turn fucking her ass. She was helpless and she was starting to scream loudly. One of them, she didn’t know who, hit her again. This time he hit her so hard that she flew against the dumpster and opened a large gash on her face. She was bleeding profusely. They saw the blood and decided to finish the job. They beat her and kicked her. She was bleeding from every part of her body. Her face was a bloody mess.

They are going to kill me, was the last conscious thought she would have for two months.

They continued to put the boots to her and when they fled the scene, they were sure she was dead.

At 6am the following morning, the waste disposal company reported a woman who appeared to be dead lying behind the Peeler Palace. The police rolled immediately and so did the local ambulance company. They discovered that she was barely breathing and she was rushed to the closest hospital.

Detective Bob Thompson, a thirty-one year veteran was assigned to this case. He was a tall, surly man who had seen much violence during his career. He directed the CSI teams collecting and photographing all the evidence. Fingerprints were taken and Cherry’s clothes were collected for examination.

After all the evidence had been collected, Detective Thompson went to the hospital where he met with Officer Bill Bryant who had escorted the ambulance. Officer Bryant told the detective that the woman was Cherry Anderson and that she was a dancer at the Peeler Palace. He also told the detective that he had never met her but three of his good friends were well acquainted with her. He told the detective that he believed that Phil Johnson was her lawyer. She was in surgery now and he had no idea about any family information.

Detective Thompson knew Phil Johnson and he placed a phone call to his home. Phil answered the phone and listened to what Thompson told him. Phil got his number and said he would call him back if he was able to find out anything that would be of help. Phil placed a call to Mark’s private line immediately. Phil had no idea that there was a huge orgy going on and his call went to voice mail. He left a message and knew that Mark would call him back.

Mark had a series of flashing lights installed throughout the three floors to indicate when a call was coming in on his private line. Only a dozen people had that number outside the people who were partying with him this weekend. Michelle saw the light and went to find Mark. She pulled him from a threesome and told him to check his messages. He went to his suite and listened to the message.

“Phil, it’s Mark. What the fuck happened?”

“I don’t know. I got a call from Detective Thompson and he told me that Cherry had been gang raped and was near death. She was found this morning naked, bleeding heavily and there was no questioned that she had been viciously raped and left for dead.”

“How did he know to call you?”

“Officer Bill Bryant is a friend of Rashad’s. They went to school together along with David. He is the one who told Thompson to call me. They don’t know anything about her family. I was hoping you might have some of that information,” Phil said.

“I don’t have any information at all. She never said a word to me other than she doesn’t talk to her parents about anything important. Rashad, Jamal and Chris are here with me. Let me talk to them. They may have some information that I don’t have. What hospital is she in? Is she awake?”

Phil told him that she was in surgery and told him the hospital. Mark said he would get back to him shortly.

He called downstairs and told Michelle to get the guys and come upstairs immediately. Mark told them what had happened. To say they were shocked was an understatement. None of them had any information regarding her family. Mark told Michelle that he wanted his own investigators on the scene as soon as possible. He wanted all the facts and he wanted whoever was responsible in jail for a very long time.

Mark called Phil back and told him he had nothing to add to what they knew. Michelle went back downstairs and found their PI’s and gave them their marching orders. She told them to leave no stone unturned. She found Dave and Ron and told them to get the jet ready to go. She was overheard while she was telling them what had happened.

“Michelle, can I talk to you for a minute?” George asked. “I overheard what you said. I wasn’t listening but when I heard you say Cherry, my ears picked up. Is this the same girl that went to Hawaii with Mark?”

“Yes George, it is. How do you know Cherry?”

“I don’t know her at all. I do know someone who does. My brother owns the Peeler Palace. Can I talk to Mark?”

“Hold on George,” she said as she grabbed her two investigators. “Let’s go upstairs.”

The group went up to Marks floor and George told Mark that Cherry worked for his brother Ted. George picked up the phone and made a call. He told his brother what had happened. Ted was shocked. He wasn’t home and no one had his cell number other than family. The police had not been able to reach him.

Mark reached for the phone. “Ted, Mark Banner here, I am going to give you a phone number. Please call Phil Johnson immediately. He is a friend and Cherry’s lawyer. We need to get in touch with her family. Do you have that information?”

“I have it at the club. I am heading to my car as we speak. I don’t have a lot of information but I do have contact numbers in case of an emergency. I also have her home address. Is she going to be okay Mark?”

“I don’t know Ted, I just don’t know. From what I was told, it appears that she was gang raped and left for dead. Do you have surveillance in the club?”

“I do, I had it installed a few years ago. No one knows it is there but I always worried about something like this happening.”

“I have my investigators flying out of Vegas within the hour. Can we get copies of those tapes?”

“I can make copies for the police and for you as well. George will give you my phone number and have them call me the minute they land. Do you want me to pick them up at the airport?”

“I appreciate the offer but my staff is arranging rental cars for them as we speak. I would like to have them talk to you and your staff today if possible.”

“Whatever you need Mark, anything at all. I need to tell you something. I chewed her ass out a few days ago. Ever since she got back from Hawaii, she has been a major bitch with everyone. I had a long talk with her. She told me part of what you two had argued about and I know I shocked the crap out of her because you and I agree on everything. I know that didn’t make her happy but she did listen to me. Of course, I also told her to get her head out of her ass or get the fuck out of my club.

I heard there was a party at your place this weekend. One of her friends told me she was too stubborn to go even though she did receive an invitation. She can be difficult. I guess you know that. Anyway, when your people get here, have them call me. I’ll meet them at the club. I’ll call Phil right away and get him the information. Anything else you need, please call me anytime at all.”

Mark relayed the information to his investigators and they headed out to the airport.

Cherry had been returned to Intensive Care. Phil talked to the Doctors and learned that she was in a deep coma. They didn’t know whether she would make it or not. They had done a number on her face. They stitched her up but she is going to be scarred badly. Both of her implants were broken and she had a broken arm and a broken hand.

Phil called Mark and told him what he had learned.

“She is going to be badly scarred Mark. They really messed her up. I’m sorry.”

“Where are you right now?”

“I am at the hospital. Why?”

“Can I talk to her Doctor? Is he available?”

Phil handed the doctor the phone. “Doctor, my name is Mark Banner. I am calling from Las Vegas. Phil just gave me an update on her condition. I understand that she has been cut severely. I happen to represent top athletes, models and movie stars. Would there be a problem if I flew the top plastic surgeon in the country to take care of those problems? I don’t want to step on your authority but I have a multi-million dollar contract on my desk waiting for her signature. I want her to be back to being the most lovely woman on earth.”

“I’ll talk to the administrator but I can’t see a problem. I am not able to discuss her condition with you because of the laws, I am sure you understand.”

“Just take care of her please. She is very important to me. Phil said she is in a coma. Do you have any idea how long that could last?”

“I will take care of her and you can have the plastic surgeon contact me here. I will meet him when he gets here. As far as the coma is concerned, I have no way of knowing but we’ll be monitoring her around the clock.”

“Thank you Doctor. We’ll be in touch.”

Mark put the phone down, put his head in his hands and began to sob. Michelle came into the room and held him in her arms. Mark looked at her and asked her to get Lori for him. A few minutes later, Lori called and Mark asked her if she knew who the top plastic surgeon in the country was. She did and Mark asked her to get his phone number right away. He handed the phone to Michelle and went to get a drink. Michelle told Lori what had happened and hung up. Lori called back a few minutes later and gave Michelle the phone numbers for Dr. Bowen.

Mark called Dr. Bowen in Dallas and the call lasted several minutes. He agreed to go to her today. Mark told him that he would have his pilots pick him up and fly him to her. That was agreeable to the Doctor.

Dave and Ron flew to Dallas and picked up the Doctor.

Dr. Bowen met with her doctor and conducted a complete consultation. They determined that in order for these injuries to be corrected completely, she would have to undergo extensive surgery immediately and not wait for her to come out of the coma. Dr. Bowen suggested that she be flown to his clinic in Dallas as soon as possible. She was going to require extensive microsurgery to save her good looks.

The doctors consulted with Detective Thompson and informed him of their findings. All available evidence had been collected and his main concern was for her to have a complete and total recovery.

Dr. Bowen called Mark and told him the seriousness of her situation. He told him he needed to take her to Dallas as soon as possible to start the repairs. Time was important because the longer he waited, the chances of him reversing the damage would be severely limited.

“Doctor, I don’t care what it takes. I want her perfect. Is my plane satisfactory to move her or do I need to get a different type of plane?”

“Your plane would be wonderful. We can treat her internal injuries there as well. She has some serious problems but she is a strong woman. I can’t do the type of work I need to do here. To repair her face, I need the microscopic units. I can tell that she means a lot to you. I will do everything possible to make her well.”

“Thank you. When she wakes up, don’t mention my name. This is between you and me.”

Cherry remained in the coma for two months. The physicians in Dallas had done a wonderful job on her but she still needed several more months of reconstructive surgery. Her parents had been flown to Dallas to be by her side and Mark had rented a house near the hospital for them.

When she regained consciousness, she was moved into a private room. Almost instantly, flowers started arriving from Rashad, Jamal and Chris. Michelle, Lori, Diane and Aleka sent beautiful arrangements. Jack and Tom sent her a lovely set of flowers along with a very risqué Get Well Card. Cherry received an arrangement from Kono and Daniel as well. There was a gorgeous arrangement from The Banner Agency but there were no flowers from Mark.

Dr. Bowen checked in on her every day. He scheduled additional surgery, taking painstaking care to insure that no visible marks remained.

They released her towards the middle of July and Lori’s flight crew flew her and her parents’ home. Michelle had arranged transportation discretely from the airport to her home. Cherry was surprised to find her lawn had been maintained and there were flowers blooming in her gardens. Inside, her home had been maintained and cleaned. Anything that her parents might have found objectionable has been put away, out of sight in her thong drawer. She had no idea who had done it but she sure was glad it had happened. Even her bong was stowed away.

Cherry took two more weeks getting used to being back on her feet before she returned to work. She met with Detective Thompson several times. She told him what had occurred but she was unable to give him any descriptions of the men. All she knew was they were black and obviously gangsta’s. He informed her that DNA testing was inconclusive as all the samples were commingled and they could not get a positive ID on any one person.

“The man you went into the alley with said you went in there willingly. The bank surveillance camera across the street shows that he is telling the truth. He said you gave him a blowjob and then he left. He claims no knowledge of anything happening to you after that,” Thompson told her.

“That is a load of crap. He was there with all the rest of them. He was egging them on. He’s a fucking liar.”

“Unfortunately, we have no evidence to support that. I know he’s lying. You know he’s lying but proving it is impossible. The district attorney won’t prosecute unless you can identify the men involved.”

Thompson left and Cherry was depressed. She hadn’t worked in six months. She had been through hell. She looked in the mirror and was so happy. They had shown her the photos and Dr. Bowen was really a miracle worker. There was no trace of any injury at all. Her body was finally healthy; her mind was still fucked up. She had a lot of time to think in the hospital. She didn’t like thinking because it forced her to start to look at reality instead of being complacent in her ideology. She thought about her conversation with Ted. He sounded so much like Mark.

She went online. She saw all the usual people but there was no sign of Mark. She didn’t want to talk to any of them. Hell, she didn’t want to talk to him either but she still looked.

She walked into the Peeler Palace the last week of July. All the girls rushed to see her. She hugged and kissed them and she went and hugged Ted. She went to work and danced her heart out. Ted walked her to her car after her shift and made sure she got out of there safely.

She went home and immediately went online. Mark was absent again. She couldn’t blame him. She had treated him so badly after he treated her like a queen. She googled him and found recent photo’s of Mark and Aleka, Mark and Diane, Mark and Michelle and Mark and Dani. Who the fuck is Dani? There were articles about the new division headed by Lori.

There was an article about Mark being in Thailand with this Dani person. She looked at the date and saw that it was the day after she had bolted from Las Vegas. She learned about the death of the Carters and that Mark had flown to be with Jeremy Carter following the explosion that had taken his parents lives. It continued saying that Gary Edwards of D’Orgasmic Lingerie had joined them in Thailand the following day.

Cherry started researching everything she could find about the bombing. The Carters were delivering relief to war torn Somalia when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb. There were several news stories online and Cherry was dumbstruck when she realized that the stories were not on or All the stories were on either AP or She checked the dates and that had to be what had happened.

Ohmigod! Was that what had Mark so upset that morning? If that was it, then he’ll never speak to me again. He told me that the Carters were like second parents to him. Was he looking for information about the bombing when I went off on him?

She loaded up her bong and decided to get wasted. She picked up her purse, looking for something that wasn’t in there. She walked into her bedroom and found her other purse. She opened it and saw something. There was an envelope in there. She remembered that Michelle had given it to her before she left for home. She opened it and found a check in there for Twenty Thousand Dollars. Mark had said he would cover her lost income because of the trip to Hawaii. She didn’t even look at it until now. This would sure come in handy.

She decided to get some nose candy and she placed a call to her dealer. She told him what she wanted and he said he would be there in just a few minutes.

He arrived and she decided she didn’t want to pay him cash.

“How much do you want Cherry?”

“I’ll make you a deal,” she said as she knelt in front of him. “I’ll do you and you decide how much I get based on how good I am.”

“I can do that. I haven’t busted a nut in a few days.”

Cherry’s hand went to his zipper and she pulled it down. She fished his nice thick black cock out and began to stroke it. She removed her top and ran his cock between her lovely reconstructed tits. She began to lick him and he grew at the touch of her tongue. It was good to have a friendly, safe black cock in her mouth again. Her lips washed over his crown and she took him into her mouth. She took him in and began to lick and suck him deeply. He held her head and began to fuck her face. His long cock entered her throat and she took him in fully. She held his balls and knew he would not last long. She sucked him deeper and he started to shiver. Her mouth worked furiously and she felt the rush begin to transcend his shaft. She pulled him out and he began to spurt hot ropes of white, hot cum onto her lips, her teeth and her tits. He was right, he hadn’t cum in a few days and he continued to cum all over her. She licked him clean and he rewarded her with a nice supply of nose candy.

She blew a few lines and went back online. He still wasn’t there. Why was she looking? After what she had just learned, she knew he wouldn’t be there. Why would he want to talk to her after what she did? She never logged on. She watched a few movies and she was just about to leave when he showed up in the chat room. No one else was in there. He just sat there. It was late and she was stoned. She blew a couple more lines of coke and created a screen name BBCLVR J. She came into the room and then she left. She went back and she sat there.

Mark didn’t say a word. He sat there silently. He knew it was her. He didn’t care. He watched the movie and then she left. She came back under a different screen name and he ignored her again. She changed names one more time and he ignored her yet again. He logged off and went to bed. He didn’t care what she did.

The first week of August had arrived and Cherry was dancing when three familiar figures walked into the club. Cherry was on stage when they arrived and she jumped off the stage and ran to hug each of them.

Rashad put his strong hands on her face and looked critically. He took her over to a better-lit part of the club, looked at her face, and smiled. “The doctor did a wonderful job. I am so glad to see that.”

“I’ve missed you so much. I can’t wait to get together later. You should have let me know you were in town.”

“We need to talk,” Chris said.

Ted saw them talking to her. He watched as she took them into the VIP area.

“We came in here tonight to tell you that we found out what caused you to fly into a rage that morning in Vegas. It took months to find out. I damned near had to beat it out of Michelle. She, on the other hand damned near had to kill Mark just to get him to talk about it to her. Did you or did you not tell Mark that you’ve never heard anybody you consider smart say a good thing about Fox News?” Chris asked.

“Yeah I said that.”

“So you don’t consider the three of us to be intelligent then?” Jamal inquired.

“You three are very intelligent.”

“Would it surprise you if I told you that our teams won’t stay in hotels that don’t offer Fox News? You seem to have a real hard on for anyone who happens to believe in conservative values.” Rashad said.

“Yes, I do. I don’t know what they are trying to conserve. It makes no sense to me. It just isn’t logical. I told him that his views are wrong or at least “not right” but given the source of most of his information, I presume no less. I also told him that I’m sorry, but I cannot have a friend who I honestly think is …well, I can’t use ‘crazy’ because it’s an overused term, but I so strongly disagree with the fundamentals underlying his positions that I fear it will rankle no matter what I try to do.” Cherry said. She felt her mood darkening.

“Well, we’re here to tell you a few things. For starters, you want to play with black men but you don’t know shit about what it is like to be black. You are looking at three men who absolutely disagree with the things the liberals have done to our community.

You own your home. You pay property taxes. Did you know that over fifty percent of your taxes go to education?” Chris asked her.

“I didn’t know it was that high but I did know some of it went there,” she said.

“Did you hear the news yesterday? They are predicting that eighty-four percent of America’s schools will be failures next year. The Obama administration just issued waivers to those schools allowing them to slide on that failure. The liberals don’t care if our kids get educated. They would rather look good than do good.” Rashad remarked.

Jamal picked it up, “Take my sister for example. Oh that’s right, you didn’t know I had a sister did you? You never asked any of us about anything personal. See, goes back to everything being about you and no one else, anyway, she has three kids and the school district is terrible. They have a sixty-four percent drop out rate. She wants to send her kids to a Charter school that graduates over ninety-five percent of their students. She is fighting for the right to have vouchers to allow her to use those vouchers to send her kids to a school where they can get an education. The Republicans want it. The Democrats don’t want anything to do with it. Do you want to know why?”

“I’ll tell you why,” Rashad, said, “They want to please their base. The Teachers Union contributes millions of dollars to the Democrats and they don’t want anything to happen that would make them lose their jobs. The liberals don’t give a damn about teaching out kids. They waste money as if it is going out of style.

In New York, they have these things called Rubber Rooms. They are filled with unionized teachers who have been declared unfit to teach but they can’t be fired. Every day, these teachers go to school, they sit in the Rubber Rooms and they collect their paychecks every week. They are all making over a hundred grand a year each.

Conservatives say that that is crap and it has to stop. Liberals say it is okay with them. Our kids are suffering because they can’t get books for the kids but they sure can pay these morons.” Chris stated.

“In the area we grew up in, we were the exception and not the rule. We have college degrees because we were good in sports. I’m going to bet you have no idea what degrees we have do you?”

“No, I don’t”

“It’s funny Cherry, after all the time we’ve spent together; you don’t know jack shit about us as people. Chris has a degree in Political Science, Jamal has a degree in Economics and mine is in Communications. You never knew because you never asked.”

“It is a fact that when a child is functionally illiterate in grade six or seven, he is not going to graduate. He’ll drop out. He won’t have a chance to make a decent living.

They want to give the people in my community a hand out rather than a hand up. It is much easier to take someone who doesn’t know something, feed them a line of crap, give them food stamps and welfare and tell them that you’re looking out for them. They will buy that load of bullshit because they lack the ability or the desire to question what they hear.

The net result is they screw the blacks and gain a base to insure their election. It is a vicious circle,” Chris told her. “The conservatives want to see vouchers; they want our children educated and become productive happy people. We agree with that.”

“None of us are Republicans. Both parties have screwed things up badly. This week, we lost out AAA credit rating. You can’t spend 1.4 Trillion dollars a year more than what you take in. Do the math. This will destroy the strongest country on earth.

We are all Independents. Sure, some things are good from each party, but when we see how our community is hurting, we can’t support a political party that is hell bent on not changing it.

Not all men are good men Cherry. You found that out. Some are criminals, others are rapists and the one in the White House has done more damage to this country than all past presidents put together. He wants us to be like Europe. Europe is bankrupt. England is on fire. The insanity has to stop,” Jamal told her.

Rashad was getting pissed, “So, if Mark is a fool, then we are fools too in your eyes. Mark donates millions of dollars to black, inner-city schools every year. Hell, he contributes more than I make a year. His concerns are simple. There is so much talent in the black community and he does not want to see it go to waste.”

“Maybe you see that there are serious reasons for intelligent people to have conservative beliefs. I hope you see them. We are not evil people. Did you get the flowers, by the way?” Chris said.

“Yes I did. Thank you, they were beautiful. I was surprised that you knew what had happened to me.”

“We knew within an hour of you being admitted to the hospital. One of our friends is a cop who was also a friend of David’s. He knew what we had done about your home and he knew to call Phil. They were trying to find your parents. We were there attending the party. Mark had his investigators in the air within an hour. They picked up Dr. Bowen in Dallas and flew him to you. Then they flew you back to Dallas. So yes, we knew,” Rashad, informed her.

“Wait a fucking minute. Are you telling me that Mark was responsible for Dr. Bowen? Holy shit, I didn’t know any of this.”

“Who the hell did you think paid for all the surgery? What was it, something like thirty-eight separate surgeries? You sure as hell didn’t get a bill did you? Lori recommended him and Mark didn’t even think about it, he just did it. According to Michelle, the costs were just over a million dollars.”

She thought back to that one night she saw him in the chat room. She got ‘in his face’ and he had to know it was her.

He has to think I am such a bitch.

“Cherry, you know that we are not typical. We have always treated you with respect. We believe people should have basic respect anyway. We don’t understand why you disrespect so many people. You said you received the flowers. Other than just now, did you stay in touch with anyone? Did you say thank you to anyone?” Jamal asked.

She lowered her head, “No.”

“Why not? Fuck this is crap girl. We know that you even received flowers from Daniel and Kono. No one has heard from you at all.”

“I don’t have any way to get in touch with any of them. The only one I have an email address for is Mark and he sure as fuck isn’t talking to me.”

“Who can blame him if he isn’t talking to you? None of us can. We talk to everyone all the time. We have their email addresses and we talk to them on Yahoo all the time. None of us can understand any of this. You can’t contact them because something in your coked up head didn’t want to have the ability to contact them. You never asked for anyone’s contact information. You just didn’t care,” Rashad said critically.

Cherry was angry at their implications. “Look, I’ll tell you exactly what I told Mark. Right from the start I’d told him that ME comes first. It is how it is. I told him I was broken. I am bipolar and that is just one of many head-faults. I am manic-depressive. I have the mania and the depressions. I mean this in the strictest clinical sense. Add to that, I have obsessive/compulsive disorder, as well as a couple of other mental whatsits. None of these makes me any easier to deal with, but the obsessive/compulsive part is particularly relevant.

One of the things that I’m obsessive/compulsive about is ‘when something is objectively right’.

His, well fuck this, all of your political beliefs and mine clash on that level. Because of my mental hang-ups, I’m unable to look past that sort of thing so I’d be constantly picking at all of you, evaluating things you say to see if they clash with your stated values, etc.

I know me; I’d be starting debates over things, just for the sake-of-it. I don’t have the energy to put myself through that, and it’s not going to do anyone else much good either. It’s that I’ve decided it’s just better if I don’t talk to any of you, because if I DO it’ll probably be a nuisance or crazy mess. I don’t want to be crazy, and I’m sure none of you want to put up with craziness either.

Therefore, I’mma just avoiding the situation, since solving it is highly improbable. It’s not a ‘personal thing’ designed to offend Mark. I’ve developed a coping strategy for life. If I can’t fix something, I have to walk away or I obsess over why I can’t fix it, how it could be fixed, etc.”

“We know all that. This is exactly what it took Michelle months to get Mark to open up about. He has known this about you for a very long time. Why the fuck do you think he never slept with you. He valued your friendship over the sex. It was against his better judgment that he did start sleeping with you. Every fucking one of us pushed him into it. The girls knew how you claimed to feel about him. We told him he was a selfish son-of-a-bitch. He relented and this is what happened. If you want to lay the blame, then he is not the one to take your wrath. The only thing he is guilty of is loving you.”

“Well, I do catch and release very well, I guess? I don’t do well with ‘love’. I can barely tolerate ‘like’. He knew that. I told him many times. I know love isn’t to be scorned. Sending it towards me is like telling a dog to make good use of cooking sherry. At BEST, it’s just gonna drink the stuff. I dunno what to do with love. Many people never embrace love. It’s why the worlds messed up. Love is a serious investment. Not everybody’s into investing, especially on risky gambles.”

“Risky gambles, did you just say that? I’ll tell you what a risky gamble is. Walking into a dark alley with some unknown black thug just because you craved a black cock in your mouth is a fucking risky gamble. Winding up in hospital for five months is a fucking risky gamble. You must have grown a pair in the hospital. The last time we looked, you didn’t have balls. For you to say that about Mark is the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard. There is nothing risky about him at all,” Rashad told her.

Chris was getting angry, “If you keep up your shit, it won’t be long before you’re sucking off your drug dealer just to see how many lines of coke he’ll give you. That is only going to go on for so long before he has you turning tricks to feed your habit. You may not look your age right now but you will soon. Oh, you’ll still have great tits and a good-looking ass but everything else is going to start to go away. The tits will remain but that ass is going to be full of cellulite one of these days. The next thing you’ll know is he’ll have you out on the street giving twenty-dollar blowjobs just like the other whores out there. You’ll go from snorting to shooting and then he’ll own your ass until the next time you take someone into an alley and chances are good that someday, you won’t come out alive.”

“You think you know what black men want. You don’t know shit. You think that every man will fall head over heels in love with you but you can’t give any of us what we want. You got rid of any chance of that years ago. We just came back from Canton, Ohio. We were at the NFL Hall of Fame inductions. Every man who was inducted said the same thing. They thanked their family for their success.

You can’t give a man any children. We didn’t know that until recently. You know what that makes you Cherry. It reduces you to a sperm dump; a receptacle is the best you can expect to be. Very few black men would want a woman who can’t give them babies. You never thought of that did you?

All you’re interested in is the size of their cocks. Everything is always about you, no one else but you. We’ve all noticed it. Honestly, it is a very selfish way to be.”

“Mark has no idea that we are here. He would be so pissed at us for getting into this with you but since we value his friendship, we’re here anyway. He is the one man who knew all that about you and he still loved you with all his heart. You pissed on him and yet, there is one thing about him you, as usual, never wanted to know.

Mark can’t have children. He’s been shooting blanks all his life. Call him warped or twisted but he thought that the two of you would be perfect together considering the fact that you never wanted children and he couldn’t give any woman a family,” Jamal stated matter-of-factly.

“If you need help with that messed up head or yours, ask for it. We know one person who would be willing to help. You are more than a great body. You are much more than that.” Rashad said.

“I am more than just a body, but I am a right cunt in a lot of ways. Life is full of pain-causing incidents that people don’t deserve. People come people go. This is the transience of life. That’s my thing! Sensibility in chaos, or chaos in sensibility.”

“Does chaos feel good?” Chris asked her.

“It’s more like an absence-of-feeling, kinda like black is an absence of color. Chaos is swirly. It’s the same crap as everybody else, pretty much. My dead-end life, makes me feel like I’ve peaked, and I’m not even that peaky. It’s as if my ‘peak’ was a high mountain valley.”

“Sounds like you’ve given up then. I don’t understand that at all. You have so much potential.”

“Well, you see potential. A wise man once said ‘ya can’t make a living off potential.’ Therefore, until I tap that, it’s pretty much as peaked as I get. You don’t believe I’ve given up. Some days that’s the only thing I’m sure of – that I quit trying.”

“You walked away from your potential. You had the world by the balls. You didn’t walk away, you ran as fast as you could,” Rashad said.

Jamal looked at her critically, “And all this started when?”

“It comes and goes, but somewhere around a few years ago is when it crystallized into the hate-crack it is now. I’ve been a head case all my life. Nobody thought to get me a shrink until I was 25.

Look, I’m not opposed to being embraced. I just like to be let go again relatively soon. I’m not much for holding still long enough to be held. That goes for hugs as well as relationships.”

He continued, “You need to know that there are people who care about you and are here for you.”

“All I know how to do with people who are there for me is use them. Every time I open my mouth, what comes out most frequently is either something self-deprecating or ‘niggadick’.

I told you, I’m broken. I just wish, for five minutes, that people could see me the same overcritical way they tend to see themselves.

Most people are too hard on themselves, aren’t they? Why don’t people realize that somebody as ‘smart’ as me is that much more critical of myself? I have decided that it’s easier to not get pissed off about me than to get mad and try to fix something that might be unfixable.

I can’t even change my bedtime, even when I have good reason to. I don’t make big change. I can’t make little change. I can’t change my mind. This thing in my head is a cloud of malaise, not a pinpoint ache of sadness. I never get to ‘good’, but sometimes I feel better than other times.

I’m alone, I’m going to be alone, and so I have to figure out how to make it alone. It’s mostly as a result of my own behavior, and I can spend the next thirty years undoing it, and then ‘learning to walk again’ or I can just get used to the me that I am, and figure out how life is supposed to be for people who don’t have 2.3 kids and a mortgage.”

“Sounds like you already know what is wrong with you then. You have a completely overblown evaluation of your own intelligence. If, as you say, you’re broken, then it makes perfect sense not to get your ass fixed. After all, if it takes thirty years to fix it, that is way too long isn’t it. Exactly how old will you be in thirty years anyway? You’ve already thrown yourself away. It is no wonder you’re so good at throwing others away too.”

“Well, this certainly isn’t the kind of conversation I expected to have with you. It’s closing time so let me get my things and we can go back to my place. I really have missed you,” Cherry said.

Chris reached into his jacket pocket and took out a piece of paper and a magic marker. He looked at the paper and drew a large black line through three entries. He handed the paper to Cherry. She looked at a list of email addresses. “At the very least Cherry, write them and thank them for their prayers and the flowers. We aren’t going back to your place. In our business, you only get one chance to play in the big leagues. No one can fix this but you Cherry.”

With that, they stood up and walked out of the club.

Cherry sat there and started to cry.

Ted walked in and saw her crying. “I take it that didn’t go well. I’m sorry Cherry. Let’s go, I’ll walk you to your car.”

Cherry walked onto the front porch and took got her mail from the box. She was in a foul mood. She threw her mail next to her computer, went, and got a Macadamia Nut cookie.

She fired up the computer and looked at the mail. In addition to the bills, there was a padded envelope with a handwritten address on it. She looked at the return address and saw that it was from Mark. She opened the envelope and a small packet fell out. She opened it and found the sapphire nipple ring she thought she had lost. She looked inside and took out a handwritten letter.

Dear Cherry,

I was pleased to hear that you have recovered fully from your recent ordeal. I was shocked to learn of it and I am so glad that the initial reports of your condition were inaccurate.

I found the enclosed when I returned from Thailand. I wanted to return it to you but held off doing so until you were released from hospital.

Obviously, we’ll never agree on many things. I tried to tell you that I was an Independent and all you heard was I am a Conservative. I have many reasons I think this way but I won’t try to rehash them now.

I do hope you will think back to when you were flying the jet. You learned to keep the wings level and the yoke straight. As important as that was to the navigation of the jet, it is just as important in life. Too much left and you crash. Too much right and you crash.

I don’t know if you’ll ever wear them again but if you do, look on the back. I had my jeweler engrave a tiny R on this one. Wear this on your right breast. It will give you some balance.

I do want to thank you for the friendship we shared. I know I will never forget you. Good luck in all things.

Sincerely, Mark

Cherry read the letter, looked at the stone, and saw the R and then she reread the letter again. Mark’s words chilled her. They were so cold. He had never been this way with her. She figured that she shouldn’t expect anything other than what she had just read. He treated her with respect and considered her an equal. She treated him like a total piece of dog shit.

Mark’s letter came just as she had learned that Jamal, Chris and Rashad wanted nothing more to do with her. This made her realize that she truly was an emotional mess…again.

She lit a bowl and went online. As was usual, Mark was not there. She had to live her life and fuck everyone else. There were thousands of people who wanted her; she didn’t need any of them. She smoked another bowl.

Her mind was reeling and she stewed over the mistakes she had made. She walked away from a contract that would make her millions of dollars and secure her future. She walked away from people who actually did care about her. She walked away from a man who loved her. She pushed the three best men she had ever known away as well.

Well Cherry, when you fuck something up, you definitely do a good job of it, don’t you?

Cherry looked and looked. She was in no mood to play. She lit another bowl. She was completely wasted and for once, she went to bed early. She couldn’t sleep, she tossed and turned and eventually she passed out.

She woke up and headed back to work. She parked and walked through the door of the Peeler Palace. Something was happening and she didn’t know what it was. There were many added security men inside the club. This never happened. A rather large, burly man in a suit stopped her as she walked through the door. She had never seen him before but he apparently knew her.

“Cherry, Ted needs to see you in his office right away.”

Cherry looked at him in disbelief but she didn’t question him. She walked into Ted’s office. He was there with a woman who somehow looked familiar but she couldn’t place her. Detective Thompson was there as well.

Detective Thompson stood up and greeted Cherry when she walked through the door. “Cherry, we have a very serious problem. I was notified of a situation that became known late last night. I received a call at 3am from the head of the Gang Taskforce. The man you went into that alley with has, according to our intelligence sources, put a contract out on you. He apparently doesn’t know that we don’t have enough evidence to prosecute him. We know that this is a serious threat and that is why Ted brought in the added security you see here right now.”

The last 24 hours and been one body blow after another. Now this is happening. Cherry started to shake. She was scared.

“Cherry, your life is too valuable for you to stay here. I talked to my brother George. He has agreed to hire you. It means you have to leave town and leave town today. Your life depends on it.”

“Where would I go? I don’t have a place to live. What about my stuff? I would have so much to do. I’m scared, I can’t process all this. My parents would have to know where I am,” Cherry cried.

The woman stood up and walked over to Cherry extending her hand. “Cherry, my name is Dani McRae. George asked me to reassure you that everything will be taken care of. We have a lovely place for you to stay. I live in the same building.

It is nice and completely furnished and decorated. I realize it isn’t your home but it is very upscale. I know you’ll love it. It has a gorgeous view of the Strip and it even has its own hot tub.

I will arrange to have your car shipped to Vegas and all of your belongings. Your furniture will all be in storage in Las Vegas. The apartment is completely stocked, food, liquor and all the things you like.

I need you to come with us right now, pack your clothes and the things you will need immediately. I have a plane waiting for us. The security men will be accompanying us to Las Vegas. You will be safe.”

“I will make arrangements to have police escort you to the airport. They have been watching your home since 3:30am anyway. We are taking this threat very seriously,” Detective Thompson told her.

“I don’t know. Things didn’t go to well the last time I was in Vegas. Actually, I really fucked everything up royally. I know where Sapphires is. It is really too close to someone I know, now, doesn’t want anything to do with me ever again,” she sobbed as she looked at Ted.

Ted looked at her sternly, “Cherry, it is a big city. You won’t run into Mark unless you want to. I just bet that you are so misguided in your assessment of him but hey, I’m not going to get in the middle of that again. You know my views. Just know that I’ve always enjoyed having you here. I will miss you but I will see you again. I get out there at least four times a year.”

“Cherry, the next part is going to be hard for you but you can’t tell the girls what you are doing or where you are going. Ted is going to tell them that you quit and that you were going to take a vacation. It is vital that you break all ties to anyone here. Your life depends on it,” Detective Thompson said.

Cherry turned to the woman and asked, “My home is paid for. How much will the rent be on the place you have for me? I’m concerned because I haven’t worked for a long time.”

“I arranged with the owner that the place is yours for as long as you want to live there. There is no rent, utilities or phone bills. The owner was made aware of your situation and he offered to help you out completely. It is a large apartment, 3 bedrooms and almost 2,500 square feet under air. A huge wrap-around patio adds almost another thousand square feet of outdoor living space. I am certain you’ll like it.”

“I guess I don’t really have a choice. I’ll have to let my folks know.”

“They have already been notified Cherry. They know you are safe. We will take care of you. You can call them when you get to Las Vegas.”

Cherry left the club and headed home for the last time. She directed what she needed packed and certain things she packed herself.

Phil Johnson arrived with a woman Cherry did not know. He had been read in on the situation and the woman was a realtor. She told Cherry what her home was worth and the value shocked Cherry. The figure she gave her was much more than Cherry thought, even in this depressed market. Cherry signed the listing agreement and gave Phil the power of attorney to act on her behalf.

“If you ever see my old friend Cherry, tell him Gloria and I said hello,” Phil told her.

Cherry smiled, “The last time I gave him a message, it got a little embarrassing Phil.” She then told him what she had done and what Mark’s reaction was.

“That is so funny Cherry. I can’t wait to tell Gloria what you did. She will just die of embarrassment. I can’t wait to see the look on her face. You take care of yourself. I will be in touch as soon as possible on the house.”

Dani collected her keys to the house and to her vehicle. She gave one set of keys to the realtor and everyone headed to the assembled vehicles. Cherry took a long, last view of her home as the vehicles drove away.

Cherry sighed in relief when they pulled into the airport. Yes, there was a jet standing by but it wasn’t Mark’s Gulfstream. Something had been gnawing on her gut. She was afraid that somehow Mark Banner was providing transportation for this rather fast move.

Security loaded the plane with her belongings and they headed to Las Vegas. It was a smaller jet than Mark’s but it was very nice. Until this year, she had only seen them on TV or in pictures. She had to admit, private jets were the only way to fly.

[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "Cherry Takes on the NFL" To avoid any confusion on my reader's part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]

Things were perfect; Gary was still processing everything that had happened in his life. Holly came for a visit and she left leaving him the greatest gift a woman could give a man. This multi-orgasmic woman was such a wonderful slut. She could not be quiet, no matter what happened. For once, Gary was pleased with the results of her screaming orgasms. Rose, Wendy and Debbie had not just touched his life. They had parachuted into his heart in a wonderful way.

Wendy came to him on Wednesday and told him she was leaving Jason, her useless drunk of a husband. Gary called Dave and got the ball rolling. Wendy told him he could have everything. She just wanted him out of her life. She moved her personal belongings into Debbie’s apartment and then turned everything over to the lawyers.

Mark’s Hawaiian vacation was ending and Gary was anxious to meet his new model. When he saw Cherry on the Red Carpet with Mark, he knew that she would be perfect for the new slut-wear line that was under development right now. She was spectacular in every way. Mark told him that they would be back in Vegas on Monday and that Lori would get him the photos he needed immediately.

Gary decided he had to switch cars. Something larger was definitely required. He loved his Corvette but it wasn’t practical with four in the family. He drove over to D’Orgasmic and opened the garage. He drove in and looked at the available vehicles. Florida laws made collecting cars profitable from an estate tax viewpoint.

There were ten cars in the garage. His Candy Apple Red ’40 Ford with the supercharged 427 Chevy was his pride and joy. Mark had his deuce coupe but he had the car he had fallen in love with when he was just a kid. It was secure under the tarp. He hadn’t driven it in a while but he knew that was going to change.

The same could be said for his Lamborghini. He seldom drove this one either but he sure did like having it. He loved it when Dani was in town. For some reason, just the thought of that car got her pussy wet as could be. He had to give it to Mark; he sure could pick them. Dani was Mark’s private secretary, part-time lover and one great fuck.

He looked at his Maybach and decided that it was too expensive and ostentatious to park it at the apartment.

His motor home was unique and he used that when he wanted to get out of town. This one was several cuts above his old Pace Arrow. He laughed when he thought of all the good times he had with Connie in that rig. He smiled fondly and hoped that she was happy. She sure made him happy for a very long time.

The limo was definitely out of the question. Robert and Maggie loved it but he never used it. His ’59 Cadillac was a classic that had been painstakingly restored. The back seat was as large as a sofa.

The silver Mercedes 650 coupe, the BMW and the Audi were nice but not suitable for what he wanted right now.

He had always shared a fondness for cars with Mark. Banner was jealous of the fact that he had more cars than he did but his own vehicles weren’t shabby by any stretch of the imagination. Gary made a mental note to buy a new pickup truck. He was sure that would push Mark over the edge.

He saw his new silver Mercedes and decided that was what he wanted for now. He parked the Corvette and pulled the Mercedes Sedan out of the building. He liked this car a lot but he seldom drove it. He looked at the odometer and laughed, it only had 3,500 miles on it. Now, that he was a family man he needed it.

He didn’t go into the office. He needed to get to the liquor store and then the market before the girls got home.

He knew at some point, he would have to tell them the truth. He hadn’t said anything to them yet. He was a pragmatist. He wanted to know in his heart that their feelings were genuine and not because of his wealth. He knew in his heart that their feelings were real. They had no idea about his other life. He had taken great pains to live frugally. He dressed like a writer, he drove a nice car but other than that, he was just another single man. Little did they know?

He knew how he felt about them. These three women were exactly what he had always wanted. They were not the high fashion models he usually dated. They were women who had real world experience. They were gorgeous, sexy and loving. They didn’t just fuck like minks; they fucked like super minks on steroids. Damn, those women were insatiable.

Gary received a text from Mark that they would be back in Vegas on Sunday. Apparently, the vacation was going great.

Gary pulled into the apartment just as Rose was parking her car. She saw him get out of the Mercedes and walked over to him. She kissed him and looked at the car.

“Baby, where is the Corvette? This is gorgeous; it is the top of the line Mercedes, isn’t it? Where did you get this lovely…oh look at those leather seats. That leather is almost as soft as my pussy baby.”

Gary laughed at that. “If I had a car with pussy skin seats, do you think I’d ever get out of it?”

“Hell no you wouldn’t. There would be tongue marks all over the damned car though. So tell me, what happened to the Corvette. I love that car.”

“I have several cars but the Vette wasn’t practical now that I have three of the most delicious women in my life. I bought the Mercedes a while ago. I just don’t drive it much. I’m glad this meets your approval.”

“Gary Edwards, why do I feel there is much more to learn about you?”

“Don’t you already know enough?”

“Do you mean do I know that you are the most loving, caring guy a woman could ever hope to find? Do you also mean are you the best fucking lover on the planet? Forget the fact that you can prepare food like a gourmet chef and you bake too?”

“Yeah, that is what I mean.”

“Get your sweet cheeks inside. I have a short memory. I need food, I need sex and I need you right fucking now.”

“Hold on girlfriend. Today we all get to him at the same time.” Wendy yelled as she and Debbie had just arrived as well. “I told you Debbie, she’s greedy. We have to watch her.”

“She’s not greedy; she’s horny, just like we are. That is a nice car Gary where did that come from?” Debbie asked.

“I had it in storage. I can’t take all four of you in the Vette so I swapped this out. Glad you like it. Now, grab those grocery bags and let me in the kitchen. From the looks of the three of you, I’m going to need my strength. Food…I need food”

“Cock, you’re damned right you need food because we need cock and lots of it!” they said in unison.

Gary barely made into the apartment when they were all over him, kissing, nibbling and biting him playfully.

“I need a bigger kitchen. Hell, I need a bigger bed. I need a bigger place to live,” he laughed.

“Just put a bed in the kitchen and we’ll all be happy,” Rose giggled.

Rose and Gary went to work and before long, steaks were grilling, shrimp were scampied and the table was set.

Debbie went out to check her mail and when she came back, she was laughing her head off. “I told you that son of a bitch was fucking around on me. I am so glad he is history. Here, don’t take this wrong, look what just came in the mail for him.”

She threw a box at Gary. He looked inside and started laughing. The box contained five 200-count bottles of 200mg Viagra pills.

“There has to be a thousand dollars worth of the stuff in here. Don’t throw that out. The way you three are, I may need these soon.”

“With that cock, it will be many years before you need that. When that happens, we’ll just buy more darling,” Wendy whispered in his ear.

They ate a delicious meal and Gary learned that the women had already discussed what the plan was for the weekend. There were attachments that had to be explored. It was going to get messy in Gary’s world but that was just wonderful.

“I have to try that G-Spot attachment,” Rose said. We have the entire weekend. We have everything we need; we don’t have to leave the apartment. We don’t have to get dressed. We can just fuck our brains out all weekend.”

“I’ve been fantasizing about the G-Spot thingy with the finger attachment. Oooh fuck, just thinking about that gets me so damned horny. My pussy is so wet already.” Wendy smiled a wicked smile.

“Good you two play with the Sybian, I have cock to suck and fuck and suck some more. I promise I’ll leave some for you.” Debbie laughed as she leaned over and kissed him deeply.

“Rose, how many candles are left in the toy box?”

“There are at least a dozen left darling. I promise I won’t go overboard. They just make us so horny it isn’t even fair. No one should be this horny all the time.”

“Is this one of those things we heard from our parents, ‘eat your carrots, don’t you know there are children starving in India’?” Gary laughed.

“Fucking right, don’t waste an orgasm, there is a broken down crack whore wishing she was getting what is on our plate this weekend. So cum hard just to make her feel better,” Debbie, laughed loudly.

Gary lit a cigarette and walked into his office. He checked his messages and his email. There was an email from Maggie telling him that they were heading into Somalia to deliver food. She told him they would be back in the States in a week and she wanted to get together with him. They had been in Thailand a few weeks ago and had sent him several photographs of them and Jeremy. He fired off a reply that he missed them and looked forward to seeing them soon.

By the time he was finished, the blender was in full Rum Runner mode and he walked out to find three gorgeous women in high heels and smiles beckoning him into the bedroom. Wendy walked up to him, wrapped her lovely arms around his neck, and stroked his chest with her gorgeous tits. Rose was undoing his belt and Debbie as kissing his neck as her own luscious orbs fell wonderfully on his back.

The women were already feeling the effect of the three candles Rose had lit. It was good to see that she was becoming more fiscally responsible. Gary laughed loudly at that thought.

Rose pulled his trousers off and set them aside. Her hand was circling his shaft as she knelt before him. She held him in her tiny hands and looked up to see Wendy’s sweet tits crushed against his chest. She was kissing him deeply. Debbie’s arms came around him from behind; she was stroking his chest together with Wendy’s perfect tits. Debbie was nibbling on his ear and driving him wild.

Rose took his now stiff cock and began to lick him completely. From the day she finally had this man, she never wanted to let him go. She loved him more with each passing day. He brought her contentment. Yes, he brought her to places she never knew existed sexually but it was much more than that. This was spiritual.

He encouraged her to feel like a complete woman. He allowed her sexuality to come to the forefront of her life. She had always known she was an extremely hot woman. Very few men saw past her looks to see her for the woman she was. Gary did that. He showed her that her innermost desires need not be hidden. He encouraged her to be exactly who she wanted to be. Her desire was to be the most loved and best-fucked woman on earth. So far, things were going along just great!

Her lovely lips caressed his balls and she began to lick his shaft. Yes, he wanted her to become the complete slut she had always known had lived inside her for many years. She never had a safe way to become that wanton, cock hungry woman who had been crying out for so many years. She took his cock into her mouth and her pussy gushed as she felt him filling her hot, wet mouth.

Debbie came around behind her to lie between her legs. She began to lick Rose’s wet, sweet puffy pussy. Rose loved that her pussy was in such good hands, lips and tongues. She never would have believed that she would ever get into a relationship with a man who would not only love her but would invite others to love her as well. Debbie had a definite knack for licking her and she was improving every day.

Wendy reached down, took Gary’s cock from her mouth, and pushed him onto the bed. She reached down, helped Rose up and tasted Gary on her lips. She walked to the head of the bed and dropped her lovely, waxed pussy onto his talented lips.

Rose and Debbie repositioned themselves and they both began to suck his cock deliciously. Rose took him in while Debbie licked his balls. Rose offered him to Debbie and her lips stretched wide as he filled her mouth fully. They took turns sucking him and licking him deliciously. They played with his ass and sucked him more. They took turns with his cock and then they decided to suck him simultaneously.

Their lips touched as they circled his cock. Their faces traveled the length and breadth as their eyes were locked on each other. Rose held Debbie’s nipples between her fingers and Debbie did the same. Their lips were delivering so much love to him and to each other.

Wendy was watching them, as they loved his hard cock. She shivered as her pussy was being licked expertly. There was one thing she was certain of; if there was a gold medal to be won for licking pussy, he deserved it over every man on earth. His tongue was simply divine.

There was never a doubt that this man loved her. He took his time to insure that every part of her anatomy was thrilled beyond her wildest imagination. No man had ever made love to her the way he did.

His tongue began its magic on her clit; she was breathless with the thrills he brought to her. His touch was soft and sweet. How could a man who did not possess a clit know how to make one feel this good? Her pelvis started to shimmer and shake as she felt the first of many wonderful, mind-blowing orgasms take her to those sweet places only he could do.

Her breasts rose and her breath shallowed and she concentrated on only one thing – the fabulous tongue that was taking her to paradise. Her pussy flowed with the sweetest honey imaginable and Gary licked it all up. Her lovely pussy was smothering his face and he loved it. He kept licking her sweetly and she kept cumming, each one harder than the last. He was relentless and she now knew that he would not stop no matter what.

His tongue should eventually be enshrined – he was that good. Her toes curled and her pussy pulsed. Her nipples felt like granite as she was tugging on them. With each pull, she came deeper than before.

Wendy watched as the girls sucked him, licked him and loved him with everything they were worth. His tongue was washing her tight, tiny asshole. When it entered her ass, she shrieked. This man was the sexiest man she had ever known. She put her hands on her lovely ass-cheeks and she pulled them apart allowing him to dig his tongue deeper into her precious ass. Fuck that tongue was fantastic!

Debbie pulled Rose from his cock and she dropped her pussy onto him quickly. She needed his cock in her right now. She began to ride him viciously. The only thing consuming her thoughts all day was how she was going to go home and fuck him senseless.

That is what she wanted and that is what she was going to do. Her pussy stretched and she felt every single ridge, vein and bump on his cock totally fill and please her. This man had staying power unlike any man she had ever known. How could he not cum having two horny sluts sucking his cock while Wendy rode his face. Debbie didn’t know and she didn’t care either. All she wanted was to feel him inside her. She was insane with the lust that flowed from him. She wanted him in her pussy, in her ass and definitely, between her lips.

Unlike the other women, she had fantasized about being with him for two years. He was always so kind to her and she had considered him a friend. She had wanted him as her lover. Now that she had him, she was much more than a fleeting romance. She was a part of his life and could not believe how her life had changed. She had never been this happy in her life.

She had learned that she was bisexual too. That fact made her pussy flow constantly as well. She had the best of all worlds’ right here, right now. She had a man, a gorgeous man to love her, to hold her. She knew he loved her. It is much more than just sex with him. The sex is delicious and he and fucks her brains out constantly. When he looks into her eyes, she can see the love inside him and his kiss is earth moving.

Add to that, two of the sexiest women on earth to hold her, love her and fuck her brains out as well. What more could a woman ever want or need?

His hard shaft was pleasing Debbie so very well. Rose began to lick her nipples and her delicate finger rode along her clit as she ground her hot pussy onto him. Nerve endings she never knew existed were firing all at once. She gripped him with all her strength and as she came and rode him tightly. God, he felt so good inside her. Debbie was cumming hard and so rapidly that she could hardly sit on him without help from Rose. Her body was on fire but her heart was singing as the man she loved was pleasing her yet again. She didn’t mind sharing him, there was so much of him to go around.

Rose pulled Debbie off him, crawled onto his prick, and slammed her exotic hybrid pussy onto him immediately. She loved his cock inside her. He was so kind and so special in everything he did. When he made love to them, he made love to them. When he fucked them, it was heaven on earth. She began cumming as soon as she felt herself surrounding him. Her body craved him, her mind had to possess him and her heart sang with the love she felt for him. Right now, she wanted her pussy to weep with lust. She needed to saturate his cock with the flood of love that had been building since she woke up that morning.

Her body was rocking and he felt her spectacular muscle tone as her pussy began that sensational vibration she had perfected. He didn’t know how she accomplished it but it simply felt as if his cock was inside the softest, sweetest vibrator imaginable. If he could only package that, he’d make another billion dollars.

He knew his time had come and as Wendy was soaking his face repeatedly, he felt his body tremble.

Rose tightened her grip; the vibration increased substantially. Rose had a pussy no man could deny. His legs trembled and his arms shook as he felt himself give way. His cock grew inside her. The sensations exploded and he began to drive a rushing current of hot, sweet, ropey cum into her thirsty pussy. Rose came with him and her body flew furiously milking every drop of his love from deep within his balls. Her heart sang as he drove his cock deep into her. Her cervix was bouncing like a rubber ball on the end of his dick. She was trancelike as he stabbed into her lovingly.

She fell forward and her lips grazed Wendy’s clit as she pushed her off his face. She wanted only one thing right now. She wanted to kiss this man for the next few years without coming up for breath.

She wrapped her arms around him as he softened inside her. They kissed deeply and lovingly. His cock slipped from her pussy and Debbie climbed between Rose’s slim thighs. She was never one to let a lovely load of his sweet cream go to waste. She dove in and began to suck his precious pearls of love from Rose’s hot twat. While Rose hovered over Debbie’s sweet face, Wendy lifted Debbie’s legs and went to town on her swollen lips greedily.

Gary lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply as he felt Rose’s tits rise and fall at the delicious effect Debbie was having on her. Debbie was starting to cum from Wendy’s hot tongue and before long, three women were cumming like banshee’s while he enjoyed his smoke.

Screams of joy were heard throughout the apartment. They were loud, heartwarming and noisy.

“Damn, I need a drink. Holly, what would like to drink?”

“Holly, who the fuck are you calling Holly? Wendy snickered.

“Well, if you three are going to start to imitate her, then I’ll just call you all Holly.” The next thing he did was duck as three high heels were thrown at him in unison. He was laughing loudly and could barely walk to the bar.

“You want screams, we’ll give you screams!” Wendy exclaimed as she was adjusting the Sybian at the foot of the bed. She had all the attachments out. “Every one of these babies is going to be put to good use tonight and tomorrow.”

“And not just on us, you’re getting the full treatment too. We’ve been thinking it is about time you screamed too Mister,” Rose smiled sweetly.

“Sounds good to me, I haven’t ridden that thing is quite a while. Someone had better have their lips around my cock when it explodes and trust me, it is going to explode.”

“Oh…pick me…pick me!” Debbie blushed. Everyone burst out laughing.

“I get first dibs,” Rose smirked. “I want that G-spot thingy. I’ve been drooling over that all day. If that thing does what it is supposed to do, I want everyone to know, if I die, please cremate me and keep my ashes until the last of you are gone and have someone scatter us together. Make sure it is a warm, pretty place. I don’t ever want us to be apart. Okay? Now let me see that thing. Damn, that bulb is large; I like it!”

Gary set it up and Rose settled on it. It was a stretch but once it was inside, she was smiling broadly. Gary blindfolded her and turned the sound system up several notches. Wendy brought a candle closer and Rose took several whiffs. Gary started the rotation and Rose loved it.

“Ohmigod, whoever designed this thing is brilliant. Faster please.”

Gary turned up the rotation and then applied the vibration. Rose started humping the clit probe and she began to cum.

“This is fantastic. Oh yes, ohmigod this is perfect. I’m cumming so hard. More, faster, please spin my head off honey, turn it up baby.”

Gary turned it up all the way. Rose was incoherent, her body shook, and she was cumming like a drug-crazed whore. Wendy and Debbie began to lick her nipples. Gary decided to do something as well. He walked in front of the blindfolded vixen and took her head in his hands. He leaned over and told her to open her mouth. Gary took his cock and placed it on her lips.

She inhaled him instantly and went ballistic. She swallowed his cock as her nipples were licked. Her body was one massive ongoing orgasm that she never wanted to stop. The addition of the cock in her mouth was, she thought, the best thing possible. She was experiencing the strongest orgasm of her life.

Gary turned the machine off as he had done before. The room went quiet. Rose kept sucking him when he motioned to Wendy to get the finger attachment. He lifted her from the machine slightly and Wendy lubed her tiny ass. She inserted the finger attachment on the rectal plug and they settled Rose down onto the machine again. He turned the spinner on and Rose moaned loudly. Next, he started putting the vibrations on and he gradually increased the speeds to full power. Rose was fucking insane. She was moaning, cumming, and shrieking on his cock as he fucked her face.

The finger in her ass was the sweetest thing ever. It spun and reamed her tight ass sending sensations that were indescribable. The G-Spot ball was marvelous and she was drenched in her own flood of passion. The music was sending her into a trance and the machine was opening floodgates she never knew existed.

Her vibrating lips wrapped around his cock were delivering the sweetest sensations directly to his hard shaft. Wendy and Debbie began to nibble lightly on her pulsing nipples launched Rose on an exploration of the outer reaches of the galaxy. Her hands were shaking; her clit was vibrating and she knew it was impossible for her to cum more than she already had, but she was wrong.

She grabbed his ass and took his cock deep into her throat. She held him there, allowing the intense vibrations to please his cock fully. She slid her tongue under his cock and began to coax him to cum into her wanton throat. The girls licked her tits, the machine did its thing, and Rose collapsed onto his exploding cock. With each strong spurt, into her belly, she moaned, swooned and wanted his cock in her throat forever.

When they extracted her from the machine, she was almost comatose. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t talk and she definitely couldn’t focus on anything at all. They laid her on the bed and she was trying to smile but she had absolutely no muscle control at all.

“She’ll start giggling in about ten minutes. She’ll be laughing in fifteen and she will be relentless in a half hour. Trust me, this is a warm-up for the rest of the night,” Gary giggled as he looked and saw Wendy already seated on the machine.

He walked over to her, kissed her and put the clit sleeve on the machine. When he was sure that the clit stimulator was perfectly adjusted, he kissed her again and he put the blindfold on her. Debbie had the control and she started it up.

“Motherfucker, holy shit! Debbie, this is fantastic. Take me there baby. Oh, yes! Fuck this is good baby. This thing is fantastic. My ass! Oh my ass, Ohmigod this feels so good.”

Gary was behind her whispering nasty things in her ear. He put his arms around her and cupped her breasts.

“Fuck me darling, feel my finger in your ass. My fist is in your twat and you are going to cum for me. Cum baby, I love you, cum hard for me darling. Soak me; get that lovely pussy gushing for me baby. Feel my cock inside you. You love my cock don’t you darling.”

He began to tug her nipples and Wendy commenced cumming spectacularly. Debbie had turned the machine all the way up and Wendy lost her mind in an instant. She was shrieking and cumming and her lovely legs were trembling. Her body convulsed deliciously. Gary licked one nipple and Debbie licked the other. She was becoming putty when Gary opened her lips and placed his cock between her teeth.

She loved the feel of his cock and she sucked him deep. Her face looked beautiful as she sucked his wonderful cock. Her body spasmed repeatedly and her thighs gripped that machine tightly. Her eyes were tingling; her throat vibrating on his stiff cock. She had never experienced anything like this before. She continued cumming harder and deeper than before.

She too, collapsed onto him and as they moved her limp frame to the bed, they heard the softest giggle from the lovely, sexy Asian goddess.

Gary and Debbie just laughed.

Debbie turned to him and put her arms around him. She held his face and looked into his eyes, “Gary, I love you with all my heart. Before I ride this thing, I want you to make love to me. I want you in my ass darling. I really want you to love me, to fuck me and to slam my ass hard darling. You’re like a drug. I’m addicted. I’m addicted to you, to your love and to the things you do to me.” She kissed him deeply and lovingly.

He felt her heart beating strongly against his chest. She looked into his eyes and then his lips. He did the same and this was becoming the tenderest moment they had ever shared. Their lips danced, teased and they kissed lightly. Debbie felt his cock grow against her stomach and she pushed her hips tightly against him. Their kisses became intense and Debbie moaned into his lips.

The bed was occupied with one snickering Asian and a jello based blonde who was hovering somewhere out in the ozone. They walked out to the living room and Debbie pushed him onto the sofa. She straddled his legs and their lips locked in a wet, slutty, fuck me kiss that got him hard instantly. Debbie was on fire and her nipples were diamonds as they scraped against his chest. She lifted his chin and licked his neck. Her perfume was intoxicating which only heightened his total pleasure.

She slid down his body and took him into her mouth. Her heart was racing as her lips closed over his hard silky shaft. She looked up at him and the love she felt was total and complete. Debbie opened her heart and then her throat and Gary slid right home. Her lips closed over his broad shaft and her head began to bob. This lovely creature was born to suck his cock. Every single day, her desire and skill increased. She wanted him inside her and she climbed back onto his lap and nestled her pussy onto him. She moaned deeply as he entered her tightly. He filled her completely and her hips began to circle and rock on his shaft.

“Fuck me darling, fill me and fuck me again. I can’t believe this is happening to me. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t want this but I never thought it would ever happen. Oh, yes, you feel so good inside me. You’re everything I always wanted. Oh God! That feels so good. Fuck me darling, yes, oh, yes Gary, I love you.”

He held her hips as he took her nipple in his mouth and began to suck sweetly. His hips drove deep into her and she began to circle him frantically. She kissed him wetly and wantonly. She hung on for dear life as she began to flood his lap with her delicious cum. She was wet and he was extremely hard.

“Baby, fuck my ass, I need to have your cock in my ass darling. Nothing turns me on more than that.”

She lifted herself and held his cock at the entrance to her tight ass. She began to sink onto him.

“Oh Gary, ohmigod baby, I love this. Fuck, oh fuck. Never in my life did I ever want this but I am so into this now. Fuck my ass darling. Fuck me, fuck my ass and fuck me hard. Stretch me, use me, love me, and fuck me harder please. I love your cock in my ass baby.”

Gary picked her up, his cock firmly planted in her ass and he turned her around and sat her on the sofa. Her eyes begged him to fuck her ass hard. He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide and he began to stroke long and deep into her perfect ass.

“You love my cock in your ass don’t you sweetheart? You want me to stretch your ass and make you cum so hard. Do you love the feel of a big cock sliding in and out of your asshole baby? I love fucking your hot, tight asshole. You make me so happy Debbie. Feel my cock slamming deep into you. Oh baby, your ass is so hot, so sweet and I can’t get enough of it baby.”

“Yes my love, fuck me harder, faster and deeper. I’m cumming baby, Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Her eyes fluttered and she began to shake uncontrollably. Her ass vibrated on his relentless cock and she grabbed her ankles and begged him to keep fucking her. He slammed into her repeatedly, she was whimpering and moaning, and her orgasms were total. He kissed her and she bit his lip and moaned again.

“My love, I want the machine now. I know what I want, give it to me Gary, give me the best orgasm of my life.”

She kissed him again and he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Rose and Debbie were regaining their strength and they smiled as Debbie entered the room impaled on his hard cock. Her body was drenched and she loved the feel of him inside her as he carried her.

“I know what I want baby. I want the two big cocks at once. I’ve wanted this all week,” she giggled.

Gary set her down, attached the dual dildo’s and Debbie climbed aboard.

“Yeah haw, Debbie may not do Dallas but she sure as fuck is gonna save a horse and ride a cowboy,” she laughed as she leaned up and kissed him one last time before he blindfolded her. “You just make sure I get that delicious cock too. I am so fucking horny. Let’s go”

Everyone laughed as Gary started the machine. When the dildos began to rotate, Debbie started to moan.

“Well, fuck me flying, this is absolutely wonderful. I love this. Oh, my ass has never had anything like this before. Oh, fuck I am never getting off.”

“You want me to fuck you flying, you just wait, that’s coming darling.” Gary turned the rotation up higher and she was freaking out. He had not turned on the vibration yet and she had already began to cum. He smiled at Rose and Wendy and turned on everything. Debbie was shrieking, screaming and moaning instantly.

Gary walked in front of her and she began to suck his cock in the greediest way possible. Her body was on fire, her pussy was flowing and her ass had just created a deep seven inch spiritual bond with this machine. The girls licked and stroked her while she enjoyed not only the machine but his sweet cock as well.

She was cumming so hard that she was losing control of every muscle in her body. Gary felt it when she stopped sucking. She had him deep in her mouth and she just held him there. Her body blushed beet red; her legs gripping the sides tightly; she came harder and longer than she ever had before.

Debbie was laid on the bed to recover.

Wendy and Rose were laughing uncontrollably. They tried to stop but each time they looked at each other they burst out again.

“I told you that this would happen. It happens every time. Soon you won’t need me at all. Take a good look ladies; this is Gary sulking. Every woman I have ever let use this thing calls and asks me how the machine is before they ask how I am. A guy could develop a complex.”

Wendy walked to him, her naked body shimmered and those legs drew him to her like a fish to water. Her golden locks fell lightly on her shoulder and her arms snaked around his strong neck. “I love you with all my heart. You’re my soul mate. Hell, you’re soul mate to all of us. We are so lucky to have you in our life. If you don’t pay the power bill, you’re dead meat Edwards; you hear what I’m saying?”

That did it. Gary started laughing and he couldn’t stop. He’d heard some funny things from these three but that topped them all.

“See, better sex courtesy of your local power company. Who needs men?”

The balance of the weekend was erotic, exotic, sensuous and stunning. The women were passionate and loving. The sex was out of bounds and he was truly a happy man.

That happiness would not last. As the girls were getting ready for work, the phone rang. Wendy answered it and called him into the office. He walked into his office and she handed him the phone, “Mr. Higgins from the State Department.”

“Hello, yes, this is Gary Edwards. Yes, I am the owner of D’Orgasmic Lingerie International Inc. What can I do for you this morning? What did you just say? When, where? Oh dear Lord, no, that can’t be right. I just got an email from her last night. Are you certain? Are you positive it was Robert and Maggie? Has Jeremy been notified? Yes sir, I understand. I’ll take care of making that notification. Yes, please give me your phone number. When will their remains be returned to us? Oh my God, are you serious. Yes, I want whatever can be obtained. Thank you for letting me know about this. Yes, it sure is a shock.” Gary hung up the phone, put his head in his hands, and began to sob.

“Darling, what is wrong? Was that really the State Department?” Debbie asked. Gary looked up, his three loving women were standing there worried, and they didn’t know why.

“That was the State Department alright. That was some very bad news. Robert and Maggie Carter were my parents’ business partners and that call was telling me that they have just been killed on one of their damned rescue missions to Somalia. Apparently, their vehicle hit a roadside bomb and they were killed instantly. They have always been second parents to Mark and me as well. Oh fuck, I have to tell Jill too. She is family too. She will be a complete mess.”

Wendy walked in with a cup of coffee for him. “What can we do dear?”

“I’ve got a lot of calls to make. I’ll be alright.”

“You are not going to be out of our sight all day.” Rose picked up her cell and called in to say she would not be at work today. Debbie and Wendy did the same thing.

His first call was to his lawyer Dave. Dave was a part of their gang growing up. He had worked for Mark when the Banner Agency was just getting going. He was a top lawyer and a true friend. He left Mark to work for Gary when Jeremy got in trouble. He was a friend, a confidant and someone Gary and Mark trusted completely. Gary told Dave to let Mark know. He also told him to call a staff meeting and not to say anything about this. “Just tell them that I need to meet with them immediately. Jill will be a problem but you know how to handle her. She is going to know something is up but don’t say a word. Call me back.”

He looked around and saw three inquisitive faces looking at him. He stood up and walked to the living room. He told them to sit down. He explained everything to them.

“So, not only are you a writer but you own D’Orgasmic Lingerie completely?” Debbie asked.

“I own everything, the company, their home in Windermere, the cars, the jet, everything. I need a drink. I have to call Thailand and tell Jeremy about his parents.” He walked to the bar, cracked a bottle of Jack, and went into his office.

Debbie walked to the bar. “What is that great country song, ‘Its Five O’clock Somewhere’? I need a drink too. I don’t envy him right now. This has to be a very hard phone call to make.”

He walked out of his office a half hour later. He was shaken to the core. The phone rang and it was Mark Banner calling from Vegas. They talked for a while and it was clear that both men were feeling the loss. Mark told him that he and Dani were flying to Thailand that afternoon. Gary told him that Jeremy had been told and that because of his legal situation, the State Department couldn’t talk to him. Gary told Mark that he had been the one to tell him. He then told Mark that he was heading to the office. He had to tell Jill and then the executives.

“Jill doesn’t know yet?” Mark asked. “Gary, she is going to be a total basket case. Just hold her and tell her we all love her. I’ll call you from the plane when Dani and I are airborne. I love you bro.”

He hung up and walked into the bedroom. He took out a black suit and got dressed. He honestly could not remember the last time he had worn a suit. He walked out and looked at the women. “I guess there is no time like the present. Since you are all a major part of my life, you had better come and see exactly how much my life has changed this morning. Now you’ll get to see what I’ve kept secret. It is not that bad. I just didn’t want to have to take control so soon and definitely not like this.”

They drove into the parking lot and walked into the building. The receptionist recognized him and smiled hello. He walked past her and took the elevator to the top floor. They walked into Robert and Maggie’s office and Jill was sitting at her desk. She saw Gary in a suit and sat back in her chair.

“Hiya gorgeous, everyone is assembled. What the hell is with you and the suit? Oh, fuck Gary, what is wrong?”

He took her hand and walked into the inner office. He sat her down and introduced the women to Jill. She looked at him with those drop-dead gorgeous eyes of hers, pleading for good news. Gary told her what had happened and as Mark said, she was a mess.

She had grown up with Jeremy, Mark and Gary. She was the sister that none of them had. Well, you could say that she was a sister with major benefits but nonetheless, she was family. Robert and Maggie had tried to marry her off to Mark or Gary repeatedly. She wasn’t buying it because they weren’t interested in losing one of the best friends they ever had.

Wendy and Debbie tried to console her and Gary told Rose to bring her to the conference room when she was composed.

Gary walked into the room and told everyone what had happened. There was a stunned silence in the room. Every one of the people there loved Robert and Maggie almost as much as he did. Gary looked at Ron McArthur who was President of the firm and told him that as far as business was concerned, nothing would change.

The door to the conference room opened and the women came in. Jill was still a mess but she was not going to miss a word. Gary introduced his girls to the assembled staff. He informed them that they would be seeing a lot more of them as of now.

“I want our distributors and retailers world-wide to know what has happened and to reassure them that the business would continue under the same leadership it has always enjoyed. Make certain they know that Ron and Tina are in charge of everything. There will be no change to the product.”

“Gary, how is Jeremy?” Ron asked.

“He is a mess. Jill and I are flying to Thailand later today. Have the 550 ready to go this afternoon please. We will be gone about a week. Ron, I would like to address the entire staff in the auditorium in fifteen minutes please. I will relay your condolences to Jeremy.”

“Dave, I’ve talked to Mark several times this morning. I know you have as well. I need you to do one more thing for me. Robert and Maggie’s household staff are all getting ready to retire. I need to hasten that. I will notify them when I am done here. Give everyone three months severance and accelerate his or her pensions. Make certain that they have moving assistance and no fucking around; they get full pensions and all benefits. If any of them need a car, give them one of the staff cars. I need them out right away, as I will be moving in there and I have my own staff. I want us to give them all the assistance they need. If they want to buy a home, we’ll hold the mortgage at 1%. They are family too. If there’s anything else that you think needs to be done, make it happen.”

“Gary, when will the funeral be?” Tina asked.

“Tina, I don’t think there will be one. The man from State told me the bomb was huge and there are very few, if any, remains to be returned. I would like you to arrange a memorial service in two weeks please. They were well liked in the industry. I don’t know how many people will be attending.”

Ron assembled the rest of the staff and Gary addressed them. They were shocked but reassured that their jobs would not be affected in any way. He told them he was proud of the company and of them. The meeting was simple and brief. He told them the business would be closed for three days and that they would be paid during that time.

He walked back into his office with his arm around Jill. She was sobbing and he was trying to console her. He told her to go home and pack. He checked his cell phone and saw that he did have Red and Nancy’s numbers programmed into it. He told Jill to meet him at his place in a couple of hours.

He sat at the desk and the girls took a seat. He dialed Red’s number in Ft. Lauderdale. He put the call on speaker when she answered.

Red saw the number and answered right away.

“Gary, darling, are you alright. Nancy woke me up screaming when she saw it on Fox this morning. It is so tragic. What can we do darling?”

“Do you still have the plans we worked on the last time you two were in town?”

“Yes I have them. Actually, Nancy and I went over them again and added some pretty and some sexy things.” Red replied

“Good. How busy is your contractor?” Gary asked her.

“In this economy, baby, he is hurting big-time.”

“Then get me the best for the least. I need you to make a few changes. The four bedrooms adjacent to my wing, I want them to be three ultra-luxurious suites with great closets and lots of room for shoes and all the other good things. Make them as deliciously sexy as your own place. I am heading to Thailand this afternoon. What is your schedule like? Are you in the middle of something?”

“I wish; this economy is killing me too baby. When did you want me to start?

“Next Monday would be great. I want you to come to my apartment. Three of the most delicious women you will ever meet will be waiting for you. Introduce yourselves to them and they will give you the keys to the mansion. I want this done right. I want it better than Mark’s.”

“Speaking of your fucking twin; how is that delicious hunk of man-meat?” Nancy said.

“Hi sweetheart, it is nice to hear your voice again. He is leaving for Thailand probably right now. He is feeling the way I am, very upset. We’ll survive but the next few weeks will be hard. He was so pissed at me for keeping you two a secret for over a year. What pissed him off the most was he only learned about you two from the story I wrote about the party at Hydro Bob’s.”

“Hell that was how you met Holly wasn’t it?” Red laughed.

“Yeppers, that story brought her into my life and then she brought my three lovely women into my life as well.”

“You did say three, didn’t you?” Gary, you’re getting greedy.”

“Guilty as charged. You’ll see why once you get a taste of these three wonderful, gorgeous, sexy women. I’ve already warned them about you. Just remember people, and I am saying this to all five of you, house rules exist. High heels only. I am going to be gone a week, so come up whenever you want and take care of these insatiable vixens for me.. I’ll see you next week.” Gary hung up the phone and took the girls for a walk.

He walked down the top floor hallway. He pointed out three offices that belonged to Ron, Tina and Dave. Three offices sat empty. “That was Jeremy’s and that one was Mark’s and this one was mine. They are now your offices. I will have Red redecorate them once she is finished with the house.”

They looked at him in complete disbelief. Much had changed in just a few hours.

Gary drove to Windermere. He was admitted into the gate at Isleworth. He told the guard what had happened to the Carters. They knew he was the owner of the property. He gave the guard instructions to allow the girls access anytime they wanted. He also put Red and Nancy on the list and told them that there would be massive construction going on.

With that said, he drove to the house. The girls were in awe of the homes they passed. They drove into the property and entered the home. Gary talked to the staff who had already heard the news on TV.

They were upset but not surprised that they were being let go. Gary explained every aspect of what would be happening and they understood. He gave them Ron and Tina’s phone numbers and told them that they would be in touch with them shortly.

He took the women on the grand tour and they were speechless. The property consisted of a 15 bedroom, 3 story, 34,000 sq ft. waterfront mansion complete with a brand new, gorgeous pool, 4 hot tubs, tennis courts, fabulous gardens and a 12-car garage. The home sat on 10 totally private secluded acres. This was in addition to the two additional 6-bedroom guest quarters and the 6,000 sq foot servants’ quarters.

He explained that Red and Nancy would give this place a total upgrade. “You won’t recognize this place in a few months. Anyway, I wanted you to see your new home. I hope you like it.”

“I feel like I just got off the Sybian. I’m speechless,” Wendy said.

“Okay, let’s go. I have a plane to catch. Let’s go back to the house. I need to pack.”

When they returned to the apartment, they found Jill had already arrived and had packed for him. The girls were a little taken aback that she had just waltzed in and had taken over.

“Are you okay honey? Did you get the staff taken care of?” Jill asked.

“Yeah I did sis, everything is taken care of,” Gary said.

“Sis?” Rose questioned.

Jill walked up to Rose and smiled sweetly. “He calls me that. He was the first man ever to make love to me. I won’t tell you how old I was because I don’t want him to get in trouble. I grew up with Mark and Jeremy. We played together as kids, we discovered sex together and we love each other like family. An incestuous love, mind you, but family nonetheless. Don’t worry girls, I am not out to steal your man. I may borrow him occasionally but I may borrow you three too. He always has had good taste in women.”

“He tastes pretty good too,” Debbie said.

“That he does girl that he does.” Jill joked. “How is Mark taking the news Gar?”

“He and Dani should be airborne already. They were heading to Thailand immediately. We’ll see them in about thirty-nine hours or so. It is going to be a long flight.”

They grabbed Jill’s luggage and Gary put it in the car. He headed out to the airport. Debbie was confused. They were heading to the executive airport instead of the International Airport. The girls were very shocked when they were met at the airport by two pilots. Jeff and Alan had been recommended to him by Mark’s crazy pilots. All of these men were former fighter pilots and funny as could be.

“Gary, we are so sorry. Robert and Maggie were good friends to us. We’ll miss them more than you’ll ever know. We just got back from Mogadishu last week. We never thought it would be the last time we would ever see them,” Alan said.

They talked as they walked out onto the tarmac. The girls stopped dead in their tracks as they looked upon a sensational private jet that was sitting there. Jeff began to stow their luggage when Rose grabbed Gary’s arm. “I know this has been a bad day but whose plane is that?”

“It’s mine. It is a Gulfstream 550. Don’t worry, you’ll be traveling all over the world in it darling,” he said looking at all three of them. “Speaking of that, make sure your passports are all up to date. You’ll need them. While you’re all at it, quit your jobs, you won’t need them anymore anyway. You are already on the payroll. I love you all. I’ll see you in a week. I’ll miss you.” He kissed each of them and he and Jill boarded the plane.

They stood on the tarmac as the twin Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines sprang to life and the sleek jet rolled down the runway.

The girls were in shock. Debbie drove home, and they walked into the apartment.

“Now I definitely need a drink,” Debbie said. “Do you believe all of this?”

“I can’t even vocalize what is going through my head right now,” Rose said. “Why wouldn’t he tell us? I mean what was the point of keeping all this from us?”

“Did you ever think that he may have had a good reason? After all, think about it. Debbie, you’ve known him for two years. He has always lived here. I know this is an upscale place but fuck, compared to what we’ve just seen; this is not very good. We didn’t know he even had a sex life until Holly showed up. If she weren’t so loud, none of us would ever have known.

What happened next is that we came into his life fast, hard and all three of us fell in love with him totally. Debbie, he knew you. He and I had talked briefly a few times in two years and goofy over there wouldn’t even look him in the eye,” Wendy said.

“So, let me see if I am following you. Here he is, rich and tremendously successful. He has three of us suddenly in his life. He didn’t tell us because he wanted to know that we loved him for who he is and not for his wealth?” Debbie stated.

“That certainly makes sense to me. Who the fuck are you calling goofy? I don’t know about you but I fell in love with a writer. This man is whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. I thought that way last week and last night. The only thing that has changed today is the fact that he has some money. I don’t care about that.”

“I feel exactly the same way. I don’t care if he didn’t have a dime, I love him totally and completely and I love the two of you exactly the same way. I’ve never been this happy in my entire life,” Debbie said.

“I hit the lottery the day he whispered, ‘keep packing’ in my ear. My pussy had been on fire all that week. After all the mind-blowing sex, that gorgeous slut got that weekend, to hear him whisper those words in my ear was the sweetest thing I had ever heard in my life. He has thrilled me every minute since. I want the four of us to be together forever. I’m not good in bed, I’m fucking great but so are you two as well. I can’t think of any other man who can satisfy three women like us and still be standing at the end of the night. The fact that he has not just a little money but a lot of money doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that living in that home won’t be great though,” Wendy smiled.

“To the three luckiest women on earth,” Rose lifted her glass and the three women clinked their glasses in a toast. As they did, there was a knock at the door.

Debbie opened the door and started laughing. “Were your ears burning? Hello Holly, it is nice to see you again.”

“It’s Debbie, right? Hello. Is Gary at home? I heard the news and drove right up.”

“Come in sweetheart. No, Gary and Jill left for Thailand a couple of hours ago.”

“How are they? My money says that Jill is a freaking disaster and Gary isn’t too far behind him. He didn’t answer my call so I wanted to see if he was all right. I didn’t know the Carters but I did know how close he was to them. How is Mark? He has to be a wreck too.”

“Mark and Dani are on their way to Thailand as well.”

“That is good. Dani will take care of him. Have you three ladies met Mark or Dani yet?” Holly asked.

Rose got up and walked to the bar. The blender started and she poured Rum Runners for everyone. She handed Holly the glass and said, “No, we have heard his name but don’t really know very much about him.”

Holly laughed and started to speak but Wendy interrupted her. “Holly, do you know what Gary’s house rules are?”

“Fucking right I do. When I first heard them, I laughed and then I realized he was serious. Personally, I think they are the only way to live. Why?”

“Is your luggage in your car? Go get it and then, it is house rules only. We had to promise him that before he left.”

Holly looked at the three of them and smiled wickedly. She got up and walked to her car. She returned and Wendy took her luggage and put it away.

The women met again in the living room shortly. Gorgeous flesh, stunning shoes and a sea of fabulous tits prevailed. Wendy walked up to Holly and got right in her face. Their breasts touched teasingly when Wendy brought her tender hands to Holly’s cheeks. She looked deep into her eyes and kissed her with as much passion as she knew how to deliver. The touch was warm and it was wet. Wendy held her and their tongues darted in and out delightfully.

Rose was next and she moved in and felt Holly’s hot body pressed against her luscious frame. She kissed her deeply, lovingly and wantonly.

Debbie walked up to Holly and said,” Looking at you makes me want to cum so many times. I love you Holly, more than you will ever know.” She took her in her arms and kissed her deeply and lovingly.

“Wow, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. What was that for?”

“Didn’t you get the roses?”

“The four dozen roses, yes I got them. All right, what was the significance? I think I missed the point. I thought Gary was just being his usual over-generous self.”

“There was a dozen from each of us. You had so much sex that weekend and we, collectively came so many times that we lost count. I tell people it was the best sex I never had,” Rose said. “Gary lived below me for two years and I never once talked to him. Debbie and he had been friends for two years but they never did anything until you were here. Wendy and Gary spoke occasionally but nothing ever happened. Then, you, gorgeous, you happened and you changed all our lives forever. That is why we love you and you had better get used to it because, we aren’t going away and we know you aren’t either.”

The girls filled Holly in on everything that had happened and she was smiling.

“You do realize I knew I was turning the three of you on that weekend. I’m such a fucking slutty tease. I love knowing that people are starring at me and if my words can stiffen a cock or soak a pussy, then, I am in heaven. I love having that effect on people. Something told me the way he looked at the three of you that there was something missing in his life. I don’t see him as much as I want to. I can tell you love him and so do I. Many people feel the same way about him. They don’t know who he really is. There is a lot more to him than meets the eye. I can’t say more than that but someday you’ll find out.”

“If there is more to him than what we learned this morning, I am going to need paramedics.”

“What did you learn this morning?”

“Oh not much, we learned that he wasn’t just a writer. He owns D’Orgasmic and he is wealthy as hell. Other than that, not much.” Rose walked to the blender again.

“So you do know. Good, I feel better knowing that I won’t accidentally let something slip I shouldn’t. I love him, yes I do. I don’t have to tell you that I fuck him every chance I get. Why do I get the feeling that I am going to be fucking all of you very soon too?”

“We weren’t kidding Holly. We love you.” Wendy walked in front of Holly and she got a good look at Wendy’s legs.

“Has he ever told you that he has lusted over Carmen Electra for years? He said she had the sexiest legs he had ever seen until he met me. You’re legs are more like hers than mine are. That pussy looks pretty tasty too.” Holly was laughing when the phone rang.

“May I please speak to Debbie?”

“This is Debbie.”

“Debbie, my name is Kate. Most people call me Red. You may have heard Mark mention me.”

“Red, hello. How are you?”

“We’re fine; the bigger question is how are you girls holding up?

“We’re okay, a little taken back by the events of the day but all right. How can I help you?”

“Gary just called me from the jet. He wanted me to call you and tell you that we would be coming up to Orlando in the next few days. He talked to Ron and the staff will be out of the house by Thursday. We can get started earlier than we had thought.”

“So when will you be here Red?”

Holly reached for the phone. She was smiling wickedly. Debbie handed her the phone and she switched it onto speaker.

“I’m sorry, when did you say you would be getting here tonight?”

“Who is this?”

“Listen bitch, it is house rules dammit. My clit is sitting here with three of the sexiest women on earth, we all want you, and that little blonde cumslut of yours up here right this fucking minute. It has been way too long since your lips were planted in my pussy.”

“HOLLY, ohmigod, Holly baby. How are you? You delicious slut, we’ve missed you. What are you doing up there baby?”

“I came to be with Gary but he and Jill left. I don’t mind though. I have three of the hottest women with me. All I can see is beautiful, waxed pussies and my mouth is watering. So answer the question cunt, when are you getting here?”

“Hold on, Nancy, come here for a minute please.”

“What’s up Kate?”

Holly started to laugh, “My clit is hard and you are way too far away. How soon can you get packed and head that thing that Gary is not allowed to drive up her to Orlando?”

“Well, you’ve peaked my interest when you said your clit was hard. That always gets my attention. Keep talking.”

“You are the most delicious, submissive darling CUMSLUT on earth.”

“HOLLY….ohmigod! Is that you?”

“Pack your shit and get up here tonight. Gary’s gone, Jill is gone but we’re going to party.”

“We’ll see you in three hours,” Red said.

“I hope you don’t mind me taking over,” Holly said as she handed the phone back to Debbie.

“Not a bit. I have a call to make.” She looked at Wendy and Rose who were scrambling for their phones as well.

They each called in and quit their jobs. Life in Gary’s world was going to be the life they were going to enjoy as well.

Wendy walked over to Holly and knelt in front of her. “Since I was the last one of the three of us to enjoy Gary, I want to be the first one to enjoy you.”

She ran her hands up Holly’s beautiful legs and Holly parted her legs wide. Wendy’s face traveled up her thighs and her eyes were focused on her lovely, large clit. Holly’s pink gash looked so inviting and her scent was intoxicating. Wendy kissed her inner thighs and Holly began to flow. She glistened as Wendy got closer and when she began to open her folds tenderly, Holly moaned.

“Oh, you delicious slut, you’ve been paying attention to the master. You lick pussy just like Gary does. I am going to love this so much.”

Wendy opened her lips and ran her tongue from the bottom to the top, along the right side. Her tongue was wet and gentle. She loved the taste of this woman and Holly’s hips began to move and flow in unison to her sweet tongue. Wendy moved her tongue lower and up the left side. Holly was wet and getting wetter as Wendy began to open her inner lips. The pink swath opened and her color was intense. Wendy inhaled sharply at the sight and the flavor of this woman she owed so much. She wanted to please her, to tease her and to love her wholeheartedly.

Holly’s long, lovely clit was begging to be sucked but Wendy had a long memory. She grabbed Holly’s ankles and held her legs wide. She began to kiss her legs and she held them up in front of her. She kissed her thighs and then began to kiss the backs of her knees. Holly started yelling and moaning and loving what Wendy was doing to her.

Wendy held her legs wide apart and kissed back up her thighs. She spread her wide and brought her mouth to her pussy yet again. Her face dipped lower and Wendy began to lick between her ass and her pussy. That lovely sensitive inch was a Holly hot spot and she knew it. Wendy drove her wild until she pushed her over the edge. Wendy’s lips hovered over Holly’s tight, tiny asshole; her tongue began to slowly circle with her wet tongue.

“You sweet delicious cunt. Lick my asshole baby. Lick my asshole and I’ll do anything you ever wanted and more. Fuck, this is absolutely fucking wild. Stick your tongue in my ass darling; fuck my ass with your tongue, Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck yes, baby. Oh dear me, Oh your tongue feels to fucking good.”

Wendy drove her tongue deep into Holly’s ass and she loved it. This woman was everything Wendy thought she was and so much more. Wendy moved up her slippery slash and her lips closed over her lovely clit. She held her hood with her lip and she began to take featherlike licks under her sweet, long clit. Holly started cumming instantly.

“Oh fuck baby, oh, fuck you are so good, lick my clit girlfriend, suck me, lick me. Girls, lick my tits, Oh yes, fuck me, fuck this is so good! Motherfucker, don’t stop. Yes, yes you delicious slut, make me cum more, I want more, fuck I love you, more bitch, lick me, bite me, fuck me I love this. Oh, fuck this is so fucking good!”

Rose and Debbie were licking and sucking her nipples. Holly was flailing on the sofa. Her body was drenched and she was cumming hard. Wendy was relentless. She was doing to Holly what Gary did to her every night. She was hell bent on driving this woman over the proverbial edge.

Wendy’s face was soaked and she was cumming as she was licking Holly’s nectar hungrily. Holly was kissing Rose and Debbie repeatedly and she was screaming so loud. She wrapped her legs around Wendy’s neck and raised her ass off the sofa. Her back was arched and she was shaking so much.

“You cunt, you delicious, lovely cunt, lick my cunt you bitch, I love you, I needed this. Lick me suck me. Take it cunt. Here it is baby. FUCK ME! I’m cumming.”

Holly collapsed on the sofa. She kissed Debbie, Rose and she looked at the lovely creature between her legs and put her hands on her face. She pulled Wendy to her and she kissed her spiritually. The kiss was so long and so deep. She was shaking and quivering and still luxuriating in aftershocks as her pussy was still on fire.

The phone rang. Debbie answered it.

“Hello darling. How are you?”

“I’m fine Gary, how are you and Jill?” She put the phone on speaker.

“We’re okay. We just landed in LA. We have to refuel here before we fly to Honolulu. We are going to get something to eat and then we will be airborne again soon. Did Red call you?”

“Yes darling, there has been a change of plans. I hope you won’t get angry but they are coming up here tonight.”

“Why would I be angry? I didn’t think they would be there for a few days. What happened?”

“I happened my love.”

“Holly? What the hell? How are you sweetheart?”

“I heard the news. I am so sorry darling. You didn’t return my call and I got worried. I drove up here to be with you and Jill but I missed you. I love these women Gary. I can’t tell you how much I love you and them too. Anyway, I was here when Kate called and well, you know me. They are on their way. It should be fun. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind one bit. Fuck girl, you know us. We would rather be there licking pussy and fucking all of you instead of this. Wendy, Rose and Debbie I want you to listen to me and know that what I am about to say I mean with all my heart. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. Having said that, on my desk is my private phone book. Jim’s number is in there. Holly please call him.

Girls, Jim is a good friend. He is young, horny and I like him a lot. Holly can tell you how good a fuck he is. I had talked to him last week and he was going to come over this weekend but he wasn’t sure if he had to work or not. I couldn’t get in touch with him so I guess he did. There is going to be six of the horniest women on earth over there. Please do this for me. Call him. Get some of his friends to come over and fuck your brains out girls.

Just know one thing. Jill and I are going to Thailand to be with one of the largest porn producers on earth. Jill and I are sad, yes, but we are going to be laid too. This is my world. You know that. When I make love to you, I make love to you. When I fuck you, we fuck wonderfully. I am saying this to Holly as well. When we party, we party and it is no holds barred, fuck ’til you drop.

Holly, according to Jim, after the party, all his friends were so jealous of him. When you walked to the bar to get him, they were shocked. They are all good looking men and they would kill to fuck you. Enjoy my darlings. Now, with Red and Nancy, I really wish I could turn this plane around and join you.

Rose, you want lots of cock to suck my precious. Well, this week should give you, more cock than you’ve ever seen in your life before. Enjoy them but don’t break them. I want some of them when I get back too.

Wendy, if you haven’t already found out, Holly’s pussy is addicting. You won’t need the stethoscope this time.”

“Already found out? What are you inferring Gary?” Holly was giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Her face is wet isn’t it?”

“That would be an understatement darling,” Holly snickered. “How is Jill?”

A loud pop was heard and Jill took the phone. “Hi Holly. I was close by.”

“You delicious cunt, you were sucking his lovely cock weren’t you?”

“It is a long flight; I’ll probably fuck him many times before we land in Thailand darling. Yes, that pop was his long cock leaving my mouth. What the hell did you think it was?”

“Jill, I love you. Take care of our man.”

“Will do Holly, I miss you baby. Girls, I’ve learned something that makes me feel wonderful since we took off.”

“What’s that Jill?” Rose asked.

“Well, until now, there has only been one women that he was truly ‘in love’ with and that was Connie. I say until now because he loves the three of you more than he has ever loved anyone. I just wanted you three to know that.”

“Jill, my heart just skipped a beat. Thank you,” Debbie said.

“One more thing, Holly you know the secret button don’t you?”

“Yes darling, I know where it is.”

“Okay, there are enough party favors in there to last a month or more. Enjoy them and party. It is some good stuff too. I hadn’t had the opportunity to say anything about this yet. I hope it doesn’t freak my girls out.”

“Are we talking about what I think we are talking about darling?” Wendy asked.

The bong is at the bottom of the drawer. The mirrors and tubes are underneath and the rest is obvious. Enjoy those orgasms. I’ll call you when we land tomorrow. I love you all.”

“Give my love to Jeremy baby,” Holly said. “Tell him I am seriously thinking about doing that movie with his two pilots.”

“Oh my fucking god, you can’t be serious.”

“What the fuck are you talking about, I guarantee they will both have you and Mark tickling their tonsils before the day is over. They are gorgeous. Jeremy sent me their films. I want to fuck them too.”

POP, “I plan on it,” Jill giggled.

“Love you all, Good bye for now.”

Jill looked up at Gary. “They will be fine darling. I know this won’t be our normal trip to Thailand. I am impressed with your women. They are lovely, nice and sexy too. I hope they learn to like me too.”

“Jill, they will love you. They will lick you and send you into orbit baby. They love to fuck, they all are addicted to pussy and you’re right, they sure aren’t hard to look at either.”

Jill put him back into her mouth and swallowed him deep. “It has been too long since I had your hot cock in my mouth darling. I miss it. I love you Gary. I always have and you know, I always will.”

Holly started laughing uncontrollably. “Remind me to bite Jill’s clit off next time I see her.”

“I take it Jeremy has a couple of good looking pilots. Hell, Gary’s pilots are not bad either,” Rose, giggled.

“Not as good as Jeremy’s. They are delicious. They are two retired fighter pilots. They are simply stunning. Hand me my purse Wendy.” She took out her phone and flipped through some photo’s. “Here is one of them. Scroll through these.”

The photo was of an Asian woman who was positively stunning. Each photo was a little more risqué. There were photos of her getting naked and then there were photos of her with a lovely cock in her mouth. Rose kept scrolling until she dropped the phone.

She handed the phone to Debbie and looked at the photos. Holly sipped her drink.

“Are you fucking kidding me? I’m with you Holly; I’d do that in a heartbeat. That has me so hot. WOW!”

Debbie reset the photos and handed the phone to Wendy. When she saw them, she was so turned on.

“They are fucking trannys? Look at those cocks. They are gorgeous. I want to suck those cocks and play with their tits. Fuck, I’d be riding them so hard.”

“You know, I am so glad I did what I did. You three are perfect for him. He’s so wonderful, so loving and so very kinky. It is what I love about him. I am fast falling in love with you too.”

Holly walked into the office and called Jim. She told him that Gary had to fly to Thailand but that there was currently four of the hottest, sexiest pieces of ass on the planet here already and that two more were on their way. He told her that he was off all this week and that he had thought about the day he met her often. She asked him if he wanted a repeat. He said he loved the idea. She asked if he had any friends who would be interested and available. He told her he several friends who had already seen her and they would love the chance.

“Are they all bi?”

“Yes Holly. As a matter of fact, most of them sucked me off just to get a taste of your delicious pussy.”

“Are they available baby?

“There are at least a dozen of them that are sitting at home right now. When did you want to start this party?”

“Right now darling, I want your cock and so do they. We are going to be partying several times this week. It is going to be a fuckfest if they are interested. We want to see you guys sucking some serious cock too. Do me one favor Jim. Make sure they are all shaved clean. We don’t like flossing while we are eating baby.”

“I’m at Gary’s. Call me back and tell me what you’ve arranged. You have to tell them one thing. House rules are house rules. Unless you are cooking, you are not allowed to wear any clothes. The women must be in heels and that is it.” I know you’ll enjoy yourself.”

“Do you mind if a couple of the guys are black?”

“Fuck that sounds great. How are their cocks?”

“Besides delicious, they are long, thick and perfect.”

“See you soon darling.”

Holly walked out and looked at the girls. “We definitely have a party going on. Jim said that there are at least a dozen fine young men coming over and they are available all week so it is going to get wet in here.” She looked at Wendy, “Speaking of getting wet, girl, there are only two men who know how to lick pussy like that, Gary and Mark. You’ve learned well dear. Have you girls met Mark yet?”

“No. Apparently, we have an invite to an upcoming party at his place. All Gary would say was it would be wild.”

“Wild is an understatement. You’ll see for yourself. Mark and Gary are identical. They look the same, they talk the same and they are both wildly successful.”

“We saw him on TV. He is a good looking man,” Debbie said.

“Oh he is very good looking. He is a fabulous lover. Imagine making love to two of Gary simultaneously. I can’t describe it; I can only tell you the last time I fucked them, I lost my voice. Their cocks and techniques are identical. They are the two best lovers in the world.”

The phone rang and it was Jim. He told Holly he had everything arranged and they would be there at 6 pm. Holly looked at the clock. It was only 4:30 pm. We still have time to get to know each other a bit more. Red and Nancy won’t be here for another couple of hours. She went into the bedroom and flipped a switch. A drawer opened up and she started extracting the party favors.

She took the bong out and the weed. She then pulled out the mirrors and the rest of the stuff.

“I’ve never done this,” Debbie said. “I’ve smoked pot and actually I like it but I’ve never blown coke before.”

Rose and Wendy both said they had done both before and they didn’t have a problem with it. They were both pleasantly surprised that Gary was into it.

Holly set up the mirrors and then cut eight nice sized lines. She went and prepared the bong. She lit it and passed it around. This was some major league weed and they were all flying in a very short time. Holly took Debbie to the sofa and brought a mirror to her. She showed her what to do and she took two long lines and made them vanish.

Holly sat the mirror aside and she kissed Debbie deeply. She was reeling before Holly began to please her. The drugs were hitting her hard and her nipples sprang to life immediately. Her body was floating on a delicious magic carpet of total bliss before Holly started to taste her. Debbie experienced a wave of lust unparalleled in her universe.

Holly was a master of all things erotic and she took Debbie to heights never experienced before. Her hot mouth opened Debbie and loved her unabashedly. Her soft talented tongue teased and tickled Debbie who was flowing profusely onto Holly’s sweet tongue.

Wendy and Rose were licking her tits and Debbie was lost in the passion. Every fiber of her body fired and her orgasms were non-stop, sweet and delicious. Debbie’s toes curled and her legs flailed as she ground her hot twat into Holly’s pretty face. She drenched Holly and whimpered as her body was twisted and turned with the lovely orgasms she was experiencing. Debbie’s screams closely matched Holly’s vocal endeavors and she never once cared. She loved the rush, the love and the wet, wanton lust flowing from her body.

Debbie collapsed and began to giggle.

“You are one serious fuck Holly. Dear lord, that was fantastic. I just hope and pray I can become the slut you are. You are sensational.” Debbie kissed her deeply.

Rose passed her the bong and Deb took a long pull.

Rose drew in two lines and turned to Holly. Her eyes were glazed and she giggled, “I hope you like Asian food darling. You gave me so many delicious orgasms the last time you were here. Now I want to return the favor.”

Holly did a couple of lines and they walked into the bedroom. They laughed, hugged and kissed as they fell to the bed. Holly dove into Rose’s perfect pussy and Rose fell into hers. They licked, sucked and ate each other into a total frenzy. Their bodies glimmered as they tasted, touched and loved each other into a steady stream of orgasmic bliss.

Wendy was on fire. The coke had hardened her nipples and her clit was profound. Debbie began to lick her and she was cumming instantly. Debbie drank her love with glee and Wendy gushed her love onto Debbie’s greedy face.

Screams were coming from the bedroom and Rose was flying all over the mattress. Holly was rolling with her, licking every drop of her perfect wet pussy.

There was a knock at the door and Debbie left Wendy’s throbbing pussy and looked through the viewfinder. She didn’t bother to put on a robe; she opened the door butt naked to the delicious redhead and her tiny blonde companion.

“Kate, Nancy, I’m Debbie welcome.”

Red walked in to the muffled screams of the two insatiable sluts in the bedroom. Debbie closed the door and Red looked in her eyes and smiled. “Goddamn Gary, he sure knows how to pick them. You are gorgeous. Who is this?”

“Kate, Nancy this is Wendy. Rose is in the bedroom with Holly.” Wendy walked over to Red and appraised her critically. She kissed her and said, “Gary said you two were fucking hot. He sure wasn’t kidding.” Wendy took their bags and put them away.

“If you have clothes on, I’m not talking to you cunt! Get your ass in here and kiss me you two,” Holly yelled.

“Oh this is going to be good,” Nancy, laughed as they walked into the bedroom. Nancy leaned over and kissed Holly. She tasted Rose on her lips. “Hi, I’m Nancy. You must be Rose. Your pussy tastes terrific. I’m going to just love you.”

Red kissed Rose a warm hello and then she pushed Holly back on the bed and crawled between her legs. She began to lick her hot pussy and Holly was moaning instantly.

“I’ve missed your tongue girlfriend. Fuck, I’ve missed you.”

Red crawled up and kissed her deeply. Rose was blown away by the beauty of these two fantastic women.

“You got here quick. How did you manage it?” Holly asked.

“We would have been here earlier but well, we had a little problem on the turnpike. We, or should I say Nancy took care of it.”

“I hope he was cute Nancy.” Holly giggled.

“Cute and tasty too. We had to be careful, they have those damned dash cams now but hey, the ticket would have been huge.” Nancy smirked.

“Good, get ready, we have a dozen surprises on there way over here right now. You two had better get ready. I only know one of them. Gary and I partied with him before; he is young, gorgeous and he can fuck like a racehorse.”

Nancy stood up and her tiny skirt fell to the floor. She unbuttoned two buttons and she was naked and delicious. “I’m ready.” Her tiny tight body was sexy and looked wonderful.

Red did the same thing and her perfect body was everything Gary had said it was and more.

Wendy walked in with a tray of Rum Runners. Debbie had the bong and she passed it around. “The good stuff is behind the bar. I don’t know about offering that to the others. It is there for us though.”

Nancy and Red went to the bar and did several large lines as a knock was heard at the door.

Holly went to the door and looked out. She saw Jim standing there and she opened the door to greet him stark naked. He walked into her arms and she kissed him wonderfully. She looked over his shoulder and saw a sea of good-looking young men who were staring at her in awe. She told them to come in and they stumbled through the door. If they were in awe while standing out in the hall, they were mesmerized when they walked inside.

Holly introduced Jim and the rest of the guys to the women.

“Come with me and I’ll show you where to hang up your clothes,” Holly said as she led them to the spare bedroom. “When you have that done, come back into the living room.”

While the men were doing that, drinks were poured for everyone. The bong was refilled and Holly had Debbie, Rose and Wendy sit on top of the bar.

Jim led them back into the living room. There were twelve good-looking men, four black and eight white total studs. Holly and Red took over and lined them all up. Holly walked up to Jim and whispered in his ear. She kissed him and then Red took over.

“We are so glad you could come over today. We hope to play with you a few times this week if that is all right with you. In the mean time, it is nice to see that you are nicely shaved. We hate sucking hairy cocks just as we know you want to lick our perfectly shaved pussies.

We love to party and you can rest assured that you will enjoy your time with us. Well, just so that you know, there is nothing off limits with us. Ass, mouth pussy, all combinations work for us. We are the horniest sluts you’ll ever meet. We will drain you, fuck you and suck you ’til you drop. Jim knows what Holly is like. So do we. She is one of the best fucks you will ever have.

We understand that all of you are bi too. We love watching men doing men. Nothing is off limits.

There is one thing you all need to know. There is only one man on this earth that owns our hearts. We love him and no one will ever take him away from us or take us from him. We want you to know that before we start.”

“Wow, he is one lucky man.” One of the guys said.

“He is one hell of a man. I wish he was here today,” Jim said.

“Baby, he is the one who told me to call you and get this party going. He missed seeing you last weekend; I know he wanted your cock too.” Holly told them.

Red turned to the girls and said, “Since this is your first time at a party like this, we are going to show you how we party.” Nancy hit the remote control and the big screens came to life, the stereo came on and the lighting changed to the ‘let’s fuck our brains out’ setting.

Nancy walked over and selected three men and Holly grabbed Jim and two others. Red picked three guys and they moved them into the center of the room. The women looked at each other and they inspected the fine cocks that were in their hands. Satisfied with that, they turned their backs on the guys and walked to the bar. Each one dove into the three wet pussies sitting on the bar. They began licking and kissing them and they had them spread their legs. Red had them each slowly running their fingers up and down their beautiful pussies as they watched.

As if on cue, they turned and walked to their men and knelt in front of the three amazing cocks that were presented to them. They began to suck and within seconds, they had all nine cocks hard and wet.

Wendy, Debbie and Rose were passing the bong back and forth and fingering their pussies when the other three men walked over to the bar. They lowered their heads and began to suck their three wet pussies. They were thrilled at the talent the men showed and they watched as the other three took on the balance of the team. Nancy was balls deep with a lovely black cock in her throat. Another one was fucking her pussy while the third was licking her pussy.

Holly had Jim firmly planted in her throat. She was playing with his balls and she was sitting on a nice long one too. Her third was licking her nipples and playing with Jim’s ass.

Wendy began to cum as the man with his face in her pussy was good and she loved his tongue on her clit. Her hips crushed his face and she was cumming like crazy watching the display in the living room.

Rose was cumming on her man while she was looking at all the cock she was going to suck and fuck. Her cum flowed in torrents onto his tongue, and whoever he was, he was good at his task.

Debbie loved the feeling of an unknown man tugging and pulling at her pussy lips. His tongue slid deep into her twat and he too was pleasing her well. She was cumming before his fingers started teasing her asshole. She took a deep breath as his long finger slid into her ass and his tongue washed her pussy walls beautifully.

None of them had ever done anything like this before but they sure were enjoying it. Rose leaned over and pulled up a mirror. She inhaled and passed it along. They were wasted, wanton and hungry for more.

Nancy, Red and Holly had impaled their asses on three strong cocks and their pussies were about to be invaded too. Rose was sure Nancy would break; her tiny body was stretched very wide. The men stroked them deep and they were in heaven. Holly was getting loud.

“Someone stick a dick in her mouth,” Red yelled. Someone did. Holly took that cock and they watched as it slid down. You could see the outline of that lovely hard cock expanding her tight throat. She was airtight and was soon to be joined by Red and Nancy. The men fucked them, they were sucked and licked, and everyone was incensed.

Rose jumped off the bar and knelt in front of the pretty cock and she inhaled him quickly. She didn’t know who he was but anyone who could make her cum like that deserved a lovely blowjob and she was going to give him one. His tight butt pushed his cock deep into her throat and she loved this.

Wendy and Debbie followed her lead and they began to suck those cocks hungrily. The men were long and hard and they tasted so good. Three men came up behind them and started to fuck them as they sucked those cocks deep in their throats. None of them knew who was fucking them and they didn’t care either. Cock was all that mattered. Nancy was shrieking and cumming. Red and Holly were already there. Cum was flying into wet pussies, down lovely throats and the supply seemed unending.

The men switched women and began to fuck them again. The room was a sea of flesh, stroking cocks, pussies and asses being reamed. Rose needed as many cocks as she could get. She drained the cock in her throat and had been rewarded with a tasty load of cum. She needed more. She wanted every cock in the house. The man behind her was stretching her pussy nicely.

Rose reached for a long black cock that was standing nearby and she held out her hand. He walked towards her and stiffened at her touch. She had never held a larger cock in her life and she pulled him to her lips. Her tongue snaked out and she swirled her tongue over his large smooth head. His color was deep and the skin was so soft. She ran her fist along his length and loved the weight and the size. Her Asian lips caressed his length and her tongue stroked each side. She held the head just below the rim and pushed his long cock flat against his stomach. Her face fell onto his balls and she began to lick him wetly. She flattened her tongue and stroked from the base to the tip in one long, slow stroke.

He moaned as her lips covered his crown as he entered her mouth. She tasted his delicious chocolate cock and watched as it snaked between her lips. His hips moved closer while his cock sank deeper into her mouth. This was what she wanted.

He sank deeper and she felt him touch the back of her mouth. His tight athletic body stood before her and her hands caressed his abs and hard chest, which thrilled her immensely. She inhaled, relaxed and felt him at the opening to her throat; she fell forward. His long cock stretched her throat wider than it ever had been before but she allowed him to slide into her. It was tight but she was determined. His cock fell into her and she welcomed the massive shaft. He kept sliding and she soon had his balls resting on her chin.

The man fucking her came and she joined in right along with him. Her pussy was soaked and she loved this. Someone else dipped their cock into her wet, cum drenched pussy and took a few strokes. That cock moved to her ass and she felt him enter her. He slowed when he felt the tight ring relax and he sank into her. His cock was long and sweet; it felt so good inside her tight butt. He began long, lovely strokes deep inside her while the long, thick cock in her throat began to move. Her head was spinning and both men were fucking her perfectly. Her ass was being treated to a great fucking and her throat was filled to the point of bringing tears to her eyes.

She felt someone slide underneath her and she heard Jim’s voice whispering nasty things to her.

“Rose, you love those long, strong cocks inside you, don’t you? You want those lovely cocks reaming your ass and your hot, slutty throat don’t you? You are such a good-looking slut. I love watching your hot lips wrapped around his cock. It looks so sluttish the way you are greedily sucking his hot cock. You should see how tight your ass is being stretched with that nice big cock up your ass. Suck his cock darling. Feel the other one in your ass.”

Jim’s words were intense and so hot; they made her feel like a total whore, and she loved it. Her pussy was drenched as he kept talking.

“You know what you need you sweet whore. You need my cock in your pussy right now. Would you love the feel of my cock fucking your hot, tight, cum filled pussy Rose?”

With that, he slid his cock into her wild, dripping pussy. She was wet and loving it. She felt his cock slide inside her and the fullness was incredible. His cock filled a void she had only dreamt of. Her body contained three young, hot men and they were stroking her in unison. Those cocks were sliding in and out of her and her orgasms just kept building.

“You like that don’t you Rose? You love the feel of three long cocks fucking you. Let’s go guys, let’s fuck her harder. Stroke her longer. Shove our cocks into her as deep as we can. Pick up the pace fella’s and let’s fuck this bitch like she’s never been fucked before.”

They did pick up the pace. Their cocks became blurs. Her throat was being pummeled, as were her pussy and ass. She was screaming on the lovely cock driving into her throat. She was cumming hard and could barely breathe. Her body was out of control. The only thing holding her upright was the cock in her throat. She felt the man in her ass unleash his load of fiery hot cum deep in her bowel. She loved the feel of his molten missile as it filled her deeply. Her hands cradled the balls of the sweet black man. She felt, as they lifted, his heavy load rushed into her lips and throat. She sucked and swallowed and her heart sang as he drove his tasty cum deep into her stomach.

“I’m going to cum too Rose. Do you want my hot cum to flood your sweet pussy? Grind your twat onto my hard cock girl. Coax every drop of my sweet cum into your hot pussy. You’re such a lovely slut. Now I know why Gary wants you so much. Your fucking gorgeous Rose, everything about you is perfect. Your body is gorgeous, your pussy is heaven on earth and you are such a total slut. You’re perfect Rose. I’m cumming Rose; can you feel my hard cock spitting my love into you?”

Rose continued cumming, she clamped down on all three of the cocks inside her, and the lights went out. Her body screeched to a crashing halt. Jim realized what had happened and they extricated themselves from her. Jim lifted her up and carried her to the sofa. Nancy saw him and came over to him as he sat on the edge of the sofa next to her.

“She came so hard, she passed out. Is she going to be okay?” Jim asked her.

“She’ll be fine in a couple of minutes. I’ve done that too.”

“I did what you suggested and fuck Nancy; it turned her on more than anything I’ve ever seen before. I never say those things to women but it really turned her on.”

“Somehow, I knew,” Rose, babbled as she regained herself, “I figured it was one of them that put you up to that. You are too much of a gentleman but Jim; I want you to kiss me darling. There is only one man who turns me on more than that and he isn’t here right now.”

Jim leaned over and kissed her passionately. “I am so glad to meet you Rose. I hope I didn’t offend you.”

“Jim, as you get to know me better, you’ll know that my heart belongs to Gary. I love him with all my heart. I am his and will always be his but I am just starting to become the total slut I have always wanted to be. Your words turned me on more than I can even tell you. I need a break for a few minutes but I want to fuck you again. Promise me you’ll make me the dirtiest whore you ever fucked. Make me cum like that again please.”

He helped her to her feet and she kissed him again. He headed behind the bar and started making drinks. She found the bong and refilled it. She cut a few lines and asked him if he wanted some. He took a couple of lines and handed the mirror to Rose. She drew in two nice lines and they walked into the bedroom.

One of the men was fucking Holly and sucking his friends cock. Rose felt the buzz immediately; she was watching that man’s cock as it slid in and out of his friend’s lips. She had her arm around Jim and she turned and told him, “That is so fucking hot.”

“It would be a lot hotter if I was fucking you and sucking Gary like that. I love the feel, size and look of his gorgeous cock.”

“Have you sucked Gary off?”

“I sure have and I loved it. I partied with Holly, Ann, and Tom. They are friends of theirs. Tom fucked me with his long, sweet cock and I sucked Gary. When he came in my throat, it was delicious.”

“I love sucking cock Jim, I can’t get enough,” Rose said.

“Rose, you’re my kind of girl. Let’s go suck some cock.”

They walked into the second bedroom and Wendy and Debbie were wildly flailing on the ends of several lovely cocks. They appeared to be just finishing a wild time and the girls were breathless and had collapsed on the bed.

Jim looked at his friends and said, “Ron, Phil and Greg, I see you’ve met Wendy and Debbie. Aren’t they great? I want you to meet Rose. She wants to make sure that before tonight is over, she sucks each of us and she wants to see us do each other as well. So get those gorgeous cocks over here. I want some of your cocks as well.”

Wendy looked at Debbie and they started to giggle. “What did I say Debbie, I mean I said it just yesterday didn’t I?”

“Oh, you mean the part about her being greedy and that we had better watch her?” Debbie laughed.

“Precisely my darling that is exactly what I said.”

Rose had her hands on Ron’s hot cock and she looked at the two sprawled fresh fucked goddesses on the bed and snickered, “Like you two cocksuckers don’t want the exact same thing. Give me a break.”

The girls laughed as they watched Jim take Phil’s firm cock and begin to suck it. They watched as his cock slid into Jim’s rugged face and he sank deep into his throat. Rose began to suck Ron. She was insane with desire and her beautiful face loved the strong cock that was passing between her lips.

“Fucking right, we want them all too,” Debbie said.

Wendy grabbed Greg and she began to suck him while Debbie slid off the bed and onto the floor. She crept over to Jim and took his hard cock in her mouth. She was wet beyond description. They had just finished fucking these guys but they didn’t care. They were watching Jim suck Phil deep into his throat. This lit a fire in their loins and they sucked them deliciously.

Rose looked at Jim and they changed men. Rose sucked Phil and Jim began to suck Ron.

“You are such a sleazy cumslut Rose. Suck his hot cock. He tastes good doesn’t he? You are such a sweet, luscious whore. Suck the cum from his balls. Don’t stop until he shoots his lovely white, hot cum onto your teeth and tits.”

The sounds of his words inflamed Wendy and Debbie and they too began to suck harder.

“Debbie, suck my cock you slut. Look at Wendy; that delicious cunt is a good cocksucker isn’t she? That’s it Debbie, be as good as Rose is. Suck my cock you lovely cunt.”

Rose was wild at the words; she sucked Phil and felt his cock begin to swell. Phil held her head and he gushed a lovely load of cum onto her smiling face. She licked him clean and took Ron back into her lips. She was intent to taste his cum. Ron loved the sight and the feel of Rose as she swallowed him one more time. He began to cum and she drank him all down. She was addicted to cock and the sweet precious loads that they gave her. Everything about sucking cock was thrilling her more than she ever thought possible.

Phil and Ron sent more of the group in and Rose took Greg in her mouth. His cock was nice, wide and tasty. She swallowed him while Marty, Bob, Dave and Ted came into the room. Each woman grabbed a man and Jim took Ted’s long black cock into his throat.

The vision of Ted’s long black cock sliding into Jim’s throat set them all off again. Rose sucked Marty deep, she played with his balls, and her finger slid into his ass. Marty loved that and he rewarded her with a very sweet load of cum that she swallowed as fast as she could. She milked every drop from his cock and made a mental note to suck him as many times as possible. She giggled to herself. Had she developed a sweet tooth?

She grabbed Ted, pulled him from Jim’s lips, and dove onto his fabulous cock. Bob fed Wendy while Debbie dined on Dave. These women were so cock hungry and when one came, they were immediately taken by the next. Jim made sure that Rose was swallowing each of their cocks. She had no idea who had fucked her so many times that night. All she wanted was to be sure that she sucked all of their cocks.

The last group of men drove the girls wild. Tyrone, Johnny and Marv were strong, gorgeous and black. Hank was the remaining white man and he was the largest of the guys. He stood at least 6′ 3″ tall and he was a fucking hunk. His cock had to be at least 10″ and it was wide. The other men were well hung too. Rose knew this was her first time with them and she was on a tear.

She took Hank into her lips and the size of this man was awesome. His cock was heavy and his balls were huge. She was determined to swallow him completely. She held him in her hand and sucked the head of his cock like a lollipop. He was leaking the sweetest precum imaginable and she was coating her lips and mouth wickedly.

Everyone else had lovely black cocks sliding deep but all eyes were on Hank. Few women could take him and they all saw the determination in the lovely Asian’s eyes. She was not going to be denied. Her lips stretched tight and he began to enter her mouth. His cock was very long and wide. Her tongue rode along the base of his cock as he passed her lips. She flicked her tongue along the underside as his stovepipe reached the back of her mouth. He was extremely wide. The head of his cock completely filled the tiny opening of her throat but she relaxed and she pushed forward.

There was five full inches of him to go; she was determined to make that cock disappear. He was stretching her throat and she didn’t care. He moved deeper and she adjusted. He kept moving and she felt him glide deeper. Her eyes were tearing up, not from pain but from joy. She was taking him and she loved this. She pushed forward and saw his cock disappear completely. His massive balls were against her chin. She held his balls and she struggled to move her tongue. She managed and she began to lick the broad underside of his cock.

Hank was moaning; no one had ever sucked him as Rose was doing right now. Debbie and Wendy had tried earlier. They were great but Rose was sensational. She grabbed his hips and he started to fuck her throat. She started to cum and he commenced seriously fucking her throat. She had never felt anything like this. Hank was gentle but determined to have the best blowjob of his life. His long thick cock moved in and out of her throat quickly.

Her throat was so ready for what she knew was coming. He increased his speed and her hand slipped between his legs. Her finger circled his ass and when she touched it, he went wild. His hips were flying towards her face fast. She was talking him ball deep with each stroke. She had never had her throat fucked like that before and her legs were drenched, as her pussy closely resembled Niagara Falls.

She slipped her finger into his ass and he slammed into her completely. Her tongue was stroking his cock, her lips were caressing him, she felt him swell, and then he screamed. He drove his cock all the way down her throat and it was like a high-pressure fire hose that went off. His body was shaking and trembling and he held her head and shook. She didn’t have to swallow, he was long past that but she slid her tongue along his shaft, opened, and closed her throat while milking him with her tongue. She felt his massive load scream into her and it was huge. Her stomach was so full of cum and he was a large reason for that. She held him as he softened. Every twitch sent her pussy another orgasm.

[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "Cherry Takes on the NFL" To avoid any confusion on my reader's part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]

The party wound down and Jim stayed behind. Holly kissed him deeply. “Did you have a good time darling? I know I did. Your friends are great. I can’t wait to do this all over again. I hope they had a good time.”

“A good time? Holly, they had the best time of their lives. None of us ever dreamed of being with a woman like you, let alone the rest of the women. Each one of you is a walking wet dream. I’ve never enjoyed myself so much in my life. I just wish Gary had been here. I really wanted my friends to meet him.”

“He will be back in a week. They will meet him.”

“Actually, I have several other friends who would love to meet you Holly.”

“Oh, who is that?” Holly asked.

“Six of the girls who work at the hotel saw you that weekend. One of them fell so in lust with you, I’ve barely been able to get her off my dick since you left. The others are adorable and they love sex too. I know you’d love them. Would it be possible to invite them the next time?”

“Sure Jim, I can’t see any reason why not. Do they know you guys are bi?”

“Yes they do. They are all bi and they love watching us fuck too. They are lovely sluts just like you sweetheart.” Jim was smiling as he kissed her again.

“Then, by all means Jim, we’d love to party with them.” Holly felt his cock twitch and she looked down to see those lovely Asian eyes smiling up at her.

“Did someone call my name?” Rose smirked as she trailed her tongue between Holly’s puffy wet lips. She licked her pussy, sucked Jim’s cock and then licked her pussy again.

“She is becoming a luscious slut, isn’t she Holly?” Jim laughed.

“She is a slut-in-training. I still have much to teach this lovely creature.” Holly smirked as she kissed Jim one last time. “I’ll call you later tomorrow Jim. Call those girls and tell them my pussy is waiting for their lovely lips.”

Rose took one last long suck on Jim and stood and kissed him goodnight.”

“Come with me girlfriend, Holly is still horny and you seem to still be hungry.”

The smell of fresh brewed coffee woke everyone. The day was beginning later than she was used to but she was a remarkable sight. The kitchen was sizzling and the table had been set. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls were on the table and everyone was stumbling into the living room.

“How does she do it? We watched this woman fuck the third army last night and here she is cooking us a gorgeous breakfast?” Nancy asked Red.

“Did someone say breakfast?” Rose said as she careened off the walls heading into the living room.

“Well, don’t you look like you were rode hard and put away wet,” Wendy laughed.

“That is exactly what happened, as I recall. You all crashed and Holly grabbed me. We kinda partied more after Jim left.” Rose yawned.

“I know what that means; I’ve been there with you Holly!” Red giggled. “How much sleep did you get? Two hours?”

“Three but that’s okay, She is still in training. Now eat, after last night, we are going to need our strength. That was a pleasant evening. I had fun. Apparently there are six girls that are coming over next time.” Holly said.

“Nancy and I have to go over the plans. I want to show you what is going to happen at the house. It is going to be gorgeous when we are finished.” Red said.

“It is gorgeous now,” Debbie said. “I can’t believe that we are going to be living there. It is like a dream come true.”

“I’ve never seen it,” Holly said. I hear it is spectacular. How many bedrooms are there?”

“The main house has fifteen bedrooms but that is getting changed to fourteen. Gary wants the girls bedrooms enlarged so we are taking four bedrooms and making them three. In addition to that, there are two six-bedroom guesthouses on the property and a third six-bedroom servants’ quarters.

Our job is to update the main house and redecorate it. I am glad you’re here Holly. The last time we were together with Gary, we spent a few days going over everything he said he would eventually change. Obviously, we never expected it to be this soon. We know what he wants but there is one thing we could sure use your help with. The kitchen is huge and it is very nice but there are things he wanted to change.”

“Oh course he does. He is a real stickler for perfection in the kitchen. I know he was happy with Mark’s kitchen but you know how competitive those two are. Gary has the better jet, Gary wants the better kitchen.” Holly said.

“You are absolutely right. One thing Mark has that is better is the third floor. We have the plans for the new addition. Gary’s new addition is going to be just over 21,600 sq. ft.” Nancy said.

“Hold on there Kate. He is going to be adding an additional 21,000 sq feet to that house. That will take it to 55,600 square feet. Holy shit!” Wendy stated.

Nancy laughed, “That’s right hon, there will be twenty-six bedrooms not counting the servants quarters. Now the home is three floors so it is nice. We have to update everything. The place is nine years old, so it is structurally great but the Carters were older and their tastes in furnishings were not suitable to Gary.

Gary had the pool completely redone last year. It’s huge and designed for parties. There are four hot tubs outside and the new building will have an indoor pool and huge hot tub as well. Stage and stripper poles were mandatory on the plans.”

Red took out the plans for the new addition and showed them to the girls. Overall, the building will be 180 feet by 120 feet. There are two separate sets of plans and he hasn’t decided which one to choose yet. The only difference is one has ten additional large rooms on the second floor and the other set doesn’t.

“Here, look at these.” Red showed them the plans and pointed to where the new building would join the main house. “The new building will have a fabulous bar area, a state-of-the-art theater with padded floors, a gloryhole room, a playroom and a darkroom. There will be a wonderful pool and hot tub area, a great lounge, dance floor and of course, a stage and that will all open out onto the pool area. It is going to ooze orgasms.”

“I would sure like to see the kitchen. Can we take a ride out there? Is it far from here?” Holly asked.

“It is only about six miles. I wouldn’t mind going out there. We are meeting with the architect and the contractor later today. I do want to check a few things. They already drew these plans up last year so all we have to do is pull the permits and start construction immediately. I want to look at those four bedrooms and get an idea about making them into three.” Red looked at Debbie and asked, “Do you have the number to the house?”

“I have it in the office. Let me call them and tell them we are coming out.”

Red called the architect and asked him to meet her at the house instead of the apartment.

They dressed and threw in a load of laundry. “God, it was a wet night in Florida,” Wendy giggled as Rose loaded the machine. “I can’t believe that happened. It was wild and you, you were outta bounds.”

She batted her lovely oval eyes, “I was out of control? Seriously Wendy, was I the only one? I do remember your pussy leaking like a burst dam.”

The tiny little blonde-haired woman with the perfect tits stood in the kitchen and burst out laughing. “We certainly are the most delicious sluts on the planet. We were all out of control.”

“Nancy, we were in complete control. We knew what we wanted and we got it. End of discussion.”

“Holly you are always one for understatement,” Red laughed. “She is loud yes, but definitely understated.”

They drove onto the property and Holly let out a gasp. “Are you fucking kidding me? This place is gorgeous.”

“Gary was pissed last year. Until then it was the most expensive place on the lake but they started building the place across the lake. It is supposed to be $100 million,” Red told everyone.

“I don’t care. This place is spectacular.” Holly exclaimed.

She pulled into the portico and looked at Holly. “Wait until you see this,” Debbie said as she unlocked the main doors. She swung the double doors opened and Holly was frozen in place. The granite floors led to sweeping dual staircases to the second floor. The view was amazing.

“They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Well, this makes a great impression. Show me more.” Holly said.

Rose, Debbie and Wendy were getting a much better look at the home as well. Red and Nancy had been there before.

The living room was enormous. The ceilings were the highest Holly had ever seen in a home. The entire front of the house was glass overlooking the pool and beyond to the lake. The view was perfect. The home had been furnished with expensive antiques and they definitely didn’t suit Gary’s lifestyle.

They walked throughout the home slowly; the girls became much better acquainted with it. They walked into the kitchen and Holly looked at Red. “Just hold on to everything. If I open a new restaurant, I can use this as my kitchen. Are you shitting me? What the hell does he want to change? He has things in here I don’t have in my restaurant. Dammit, he never had this stuff in his own restaurant. I’m going to kick his ass.”

“Tell us how you really feel baby.” Nancy was laughing so hard.

Holly started taking a good look around. She pulled out a pad and paper. She started making notes. “Look around girls; I’ll be in here quite a while. I’ll find you.”

They walked into Gary’s wing of the house. One entire side of the house was his domain. His view of the lake and the property was lovely. His bedroom was huge complete with a fireplace, bar, breakfast kitchen, a full living room and separate den. The two closets were each larger than most apartments. The bathroom was almost beyond description. The beautiful whirlpool tub was a centerpiece.

“The tub was put in just last year. That is staying. Everything else in here is being redone. It just isn’t what Gary wants. We have some great designs. We’ll have to see what he wants. There is the steam room and the sauna. As you can see, the shower is large enough for all of you at once. I have some nice, kinky new ideas for this. Now that I know you, I am positive you will love them. You three have been the most delightful surprise. You are going to love living here.”

“I’ve got a question Red,” Rose quipped. Do they make a bed larger than a king-size?”

Red and Nancy burst out laughing. They started to answer and another fit of laughter overtook them. “We ordered it yesterday before we drove up here. Custom sheets, blankets and bedspreads. Gary was adamant that that was the very first thing he wanted. He loves you all but he loves his space on a mattress too.”

“Really, are you serious Red? I never would have known that,” Holly laughed as she walked into the bedroom. “He can be brutal. I still have some bruises.

I’m not finished with the kitchen. I have more to do so don’t let me interrupt you.”

They walked into the first of the four suites that adjoined Gary’s suite. The girls looked at the space and the closets.

“This place is huge. I don’t see any reason to change this at all. The closet is huge. I don’t have enough clothes to fill a tenth of what is there now. Gary is delusional,” Debbie said.

Wendy and Rose agreed with her.

“It would cost a fortune to change these and personally, I don’t see any reason to,” Rose said.

“These four suites are identical. Everything in here was updated just a year ago. What we need to do is figure out who wants which suite and then do your color pallets,” Red said as Nancy opened her case.

The girls picked the suites and Nancy went to work. Each woman had a different complexion and Nancy wanted the color schemes for each room to match their personality perfectly. It didn’t take long to obtain the information they needed. Nancy told the girls that they would take them furniture shopping in the next few weeks.

“We’ll be flying to New York, Miami, Dallas and Chicago. Everything here will be things you really love. We want each room to be perfect for you. We know where you’ll be sleeping but these suites are your own private sanctuaries. The wall art will be unique. You’ll see when the time is right,” Nancy told them.

They took the elevator up to the second floor and saw the office and library. The gym was equipped with every piece of exercise equipment you could ever imagine.

The architect and contractor arrived and Nancy and Red went to meet with them. The girls spent the next hour looking at the house and the grounds. There was so much to see.

The meeting was over and the girls met at the pool. They walked down to the lake. They went inside the boathouse and saw it was nicely stocked with two very nice boats and several wave runners. The dock looked fairly new.

They walked back to the patio, sat, and just took in the ambience. Debbie’s phone rang and it was Gary. She told him they were at the house and that Red had just finished meeting with the contractor. Wendy handed the phone to Red and they talked for several minutes.

“Did you party last night?” he asked.

She told him they had and filled him in on the details. He was laughing when she handed the phone to Holly.

“Hi darling, when will you be home?” she asked. She told him she was going to stay and wait until he got back before she left to go home. She told him that she wanted to discuss a few things with him.

“That will be great because I am bringing a surprise back with me. We will land sometime on Tuesday morning. I’m sure everyone will enjoy this surprise.”

Holly handed Wendy the phone, “Hi baby, do you know how to drive a motorhome? It is a big one. I am going to need someone to pick us up in it on Tuesday. I’ve hired the staff for the house. We are stopping in Jacksonville to pick them up on the way back. The motorhome is in the company garage. Have Dave get you the keys. Tell everyone we are going to spend some time at the house when I get back.”

She assured him she could handle it. She reminded him that her father was a long distance trucker. If she could handle an 18-wheeler, she could drive the motorhome.

He talked to Rose and Debbie again and told them he loved them. He was going to try to get some sleep.

Wendy relayed their conversation and told them that he had hired the some of the staff for the house.

“What is he doing, bringing some of Jeremy’s pornstars back with him?” Nancy giggled.

“No, he said he was stopping in Jacksonville to pick them up on the way back,” Wendy said.

“Okay, I know exactly who he hired,” Holly said. “Several years ago, he took a contract to work with America Online in Jacksonville. This was before he went to the Keys. Anyway, he stayed in a motel for eight months. He raved about four drop dead gorgeous maids who worked there. He told me they were delightful, funny and delicious. I’m betting he hired them to work here. If they are still as sexy as they were then, they are hot. There were two black girls, one Brazilian, and one Australian. From what he told me, it was a great eight months.”

“Damn, I’m horny again. Should we call Jim?” Rose snickered.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Red said. “It has been a while since I’ve had that much cock and when that happens, I can out slut Holly any day of the week.”

“Bite me bitch,” Holly laughed. “If this is a competition, just say so. Since I had just met these men, I was on my best behavior last night. If you want to see slutty, I’ll show you slutty.” Holly found Jim’s number and dialed.

“Jim’s happy; he told me the girls had each called him several times today. Apparently, they are so wet they can barely sit still. I am going to make a couple of calls. I don’t feel like cooking but I have a friend who can put some things together for us. Do we need more booze?”

“No Holly, I laughed at Gary but he had a load of liquor delivered just before he left. My living room is full of booze. I just don’t know how he managed it either. He bought it from the distributor.” Debbie said.

“Oh I know how he did it. He used my catering license. What about mixes, are we good on that too?”

“We are good to go for a long time, Holly.”

“Good because Holly is good to go for a very long time.” Holly laughed and giggled. “Let’s get back and get this party rolling.”

“Get your game on girl,” Holly said to Red.

“Oh fuck, this is going to be good,” Nancy said to the girls. “Watching those two out slut each other is going to be hysterical. Dammit, I’m getting wet just thinking of it.”

“Well, if they thing we are going to let them out do us, they have another think coming,” Rose said. “I know what we can do too. Tonight should be fun.”

“Just tonight?” Debbie asked. “Do you have anything planned for the rest of the week? I know I don’t. According to what I was told last night, neither do they. Collectively, we have enough bedrooms and I’m so fucking horny, I could go on all week.”

Wendy had just completed a call as she walked to the car. “That was Dave. Two things, he is bringing the motorhome out to the apartment. He said he would load the booze in it and take it to the property for us on Friday. More importantly, shit for brains decided he was going to make trouble but Dave somehow convinced him to get out of Orlando today. He’s gone. He walked out with his clothes and somehow, Dave knows that he got on a flight for South Dakota an hour ago. The divorce papers are signed, sealed and the only thing that needs to be done is have the judges’ signature. I’m free as a bird.”

Everyone hugged and then things got serious. “We now have something else to celebrate. It is going to be a party.” Holly screamed. “Now we don’t have any reason to be quiet.”

They picked up the trays of food and headed home. The girls got ready.

Rose went upstairs and picked out something she thought would be appropriate. She did her makeup and hair. While she was doing that, Debbie and Wendy went next door to get ready. Debbie walked in and hit the stereo. The country station started to play.

“I didn’t know you like country. I love it. Did you know that Gary listens to country all the time? Rose and I heard country the first time Holly was here. Rose said she has heard it many times.”

“I’ve got some great country outfits. Check out these boots. I bought them because I thought they were sexy as hell but the moron would never take me dancing. I wish I had more really hot country clothes. I do love cowboys,” Wendy said.

Debbie started to laugh, “Check out these boots. I bought them on a trip to Dallas. I had to do a promotion in a strip club. This one stripper had a pair of these, and she told me where to get them. I’m wearing them tonight. I bought some nice stuff there. I don’t know why I did. Maybe it was because I saw Gary in jeans and boots so many times. Do you think that was wishful thinking?”

The door opened and both of them turned and started smiling. Rose was standing there in the shortest western skirt, platform spike heeled cowboy boots and a very sexy hat.

The girls got dressed and together they sizzled. Three amazing hot women were going to rock their world. They walked back to the apartment and stopped dead in their tracks.

Obviously, it was going to be a yeehaw orgy. Holly was decked in white leather. Her white leather studded skirt was slightly larger than a belt. Her boots were platform stilettos. The hat she wore was fantastic. Red’s style was very similar other than the leather she wore perfectly matched her hair. Nancy’s outfit was a match to Red’s except the color perfectly matched her blonde hair.

Rose started laughing. She opened up the DVD cabinet and pulled out a flick that would be perfect for the theme. Nancy started to laugh and turned the stereo to country. “If they don’t like country when they get here, they’ll love it by the time they leave.”

“They’re here,” Rose, giggled. “What really turned me on was walking out of my place dressed like this. I did it, and I loved it, my tit’s loved it too. I’ve never felt so free in my life.”

“Get used to it girl. Living out there, you won’t be wearing a lot of clothes most of the time.”

Holly walked to the door and opened it before they even got into the building. The guys started whistling as soon as they saw her. The girls looked adorable and Holly kissed everyone hello. The vision that presented itself upon entering was something they would never forget. Each woman was a goddess in her own right; collectively, they were heaven on earth.

Jim introduced them as Tina, Donna, Patty, Joann, Roberta and Ronnie. They were all in their early 20′s and they were very pretty.

“I love your outfits,” Ronnie said. “If we had known you were into country, we’d all have dressed to kill too. We all love country. Now, if you can dance as well as the guy’s say you can fuck, we should go to Cowboys some night. We would set that place on its head. Every time I go in there, all they do is stare. I’d fucking love to walk in there will all of you. There wouldn’t be a soft dick in the house.”

Red looked at Holly and they both started to laugh. “I like this girl Red, I really like this little slut,” Holly laughed.

Jim caught Holly’s eye and indicated that Ronnie was the one who had seen her at the party.

“Jim, show the girls where to hang their clothes. How many bartenders do we have here?” Holly asked.

Hank laughed, “We’re all either bartenders or waiters and waitresses.”

“Well, get your naked ass behind the bar and start pouring drinks baby,”

The video’s started and the music came up. The women came back into the room and Red took the floor. “Ladies, we have a competition going on tonight. I made a statement this afternoon and Holly challenged me. I said I could out slut her any day of the week. She thinks I am wrong. We are going to fuck you, suck you, tease you and please you until we drop. There are no limits. If that takes the rest of the week, so be it. We have nothing to do until next Tuesday so, let’s party girls.”

Holly walked over to Ronnie, “You have a fabulous body. You have it going on girl.” She took Ronnie in her arms and felt her sweet breasts crushed against hers. She looked around and saw each of the women paired with the new girls and the party got started. “Jim told me you have wanted me since the day you first saw me. I hope that is right because I want you too. You look delicious.”

“I am delicious but I admit I want your pussy on my tongue right now Holly. You are one spectacular woman.” Ronnie kissed her and cupped her breasts as she pushed her back onto an easy chair. She fell on top of Holly and held her face in her hands. Their lips brushed and her hand stroked her face. Ronnie kissed her forehead, her eyelids and then her nose. She tilted her head to one side and began to lick her neck.

“Oh you’re good, this is very good Ronnie. Mmm I love your touch.”

Ronnie looked into Holly’s eyes and held her gaze. Her eyes shifted to her lips and back into her eyes. Their lips inched closer. Holly looked into Ronnie’s eyes and then onto her lips. Their lips almost touched. Holly’s nipples were rock hard and she loved the dance she was doing with this exquisite young woman.

Ronnie’s tongue snaked out and she licked Holly’s lips in one of most sensuous kisses Holly had ever received. Their tongues began to dance and tease. Ronnie’s nipples grazed Holly’s and the spark was electrifying. Ronnie bit Holly’s lower lip and she pulled away. Her hand slid along Holly’s back and onto the clasp of her tiny skirt. The skirt was removed and Holly nibbled Ronnie’s lip.

The kiss became wanton, the sparks electrifying and the passion exploded. Ronnie began to kiss her breasts and when her tender mouth closed over her nipple, Holly moaned in her usual subdued manner. Ronnie licked between her tits and onto her hard, tight stomach.

Holly was an exceptional woman and she epitomized the true meaning of several words. She was a cougar and the perfect insatiable slut.

Ronnie’s tongue dipped into her navel and she flicked it teasing Holly whose moans were becoming noticeable. Her tongue traced her hips and onto her thighs. Holly spread her legs wide and offered this spectacular woman access to her inner being. Her glistening gash shone in the dim light and her clit stood hard and proud. Ronnie saw her prize but she held back.

She pulled her lips apart and stroked her tongue along the sweet pink valley. She opened her other lips and splayed Holly’s pussy wide. Ronnie’s hot breath thrilled Holly; her hips began to shake.

Debbie and Rose were being treated by two of the new girls and their orgasms were apparent from the vocalizations coming from them. Debbie was stroking Patty’s hair and Rose was cumming on Joann’s sweet face.

Nancy and Wendy were close but not quite there yet.

The guys were standing at the bar, sipping drinks and watching the women getting it on. Their cocks were hard and looked lovely.

Ronnie’s face was wet from the lust flowing from Holly’s hot, wet pussy. She was drenching Ronnie who loved every drop. Ronnie brought her tongue along the side of Holly’s extended clit and began to lick. Holly screamed and Ronnie flicked her clit again. She ran her slender finger along the valley and brought it to the other side of that lovely clit. She held it steady while her tongue began to lick her beautifully. Holly was screaming and yelling as the first of countless orgasms took control of her body.

Red was yelling herself. The redheaded Tina was driving Red wild with her tongue. She was holding Tina’s head and riding her face wildly. Red was cumming and Tina was thirsty.

Nancy let loose an earth shattering orgasmic scream and her tiny body flailed against the auburn haired Donna. Nancy had her legs wrapped around Donna’s neck and she shoved her tiny pussy deep onto Donna’s tongue.

Wendy had her spectacular legs wrapped around Roberta’s pretty face and her back arched as she exploded onto the platinum blonde’s gorgeous face.

Holly was already yelling before Ronnie closed her mouth over Holly’s clit and began to suck. Holly was cumming, screaming and her cum streamed into Ronnie’s thirsty throat. Holly held her jet-black hair, arched her back and gushed onto her waiting tongue. Holly’s orgasms built, as Ronnie was relentless. She had lusted over this spectacular woman since the day she saw her at the party. She wanted to show her how good she was. It was important to Ronnie to have the admiration of a woman she hoped to emulate one day.

All six women were cumming and the volume was intense. Bodies were flailing, tongues rammed into soft pussies and the twelve hard-ons were standing on the sidelines.

“Don’t you stop what you’re doing, you delicious bitch. Keep me cumming. Gentlemen, we need cock. Fuck us and feed us. Cock now,” Holly screamed.

Tyrone headed for Rose’s sweet lips while the rest of the men picked either a waiting mouth or a wanton pussy. Muted non-stop screams were heard everywhere.

Red had Hank down her throat. His balls slammed off her chin and she loved the feel of his long, sweet, heavy cock in her throat. Hank was thrilled to learn that Red could take him all the way as well. Little did he know, he was in for a treat and a half before this shindig was over?

Holly watched Red and giggled; she knew she was going to rock Hank’s world too. Johnny was plowing Ronnie with his long black cock and she was cumming while licking Holly to sweeter, spectacular explosions of lust. Marv’s black cock was way past Holly’s tonsils and he was plowing her throat with steady strokes that thrilled her and caused her pussy to stream continuously onto Ronnie’s hot lips.

The orgasms were just getting started. Fingers began slipping into the men’s asses while their cocks were being sucked so well. Rapid-fire orgasms sprayed tonsils and the new girl’s pussies were flooded as well. The cacophony of orgasmic release was profound as mutual multiple orgasms ruled the moment.

Johnny grabbed Ronnie’s hips and his balls jumped as he began to spew into her velvet pussy. She felt him explode inside her and loved the warmth and the pulse of his long cock as it flooded her lovingly.

Holly cupped Marv’s massive balls as he drilled into her gorgeous face. Her lips felt him swell as his moans became pronounced. The base of his cock increased as Holly felt him fill as he expanded with a serving of sweet, wonderful cum heading into her waiting lips. She sucked and licked as Marv screamed and delivered what she lived for. His chocolate cock tasted extra sweet as he slammed himself deep into her face. She milked every delicious drop and he was drenched with pure joy.

Holly sucked and arched her back as Ronnie dove deep into her pussy. She tongue fucked Holly deliciously while her perky nose teased her clit expertly. Holly screamed onto Marv’s hot cock as her stomach tightened and her legs began to flail. Her pussy trembled and she exploded onto Ronnie’s hot, sweet face.

Ronnie knew how to please a woman and she certainly enjoyed this woman in particular. From the instant that she saw Holly, she had been the only thing Ronnie had thought about. This woman was queen of the sluts. She was beautiful, classy, and desirable. She had the ability to instantly harden every cock in the zip code and leave everyone drooling. Holly was exactly what Ronnie wanted to become.

Holly looked at Red who was just floating from her initial play and the two friends smiled and began grinning like schoolchildren. They had become good friends and they loved each other. They were equally spectacular and they knew it. The only thing hotter than watching them fuck was watching them fuck each other. Red winked at Holly who burst out laughing.

“Drinks, bong, lines now please!” Holly yelled.

Rose was walking around strategically placing candles throughout the apartment. Wendy saw and started laughing. Jim was mixing drinks and Debbie was loading the bong. Nancy walked up with that lovely fresh fucked look on her face and knelt in front of them. She took Jim between her lips and sucked his cock sweetly. She then began to lick Rose and Debbie tasting the sweet love on their lips. Nancy was in seventh heaven.

She stood and started cutting lines. She inhaled several herself and took the mirror to Holly and then to Red. Jim brought them drinks and Wendy was hitting the bong.

“My pussy is on fire. I just wish that Gary were here. I miss him so much.” Wendy said.

“We couldn’t agree more,” Red said. She and Holly had come to the bar and Wendy passed them the bong. “It’s been a long time since Nancy and I have had that man. Don’t get angry with us when he gets here. I have really missed him. It is funny, the first time I laid eyes on him, something electric passed between us. He and Connie walked into Bob’s, the men grabbed Connie, and that was the last we saw her for hours. He didn’t even have time to take off his jacket when this old broad started sucking his cock. Nancy and I were in the livingroom just relaxing. We hadn’t done anything yet. We were having a drink when this gal started sucking him. Our eyes locked and she sucked. She sucked his load and our eyes never flinched. When she was done, he walked over to me and kissed me and we never let him out of our sight the rest of the night. We’ve been best of friends ever since. I want to fuck him so much right now.”

Jim came up behind her, put his arms around her tiny waist and kissed her neck. “I know how you feel. I want his cock in my mouth too but for now, would you settle for fucking my brains out darling?”

“Jim, you definitely know how to sweet talk a woman.” Red whispered.

“Hold on girlfriend,” Holly said as she reached for his cock. “Jim is special. Let’s rock his world together.”

“I like it darling. Better line him up, bong him up and then let’s fuck him up.” Red snickered.

Jim was smiling and Rose winked at him. “Fuck him darlings but save some of him for us. I know we have plans for him too.”

Jim walked into Gary’s bedroom arm in arm with two of the hottest women on the planet.

“Should we have ordered oxygen?” Wendy giggled as Hank came up behind her. She turned into him and felt his massive hardon pressed against her stomach. “Where do plan on putting that sexy?”

“Everywhere I can find an opening you delicious slut. Let’s go.”

Wendy handed the bong to Debbie and kissed her. “I don’t think I kissed you today. I’m sorry baby.”

“Yeah, what is up with that?” Debbie sulked as Wendy disappeared with Hank.

“This is wild. I kinda feel like I am cheating on Gary though.” Debbie said.

“Don’t you worry about that,” Nancy said as she walked up to the bar. “There is no more loyal man on this earth than him. Kate and I love him to death and we know one thing most of you don’t. When he is in love, nothing will come between him and the woman, or in this case, the women he loves. He loves you more than you’ll ever know. He is also the wildest partier you will ever know. It doesn’t matter who he is having sex with, it is just that, sex. When he is with you three, he is making love. I’ve seen him fuck countless women during a weekend and then make love. He wants us all to know exactly where he stands and he makes no bones about it. So enjoy, don’t worry. Your lives are more secure than you will ever know. I’m a greedy cunt. I am so glad you are in his life. That means I get you too.” Nancy kissed Debbie deeply.

Ron and Tina walked up behind Nancy. “I had the pleasure of Red earlier and now I want you. She tells me you are one fantastic little bitch,” Tina said as she led Nancy away.

Debbie took a couple more hits on the bong when Ted and Joann caught her eye. They waved her over and she drew a couple lines and headed over. Everywhere she looked; beautiful men and women were fucking and sucking. Her pussy was dripping with desire as Joann offered her Ted’s long black cock. She had enjoyed him last night and definitely wanted more.

Debbie sank to her knees in front of this long, lean black stud. His sweet cock dangled just inches from his lips. She looked at Tina and together they started to run their tongues over the large purple head of his cock. He began to stiffen immediately and as he did, their tongues washed him completely. Tina wrapped her tiny hand around his shaft and she put it into Debbie’s mouth. Debbie took him in and her tongue stroked the sweet, sensitive underside as he filled her mouth. She offered him to Tina who opened her mouth and swallowed him completely. Debbie watched as Ted’s cock disappeared into her throat. Debbie began to lick Tina’s nipple as she had her throat stroked deeply.

Tina passed Ted’s cock back to Debbie, she threw her face onto his cock, and his balls bounced off her chin. Tina moved behind him and began to pull his cheeks apart. Her tongue started to lick his asshole and he drove his cock deeper into Debbie’s throat. Tina started finger fucking him and he moaned loudly. Tina’s other hand snaked into Debbie’s pussy and her thumb began to massage her clit. Tina’s long fingers sank into Debbie while she continued to finger fuck Ted. Debbie was on fire. Her throat being fucked by his delicious cock coupled with Tina’s skilled fingers had her cumming in minutes.

Jim had fucked Holly and Red intently when a wicked smile flashed on Holly’s face. She slid off the bed and grabbed the Sybian Sex Machine from its storage bin. Red laughed and disappeared. She reappeared with a full bong and a loaded mirror.

“Jim, we’re going to give you something you’ve never had in your life and something you will never forget either. This machine is going to give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had and at the same time, you’ve going to drive us fucking wild,” Holly whispered in his ear.

Red showed him two different sized dildos and asked him which size he preferred. He picked the 7″ one and Red lit the bong and handed it to him. She lubed his ass and inserted the toy. Jim took several hits on the bong and then Holly settled him on the machine. Red hit the switch and the top rail extension moved into position. Jim watched in fascination, which betrayed the fact that he had no idea what was going to happen.

“Which would you prefer darling, top of bottom?” Red asked Holly.

“I’ll take the bottom; you can do the gymnastics to begin with. We will switch out. Here Jim, a couple of these will do the trick,” Holly said as she handed him the mirror.

Jim took three lines and Red turned on the rotation. Jim’s eyes got wide and he smiled broadly. Red began to turn up the vibration and it was hard to tell whether his smile was wider or that his cock was harder. Holly passed him the bong one last time and he took a huge hit. He closed his eyes and Red turned the speeds all the way up.

Holly jumped on the bed and placed his hard dick in her mouth. Red grabbed the overhead bar and brought her athletic body up onto it. She threw her legs over his shoulders and nestled her perfect pussy onto his lips.

The dildo in his ass was spinning; Holly was sucking and Red’s pussy was flowing into his greedy mouth. Jim’s tongue dug into Red and she was screaming from the amazing pleasure he was bringing to her gushing pussy. He slid two fingers into her tight ass and she lost her mind. The vibrations were surging through his body and onto the tip of his tongue. Red went ballistic with the sensations on her clit. Her pussy was in free flow and Jim was drinking the love from her hot twat.

Holly had Jim deep in her throat, which was tingling wildly as her lips and tongue lavished delicious pleasure onto him. Holly was right about this. He had never experienced anything like this in his life before. Holly’s lips were silky smooth and her throat was like velvet. He wanted to cum but he didn’t want this to end. Red was cumming so hard and Jim was soaked with her lust. Holly released Jim and pulled Red down. They switched places and Jim dove into Holly with a lust that was unimaginable.

Red impaled herself on his cock, cupping his vibrating balls against her pretty face. Jim lost his mind when Holly began squirting onto and into his open mouth. She was cumming harder than he had ever seen before. She flooded his mouth incessantly and that did it for Jim. He closed his eyes and his cock became a cannon exploding into Red’s hot mouth. She sucked him and he kept spurting. Her lips caressed him; her tongue stroked him and he kept cumming.

In the living room, Debbie was face deep in Tina’s hot twat while Ted had his cock fully in Debbie’s sweet ass sliding in and out with a luxurious rhythm and she loved the feeling. Tina’s pussy tasted sweet on her tongue. Debbie was cupping her breasts and Tina was soaking her face copiously. Ted was swinging his cock in and out of Debbie and she was cumming like a racehorse. Ted felt so good in her ass. Ted kept stroking and Debbie clamped her entire body onto his precious dick. The orgasm that hit her was overwhelming and wonderful. Tina came repeatedly and Debbie drank her down. Debbie collapsed blissfully.

Rose walked behind the bar and started making drinks. She was laughing and smirking at Debbie who was seriously having trouble focusing. “I’m not sure who the bigger slut is, Red, Holly or you. God that was hot to watch Deb. Have I told you today I love you?”

“Several times, actually but don’t stop. I love hearing you say it darling. From what I’ve seen, you’ve been pretty busy yourself.”

Rose had been busy but she was in no way done. She was, in fact just getting started. Last night, she wanted to suck every cock in the house and tonight, she was hell bent on fucking everyone there. She was having fun.

Jim staggered from the bedroom, looked at Rose and mumbled something unintelligible. Rose laughed at him and poured him a drink. She had been watching those two delicious sluts work their magic on him. He was shaking and the grin on his face was probably permanent.

Patty and Roberta walked up to the bar. “This is the most amazing party I’ve ever been to. I can’t tell you how glad we are to have met all of you. This takes horny to somewhere so far off the charts I can barely comprehend it,” Roberta gushed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet girlfriend,” Red giggled as she walked back to the bar arm in arm with Holly. “You haven’t met their man yet. Jim will tell you what partying with Gary is like. This is just an appetizer. Wait till you are partying with two to three hundred of us.”

“Two to three hundred people, Ohmigod! There is no way that many people will fit in here,” Patty said.

Holly laughed, “No dear, we won’t be here for those parties. We’ll be either in Vegas or somewhere close to here. Somehow, I have a feeling you’ll all be partying with us in both locations. What do you think Kate, have we made some new and very dear friends?”

“You bet your pretty little ass we have,” Red said as she kissed Patty deeply. “You are so sexy Patty, have you met Sybian yet? Holly, I just have a feeling that Roberta should meet him too. He’s adorable.” Red put her arm around Patty and walked her to the bedroom. Holly and Roberta followed directly behind them.

“Those girls are in for a treat,” Rose laughed at Jim.

“Fuck Rose, I wonder where you get those machines. That was the wildest thing I have ever experienced in my life. I mean, Red and Holly are wild but throw that thing into the mix and it was amazing.”

“I know Jim, I watched them with you. I stood there cumming hard watching you shake like that. It reminded me of my first time on it. Oh and remind me to let you in on a little secret next week. I know you’ll enjoy it.”

Jim leaned back against the wall. His naked body relaxed and Rose refilled his drink. She refilled the bong and lit it. She cut four very large lines and handed Jim the mirror. He blew two and Rose did too. She stood in front of him and drew her long manicured fingernails across his chest. He sighed and a soft moan was heard emanating from his nice strong body. Rose ran her hands along his body and down on his thighs. She sank to her knees and took his flaccid organ into her wet mouth.

“Rose, I have to tell you something. I met Gary and Holly at that party and the very first thing that happened was Holly gave me a blowjob behind my bar. That was my introduction to them. She was the hottest woman I had ever met. Later that day, I got to play with them and the sex was amazing. The thing is, I have always had such an attraction to Asian women but I had never had the pleasure until I met you. You are so much more than my wildest imagination ever could conceive. You are so hot. You really are.”

“So I am your first huh? I like the sound of that. You know I am only a slut in training. I hope to be as good as Red and Holly someday.”

“We were only kidding last night Rose, you knew that didn’t you?” Jim said.

She pulled his now rock hard cock from her lips again, looked up into his eyes, “Jim, my darling Jim, now that I brought this back to life, I want you to fuck my ass hard and I want you to do it now. You dip this gorgeous cock into my hot wet pussy; then you fuck my ass and keep fucking it until you can’t see straight. Okies?”

“You are such a glorious slut. I’m standing here sipping my drink and enjoying this fabulous blowjob from my total dream girl and you want me to stop to fuck your ass? I will fuck you, your ass, anything, and everyone you want me to fuck but I’m not going to miss this sweet cocksuckers talents. What do you think about that?” All Jim heard after she bit his dick was her sweet voice laughing around his cock.

She stood up, took his glass and kissed him lovingly. She held his hard cock and dragged him to the sofa. “Now Jim, no more excuses. Fuck me; fuck me the way you’ve always wanted to fuck an Asian goddess. You know my pussy is wet for you. My ass is waiting. Shove that cock into me and make me cum. I promise I’ll try to be the dirty fucking slut who will rock your world Jim. I’ll show you just how nasty and delicious I can be. Fuck me Jim, fuck me and take my ass.”

She pushed him onto the sofa and straddled him. Her arms snaked around his neck and she kissed him as he slid into her volcanic pussy. Her tongue slammed into his mouth and he began to suck it as her hips began to grind on his thick firm shaft. Her pussy loved the feel of this fine young man inside her and she clamped herself tight on him.

“Jim this feels so good baby. Do you like having your long cock in my tight, hot Asian cunt baby? Fuck me Jim, don’t stop.”

Their kisses became inflamed and she pushed herself away from him. “Look at my body Jim. Do you like my breasts? Do you like the look of my body riding your cock? Is my pussy pretty enough for you? Am I a better slut today than I was yesterday Jim? Your cock feels so delicious in my pussy Jim. I want you to cum inside me. Fill me with your cum and make me your dirty slut Jim.”

She lifted herself off his cock, took his cock, and aimed it at her tight ass. She kissed him as she sank herself slowly onto him again.

“Jim, oh, Jim, I love your cock in my ass. Fuck my ass Jim. Slam your cock into my ass baby. Fill me, fuck me and make me cum again. Shove your hard dick deep into my tight asshole and stretch my sweet Asian ass baby. I want to feel that hot cum flying into my ass and filling me repeatedly Jim.”

Rose was flying on his cock and her eyes were fluttering. She inhaled and bit his lip as her body spasmed. Jim kept slamming her ass and she was in heaven. Her own words coupled with Jim’s cock had her bouncing all over the place. Her nipples flew in front of Jim’s lips and he closed his mouth over one and started to suck it hard. Rose screamed again and her pussy flooded his lap.

“Cum hard you dirty fucking slut. Cum for me Rose, get that pussy wet for me again. Scream you delicious fucking whore. Ride my cock and slam it into your asshole Rose.”

Rose exploded and came again. Jim’s cock pounded her and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hank watching them. Jim stopped Rose and held her still. He spun her around and put her back on his chest. His cock was firmly planted in her pulsing ass when he called Hank over. Jim sat forward, grabbed Rose’s legs, and pulled them toward her chest. He reached for her ankles and spread her legs wide.

“Hank, fuck this slut will ya? Take that gorgeous cock of yours and slam it into my little slut’s wet pussy. She needs both of us inside her. That’s it buddy, fuck her. Rose, Hank is going to take his massive cock and shove it into your tiny, tight hot Asian pussy. You’re going to like it and you’re going to cum so hard, you’ll probably pass out but that’s okay, we’ll just keep fucking you anyway. Slide it home Hank. Fuck this cunt and make her cum.”

“Oh fuck, yes, fuck me. Fill me. I’m cumming already from your cock in my ass. Fuck me Hank, oh yes.”

Hank slid his enormous cock into her tight twat and she was stretched tightly. These two men had given her so much pleasure and she knew this would be extraordinary. He stretched her pussy and began to ride his broad cock over Jim’s which was planted in her ass. That tiny, thin membrane was the only barrier between them and they began to stroke her in unison. Two long cocks sliced into her while Jim kissed her neck and tugged her breasts. They worked their magic on her hot exploding body and her orgasms were non-stop, long and mind numbing.

“Oh this is so good. So wonderful, don’t stop, don’t ever stop. Faster, please fuck me faster. Shove those cocks deeper. Deeper please, make me cum again. I need this. Fuck my ass and fill my cunt. I’m cumming again. Oh yes!”

Johnny walked over and brought his long black cock to her lips and she opened her eyes and saw him. Her lips opened and he shoved his cock all the way into her throat. She was pinned, airtight and she was cumming massively. Her throat was milking Johnny and Hank was plowing her pussy so well. Jim knew he was close and he wanted all three men to cum at once. He knew that she would never forget this. Johnny had his cock all the way into her and she was inhaling him even deeper. She was on fire and he signaled that he was ready to cum.

“Baby, you are one delicious slut. To show you how much we appreciate how good you’ve become, we’re gonna show you right now.”

Three massive cocks exploded and Rose was overwhelmed. Her ass was flooded as was her pussy. Johnny’s cock sent a delicious stream of cum onto her lips, teeth and mouth. She swallowed him all the way and he soaked her throat with another burst. Hank and Jim were twitching wildly and Rose was experiencing an entire body orgasm. Her nipples were very hard in Jim’s fingers and he was kissing her ear, which sent her off again.

Her body trembled with each sensation and her orgasms kept exploding.

“You are such a nasty slut you delicious cunt. You have made us so happy. Thank you,” Jim whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, the livingroom exploded in applause. They looked around; everyone was standing there clapping.

Red, Nancy, Holly Debbie and Wendy were at the front of the group. Red walked over to Rose and helped her to her feet.

Wendy was the first to speak, “For those of you who do not know, the three of us lived in this building for two years. The man you will meet soon lives in this apartment. Debbie lived across the hall. I lived above her and Rose, our precious Rose lived upstairs. A woman came to visit Gary, this bitch was so fucking loud, and her screams of orgasmic bliss were so motherfucking loud that the three of us experienced more orgasms that weekend just listening to them make love all weekend. Rose had lived in the building for those two years and she had never once said a single word to this fine man. Not a single word, can you imagine that? Well, this woman teased us and she was very provocative with the things she let us hear. She knew exactly what she was doing.”

Debbie was laughing, “I had known Gary for the two years and he was a friend. I had no idea that he was good in bed. I kinda figured he was. He is a damned good-looking man but I had no idea until this woman came to visit. Wendy knew him; she had talked to him but the one who never once said a word to him got him first. Our sweet little Rose was that girl. We laughed amongst ourselves and secretly wished to eventually be like the woman who visited Gary and got this ball rolling for us.”

Holly stood there giggling. “Okay, alright already, some have said that I can be loud. I don’t see it myself but what can I say.”

The room exploded in hysterical laughter.

“What I wanted to do, in all honesty is make sure that a man I love with all my heart is taken care of. I hoped one of them would win his heart. I didn’t think all three would but hey, he loves to share so I’m good with it.”

She walked to Rose and kissed her. “You told me you wanted to become the delicious slut I am. Well darling, you’ve arrived.” With that, she walked up behind Rose and put her arms around her waist. When she pulled her arms away, Rose was wearing a thin gold chain around her hips. A single charm hung from that chain. It had a simple message. It just said “SLUT.”

“What that means guys is for this to be official, each one of you has to fuck her, suck her and shove your cocks down her throat. Her ass is yours, use it, and abuse it. Welcome her into this special designation with passion and love,” Nancy beamed.

“What about the rest of us?” Ronnie smiled. “What do we have to do to get this prestigious award?”

“Before this party is over, I expect each one of you will be a certified slut if not, you will definitely be certifiable as you will have fucked your brains out,” Holly laughed. “I do want to get to know each of you, not just as playmates either but as friends. I will tell you only this right now. You are in for a shock next week but for now, that is all I’ll say. Now, who is hungry?”

Rose walked over to Wendy and Debbie. She was embarrassed. “I don’t know what to say. They sprung this on me. I had no idea.”

“If you mean ‘we’ sprung this on you, then yes, we did,” Debbie snickered.

“You two were in on this?”

“Darling, you know we love you. We heard that you were a ‘slut-in-training’ and we decided to spring this on you,” Wendy said as she kissed Rose deeply.

Holly had ordered a lot of food and everyone was enjoying it. It’s funny how many calories a good fucking can consume.

“Holly, how old were you when you realized that you were going to be the spectacular woman that you became?” Ronnie asked her. “I’m only twenty-three and I know that sex is the driving force in my life. I have a college education but in this economy, I can’t find a decent job. Orlando has had so many restaurants close and there are no decent jobs out there. We are just a small number of our friends that are in the same position. I bet I could name another twenty men and women in our boats right now. I know it will change but right now, I am waitressing and bartending and I am only getting a couple of days a week. The thing is, when I first laid eyes on you, I only wanted one thing and that was you. Then I heard what you did to Jim behind the bar and I was so jealous. I couldn’t wait to kiss him just to taste you on his lips. “

“Ronnie, what did you study in college?”

“We all graduated from hospitality courses. Six of us are Cordon Bleu chefs and the others have degrees in restaurant management. The problem is there are no opportunities in Orlando.”

“Have you ever thought about relocating Ronnie?”

“I would but I hear it is bad everywhere. I’m sorry Holly; I don’t mean to be such a downer. I’m having the time of my life. I just see someone as sexy and obviously as successful as you are and I want to know everything I can about her.”

“Well, to answer your question, I was your age when I decided I was going to be the best piece of ass possible. I started early and loved it. My pussy drives me in everything I do. My career has had its difficulties and some years I’ve made money and other years, I’ve lost money in business. What I’ve never lost is my loyalty to my friends. No matter what, your friends will see you through the bad times.”

“What do you do, if you don’t mind me asking Holly?”

“Well, I am a Cordon Bleu chef. I own the ‘Broad Walk Restaurant’ in Boca Raton. I’m very well established and I was able to survive this damned recession. I can relate to the economic situation. You just hang in there. Things could change for all of you soon. You said there are more of you. Are they all young, sexy and bi?”

“Yes, yes and definitely yes. The other women are gorgeous, the men are hunks and everyone is bi. We get together from time to time just to party but nothing like this. This is amazing. The man I saw you with was Gary huh? He is a great looking man. How did you meet him?”

“Yes, that was Gary. He is gorgeous and as you’ll find out, he is an even better fuck. That man will rock your world in so many ways. He owned a bar and restaurant in Key West. He is also a writer and that is how I met him. He writes erotica. I started reading his stories, and I contacted him. Best decision I ever made. I spent a week in the Keys and knew I had made a friend and lover for life. I don’t know how much more writing he will be doing as he has a very big job now but somehow, I know he’ll keep writing as long as he is breathing.”

“He sure looked like a very nice man. Everyone seemed to like him a lot. Who was that older woman?”

Holly burst out laughing, “The judge, she is a dear friend and insatiable. If he is in the same zip code, she will track him down to fuck her ass as much as possible.”

“Wow, why do you say I’ll find out?”

“Because I know him. He is going to take one look at you and he’ll be doing you within an hour. I guarantee it. That man will make you cum harder than you ever have in your life. His best friend is a famous sports attorney. His name is Mark and if you ever have the chance to fuck them both at once, do it. You’ll be crying when you’re done. They are the two best lovers I’ve ever had. Put them together and they are life changing.”

“I can’t wait Holly, I really can’t.”

The party eventually broke up early Friday morning. After two and a half days of solid orgasms, they had to get ready to work at the hotel over the weekend. Every woman was a ‘Holly Certified Slut’; the men exhausted but smiling.

Holly took Jim aside and asked him about the others in their group that Ronnie had talked of. He confirmed that yes there were actually more than twenty hot, sexy and horny people who would kill to have been a part of this. Holly told him that the next time they got together it would not be at the apartment. She wanted him to let them know that they were invited to the next party next week. She wasn’t sure if it would be Tuesday night or early Wednesday. She would call him and let him know.

Six exhausted women looked at the apartment and laughed. “Well, this was one for the books. This place is trashed. It must have been a good party. Did I have a good time?” Rose giggled.

Everyone hit the showers and dressed as Dave was bringing the motorhome over to move the liquor to the mansion. Rose stripped the beds and started the laundry.

Holly went and looked at her notes. She had taken inventory of the food at the house and prepared a list of things to order. She called her distributors and arranged deliveries for later in the day. The girls packed their essentials and had them ready to go. It didn’t take them long before they were ready to spend some time at the house.

Dave arrived and loaded the liquor and supplies. They headed to the house. It was a hot Florida day and the women were thinking about lounging by the pool. The caravan headed to Windermere and onto the now vacant property. Dave pulled up to the loading dock at the rear of the kitchen area and the vehicle was unloaded. They took their time, stocking the bars and hanging up clothes. They had all weekend to move more clothes.

The food deliveries began arriving and Holly became the consummate professional. Everything was inventoried, marked, dated and vacuum-sealed. The walk-in freezers were filled and the produce was refrigerated. She smiled and decided she had enough food to last a month and she was happy.

She made a nice lunch that was ready just as Wendy returned from taking Dave back to the office. The women ate on the patio and the food was delicious. After lunch, they walked over and looked at the servant’s quarters.

The house was large and modern. It needed painting and Nancy suggested that when the help arrived, she would do their palettes and make this space as comfortable for them as possible. Red agreed. There was one thing they knew about Gary. He wanted everyone to get along and enjoy his or her environment. Nancy ordered new mattresses sets for each room. The furniture was in excellent condition.

“You have to see this place at night. Gary wants us to make some very special lighting changes. We have a landscape architect coming out in about an hour. We have the sketches we made last year. The paths are being changed to cool surface sidewalks and there will be many secluded places to play throughout the property. The lighting will be so sexy. Wait until you see the pool at night. It will blow you away.” Red looked at her watch, “Nancy, call that place near Augusta and order the new golf carts. Order twelve deluxe and eight regular models. Have the twelve deluxe painted in the corporate colors. Tell them to put a rush on it. They should already have enough graphics.”

The architect arrived and the meeting was short. They showed him their sketches and he told them he would have a quote for them early next week.

Tuesday morning they arrived at the airport as the Gulfstream was pulling up to the terminal. The doors open up and four women walked down the steps. Jill followed and then another woman came down the stairs. Holly, Red and Nancy started bouncing up and down. The next person off the plane was a very good-looking man that the girls had never seen. Gary was the last to leave the jet and the girls rushed to kiss him. He hugged and kissed them lovingly.

He walked them over to the rest of the party and introduced them to Tammy, Bobbi, Tia and JoJo. These women would be working at the house. Gary said they were friends from a long time ago and he hired them. Gary then smiled and Mark stepped towards the girls.

“You must be Rose, Debbie and Wendy. Hello, I’m Mark Banner. It is a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard some wonderful things about the three of you. Allow me to introduce Dani McRae, my private secretary.”

“Well, this is certainly an unexpected pleasure Mark, we have heard lots of good things about you too,” Debbie said.

Mark looked up and saw the trio rushing towards him. Holly, Red and Nancy kissed him and then grabbed Gary too. They started to load the motorhome when Gary said they were not leaving yet. A second Gulfstream had just landed and pulled up to the terminal. A gorgeous blonde woman and two stunning black women deplaned and walked toward the group.

Gary turned and kissed each of these women and did the introductions. He introduced Michelle as Mark’s Personal Assistant and then Lori as the head of Mark’s entertainment division and finally, Diane who the girls recognized immediately as Gary’s top lingerie model.

The planes taxied away from the terminal and headed to the hangers. Gary and Mark loaded everything and Gary took the coach over to the hangers. Instructions were given to the ground crew and the four pilots came aboard as well. Gary introduced Jeff, Alan, Tom and Jack to the girls. He headed home.

Things were chaotic for the first hour and everyone met by the pool for drinks.

Gary told Tammy, Bobbi, Tia and JoJo that they were going to be staying in the main house for the first couple of weeks. He had some changes he wanted to make to their home but they wouldn’t be ready for a while.

This was their first opportunity to talk privately since he picked them up in Jacksonville. “Okay, you son of a bitch, talk to us? Did you win the freakin lottery or what?

Gary started to laugh. “What’s the matter baby? Is this too much for you?”

He walked over and took Tammy in his arms. “I’ve missed all of you so much. It’s been a far too long.” He kissed Tammy deeply and she returned that kiss with fire. He kissed Bobbi, Tia and JoJo as well. All four women were very happy to be there.

“Are you going to answer me? What is going on? Who owned that plane and this house?” Tammy asked him.

“I do dear. Actually, I owned all of this way back when too. Have you ever heard of D’Orgasmic Lingerie?”

“Sure, I’ve heard of it. They have the sexiest clothes but I could never afford any of it. It is definitely not in my price range but I can hope someday.”

“Well, that someday will happen later this week. You will all have the complete line of Clothing, Lingerie and Slutwear. You see my dear sweet friends, I own the company.”

“Damn Gary, it doesn’t surprise me. Everything you ever said to me was true, even if someone around here didn’t believe you,” Bobbi giggled.

JoJo and Tia agreed.

“Alright, so I am the dumb cunt that didn’t believe that you could make my pussy sing with joy. I knew you wanted me and I wanted you too but I was just too damned stupid to trust you,” Tammy said.

“We told you Tammy,” Tia said. “The first night he made love to me I told you that you had to go in there and fuck this man because you’ll never have anything like him again.”

“I told you the same thing,” JoJo said. “I stood right there when Bobbi told you no man had ever made her cum that hard before in her life. Would you listen? No, and now you know he wanted you from the day he checked in. I have no idea why either. You have no tits and you have this bite me bitch attitude. This one always baffled my brain.”

“You don’t complain when I tell you to bite me now bitch, do you?” Tammy purred.

“I am so glad nothing has changed. I really have missed you,” Gary said.

Bobbi looked at Gary and asked, “I’m confused hon, of all those gorgeous women, which one is yours?”

“It is like this, Rose, Debbie and Wendy live with me. Holly, Red and Nancy are very special friends. Jill is my private secretary and one of my closest friends, in bed and out of bed. Michelle, Lori, Dani and Diane are also playmates. Yes, I sleep with them all.”

Tia looked disappointed, “I guess there is no room in your life for any of us then.”

“How many times do I have to ask you this, when you left Brazil, did you leave your head at the airport? I sure as hell hope not because I brought you here to work, to play, and to start living a very nice life. You will get to play with all of us. Those women love pussy and since I am the only one right now that knows this, you have beautiful bodies, hearts and minds. There will be a place for all of us to enjoy each other.”

Tia walked towards him, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him again. “I am so pleased to hear that. I didn’t want to be left out.”

“There is one thing you need to know. Most of the men you’ll find here are bi as well. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

“That doesn’t bother us one bit Gary, actually, it gets my pussy juicy just thinking about it. I just know one thing; you had better be very thirsty when you get into my pussy baby. I have had countless wet orgasms thinking about those nights back in Jacksonville.” Tammy said.

“I’m ready too ladies. When I look back on my time in Jacksonville, I had a blast, thanks to you. That is why you’re here. I’ve missed you and my women will thrill you. We have many wild parties and now that I’m here, I want you to know that you are always invited. You did bring your high heels didn’t you? When you hear me say, ‘house rules’, it means that you are to be naked wearing only heels. That also means it is a free for all. Fuck whomever you want to. I have a feeling; there may be a party later today. I’ve been away and I know my women. Anyway, get comfortable and join us by the pool in a few minutes. I need a drink. Oh, house rules are in effect effective right now.”

Gary walked into his bedroom and smiled. Rose, Debbie and Wendy were waiting for him.

“How was your trip baby? How is Jeremy?” Debbie asked.

“It was long and sad. It wasn’t our usual wild fuck ’til you drop trip. Jeremy is taking this very hard as we all are. Even his own staff gave him space. Anyway, Mark and I had Jill and Dani so we were okay. I’m just glad to be home. Damn, I missed you. Sounds like you had a good time while I was away.”

“Darling, we held auditions. We figured that you weren’t having such a good time in Thailand so Holly decided to hold auditions and well, we think we have found a good group. They have all been certified,” Wendy smirked as she kissed his neck.

“They have all been certified. Oh, that’s interesting. Let me guess, Red and Holly did the certifications? Who was the first to be certified?” Gary laughed.

“That would be me,” Rose blushed. “I had a good time baby. I just wish you had been here,”

“I wish I had been too. I would have much rather been here than in Thailand. I need a drink. House rules ladies; Mark and I need some relief.”

He walked to the pool and saw Red and Holly sitting by the pool. Red brought him up to speed on her progress on the house. She told him that the girls had decided they didn’t want to have their rooms enlarged and he was good with that. She told him the architect would have the landscape and outdoor lighting plan and quote ready very soon. The major renovations would start within a week. Gary was pleased. Red left to make a couple of phone calls and Mark sat down joining Gary and Holly.

Everyone was to assembling by the pool bar and Rose was making drinks. Tammy walked over to the bar. She was immediately appraised by Rose, Debbie and Wendy. Her tiny black body was perfectly proportioned. Her small, firm 32B’s were topped with tiny perfectly shaped nipples looked lovely. Tammy definitely was a good-looking woman.

“This answers one question,” Wendy said as she kissed Tammy and ran her hands over her pretty tits.

“What question is that Wendy?”

“We were surprised that Gary hired staff while flying to Thailand. When Holly heard Jacksonville, she put two and two together. Now we can see why he had so much fun when he was there. You’re perfect.”

“Perfectly stupid is more like it. He was doing the others and I didn’t think he’d be interested in me. He told me he was and I didn’t believe him. Finally, I relented and it was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. Unfortunately, I only had the pleasure for two weeks. Then he was gone,” Tammy, said.

Rose walked from behind the bar and hugged Tammy. She hooked a finger under her chin and raised her pretty face. “I can definitely relate to that. You are going to fit in around here dear. Welcome to our home.” Rose kissed her and asked her to take three Rum Runners to Gary, Holly and Mark.

Tammy took the tray and walked over to where they were sitting. As she was setting the drinks down, Mark asked, “How are things at the Broad Walk Holly?”

Before Holly could respond, Tammy looked at Holly and asked, “Are you Holly Jackson from Boca Raton?”

“Yes Tammy, have we met before?”

“No, not until today Holly but you know my cousin. She used to work for you.”

“Who is your cousin?”

“Linda Langford is her name. She told me so much about you. She moved back to Orlando but she is having a hell of a time getting a job. This recession is hurting everyone.”

“Ohmigod, Linda is your cousin. I love her. Gary, Mark, you have to meet this girl. She is fucking gorgeous, not to mention she is delicious. She is Beyonce’s double. She is a Cordon Bleu chef. She is funny and she is a hellcat in bed. Tammy, do you have her phone number? I’d love to talk to her,” Holly said.

“Let me go get it. I’ll be right back.” Tammy left and Holly continued.

“Before I forget, I’ll show you later but I took the time to inventory the food. I ordered and received everything you’ll need for at least a month. Everything you love is here Gary. I hope you didn’t mind but I figured I would get that out of the way.”

“Holly, I love you. Thank you. Now I just have to move the booze from Debbie’s apartment and we’ll be good to go.”

“Think again Charlie Brown, It is all here, the bars are stocked and the rest is in the storeroom. The kegs are full and the fridges are full of beer too. The only thing you need to do is move the rest of your clothes. I know you would want to go through the Carters personal stuff first. Other than that, you are good to go.”

“Gary, I told you that you should have married this woman. She is indispensable,” Mark, laughed.

“I can’t afford her, you marry her Mark.”

“Marry me, fuck that. Just fuck me the way you usually do and I’ll be happy as hell. Mark, this cocksucker hit the mother lode. You haven’t had the opportunity yet but his women are the best you’ll ever have and that includes Red and me. They are fantastic.”

Mark looked over to the bar and watched as Wendy, Debbie and Rose poured drinks and got to know the others. “I can see that. They definitely are spectacular. I know why you sold your folks house. This one is much better for our lifestyle. I just didn’t think we’d be back here this soon. On a lighter note, I found some things I thought I had lost.”

“What did you find Mark?” Gary asked him.

“My ball cap Jimmy Buffett signed the last time I was in Key West. I have searched all over for it but I thought it was gone. Maggie must have put it in my dresser. It’s good to be back here. Anyway, tell me about the club Holly,” Mark replied.

“The last two years have been brutal Mark. Down in Boca, most of the good restaurants have closed. I’ve been lucky. Of the restaurants that have stayed in business, their numbers are down thirty percent. They are established and they could weather the storm. My numbers were only down twelve percent and I’m doing okay. It has been a struggle but that is the reason I wanted to talk to you Gary. The one thing I’ve learned from you two is to strike while the iron is hot. I have been thinking that now would be a good time to open a restaurant here in Orlando. I was wondering if you’d be interested in giving me a loan Gary.”

Gary looked at Mark and they both smiled. “What did I tell you Mark?”

“You told me she was psychic. I said she was one of the hottest women on earth. I told you she could make a grown man cry from pure unbridled bliss. I said her pussy needed to be enshrined in the pussy hall of fame but I didn’t think she was psychic. Apparently I was wrong.”

“What are you two bozo’s talking about?”

“Well, let me run something past you Holly. We have just spent the last day and a half working on something that we think would be terrific but we want your opinion. It is funny because you’ve been the topic of our conversations since we left Bangkok.

For starters, yes, you have your financing. There is no question about that. Mark and I will finance anything you want. You didn’t even have to ask. You should have known that. We have an idea that just might blow you away. Did you hear about the changes at Mark’s firm?”

“Yes, I get all the trade magazines. I saw the announcements. It should be good for you Mark.”

“It already has been good and that is what we needed to talk to you about.”

Gary went on. “Do you remember we talked about opening a series of upscale Diners a few years ago? The Diner would be opened 24/7, have a fabulous menu, full on premises bakery. Well, what would happen if you took a super Diner and put it in a complex that had two nightclubs and a D’Orgasmic Clubwear Super Store? The clubs would be opened legal hours. One club would be a regular dance club and the other one would be the perfect Country Bar.”

“We have given this some serious thought Holly,” Mark explained. “What is most important is that we want to highlight young, local talent. We want to have an area in each club, just like the VIP area’s in the Strip Clubs where we can bring in record company people to watch the acts without them knowing that they are in the house.”

“We need you to spearhead this thing. We know you can handle this, we just need to know if you are interested in it,” Gary said.

“Interested, you delicious son of a bitch, I just had an orgasm. Yes, I am interested. I have one question though, what changed to bring this on?”

Michelle and Lori had been watching from the bar. They walked over and Lori looked at Holly and smiled. “I changed the equation Holly. When Mark made the offer to me, we talked about what we’d be doing. Mark handles athletes worldwide. My forte has been models and actors. In the first week, I was contacted by several top name music stars who wanted different representation. That number has grown dramatically. They cover all genres of the music business but the country stars are already signing with me.”

“What we want to do to start dear is to open one in Orlando and the other in Las Vegas. Real Estate is cheap right now. That is a major factor. We can save millions by doing exactly what you said, ‘strike while the iron is hot’. We can buy wonderful properties for pennies on the dollar. The goal is to use all of our resources to make this a massive success. I can see you becoming very wealthy in a short period of time Holly,” Gary told her. He waved the girls over to join them.

Gary quickly explained what was happening and they thought that this was a great idea. “I’m glad you said that because we want the three of you to handle the Clubwear Stores. If we go through with this, I will be expanding our Slutwear line by adding a complete line of western styled clubwear that will turn the cowboys wild. Are the three of you into working with us on this?”

Wendy was the first to respond. “Oh damn, you had better believe it. This sounds like fun and I can see the place being very successful.” Debbie and Rose agreed and looked at Holly who had this wicked smile on her face. They knew what was going through her twisted mind and they wanted to see Gary and Mark’s reaction.

“Holly, here is the deal. Thirty-two cities have NFL teams. Most of them also have NBA teams and the NHL as well. That is a good base to start with. We think that having a complex in each of these cities would be great, as the fans would get to meet and get to know the players. That will only build the business all the way around. Hell, the hottest female country star, Carrie Underwood, just married an NHL star. The fan base is huge. We can tap into that and also, with the music stars we sign, we can also provide a venue for their charity fundraising,” Mark said.

“How did we go from two places to thirty-two?” Holly asked incredulously.

“Well, that is the base we are starting with. It’s not going to happen overnight but it is a good start. Holly, you know us. Go big or go home. That has always been our motto. Gary’s been running D’Orgasmic for many years. He’s done it quietly but he has made it very successful. He has great people in place to do everything that needs doing. My business is exploding too. Together, we are sitting on a lot of cash and we want to do something important. We want to start putting people back to work. We want to start with just the two locations until after the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare. If that is thrown out, then we want to go full steam ahead.”

Lori hung up her cell and walked over to Mark. “Stand up.” He did and she threw her arms around his naked frame and he loved the crush of her tits against his skin. Lori kissed him deeply and passionately. She turned to Gary and did the same. Everyone was watching this gorgeous woman as she kissed him deeply. She knelt and took Gary’s cock deep in her throat. She sucked him and then turned and did the same to Mark. She stood up and sighed.’

“Gary, you haven’t met her yet but the kiss was from Aleka. She said she was sorry she couldn’t be here to deliver it to the two of you in person. The blowjob, well, that teaser was from me. I just couldn’t wait.”

Everyone laughed loudly.

“Well Holly, what do you think of the idea? The Broad Walk is a concern. We don’t want you to let that suffer. We just want you to be involved. Red and Nancy will be doing the interiors of the clubs and the designs of the stores. Finally, we will all be together doing what we love.”

“That did it for me. I was trying to think how Red and Nancy could be involved. That just makes everything perfect. I have qualified staff in Boca. They handle everything already. I can do this.”

“Well, you will need to find some people to train for the first two restaurants. I’ll leave that up to you,” Gary said.

“I have some people in mind Gary. Would you like to meet them?” Holly was looking at Wendy and Debbie who were smirking broadly. Rose just giggled aloud.

“Sure, when did you want to set up a meeting?” Gary asked.

“Would today work for you? I just bet they are waiting for my call,” Holly said as she hit speed dial.

Jim answered and she walked away from the group. She gave him instructions and told him to call her back with the names and license numbers of the vehicles that would be coming. Tammy gave her Linda’s phone number and she called her. Linda agreed to come out to meet her friends. Jim called back and gave her the information and she relayed that to the gate.

“They will be here in an hour. Linda will be here in a half hour. She is someone you need to look at to be your private chef. She graduated from Miami Cordon Bleu and I polished her. She is fantastic. You’ll love her food. You can put her to the test today. I think she will surprise you.”

“Sounds great,” Gary, said as he dove into the pool.

Holly asked Tammy and the girls to move the lounge chairs around on the patio to make a large vacant space. Rose walked up behind Holly and kissed her neck.

“Are you doing what I think you are? Are we going to get dressed too?” Rose asked.

“That is the plan. Tell Red and Nancy. Let’s surprise them. I think this will blow them away. Do you know how the sound system works here?”

“Nancy does. I’ll get her.”

Gary swam to the edge of the pool. Mark swam up and Gary looked at him. “Do you want to talk about Cherry?”

“There is nothing to talk about. She freaked out on me when I had Fox News on the TV. I had no idea that she was such an ideologue. She left Vegas in a huff and I’ve had no contact with her. She told me she could not continue a relationship with anyone with conservative values. It was great while it lasted but now, it is over. That’s all I can tell you.”

“Well, if she doesn’t like your values, she sure as hell wouldn’t like mine. Put it away Mark, there are so many women out there. I know that you are in love with her but there is nothing to be gained by wishing she would change her views. People like that have been brainwashed by the liberal media and they honestly believe they know the truth. You’ll never change her.”

“I know Gar, I know. You are the only one who has said it though. I am in love with her.”

“That’s bullshit Banner. Every one of us knew it in Hawaii. That is why we pressured you into sleeping with her. Dammit, I’m sorry Mark,” Michelle said as she swam up behind him. “I hate to see you hurting like this.”

Holly walked out onto the pool deck and everyone did a double take. The woman with her was a dead ringer for Beyonce Knowles. Gary got out of the pool and Holly introduced them.

“Looks like I am a tad overdressed for this interview,” Linda said as she appraised Gary’s nakedness approvingly.

“I must tell you Linda, this is the first job interview I’ve ever conducted in the nude myself but I was reassured that you wouldn’t be offended.”

Gary looked past her and saw Tammy’s elegant naked body approaching. She was carrying a drink in her hand. Linda did not see her.

“That Holly, you know you can’t believe a single word that comes out of her mouth Gary. She tells tales from school.”

The drink passed over her shoulder while soft feminine lips kissed Linda’s neck. “Holly only said you were skilled and delicious. I’m the one who was telling tales,” Tammy laughed.

Linda turned and saw her cousin’s naked body and she stopped dead in her tracks. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Do you remember me telling you about the man I kinda sorta fell in total lust with years ago?” Tammy smiled.

“Yeah, I remember, what about him?”

“Linda, I want you to meet Gary, the absolute best man you’ll ever know.”

“That’s only because she hasn’t had me yet,” Mark yelled from the edge of the pool.

“Do them together and your life will never be the same again,” Michelle giggled. “I do know what I’m talking about girlfriend.”

Gary and Linda talked for quite a while when all of a sudden Boot Scootin Boogie came on the sound system. Gary looked at the patio doors and a lone woman was standing there starting to dance.

“Cherry?” Mark exclaimed. Gary looked at Mark and then at Michelle.

“That is not Cherry Mark. She looks a lot like her though,” Michelle said as many more people danced out of the house and onto the patio.

Red came from the left and Nancy the right. Debbie, Wendy and Red danced out and joined the line dance. Everyone was dressed in sexy country garb and Gary’s jaw dropped. Holly danced through the center of the group and grabbed the black-haired bombshell and they danced to the front. Together, the group danced to three songs.

Holly led Gary and Mark in the introductions. The new people were just as adorable as the ones they had partied with last week. When they got to Ronnie, Holly introduced her to Gary and when she turned to Mark, Ronnie said, “I know who you are. You’re Mark Banner. I saw you with Cherry Anderson at the Pro Bowl. She is a very lucky woman.”

Mark looked at her and then to Gary. “You bear a very strong resemblance to Cherry. Just to put your mind at ease, Cherry and I are not a couple anymore. I will say this; you sure know how to dance. I look forward to getting to know you better.”

“Well, I’ll be damned. What are the odds of that happening?” Mark said. He told Michelle and Lori what Ronnie had said.

Gary sat there smiling. He looked over and saw Tammy talking to Linda. “Excuse me; I have to talk to Linda.”

He joined the two women and as he was sitting down, he noticed that Linda was sitting there, naked wearing nothing but her high heels. Gary examined her body and his cock stirred instantly. She was spectacular, gorgeous and very sexy.

“Considering that you’ve somehow learned my house rules, should I take this as a sign that you are considering my offer?”

“I can’t think of a better recommendation than what Holly said. Add to that, Tammy has been gushing over you for ten years. Now I see why she has been so horny. Yes Gary, I’ll take the job. When would you like me to start?”

Holly called them over. She had been talking to the group and when they came up, Holly said, “Chef’s stand over there; Restaurant Management, over here please.” The group split and Holly counted thirty-six people. There were eighteen chefs and an equal number of management people. Holly smiled at those numbers. They fit her plan perfectly.

“Gary, we have eighteen chefs here,” Holly said.

“You’re pretty, you’re cute as hell and you’re one great piece of ass darling but you can’t count. We have twenty-two chefs here. Last time I looked, I was a chef and so was Mark. I may be wrong but I think you are a chef and I know that Linda is my new personal chef.”

Holly grabbed Linda and kissed her. “Congratulations darling. Linda was my protégé in Boca. I am so happy for you. Your first assignment is dinner for fifty-seven very horny people. I’ll show everyone the kitchen and I want to talk to you for a bit before you get ready to prepare dinner. After dinner, it is party time. Once dinner is prepared, house rules apply. I’ll explain our ‘house rules’ inside for those who don’t know yet.”

Holly took them into the kitchen. She handed each chef their uniforms and told everyone she wanted to talk to them.

“Do you remember last week when I told you that something good might just be right around the corner?”

She spent the next half hour laying out a plan for them to chew on. The looks on all of their faces ranged from shock to disbelief but they were smiling so widely.

Linda and Holly went through the kitchen and they created a menu that would be lovely. Everyone was assigned tasks and they all went to work. Food was prepared and tables were set up and set.

Gary and Mark sipped their drinks and laughed loudly. “I wonder what she would have pulled off if we gave her something hard to do. Did she just put the management in place for at least six restaurants and clubs?” Gary said.

“Every time I see that woman, she blows me away. No one should be that competent and sexy at the same time,” Michelle said.

“Every time I see her, she blows me,” Mark giggled. “Michelle, you’re as sexy as any woman alive and you’re just as competent. Neither Gary nor I would ever consider surrounding ourselves with incompetent women. Each one of you is special, lovable and fucking hot. Just remember that, all of you,” Mark was emphatic.

“He’s just saying that because no one is sucking his cock,” Dani purred. “Dinner won’t be ready for a while, I’m fucking horny. Who wants little ole me?”

Wendy and Rose were sitting next to Gary and Debbie was sitting at his feet. Debbie began to lick Gary to life and Wendy and Rose were all over him. It had been a long week away from him.

Mark had Red and Michelle on him. Lori grabbed Jack and Tom and she was already throat deep in cock. Dani, Diane and Jill grabbed Jeff and Alan and went to town.

The sun felt good on their naked flesh and the breeze cooled them as they spent an hour gloriously loving each other.

Gary’s girls were insatiable and they showed how much they had missed their man. Rose was emotional as her body shook from his loving. They loved him missed him a lot.

Linda took charge and the young chefs showed her how good they were. Holly knew she was missing some fabulous loving but right now she was more interested in what was happening in the kitchen. Jim looked at her and she walked over to him. She kissed him and whispered in his ear, “Are you surprised baby?”

“Shocked is more like it. This house is awesome. What is up with Gary owning all of this, I mean is all this for real? I have a million questions.”

“Yes my love, this is all very real. Get used to it. You and I have a lot to discuss. I have some ideas hopefully you will enjoy a lot. After you have fucked my brains out tonight, we’ll talk. Then you can fuck my brains out again. How does that sound?”

“It sounds wonderful to me. Don’t you want to get it on with Gary and Mark?”

“I plan on it Jim. Before this week is over, we’ll have fucked everyone here and many of them several times darling. The fun has only just begun.”

The management staff had the tables set, the wine had been chilled and the food was ready and served.

Everyone raved at the dinner. The food was wonderful and Gary took his glass and stood. “My compliments to the chefs, you did an excellent job. This meal is fabulous.” He looked to Linda and winked.

Dinner was cleared just as the sun was setting. Everyone walked down to the dock and watched the sunset. Jim walked up to Gary and just stood there shaking his head. “I’m at the point where nothing about you surprises me anymore.”

“What did I do this time Jim?”

“Oh, not much other than hanging with the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in my life, owning one of the hottest companies and all this too. Next thing you’ll tell me is that you have your own private jet somewhere.”

“It is a Gulfstream 550 Jim and it is in the hanger at Orlando Executive,” Rose said as she put her arms around Gary and leaned over and kissed Jim. Mark has one too.”

“Mark has two actually,” Lori said as she came up to them. “I get to fly all around the world on that one. It is a little smaller but it works for me. Welcome to the world of the rich and famous Jim.” She looked him up and down and smiled. “It is going to be fun getting to know you.”

“Jim, I have to warn you about Lori,” Mark said as he joined the group. “She is one of the best cocksuckers on earth. Her lips are fantastic.”

“Mark, Jim is not too bad at that himself. He sure did me perfectly the last time we were together,” Gary laughed. “He’s got a nice technique. You’ll love him Mark.”

“Jim, you and Lori should have a suck-off. That would be interesting,” Rose, quipped. “Of course, since every guy here is bi, there could be a lot of competition.”

“Everyone is bi? Damn Gary, this does sound like a party.” Mark laughed.

The kitchen had been cleaned and everyone was observing house rules again. As they all walked to the house, Tammy was waiting by the pool. She walked up to him and looked at Rose. “I hope you don’t mind but I’ve been waiting ten years for this. She pushed him down on the chaise and crawled up on his face.

“My pussy has been so deprived of your lovely tongue. No man has given me as much pleasure as you did. I dream about you all the time. Lick my pussy Gary and make me cum as you did before. My pussy is so ready for your hot tongue. That feels so good. More baby, more, I need you to use that magic tongue and make me yours again. I want this more than I can ever tell you,” Tammy whispered.

“While you are doing that darling, I am going to suck your beautiful cock,” Bobbi purred. “When I am done, I am going to ride this cock so sweetly. You always did love my black ass didn’t you baby?”

Mark looked around and saw that many people were already getting busy. Wendy walked up to Mark and offered him a drink. He took it and looked at her. “I’ll say one thing about my buddy. He sure has good taste in women. Wendy, Rose, Debbie and you are spectacular women.”

“Thank you Mark, we taste pretty good too. I can tell you one thing. We’ve heard rumors about the two of you. We want to find out if they are true.”

“What rumors are those Wendy?”

“I think you know, come with me.” They walked to the end of the bar where Rose and Debbie were waiting. They took him into the house and discovered that the rumors were indeed true. Mark and Gary were damned near identical in bed. Mark, as expected, made love to them. He was kind, tender and delicious. Each woman was treated to long, lovely orgasms and spectacular loving.

“Wow, you three are simply wonderful. I knew something was up with him because he went twelve days without calling me. That never happens. Now I know why. If I had the three of you in my life, I would never call him,” Mark laughed. “This won’t be the last time we do this. I can’t wait until you all come out to Vegas. We’ll have a blast.”

Wendy pushed him back on the bed and dropped her perfect pussy onto his lips. Rose and Debbie began to lick his cock deliciously.

“Mark, we are so glad you approve. Now, would you please fuck our brains out? Oh, your tongue feels so good. He’s good girls; he is so very good. Damn Mark don’t stop. Yes, that’s it. You’re going to have me cumming again,” Wendy purred.

Rose had his cock in her throat and her tongue was sliding under him, milking him and loving the feel of his hard cock between her lips. Debbie was licking his balls and her finger was tracing his ass lovingly.

Rose offered his cock to Debbie and she took him greedily. Her tender lips circled his cock and she loved the feel of him between her lips. She had to admit, both men were extraordinary and great in bed. She sucked him deep and thrilled at the texture of his cock as it slid into her throat. She pulled him from her throat and slid him into her hot twat. Rose began to lick her clit while Mark sank deep inside her.

Wendy was on fire from the pleasure Mark’s tongue was giving her. Debbie was bouncing on him while Rose licked his balls and Debbie’s hot slit. Rose would lick his cock as it entered her, her clit while he was buried and his balls repeatedly. Mark loved this and his tongue showed his appreciation as Wendy exploded and gushed onto his lips.

Debbie exploded on Mark’s shaft and her body closed tight over him. She rocked, bounced and shook as the waves of passion swept over her. Rose pulled her from him and sank her lovely Asian pussy onto his rock hard cock. She rode him and began to vibrate her pussy, which drove Mark wild. Debbie replaced Wendy on Mark’s face and she loved his oral presentation. She was cumming in seconds and he was drinking her down. Rose was cumming on his cock and Debbie was drenching his face lovingly. Wendy was regaining her strength after the mind numbing orgasm Mark had given her. She needed his cock and she needed it now.

Debbie came one more time on Marks face and was replaced by Rose’s hot, wet pussy. Debbie lay next to Mark and began to stroke his body while whispering in his ear.

“Doesn’t Rose taste sweet Mark? I love the taste of her pussy. That’s it Wendy, slide your sweet, tight pussy onto Mark’s lovely cock. She is so tight isn’t she Mark. She has such a great body but her pussy is fantastic. Gary loves how tight she is. I wish I had a cock just so I could slide my dick into her and fuck her for hours. Rose loves it when you lick her clit like that. That is how Gary does it and it drives us all wild. I could watch your cock slide into Wendy for hours. Don’t you just love it when she starts to cum? The way she clamps down on your cock and rides you is special isn’t it. Are you ready to cum baby? Ride his cock Wendy. Shove your tongue deep into Rose Mark. She loves to ride a tongue. Promise me one thing Mark, when you cum, cum on our tongues. We want to look up into your eyes when you blow your sweet loads onto our lips.”

Wendy and Rose both exploded at Debbie’s words. They were riding Mark spectacularly. Mark was very close and they all knew it. He stood and they knelt. His cock ran across their lips and their tongues grazed him sweetly. The women looked up and met his gaze. His cock erupted and streams of his hot, white seed roped onto their tongues. His balls lifted and he kept cumming. Their lovely faces drank in his cum and they began to lick and suck the rest from his hot cock. They licked each others face and lips and swallowed every drop. Wendy went to move and Debbie dove onto her left tit. A lovely pearl had landed there and Debbie was not one to waste anything that good.

“Son of a bitch, you three are so fucking hot. I’ll be damned, you really are smokin,” Mark smiled as Rose pulled him from her lips again.

“You are everything you were made out to be Mark. We figured Holly, Red and Nancy wouldn’t steer us wrong. They were right; you and Gary are amazingly similar. Are you sure, you aren’t twins?” Rose said as she leaned in to kiss Mark one more time. They headed back to the pool.

Bodies were everywhere, cocks were being consumed and pussies pounded. Gary was just finishing up with Tammy, Bobbi, JoJo and Tia. They were all sprawled on the double chaise.

Tammy was whispering in his ear. “Darling, I have a couple of questions. Are your girls going to be mad if they find us fucking you? We don’t want to cause any problems. I mean, seriously, I could fuck you non-stop for the next five years and I am serious about that.”

“No Tammy, they won’t be angry. If anything, they will lick your clit while my cock is sliding into you. What is the next question?”

“Do you remember the conversation we had the day before I finally came to you?”

JoJo was listening and sucking his cock. She passed his cock back to Tia who stretched her gorgeous Brazilian lips over his cock waiting for his response.

“Do you mean the day you told me that you hadn’t slept for a week? That was the day you told me the man you were with would never go anywhere near your pussy. He wanted you to suck his cock and then he wanted to fuck you and that was it. You also told me, if I remember correctly, that you had made up your mind to come over here and just let me have a go at it. Is that the conversation you’re talking about?”

“That was ten years ago and yes, dammit, that was word for word what I had said. How did you remember that?” Tammy said incredulously.

“It was a conversation I’ve relived many times over the years. Then, you showed up and it was a fabulous night. I never forgot the first time I held your tiny naked body in my arms. That first kiss was electrifying and when I first tasted your pussy, I was in heaven. For the record, you are just as gorgeous today, ten years later. You told me that was the very first time you had ever had a tongue touch you. I know that I have never had anyone cum as hard as you did that night. I couldn’t get enough of your pussy. When you sucked my cock, it was perfect and when I fucked you, I was breathless. Hell Tammy, a man doesn’t forget that. I can also tell you that it was the same for Bobbi, Tia, and JoJo. Each one of you is special to me. We clicked and you made my time over there a real joy.”

“You did something to me that night that was the sexiest thing I had ever experienced before or since. You licked my asshole. I wanted to ask you to do it again but I didn’t dare. I later found out that you not only licked their asses but you’ve fucked them as well. Do you think that someday, you’ll fuck my ass? No man has ever touched my ass. You licked it and the memory of that has given me so many delicious orgasms but now, I would really love it if you would take your time and fuck my ass.”

“I will darling. I will do that and give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had in your entire life.”

Tia passed his cock back to JoJo who inhaled it completely.

“Tammy, let me tell you something darling. I couldn’t help but overhear you. When he does, he will give you an orgasm that will make you cry from pure pleasure. He is, simply the best man on this earth. He is the best friend and lover any woman could ever want or have,” Wendy said. “One more thing, your question about what would we do if we found you fucking him, girls, let’s show them.”

Rose and Debbie came over and joined Wendy in spreading JoJo, Bobbi and Tia’s legs. Gary’s women began to lick their lovely pussies. Tammy climbed onto Gary’s face and she moaned as his tongue worked his magic on her splendid twat.

“Girls, please don’t be mad when I say this but I love you Gary. Please don’t ever stop licking my pussy. Oh yes, I’ve wanted this for so long. It has been far too long and I need this.”

Gary’s girls reacted to her words by licking harder and letting them know they understood. Gary lifted Tammy up and slid his tongue to her tight hot ass. He circled her tight pucker with his wet tongue. Tammy gasped and began to shiver. He rimmed her lusciously and then he flattened his tongue and took long, broad strokes across her hot ass.

“Fuck, this feels so good. Yes, do it again. I’m cumming and this feels so good. Oh, lick my tight asshole Gary darling, oh, this is so good.”

Gary tightened his tongue and brought the tip to her tight pucker. He lifted her tiny ass and dropped her onto his tongue. She felt him enter her and he wiggled his tongue. Tammy lost her mind.

“Fuck, you have your tongue in my ass. Oh baby, Oh fuck my hot tight black asshole. Ohmigod, oh damn, I’m cumming baby. My pussy is gushing darling. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Nothing has ever felt like this before.”

Rose had been licking Bobbi and she motioned for Bobbi to get on Gary’s cock. She ran into the house and came back to the sounds of both women cumming like crazy. Rose lit the bong and handed it to Tammy. Tammy’s eyes grew wide when she saw it and she took several long, full pulls before Rose took it and handed it to Tia.

Rose slowed Gary down and she handed the lube to Wendy who lubed Tammy’s ass. She snaked her finger into her asshole and made sure she was well lubed. Bobbi moved and Wendy lubed Gary’s cock. She looked at Tammy who was feeling the effects of the bong. Wendy kissed her deeply and then produced the mirror. Tammy inhaled the three large lines Wendy had given her. Gary turned her around and kissed her. She whispered in Tammy’s ear for a minute and asked her if she understood. Tammy indicated that she did.

Gary kissed her again and Debbie positioned Gary’s cock at Tammy’s asshole. He held her hips and she felt the head of his cock stretch her ass wide. Gary took his time and entered her very slowly. Her tight ass dropped onto him and eventually, the head of his cock was inside her. She was breathing heavily and he felt himself at her tight ring. Wendy whispered in her ear and she nodded. She bore down, the ring opened, and she fell onto his cock. She gasped, moaned and Gary held her tight. Her body adjusted slowly and he was gentle and patient.

Her body adjusted and Gary began to stroke his long cock into her. Each stroke brought long, lovely moans of total ecstasy and Tammy was losing her mind. Wendy and Debbie began to stroke her back and her ass. Tammy arched her back and each woman began to lick her beautiful nipples. Gary’s hands lifted and dropped her onto his cock and Tammy’s pussy was gushing profusely. Rose leaned in and began to touch her clit. Tammy exploded and Gary started fucking her in earnest. Rose manipulated her hard nub and each touch sent Tammy off again. Her body had never experienced anything like this and she was losing any sense of composure. Her nipples were being licked and pulled sweetly.

This was drawing a crowd and Gary slowed everything to a stop. He saw Mark standing there and he held Tammy tight. He kissed her and licked her neck. Gary whispered in her ear and Tammy was spun around. Gary’s cock was still in her ass and she was panting when she felt Gary’s hands begin to stroke her stomach and her breasts. Tammy started to purr and he didn’t move his cock one bit. His hands moved to her lovely pussy lips and he opened her up with his fingers.

Mark stepped in and ran his long cock along her brilliant pink slit and his cock began to slide into Tammy. She looked at this gorgeous man and realized he was going to fuck her too. She wrapped an arm around his neck and he slid into her, his cock riding atop Gary’s fabulous cock. They began to stroke and Tammy was wild with desire. Nothing could compare to this.

Rose loaded the mirror and Tammy inhaled deeply. The men began again and Tammy was floating somewhere between the moon and the stars. They were exquisite together and it was obvious they had a lot of experience together. Their cocks stroked in total harmony with one another. The pleasure they were bringing to Tammy was by far more than any woman could ever hope to receive.

Tammy was moaning and screaming as her tiny body was quaking from the massive orgasms surging through her tiny body. Jim walked up and Gary reached up and stroked his lovely cock. He pulled Jim to Tammy’s tender lips and she opened her mouth and took this nice young man between her lips. Jim began to fuck her talented mouth as Gary and Mark stroked her deeply. Tammy was cumming to the point she nearly passed out. Every stroke brought her crushing orgasmic bliss and she never wanted this to end.

Jim was so turned on watching this tiny exquisite creature suck his cock that he began to spurt deep into her throat. Her hands held his cock as it exploded and she sucked him dry. Her lips caressed his swollen cock as spurt after spurt of his wonderful sperm washed her tonsils deliciously.

“Mark baby, cum in my mouth darling I want your cock to explode in my lips,” Tammy shrieked.

Mark pulled out and brought his long cock to her lips. She wrapped her lovely face around his cock and she looked into his eyes pleading for his delicious present. Mark, always the gentleman, did not disappoint. His legs quivered; his stomach tightened; his cock exploded delivering a massive load onto her teeth. She sucked and caressed his balls as he filled her with his sweet load. Tammy loved the feel of the massive explosion of lust. She took him deep into her throat. Gary kept fucking her ass while she was sucking Mark dry. She held him in her throat as he began to soften. She kept caressing his cock with her tongue and coaxing the last drop from his perfect body.

He pulled out and she turned back around and began to kiss Gary deeply. He could taste the cum on her lips and he kissed her passionately. He stoked her ass sweetly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and she rode his cock deliciously.

“Ten fucking years I’ve waited for this night. Ten years, you delicious bastard. You made me wait this long and you know what? It was so worth it. I love you Gary. I have for ten years and now I know it was definitely worth it. Cum for me darling. Stand up and let me suck the cum from your cock. I want the world to watch me suck your cock dry,” she whispered in his ear.

Gary pulled out and Tammy dropped to her knees. She held his cock and she looked into his eyes. Her mouth closed over his cock and her heart sang as she saw the care and affection in his eyes. She began to lick him, to suck him and to love him with all her heart. His cock pleased her in ways no man ever had and the very fact that he was between her lips now made her hear sing.

Tammy cradled his balls and she felt them pulse. As he expanded, she felt his cock fill as the delicious treat began to flow through his cock and into her hungry mouth. She tasted the first spurt and she sank her face completely onto his cock. He filled her throat and she sucked and swallowed. Her hands teased and caressed his balls and her throat opened and closed on his hard shaft. His balls slapped her chin and she loved the strength and passion flowing from him straight to her heart.

As he softened in her throat, Wendy and Rose began licking lovingly on each of her nipples. Tammy shuddered and sucked harder. Gary was still trembling and Tammy came yet again. She pulled him from her lips, turned and kissed Wendy and then Rose. She stood and kissed him again.

The crowd erupted in applause and congratulations.

“That’s one down and three to go bro,” Mark said.

“Ahem, excuse the fuck out of me. What, are we chopped liver? I just did a quick count Mark. I’m counting thirty two more women that want the exact same thing from you two,” Holly exclaimed.

“Fuck that Holly,” Jim said. “There are twenty-two guys here who want that too. We’re prepared to stay until we get them too.”

Everyone burst out laughing and the party continued.

Linda helped her cousin up and walked her over to the bar. “Are you okay Tammy? That was the wildest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Those two men are incredible; they are so sexy, so sweet. Thank you darling for making this happen for me. I just hope that they do that to me someday. I have never had anything like that in my life. I was cumming right along with you. Fuck that was hot.”

Gary walked up to the bar and someone poured him a drink. “Thank you, I don’t know your name but eventually, I will.” Gary took a long pull from his Cuba Libre and smiled. “One thing I know, you know how to pour a good drink.”

He put his hands on Linda’s shoulders and looked at Tammy who was sitting at the bar. “How are you darling? Was that good for you?”

“Did you just ask me if that was good for me? How many times do I have to ask this question? Are you the dumbest honky ever to walk this earth?”

“Tammy, watch your mouth or I’ll slap the shit out of you. Don’t you talk to him or anyone like that!” Linda was shocked.

“Gary started to laugh. Tammy was giggling when Gary leaned over and started kissing Linda’s lovely, long neck. “Linda, Tammy and I have played this game since the day I met her. She came into my room and I said something, I can’t remember what it was now, but it was very stupid. That was her answer to me and I knew right then that I wanted this perfect woman. We’ve been playing this game ever since. Oh, by the way, What Tammy just had will happen to you. Now, do you know what is very weird?”

“Okay, I’ll bite, what is weird?” Linda asked.

“I just said that to a woman I have never as much as kissed. I may be forward but that is a stretch, even for me.”

“Well boss, would this make things easier for you?” Linda turned and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Her spectacular body molded into him and he held her tight. Their kiss was amazing and Linda knew she had found a home, a wonderful home.

“Linda, I need a break for a few minutes but hold that thought my dear. You are a welcomed addition to my home. I am going to love having you around.”

“I’m going to love being around too Gary. I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Rose, Wendy and Debbie. They are amazing. I do have a question though. Will there always be this many people around here?”

“I don’t know. Probably not but sometimes, there will be many people. We have massive construction set to begin next week. A large addition is scheduled to begin and there will be a lot of commotion but we’ll survive it. Everyone will be on their best behavior when the workers are on the property. Once they are done for the day, it will just be our friends and us. We can relax and be ourselves.”

“Sounds wonderful to me, I love being naked. I love to fuck and I am definitely good at it. You’ll see. I know what you can do but I’m not too shabby either. I never thought I would ever find anything like this. Thank you so much.”

Gary kissed her deeply. Her lips tasted sweet and her body felt wonderful against his. She stroked his chest with her long nails and her hands fell to his hardening cock. She felt him swell and looked into his eyes. She knelt, took his cock in her mouth, and loved the feel of him filling her mouth. She swirled her tongue around him and swallowed him deeply. She opened and closed her throat around his cock and she looked up into his eyes. She pulled him out, stood and kissed him again.

“I do enjoy appetizers, don’t you darling?” Linda giggled.

“Oh, you are going to fit in fine around here.” Gary smiled.

“Gary,” Tammy grabbed his arm, “I’ll give you my answer if you’re interested. Was it good for me? Here is my answer. If you ever do that to me again, you can take this job and shove it. I won’t be running your house; I’ll be your fucking shadow for the rest of our lives. Every damned time I get close to you, I wind up being taken to places I never knew existed. I have a wild imagination but I can’t keep up with you. No one has ever come close to satisfying me like you do and tonight, you went off the chart. Thank you darling.”

“Tammy, welcome to the family. We’ll let you in on a secret. The first time we met him, he did the same to us. He didn’t take us airtight but he was the single best lover Nancy and I ever had. I’ve known him longer than you have and he just gets better every damned time. I know this has been quite a day for you and there are so many new people for you to get to know. I’m Kate and this is Nancy. Most of my friends call me Red. It is going to be fun getting to know you and the other girls.”

Mark walked up to the bar and looked at Tammy. Red draped her arm over his shoulder and kissed him. “Tammy, I want to thank you darling that was great. I owe Gary an apology. When he went to the Keys, all he could do was talk about how hot the four of you are. You know writers; they tend to exaggerate. He sure as hell wasn’t exaggerating about you. Anytime you want a repeat, just let us know.” He kissed her and walked away talking with Gary.

They looked across the pool and saw Diane sitting with Ronnie. They were talking intently. “Dammit Gary, she could be Cherry’s double. She is shorter and her ass is not as large but other than that, she is a damned close double,” Mark said.

“I was thinking the same thing. I only met her briefly but she sure is impressive. I wonder what she is like in bed.” Gary mused.

“If anyone is going to find that out, it is going to be you my friend. She is way too close to home for me right now. I wonder how well she photographs.” Mark wondered.

“I don’t know but I was thinking of having some shots done just to see. My offer still stands for Cherry. What do you think the chances are that things between you will get back to the way they were?”

“It has only been a couple of weeks. I can’t say right now. I wish the fuck I knew. I never wanted this to happen. You, more than anyone, knows I fought this all my life. I have always tried to stay emotionally detached enough to keep my head focused. You know why too. Well, along comes this gorgeous creature from out of nowhere and the one thing I could not give her was the only thing she did not want. Boom, there goes my barrier and then, over time, I started feeling some serious things that shocked me. I let myself go and then the sky falls in. I doubt it will ever go back to the way it was. I just won’t let it. I’ll keep my eye on her and make sure she is okay but I am not going to let myself get hurt like that ever again.”

“If she walked back into your life right now, you’d be the happiest guy on earth too. You can pull your bullshit on others but not me.”

“Oh yeah,” Mark said as he shoved Gary into the pool.

Diane and Ronnie were laughing and Mark walked up to them. They stood to greet him and they were laughing so he shoved them both into the pool too. He dove in and Diane swam up to him.

“I was beginning to think you had forsaken me my love. You should get to know Ronnie; she is a very nice woman. I know she isn’t Cherry but I think that Gary should think about her for the catalog. She is damned sexy,” Diane cooed.

“Gary and I were just discussing that hon. Gary didn’t want to do anything until he checked with me. I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again. I told him to go ahead.”

“Mark, what the hell happened?”

Mark held up his index finger to her lips. He leaned in and kissed her. She got the message, that question was off limits.

Ronnie swam up to Gary and put her arms around his neck. “I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be here. I had an opportunity to get to know Holly last week. She is one very special lady. I hope to be as spectacular someday as she is. Then, what she told us today completely blew me away. None of us had any idea about any of this. It sounds like it would be quite an opportunity for all of us. It is hard to process it all.”

“Ronnie, let me start by saying this. You already are spectacular. When you started dancing this afternoon, Mark and I actually thought you were someone else. Once we realized what was happening, neither of us could take our eyes off you. You are a very sexy young woman. Next, you are welcome here anytime at all. Have you met my ladies?”

“Do you mean Wendy, Debbie and Rose? I sure have and I love them. They are fabulous. We had so much fun last week. Now I know what everyone was talking about last week. You definitely are one sexy, sexy man. Red and Nancy told me all about you too.”

“Oh damn, I’m screwed,” Gary laughed. “Now you know all my secrets. They always spill the beans on me and screw up my chances of being with a pretty girl.”

“Do you seriously want me to believe you have any problem with getting pretty women? You live with three of the sexiest women I’ve ever known. Look around you. There is a sea of gorgeous all waiting their turn to be with you. I’d bet you get more pussy in a week that the average guy gets in a year.” Ronnie tilted her head and kissed Gary lightly.

“I guess I do alright. If you want to know the truth, until the weekend you saw Holly and I, I was actually leading a mundane life. I was busy writing and some other things but I wasn’t getting any at all.”

“Now I’m confused. If that is the case, how did all this happen in such a short time?”

Gary took her hand and they walked to the bar. Jim was tending bar now. Gary started to laugh and he turned to Ronnie. “Did you hear what happened the first time I met Jim?” Jim was standing there with a shit eating grin on his face when suddenly this gorgeous brunette snaked herself to her feet between Jim and the bar.

“She knows Gary, She rushed right over to suck him herself just to get a taste of me darling,” Holly snickered as she was wiping her lips.

Gary looked over the bar at Jim’s freshly sucked cock. Ronnie burst out laughing. Gary just shook his head as Rose walked by and grinned, “People call me greedy. Sheesh, I learned from the master.”

Gary took Ronnie and they sat by the pool. He told her the story and she was amazed. “Well, I’ll be damned. The story they told us the other night was true. I can tell you one thing. If I lived in the same building as you for two years, I would have made damned sure I got to know you. I thought Rose was pulling my leg.”

“You have to watch Rose; she’ll be pulling more than your leg dear.”

“They have all been pulling my clit for a week, I loved it,”

“I have a question for you. Are you one of the chefs?” Gary asked.

“No, I am great in the kitchen but I took management instead. This is going to sound awful but I want to tell you the truth. I always thought I was way too pretty to be hidden away in the kitchen. I want to either run a restaurant or a club.” Ronnie took a sip of her drink and sighed, “I wanted to be a dancer or a model but I am too short.”

Gary looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Will you do something for me in the next few days?”

Dawn was breaking when Ronnie emerged from the house with Mark and Gary. Last night truly was amazing. Rose, Debbie and Wendy were lying on the chaises sipping coffee while Dave, Hank and Ted were sweetly licking each of them. Gary leaned over and kissed them good morning.

“Gary, at some point later today, I want you to spank my ass for being such a hardhead for so long. If I had known what life with you would have been like, I sure as hell wouldn’t have wasted two years darling, Rose said.

“Spank your ass, darling, I’d rather fuck your ass,” Mark giggled. “It is such a lovely ass Rose.”

“Okay, you can do both.” Wendy and Debbie were laughing hysterically.

“Good morning Ronnie, did you have a good night?” Wendy asked.

“I feel like I am living in a dream right now. Last week, I could have sworn that I had the best sex of my life until last night. These two men gave me something I’ve never had in my life. You three are so lucky to have these fine men in your life like this,” Ronnie said sincerely.

“Come to think of it, I don’t think any of us have had the pleasure of the two of them at once. What is up with that, hmm?” Wendy sulked teasingly.

“Oh you delicious creature, you will know things you’ve never knew existed when we are through with you,” Mark giggled.

“Ouch, when will you be through with us?” Rose inquired sternly.

“In about a hundred years or so darlin, you know I don’t rush these things. Like it or not, you’re in this for the long haul. I’m not going anywhere and neither is Mark. Well, he will be going back to Vegas at some point but we have nice transportation. If he’s out there and any of you get the urge, we’ll just jump on the jet and jump his bones. Does that satisfy you Rose?” Gary laughed.

“See what I mean, you are so lucky,” Ronnie said.

Linda walked up with a tray of coffee and fresh baked pastries.

“Excuse me a moment,” Wendy gasped. “Oh that’s the spot Hank, lick me baby, Fuck, this is so good, don’t stop baby. Oh fuck, lick it Hank. Suck my cunt. I’m cumming Hank. Oh, this is so good. Oh yes!”

“Cream and sugar?” Linda asked.

“God, I love this place,” Ronnie giggled. “Great food, fabulous sex and sporadic outburst of orgasmic relief, I know I died and went to heaven.”

“That is a substantial piece of meat there Hank,” Mark said as he appraised Hank’s long cock.

“He was pretty happy last week. Only a few of us could take him all the way in,” Rose blushed.

Gary laughed, “Let me guess, Red, Nancy and Holly were able to.”

“I’m not chopped liver around here darling. I eventually was able to,” Rose said.

“You swallowed his beautiful huge cock all the way in Rose? I mean, did you do it like this?” Mark said as he spun Hank around and sucked his cock deep into his throat in one fluid motion.

“Did his balls hit your chin right away honey or did you have to work on it a while?” Gary smiled.

“Well, it took a while but I did it baby,” Rose said.

“That’s okay darling, we’ll teach you how to do this.” He took Hank and swallowed his long cock in one fell swoop and his balls were resting on his chin. He took a few strokes and stood back up. “All of the women here will be able to do that and more. You girls haven’t met some of our athlete friends yet. If you like them big, we have big.”

“Sweet,” Rose beamed.

Gary turned and looked at Linda, “Did you have fun last night darling?”

She started to laugh, “I sure did. I met some great new people. I need to know one thing, I know Jack and Tom are pilots but I never found out who they work for.”

“Are you telling me my pilots got to bed Beyonce before me?” Mark asked.

“They are funny and great in bed too. I plan on doing them again,” Linda smiled.

“Yes, you gorgeous man, lick that pussy baby. I am cumming so sweetly Tyrone. Suck my hot cunt baby. Oh, Oh, yes, fuck my hot twat with your tongue gorgeous. Oh, fuck this is so delicious baby. Yes!” Debbie screamed as she exploded onto Tyrone’s lovely lips.

“I hope you made them cry Linda. I can tell you, I just know that watching your sweet body riding my cock, I’d be weeping for joy,” Mark stated matter-a-factly. “I can’t wait to do you myself.”

“Anytime you want Mark. I want you too. Fuck, I want everyone all the time. Holly knows I am constantly horny. I knew I was always horny but until yesterday, I didn’t know how fucking horny I actually was. I could do everyone right now and go back for seconds.”

“Linda, let me get this straight, you spent all night fucking and somehow you managed to make fresh pastries too? You really are amazing,” Gary said.

“Well boss, it’s like this. I had been partying hard and I decided to check out what I had available for breakfast. I came into the kitchen and a couple of the guys came in. I told them what I was doing and they decided to help. Well, their cocks looked so good, I just had to suck them when Tom and Jack came in. They were drooling. They joined in and well, we kinda fucked and sucked ourselves dry but it was fun. The chefs turned out to be excellent bakers too and we made the pastries and fucked some more. It was fun.”

“Motherfucker Dave go boy, go. Lick Rose’s sweet cunt baby. Oh fuck, your tongue is so good. Dammit, man yes! Yes! Oh, fuck, yes! Lick me Dave, I’m so wet Dave. Suck me baby. I’m fucking cumming you delicious man. Oh, Oh, Oh fuck!” Rose’s back arched and she threw her legs around Dave’s neck and she rode his lips with total abandon.

“God, I love my women. Have you ever seen anything so sweet as these three?” Gary said to Mark.

“We lead a charmed life Gar, we really do.”

Suddenly they all heard something muffled and they looked a few chaises over and everyone started to laugh. Holly was screaming onto Jim’s cock. His face was buried between her legs and it was obvious that they were cumming hard. Holly looked at them and smiled her lovely Linda Lovelace smile around his hard cock and she continued to drink him down. Jim’s face and shoulders were soaked and she kept cumming.

Linda walked over to them with a tray of coffee and pastries. She lifted Holly’s head and kissed her. She leaned over, took Jim’s softening cock, and sucked him down. She cleaned him perfectly and licked Holly’s lovely gash. “I’ve missed that Holly. You know I love your pussy.”

Debbie stood up and walked her lovely naked body into Gary’s arms. She kissed him, “Every day, in every way you show me just how much you love me and when I think my love for you could not get stronger, you do something to blow me away again. I love you with every single fiber of my being.”

Gary kissed her again, “What did I do this time?”

“I am lying here, Tyrone is licking my hot pussy and we are sipping coffee, eating pastries and talking. That young man had me cumming like a racehorse and it didn’t faze you one bit. Do you know how fucking sexy that was? More than that, do you know how secure I feel? God, I love you Gary.”

“Do you know how hot it was to watch that fine young man licking your hot pussy? It is hot standing here watching you cum like that. The fact that you feel secure to let yourself cum that hard makes me feel good. I want you to cum every minute of every day. I love all of you more than you’ll ever know.”

Holly came up and kissed everyone. Ronnie was hugging her and caressing her breasts. Holly sipped her coffee and kissed Ronnie again. Jim staggered over and Gary looked at him and laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Now you know what Mark and I go through with her. I told you, she is insatiable. She will wear your dick out Jim. Watch her.”

“Holly, you and Ronnie get ready to head to the office. I’ll round everyone up and meet you back here in a half hour. We have many things to take care of today. Jim, make sure they are having a good time. We will be back in a few hours and we want to talk to everyone then. We’re going to take the motorhome to the office because I have some vehicles I want to bring back here.”

Gary took Ronnie into the photography department and gave them instruction on what he wanted done. He told them to email him the photos as soon as they were ready.

Dave was waiting for them when they walked into Gary’s office. He hugged Mark and gave him his condolences. Holly walked in and they introduced her to him. Mark explained exactly what they wanted done and told Dave to handle it. Mark told him he had the full resources of his firm to draw on initially but that he had better start looking to increase his staff as the workflow was going to get crazy.

Gary and Mark handed him two checks totaling Five Million Dollars and instructed him to open the accounts and make that a priority. Mark gave Dave the terms of the contract between them and asked him to fax the draft over to the house as soon as that was ready. Mark wanted to review everything before it was ready to be signed. Holly would get together to sign signature cards as soon as they were ready.

“Five Million dollars? Holy shit guys, I wasn’t expecting that,” Holly said.

“Darling, you had better get used to the kind of numbers we work with. You are going to be one wealthy woman. There is a reason we did it now. You’ll see. Let’s go into the conference room,” Gary said.

Jill had assembled everyone in the conference room. Ron McArthur, President of D’Orgasmic and Tina Stevens, Vice President both stood and hugged Mark when he walked into the room.

“I didn’t expect to see you. Are you all right? How is Jeremy?” Ron asked.

“He’s doing as good as can be expected. He wanted us to thank you for all your kind words and the flowers were beautiful.” Mark introduced Holly and Dani to the group.

“I wanted to let you know about some major changes we are about to make,” Gary started. He laid out the plan and everyone agreed that it made sense. This niche had a huge market. He explained that if you take all genres of music and added up their combined sales, collectively they did not equal Country Music Sales. The clubwear had been a fabulous success and now it was time to go for the gold.

“Shannon, I want to have designs for men and women. I’m prepared to do whatever is necessary to make this happen. I want you to get together with Michelle and tell her exactly what you want in additional designers. Just make them young and Country Music Fans. I want quality and everything we make must be made in the USA. We won’t be importing anything from overseas other than the toy division. We want to create jobs and put people back to work.

He gave them the name of a company in Dallas. “I want to know everything about them. They make boots. I want to know their exact financial position. Tell me what they make and how they have weathered the recession. I want to have the finest leather products available. I don’t want to do business with them, I want to buy them and bring them into the firm.”

“I’ll take that one Gar. Michelle, get research on this right away,” Mark said. “I really like this idea.”

Jill interrupted Gary and slid him her laptop. He looked at the photos of Ronnie and smiled. He slid the machine to Mark and he looked critically. He nodded to Gary and smiled. Michelle and Lori looked and Lori knew instantly what they wanted.

“Sorry about that, I want you to know that our Slutwear model will not be returning. She never got along with anyone. Yes, she was pretty but she drove me nuts. It is very simple to deal with this. Effective immediately, we do not hire anyone who is represented by Trainer. From now on, we only negotiate with Mark and his people.”

“Finally, it took you long enough Mark. I could just kiss you,” Tina said.

“When the hell did that ever stop you Tina? Get your pretty ass over here and kiss me darling.”

Tina bounced out of her chair and landed in Mark’s lap. She laid a wet one on him, turned and looked at everyone and blushed, “If I was only younger.”

“That never stopped me Tina,” Holly giggled. The room cracked up.

“Shannon, I want to start designing sexy men’s fashions for the Clubwear Catalog as well as the Country Clubwear catalog. I know this is a huge assignment. I also know, you’re the best of the best and you can handle this.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Gary, I have some great ideas. I’ll have some sketches for you in a short while,” Shannon said.

“Tori, I have an idea. I want you to get together with Kate and Nancy later this week. Have you ever had your color palette done?”

“Sure, I had it done so that I would know what is the best makeup to buy for my complexion. Every woman knows this. Why?”

“My question is simple. Why aren’t we able to have our online customers input their palette preferences. Once they do that, we should be able to show them our product that would be complimentary. Talk to them and see what we can do. It could give us quite an edge.”

“Karen, am I correct to say that we should keep this completely under wraps for a while?”

“Definitely Gary, when the time is right, we will blast this all over the planet. Until then, yes, keep this close to the vest,” Karen agreed.

“Okay, that is enough for today. I’ll be waiting to hear back from all of you.”

When the exec’s had left the room, Gary looked at Lori and told her to offer Ronnie a one year contract but to reduce the amount to one million. He told her that if Cherry ever gets her act together, her offer still stands. Cherry doesn’t like Country but Ronnie does and he wanted her for the Country Catalog.

“I have an idea. What do you think of this? We will have two separate clubs. We will be having local artists playing in the clubs. I would like to suggest that each club have a dozen dancers who will wear our fashions. They have to be drop dead sexy and they have to be professional dancers. Our clothes are going to be top of the line; I’d like to see the dancers to be top of the line as well. I think it would really be a great touch.”

“That could get very expensive,” Holly suggested.

“I know. That is why I am going to pick up the cost of the dancers. Since they are advertising D’Orgasmic Product, I can expense it.”

“Well, since you put it that way, it is a great idea.”

“Well, I think this will make it better. I want each club to have a dozen top-notch dancers. That is twenty-four dancers per location. Additionally, I want a team of twenty-four to tour. These will be the best of the best. I want twelve Country Girls and twelve Dance Club girls. I hope that we can get them into music videos. Lori, do you know any choreographers?”

“Actually, I know several Gary. I like this idea. I just got a text from Vegas. We have the music industry buzzing. I’ve got a lot of people to talk to.” Lori turned to Mark, “This is taking off big-time. I never expected anything like this. From what I am hearing, our reputation is preceding us everywhere we go.”

“Good, talk to them. Sign them and let’s get the ball rolling. This is more than I thought too. Get a great choreographer and let’s start auditions. Get those dancers signed. Does anyone remember the first time they saw Courtney Cox?” Mark asked.

Wendy started laughing. “I remember the first time I saw her. Bruce Springsteen pulled her from the audience to dance on stage. That started her career.”

“Imagine what that would be worth to us if we discover the next superstar. I want those women under contract. Club contracts are client contracts. The tour contracts are friend contracts. Let’s get them in as many videos as we possibly can. Everyone profits from this.”

Mark was smiling. “Michelle, call Dave and Ron, have them fly out tonight. I need you both back in Vegas right away. Have research get me a list of the best club architects in the country. Put the word out that we are looking for dancers to start. Once we have an idea how much space we will need, we can find a location in Vegas. Dani will be staying here with me for a while. We are going to be traveling.”

“Wendy, Debbie and Rose I need you to stay in here with Lori and Holly. I’d prefer you to be here for this. Just keep a poker face. I’ll be in my office. Bring Ronnie in please.”

Ronnie walked in as Gary, Michelle, Mark, Jill and Dani were leaving. She looked at them and sat down.

“Ronnie, I don’t know if anyone told you who I am and what I do,” Lori spoke.

“Not really Lori. I know you work for Mark but that is about all I know.”

“Ronnie, I am the head of the entertainment division. It is my job to spearhead the team of lawyers and representatives for top models, actors and such. Mark represents the top athletes in the world. He negotiates their contracts, manages their wealth and generally takes care of any legal concerns they may experience.”

“I wasn’t sure. I knew he had something to do with sports but I didn’t know what. What does this have to do with me?”

“Well, for starters, take a look at these.” She showed her the photo’s that were taken earlier in the day. “Those are some amazing photographs. They impressed everyone in this room.”

“Take a look at this Ronnie,” Wendy said as she slid the Slutwear Catalog over to Ronnie. “Have you ever seen this before?”

“No I haven’t. I love the clothes. This girl is so sexy. Will I get to meet her?”

“No hon, not her. She no longer works for Gary. She was rather difficult to work with. Gary saw your photos and asked me to talk to you about them. He would like to have you replace her. It will involve considerable travel but you would be paid quite well. You told him you liked to dance. Is that right?”

“Yes, I love to dance. Unfortunately, I’m too damned short to be a dancer. I really love to dance though.”

Lori went on to explain everything to her. Ronnie sat there with her jaw dropping as it was all laid out for her.

“So, you see Ronnie, when you were told by Holly that things could get better, she wasn’t kidding.”

“You said that I would be paid to do this.”

Lori looked at the girls and smiled. “Ronnie, we have two types of contracts at The Banner Agency. We have clients and we have friends. We don’t sleep with our clients. We do sleep with our friends. Our clients pay us twenty percent as our fee. Our friends don’t pay us a cent. Mark is offering you a friend’s contract. That is a big thing. It means you get to keep all the money.”

“That is fantastic Lori. I can’t believe this. I really can’t. He would do that for me. I don’t know what to say.”

“Lori, I think she is in shock,” Rose said. “I mean if it was me, I’d at least want to know how much I would be paid.”

Holly stood and walked behind Ronnie. She put her hands on her shoulders. “Take a deep breath dear.”

“Debbie, please do the honors,” Lori grinned.

“Ronnie, if this is a first for you, it is nothing compared to what I am about to do. Gary would like to offer you One Million Dollars for a one-year contract. It includes all medical expenses, full travel expenses and of course, you will have your own entire D’Orgasmic product line. When the Country Catalog is ready to be produced, you will be on location, wherever that is. You are going to hear about the dancers for each club. There is also going to be a traveling team of professional dancers. You will be the lead dancer for both genres until and if Cherry returns to the fold. You love Country and she is more comfortable with Rock and Pop. If she returns, she will be the lead dancer and model for that and you’ll have country sewn up.”

Wendy, Debbie and Rose sat along with Lori and looked at stunned silence. Ronnie’s lips were moving but words were not forming in any way, shape or form. “Are you with us baby?” Holly whispered.

Ronnie had tears in her eyes and she was fighting to speak. “Would someone pinch me please? I know I didn’t understand what you just said. I understand what you want me to do. I know I didn’t hear the money properly. Did you say One Million Dollars?”

“That is exactly what we said,” Lori smiled sweetly. “Are you interested?”

“If I was to say no, would the five of you bitch slap me?”

“Yes we definitely would,” Rose burst out laughing.

“”There are a couple of things you have to promise though. This offer is confidential. The others will be told you are going to be in the catalog but they won’t know about the financial aspect. This does not stop you from eventually having your own entertainment center someday. This entire venture will make everyone a lot of money. You will be working very closely with Diane. She is a total sweetheart. You will be traveling all over the world,” Lori told her.

“I will still get to play with everyone though. I can’t believe I am asking this but it is important to me now.”

“Yes dear and you get to play with our other friends too. In fact, you’ll be in Vegas over Valentines Day for the big party at Mark’s. I wonder if you like football players. There will be quite a few of them there. Anyway, I’ll have the contract prepared and ready for your signature. Let’s go and tell Mark and Gary what you’ve decided.”

They walked into Gary’s office and Ronnie was looking down at the floor. Gary looked at Lori who stood there stone faced.

“Well, do we have an answer?” Gary asked looking from face to face.

Ronnie looked up and directed her gaze onto Wendy’s and the rest of the girls faces. “Do I have your permission to say this?”

Debbie looked at her sternly. “If you really must, don’t let us stop you Ronnie.”

Ronnie stood up and walked over to where Mark and Gary were standing. “I really must say this girls, I just think it is only right to just be honest here. Gary, I LOVE YOU! Mark, I LOVE YOU TOO! Thank you, thank you. Ohmigod! Thank you. I hope I can deliver for you.” She kissed each of them and then hugged and kissed everyone else.

“Mark, she reminds me of Holly, always quiet and understated. We need to find more boisterous women don’t you think?” Gary said as he ducked the flying right hand Holly was throwing in his direction.

“Well, if I may be allowed to say one more thing,” Ronnie asked. “Being compared to Holly is the greatest compliment I have ever received. I am dead serious about that too.”

Jill leaned back in her chair and burst out laughing. “The legend lives on.”

“Bite me bitch,” Holly smirked.

“Anytime, anywhere Holly. I’ll bite you; I may even lick you too,” Jill giggled. “I can’t just let my brothers have all the damned fun. You fuck their brains out and all I get out of it is the war stories. I tell you cunt it just isn’t fucking fair. I’m just as good in bed as they are.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Gary said. “She is wild.”

“This just keeps getting better and better,” Debbie said. I have my man back and there are so many new cocks and pussies too. It is like Christmas everyday. I love it.”

“I’m happy with how everything has gone today; let’s party. If we’re going to party, let’s do it, right. Jill, call down to get fifteen Sybians with complete attachments, five cases of candles and five cases of Rush with wrist strap holders ready. We’ll pick that up at the loading dock.

One last thing, I want to move my cars back to the house.” He walked up to Mark and had two sets of keys. He dangled them in front of him. “Which one do you want to drive?” Mark had mixed feelings. He loved the Lamborghini but snatched the keys to the Candy Apple Red ’40 Ford.

Back at the house, things were happening. Jill had called and spoke with Linda earlier. Linda had prepared a nice lunch for every one. Jim had restocked the bars and Tammy had made sure the house was spotless.

Linda and her ‘staff’ served lunch and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Holly walked around the tables and handed everyone the latest copy of the Slutwear Catalog. They were looking through the pages and admiring the products when Gary stood up and addressed everyone.

“I’m going to keep this short and sweet. It is a lovely day and we want to let you in on a couple of things that are happening. For starters, look at your copy of the catalog. I saw something yesterday and decided I wanted to make a change. I hired a new model to showcase the upcoming product line. Let me introduce her to you.”

He walked over to Ronnie Walker and extended his hand. She took it and he pulled her to her feet. Everyone went wild, clapping, yelling and screaming. Ronnie was blushing and very excited.

“I have a couple of announcements,” Holly said, “We took the steps we needed earlier today to get this show on the road. Effective immediately, you are all on my payroll. I will need to get your personal information so you can start being paid. I want to meet with each of you privately after lunch. You will all need to call and quit your jobs today. Don’t leave them hanging. We are going to be very busy over the next few months. One last thing, Ronnie will be very busy but she is still one of us. Never forget that. My workload is going to be enormous so I have decided to ask Jim to become my personal assistant.”

Gary looked at Mark and they both started laughing.

“What the fuck is matter?” Holly said as she put her hands on her hips and glared at her two best friends. She turned and looked at everyone seated at the tables. She smiled broadly and pointed to the two of them, “You see these two motherfuckers? They both have personal assistants. Dani, Michelle and Mark stand up.” By now, everyone was snickering. They stood up. “Now you tell me, is that one gorgeous hunk of man? Those two women are gorgeous and they are his. Gary, Rose, Debbie, Wendy and Jill stand up. Now you see what I’m talking about here. They actually laughed at me; you all saw it. What the fuck is up with that? I picked little ole Jim. Sheesh”

“He ain’t little and he sure as fuck ain’t old,” Rose giggled. “He may be your personal assistant but he is one of our playmates. You may be the queen but if you take him away from us, you’ll have fired up the three queen bitches.”

Jim was beet red. Gary and Mark were laughing hysterically. Holly walked over to Jim and kissed him passionately.

“I warned you Jim, you can’t say I didn’t. Jill, order the most effective earplugs you can find for Jim. I don’t want him to go deaf,” Gary, quipped.

That did it, Rose slipped off her chair and onto the pool deck. She was laughing uncontrollably. Her mascara was running down her cheeks. Every time she tried to stop, she just laughed louder. Wendy and Debbie were trying to help her but just as soon as they could get a hold of her, she’d start laughing and the girls joined right in.

“I feel like Rodney Dangerfield. I get no respect.” Holly was laughing at herself.

Gary continued, “They are starting work on the house Monday and we are going on a road trip. I want to see clubs in Nashville, Austin, Houston and Dallas, as well as dance clubs in Miami, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and LA. We will wind up in Vegas for the party and then we will hit all the clubs out there.

Jill, make sure they all get portfolios. You are being tested somewhat. I want you to analyze each club after we visit. I want to see if you can spot the highlights and the low spots. Be very critical we’ll have a great opportunity to learn and avoid their mistakes.

Tomorrow, I want to bring all of you to the company and have each one of the women fitted with palette matched Slutwear. Red and Nancy will do your individual color palette this afternoon. I want each one of you to be ready to impress the minute we step into any club. You will receive our entire product line. You work for Holly as well as representing D’Orgasmic. As a result, you will all be on my payroll as well. The information you give to Holly and Jill will be used to set up payroll for each of you. Together, we will all be successful.”

“I think we need to clear up any confusion,” Mark said. “Each one of you will be trained in every single aspect of this business. Whether you are a chef or management is immaterial to us. Our investment is in you. We want to have the hottest clubs, the best food and the absolute best barbeque in the world. The clothing line will be promoted in ways that will blow your mind. The bottom line is this, we won’t be happy until each of you has your own center. That’s right, I said center. The center will have a dance club, a country club, a restaurant and a retail store.”

“For all the men, I need you to go home and get your best club and country clothing. Pack your bags; we’ll be gone about a month. I have given instructions to start designing clothing lines for men but that is going to take some time.

Girls, after you have had your colors done, I will have my makeup artist come out here on Friday and set you up with all new makeup. Each one of you is gorgeous right now but I want you to be phenomenal when we go out,” Gary said. “Onto a more pleasant subject, I was told that my girls were ‘certified’ while I was away. I also heard that everyone else was eventually ‘certified’ too.”

“Well, that is not necessarily true. There are quite a few new people that haven’t been ‘certified’. From what I’ve seen, they qualify. They were partying hardy last night. What do you have in mind darling?” Wendy asked.

“We need to get all of our lovely ladies ‘certified’ soon. Oh yes, everyone needs to be ‘Sybian Certified’ as well. There is nothing that brings out the slut faster than that thing.”

“You could say that again. I married ours,” Wendy said.

“What is this Sybian thing you are talking about? I’ve never heard of it,” Lindsay said. “Also, Gary mentioned a party in Las Vegas. That is the first I’ve heard of that.”

Mark walked over to her, pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply. “Our dear sweet Lindsay, Sybian is life altering. You will find out and you will never be the same afterwards. I throw several rather large parties every year at my home in Vegas. The parties go on for days and there are many athletes and celebrities in attendance. You just have to remember one thing, everything that goes on there is confidential. You’ve heard the old saying, ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’. Well, who you do in Vegas, you just don’t brag about.”

Halley, the adorable new black girl with the tiny waist and perfect legs looked at Mark and asked, ‘Exactly what does ‘certified’ mean. I wasn’t here last week. It sounds like I missed something fun.”

Red laughed, “Halley, each and every one of us is a ‘certified’ slut. We love the fact that we live a lifestyle that embraces love, lust, passion and unbridled sex. We don’t walk out of here and just fuck anyone we see. We definitely don’t do that but in here, we certainly do. If you see a cock that you want, just go for it. Likewise, if you see pussy that has you drooling, go for it. We want you to be successful and satisfied. Nothing does more for a girl than a great orgasm. “

“Wow, I love the idea. How do we get ‘certified’?”

“Well, here’s the thing, those who were certified last week need to be recertified this week. You have to do everyone at least once to be certified. By that dear, we mean once each, oral, anal and vaginal. We have a lot of new people so, we’re going to spend the rest of the week making sure before we get on the planes, that we are all certified.”

“I think I just had an orgasm thinking about this. What you’re telling me is every man has to do me three times to count. I am going to love this,” Halley giggled.

Jim organized some of the guys to unload the machines. Three machines were set up poolside and Debbie, Wendy and Rose called the girls over. They started the first round of girls and the orgasms started flowing.

Linda and Tammy walked up to Mark, Gary and Holly. “Holly, I have a question for you,” Linda said. “Who do you have to train everyone on smokin techniques?”

“At the moment, I don’t have anyone. I’ve done it but I’m not an expert. Why hon?”

“Our grandfather and our dads were Georgia state champions twelve years running. That is what our families did. We have been smokin meat since we were both kids,” Tammy said. “If we had a smoker here, we could show you.”

Mark called Michelle over. “Do you have the name of that man in Tennessee who makes those custom smokers? She looked in her phone and found the name. She showed it to Linda and she said that was the guy.

“Order the big one. Have it shipped here. I’ve always wanted one but I’d be thrown out of Vegas if I tried to run it at my place. What did he say the lead time was on ordering when you talked to him last year?”

“He said it was three weeks. I’ll call and find out. It should be here right around the time everyone gets back from Vegas.”

Screams of pure passion were wafting over the water. Orgasms were exploding everywhere. “What is that thing?” Tammy said as she looked up into Gary’s eyes.

“It’s the best orgasm you’ll ever experience. You come and get me when you get on that thing. I want to take you through it.”

“You are the best orgasm I’ve ever had. It may be good but you’re better. It does look like fun.”

“Linda, that goes for you too dear. I want to walk you through it too,” Gary winked at her.

“That’s only because he wants to watch you having mind-blowing orgasms,” Holly snickered.

“Holly, if he wants to see me having motherfucking, mind-blowing orgasms, all he has to do is make love to me. Then he can fuck my brains out. See, I’m learning Gary. I have already been told that you won’t fuck a girl until you’ve made love to her. You’re reputation precedes you.” Linda turned into him and dropped one of the softest, sweetest kisses onto his lips.

“I thought the only thing that preceded him was his dick,” Tammy giggled. “Speaking of that, take care with his dick but if you break his tongue, I’ll kill you.”

Jim came over with the wrist straps and the Rush. He put them on the girls and wandered away.

“What is this?” Linda asked.

Gary looked at Mark and they both laughed. Tammy and Linda were already observing house rules. Gary grabbed Tammy and Mark took Linda over to the picnic table. The girls climbed onto the table and the guys took their seats between their lovely legs. Gary unscrewed Tammy’s bottle and told her what to do. She inhaled and he lowered his face and pulled her lovely lips apart. His tongue traveled the length of her sweet pink slit and Tammy was on fire. The head rush together with his talented tongue had blown her away.

“Sweet lord, Oh, son of a bitch this is fucking amazing. My pussy is on fire. Lick me baby. I love this. Oh, fuck this is so good.”

Gary was licking her and teasing her. Her thighs were wet as her pussy flowed sweetly. He kept licking and she started to cum. Her tiny ass was bouncing from the table. She crushed his face, arched her back and was cumming hard while Linda exploded on Mark’s face as well. The girls kept exploding and Mark and Gary switched places. Both women were flailing, inhaling and losing their minds. Neither had ever experienced anything like this before.

“Tammy, you were so right. Fuck, he is so good,” Linda, whispered as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. “Lick my sweet, hot twat Gary, Oh you sweet delicious man. I’m going to cum again. Fuck, yes that’s it, right there. Don’t stop, perfect, you are perfection. Tammy ohmigod, this is too good, mmm yes. Suck my clit Gary suck me darling. Oh, yes!”

Gary stood and ran the head of his cock along her delicious pink valley. Linda threw her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. “Slide your hard cock inside me darling. Fuck me, love me and make me cum forever.”

She took another long pull on the little bottle and he began to fuck this Beyonce look-a-like seriously. Her body was amazing; she was tight, trim and wonderful. Her face conveyed lust deliciously and her body welcomed him intently. Her body wrapped around him and she closed down on his firmness. With each stroke, her body convulsed sweetly.

Over at the Sybian Training Center, women were flailing, laughing and giggling. His girls were truly enjoying themselves while getting all the other women off. Tia staggered over to them just as Linda was wrapping her legs around his waist. Her back arched and her breasts looked lovely as they heaved in yet another mind-blowing orgasm. He leaned over, took one luscious nipple between his lips, and began to suck. His tongue teased her beautiful breast as his cock sliced deep inside.

Tia’s hand stroked his ass and back. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I love you; you know I do but, I think I may have a conflict baby. Wendy’s married her machine and I just did the same thing. That was the wildest orgasm of my life.” She smacked his ass, kissed Linda and went to get a drink.

Linda was laughing at Tia, cumming, and laughing some more. He held her tightly and kissed her passionately. Their lips locked and their tongues danced. Linda felt his desire and the love flowing between them. She bit his lower lip and held on as one last crushing orgasm overtook her gorgeous body.

Tammy was cumming equally hard on Mark’s cock and her tiny body was flailing uncontrollably.

“You weren’t kidding Gar, she is one amazing hot woman,” Mark said. “I could do you for weeks Tammy and never get bored. Wow, you are so good.”

Gary kissed both women and told them to get over on the machine. He was smiling wickedly and they saw that he was serious. “You’ll thank me for this later.”

Gary looked over at the line of women waiting their turns on the machine. Debbie, Rose and Wendy were at the controls and giving the women the ride of their life. Mark came up behind him and together, they started to laugh. Pete, Steve and Bill were at the controls of Gary’s girls. Pete was doing Debbie; Steve had Rose while Bill was slamming into Wendy’s tight hot pussy.

“You sure know how to pick them Gary. I swear, if I live to be a million, I’ll never understand how you could live in the same building as those gorgeous creatures and not touch them for two freakin years. They are adorable.”

Jill and Holly were collecting the information they needed to get everyone on the payroll.

“This is the sexiest group of people I’ve seen in a long time Holly. I’m serious; you are a sex magnet girl. Gary had me in stitches telling me about how the weekend turned out. As it turns out, teasing his neighbors as you did was the best thing that ever happened to him. I’ve never seen him so happy in my life,” Jill said.

“It did turn out differently than I had imagined. I seriously thought what I was doing would bring Rose into his life. You know a woman can read another woman pretty well. I saw envy in her eyes. I don’t know, perhaps it was my evil side coming out, but I was so provocative. I didn’t expect all three would act on it. I am glad they did though because he is such a special man. What I never expected was all of the rest of this.”

“Did you really blow Jim while he was tending bar?”

“Yeppers, I sure did. I mean, seriously Jill, isn’t he just adorable. I couldn’t resist. While you were on your way to Thailand, Gary said to call him and see if he had some friends who wanted to play. I never thought he’d have so many delicious friends.”

Jill laughed, “They sure are tasty. I’ve had my fair share and I plan to have a lot more. My pussy is soaked just thinking about them. I’m the luckiest girl alive. I grew up with those guys. We have had some of the best sex you could ever imagine.”

“I get the impression they were lucky as well. You are one spectacular woman. I intend to find out myself once we are done here. The more you get to know me Jill, you’ll learn, I am one greedy bitch. For your information, my pussy is wet thinking about doing you. I know we will be great friends.” Holly was giggling as more delightful screams wafted thru the air. “They definitely love that machine.”

Ronnie and Diane were sitting at the bar and talking. Ronnie was picking Diane’s brain and soaking up every word of wisdom she was sharing.

“Ronnie, the first thing you have to do is stop questioning what has happened to you. I’ve been modeling for Gary for a long time. He has said the same thing repeatedly and now I believe he is right. There is no such a thing as a coincidence. Someone else was supposed to get that contract. She backed out and no one knows why. You have the contract and she doesn’t. That is all you need to know. You won, she lost out.”

“You’re talking about Cherry Anderson aren’t you?”

Diane looked at her over the rim of her glass, “How do you know Cherry?”

“I don’t know her at all. I saw all the photos of you at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. The minute I saw her, I knew I wanted to be just like her.”

“Wow,” Diane said breathlessly. “Just be yourself Ronnie. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Cherry. You aren’t Cherry and frankly, I’m not sure you would want to be her. She wound up hurting a wonderful man who loves her with all his heart and many of her friends as well. You be the best you can be, that is what counts. I’ll teach you everything you need to know. There is a new Lingerie Catalog shoot right after Mark’s party in Vegas. I want you with me. Do you have your passport?”

“I do. I just got it last year. I have never been anywhere to use it yet but I have it,” Ronnie said. “Where will we be going?”

“It is a six week schedule. We will be in Rome, Paris and Geneva. Normally, Gary is at all the photo shoots. Jill and Lori will be there. There are five models in this catalog. The other girls are fun, crazy and sexy as hell. You’ll enjoy being with them. In addition to the models, there will be production staff, photographers, assistants, lighting crews and makeup artists. There is usually around sixty people plus Gary and his staff. Don’t worry dear; you’ll get lots of attention.”

Gary walked up to the bar, put his arms around both women and kissed each one. “Is Diane teaching you everything you need to know Ronnie? She is the best of the best, so pay attention.”

“She is a big help Gary. I didn’t know I would be going to the Lingerie shoot. This is unbelievable.”

“Darling, this is the big leagues. This is what we do. You will see the world. The work is grueling at times but you’ll have fun.”

“I’ve already had more fun that I could ever imagine. More sex too,” Ronnie blushed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. After Mark’s party in Vegas, you will have had two to three hundred naked, gorgeous people all waiting to fuck you. Many of them are top named celebrities, actors and athletes. The women are gorgeous; the men are great and trust me, every single one of them will want to do you. That includes me too,” Gary smiled.

“Gary, you can do me whenever you want. You know that don’t you?” Ronnie said sincerely.

“No he can’t,” Lindsay said as she put her arms around his waist. “I want him right now. I promise I’ll return him undamaged and smiling.”

“Lindsay, you break him, you answer to me,” Ronnie laughed. “I think I’m going to hit the hot tub. Care to join me Diane?”

Diane turned her around and kissed her sweetly. “I do some of my best work in a hot tub sweetie.”

Mark was walking beside the pool when the next thing he knew, he was treading water. Halley had tackled him playfully. She fell into the water alongside him and wrapped her dark arms around his neck, kissing him. Her pretty face devoured him. His hands held her tiny waist as she wrapped her long, lovely legs around his waist. Mark looked into her eyes seeing the raw hunger she possessed.

Lips crushed, flesh teased and she floated atop his rock hard dick. Her sexy body sank down onto him and he stretched her tight twat wonderfully. Halley felt every inch, ridge and vein as he slid into her. She inhaled sharply and bit his lip playfully. Her sweet breasts slid along his chest as her tongue dove deep into his very receptive mouth.

Warm water, moans of ecstasy in the air and the feel of this wonderful man thrilled her beyond description. She slammed herself onto him fully and ground her cervix onto his perfect cock.

“Mark, you make me feel so good. I love you inside me. Fuck me Mark; slide your hard cock into me and please me. I need this Mark. I want you Mark; fuck me darling. Fill my hot pussy with your delicious cock and make me cum. Oh yes, that’s it Mark. Fuck my sweet black pussy and make me cum darling. Do you like my hot, tight little twat Mark? Yes baby, fuck me darling!”

Mark was always a softy for a hot talking woman. His cock pummeled her hot, taut, young pussy. Halley was clawing his back as she rode him through many orgasms. Mark walked her out of the pool and laid her on one of the cabana beds.

He lifted her legs and placed her heels along his neck. She arched her back and Mark sank fully into her hot wetness. Halley was cumming and his hips never stopped. He stroked her through several long, wet orgasms and she was panting heavily. His balls slapping against her ass kept her cumming constantly.

She began to pull her nipples as she gazed into his eyes. “You do love my hot pussy don’t you Mark? I’m so wet for you. Do you like how slippery my pussy is for you? Fuck me harder Mark. Slide that beautiful cock deeper into me. That’s it baby, harder, deeper, oh fuck. Fuck me faster Mark, I’m going to explode all over your hot cock. God, you are good Mark. Oh, don’t stop baby. I’m cumming baby; I’m fucking cumming, Oh YES!”

Their eyes never flinched; his cock never stopped. Halley pulled on her nipples as her back arched dramatically. She screamed and started to cum profusely. Mark felt her vice-like grip on his cock and he began to pound her savagely. She couldn’t stop cumming and he wouldn’t quit fucking her tight, sweet body. She flailed on that mattress and her body continued to erupt deliriously.

He turned her over and entered her from behind. He took her arm and pulled her bottle from her wrist strap. She took two long hits, lowered her chest, and raised her hips. She pulled her cheeks apart and offered him full access. Her long, manicured nails began to circle her ass as his cock sank deep into her.

“No one has ever fucked me like this Mark, Don’t stop baby. My pussy is on fire with your lovely cock inside me. I love this. Oh, baby, fuck me darling, slam your hot cock into me. I love this; I need this! Oh, damn, this is so sweet. Is your cock wet baby? I want you to fuck my tight asshole. Please shove your huge cock into my tight, tiny asshole. My ass needs your cock Mark; please, please, oh, please fuck my asshole Mark.”

He placed the massive head against her tight opening. She took several long hits and pushed herself onto his shaft. He felt her tight ring relax; she bore down and opened for him. She was moaning and whimpering as he filled her ass. Her hips were gyrating on his cock and he began to thrust into her.

He reached around and began to stroke her lovely, long clit. With each full stroke, she came and he was in no way finished. Her ass rose to meet him and he continued to invade her. Halley loved this.

Her body was drenched and her pussy flowed onto his hand. She was lost in the desires and the sensations of this delicious sexy man. She screamed and came very hard. He held her hips and felt her body trembling on his hardness. He held himself still and she quivered with each breath she took. He felt himself slip from her ass.

Halley had never enjoyed anything like this before and her mind was racing. She fell to the mattress to regain her composure. She looked at Mark in wonderment. Her hands caressed his chest. She lifted her face to his and the kiss they shared was sensational. Her hands traveled down to his still rock hard cock cradling him in her hands. She began to kiss his chest and her face moved lower bringing his lovely cock to her lips.

Mark lay looking down at her and saw the lust in her upward gaze. Her tongue began to circle the head of his cock. She pushed him tight against his hard, flat stomach and she tasted her cum on his hot dick. She lovingly licked his balls and up each side of his shaft. She looked into his eyes and closed her lips over the sweet head. She saw the joy he was experiencing and that thrilled her to her core. Halley lowered her face onto him. Her tongue was teasingly pleasing him sweetly. She felt him at the back of her mouth and she inhaled deeply. She pulled him from her lips and licked him again.

She took several long hits from her bottle and dove back onto his cock. This time, she took him completely into her throat and she began to lick the sweet underside of his long cock as it began to stroke her throat. Her hands played with his balls and his ass and she loved the sweet moans coming from this gorgeous man.

“Halley, you are one sweet, delicious girl. Suck my cock darling. Your mouth is hot, so good. I love this. Suck me all the way baby. Do you know how sexy you look with my cock in your mouth? I could watch you suck my cock forever baby. Your lips are perfect, your face is gorgeous and you suck cock so well. Do you want me to cum in your mouth Halley? Do you want to feel me shooting my hot cum into your hot lips? I know you want to taste my cum and feel it on your tongue. Swallow my cock and swallow my load. You are so good; I am going to cum Halley. Oh baby, yes!”

Mark arched his back and Halley felt his cock swell. She felt the rush of his seed as it flew down his cock and into her lovely mouth. She felt the pulsing on her lips; the splash on her tongue and the sweet saltiness as he flooded her sweet mouth. She slammed his cock deep into her throat and she began to milk every drop from his hot iron. Nothing gave her more pleasure than to know the cock in her mouth was happy and pleased. She let him soften as she stroked his stomach and teased his nipples. She climbed up onto him and kissed him lovingly.

“That was the best I’ve ever had Mark. Nothing can even come close to that. Thank you baby, thank you so much.”

Holly and Jill walked over to the bar. Their tanned bodies glistened in the golden afternoon sun. “Did you watch that black girl with Mark?” Jill asked.

“That is Halley. Damn, she is fucking hot. Did you see the tiny waist on that girl? She is gorgeous.”

Jill looked at the paperwork and smiled, “Holly, she is only twenty-four. Can you imagine what she is going to be like in ten years? She is going to break many hearts. She sure picked the right man though. Mark loves sexy, tiny gorgeous black women.”

“Darlin, Mark loves women, all ages, all sizes and shapes. Gary is the same way. What she doesn’t know is that was just an appetizer. I want to watch when the two of them do her. Should we hire paramedics?” Holly laughed.

“When they do me, I need more than paramedics. I was hoping for something but Jeremy was too upset, which is understandable. If you think the two of them are wonderful, try doing the three of them. That was what I lived with for so many years. Mark and Gary are identical lovers. Everyone says it and I completely agree but I know that Jeremy is just as good. When the three of them do you, it is otherworldly. You see things you never knew existed. I could kick his ass for getting in so much trouble.”

“I’ve never met him; I talk to him online occasionally. He is gorgeous too.”

“I’ve always felt so blessed. I knew I was pretty but they had all these fashion models hanging off them all the time. They dated them and they would bed them but the one they always came back to was me,” Jill blushed. “Gary’s mom and Maggie had a goal in life. They wanted me to marry one of them. I don’t think they cared which one. It cracked us up but we never said a word. Why would we get married when we already were, so to speak?” Jill smiled.

“It must have been a hoot in school. Everyone must have been so envious of you baby,” Holly mused.

“Oh hell no, no one knew. The girls hit on them all the time. We would actually stage fights just for show. All the girls thought I hated them. We played that to the hilt. They would hit on them and they didn’t pay them any attention. Guys would hit on me and came away thinking I was a total dyke. Then, we’d get out of school and fuck like minks. It was a riot.”

Mark joined them at the bar and listened to the conversation. He was handed a drink and he looked around. Gary was on a cabana mattress with Lindsay. They were laughing and teasing each other. He caught Gary’s eye and motioned for him to pay attention.

“You stupid bitch,” he yelled. “What the fuck was that all about. You dumb cunt. If you think I’m going to stand here and let you get them in any more trouble, you’re wrong.” He was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Gary kissed Lindsay and told her he would be right back. He ran over to the bar and got between Mark and Jill. He pushed Mark away, spun on Jill, and he lit into her with a seriousness no one had ever seen before. “You are such a fucking cunt. What the fuck was going thru that vacuum you call a brain. You dumb fucking bitch. I swear if you ever do that again, I will personally kick your useless ass.”

Everyone was standing in shock and disbelief. Wendy, Debbie and Rose were speechless.

“You know something you worthless piece of shit. There is only one thing missing. Do you know what that is you brain dead cunt?

Jill started screaming, “You’re fucking right I know what is missing you useless prick, I know what is missing and his fucking ass is in Thailand. The only thing that would make this even better is if Jeremy was here screaming at me too.” She burst out laughing. Mark and Gary held her and they were hysterical.

“We’d pull that shit in the hallways at school. We didn’t want anyone to know that we were going to be fucking her sweet ass in fifteen minutes. Everyone thought she hated us. It was so good,” Mark told Holly.

“Back then, it wasn’t a good idea to let the world know who you were sleeping with. We’ve kept that tradition too. Outside of our circle of friends, we are prim and proper business people. Inside our circle, we’re the biggest sluts on the planet. It just keeps everything simple.”

“Okay, I have a question,” Wendy asked. “Exactly how old were you when…?”

They looked at each other; Jill was blushing beet red. In unison they said, “No comment.”

Everyone burst out laughing and that was the end of that discussion.

Lindsay came up behind Gary and put her arms around his waist. She heard the exchange and was relieved that it was all a show. “I didn’t know what to think. Everyone knows how close you are to Jill. I saw it, Mark started it.”

“Lindsay, I started it back in junior high. We had to protect her. If anyone knew what the four of us were up to, the boys would never have given her a minute’s peace. We actually rehearsed several scenarios and then we just built on them. It is hard to get that angry at someone you love with all your heart and do it with a straight face,” Gary said.

“Then they took it to the extreme. Those three would go to all the dances with supermodels. They always ignored me. All the girls were jealous and all the guys were envious. Of course, none of the boys would hit on me. No one ever had any idea until the senior prom,” Jill told everyone.

“”Well, that is just terrible Jill,” Wendy said. “I would have been pissed not to go to the dances.”

“Who said she never went to the dances?” Mark laughed. “She was at every dance. She is the best damned DJ you ever saw. She is right, they did find out at senior prom.”

“Who took you to the prom Jill?” Rose asked.

“It was a long time ago. All I remember was there was some amazing dirty dancing. It got hot out on the dance floor. When the boys saw how I moved on the dance floor, they realized they had all been duped for years. My date had some amazing moves,” Jill giggled.

“That doesn’t tell us who took you to the prom,” Halley laughed.

“Oh, yeah, my date, well, if I remember right, it was Jeremy Carter, Gary Edwards and Mark Banner. You should have seen the look on everyone’s face. When they realized that we had pulled the wool over their eyes all those years, they damned near ran us out of town.”

“See, we were bad asses all the way back then,” Gary laughed.

“Well, I don’t know about bad asses but I know my ass isn’t bad and it wants this guy right now,” Lindsay said as she dragged Gary away to the bar.

“Damn, I must be rubbing off on everyone,” Rose quipped. “I’m not the only greedy bitch here anymore.”

“You got that right girlfriend,” Jill said as she grabbed Holly and headed to a cabana. “I’ve been hungry for you for a very long time. Now I get to find out if the rumors are true.”

“Issue everyone earplugs,” Debbie snickered.

“One Holly is bad enough, put two of them together and it is going to get intense,” Mark laughed. He put his arm around Wendy and Rose. He kissed Debbie and led the three to a cabana.

Jim poured them fresh drinks and they headed down to the cabana on the dock. The sky was gorgeous and they sipped their drinks and talked. There was no hurry; they both felt this would be something to remember.

Lindsay put her head on his shoulder and told him, “I have a confession Gary, you remind me of someone I was totally in love with when I was a teenager. He was my uncle and only a few years older than I was. You look like him and you act like him too. He never hit on me but I hit on him one day. I knew it was wrong and he definitely knew it was wrong. He never acted on it even though I threw myself at him, I understood. I was hurt but I never let him know.”

“When I look at you, I can certainly understand why he didn’t act on that Lindsay. You are a gorgeous woman. Speaking only for myself, I know that if I started anything with you, I would not stop until I had made the sweetest love to you. I hope that I would learn every aspect of your sensuality and then please you in every manner possible. I actually respect him. He showed a lot of restraint,” Gary said.

“I don’t know if he ever knew how much I wanted him to make love to me.”

“I’m sure he did. I’m more convinced that he wanted you just as much. I know I sure do,” Gary kissed her tenderly as she stretched her perfect body leisurely on the mattress.

Lindsay possessed exquisite features from her honey blonde hair, angelic face and firm, high breasts. Her tight, stomach led to spectacular hips and legs. She was a miniature Wendy combined with Rose’s love of laughter. Her ice blue eyes held his gaze as he stroked her sweet body.

“I want to experience you Gary. I’ve heard from Red, Nancy and your girls. Holly told me things that took my breath away. I have watched you and I just didn’t want to wait any longer. I hope you didn’t mind,” she whispered.

He pulled her off the mattress and turned her around. They sat, watching the sunset. He wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her slender neck. They talked and he kept kissing her. He learned she had a weakness for the middle of her neck. His lips brushed that spot and she inhaled sharply. His hands cupped her sweet breasts held them gently. His kisses continued and he learned many wonderful secrets to turning this fine young woman on.

“Mmm this is so sweet; I love your tongue Gary. Every place you touch me, it is electric. You have one hell of a touch. I could get used to this.”

He licked behind her ear and her nipples hardened instantly. Whispering sweet things had her cooing lowly. He stroked her stomach and onto her thighs. She leaned into his chest and turned to kiss him lightly. His fingers traced the insides of her thighs and she reveled at his touch. With each soft stoke, Lindsay moaned lovingly.

“Your hands are wonderful. You are turning me on more than I ever could imagine.”

With both hands between her long, lovely legs, he parted her lips exposing her deep pink valley to the setting sun. She was shivering as his index finger began to run into her moist channel. He began to tease her deliciously. His wet finger slipped along her satin gash and up to her substantial hooded clit. He gripped her and began to stroke her lovingly.

“This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced,” she whispered. “I’ve never had anyone do this to me. Sitting here, naked, leaning into you and feeling your hard cock ride along my spine is wild. Then you start doing this to me and I love this. I feel so wicked and wild. You are going to make me cum. I hope you know that. Don’t stop Gary please don’t stop. This is so sweet, keep doing that darling, Oh yes! Fuck, don’t stop! Ohmigod, I’m going to cum forever. Yes baby, yes! Oh, Yes!”

“You are so wet Lindsay, I love making you this wet. You are hot, sexy and sweet. Keep cumming baby don’t stop. Ride my finger and let your body explode. I want you to experience everything you ever wanted and never had. When you cum, just let it flow. This is all about you, your pleasure, and your lust. You love to cum like this don’t you Lindsay? Keep cumming Lindsay. Close your eyes and feel the sensations. Let your body go and cum like you have never cum before. That’s it baby, Oh yes, cum for me darling. Just let it flow. Flood my hand with your sweet juices. Oh yes darling,” Gary coaxed.

Lindsay arched her back and shrieked as a massive blast overtook her and she was dancing on the tip of his finger. Her flesh became amazingly sensitive and his words drove her to the brink. Every muscle in her body was on fire and she craved this more than she thought humanly possible. His tongue dug into her ear while his fingers flicked her erect clit. This sent her into cascading tides of orgasmic ecstasy. She was breathless when he turned her to face him.

He lifted her onto his legs, held her close and kissed her precious lips. She felt his hands pull her to him, her long swollen slit molding to his hard cock. He did not enter her. She wrapped her lips against the soft underside of his cock and he kissed her passionately. She began to rock onto his shaft as their tongues danced and played deliciously. Her firm young breasts heaved seductively against his chest. Gary lowered his lips to her perfect orb and his tongue circled her tiny, stiff nipple. Lindsay inhaled sharply when he closed his lips over her nub and he began to suck. Her pussy was rocking hard against his shaft and she was experiencing sensations she had only dreamt of.

Gary’s finger slipped between her cheeks and he began to stroke her ass seductively. He felt her dripping wet pussy on his fingers as she shuddered against his hard cock. He brought his finger up and began to circle her tiny, tight ass.

“Mother of God, this is so good. Oh, you, you, you delicious man. I’m never going to stop cumming, Oh! Oh! Sweet, oh this is sweet. Every part of my body wants you. I want you. I’m babbling. Oh, fuck. I’m cumming baby. Oh yes!”

He released her nipple and tilted her head. He licked her neck and they kissed with a ferocity seldom seen. Her long, perfectly manicured nails dug deep into his back and she was moaning loudly. Lindsay had lost count of the orgasms she had enjoyed and he hadn’t even begun yet.

He laid flat and pulled her tender body upwards to his face. Lindsay straddled his face and lowered her moisture-laden pussy onto his lips. Her high heels snuggled his ears and she felt herself open wide for him. Gary looked into her perfect body and extended the tip of his tongue. His hands held her breasts and she arched her back as he started to lick her lovingly. He licked and she squealed. He squeezed her breasts and she flowed onto his tongue.

His tongue was relentless and her tender body could not control itself. The rapid-fire waves of orgasms that hit her were out of this world. When his mouth closed over her clit, she nearly collapsed. As he began to lightly suck and stroke, Lindsay saw stars. He held her steady and her body smashed against his face.

“Dear me, this is wonderful. Lick me darling. Suck my hot pussy. Oh yes!”

He lifted her and slid her forward. His tongue caressed her ass and she lost it. He teased her deliciously and she was flying against his face.

“Lick my ass my love, yes! This is amazing. Don’t stop; please don’t stop. Ohmigod, this is good. Fuck, this is spectacular. Oh yes, ohmigod, yes!”

He lifted her and gently placed her onto the mattress. He looked into her pleading blue eyes and positioned himself against her tightness.

“Fuck me Gary, fill me up and love me. I want you to thrill me, please me and tease me tonight. You feel so good, so hard and so big baby. Oh darling, fuck my tight pussy.”

He felt her close tight against him while he sank deep into her velvet sheath. Their lips caressed while their tongues danced sweetly. Her hips welcomed each thrust and he relished her perfect sensations.

This woman had it all and she wanted more. Their passions simmered and steamed; their bodies enjoyed the warm, wet highway that was Lindsay. Her breasts heaved against his chest as she began to orgasm uncontrollably. His long strokes fueled that fire and her hips began to vibrate on his steel hard cock. Her grip on him increased and she felt every vein, ridge and groove as he plowed into her.

Her breasts filled his hands and she threw her head back as he caressed them lovingly. With each gentle touch, her body convulsed. She was gushing and he was intent on giving her more.

Lindsay rolled him over and straddled him. Her toned, tanned body impaled itself fully and she was cumming in incessant waves. She turned herself around on his cock and faced the lake. The golden sky, the beautiful water and the long hard cock inside her drove her wild. She stretched tall and fell forward towards his feet. His cock felt wonderful inside her. She stretched forward and placed her chest onto the mattress. She raised and lowered her hips on him, driving them both insane with her lust.

Gary looked along his body and witnessed her fabulous ass rising and falling as her pussy inhaled his shaft. Her tiny ass puckered sweetly as he circled her with his finger. Lindsay was moaning wildly. She was loving his cock when his finger slipped into her. Her frenzy went totally off the chart when he slid deep into her tight ass. She slammed down on his cock and locked herself in a death grip. Her body flowed non-stop she spasmed repeatedly. He held her as she quivered and regained her composure.

He placed his hands on her ass and pulled himself up behind her. His cock slid slowly into her tight ass and she inhaled sharply. She took a hit from her bottle and opened herself up. She felt him fill her deliciously and he began to thrust. His broad cock stretched her ass tight and he built a wonderful rhythm.

“Ohmigod, don’t stop baby. Fill my ass with your beautiful dick. I want you to fuck me harder baby. Shove that cock deeper and faster. Fuck me, my ass is yours darling. Oh, fuck me!”

Gary drove deeper and harder into her tiny body and the tremblers were enormous. Her body flew back onto him with each thrust and her eyes watered from delight. Her arms and legs were flailing uncontrollably as wave after wave of unbridled bliss overtook her lovely body. Lindsay collapsed on the mattress and shook for minutes as he stroked her neck and back.

She stood and pulled him to his feet. She knelt, took his cock, and rubbed the head over her lips. She looked into his eyes and felt him enter her throat. She loved every part of this man and having him in her throat was the final reward. Her lips stretched wide and her tongue loved every inch as he began to fuck her face. She held his balls and guided him deep into her mouth. Gary held her head and she gripped his ass. His balls began to slap her chin and she sucked and licked furiously. She knew she had him exactly where she wanted him. His legs began to quiver and his stomach tightened. He let out a moan as his balls rose tight. He arched his back and he began to pump his hot, sweet seed into her wanton, greedy throat. Lindsay sucked, swallowed, and forced his cock deep into her throat. She wanted each drop and she wasn’t about to spill any. His body spasmed again and she was rewarded with a final blast that took his breath away.

He collapsed onto the mattress; Lindsay rolled onto her side and kissed him sweetly, “Thank you my love, thank you.” They walked to the bar and heard shrieks similar to two cats being skinned alive.

Gary started to laugh. Mark lay on a cabana mattress with Debbie on one side and Rose on the other. Wendy had Mark’s cock in her mouth and Mark was laughing too.

“Why did you all laugh when I said we all needed earplugs?” Debbie laughed. “You both laughed at me. You’ve a lot more experience with those two than we have and we knew this would happen.”

“Talk about looking like you’ve been rode hard and put away wet, damn they look like they have just done the 7th fleet,” Mark was laughing uproariously.

“Shut your fucking mouth Mark, don’t put ideas in their head,” Gary snickered. Every one cracked up laughing. “Wendy, don’t laugh with your mouth full.” For some reason, that was the end of that blowjob.

“You know Gar, there is only one thing missing from that,” Mark said as he nodded to Jill and Holly.

“Yep, I sure do. Put Michelle in that mix and all hell would let loose. We should actually do that at the party Mark. We can use the group room and put Red, Nancy, Michelle, Dani, Lori, Diane, Debbie, Wendy and Rose in there with you and me. Will the guys be there?” Gary asked.

“They are supposed to be. That would be a riot. I am hoping that you’ll get to meet Aleka too. She is adorable. Michelle is inviting Cherry too but I’m not holding my breath on that happening.”

“Rose arched her eyebrows, “Who are the ‘guys’?”

“They are three of my athletes, pro football players and all around nice guys,” Mark said.

“Were they with you in Hawaii Mark?” Wendy asked.

“Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of them. They are all pretty famous.”

“Pretty delicious, if you asked me,” Rose smirked. “Lindsay, did you enjoy yourself dear?”

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had, bar none. Ohmigod, you were all so right,” she blushed.

Debbie got up, walked over to her and kissed her, “Sweetheart, we were watching. Gary made love to you. He hasn’t fucked you yet.” She started giggling as Rose and Wendy sat there nodding like crazy. “The best is yet to come.”

“You lying sacks of shit, you motherfucking bastards,” Jill yelled as she and Holly staggered over. “I need to find a fucking wall and write the date on it. You bastards have been lying to me all these years.”

“What the fuck did we lie about?” Gary looked puzzled as he looked at Mark who just shook his head.

“I’ve heard all the Holly war stories but I never once thought you were lying to me. You said she was good. You said she was great. You never once told me exactly how good she really is. I’m in love.” Jill turned and kissed Holly deeply. “Woman, you are phenomenal.”

“We didn’t lie to you. We both told you Holly was a life-changing event. Go ahead; tell me we never said that to you,” Mark laughed.

Linda walked up to them and told them that dinner was ready. She looked at Holly and started to laugh, “You look like you got run over by a truck, what the hell happened to you?”

Everyone pointed to Jill who was blushing deeply.

Linda looked at Jill and burst out laughing herself. “I know that look, I’ve experienced it myself. Jill, you and I have to get to know each other better.”

Dinner was great and Gary and the girls spent a terrific evening alone in Gary’s wing. He had all the pussy in the world but all he wanted was Rose, Wendy and Debbie. They were, after all, the loves of his life.

The next day, the women were fitted and set up with the latest in clothes and makeup. The men packed and had everything ready for their trip.

Red had been busy. She had confirmed that all construction would start immediately. Red informed Gary that she would be going on the trip with them. She had to take Wendy, Rose and Debbie shopping in Miami, New York and Chicago. Nancy would stay and supervise the initial work. The trip would take a month and considerable changes could be expected on their return.

Gary and Jill took a couple of hours and went through the house. All of the Carters personal items were marked to go into storage and eventually on to Thailand.

Sunday arrived and the collective looks on their faces when they got to the airport spoke volumes. Two sleek, sparkling Gulfstreams sat on the tarmac awaiting their arrival.

Ronnie walked up to Gary and just looked dumbfounded. “Those are not yours are they?”

“One is mine and one is Mark’s dear. They are pretty, aren’t they? It is the only way to fly.”

Mark and Dani walked up to them just as Ronnie asked, “Would it be safe to assume that you are members of ‘The Mile High Club’?” Mark lost it right there on the tarmac. He started to speak but he was laughing too hard.

“Why do you think it is the only way to fly honey,” Dani giggled. “Somehow, my orgasms are always stronger at 30,000 feet. It’s even more fun when you’re fucking the pilots. You’ll find out. It doesn’t matter whose pilots either. They are all fucking insane and hilarious. If Jack and Tom weren’t working for Mark, they could be headlining at the Mirage. They are completely off the wall.”

“Jeff and Alan are equally crazy. They are constantly horny. I think they can’t grasp that they are not flying fighter jets anymore. Some of the shit they pull up there is too funny. Thank God, I don’t let them fly the plane all the time. After all, it is my toy. I love to fly it myself,” Gary smiled.

“You fly the plane?” Ronnie asked incredulously. “How sweet is that?”

“It is sweet hon, especially when I am racing this idiot,” he said as he indicated to Mark.

“Just because you have a newer plane doesn’t mean you’re faster. I can fly circles around you,” Mark quipped.

“Oh shit,” Dani smirked. “It is going to be an interesting month. The upside Ronnie is that you’ll get to fuck the pilots since it seems they will be riding back in the cabin with us.”

“Well, I’ll let them fly us to Miami. That way they can feel like they earned their paycheck. Let’s get this show on the road,” Gary said.

Wendy, Rose and Debbie walked up to the plane. “Which one is ours honey?” Debbie said.

Gary pointed to the one with seven windows and said, “That one dear. They are almost identical but ours has seven windows and Mark’s has six. That’s right; you’ve never been onboard either. Come on; let me show you your new ride.”

Luggage was loaded and everyone was onboard. Both jets were cleared for takeoff and they taxied to the runway. The flights were flawless and so were the South Beach hotel rooms. Everyone spent the rest of the day at the beach.

Red and the girls went shopping and selected wonderful items for the house. Miami can be a dangerous place to unleash four spectacular women with an unlimited budget.

Each night, they went and checked out the Miami nightlife. Gary and Holly were impressed with the attention each one of their people paid to their surroundings and the critiques that followed. Everyone had fun but knew they were working too.

Their next two cities, New York and Chicago had Red and the girls go on an unprecedented spending spree but Gary didn’t mind. He wanted them to have everything they always wanted. He knew this craziness wouldn’t last. He loved his girls more than he had ever loved anyone before.

They decided to head to San Francisco and then on to LA. Everyone had proven that they were not only gorgeous young people; they were astute in their assessments of the clubs they attended. Much data had been collected and plans were formulated for the dance club based on the information they obtained so far. They still had the Vegas clubs to see and they all knew they would be amazing.

Red was back in Florida and the construction was in full force. The home had been painted and she and Nancy were doing the interior. Gary would be very happy when he returned, they were certain of that. The new building, it was decided, would include the second floor, which comprised an additional ten suites.

Jill had returned to supervise the new designs and pay the invoices that seemed to be unending. She was at the house most of the time and the intensity and competence Red and Nancy showed astounded her. The fact that they were two of the hottest women she knew didn’t hurt either. She was actually happy that Gary and Mark were away. That way she had them all to herself, well, almost all to herself.

Tammy, Tia, Bobbie and JoJo had dibs on everyone as well. They were, as Gary had told her, insatiable. Tia had become addicted to Sybian and had developed an emotional attachment to that damned machine. Of course, the girls played on it. Her sleek, subtle body looked so lovely as her mind raced and her body exploded. Nancy was being Nancy and she did everything to make Tia’s body tremble constantly. Of course, letting her calm down and then licking her sweet pussy while Tia’s long legs draped over her shoulders always drove Nancy wild. Red would laugh, as Tia became a babbling mess, which would last for hours.

Gary had started something that even he didn’t fully know the extent of her addiction. When Gary met Tammy, she was this tiny, sleek, black girl with a firm body. She wore tube tops and Lycra shorts while she worked. She was beautiful and sweet. She told him that her boyfriend never licked her pussy. He teased her and told her he would anytime she wanted. He didn’t push it but he let her know that he would dearly love to crawl between her legs and do her until her eyes crossed. One night, several months later, she knocked on his door, walked in and said, “Go for it,”

He did and she had the best orgasms she had ever known and the sex was amazing. Gary was her first white man and she was nervous but he showed her that he was a skilled lover who was more intent on her pleasure than his own. Tammy became addicted to his tongue. Now he was gone but she learned that all the other girls had learned from the master. She just couldn’t get enough.

The grounds had been torn up. New pathways were laid, sensuous secluded love nests were laid out throughout the property and the nighttime lighting had been installed. Ten new cabanas were built poolside.

Inside the main house, electricians were completely re-wiring the house. Computer technicians were building the server room and integrating every outlet into the home automation system. When finished, this home would be one of the finest, high-tech homes ever built.

The women were on their best behavior. They lost count of the number of good-looking construction workers were on the property. They weren’t play toys and the girls knew it.

The trip turned onto the country leg and they visited Nashville, Austin, Houston, Oklahoma City and eventually on to Dallas.

They visited and danced on some of the finest country-dance floors in the states. Gary and Mark were laughing because it became apparent that three days in each city was not going to be enough. The clubs were amazing and of course, the music was sensational. Every aspect of the clubs were analyzed from the dance floors, bar service, wait staff appearance and sound systems. Parking was not only inspected but also criticized highly. Safety was a big concern and the women let them know it.

Michelle had been on the phone many times with both Gary and Mark. They had looked at boot manufacturers all over the country and had found one that warranted a very close look. Gary had suggested the same company a while back.

Norris Boots was owned by Bill Norris and his daughter Ainsley. Bill Norris was hospitalized with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. His daughter was a master boot maker and she was drowning in debt. Their company employed fourteen men and women. They had orders but the recession had hit the company hard and Ainsley was facing bankruptcy. They were located in Fort Worth and Michelle had set up an appointment with Ainsley Norris.

Both Gary and Mark had been waiting for Dallas. They both loved that town. The girls all went shopping and Wendy led the way.

“You’re fucked,” Mark, laughed as the limo’s left the hotel. “Wendy is amazing.”

“Tell me about it. Who does she remind you of?” Gary asked.

“I don’t have to think twice about that. She is a blonde Carmen Electra. Her legs are to die for.”

“I know, I thought the same thing. Every time I saw her, for the first year, all I saw were her legs. Then something happened and she started dressing more conservatively. Apparently, all the Doctors were hitting on her. It’s okay, I rescued her.” Gary said as they got into their limo to head for the meeting.

“You sure did. Now, she is naked most of the time and from what I see, all three of them are having the time of their lives.”

“Have you heard anything from Cherry?”

“No and I don’t think I ever will either.” Mark said dejectedly.

They pulled up to a rather small building in the stockyard area of Fort Worth. They walked in and told the young woman who they were and that they had an appointment with Ainsley Norris. She took them into a small office and told them to have a seat. A few minutes later, a tall, Texas brunette, 5’11″ 130lbs with great tits and a spectacular ass walked into the room. Both men silently admired one of the finest pair of jeans they had ever seen.

Gary did not beat around the bush. He told Ainsley why they were there and that they were interested in her work. She was very familiar with D’Orgasmic products although she admitted she didn’t own any of the clothes.

“Things have been tough these last few years. The recession hit us hard and then my father took sick. I haven’t had a date in so long that I can’t even remember the last one. I just couldn’t see any point in spending money on sexy clothes and lingerie right now.” Ainsley admitted. She looked at Mark and said, “I wondered if you would walk into my office today. I saw your name but I never thought I would ever get to meet you.”

“How do you know me?” Mark asked.

“Next to Jerry Jones, I think I am the biggest fan Dallas has. I saw you with that gorgeous woman at the Pro Bowl. Talk about a breath-taking woman.” She then listed every Dallas player that Mark represented. She knew their stats, whether they were married and if they had kids. She was a true fan.

Gary explained what was happening and told her they would like to look at her products. She took them on a tour of her small facilities and showed them the quality of her products. They were impressed.

“Do you make belts, bags and chaps by any chance?” Gary asked.

“I’ve been making all those things for myself for years. I would love to manufacture all of that but I don’t have the room or the payroll to do any of that. My dad and I hoped to move just next door to a space that is substantially larger but unfortunately, that never happened,” Ainsley said.

“I am impressed with your quality. One of my girls has a pair of your boots and that is why we are here. I sure wish you made western hats. That would really round out everything I am looking for,” Gary explained.

“Open that door over there,” she said. “Tell me what you think of those?”

Gary and Mark walked into the small room and found some of the sexiest women’s hats in all colors and styles. Gary looked back at her quizzically.

“My dad taught me how to make hats before he ever let me cut into a hide. Hats are expensive and I am a Texan. I had to have my hats.”

Gary smiled and walked back and sat down. “I want to be upfront and honest with you. I know all about your financial problems. I also know that you are very close to closing this place. I don’t want to see that happen. Take a look at these and tell me how many people you would need to fill this order each month.” He took a paper from his briefcase and added a few lines. He handed it to her, sat back, and waited for her reaction. She did some calculations and gave him an answer.

“That is what I would need to do this but I can’t even think of taking on a job this size. I just can’t get the financing. I’m sorry.”

“Let me ask you this,” Mark asked, “Are all of your people legal?”

“Definitely, that is what makes me sick. Everyone here has been with me for over ten years. They are all artisans. I would hate to lose them.”

Gary took another paper from his case and slid it across the table to her. She picked it up and read it. She was very quiet and she read the paper twice. She looked at the men and her jaw dropped.

“Is this a joke?”

Gary laughed, “No Ainsley, this is a very serious offer. I want to purchase the company. I want to expand it immediately and I want you to sit down with my people and come up with designs that are going to be sexy as hell that we can incorporate into our product line. I want you to run it. I also want you to set up the hat division as well.

We sell sexy and your boots are sexy as any I’ve ever seen. You will see that I’ve included the price I am willing to pay for the company and the salary I would pay initially to you. Of course, it includes full benefits and medical. Additionally, I want an accounting from you for all of your father’s medical expenses to date. I am prepared to reimburse you and assume all future medical expenses for him as well.”

“What about my people?”

“Everyone will keep their jobs. I want you to hire legal people to work and they, of course, all get full benefits as well.”

“When did you want to do this?” Ainsley asked incredulously.

Mark laughed, “Yesterday would be great. We have big plans Ainsley and we certainly want you to be a part of it. We understand that your father is not capable of making a decision. Do you have his power of attorney?”

“Yes I do. Everything was executed as soon as the diagnosis came down. I do have one question though?”

“I’m sure you have many questions, what do you need clarification on Ainsley?” Mark asked.

“This figure right here, is that a misprint?” she pointed to the offer price.

“No, this is a cash offer. If you are agreeable, we can close this before we leave Dallas this week. We will be here for the next few days. Do we have a deal?”

“Uh, I am sitting here trying to be cute and find a way to say yes that would be unique but screw that. Yes, we have a deal!”

“Oh Ainsley, I have to teach you how to negotiate. You said yes way too fast. You just blew Cowboys season tickets. Oh well. Listen, it is early, would you be interested in joining us for dinner and drinks tonight. We are heading to Billy Bob’s later. We have a group of people we would like you to meet,” Mark smiled.

Gary went on to explain what they have been doing on this road trip. Ainsley listened, shaking her head.

“How many people are traveling with you?”

“Including our pilots, forty-seven I think,” Gary laughed. “I’ve lost count.”

They told her where they were going for dinner and asked her to join them at 7pm. “Wear your sexiest clothes Ainsley. You’re part of the D’Orgasmic family now. We turn heads everywhere we go. I know you’ll give a lot of men whiplash tonight.”

They shook hands and Gary asked her to show him the property next door. She said she had a key, as the owner was a friend of hers. They looked at the building and it definitely would suit their needs.

“Set up a meeting with the owner for tomorrow afternoon. We’d like to see what we could do on this immediately. We’ll see you tonight.” They shook hands and left.

Ainsley watched the limo pull away in shock and awe. Every problem she had just vanished.

As soon as the car door closed, Mark was on the phone. He called his Dallas players and told them they were going to Billy Bob’s tonight. He told them to meet him at the restaurant and hung up. Gary hung up after telling Jill the good news.

“That is one good looking woman,” Mark sighed. “I think she liked the deal.” He told the driver to head for the stadium. He went in and returned in about fifteen minutes.

Gary looked at him and laughed. “You got her the tickets, didn’t you?”

“What do you think?”

“I am thinking we should invest in Viagra,” Gary bellowed.

Ainsley sat at the steak house sipping her drink when everyone arrived. She looked positively stunning. Mark saw his players arrive and he directed them to the bar. He walked up to Ainsley and put his hands on her shoulders. She turned and smiled at him. They chatted for a moment and he signaled his guys to come over. She looked at him and realized who was standing there. She was speechless.

Dinner was amazing. There was enough food on one plate to feed an army. Ainsley was mesmerized listening to her heroes. They, on the other hand, were in awe of the tall, gorgeous woman. She was so damned sexy.

Debbie walked over to her and thanked her for the great boots.

“You’ve got good taste Debbie. That is one of my best selling styles. I’m surprised you found them in Florida.”

Debbie laughed and told her that a stripper in Dallas had told her where to get them.

When they walked into Billy Bob’s, every head in the place turned. The women were gorgeous and the men downright sexy. The place is huge and Gary took them on a tour. When they saw the bullring inside the bar, they were amazed. The mirrored saddle hung over the dance floor and the sound system was great.

The place was filling up when a particular song started to play. Ronnie and the girls immediately stood and hit the dance floor. Luke Bryan’s ‘Country Girl, (Shake It For Me)’ was blaring and the women started to dance. Ronnie was in the center of the pack and the girls started to dance. All eyes were on Ronnie. Mark looked at Gary and they smiled broadly. She was doing one hell of an impression of that gorgeous gal in his video. She had the moves. Everyone watched as eighteen gorgeous women danced on the massive dance floor. Ronnie danced to the front of the floor and really got into it. The bar erupted in applause as she really let loose. She was gorgeous, she was hot and damn, she could dance.

When the song was over, the guys got up and started dancing with them. Wendy looked at Gary, “When the hell did they rehearse that? That was amazing.”

Rose laughed, “You and Debbie were getting your asses fucked yesterday. I knew you missed that. The song came on and they all just started dancing. Apparently, that is one of their favorite songs and since Ronnie looks like the girl in the video, they put it together.”

“Where the hell was I?” Gary asked.

“Probably half way down Holly’s throat,” Debbie smirked.

“Did someone mention my name?” Holly laughed. “He is never half way with anything darling. Does anyone know where the ladies rooms are?”

“I do,” Ainsley said and the two women left the table.

“Holly, I’m confused. Which one of those women are with Gary?” Ainsley asked.

“They all are dear. Wendy, Rose and Debbie live with Gary. No one woman will ever tie him down.” She then went on to tell her how it all came to be and Ainsley was shocked.

“They came into his life because he was making love to you. So who does he sleep with now?”

“Honey, we have a very wonderful relationship. He sleeps with all of us. We work hard and we play even harder. Other than the football players, we all fuck each other whenever we want. We are all bi so everything goes,” Holly explained.

“I’ve never been with a woman. I’ve wanted to but never had the opportunity. It has been so long since I’ve had any sex, I think I’ve forgotten how,” Ainsley admitted.

“Well darling, whenever you want to be with a woman, let me know. You’re gorgeous. As far as a man is concerned, everyone in our party would do you in a heartbeat. Someday, you will find out what true heaven is all about. You just wait until the day you get to do Mark and Gary at once. That will change your life forever. I love it when they do me.”

Mark was filling his players in on the new business venture. He explained the concept and they loved what he was telling them. He told them that he hoped they would turn the place into a Cowboys hangout. As he was saying that, five adorable women approached the table. His players stood and hugged the women. They introduced them as Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The girls looked at Mark and knew who he was instantly.

“Who is that black-haired girl?” one of them asked. “Damn, she can dance.”

Gary explained that she was the newest model for D’Orgasmic Lingerie and she would be heading up the dance troop as well. He went on to explain that there would be auditions shortly. The girls asked if they could be advised when they would take place. Mark called Dani over and she took their information and promised to let them know.

One of the players asked Mark and Gary if they had ever done Ronnie. Just as they were about to answer, Ainsley and Holly returned to the table.

“Hell yes, they’ve done damned near everyone here,” Holly giggled as she grabbed one of the players and dragged him onto the dance floor. Gary laughed and took Ainsley’s hand and took her onto the dance floor.

“You are one hell of a man Mr. Edwards, one hell of a man!” Ainsley whispered.

“Why do you say that?”

“Holly’s right apparently. One would assume that if you could keep just one of your girls satisfied, then you’d be something special. Now I learn that you keep three of them satisfied and you do all the others as well. That is impressive. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a boss so forgive me if I am a bit awkward at this. Is there any chance you might be interested in fucking me?”

“If he doesn’t darling, I’ll skin him alive,” Rose giggled as she was dancing directly behind them. “Ainsley, you need to know one thing about Gary. He won’t fuck you until he has made love to you. That will take your breath away but after that, when he fucks you, it is life altering. Trust me darling, I know what I’m talking about.”

“You won’t be angry?”

“No, not at all, I’d actually love to watch. In fact, we all would. Nothing turns me on more than watching him make love to a woman.” With that, Rose kissed Jim wildly and danced away.

“This is a dream, I’m sure of it. I am going to wake up tomorrow and discover that this has been a wonderful, wicked dream and none of this is real.”

Ainsley felt hands on her shoulders and sweet breasts against her back. “That is what I thought too hon but I soon found out this man is real in every sense of the word. If he weren’t, I wouldn’t be with him. When he makes love to you, it will be the most wonderful thing you’ve ever experienced. Oh, yes, I want to watch too. I’m such a luscious slut when it comes to that,” Wendy cooed and kissed Ainsley’s neck.

Gary held Ainsley tight as the song was ending. The next song was a Texas two-step and he turned her and started to dance.

Ainsley’s eyes got wide as she saw that he definitely knew how to dance. He had the moves and he executed them well. Her head swam as she thought about what she had been told. If he could dance this well, he must be great in the sack.

The song ended and Gary turned Ainsley and kissed her passionately. Her nipples tightened and she held the kiss for a long time. They walked back to the table holding hands.

The manager of the bar walked over to Ainsley and greeted her warmly. Ainsley introduced Gary and Mark to him. He shook their hands warmly. “I have a couple of requests.” He turned to the players and asked. “Everyone in here knows who you are. Many of them would love to get your autographs. I know it is an imposition but we don’t get too many of the Dallas players in here.”

The fellows laughed and told them it was fine. They loved meeting their fans and to let them know that they were welcome to come over to say hello.

“The second request is something I’ve never seen in here or anywhere else before. Everyone wants me to play Luke Bryan’s video and have your girls dance to it again. No one is convinced that she is not the girl in the video,” he said as he motioned over to Ronnie. “Do you think they would do that?”

Gary called Ronnie over and asked her to do it. She jumped at the chance. She looked at Ainsley and told her she needed thigh-high western stilettos. Ainsley laughed and told her she would have them.

He went to the microphone and introduced the D’Orgasmic dancers. The girls walked up to the dance floor and he ran the video. Every girl danced her heart out. They were actually better the second time around. Mark and Gary sat with their jaws slack as they looked at the similarities between the girl in the video and Ronnie. It was astonishing.

The place erupted again and they received a standing ovation. The manager went back to the microphone and introduced the players. He invited everyone to meet them and shake their hands. He was laughing when he added to grab one of the girls and dance with them. Then he looked at all the women in the place and reminded them the guys weren’t bad looking either. That was all it took. Billy Bob’s became one big fun party.

Ronnie came up and kissed Gary. “Boss, this is wild. I’ve already had eleven marriage proposals and two of them were from women.” She was laughing hard when she turned to Ainsley, “Welcome to the family darling. I hope to get to know you much better.” She lifted Ainsley’s lovely face and kissed her sweetly just as this huge cowboy swept her onto the dance floor.

Lindsay walked up behind Rose and looked down at the scrumptious Asian goddess, “Are you having a good time Rose?”

“I sure am Lindsay, how are you?”

“I’m so fucking horny, I better get laid tonight. I’m loving all this cowboy cock.” Lindsay blushed deeply as she realized at least a dozen men heard her say that.

“Let me ask you a very simple question Lindsay,” Gary laughed. “On average, since the day I first met you, how many times a day have you been laid?”

“Fuck me, I’ve quit counting Gary. I know it is a lot. Every day, I just get hornier and hornier. I know one thing, after Orlando, I’ll never be the same again.”

“What happened in Orlando?” Ainsley asked.

“Gary happened. I’ve never experienced a man like him. Making love to him on the dock in Orlando was wild. You’ll find out Ainsley. You’ll find out.”

“You are such a delicious little slut, I love you Lindsay.” Rose giggled.

“I love you too Rose.”

Ainsley looked at Gary and smiled broadly. “You may not be aware of this but you come highly recommended. When will I get to find out for myself?”

Gary turned and looked at his girls who were looking on intently. Mark nodded and Gary grinned broadly. “Ainsley, I hope you don’t plan on getting any sleep tonight. My lovely women need our attention as well. They have never experienced the two of us together. Would you please join us after we get back to the hotel? I know this will be a night to remember.”

“This has already been a day to remember, what better way to end the day,” Ainsley blushed.

“A day to remember? You can say that again,” Holly smirked as she kissed some huge cowboy goodbye. “I was bad but he was so good, I just had to experience something really nasty.”

“What did you do? I already know who you did but I really want to know what you did?” Gary laughed.

Holly was trying to focus and giggled, “Well, I’ve seen this place on Walker, Texas Ranger for many years. I always wanted to fuck some big cowboy in the staging stalls. It was just as good as I hoped it would be. There is only one thing that would be better.”

“If the stands were full and everyone watched, right?” Mark laughed.

“I can arrange that Holly,” Ainsley giggled.

“Girl, I love you. If you say that to the biggest exhibitionistic slut on this earth, you had better mean it.”

“Honey, trust me, I do mean it but I’d only want to change one thing.”

“What change?” Holly asked.

Ainsley blushed and said, “I’d want to see you do all of the cowboys in the center of the bullring and not in the stalls. You’re not the only slut in here darling.”

When the jets landed at McCarran in Las Vegas, Bell limos were lined up to take everyone back to Trump Towers. For many, this was their first visit to Las Vegas and although they arrived in the morning, they were still impressed. Dani took everyone to the fifth floor apartments and told them to settle in. Holly wanted to meet with everyone in an hour.

Mark and Gary went up to Mark’s floor and into his office. Lori and Michelle were waiting. Lori filled Mark in on the fantastic response and handed him a list of people who had signed new contracts and another list of people who would be signing shortly. Models, actors and recording artist were on the list. She told Mark that the recording artists were contacting her in amazing numbers. They were coming in from all genres of the industry but the Country artists were leading the pack.

“We need to put together the best PR people we can and get them on staff as soon as possible. We also need to put together a list of all the bars in the country. We can use that list to introduce the new artists that we sign from the clubs,” Mark told her.

“Get together with Debbie on that. That is her field. She was, after all, top in her field for one of the biggest beer manufacturers in the country. She has traveled all over the country putting on promotions in bars and clubs. She knows those people and I know she can be a huge help,” Gary said.

Lori was smiling when she handed Mark a signed contract. He looked at it and a huge wide smile spread across his face. Aleka’s signed contract was in his hands.

“Is she coming to the party?” Mark asked.

“Dave and Ron should be landing in about an hour. She can’t wait to see you. I invited Cherry but she sent me a text telling me she would not attend. I’m sorry Mark,” Michelle said.

“How are you doing hiring good entertainment lawyers? Are you finding good people Lori?” Mark asked.

“We may have a problem. I have nine top lawyers who have let it be known that they want to jump ship as soon as possible. I haven’t made any commitments at all. I want you to have the final say on them.”

“So what is the problem?” Mark asked.

“They all are currently working for Trainer. He is going to be pissed. I figure he may try and sue.”

“Let him, I’ve kicked his ass before, I’ll do it again. He is a joke. I’m glad you didn’t give the go ahead though. I definitely want to know everything about them. Is research on it?”

“They are definitely on it. I told them I wanted to know how many hairs they had on their asses,” Michelle said.

“Good girl, I knew there was a reason I keep you around here.”

Michelle looked at Gary and grinned, “Gar, hold me back, I’m going to scratch his eyes out. He keeps me around because I can cook.”

Mark laughed so hard he fell off his chair. “Yeah right, I have to tell you where the kitchen is all the time.”

Holly called everyone to the main room. After she showed them around, they talked about their trip. Dani had kept meticulous notes from each prior meeting and the Dallas trip was no exception. When the meeting was over, everyone wandered around and checked the place out.

“These two are beyond comprehension. First Gary’s place blows us away and now Mark’s place is the ultimate bachelor pad. I wonder what part of this is Mark’s private domain.” Ronnie asked to no one in particular.

“The top five floors of the building belong to Mark. The top floor is his private quarters. The second floor is where I live. Jackson, Mark’s butler lives on that floor as well. There are ten additional luxury suites on that floor. This is the third floor and it is the party floor. The floor below us is the permanent residences of Mark’s executives and pilots. The fifth floor is a series of luxury apartments reserved for our guests. That is where you are staying Ronnie,” Michelle told her.

“The apartment I’m in is amazing. I’ve never seen such beautiful designs and styles. Everything is absolutely perfect.”

“Be sure you tell Red and Nancy that when they get here later today. They love hearing that people appreciate their talents. Wait until you get back to Florida, you won’t recognize Gary’s house. From what I’ve heard, the D’Orgasmic house is going to be nothing short of orgasmic.”

“What time will they be getting in,” Ronnie asked.

Michelle laughed, “Jeff and Alan flew to Orlando, picked up Jill, Shannon, Red, Nancy, Tammy and the other girls. They flew to New York to pick up Diane and should be here by 9pm. Then the party will begin.”

Ronnie looked puzzled, “Who is Shannon?”

Michelle laughed. “Ronnie, Shannon is going to become your best friend. Shannon Prong is one of the more beautiful women you’ll ever meet. She has a wicked sense of humor and she is constantly horny. She is also Gary’s head designer. She is the woman behind the products. Gary’s mom and Maggie discovered her in design school. They liked what they saw, hired her and trained her. She turned out to be one of the best investments they ever made. She is going to design the new products you’ll model to blow the country audience away.”

“I love everything I’ve seen so far. She sure is talented. I can’t imagine Gary having anything but perfection. Look at his women, for God’s sake. He’s elegant, his women are elegant and his products are elegant.”

“Sweetheart,” Michelle laughed. “Just wait until you see the queen of elegance when she gets her gorgeous Korean ass here. If you want some of that, you better do her tonight because she’s always in demand.”

“Sweet,” Ronnie said as the elevator door opened and three of the hottest, sexiest looking hunks of black male anatomy walked into the playroom.

“Get your gorgeous white ass over here and give us a kiss you delicious bitch,” Rashad bellowed.

Michelle grabbed Ronnie’s hand and walked into their waiting arms. They kissed her, hugged her and smacked her ass. “Who is this fine young lady?” Jamal asked.

Michelle introduced Ronnie to Rashad, Jamal and Chris. She told them that Ronnie was Gary’s new model, which caused their eyebrows to rise significantly.

Ronnie saw their reaction and tried to put their minds at ease. “I recognized you from all the photos I saw of the Pro Bowl party. I know you were there with Cherry Anderson. Yes, I look like her but I’m not Cherry and I never will be. I hope we can become friends.”

Chris leaned over and gave Ronnie a big hug, “I’m sure we will be good friends Ronnie. Damn girl, you’re a short little one aren’t you?”

“Now Chris, you know the old saying, ‘Good things come in small packages’. Trust me when I tell you, this girl is not good, she’s great!” Mark laughed as he came up to greet his guys.

He kissed Ronnie and she trotted off to organize the rehearsal of the various dance routines Mark asked her to put together for the party tomorrow.

The elevator door opened and Aleka walked into the room. She looked positively stunning as she hugged everyone.

“Damn girl, LA seems to be good for you. You just keep getting better looking all the time,” Jamal said sincerely.

Dani walked up and kissed the guys hello. She told Mark that people were arriving and getting settled in. It looked like it would be a great turnout this time.

Ronnie and the rest of her group arrived while Dani set up the big screen TV’s. The women looked delicious and the songs they selected were hot.

Gary and Holly joined the group and watched the rehearsal. Everyone was impressed with not only the girls’ beauty and sex appeal but also with how well they moved as a group. They ran through five songs ending with ‘Country Girl’. Ronnie surprised everyone by finishing the song on the stripper platform. Gary looked at Mark and laughed, “Do you get the feeling there is a pole in her background somewhere?”

“She is awesome, that’s for sure,” Rashad smiled. “Damn, she reminds me…”

“We know, the similarities are astounding,” Mark said. “I’d love to see them side by side but that isn’t happening. Michelle invited her but she declined the invitation.”

Holly got up and walked over to Ronnie. She grabbed Dani and whispered something in her ear. Dani nodded and input some information into the video system. She motioned her men to join them. This resulted in them redoing ‘Country Girl’ but this time, when Ronnie finished the song she was naked. Holly’s guys walked out onto the dance floor when Big & Rich’s ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ came on the big screens. Ronnie stayed on the pole while the men stripped the women who returned the favor. By the end of the song, they had spread out throughout the room undressing everyone they saw.

Holly giggled, “There is nothing like an undressed rehearsal, isn’t there?”

The elevator doors opened and Red, Nancy and everyone else walked into the party room. “Looks like we got here just in time,” Nancy grinned as she pulled Tammy into the room.

Diane rushed over to kiss Aleka and Lori. She turned to the guys and laid big wet ones on everyone. She saw Ronnie making a beeline for her and she kissed the naked darling passionately. Diane turned and walked Ronnie over to a magnificent, tall Korean goddess. They were correct, she was elegance personified.

“You must be Shannon,” Ronnie said as she extended her hand. “From the description I was given, you couldn’t be anyone else.”

“I hope they were kind with the description Ronnie. They pegged you perfectly. Damn girl, I am going to love designing for you.” Shannon kissed Gary and his women passionately. The party went into high gear.

Lindsay came over to Gary and hugged him as she tugged at his belt. Rose and Wendy were laughing at the smug smile on her face. Debbie was already getting busy with Jack and Tom.

Dani hit some switches and the ambience changed to seductive elegance as the sea of naked people began to enjoy them fully. The main party wouldn’t begin until noon tomorrow but no one cared. Hard cocks and wet pussies ruled the moment.

The music blared; people were dancing, fucking and sucking with wild abandoned. Michelle grabbed Rashad and Chris and began to go wild with her own deep desire. Hawaii had been good for Michelle. She did things she had never done before and she loved every moment. She intended to repeat those moments this weekend.

Ainsley was introduced to everyone. Shannon smiled and appraised this tall Texan critically. “Working with you will probably be more pleasure than one woman could ever hope for. Luckily, we have a lifetime to spend together. Everyday, my life gets better and better.”

She walked into Ainsley and their lips brushed seductively. Ainsley was entranced by this gorgeous creature. Her nipples tightened instantly and she held her gaze. Shannon traced her tongue over Ainsley’s delicious lips.

Ainsley starred at this incredible creature with wonder as her hands began to remove her clothing. The fabric she wore was soft, sensuous and sultry. Ainsley licked Shannon’s lips sweetly as she pulled the blouse from her body. Her under wire cupless bra enhanced her perfect breasts needlessly. Ainsley lifted her chin and kissed her neck. Shannon moaned as her tiny skirt fell to her ankles.

Ainsley circled her tight, tiny nipple and began to lick it sweetly. Shannon arched her back; the soft swell of her breast caressed Ainsley’s cheek. As Shannon’s taut nipple passed Ainsley’s hot, wet lips the erotic passions built between them. Ainsley was new to woman love but her body was adjusting superbly. Her hips were flaring and her lips became engorged. She kissed between her breasts and onto her ribs. Her hands cupped Shannon lovingly as she began to kiss her hips.

Shannon arched her back and brought her pussy to Ainsley’s waiting lips. Her long slender legs looked lovely as they parted and rose bringing her moist swollen lips to Ainsley’s hot tongue. Ainsley knew how she wanted her own pussy licked and that is what she did for Shannon. She opened her slowly, sensuously and lovingly, tasting her sweetness as it flowed onto her tongue. Her hands caressed her tits and tugged on her nipples as her tongue began to explore every inch of this new Asian beauty.

Ainsley brought the animal out in Shannon quickly. She started to writhe in total orgasmic bliss. She moaned and came in a rush that Ainsley drank right down. Ainsley was cum drunk; she couldn’t get enough of this lovely woman.

Mark walked over to Shannon who reached over and wrapped her tiny hand around his hard cock.

“It’s been a long time baby,” she said as she began to stroke him in earnest. “I hope you are going to fuck my face with this lovely weapon baby. I need your cock in my throat right now Mark. When you’re done there, I want you to fuck Ainsley sweetly while she licks my hot pussy.”

She pulled him to her lips and wrapped them around his long cock. Her mouth felt wonderful taking him all the way in. She loved sucking cock and she particularly loved it when either Mark or Gary was filling her body. She loved those two men more than they would ever know. Her hands caressed his balls as she guided his cock deep into her throat.

Mark looked down and watched Ainsley in the heat of passion as her wet face craved the nectar that he knew all so well. Shannon was an amazing woman. Her pussy was tender, sweet and delicious. She pulled him from her mouth and motioned him to fuck Ainsley.

Mark needed no further prodding. He stepped behind Ainsley and guided himself deep into her wet, tight twat. She inhaled deliciously as he filled her completely.

Shannon looked and saw Rose sitting, legs splayed and sweetly fingering her pussy as she watched them. Shannon held out her hand and pulled Rose to her.

“I better be careful from now on. I used to be the only hot Asian but I think I’ve lost that title darling. I have a question Rose; does your pussy taste as good as it looks?”

“I’ll let you be the judge of that,” Rose giggled as she straddled Shannon’s gorgeous face.

Shannon wasted little time diving into the insatiable pink sexpot descending onto her tongue. Rose was a woman who craved satisfaction constantly and she had found that with Gary. Shannon could relate to that, as he was one of the few men who could give her the satisfaction she desired as well.

Mark stroked Ainsley who lovingly was face first into Shannon’s hot twat. Rose was riding Shannon’s face and was pulling hard at her nipples. Mark was fucking Ainsley who had clamped down massively on his cock and she was cumming constantly. Mark grabbed her hips and began to fuck her in earnest. Ainsley was moaning, shrieking and sucking Shannon who was cumming furiously, flooding her face.

“Mark darling, slide you cock into her tight, hot ass darling. Fuck her ass and make it as sweet as when you fuck my hot ass. I love your cock in my ass,” Rose whimpered.

Ainsley was licking, sucking and nodding her head. She wanted him to fuck her hot Texas ass and she made no bones about it. Mark entered her and she went wild. She took him in and she rode him like a bucking bronco. His cock stretched her tightly and he pushed deep inside her. Shannon exploded repeatedly; Rose flooded Shannon’s face with her own massive orgasm. Mark grabbed Ainsley’s hips and fucked her ass determinedly. Ainsley’s pussy was gushing and her breathing was ragged. She clamped onto Mark and defied him to stroke at all. His intensity soared and her orgasm astounded her. Ainsley collapsed onto Shannon’s gushing pussy.

“God, I love watching you fuck ass Mark. It really is true! You and Gary are identical. I want to do something this weekend. I want you and Gary to blindfold us and fuck the hell out of us. Let us try to guess who is doing what to whom,” Rose giggled. “I know I am such a slut.”

“Welcome to our world dear,” Shannon blushed.

Ainsley mumbled something completely unintelligible and that got everyone laughing.

Gary and Lindsay heard what Rose said and they laughed. “I think that would be a great idea Mark. Everyone says we do everything the same. I’m into that. I’m betting Wendy, Rose and Debbie would not have any idea.”

Michelle looked at Mark and Gary sternly. “Excuse the fuck out of me. I love those three girls and everyone knows it but if you two are going to blind fuck them, do you think you could at least put a few more names on that list?”

“Who did you have in mind sexy?” Gary laughed.

“Oh a few names come to mind. How about Michelle, Dani, Diane, Aleka, DeeDee, Ainsley, Holly, Red, Nancy, Jill, Shannon, Ronnie and Lindsay. That’s a good start. Oh wait, I forgot Linda. We can’t forget Beyonce.”

“We’re fucked Gar, ohmigod, we’re fucked.” Mark was laughing and counting. That is seventeen of the hottest women on earth.”

“Well, if you weren’t so fucking good, we wouldn’t care but you two are simply amazing,” Shannon, whispered.

Orgasms were heard throughout the floor. Tammy was in a sling fucking cock after cock. Her throat was being poked deeply and her tiny tits were rock hard as she was cumming copiously.

Patty and Joann were fucking Jeff and Alan and from the look of it, they were having a great time.

Rashad and Chris were seated at the bar talking to Andrea and Dana. Gary started to laugh as he realized that Andrea, the auburn haired sweetheart was talking to Chris and stroking his enormous cock at the same time. Dana was all over Rashad and he had that simple, shit-eating grin on his face. They were in pussy heaven and they knew it.

“Speaking of Linda, where the hell is she? I haven’t seen her at all,” Gary said.

“I saw her; she went into the dark room right off the bat. I think she may still be in there,” Lindsay giggled. “I want to try that myself. That looks like a lot of fun.”

“Oh Lindsay, I’ll go in there with you. I love it; it’s pitch black in there and usually full of people. You have no idea who you’re sucking, or who is licking you. You get fucked so many times and have no idea who is doing you. I go fucking crazy in there,” Shannon said.

“I’ve got to check that out myself,” Rose said.

The elevator chimed and Mark looked to see who was arriving. His jaw dropped and he ran to kiss Kono and shake hands with Daniel. He had no idea they were going to be at the party. Michelle walked up behind him and kissed them both.

“I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t have a few surprised up my sleeve darling,” she whispered as she playfully bit his neck. Aleka, Diane, Lori and the guys came over and greeted them warmly.

“Damn, you two are definitely overdressed. Get your skinny Hawaiian asses’ nekkid and get ready to party,” Jamal bellowed. “This black dick is looking for some quality Hawaiian pussy.” He picked Kono up and kissed her deeply. “Damn, I’ve missed you girl.”

“Glad he wasn’t talking to me,” Daniel laughed.

“Well, I’m talking to you. Get naked and fuck me darling,” Aleka giggled. “Miss Hawaii is making this a command performance?” She kissed him deeply while groping his rapidly stiffening cock.

Michelle took them to their suite and they quickly rejoined the party. That was the last anyone saw of them for about an hour.

“This is going to be a good party Michelle, you did surprise me. Thanks baby,” Mark sighed.

She grabbed him and spun him towards her. “I’m only going to say this once. Put her out of your head Mark. She walked out on you for whatever reason and you’re better off as it turns out. I know your heart. I understand it and I respect it but you have to deal with the reality. You have more than enough women on your plate right now. Tomorrow, we will be wall to wall in naked, horny bodies. Just enjoy and have fun, okay?”

“I do love you Michelle. You’re right. I’m just going to get lost in the pleasure and try to forget.” Mark kissed her lovingly.

“Hey, don’t forget about me. I haven’t really had any quality time with you in a month. I need my man too. I love you too baby,” Michelle cooed.

Naked bodies were moving around, lying around and fucking everywhere. It was a lovely sight. Bobbie, Tia and JoJo came up to Gary and kissed him.

“Hey boss, take us into the dark room. We hear it is wild in there,” Tia whispered.

“I will but you have to know that if you let go of me, you won’t know who you’re touching. I know one thing; you are going to love it. It will be sweet when ours is finished back home. Let’s go,” Gary said as they walked to the doorway.

They walked into the room and Gary felt their hands caressing him. For the moment, they didn’t want to let him go. He wasn’t positive but he thought that Tia had begun to suck his cock. The one thing he did know was the gorgeous Australian was holding on and whispering nasty sweet words of lust into his ear. He felt her breasts caressing his body and loved the nasty words she spoke. Her hand fell to his erect cock that Tia was so lovingly worshiping. She stroked him and fed him to her. Tia loved sucking his cock and she felt another presence next to her. She assumed it was Bobbi but she couldn’t be certain. JoJo fed her and back to Tia.

That was the beauty of the dark room. You never knew who was there. The eroticism of the unknown elevated every sensation dramatically. JoJo fell to her knees and took him into her mouth. This luscious Aussie was a total sexpot and she took every chance she could to show him how much she had missed him all these years.

Someone pulled him to the mattress and climbed onto him. Another pussy was planted on his lips while a myriad of hands began to caress his body. From the feel of her, he assumed that JoJo was impaled on him but he wasn’t sure whose pussy he was greedily lunching on. The sounds of wet blowjobs and sopping pussies were heard throughout the room and people were definitely having a great time. Women were jumping on and off his dick and hot wet mouths were licking and sucking him whenever he was not otherwise occupied.

JoJo had misplaced him but he heard her moaning somewhere off to his right. Whoever was sucking him had a great mouth and Gary was enjoying this immensely. The next hour, Gary enjoyed fantastic sex and many hot blowjobs.

As he left the room, he walked past the movie theater and heard familiar moans coming from the room. Debbie was reclining, legs wide with Hank’s lovely cock drilling her tight pussy wildly. Tyrone was caressing her beautiful face as he watched his massive black cock slide in and out of her extended throat. Debbie was obviously enjoying herself completely. As his eyes adjusted, he saw Rose, in the exact same position. Marty was drilling her while Johnny fed her his black cock too. Rose was just being Rose. She was in orgasmic heaven.

He walked past the playroom and started to giggle. Rashad, Jamal and Chris had Ainsley airtight and that gorgeous Texan was seriously on fire. Her full body spasms could be seen from twenty feet away and the guys were giving her the best fucking any woman could ever hope for. He laughed to himself as he saw that Chris was firmly planted in her ass. That is one ass that will never be the same!

He walked up to the bar and poured himself a drink. No sooner had he sat down when he felt soft, tender hands begin to caress his neck. He turned and Holly kissed him wetly and deeply. “You know I love you. I have always loved you from the first day I met you in Key West. Every moment I am with you, my heart sings with joy. I love your girls and I am so glad I had a part in making that happen. What you and Mark have done is beyond description. You know I have a fucking wild imagination but I never would have dared to think something like this would happen. My pussy is wet all the time now. The whole concept is blowing me away.”

“Darling, if you stop and think about it, this all started with you being the delicious slut I love so dearly. If you hadn’t gone behind the bar to give Jim that blowjob, none of this would have happened. I’m as blown away by all this as you are,” he said as he poured her a Rum Runner. “Speaking of Jim, where the hell is he?

“I have no idea. I fucked his brains out several hours ago and told him I’d probably see him Monday or Tuesday. God, that man is good. Not as good as you or Mark but he is getting there.”

“While we have a moment alone, I want to ask you something. In order for you to get everything done, you are going to be in Orlando a lot more than Boca. Since the girls didn’t want me to enlarge their suites, that leaves one free suite in my wing of the house. I’d love it if you would consider it yours. I’ll have Red do it up wonderfully for you and Jim.”

“What about the girls, wouldn’t that upset them? I will not do anything to come between you. You know that,” Holly said seriously.

“They already asked me if that was going to be your place. They are on board darling. You have to remember, they love hearing you scream. Oh and one more thing, I have offices for you and Jim at corporate. Jill is already on that. She is so excited to finally get to know you,” Gary grinned.

“I don’t know Gar; I think I am going to have to work on finding you some pussy. I really hate seeing a man go without good sex,” she giggled her pretty ass right off the bar stool.

Gary swiveled his stool and looked down at the laughing vamp. “Since you’re down there darling…” Gary laughed.

Holly didn’t need a second invitation. She looked up into his eyes and wrapped her hand around his substantial cock. Her lips opened and she took him into her lovely mouth. She never broke his gaze as she swallowed him completely. Gary closed his eyes and just concentrated on the perfect blowjob Holly was so good at delivering.

Mark and Jim came walking up to the bar. “Well, that is one way to shut her up,” Mark laughed. Jim laughed and pulled Mark towards her face. He knelt, took Mark’s cock, and sucked him down.

“Oh, he’s good,” Mark, said.

“Yes, yes he is,” Gary, agreed.

Jim took Gary from Holly’s lips and turned her face towards Mark’s hard cock. She inhaled him instantly and Jim went down on Gary.

“There is another way to keep her quiet,” Mark grinned.

They picked her up and took her into the main room. Mark lay down and Holly dropped her sweet pussy onto his cock. Gary took her ass and Jim filled her throat. They filled her completely and then began to fuck her tender body unmercifully. They stroked her deeply and Jim fucked her face deliciously. Holly was burning with an unquenchable desire. Her eyes rolled into her head. She was screaming but Jim’s hard cock muffled her completely. Her nipples were diamond hard; her breathing sporadic at best.

Mark and Gary fucked her in unison; their cocks riding atop one another separated by only by the thin membrane, which drove her wild. Her body experienced total orgasm and the men were relentless. Holly’s toes curled and her lips dug into Jim’s abdomen. His long cock filled her throat completely. Her orgasms built massively and the men stroked as one. Her fingers dug into the couch, white knuckling it all the way.

All three men began to shake and they exploded inside her simultaneously. Holly drank Jim down, not missing a drop. She felt Mark and Gary flood her body and she just kept cumming. She lovingly rode their hard cocks and milked every drop.

They pulled out and Holly collapsed to a rousing round of applause. She looked to the side and saw Ronnie and the rest of the crew clapping. A familiar voice was heard over the din in the room.

“Good damned thing you didn’t do that to her several months ago,” Wendy giggled. “That’s the quietest I’ve ever heard you darling.”

Holly laughed and so did Gary.

Rose got busy and between Wendy and Debbie, they assembled seventeen of the hottest, sexiest women on the planet together. They were taken into the playroom and blindfolded. The rest of the crew sat on the benches and Jim kept score. Gary and Mark looked at each other and the contest was on.

Wendy, Rose and Debbie together with Michelle, Linda, Dani, Diane, Aleka, DeeDee, Ainsley, Holly, Red, Nancy, Jill, Shannon, Ronnie and Lindsay knelt and went crazy on their cocks. After each taste, they would tell Jim which man they had just sucked. Not a word was said and Mark and Gary did nothing special. Each woman was fucked lovingly and her ass was fully explored. They voted and for the most part, they were wrong.

They double-teamed each woman and they voted again. They had to try to determine who was doing what to them.

Some of the women were completely wrong and others were only a bit better. One woman won, without trouble. The blindfolds were removed and everyone adjourned to the bar. Drinks were poured while Jim calculated the final tally. Mark and Gary were laughing when the results came in.

Jim lined the women up and he walked the line. He looked each woman up and down. Both Mark and Gary learned not to play poker with him; his face revealed nothing.

“What we have here,” Jim smirked, “is one of the finest collections of the female form ever assembled. Each woman is delicious. Each woman is a fabulous piece of ass and perfect sluts but, only one, I repeat, only one truly earned the title of ‘all knowing’.” Jim walked up to Jill and lifted her arm over her head.

Friendly catcalls and boo’s were heard from the losers.

“Don’t blame me girls, I’ve only got twenty-five years experience fucking these two,” Jill blushed.

Wendy got a wry grin on her face. “Holy shit, that means you started when you were…”

A resounding, “No comment…” was heard from three highly embarrassed people. The room exploded in laughter.

Rashad high-fived Mark and Gary, “That’s my guys. That was awesome.”

Mark and Michelle retired and so did Gary and his women. The pre-party continued.

Holly had all of her group up and ready to go by ten the next morning. Ronnie and the girls had been busy and yet, they looked delicious. Everything was ready to go. Holly laughed as she looked at her group of sexy employees. Ah, the resilience of youth.

People started arriving and quickly the place filled up. Athletes, movie stars, models and recording artists arrived en masse and the young people were completely awestruck. Ronnie surveyed the assembled group and she saw many people she recognized. One in particular stood out. She didn’t watch a lot of TV but she did have a few programs she watched regularly. The star of her favorite show was standing at the bar talking with Mark and Gary. She laughed to herself thinking that no matter what, she was going to do him in ways he never thought possible.

The elevators opened and ten gorgeous naked men and ten equally gorgeous naked women walked onto the floor. They each wore only white collars and bow ties. The women wore elegant heels and their shaved pussies looked delightful. Each man sported long, shaved cocks, hard abs and chiseled chests. Overall, they looked fabulous.

Ronnie estimated that there were already over one hundred and fifty people on the third floor and more were arriving every few minutes. Gary’s girls looked positively wonderful in the finest D’Orgasmic attire. In fact, as she looked around, everyone looked over the top sexy and sensuous. This was going to be a weekend to remember.

Ronnie assembled everyone as the servers attended to everyone. Much sexy flesh waited to be consumed. Ronnie walked behind the bar, picked up two substantial beer pitchers, and placed them on the bar. She walked back into the center of the dance floor. Dani hit the sound system and they began to dance.

Everyone enjoyed the first four songs when ‘Country Girl, (Shake It For Me)’ started and they danced their heart out. The song started with everyone on the dance floor but eventually, Ronnie climbed on the pole. When the song ended, as rehearsed, she stood there, wearing thigh high stockings and exceptionally high-heeled boots.

The crowd applauded at the performance and at the gorgeous creature reaching for the microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the party. We hope you enjoyed the show so far. As you look around, you will notice a bevy of gorgeous men and women wearing bow ties. These sexy creatures will get your drinks and anything else you may need.” She jumped off the pole, grabbed two of wait staff, one man and one woman, and pulled them back up to the pole.

“Aren’t they simply gorgeous? I took the opportunity to put a couple of tip jars on the bar. Since everyone is going to be naked very shortly, please take a moment to tip these wonderful people generously. Now, while you are naked, let me show you how to tip them properly as they bring you your drinks.”

She pulled them up onto the pole platform and pushed them back onto the pole. She looked at the crowd as her hands began to caress their exciting bodies. She licked her nipples fondled his cock. She knelt, licked the woman’s pussy, turned, and sucked his rock hard cock. She kissed them and the music started again. She looked and saw her target standing on the edge of the dance floor.

Big and Rich’s ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ started playing and the group went wild. The boys undressed the women and the women stripped the men. They turned and walked into the crowd and clothing vanished immediately.

Ronnie saw her TV hero and made a beeline for him. He watched her approach and his cock instantly stirred. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him to her lips. She disrobed him in a heartbeat. When his trousers hit the floor; her lips wrapped around his very nice cock. She knelt before him thrilled at the thought that his cock was already halfway down her throat.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Gary, said to Mark and Holly. “I didn’t expect her to do that. She handles herself professionally. I’m impressed.”

“You’re impressed, look at the tip jars.” They were crammed with Benjamin’s and there was a line up to feed the jars. Holly looked at Mark and grinned. This looks like it will be a party to remember darling. The elevators ran non-stop with people arriving constantly.

Gary and Mark sat at the bar and watched everything unfold. “Are you alright? You seem down my friend?” Gary asked Mark.

“I have a bad feeling and I can’t shake it. I don’t know what it is all about but it is nagging the fuck out of me.”

“Say no more, I had the same kind of feeling the night before I learned about Robert and Maggie. I hope that for you, it is just that you are missing her more than you care to admit. I hope that is all. You need to lighten up and enjoy the party.”

The day shifts from Crazy Horse II and Sapphires arrived and instantly got into the party spirit. Vegas definitely have lovely strippers. They all saw Mark and came over to give him wet kisses and caresses. He introduced the girls to Gary and several attached themselves to him immediately.

Everywhere you looked, people were having wonderful sex. Gary looked around and couldn’t find his girls anywhere. About an hour later, Lindsay and Tammy came staggering out of the darkroom, caked in cum. Lindsay saw him at the bar receiving a sweet blowjob from some fine looking woman.

“It looks like you two are having fun,” Gary giggled.

“Motherfucker, I’ve never had more fun in my life. We are going to hit the showers and be right back. I’ve never been fucked so many times in my life and I’m not done by a long shot,” Lindsay cooed. “He does have a delicious cock doesn’t he darling? Just save some of that for us. Mark, we’ll be right back.” They kissed both men and headed to the showers.

“My bet is we won’t see them for another two hours,” Mark laughed.

Chris walked up to the bar and grabbed one of the female servers. “Darlin, I don’t think I’ve tipped you yet.”

She took one look at his enormous cock and smiled. “Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a large tip. I don’t know if I can handle all of that.” She sank to her knees and stretched her tiny mouth over his enormous 13.5″ black cock. She worked it and worked it and finally, she threw him down and jumped onto his skyscraper of a dick. That girl screamed as he stretched her pussy tight and she fell fully onto his fantastic cock. Everyone watched as Chris fucked the daylights out of her and she came uncontrollably.

“Told you it was going to be a great party,” Michelle whispered into Mark’s ear. “God, he has her stretched so tight. Look at those nipples. Sweet lord, I need to taste them.” She leaned over and took one into her lips and her tongue drove the young woman wild.

Tammy strolled by, giggling and laughing. Her tiny tits bounced as she walked. She saw Gary and ran up to him. “I love you with all my heart you delicious muthafucker. You had better fuck me now because I demand that you do. Now, get your scrawny white ass down off that stool and fuck my tiny, tight black ass like only you can.”

She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply. He picked her up and carried her to an empty sling. “Oh you delicious cocksucker, you’re going to do me in the sling. I love these things. Can I have one Daddy, can I?” She grabbed his face and held him still, “I’m not kidding Gary, I love you with every ounce of my body. Love me darling. Lick me, fuck me and love me please. I need you.”

For the next hour, Gary made love to her, kissed her, stretched her and tasted every part of her being. Her tight pussy held his cock and milked him so well. Her ass welcomed his cock and she loved each sweet stroke. Her legs spread wide as he moved to her head. She threw her head back and she took his cock deep into her throat. He slipped his fingers into her tight, hot twat and she sucked and licked him as he fingered her.

She shoved two fingers into his ass and she massaged his prostrate while she sucked him. He slipped his fingers into her tight ass and he began to stroke her senseless. Tammy learned a long time ago that no one could make her cum harder or longer than he could.

Her lips milked his cock and she made no bones that she must have his cum. He looked at this tiny, sexy black woman and watched as her stomach contracted to half its size. She was cumming very hard on his fingers and he rewarded her passion with many heavy spurts of his own love directly into her wanton mouth.

She was drenched, sopping wet and still cumming. Gary positioned himself between her legs and he began to give her what she really wanted. He was addicted to her pussy and she was addicted to his tongue. She danced on the tip of his tongue for a long time, her pussy gushing and flowing massively. Gary drank her dry and wanted more. Her tiny nipples stood proud as wave after wave flowed over her. She was sobbing with joy from the wonderful way he made her feel.

His cock slid along her pink slit and he entered her once again. She came instantly and he began to thrust.

“Oh fuck Gary, oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my tight, hot pussy and tell me you love me. I love your cock; your tongue and most importantly, I love you. Fill me darling; fuck me baby, I’m gonna cum again. Oh fuck yes!”

Her body jerked so hard she almost broke his dick. She trembled, flailed and spasmed so sweetly. Her pussy pulsated repeatedly along his length and her moans became unintelligible.

“You are amazing boss. I’ve never been with anyone who does the things you do to me. I also want to thank you,” Tammy whispered.

“Thank me for what dear?”

For teaching Wendy, Rose and Debbie how I like to have my pussy licked. They are almost as good as you are. I hope I taste as good to them as they do to me,” Tammy purred. “How do you do it? How the fuck can you keep us satisfied all the time? I knew you were good but you’ve actually gotten better baby. I love you so much.”

“I’m only as good as the women I have around me honey. I have so many wonderful women in my life. I’m just happy you are finally back in my life. You have been missed.” He picked her up and held her in his arms. Their kiss was long and loving.

“Have you been in the dark room yet darling?” Gary asked as their kiss finally broke.

“Not yet. I’ve had so much fun in the playroom and the slings. I’ve never had so much sex in my life. Bobbi says the darkroom is wild as fuck.”

“Go, enjoy darling. You’ll love it. You’ll never know whom you’ll be doing. More cock and pussy than you can shake a stick at.”

“I’ve already fucked several movie stars. I can’t believe it. They are very famous and they loved fucking me. I was creaming so hard and I just couldn’t stop. One was a woman who went to Hawaii with Mark. I think her name is Aleka. God, if you haven’t done her yet, you sure as hell better. I hear she was Miss Hawaii before she became a big movie star. She told me she wants to do you too, only this time not blindfolded.”

More strippers arrived and the party went into overdrive. George, the owner of Sapphires arrived with the latest batch of gorgeous girls from his club. Mark went to greet him and his girls.

“Gary Edwards, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you,” DeeDee said as she threw herself into his arms and kissed him deeply.

“Hiya sexy, I wondered where your horny ass was. You’re looking particularly well fucked darling.”

“Well dear, if I can’t find my man, any man will do. I don’t waste time darling. I knew I’d find you. I already found your women. Damn, they are delicious. Of course, I don’t think they’ll ever be the same again though.”

“Oh shit Dee, what did you do?”

“I didn’t so anything. I just saw them a few minutes ago. Let me put it this way my dear lover. The guys have your gals. I doubt Wendy’s ass will ever be the same again.”

“Does that mean what I think it means?” Gary asked.

“Yeppers darling, Chris has her ass firmly planted on that fabulous cock. I came just looking at them.”

“You cum thinking about a soft evening breeze you delicious slut. I am glad to see you,” Gary said as he kissed her again.

The tip jars had been emptied for each shift and everyone was very happy. When each shift was over, no one went home. They partied and had a blast.

Tori Johnson and Karen Rivers saw Gary recovering at the bar. They had flown in but didn’t let him know they were coming. They had talked to Mark and he said to surprise him. They had watched his exploits and somehow knew their boss was going to be blown away that they were there. It’s not that they didn’t sleep with him on a regular basis; it is just that they had always kept it quiet from the rest of the D’Orgasmic people. They finally had enough of that. Now that he had his girls living with him, they had better go for it whenever they could get it.

They walked up behind him and Tori turned to Karen, “I love it when he fucks me doggie. That man can make me cum just by looking at me. His cock just won’t quit.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. I could suck that cock for hours and never come up for air. Has he ever fucked your ass? When he screws my ass, I cry from delight. No one makes me cum harder,” Karen, whispered just loud enough that he could hear their words.

“It’s just too bad we can’t find him. I really wanted to fuck his brains out. Mark said he would be here. I’m sure he’ll show up eventually.”

Gary sipped his Rum Runner and couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. He turned and spoke to the backs of their heads, “If you would tell me who you’re looking for, I may know where he is.”

They laughed, turned and jumped on his astonished body. “We’re looking to fuck our boss. He’s this ugly old guy with a puny dick and no technique at all.”

“Well, I’ll be dammed. I didn’t know you were coming,” he said as he kissed both of them.

“We’re here and it is your job to have us cumming like crazy baby. We pulled it off Tori; Mark said we could do it. Now, let’s pull this old fart off that bar stool and teach him a thing or two about how to make love to a woman.”

“Oh this is going to be good,” Wendy said to Rose and Debbie. “Way to go girls, we knew you could pull this off too.”

“Well fuck, you knew too? I’m so screwed with the three of you.”

“Darling, you have to know we were just worried that you might not get laid this weekend,” Debbie whispered in his ear. “Have fun girls.”

Tori and Karen grabbed his arms and moved him to the playroom. It was full of naked bodies but they found a spot and pulled him down. The minute they hit the mattress a soft giggle was heard. Shannon was next to them doing several people.

“It’s about time girls, I wondered if you were going to hide all weekend. Where the hell have you been?”

“I’ve been at the glory hole for a while and Karen has been running all over the place tipping the wait staff. Now, excuse us, we have to fuck the boss. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.”

Shannon roared and sucked back a long one, her eyes twinkling wonderfully.

Tori was on one side and Karen on the other. Their bodies molded into him and they kissed him sweetly. Their hands ran across his chest and onto his hips. They turned his head from side to side and their tongues drove him wild. Each girl was exceptional in and of herself but together, they were amazing. They rode along his frame and teased his flesh with their firm, tight bodies.

He looked at four perfectly shaped, breasts and his tongue lashed out. Each nipple was explored and teased. They bit his neck, his lips and then they began to suck his nipples.

Their hands began to stroke his legs and they fondled his balls and stiffening flesh. They kissed their way down and Karen circled his fine shaft with her fingers and guided his cock towards Tori’s tender lips. Tori thrilled at the feel of his cock on her lips. She licked his precum and spread it across her lips. Karen watched and began to lick him while Tori took his crown into her mouth. Her tongue swirled and teased as Karen licked his expanding firmness.

Gary looked down to see the two wonderful women lavishing much lust onto him. His cock switched mouths repeatedly and the women were wet with their enthusiasm. Their love for his cock was apparent for anyone watching this. They rubbed him over their cheeks and took him into their throats. Their lips caressed his balls and they played with his ass. Tori rose up and angled his cock into her tight hot pussy. Karen began to lick his balls and Tori’s ass as she rode his cock sweetly.

Tori felt wonderful fucking Gary. She had never had sex with so many people watching her before. That thrilled her beyond description. She and Karen had long talks about it once they decided to come to Vegas. The kinkiest thing they had ever done was fucking Gary together. They had done that many times over the years but they had never had open sex before. They had admitted to each other that the thought of hundreds of people watching them fuck and suck was driving them wild.

Karen was licking Tori’s sweet ass and watching Gary’s cock slide in and out of her tight pussy. She turned Tori around and began to lick her clit as she cupped his balls. Gary stroked deeply into Tori and Karen licked her long hard clit sweetly.

Suddenly, Karen felt hands caressing her body. Her breasts were cupped and lips teased her ass. Some tall, black man walked up to Tori and positioned his cock onto her lips. She moaned and opened her mouth and took him in. Someone lifted Karen and she felt a lovely cock slide into her pussy. She felt wicked and loved it. Whoever was fucking her was wonderful. Tori was taking that black cock deep into her throat and she wrapped her hands around him while he stroked her deeply.

A spectacular blonde straddled Gary’s face and her lips met his sweetly. Gary began to suck her fine pussy as his cock sliced into Tori repeatedly. Ronnie and Shannon crept over and each took a nipple on the blonde-haired woman and began sucking. Tori started to cum as did Karen.

Karen pulled Tori off and she climbed onto Gary’s gorgeous cock. The man who was fucking her backed off while she slid her body onto him. Tori rolled to one side and looked up into Shannon’s sweet, well-fucked pussy. She tilted her head and slid beneath her legs. Karen felt the man slide his cock against her ass and she moaned deeply as he began to enter her. She had never had two cocks at once and this blew her mind. She felt him inside her and the two men began to fuck her deliciously. She raised herself up and the blonde’s spectacular tits molded into hers. Ronnie and Shannon were licking both women’s nipples and loving it. Ronnie’s hand fell to Karen’s clit and she flicked it sweetly. Karen was a candidate for NASA as she went off like a rocket.

She kissed the statuesque woman who was riding Gary’s face. The man in her ass was long, hard and she felt his probe swell. He grabbed her hips and he began to shake. Both cocks split her wonderfully. He unleashed a load of hot, sweet sperm deep into her ass, his cock twitching wildly as he came. Shannon screamed from Tori’s talented tongue and Ronnie was breathless from the scene playing out before her.

Gary came massively himself and Karen nearly passed out. Her body shook and she screamed delightfully. The blonde woman came as well and everyone collapsed smiling.

The bar was calling and Gary headed back for a refill. It was almost 2am Saturday morning and the Vegas entertainers were arriving. He knew many of them and they greeted him warmly. Singers, comedians, musicians and showgirls poured in.

“It’s a lovely vision, isn’t it?” Mark laughed as he caught up to Gary at the bar. “Have the girls from the Palms and the Playboy club arrived yet?”

“Son-of-a-bitch, is Ginger and Candy coming?” Gary asked incredibly.

“Tracy is coming too. Did I tell you that she and Dani have become very good friends? She really got jealous the night I met Dani. Apparently, Dani went back a couple of weeks later and they started talking. She confided in Dani that she really wanted to fuck my brains out that night but I was already occupied. Dani decided to remedy that and she brought Tracy over one night. I had a great night. What they didn’t know was that Michelle was on a tear too. The last I heard, Dani was singing your praises at the top of her voice and Tracy was getting wet just thinking about you.”

“Damn, I only met her once. She really is gorgeous. I definitely love your parties. Have you seen my girls lately?”

“We partied shortly after the party officially started. Had a great time and then I saw Rose coming out of the darkroom several hours later. She was heading for the showers. She definitely needed a shower but she was smiling. The guys had them for an hour or so. My money says Wendy’s smile won’t go away until June.”

“Yeah, I heard about that. Chris did a number on her. Remind me never to introduce her to Hydro Bob,” Gary laughed.

“You got that right. You know, I used to piss Cherry off completely when we’d watch videos and I’d make some damned statement that this guy or that guy was deformed. Well, trust me when I say this. Hydro Bob is deformed. He is bigger than John Holmes was. I don’t know how Connie did what she did.”

“I know how she did him,” Red smirked as she and Nancy walked up to them. “She did him the same way we used to, carefully and with a ton of lube. I’ve never seen a black guy who could measure up to him.”

“I know, I’ve tried to do them all tonight and no one can compare,” Nancy said with a shiteating grin on her face. “Bartender, Rum Runners please! Red, it’s your turn to tip the bartender.”

“Never mind girlfriend, I’ve got you covered,” Holly said as she ascended from behind the bar wiping her lips.

That did it for Gary. He laughed so hard, he could barely breathe.

“Has anyone seen Ainsley? I haven’t seen her all night,” Gary asked.

“I saw her a couple of hours ago. She was with Jim and she was singing, ‘Save a Horse’. She had a grin on her face and mumbled something about getting certified,” Red giggled. “I seriously think she meant everyone at the party. If that’s the case, she’s not going to want to ride anything by Tuesday morning.”

Gary decided to take a nap. Saturday and Sunday were going to be intense. He slipped away and went up to his suite. He walked in and started to laugh. Debbie, Wendy and Rose were lying on the bed, discussing the party so far.

“You look tired baby,” Wendy said. “We were wondering if we’d see you. Are you having a good time?”

“I am, are you?”

“You told us, we were warned. You said it would be wild. Holy fuck, it is wild. I have done some people I’ve always wanted to do. One game show host I had a crush on for so many years turned out to be not bad. My fantasy was better than the reality with him but some of the others were wild,” Debbie cooed.

“I just want to know one thing right now, dammit. Are you trying to get rid of us?” Rose said, as she got right in his face.

“What the fuck are you talking about? You know better than that,” Gary said seriously. “What the fuck brought this on?”

“I am just making sure. I seriously thought you were driving us away. What the fuck did you think would happen by unleashing Rashad, Jamal and Chris on us? I mean, seriously Gary, those three men are fucking wild,” Rose said.

Gary looked at Wendy who was blushing deeply. “I heard you met Chris darling. Everyone heard you met Chris actually.”

“We all did darling. Uptight, outta sight and airtight baby. Talk about fucking wild. I remembered something you said back at the apartment about us getting to fuck many fabulous black men. Well, we know who you were talking about now,” Debbie smirked.

“Airtight? They took you airtight. Sweet!” Gary giggled.

“They took us all there darling. The last time we saw them, Shannon had corralled them. She had a wicked grin on her face. They seem to like Asian pussy,” Rose laughed.

“Darling, they love pussy. Always have and always will. Move over, I’m gonna grab some sleep. Tomorrow and Sunday will be big days.”

Saturday and into Sunday morning, the party raged on. People crashed for a few hours and then began to party again. The entertainers took to the stage and everyone had a great time.

Somewhere around 4 am Las Vegas time, Michelle noticed an inconspicuous light flashing and she went to get Mark. She pointed it out to him and he went upstairs to check his messages. The light was notifying him that a call had come in on his private line that very few people had access to.

He listened to the message and called Phil Johnson immediately. Phil informed him that Cherry had been found, viciously raped and left for dead behind the strip club. Phil told him that Officer Bill Bryant is a friend of Rashad’s and he told the detective to call him. They are looking for information regarding her family. “I told the detective that I would call you and find out if you had any of that information.”

Mark told him that he didn’t but that the guys were in Las Vegas with him and he would check with them and see if they had any information. He told him he would call him back in a few minutes.

Mark called downstairs and told Michelle to get the guys and get upstairs right away.

The elevator door opened and they rushed into his office. He told them that she was in surgery and wasn’t expected to live. None of the men had any information about her family. Mark told Michelle that he wanted his own investigators on the scene immediately.

She went downstairs, told Dave and Ron to get the jet ready to go. She found her investigators and gave them their instructions. George, the owner of Sapphires overheard Michelle and he said he needed to talk to Mark immediately. She took him upstairs and found out that Cherry worked for his brother Ted.

Mark called and arranged for Ted to contact Phil and give him the information he needed. Ted was most cooperative and he arranged to meet with Mark’s investigators as soon as they landed. He had surveillance video that hopefully would give them a lead.

He called Phil back and let him know what was happening. Cherry had returned to Intensive Care and Mark talked to the Doctor. He told Mark that she would be badly scarred and that her prognosis was not good. He was told that she was in a deep coma and he didn’t have any idea how long that would last.

Mark asked the doctor if it would be all right if he flew the best plastic surgeon to her. The Doctor agreed and Mark said he would call him back in a few minutes.

Michelle got Lori upstairs and found out that the Doctor Mark wanted was a Dr. Bowen in Dallas, TX. Lori broke down crying. She and Cherry had become good friends. Mark called him and explained the situation. The Doctor agreed to fly to her and evaluate the situation. Mark had his pilots file flight plans for Dallas and then on to Cherry.

Mark had Lori get Gary and Jill. He told them what had happened. Mark asked Gary to take over the hosting of the party. Gary watched helplessly as his best friend had a meltdown right before his eyes. Michelle and Jill stayed with him.

Aleka and Diane came rushing into the office in tears. Rashad had told them what had happened. Daniel and Kono followed soon after. Cherry had touched so many people. He hoped someday, she would know how deeply everyone felt towards her.

The plane landed and the Doctor arrived at the hospital. Dr. Bowen called Mark and told him the extent of her injuries, which were substantial. He told him that in order to be successful they could not wait for her to come out of the coma. She needed to be taken to Dallas, as she needed extensive microsurgery immediately.

Cherry was flown on Lori’s jet to Dallas and Dr. Bowen went immediately to work. Cherry, as it turned out, would remain in the coma for two months.

Michelle and Phil arranged to take care of her property. Mark contacted her parents, found them a rental house near the clinic and flew them to Dallas that day. All he could do was wait…and pray.

Mark never returned to the party. Gary, Michelle and Dani took care of everything. The guests had a great time and only a handful knew what had occurred which was exactly how Mark wanted it. Overall, it was another huge success.

Rashad, Jamal and Chris stayed. Next to Mark, they were the closest to Cherry. Each one loved her dearly and they did not intend to do anything other than help in whatever way they could.

Mark’s nerves were shot. The thought of her attack made him furious. He wanted revenge and he vowed that someday, he would have it. He was a patient man. The day would come, he was sure of it.

Holly’s crew was made aware of the situation. The news hit Ronnie exceptionally hard. She had never met Cherry but she had developed some form of kinship with the woman she could not explain. Rashad walked through the main room and saw Ronnie sitting in the corner, sobbing. He walked over and held her.

“My God, I feel so bad. I know you have to be more upset than I am. I just have this thing, I can’t explain. I look at her and see the woman I want to become someday. She is everything I have strived to become. She is gorgeous, sexy and sassy. I can’t bear the thought of anyone hurting her,” she whimpered.

“You’re not alone Ronnie. It’s funny; I fully understand what you are saying. When we first saw you, we thought you were Cherry. You took our breath away. I want you to listen to me Ronnie, Cherry is a woman we love. Mark is in love with her. We don’t know what came between them. Just know one thing; you are your own person. Yes, you two could be twins however; you and Cherry are very different in many ways too. Don’t change who you are. The person you are is very special too.”

“I just want to meet her one day. Is that selfish?”

“No dear, not at all. Just promise me one thing. Let me know so I can be there to watch. Oh hell, that is way too much pussy for one man,” he laughed.

“I didn’t say I wanted to sleep with her Rashad,” Ronnie blushed.

“See, you assume you know Cherry. One day, you’ll meet her. She’ll take one look at you and do you in a heartbeat. When that happens, I’ll know my Cherry is back.”

The next week, Holly’s group hit every club in Las Vegas. For many, this was their first time experiencing sin city.

The first thing that they all discovered was that size does matter. Las Vegas is the only city on earth that is impossible to describe to someone who has never been there before. If you tell someone that something is big, usually something is needed for comparison. In most cities, a large hotel might have eight hundred rooms. The MGM Grand has five thousand and five rooms.

Gary told them of a conversation he had one night with a local cab driver. The driver told him of a fare he had picked up one night at Bally’s Hotel. The passenger was a young woman who apologized for the short fare. She was only going to Treasure Island. The driver pulled out onto the strip and had to stop at the light at Flamingo. The woman asked the driver if he had ever taken the mileage of Caesar’s Palace. The driver had heard every dumb question but that one was a new one to him. Once he realized exactly what she asked, the light had turned green. The driver hit the trip gauge when he crossed the street and he watched as he drove past the hotel. When he hit the property line between Caesar’s Palace and the Mirage, his jaw dropped. The sidewalk in front of Caesar’s is 3/10th of a mile long. That is a big hotel.

The clubs are huge; the dance floors larger than many of the clubs they had previously visited. Elegance ruled the Las Vegas nightlife and sex appeal was evident everywhere you looked. The sound systems were amazing and the lighting extraordinary.

After each club was visited, the group met and discussed what they found. Dani kept meticulous notes.

While they were doing that, Holly, Gary and Mark would meet to go over their vision for the clubs and restaurant. They ran numbers and finally came up with a plan.

The clubs would be freestanding with lots of parking. Each club would have two complete stages, elevated and floor level dance floors, top of the line sound and lighting. Each club would have recording capability to capture the artist’s performances. The restaurants would seat 400 people and be opened 24/7. With the exception of Las Vegas, the clubs would be opened 15 hours a day. Each club would have a capacity of 750 people.

They also brought Shannon into the discussions and Gary told her what he envisioned for the clothes the employees would wear.

“Dammit Gary, I’m going to have to design another complete line of clothes just for the staff,” she smiled, her lovely oval eyes shining brightly.

“Darling, I know you have a long list of promising designers you’ve had your eye on. It’s time for you to start hiring. I want you supervising everything but it is time to get you some really talented assistants.” Gary got up from the table, cleared anything she could throw from her reach, grinned broadly and said, “Every employee is to have a minimum of twenty complete outfits from their thongs to their shoes and boots. Same thing goes for the men as well. We want exceptional clothes for exceptional bodies.”

“Hooters goes Country or Hip Hop,” Mark grinned.

“Exactly, that is the caliber of the women we are going to be hiring. Drop dead sexy women with gorgeous bodies and beautiful smiles,” Gary told her. “Of course, the dancers will all have many custom outfits so we need to actually set up a division for the staff in addition to the retail products,” Gary looked at Holly to see if she had anything to add to that.

“Is Shannon going to be working with Ainsley on the leather products?”

“Definitely and since we now have access to some of the finest leathers, we need to really make a splash with that aspect too.”

“You mutha, you know how to get a girl wet don’t you?” Shannon blushed.

The next three days, they met non-stop with Las Vegas’ top club architect. Every detail was discussed and he told them he would have preliminary plans in a week. Mark told him that they needed the plans to be flexible. Many locations, such as Miami and Nashville would only have one club. Country might not be as successful in Miami and Hip Hop definitely wouldn’t work in Nashville. He understood completely.

Gary had given him the dimensions of the retail store and had his own designers for that aspect. He told them he had a fantastic architect who specialized in restaurants and he would subcontract that aspect to him.

He asked about the interior design and everyone laughed. Mark took him on a tour of his place. He then introduced Red and Nancy to him and told him they would be working closely with him. Everyone was pleased and work commenced.

Mark was on the phone every hour with Dallas getting updates on Cherry’s condition. Surgeries were being done and Dr. Bowen was pleased with the initial results.

Properties were shopped in both Las Vegas and Orlando. Several were available in Las Vegas and one was purchased. It was very convenient as far as Mark was concerned. It was located less than a quarter mile from Mark’s office on the other side of Sapphires Strip Club on Industrial. It was very close to the strip on one of the most heavily traveled roads in town.

Shannon and Ainsley had become fast friends. They loved each other’s designs and Ainsley was anxious to get back to Dallas and get the show on the road. She wanted to show Shannon her hat designs and she wanted her to see her leather suppliers. She knew that would blow her away.

Linda and Holly wanted to stop in Tennessee and go to the smoker manufacturer. Gary and Mark definitely wanted to do that as well.

Most of the group flew back to Orlando. Mark, Gary, Ainsley, Holly and Shannon flew to Dallas. Mark immediately went to the clinic. Cherry was still in a coma and Dr. Bowen showed him the mess that had been made of her face. He was shocked at the severity of her injuries. He left there reassured that she was in excellent hands.

Ainsley was pleased that much of her new equipment was being delivered. Her assistant had hired many new people and they were setting up the plant in a very efficient manner.

Shannon loved the hat designs and said she didn’t want to change anything. They were hot, sexy and wild, just like Ainsley. Her boot catalog was amazing and together, they knew they would have the hottest footwear on the dance floors.

They went to her leather suppliers and Shannon went wild. Every imaginable leather was readily available and the quality was exquisite.

When they left Tennessee, Holly was satisfied she had found the perfect smokers for the restaurants.

Dave met the plane and took them to see three properties that were available. Two were on I-Drive and one was closer to Universal. They chose the Universal property and Dave began the process of purchasing the property.

Wendy, Debbie and Rose met them as they drove onto the property. “Are you ready to be blown away baby?” Rose said as she kissed him.

“Damn Gar, does she think about anything but sex?” Mark laughed and ducked as Rose smacked his ass.

They walked into the house and it was breathtaking. Red and Nancy greeted them and took them on the grand tour. Everything was perfect.

“This is better than I imagined. I love the colors and the furniture.” He walked through the house and every thing he looked at was stunning.

“Come with me baby.” Wendy grabbed his arm and pulled him towards his wing. The four suites were elegant and sexy as anything he could imagine. They opened the double doors to his suite and he stopped dead in his tracks.

Red and Nancy had out done themselves. The colors from the carpet to the draperies were amazing. The new furniture was perfect for his lifestyle. They even had a Tantra Chair, which he thought was a perfect addition.

The major piece in the bedroom had him laughing hysterically. His new bed blew his mind. It was huge.

Nancy giggled and jumped on the mattress. “We had this custom made for you sweetheart. Check this out.” She moved to each section and touched the headboard. A hidden panel slid away and each one of them had wireless Bose headphones, massage and motion controls, lubricants, poppers and their own private stash of other fun items.

Mark started laughing his head off and Gary looked to see what had caught his eye. When Gary saw it, he burst out laughing as well. Three stripper poles were placed throughout the room.

“Three poles, holy shit. Isn’t that a little extreme?” he asked Red.

“Not really baby. We asked Holly her opinion and she said three were perfect. One is for Jim, the other two are for you and Mark,” she giggled.

“Like that is gonna happen anytime soon,” Mark laughed.

Debbie came up behind Mark and threw her arms around him, “My darling Mark, you’re not going to be a party pooper are you?” She kissed his neck, licked his ear and spanked his ass.

“Okay, this is a new one on me. What is that thing?” Gary said as he noticed this massive contraption in one corner of the room.

“That, my dear, is the Circle of Pleasure. Would you like a demonstration?” Rose giggled.

“Damn right I would. This thing looks dangerous,” Gary, quipped.

Red picked up her cell and dialed a number, “Hi baby, it’s your turn.”

Gary looked puzzled but only for a moment. Tammy pranced into the room wearing thigh highs and heels. “I can’t wait to experience this,” she said as she kissed Gary sweetly. Gary’s girls just laughed.

“She has been a basket case waiting for you to get home. We had to promise her that you’d do her first. She can be a right bitch at times,” Wendy smirked.

“Eat me darling,” Tammy grinned.

“Trust me girlfriend, we all will.” Nancy took her by the hand and walked her to the Circle.

Her perfect, tiny body looked particularly wicked as she stepped onto the platform. Her tight black pussy split sweetly; the tasty pink ribbon of delight begged to be used and abused. Nancy strapped her in and told Gary to strip. She took him to the Circle and she showed him the controls.

“This button controls her legs,” Nancy said as she hit the button. Tammy’s legs began to spread. You can adjust them to be perfectly comfortable for both of you. “This button adjusts her knees and this one adjusts her pelvis. You can tilt her pelvis to be perfect for either licking or fucking.”

“This is pretty sweet. Is it just me or have I seen something like this before?”

“Bob is retired hon, he’s no longer swinging but the table Connie loved so much has been improved. This is it and you haven’t seen anything yet. It gets a lot better,” Nancy said as she flipped another switch.

A seat ascended from the floor platform. Gary sat down and took the controls. He played with the various buttons and effortlessly moved Tammy into some fantastic positions. Never a stranger to innovation, Gary was impressed. Tammy was getting impatient.”

“Come on baby, my pussy needs some lovin’,” Tammy cooed.

“Hold your horses’ girlfriend; you’re in for the lovin’ of your life. I’m just getting used to the controls. If I’m right, everyone had better get naked because I have a feeling we’re all going to get into the action very soon.”

He found what he was looking for and he hit a switch. Tammy began to lay flat. More controls slid her forward and back. He slid her into his face and he began to lick her tasty pussy sweetly. Tammy was addicted to his tongue and he gave his beautiful girl the licking of her life. He adjusted her legs, her pelvis and her knees and opened her up completely. He flipped a switch and the entire machine began to vibrate. Tammy definitely enjoyed that.

There were lots more switches and he kept looking for the ones he wanted. He flipped another switch and Tammy’s head slowly sunk backwards. Mark started laughing and he walked to her extended neck. She saw his cock and opened her mouth. Gary adjusted the angle and he slid right down her fabulous throat.

“Holy fuck, I didn’t know it could do that,” Rose giggled. “I’m definitely going to love this thing.”

“It gets better baby; you haven’t seen the half of it yet,” Red grinned. “I wanted to see if he could remember the night we met him. Just wait until he has the controls down pat. It’s gonna get wet in here.”

Gary pulled back from Tammy’s pussy and started to adjust her position. Mark was firmly planted between her teeth and loving it. Gary brought her legs straight up and opened her wide. He adjusted the tilt of her head. He hit a switch and the machine began so spin her. Marks cock was in her throat and her body was rotating on Mark’s shaft. He stopped the machine for a minute and walked himself into Tammy’s wet pussy. A few adjustments later and he began to spin her again. She resembled a chicken on a rotisserie except that she was rotating on two very hard cocks.

Debbie was giggling uncontrollably, “Okay, that’s it. This is now my office. Did you know I am a workaholic?”

Everyone laughed and Gary was still checking out the controls. Tammy was spinning and cumming like a racehorse.

“I like this a lot,” Gary said. “Is Bob making them?”

“No, they are a new, very exclusive product and you can only get them from one catalog. The company selling them has worldwide rights to the product. A shop in Ft. Lauderdale is making them for the distributor,” Red explained.

“This is amazing, I know someone who’d kill to get her hands on one of these,” Gary grinned.

“We can ship them to Holland. I don’t know if her new husband would appreciate it though,” Nancy laughed.

“What do you mean, ‘we can ship’. Who is the ‘we’?” Gary asked.

“Oh shit, didn’t we tell you? There is this little company called D’Orgasmic Lingerie. They have the worldwide rights to the product.” Red grinned. “Bob said anyone who could keep Connie satisfied had to be the one to sell this thing.”

Everyone seemed to forget that Tammy was still rotating on two very happy cocks.

“I love it, this is perfect,” Gary said as he stopped Tammy from rotating.

“Perfect is the biggest understatement I’ve heard since the day you told me you knew how to eat pussy,” Tammy said breathlessly. “Fuck, this thing is awesome.”

They spent then next hour checking out everything the Circle could do. Tammy was exhausted but smiling when she finally got off it.

“I want one,” Mark said.

“Why? You already have two of them. Jackson took delivery this afternoon. Oh shit, I forgot to tell you, Michelle, Lori and Dani want you to come home immediately,” Red laughed furiously.

“Are you going to look at the rest of what we’ve done or are you going to play with your new toy all day?” Nancy said.

She showed him his breakfast kitchen, which he thought, was a great idea. He walked into the bathroom and stopped dead in his tracks. He grabbed Red and kissed her deeply. “You’ve outdone yourself darling. This is indescribable.”

The tiles, granite and fixtures were breathtaking. He walked through the massive bathroom and saw the new sauna and separate steam room. The shower was huge and Red pointed out several features such as strategically placed handles in case they wanted to get busy in the shower.

The closets had been redone and they were great.

“Before we go upstairs, check this out,” Nancy said as she picked up a tablet next to the bed. She hit the screen and the draperies closed. With each new tap on the screen, the lighting changed dramatically. There were ten settings just for the bedroom alone. She told Rose to lie down on the bed. She shut off all the lights and the room went totally dark.

“Get up and go to the bathroom Rose,” Red told her.

Rose got up and as soon as her feet hit the floor, tiny led lights came on lighting a path to the bathroom. She brought the lights back up and told everyone to look at the framed artwork on the walls. A couple of taps on the tablet and the beautiful works of art changed right before their eyes.

“What the hell?” Gary asked incredulously.

“They are not canvas Gary; they are framed high def flat panel monitors. You have all the great masters’ works. They are all programmed to change every few days. You won’t get sick of the artwork. It rotates regularly.”

“Do I want to know what this cost?”

“No you don’t, just enjoy it,” Wendy laughed.

On the second floor, Gary walked into his brand new office. He had a fantastic view of the lake and a desk that was huge. A suspended 55-inch Samsung monitor was flanked by six smaller monitors. Every room in the house was available with a touch of a button for audio and video. Red hit a switch and Jill came on the monitor. She was at work. She told Gary that she would be over for dinner in just a little while.

His library had been redecorated nicely and the exercise room had new carpet and Samsung TV’s throughout.

“What are you going to do with the third floor hon?” Debbie asked him.

“It is a great place for storage. I may use it someday but for now, it is just there.”

“There is a lot more to see, come on,” Wendy said grabbing his arm.

Every room was elegant and he was so happy with the results. The living room was amazing. He walked over to a brand new acquisition that was a complete surprise to him.

A Yamaha player electric grand piano sat in one corner of the living room. He had wanted one from the day he saw the first one. He just never had the space before. He looked at the tablet next to the piano, selected a song, and hit play. The house instantly filled with the sweetest sound possible. The grin on his face was huge.

The game room had been transformed into a sexy Las Vegas style bar complete with slot machines, video poker machines, blackjack and ‘Let It Ride’ tables and two pool tables. The bar was fantastic and fully stocked. The women had definitely been busy. Gary checked out the poker machines. He smiled big when he saw his favorite, ‘Double Double Bonus Poker’. It was his favorite game.

Debbie came up behind him and slipped a blindfold on him. They led him outside and Debbie positioned him where she wanted him and removed the blindfold. What he saw blew him away.

“Where the hell is Holly?” he stammered.

“I’m right behind you dear. Do you like it?” she whispered in his ear.

“I love it,” he said as he looked at a complete recreation of his bar in Key West.

“You told me to build another bar on this side and Holly heard us discussing it. She had photos of your place and she gave them to us. We thought you’d like it,” Red said.

He walked behind the bar and looked around. She even had his speed rack properly outfitted. He looked up on the wall and started laughing. They had recreated his favorite bar sign. It simply read, ‘To make the owner happy, give him a blowjob and a bucket of money’.

Gary was laughing hard and pointing to that sign. “That damned sign got me laid every night.”

“Now get the fuck out of my way. You’ve finally fucked up,” Holly said as she filled the blender with ice. She walked over to the beer cooler and took out the Pina Colada Mix, pineapple juice and the grenadine. She poured them into the blender and then went to the speed rack. She was not a newbie doing a four-bottle pour. She picked up the Dark Rum, Light Rum, Vodka and Triple Sec and did a four count. She turned and reached for the Banana Liquor and the Blackberry Brandy. She put the lid on and blended a perfect Rum Runner. She poured him one, inserted the straw, grabbed the 151 Rum, poured the floater, and filled the straw. She turned and smiled sweetly as he stood there with an astonished look on his face.

“I own your ass now Mr. Edwards. You’ve done everything possible all these years to keep this recipe from me. You forgot to tell Rose not to tell me,”

“Oops,” Rose blushed.

Gary took a sip, smiled, “You’re hired.”

“You can’t afford me,” Holly snickered as she handed one to Mark.

“Finally, the woman doth speaketh the truth,” Mark quipped.

“Wow, this brings back some great memories. I did have a fun time in the Keys. Everything looks wonderful. The grounds look so different. I see the golf carts arrived. I like them.”

“That one is yours Gary; jump in there is much to see.” Red threw him the keys to his cart. They took off down the new pathways. Ten new cabana’s had been constructed and each one was a different tropical paradise. Each cabana had an unobstructed view of the lake while remaining completely private from the main house.

“We’re going to have to be careful; I don’t want the boaters to see what is going on in the cabanas.”

“We’ve got it covered. When I tell you, lie down on the mattress and keep looking at me,” Nancy said. She walked several feet away and told Gary to lie down. As he did, a low hum was heard. He was looking at Nancy and nothing changed.

“Are you still on the bed?” she asked.

“Of course I am.”

“Well, I can’t see you,” she laughed.

Gary got up and walked to her. He looked back at the cabana and all he saw was an empty cabana. Each mattress was fitted with a pressure switch. Red walked over and got on the mattress. Gary saw the cabana rise up in front of him.

“This is a new material. It is completely transparent looking out. Looking in, all you see is the image of the cabana. No one can see anything that may be going on inside. Complete privacy is guaranteed.” Each one is landscaped differently. They look gorgeous in daylight but the best effect will be at night. You’re going to want to play in all of them,” Nancy said.

“Now, would I do that? Gee Nancy; you make me sound like some weird letch.”

“You are; you’re our lovable letch. We love you, you know that.” Nancy threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. “We still have a few more surprises for you baby. Let’s go.”

They jumped into the carts and headed back to the main house. Gary sat in the cart and looked at the new building. “Damn, it is larger than I thought it would be. When will it be finished?” He lit a cigarette and sat looking at the building. It was a perfect match to the main house.

“The suites have to be finished. The main floor is finished and we are sure you’re going to be happy with it. Everything will be finished by the time you get back from Europe.”

“Oh fuck, I forgot all about the catalog shoot. When do we have to leave for Europe?”

“We leave Tuesday morning baby,” Wendy said. “Personally, I can’t wait. The farthest I’ve ever traveled was to Las Vegas for Mark’s party. That was mind-blowing. I can’t wait to see Paris.”

“What is that I smell?” Whatever it is, it smells wonderful. What the hell is going on,” he asked as Linda came out onto the patio with her chefs following her. They walked to the corner of the patio next to the new party building and the aromas became more pronounced.

“Since the girls didn’t want their suites enlarged, we figured we’d use that money to give you something we knew you’ve wanted all your life,” Red said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him from the golf cart. She walked him onto the patio and into a fabulous outdoor kitchen.

“Do you like it darling?” Rose asked. “I wasn’t sure we could keep this a secret but we did. Gary, you and Mark walk to the end of the kitchen.”

They did and saw the biggest damned smoker they could ever imagine sitting next to the kitchen. They opened it up and it was full of ribs, brisket, sausages, chicken and pork.

Tables were set up and dinner was served. Everyone sampled some of each item.

“Gary, try the baked beans. Tell us what you think of them,” Tammy beamed.

He did and his eyes widened. “These are absolutely delicious. Seriously, I have never had better in my life.”

“That is our grandfathers’ recipe. It’s been a family secret for years. We love it. I’m glad you do too,” Linda smiled.

“I’m taking a poll,” Holly announced. “Is the BBQ up to speed?”

Everyone agreed that it was.

“Okay, this part of the menu is set. We still have a lot of work to do. Eat up people; we have a lot of food here.”

Mark and Gary went back for seconds on the ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. Watching those two was reminiscent of a kid in a candy store. They were in seventh heaven. They returned to the table and together it sounded like an episode of Iron Chef America. They were hilarious comparing smoke rings, barbeque sauces, beans etc.

“From the looks on your faces, I think we should be worried girls,” Rose laughed. “The final straw will be if he wants to put the damned smoker in the bedroom.”

“It’s always smokin in my bedroom darling.”

“Holly, here’s a question for you,” Wendy smiled. “Have you ever had any of Gary’s baked goods? The man is a genius.”

“No I didn’t know that. Down in the Keys, all there was Key Lime Pie. It was delicious but he didn’t make them.”

“I refuse to compete when the odds are stacked against me. Yes, I owned a bar and restaurant. When I want Key Lime Pie, there is only one place in Key West to get it. The Rooftop Restaurant can’t be beat. I can’t remember her name but the Jamaican woman who makes the pies is considered the best in the world. They would see me come in and bring me a slice of pie and a coffee. I don’t think I ever saw their menu.”

“Darling, you have to make her a cheesecake. Holly, his cheesecake will blow you away.”

“Hey, I make some killer things too,” Mark, laughed. “Tomorrow my friend, it is game on Gar. We compete.”

“Attention everyone, I have an announcement. Tomorrow there will be a bake-off between Gary and Mark. What this means is that you are all going to be blown away by what they make. It also means that all you guys had better be horny as hell. We’ll have some serious calories to burn off,” Debbie chuckled.

“This is going to be fun,” Linda grinned. “What are the rules?”

“Very simple, only four people allowed in the kitchen. Mark, Linda, Holly and myself. You know it is funny when you think of it. Mark and I grew up in this house but I know I’ve never worked in this kitchen. Have you Mark?”

“Nope and if you think about it, I don’t think Jeremy even knew where the kitchen was. He sure as fuck wouldn’t know what to do with one anyway. This is going to be fun. Do we have everything we need?”

“We have enough to feed an army baby,” Holly purred.

“All I need is my laptop and I’m golden,” Gary said.

“Oh shit, I knew there was something we forgot to show you. Come with us,” Red laughed. They went into the house and into a room he didn’t know existed. Gary looked at Mark and they both laughed. They were staring at their own internet hub.

“Everything you need is available anywhere on the complex. Don’t laugh Mark; we mirrored your stuff too. You both have access to everything from any room.”

“Who do we have to thank for this?” Gary inquired.

Jill was standing with a tablet in her hand. She tapped the screen and Dani’s smiling face was on the screen. “You can thank both of us,” Jill smiled. “Everything is secure, password protected and available to both of you from anywhere on earth.”

“This is fucking sweet,” Mark said. “Are you telling me I can access this from the plane?”

“Anywhere on earth baby,” Dani grinned. “This way, you can’t hide from me. I can be a cruel bitch darling.”

They went into the kitchen and checked it out. It was going to be a good competition.

The intercom came to life. Tammy announced ‘house rules’ were now in effect. Everyone was to meet by the pool in ten minutes in full D’Orgasmic fashions.

The women disappeared and left Mark and Gary alone in the kitchen. “Your kitchen looks better than this one,” Gary said.

“But you have things in here I don’t have. This is going to be fun. How long has it been since we did this?”

“Way too long Mark, way too long. Memo to Mark never let Holly do your grocery shopping. There is enough food here for a year.”

They walked out onto the patio. The sun had set and night was upon them. The only lights visible were the underwater lights of the pool. Wendy walked up to Gary and the vision she presented hardened his cock instantly. She was wearing one of the sexiest outfits they had ever designed.

“Do the honors my love,” she said as she handed him the tablet.

Gary and Mark stood shoulder to shoulder when he tapped the screen. The entire complex came to life. Trees, pathways, cabanas and the bars glowed in soft, sensuous lighting. Everywhere they looked wonderful features presented beautifully.

“Disney has nothing on this. This is phenomenal,” Gary said as she kissed Red and Nancy sweetly.

Wendy leaned over and pointed to the tablet. “Hit this one baby.”

He tapped the screen and hurricane shutters raised but the building was in total darkness. The sound of ‘Country Girl, (Shake It For Me)’ filled the night. The party room building came to life. He tapped the screen another time and the building illuminated to reveal Ronnie and the girls dancing out and onto the patio. They looked delicious but what was behind them was breathtaking.

The building, now open to the air, was a remarkable sight. The inside bar looked better than any bar he had ever been in. Soft seductive lighting, neon accents and bar signs of every description filled the room.

Ronnie danced her heart out and when the song changed to ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ the men joined in. A full-blown christening of the new building was in motion.

Red and Gary walked through the building and he was beyond impressed. The theater was amazing with seating for thirty and audio and video that was the best on the market.

Over in one corner, a crowd had gathered. Nancy was giving instructions on the control panel of the Party Room Circle of Pleasure.

“Well, that figures,” Mark, laughed. “Look who is on the machine.” Jill was obviously enjoying the new toy a lot. They walked over to her and she saw the smiles on their faces.

“What? I’ve had to put up with you two all my life. This is one a perk I am going to use as often as I can. I want one in my office.”

“Yeah, I was meaning to talk to you about that,” he said as she was being fucked deliciously by Hank. “With all the new technology we have here, it would be better if you worked out of here hon. I’m going to give Ron my office. Hell, I can give you dictation while you’re getting a nice slice of cock right here.”

“Not right now you can’t Gary,” Marty said as he slid his cock into Jill’s greedy mouth. “You two are so lucky. She is one fabulous woman.”

“That she is,” Mark agreed. “No freakin wonder that Dani and Michelle want me back in Las Vegas. I’m going to need your help when DeeDee discovers this thing.”

Gary laughed loudly at that one. “She is going to want to be on the spit 24/7. You do know that thing does a hell of a lot more than what you saw don’t you?”

“Oh hell yes, I want to know what is in the floor of that thing that we haven’t seen. Well, we’ll find out tomorrow I’m sure. Wendy already informed me to put aside three hours for them tomorrow,” Mark laughed.

“What the fuck is with that. They tell you instead of me. Should my feelings be hurt?” Gary grinned.

“Nah, they are so in love with you it isn’t funny. I’ll be right back; I have to call the hospital.”

Gary walked into the theater and took a seat. The chairs were extremely comfortable and the movie was stunning. The screen definition was impeccable and the sound system blew his mind. Lindsay walked into the theater and the look on her face was so sweet. She saw him and walked out to the bar. She returned and handed him a Rum Runner and she sat beside him.

“This is gorgeous. I mean, it was pretty before but now, it is the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen. Every room makes me wet with lust. I used to think I was pretty sexed up. Compared to the way I feel now, it was nothing. I have to tell you something, I hope you won’t be angry with me. I had a private talk to your women this afternoon. I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t stepping on anyone’s toes but I just want to fuck you morning, noon and night.”

“Oh, and what was their response to that?”

“Debbie bit my clit and Rose and Wendy bit my nipples,” Lindsay blushed. “They told me they fully understood and they didn’t mind one bit. Rose told me directly that no one woman would ever corral you. The best any of us can ever hope for is to have you whenever you can make time for us. I kind of felt special hearing that.”

“You are special. Truth be told, of all of the new women, you have a piece of me, I can’t explain but I’m happy about it. You said you remind me of your uncle. Well, you remind me of a girl I went to school with who I never touched and probably should have.”

Lindsay slid down onto the padded floor and crawled between his legs. Her tiny hand grabbed his cock and she looked up into his face. “I love you Gary. Don’t expect me to stop anytime soon either.”

She knelt upright and kissed him sweetly. Her lips toyed with his as her hand began to stroke him. She kissed his neck and down onto his chest. She licked his nipples and down onto his tight stomach. Her eyes were focused on his and she saw the pleasure she was bringing him. Her tongue slinked out and she twirled it around his broad crown. She looked at the velvet head and back up into his eyes. She licked his long shaft and swirled around the tip.

Her lovely face was elegant in her cock hungry craving. Her features were perfect and her lust apparent. She pulled him towards her and opened her lips. She closed her mouth over him and took him in a few inches. She pulled him out, licked him like a lollipop, and sucked him back into her hot, wet mouth.

Her breasts heaved with each thrust onto him. Her nipples were tiny, tight and proud. Her honey blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous face betrayed her love for this man.

“Tonight, I want to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had darling. I want your cock in my mouth, in my lips and down my throat. I want you to make me cum just from fucking my throat. I want to taste every drop of your cum tonight and forever.”

Lindsay looked so sweet with his hard shaft halfway in her mouth. She smiled around his cock and saw the love returned from him. Her face fell forward and she slid him deep into her throat. Her hands caressed his balls and her tongue stroked under his cock.

Her finger circled his ass and she rode him deeper into her face. Her finger slid into his ass and her lips caressed his length deliciously. She knew he loved that so she slid a second finger into him. Her wet mouth swallowed him completely and he felt her lips pressing around the base of his cock. She stroked his ass wonderfully and her tongue milked his cock perfectly. This angel was heaven sent; he pulled her up, and kissed her deeply.

Gary hit a button on the arm of the chair and it reclined. He pulled her tight, hot body up and dropped her puffy, sweet pussy onto his face. She fell back onto his cock and he ate her pussy and ass lovingly. The sight of this gorgeous woman riding his face was the perfect christening of the new theater. The sound of a woman orgasming on screen coupled with the wetness of Lindsay’s free flowing pussy on his lips heightened every sensation. His tongue slid into her ass and she came instantly.

“Oh baby, lick my ass darling. I love it. Lick me; fuck my ass with your hot tongue darling. Oh, yes! Ohmigod baby, that feels so fucking good.”

His tongue dug into her perfect ass and she could not stop shaking. Her pussy was soaked and her orgasms were building. She took him back into her throat and as she came, her body convulsed on his cock. He felt every inch of her throat close over him and she kept cumming.

He closed his lips over her perfect clit and he began to lick and suck her pussy relentlessly. He felt her manicured nails digging into his legs and her body exploded with pure joy. She flowed, she gushed and she flooded his face with her nectar, which he drank totally. His hands cupped her breasts and she heaved against his palms. Lindsay shook uncontrollably on his tongue and he kept her cumming. She collapsed on his stomach. She pulled him from her lips and she spun around and kissed him furiously.

“I can’t even begin to describe how much I love you. Fuck me darling. Fuck me, fill me and love me baby,” Lindsay whispered as she kissed him again.

She slid down and raised her hips over his stiff cock. She was saturated and fell easily onto his shaft. His long, broad cock stretched her tightly and she loved the feeling he gave her as he filled her completely. She welcomed him and the heat of their passion built massively. She raised herself up and offered him her perfect breast.

His mouth closed over her nipple and he began to lick and suck her perfect tit. He felt every inch of her tight pussy as she began to slowly, sweetly ride his cock. Her breast was pushed onto his lips and its fullness felt wonderful. He stroked harder into her and she began convulsing again.

Lindsay’s body was vibrating massively and he fucked her senseless. Her pussy was griping him wildly and he thrust deeper into her lovely body. He lifted her up and his cock grazed her asshole.

“Darling, are you going to fuck my tight ass? Your cock is so big and my ass is so tight. I want your cock in my ass baby. Shove that sweet cock into me and own me.”

He felt her settle on top of his hardness and she opened to welcome him inside.

“Ohmigod, I love your cock filling my asshole darling. Fuck my hot ass. That’s it baby; fuck my tight sweet ass with your big, hard cock. Oh, yes! Fuck my ass harder baby. Drill me deeper. I love you. I love your cock. Fuck my ass darling. Oh yes!”

Gary slid in and Lindsay went insane. Her body trembled and he stroked her faster and deeper. She bit his neck, licked his ear and dug her nails into him deeply. Her orgasm built and Lindsay exploded. Her tiny body drove him wild. Her tender tongue licked his lips ever so sweetly. Her ass grabbed his shaft and she moaned passionately.

She grabbed his head in her hands, “Darling, cum in my mouth. I want to feel every sweet spurt splash onto my tongue. I want to feel you explode. I want to hold your cock between my lips and have you cum for me baby.”

She slid off him and sank to her knees. Her hair was damp, her face flushed. She knelt, looking into his eyes and her tongue swirled over his engorged head. The look in her eyes betrayed pure lust and her lovely lips pulled him into her mouth. Her face welcomed him and she began to suck her heart out. Lindsay’s lips caressed every line, ridge and vein on his substantial shaft as it descended into her hot, wanton mouth. Her eyes pleaded for his cum as she cradled his heavy balls.

His legs began to shake, his stomach tightened and she felt him swell between her lips. She never broke his gaze. Her tiny hands felt him load up to deliver his hot, sweet cum right where she wanted it. He jerked and she felt the flood rush along his cock. She held his head between her lips. The first splash erupted and hit the back of her mouth, which caused her to cum massively herself. His cock jerked and she sucked and swirled it deliciously in her mouth. Looking in his eyes as his cock emptied between her perfect lips made her orgasms so much better. She was in the throes of another huge orgasm when he spurted again. She fell onto his cock and took him deep into her throat. She held him there, swallowing sweetly and massaging his still erupting cock in the process.

Her thighs were drenched as her pussy flowed like a river with each twitch in her throat. She felt him twitch once more and she loved that feeling more than she could ever describe. She held him as he began to soften and that thrilled her again. Her nipples were rock hard and she still obsessed with the look of complete joy in his eyes. This man, she determined, would feed her his cock for the rest of her life if she had anything to say about it.

His cock had softened and it felt wonderful. She swallowed again and again, massaging him delightfully. Not one drop had spilled from her lips. He pulled her to him and held her in his arms. Their lips met and the kiss they shared was sweet, sensuous and loving. Gary felt her heart beating against his chest as she hung on for dear life.

“Thank you my love, thank you so much. I’ve needed you for days. I am so glad that the girls are all right with this. I love them too,” Lindsay purred.

She felt several hands begin to caress her back and shoulders. Long manicured nails caressed her breast and someone else began to kiss her neck.

“We love you too Lindsay. Next to making love to him, nothing is better than watching him make love to a woman,” Wendy said. “Debbie and Rose watched the night he first made love to me. They were soaked when he was finished and now, I know how fucking hot that had to be. Watching him make love to you is a good thing because now, when he fucks you, it is going to be really wild.”

They heard a muffled sound and Debbie was trying to say something but her face was wet from Lindsay’s hot, soaked pussy. Gary looked down and laughed. “She is the last one I would have thought would become addicted to pussy Lindsay but she sure is.”

“She is good at it too. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this but everyone has become better because of you baby. All the guys have heard from every one of the girls how good you are they wanted to know what you did differently. We showed them. They have definitely improved with the women. According to the guys, because every woman here is an excellent cocksucker, their own cocksucking has become better too. All in all, everyone is happy.”

Gary kissed her and left her in the girls’ capable hands. He headed out to the bar and actually walked behind it for the first time. No sooner had he got there than two arms came up behind him and wrapped themselves around him. Holly whispered in his ear. “Do you like my love?”

“This is sweet Holly,” he giggled. “Are you trying to turn me back into a bartender? I bet a guy could get laid tending this bar.”

“Strong possibility darling.”

Pete and Leeann were tending bar and fucking too. Leeann had a smile a yard wide on her face. She was a very attractive auburn-haired woman with great legs and slender hips. Pete was a joker, always smiling and seldom seen with out a nice hardon. Gary knew why Leeann was smiling.

She walked up to him and hugged him. Her nipples felt hard against his chest. “I want to thank you for being at that party. I saw you two there and I was so horny I could barely contain myself. Then, I don’t know who she was, I watched you fuck that older woman in the ass and that did it for me. I don’t know when but I want you to butt fuck me the way you did her. I came for a week just thinking about it. Who was she?”

Gary and Holly burst out laughing, “She is a Superior Court Judge dear. You’ll meet her. When I get back from Europe, I am going to have a party here like the one where you saw us. The big difference is you get to fuck everyone this time, just like in Las Vegas.”

“Las Vegas was a fucking trip and a half,” Pete said. “I fucked some of the finest women I’ve ever seen in my life. Showgirls are fabulous in bed.”

“I fucked damned near every entertainer I could find. The TV star Ronnie grabbed off the dance floor to start the party wound up fucking me three times. God that man had a great cock.” Leeann grinned.

“You fucked him too?” Holly grinned. “Damn Gar, he got almost as much pussy as you did. He sure could fuck.”

“Well, he didn’t get me in Las Vegas,” Leeann sulked. “It’s been more than a week since I’ve had the pleasure. A girl could get lonely like that.”

“How can you be sure I didn’t do you in Las Vegas? Didn’t you spend any time in the dark room?” Gary quipped.

“Well, I did spend quite a lot of time in there. It is very exciting. All those hands, cocks, pussies, and total darkness. I love it in there,” Leeann purred.

Gary laughed and saw the look on Holly’s face. She was looking at Pete’s hard cock. Gary walked over to Pete and wrapped his hand around his cock. “Holly, come here darling.”

She smiled and sank to her knees.

Gary took Leeann’s hand and they walked to the darkroom. She did not intend to let go of him. As they walked thru the maze into the darkness, she kissed him and caressed his hardening cock. She knelt and sucked him sweetly. Someone else knelt as well and they passed his cock back and forth. He felt tits against his back and kisses on his neck. Someone began licking his ass and he felt two hard cocks in his hands. He felt tongues everywhere and loved it.

Someone pulled him down on the mattress and climbed on his hard cock. It was Leeann whispering in his ear, “I didn’t let go baby. I want you. I’m not letting go until I have you,” she giggled as someone placed their cock on her lips. She began to suck the cock and she offered it to him. He took it, licked it, and passed it back to her. Together they blew that cock until it spurted sweetly. Someone began to slide their cock into her ass. Gary felt the cock ride on top of his own and together they fucked her deliciously. Leeann began to cum from the spectacular feeling of two substantial cocks inside her.

A woman felt Gary’s face and she positioned herself over his lips and lowered her body onto his lips. His hands held her ass and he began to lick. Leeann licked her pussy and Gary licked her ass. She began to cum ferociously and they continued to bring her pleasure.

Leeann’s pussy clamped onto him and she squeezed tightly as her body was wracked in total orgasmic bliss. The cock in her ass picked up momentum and he began to stroke her deeply. He grabbed her hips and stroked harder and faster and his cock exploded deep in her bowel. Leeann came deliciously and her body hugged his cock with a desire that took her breath away. The woman they were eating was cumming wetly and their tongues drank her fully.

Leeann began moaning and she came hard on his cock. Her thighs gripped his hips and she pulsed repeatedly. The woman on their faces moved and another replaced her immediately. She crawled over Gary’s head and her pussy fell onto his lips. Someone was fucking her and Gary felt his cock slide into her wet, hot snatch. He reached up and felt this man’s cock as it slid into her noisy pussy.

Leeann raised herself off his cock and positioned it at her ass. She slid down and felt him fill her completely. He felt the other man’s cum in her ass and he began to thrust sweetly. The woman rose up and grabbed Leeann and the two women began to kiss passionately. As Gary’s lips sucked her pussy, the man fucking her slid his cock in and out of her rapidly. Gary’s tongue caressed his cock and her pussy simultaneously. She was cumming hard and the man inside her began to cum as well. His cock pistoned in and out and his cum flowed onto Gary’s lips. Gary pulled this man’s cock out and swallowed it completely. Two spurts later, he went back and sucked her pussy dry.

Leeann was cumming repeatedly, kissing and licking that woman’s lips and tits. Their hands flicked each other’s clits and the women kept exploding. Gary sucked him again and licked her sweetly. The man and woman moved on. Leeann threw her body on top of him and she kissed him deeply.

“You are such a delicious man. I needed that baby. Your cock feels so good in my ass. Can I keep it in there for a while? I just want to hold you and kiss you and feel that lovely pole inside me.”

He kissed her again and their lips danced and teased. His cock flexed and that drove her wild. He continued doing it and she lost her mind. She giggled, bit his neck and ground her ass on his cock. He was relentless and she freaked out. He had her ass on fire and loved making her feel this way. He started long strokes and she moaned loudly. Her clit was drenched as she was flowing like the Nile. Her tongue dove deep in his mouth and her ass gripped him tightly.

“Fucking you is the best thing I’ve ever done,” she whispered. “Don’t stop darling. This is so good.”

He let her relax and calm down. They lay there listening to the sounds of hard cocks slapping wet pussies and moaning from every part of the room.

He held her hand and they left the room.

“This is the only time in my life I’ve walked out of a darkroom with the woman I walked in with. That was wild,” Gary, laughed.

They walked into the glory hole room and Gary stopped dead in his tracks. The room was not what he thought it would be. There were walkways, elevated areas and glory holes of every size and shape everywhere. The lighting was very dim and the room looked very exotic. Leeann looked at him and they walked through the room.

He started walking up a stairway to the ceiling. A hand came thru a hole and he walked to it. The hand caressed his cock, pulling him in. Whoever this was, they were good. He moved up another step and another hand came out. He fed that hole and moved up another step. Two hands came through, one male and one female. He fed that hole and the mouths were excellent. He looked into the center of the room and smiled. There was room for a dozen people to fuck and they were surrounded by half walls filled with glory holes of all sizes and shapes. You could fuck and suck at the same time. He was pleased with what he saw.

They walked back to the bar and Tammy, Jill, Wendy and Rose were there. Pete and Holly were nowhere to be seen. Gary gave each of them a kiss. Debbie was on the Circle having an apparent great time.

Tia came up to the bar and kissed Gary hello. She told him that a Brenda Lutz was on the phone. Gary smiled wide as she handed him the phone.

He spoke with her for a few minutes and told her to get comfortable and come over.

“How comfortable do you want me to get baby?” she asked.

“Well, there are about fifty naked people over here. Do the math sweetheart.”

“I’ll be right there.”

He looked at Jill and she started giggling. “Where is Mark? Somebody, go find Mark please.”

Gary looked at Holly and he smiled broadly. “Brenda Lutz is my next door neighbor. She is a dancer and choreographer. She is about ten years older than I am. She is constantly horny and has a body that just won’t quit. She may be exactly who we are looking for. I had completely forgotten about her with everything we have going on.”

Jill took a sip of her drink, looked at Holly and purred. “You’re going to meet the woman who taught the three amigos how to lick a pussy. I just came thinking about her getting me off.”

“I’m here, what’s up,” Mark said as he and Linda walked up to the bar.

“Pour yourself a drink; I’ve got a surprise for you.” Mark refilled everyone’s glass and sat down when Tia returned with a positively stunning tall redhead. She was in her late 40′s but didn’t look it at all. Her body was amazing.

“Ohmigod, I can’t believe you’re all here. Gary, Mark and Jill, I just died and went to heaven.” Brenda purred and kissed them with much passion. She wore the tiniest bikini and looked luscious.

Gary introduced Wendy and Rose to Brenda. He pointed to Debbie who was spinning like crazy on the Circle. He told Brenda that these women were the love of his life.

“You always had good taste in women Gary. This time, you’ve hit a homerun,” Brenda agreed as she appraised the trio approvingly. “I don’t know what the fuck that thing is but I want to ride it too. Fuck me, that looks like a lot of fun.”

They took her on a tour of the house. She was astonished. They showed her the grounds and the playhouse.

“I hope you know how much I’ve missed the four of you. I’ve talked to Jeremy online several times. He’s doing okay. He misses us a lot. He has more pussy and cock than he can handle but he misses his friends. Moreover, you three had better believe I’m not leaving here with out doing all of you. Fuck this place is gorgeous. Robert would have a constant hardon and Maggie would simply have a conniption fit. I never understood how a woman who designed the sexiest lingerie could be such a prude.”

They went back to the bar and told Brenda what their plans were. They asked what her schedule was and if she would be interested in taking on a wonderful job.

“It sounds like fun. I actually retired six months ago. I still dance everyday but that is only to stay in shape. How many clubs do you plan on having eventually?”

“The plan is to open two centers a month; that would be four clubs in total. Each club will have their own dancers. The plan is to have twelve men and women in each club. We are going to recruit those dancers locally. We want them to be sexy as hell and the routines as provocative as you can make them and still be legal. Shannon will be designing some amazing outfits for them.

The professional touring team will be recruited from New York and Las Vegas. They will eventually travel all over the country to promote our products and clubs. We have one girl already.”

Mark walked behind the bar and picked up the microphone. “We would like our dancers to do Country Girl and Save a Horse in five minutes please.”

He poured everyone a drink and grinned at Brenda. “God woman, you just look better every time I see you.”

“Your cock looks as suckable today as it did the first time I did it.”

“When was that,” Rose asked.

“I’ll tell you where, not when. I don’t know what the statute of limitations are so I’ll be quiet on the when but I will tell you where. There used to be a utility shed next to the property line. I heard some noises and looked. Jeremy, Mark and Gary were there with Jill. They were naked and touching each other. They didn’t have a clue what they were doing. It was hot watching them and I started to masturbate. Jill had licked their cocks and they were taking turns licking her. Damn, they were awful.

As you get to know me Rose, you’ll discover that I am horny all the time and I had my fingers in my pussy while I watched them. I guess I got a little noisy and they heard me. There was no point running away so we got to talking. Hell, we were all naked. The boys’ cocks looked so good and we talked about sex. I invited them over to my place, as it was more comfortable and very private. They were eager, way too young but horny as hell.

Over the next year or so, they learned everything and they were good students. Jill was laid almost everyday and the three guys learned to fuck better than any men I have ever done.”

The outdoor lights went out and they walked to the Tiki bar. The patio lights came on and Ronnie led the pack. The song came on and they started to dance.

“Brenda, each of these people is going to be running our clubs. They are all friends, bi and not professional dancers. They are chefs and restaurant managers.”

“Well, one of them is a professional dancer. That black haired woman is gorgeous and she can move.”

“That is Ronnie. We told you we had our lead dancer for the professional group. She is also my new model for the Country Club line of products,” Gary smiled.

“Is she as good in bed as she looks?” Brenda gushed.

“She is even better baby,” Mark told her. “You’ll love her pussy. We all do.”

Debbie had joined them and Brenda kissed her hello. Debbie looked at this gorgeous redhead and grinned.

The clothed dancers did ‘Country Girl’ but when ‘Save a Horse’ started; they went to town with the number they had rehearsed so many times. When they were finished, thirty-six spectacular naked bodies were introduced to Brenda.

“This is going to be fun Gary. Ohmigod, this is going to be a blast. Do I get to play with them, huh, do I darling?”

“Each and every one of them Brenda,” Jill giggled as she kissed Brenda deeply. “Darling, you taught me how to suck cock. You taught all of us how to lick pussy. Do you think we would hold back on you now? I’m pissed at you but that is another story.”

“You’re pissed at me? Why baby?” Brenda asked.

“You didn’t tell me you weren’t living in Manhattan anymore. We could have gotten together a lot sooner. I’ve missed your hot tongue darling,” Jill cooed.

They introduced Ronnie to Brenda and they talked while Brenda drooled.

Lindsay walked up and introduced herself to Brenda. She saw the lecherous look on Brenda’s face and she grinned big-time. She looked at the body on her and then at Jill. Jill was grinning like a schoolgirl. Lindsay walked over and picked up the bar microphone.

She flipped a switch and said, “Listen up everyone. Brenda has not been ‘certified’. Since she is now part of our operation, we really need to have her certified tonight.”

Jill took the microphone and continued. “That is a wonderful idea. I just want everyone to know that Brenda is the woman who taught us everything we know. She taught them how to please a woman and she taught me how to suck a cock properly. Actually, she taught them how to suck cock too. Welcome her into our new and extended family properly.”

Brenda turned to Mark, “What does ‘certified’ mean baby?”

“It is a very simple concept. Every one of these men is going to fuck you, your face and your ass. The women are going to keep you cumming sweetly. You definitely will be well fucked by the end of this night my love.”

“I love it but first, I am going to fuck all of you senseless. Then, it will be game on. I haven’t had a gangbang in a long time. Momma is hungry for cum,” Brenda blushed.

Red and Nancy came over and Gary introduced them. “Brenda, I want you to meet the geniuses who did the transformation over here. These two are the best interior decorators you’ll ever meet.”

Brenda looked at Red and giggled. “Darling, he knows I love Red meat. It is nice to meet you. I can’t wait to eat you too.”

“That is our Brenda. Forever horny and always ready,” Jill giggled.

“If you are the woman who taught them everything they know, I want to see what you didn’t teach them,” Nancy laughed.

“Oh Nancy, you’ll find out but first, I am going to fuck their collective brains out. I’ll be back,” she said as she did her best Terminator impression.

The next hour was spent with four friends making wild, passionate love. Brenda was happy that her protégés had turned out the way they had. They were excellent lovers and it didn’t hurt that she actually loved every one of them fully.

Brenda was an amazing woman who had muscle control unlike most women. Being a top dancer and choreographer had toned her perfectly. Her pussy control was amazing. The things she could do to a cock inside her astounded every man who ever had the pleasure to sleep with her. There wasn’t an ounce of body fat on her and her breasts were spectacular to say the least. Her nipples were highly sensitive and they somehow were directly attached to her fabulous clit. One lick would send her into low earth orbit and they knew precisely how to do her. It had been many years since they had fucked and her ability to suck cock had only improved.

When they were finished, they turned Brenda over to be ‘certified’ and she spent the rest of the night and into the early morning hours fucking her brains out. She was still one of the best fucks in the world.

Red and Gary sat at the bar and she filled him in on the schedule to complete the house.

“I know you told me to leave that one area by the deep end of the pool alone. I did but frankly, it looks like hell. The pool is gorgeous. I love it but that one area is a mess,” Red stated matter-a-factly.

“Come with me darling. I have to make a call to have it finished the way I want it.”

They went up to his office and he pulled out plans and showed her.

“When I designed the pool, I had a lot of ideas of how I wanted it finished. I had the deep end go to a depth of sixteen feet. I designed it to have bridges cross the pool here and here. This has already been constructed and everything is in storage. My pool man has been waiting for the word to start construction to finish it. The deep end will have a rock mountain with many waterfalls, a five-meter platform and a three-meter springboard. Mark and I have been diving since we were kids. He pointed to a large waterfall and showed her the plans for what was behind the waterfall. Look here, if you swim through the water, you will find a great recessed area with a mattress and sound system. You can swim through the waterfall and fuck your brains out.”

The next morning, Linda and Holly met them in the kitchen. Mark staggered in demanding coffee. “Intravenously please, I’m tired. You went to bed and I partied for another two hours.”

“Excuse the fuck out of me, I went to bed with three hot, horny women who demanded, let me repeat that, demanded my complete attention,” Gary grinned. “They get hornier every day.”

“Are you two complaining?” Linda looked dumbfounded. “Well, that fucks up our plans Holly. I guess you’ll just have to let me lick your pussy instead.”

“More coffee,” Gary demanded. “Like either of us would pass up either of you, give me a freakin break.”

They spent the next five hours making cakes, pies, cookies, cinnamon buns and of course cheesecakes. They burned through several pots of coffee and took time for the occasional orgasm as well. Something about these two women, no one could resist.

Gary called his pool man and told him to go ahead on the balance of the pool. He told him to schedule the construction with Red, that he was going to be away for six weeks and hoped the pool would be complete on his return.

The girls were busy packing. Lori and Diane arrived. Diane helped Ronnie pack for the trip. Lori was flying on Gary’s jet and Mark was heading to Dallas to see Cherry and assist Ainsley is getting everything up and running.

Lori and Mark had a long meeting and they both came out of it smiling. She had great news for him. Their list of fresh contracts blew him away. He saw the list of names of models who had signed and he was stunned. Some of the biggest names in the business had signed on and the list of others who were waiting to sign was long and prestigious.

As far as the entertainers were concerned, the list wasn’t as long but he expected that. They had record deals, management contracts and tour schedules to work around. They would come but it would take time.

Mark told her that he was more interested in signing the new talent. With that regard, he authorized a talent search. He wanted four teams of two to travel around the country looking for talent for both clubs. They were to approach them, get to know them and find out if they had representation. He told her to instruct them to keep everything quiet and get their contact numbers. When the time was right, they would look at them and if they were worthy, they would sign them.

Mark read a report from research on the lawyers Lori wanted to hire. Of the initial ten, Mark approved eight of them. She was pleased with that. They went through many other details while Lori got her protein fix. Mark loved the contrast of his alabaster cock sliding into her gorgeous ebony face.

He told her to get Brenda signed to a friends contract. He said he would give her the details before she left. The contract was to begin immediately and it was to be a lifetime contract. She looked at him stunned.

“Are you sure you want to do that Mark? Who is our client on this one? Is Gary on board with this?”

Brenda is the woman who taught us how to make love. She is a Tony award-winning dancer, choreographer and the hottest piece of tail you’ve ever seen. Yes, Gary is onboard. I just want to verify the figures with him first.”

He told her to get together with Brenda and discuss the best way to find dancers. Brenda would be invaluable in that regard. He also told her that she would be in for a real treat as well. He didn’t elaborate but Lori got his drift. She smiled as he unloaded into her willing throat.

At the conclusion of the meeting, she had increased her department from herself to nine lawyers, nine secretaries and she was building her promotion department too. She was happy.

Gary walked into his wing and found his girls busy packing. He told them about his plan to give up his office and to work out of the house. He also told them that he wanted Jill to work out of the house as well. It would be much more convenient if she worked here instead.

“I’ll tell you what would be a hell of a lot more convenient,” Wendy said. “Why not finish the third floor and have her live here. She is family; I’d love having her here.”

Debbie and Rose agreed instantly.

“I’ll talk to her about that. Thanks my loves,” he kissed each of them. “Oh shit, did you meet her at the office today?

Debbie laughed hysterically, “Yes dear, this is exactly why she should be here all the time. She knew you’d forget to tell us. We took Ronnie with us too. We are going to blow everyone away. The new designs are phenomenal. I’m going to feel like a princess. I’ve never had such beautiful clothing in my life.”

“Good, I’m glad that is done. I completely forgot. I got thinking about Brenda and then baking and well, I never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes.”

“It’s okay,” Rose snickered. “We still love you.”

Gary walked into his office and got Jill online. “Sweetheart, I have a question for you. Did you just buy new furniture for your place?”

“Yes I did hon, why?” she asked.

“Well, the girls and I talked about this and we all agree that you should live here. I want to have the third floor in my wing done for you. When is your lease up?”

“I have the new lease sitting on my desk. I haven’t signed it because I was considering moving. The neighborhood is sliding and I was going to look once we got back from Europe. Are you sure, you want me to move in? I would love it but I don’t want to intrude either.”

“It’s a done deal darling. Don’t be surprised if they start calling you sis. They love you as much as I do. I’m going to grab Red and Nancy and head over to your place. Are you coming to dinner? We baked,” he grinned into the camera.

“I wouldn’t miss it. You have your key; let yourself in. I’ll meet you at the house. Is there anything else baby?”

“Actually, there is. Get in touch with Roy and tell him I am in the market for another jet. I’d love a Gulfstream 650 but I don’t want to buy new. They have only been out a short time but with so many companies failing, I know he can find me one at a good price. Whatever you do, don’t tell Mark. He’ll freak on me.”

“No shit Sherlock, if you do this, he’ll kill you. I’ll call him right away. I’ll see you in a while.”

Gary rounded Red and Nancy up and they headed to Jill’s apartment. As they expected, her apartment was elegant. Her new furniture was feminine, soft and sexy. They took photos and determined color schemes. They looked in her closet and Red whistled.

“Damn, she has more clothes than anyone I have ever seen.”

“Yeah, her closet is kinda small,” Gary, said. “Design her new closet at least twice as big. Spare no expense. She is family. Put fireplaces, in the living room, bedroom and bathroom for her. She loves to relax in a whirlpool bath and gaze at the fire. Make it spectacular. Her office should be like mine but only prettier. Once you’re done, call Dave and he will arrange the movers to move everything over here and take care of her lease arrangements. I’d like her moved in by the time we get back.”

“Well, I don’t know. It is a big job. We just had a new job presented to us this morning. It is going to take some time as well,” Nancy said.

“That is great. I hope it is a big job too,” Gary said.

“Oh it is, but the nice part is we can walk to it,” Red snickered. “Brenda has contracted us to completely redo her place. On top of having the best sex in years, she saw what we had done and wanted us to completely redecorate her place. The nice thing is she knows we are going to be busy so we can do it at our pace.”

“That works for me. Don’t keep her waiting too long.”

They returned to the house and Red and Nancy went up to the third floor. They had the plans and the measurements. They did a quick sketch and had a basic idea of what to do. They showed it to Jill and she was thrilled. The view from the third floor was spectacular and she was extremely happy with everything.

Linda and Holly had dinner ready and it was delicious. Everyone was waiting for desert. They had set up everything buffet style and people tried everything. They raved about the deserts. Gary and Mark smiled and sat back. Everyone loved the cheesecakes. Gary had made several turtle cheesecakes that they voted the best desert overall. They loved Mark’s chocolate cake but his carrot cake was amazing too. Every single item was a winner. No one, other than Holly could claim victory. They voted every item to be included in the bakery.

As they relaxed with a drink after dinner, Gary told everyone that they needed to apply and obtain their passports while they were in Europe. He didn’t tell them why, he just said that they were going to need them.

Lori told Gary that everyone was already in Rome. The photographers and their staff had been there for the last four days. The other models were arriving today. Gary looked at the list of the models on this shoot and was happy. He had worked with them all before and they were talented and gorgeous. They were also horny as hell.

“Too bad you’re not going to be there,” Gary said to Mark as he handed him the list. Mark looked at the list and then over to Lori.

“Every one of them is on my list. Each girl has her own horror story about Trainer. They love me and hate him. None of them is a client yet Mark. You should go. Hell, according to what I’ve learned, you’ve dated all of them so it wouldn’t matter. I’m going to have to put a stop to you guys fucking the available models or I’ll never make any money,” Lori laughed.

“Hey, I can fuck them anytime I want. I’m not bound by the Banner friends rule,” Gary giggled.

“This is true, Let me think about it. You leave in the morning. I am going to Fort Worth to help Ainsley and I’ll be at the hospital too. I’ll see how things work out,” Mark said.

“I’ve got an idea Mark,” Shannon said. “Once I get everything set for the daily shoot, all I do is sit back and watch. Bring Ainsley over and she and I can work on the new designs. It will put us six weeks ahead of schedule. You can stay in contact with the hospital. If there is any change, you’ll know immediately. Besides that makes it thirteen women and Gary. He’s fucking amazing but he is only one man. He needs you there. Fuck that, we need you there darling.”

“I don’t know if Ainsley has a passport,” Mark admitted.

Jill picked up the phone and called her. She learned that she did have a passport and that she had never been to Europe. Jill told her to pack and that Mark was coming to Fort Worth tomorrow. She filled her in on his intentions and then hung up.

“Call her when you are about an hour out and she’ll pick you up. You’re staying with her while you’re there. She is so excited about being included in the trip,” Jill told him.

“I’m going to hate getting my electric Bill,” Gary said to no one in particular.

Red looked at Jill and Nancy and grinned. “Chances are you won’t get a bill at all. I’m betting all you get is a check.”

“What are you talking about? This house is huge and we are burning electricity like crazy.”

“Oops, guess we forgot to tell you. Come on, it is better if we show you,” Jill said as she picked up a tablet and headed to the golf carts. They drove down a new path and into the back corner of the lot next to Brenda’s property.

“Holy shit,” Gary exclaimed as he looked at what appeared to be an acre of solar panels. “This shit isn’t cheap, who authorized this?”

“I did,” Jill said. “I had a study done on the usage and determined that this will pay for itself in just under seven years. Here, look at this.”

She showed him the tablet. He didn’t understand what she was showing him for a few minutes. She explained it to him and showed him that he was actually selling power back to Florida Power and Light everyday. On the breakdown, day by day, there were only two days where they used more than they made.

He looked at the numbers and smiled. “Thank God someone around here is fiscally responsible. Good job sis, good job.”

“Dammit, I want to check my condo doc’s. I get more sunlight in Las Vegas than you do here. My bill is atrocious,” Mark complained.

They headed back and Gary jumped in the pool. Red followed and they swam around looking at the areas that were going to be changed.

“This is really going to finish everything off perfectly. When it is done, you can do your photo shoots right here,” Red laughed.

“Not a bad idea,” Gary agreed, “Anything to help me pay for all this. I need a drink.”

Debbie had prepared a list of the major bars in the country. She handed the list to Lori. While Gary made drinks for everyone, Debbie explained that for a bar promotion to be successful, it had to be sexy, offer good value to the patrons and appeal to men and women.

“I’ve done these things for years. I know how the bar owners think. When we walked in to a bar, the girls we had were spectacular, hot and oozed horniness. We’ll have our dancers, which will bring the sexy. The value will be the catalogs and we should have discount coupons in them. Discounts for products and free cover charge admission to our clubs will give great value but one thing is missing.”

“What’s that dear?” Gary asked.

“Well, there is one thing that would put this over the top. We should put on a fashion show at each bar. I know that this will add a lot of cost but the benefit would definitely be worth it. I’m thinking five men and five women should be enough. The dancers would be wearing some of the line but their outfits won’t be our standard fare. The models would be wearing items they can go home and order that night.”

“If we did that, we’d also need an announcer. I agree that this would be a great idea,” Lori said. “We could use this to recruit new, fresh faces to the modeling side of the business. I may be wrong but if this works, we are going to need a lot of traveling groups. There are thousands of bars. I can’t see any one group covering all of them.”

“Okay, so wait a minute, are you saying we are going to need more than one set of professional dancers? This is going to escalate costs quickly,” Gary, mused.

“The first two clubs are in the top two destination cities in the world. In order to be successful, we have to promote them all over the country. National TV, radio and print coverage will be necessary in addition to the internet. Nonetheless, the best advertising is word of mouth.

I’ve had discussions with some of the country stars and they are interested in using our dancers in their videos. I’m sure the other genres will do the same. These people trust us. We could wind up with regional dancers and models plus the professional dancers. That is in addition to the club dancers.”

“We can’t afford models in each club. That would be way too much,” Gary said.

Wendy smiled and told him they had that covered. “Look at this house. We have big screen TV’s everywhere. We videotape a fashion show with our top models, and we play it in the main lobby and in the store. Everyone coming and going will see it. The only time we do a fashion show in our clubs is when we introduce a new catalog. Keeps the product alive and costs down.”

“That sounds like a plan to me. When you get over to Europe, we can work out all the details Mark. It looks like your new division is going to grow quickly,” Gary smiled.

Mark picked up a tablet and tapped the screen. Michelle’s pretty face appeared. Mark filled her in on what was happening. She was very concerned about Cherry’s condition and he told her what he knew. He said he was going to be in Dallas and then he was heading to Rome for the fashion shoot.

He told Michelle to get research on Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Miami, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco available properties. She had all the details of what they required. He wanted options available when they got back.

“Things are progressing here faster than we anticipated. Everything is falling into place nicely. This is going to be huge. We need to start obtaining properties as soon as possible. Have research look into the Arbitron stats for the top markets for all genres of music. I want to see what areas have strong ratings in both country and dance. We can filter out those cities that are weak on only one genre. Miami, San Francisco and Nashville will be strong in only one genre. We know that,” Mark said as he said goodbye.

Mark smiled as he turned to Holly and Gary, “My people will find us the absolute best properties. It is going to get busy if we are going to open two cities per month. I’m excited.”

“I’m going to have a stroke,” Lori whined. “I’ve got to call Dani. I forgot to tell her to hire the talent scouts. At this rate, we are going to need more jets. I’m going to stay in Europe until Mark gets there. I have too much to do to stay the entire time. Six months is not a long time with this project.”

Gary looked up and saw trouble coming. Rose started to laugh.

“Hey muthafucker, is it true that you’re going to be gone for six weeks?” Tammy demanded. He looked beyond her to see Linda, Bobbi, Tia and JoJo standing with their hands on their hips glaring at him.

“Uh, yes we are heading to Rome tomorrow. We’ll be there for two weeks and then we go to Paris for two weeks and we end up in Geneva, Switzerland for the last leg of the trip. Then we’ll be home. Why?” Gary stated.

“I know we are only the help but were you going to give us a going away fuck before you left?” Tia purred.

Wendy and Debbie started laughing so hard they could hardly breathe. Mark was hysterical and Tammy was deadly serious.

“Go ahead you son of a bitch, laugh. Laugh your fucking ass off and I’ll bite your dick the first chance I get,” Bobbi, giggled as she glared at Mark.

Wendy got up and walked over to them. She hugged and kissed each one and told them they were not going to be left out of anything. Since everyone was packed, there was no reason not to party.

“Damned straight we’re going to party,” JoJo said. “We’re gonna miss your sweet pussies as well so you’re in on it too girlfriends. My Aussie lips love your Yankee pussies too.”

“It’s not like we were going to leave you with no cock to fuck around here,” Gary smirked.

“Darling,” Linda purred. “They are nice, they are young and strong and they are great to fuck but they aren’t you two. Someday perhaps but they don’t even come close to you two right now. That is just the facts.”

Everyone laughed at that one. Jill had been listening but was on the phone at the same time.

“Thank you Roy, I’ll tell them. I’ll call you first thing in the morning before we leave.” She motioned Gary over to her and told him that Roy had found two incredible deals. They were in Greece. Two G650′s with less than a thousand hours on each. They were bought by the Greek Foreign Ministry. They have every option available and the government is broke. She told him the price and he just looked at her shocked.

“Are you serious? That is a third of what they are worth. I have to tell Mark. I know he wants one bad. This deal he can’t afford to pass up. Hell, we are going to be in Rome. It would be nothing to fly to Greece to see the planes. Let’s go talk to him.”

Mark was still bantering with the girls when Gary came back to the bar. He excused himself for a few minutes and pulled Mark away.

“What’s up bro?”

“I know you’ve been following the European financial mess as closely as I have. Jill talked to Roy today and told him to look and see if there were any G650′s available at a good price. Well, he just called. The Greek Foreign Ministry took delivery of two fully loaded G650′s and they are broke. They are screaming for cash and we can have them for a third of their regular price. They each have less than 1000 hours on them. They are brand new.”

“You have got to be kidding. Two of those are over $100 million.”

“We can get them for $30 Million cash. That is $15 Million each. They are in Greece and we are going to be in Rome. It is a hop, skip and jump to fly over there and take a look at them,” Gary said.

“Bro, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Fuck Obama and his crusade on corporate jet owners. He’s not going to be around for a second term anyway. I’ll buy one sight unseen right now.”

“Well, apparently they are identical,” Jill, grinned. “I’d hate to have my men fighting on the tarmac again. I’ve been there and done that, remember.”

“Oh shit, that’s not fair. For starters, that was a WWII fighter, there was only one of it, and we both wanted it. Yeah, I got a little emotional over that one.”

“Aren’t you glad you didn’t get it? As I remember, the damned plane crashed three weeks later. You pissed the owner off and he refused to sell it to either of you. The only good thing was he was able to bail out before it was too late,” Jill said smugly.

“Call Roy, ask him if we can see the planes on Saturday.”

“I’ll take care of it. Now, unless you want a fucking mutiny on your hands, you have some women who are demanding your attention. Gary, I now know why you love those girls so much. They are hilarious,” Jill, giggled.

They walked back to the bar and Tammy grabbed his hand. JoJo grabbed Mark and Wendy. Tia grabbed Rose and Debbie while Bobbi wrapped her arm around Jill. They headed towards their house.

“No one is going to christen this place but you,” Tammy grinned. “None of us have had sex in here. We were waiting for you guys to have the honors. Besides that, none of us has ever fucked you in our home. It has always been in your room or your house. Welcome to our house.”

Gary walked into a spectacular house, beautifully decorated, top of the line electronics and designed for orgasmic pleasure. The girls showed them everything Red and Nancy had done and Gary was so happy. The living room had two Tantra chairs as well as a full compliment of beautiful furniture. The bedrooms were perfect. Each room had a king sized bed, sitting area and ensuite bath with shower and whirlpool tub. The granite Red had selected matched each woman’s color palette and the rooms oozed sex appeal. Yes, they worked for him but they lived in total luxury and that made him happy as could be.

It only took seconds before clothes were flying, wonderful music filled the air and hands were caressing soft, sweet bodies. Tia and Bobbi grabbed Rose and Debbie. Linda and Jill went into Linda’s room and they went at it wildly. Mark and Debbie wound up in Bobbi’s room and they made sweet, passionate love.

Tammy led Gary back to her room and she was thrilled to finally, after all these years to have her man in her bed. She pushed her body against him as she removed the remainder of his clothes. She pushed him up against the wall and her hands ran over his tight frame sweetly.

“I’ve dreamed of this for years. I remember the night I finally came to you. I remember every sweet, wonderful thing you did to me. I’ve dreamed of doing you that way many times. Tonight, I am going to finally do you the way I want to.”

Tammy climbed up on her toes and she licked his lips. She nibbled on his neck and her hands stroked him everywhere. She licked his nipples and kissed his chest. Her arms went around him and she held him tight. She listened to his heart beating as her tiny breasts crushed his abdomen. She felt his cock harden against her tiny frame.

“I love your cock. I don’t know why I resisted for so long. I didn’t want to but I sure did waste a lot of time. I will never make that mistake again. When you want me, you have me. When I want you, I’m coming to get you,” Tammy purred. “Do you remember our last night together in Jacksonville?”

“I sure do, it was wild,” Gary sighed.

“Do me like that baby, I really need it like that,” she said as she threw him back on the bed and climbed onto his face.

He watched as her tiny, perfect black body ascended to his lips. Her body was amazing. She was perfectly proportioned, gorgeous hips and that pussy he craved for all those lost months. Her waxed lips puffed around an exceptional large clit that smiled sweetly as it fell onto his lips. She put her hands between her legs and she spread herself exposing her bright pink valley that he had become addicted to so long ago. She pulled herself apart and sweetly rode herself over his lips.

“Baby, lick my pussy darling. Lick me the way you know I like it. You’re the best in the world honey, Oh that feels so good. I love it when you lick me like this. Don’t stop darling,” Tammy purred as her fingers rode along her clit while he licked her senseless. “Muthafucker, you’re going to make me cum so soon. Holy fuck baby, this is so fucking good.”

Gary was just getting started. Tammy’s pussy had captured his heart years ago and he was not about to let it go now. There was something about this tiny woman and the orgasms she loved that drew him in. Because she was so small, her movements were exaggerated. Her body would begin a low vibration and build to massive convulsions.

His lips closed over her long clit and he began to gently suck.

She purred and cried. Her hips began to shake and her thighs gripped his cheeks relentlessly. She yelled and shrieked as he unmercifully kept her cumming. The harder she came, the wider she pulled her pussy apart. He had her clit in his mouth and his tongue loved it perfectly. She crushed her pussy hard onto his lips and she was wild.

His hands caressed her beautiful breasts and her nipples were like diamonds in his palms. Her body pounded his face and she came again. Tammy fell back laughing while he took a few more teasing licks of her engorged clit.

“Someday, that tongue should be enshrined in the Smithsonian baby,” she cooed.

She pulled herself up and rolled over to the nightstand. She pulled her mirror over and offered him two generous lines, which he inhaled immediately. She did a couple of lines herself and turned around, faced his feet and sat back down on his face. Her hands came around and she pulled her tight cheeks apart as the drug worked its magic.

“Darling, do my ass baby. Do me like there is no tomorrow. Ohmigod, my love, yes! Yes! Don’t stop. Lick my tight hot ass! You are so nasty. Fuck me I love how nasty you are. No one does me like you do baby. Oh, fuck yes!”

Gary wrapped his hands around her hips and he was stroking her clit while he sucked her ass. Tammy was on fire and her body was flailing uncontrollably. Her hands pulled her cheeks wide and his tongue dove right in. Her tiny pucker gave way as his tongue sank into her. Tammy was crying from pleasure as he tongue fucked her ass wonderfully.

She was cumming and watching as his long, thick cock stood at attention waiting for her to attack him soon. She looked at that cock and her mouth watered. She wanted it inside her. She wanted to taste it, to feel it, to experience it stretching her everywhere. She could make love to him anytime she wanted. Tonight, she wanted him to fuck her brains right out of her skull.

She couldn’t take it any longer. She reached for her wrist strap and took two long pulls on her bottle of Rush and dove onto his cock. As her face fell towards him, her lips opened and she nailed him expertly. His cock slid past her lips, over her tongue and straight down her throat. The massive cock in her tiny face stretched her lips and throat completely and she began to fuck her throat with his hard shaft. Every part of this man inflamed her and she was so far over the top tonight. Her dark lips crushed his pubes and her tongue drove him wild as she lavished him passionately.

His fingers slid into her pussy as his tongue lovingly ate her ass. She was in a constant orgasm as he pushed every button he knew and she loved him for it. Her throat closed over his cock and she swallowed wonderfully. Gary’s eyes widened, as she had never done that before. He wondered if she had been talking to Brenda. That was her specialty. She kept doing it and he knew he was right.

Tammy pulled herself off his face and she scooted down his body. She jumped on his hard cock and he slid in her tight twat instantly. Her body continued to rock and she rode him hard. Her hands caressed his balls as he fucked her. He watched her tight ass rise and fall as her pussy smoked his joint with lust and passion. This sweet ebony princess gripped him tightly and her soul pulsed dramatically as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her.

Tammy was slamming down on him and moaning loudly. Her pussy was soaked with her love and she gripped him with every muscle she could muster. She lifted herself and positioned his cock at the tight pucker he had just loosened with his tongue. She took another hit and she opened to allow his long cock to slide into her hot ass.

Her eyes rolled up into her head and she sighed sweetly. Her hands caressed her tits while she twirled her nipples sweetly. He stretched her ass wide and she loved the feel of his cock filling her fully.

“Oh fuck, yes darling, fuck my asshole. Nothing feels as good as to have your cock in my ass. I love it! Fuck me darling. Fuck my tight slutty asshole. I’m your little cocksucking whore darling. Fuck me forever. Oh, this feels so good. I love it.”

Gary raised his hands and cupped her breasts as Mark and Debbie walked into the bedroom. Gary pulled her back onto his chest as his cock slid in and out of her tight, hot ass. He looked at Mark who raised her legs and slid his hot cock into her very tight pussy. Tammy came unglued.

“Oh this is better than anything I could ever imagine. Oh, fuck. Yes my darlings, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt oh motherfuckers yes! Ohmigod, yes!” she screamed.

Gary reached for Wendy and pulled her to him. She leaned over and kissed him. He raised her leg and pulled her onto Tammy’s face.

“Darling, you don’t know this but Tammy is a wonderful pussy pleaser. I think she has learned a few of your tricks. That’s it Tammy, lick my sweet pussy. Your tongue feels sweet darling. That’s it baby; fuck my pussy with your tongue. Slide it deep inside me. Taste Mark’s sweet cum baby. Do you like his cock in your hot, tight pussy? Doesn’t Gary’s cock in your ass simply make you wild? I know I love it when they fuck me like this. Oh baby, I am going to cum on your tongue darling. Yes I am. Oh fuck, here it comes darling.”

Mark fucked her wildly as did Gary. Wendy came flooding her face and Tammy was breathless and lost in the lust of the moment. Her body had not stopped cumming and there was no end in sight.

Gary moved Tammy’s head and together they began to lick Wendy sweetly. Wendy went ballistic and she gushed all over both of them.

“I want that too,” Tia said. “In fact, we all do.”

Tammy was helped up and Tia replaced her. Debbie changed places with Wendy and lines were passed around. For the next two hours, each woman was double-teamed. They loved it.

“This is the most time we’ve had with you two in weeks,” Rose laughed. “I think we have to schedule this more often. So when are you moving in Mark?”

“I never left. I still have my old room. Gary and I can share the office. You’re going to be seeing more of me Rose. Trust me on that,” Mark grinned. “I just want to know how this ugly fuck could wind up with all these gorgeous women. I mean, seriously, I’m the good-looking one of the bunch.”

“Is your mirror broken asshole? You better check that again,” Gary, quipped.

“I don’t care about any of that shit,” JoJo snickered. “Just make sure you schedule us in too. That was fucking awesome. I swear I’ve never cum so hard in my life. The last time I came that hard, was in Jacksonville and you were the one making me cum Gary.”

“I’ll second that,” Bobbi said. “Over the years, your ears had to be burning baby. No one could ever come close to you and now, with two of you, holy motherfucker, nothing could compare.”

“I’ll put my two cents in,” Linda laughed. “I got kinda pissed off listening to Tammy tell me about this guy she knew and that she had never had anyone like him. I was so sure she was exaggerating. Dammit, I was wrong. If anything, she understated everything. I’ve never been so satisfied in my life. Actually, I’ve never enjoyed my life as I do now. Each one of you is special. Each one of you is wonderful and yes, I know I work for you but I have to say this. In a very short time, I’ve come to love each and everyone of you. The fact that I’ll fuck you anywhere, anytime and any place is irrelevant. It is going to be a long six weeks.”

“Well, the night is young and I just know there are a lot of people enjoying themselves. Let’s go join them,” Wendy giggled as she ushered everyone out of the house. “We can sleep on the plane and you can just relax and enjoy for six weeks. There will still be a ton of orgasms to be had while we are gone.”

“Like she is going to sleep on the plane,” Debbie snickered. “She’ll be in the cockpit blowing Jeff and Alan.”

“Well, she won’t be alone,” Rose, giggled. “I’ll be there too. I bet you will be too. It’s a long flight to Rome.”

“Well, if that’s the case, you’ll be blowing Mark and me,” Gary said. “I need to fly at least part of the way. I didn’t get to fly on the Bangkok trip at all. As a matter of fact, Jill needs to fly part of the way too.”

“I didn’t know she was a pilot,” Wendy said. “That is amazing.”

“We all started on single engine Cessna’s. We moved on to Twin engine and then we worked our way up the ladder. She is a licensed commercial pilot. We all are,” Mark told everyone. “Hey, I was just thinking, we are short a pilot. I can have Jack and Tom meet me in Dallas and come to Europe with Ainsley and me. That way, if we do what we are going to do, we can get them home.”

Gary burst out laughing, “What are you going to do, have those two cocksuckers fly commercial to Dallas? They will be arrested for sure.”

Mark laughed and nodded his head while hitting speed dial. “Well, there is an upside. Two more hard cocks to play with. The girls will appreciate it.”

Mark pulled Gary aside while everyone else went to party. He asked Gary what he was going to pay Brenda.

“I had planned to pay her three hundred thousand. Why, what’s up your twisted mind?”

“I told Lori to sign her to a ‘Lifetime Friend’s Contract’. I’ll match you dollar for dollar,” Mark, told him. “I can never repay her for all the love and pleasure she has given me.”

“I agree completely. You know how lucky we are. The things she taught us have been the best things we ever learned. People all over the world would kill to live our lives. Damn, I wonder is Jeremy wants in on this?” Gary mused.

“Let’s find out. He’ll either just be getting up or we’ll piss him off again. I can never get the damned time zones right,” Mark said as he dialed. Jeremy answered and Mark told him what they were doing.

“Damned right, count me in but I’m surprised at you two. Make it an even million and I’m in for a third. Just make fucking sure she is on every plane coming to Thailand. I miss her so much,” Jeremy said sincerely.

“Jeremy, I’m not shitting you, she is actually better than before. You’ll find out. She will be coming to Thailand soon. Thanks buddy.” Mark looked at Gary. “Let’s go blow someone’s mind.”

Jill was standing by the pool talking to Ronnie. Gary grabbed her, excused themselves and he asked her where Brenda was. She told him Brenda was in the house. She wanted to look at everything and that when Jill had left her she was speechless.

“Let’s go join her,” he said as he walked by the Tiki bar where Mark sat with Lori. “Brenda is in the house, let’s go find her.”

They walked into the game room and found her. She was, exactly as Jill had said, speechless. Her eyes were glazed over and everything she looked at boggled her mind.

Gary poured them a drink and they walked over to the poker table and sat down.

“Hon, we need to talk to you. We have talked and we need to tell you how our compensation package works. We will not hire anyone who isn’t represented by Mark. We know you are aware that he recently expanded to the entertainment sector. Lori heads that division and she is the best of the best. The dancers you are going to be training will be represented by the Banner Agency. I’m not talking just the professional dancers but the club dancers as well. You know as well as we do that the next superstar may well start out on a club stage somewhere,” Gary said.

“Oh that is definitely true. Hell, some of my best dancers started out working a pole in a strip club. I fully understand,” she said.

“Well, I need you to understand this,” Mark said. “The industry standard is for them to sign a fifteen percent contract. I don’t do that. I charge twenty percent but I give them so much more in value that it is definitely worth it. We don’t just represent them, we promote them and we handle their finances to build them a substantial retirement. We invest a lot of money in every client and we get him or her top dollar always.

The reason I need you to know this is that we have two types of contracts. We have clients’ contracts that usually run five years and we have friends’ contracts that are open ended. They don’t expire.

There are two major differences between the two. A friends’ contract is a special contract that gives the ‘friend’ everything that a clients’ contract gives the client except that we don’t charge a dime for our services. We represent you totally and we will never take a single dime for our services.

“Dammit Mark, that is so generous. How can you afford to do that?” she asked.

“Well darling, you are the reason I started this in the first place. I have a rule that I am strict about. Right now, it is going to hurt me a bit financially because of everything you taught us. We fuck our friends, not our clients. Everyone here has already signed a friends’ contract. They are all fair game. You will meet the rest of our friends and there is a hell of a lot of them. They include top athletes, models, actors and actresses. Hell, many of them you may already know. What you see here is pretty much what you will find when you get to Las Vegas. We learned from the best and our parties can’t be beat anywhere. We work hard and darling, thanks to you, we play hard too. I doubt there will be a day from now on, that you go to bed alone or at least unsatisfied.

Therefore, now that I’ve told you this, I have instructed Lori to draw up a special Lifetime Friends’ contract for you. You have everything that the people who pay me millions a year get free. If someone wants you on TV, or to do anything, we will handle the details for you. I will be personally handling your account so I think you’re in good hands there. This just doesn’t just apply to work related things. Anything that requires an attorney is handled. The same goes for your investments. My investment division is amazing. We’ll make you money.”

“Mark, I don’t know what to say. This is so fantastic. Yes darling, I know I’m in good hands. It’s a good thing I am getting a friends’ contract. I don’t want to think about not making love to any of you.”

Gary laughed and Jill blushed beet red. “We wouldn’t do that to you darling,” Jill said.

“Well, that’s good then. I’m glad we got that out of the way,” Mark said as he sat back and sipped his drink.

Gary looked at the smug look on his face and he stifled a laugh. Mark

Looked over at Lori and told her to draw up the contract.

“While you’re at it Lori, draw up a lifetime employment contract for Brenda Lutz. The employer is to be shown as D’Orgasmic Lingerie Inc., The Banner Agency and Bangkok Erotic Entertainment. The contract is to be effective immediately. This is a lifetime contract. In addition to the compensation amount, Brenda is to have full medical, dental and of course, all expenses fully paid. She will be doing extensive traveling.”

Jill looked confused, “I understand D’Orgasmic being the employer but why Mark and Jeremy?”

“Well, Jeremy said he wouldn’t mind having Brenda teach some of his people some new dance moves and I need to have my stripper poles tuned up from time to time in Las Vegas.”

“What is the compensation figure Mark?” Lori asked.

Gary looked at the twinkle in Marks eye and smiled. Jill saw that and sat there wondering what they were going to do. Brenda was sitting watching them and she had no clue what was about to happen.

“I’m sorry Lori, I left that part out. See, I have to negotiate on her behalf. Now it’s time for me to earn my keep. Well I don’t know Gary that is a shitty offer. You can do better than that.”

“No I can’t. What the fuck, do you think I’m made of money? You are one sick motherfucker if you think I am coming up with another nickel. I don’t care if she is the best piece of ass on earth.”

Jill started laughing so hard she slid from her chair. She’d been there so many times before.

Mark picked up his cell and screamed into the phone. “Jeremy. You vicious little cocksucker, you had better come up with more money. You can afford it. Don’t fuck with me; this is Brenda for fuck’s sake. What, well, if you say so, I’ll check with Gary.”

“Don’t even dare look at me for any more money. I’m worried where my next meal is coming from. You are such a prick Banner.”

Mark slid the phone over to Gary and he looked at it. He slid it back to Mark and nodded.

“Fucking pricks, you both are fucking pricks,” he said sternly.

Lori was sitting there stunned. She had absolutely no idea what the hell had just taken place. Jill was laughing and Brenda realized what these two bozos were doing.

“Lori, her compensation amount is One Million Dollars a year for life,” Mark stated.

Jill jumped out of her chair and started jumping up and down. Brenda sat there flabbergasted.

“Are you fucking serious? Did you say One Million Dollars a year for life? You three are fucking brain dead. I am not worth that much money,” Brenda blurted out.

“To us, you are darling,” Gary said. “You have no idea how you have enriched our lives. We love you today as much as we did when we were kids. You didn’t just teach us to make love baby, you taught us what love was all about. We’re gonna work your pretty ass off darling but you’ll have fun doing it.”

“Mark the date on the wall. Brenda is speechless. I don’t know what to say. Ohmigod, I am blown away. Thank you so much.” She stood up and kissed Gary and Mark so sweetly.

Jill sat there and she started to cry. She looked at Gary and then at Mark. “I’ve never loved you more than I do right now.” She got up and kissed them deeply. “You three really are the best men on earth.”

“I’ve got two questions Mark,” Brenda said.

“What’s that darling?”

“You said something I taught you was going to hurt you financially? I didn’t mean to do anything that would hurt you my love. What did I do?”

“Well you taught me to be the man I am and you know, you were there, I dated a lot of models,” he smiled. “Now, I represent a lot of models. It’s going to be hard for me to sign them to clients’ contracts now.”

“You only did that to keep everyone from learning about Jill. If you remember, you three wanted her all to yourself and, correct me if I’m wrong here, but if the three of you rejected her, no one would ask her out. You all dated models because you had full access to them. They were for show when I knew that each one of you was in love with her and that was just the bottom line. I’m sorry if you became an excellent lover. I’m sorry if you three learned your lessons well. Don’t blame me. Hell, they were lucky to know you three,” Brenda, said.

“My next question is very simple. Do you always negotiate naked?” she said as she started to laugh uncontrollably. “I love you guys so much. You have just secured my future. I’m so happy I could just fuck all of you till you can’t walk.”

“This is so much more fun that working for Trainer,” Lori giggled.

“Dave Trainer, don’t tell me you worked for that fucking prick. One of these days, don’t be surprised if you have to bail me out baby. If I ever have the chance, I am going to send his testicles to the moon. That is one vicious motherfucker. I hate that man. I have so many dancers that he has screwed royally. We should talk Lori. I know hundreds of dancers. They hate Trainer.”

“I have one question for you. Have you been talking to Tammy?” Gary asked.

“Tammy, I don’t know. Oh wait I know who you mean. She is the gorgeous black girl from Jacksonville. Isn’t she delicious? Yes, I talked to her. Why?”

“Teach her anything today darling?”

“Did you enjoy baby? Did Brenda have another success? Hmm, did I?”

“I’m glad you’re earning your keep baby doll. She surprised me wonderfully a little while ago.”

“She cornered me earlier today. She told me how important it was for her to become the best cocksucker imaginable. I kinda had a class while you were out at Jill’s place. By the time you get back from Europe, everyone will be better. There isn’t a single one of them that I don’t adore. I’ll teach them everything they need to know.”

“I’m going to have to find you a rehearsal hall. You are going to have a fairly large space to train the dancers,” Jill said.

“No baby, no you don’t. You haven’t been in my place in years. I built a three thousand square foot dance studio next door about five years ago. It is all ready to go. All I need is people to train.”

“That is perfect. Work up routines and train this group. If they are going to run our clubs, I want them to know everything,” Gary instructed. “Chances are, they will never dance but it is important that they know everything. Between the dance classes and the other classes, I can’t wait to get back.”

“Mark, I’m surprised that the lady you were with at the Pro Bowl isn’t here. I did some checking and learned a few things about her. She is a dancer and a damned good one. She looks like Ronnie. They tabloids said you two were an item. She is gorgeous,” Brenda asked.

Gary and Lori went back outside while Mark brought Brenda up to speed on Cherry’s status.

The party was in full swing when they walked out on the patio. Holly and Linda were having a conversation when they walked up.

“I’ll tell you this; we are going to be busy while you are gone. Linda and I have been working on the menus. We are going to have a complete menu designed and perfected by the time you get back. I know how much you like Country Fried Steak and that will be on there,” Holly smiled.

Gary filled Holly in on what was happening with Brenda. She was very happy to hear that. He told her that the architect would be contacting her this week as they had notified him that the permits had fallen in place at the end of the week for both clubs. Construction was to begin immediately. Michelle was handling everything in Las Vegas and Dave would be handling any legal matters in Orlando. Dani was hiring talent scouts next week and they would be traveling all over the country looking for fresh new talent to showcase. Overall, things were working nicely.

“It is too early to hire dancers and models yet but I have a list of people I am looking at. Brenda has a ton of dancers for us to look at. I will be holding auditions in Las Vegas and then again in Orlando. I haven’t seen it but Brenda has a dance studio next door so we can train them over there,” Lori said.

Mark and Brenda walked up and Mark looked down. Thinking about Cherry had not been good for him. He did put a smile on his face and he looked at Gary and Lori.

“You know, I’ve been thinking. Everything about Brenda’s contract is special and as a result, I am going to make one additional change. Brenda is going to be working with all the new people. I am lifting the ban on her playing with clients. Everyone here will eventually be spread out all over the country; the only people they will be associated with will be clients. That’s not fair to them. So, I’m dropping that requirement for them as well. I just can’t tell Lindsay or any of the others that they can’t play.”

“You’re a good man, Charlie Brown,” Holly said as she kissed him. Mark smiled.

Jeff and Alan arrived to pick up everyone’s luggage. They were going to do their preflight run through and fuel the plane. Gary told them that they were flying to Greece on Saturday.

“What’s in Greece?” Alan asked. “Is everyone going?”

“Lots of very broke people but some of them are very hot men and women. No, not everyone is going, just Mark, Jill, Jack, Tom and the three of us.”

“Only the pilots huh? What you got up your sleeve boss? Why aren’t Dave and Ron going if that’s the case?” Jeff grinned.

“Lori needs her jet and Michelle has Mark’s back in Las Vegas. Too many planes in one spot cause a problem. Besides, they have great food in Greece and Jill will be doing some flying herself this week. In fact, we all will be at the controls this week. Did you guys think that just because we pay the bills we don’t like to play with our toys? You know me better than that,” Gary laughed. “When you’re done, get your asses back here. It seems like there is a party going on.”

He walked over to Jill, “Make sure you have your documentation with you darling. You’re going to need it on this trip.”

“I’ve got my passport. Why on earth would you tell me that?” she looked at him askew.

“I was talking about your aviation papers baby. You’re going to be flying. It’s going to be fun.”

“Oh shit, I forgot. Just make sure I get to christen it first, my love. I hope it is pretty. I always love orgasms at thirty thousand feet. You do know Red and Nancy will have to retrofit it properly. They really can be quite kinky. I love it.”

They partied into the morning and Gary spent some time with Lindsay, Ashley and Halley. They told him they’d miss him. Gary and his girls headed for bed.

Everyone boarded the jets. Mark set out to Dallas while the rest were headed to Rome. Jeff and Alan were in the cockpit when Jill walked up and told them to relax. She was going to fly for a while. Gary took the co-pilots seat and looked over at Jill. She was all business when she contacted the tower. The controller heard her voice and he responded professionally to a point. As she was taxiing to the runway, air traffic came back on and inquired who was in the second chair.

Gary and Jill were laughing. The controller was one of their life long friends. Gary hit his mike and burped. The air traffic controller burst out laughing. “Welcome to the friendly skies captain, long time my friend. Your flight plan says you’re headed to Rome. Is it that time again Gary?”

“Yeah Frank, we’ll be back in six weeks. You do need to contact the G3 directly behind us though. Someone there might just like to say hello.”

They heard him use Lori’s call letters and contact the jet. Mark had heard their conversation and when the control tower called, he was ready. He gave his call letters and burped loudly into the microphone.

“There are only three people on this earth who would do that and one of them is in exile in Thailand. How are you Mark?” Frank said excitedly. “When are you going to be back here? I’d sure love to get together. It’s been a very long time.”

“We’ll be back in six weeks. You promise me you’ll stay away from hot sausages, pickled eggs and draft beer and we’ll consider it,” Mark laughed.

Frank gave Jill clearance to take off. She hit the throttles and the plane rolled down the runway. Just before the wheels were up, Jill hit the mike, “Air Traffic, he was serious about the damned pickled eggs. Take care Frank, love you baby. See you in a few weeks,” she laughed as she headed to the heavens. “See you in a couple of days Mark. Love you too.”

Gary hit the microphone and stated bluntly, “That is going to cost us a fortune in FAA fines.”

Gary heard his call numbers and responded.

“This is Air Traffic Control Supervisor Tom Reston. We just wanted to say thank you. That was the best laugh we’ve had in weeks. For your information, we understand fully about the pickled eggs. He’s addicted to them. Have a safe flight.”

The G3 was cleared for takeoff and all they heard was Mark laughing all the way into the sky.

Mark called Ainsley when they were an hour out of Dallas and she headed to the airport. Dave and Ron took care of the jet. They settled themselves in a hotel for a few days while Mark took care of business.

Ainsley kissed him and they headed to the hospital immediately. Mark met with Dr. Bowen and he took them into her room. Cherry was still comatose and there was no sign of her coming out of it any time soon. Dr Bowen removed her bandages and showed Mark the progress. It was remarkable. She still had scars but they were fewer and less severe than the last time he saw her. He held her hand and said a prayer. Dr. Bowen told him what he still had to do and told him there were still months of surgery to do.

“She is remarkable in that her healing ability is wonderful. She has responded to everything I’ve done so far. I am confident that when we are finished, this woman will be perfect. The implants were changed, as I couldn’t take the chance on the other one leaking. Look at her nipples and you’ll see there is no surgical scar at all. If you remember, she did have a very tiny scar here and here but I got rid of them. I wanted her to be perfect. I know how much she means to you Mark. She is lucky to have you.”

Mark thanked the Doctor and headed to the business office. He paid the bill up to date and then left to head to the factory. Ainsley was quiet and Mark was lost in thought.

Mark was impressed with the progress he saw when they got to the stockyards. People were scurrying around and equipment was being installed. She took him upstairs and showed him the second floor where the hat department was being assembled. He was impressed with the speed and efficiency Ainsley and her people had displayed. Gary would be impressed.

“We are going to be making hats for men and women. I’ve got a thing for men in hats. I like them racy, sexy and masculine. The women’s hats have to be playful, colorful and sexy,” she explained.

They went to the third floor where she showed him what was happening up there. “We are going to be making handbags and belts up here. I talked to Shannon and we decided that we could make matching handbags and purses for many of out boots. I know this will go over big.”

“Let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought about making leather luggage? I remember once in Butte Montana, I walked into a store and saw the most amazing set of hand tooled luggage with suit carriers. They were cowhide and they were expensive. At the time, I was in school and I couldn’t afford them. Now that I can afford them, I can’t find them.”

“Darling, I will make anything you want. I like the idea. I’ll talk to Shannon and Gary and see. Yes, they would be expensive but there is a market out there for that.”

“What is left to do?” Mark inquired.

“The balance of the equipment will be delivered next week. I have my people building boots now. Shannon loved our styles so we are not changing any of the existing line. We will be adding a lot more styles that is all.”

“Are you making chaps?”

“No, should I?”

“Definitely darling, take this from me, I want a complete line of chaps designed and ready to go. Let me tell you a little story that happened on Halloween 2003. Have you ever been to the Luxor in Las Vegas?”

“Isn’t that the pyramid?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s the place. I had met some clients for drinks. I walked out of the hotel and began walking down the big curved driveway. That is where the cabs line up. I saw a friend of mine. He and his wife were cab drivers. I saw him sitting behind the wheel but he was intently looking in the passenger side mirror. I looked past the cab and saw three of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen walking towards me on the sidewalk. They were stunning, dressed in suede vests, cowboy hats and chaps. They had on stiletto cowboy boots and they were fabulous. I started to laugh because that is exactly what he was watching too. As they got up to his cab, he could see them directly. He was drooling. Honestly, so was I. Las Vegas is full of gorgeous women and these three were spectacular. They walked past his cab and got closer to me. He saw me and got out of his cab. When they walked past his cab, he saw something that blew him away. He did a double take and they kept walking. I saw his reaction when they past me and I turned around and saw what had set him off. All they were wearing under the chaps were the tiniest thongs you ever saw. Just before he could say anything, his Nextel went off. It was his wife. She was farther back in the line. She saw them first. She also saw him sitting in the line up ahead. She was waiting for his reaction. She saw it and then she told him ‘you can screw your fucking head back on your fucking shoulders anytime now’. We both turned and looked and she was standing by her cab with about twenty other drivers, just waiting for his reaction. I got to tell you, those outfits were some of the hottest I’ve ever seen in Las Vegas.”

“What did his wife do to him?” Ainsley laughed.

“Oh she teased the shit out of him but I got the last laugh. She saw him talking to someone but she didn’t realize it was me. The line moved up and he had to move his cab up. I kept walking down the line and when I got to her cab, she was still talking to all the drivers. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her and started nibbling her neck. At first, she thought it was her husband but when she realized I was wearing a suit, she freaked. The other drivers recognized me and they were laughing. She spun around and saw it was me and she was all over me. He teased her about that until the day she died. She was quite a lady.”

“Chaps it is. I have many pairs myself. I don’t know that I would wear them with only a thong but I know that would be damned sexy. I just remembered Gary asked me about them. I’m sure Shannon and I can deliver some hardon popping chaps darling. You know, I know what you need. Let’s go to my place. Everything is under control here. You did bring your jeans and boots didn’t you?”

“Yes, I always have them with me. I wear suits when I have to. Other than that, I’m always in jeans and boots. Why?”

“Let me make a phone call and we can get out of here.” Ainsley picked up the phone, spoke for a couple of minutes and hung up. They jumped into her pickup and headed out of the city. They drove for about fifteen minutes and turned into a sprawling ranch.

“This was my dad’s place. I grew up here and I was just on the verge of selling it until you two came into my life. They pulled up to the barn and walked inside. A ranch hand met them with two fine looking horses in tow.

“I hope you know how to ride. It is the perfect evening. I want to show you someplace that is very special to me.” They rode for a half hour and crested a hill. They stopped and looked at a lovely winding river with a stand of oaks near the shore. They rode to the trees and Ainsley took a blanket from her roll and laid it on the ground.

The colors were amazing, wild flowers were blooming and the air was fresh and clean. Ainsley sat next to Mark and put her head on his shoulder.

“You’re in love with her aren’t you Mark?”

“I am Ainsley but she walked away from me. I didn’t walk away from her. She may come back but I doubt it. I can’t live my life hoping something will happen. If she comes back to me, then I’ll be the happiest man alive. If not, I’ll survive. Right now, I just want to do everything I can to make her well and restore her beauty. Nothing else matters to me.”

“I’ve met a lot of men in my life Mark. You and Gary are, without a doubt, the two best men I’ve ever known. It is funny, that first night at the restaurant and then again, at the bar, I heard all of the women say how much they loved you two. I thought that was a bit much. Now, I know that it was actually an understatement. I know why they said it. I know why they feel that way.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I feel the same way too,” she said as she turned his head to her and kissed him softly. “Making love to you two is heaven on earth. Singularly or together, you men bring more pleasure to a woman that anyone could ever hope for. I do love you, with all my heart, I do.”

She kissed him again and this time, the kiss was special. She looked in his eyes and breathed, “Make love to me Mark. This is my favorite place on earth. I’ve dreamed of making love here all my life. I never have. I know I am not Cherry. What I am is a woman who loves you very much.”

Mark smiled and held her sweetly. Their kisses were soft, sweet and lingering. He looked into her eyes and was mesmerized by her beauty. There was not one thing about her that, in any way, betrayed her true self. She was the real deal. Her dark brown hair cascaded over her slender shoulders and framed an angelic face that smiled back at him.

He kissed her softly again. His tongue traced her lips as she inhaled, closed her eyes and extended her lovely, long neck. Mark kissed that neck and his tongue traced soft, sensuous lines along her flesh.

“Nothing has ever felt so good,” she purred.

He brought his lips to her right ear and his tongue traced the outer edge of that beautiful ear. Ainsley was melted butter, soft, sweet and addicting. Her sweet moans were barely audible as he fueled her fire.

Her fingers undid his shirt and her hands crept beneath the fabric and onto his carved chest. Her long fingers traveled over his chest as he continued to kiss and tease her neck. Mark loved the sight and the scent of this fine Texan. She was everything a man thought of whenever someone mentioned Texas women.

Ainsley removed his boots and had him stand up. She knelt before him and undid his buckle. His jeans fell to the ground and she looked up and smiled. She wished someone would take a photo of this. A tall cowboy, wearing a cowboy hat, an open shirt and her kneeling before his perfect cock has been her fantasy from the moment she discovered her own sexuality.

She unbuttoned her own shirt and freed her breasts. Her nipples popped long and wonderfully as she looked into Mark’s eyes. Her hands rose to his flaccid organ and she held it gently. She began to stroke him and he hardened quickly. Her lips felt his flesh as she kissed him wetly. Ainsley’s heart raced as her ruby red lips opened and she took him gently into her hot, greedy mouth.

The sun was setting, the sky was golden and this moment in time would never be forgotten. Ainsley swirled her tongue over the massive head and she tasted the wonderful pearl on the tip. She pulled his cock straight out and still looked into his eyes as she took him deeper. Her lips stretched tightly as he sank into her lovely face.

Her breasts tingled and her pussy gushed as the act of love played out beneath the rugged old oak trees. The babble of the river and the taste of his cock sent this gorgeous dark haired woman over the edge. She pushed him into her throat and she held him there.

Her jeans were wet with her desire as she sucked him and tugged on her nipples. Her mind was racing but one thought kept pushing itself to the forefront of her mind. She was always sexual but the day these two men walked into her life, someone threw a switch and put her into overdrive. Her skin was more sensitive, her nipples had become highly reactive and her pussy was on fire all the time. Those years of repression had been set aside and all she could see for the future was wealth and insane lust. It was definitely worth it.

Mark looked down at her fabulous face and he smiled as she sucked his cock perfectly. Her lovely breasts heaved and her nipples were extremely long and lovely tonight. Every touch of her hand delighted him. Her lips were like the finest silk and her tongue felt like velvet. She epitomized hot in every way imaginable.

He pulled her upright and he kissed her deeply. His hands caressed her breasts and her tongue traced his neck. Mark undid her jeans and pulled her boots off. As her tight jeans hit the grass, she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight. She kissed him and grabbed his hand. She walked him to the other side of the oak tree and they stood and watched the colorful sky. Ainsley leaned back against an old, low hanging branch and she hopped up on it. Mark looked at the vision and grinned.

“You’ve thought about this, haven’t you?”

“All my life Mark, I’ve sat on this old limb and wanted the perfect man to make love me here. This is the ultimate fantasy for me. Love me darling. Please my body and own my heart.”

Mark sank to his knees and kissed her creamy thighs. The evening glow bathed her in its golden hue and her body shone exotically. They made beautiful love that evening. Ainsley purred sweetly as he touched every sensuous part of her body. His lips caressed, his tongue explored and he drank her sweetness fully. When he entered her, it was passionate, sweet and loving. Their bodies became one in the fading evening light. With each long stroke, her heart sang out and she loved this man with every fiber of her being.

As the colors faded, they lay on the blanket and watched the moonrise. There was no haste, no panic, and no frenzy in their lovemaking. Simple, sweet, lovely love was exchanged and cherished as the chill of the Texas night wafted in on the breeze. They dressed and headed back to the ranch house. Ainsley’s ranch hand took the horses and as she walked up on the massive wraparound porch, she smiled.

“I hope you’re hungry,” she giggled. “After that, I know I am. How do you like your steak?”

“Food definitely sounds good. I like my steaks medium rare dear,” he said as he found her bar and poured them a drink. He walked into the kitchen and two of the largest porterhouse steaks he’d ever seen were being seasoned. The grill was being warmed and she was making a salad.

“That is a hell of a lot of food dear; I don’t think I’ll be able to finish all of it. That’s not a steak, that’s half a side of beef.”

“We have a long flight ahead of us. I have been known to make killer sandwiches. I never waste the beef baby. I know where the beef is and I use all of it. Trust me; you won’t be hungry on the plane.”

“That’s good because we are flying in Lori’s jet. Michelle has mine in Las Vegas. I have no idea if her jet is stocked. That reminds me; let me make a phone call.”

He called his pilots and asked if they had everything onboard.

Dave listened to what he asked and started to laugh. “Are you and Michelle permanently joined at the hip boss? She was on the phone before we went into the hanger. She gave us a grocery list of things that are mandatory on the G5. It’s a good thing she did though. We were missing lots of stuff. Rest assured we have it now. When are we heading to Rome?”

Mark asked Ainsley when she would be ready to leave. She told him she was already packed. Everything at work was being handled.

“I have to go to the factory in the morning and then to the hospital. Let’s shoot for wheels up at 10am. I want you to file a flight plan to Georgetown, Grand Cayman. We won’t be there long but since I am so close, I need rum. Gary will need rum as well.”

“Hey boss, Tortuga Rum is the best. That much we learned from you. If we refuel there, we can make it to Rome with no problems. How long do you want to be on the island?”

“We’ll probably be there for about five hours. If we leave at ten, we should be there by eleven thirty. We’ll be wheels up around five. It will be a nine-hour flight from Georgetown. That way, we should arrive in Rome around 7am., local time if my calculations are accurate.”

“That works for us; we’ll see you in the morning.”

Mark walked out onto the patio and asked Ainsley if she had the blueprints for the new building. She told him where they were and he went to get them. He was looking at them when she walked back into the kitchen.

He used his phone to photograph the plans. The entire front of the building was empty.

He made some notes and turned to her. “I am calling Red. I want her to design a nice reception area and I want to build you a very elegant office and lounge across the front of the building. We have certain electronics we need to install. You will be hooked up to our computer system and have direct satellite communication with all of our offices, our jets and our vehicles. You’re part of the family darling. You get it all. What is your favorite car?”

“I love my pickup. I’ve always driven F-150′s. I could never afford the car I love.”

“What car is that?” he asked.

“I saw one in Gary’s garage. The Mercedes 650 is one of the sexiest cars I’ve ever seen.”

“Just tell me you don’t want Silver Grey. Every damned car he has is that color. Give me a decent color.”

“Well, if I was ordering one, I’d want it in Red,” she said as she walked back out to check on the cow on the barbeque.

Mark picked up the phone and made two calls. He called Red and sent her the plans. He told her what he wanted and she was laughing. I forgot to ask you the dimensions. Nancy and I already started designing it. It is going to be western elegant. He told her he wanted a bed/sitting room with fireplace. He told her to design a full bath with whirlpool and shower and to do a number on it. Make it sexy as hell. Have Dave send her everything including a Sybian and all the toys and lotions.”

He called Michelle and told her to order Ainsley a brand new loaded Red Mercedes 650 Hardtop Convertible. He told her to have it put on D’Orgasmic’s lease.

“Have you talked to Gary about this?” she asked.

“No, he’s in Rome. We are heading over there tomorrow. I just talked to Red and she is designing and building Ainsley’s suite at the factory. I didn’t talk to him about that either. After what he and Jill did to me I don’t think I need to worry about it either?”

“Oh fuck, what did those two do? I think I’m afraid to ask,” she laughed guardedly. “Oh and what is this about Jack and Tom leaving me high and dry? They left for Dallas an hour ago. I am sitting here with a gorgeous Gulfstream and all I can do with it is fuck on it. I can’t fly it.”

“Don’t worry darling, Lori will only be in Rome for two days. She is flying back to Las Vegas almost immediately. She has way too much work to stay there for six weeks. You’ll be airborne soon.”

“That doesn’t explain what Gary and Jill did to you. It also doesn’t explain why Jack and Tom had to go to Europe.”

“Jill found two damned near brand new G650′s that the Greek government bought and can’t pay for. Well, let’s put it this way. Would you buy a brand new Gulfstream, fully loaded for a third of the cost?”

“I wouldn’t even blink. I’d do that deal blindfolded,” she responded quickly.

“So, my buying a new Mercedes for Ainsley doesn’t even come close to him buying me a G650 with my money does it?”

Michelle just laughed. “You two are fucking hilarious. I just thank my lucky stars I’m where I am. Having you two in my life makes life worth living. I’ll have the car ready when you get back to Dallas darling.”

“Good, one more thing. I am going on a Rum Run tomorrow. I am stocking four jets and having them ship tons of Tortuga to Gary and to Las Vegas.”

“You prick; you promised me you’d take me to Cayman the next time. You owe me Banner. How is Cherry?”

Mark filled her in on the progress and hung up as the two largest steaks he’d ever seen were put on the table.

The steaks were amazing. Mark was impressed. As he finished dinner, he told her that Red was going to have her office finished when she returned from Europe. He didn’t tell her about the car or the bedroom. He wanted to surprise her when they got back.

“Oh, we are making a side trip tomorrow. Put on your best Caribbean attire. In other words, Daisy Dukes, sneakers and a tee shirt,” Mark grinned.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re stopping over in Grand Cayman Island my dear. I want to make a Rum Run.”

“Is a Rum Run like a beer run? Why go to Grand Cayman? What is so special about that?” she asked.

“Did you enjoy the Rum Runners?”

“They were delicious. Honestly, I have had a few of them but none was like the one Gary made me. I’ve never seen so much booze in a drink in my life. He told me he won all kinds of awards with them in Key West.”

Mark laughed, “Yes, until he discovered they were illegal. There is too much booze in the original recipe. He made a fortune selling them though. Anyway, he got his hands on Tortuga Rum. It is a blended rum that is made in Cayman. For the longest time, it couldn’t be imported to the USA. ABC Liquors now has the distribution rights to it. It is, without a doubt, the best rum I’ve ever drank. I need more and so does Gary. I figure, since we are this close, let’s go, stock up and have lunch. We can spend a few hours there before we take off for Rome. Is it safe to leave your truck at the factory or do you want me to have a car pick us up in the morning?”

“It would be safer if we left it here. I have the name of a car service,” she said. “What time do you want to leave?”

“I want to go to the hospital and then to the airport. If we leave by eight, we should be good.” He dialed and ordered a car for the morning.

The flight to Cayman was smooth and hysterically funny. Jack and Tom kept everyone in stitches.

“You’ll find out one of these days Ainsley,” Mark laughed. “Maybe someday, you’ll get to ask Cherry about her first flight with these two idiots. It really was funny.”

They spent a wonderful afternoon walking the streets of Georgetown. They toured the Tortuga distillery and Mark arranged two extremely large orders to be filled by the US distributor. They also ordered enough Rum to stock the jets. Ainsley tried their world famous Rum Cakes and she loved them. They had lunch at an Oceanside bar and enjoyed the day completely.

“I’ve never been here before. I don’t know why but I always thought this place was nothing more than banks and places to hide your money,” she laughed. “I didn’t think it would be so pretty. I’d love to come back here sometime. Do you know about the place where you can swim with the sting rays?”

“Sometime, we’ll have to do that. It is called Stingray City and it is fun. They swim up to you and you can feed them.” They finished their drinks and headed back to the airport. The Rum had been delivered and stowed onboard.

Dave and Ron were in the cockpit when they boarded. Mark took Ainsley’s hand and they walked into the cockpit.

“Go relax guys, I’m going to fly for a while,” Mark said as Ainsley looked at him in total disbelief. He sat in the pilot’s chair and motioned Ainsley to sit in the co-pilots chair. When Dave and Ron walked back into the cabin, Jack and Tom were laughing.

“Well, at least this time, you’ve got your clothes on boss,” Jack quipped. “The last time you did this, at least we got blown.”

Mark’s eyes sparkled as he hit the intercom, “Suck em, if you’ve got em!” He switched over to the tower and received clearance to take off.

“I didn’t know you were a pilot. This is sweet,” she said as she looked over the cockpit. “It’s a hell of a lot more complicated that the single engine planes I’ve flown.”

Mark taxied onto the runway. “I didn’t know you were a pilot.”

“My uncle was a pilot. He was a rancher with a huge spread. He was a navy pilot in Viet Nam. When the war was over, he went back to ranching. He was always in the air checking the herds. He taught me how to fly. I’m certified for single engine only. I never thought I would be sitting in the cockpit of a Gulfstream.”

“Did you ever want to get certified for jets?”

“Isn’t that everyone’s goal? There is no way I could. I’d first have to be qualified for twin and then, well, you know. It would be very expensive and I have way too much to do,” she sighed.

“Yeah, that is what Jill said too. We convinced her that was bullshit so she went up the ladder. Today, she has a commercial pilot’s license. Actually, Gary and Jeremy have theirs too. We are qualified up to 747′s. If you ever want to go further, let me know. It’s not as if we don’t have other planes. I have a twin and so does Gary.”

The tower cleared him and Mark hit the throttles.

“Fuck me; this thing is fast,” Ainsley gushed.

“I plan on it but I promise I’ll be slower,” Mark grinned as they rose over the island. He flew around the island and plotted a course for Jamaica. The weather was perfect and the water was gorgeous. Mark ascended to 30,000 feet and Ainsley looked to the north.

“What is that? It’s huge,” she asked.

“That my dear is the one place we stay away from that is Cuba,” he said as he checked his coordinates.

The flight was smooth and they laughed and enjoyed the flight.

“Take the controls dear.” He switched off the autopilot and he waited for her to take over. He looked at her as she confidently had the jet in her hands. The smile on her face was pure joy.

Mark stood up and walked out of the cockpit. Four pilots stared at him but they also noted no change in the plane.

“This time, you left it on autopilot. The last time you did this Cherry almost crashed the plane,” Tom smirked.

“We’re not on autopilot, Ainsley is a pilot. She has a single engine license. She wants to eventually move up just like Jill, Gary and me. I wonder where I’ll find pilots to teach her.”

“If you didn’t sign our paychecks, I’d deck you for that one Mark,” Jack said seriously. “I know six pilots who would teach her in a heartbeat. Besides that, my brother Frank has the largest ground school in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex or did you forget about that?”

“You know something, I did forget about that. Make it happen Jack.”

Mark walked through the plane. It had been a long time since he had been on this plane. At one time, it was his baby. He walked into the bedroom and smiled. Lori had put her touch on the plane. He liked it.

He poured two Rum Runners using the good rum and he walked back into the cockpit.

“I just had a very interesting conversation. For starters, you are enrolled in flight school in Fort Worth and there are four former fighter pilots willing to train you all the way up the ladder. You’ll be flying jets in no time dear.”

“I can just see it now. This is going to make you two go grey very quickly. I can see it now, Jill and I in the cockpit. The passenger list would be spectacular including Wendy, Debbie, Rose, Red, Nancy, Holly, Cherry, Diane, Aleka, Kono, Lori and Michelle on board. Can you just imagine the shopping trips we could take?”

“You’d have to include Brenda. You haven’t met her yet but you will. Yes, I can imagine it minus my credit card. We’ll provide the planes but you girls are on your own after that,” he giggled.

Mark took control of the plane, put it back on autopilot and they left the cockpit. He refilled their drinks as Jack and Tom took control of their first jet Mark had bought.

Mark showed her the plane and they ended up in the bedroom. As the bedroom door closed, the intercom came on, “Welcome aboard the ‘Orgasms R Us’ airlines. We will make every attempt to keep the plane level if you promise not to scream too loudly. We have sensitive ears, we hear everything.”

Ainsley burst out laughing. “Now I know what I was supposed to ask Cherry. They are funny.”

“Darling, they are just getting warmed up. That was just an appetizer,” he laughed aloud.

The rest of the flight was unremarkable insofar as Ainsley joined the Mile High Club. They made love and then they fucked their way across the Atlantic.

“This has been a wild couple of days. Yesterday, I fulfilled my wildest fantasy by the oaks. Today, I am in the Caribbean and now I’ve joined a wild and wonderful club. I’m afraid to see what’s next.”

Mark laughed and kept quiet. He had a couple more surprises for her when she got back to Texas but he wasn’t saying a word about it.

They landed in Rome and headed out to the first location. The sun had risen and Ainsley was acting like the perfect tourist. Everywhere she looked, she saw things she had only seen on TV or magazines. The driver saw her reaction and he purposefully drove past the Parthenon and the other ruins. They arrived at the villa and saw a small city had been constructed. The building was more of a castle as opposed to being a villa. Tents were setup everywhere incorporating hair and makeup stylists, tailors and equipment. People were scurrying about in a highly organized frenzy.

“This is insane,” Ainsley, quipped.

“As wild as it looks, trust me when I tell you that Gary has everything under control. His photographers are the best in the business. Wait until you see the actual shoot and then the photos afterwards. They will blow you away,” Mark told her.

They walked into the building and looked around. It was an impressive structure. They heard voices coming from an upper level and made their way there.

At one end of the enormous corridor, lights and reflectors were set up. Mark and Ainsley walked up and saw Gary and Shannon in full force directing every aspect. They stood and watched silently. It always amazed him how much Gary had learned from his mom. She was the ultimate perfectionist and demanding as hell. Gary was never that way until a fashion shoot was underway.

Shannon was exquisite but beyond demanding. She had an incredible eye. As the natural light changed colors, so did the makeup. She had them switch from aluminum reflectors to white and then to shoot through’s. Her ability to see with the naked eye what only would be apparent in print always amazed him.

Rose came up behind them and kissed them both. “I’m seeing a side of him I didn’t know existed,” she said to Mark. “He is definitely all business, isn’t he?”

“Mark, Ainsley, welcome to Rome,” Diane yelled.

Gary turned and saw them standing there. “Hey asshole, glad you could make it.”

“You’re such a prick,” Mark laughed.

“He sure is and he better never change,” the models said in unison. “Hi Mark. We’re glad you could make it.”

“Do you know the models Mark?” Ainsley asked.

“Honey, let me introduce them to you. Ann, Greta, Julie, Megan and Jane, I’d like you to meet Ainsley Norris. She is part of the family. Ainsley is the Norris Boot Company. She is now part of the D’Orgasmic family so, treat her like family.”

Ann walked up to her and smiled sweetly, “I don’t know Mark; this is a pretty kinky family. Is she ready for that?”

Mark laughed, “Ann, she’s more than ready.”

Gary started laughing and so did Shannon.

Ann leaned over and kissed her sweetly. The other girls followed suit while Shannon yelled, “Makeup!”

Gary came up and kissed Ainsley sweetly. “I guess our secret is out huh?”

“I don’t know baby, nothing surprises me anymore. I think of you two and I get wet. Life is just so good now.”

“She’s such a delicious slut, isn’t she,” Wendy said to Debbie who agreed completely. Both women kissed Ainsley and Mark and turned their attention to the photo shoot.

Shannon didn’t like something and she barked orders loudly. People scrambled and things were changed.

“Damn, it is a good thing she isn’t into B&D,” Rose snickered.

Shannon was a good fifteen feet away and she spun around and turned on Rose with a wicked smile on her face, “Who the fuck said I’m not Rose. Keep it up and I’ll hogtie you to the wings for the ride home.”

“Put a Sybian on the fucking wing and you’ve got a deal,” Rose shot back.

That did it for Shannon. She collapsed in hysterics. This was going to be a great time.

Diane had gone back for a touch up on her makeup. When she returned, Ronnie was with her. Mark shot Gary a look and Gary smiled. The two women walked out onto the balcony. The view over the lake was amazing.

Shannon set up the shot. She gave the women direction on what she wanted and how it would be done.

“When did you make this decision? Ronnie looks perfect. She’s actually sexier this way. Damn, she looks great,” Mark asked Gary.

“Diane and I talked about it back home. Shannon had to tailor a few items for her but we never told her until this morning. She had no idea we were going to use her in this catalog. This will be her first time on camera. What we are hoping to do this morning is shoot the cover of the catalog. We’re not telling her at all so don’t say anything. She thinks this will just be a few test shots.”

The photographers went to work and Gary and Shannon watched the monitors. Diane was her usual spectacular self and Ronnie was amazing. She took direction like a pro and the camera loved her. When they finished the balcony shoot, the photographers were smiling.

Pierre walked up to Gary, “You brought me a ringer my friend. There is no way in hell that was her first photo shoot. I’ve worked with some of the most talented women on earth and this girl is a natural.”

Gary grinned, “You can tell the world, you took the first professional photos she has ever had taken. She is amazing, isn’t she?”

Isn’t she the girl Mark was with in Hawaii?” Pierre asked.

“Yes she is incredible and no, the girl Mark was with in Hawaii is in hospital in Dallas. She was savagely raped and left for dead. She has been in a coma for almost two months now. I hope that one day you’ll be photographing her too. Ronnie will be heading up the new Country Club Fashion Catalog. Lori told you about that, didn’t she?”

“Yes and I’m excited about it. I know I have a weird name for a down-home country boy but that is my first love. I can’t wait to see what Shannon designs. I do have a question for Mark though,” Pierre said.

“I can answer it for you,” Gary laughed. “They are all friends. Mark and I have been sleeping with the models for years. Ronnie is a special case. She is definitely a friend. Come with me, I see someone you have to meet.”

Gary introduced Pierre to Ainsley and told him that he would be working closely with her. When he told him that she was Norris Boot’s, he laughed, and lifted the leg of his jeans. Ainsley looked down and smiled.

“I’d say you need a new pair of those Pierre. That is our number one best seller. My dad designed that boot as a custom order for a two-bit actor from Hollywood. He liked them so much he ordered several pairs. Dad made me a pair and one for himself. They were the best design he ever did,” Ainsley told him.

“That’s amazing Ainsley, who was the actor?” Gary asked.

“Oh, hell, what was his name? I always have a hard time remembering his name. I remember riding with him on our ranch. He was a big man, great smile. What was his name? Dammit, Oh yeah, I remember now. It was Ronald Reagan. Nice guy, I think you two would have really liked him.”

Gary and Mark stood their with their jaw’s dropping. Ronald Reagan was their absolute hero and she knew it. She giggled as she looked at Mark.

“You rode with him?” Are you telling me that he stood in the barn where we were two nights ago? I can’t believe it. He was in your house. I am amazed.”

“I rode with him when I was just thirteen years old. We rode down to the river and had a picnic by this old stand of oak trees. He was such a wonderful man. We talked and laughed. He left me with wonderful memories and in my mind; he created one amazing fantasy that I never thought would ever come true.” She smiled and winked at Mark who sat there dumbfounded.

“Well, I’ve had these boots for twenty years. I’m just getting them broken in,” Pierre smiled. “Quality is hard to find anymore.”

His radio went off letting him know the next shoot was all set up. They walked to the next location and he went back to work.

This was the first fashion shoot Ainsley had ever been exposed to. It was organized chaos and it went surprisingly smooth. Pierre was a true professional. His staff anticipated his every request and any changes either he or Shannon wanted were done instantly. It was an impressive thing to watch.

“I had to clear something up for Pierre,” Gary said to Mark. “He wanted to know what client status everyone had. I told him that everyone here were friends. Sorry if I stepped on your toes but the models haven’t signed with you yet. We’ve been sleeping with them for years so I just told him that they were friends.”

“Is Pierre under contract with you Mark?” Ainsley asked.

“I have to ask Lori. He called me in Hawaii after the announcement was made. We’ve all been friends since we were teens. He worked as an assistant to the previous photographer. When he retired, Pierre took over the account. He saw my new division as a huge opportunity for him. If they haven’t signed yet, they will all be on ‘friends’ contracts anyway. Other than the local hires, everyone is fair game.”

Gary smiled, kissed Ainsley and went back to work.

Gary’s girls took Mark and Ainsley on a tour of the mansion. It was huge and every room breathtaking. Debbie took them to a suite that they would use while there. The suite was spectacular.

“When this catalog comes out, two women are going to be so pissed with us.” Mark laughed as he took his cell phone out and started snapping pictures of the suite. “Red will be impressed but Nancy will bite our dicks that we didn’t bring her with us.”

Debbie started laughing. “I can see her doing exactly that baby. She’s a biter. She bit my tit the other day. I’m glad she wasn’t licking my pussy when I wised off on her.”

“Well darling,” Ainsley purred, “if she had, we’d have kissed it and made it better. Your pussy is addictive. I’ll lick it while Mark fucks you anytime dear.”

Debbie giggled, “That works for me baby. My life has changed so much in six months. I went from living a sexless life to fucking and sucking myself silly every day. I love my life and everything that comes with it. I am so lucky. I just want you to know that I want to lick your pussy while Mark and Gary fuck you too darling.”

“There is going to be enough pussy and cock for everyone girls. The models are delicious and Pierre and his crew are as horny as any group you’ll ever meet. He’s hung like a horse and he knows what to do with it too,” Mark advised them. “He’s an ass man so be forewarned. He’ll stretch you wide but you’ll cum like a racehorse.”

The girls looked at each other and smiled. “I love having my ass fucked. Now that I have you two in my life, I’m addicted to it,” Debbie purred.

“All this talk has got me horny again. From the looks of those perfect nipples Debbie, you look like you could use a good fucking too,” Ainsley said as she walked into Debbie’s arms and kissed her deeply.

She undid her bikini top and freed her beautiful tits. Debbie returned the favor and four luscious orbs caressed each other sweetly. They kissed and pulled Mark to them. They kissed him and undressed him quickly.

Ainsley wrapped her hand around his cock and offered him to Debbie. She looked into his eyes and took him into her wet mouth. She sucked him deep and then offered him to Ainsley. Both women licked, sucked and swallowed him repeatedly. They kissed his shaft, licked his head and sucked his balls before throwing him on the bed.

Debbie began licking Ainsley’s tits and she loved the feel of her nipples in her lips. Debbie played with her clit and drove her hand into her wetness as Mark licked and kissed her sweetly. Ainsley stood and positioned her pussy over Mark’s rigid cock but before she could slide onto it, Debbie began to lick her deliriously. Mark’s hands caressed her breasts while Debbie sucked her. Ainsley lowered herself onto Mark and Debbie continued to lick his cock and her clit as she started to ride.

Ainsley was wet and Debbie was thirsty. Mark stroked deep and she began to moan. Ainsley loved his cock but having Debbie perfectly loving her clit made her wild with desire. She began to cum and the two doubled their efforts. Ainsley was flailing on Mark and Debbie was licking wantonly.

They changed places and Debbie felt his fabulous cock fill her completely. Ainsley went down on her and in only moments, Debbie was cumming like crazy. Ainsley navigated Debbie into orbit. Her hands and lips caressed her breasts as she tongued Debbie’s clit expertly.

Mark had Ainsley lay flat and Debbie crawled on top of her. Their bodies molded together perfectly as he slipped inside of Debbie. Her wet pussy felt sweet and he stroked her deeply. He pulled out and began to fuck Ainsley while he played with Debbie’s firm ass. Both women were moaning sweetly.

He positioned himself against Debbie’s tight ass and he slipped inside. She took him inside and attacked Ainsley’s face with so much lust.

“I love it when you fuck my asshole Mark, don’t stop baby. Oh, that feels so good. Stretch me darling, I love this baby.”

Ainsley’s hands roamed over Debbie’s sweet body and Mark fucked her deeper and faster. Debbie was cumming in massive waves as Mark pulled out. He grabbed Ainsley’s ankles and rolled her up. Debbie dropped her wet pussy onto Ainsley’s lips as Mark entered her ass. Debbie fell towards her long, puffy clit and she began to suck as Mark filled her ass spectacularly. Ainsley was cumming and licking Debbie passionately while Mark stretched and filled her fully.

Debbie’s eyes were only inches from Mark’s cock as he invaded Ainsley’s tight butt. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and toyed with Ainsley’s ass as he plowed into her. Debbie licked her clit and stroked her ass and his cock. Ainsley went off like a cannon and Debbie did not stop.

She felt Mark begin to twitch and she jumped off Ainsley and pulled her to her knees. His long, broad cock wavered before their eyes and they began to suck him. They stroked and sucked and Mark moaned loudly. His stomach flattened and his shaft began to swell. Their lips closed over his shaft and they tongued him wonderfully. He looked at these two gorgeous creatures, their breasts heaving and their mouths opened seductively demanding he give them their prize.

He moaned and they moved closer as his cock twitched and delivered long, milky ropes of cum onto their faces, lips and tongues. His cock erupted wildly and they drank him down. Ainsley’s tongue washed the base of his crown as Debbie took it in her mouth. Mark twitched again and she was presented with a final dollop of his love. Ainsley pulled him from Debbie’s lips and she swallowed him completely. Debbie, not to be outdone, pulled him away and swallowed him herself. Ainsley looked at the cum on Debbie’s face and she licked it clean. Debbie gave her Mark’s cock again and licked Ainsley’s tits and chin as well.

They looked at Mark who smiled down on them, “Thank you darling, we needed that.”

They dressed and went to see what was going on. As they rounded a corner, they stopped and started to laugh. Gary and Shannon were working with Pierre and his staff. The models were waiting and Rose and Debbie were sitting in directors chairs, being massaged by two gorgeous Italian men.

Rose saw them and burst out laughing. “What? Do you think we’re going to waste all this talent? Look at the bodies on these two. We haven’t found out yet but we’re sure they fuck as wonderful as they look.”

Mark looked at the models who were laughing hysterically. Ann had a gleam in her eye as she looked at Gary who was doubled over laughing.

“Gary, where the hell did you find these three gorgeous, horny women?” She turned her attention to Wendy, “Girl, where did you get those legs? I hope you know you had better be wrapping them around my neck soon.”

“Only if you wrap your legs around my neck first Ann,” Gary quipped. “Now girls, you know we work hard but we play harder. You also know we have a six-week long orgy going on.”

Greta giggled, “You’re such a party pooper Gary, only six weeks? I want six weeks with each of you.”

“And people call me a greedy bitch,” Rose snickered as she undid the zipper on the Italian hunk who was attending to her. She fished a very impressive shaft from his trousers and she began to stroke him to full size.

Not to be outdone, Wendy did the same to her stallion. Both men sported impressive cocks and those two women went wild on their cocks.

Pierre grinned and picked up his camera and started shooting. Gary looked at Shannon who shrugged and grinned. There was no stopping them and they knew it. Wendy dove on that cock and took him fully into her throat. Rose was already there and she sucked her man while playing with his balls and ass.

“Someone had better fuck me right now,” Shannon purred as her dress fell to the floor. Gary turned and kissed her lovingly. Her elegant Asian body glimmered in the perfect light as she undressed him quickly. She sank to her knees and held his rising hardness to her lips.

Ronnie sat back in her chair and spread her legs. “Mark, lick me baby. I want your tongue now darling.”

Pierre kept shooting while Julie undid his pants. As they fell to the floor, his long, heavy cock came into view. Julie wrapped her lips around his enormous head and she started to feed him into her mouth.

Megan and Jane felt the expertise of Ainsley and Debbie. Ann grabbed a lighting tech and she went down on him sweetly. Gary was fucking Shannon who cooed loudly ion his ear. Rose and Wendy were being fucked by those lovely cocks and Mark had impaled Ronnie’s ass sweetly.

Julie was incredible. Pierre’s cock had disappeared down her throat and she looked up into the camera as he kept shooting. Everyone was having wild, wonderful sex. Rose and Wendy were balls deep with two Italian men in their throat. Wendy’s man began to fuck her with long, thick strokes and she was cumming hard.

Mark started to fuck Greta and her tight hot pussy was superb. This Austrian beauty was vociferous in her desire and Mark filled her need perfectly.

Shannon loved the long, lovely cock Gary was bestowing on her. She adored this man with all her heart and he knew it. Gary whispered in her ear and she smiled wickedly. As he split her open, they watched as Pierre was still shooting. Every woman was in the throes of orgasm and the men were about to deliver their massive loads soon.

Shannon kissed Gary and began directing what they wanted. The suite they were shooting in was lovely and large. The lighting had already been set up and she instructed the men to line up the models and cum on their tongues. The men came massively and the women loved the bath they were taking. She looked at the models and smiled deeply. She herded them onto the bed and quickly set up the shot. Each woman sported that fresh fucked look on her faces and the remnants of their lovemaking. Pierre began shooting and the photos were amazing. If you want to sell a steak, you sell the sizzle. If you want to sell lingerie, you sell the orgasm. Nothing says orgasm better than fresh cum on ones lips.

“I didn’t expect that,” Gary said as they broke for lunch. He looked at the photos and smiled. His girls looked delicious with their lips wrapped around those nice cocks.

Shannon looked as well and smiled. “I like it. I would never have planned it but I like it. It’s elegantly sensuous. The product looks perfect, the women look perfect and I just want to lick that cum from Ronnie’s lips. Fuck, I like it baby.”

“Sweetheart, you can lick cum off my lips anytime you want. In fact, I’m sure I can get more if you’d like,” Ronnie smirked.

“Thank you Jim,” Gary said hoping he would hear him back in Orlando.

The rest of the day had been blocked out and Shannon had the girls redressed for the main shoot in that location. They wrapped up the day and headed out to a local restaurant for an amazing dinner.

Back at the mansion, Shannon and Ainsley got together and spent an hour looking at each other’s boot designs. Everything they saw, they loved. Shannon had amazing designs that Ashley just loved. Her boot designs included quarter and half boots with conventional and stiletto heels. Ainsley showed her a special pair of boots she had designed for Ronnie. They were black leather, thigh high western boots with platform soles and the tallest stiletto heels.

“If there ever was a pair of boots that said, ‘FUCK ME’ this is it. How many different leathers are in there?”

“The lower boot is top cowhide and the upper is black suede with cowhide pull-ups. I can also make them in snakeskin as well. These are black but I can make them in any color. I want Ronnie to stand out. She better have a huge closet because I will be making her so many different boots,” Ainsley told her. “Do you have any designs for chaps? I’ve made many for myself but mine are for riding, not raising cocks.”

Shannon started to laugh, “Mark told you the story about that night at the Luxor. He said it was one of the sexiest sights he’d ever seen in Las Vegas.”

“I want to show you something,” Ainsley said as she pulled up a website. “This company is Apache owned. They are friends of mine. They have made all of my jewelry and hardware that I use on my boots and belts. Their workmanship is impeccable and they never miss a deadline. I want to show you a design I worked on last week. If we take the ‘D’O’ from the logo and put ‘IT’ under it, we’d have a sweet logo for the Country Catalog. ‘D’O IT’ could become a household phrase. We would have it in silver on the boots, chaps and vests. We could also use it on buttons and belt buckles.”

Shannon called Gary and asked him to join them. He arrived a few minutes later and they told him what they had in mind. He loved the idea. ‘D’O IT’ really stuck with him. It had many meanings but it was the implication that struck him most.

“I don’t know, I’m going to have to run this past the Board of Directors.” He called Jill and Mark and told them to get up to Shannon’s suite.

They walked in and the meeting lasted less than a minute. Ainsley showed them her design and they smiled.

“I love it,” Jill said. “Wasn’t that our motto anyway?”

“It always was mine but not where you’re concerned. I wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole,” Mark laughed.

“Oh shut the fuck up, you’re going to make me late for class with all your sweet talk. I just have one thing to say, ‘D’O IT’”

“Ainsley, you’ve just been part of a Board of Directors meeting, I love the idea,” Gary said. “Is it me or is this getting too easy?

“It’s always easy with the right people in place Gar,” Mark stated. “I have one thing I’d like to bring up though. Something hit me like a ton of bricks earlier. For the Clubwear and the Country Clubwear photo shoots, why don’t we do something like the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ video of how we shoot the catalog? We can sell that video online or in the clubs. We can have lots of nudity and make it fun. That will go viral and the response should be fantastic.”

“Nudity or XXX-rated, which is the question. We sure did some great XXX shots today.”

“I think suggestive nudity would work. Hell, we could shoot that entire catalog in Orlando. When the club is finished, we could complete the video with shots of the club and the models,” Mark suggested. “I can think of dozen’s of places to shoot some hot suggestive nude shots. The Cabanas, the Playhouse, the Glory Hole Room is amazing. Hell, shots of Ronnie walking out of the Darkroom covered in cum would blow peoples minds.”

“You’re making this sound like work asshole. So many decisions to make,” Jill smirked. “I vote for it completely on one condition. All those assholes who wouldn’t ask me out have to see Ronnie and me coming out of the Darkroom.”

Gary started laughing, “You got it baby, I completely agree.”

“Jeremy always says if you snooze, you lose. I think it would really piss off at least twenty guys to finally see you naked and covered with cum darling,” Mark said seriously.

“I know exactly who you’re talking about. Do you want to hear something funny? Each one of them is a web customer. We could send them complimentary copies. Their wives probably would not have a clue but they would and it would really piss them off,” Gary said evilly.

“I love the way you think,” Jill, giggled. “Let’s go find the rest. Meeting adjourned.”

Ainsley turned to Shannon, “Is that indicative of the way things get done around those two?”

“Oh hell, yes it is. They rarely make mistakes. They know what they want and they get it. Gary’s been that way as long as I’ve known him. Back then, Mark and Jill didn’t have much say in things but now, everyone considers them owners too. Let’s go party darling. The appetizer was good; momma wants the main course now.”

They walked into the great room and saw an orgy in full swing. Every piece of furniture was occupied by unbridled carnal lust.

Gary and Jill were standing off to one side and they were laughing hysterically. Shannon and Ainsley walked up, looked past them, and started laughing too. Pierre had Rose bent over an ornate sofa and her eyes were crossed. He was plowing her tiny asshole with his enormous cock. She knew people were watching but she was unable to focus on exactly who it was. Wendy and Debbie were closer and from the look on their faces, they had already experienced Pierre completely.

“I see a bobble head doll in the future,” Shannon giggled.

“If you can get one made with eyes that cross, go for it,” Gary snickered. “Damn, he’s not holding back. He’s reaming her hard. ‘D’O IT” Pierre.”

Wendy hobbled over and kissed him, “I think I just had a religious experience baby. He’s huge. Ohmigod, he’s fucking bigger than Chris is. I need a drink; I need a wheelchair.”

Gary looked over at Debbie and she was blushing and laughing. Rose was absent the constraints of gravity and her soul floated around the rings of Saturn. Blind eyes stared into the room and with each deep thrust; Pierre hit the booster rockets inside her. Rose’s body vibrated into hyper drive as he crammed himself into her hot, greedy ass.

“Here it comes baby, this is the best part,” Shannon giggled as she watched Pierre’s complexion darken.

He grabbed her hips and his thrusts were deliberate and strong. His eyes rolled up and he slammed his cock all the way inside as he unleashed a river of cum deep inside her.

Rose’s eyes grew huge as she felt him administrating a wonderful cum enema and she loved it. Her ass jumped on his shaft and she moaned deeply. Pierre kept thrusting and depositing his warm love into her. She pushed her ass deeper onto him and she milked every ounce from his cock.

He pulled her upright and his hands caressed her breasts as she turned to kiss him. His cock twitched again and she moaned once more. He pulled himself out and helped her to a seat. Her legs were wobbly and her eyes remained unfocused.

Gary sat next to her and stroked her leg. She looked at him and put her head on his shoulder, “I will never be able to tell you how much I love you. Words just aren’t enough to tell you exactly how I feel, my love.”

“Rose, you show me every day, you don’t need words. I know darling, I know. Jet lag is catching up with me, are you ready for bed?”

“Here’s a new one darling, take me to bed. I need sleep,” she smiled as Wendy and Debbie came to help her up. They quietly left the party and went to sleep.

The next few days went smoothly and the nights were a non-stop party.

Mark and Gary had been on the phone with their respective offices and all arrangements had been looked after. The State Department had been notified of the pending purchases and the only thing needed was their approval that the planes were, as described. Once notified, the Greek government would release the planes into their possession. This type of transaction was handled by governments and not individual banks.

Saturday morning arrived and the pilots assembled. People were stumbling around and looking at six men and one gorgeous woman in uniform. They did double takes when they realized the other three were in fact, Mark, Jill and Gary. No one had ever seen them in uniform and frankly, they didn’t know what to make of it.

They filed a flight plan for Athens and boarded the G550. Coffee was poured and Jeff and Alan took them on a smooth sweet ride. Jack and Tom walked up into the cockpit with the coffee.

“Could someone tell me what the fuck they are doing in uniform?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know. All Gary said was that they were going to be flying this trip. He also said that they wanted to play with their toys. He didn’t tell me anything other than they were going to Greece because there are many poor, horny people there. Your guess is a good as mine,” Jeff said.

Jill looked at the closed cockpit door and chuckled, “This is the quietest flight I can ever remember. We did it; we’ve blown their fucking minds.”

“What is going to blow their minds will happen about fifteen minutes after we land. Did we get hangar notification?” Mark asked.

“Yes, air traffic will direct them once they are off the runway. I brought my camera because I want to record the looks on their faces. They are going to think they hit the lottery. I know I think that way myself,” Mark exclaimed.

Jack and Tom came back out of the cockpit and told them they would be landing in fifteen minutes. They poured everyone more coffee and fastened their seatbelts.

“Are you going to tell us what this is all about? Seriously, when the fuck do you three wear your uniforms?” Jack asked.

“I’ll tell you what I told my guys, we get to pay for the damned jets, we fuel them, insure them and pay your salaries. Occasionally, we like to fly them too. I figured we’d get to fly on the return trip,” Gary stated emphatically.

The landing was smooth and they were directed to a hangar on the opposite side of the airport. Jeff taxied up to the hangar and he hit the intercom, “Boss, if you want to drool, look out the port windows.”

Everyone looked and saw two gleaming Gulfstream 650′s sitting on the tarmac.

“Oh, isn’t that a pretty sight,” Jill said as she snapped a photo of Jack and Tom with their faces pressed up against the window.

Mark look at Gary and he was like a kid in a candy store. If his smile had been wider, his face would have broken.

The ground crew came out and towed the G550 into position. The door was opened and everyone deplaned. They walked to the sparkling jets and looked at them.

“These are Government Jets. That is the Great Seal of Greece on the fuselage. Those are sweet rides. I wish I could see inside. I bet they’re gorgeous,” Jack said.

“They are beyond gorgeous. They are breathtakingly beautiful. Every upgrade imaginable was built into these jets,” the mysterious dark haired beauty told them. “I’m sorry; allow me to introduce myself, I am Gina Copopoulos, the Gulfstream representative in Greece. I didn’t know Mr. Edwards and Mr. Banner would not be here.”

“Oh, you were expecting Mr. Edwards and Mr. Banner?” Tom asked as Jill took photos of their astonished faces. It took a minute until the coin dropped and their expressions changed dramatically. Jill kept snapping pictures while Gary and Mark introduced themselves to Gina.

“I had no idea you were captains? That is convenient.” She looked at the G550 and said, “You already have a nice ride.”

“It really is a great jet. Our businesses are growing and we just need more planes,” Gary said. “Let’s take a look inside.”

She opened the jets and everyone went onboard. She wasn’t kidding the interiors were spectacular. Once inside, it was all business. The pilots went to work and checked out everything. Gina told them that each plane had just less than 1,000 hours on it and as a result, once she learned they were interested, she had the Greek government do the necessary maintenance.

“These are slightly different than the G5 and the G550. Gulfstream G650 has a range of 7000 Nautical Miles at 562 mph or 5000 Nautical Miles at 595 Fast Cruise. You get to go a bit faster but the fuel costs are extreme. They are powered by two Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR725 turbofan engines. They are powerful and quiet,” she told them. “I am assuming you want to fly them. They are fueled and ready to go.”

The pilots had completed their checklist on the first jet and moved to the second. They still had no idea what actually was happening. They checked the second jet and found it to be perfect. Both jets had been maintained beautifully.

“Did you arrange for the dogs?” Jill asked Gina.

“They are inside the hangar. I was just waiting to hear if you are interested before I brought them out. It is weird, using drug sniffing and explosive sniffing dogs to check out jets you’re buying from the Government,” Gina stated.

“Do you trust this government?” Mark asked her seriously. When she shook her head no, he laughed, “Bring on the dogs.”

Gina hit the button on her two-way radio and two handlers walked the dogs onto the plane. They checked the cockpit, the cabin, the heads, the office and the bedroom. Everything was clear on the interior. They took the dogs outside and they checked the cargo areas and the wheel wells.

The dogs repeated their search on the second jet and found nothing. Both planes were clean and Mark told Jack and Tom to fire up the plane. Gina contacted Air Traffic and obtained clearance to get in the queue. Everyone climbed aboard the jet and Jack taxied onto the runway.

“Am I flying this or are you boss?”

Mark looked at Gary and they both excused themselves and made their way into the cockpit. Mark took the pilots seat and Gary slid into the copilot’s chair. Clearance was received and Mark put the hammer down. The jet was fast and it was quiet when the wheels came up and the jet soared into the sky.

“Smile,” Jill said as they turned to look at her. She snapped some photos and returned to her seat. Mark loved the feel of the controls and the responsiveness astounded him. Gary took over and he loved everything about the plane. The electronics were better in the G650 and the readouts were easy to see.

Gary got up and Jill took his place. She was always professional and she loved the way the plane handled. Mark hit the intercom and asked Jack and Tom to take over. They literally ran to the cockpit and Jill was right behind them. She took more shots of their two beaming faces as they finally were behind the controls. They loved everything about the jet. Mark turned to Gina and told her buckle up.

“These four are former F-18 fighter pilots. Hold on, they are going to put this through its paces.” Mark smiled and told them to commence evasive maneuvers.

Jack went into fighter pilot mode and he tested everything on the plane. When they were satisfied, they told Mark this one was a winner. Mark told Jeff and Alan to head back to Athens. Gina handed Jill the camera as they headed into the cockpit.

They landed the jet effortlessly and taxied back to the hangar. They were parked and Gary told Jeff and Alan to get the other jet ready to fly. They looked at him but didn’t question him. Everyone deplaned and Mark and Gary talked to Gina on the tarmac.

“That one is a deal, let’s see if there are any differences on this one,” Mark said.

“It’s still not fair. Now I’ll have two and you’ll have three jets. The only thing this time, we’ll both have equal rides,” Gary quipped.

“Wait a minute, I have a deal and a half you just might be interested in. As you know, Greece is in a world of hurt. They have another jet they have to unload immediately. It is in perfect condition. We just did the maintenance this week on it as well. It’s a G3 with very low hours. I know it isn’t as fuel-efficient but if you need a smaller jet, this is ideal,” Gina told Gary as she handed them the specs on that jet too.

Mark was reading the paper and nodded at everything he read. This jet was identical to Lori’s jet and he never had a problem with it. He kept reading and stopped dead in his tracks. “Is this price in Euros or Dollars?”

“That is dollars Mark. They really are in trouble. This is a fire sale if I ever saw one,” Gina admitted.

“Let’s go fly this plane,” Mark smiled. “Where is the other jet?”

“It is inside the hanger. You can fly it today if you’d like,” she told him.

“Let’s fly this one first,” he said as he climbed onboard.

“You know, Holly, Red, Nancy and Brenda are going to need their own jet. This jet is the sister ship to my G3. Hell, we loved that plane,” Mark said to Gary. “I’ve got a plan; let’s see what this will do and then we’ll go fly the G3.”

This jet was a carbon copy of the first. The way it handled, its responsiveness and luxury were beyond compare. Jill sat the jet down and beamed as Mark took photos of her smiling face. They walked into the hangar and saw a sweet copy of Mark’s jet sitting there. They walked the plane, inspected it thoroughly and brought the dogs back in. Everything checked out nicely.

They took the plane up and put it through its paces. Mark and Gary smiled as it was just like their old friend sitting in Rome right now. Gary landed the jet and taxied to the hangar.

“Is there someplace nice to eat?” he asked Gina.

She took them to a lovely restaurant and they enjoyed a fantastic meal. He had made notes and he wrote a number on a piece of paper and slid it over to her.

“That is for two G650′s and the G3. Cash offer, money is on deposit with the State Department. We take possession today,” Mark told her.

Gina read the figure and was nonplused. The one thing these men had was a solid reputation. “I have to make a call,” she said as she excused herself from the table.

Ten minutes later, she returned and smiled. “Talk about Greeking the Greek’s. A little Vaseline would have been helpful. Nonetheless, congratulations, you just bought three jets. I have to call and have the seals removed.”

“I have a couple of calls to make as well,” Mark said as he dialed Michelle. He told her what they had done and had her call the State Department to add it to the paperwork. He wanted clearance papers emailed to Gary’s jet.

“Do you think State will give us a problem?” he asked Michelle.

“I can tell you exactly what they are going to say. Would you like it generally or verbatim?”

“I’ll play your game, give it to me verbatim.”

“Okay, here goes. You tell that cocksucking motherfucker that if he doesn’t fly to Washington and take me for a ride, I’ll kick his ass from here to Seattle.”

“What the fuck? Who are you dealing with at State?”

Mark heard a click and a male voice came on the line, “She is dealing with me you asshole. How are you boss?”

“Tony Hardin, what the hell? When did you move over to State? The last I heard you were working for that dingbat Senator I hate so much. How are you buddy?”

I’m great Mark. I hear that asshole is over there with you. Put me on speaker. Gary, are you there? Can you hear me jerk? Some friends you are. I move over to the Dark Side and you two drop me like a hot potato.”

“I don’t have any friends on the Dark Side. Who would have thought the toughest linebacker in the NFL would do that. Hmmm. I’m going to say this once and only once. It’s good to hear your voice asshole,” Gary laughed.

“Don’t tell me you have no way to Washington now. I expect to see you in one of these fabulous jets you just stole from the Greek Government. I’m serious. Don’t you laugh blondie; I expect your fine ass here too. From what Rashad and Chris told me, you’ve only gotten better. I didn’t think that was possible. It got so bad that Jamal had to call me to confirm it. And where is that gorgeous sister and I do use that term loosely?”

“I’m right here you gorgeous hunk of man. I’ve missed you too darling. If they won’t fly up there, you know I will. It’s been a while since I’ve jumped your fabulous black ass.”

“I take it you’ve got us covered Tony. Michelle will wire the balance first thing Monday,” Gary asked.

“Not a problem, you’re golden. I’ll see you when you get back to the States.”

Gina sat there listening to the conversation smiling. “I know who that was. I was a big fan of his when I lived in Seattle. When Gulfstream learned I spoke Greek they had me moved to Athens. I did very well with all the wild spending. That is over now. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t think of a better way to wind up a career than to sell three jets on my last day.”

“What are you going to do? Do you have another job?” Gary asked Gina.

“I am moving back to the States. I have no idea where but I can’t stay here. This country is in the toilet. Gulfstream has no openings stateside and I am sure I don’t want to go back into that rat race again. I am a Captain. Perhaps I can get a job flying private jets. I don’t know.”

Mark excused himself and headed to the bathroom. He called Michelle and had her check on Gina Copopoulos. He waited while she ran the databases. She checked out perfectly. He thanked her and told her he’d talk to her later. He looked at Gary as he sat back down. Gary took out a piece of paper and wrote a number on it. He slid it over to Gina and she looked at the number.

“What is this?” she asked Gary.

“That is your starting salary. You work for me now. You’ll be living in Orlando. I have a little place there and you can stay as long as you want. There is no cost to you. I know you won’t have a car but I have one you can use. You’ll have full medical, dental and vision. Of course, I pay for all certification costs and you’ll have full access to Mark’s investment division. His people are expert at making your money grow.”

“That’s good to know. I made more money this afternoon than I’ve made in three years. Do you think you can grow that Mark?”

“When we get back to the States, I’ll set you up and get you on the program,” Mark explained.

“I know I just met you today but I trust you. We have mutual friends.” She told him two names that Gary had never heard nor could he even pronounce but Mark knew them. The men played professional soccer and were friends of Mark’s.

“I know them well. They are good friends,” Mark stated.

“That is what they both told me. Each one told me if I ever had dealings with you, to make sure it was on a friend’s basis as opposed to being a client. They told me the difference. I’d rather be a friend. I can be a good friend,” she said as she turned to Gary. “Don’t know if you know this or not but you two are legendary in the jet set. I hear you’ve been known to throw some wild parties.”

Jill cracked up, “Girlfriend, you have no idea. If you’re going to do this, you had better be horny all the time. We are.”

“How much are you bringing back to the US?” Gary asked.

“Just my clothes, I have someone to buy my furniture. The woman who is buying everything said she would move immediately. She is not just buying my furniture; she is buying my apartment and car too. All I need to do is get my clothes and photos. Why?”

“How long would that take to put together?”

“Not long. A couple of hours would do it.”

“Your first assignment is simple. We are doing a photo shoot in Rome. We will be there another week then we move to Paris for two weeks and finally Geneva for the last two weeks. Let’s get you packed up and head back to Rome. We should get there in time for dinner,” Jill told her.

They packed and moved her belongings to the airport and everything was stowed onboard. They took off and headed to Rome. Mark was at the controls of one and Gary the other. Both men were happy as could be considering that they got the G3 almost free.

Jill and Gina spent their time in the air getting to know each other. Gina was not only attractive; she had a wicked sense of humor as well. Jill filled her in on the people she would be working with and the plan for the clubs. Gina was excited to hear about the country music clubs.

“Well hon, you’ll discover very quickly that we work hard and we play even harder. I wasn’t kidding when I said earlier; I hope you’re constantly horny. You are going to around some of the most beautiful women alive. The men are gorgeous, hung and always horny. Life with those two men couldn’t get any better.”

“I’m confused Jill, which of those two are men are you with?”

“I’m with both of them. We grew up together, we’ve been in love with each other since we were teenagers and we’ve never let go. There actually is a third but he can’t come back to the states. Several times a year, we go to Thailand and spend time with him. He is one of the largest Asian porn producers so it is always a good time when we get there.”

Jill told her about Gary’s girls and that Mark was involved with a gorgeous woman who was hospitalized right now.

Gary had called ahead and asked Dave and Ron to grab his girls and Shannon and meet them at the airport. He didn’t say why, he just wanted them there. They were waiting at the hangar when Gary’s G550 landed. It was followed by two G650′s and the sparkling G3. Their jaws dropped when Gary walked off his new plane and Mark off his as well. When Jill and Gina deplaned, everyone was speechless.

They introduced Gina while they scrambled through the jets. Wendy walked to the front of the planes and stood there, Daisy Dukes, high heels and hands on her hips. “Is this fucking real? What did you two fucks do? Ohmigod, I can’t wait to fuck on these planes.”

Mark and Gary doubled over laughing hysterically as Wendy didn’t see the two burly Italian Customs Agents standing directly behind her. They had been admiring her ass when her tirade took place.

She looked over her shoulder, “Oops. Well screw it; I said it and I meant it.”

“Get in line girlfriend; I get to christen them first. Then, it is a free for all.

The customs men spoke in Italian and Gina started to laugh. “They said that is one flight they’d love to be on.”

Gary told her to tell them to be nice and they just might get that ride. Shannon walked to the doorway of the new jet, “Jack, what is my favorite saying?”

Mark shook his head, laughed and turned to Gary, “Here it comes.”

Jack grinned, “You are such a luscious slut Shannon, your favorite saying is ‘Fuck Me Flying’ darling.”

“Well, fire this thing up and ‘D’O IT’ baby,” she grinned.

The customs men stood there laughing. They advised them that all the required documents had been received by the State Department. They had to inspect the jets but everything was in order. They walked up the ladder and into the jet. Ron closed the door as Jack fired up the jet.

“Where are we going?” one of the customs men asked.

Gina walked up and told them, in perfect Italian, that they were going to help christen this jet. They were cleared for takeoff and take off they did. The women had the men naked in a heartbeat. Jill looked fantastic wearing thigh highs and stilettos. Her captains’ hat completed the ensemble as she began to lick the heavy cock on one of the Customs Agents.

Mark walked up to Gina and he turned her to him. “We hope you’ll enjoy working with us Gina,” he said as he began opening her blouse. The woman had a sweet body. He bent to kiss her, as her blouse was finally undone. Gary came from behind and removed the blouse from her shoulders. He began kissing her neck as Mark undid her skirt.

“Jill warned me about you two. I didn’t expect this to happen this soon but I’m sure not complaining. This is weird though, in all the years I worked for Gulfstream, I’ve never once joined the club. I quit and now I get to be a member. She was right; life is good in your world.”

“Darling, this is just the beginning,” Rose whispered in her ear as she made her way to the cockpit. “There are cocks to suck up front. I’ll see you later darling.”

Shannon was sucking one customs agent and fucking the other. Wendy and Debbie were all over the other pilots and loving it. Jill had grabbed Jeff and Alan and she was doing them sweetly.

“We were seriously developing a complex darling, it has been a while since I’ve had your body wrapped around my cock,” Alan whispered as his cock slid into her lovely body. “Making love to you is a dream come true Jill.”

She couldn’t answer as Jeff’s long cock was filling her throat. They fucked her deliciously and her talented pussy thrilled at the wonderful feelings they imparted on her.

Gina had two long, thick cocks in her hand and she fell to her knees. She looked at these two men and she began to lick and suck them in wonder. They looked at this lovely creature and marveled at her prowess. She was an excellent cocksucker with a gorgeous body. She took Mark fully and then she switched to Gary. They quickly learned she had no gag reflex. Her technique was impeccable.

Mark sat down and pulled Gina onto him. Her pussy was soft and very wet as she fell onto his hardness. Mark stretched her tightly and she thrilled with each long delicious stroke. Gary knelt behind her and began to lick her perfect ass.

“Ohmigod, now I know what Jill meant. Gary, are you going to fuck my ass while Mark fucks me too? I’ll know I died and went to heaven. I’ve never done this but I can’t wait either. Fuck my ass darling. Fuck me I want this so much.”

Gary positioned himself against her tight hot ass and she welcomed him in. Her breathing became ragged as he stretched her wonderfully. Gary sank fully into Gina and together they began to fuck her beautifully. Gary wrapped his hands around her and offered her breasts to Mark. He licked and sucked them gently.

“Jill told me this would be life changing and she wasn’t kidding. I’ve never enjoyed anything like this in my life and I don’t want it to stop. This is perfect. Don’t stop, please fuck me senseless. Yes! Oh, fuck yes!”

They picked up the pace and Gina was ablaze with desire. Her body screamed and shook as they stroked her into oblivion. She thrust her tits into Mark’s lips and yelled as wave after wave of total orgasmic bliss overtook her. Her pussy gushed massively and her ass gripped Gary tightly.

“Is it too early to say, I love you?” she whispered. “Ohmigod this is perfect. Fuck me my darlings. Fuck me harder and don’t stop. I love this. Oh, yes! Motherfucker, this is good. So fucking good!”

They kicked everything into high gear and Gina flailed and spasmed wonderfully on the two cocks inside her. Her orgasms were off the chart and this delicious woman was drenched with lust.

The customs men were smiling broadly, as Shannon had done them spectacularly. They looked at this gorgeous Korean goddess and knew they had just experienced something they would never forget. Shannon was definitely a life-altering event all by herself.

The intercom chimed and Jack’s voice was heard throughout the cabin. “Attention please, the greedy one is coming for pussy. Be afraid, be very afraid. She’s sucked enough cock, hell she even shared some too. Now she wants gash and she will not be denied.”

Rose made a beeline for Gina who had just disengaged and was lying back, exhausted.

“There you are, you delicious slut. Momma wants your pussy,” she said as she knelt before Gina. She lifted her legs and spread her wide. Her fingers pulled her lovely lips apart and her long meaty clit popped into view. “I’m going to love your pussy baby. I could suck your clit for a few years and never get tired.”

Rose began to lick her as Gary walked up and slid himself into Rose’s sweet hot twat. Debbie and Wendy began licking her nipples lovingly. Gina was cumming instantly. Shannon crawled up and dropped her perfect Asian pussy onto Gina’s lips. Gina wasted no time loving Shannon’s hot twat.

Jill giggled as she was left with all the other men onboard. She went from cock to cock, licking, sucking and fucking each one before heading into the cockpit.

Mark fucked Debbie and then Wendy. Gary drilled his gorgeous Rose lovingly as Gina exploded onto her lips repeatedly. Gina obviously loved pussy as much as she did cock. She had Shannon writhing wonderfully on her tongue.

Jack and Tom walked out of the cockpit. “The goofy broad says she is landing the jet in the nude.”

Mark scurried to find the camera. He was laughing as he walked into the cockpit. He snapped a couple of photos and handed the camera to Gary. He sat down and Gary took more pictures. Jill entered the queue and prepared to land. Gary stood in the cockpit and took more shots as she brought the jet onto the runway.

“These are going to be priceless some day. I can’t wait to send them to Jeremy. He’ll freak when he sees them,” Gary laughed.

The customs men were dressed and they thanked everyone profusely. As everyone dressed, they were told that as of now, they were five pilots short.

Gina said she had a girlfriend who was looking for a job stateside. “She is a great pilot, she’ll fit right in. She is a former fighter pilot too, sexy as shit and constantly horny.”

“Where is she now?” Gary asked.

“She is in Milan. We’ve been friends for years. She did two tours with the Navy in the Gulf. She is really serious about getting back to the States.”

“Is she bi baby? All our pilots are bi. Hell everyone on board is bi. We don’t discriminate darling,” Wendy purred.

“I didn’t know that. That’s hot. I really get off watching that. She definitely will love that too.”

“Call her and have her meet us here. I’m definitely interested. Mark needs two pilots and I need four. If I hire her, then all I need is two more. Is she available right away?”

“I talked to her a few days ago. She was beside herself. Italy is in the same shape Greece is and there are no prospects for her at all. She would jump at the chance.”

“Gary, Gina and I could fly up there and pick her up tomorrow,” Jill said. “I can interview her.”

“That works for me,” Gary said.

Four more names were given to Mark and Gary. The pilot problem had been resolved. They headed back to the villa as the sun was setting.

“I love the new jet darling,” Debbie said as she nuzzled Gary warmly. “I’m afraid to think of what’s next. Every day you blow my mind further. Did you see the looks on those customs men’s faces? First, they had Jill and then Shannon. It was wild.”

“We love our life,” Wendy said as she and Rose walked past Gary. They both smacked his ass as they headed into the vehicles.

A wonderful Italian buffet was set up when they returned. Every dish was delicious. Pierre had finished shooting for the day and everyone relaxed and enjoyed the evening.

Gina called her friend Brianna and told her about the job. They talked for quite a while and Brianna definitely wanted to meet with Gary. She was in the same position as Gina was. She was already packed. Her lease was up at the end of the week. Gina told her that she and Jill were flying to Milan in the morning to pick her up. She sealed the deal by telling her about the christening of the new aircraft. Brianna was amazed at the story. She told her to be at the airport at 11am and to have everything with her. She wasn’t going to be returning to Milan any time soon.

Ainsley was introduced to Gina and they hit it off instantly. The great room was full of spectacular women and gorgeous men. Ronnie laughed as she pointed to Ann who was unzipping one of the Italian hunks.

“Hush Ronnie, I got him first,” she giggled as she waved his cock in her direction. “I’m not Rose, I’ll share.”

“Bitch,” Rose laughed. “I really have to work on my reputation.”

“You earned it my love,” Gary grinned as Megan began to suck his cock.

Ainsley grabbed Ronnie and Gina and walked over to Pierre. They introduced her to him as Ronnie knelt in front of him.

“Sweetheart, he is not just the biggest name in the world of fashion photography, he’s the biggest period,” she said as she reached in and pulled that monster from his trousers.

Gina looked at Pierre and then down at his huge cock. She reached for it and her hand could barely wrap around him. The weight alone blew her mind but her hand was doing the trick. Pierre grew in her hand and she was mesmerized by it.

“It tastes as good as it looks Gina,” Ainsley cooed. “When he fucks you, you will be breathless. I love it when he fucks me.”

“I love it when he stretches my ass with this thing,” Ronnie said as she took him between her lips.

Gina dropped to her knees and all eyes were upon her as she was introduced to his massive cock. “I’ve always like big cocks but this is the largest I’ve ever seen.” She looked into his eyes, inhaled and wrapped her lips around his enormous pole. Pierre stretched her lips tightly and she continued to take him in. Her neck expanded as she continued. You could see his cock invading her throat. She seriously had no gag reflex. His cock continued and she took him ball deep on the first attempt. Her hands gripped his hips and she began to rock on him as she continued to suck him deeply. She would remember this day for the rest of her life.

A full-blown orgy broke out and everyone had a wonderful time again.

The G3 landed in Milan and Jill met Brianna. She was immediately taken by this sweet, blonde woman. Jill learned of her war efforts and was impressed. She also learned that Brianna had a great sense of humor. She offered her the position and Brianna accepted it immediately. They loaded her possessions on the jet and headed back to Rome. Jill poured herself a drink and coffee for her new flight crew. She was impressed with their competence and skill. Gary would be pleased.

Lori left the next morning and Mark told her to refuel in Orlando and pick up Red and Nancy. He told her what was happening but also told her not to say anything to Ainsley. This was going to be a surprise. He handed her an envelope and told her to give it to Red. She kissed him goodbye and headed for home.

The next five weeks went quickly. This catalog would be one of their best ever. Shannon had outdone herself with this years design. The photography was impeccable and Ronnie had been impressive even though her role in this catalog was limited.

Mark had stayed in touch with Dr. Bowen. The surgeries were completely successful but there was much left to do. As they landed in Geneva, Cherry woke from her coma. Dr. Bowen told him she was doing all right. She was confused, and she had no memory of the attack. He explained that was normal in cases like this. He told Mark that she needed another month or so of surgeries to finish putting her back together. He told him that she had been moved to a private room and that within hours, it looked like a mortuary. He said he had never seen so many flowers in a hospital room.

The news that she had finally awoken made him happy but it also meant he would not be able to visit her, hold her hand or tell her he loved her. He started to enter into a funk that would eventually have serious health complications for him.

Holly, Red and Nancy met the plane and were shocked when four, not one jet landed. They walked out to the tarmac and stood while customs cleared everyone. They looked at the new jets and loved them.

Gina and Brianna were introduced to them and they headed back to the house.

“You are going to be very happy darling,” Red murmured. “It really finished everything off perfectly. I love it. Jill is going to be thrilled too. We moved some things around. Her office is next to yours on the second floor. It’s spectacular.”

Gina was feeling very comfortable with Gary apparently. When they pulled into the property, she stood there with her hands on her hips and looked at the house. “You are such a lying sack of shit Mr. Banner,”

“What? What the fuck did I do this time?” he asked.

“Oh, I have a ‘little place’ in Orlando. I’ve stayed in smaller towns. This place is enormous,” Gina, gushed.

Baby, if you think this is something, wait until you see what’s inside,” Debbie smiled. “It just gets better.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” Brianna grinned.

They walked into the house and the two women were stunned with the opulence and luxury. Rose and Wendy took them upstairs and into their suite. “Welcome home girls, I’ll have your clothes sent up when they get here. There is no rush getting unpacked. We have a lot of help. There are many people for you to meet. You are going to love living here,” Wendy said.

“Everyone is going to love having you two here too,” Rose, quipped. “Don’t worry girls; there are tons of hard cocks and sweet pussies to go around. I have a feeling there will be a huge party tonight.”

Gary and Mark walked outside and they stopped dead in their tracks.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to do this,” Mark said as he stared incredulously at the pool. “It’s stunning. Damn this is sweet.”

Red and Nancy watched them as they walked around and looked at the finished pool.

“Is that what I think it is?” Mark asked.

“Damned right it is. What is with you? You and I grew up doing this. Are you telling me you have forgotten how to dive?”

“It was never this high before. There is no way that is a five meter platform.”

“And that is a three meter springboard. Holy shit Mark, are you chickening out?”

“We’re insane, you know that don’t you. We are fucking insane.”

“It is gorgeous at night. It is the sexiest thing you ever saw. Come on, go put your suits on and break this thing in. Everyone has been waiting but I wouldn’t let them use it until you two did.” Red remarked.

“We’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later, they climbed to the top of the platform. Gary hit a switch and two streams of water broke the surface and gave him a point of reference. He walked up to the edge and looked down. “I really am insane. How long has it been since we’ve done this?”

“Way too long my friend. Now do it and make it pretty.”

He inhaled and completed a double front somersault not well but not too bad.

Mark went next and his dive was better. As Gary started to climb back up, he was looking at Jill’s sweet butt climbing ahead of him.

“Oh great, steal our thunder will ya,” Gary laughed.

“Don’t I always?” Jill laughed. Everyone was at poolside as she walked to the platform. She turned around and completed a reverse two and a half in the pike position perfectly. There was no splash; she entered the water in her usual perfect way.”

“Showoff,” Mark yelled at her as she surfaced. “No one likes a fucking showoff.”

As one, the crowd yelled, “Yes we do!”

He offered her his hand and kissed her as she stood on the deck. “My darling, it is good to see you haven’t lost your touch. That was fucking pretty.”

Brenda walked up and looked at Gary and Mark. “Didn’t I teach you better than that? You two were disgusting. I taught the four of you better than that. Obviously, Jill can retain what she knows. Now get up there and do it again.”

They both did and this time it was better. Jill completed another perfect dive and Brenda walked to the edge of the platform.

“Listen up gang, there is one thing you don’t know. Brenda isn’t just a Tony award winning dancer and choreographer. She is also the 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist in High Dive. She taught us this as well,” Gary, explained.

Brenda sliced the water effortlessly and surfaced to huge applause. Gary went off the springboard and his dive was perfect. They each took several more dives and opened it up to everyone.

Wendy climbed the ladder and she went off the board. Her dive was awesome. Brenda smiled as she surfaced. Rose went off the platform and her dive was not bad at all. Debbie sat there, looking at the platform and she sighed. Gary looked at her but never said a word. He watched as she approached the edge and suddenly it hit him. She had told him that she used to do competitive diving when she was in school. He stood at the back of the platform smiling at her. She saw in his eyes that he remembered that conversation. She turned and faced him as she slid her heels over the edge. She smiled and completed perfectly a reverse two and a half in the pike position. Jill had done this same dive.

Brenda was speechless. Jill was laughing as she looked at Brenda.

“Girlfriend, it’s going to get interesting around here. She’s good.” Jill said.

Mark laughed, “That’s enough humiliation for one day. I’m going to break in something else. Gary looked and laughed. Mark was sitting in one of the blowjob chairs.

Brianna walked up to see what he was talking about. When she stepped on the cushioned mat, she laughed and sank to her knees. “Gee Mark, if you want a blowjob darling, all you have to do is say so. Ever since that first night, I decided that you and Gary were my top priorities. Gina and Jill told me what to expect but I never thought anything could be that good. Boy, I was wrong.”

She began to suck him sensuously. Her hands caressed his cock and she inhaled him deeply. She was an excellent pilot, a beautiful woman and an exceptional slut. Gina was right about that. Brianna was constantly horny and she made no bones about it. She was a born cocksucker. Whoever taught her, taught her very well.

Everyone was in the pool, on the platform or on the springboard. Red climbed onto the platform and opened a small hatch. She removed a microphone and turned it on. “Dinner will be served in fifteen minutes but before that, I’d like to direct your attention my way for a moment.”

Linda had climbed the platform and she stood there in a gold lame micro mini skirt. She picked up the mike and announced, “I can sing, I can dance and I can dive as well.”

Brianna looked at her and exclaimed, “Holy shit, Beyonce is on the platform. Isn’t she elegant? I didn’t know you knew her. Holy fuck Mark, she is topless. Look at those gorgeous tits. I can’t believe she’s here.”

Linda turned, walked to the edge and executed a perfect dive. The crowd went wild. She climbed back up and before she walked out onto the platform, Mark called her over. She looked at Brianna who was holding Mark’s cock and staring at her intently.

“Beyonce, I’d like you to meet Brianna Mathews. Brianna is Gary’s new pilot. She will be living here. I hope you two can become good friends.”

“Darling, any woman who holds your lovely cock the way she does, will definitely be a friend of mine. Can I have a taste darling?”

Linda leaned over, kissed Brianna passionately and then she sucked Mark down. Brianna fed her Marks long cock and thrilled at the thought she was feeding Beyonce Knowles. She came at the thought.”

Linda made one more dive and returned to the veranda where she had a nice dinner prepared.

“Oh Mark, I can’t believe I just fed Beyonce your cock. She even kissed me. What the fuck else can happen around here.”

“Darling, that is not Beyonce. That is Linda Langford, Gary’s head chef. She is Beyonce’s double. Amazing isn’t she,” Mark laughed.

“She lives here too? I can’t believe it. There are so many gorgeous people. No wonder Gina told me I had to be horny all the time.”

“To answer your question, there is one more thing and it is going to happen to you and Gina tonight.”

He walked onto the platform and picked up the microphone. “It’s good to be back home. I am sure you all have noticed we have a pair of new and, trust me, delicious additions to our family. I want everyone to welcome Gina and Brianna into the fold. Be careful guys, both these women are pilots and Brianna is a fighter pilot so handle with care,” he laughed. “Speaking of handling, neither of these two gorgeous women has been ‘certified’. Now we all know the importance of being ‘certified’ so would I be wrong in assuming that before the sun rises, they will both be completely ‘certified’.”

A huge chorus of “Hell no, you won’t be wrong,” wafted through the air.

“Come on baby, there is good food to be had and you’ll need your strength to make it through the night.”

They walked arm in arm up onto the patio. Gina was standing talking to Holly. Gina turned and looked at Brianna with a wild look on her face. “Do you know what ‘certified’ means sweetie?”

“Mark won’t tell me, he just grinned and told me I’d need my strength.”

Holly burst out laughing, “Oh that’s a good one. Take a look around you dear. Every man here is going to fuck you, fuck your ass and slide those delicious cocks down your throat tonight. Every woman will lick your pussy, nibble your tits and generally get you off as well. We’ve all been ‘certified’ many times. Personally, I get ‘certified’ at least once a week.”

Mark stood there laughing. Gary had walked up during the discussion. “She’s a fucking liar. We’ve been away for six weeks. Did she email you a piece of ass? I know I didn’t get one.”

“I didn’t hear any massive wailing coming from this side of the pond either, did you Gary?” Mark quipped as they both broke put in uproarious laughter.

“I know I can get loud dear but sometimes, I’ve been known to bite a few dicks off too. You should be afraid,” Holly smirked.

“Gina, what happens when we wake up and discover this has been a wild wet dream?” Brianna asked.

“That is exactly what we thought too,” Debbie grinned. “One day we woke up and found out it was actually very real. It is one fucking nice reality.”

Dinner was amazing and after they ate, Gary took the women on a tour of the property. They rode the property and saw all the cabanas and the now completed guesthouses. They walked into the playhouse and Gary poured them drinks. Gina walked into the theater and the beauty of the place took her breath away. They walked into the Glory Hole room and the two women stopped dead in their tracks. The room was already in use and people were sucking cock everywhere they looked. Their next stop was the playroom, which was also in use. People were fucking everywhere and the scent of unbridled sex filled the air. Their last destination was, of course, the darkroom. As they entered, unseen hands began to caress them, touch them and mouths began licking them.

Gary stayed for a few minutes and then he left the room. He walked out and saw Red standing talking to Nancy. “Where is Jill?” he asked.

“She is at the Tiki Bar. We haven’t shown her anything yet. Let’s go get her,” Nancy said.

Gary motioned for his girls to join them and he walked over and took Jill’s hand. “Come with me darling,” he said as Mark joined them. The girls were in the ‘certification’ program and apparently loving it immensely. They walked into Gary’s wing and onto the elevator. Gary hit the third floor button, stood back, and watched Jill’s reaction. The elevator opened and she didn’t move a muscle. The view from the elevator was incredible. The living room was awesome, the colors, tapestries and accessories were spectacular. They had built her a breakfast kitchen and it had everything she could ever want in there. She walked into the bedroom and she started to cry.

“This is the most gorgeous bedroom I’ve ever seen.” The fireplace was burning brightly and everything shone perfectly. Everything she looked at overwhelmed her.

She could barely speak when she walked into the bathroom. That is where she broke down. Gary looked at the bathroom and then he looked at Red and Nancy.

“You told me what you wanted darling. I hope you’re happy with it,” Red smiled. “We just decided to give her everything we’ve ever wanted ourselves. When we found the granite, everything fell in place. This is, without a doubt, the finest granite we’ve ever worked with. She has her own steam room, and sauna. The shower is unique. We were able to use the same granite and the fixtures were ideal.”

“Look at this tub,” Jill mumbled. “We could all fit in it. How many jets are there? I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It is so pretty. Holy shit; there is a fireplace in here too.”

“Take a look in there,” Red pointed to beautiful double oak doors.

Jill opened the doors and started crying again. She saw the largest, most well appointed closet imaginable. It was massive. There were drawers for her lingerie and her dresses were arranged by colors. A huge triple mirror stood in the center of the closet. She walked past the hanging area and saw that the room was in effect L shaped. She stopped and started to laugh. The shoe room was set up to hold a thousand pair of shoes and boots.

Gary looked at everything in total amazement and then he started to laugh. Jill looked to him to see what he found funny. He pointed upwards to the sign that read, “Imelda’s Domain”

Everyone cracked up and Red felt vindicated. Apparently, she and Nancy argued over that but she thought it was funny.

Jill was crying and she hugged Gary so tightly she almost hurt him, “I love you, I have always loved you but dammit babe, you’ve outdone yourself on this. She kissed him again and then she kissed everyone else. Wendy, Rose and Debbie were crying themselves. They were so happy that Jill was so pleased. Jill walked back out into the living room and shrieked, “Ohmigod, I missed this. I can’t believe you.”

“What did you miss?” Mark asked.

“There is a fireplace in the living room too. I’m never leaving here. This is too much Gary, way too much but I love you for it. Wow look at that view,” Jill exclaimed as she opened the double doors out onto the veranda. “I don’t remember seeing so much of the lake from here before.”

“I had a few trees trimmed to open it up for you my love,” Red exclaimed. “The furniture is really comfortable too.”

“This is truly amazing. I never expected any of this. Now I feel like a millionaire myself.”

“You are one dumb redhead. You really are,” Mark, laughed. “You have always been a multi-millionaire. You just never spent any of your money.”

“I never see any of my money. You arrogant son of a bitch, I have no idea how much money I have. You handle my money honey,” she snapped at Mark.

“Oh, remind me to fill you in on the details someday.”

“There is one more thing you have to see Jill,” Nancy said as she took her hand and walked her to the elevator.

They entered and pressed the button for the second floor. The doors opened and they stepped out onto the office and gym floor. They walked past Gary’s office and told her to keep walking.

Jill let a shriek out and nearly fainted. Nancy had truly topped herself. The office was huge, gorgeous and absolutely awe inspiring. A sixty-inch flat panel dominated one wall surrounded by six smaller monitors.

“As each club comes online, you’ll have the ability to monitor each store in real time. You’ll have two-way communication between the stores. Ron and Tina are having this installed this week. They will be monitoring more of the production end but you and Gary will have everything readily available. Do you like the colors baby?” Nancy asked.

“Everything is perfect. I can’t think of anything I would want that isn’t here already. This is mind-blowing and I love you all more than I can ever say.”

Gary walked into his office and saw that his video wall had been redone as well.

“Are you happy with everything darling?” Red asked.

“This is truly wonderful. Yes, I am happy. Thank you,” he said as he kissed her deeply. “You always blow my mind and I can’t see that stopping anytime soon.”

Jill had that glazed, ‘I don’t believe what I’ve just seen’ look on her face. She kissed everyone repeatedly. They headed outside to see how the ‘certification’ was coming along.

Holly met them with a tray of Rum Runners and they sat at the Tiki Bar and watched the action. The girls were being given the Royal Treatment. Hank looked over and saw them. He gave Gary the two thumbs up signal. Everyone laughed at that one.

“The pool definitely looks great in the evening. The lighting is simply perfect,” Gary said. “The waterfall is exactly what I wanted.”

“It’s perfect and comfortable too hon,” Red told him. “It’s much larger than I thought it would be. At least six can play in there with no problem.”

“What the hell are you talking about,” Mark asked.

“Dive in and swim through the waterfall. I had this back in Ft. Lauderdale but I know Red and Nancy don’t remember it. I don’t think they ever saw it.”

Everyone hit the pool and swam to the waterfall. Mark swam in and back out quickly. He looked at Gary and shook his head. “That is one of the neatest things I’ve seen ever. You could be there all day and no one would know it.”

Jill, Wendy, Rose, Debbie and Holly were already on the oversized mattress. Red and Nancy followed Mark and Gary in as well. Red and Nancy joined the rest of the women and Gary and Mark pulled Jill and Wendy to them. They wrapped their legs around their necks and the two began to lick them insanely. Both women came in short order and they moved on to Rose and Debbie. Eventually, Holly, Red and Nancy came loudly and lovingly.

Everyone loved the cave and the sound system was special too. There were multiple mood levels of illumination, which just heightened the experience.

They swam back and hit the Tiki Bar again. Ainsley joined them and asked Mark what time he was planning on leaving. He told her they would leave in the morning. Jack and Tom had arranged to hangar the G5 until he could get his new pilots hired.

Gina and Brianna were having a blast and Jim was directing the action. Gary and Holly laughed, as he stood naked with a clipboard in hand.

“He loves his work, doesn’t he?” Gary grinned.

“He’s multi-talented darling,” Holly smirked.

Gary grabbed Red and motioned for Mark to join them. “Is everything done in Fort Worth?”

“It is and it is gorgeous. The reception area is very nice. When you walk into her office, it is Country Chic. Her plant manager was very helpful. He found the photos and I had them redone. We went to the ranch and we were taken to the river. I brought Jim with us so we could reshoot it the way you wanted. It is in silhouette and since we kinda look alike, Jim and I recreated the scene. You’ll see it. It’s fucking fantastic. She’ll never forget that one if she lives to be a million.

She is going to be very surprised as well. There is a photo wall filled with photos she’s never seen. When Variety ran the story of Norris Boots being a part of D’Orgasmic, Lori’s phone went wild. Do you know how many Country Superstars wear her designs? Anyway, the door to her suite is absolutely hidden. The photo wall I told you about is actually a hidden pocket door. One flip of a switch and it opens to a truly elegant suite with a full kitchen, sitting room and a drop dead sexy bedroom. I think she’ll love it. The keys for her Mercedes are in the top drawer of her desk. The car is inside the building. You can’t miss it. Her staff has no idea about the apartment. They have never seen it. They do know about the car and they all want to see her face when she sees it.”

“Good job darling, thank you. When you get a chance, you can completely redo my Glory Hole room in Las Vegas. I really like what you did here.”

“Now that all this is done, you need to concentrate on the interiors of the clubs and Brenda’s place. Everything is going spectacularly. I can’t tell you how happy we are baby,” Gary told her.

“Just so long as you show us how happy you are from time to time my loves. We love our men, don’t ever forget it.” Red kissed them both and they walked into the playhouse.

Wendy was laughing, as she looked at Gina who was dripping wet and begging for more. Brianna was luxuriating with Tyrone in her ass and Hank down her throat. Both men were giving it to her extremely well.

“Well, would you look at that,” Mark laughed. Pete and Jeff had Brenda on the Circle and she was spinning wonderfully. Mark and Gary walked over and saw this luscious tall redhead with cocks filling her sweetly. Mark and Gary traded places and Gary took the controls. Mark filled her throat and Gary plugged her ass.

“I always wanted to tell you to sit on this and spin,” Gary, laughed. “Now I can and I’ll set the rate too. You are such a delicious bitch baby. Your ass feels so good.” He had her spinning nicely and then he turned it up. Brenda loved it.

They helped her off the Circle and she was smiling her usually beautiful smile. “If we had this thing years ago, I doubt any of us would have ever left home. That thing is wild.”

Gina and Brianna were reclining, sipping a drink and enjoying a smoke. The women were doing their own ‘certification’ ritual and both women were smiling widely.

Gina looked at Gary and called him over to her. He looked at her lovely body with Tammy’s face pressed into her pussy. “I’m curious baby, what happens after we are certified?”

“That’s simple Gina, once you’re certified, you get to recertify any time you like,” Gary erupted in hysterics.

Brianna looked at him and cracked up. Tammy was laughing hard as she sucked Gina’s clit.

Gary smacked her gorgeous black ass, “Don’t laugh or I’ll make you get recertified.”

“That’s hysterical. She recertifies every single day,” Holly, giggled.

Tammy looked up into Gina’s eyes, “The best part is I get paid to do it. I love this man and I love my life. Welcome to our wonderful family baby.” Her lovely face fell back onto Gina and her hot, tight ass was something Gary couldn’t resist.

He walked into her and slid into her tight, sweet pussy. He had fallen in love with this spectacular woman many years ago and her pussy felt as wonderful tonight as it did those many years ago.

“I love it when he just walks up and fucks me. To think I resisted this man for months still blows me away. Oh baby, that feels so good. Fuck me darling,” she said as she attended to Gina once again.

“That’s a story I’d love to hear,” Brianna said.

Gary laughed, “Talk to Tia, Bobbie and JoJo. They were there too. That’s how they all eventually made it here. Each one is special, totally unique and loving. They made my life easy for eight months.”

Mark walked back to the bar and poured himself a drink. Gary joined him, “What’s eating at you? I know something is wrong but I don’t know what it is.

“Cherry is out of the coma.” he said.

“That’s great, when did this happen? How is she doing?”

Mark told him what Dr. Bowen had said and gave him the prognosis.

“So what is the problem? This is good news isn’t it?” Gary asked.

“Yes, it is what I’ve been praying for but it comes with a price. When she was in the coma, I could go in and spend time with her, hold her hand and talk to her. Now, I can’t. I can only hope that some day she comes back to me. She is going to be in the hospital another month or more. She still needs a few more operations but the Dr. is confident she will have no scars at all.”

Gary nodded, “There are no coincidences my friend. Things happen for a reason. Don’t let it get you down. She came into your life for a reason and you into hers. You’re the one who taught me that sometimes you have to walk away to put a deal together. You’ve done everything you can and she has no idea of any of it. She has been unconscious and so many things have happened. You said she is smart as a whip. She will find out someday. Then, the ball will be in her court.”

Jack and Tom taxied onto the runway and they headed for Texas. Mark was anxious to see the look on her face. He had a car service take them to the factory. Ainsley walked in the door and stopped immediately. She looked at a lovely reception area. A hand carved oak sign with Norris Boots on it hung on one wall and another with D’Orgasmic Lingerie on the other wall. A large photograph of Ainsley, Gary and Mark hung in a gorgeous oak frame behind the receptionist’s desk.

“Now dear, you need to hire a receptionist. Just make sure she is ‘certifiable’,” Mark giggled.

“You are so bad,” she said as she kissed him.

Mark took her hand and they walked down the new corridor. The double doors to the right led to the plant. To the left, double hand carved oak doors demanded to be opened. Ainsley opened the doors and shrieked. Mark looked and smiled. Red, you are one delicious lady.

“Mark, it is gorgeous; holy fuck this is amazing. The colors are perfect. Look at this desk, ohmigod it is gorgeous.”

She looked at the walls and she welled up. On the wall across from her desk, a wonderful oak framed photograph of her dad and her hung on the wall. “I don’t understand how they did this. The original is only a 5×7 picture. This is huge and perfect in every way.” She looked and saw many framed and matted photos that were hanging on the wall. The memories looked back at her as she viewed them through teary eyes. The furniture was the finest leather and in all, the office was exceptional.

Mark looked at the wall behind her desk. He pointed to it and asked her who all these people were.

“I have no idea, I’ve never seen those photos in my life,” she said as she walked over to look closer. “Mark, that is Ty Herndon and his wife Jewel. I’ve made Ty’s boots for years. Jewel is a huge Country Star.”

She kept looking and there were autographed photos from Hank Jr., Alabama, John Rich, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Reba McIntyre, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Tricia Yearwood, Trace Adkins, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Naomi and Wynona Judd, Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and the centerpiece was a larger beautiful photo of Loretta Lynn.

Ainsley was sobbing as she read the inscription. “Ainsley, Bill made me my first pair of custom boots. I was saddened to hear of his illness. Give him a kiss from me. Good luck with D’Orgasmic. It’s a great company. Get me a discount coupon honey – Love always, Loretta.”

The rest of the inscriptions wished her good luck and they hoped to see her in Nashville or Las Vegas.

She turned to Mark and fell into his arms sobbing, “This is so much more than I ever would have expected. Thank you darling. I have to call Gary. Ohmigod, this is beyond anything I could have hoped for.”

“Sit in your chair dear and look at the wall,” he told her as he found the tiny switch that was under the lip of her desk. He flipped it and the wall slid away revealing a pitch-black area behind the wall.

She looked at him as he extended his hand to her. She stood and he walked up behind her. He took the silk scarf Shannon had given him and he blindfolded her. He hit another switch and on the far wall, a small light came on. He opened the desk drawer and removed a set of car keys and a small remote control.

He walked her into the darkness and toward the light. As he got closer, he saw that Nancy had topped herself again. It was phenomenal. He stood her at the end of the bed and undid the blindfold.

“Oh, fuck. How the hell did you do this? Ohmigod Mark! You’re good dammit but there is no way someone was there photographing us. That is the sexiest place on earth to me.” Ainsley stared at the picture of the oak stand by the river. She was naked, sitting in the arch of the branches while Mark knelt and licked her deliciously. It was shot in silhouette but there was no mistaking who and what was happening.

“Close your eyes,” he said. He put the blindfold back on and walked her back to the entrance. He turned her around and took off the blindfold. He hit the switch on the remote control and the lights came up on a truly elegant suite.

“I don’t know what to say. This is amazing. It’s sexy; it’s gorgeous. You’re gorgeous, I love you and I love everyone else too.”

The furniture was true Country Chic with a large sofa and chairs, tables, lamps and family photographs were hung everywhere.

“The colors are perfect Mark,” she smiled.

“Darling, it takes one to decorate for one. Red and Nancy did a wonderful job, didn’t they?”

“I can’t wait to talk to them and thank them,” she said as she walked into the kitchen. “This has everything, it’s beautiful. I can’t believe this.”

Mark walked her back into the bedroom. Ainsley froze as she entered what had to be one of the most elegant bedrooms she had ever seen. With the lights up, she saw the king-sized bed with the river photo above it. Six smaller framed shots framed the larger photo. Each shot showed a different aspect of their lovemaking. They were highly erotic and wonderfully memorable. On one wall, a photo of Ainsley and Ronald Reagan smiled down on her.

While she was looking at everything in the room, Mark let out a low whistle. She walked into the ensuite bathroom and she shrieked.

“Mark, I am going to do those two till their heads fall off. This is indescribable. It is beyond words. Oh, look at this, and this and this too.” She turned and kissed him wonderfully, never wanting to let him go. “I want to fly back to Orlando and get recertified right now. You two had better understand how much I love you.”

“We love you too darling. I want to go up to the third floor and see how that is progressing,” he said as he walked her to the elevator.

They were very pleased with the progress. All the machines were in place and people were working making purses and belts. “There is plenty of room to add a line for Chaps and maybe luggage too dear.”

“I am going to have a lot of names to learn. I only knew a few of those people.” She smiled at Mark and said, “Let’s check out the second floor.”

The second floor was fully installed and people were making hats at every station. Ainsley inspected the work and was happy.

“Looks like everything is running smoothly baby,” Mark said as the walked out onto the main floor factory. There were many new faces but the boots they were making were perfect. Her lead hand met her and she told him she was very happy with what she had seen. As they walked to the back of the building, she saw a huge box wrapped in expensive paper with a huge bright red bow on it. A card was attached. She walked over to the box and looked at Mark. He shrugged and told her to read the card. It read:

Dear Ainsley,

Welcome to the family. We know you are going to be wildly successful. We hope you like what we’ve accomplished so far. Enjoy it dear. You deserve it.

In case you are wondering what is in the box, you’ll find a handle on top of the box. Pull it sweetheart. We think it is the perfect accessory for someone as sweet as you.

Love and affection,

Gary, Jill, Mark, Wendy, Debbie and Rose.

Ainsley handed the card to Mark and he told her to find the handle. She pulled it and a brand new Fire Engine Red Mercedes 650 sat there. She looked at Mark and started jumping up and down. She turned and saw the keys wavering right before her eyes. She grabbed the keys, jumped into Mark’s arms, and kissed him passionately. Every man and woman on the factory floor began applauding loudly.

“Thank you, baby, thank you, thank you!” she purred as she whispered in his ear. “You do know what I have planned, don’t you?”

“I kinda think I do darling. Everything needs to be christened properly. I do think we have something to do first. There is something you didn’t see in your office,” he said as he jumped in the passenger seat of the Mercedes.

She laughed and jumped in the car. “I wasn’t talking about the car darling,” she purred. “I had something else in mind.”

“I know but you had to move it anyway. The really fun stuff is still ahead,” he said as she put the hammer down. “Hold on darling, this thing is fast. It is also red and that means tickets. Be careful. I do know what I’m talking about.”

She drove it a bit and pulled back into her parking space. She kissed him again and got out of the car. Mark walked into her office and sat at her desk. He called her over and showed her that the desk had been outfitted with a few special items. He flipped a switch and her keyboard slid up and into place. Another switch activated the 60″ flat screen on the wall. He showed her another toggle that turned it from a conventional TV to a monitor and the last switch connected her to Orlando and Las Vegas instantly.

“Hi darling,” Michelle smiled.

“There she is,” Gary said. Jill, Wendy, Debbie and Rose were standing behind him. “Do you like it darling?”

“It’s beautiful, it’s magnificent. I love it. I love you. It is beyond description. I can’t believe you would do all of this for me. You really are life changing aren’t you?”

The screen changed and Jack’s face was looking in on the meeting. “Ainsley, I hope you aren’t busy on Saturday. I am bringing the Twin to Fort Worth. You are going to need it because you start your training on Saturday. If the guy who runs the place gives you a hard time, you just let me know. It’s been years since I kicked his ass. I’ll call you and tell you exactly where to meet me tomorrow. Oh yeah, if you ever need any of us in the jets, Mark will show you how to do that. We have you covered.”

“Is it pretty honey?” Jill asked.

“Breathtaking Jill, it is simply breathtaking. Where are those two anyway?” Ainsley giggled.

The screen rearranged and she heard, “The redheads have to stick together. Of course, it is gorgeous. I wanted a nice place to lick your hot pussy darling.”

“Kate, Nancy, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much everything means to me. I have no idea how you accomplished one thing. I was totally blown away.”

“Oh, I know what you’re talking about,” she said as she hit a few keystrokes and the oak tree photo popped up on the screen.

“Wow, that is one of the sexiest photos I’ve ever seen,” Rose said.

The screen went black and when it came back on, Jim was standing there with a hat, open shirt and his cock hanging for inspection.

“That’s Jim in the photo? Who is the woman?”

Everyone started laughing except Ainsley. Finally, the coin dropped and she screamed, “That is you and Jim. I was really wondering if Mark had someone follow us. You have no idea how realistic it is. I’m glad it wasn’t us but it will forever be in my heart. Thank you so much.”

“Gary, the car makes me think you’re hitting on me. I don’t know about you people. You kinda know how to make a girl wet. Oh, did I mention, I love you.”

“Enjoy dear, we’ll be in touch tomorrow. Break in the bed well Mark,” Jill giggled. “Love you both.”

“Before you go Gar, I want to read you the inscription on the photo Loretta Lynn sent.” He read it to him and Gary was speechless.

“I’ll do better than that, Jill open a no charge account for Loretta Lynn. That is, without a doubt the best recommendation we’ve ever had. Ainsley, will you accompany us when we hand deliver it to her?”

“If you think I would pass up a chance to meet with the First Lady of Country Music, you are seriously wrong. You tell me when and I’ll be there,” she said.

“Count me in on that one too Gar, I sure want to meet her,” Mark said.

“Hey, hey, hey, I forgot to tell you something,” Red, laughed. “Since none of are the quietest women on earth, I triple insulated your suite. It is completely sound proof. You never know when Holly will be visiting.”

“Thank you my love, none of us are quiet, are we?” Ainsley said as she signed off.

Everyone was leaving for the day. She made certain everyone was gone and she walked into her suite. Mark walked to the bar and smiled. It was fully stocked. He poured two snakebites and handed her one. He took the remote and showed her several features. There were multiple light settings and then there was the stereo system.

They spent the rest of the evening making love and relaxing. Ainsley drove him to the airport in the morning and he returned to Las Vegas. Michelle picked him up at McCarran and took him to the construction site. He was amazed at how much they had accomplished. They were well ahead of schedule and he was pleased. Mark took some photos and he conferenced Gary when he got back home.

Gary informed him that he had just got back from the Orlando site and it too was ahead of schedule. Gary told Mark to talk to Dave. He had hired several new lawyers but he was swamped. He had run into some opposition from the EPA. The new regulations were causing problems. Mark said he’d talk to him and they hung up.

Michelle told him she had run into the same thing. She handed him a list of lawyers his research department had found that might be the answer to the problem. He read the dossiers and called Dave. Dave told him the same thing Michelle had. The lawyers he had hired were good but they weren’t regulatory experts. Dave suggested that they hire one. Mark said he would talk to Gary and get back to him.

Michelle brought him up to date on what has happened. The NFL had settled with the players and training camps were going to happen as planned. She showed him the new contracts. This year’s players were going to be good. Things were running exactly as he expected.

“The entertainment division is exploding Mark,” Michelle beamed. “Lori will be here in just a few minutes. She has been crazy busy. She needs more staff. I told her to hire what she needs. This could be just as lucrative as the main division. I had no idea how much some of those models earn a year. I should have been a model.”

“You would have made a lovely model my love. You have the body for it. You’re constantly horny. Yeah, you’d be perfect baby,” he said as he kissed her. She held on to him tightly, and kissed him again.

“I’ve missed you my love. I am issuing an executive order. Mark Banner, hereinafter referred to as the ‘never here lover’, is prohibited from leaving me unattended for this long again.”

“I second that motion,” Lori said as she walked into his office. “If you think we’re complaining, just wait until Dani gets her hands on you. That poor girl has been climbing the walls darling.”

“I hear you have good news sexy? What have you been up to?”

Lori smiled deliciously. She handed him a list and he looked at it in amazement.

“Are you serious? You’ve signed sixty-one models in six weeks. That is fantastic. Michelle said that you need to hire more people. Based on this, do it. This is fantastic. Somehow, I feel better. I’ve spent a small fortune lately. This is absolutely perfect baby.”

“That, my love, is just the tip of the iceberg.” She handed him another page and he looked at it and then back at her. “That list is the names and dates they will be here to sign. Over one hundred top models worldwide want your representation. That is just the models, this list represents the actors, this list is the names of new singers, and bands that would like to discuss things with us. The best part is the list that Brenda put together. She called and talked to each one of them and there are over two hundred dancers that want us too”

“I’m impressed. I’m beyond impressed. Do we have our talent scouts in place yet?”

“Yes and I have some amazing videos to show you. Right now, we have two teams out there. They are working Rock and Pop clubs and Country Bars. There is a lot of talent out there.”

“We need two more teams immediately dear,” Mark told her.

“Michelle, call these two guys and get them in here. Apparently, they are living near Nellis AFB. I need them to start immediately. Actually, you need them to start immediately. They will be your pilots. The G5 is for you darling. Jack is going to be busy getting the twin serviced. It is going to Fort Worth this week.”

“What is happening in Fort Worth, hon,” Michelle asked.

“Ainsley has been enrolled in Jack’s brothers Flight School. She is a pilot but only licensed for single engine. She’d love to fly jets too so I said okay, but first she has to be certified for twin engine.”

“Mark, I have never seen such a look on anyone’s face like the look I saw on hers yesterday. I take it she was really happy.”

“Honey, you’ll see it. Kate and Nancy outdid themselves. Oh shit, I forgot to ask Gary something.”

Gary’s face came up on the screen and they talked about the regulatory solution. They decided to hire two experts, one for the east coast and one for the west coast. They also decided to go ahead with the Nashville and Dallas properties. They had excellent prospects in Miami and LA as well. Gary and Holly would check out Miami and Mark would check out the LA properties. They had already decided on the Nashville and Dallas properties.

“Why is it that we get more accomplished when we are thousands of miles apart than we do when we are shoulder to shoulder?” Mark laughed.

“Probably because when you are that close to me, I have one of your dicks in my mouth,” Holly laughed.

“That’s only to keep you quiet. You know we love you darling,” Gary laughed.

“Listen asshole, I forgot to ask you this, when are we going to Thailand? Jeremy said he had a hotel we could take over. The last trip was a bummer. Let’s make this trip fun.”

“Funny you should ask me that. I talked to him last night. We can leave a week from Sunday. I figured we’d arrive in Las Vegas on Thursday. That way we can see what is going on there and then leave Sunday morning. Jeremy promises us a great time.”

“Bring Maggie’s jewelry. We can get it over to him without any complications. Did you hire your pilots yet?” Mark asked.

“I’m meeting them tomorrow. Jeff said Henry and Glen are great and that they will fit in perfectly.”

“Michelle is meeting with Rick and Phil tomorrow. Jack and Tom are taking the Twin to Fort Worth first thing Saturday. Rick and Phil will be flying my new jet, picking them up and flying back here. That way I have my equipment where I want it. Anyway, I’ll let everyone know about Thailand. Talk to you later.”

“Baby, are we going to Thailand,” Michelle asked sweetly. “I hope you’re going to say yes. Momma needs some Asian cock and all that delicious pussy. Have you been to Thailand Lori?”

“No, I’ve read all about it. Sounds like a very sexy place to me.”

Mark laughed, “Darling we are taking the entire gang to Thailand. We figured we’d give them a week’s worth of mind-blowing sex before the openings. When I say the entire gang, I mean there will be no one left in Orlando. Gary’s stopping to pick up Ainsley and then they head here. We will have to take four jets so it will be an orgy over the Pacific. I just had a thought.”

He got Gary back on the screen. “I want to suggest something that I think would be great. We have a list of potential places for clubs. I want to suggest one more. Honolulu would be prefect. The Japanese are amazing country fans. The clubs would do well and the rest is a given. I have two people in mind to run the place.”

“Kono and Daniel would be positively perfect, I agree completely,” Gary said.

“I do too,” Holly said. “I could get lost in their arms for a very long time. They are definitely fun people. They are ‘certified’ too,”

“I had a thought about something else too. Since it is such a romantic, exotic location, we need a waterfront location and in addition to the restaurant, we need a daily Luau. They come early for a sunset Luau and stay to dance the night away. We could even do a daily fashion show. Oh, and another thing, you haven’t met these two but we have. Brenda and Joy are friends of ours. They run a lingerie and dress shop. Actually, you may have met them Gary they carry D’Orgasmic product. Remember the store you sent Cherry’s dress for the Pro Bowl?”

“I sure do, they could run the store. Daniel and Kono the clubs and we know we have excellent chefs.” Gary agreed.

“Make the call and let me know. You do know how to keep a girl wet baby,” Holly smiled.

“You could never tell that by us,” Michelle pouted. “Everyone else has had our man but Lori and I have been protein starved.”

“Make the call Gary and quit whining Michelle. You can touch him, we can’t,” Holly giggled.

Mark spent the next two hours on the phone. He laid out the plan to Daniel and Kono and they were beside themselves. It took them exactly two seconds to say yes. He told them that the first order of business as far as they were concerned was to get in touch with a Re-max Commercial Agent. He would fax them specifications as to property size. After that, they were going on a one-week sexcapade in Thailand and then they would be heading to Orlando. They would be there for several months learning everything they needed to know. He told them that they were on the payroll as of now. He then told them he was calling Brenda and Joy as soon as he hung up with them. They were thrilled to hear that too.

After he hung up with Brenda and Joy, he smiled and got Gary back on the screen. “Honolulu is a go. Actually, it is a huge go. I have a message for all of you from the girls. I’d tell you but it is a very wet message. I’ll let them deliver it to you personally once we get to Hawaii. Daniel is already on it with Re-max. I figured we’re going to need four jets for this trip.”

“I have a years worth of Viagra around here somewhere,” Gary burst out laughing.

“Whoa bro, what’s up with that?”

“Don’t blame him darling, my shit for brains ex-husband had them delivered after he walked out on me,” Debbie giggled. “I told him to keep them for emergencies.”

“Fuck, you had me worried old man,” Mark burst out laughing.

“I hope Daniel knows someone who can do a Luau. You know, I was thinking, we really have an ace up our sleeve dear,” Holly laughed. “We do have Miss Hawaii on our team. Aleka will love this.”

“This is true. Lori, how is the movie coming along? She should be finishing up very soon. Check with her and see if she can come to Thailand. It’s going to be a good trip. Get back to work everyone. I have two insatiable women that I have been ignoring for way too long,” Mark waved as he closed it down.

Mark picked up the phone and called Dani. He told her about Thailand and she hung up on him. Michelle looked at him as he stared at the dead phone.

“She hung up on me; she fucking hung up on me.”

Michelle burst out laughing and started looking at her watch.

Lori walked back into the office and told them that Aleka was unfortunately not going to be taking any assignments that week. She was going to be riding Mark’s cock all the way to Thailand. She is so happy you wanted her to join us.

“Girl, get your ass in the bedroom,” Michelle said as she grabbed Mark and dragged him into the room. “You better get naked because, if I’m right, a very naked tornado is about to hit here and she will not be denied.”

“Oh really, when do you think this storm is going to hit,” Lori laughed.

“In less than two minutes, she is going to strike with an amazing intensity,” Michelle laughed as she threw Mark onto the bed. She threw her lovely body onto him as Lori jumped onto the bed.

“I’ve missed you darling, I really have,” Michelle said as her body molded into his. She kissed him seriously. She really had missed him.

Lori, true to her nature, dove right onto his cock and was licking him fiercely when the elevator chimed.

Michelle burst out laughing hysterically when Dani’s lovely, naked frame entered the bedroom. She threw her clothes on a chair and looked at the three laughing people on the bed.

She looked at Michelle, “Bitch!” and then at Lori, “Cunt! You couldn’t wait could you? Sheesh, you already have his cock down your throat. It’s not fair. I want to move my office over here too!”

She climbed on the other side and turned Marks face to her, “Hello you sweet delicious man. I really have missed you.” She kissed him and shared him with Michelle. There was no way they were getting Lori off his cock for the next few minutes.

“You are right on time darling. I was timing you from the minute you hung up on him. Trust me, I know exactly how long it takes to get from the office to the bedroom,” Michelle laughed.

“You hung up on me, I’m shocked. That’s not nice,” Gary said sternly.

“Oh hush, I’ll make it up to you. You’ve been globetrotting, fucking all those gorgeous women and forgetting that we exist. Thank God, we had each other. I just want you to take your time and make love to each one of us…repeatedly. You may have noticed, you have three very horny women on your hands.”

Mark kissed her and turned to Michelle. The kiss they shared was erotic, passionate and lovely. She inhaled as he rolled her flat on her back and he began to kiss her perfect body. He kissed her lips, her face and her ears, which always drove her wild. Her nipples stood erect on the most wonderful breasts and he teased them tenderly. Lori was still sucking his cock as Michelle held out her hand to Dani.

Dani straddled her face and Michelle began to lick the delicious tart into oblivion. Mark licked her stomach and onto her hips. She threw her legs around his neck and she moaned as he began to open her hot, pink slit with such expertise.

Mark knew exactly how to love this fine woman and he didn’t fail her. Nothing pleased her more than Mark’s tongue bringing her the pleasure she craved so intently. He had her writhing on the tip of his tongue and she began to cum. It always thrilled him when this perfect woman began to thrash on his face. She was sweet, loving and wonderful. She flowed onto his tongue and he kept her going as only he could.

Each orgasm built and he looked up and saw Dani’s pussy being tongue fucked by Michelle. Dani watched him lick Michelle’s pussy while she tugged her own nipples and moaned. Lori was such a great cocksucker and she proved it every chance she got. Her lips felt like velvet and she truly loved the feel of his hardness in her throat.

Mark licked Michelle further, her entire body collapsed, and she screamed as she lifted off the bed. Her spasms were intense as her tongue sank deep into Dani’s delicious pussy.

Mark slid himself into her and she wrapped her body around his. Her arms draped around his neck as he opened and filled her wonderfully. He stroked her sweetly and she moaned and kissed him with a desire that amazed him. Michelle came repeatedly as did Dani.

The rest of the evening was spent pleasing and satisfying these three gorgeous women. Mark slept soundly and just before, he drifted off, made a mental note to get a bed like Gary’s. Four in a king sized bed was a little much.

When Mark woke, Lori and Michelle had left. Dani was cuddled up to him and holding him tightly. He stirred and turned his head and saw her eyes shining brightly. She kissed him, held him, and kissed him again.

“You never know how much you value something until it is gone. I really missed you darling. I love you,” she said with wet lips and an open heart.

Mark moved and winced. Dani turned him over, reached for the lotion and began to give him a backrub. Her skilled hands worked on his sore muscles and she had strong hands. She massaged his back and it felt good. She crawled up to the head of the bed and snuggled herself at his head. He opened his eyes and saw her fabulous body inches from his face. She leaned over him and began to massage his lower back and his butt.

As she moved herself closer, she wiggled right onto the tip of his tongue. From the night he met her at the Palms those many years ago; he had become addicted to her sweet pussy. He tongued her wonderfully as she kneaded his body erotically. He turned onto his back and she wrapped her lotioned fingers around his engorged shaft.

“You do love me darling,” she murmured as she began to stroke his long cock in her slippery hands. He lifted her up and placed her on his lips. “Darling, I need your lips on my pussy almost as much as I need your cock in my mouth.” Dani dropped her face onto him and that sent shockwaves throughout her entire being.

Mark loved her pussy, tasting every fold and crease. Her clit begged to be pleased and he did not disappoint her. Dani could never get enough of his hardness either. She held him, licked him and took him between her lips. His cock stretched her lips tightly and she sucked him in sweetly. She held his balls and caressed him into her throat. Mark licked her pussy, her ass and when his tongue slid into her tight, hot asshole, she went wild. Her body was cumming constantly and he loved pleasing her so much.

She spun around and dropped her tight, sweet sheath over his shaft. Her eyes rolled up and she luxuriated in the way he filled her.

“Fuck me Mark; I need your cock more than you’ll ever know. Darling, that feels so good. I love the way you make me feel. Oh, baby, that’s it. Yes baby; fuck my hot pussy with your big, bad cock. Slam that big cock into my tiny pussy; make me cum over and over again darling. Yes! Oh! Yes! Oh fuck that is so good, I’m cumming darling, harder please baby, fuck me harder and faster I want to cum all day long darling I love you Mark!”

He stroked her deeply and she rode his cock perfectly. Her tits bounced and he played with her nipples and she shrieked as he tugged.

She was climaxing splendidly when he lifted her off and placed her on her stomach. He slid down and parted her ass cheeks. His tongue licked her ass and his fingers slipped inside. She moaned as he stroked into her.

“You are such a delicious slut Dani. You’re my delicious slut and I love you to death,” he said as three fingers slid into her ass. “I’m going to fuck your hot, greedy little asshole Dani. You want my cock in your ass don’t you darling?”

“Ohmigod Mark, fuck my ass please baby. I want your cock in there all day and all night my love. Fuck my slutty hot ass baby. Stick your cock in me and fuck me senseless. I want you in my ass now darling.”

Mark reached over and handled her the bottle of Rush. Dani took three large hits and moaned as Marks’s cock slid into her tight ass.

“Oh fuck baby, this feels so good. I love it when you fuck my ass darling. Yes! Motherfucker, I love it. Harder baby, oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck my ass you lovely fucker. Yes!”

Mark slammed himself deep into her and she was moaning and cumming relentlessly. He held her hips and drilled her ass fiercely as she shook herself almost into unconsciousness. She collapsed onto the bed and whimpered.

“I love you Mark, Oh, you have to know I love you.”

Mark collapsed beside her and softly stroked her as she recovered. She looked at him with unfocused eyes and smiled sweetly. He threw his head back and Dani slid onto his chest. She kissed him, his neck and stomach on her way to his lovely, large cock. She took him into her mouth and she began to suck him with love in her heart.

She rode his cock past her tonsils and she licked and sucked him with a desire that was beyond description. Every morsel of his cock was loved, worshiped and inhaled. Mark loved her talents and she loved his cock. She was on fire and she needed him to douse her flames only one way. Her hands stroked his cock as it slid in and out of her face. His legs began to shake and Dani loved it when his cock began to swell. She held him as the rush of cum flowed through him and splashed wonderfully into her hungry mouth.

He came, hot, strings or sweet cum flooded her mouth and she drank him quickly. She loved it when he came in her mouth. She sucked every drop and begged for more. She held him, sucking softly and milking every drop from his tasty shaft.

“You’re the most wonderful man. I love you so much.”

He smiled at her, lifted her and kissed her deeply. He picked up the phone, called Jackson, his butler, and told him they would be down for breakfast in a few minutes. They hit the shower and went for breakfast.

“I need to get Gary on conference. I’ve been thinking about a way to save us a lot of money and still achieve the same results. Set it up for me. I want to talk to Gary & the girls, Jill, Shannon, Holly, Brenda, Lori and Michelle. I think they are going to like the plan I have. I want to call the hospital. I’ll only be fifteen minutes,” Mark said.

Dani went to work and got everyone online when Mark walked back in.

Mark looked into the camera and asked, “Okay, I have a couple of questions to start. What is the status on the PR people? Have we hired anyone yet?”

“I have four people that research found. I wanted you to see their applications before I hired them,” Dani told him.

“Okay, that is a start but I did some research myself while I was in Europe. I looked at the country and determined that, to do this properly, we need to break down the country into twelve regions. If those people are acceptable, then we will need another eight people. Debbie, do you think one person is enough per region?”

“It should be. I worked alone to set up the promotions. I worked with the bar owners, talked to the radio stations to get remote broadcasts wherever possible. That is a big advantage. I arranged to have the signage sent to the bar at least a week in advance. I also arranged for the hotel rooms and transportation to and from the airport. What I tried to do was simple. In what they call major markets, I would work to do five promotions a week. That way, travel was cut down, hotel costs were minimized and the workload was manageable,” Debbie told them.

“That sounds like a lot of work but if we can find twelve of you, we’ll be golden. Are you willing to train them? You are, after all, a damned superstar. Girl, you took a relatively unknown brewery and made it a global concern. I’ve checked, you’re golden darling,” Mark smiled.

“Of course I’ll be glad to train them. Dani, send me their applications. I’d like a look at them. I know a lot of people in the business. I may have some names of good people looking to make a change.”

“What do the rest of you have to say on this?” Mark asked.

“I like the idea but you know me, go big or go home,” Gary smiled.

“And they will be doing both the country and the dance clubs?” Holly asked.

“No reason not to. Ideally, we could do three dance and three country clubs a week. I don’t expect that to happen but we need to be prepared in case it does. Bar owners need customers and nothing attracts people like hot, sexy women wearing next to nothing,” Gary said.

“Okay, we’re good to go on that. The next question I have is for Debbie and Lori. Have we looked at the Arbitron Stats for each city?”

“I wanted to talk to you about that. I’ve looked but honestly, it is Greek to me. I need someone who knows what they are doing to tell me what the numbers are telling me,” Lori said.

“I figured that would happen. Radio is going to be huge as is Nielsen for TV spots. I propose that we hire a media buyer who is at the top of their game. This is not something I would suggest having the ad agency do. The reason I say that is simple. They can direct us into profitable cities for future clubs but also target cities for the regional teams. These people understand the demographics and they are worth every dime we would pay one. Michelle, have research look into finding us someone please.”

“How many would we need?” Gary asked.

“I would think, for starters, one would be enough,” Debbie interjected.

“Okay, now I want to tell you something I am going to do. This will help you on several fronts. Michelle, Dani and Lori, this applies to our end of this. I want a new type of contract written. It will be a hybrid. It will be a friend/client contract. The dancers and the models who will be working will be considered friends as long as they are working for D’Orgasmic. If we negotiate additional work for them such as videos, additional photo shoots, whatever, they pay the freight on the client side of the business. Everything else remains the same. It is fair to them and fair to us,” Mark explained.

“I like that a lot Mark,” Gary said. “It will make everything easier.”

“I’m so fucking good at spending money. Now, let me blow your minds, I’ve figured a way to save a million dollars a year.”

Gary sighed, “I’m fucking glad to hear that. Every time you start talking it cost us money. What’s up your mind bro?”

“I looked at the timeline and I think Brenda needs to start training dancers as soon as we get back from Thailand. Dani, email Brenda the names of those Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders we met at Billy Bob’s.

We have two centers opening in October and two in November. All together, that is 168 dancers. Nashville is only going to have a Country Club. That is a lot of people to find and train. That is in addition to the regional dancers and then, we have the professional dancers. With just regional dancers, we need 144 dancers and then we need 24 professional dancers. Altogether, we are looking at 336 dancers. The real expense is going to be the professional dancers.

Here is my idea. Brenda, audition professional dancers in Orlando and Las Vegas. If we take one male and one female professional dancer and make them the lead dancers on the regional teams, we can pull them in when we open a club or have an event. We keep them dancing and cut 24 paychecks. The only one we would not put into that program is Ronnie. You need her at a moment’s notice. She can help Brenda when she is not on a photo shoot or on TV.” Mark explained.

“So, let me understand this. Ronnie will still be the lead dancer of the professional team,” Brenda asked. “I like this. It is more effective. We are only going to need the professional dancers twice a month to start. I’d rather keep them dancing.”

“She will be the co-lead dancer,” Gary told her. He looked into the camera and stated in a very stern way, “I don’t give a flying fuck what you say Mark, I am bringing Cherry back into the fold. I know I can’t do it now but it will happen.”

Mark sighed, “Yeah, don’t hold your breath.”

“If he can’t, dammit, we will,” Rose said. “We can be very persuasive Mark.”

“I love you guys but I’m not wishing on rainbows. Gary, who does the announcing for your fashion shows?”

“Tori and Karen usually do them. They are very good. Why?” Gary told him.

“The job market is a nightmare. Kids are graduating with no chance for a job. We need twelve announcers. Let’s shop and see what graduates are out there with communication degrees. They will be green but this is good experience. Who knows, they may wind up with their own TV show someday. Find them, have Tori and Karen train them.”

“We also need 120 models. It would be great if we could recruit them from the modeling schools. They will work very inexpensively just to get this on their resume. It is a damned feather in their cap to be able to say they model for D’Orgasmic,” Lori said.

“Some days, you do make me smile,” Gary laughed.

“Shannon, have you hired the designers we talked about? You said you had a lot of very talented people dear,” Michelle asked.

“I have hired six exceptional people. Trust me they’ll fit right in. Gary, Jill and I have final say on everything but I like what they bring to the table. The Country Club product is looking good. Ainsley has some fabulous ideas. She said you suggested hand tooled leather luggage. I told her to design something and send it to me. I really like that idea a lot.

Oh and as for the chaps, what we have designed is going to keep your dick hard for a long time. I should have the entire product line completed by next week. They are going to make patterns and sew samples to have ready for us when we get back from Thailand. The Slutwear catalog won’t come out until the beginning of November. That product line is already designed,” she told him.

“When do you do the photo shoots for those catalogs?” Michelle asked.

“I must have the Country Catalog ready for October 1. I want the Slutwear Catalog ready for November 1. We are going to shoot the Country Catalog in Orlando when we get back from Thailand. I’m not sure when I am going to shoot the Slutwear yet,” Gary explained.

“What are you waiting for?” Mark wondered.

Gary just looked into the camera and didn’t answer him.

Jill looked at Mark and shook her head, “We love you darling, leave that to us.”

Mark sighed, “Okay, I’m out of that discussion. I have three last things we need to know about. Lori, how is the design for the retractable stages coming along?”

“I talked to the gang at the MGM yesterday. They are sending a computer animation of how it will work over later today. I’ll forward it to everyone. From what they told me, it is really going to be sweet. When the first band is performing, that is the only stage you see. When their set is over, the stage swings away and the next stage takes its place. They say it takes less than twenty seconds to make the change. A laser wall will obscure the transition. It should be hot as hell. I am working with Young Signs to design the interior signage as well. These clubs are going to be the highest of high tech. The interior signs will distract most of the attention for the transition. Our architects love the design. It’s going to be sweet.”

“That’s great, I can’t wait to see the animations,” Gary smiled.

“Shannon, I need your graphic artists to design several things. No one succeeds in business in Las Vegas without having the Cab and Limo Drivers on your team. Yes, we are going to be charging a cover charge to get in. That is customary but we have to do a lot more. Cab drivers live on their tips. Please design a Free Cover Pass that we can give to the cabdrivers to hand out to their passengers. It should be on glossy stock and sexy as hell. They give them out, they get a bigger tip and they bring people to us.

That is the first way we take care of the cabdrivers. When we designed the bakery, we designed a drive up window. Many people want to stop on the way to work or home to pick up something sweet. We need to design a card that gives a driver a free cup of coffee and a donut. Design a card, just like the slot cards. We need a magnetic strip so we can actually swipe it. It will tell us which drivers are using it. It will keep accounting off our back and it builds goodwill. On the same vein, we need another magnetic card to give to hotel employees. It will allow them no cover charge and ten percent off all drinks. All they need to do is bring in their Hotel ID or TA License and we issue them a card.

There is something you need to know about Las Vegas. There are three million people in the entire state. Two million of them live in this valley. Of that, 1.2 million of them work in the entertainment business in one way or another. We could live quite well and never see a tourist.

Cash is king in this town and it is a huge temptation too. We know our people but we don’t know our future employees. The centers will all be the same insofar as the cash registers are concerned. We have to protect our investment so I am going to meet with my investigators and we are going to put together a team to monitor the cash flow. We will have security in the centers but this is going to be handled offsite and no one will know other than our Center Managers. We will not only be monitoring cash but alcohol as well. Those are the two things where we are vulnerable. We have to plug that right from the start,” Mark told everyone.

“I definitely agree with that,” Holly said. “I thought you were getting busy last night. When the hell did you work on all of this?”

“I couldn’t sleep, too much on my mind.”

“Okay everyone, I need to talk to Mark about some other things. We know what we all need to do,” Gary said.

When everyone signed off, Gary looked at Mark critically. “When was the last time you slept? You look like shit. You have dark circles under your eyes. I’m worried about you.”

“I’ll be fine. I meant it; I have a lot on my mind. Thank God my end of the business is really coming on fast.” He told Gary what Lori had told him about the new contracts.

“Get some sleep. Here is a novel idea. Go to bed, alone, and turn out the lights and sleep. I’ll talk to you later.”

Mark tried but instead, he spent an hour looking up manufacturers of bobble head dolls. He called Dallas and talked to Dr. Bowen. Cherry was progressing well. He had shown her the photos of the damage that had been done and she nearly lost her mind. He reassured her that after the next few surgeries, she wouldn’t have a single mark on her body and that she would be good as new. That calmed her down. Mark thanked him and told him he would talk to him in a couple of days.

He did lie down but that lasted for a few minutes. He threw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and headed to the construction site. He walked the site and saw that things were going along okay. He went home feeling worse than when he left.

Jack called him to tell him the Twin was ready to go. He took it up and told Mark he should fly it again. “Sometimes it is good to go back to your roots boss. I had forgotten the thrill you get when you put the pedal to the metal and wait, and wait,” he laughed. “You do realize that plane is in perfect condition. Someday, we should fly up to Elko. The last time we did, the view was amazing.”

“Yeah, the Ruby Mountains are spectacular. The elk are in the mountains aren’t they? We should do that someday Jack. It would be fun.”

Jack took the twin to Fort Worth and met Ainsley at his brother’s flight school. He sat in on the class and heckled his brother tremendously. Ainsley still wasn’t aware that Jack and Frank were brothers.

Frank turned to the class and apologized for the rude intruder in the class. He asked Ainsley where she met this jerk. She was mortified until they both burst out laughing. Frank told everyone the rude jerk was his brother and Ainsley slapped Jack hard on the shoulder.

When the class was over, they walked over to the Twin and his brother looked at this fine machine with envy. “Damn, Mark really has some great equipment. This is a sweet plane.

“Not as sweet as my new ride is,” Jack giggled as Michelle’s new pilots, Rick and Phil taxied up in the new G650.

“Are you serious? Jack when the hell did he get that? That is one sweet jet. Can I see inside?” Frank asked.

“You had better, I brought you a present,” Jack grinned at his brother.

Frank walked onto the jet and stopped in amazement. “This is absolutely fantastic. Feel this leather; it is so soft. This lives up to its reputation all right.”

“Ah, it’s not the only thing that lives up to a reputation,” a sultry voice whispered in his ear.

Frank spun and looked into the bluest eyes and the softest lips. “Hello my old friend,” Michelle murmured as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. “I’m pissed at you, you never call, you never write. A girl could get a complex ya know.”

“You just get better looking every time I see you gorgeous,” he said as he smiled at Ainsley. “You better watch out with this one girl, she can get wild.”

“She knows darling, she knows. Truth be known, she is one wild Texan herself. How are you doing darling?”

“Without, I won’t ask you though. I already know the answer to that one. You’re glowing; Mark must be back in town. How is that miserable son of a bitch?”

“He’s not very good. I’m worried he is slipping into a deep depression. There is a woman he is completely in love with who was attacked and left for dead several months ago.”

“Jack told me all about Cherry. I watched you at the Pro Bowl. You were spectacular my love. She is really something isn’t she? Jack told me she is in Dallas. How is she doing?”

“She is out of her coma now but she still needs more surgery. He was fine until she woke up. The last time they were together, they fought and ended their relationship. When she was attacked, he did everything humanly possible and he was at her side many, many times. Now that she is awake, he doesn’t feel he can visit her and it’s wearing on him big time. I’m worried about him Frank. I don’t believe you’re going without though. You never have before. What’s changed sweetheart?”

“I don’t get to see you anymore honey, that is what changed,” he said sincerely. “When you’ve had the best…”

Jack got up and walked into the cabin. “File a flight plan to the gulf and back,” he instructed them and walked back into the cabin.

Michelle looked at Ainsley with that unmistakable twinkle in her eye. Ainsley laughed as Jack came back to sit with her.

Michelle laid her head on Franks shoulder and looked up into his eyes, “You’re kinky ass brother thinks you should help me christen this ship. Ainsley and Mark christened it already but I wasn’t on that trip. She began unbuttoning his shirt as she leaned up and kissed him again.

Ainsley began laughing quietly. “I have to tell you Jack, I love my life now more than anything I could ever imagine. I’m horny all the time. I know you’re always horny too. I’m not planning to let Michelle have the entire fun darling. I have a question though. Does your brother know you’re bi?”

Jack shook his head, “No hon, he doesn’t and I’d like to keep it that way.”

Ainsley leaned into him and kissed him sweetly. “Your secret is safe with me honey. Just promise me I’ll get to play with you and some of the fella’s soon. That really turns me on. In the meantime, I’m going to suck your cock so well. You’re a good man Jack. I enjoyed our time in Europe. Tom is not bad either. I had fun,” she said as she began undressing him.

Soft moans were coming from up front. Michelle had her ankles up on the back of the seat and Frank was licking her delicious pussy.

“Michelle and Frank have been friends for many years. He knows where her heart is; it’s her pussy and throat he loves most. He and Mark are friends but he is not part of our group.”

Ainsley removed Jacks trousers and she was listening and fondling his lovely cock in her hands. She stroked his thick shaft gently as he began to harden. She licked his nipple and tongued it sweetly. Her hands felt him swelling and she enjoyed the weight as he grew in her hand.

“There is nothing more erotic than the feel of a man’s cock as it fills while you’re stroking it. I love the softness of the skin and the steel beneath. Jack, your cock is lovely, perfectly shaped and the veins stand out so well. I remember feeling every ridge while you fucked me that night in Rome. I could feel every ridge of this wonderful cock as you spread my pussy and entered me. I can’t tell you how fabulous it felt feeling this long, hard cock sliding in and out of my hot pussy. When you licked me, it was heavenly,” she said as she was stroking him deliciously with one hand and cradling his balls with the other.

Your tongue worked miracles on me and you made me cum so many times. I knew right then that you could fuck me anytime you wanted,” she said as she bent over and licked his perfect cock. “That is what I loved Jack, tasting your long cock and running my tongue along these ridges and veins.”

She ran her fingers between his legs and she leaned over and kissed him. Her finger began to circle his tight hot asshole and she kissed him again. She slipped one finger deep inside him and she bent and took him in her hot, wet mouth. “You like that don’t you darling?”

“It’s fucking delicious, don’t stop you exquisite bitch. Give me more,” he whispered.

Ainsley slipped a second and then a third finger up inside him. She took him into her mouth, looked into his eyes and slowly and deliciously fucked him while she swallowed his extremely hard cock.

“I want to feel your cock inside me darling. I want you to take your time Jack and fuck me. Long, slow, wonderful thrusts are what I need. I want to let my body close around your hard cock and let me milk you dry. I want your cock in my ass and when you’ve done that darling, I want you to cum in my mouth and let me savor the wonderful flavor of your hot love. Will you cum in my mouth Jack? Will you let me taste your hot cum?”

She went back to his cock and her fingers stroked him wonderfully. “You keep doing this Ainsley and you can have whatever you want.”

“What I want,” she said as she lifted herself onto his cock, “is to feel that hard shaft splitting me wide open and then to have you shove yourself into me like that baby. Ainsley’s pussy needs your hot cock just like this darling. Fuck me Jack, just like this. Does it feel good to you? I’m loving it. That is perfect darling. Fuck me Jack, fuck me harder,” she whispered. “Do you like my wet, tight pussy darling Jack? I love the feel of your cock. Play with my clit baby, that’s it thrust deeper into me. Oooh that is so nice.”

“Fuck me Frank, Oh you delicious motherfucker, Fuck me baby. Michelle needs your cock darling,” she screamed.

Jack and Ainsley stifled their laughter as Ainsley lifted herself and positioned Jack at her tight, hot asshole. “Fuck my ass Jack, fill me like you did in Rome. Fuck me, I want to feel every inch of this wonderful cock inside me and you’ll have me cumming in seconds baby. Fuck, you feel so good. My ass is loving this Jack.”

Her body began to vibrate, massive orgasms were overtaking her and she trembled on his steel rod as she leaned over and whispered in his ear, “The next time Jack, I want to spread your tight butt and feed a nice long cock up your ass. Can I suck your cock while someone fucks you baby? I want to suck you and hold your ass open and feel a long, hot cock slide in and out of your ass. That would be so hot but I know what would really be hot. To have your cock in my mouth and look up and watch another long, thick cock sliding between your lips honey. I want to feel that cock going into your ass, watch another sliding into your mouth while I blow you baby. Would that feel good, I know it would get me wet baby. Motherfucker, I am cumming so hard darling. Yes!”

She pulled herself off and slid to her knees. She took his cock and savored it as it disappeared into her face. She cradled his balls and stroked his ass and it took only a minute before Jack was exploding in her mouth. Each blast of his hot cum thrilled her and she drank him furiously. She stroked his cock, sucked his cock and took him deep into her throat. He exploded one long, last blast between her teeth and her pussy flowed with joy.

Jack lifted her lovely cowgirl body up and he kissed her sweetly. She sat on his lap and whispered in his ear, “Next time darling, I’m going to watch you in action. Thank you hon, that was great.”

“Get your ass dressed and get into the cockpit. Frank is getting dressed and you two are going to take us home. Ainsley and I have two very sexy pilots to break in,” Michelle purred. “Ainsley, it is hot watching him in action. Darling, you are going to have a blast in Thailand. If you think our pilots are sexy, wait till you meet Jeremy’s pilots,” she giggled.

Frank walked back up and looked at a sweetly and newly fucked Ainsley appreciatively. Her long, lean sexy body stirred his well-used cock immediately. He knew he was going to love teaching her how to fly.

“Come on bro, get your dick back in your pants, I want to fly this thing,” Frank laughed.

Rick and Phil walked out of the cockpit as Frank and Jack took over the plane. They stopped dead in their tracks as they walked into the cabin and were greeted by an elegant, tall spectacularly sexy naked blonde and an equally remarkable gorgeous naked brunette.

Michelle smiled as she walked up to Rick and pressed her body into his. “Gentlemen, this is how we fly. If you’re going to be my pilots, you’re going to have to learn how to please me. I am just the tip of the iceberg. Ainsley and I will try to teach you what you need to know. The first thing we need to confirm is that you two are bisexual. We were told that you were.”

“I heard that too, Michelle. I sure hope that is true. I love watching a man sucking another cock. It gets me wet, very wet,” Ainsley smiled. “Do they have nice cocks Michelle? I’m sure you’ve checked them out haven’t you?”

“Actually, I haven’t. Why don’t you and I sit here and have them remove their clothes. I can run my fingers through your hot pussy while we watch them get naked for us, what do you think about that darling?” Michelle said as she began stroking Ainsley’s beautiful tits.

“Do we get to suck their cocks Michelle? I hope we do because I have a feeling they have really pretty cocks. If they do, perhaps they can fuck us too. I haven’t had a strong cock inside me in what, ten minutes. I love a long hard cock in my pussy.”

“What about your hot, tight asshole baby? Didn’t Jack fuck your asshole? If he didn’t I’ll go up there and bite his fucking dick right now,” Michelle said.

“Oh Michelle, you know he did. I love Jack and Tom. They know how to fuck. Their cocks taste delicious too. Come on boys, we want to see you naked,” Ainsley purred.

Rick and Phil looked at each other and smiled, “Those two cocksuckers weren’t kidding were they? They said this would be the best job we’ve ever had. Let me ask you Phil, have you ever seen two prettier women in your life? I mean they definitely look like they could handle these. What do you think?” Rick said as he grabbed his crotch.

“I don’t know,” Phil, said, “They just might be surprised when they see these. Shall we show them? I know you can handle this, the question is, can they?”

“Darling, when you meet all the men we play with, you’ll know, we can handle anything you throw at us,” Michelle said. “Unfortunately for you, many of them aren’t bi but many are. You’ll have fun anyway. Now show me what you’ve got.”

Ainsley was licking Michelle’s nipple and watching as the men began to undress. “Impressive chests, I love the way they are carved so deeply. It’s going to be fun licking those bodies darling,” she grinned.

Phil dropped to his knees and undid Rick’s belt. He unzipped his trousers and they fell to the floor.

“Now that is two things I like right off the bat. Commando is the only way to fly in my estimation and that cock is definitely looking good,” Michelle grinned. “That is a substantial piece of meat. It looks good.”

“It tastes just as good as it looks,” Phil said as he stroked Rick and began licking his very impressive cock. He opened his lips and took Rick into his lips.

“Fuck, this is hot” Ainsley whispered as Phil began to suck Rick deeply. She continued licking Michelle’s nipples while her fingers were furiously sliding up and down her very wet slit. Rick smiled at the sight and Phil took him into his throat.

“He really is a good cocksucker Ainsley. I love it when he does me like this. What I really enjoy is when I get to do this,” Rick said as he pulled Phil upright and undid his trousers.

Ainsley and Michelle gasped when Phil’s large cock sprang into view. Rick held his cock and waved it at them. “It feels so good when he fucks me with this. I really love it.” He turned and took Phil into his throat in one fell swoop. He swallowed his cock and Ainsley moaned.

“I want some of that,” she said as her hand extended to Phil’s hot cock. She opened her mouth and began to lick along his fantastic cock.

Michelle reached for Rick and she began sucking his immediately. “I am definitely going to love having you as my pilots; this is a nice bonus, a very tasty one too.” She cradled his balls and she took him in completely. She played with his balls as her tongue massaged him wonderfully.

Ainsley was soaking wet as Phil stretched her throat wonderfully. Her pussy was gushing as Phil’s cock sank into her talented throat. She played with his ass and he stroked into her with abandon. She looked up into his handsome face and smiled around his massive shaft.

She pulled him out and said, “You have to fuck me with this thing darling. I want you to stretch my hot pussy and fill me completely.”

She laid back on the soft leather and spread her legs wide. Her tiny fingers pulled her sculptured lips apart and he moaned, “Lick me Phil, lick me and then fuck me. I want that massive cock inside me. Then, I definitely want you to fuck my tight little ass with this wonderful pole.”

Phil knelt and his tongue felt fantastic as he licked her pink slit. Ainsley began cumming almost instantly. He was good and she was enjoying his tongue immensely.

Michelle was riding Rick’s face and watching Phil eat Ainsley. Rick was pulling on her nipples and Michelle was flowing furiously on his face. Phil stood; grabbed Ainsley’s ankles and he positioned himself against her tight vagina.

“Shove that monster inside me baby. Fuck me hard. That is a monster hon, fuck me good,” Ainsley exclaimed as Phil’s hard cock opened and stretched her pussy to the breaking point. “Oh fuck, yes! Fuck me Phil. Fuck me hard with that lovely weapon. Yes!”

Rick slid into Michelle and Phil tore into Ainsley. Both women were screaming and moaning. Their orgasms were exquisite and the men were damned good.

Ainsley grabbed Phil and kissed him passionately. “My ass darling, shove that delicious cock up my ass. I know you’re going to hurt me so be careful but I can take it. Fuck my ass now darling.”

He pulled out and put the huge head against her tight hot ass. She moaned as he fell forward. She opened and he stopped. She gasped and he allowed her to settle. He fell forward again and her moan was low and hard. She bore down and opened for him. Her hands grabbed his hips and she pulled him in. He stretched her and her eyes rolled up.

“This is motherfucking good. Don’t stop Phil fuck me hard. I want it all. I want to feel your balls banging off me. Fuck me you delicious cocksucker. Oh, fuck, yes!” Phil continued to thrust and in moments, his cock was stretching her and filling her ball deep. “This is delicious. Oh fuck baby, fuck my ass baby. Fuck me hard and deep I want it all.”

“Rick, my ass loves you baby. You’re good. Fuck my ass just like Phil is doing Ainsley’s. We love it up our ass baby. Fuck this is wonderful. Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard,” Michelle begged.

“Ainsley, does your ass feel as good as mine does? This cock is fabulous. Wanna switch?” Michelle asked.

“Sure darling, you’ll love this cock in your tight, hot ass baby.”

The men switched positions and Michelle screamed as Phil filled her ass wonderfully. Rick slid into Ainsley and she dove on his lips, kissing him deliriously. Michelle was on fire and Phil was stroking her fully.

“Ohmigod, your cock is huge. Fuck me Phil, oh, fuck, yes baby. Motherfucker, this is sweet. I love your cock. I’m cumming, oh damn, I’m cumming. Fuck me!” Michelle screamed.

“You’re fabulous Rick. Your cock feels right at home in my ass baby. Do you like my ass darling? Fuck my ass baby. I want you to fuck my pussy too darling. I want you to fuck me and then I want you to blast your hot cum down my throat darling. I want to taste your cum as you explode in my hot, sweet mouth baby, fuck me harder please.” Ainsley moaned and her eyes rolled as he drilled her ass with all his might. Her orgasms were unending when he pulled out and slid into her tight, hot pussy.

“Your pussy is like velvet, you delicious bitch. You like my cock in there don’t you. I like fucking you. You’re beautiful, you’re sexy and you’re kinky. I like that. Cum on my hard cock Ainsley. Squeeze my hard cock and ride it you fabulous cunt. Fuck, you’re good. Keep cumming and I’ll blow your mind with the load I’m going to blow into your pretty face.”

“Oh fuck, yes!” she moaned. He fucked her harder, deeper and faster and Ainsley’s body exploded yet again. He pulled his cock from her tight body and she immediately sank to her knees.

“Suck my cock Ainsley. Show me what kind of cocksucker you really are. You want my hot cum don’t you? Suck my cock and suck it good. I’m going to fucking blow your pretty head off baby,” he moaned.

Her lips wrapped tight and she felt his already enormous cock swell. Her hands cradled his balls as they began to rise. His legs shook and his stomach tightened. She felt his cum blast along his length and she held him in her mouth. She looked up begging for him to cum perfectly into her greedy, wanton mouth. He looked in her eyes and he moaned as blast after blast of his hot, sticky milky white cum flew into her mouth. She never broke his gaze. She swallowed every drop and then she took him into her throat. He twitched and she swallowed again.

Phil’s cock was buried deep in Michelle’s sweet pussy and she was screaming, “This is perfect. Fuck me and then blast my head off too darling. Give me that huge cock and make it hurt darling Oh fuck, I want to feel it in my mouth too. I need your cum you delicious motherfucker. My ass loved it and my pussy is on fire but Michelle needs your cock in my throat too. I want to have you cum just like Rick did. Fucking blow my head off with that gorgeous cock darling. Oh, fuck yes!”

Phil pulled his monster from her hot twat and she wrapped her lips around him. She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her slutty mouth. He began to stroke and she opened and took him ball deep. Her tongue somehow was able to lavish much love onto the base of his cock while he filled her fully.

She felt him at the edge and she pulled him out of her throat. She held his long thick cock by the head, just between her lips. Her tongue washed the tip and he began to shake. She looked into his eyes and felt the first massive missile of lust explode between her lips. Her mouth filled instantly with his hot cum and she swallowed constantly. Their eyes never faltered and he blasted her yet again.

She drank him down and loved it. Her face fell fully onto his cock and he began to fuck her throat. He had one more last blast and he delivered that into her throat. He held her beautiful blond hair as she used every muscle in her face and throat to tell him how much she enjoyed everything he had done. His long cock started to soften and she held him in her throat. She loved having a man shrink in her face.

Ainsley was still sucking Rick’s soft cock as Michelle finally finished drinking Phil completely.

The women splayed wide and looked at the lovely men as their fingers slid along their pussies. Their blush was intense and their nipples were diamond hard. The men, solid, sweet and fucking sexy stood with their lovely soft cocks dangling deliciously as they found their uniforms. Michelle smiled and stroked her clit deliriously.

“Welcome to my world boys, I hope you enjoyed the appetizer. Boy, do you have a surprise coming.” She looked at Ainsley and laughed.

The intercom chimed and Jack told them they would be landing in ten minutes.

Ainsley laughed and agreed that these guys had just landed the best job on earth. “We are just the tip of the iceberg and we are serious about that. Oh, one thing, Jack’s brother doesn’t know he’s bi. Please keep it that way.”

The plane rolled up to the flight school and Ainsley and Frank departed. As they taxied away, Frank turned to Ainsley, “Can I buy you dinner dear?”

“Sounds like a plan to me Frank,” she said as she took his arm and put her head on his shoulder.

Michelle waited until they were airborne and she walked up to the cockpit. She was wearing nothing but her heels when she entered. Phil and Jack were at the controls. “We have a little more than two hours to Las Vegas. Jack, I need to see you for a few minutes. I’ll be back you two.”

They walked out into the cabin and Michelle threw her arms around Jack and kissed him deeply. “They are perfect darling. Thank you so much. They will fit right in. I want you to make love to me baby. I want to thank you for insisting I come on this flight. I haven’t seen Frank in a long time darling. He is such a good lover. Must be something in the genes but now, I want you.”

“Anytime, anywhere dear, you just have to say the word. Nothing is better than your lips wrapped around my cock darling. I love making love to you. We seem to have another very kinky woman in the family. Ainsley is one hot slut. That woman loves bi men. I can’t wait to see what she does when she meets Jeremy’s pilots. That will blow her fucking mind.”

“Oh, I will tell you a secret. No one knows about this but me. Keep it quiet. Jeremy hired two more pilots and according to him, they are drop dead sexy and hung like horses. I can’t pronounce their names but he told me to keep it quiet. He wants to surprise Gary and Mark.”

“Fuck, if they are as sexy as Nom and Phoc, then this is going to be a wonderful trip. Fuck Michelle, your lips feel wonderful girl, suck my hard cock you delicious cunt. I love your lips.”

By the time they landed at McCarran, Michelle had fucked everyone again and the men had sucked and fucked each other too. Michelle had been drenched and satisfied many times and she was smiling.

Ainsley had a lovely dinner and a fabulous desert. Frank was a wonderful lover too.

Michelle walked in and Jackson met her at the door. “How is he?” she asked.

“He’s really down. He’s not eating and he’s been on that damned computer all day. He hasn’t said a fucking thing to anyone. I’m worried Michelle. This thing with Cherry is really getting to him. Maybe it is a good thing we’re going to be in Thailand for a week. It will keep his mind off things. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to take him outside and kick the crap out of him.”

“Maybe that is exactly what he needs. You’re the only one around here that can do that. I know I sure can’t,” She said as she rose up on her toes and kissed him. “I love you Jackson, you know that don’t you darling?”

“I know you do dear. I just made a pot of coffee. Would you like something to eat? I was just going to make a sandwich. Are you hungry?”

“I could eat. Let me check my messages. I’ll be right back hon,” she said.

A few minutes later, she sat and enjoyed a perfect club sandwich with Jackson.

“When did she come out of the coma?” he asked her.

“When he was in Rome. It meant to him that he couldn’t go and see her, hold her hand or tell her he loved her. It’s eating him alive.”

“I want her to come back to him. Yes, he has any woman he ever wanted and more pussy than the NBA, NFL and the World Soccer League put together but the one woman he wants, he can’t have. It’s just not fair.”

“Did Mark ever tell you about the best laugh we’ve ever had? It was all because of you.”

“Huh, me? What the hell did I do that was so funny?”

“Well, you know she has a real affinity for big black men,” she said.

“We were sitting here, at this table, the first morning she was here. You were in the kitchen and I yelled to you to bring me something, and your response was, ‘I’m coming’. Her response was ‘I wish’.” Mark said as he joined them. “I laughed myself right onto the floor. It was instantaneous and hilarious. Hi baby, did you have a good day?”

Everyone laughed and Jackson looked at him with tears rolling down his face. He was laughing so hard. “I never knew that. Now I’m embarrassed.”

“Don’t be my friend. She thinks you are delicious. If she ever comes back to me, you should rock her world sometime. She’d love that,” Mark assured him.

“I don’t know boss, I’m afraid I’d break her,” he said. “I mean, seriously, that is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. If you don’t go and get her, I will. I hate it when you are as down as you are right now.”

Jackson cleared the dishes and brought Mark a cup of coffee.

“I had a good day. Frank said to say hello, well actually, he said ‘how is that miserable son of a bitch?”

Mark laughed. “It’s been a long time since the two of you were together. Did he treat you right?”

“He was spectacular, thank you very much. He also enjoyed his time in the cockpit. I love my new pilots. They are adorable and hung like horses. Ainsley and I broke them in. She’s kinky. I love her more and more every day.”

“She is an exceptional find. I’m glad she is onboard. I have a job for Rick and Phil. Red called and wants the new jet in Miami. Gary’s jets are going in as well. They have the electronic updates and the new toys to install. Red said she’s not flying to Thailand without them. Have them take the jet to Miami. Gary, Jill and Holly are taking his jet to Miami. They have a property to look at there. Gina and Brianna will pick them up there and take them to Orlando. You and I have to go to LA tomorrow and check out some property there as well.”

“Did Gary hire the extra pilots?” she asked.

“Their names are Henry and Glen. According to Jill, you and Ainsley will love them. Apparently, they are gorgeous, hung and they fuck like racehorses. Did our guys get settled in to the apartment?”

“Dani took care of it. Mark, she is in for a treat. Now she not only has Jack and Tom but Rick and Phil as well. She may need a wheelchair.”

“You all might after we get back from Thailand. I talked to Jeremy today. He has a fuckfest planned that will blow everyone’s minds. I don’t know what but he said he has a couple of surprises in store. I can’t wait. He said he had something in store for Brenda. He wouldn’t tell me what but he did say her eyes would pop out of her head.”

“Whatever it is, it should be bizarre if I know Jeremy,” Michelle giggled.

“How long are the jets going to be in Miami hon?”

“Gary said the maximum would be three days. They are taking them and dropping both of Gary’s jets off and then they are going back to Orlando until they are ready.”

“Four new pilots to be certified huh? I should call and tell Jill she is in for a real treat,” Michelle giggled.

“Well, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go for a few days. You haven’t seen the finishing touches Gary had done to the house. Dani and I can go to LA. Besides, you haven’t met Gina or Brianna yet and you’re going to fucking love them. You missed the European trip so why don’t you go. It will get you in shape for Thailand darling”

“Sounds like a plan to me, I better go pack. You know, someone around here is going to Thailand and she hasn’t ever been certified.”

Mark started laughing, he picked up his phone, grabbed Michelle, and they walked out onto the balcony. He dialed the phone and when she answered he said, “DeeDee pack your lube, you’re going to Orlando!”

They heard the screams from the balcony. Mark was laughing hysterically and Michelle could barely breathe. “Go to the balcony,” he laughed.

He heard the sliding door open and she was looking up with a grin as bright as any Las Vegas sign. Mark leaned over and told her to bring several empty suitcases.

“You won’t be wearing many clothes girl, I hear it is going to be wet in Orlando,” Michelle yelled.

Two minutes later, DeeDee was standing in Mark’s apartment hugging and kissing him profusely. “I love you, you magnificent son of a bitch. I’ve never been and I hear it is fucking wild. Will I get ‘certified’? Please tell me that I will. I heard so much about that when they were here. I can’t wait. When do we leave?”

“Sweetheart, you’ll be ‘certified’ completely. Actually, you’ll be double ‘certified’. We have to get you in shape to handle what’s coming your way in Thailand.”

“Double ‘certified’? What the fuck is that?” DeeDee wondered.

“Well darling, there is regular certification and then there is Sybian ‘certification’. You have a Sybian don’t you?” Michelle asked.

“No, I’ve never heard of that. What is it?” Dee said.

“Oh my God, you’ve got to be kidding me. I’m dead meat. Do you know how much trouble I’m in? I’m sorry. I’ll make this up to you Dee. I love you. I didn’t know. Ohmigod, I’m sorry.” Mark was seriously upset.

“You’ll find out darling. It’s best you learn about it when you’re a thousand miles away from him,” Michelle’s dancing ice blue eyes sparkled. “Anyway, I’ll walk you downstairs. I have to introduce you to my new pilots. They will be flying us to Florida. They don’t know it yet but they will very soon. I’ll stop by and tell Dani she’s going to LA tomorrow Mark. What time are we supposed to be in Miami?”

“You’re dropping off the jets at 2PM Eastern so you are going to need an early start. You had better take some empty suitcases too dear. Jill is outfitting you two with new of everything,” Mark told her.

“Okay, let’s go Dee; it is going to be a long day. Goodnight Mark, love you. See you in a few days,” Michelle said as she kissed him deeply. “Take care of yourself. Get packed and get your head onto the fun mode darling.”

“I will darling,” he said as he kissed her and DeeDee again.

Michelle went in to her apartment, packed a few things, and grabbed her luggage. She always had a to go bag packed with all of the cosmetics she would need. She frequently had to fly in a hurry so she was always ready.”

They went down to Dani’s apartment and knocked. She answered right away and they told her she was going to LA with Mark tomorrow. Michelle told her to keep an eye on him. Dani knew what she meant. “I think I’ll go upstairs and spend the night with him. I don’t want him to be alone.”

“Good idea darling. DeeDee and I are flying to Miami very early in the morning. We are taking the jet in to have the added electronics and toys put onboard. We’ll be spending the time in Orlando until the jet is ready.”

“Oh girl, you need to get ‘certified’ while you’re there. I saw the new pilots yesterday. Oh, if they are as good as they look; I can’t wait. Damn they are gorgeous.”

“Is everyone packed,” Gary said as Holly handed him a Rum Runner. “We are heading into the sex capital of the world and I want our people turning heads every place we go. I can’t wait to hear the comments on Walking Street.”

Phil did a double take, “Are we going to go to Walking Street? I’ve heard about that place. I am told it is wild.”

“We are taking over a hotel at the end of Walking Street. Our friend Jeremy has it all arranged. I hope this little effort has gotten you in shape Phil. Jeremy is the world’s largest Asian porn producer. Every room will be filled with our people and his performers. Talk about a fuckfest. This is going to be it.”

“Ohmigod, is she one of his performers? That woman over there is magnificent,” he said as he nodded towards Shannon who had just arrived.

Jill laughed, “Shannon, hiya gorgeous.” Shannon walked over and kissed Gary and Jill. She hugged Michelle and Holly and turned to Rick and Phil.

“Hi there, I’m Shannon. Are you Michelle’s new pilots?”

“Shannon is the women behind my designs. She isn’t just the sexiest Korean Goddess on the planet; she is also one of the world’s best fashion designers. She’s always in demand but don’t worry, she won’t bite.”

“Oh quit your fucking lying Gary,” Rose laughed as the girls walked up to the bar. “She bites but it feels so good when she does it.”

“We’re packed; Tammy is a hoot though. She’s a storm trooper. She has her heels on, she has a clipboard in her hand and she is making certain everyone has their passports. She’s barking orders and organizing everything. Linda has made enough food to feed everyone for forty plus hours we’ll be in the air. There is enough booze onboard to keep everyone happy round trip,” Wendy reported.

“Two things come to mind, you say she is wearing her heels but what else is she wearing?

“She is wearing two wonderful smiles darling,” Debbie smirked. “God, I love that girl.”

“Remind me to thank Mark for the Rum Run he and Ainsley made in Grand Cayman. I love that stuff.”

Gina and Brianna came out of the pool and walked over to kiss Shannon hello. “You look absolutely stunning again dear,” Gina said to her.

“Delicious is a better word,” Rose said as she walked up to Shannon and put her arm around her waist. “The only problem with Asian Food is that you can eat your heart out and fifteen minutes later, you’re hungry for more,” she snickered.

“That, my friends is what I have to put up with. I have two of the sexiest Asians in my life and they never cease to let me know how special they are. I can’t win,” Gary whined.

“Yeah, like you’re complaining boss,” Shannon snapped with her sparkling eyes blazing. “Every man I know would kill to change places with you for just one day.”

“What time are we going to Miami tomorrow Gary,” Brianna asked.

“We can fly out around 11am. Everything is ready. We can be back here by 2pm., relax and spend the rest of the day and then we head out to Thailand. Diane is in Miami and we’re picking her up there. On the way west, we have to pick up Ainsley. We pick up Aleka in LA and we are going to have a layover for about two hours. Mark found us a property and Holly and I want to see it. Same thing is going to happen in Honolulu. Daniel and Kono found us a fabulous property on the water with great sunset views. We have to see that one right away. Then, it is on to Thailand.”

The jets were picked up, loaded, fueled and everyone was finally onboard. Gary’s jet stopped in Dallas and picked up Ainsley. The rest flew directly to Las Vegas. Phil and Rick taxied to the hangar where Mark, Dani, Lori, Jack, Tom and Jackson were waiting. Several of the gang jumped on Mark’s jet to equalize the load and they headed to LA.

Aleka was waiting and they took her to look at the property. Mark and Gary told her about the plans for Honolulu and she was thrilled. They told her they were going to see the property that Kono and Daniel had picked out and they wanted her to see it. She told them she had access to everything they needed. She had relatives who did authentic Luau’s and they would dearly love a full time job. She also had a long list of Hawaiian dancers that would blow their collective minds.

Everyone agreed that the LA property was perfect and Mark called back to Las Vegas and told his acquisition department to make the offer on the LA property as well.

When they returned, all the jets were fueled and ready to take off. Mark, Michelle, Jill, Gary and his women, Ainsley, Red and Nancy, Holly, Jim, Aleka, Dani and DeeDee climbed onto Mark’s jet. They wanted to pick Aleka’s brain as Hawaii had its challenges. Jack and Tom saw who was onboard and they went into high gear. The plane erupted repeatedly with their wisecracks. Many important details were learned and by the time they were on final approach, everyone had dressed and made themselves presentable. Well, not everyone.

Mark picked up the in cabin intercom mike. “Will the two cocksuckers please get dressed?”

A rousing chorus of, “We are dressed,” was heard throughout the cabin. Mark looked around and laughed at the many smiling faces grinning back at him.

“I think he meant us,” Jack came back over the intercom. “I don’t know why he would think we’d be flying in the nude. Sheesh boss, give us a break.”

Michelle flipped a switch and the main big screen switched to the cockpit view showing two stark naked pilots with massive hardons at the controls. She picked up the mike and purred, “We had the same electronics installed on here as on our old jet. You’re busted!”

“I want to know why they still have hardons.” Holly exclaimed.

Tom flipped a switch and the cabin was flooded with shrieks, moans and the sounds of one hell of an orgy going on.

“We’ve been monitoring Gary’s jet. Seems they know how to party on that jet. I didn’t realize we were flying the old farts this time,” Jack whined.

Gary and Mark got up and walked into the cockpit. “Get your ass back in the cabin. We’ll show you who is old or not.” They took control and landed in lovely Honolulu.

They walked out of the cockpit and Tom yelled, “You’re hired.”

Mark grinned and yelled back, “Good, you’re fired.”

Jack laughed, “Fifth time this week. It’s getting old boss.”

Aleka made several phone calls, “They will meet us at the property. The limos should be here in a few minutes.”

They arrived at the property and met Aleka’s relatives. They walked the property and they had a great meeting. The property was expensive but that was expected.

Daniel and Kono’s advice was important as was Brenda and Joy’s.

Mark called Las Vegas and told his acquisition people to start immediately to purchase the property. He called their architect and told him what they were doing. Mark was assured that no additional problems could be expected, as the general contractor they were using was also one of Hawaii’s largest builders.

They were good to go in Hawaii. If the property could be purchased reasonably, they had the Luau and dancers already in place. In fact, they had everything in place except for the chefs. Holly knew she was going to have to find someone who was used to Hawaiian and Japanese cuisine as well as everything else they were going to have. Honolulu would prove to be unique.

“If I have my way, it will also be “The Place” for Miss Hawaii’s to hang out. That, in and of itself, will draw millions of visitors every year,” Aleka said.

They boarded, happy as could be and headed for Thailand. Gary and Jill were at the controls and Mark and Ainsley were piloting Mark’s jet. Jeff and Alan were partying hard in the cabin of Gary’s jet and Phil and Rick were entertaining the crowd behind Mark and Ainsley.

Henry and Glen had the G550 under control and Gina and Brianna had Mark’s G5 well under control. Jill was talking to the other pilots and when she got Gina on the radio, she burst out laughing. She flipped a switch and asked Gina to repeat her last message.

“This is Orgy4, we are flying at 32,000 feet at a speed of 560 mph and we are experiencing extreme turbulence. There is a terrible sound coming from the cabin. It sounds like at least a dozen cats are being skinned alive back there.”

Gary started laughing, “I wondered which jet Holly was on. Thank you for the update Orgy 4, Orgy 1 out”

Gary laughed and told Jill to find out where Brenda, Holly, Dani and Michelle were. She talked to the jets and told them to have them meet with Gary and Mark on the tarmac when they landed.

“You know what’s coming, don’t you?” Gary asked Jill. “I can’t wait to see what outfits Nom & Phoc will be wearing. Brenda gets Jeremy first.”

Gary called Jeff and Alan to the cockpit and they handed over the controls. Jill went and changed and Gary shaved and put on a clean shirt. The jets landed and they were directed to a hangar on the far side of the airport.

They deplaned and lined up at the front of Gary’s jet. Two limos and two large busses pulled up to the hangar. The drivers opened the door to the first limo and a tall, good-looking man stepped out accompanied by four of the sexiest, airline pilots wearing micro-mini skirts and the tiniest tops you ever saw.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Gary said to Mark.

Michelle laughed, “I did.”

Brenda threw her arms around Jeremy, hugged, kissed him, and didn’t let him go. “You look so good Jeremy. Damn, I’ve missed you.”

The x-rated airline pilots walked into Mark and Gary’s arms and kissed them deeply.

“Damn girls, you are looking hot as hell. I love those outfits,” Gary said.

“Please thank Shannon for us. She did a great job on these,” Nom whispered.

“You can thank her yourself,” he said as Shannon walked up and kissed Jeremy lovingly. “Darling, you look good enough to eat.”

“I’ll hold you to that my love. Talk about looking good, holy shit, I didn’t think it was possible but you get better looking every time I see you,” Jeremy said as he kissed her again.

“Darling, you’ve never met Nom, Phoc, Filo and Jasmine have you?” he asked as they stepped forward.

“No I haven’t and I never thought my designs would look this good either. I’m going to have fun playing with you,” She smiled and kissed each one of them.

They hugged and kissed everyone. Jeremy kissed Jill and turned to Michelle. Their kiss was sweet and Holly walked up and grabbed him. She spun him around and laid a lip lock on him that was awe-inspiring.

He hugged Mark and Gary and suggested they get out of the 112-degree heat. The pilots went and assisted the rest of the group loading everything onto the bus. They headed out of Bangkok for Phucket. The pilots spoke perfect English and they would act as tour guides on the way to Phucket.

Jeremy spent a lot of time talking to Rose, Debbie and Wendy. He looked at Gary and asked, “How does one ugly motherfucker like you wind up with three of the most delicious women?” He turned and looked back at the girls, “The asshole hit the mother lode this time. You are spectacular. Welcome to the family.”

The ride to Phucket reminded everyone of a video arcade game. Bangkok traffic was beyond insane. The drivers somehow managed to avoid hitting people, bicycles and cars.

“I have a wonderful reception planned when we get there. All of my staff is there and they are all ready for a week of pure unbridled fun. I’ve a lot of new talent and they are wonderful. Did I see Jackson get off the plane?”

“Yeppers, you did. You had better warn them. He’s here for pussy and Thai food,” Mark laughed.

“Is he the only straight guy?”

“Yes and he’s afraid he might break some of your girls.”

Jeremy laughed loudly and told him he was going to be in for a surprise. “I’ll fix him up with a woman who will blow his fucking mind.”

When they arrived at the hotel, rooms were assigned and luggage was delivered. Every person had his or her own room and their own personal guide compliments of Jeremy. Not all but most of Jeremy’s performers spoke English and as the Americans walked into their room; they were greeted by the sexiest men and women in Thailand.

“Are you kidding me?” Debbie whispered in Gary’s ear. “Look at these people. They are gorgeous. I’m surprised though. Most of the women are Asian but the men seem to be from all over the world.”

“That is because they are honey,” Gary said as he kissed her ear. “You look absolutely delicious yourself darling. The women are from all over the Orient while the men are mainly European and Australian. They will keep you going non-stop baby.”

The rooms were luxurious and spacious. Every single room had been designed for one purpose and one purpose only. Hot, delicious, glorious sex was the only reason people stayed in this establishment. Tourists came from the world over to indulge in the forbidden fruits of the Orient. Thailand was renowned for its non-stop no-holds barred sex. Anything you could want was available.

Jeremy, to his credit, had never crossed the line. He produced some of the hottest porn on the planet but he never had anything to do with children or animals. There were many who catered to that market but it would not happen with him.

Rose and Wendy were escorted to the suite by two good-looking hunks who introduced themselves as Hans and Eric. Hans was from Norway and Eric was from Ireland.

“I hope everything is satisfactory darling,” Nom purred as she and Phoc walked into Gary’s suite. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again. “You just get better looking every time we see you darling. I have something for you.” She unbuttoned his shirt and walked behind him. She slipped a gold thin necklace around his neck. It had an ID tag that read ‘Gary’ on it.

Phoc did the same to Debbie while Hans and Eric gave Rose and Wendy theirs.

“Darling, unless we are going outside, chances are everyone will be deliciously naked so Jeremy thought that these would help keep peoples names straight,” she said as she began to caress his crotch. “I know one thing I plan on keeping straight my love.”

Phoc started to laugh as he took Debbie’s hand, “Eric and Hans will escort these lovely ladies to their rooms. We have the four luxury suites on this floor assigned to you. Everyone will have their own room but most of the time, everyone leaves their doors open. We are planning to party a lot ladies. The reception will begin in an hour. Let’s go get you settled in to your suites.”

“Gary, is Mark alright?” Nom asked. “He seems to be distracted hon. I’ve never seen him like this. Jeremy asked us to keep him busy and keep his mind off things.”

Nom poured Gary a drink and they sat while Gary brought him up to speed on what was really going on. Nom and Phoc had been friends with them for years. Nom was upset at what she heard.

“We’ll look after him darling. He is too good a friend. I know everyone here is going to be fucking themselves senseless this week and that’s great but we’ll keep an eye on him and make sure that he smiling.”

“Just remember not to forget Jill, Dani, DeeDee or Michelle. They have been soaked waiting to get their hands on you,” Gary grinned. “I have a woman who is going to rock your world my dear. In fact, I want the four of you to do her and Mark, Jeremy, Jill, Michelle, and my girls and I are going to watch. I was thinking about this on the flight over. She is going to rock your world. Let’s go down to the reception.”

They walked out into the hall and heard Debbie in the suite next door. They laughed and walked into a scene Gary would long remember. Debbie was kneeling, her hands massaging Phoc’s spectacular tits and his nine-inch cock was firmly planted in her throat. Her thighs were drenched and she was having a fantastic time.

“My darling likes cock with her tits I see,” Gary giggled.

“Baby, she comes by it naturally. You love it too. Darling, where did you find them? They are gorgeous women. You hit a home run baby,” Nom purred.

Debbie looked up at Gary, took Phoc from her lips and smiled, “I want to do all of them. This is the wildest, kinkiest thing I’ve ever done and I’m just getting started. Holy Fuck Baby!”

Nom walked over, took Phoc’s cock and licked it. “Debbie, my sweet delicious Debbie. We have two hundred of the top Asian Porn stars downstairs and they all want to do you.”

She mumbled something unintelligible as she looked at her with fluttering eyes. She was cumming hard with that great dick in her throat.

“See you downstairs darling,” Gary said as he kissed her cheek and licked Phoc’s shaft as it slid into her mouth.

They stopped in and found Debbie cumming on Eric’s long hard cock. She saw them enter just as a massive orgasm overtook her. Eric had a great cock and he definitely was good at what he did. Nom walked over, kissed her, and told her they would see her downstairs.

Rose and Hans were just getting dressed when they popped in. “Gary, where did this spectacular woman come from. I’m a fucking porn star and I’ve never fucked a more spectacular woman in my life. Don’t let Jeremy get his hands on her. There will be bloodshed, I just know it,” Hans smiled.

“I’m just going to fix my makeup baby and we’ll be right down,” Rose said as she bounded across the room and kissed him deeply. “I love you, my darling.”

They walked into the banquet hall and the sea of beautiful people was amazing. Nom wasn’t kidding, there had to be at least two hundred people in the room with more arriving constantly.

Mark and Jeremy were standing at the bar and Gary walked over to get a drink. “It looks like business is good. You have a gorgeous crop of new talent. I see a lot of new faces. How have you been?”

“I’m doing okay; been busy as hell. Our production schedule is up almost 20% and the demand is amazing. Everything is high def and the new equipment is making all the difference in the world. It is also making it easier to recruit some of the sexiest women on earth. Speaking of that, how are you getting the fourth jet home? None of your people is leaving Thailand. I’m hiring all of them,” he laughed.

“Who are you hiring?” Jill said as she and Brenda walked up to them.

“Apparently, he is about to do his Donald Trump impression. He’s firing all of our people.”

“Oh he is, is he? What are we supposed to do to make a living if he does that?” Jill laughed.

“Well, it seems you are the new stars of Bangkok Erotic Entertainment. In fact, every one of our people is now a porn star,” Mark said in his best Ronald Reagan impression.

“Baby, are you going to film little old Brenda while she fucks everyone here?” She leaned over and kissed him. “You better have a lot of empty harddrive space my love. Brenda is going to fuck the crap out of everyone here, starting with the four of you. It’s been way too long since we’ve really let it rip.”

Jill had a tear in the corner of her eye. Mark leaned over and kissed her. Jeremy took her in his arms and held her close. “Brenda, you do realize how lucky we’ve been. I just feel blessed to have these three men in my life. I mean, to me, they are my husbands. I love them and I love you for teaching us. Thank you darling,” Jill said as she kissed Brenda passionately.

“Before this night is over, none of us will be able to walk, mark my words,” Brenda purred.

“That is why I’m here,” Gary said.

“Me too,” said Mark. “It’s not like we don’t get enough world-class pussy back home. I just want to go back to a time in my life where there were no problems, just pleasure with the two women I love more than I can ever tell.”

Everyone had apparently arrived and Jeremy grabbed the microphone. He spoke in Thai and then in English. He welcomed everyone and introduced Mark, Michelle, Gary, Jill, Brenda, Wendy, Debbie and Rose to the assembled group.

“I know that I have a real treat for all of you,” he said as he turned to Mark and Gary. “I’ve learned their culture over the years and they have learned a lot about America from me. One of the things they have become addicted to is the NFL.” He turned back to the crowd and continued. “I have a wonderful friend who has joined us and I want to introduce you all to former Cincinnati Bengal Center, Mr. Jackson Martin. Jackson stand up please.”

The crowd went wild, yelling and applauding as he stood up.

Jeremy smiled and in the native language, informed them that Jackson was straight. He told them that Jackson had worried that he might break the women. Everyone laughed at that.

“Don’t laugh girls; I know what he is packing. He just might. I told him I’d find him the perfect girl to break him in. Su Lee, please come up here.”

The room exploded in laughter as this tiny, woman walked up to Jackson. His massive 6’7″ body dwarfed her 4’9″ frame. Her body was perfect. Her jet-black hair, long black hair framed her beautiful amber face. Everything about this young woman was amazing. She looked up into his face and motioned for him to bend down. She threw her arms around him and she attacked his face instantly. He picked her up in his massive arms and she wrapped her tiny legs around his waist.

The crowd went wild. Mark and Michelle sat there with their jaws dropping as they looked at the contrast in the two people.

“Are you sure about this?” Michelle asked Jeremy.

He leaned over and giggled. “Her dildo is a baseball bat darling. She just might break him”

Mark and Gary roared at that.

Buffet tables were set up along one side of the room and people were helping themselves. The booze was flowing and the clothes were leaving bodies everywhere.

Gina and Brianna saw Shannon and they walked up to her. “Did you see those outfits Jeremy’s pilots were wearing? God, they are gorgeous women.”

“Honey, I designed those outfits. They do make them look spectacular don’t they?”

“Damn girl, I’d love a uniform as sexy as that.”

Shannon started laughing uncontrollably. “I knew you were going to say that. You won’t be wearing clothes in a few minutes but I have designed several fucking hot uniforms for you two. I guarantee you’ll be the whiplash twins tomorrow night when we go to Walking Street. If you think they look hot in those uniforms, you have to see them out of uniform. Actually, I was just going to corral Nom and Phoc. I love doing them. Care to join me?”

“Fucking right we do,” Gina said. They looked and saw that Jeremy’s pilots were talking to Jeremy and the rest of the group.

Gary saw them coming and he grabbed Debbie and whispered to her to say nothing. She saw them coming and grinned.

Shannon walked up, put her arms around Phoc, and kissed her neck. “I want you to meet two of our new pilots. This is Gina and Brianna. We’d like to play right now darlings.”

“Shannon, you sexy bitch, we’ve all been waiting to hear those sweet words. Where do you want to play?” Nom cooed.

Jeremy laughed. “I have an idea. We have other new pilots too. What do you say that all the pilots and a few friends start this party off right? I have an orgy room all set up. Get the rest of the pilots and their escorts and meet us back here in a few minutes.”

A few minutes later a wonderful assemblage of drop dead gorgeous people were taken up to the suite. Jill began laughing, as she knew what was going to happen. The pilots included Jill, Mark, Gary, Jeremy, Ainsley, Nom, Phoc, Filo, Jasmine, Jeff, Alan, Gina, Brianna, Henry, Glen, Jack, Tom, Rick, Phil, Dave and Ron.

Also included were Wendy, Debbie, Rose, Red, Nancy, Holly, Dani, Shannon, DeeDee and Brenda plus their escorts. Jeremy made a phone call and by the time they arrived at the suite, bartenders and servers were ready to make them anything they wanted. Mirrors were placed strategically throughout the suite and poppers were in abundance.

“Nom, Phoc, Filo and Jasmine please come into the center of the room my darlings,” Shannon directed. “Gina and Brianna were asking me about your uniforms. I’d like to have them inspect them if you don’t mind. Jill, Michelle, would you help demonstrate the clasps to everyone.”

Gary looked at Mark and Jeremy, both stifling laughter. Shannon could always be counted to get the party rolling.

The women walked up to the pilots and each woman was kissed hungrily. Jeremy’s pilots were lovely, sensuous and alluring in their tiny uniforms and ultra high slutty stilettos. Their kisses lingered and soon the women were fondling each other’s breasts. The pilots undid the women’s tops, leaned in, and began licking their nipples. Their long, slender hands with the ultra long nails teased each nipple and their lips kissed them gently.

The women undid the single clasp on the tops of the uniforms and the fabric sprang back revealing spectacular breasts and perfect nipples. The women dove on them and sucked them passionately. They kissed, licked and sucked each other’s nipples while the pilots undid their tiny skirts. As the skirts fell to the floor, the pilots caressed each woman’s legs and ass. Their thongs hit the floor and the pilots fingers began to slide into each of these gorgeous women. They knelt and in unison, they began licking their hot, sweet pussies. They licked them and then licked back up their tummies and back onto their breasts.

The women undid the sexy skirts on the pilot’s uniforms. Debbie leaned into Gary and snickered. He put his arm around her and kissed her as the skirts hit the floor. The women kissed their nipples, their tits and then onto their flat, sexy stomachs. They grabbed their thongs and pulled them down.

“What the fuck? Ohmigod, ohmigod! This is fucking wild, I love it,” Brianna screamed. Nom’s cock sprang into her face and that was all she needed. She swallowed that cock to the hilt as her hands caressed her sweet, lovely breasts.

Gina had a similar reaction and her absence of a gag reflex was apparent as her face fell fully onto Phoc’s hard shaft.

Jill and Michelle weren’t surprised to find a cock in there. They did love the size and shape of the two new pilots though. The room erupted and a full-blown orgy would prevail into the next day.

Jeremy grabbed Debbie and Rose and found a comfortable place. He welcomed them into the family wonderfully. Wendy grabbed Jack and she fucked his brains out. Everywhere you looked, cocks were being sucked, pussies were filled and assholes were accommodating cocks of every size and shape. Every orifice was filled repeatedly and lovingly.

Holly was loud but definitely appreciative of the three men who were doing her. Ainsley was sucking a long, hard cock while a spectacular Japanese woman was licking her into many hard, lovely orgasms.

Brenda was smiling and she grabbed Jill and they headed to find the guys. They went into a corner of the suite and they spent their time making love to each other.

Mark had her ass and Gary had her pussy. Jeremy slid his cock into her mouth and she swallowed him completely. Jill licked her nipples and her clit. Brenda was cumming like a racehorse at Santa Anita and the boys were relentless. Her athletic body was just as good today as it had been twenty-five years ago.

Her muscle control was awesome and she somehow managed to massage their cocks no matter where they were inside her. She began to erupt and they filled her repeatedly. Her body went into overdrive and she began to vibrate massively. That just spurred them on and they increased their stoking. Brenda was cumming non-stop and loving it.

They relented and allowed her to calm down. She was soaked and so was Jill. Jeremy grabbed Jill and turned her over. He filled her ass and then Mark began fucking her hot twat. Jill looked up at Gary and took him airtight. The next thirty minutes, Jill had more orgasms than she had had in years.

When she was exhausted, she lay back on the mattress and Brenda crawled next to her. These two women made love softly and sensuously.

Wendy and Rose experienced their first trannys and they loved it. Red and Nancy were in the middle of a pile of people and it was almost impossible to determine who was doing who but they loved it.

Jack had a cock in his ass and another one in his mouth while Ainsley was sucking his long cock. “Darling, I want you to cum so hard for me. I want you to blast a hole in my head with your delicious cum. That’s it fella’s, fuck him and make him cum for me.” One of the escorts was fucking her ass as she spoke. Ainsley was totally in heat and she loved it.

Dani, DeeDee and Shannon were each airtight and they were on fire as well.

Jeremy’s pilots did everyone in the room and they did them as well. Cocks were being consumed at a frantic rate and Holly was beside herself with lust. Ainsley had tackled the other pilots and she was sucking cock while they were being fucked. Nothing turned her on more than watching one man suck another unless it was her sucking them while they were being fucked. That would guarantee her an orgasm instantly.

Rick, Phil and Jack took Ainsley airtight and she came harder than she could remember.

DeeDee and Dani were completely caked in cum and smiling as they headed into the shower.

Brenda took on the pilots and they had her body glistening with desire. She was screaming with delight as they fucked her ass. She had one cock in her mouth and her ass was thrilled with the fabulous feelings of tits on her back as their long cocks filled her repeatedly.

Jill was stretched out while Jeremy licked her lovingly. “You know baby, I really have missed you,” he murmured.

“I know darling, I’ve missed you as well. If you keep this up, I’m going to cum all over your face again,” she smiled. “I am so happy today. I have my men back together. It is hard not having you all the time.”

Gary woke up to the feel of soft, Asian hands caressing his cock. He looked down and saw a very pretty young woman who looked up at him and smiled. He couldn’t read her name but he sure loved the attention she was giving him. Her hands were oiled and she slid along his shaft delicately.

She kissed his legs and stroked the life back into him. She pressed his cock against his stomach and her lips began to travel his length wetly and warmly. Her tongue was silk as she climbed his shaft wonderfully. Her caramel skin shone as her spectacular smile brightened the room. Her lips were bright red and her hair shone like polished ebony.

“Mr. Gary, may I please suck your cock? I want to give you as much pleasure as possible.”

“You certainly may suck my cock darling. You’re so beautiful. I can only imagine that you are amazing in everything you do. You truly are spectacular.”

“Last night, Wendy, Debbie and Rose told me that you were the best in the world and that they were your wives. Is that true Mr. Gary? Do you keep those women satisfied?”

“I try darling. I try. They can be pretty demanding but I do my best.”

“You have a lovely cock. I am a good cocksucker. Mr. Jeremy likes it when I suck his cock. I hope you enjoy.”

She looked into his eyes and opened her mouth. Her tongue twirled across the head of his dick and she moaned. “You taste so good. I know what Rose meant now.”

“I’m afraid to ask,” Gary chuckled.

“She said she can’t start the day without having your precum on her lips. It is so sweet.”

Her lips fell over the crown and she began to lick and suck him into her hot, sweet mouth. Gary moaned deliciously and his hands touched her face. Her oval eyes bore into his as she took him completely into her mouth. Her fingers caressed his balls and he loved what she was doing.

“Your cock feels so good in my mouth Mr. Gary. I am really enjoying this. They were right you are a nice man. I will suck your cock anytime you want.”

“I’ll let you too. You are amazing. Your mouth feels like the finest silk and your face is enchanting. I imagine the rest of your body is perfect as well.”

“My body is yours Mr. Gary. I want you to make love to me and then, I want you to fuck me. Miss Wendy told me that is what you do and I really want a man to make love to me,” she said as she took him deep into her hot throat once again.

Gary reached down and pulled her to him. Her small body was exceptional. Her breasts were full and natural. Their size and shape were as if a sculpture had created her. He brought her face to his and their kiss was intense and loving. His hands traveled over her body and he learned a lot. This woman was highly sensitive. His touch was soft and he found many places that triggered wonderful reactions. The small of her back sent her into moans of ecstasy from just a simple touch. Her honey colored skin thrilled at his touch and he took his time.

This women was one of the sexiest Jeremy had ever introduced. He lifted her up and he kissed the front of her neck. She moaned low and deep and he began to lick down onto her chest. Her breasts felt wonderful against his face. Their softness and fullness on such a small woman excited him completely.

She placed one nipple on his lips and he closed his mouth over it. He began sucking gently and the simple action of licking her nipple gave her a lovely orgasm.

“This is beyond description, Mr. Gary. No one treats me like this. It is good.”

Gary slid out from under her and reached for the lotion on the nightstand. He began to massage her and his every touch brought smiles and moans. He leaned over and kissed the small of her back and she exploded massively. Her body shook from the sensations of his lips on her skin. He looked at a perfect, firm ass and he began to massage her deeply.

“Oh, oh, this is wonderful. Everywhere you touch me it makes me feel loved. Oh yes!”

He massaged her legs and her feet. He pulled her to her knees and wrapped his arms around her. His hands caressed her breasts, her nipples and he began kissing her neck. She was moaning and cooing sweetly. He licked her ear and she shivered.

“Wow, Mr. Gary. That feels so good,” she said as his hands wandered over her body.

His hands slipped between her legs and he found a perfectly shaved pussy with long, lovely lips. Her clit was meaty and he knew he was going to love sucking her for hours.

She turned her head to his and she kissed him passionately. Their tongues danced and she began to suck his tongue with passion as his fingers began to play in her hot, wet pussy.

He turned her over and she fell back onto the bed. His hands caressed her, as she lay there open for his pleasure. He picked up her leg and he kissed her shapely leg. He kissed the back of her knee and she went wild. His face moved up along her thigh and she was moaning and smiling at his. He kissed the inside of her thighs and he spread them wide. He rolled her up and licked her ass and she shook as she came at his touch.

He rolled her up and put her legs on his shoulders. He looked down into a perfect pussy with lovely folds and a spectacular prize at the top. Bending his head, his tongue began to open her. She flowed sweet nectar onto his tongue and he marveled at the taste of this precious gem.

“This is so good. Please Mr. Gary, don’t stop. My pussy loves this, oh yes!”

He opened her completely and his face was drenched with the lust from this fine woman. He closed his lip over the top of her clit and he began to lick the sweet, sensitive underside of her clit very gently. She began to shriek and she started to cum. He let her flail on the bed but he wasn’t anywhere near finished with her. He continued and each orgasm was stronger than the last.

His hands cupped her breasts and he felt her hard nipples against his palm. His mouth coaxed each orgasm deliciously and her body was trembling with desire. He kept it up and she began to raise herself up with each successive orgasm. Her body spasmed and she raised herself completely off the mattress. She wrapped her legs around his neck and she came massively. Her body shook on his face, she was barely able to breathe, and she kept cumming. He held onto her and steadied her as she was in danger of flying completely off the bed.

Gary grabbed her ankles and spread her legs. He drove his tongue deep into her tiny, tight asshole and she went off yet again.

She looked into his eyes with barely focused eyeballs and pleaded with him to make love to her. His cock rode the pink trench of desire, teasing her, repeatedly until finally the head of his cock grazed the entrance to her lovely, tight channel of love.

She grabbed her tits and squeezed them as he entered her. She reached for him and pulled him to her lips as his cock filled her. She felt so good, warm, hot actually but loving and passionate as well.

“Mr. Gary, please fuck me. You have no idea how much I need this. Make love to me, fill me and make me cum again. I don’t want this to stop. Your cock feels so good in my pussy. Do you like my pussy baby?”

“It is a slice of heaven; you are so wet and tight. You look devastatingly beautiful as my cock slides into you. I could fuck you all day.”

His hips began to stroke in earnest and he fell fully into her. He felt himself hit bottom repeatedly and she loved it. His cock was flying in and out of her tight, wet twat and she was moaning and riding him with skill and determination.

Her hands caressed his face, her fingers slid into his mouth and he fucked her harder and faster. Her body began to tremble again and he felt her clamp down on his cock. She bore down on him and he felt her deep, luxurious orgasm wash over her. He fucked her through it and on to the next one. She was insatiable and there was no stopping him. She came again and he slipped a finger along her clit as he filled her. That simple touch sent shockwaves through her tiny body, she moaned and arched her back, and came ferociously.

He turned her over and brought her to her knees. His cock slid deep into her. He pushed her chest flat onto the mattress, grabbed her arms, pulled them back to her waist and he began to fuck her with everything he had. His cock pistoned in and out of her with blinding speed. She was moaning, cumming and shrieking with delight. Her body collapsed on the bed and he held her while she caught her breath.

She turned and lay flat, looking up at him. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever had happen to me. I have never had a man make love to me like that before in my life. I know I am a porn actress but none of these men have ever made love to me. I’m addicted to orgasms. I have to have sex every single day. I have it, I am paid to have it but I’m not a whore. I am just addicted to sex.

The customers who buy my movies want to see me being fucked and then they want to see the man cumming on my face. They don’t want to see a man make love to a woman. I wish I had that on camera because to me, that was the best I’ve ever had. Thank you Mr. Gary, thank you so much. I am not finished with you I hope you know that. Wendy told me that after you make love to a woman, when you fuck her, it is life changing. I believe what she said is true.”

Gary lit a cigarette and lay there with her head on his shoulder. He reached over and picked up her gold necklace. “Maya, is that your name?”

“Yes, Mr. Gary, Maya is my name.”

“Do you think you could do me a favor Maya? Would you please call me Gary? I don’t like being called Mr. Gary. How long have you worked for Jeremy?”

“I like that you want me to call you Gary. It is more comfortable. Thank you Gary. I have worked for Jeremy for four years. I am just about at the end of my career. When I returned to Thailand, I had two options. I could work on Walking Street or I could work for Jeremy. He took my sister and I in and he made a wonderful difference in our life. He has always treated us like queens. He is so nice and he talks about you, Mark and Jill all the time. I am honored to finally meet you.”

“Where did you return from Maya?”

“My sister and I went to University in California. Our parents had saved to send us to college. They passed away in our senior year. They died in the Tsunami. When we came home, we came home to nothing. We couldn’t stay in the US and we had no jobs over here.”

“What school did you go to in California? What was your major?”

“We went to USC and majored in Internet Design. We have different minors. Mine is in Communication and Tila’s is in Photojournalism. We both graduated at the top of our class. Unfortunately, web design over here is so cheap that it is hard to make a living. If we could have stayed in the states, we would have been all right,” Maya explained.

“Who is the oldest, you or your sister?”

Maya laughed, “I am the oldest by five minutes. We are twins Gary. She and I are identical.”

“Where is your sister now Maya?”

“The last I saw her she was spending the night with Mark. Jeremy grabbed us and told us to get to know you two men very well. He has always been so good to us. Mark seems like a wonderful man too. I can see why you are all friends. We haven’t met Jill yet but we have seen her. She is exactly how Jeremy described her, spectacular.”

“Did you two have student Visa’s?” Gary asked.

“Initially, we did but we applied for Green Cards while we were at school. We have them, now, all we need are jobs and we can go back. Maybe someday, we can come and visit you Gary. I know I would really love that.”

“Does Jeremy know you are thinking about going back to the states?” he asked.

“He told me to ask you if you might know anyone who could use our services. He doesn’t want us to wind up on Walking Street. I will always love him for that,” Maya smiled.

“I just might know someone Maya, I just might,” Gary laughed as he thought how spectacularly Jeremy had just set him up. “I have two women with me on this trip I would like you and your sister to talk to.”

Maya looked at him with those shining black eyes and she leaned up and kissed him deeply. “Oh Gary, I don’t know what to say. If you could help us find a job, we’d be so grateful.”

She kissed him again and slowly kissed his neck, chest and stomach. She took his cock into her lips and she gave him the sweetest blowjob she had ever given. She was an amazingly sensuous woman and her lips were wonderfully talented.

“Gary, will you let me do something please?” Maya whispered.

“Certainly Maya, what would you like to do?”

“When you cum for me, please let me take you in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth and not on my face. I want to look into your eyes as your cock erupts in my mouth. This isn’t a porn flick; it is real.”

“Darling, you can suck my cock anytime you want and yes, please let me cum in your mouth, on your tongue or down your throat. I want to look into your beautiful eyes while my cock slides into your spectacular face. You truly are beautiful.”

Maya smiled brightly and she attacked him with love in her eyes. Her body glistened, her nipples taut and her breasts heaved as his cock filled her pretty face. Her eyes never left his and she was in awe of this man, as she loved his cock wonderfully. Gary moaned, his stomach tightened and when his legs began to shake, she knew he was about to give her what she desired.

“Cum for me, my darling. I want you now please,” she said as she ran her tiny hands over his stomach. Gary’s hands caressed her cheeks as he stared into her eyes. His body erupted and she felt the flood of his hot cum flowing along his cock and into her lovely lips. She held his cock as her lips grasped him just below the head and she felt each massive blast of his sweet, milky cum flow between her lips. She sucked; she swallowed, and loved every drop he gave to her. Her body erupted in a massive explosion of her own as his cock unloaded the fantastic lust-filled load into her sweet, precious lips.

“That was fantastic Gary, I can’t tell you enough how much this morning has meant to me. I am going to have to attack Rose and keep her cumming for hours. She told me that there was no one on earth like you and I think she is right. You are so lucky to have those wonderful women. I love them.”

“I love them too,” Gary, laughed. “I hope they are having a great time.”

“I don’t know about that but I know I just had the time of my life. Now, I have to wait to discover what it is going to be like when you actually fuck me. I can’t wait. Wendy and Debbie told me I’d need an ambulance. I hope they are right,” she said as she attacked Gary’s face yet again.

“Girl, you can build an appetite, let’s go and find some food,” he said as he kissed her and they walked out of the suite naked and smiling.

The door to the suite next door opened and Mark walked out with Tila. Maya introduced Tila to Gary and he swore he was seeing double. Gary looked at the shit-eating grin on Mark’s face and he laughed.

“You don’t have to say a word bro, I know, oh fuck, do I know!” Gary exclaimed. “Tila, it is a complete pleasure to meet you. We are going to find breakfast. Join us please. I have to find Jeremy and Tina and Karen.”

Doors opened up and the finest collection of well-fucked people poured into the hallway. Debbie looked like she had had a successful run-in with the fifth fleet and Rose was wobbly but smiling. Debbie ran over, hissed them all and giggled. The girls kissed Tila and Maya sweetly.

“Well?” Rose asked each of them. “Were we right or what?”

Maya walked over to the girls and she kissed each of them. Tila was right behind her. They looked at them and Maya smiled, “The two of us are going to rock your worlds. I can only speak about Gary but this was my finest hour.”

“Mine too,” Tila said as she looked back at Mark and smiled sweetly. “You better get used to the fact that we are going to repay your kindness in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Gary looked at Mark and they both started laughing. “Here I thought Jeremy set this up,” Mark grinned.

“Who said I didn’t, “Jeremy said as he and Jill wandered out of his suite. “You fucks should know by now, I operate in many ways,” he laughed.

The elevator door closed and Jeremy hit the button. Jill looked at Gary and asked him if there was any reason he might like to talk to Karen and Tori.

“What the fuck, I don’t want to hear anyone complaining that I am a conspiracy theorist any more. This is living proof. I’ve been set up by fucking experts.”

The elevator erupted in hysterics. Maya and Tina didn’t laugh because they didn’t get the joke but Rose was laughing so hard she could barely stand. Wendy threw herself at him and whispered in his ear, “We love them baby, make this happen please.”

Breakfast was amazing, the food was delicious and the floorshow was even funnier. The banquet hall was filled with two hundred plus well-fucked smiling people.

“What is the deal?” Gary asked Jeremy.

“It’s simple. They are very special to me. I want them to have it all. They have so much talent it isn’t funny. I’m not talking sexual either. You have to see what they can do. They have their papers and they can leave anytime. I just want them to do a few things for me while they are there.”

“What’s that?” Gary asked.

“For starters, they are always a huge hit at Adult-X so I want them there. I also want them back here at least twice a year to shoot a series of films. That means, you fucks are going to have to bring them here.”

“I can live with that,” Gary said. Jill and the girls agreed as well.

Karen and Tori stumbled past their table and Gary introduced them to Maya and Tila. Karen had her laptop in her room and everyone went up to look at several websites they had designed.

Karen had a weird look on her face when Gary asked her what she thought. “If I tell you the truth, will I still have a job?”

“Do you want me to take you over my knee right here and now and spank your cute ass? You’re job is not in question one bit. Never has been and never will be. You are with me for life and you fucking better know it,” Gary said sternly.

“To answer your question, yes, I want you to throw me over your knee, spank me, fuck me and fuck my ass and never stop but that’s not what I really think you want to know. I can tell you this; those two are far more qualified for my job than I am. Those are some of the finest, high-tech websites I’ve ever seen. I have a million ideas just looking at them.”

“Maya, Tila, I want to introduce you to Tori Johnson and Karen Rivers. Usually, I let them handle things like this but since I am here, I want you to meet the two, sexy, crazy sluts you’re going to be working for when you get back to your new home in Orlando next week. Karen handles the Press Relations and Tori is the head of my Marketing Department. You don’t have to worry about a place to live. I have a small place over there and you can live there. I think you’ll be comfortable. Jill will get with you and explain the pay schedule and you’ll have full access to Mark’s investment department. He’s pretty good at growing your money.”

They were speechless; they jumped on him, kissed him and then kissed everyone repeatedly. They stopped and looked at Jeremy. He held out his arms and hugged them. He told them he wanted them at Adult-X and that they were to make a few movies for his a year. They kissed him and hugged him again.

“I need a drink,” Mark laughed as he kissed the girls again and welcomed them into the family.

Jill kept the girls a while and explained everything to them. Tori and Karen were happy as could be. They walked down the hall to the elevators with Debbie, Rose and Wendy. They went into the bar and after the drinks were poured, Jeremy got this wild look in his eye. Gary and Mark saw it and burst out laughing. They grabbed the women and walked up to the orgy suite.

“You know, Gar, you seriously hit the jackpot. These women are fantastic but they have really been deprived. I want to apologize to you ladies. Since you seriously are a part of this fine, wild family it is only fair that each one of you is welcomed properly,” Jeremy grinned.

“Jeremy Carter, are you insinuating what I think you are darlin?” Rose murmured. “If you are, we have a pecking order. I’ve waited the longest for this. Do me! Do me! Do me now!”

“Wendy, she is such a greedy cunt,” Debbie giggled as they sat back to watch the fireworks.

“This is one of the reasons I came to Thailand,” Mark snickered. “I have a feeling the three of you are going to blow his mind,” he said as he kissed Debbie and Wendy passionately. “Excuse us darlings; we will be back for you in a while.”

Four hours and many drinks later, no one was steady on their feet. Bets were taken as to the hour that Rose’s eyes would uncross. Wendy lay back panting; sweat dripping from her nipples and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Debbie was incomprehensible. Every word she tried to speak came out sounding as if she was speaking Romanian.

“I told you they were good,” Mark grinned.

“Allow me to do my Tony Tiger impression, “They’re GREAT!” Jeremy laughed.

They looked at Rose and everyone started to laugh. Her expression was as if she had snorted a kilo while driving across the McArthur Causeway wearing Red and Blue Crystal glasses. She was totally fucked up.

Jeremy smiled, leaned down and whispered in her ear, “You can star in my movies anytime you want darling. Fuck, you are wild. You all are.”

Debbie and Rose were coming back to normalcy, “What the fuck just happened?” Debbie managed to say.

A chorus of femine laughter wafted through the air. “My men just happened.” All heads turned to see Brenda standing there with Jill, Red, Nancy, Michelle, Holly, Shannon, Ainsley, Gina, Brianna, Maya, Tila and Ronnie.

“We’re fucked,” Jeremy, laughed.

“No darling, we are going to be fucked and the three of you are going to be doing the fucking,” Brenda laughed.

Jeremy grabbed Brenda and started.

“If they can do this, I’ll be more impressed than I’ve ever been in my life,” Rose whispered. “That really was the wildest time I’ve ever had. He does this everyday. When you think it can’t get better, you’re wrong!”

They knew this would happen. They were expecting it and they really did live up to their reputation. Each woman received her full, undivided, wanton, lustful attention and the hormone level was off the chart. Orgasms were exploding everywhere while they waited their turn with the masters.

“That’s our boys,” Brenda said to Jill who had just finished an hour of total unbridled bliss with the three men she loved the most. They watched as Holly went airtight and the room quieted dramatically.

Rose, Wendy, Debbie, Maya and Tila were happily licking every pussy and watching the action.

Ronnie was recovering and muttering, “Fuck me, motherfucker, fuck me that was wild.”

Maya and Tila were the last to experience the three amigos. These two may well have been top porn stars but today would be a day they would never forget. The men treated them to wonderful, serious lovemaking and then the fucking went off the chart. Their previous experience had not prepared them for these three men. Although they were new to this, they each knew that this was definitely the start of a wonderful new life.

Debbie poured drinks and handed them to the guys.

“Well, that was a nice starter, who’s next?” Jeremy giggled.

“Well, it seems we were left out of the party,” Lindsay said as she walked into the room with Gina and Brianna.

Gary doubled over laughing. He grabbed Lindsay and kissed her deeply, “Bring it on darling.”

Jeremy and Mark smiled and the three men spent the rest of the afternoon creating memories and warming hearts.

“Write this date down,” Jill said. “I am so used to these three that they seldom impress me but today, they have blown my mind. This is definitely a world record.”

“Take a look around you my love,” Gary said. “In this room right now you will find the finest, sexiest and most delicious women on the planet. What man would say no to one of them let alone any of them? We are the ones who are blessed here.”

“I’ll second that,” Mark said as he wiped the sweat from his body.

“Just don’t ask us to repeat this until we’ve had dinner at the very least,” Jeremy grinned.

“I have no idea how good they were at the beginning but I can tell you this,” Brianna purred. “They sure finished with a bang. That was wild. I was warned, I just didn’t believe it. Can we bottle these three? We’d all be billionaires by morning. Fuck that was amazing.”

“What time are we hitting Walking Street?” Wendy asked.

“I don’t go down there until after 10pm but that is just me. I’m sure some of the people are already there. You women are going to be propositioned constantly. The whores are going to be pissed. They hate it when I bring my people out. When you add the Americans to the mix and they will be pissed. By the way, no one is to pay a dime tonight. Just show the bartender your necklace. They will record the name and bill me,” Jeremy told them.

“WooHoo, someone is going to proposition me,” Holly yelled as the room burst out in uncontrolled laughter. “I’m expensive.”

Jeremy spit his drink all over the place. “Holly, you are such a delicious slut. Just remember, a Baht is worth 21 cents American.”

“Darling, if they offer you 50 they are really only offering you $10,” Gary laughed.

“I’m insulted already,” Holly, laughed.

“Walking Street, Oh sweet, we get to really get slutted up for you darling,” Gina, grinned. “Shannon made us new uniforms. I understand the pilots have to be in uniform tonight.”

“That includes you two,” Shannon said as she looked at Jill and Ainsley. “You’re going to be the hottest sluts on Walking Street my loves. The men already have their new uniforms. I have your uniforms in my suite.”

“Let’s eat,” Mark said. “I am famished.”

As they stumbled into the banquet hall, the first person they saw was Jackson. His eyes were the size of bowling balls. He saw Mark and flashed him the biggest grin. Michelle cracked up at the look on his face.

Shannon gave the women their uniforms. Gina and Brianna smiled and Jill looked at Shannon, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I have belts bigger than this skirt. The top is adorable, what do you call these, two pasties and a clasp?” she giggled. The cutaway jackets highlighted the bottom of their breasts, which would be plainly visible.

“I don’t know darling, I have never worn anything so heart meltingly slutty. I am going to enjoy wearing this,” Ainsley said. “Have you seen the shoes yet?”

Shannon smiled and handed each woman a pair of mile high white stilettos.

“Well, they’ve had dinner. After they see us in these uniforms, don’t be surprised if we have a repeat right on the sidewalk,” Jill grinned.

“Ohmigod, look at the thong,” Ainsley purred.

“That is just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen I love it,” Brianna laughed as she looked at the tiny thong embroidered with “D’O IT” on the front. Under the logo, it said ‘Then do me!’ “The exclamation point is a penis,” she laughed.

Jill was blushing as she looked at Shannon who was sitting in an easy chair giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Gary is going to lose his mind. Trust me, I know what trips his trigger and this will definitely do it,” Jill said. “I hope I can walk in these shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair this high before.”

“What are you wearing tonight Shannon?” Gina asked her.

“Oh, a little something I thought would look startling,” she snickered. She opened a case and took out a pair of gold hot pants and a gold top that barely covered her nipples. Her gold shoes were as high as the others were and she promised to look fantastically fuckable.

Mark had headed for a nap and Gary and the girls were spending some quality time alone. When it was time to get ready to go out, the girls left Gary and headed out to get dressed.

The clothes Shannon had designed for them was going to add to his astonishment. Her designs were ultra sexy and they were perfect for each woman. Gary was sitting in his suite, sipping a drink when they returned.

“Who are you and what did you do with my women?” he smiled. “All these years, I’ve known each one of you was gorgeous but even I couldn’t imagine you looking this hot. I don’t want to go out; I just want to stay in with you.”

“That, Mr. Edwards is why we love you,” Debbie purred.

“That and the fact that no man on earth is as good in bed,” Rose smirked.

“You should know,” Wendy giggled and ducked as Rose threw a coaster in her direction.

Mark walked in with a drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian on his arm. Everyone kissed Aleka, stood back, and admired her drop-dead sexy outfit. They headed to the elevators and joined Jeremy in the lobby. As they stepped off, Jeremy hung up his cell phone. Many of the group waited in the lobby. The elevator doors opened and the pilots walked into the lobby.

The whistles and catcalls were deafening. They walked into the center of the lobby, smiling and strutting their stuff.

“Okay, I’m speechless,” Mark, said. “If I was in Las Vegas right now, I’d swear I was looking at the stage of the Coliseum at Caesars.”

“I know one thing,” Gary grinned, “I’m commandeering your pilots Jill. WOW!”

“To hell you are,” she laughed.

“Okay, from now on, you have to wear that outfit 24/7. Your choice darling.”

“Screw that, you are all under house arrest. I am not letting any of you leave here,” Jeremy said. “Shannon, you outdid yourself girl.” He looked around and didn’t see her. “Where is Shannon?”

The elevator chimed and the place came unglued as Shannon stepped off the elevator. The vision in gold was breathtaking. Everyone began applauding as she walked to the rest of the group.

“Before we leave,” Jeremy beamed, “We’ve set a new mark for elegance and sensuality for this town. Shannon, every time I see you, you totally blow my mind. This is so far over the top I can’t even describe it. Thank you darling.”

Everywhere they went, people stopped, stared and drooled. The street hookers looked on in awe. As they walked into the bars, every head turned and the owners came over to welcome them.

“Jeremy, you bring these gorgeous women in here, you put me out of business. What did I ever do to you?” one owner said to him.

They danced, partied and had a wonderful time. The hookers were friendly and treated Jeremy with a lot of respect. The ladyboys were all trying to get the attention of Jeremy’s flight crew. They knew them and they all wanted to be them.

Diane walked up and hugged Gary and then Mark. “This is definitely one for the record books. I could be standing here naked and I’d feel overdressed. Shannon looks delicious, doesn’t she?”

“Sweetheart, you look delicious yourself. Damn girl, I just might hit on you myself,” Gary said.

“Oh is that right? If you do, I want written permission slips from my darlings,” she said as the girls cracked up.

“Well, you delicious slut, if he won’t do you, we sure will,” Wendy grinned. “I think you look spectacular.”

“Usually, I’m the one around here flashing my tits. I feel prudish.”

Mark grabbed her, kissed her and opened her top completely. “There, I do prefer seeing your tits myself. They are such lovely tits, don’t you think,” he said as everyone gave thumbs up all around.

Gina and Brianna walked up and sat at the bar next to Holly and Red. Gary and Mark were standing admiring their uniforms when Mark looked down and saw the thong. “What does that say?” he said as he nudged Gary.

Gary looked; Gina and Brianna spread their lovely legs and gave them a good view. Gary started laughing and almost choked on his drink. “I love that.”

“And we love you two too. What it says is what it means gentlemen. Jill’s says the same thing. We particularly like the exclamation Mark,” Brianna said. They looked again and that was all it took. Mark and Gary were hysterical. Mark found Jeremy and yelled, “Bro, get over here and look at these pussies”

Walking Street lived up to its reputation. Women, men and ladyboys were rented for short time and long time. The bar owners were paid and the whores departed. There was no shortage of customers. Men, women and couples from the world over were in Phucket for one reason and one reason only. They wanted to get laid and the kinkier the sex, the better.

Jill walked up and put her arms around Jeremy, “I have been propositioned so many times I’ve lost count darling.”

There was a commotion at the door and every head in the place turned and looked at the woman who walked inside. Jeremy’s jaw dropped and he shot a look at Gary. “Are you fucking kidding me? You brought Beyonce with you. Holy fuck, you know I’ve had a hardon for her from the first time I saw her. This is unbelievable,” he said as she walked up to Gary.

“Darling, are you ever going to introduce me to this gorgeous hunk of man?” she whispered loudly. “He really is a spectacular man, isn’t he?”

Mark and Gary were laughing. Jill was still draped across Jeremy’s back, her tits massaging him temptingly.

“Jeremy, we’d love to introduce you to this spectacular, talented and oh so loving woman but we’re afraid if we do, we’ll have to kill you,” Gary laughed.

“Jeremy, I’d like you to meet Linda Langford. She is my chef. Amazing isn’t she?”

“Ohmigod, Linda, you are her double. You are magnificent,” Jeremy said as he leaned over and kissed her. Everyone was looking at her and staring.

Eight people walked in the bar and Gary started to smile. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you,” Tammy said. She was with one of Jeremy’s men and she was smiling.

“Are you having a good time baby?” Wendy asked her.

“This is wonderful. I’m having a blast but wait till you hear this,” she said as she hugged him.

JoJo walked up and kissed everyone. “You’re never going to believe this one Gary. I’d like you to meet Trevor.” She introduced everyone to him. “Trevor was my neighbor in Canberra. We haven’t seen each other in years.”

“Well, I hope you’re treating my girl well Trevor.”

“I am mate,” he said as he flashed a bright grin. “She grew up to be a fabulous woman. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her.”

“I always knew he was hot, I just never thought he’d be a porn star,” JoJo grinned. “Thank you so much for bringing me Gary. I love you so much.”

Tammy walked up to Jeremy and told him straight out that they had heard about the party this afternoon. “We all want that too. This is not a request. Trust me, you’ll love it,” she smirked. “We will leave you breathless you gorgeous hunk.”

Mark laughed, “You still watch Star Trek buddy?”

“You know I do,” Jeremy laughed. “Why?”

Jill burst out laughing, “Resistance is futile Jeremy. You don’t say no to our little firebrand.”

“Ahhhh, well Tammy tell us when, we’ll be there,” Jeremy whispered as he bent over, picked her up and kissed her passionately. “Wait, I just figured this out. You’re one of the girls from Jacksonville aren’t you? I’ve heard all about you. Hell girl, I’ve been hearing about you for years.”

Their lips teased each other and Jeremy stroked her body as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as she kissed him again. “Jill told me what you were like and that I had to do the three of you at once. I can’t wait. These two send me to heaven all the time. I’m like Rose, greedy and looking for the trifecta baby.”

“Now you know why we love her so much,” Rose giggled. “Tammy, trust me, it will be better than you think.”

Jeremy kissed her again and winked at Gary. “You amaze me bro.”

They wandered in and out of the clubs and bars along the way. Rose was having a conversation with a tall, gorgeous ladyboy and it was obvious she was turned on. She was sweet, funny and definitely hot. Jeremy walked up behind Rose and whispered, “She’s hung like a horse darling.”

“Hello Jeremy, how are you darling?” the ladyboy purred. “Are you still angry with me?”

“Not as long as you stay away from my people. Have a good evening,” he said as he put his arm around Rose and steered her away.

She put her head on his shoulder and smiled. “I like a man who watches out for his girls. You’re a good man Jeremy. I can say this to you now and mean it. I love you too. We all do. Now that we know all three amigos, we feel much better. You’ve exceeded our considerable expectations darling.” She kissed him again and held him tightly.

Maya and Tila strutted into the bar. All the working girls knew them and everyone wanted their attention. The customers drooled at the familiar faces and they were propositioned constantly. They handled themselves with grace and style as they headed for the bar. The owner immediately told them he wanted them to work for him. They smiled and said something in their native language he obviously didn’t like. Maya blew him a kiss and walked over to Wendy.

“I’ll never doubt a word you ever say Wendy. You were so right. He made me feel loved for the first time in my life. You are so lucky. I can’t believe we are going to be living close to you. I hope we will get to see you once in a while.” Tila joined them as Maya was talking to Wendy. Wendy was looking at the two spectacular women and she started to laugh.

Rose and Debbie walked up and Wendy relayed Maya’s hope that they might get to see them occasionally.

“Darling,” Debbie said as she hugged both of them, “I think you misunderstood. There is a very good chance that you will see us every single day considering that you will be living in our home. We will see you all the time. We are going to be working together and playing together all the time.”

Tila was beside herself with joy. She looked at her sister and hugged her. “Maya, our prayers have been answered.”

“Now, we have a few house rules that we insist you follow completely. There is no discussion about this; it is just the way it is. For starters, we seldom wear clothing. House rules mean high heels are to be worn with or without stockings. Lingerie is always in fashion.

You are going to be living in total luxury. You will travel with us, play with us and we will love you more than you can ever imagine. I was the Asian princess but now, I have to share that title with you two and Shannon. That’s great because we all know how much people enjoy Asian cuisine. You are required to have at least three mind-blowing orgasms per day at a minimum. You can suck cock from the time you get up until you go to sleep. Pussy is always on the menu so I doubt you will ever go without. Any questions?” she giggled.

“Gary said we were going to be living in Florida,” Tila said. “Where in Florida will we be?”

“We live in Windermere, Florida. It is just outside of Orlando. It is a very exclusive area. You’ll like it.”

“Can we go to Disney World? We used to go to Disney Land in California. We loved it,” Tila asked.

“You know that sounds like fun. I haven’t been there in years,” Gary said. “We live there, we just never go. I’m game.”

“I just laid the law down Gary,” Rose said. “They know about the house rules and that they can’t have less than three orgasms a day. Since I lost the resident Asian goddess status, they’ve been told to be kind to me.”

You’re my Asian goddess darling. Always have been and always will be,” he said as he held her warmly.

“Gary, do you mind if we take the girls out tomorrow afternoon? We have a treat in store for them,” Maya asked.

“Sure darling, our dance card looks like it is going to be full all day. What did you have in mind?” Gary asked.

“We were going to treat them to a special massage, they will love it?” Maya grinned.

Jeremy’s eyes rose, “Are you planning on going to Jooms baby?”

“We thought it would be a real experience for them. Jooms is a friend, I know it is safe to go there,” Tila said.

“You’ll have fun. I think I’ll take Mark and Gary there later myself. They will enjoy themselves.”

Michelle and Nom walked in and headed to the bar. She waved at everyone and sauntered over. “Have you ever walked down this street with Nom? It’s wild. We’ve been lied to Mark. All these years we thought Jeremy ruled this town. We were wrong. Nom is number one around here. Everyone wants a piece of her.”

“That is understandable. When you’re that gorgeous, it just makes sense,” Mark quipped.

Back at the hotel, the parties were in full force. People were making their way back to get naked and have fun.

Holly was standing in the lobby when everyone returned. Ronnie and Nancy walked in laughing their heads off. Nancy figured she could have made a million on the walk back to the hotel. Men were throwing money at her as they walked.

“If this decorating gig doesn’t pan out, I know I could be a hooker in Thailand,” she cried. “I feel so secure now but we lost Red somewhere along the way. Has anyone seen her?”

“Add her to the list; I haven’t seen Jim since last night. The last time I saw him he was in the middle of an orgy that looked like it would last forever,” Holly grinned.

Jack and Tom led the way as the entire flight crew arrived. Jill had a grin on her face a mile wide. Gina and Brianna were giggling as Nom told everyone not to wait up for them. Rick walked up, put his arms around Ainsley and literally dragged her to the elevator.

Their people were pouring back into the hotel and the sweet sounds of pure unbridled bliss soon filled every floor.

Mark had wandered away and was talking on his cell phone. “Are you okay?” Gary asked him.

“Yeah, I’m okay. According to the Doctor, she is fine. The latest surgery went perfectly. He took the bandages off today and there is no scar at all. He has two more to go and she will be perfect again. I am happy about that but once she is released, I won’t even have these updates anymore. I don’t know Gar; I’ve never done this before. I really am in love with this girl. It’s probably better this way though. I am not going to change who I am for anyone.”

“I’m glad she is doing well. I really am. I am serious; I want her to sign that contract. What I will never accept is for you to change who you are for anyone. You’re a powerful, successful man. You are a man of principle too. We share the same values. Mark, there are millions of people who apparently believe what she believes. It is why this country is on the skids. You know it and so do I.”

“The report I saw just blew me away. Obama borrowed billions of dollars from China, then turned around, and gave China a fucking grant to do scientific research. That is simply fucking insane,” he said. “Anyway, I promised everyone, and I do fucking mean everyone that I would lighten up and enjoy myself.”

“Listen, when I get my ass chewed from Nom and Phoc, I get the message. Everyone is concerned. I get it,” Mark laughed.

“If it worked, then I did my job,” Jeremy said as he walked up on the conversation. “Usually, when they are chewing your ass something pleasurable is about to happen. They are worried, we all are and we are not going to let you sink into a pity party.”

“Thanks guys, I do appreciate it. What do you think the odds are of three guys getting laid in this establishment?” Mark laughed.

“I don’t know about that but I do know we can get a drink in here,” Gary said as they walked into the bar.

“There they are,” a familiar voice said as they stood at the bar. Lindsay, Ashley and Leeann walked up with three of Jeremy’s girls and three of his male stars. “We were hoping we’d find you.”

Lindsay kissed Gary deeply while Ashley grabbed Mark. Leeann looked into Jeremy’s eyes and purred, “My spies tell me you’re great in bed. Care to prove that, Mr. Carter?”

“I don’t know Leeann, that is a tall order,” he said as he turned to Gary and laughed. “Someday, I’ll have to teach you how to hire more outgoing people.” He turned into Leeann and swept her off her feet, picked her up, put her on the bar and spread her legs. Her tiny skirt rode up and he pulled her thong to the side. He looked at her lovely pussy and ate her right there on the bar.

“We all want to party together darling,” Lindsay said. “Jeremy’s people are wonderful and they fuck like minks. Can we please all play together darling? It will be fun. Of course, I’d rather grab you, take you