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Chapter 01: Abracadabra

Desi loved surprises. That is exactly why she decided to drive over to the post office which was one quarter of a mile from her home rather than walk it as she normally would anytime she had an errand to run there. “Besides,” Desi thought, “How many times do I receive a certified letter?”

Momentarily lost in her own thoughts as she glided into the parking lot and coasted nice and snug between a truck and an SUV, Desi wondered if maybe her Lucas had something up his sleeve for her. Making sure she left her e-break on before reaching towards the passenger seat and grabbing her purse, Desi thought how great it would be to receive a surprise from her man. Sighing as she unraveled her mind for a few moments trying to remember the last time she had received anything from him other than flowers which were only used as a vice so that he could butter her up to inform him of his ‘other’ plans he had going on which did not include anything that Desi enjoyed or cared to do. It aggravated Desi a lot that Lucas would rather blow two hundred dollars a month on a mechanical toy that he did nothing with other than sink it into mud. Desi did her best to hide her dislike of the Arctic Cat from her husband. However, she knew that Lucas used things like his four-wheeler and his expensive taste in video games as an attempt to fill other voids in his life.

Two years prior when his father had passed, Lucas came home with the Artic Cat then last year after his grandmother’s death he decided to upgrade to a Playstation III. Since then Desi felt as if Lucas had forgotten her existence and she found herself drifting invisibly in his grieving haze of making up for what he didn’t have any more. Also, since Desi’s son, whom she had produced while still a baby herself and raised alone before marrying Lucas, was about to graduate high school and move away to begin college, she had decided to immerse herself in her writing as a way to escape her prison called loneliness. Despite the lack of communication and passion which Desi needed in order to live, she still loved Lucas very much as she thought of him two states away working all his hard muscles into overtime as he continued his toil to earn money for the bills and enough extra to blow on his own pursuits of pleasure. “At least he is trying more than he used too.” Desi reminded herself as she remembered their sexy night they shared the weekend before.

Though the two of them had started out as ‘just friends’ in the beginning and she had married him pleasing her family more than herself, the thought of cheating on him had never occurred, until the opportunity had been shoved down her throat. Desi was feeling extremely lost and lonely one night and Lucas was continuously cutting their phone conversations short, as usual, claiming that he was doing paperwork, or he had another important call coming in, and then the finale, “Baby I’m tired. I got to get some rest. I’m getting up at three am in the morning to head to Missouri. I will call you tomorrow night. I promise.”

Desi remembered the ache from the lump in her throat that came out of nowhere as she listened to her husband’s low voice speak through the receiver of the phone. “Okay.” Desi kept her emotions in control. “I love you.” She reminded him.

“I love you too, bye.” He hung up.

That night Desi had made the decision to not stay home alone basking in her lonely misery so she showered and dressed, dabbed on some makeup and perfume, careful not to put too much on because she was not trying to draw attention to herself. Desi just wanted no needed, human contact. Thinking back on that night now made everything seem like a blur of jumping into her Miata, driving as fast at the speed limits would allow and then all of a sudden she is tipsy on her third Corona bent over the pool table with her long hair the color of fire spilling down her back about to shoot the eight ball into the corner pocket while the smoky mist causes her to squint and the sounds of loud laughter and southern rock n roll are suffocating in the small familiar bar she had chosen to rid herself of her loneliness. Desi only went alone to places she was comfortable in and she was comfortable here since she had worked here before and the regulars still knew her by name.

Right after she watched the cue ball hit it’s mark and smack the eight ball in, Desi felt the soft touch of someone’s fingers touch her on the edge of her hairline right above her right temple as if to move her hair from her face, but instead, choosing to firmly grab a fistful of her fire red hair, softly gripping and pulling her closer to speak in her ear. Realizing that the hand belonged to a man, her heart multiplied in pace for a short few moments as she felt his sexy hot breath tingling her eardrum and causing a tiny vibration that prompted her to shiver slightly. His unfamiliar voice was higher pitched than her husband’s big Texas baritone sound, and his familiar accent was thick Deep South Creole rolling off his tongue and causing her to blush as he spoke, “Frisson joli?”

Though Dessi was from North Louisiana, she understood enough of the South Louisiana dialect to know that frisson meant chill and joli meant pretty. Dessi’s face lit up with a smile and she felt her face get hot as she recognized his Cajun tongue and she knew he was telling her she was pretty and asking her if she wanted another beer because she knew Cajun men called their beer chill since that’s the only way to drink it and they aren’t afraid to compliment whenever a compliment is due. Turning with wide eyes toward the stranger, Desi was sure she was crimson because the stranger was so good looking she felt her heart hasten its pace a few more beats as she fought to hide her attraction. Remembering who she was and what she was not within about ten supersonic star gazing seconds, Desi snapped out of it and motioned to her still nursing beer and tried to speak loudly over the music, “No thank ya sha! I’m still drinking this one!” And she picked it up and showed him her half-full bottle then followed with a smile she couldn’t remember smiling in years. “Thank ya, though!” she chirped.

Instead of responding with a “Your welcome,” the stranger put quarters on the pool table which meant he wanted to play her next game. Still unable to mask her flattery which was shining through her flushed face, Desi surprised herself by responding, “Lez le bon temps rouler!” Desi couldn’t hide her pride which shone through her golden eyes whilst she looked back at the stranger staring at her in awe. Shocking him with her knowledge of his native tongue she glowed as she warned him, “I can speak yore language too sha! I grew up right on that bayou in thu back, yeah!” With that she flashed him a teasing smile. Desi was hoping to ward the highly attractive stranger away using her friendly sarcasm but that only seemed to make him want her more because she was sure he was interpreting it as flirting.

All right, maybe she was harmlessly flirting but it made her feel better than she had been feeling earlier so mixed with the effects of the beer and pure electrifying attraction for this stranger, Desi ended up inside his motel room. The young hottie turned out to be ten years younger than Desi and he truly didn’t believe her when she told him she was thirty five. His name was Andre and he was married with children too, in town on business, and had a business partner name Virgil staying close by in another room.

Desi had accidentally met Virgil, who looked a bit older, lighter, and taller with longer hair than the younger hottie she was following on the way in to the motel. She remembered watching his shocking blue eyes that were shadowed beneath long loose coco colored bangs because Demi had a habit of focusing on a person’s eyes anytime she met them. The distant memory of the second stranger buried itself in her tipsy and lusty frame of mind probably because she was so quick to figure out that her young hottie’s business partner seemed to intentionally avoid making eye contact with her. Desi was always taught that no eye contact meant no trusted interest so she shrugged it off and left it at that.

“Ya burn?” he asked.



“Oh yeah!” Deciding not to let him know that she hadn’t been stoned in at least five years since her son had almost caught her smoking in the garage and she barely got away with it by convincing him he was smelling incense and not pot.

Choosing to sit on a small sofa in an attempt to avoid the bedroom area inside the suite, Desi did her best to present herself as a lady. Shifting in her seat, she nervously and unconsciously tugged at the front of her favorite pink cami. Right away she wished she were less dressed like the overworked and underpaid house wife she had become and more like the classy and sexy lady who was screaming to come out and play.

What was that familiar cologne scent that kept drifting under her nose and causing her to discreetly sniff the air harder in an attempt to inhale his pheromone? “Eternity?” Maybe that was it.

Whatever the brand, his cologne was magic to her senses as she didn’t object whenever he sat right next to her on the sofa and began to light up a joint that he had mysteriously produced. After playing musical lips with the joint a few times, Desi felt exhilaratingly relaxed. Excusing himself, Desi watched the young hottie named Andre stand up and step into the bathroom. The sensations of being high added to her aroused dilemma that she was desperately trying to fight. Before she could forget she was married, Lucas popped into her mind and she searched her memory trying to recall the last time this part of her had been stirred. “Poor Lucas.” Desi thought as guilt enveloped her.

No, even he had never aroused her the way this young hottie was successfully doing. Within the next second Desi realized that if she were to misbehave tonight, Lucas would never even know, unless she told him. Desi let out a long breath that she forgot she had been holding, uncrossed her legs, and closed her eyes for a second as she tried not to focus on the needing ache that was slowly beginning to throb within her womb.

The thud of the bathroom door opening and shutting stirred her thoughts and before she could react, one of his soft sanded hands is performing a Houdini as she felt it slyly make its way down the front of her worn denim Bermudas sneaking past unbuttoning or unzipping. Quickly, she sucks in a tiny bit of breath before his lush lips are piercing her own with his explorative tongue throwing fast jabs then slowing down to caress the flavor of his delightful prey. As fast as she can feel his fat fingertip glide its way into the folds of her wet slit and land directly on her engorged clit to wreak havoc, she feels one of her 38 C’s like abracadabra filling his fleshy groping hands. Two of his searching fingertips discovered her stiff nipples, “Oh my fucking-”Desi heard herself impulsively gasp while feeling her nipple tingle as he rolled it between his fingertips.

She was hooked, line, and sinker and he knew it as he slid his mouth down to nibble the depths of her neck. Desi knew it was too late for surrender and she ran her fingers upwards into the soft waves of his dark hair and he knew she was ensnared within his high-powered lusty trance. “Cum for me sha!” he whispered his hot breath forceful into her ear.

“Huh?” She gasped at his unexpected command.

Smiling like the devil at her, Desi was stunned and stared back into his smoky brown eyes as he ordered her once more. “I said I want ya ta cum for me sha!” And he began to flick her clit faster with his thumb while he forced two fingers in her sopping pussy. “Stand up baby gal!” He ordered just when he felt the walls of her pussy tighten and he yanked his hand out of her pants right before she came, leaving her starving for more.

Mesmerized with lust, Desi watched him place his fingers which were coated with her juice to his succulent lips and taste her before bringing them up to her own mouth and prying her own lips apart to thrust in her mouth and she didn’t protest when he ordered her to suck her own pussy juice from them. “Mm mm! Don dat pussy taste sweet? Ya got a sweet pussy sha!” Pulling his polo shirt off and allowing Desi to admire his hard earned sculpted muscles dotted with a few tattoos, he grasped both her hands and pulled her up on her feet so that she was standing in front of him. “No sha, I want ya on da table.”

“Huh?” Once again, she was shocked and wide eyed at his commands. Desi had never allowed anyone to treat her like this but, oddly, she found herself loving it too. Looking over the two foot tall cherry wood coffee table he wanted her on and hoping it was stable, she was hesitant to comply.

“Come on! I want let ya fall! He softened his tone as he convinced her to step onto it.

Everything suddenly became surreal as Desi found herself giving in to this younger man whom she had only met a few hours before and with her pussy now drenched and her tits bulging out the top of her cami she allowed him to lead her and she jolted at her own submission to him. Her ass was almost level with his head as she stood in front of him on the table top. “Come on gal! Get does clothes off! I wanna see dat wet pussy!” He began snapping his orders and yanking her britches down himself before she had anytime to respond. “Yeah. Now dat’s what I’m talkin bout!” She heard him exclaim while he admired her tight white ass clad in a pink thong.

Flinching beneath his masterful, surprising slap on the ass cheek, he told her to remove her bra and shirt too while he yanked her thong off and she managed to get her bra unhooked and her cami halfway off before he was already thrusting two fingers into her pussy again. As soon as she threw her bra and cami to the floor, Andre moved in front of her and ordered her to squat down.

“Squat?” Desi shuddered. No one had ever asked her to do such a thing but this man had already worked up her sexual psyche to the point of no return that she decided not to question him further and to just go with the flow.

“Dat’s right, I want ya ta squat.” Andre soothingly schooled her as he gripped her shoulders gently and guided her downwards so that she was squatting on the table in front of him with her pussy glistening spread out and on display all shaved except for the thin landing strip that, to his delight, matched the color of her fire red hair. “Eww wee!” He shouted to stress he was quite impressed with what he was seeing. “Red on da head an fire in da bed! Jus like I like em! Naw let me see ya play wit dem pretty tits sha!” Andre knew he was driving Desi mad hungry for him but he wanted to make sure she got the full effect before he fucked her juicy pussy good. His ultimate goal was to get into her tight ass.

Standing in front of her now she flinched slightly as he gripped a fistful of her fire red hair in order to keep her perched on her feet without falling with one hand, and with his other hand, he thrust his two fingers back into her slick pussy hole, turned his hand palm up, and bent his fingers into a ‘come hither’ and sought out her g spot as he said to her, “Yeah, I bet ya got a lot o’ juice een dat pussy. Mm hm! Let’s see how juicy I can make dat sweet lil fuck hole baby gal!” He ordered her to keep playing with her tits while he targeted her g spot, simultaneously amazing her with his knowledge as he began expertly manipulating her pussy like it had never been till the sounds of her pussy juices were creating a sloshing noise.

“Ooh! Ooh!” was all Desi could verbalize as she was dismayed and showed it with a look of bewilderment as her eyes glazed over at the pressure she was feeling. She almost felt as if she had to pee but she knew she didn’t because she had already used the ladies room in the lobby down stairs before coming to join Andre in this room. With a look of confusion clouding her mind and showing through her watery eyes, all Desi could do was look up at Andre while he coaxed her to accept what was about to happen and moan, “Ooh. It feels so fucking good!” As she withstood the thrashing she was receiving in her pussy she said to him, “Ooh fuck! Fuck my pussy!”

“Ya want me ta fuck ya pussy til ya squirt?” Andre asked her.

“Yes!” He felt his cock grow hard watching her lips tremble. “I want ya ta fuck me!”

“Say it sha!” Andre commanded her. “Say ya want yore pussy ta squirt.”

“I want my pussy ta squirt all ova yore hand!”

Just when Andre felt she was about to explode because he could feel the pressure building up in tiny spasms and throbbing underneath his finger tips where he had been probing on the upper inner wall of her pussy he suddenly stopped thrashing his fingers and delighted in seeing her actually try to buck her hips onto his hand as if she were trying to fuck his hand. “Ya eva squirted before?” Andre asked her tightening the grip he had on her hair from the crown of her head and gently but firmly forced her head back so that she had no choice but to look him in the eyes when she answered.

Delsi began to nod her head from side to side while she was still bucking wildly.

“I can’t hear ya sha!”

“No!” She pleaded as tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“No what?”

“No, I have neva squirted before!” Desi gasps again.

Andre allowed Desi a few moments to calm down. “Aw sha. Don fight eet. Let eet go.” He encouraged as he shocked her back into submission by suddenly and more aggressively thrashing his fingers upwards into her pussy against her g spot. He felt his cock fighting to break through his Levis as he grew stiffer from the sweetness of this sexy, tight assed, red haired beauty’s essence rising to his senses and filling the room with the hot aroma of sex in the air.

Grasping a nipple in each hand and pulling hard, “Oh mmy fffuucking gawd! Whoo!” Was all Desi could manage to verbalize as she uncontrollably watched in wide eyed amazement as Andre hurriedly pulled his fingers from her pussy and began to violently rub her engorged clit that sent her into an instant high voltage like state of euphoria causing her eyes to roll back while a hot stream of juice began flowing from her pussy like a fountain and splattering onto the cherry wood table top. “What de fuck!” Desi looked up at Andre almost as if he were a God because she had never experienced an orgasm so intense that she actually ejaculated and this man had just made her do just that.

Still squatting on the table top, licking her lips and wiping her tears of pleasure, Desi watched Andre unfasten his jeans; she heard them fall to the floor. Her eyes grew big as saucers when she saw his magnificent nine inch cock. Remembering Lucas own six inch cock being the only cock in her pussy for the last fifteen years, Desi wondered if she would be able to take him. Whether she could or not Desi was so fucking hungry for his cock that she really didn’t care if she could or not, she was going to make damn sure to do her best to make that big cock fit!

Andre saw Desi staring at his cock as he began massaging its swollen length up and down the shaft. Teasingly, he grabbed Desi by the head of her hair again and put the pre cum soaked head of his cock near her lips and said, “Here sha. Open dat pretty lil mouth of yours an suck dis cock.”

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Desi felt his cock slide to the back of her throat as she tried hard not to gag. “Aw sha. Ya ain’t neva tasted a cock dis big before have ya?” Andre teased when he saw her eyes open wide up at him and heard her gurgle when his fat head hit the back of her throat.

Desi tried to answer him but all she could manage was a muffled “Mmhmph.” followed by a slight nod of her head.

“Ya thank ya can handle this fat cock in ya ass sha?” Andre taunted Desi more. For a split second Andre thought he saw a flicker of fear cross over Desi’s eyes at the mention of fucking her tight ass.

Introduction, written by “Holly.”

The story you are about to read was written by my husband. He searched for a story to share with me that would play into our fantasies but didn’t find anything just right… so he wrote one for me. I thought it was pretty darn good and should be shared. We’d love to hear your thoughts and if it made you a little hot. :)

Holly’s Secret

Where to start? This is not your typical story of girl meets boy, girl fucks boy, girl moves on. It is not even a typical story of girl meets boys, has a wild fuck extravaganza, and then repents. This is my story of all these things and more. You see, I can keep a secret and that is what makes this story different.

I have been married for almost 15 years and to say my marriage is challenging would be an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, we love each other very much but that only seems to get us halfway to real happiness. Family and the business of life usually keeps us pretty distracted though so we continue to move through our days together with a warm affection but not fire in the belly desire or “tear your clothes off and grind on the couch” passion.

Part of the problem is that my dear husband, John, is a big pervert. I knew this going in but as we got a little older and started our family I grew up and he didn’t. You might ask “who isn’t a little pervy?” and I might even agree with that but we aren’t talking about feather up the ass pervy. I am talking about “I want to watch you get gangbanged by the entire wait staff of Chili’s” pervy. Obviously when there is such a gap in sexual expectations it eventually leads to a general dissatisfaction in the relationship itself. Thus we go through life a bit short of all we could be.

After many years of working on the relationship we had found solutions to most of the other issues in our marriage but the sexual disconnect was one that still had to be addressed. That is when I agreed to a safe compromise. I started to flirt for him. Not with him you understand, for him. It started with letting a friend of John’s send me flirty texts which in my mind was harmless but still clearly inappropriate. I have to admit though that his texts made me feel good as he only occasionally slipped into graphic descriptions of his fantasies about me and spent most of his text time telling me how gorgeous and sexy he thought I was. This is where the secret keeping began for me.

John promised to never read the text conversations between us and I did not want to encourage him to escalate this into a real encounter so I never told him about the times that those more graphic messages made me a little wet with the idea of secretly fucking his friend. I wouldn’t do it but the idea of having this little text secret turned me on more than I expected. It was a shame he found a new girlfriend and the texts stopped.

Since the text flirting had stopped we found another compromise that I felt like I could live with. I agreed to go out once a month to a local restaurant with a nice bar area, think Olive Garden but a bit more upscale, and let guys flirt with me. I would then go back home and tell John about the guy’s efforts and whether or not I would have let any of them take me home if I was single. John would get worked up by the conversation and we would end up rolling around naked while I told him about my night. Innocent enough and the only ones that lose are the guys that might buy me a drink hoping to get something for their investment. This was great until I met Mark one night.

It was only the third time for me to visit the bar but I recognized a few folks as I found an open seat and sat down. The bartender was always flirty with the women and asked “What can I get for you, lovely lady?” It made me smile even though I knew he said it to all the women. I should pause and describe myself a little I guess. I am on the shorter side at 5’4″ and carry a little extra weight from the three kids and general love of ice cream. I carry the weight well though and John certainly appreciates my soft curves and generous 36 triple D boobs. My brown hair is always well styled and frames my ice blue eyes nicely.

I was enjoying my second drink and reading Facebook updates on my phone when a smell caught my attention. It was a masculine smell, soapy with a slightly sweet musk. I was about to look around for the owner of the scent when a deep voice poured over my left shoulder. “Double Jack and coke tall, please.” I looked back and saw a smiling face with brown eyes and dark hair. “Sorry about ordering my drink in your ear.” I smiled back and said, “No problem. It is a little crowded in here.” When the bartender delivered the drink he reached across me brushing against my arm and rubbing my silk shirt against my skin. It also brought the rest of his body against me and I got a double dose of his cologne. I love a man that smells good and he certainly did smell good.

As he picked up his drink he stayed in a close position and seemed to take his time moving his arm back enjoying the feel of my shirt on his skin. “Thanks for letting me reach by you. By the way, your hair smells wonderful.” With that he moved back across the room and I got to see the rest of him. He was medium height, not as tall as John but still maybe 5’10″ or so. He was thick though. A broad chest tapering to a medium waist with no middle aged overhang to speak of. He was maybe 35 or a little older but his dark hair did not show any signs of gray yet. He was good looking and I liked the idea of him flirting with me a little.

About an hour, and another two drinks, later the crowd had started thinning a little at the bar and I was startled when someone jumped into the chair next to me. I instinctively looked over and it was him. I must have looked a little surprised because he said, “Sorry to startle you. You have been so into your phone that I thought I would come chat with you. Is that OK?” I told him it was fine but I was getting ready to leave soon as my husband was expecting me home shortly.

He introduced himself as Mark and I told him my name. We chatted about mundane topics like family, jobs and our experiences in the area for a little while until I told him it was time for me to go. Mark pointed out that I had had a few too many drinks to drive home, even though it was a short drive, and suggested that he give me a ride. This was way out of my comfort zone for this little game but I thought about what a great story it would be for John and told Mark that I would let him drive me home but that I was going to text my husband with his details so there was no risk of winding up in his trunk on a dirt road somewhere. He thought that was prudent and we started to leave the bar together. This is when I started to go off the rails a bit.

I did send John the text but the content was a little different than what Mark thought I was sending. “Honey, having a great time and have hit it off with a couple guys that have me feeling really sexy. I will be home in an hour or two.” His response was immediate, “Have a great time sexy! I can’t wait to hear about the guys that all want to get into your panties.” Did I mention that he was a big perv?

I wasn’t really planning anything but I guess I wanted to keep my options open this time. When we got to the car Mark unlocked my door and opened it for me. As I moved to get in he caught my arm and pulled me into him. At first it was just a hug. Our bodies pushed against each other and me breathing in his scent as my face nuzzled into his chest. I looked up to see his eyes without backing away and he leaned down and kissed me. Oh my God I love kissing! His lips were firm and there was the absolute perfect amount of moisture. I felt his tongue push against my lips and I opened them gladly for him. His hands were on my back and as the kiss deepened he ran them up and down my back letting one come to rest on my ass and the other cupping my neck under my hair. He was strong and I could feel the power in his arms and chest as we stood there engaged in a sensuous kiss.

I pulled back from him and caught my breath with his arms still holding me tight. “Wow! That was great but we should not be making out in the parking lot like teenagers. I live near here and God only knows who might be walking by.”

With that he released me and waited for me to climb into the car before closing my door and heading around to get in the driver’s side. As we were pulling out of the parking lot he popped the question. “Would you like to stop for one more drink before I take you home?” “I should really head back. You know that my husband is waiting. After that kiss I am not sure it would be a good idea to tempt myself any more tonight.” He looked at me for a long moment as we sat at a traffic light. “I know you’re worried about being seen by someone so we could stop off at my house. It’s on the way and you have already told your husband about me and the ride so it’s not like we could get into too much trouble.” I knew I should say thanks but no and I started to but the short time in his arms and the powerful scent of him had already aroused me, I was really wet and could feel my face was flushed. I said OK. God help me, but here we go!

As we got to Mark’s place there was already a car in the driveway and I asked him if he had two cars. He told me that after his divorce he found out he didn’t like living alone and had invited a buddy to share the house with him. His friend, Wayne, worked early though and would already be asleep as it was almost eleven by then.

The house was unremarkable but it was clean and, like Mark, it smelled great. Mark leaned in and gave me a brief kiss, it did not even occur to me to pull away this time, in fact it was too brief for my taste. He moved to the kitchen area and made us a couple drinks while I sat on the couch. When he returned and placed the drinks on the coffee table he sat close to me and held my eyes with his. “I am really glad I met you tonight, Holly. It’s a shame you’re married but you’re so sexy I don’t know if I even care. You are gorgeous.” I don’t tell this part to be vain but to reinforce how sweet Mark was. He was wooing me and it was working. He leaned in and started to kiss me in earnest. I reacted on instinct, and lust, leaning into him until I was kind of halfway on top of him and my breasts were crushed against his chest.

His hands began to wander again and this time they both found their way to my ass. He first stroked his way up and down from the tops of my thighs to the small of my back. The heat was rising and I was lost in it now. We continued our kissing as his lips moved over my neck and shoulders and one of his hands stroked up my side until it came to my right breast. When he bit my neck a little harder and simultaneously found my nipple a low moan escaped my lips. He somehow got the top two buttons undone on my blouse and slid a hand in to cup my tits through the bra. I leaned back meaning to invite him to explore a little more but he misread me and pulled back thinking he had crossed a line. “What do you want to do, Holly?” he asked in a deep but quiet purr. “Whatever you want me to do,” I said with total honesty and a touch of innocent submission.

With that comment I realized I was out of control and a deep part of my brain, way deeper than the wife part or the mom part or any other self-regulating sensible part, was now running the show. Mark smiled and stood up. He took a drink and held his hand out to me. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. It sounds corny but I was his and wanted to let go completely. He was in control now and he knew it. He started to kiss me with those soft lips as I felt his hands at the buttons of my blouse. He broke our kiss and turned me away from him so that he was now pressed against my back. I felt his lips on my now bare shoulder laying a path of warm moist kisses along my shoulder and up the side of my neck.

My blouse was subtly moved off my shoulders and fell to the floor. I was concentrating on the kisses across my shoulders and neck which were having the desired effect. I was so ready! Mark pushed me forward so that I was slightly bent at the waist and my ass was pressed against his as yet to be seen erection. He unclasped the bra that we both wanted off. I kind of shrugged my shoulders allowing the bra to fall away from my breasts and hit the floor on top of my blouse. I was now half naked with a man I had only met a few hours ago and my husband was at home waiting to hear stories of how I had been a reluctant flirt. Holy shit was he in for a surprise!

Mark stroked his hands up and down my back then pulled me up and reached around me to cup my breasts. He slid his palms over my almost painfully hard nipples and another moan slid past my lips. He did not pause but reached for the top on my jeans and unbuttoned them the entire time keeping his erection pressed into my ass and his lips returning to my neck. “If he was this good at the buildup,” I thought “I wonder what the sex will be like?” This thought was immediately followed by, “What the hell am I doing here and how did I get here?”

My jeans and panties seemed to disappear without my involvement. I am sure I helped in some way, lifting my feet or a shimmy of my hips but to me they were there one second and the next I was naked in this strange living room with Mark. He turned me to face him again and pulled me into him for another deep kiss. My breasts pressed against his rough shirt and I was keenly aware that I was naked and he was still fully clothed. I reached for the buttons of his shirt and started to undo them but his hands rose to grip mine and moved them away. He moved me back against the couch and I sat looking up at him. He removed his shirt revealing a nice flat stomach and a broad muscular chest. He was not a gym rat but he was gorgeous and I loved the light sprinkling of chest hair. I reached out and ran my hand over his stomach and across his chest. His skin was hot to my touch. He kicked off his shoes and began to remove his pants.

I was not sure what to expect since I had only felt his cock against me from behind so far. As he dropped his pants and underwear in one motion I was staring at a pleasant surprise. Mark was not huge, this is a true story and not one of those stories about a guy with a horse cock, but he was also not going to be embarrassed in the locker room shower. He had a normal amount of pubic hair, I hate the pre-pubescent look of a totally shaved pubic area. His dick was not overly veiny either. It was about seven or eight inches long and fairly smooth with a nice thick head that seemed to smile at me as it pointed up toward the ceiling saying “Hello! Will you be my friend?” I was feeling more than friendly, I was feeling down right ravenous at this point.

Mark leaned forward a little and wrapped his right hand around his cock and his left around the back of my neck under my hair. He pulled me forward and I may have surprised him a little by how fast I took his dick into my mouth. He tasted as good as he smelled. I love sex but mostly I love pleasing my partner and what guy doesn’t like his cock to be sucked by a hungry mouth? I reached out and cupped his balls as I ran my tongue up and down the shaft. He was rock hard already when he removed his pants and I was afraid he would not last long if I did too good a job so I gave him a few long strokes with my hand while keeping the head of his dick in my mouth. He moaned and ran his fingers through my hair pulling it slightly as he did. After maybe 3 or 4 minutes of this treatment he pushed me back so that my feet were on the floor and my back was against the couch cushions. He knelt between my knees and seemed to take a moment to just look.

His look almost had a physical aspect to it. It was that intense. He reached out and took my left nipple between his fingers as his eyes devoured my body. He stared at my pussy for the first time. I keep a neat house down there and my excitement was evident with the swollen state of affairs. The neat “landing strip” accentuates the smooth lips and makes everything look inviting. I was on display for Mark as his other hand stroked up my thigh and for the first time he touched my pussy. His fingers played over the lips, which were already parted and waiting for attention, I shuddered a little. He found my clit without slowing down much and as he rubbed across me I felt my hips involuntary rise to meet his touch. Oh my god was I ready!

Mark leaned forward and brought the tip of his cock to my moistness. I lifted my hips again and he was in me. He felt so good. He only slid in the tip first then oh so slowly pushed forward until he had no more to give. We moved together as he thrust into me. He leaned forward as he thrust with just his hips and we kissed. I closed my eyes and felt the fullness inside me as I breathed in the scent that got my attention only a few hours ago. This was a delicious treat for all my senses. I was already close to cumming but wanted more.

I broke our kiss and moved away from him lying on my back across the couch. I looked Mark in the eye and invited him to join me by dropping my knees apart and opening myself to him. He was back inside me in a heartbeat. He started to move faster and the hard fucking was driving me crazy. I seldom cum without being on top but he had just the right angle and the feel of him slamming into me crashed over me without warning. I screamed out as the waves of orgasm flooded my mind and body. I shook under him and he only slowed down when I started to recover a little and wrapped my legs around him to prevent such deep strokes. He got the hint and pulled out of me. “Roll over,” he said in an urgent deep command. I complied and presented my ass to him with my elbows up on the arm of the couch.

Mark must have liked what he saw and was back in my pussy before I had completely settled in. He was even deeper at this angle and I was on the edge of the pleasure or pain line. My swollen pussy and clit were over sensitive by now from anticipation and the huge orgasm that had already happened. Mark ran his hands in my hair and pulled gently but with enough force to tip me into the pain side of the line for a moment. When my head came up and I cried out, I don’t know if it was pleasure or pain that made me cry out, I opened my eyes and there he was. Wayne was watching us.

I must have made a different noise, like “Oh!” because Mark broke his rhythm and stopped with his cock buried all the way in me. We kind of froze there for a second waiting for the shock to wear off I guess. I have been with two guys in the past and loved it so I decided it was OK with me if Mark could handle it. “You can get closer,” I said to Wayne and Mark must have been fine because he resumed his stroking from behind me. Wayne edged into the room and came up beside us on the couch. He was wearing these cute flannel boxers with no shirt and I could tell from the tent preceding him that he was excited by what was happening. Excited by seeing me. Seeing me naked with my tits swinging beneath me as Mark continued his assault of my pussy. Wayne reached out with one hand and took hold of my right tit as it swung into his hand. OMG! What the hell am I doing?

Wayne started to squeeze my breast and pinch my nipple between his fingers. I could feel my orgasm building. This was going to be one for the record books. Mark must have felt me getting tenser, or realized from my cries of “Oh God fuck me! ” or whatever was coming out of my mouth that I was almost there. He sped up at the same time I arched my back and came face to face with Wayne’s dick just inches away from my lips. As my orgasm shook me to my core and the room got hazy around the edges Wayne pushed himself into my mouth. He was a little bigger than Mark but still within reason. I sucked him into me as far as I could while shuddering from the adrenaline surge of my orgasm. It felt like it lasted for 5 minutes but I am sure it was like 30 seconds in reality.

I would like to thank handyandy666620 giving me the inspiration for this fictional story and the support he has provided me. For those of you that have read the first chapter, this is the second chapter and those who have read my other works this story is a departure from them. This story contains scenes of reluctance, lesbian sex, a cheating spouse, and by definition for some cuckold. If this story is not your type of story then I will recommend not reading it and if you have not read the first chapter, with the same title minus the Ch# designation then it might help to read it before reading this story. Finally I have placed this story in Loving Wives, instead of Group Sex or Fetish categories, because I believe this story best fit Loving Wives. In addition, the definition of a fetish is an object needed for sexual satisfaction and since this series does not focus on a fetish angle instead the story focuses on choice versus need, placing this story in fetish would be the wrong choice.


After disembarking from the boat we toured Amsterdam like students on their summer break exploring a new destination and we explored Amsterdam with a joyous glee that comes when exploring something new for the first time. Amsterdam has always been a destination for us to visit but we always had an excuse not to go. In my ways, this excursion felt as though Michelle and I was a new couple who were just beginning to date. I suspect that this feeling came about because it is something we talked about doing but never did, like many other things in our lives. Our day in Amsterdam was not hampered from the cold winds blowing off of the North Sea and the wind, as I look back, symbolises the changes that were to come.

While in the city we went into the Right Light District that is not far from the train station where the ferry transport takes you for the day and it is an easy walk. As a part of our day out in the Red Light District we went into sex shop and rented a two male threesome video to watch in a booth. The booth had a curtain with a chair and it was about the size of a photo booth. Watching a porno movie in a porno theatre booth was something neither of us has tried and we were like two clumsy teen-agers in the back seat of a car not knowing what to do. The movie made us both horny and as we were beginning to get into it we heard a knock from the booth next to us. Being new to the experience, at first we thought they wanted us to quiet down because we were giggling but moments later, the guy next to us slid his cock through the glory hole that was between us. We continued giggling to ourselves due to situation then Michelle looked at me for approval and I said, “It is up to my love.” After sliding his cock through the hole, she began to suck him and moments later we could see him shooting is load. We then heard him leave and we could see legs passing by our booth and at that point we decided to leave. This provided us with the high-point to our journey.

Arriving back from Amsterdam things began returning but it returned to a different normality. Prior to Amsterdam, Michelle was quite sexually passive but now she is more involved, sexually. Before, we would have sex, at best, once at week whereby I had to be the one that initiated it and now she is initiating. The new normality filled one void in our lives, the rocky relationship before we left for Amsterdam but I sensed that it created another, Michelle’s desire for having another cock in her. She did not tell me directly but I could tell because there was a feeling that something was missing that was not discussed. It felt similar to the time between our last encounter before our relationship closed and before John. During this time she was happy but it showed through her reluctance not have sex. It was not as though I did not please her because I knew I did please her. Instead I believed it was because she liked a variety of men fucking her and that is something that cannot be given in a relationship without opening it up.

Michelle coming from a proper traditional background had problems stating her desires because she always wanted to please others before her. For her, it meant denying herself the pleasures she wants in order to allow others to be happy and it left her angry, frustrated. She tried not to show it but it came out in order ways, particularly sex. Being with her for twenty years I knew this is what she was wanting and I knew the relationship had to be open again. In order to open up the relationship again, I knew Michelle would have to want to it too. We have gone through our periods of opening it up and then closing it, only to create more problems for us. Sensing her need to have another cock in her, I said to her, “You know it is okay if you want to fuck another guy again.”

“I know, but I don’t want to. We have kids, a family, and life together. I am happy and I do not want to change it”

“How come?”

“You are all that I want right now and I am not interested in it.”

“I get the feeling that you do but you are not comfortable saying it to me?”

“No, I have done it before for our enjoyment and if I change my mind you will be the first to know.”

“During the time of John, George, and Amsterdam you seemed the happiest in a long-time. It is like when we had open up our relationship and you could have other relationships with other men. I feel, as though this is something you need to be happy and I do not like seeing you miserable.”

“Maybe you are right in some respects, but this is not the time.”

With that said I left it, after being married over twenty years you learn there is a context to the message and I understood the context without asking further questions. It was about a month later I started noticing changes in her behavior. The changes when examined in isolation do not mean much but when examined in its entirety it suggests she might be having sex with someone else. First was taking a volunteer job at the local food bank and the increasing hours she volunteered. Volunteering, in my opinion, means taking a few hours one or days a week to support a cause you like; it does not mean the time devoted becomes almost like a second job. Next were the calls. A call would come in and Michelle would immediately hang-up the once she saw. I could not always hear the conversations but what I did hear was sexually suggestive. However, when I checked her text messages on her phone, I could not find anything incriminating. Then probably the biggest clue that really began to get me questioning what is occurring. That was when I noticed her panties were sticky with a rotting fish smell. I decided to confront her by asking, “Do you have a yeast infection? Are you ill?”

“No silly, why?”

“Because, I have noticed your panties have a noxious smell to them with some type of discharge.”

” I think it might be either from me ovulating or sweating. It is nothing to worry about. ”

Her explanation was lacking but I was not going to push the confrontation because I need to have more information. Then a few days later I found more evidence the beginning of her taking showers after returning for her volunteer job, at that point I decided to confront her about, “You known hun you have been acting a bit strange since taking that volunteer job.”

“Strange, what do you mean?”

“The increasing hours, strange smelling panties, secretive calls, and now taking a shower. If I did not know better I would say you were fucking another guy and not discussing it with me.”

“Sometimes things are best left unsaid, for now.”

“What does that mean?”

“Exactly what it means, you are an adult and you can figure it out for yourself.”

The fact she did not categorically deny my suspicions left me to wonder if she was having another cock and not telling me. Her elusiveness to the question aroused me and made me want to know more. Wanting to know literally became an obsession with me, I had to know. This time I decided to hire a private investigator to follow her to her volunteer job and to report back to me on what she is doing. I figured, it would be less risky if I hired someone and the fact she works in a seedy part of the city would not put my safety at risk. It took me a while before hiring Mark a private investigator works from his home and felt he would be a good choice since operating from his will keep Michelle from suspecting anything by giving me some cover while he investigated.

“What are you wanting to hire me for?” asked Mark.

“I am suspicious about my wife and think that she might be having sex with other men.”

“What have noticed so far?”

“There are suspicious calls, frequent showering, longer hours volunteering, and panties that appear to be cum stained.”

“It does sound as though something is occurring.”

“Is it only with this volunteer job or do you notice more?”

“Only with the volunteering job.”

“Where does she volunteer?”

“She works for a food back in the downtown area in a rougher neighborhood, that is why I called you instead of investigating it myself. To be perfectly honest with you I am not so bother if she is fucking other men; however, the fact she is being elusive about it bother me.”

“Okay, give me a few weeks and I will come back to you. Whatever you do under no circumstances are you to tell her you hired a private investigator and try to keep things as normal as you can with her. The less she suspects the easier it will be for me and the more information I can collect.”

“Not a problem, how much will this cost me? Once I am done we will work out a price together.”

I left Mark to do his investigating and I tried to get the thought of Michelle out of my head. All was going fine until Michelle said, “I had an interesting day volunteering an older gentleman, scruffy looking, and living by himself came in for some help.”


“Yeah, he seemed pathetic but at the same time he did not seem like the others that come through the place.”

“How so?”

“Even though he looked scruffy he really did not seem typical and in some way he was attractive.”

“Attractive enough for you to fuck?”

“I don’t know, maybe.” Michelle paused a few moments before she continued, “I thought I would speak to you and see what you thought. As you know the kids are getting older and will ask questions. So I need to be discreet and the less you know the better for all involved.”

“I can understand what you are saying.”

“In the past, I used to tell you about my experiences and if I go ahead with this one, I won’t. The less you know the less likely the kids will start guessing and it minimizes the chance that questions will be asked.”

“Do what you feel you need to do. However, I do ask once this ends you tell me the details when we have some time alone.”

“Alright, agreed.”

After that conversation with Michelle it left me to question, do I still need Mark since she has indirectly confirmed my suspicions? Regardless of her wanting to keep this quiet in order to insulate the children I want to know what is happening and with that, I decided I will let Mark continue his investigation. A few days later, I received an email from Mark:

Dear Andy:

I am continuing my investigation into your wife’s activities and I have come across some information you might be interested in knowing.

Can you give me a call?

Warmest Regards,


The email from Mark suggested to me that there was something going on and I could not wait to find out. I called Mark, “Hi Andy.”

“I received your email, what information do you have?”

“Are you alone?”


“I will send you a detailed report with photographs and video. In the meantime I can tell you, your suspicions about your wife are correct.”

“Go on.”

“Well in order to investigate, I decided to go undercover playing the role of someone who ran out of food and feeling sorry for myself. Usually, in the past eliciting a sympathetic response from a woman seemed a way to gain their trust.”

“How did it go?”

“Well, let me tell you about what happened, she if a bit of a sexual freak.”

“I already know that.”

“I came into to the office close to closing time, looking unkept, hair messy, poor hygiene, and dirty clothes with a hard luck story. My expectation was I would get some food and then sent away.”

“Michelle said they provide more than just food, I thought it was some religious nonsense where they cram religion down you in order to give you hope when you do not have. A lot of nonsense if you ask me, anyhow my apologies for digressing.”

“Quite alright, she told me to stay after they closed with the other guys that were waiting. She told me if I did then I would receive something special.”

“Did she say it suggestively? I know when she says something special in a suggestive way it is something more than a present, it is something sexual.”

“She told the other woman that she was working with that she will close and the other woman could go. The other woman was a bit hesitant to leave her alone with about five men but for some reason the other woman left.”

“What did you all do?”

“The office is quite small with a desk, an overhead florescent light and a few plastic chairs. Once the other woman left Michelle stripped for us, exposing for us her perfectly shaped breasts and her perfectly shaped body, in my opinion she looked heaven-sent.”

“You were working for me, what did you do?”

“That left me in a quandary, if I blew my cover it would ruin everything and I would not be able to report back to you. Based on my discussion with you, I chose to keep my cover and not to say anything.”


“She then laid on top of the desk spreading her legs for us and then I saw her glistening wetness and I became instantly hard.” At that point I could see Mark’s face becoming flushed and his speech started showing signs of a tension whereby he was not sure if he should continue.

“Michelle and I have had an open relationship where she had a few lovers and a few lasting more than a year. Nothing you say will shock me. Go, on what happened.” A few moments later it became apparent that Mark started to relax and he continue with what happened.

“She pulls open the top desk drawer pulling out a few vegetables, telling us that sometimes foolish people send them with their donations and because they perish very quickly that they cannot use them. She then tells us she hates to see food spoil and instructs them to use them on her.”

“I know she does have a thing for food play but we never really got into it.”

“She then tells us she wants to be fucked with the food but we cannot fuck her. If we want to cum, she tells, that we have to cum on her.”

“Did any of you participate or did it freak everyone out?”

“The food part of was a bit too much for me, I played with myself as others shoved carrots, horseradish, and cucumbers in her. I was the first one to shoot my load on her. Others caressed her, sucked on her breast, and she even sucked on a few cocks.”

“How long did it last?”

“It lasted about two hours. After we all came on her the first time we heard the keys in the office door and we began to panic.”

“What happened?”

“The other woman that was working with Michelle came back because she left her purse. She saw Michelle naked on the desk and all of us men naked too. We sat there embarrassed for a few minutes”

“Is she going to turn her in?” I asked Mark.

“No, strangely she undressed herself exposing her mature breasts and well toned figure for someone in their early 50s. I suspect it was due to seeing all of us naked and it turning her on.”

“Did any of the guys fuck her?”

“As the guys were re-cooperating she walks over to Michelle and starts passionately kissing her on the lips. Not losing a beat, Michelle kisses her back. A few moment later she works her way down her Michelle’s breast sucking them before eating out Michelle.”

“Did Michelle enjoy it?”

“She did not resist her advances if that is what you are asking. Then unexpectedly she climbs on top of Michelle and they are in a 69 position both of them eating each other out. Seeing that got all of us hard.”

“Did you guys just watch?”

“Fuck no, a few of us fucked Michelle and the other fucked her co-worker. It was quite hot.”

“Thanks for that, it explains a lot. How much do I owe you?”

“No charge that experience was well worth my time.”

I heard the door opening, “Hello, I am home.”

Hearing Michelle’s voice I knew I needed to hang-up quickly, “Send me everything, I gotta go.”

“Who were you talking to?”

“Just a friend.”

“Oh, just a friend. Huh?”


“You remember when we discussed me fucking other guys again and I said I need to keep things quiet in order not to tip-off the kids?”


“Well I would like to share an experience that I had.”

Hearing this from Michelle was unexpected and I paused before responding. I thought should I mention I know about her bukkake experience or do I stay quiet. Also, did she know who I was talking to on the phone? Does she know she was being followed by a private investigator? At least for the moment, I decided I will keep that quiet and wait to see where her experience goes, especially since what I heard from Mark made me hard and this might push me to the brink of cumming.

Nervously and slowly Michelle begins speaking as she does I can see the tension in her eyes, “As you are aware I have been coming home late from my volunteer job and there is a reason for it.”

“Let me guess, you have been fucking someone?”

“Well not exactly, it has been two and at one point it was five.”


“The five just came over me and I sucked a few cocks short of cumming, nothing more. In my opinion, that really does not count as being fucked.”

“Did they just cum on you or did they play with you too?”

“I did let them use vegetables on me to shove in my pussy. It felt weird but pleasurable. Actually having a cucumber in me made me cum but I would not want to relive that again. Anyhow, I really did not want to share that experience.”

I could feel my heart racing, my mind beginning to race, and I started getting rock hard feeling a bit of pre-cum dripping from my cock in anticipating of what she was going to say next.

“The experience I am going to share I am sure will make you want to cum instantly.”

“Really? Do tell”

“Remember when you asked me about my panties?”


“I could tell by the way you were asking the question you knew and I felt bad for not telling. However, I could hear the kids in the house and I had to make something up in order to keep this part of my life away from them.”

“I kinda thought that.”

“When you volunteer in a place like I do you can become emotionally attached to people and even though they are going through some tough times you develop an attraction for them. During my time there I develop an attraction for two guys.”

“I never saw you as someone who would fuck two guys without having me there or being attracted to destitute men.”

“Well neither did I, until it happened. One of them came in at about 13:00 that afternoon and he had been regularly hitting-on me as I was walking to my car in the dark at 17:00.”

“Hey, has been a while since I have fucked a great pussy like yours,” he would say to me as I left.

“I would ignore him as I went to my car. Then he started getting a bit more aggressive towards me and would push me against the car. However, once I try to leave he would allow me and since I was free to go I never reported it.”

“Come on baby, let me have a feel, all I am asking for is a feel. I am not asking to fuck you.” he would say.

“Then he got even more aggressive, by taking a beer bottle shoving me up my dress and trying to shove it into my pussy. The cold air on my exposed pussy lips did nothing to arouse me and made me want to fight back.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This one is a little rougher than …oh, just read it. No point describing it. The ending is kind of a downer.


I saw Carrie’s name on my cell and picked it up.

“Hi, Carrie, what’s up?”

“Jeff, I- I need to see you.”

It was not unusual for Carrie to call me unannounced, as she was married, and we saw each other only when she could get away. But there was urgency in her voice that I hadn’t heard in our nine-month relationship.

“Is everything okay?” I asked. “You sound a little, I dunno, edgy?”

“Yes, yes,” she reassured me, “but please, could you come over? Right away? Something has, uh-m, come up. We need to talk.”

Uh-oh. The moment of truth, I thought. Her cheeseball husband Frank suspects something? Found out? I told her I’d be there in twenty minutes and scooted out of the house to my seven year old Toyota. I made my way on the familiar route to her house, from my side of town over to the upscale, ritzy side, where Carrie lived with her well-to-do husband, Frank, in their big house with the pool and all. Mind you, it was no sacrifice to be having an affair with a rich woman, but that’s not what our relationship was about. I thought about us, and our past, in the light of this potential crisis as I drove.

We’d met at a bar, of all places, but not one where I usually hang out. No, I had taken some part-time work for some extra cash with one of my friends, working a swanky bar as a bartender. Carrie was there with friends, and we got into a conversation that lasted, on and off, throughout the evening. In the end her friends left, and she stayed, talking to me as the crowd dwindled, and I walked her to her car before cleaning up after closing. There wasn’t even a kiss that night, but we both felt we’d made a special connection.

We met off and on over the next weeks, for lunch at first, then an evening date. I kind of suspected she was married, although I never asked, and she didn’t offer. She would call me when she had the chance, and I would meet her. We were seeing each other for a few months before we slept together, and she confessed her marriage, and she cried for deceiving me. I came to learn that it was loveless on her part, that she’d married a man she’d been attracted to, too quickly, and had grown accustomed to the lifestyle. But he loved her, he said, and she went along. She’d never planned to cheat, had told herself it was wrong, but then met me, and … well, we just kind of fell into it.

And by then, we were in love, deeply, the kind you read about, but never happens to you or anyone you know. Just being with her lifted my spirits, and when we were apart it hurt with a physical ache. I know she felt the same; she’d confessed as much, and the idea of her being married to a lout like Frank was disturbing. We had recently begun discussing out future, but she balked at the idea of divorce, she said Frank would never let her go. Her told her he loved her, but she told me he was possessive and controlling easy to anger, and suspicious. And I guess now, his suspicions were true.

When I pulled up in her long, circular driveway I pulled all the way up and around the side of the house, the way I always did. I’d been here plenty of times, as Frank travelled for work a great deal. I came back to the front and checked my watch: twenty-two minutes, pretty good timing. I knocked and waited. She answered, and the distress was clear on her face.

“Carrie, honey,” I said entering, “What’s the matter?”

And everything went black.

When I woke I was paralyzed and blind, and someone was driving an ice pick into the back of my head. As my eyes and brain cleared I realized that there was no ice pick, but the lump on my head throbbed with a sharp, piercing pain, and I was duct-taped to a chair. I wasn’t blind either; it just took a lot of courage and fortitude to open my eyes.

When I did pry them open I recognized my surroundings, it was the guest bedroom in Carrie’s house. I thought I saw Carrie naked on the bed and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to blink away the cobwebs without moving my head.

“Oh,” I heard from my left, “Pretty boy is awake!” I couldn’t turn, or move my head; I guessed that it, too, was taped to the chair. There was a shuffle, and Frank walked into my line of sight. “Nice to see you, Lover Boy!” he sneered. “Have a nice nap?”

“Wh-What’s going on?” I managed.

“What’s going on?” he barked. “I’ll fucking tell you what’s going on. You’re fucking my wife! That’s what the fuck is going on!”

I heard Carrie start sobbing from behind Frank, blubbering “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” over and over again. God, I thought, if he hurt her …

He must have seen my thoughts on my face. “Aww, isn’t that cute? Lover Boy is concerned for MY WIFE’S welfare.” He smirked, and punched me in the stomach. I grunted as the air blew out of my lungs, and would have doubled over if I hadn’t been restrained. “Fuck you, Jeffie! You like that?! That’s what you get when you fuck another man’s wife!”

Carrie was wailing, begging him to stop. I suddenly felt helpless and inadequate as the woman I loved tried to protect me from harm. I watched his face twist in a knot of fury as he spun and lunged to the bed where she lay, naked.

“Shut the fuck up, you whore!” he railed, leaning over the bed with his face inches from hers. It wasn’t until then, when she didn’t leap off the bed that I realized she was tied down, and my heart sank. I had a very, very bad feeling that this was not going to end well.”You fucking cheating WHORE! Shut up!” He was furious, spitting in his rage.

“Frank,” I called out, and his head snapped up to glare at me, eyes wild. He leaped towards me, stopping his face with our noses almost touching.

“You got something to say, Lover Boy?” he snarled. I heard Carrie’s terrified sobs, and I remembered the punch. I spoke softly, trying to be reasonable.

“Frank, this doesn’t have to happen; it doesn’t have to be like this.”

“Oh, yeah, like YOU get a fucking vote!” he spat. “Trust me shithead, you have no idea how it’s going to be.” I tried to imagine the worst that could happen, and saw myself in the hospital after a vicious beating, and I cringed as he stepped away. He straightened, and looked at each of us, and his face took on an amused and barely sane expression.

“Well, I have some things to take care of, so why don’t you ‘lovers’ have a little chat?” He strolled the room. “Get in touch with your emotions,” he spit, the sarcasm dripping evilly from his voice. “Share your feelings.” He strode to the door. “Profess your UNDYING love. I’ll be back shortly.” He stamped out and closed the door; I heard the lock click solidly.

Carrie was moaning and and crying, and I called to her several times before she quieted enough to answer. She immediately started apologizing, and resumed sobbing. I asked what happened, and she explained that he’d had her followed, confronted her, slapped her around, and forced her to lure me here. She apologized profusely, and I told her it was all right, I understood. She finally became silent, interrupted by occasional hitching breaths.

“What do you think he’ll do?” I asked. “What’s he capable of?”

“I don’t know,” she confessed,” I’ve never seen him like this. I- I’ve seen him angry before, and he’s been, you know, rough sometimes, but I’ve never seen him this angry.” I struggled in my chair, despite the pain in my head, but found it was futile; I was strapped in good.

“He wouldn’t, you know, uh-m,” I started, afraid of saying the words, “kill us, would he?”

“Oh, Jeff, I just don’t now,” she bleated, and began crying again. I called to her several times before she calmed enough to talk again.

“Carrie, I want you to know, that whatever happens, I love you. However this night turns out, I still love you, will always love you. I’m sorry I got us into this mess, sorry for the trouble.” She sniffed a little, and mewled her misery. “I- I…I’ll do whatever I can to protect you.”

“No, baby, it’s not your fault. I don’t regret a single moment of what we have, and I wouldn’t change a thing,” she called to me. “I think I hear him coming!” I watched as her body tensed, as if bracing for a blow in her bonds. As footsteps approached I looked at her, so beautiful, even in her bound and vulgar state, her fine, smooth skin glistening under the harsh lights with a sheen of sweat, and her breasts jiggling as her sobs began anew. Between her legs I could see her perfect shaved vagina, and I suppressed a feeling of guilt for looking. The steps got closer, and then I knew there were more than two feet approaching.

The lock turned and the door opened. Frank entered, and three other guys and a girl entered, big, nasty, biker types. The guys were burly and hairy, and the woman had a hard look to her. All wore an assortment of black leather and denim, looking like real rough trade. My testicles pulled up into my body in fear.

“Well, Lovebirds, have you made your peace and said your goodbye’s?” The knot in my stomach clenched and I knew, for certain, that I would be killed. “I would introduce you, but let’s face it, there’s really no need,” he chuckled evilly, and the other four laughed with him. “These are some, shall we say, ‘Business Associates’ of mine, and they are going to give me a hand solving my problem tonight.” He motioned with his chin in my direction, looking at two of the thugs.

They loped to me, and one suddenly slammed his fist into the side of my face. The other took a few hard punches to my midsection, and I gasped for breath, trying not to lose consciousness as the blow to my head shook me, making my vision dance with flashing lights. As my hearing and vision returned, I heard laughter and Carrie’s screaming. Opening my eyes I saw the leather chick pulling her nipples, hard and away from her body, turning her beautiful breasts in to cones, stretched painfully from her chest. I managed half a word of protest before a fist smashed into my cheek, and blood poured from my mouth.

“Shut the fuck up, asshole,” the bearded one commanded. I remained silent, waiting for my vision to clear. I heard Frank jeering at Carrie.

“They’ll beat him to death, you know that,” he was saying, and the knot tightened in my chest. “You want to save him? Huh? You want to save your Lover Boy?” Carrie was howling in pain, and I could see the leather bitch had attached something to her nipple. Frank motioned to her, and she removed it, and stepped back. He put his hand under her head, and lifted, making her face me, and motioned to the two thugs.

Blows rained down on me. I heard them grunting with the effort, heard Carrie shrieking in horror, begging them to stop, and then I heard nothing, saw nothing, and soon felt nothing.

When I came to, I heard muffled voices, and then my body greeted me with a world of pain, and I wished fervently to slip back into unconsciousness. There was no escaping it, though, and as the sounds and voices became more clear I remembered where I was, and how I got there, and I remembered Carrie. I forced my eyes open.

I had been moved closer to the bed, near the foot and facing my married lover. I heard the girl say that I was coming around, and someone threw water in my face. I tasted blood in my mouth as my eyes cleared. Frank’s face suddenly filled my field of vision again, a visage of evil and hatred.

“Well, Lover Boy,” he sneered, “How are you feeling?”

“Go fuck yourself,” I mumbled through my mashed lips. It hurt to talk.

“Still got some fight in you, eh? Don’t matter,” he said casually, standing and moving away. “We can beat that out of you. No matter how long it takes.”

“No, please, leave him alone, please,” I heard Carrie pleading, and I was taken by my impotence at having my lover beg for me, trying to protect me.

Frank turned to her when she spoke. “You want to save your Lover Boy, whore?” he laughed. “Good. Isn’t love and devotion wonderful to see?” He came back to me then, his face pushed into mine, so I could feel his spit as he hissed his threats at me. “My whore wife wants to spare you some suffering, Jeffie Boy. Isn’t that nice? And I’m going to give her the chance.” He was speaking low, just for me. “But you’re going to wish that we had beat you to death before it’s over,” he chuckled. “You’re going to get to see just what a slut whore she is.” He put his hand on my face, and then slapped me, hard; jarring my consciousness and reviving the sharp pains in my head and face. When I reopened my eyes he was back at Carrie’s side.

“Well, my whore soon-to-be-ex-wife, you want us not to beat your little boy toy to death? Is that what you said?”

“Please, Frank, I’m sorry, please don’t hurt him anymore, please…”

“You can save him,” he told her, loud enough for me to hear. “Beg me for his life.”

“Please Frank, please don’t…hurt him, please I’m begging,” she whimpered. She didn’t say kill, but I was pretty sure they would.

“I’ll give you a chance to save him,” he gloated. “My friends came here for some fun. I promised them a really good time,” he turned to me, and flashed a victorious grin. “They can have fun beating him to a painful death, or,” he turned back to her, “they can have fun with you. He reached for her nipple and twisted it painfully, eliciting a squeal from Carrie. “Will you entertain my friends? Will you show them a good time?” He pulled her nipple again, and then slapped her hard. “Well, whore? What’s it going to be? You or him?”

“Please, Frank, please don’t make me…”

“Fine,” he told her, and turned to his thugs, who were lounging in chairs around the room. “Have at him.” They shuffled to their feet and looked at me with dispassionate interest.

“No! Please!” Carrie shrieked. “I’ll- I’ll do whatever you want, please, don’t hurt him,” she cried.

“You’re sure, slut? We can just beat him senseless,” he laughed.

“Please, I’ll do what you say, whatever you say,”

“And you’ll be good to my friends?”

“Yes, anything, just please don’t hurt him,” she whimpered, and I felt my male ego respond, remembering his threat.

“Carrie, don’t,” I managed to squawk. Frank ignored my feeble outburst.

“Don’t you resist, bitch. You cooperate, and we’ll spare your little boy,” he warned evilly. “You be good to my friends; be a good whore and do whatever they want.”

“Yes, yes…I…” she cried, “whatever they want, I’ll be good, just please don’t hurt him.” Frank stood then, and waved his friends into action as he came to me. He put his face into mine again, speaking just for me. “You wanted her?” he leered. “You can have her. But first you get to see what whore she really is.” He spit in my face. “See if you still want her when we’re done!” He smiled maliciously, and turned away.

I cringed at the thought of what they might do, but nothing prepared me for the level of his angry revenge or the depraved desires of his ‘associates’. The first thing they did was untie her legs from the bed posts; she had been partially spread, her pussy showing but not overly exposed. They took the ropes and stood on the bed, threading them through eye hooks in the ceiling. Then they stepped down off the bed and pulled the ropes. Carrie groaned in dismay as her ankles were pulled up and out, her legs extended straight up and pulled wide apart, pointing at the ceiling. Her pussy spread wide open.

Almost immediately the three thugs began undressing. I never learned their names, and in my awful memories they are simply Beard, Brute and Bald. Bald was the first with his pants off, he was a large, broad-shouldered and hard-faced man, and his cock, semi hard, matched his stature. He went directly to the bed, still in his tee shirt, and knelt next to Carrie’s head.

“Open up, baby,” he said to her, waggling his fat cock, “Start sucking like you want it!” Carrie made some whimpering sounds and turned her head.

“Oh, it’s gonna be like that?” Frank bellowed from the seat he had taken, and motioned to the girl, who I recall as Skank. Skank stood and came to me, and slapped me hard across the face. Then again, on the other side. Though my clouded vision I saw her pull her hand back, but Frank said, “That’s better. You do it and like it like you know you do, cunt.” Skank stepped back, smirking at me, and I briefly saw Carrie’s head bobbing on Bald’s cock as he pumped his hips into her face. But then my view of her was blocked as Brute stepped between us, and I saw him line up his cock at her pussy, and my heart stopped.

His cock was huge, with a fat bulbous head, and he pushed the big head inside her without preamble. I heard her muffled cry as he penetrated her, and watched her lips spread around him briefly, before they were pushed inside her with the force of his thrust. He pulled out.

“She’s fucking dry as a bone,” he announced, and climbed off the bed. Skank moved off her chair, but Frank stopped her. “Not you,” he said, pointing at me. “Him.” He grinned, and joined Brute behind my chair. They dragged it, with me still in it, to the foot of the bed, and leaned the chair forward till my chest rested against the edge of the bed, and my face was inches from Carrie’s spread pussy, the pussy I loved to lick and suck, the pussy of the woman I loved.

“She’s saving your life, Jeffie Boy,” I heard Frank say over the slurping sounds of the cock pumping Carrie’s mouth. “Show her some appreciation.” I could hear the grin in his words as I felt Skank’s hand on the back of my head, pushing me into her.

“Lick it, bitch,” she rasped, “Get it nice and wet for some cock!”

My lips were pressed against her opening, and I knew that if she remained dry and tight, Brute’s big cock would tear her apart. Against my will my tongue slipped into her hole and began teasing her, trying to stimulate her. I pushed my saliva inside her as I licked, hoping it would ease the passage of her defilement that I was powerless to prevent. I heard her moan at my touch; she still wanted me, and only me, I knew it in my heart, and I reacted with my mouth, licking her labia, sucking her pussy the way she likes, and slowly moving up to her clit.

Her hips pulsed up into my face, and when I reached the top of her pussy, found her button beginning to grow. I licked around it, shamed at my eagerness to please her while her husband and his thugs watched me and conflicted about my purpose. But she responded to my tongue, and I knew that she did because it was me, and that she appreciated my efforts to minimize her potential discomfort. I worked harder then, spurred by her response despite my surroundings, and licked around her clit, teasing her aroused button to full size, and listening diligently to her responses and verbal cues as to what was working for her.

When her humping increased against my face and her moans became steadier, I felt hands pull me back from the bed. But instead of dragging me back they pulled me to the side, so not only was I only a little over a foot away from her wet, spread-open pussy, but when Brute stepped back to her crotch I could still see around him, where Bald was holding her head still with his hands and was fucking her face. Disgusting noises came from her, a “gug-gug-gug,” as he banged his cock into the back of her mouth. But I was distracted by Brute, who pushed himself halfway into her on one stroke.

“Oh, yeah, much better,” he chortled, and he gripped her thighs, hard, and announced, “hang on, slut, you’re gonna love this.” I watched as he pulled back a little and shoved his entire shaft into her, splitting her pussy wide around his fat shaft. She screamed around Bald’s cock, and I saw her eyes opened wide as he pushed in, deeper than she could take. It had to hurt.

She lifted her hips in an effort to get away, to pull her pussy back from the brutal assault, but Brute hung on and began pounding long, hard strokes into her. I winced for her every time he went in, knowing what she must be suffering from the cries she tried to emit from her stuffed mouth. As I looked at her face Bald pulled back, and using his hand, began striking and rubbing his cock on her pretty face. I saw Skank get up and walk behind me, coming back into view on the other side of the bed. She took Carrie’s head in her hands, holding the sides of her face, and hooking her fingers into Carries mouth. She pulled, and my love’s lips stretched wid.

“Open, bitch,” Skank told her, and Carrie obeyed, her mouth gaping open with terror in her eyes. Bald spit into her mouth, and then drove his cock into her face, halfway, then pausing; then pushing until it slipped in further, and I heard her gag, and then he pressed his pubic hair to her nose. His ball sack squashed against her chin and her eyes bulged, and I saw her throat bulge from the invasion.

And she vomited, a yellow and white viscous fluid shooting out around her lips, into Bald’s pubic hair, and he pulled back and shouted as Skank released her head, laughing.

“Fuck! The bitch puked on me!”he barked. He climbed off the bed as Skank pulled her hair back. My poor love gasped for air, choking as I looked on helplessly. Brute was still battering her pussy to wet pulp, my face barely a foot away, wet sounds insulting my ears as he fucked her hard, Bald went for a towel to clean up his genitals, and Skank released her hair, climbed off the bed, and stripped her pants down.

“I’ll clean her up,” she said, as Beard dropped his pants, and began removing his shirt. Naked from the waist down and wearing a black leather vest, Skank climbed over Carrie and squatted over her face. “Here comes the rinse cycle!” she announced, and Brute lunged his cock all the way in her, to the base, making her mouth drop open as she cried out. As she screamed from the deepest penetration she’d ever endured, a stream of fluid trickled from Skank’s parted legs, turning into a full stream hosing as she released her urine into Carrie’s desperate face. I closed my eyes, unable to watch as Skank pissed on my lover, Brute quietly holding himself deep inside her, the room silent but for the splashing of urine rinsing the vomit from my dear lover’s face, and her gasps and sputterings as she struggled for breath around the offensive stream, and laughs from the onlookers.

I heard the splashing subside, and opened my eyes to see Skank climbing off, laughing. Beard went to her head then and held his cock near her face.

“Take it, sweetie, don’t make me force you,” he warned, and her eyes, still stinging from urine, blinked rapidly and settled on his throbbing erection. “Go ahead, take it. Want it. You know you do,” he teased. I watched her mouth open as she brought her head to his cock, and wrapped the head in her lips, those lips I loved to kiss. Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked him, pretending to enjoy it to protect me from harm, and my heart sunk and shattered. My poor, lovely girlfriend, pretending to enjoy this stranger’s hard cock in her mouth, making herself do it enthusiastically, just to save my worthless hide. It was devastating.

Bald returned to the scene then, stripped completely now, and tapped Brute on the shoulder. Brute nodded, and pulled hi shaft slowly from Carrie’s pussy. I watched as each inch of his massive tool emerged, wet and slick, and I took some small comfort in arousing her for his meat. As the head emerged her lips stretched, seeming near to split her open, and she groaned as he held it just inside her opening, keeping it at the once-tight ring of her vagina. Then it popped out, leaving her red, swollen pussy wide open, and I heard her sigh, as if from dismay. Bald and Brute laughed.

“She fucking loves my cock, man,” Brute muttered.

“Well then, she’ll really enjoy this!” Bald answered. And lying on his back, began lifting Carrie’s body up, Bald assisting, until his prone body was beneath hers, both on their backs, his cock up between her legs. Skank appeared, and squirted some jelly on his cock, and stroked his shaft as I watched, fearful of what might happen. Carrie was still sucking on Beard’s cock as if my life depended on her enthusiasm, when Skank reached between her legs and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Holding them open with one hand, she took Bald’s shaft in the other, and forced it up between Carrie’s cheeks, aiming the tip at Carrie’s tight back door. Carrie tried to wiggle her hips away, but to no avail.

Bald reached over her body and grabbed her nipples, twisting and pulling them. “Ask for it!” he grunted. “Beg me, or we will beat your boyfriend bloody!” Carrie pulled her mouth off Beard’s slick shaft.

“P- please,” she stuttered, and my heart broke, knowing that she would beg for mercy, and that they would deny her. “Oh, please,” she repeated, pleading, “Please put your cock in my ass and fuck me!”

As my heart stopped Bald pushed his hips up, and Skank held his cock steady for him with one hand and pushed down on Connie’s pubic mound with the other. The head of his cock pushed at her delicate crinkle, then opened it, and pushed inside. Carrie howled.

“That’s right!” Bald yelled into her ear, “Take it. Fucking beg me for more!”

“Please,” Carrie cried, and I could see tears in her eyes as Beard’s cock rubbed her face, streaking her with her own saliva and his pre-cum, “Please, put your cock in my ass!”

“Say it dirty, bitch,” he instructed as he pushed, and she cried out as his head pushed further inside her stretching her rear hole.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Shove you hard cock up my dirty shit hole and fuck me!” I was crushed by the lengths she was going to in order to protect me, and my helplessness brought tears to my eyes. Through my weeping I could make out his blurred cock, about halfway inside her ass, slipping further, until it was buried inside her tight back door. The insertion distended her pussy outwards, making it bulge towards me, and opening her more. I thought I saw her juices running out of her open hole, but it was probably my tears. Then Brute returned between her legs.

“I’m back, baby,” he growled, “don’t leave me hanging. Tell me like you told him!”

“Oh, fuck, yeah, give me that big cock,” Carrie encouraged him, her head lifted up, and glaring at him, eyes bulging wide. “Shove that fucking man-meat in my cunt and fuck me in my pussy and ass!”

“You got it!” he sneered, and in one thrust shoved his entire length inside her, opening her pussy wider, filling her pussy, and making her tummy bulge up from the two cocks inside. She howled in her degradation, and her voice tore at my heart, but her cries were cut off as Beard returned his cock to her lips, and she opened and sucked in most of his length, gagging herself, knowing she needed to sacrifice her throat for me.

Skank was at my side, laughing and wiping my tears, and whispering in my ear as the three big men ravaged my girl, my love, against her will, enforcing her sacrifice. “She’s some slut, huh, Jeffie Boy?” she goaded me. “Look at her taking all that cock!” She had not put her pants back on, and her leather vest hung open now, exposing her obviously fake tits. She put her face next to mine, rubbing her cheek on mine as she leaned over my shoulder, watching Carrie get fucked by her three friends. “I thought she would resist longer, didn’t you? I mean, she was all scared, and begging and all, and then she kind of went along, for your sake,” she laughed derisively. “But look at her now,” she breathed hotly into my ear. “That’s no act, eh, Jeffie?”

Still unable to turn my head, I was spared the malicious grin I heard in her voice. But I was not spared the vision I had when her words pulled the veil of my love’s delusion from my eyes. Carrie was sucking madly on Beard’s cock, slurping and licking and pushing her head down on the shaft, forcing herself to gag on his length, all the while pumping her hips in time to the powerful thrusts of the two men impaling her ass and pussy. Occasionally Beard would pull his cock from her mouth, rubbing the slicked shaft over her face, and she would coo and mewl her desire, until he cajoled her to urge them on, and she would spew a string of vile filth to the cocks debasing her. I felt my breath escape me as I watched Brute’s massive tool pump what was once her love nest, but was now a wet, stretched and swollen fuck hole. His shaft was slicked with her juices, and the excess flowed down below her pussy to lubricate her clearly eager ass hole.

“Fuck my ass, give it to me hard,” she cried out, “Oh, God, you’re splitting me in two with your giant cock, you bastard, fuck my cunt! Fuck me!”

“Fuck, this is so hot, my pussy is dripping,” Skank hissed. My eyes darted down to see her hand slip between her own legs, and then come up to my face. I smelled her scent, and she smeared her fingers across my closed lips as her other hand grabbed my cock. “Are you getting hard watching your girlfriend fuck like a whore?” As she rubbed my crotch I realized, to my shame, that I was indeed hard, and she laughed softly in my ear. “You worthless piece of shit,” she chuckled, “getting off on seeing your lover fuck three men at once. What kind of man are you?” She squeezed my shaft hard as she spoke, and my guilt and humiliation made me wilt in her grasp. I would have hung my head if I could, but had to close my eyes tightly to stop seeing the reality.

A change in the grunts and wails bade me to open my eyes again; I saw the men jerking spasmodically now, thrusting hard jerks into her ass, pussy and mouth. Beard bellowed and pulled his cock from Carrie’s mouth, shooting multiple ropes of thick semen across her open mouth and face. She didn’t turn her head; rather she laid her tongue out flat, trying to catch as much as she could. Then Bald began yanking her nipples as he grunted loudly, and I could see his balls clench; the giant globes in his sack pulled up tight as he dumped a load of his own into her bowels. The excess formed a white frothy ring around his cock at her dilated anal muscle. And then Brute howled, and drove his cock deep into her. She screamed as he stretched her deeply, shooting his load, filling her once-lovely pussy, and turning it into a messy, cum-filled used cunt. My breath caught listening to her coax them.

“Oh, yeah, fill me up, fill my ass and cunt with your hot cum, fuck, I can feel your cum in me.” I stared at her face with dismay, seeing it coated with gooey white streaks dripping down her chin, one eye plastered shut, cum on her nose, and covering the lips that cooed her delight. “O-oh, yeah, fill me with cum, it’s so hot, so fucking hot in me…” Her words trailed off and disappeared with my love.

I hadn’t realized my eyes were closed until I felt the chair move. I was being pushed towards her, still fixed in my chair, and again they leaned me forward, my eyes opening just in time to see her two holes, gaping open and swollen, leaking gobs of thick, disgusting semen, and then Skank was pushing my head down, pressing my face into her crotch. The harsh smell of cum assaulted my nose right before my mouth was pushed into her, and the pool of liquid smeared into my face and chin.

“Clean it out, Jeffie Boy,” Skank urged, “Lick that cunt and ass, suck the cum out of your slut!” I couldn’t see, couldn’t breathe, my nose was pressed into her clit, and my mouth opened for air, only to be filled by a glob of hot cum as her hips pulsed.

“Lick that cunt, lick that ass,” I heard, and I swallowed, trying to clear my mouth to breathe as Carrie’s hips hitched higher, my nose slipping into her gaping pussy as her spewing asshole met my open mouth. Another spurt of come filled my mouth as I gasped for breath.

“Lick that ass, suck the cum out of my ass,” I heard, but not Skank this time, it was Carrie, urging me to clean her out, to love her cum-filled ass and pussy with my tongue and lips, and my devotion to her answered her as I speared my tongue up her used asshole, licking out the residue of her anal violation. I heard her respond, sighing softly at my attention, and cleaned out her ass, and then she lowered her hips and I did the same for her used and battered pussy, soothing her opening with my tongue and lips, sucking the offending fluids from her, cleaning her out and swallowing the vile offering. And then she lowered again, offering me her hard clit; for me, I thought, trying to convince myself still, her clit is hard for me, and I licked her hard, the way she likes it when she’s ready to cum, and she humped my face, responding as she always had, and drenched me in her juices as she climaxed on my mouth.

I licked her through her orgasm, feeling the pulses in her pussy as she rode the wave of her delight, for me, I told myself, only for me, not for them, I denied. I soothed her aching and abused lips and opening with soft tender strokes of my tongue and gentle kisses as her crest peaked, and subsided, and then she was still.

My face was still pressed by my weight into her wet crotch as the room went silent. Tears filled my eyes as the realization of what she had done, what I had witnessed and done, came crashing into me. I heard motion behind me, and words spoken quietly, but couldn’t hear them, didn’t WANT to hear them. I heard clothes rustling, and then my chair was pulled back upright, and turned to the side.

Frank was there. The thugs were untying Carrie. Frank looked at her, then at me. “Get out,” he said. “You wanted her; you can have her.” There was a look of disgust on his face, and I didn’t know if it was for me, or for his wife. “The slut’s yours, now. Both of you get the fuck out.” I felt a tug behind my head, and saw the flash of a long blade as Skank cut the tape away, and then again as my arms, chest and legs were freed. I turned as they dragged Carrie’s limp body off the bed and threw the used, wet sheet on her.

“Take her, Lover Boy, she’s all yours,” he laughed, and his crew laughed with him. I stood stiffly, the smell of pussy and cum still in my nostrils, and bent to help her up.

“Her clothes,” I managed, and was struck hard in the back of my head, making me see stars and reviving the sharp pain from the previous blows.

“Fuck you!” Frank shouted. “She leaves here the way she came to me, with nothing! Get her the fuck out!” I bundled my love’s used body in the sheet, still wet and stinking of piss, and helped her to her feet. Head down, properly subdued and defeated, I slinked out with my arm holding Carrie on her feet, and we made our way out of Frank’s house of horrors.


For three days she stayed in bed, and I didn’t go to work, staying home to take care of her. She didn’t speak, and hid her eyes from me, even as I bathed her. She wouldn’t eat, and I could barely get her to drink water. When my boss threatened to fire me I had to go back to work. I left food and water at her bedside, and reluctantly left the house.

When I returned home that evening she was gone. He cell was on the kitchen table next to a certified mail envelope, and the divorce papers from Frank. I glanced through it. She would get nothing. I looked at her phone; there were no recent calls, but there was one text message.


My heart sank and I collapsed in a chair, wondering where she was, what she was doing, and how she had reacted to the letter and the news of a video, which I had to assume was of her ordeal. After a while I busied myself making dinner, but never ate, hoping she would return, and things could go back to normal, or at least we would be together. I know she was suffering inside at enjoying herself in front of me, and was tormented by the demons she knew lived inside her, just as I was still shocked at her behavior. But I knew my love for her could rise above out problems; I could get past it, if she would just let me in, talk to me, be with me again, like before.

Eventually I stopped puttering aimlessly around the house, and settled on the couch to watch nothing on television, wondering all the while where she was and what she was doing. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a sound, and sat up to see her staggering up the stairs. I called to her but she didn’t answer, so I followed her up, catching her as she entered our small bedroom. I grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, and as she spun she lost her balance and fell, sitting, against the doorway.

She reeked of alcohol, and was clearly drunk. She slurred some unintelligible words. I reached for the light switch and turned it on, and she winced against the sudden brightness, her head lolling to the side, her legs splayed out beneath her short skirt. It had ridden up as she fell, and she was not wearing underwear. I saw cum leaking from her pussy, and noticed her shirt was torn and open, and there were remnants of cum in her hair and on her face.

I sobbed as I undressed her and took her into the bathroom, and soaked her in the tub, washing the results of her night away, as though erasing the evidence would erase the facts. I was still crying when I helped her to bed. I didn’t go to work the next day.

Our life continued like that for several months, in silence and growing despair. The divorce finalized, and we tried to get her some new clothes, but honestly, I don’t make all that much money, and I had been missing work, so money was tight. Every once in a while I would come home from work and she’d be gone; the next day would begin another series of days she couldn’t look at me, and more that she wouldn’t talk. She never told me what she did or where she’d gone.

After a few months of erratic attendance, I was fired, and we decided to move, to another city, a new job a fresh start, we hoped. Before leaving we had a long talk, about us, about her behavior. I still loved her, and told her so. She admitted that she loved me, and quietly admitted her shame at enjoying the abuse she’d suffered, and her guilt and confusion at how she had behaved. She apologized for her behavior, and promised to try to talk more to me, but she confessed a weakness, a need to blot out her memories. She knew she drank too much, too often, and admitted some drug use, and confessed that she had done ‘things’ while under the influence.

I forgave her all her transgressions, and promised that a new start, somewhere new, would be best, and she agreed half-heartedly, and promised to try and be strong, for me, for us.

The first few weeks in the new place went by all right, but she soon became despondent and sullen and sad, and moped around the house. In my new job I could not take time off to watch her, and left the house daily hoping for the best. But one day I came home and she wasn’t there, and I knew the cycle was starting again, and I felt my connection to her crumbling despite my love.

She didn’t come home for three days.

Her disappearances continued then, becoming more frequent and often spanning more than a day. As was always the case she would come home drunk or hung over, or stoned, or coming down from a high, and always used and defiled. We began fighting about it. Once I came home and there were strangers in our rented house, drugs and alcohol everywhere, and she was in the bedroom, bent over the foot of the bed getting fucked in the ass as she ate another woman’s cunt. I blew a fit, and threw everyone out of the house, and she argued with me, and left with them.

She didn’t come back.


I didn’t see her again for five years, when I came home from work one day, and she was sitting on my front steps with a duffle bag. She stood as I approached, and I looked at her, drinking in the vision of her, older and thinner now, looking like she had aged ten years in the five that had passed.

“Hello, Carrie,” I said, holding myself away from her. I felt the familiar stirrings of my feelings for her, but with them came the warnings of betrayal and abandonment, and I held myself in check.

“Hi, Jeff. Long time,” she said cautiously.

I looked down at her bag. “What’s up?” I asked, trying to sound non-committal. She was blocking my path to my own door, but I didn’t want to create a scene.

“I wanted to come by and say hello,” she said softly. “I’ve been … away.” She looked up at me, searching my eyes hopefully. “How have you been?”

“Good,” I answered vaguely. I was doing well at work now, but my personal life was a shambles of failed relationships and missed opportunities. “Work is going well.”

My husband was out of town. Again. Sometimes I felt like a single Mom, raising my two kids without a husband present. He made great money, but sometimes I felt like he travelled so much that I didn’t have a partner. In addition, when he was home he seemed distracted, too busy catching up on his own life to pay much attention to me. Rather than his absence making our sex life or our hearts grow fonder, it seemed to be doing the opposite. I was lonely, and I was often very horny. My loneliness led me to fantasies and my fantasies led me to taking things into my own hands on a regular basis.

My next door neighbors were two recently divorced men who had moved in together to save money while their finances recovered from their respective divorces. Tom, the blonde CPA, was often the object of my fantasies. He was about five years younger than me; probably 35 or so. He had a sailboat and had the ruddy complexion of a man who spent a lot of time in the wind and sun. His roommate, Benson, was probably 40, in business for himself with a strong, quiet demeanor that kept people at a distance. That might have been why he was living in a divorce house with Tom. I suspected that his introverted and self-protective nature may have always left his wife feeling like an outsider. But I must say that he was an intriguing man, and nice looking with a good build, and I sometimes found my mind drifting to him as well while my fingers worked their magic.

As time went by, I became better and better friends with Tom and Ben. There were lots of weekend afternoons that we spent together, especially the weekends when their kids were visiting. I must admit that I found the attention from two good looking, virile men to be quite addicting when my husband was away and I was feeling lonely and abandoned. Tom would BBQ, and I’d make a salad. Ben’s specialty was garlic bread, and we often made fun of him for his meager talents; but the kids would play, and we would drink wine, and these two good men would make me feel like I belonged somewhere in the world.

Sometimes when the evening had worn on, and the kids were in the back room playing video games, and the wine had been flowing freely since 3 or 4 in the afternoon, I would share and tell them how much I felt abandoned by my travelling husband. They were two good souls, and they listened to me and encouraged me to be strong and be the best person I could be with the circumstance I was in. They were truly good friends, and I came to love them dearly.

On one such evening, I was complaining that my husband was coming home for about 4 days, and then would be leaving again for almost two weeks. I told them how I felt I had no control in my relationship, and that my life revolved around the whim of his work schedule. In short, I told them, I was nearing the limit of my understanding and compliance. Money was money, but I needed something more. I needed a man in my life. A real man who was there in flesh and blood.

As we sat and drank our wine we could hear the kids in the back room, screeching each time a zombie was killed or a car wrecked. Suddenly, Tom stood up and said, “Hey, I’ve got an idea!”

I was definitely a little tipsy, and I immediately responded, “OK, I’m in!” Ben stated that he needed to hear the idea first.

“Well,” said Tom. “Next weekend is supposed to be fantastic weather for so early in the year. Neither Ben nor I have our kids; I say we take my boat up to Lake Shandon and spend the weekend. We can sail, swim, lay in the sun, and then BBQ and drink more of this very fine wine in the evenings. We could even beach the boat and have a bonfire on the sand!”

“Will your boat sleep you two, plus me and the kids?” I asked, thinking it sounded like a pretty good idea.

“No!” said Tom. “No kids. Adults only. You spend all your time and effort taking care of your kids while your husband gallivants around the country selling medical imaging or whatever he sells. This is your time. Get someone to take care of your kids, and we’ll just be three free souls out for a weekend of fun!”

I honestly did not see anything inappropriate in his suggestion; we were, after all, three great neighborhood friends, and the idea of a weekend at the lake without the kids really did appeal to me.

“Well,” I said. “My sister and brother in law live only a couple of hours away and they could probably take Jason and Char for the weekend.”

“Settled!” said Tom. “It’s the Barton Street Boating Weekend……next weekend!” With that he raised his wine glass and looked expectantly at the both of us. Ben raised his glass and I raised mine, and we both said, almost in unison, “I’m in!”

That night in bed I masturbated furiously, having wild fantasies about having sex with Tom on his boat. I got so excited I actually left a wet spot on the bed and had to move over to my husband’s side. I left it at that, just a fantasy, and fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the night.

My husband came home the next evening and for some reason for the entire four days he was home I didn’t tell him about my plans for the following weekend. I quietly made arrangements with my sister, Maddie, to come pick up Jason and Char and take them out to their house in the country on Friday when they got out of school. I asked her to keep it quiet, although I didn’t tell her why. Tom and Ben and I conspired in private all week on food, wine, games, and other travel plans for our big weekend at the lake. I had no reason to think it was anything more than good friends spending time together, but somewhere, deep in the woman inside me, I knew I was hoping for more.

With our plans all set, I sent the kids off to school Friday morning, took my husband to the airport, dutifully kissed him goodbye, then drove home with great anticipation. With the kids taken care of, and my husband gone, I felt free and released of all my responsibilities. I actually got turned on driving home from the airport, and even felt the urge to touch myself. I didn’t, of course, but I enjoyed just feeling the urge. I felt free.

When I got home, Tom had the boat hooked up to his truck and pulled in front of their house. I raced in, grabbed the bag that I had surreptitiously packed while my husband was still at home, checked to make sure all the doors were locked, and almost ran next door to meet my friends.

The drive up to the lake took about 45 minutes, and I sat on the bench seat between Tom and Ben. I was wearing my swimsuit with just a cover, and was very aware that my bare legs were very exposed to both these hunky men. Every time Tom shifted gears his hand would brush against my left leg and each time it turned me on just a little bit more. The conversation was lively and fun, and we were three good friends headed out for a great weekend.

We got to the lake and launched the boat with Tom’s expert guidance. We loaded our supplies while Tom raised the mast, then motored out from the dock. As soon as we were clear of the buoys, Tom stopped the motor and stripped down to his board shorts. Following suit, Ben did the same, and with the warm sun on me, I took off my cover, leaving only my skimpy bikini covering my vital parts. Again with Tom’s guidance, we raised the sails and were off in the wind.

It was really lovely sailing around the large lake. Tom moved around the boat, adjusting sails and stowing gear. He looked great with his blonde chest hair, strong physique, penetrating blue eyes, and really cute smile. I couldn’t help but notice the outline of a rather large bulge in his trunks each time he shimmied past me with his crotch next to my face. I actually felt the urge at one point to reach out and touch it, but being the good girl I’ve always been, resisted the wonton impulse.

Benson, meanwhile, seemed to be catering to my every whim. Sunscreen? “Sure, Ben.” and there he was with the sunscreen, even being nice enough to apply it to my back. He brought out snacks, the snap peas and blue cheese dressing I had bought on an outing to Trader Joe’s. And finally, after we had sailed for a couple of hours, he went below and came back with a bottle of Chardonnay and three plastic wine glasses. “Let the fun begin,” he said. I thought it already had. I was in heaven.

When that bottle of wine was gone, and half of another, and the sails were down and we lay still in the middle of a back arm of the lake sunning ourselves, we decided it was time to find shelter for the evening and hunker down. Tom motored us to a quiet cove, and just offshore, he let out the main anchor in the front of the boat as Ben let out a smaller one at the rear. When they were both sure the boat was secure, Tom walked over to me and sat down next to me.

“I’m so glad we could all come out together this weekend,” he said, and gave me a big hug. It felt so good to be held by him and I hugged him back, maybe just for an instant too long.

Sensing that I had held the embrace longer than he intended, I quickly pushed him away and called out, “Last one in’s a rotten egg!” and dove over the side of the boat. Both Tom and Ben followed immediately and we had fun splashing and playing in the water. Tom did swim up to me at one point and grab me playfully. His arms and skin felt good in the cool water, and I knew that I had crossed a dangerous line. I was more focused on how good Tom felt than I was the guilt of being there with them without my husband.

The evening was warm and Tom BBQ’ed off the back of the boat. We swam occasionally, prepared food, drank wine sparingly, talked, and felt the day’s fading sun on our skin. It was truly an afternoon to remember. After a great dinner on the boat, Tom went below and brought me a blanket. I was still wearing nothing but my bikini, and the evening was beginning to chill.

Ben went below and came back with a bottle of red wine and three real glass wine glasses. “Ok,” he said. “I’ve been saving this bottle of wine for a special occasion since before I got divorced. It’s a Chateau Laffite Rothschild, 1987. Arguably one of the best wines in the world. My wife didn’t know I owned it, therefore I still have it. Tonight we drink and be merry!”

He opened the bottle and poured us each a portion. “To the three of us,” he said, and put his glass forward to be touched by ours before we drank. I truly felt this was a special moment and clinked my glass lightly against his. I turned to Tom to clink his glass as well and our eyes met, and I felt as though he was looking into my soul in the waning light of the day.

“To the three of us,” he said, and lightly touched his glass to mine, then to Ben’s.

I looked away and took a sip. I don’t know much about wine, but this was very smooth and very, very tasty. “Mm mm,” I said and wrapped the blanket more tightly around me. “Very good, Benson. Very fine.”

I was sitting in the bow of the boat with Tom and Ben on either side of me and I took another sip, put down my glass, and leaned towards Tom. Snuggling up to him just a bit, I sighed and thought about how absolutely wonderful it felt to be with these two good men tonight. Tom put his arm around me, and Ben moved closer, leaning lightly against me. Mmmmm. It just felt wonderful.

We sat in silence as the darkness fell, sipping our wine and just feeling comfortable in each other’s presence. The boat rocked us gently as I felt myself melting into Tom. Ben cuddled me from the other side, leaning in close. I was really in bliss, wrapped warm and comfy in my blanket with men I felt close to snuggling with me on either side.

I felt Tom move slightly, and felt the blanket shift against my legs. Moments later, I felt a hand gently lay itself on my bare thigh and begin rubbing lightly. It felt wonderful, and although I knew I was a married woman, I made no move to resist or stop it.

I leaned into Tom and sighed, which he must have taken as a sign that it was okay to continue. He stroked the top of my thigh down to my knee and back up again as he hugged me close. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of a man’s hand on me. He began kissing my neck and ear lightly as he rubbed my other leg, and let his hand linger near the top. I shifted slightly, parting my legs ever so much, wishing and anticipating that he would move his hand towards my moistening flower. I knew it was so wrong, but it felt so right. I snuggled into his gentle kisses.

I felt Ben move even closer and I reached my arm out and wrapped it around his shoulder, covering him with the blanket as well, pulling him closer as Tom’s hand began straying to the inside of my parted thighs. He began to rub the inside of my thigh, up and down so slowly, so tantalizingly. Each time he would come up just short of the top, deliciously close to my now wanting womanhood, wet with anticipation. Ben must have taken me sharing my blanket with him as a go sign, and I felt his warm breath as he began nuzzling and kissing my neck and ear on my other side. What an amazing feeling having a man on each side of me kissing and nuzzling my neck and cheeks.

I became very aware of the thin sheath of material my bikini afforded between Tom’s potential touch and my now soaking pussy. As he rubbed the inside of my thigh, I snuggled into him even more and tried to will his hand to touch me there. I wanted his touch. I needed his touch. I spread my legs a little wider and thrust my hips forward just a little; just enough to coax him to touch me there. He continued to rub the insides of my thighs slowly and purposefully. He was driving me crazy and he knew it.

Ben was kissing my neck and ear, and I felt his hand under the blanket on the bare skin of my tummy. He rubbed in light circles, then touched my breast on the outside of my bathing suit. I felt my nipple stiffen and I reached up and took his hand and pressed it to my breast. As Tom caressed my open thigh within inches of my wet and aching clit, I pulled my bikini top up and guided Ben’s hand to my erect nipple. He flicked it lightly then gave it a light pinch, pulling gently as he did. It felt heavenly.

Ben moved his lips towards mine and I eagerly sought them out. With my lips locked in a passionate kiss with Ben and his hand gently caressing my nipple, I felt Tom’s hand move up the inside of my thigh and begin to lightly caress my wet slit through the now soaked material of my bikini. He rubbed his hand up and down my sex, adding gentle pressure as Ben’s tongue sought mine in our passionate kiss. I moaned into Ben’s mouth.

I felt Tom’s fingers move from the gusset of my bikini bottom and he began rubbing his finger along the seam of the leg hole. I could feel that he was trying to work his finger under the side of bikini so he could feel my bare sex. I had shaved in the shower that morning and I knew that my little kitty was bare and thought for a moment how slick it must be with my juices flowing so freely.

Suddenly I felt Tom’s finger slide under the material and gasped into Ben’s mouth as it probed my sex, then penetrated me. I pushed back against his hand and for a moment he just held his finger deep inside me. The feeling was amazing, locked in a passionate kiss with Ben, having my nipples stroked and Tom’s finger buried deep inside me.

I broke my kiss with Ben and turned to Tom and he leaned in to kiss me. Our lips met and I had a very mild orgasm as our mouths melted together in a torrid kiss. Not wanting to make Ben feel left out I reached over and put my hand in his lap and felt for his penis. I quickly found a very hard cock and gave it a squeeze as Tom began moving his finger up to my clit and making small circles around it. He teased me, avoiding the hard nub, but lightly rubbing every inch of my slick lips and skin around it. Still locked in my kiss with Tom, my tongue searching and finding his tongue, I stroked Ben’s hard cock. Ben’s hand left my breast, and I felt him open the blanket wrapped around us. In a moment, his head went down and I felt his warm tongue caress first my right nipple, then move to the left one and do the same.

Just then Tom’s fingertip brushed lightly across my clit. I moaned into his mouth. The gentle rocking of the boat accentuated the heaven I was in. Here I was with my two close friends and neighbors, one with his mouth on my breasts, the other with his hand on my sex. I continued rubbing Ben’s cock through his shorts, and with my other hand felt for Tom’s. When I found it, I was surprised by its size. Ben’s felt normal in my hand; about the same size as my husband’s, which was plenty for me. Tom, however, was much bigger around and I suspected longer as well. It was so hard it felt like stone through the material of his swim trunks.

I felt a momentary pang of guilt when I thought about the fact that I was comparing the size of the cocks in my hands to my husband’s. But it passed in a brief moment, and I knew that what was happening here was meant to be. It had been my secret fantasy. So secret that I hadn’t even admitted it to myself. I wanted Tom; he had been the object of my fantasies. But I wanted Ben as well. I wanted them at the same time.

At that moment, Tom broke our kiss. He pulled his face away from mine and looked in my eyes. “Are you okay with this?” he asked, and I felt my heart melt.

“Yes,” I answered. “More than okay. It feels right.” Ben had sat up when he heard Tom speak. I looked over at him.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked Ben.

“Yeah,” he replied. “We both are. We wanted this to happen. We hoped it would happen.”

I pulled Ben to me and kissed him deeply. Then I turned and did the same to Tom. When our kiss broke, Tom moved onto his knees on the deck in front of me. He unwrapped the blanked from around me and put his hands on either side of my bikini bottoms. I lifted my fanny off the seat and with one motion he pulled them down and off. As he did so, Ben reached behind me and I leaned forward. He unclasped my top and pulled it away.

Ben leaned in and began kissing my neck as Tom leaned forward into the V formed by my legs. He gently spread them and I felt his warm breath on my pussy. I felt the first light touch of his tongue on my wet sex and pulled Ben up to kiss me. I reached for Ben’s hard cock again and when I did he untied and pulled open the Velcro fastener. I fished out his cock and felt the smooth warm skin in my cool hand. He was hard, ready to fuck me in an instant if I pulled him to me.

Tom began licking up and down my wet pussy, stopping to nibble and gently suck on my clit. I stroked Ben’s hard cock in time with Tom’s busy tongue as I continued to kiss him passionately. I felt one of Tom’s fingers slip just inside my hole. He held it there as he worked my clit with his talented tongue. Then he slid it in just a little further as he whisked the tip of his tongue over my swollen nub. I began pulling on Ben’s cock. I wanted it near me. I wanted to see it. I wanted to taste it. I was at a feverish pitch, Tom working his magic on my wet slit with his tongue, running his finger in and out of me, touching all the right places.

I pulled harder on Ben’s cock and he got the idea. He got up on his knees on the cushion next to me and offered me his cock. I grabbed it and pulled it towards my hungry mouth, and just as I wrapped my lips around it and began swirling my tongue around the head, Tom slipped another finger into me, then another. He began to fuck me with his fingers as he licked and sucked at my clit. The more excited I became the greedier I felt for Ben’s cock in my mouth. I worked him with my hand as I licked and sucked feverishly. Tom was getting me close, so close to cumming. I reached over with my free hand and squeezed Tom’s cock and when I did, holding two cocks in my hand at the same time, I came hard against Tom’s mouth. The orgasm seemed to go on and on in wave after wave and I sucked greedily on Ben’s hardness as each washed over me.

When I was finished, Tom leaned back and stood up. I gently pushed Ben away from me, and was sad just for a moment as his cock left my mouth.

I sat there looking at them, the blanket fallen away, and my naked body exposed to these two awesome men and friends. “Let’s see,” I said. “Which one of you is going to fuck me first?” I smiled. “Eenie meanie, miney moe,” I said, pointing at each alternately. “Catch a monkey by the toe. If he hollers, let him go, eenie, meanie, miney, moe!” And as I said “Moe”, my finger was pointing at Tom. His boyish face under his shock of blonde hair broke into a big grin.

He stepped forward and I pulled the string on his board shorts and yanked them down. His long, hard cock popped out as they fell and almost hit me in the face. Oh my god! He was huge. I felt just a moment of fear at the thought of that monster penetrating me, but remembered that two 8-pound babies had fit out of that hole, and it should accommodate any cock just fine.

“What about birth control?” he asked.

“I’m on the pill, don’t worry,” I answered as I reached out and took hold of his monster. I pulled him to me and licked it up and down, marveling at the girth and the length. He was rock hard.

“Let me get you a little lubricated so I can fit this big boy in me,” I grinned.

“I don’t think you need any more lubrication,” he laughed, and leaned over me, grabbing the rails of the boat on either side of my head. He bent his legs and positioned the head of his cock at my entrance. I looked down and saw the big mushroom head of his cock poised and ready to penetrate me. I reached around behind him and pulled him into me. There was a brief moment of pain as my tunnel expanded to allow his girth to slide all the way up inside me. That brief moment gave way to intense pleasure as I felt him fill me like I had never been filled before. He slowly slid every inch up me and the intense pleasure caused me to gasp, then moan.

I felt Ben’s hand on my breast again as Tom slowly slid out and then back in again up to the hilt. It felt heavenly, Tom’s huge cock filling me, stroking the inside walls of my cunt while Ben pinched and pulled on my nipples. I turned my head to Ben and pulled him towards me, seeking his lips, his mouth as my passion built. Tom began fucking me in earnest, sliding his huge monster in and out of me, while Ben felt the heat of the fuck through our kiss. I was pushing up, meeting every thrust of Tom while I moaned into Ben’s mouth. He was fucking me hard now, hovering over me, supporting himself with his arms as he pounded against my pelvis. Ben moved his mouth down to my nipple and sucked it in as Tom’s cock was hitting all the right places.

I felt my passion rise again and when Ben moved his mouth and took my other nipple in, I came again for a second time, hard, against Tom’s cock. I writhed underneath him as the orgasm shook me. His groans became louder and closer together and I looked up and caught his eye over the top of Ben’s head. Face to face, I saw his eyes roll up, and then closing them, he came inside me with an explosive force. He pumped load after load into me. I had never wanted someone to fill me with his cum as badly as I did at that moment. He grunted and groaned and I held him to me, wanting every drop, every speck of his seed in me. He was squirting against places inside me that had never been squirted on before. Deeper than I knew I could take.

“Oh my god,” he said as he staggered backward. I felt him pop out of me and I suddenly felt empty; barren. At that moment, Ben grabbed my legs and swung them up on the cushion. I slid forward, lay back and opened my legs, holding out my hands to him.

“Your turn, Benson. Your turn now,” I said as he climbed on top of me. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and guided it up to my messy opening. I could feel the slick combination of my natural juices and Tom’s cum against my hand. Ben slid right in with no resistance.

“Fuck me, Ben.” I whispered in his ear. “I want you to fuck me now.”

He felt comfortable on top of me as we started to move together in rhythm. He was not as large as Tom, but it felt wonderful nevertheless. I felt so close to him as we moved together.

Tom knelt down next to me and I turned my head towards him. We began kissing lightly as Ben and I moved together in perfect harmony, with the perfect rhythm of the perfect fuck. He felt so good inside me, and so good on top of me. It was almost as if we were floating with the gentle tide rocking the boat. I let my hand fall into Tom’s lap and found his spent cock. It was wet and slick, and still large in my small hand. I gently caressed his flaccid cock and made out with him as Ben and I fucked in our sublime rhythm.

There was no chafing, no discomfort on this, my second partner within minutes. I was leaking juices of my own from being so turned on, and that plus being stretched by Tom and the addition of his slick cum, made Ben slip in and out effortlessly and comfortably. I matched every thrust by Ben, and wrapped my legs around his and moved against him as he plunged his cock into me.

“Come in me, Benson.” I whispered. “Put your cum in there with Tom’s, so all three of us are mixed up together in me. I want you to cum in me.” I felt Tom’s cock twitch and grow a little when I said that to Ben, and Ben began to pick up speed.

“That’s it, Ben. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” He began groaning. I turned my face away from Tom’s gentle kisses and locked lips with Ben, wrapping my arms around him as well as my legs. “Fuck me,” I said into his mouth. “Oh, yes. Fuck me.” I kept repeating those words into his mouth as I moved against him. Our tempo increased. I felt yet another orgasm coming from out of nowhere, and I began to shake as I fucked Ben back with all my might. I felt him tense and as he came in me, I came as well, for the third time in an hour, shuddering through each racking wave of pleasure, feeling Ben, my friend, shuddering as well through our shared and simultaneous climax. When the stabbing pleasure subsided I looked over and saw Tom watching us, a smile on his face, his ruddy complexion apparent in the moonlight.

After a moment in which we gathered our senses, Ben slowly sat up, and with a completely straight face, said “Well, there’s more wine if anyone wants it.” We all laughed together.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg,” I squealed as I went over the side of the boat, falling into the dark water.


There was a small galley below, with a water closet, a small table with a bench seat, and a big, king-sized bed in the bow. After our swim we sat at the table and sipped the last of the Laffite Cab, talking over what had transpired on the deck. During our conversation, the men admitted that they had talked about it, and they had both agreed that it wouldn’t be weird for them with the other participating. At the end of the conversation, we all decided that what had happened was good, and that while it would be our little secret, we’d all like for it to continue.

We all went to bed together on the king-size mattress in the bow of the boat below. It didn’t dawn on me until we climbed in and got comfy that there was only one bed on board. They must have been pretty confident that we would become lovers before bedtime. Or perhaps they thought if we hadn’t, sleeping together might lead to, well, sleeping together. We all three were nude, and we cuddled and caressed a bit in the bed, but there was no repeat of the scene up on the deck. I guess I had worn those boys out!! I was so starved for sex, or for attention, or for love, that I would have been glad to go another round or two or three with either or both of them.

At about 4 in the morning, I awoke and found Tom snuggling into me. I turned towards him and he took me in his arms. I cuddled right into him, and he found my mouth with his and kissed me gently but intensely. I held him and stroked his back as we kissed, feeling his warm skin against mine. His penis begin to grow hard against my stomach. I reached down and took it in my hand and felt it expand as we kissed. Within moments he was hard, and I scooted myself towards him and put my top leg over his leg, making myself available for him to fuck me. He took the hint, and slid a little bit towards me and I rubbed the head of his huge penis up and down my wet cunt before positioning it right at my opening and pushing forward with my pelvis. I felt him slip into me, and this time there was no pain, only pleasure. I held his face and kissed him while he began to fuck me. It felt so good, so right, so slow, so sexy, and while different from Ben’s movements, was still a perfect rhythm. I focused on nothing but the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of me; on the feeling as his large mushroom head brushed against the top of my cunt, where all my nerves gangle into one intense spot of pleasure. He was slightly above me on the bed, and the position we were in caused his cock to slide against my swollen clit, and I focused on the pleasure I was feeling there as well.

He stopped, and I could hear the steady, heavy breathing of Ben behind me. I reached around behind Tom and put my hand on his butt and pulled him into me.

“Don’t stop,” I breathed in his ear. “It feels too good for you to stop.”

He started again, pushing his cock deep inside me. We kissed, and the feelings of his cock on my clit and his giant mushroom head scraping against my g-spot were even more intense, more pleasurable than before. My whole world at that moment was wrapped up in his cock inside me and the feelings it was giving me. I hardly ever came just from intercourse, but I had cum earlier in the evening on both their cocks, and I knew I was going to cum again on Tom’s very soon. I was just so turned on. He picked up the pace and I matched it with my own, feeling the pleasure of each thrust against him. Each time his cock slid into me, it was heaven. Each time it slid out, it was paradise. It all seemed to be happening in slow motion, and I felt my orgasm arriving like a train from far away, around a hidden bend. I could feel the vibrations on the track, but I could neither see nor hear it coming until it was right at the station. Suddenly it burst into view, and I felt my body tense as the first contraction hit me. I cried out and clutched at Tom and felt that I couldn’t breathe as the pleasure covered me like warm water. I orgasmed with my entire body in a surge, with the pleasure washing over me from head to toe. I gasped for air as pulse after pulse hit me. Then I felt Tom stiffen and I grabbed a handful of his hair as he came powerfully, shaking and shuddering. I held him close and kept cumming with him as he filled me with his seed.

When it was over, I kissed him and whispered, “Thank you.” He kissed me back and rolled away, keeping his hand draped over my waist. As I listened to Ben’s steady breathing I fell back asleep.

When I woke in the morning, I had to pee. I was a little uncomfortable with the stool and bag setup Tom had on the boat, so I climbed naked out of bed and let myself over the edge of the boat in the early light, peeing in the lake. I also tried to wash out my vagina, trying to rinse away Tom’s residual sperm that hadn’t leaked out onto my leg while I slept. I rubbed away the dried, crusty cum from my vulva and leg and then got out. It was chilly that early in the morning on the water and my bottom and legs were wet so I grabbed a towel, dried off, and raced back to the bed, feeling chilled. When I climbed in, my legs brushed against Ben’s and he immediately sat up.

“Oh my god, your legs are cold!” he said and looked over at me. His hair was all mussed up from sleep and he looked so cute.

“I know,” I said. “I’m freezing. I got in the water to pee. Warm me up!” I moved towards Ben and he lay back and took me in his arms. I put my head against his chest and sighed. It felt so good, his quiet strength so comforting. I kissed his lips very gently.

“Did you wake up in the middle of the night?” I asked.

“Once,” he replied. “Didn’t you hear me get up to pee?”

“No, you lucky!! You can just stand and pee over the side.” I waited for a second. “So you didn’t wake up when Tom and I were doing it?”

“No!” he said. “Really? You two did it right next to me and I didn’t wake up?”

Then we heard Tom reply from behind me. “Yes, we did, Benson. And it was spectacular.” Tom sat up, leaned over and kissed my cheek, then said, “Why don’t you make it up to Ben while I make some coffee and a bite for breakfast?” I smiled at Ben.

“It seems only fair,” I said with a fake pout. “I don’t want Ben to think I’m playing favorites.” I reached down and took hold of his semi-erect cock. “It’s time for some Ben, now, I think.”

I started kissing my way down his chest and pulled the covers down, bringing the sight of my hand stroking his cock into view. It turned me on to see my hand on a penis different from my husband’s. I felt it growing and kissed all the way down until it was against my cheek as my hand slid smoothly up and down his shaft. I could hear Tom right there, whistling as he went about his work. I smelled the coffee brewing as I slipped my lips over the tip of Ben’s cock. He held my head as I started licking and sucking on his stiff member, which tasted vaguely like lake water. I got my hand and mouth working in perfect harmony, and I knew that I was giving him a world-class blow job. Probably the best one of my life. I pumped and sucked until I knew he was going to cum, then I took him out of my mouth and held him against my breasts, pumping slowly. I felt the first gush up under my chin, and I pumped and milked him until he had covered my chest and breasts with his pearly cum.

I hadn’t felt this sexy since my husband and I were dating some 14 years before. I lay back, my breasts covered with still warm cum and watched Tom as he moved about the small galley, cracking eggs, buttering toast and pouring coffee. He turned to me with a cup, and he smiled when he saw me laying there, naked, spread-eagled, cum-soaked, with Ben’s deflating cock still in my hand.

“Well good morning,” he said with a smile as he handed me the coffee cup. “Would you like me to get you a damp cloth to clean yourself up with?”

I smiled and said, “Yes, please. And thank you for the coffee.” He ran a cloth under the tap, wrung it out and handed it to me. I wiped Ben’s spunk off my chest and then used the other side to wipe Ben’s cock clean.

Ben looked at Tom and said, “Hey what about me? Don’t I get coffee brought to me in bed, too?” Tom laughed.

“From what I just saw, it looked to me like you were being fully served in bed,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. “But here’s a cup anyway.”

I got up from the bed, and not bothering to dress, I poked my head out and made sure there were no other boats in the private cove. When I was confident we were alone and I wouldn’t be seen, I went up on deck with my coffee. The air still had a bit of a morning chill, but the sun had come out and felt good on my skin. I looked down and saw goose bumps on my breasts and that my nipples were stiff and elongated in the cool air. Ben soon followed balancing a plate and his coffee, followed by Tom with two plates; one for me and one for him. He had put together a great little breakfast of eggs, fried potatoes and small slices of fried ham. It was absolutely scrumptious, eating outdoors on the deck of the boat in my birthday suit.

After devouring about half my plate, I took a sip of coffee and said, “Excuse me for my immodesty, but I am feeling really sexy right now with you two, and I want to enjoy the feeling.” Tom and Ben both agreed that they were fine with me being nude, and told me I didn’t have to wear clothes for the rest of the weekend if I didn’t want to. “Well,” I said. “Maybe when we’re in private places, I won’t”

We had a wonderful day that day, sailing, hiking along the shore. Ben had even brought a fishing pole and we caught two or three trout, which he promptly put back in the water. I felt so alive and so sexy. I spent most of the day without my bikini top, ducking below to retrieve it or sinking low on a cushion when other boats came into view. Tom was expert with the boat, and I loved to watch him sail; his blue eyes concentrated on his task, the wind blowing his shock of blonde hair. There were a couple of times during the day that I got incredibly horny and thought about wanting to make love to both these gorgeous hunks, but the day was just so perfect and our activities so limitless that I decided to wait until the evening. I did notice that Tom had a huge erection, though, when we had pulled into the cove where we spent the night and Ben was teaching me to fish naked.

Tom found a spot on the lake with cell reception and I called my husband. He mentioned that he had tried to call me the night before and I told him that Maddie and Jack had called and asked me to bring the kids out for the weekend, so I had driven them out. I covered by saying that I must have been at a spot out on a country road where there was no cell reception when he called. He asked what my plans were for the rest of the weekend, and thinking quickly, I told him that since I didn’t have the kids I was going to go out this afternoon and have my nails done, then shop, then have some dinner and maybe see a movie by myself. I told him I needed some me time. What I really meant was that I needed some “something-in-me” time. I signed off, telling him that I’d call him Sunday evening on his cell. That took care of that.

In the afternoon Tom announced that we should begin looking for a spot for a beach fire for the evening, so we started sailing into coves near the back of the lake, looking for a nice beach with woods behind it for firewood. We found a spot about 5:30 and Tom and Ben anchored the boat right off-shore. Tom advised that I put something on while we searched for firewood, and after I reluctantly covered myself, we all hopped off and waded onto shore to look for firewood.

Within about a half hour, we had a good sized pile and Ben had found enough rocks to make a nice fire ring on the beach. Tom went on-board and brought back three folding beach chairs, a couple bottles of wine and an ice chest filled with cheese, fruit, and other healthy snacks. I had made sandwiches for a late lunch and we all agreed that we’d graze for dinner. We were in a secluded cove again, and no other boats were in the area.

Ben worked on getting the fire going as Tom opened the wine and I put out some cheese and crackers with apple slices. The fire was soon crackling and we all had half a glass of wine in us. I just loved these two guys, and I was having the time of my life. I knew them. I trusted them. And, now I lusted after them.

The fire was warm, and I giggled and said, “Is it okay if I take my clothes off now?” Both immediately said yes, and I stood and slowly disrobed, turning so they could admire me in the waning light of day, lit by firelight. “Not bad for a 39-year-old mother of two, huh?” I asked.

“Beautiful,” said Ben.

“Gorgeous,” said Tom.

I did a little twirl, and sat back down, feeling the warmth of the fire on my skin. I took a sip of my wine and popped an apple slice in my mouth. “Well come on, you guys, I’m not going to be the only one naked, am I?

As they both stood and pulled their T-shirts over their heads and dropped their trunks, I couldn’t help but run my hand lightly over my bald pussy. There were small beads of moisture forming along the outer lips that clung to my fingers as I traced them up my sex. I saw Tom looking out across the darkening water as he sat down, scanning for other boats. Satisfied that we were alone, he sat back down and scooted his chair over closer to mine. Ben did the same from the other side.

Warning: This and subsequent chapters deal with many explicit passages with topics you may find objectionable. Theses topics may or may not include: straight sex, extramarital relations, cuckoldry, interracial sex, bisexuality, homosexuality, FemDom, male domination, voyeurism, masturbation, etc. If these, or other similar topics offend you, it might be best to find another story more to your liking. 

Chapter 6

I looked over at Paul and he was still slowly working his cock. He had amazing control. Clearly taking his time and making things last. What took me off guard is the way he was staring at me. He had his eyes locked on my cock as he stroked his long shaft. When he caught me looking at him he changed his pace a bit, spread his legs wider and presented himself to me. It was as if he was offering himself… Inviting me to come over… Inviting me to take his cock.

“Looks like your wife is going to be busy for the rest of the night. You okay with that?”

“Yeah… I’m a little disappointed we can’t watch anymore but I’m psyched for her. I want her to be happy and Peter seems to have her well taken care of.”

“He definitely does” Paul replied. “But now I’m horny as hell. I need some relief. You probably do too… I might just have to let you suck my cock tonight so we’re not left out of the fun.”

That was a shocker. Here was a gorgeous specimen of a man that could get just about any woman he wanted, stroking his long cock in front of me, and not only offering himself to me, but telling me he “might let me” suck him off.

I hadn’t considered anything even remotely like that… but after hearing the words come out of Paul’s mouth… it had an almost electric effect on me. I was unbelievably charged up from the party, the booze, the pot, the amazing display that Debbie and Peter had just performed for us, and the fact that my wife was currently down the hall giving herself to another man. I was on fire and I needed to do something about it, and here was this gorgeous specimen of a man with a cock that would make anyone’s mouth water not only offering, but suggesting that I service him.

I was on my feet before I knew what was happening, walking over and kneeling down in front of the recliner he was sitting in. “That’s it Ted… Come on over and get some of this big cock. Your wife is fucking another man tonight, you should be with someone too.”

He spread his legs to let me in and I leaned into his lap and took that big beautiful cock in my hands. It was rock hard but smooth with silky soft skin. He was hairless like Peter and I massaged the smooth skin around the base of his cock as I opened my mouth and prepared to take him. The mushroom shaped head of his cock felt spongy and swollen as I got the first taste of its salty goodness. He moaned in satisfaction as I pulled him into my mouth.

“That a boy. Suck that cock… Just like your wife is doing to Peter right now.”

Paul’s words made me want to suck him harder and deeper. I wanted to make him feel good. To prove I could satisfy a man just like Debbie could.

“Take it slow and work your way up to it. I want you to take all of me into your mouth. Nice and soft now… That’s it baby. That’s wonderful. You’re good at that.”

He stopped talking for a few minutes while he enjoyed my work. I had about half his shaft and I loved how he felt in my mouth. The spongy feeling of his head. The rigid hardness of his shaft. I wanted to suck him deep into my mouth and make him cum. I wanted to provide some release for him.

He grabbed both sides of my head softly now. And kept me down on his shaft while he worked his way inside of me. He was moaning his satisfaction letting me know he like it.

After a few minutes of this he pulled me up to his face and kissed me. His tongue explored my mouth, tasting the flavors of his own cock and precum. He slowly wrapped his arms around me as we kissed deeper. Picking me up and carrying me over to the couch where Debbie and Peter had been.

He broke our kiss, picking up his head and smiling as we both heard Debbie cry out in ecstasy from down the hall. Peter was making her cum again and based on Debbie’s cry, this time he was making her cum with his cock.

Paul smiled and leaned in for another kiss “I think your wife loves the way Peter is fucking her!” His hands moved to my knees and he spread my legs open. I couldn’t resist even if I had thought to. As he leaned in for another kiss we heard Debbie cry out again and I felt Paul’s cock right up against me. I felt him start to push forward, slowly building the pressure against my ass. “You ready for it Ted?” Paul whispered into my ear. He made a final push and penetrated into me with his gorgeous black cock and I let out a long loud moan of relief.

He felt wonderful inside me and I spread wider to make full entry easier. He was gentle and only went half way at first. Slowly working his way in… Then slowly pulling out… Slowly and a bit deeper in… Then slowly out again. He worked me with a steady slow cadence eventually moving all the way in, giving me his full length. I had never felt anything like it before. He had amazing control, moving with such discipline he kept me anticipating his full length. When he was fully inside of me he whispered into my ear how good I felt. “I knew you would love it” he moaned. He was right. I was loving it. I loved the feeling of his cock buried deep inside of me. I loved knowing he loved it too. And my loud moaning as he thrusted gave away all my secrets. “You feel so good” he moaned as he bottomed out, “You like having a cock this big inside of you?”

“I love it…” I whispered back at him. “I love your cock in me.”

“You do don’t you baby? You love having me inside… You love having a cock inside of you that’s just as big as the cock that’s inside of Debbie right now don’t you?”

“Oh god yes. I love it!” I moaned.

Paul started moving deeper and faster now. Picking up his pace as we were both nearing completion. I could no longer hear Debbie and Peter. All I could hear was Paul’s heavy breathing and my moaning. We were perfectly synchronized as I opened wide to accept his deep thrusting and worked my hands over the smooth skin of his muscular chest.

His breathing became paced now. And I could tell he was nearing climax. “Go deep into me Paul. I love your cock. I love feeling it slide into me.”

Now Paul let out a few “oh gods” as his pace increased even faster. “I’m going to cum Ted… You feel so good, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum inside me Paul” I responded. “Go deep inside and cum in me!” I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he thrust hard and deep and fast. He let out a final groan and made one last hard deep thrust and came.

I held on tight as he continued to make small jerking thrusts. My ass clenched his cock firmly making sure I milked all of the cum from his cock deep inside of me.

“That’s it baby” I sad softly. “That’s it. Such a good fuck… So good.” I released my hold on him and went back to running my hands over his chest and looked into his eyes. We locked our eyes together and he leaned in for anther kiss. “God you felt so good” he said finally. “You know how to please a man. I haven’t cum that hard in months.”

“Glad you liked it. I loved it too. You certainly know how to use that gorgeous cock of yours “

I was still caressing his body with my hands as he leaned in for another kiss. He was softening inside of me. He relaxed on top of me and we embraced in a final kiss as he pulled himself out. “So glad I stayed” he said as we both drifted off to sleep.

We were still lying side by side when Debbie and Peter finally emerged from our bedroom a few hours later. Debbie giggled when she saw us in the morning sunlight streaming into the living room, “I guess these two found something to do. I don’t feel so bad now.”

I watched as Peter and Debbie embraced in a long deep kiss. “You’re coming back tonight right? After you drop off Paul?”

“Of course baby. I’ll be sleeping here for a while.”

Debbie smiled at that, “You don’t mind do you Ted? Peter wants to spend a few nights here. You can take the spare room.”

I felt my cock start to rise back up again as I thought about Peter fucking my wife all week. The two of them were physically perfect together and I would get to be there to witness it a few more times. …and I’d probably give Paul a call a few times as well. We can both play a bit.

Please read Unexpected turn Pt1 to catch up. Thanks!

It was only a 10 minute ride back to David’s mom’s house, but it seemed like forever. I felt like he knew. He was in such a bad mood. My mouth was watering and my pussy was soaked thinking about what just went down between me and Marco. My heart was still racing. I felt so stupid, I didn’t even have a chance to ask him for his phone number. I was so sad that I couldn’t finish what was started. As soon as we got home I begged David to let me suck his dick. He became irritated and said that I sounded like a stupid slut. I went to the bathroom and sucked on my fingers for relief. I licked and sucked them pretending that my hand was Marco’s dick, then I changed in to pajamas and fell asleep.

The next day at work I couldn’t focus at all. I was in a fog. I just wanted some dick and couldn’t think of anything else. Linda was off so I had nobody to talk to except for James the 21 year old Asian kid that sometimes worked my shift. James was about my size and kind of cute, sometimes we flirted playfully. It was almost lunch time and all I could think of was Marco. I was so unproductive and horny. I asked James if he would drive me to in and out and I would buy. Maybe food would take my mind off of Marco.

We got in James’ little car and drove to in and out and on the way back I started day dreaming about giving Marco sloppy head. James had a little crush on me and paid constant attention to my every move, he noticed that I was distracted so he pulled over behind a vacant building a block away from in and out. He decided then to make his move on me. He asked if I was ok and I thanked him for asking. He kissed me and I kissed him back and we both undid our seatbelts. I figured I’d never see Marco again and this would be my only chance to explore my slutty side so I leaned down and took James’ dick out of his scrubs and started blowing him and imagining it was Marco. I made sure to make a sloppy mess, my mouth was making the nastiest sounds ever as I licked and sucked and kissed his dick. Even though it wasn’t Marco I was still satisfied. James started spasming and tapping me on the shoulder but I kept on sucking and swallowed the first load of my life!!! I felt like such a slut in a good way. Work was awkward after that lunch because you could tell that James had never had an experience like that and was developing feelings. I told him to keep quiet or I would never touch him again. I told him that I’m married and word can never get out.

That night I got home and David left shortly after for one of his Softball games…I offered him sex before he left because I felt bad that I sucked 2 other dicks that week. He turned it down…I called Linda and asked her for Marco’s number, thank god she had it. I called him right away. No answer…I called again…no answer…I cried a little bit before I got a hold of myself and decided to take a shower.

I turned on the hot water and took off my work scrubs and my panties, I stared at myself in the mirror and imagined Marco fucking me. I got on my hands and knees and reached down to my clit and masturbated for the first time in my life…just then my phone rang! It was Marco. I tried to sound as sexy as possible when I said hello. He made small talk and then I told him I was about to get in the shower. He asked me to send a pic so snapped a couple shots of me in the mirror and sent them to him, he called back and said he wished he was there to fuck me, I melted…

He asked if I was a slut for being married and trying to give him head and now calling him. I felt possessed and I told him I’m your slut. He told me sluts take it in the ass and if I never did that then I’m not a slut. I felt so dumb, I’ve never let anyone touch my ass like that.

He told me to send him a pic of me with my finger in my ass and I did. He never sent a message back so I called him, straight to voicemail…

Part 4

Accepting Our New-Found Desires

The following morning was strained to say the least. We had carried out our accustomed weekday routine as though nothing strange had occurred the night before, Claire getting the kids up and making breakfast; me taking them to school as typically happened when I was off work.

This time though there was an underlying tension. Yes we had conversed and acted normally, but all the time sought to avoid looking each other directly eye-to-eye as we rushed around like any outwardly conventional couple with two school-age kids. When I returned home I was hoping to discuss things with my wife; hoping we could have some private ‘our’ time to try and work out exactly what had happened to us. However, I found Claire dressed in jeans and sweatshirt and obviously about to go out.

“I need to have a little time to myself. You don’t mind do you Bob?” she asked, her voice terse, not really asking the question but more informing me as to her plans. “I’ll have lunch out, you fix yourself something and I’ll be back in time to pick the kids up.” With that she picked her keys up and swept out of the front door before I even had time to react.

I was left alone with my thoughts, my mind replaying the events of the previous night. I poured myself a mug of coffee, sat at the breakfast bar and attempted to read the morning paper. Finding it impossible to concentrate on the paper due to the flashbacks of what had been recently taking place in our lives; I eventually gave up and decided to go out myself.

I really love driving my car. It’s a BMW M5 with all the bells and whistles and, like the adverts tell us, it truly is a driver’s car. I don’t often get chance to just ‘drive’ the beast. Usually I am either going somewhere specific or running some sort of family errand, so it was a pleasant change just to be able to enjoy my ‘man-toy’ as I drove East and up into the Peak District.

I was able to contemplate what had been happening to me; to my life, and most importantly, how these adulterous dalliances on both mine and Claire’s parts had affected our marriage, and what effect they would have in the future. My emotions were all over the fucking place, one minute my eyes streaming tears of regret and shame, the next my cock rigidly hard as I thought of my depraved acts with Bella, and perversely, how the thought of young George’s long thin cock pounding my wife’s pussy and arse could inflame my lust as much as it did.

A couple of hours later I came across a country-style pub that looked over the river Derwent. Ironically the pub was on ‘Hope Road’ which brought a smile to my face. I went in, ordered a home-cooked beef sandwich and a pint of the local beer from the slightly ‘brassy’ looking but very attractive, middle-aged blonde woman behind the bar and sat down at a table by the window.

“I haven’t seen you in here before.” the barmaid said as she put my pint and sandwich on the table, her voice disturbing my thoughts and causing me to jump slightly as I hadn’t noticed her approaching.

“Sorry,” I laughed, feeling my face redden with embarrassment, “I was miles away there.”

“Yes, I could see that. You look like a man with all the troubles of the world on his shoulders.” she replied, smiling as she took the seat opposite me, “Want to talk about them?”

I looked closely at her for the first time, noticing her heavy use of make-up and lipstick that hid what was actually quite an attractive face.

“No I’m fine thanks,” I said softly, my eyes roaming the nearly empty pub and noticing the only other occupant was an old guy sat in the corner with a flat half pint of beer. Looking across at the bar, I could see behind it a thick-set, overweight bloke studiously wiping glasses as he glared at me and my uninvited companion.

“We don’t often get good-looking single men in here of a lunch time,” she whispered softly so only I could hear her, her hand reaching over the table to come to rest on top of mine.

“It makes a very pleasant change for me to have someone nice to talk to apart from old Fred over there.” she continued, looking me directly in the eyes as she licked her lips suggestively, her fingers caressing my hand.

“And the guy behind the bar?” I asked, removing my hand from her grasp and taking a drink of my pint, “He looks as though he would like to talk to you.”

Her eyes never leaving mine, she replied, “Oh that’s just my husband. He doesn’t mind me talking to strange men, or anything else I may like to do with them.”

What the fuck!… I thought as she again grasped my hand in both of hers, “This total stranger, a woman I had met only a few minutes before, was making it obvious she wanted to have sex with me. Has the world gone totally sex-mad?”

“He doesn’t look as though he doesn’t mind to me. He looks as though he is about to come over here and tear my head off.” I replied, again extricating my hand from hers.

“Oh he may well come over here, but he’d rather watch you fuck me than thump you. He gets off on strangers having his wife when he’s watching… Has done for years.”

I shook my head in dismay. Was I the same as that poor bastard?… Did I want to watch Claire being fucked by a stranger?… Was it the ‘norm’ nowadays for men to share their wives’ bodies like that?…

I had to get out of there. The woman was actually quite attractive in a ‘rough’ sort of way, but there was no fucking way I was going to provide the afternoon entertainment for her and her cuckold husband.

Finishing my pint with one gulp, I threw a £10 note on the table and snatched my sandwich before almost running out of the pub to the sound of her laughing as she shouted after me. “Come back any time, you’re more than welcome.”

I jumped in my car and tore out of the car park, wheels spinning and sending gravel flying everywhere in my panic-stricken haste to get away. I started laughing as I drove. Laughing at myself mainly, but also at the absurd realisation that ‘cuckoldry’ seemed to be the modern way in some marriages. I’d just stopped for a quiet lunch and found myself embroiled in a similar situation to what I was in at home, but this time in some other stupid bastard’s marriage. Was that really what I wanted?

* * * * * *

I arrived home just after Claire and the kids. The two little ones were tearing around like normal, everything at full volume as they argued and laughed with each other. My wife was in the kitchen preparing an afternoon snack for her and the children.

“Would you like a sandwich?” she enquired as I entered the room.

“No thanks love, I’ve had a pint and a snack while I’ve been out. I’ll wait for supper if that’s OK, a coffee would be good though.” I replied as I sat opposite her at the breakfast bar.

She poured me my coffee and looked me enquiringly in the eye, “You went out for lunch too?”

“Not really!” I answered, taking a swig of the hot liquid, “I just had a drive round for a while and stopped up in the hills for a quick pint.” I pondered telling her about my experience with the want-a-fuck couple but decided it was probably best not to divulge quite everything. “I needed to think too, it was good just to get away for a while.”

“Yes, I know what you mean, my mind has been racing too.” she muttered quietly, acknowledging my quandary.

She took the kids their snack and glasses of water through into the family room and returned, taking a seat opposite me and picking up her mug of coffee.

“I actually met Lizzie while I was out. We had quite a chat.” she laughed.

She obviously saw the look of surprise on my face and again smiled mischievously before explaining, “Yes, we had ‘that’ chat.

“You mean?…” I stuttered, my face showing the amazement I was feeling.

I was shocked. How could she divulge to a relative stranger what had been happening to us? Especially the mother of the teenager she had had her revenge fuck with.

“You may not have noticed but Lizzie and I have become very close over the last couple of years. She’s like the sister I’ve always wanted. I can talk to her about things I would never dream of ever discussing with my mother.”

I shook my head slowly, my eyes betraying my bewilderment, “You women,” I laughed, “You discuss personal things together as though you are talking about a shopping list. Don’t you understand even the concept of privacy?”

“Perhaps if you men were the same, and talked about your feelings with your friends, then there would be a lot less problems in the world.”

“You discussed ‘everything‘ with her?” I asked, “Even the fact that you and her son…?”

Claire nodded. Finishing her drink she rose from her seat and started to go into the family room to check on the children.

“I’ll tell you everything later, when the kids are in bed. We’ll retire early so we’ll have the ‘privacy’ you so desire.” She had a huge smile on her face by then as she was clearly amused at my reticence with regard to discussing our private life.

* * * * * *

We went to bed early as she had requested. Claire had made a wonderful home-made pizza and salad followed by pistachio ice-cream as a special treat for the children. I must say it was a treat for me too; she is a marvellous cook when she is in the mood and her pizza dough is to ‘die’ for. Even though it was still daylight outside, the kids had gone to bed happily stuffed and very tired with all their running around so were asleep almost before their heads hit their pillows.

I had followed Claire up to our room after locking up the house securely and found her already in bed when I got there. After showering and shaving I wandered into the bedroom to discover my gorgeous wife sat up resting against the headboard. The cover was only up to her waist, and to my huge delight, she appeared to be naked, her beautiful breasts exposed to my gaze.

She was reading a magazine but that didn’t obscure the wonderful view I had of her dark brown tipped, creamy white breasts. Taking a chance that maybe she was totally naked underneath the cover, I stripped completely. My cock twitching slightly as I looked at my hopefully naked wife, I drew the cover back to discover my dreams had been answered. Her legs were slightly splayed leaving her freshly shaved pussy open to my lustful gaze, causing my inquisitive member to get firmer with ever second as it responded to the incredibly sexy view I was seeing.

Raising one eyebrow provocatively, she closed her magazine and placed it on the cabinet at her side of the bed before she spoke in her best seductress voice.

“Well?…Are you going to stare all night or are you going to join your horny wife?”

Now any straight man in the world would have been unable to refuse an invitation like that and I was not about to test that theory in the slightest, so, leaping onto the bed like an over-eager virgin, I grabbed the gorgeous woman I loved so much and pulled her naked body against my now rock-hard penis.

“Whoa there big boy!” she giggled, “I thought we had to talk?”

Lying back, I reluctantly released my grip on her and pulled her gently to my side, placing my arm around her shoulders and softly filling my hand with her available breast.

Taking a deep sigh, I said quietly, “OK my love, you talk, I’ll listen.”

Chuckling happily, she asked, “Do you want to wear your mask again?”

“Mm mm, yeah I think so,” I replied, “I must admit it was very sexy just being able to hear but not see you last night.”

After placing the mask over my eyes and totally blocking any light from reaching them, Claire again snuggled against my prone body, her hard nipples massaging the side of my ribs as she reached between my legs and gently gripped my, by then, almost painfully hard cock.

“You really want to know how my young lover fucked your wife’s cunt?… How he bent me over and forced his long cock into my tight little arse?… How I sucked him until his cum spurted down my throat?…” she teased, tormenting me as she filled my befuddled brain with disgust that was totally overwhelmed by lust.

“Oh Fuck Claire!…” I gasped.

She released her grip on me then, leaving my twitching cock dripping its pre-cum all over my stomach and placing her arm across my heaving chest.”OK, you asked for it,” she giggled again, “Who would have thought that I’m married to a kinky pervert? One who loves to hear about another man fucking his wife.”

Gently stroking my naked chest and occasionally teasing my own tiny erect nipples she continued her tale of her debauchery.

“I told you last night about how George had prematurely cum in his pants at the mere sight of my body so I’ll start from there.”

“I took his hand. The poor kid was shaking with embarrassment as I made him stand up again. I was extremely nervous myself at what I was about to do; how I was going to have sex with another man other than you for the first time since we have been together; my first ‘new’ cock for over 17 years. I took his face in my hands and gently kissed his lips, no tongues, just a soft, gentle kiss. I then began to undress him, undoing his belt before pulling his t-shirt over his head, he’s much taller than me so my mouth was only a little above his nipples. I bent my head slightly and licked his little nubs before nibbling them gently with my teeth – I know from you just how much you men like to have your nipples played with, just like the rest of us really.”

Pausing for a moment, she gave a soft, sexy chuckle and performed the self-same act on my own little nips, causing my cock to let loose another drop of sticky pre-cum.

“I kissed his mouth again before I undid his jeans and pulled them down off his sexy little bum. The randy sod wasn’t wearing any underwear, so that explained the huge wet patch he had produced when he came earlier. Anyway, his cock sprang up and slapped me across the chin as I bent forward to remove his pants from his feet. Have I mentioned before how long he is?” she teased, giggling as she flicked my own twitching penis with her finger.

“Fucking hell Bob! It was so damn exciting and naughty. Holding another man’s cock like that, knowing that it was soon going to be pounding my hot sweaty cunt. I had forgotten just what a thrill it is to hold a new penis for the first time, and I must admit my darling, the act of revenge never crossed my mind at that moment. All I wanted was to have this young man take me in the most nasty way I could think of.”

I almost came myself then, the thrill of my seemingly unrepentant wife telling me how much she had wanted to fuck someone else proving almost too much for my over-excited cock. Sensing my predicament, Claire paused for a short while, allowing my excitement to die down slightly. I felt her leave the bed for a few minutes. Still unable to see anything, I could hear her moving around followed by the clinking of glasses as she poured us both a drink. Her side of the bed dipped as she returned and put a glass of my favourite scotch to my lips. After allowing me to take a big gulp of the strong liquor, she removed the glass from my mouth and lay down and cuddled up to me again.

Taking a deep breath, she continued.

“I couldn’t resist it, you know how much I love to suck your cock, I just had to have him in my mouth. Off he went again, his hot cum spurting down my throat as he tried to force his cock even deeper. He did actually get further down there than you ever have, but I think that was more to do with how much thinner his cock is than yours than how much longer it is.

Poor George, he had cum twice in a few minutes and he hadn’t even touched me yet. He was babbling away like an idiot, trying to apologise for his lack of control, but I was just amazed that he was still as hard as steel bar.

I made him sit again. Doing my best to be as natural as possible, not wanting to overexcite him again, I casually started to strip the rest of my underwear off. I had to laugh to myself as he begged me to keep the garter belt and stockings on, even though he was only 18 he already had the fetish that seems to be inbred in you men.

His face was an absolute picture as I exposed first my tits and then my newly shaved cunt. I found out later that mine was the first ‘real’ naked female body he had ever seen. I tentatively asked him if he was actually still a virgin and when he embarrassedly confirmed my suspicion, my pussy almost flooded, my juices dribbling down my inner thighs. I don’t think even in my youth I had ever had a ‘virgin’ before. I decided I wasn’t going to use the pack of condoms I had bought earlier that day, I knew I was safe and he obviously was too. Yes Bob, I had had myself tested after I found out you had been fucking that skank Bella.

I felt my face grimace at her words. Shame that I had forced my wife to put herself through the anxiety of those tests filling me with remorse and disgust with myself. I kissed her gently on the top of her head and apologised profusely once again for my part of the situation we found ourselves in.

Sensing my sorrow, Claire just cuddled up to me for a while, her fingers softly toying with my chest. A few minutes later, she gently kissed my lips and continued.

“I pushed him back on the sofa and slowly mounted him. I hardly felt him as he entered my sopping wet pussy. I am used to being stretched by your lovely thick cock and his is nowhere near as wide as yours, but Jesus, I felt him enter my cervix he was that long. I know you are over 8″ so he must be 10 at least. It was all so new to me; I came almost immediately as soon as our loins met.

Thanks to his previous two unexpected orgasms, he was still hard as I calmed down. I started to move nice and slowly, the way I know you like, feeling him going deep into my womb. I pulled his mouth to my breasts and forced my nipples into him, telling him to suck me like a baby. It wasn’t long, even after his previous cummings, before I felt his body begin to stiffen and he spurted another load of cum deep into my body. The warm wet feeling instigated my own second orgasm and we climaxed almost simultaneously, his hot cum mixing with my own as the sticky mess dribbled down my thighs.”

I hugged her close and whispered to her, “You hot little slut!… I am so fucking jealous of that boy. I hope he knows just how lucky he is, the little shit. I wish I had had such a wonderful hot, sexy woman when I lost my own virginity.”

Fighting the urge to either ravage my wife, or at least, take myself in hand, I begged her to continue.

“I felt so wanton and sluttish, any previous inhibitions I may have had seemed to go right out the window as I climbed off him and immediately took him in my mouth again, sucking and licking our combined juices off him until he was clean once more. I know I have never liked doing that when you and I have made love, but…. well you know. You did all sorts sorts of things with Bella that you said a man shouldn’t do with his wife and I suppose I felt the same.

Anyway, I lay back on the floor, my legs wide apart, showing my dripping cunt to him. I told him he had to return the favour but had to explain exactly what I meant as he had no idea about giving a woman oral sex. He didn’t seem at all bothered that he would be licking his own cum as well as mine and just dived in there. I have got to say, his lack of technique was frustrating at first, remember I am used to you being such a great fanny licker, but after a few well-meant instructions he finally got me off again and I flooded his mouth with my pussy juices. I pulled him up my body until we were face to face and slowly licked all my secretions off his soaked face and tongue-kissed him in a way he said he had never experienced before.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My unsolicited sequel to DamonX’s story Danielle’s Revenge.

DamonX is an excellent writer. Unfortunately his plots are extremely aggravating. In the case of Danielle’s Revenge, a new bride takes exception to her husband being with one of her friends before they were even engaged. She sets out for revenge, in a disgusting over the top fashion. It’s a perfect case of unreasonable escalation.

In my mind, the escalation would likely continue. The level of disrespect, humiliation and torture were enough to ensure no reconciliation. The new bride turns out to be truly psychotic.

She’s bound him, and made him watch her have sex with a stranger, acting like a total slut, and doing all the things she’d never do with her own husband, with ‘Ramon’. She rubs his face in it, then leaves him bound and gagged, at the end of the story. At least at the end of DamonX’s version.

I believe there’s more to be said here… Fair warning, this is a really cruel and ugly one.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed. If I find a story that’s been left hanging for too long, I’ll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don’t write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

I don’t want to step on too many toes, and hijacking an author’s work is not what I’m intending. It’s just that so many authors start up and then disappear. They do comeback, so I’m not going to jump on a story after a few months of inactivity. So here’s what I’ve made as my own criteria for completing a story.

1) Writer has not submitted anything in over 2 years

2) The story has not been added to in at least 3 years

3) Story comments indicating a desire for the story to continue

4) Interesting enough premise to make it worth while to continue


Irritating enough that it makes me want to respond

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

After wallowing in my misery and shock, I started to come to my senses.

I’d married a psychopath. No two ways about it. Sure, I’d had sex one time, nearly two years ago, with Michelle, before Danielle and I had even been engaged. We had been on the outs at the time, and I was considering moving on. Michelle made sure I knew she was available.

I guess the only real mistake is that they were such close friends. Other than that, I can’t see anything wrong with what I did. I never did anything with Michelle since then, and made sure she knew, years ago, that although I enjoyed being with her, it would never happen again. I’d never done anything inappropriate since.

And this ways my new bride’s idea of payback?

My hands were tied together, as were my feet. I was still leaning against the wall where she’d left me. The stench of their adultery hung over me, a miasma of treachery. My head ached from whatever she’d given me. The lousy bitch.

It wasn’t easy, but I managed to crawl my way into the bathroom. Trust me, being tied up with your hands behind your back, and gagged is a pain. It must have been a good half-hour later before I’d managed to get my hands untied, using only a toenail clipper. The paucity of blood on the floor was a miracle. They ached fiercely as the circulation returned to them.

I was going to get revenge. No doubt about it. I ached for it. Could think of nothing else. I was going to start by documenting what she’d done. I went down to the station and reported an assault. I’d been tied up and drugged. I wasn’t sure who’d done it, I told them. I suspected my wife, but God only knows why. I woke up in my bedroom. At their suggestion I went down to the local Doc-in-a-box, and had a full blood workup done. I told them I’d been drugged unconscious. I’d receive the toxicology report in a few days.

When I got home, my loving wife had still not returned. I started to wonder if her parting ‘Goodbye dear’ was meant to be final.

I hoped not. How would I get my payback if it was?

I made a few preparations, my anger building. Turned out I had plenty of time. She didn’t return until almost 5:00 am. The lights were off downstairs as she’d left them, the light in the bedroom still on. I was sitting in the dark, waiting. Replaying her betrayal over and over again, in my mind. Every last detail as clear as if it was happening again. By the time she arrived I’ll readily admit, I was partially unhinged. Furious.

She closed the door quietly behind her, and I could see she was moving gingerly. I almost laughed out loud at that. If she was sore now, we’d see how she was before too long.

Danielle didn’t turn on the lights, she didn’t call out. I was wondering if she was having second thoughts. Too late for that, you evil bitch.

She walked down the hall carefully, and I got to my feet and followed quietly behind her. I was only a couple of steps away when she turned into the bedroom. “Honey?” She called out nervously, when she didn’t see me.

Honey? Like I’d ever let the loathsome bitch use any term of endearment with me again.

I pushed her roughly into the room, slamming her onto the bed. She squealed and struggled, but I had 80 lbs on her. I had her hands and feet zip-tied within a few seconds, and I reached under her skirt and ripped her panties off. I shoved them in her mouth, and duct-taped them in place. I wasn’t gentle.

She was obviously terrified, when I rolled her onto her side.

“So you’re a whore, are you?” I smirked. “Good job choice. Consider me your pimp, you heartless cunt.”

It took a little over an hour to get to the summer cabin. I drove her car, meticulously obeying the speed limit. She rode in the trunk. I figured I could use one of the dirt-bikes that we left up there to get home.

The small, three room building had been winterized, and was isolated enough for me not to have to worry about neighbors. At the last minute, I had a change in plans. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson had the cabin half a mile from ours. They rarely used it in the summer, and never in the winter. As with most of our neighbors, I had a key to their place for emergencies. This was an emergency if ever there was one.

There were a lot of advantages to using their place. They had solar power, so any electric use would be minimal. They had a garage, her car wouldn’t be sitting out in the open. If anyone wanted to investigate her disappearance, they’d find out about our family cabin easily enough, it might be risky leaving her there. No reason to investigate the Thompson’s. They were retired Snowbirds. They headed to Florida every winter. They wouldn’t use the cabin for many months. They were paranoid of their belongings, and never rented or loaned the place out.

It seemed ideal, for my purposes.

The cabin was cold, but I started up the propane heater. I looked around, and figured it would do for now.

I dragged my dear sweet wife out back of the cabin, and hosed her down. She didn’t seem to like it much, I’m sure the water was uncomfortably cold, it was, after all, mid September. She struggled a little when I tore her slutting clothing off of her, showing a bit more cooperation when I took out my knife to cut the last remnants away. I pressed the hose nozzle up her cheating cunt, and against her ass, rinsing her off good. Have to keep your property in good shape, you know.

She was still bound up tight, and her hands and feet were looking red. I didn’t want her to lose them. What a pain that would be.

I cut her hands free, and watched her eyes tear up, as the circulation started up again. I leaned over her face grinning. “Not so fun is it?” I looped the chain around her neck, tightly. Way too tight for her to wriggle out of it. Snapped it shut with a padlock. She reached up to pull the duct tape off of her mouth, and I backhanded her, hard. “Don’t touch.”

I never had hit a woman in my life, but I guess I had no such compunctions when it comes to vicious, cheating, whore wives.

The chain wrapped around one of the cabin’s central posts. A 10″ wide natural log that wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t cruel, I gave her about a foot of loose chain to move around, and cleared everything away from the center of the room.

I removed her ankle ties, and wrapped a second, thinner chain around her ankle, locked it in place, and attached that one to the post as well. Gave her a few feet of slack. She could lay down if she wanted. Not much else. The bitch wasn’t going anywhere.

I made her sit down, and then ripped the duct-tape from her face, and yanked the soiled panties from her mouth. “Ramone. I want to know everything about him.”

“What… what are you doing!” she seemed torn between anger and fear. I was going to make sure fear won out. I slapped her again, then, what the hell, I slapped her a half-dozen more times just to get some of my fury out.

I grabbed a fistful of hair and shook her. “Ramone. Everything. Where he lives, where he works, how you met him.”

“Please, honey,” she sobbed, “don’t…”

The next backhand was hard enough to bounce her head off the post, and leave her dazed, her split lip bleeding.

“You stupid cunt!” I snapped. I returned with my industrial sized container of over-sized zip-ties. She didn’t struggle much as I bound her wrist and ankles once again. Duct-taped her mouth good, wrapping it around her head three times.

“I’m going to give you some time to think about it. Maybe I’ll be back.”

I shut off the heater, and turned at the door. “Yes, I’ve seen what a whore you are. Thank you for the wakeup call.” She looked at me, tears streaming down her face. “Goodbye dear.”

~ * ~ * ~

I had a plan, to go along with my blinding anger. I was patient. I called around, talking to her parents and friends. Told them what she’d done to me. Said she’d left with her unnamed lover, who I’d never seen before. Said goodbye and drove off. I hadn’t heard from her since.

“I don’t know what to do,” I cried my crocodile tears. “I love her so much. If she would come home, I’m sure we could get past her indiscretion.”

I talked to the police, but they told me there was nothing they could do. Not for 48 hours, and not much even then. “No signs of foul play. She probably realized she’d overreacted and can’t face you. Give her some time.”

Some of the friends and family questioned my version of whatever happened. I showed them the photos of my bindings, the damage to my wrists, the police and toxicology reports. I guess they were convincing.

Several purchases were made. Not locally, as far from home as I could reasonably manage. Cash. Call me paranoid. I considered it being careful.

The second day of sitting in her own filth, without food or water, in that cold room, tied to that post, she cracked. When I uncovered her mouth, she gave it to me, in detail. I had everything I needed to know about the asshole. I rewarded her. Took her outside and hosed her down. Let her drink from the hose. Gave her a bucket, sponge and some Lysol, allowing her to clean up her space.

She was still fucking gorgeous. Seeing her on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor, her naked ass waving, I’d had enough. I pulled my pants down, straddled her hips, and fucked her ass raw. She’d given it to him willingly enough. Her husband deserved at least as much. It was difficult getting in her, and she whined and sobbed a lot. Tough shit. He-he. No pun intended.

When I was done, I left her there, crying. I got an empty mason jar and stood in front of her, waving it. “Two bucks. You earned it, my little whore. When you’ve paid off my investment in you, I’ll set you free.”

I had given her the entrance mat to sit on, and tossed her a rough wool blanket. “Take care of my investment,” I told her.

“Feed me?” she begged piteously.

“We’ll see. Depends on how true you were about loverboy. If there’s even one lie, you’re not going to like the results.”

She changed her story. Not a lot, but enough to piss me off. I paid her another two bucks and pounded her tight ass again. I left her there.

~ * ~ * ~

Revenge is exhausting. Keeping all the lie’s straight, switching emotions. Dealing with the home, the friends, the neighbors, the family. Working, and taking off to my little hideout as often as possible. Making plans, and following through.

She had another 18 dollars in her jar, and had lost at least 10 pounds when I dragged loverboy Ramone into the cabin, unconscious. He was chained much more thoroughly to the second post. Neck, hands behind his back and behind the post. On his knees, his ankles chained to the sturdy wood. I cut his clothing off, leaving a few nicks and scratches in my wake.

By this time, Danielle knew better than to speak. I removed her gag, and she looked up at me piteously. I tossed her the water bottle, and she drank gratefully.

“Speak if you want to,” I told her.

“I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do…”

I shook my head. “You’re doing fine. $20 already. Only another $11,460 to go.”

Ramone was angry when he came to. Not much he could do about it. He stayed tied up, and I said nothing. Hit him and kicked him when he was in reach. Didn’t feed him, didn’t water him. Left him in his filth.

I fucked her a lot. Always in her cheating ass. By this time she was practically asking for it, turning her ass toward me as soon as I’d show up. I’d pay her, then water and feed her after a good fucking. Nothing substantial but it was better than starving. No fucking, no feeding. Piss me off, and there was no watering.

After just a couple of days without care, Ramone was close to done. Hanging from his chains, not even looking up. He didn’t moan or groan when I hit him. I’d just spent another $4 and pulled my cock out of Danielle’s ass, wiping it in her hair. I walked over to her lover. Ripped the duct tape from his mouth, and saw a hint of life. I got a pitcher of water and started pouring it over his head. He shuddered then turned his head upward, desperately seeking the life giving fluid.

Alright, maybe I’m a little mean. I moved the spout around, making him chase it, laughing at him. Then I poured the remaining water directly over his mouth, overfilling it. Fast, so he could only drink a fraction of it, the rest going to waste. When it was empty I backhanded him with my full strength, snapping his head around. “Last time you’ll ever fuck another man’s wife.” I laughed, “Or any woman, for that matter.”

Thirty seconds with the duct tape, and he was taken care of. I returned to my wife, and untied her chains from the post, holding them like a leash. “Clean up.”

I’d given her a pot for her personal needs, and she quickly cleaned it out while I sat back and watched, playing out the chain as needed. She knelt in front of the under-sink counter, waiting.

“Yes, you may.”

She opened it and got out the cleanser, and Lysol. Got the bucket and brushed and cleaned her area. She looked over at the other post.

“Clean his area.”

She nodded, and set to work. “Don’t touch him,” I warned her.

She did what she could. I stood and filled the pitcher with water and diluted bleach and poured it over his lower body. A second pitcher rinsed him off, and I left her to the cleaning.

She was behaving well. I was absurdly proud of her ability to adjust to her new circumstances. “Let’s bathe you,” I told her.

Danielle seemed happy with the hose down. I guess being clean was better than being cold. She looked good, naked and clean. I bent her over the rail and pounded her ass. It was getting scrawny. I’d have to feed her a little better. Didn’t like a bony ass. I rinsed her ass out again, and gave her butt a slap. “You’re getting better at that. I may even have to raise your wages.”

She shocked me by turning and hugging me around the waist. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

I pulled her head back by the hair. “Not as sorry as you’re going to be, you cheating whore.”

Nope. ‘Sorry’ wasn’t going to cut it.

~ * ~ * ~

Ramone was wasting away. I gave him enough water to keep him alive. Barely. Fed him a crust of bread every now and then. That was it. He developed a cough, hacking, so I hooded him to keep it down. Developed some rashes but I didn’t really care. He should be happy I left him alive.

I don’t know what it was that pissed me off. I guess I had some anger issues. I usually slapped or kicked him when he was in reach. One day, I beat the hell out of him. No particular reason, I just felt he needed it. I felt better afterward. I even took a shower and washed off the blood and sweat.

Danielle was desperate to please me that day. I laid on the little rug I’d given her, and let her ride my cock with her ass. I guess I was getting soft. Lately I’d been allowing her to suck me to hardness, slobbering all over my cock before sticking it up her butt. We both knew she was cheating, lubing me up like that, but the truth was it felt better that way.

She was wearing only her neck chain. I had bandaged up her ankle; the chain had started chafing her. She still looked good to me. Sad, isn’t it?

She got me off, then took me in her mouth and slowly, surprisingly gently, pleasured me until I was hard again. She looked up at me piteously, with the gaze that I knew was pleading. “What?”

“How can I pleasure you?” she asked. “Ride you again? On my knees, on my belly? How do you want me?”

“Finish me with your mouth, whore.”

She smiled and did as I required. She was the best she’d ever been, sucking my balls, rimming me, taking me deep in her mouth. She was wild and wanton, then loving and repentant. I rose up on my knees and fucked her face hard, forcing my way down her throat, ignoring her gagging. Fist in her hair, I pumped her face until I was ready. “Finish me,” I growled.

She stroked me hard, sucking me, until I erupted between her lips. She sucked me dry, then showed me her reward. She swallowed, then laid down on my waist, licking and sucking my spent cock. “Thank you,” she whispered softly.

“Five. That was worth five bucks,” I told her. A compliment.

She looked up at me smiling. “Someday I hope to be worth more. For you.”

I smacked her. Not too hard, just to make a point. “Did I say you could talk?”

She shook her head, and went back to playing with me. Surprisingly, she eventually got me hard again. I was a little irritated that I was getting soft with her. I put her on her belly, and fucked her ass hard, driving her into the floor. It disturbed me that she came for me twice. This wasn’t supposed to be a reward.

So I spanked her for it. Put her over my lap and blistered her bottom, long and hard. She was crying after the first few minutes, and lying limp and helpless when my hand stung too much to continue. That was better.

I did remember to drop $9 in her jar. Five for the blowjob, and the regular $2 for each load in her whoring ass. I deposited a $10 bill and made change.

~ * ~ * ~

“Merry Christmas, Danielle,” I told her, opening the bag.

She looked up at me. “Permission to speak?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Is it really Christmas?”

“December 25th.”

She nodded, and tears rolled down her face. “I would have bought you something,” she said softly.

I grinned. “Maybe we’ll think of something you can give me.”

“Anything,” she said softly.

I pulled out the first of her gifts. Bracelets and cuffs. Soft leather interior, external metal bands which locked closed. Custom made and expensive. She giggled and put them on, while I brought out a wrapped gift. I handed it to her, and she opened it up eagerly. It was the matching collar, with an inscription. “His Whore.” She stroked the material, and felt her neck where the heavy chain hung. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered. “Put it on me?”

I removed the chain, and massaged the redness around her neck. I slid the collar around her neck, and snapped it shut. It looked good on her.

“Can I… Can I see it?”

I was feeling indulgent. It was Christmas after all. I took her to the bathroom, the first time she’d been in it since the place became her new home. Nearly three months. She turned her head in front of the mirror, examining the collar. I watched her hands move up to her hair, brushing it back, and the tears started again. “I look horrible!”

I moved behind her, and took her in my arms. “You’re beautiful. You’ve always been beautiful. An evil, despicable cheating whore who disgusts me, but fucking gorgeous.”

“Stay here,” I said. I returned a minute later with another of her gifts. I gave her the simple dollar store brush and she cried out in joy, snatching it from my hands, and attacking her rat’s nest.

After only a moment, she stopped and turned to me. “Let me prepare myself for you. You deserve better than this.”

I nodded.

She looked over at the bath. “May I?”

I glared at her.

She lowered her head. “It’s not for me, I swear. For you. Let me do my best for you. For Christmas. My gift.”

I nodded. “Not too long.”

“Thank you,” she murmured, and with a smile, closed the door on me.

Ramone’s eyes followed me around so I hooded him again. I hated him watching me. I put the food in the oven to keep it warm, and waited her return. I wasn’t disappointed. She was as beautiful as the day I met her. Maybe more so. She’d finally lost those last few pounds she was always complaining about. Her hair was long, and smooth. She was practically glowing. She approached me on her knees. “Merry Christmas, Honey,” she said. I saw she was nervous. I never let her use any terms of endearment. That little ‘Honey’ was taking a big chance.

“Merry Christmas, my little whore,” I told her.

I accepted her gift, letting her suck me to release. She was getting good. Practice, I guess. I caressed her soft shiny hair. I should have given her a brush earlier.

I still used the second erection on her cheating ass. Bent her over the table, and took her hard. “Don’t mistake me,” I growled. “You’re still nothing but a cheating evil whore. I didn’t deserve that.” I was surprised by my own words. I’d never brought up anything about that night. Not the reasons, not my feelings, not anything.

She moaned underneath me crying. “I know,” she whined. “I’m sorry, baby. Sorry. Punish me.”

“One time!” I screamed at her. “Once! Before we were even engaged. You and I weren’t even talking, remember! One time, and it wasn’t even good. I hate you, you lousy, no good cheating whore! How could you?”

I guess she figured that meant she could speak. “She was bragging about getting you. Telling all the girls. Saying all the nasty things you did. I… I was mortified. I took it out on you. I’m sorry.”

“SHUT UP!” I screamed, and slapped her on the side of the head.

I fucked her. Fucked her hard, fighting the tears that refused to stop. Spilling over and splashing on her ass. “Whore,” I’d sob. “Cheating cunt.”

I exploded inside of her, and collapsed, my full weight driving her into the table. “I hate you,” I cried. “Hate you.”

She pulled my arms around her body, drawing them in tightly, making me hug her. “I know, I know,” she cried softly. “I love you too. I’m sorry.”

I chained her to the pole. I needed some air. It was half an hour before I returned, back in control. She was sitting anxiously, obviously nervous, but silent.

I waltzed over to Ramone, ripped his hood off and kicked him in the gut. “Merry Christmas, Asshole,” I sneered. He looked up at me in fear. Any anger or resistance had faded long since.

Dinner was nice. I’d picked up a roast chicken, and had mashed potatoes, rolls, creamed corn, and green beans. I let her sit near me, while we ate together. She was quiet, but tentatively reached out to touch me every now and then. Pressed her leg against mine. She sipped her one cup of wine like she wanted it to last forever.

Blame it on the wine. The full belly. How good she looked. I went to the car and brought out the last of her presents. A large, dark brown alpaca fur rug, soft and luxurious. I laid it out in front of her column, and drew her down onto it. She rolled in it, giggling. “It’s incredible,” she said. “So soft. I didn’t think anything could be so soft.”

“Merry Christmas, Danielle,” I whispered.

She rolled into my arms, cuddling, kissing me. Not the lips. I’d never let those whoring cock-sucking lips touch mine. She had me hard, and was lying on top of me. I don’t know what I was thinking. I swore to myself I’d never do it, but there I was, balls deep in her cheating pussy.

She hugged me, crying. “Don’t just lie there,” I growled.

I made her do the work. Watched her ride my hard cock, rocking back and forth, sliding up and down it. She squealed when she came on it the first time, and I slapped her ass. “Impertinent whore,” I reminded her. “This is for my pleasure, not yours.”

My words were ineffective. We spent hours there. She got me off twice, and had numerous orgasms of her own. After half a dozen, I was getting irritated. “Damn it! Enough. This is for me. You come again and I’ll tan your ass.”

She whimpered and kept fucking me. She sat upright, fucking me steadily, a nice easy motion. Her moans had started again. She looked down at me, her eyes begging. “Please, honey,” she gasped. “Let me come for you?”


She kept going, her body trembling, legs shaking. She was fighting it, hopelessly. “Please!” she whined. “Please!”

“Come, you cheating whore,” I growled, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her hard.

She screamed out, coming so hard she forced my cock out of her. She gasped, and hurried to squeeze me back in. She laid on me, gasping, and kissed my neck. “Incredible,” she moaned.

When she stopped shaking, she sat back up and rose up off my cock. She adjusted herself and slipped me into her ass. She smiled and went back to work, fucking me.

I got a nice little ass come from her, only after she pleaded for her release. By then, I was done. I needed to come. She kissed my chin, “Come in your whore’s ass, baby. Fill me up.”

When I groaned my release into her, she climbed off my cock and sucked me clean. I didn’t have another one in me, and I laid there, holding her. She sighed after a while, grabbed her chain and locked it to her new collar. “Thank you for a wonderful Christmas. I know I didn’t deserve it. Thank you.” She laid back on the rug, stretching out. I played with her soft, warm body a while, rubbing her breasts, teasing her nipples.

I hadn’t forgotten about our other guest. I stripped his gag off, and unlocked his hands from around the post. He groaned as he drew his arms forward. I placed a sports bottle in his hands. He drank thirstily.

“Taste good? I gave you three good loads of my cum in there.” I had topped it off with water.

“Thank you, Sir,” he managed, his voice coming out soft and hoarse.

Any other response would have earned him a beating. I guess even slimy bastards can learn. I picked some of the last of the chicken off the bone, and put it on the half roll that Danielle had left. I gave it to him, and watched him cram it in his mouth.

I dragged Danielle over by her chain. Made her straddle him, inches away. I lifted her legs, showing him her reddened, well used pussy and ass. “Was it worth it, asshole? Fucking another man’s wife?”

He shook his head, turning his face away.

“Look at it!” I screamed at him, grabbing him by the hair. “You made a fucking whore out of her. Look at it you asshole!”

He looked up, miserably. “I… I’m sorry. She came on to me,” he whined.

That earned him a punch to the temple, and a kick to the ribs. I grabbed Danielle by the hair. “You want him now? I bet you’d love to fuck him again, wouldn’t you. You loved his cock, remember? You gonna lick his asshole now? Suck his cum off his body?”

She shook her head, crying. “No, baby. Nobody but you.”

“You’re a whore. You’ll do what I say. Now suck him!”

She dropped to her knees. Ten minutes later we all knew she was wasting her time. He wouldn’t get hard no matter what. I pulled on her chain hard, yanking her backward off of him, landing splayed out on her back, gasping. “You useless whore. Go rinse your disgusting mouth out, and return to your bed.”

She crawled to the sink, and spent several minutes doing just that. She even added soap to the water, gagging as she spit out the frothy water.

I pulled up her rug, rolled it and put it to the side. She didn’t deserve it. I did leave her the old rug. Locked her back in place. “God damned, whore,” I growled, snapping the lock shut.

Ramone was gagged again, and his chains checked. A kick to the balls was his final Christmas gift.

~ * ~ * ~

At home, it was a trying time. Everybody was worried about ‘poor’ Danielle. I was invited to dinner at the in-laws. Her friends stopped by, consoling me. Michelle, the architect of our issues offered an intimate consolation. Like I’d ever have anything to do with her again.

Work was going surprisingly well. I’d received a promotion and sizable Christmas bonus. I used half of the bonus to get myself a holiday gift. A used ATV four wheeler. I had plans.

I cut a path out behind our cabin, and rented an excavator. Dug a nice little pit. Well, maybe not that little. A post hole digger dug out the holes for the retaining posts and a simple chainsaw wood mill gave me most of the materials I needed. I’d purchased a book at a used bookstore on how to build a $50 underground house book. My Christmas vacation was spent putting in the poly plastic, installing the logs for the walls and retaining walls. All the basics.

It was hard work. I’d take several breaks a day. Danielle would feed me, and get my rocks off. She was curious as to what I was up to, but smart enough to shut up about it. Ramone was Ramone. Quiet, sullen and terrified. I even found myself sleeping over, to get the most out of my days.

The interior of the new shelter was only about 10 feet across, but more than 24 feet deep. Well ventilated, with numerous baffles to keep the critters out, and with plenty of drainage, built at the top of the decline at the back of the property.

It’s amazing what you can do working 14-16 hours a day for a solid week. It didn’t cost $50. More like $1500. Mostly in plastic, pipes and the concrete floor.

A used ATV front bucket ran me $400 but I couldn’t have managed the job without it. With a couple of chains and a second winch, I could move the logs in place, or push dirt around. It was like having two more people to help me. By New Years Day, I had the roof in place, sodded over, and the entrance was complete. The shell was done, now it just needed finishing on the interior.

New Year’s Eve I didn’t feel like I had a lot to celebrate. Nevertheless, I had a surprise for my wife. I cleaned up, and and entered the cabin a little after dark. I gave her a bag, and pointed to the bathroom. “New Year’s Eve. Get ready.”

I heard her crying only minutes later. She stuck her head out the door. “Please, Baby, don’t make me…”

“Shut the fuck up, whore, and get dressed,” I snapped.

I hadn’t watered Ramone for a couple of days. I tried to water him every day, but sometimes I forgot. Sometimes I couldn’t make it to the cabin, pretending to be human back home. I cut a slice in the duct tape over his mouth, stuck the sports bottle straw through the hole, and squeezed. He sucked thirstily until it was near empty. I pulled it out, and slapped a new piece of duct-tape in place. My good deed for the day.

She took longer than I would have preferred, but still looked good when she emerged. She had brushed out her hair, and put on her holiday clothes. The little white lace bra and panties that she had worn on our honeymoon just a few months ago. She also had on the thigh high stockings and high heels she had worn. Her hair was done up the same, and she was wearing the earrings her mother had given her as a wedding present.

She stood before me shaking. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“You look beautiful, you fucking whore,” I said. I had stripped down to nothing but a pair of shorts. I pulled her over to the door roughly, and did something I swore I wouldn’t. Stuck my tongue halfway down her throat. Reached down and grabbed her ass.

She lowered her head, crying, then reached out and grabbed my bulge. Perfect. She remembered.

She took me by the hand, sobbing, and pulled me along. She laid down next to Ramone, spreading her legs for me. “Ok, Baby, let’s do it,” she whimpered.

“Ok Baby, do your thing,” I corrected her. I remembered every word, every movement, every look of hers. I turned her head to face Ramone, roughly. “Get it right!”

“Ok baby, do your thing,” she cried, shivering when I kissed the inside of her thigh. I moved up her thighs, and pulled her hand over between her legs, making her rub herself.

“Oh my God, his mouth feels so good,” I whispered in a stage voice.

“Oh my God. His mouth feels go good,” she croaked, the words catching in her cheating, whoring throat.

It took us over an hour, and a lot of prompting on my part. She never stopped crying, not once. Pissed me off. She was supposed to be excited. I ended up having to smack her around a little. It helped, and she pretended, which was all I could really ask for. Obviously, I couldn’t excite her like her lover. Faithless bitch.

When our reenactment was over, and she was displaying her dripping asshole to dickhead, I yanked her away. “Who’s whore are you?” I asked, seething.

“Yours baby. Only yours. I was stupid, and angry, not thinking straight. Forgive me, baby,” she whined.

I laughed. “Forgive you? Are you fucking kidding?”

She dropped to her knees, hugging my thighs. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“Sure, you’re sorry now,” I snapped.

“I was sorry that night. I came back to beg forgiveness. I went too far. Way too far. I was going to do the same as her. Same as Michelle. I don’t know why I couldn’t stop.”

“Because you’re a whore!” I screamed in her face.

“Your whore, baby. Only for you. Never again with anyone else, I swear.”

“Unless I tell you to.”

“Whatever you want. I’m your whore.”

I grabbed her bra and tore at it viciously. The material didn’t separate easily and I was throwing her around the floor, trying to get it off. When it finally shredded, I yanked at her panties, knocking her to the floor, my foot on her back, pulling, stretching and finally ripping her honeymoon undergarments off.

I was panting, breathing hard, as I tore her stockings off, ripping her high heels off her feet and throwing them at the door. I grabbed her earrings, yanking at them. They came free, with one of her ears bleeding. I threw them on the floor, grinding them into the wood, under my heel. Not the smartest thing I ever did, since I was barefoot, and now bleeding more than her.

“You fucking worthless cunt. Our honeymoon clothes? You had to destroy everything, didn’t you!”

She lay sprawled on the floor, crying despondently.

“Get up, you filthy whore.”

She stood shakily, hands at her side, head bowed. “Clean up this mess.”

She did as told, putting the remains of her cheating apparel in a bag by the door. She scrubbed the blood off the floor, and even bandaged my foot and her ear. At midnight, I wished her a Happy New Year, and let her suck my dick.

~ * ~ * ~

January 22nd. I entered the cabin, and went to my wife. She had gotten on her knees immediately, awaiting me. I had a bag for her. She opened it, and found a little makeup packet. Not much, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, perfume. “Light on the perfume, I like the way you smell,” I told her.

She hugged me around the waist. I gave her another package which she tore open eagerly. She gasped, shaking out the t-shirt. It read “His Whore”. She looked up at me. “May I?”

“It’s yours, isn’t it.” I unclipped her neck chain.

She pulled it on over her head. The first article of clothing she’d worn in four months, other than that New Year’s debacle.

A third package had some more grooming items. A battery operated shaver, some soap, and cheap shampoo. She hugged them. “You were starting to look a little too European,” I teased.

She had tears in her eyes, when I lifted her to her feet, hugging her. “Happy Birthday, Danielle.”

Dinner was another special one, Italian, one of her favorites. Accompanied by a bottle of Chianti. It was her birthday, so I used all of her holes during the celebration. Even paid her double for them. Maybe it was the wine. She was in another of her orgasmic moods. I had to threaten her a couple of times, even deliver a short spanking, during which I made her count off her years. I left her in a quivering heap on her Alpaca fur rug. She was hugging her shirt to her chest, like it was gold.

I watered Ramone. He wasn’t looking good. Skin and bones, suppurating wounds on his wrists and ankles. His hair was lifeless and falling out. Gave him some juice mixed in with his water. A few calories every now and then. Damn that asshole pissed me off. He looked up at me, and I spat on him. Fucking disrespect me! He flinched as I stood and pissed on him. I aimed for his face, and he barely moved out of the way. Who’s the wimp now, mother fucker? I leaned down and faced him, only inches away. “Tell your husband you want me to come in your ass,” I reminded him of his treacherous words.

He whimpered, curling up as much as he could.

I went over and kicked my whore awake. She scrambled up as I pulled her across the floor by her hair. I kicked him onto his side, almost dislocating his shoulder. “Doesn’t he have a nice ass? Look how firm and sexy it is?” I growled, kicking his ugly rear. “You’d do anything he wanted, wouldn’t you, whore?”

She shivered, clinging to my leg. “No baby, he disgusts me. I love only you.”

“Don’t you want to lick his asshole again? Why don’t you stick your tongue up his ass? You loved that didn’t you, whore. Loved humiliating me.”

She started in with the stupid crying. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“Lick him. Lick his ass, just like you love to do, for your beautiful lover.” I threw her forward, kicking her in his direction. She moved slowly, pleading, begging.

“Remember, whore? You’d do it for him. Never for me, you promised. No, you wouldn’t do it for your husband. Only for your new stud, you fucking whore. Now lick him!” I pushed her the last few inches with my foot in her ass.

“Lick him until he’s hard. Do it, whore!”

She was only at it for a few seconds before she turned and threw up. All that fancy dinner, gone to waste. I kicked her. “Go on. He’s not hard yet.”

She tried, and got the dry heaves, then went back again. After a few minutes I dragged her outside. It was cold out, we’d had our second snowfall, and it was a couple of inches deep. I hosed her down, curled up, trembling. “Get in there and clean up your mess, whore.”

She was slow, and shivering hard, but she did a decent job of it. Took her way longer than it should have. I chained her to her post, and threw her old rug on top of her.

“Happy Birthday, you evil cheating whore.”

I still wasn’t done with Ramone. I had a birthday gift for him, as well. A few minutes research had provided the information I needed, and a day trip to an ag-store in a town a short distance away had provided the materials. $20 but worth it, in my humble opinion.

I had been nervous about Ramone’s resistance, but he offered up none. I attached the green band to the Jeffers castrating tool, squeezed the handles and watched it stretch open wide. Only a few seconds to loop it around his balls, and release. He grunted when the powerful band snapped shut, and whimpered. I liked that sound.

I was confused about how long it would take. Some sites said that within 24 hours, the job would be accomplished, if not sooner. One said you could just leave the band on, and that it would fall off, balls and all, in about three weeks.

Time was certainly not an issue.

~ * ~ * ~

I recognized part of my problem was the asshole. Seeing him would set me off sometimes. I had to do something with him. Three weeks later I did.

It was a Friday. I strolled into the cabin, and she got to her knees expectantly.

I ignored her, and went right to the asshole. Removed his chains and duct-taped his ankles and wrists again, the sound of the tape streaming off the roll, loud and comforting. Checked that his jewels had blackened but certainly hadn’t fallen off. Too bad about that, I’d been thinking about keeping them in a jar at work. I covered his mouth, picked him up easily and threw him over my shoulder. He couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred pounds. I’d need a bath afterward.

“Say goodbye to your lover, whore,” I said standing in front of her.

“He was a mistake. Not my lover,” she said softly.

“What did you say to me, last time you left with him?”

She lowered her head. “Goodbye, dear.”

“Much better.” I turned and left, closing the door behind me. He fit easily in my trunk. I drove the ATV up onto the trailer, and headed out.

I’d spent a few days with maps, finding the most remote location possible. It took me half a day to drive there, then another three hours of him bumping along, wrapped up in a blanket on the front rack of my Arctic Cat 650, like a trophy. When my GPS said I had arrived I got off, and rolled him to the ground.

I put the bag next to him. “If I ever see you again. I’ll skin you alive.” I pulled his face around by the hair, making him look into my eyes. “I mean that literally. Filleting knives and pliers. I will skin you, and make the whore a shirt out of your hide. That and a nice set of coasters.” I put the mini-survival tin in front of him. An Altoids can, it had enough to survive. Maybe. The bag had $10 worth of clothing from goodwill. Shoes, socks, shirt and pants. He had the blanket he was wrapped in. The tin had water purification tablets, water bag, fishing gear, some matches, flint and steel, compass, commando wire saw, antibiotic and band-aids. A couple of X-Acto knife blades, several yards of nylon string. Some sewing needles, a Fresnel magnifier, a couple of feet of aluminum foil. Even a SpyderCo folding knife. No whistle or signaling mirror. I didn’t want to make it too easy for him. He certainly had enough to survive. He didn’t seem like the rugged outdoors type to me. I didn’t give him much of a chance. Still something was better than nothing.

No fingerprints on anything, just in case. I bought the kit complete, and removed the signaling items, and added the knife. Pretty generous of me.

He was lying there stunned, still tied up. He could open the tin, get out the knife and free himself. Find shelter and food. He could make it. It was up to him. More of a chance than the bastard gave my marriage.

I hopped on the ATV and headed home.

It was after midnight when I got there, and I was exhausted. I walked over to her and freed her collar. “Service me, whore.”

She sucked me hard, then had me lie down while she rode my cock. Up her ass, of course. I wasn’t feeling generous. She hadn’t spoken a word to me. When she’d gotten me off, she laid on me, hugging me. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“I know,” I said, stroking her hair. She whined a little when I snapped her cuffs together behind her back, but I freed her leg chain, leaving her attached to the post only by the one around her neck. Reeled in the slack to give her a couple of feet. I saw the nervous anxiousness in her eyes, and calmed her.

“Relax,” I whispered.

She tried to, stretching out on her rug. I retrieved the blanket from the bedroom, laid down beside her and covered us up. Pulled her in close and held her while she cried softly. “He’s no longer part of your life,” I whispered.

She whimpered, “Permission to speak?”


“I’m frightened for you. Did you… finish him?”

“No. I released him. Far away, in the middle of nowhere, with enough to survive. I don’t envy his chances.”

“What… what if he comes back?”

“Then I’ll finish him.”


“It’s a chance I had to take. Tomorrow you will make sure no evidence remains of his ever having been here. Understand?”

She nodded, and cuddled in closer. “Use me?” she pleaded softly.

I was tired, but feeling a little compassion for my whore. She was alone again, and frightened. I could feel her trembling. I guess I was becoming an old softy. I sat up and stuck my cock in her mouth, allowing her to get me hard. It was cute to see her wriggling around on that rug, hands behind her, doing her best. It wasn’t bad. I toyed with her, reaching between her legs, driving her a little crazy. She was soaking wet, but would get no relief from me there. I wasn’t feeling that generous. Brought her near the edge several times, gasping for release. Her mouth work was getting sloppy, but I gave her some slack, I was being unusually hard on her pussy.

When I felt in danger of coming, I flipped her over on her belly, climbed behind her, and started working my way into her ass. Always a little difficult the first time, her spittle provided enough lubrication to make it possible.

I pinned her down with my weight, straddling her ass, her legs pressed together. Fucked her cheating ass for an eternity. Sometimes fiercely, then with an easy rocking motion while I rested. I didn’t punish her for her orgasms. I understood this was a difficult time for her.

Like I said, I guess I’m getting soft. I kissed her tender neck, inhaling her natural fragrance. “We won’t talk of him again.”

She whimpered, nodding.

“We’re entering a new phase now, my little whore. Just you and me.”

She grunted as I stabbed into her hard, thrusting her hips back to meet me.

She groaned and all resistance left her body. I pounded her tight hole, until I managed my own release. I thought she was out of it, but she wiggled underneath me. “Please, let me clean you. No mess in our bed.”

Our bed. That was laughable. But I could tell she was earnest. I laid down with my crotch in front of her face, and allowed her to do as she wanted. She did a lot more than clean, and I chuckled as I started to firm up in her mouth. She looked up at me, and I saw the mischief in her eyes.

“Are you trying to make me punish that sweet ass again?”

In response, she took me down her throat, pushing her face against my belly. I laughed, put her on her side, and reentered her ass. She opened her legs for me, looping the top one back, over mine. I held her in my arms, her head resting on my bicep, and played with her, a nice leisurely fuck, no urgency. Teased her a little, reaching down and playing with her pussy to make her wriggle against my cock. She’d been a lousy wife, but she was turning into a helluva whore.

She was feeling incredibly playful. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back, and she was trying to tickle me with her fingers. I swatted her butt. “Behave, whore.”

She giggled, wiggling her hips trying to force me deeper. Her fingers were caressing, no longer tickling, and she turned her head, kissing and nibbling on the arm she was resting on.

I relaxed, pulling her back against me, relaxed, my cock buried inside her. I felt her soft fingers gently caressing, running through my pubic hair. I held her, buried in that soft rug, her ass clenching around my cock, teasing me, while my free hand played with her tit. Still full and succulent, even after the weight she’d lost.

“Stay with me,” she whispered. “Please.”

I should have slapped her, but the exhaustion and sexual contentedness, had my body betraying me. I pumped her ass a few times, settling in nice and deep. Kissed her soft shoulder. Tugged our cover up over us. “Sweet little whore,” I mumbled, and held her until I no longer was aware of anything.

~ * ~ * ~

I woke to her body pressed against mine, her breath a gentle breeze against my neck. She had turned in the night, facing me. Strange, how she could look so innocent, asleep, when the soul of a harlot inhabited her sexy body. I reached behind her, and freed her wrists, hearing a soft whimper escape her lips. I pulled them around me, and lifted her body onto mine, holding her while trying to re-capture that magic time between asleep and awake.

She was wiggling, snuggling in, and I had to smack her rump a couple of times to get her to settle down. “Behave,” I whispered.

I was dozing off, and was a little irritated to find her riding my cock, in her damn cheating pussy, when I woke. She was kissing my neck, her hands gliding across my body. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she breathed into my ear.

I spanked her bottom, and thrust into her. “Ornery little whore.”

She giggled. “Your whore, Rick. Only yours. Forever.”

I let her fuck me. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Danielle.”

When she’d won her reward, I got up, and released a few feet of slack in her neck chain. Put her on her knees and had her clean me. “We’ve got a very busy day today,” I told her.

When I was content with the job she’d done, I went out to the car and retrieved the keys.

Ok, maybe I was paranoid. I never kept the keys on me, or in the house, if I slept over. I returned, unlocked her collar, and the other half dozen locks I used, leaving them available. “Start cleaning his area. Be thorough. Use bleach.”

I returned to the car and left the keys under the seat. Returned with the hasp and sanders.

The posts were rough hewn logs, nearly a foot in diameter. I set to work eradicating the markings of the chains, sanding them until they were smooth. The wood coloring was different, but in time it would change. I rubbed some Murphy’s oil into it, to remove that fresh cut look.

She was still scrubbing and cleaning, occasionally peeking over her shoulder and wigging that butt, trying to entice me. I’d swat her every now and then. “Evil little whore.”

When I started to give her post the same treatment, I caught her watching me nervously. “Permission to speak?” she asked.

“No. Keep cleaning.”

She hung her head, and did as I required.

I went outside and pulled the ATV up, parking it. I returned to the house, and rolled up her alpaca fur rug, tied it, and took it out to the ATV. She was watching me, and I saw tears roll down her cheeks.

“Clean everything,” I told her, gesturing toward her place, the kitchen area, the bathroom. “Immaculate. If there’s any evidence at all of our stay, I’ll beat you within an inch of your life. Maybe beyond that.”

She nodded, and returned to her knees, her shoulders slumped in misery.

I went out back and replaced the propane tanks, leaving them full. It wouldn’t be very neighborly of me to use theirs and not take care of it. My biggest concern was her vehicle. I couldn’t leave it where it was permanently. I’d have to do something about it soon, but I wasn’t sure what. So many little issues.

I had her take a break for lunch, took her outside and hosed her down. It was still damned cold out, but she accepted it well. She was surprised when I handed her a large towel.

“Don’t need you messing up the house,” I explained gruffly.

She dried herself quickly, and followed me into the house. I nodded toward the table. “Sit.”

She did, and I opened up the cooler, removing the cold-cuts and made us a couple of hearty sandwiches. We ate together, and I even let her have a sip of my Coke. “You may speak,” I said.

She looked into my eyes. “We’re leaving.” It wasn’t a question.

I nodded.

“Are… are you going to release me?”

I reached out and grabbed her hand, giving it a squeeze. “Is that what you’re worried about?”

She nodded back.

“No, my little whore. I thought you understood. I won’t let you go until I’ve recouped my investment in you.” I went and retrieved her mason jars. I pulled out my wallet and did some quick calculation. Put a $20 in the emptiest one. “For last night. Plus a tip.” I glared at her. “I’m not paying you for that sneaky way you jumped my bones this morning,” I softened my tone, “even if it was pretty damn good.”

I dumped the jars out and counted out her earnings for the last five months. “Nearly $500 you’ve earned. Still a far cry from the nearly $12 grand you owe me. No, I won’t be releasing you for quite a while.”

“What’s going to happen then?” she asked.

“It’s a surprise. You’ll know by the end of the day, alright?”

She nodded, and I could tell she was a little calmer.

It was late afternoon, before the house was where I thought it should be. I’d be hard pressed to notice any changes, other than it was cleaner than normal after being empty six months. “Get dressed,” I told her.

She retrieved her little folded shirt, which she was only allowed to wear when I was away. She had torn away the collar and sleeves, making a cute little sheath. I watched her pull it up over her legs, and up her body, slithering into it. I’d never seen her put it on while chained. She adjusted it, flipping her hair back. She looked ravishing, and it was only with the greatest restraint that I didn’t.

“Anything left?” I asked.

She shook her head, and I took her hand and led her out of her home for the last several months.

It was cold out, and I picked her up in my arms, and set her on the backseat of the ATV. Wrapped her blanket over her shoulders. I climbed in front of her, and drove off. The place was as if we’d never been there, except that damned car in the garage.

It was a good 20 minutes on the ATV, and she was clinging to me, shivering hard. “Just a little longer,” I assured her.

I parked, and she looked around nervously. I couldn’t blame her, you couldn’t see the entrance until you walked up on it. Once the plantings had taken you wouldn’t even be able to see anything until you’d navigated the thorny entrance.

I lifted her in my arms, holding her shivering body close. I carried her down the entrance steps into the small shelter. It was only 8 feet square, a bench on one side, the other two walls covered with shelves and survival rations.

“Your new home,” I teased.

She looked around anxiously. It was claustrophobic. “Here?” she squealed, even forgetting to ask permission to speak.

I laughed, and reached into the shelf, pulling the latch and easing the counter-weighted section open inward. I scooped her into my arms, and carried her inside.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Danielle,” I said, as she struggled out of my arms to look around.

“For me?”

“For you.”

It wasn’t huge, about 10′ by 20′ and only seven feet tall. It was all wood, log walls and ceiling, wood plank flooring, with a few rugs. Table, chairs, couch, even a bed, built from logs. I’d denuded a lot of the BLM lands behind us, of the best, straightest trees. Six weeks just to get the interior to this point, after getting the shell of it put down in a little more than one week.

“Have a look around, while I get your stuff,” I told her.

I retrieved her rug and blanket from the ATV. That and her chains.

The furniture was bolted down. I had made cushions for the couch, but the chairs were bare wood. She was walking around touching everything, sitting on the couch, the chairs.

The biggest issue was power. There was a 30′ cliff off the back of the property. Great for drainage. It was only about 50′ feet from the back of the bunker. It faced mostly south, and I’d hung a pair of solar panels off of it, and wired it back to the bunker. The batteries were in the front section. It generated some power, but not a lot. One ran the 9 CF Sun Frost ultra-efficient refrigerator. The other provided the lighting and fans.

The 20 gallon propane tank ran the single burner and the on-demand water heater for the shower. Water was a problem.

“You have to be careful with the water. We only have a 250 gallon tank, and I haven’t drilled a well yet. Money’s kind of tight. I hope to have it done within a month.

She came over and knelt in front of me. “Permission to speak?”

I nodded.

“You did all this for me?”

“Who else would I do it for?”

She scooted forward and hugged my legs. Didn’t say anything, just hung on until I thought I was going to fall over. I pulled her to her feet. “Come on, I’ll give you the tour, show you how some of the stuff works.”

Once we’d completed that, I rolled out her rug. “Where do you want it?”

She walked over to the bed, and gestured in front of it. “Would here be OK?” she asked.

“It’s your place, Danielle.”

“Here,” she said.

I laid it out and as I stood, she took my hand, she sank down to the rug, tugging at me. “Please?”

We broke in the place nicely. I had her on the floor, on the couch, on the bed, even on the table. I was sore and worn out before I was done with her. She was glowing, laying on her rug, beautifully naked.

“Do you like it?” I asked, sitting beside her, caressing her body.

“Like it? It’s wonderful. I can’t believe you did this for me. It must have been a lot of work.”

“Broke ground just before Christmas. I wish I could have completed more of the interior. It was time to move, and I figured it was at least livable.”

She cuddled into me. “Livable? It’s fantastic. Thank you, Rick.” She buried her head into my neck. “I’m sorry I messed things up.”

“I know.” I kissed her forehead. “C’mon. We need to go above ground.” At the entrance, I wrapped her in my coat, and carried her to the ATV seat. I handed her the burner cell-phone. “Call your Mom. Let her know you’re alright.”

She stared at me, stunned. “But what do I say?”

“You ran off with loverboy. You’re doing fine. You just wanted to let them know that you’re alive and kicking. You’ll call them later. Keep it short.”

“Can… can I talk to Dad, too?”

I nodded. “If you can be a good girl, we’ll try to make it a regular thing, Ok?”

She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me. Kissed me on the lips. I almost slapped her, turning my face away angrily. “Sorry,” she mumbled.

“Just call ‘em,” I snapped.

She did. It took longer than I wanted. She cried a lot, apologizing for taking so long. She was fine, traveling. She didn’t know when she’d come back, if ever.

“I know, Mom. I know I hurt him. I’m sorry, it was the biggest mistake of my life.”

“… I don’t know. I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me. I can only hope and pray that maybe, someday, in time.”

“… Not yet. It’s not time yet. I don’t know when, but not now.”

“… I love you too. Both of you. I’m sorry I put you through this, but I think about you all the time.”

“… I’ll try. I’ll call when I can. Give everyone my love,” she said softly, pulling the phone from her ear and passing it to me.

I pulled her into my lap and let her cry her heart out. I held her slender naked body in my arms, my coat all that covered her. I didn’t think she’d ever stop sobbing, so I stood and carried her back into her home, laying her on the bed.

I laid down and held her. She slowly regained her composure, clinging to me desperately. “Will I ever see them again?” she whispered.


~ * ~ * ~

My home in town was a shell. I rarely stayed there any more. My entire weekends were spent in our bunker. I’d arrive home as early as possible on a Friday, and unlock the place. Front doors, then the hidden rear access panel. She’d wait for me on her knees at the entrance, with a cold beer. I’d let her open my pants and pleasure me before I sat down and we talked about our days.

Hers were spent reading, exercising, and knitting. That and keeping her home clean. She would never scold me, but if I forgot to take my shoes off at the entrance, she’d pout for hours.

She loved her alpaca fur rug, and I purchased her a matching bedspread, and small entrance rug. She only used the entrance rug to greet me, then she’d hang it on the wall as a display, next to the entrance.

I’d finally decided to take her vehicle and park it in storage, two states away. I had her fill out the papers, and prepaid six months storage. A covered space was provided, and I removed the plates to delay any vehicle identification. Took the bus back, and felt I’d done as much as I could.

It was another month before I felt I could afford to dig the well. I rented the gear, cost me over $2 grand for three days. The good news was we knew the ground water wasn’t deep. The original cabin well was barely 120′ down. Ours was 170′ but that still wasn’t bad. The pump was well camouflaged underground. Danielle was ecstatic, and we probably burned through half a tank of propane, while I used her under the hot running water. I was glad I’d invested as much energy as I did in the drainage.

I was nervous as the summer visitors started using their properties. I used a variety of trails to get to our place, and the vines and thorns planted around the perimeter were likely to detour the curious. By mid June, I was feeling confident. I’d seen no indication of anyone around the back of the property, as I’d suspected. I’d sometimes spy on the cabin when my family came up. They lived more than two hours away and their visits were infrequent, but when they did, it was usually for a week at a time. I’d always been the most frequent user.

By July, we spent much of the weekend days above ground. She had begged and pleaded, and I’d folded, eventually buying her yet another alpaca fur rug. This one she’d carefully tacked a heavy woolen blanket to the back, providing another six inches of coverage all around. She liked to bring her blanket up during the day. There was a clearing above our bunker, which got a mixture of sun and shade. She’d place the rug in the shade, and tend the small vegetable gardens she’d finagled her way into planting.

I wasn’t happy about that part. Hiding the presence of the bunker was one of my key goals. She argued, successfully I might add, that the dense brush and labyrinthine thorn and vines enclosed the whole area. If anyone got past that, they’d see the entrance anyway. The gardens made it seem like there was less to hide.

She tended her plants diligently, wearing nothing but her straw hat. Oh yeah, I got her one of those too. I couldn’t resist using her occasionally, when I wasn’t working on one of my projects. The latest was a small gazebo, which I thought was really pushing the boundaries.

“But once it’s covered with the vines, it’ll be virtually invisible!” she pleaded. Of course, I was balls deep in her ass, while she bounced on my lap, when she made her request.

She clung to me, purring. “I’m such a bad wife, baby, making all these requests. Punish me, Rick. Punish me good.”

It wasn’t all fun and games. I still got pissed. A lot less once I’d gotten rid of the presence of Ramone, the constant reminder of her heinous betrayal and treachery. When I did blow my cool, I’d pull out her chains, and anchor her to the ceiling ring. Spank her whoring ass, fuck it dry, and take her clothes and things away. For three days once, when she said she wanted to go to her sister’s wedding, and wouldn’t let it go.

I once bound her feet and hands, no cuffs, but using the cruel zip-ties. Duct-taped her mouth, and threw her out in the grass. Raped her ass raw a couple of times, and left her there, while I went and ran some errands. Brought back some food and ate it in front of her, before fucking her cheating whoring ass again. I used my belt on her, for the first time. I didn’t retrieve her until dawn, and she was shaking uncontrollably.

It took me a while to remove the ticks, and treat the chigger bites. She was curled in the shower basin, sobbing. I had no sympathy for her.

“You mention the bastard’s name again, and I will release you. Just like I did him.”

She’d had the gall to ask me if I’d heard anything about Ramone. I hadn’t, and doubted I ever would. But she should have known better than to ask. Wondering about him! Reminding me of what a whore she’d been.

Two more days on the chain, had her docile and properly repentant. When I released her, I bathed her and brushed her hair.

“Never mention him again, Dani,” I whispered. “I can’t take it.”

She turned and hugged me. “I don’t give a fuck about him, I’m worried that some day they might come looking for you. I can’t lose you. I can’t.”

I held her, and let her cry, then finished cleaning her up. I’d made steaks for us, and opened a bottle of wine. “Happy Anniversary, Danielle.”


I nodded. “July 29th.”

She scrambled out of her chair, and started searching under the bed. I knew what it was. I allowed her no secrets. I pretended I didn’t.

“Happy Anniversary, my love,” she whispered, handing the bundle to me.

I opened it up, and shook out the hand-knit sweater inside. It had a matching cap. I examined it, critically. I was surprised she could make anything that nice and intricate. “It’s beautiful, Danielle.”

“Try it on,” she pleaded.

It fit well, and I modeled it for her. She looked absurdly happy. I wore it during dinner, careful not to mess it up. I think she was pleased. I brought out the chunk of our wedding cake I’d brought from the home freezer, and waited patiently for the tears to stop. We shared the small piece feeding each other.

While she cleaned the dishes, I retrieved the last of her gifts from the ATV. “Don’t peek,” I told her, while I drove six screws into the wall.

“Alright, you can look.”

It was our wedding picture, framed in the same rough wood as the rest of our retreat, which I’d screwed directly into the wall. She came up beside me, and I felt her hand slip into mine. We stood quietly, looking at the image of our promises to each other, which had gone so far astray.

“Punish me, husband?” she asked softly.

“Proudly, wife.”

I punished her mouth, and her cheating ass hard. Then I took her to bed, and we punished each other, slowly, gently and at great length. Again sometime during the night. And the next morning. I didn’t even turn away when she kissed me. It was our anniversary after all.

~ * ~ * ~

She was nervous when I arrived home. She should be. It was our other anniversary. One year since her jealous insanity and overreaction destroyed our lives. I’d had a hard day. My workload in the office tended to ebb and flow. Things were hectic, and I had a hard time keeping my mind focused on what mattered.

My boss called me in to his office. “You have to ease up,” he told me.

“Ease up, how?”

“You’re working yourself into the ground. You’ve been a bear these last couple of days. I understand. I do, I remember how you were when she left you a year ago. A year ago tomorrow, isn’t it?”

I nodded.

He was sympathetic. “You seemed to be recovering in the last few months, but yesterday and today have been ugly. Everyone’s walking around on eggshells. Take a couple of days off, alright? On us. Comp time. Try to relax, unwind. Make it a long weekend, and try to come in refreshed next Monday.”

“Alright. I’m sorry if I’ve been a bear, I haven’t even noticed. It must be subconscious.”

“I understand. We need you at your best. Come back and give it to us next week. Have a great weekend if you can.”

“I’ll try.”

I wasn’t in the best of moods, that evil day on my mind. As I walked into our underground home, she was waiting for me, naked on her knees, her little blowjob rug laid out nice and neat. The table was set for dinner. She handed me my beer, and started her traditional greeting.

I was tempted to tear into her, but I struggled to keep my tongue in check. She was good, she always was nowadays, and had me feeding her after a few minutes of diligent effort.

She stood, hugged me, and took me by the hand. I let her lead me to the couch where I sat, under her encouragement. She laid across my lap, firm naked butt raised. She reached under the edge of the couch, and started passing things to me. My slipper. Her hair brush. The kitchen spatula. A tree branch, denuded. Another with the bark intact. A belt. She was shaking when she whispered. “Permission to speak?”

It surprised me. I hadn’t been insisting on that since we’d moved into her place. “Speak.”

“Punish me. Truly, not with pleasure. Punish me for being an evil whore. It was one time, but one time too many. Punish me, my husband.”

I’m not a good man. I’ve never claimed I was. I was angry, an anger which I thought had mostly dissipated, but not completely, I guess. I started with my hand. One at a time I tried all of her suggestions, at least a half dozen strokes with each. She screamed and kicked her legs, tried to cover up. Her sweet little ass was red and covered with welts. Bleeding from a few different places. The tree branch with the bark on it turned out to be truly vicious. I gave her 10 with that one. It snapped in half on the last stroke.

She was well broken when I finished with her. I carried her limp body to the bed, washed her bottom carefully, applying a little Neosporin where I’d broken the skin. I lotioned up her bottom, caressing it. I had to admit, it was a source of great pleasure, and it hurt me to damage it.

“Every year,” she whispered. “I need you to remind me ever year.”

I lubed up my cock, and entered her ass as gently as I could. She groaned, and then cried while I punished her our traditional way. When I was finished, I held her in my arms, and kissed her face.

“Thank you for making it better,” she said softly, hugging me close.

I nodded, caressing her back.

“I’m afraid Rick,” she said.

“Your punishment is done,” I told her.

“No, I have something I have to tell you. I’m afraid you’ll be angry.”

“I won’t know until I hear it,” I explained.

“I… I think I’m pregnant.”

The words hit me hard. I had restrained from using her pussy much the first six or seven months, only a half-dozen times altogether. That had changed a little once we’d moved into the bunker. A lot on our true anniversary. “Are you sure?”

“I should probably take a test. Pretty sure. I’ve missed two periods. Some morning sickness. I… I think it was our anniversary.”

I smiled. “Quite the night as I recall.”

“You’re not angry?”

“You’re my wife, you should carry my children.”

“I’ll need things. Prenatal vitamins. I should see a doctor.”

“You want to keep it, if it’s true?”

“More than anything.”

I kissed her. That cheating, whoring, cock-sucking mouth that had betrayed me. I kissed her and rubbed her belly. “What’s for dinner?”

She smiled. “Burgers and chips. Nothing fancy. Not really a day for celebration.”

“The day I learn I may be a father?”

The bitch was consistent. Give her an inch, she’ll take a mile. She kissed me. Deeply, and damn it, I didn’t stop her.

“Let’s wait for the pregnancy test to celebrate.”

~ * ~ * ~

The next morning she was poking me to get up. “You’re going to be late.”

“I’m not going in today,” I told her, rolling over and pulling her onto me.

“Why not?”

“I need an excuse to spend time with my little whore?”

She let me use her, and shared a shower with me. “I need to run some errands. Need anything?”

“Pregnancy test,” she said grinning.

“On the list, anything else?”

She blushed, embarrassed. “What?”

“I have a craving.”


She nodded.


“Fried chicken. Spicy, preferably Popeyes.”

“Popeyes! That’s 30 minutes away!”

She pouted. “If you go to the Wal-Mart there, you can pick up everything. Please, Rick? Please? I haven’t had fried chicken in, God, well, before we got married! Almost a year and a half.”

“The diner has good chicken,” I told her.

She looked up at me with her big sad eyes. A look she hadn’t tried on me in a long, long time. “It’s not me, it’s the baby. The baby wants it.”

Almost two hours later, I was looking at the two positive pregnancy readings, while she devoured her fourth piece of chicken.

I was trying to figure out what to do. I’d certainly painted myself in a corner. My own fault. How could I forget, what we did was how babies were made. I could have put her on the pill, used condoms, a diaphragm, something.

She was watching me, as I ate the two wings. She’d already polished off both breasts and the thighs. She was eyeing my drumsticks.

“You’re mad, aren’t you?” she said sadly.

“No. I’m not. Just thinking.”

She glanced at my drumsticks again, then climbed off her chair. She wiped her face and hands, then grabbed my arm. “Come, celebrate being a Daddy.”

She headed for the bed, but stopped and dragged me down to her old fur rug. Pulled my t-shirt and shorts off. She was energetic and loving, all kisses and hugs while she fucked my brains out. I had to be careful of her butt, so she stayed on top, and I let her do the work.

“Do you think I’ll be a good mother?” she asked, during our down time before round two.

“I think you can be anything you want to be, Danielle.”

“I… I want to tell my Mom,” she said, before returning to sucking me back to life.

“By the end of the weekend. Let me think on it.”

“You can share your thoughts with me,” she said softly.

“Not yet.”

The next morning, I was the one chasing her out of bed. I got my first experience of her morning sickness, but half an hour later she was polishing off the drumsticks from the day before. I saw it now. She had a glow to her. Her breasts were glorious, her skin almost shining with life. She caught me looking at her, and grinned. “Punish me?”

I laughed, and pressed her over the table, taking her from behind. “Why do I think it’s not the punishment it once was.”

“But it is, Rick! I’m a naughty girl, and I need my man to keep me on the straight and narrow.”

I spanked her bruised bottom, and she shrieked in surprise.

She was rocking with my strokes, and her hands reached back and stopped me. “In my ass, Rick. I need you in my ass. Remind me what a fool I was for ever denying it to you. My ass is yours, baby. Now and for always.”

I acceded to her demands, and moved my cock to the other hole. She purred as I entered her. “Pound it baby. Pound your whore. Rape my ass and fill me with your hot cum.”

I had mixed feelings when I heard her words. She never talked dirty to me. She hadn’t before her escapade, and hadn’t since. Only to him. But now she was saying them to me. I believe she was trying to make a statement.

“You like that, you slut? Fucking that dirty ass?”

“God yes. Stretching my filthy butt-hole, filling me, making me take it. I want your cum, baby. Your hot cum in my ass. In my pussy. All over me. I want to be your filthy cum-slut whore.”

She looked back at me, and I saw a mix of nervousness and excitement. “You are my cum-slut whore. You don’t get a choice. Mine, and only mine.”

She nodded, gasping. “Always. Only yours. Anything you want.”

“No shit,” I growled, slapping her reddened cheeks a few times.

I was surprised when she came hard from it. “God, you are such a slut, Danielle. Coming from an ass fucking, and having your tortured bottom spanked?”

She whimpered sweetly as I pounded her harder, the table shifting underneath us. Came for me again as I exploded inside her, painting her bowels.

I pulled out of her, and pulled her to her knees. She looked up at me nervously. “Baby?”

I glared at her. She reached forward, touching my cock softly. “While I’m pregnant, would it be Ok, if I cleaned you first, after you’ve been in my butt? For safety’s sake?”

God, this pregnancy thing was going to be a pain. “Alright.”

She hurried off and returned with a warm wet face cloth. She cleaned me carefully, then gave me a short sucking. “Perfect,” she announced.

“Go shower,” I told her.

When she returned I had her surprise from the car. “Open it.”

She opened the bag, and looked at me in shock, uncomprehending. “Get dressed. We’re going out.”

She eagerly dressed herself in the clothing, hesitating at the panties. “I don’t want this. I need to always be available to you.”

I laughed. “Put them on. I’ll rip them off if I want.”

She finished getting dressed, then disappeared to the bathroom, and finished up. She was stunning when she appeared.

“God, Danielle, you’ve never been more beautiful.”

She smiled, and slid into my arms. “Where are you taking me?”

“Any cravings?”

She blushed. “Pizza and ice cream?”


“One at a time is fine.”

In the pizza restaurant, she insisted on sitting beside me. She had refused to remove her collar. Nothing I could say would make her change her mind. I threatened to beat her. “Whip me, but be careful of the baby, alright?” She got her way.

She stacked two slices, and was halfway done with them. I’d barely started on mine. “I’m taking you home,” I said.

“Of course. After we eat. I love being punished on a full belly.”

“No, Danielle. Our other home, in town.”

She looked up nervously. “Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, but you’re going to have our baby. It’s time for you to reappear. You’ll be repentant, I’ll be forgiving. We’ll work out our differences. I’ll be the wimp that raises another man’s son. We’ll keep a low profile, and slowly reconnect with our families.”

“Is that what you want?” she asked, stacking her next two slices.

“Save room for ice-cream,” I reminded her. She nodded.

“We’ll have to come up with a story,” I said.

“That’s easy,” she said. “You don’t have to be the one to come up with anything. You’ve been the loyal, faithful husband, waiting for his selfish, adulterous wife to return. I’ll tell them of my adventures, my mistakes, my realization that I had ruined the best thing in the world, and the torturous task of telling them what happened, and how hard it was to find the courage to come home.”

She wiped her mouth, and started eating my crusts. “But you’re not raising another man’s child. Not my husband.”

“They’re going to know you’re pregnant.”

“I’ll tell them we’ve been in contact. I begged you to meet me a few weeks ago. You did, and we got together. We’ve been negotiating my return for a month.”

“They’ll want to know why you didn’t call. Why I didn’t say anything.”

“I wouldn’t until the deal was done. Once I’d agreed to your demands concerning our reconciliation, it was Ok. We can call them this weekend.”

“What demands?”

“Oh, you’ll have a lot sweetie. Absolute faithfulness, for one. Complete availability to your carnal desires. A DNA test for the child. You’ll make me wear your collar, to show everyone who I belong to.”

“I’m not making you wear a collar, Danielle.”

“The hell you aren’t!” she snapped. “I will or I won’t go.”

“You’ll do whatever the hell I tell you,” I growled.

She snuggled up close. “Please, baby. It makes me feel safe. We can get another one, maybe a little less ostentatious, but I want your collar. Don’t deny me this. Anything else, but not this.”

“Small, and no inscription.”

“The inscription can be on the inside, Honey.”

I surrendered. “Ice cream?”

“Baskin Robbins, World Class Chocolate.”

~ * ~ * ~

We turned our little world on its ear that Saturday. She was horrified at the state of the place. Her sister and mother came over, and I tried to keep out of their way. A few hours into it her mom cornered me.

“I understand Rick, but you could have called me. I would have kept it a secret.”

“She insisted. I couldn’t chance messing things up.”

She hugged me. “Thank you. I know it will be difficult. You ever need a friendly ear, or shoulder to lean on, you can call me.”

I gave her a squeeze. “I know.”

She looked up at me, grinning. “Some, uh, surprising conditions. Not that she doesn’t deserve them. I still don’t understand what she could have been thinking.”

She left me to wonder what was being said, while the vacuum ran, the washer and dryer worked incessantly, and dinner was cooked.

Her sister Teri was looking cute and disheveled. She surprised the shit out of me by flopping in my lap, while I was sitting on the couch. “You’re a better man than I am.”

I reached up and shook her breasts. “No kidding.”

She looked at me stunned, and I felt myself blushing. I guess the casual sex for the last year may have screwed up my social graces. I was waiting to be read the riot act, and she slowly grinned, then reached down and grabbed my balls. “Quite a set you’ve grown. I guess you had to, to deal with her shit.”

Chapter 1She commented, “All it should take this time would be a couple of blow jobs and one of my famous meatloaf dinners, and it will all be okay. Last time I almost overdid it. After all, now I’ve had two lovers and he is still completely clueless! LOL”

She was fucking laughing at the way I’d loved and trusted her! I felt the urge to purge…

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

I got up from the table after finishing my breakfast to check on Juanita. She was still in front of the toilet on the floor. I grabbed a washcloth and dampened it for her. She took it when I offered it to her and wiped her mouth. “Do you think you might have the flu, or did you eat something last night that disagreed with you?”

“I think I’ll be okay, Jack. It’s just so brutal how he was killed…”

“So, you did know him. The paper said that he was a serial womanizer also, and they fear a pattern might be developing. They interviewed his ex-wife and she said that it was just a matter of time before a jealous husband caught up to him. I guess he had a long list of wronged husbands after him, too. Maybe the cops will shorten the list when they see any overlap between the two. Say, you used to work with him, too. Did you know anyone who both of them might’ve banged? Maybe you should call the cops and…”

She cut me off, “I didn’t know either one of them all that well to know who they’d been with!” She replied in a panic. Composing herself, she continued, “I couldn’t be of any use to the police.”

“Okay, but if you could help them find the killer with any little detail, you might be able to prevent another wife-stealing bastard from being killed. Wait, maybe that’s not such a bad thing…killing off a few sleaze balls might send the right message to the rest of them! Do you know what I mean, babe?”

“That’s a terrible thing to say, Jack! No one deserves to die like that!”

“Surely you’re not defending these low life, self-centered weasels, are you? I mean…if I thought for one quick minute that those scumbags had had their way with you, well, all I can say is that they got off easy! I’d have had to torture them for a while and let them know exactly why they deserved to die before I’d let them enter the next world.”

“No, of course I’m not defending them. It just seems so unnecessarily brutal, that’s all. If you’re saying that you’d have made them suffer first, then you’re scaring me, Jack! I’ve never known you to be violent like that.”

“That’s because no one has ever betrayed me like that before…and I truly hope you never have to find out just how much that thought upsets me! I’ve got to go to work; do you think you’ll go in, or are you going to take today off?”

“I’ll be okay soon; I feel much better now.”

“Well, you haven’t gotten sick like that since you had Amber! This isn’t morning sickness, is it?” I joked, or did I? There was no mention of condoms being used and she wasn’t on the pill since my vasectomy fifteen years ago…

“Oh, wait…you have to have sex before you can get knocked up, and we haven’t made love in over two months. Wow…I didn’t realize that it has been that long until I just now thought about it! It was Labor Day weekend, wasn’t it? We’ll have to fix that soon, eh babe?”

The guilt on her face was transparent as glass. She didn’t realize that she had me “shut off” for that long, in light of what all was going on. Actually, I’d had her “shut off” for the couple weeks since I made my discovery, she just didn’t realize it.

“Gotta go; hope you get to feeling better. See ya!” I left without even trying for a kiss, ostensibly because of her puking, but really because I didn’t feel like soiling my mouth on her slutty cheating face. I got my digs in, and I was in a great mood again.

Chapter 3

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