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Having a steady girlfriend through most of my high school days never stopped me from cheating with a number of girls who caught my attention, so when I went to university it was more of the same, till I met Karima.

Karima was older than most of the girls in my class, she was 30, long brown hair, soft skin, mixed as she was half arab and half white, with bright brown eyes and a stunning body….thin legs, nice juicy ass and the perfect boobs.

She was shy, reserved and a virgin. She was saving herself for marraige apparently and had turned several guys down. Her friends said she had not found the right guy so as the years went by, she began to believe she would always be single, and that added to her shyness around men.

I was facinated by this girl, sometimes things just click for no reason, and thats exactly what happened with Karima. I saw her for the very first time in my Maths class and couldnt take my eyes off her. I could sense she was aware of my attention because she kept glancing at me after every few minutes and met my gaze for a few moments before she lowered her eyes and turned away.

Once I saw her at a beach party, all the other girls were in their bikinis except her. She was sitting on the patio wearing a white top and a transparent white skirt which showed off her pink panties underneath. I remember going out to grab a drink from the patio cooler and getting a good look at her crotch as she sat with her legs slightly parted. That alone turned me on, because it was Karima!

Another time we were squeezed in an elevator together and as it turned out she was squeezed just ahead of me. I deliberately pressed myself against her ass and revelled in her smell as I let my cock harden against her behind. She could feel it yet to my surprise and delight – she did not make any effort to move away.

As the doors opened on the elevator she quickly glanced at me as she walked away with her face flushed bright red.

That was the moment I told myself that whatever it takes,I will end up fucking this girl one way or the other. I had to have her, something about her just drove me wild.

A day later, I was at the mall with my girlfriend Natalie, and saw Karima. Natalie was busy browsing Victoria’s Secret, and I tagged along to pay the bills when I saw her passing by. We locked eyes as she passed by went into the store right across.

This was my chance I thought to myself as I hurriedly told Natalie I’d be right back, and made my way to the store Karima walked into.

As I entered, I saw her by the door she was pretending to go through a stack of shirts, but in reality she was by the window and once she saw me walk in, she looked up at me and smiled.

I walked across to her and tried to hold my voice steady “Hey! We’ve never met but we’re in Maths together and I’ve seen you around quite a bit..I’m Brian”.

She continued to smile and held out her hand “Karima”.

I took her hand and looking into her big bright eyes, began to smile and said “I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while but….” I shrugged and she gave me a knowing look.

She laughed and said “is that the reason why you keep staring at me”?

I laughed and replied “That and a couple of other reasons”!

“Such as” she asked?

“How about we talk about it over dinner” I replied.

She laughed again. “Wont your girlfriend be upset”?

“Maybe. But something tells me I don’t really care” I smiled.

Thats when she realized I wasnt just flirting with her, she could see this was real, and I wasnt messing around.

She began to blush and shyly looked away then back at me. “I don’t really date but…I want too with you” she replied.

I smiled. “So friday night”?

“Okay”, she replied. “Do you want my number”?

“I already have it” I grinned back. “I looked you up in the student directory and on facebook”.

“Oh God” she laughed. She looked away shyly “I’ve never gone on a proper date before, thats just not me. I cant believe Im doing this”.

“Im glad you are” I replied “So I’ll call you soon”.

“Okay” she smiled as I walked away.

As I walked back to Natalie, all I could think about was how attracted I was to this busty little woman, and how badly I wanted to undress her, lick her all over and fuck her as hard as I could over and over again.

I went home and called her the same night. We chatted for over an hour about all kinds of stuff, and we hit it of so well it seemed as if we knew each for years.

Friday couldnt come soon enough but it finally came and I drove across to her apartment to pick her up, armed with roses and chocklates.

I walked to her doorstep to pick her up having made reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant, and knocked on her door.

She opened the door and my jaw dropped, she was wearing a stunning black dress, with straps around her shoulders showing off her neckline, the dress was tightly wrapped around her body showing off all her curves, ending just above her knees, flashing her soft legs.

“Wow”. “Im totally speechless” I smiled, handing her the flowers.

She blushed “Thanks Brian..come on in”.

“Do you want to head out instead, we can go for dinner and I can come inside later instead” I said.

She smiled “Actually, its a bit of a surprise so come in” she said and held my hand and led me inside.

She led me into her apartment, the lights had all been dimmed, and sitting in the middle of her dining room was a table set for two, with candles and soft music playing in the background.

I looked at her with a surprised look…

She said “I thought I’d cook for you at home instead..hope you dont mind”.

I smiled “Dont mind at all, but you shouldnt have done all the work…I couldve helped”.

She laughed “You can help me clean up how’s that”?

“Deal” I replied.

“But first…may I have this dance” I asked, as the music played in the back.

I didnt give her a chance to respond as I grabbed her and pulled her close to me and began to dance with her.

She wrapped her arms around my waist and gazed into my eyes as we moved to the music, and with my right hand I began stroking her arms and her waist.

She rested her head on my shoulder and I began kissing her earlobe, slowly moving to the music enjoying her smell, and her body next to mine for the very first time.

“Mmmmm” she murmured….

I ran my hands down her back and across her ass, tightly bound in her black dress and squeezed her ass cheeks.

She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and I couldnt hold back any longer. I kissed her lips with passion,pulling her even closer and pressing my cock against her crotch.

Her lips opened to meet mine and she darted her tongue out tentatively, I met her tongue with mine and began unzipping her dress…

She pulled away a touch and whispered “Brian..we shouldnt be doing this…not till marraige”

I pulled her back and said “Hush…I want you feel how bad”, and held her hand and pushed it down to my cock…I unbuttoned my pants and pushed her hands down to hold my hard cock…

Surprised by how fast things were moving, she began pulling away until she felt my cock.

She gasped as she felt my cock in her hands…and she began stroking it with her fingers instinctively, and once again began kissing me hard with her tongue all the way inside my mouth.

I knew then she was mine and quickly unzipped her dress all the way and pushed the straps over her shoulders, kissing her shoulders and her neck as the dress dropped to the floor.

She shyly looked down as she stood before with me with her black bra and panties. I couldnt stop admiring her body, and I slowly unhooked her bra so I could finally see those amazing breasts that I had dreamt of kissing and licking since I first laid eyes on Karima.

As her bra fell off, I took a moment to admire Karima’s breasts…they were stunning just as I had imagined, big brown nipples erect just waiting for me to take them in my mouth.

“Oh baby this is wrong…we shouldnt…” she murmured as I squeezed her breasts.

“Oh God…Mmmm…..” she groaned as I took her nipples in my mouth and began licking and biting them softly.

She began to rub her hands all over my hair and my neck as I licked her big brown juicy tits, pausing for a moment to plant another wet kiss on her lips.

“Ohh Brian….oh baby” she groaned.

I pushed her slowly back towards the sofa, sitting her down as I unbuckled my belt and dropped my trousers.

She nervously looked up at me unsure what was about to happen next…clearly she was not only a virgin but also very inexperienced with anything sexual.

This will be fun I thought to myself as I guided her hands to my cock and had her push down my boxers exposing my rigid throbbing cock right in front of her face.

Her eyes sprang open in surprise as she looked at the size of my cock with nervous anticipation.

“Oh Brian…it’s so big baby….” she purred.

“Its all yours baby…suck it Karima…take me in your mouth babe” I replied

She went to her knees and I guided my prick to her face.

She opened her lips and I slipped my dick in. I clutched her head and slid my prick into her warm wet silky mouth.

“Oh yes…ahh,” I groaned at the sensation of her lips and tongue on my cock. I drove my dick on in, and then began sliding it back and forth. “Oh yeah, that’s the way, baby,” I huffed. “That’s the way to suck it. Baby but you’ve got a wet hot mouth. Oh baby, suck my dick, suck every inch of it.”

I hunched my crotch on her face, humping my prick down to her throat. “I’m fucking your mouth, baby,” i panted, “I’m fucking your throat.”

She sucked voraciously on my cock, using her palate, gums, tongue and lips. “Not so bad for a virgin” I thought to myself!

I felt my balls swelling and the cum churning and swirling in my bag. I didnt want to cum just yet. I slid my dick out of her mouth and went down on my knees and pulled her down on her back.

I slid her black lace panties down, raised her legs and drew them back, and went down on her. I buried my face on her pussy, rubbing it up and down and around.

“Yummy” I thought to myself as I tasted Karima for the very first time. I clasped her hips and went to town on her cunt. I slid my tongue in and licked and sucked her clit, and then began jamming and flicking and jabbing my tongue in her pussy.

She clutched my head and lurched her cunt up, mashing and grinding it on my face as she lost control of her body. “Oh, ah, your tongue,” she panted. “Oh, it’s so long and thick–ahh–Oh Brian baby I’m so wet.”

I tongue-fucked Karima, zipping my tongue up and down her pussy.

“Oh god, eat me,!” she gasped. “Eat my cunt. Fuck me with your tongue. Goddamn, it feels so fucking good!”

I smiled to myself as I thought about this virgin who I was eating with my tongue in all her glory begging me to fuck her.

She reached down and pushed my head hard into her pussy, as she humped her body wildly off the bed at me.

“Unggh! Uggghh! Ohhhh!” Karima’s body felt like it was on fire, she couldn’t stop herself from moaning and she couldn’t hold out any longer, her pussy felt like it was about to explode.

“Oh god, oh god! I’m Cumming! I’mmmm CUUUMMMINNNG!”

Karima felt her body shudder as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably around my tongue. She arched her back as the ripples of pleasure rode through her whole body, lifting her lower body right off the floor.I licked her cunt, taking in her pussy juices as they flooded out. Karima couldn’t control her herself, she thrashed her legs about – she was having another orgasm, then another shot through her, she’d never experience anything like it in her life, the fact that this was so wrong in her mind, being a virgin and wanting to save herself for marraige, made it even more intense.

“Ungghh … YES! Ohhh … Guuuhhhh!” Her cries of passion echoed round the room as at last the pulses of sexual electricity slowed to a stop.

Karima just lay there breathing hard, trying to catch her breath. She brushed her sweaty long black hair away from her face, her whole body was dripping with sweat now.

She looked down to see me still lapping at her cunt with my tongue, teasing her clit. My lips were filled with her juices and she kept thrusting her pussy up towards my face.

“Come here” she huskily whispered. I let go of her clit and moved back up planting quick kisses along the way until I finally reached her lips and stuck my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her sweet juices from my mouth.

She hungrily sucked in her juices from my mouth and turned me over so she could climb on top of me, rubbing her pussy against my cock and planting kissing along my chest. I rested my head back and let her do what she wanted.

Sure enough I guessed where she was heading, down to my balls – she buried her lips by my sack and started sucking my balls wildly making loud slurping noises as she sucked me like a pro.

I felt myself getting hard once again as Karima continued sucking my balls and stroking my cock with her fingers. I pulled her off my balls and turned her over, spreading her legs and placing her on all fours, her ass staring right at my face.

I thought about what I was about to do and smiled to myself, knowing I had never done anything like this for anyone else but finding myself filled with a desire to lick Karima’s ass for the very first time.

I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her higher and just below her dripping pussy tucked between the firm globes of her ass was her cute puckered hole. Clean, pinkish tan, clenching as she tightened her ass to thrust her pussy up into the air.

I stuck my tongue out as far as possible and lowered my head. The tip of my tongue flicked against her tight anus.

Karima gasped with surprise as I flicked the tight ring again.

“No, baby. Not there, not there.” she whimpered.

My tongue flicked her butt again and she quivered as though she had touched an electric wire. I raised my head and looked once again at the clenching ring, took a deep breath, dropped my head again as my rigid tongue pierced Karima’s ass and drove into her.

Karima whimpered again. She gasped as her lungs demanded air.She spread her legs giving me room…arched her back again, all her thoughts forgotten she pushed her ass back towards my face.

“Suck me, baby. Eat me. Oh my god, my god. Brian baby….I’m going to cum, going to cum, I’m cumming. Oh great god. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Goddddddd. Your tongue’s in my ass, in my ass. Oh, god, so dirty, so nasty. Tongue me, baby. Can’t stop cumming. Ohhhhhh, again, I’m cumming again. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Your tongue, Oh god, your tongue is in my butt”.

Karima shuddered as she felt her orgasm all over her body, her legs gave way and she fell back into my arms. Breathing heavily she looked up at my lips covered with her cum and kissed me hard, her tongue diving into my mouth tasting her own cum.

“That was amazing…I cant believe you did that baby” she whispered.

“Mmmmm I replied”:. ” My cock was aching with desire. I had to be inside her. She could tell I wanted to fuck her brains out.

“When you put your tongue in my pussy, that was the best feeling ever”! “But then you tongued my ass and that was even better//Oh God baby..I cant believe we did this”.

“We arent done yet babe…” I smiled stroking my cock as it sprang up. “Your pussy is next…I want my cock inside your little pussy babe”.

She looked into my eyes and then down to my cock. With a smile, she moved towards me and began kissing me hungrily, her tongue now freely playing with mine, while her fingers began stroking my cock – getting ready to feel my cock inside her for the first time.

To be continued!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. This story contains scenes of extramarital, unprotected, and group sex. If it’s not your thing, please move on. This story is slightly rougher and more raunchy than most of my other work. Fair warning.


Be careful what you wish for, isn’t that what they say? I guess I got what I wanted, although it’s not quite the way I imagined it. Nope, it’s pretty fucking far from how I imagined it. Most days I feel like it worked out all right. I’m happy now. Sometimes I remember how it all got started, and what my life would have been like if I had chosen a different path; where I would be now, who I’d be with. But regretting is never helpful.

I could blame Gretchen, or my ex-husband Jim, or alcohol or The Providers or whatever for my situation, and I have at different times blamed them all, but it just makes me bitter and angry, and it affects my enthusiasm, and I risk getting corrected. So I try not to think about it anymore, and stay with the program, and I don’t resist, ever. And besides, inside I know it was my fault, no one else’s. Everything else just helped me or reacted to me. But it was me. I realized that soon after arriving here, one night while I was recovering. And then all the anger I’d been harboring melted away mostly, and my attitude became more suitable, and I started getting corrected less.

It’s hard to admit that you made your own bed. But this is my bed now, and like I said, I get with the program now and enjoy it. And since I won’t be transitioned from entertainment to asset, I guess I’m doing okay.

But maybe I should start at the beginning.

Jim and I married young, he was 22, I was 20. He had a fledgling construction business that was pulling in some good money. I encouraged him to expand, guiding his enthusiasm and abilities, wanting him to make more money and he did, exploding the business over the next few years into a real money machine, which I loved. I did the house, the clothes, the lunches. I had a soft job in a local firm, and my friends and I partied hard on Jim’s money. Jim didn’t, he was too busy working. We had an OK sex life, but that soon dwindled with our reduced time together as he worked the business, and I worked his money.

After three years of spending Jim’s wealth I started to feel lonely and horny. Hanging out with friends didn’t do it for me anymore; they all went home to spouses and significant others, I went home, usually drunk, to my well-appointed empty house. My current situation began about six months later, in a club with friends. I was almost twenty-four then; my friends and I were drinking and dancing. I met these two guys, I don’t even remember their names, I call them Big and Bigger, because that’s how I remember them. We danced, and drank, and danced more, first with one, then the other, then both. My friends started leaving, Big and Bigger separated me from them. At one point I looked around and couldn’t find my friends. At first I cared. Then Big kissed me, and I stopped caring. I kissed him back, and all my good sense left me. We danced more, and then I was kissing Bigger. I could feel him pressing his hardness against me, and I got wet, and hot, and my neglected pussy starting doing all my thinking.

I could tell this part the long way, describing the passion and the longing, and my reactions, but it’s not really important. It was hot though, and the idea of being out, and cheating on my husband added to the excitement. Being attractive to someone, getting a man excited, knowing he wanted me, made me crazed and loose and easy. A half hour after the first kiss we were outside by Big’s car, and I was on my knees, kneeling on his jacket, sucking his cock. I was sliding my mouth on his long, fat shaft, licking the head, feeling it slide past my lips, smooth and hot and hard for me.

I was not very experienced when Jim and I met, and my sexual experience didn’t grow much after we married. We had sex, but it was mostly vanilla, and when he started spending lots of time at work and away, it became vanilla and less. I didn’t do a lot of oral and was never a big fan, but this night I really got into it. I wanted to suck this guy’s cock, and I was enjoying feeling it in my mouth, the way it tasted, the way it made me feel, on my knees in a parking lot with a well-hung stranger who wanted to fuck my mouth. I was so turned on that his cock was hard for me, I was drooling on him, pumping my hand and mouth on his gorgeous succulent shaft, struggling to fit more inside my mouth. He was groaning, and grunting, holding my head, humping into my face. I thought he might be starting to cum, and was thinking if I should let him cum in my mouth when I heard him say, “its about fucking time,” and I heard a noise behind me. I turned my head to see the guy I would remember as Bigger pull his giant half-hard rod of destruction out of his unzipped pants. My fucking pussy gushed, and I nearly came, I swear. I pulled my head off Big and never even got the chance to close it or inhale before Bigger filled my mouth. I had to stretch my jaw to take it, and he pushed, and hit the back of my throat, and I gagged and coughed, spit flying between my stretched lips and his shaft.

He pulled my hair, yanked me off his cock and slapped my face with his saliva-slicked monster. “Don’t fucking stain my pants, slut!” he barked, then pulled my head back on him, hard. Instead of resisting, I went willfully.

“Get in the car,” I heard Big say, and the door opened, and Bigger led me into the back seat by my mouth. He was fully hard by the time we pulled out of the parking lot, and I licked and sucked him for the short drive. I stopped when I heard the doors open. We were in the driveway of a house in a part of town near the club. Bigger zipped and got out, then Big pulled me out of the car.

They led me to the front door, feeling my ass on the way, kissing me, and pulling my top down. I walked halfway there with my tits exposed, Big’s tongue in my mouth, and his hand on my ass, under my skirt and inside my panties, and I loved it. I was pretty sure I was going to get the fuck of my life, and my cunt was dripping with excitement. My panties were pulled under my ass cheeks by the time we opened the door. I followed Bigger inside, into the living room. As he pulled his pants down and sat on the couch, facing me, Big pulled my panties down to my ankles and pushed me towards Bigger, making me trip and fall onto all fours. I swear, I crawled to Bigger on my hands and knees, my feet tangled in my panties, and drove my mouth down on Bigger’s mighty joystick.

I was sucking the head, swirling my tongue around, thrilling at the mouthful of hot cock meat. He pushed my head down and made me gag again; this time I blew spit all over his balls. He pulled me up by the hair and drove my face under his shaft, told me to lick the spit off his balls, and I did it with relish. “I want your hot cum in my mouth,” I told him, “Shoot it my mouth.”

“Shut the fuck up and suck, slut!” He crammed my head back down on his cock. As I sucked I felt Big lifting the back of my skirt, felt his hands on my ass. Then a hard fleshy globe pushed at my pussy, and in one stroke he buried his entire length into my eager cunt. Fuck, he was the biggest thing I’d ever had inside me, and I yowled in pain and passion as I stretched to fit him. My reaction was muffled around Bigger’s fat cock, and I heard him chuckle at my reaction. My cunt began to clutch and spasm at the invasion, and I felt my juices running down my thighs as Big started to stroke in and out.

It was the single greatest fuck I had ever experienced in my short, selfish naive life. It felt like he was splitting me apart, and fucking my whole torso, for fuck’s sake. He started pounding me, hard, and I felt his balls slapping up into my clit, and like an explosion I came, screaming on Bigger’s cock again, as my body shook with the greatest climax I’d ever had. As it crested, and began to recede, I felt a finger at my anus, exploring, then pressing, then pushing inside and I came again! I’d never had anyone touch me there, never mind inside, and the filthy debasement drove me to new heights of excitement.

I felt him pumping harder as I sucked, and sensed he was going to cum. I pulled off Bigger and turned my head, pleading, “Not inside me, cum in my mouth.” I barely got the words out before Bigger pulled my hair and drove me back on his cock, telling me to shut up.

“You’ll get it in your mouth, don’t worry, you fucking whore,” I heard from behind me, and then he pushed his finger deeper into my ass, and pounded me harder, faster, and then he groaned and I felt my pussy fill with heat as he shot his load in my eager hole. He stroked his cock through his climax, filling me, and I felt his load spilling out as I came again, filled with another man’s semen for the first time in years. Then he pulled out, and I heard him joke to Bigger, “she’s wide open, it won’t close!” I imagined my cunt gaping open, cum spilling out, and I felt his cock under me, the head on my clit.

Bigger suddenly pushed my mouth off him and stood up, and moved behind me, and Big sat on the couch. “Here you go, slut,” he said, and I saw his cock, just beginning to soften, glistening with my juices and cream, and coated with a thick glaze of his cum, fresh from my dripping pussy. “Right in your mouth, like you wanted!” He pulled my face down, but missed my mouth, and rubbed the disgusting mess on my face, finally onto my lips. I opened wide and took the slimy shaft into my mouth, my jaw already sore. I tasted his semen, and my own flavor, and smelled the odor of our sex, and it made me gag and salivate. As I swallowed the mixture my pussy twitched and flushed again, just in time to feel Bigger push his fat pole into my sloppy wet cum-filled hole.

I tried to scream as I sucked and swallowed, and Big’s cock pushed into the back of my mouth as Bigger’s cock stretched me even more; it felt like I was on fire, and then he pushed, and he was pressing painfully into my cervix. Pain shot through me, exquisite and shocking, making my pussy clench on his fat pole, and still he pushed, further, until I felt his thighs press against me and he was all in. Fuck, I thought his cock would hit Big’s in my throat, and it hurt so bad I cried and whimpered, and pushed back on him, and then he pulled out most of the way, and drove back in, hard; and again, and then started a rhythmic pounding in my destroyed cunt. I pulled my mouth off Big’s cleaned cock, and started licking the cum and pussy juice off the base, and off his balls, hating myself for loving it and wanting more. And then I heard Bigger grunting, and he came, and filled me a second time, bellowing as he plowed into me, and another orgasm ripped through me. He slowed as he finished; then drew out, and he did the same as Big, and allowed his cum to drip onto his cock. Big released my head and Bigger grabbed my hair and pulled me to him, and I repeated my post-fuck oral work, sucking his cock clean, swallowing the hot cum from my pussy off his incredible cock and balls while he ridiculed me.

“You like that, slut? You taste your slut pussy on my dick? You’re a real cum-whore, aren’t you,” and more disgusting talk that just made me hotter. “Fucking eat it, slut. Eat that cum off my cock!”

When his cock was cleaned, I figured it was done, but I was wrong. Big came to my side, he was holding a small mirror, and he put it on the floor under me, and moved me to squat over it. He made me look at my pussy in the mirror, and I was horrified. I had never spent a lot of time looking at my own vagina, but I didn’t recognize the mess I saw. A gaping red maw, dripping with white slimy cum, my pubic hair matted and soiled with cum and my own cream. It seemed to throb as I watched it, not closing, held open by the trauma of the pounding and stretching. As I watched, mesmerized, a fat drop of cum oozed out, landing on the mirror, then another.

“Clean that up, slut,” Big said, and I couldn’t stop myself. I bent down, and licked the cum from the mirror, disgusted at what I was doing, and betrayed by my own body. I felt the urge for more, more cock, more fucking. I finished licking the cum from the mirror and looked up at them. “Please,” I heard myself say, “fuck me again. Please.”

And they did, twice more each over the next two hours. Each time I had multiple orgasms, cumming on their giant cocks, sucking them clean when they were done as they called me vile names and egged me on. I never felt so dirty, so disgusting and so fulfilled. When it was over they put me back into the car, without allowing me to clean up. I struggled into my clothes on the ride, my pussy sore, my jaw and tongue aching, but my body completely satisfied. My mouth tasted like cunt and semen. They took me to the club and pulled away, leaving me at my car in the empty lot.

On the drive home I felt cum still leaking from me, and I pushed my fingers inside and sucked them clean, scooping gobs of cum from inside me. I couldn’t stop. I kept it up until all I could taste was pussy, then I fingered my clit until I came again, hard, screaming in the car as I pulled into my driveway.

I staggered into the house, my legs still shaky and weak, thankful Jim would not be home until the next afternoon. I got to my bedroom; it was after four already, and as I turned on the light I saw myself in the mirror. My God, if Jim was home how would I explain this? My makeup was a wreck, there was cum on my face and in my hair. My skirt was sideways and my tube top was stretched out, one nipple showing over the top. Anyone would know I’d just gotten the fuck of a lifetime. “Not Jim,” I said out loud, “he wouldn’t know sex if it fell on him.” Well, if he couldn’t tell from the cum on my face and wrinkled clothes, maybe this would do it, I thought. I pulled up my skirt and spread my legs a little, arching my hips forward. See that, Jim, I thought, That’s a fucked pussy. Can you see that? Can you see what those boys did to me with their giant cocks? I squatted down, spread my legs, and stared at myself. I was in awe at the sight of my own pussy, still gaping and red and raw, the hair all sticky. That’s what a pussy if for, Jim. To be fucked raw, pounded hard. I imagined him seeing cum dripping from my hole, down to my anus. He fingered my ass, too, Jim. Did you ever finger my ass? Hell, you barely even fuck me, never mind fuck me right. I came a dozen times on their cocks, Jim, and I ate their cum from their beautiful hard cocks, and I begged them to fuck me more. How do you like that?

He wouldn’t like it. It would kill him, I was sure. I knew he could never find out.

But I liked it. A lot. And I knew I wanted more.

It was more than a month before the next time. I spent that time worrying that Jim might find out, and the few times we had sex I wondered if he would notice how stretched out I was, but if he did, he didn’t say. Every free minute I thought about those tremendous cocks tearing me apart in ecstasy. I wondered if I would ever feel like that again. I needn’t have worried.

The next time the cock wasn’t huge, it was average, but the guy was hot, and he had a talented tongue that made me cum over and over before he fucked me. He tried to pull out, but I held him inside, loving the feel of being filled with hot cum. I thought he would lose his mind when I sucked him clean, scooped cum out of my cunt and ate it, and got him hard again. This time I sucked his cock until he exploded in my mouth. I showed it to him before I swallowed his load. On the way home I fingered myself, and masturbated more when I got home. Jim never knew, again.

I didn’t wait a month then. The next weekend Jim was away again, and I got fucked by two guys from out of town in a hotel room. One guy made me lick his ass, and the other guy fucked my cum-filled pussy with a champagne bottle. They made me drip cum into a champagne glass and drink it. It was so depraved. I loved it. I masturbated in front of them, sucking my juices and their cum off my fingers. One of them pinched and pulled and twisted my nipples while I crammed three fingers into my cunt; he was so rough my nipples hurt for a week, and they stayed hard for days.

After that, whenever Jim was away I went out and got laid. I never saw Big and Bigger again, but that was okay, and anyway, it would be too much like having an affair. I’d go out with my friends, and then find a guy, or guys, and ditch my friends and go out and get laid. I was pretty sure my friends knew what I was doing, how could they not? At least they suspected, but no one said anything to me, so I knew they wouldn’t tell Jim. Hell, they barely knew him, he was never around.

I became a complete freak for raw, kinky sex, the nastier the better.

My friend Gretchen was the first one to actually find me out. One night we were out in a club, and she found me in the men’s room sucking two guys’ cocks. I figured she’d run, or scream at me, or something, but she just stood there and watched as I took one load in my mouth and one on my face. I was still wiping my face off (into my mouth, of course) as she shooed the guys out, helped me get presentable, and escorted me out. We ended up in a diner, where she got the story out of me.

She didn’t express shock, or disapproval, or judge me in any way. Of course, I hadn’t told her the details of all the depraved things I did, just that I had started suddenly cheating on Jim, and now was doing it all the time. I confessed that I couldn’t stop, that I needed to get sex, all the time, it seemed. She seemed to understand, even as she made me admit it was wrong. I swore her to secrecy. She’s a lawyer, so she said I had attorney-client privilege. Later I would find out just how good a lawyer she was.

The next time I went out Jim wasn’t away, he hadn’t been away in a while, and I needed a ravaging. He called and said he’d be late, like a good husband. And like an awful wife, I went out on a cock hunt. It was late afternoon, so I went to a happy hour near a college, and picked up an energetic young man with mythical recovery ability. He did me three times in two hours. I rushed home, didn’t even finger myself on the way hone, just oozed into my panties, but when I got there I saw Jim’s car in the driveway, and another car. I checked my appearance and, scared to death, went into the house.

The other car belonged to a client he was meeting with. They’d gone to dinner, and had changed plans to come here instead! Fuck, I thought, putting on my friendly ‘meet a client’ persona. I kissed Jim quickly, hoping he couldn’t smell the semen on my breath. I told him I’d gone shopping when he said he wouldn’t be home, and offered to make some dinner, but he said they’d ordered pizza. Relieved, I excused myself from their meeting, and ran upstairs to clean up. Five minutes late I was in the master suite bathroom, scooping cum from my pussy and sucking it off my fingers as masturbated, standing with my pants off. I washed up, threw the panties in the wastebasket, and dressed for bed. When Jim came up I pretended I was sleeping, and then lay awake as he slept, hoping he couldn’t smell my ripe cunt.

Having done it once, I no longer waited for Jim to go away. I started taking more chances, convinced that my oblivious husband would never catch on. I would just get fucked, or suck a guys cock when he was working late. I saved the wild adventures for the times he went away, and those got wild, and more daring. One day Jim and I even had one of our rare sexual interactions while my pussy was filled with another man’s cum. If he noticed how wet I was, he didn’t mention it.

Once I picked up a guy in a club, and he took me to his house, and his wife greeted him at the door. He introduced me as ‘the slut who sucked my cock in the car on the way home’ and she grinned and started getting undressed. First I thought “what the fuck?”, then my defensiveness became defiance; “this bitch isn’t getting this cock tonight!” but she took off her pants and was wearing a strapon! And it was huge! I thought of Big, and dropped to my knees and sucked her ‘dick’ while the guy took off his clothes and mine. Then she fucked me while I sucked her husband’s cock. It was glorious! She could really fuck, let me tell you. When I sensed he was going to cum, I started talking dirty, telling him shoot in my mouth, I want your hot cum in my mouth, like that, and he said no, and his wife stopped fucking me and took off the strapon. She laid on the floor and he fucked her and came inside her. Then he pulled out and said, “you want my cum, you slut, go get it.”

His cute wife was laying there, legs spread, and she had her pussy completely shaved except for a little strip above her clit, which was poking out from the hood. Her cunt was open, and fat drops of cum were oozing out. In a fit of passion I dove straight in, and licked and sucked the cum from her wet snatch. When it was gone I sucked her clit until she came. It was the first time I did anything with another woman, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last.

Another time I picked up a guy who’s wife was out of town After sucking his cock and letting him cum on my face (he wouldn’t let me clean up, and I loved it!) he got hard again and we were fucking. Then he turned me over and did me doggy style. I was close to cumming when he pulled out. He went to the closet and took out a bag and came back to the bed. He pulled out a vibrator and gave it to me to vibe myself while he fucked me. I put my ass back in the air and rubbed the vibe on my clit and he continued fucking me. Just as I was close to cumming, I felt him slow down, and felt something wet on my ass. I thought he came, but was busy with my orgasm, and as I climaxed he pushed a finger into my ass! I came even harder, screaming as he pumped a finger in my back door while he fucked me. Then he added a second finger, and it started to hurt, and I complained and he pulled my hair and told me to shut the fuck up.

I kept the vibe on my clit, and he was still pumping my pussy, and I could feel his fingers stretching my anal opening. Then he pulled out his fingers, and pulled his cock out of my pussy. Fuck, I thought, he’s done. But then I felt something at my ass, not fingers, and I turned my head. “No way,” I said, “I can’t,” but he added some more lube, and I felt the head push inside. Fuck, it hurt, and I thought about pulling away but my body betrayed me and my desire won out, and I rubbed the vibe on my clit and pushed back on him. His cock went a little further, stretching and penetrating my ass. I felt a pressure, and then he pushed passed my inner ring, and his cock slipped all the way inside me. I screamed, in pain, but in excitement too, and he waited for me to adjust, until I started to squirm on his cock. I turned to him again and said, “Fuck my ass, you dog. Fucking take my ass cherry! I want your hot cum up my ass!” he started pounding me, short strokes at first, then longer, full-cock strokes. I felt so full, so nasty and slutty, and I shoved the vibe into my pussy and double penetrated myself. I came twice more before he buried himself inside me and shot a load of hot cum up my ass.

The next day I couldn’t sit or walk right, and called in sick to work. I masturbated myself raw thinking about it. I put everything I could think of in my ass, fingers, a candle, whatever I could find, fingering myself to blistering orgasms in my new depravity. It was my first anal, and I loved it. The next day I bought some vitamin e oil at the drugstore, and soothed my aching ass and cunt. I had anal sex pretty frequently after that.

During this period I would occasionally run into Gretchen, and when we were alone she would ask, and I would fill her in on what I was doing. I was grateful for the opportunity, because my secret was like to burst out of me, and it gave me an opportunity to release a little pressure without more people knowing. She seemed cautiously interested at first, but as weeks passed she it seemed she could barely wait to hear of my latest exploits in all their debauched detail. And honestly, the telling was near as exciting as the doing, and the more she asked, the more detailed my explanations, and I started masturbating following our little chats. Sometimes these were day or afternoon conversations. A couple of times it was when we were out, and I would get her alone in the bar or the club, and tell her what I had done. Or what I was going to do, and then leave and go do it.

The first time she came with me was one night at a club, and I told her I was leaving with this group, it was two guys and two couples, and they were going to one of the guys house. She said she was nervous for me, and thought she should tag along to make sure I was OK. She came with us, and we partied at this guy’s place for a while, but she didn’t seem to drink much. She was friendly and all, but I was going wild with the rest of the group, and it soon got heated. One of the guys started making out with his girlfriend, and I grabbed the ass of one of the single guys, Blondie I called him, while we watched them grope each other, then he kissed me.

Things proceeded from there predictably, for me anyway. As soon as I felt the guy getting hard I dropped to my knees, and everyone stopped to watch me suck his cock. I was bobbing my head and fondling his balls and ass, his pants around his ankles. The kissing couple, the Preppies, started undressing, and he was sucking her tits when I looked up. The other single guy was sitting with Gretchen and the other couple, the Quiet Ones, talking to Gretchen. I saw her say something and point to me. Other Guy got up and stood behind me, grabbing my tits and squeezing my nipples, hard. The feeling went straight to my pussy, and I let him know it. He pulled off my shirt and bra, and I guess his pants, too, because the next time he reached around for my tits I felt his hard cock pressing into my back. I got up and got my pants off, and he got his face under me, and I sat on his mouth while I sucked Blondie. I felt his tongue slip into my wet hole and I gushed fluid into his mouth.

The couple was in a sixty-nine on the floor right next to us now, and I watched her lick his balls. Not to be outdone, I pushed Blondie back to the couch, and pulled his legs up so I could lick his ass. With my butt in the air, Other Guy got up and drove into my cunt in one stroke, pushing my tongue up Blondie’s hole. I managed a glance across the room, and saw Gretchen staring at me, apparently now believing all the stories I had told her.

Once the cock entered me I started talking dirty, telling him fuck my slutty cunt, pound me. He obeyed, and it felt great. I replaced my tongue with a finger in Blondie’s ass, and licked his balls while I stroked him, all the while spewing a stream of filth for everyone to hear. I heard the Preppies goading Other Guy to fuck me harder; they were fucking now, doggy style like me, and both watching me with Blondie and Other Guy.

I heard Gretchen telling the Quiet Ones what a nasty slut I was, fucking two guys in front of everyone. She called me awful names, and it got me hotter, knowing I was all those and more. Then she yelled to Other guy to fuck my ass, and I felt him pull his cock out, and press against my anal opening. He popped the head inside, and I howled, half in pain and half in delight. I clenched, then loosened up and pushed back, burying him halfway in my ass. He pulled back slightly, and then pushed the rest in, and my ass was filled with cock.

Now the Quiet Ones joined Gretchen in cheering and deriding me, and I felt my first orgasm coming as Preppie girl reached under me to rub my clit. I came on her hand, screaming, and she came too. Then the Other Guy grabbed my hips and pulled me backwards as he lay on his back, his cock buried in my ass. I imagined I was quite a sight, my legs wide open, on my back on top of him, my hungry cunt and ass stretched and exposed for all to see. Blondie got up and got between my legs and fed his man meat into my waiting slit, and I had two cocks fucking me.

“Fuck that slut!” I heard Gretchen yelling. “Fuck her cunt and her slut ass!” “Give it to her! Fill that whore up!”

“Give me your hot cum,” I told Blondie and the Other Guy. “Fill my ass and pussy with cum! I want it in me!” That was all Preppie guy needed, and we all heard him groan and empty his balls in his girlfriend. She moaned with him, cumming again, and that set me off, and I felt my cum splashing out on Blondie’s fat cock, running down my crack and into my ass. He pushed harder into me, driving me down onto the dick in my ass, until I thought my chest would explode. “Give me your cum,” I kept repeating, “Fuck your cum into me! Give it to me!”

I saw movement from the corner of my eye, and then Preppie girl was lifting her leg over my face, and she squatted over me, dripping cum into my mouth. I lapped it up, slobbering the mess on my lips and nose and chin, and then she lowered herself down.

“Suck it out, slut!” she yelled, then announced to the room, “Her tongue is up my cunt, the nasty slut! She’s licking the cum out!” Gretchen and the Quiet Ones were cheering, yelling “Eat that cum! Suck that fucked pussy!” and I did, with relish. That drove my two cocks over the edge, I felt them swell, and pulse, and then they came, Other Guy first, then Blondie, and filling my bowels and pussy with hot slimy semen. The combination of being filled and fucked, and the pussy on my face, and the audience drove me to a body-shaking climax, and I trembled uncontrollably until it passed.

When I settled down Blondie fed me his cock to clean, and Preppie girl brought her guy over for the same. I was still on my back atop Other Guy, who was softening in my ass, and finally slipped out. I finished sucking Preppie boy clean and climbed off Other Guy, only to turn over and suck his cock clean too. Everyone was aghast and disgusted that I sucked the cock from my ass, but the passion had taken me and I never gave it a thought. It tasted nasty, but I got excited by how depraved it was.

On the way home that night Gretchen said that she hadn’t fully believed I was that wild until she had seen it for her own eyes. I asked why she hadn’t participated, and she said that she couldn’t. She was in a relationship, and she couldn’t be like that with anyone. I told her she was just jealous. I know different now. She asked if I ever felt guilty for doing things like this behind my husband’s back. I told her I did, at first, but I enjoyed it more, and I deserved to be happy, and he wasn’t doing it for me, so it was OK. She was quiet for a while, and then we got in a discussion about anal sex, and I told her that it made you sore, but in a good way, like when your nipples still hurt from being pinched and pulled too much, or when the back of your mouth feels bruised from a good face fuck.

About a week later I had a sex party at my house. Jim was away for a few days, and I went out one night to a club, and brought the party to my house. It turned into a full blown orgy, I swear, and it lasted until the sun was coming up. I ate pussy and ass, I sucked cock, I got fucked in my pussy, my mouth and my ass, over and over. I think every guy there came in me or on me or both. Once after fucking this guy, his girlfriend stuck her fingers in my cunt, and started feeding me his cum, and then she worked three fingers inside me, pushing and stretching me, then she added a fourth. I started to feel another climax coming when she looked in my face and said, “Get ready,” and then she folded her thumb in, and pushed her whole hand into me. She fisted me through two orgasms while everyone watched, and a guy jerked off in my mouth. She made me lick her hand clean, too. One of the other girls squirted when she came, and I made sure I got my face right in there. She drenched my face and filled my mouth and I drank it all and licked her clean. I sucked cum off cocks, and licked it out of pussies. After one guy ass-fucked his girlfriend and I sucked his cock after he came in her ass, she pushed my head between her legs and made me suck the cum out of her ass!

When I told Gretchen about the party, she was horrified. Not at what I did, but that I did it in my house. “What if you get caught? Won’t he suspect? What if someone leaves something behind?” She was full of questions. But frankly, it was better for me to do it at home, because I could drink, and fuck till I passed out, even, and didn’t have to worry about driving home. I just had to make sure I had an extra day to clean the house before Jim came home. It had worked out well, and I knew I could get away with it whenever the possibility presented itself.

I continued my one-off antics for the next few weeks, Jim being none the wiser. His sexual appetite seemed to diminish a little, and I went out even when he was working, coming home sometimes with cum breath, or a pussy or ass full of cum. Once I came home, wearing a skirt without panties and Jim was home. As we talked in the kitchen I had cum running down my leg. What would he say if a fat drop of semen dropped out and hit the floor? Would he notice? What if I lifted my skirt in front of the dense bastard and jammed my fingers in my cunt and scooped it out for him? Would he notice then?

I continued confessing my antics to Gretchen, and one day she asked me if I wanted to attend a party. She told me her firm was meeting clients from out of town, adding that she was in charge of providing entertainment while they were there. She had booked a party room at the hotel they were staying in. As it happened Jim was away for the week, and I naturally took up her offer.

There was great food, but I didn’t eat much. I’d kept my food light and had two enemas before attending in the hopes of some great anal sex. I thought Gretchen knew exactly what kind of entertainment I was going to provide, although she played innocent all night. Her clients were young, wealthy, handsome and confident men and women. If I remember correctly, it was two married couples, three single men and a single woman. I was leaking pussy juice into my panties as she made the introductions. I had a couple of drinks with them as we all checked each other out. When I laughed at one of their dirty jokes, and then told one of my own, the party took a turn in the right direction. The talk got bawdy, then sexy, then downright dirty after that, the women going even further than the men. One of the married women, in response to a comment about cock size, made us all look as she unzipped her husband and pulled his giant slab of meat out. As everyone laughed I knew I was going to have this one more than once. Things got wild after that, and we made it up to the team leader’s suite in various stages of undress. My shirt was unbuttoned and one of the single guys was grabbing my tits from behind as we spilled through the door.

Clothes went flying. The single woman, and slim redhead, was the first naked and grabbed me and pushed me to my knees, jamming my face into her shaved cunt. She was dripping wet and I lapped her juices as she told the rest of the crowd what a nasty cunt licker I was. Everyone got a charge out of that, and then one of the men walked up behind her and rammed his cock up her twat while I kept licking. He fucked her standing, and everyone stood around fondling each other until he came, and I licked his load out of her cunt. While I did, someone finished undressing me, and I felt a cock enter my pussy.

Parts of the night were a blur after that, but some moments were memorable for their depravity. Guys came in my mouth and on my face, and one of the wives licked my face clean and then spit it back into my mouth. I licked cum from pussies and asses. I got the Big Dick guy in my ass while the rest of the men fucked my pussy and mouth in turn. One of the women emptied a half bottle of wine into her cunt, and squatted over my mouth while I was getting fucked, and I drank as much as I could catch. One man fucked his wife’s ass and my mouth alternately, holding my face down so he could ram it into my throat straight from her anus. Fucking nasty.

Halfway through the night the three women took me to the bathroom and laid me in the tub. I thought they were going to clean me off, and they did, but not with the shower. The redhead stood over me and spread her lips with her hands, and started pissing. It came out in a forceful stream, on my tits, splashing on my face, then moved up to my mouth which had opened in shock. I was horrified, and humiliated, but as the stream finished and the married women took their turns, I became turned on, and then eager. All three of them pissed into my mouth and my cunt, and I licked their pussies clean. They were all shaved. I love shaved pussy. They rinsed me off and brought me back out to the men.

Later, after more sucking and fucking, I was on my back and felt one of the women kissing me. I opened my eyes to see it was Gretchen! That was hot. I grabbed her head and kissed her back, my tongue going into her mouth to meet hers. We kept kissing as two men fucked me and dumped their load in me. Then she stood, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down, and sat on my mouth so I could lick her pussy. She came almost instantly, and I drank her sweet tangy juices.

It was a fabulous night, and Gretchen came back to my house and spent the night. I fucked her with a dildo and licked her ass, and she sucked my tits.

A few weeks later I had planned an evening at my house again, as Jim was away. Gretchen couldn’t come, but that was OK with me. But that was the night my life went completely sideways. Halfway through the night, I was being carried around the room by a giant black man with a tremendous cock. He was holding me under my knees with my back against his chest and his cock was buried as far as it would go up my ass. He was walking me around the room to each man to fuck my cunt, fill it with cum, and then move to the next one. I never heard the door, and I don’t know how much he saw, but as the third guy finished filling me with cum the room got quiet. I looked where everyone else was looking and saw Jim at the door of our bedroom. The guy carrying me turned too, and I faced my husband with a giant black cock up my ass and cum from three different men dripping out of my open cunt. He looked into my eyes, and then turned away without saying a word. By the time I threw some clothes on and ran downstairs he was gone, and then everyone left.

I didn’t see him again for six months, when we met at the lawyer’s office to settle our divorce. Gretchen had agreed to represent me when I decided to file for divorce. Believe it or not, Jim didn’t file; I did. I figured I had grounds on spousal abandonment. She filed the papers and Jim didn’t contest them. I stood to get the house and plenty of income from Jim’s successful business. So I was feeling pretty sure of myself when I saw him in the hall outside the conference room. Gretchen was with me when Jim approached with his lawyer, a smaller, balding man. Gretchen had told me the guy was pretty sharp, and I saw his face tighten when Jim asked to speak to me alone.

We walked alone to the elevators. Jim spoke in a low voice, very serious. “Before we go in,” he said, “I wanted to ask you one time if you might reconsider this.”

“Excuse me?” I asked. I was guessing that he might be having second thoughts about contesting, based on my actions, but Gretchen had said he would be too embarrassed to have all those details come out.

“Are you sure that you want to go through with this. I just wanted to give you one last chance to drop the divorce case.” So he wasn’t going to contest, he just wanted me to go away, I thought. Months later I would realize that he was trying to protect me from myself.

“Drop it? Hell no,” I told him, all full of my misplaced bravado. “If you’re so concerned about your money, maybe you should have thought of that before you stopped having sex with me. You drove me away, remember?”

His face took on a pained resignation, and he nodded silently. “Okay,” he muttered. “That’s what I was afraid of. All right.” He took a deep breath and turned and walked away, looking a little defeated. I felt victorious.

We went in, papers changed hands and were signed, the Lawyers agreeing to the exorbitant funds that I would be receiving. A couple of times Jim’s lawyer advised him that professionally, he was telling him, one last time, to fight the divorce, as he was giving up too much. But Jim remained firm, and the last papers were signed. Gretchen advised me to stay seated as they left. When he got to the door, as his lawyer left the room, Jim turned to me and said, “Goodbye Miriam. I hope you enjoy yourself.” Damn right I would, with his house and his money. I waved to him, then blew him a kiss.

OK, Well after my last email detailing to you all what a slut I had been a couple of weeks ago at the pub with Hubby’s friend, my hubby got so aroused by the responses and my eagerness to please, he organised surprise for me…. and as it turns out, “what a surprise!” He had always talked about seeing me used by a group of men, but I never really thought he would do it and we just spoke of it during sex as one of our fantasies. Well, no more and this is exactly what happened last Saturday night….

It was around 9pm when I got a call from my hubby, he was still at the pub after footy with his mates and he called to tell me he would be about another half an hour, BUT that he had a surprise or me and I should make sure the kids were asleep and I was “ready for him” when he got home.

He sounded pretty drunk, but horny as always, so I was expecting that he had bought a new sex toy, or a 3some / group sex DVD for us to watch whilst we fucked, so I was pretty happy about that and proceeded to groom myself and be fully prepared for when he got home.

I went upstairs for a quick shower and then put on a very sexy small short dress that I know hubby likes and some thigh high black lacy stockings, I glimpsed in the mirror and thought I looked pretty good, but also if he bought home any of his mates for post match drinks then I wouldn’t look to slutty and offend them.

He came in alone and as the kids were all asleep downstairs, he took me upstairs into our bedroom, which is very large and has another sitting room in it and a huge bathroom and walk in robe (his and hers). He told me to undress and hop on the bed which I did, slipping out of my skimpy dress and just leaving my thigh high stockings on.

He then bought out a small bag of cocaine….. (We don’t do it often, but when we do I LOVE it as the sex is INCREDIBLE just AMAZING on coke and always blows my mind). After we have cocaine we lose all of our inhibitions (if we have any left) and then I’m up for anything.

So we did a few lines and started kissing on the bed and hubby, as expected put a DVD on the flat screen which was all about 3somes, multiple men on single girls and gang bangs etc. We watched it for about half an hour, doing more lines as we watched and by now I was literally soaking wet, dripping juice from my pussy and dying to be fucked. Hubby kept on teasing, but he wouldn’t touch my cunt and was dragging it out like he was waiting for something. So at about 10 pm he went into the robe and emerged with the bondage cuffs and ropes again.

I was pretty turned on at the thought of being tied up and used again as it is one of my favourite things to do, and I laid on my back for him to do it, but he said ‘no’ and made me stand up at the side of the bed facing it and bend over.

He tied my legs to the ground, one rope on the head bed post and one on the bottom bed post and my feet were well apart. He then made me lean right over the bed and then tied my arms to the other bed posts so I was face down, spread eagled leaning over the bed with my arse and pussy in the bent over ‘doggy’ position facing the sitting area. He then reached into his pocket and bought out a blindfold.

Before he put it on, he let me have one more big line of coke, and then he blindfolded me and left the room. My head was spinning and I was high, really turned on, super horny and helpless!

About 10 minutes later, (seemed much longer!!) he came back in the room and started licking my cunt and fingering me from behind. It was so good and I felt my orgasm building and I was moaning and telling him I was his cum slut and I wanted to feel his cock in me now. He obliged by standing up and mounting me deep and hard and as he did I came straight away, and tried forcing myself back on his cock which seemed huge! As I did I opened my mouth to talk and without any warning I had a another cock rammed into my mouth making me gag and took me completely by surprise. I had no idea anyone else was in the room and I was shaking with surprise, excitement and shock wondering just who it was, how long had they been there… who was it?

I didn’t have any chance to ask as I was doing all I could to suck the cock in my mouth and again he rammed it into me and I just surrendered to it and became the whore he wanted me to. I tried as hard as I could to suck his knob, he was uncircumcised and big, and the guy behind me, who I thought was my hubby told me to suck his friends cock like a slut and he grabbed my hair and rocked my head up and down as I did……….. And no, it WASNT my hubby.

My head was spinning again, and I was still really high and in absolute heaven being fucked from both ends by 2 strange cocks, tied to my bed and being used. I lost count of my orgasms again, and had the time to catch my breath as they swapped ends.

As they got into position, I got to taste my own cunt juices on the guy that was fucking me, and when he was in my mouth I could tell he was HUGE and uncut also and tasted Devine. The other guy was then behind me and he spat on my arse and cunt and rubbed his cock up and down my crack, but when he pushed in, he pushed into my arse instead of my pussy and started fucking me like a slut in my arse. I really do like anal sex and especially when I’m on coke, so the feeling it gave me was simply amazing and I urged him on in between thrusts of his friends cock.

I was SOOOOOO wet by now I was still leaking juice and as I was concentrating on these 2 I felt a tongue darting in and out of my pussy.!! FUCK!!! how many guys are in here I thought and I got a bit concerned as hubby hadn’t said a single word yet, and I knew it wasn’t him eating my cunt as the guy that was had a beard and hubby doesn’t!!!

Well this went on for ages, they swapped many times, different holes all the time, from my arse to my pussy, in my mouth calling me a slut and a whore rubbing their dicks in my face my hair all over my body and not a word from hubby, who I sensed was sitting in the chairs in our room, as I could hear the camera clicking away in the background.

After I had yet another orgasm, I heard them all talking about where to cum on me, and then I heard ‘not in her pussy, I want it clean’ from yet another guy who wasn’t my hubby!!!!! OMG!!!!!

So the 3 guys then all got in front of me, grabbed my roughly by the hair and took turns fucking my mouth and shooting their loads on my face, my hair and blindfold and then some into my mouth. It was fantastic to taste all their cum and it was all over me and I just stank of it and the salty taste and smell made me cum again.

I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much before and I knew hubby was sitting somewhere with a hard on taking pics and planning on fucking me afterwards in my cum filled and splattered state.

So the 3 guys who were now all spent all got off the bed and I was unsure what was next, until hubby finally spoke up and told me to snort another line, (which he bought over to me on a plate while he held the straw). After I did as I was instructed I was high, very happy and very horny again.

On coke you can fuck for hours, and every time it’s like the first time as you are sexually aroused to the extreme and a guy can hold off Cumming for as long as he wants. Hubby usually takes a Viagra, and he and Chris have had some awesome sessions with me like this.

Well there I was , high and still tied up and my face completely covered in cum, so I was a bit nervous about what was next when I felt some really large rough hands on my arse and he slipped an finger into my cunt and my arse at the same time. I can tell you the whole time I was getting off on knowing how much this would excite my hubby and how horny it will be in reliving it over and over again when we fuck.

The guy behind me then spat (I think on his cock) and literally drove it into my well used pussy to its hilt, right up to his balls in one thrust and I screamed and then moaned uncontrollably while he continued to thrust his cock all the way into my cunt. I can tell you he was fucking HUGE, his cock completely filled me and touched the top of my cervix with every thrust and he was grabbing me so hard on my hips he has left marks on me… bruises.

He just kept on slamming his cock into me like a piston, It was like he was hate fucking me and I loved it. I felt a hand on my chin and I opened my mouth and yet another cock slipped into it. I could tell it was hubby as I know his cock so well and he was smooth and uncut and I started to blow him like he desires and deserves for giving me such an awesome surprise, so I kept on moaning like his bitch. He was calling me his cum slut and telling me how sexy I looked covered in cum and he was wiping his cock all over my face making me taste the other men’s seed again and face fucking me holding my hair in fistfuls in his hands as he drove into my mouth and throat.

I knew they guy who was fucking me couldn’t keep up the pace he was going for long, although he had done an amazing job so far, and after about 10minutes he started to drive even harder and faster and then finally he screamed out ‘I’m Cumming I’m Cumming’ and then I felt him tense up as he drove right inside me, touching the top of my pussy and I felt him spurting his load as deep inside me as anyone could and he began filling my cunt up with his load.

He stayed in me for a while as his cock softened, and as he pulled out my cunt, it made a popping sound as he was so big it stretched me out and then he swapped with hubby and made me lick and suck his cock until it was clean again. I could taste my own juices and my cum, as well as the salty flavour of this unknown guy who just fucked me better than anyone else had ever done before, and it was fantastic.

Hubby had withdrawn from my mouth and then he went behind me and started to fuck me furiously, in the cum filled mess that was my slutty pussy and then after just a minute or so he came inside me and added his cum to my strange lovers seed.

I heard them all leave and there they left me, tied up, still high and my face completely covered in cum and, another 2 loads leaking out of my pussy and running down my legs and onto the floor.

I could hear them all downstairs having a drink and talking, then after about 15 minutes they all left and hubby came back upstairs to talk to me. I still had my blindfold on and I have NO IDEA who these guys were or how I was just fucked and used by.

Hubby went around behind me and rammed his still hard cock into once more and as he fucked me he removed the blindfold and fucked me furiously again. He said I was full of cum and sloppy and stretched out, so he then put his cock in my arse and proceeded to fuck me till he shot his load inside of me again.

So I was now a true whore and cum slut, his whore and cum slut and I was totally filled with cum, in all holes. It was only then I was untied by him and made to stay on the bed all night and sleep in the wonderful mess they had created for me. It was just fantastic!!!!

I have asked MANY times for him to tell me who it was that he had fuck me, or show me the pictures but he always says no. He says that I will never know who had used my body, taking me in all my holes and emptying their sperm all over me like a slut.

Hubby loves the fact that I have no idea who they were and that I will run into them in my normal daily life without a clue, and they will be remembering what I looked like as their cum slut for the night for the night, looking into my pussy and they will be devouring me with their eyes again and again. I have to admit, the thought drives me crazy and I’m constantly looking at the people I know trying to work out if it was one of them…….. I’m always horny trying to work it out and don’t look at our friends the same way anymore. I’m constantly trying to picture them naked or listening to their voices to find a clue.

Hubby is either perverted or a genius…… perhaps a perverted genius at that.




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Everything you’re about to read is my own true story, which occurred in 1994 when I was in my late 20′s.

My name is Fleur and I was lucky enough to be naturally pretty with large breasts, size 38-DD, which looked out of place against my relatively small frame- I’m five foot six and 125 pounds. When I started dying my hair blonde people started saying I looked like Anna Nicole Smith when she was a reasonably thin Playboy model. I never had a problem getting dates in high school and college, but I was raised in a Catholic home and was determined to wait until my wedding night to surrender my virginity. After graduating from a state university I met Michael and fell in love with him. He was cute, smart, fun to be with, and most importantly his faith dictated that he too would remain a virgin until he got married.

So on my wedding night we did it, and I was left wondering what all the fuss was about. It was fine and I’d be happy to keep doing it as part of my duty as Michael’s spouse, but I wasn’t anxious for Round Two.

About two years after our marriage Michael found a great job in Manchester, New Hampshire and we bought a condo in the city. One day while at the pool Michael made friends with a man named Dante, who I first met when Michael invited him over to watch a baseball game. Dante was a really attractive guy in his early 20′s, maybe five years younger than Michael and I, and one couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. Dante was six foot two and about 200 pounds with a lean muscle mass. Facially he looked a lot like Tom Cruise (who I was always crazy about). Despite this, I would never even dream of cheating on my husband but as time went on I started finding Dante more and more attractive. This reached the point where I found myself fantasizing about him. After a while whenever I saw Dante I would give him a hug whenever we said hello or goodbye, and I looked forward to those hugs as they would practically make me melt.

Dante had a girlfriend named Susan, and pretty soon the four of us were frequently hanging out together. The size differential between the two of them was notable, as she was a foot shorter than him and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. One could easily tell that Susan was completely smitten with Dante, and it’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that she waited on him hand and foot. For example, even though they didn’t live together Susan came over two or three times a week to make Dante dinner and to clean his condo.

As time went on Dante and I would flirt with one another, sometimes right in front of Michael, Susan, or both. It was completely harmless and to be honest, both Dante and I were the dominant personalities in our relationships. Then one night the four of us went out to a nightclub and I had a too much to drink. I asked Susan if it was OK if I danced with Dante, and when we were on the floor and away from our partners I pulled Dante close to me and started rubbing my breasts against his chest. Dante was taken aback, and even moreso when I told him to think about that later when he was screwing Susan, who I cruelly referred to as a “charter member of the itty-bitty titty committee”, since Susan was so small-chested. Then when I gave Dante a closer-than-usual hug goodbye, an involuntary gasp left my body and I’m sure both Michael and Susan noticed. By the time Michael and I got home I was hornier than I’d ever been in my life, but instead of jumping all over my husband I went into the bathroom and masturbated furiously while fantasizing about Dante fucking me.

By the next day I’d realized that my feelings for Dante were beginning to careen out of control. I asked myself if I’d ever sleep with him if the opportunity arose, and the answer was “probably not” when it should have been “absolutely not”. I vowed to make it a point not to put myself in a situation where temptation could take over, as I didn’t want to be the kind of woman that would cheat on her husband.

Things cooled off between Dante and I for a few weeks, while Michael and I prepared to take a vacation in Maine. We rented a three bedroom beach house for a week and invited all of our friends to join us. Unfortunately it rained almost all week and no one ventured north to join us. I quickly became bored with the beach and a house with nothing more entertaining than a television that didn’t even have cable. We had the place until Sunday and we both had to return to work on Monday morning. I asked Michael if we could just leave on Saturday and spend the weekend relaxing at home before returning to work on Monday. He didn’t want to, but in the end I insisted.

That was until Dante showed up on Friday night, with Susan conspicuously absent.

The three of us spent the night hanging out in the living room, talking and drinking frozen Pina Coladas. Once again I got a bit tipsy, and while giving Dante a hug goodnight I grazed one of my hands over his ass. I went to bed with Michael but got up about fifteen minutes later to watch TV in the living room, all while hoping that Dante would come out and join me. He didn’t, and I found myself tempted to go into the bedroom he was sleeping in, say hello, and see what happened next. Instead I settled for another masturbating session in the bathroom, and a sense of guilt that settled in the next morning.

For the trip I’d brought a black bikini that was pretty revealing, but all week I’d stuck to a more conservative one-piece bathing suit. In a textbook case of bargaining and rationalizing, I’d decided that while I wasn’t going to cheat on my husband, I definitely wanted Dante to notice me, and to find me attractive and desirable. That would be enough to keep me happy, and I picked our day at the beach with Dante to wear my black bikini.

I’d never seen Dante without a shirt on before, but in a beach setting I’d finally get my chance. Dante did not disappoint, with a muscular chest and arms and a tight, flat stomach. As I peered through my sunglasses as to not make it obvious that I was staring, I attempted to memorize the image before me, with plans of spending several nights masturbating to it.

Then I did something I’ve never done before- I lowed my stare and tried to get a look at how big Dante’s penis was. He was wearing a pair of baggy beach shorts, but it definitely looked like he was packing something bigger than average in them. As I looked up at my husband, who wasn’t muscular and was developing a bit of a gut, I felt a tinge of distain.

The three of us wrapped up our day on the ocean, showered and went out to lunch. It was at the restaurant that Michael made an incredible suggestion- that Dante drive me home with him that afternoon while Michael enjoyed one more day at the beach. I said that Dante didn’t have to go through the trouble, but he said there was no trouble since he was driving home anyway and we lived in the same building.

But I knew there would be trouble we drove me home together! This was the exact sort of situation I knew I needed to stay away from. I practically begged for them to forget about the idea, but neither of them were budging. Michael insisted that I take the extra day that I had been asking for, and Dante was intent on driving me home. As I packed up my things I was feeling an odd pairing of dread and anticipation. I kept telling myself to promise not to do anything with Dante, but in the end I just couldn’t make that promise.

Dante and I got in his car and settled in for the ride home, which figured to be a little over an hour. My emotions were tumbling around in my head, as part of me was screaming not to be at all flirty during this trip, while part of me still desperately wanted this man’s attention.

If Dante was interested in me at all, he definitely did a good job hiding it. We chatted lightly while he focused on the road, not even laying an eye on me the entire time. I was starting to feel completely rejected and turned toward him in my seat, inching as close to him as I could be without making contact. But he didn’t seem to even notice. Finally he asked if it was OK to pull over and grab a soda at an upcoming rest area, which I was fine with.

As we walked toward the store…I don’t even know how it happened, but suddenly we were walking arm-in-arm. I rationalized that it wasn’t anything over the top, just a friend escorting his best friend’s wife around. Then after Dante bought the sodas I gently put my hand on his back while quietly telling him something, and we wound up walking back to the car with our arms around one another’s shoulders. He opened the car door for me, and as soon as we both got in we leaned into each other, drawn together as if we were magnets, and began kissing. And this guy was an awesome kisser.

As our tongues rolled around in each other’s mouths a voice inside of me was screaming Stop it! STOP IT!!! What you’re doing isn’t right! But I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed the back of Dante’s head, continuing to kiss him as passionately as I could, knowingly betraying my husband.

Then Dante suddenly pulled away and said we’d better get going. I felt completely weird as we drove away. Did I have the willpower to stop, or were we going to go even further down a dangerous path once we arrived home in a half-hour?

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We had been working together for a few weeks before it started. I was new to the job and she was friendly. That’s how it all begins.

We worked at as waiters in a local restaurant. It’s a college town so there were plenty of young, attractive women waitressing and bartending to pay for school. Where we worked was full of them. They were all mostly party girls. They were the ones who would all go out after work and close down the bars. I’m not huge into bars, but that’s not to say I didn’t drink or didn’t like to party. I have always been more of the small party type, into more intimate settings.

Sydney and I became quick friends. She was friendly to me when I started and I was friendly to everyone. Being single in a sea of attractive women was like working in heaven. After a few weeks of working together, I was being invited out after work for late night drinks, small house parties and just to grab some food.

Sydney was always there and we started to bond quickly. She was shorter than me, standing about 5’3 and had short brown hair which only hung down to her neck. Her big brown eyes and warm smile completed her kind and almost innocent look. When we went out after work it was usually after a quick shower and we didn’t try that hard to dress up for each other. The nights were filled with undershirts and sometimes just sweats.

After a few weeks of group activities, Sydney and I began going out after work alone. Some nights it was because the others weren’t up for it and quickly it became where they weren’t invited. I started bringing Sydney around my friends more often. They almost all women and were small group drinkers too. We were an over sexualized group. A few of us and fooled around and we were all close. We frequently cracked dirty jokes and played games to see if we could get each other turned on.

Sydney thought it was great. She joined in on our games and jokes right out of the gate and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I was surprised though at how quickly it happened. She had a boyfriend of 3 years and didn’t seem to show it one bit when she was with us.

I was talking to her one night after work and she began to tell me about him. He was a few years older than her and how they had been together for some time. As of lately though, things have been in a slump. He was being distant yet somewhat controlling and the nights that she got to spend with me and my friends seemed like the only nights that she could let loose. After our chat I invited her to what my friends and I were calling pizza and porn night.

It was Cassie and Emily’s idea and Sydney surprised me again by excitedly agreeing. We met at my place Friday night after work. I had just gotten home and finished showering when Sydney arrived. I invited her in and showed her around. It was shortly after that Cassie and Emily arrived with their movies and some vodka.

“We’re skipping the pizza and drinking” Emily said with a big smile as she handed me the bottle.

I looked at Sydney who also had a big smile and I got to work mixing drinks as the girls put in the movie and made themselves at home. I brought the drinks in and took a seat on the couch between Sydney and Cassie. The movie was started and we started drinking. By the first sex scene we had slammed our first round and I got up to mix another. After a few more drinks, we were all starting to get pretty tipsy. Sydney cut herself off so she could drive home but the rest of us kept on. We watched the movie mocking the girls and their painfully obvious fake tits. We kept joking and asking each other if the scene did it for us or what we were into. Cassie would occasionally grab my dick over my pants and check to see if I was hard watching the movie. Every time she did, Sydney would look over and smile. The movie didn’t turn me on but Cassie’s hand on my cock was starting to give me a little wood. Before I knew it, Sydney said she had to get back to her boyfriend and left, thanking us for the night. Emily too said she was tired and was going to head back to her place, just up the street.

Cassie stayed, as she had a few times before. We never dated but over the course of our friendship, we had messed around from time to time. We were the best of friends with benefits. We even laid down some ground rules over it. So from time to time when we needed a little relief, we felt that it was our friendly duty to help one another. Tonight was looking like one of those nights.

After they left, I got Cassie another drink. When I got back from the kitchen, she had taken her shirt off and had the movie on one of the earlier sex scenes.

“You don’t mind if I watch this one again do you? I think the girl is pretty hot and it’s the only one I really liked.”

“I don’t mind at all” I said. “Is there anything I can do for you? Feeling a little wound up?”

“Will you rub my shoulders?” she asked as she slid off the couch and on to the floor in front of it.

I took my place behind her and started rubbing her neck and shoulders. Her eyes stayed on the girl on the screen as she got fucked by the landlord that she owed money to. Cassie let out a little moan as I found the knot in her shoulder that she wanted me to work on. She took another long drink and set her glass off to the side. As her hand came back from the glass, it found its way to her tits and began massaging them as she started to moan a little more.

I kept working on her shoulders and she kept working on her tits. Soon she started moving a hand down and started to rub her thigh. It didn’t take long before her hand moved up and slid down into her shorts. She started to rub her pussy while she watched the girl in the porn start taking the landlord’s cock in her ass. Cassie’s moans started to get louder as I kept one hand working on her shoulder and reaching the other to work her tits. She stood up and slid her shorts down before sitting back on the couch. She laid back and spread her legs giving her hand more room to work and giving me a clear view of her neatly shaved pussy.

As she started to rub her clit, she reached over and grabbed my cock through my pants. I returned the favor and went back to rubbing her tits as she pleasured herself. She was rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbing my cock with the other. She expertly maneuvered her way around my belt and unzipped my pants. I helped her slide them down and let me cock out of its cage. She stared intensely at the screen while she rubbed her clit and worked my cock with her free hand. I positioned myself up a little more, propping myself up with my knee and facing her so my cock was aimed at the tits I was rubbing.

I couldn’t take much more and got down between her legs. I had been watching her work her shaved pussy and I wanted a piece of her pie. I got on my knees in front of her and wasted no time diving my tongue down onto her wet pussy. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her, tightening her legs around my head as she began to thrust.

“Oh god yeah!” she exclaimed. “That’s it! That’s what I need! Oh fucking lick my pussy!” she yelled out as I could tell she was getting closer to the edge.

I could feel her legs begin to tighten around my head. Her grip on my hair firmed and her muscles began to seize. She was cumming on my face. I gripped her legs, around her hips and pulled her in even tighter as a kept working her clit with my tongue.

Her hold on me began to loosen as the juice from her pussy dribbled down my mouth. She took a moment as I got off the floor. My cock was rock hard from the work I had just down and she knew what I wanted from her in return. And she was happy to oblige. After letting out a sigh of relief and joy at the built up tension that she was just able to release, she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth.

It was a scenario that we had played out a few times before. Our sexual tension had been built up over the past week or two from not having anyone to fuck, until it explodes on one another. She had just exploded her tension on my tongue and I was about to explode mine in the back of her mouth. She was sucking and jerking my cock, working it the way she knew I had enjoyed before. It wasn’t long before I was at the edge. She could feel my throbbing and knew my signs. I was about to unload. She took my cock as far into her mouth as she could. I could feel myself begin to slide into her throat as she opened up to me and I started to cum. She took each spurt of warm cum like she needed it. The first full load slid right down her throat and each after that, she let sit in her mouth until she had drained me. She let my cock go and sat back, playing with my cum in her mouth for a second before tilting her head back and letting the rest of it slip down the back of her throat.

The next time I saw Sydney, she told me that she had a lot of fun with us on our little movie night. I told her when we did it again, I would be sure to invite her. She surprised me with what she said next.

“Maybe next time, I won’t have to leave the party so early”

And it grew from that. We began flirting at work more and more. We would hint to one another about a shared desire. When we worked together, she would check to make sure I was looking before she bent over for things. Every time we went out, she would wear increasingly revealing shirts to catch me gazing at her. She loved the attention. One night when a group of us from work went out, the topic of significant others came up and I found out why she had enjoyed the attention so much. She wasn’t getting it at home. She said that it had been weeks since she had gotten fucked let alone gotten off. She was craving it the same way I craved it. Except she didn’t have a Cassie. Not yet at least.

It was the very next weekend that Cassie, Emily, Sydney and I got together again. This time there was no porn. There were still plenty of drinks though and the air was thick with sexual energy. Having heard Sydney’s confession, earlier this week, I couldn’t get it off my mind. I couldn’t suppress the images of her looking back at me before bending over and thinking about the needs that she had.

The four of us teamed up for some drinking games. Cassie was quick to claim Sydney for her team and I had no problem with Emily as a partner. I knew she could how her drinks like a champion and we were sure to win the night’s championship.

After the slitting wins in the first two games of beer-pong, Cassie said she wanted to up the ante. The game would now be strip-pong and every cup that is lost, so is an article of clothing. Emily and I were quick to jump on board and we all looked to Sydney for final approval. She smiled and said they got to shoot first.

The game was close and we were dropping clothes left and right. The first thing to come off was my shirt and Emily’s top, then our pants. We were quick to bring the game back to even though. When we sank two shots, forcing Cassie and Sydney to take their shirts off, they seemed pleased to finally get in on the action.

“Finally!” Cassie said

“I was worried that you two were going to have all the fun tonight.” Sydney said as she started to lift her shirt over her head. She winked at me as she pulled her shirt over her tits and her eyes disappeared for a second.

I knew that Sydney had a nice body before she uncovered it. I had sneaked peaks at her at work. I checked out her ass before and sized her up a few times when we had been out but she did a great job disguising herself. She packed DD tits behind her bra and hid them under her shirts. But as she pulled her shirt over her head and revealed her bra struggling to keep her big tits in, I struggled equally as hard not to get hard. The girls could read my excitement as if it had been drawn on my face with a sharpie. Cassie let out a giggle and grabbed her partner’s luscious tits. Emily shot next and not being as distracted as I was, she managed to sink another shot forcing Cassie and Sydney to drop their pants. Cassie wasn’t shy and turned around and did a little dance for us as she dropped her pants revealing the ass I saw so many times before but never saw enough of. Sydney didn’t put on much of a showed as she unzipped her pants and dropped them to the floor revealing a skimpy red thong. She kicked her pants to the side and did a little turn for her audience.

The girls taunted me by slapping each other’s asses and grabbing each other. I couldn’t hit a single shot. Emily seemed to be distracted by it too. Cassie sealed the game for their eyes were on us. It was time for us to get naked. Emily and I never fooled around like Cassie and I did, but we had seen each other naked before. She had watched Cassie and I pleasure ourselves and each other before and we had seen her take her top off at amateur night before she gave us a private dance. She had a nice body and I never minded seeing it. After she got naked, she did the little spin and showed off her C cups and her full ass. She turned to me as did Cassie and Sydney. I dropped my boxers and Emily let out a celebratory shout. Cassie whistled and howled as my cock came out. I looked over at Sydney who didn’t say anything with her mouth but her eyes were fixed on my semi-erect cock. Her eyes did all the talking.

We put our underwear back on and that was all. We all spent the night in our respective underwear drinking and hanging on one another. Emily and Cassie started making out after a few more drinks as they liked to do. Sydney came over to me as I sat and watched the two girls start to get swept up in each other. She sat down on my lap and watched them with me. Her legs were warm on me and I could feel her tight ass press into my cock as it got a little more firm. We sat there watching Cassie and Emily kiss and grab each other, Sydney starting to grind into my cock as I got harder.

Before they got too carried away, Cassie and Emily broke off their session and decided to call the night. They headed into the spare bedroom for the night.

“I suppose you better get back to your boyfriend.” I said

Sydney turned to me with a grin on her face and whispered in my ear “I told him it was going to be a late night.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to my room. She kept the lights off and sat on my bed. The moonlight that was streaming in illuminated the room just enough for me to see the glimmer of her body on my bed. I didn’t even bother shutting the door behind me. I just made my way over to her. She didn’t bother with any prelude to what she wanted. She reached out to feel my now almost fully erect cock. I could make out a smile on her face as she felt me and said “I like what a saw, and I love how you feel.”

I dropped my boxers for the second time that night and let her take my cock in her hands and she began to gently stroke me. She reached behind and unhooked her bra allowing me to finally see the large tits I got to peak at all night. They were big and firm and her nipples were hard and begging to be touched. They brought me to my knees and I grabbed them taking one in my mouth. I licked them all over flicking her nipples with my tongue. She leaned back in pleasure and put her hand on her thong, touching herself over the thin fabric. I licked my way over her tits and down her body. She stopped touching herself and as I got down between her legs, she pulled her thong to the side and removed the barrier to her now wet pussy.

“Cassie told me about you.” She said as she oozed excitement “She said I need to try you out.”

I didn’t say a word. I started to go to work. I teased her pussy licking her lips and brushing her clit with my tongue. She squirmed as I got closer to what she wanted. I rubbed a finger between her lips and soaked it in her juice as I continued to tease her. I held my finger at the opening of her sweet pussy as I started to lick her clit. She thrust her hips forward, pressing my finger deep into her pussy. She let out a loud moan as I could feel her taking my finger in. She was tight. I could feel her grip my finger and thrust into it harder as I worked her clit with my tongue. She came almost instantly. She had missed this attention for too long and she soaked my hand when she came.

She laid back and got rid of her thong all together. After throwing them to the side she rolled over onto her stomach and lifter her tight ass into the air. I stood up to the edge of the bed and met her waiting pussy with my rock hard cock. I pressed it into her. She was so tight I had to force my cock into her inch by inch, with her letting out moans the whole way. By the time I fit my cock in her, I could feel her pussy stretching and taking me in. I gave it one more thrust, rocking her forward as she let out another loud moan and quivered as she came again.

There was a noise behind us. Sydney didn’t seem to notice but I took a quick glance back to the doorway I had left open. Cassie was standing by the doorway peaking in. she was watching me take Sydney from behind and she was enjoying it. Cassie had braced herself on the doorway and had a hand down on her clit rubbing in pleasure. I enjoyed the sight and she didn’t care I knew she was watching.

My focus went back to Sydney as I began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. With each thrust, I could feel her tight pussy clamp down on me and she pressed her face into the pillows so she could scream in pleasure. I grabbed her hip with one hand and grabbed her hair in the other setting the pace of my thrusts. She was building to another orgasm and I was getting there with her. Between her moans, I could hear Cassie rubbing her clit faster and she let out a whimper. She was about to cum too. I thrust harder and deeper than before as I shot my load into her tight pussy. She screamed in ecstasy into the pillow as she too came again feeling my cum pump into her.

We collapsed and caught our breath. Cassie was gone from the doorway. She had satisfied herself with the show we put on. Sydney’s tight pussy had satisfied me and the fucking she had longed for had more than satisfied her. After resting for a minute she got up and gathered her things. She went to the door and looked back at me and thanked me. I told her the pleasure was all mine.

“Not all yours, I had quite a bit of it.” She said as she left to return to her boyfriend. My cum was surely dripping out of her on her way.

It wasn’t the only time she decided she needed satisfaction from me. It was the first of what would become frequent rendezvous. She admitted that after our encounter, her boyfriend wasn’t enough for her anymore. He didn’t fill her the way I had. He didn’t take her the way I did. We met in secret for a few weeks. Every couple of days we would get together after work or whenever she couldn’t wait any longer and she would work her tension out on my cock. She wanted, and needed to be taken and I filled her void in every way she needed. I would eat her out, fuck her from behind, even fuck her DD tits and cum on her face and chest before she would return home to her boyfriend.

She was turned on by my answer when she asked me if I was still helping Cassie out. I told her that she would still come over whenever she needed me and I was happy to help a friend. She said that she wouldn’t mind if Cassie joined us some time.

“I have fucked girls before. Nate wanted another girl to join us so I asked this girl I knew and we fucked one time. He’s wanted to do it again but I want to have two guys first. “

There was a pause before she continued. “I asked him if I could have another guy join us. He didn’t want to do anything like that but I talked him into letting a guy join if he didn’t have to do anything gay. So I want you to join us.”

I told her I would but I had the same rule as he did. The two of us wouldn’t touch but I told her I had no problem doing her in front of him.

It was late and I was tired. I had spent the night in watching movies and doing little else. I had the night off from my job as a waiter and my girlfriend was having a girls’ night with her friends. I took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

It was about 9:30 or so when my phone rang. It was Rae. I hadn’t heard from her since the afternoon when we she confirmed her plans for the evening. I didn’t want to bother her during girls’ night and didn’t plan on talking with her until the next day but I was pleasantly surprised to see her name come up on my phone.

When I picked up I heard so rustling and some barely audible noises. She had pocket dialed me again. It was annoying but it happens so I let it go and was about to hang up when I picked up the sound of voices on the other end. I got curious as to what they might be talking about and decided to take the opportunity to listen in on what girls’ night conversation was all about. There was giggling on the other end and more rustling around. I imagined the girls were having some wine and laughing about something. Then I could hear Rae’s voice.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Oh just like that”

The rustling noise turned to a smacking sound. It was a sound I knew. It was the sound of flesh hitting flesh. I checked my phone again. It was Rae. I put my ear back to the phone thinking maybe I had made a mistake identifying the noise or maybe I didn’t hear correctly or maybe I caught it at the wrong time.

The sound of flesh crashing together continued. Rae’s voice got louder. “Oh fuck me! Yeah fuck me!” I had made no mistake. I knew what I was hearing.

A man’s voice quickly followed Rae’s. “You like that? You like it when I fuck your pussy like that? Take it you little slut”

“Fucking give it to me Steve. Harder, Harder! Oh fuck yeah!”

I could hear it clear as day. I was listening to my girlfriend getting fucked by another guy. Girl’s night was just Rae’s night to get fucked by Steve. We had only been dating for 3 months and I had no idea who Steve was. I didn’t care. I was pissed. I didn’t know what to do. Should I go over to her house and confront them? I didn’t even know if they were at her house. I hung up the phone and set it down. I felt an anger in me that rarely showed itself. I needed to cool down.

I slammed a beer and went out for a quick walk before deciding I should just go to bed. Maybe tomorrow she would call me crying about what had happened or maybe even not cry and just tell me she had met someone else. After all, it had only been 3 months and I would get over it. We would see in the morning.


The next day I woke up and took a shower. It was about noon before my phone rang. It was Rae, checking in for the morning.

“How did girls’ night go?” I asked, wanting to open the door right away for her confession. She didn’t take the chance.

“It was ok. I mean, I had fun but Tiff had too much and got sick so I had to put her to bed but the rest of us had fun.”

“Who was all there?”

“Just me, Tiff, Amy, and Kendra.”

She clearly wasn’t going to admit to anything on her own. She had no idea that I heard everything and she was going to try and play it like nothing was going on. I invited her over that night and told her I missed her and wanted to spend some quality time together. She said that she would be over about 8 and that she was looking forward to seeing me. She was good. It almost had me convinced except for the soundtrack that wouldn’t leave the back of my mind.

I spent all day thinking about it. Thinking about what I would say to her. Wondering if she was with Steve when she called me this morning. Did she even tell him about me? Was she going to fuck him again before she came to see me?

I could have driven myself mad asking myself questions. Instead, I decided, I needed to once again relax and cool down. I got myself a drink and turned on the TV.


Rae arrived just after 8. She was wearing a short jean skirt the came up her thigh and shoes with a little bit of heel. Her legs seemed long and her skin looked soft. The tight, low cut shirt she wore formed to her curves and almost made her C cup tits pop out of her bra. She had dressed up for a night in.

“I have something for you” she said as she came in and kissed me. I let it go, trying not to think about her lips and tongue being on some other guy’s dick.

“A surprise?”

“I’ll show you later. What are we having?” pointing to the drink in my hand.

“Captain and cokes. It’s my day off.” I said with a smile. I went and mixed her a drink. A strong drink. I too had a surprise for her.

After a number of drinks, I had started to get her drunk. I asked her what the surprise was that she had in store for me and she grinned. Rae told me to stay seated as she got up and went over to my iPod that plugged into the stereo. After a minute or two of searching through my playlists, she found one to settle one and started it. Rock music began to pour out of the speakers and she turned towards me.

“Strip for me” I demanded. I didn’t care if that was her plan or not. I was in control and the forcefulness of my tone let her know it. She did as I told and slid her shirt over her head as she danced. Her shirt had left little to the imagination. Her tits were flowing over the restricting bra and it wasn’t long before she unclasped the black, lacy number and released her tits from their cage.

If she was trying to blind me from her actions with sex, it wouldn’t work, but her efforts were yielding results. I could feel my blood start to pump as her hips moved and her hands explored her body. She was putting on quite a show. Rae made her way over to me and mounted my lap. She put her hands on the back of the couch, one on either side of my head. She tossed her dark, wavy hair over me and lifted her tits to my face. She moved her chest and brushed her nipples over my face.

I could feel myself getting harder. She leaned back, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel her grinding her pelvis into my crotch and her hips rock. I grew even stiffer and I wanted to see more. I put my hands on her thigh and slid the up to her ass, pulling her skirt up over her pussy. It was hidden behind her matching black, lace thong. She stood off me and seductively dropped her panties to the floor, leaving her bare pussy still hidden under her skirt. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into me. She crawled back over me ready to finish the stripper role play she probably had in mind.

I put my hands on her ass and moved her up the couch, positioning her pussy by my face. Rae braced herself on the back of the couch and lifted her skirt, preparing herself for my tongue. With my hands still on her ass, I lowered her pussy onto my face and met her with my mouth. I toyed her clit and licked up and down her lips as she began humping my mouth. Her wet pussy was all but dripping down my face and I slid my thumb into her with ease. She let out a moan. One that I was familiar with. I slid my thumb back out of her as she picked up speed, fucking my face. I didn’t move it far and rested it on her asshole.

She was an anal virgin and had never let me penetrate her ass. That didn’t stop me as I put pressure on her with my thumb. She let out a light gasp as the tip of my thumb slipped into her. I pressed in deeper and her moans got louder. My tongue was working her clit and I had gotten all but an inch of my thumb into her tight ass when she started to cum. The juice from her pussy gushed down on my mouth and I was licking her clean as she came.

I slowly pulled my thumb from her and felt her tighten as it came out. I moved out from under her. She stayed resting on the couch, lowering herself so she was now kneeling on the cushions, bent over the back. I stood behind her as her soaking pussy presented itself to me. I did away with her skirt and mounted her from behind. I grabbed her hips and lined my cock up to her pussy. She pushed herself back into me and I watched as my cock slid into her.

I gripped her hips and pulled her back into me and set my pace, fucking her from behind. As I plowed into her, our bodies smacked together and I immediately recognized the noise I heard on the phone the night before. In that moment, I knew how it happened. I knew exactly how she had given herself to him. I knew that she had bent over while he fucked her from behind.

“Oh Yeah!” she screamed out, solidifying my theory “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

My mind went blank. My heart iced over and I obeyed her command. I pulled my cock out of her and slid it up to her asshole. Greased from her soaking pussy, I pressed the head of my cock into her tight asshole. She let out a whimper and looked back at me. We had never done this before. It was something she had never tried and couldn’t understand what had gotten into me.

“I know about Steve”

She looked like she had been hit by a freight train and in a split second, she understood. She knew what this was. This wasn’t me getting carried away. This was punishment and she took it.

I thrust myself into her sending my cock deep into her tight asshole. She let out a cry as I penetrated her. But it wasn’t just pain she was feeling. She was excited by this. It was dirty and it crossed her boundaries, just as fucking Steve had. It hurt, but she found a hint of pleasure in her punishment. I wasn’t gentle as I started working my cock in and out of her ass, going deeper with every thrust.

Rae pressed her face into the back of the couch letting out moans and whimpers as I pounded her ass. I reached up and ran my hands through her hair, taking hold on the back of her head. I pulled her hair, forcing her head back as I thrust deep in her ass. My cock was throbbing and her tight hole was more than satisfying. She moaned and she felt me completely fill her. I could feel my cum squeeze out of her with every pump. Her muscles constricted and her legs shook as I emptied myself in her.

It had been such a mix of excitement and pain that the feeling of cum shooting deep in her ass, sent her spinning into an orgasm she had never felt before. I pulled my soft cock out of her and watched as what was left of my cum drained out of ass and down over her pussy.

Rae paused for a moment on the couch before getting up. She dressed herself and made her way to the door. I didn’t know if I had opened her up to a whole new experience. I didn’t know if she had enjoyed her punishment or not. I didn’t care. I was done with her. For now.

My dual life continued with me switching between my role as a wife who was desperate to please her husband and a college girl who had no responsibilities or guilt. It was only with much effort that I was able to keep these two lives separate in my own mind. This ability has been what has let me survive all the regret and remorse I have felt through the years.

My husband Tom and I had gotten involved with a younger couple across the street. Tom was 29 and I was 28. Mark was 23 and Donna was just 21. They had been the aggressive ones and we had swapped partners for the first time a week earlier. I had gone along with what happened because I knew Tom wanted to do something like that. I hadn’t really wanted to become involved sexually with anyone in my role as a wife and mother.

I had classes three days a week at the college where I had returned to school the year before. At school, I had developed a group of friends with whom I played the role of a single college student. They had no idea I was married with three kids and was 7 or 8 years older than them.

I had kept myself in shape since cheerleading in school, and at 5-8, 125, 36-25-37 I easily passed as much younger. I had become sexually involved with several of them and I kept that part of my life secret and separated from everyone. I didn’t really need any further involvement, but Tom was very hot for this sort of relationship with Mark and Donna. I felt like I had to do this because it satisfied my husband and it eased my guilt about my college affairs.

After the night we had changed partners and all ended up in Mark and Donna’s bed, things at home were quiet. The next Saturday, I was studying for a big exam. Tom had been puttering around the yard while I had my nose in my books.

After dinner, Tom pulled me into our bedroom and told me he had been with Donna across the street for about an hour while I had been studying. He said he didn’t want to lie to me, so he just told me about it. I was upset, more hurt than angry.

Tom said they had both been outside doing some yard work and she had offered him a beer. When he went into the house with her, they just started kissing and stripping each other’s clothes off. She had sucked him and stroked him until he almost came right there in the kitchen. Then they had gone to the bedroom.

Tom said they had spent the next hour doing everything they could think of sexually. Tom had cum twice and Donna had several orgasms. She had let him cum in her mouth while he was going down on her. After she got him hard again, she climbed on top of him and rode him frontwards and then backwards, cumming several times.

Tom told me he didn’t mind if I wanted to get together with Mark. He said he didn’t care how often I fucked Mark or what we did. He promised to tell me if he did it with Donna and I told him I would tell him if Mark and I did anything. Tom was a wild man in bed that night! I didn’t know what to think. How could he really love me if he didn’t care what I did? What if he knew about my friends at school and what I was doing with them? Would he still say, “Do whatever you want!”?

I didn’t know whether to be mad with him about sleeping with Donna again or to just take him at his word. Sunday afternoon I answered the phone. It was Mark. He wanted to know what time I got home from school on Monday and if he could stop by for a while. He had Monday off and thought we should talk about Tom and Donna. I knew what he wanted, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to do it. I told him I might stay late and study at school on Monday. He seemed disappointed, but said he’d catch me another time.

By Monday when I left school, I was about studied out. The test was the next day and I had crammed all I could. I knew Mark would be home and probably watching for me to arrive. On the way home I decided that I might as well let him come over. It might take my mind off the test for a while. Besides, I wasn’t certain that he wanted to sleep with me, I just suspected. Maybe he really wanted to talk about Tom and Donna. I made up my mind to let things happen however they happened. If he didn’t call, fine. If he did, well we would let things follow their course.

I got home just after 1:00 in the afternoon. The kids wouldn’t be home until 3:30. I hadn’t been home 10 minutes when Mark called. He asked if he could come over and I told him that it was OK. We talked for a few minutes about the night we had swapped partners and about Tom and Donna fucking on Saturday. Mark wanted me to know that he wasn’t upset and felt very comfortable with Tom and Donna being together. He said that he wanted to be sure that I wasn’t jealous.

I told him I was a little mad that Tom had done it without telling me, while I was studying at the house. I also told him I didn’t want things to get out of hand. I had concerns about the neighbors becoming suspicious. Mark was very agreeable to everything I said and we seemed very comfortable.

We began to kiss and make out on the couch and then moved to the family room to get more serious. Mark finished taking my blouse off and as I undid my bra, he stripped his pants and shirt off. We stood and kissed and felt each other. I tugged his shorts down to grab his cock in my hand, and he kicked them the rest of the way off. As I stroked him, he undid my jeans and pushed them over my hips. I wiggled them to the floor and stepped out of them, naked.

Mark moved me back to the bar and onto a bar stool. He knelt in front of me and spread my legs as I sat on the stool. I leaned back with my elbows on the bar to support myself as Mark began to work on me with his tongue. This went on for a few minutes, and then he stood up and moved between my legs. The stool was at the perfect height for him to slide his cock into my cunt without any adjustments. He stood in front of me, holding my hips and plunging in and out of me. I saw him starting to get pretty excited and I grabbed his cock, squeezing him and pulling him out.

“Your turn,” I said as I slid off the bar stool. As I held his cock, Mark turned and sat on the bar stool while I knelt and took him into my mouth. I sucked him and stroked him until I thought he was going to cum.

“How do you want to do it?” I asked. He didn’t say anything. He just got off the bar stool and pushed me up to it, bending me over so I was lying on the stool with my ass toward him. He pushed his cock into my cunt and began fucking me so hard I thought the stool would fall over. He began groaning and thrusting deeper. As he started to cum, he pulled out and shot his cum all over me.

There was a lot and it was running all over my back and my ass. Some had gone into my hair. He grabbed his shirt and started to wipe it off me. I said, “We’ve got time. Want to take a shower with me?” Mark just grinned and followed me upstairs into the bathroom.

We soaped and lathered each other, kissing and playing with each other. Mark was hard again. He asked me if he could fuck me in the ass. I hesitated, but he begged and I said OK. We got out of the shower, still wet.

Mark soaped my ass, and rubbed lotion on his cock. He lifted me up onto the bathroom counter, pushing everything into the sink. I lay back as far as I could and pulled my knees all the way up. Mark started with his fingers and loosened me up. In a minute I was ready for him and he slowly pushed his cock into my ass. I was wet and soapy and with the lotion on his cock, it was the slipperiest I had ever been. Mark was able to pound as hard and fast as he wanted to, and it was very nice for me too! He came loudly and was deep inside me.

Mark jumped back into the shower and I sat on the toilet, letting him drip out of me. We toweled each other off and dressed. He left me with a kiss and went back across the street just before the kids came home. I felt content and satisfied even though I had not had an orgasm. Tom and I had a really hot night as I told him what had happened. I did have an orgasm while we made love that night!

As I drifted off to sleep, thoughts of Tom and Mark were replaced by thoughts of the group at school, the test tomorrow, and the challenge that my friend Debbie had made!

My wife and I were in bed, naked. It was Saturday night, and I was ready for our weekly round of mediocre sex. After fifteen years of marriage, the lovemaking had gotten pretty routine. But still, sex is sex.

I rolled on my side to face her. “Honey?” I said expectantly.

She remained on her back, staring at the ceiling. She spoke, in a monotone. “I’ve been unfaithful to you.”

“What?” I was dumbstruck. I wasn’t even sure I’d heard her correctly. “What? When? With whom?”

She kept staring at the ceiling, and spoke in a calm, flat voice. “It was with your brother. We’ve been sort of flirting with each other for a long time when you weren’t looking. We happened to be alone together the other day when he came by to drop off your tools. It just sort of happened. First we were in each others’ arms, kissing passionately; you know, like you and I used to do. Then his hands were all over me; groping my breasts, squeezing my ass, and he started fingering my pussy through my skirt. I could feel his cock through his trousers. It felt huge. That was all it took. I dragged him into the bedroom.”

“This bedroom? You did it right here? In our bed?”

“Yes, right on this very bed. We stripped each other naked. I had to see that huge cock. It was immense. Much bigger than yours. I wanted to suck it, but it was too damn big. I could barely get my mouth around the head.”

Lying there next to her, I felt the blood rising in my cheeks. I was so humiliated by her infidelity, and worse yet, by her total lack of shame over it. Her matter-of-fact voice and her staring eyes made me think that she was actually proud of herself!

“I wrapped both my hands around it,” she continued. “My fingers didn’t even meet, that’s how thick it was. I jacked his shaft up and down while I tried to get the head into my mouth. Eventually I gave up on that, and just licked around the rim while I kept jacking him. I slurped the head like an ice cream cone. I even stuck my tongue into his pee slit. It was so wide open, it was easy.”

Through my shame, I actually felt my cock swell a little as she spoke. It twitched as I thought of my wife’s mouth, stretched to the limit trying to swallow my brother’s cock head.

“He got tired of my licks on his cock, and he made me lie on my back. His cock was dripping tons of pre-cum, and my pussy was wetter than it’s ever been. I spread my legs — just like I’m doing now — and waited for him to enter me. His cock came at me like a torpedo; it looked even bigger than ever. I thought he might split me in half, but I didn’t care. I was so tired of your puny little dick that I was willing to die to be fucked by a real cock.”

My penis twitched again, picturing my wife’s pussy being split by my brother’s enormous, dripping, throbbing cock. Her hand had crept to her crotch and she was rubbing herself.

“When his cock first touched me, it felt like electricity. It was hot and cold all at the same time. It slipped into my sopping pussy like an electric eel, alive and on fire, stabbing and jabbing. I felt myself so stretched that I started to scream in pain, but it was a delicious pain. He supported himself on his arms on each side of me, and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. His eyes just glared at me, telling me that he knew he owned me, body and soul.”

By now, my face was scarlet with shame and humiliation, but my dick was also rock hard, and I could feel my hips beginning to buck a little. My wife had her hand between her thighs, and was fingering herself as she told her story. I resisted the urge to stroke myself.

“As his cock plundered and scrambled my insides, I writhed and bucked on the bed. I was screaming in pain and pleasure, and clawing his back with my fingernails. When he came, it felt like an ocean of cum was invading me. It was so warm and wet that it pushed me over the edge. I came like I haven’t cum since before I ever met you.” She turned her head to face me for the first time. “It was the greatest fuck of my life.”

Her words burned my ears, and my face reddened two shades deeper at her glance. And my dick grew an extra notch. My foreskin was so stretched that it was almost painful.

“Was that it?” I asked breathlessly.

“No. He left after that, but I was too turned on to stop. I still needed to suck a cock. I figured I’d suck yours, since it fits in my mouth so easily. I drove to your office, but you were out on a sales call. But your boss was there. He’s always had the hots for me. I needed a dick in my mouth, and I didn’t care whose it was. I dragged him into a conference room and locked the door. Then I ripped his trousers off him.”

I was dumbfounded all over again. “What, wait. My boss? That bald-headed old coot?”

“Yes, your boss. He has a bigger cock than yours, of course, but nothing like your brother’s. It easily fit in my mouth. I sucked it in before his trousers even hit the floor. I felt it stiffen in my mouth as I rolled it around with my tongue. Once it was good and hard, I took it back out to admire it. Nice and long, with bulging blue veins and a fat, round head. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked hard while I jacked his shaft. Then I slowly pushed my face down, swallowing every inch or so to get it as deeply as possible into my throat. When I felt his pubic hair on my lips, I swallowed some more so that my throat would massage his head.”

She never deep-throated me like that! My cock was pointing at the ceiling and bobbing. Involuntarily, my hand had crept to it, and I found myself absentmindedly stroking my shaft. Part of me wondered if I could ever show my face at work again.

“I pulled my mouth back a bit so that I could get both my hands on his shaft. I twisted my hands in opposite directions, back and forth, to fully stimulate his shaft while I kept swirling my tongue around his head in my mouth. Then I reached under him with one hand and squeezed his balls. He had been moaning the entire time, but at this point he started to vibrate and grunt, and I knew he was close. I sucked harder, and snuck my pinkie into his asshole. That was all he needed; he came in my mouth, buckets of hot, sticky cum. I swallowed most of it, but some dripped down onto my blouse. It was delicious; creamy and sweet and a little bit tangy. I kept sucking him as he softened, swallowing every last drop of cum as it sneaked out of his withering dick.”

By now I was earnestly stroking my own cock. My breathing was shallow and my horniness had almost caught up with my shame and revulsion. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the story to end.

“And then what?” I asked.

She had her hand buried in her crotch, and I could see that she was sawing it in and out of her pussy. I could hear her juices sloshing. “I still needed more,” she said. “I called up Harry, your best friend, and asked him to meet me here.”

“Harry? My buddy Harry? How could you!?” Harry was my best friend, but he was a total pervert. I’d always tried to keep him away from my wife. My ears burned crimson again. But my hand never left my cock. In fact, I now had both hands wrapped around my shaft, jacking it methodically.

“Harry came right over. I told him what I needed. I stripped his clothes off, and lubed up his cock with Astroglide. I jacked him for about five minutes, to make sure he was good and stiff and slippery. He told me I was a fabulous cock-stroker. Then I handed him the Astroglide bottle and got on my elbows and knees on the bed. I told him to lube me up good. He poured the lube onto my ass crack, and massaged it into my asshole. He stuck a finger in me and wiggled it around for a bit. Then two fingers, then three. I told him to quick screwing around and fuck me already.”

She had never let me take her anally! The idea of my wife, buns up on this very bed, face buried in the pillow and about to get her asshole ravaged, was too much for me to take. My mind was reeling, my body was shaking, and I was sweating like a pig. My hands continued to pound my pud, my hips were bucking, and my entire body was vibrating with feelings I could barely describe. I almost felt as if my own body were being violated along with her asshole.

“He stuck it in me. He stabbed it in fast, all in one stroke, and I felt like a red hot poker was being shoved up my rectum. It was such exquisite pain that I almost swooned with pleasure. It was an intensity you could never hope to give me. I felt his cock sawing in and out of my hole, and felt his hips slamming against my butt cheeks. I could feel his drool on my back and I could smell his sweat. I reached down to my pussy and sawed two fingers in and out, just like I’m doing now. I pinched and tugged on my clit, just like I’m doing now. I felt another massive orgasm coming as he pounded me.”

I was barely listening anymore; I was in a sexual fugue state. Her words both shamed me and excited me, wounded me and wound me up. My cock was on fire as I pounded it mercilessly. I tugged my balls with my other hand and bit my lip. My hips were bucking like a bronco, and I knew I would cum soon. Through my haze, I kept hearing her words.

“I felt his cock suddenly get bigger inside of me; I knew he was about to cum. He reached around and grabbed my tit with one hand; he squeezed it so hard it left a welt that lasted for a day. He grunted and jammed his cock into me with one last massive thrust, and then I felt it start to spasm. As his first jolt of cum entered me, I began to cum, too. My body clenched him tighter than ever, and I felt the waves of orgasm up and down my body. With each squirt of cum he shot up my ass, my orgasm got stronger and wider and hotter. I was going out of my mind. I think I passed out briefly. The next thing I knew, he was putting his clothes on and leaving. I just lay there, my face in the pillow, my butt in the air, feeling a river of cum running out of my asshole and down onto the bed. I stayed that way for an hour, just savoring the feeling.”

That was all I could take; the image her, bent over like an animal, my best friend’s cum running out of her ass, pushed me over the edge. Deep in my balls, the fire that had been trying to burn finally exploded. A wave of pleasure billowed through my body. My tortured dick, almost bruised from the punishment it had been taking, pulsed and jerked on its own, and a huge rope of pearly cum shot straight up, only to land on my chest and face. A second jolt and a third joined it before my ejaculations decreased to a steady river running out of the end of my dick to pool in my pubic hair. It was the most intense orgasm I could remember in years.

After a few minutes, my breathing returned to normal, and I turned to face her again. She was looking at me.

“Do you forgive me?” she asked.

“On one condition.”


I looked deep into her eyes. “Don’t ever stop.”

“I’ll miss you.” Natalie told her husband as he was walking out the door, heading back to his native France.

“I’ll miss you too, and you too.” He kissed their baby Aleph, who was in Natalie’s arms, on the forehead before kissing Natalie and leaving.

She waved her son’s hand as Benjamin got in his car and headed towards the airport. Natalie re-entered the house and put the child into his crib. Suddenly, a sound came from the kitchen. She walked in and found her husband’s cell phone going off. Curious as to who was texting him, she picked up the phone and saw the name “Jenni” pop up.

“Who is Jenni?” She thought to herself.

She opened the text message and was shocked by the message. It read, “I hope u r on ur way, I really need you. I’m hungry and need your meat.” As she was reading, another message came through reading, “I bet u can’t wait to get here, that cunt Natalie doesn’t know how to make u feel like a REAL man, but I sure do.”

Natalie sat down as she began to feel faint. The anger and depression running through her mind were beginning to take over. She jumped when she heard a door slam outside her house. Knowing that her husband realized he forgot his phone, she deleted the messages and placed the phone back on the counter. She gathered herself up and walked towards the door as he stepped in. Natalie did what she did best and put on an act to prevent him from noticing any distress.

“Forgot my phone.” He walked past her and retrieved the phone. “Bye love.” He kissed her again and walked back out the door.

“Bye baby.” She yelled back.

Once the car pulled away, Natalie sat down on the couch and sobbed into her hands. She couldn’t believe that the man she loved, the man who fathered her child, was cheating on her. She had wondered why he was heading to the airport three hours early but never suspected any wrongdoing. Now she felt alone.

After an hour of crying, she heard the mail truck pulling away outside. She wiped her eyes with a tissue and gathered herself up before exiting the house to retrieve the mail. She slowly walked her way to the mailbox and got the large amount of mail out. There was too much to handle and all of it fell out of her hands and onto the ground.

“Damn it!” She yelled out.

This caught the attention of her neighbor’s eighteen year-old son.

“I’ll help you out Ms. Portman.” The tall, long-haired teenager walked towards her and helped her pick up the mail.

“Thank you, Jimmy.” She said, sniffling.

“Are you ok Ms. Portman, you look like you’ve been crying.” He looked up at her as he continued to retrieve the fallen mail. Natalie sniffled and remained silent. “Ms. Portman?”

“It’s nothing Jimmy, thank you though. Can you get the door for me?” Jimmy walked up to the door and held it open for her as her hands were too full to do it herself.

Jimmy carried the last few letters in and placed them on the table as Natalie sat down. She was still sniffling and trying to hide her tears.

“Thank you for helping me Jimmy. Can I get you something to drink or eat?”

“No thanks, I don’t need anything. Are you sure you’re okay?” She nodded at him. “Okay, I guess I’ll go home now before my dad yells at me.”

Natalie watched as he walked away until she yelled out, “Wait!” He turned around and saw that she was approaching him. Once she reached him, she placed a hand on his shoulder. “I could use your help getting something out of my closet. I’m too short to reach it and could use a tall man like you.”

“Okay, but I should tell my dad first.” He responded.

“Hold on, can you carry Aleph up to his room and put him in the crib while I go talk to your dad?” She picked up her son and handed him to the boy.

“Okay, where is his room.”

“Upstairs, the first door on the right.” He walked up the stairs as Natalie went outside to talk to Jimmy’s dad.

“Excuse me, Mr. Long?” The man, who was working on his car, turned around.

“Hi Natalie, what can I do for you?”

“I need Jimmy’s help with some things around the house since my husband is off in France. Can I borrow him for an hour?” Her voice sounded a bit flirty.

“Sure thing, just make sure he does the job right and does everything you ask.” She smiled as those words crossed her ears.

“I’m sure he will do everything perfectly. Thank you.” She turned around and walked back into the house.

Natalie entered the house and ran up the stairs, finding Jimmy standing in the hallway. He was looking a picture of Natalie at the last Academy Awards holding her award. She walked up behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“That was the best day of my life.” She told him. “Come on into my room, I need you to get some boxes down.” She led him into her bedroom, her eyes looking down at his ass. She opened the closet door and pointed at the boxes. “Can you get those down for me?”

“Sure thing Ms. Portman.”

“You can stop with the ‘Ms. Portman’, just call me Natalie.”

“Okay Natalie.” He reached up and retrieved the boxes, one at a time, and placed them on the floor. As he reached for the last one, he felt her hand press against his ass. He turned around and looked in her eyes. “Did you just touch me in the butt?” Natalie smiled.

“Maybe I did.” She said softly.

“Why did you do that? Aren’t you married?” He was confused.

“I just found out my husband’s been sleeping around with some whore…so no, I don’t really think of myself as ‘married’ anymore.” She grabbed onto his arm.

“But…but…aren’t I too young for you. I mean no disrespect but aren’t you almost twice my age?”

“I’m only twelve years older than you and we are both over eighteen. Your dad is ten years older than your mom, so it shouldn’t be weird at all for you.” She pulled herself close to him and kissed his lips. “Besides, I asked your dad if I could borrow you for an hour and he did say that you had to do ‘everything I asked’.”

“Really?” He began sweating. “I…I don’t…I don’t know Natalie, this doesn’t feel right.” He tried to push her away but she held onto him.

“It feels right to me. Please? I’ve had a terrible day. Please don’t make my day worse by walking away.” She bit her lower lip and gave him a sad look.

“Damn, I don’t know.” His voice was cracking. “It just-” She started kissing his neck. “Wow, that feels really-” She began running her hands through his long hair while pushing her body against his. “Oh my god, I think I should go.” He tried to leave but she pulled him back and shoved him lightly on to the bed.

“I bet I can change your mind.” She got down on her hands and knees and crawled to him. She ran her hands up his legs and up to his belt. “Have you ever had a woman touch you here?” She grabbed onto the bulge in his pants, causing him to jump.

“I, well, I…no.” She giggled at his stuttering.

“So no one has ever done this.” She undid his belt and yanked his jeans down his legs. Natalie leaned in and kissed the large bulge in his briefs. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as Natalie pulled his underwear down, exposing his eight inch cock to the actress. “Wow, you have a big cock for such a young man.” She grabbed on to it and started to slowly stroke him.

“Oh god, wow that feels really good.” He was in disbelief as the famous actress he lived next door to for so long was giving him his first hands-on sex lesson.

“If you think that feels good, what about this?” Natalie quickly wrapped her warm mouth around his hard cock and began sucking hard on him.

“Oh god!” He yelled out as her lips worked on the head of his cock.

Natalie spent the next few minutes giving him his first blowjob, a memorable enough experience only made better by the fact that it was Natalie Portman giving it to him. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and stood up in front of him. She looked him in the eyes as she pulled her white t-shirt over her head and tossing it towards him. He stared at her chest, only covered by a white bra and salivated.

“Wow, I never thought I’d see you like this.” He was struggling to get his words.

“Don’t give me that Jimmy. I’ve noticed you looking over the fence before when I was by the pool in my bikini. You’ve seen me in less than this.” His face went white. “You didn’t think I saw you, did ya?”

“I…I…I didn’t think that you…you saw me. I couldn’t help it, I-” She placed her finger over his lips.

“Calm down, I’m not upset. If I really cared, I would have said something. And I most certainly wouldn’t do this.” She unhooked her bra and exposed her breasts to him, still big from her pregnancy that only ended a few months ago. “I know you’ve been dreaming about these for a long time.”

Jimmy couldn’t believe what was happening. He could have sworn he was in a dream as Natalie pulled his shirt over his head, leaving him naked in her bed.

“I took your pants off, you take off mine.” She walked closer to him waited.

He reached out and unzipped her jeans, pulling them down her legs and down to her ankles. When he looked back up, her small white panties were in his line of sight. He stared at the underwear without moving to pull them down.

“Are you just gonna look or are you going to unwrap my gift to you?” He quickly pulled her panties down, revealing her slightly hairy pussy to the young man.

“Can I?” She nodded and he kissed her wet pussy.

Natalie moaned loud as his lips touched her clit. He didn’t suck on it, he only kissed it. The pleasure running through her was intense as this fresh young man was making her feel amazing. After a few seconds, he began to suck on it which only made her happier. He worried that her moans too loud and that his father would hear from outside, but Natalie was smart enough to limit as much of her potential noise as possible. She pulled away from him and pushed him on his back.

“Ready to become a man?” She asked as she crawled on top of him.

He nodded as she placed his cock at her moist opening. She plunged herself on to him, which caused a loud moan from both people. She jumped up and down on his cock as he reached up and held her boobs as they bounced around.

“Oh Jimmy, your cock feels so good in my pussy. Oh my god!” She yelled out to him.

“Oh Natalie, I’ve dreamt of this for so long. It’s better than I could have imagined.” She bent down and started to kiss him as they continued fucking.

Natalie placed her hands on his chest and forced herself up high, almost letting his dick fall out, before slamming back down on him. She could tell by the look in his face that he was in heaven right now. She did this several times until her arms got tired and continued fucking him normally.

After a few minutes, Natalie crawled off of him and lay flat on her back. Without her saying anything, Jimmy crawled on top of her and slammed his cock in. He pinned her ankles down next to her head and slammed all of his weight onto her pelvis. She held onto his hair tightly and forced his lips onto hers. After a few seconds, she released her grip form his head and reached for his ass, pulling him into her cunt harder.

They fucked for several more minutes until she began to feel a rush of pleasure fill her body. She gripped on to the sheets and screamed out. Her moans were louder than ever as she felt her orgasm building.

“You’re making me cum Jimmy, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum around your big fucking cock.” She continued moaning as Jimmy slammed harder into her, waiting to feel a woman cum for the first time. Natalie arched her back and let out a long moan as her pussy began contracting around him. “I’m cumming Jimmy, I’m cumming! Can you feel it? Can you feel me cumming?”

“Oh yes Natalie, I can feel you cumming. It feels so good; your pussy feels so good!” He was yelling almost as loud as she was moaning.

Her body eventually relaxed and became Jimmy’s personal sex doll. She playfully placed her finger in her mouth and let out small moans as he continued plowing her.

“Stop, stop.” She whispered to him as he slowed down. “I want you to do something that Ben won’t ever do.”

“What is that?” He was confused as he pulled out of her.

Natalie got on her hands and knees, sticking her ass out to him. She licked her finger and ran it over her asshole.

“He never wants to have anal sex with me, can you please do it? I haven’t ever had a dick in my butt and I want to know how it feels.” He spit on his cock several times and spread it up and down his large shaft.

“Okay, just stop me if it hurts too much.” She smiled as he pushed the head of his cock against her tight hole. “Ready?” She nodded as he began to push in.

“Ooooohhhh.” She let out a long, slow moan. “Mmmm, that’s so good.”

He forced every inch into her until his whole cock was inside her. He began to move in and out slowly, taking in the amazing feeling of her tight rectum around his cock.

“It doesn’t hurt does it? Can I go faster?” She said a quick ‘faster’ immediately after the question.

He obeyed her wishes and began to slam into her faster and faster. Her moans were back to their previous volume, loud enough to fill the room. To her surprise though, the sounds he was making were almost as loud, if not louder, than hers. She pushed herself up off the bed, arching her back and showing that she was enjoying her first anal experience. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long when Jimmy told her he was close. She pulled herself off of him and got down on the floor, kneeling in front of him. He furiously jerked off in her face as she stared up at his face.

“You ready?” He asked her.

Natalie didn’t answer with words, but with her actions. She opened her mouth wide while still looking at her. He gave himself a few more pumps before he exploded her load all over the beautiful actress’s face. Stream after stream of his virgin cum landed on her face, some landing in her mouth. She laughed as he shot some in her eyes and hair. He shook the last few drops on her chest before she grabbed it and began to suck it dry. Her tongue cleaned every last bit of cum out of his cock. She let go of it once it began to soften and swallowed the contents in her mouth.

As Jimmy sat down to relax, Natalie used her finger to scoop up the cum off her face and eating it. Once she was done, she sat down next to him and began to kiss his neck.

“Thank you so much Jimmy. You made my day!” She giggled as she pulled away from him. “How does it feel not being a virgin anymore?”

“It feels great Ms. Port…Natalie. I’m glad I could help you out.” They kissed once more before getting dressed.

Once she was dressed again, she held his hand and led him downstairs. “Hopefully we can do this again sometime.” She said with a big smile.

“If you need me, I’m only a few steps away.” She led him outside and stood on the step as he walked back to his house. He met up with his dad, who was still working on his car.

“Hey, did he do everything you asked?” His dad yelled out to Natalie.

“Yes sir, he did everything I asked and did it perfectly! I know where to go if I need any more help!” She yelled back before walking back into the house.

Well before I found Literotica, I started chatting with a lovely young lady on a fan forum for our favorite football team. We hit it off well, both being in dead end relationships, and before too long, began exchanging sexually explicit private messages on the forum. Once a year, all the participants in the forum get together for a football reunion weekend, where we root on the team at a home game. This is a fantasy we shared about how we would love to meet in person at that event, and what we would do to each other if we did.

Please leave feedback and vote as many stars as you see fit.


I can’t believe the day is finally here. It’s Saturday night of the online forum reunion weekend and my wife can’t figure out what I’m so nervous about. I tell her that I’m nervous because I haven’t seen everybody in almost two years, but what she doesn’t know is that it’s seeing the person that I’ve never met before that really has me anxious.

I dress casually, jeans and my favorite player’s jersey. We pull up outside the End Zone Bar & Grill and I’m overcome by two distinct feelings…wild anticipation and near nausea! My heart is in my throat and “little johnson” is straining the peek out through my fly and see what all the fuss is about!

Just like I did at the first reunion, I burst into the place, like a bag of hand-grenades and shout “BIG JOHN’S IN THE HOUSE!” As I’m rushed by Keith, Moe, RJ, Psycho, Conan and all the rest of the cast of characters of the forum, my eyes dart around the room hoping to catch a glimpse of someone I know wouldn’t be the type to rush up and join the mass greeting after such a bombastic entrance. Of course, it’s crowded, dark, and having only one good picture to go off of, I can’t really see if you’re in the room.

What I do see though, is my wife rolling her eyes, knowing that this is going to be one of THOSE nights, where she doesn’t know anyone and feels on the outside looking in. I introduce her to the gang, as they show us over to the table where Moe has the customary name badges. I’m in luck, they’re alpha by last name, so it’ll be easy to tell if she’s here already or not…L, L, L….M, M, M….N, N, hmmmm, no Newton, YOU’RE ALREADY HERE! As I reach down to grab my badge, my other hand is reaching down to readjust the expanding uncomfortable situation that his happening in my pants.

I grab my wife and head straight to the bar, because the way my heart is racing, I could really use a drink. LadyHeart greats me with a big hug and sets us up with our first round on the house. As I’m glancing around the bar to take in the recent improvements of the expansion project, I spot a couple sitting at the corner of the bar, kind of away from the crowd. They’re sitting close, but they’re really not talking to each other much. Our eyes meet, and in a instant, I know it’s you. Your eyes are smiling much more than your lips are, and the telling shift on the bar stool let’s me know that you not only know it’s me, but the anticipation of meeting has been having the exact same effect on you.

Our eyes are locked on each other for what seems like forever, and while you continue to squirm in your seat, you’re not making any indication that you’re going to come over to me, so I know I have to make my way over to you. It takes like 20 minutes to navigate the crowd, having to stop to say hello to everyone from the forum, and of course introduce them to the wife. Being how I am, everyone gets a big hug, male and female alike, but I keep looking over the huggee’s shoulder to keep tabs on you. You are waiting patiently, and still nervously squirming.

FINALLY, I get over to the corner of the bar, and glancing down at your name badge, I say, “you guys must be Lois and Tony.”

The anticipation finally getting the better of you, you jump up and say, “and you must be Big John!” and give me a great big hug. As our bodies squeeze together for what feels like an eternity, I feel your breast on my chest, and can feel your nipples becoming hard and erect. I’m pretty sure you feel my growing situation too. Breaking our hug, I shake hands with Tony and introduce you both to the wife. We stand and chat for awhile about the team and the upcoming game and such, when Keith pulls me away to do some Jameson shots with the gang.

It is so great to be seeing everyone again, but I’m dying to get back to you and continue our conversation. As I’m getting pulled from this one to that, I’m keeping an eye on that corner of the bar. Things seem to not be going well, and I see you and Tony get up to leave. My heart sinks in my chest.

Thankfully, Renee heads you off near the door to ask what’s wrong. You explain that Tony has a terrible headache and wants to go back to the hotel. Our eyes meet as I’m watching this unfold from across the room, and we’re both looking like we’re going to cry.

And then I hear Renee say, “I’m staying at the same hotel, I’ll be glad to share a cab with Lois if she really wants to stay.” Miraculously, Tony agrees, and Renee leads you over to the group she was talking with.

As if the stars are aligning, a short while later my wife comes up to me to say, “It looks like you really want to catch up with all these folks, and I’m kind of dragging you down. I’m going to head back to the hotel now. Have fun honey.” And just like that, we find ourselves both in the same place, at the same time, unencumbered by either of our spouses. This could get good.

Fighting the urge to just grab you and drag you away to a quiet spot to chat, I continue to work the crowd, but keep and eye on you the whole time. Ironically, you’re standing with Renee, Daniella, and a few of the other women, and you seem to be enjoying yourself. Your group is standing just to the right of the bar, and you’re standing with your back to the wall.

Keith grabs me and a few more of the guys and says, “What are we all…gay? Let’s go talk to the women folk,” and we all descend on your circle. Bravely, I choose to stand right next to you, and the gleam in your eye tells me you’re happy that I did. As Keith and I entertain the crowd, rattling off dirty jokes and filthy limericks, my hand accidentally touches yours, and the way you jump tells me it sent the same surge of electricity up your spine as it did mine.

As more people join our circle to add their own dirty jokes to the mix, we all have to crunch together, to accommodate the larger crowd. You take the opportunity to step slightly in front of me, and then push gently back, so your ass is now firmly planted in my crotch. I feel my knees weaken, and you clearly feel the results of your actions, my hardening cock nestling against your ass, and know that I approve.

The beers are flowing, the conversation is lively, but the most intoxicating feeling is from the contact between our bodies. You’ve been teasing me by pressing and circling your bottom, ever so slightly, so nobody would notice. Not to be outdone, I gently place my hand on the back of your thigh, and start moving it up your leg. I can’t believe what you do next. Shifting your weight from one foot to the other, you part your legs just a little more, allowing me to feel the heat and dampness emanating from your in-seam. I take full advantage of my newfound access, and gently stroke you from behind.

Renee mentions she needs to pee, and you say you’ll go with her. While you walk toward the ladies’ room I wonder if I’ve gone too far. When you and Renee return, you’ve brought me a fresh beer, and as you return to your previous position, I feel you stuff something into my pocket, as you whisper in my ear, “do not look at what I just gave you in public.” You give me a look to let me know you’re not joking. The curiosity is killing me, but I can’t betray your trust. I know I have to get to a private place to see what it is.

I immediately excuse myself to go to the men’s room. I go into one of the stalls, for maximum privacy, and can’t believe what I pull out of my pocket…it’s a pair of pink, French-cut cotton panties with an extremely damp spot in the crotch, and a wonderfully heady aroma. I contemplate relieving the stress I’ve been feeling since I was getting dressed for this evening, but the panties aren’t that damp, so I figure if you can wait, then so can I. As I walk back to resume my same position, nuzzled up behind you, I’m realizing now that there is one less layer of clothing between me and your silky pink parts.

After about another half hour of talking, laughing, and almost constant teasing of each other’s naughty bits, which is totally oblivious to the crowd, you excuse yourself to the ladies room again, this time going alone. As I’m fixated on your beautiful ass as you walk away, I see you’re walking toward the Family Restroom, instead of the ladies room.

You see, part of the recent expansion to the bar was to comply with a new local ordinance, requiring all public restaurants and taverns of a specific capacity to not only offer men’s and ladies’ rooms, but also to provide a private, single occupancy bathroom for couples with small children. The room is large enough to have a full sized toilet and sink, as well as a comfortable easy chair for breast-feeding, and a fold-down shelf for diaper changing. Since this is a private restroom, there is no stall around the toilet, so everything is open in the one big room. All throughout the evening, people have been using this bathroom whenever the line is too long at the ladies’ room.

As you place your hand on the door handle, before you walk in, you look back over your shoulder at me and give me a knowing glance. Or at least I think it’s a knowing glance. And at this point after all the teasing, I’m not willing to miss an opportunity, so I slide away from the crowd and make my own way toward the Family Restroom myself.

I turn the handle, and am shocked to find the door is not locked. I’m thinking “two halves of the same brain”, but as the door starts to open, you shriek, “I’m peeing in here!”

I reply, “It’s me.”

“Well then, come on in and lock that door behind you.”

I walk in and stop in my tracks. You’re sitting on the toilet fully enjoying the final moments a very powerful piss that comes after this many hours of being at a tavern. My eyes are drinking in the sights and the smells of this unbelievable view. I’m staring at your sparsely covered but neatly trimmed pink parts, which are fully engorged and I swear I can see your throbbing pulse as your stream slows to a dribble. Instinctively you reach for the toilet paper roll, which breaks me from my trance. I gently touch your hand and say, “allow me.”

You seem a little confused as I slowly kneel in front of you and press my face down toward your crotch. When my tongue first hits your clit, you jump a little off the seat and let out a throaty moan. I tell you to lift your feet and place them on my shoulders, allowing me freer access to finally and fully take care of your needs.

I slowly lick up and down your velvety slit, and suck your labia into my mouth. The texture is pure ambrosia, and the taste is a combination of the nectar from all the teasing, sweat, with just a hint of your recent relief. I alternate between digging my tongue deep within your womanhood and gently licking, nibbling and sucking on your prominent and responsive clitoris. Your moaning provides encouraging feedback, and your squirming tells me I’m hitting the right areas. As you get closer to orgasm, you reach down and start stroking my hair, and push your feet harder onto my shoulders, lifting yourself off the seat. I reach up and hold your bottom in my hands, as I lick and suck you to an incredible climax. I look up and see that you’re biting the shoulder of your shirt to keep from screaming. Our eyes meet, and the look of pure ecstasy and satisfaction on your face is an ultimate reward for a job well done.

You pull me up to you and we share our first kiss. A deep, soulful kiss, with our tongues wildly exploring each other’s mouths. We continue our embrace, like each was the other’s sole source of oxygen, caressing and rubbing each other, neither one wanting to be the one to end the moment. I feel you reach down to start undoing my belt buckle, and once again I grab your hand but this time I say, “Wait.”

You look at me with a mixture of confusion and disappointment. I explain that we’ve been in here way too long, and don’t want to arouse any suspicion. You come back to your senses and quickly agree, as you pull up your jeans and throw some water on your face. Taking a deep breath, you give me a quick peck on the lips, and slip out of the bathroom. I take another moment to collect myself, and after waiting a sufficient amount of time, slip out of the bathroom too, and rejoin the crowd.

When I make my way back to the crowd, I see you’re giggling a little to yourself, noticing the difficulty I’m having walking due to a certain unresolved situation in my jeans. There’s a look of total satisfaction mixed with a little guilt on your face, as you take some evil pleasure in my discomfort.

The big crowd has broken into smaller groups again now, and we get pulled into different conversations. I’m drinking a little more than you, which means frequent trips to the bar. Each time I go to refill, I make sure to plot my course to intersect with the group you happen to be talking with at the time.

“Excuse me,” I always say, as I gently place my hand on a part of your body, and let it linger there as I squeeze through to get to my destination.

The first time, it was your shoulder that got a gentle massage. The next time it was the small of your back, and I let my hand trace your spine down to your waistband. The third time it was your ass that got a playful pat, while my other hand pressed in between the heavenly globes of your ample and intoxicating bottom. That maneuver was the most risky, but given the activity of the crowd, we were able to continue to steal these precious and naughty moments, without anyone being the wiser.

I thought I was keeping an eye on you, but as I’m plotting my fourth trip through the crowd, this time heading to the bathroom, I seem to have lost track of where you are. I’m scanning the crowd, desperately trying to find you, hoping to God you and Renee didn’t leave. Would you really leave me like THIS? And without saying good night?

“AHA!” I say out loud, as I see Renee, so I know you have to be around here someplace.

Instinctively, I walk back to the last bathroom I was in, which was the Family Restroom. In my rush to relieve myself, and being distracted by not seeing you in the crowd, I must not have locked the door. Because as I’m standing there relieving myself, I feel a strange hand reach around me from behind, reaching for my penis to help aim the stream.

Have I really had so much to drink that that I didn’t even hear you come in?

When I finish, you ask, “What do I do now?”

“You that you have to shake it a couple of time to knock off any remaining drops,” I reply, reveling in the feeling of your soft hand on my stiffening cock.

Your reply, “I can do better than that,” and give it a few playful shakes, and then start rubbing and stroking me gently.

I lean back against you, and swear I can feel your breast piercing into my back. With your free hand, you push against my hips to turn me around to face you. We share another long and soulful embrace, exploring each other’s mouths like we’re looking for the lost treasures of the Sierra Madre, all the while you’re stroking me and feeling me grow in your hand.

I reach my hand around your neck and caress your nape and behind your ears as our lips remain stuck together. I move my hand to your shoulder and gently press down. You get the message and break our embrace, licking your lips as you kneel in front of me.

You easily take my entire length in to your mouth, and I can feel your velvet tongue working up and down the underside, and it’s pure heaven. You draw your head back, almost allowing me to pop from your mouth, and then circle the tip with your tongue. Increasing your suction, you move your head forward, slowly, until your nose is buried deep in my curly brown pubic hair. I look down and watch, as you slowly repeat this process, rubbing your tongue on the bottom, drawing back slowly, circling the head, and then taking me deep in your mouth again, as far as you can. Your eyes look up at me, and my smile is all you need to see to know how incredible you are making me feel.

After a few more minutes of this, I lift my foot up onto the toilet, and tell you to lick my balls. You slowly remove me from your mouth, and bend it up so it’s flat against my belly. Then you stick your tongue straight out, and I’m amazed at just how long and agile it is. You move forward, and I can feel your tongue on my most tender area, and my good knee nearly gives out it feels so amazing. You then suck one nut into your mouth, and then the other, gently running your tongue over each one without hurting me. All the while, you’re gently stroking me, and can feel that I’m getting close to climax.

“I’m close,” I say, which is all you need to hear, to replace your mouth around me, and continue the tongue and sucking action, only now increasing the pace. Instinctively, I say, “I’m going to cum,” because I’m used to having to give my wife a warning, however this just encourages you to increase the suction as well as the pace. I reach down and start stroking your hair as the first jolt of my orgasm rips through me. You reach around to my ass and pull me to you, and then swallow hard, continuing to swirl your tongue over the head, until you feel me soften in your mouth.

I pull you up and draw you close to me, and without saying a word, our lips again meet in a wild, deep and soulful kiss.

I reach my hand into your jeans and am glad you ditched your underwear earlier, as I easily slide two fingers into your vagina. Your pink parts are again extremely moist and very inflamed. After a few moments, it’s you that grabs my arm this time, reminding me of how long we’ve been away from the crowd.

Amazingly, we again slip out individually, and without being noticed, but now it’s you that’s all charged up, and again, in need of some relief.

The crowd is thinning out now, as more people say their good byes and head back to their rooms to get ready for the game tomorrow, but you and I are no where ready to leave and end this incredible night. We both know that before the night is over, we’re going to have one more trip back to that restroom. A trip we’ll never forget.

I’m not sure if it’s the drinks, the full night of constant teasing, or the two previous trips to the Family Rest Room, but we’re no longer being coy or trying to hide our affections. The bar has pretty much cleared out, except for a few couples talking quietly at various tables, so to anyone who didn’t know better, we just seem like one more couple enjoying the end of a fantastic reunion party.

We sit at a table by ourselves in the furthest back corner of the bar, but the way we’re gazing into each other’s eyes, we might as well be the only two people in the place, or in the world for that matter.

We’re holding each other’s hands on the table, periodically rubbing a forearm or massaging a palm as we talk about god knows what. Your shoes are off and you’re running your bare foot up and down my leg and over my feet. You playfully stick your foot in my crotch and grasp at my cock with your toes, just to watch me jump at the table.

You push your chair around so we’re sitting next to each other now, a maneuver that’s done without ever releasing the grasp on my hand. I pull one hand away so I can begin rubbing your back and caressing your shoulders.

I love the way your skin feels on my palm. I can feel your bones and your muscles respond to my touch, as my hand roams all over your neck, shoulders and back. You are relaxing and leaning back on me, and I hear small purrs coming from your mouth.

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