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How it started I am not even sure. All I know is I found my way over to the married couple I was serving as a cleanup boy. I would get the call once a week, my part of the deal was to get there right away and fulfill my end of the agreement… That agreement was little more than doing what I was told.

As I pulled in their drive I would know what to expect, I would know what waited for me inside the front room. The door would be open and waiting for me.

When I entered the house I was to strip naked and go into the front living area of the house. the windows would be open, the sun shining in, and the couple would be waiting for me nude.. on the couch.

Talking wasn’t allowed for me, I was to kneel between my Mistresses legs, and press my nose and lips to her spread red lips. . Her husband next to her his flaccid cock waiting for the touch of my hand.

Lena, my Mistress spoke…”You were late pet, do you want to be replaced?” I waited for orders, she didn’t want a reply in words. “Why don’t you rub your face against me for my enjoyment ” Her warm mound was swollen and warm, I could feel the heat off of it before my mouth touched it … As we came together she rocked her hips some, and as my lips and nose rubbed in hers slit I could tell she had already been filled with cum today, and probably not long before I got there.

“Hows that pet? did you get what you came for? my nose and face was slowly being coated with cum, a mix of both hers, and her husbands.. As my face slid up and down even the inside of my nostrils were being coated with that slick syrup.. which thickens and dries sticky and musty on my skin.

She reached down and put my hand on her Husbands cock. It was soft spongy, it had that dried cum feeling that only happens after your cock slowly shrinks while coated with a pussies heavy juices…his cock was warm and flexible, bending under its own weight as I handled it. Lena leaned back and rocked her hips, she didn’t even tell me why, or what to do. I found out on past trips, I found out not to ask, or waste time, she wanted her asshole licked. I moved my tongue broadly around the hole she made a small moan, for herself, not for my sake. As I worked around that small hole I could smell that odor that never really can be washed away, that and the sweaty aroma left over from their previous coupling.

Slowly working to the center I found my tongue mainly on the clenched knot of her asshole, Working it alternately with my tongue and lips it began to loosen and relax.. “Get it in there” Lena said sharply .. “And keep your hand working that cock ” I began to notice his cock hardening in my hand as I my tongue began to edge deeper in her asshole, eventually my tongue was stiff deep in her ass, nearly as stiff as the cock in my hand.

My tongue wriggling in her ass, cum from her pussy running down my nose and lip, I was buried in her for the most part. Lena’s Husband now rock hard leaned over and began to run his lips around her nipple teasing it, when I couldn’t see his mouth on it I could tell when he changed his grip on her, as her asshole would clamp on my tongue trying to pull it from my mouth.

Needless to say my cock ached and flexed, and I am sure was dripping from the situation I was in, but no satisfaction was ever involved, nothing more than a painful lack of sexual contact to my genitals was the norm…My payoff was simply masturbating later at home furiously over the treatments I was instructed to give.

“Prep us pet, I am wanting more inside” So I did what I had learned to do.. she wanted her pussy sopping wet top to bottom, and she didn’t like a dry cock either ….Her body was making cum from the second I would arrive so that wasn’t much work.. But Hubbys cock was hard and dry. I really didn’t come for the penis in my mouth, its the price I paid to taste her. I did what was expected running my mouth up and down the shaft, the thick veins along the bottom rippling against my lips. Time to get it over with, I would take the tip of his cock in my mouth.. The cum obvious but not strong. I slid his cock deep in my mouth soaking it, he didn’t expect any long time consuming blow job, I was just there to soak his cock quick and put it in her. After a few noisy slides down his cock Lena said “That sounds wet enough, stick it in me pet” I slid over as her husband stepped between her legs, I lined it up and held it on target as he waded into that sopping wet hole.

While Lena takes her husbands cock my job is simple.. No juices touch the couch, So in between licking the steady flow of cum my face is close to the action, that strong smell of sex in the air ..either you love it,or you don’t my situation you have to ache for it. As he pummels her the sounds are delicious, she foams and sprays off moisture like a humid musky breath hanging around their repeating collision.. My tongue flicking in to get some cream, his hips hitting me as I dart in and out.. Occasionally I steal a lick down his shaft as he pulls out, and hammers back home.

As they grow close to a finish I wonder how it will end… for me.

Just as the thought crosses my mind the cum crosses the length of his cock and explodes into her.. he groans ramming home deep and slow..each time he withdraws thick strings of cum slip down my Mistresses asshole.. which I lick with a fervor. He pulls out and steps back.. “In your mouth!” comes the order from Lena. I take the knob of his cock …pry it into mouth and in two long strokes a new mess coats the inside of my cheeks. “Now clean Momma : says Lena.

The back of my head is pushed into her wrecked hole, my face seems to slide everywhere, seems able to go in her. I dig and suck the mess ..the never ending mess.. and as I finish the job her hubby rubs his drooling cock on my aching balls.

“Get your clothes, don’t be so late next time ” Lena says .. her husband is still laughing as I walk to my car …Simply wondering How did I get here?

Just landed, be home soon! announced a text from my wife, startling me awake. I was lying alone in our bed, anxiously awaiting her return from her long weekend away. It was late on Sunday night, but I picked up my phone, instantly wide awake.

Can’t wait to see you! I replied, wondering what her homecoming would be like.

I’d spent the weekend taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and missing her terribly. She, on the other hand, had spent the weekend in Las Vegas with Ty, her very large and very rich black bull. Since meeting him about a year earlier, our sex life had become a whirlwind as the cuckolding fantasy that had started out as my secret had come incredibly to life. This was the first time Michelle had traveled to see him. At first I was very hesitant at the idea, but she’d been so excited to spend a weekend with him that in the end I couldn’t refuse her.

I went through the house, wanting to be sure everything was neat and tidy for Michelle’s return, thinking of the text messages she’d sent me while she’d been gone. We’d only talked on the phone a couple brief times, once when she’d landed in Las Vegas and once when she was out with Ty at a club. It had been almost impossible to hear, but she’d been laughing and I could hear his deep voice in the background.

I’d planned to shower and shave once she was on her way home, hoping futilely that Michelle would be in the mood to have sex with me when she got home. I couldn’t get her messages out of my mind as I showered. They’d started out innocently enough, with her keeping me informed about where she was and that she was alright, etc. But later Thursday evening they had gradually changed to mocking and teasing from my cuckoldress. I knew that the empowerment of cuckolding me turned her on, and as the weekend wore on this became more and more apparent in her messages.

I put on some pajama pants and a t-shirt that Michelle had given me and that I knew she liked, again hoping to impress her in any way that I could. I first waited in the living room, then in our bedroom, then again in the living room, my nervousness growing as her arrival neared.

Lights flashed across the room as the towncar pulled into our driveway, and I heard Michelle talking with the driver as he got her bag for her. My cock sprang to life for the hundredth time since she’d left, my mind racing racing as I thought about what her homecoming would be like. I went to the door to help her with her suitcase, my pajama pants embarrassingly tent poled.

‘Hi, Hon,’ I said, opening the door for her and reaching for her suitcase. She was wearing an outfit I didn’t recognize – very expensive looking heels, black tights, and a loose, low cut top belted at her waist. ‘You look gorgeous!’ I smiled nervously, taking her bag and holding the door for her. As she moved past me into the house, I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the blouse was cut low enough for me to catch a glimpse of her nipple. Michelle turned back to me as I closed the door and set her bag aside, striking a pose and smiling.

‘You like?’ she asked, laughing softly.

‘Seriously, Hon… gorgeous!’ I stammered, looking my wife up and down, ‘I love that outfit… and I love you! I’m so glad you’re home,’ I gushed. I moved to hug her awkwardly, unsure of where I stood with her after her weekend with Ty. Michelle stepped closer, opening her arms to me. I hugged my wife tightly, relieved beyond belief to have her back in my arms. ‘I missed you so much, Sweetheart,’ I whispered, burying my head in her hair. I realized that she smelled like Ty’s cologne. ‘Seriously… I’m so happy to see you, I’m so glad you’re home!’ I blathered, realizing that Michelle wasn’t saying anything. ‘This was the longest weekend of my life!’ I laughed lamely, stepping back from her.

Michelle looked at me, smiling. She reached up and put a hand on my cheek, her smile changing to one of… pity . ‘Oh Bri… it was the best weekend of mine!’ she smiled. ‘Want to go upstairs and hear about it?’ she asked, smirking.

‘Y-yes,’ I stammered, stunned.

Michelle took my hand and pulled me up the stairs to our bedroom. I’d cleaned the room twice over the weekend, wanting it to look perfect for Michelle when she got home… and needing the busywork to keep myself occupied while she was with Ty. She sat me on the end of our king sized bed and stood in front of me, smiling. Beaming, in fact.

‘It was amazing, Bri!’ she said, practically giddy. ‘I did things that I never… never thought I would, it was just so incredible! It all felt so wild… I kept surprising myself and kept thinking ‘oh my god… what are you doing?” she laughed. ‘But Ty… he has a…’ she thought for a moment, ‘a power or something over me,’ she sighed, eyes shining at the idea. I reached up to her to pull her closer, and she smiled down at me.

‘Wait, Sweetie,’ Michelle told me, hesitating.

‘What is it, Hon?’ I asked, looking up at her, dying to touch her.

‘I just… I just want you to know that I didn’t do anything this weekend that I didn’t want to… that I was… safe the whole time,’ Michelle said, stepping closer to me and stroking my hair.

‘Wh-what do you mean, Hon?’ I asked concerned and confused that she’d say something like that.

‘Ty… got to have me every way he wanted, Sweetie,’ she smiled down at me again, gauging my reaction. ‘He gets very rough…,’ she said, pulling the collar of her top open to reveal the bite marks on her neck. She smiled proudly.

‘Honey!’ I gasped, pulling her closer, trying to comfort my wife.

‘It’s okay! Really, Sweetie… it’s okay,’ Michelle laughed, adding softly, ‘I loved it.’

‘Oh my god, Michelle…’ I whispered, the level to which Ty had taken my wife slowly dawning on me.

‘There’s more, Cucky… I want you to be ready, okay?’ she asked.

‘Y-yes,’ I whispered, in awe of the woman standing before me, aching to touch her.

‘Take off my belt,’ Michelle ordered as she started to unbutton her top.

I hurriedly reached to unbuckle her belt, out of my mind to know what my wife meant by ‘more.’

‘Easy, Cucky! Slow down!’ she chided as I dropped her belt away in a rush. She’d only loosened one button, and she was taking her time with the second. She smiled down at me again, swaying her hips teasingly. Michelle moved her hands to her slim hips, thrusting her chest out. I could see her nipples straining against the fabric of her top.

‘You get the rest, Cucky,’ she laughed, ‘and slowly!’

I reached up to undo the remaining buttons, struggling to do it slowly. The top was very low cut, so there were only three more to do. I stopped and looked up at my wife as I finished. The top dangled open, baring her smooth skin from her neck to the top of her tights, but covering her breasts.

‘Good Boy,’ Michelle smiled. She then reached up and slowly opened one side of her shirt, revealing her left breast. I gasped at the sight. Michelle’s nipple was purple and swollen. I could clearly make out more teeth marks surrounding her swollen and obviously tender nipple.

‘Kiss it, Cuck,’ she ordered softly.

I tenderly leaned forward and kissed my wife’s breast. I tried to gently take her swollen nipple in my mouth, but she pulled away. I looked up at her, seeing her nod of approval as I pushed the top aside to reveal her right breast.

‘Oh, Baby…’ I sighed, looking up at her with concern. Her right breast was bruised, the nipple just as swollen as the one I’d just kissed. I was shocked to realize the bruises looked like a large hand print.

‘Kiss it,’ Michelle whispered, eyes shining as she looked down at me.

I kissed my wife’s sore nipple softly, then layed my head against her chest as she pulled me close, hugging me tight. I wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her.

‘Are you really okay, Hon?’ I asked after a few moments of her holding me.

‘Yes, Baby…’ she replied, thinking a moment, ‘I am. I loved every second of it.’

Michelle let go of me then, shrugging her top off and dropping it to the floor. She turned around, putting her perfect ass in my face.

‘Just the tights, Cucky… take them down,’ she said softly.

I reached for her waist band, slowly rolling it down a bit to reveal the top of a white lacy thong. Being careful not to pull the thong down, I slowly eased the tights down. I bent to help Michelle step out of the tights and as I sat back up, I gasped yet again. My wife’s round little ass was red and mottled, bruised all over.

‘Kiss it, Boy,’ she softly ordered again. I kissed Michelle’s red bottom all over, gently and tenderly trying to make it feel better. I could feel the heat of her skin with my lips.

She turned to me after a few minutes of me kissing her ass. Looking down at me, smiling. Her eyes sparkled. She put her hands on my shoulders.

‘I got fucked, Bri,’ she told me. ‘In ways you never, ever could do me, Little One,’ she smiled, pushing me back on the bed. We moved up to the pillows, lying in each others arms.

My head was on Michelle’s chest. I could hear her heart beating, feel her breath rising and falling. I was staring at her swollen nipples. Nipples that her Bull had sucked roughly, had bitten hard. My wife’s breasts were bruised and battered… her ass was red and sore… and there was nothing I could do about it. Worse, there was nothing she wanted me to do about it! She’d taken it willingly from another man.

I didn’t know what to say.

‘I love you,’ I said softly after we’d lain together for many minutes.

‘I love you, too, Sweetie,’ Michelle told me.

I gently thrust myself against Michelle’s thigh, my cock throbbing. I’d been rock hard since Michelle had gotten home and I was desperate for release.

‘What’s that, Cucky?’ Michelle asked. I could hear her smile.

‘I want you, Michelle… please,’ I breathed, running my hand across her stomach.

‘No, Cucky,’ she stated bluntly. ‘I gave Ty everything I had this weekend, you’ll have to wait.’ she chided.

‘Please!’ I begged.

‘No. Stop!’ Michelle ordered.

I reluctantly relaxed, stopped pressing myself against her thigh.

‘Good boy, Little One,’ Michelle teased, stroking my head.

‘You know… you have one more place to kiss, Cucky,’ she said.

I looked up at her, hesitant. Hoping she meant what I thought.

‘Go on, Cucky,’ Michelle smiled, looking down at her thong.

I got up and moved quickly between Michelle’s legs.

‘Slowly!’ She reminded me, laughing at my silly eagerness.

‘Yes, sorry…’ I panted. ‘I’ve just been thinking about this all weekend, Babe,’ I gushed.

‘Oh, Cucky… Don’t worry,’ Michelle teased, ‘I brought you your present… Ty filled me again and again.’

My wife spread her legs slightly, allowing me to climb between them. As I got closer, I could see a small wet spot on her panties. I pressed my nose to her mound and inhaled deeply, my head spinning as I smelled my wife’s sex intermingled with Ty’s. As reached up to pull her thong off, Michelle giggled softly as it stuck to her slightly.

‘Oh, Honey,’ I whispered. Michelle was swollen and red, her labia and clit engorged. Her thighs were bruised. She was obviously still wet, though I couldn’t tell if it was from her or from Ty. I inhaled again, basking in the scent of my wife and her lover’s mixed juices.

‘Clean me,’ Michelle ordered.

I licked deeply, needing no further instruction.

*Note to the reader- This is my first time writing something of this nature, so bare with me. I’m going to try and make it 2 parts. No more than 3. This is a fantasy story with ties to reality, but most of it is fantasy. Enjoy


“Been thinking about you. Wondering how you’re doing.” Mistress sent that almost three weeks ago, and it’s still on my mind. I’ve been ignoring her for going on 8 months or so, being in a relationship for going on 3 years. Ever since the incident, I’ve cut all contact to Mistress, though I still regard her as Mistress. I never had any feelings towards her besides friendship and sexual, which was unfortunate because she thinks she loves me…sigh. Now that I’m single, I’m not sure how long I can hold out against contacting her again.

It has been almost a month since we broke up. After weeks of searching the ‘net for a “no strings attached” online mistress, I finally cave in.

“I’m probably going to regret this, but fuck it.” Reaching for my phone, I realize I have a major rager. I’m really nothing special from about 6″ to 6 and a half on a good day and circumcised. I’m not ashamed, nor am I proud, but it is frustrating being what I like to call a “grower, not a shower.” One thing I am proud of, is that I know how to use it.

I’m what you call a Switch. Switching from Dom to Sub is pretty easy. And even though I don’t have much experience being a Sub, I know I prefer being a sub. Now is my opportunity for Sub experience. While playing with myself, I hammer out a response to Mistress. Explaining that I’ve been in a relationship since we last talked and how I didn’t want to ruin it and such. Not a minute goes by when I get a response. “So you’re single now?”

“Yes I am.”

“Is it for sure this time?”

“Yes it is. Will you have me back as your Slave?”

“You realize I’m not happy with you, and you will be punished?”

” I do. I’m prepared to accept my punishment. I haven’t been a very good slave to you.”

“If you say so. Yes I accept you. Put your collar on. 2nd notch. Have you bought anything since we last talked?”

“Yes Mistress. Only thing I bought was a new chastity device. CB6000.” I start digging through my closet looking for my collar. It’s just a simple spiked collar you wear on your wrist from Hot Topic. It takes me a bit to put it on the 2nd (tightest setting) notch since it has been so long since I’ve worn it. Upon returning to my phone, I see she has responded with “Do you have rope? Or ribbon? Something you can tie around the collar?” So I grab the nylon rope I had bought a couple years ago and tie it around the collar with a slipknot.

“While lying down, pull it as tight as you can. Then, without loosening it, sit up a little bit and tie the other end around your neck. Send me a pic.” I do so. And it hurts exquisitely. The spikes buried deep around my cock and balls. Now it’s one thing to have this collar on while limp. It’s another with a boner. And she knows this very well. Next thing I know, she’s calling. “Yes Mistress?”

“I want you to get your lube and masturbate. Don’t get off until I tell you. I want to hear you whimper.”

“I understand Mistress. ” So getting up, very gingerly, I grab my lube and lay back down. “This really hurts Mistress” I say to her. “Good. I want it to. And I’m not going to help you with this. But you better think about me.”

I start stroking myself, and as I grow, so does the pain. Grunting and moaning and pretty soon I’m completely erect. But I can’t stroke. “Mistress. It hurts too much!” There’s no response. I slowly start stroking myself, playing with the tip. The more I play, there hornier I get, until I start stroking my entire length of my cock. I hear a whisper, “Good boy. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me. Keep stroking. If you get close, stop for a minute and start again.” I respond with a “yes Mistress” and continue stoking. Telling her how bad I want to fuck her and how I’d do almost anything to please her.

“you still have that dildo?” She suddenly asks me 20 minutes later.

“I do Mistress. Though I haven’t used it in over a year.” I reply lamely

“Well go get it and put it in. Make it quick slave!”

So I get up and start digging through my closet for my 8″ by 1.5″ vibrating strap-on. Cleaning it off and lubing it up, I get on my hands and knees and slowly push it in. once in all the way, I lay back on my bed and start stroking. “How does it feel?” She’s asks me quietly. “Ummm. Well it was difficult to get in and besides my torn butthole, it feels nice.” I can hear the smile when she tells me “Good. Get used to it.”

Another 20 minutes or so go by when she tells me I can cum one condition. I already know the condition because this was a standing rule with her long ago. I have to either shoot in my hand and eat it, or shoot into my mouth. She usually prefers shoot into my mouth because it’s messier. Only this time, I have to sit up and shoot into my mouth. “sit up and shoot it into your mouth. Don’t swallow it just yet. Send me a pic of it.” So I start stroking faster, already sitting up and ready to catch it. Grunting and moaning I start getting close. “Good slave. Shoot that hot cum into your mouth like the dirty cum slut you are. Savor it” that was all I needed. Shooting like a rocket, I miss the 1st shot, square on my nose, splashing on my forehead and eyelids. Shot after shot I aim true and straight to the throat. After about 6 or 7 shots to the mouth, I lay back down with a huge sigh.

As it dribbles down my cock, and with a full mouth I tell Mistress I’m done. She hangs up and I send her a picture of my full mouth and dirty cock. Now that the excitement is over with, pain starts consuming me tenfold. I ask her if I can undo my cock and balls and cleanup. She responds with a laugh, “no you may not slave. I want you to lay there with that mouth full and think about what you did to your Mistress. Lay there until it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Yes Mistress” I respond. I lay there for a good half hour, squirming in pain and feeling gross. Just as the pain starts to recede, Mistress messages me again. “Just imagine what I have in store for you when I get my hands on you. We’re going to have so much fun! Or at least I will. You’re going to regret ignoring your Mistress. Yes. I have so much planned for you hahaha.” So naturally I start imagining what she has planned for me. Knowing what she likes and wants to try, and she knows the things that I want to try or have been curious about. I can’t help but get hard again; pain shoots through my body as I ask Mistress if I could get off again. “No you may not, but I want you to stroke yourself for 30 minutes. And think about what I might have planned for you. Only after can you relax and undo yourself.”

I do as she says. Stroking away but not ejaculating. Following the half hour of agonizing torture, I undue my restraints and extract the strap-on and ask “May I swallow and clean up now Mistress?”

“Yes you may. Don’t take the collar off though. And put your butt-plug in. Leave them until I say you can take them off. We are done for today. When can I see you?”

“Well Mistress, I’m taking 19 days of leave here in a couple of weeks. And there’s a few days hat I don’t have planned yet.” I tell her with a smiley face.

“How many days would I get with you?”

“I can give you 4, maybe 5 Mistress.”

“Good. Chastity belt will be on until then. Bring all toys. And I will be going online to find some things for you to buy and bring with you.” I know this is not good. She defiantly has something planned. Only a matter of time till I find out

Heather had a long week and she was burned out from getting pulling in every direction, from work, and school and home. Once again she got home late. The kitchen wasn’t cleaned up and her husband Eric was already on the couch. She didn’t feel like dealing with it, and for once decided she wasn’t going to. She gave Eric a hug over the couch and said she was going to grab a shower.

The hot water felt good and re-energized her. She finished soaping up her breasts and then lathered up and shaved her pussy bare, another sacrifice she made for her husband. Not that she minded doing things for him, although he hadn’t been giving her the attention she thought such a gesture warranted. When she finished up and dried off she realized Eric had decided to come up stairs to take in an eyeful of her naked body. She still liked getting checked out by him, it made her feel vulnerable, but at the same time reminded her she wielded great power. But it was late, and she wasn’t looking for another long clumsy session of ‘love-making’. She did think she could be persuaded into a good hard fuck though.

Eric was enjoying staring at her freshly cleaned body, her breasts staring back at him as he gazed on that beautiful creamy white pussy, ripe for a vicious tongue lashing with no hair in his way. He approached Heather, with visions of eating her to a glorious orgasm and then getting to pound away at her pussy at his own pace with no expectations of lasting very long.

“You look like you could use some relaxation,” he began “Feel like fooling around?”

“I just got out of the shower Eric.”

“Don’t worry you won’t get dirty,” he lied “Just let me eat that luscious pussy of yours.”

Eric knew if he could just get her wet and horny she’d be begging him to fuck her silly, and she’d be able to clean herself up easy enough with a quick trip to the toilet and a wipe with a towel.

“Alright Eric, I’ve had a long week, and this might just be what I need.”

Eric was quick across the room to her, hands on her ribs, lips to her face. They kissed, both knowing that soon enough he’d be trying to get inside her, which is, after all, what she really needed tonight.

They kissed passionately and Eric’s hands caressed every inch of skin he could reach on her wonderful body. Heather loved the attention, but her mind was already drifting to feeling his cock deep inside her. She undid his shorts and in a moment he was undressed before her, fully erect and staring at her body. Heather backed up onto the bed, and Eric dropped down between her thighs. His tongue went to work and lit Heather up like an oven. She felt her wetness growing, and she felt her womanhood feeling more and more in need of filling.

“See,” Eric shouldn’t have spoken “You aren’t getting dirty.”

“Oh,” Heather didn’t like his bullshit “So if I offered you wouldn’t fuck me?”

“Well, anything you want you know I’ll provide, baby.”

She didn’t feel like playing the games, she needed to get fucked.

“Alright you ass, you know I want you to fuck me,” Heather didn’t see any way around this game “just fuck me hard.”

Eric’s tongue stopped lapping up her juices and fondling her clit and he slid up her body until their eyes met. She grabbed his rod and guided him in and he proceeded to screw her like every other night, firm but loving. She felt like that should make her happy, but she wasn’t in a “loving” mood tonight. She rolled him on his back so she could get what she wanted.

She climbed on top and began to slam herself down on his cock, impaling herself on his tool. She could feel it deep, just like she wanted. She could also tell he was enjoying it. Eric obviously wasn’t expecting the sudden change in energy and it excited him. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples. She let out a moan of pain. He was hurting her nipples, but in the moment that pain seemed to perfectly balance the night. By now she was slamming her entire body weight down on his hips, trying to drive his cock right through herself. Heather suddenly wished their bed was firmer.

“Oh God it’s deep,” Heather moaned.

Eric wasn’t sure what to say, but he could feel that he wasn’t going to last much longer. When suddenly much to his relief, she stopped impaling herself to catch her breath. She leaned forward and kissed him, and then he licked the sweat from her cleavage. In that moment Heather was given her inspiration for an intense orgasm.

Heather turned around and mounted him again, facing his feet and she started playing with Eric’s balls and fucking him again. She looked over her shoulder, “Slap my ass. Slap it hard. Make it sting.”

Eric was feeling great and began to start trying to turn Heather’s ass as red as his truck. Heather continued impaling herself with body weight thrusts, wincing with each firm strike on her ass. All the attention Eric was putting into the spanking was taking his mind off things enough to help him last a bit longer. Suddenly Heather stopped, told him to lie still, and grabbed some scarves from her dresser and tied his hands to the headboard. Then she returned, mounting him backward again and thrust him deep into herself.

“Fill me up,” she grunted “Give me a big load.”

Eric threw his hips forward and drove deep. Heather could feel his dick swell inside her as he unloaded an epic load of cum deep into her hole. As his thrusting subsided, Heather stopped moving.

“I don’t seem to have stayed very clean Eric.”

“I don’t know what to tell you.”

Heather’s hand shot between her legs. Still on fire from trying to drive Eric through herself, she looked over her shoulder, “You need to keep your promises Eric.”

Eric was momentarily confused. Then he looked down and saw Heather grabbing her pussy and pinching it closed with her fingers as she slid off him. Heather grabbed his balls as she slid her hips toward his face.

“You said I’d be clean when we finished, so I guess we aren’t finished.”

“Wait a minute,” Eric tried to protest.

She planted her pussy on his mouth, “Open up Eric. You need to clean me up. I know you don’t want to, but I’m in charge tonight, and you are hardly in a position to argue.” Heather’s hand squeezed tightly on his recently drained balls and Eric’s mouth quickly opened up. When her hand felt his mouth open up, she let go of her sex and let the cum flow into his mouth.

“You WILL clean me up,” she barked “You will not spit any out, you will not spill any. I shave this pussy for you and it is time for you to help with the upkeep.”

Eric’s mouth filled up with hot cum and pussy juice and his body wasn’t sure what to do so he struggled against his restraints. He was frozen for a second until she slapped him square in the balls.

“Swallow, Eric. Then get that tongue to work and get me clean, inside and out.”

Eric started licking-up their combined juices, and after the initial shock wore off he thought he’d start giving her clit attention, assuming she really just wanted an orgasm.

“Mmm, that feels good Eric, but all in good time. You need to clean me up, I’m serious. This isn’t a game. When we get done, I’m going to go to the toilet like usual, and if I’m able to get ANY cum out of me, we are going to repeat this routine the next time we have sex, and the time after that and every time we have sex until you either get it right, or you just get used to the idea that sex always ends with you eating your cum out of my cunt!” Heather hated that word “cunt” but felt in this situation, it would underscore that she was not kidding.

In a flash Eric’s tongue-work intensified, fearful that he wouldn’t do a good enough job. Heather could feel it plunging into the folds of her pussy, and into her hole. She reached both hands around herself and grabbed her pussy lips. She spread herself open over his mouth and squatted over his face. She could feel his tongue reaming out her well-fucked hole. He was licking and sucking her splayed open pussy. She began to strain her muscles to push more cum out. A second and then a third wave of Eric’s own cum mixed with Heather’s juices dropped onto his tongue as she strained harder, and then like the rest, it slid right down Eric’s throat. Eric didn’t seem to be resistant to swallowing anymore.

Heather was enjoying her position of power and the occasional shot from his tongue on her clit excited her. She took his dick in her mouth and Eric moaned into her crotch. He went to work trying to get her off as she sucked his half-hard member.

Eric’s dick quickly returned to attention inside Heather’s mouth as he focused on pleasing her womanhood. Heather began rocking her hips and she sucked on him. She could feel her orgasm building. Eric was excited and began thrusting his hips into Heather’s face. He wasn’t used to being able to get hard again so quickly.

He could feel the muscles in her thighs begin to tighten as her orgasm approached. The shuttering of her hips began and her body began to convulse in a powerful, quaking orgasm. He kept at her clit until she pulled away from his mouth and collapsed half on him. His erection subsided and he relaxed, reflecting on what the heck had just happened.

After a few moments, Heather turned around, kissed him and untied one hand. As Eric worked to free his other hand from its restraint Heather stepped into the bathroom and disappeared around the corner to the toilet. Eric stopped moving and waited. He heard he toilet paper tear.

Heather’s voice chirped out of the bathroom with an odd upbeat energy, “Uh-oh Eric. That is definitely your cum I see. I guess we have some plans in a few nights. After you’ve had a chance to build up another big load of course!”

Eric was stunned. Mostly that he could feel the blood quickly engorge his dick again as those exciting words left her lips.

I found out that I had been caught the night she came home after one of her dates. From my office, I heard the front door open, her footsteps tread lightly up the stairs and up to her room next door. Two minutes later, I heard her enter the bathroom that connected our two rooms, the click of the toilet lid and then the sound of her peeing. Five minutes later, I heard her leave her room again and then a light knock on my door. She usually went straight to her room and we didn’t see her until the morning. In a panic, I quickly scrambled to minimize the video on my computer screen and tucked myself back in.

“Just a sec” I said but too late, she opened the door and walk straight to my desk and without saying a word. She was wearing a pair of boy shorts and t-shirt. She looked adorable with her long brown hair draped on either side of her beautiful face, her big blue eyes looking up at me with slight hesitation. She held out her hand as if to hand me something. I looked up to see her eyes and caught her looking towards my lap and then her eyes darted back to meet mine and smiled a knowing smile. I was thoroughly embarrassed but reached my hand out to see what she was handing me. She placed something into my hand and then quickly turned around and headed back to her room.

I followed her to my office door and closed the door locking it behind her. I sat back down and took a close look at what she handed me but I had a feeling that I already knew. Why? Had she known all along? If so, for how long? Was this her way of telling me that I was caught? All these questions and more were racing through my head in a fever. I could feel and hear my heart pounding out of my chest.

I was holding a pair of panties, a shear black pair with a ping bow in the front, and by the dampness in the crotch area, she had just taken them off. Instinctively, I brought them to my face to inhale her aroma. They felt cool, damp along my lips. I was shocked and confused. Had she just taken her panties off and handed them to me? She smelled so sweet, a mixture of her feminine soap and her own juices. I tasted the damp soft cotton strip that ran along her pussy and savored her tart flavor. I couldn’t believe that I tasted our teenage nanny’s pussy. I felt guilty. I was busted. Yet, I was and helplessly excited.

My cock was about to burst, I quickly pulled out and began to stroke myself while holding her panties to my nose and in only a few short seconds, I came hard – real hard. And while I tried to not make a sound, it was hard to not breath heavy. As soon as I caught my break, I heard her unlock the bathroom door. Had she been standing by the door the whole time? I cleaned up and headed to the bathroom. I cautiously stepped in and knew exactly what she wanted me to do. I dropped her panties in her laundry hamper and exited the bathroom.


We hired our nanny about 4 months ago. She was a young college student, a stunning nineteen year old with brunette hair, gorgeous blue eyes, b-cup bra and a nice figure skater build. Having her around the house has been a lot of fun, she’s an energetic fun loving spirit and our son has completely fallen in love with her. My wife and I have not had much of a sex life since our son had been born. It seems as though the birth of our boy instantly devalued everything else in her life. Sex became a rare occurrence for between us until we stopped having sex all together. I had been almost a year since I had had sex with her. Without the emotional or physical satisfaction from my wife, my focus turned to the nanny who was undeniably sweet and sexy.

I like to think that the first time it happened was purely by accident but I know that I would be just fooling myself. I went into her room under the pretext of needing to get something from her walk-in closet (it was big and we used part of it for our own storage needs). I saw her PJ’s laying there on the floor by the bathroom door and a closer look showed her panties buried under her short pink shorts. I examined the pile taking note of how the clothes were stacked so that I could replace the panties as they were and quickly snagged them. In my office, I brought myself to a quick climax and quickly returned the panties. As the days and weeks wore on, I grew braver and would take my time with her panties. Sometimes I would get to them soon after she had her morning shower – they would still be damp. The best times were after she had been on a hot date the previous night because they would bare the evidence of her abundant secretions. Sometimes I would wrap her damp panties around the sensitive underside of hard cock and imagine myself rubbing my cock head along her sensitive folds. I never came in her panties. Crazy enough, I felt that I would be crossing the line somehow. I know it’s strange but even perverts have their absurd rules.

I knew that she wasn’t having sex with any of the guys she was dating because she told my wife everything. I knew that she had only had sex once and it was with a boy she really cared for. The boy freaked and told his mother! The relationship soon fell apart and that was that. While she’s reserved, I wouldn’t say that she’s not conservative. She knows how to use her feminine charms and could tell that she had her boys wrapped around her finger. She dresses provocatively and knows how to manipulate men – and I was no exception.


I thought the next morning would be awkward but she acted like nothing happened. I was the first in the kitchen making coffee when she came down. I heard her come in and I turned around and said good morning but she just smiled back at me. I couldn’t believe how confident Kate was at such a young age. I suppose if she told my wife what I had been doing she could cause a lot of problems. Somehow, I don’t think she thought things on those terms. I think she enjoyed have power over men.

That evening, when she left the house for her date, we said our good nights but when she turned back to me on her way out, she smiled and casually returned my good night with a crips “later” and was out the door. I was really hoping for later.

I waited up in my office again hoping that it would be a repeat of the night previous night. At around midnight, I heard the front door open and knew she was home. Ten minutes later I heard a knock but this time it was from the connecting bathroom. She walked in and I swiveled around in my office chair to face her. Her lipstick was gone and her lips looked puffy like she had been doing some heavy kissing. Just as she had done the previous night, she handed me her panties. Like the previous night, she walked away but this time she walked back to her room through the connecting bathroom leaving the door ajar and the lights off.

Although I couldn’t hear or see her, I could feel that she was there lurking in the darkness waiting for me. My heart was pounding. I took her panties in my hand and brought them up to my nose. They were exceptionally wet tonight. I imagined her making out with her date in the car and how turned she must have been. Maybe she let him get to second base, his hand reaching between her legs to massage the folds of her pussy and her clit. He was young and inexperienced; perhaps he was rough on her delicate parts. She would coach him on how she wanted to be touched. Maybe it wasn’t his fingers that got her this worked. All these thoughts ran through my mind I inhaled her essence. I brought my other hand down and over the bulge of my hardening member. I was dripping wet for her. I wanted her so bad. The feeling was paralyzing, a mixture of nervous excitement, fear of getting caught, and even a bit of jealousy. I felt like I was putting on a show for her. I leaned back against the edge of my desk and caressed the contours of my hardness through my sweats. Slowly I reached in through the waist band and pulled my cock out. I ran my fingers back and forth along its length before wrapping my palm around its girth to begin gently stroking my cock. I imagined that she was watching me intently, hoping desperately that I was turning her on as much as she was turning me on. I imagined her hand running along her clit as she gently massaged her sex.

I wrapped the slippery wetness of her panties around the sensitive underside and began to stroke myself in earnest. I swore that I heard a gasp come from the bathroom when her underwear touched my cock. I came hard not caring where it landed. After I came, I slid her panties over the head of my cock and walked in to the connecting bathroom to drop of her panties. The bathroom was empty and the door leading to her room was closed. I deposited the underwear in the hamper, closed the door behind me and then cleaned my cum off the hardwood floor before heading to bed.


What started out as a sexual fantasy now felt so real and the confusing part was just how much affection I was beginning to feel towards her. As the weeks rolled by and our nightly routine continued, I felt myself falling for her. I would watch how she lovingly doted on our son, the warm smiles she would flash him and then back at me. I tried hard to pretend to not care for her. I was hard on her sometimes, complaining about the smallest details to my wife but my wife always defended her.

It was six weeks after that first night in our office that our routine came to a sudden stop. That night I stayed up until 2am waiting for her to come home but she never did. To say that I was disappointed but the next morning she acted like nothing had changed. While Kate had been dating different guys for the past six weeks, one guy seemed to get the majority of her time. I began to wonder if thing were getting more serious between them and whether our late night trysts were coming to an end.

The next night, she went out with one of her girlfriends. I debated whether or not to wait up and opted to see if she would stop by my office tonight since she didn’t go out with the guy from the previous night. She got home early that night and around 11am, I heard a knock on my door. This time, she didn’t come in but waited for me to open the door to the adjoining bathroom.

I opened the door and she just stood there leaning against the door.

“Can I come in?” she said.

“Yeah, sure” I replied. Something was very different. In all the nights we had gone through our routine, we had never actually spoken to each other. I took a step back allowing her to enter my office. She looked absolutely stunning in her miniskirt and oversized top. She normally wore leggings under her skirts but I noticed her bare legs and wondered whether she hadn’t worn any tonight or whether she had taken them off. She really looked stunning.

“I missed you last night”

“I know, I’m sorry”

“Why didn’t you come home?”

“I… ” she paused “We had dinner at his house last night and some wine.. “

“You spent the night with him” I interrupted.

She nodded. “I had been drinking and didn’t want to drive back home. Besides, I thought you wouldn’t have wanted my.. you know… last night.”

“I’m not sure I follow?” I had a sinking feeling why but I wanted to hear it from her.

“I know you know. You were in my room again today. I’m sure they didn’t smell umm… the same.” She was right, I had been in her room the next day. She had left her panties on the bathroom floor where I could easily spot them. They were a very sexy black G-string panties, with a tiny pink bow on the back and sheer material in the front. When I brought them up to my face to inhale her aroma, I was greeted with the distinct musky smell of sex, a mixer of cum and pussy. To my surprise, I found myself getting instantly hard at the though. I should have dropped the panties and stormed out of there but I instead, I quickly pulled out my hard cock, and began jerking off to her new scent. Right before I came, I wrapped her panties around my cock and added my cum to their mix.

I looked up to meet her face and saw that she was smiling at me. She bit her lower lip when our eyes met. “You did, didn’t you?” she said.


“You found my panties?”


She stepped in closer now and wrapped her arms around me. As she pressed her body against mind she whispered into my ear “… and didn’t you notice anything different about them?”.

“Yes, they smelled like sex.”

“What else?” she squeezed her body into me harder let one hand drop to my ass to pulled me into her.

“It smelled like cum.” My cock, now fully hard, jerked against her belly.

She let out a little sigh into my ear and whispered back “it turned you on didn’t it?” I didn’t respond.

“it’s ok, don’t be ashamed. When I came back to find your cum on my panties it turned me on too.”

“Really?” I was now slowly thrusting my cock into her and she grinding her pubic mound into me in return.

“Yes, the thought of two… mmmmm… it’s just hot….”

She broke the hug and took a step back. Her facial expression changed. That confident smile came back and I felt her taking control of the situation again.

“Do you want them?” she said


“My panties, do you want them or not?”

She was fucking me up and knew it. “Yes” I exhaled in a whisper.

“Then take them.” She placed her hands on my shoulders and pressed down and I dropped to my knees in front of her.

I looked up into her eyes wondering if she really meant what she said. She held my gaze for a few seconds and then, placing her hands on either side of hem of her skirt, she lifted them up until the bottom of her white lace panties were right before me.

Looking up, we locked eyes as I slowly slid my hands up and under her miniskirt. For the first time I took notice of just how thrilling it was for her to feel in control. Her chest was rising and falling with heavy breath and her skin was flushed with anticipation. I took my time and slowly felt my way up to the waistband of her panties. I tugged on either side pealing them off her pubic mound and down past her knees by her ankles. All the while we never lost eye contact.

I took her underwear and brought it up to my face to take in her breath. Her panties were soaked, really soaked. She reached out for her panties and took them from my hand. My eyes fixated on her pussy just inches from my face. It was perfectly trimmed. She dangled her panties just over my face and smiled down at me.

“Do you like the way I smell?” She asked.


“Mmmmm… close your eyes!” she demanded and then I felt her fingers lightly slide down my eyes before cupping my face tenderly in the palm of her hand. With her other hand, she ran her fingers through my hair until she clenched a fist full and firmly brought my face forward. I thought she wanted me to taste her so I began to lean forward but just as I reached my tongue out in anticipation she pulled back stopping my momentum. I was close enough to her to feel the heat radiating from her sex – to feel her short pubic hair tickle my upper lip. She smelled wonderful.

“Take it out.” She whispered. On my knees and with eyes still shut, I pulled down my sweats and boxers and until my cock sprung free. I heard a small gasp escape from her throat. I wanted to touch her so badly, to take her right then and there, but I just held still while inhaling her scent deeply.

“Touch yourself” she whispered. I wrapped my hand around my cock and began to stroke my cock.

“Mmmm… cup your balls with your other hand.” I did as she commanded. I felt her tug my hair forward burying my nose against my her clit and my lips made contact with her pussy lips. She was soaking wet and tasted amazing. My tongue darted out lapping at the inside of her pussy while my nose rubbed her hard clit. Both of her hands were now drawing fists full of my hair as she pumped my head forward into her pussy. I felt her orgasm building, her breathing was becoming erratic and she was pressing me harder and harder into her pussy. She was trying her hardest to stay quiet and not make any noise from fear of waking anyone up but her breathing gave her away. When I felt her about to cum, I let go of my cock and wrapped both hands around her ass and began to eat her pussy with a lustful hunger. I sucked her pussy into my mouth letting my tongue lavish it with attention while she gushed all over my chin. She held her breath through her orgasm and ground her pussy into my face, her hips jerking in spasms.

When she caught her breath she dropped down to her knees still catching her breath. I felt the tip of my cock brush against her pubic mound. My lips and chin were glazed with her wetness. She leaned forward and gave me a kiss. As she leaned in to kiss me, I felt her wrap her panties around my cock and slide them from the base all the way to the tip. She broke our kiss and looked down at my cock. Her hand felt so good on my cock that I felt I could cum any second. She took care to rub the precum off the tip of my cock onto the soft cotton crotch of her panties. With her panties covering the tip of my cock, she stroked me to one of the quickest and hardest orgasms I had ever experienced. I squirted cum in wave upon wave of pleasure as she milked my cock into her panties.

Then to my confusion, she stood up again and handed me her panties. “I’ve had a long day. I need to get some rest now. Can you put these back on me.” She whispered and held her panties just in front of my face. I did as she asked and slide her panties back up her legs and under her skirt until they fit snugly against her sex. She leaned down and kissed my forehead then walked out of my room.

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