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The next morning when I awoke, all I saw was beautiful, naked bodies strewn around in all manners of collapse. I walked outside and Mike was sitting at the picnic table sipping a coffee.

“Coffee’s on,” Mike said, “Lets go get you one.”

“Even though they are all unconscious, they all looked totally delicious, don’t they?” I commented.

“Have you noticed how satisfied the guys cocks look? Passed out and laying there naked, their cocks look so wonderful. I swear they are smiling,” Mike smirked.

I looked at him and asked, “Do you enjoy cock too Mike?” He looked at me, grinned broadly and nodded affirmatively.

“Damn, I am glad to hear that. My mouth has been watering trying to figure out how I could get my lips around your hot cock myself,” I exclaimed.

He told me he figured I did too because no couple could be as hot as we were without me having had a cock or two in my mouth.

I laughed. “Does Tracy know?”

“She loves watching me with a nice one in my mouth, and elsewhere.”

I told him Connie simply loves watching me too. She gets so hot, she can cum just watching.

“I wish these guys were, can you imagine the fun we’d have. The girls are all bi and now we’ve got them turned on to anal and double penetration. Do you think it would freak them out?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” Mike stated. “Well, we’ve got some of the guys awake, better go and see who needs coffee.”

“No matter what Mike, before you leave, I want some of that cock…okay?”

“I can’t wait…and I want yours too.”

We opened the door of his coach and yelled to the guys, “Who wants coffee?”

They staggered over and climbed inside. “How is everyone this morning?

They grinned and said last night was the greatest night of their life. I laughed and said “Oh hell, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“How long have you guys known each other,” I asked.

They replied that they have known each other for many, many years.

“I wondered because you didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with each others nakedness. When we first met you on the road, you had no qualms getting naked in front of each other.”

They told me that they had seen each other naked many times, in gym class and elsewhere. I asked them where elsewhere was.

Bob explained that one of their fathers had a stash of x-rated DVD’s and they had been jerking off to them for a few years. They said they were really hot and they loved to get together and jack off together to them.

I asked them, “Have you ever touched each others cocks.”

There was a stunned silence and the young guys all turned red. Finally, Phil admitted,”We have jerked each other off.”

“Did you enjoy having another guys hand on your cocks?” They all nodded that it was so very hot.

By now, Mike and I noticed that all four had raging hardons.

“Have you taken it any further guys? I mean have any of you tasted each others cum? What about sucking each others cocks?”

They stammered no when Mike inquired why they all had hardons right now? They just looked at us but it seemed they were afraid to say anything.

“Gary, they all have gorgeous, hot hardons right now. I bet they all have wanted to get their cocks sucked by their friends. What do you think?”

“I agree, from the looks of their boxers, I know it.”

“Well guys…are we right?”

They look sheepishly at one another but they all nod in agreement.

Get your shorts off guys….Mike and I want to show you something.

They stood and their boxers fall to the floor. Four magnificent rigid cocks sprang out, standing proud and hard. Mike and I got naked and our cocks join in. I look at Mike and he is licking his lips as am I.

I take my hand and grabbed Mike’s cock and point at the delicious mound of precum that was leaking from his terrific cock. “Do you see this…it is called precum. Have any of you ever tasted this? It is delicious. Well…have you?”

They all nodded that they have but said they had never tasted anyone elses.

I asked, “Would you like to taste it now?” They said they did.

I told them we’d would show them and sank to my knees. The tip of my tongue swirled over the tip of Mikes fine cock.

The sight of this made their cocks harder than ever before.

They were all leaking huge amounts of precum. Eyes were wide open in amazement as my tongue and lips covered the tip of Mikes hard, hot cock. My hands caressed his swollen ball sac as I gently licked and sucked the sweet precum from his fine cock.

I looked at the guys and they were all stroking their hot cocks. “Fuck, that is so hot!” they exclaimed.

“Try it guys. Lean over and lick the tip of each others cock. Taste their sweet precum, I know you are going to love it.”

They look at each other, first Jim then Randy leaned over and Mike and I told them exactly what to do.

Jim leaned into Phil and Randy bent over to Bob. The sounds of soft moans wafted into the air as they each took turns extracting the sweet clear liquid from the tip of each others cock.

When the precum was gone, they sat up. They each had a smile on their faces and told us that they each had secretly wanted to try that for a long time.

We told them that was just the beginning. I took Mikes cock again and ran my hands all over it. They watched as my hands caressed his cock. I took his cock and with my index finger, I placed it just under the head and held his cock tight to his stomach, fully exposing the soft, sensitive underside of his hard cock.

I got back down on my knees and licked Mikes balls. My tongue lavished pleasure to him as I lifted his balls and swirled my tongue around and over his tight sack. As I moved up and his rigid shaft met my mouth and tongue, they watched as my tongue flattened and I began long strokes up the underside of his cock bringing him as much pleasure as possible. The guys watched in amazement as Mike’s cock responded to my tongue. I took my finger away from the tip and his engorged dick sprang into my waiting face.

The look on the guys faces told me they knew what was coming as I opened my mouth and took Mikes delicious cock into my mouth. Mike began to slowly fuck my hot mouth as my tongue swirled along the sensitive underside. The guys sat there in amazement, stroking each other as they watched me suck Mike deeper and deeper into my mouth.

“This is so fucking amazing!” Jim gasped.

“Watch this,” Mike stated as he felt himself hit the back of my throat. The guys saw that about three inches of his cock was still not in my mouth. “My cock is at the back of Gary’s mouth. It can’t go in any farther, can it?”

I grabbed his ass and relaxed and opened my throat. Mikes cock began to sink fully into my throat.

“Holy Fuck!”, they exclaim as my lips are tight into Mikes pubes. “That is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“If you think it is hot, you have no idea until it is you doing it to your buddies!”, Mike exclaimed. “Cocksucking, like fucking and eating pussy properly, is an art form and I can tell you this, Gary is an artist.”

Mikes cock is still in my mouth as he continues telling the guys how good it is and that if they are going to be really please their women, they need to know how to do this properly because many women really get turned on by it.

I pull Mikes cock from my throat and look at the guys. “Well, what do you think?”

The guys agreed that it was smokin hot.

I ask them if they want to try it. They are already stroking each other and they laugh, “Hell yes”.

“If you do exactly what I did to Mike, to your buddies and they do it to you that way, you will all thoroughly learn to love the taste and texture of any hot cock.” I told them. “Now, just like you did with the precum, give it a try.”

Phil and Randy slid off the sofa and onto their knees. Mike and I gave them pointers as they experienced their first male to male blowjob. Bob and Jim were the first to receive the oral ministrations and they closed their eyes and lay back and enjoyed. Phil and Randy were good students and it seemed to be totally turning them on from the way their cocks were swelling up.

There was some gagging but they learned how to avoid that pretty rapidly. We watched as they licked and sucked the cocks before them. We told them to touch their balls gently while you suck them.

“Do to them exactly what you enjoy yourself. Make them feel good just like you want to feel. It is your first time so don’t worry if you make a mistake. That happens at first but it’s okay.” Mike told them.

“Don’t make them cum yet.” I said. “You’ll have plenty of time later today to taste lots of sweet cream. Now switch places.”

The guys changed places and we gave the other guys the same pointers as they eagerly sucked their friends. They were good students and the new ones were just as eager as the first two. Their enthusiastic mouths were working nicely on their friends tall firm cocks. There were lots of moans and groans as it was obvious that they were all enjoying each other tremendously.

I looked across to my coach and saw Connie and the girls coming towards us. As she approached, she saw me and I put two fingers to my lips to tell her to be quiet but to come in. Connie stopped and told the girls to be very quiet and Tracy quietly opened the coach door and they silently walked in and saw what was going on.

Connie and Tracy smiled broadly and the girls stood there, first in shock and disbelief, then amazement and finally, grinning broadly.

Maria was the first to speak and what she said was memorable. “Without a doubt, this is simply the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t stop guys, suck those cocks. My pussy is gushing. Oh yes, swallow those beautiful cocks. Fuck, look at my nipples they are hard as a rock. I am fucking love this!”

The guys stopped what they were doing, embarrassed, as hell, but at her words and the enthusiastic response from the others, the guys heads went back to the cocks before them.

I looked at the girls and explained that it was only fair as the girls could do all of us but the guys were limited to just the girls.

They all nodded in agreement, never a one taking their eyes off the hot cocks sliding in and out of the boys eager lips. In a heartbeat, all bathing suits were gone and the girls were face first into sweet pussy and ass.

The boys continued changing places, sucking, licking and tasting sweet cock while the girls licked each others twats with a renewed gusto.

Connie came over to me and Tracy to Mike. They were grinning like Cheshire cats. “I can’t believe this but holy fuck, I’m so fucking horny now baby. Thank you!”, she gushed as she planted a wet one on my lips. What else have you taught them?”

“This is it…so far.” I whispered. “The day is young yet and they are eager so I’m sure they will learn more before this day is out.”

“So how did this start?” Tracy asked.

“Gary started asking them some questions and based on their answers he showed them some things on me. They got so turned on that they wanted to try it themselves.” Mike replied. “Oh God, he is a fantastic cocksucker Tracy…Oh Fuck, he is good, I can’t wait to really get it on with him.”

Tracy smiled warmly, leaned over to me, pressed her body tightly against mine and sank her tongue deep into my throat. This gorgeous creature was all over me as she looked up and into my eyes. “I didn’t think it could happen but today promises to be better than before.”

“Fellas, I want to show you something.” I said as I grabbed two of the women and took them over to the guys on the sofa. The two with cocks in their mouths stood up and left two very, very hard men sitting there.

I grabbed Maria and Paula and took them to Jim and Phil who were seated and spun them around facing backwards towards the guys. “Sit on their cocks girls.” They sank their tight twats onto the rigid men and slid down. I told the Bob and Jim to get down and lick the cocks and clits as the men fuck the girls. The guys, now eager for cock, dove in and gently started licking the hot, protruding clits and hard cocks as they sank deep inside the girls.

The women had never experienced a cock inside them and lips on their clits simultaneously. They screamed in ecstacy. The guys dove in enthusiastically. Tammy and Jill began to frantically suck Bob and Jim and everyone was in heaven.

I looked over and Mike’s fingers were in Connie’s dripping pussy as were mine in Tracy. We watched silently as they explored, tasted and moved on to new heights. They changed places repeatedly until everyone had experienced each amazing position. As instructed, the boys had not cum yet. A good thing because this was going to be a long day.

When everyone had tried every position, Connie announced that she needed breakfast. She opened the door and walked bare assed over to our coach with Tracy in tow. The girls looked shocked until Mike said, “It is a Monday morning, the park is empty and if anyone sees us…fuck em. Literally and figuratively.”

I laughed and headed out the door, my hardon taking the lead.

The girls laughed and headed over to help make breakfast.

Mike and I made fresh coffee and headed out to the picnic table with the guys. The cool morning air felt good on our naked bodies. “Well guys, how do you feel?”, I asked.

They each said they felt strange and different but they really liked the feeling but that they were not as good at it as I was. I told them that would come. They asked how I took all of Mike that deep into my throat.

“When his cock hit the back of my mouth, I took a breath, totally relaxed and opened my throat so he could sink his cock down my throat. When you try it, you will gag but if you really relax and keep trying, you get the hang of it. Practice and you will get good. Think of it this way, you are just turning your throat into a vagina.

“When you are home, you will have all the time in the world to practice on each other but, in the meantime, just enjoy each other.”

Mike and I explained that we had more yet to teach the guys.

“The girls sure enjoyed what you were doing”, Mike exclaimed.

They nodded in agreement.

Inside my coach, the conversation was so hot. The girls were oozing as they talked about how hot it was just watching the boys suck cock. Maria said she damned near came right on the spot. Tracy said she always loved watching Mike with a cock in his mouth or up his ass.

“Up his ass…Oh wow, that is so hot. Does Gary like being fucked too?”, Maria asked.

Connie explained that I love men and women equally. “He adores a hot cock in his ass and his mouth and when he gets started, he can’t stop.

“When it happens, I can’t stop cumming. The sight of a man impaled on a cock on either or preferably both ends drives me simply wild.”

Tracy agreed and said Mike is the same way.

“How do we get these guys to enjoy it in the ass, Maria asked?

Tracy smiled and said, “When you are sucking them, lube up your fingers and start finger fucking their ass. Get them used to one finger and then two and then three and they will beg for more.”

Connie laughed and stated that she is betting that Mike and Gary are telling the boys about that right now. She laughed loudly and Tracy took that bet.

Outside, Mike was telling them that there is no feeling in the world like having a cock in your throat and one in your ass. The guys eyes widened and said they had only seen that kind of thing at the porno theater.

“Does it hurt in your ass?” Phil asked.

“Initially yes but if the girls know what to do, they will loosen up your ass for you. To be honest, when a cock hits your sphincter the first few times, it is going to hurt like hell no matter what. The pain will be extreme the first time but it only lasts a few minutes however, if you want to try it, here is a little secret for you. When you feel a cock hit your sphincter, bear down on it like you are going to the bathroom. It will open your ass and the cock will slide in. Once it is in, you stop fucking and let it rest and get accustomed to having a cock in there. After about a minute, your body will relax and you will be able to slowly start fucking it.”

I told them, “If you are the one doing the fucking, it will be the tightest and hottest fuck you ever had. If you are the one being fucked it will give you a totally different type of orgasm. It will be an entire body orgasm and it will blow your mind.”

“After you are finished fucking a guys ass, make sure that you suck their cock and let them powerfully cum in your mouth, unless they have already cum from someone else sucking them while they are being fucked,” Mike explained. “After I am fucked, I cum like a freaking racehorse.”

“Plus, if you want to try it, I have something to really make it special. Ahhh breakfast is served”.

The air is warm, the bounty of nakedness and the underlying lust is inspiring. We laughed and commented on what happened earlier. The girls reiterated that they were so turned on and the guys said that their lust level had notched up so far it wasn’t funny. They agreed and each expressed their feelings and the consensus was that they all thought that stuff like this only happened in movie theaters and that they would never experience it themselves.

“I feel so free now.” Paula exclaimed. “I have always been proud of my body and now, I am not ashamed of my feelings. From the time I discovered boys, I have had fantasies but I never acted on them. As I got older, the girls and I experimented and we loved it but even though I have always craved this, I never had the guts to act on it until now. For years, my pussy ached for the thrill of what I’ve experienced here with you guys. You have no idea how much I love you.”

Maria and the rest agreed.

“Mike and Gary have taught us some new things and from what I now know, there are a few things yet to learn,” Phil giggled. “And I for one, am anxious to learn.

The other guys nodded in agreement and Connie looked at me questioningly.

I unobtrusively held up one, then two and then three fingers. She smiled and so did the other girls. They had seen what I had done. I didn’t know what the girls had talked about inside or if they would even have a clue.

Leave it to our sweet Maria to burst out and say, “Oh WOW, you’re going to try anal too. You’ll love it, I adore it. Don’t worry guys, we’ll help you. We know what to do to make you feel so good.”

The guys froze dead in their tracks. Their eyes wide. “It wouldn’t bother you if we did it?” Bob inquired.

“Bob, when we walked in on you guys earlier, seeing you sucking a gorgeous beautiful cock got me so wet I came right there and then. The very thought of me being able to lower my steaming hot pussy onto your wonderful mouth, lean over and suck your hot cock while watching another cock drive deep inside you had me cccummiing again!” Tammy stuttered as she had a climax right then and there.

“Personally, if what I think is going to happen, happens, I want all of you to be familiar with anything and everything erotic. Look, speaking only for myself but women can search ten lifetimes and never find such wonderful guys like you. I’m not about to let any of you go!”, Jill gushed breathlessly.

There was a chorus of agreement amongst the women and the guys just smiled happily.

After coffee and fresh rolls, we headed to the pool for a refreshing dip. Of course, we all wore our suits on the way to the pool. As we got there, the park manager rolled up on his golf cart and motioned Mike and I over to him at the gate. We greeted him warmly and he returned the greeting.

“I noticed you having breakfast in the nude this morning and that you don’t have any worries as the park is indeed empty. If anyone does come in, we’ll put them on the exact other side of the park. I couldn’t help but notice that the women were, indeed, some of the sexiest I have ever seen. We envy you.”

“We?, Mike asked.

“My wife and I,” he explained.

We invited them to join us if they wanted.

“I doubt that you would enjoy what my wife and I enjoy and besides, they are in our late 50′s and You are so much younger.”

Mike and I laughed and asked him if he meant we wouldn’t like an older bi couple and he just stared at us.

He kinda gulped and said, “Yes.”

We assured him that we were all bi and not to worry.

“Besides I noticed your blonde, statuesque wife when we checked in and she was definitely smoking hot. You look in shape and have a great personality too. We’d love to have you join us.”

He said he’d ask his wife and let us know in a few minutes.

We went back to the pool and called a quick meeting. We explained the situation and they all agreed that that would be wonderful.

Mark, the park manager came back in a few minutes and told us his wife was completely into it. Apparently she had seen us as well.

It seems the guy who is on the desk is someone they play with and they told him to keep our part of the park completely private.

A few minutes later, this tall, gorgeous Scandinavian blonde pulled up on her golf cart and introduced herself and Inga. She headed to the pool where we introduced her to Connie and Tracy who were already licking their lips at the sight of this woman.

Mark grabbed my arm and asked, “How did I know he was bi?”

“You couldn’t keep your eyes of Mike’s or my packages.” I laughed. He grinned broadly, licking his lips.

I looked and Inga stood there, naked, statuesque and pierced on both nipples and her delicious labia. I slipped out of my suit and my cock sprang to attention. As Mark undressed, Connie and Tracy stared in amazement at his truly enormous cock. It had to be about 10 inches and thick as a baseball bat. Mike and I saw that and smiled and knew our asses were gonna get a workout.

Inga walked over to me, threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply. My hands held her magnificent breasts while my fingers began playing and teasing her nipple piercings. She inhaled sharply and stuck her tongue deeper into my mouth.

I felt her hand drop and fall to my very stiff cock and my fingers began to pull on the clit ring so prominently displayed. She was already wet and she sunk to her knees and looked deep into my eyes. “Darling, let me officially welcome you to our park”, she cooed as her lips opened and she began to lick my cock expertly.

I leaned back and allowed this goddess to have her way with me. I glanced around and Connie and Tracy were working on Marks enormous pile driver. Everyone was naked and everyone was fucking, sucking and having fun.

Inga played with my ass, sticking her fingers deep into my aching asshole. Her hot mouth wildly sucked and toyed with my cock.

Mark came up behind her and reached in and caressed her wonderful tits. He sank to his knees and began to play with her hot pussy. His fingers slipped inside her and his hand was filled with her sweet wetness. He pulled her up and sank his gorgeous cock deep inside her.

With each thrust, her mouth drove deeper onto my inflamed cock. Her mouth was a miracle. Her tongue fabulously playing and teasing my hot cock.

Mike pulled out and sank lower and began tonguing her sweet hot asshole. She moaned and pushed her fabulous ass hard against his tongue.

When she was totally wet, he sank his fingers into her flowing pussy and then into her inflamed ass. She moaned around my cock and wiggled her ass deep onto Mikes fingers. Mike took his engorged cock and slid it into her Inga’s tight ass. She let out a sigh and he felt his cock head move into her willing ass.

He looked at me and said that he was in. I pulled them both towards me and slid my cock deep into her insatiable pussy. Her vagina clamped down on my cock as Mike began a rhythmic stroking.

I felt his cock on top of mine through the thin membrane of her vagina and ass as we doubled this goddess. My hand tugged on the clit ring as she shoved her tongue deeper into me. Mikes rhythm built up steam and our collective breathing began to increase and the friction between our cocks made them swell enormously.

We drove our cocks as deep as possible, as fast as possible and Inga let out a shriek that could wakened the dead. Her hips started bucking and thrashing about on our poles as wave after wave of pure bliss washed over her.

Mike and I kept pumping. I felt him swell further against my own engorged cock and I knew we were about to blow magnificent loads deep inside her hot, demanding body.

His thrusts increased rapidly and I felt his cum travel along his long cock and spewed into her savory asshole. The erotic bliss of his cock unloading inside her made my cock explode in a fountain of sweet, salty cum as I creamed her succulent pussy.

“Fuck my ass!” she screamed. “Fuck my hot ass and fill my pussy you bastards! Don’t stop reaming me and filling me. I want your cocks, oh yes, more cocks, fill my greedy twat with your hot cum!” she demanded.

I bit her nipple and she erupted and her body flew in every direction as she rode out this spectacular orgasm.

She kissed me deeply as Mike pulled out of her ass and she got up from me, wrapped her arms around Mike and kissed him passionately. She sank to her knees and took his hard cock deep into her mouth and licked him clean. She turned and did the same to me.

Inga walked over to the others at the side of the pool and began touching and kissing and fondling all of them.

They all returned the favor and soon her body was a sea of hands, lips and tongues. She was on her back, licking pussies, sucking cocks and asses. This hungry bitch was devouring everything in sight. The boys took their turns fucking her hot cunt while the girls ate her pussy after each guy went after her. Her lips, her tongue, her nipples and her clit were lavished in so much pleasure. The boys did her ass repeatedly and they doubled her repeatedly. Inga was truly a bitch in heat.

Tracy looked at Marks huge cock and said to Connie, “I don’t think I can take him in the ass.”

Connie grinned, ” I sure can baby. Let him fuck your cunt and I’ll let him have my ass.”

Mark took Tracy and slid his cock into her tight, hot twat and grinned as she began to ride his hard hot, massive cock. She was stretched so wide and her clit rode deliciously along the entire length of his hot, hard shaft. She absolutely loved his cock and she rode him relentlessly.

Connie was right beside them, touching them, teasing them and pleasing them as their bodies melded into one another. Connie straddled Marks face and brought her wetness to his eager lips. His strong tongue dove into her repeatedly as she began to ride his face. Connie leaned over and kissed Tracy as Marks cock pounded her twat and his tongue drove Connie wild.

“Oh Connie, his cock is so enormous!”

“Can’t wait to get it into my ass baby.”

“You are not going to get this inside your ass!”

“You just watch me baby. Ride him, ride him hard and deep.”

“If he gets any deeper, you’ll be sucking his cock!”, Tracy laughed. With that, she went back to seriorly riding him hard and fast. She felt her own orgasm building and when she went off, it was like a Roman Candle. She rocked and rode him hard as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her breathing became ragged as this massive orgasm overtook her. His cock picked up the pace and he thrust in and out of her aching cunt while she rode him mercilessly. He squirmed and his hips bucked as he shot his enormous load deep inside Tracy’s aching body. She felt every spurt, every ounce of his hot cum as it flowed down his shaft and into her velvety tunnel.

Connie got off Mark’s face and steadied Tracy as she recovered.

Mark collapsed as Connie’s lips descended upon his sweet cock. She licked him clean and turned her attention to Tracy, whose pussy, by now, was overflowing with his sweet sperm. She began to lick and noticed that everyone was watching. She motioned them over and they all came near. “Jim darling, lick Tracy’s pussy to begin with, let all the guys lick Marks sweet cream out of her. I have a cock to suck and my ass needs his cock.”

Jim eagerly dove into Tracy’s twat, his tongue getting his first taste of spunk and he loved it. He licked and sucked until Phil pulled him off. While the guys were greedily cleaning Tracy, Connie began to harden Marks cock.

“Please fuck my ass Mark darling,” Connie murmured as she took his hardening cock deep in her mouth. He moaned pleasantly as her mouth opened and his enormous cock entered her mouth. Everyone’s eyes widened as his cock slid effortlessly inside her hungry mouth. He was big and she loved it. As his cock slid into her throat, her face fell fully to his belly. Her tongue and throat worked to fully harden his cock.

When he was steel hard, she pulled him from her throat and held his cock against her tight ass. She sank down on it. Inch by inch she fell. Her ass stretching and accommodating his massive missile. She looked at me and I smiled as that lewd look crossed her face. Deeper and deeper she sank on him. There were gasps from the others as finally, she was impaled fully on his hot cock.

Mark was in for the ride of his life as I walked to him and offered him my cock. His mouth opened and he swallowed my cock. What a great cocksucker. Mike fucked his face next as did all the guys.

Tracy, composed now and completely clean stood and stared in amazement as she saw his mighty cock completely inside Connie. Connie began to ride that mighty pole with total lust. She rode it up and slammed it back in repeatedly. She began to shiver and shake but that only increased her momentum. Her ass was a blur as Marks cock drilled her fully and completely.

Her complexion changed color, turning pink then red as she approached a mighty orgasm. Marks own was completely in sync as he grabbed her hips, arched his back and exploded deep inside her. She ground her ass hard on his cock as she screamed, “Harder, oh deeper, fuck my ass Mark, faster. Don’t stop, my ass is on fire. Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fill me, oh fuck yessssss!”

Connie spasmed and convulsed on Mark as his balls exploded and he drove a torrent of hot cum deep inside of her. She collapsed on him and kissed him deeply as his cock softened inside her. She tasted the me on his hungry lips and she reveled in the wonderful mixtures to taste. Her body, bright red, was so satisfied.

As his cock slid from her ass, we helped them up and took them to the deck chairs. They were both wobbly but smiling. Mark steadied himself and walked to the pool where he jumped in and cleaned his cock. He came back, pulled out a cigarette and inhaled deeply. Maria and the other girls sat around him, stroking his legs and softly touching his cock.

Inga began another round of hot blowjobs as the girls began to sweetly suck Mark as far as they could. It was a lot more like a lot of licking and sucking of his balls but he loved it as he played with their tits and pussies. He licked each pussy and brought each girl into a gushing climax which he gladly swallowed deeply.

When he was ready to cum, he had the girls kneel before him and he shot his load onto their waiting tongues. They rolled his sperm around in their mouths and swallowed deeply. They moaned and cheered as his enormous cock exploded. They truly enjoyed it.

Mark and Inga thanked us and headed back to work. We thanked them again and again and told them we were so happy to have met them.

Suddenly everyone was starved for food so we headed back and miraculously several pitchers of margarita’s appeared as the girls made sandwiches and salads.

“Inga’s body is amazing” Tammy said as she sipped her drink. “On the other hand, that cock of Marks is awesome.”

Tracy looked at Connie, “Speaking of that, how did you take all of that cock in your ass? He would have torn me apart.”

I burst out laughing and told everyone that although he was really big that Connie had taken two much larger than Mark.

Connie blushed, “We were in NYC many years ago and we met this really nice man in a bar in the Village, He was tall, lean and highly educated. He was news director for a major news service. He commented on how sexy my outfit was and as we got to know him, he told us his lady would love to fuck both of us. Since we were in the city to fuck our brains out, we agreed to meet her and he took us back to his apartment. She was hot and Gary enjoyed her but when Michael dropped his pants, I freaked.

“I had never had a cock like it in my life. I could not swallow it at all. His girlfriend taught me what to do. She taught me how to deepthroat. It hurt at first and then it became easier. To tell the truth, I got so turned on by his cock and the power it gave me, to know I had done it. When he fucked me, it was amazing. So full and so hot. He wanted my ass and I was not sure I wanted that but we were incredibly buzzed so I tried. I did it and it hurt like hell going in but once it was in, the feeling was awesome. So much cock, so long, so hard and so good. He was gentle at first and then he became powerful. I came so hard.”

“But he was small compared to the biggest one, right hon.” I giggled.

Connie blushed, “We belonged to a wonderful nudist club and they had a great indoor pool with a bar and tables and chairs all around the pool. Gary was sitting with his back to the bar. I was facing the bar and I saw this guy standing there. I told Gary I wanted a drink.”

He got up and went to the bar, got us a couple of rum and papaya’s and came back to the table. He sat down and said he felt sorry for people with deformities.

I laughed, “If he can use it as good as it looks, every woman in this place is in serious trouble.”

Over time we got to know him. Everyone called him Hydro Bob because his cock was like an electric pole.

“Anyway, it is a really good story from both Gary’s and my perspectives but suffice it to say, I did take all thirteen inches of the most massive hot cock I have ever had. It was twice as thick as Marks.”

“I had to go to Walgreen’s and buy her an inflatable do-nut for her to sit on. She could barely walk for a week and it took a month for the smile to get off her face. Yes, the Party at Hydro Bob’s was memorable for sure.” I told everyone.

“You lucky bitch,” Tracy said as she leaned over and kissed Connie deeply.

I took a long sip of my drink, noticed a sea of very hard cocks and anxious ladies. I got up and went into the coach and came out with a canvas bag.

“Gonna get good guys…that’s Gary’s toy bag. Whoopee” Connie grinned.

I rummaged around and came out with tubes of Astroglide and four new medium sized dildos. I went back in and brought out a gray cardboard box. Mike walked over, picked up the box. I snatched it from him, He grabbed it back. He opened it looked inside and grinned. “It’s gonna be a fanfuckingtastic day.” Tracy and Connie grinned as they recognized it but the others had no idea.

“Ladies, it is time to play 1-2-3″, Tracy exclaimed. The girls yelled and whooped it up and the guys all grinned and said they definitely were into it.

Each gal grabbed their guys and began so suck them and get them hard. Connie and Tracy brought them the lube. With their fingers slippery, they each shoved a finger home and began to slowly fuck their man. The guys seemed to enjoy the feeling one finger brought and the girls slid a second one in. Soft moans were heard as they felt the second finger inside them. The ladies kept sucking and finger fucking their guys. The guys seemed to be enjoying this as each one was grinding their ass gently on their ladies fingers. When their third finger entered, the moaning became louder and deeper.

“Don’t make them cum girls, just fuck them nice and slow.” Connie instructed. “Move your fingers in nice and slow and stretch their virgin asses a bit. Now, touch their cocks but don’t suck them. Work your fingers in and out and spread your fingers. Get them ready for more.”

The girls worked on the guys for a few more minutes and then they took a break. The guys said that they enjoyed the feeling. Mike told them that if they enjoyed the feeling now, they were going to love the feeling in a few minutes.

While they were relaxing and the girls were explaining what was coming, Mike and I unsealed 12 fresh bottles of Rush. When we were finished, we asked if any of them knew what poppers were. No one did. We explained and handed them each a bottle.

Connie and Tracy damned near broke our arms grabbing theirs from us. We told them not to open the bottle yet and also not to leave them uncapped. Tracy showed them how to use them and then Connie arranged all the girls on top of the picnic table. Then the guys were told to pick a girl, any girl and to sit and get ready to eat some fine, hot pussy.

Mike and I got into this with them while our ladies joined the other girls. The guys were first instructed not to use their bottles but the girls were told to take a big hit, hold it in and let the feeling wash over them. They did and as the incredible feeling began to take them away, the guys began and as soon as tongues met pussies, the air was filled with screams of pure bliss. The women squirmed and writhed and pushed their hot twats into our faces. They flushed and screamed and moaned and yelled and begged for more.

The guys met their demands but had no idea why the girls were so responsive.

“Okay guys, same positions but now, you all take a good hit. Hold it in and then enjoy,” I said.

The guys took their first hit while the girls did the same. It was a good thing the park was empty because the shrieks of wanton lust were deafening. The guys licked and sucked with such a gusto. Labia’s were opened, licked, tugged and pulled. Clits were explored, teased and loved. Asses were licked and prodded and heads were held tight as wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss caused the table to walk away of its own accord.

As the effect wore down, they all changed position and the guys got on top of the table. More hits all around and the guys felt their first popper blowjobs. Their faces told the story. Never in their lives had they ever experienced such a wonderful feeling. The women went into total sexual frenzy. They gobbled their cocks deep, lavishing the most wanton greed as they swallowed our fine cocks.

Connie and Tracy were going wild as was everyone else. Little Maria was impaled on Mikes hot cock and he was getting his ass greased royally.

I reached down and grabbed Jills tits and crushed them in my hand. She moaned wildly and sucked harder. She was such a great looking lady with lips of pure honey. She sank her fingers into my ass as her throat massaged my hard cock. She felt my pending explosion and looked deeply into my eyes. My hips slammed into her chin, my balls banging her neck franticily. I took another hit and felt my stomach tighten, my balls lift and I shot a glorious load into Jills hungry mouth. She never took her eyes from mine, she opened her throat and drained every single drop of cum from my swollen cock.

One by one, each man creamed the ladies and they gobbled up every last bit of the hot, sweet spunk. Heavy breathing ensued as everyone tried to catch their breath. The park was now full of wide eyes people with the biggest shit eating grins on their faces.

Drinks were poured, smokes consumed and eventually blood pressures returned to normal.

Little Maria began teasing me, dancing around me, touching me and playing with her tits. She squeezed them together and the pointed nibs looked so inviting. I cleared off the table and lay her lengthwise, pulling her to the edge. I opened her legs and sank my face into her inflamed cunt. Her clit was the size of a small cock and my tongue swirled around it.

I love my wife very much. I would do anything for her (short of permanently hurting or killing someone but everything else is fair game). My wife loves to make me do things that put me outside of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to sex and sexually provocative situations.

One day we were driving north on I75 through central KY on our way home from visiting some family. It was a very nice day in early summer and my wife had me drive nude as she loves to do as often as she can. She loves seeing me try to hide myself when we go past vehicles that sit higher than ours and the other drivers can see me naked. This was back when we had an F150 so it was usually the big trucks that I was worried about (now we have a crossover that sits lower so it’s even more embarrassing). She would always tell me to slow down, or speed up, so the big rig would be along side of us for a while in the hope that the driver would look over. When they did she would make sure to point to me and let them know I am naked. It’s certainly a bit exciting but very humiliating when they see me. But I love my wife.

As we were driving just north of Lexington my wife spotted a couple of bikers on the side of the road on the south-bound side. They were pretty good-sized black guys and were riding nice highway cruiser-type bikes. My wife said “they might need help. Turn around and let’s go see if they need anything.” Being the good samaritan that I am (and because my wife told me to), I said, “ok, I’ll turn around at the next interchange”, which was about a mile up the road.

As we pulled off and turned left to go get on the south-bound side I told my wife I was going to pull over and put some clothes on. She said, “no, I want you to stay naked and see what the bikers have to say about a old naked white guy driving down the freeway.” My wife loves to put me in compromising situations, especially out in public, so I knew I was not going to be able to talk her out of it.

So we headed southbound and about a mile and a half later came to where the bikers where parked on the shoulder of the freeway. I pulled up about 50 feet or so behind them and put the truck in park. My wife opened the passenger door and stood just outside of the truck and yelled up, “do you guys need any help?” They both walked up to the truck on the passenger side to talk with us. My level of humiliation skyrocketed as they got closer.

They started talking with my wife as they got closer and told her they had just called a friend to come with a trailer to pick them up. When they got to the passenger door they both looked in and saw that I was sitting there, naked as a jaybird and did a double-take. The bigger of the two said, “are you two having fun driving down the freeway with your man naked?” My wife said, “yes, we are. He’s my husband and does what I tell him. Unfortunately for him I like to embarrass and humiliate him.”

The bigger of the two said to my wife, “well, our friend is about 30 minutes away. How about you have your man suck our cocks while we’re waiting?” I looked at my wife and saw that shit-eating grin she gets when I’m going to be on the receiving end of some kind of sex so I knew I wasn’t going to get out this. She said, “sure, he’d love to, wouldn’t you honey?” I just looked at her, then the two bikers, then back to her and nodded sheepishly.

The F150 was a Super Cab and has these back doors that open like the old suicide doors so my wife told me to crawl out the passenger side of the truck. Then she opened the back passenger door which then blocked the view at the passenger seat from the vehicles coming down the freeway. The bigger guy sat in the passenger seat and pulled his cock out for me to suck. It was freakin’ huge! It was at least 8 inches long and 6 inches around and it was soft! He reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me down to his lap and told me to suck him nice and hard.

The other guy pulled his cock out and started stroking it to get it hard while I was sucking his buddy off. The guy whose cock was in my mouth said to his friend, “why don’t you fuck him in the ass and stretch him for me. I think I want some white man pussy while I’m at it.” I started to pull up off his cock to protest but he just held my head down and told me to keep sucking, “like the little cocksucker you know you are.” He started saying things like, “you like sucking big black dick, don’t you?”, and all I could do was mumble “yes” with his cock in my mouth.

While I was struggling with his cock growing in my mouth I felt his buddy step up behind me and heard him spit on his cock. Then he pushed the head of his dick against my asshole and told me to “open up that pussy for me you little fuck.” His cock wasn’t as big around as the one in my mouth but it was big enough and was hurting as he pushed it past my sphincter muscle. Once he got past that I started to relax and felt him fill my ass with his cock.

So, there I was, naked, on the side of south-bound I75 in central KY between the doors of my truck with a big black cock in my mouth and another one in my ass. My wife was taking video of the whole thing and was telling the bikers to “fuck his mouth good. Fill his ass with your hot cum. Fuck him like the little cum bucket he is (her pet name for me).” My wife love to take pictures and video of me when I’m in these situations and then play them when we’re at home. She won’t admit but I think she’s sharing them with our friends to humiliate me. It makes for some embarrassing visits, me wondering which of our friends have seen me sucking cocks and getting fucked in the ass.

After a bit the guy in my mouth was getting pretty hard and I couldn’t keep the whole thing in. So I took as much of his cock in my mouth that I could and started jacking him off while sucking on the head of his dick. The guy in my ass started moving faster and faster in and out of my ass and I knew has was getting ready to empty his load. I guess I was doing a good job sucking the first guy because he pulled my head off his cock and told me he wanted to cum in my ass, not my mouth. Just then the guy in my ass tensed up and I felt him squirt his hot load into my ass. It was a nice warm feeling that immediately lubed my ass up and made it easier for him to slide in and out.

Which was good because the first guy pushed me back to get out of the truck and said “my turn you little cocksucker.” He pushed me face down into the seat and put his big hard cock right against my asshole and pushed it in without any regard to whether it was going to be easy on me or not. Fortunately some of the guy’s cum in my ass was leaking out and lubed up my asshole, making it easier for him to slide in. But he was freakin’ huge! Even though the first guy in my ass had lubed me up and stretched me, this guy’s cock was so big it felt like the first time I’d ever been fucked in the ass! It hurt and I was yelling for him to stop. He just kept my head pushed down into the seat and started pounding his cock in and out of my ass. I knew I was going to have to relax my asshole if I was going to survive so I focused on how good his cock felt sliding in and out and relaxed my sphincter muscle. After a few moments it was getting easier and I just laid there, on the side of I75 in central KY, getting my ass pounded by a black biker with the biggest cock I’ve ever had. And of course my wife was videoing the whole thing.

Shortly I felt the biker start to tense up as his thrusts got faster and deeper. Soon I felt that rush of hot cum filling my bowels as he grabbed me by my hips and drove his cock as deep as he could into my ass. He was thrusting and grunting for what seemed like 2-3 minutes as he emptied his load into me. When he was done he pulled out and stepped back. I was exhausted and just lay there on the seat catching my breath, thinking about what had just happened. We were really lucky the state patrol didn’t pull over while all of this was going on.

The two bikers put their cocks back in their pants, zipped up and walked back toward their bikes just as their buddy was pulling over with the trailer. I started looking for something to wipe the cum off my ass but my wife said, “no, I want you to drive home with their cum all over you. When we get home you can clean the truck and then clean yourself up.”

So, I crawled into the drivers seat, my ass covered in cum and, after my wife got back in the truck, drove home, naked with black biker cum leaking out of my ass and all over the driver’s seat. Good thing they were leather seats so they would be easier to clean. And there was a lot of cum to clean up.

Again, my wife won’t admit it but I just know she’s shown that video to our friends. After all, that was the biggest cock I’ve ever taken so I’m sure she is proud of me. At least I hope she is. It’s so humiliating and embarrassing. But I love my wife.

He came to me in the night. It was always in the night. In the daylight we both pretended that there was no nightly visitation. But he was highly sexed, and since my mom died, he came to me often at night. He waited until I’d turned eighteen, but after that, he came for me.

“Dad . . .” I murmured, still only half awake.

“Shush. Take this.”

I was on my back and he was straddling my chest with his knees and leaning over me, holding my arms out and above my head with strong fists encasing my wrists. I felt the tip of his erect cock at my lips and I opened to him, and we both moaned quietly in the dark as he stroked his cock in and out of my mouth, hardening it and arousing him further—and slicking up his tool for what he’d do later.

When he was sufficiently aroused, he moved his knees and lips down my chest and belly and swallowed my balls as his hand went to my cock. His hand went to join the other to cup and raise and separate my butt cheeks as his mouth went to my entrance. His hand on my cock was replaced by one of my own, and I lay there, looking dumbly toward the window, watching the wind sway the branches of the willow tree, and stroking myself. For a moment I had the sensation of someone being there, watching us, but I had shut my systems down. I didn’t care and my senses weren’t on alert. I was trying to transport myself to someplace else altogether.

He pulled my sleeping shorts—all that I was wearing—off my legs.

“Turn on your belly.” The voice was low, raspy, needy.

“Dad . . .” I murmured again. It was all I could manage, and I knew it had no effect.

“Turn on your belly, son.”

With a sigh of resignation, I did as he commanded. I always did as he commanded, whether day or night.

A heavily muscled arm went under my lower belly and lifted me to my knees, while a palm between my shoulder blades pushed my chest down on the cool sheet. He was crouched over me from behind, his thighs encasing mine. I felt the stretch and filling of the entry. But no pain. There hadn’t been pain, really, for months. My channel was fit to his cock now. He just slid up into me as I gasped slightly and groaned the almost nightly possession by him.

One of his fists went to the wrist of my left arm and pinned it to the bed above my head. He let me have the use of my right hand—he’d done so for nearly two months now—and I moved it to my cock and began stroking it again to the rhythm of his fucking cock.

He moved his other hand between gripping my waist and pinching my nipple and turning my head toward his face when he brought it down to my head. When he did that, we kissed, deeply, his tongue invading and searching my mouth cavity. This was something else that had only entered the ritual in the last month or so.

My lips freed, I once more turned my head and gazed at the window—and once more had the sensation of someone or something pulling away from it out there as I turned my head. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated again on not being there.

The nature of pretending I wasn’t really involved in what was happening to me in the night had changed in the last month or too also—and it scared me. In the initial months, I had zoned out to deny it was happening. Now I was zoning out because I was beginning to need it—to look forward to it each night.

Of course he really wasn’t my dad—not my biological dad—and nothing that he was doing was something I could report him for, something I could stop, short of fighting him, which, considering our differing sizes and physical power, was a comical notion. And leaving was something I couldn’t do, at least not yet.

My real dad had died when I was eleven, and Tyler had been with us for six years now, arriving a little more than a year after Mom was widowed. I say us, but he really was only with “us” for a bit more than five years. My mom died six months ago. She had been sick for some time before she died, and I think she understood Tyler’s interest in me before she went. But by then she was too far gone to do anything about it. She seemed to be hanging on mostly to be there until I got old enough to leave the house and go on my own.

My real dad’s death and her own quick decline there at the end had bollixed up that idea, though. I’d worshipped my real dad, and his death had been a real blow to me. I just shut my life down for nearly a full year though—and that included school work. So, I was set back a grade. And, so, when mom died, I was no more than a week past eighteen, but I had a year and a half more to go in high school. And what were almost Mom’s last words to me stuck.

“Stick it out until you graduate high school, Chris,” she’d said. “Promise me you’ll get your high school. Then go in the service for a while or something. Get away from this. But promise me you’ll get your high school in first. A man can’t do much of anything without that diploma.”

And so, I promised.

And the way it worked out with Tyler wasn’t wham bang, either. It was gradual. He worked me. He seduced me. And he was smart. He waited until I was eighteen. And when he finally had me, there I was, an adult, and not able even to claim rape. And the longer I stayed, the less anyone would care what I let happen to me. They would have asked, “Why didn’t you just walk?”

Well, I didn’t walk, because I promised my mom I’d get in that last year and half of school, and I didn’t have any other good options. I had no living family left, and I had no means really to live out on my own. I didn’t mind the idea of signing up for the military—I was leaning toward the Navy—but it stuck in my mind that one thing my mom had asked me to promise to do was to get that high school diploma before leaving.

And, as I’ve said. Tyler was clever. And he took it slow so that by the time I really was over the edge, it was done.

It had started the day after I turned eighteen. Mom was in the other room, dying. She’d been to the hospital and was back, under Hospice care, to die at home. I was keyed up and confused and into self-denial and wanting to make it all go away—transport myself to some fantasy land—and because I was a teenager with raging hormones, that meant a flashlight and dirty magazine and beating myself off in the middle of the night.

Which was all fine, but Tyler found me that night, right after my eighteenth birthday. I was terrified and paralyzed in place when he found me. But he came into the room and was calm and sat down on the side of the bed and told me all sorts of mumbo-jumbo over how it was normal and understandable under the circumstances. And while he was talking and holding my attention, he had his hand on my cock. When I noticed and flinched and began to object, he shushed me, reminding me that Mom was just in the other bedroom and that, although what I was doing was normal and understandable, it wasn’t something we wanted to worry her about.

“So, just lay back, and I’ll take care of it.”

And so I did. And he did. And I was surprised at how much different and better it felt when someone else did it.

Three days later, the night before Mom died, Tyler was back and sweet talked me into letting him take care of my fears and tensions again. And this time he ran his other hand over my body as he was slowly jacking my cock off.

When we came home from Mom’s funeral, I was a basket case, and Tyler sent me to my room and told me to try to get some sleep. But I couldn’t and I couldn’t stop crying. And Tyler came into my room and sat on the bed and hugged me close and soothed me with his calm, soft voice—which was really something coming from such a big, muscular man—and with his hands patting and stroking me here and there. He had my cock out of the fly of my sleeping shorts before I knew it. And I was in such a state that I didn’t care—in fact it was comforting. And this time he didn’t relieve me with his hand. He did it with his mouth.

Mom was dead now and there was only Tyler. And he’d already given me a blow job. And I was already eighteen and had promised my mom I’d stick it out through high school. And not only wasn’t I thinking too straight, but I was a teen with raging hormones and Tyler was giving me release and pleasure that, though I knew it was evil and not right, was overwhelmingly hard to resist.

Everything was fine during the day. Tyler was a coping single-parent dad by day. Fitting in getting me to school and being there during my ball games and other activities while still holding down his job. I took up more of the cleaning and cooking duties, but Tyler was hanging in there on those as well. And we said nothing during the day of what was happening at night. The dark covered all of our sins.

But he was coming to me more often at night now. And he cajoled me into taking head, and one night he introduced a dildo into the ritual as he was sucking my cock. The first time I just thought it was his thumb, which he had started strumming rim of my hole with while sucking me, but it wasn’t—it was a dildo. And the second time I knew it wasn’t a thumb—and that it hadn’t stayed at the entrance. By the time he fucked me with his cock, he had me asking for it. And I was over eighteen, and with nowhere else to go.

And now it was four months later.

Tyler had just been to visit me the night before. But he was here, at the door, tonight, as well. I’d heard it. He’d had a video on out in the living room. A male porn film. He was standing at the door, breathing heavily and giving me a scary stare. He was stark naked and had a raging hard on. I was sitting on the floor, on the thick cushion I’d taken off the overstuffed chair in my room; my back to the bed; earphones in, with the music set to something I liked to listen to before I went to bed; and doing my last-minute homework. I already was in my sleeping shorts.

Tyler was on me like a flash, grabbing my wrists with his hands and pushing my arms back on the bed. His cock was assaulting my mouth, pushing my head back on the bed as well. And I was gagging and gasping as he face-fucked me.

Then he pulled me up on my feet and kicked the cushion out into the middle of room as he was stripping off my sleeping shorts. He pushed me down on my shoulder blades on the cushion and grabbed my hips in his hands, and pulled my pelvis up into his crotch and my hole onto his cock, and started fucking down into me with long, deep strokes, thrusting down with his cock, while he pulled my pelvis up into him. Pushing me down as he moved his hips back and then pulling me in again as he thrust forward.

He was fucking me with a fury as he’d never done before, and I hooked my legs on top of the flare of his butt and hung on for dear life, my soothing “go-to-bed” music still playing in my ear from the earphones.

Above the sound of the music, I could hear the sound of the sex. Grunting and groaning and moaning in harmony, but above that, a plaintive cry of “Oh, shit, oh yes, oh gawd yessss, Fuck ME!”

I was shocked—and scared—at the realization that it was my voice.

* * * *

By this time, Tyler wasn’t the only one fucking me. By now, I knew what was done was done—and that I didn’t mind it when I wasn’t thinking real hard—and was thinking why should I give it away just to Tyler for free. I was scraping together whatever money I could to help my escape from here, which was coming within a year. I kept the money in an old can out in the rafters of the storage shed in the back yard.

I figured I knew where I would make some money off this. And I was right.

For years, Mr. Collins, a bachelor living in a house twice as large and tidy as ours just down the street from us, had been giving me the eye and trying to make friends with me when I walked past his house. I wasn’t so dumb that I didn’t know what his interest was—and there were whisperings going around the neighborhood and at school that bore this out.

All it took to get him to come out of the house was for me to stand out on the front walk by his white picket fence one day and look around like I had nothing better to do than stand there. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he sauntered out, acting like he had a reason to be on the move and “accidentally” noticing I was there and coming to the fence to greet me.

“Hi there, Chris,” he called out in a chipper voice. “Great day, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah, it is,” I answered. “Might rain tonight, though. The rains will be heavy this summer, they say.”

Mr. Collins was trembling like a Chihuahua on speed at this string of words from me. It was more in total that I’d ever said to him in all the years he’d been living in the neighborhood. He literally wagged his tail as he came out to the fence, obviously thrilled that I was still standing there.

“Yes, it’s good for the flowers, though.”

“Nice flowers,” I said. “And you got a gardener to take real good care of them, I see.” I was searching for words. The gardener was kneeling at the rose bed that lined the front porch of the house. He was facing away from us, an Hispanic, I guessed, maybe in his thirties. An outdoor worker. I wondered if he could hear us—and if he could understand English if he could.

“I try to keep the grounds up,” Mr. Collins said, his voice full of pride. “Say, I was real sorry to hear about your mother. I—”

“Thanks. Thanks, Mr. Collins. You’re a nice man for saying that.” I turned my eyes on him and smiled.

He practically melted on the spot with pleasure. He had his hands on top of the fence and they were trembling. I put a hand up there too, trying to make it seem like a natural move, and I could see him shudder as our hands touched each other.

“Nice house too. Real nice house. Big. Bet you have lots of rooms in there. Bet you have some nice things in there.”

“Would you like to see inside sometime?” Mr. Collins asked. His voice sounded so hopeful that I felt kind of sorry for him.

“I’m not doing much of anything now,” I said. I tried to keep my voice low, because I could see that the gardener had turned his head toward us—that maybe he was listening to us.

I thought that Mr. Collins was going to melt down to a puddle on the spot at the prospect of getting me in the house.

The gardener looked up from the rose garden as we passed and gave me a tentative little smile. I wondered if he figured any of this out. But then I didn’t care. He was just a gardener.

“How’s school and the baseball going, Chris?” Mr. Collins asked me as we entered the foyer. I walked right on into the living room, which showed that Mr. Collins made a whole heap more money that my stepdad did. “I’ve always been interested in how the kids of the neighborhood were doing.”

“Yeah, I know you have, Mr. Collins. I’ve seen how you watched me over the years. Well, I’m here now. And I’m over eighteen.”

He turned his head toward where I was standing in the living room, surprised by what I said and by the hard tone I’d taken when I said it. And there I was, standing in the middle of his living room, with my fly open and my dong hanging out and cupped in the palm of my hand. I was kind of proud of my cock, and Mr. Collins seemed pretty impressed too. He went to his knees with a loud moan and began sucking my cock in a way that assured me that, as suspected, I probably wasn’t the first neighborhood boy who had visited this house.

We were naked on his bed with him stretched out behind me and stroking his cock inside me from the rear as I propped my knee up on the bed to give him better access when I told him what the deal was: “$15 for you to suck me; $25 if I suck you. $50 for a fuck; $60 for the whole package.”

He didn’t object and signed up for the next visit to be on my way home from school three days hence. My stepdad didn’t get home from work for nearly three hours after my school finished for the day.

The gardener was in the front garden the next day I visited Mr. Collins, and he turned his head and gave me a little smile again when I reached the stairs to the porch and started climbing. I instinctive smiled back, a little nervous because he was there, and because I couldn’t think of a plausible reason to be approaching Mr. Collins’s house by myself if the gardener asked. But he didn’t ask.

The door was slightly ajar when I got to it, and I heard a faraway voice call out from upstairs. “Come on in. It’s open. I’m upstairs.”

I went in and began to climb the stairs. Half way up I stopped dead in my tracks and let out a “Holy shit.” I began to turn to flee the house, when Mr. Collins said probably the only thing that kept me there.

“$75. I’ll give you $75. And you won’t be doing anything special or different. This is for me. This is to make it more interesting for me.”

I turned back and looked up at him again. He was wearing women’s lingerie. A black lace bra, with matching panties and black mesh stockings and black stiletto heels. He also had on a red-haired wig, and his face was made up like a baby doll, a mean slash of shiny, deep-red lipstick across his mouth. He was talking in a funny, high voice like he was playing some sort of game. And I guessed it was pretty obvious that he was.

“It’s no different for you, honey,” he repeated. “It’s just me. It’s just what I like. $75, OK?”

He didn’t look all that bad as a woman. Younger even. And he wasn’t fat; he had good muscle tone and firm arms and legs. A flat belly and a nipped-in waist.

If I closed my eyes. . . . And it wasn’t like I had to get it up. He said it would be no different. And he had topped me earlier, although for the money, I was willing to try going either way.

I started walking up the stairs again, and as we crossed the hall to the master bedroom, I was impressed on how well he walked in the heels. I guessed he’d done this a lot.

“Please take your clothes off and sit on the side of the bed,” he said.

I watched myself—and him/her in the mirrors as I stripped. That was the thing I’d remembered the most about his bedroom from the other day. The mirrors. He had them everywhere. It had been arousing to me to see myself being fucked no matter how I turned my head. I assumed that the mirrors were there because he found it amusing as well. He wasn’t bad looking for an old guy and was a good cocksman—or so I thought, only having Tyler to compare him with. But I thought Tyler must be good at it as much as he was fucking me—and I knew he and my mom really went at it before she got too sick to enjoy it. And, surprising, Collins was as good at it as Tyler was, although he must be at least ten years older than Tyler.

We didn’t do it just like we had the first time. This time Mr. Collins spent more time in setting it up—and he had an extra fetish thing going with the lipstick. The color was something that rubbed off easily. Collins made a point of paying attention to nearly every inch of my body with his lips, and I could see that the lipstick was rubbing off on my skin. And he got up every once in a while and renewed it, so that it was always leaving fresh lip marks.

I found quickly that the panties had a slit in them in front, so that his cock came out without having to remove the panties. I sucked him and then he sucked me, being careful to leave distinctive lip-shaped red markings on my cock. He followed this up with lip attention to the rest of my body, and then he had me lay on my back on the edge of the bed, and he came between my thighs and fucked me to mutual ejaculations while we watched ourselves and each other in the mirrors. Although I had been worried about being able to get it up, the setting was so exotic and he was such an expert cocksman that I didn’t have any trouble at all. The mirrors helped too.

Afterward, Mr. Collins made me stand in front of a full-length mirror and he took photos of the artwork he’d done on my body with his ruby-red lips before he let me shower and gave me four twenties and told me to keep the change.

I had a pretty busy extracurricular activity schedule at school and on the baseball mound, but I did have Tuesday afternoons free, and Mr. Collins signed up for that time slot. He must have had quite a closet, because he was wearing a different set of lingerie each time—and a different shade of lipstick.

Tuesday’s must have been one of his set days with the gardener too, as he was always there, kneeling by the roses and giving me a little nod and smile when I mounted the porch stairs to Mr. Collins’s front door.

* * * *

I rather enjoyed the fucking with Mr. Collins, and it worried me that I did, but the money was too good to deny myself and put the brakes on this stuff. At $80 a week, my tin can in the storage shed was going to need company soon. I’d made it to late summer. One more year, my senior year, and I could just walk away from here—and with some serious cash in my pocket. I’d put it all behind me, or so I thought.

I was getting old enough now to accept that I was just fooling myself. I began to become obsessed with the women’s lingerie—and wondering about it in connection with my nights with Tyler. I have no idea what caused me to do it, but one afternoon, when rain had wiped out a baseball practice and Tyler wouldn’t be home for hours, I stole into the master bedroom and started browsing through the drawers in my mother’s bureau. Tyler had done nothing about getting rid of her clothes.

I found her intimate lingerie in one of the lower drawers and I took a pair of black lace panties back to my bedroom and stripped and put them on and walked around the house for a half hour. It didn’t give me quite the thrill I thought it might, but just the idea of how I wanted it to make me feel made me hard.

And then Tyler went four nights without visiting my bedroom. I didn’t think he was doing this on purpose at the time, but now I think he did. Now I think he wanted me to take that last step. The first two nights I luxuriated in a full night’s sleep. The third night I couldn’t sleep and kept looking at my door, waiting for it to open and for Tyler to slip into the room and into my bed. On the four night I was in a stew, wondering what was wrong, why he wasn’t coming.

On the fifth night I could take it no longer. I padded out of bed, stripped off my sleeping shorts, and slipped on the black lace panties I’d purloined from my mother’s drawer.

Tyler was awake, on his back, no doubt waiting for me—although I didn’t know it at the time. I climbed onto the bed and straddled his pelvis. He laughed and pulled my face down to his and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I could feel his cock come alive. He moved his hands over my bare torso as we kissed and then down to my hips, and I felt the jerk in his cock and heard the low gasp when he learned I was wearing lace panties. He let me know he enjoyed that a lot—but he didn’t enjoy it so much that it prevented him from gripping the flimsy material covering my buttocks on both sides and rending it apart with a low ripping sound and then settling my channel on his cock through the slit he’d made.

He laid there, providing the ramrod, and smiling up into my face as I did all of the work, riding his cock in undulating waves. When he had shot his load up into me, he laughed his ultimate victory over me, the fulfillment of my conditioning.

Later, in my own room again, I couldn’t sleep. I had come in the panties in Tyler’s room and he’d kept them as a trophy, so I was in my sleeping shorts once more.

It had already rained once and then stopped, and I could hear the splatter of precursory rain drops once again on the window. They were promising quite a storm tonight.

I liked watching storms, and Tyler’s laugh at the conclusion of our sex had awakened me to what he had conditioned me to do—that final step of me coming to him, wanting it, and willing to do all of the work to get it. This depressed me, and for the first time I wondered if staying around to complete high school was going to be the end of it—whether I could break away from Tyler even after that. And, even more depressing, I was beginning to doubt if the high school diploma was the real reason I was staying around—whether I wasn’t completely under Tyler’s spell now.

I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed and took a Coke from the refrigerator and walked out onto the front porch, just in my sleeping shorts, to welcome the coming storm and to try to force my racing brain to be lost in watching the thunder and lightning show.

I had finished the Coke and gotten tired of waiting for the storm to arrive. I turned to go back into the house, but I was grabbed from behind and tossed out into the yard. I landed on the wet grass and someone was on my back, his knee in the small of my back, and my hands were pulled behind me and being tied off. A burlap sack was pulled over my head and I was roughly pulled up and frog marched across the yard, tossed into the back seat of a car, and, after doors slammed, the car was on the move.

I have no idea how long we drove; I was too stunned by the sudden assault to keep any sort of track, but the car eventually stopped after a particularly bumpy ride at the last. I could hear the pattering of rain on the metal roof. The storm was starting. I heard a door open at the front of the car—and slam shut—and then one of the doors to the rear seat opened, and I almost tumbled out of the car. Strong hands grabbed me, though, and lift and tossed me toward the other side of the car. Someone was in the back seat with me. His chest was pressing in on mine—he was bare-chested, so I knew it was a man, and heavy muscled and slick with sweat. I heard and felt the ripping of my sleeping shorts—and heavy breathing. Whoever it was was too agitated to just pull my pants off. I was wedged, facing up, in the back corner of the seat. The seat was wide and plush, I figured some older model car—something American and from the 60s, maybe.

Rough hands were forcing my thighs apart and raising my legs, and the man was between my legs, and I screamed as a cock far thicker than either Tyler’s or Mr. Collins’s split me and forced itself deep inside my channel and I was being furiously fucked. He bit into my nipple and I cried out in pain again. I began to sneeze from the dustiness of the sack over my head. I tried to suppress it, thinking, “No, please don’t take the sack off, please don’t take the sack off”—knowing that if he did I would see what he looked like. And if he didn’t care if I knew what he looked like, then . . .

I couldn’t suppress the sneezing, though, and also began to cough. And the sack was drawn off my head.

It was Mr. Collins’s gardener.

“Why?” I cried out.

He backhanded me across the face and growled, “Shut the fuck up.”

And I turned my head toward the window in the passenger door I was wedged up against and watched the storm roll over us. There was thunder and lightning aplenty, and it seemed like each clap of thunder and flash of lightning was accompanied by a ramrod splitting me asunder. Each time the thunder clapped, I lurched at the thrust of his cock inside me, each time thinking he couldn’t go further down inside me, widen my channel with his monster tool any wider, but, with each thunder clap, he did.

He fucked me with intense purpose and abandon, and I moaned and groaned at how much fuller and more intense his taking of me was than Tyler’s and Collins’s fuckings were. He wanted me and drilled me in ways they hadn’t done, moving deep inside me, relentlessly fucking, making me writhe and whimper and cry out, afraid of what came after this, and then, because he was at it so long and so deep, afraid that this was the last of me—fucked to death. I had ejaculated a long time before he exploded and fell on top of me, sweaty and panting. Holding me tight, his breathing becoming less ragged but his cock coming back to life inside me the longer he held me there.

The second fucking, in consort with the abating of the thunderstorm into a gentle rain, was slower, more methodic and longer, with his hands now searching my body more, as if assuring himself that I actually was here, that the snatch and furious fuck that went before were real, not just one of the longing wet dreams that had driven him to do this.

When he was finished, he covered my head with the sack again and went over the front seat back into the driver’s position while I whimpered, exhausted and taken as neither Tyler nor Mr. Collins had ever done with me.

We drove on for a half hour or more, and I sensed when we turned off asphalt and onto gravel and then, eventually onto dirt—probably mud now. The last quarter of a mile or more was on jarringly rough road.

I was bundled out of the car, across uneven dirt, and up onto a wooden porch—which I discern because I was barefooted, and then through a door which was closed behind us. I heard two bolts being thrown on the door and the scrape of a key in a lock. The sack was jerked off my head again.

He had prepared for me. This wasn’t a casual snatch. We were standing in a log cabin that was about twenty feet square. The windows were all shuttered from at least the inside. There was a double bed in one corner and chains were welded to the wall above the headboard. At the loose end of the chains were wrist clamps, and this was where the gardener herded me—over to the bed, where he pushed me down on my belly. He untied my binding and turned me over on my back on the bed and forcing my wrists into the wrist clamps. The chains attached to the walls were short, and I couldn’t move my hands below my shoulders as I lay on the bed.

The gardener stripped off his wet jeans and his briefs and came down on the bed, forcing his knees between my thighs and sliding them under my buttocks. Then he thrust his cock inside my channel again, and fucked me for a third time—long and hard, with animalistic noises like he’d been building up to do this for months and hadn’t had sex in the meantime.

He said nothing to me, didn’t answer my whimpered questions or respond to my pleadings. If he hadn’t told me to shut up in the car in half-decent English, I would have thought there was a language barrier between us. There certainly wasn’t any other barrier between us.

He got out of the bed and padded around turning off lights. I had only a brief opportunity to see what was there, while he was doing so. Just one room. A small kitchenette area over on the front wall by the door we’d come through. This bed was in one back corner and a raised tin square about three foot square was in the other back corner. A shower head was on the wall above this. A toilet was set in the wall at one side of the open shower square and a white porcelain sink on the other. Thus, the room was completely exposed. There was an old couch with the stuffing coming out. A small desk against the front wall, on the other side of the door from the kitchenette—with a laptop computer on it—a round wood table with three mismatched straight chairs in the center of the room, and an overstuffed chair that didn’t match the couch.

Just this one bed. When he’d turned out the lights, he came back to the bed and stretched beside me and almost instantly started to snore. It took me longer to go to sleep, and shortly after that, he was waking me again, turning me on my belly—with my chained arms crossed above me—and straddling my hips and fucking me again.

When I woke in the morning, he’d changed the chains. They were longer now, enough so that I could get out of the bed and stand and walk maybe three feet from the bed. There was a hunk of bread and a cup of cold coffee on the nightstand next to the bed and two tin bowls on the floor below that. One was about a third filled with water and there was a sponge floating in it. The other was empty and had a half of roll of toilet paper in it. I could pretty much tell what both of those bowls were for.

The gardener was pissing in the toilet on the other side of the room. He was still naked, as, of course, was I. I listened as he emptied his bladder in a long, steady stream going on for almost a minute.

I wolfed down the bread and drank the coffee as the gardener moved to the sink and brushed his teeth and shaved. He still looked like an Hispanic to me. But he had a well-worked body, muscles bulging on muscles, and his cock and balls were hanging heavy. He was taking side glances at me as I sat on the edge of the bed and chewed on the bread, and I could see that he was getting hard again.

So, I wasn’t surprised when he put his razor down when he’d only half shaved and came over and grabbed for my legs while I sat on the bed. I slapped at his hands as best I could and told him no as emphatically as I was able, but he just stunned me again with a backhanded slap across my face that snapped my head to one side, and roughly grabbed my legs, tipping me back on the bed, and crouched been my thighs and fucked me to his ejaculation.

When he was finished with me, he just left me there, my heels dug into the corners of the bed and my legs spread and trembling, and me moaning softly, and went back to his shaving. He took a shower, dressed in his gardening work clothes, and was gone for the rest of the day.

The first thing he did when he returned to the cabin that night was fuck me again. He obviously had been building up to this and looking forward to it for some time. After that, he usually didn’t do it more than once a day, but he never got tired of doing it.

When the first weekend came up, he brought out some red lace panties he had been keeping hidden somewhere, put a slit up the middle of them in back with a knife, and forced them over my legs. He then sat on the edge of the bed, forced me onto his lap and cock—through the slit in the panties—with me facing away from him and stroked my cock through the material of the panties until we both had come. He hung the torn panties with my cum in them on the bedpost, where they remained for a week. I now knew that he’d been peeping on me at Mr. Collins—and probably at my own house too while Tyler was fucking me.

And I now also knew what had prompted this elaborate scheme.

I stayed with Julio—for after the first few weeks I ascertained at least that much about him, that his name was Julio—for thirteen months. I knew it was thirteen months, because he had a calendar hanging above the desk and he delighted in marking off the days. He delighted even more in the first few weeks he held me captive in marking off each time he fucked me. And there were more of the latter marks than the former.

Slowly, over the initial months, he lengthened my chains in stages of trust. The longest addition, permitting me full access to the cabin so that I then could shower in the corner stall too and go to the toilet properly and have access to food and drink was the night I woke him up and straddled his cock and fucked myself on him. That was a watershed of him believing I wanted him now and that he’d won me over.

He took the shutters off the windows soon after that, and I discovered we were in the deep woods, with a clearing for a power line not far in front of the cabin and railroad tracks in back. I’d already ascertained that a train ran by somewhere near at three set times a day, as it was about the only sound of life outside the cabin I’d heard for two months at that point. It didn’t escape my notice either that the train ran slow in this section of the forest.

By that time I’d figured I was here for good—or at least until something drastic happened. No one had come for me; there was no hint that anyone was looking for me. And I thought that figured. I was over eighteen. The school system couldn’t touch me if I’d decided just to drop out. And Tyler wouldn’t come looking for me; he would just have figured that I’d had enough and had cleared out that night I disappeared. I had screamed obscenities at him the night I’d left—mad, frustrated, and angry that he’d tricked me into coming to his room on my own for the fuck and begging for the fuck—and taking all responsibility for it. Tyler would neither wonder at me leaving that night nor want anyone to look into my disappearance too closely.

So, I was on my own. And seeing the effect of initiating the fuck on Julio—which I had tried as an experiment—had given me hope of being able to work on his vanity. I was making use now of what Tyler had taught me in his conditioning—he had taught me to move from one frame of mind to another just by gradual reconditioning. In Julio’s case the method could still be sex, which Julio was obsessed with, but the goal would be developing a level of trust that would, I hoped, eventually set me free.

I made him believe I couldn’t get enough of his cock now—and I admitted even to myself that it was, indeed, a very nice cock. I went after him and gave him master head, something he’d never had done before, and more often than not I was initiating the sex—and complimenting him on what a great lover he was. I asked him to bring more lacy and silky panties, and we repeated the fetish that he seemed to enjoy so much.

Increasingly, he was giving me little freedoms and favors here and there. And I was showing appreciation for them and doing my best to convince him that I was here by choice now.

Then, purposely, I went into a blue funk. He, of course, asked me why, noticing that my end of the lovemaking had become lethargic. I told him I was bored—and wanted to use the Internet. He said that wasn’t possible. I cried and pouted and told him that I wanted to study—that I could complete my high school via the Internet by taking GED—general education diploma—classes on line. He told me he couldn’t really trust me alone on the Internet, and I said, he could use the keyboard and I’d just sit there and do the class work.

He wanted good sex again, so he gave in to me. I started working on a GED on line to complete my last year of high school—thinking that if nothing else in life I could try to fulfill the promise I’d made to my mother. And, in turn, I gave Julio great sex again.

After a month of acting as intermediary for my studies, Julio got bored and let me do the classes myself. I was careful to stick to only that on the Internet, though, as he tested me several times to make sure that was all I was doing. And I gave Julio really great sex, thinking of inventive positions that he’d never even dreamed of before.

I had him convinced in the first eight months that I couldn’t live without him, that all of the police in the state couldn’t close in on the cabin and pry me from his bed.

The chains came off completely. But I was still naked. Julio had never permitted me to wear a stitch of clothes. That was one hedge on me not going anywhere. He had locks on the doors of the drawers and closet he used for his clothes and he kept them all secure.

For a couple of more months he still locked me in the cabin and shuttered the windows, using the outside shutters, when he went to work. I gave him no reason to think I’d even thought about trying to escape, and I always had my legs open for him, begging for it, when he came home.

He was the world’s greatest stud. I couldn’t go five hours without a cocking by him and by him only. I made him believe that.

I had complete freedom of the cabin and its environs for a full month during which he laid many a scheme to catch any sign that I’d tried to leave him.

At the end of that month, I completely finished my online GED work. I went to a virtual graduation ceremony, without inviting Julio to it or telling him that I had finished the work—and had a graduation certificate waiting for me on line for whenever I wanted to download it.

The next day, a Tuesday, while Julio presumably was pruning Mr. Collins’s roses, I put on trousers and a T-shirt of Julio’s that I had kept out of the wash and Julio hadn’t noticed were missing when he’d locked his clothes away, dug the pair of old boots out from under the bed that Julio had thought he’d taken to the dump with other trash, and held my breath until I heard the whistle of the train somewhere down the track, where it blew its whistle three times a day at almost exactly the same time.

A mischievous smirk lit up my face as my girlfriend opened up the door to her room. Her housemate had let me in, as I’d suspected at her insistence. Obviously she’d followed the instructions I’d sent her the night before.

I stood in the doorway looking down at her beautiful body, she stood there undressed aside from her choice of lacy lingerie. My grin widened and I stepped into the room pushing the door closed behind me.

I’d been plotting tonight for a while now, ideas had been running through my head for longer, but after a conversation about our personal fantasies I’d worked out what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Hopefully what I had planned would be enjoyable for the both of us.

I’d sent her an email with a list of instructions the night before; she was to be waiting for my arrival unclothed, she was to abstain from pleasuring herself till I arrived, and an assortment of toys were to be ready on the bed side table.

I glanced across the room and sure enough there were the items I’d requested. An assortment of sex toys and a pair of handcuffs.

“I see you followed some of my commands” I remarked playfully.

“Lie down on the bed, face up, arms above your head” the playfulness vanishing from my voice, replaced with a stern commanding tone.

She lowered her head and walked back towards the bed, I watched her, almost devouring her with my eyes, the way her hips swayed as she walked, the curve of her back and the way her hair cascaded past her shoulders.

As she lay down I raised an eyebrow, she’d made eye contact.

“Did I say you could look at me? Now lie down” I replied to her insolence, silently she obeyed, lowering her eyes once more before lying down completely open to me and utterly submissive.

The power was almost intoxicating, there she was following my every command, giving herself up to me, wordlessly and unquestioningly.

With a smile I moved over to the side of the bed and sat down, still fully clothed, the contrast with her only wearing lingerie reinforcing the position of power I sat in.

I lightly traced a finger up one of her arms from shoulder to wrist, before lifting it up.

“I’m going to restrain you now… if you behave I’ll consider letting you go” I spoke calmly and reassuringly with a subtle hint of power playing in my voice.

“Do you understand?”

She replied with a mute nod, her eyes still downturned; I picked up the handcuffs from the bedside table.

“Good…” I replied clicking one side closed over her wrist.

Gently I looped the handcuffs through one of the posts in the bed’s headboard and fastened the other cuff around her other wrist, clicking it shut; tight.

She tugged a little, testing her bonds tentatively.

“Did I say you could do that?”

I barely waited for an answer, sliding my right hand under her bra and gripping her right nipple tightly between finger and thumb, giving it a slight twist and a tug. This elicited a slight gasp.

“Now then” I continued, twisting her nipple almost idly.

“You are at my mercy here… and I have some rules. You may speak, you may make noise… however you are not allowed to cum until I have given you permission, and you are to tell me when you feel you are about to cum. Understood?”

With my left hand I cupped her jaw and tilted her head up to look at me, obediently she offered no resistance, still kept her eyes lowered so as not to make eye contact.

“Yes” she gasped quietly as I twisted her nipple once again.


I moved up onto the bed, no longer sitting on the side, but kneeling next to her beautiful bound body. I drunk it in, letting my hands flow over her torso, deliberately avoiding her breasts and anything below the hips.

I traced my fingers along her shoulders, and up her neck before coming down between her breasts, teasingly just brushing past, and then down across her stomach.

Her breathing was getting heavier now as I teased her, defiantly she raised her hips, urging me to rub her clit and finger her wet pussy as I traced my hand down across her stomach.

I shook my head and pushed her hips down with my spare hand, before sliding it up from her knee along the inside of her thigh, carefully tracing the outline of her thong. She gasped once again rising her hips.

“Please” she uttered thrusting herself towards my teasing hands.

Once more I shook my head and pushed her back down onto the bed, she was mine and I intended to enjoy her to the full, teasing and all.

Once more I resumed sensually caressing her torso, this time letting my hands brush over her full breasts, squeezing gently before moving on.

Her breath was ragged and she was obviously trying to restrain herself from attempting to force me to go further than this teasing. I watched rapt with her internal struggle, all the while feeding the fires of her desire, teasing, caressing, but never quite pleasuring.

After a while of enjoying driving her mad I slid both hands inside her bra, tweeking her erect nipples again, she gasped and whimpered as I rolled them between forefinger and thumb, pulling gently before twisting again. Her whimpers slowly merged into moans of pleasure as I squeezed her nipple harder and harder, almost yanking them as I twisted them.

Then almost as abruptly as I’d started I stopped, withdrawing my hands and continuing my teasing, brushing caress. I leant forwards, leaving my lips an inch or so away from hers as my hand traced further down, and I began to toy with the elastic of her thong, sliding a finger underneath and sliding it along, teasingly stroking beneath the lace.

She strained to kiss me, but I was just out of reach, she gasped as I stroked her mound, briefly letting one finger brush seemingly accidentally over her clit.

And then suddenly I leant forwards kissing her long and hard, my tongue in her mouth and I slid a finger into her soaking pussy.

She moaned into my kiss, responding passionately and thrusting against my hand driving my finger deeper into her.

I circled my finger around inside her and drew it out before pushing back in, all the while kissing her deeply.

And then abruptly I pulled out of the kiss, drawing my finger almost entirely out, leaving the tip, just past her opening.

With my free hand I gently pushed her head to the side, planting a kiss on her neck followed by a short bite.

She gasped and tried to thrust upwards in an attempt to get me to finger her hard and deep again, but I had other plans.

Half with pleasure and half with annoyance at the denial of full pleasure she moaned as I kissed her neck again whilst sliding a second finger to the entrance of her wet pussy.

I nibbled her neck once more, driving two fingers inside of her and crooking them upwards, pressing my thumb against her clit and gripping as if trying to rub them together, rubbing her inside and her clit simultaneously.

Her disappointed moan became one of pure ecstasy as I played her clit pussy and kissed her neck.

“Oh god” she whispered between moans.

I began to move down her neck towards her shoulder, kissing all the while, still furiously playing with her clit and pussy with one hand.

My kisses lead a trail down along the shoulder and then in across to her collarbone and down, between her breasts and across her stomach coming to a stop on her hip.

I withdrew my fingers and pulled her thong down around her ankles leaving her almost completely naked.

I gazed at her, ogling her; drinking in her beauty as I moved from beside her to kneeling between her legs.

Once more I pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to work inside her again, revelling in her gasps and whimpers of bliss.

I glanced over at the bedside table and settled on a toy; I selected her silver vibrator and reached out to retrieve it, all the while finger fucking her bringing her closer to her inevitable orgasm.

Her eyes were closed with the pleasure as I retrieved the vibrator, but as I brought it down towards her pussy I switched it on. The sound caught her attention and she opened her eyes, catching a glimpse of the vibrator as I slid it down across her clit, all the while fingering her.

She almost screamed with the sensation that washed through her as the cold metallic object pressed against her clit sending shivers of pleasure running through her whilst I slid my fingers deeper inside her, pressing them as deep as I could.

“Remember what I said… tell me when you’re about to cum” I reminded her sternly

She replied, her words faltering as she gasped at the feelings running through her body.


Finally I withdrew my fingers from her soaking wet pussy and leant forwards, placing them gently on her lips, running them across her lips, and then letting her suck them clean, all the while the vibrator pressed firmly against her clit.

Once she’d licked my fingers clean I knelt back down and leant towards her clit, pushing the vibrator further down, till it slid inside her pussy and my tongue made contact with her clit.

I slid my tongue up and down, playing with her clit almost tentatively, gradually applying more and more pressure before changing rhythm, sliding it across and then round in circles before eventually sucking it; tonguing it inside my mouth.

Her legs clamped around my head in an attempt to keep me there, and so I couldn’t hear properly as she cried out with the pleasure of my tongue on her clit and the vibrator sliding in and out of her pussy.

Eventually her relaxed her legs and I heard her gasping, trying to speak.

“I’m going to cum… can I cum? Please Josh?” she begged, faltering as her breath came in ragged gasps.

I knelt back up, leaving her clit alone, and turning the vibrator off, but still sliding it in and out of her wet pussy. She was obviously having trouble restraining herself, her breath was coming in gasps and she was biting back moans of bliss.

I waited a few seconds, still fucking her with the vibrator before I made up my mind.

“You may cum… but you’ll have to make it up to me” I responded pushing the vibrator back in and switching it on at full power before leaning forwards and tonguing her clit.

It wasn’t long before I felt her buck and arch her back pressing her clit against me as the orgasm ripped through her body sending her into spasms of ecstasy.

I continued sucking her clit and playing with it with my tongue and sliding the vibrator in and out hard as the orgasm washed over her sending her over the edge into a sea of bliss till she could physically cope with no more.

Eventually I switched the vibrator off and removed it from her pussy and leant over her, kissing her deep and hard, the taste of her pussy on my tongue.

Her breath was still ragged and she gasped as my hand slid under her bra and tweaked her nipple once more, still sensitive from the orgasm.

“Now then… time for you to make it up to me” I smirked as I unlocked her handcuffs freeing her wrists.

Instantly she went to unbutton my shirt, but I caught her hands and pushed them back up.

“I’m going to sit on the bed, and you are going to kneel on the floor in front of me.” I spoke, not a room for questioning in my tone.

Obediently she moved to the floor and knelt down by the side of the bed. I shuffled over and sat in front of her legs spread showing my cock pushing eager to be free of the trousers imprisoning it.

“Remove your bra” I ordered reaching for a second toy from the table, this time a butt plug and a tube of lube.

As I watched her undo her bra and release her beautiful breasts I lubed up the plug before handing it to her.

“Now slide this inside your ass” I grinned as she took the slippery toy and leant forwards, making a show of sliding it inside her, wincing a little as it spread her tight asshole, she slid it in and out a little, fucking herself before pushing it in and letting it find it’s place inside her.

As I watched her follow my orders unquestioningly I undid my belt and unbuttoned my trousers, pulling them down a revealing my boxers, which barely covered my cock which was straining for freedom.

Of course she knew exactly what was expected and as soon as her plug was in place she gripped my cock with one hand through the thin fabric of my boxers and stroked it up and down before lifting the elastic waistband up and over my cock, pulling my boxers down around my ankles.

I stepped out of them and my trousers, leaving my bottom half entirely naked.

As I felt her tongue run up the bottom of my cock I began to unbutton my shirt. As she reached the top she swirled her tongue around the tip before encircling it with her lips and bringing as much as she could into her mouth, servicing me submissively. She was knelt before me and right now all that mattered to her was to please me. I was in control; she needed to thank me for allowing her to cum… and so she did.

Bobbing her head up and, swallowing my cock into her eager mouth, teasing the underside with her tongue and taking as much as she could into her mouth.

Once undressed I stood before her and grasped her head with one hand, pushing her down, forcing more of my cock into her mouth, choking her a little before pulling all the way out.

She grasped for my cock and slid her hand up and down it, jerking me off whilst she sucked the tip, I pushed her head down again and slid my cock into her hungry mouth and she sucked my cock she played with my balls, fondling them and teasing them.

Eventually I felt the warm feeling of an impending orgasm rising within my balls and I pulled her off my cock, letting it come free of her lips.

“Bend over the bed” I ordered reaching for a condom and sliding it over my rock solid cock.

As she bent over I stood up behind her and gripped the butt plug, twisting it slowly and pulling it out.

She moaned as I removed the toy and slid a finger into her already lubricated but tight hole.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked already knowing the answer.

She responded with moans pushing against me finger driving it deeper into her ass.

“Please… Josh, please fuck me!” she moaned into the duvet.

With a grin I applied some lube to my cock and positioned myself behind her before pushing into her ass, slowly at first till I was mostly in and then pulling out and pushing in again harder and faster this time.

I gripped her hips and pulled her onto me as I pushed, driving myself all the way into her, as I did so I saw her hand reaching back to play with her own pussy as I fucked her hard in the ass.

I pounded deep gripping her hips, driving myself in as deep as possible, occasionally letting a hand wonder to scratch down her back or to squeeze her ass cheeks; leaving finger marks.

She moaned with pleasure, crying out with another orgasm as I fucked her deep in the ass, and she played with her clit and fingered her pussy. I could feel her fingers against my cock inside her, adding to the pleasure I was feeling.

Eventually I felt the orgasm begin to boil within me again and I pushed in deep as it overcame me. My cock twitched as it spurted jets of cum, and I arched my back and pushed harder into her with the sheer overwhelming gratification that flooded my senses.

I felt my head go light and I pulled out, sitting down on the bed beside her in a delirious daze.

“Was that worth not touching yourself for then?” I asked eventually

“Hi,” Neil said, entering the room. He looked like he’d walked straight off an Irish travel poster. Tall and lean, long carrot-red hair, blue eyes and a wonderfully engaging smile. In his arms were five or six books.

“I’m ready . . .” he started to say, with just a lilt of an Irish brogue in his voice, but his voice quit when he realized how I was dressed.

I raised my arms and placed them around his neck and gave him a warm, tender, moist kiss, with the tip of my tongue just entering the inside of his mouth. In the process my robe opened. I did nothing about it.

Neil stammered something about our studying and to shut him up I kissed him again, only longer this time.

As his mouth opened to receive my tongue, the books dropped to the floor. Continuing the kiss, Neil picked me up in his arms and carried me to the couch. My breasts were fully exposed and I think my pussy was too, but I’m not sure.

He took control and turned the kiss into a passionate wet kiss that made me feel light-headed and seemed to devour my very soul.

Neil wasted no time in running his hands over my breasts and I knew I’d made the right choice for Danielle. If a guy could give me such a nice, deep Casablanca-style kiss, he’d certainly be familiar with the vicinity of my clitoris.

Neil quickly lowered his slacks and revealed a huge bulge in his yucky, yellow stained jockeys, just as Danielle ventured out of the bedroom and stood silently watching us. I knew she was in shock. She was half dressed, holding her blouse in front of her stomach while wearing a bra that was only looped over her shoulders.

Neil noticed her and covered his crotch.

“What the fuck?” He was really flustered.

“It’s okay Neil,” I said calmly and pulled him tight against me.

“Come over here Danielle.” I said, willing her towards us with my eyes.

She remained frozen in place.

I raised my voice, “Get your ass over here, NOW!”

With a look of surprise fixed on her angelic face she drifted toward us until she stood next to us.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” I said caressing her arm. “You know Neil, right?”

She nodded slowly. It was obvious she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“Neil, you’ve met Danielle?”

“No… I don’t think so.” He said pensively. He was staring at my exposed breast.

“You two are in several classes together.”

His eyes returned to Danielle. “Oh, yeah. Now I do. I just . . . never saw her this way, you know?”

“Well, lose those shorts will ya, Neil? They might alter the mood, if you know what I mean.”

He laughed and blushed at the same time, struggling to free his ankle of the soiled underwear.

I explained what I’d done to the two of them and why, inviting them to leave if they wanted to.

They stayed. Danielle was my sexual prisoner for the moment, and Neil . . . well, what guy would leave a situation like this?

After persuading Danielle to join us on the couch, I faced her and asked softly if she was going to return the favor to me.

“Err, here? Now?” She seemed a bit shaken up by recent events.

“Haven’t I taken you to the stars and back tonight?”

She sighed, “Yes Rachel, but . . .”

“And you haven’t even returned the favor.”

A thoroughly confused Danielle faltered and said, “But I’ve never . . .”

“You never what?”

I was relentless with her. I couldn’t lose her now. Not after all I’d managed to get from her thus far.

“And haven’t you spent hours telling me you had the hot’s for Neil here?”

“What?” Said Neil.

“Shut up, Neil.”

“I . . .”

“Tell me your cunt isn’t humming right this very minute,” I snapped at her.

“I . . .”

“You can’t can you?”

Quietly, she replied, “No. No I can’t.”

“Kiss my pussy Danielle. Kiss it right now,” this came out sounding like a threat, and I guess it was.

“But he . . .” Even as she protested, she moved towards me, her hand gripping my thigh.

“Wow,” said Neil, moving aside to permit Danielle to get closer to me.

I lifted my leg to the top of the couch, spreading my cunt open for her. I saw that Neil’s eyes were riveted on it.

“I . . . I’ve never . . . “

“I’ll give you all the directions you need,” my fingers were already busy in the recessed slickness of my hole.

Her shyness began to dissipate as she drew close. Kneeling next to me, she kissed me lightly on my cheek. A breast hung tantalizingly loose from her open blouse because her bra had fallen off on one side.

Neil stoked himself furiously. He was well endowed, and I gleefully realized that he was my first redhead. Then I forced myself to resume control of the situation.

“Don’t jerk off Neil,” I scolded, “You’re gonna need that hard in a minute.”

Danielle hesitated, waiting, then blew into my ear, as I had to her earlier. Her tongue quickly followed, tracing the rim. It was warm and wet. I shivered and said, “Danielle, sweetheart, this is all so new to you.”

“Yes,” she replied humbly.

“Neil, you should know Danielle’s a virgin.”

“Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” he exclaimed, and began playing with his testicles, causing me to giggle.

Composing myself, I guided Danielle’s face to my lips so I could give her a deep kiss. Playfully, I lightly nipped her lower lip and then sucked her tongue into my mouth, then she joined in the game. As we tasted each other once again, my hand sought and found the silken underside of her teat.

“Sit up Danielle.” She did.

“Neil, come here and suck this luscious teat.”

Neil knelt next to us and took it from me, thumbing the hardened nipple as if to test its reality, then lowered his mouth to it and bit down softly.

“Mmmm mmm,” murmured Danielle, trembling under his touch.

“See,” I said, “Neil can make you feel that special way too, only his way is different. They both moaned in agreement.

“Danielle,” I whispered, my mouth scant inches from hers, “what have you put up your hole beside your finger?”


“When you play with yourself?”

“Nothing. Just a finger, and ‘course your fingers a few minutes ago.”

Neil groaned out loud and drew deeper, sucking most of her breast into his mouth, on hearing such taboo like language between two women.

I pondered Danielle’s reply, wondering how she’d failed to find a hairbrush or something fashioned after a penis over the years. I gave up.

I pulled Neil off her teat and shoved mine in his face, instructing Danielle to remove her clothes. Since she was wearing very little, this proved no problem. When she was nude, Danielle crept back onto the couch and Neil surprised me slipping behind her and going down on her from behind. His nose must have been up her ass as he used his legs against the end of the couch to push himself forward into her before munched happily away. No one seemed concerned that I was being crushed by his actions.

Danielle looked up at me; her face was one of intense concentration, then mild annoyance as Neil nipped her labia. She WAS a little tender there after our earlier session.

“Go to work on me girl,” I whispered to her. He needs something too. You’ll like it… eventually.”

My pussy opened like a flower for her, and Danielle’s tongue darted hither and yon gathering up my nectar. She reached up, cupped my teats and kneaded my hard pebbled nipples. I could see Neil’s ass wiggling as he continued to eat Danielle out.

“Ummm, please,” I whined, “make me come. I need to come.”

“Mmmm, sorry,” she moaned, “his tongue is like a snake.” She shook her head and her hair caressed my stomach.

Danielle pulled her face away from me and stammered, “I’m having tr . . . trouble doing you. I’ve been c… coming ever since he… he started. Can you get used to c… coming like this?”

“I don’t think so. But it’s just too good to last, so enjoy them sweetheart.”

Her thumb casually circled my clit, flicking it at the end of each circuit. My hips rose quickly with each flick. She was thrusting two fingers into my sopping cunt and driving me crazy.

“Please lick me, oh please . . .” I begged.

Looking up I saw tears of rapture coursing down her face as she stared at me.

“Yes! Yes!” I hissed, “Oh lick it! Ohhhh suck it!” Then Danielle was yelling, “Ohhhh, yesssss! Come for me Rachel, Come for me!”

“Come for me! Yelled Neil, slapping Danielle on the ass.

And I was right there, screaming back at her, “Ohhhh, I’m there! Oh Christ almighty! I’m commmming!”

Danielle’s lips pursed, then closed over my swollen clit carefully sucking on it. My hips jerked and thrust forward at her face knocking her lips from their purchase around my bud.

Startled, she halted her activity.

“Don’t stop. Please Danielle, don’t stop.”

I was wrong about her stopping. She arched her back and screamed as Neil brought her to a tremendous orgasm. She seemed totaled, gasping for breath and quivering as the orgasm sent electrical shocks through her body. But Danielle was special, in a few short seconds she resumed her licking and sucking.

“Oh God, that’s so nice.” I purred.

“You have no idea how I feel,” she whispered to me as she renewed her attack on my shiny pearl. It felt wonderful.

“Please, please. Thank you. Ohhh, God, thank you.” I was on the brink of coming again.

“Eat me, eat me, ohhhh eat me you slutty bitch!” I moaned.

She slammed her face into my cunt and licked and sucked as hard as she could. Then she relaxed as my orgasm came and went, but kept licking and sucking long after my final shudder.

The three of us lay there for a minute or so until Neil groaned and said, “So who’s gonna get me off, for Christ’s sake?”

My hand moved up and cupped Neil’s head. I tickled his ear and drifted over to Danielle’s lower back, then down to her ass, pushing it. The second time I did that, I heard a wet smack come from between her legs as her wet pussy lips parted tackily.

“Danielle wants your cock, Neil. And she wants it now. Are you up to it?” I giggled reaching out and slapping his rock hard penis.

“Fuck yes,” he exclaimed. “Bring her on, we can suck or fuck, I don’t care.”

“Sit down next to me Neil. Kneel in front of us Danielle.”

“Here Danielle,” I said trying to keep the lewdness out of my voice, but failing. “This is Neil’s cock. You’ve never touched one before have you?”

“No.” Her voice barely audible, as she stared at his prolific erection bobbing in front of her face.

“Go on,” I told her, “Take it in your hand.” Cautiously, she reached out.

“Careful now,” Neil said, amused by our actions. “Don’t worry, Danielle, you can squeeze his thing as hard as you like and he’ll love it. Just be gentle around his testicles.”

“Ummm, okay. Like this?” She gripped his penis firmly in her right hand and squeezed, while her left hand cupped his ass.

“God almighty,” Neil groaned.

“He’s in a real bad way sweetheart, here, let me show you what to do.” I took him into my mouth and wet the tip, popped him out and licked the underside of his penis as if it were a lollipop. “Now you do it sweetheart.”

Neil was rubbing his cock with one hand, already biting his lip, grimacing from the tension. He reached out and pulled on her head with the other, Danielle let him lean her forward until his cock brushed her lips. Danielle appeared stunned at first, realizing what was happening to her for the first time. Then I saw her shoulders shrug as his cock touched her mouth again.

“Watch how big it gets Danielle. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?”

She didn’t answer, but stared in wonder at the cock in her hand.

His penis was growing larger as he slowly moved it against her face. Danielle was looking at his cock, then up at his face.

“That’s a good girl,” Neil chanted, “That’s a good girl. Now open your mouth really wide,” he said, rubbing his cock around her lips one time and then guiding her head down onto his erect member.

I watched in awe as Danielle’s mouth stretched to accommodate Neil’s cock. Then her cheeks were drawn in as she sucked and licked away. It was a highly erotic scene and I left the couch to join her on the floor and began kissing Neil’s balls. It afforded me an even better view of Danielle’s first blowjob.

Actually, she couldn’t fit him all in her mouth, and he began to fuck her mouth by placing both hands on her head moving it back and forth.

“That’s a good girl,” he crooned, eyes closed. “That’s a good girl.”

I wet my finger and played with his anus.

“Come on beautiful, just a little deeper,” he murmured to her.

“Yeah, Rachel,” he groaned, work that finger in my ass.”

I did.

His hips were starting to sway. At one point Danielle reached up with her small hand and started to hold Neil’s cock, but he pushed it away.

“Just your mouth, sweetheart. No hands, sweetheart, that’s a good girl.”

She started to wince as he pulled harder on her head pushing her mouth even harder onto his cock. She groaned and started to gag.

“Ease up Neil!” I said forcefully.

“Oh, sorry,” he said releasing her head. Danielle pulled back, and his penis was suddenly in front of my face. I gobbled it up, deep-throating him until I felt him gathering himself to ejaculate. Then I moved away, telling Danielle to ready herself for his sperm.

“He’s ready to come, do you want to watch it, or swallow it?”


“Okay, grab his dick and jerk it up and down.”

“No, sweetheart, faster.”

“Yes, that’s it. Ready Neil?”

“Oh, yeah, somebody suck it a little more.”

I grabbed it with both hands and jerked and sucked franticly.


Hearing that, I pointed his cock at Danielle’s face just as he exploded. A perfect shot, directly into her open mouth. Like a deer in the headlights of a truck, she froze and a blast of jizm landed on her forehead, dripping down into one eye. Instinctively, she reached up to wipe her eye, and he came on her forearm. That was too much for me, and I took him in my mouth and sucked him dry.

A semen covered Danielle looked at me for confirmation. She was definitely confused. I stood up and said, “Let me get a towel so we can clean up a little,” and sauntered off to the bathroom. When I returned they were into a deep kiss, and his fingers were churning new juices up in her pussy. I dabbed at her face until they broke the kiss.

We moved to the bedroom. Then I cleaned her thoroughly. Neil required some attention too. When they were spruced up I found myself grinning at his perky cock.

“Will ya look at that,” I said happily, flouncing on the mattress. “He’s a quick recovery artist.” Neil actually blushed.

“Yea, Neil,” Danielle chirped. Suddenly she was giggling. “Gonna fill me with that thing? I’m a virgin, but I’m on the verge.”

“Really?” he laughed. “Let’s see, shall we?” And he flipped her over.

Danielle’s buttocks rose up high in anticipation as he readied his cock. Neil smacked her on the ass twice as he got to his knees.

“Oh!” she squealed, ” I like that. Oh, don’t spank me daddy, I’ll be a good girl,” she giggled.

“Don’t you mean you’ll be a bad girl for daddy and mommy?” I asked.

“Oh? Well, yes. I suppose I’ll be a bad girl then, won’t I?”

“That’s right,” Neil added. “You’ll be our bad assed bitch, eh?” As he said this he was cupping her marvelous teats from behind and mashing them together before releasing them.

Danielle drew her breath in at this, then sighed. She must have liked this mild form of domination, she appeared somewhat calmer and certainly quieter. Gripping her about the waist, Neil mounted her doggy style, Danielle twisted around, looked at him, then glanced at me, closed her eyes, and moaned, “Do it! Do it!”

Neil spread her legs apart, placed his penis at her entrance and rammed it in. The initial resistance yielded and the wet knob of his prick burst her hymen. All I heard was a slight intake of breath from her as her head snapped back. Neil handled the situation well. Taking his time, he made certain she was well lubed up before he picked up his pace. For this he was promptly rewarded. A different Danielle began to surface.

“C’mon,” she gasped, “Bring it on, motherfucker!”

Who was this new Danielle, I wondered, as she hunched over on all fours, face buried in a pillow, crying, “Yes! That’s it! Get it in there. Get it all in there,” humping her ass back at Neil to counter each thrust of his in her eagerness to achieve rapture once more.

I placed a hand between her legs and roughly masturbated her clit until a relief of sorts swept over her.

“Ahhh, that’s it Rachel! Hit the spot!”

It wasn’t long before Neil’s ivory hard prick vanished completely into her hole. Danielle’s face was suffused with lust and she caught me watching her, gasped deliriously and loosened a torrent of foul language at me too, topping her earlier performance, getting me terribly excited with her vile, verbal barrage.

“Oh you bung-hole lickin’ whore!” She actually waved her tongue at me, inviting me to suck it.

“Oh, yesssss!” I groaned, fingering myself, so excited I could only make her out through a blood red haze, and crept closer. They rolled over, Danielle was on her back, legs gripping Neil around the waist.

He didn’t miss a stroke.

“There! Yes right there!” She hissed at Neil.

“Oh fuck me! Oh, Neil! Yes! Fuck that pussy!”

I made my way to her mouth and her tongue savaged me. It was my most violent kiss ever. I tore away and backed up to watch them.

Neil was hammering his meat into her creamy cunt as she started to come. Her eyes were glazed and I was so hot from watching them I came myself. “Ahhh, lick my cunt! Come on, get nasty you prick!” Danielle raved.

Meanwhile, Neil, pumping frantically to achieve his release, was grunting rhythmically until he started to spurt, shouting, “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Long, white ropes of come crisscrossed her breasts as he finished by jerking off while hovering over her.

“Finish me off!” she screamed. And Neil, red-faced from exertion, went down on her. In mere seconds, Danielle’s eyes went round. She was propped up on her elbows looking into Neil’s face, but she wasn’t seeing anything. Then her back arched until just her head and the balls of her feet touched the bed. Her back hit the bed again, and she spasmed in tune with the pulsing of her pussy as he artfully tongued the shit out of her.

How I envied Danielle those moments.

Neil slowed his tonguing and sucked on her clit as she ran the gamut of spasms accompanying her orgasm. Her eyes closed and her head fell to one side, her gold blonde hair made a pillow on his arm. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“That was unbelievable,” she said in a low tone. “Unbelievable. Rachel?”

“Ummm, baby?”

“Hold me please.”

We embraced and in a minute I felt Neil’s arms encircling us to. We lay there content for a while.

Danielle spoke quietly as we cuddled.

“I really can’t believe this is happening to me. Yesterday seems like a thousand years ago. I never, ever dreamed sex could be this good. How could I have let all those years go by without once….”

“Shush, sweetheart. I’m so happy we met when we did. I hope you don’t feel betrayed that I had Neil come by.”

“No! Oh, no. I mean, I was shocked. Stunned is more like it. Like, there we were doing these unspeakably nasty things . . . well YOU WERE doing nasty things to me. And I WAS LOVING every second of it. But when YOU showed up Neil, why I….”

“You what?” I prodded.

“I wanted to jump on him and fuck like a wild animal.” She covered her eyes. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

“What about you Neil?” I asked.

“Shit, I thought I was going to be studying with you. Of course I’d mentally screwed you several times. I even jerked off last night thinking about today.” He laughed. “I’m glad I didn’t today though.”

Danielle and I giggled and hugged him hard. Danielle wound her legs around him and they rolled over with her on top as I rose from the bed.

The sun was shining and the Laguna Beach air was clear. She saw that the thermometer read a nice 81 degrees. Natalia loved her days off. Sunday had been a fun day. She played online and then went to the beach with several friends. It was a normal day at the beach and she giggled to herself at the heads she turned. She did like that new bikini. She was a good looking girl, she knew that. What amazed her was the number of blatant stares and catcalls she got. She didn’t see anyone who really caught her eye but she did like the attention. In her most exhibitionistic thoughts, she giggled.

Her job at the spa was not ideal but it was all she could get in this economy. The pay wasn’t great but there were benefits. Some days there were additional benefits that never showed up on a pay stub. She had Sunday and Monday off. Today, she had very little to do. She padded into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. She went back into the bedroom and looked at her young body in the mirror. At twenty-three, she was proud of her 5’6″ frame. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders and framed her pretty face. She looked critically at every feature and assessed it as a voyeur would. She loved attention and always made sure any lookers were satisfied with whatever view she gave them.

She assessed her lips. They were full and sexy. She was so proud of them. She knew that most men dreamed of sliding their hard cocks into these lips. She loved sucking cock and she was damned good at it too. Women were also drawn to her lips as they imagined her licking their sweet pussies. Natalia loved the taste and scent of a woman. She could lick a woman for hours.

Her D cup breasts were firm, luscious and topped with the sweetest, sensitive, hard nipples. Damn, she loved to have them licked and sucked. Her flat stomach, adorned with a lovely bellybutton jewel led to her erotic hips. She had a lovely shape, not perfect but sexy. Her pubic hair, trimmed to a small, perfect arrow aimed directly over her luscious slit. Natalia laughed as she looked at that small pointer that just screamed — ‘Lick me, yes, lick me right here and don’t stop’. Nothing on earth feels better than someone who really knows how to make her cum on their face. She lives for that.

She finished her assessment by slipping on her heels and looking at how they shape her long legs and her ass. She loved wearing her heels when she was naked. It made her feel so sexy. Her naked body looked so good. She was pleased. Natalia walked into the kitchen and poured a coffee. It was a gorgeous morning. She took her laptop and walked out to the pool. The sun felt good on her skin and she wanted to work on her tan.

She logged onto her favorite video chat rooms looking to see which of her horny friends were online. This morning was slow and none of her friends were on. She did, however, find a new video and she started to watch. It was a hot video and Natalia started to play with herself as she watched. She laid down on the chaise and put her feet up. Her knees parted and her long manicured fingers began to caress her breasts and nipples. She watched intently and pulled her erect nipples wickedly. It felt so good and this movie kept getting hotter. She stroked her stomach then sank her hand between her legs.

She ran her hands along her thighs and her pussy began to flow. It didn’t take much to make this lovely lady wet. She knew it and she loved it. Her friends online also knew that she was a total sexual being. They loved her for that as well. The men adored her and the women craved her. All in all, life was good. This movie just kept getting hotter and her pussy was flowing like mad. She ran two fingers beside her long, sweet clit. It felt so good. She was blessed with a larger than average, sweetly hooded clit that just craved a hot tongue. She was usually disappointed as most guys, if they tried at all, only gave it a passing glance. The women were much more attentive and she had better orgasms with them.

This movie, however, showed a guy licking a woman deliciously. Natalia wanted to be her. Her fingers began to stroke her own pussy wonderfully. Before long, she came with a crushing orgasm. She kept cumming as she wasn’t finished stroking and pleasing herself. She loved being naked outside and when she could cum outside, it was always spectacular. She pinched her nipples and came again. Life was definitely good.

She reached for her coffee and stopped dead when she saw him. A man was standing near the pool. He appeared to be Hispanic and he was fucking gorgeous. He stood about 6’2″ and wore only a familiar bathing suit. Natalia recognized the suit as the ones the pool service guy wore. This wasn’t Tuesday, it was Monday. Why was he here today? She knew he had seen everything. She knew it because he had one of the prettiest cocks she ever saw in his hand and he was stroking it. He appeared to be about twenty five or so and he had rock hard abs and terrific pecs. He was exactly what Natalia needed this morning.

It seemed that he was unaware that she had seen him until she called to him.

“Excuse me, why are you here today. You weren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow?”

He slammed his hard cock into his bathing suit and began to stammer, “I am so sorry Miss. I really am. I had no idea that anyone would be home and I, uh I, I am so sorry senorita. Am I going to lose my job?”

“Why are you here today?”

“They changed all the schedules. I have this route now and I will be here on Mondays from now on, as long as I still have a job,” he replied.

“Come over here. Don’t worry; you’ve seen me naked from a distance. I only get better the closer you are. What is your name?”

“My name is Jose.”

“Jose, did you like what you saw? Obviously you did. I saw you stroking your cock. Has anyone told you that you have a very nice cock Jose?” she said as his bulge was becoming more apparent.

“Yes I did like what I saw. You are a very lovely woman. I really liked watching you.” He replied.

“That is becoming more apparent. You have a nice cock Jose,” She said as she reached into his trunks and wrapped her hand around his inflating organ. “Oh Jose, I want to see it up close. Can I Jose? Hmm can I?”


Natalia pulled him from his suit and was surprised at not only its length but also its girth. This was a very decent cock attached to a very good looking man. She stroked his long cock and watched as he assessed her hot body too. She pulled him closer and kept stroking his very hard cock. She cupped his tight balls with one hand and stroked him with the other.

“Jose, would you object if I put this between my hot, lips? I think I would really like to suck your cock, if you don’t mind. Is that alright Jose?”

“Oh miss, yes, please.”

Natalia licked the head of his cock and put the tip in her mouth. She held him there and looked up into his handsome face. She looked into his eyes and held her gaze as she took him in. The look on his face was one of complete joy. As his beautiful cock passed her sweet lips he began to swell. She teased him. Her tongue rode under his soft skin and began to lick him as she sucked him. Damn she was a talented girl. She held his balls as his cock hit the back of her mouth. Oh how she wanted all of his cock. She kept looking into his eyes as she opened her throat and took him inside. He watched as his cock disappeared and his balls rested on her lovely chin.

She took her hands away and he began to fuck her face. Natalia began to rub her breasts. She tugged on her nipples as his cock deliciously invaded her lovely face. His strokes became stronger and she took him in sweetly. She loved the feel of this fine cock but she wanted more.

She pulled him out of her mouth and bent him down to kiss her. He returned the kiss passionately. Jose’s hand began to fondle her tits as their kiss lingered. Natalia’s hand was stroking his hard shaft gently. Jose bent and kissed her right breast and then her left. His tongue felt so good on her taut nipples. He knew what he was doing and he was doing it very well. The thought that he had seen her masturbating had her so turned on. Now this hot Latin was sweetly kissing her flat tummy and she was so fucking horny.

Jose’s lips kissed down and onto her pussy. He licked and sucked her puffy lips. Natalia loved the feeling. She was pleased that Jose seemed to know what he was doing. His mouth covered the hood of Natalia’s clit as he took her long clit in his mouth. His upper lip stroked the hood while his tongue caressed the sweet underside of her clit. Natalia went wild. This man was fantastic. He continued and she felt a large climax building. Natalia went wild. She felt his hands caressing her tits as he brought her to the brink. Her stomach tightened, her breath slowed and her legs began to quiver. Jose’s mouth and tongue continued and she screamed as this massive orgasm overtook her. She rocked and rolled on his face and Jose kept the pace. She came again and again. He kept sucking and she kept cumming. Natalia squeezed her legs around him and came again.

Jose took his lips from her clit and slid up to kiss her nipples. Natalia felt his cock glide along her luscious pink pussy. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her silky sleeve. He gazed into her eyes as his strong manhood entered her hot, greedy pussy. His cock felt so good. He began to move inside her and she simply adored the feel of this fine man. The tightness of her pussy and the strength of his thrusts had her cumming again and again. What she wanted, she got. His cock picked up speed and he gave her the fucking of her life. She wrapped her legs around his waist and rode him through many massive orgasms.

“Fuck my pussy baby, oh yes, that feels so good. I love your cock, fuck me baby. Oh, oh yes that feels so good. Oh yes, I love this, I can’t stop cumming, fuck, oh fuck, oh yes, Fuck Me!”

Jose felt her massive orgasms and he was not yet finished. He pulled his hard shaft from her and dove back into her sweet pussy. He licked her and held her legs wide. His tongue slipped between her cheeks and he rimmed her tight sweet asshole. Natalia moaned ever so loudly when Jose flattened his tongue and brought it fully across her puckered tight hole. She felt him do it again and then his tongue began to poke into her.

“Oh dear me, Oh yes, I love your tongue. Oh that feels so good Jose, mmm, yes!”

He turned her over and brought her to her knees. His cock slid into her still twitching pussy and he stroked several times. He brought the head of his cock to her tight hole and pressed it in. He was gentle and he gave her the time to adjust. He caressed her clit with his fingers until she was ready. Jose pushed against her tight ring and she opened for him. Slowly he began to sink in. Natalia was moaning and shrieking wildly as his cock became buried deep inside her. She loved it. She relished it. She couldn’t get enough of this man.

Jose began to move as her tight ass gripped his hard shaft. He began to fuck Natalia’s ass harder and she began to feel such a different feeling. This wasn’t just her pussy cumming. Her entire body began to spasm. Natalia was shaking and cumming, cumming and shaking and it would not stop. His body filled her completely and he drove into her relentlessly. Natalia had never experienced an orgasm like this in her life. Jose knew he was going to explode soon. He pulled out of Natalia and he brought his cock to her lips.

She attacked his cock hungrily and swallowed him fully. Jose fucked her face wildly and Natalia wanted more. He slammed into her lips repeatedly, deeply with lightning speed. He felt it begin and pulled out. Natalia opened her mouth and held his cock in her hands. She felt it swell and licked the head. The sensation she felt as the flood slid down his cock was amazing. Her eyes were fixed on the head of his cock. She watched the first glorious stream shoot from his fabulous dick. She felt every spurt, she saw it cumming at her. She tried to catch as much as she could in hungry mouth. He kept cumming, more than she had ever seen. Sticky, sweet, glorious cum dripped from Natalia’s face, hair, tits and teeth. She was so happy.

He picked her up and walked her to the edge of the pool. They dove in, hugged and kissed some more. He entered her and fucked her sweetly again.

She was so glad they had changed the day that they cleaned the pool.

Tuesday morning came and Natalia dressed before heading to the spa. It was an upscale place with lots of very sexy customers. The money was terrible but the tips were excellent. She couldn’t survive without them. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She was hot and she knew it. The short white skirt looked good against her tanned legs. Her white heels made her ass look, shall we say, delicious. The company tee shirt hugged her breasts and accentuated her curves exactly. Her nipples popped as she thought back to yesterday. She was going to have to quit thinking about that or her nipples would be hard all day. That was not necessarily a bad thing. Hard nipples usually brought larger tips. She giggled at that thought. Fuck, she was horny and it wasn’t going away.

As she drove to the spa, she wondered exactly how long it would be before her boss; Pam would see how horny she was. One night, while they were enjoying after dinner drinks at the bar next door, Pam and Natalia had become friends. Pam was a forty six year old divorcee who was tired of being alone. Natalia had told her that she was surprised to hear her say that. Pam was a striking redhead with a great body. She told Natalia that she had tried the bar scene but found that to be a disaster. The last thing she wanted was a bunch of cheating husbands hitting on her. She told her that she was online and had met a few men but that she got bored easily. She was more of a visual person. She admitted that she loved porn. It helped her satisfy her bisexual cravings. Natalia listened and they drank. By the end of the night, Pam knew that Natalia was highly bisexual and that she frequented a porn/chat website. She gave her the address and told her to meet her online. Pam enjoyed it. She could watch porn and chat with hot men and women. Ultimately, she and Natalia became occasional lovers. Yes, life was good for Natalia.

Natalia walked through the door and smiled at Jill, the receptionist. Jill had just turned twenty. She was a short honey blonde with a fantastic smile. When she smiled, she lit up a room. Natalia had learned that Jill took this job because she loved being around sexy people, even if she didn’t feel sexy herself at all. Jill had small boobs and she felt guys only wanted big ones. Natalia tried to tell her she was wrong but it was a hard sell. Jill had confided that she really, really liked men but had had more experience with women. Natalia was trying to help her out on the men front.

“Good morning Natalia. How was your weekend?” Jill asked as she walked in the door.

“I had a great weekend thanks, you?” Natalia asked.

“Same old shit. It was boring as hell. Oh well, maybe someday it will change,” she said as her smile faded.

“I know it will, Jill, I know it will.”

Natalia walked into the spa and Pam motioned her into the office. “Hiya. Where were you on Monday? You were very late getting online. Did you get lucky on Sunday or what? I want details girl, all the delicious, wet, horny details.”

“Why do you think I got lucky? I know you. You’re just another horny redhead who wants to lick my pussy. Now you tell me exactly why you think I got lucky,” Natalia smirked.

Pam got up and closed her office door. She turned and looked at Natalia wickedly. “How do I know, your sweet nipples preceded your entrance into my office a full minute before your ass did. Look at you. Fuck girl. Look at your nipples.”

Natalia looked down and laughed, “I have tried to get them to go down but yesterday was pretty special.”

“You sit your pretty ass down here on the sofa and tell me all about it,” Pam said as she held Natalia and kissed her lovely lips. She rubbed her back and her ass. Pam’s hands lifted her short skirt and gently pulled her panties down. Natalia kicked them aside and sat down. Pam knelt and began kissing her thighs. “Tell me; oh tell me all the details. I have been so horny all weekend and didn’t have anything to lick or fuck.”

“Ut oh, who were you chatting with? I bet I know. I’ve only seen him in action once and it was hot. Am I right?” Natalia laughed.

“Oh it’s okay if you won’t occupy his time, which leaves him free for the rest of us. Now, details,” she said as her lips began to lick Natalia wonderfully.

Natalia gave her all the wonderful sexy details of her chance encounter with Jose. It apparently turned Pam on greatly and she licked and sucked with abandon. When she told her about his perfectly carved cock, Pam went wild. She then told her that he was without a doubt the best pussy licking man she had ever encountered, Pam came right then and there. Natalia told her how he fucked her deliciously and she came hard on Pam’s soft tongue. Pam licked her viciously as she learned that Jose had had broadly licked her ass and then tongue fucked her tight hole. The both of them were cumming wildly as Natalia described in minute detail how he fucked her tight asshole and the total body orgasm that brought her. Pam screamed into her pussy when Natalia told her that he had taken his cock from her ass and fucked her face then came in her mouth, on her hair, face and tits.

“You lucky bitch! I should bite your clit right off. I wish I could get that lucky,” Pam said as she looked up, her face was soaked and her makeup definitely fucked up. “Damn, I am soaked myself.”

“Here baby, let me help you with that,” Natalia said as she licked her lips wickedly.

“No hon, you have an appointment in room seven. I’ll take care of it myself.” Pam laughed as she hit the intercom. “Jill can I see you for a moment please.” Natalia laughed as she watched Pam sit down on the sofa and smile.

Jill came in with a bright smile as Natalia left to head to room seven. She looked at the schedule and laughed when she saw the name of who was inside.

Natalia was not a masseuse. She didn’t have the training. Even if she did want that, she sure didn’t want to be like the one that worked here. The ‘thing’, most of us called her. She was the most asexual person any of them had ever seen. No one could pronounce her name. She was from Wales and there were so many letters in her name that it was just impossible.

Natalia was responsible for aroma therapy and oil rubs and hot rock therapy basically. After the massage, clients would spend an hour soaking in beautiful sensations in total luxury.

Natalia flashed back to her first encounter with Tom. He had completed his massage and when she walked into the room, he was asleep on the table. This happens a lot after the ‘thing’ is finished with them. Natalia was quiet as she lit the various scents and began to warm the oil and the rocks. The rocks were her favorite as their warmth soothed and relaxed the muscles.

She looked at Tom as he slept. He was in his late thirties and very nicely put together. He was on his back and covered with only a small thin towel. She couldn’t take her eyes off the towel. Under that towel, right there, lying on his flat stomach was a long, lovely impression of a nice thick cock. Natalia couldn’t resist. She had to sneak a peek. She gently lifted the towel and saw a glorious, long cock. Her mouth watered instantly. Her mind raced as she thought so many nasty thoughts of the wonderful things she would do with it, if only she had the chance. She carefully put the towel back in place and turned to check the oil.

“Did you like what you saw?” Tom asked.

Natalia was busted. This was going to cost her this job. There was only one thing to say, “Yes sir, I did. You have a very impressive piece of equipment there. Very, very nice.”

Tom was a gentleman and let it drop right then. “I must have drifted off. I really need those rocks on a couple spots on my back.” He turned over and Natalia placed the rocks where he wanted them. She picked up the oil and began to rub his shoulders and arms. She worked down his back to his waist and then down his strong legs. She unintentionally lingered on his thighs as she thought of what she had seen. Tom turned over and she replaced the rocks with new ones. Natalia oiled his chest and stomach. The towel had become fuller and more pronounced. She rubbed his thighs and the towel began to rise. Tom lay still as she stroked his legs. The towel rose higher as his strong cock firmed and filled. Natalia didn’t know what to do. She watched in amazement as the towel tented.

“If you would like to continue, I won’t tell a soul Natalia. In fact, I would enjoy it immensely,” Tom said reassuringly. “You seem like you might like to do something but you don’t have to do anything.”

Natalia looked at that enticing tent and her oiled hands stroked higher onto Tom’s thighs. She felt her fingers scrape against his tight scrotum and that thrilled her. Her touch caused Tom to lengthen and become taller. She removed the towel and saw his fantastic manhood at full attention. Oh it was a glorious sight. She smiled to herself as she thought that he could have been the model for the new dildo she bought the previous week. His eight inched, thick cock was veined heavily and it looked fantastically similar to her new favorite toy. Her well oiled hands caressed his ball sac and his large pole twitched. She felt her pussy getting wet as she felt the weight of his lovely balls. She wanted to kiss them but she didn’t dare. She picked up the oil and drizzled some on his long cock. Her hands tentatively touched his cock and then she oiled it deliciously. Her hands began to stroke him and his response was so sweet.

“Natalia, I can’t describe how good that feels. Your hands feel so good. Oh I never thought this would happen but I am not complaining. Oh this is good.”

Natalia stroked and toyed with the head of his cock. She saw a large glob of precum form on the tip of his cock and she ran her finger through it. She rubbed it into the soft velvet head and went back for more. Tom was leaking so much and she really wanted to taste it but she knew she just couldn’t. Her oiled fingers wickedly stroked the soft, highly sensitive underside of his cock. She felt him swell instantly. She began to rub his stomach while she erotically stroked his cock and balls.

Tom was becoming so excited at the delicious ministrations of this very sexy woman. He knew his cock was going to erupt. He knew it would be soon too. His legs began to quiver. His stomach muscles contracted as Natalia expertly rubbed his oiled cock so well. She felt it too. She felt him become excited and she truly wanted him to cum in her mouth but there was no way she would do that. She kept stroking and Tom was fighting cumming. He wanted this to build to an earthshaking orgasm. Natalia stroked while her other hand caressed his balls. She wanted to feel him from the very instant that he blew to when he was finished. Her fingers stroked the base of his scrotum and one finger slipped down and she pressed it against his ass.

That was it. Tom began to convulse and Natalia so wanted him to cum in her mouth. There was no way. Oh hell yes there was. Natalia leaned over and took Tom into her mouth as he unleashed a solid torrent of sweet, hot cum into her wildly sucking mouth. Natalia licked and sucked Tom’s fine cock and she never missed a drop. His cum was sweet with a slight salty taste and Natalia loved every last pearl.

She kept sucking until his soft cock fell from her lips. He was drained yet satisfied. Natalia became so embarrassed that she could not look at him.

“Natalia, thank you. From the first time I saw you, I just knew that you were a very sexy young woman. I had no idea just how sexy you are. That was fantastic. I can honestly say to you that no one has ever made me cum that hard before. That was exquisite, just like you. When you took me in your mouth, it was so much better than I ever fantasized it would be. Thank you.”

With that, Tom stood and walked his shining naked body to her. He bent down, lifted her chin and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss warmly.

That was a year ago. Today, she walked in and saw Tom laying on the table with the towel covering his ‘to die for cock’. She raised her skirt and dropped her panties. Natalia climbed onto the table and lowered her pussy right onto Tom’s loving tongue. Not only did he possess a fucktadelicious cock, he could suck pussy with the experts. She loved the feel of his tongue as he licked her pink slit. Then his tongue invaded her lovely tight asshole.

She leaned forward and ripped the towel aside. His now, very familiar cock slid delightfully down her very hungry throat. He loved when she did this. She had become so accustomed to him that once he entered her lips she slid him right into her throat. He licked and she sucked and together, they each experienced fantastic orgasms. His still hard cock had another destination and that was her pussy. She moved and fell onto him and their bodies became one. She felt every inch, vein and groove of his cock as he slid deep into her. Their union completed as lips met in their usual erotic way. Tom was a wonderful lover. She felt him thrusting harder and she rode him with passion. He held her tight and she felt him swell. She spun around and swallowed him as he erupted into her wanton, greedy throat.

She held him until he softened. Her tongue was dancing on his cock as she cleaned every tiny drop of his pearly goodness. She loved cock but his cock was her favorite.

He held her and kissed her cum covered lips. Life was good at work too.

Natalia’s next appointment made her pinch herself. Was she at work today or was this the best wet dream she had ever had. Her next appointment was Jenny. She is a super-sexed slim, dirty blonde with an insatiable appetite for cock and pussy. They shared a mutual love of porn and Natalia had introduced her to the site she loved so much.

Jenny and Natalia had become intimate one day when Jenny made a comment that most men wanted a woman with bigger tits than she had. Natalia told her about a guy she knew online who said that small breasted women were more tuned in with their bodies. He told her that small breasted women were special. They were, in his experience, more responsive, more passionate and simply wonderful lovers. He had said their breasts were so much more sensitive and that hr thought that their nipples were directly connected to their clit. He had told Natalia that, if a man knew what he was doing, he could make smaller breasted women cum just by licking her nipples. He also had said that a small breasted woman’s clit was a thing of wonder. He said that it was highly sensitive and loved to be touched, licked and pleased. If a man properly pleased a smaller breasted woman’s pussy with his lips, she would come back for a hell of a lot more. Smaller breasted women invariably came harder and longer. She said she had been told that any man who gets to make love to a smaller breasted woman is in for the ride of his life. He didn’t know the reason but smaller breasted women just seem more closely connected to their orgasmic center and they love a hard cock and the orgasms they can bring. Most men, he had told her, were selfish and they never took the time to please a woman. He also told her that many women are shocked to hear a man say these things.

While this conversation was taking place, Natalia had been massaging Jenny’s sweet, small, lovely breasts. Her fingers had been circling and teasing her hard nipples deliciously. She had no idea she was actually been doing it until Jenny simply exploded under her fingers. She literally jumped off the table as the orgasm took over her entire being. Jenny was embarrassed but Natalia just smiled.

“I’ll have to be sure to tell him that he was right,” Natalia laughed.

“Fuck that, introduce me to this guy!” Jenny exclaimed. “Well dear, you’ve proven one of his points. Do you want to try for two?” she said with lustful look in her eye.

Natalia hadn’t needed a further invitation and she leaned over and kissed Jenny deliciously. She kissed her nipples and down her stomach. When her face fell between wide spread legs, she saw a wonderful clit that closely resembled her own. She possessed a lovely puffy, pink lips and a long, meaty, hooded clit. Jenny danced as she felt Natalia’s breath on her twat. When her tongue began to open her up, Jenny came very hard. Natalia had many loves but pussy ranked right up there. Jenny was soft but her pussy was hot. Natalia teased her and pleased her relentlessly. Jenny came repeatedly and Natalia kept licking her sweet dew.

“You must introduce me to this guy. He knows. He’s one of the few who does know,” Jenny cried.

“Life just isn’t fair hon; he lives on the other side of the country.”

“Thank God you don’t, Natalia. That makes me happy.”

That was eight months ago. As she walked into the treatment room, Jenny was laying naked, no towel, fingering herself in anticipation of Natalia’s arrival. She walked in and leaned over and kissed Jenny deeply. Jenny held her shoulders as she kissed her. She looked and saw something on Natalia’s tee shirt.

“What is this?” Jenny asked. “Why it looks like, it is, ohmigod Natalia, this is fresh cum.” Jenny tasted it and laughed, “Damned good tasting too, I might add. Get your ass up on this table and tell me all about it. You talk, I lick today baby.”

Natalia stripped off and assumed the position while she regaled Jenny with all the lovely details. Jenny licked her deliciously and within a couple of minutes she had Natalia cumming like a fire hose. Jenny could not get enough of Natalia and she let her know it.

“Every time I am in your pussy, it looks like I am licking my own. Oh how I wish I could do that. I’d never leave the house. Cum again for me Natalia, I really want more of that lovely cum on my face.”

Natalia did not disappoint her and she came harder and harder. Jenny had driven her tongue deep into her and with every thrust, Natalia came again. Both women enjoyed having their own desires being met so nicely.

“You know, I am getting pissed at you Natalia,” Jenny said as she was dressing. It’s been eight months since you got me onto the site. You have yet to tell me who that guy was. I’ve tried to figure it out but I just can’t. Are you ever going to tell me?”

Natalia kissed her again, held her lovely face in her hands and said, “You talk to him all the time. Frankly, I don’t think you like him much so it is no big deal. I can’t understand why because he is so nice and you’ve actually played with him a time or two. I look at it this way, I know you. You’ll figure it out someday.”


“I love you too! Talk to you online tonight. Luv ya,” Natalia smirked as she left the room.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Normal involved Pam and Jill taking every available chance to either lick or get licked. Much of the time, that also involved Natalia and of course, she was never anyone to say no to a good pussy licking.

Saturday morning came and Natalia asked Jill to come into Pam’s office.

“Do either of you have any plans this weekend?”

“None on my end,” Pam stated.

“Me either,” Jill replied.

“I have an idea that I think you’ll enjoy. How would you both like to come and spend the weekend at my place? We can lay naked by the pool and fool around all weekend. I don’t know about you ladies, but I am into some serious pussy all weekend. What do you think?”

“Oh that sounds spectacularly wonderful. What should we bring?” Pam asked.

“Bring whatever you want to bring dear. As far as clothes are concerned, I have only one rule at my place. Clothes are not to be worn unless we are going out. Inside or out, the only thing you must wear is high heels. They turn me on and I plan on being turned on all weekend. Oh yes, any kinky toys or videos would be good.”

“This sounds like my kind of weekend,” Jill blushed.

Sunday turned out to be another fantastic day in Laguna Beach. The sun was shining and the warm California breeze just felt wonderful. Pam and Jill had arrived and were enjoying their drinks by the pool. Jill looked delicious with her tiny breasts and her long, lovely nipples. Her shaved pussy revealed nice folds with a sweet clit peeking out. Natalia rarely had a go at her at work but here, it was another story.

Natalia walked over and kissed Jill deeply. She felt this little blonde’s hands as they traveled her shoulders and held her neck. Her lips were soft and sweet. Her kiss was gentle and exciting. Natalia lingered on her lips and began to lightly trace them with the tip of her tongue. Jill moaned and opened her mouth. This kiss was so sexy. She felt her pussy moisten and her nipples harden. Natalia’s tongue kept lightly circling her widening lips and the effect was so erotic. Jill had never been kissed like this before and she loved it. If nothing else, Natalia was expert in all things erotic. Jill’s mouth opened wider and Natalia placed her hands on her cheeks and held her face deliciously. Her tongue circled her lips and licked her teeth. Jill was so excited that she started to moan wildly. Natalia kissed her forehead, her nose and chin. She placed a finger, lifting her face and began to kiss under her chin and down her neck.

Pam sat watching, playing with her own body as Natalia made sweet love to Jill.

When Natalia’s lips began to kiss Jill’s sensitive throat her moans became louder. The only thing touching her was Natalia’s lips and sexy tongue. Jill was thrilled with the sensitive, sweet sensations Natalia bestowed upon her tender body. Natalia licked between her breasts and then under each one. She slowly licked from the base of one breast, drawing a line with her tongue to her taut areola. She circled it lightly, teasing it and forcing Jill’s nipple to harden fully. Natalia used her tongue to tease every nerve ending Jill possessed. She closed her mouth over Jill’s nipple and began to stroke it with her tongue. The moans became louder and deeper. Natalia lavished the same attention to her other breast and Jill was flowing like a river.

Natalia kissed her stomach, licking it broadly with her tongue. She tongued her bellybutton teasingly and the moans got louder. Natalia had Jill soaring with feelings and sensations of pure bliss. Her tender body was being treated to something she had never known. Natalia traveled over her hips, tongue tracing her hip bone and down onto her thigh. Natalia saw Jill’s lovely, wet furrow in front of her eyes. She licked the inside of her thighs and tasted her sweet lust that had wet her lovely flesh. She began to move into Jill’s pretty wet folds. Jill’s moans became intense as Natalia’s lips peeled her tight folds open one by one. One pink petal after another opened revealing Jill to the world of unbridled excitement and pleasure. Natalia softened her tongue and snuck into the creases, savoring her luscious liquid greedily. Jill was flowing and Natalia was absorbing lovingly.

Natalia spread Jill’s legs and spread her wide. Her tongue began to circle the opening to her sweet tunnel. She traced around her gaping hole with her tongue and the sensation whipped Jill’s mind. Her fingers spread her wider and Natalia tongued her lasciviously. Jill began thrashing and screaming with Natalia sweetly rimming her tight pussy. She kept stroking her long tongue deep into her wonderful friend. She licked the recesses of her silken sleeve and Jill exploded in a wild, furious orgasm. The passage of her love was fast and furious.

Natalia was soaked and yet she kept sucking on her tender flesh. Jill was in a hard frenzy and she loved it. Natalia sank her fingers into her tight twat and began to finger fuck her deliberately. Jill kept cumming, moaning and flowing. Her body was in total blissful spasm as Natalia raised her face and began to lick her clit. Jill flew off the chaise, wrapped her legs around Natalia and came stronger than ever. She sprayed Natalia with a solid stream of love and rode her pretty face into oblivion.

As she started to calm, Natalia threw her a curve by licking her steamy ass. Jill discovered what only our astronauts have seen. Later, as she re-entered the atmosphere, she fought for breath. Her body had been wracked with more pleasure than she had ever known. She grabbed Natalia and she held her so very tight. She kissed her repeatedly, kissing, laughing, struggling for breath and more kissing. She fell back onto the chaise, totally satisfied.

“That has to be the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Pam whispered. “I came so hard, so many times that I lost count. Look at me, I’m fucking drenched. I’m drained and all I did was watch. Holy fuck girl, ohmigod!”

Jill, on the other hand was at a loss for words. Actually, if the truth be told, Jill had lost any and all ability to even form a word. She touched her own breasts and her vagina contracted massively. She was beet red and her breathing was intermittent to say the least.

They poured more drinks and they licked and sucked each other for hours. Pam saw stars and Natalia circumnavigated Jupiter’s rings. Each woman set personal records for orgasms and that was accomplished before the sun went down. Massive amounts of liquor were consumed.

The party moved inside as the sun went down. Chinese was ordered and wolfed down quickly by three women who had, it seemed, competed in every Olympic event in modern history.

“You said kinky and I brought kinky,” Pam said as she held up a bag filled with DVD’s and toys.

There was a lot of ooh’s and ah’s as they drunkenly explored the DVD’s and then the toys. More liquor was consumed as the DVD player began to play. They decided to match the scenes with their own actions. There were toys of all sizes, shapes and descriptions including strap-ons. They giggled and knew that their pussies were going to be stretched as well as their asses.

The evening continued with hooting and hollering, moaning and screams of pure ecstasy as these three women pleasured themselves in the nastiest ways imaginable. They passed out smiling.

Natalia woke early as usual. She looked at her friends and giggled. She looked in the mirror and burst out laughing. She truly looked like she had been rode hard and put away wet. In fact, that is exactly what had occurred. She padded into the kitchen, made a pot of coffee and hit the shower. She had to have the girls up and ready, even though they had no idea what was about to occur. The smell of freshly brewed coffee actually did wake the dead as two very used women staggered into the kitchen. Natalia laughed and handed them each a cup.

“Fuck me, you two look like shit. You’d think you got lucky last night or something. Eat, shower and make yourselves pretty. I’m not fucking either of you looking like that,”

They ate and killed the pot of coffee. Natalia put on another while the gals showered and became somewhat human again. Three very naked women walked out and sat by the pool, laughing and giggling over the previous days adventures. Natalia looked up and smiled.

“Good morning Jose. I’d like to introduce you to my friends. Come here my gorgeous hunk of Latin flesh. Give me a kiss my darling man.”

She introduced Jose to Pam and Jill. The women were naked and Jose was hard as a rock. Natalia pulled him close and kissed him while her hand caressed the huge bulge in his bathing suit. She slipped her hand into his suit and pulled out his gorgeous boner.

“You weren’t kidding me were you,” Pam said.

Roses head lay on my shoulder in the darkened room. One side of my bed was empty. I smelled something wonderful. Fresh brewed coffee. I smiled and rubbed my eyes. I heard a noise and saw Debbie in the hallway. She looked in on us and informed me that breakfast would be ready in about twenty minutes. I rolled off the bed and stumbled into the shower. I ran the water and quickly shaved. I stepped in and was followed by my hybrid Asian goddess. Rose ran her arms around me and hugged me. I felt her tits against my back.

“How the hell is she already up and running?” Rose inquired.

“Damned if I know. I am having trouble if breathing after last night. Thank God it is an involuntary function.”

Rose giggled delightfully as she grabbed the soap and lathered my back. I turned her around and soaped her as well. The water felt good. We felt the blood begin to flow again properly. Rose reached up and kissed me lightly, “Good morning sweetheart.”

“Good morning to you.”

“Alright you two. Enough of that lovey, dovey, kissy garbage. There is food out here.”

“Food, did someone say food?”

We jumped from the shower, threw on robes and rushed to the table. Steaming hot Gevalia coffee greeted my nose and I sipped it quickly. Debbie had prepared a terrific breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes and fresh baked sweet rolls. Little was said as three famished people dug in and polished it off in no time at all.

“That was delicious. I needed that,” I said as I leaned over and kissed Debbie sweetly.

“I hope it helped. I wanted you to have a transfusion for you but they wouldn’t let me get what I needed at the pharmacy,” she smirked.

“I need another coffee and then you and I have to talk.”

“I’ll clean up the kitchen,” Rose offered.

We sat in the living room and I told her, “My lawyer Dave has already started on this. You are going to be completely protected. First things first, he is going to meet with you on Monday. He needs your marriage certificate and any bank statements. He needs the titles to the vehicles and any bills for the furniture and any other major purchases. I told him I was sure you could provide that but if you need more time, he will reschedule with you.

He is going to need you to sign some papers too. As soon as you do, he is going to court to get a restraining order to keep him away from you. We are going to box up his shit and have it ready to go. It will be out in the hallway the day he gets home. You will not be home when he gets back. He will be met and served the restraining order and divorce papers. He will then be instructed to clean out his personal items from the car and to leave the keys inside it. There will be a moving truck parked outside, in his name and paid for with his credit card. He will not be able to get into the apartment because Mike and Ann will be here at 11AM today to change the locks.

Since you have always paid the rent from your own bank account and the lease is in your name, he will be given a time limit to vacate the property. If he exceeds this, he will be trespassed off the property and charged. Your phone numbers are being changed next week and he will be instructed that he is to have no further personal contact with you. All communication with you must, from now on, go through your lawyer.”

“Rose, get over here please. Pinch me. No, pinch him. Tell me, this is real,” Debbie yelled.

“It’s real Debbie, I am as much in awe of this as you are, but I do know, this is real.”

“Mike and Ann should be here in a half hour. After they change the locks, we are going to pick up the boxes and stuff we need and get this shit done. Debbie, you tell us what to pack and it will be done in no time and then we can relax and enjoy the weekend. I have to make one adjustment over here. I was going to do it anyway and it will only take about 15 minutes. Then we are good to go. Does that sound like a plan?”

“I don’t know what to say. I mean less than twenty four hours ago, my life was in shambles. My marriage was over. All I had was a miserable existence to look forward to and now look at me. Everything is being taken care of far better than I would ever have thought to do too. My life has changed so fast and I have experienced things I only dreamed of. I slept better last night than any other night of my life. How am I ever going to repay you for all you have done?”

“No need for that my dear. No need at all.”

“You lying bitch! You didn’t sleep! You passed out from total orgasmic exhaustion,” Rose laughed.

“That I did! Oh fuck me, that I did,” Debbie chuckled.

“Fuck you? We did that already. We’re going to do it again too,” I said with a straight face. “Again and again.”

Debbie leaned over and kissed me. The stress was gone. I saw a new woman, filled with a renewed spirit and smiling broadly. Rose and I got up and got dressed.

Mike and Ann, the building owners arrived, and the locks were changed quickly. I filled Mike in on the details and Ann consoled Debbie. They left and we drove over to the local moving center to buy boxes, tape and all that good stuff. Debbie’s hatchback fit the bill as my Corvette certainly didn’t.

We brought everything into Debbie’s apartment and she started directing what went and what stayed. I brought the wardrobe boxes into her bedroom and put them together.

I had packed all of his clothes when a knock came at the door. Debbie answered it and I heard the familiar click, click, click of Wendy’s stilettos. She invariably wore heels no matter what she had on. Of the three, Wendy was the youngest, probably in her late 20′s. She was also the tallest standing somewhere around 5′ 7″. She has shoulder length honey blonde hair, firm breasts, a toned slender frame and long, shapely legs. I only saw her in the hallway and she was very pleasant whenever we had spoken. I knew that she turned heads everywhere she went. Her husband Jason, I’ve been told, is a hopeless drunk. I barely knew him.

Rose and Debbie were in the living room when Wendy arrived. She did not know I was in the bedroom packing Paul’s clothes. Wendy took a couple of steps into the apartment and stopped dead in her tracks.

“Are you moving?”

“I’m not but Paul sure as hell is,” Debbie went on to explain what had happened and what had been set in motion to protect her.

“Tell me what to pack and we’ll get this done,” Wendy said. “I tried to call you Rose last night but you weren’t home.”

“I was with Debbie and we didn’t pick up the phone all night. Debbie was upset and I wanted to calm her down and cheer her up,” Rose smiled.

Wendy started packing, “I guess that Holly woman is back again. Damn that woman is loud. He has to be a mechanical fucking machine. I mean that woman was screaming all night long. How can one guy fuck like that?”

Rose looked at Debbie, “Wow I didn’t hear a thing. I thought it was very quiet last night. Did you hear anything Debbie?”

“Not really, I was kinda preoccupied. I wasn’t paying attention to much other than trying to breathe and feel better. I cried too much last night and then I started to feel wonderful and I was focused on that.”

I had opened the bedroom door and saw that Wendy was standing with her back to me. The girls could see me and I don’t know how they kept straight faces.

“He got me so fucking wet again last night. My pussy has been dripping ever since. I mean, I am a good looking girl. Guys want to sleep with me all the time. What the fuck do I have to do to get him to screw me like he screws Holly?”

I quietly walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Keep packing!”

Rose and Debbie burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Wendy spun around and the shock on her face was priceless. She was speechless. She actually began to babble until finally, she started making sense again.

“Wow, I am so embarrassed. I didn’t know you were here. I never would have ever said anything. I am so sorry. I really am. Oh my God, I am so embarrassed. How can I ever make it up to you?”

“Would it help you if I spoke slower? Keep packing Wendy. When everything is packed up, I am going to make the most delicious, sensuous, mind blowing love to you. After that, I am going to fuck you senseless. Do you understand what I just said?”

Wendy just stood there with her mouth opened, starring at me in total disbelief. “What about, uh wait, wait, where is Holly?”

“Holly is in Boca Raton. You saw her leave here last Sunday.”

“But, but, but.” The coin dropped and she spun first on Rose and then Debbie, “You bitch! You cunt! That was you two last night!” She glared at her two friends as they smiled back at her so sweetly. She almost formed another sentence but instead, turned and walked into my arms. With a burning fire in her eyes, she looked at me and kissed me dramatically. “You are so right Mr. Fuck Machine! You definitely are. You owe me! You fucking well owe me the best screwing I’ve ever had and then some! You son of a bitch! You have had my sweet pussy so wet all week I can hardly walk.”

“Rose, what did I tell you? I can get in trouble without doing anything. Let’s get this place packed up now.” I smacked Wendy’s ass as I turned and walked back into finish packing.

“I want details, all of the details. Ohmigod! Don’t leave anything out. When Rose? Ohmigod! When did you? I can’t believe this. I really can’t believe this. Ohmigod!”

Rose brought her up to speed and so did Debbie.

“I can’t wait. Let’s get this done. Hurry up, will you, Ohmigod!” Wendy whispered.

I finished in the bedroom. The ladies were doing the same in the rest of the place. I went back to my place got my dolly and began to stack the boxes in one corner of the living room. Debbie wasn’t going to have to be dodging them until they were out of there. It also would make it easier for me to get them into the hall on the day Paul returned. When this was done, I looked at my watch and saw that it was after 4PM. No wonder I was getting hungry.

“Ladies, I have a question for you. Does everyone like lobster and shrimp?”

They all enthusiastically claimed that they loved it. Then, almost in unison told me they didn’t want to go out to dinner. Seems they had plans that didn’t involve leaving the house.

“Debbie, you think you had a treat last night,” Rose laughed. “Not only is he a chef but he is also a baker and if you think he can make love, you ain’t seen anything yet.”

“What scares me is that I am going to eventually wake up and find out that this is just the best wet dream I ever had. I don’t want that to ever happen,” Debbie said.

Wendy looked at me, “We’d rather stay here for dinner.”

“Good, I would too! You finish up and I’ll go and start dinner.” I went back and began prepping everything I needed.

My front door opened and Wendy walked into the kitchen. She stopped a few feet from me and just stood there looking at me. She had a funny expression on her face and I was unsure how to read it.

“Obviously, you have something you want to say. I think it is safe to say that no matter what, I won’t be upset.”

“The girls just told me something about you that really surprised me. No, let me rephrase this, it actually shocked me.”

“What were you told?”

“Well, I was told that you would not fuck a woman until you had made love to her first.”

“That shocked you? I can’t imagine why it would.”

“I am twenty eight years old. I think I am attractive. I get hit on all the time and I just ignore it. Men want to fuck me. They want me to suck their cocks and ram their dicks in me, cum and then they are gone. I’ve been married to a drunken asshole for five years. He has only made me cum twice and that was because he was too drunk to do his usual, cum and pass out. I’ve had less than ten orgasms from a man in my entire life. I have never been made love to. I know how to fuck but I have no idea how to make love. Will you teach me how to make love?”

“I can’t teach you how to make love. I can make love to you. I can show you the warmth and the tenderness you obviously are craving but I can’t teach you how to make love to a man. That is something that flows from your heart, not your pussy. If you want me to make love to you, you must know that it will not be slam, bam, thank you ma’am. That is not who I am. Making love is an exploration filled with many things. Every woman is different. What Rose enjoys is different than what Debbie needs. Your wants will be different from theirs. When we make love, I will be discovering the little things that you like. You will show me what you want and what you don’t. You won’t even know that you are doing it but I will know. That way, when we make love, it will be unique to you and only you. How you respond to me is up to you. On that score, I have no doubt that becoming intimate with you will be a journey into total ecstasy on my part. It is, after all, something I have wanted for a very long time.”

“It has been? You have wanted me too? I wish you had said something. I have to tell you something, don’t laugh at me please.”

“I won’t laugh.”

“What you just said to me is the sexiest thing I have ever heard in my life. No man has ever said anything as sweet to me in my life. If you let me, I am a fast learner.” Wendy walked into me with a warm, loving embrace. I held her in my arms and felt her melt into me. We hugged each other tight, not wanting to let go.

The door opened and Debbie laughed. “Pay up Rose, they still have their clothes on.”

We burst into laughter and I went back to work in the kitchen. Debbie set the table and Rose straightened up the bedroom. Rose was becoming used to the little secrets my designers had fitted me with. She came into the kitchen and asked where the refill was for the oil. I told her and she took care of it for me.

“Wendy, are you going to be okay down here with Jason upstairs?” Debbie asked.

“I should go make sure. Once he’s drunk, he passes out for hours.”

I cracked up when Debbie yelled, “Barkeeper, massive pass-out beverages for the lovely lady, chop, chop!”

I went to the bar and began to make us all drinks. Dinner was going to be about a half hour and I had plenty of time.

“Make them right this time, my love,” Rose demanded.

“Got it covered darling. One of these and he won’t wake up till morning.”

Wendy left with the drink and I went back to the kitchen to make the whipped cream for dessert.

“You make your own whipped cream? Most of us just buy it.” Debbie asked.

“Deb, he is all about fresh and delicious,” Rose quipped.

“Oh you can say that again. He is fresh and delicious baby,” Debbie gushed.

Wendy came back smiling, “Well, he was pretty drunk and I gave him the drink. I know he won’t remember anything but I told him Debbie was really upset and that I was going to spend the night with her. He muttered something about the drink being delicious. I left and won’t see him until tomorrow unfortunately.”

“Unfortunately,” I inquired.

“Yes, unfortunately, I will have to see his useless ass tomorrow.”

“Oh, I was just checking. That’s all.”

Dinner was a hit. The wine was soothing and mood setting. Wendy walked around my place and commented on everything. She was admiring every piece of furniture when she opened a cabinet and started to giggle. Debbie came over and looked in as well.

“Rose, if he is ever too tired, we have enough porn in here to keep us cumming for a long time.”

“Oh, oh, I love porn! Let me see what’s there,” she said as she crossed the room.

“There is every kink you can imagine too. Look Rose, there is a whole section of bisexual flicks.” Debbie whispered.

“That doesn’t surprise me. Did you know he is bi too?” Rose stated.

“No, I had no idea. Wow, is that hot or what?”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself,” Rose agreed.

I made more drinks and walked over to the cabinet where the girls knelt. “See anything you want to watch?”

They giggled and said they were going to watch it all over time. I leaned over and hit one more hidden switch and the big screen TV rose up from behind the cabinet.

“Watch what you want, I’m going to be busy for a while. Feel free to join us too.”

I handed Wendy her drink and walked her down the hall.

Rose had prepared the room well. Everything was perfect. The lighting, the music, the massage oil had been refilled. She had prepared everything that she knew existed. There was much she was unaware of but all, in good time.

I took Wendy in my arms and held her. She rested her cheek on my shoulder and I felt her hands stroking my chest. I caressed her back delicately and became lost in the scent of her hair. My hand began to lightly touch her shoulder and neck. Her response was to hold me tighter. She seemed to enjoy my soft touch. I moved her hair and exposed her long, lovely neck which I gently kissed. Soft, sensuous kisses rained down on her sensitive neck as she shivered and quietly sighed. I traced the contour of her ear and she moaned loudly. I took her earlobe into my lips and her knees buckled. I felt her hands grasp my neck. Her lovely manicured nails scratched me delightfully.

I turned her lovely face up to me. Her sparkling blue eyes mesmerized me. I placed my hands on her face and lingered a kiss upon her forehead. Her eye lids turned up nose were next. Wendy inhaled sharply as I kissed her cheek and then her chin. I tilted her chin upwards and kissed the front of her neck.

“Oh, you are delicious, my sexy man. You are making me want you more than I already did. You are driving me wild and I love it.”

I kissed the front of her neck and began to slowly undo her silky, navy blouse. With each button, I kissed lower, slowly exposing her alabaster flesh. Wendy ran her fingers through my hair as button after button became undone. I kissed between her lovely, creamy, firm breasts while continuing. My face sank lower as her firm stomach became exposed. I pulled myself back up to those demanding eyes and kissed her lovely lips gently at first. I slipped the blouse from her delicate shoulders as the kiss became more demanding.

Wendy struggled to undo my shirt however she managed to despite her attempt to climb fully inside my mouth. Our bodies touched flesh to flesh and the temperature in the room rose fast. I deftly undid the clasp on her white linen skirt which fell to the floor as she undid my trousers. Her slender hips pressed against mine. I felt the silkiness of her body nestled amid the strength of her desire. I picked her up and placed her on the bed. Clad only in thigh high stockings and her signature heels, her golden locks splayed enticingly as she lay amongst the pillows. I stood at the side of the mattress and got lost in the vision before me.

“You are far lovelier than I ever envisioned. I’ve wondered, no, let me rephrase that. I’ve fantasized seeing you in this position for a very long time. Nowhere in my wildest dreams, did you look as spectacular as you do right this very minute,” I said honestly.

I sat beside her supine body and began to stroke her nakedness. Wendy reacted to my every touch. I, on the other hand, marveled in her tall, slender body with her astonishingly full, perfectly formed breasts, small areolas and long, hard nipples. Her stomach was flat with well defined muscles and her slender hips were positively perfect. Her long, stockinged legs were elegant, perfectly formed and so nice to see and touch. I ran my hands along her legs and onto her high heels.

“Oh, let me take these off. I don’t want to rip your bedspread.”

“Please leave them on. I have a confession to make. I can say this unabashedly. High heels and silky thigh highs are one of my fetishes. They turn me on completely.”

“I am so glad to hear you say that because they make me feel sexy. I like that you like that too. I love all things sexy. I love wearing lingerie and slut wear. It gets me so wet.”

“Like you need any help being sexy,” I laughed.

This woman was a walking wet dream but what struck me most was that she was completely shaved. Her pussy had lovely, full, mouthwatering lips. She sported a fantastic, long, gorgeous fat clit that just cried out to be sucked on for hours. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine Wendy to be this spectacular.

I leaned into her and felt her arms circle me. I stroked her stomach and brought my hand up under her breast. I drew a line under one tit and then the other with my finger. I brought my hands up the side of her body and felt the fullness of her orbs against my palms. I did not grab her. I just felt her body gently. Wendy seemed to really love this.

“You weren’t joking earlier were you? You are making me feel so good. I love the touch of your hands. We have barely kissed and this has lasted longer than most of the sex I’ve ever had.”

I brought my face to hers and our lips touched. I pulled back and looked into her gorgeous eyes. She looked at me and then down to my lips. I did the same and this mating dance led to one of the exciting kisses I’ve ever experienced. She may never have been made love to before but she sure has given it a lot of thought. Our lips brushed lightly, parting softly as our touch lingered. Her lips opened and her soft tongue began to trace my lips. I closed my lips on her tongue and began to slowly suck it into my mouth. Wendy’s passion flamed and she drove her tongue deeper. I inhaled her with glee.

My hand caressed her stomach as our passion built. Her nails dug deeper and her desire increased with each stroke of my hand. I slid my hand up and finally held her firm breast. Wendy inhaled sharply driving her tongue deeper into my mouth. I cupped her breast, my palm gently resting on softly on her hard erect nipple. She moaned as the heat from my palm transferred to her nipple. I let my hand fall and felt the firmness of her. The soft flesh quivered at my touch. Our lips crushed each other while Wendy pressed her lovely orb harder onto my hand. I teased and pleased her other breast as deliciously as the first. She loved the feel of a strong man who was willing to take his time to bring out the woman in her.

My fingers ran lightly down her flat stomach. Her heated reaction excited her greatly. My hands fell onto her hips and down onto the top of her thighs. Her lovely legs enjoyed my every touch. I rolled her onto her stomach. As I expected, the backs of her legs thrilled to my touch. Wendy was blessed with a lovely ass which I ignored momentarily. My hands ran up her back and her soft moans were delightful to hear. My caressing of her shoulders and the back of her neck brought more soft moans. I moved her hair and brought my lips along her shoulders and onto her neck. Wendy enjoyed these feelings immensely.

“Do you know how good this feels? I have to tell you, I really love this. You have twenty-four hours to quit doing that,” she giggled.

I laughed and kissed her ear and she levitated off the bed. She spun her head into my lips and moaned so sweetly. I traced her ear again and was rewarded with more sweet, soft moans.

My strong hands traveled down her back to her waist. I bent forward and licked from her waist to her shoulders directly up her spine. She shrieked and bit the bedspread. Her moans were much more intense. As I brought my hands down her back, my tongue followed along her spine. She was becoming ignited as my hands began to massage her lovely ass. I kneaded her cheeks and spread them slightly. My tongue drifted lower into her spread ass cheeks. My wet tongue lingered as I kissed and licked her beautiful butt. My face fell lower and my tongue drew wet circles around her tiny, puckered rosebud.

“Oh, oh you spectacular man. This is wonderful. Oh so wonderful. I would never imagine how good this would feel. Your tongue is making me wild. Oh God, I love this.”

I flattened my tongue and brought it over her bud and Wendy went wild. She put her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks for me. I licked her delicious ass delicately.

“I’ve never felt anything like this. I don’t ever want this to quit. Oh yes, oh please don’t stop. I can’t get enough of your hot tongue.”

I stiffened it and began to press my tongue into her tight, sweet ass.”

“Fuck, this is unreal. Your tongue is in my ass. This is fucking wild. I love this. Oh I love this. More, I’d like more please. Oh yes, push it in deeper. Uh, uh. Oh fuck me, this feels so good.”

The more I pushed, the wider she spread her ass. My tongue sank deeper and deeper and her moans and words melded into unintelligible utterances of desire. I rolled her over and was greeted by her spectacular lovely pussy. Her lips were works of art and I partook of the pleasures of the art world hungrily. Wendy was flowing like a river and I was thirsty. I licked slowly but lovingly as I pulled her lips apart and reveled in the flood. My eyes were focused on the largest clit I think I had ever seen. My tongue and lips drinking her lust as fast as I could. Wendy was moaning and thrashing with each pass of my tongue. She grabbed the bedspread and hung on tightly. I teased while she squirmed. My nose grazed her meaty clit and she yelled loudly.

“Oh my Lord. Yes! Ohmigod! Oh yes! Oh that is so good. Oh damn, you are amazing. Oh yes dammit. I’ve only dreamed, only dreamed, oh, yes! Ohmigod!”

My lips closed over her expansive, delicious clit and Wendy launched into low earth orbit. I just covered it. I hadn’t even begun to please it, yet she was hugely turned on. I allowed the ultra-smooth underside of my tongue to graze the surface of her clit. The sensation electrified Wendy and I repeated it several times. I closed my lips over her and began to gently lick and suck. Her fantastic clit felt wonderful in my mouth. Her length and thickness filled my mouth. My tongue began to stroke that super-sensitive undercarriage. Wendy lost her mind. She screamed and begged for more. I bathed the hood of her clit with soft, feather like touches of my tongue. I allowed my upper lip to cover her hood while my tongue began a delicious journey under her and toward the tip. Her not so little cock begged and screamed for more.

“Don’t ever stop! Don’t you ever! Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Ohmigod! Oh shit! This is heaven! I love this, don’t stop! Don’t you ever stop! You can do this for the rest of my life. Nothing has ever felt like this! Ohmigod! I’m going to cum. Oh yes I am! I’m cumming; I’m cumming, Oh FUCK YES! I’M CUMMING!”

I did not change my pace. I kept up the same, gentle stroking under her clit. Wendy had only begun to cum and I wanted this to be memorable for her. Her long, manicured fingers stroked my hair as my soft tongue brought unending waves of pure erotic pleasure to this lovely woman. She was moaning wildly. Her orgasms never quit. Each orgasm was a little harder and deeper than the last. This gorgeous woman had told me she had never been made love to and I was not going to let her down. I kept that same gentle pace going and Wendy kept cumming.

Wendy was as wet as a woman could be. With each gentle lick, her flow increased. Pussy this sweet should be illegal. If she thought she was the only one loving this, she would certainly be wrong.

Wendy was beyond out of control. Several more strokes of my tongue and she wrapped her legs around my neck and flooded my face with the most luxurious river of pure sweet liquid lust.

I kissed her inner thighs softly and kissed my way up to hold her in my arms. She held me tight in her arms as I kissed her cheeks and the front of her neck. My lips trailed down and I took a nipple in my mouth and she squealed deliciously. Wendy began to regain her breath and I kissed her deeply. I rolled her into my arms and she wrapped her leg around me.

I felt her drenched pussy against my hard cock. Her body heat felt so nice against me. Wendy shifted and I felt myself glide between her hot legs. She kissed me heavily and clamped her legs tight on my hard cock. I fell between her luscious pink lips and began to slide between her clenched legs. I ran my hands through her hair as we kissed hungrily. Her smoldering lips were demanding and I responded enthusiastically. Wendy held my face and the passion this kiss created was wonderful.

My hard shaft split her puffy lips and rode over her fabulous clit. She moaned loudly. Wendy rolled onto her back as I mounted her. I ran my cock the length of her sweet slit again.

“Make sweet love to me. Please love me and make me feel so good. I want you inside me. Fill me baby. Give me what I need,” Wendy whispered.

I looked into Wendy’s sparkling blue eyes as my cock slid into her lovingly. She was tight and wet. Her soft, velvet glove wrapped itself around my hardness. I felt her tighten on me as our eyes never broke contact. I stroked her face as I slid into her further. No words were spoken. I began to stroke in and out of her as our lips met in a wonderful union. Wendy’s long nails scratched along my back. My hips began to set a steady rhythm which she was enjoying immensely. My hips increased its pace and Wendy rose to meet my every stroke. I felt her close on me as I sank deeper. She clamped down as I began to piston into her with vigor. I bent and took one very long, hard nipple into my lips and tugged playfully. Wendy moaned delightfully, arching her back and forcing her lovely breast into my face. My cock grew and sank deeper and deeper. She moaned. She yelped. She shrieked as my hard cock hit her cervix.

“Oh you feel so good inside me. This is wonderful. Please fuck me harder darling. Ram me with your love and make me cum so hard. I want to cum on your cock. Oh this is better than anything I ever imagined. Fuck me, fuck me dear. I want to feel you flooding my pussy with your hot cum. I’ve dreamed of this. I need this now more than you know. I love the feel of your cock my love. Fuck me, fill me, flood me and never let me go.”

Her words drove my desire and I did fuck her harder, faster and deeper. I began to ravage her tight twat and she loved it. My hips became a blur. My cock was slamming into her, over and over again. I felt her tense as did I. She grabbed my head and kissed me relentlessly. I felt her climax and my hips began to go wild. I stroked her through that orgasm and right into the next. My passion was matched by this blonde goddess, stroke for stroke.

I felt my own begin to build, not only in speed but intensity. My legs began to quiver and my hips slammed as deep as possible. My breathing became ragged I felt my balls lift high as I started to fill her tight pussy with my sweet sperm. Wendy felt my cock twitching and she rode me hard as a fountain of sperm flooded her tight pussy. I felt her long legs wrap around me and hold me tight. I twitched, she clamped and we just held each other tight.

Wendy looked up into my eyes and smiled the whitest, broadest smile. We held each other as our bodies unwound. My cock was softening inside her hot pussy. Our hands caressed, our lips nibbled and kissed. The room had the scent of love.

“I told you I had never been made love to before. I thought that was accurate when I said it. Now, I know without any question in my mind. If what we have just done is making love, no one has ever come close to that. I’ve never experienced anything as lovely in my life. Thank you.”

“Thank you too,” I said as I kissed her yet again. “You are welcome. You are also welcome here anytime you want. I hope you think of this as a beginning. I don’t want you to feel that this is over. If you want, then this is the beginning of something special and sweet.”

“I’ve wanted to know you for a long time and apparently, you have wanted me as well. After last weekend, we all want you more than you’ll ever know.”

“Wendy definitely has that right,” Rose commented. “We do want you, now, tomorrow and beyond.”

Wendy and I looked over at the two overstuffed easy chairs and two, very naked and very lovely ladies sat, smiling.

“Rose was right. Watching you make love is spectacular. I came three times just watching,” Debbie laughed.

“I never heard you come in. I had no idea you were here,” I said.

“Wendy, if you think what you’ve just experienced was lovely you should have seen it from our perspective. Watching you two make love definitely got my juices flowing,” Rose said. “From experience hon, Debbie and I can tell you only one thing. This is just the beginning. Speaking of juices, you’re overflowing Wendy!”

With that, Rose walked over to the edge of the bed and knelt between Wendy’s dangling legs. Rose dove into her luscious twat. She began to lick and suck my cum from her pussy. Debbie walked to me and knelt, taking my semi-stiff cock between her lips. She began to lick and suck me clean. Wendy caressed my leg while Debbie sucked my now extremely hard cock. I kissed her tenderly as Rose reveled in our combined flavors flowing from her juicy cunt.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Wendy said as she looked at our two kneeling wenches. “I’m going to cum again Rose. Oh fuck, I am going to fucking cum again. I don’t want this to ever stop. FUCK this is so good.”

Wendy arched her back and delivered the balance of my sperm onto Rose’s waiting tongue. Rose was definitely hungry and she gobbled it all up. Her face was slippery with our combined lust but she didn’t care one bit. Rose loved it and she made no bones about it.

Debbie looked up at me, my cock deep in her mouth and her eyes glistened with delight. I felt her tongue deliciously stroking the bottom of my cock. She saw me smile broadly and knew she was making me so very happy. She swallowed me deeply and caressed my nuts warmly. Her angelic face wrapped around me was one of life’s most precious treasures.

I reached for her shoulders and gently pulled her up to me. She straddled my legs and I felt her descent onto my hard shaft. Debbie put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Her warmth was exciting and I loved being inside her. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and spread them wide. Her tiny rosebud felt the fingers of my hand press onto it firmly. I held her tightly and began to rock her as she sat, impaled on my lap. She began to ride me wildly. I leaned over and took her felt nipple in my mouth. Wendy leaned over and repeated my actions on her right tit. I felt my hands being moved from her ass. Rose knelt and began licking Debbie’s hot asshole. Debbie went insane. She screamed and rode me like a Brahma Bull. She began to cum and cum copiously. Everyone kept pleasing her and she continued to cum.

“Oh fuck this feels so good. More, I want more! Yes! Your cock! Oh your lovely delicious cock, fuck me with your cock you fantastic bastard! Lick my asshole! Oh yes! My ass, my ass, oh fuck, oh fuck! I love you all! I love you! I love! Ohmigod!”

Debbie collapsed on my chest, spent. I lifted her off me and laid her on the bed. Wendy and I caressed her as Rose began to clean my cock with her delicious oriental mouth. When she had licked all of Debbie’s flow from me, she looked me in the eye and mouthed, “I love you.”

I helped her onto the bed and kissed her warmly and deeply.

Breathless words came from another galaxy, “That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

We all laughed at Debbie as she attempted to re-enter low earth orbit.

“I need a drink,” I said as headed to the bar. “It’s time for a change of pace.” I looked back into the bedroom and saw a trio of gorgeous that was breathtaking. I stopped, turned around and looked again. This was not a trio. It was my trio. I made a mental note to send Holly three dozen long stemmed red roses first thing Monday morning.

I pulled out four large Manhattan glasses and filled them with ice. I made the drinks and took them back into the bedroom and handed them around. Wendy took a sip and asked me what this was.

“Those, my lovelies, are Snake Bites. Let them really chill. They are much better once the ice does its thing.”

Debbie took a sip and asked, “Okay, what is in this. It is delicious?”

“It is very simple really, fifty percent Amaretto and fifty percent Southern Comfort and just the tiniest splash of water. Let it chill for a bit and look out. I love these things.”

“Look out,” Rose inquired.

I just giggled.

I climbed back onto the bed and Wendy snuggled next to me.

“I, for one, have several things to say. Rose, you’re a total bitch. I love you to death but I also want to gouge your eyes out. You have had this guy for almost a week longer and that just isn’t fair. It’s just not fair. Debbie, I am so sorry what’s happening in your life. There is an upside though. You’ve been friends for a long time. If this shit hadn’t happened to you, you wouldn’t be here right now. So, technically, I am glad that it happened,” Wendy said.

“So am I Wendy, so am I,” Debbie smiled as they clicked their glasses.

“Now, if I could only get rid of that fucking asshole upstairs, I’d be so very happy too. And you, you son of a bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you? You’ve admitted that all this time, you’ve secretly wanted all of us. Why? Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Well, unlike a lot of guys, I don’t just walk up to a pretty woman and tell her I want to fuck her. I know guys who do. Hell, my best friend has done that, successfully, I might add, but that is not me. Wendy, you have lived upstairs from me all this time. A freaking blind man would know you are gorgeous. You are married. I didn’t know your circumstances. I just knew that you were. Debbie has been the only one here who ever took the time to become a friend. Yes, I knew there was a mutual attraction, but again, she is or should I say was, in one of the worst marriages I’ve ever seen. I was a shoulder to cry on and I accepted that. Don’t even get me started on Rose. I didn’t even know her freaking name until this Monday. She would not even look at me. Hell, if it wasn’t for Holly, none of you, with the possible exception of Debbie would be here right now. Whose fault is that?”

“It is your own damned fault! Damn you,” Debbie exclaimed as she reached over and waved my dick in the air. “If we had known how talented you are and particularly with this, we would have all been here years ago.”

Three women raised their glasses cheerfully, “Here, here.”

I started laughing when Rose blurted, “Fuck me, this drink is making me horny.” She threw her face across the bed and landed it right on my cock that Debbie was unconsciously still waving.

“Debbie, I told you she was a lying bitch. She doesn’t need a drink to be horny for him. Look at her go on that cock. Mmm suck it girl. Suck it all the way but save some for us,” Wendy cooed.

“I don’t know about you Wendy but this fucking drink works. I am hornier than a tree frog.” Debbie threw me down on the bed and dropped her pussy onto my lips. My tongue entered her hot pussy and I fucked her tight twat with my hard tongue.

Wendy attacked her tits and was biting and sucking furiously. My hands wandered over Wendy’s pussy and her ass. She loved it when my fingers circled her tight asshole. I traced her sweetly, softly and deliciously. I heard Wendy inhale and felt her arch her back as she relished my tender touch.

Rose was so intent on sucking my cock that she was actually ignoring her own orgasms. Rose was a fantastic cocksucker. I never wanted her to quit. Her lips were like orchids, delicate and sweet. Her desire was raw and wanton. Everything about this woman was astonishing and lovely.

Wendy bit Debbie’s tit hard and she yelped. Wendy bit harder and Debbie ground her pussy harder and harder onto my face. My face was soaked and she was flowing profusely. I never thought my friend would taste this good. I never knew I would want her this much either. It never crossed my mind that she would want me like this either. Debbie came with resounding force. She rode my face into oblivion. It felt like I was standing beneath Niagara Falls, mouth open, unable to drink it all in. My face was wet, my hair drenched and I loved every moment of this.

Rose came one more time on my cock and she too, collapsed on my hips. She licked her way up and kissed me deeply.

Wendy had disappeared only to return with refreshed beverages. “This recipe, I could do on my own,” she giggled. “They do make me horny as all get out. I like these…a lot.”

Everyone laughed and allowed the sweet drink to begin its work again.

I lay on my bed, regaining my strength, while three lovely naked women softly stroked me and tenderly kissed me. I shook my head imperceptibly and thought that life was, indeed, good.

The music was nice, lighting seductive and the scent of these three women was highly intoxicating.

“If you are true to your word, you owe me something,” Wendy smirked.

“And exactly what would that be?” I asked.

“Earlier today, you said that after you made love to me, and I quote ‘I am going to fuck you senseless.’ I have to say you made such beautiful love to me. I am still reeling from that but now I definitely want you to fuck me senseless. I’ve never been this turned on in my entire life.”

I chuckled lasciviously and looked to both Rose and Debbie. They both cracked up hysterically. “Well, if that is what you want Wendy that is what you’re going to get!” Debbie exclaimed.

Rose came back laughing and handed us all more drinks. I knew I could get used to this.

Debbie walked over to the nightstand and pressed a switch. The concealed drawer opened and she retrieved the warmed oil and the brown bottles.

The girls went to lay Wendy down on the bed but I stopped them. I walked to the end of the bed and touched a concealed switch. A small motor was heard and the top end of the four poster bed began to extend.

I took Wendy to the end of the bed and placed her hands on the extended bar for support. I spread Wendy’s high heeled legs wide and knelt before her phenomenal clit. Wendy stood before me, arms high and wide, legs spread deliciously and her clit so invitingly protruding. I knelt in front of Wendy and began to lick her sweet folds. She loved being taunted and we were experts at doing just that. Debbie brought out the poppers and told Wendy what to do. She inhaled deeply and held it as my mouth covered her cock like clit, Wendy went wild. I sucked her and treated her exactly the way my own cock loved to be treated.

I looked at Rose and she and Debbie walked over to Wendy with the oil in their hands. Wendy and Rose began to oil her long, lean body. The effect of my lips and their hands was having a wonderful effect on Wendy. They oiled her and teased every inch of her luscious body. Her swollen clit filled my mouth and I sucked like there was no tomorrow. The girls began to oil her back and then her spectacular ass. I knew that Wendy loved her ass being touched and the girls were just discovering that right now. They took turns stroking up her cheeks and onto her rosebud. Wendy moaned loudly each time a finger passed over her. Wendy was holding the bar tight overhead as her glistening body was being stroked, massaged and sucked. Wendy’s clit had stiffened and she loved the sensations my lips and tongue brought.

Rose hit her again with the bottle and she inhaled deeply. The rush is instantaneous and so was her response. Debbie began licking her lovely nipples and Rose slipped between Wendy and the end of the bed. I’d already discovered that Wendy had a very responsive ass and the ladies were seeing that now too. She knelt and spread Wendy’s lovely cheeks. Wendy went wild as Rose began to lick her sweet ass. She pushed her clit hard into my mouth as Rose began to poke into her tight hole. I sucked her clit harder as Rose porked her sweet asshole. Wendy’s legs were failing her and she hung on for dear life. This orgasm began in the soles of her feet and traveled north exploding massively onto my loving tongue. None of us slowed. Debbie licked and pulled her taut nipples while Rose and I licked, and sucked wildly. Wendy was cumming so hard. She shrieked and squealed and her body released a river of cum onto my face. I drank her burst of love and savored every drop.

Rose and I stood. I wrapped my arms around Wendy to steady her. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.

I reached over and hit another little switch and another motor was heard. All three women watched as a device slid out from beneath the bed. Once extended, it’s padded bar began to rise. I held a small device in my hand and I adjusted the height. I kissed Wendy deeply and then looked at Rose and Debbie. I instructed them to lie, side by side on the bed. They had no idea what I had planned but they did as I asked. I turned Wendy towards the broad padded bar that had risen from under the bed. I bent her across the bar and onto Rose and Debbie. I adjusted the height of the bar to accommodate her height and I walked into her. Wendy felt my cock slide between her legs and I entered her sweet pussy easily. She had fallen into a position to allow her to lick and suck both Debbie’s and Rose’s sweet breasts. The women all had access to each others body while I meticulously and lovingly fucked her tight twat.

“Oh yes, this feels so good. Ohmigod, this is delicious! Fuck me darling! Fuck my cunt! Yes! Oh Yes! Slide that delicious cock as deep as you can! I don’t want this to ever stop! Grab me, hold me, and fuck me baby! I’m cumming darling! Can you feel my pussy strangling your cock? Yes! FUCK ME!!! Fuck me hard baby! Oh YESSSSS!!! Don’t stop baby, fuck me forever, Ohmigod your cock feels so good!”

Wendy was cumming and cumming hard, she was biting nipples furiously. The girls were squeezing her tits and tugging her nipples and she was inflamed. I stroked her through countless mind blowing orgasms and she kept cumming. Her pussy clamped so hard on my cock that as I stroked out, I pulled her pussy with me. Wendy couldn’t get enough of my cock. I was so lost in lust from this fine woman. I slammed as deep as I could and she felt me bottom out. That set her into a massive, dramatic orgasm that rocked my world. I kept slamming her pussy and she lathered her love all over my cock. I slowed my pace and allowed her to calm. My cock slid from her and I began to touch her pussy and then her ass.

“My ass darling, will you fuck my ass? I’ve never been fucked in the ass. I want it, I really want it! I want every bit of your cock inside me. Please fuck me and make me whole,” she whimpered.

Rose told her what to do so she could take my cock in her virgin ass. She told her there would be pain but Rose assured her that I would be very gentle. Debbie told her that I would just get the head of my cock inside her and then stop to let her adjust to the size. Then she told her that I had to open her sphincter and that would hurt. She held the poppers in her hand and told her that these would definitely help. She also told her that once I was inside her, I would stop and let her get used to being stretched so far. Rose told her that once she was relaxed enough, that I would begin to give her the most amazing orgasms she had ever felt in her entire life.

Rose handed her her drink and she drank it all down. I readjusted the height of the bar and kissed her passionately.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.

“I want this more than anything I have ever wanted. I want you. I want you inside me. Fuck my ass and love me. That is all I want,” she kissed me deeply and turned around.

My hands roamed over her body. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear while caressing her breasts and down to her stomach. My hard shaft slid between her legs and nestled tight between her perfect ass. Wendy moaned as she felt my staff and wiggled on it. She bent forward and I ran my cock up and into her sopping wet pussy. I stroked inside her several times and pulled out. I placed my head against her and she felt me apply some pressure. She moaned and I pressed a bit harder. She was well oiled and I watched as the head of my cock slowly opened her. I pressed forward and my cock head slid into the tightest place it had ever been. Wendy inhaled sharply and I stopped moving instantly. She relaxed and I pushed deeper. I stopped every half inch to allow her to adjust. I felt her ring touch the head of my cock.

Rose and Debbie were looking at me and I held up two fingers and they each opened their bottles. With a bottle under each nostril, Wendy inhaled a massive hit as I pressed slightly against her ring. She did as she was had been instructed and bore down hard. I felt her ass open. I slid the head of my cock a little further inside her. She screamed as the passage had begun. I stopped again while she adjusted and relaxed. Debbie came up behind me. She poured more oil over my cock and Wendy’s ass. She oiled my cock and leaned up and kissed me. While she massaged the oil onto my exposed cock, she looked me in the eye and mouthed, ‘I love you too’.

Wendy had relaxed again and Rose and Debbie gave her another long hit. My hips fell forward and I sank deeper inside her.

“My ass is so full, I want more. Fuck my sweet ass darling. Oh yes, more, I want more. This feels so good.”

I slid deeper and she took it all in. My newly oiled cock slipped in deeper and deeper until I was completely inside her. Her moans were historic and my thrusts began in earnest. Wendy was a gorgeous woman with a body that wouldn’t quit before, but now, with my hard cock inside her ass, she was fast becoming a gorgeous anal slut with an insatiable appetite for cock in her ass.

“Ohmigod, nothing has ever felt this good! Fuck my ass hard my love! Fuck me, fuck me, and don’t ever stop this! Uh, YES! YES! Oh Fucking YES!”

Debbie climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of Wendy’s face. Wendy dove into her pussy and began to lick and suck her wildly. Rose came behind me and I felt her tiny hands cup my balls as I fucked Wendy’s wanton asshole. My cock was picking up a furious pace as Wendy wanted more and more of me. Wendy began to cum and as expected, this was a spectacular orgasm. Her arms flailed against Debbie and her legs buckled. The only thing holding her up was the bar and Debbie’s pussy. She was in orgasmic heaven and she loved it. Rose’s hand fueled my fire and I drove deeper and faster into Wendy. She met my every thrust with sweet moans and wails. Her body was in full convulsion and I began to slow. I stopped my thrusts and she came back to earth. Her heart was racing, her pussy pulsing and her ass gripped my cock passionately.

I helped Wendy up and she turned into me. “You are the most caring, wonderful lover I have ever known. I have no idea how you do the things you do but I am not going to let you go. I know now what has been missing in my life. I know that there has been a hole in my heart my entire life. I now know that it has been filled.”

With that, she sank to her knees and took my throbbing cock in her hands. She lightly touched and felt my shaft. Her fingers caressed and traced the head and over the crown. She drew a delicate line over my slit. Her hands sank lower to fondle my extremely hard shaft. She never broke eye contact with me in her journey of exploration.

Wendy held my balls delicately, feeling the softness of my scrotum. With a single finger under the crown, she pressed it hard against my stomach. Her lips, tongue and mouth began to lavish my balls with her hot, desire. She licked over my balls and sucked each one into her unstoppable mouth. Her tongue licked and loved my shaft on her upward journey. I felt her tongue reach the purple bulb at the head and she licked it all over. A large dollop of precum rested atop and she licked it and relished it on her lips. She took me into her mouth and began to suck me deliciously. She looked up at me as she held my cock slid between her lovely lips with pure wanton desire in her eyes. Wendy kept looking as her head inhaled my length. I felt myself ride along her soft, moist tongue as I descended into her face. Her tongue stroked me as she sucked me. I grabbed the overhead bar and just hung on. Wendy may not have had a wealth of experience but she sure had a natural talent which I was definitely the beneficiary of.

As her mouth worked on my cock, Rose and Debbie hugged, kissed and watched as our friend and lover sucked my cock deliciously.

Wendy fell fully onto my staff and she gagged a bit as I hit the back of her throat. Rose leaned over and Wendy took another hit. I took the bottle and took a long pull myself. Wendy attacked my hardness with a renewed gusto and I reeled in the feelings she was bringing. Her mouth was so warm, so fluid and so wonderful. Her tongue attacked the underside of my cock and I loved every motion I felt. Her tiny hands held my balls as her face loved my cock. I hit the back of her throat again and she just held my cock still. I felt her relax and then fall forward as I entered. She moaned over my cock and I held very still. She adjusted quickly and I began to slowly fuck her face. She grabbed my ass and set a rhythm which I followed. She took me in completely and raised her eyes to mine.

The sight of this pretty blonde with her lips stretched wide over my cock set me off. I began to fuck her face faster and she swallowed every last inch. I felt it building, and boy did it build. I was quickly losing it as her delicate mouth began to drain me. I began to shake and my stomach constricted. My body was totally in her control as she sucked and pulled me into a fantastic release. Wendy sensed its pending arrival and that simply ignited the craving she felt. Her hands spread my cheeks wide and her fingers slid over my tight ass. Her mouth inhaled me deeply as I moaned and began to shoot. She pulled me out of her mouth and watched as I began to cum onto her face, her tits, her lips and then copiously flooding her mouth with my hot, sweet seed. She was completely covered in cum. She sucked and licked and giggled and sucked some more. She looked at me and smiled. Her cum laden smile was so delightful, so loving and so sexy.

Rose and Debbie joined her and they began to lick my cum from her face, her neck and her breasts. Wendy, still caressing my shaft, moaned as the girls tongues tickled and teased. Debbie leaned over and sucked the head of my cock, licking a drop from the tip. Rose, not to be outdone, licked my shaft and then Wendy fed her my cock. Rose sucked me deeply. Wendy pulled me from her mouth and fed me to Debbie yet again. I held the overhead bar as the three spectacular women touched, stroked and sucked me deliciously. Their need was strong but their greed was stronger. I was definitely a very lucky man.

“That was one hell of a blowjob. I don’t know who taught you that but if I ever find out, I’m nominating them for a Nobel Prize. Ohmigod! Wendy, you are amazing. I’m going to give you 20 years to quit feeding my cock to these two as well. This is so erotic. Don’t stop.”

She giggled, “I’ll feed them as long I have some for me too.” With that, she sucked me in again. Life was definitely good.

“I need a drink,” I said. “Anyone know what time it is?”

We determined that it was just 9 PM and I asked if I was the only one who was getting hungry. I ordered Chinese and poured some drinks. I told the girls that there were robes in my closet. They went in and came out wearing lovely, sexy, silk robes.

“I just saw these in a catalog I got this week. They said it was a new design. How do you have this already?” Wendy asked.

“Oh, I have an in with the manufacturer. They send me things to get my opinion. I don’t get much but some things I like to have on hand. This is exactly why I have them. They do look great on all of you. I’ll be sure to let them know I approve.”

“You definitely are an amazing man.” Debbie purred. “Is there anything you don’t think of?”

“Lots sweetheart, there are lots of things I’m not on top of.”

“Well, as long as you are on top of us, we will be very happy,” Rose quipped.

The food arrived and it was good as usual. I sat at the table and just looked at the lovely women who had come into my life. In my wildest imagination, I never thought of this scenario. I often wondered if Debbie and I might get together. Rose and Wendy had never crossed my mind. Yet here I sat, with three, truly elegant women. Each one a beauty in their own right and they had wanted me as well. Years ago, I made a decision to just let life happen and try to stay out of trouble. It seems to have been a good decision now.

“After I am finished, I had better get dressed and go and see if the moron is still passed out. He should be gone until morning. I just wish now, that he would be gone forever. I don’t know what I ever saw in him. I really don’t,” Wendy said.

I took a bite of food and stated, “Personally, I think you shouldn’t be able to get a marriage license until you are at least thirty. Call me crazy, but there are so many mistakes made in the early stages and they can affect you for the rest of your life. I’ve seen too many of my friends hurt. That is why I am never getting married,” I stated and looked to see any reaction of that from the ladies. I saw something as their eyes dropped to their food. I wasn’t sure what it was but I can be pretty thick at times. “I do know one thing though; I am loyal to the ones I love. I don’t need a piece of paper to love someone, or someones.”

Three sets of smiling, sparkling eyes looked up at me. Debbie looked at me, pleadingly, “Does that mean that this doesn’t have to be just a one time thing?”

“What? Are you talking about you and me, or are you talking about the four of us.”

There was a brief awkward silence and Debbie said, “All of us, together.”

I began to laugh, “Only if you three will have me. That choice is not up to me. That is up to the three of you. You are here and I am happy. That should answer your question.”

A chorus of ‘that works for me’ was heard and smiles were bright and happy.

“I just want to make one thing clear. I will not pick favorites. To me, you are all equal, equally beautiful and equally desirable. That is the only thing I need to know. If you all understand that, then I think we can have a wonderful time.”

“A wonderful time is great. What would you think if we changed that to a wonderful life?” Rose inquired.

I just smiled.

“Teach me how to make those killer Rum Runners please. The night is young and I am not through with you yet!” Wendy exclaimed as we all burst into fits of laughter.

When she got back, she was giggling. He woke up just as she came in. She handed him the pitcher and he was so happy. She said she told him again that she was spending the night with Debbie and that tomorrow; they were going shopping and out to dinner. She told him she would be very late getting home tomorrow night. He was passed out again by the time she left.

I sat in the living room with a lovely woman on each side of me and one kneeling at my feet. The afterglow of this afternoon’s lovemaking was sweet. The music filled the background and their combined floral scents filled the air. The soft locks of the two heads on my shoulder felt so nice. Their hands roamed my chest and legs. I loved the feel of their nails tracing my flesh. Everything was soft, gentle and perfect.

“Debbie, Rose, I have a question for you. Am I the only he’s made love to like that?” Wendy inquired.

“Hey, I can hear you, you know.”

“Hush you, well, am I?

“No Wendy, when he made love to me, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced,” Rose purred.

“Same here hon,” Debbie cooed as she nuzzled my neck. “I can’t believe it was only last night, but I do know this. I want to feel that same feeling again and again.”

“Just so I have this right, afterward, he fucked your brains out just like he did me?”

“Oh yeah he did, totally and completely. I was so mind fucked I couldn’t even move,” Debbie blurted. “I was in such a state when I came in here to talk to him and a few hours later, only one thing mattered to me. That was my total and complete need for oxygen.”

[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "Cherry Takes on the NFL" To avoid any confusion on my readers part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]

The sun fought its way through the blinds bathing the room in subdued occasional rays of brilliance. He made a mental note to fix that. When he slept, he wanted darkness. He was getting used to waking in the center of his bed with gorgeous on each side. He flashed back to just a few hours ago and the spectacular pleasures he received from the women who had stormed into his life.

The women wanted to please him as much as he wanted to satisfy them. Their lips were works of art. His eyes closed as he thought back to the wonderful feeling of tender lips sucking and caressing his hard cock. Each woman was different in her technique but so similar in the need to have him in her mouth. He could almost feel those luscious lips as they traveled over his crown. He felt her skilled tongue riding the ridge and licking the precum from his strong cock. Mmm, he must be dreaming, it felt so good. Wendy’s head was on his arm and Debbie’s hand was on his chest.

He smiled and looked down to see the sparkling eyes of his precious Rose as she slid those exquisite oriental lips over the head of his cock. His dream materialized in the form of an Asian hybrid, sensual in nature and visually exotic. He closed his eyes to feel the wet, wonderful mouth that was waking him so sweetly.

Rose took her time and loved every part of his body. During the past week, she learned what thrilled him. It was fast becoming her goal in life to bring him as much joy as possible.

For two years, this man had lived directly below her and she had no idea what a gentle, caring person he was. His sexual prowess coupled with his exorbitant appetite to give and to receive extreme pleasure had excited and thrilled her.

Her nipples tingled as her lips flowed over his broad, velvet crown. How can a steel bar feel so soft and subtle? Rose had no idea but she adored his substantial shape, the heavy veining, the ridges, and the addicting flavor of his pleasure producer.

Her mouth welcomed him warmly. The joy she felt embraced her racing heart with thoughts of love, lust and contentment. She had always dreamed of finding a man who would treat her like the woman she knew she was and the wild, wanton slut she fantasized of becoming. She had suppressed her wild side for way too long. She savored the width of his lovely cock and the fullness she felt as he sank deeper into her wet mouth.

She needed a man she could trust to handle the tigress that lived under her classy exterior. Her wet mouth loved the ridges. Her lips teased the large veins as she felt him expand. Her tongue began to lick along the base of his shaft bringing him maximum pleasure. She loved the power she held between her lovely lips. This strong man, handsome, funny and sensual, had won her heart in such a short time.

Rose took him in deep and her hands cradled his substantial balls. She loved the feel of his cock at the back of her mouth. Her tongue caressed and licked his length as she felt him enter her throat. His eyes spoke so well of the pleasure she was conveying to him; eyes that she wanted to see forever and a day.

She looked at him and felt her pussy tingle. When she held him in her lips, she felt the luckiest woman alive. The feeling was not just about sex, was it? No, she thought, it was ever so much deeper. Pure lust overtook her. She slid her face down filling her throat with his velvet spear. She knew she could live like this for the rest of her life. Her cheeks took him in and out and she loved the erotic feeling. She would attain her deepest, darkest desires with such a man in her life. She sped the motion of her tongue along the wonderfully sensitive underside of his cock as it rose and fell into her throat.

She knew he was close. She wanted her morning treat while everyone slept.

Greedy thoughts entered her mind and she rejected them immediately. There was no question in her mind that she was unique however, he is not exclusive to her.

Her hands felt his legs tighten; she saw his abdomen flatten. It twitched. She sucked harder and deeper. It flinched, lifting the mighty head to the top of her mouth and she began to fuck his cock with her almond shaped face. Her lovely lips tightened as she bobbed wildly. His cock was experiencing the best she knew to give.

He thrust and her tongue felt the rush as the bottom of his rod primed to serve the salty, sweet breakfast she wanted so much. He moaned and flash flooded her lips and tongue with a glorious load of morning cum. His push continued and she took him into her throat. Her lips and tongue held him there and began to milk every last drop from his tasty hose.

She held him in her wet mouth until he was soft and pliable. She never moved and he deflated slowly. She loved a soft cock in her mouth, as it was a symbol of her power over it. She could make it hard and she could please it soft. It was, after all, her most prized talent.

She rolled his soft cock around in her mouth and playfully nibbled on him. Rose heard the timer and went to the kitchen. She returned with a tray of fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee. Wendy and Debbie stirred as the smell of coffee gently woke them. Rose kissed each of them and padded back to the kitchen. Wonderful aromas were wafting into the bedroom. Rose was a good cook.

Three very unsteady people stumbled down the hall and sat at the table. Rose had prepared a delicious breakfast and they were hungry from last night’s activities.

“Last night was terrific ladies. I enjoyed that so much. What would you like to do today?” he said as a loud clap of thunder rolled overhead.

Debbie looked out the window and saw the sky was black. “This looks like it will be around all day. I say we stay in and enjoy the day right here.”

Wendy agreed, “Yes that sounds like a good idea. I have some catching up to do anyway. We have everything we need and lots of films to watch. We could even copy some of the scenes and try them out ourselves. Until yesterday, I could only fantasize about doing that. Now I can try it. How does that sound?”

“I like it. I’ve been the same way myself,” Debbie said. “That definitely would work for me.”

The girls took an hour to put fresh sheets on the bed and do a load of laundry.

He sat back and contemplated how much his life had changed from just one visit from Holly. He laughed thinking back to a comment he had made to his friend Mark that Holly was a life-changing event all by herself. He never realized how prophetic that was.

How did he arrive at this place in his life? His parents and their best friends Robert and Maggie Carter had started a small company. Under his mother’s and Maggie’s direction, it had grown rapidly. Retailers loved their lingerie designs and the orders poured in. D’Orgasmic Lingerie was well on its way to becoming a top named fashion house.

Their son Jeremy and he were best friends. It was actually the three amigos. Mark Banner completed the inseparable trio. Mark had gone on to found one of the most celebrated sports representation firms in the world. These guys did everything together.

Jeremy, Mark and he had spent their teen years living the dream. They had money, they had looks and they had strong sex drives. The girls chased them in high school and more so in university. They paid very little attention to the local girls. A stable of willing fashion models demanded their attention constantly. That is what they grew up with and for the most part, still enjoyed.

His own parents had died several years ago in a tragic car crash and he inherited their fortune, which included half of D’Orgasmic, their mansion that he sold for top dollar, and all of their lucrative investments. He kept his fingers in the business but from a distance. He worked with the designers and approved or rejected additions to the product line. He supervised catalog creation from top to bottom. He had not actually been in the corporate offices in over a year.

He had tried many things, such as selling real estate in Ft. Lauderdale, owning a bar in Key West and writing. Today he wrote technical articles and erotica. His life was simple. He liked it that way. He knew that the day would come when he would have to take over the business but he wasn’t expecting it any time soon.

This business had been his life from as early as he could remember. Robert and Maggie shared CEO responsibilities but they concentrated on the PR end of the business when they had to. Most of the time, they worked bringing aid to war torn countries. They had put in place an excellent president and staff to run the company.

Jeremy, on the other hand, had gone on to work on Wall Street and made many bad decisions. Those decisions turned criminal. He made and stashed millions overseas before coming under SEC scrutiny. He fled the country just hours before they charged him with over one hundred and fifty counts of one sort or another. Convicted in absentia on all counts; Jeremy faced almost one thousand years in prison. He was never coming back to the states. He got into the porn business in Thailand and was quickly on his way to becoming a billionaire.

When the shit hit the fan regarding Jeremy, many legal things had to be done quickly. Jeremy would be ineligible to inherit anything from his parents. The government would immediately seize any money, property and investments in the event he would be named in a will.

The solution was simple. He had purchased their share of the company and all their assets including their mansion in the exclusive Isleworth subdivision on the Butler Chain of Lakes. Robert and Maggie enjoyed the lifestyle they had earned without having to worry about any complications. Their income from the company was substantial and what they did with it was their business.

Mark had graduated top of his class at Harvard. He was a sports nut. He had known the stats on every player in almost every sport played. Everyone thought he would wind up in Las Vegas running a sports book at a major casino. He had other ideas and started a law practice specializing in sports representation in, of course, Las Vegas. His personality had served him well and he began attracting clients. Mark had signed one football player and obtained such a huge contract for him that they came to him in droves for his services. He built the largest firm of its kind in the world.

He watched his own trio of lovely women as they made quick work of putting his place back into showroom condition. These women had been on the periphery of his vision for years and he never took the time to see them. He could be a fool at times. He never wanted for lack of company to be sure; he still maintained a substantial black book of willing and eager women and a few men interested in sharing his bed. Speaking of which, he needs a bigger bed now.

Wendy walked over to the sofa with a fresh cup of coffee for him. He smiled as he saw how this delicious blonde-haired woman with the Carmen Electra legs brought that robe to life. She was stunning. She sat the cup down and stroked her long nails across his chest. Her heart raced every time she touched him.

She is just getting to know who this man is and she liked everything about him. He is a kind, gentle man with beautiful eyes that actually looked at you when you spoke. He is funny and sweet. He made her feel special and that was something new to her. No man had ever made love to her and nobody had ever fucked her so deliciously either. In the space of just one day, Wendy had experienced emotions, sensations and more orgasms than she could ever recall. All of this occurred while she shared him with two other extremely hot, sexy women. What would he be like alone? Rose was going to get her ass smacked over hoarding him for almost a week.

Wendy turned his face and met his lips with the softest, sweetest kiss. She held his face in her hands as their kiss lingered. The feelings thrilled her and confused her as well.

The man she was unfortunately married to was a useless drunk. He was a mistake that she knew had to be rectified. The few trysts she had experienced were unsatisfying at best. Wendy wondered would she grow old with him. She did not know but she felt that she would. He returned her kiss equally tenderly.

“It is so hard for me to tell you how I feel this morning. So many thoughts are rushing through my head. Certainly, you will understand. I just want you to know that for the first time in my adult life, I woke up happy,” Wendy said. “You make me feel so wanted, so desirable and special. If this truly is the beginning of a journey, I am so happy to be part of it.” She kissed him once again and shivered as his presence in her arms tingled her being to its core.

Debbie came over and knelt at his feet as Rose was putting the bedspread back on the bed. She stroked his leg sweetly while Wendy’s nails caressed his chest. He looked at these lovely women and smiled broadly.

“Is this real Gary? I mean, is it?” Debbie asked. “I agree with Wendy. I woke up the last two days feeling loved and appreciated for the first time in years, even if Rose was getting first dibs on you today.”

“Oh shit, I was trying to be so quiet too,” Rose shouted from the bedroom. “I didn’t make a sound and that was fucking hard to do too.”

Wendy laughed, “You didn’t Rose. Did you forget, we were holding on to him at the time? My head was on his arm. I heard his heartbeat racing. That is what woke me up.”

“My hand was on his chest, I felt it,” Debbie said.

“Oh, okay, just checking, that’s all,” Rose, laughed.

“Debbie I’ve been living alone for so long and I enjoy that aspect of my life. Obviously, you know I am no virgin. I share my bed with many people. I always have and always will. You did not know about them because there are very few like Holly. As much as I care for each one of you, my life has to go on. I want you all with me every step of the way. There is a lot about me that you don’t know. You may like it or you may not. My guess is that, as we get to know each other better, that you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I do. It will be a sexy ride to be sure.”

“How long do you see this ride lasting Gary?” Debbie asked.

“Oh that is a question, isn’t it? I would hope a very long time. That is not up to me, it is up to each of you to determine. I am not going anywhere so if you’re into it, so am I.”

“The bedroom is back together everyone. All stocked up and ready to go. The toy box is open and the candles are burning. The Sybian is out because I know I want to play with it. Oh, you have to see the attachments I found. They are great. The big screen is up as well and I took the liberty of loading a DVD I think we’ll enjoy. Let’s get this party on the road. Bartender, Rum Runners please,” Rose smiled.

Debbie ran her hand up Gary’s leg grabbing his cock pulling him to his feet. “Come with us, you glorious piece of manhood. Today, you’re getting used, abused and you’re going to love it.”

“Fucking right you are. God, I’m wet just thinking about all the nasty things that we are going to do to him today. I am over flowing with years of unspent cum and I am damned sure going to get wild today,” Rose giggled.

“I had a guy say this to me once and he did exactly what he said he would do. Now it is my turn to say it to him. Baby, I am going to fuck your brains out. Debbie, drag his spectacular body to the bedroom,” Wendy commanded.

Everyone laughed as Debbie dragged him down the hallway by his dick. She threw him onto the bed and three naked, high-heeled women began to kiss and lick him all over.

Rose had lit several candles from the toy box and the scent was intoxicating. He giggled, as he knew they were pheromone candles. One would have been sufficient but she had lit four. It was going to be a wild ride for sure. He had used them sparingly because they were highly effective. Their effect more than doubled your sex drive. He hoped his own performance would be sufficient. He knew one thing; it was going to be fun finding out.

Rose hit play and the wall came alive as a very hot scene began playing. Wendy began kissing his face, lips, neck and shoulders. Rose was licking his nipples and scraping his chest with her lovely nails.

Debbie was exactly where she wanted to be. Her lips wrapped around his great cock. She filled her mouth with his hardness while caressing his balls. Debbie was in cock heaven.

The scent was having a wild effect and he found it hard to concentrate on any one woman’s attention. He felt as if he was floating in a sea of sensational softness. Each of his women had their own sweet style of lovemaking and that was so good to him. Each body was different in size and shape. Their hair lengths varied bringing a much different feeling as their faces traveled the length of his body. The touch of their hands felt different on his skin.

The one thing that amazed him is how similar they were while sucking his cock. Their level of expertise was truly a thing of beauty. Debbie’s years of abuse from Paul had suppressed her desire for physical contact with him. Unleashed now, she had years of gratification to make up for. She was making the most of it. She wanted closeness, warmth and love. Whether it came from his cock or the lips of her women lovers, she craved it.

Debbie was attacking him fiercely. His cock was bottoming out at the back of her mouth repeatedly. Her tongue was licking, tasting, twirling and slurping loudly. This was a fantastic, wet, sloppy blowjob.

The candles were definitely having the expected effect.

Wendy jumped on his face and lowered her gorgeous pussy onto his lips and she began to ride. She rode his lips. She rode his tongue and she rode him hard.

“Eat my pussy dammit, eat me,” she screamed. “Oh Fuck this feels so good. Eat me baby suck my pussy. Make me cum hard. Oh, that’s it right there, lick it darling. My pussy needs your fucking tongue. Lick my asshole. Yes, Rose come up here and bite my tits. Fuck this is so good!”

Rose straddled my forehead, her wet pussy leaving a nice wet streak as she held Wendy and began kissing while he tongued her deeply. Rose and Wendy were tit-to-tit and pussy-to-pussy on my face. They were touching, tugging nipples and riding his face hard. Debbie was sucking him furiously. Rose put her arm around Wendy and slipped a finger in her ass. Wendy rode back on her finger and began to ride his face harder and faster. She shrieked and began to cum. The finger opened a floodgate that drenched his mouth completely. She threw her head back and rocked hard on the tongue, which was planted, firmly in her vagina.

“Cum on that tongue you delicious bitch. Ride him and keep cumming my love. Flood his face. You like my finger in your ass don’t you baby. Soon his cock is going to be in your ass. You want that too don’t you? We all want his cock in our asses. Keep cumming, you delicious bitch. Oh yes, scream some more. You won’t bother anyone upstairs. Do it baby, cum again and again.”

She gushed, she flowed and with each strong orgasm, her pussy just kept cumming. He licked as best he could. Nevertheless, with Rose’s dripping twat on his forehead, he couldn’t move very well. He didn’t care. No matter who moved, all he saw was delicious, hot twats.

Debbie was on fire. She jumped on his cock and started slamming her pussy down on him. She was being brutal and she began to cum almost before she bottomed out the first time.

“Fuck, I am so horny, fuck me you gorgeous hunk of man. Slam your cock up my cunt and make me cum. I want to cum more. Feel my hot pussy baby. I am so wet my love. Fuck me. Ram that hot cock harder and deeper into me. Make me cum again. Oh, fuck me!” Debbie screamed.

She jumped up and down on his cock and then threw herself down and began to grind herself on him. She was cumming like an exploding fountain. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she ground herself senseless. She couldn’t figure out what had come over her and she didn’t care. She wanted cock and that is what she had. One more wild orgasm took her into orbit and she almost broke his dick off. She fell forward and her lips landed just inched from Wendy’s gorgeous ass. She pulled Rose’s finger out and began to lick Wendy’s ass.

Wendy went ballistic. Wendy became a blur on his face. She was cumming before Debbie started rimming her tight ass. Wendy was unstoppable. Rose had been kissing her tits and had her finger on her clit when Debbie’s tongue licked her asshole. Wendy came so hard she could barely breathe. Rose had to hold her upright to steady her as she began to calm down.

Debbie was lying on him and with every twitch of his still hard cock inside her; she’d flinch while trying to catch her breath. Rose helped Wendy off his tongue and laid her on the bed beside him. She was dripping wet. Sweat was dripping from the tip of her nose. Debbie still twitched as his lovely cock softened inside her. Rose pushed Debbie off his cock and onto the bed beside him.

Rose wondered why she was so damned horny. Over the last week, she’d had more sex than in many years combined and yet, right now, she felt she could take on the US Army and not be satisfied. Her pussy tingled with every breath she took. She leaned over him and kissed his face. His handsome face tasted exquisite with the combined flavors of both Wendy and herself. She needed to cum immediately. She lowered her pussy on his face and took his soft cock back into her mouth.

His eyes opened to see Rose’s perfect pussy as it descended onto his greedy lips. At the same time, he felt her talented lips take him into her soft mouth. This woman was vociferous in her need for satisfaction.

“Honey, I am going to get this fucking hot cock hard again. I need to shove it down my throat. You’ll let me do that won’t you baby. I need it. Oh, darling please lick my wet cunt. Oh fuck, I need it. Suck me lick my clit. Oh, that feels good. Your cock is getting hard for me. I love looking at your hot dick. I love it. Your tongue feels so good, that’s it, lick it, and lick my clit. Oh, yes!”

Her mouth inhaled him fully and she began to suck his cock wantonly. His tongue drove her wild. Debbie began to run her hands along Rose’s back and that excited her more. Rose began to cum and she locked her thighs hard against his face. Her body shivered as the flood gates were opening. She screamed on his cock as he relentlessly coaxed her clit into rapid-fire earth shattering climaxes that astounded her.

Rose knew not why her lust for this man was so great and she didn’t give a shit either. He was here, right now, in this place and his cock was in her throat. That was all that mattered to her. She loved the length, the breadth and the taste of his silky piece of steel. Every erotic thought she ever had came flooding into mind. Her well-hidden kink was showing itself and she loved the freedom it gave her. Rose focused her thoughts on her lips and the slutty way they stretched over his hard prick. She wished that she could stand beside herself and watch as his cock slid into her mouth. She was now officially a cocksucker and that had been her goal for so many years. Her fantasy has always been to suck as many cocks as humanly possible in a single day. He is a man who loves wild group sex parties and perhaps one day, she would get to live out her wildest desires. That thought set her off and her massive orgasms built further as she drenched this lovely man again.

She pulled her lovely Asian frame from his lips and slid down to impale her tight pussy on his extended manhood. He sliced into her and watched her spectacular ass rise and fall as he filled her pussy so well.

“Wendy baby, lick my clit while he fucks me. I want to feel your hot lips on my clit baby. Lick my hot twat while I fuck this huge cock. Fuck, he feels so good inside me. Fuck me my darling, fuck me and fill my pussy with that hard cock. Oh, yes!”

Wendy knelt on the bed between his legs. Her pussy flowed watching his hard shaft stretch Rose’s tight cunt. Wendy lowered her head and cupped his balls as he stroked into Rose repeatedly. Her tight opening welcomed him while her clit rode atop his shaft. Wendy put her mouth over that sweet nub and she began gently licking his cock and her clit. Rose’s insane desires erupted. The feel of his cock together with Wendy’s tongue set her off. Her hips jumped up and down so fast and furiously. Every bounce resulted in her cervix screaming and her twat gushing harder. Rose bounced so high that his cock flew from her and landed squarely into Wendy’s mouth. She licked it, sucked it and put it back into Rose’s aching pussy.

Rose looked down and watched as Wendy sucked him and put him back into her. That set her off again and she came so hard she almost passed out. Wendy backed off and Rose fell back onto his chest. Her hair flared over his face and the sweet smell of her made him smile.

He heard the blender and attempted so sit up. He looked at the bed and started laughing. “Rose, you wasted your time earlier. This bed is a wet as it was before you put everything in the dryer.”

She couldn’t answer him. Her eyes were crossed and her body was not responding to any cognitive functions at all. She was completely fucked up now.

Debbie came in with refills of Rum Runners. Without exception, brain freezes arrived as everyone drank like camels in a desert. The overdose of the pheromones and the utter horny causing beverage promised this would be a great day. It wasn’t even noon yet.

He laughed wickedly.

“Why am I so fucking horny this morning? I can’t get enough of everything?” Wendy asked.

“Blame Rose, it is all her fault,” he said.

“My fault, why is it my fault? Okay, sure, I got your cock first again but they have all seen me suck you many times. I’m just as horny as Wendy is and from the look on Debbie’s face, I know she is too so why is this all my fault? Mind you, I’m not complaining one bit. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Rose look in the toy box and get out a new candle. Read the label.”

“Oh shit, I saw candles, I thought it would be sexy to have them burning. I love candles. I didn’t know they were pheromone candles. No fucking wonder I can’t get enough. I didn’t know they even existed. I love them,” Rose giggled.

Everyone agreed that the candles were amazingly effective. They watched the action on the big screen and the comments were hysterical. There was one scene with a tiny white brunette and a huge black man whose cock most would describe as a physical deformity.

“There is no way that she can take all that. She is too tiny. She has big tits and a great ass but there is no way she is going to swallow that thing!” Debbie exclaimed.

Rose watched with rapt attention to the delicious way this girl’s mouth wrapped around this huge cock. Her jaw was nearly dislocated and her lips stretched tight as this liquorice log slid slowly between her teeth. “I don’t know about that. I’d like to try that one myself,” Rose said. “Who is this girl anyway?”

Everyone looked at Rose with some shock on their faces.

“It’s always been a fantasy of mine. I can’t explain it. I have always liked watching black men and Asian and white women. It’s sexy.”

“Her name is Cherokee. She is one of my favorite porn stars. She makes me drool,” he said.

They watched in awe as this tiny minx swallowed the entire black pipe.

“I’ve never been with a black man,” Wendy stated. “What about you?” she asked to no one in particular.

None of the women said they had. “What about you hon, have you been with a black woman?” Wendy asked.

“Yes I have; there are two in particular that I see occasionally. You’ll meet them eventually. They are amazingly beautiful and horny as hell. I know they will simply love you as well. Oh yeah, there have been a couple of guys too.”

“How was that?” Rose asked.

“It was filling, very filling. It was good though too. I’m going to bet one of these days, you all will have the opportunity to fuck many black men. When it happens, just don’t forget me. I’ll be the white boy with the little dick that loves all of you. Deal?” he said.

“Deal, I doubt that would ever happen but yes, you have a deal,” Debbie smirked.

“The men I’m talking about like white women a lot. I just had to be sure. From what I hear, they can be very addictive themselves,” he smiled.

“I’m fucking horny again!” Rose shrieked. “We better save our money because I’m going to light these candles everywhere.”

“This is me sulking now. I thought I was the one that turned you all on,” he laughed.

“You do darling, you definitely turn me on more than I can ever tell you,” Rose said.

“I second that,” Wendy said.

“Add me to that mix sweetheart,” Debbie said. “What bothers me is that I’ve known it was happening too for a very long time. I was just too blind to see it.”

“Okay Rose, you got it out. You’re going to be the first to ride it,” he said as he moved to the Sybian. “Let me explain this thing. For starters, there are a number of attachments. The first one is the flat one. You straddle this as if you are riding a horse except you put your feet towards the back. You want to have the front nub touching your clit. If it doesn’t touch, I have a slipper to put on it to make contact. Get on it Rose and let’s see how this fits you.”

Rose got on and saw that it needed no adjustments. He lowered the overhead handhold bar from the top of the bed to give her something to hold. Rose got on facing the end of the bed and he picked up the control unit. He turned it on to 15% and Rose smiled.

“This feels great,” she said as the vibrations started to course through her body. When the control was turned up to 30% she grinned. “Oh this feels so good. I like this a lot.” When it went to 40%, “Oh this is fucking good.” He set it to 50% and she started to shriek. “Ohmigod this is terrific.”

Rose began to cum and she came hard within the first minute. He adjusted it to 60%, she was holding onto the bar, and cumming like crazy. At 70%, her body was shaking desperately enjoying one of the wildest orgasms of her life. For the first time, he kept it at that setting and Rose’s body was cumming constantly. He slowed everything back down to zero and she just sat there stunned.

“Stand up hon; I have to change some things. If you liked that, you’ll love this,” he said. He changed from the flat attachment to the medium 6″ one. “Okay Rose, sit on this.”

Rose sat on the dildo and adjusted herself so that her clit rested on the front nub. He picked up the control unit and turned the other knob.

“Ohmigod, the dildo is turning inside me. That is wild. I love this. Oh damn, this feels so good.”

He adjusted it until it was at a very pleasant speed for her. He walked over to her and put a blindfold on her.

“I am going to bring the speed up slowly increasing it. I want you to concentrate on one thing and one thing only, orgasms. I don’t want you to think of anything else. You will begin to cum keep cumming. I will adjust the speed from time to time. All you need to do my dear, is relax and cum. Do not be alarmed if, from time to time, one or all of us begins to touch and kiss you. To heighten your orgasms, it helps to vocalize so moan, shriek and scream if you want. I am going to talk to you. You just listen to the words I say and react. Think of it as if it is me inside you. Make sure you keep humping your clit on the front nub. Are you ready?” he asked.

“Oh God, this thing feels good inside me and nothing is happening yet. Am I ready? Ohmigod yes I am!” Rose moaned.

He turned the rotation up and brought up the vibration speed. Rose began cumming almost immediately.

“I Love You Rose. Feel my hot cock moving inside you. You feel wonderful on my cock my darling. Squeeze my cock as hard as you can. I want you to let it all out. Cum for me Rose.”

“Oh yes! I’m cumming! So good, oh this is so very good. Yes! Yes! Oh fuck me!”

He adjusted the vibration upward and Rose kept cumming. The orgasms were unlike anything she had ever felt. Her entire body was on fire and deprived of any visual stimulation, she could only focus on the delicious sensations in her pussy and on her clit. She heard his words and they just made it better. Every time the vibrations increased, the intensity of the orgasms grew. She inhaled deeper and came more.

“You’re doing great. Fuck me hard Rose. Give it to me. You’re so beautiful. Hump me and let everything go Rose. Squeeze my hot cock, cum for me darling.”

“Oh fuck yessss! I’m cumming so hard. Cumming so hard! So good, oh, this is so good! Keep cumming! Oh, yes! I must keep cumming.”

He motioned for Debbie and Wendy to stand beside her. Rose felt four hands begin to touch her lithe body lightly. Her breasts, adorned with the hardest nipples she had ever felt, loved their tender touch. Wendy’s hands caressed her back and down onto her ass. When her finger slipped between Rose’s sweet ass cheeks, Rose unhinged completely.

He turned the speed all the way to 100% and the moans became so intense. She was white knuckling the bar that held her upright. Her body was in a constant state of climax. Her feet and toes were flinching.

“You are so beautiful when you are coming. Go ahead and scream baby. Keep fucking me hard. I love you Rose. It feels wonderful when you fuck me like this. Ride my cock, hump me Rose. Cum baby, cum hard for me.”

The shriek that came from her mouth would have brought the police if his neighbors had heard it. Oh wait, they did hear it. They were waiting for their turn too.

“I am going to stop fucking you for a moment Rose. Sit very still and keep your eyes closed. Enjoy the feeling of my cock moving inside of you. Don’t move and keep your eyes closed. You are wonderful, I love you Rose. You are doing great,” he said.

He smiled to himself as he instantly turned the vibrations off completely. The dildo kept rotating and Rose was still cumming hard.

“I want you to fuck me some more and I want you to let everything go this time. Don’t be holding back. Cum as hard as you can,” he whispered after about a half minute.

He looked at Wendy and Debbie indicating the vibration was going to start again. They stood beside her and he turned it all the way up again. Rose screamed loudly and her body shook and shivered as the orgasms kept happening, longer and more intense than ever. The girls held her tight and stroked her body as she was pulsed and twirled so lasciviously. Her pussy was gushing, squirting and clamping so hard on the cock inside her.

Rose signaled enough and they helped her from the machine. She lay on the bed, dazed, incoherent and smiling the brightest, widest smile, anyone had ever seen. She tried to speak. That didn’t work. She attempted to move her hands in a coordinated way and that too was impossible. The only thing that worked was the smile.

Wendy looked at him and asked, “Is that thing for real?” I’ve seen them advertised before but I never saw one in action.”

He took her lovely blonde head in his hands and kissed her so wonderfully. He looked into her eyes and saw the love and the lust within. He kissed her again and walked her to the machine. She mounted it and he checked to see if he had to make any adjustments. He put the slipper on and it was perfect for her. He kissed her again and put the blindfold on.

“You know what to do. Just let everything flow. Concentrate on nothing but your own pleasure.”

For the next half hour, the room was the scene of the most delightful yelps, shrieks and moans. Wendy was such a gorgeous woman who had been deprived of orgasmic pleasure most of her life. Unfortunately, he knew that kind of deprivation was common.

Rose lay on the bed, unable to move. From time to time, giggling was heard above the noise of the machine.

Debbie looked at her and laughed. She had never seen anyone that completely fucked in her entire life. She knew she was next and the thought thrilled her and frightened her at the same time. Debbie hung onto him, her arm wrapped around his shoulder. He loved the feel of her lovely breast on his arm. He handled the control that was sending Wendy into orbit.

“I know it is probably way too soon to say this but I really don’t care. You’ve been one of my closest friends and I’m just going to say this anyway, like it or not. I love you Gary. I really do,” Debbie said as she took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately. “I know no one will ever possess you. I can deal with that. I love these women as well and I want to be part of our collective lives. This isn’t a fling for me. I hope you know that.”

“I know that Debbie, I know it and I love it,” he said as he turned the speed up higher.

Wendy came hard so many times that she lost count. Her lovely legs wobbled as they removed her from the device. She was soaked from head to toe. Her pussy had flooded everything. When they laid her on the bed, she was as incoherent as Rose had been.

Rose was still giggling. A half hour after leaving the machine she still could not focus very well. She knew that she loved this man. Could it be that she felt an emotional attachment to this delicious toy as well? She giggled again.

Debbie looked lovingly at him again, “I’ve cum so much in such a short period of time. Don’t hurt me, just take me to places I’ve never been before.” She kissed him and mounted the machine. A half hour later, the silly putty that was helped to the bed belonged to Debbie, smiling and giggling profusely.

He smiled to himself. He didn’t put the device away. The day was young and he was beginning to know his women. They hadn’t learned a few things about this device yet. He laughed, a slightly wicked laugh, but a laugh, nonetheless.

Rose had recovered and she could not keep her hands off this man. She was hugging his naked body, kissing his chest and generally clinging to him like flypaper. In her mind, she had a wild fantasy life but nothing could compare to the insatiable cravings he caused her to feel simply by walking into a room.

Together they poured drinks and returned to the bedroom. Wendy and Debbie were slowly returning to some sense of normalcy. Considering that many women have referred to their experiences with the device as life changing, normalcy may not be the description to use.

“This machine will take a woman who has never experienced an orgasm to being multi-orgasmic and then, poly-orgasmic. It is here for one reason and one reason only, pleasure, your pleasure…and several of my other friends as well,” he told Rose as they returned with the drinks.

He looked at the bed and the worn out women struggling to sit up and laughed. “Gee, what are you going to be like when you see everything this little devil can and will do to you? I think I’ll need to have paramedics on hand.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? What more could it possibly do? I’ve had more orgasms today than I ever had collectively in my lifetime,” gasped Wendy.

“Oh, I’ve been told that this works very well,” he said as he held up an attachment that looked like a ball on a four inch attachment. “This rides on your G-Spot. I hear it is effective, extremely effective. Oh, then there is this.” He held up the dual penetrator. “Any of the dildos fit. Therefore, you can choose the size you want for your pussy and a different size for your ass. Then, this one I like too. The finger,” he smirked as he held up an attachment that looked like a human finger. “This one can get kinky.”

“Kinky, did this man just say kinky? Kinky, I’ll show you kinky. Do you, Wendy take Sybian to be your lawful wedded husband?” She burst out laughing.

It was another glorious day in Laguna Beach, nice warm breezes and smog free air. Natalia walked out onto the patio with her morning coffee in one hand and her laptop in the other. Her naked body loved the feel of the sun waking her senses.

It was five weeks since the pool company changed the schedule that brought Jose into her life. That tall, handsome pool man with the fantastic cock had charged her sex life and that of Pam’s and Jill’s as well. They had joined in the fun on the second encounter with Jose and had become addicted to him and his two sexy girlfriends.

Mmm, Natalia thought his girlfriends are so fucking hot. Her fingers slid between her puffy lips and she stroked absent-mindedly while thinking back to last Monday. Jose had called and asked if she would be interested in him bringing them over to help him clean the pool. She had agreed immediately.

Pam and Jill had arrived about a half hour before Jose and quickly lost their clothes and any inhibitions they never had to begin with. Natalia told them that there was going to be some additional company coming but didn’t tell them who. She liked surprising them.

Jose arrived with his girlfriends Donna and Cat. They both were hot as could be.

Donna had jet-black hair, a lovely face with great eyes. She was about 5’4″ with full 34C breasts and weighing somewhere around 125lbs. She looked simply scrumptious.

Cat was a tiny little thing who looked delicious as well. She stood just less than five foot tall with bright red hair. Her almost non-existent bikini revealed a hot as fuck body, full 32B cup. Cat had them surgically enhanced and they looked lovely.

Jose made the introduction to the three naked women.

“Jose, you son of a bitch. You said they were attractive. You didn’t say anything about them being drop dead gorgeous and oh, so sexy. Cat, we are over dressed for this party,” Donna said as she slapped his strong Latin arm.

With that, Donna and Cat had instantly become naked and headed for the girls. Jose dropped his bathing suit and walked into Natalia’s waiting lips.

Natalia opened her mouth as he approached. Her hand grabbed his hard cock and she guided it between her hot lips. He slid so easily between her lips. Her tongue guided him deep into her throat. She slid her face along his length and felt every ridge and vein on her tongue. He fucked her face so well. She loved the way he held her face as his cock explored her wet mouth. She knew she was becoming addicted to him. They all were.

She thought back to the sight of Donna licking Pam and Cat crawling inside Jill. She knew why they were his girlfriends. They were as insatiable as she was.

Her fingers continued playing with her clit as she re-lived those moments in her head. Her body moved, her hips began to grind on her hand and Natalia exploded in a terrific orgasm. She fell back on her chaise and gasped.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to be late for work,” she said to no one in particular. She rushed to get dressed and hurried to work.

She parked near the door and ran into the spa. Jill was laughing when she flew through the front door. “You look like you slept in.”

“No, I was up early but I lost track of time. I was kinda remembering Monday and…”

“Your fingers got wet and you forgot you had a job.” Pam yelled from her office.

Jill doubled over in laughter.

“What are you laughing at Jill? I won the bet. Pay up bitch!” laughed Pam.

“Again, I just finished licking your pussy two minutes ago. If you want more, just say the word boss,” she giggled.

“Yes, that is exactly what happened if you really must know. I poured a coffee, sat by the pool and kinda got lost in the moment. Tell me you haven’t relived Monday yourself,” Natalia said. “That goes for you’re skinny ass too,” she yelled at Jill who was still laughing.

“Actually, we were just discussing it before you arrived,” Pam blushed. “We agreed it definitely was another hot Monday at your pool my dear.”

“Oh, I get it. You verbally reminisced while Jill licked you to into many heavenly orgasms again. You came and so did she. You call me twisted, ha.”

“Something resembling that,” she smirked. “What’s on your mind other than Jose?”

“I got a call from my lawyers and I have to meet with them this afternoon. It’s important that I get these documents signed. The schedule is fairly light but I need to get out of here by two.”

“It will cost you. You know it will,” Pam said.

Natalia lifted her top and walked over to Pam. “You want payment? Lick my tits dear. That’s it, suck them and get them hard for me. Your lips feel so good baby. How is that for payment?”

“Mmm It’s a down payment sweetie. I’d need about three hours for payment in full,” she laughed as she licked each nipple one last time.

“Damn that fucking Jose. That guy got me started this morning and I am so horny right now. Now I have work to do.” Natalia picked up the appointment schedule and saw who was on the schedule for her first appointment. She smiled and left Pam’s office.

Frank was her first appointment and one of her special regular customers. As she approached the spa room, ‘Thing’ walked out of the room. ‘Thing’ was the masseuse from hell. Seeing her leave meant Frank was ready for Natalia’s attention.

She opened the door and saw him lying on the table. A small towel covered his hips and the special treat she knew was under it. She locked the door and stripped immediately. Frank loved to fuck and she needed that right this very minute. Frank loved to have his cock sucked. He seriously enjoyed Natalia’s hot mouth over most others.

She simply adored his tongue. He could lick a pussy as well as anyone she ever knew. She walked over to the table and stood at the head of the table. Frank was lying on his back, eyes closed and relaxing from the vigorous massage he just had. Natalia took her long, perfectly manicured nails and began to scratch along his chest.

“Hi Frank, I hope you are feeling horny after your massage,” she purred as she leaned over his head. “I sure as fuck am. I woke up horny and you are going to get to scratch this itch for me.”

Her subtle breasts fell across his face as she reached for the rapidly rising towel. Franks hands caressed her breasts as they passed his face. Natalia needed his cock now. She climbed onto the table and dropped her pretty pink pussy onto Frank’s hungry mouth.

She reached for his delicious cock and felt his tongue glide between her gaping, wet lips. His hands caressed her legs while his tongue traversed the lovely valley of lust before his eyes.

Natalia opened her red lips. His sweet cock stood tall and aching for her talents. As her face fell upon him, her tongue washed the tip of his cock. Her hands caressed his substantial balls as her mouth began to please this fine man. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and held it as his tongue slid along her sizzling twat.

Natalia removed his cock from her mouth and held it tight against his stomach. She took long licks along the sweet, sensitive underside of his shaft. She knew that drove Frank wild. Her eyes gazed over at the length but more so, the width of this man’s shaft. She adored the feeling she would soon know when it entered her tight pussy. He always stretched her so tight.

Natalia dropped her face onto his shaft and gushed as his strong cock stretched her lips. Her wet mouth soaked his cock as she greedily sucked him all the way in. He invaded her throat, which she opened to welcome him.

She knew she had an extra clit deep in her throat. Few men could hit it but Frank could. She was so glad that she had little, if any, gag reflex. She could take just about any size cock and milk it perfectly. Frank fucked her throat and Natalia began to cum flooding his face with her luscious flow. Her hips crushed his face and her explosion increased as his tongue slid deep into her hot twat. His long tongue wiggled inside her while her orgasms rapidly built in number and intensity.

She turned around and sank herself onto him. He held her breasts and licked her nipples as she began to ride him wildly. He stretched her so tight and she loved it. His lips brought her lovely nipples to life. Frank licked and sucked her sweet nipples crushing her ample breasts together to get both into his mouth at once. Her pussy screamed in orgasmic bliss as the itch she felt was cared for perfectly.

“Your cock feels so wonderful Frank. Fuck me harder dear, Oh, that’s it you sweet man. Fuck my cunt; make me cum harder dear. Yes! Harder my dear, fuck me deeper, deeper baby.”

She clamped her pussy walls tight on her intruder and held on to him as best she could as his cock pounded her. She was cumming hard and he pistoned her through yet another strong climax.

Natalia lifted herself off his hard cock and positioned it at the opening to her tight, hot ass. She began to settle herself down on it. The size of his cock took her breath away but she would not be denied. It took her a moment but she slowly sank onto him and began to ride. Her ass bounced up and down and her pussy gushed. She was so full. His large cock stretched her ass to the breaking point and yet she rode. Her eyes teared up with joy as he began to thrust upwards into her. She loved this. She needed this and she was so happy.

Frank held her breasts in his hands and squeezed them softly as she attacked his shaft.

“You’re ass feels so good Natalia. Oh keep that up baby and I’ll be flooding your hot ass with my cum. Fuck my cock girl; slide your butt all the way down. So hot, so very hot. I’m going to cum darlin, Oh I’m going to cum.”

“Oh, Frank cum in my ass honey, cum for me. Spray your hot cum in my ass. I’m going to cum again too. Oh yes!”

The simultaneous eruptions lasted a long time and Natalia collapsed on Frank’s chest. She kissed him and then kissed him again.

“Thank you baby, I needed that this morning,” Natalia purred.

“You’re always so wonderful Natalia. You have never disappointed me and I know you never will.”

Natalia dressed quickly and kissed Frank once again. She left and hurried to fix her hair and makeup. She giggled as she looked in the mirror. Yes, she did have that freshly fucked look on her face. Life was good.

She finished her appointments and hurried to the lawyer’s office. Natalia’s uncle and aunt had died in an accident a couple of years ago. They had no children of their own and left everything to her. They were wealthy, having many investments and properties. Natalia was no stranger to money but managing it came with a substantial learning curve. Her lawyers were very good and they had been very helpful.

They were both very sexy too. David and Ali were best friends whose father’s had founded the law firm many years ago. They had both graduated summa cum laude from Harvard. Every maneuver they made with her affairs proved they had earned that distinction.

David and Ali grew up together and their relationship had led to all sorts of discoveries. They played from the time they could walk. They learned about everything from butterflies to romance. As their bodies changed, they explored the differences each of them was experiencing. The older they got they discovered each other in a more pleasurable ways.

They had excelled scholastically. Upon their acceptance to Harvard, they had rented a stylish two-bedroom apartment. One bedroom sat empty most of the time. They studied, they fucked, they ate square pizza and they made love.

They mastered their professions and their kinks as well. They were good with other ‘affairs’ as well. She laughed when she thought of their oral presentations.

After parking her Mercedes in the parking garage, she slipped her panties off. They were only going to get in the way. A client had discovered her panties in the sofa in David’s office after her last visit. Ali had called and told her she had them. She was laughing saying how embarrassed David was when it happened.

Natalia entered was and taken into Alison’s office. The office decorated in soft pink and grey furniture made clients feel comfortable. A large glass desk sat at one end of the office offering Ali a beautiful view of the hills and skyline. It also offered select clients a spectacular view of her long legs as well. The other end of the office had a comfortable sofa and two matching chairs. The office definitely fit her personality.

Ali and David were in their early 30′s. Ali was a striking brunette with long legs and slim model-like body. David was as handsome as Ali was gorgeous. He had the body of a swimmer, long and lean with a gorgeous six-pack set of the most delicious abs you ever saw.

They were an impressive legal team, always stylishly dressed to impress. More impressive in her mind was the vision she saw when their clothes came off. Ali had perfect breasts with tiny round hard nipples and the sweetest pencil thin landing strip leading to her delicious pussy. David was a walking wet dream of a man, strong, virile and sporting a nice seven-inch cock that fit nicely everywhere he wanted to put it.

The business portion of the meeting lasted less than ten minutes. David handed Natalia a series of documents to read and sign. She took the packet to the sofa and sat enticingly on the center cushion. She read the documents with David on one side and Ali on the other.

“Are you going to get me in trouble again Natalia?” David asked as his hand traveled up her thigh. “I think you did that on purpose.”

“Would I do that to you?” Natalia smirked.

“Yes you would,” Ali cooed as her hand lifted her skirt to reveal her wet and naked pussy. “Mmm David, perhaps we were wrong. It appears that we are in for a late lunch.”

David’s hands slipped between her legs and she shifted to allow him better access while Ali directed her where to sign. Once she was finished with the paperwork, it was time to get down to business.

David knelt between Natalia’s legs and lifted her high heels resting them on the sofa. His tongue began to trace the inside of her thighs as he moved toward the slippery gash that he knew would taste so good. Ali lifted her spa tee shirt from her body and began to lick her tight, hard nipples. Natalia loved how they knew exactly what made her feel great.

Ali held her ample breasts and her tongue gently circled her brown areola teasing and sucking each nipple in turn. She knew exactly how to bring Natalia’s nipples to attention. As Ali sucked, her clothes came off revealing her sensuous, lithe body.

Natalia turned Ali’s face to hers and kissed her deeply. She held Ali and dropped her face onto her perfect breasts. Natalia’s tongue teased and licked her spectacular body. She could have been a fashion model. She was perfect in every aspect. Natalia licked her breasts and then began to travel under them and onto her rock hard stomach.

Ali climbed onto Natalia’s face, the thin pointer directing Natalia’s tongue exactly where she wanted it to go. Natalia loved pussy, she craved it and she had to have it everyday. Today Ali was her special treat and one that she always looked forward to. Her tongue circled her belly button and down onto her slender hips. She moved to run her tongue along the dark strip of fine hair towards her prize; Ali’s puffy folds and the sweetest hypersensitive clit imaginable. Ali was sensuality personified. Her every movement oozed sexuality. Those who knew her intimately knew she was a tigress with an unquenchable passion. Her most intimate friends loved her responsive body. When lovingly licked, Ali’s reaction always sent Natalia over the edge.

David was very engrossed in Natalia’s pussy. His lips and tongue were bringing her every pleasant sensation he possibly could. Her long legs opened wide and she loved the sweet broad strokes of his tongue. David had removed his shirt, tie, and was struggling to remove his trousers while he licked. Natalia wanted to see his naked body as just one look at him could make her body gush. He was the perfect man; muscled and sculpted with abs she could lick for hours.

Natalia’s tongue dipped into Ali’s valley of desire and began long, wet strokes along her bright pink creases. She purposefully left her clit alone. She didn’t want to touch it until David had himself firmly planted into her own tight twat. Natalia soaked her face with Ali’s sweet wetness and she teased her lawyer lovingly. She sank her tongue into Ali and licked her deeply. Ali rode her tongue wildly and then began to cum. Her tiny ass shivered and shook on Natalia’s tongue as wave after wave of wonderful orgasmic bliss washed over her.

David grabbed her ankles pulling her ass to the edge of the sofa. His strong cock began to ride along Natalia’s lovely valley. The large velvet head felt so good as it glided along and over her clit. He slapped his sturdy member onto her clit and she moaned onto Ali’s fabulous pussy.

Natalia knew he was teasing her and it just made her want him more. He placed himself at the entrance to her sweet, hot tunnel and began to sink into her. He felt simply divine as he entered. She shifted her hips upward to experience him fully as he began to fuck her so sweetly. She felt his balls as they brushed her asshole. Soon, she hoped, they would be banging her rosebud hard.

This man could fuck and fuck hard but he was also a kind lover. David was a man who always insured his woman would enjoy whatever form of lovemaking that was going on.

He stroked her deeply and powerfully and Natalia began to clamp her talented walls onto his cock. She wanted to feel every inch of this fine man as he took her to heaven repeatedly.

Natalia ran her tongue up inside Ali and closed her mouth over her wonderful clit. Ali’s body began to vibrate as Natalia’s upper lip closed over her sensitive clit. When she felt Natalia’s tongue begin to softly stroke up under her clit, Ali’s vibrations began to increase in intensity. Natalia kept stroking and Ali started shaking uncontrollably. She was shaking, cumming, and flooding her chin and her tits. It was a flow of massive proportions and Natalia wanted more. Ali began to grind her body hard onto her face. She felt Natalia’s finger circle her tight asshole and Ali went ballistic. Her entire being belonged to Natalia and she would not quit cumming.

David continued fucking Natalia extremely hard. She was enjoying so many rapid-fire orgasms. Her body grabbed him and held him as tightly as possible to receive as much pleasure from his lovely cock as possible. With every outstroke, Natalia felt her pussy walls extracting from her body. She was so proud of this ability and the time she spent everyday exercising sand strengthening her sweet pussy. It just made sex so much better. David’s balls were slamming her ass as Ali’s supersonic quivering crushed her lips.

Natalia felt it building. No matter how many liaisons she had, none could create the feeling she was about to experience. Her skin flushed bright red. Her breathing became almost non-existent and her eyes rolled completely back into her skull. Her hands became uncontrollable as every muscle and tendon in her body convulsed into a total body orgasm that rocked her world completely. Her pussy bathed David in a torrent of cum that would not stop. Her ass was smoking on that sofa with the friction of her flesh against the subtle leather.

Ali began to calm down and David kept stroking. He loved to fuck and he had his two favorite women in the entire world with him right now. Ali climbed off Natalia’s face and turned to watch his cock as it slid into her sweet pussy. Ali leaned over and began to lick Natalia’s hard, proud clit. She watched as David continued to stroke deeply into Natalia. Ali cupped his balls and guided him into her. Natalia watched as she was fucked and sucked simultaneously. She went off repeatedly yet again.

“I want to suck your cock David,” Natalia purred.

David stood up and both women knelt in front of his gorgeous cock. Natalia took his hard cock in her hand and ran it over her lips. She held it out to Ali and watched as her lips caressed his hard cock. Natalia began to lick one side and Ali the other. David’s fine shaft glistened with Natalia’s sweet cum and the two tongues that were assailing his cock so lovingly.

“You love that beautiful cock, don’t you Ali? I know I do.”

Natalia took his cock and put it between Ali’s sweet lips. Her lips parted and her tongue snaked around the broad head. She took it in and Natalia watched as her lips closed around him. Natalia was watching the devilish laughter in Ali’s eyes as his cock faded from view. Natalia smiled as Ali removed David and offered him to her. Natalia took him in hungrily. His lovely cock slid down her throat effortlessly. Ali and Natalia were shoulder-to-shoulder and swapping David between them freely. Ali’s hand was caressing Natalia’s pussy and Natalia was returning the attention.

David’s legs quivered and it was apparent he was going to cum soon. The two women wanted his cum to fly and they made no bones about it.

“Cum for us David. Spray your hot cum on our lips. We want everything you have baby,” Ali purred.

David moaned and he began to swell. His stomach hardened as he began to shoot streams of his hot, milky cum onto their lips, and tongues. David moaned as his balls propelled his semen into the mouths of these two precious women. Cum was dripping onto four lovely tits and the two women were smiling broadly. The women kissed and licked cum from each other’s face and breasts. They took David back into their mouths to insure they hadn’t missed a single drop. They kissed him passionately as they straightened themselves up. They dressed, kissed and she left their office as happy as she could be.

Natalie had things to do and places to go.

Natalia was not looking forward to tomorrow night. She had to attend these charity events but she didn’t enjoy them at all. They were full of arrogant people who looked at her with scorn. She was young, attractive, rich and sexy. She would go and she would be as elegant as she could be. At the same time, she would raise as many cocks as she could if only to get the old perverts in trouble with their wives.

People said she didn’t have a sense of humor, yeah right.

Before she could do that, she needed a new dress and some killer shoes. She headed into town to plan her seductive foray into the dreaded social scene yet again.

She had a vision in her mind of what she wanted to wear. It had to be over the top sexy yet classy as could be. Nothing fit that bill like a little black dress but not just any dress. She wanted a dress that was stunning and she thought she knew just where to find it. She had several stores she had fallen in love with and that was where she was headed.

The first two stores had nice clothes but nothing caught her eye. A very attractive woman in her 40′s greeted her in the third store. She was strikingly beautiful with jet-black hair and a well cared for body. She appraised Natalia as she walked in the door.

Natalia explained to her exactly what she was looking for and why she needed it. The woman, who Natalia learned was in fact, the owner, smiled and said she thought she had several that would fit the bill. She pulled four dresses from the selection and showed them to her. Natalia smiled, as they were all very nice. The owner asked the other sales clerk to get two other dresses from the back storeroom. She was certain that she had perfect dress.

“I know exactly what you want to do. I’ve been there myself. You seem to be very much like me. You want to look as sexy as you possibly can be and drive their wives nuts,” she said.

“That is exactly what I was thinking. I figure if I have to be there, I should at least make as many of them want to fuck me as possible. How bad does that make me?” she giggled.

“It makes you and me exactly the same my dear. Come with me and you’ll be able to try these on and see if you like any of them. Would you like a glass of wine?” she asked as she walked Natalia past the dressing rooms and into her office.

“A glass of white wine would be lovely, thank you. My name is Natalia.”

“It is nice to meet you Natalia. My name is Brenda. I see you work at the spa. I’ve been there a few times. It is a nice place.”

“It helps me pass the time. I enjoy being there. Most of the people are nice and it is a sexy place to work,” Natalia smiled.

“I imagine it can be hard to keep your hands off some of the clients. I know I would have a terrible time. The older I get, the hornier I get. So Natalia, you can see what you have to look forward to.”

“If I get any hornier I won’t know how to handle it,” Natalia laughed.

“Try this one on Natalia and let’s see how this fits,” Brenda purred.

Natalia took a sip of her wine and removed her tee shirt. She never wore a bra and her firm D cup breasts looked so nice in the tri-fold mirror. Brenda began to undo her skirt when a shocking realization flashed through Natalia’s mind. She had never put her panties back on. By the time that registered, Brenda had removed her skirt and was folding it while reappraising Natalia’s body.

“You definitely are a stunning young lady. I wish my body looked as good as yours does. It used to but I guess I can’t complain. What I have is not too bad. My friends aren’t complaining so I guess that is a plus.”

“I think you look lovely,” Natalia said. “From what I see Brenda, you look yummy.”

Natalie slipped on the first dress. It was nice but not exactly, what she wanted. Neither the second nor the third suited her. The fourth dress was nice and so were the fifth and the sixth. With three eliminated, Brenda removed them from view. The dress Natalia had on was extremely hot. The cut and style accentuated her beautifully. The hem fell mid thigh and made her legs look terrific. Natalia was not saying no to this one.

Brenda undid the zipper and her hands brushed Natalia’s breasts as she removed the dress. Wearing only her high heels, Natalia stood naked while Brenda retrieved another dress. Natalia stepped into this one. Brenda slowly smoothed the fabric over her body as she was zipping her up. Natalia looked into the mirror and decided she didn’t like this one so much. Brenda unzipped her again. Natalia felt her hands fall over her breasts again as she helped her out of the dress.

Natalia’s nipples firmed and grew hard at the sensuous touch of Brenda’s hands. Brenda noticed her hard nipples and looked into Natalia’s eyes. She hung the dress up and walked back to stand in front of Natalia.

Their eyes locked and Brenda ran her hand along the side of Natalia’s body. Her nipples tightened further as Brenda brought her hand up to cup her lovely breast. She leaned in and softly kissed Natalia’s lips. Natalia began to undo Brenda’s blouse. The silky blouse opened and revealed Brenda’s lovely tanned breasts. Natalia palmed her fullness and used her finger to circle her quickly hardening nipple. The two women explored each other’s breasts and Brenda leaned in to kiss Natalia’s ruby red lips again.

Natalia returned the kiss forcefully and passionately. This striking older woman was turning her on so much. Brenda stroked her tits, bent and began to tongue her hard nipple. Natalia undid the clasp of Brenda’s skirt and it fell to the floor. Brenda stepped out of it and kicked it aside. Natalia smiled when she saw Brenda clad only in thigh high nylons and her heels. She was like Natalia; she wore no panties either.

The unexpected burst of passion overtook both women and Brenda dropped to her knees and spread Natalia’s legs wide. Natalia watched in the mirror as Brenda began to lick and suck her swollen clit. Her tongue felt wonderful as she parted her lips and darted into her deep, lust filled canyon. Natalia saw Brenda’s back and spectacular ass as she licked her so wantonly. Her body looked terrific reflected in the mirror.

Brenda parted her puffy lips and her tongue traveled enticingly along the entire pink valley. She was good, very, very good. Natalia felt the beginning of an orgasm building. Brenda’s hands came up and she grabbed her breasts as she sucked her deliciously. Natalia’s orgasm came quickly and she began to flow deliciously onto Brenda’s hungry tongue. Brenda licked every drop and she wanted more, much more.

She stood and kissed Natalia’s tender lips letting her taste her freshly flowing pussy on her lips. Natalia loved the taste of her own pussy but she was determined to discover the sights, scents and flavors of this lovely woman in her arms.

Natalia moved Brenda to the stylish sofa in her office and pushed her down. Natalia parted her legs and knelt between her legs. She leaned in to kiss her deeply. Breast-to-breast, lip-to-lip and flesh-to-flesh, the heat in Brenda’s office was becoming intense.

Natalia’s tongue traced her parted lips, teasing and exploring. Brenda truly was an exotic beauty. Natalia lifted her face and began to kiss her eyes and her chin. She lifted her face to kiss below her neck and down between her full, firm breasts. Her nipples stood to attention as Natalia’s tongue circled them and when she took one into her lips, Brenda moaned sweetly.

Natalia licked her firm stomach and onto her hips. Brenda’s threw one leg over the back of the sofa to allow Natalia full access to her lovely naked pussy. Natalia’s lips traced the inside of her slender thighs and the scent of her arousal was intoxicating. The beauty of Brenda’s pussy was breath taking. Natalia began to worship at the alter of this goddess and was instantly rewarded with sweet moans and rivers of honey. Brenda began to cum sweetly and with each stroke of Natalia’s soft tongue, the climaxes came harder. Natalia’s fingers entered her soft tunnel and she began to stroke her tight sheath deeply. Brenda arched her back and exploded onto Natalia’s face.

Brenda was far from done. She jumped off the sofa, opened a drawer, and pulled two items out. She handed one to Natalia who grinned at her wickedly.

“You are one spectacular bitch, aren’t you?” Natalia asked.

“Oh baby girl, I think we both need these right now,” Brenda said as she threw herself down pulling Natalia on top of her. Brenda tugged Natalia towards her lips and she sunk her tongue deep inside. She took the double dildo and slipped it into Natalia’s pussy. Brenda directed the smaller one into her ass and she began to fuck her sweetly. Natalia shifted her pussy and dropped her engorged clit onto Brenda’s hot tongue. Natalia did the same for Brenda.

The two women began to toy each other luxuriously. Each one loved their bodies being invaded simultaneously. Asses and pussies were pleased while their clits enjoyed suck lovely licking; could shopping get any better?

Both women came hard several more times. Natalia knew she had made a new friend that she would have for a very long time.

Natalia selected the perfect dress. She was going to draw attention to herself for sure tomorrow night.

“I hope I get to see you again Brenda. I thoroughly enjoyed today and I’d like a repeat soon. Perhaps some time, you and your friends can come and play at my home some weekend.”

“That sounds wonderful Natalia. That really does. My boyfriends will love you and you’ll love my girlfriends too.”

“Great, I have a question for you though. Do you and your friends have to work on Monday’s?” Natalia asked.

“Actually Natalia, we are all off on Monday’s.”

“Good dear, I’ll let you know. Mondays have become special around my place. I’ll call you and let you in on what is going on. I need to hurry and get a new pair of shoes before the stores close,” Natalia told her.

“There is a new shoe store in the next block. The owner is Tony. Tell him I sent you. I love his shoes and he sure isn’t bad either.”

“I’ll have to check him out.”

“Check out the shoes too,” Brenda quipped, as she smacked Natalia’s ass.

Natalia walked down the street to the shoe store. What a wild day this had turned into. First, she was daydreaming about Jose, then Frank, next David and Ali and then Brenda.

Her eyes glazed over when she walked into the shoe store and saw a gorgeous young black man behind the counter.

As she approached, she heard him on the phone, “Not a problem Brenda, I think she just arrived. I’ll definitely take good care of her. No hon, I don’t work Mondays. Okay hon, I’ll call you later. Thank you for the referral. I owe you one. Yes, I know you’ll collect. Bye.”

“I take it you’re Tony?” Natalia asked.

“You must be Natalia. Brenda said you were beautiful and she wasn’t kidding. Let’s see if we can find you something sexy to go with your new dress,” Tony said.

He turned and Natalia thought that Brenda had definitely understated how hot this man was. He had to stand well over six foot tall and he was simply delicious. Natalia followed him and sat down so he could measure her foot. She knew her size but she was never one to stop a strong, sexy man from doing his job.

Tony sat on the stool and took her leg in his strong hands. He put the device down and measured her foot. Her legs parted slightly and she smiled inwardly. She knew he had just had a good look at her naked pussy. When Tony stood, Natalia could not help but notice a substantial log in the leg of his slacks. He returned with several pairs of elegant, lovely stilettos for her to try on. She offered her foot and Tony slipped the first pair of shoes on. She knew she gave him a good view this time.

Natalia got up and walked in the shoes. They were very nice and very expensive. They felt comfortable as well. She looked in the mirror and they definitely made her legs look great.

Tony looked at his watch, “It is closing time, if you don’t mind Natalia I am going to lock the door and then I’ll be glad to help you out without having to divide my time with other customers.”

“That is fine with me Tony, I would like that a lot,” she said as she was trying to figure out how to get that man where she wanted him.

Tony locked the door and dimmed the lights. “If you come with me, I can help you without upsetting any late customers.” He picked up the boxes of shoes and walked to the back of the store where another fitting station sat. She followed him and could not help but notice how tight his butt looked.

“Did you play sports Tony?

“I was a wide receiver for USC but I never made it to the big leagues. I hurt my knee in my senior year. That totally ruined my chances.”

“I am so sorry to hear that. You’d never know it to look at you. You definitely are fit.”

“You aren’t so bad yourself Natalia. Not bad at all,” he smiled.

He tried the other shoes on and she decided she liked the first pair but she wasn’t in any hurry to let him know that.

“Let me try on the first pair again Tony, please,” she purred.

He reached for her leg and she lifted it shifting in her seat to open her legs wider. Tony had a clear unobstructed view of her pussy and he held her leg while he put the shoe on her foot. She shifted and raised the other leg as she wiggled her short skirt higher up her thigh. Her pussy was totally out in the open and Tony was staring at her unabashedly.

“Do you like what you see Tony?” her eyes dancing as she asked.

“Natalia that is the nicest thing I’ve seen all day. Brenda said you were beautiful, she didn’t tell me how hard you’d make me in the process.”

“Hard is good Tony, hard is very good. Be a good boy and stand up for me.”

He stood and Natalia undid his belt and then his zipper. His trousers fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. His briefs held a huge bulge that she desperately wanted. Her fingers grabbed the elastic and pulled them off. Tony had a thick cock that had to be over ten inches long. Her eyes grew wide as it sprang towards her face and bounced off her cheek.

Her tiny hand circled his massive manhood and she felt the blood inflating him rapidly. She could not remember ever holding a larger, more perfectly chiseled piece of man flesh in her life. The purple head grew quickly as her hand ran along his length. Thick veins gave it its shape and it looked like it belonged on a statue.

She looked up and saw Tony staring down at her. She held his cock against his stomach and began to lick long, broad tongue strokes from his high, tight balls to the tip of his cock. Tony inhaled deeply at the loving attention Natalia was paying to him. Her wet tongue circled the huge head and the silky skin felt so good on her lips. A large drop of precum sat atop the purple head and Natalia’s tongue licked the delicious fluid, spreading it onto her lips. She once again looked into his eyes and closed her mouth over him. Her lips were stretching wider than they ever had before and she wasn’t certain she would be able to do this. She did know one thing. She was definitely going to try.

As Tony slid into her mouth, she felt those veins as they passed her lips. Her tongue guided his shaft towards the back of her mouth lovingly. The further he sank, the tighter her lips became. She felt him at the back of her mouth and she felt herself totally relax. Would he fit? Could she take him in without gagging? His cock began to enter her throat. She felt him stretch her throat so tight. She pushed forward and he sank deeper.

She began to suck him and her face began to fuck his cock deliriously. With each down stroke, he sank deeper into her throat. She was proud of the skills she had perfected and this was setting a new record for her. She pounded his cock and pounded it yet again. Her face was riding his shaft and her pussy was flowing like a river. She was sucking and cumming and she wanted it all. One last push and her lips were against his pubes. His entire massive cock was in her throat. She stopped and concentrated on the feel of his chocolate log firmly planted in her throat. Her body shook and she was cumming like a racehorse. She began to suck him again, wilder and faster than she had ever sucked a cock in her life.

It didn’t take her long to realize that she not only wanted his cock in her throat but she had to fuck him too. She looked and marveled as she took him from her mouth. He just kept sliding out. When she thought he should be out, he kept moving across her lips. She held his cock in two hands and licked the tip once again.

She rolled her ass up and pulled him into her tight pussy. Her pussy was on fire and this man possessed the fire hose that would quell the inferno. His strong body began to stroke into her. Tony began to fuck her harder and faster with each successive stroke. She was wailing as his massive organ screwed her very well. He wasn’t taking his time to build Natalia up to an orgasm. He wasn’t making love to her; he was giving this woman a spectacular fuck.

Natalia’s pussy clenched him tight as his enormous prick drove deep into her. Her body was flailing as she rode along the lovely pole assailing her body. Natalia loved to fuck and she had known well-endowed men before but none could compare to the wonderful man currently occupying her body. He was handsome, strong and sexy. His smile belonged on television. There was nothing about this fine black man she did not like. The one thing she loved was his strong, talented cock that was making her convulse so well.

“Tony, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me baby. Fuck my tight hot pussy. My pussy is on fire fuck me Tony. Please Tony, fuck me harder, Oh yes, slam that cock into me. Deeper please, Ohmigod Tony, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming so hard.”

Natalia’s screams of joy were loud and coordinated with the massive spasms crushing her fine white frame. Every part of this was erotic. His dark skin against her tanned body, his gigantic cock slamming into her tight hot twat and the glistening white smile on this man’s face kept her cumming so very well.

One late Saturday night, I had stopped by an ABS that was way out in the country. I stopped there occasionally, especially, during hot summer nights.

It was an ideal place to hook-up and then go outside: the front of the parking lot was dimly lit; the rear lot was almost completely dark as was one side of the building; trees and bushes surrounded the parking lot; and, and a big sidewalk circled the building. Despite the availability of seclusion outside, hardly anyone ever came here.

It appeared that was to be the case this night. I cruised the place thoroughly, but I didn’t see anyone interesting. I was resigned to leaving when a young, good-looking couple walked in the front door.

The female was about 5’5″. She had brown eyes, long auburn hair, and, despite a pale complexion, a pretty face. She appeared to be slim. I couldn’t tell for sure because she was wearing a black trench coat.

The male was quite tall and lanky. He had light brown hair, a hawkish looking nose, and sharp blue eyes. He wore a corduroy sports jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots.

I thought their clothes were rather unusual for this place. They must have been out clubbing and had gotten super horny to drive all the way out here.

They looked at some sex toys, but also observed the handful of customers, including myself. They also went back to the video booths, but came right back. Nothing was going on back there.

The couple went back to looking at the toys. I assumed they were stalling – not quite ready to give up. No, I didn’t know what they were looking for, but if they were here to play, I wanted to be in on that. I decided I would to find out.

I went to a video booth in the back. I stroked my cock as I watched a buxom lass taking it up the ass, while sucking a big one. When my cock was hard, I pulled my shorts over it, left the booth, and slowly walked by the couple on my way to the cashier.

Bingo! I saw the young woman take a sneak peak at the bulge in my shorts.

I told the cashier in a voice loud enough for the couple to here that I needed change for the screening room. (The screening room was bigger than a video booth. It was set-up so that you could watch a full-length XXX movie. It had a 38-inch screen and a few comfortable chairs.)

The cashier gave me change and I headed to the screening room. This time when I walked by the young couple, I looked directly into the woman’s eyes. I gave her an almost imperceptible nod.

When the electronic insert accepted my 10 spot, the door buzzed open, and I stepped inside. I left the door cracked and sat down – with one eye on the door.

Like bees to honey, the couple appeared outside my door. With a hand gesture, I invited them in. The man sat down on a chair. The woman sat down on his lap.

We just looked at each other. Yes, it was awkward for a few moments, until the woman took off her trench coat and began unbuttoning her white blouse.

Then she stood-up and began a seductive strip to a rhythm in her head. When her blouse was completely unbuttoned, she backed up a couple of steps, took it off, and dropped it on the floor. Although I knew that her bare breasts would soon be on display, I couldn’t wait to see them.

As expected, her bra came off next, but first she teased a bit by dropping her bra shoulder straps, then unhooking her bra strap, but leaving it in place.

After dancing a little more, she pulled her bra off with one hand, but left the other hand covering her titties. She threw her bra to her man.

After a few more moments, she grabbed her breasts with both hands and started to shake them. She danced around and pointed her nipples at each of us as she shook them.

Her breasts were firm and full – probably 35C’s. Her aureoles were just larger than silver dollars and her nipples were pink and erect. She watched my eyes as she grabbed a booby and tongued the nipple. Then she reached around to unzip her skirt.

When the zipper was down, she backed away from us again, lowering her skirt past her hips. Still dancing, she let the skirt slide down her legs to the floor before stepping out it. She was now standing in front of me wearing nothing but high heels and a sexy, black thong.

She reached down to her thong, putting her thumbs inside the waistband and started to pull it down, but she stopped just as her landing strip came into view. Then she turned around and tugged it back up, looked back over her shoulder, and stuck out her smooth ass. She slowly worked her thong down her perfectly shaped cheeks, rolling them from side to side with the waistband. Her feet kept moving the whole time.

Her curvature was astonishing – from top to bottom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more exciting, sensual body. Before I had any other thoughts, she took a step toward me, turned around, slid her feet far apart, and bent as far over as she could to pick up her discarded thong. I swear she winked her little, puckered anus at me. It was a fantastic view. This woman was a real pro and she wasn’t thru, yet.

She began running her fingertips up the insides of her thighs and through her wet slit – several times, before she turned around to face me and erotically lick the pussy juice off her fingers. When she was through, blew me a kiss. She smiled knowingly at my incredulous look.

Feeling self-conscious, I turned away to look at the male, but he was not in his chair. He was slouched against the wall, by my chair, and was slowly stroking his large, semi-erect cock. His heavy balls swung loosely with each stroke.

She walked over and stood by him. As they both watched me, he cupped her left breast with his free hand and rubbed his thumb around her erect nipple. Then he offered me his cock. Without any hesitancy, I got down on my knees. I felt quite feminine, even giving them a shy smile.

I was eager not to rush the moment; I grasped his balls in my right hand and squeezed them gently. His thick cock was hardening rapidly before my eyes, growing with each second that passed. I could see I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I bent forward and took his cockhead into my mouth as I peeled back his foreskin with my lips.

I simply held it in my mouth and savored the feeling of it hardening, before slowly and teasingly, circling my tongue around the tip, which oozed precum. It tasted sweet.

Eventually, he took over and grabbed the back of my head and slowly but forcibly pulled my head down his length. I did not resist and swallowed his cock as he pushed it in, until my mouth was fully stretched and his big cockhead filled my throat.

Soon my head was bobbing up and down his thick cock. I would guess it was almost 8 inches long.

I raised my eyes to look at her as I sucked and deep throated her man’s cock. She had a slight smirk on her face and was looking right back at me. He seemed content to just enjoy the moment.

After a couple of minutes, I heard the door creak. I looked up at the screen and saw from the reflection a young man entering our room. He stood and watched for a few minutes, until he bravely reached around me and began to feel up me up. He ran his hands over mover my chest, squeezing my nipples, before going to my groin. He stopped there to rub my semi-hard cock.

As I continued to suck cock, he pulled my shorts down. To no one’s surprise, I was not wearing underwear. He took immediate advantage of the situation and began caressing my smooth, hairless cheeks.

Since his caresses were superb, I offered more of my ass to him by standing up and bending over with the cock still in mouth. In seconds, I felt a lubed finger wiggle into my anus. I squirmed and clenched his finger with my sphincter. When he inserted a second finger and began moving both of them around my tight anal ring, I felt it really begin to loosen up. He continued with his finger playing as I groaned my approval and began moving my ass up and down in a fucking motion.

This was the invitation he was looking for. He pushed one of my legs with his so that my legs were as wide apart as possible and without further adieu, pushed his hard cock into my wide-open asshole. Lucky for me, his cock was not huge. I could handle it.

She must have turned the man fucking me on, too. He put on quite an ass fucking show, although brief. He continuously pulled his cock out of my ass, until just his cockhead was inside, and then would slam his cock back into me. Each thrust forced the cock in my mouth deep down my throat.

At one point, he pulled out completely and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him motion for the woman to look down at my gaping asshole. After the brief pause, he began slamming his cock back in and all the way out, again. He didn’t last much longer.

Without even asking me, he blasted stream after stream of warm cum up my ass. He came so much that his cum leaked out around his cock and dribbled down my legs. I felt like a real whore, especially, when he immediately pulled out and walked out.

When my ass fuck man left, the woman told her man to suck on her titties. She seemed to be getting inpatient. That appeared to do the trick. When he leaned his head over to suck on her luscious titties, his cock immediately began to swell and he began using my mouth the same way he’d used her pussy.

He began to fuck it with quick, long strokes, until he suddenly grabbed my head and pulled it to his stomach. With my nose mashed against him, I felt his thick cock throb for a second before it began pulsating repeatedly.

The first load blasted against the back of my throat, and was quickly followed-up with volley after volley of ejaculations that filled my mouth to over flowing. He came so hard and so much that my hungry belly felt satisfied.

When he released my head, I gasped for breath and at the same time, I felt something at my rear. I immediately turned my head around to see what was going on and saw the young woman. Apparently, she was no longer bored. She was standing behind me, gazing at my freshly fucked anus. She had decided she was going to fuck my ass, too – with her hand.

She placed several fingers close together, forming a small beak like shape and pushed slowly into my anus, gradually forcing my rectum to stretch open, even wider than before. I tried to rise up when I felt the penetration, but she pushed my back down while guiding it over the back of a chair. I was at her mercy – bent over the back of the chair with my cheeks naturally spread. My anus was exposed and it was defenseless.

The coating of sperm in my ass helped, as she ever so slowly, began to move her fingers in and out of my anus, gradually getting more of her little hand inside me. I grunted and moaned as she twisted her hand in my anal cavity, making her fingers move from side to side.

My groaning only grew louder, as she pushed her hand in further. I squirmed and my sphincter clenched her wrist tightly, but she did not stop. Sweat began to drip from my forehead, as she continued to twist and push.

My head began swimming when she began to concentrate on my prostate. Erotic, lustful thoughts flew through my brain. I relived the sensation of the two men emptying their balls in my mouth and ass. I thought about her small, curvy, naked body and her pink asshole, as she hand fucked me…

Several minutes later, I began to hear her panting loudly. I realized she was tiring – as were my legs, so I desperately began to stroke my hard cock. I wanted to cum before she was exhausted.

The precum steadily flowed as I stroked my cock and unabashedly pushed my ass back on her hand, as she methodically thrusted it into me. In no time, the tell tale orgasmic signs started. My legs began flexing as my prostate began to emit feelings of ecstasy. I saw a blinding, white light in my brain. Then my entire body began to shake, as if a large train was passing by, just inches away.

Then it hit me. An almost animal like cry came rushing out of me as I felt a dual eruption rip through my rectum and balls at the same time.

All I could do was jerk up, rear back, and shoot load after load of cum into the wall – several feet away. The impact of my cum hitting the flimsy wall was – awesome. I turned and looked at her. Now, she was wearing the incredulous facial expression.

My after tremors were unreal. I felt like I was going to pass out. I grabbed the back of the chair and held onto it.

When I finally caught my breath, I saw that the woman she was also now bent a chair back and being fucked. They both were grunting. They both came quickly. Before leaving, they both asked me if I was okay. It would not be the last time I would be asked that question. I assured them I was okay. I just needed to recoup. I sat there by myself, until I felt able to negotiate my way home.

A couple of days and hot baths later, my ass stopped being sore. A day after that, my cock got hard, again.

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