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Mark: Fuck, your tits are awesome. Touch them for me. Mmm, gawd. Tug your nipples hard now.

Mark: I want to fuck those perfect tits. Watch you lick at the head of my hard cock when I thrust up toward your face.

Sexy: I want to suck your cock. Make me gag with it.

Mark: I’d fuck your mouth just like your pussy.

Sexy: Stick it down my throat and cum.

Mark: Watch you choke with my whole cock in your mouth and down your throat. Pump my cum down your throat.

Sexy: Mmmmm I want your cum.

Mark: I want to give it to you. I’d love to give you my cock. Cum all over your face and tits.

Sexy: I’d lick it up and spread it on my tits.

Mark: Mmmm, I’d suck your hard nipples afterward.

Sexy: I’d let you fuck me in the ass.

Mark: Gawd, I’d love that. I love how you love sex.

Sexy: You’d only last 5 seconds in my tight ass.

Mark: I’d make you cum first. Make my naughty little slut cum with my hard cock up her ass. Imagine your rabbit is my cock and show me how you’d fuck me, Lindsey.

Mark: Mmmmm, you are sooooo hot. I want to fuck you right now.

Mark: I’d also fuck your tight shaved pussy. Hard from behind, spank your ass, pull your head back by your hair. Fill that hot pussy with cum.

Mark: Then I’d put you on your back and open your legs wide and lick your sloppy hot pussy babe.

Sexy: Oh fuck, I’d love that. I want you to lick your cum out of my pussy.

Mark: Look how hard you’ve made my cock. Fuck.

Sexy: Call me. 503 999 9999. I need you.

Thursdays had always been a great day for Mark. Not only was Thursday just one day from declaring another weekend, Mark had for years made them a workout night…a trail run with friends followed by cold beers at the locals pub. Generally home by 8 pm with a good buzz, Mark spent the remainder of the evening with his family. Perhaps the beers and the buzz were what led to the latest evolution of his tradition, cruising pornographic internet sites after his family turned in for the evening. His dabbling first consisted only of looking at pictures. He was amazed at the amount of porn readily available on the internet…literally anything and everything one might be interested in. While his interests were initially restricted to free sites where he could check out pictures and video clips, he soon stumbled onto chat rooms.

Mark is a fairly conservative guy and the chat rooms were more than he could initially comprehend. So many people typing real time to one another, at times inviting another to a private chat…it was very exciting to Mark to enter this “secret world.” Mark soon realized the benefits in creating a secondary, secret email and IM address so that his new chat friends could contact him in a manner he could easily conceal from his wife. Mark wondered how often he was really playing with a sexy woman, rather than an unattractive woman or even worse a man posing as a woman. Nonetheless, the chat rooms were a great outlet to explore sexual fantasies and tendencies that he sensed, or even knew, his wife would not be comfortable with.

Over the course of four or five years, Mark developed “online” relationships with three or four women. The relationships were all similar—they were limited primarily to online chat. They all were very exciting to Mark, he came countless times during those chats, but began to want more. Mark’s most recent playmate prior to Lindsey was “Cutiepie” from Ohio. Cutiepie was the first to convince Mark to connect with her telephonically, rather than only by keyboard.

Voice chat was a new dynamic that rekindled that crazy electricity within Mark–such an exciting, risky play. Cutiepie had a very sexy voice and an equally sexy mind. Cutiepie definitely had her own needs and sexual tendencies…one of her biggest turn ons was having her wrists ducttaped to a balcony and fucked hard from behind. She liked being used. But she was always attentive to Mark’s needs as well. They made each other cum hard during their conversations and equally enjoyed their time together.

Mark received a webcam from family for Christmas and quickly put it to a use for which it was not intended. Cutiepie was the first to watch Mark, at least below the shoulders, on web cam. Mark’s activities with Cutiepie had evolved to voice and video chat via Yahoo IM, all while his family slept just one floor above his head. Had his wife only known he was sitting in the home office nearly directly below her, stripped naked, stroking his hard cock as he talked so crudely and sexually to his online friend. Those conversations inevitably ended with his standing, positioning the camera to capture the full length of his cock, as he stroked it and came a massive pool of hot cum onto the smooth wood surface of the desk.

Mark was disappointed that Cutiepie never reciprocated by showing herself on camera and slowly their online relationship weakened. Mark was interested in the next level…finding a chat friend who was comfortable in front of a webcam just as he had become. He stumbled across a webcam site and decided to subscribe for three months, using his company credit card so that his wife wouldn’t see the charge. It was a fateful decision because it is where he met Lindsey.


Sexy: Hiiiiiii. I’m so glad you called. You made me so fucking horny. I need to hear you cum.

Mark: I think we feed off each other. My cock is throbbing. I want to put it in you for real, right now. I want to fuck you hard.

Sexy: Fuck me hard with it. Make me your slut.

Mark: I want to make you lick your pussy juices off my hard cock, then slide it down your throat.


Mark: You like tasting your cum don’t you?

Sexy: mmmmmm, yessssss.

Mark: Taste it for me right now. Suck your cum off your fingers.

Sexy: mmmmm…

Mark: I want to fuck you right now. For real.

Sexy: Fuck me in my ass.

Mark: I would love to fuck your tight ass. I’d fill your ass with my hot cum babe. You’d feel it oozing out of you.

Sexy: I came earlier while you watched me with my rabbit in my ass. I was thinking it was you.

Mark: You know I’d love to feel my cock in your ass.

Sexy: No one has ever licked their cum out of my pussy. I’d make you do that after you fucked me. Just pull your face up between my legs and make you lick my pussy.

Mark: I’d love to lick your sloppy wet, hot, puffy pussy just after you’ve been fucked.

Sexy: I want you. I wish you were here with me right now.

Mark: Gawd, so do I. I’ve had so much fun with you this way, I want you for real.

Sexy: So do I. I’d let you do anything you want with me.

Mark: I want to do everything with you. Make you my naughty little whore. Tie you up. Spank your ass. Pull your nipples. Cum all over you.

Sexy: I’d let you. I’d let you cum anywhere you want.

Mark: Are you rubbing that smooth pussy for me right now?

Sexy: Yesssss.

Mark: How does it feel?

Sexy: So fucking hot. I want you to fuck it. I want you to lick it.

Mark: Do you want to be my kinky little slut?

Sexy: Fuckkkk yessss.

Mark: I’d like to squirt my cum all over your face and hair.

Sexy: Dooooo it….cum all over me. I want to hear you cum now.

Mark: I’m standing in front of you, stroking my hard cock. Looking down at you, on your knees, your mouth open, tongue wagging and begging for my hot cum.

Sexy: Fuck yes. Doooo it…cum all over my face.

With that, Mark groaned loudly into the phone as his hot jism rose through his hard cock and spewed all over, covering his stomach and chest as he lay on his back. Cum continued to leak out of the tip of his cock, covering his hand as he continued to grip his rod and slowly stroke it.

Mark: Damn Lindsey. You turn me on so much. I would love to be with you right now.

Sexy: Do it. Come see me.

Mark: What if I came to Oregon. Would you meet me for real?

Sexy: It doesn’t matter. We both know it would never happen.

Mark: Why not? If I can find a business reason to travel there it could happen.

Sexy: It won’t. You’re married, I’m married. You have kids, I have kids. We both have our lives. This is fun but that’s all it will ever be.

Mark: Look, I’ve never cheated, not even close. You’re the only person I’ve ever suggested this with.

Sexy: It’s hard for me. My husband is gone for months at a time. I don’t want to fuck either of our lives up. I have almost cheated while out dancing with my friends. I let a guy finger me while we danced. That was it.

Mark: Wow, for real? I love your appetite for sex babe.

Sexy: I do love to fuck. I must be part man. I think about fucking all the time. I had a short skirt on with no panties. I go without panties a lot.

Mark: You’re making me hard again.

Mark was completely taken by Lindsey, aka Sexy on the webcam site. She was first and foremost, very beautiful. Twelve years younger than him, she had medium length blonde hair, an infectious smile, perfect tits, and a very nice body to complete the package. She was very outgoing and playful with a great, dry sense of humor, and a massive appetite for sex. And not just sex…kinky, imaginative, wild sex. However, over the two or so years they had met online, they would talk not just about sex, but politics, culture, religion, economy and more. They genuinely clicked and their relationship had evolved from simple chat acquaintances to true friends. Mark knew that she was in a graduate study program, that her husband was in the military. It was very difficult for her to raise her children and study, almost as a single parent. The web site was a late night outlet for her, much like it was for Mark. Sex made her relax.

Mark: So you didn’t fuck him?

Sexy: No, I might have but my girlfriends rescued me.

Mark: I would have just taken you to the men’s room and fucked you before they had a chance to stop you.

Sexy: And have other men watch me fuck and suck you.

Mark: Would you want to be watched? Have them watch you be slutty for me?

Sexy: Fuckkkk yesssss.

Mark: I need to come to Oregon.

Sexy: We would go to a dark restaurant first. Get a booth, and let you finger me under the table. I’d rub your cock too.

Mark: I’d make you cum at the table. You’d have to bite your lip not to moan out loud. Then after dinner and drinks we would go to an adult store and get toys.

Mark: Then we’d go to my hotel room and play out all the things we’ve talked about together.

Sexy: I would meet you if you came to Oregon. But that’s all I can promise.

(In Chapter Two, Mark and Lindsey will meet for the first time)

I felt weird after that rally. She was happier than ever, though, and I admit what she’d done, and what had happened, was a big sexual kick. I loved her more than ever, she was wild, she was fun!

Nothing more happened for a good while, at least I don’t know if she got up to anything while out at work or whatever, in the meantime. We went to a couple more parties and another rally, and she didn’t seem to do anything again. I found it strange she wouldn’t discuss what had happened, even though I had decided to accept it and she knew I had gotten excited.

Anyway, later in the year we went to a rally organised by a bigger, more serious club. I was a bit nervous about it, as they were the sort of people nobody messes with, certainly not the likes of me, just an average Joe. It seemed mostly okay, though, and I got quite pissed in the afternoon. She was going round collecting donations for a certain charity. All of a sudden, she seemed to be hanging out with two of the senior club members, giggling at their flirtatious comments.

I heard one of them say, “You’ve got a cracking little arse there!” She giggled and said thanks. Then the other one leaned and whispered something in her ear. She looked over at me, then she went bright red as he said, “How about it?”

She came over to me and told me to wait at the bar for her, she just had a business matter to see to. I was drunk and happy, so I just nodded without asking any more, and anyway, what could I do, cause a fuss with those big club guys? No, I don’t think so.

I was very disturbed when a bloke near me whispered to his mate, “They’ve asked for her arse!”

“Fucking hell! That one everyone fancies, that little corker of a looker? Everyone I know fancies her. Wish I was one of them blokes, I’d eat a mile of hers just to get to where it came from! I’ve seen a pic of her naked, she’s fucking delicious!”

They watched her as she left the bar tent with the two big bikers, her sexy bum creased tight in her jeans, and disappeared among the crowds of people…

NO! Surely they didn’t mean what I thought they meant! Occasionally she liked a finger up there but she’d always frowned and seemed offended if I asked her about anal. I couldn’t believe she’d let them do that, it was torture enough for me to accept she had vaginal sex with the guy I’d seen her with before.

I was told after a while where she was, her friend pointed the tent out. It was a big tent on an incline at the end of the field. They had metal music playing, and over the top I could hear her saying something. It sounded like “My my, my my.” As I approached, I could distinguish it better. She was saying “My arse, My arse!”

I didn’t go in. They were obviously screwing to the music, her and her new friends. Now and then I heard the blokes grunting appreciatively. It’s hard to say how I felt. Her friends all knew too. I got very aroused, it was sick but horny. Somehow animal like in a strange way. Very rude, obscene even but earthy and sexual. I could hear the biggest guy with the shaved head, who had taken the mickey out of me when they had chatted her up. He was groaning lustily in appreciation. “Woarrrgh, Woarrrgghh!”

I could hardly take it in, they were having sex with my girlfriend in there. She’d allowed them to buy her for an afternoon, for donations to the charity. The people there all knew and nobody really cared!

Suddenly one of their mates was beside me, grinning at me. He went to the tent and lifted the door aside and watched my reaction a while before going in. For a few moments I saw it.

She was in there naked and bent over. One guy sat pulling her long hair and having his dick sucked by her. Now I also saw why the other one, who had taken the mickey out of me as he chatted up my girlfriend was growling so lustily to her. Yes, you have guessed it. He had his big hairy dick lodged firmly up her arsehole! I could see she’d been shagged already, there were blobs of spunk stuck in her thick dark pubes. She had a dildo in her beautiful pussy which he was flicking his thumb at as he fucked her up the bum. The sexual act she said she didn’t do, she was letting these more powerful, high ranking men finally do to her. They had far outranked me and persuaded her.

The big sod was smiling and groaning. “WOAAARGHHH YES! WOARRGHH, YOU SEXY LITTLE BITCH!” He really enjoyed her chocolate starfish, shoving his shaft all the way in and watching it pull out again. She was smoking, a cigarette too with one hand, and tickling his mates balls with the other as they had her rudely. They ignored me but she looked at me, her pretty eyes shining and full of lust. She blew smoke over the sitting guy’s cock.

The big bully having her wrong hole began his verbal ritual to her again, and I realised this what what I’d heard part of from further away. He said “Where’s by big dick?”

“My arse!” She answered.

“Where do you want it?”

“My arse!”

He pulled apart her ripe cute little buttocks with his thumbs, and growled again. “Got your bum in the end, didn’t we! Everyone wants to shaft your shit hole and we won the contest!”

The big dirty bastard teased her again in rhythm with his thrusts. “Your bum, your bum, your bum!”

She gasped loudly and dropped her cigarette as the other one splattered some of her face cream on her tits, her big dark nipples standing up excitedly. He squeezed her boobs and shoved his dick between them. She blushed, and jiggled them around his cock, obviously loving the treatment and humiliation of what they did to her. I recognised the sounds she made as she neared orgasm. “You dirty bastards! I can’t stop myself!” she moaned.

The guy sodomising her smacked her ass hard and laughed. “Titty bum bum, titty bum bum!”

Before he shut the door, the guy who’s passed by me pulled his pants down, letting his cock out. It was hard and huge with an onion like knob end that throbbed at her. I shivered as he taunted her. “Get ready girl, because this is going everywhere before I have your arse as well!”

My cock was standing up stiff in arousal and humiliation at this incredible scene.

I stayed rooted to the spot, looking at the closed tent door and hearing the sounds. Yes, she was having a big climax, I could tell.

Part three to follow if you want to hear more.

I left home early in the morning for one of my many travel seminars. This time I was heading to Iceland, a destination I have always wanted to go. As usual, these trips are for travel agents only and my husband could not go, besides, he was not able to get vacation from work even if he could have gone. In the past I have secretly taken him with me to annual conferences by giving him an agency identification card.

The plane left on time and I began dreaming about all the activities and places I was hoping to see especially the glaciers and Blue Lagoon. I made some small talk with my seat mate, who was Icelandic and gave me several tips. We flirted throughout the flight, but that was as far as it went. I arrived at the Reykjavik airport and was met by a tour guide who took me and several other agents from other flights to our hotel. I settled in for the night after a quick dinner of fish and some wine. I was eagerly awaiting our first meeting in the morning to find out what was in store for us.

Morning came and after breakfast I headed to our meeting in the grand room of the hotel. There must have been well over 1000 agents present. The itinerary was handed out and we began our day of meeting different industry professionals. I scheduled a glacier walk and a trip to the Blue Lagoon for the next day, beginning at 8am sharply.

The bus arrived the next morning and we departed for the glacier walk. Our glacier guide was a tall, well built, blonde young man. As usual, I sat in the first seat of the bus, directly next to the guide’s seat. He caught me staring at him a few times and we immediately began flirting. I was able to learn from him that he was single and was a native Icelander.

Once we arrived at the glacier we were given ice picks and boots. I made sure to stay near the guide, who was more than willing to help me through parts of the hike, especially the climbing up and down of the caverns. We remained at the glacier for several hours before heading off to the Blue Lagoon. The same guide remained with us and while on the bus, I found myself resting my hand on his leg and gently rubbing it. He looked over and smiled as he held my hand for the remainder of the bus ride. Once at the lagoon, we were ushered into changing rooms, where we were able to change into a swimsuit. I did not know if I would see the guide again, as there were several groups of tourists already at the lagoon.

I entered the lagoon, which was surprisingly warm, with the rest of my group and began swimming around. Unbeknownst to me, the guide had seen me enter the lagoon. He swam up behind me and startled me for a moment. He handed me a drink of Icelandic whiskey and I allowed him to hold me close to him. His hands began exploring my body and I felt his hand undo my top while his other hand gently caressed my exposed breast.

I was becoming very wet and excited and could feel that he was also, by the bulge I could feel growing in his swimsuit. His free hand gently moved the bottom piece of my swimsuit to the side and I felt the exhilarating feel of his fingers gently beginning to rub my swollen clit. My hand found its way into his shorts and I felt the largest cock I have ever held. I gently began stroking him as he began slowly finger fucking my swollen pussy. I had never done anything like this in the water with a stranger, but it felt so right. I wasn’t even thinking about my husband back home.

After about 20 minutes of playing with each other, we both came at about the same time and I collapsed into a trance in his arms. The announcement was made that the bus was leaving in 30 minutes to head back to the hotel. The guide said he was not going back on the bus with us, but asked if we still be in the area tomorrow and if I would like to take another tour of the Lagoon with him then. I told him that we were leaving for another city in the morning and would not be back in Reykjavik until it was time to fly home. The guide told me that was too bad as he really would like to see me at least once more before I left. We kissed a long and passionate kiss, said our goodbye’s, changed, and I got back on the bus for the ride back to the hotel. Unfortunately, I never got the guides name.

The event organizers had scheduled a formal dinner party for us tonight in the main dining area. After showering I walked down with a few of the women I had met earlier in the morning. We had assigned seating and were seated with people whom we did not know. This was standard for these types of events as we were supposed to make business connections with others in the industry to get and swap ideas. We had lobster, some type of white fish, steak, and an array of Icelandic sweets for dessert, along with all the drinks you could want.

While listening to the band play and watching others dancing, I felt a tap on my shoulder and my guide from earlier was standing there, all decked out in a nice evening jacket and jeans. He looked even more astounding than what I remembered from earlier. My jaw nearly dropped and I felt instantly alive and jittery, thinking back to earlier in the day. He asked if I cared to dance and before I knew it I was on the dance floor with him. Our hands were all over each other and I could feel that I was extremely wet and excited once again. Before I knew it we were in the elevator making out on the way up to my room.

We had barely entered the room when suddenly he pulled my blouse off, exposing my heaving 34C breasts in my very see through black bra. As he continued to caress my breasts and kiss me, I very slowly unbuttoned his shirt and began kissing his chest, which was very well formed and solid. He slipped my dress off and my panties were soaked through from the anticipation of what was about to happen. I dropped to my knees and pulled his zipper down. My hands pulled his boxers out of the way, exposing his 10 inches of hard and thick manhood. I slowly and gently placed my mouth around his cock and began giving him the best blow job I knew how to give.

My hands cupped his ball sack and caressed his balls as I slowly took him in and out of my mouth, licking the shaft and head alternately. He picked me up and dropped onto the bed, pulling off my panties as I took off my bra. Before I knew it, my legs were in the air and he gently began thrusting his cock into me, deeper, and deeper, until he was all the way in. Faster and harder I called out to him. He immediately began giving me the fucking I have long desired.

He flipped me over and took me from behind, touching places with his cock no one else ever had. One hand continued caressing my breasts as his free hand began gently rubbing my asshole. I had never been taken in the ass before, but if it was going to happen, and I hoped it would, I was glad my anal virginity would be taken by him.

Slowly, as his cock was still thrusting in and out of me, I could feel a finger, then two, then three, begin fucking my asshole. I have never felt anything like it before and before I knew it, I was thrusting in orgasm and came all over his cock. He immediately pulled out and thrust his cock into my tight virgin asshole. I screamed out in ecstasy to take my ass and to shove it all the way in. I pushed back on his cock to help him in and grabbed his balls. I could feel his balls tighten as he was about to cum.

He pulled out and came all over my asshole and pussy. I immediately took his cock into my mouth and licked the remaining cum off his impressive cock. I collapsed on the bed, shaking from having the greatest orgasm of my life. He went into the bathroom and came back out a few minutes later fully dressed. He walked over to the bed, kissed me, and walked out of the room before I could ask if I would see him again. I was unable to sleep the rest of the night and found myself masturbating several times throughout the next 4 hours, each time bringing myself to orgasm. The final time I was unable to finish, as my cell phone rang and my husband was on the other end. He asked how I was doing and if I was having a good time. I could not lie to him and told him I was having a great time and would see him in a few days. The call was brief, as I had to wash up and get ready to leave Reykjavik for our next destination.

The remainder of the trip was nothing compared to that first night and I was unable to concentrate on any of the following seminars or trips, as I continually thought about my day and night with my tour guide, whose name I still never got. I returned home a few days later and now whenever fucking my husband, I think back to my time in Reykjavik, with my husband never knowing exactly what a good time I had.

©fd0356, 2014

It was a Saturday night. My good friend Drake and his girlfriend Sophie was over at my place watching movies and playing poker. Drake’s phone rings, he says it’s important so he answers it. A few minutes later he comes back saying he’s gotta go, he says it’s for work. When he leaves Sophie and I start talking.

‘So how are you two going, fill me up on everything that’s happened since I last saw you.’

‘Drake has been ignoring me lately, I think he’s been seeing someone else.’

‘There’s no way, Drake loves you.’ Secretly I’m happy.

‘Yeah in fact that’s probably where he’s off to now. He never used to work this late.’

‘You know I’m always here for you don’t you? Anything you need, anything at all and you tell me about it.’ I take hold of her hand and we stare into each other’s eyes. She looks away.

‘I know you are. You’ve been there for me more than he is, and our sex life lately has just been getting worse. It’s as if he doesn’t see anything in me.’

‘I see everything in you Sophie, you’re so beautiful.’

I lean over and kiss her, and she kisses me back. We start to escalate it into tongue. We’re breathing heavily now. I reach down her shirt and gently grasp her breast.

‘No we can’t, it’s not right.’ I whisper into her ear,

‘This is what you want isn’t it?’

‘Yes but, if Drake finds out then…’

‘Shut up you filthy whore and fuck me.’ We take off each other’s shirts, followed by all our other clothing. I take a moment to admire her beautiful lustrous body. Slightly tanned, breasts not too large so they get in the way, but large enough to be those of a sexual beast. She was perfectly shaped.

‘Are you ready?’ I say.

‘For what?’

‘Turn around.’ She does so. I pick her up and slam her down bent over on the table in front of her. I stick my fully erect cock in her ass. Her breasts pressing violently against the table, squishing them.

‘Oh Sophie. Oh Sophie!’ I grab her by the neck.

‘Say my name! Do it!’

‘Tyler! Oh Tyler you’re all i want!’ With every thrust of my pelvis there comes another scream of my name. We both cum at the same time, i release a good four to five squirts inside her scrumptious asshole. We wait there for a bit so amazed at each others sex drive.

Then she gets up, turns around and says,

‘It’s your turn.’ She gets down on both knees, grabs ahold of my dick in both hands and strokes. I had never felt this way before.

‘Use, your mouth.’ She lifts the back of my fore skin back just a little bit and inserts tongue in and swivels it right in there. Such slight movements can cause the best sexual feelings. She continues to try and get as much of it down her throat as possible but she can only go about half way.

‘The bed, lay down on the bed on your back.’ Confused, she does so. She tilts her head back and I can shove my throbbing penis all the way down her throat. She uses the inside of her throat to squeeze it while I’m in there.

‘Oh Sophie. You’re a sexual goddess.’ She tries to talk but instead makes the most wonderful gagging sound. As I’m climaxing I take it out and tell her to keep her mouth open, and I ejaculate into her mouth. To my surprise she swallows all of it.

I pick her up, upside-down in the perfect position for us to get at each other’s genitals, but vertically. I gently lick her clitoris and work my way down. By her orientation, my penis is too low for her to do anything with her arms, so she decides to use her tits. She grabs them and rubs them up and down on my hard, veiny cock.

‘Harder!’ She screams.

‘I’ll give to you whatever you give to me, if you want it harder you’re gonna have to use all your might.’ We’re going as hard as we possibly can. This is my sexual fantasy.

‘I’m about to cum!’ She yells.

‘Me too! Let’s cum together!’

‘Ok!’ We cum on each other’s faces, with our last bit of energy. I fall down exhausted and sleep there on the ground with her on top of me.

First Black Threesome

After the fling that Angie had with Johnny in the gym, I told her to ask him if he would be interested in doing a threesome. I hope I could watch his big black cock slide into my white wife’s pussy. I was getting tired of feeling her stretched pussy and just hearing how it was.

A few days later Angie came home from the gum with a smile on her face. She told me that Johnny seemed very interested in having us for a threesome. He told her that he had been to a few parties that ended up in basically an orgy. Angie was fondling my cock as she told me that Johnny would be at our house this weekend. She told me that Johnny had rubbed her tits in the bathroom room as the two of them made plans.

The rest of the week went by in a blur as we were both eager to see a repeat performance of the bathroom fun. Saturday evening at 7pm, Johnny rang our doorbell. He had a bottle of tequila in his hand and a smile on his face. As we at dinner on our back deck, you could feel the sexual tension building between us.

We chatted about innocent things for a while, but we all knew what we really wanted to talk about. I told Johnny that we were open to just about anything. I also explained that he needed to understand that no meant no and that above all he needed to be discreet. Yes we liked to have our fun, but we did not advertise our actions.

As the air grew cooler we went inside to the basement. Johnny sat on the sofa while Angie and I sat on the loveseat. I broke the ice by walking over to the TV and pressing play on the DVD player. The screen came to life with a porno of a white woman with two men, one black one white. Angie shifted over to the sofa next to Johnny while I took a seat in the recliner.

From where I sat, I could see Johnny’s arm laid around Angie and his hand caress her shoulder. Angie had placed her hand on Johnny’s thigh and was lightly massaging, her hand was slowly creeping towards his cock. My own cock was growing at the sight of the three people on the TV screen and the action that was developing right in front of me.

Just as the black man on the movie slid his cock into the woman, I heard Johnny groan. I looked over at my wife and saw that she was rubbing his cock through his slacks. Since he did not wear underwear, you could see his hard cock straining to get out. The more she rubber him, the harder my cock got. Angie looked over at me, and I simply nodded. Angie slipped down the floor.

Angie unbuttoned his slacks, unzipped them, and tugged them down. Johnny lifted his hips to make things easier. His massive cock sprang free, I was impressed. It slapped against his stomach and touched his belly button.

Angie stroked his cock. The contrast of his coal black cock and her slim white fingers was amazing. She looked over at me then up to Johnny and leaned over to lick his cock like a lollipop. When she reached the top she swirled around his head and slid him into her throat. I almost lost it when her nose to touched his pubic hair. Angie continued sucking Johnny’s cock for a few minutes with slow and steady strokes. Johnny groaned that he was going to cum, Angie just looked up at him with his cock in her mouth. She slowly released his cock and simply stated, “I told you before, that the next time you came, I was going to suck all that cum from your cock”

With her final word he shoved his cock into her throat and shot a huge load of cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed a few times and then sucked hard to get the last of his juice out. She stood up, walked over to me, and kissed me, sharing his juice with me. Crazy because she never drank my cum, let alone took it in her mouth. Our tongues mated swirling the cum around in our mouths.

We decided to take a break. I fixed us another drink. We sat around for a few minutes making small talk. Angie placed her drink on an end table, stood up, and removed her clothes. Johnny and I looked at each other and did the same. Johnny and Angie kissed and in no time his cock was rising to the occasion.

I stood by Angie and she leaned over to kiss me. I saw Johnny’s hands were on Angie’s tits, pulling on her nipples. The contrast between the skin colors was awesome. I took Angie’s hand and led her to the middle to the room. I lay down and she climbed on top. I dove into her pussy and she attacked my cock.

Johnny saw her dripping wet pussy and drove his cock in. His cock forced more juice to come out and into my mouth. When he hit bottom, Angie let out a moan that I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear.

I focused my attention on her clit, and she sucked harder on my cock. She used one hand to rub across my balls. I thank she was using all of her considerable talents to make us all cum at the same time.

Johnny slid his black cock out of my wife’s pussy. He was coated in her cum. Some of the cum dripped off his cock and onto my face. He slid his cock all the way back in and the pulled all the way out again. Each time he did this, his balls would rub against my face and nose. I could smell the wonderful aroma of sex. It was almost overpowering.

After about the third time of Johnny pulling his cock out and having his balls rub across my face, I started licking the cum off his balls. Johnny groaned. Angie asked looked back to see what was going on and saw me licking the guy that was fucking her pussy was getting his balls licked by me.

Watching that black cock slide in and out my wife’s pussy was getting me so hot I was about to loose my load. When Johnny pulled his cock out again, I grabbed it and slid it all the way in my mouth. Angie and Johnny both groaned out loud. I took his dick out of my mouth and lined it up with Angie’s open pussy.

Johnny started to pick up the pace. I knew that he was getting close. Johnny pulled out one more time and I knew what he wanted, so I sucked his cock a couple of times and then put it back into her pussy. Johnny started slamming his cock into Angie. She let out a scream and came all his cock and my mouth. I licked the cream from both her pussy and his cock. Johnny growled that he was cumming and I saw his balls tighten up and I watched his cock pump and load into her pussy. When he pulled his softening cock out of her pussy, I could see the cum filling her up. I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. I swallowed the first mouthful, but saved the rest.

Angie released my cock from her mouth, swung her legs around, and planted her soaked cunt over my cock. She rode me like a mad woman. She leaned over and we shared Johnny’s cum. Our tongues battled to see which could get more. Angie slammed her pussy onto me and we both came hard. To our surprise, Johnny dove between her legs and ate my cum from her pussy. Angie came again as he sucked the cum from her pussy.

Jim walked into the bar at the hotel. It had been a long week of meetings and he was exhausted. He planned to have a couple of drinks, some dinner and maybe catch a game. He was glad the hotel had this option. The weather outside was awful. He settled in, ordered a beer and asked to see a menu. As he sipped the beer, he could feel the stress start to leave his body knowing he was done for the week.

While he was looking over the menu, a woman approached him and took a seat next to him. It was the only stool left at the bar. Jim immediately took notice of her. He had seen her a couple times that week in the lobby. She was a thin brunette. He guessed her to be about 40. She was medium height, relatively small chested with a nice ass. He found her to be quite attractive with straight hair falling just past her shoulder.

As she took her seat, Jim said nothing and tried to keep his glances discrete. They said nothing to each other. She requested a glass of wine and a menu. Not long after she had received her wine, the bar tender stopped by to ask Jim if he was ready to order his dinner. He asked for the crab cake. The brunette suddenly had a surprised look on her face and said she would like the crab cake also.

As the bar tender left, they both shared a sort of nervous laugh and Jim said “I guess great minds think alike.” He was wishing he could pull the lame line back into his mouth when she just laughed and agreed.

He introduced himself. She said “Nice to meet you, Jim. I’m Maria.” They made occasional small talk through dinner. They each learned where the other was from and why they were in town. They were each married. Jim, at 46, had been married for 16 years and Maria at 41 had him beat by a year.

After they finished eating and continued to drink, the conversation flowed more freely. They had begun to share more intimate information with each other as, with the help of alcohol and the freedom being far from home brings, they were letting their guard down. They had even touched on their marriage. What they liked and what they didn’t. Jim started to think that Maria may be a little unhappy as she peppered him with questions about his wife and marriage. “She has probably had a little too much to drink he thought.”

He was surprised when she suddenly blurted out “How’s you sex life?” He stammered for a moment and she said “That good, huh? Sounds like mine.” He was going to protest but realized that he really wasn’t that happy with his sex life. It wasn’t so much the act, although even that had become a little too routine. For him it was more about the frequency. It just wasn’t happening often enough for him. While his wife would usually orgasm and seemed to enjoy herself, he sometimes felt she was only agreeing to have sex with him out of a sense of duty. It was like she was doing it because it was required of the marriage solid and not because she was into it.

Some of this came out in the conversation with Maria. Maria admitted that she was often not into it. It wasn’t that she didn’t like sex. It was that the sex had become dull. It was always the same and she had become bored. She missed the excitement and passion.

After a short lull in the conversation, Maria turned toward Jim and said, “I want to hear a man’s opinion. What do you think of oral sex?”

Jim laughed and said “I’m for it.”

Maria smiled and said, “No, I mean, how do you feel about performing it? I have friends that say their husbands do it for them. I find it hard to believe. My husband has never done it for me.”

Jim was stunned. “Never?” Maria just shook her head. “Wow,” Jim said, “that’s terrible for you. That’s something that my wife enjoys and to tell you the truth, I like doing it.”

Now it was Maria’s turn to be stunned. She couldn’t believe that a man enjoyed it. She always thought that a man would do this just to make his partner happy. Jim assured her that he did, in fact, enjoy performing this act on his wife.

There was a short silence before the conversation slipped back into bland small talk. It was as if both of them suddenly felt like they had exposed too much. When the bar tender stopped by, Maria asked for the check. Jim was a little disappointed.

After she paid the check, Maria stood and turned toward Jim. She thrust out her hand and said, “It was nice to meet you, Jim.” She then leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “I’m in room 613.” With that, she strode out of the restaurant. Jim watched her ass as she left and was caught when she turned to look back just before turning the corner. They exchanged nervous smiles.

Jim sat stunned. He had never cheated on his wife despite the unhappiness he felt about their sex life. This situation was the classic stereotype of the husband away on business. Jim didn’t like the idea of being a stereotype but he did find Maria to be very attractive. He debated whether or not he should go up to her room. He even started to tell himself that she may only want to talk some more but he knew better. He asked for his check.

Jim found himself standing outside room 613 feeling paralyzed. Inside, Maria was nervous. She couldn’t decide if she wanted him to come or not. She was feeling a little guilty but at the same time she was feeling a sexual excitement that she hadn’t felt in years. She heard a knock at the door and froze.

When she was able to move, she went to the door and looked through the peephole. There was Jim, looking as nervous as she was feeling. She managed to open the door, smiling broadly, and welcomed him into her room. Jim also smiling nervously entered.

Once inside, they both sort of stared at each other. They knew why she invited him up and why he came but neither was making the first move. Maria finally said, “I’m glad you decided to come up.”

Jim replied, “So am I.”

Maria nervously said, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Jim said, “Neither have I” as he stepped toward her.

They were standing very close when Jim touched Maria’s shoulder. They both felt the tension begin to ease. Jim leaned forward and gently kissed Maria. After stepping back and looking into each other’s eyes, they moved forward and were quickly locked in a passionate embrace. Their lips parted and their tongues were moving in a stead rhythm.

Jim’s hands slid down Maria’s back until he was squeezing that beautiful ass. As the excitement level ratcheted up, the nervousness and the guilt were disappearing. Soon, Maria was pulling at Jim’s tie to get it off and unbuttoning his shirt. After his shirt was off, he removed her blazer, revealing a lacy, black bra which he quickly removed. His right hand went directly to her left breast while his left hand was still squeezing her ass.

Maria was incredibly turned on and was pawing at his crotch, feeling his growing erection through his pants. Neither could believe the passion.

Maria suddenly broke the kiss and pushed Jim away. Jim was caught by surprise. He couldn’t believe she was stopping. He needn’t worry. Maria stepped back and while giving him a look of pure desire, kicked off her shoes and unzipped her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor. She was left in only her panties. Jim just stared at the beauty in front of him.

Maria said only, “Well?” and Jim broke from his trance and started to quickly remove his clothes until he was left in only his boxers.

They came back together and the feeling of skin on skin only heightened their desire. While never breaking the kiss, Jim lifted Maria and moved them to the bed where they proceeded to roll all around the bed, groping every part of their partner’s body.

While Maria was on top, she suddenly sat up and grabbed Jim’s waist band and yanked off boxers. She stared at Jim’s erection while playing with his cock and balls for a few moments before leaning forward and taking him into her mouth. She couldn’t remember the last time she had done this. She loved the feeling and taste.

Jim was in heaven. It had been ages since he had received any oral attention. The feeling of being in her mouth was beyond description. He didn’t want to cum like this though. He wanted to enter her.

Jim gently pushed Maria from his cock. She looked at him questioningly but Jim just sat up, pushed her onto her back and tore off her panties. His mouth went first to one nipple and then to the other as his hand slowly slid up her thigh. When he the top, he let his fingers trail very gently over her lips and into her sparse pubic hair.

Maria was already going crazy, writhing around on the bed, when Jim’s mouth moved from her tits and started moving very slowly down her torso. Jim’s kisses moved through her pubic area. He forcefully spread her legs apart and moved between them. Maria was shaking with anticipation. She let out a moan when his tongue slid between her lips.

Jim spread her lips with his fingers and plunged his tongue into her vagina. Maria was going crazy. Her juices were pouring out of her and Jim was lapping them up. He replaced his tongue with his finger and let his tongue move up to Maria’s clit. He began steadily flicking her clit with his tongue while his finger moved in and out of her vagina. Maria’s steady moans were converging into one, nonstop moan.

Maria couldn’t believe the sensations she was feeling. She could feel her orgasm approaching. As she was peaking, she held her breath. Her whole body tensed. Her thighs clamped down on Jim’s head. As one of the biggest orgasms she had ever felt took over her body, she moaned very loudly and kept on going. Jim now had two fingers in her and was sucking on her clit.

When she couldn’t take any more, she pushed Jim’s head away from her crotch. Her clit was now too sensitive to touch. She was panting. Jim moved up next to her smiling. She grabbed his head and started kissing him, tasting her own juices on his lips. This was another first for her

Maria pushed Jim onto his back, straddled him and guided his cock into her. She was so wet that he entered her completely. She slowly started to ride him, building up speed. She was slamming up and down on him lost in her own pleasure. Jim could feel his own orgasm slowly building but wanted to hold it off. He pushed her off of him.

She was sitting on the bed looking at him expectantly. He got up onto his knees and flipped her over, moving her onto her knees. He entered her form behind and after a few gentle thrusts, grabbed a hold of her hips and started to slam into her. While he was doing this, he reached up and pulled her hair. This sent her over the edge. She came again. Jim rode her through her orgasm but then couldn’t hold out any longer. He let out a moan and emptied his balls into her.

They both collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily. They fell asleep and Jim was awoken by the shower at 6:30. He also needed to get cleaned up and check out. He knocked on the bathroom door and heard Maria tell him to come in. Just as he was walking in, the shower turned off. Maria grabbed a towel and opened the curtain. Jim couldn’t help but admire her naked body again.

He told her he had to get to the airport. She understood. She gave him a hug, squeezing her naked body tightly against him. Neither said anything about exchanging contact information. They would each be the reason for the other’s unexplained smile in the years ahead.

Jim slipped out to head back to his room to get ready to go. By the time he was dressed and ready, Maria was already at the airport.

I just had to depart from my ‘normal’ series to tell you about a drunken night I had recently.

Because I am Lauralye’s main ride for work I have become a regular at Karma. Even after Lauralye was fired I still went in on a regular basis. One night I was sitting at the bar with a couple friends, Ned and Stacey (great story there too), drinking more than I should have been. Sitting next to Stacey was Amber. They were chatting so I thought they were together. Eventually, Amber was as drunk as the rest of us and had moved over and taken my seat with me standing next to her.

The more we drank, the more we groped. The more we groped, the more turned on each of us got. Taking a chance, I leaned down and scraped my teeth across a spot that drives most women crazy. Sorry, I’m not letting that secret out of the bag. You’ll have to learn it on your own. Anyway, it worked wonders. A shiver went down her spine and she shook like she was having an orgasm.

Luckily for us (and the bar, since live sex shows are illegal here), last call soon came and we were heading out. We continued groping and grabbing as we made our way to the car. Not realizing how wild and horny she was, I figured we would just continue to grope and grab until we got to my house. Boy was I proven wrong.

Within 3 blocks of the bar, she already had my pants down to my knees and her nose buried in my pubic forest. Yeah, I’m one of the few guys that don’t ‘manscape’.’ A previous girlfriend (Kelli from other stories) has told me that I am well endowed. Personally, I think ‘above average’ at best. Either way, Amber was obviously experience as she was able to take all of it easily. I leaned back and relaxed for what I thought would be some nice road head on the trip home. Damn, she surprised me again. At some point between getting in the car and now, Amber had removed her pants. I had not realized that until she swung herself up and sat down in my lap, impaling herself completely in one move. At this point we were still less than 6 blocks from the bar. I knew then I had a wildcat on my hands. We still had about 10 miles to go and 8 of it was on the highway. Driving with a bouncing, drunk, naked woman in your lap isn’t as easy as it sounds. I was thrilled when we hit the highway & had fewer obstacles to content with.

Because I had already had her so cranked up, she finished fairly quickly. Dropping back into the passenger seat she was still laying with one foot on the center console and one on the dashboard. Being the gentleman I am…… ok, we all know better…… being the horny pervert I am, I started to finger fuck her and thumb her clit to keep her primed for more action. She started squirming around from my ministrations. Jokingly I spanked her pussy and told her to stay still. Apparently, I hit the right spot then too. I have discovered that a number of women like to have their pussy spanked. Anyway, it only took a couple smacks, some good thumbing and a couple curled fingers across her g-spot and over the top she went again. This orgasm really wracked her body. Both her legs kicked and went stiff as the shivers ran through the rest of her. The leg into the thigh wasn’t much of a problem. The problem came with the other leg and foot that kicked the rear view mirror off the windshield.

That kind of put a damper on our activities on the road. Some more groping and grabbing was enough to hold us until we got to my house.

“Ok, we’re here” I said.

“What about the neighbors?”

“”What about them?”

“I’m not wearing any pants.”

“If they know me, it won’t be a surprise.”

With that, I pulled my pants back up. Amber proceeded to hop out of the car wearing only her shirt.

Her pants landed on the kitchen floor and her shirt hit the dining room floor before her sweet ass landed on the couch. Finally I got a chance to see the dripping pussy I had already fucked. Being myself, I didn’t look for long. Diving in, I ran my tongue from bottom to top. When I hit her clit, the shiver told me she was still on the verge of another big climax. Taking that as a cue, I concentrated on in it. Squeezing it firmly between my lips, I ran my tongue all over it until I was rewarded with more of her juices.

Apparently she was just as horny as I was. Even after at least 3 orgasms, she was still ready to go for more. Before I knew it, she pushed me onto my back and once again took my entire length in one shot. Then she started riding me with wild abandon. Seeing an opportunity, I had her turn around into a reverse cowgirl. I already had 2 of her holes and I was now aiming for her 3rd. as she leaned forward to fuck herself on my cock, I wetted my finger with her juices and started toying with her rosebud. Her moans and movements told me she was definitely interested in what I was doing.

Taking the lead back, I rolled her onto her back. Bending her legs as far up as they would go opened both her pussy and her ass to me. Of course, I had to have another taste. With other plans already in mind, I didn’t stay long, just long enough to get some extra juices flowing. Sliding up I easily buried my cock back into her. As I said, I had other plans so I only pumped a few times and pulled out. This caused an immediate reaction from her as she started to grab for my hips to get me back inside her. Quickly re-aiming, when she pulled some & I pushed, my helmet was firmly planted against her sphincter. Obviously, I didn’t bring enough of her juices with me as it didn’t yield to the pressure. Trying once again didn’t work either. No matter how much we both wanted it, there was no way I was going in. where’s the damn lube when you need it?

Changing course, I moved back to her dripping pussy. I made sure my first thrust was full strength and full length. She just begged me to fuck her harder. I obliged. I also realized what I hadn’t really done so I started to man handle her sweet B-cup tits. She still begged me to fuck her harder and twist her nipples.

I could tell she was ready to come again. I quickly moved one had from her tit down to her clit. While thrusting deep and twisting a nipple, I gave her a couple more pussy spanks and sent her over the top. This one was as strong and caused the same reaction as the one in the car but luckily there weren’t any mirrors around to break.

Barely giving her time to relax, I once again showed my dominance and rolled her on to all-fours. As before, one thrust was all it took and I was once again bruising her cervix. Not being gently, I pounded her as hard as I could. My hips were banging her ass so hard I almost caused her to do a face plant on the carpet. The alcohol was starting to catch up with me, as was the roughness of the carpet. I was only able to maintain this for a couple minutes. Rolling her back to missionary, I returned to the hard pounding and nipple twisting from before until she had another, albeit smaller, orgasm.

Alcohol always affects me in a unique way. As you may have noticed, I still haven’t finished. I also haven’t gotten soft. A lot of the time, his is good. Tonight it worked great. Even though my dick was painfully sensitive from use, when Amber went off for her last time, her spasming pussy milked me to a great finish.

I collapsed on the floor next to her. We laid there panting for a while. Realizing we had better be getting back to the bar, we slowly started getting redressed. Of course this process took Amber back into the kitchen where her pants were still lying on the floor.

I would love to say I got more road head and we knocked out another on the way back but unfortunately nothing else happened. When we got back to the bar, she sat with the barmaid (her friend she was there to see, not Ned and Stacey as I first thought. It wasn’t until then that I realized this may just be a drunken one-night stand. I have made 3rd party contact with her & we both want to get together again but making it happen will take some doing. I will definitely write more after our next meeting.

Mary drifted her finger across the top of the wine glass as she sat at the bar. She had to admit she was pretty nervous that this would all work out they way she wanted to. She had been and town visiting family and had decided to give Dean a call and meet him for a drink, or at least that’s what she told him.

They both had been happily married for ten years to their significant others, but Mary new Dean had been infatuated with her since about the fourth grade, the truth was that their friendship was built on it, true they were there for each other when they needed a friend to call or a good laugh, but that all came after his desire for her, and she loved it. Who wouldn’t want an attractive guy like Dean drooling over them? He was the epitome of an athletic body, playing sports although high school he was always in pretty good shape but she loved his muscular arms the most, his shirts always seemed to cling to his biceps and just draw attention to the masculinity of him. She secretly wished for years he would just grab her with those sexy arms once. Mary wanted nothing more than to get a good feel of that sexy ass of his and always wondered what kind of equipment he was working with, but she just loved the attention he gave her way too much to risk losing it.

That is what made it so hard when she had met his wife. Sure she had had plenty of boyfriends she had flaunted at him to make him jealous, although she would never tell him the dirty details as not to ruin his pristine image of her, but although he had a few girls he was with here and there none of them seemed to last very long and after high school she hadn’t met any of them, till his wife. Truth be told she gave the woman the dirtiest “this is mine” look she could muster, but it couldn’t hold much wait since she had been with her boyfriend for about four years at the time. So eventually Mary adjusted and figured it was better to play the sweet friend, trying to act like the look had never happened. Dean’s wife knew though and couldn’t stand to be around her, which was all the better as far as Mary was concerned.

Tonight though she wanted to get his attention back, and she was wearing the dress to do it. It was a short black cocktail dress that only came to about mid thigh and was designed to show the left side of her sexy stomach and back where the fabric gave way to the middle of the dress and then came back together just below her abdomen. The front of the dress had a nice V-neck to show her cleavage to any who wished to sneak a peak, she was sure it would be too tempting to Dean.

When Mary was younger she was a lot more conservative, an athlete herself she was very focused on achieving a scholarship for Field Hockey and keeping her grades where they needed to be. She loved the attention of the boys, but most of the time dressed in the conservative preppy way. She would even go so far as to wear jeans and a sweatshirt when her and Dean used to go out together on their friendly excursions to the pizza shop or the like. College really broadened her horizons, especially sexually, it was no secret how risqué some of the field hockey girls could be and they were bound to impact her somehow. The truth was it was very freeing to let her sexuality out when it finally happened, and it became even more fun when she started to use it by flirting with Dean. She loved it when he told her how beautiful she was or when she teased him by asking about what a guy meant when she had a nice bubble butt. Oh she just loved to tease him! The problem was that the teasing wasn’t working anymore despite the fact she was happily married she felt like there was something unresolved with them and she fully intended to have all is attention tonight. When she was done with him he wouldn’t even remember that little wife of his.

“Hey there! I almost didn’t recognize you…Wow!” Dean said as he came up to the stool next her. Mary swiveled in her stool and sexily uncrossed her legs as she moved to get up and meet him giving him the biggest sexiest smile she could muster before moving in to give him a hug that intentionally lasted a little longer than it normally did.

“So you like what you see huh?” Mary teased

“What guy wouldn’t I think you could turn NPH strait in that dress, damn, to what do I owe the benefit of seeing you, so…”

“Sexy?” Mary finished

“Exactly” Dean replied

“Well sometimes a girl just likes to feel a little sexy, you know its always nice to get a little attention.” Mary grabbed Dean’s hand and pulled him behind her as she finished.

“Follow me lets find a table, I always find it so hard to talk at the bar”

The two of them made their way to a table Dean was staring at Mary’s legs and her nice ass all the way. She was a very fit girl but always still womanly. He always loved her bubble butt, it just beckoned to be grabbed and smacked, she wasn’t heavy just had a nice well toned ass that he could just adore, not like all those stick figure girls everyone seemed to pretend were attractive. He would break one of them in half, he always wanted a girl who could handle what he wanted to give them, and when it came to Mary that was a lot.

As they sat down at a small table at the far end of the bar Dean was glad to see he could still get a peak at Mary’s sexy legs, but when you looked at Mary his cock started to stir in his pants. His absolute favorite thing about her had always been her lips, she had this plump luscious bottom lip that just beckoned him, her lips we just made for kissing, and better yet to have around his cock. A tremor went through him at the thought. Dean really hadn’t thought of Mary like this in awhile, it was like his libido was running wild. He had always wanted her and just talking to her always seemed to turn him on, but the unbridled lust that seemed to be building up in him was more then he thought he was going to be able to manage. “How’s this okay?” she said as a waitress came and they ordered some more drinks. As Mary watched Dean tremor with desire she new her plan was starting to work already and she hadn’t even gotten started. Dean was stubborn though and to get him to do what she wanted she was going to have to take him on the brink of insanity. The real reason they had never been together before was Dean was just too good of a guy, always there for her when she needed him but never willing to cross the line when they came to it, either because she had a boyfriend or had dated one of his friends there was always some line he wouldn’t cross. Now they both were behind the ultimate line marriage, it was like all the build up was to this moment and she had to conquer it to have him. As she looked at him she new why she wanted him. Dean’s brown hair was in a short buzz cut, his brown eyes just seemed to suck her in. When she pulled herself away her eyes followed his sexy neck down to the tight v-neck shirt he wore. Dean was still fit and she loved it, his pecs just beckoned to be touched and those arms, she actually had to readjust herself in her seat as she looked at them. Mary just couldn’t wait to get a look at that firm ass of his in those tight jeans, although she always wondered what it would look in leather, yeah, leather would be good. Well maybe once she turned him into a bad boy tonight she would get her wish.

Mary slowly rang her tongue over her lips very casually but she new it drove him nuts, always did. She leaned forward as they enjoyed their drinks and continued with small talk. Mary made sure to steer the conversation clear of their significant others which wasn’t hard because Dean had made that a practice of keeping Mary out of the conversation with his wife and turnabout as they say is fair play. Mary always loved to talk about their past when they were together, maybe because it turned her on how much he always wanted her, but now she wanted to plant some seeds for later.

“You know we were way too good in high school”

“What do you mean?”

“Well while you and I were out getting slices of pizza and studying, everyone else was doing other stuff, its like we were so oblivious you know?”

“What do you mean like drugs?”

“No silly!” Mary said as she reached across and patted his hand, and then left it there “like sexual stuff. You know after hearing everyone’s stories in college and stuff it’s like we were so naïve. All of the girls on the field hockey team had blown more guys then I had dated in high school” Dean put his hand on top of Mary’s without thinking about it and then laughed at what she had just said.

“Yeah I guess your right, but in my case it wasn’t by choice”

“You don’t think so, I mean really if any other two people spent as much time together they would have been fucking like rabbits, hell a lot of people probably did, remember that time I got mono and no one would go near you!” she giggled as she said it. “Oh yeah I never wanted mono any more in my life!” he laughed back Mary loved this he was totally playing into her finger tips, she knew he wanted this, he always had wanted this and it was her job to give it to him.

Just then the juke box kicked on and Mary took her cue, she stood up grabbed Dean by the hand again and drug him to the dance floor. Dean however was hard as a rock from their previous conversation and was a little hesitant.

“What are you doing?” he asked

“I love this song come on lets dance!” this made Dean laugh. The two of them had never danced before, not even at each others weddings due to the whole jealousy thing. Dean had dreamed of it for years but had always been turned down when he asked her to the dance. Now she was asking him for it, it was way out of place.

“Oh Dean come on, relax, I’m so much better about this stuff now, like I said we were way too innocent when we were younger, its just a dance, and I definitely owe you one at this point.”

Dean couldn’t agree more and tried his best to his raging hard on as hey made it to the dance floor. The music was fast as they started dance separately from each other but then Mary moved forward and put her hands around the back of his neck and leaned off of him swaying to the beat. As they got more into it they started to dance closer and closer. Mary worked herself around so she was rubbing her back against him and started to work her ass into his crotch. As she worked with the music she could feel the bulge growing in his pants, she worked harder and harder to tease him reaching up and grabbing his neck as she looked at him and gave him a sexy smile. He rocked to the beat with her grinding into her.

Dean could feel himself grow even harder as he ground into her his lust starting to take over. His cock was pushing right in between her ass cheeks making all his dirty fantasies about being with her come to light. Just when he felt like he might lose it the song switched pace to something slower, Dean thought they were going to stop, but Mary turned around and pulled him close. He could smell her long brown hair and it made his nerves stand on end, she was wearing the same perfume that she had all through high school the one that drove him crazy with her sent. Just when he was at his ultimate high she leaned up and kissed him with those beautiful lips of hers. It stated of gradual their lips playing tenderly with each other, then Dean sucked one of those beautiful lips into his mouth like he always wanted. He tasted Mary’s sweet tongue as he kissed her. The kiss got gradually and gradually hotter and Dean found himself grabbing her beautiful ass and pulling her against his hard cock grinding into her.

Mary slowly lead him off the dance floor and against the back wall as they continued to make out grinding into each other. This gave Dean just enough time to come to his senses a little.

“Mary, oh my god you are beautiful, but… but I can’t do this my wife, your married, Its wrong….” He was still grinding into her as he said it. Mary continued to kiss him passionately and in between breaths continued her final seduction “No its not… you are mine.” She smiled sexily as she said it and ran her tongue across her lips as she reached down and grabbed his cock through is pants ” this is mine…. And it has been mine since the fourth grade. You can’t cheat with me….. You can only claim what’s yours… and tonight your going to fuck me with this big fucking cock” she said as she stroked it “and your going to make me yours!”

Dean couldn’t fight it anymore he just wanted it too much, he had wanted it too much for too long, he had to have her, he had to claim her.

“Where?” he said

“Follow me….”

“With pleasure.”

The two made their way out of the bar and got into Marys red convertible, Dean started to get into the passengers seat, but Mary stopped him.

“No you drive. Remember that park you used to send me to when I wanted to go on a hot date?”

“Yes” Dean said

“This is our hot date, and try not to crash on our way there.” She said as they got in the car.

As Dean started up the car and stated heading toward the park he looked over at Mary who was making her way toward him for some reason. “Why would I crash?” He said. “Because one of your biggest fantasies is about to come true!” Mary replied as she unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard cock.

“Oh my god” Dean replied.

“Oh my god is right, your cock is huge, why have you been holding out on me? I don’t know if I could fit this thing in my mouth” she said slapping the hard cock on her lips and cheeks as she talked. “How bad to you want this Dean?” Mary said as she kissed the tip “How bad to you want me to put your cock in my mouth? Have you thought of this moment, fantasized about me giving you road head while you drove me around?”

“Forever, I want this more than anything!”

“I hope not” she said. “I hope you want to fuck me even more!” With that she took him in her mouth and stated to give him the best blowjob of his life. She stroked the shaft with her left hand as she reached into his pants and cradled his balls with her right. She pulled them into her mouth and licked and sucked on them before licking her way back up his shaft and taking the head into her mouth again.

“Come for me Dean, Come in My mouth!” she said as she started to go up and down on his cock.

Dean was doing his best to keep from crashing the car. He was racing to the park as fast as he could luckily it wasn’t a long drive, Mary was driving him crazy and he wasn’t sure he could maintain control of the car much longer. He couldn’t belive the girl of his dreams was sucking his cock with those beautiful lips he had spent so many nights thinking about. As Dean pulled into the lot that lead to the park he quickly found a good spot that was out of view and put the car in park. Finally out of danger he just let Mary go to work on his dick.

“Come for me Dean, you know you’ve dreamt of this moment give me your load fuck my face like a little slut!”

“Oh shit Mary,” Dean said. “You want to taste my cum in that sexy little mouth of yours?” as he said this he put his hand on the back of her head, he didn’t want to be force full but he finally lost control and started fucking her pretty face like a rabid beast. Mary started fondling his balls and he lost it and shot is load into her mouth. He let go of her head thinking she would want to stop but she kept on lapping it up. His wife never did that. Then she did something he never expected she leaded over and kissed him with his cum still in her mouth. They made out with his cum in their mouths passing it back and forth until she swallowed it all down her throat.

“Was that everything you hoped and dreamed? Mary said smiling at him

“Wow that was amazing my wife never would have let me go in her mouth”

“I see you liked the kiss to? Mary said in a sultry tone as she looked down at his stiffening cock.

“Yeah that was hot I never would have thought of doing that but with you… fuck your hot!”

“I love it when you talk like that, now let me show you what I can really do for you, I need to get that monster in me!” she said getting out of the car.

“Pop the trunk!: she followed as she walked around to her trunk and pulled out the blanket, wine, and wine glasses she had brought for just this occasion.

“So you planned this??” Dean said

“Well you were never going to do it and when I want something I take it!” she said grabbing his shirt and giving him another kiss.

“Mary you drive me crazy, and I love it!” he grabbed her ass under her skirt and pulled her to him. He realized she was wearing a thong and lingered a little longer than he planned to, The two of them made their through the heavily walked trail till the found the side trail Mary had referred to, it lead them to a small pond with benches around it which was absolutely secluded this time of night. They set up the blanket and opened the wine. “To two old friends and new lovers and having what we’ve always wanted” Mary said “To having the sexiest girl in the world” Dean said kissing her before he took a sip of wine.

“So outside of tonight do you still think of me like you used to? Mary said as she drank some more wine

“What do you mean?” Dean said

“Well do you think of me sexually? When was the last time you thought about how much you want me?”


“Yes Honestly”

“Last night.”

Mary crawled on top of Dean’s lap and straddled him when she looked down at him with her sexy green eyes and said “What were you doing when you thought of me?”

“I was…” Dean gulped “Having sex with my wife.”

“You were thinking of fucking me while you were fucking her?” Mary began to grind against his cock when he said it.

“Yes I was”

“Oh that’s hot, was it the first time?” “No, its happened plenty of times and after tonight it will probably happen again!” “No it won’t!” Mary said

“It won’t?” Dean said concerned worried he had offended her by admitting his obsession.

“No it won’t, you want be thinking about fucking me or imagining what its like to have that hard cock in my tight little pussy, your will be remembering it!” she said with a wicked little smile.

“Oh you’re bad!” Dean said putting their wine glassed down and turning them so that her was on top as he started to kiss her.

“Oh yes, but you love it when I’m bad!”

“Yes I do and I’m about to show you how much!” Dean said as he kissed his way down her body. He worked up and down each of her beautiful legs kissing them till he got under her dress then reached up and pulled her thong off.

“Smell it.” Mary said “Smell my juices; I know you’ve always wanted to!” Mary had her wicked sultry smile on again. She loved how into her he was; no man she had ever been with had wanted her as much, every aspect of her down to her pussy soaked panties.

Dean listened holding her light blue thong up against his face and smelling her pussy juice, it turned him on to know end. Smelling her was hot enough but doing something this dirty because she asked it turned him on even more. He knew he had to have her he had to taste her. He worked his way down on her tenderly at first. She was completely shaven except for a diamond patch above. He kissed her beautiful skin and made his way down to her clit softly caressing it and running is fingers against her pussy. He started off gently and slowly worked his way into her pussy while he rubbed her clit with his thumb taking turns working her pussy.

Mary let out a guttural purr as he worked on her. She hadn’t had a man go down on her in years. It was one of those things not a lot of men did right if they did at all and it even took her awhile to let one do it, for the first time Dean had taken the intuitive and she loved it.

“Oh shit” she said “Oh shit right there… yes!” Dean continued to work her harder following the instructions she gave him as he brought her closer to closer to pleasure.

A couple of years later, this incident happened.

I used to go shopping with my stepmother who I called Mum, as she needed help to carry the bags, as the shopping centre was only a short walk away and Mum saw no need for the car. One day, before shopping, she came downstairs all dressed up, in a black leather miniskirt and flimsy blouse, her hair newly done and wearing the black leather thong sandals I’d just bought her for her Birthday. Her toes were newly painted all tarty red, and she wore an ankle chain and toe rings. “Do I look okay Bob?” she asked.

She looked so sexy and I said, “Yes, Mum.But why are you dressed up like this?” She smiled.

“I just felt like, that’s all!”

As we walked through the high street she was getting looks and comments from men, and even a woman who served us in the shop. Mum bought many things, including new make up stuff. We stopped for a rest, sitting on a bench and Mum took out the bananas and chocolate spray mousse she’d bought. Mum was looking around at the men, smiling at the wolf whistles she got. She peeled her banana and as she sprayed chocolate mousse on the end, she casually told me she had to see Mr Miller the optician today. There was a big blob of chocolate on the end of her banana, and she explained she had run up a bill again to him. She said she needed better spectacles, she wanted gold rimmed ones.

The horror of what Mr Miller had done to her before all came back to me. I sat nervous, my stomach tensing up in jealousy but my dick growing erect. She said he would probably charge extra for the gold rimmed ones. She looked at me as she daintily tickled her tongue into the chocolate. My dick was throbbing, but I said how I hated him and she shouldn’t go there. She told me I was being silly, he was a nice man and very understanding about her bills to him.

Mum was dangling her sandal from her foot, teasing some rough workmen who sat across from us. They stared at her as she licked more chocolate suggestively from the banana. I was going red in embarrassment, and I wanted to get out of there. The workmen laughed as we left, staring at Mum’s bum in her tight miniskirt, and calling out, “Hey love, you can lick our bananas any time!” Mum giggled and I flushed hotter! Mum had no bra on, and I saw her nipples were up and erect as we walked away.

The optician had the closed sign up as we got there, and I was relieved. Nothing would happen, at least not today. Mum rang the bell, and that bossy cheeky receptionist answered, letting us in and saying sharply, “Come on we’ve been waiting for you!”

I couldn’t believe I was there again, sitting next to Mum in Mr Miller’s office. Across his desk he sat and lectured at us. He was the same arrogant patronising bastard as always, wagging his finger at us and telling Teresa off for being slow with his bills. Mum fluttered her eyelashes, telling him Dad was away working again and having money trouble. She said she really wanted her gold rimmed glasses, as she dropped off her sandals and put her bare feet up on his desk.

The snooty, mealy mouthed, self righteous arse of an optician began tapping his pen on her sexy toes, lecturing to her as he did. “Please Mr Miller, perhaps we can come to some arrangement again!”, she simpered to him, adding, “Somehow.”

“Well, perhaps.” He looked down his long stuck up toffee nose at her. “But you know it’s Extra Extra this time, don’t you?” As he said the word “Extra”, he jabbed his pen between her toes, twirling it in and out. It was obviously a sexual signal. She giggled.

“Yes Sir, I understand!” She was sucking up to this big horrible bastard, in front of me, knowing I hated him. She told me to wait and not to worry, she needed to discuss business again with nice Mr Miller! She stroked my hair and kissed my cheek, and her tits rubbed my shoulder as she did. I felt her erect nipples rub me through her blouse. Oh, no, they were very hard and erect!

“Mum, please don’t!” I blurted out, mumbling to her not to go in the other room with him, but she was already walking barefoot across the carpet and Mr Miller following her, with a big bulge in his pants. He directed her into a different room and the door locked behind them. Oh no, it was happening again!

I didn’t want to see this time. I was still full of revulsion from last time, and there was no window in the door they’d passed through anyway. I was upset and angry, my reactions and shameful desires causing deep confusion and angst in me. What I wanted really was to punch Mr Miller, but I couldn’t.

I went into the reception area. Nobody there but the receptionist, and the closed sign still up. She smirked at me, with her intercom quietly on again.Yes, there were little sounds of Mum’s voice coming from it. “Hoourgh! Ourgh!”

“Everything all right, Bob?” Mz. B, the receptionist asked me. “Is your Mum being SEEN TO, then? We like to be professional here you know, Mr Miller enjoys dealing with your Mum! I do enjoy assisting him too! Don’t worry, I’m sure your Mum’s being well SEEN TO!” She plugged her thumb through her black fingers, in and out, gesturing at me as she said it!

I was very red and humiliated, my scalp prickling in heat and embarrassment, and she raised her eyebrow at the bulge in my trousers. “If you are worried about Teresa, there is a back yard out there Bob. You can check on her if you like, as long as you don’t interfere with Mr Miller’s business with your Mum. He’s VERY professional you know!”

Mz. B laughed in glee at me as she directed me through the corridor, and locked me out in the silent cramped yard. It was going dark, being Autumn, and there was an evergreen bush next to the window. I hid behind the bush and looked into the room he’d taken Teresa into, and I shuddered with horror and guilty curiosity.

Mum was in the optician’s test chair, her skirt off and blouse wide open. Mr Miller stood in front of her, pants down, rubbing his huge veiny willy at her and giving her orders. “More, make them redder Teresa. Come on, now!”

I saw then what she was doing. She had her new bright red lipstick, putting it on to her big red nipples! “This okay now, Sir?”, she asked meekly.

He got between her legs again and shoved his great big dick right up her hairy juicy cunt, and resumed his fucking of my Mum. I watched, hating it but needing to wank as the arrogant optician shagged my Mom. Her bare feet with jewellery on stroked his big hairy backside and her toes wiggled in pleasure. She groaned, “Hugh! Hoogh! Ooogh!” Sometimes he would press himself on to her, and I saw her tit all red and excited, being squeezed out to the side by his chest, and smearing lipstick on to his pressed white shirt. He screwed my Mum hard in the test chair. PUMP! PUMP! PUMP!

Suddenly Mz. B walked in to the room, grinning at them. She picked up Mum’s handbag and rooted through it. The two fucking in the chair carried on, not minding her. She pulled out Mum’s large make up brush, and with a smirk the black woman came and began tickling Teresa’s bare feet with it, teasing her into further sexual oblivion. The receptionist bossed Mum about and taunted her. “Take it like a good girl, Teresa!” She even began recording and photographing them with Mum’s mobile phone!

Mum orgasmed. I could tell, the way she opened her mouth and shut her eyes. When she relaxed again, Mr Miller was approaching his vinegar strokes. He roughly grabbed her boobs, her red tit ends poking out between his fingers, and grunted. His dick throbbed, pulsating up my Mum’s hairy red slit and pumping out his thick invading spooge up inside her.

Mum cooed to him, pretending to be shocked but smiling happily. Strangely, she sang a silly rhyme as the optician spunked her. “Dib dob doe! My big toe! Dirty doctor spanks me, rude optician balls me! My slit’s full of sperm!”

I quivered, cringing in shame, and couldn’t stop myself shooting my own teased tormented sperm on to the bare concrete floor outside. I looked in on Mum as she rudely flaunted herself and willingly cuckolded me and Dad to pay the optician!

I sank out of sight, to clean myself up and collect my shattered nerves. After a few minutes I heard the receptionist chiding Mum. I looked in again. Mz. B was sitting on a stool near the window, and Mum was stretched naked across her lap. Teresa’s bare bottom was facing the window, and she was giving little groans and yelps, because the black girl had poked Mum’s lipstick into her bum hole! The receptionist wiggled it about up Mum’s broad dark arsehole, often pulling my Mum’s bum cheeks apart to look at it. Mz. B knew I was there of course, and she looked right at me smiling to taunt me, while holding open Mum’s buttocks to make sure I saw it in there, throbbing as Mum twitched her brown hole! She waggled it about up Teresa’s bum, twisting the lipstick and tickled Mum’s beaver with her fingers. The receptionist then spanked Teresa for quite a while, her hand slapping down on the pale quivering cheeks. Mr Miller took more pics with Mum’s mobile phone and stroked his cock hard again.

I feel back against the wall out of sight again. I could hardly believe it. However, there was worse to come. When I looked again, Mum was bending, touching her toes naked in the middle of the room. The optician stood with his belt in his hand. He pompously lectured her about the bill and her behaviour, and I clutched my dick in shame as Mum accepted and even counted out six whacks of the belt across her arse. Her voice quivered with each one. She rubbed her bottom afterward, clasping it as she straightened up, and he slowly wanked as she did. He was really large I could see now, maybe 9 or 10 inches, with a big knob end like a large plum. Soon six red lurid marks showed on Mum’s bum.

Mr Miller ordered her to bend over again and spread her bottom for him. She flexed her asshole in and out as he took our tub of butter and smeared a small piece around his dick to lubricate it. I caught a glimpse of him putting his bulbous prick tip to her naughtiest hole, then she went “OOOOOOOOUUURRGH! You dirty man!” as it plumped into her creased starfish and shoved right up her bum!

Mz. B stood nearby, arms folded and chiding Mum again. “Whoooo, ha haaa, Teresa! You Dirty Mom! Bum Bitch! Remember your video? The willy bum exercise? Do the willy bum!”

They made Mum do squat thrusts on the floor, her bare feet going back and forth and her bum bobbing up and down, as Mr Miller took her anally. Her ankle chain shook around as her sexy body moved in rhythm. He slapped her ass and bossed her about as he took her asshole. “This is the Extra, Teresa, but it’s not the Extra Extra, you know that don’t you?”

Mum nodded and agreed, as she did the willy bum exercise for the rude optician. “Yes! Yes, Sir! I understand! I’ll do what I must!”

He sodomised her for some long minutes while I watched. I had a clearer view than last time. I could see the lipstick had been rubbed off her tits now, though her nipples were still as swollen and excited. She was getting tired with the exercise, I could see. I fell back into the yard again and hid in the dark. For a few minutes only his grunts and the receptionist’s mocking laughter were audible. Suddenly Mr Miller shouted nastily, “Right. NOW!”

I looked in again and Mum was kneeling in front of him. She grasped his balls and his big horrible veiny cock throbbed at her. Oh, no! There was a great big blob of Mum’s own chocolate mousse, from her bag, on his big knob end! He went, “WOOOARGH!” in appreciation, as Mum took her tit to it, and squashed it on to her big excited nipple! She looked up at him in lust like a naughty nymph as she did it, exclaiming something dirty to him I didn’t catch. Then the other one too, as he groaned and called her names. “Dirty Girl! Do the Extra, Teresa, yes that’s right!” I couldn’t believe it. She just took his prick and went SPLAT! on her throbbing titties!

Mum let one hand go down to her moist crotch, rubbing and squeezing her cunt in deep joy.

The receptionist laughed out loud in glee to see Mum degrade herself like this, and ordered her, “Now lick lick, extra extra!”

I panicked and said, “No! Oh, Mum, noooo!”

Suddenly I realised Mum could see me. She looked out right into my eyes, as she plunged her tongue into the blob of mousse on his cock, tickling it in the chocolate, then clamped her mouth around his cock! “Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned, and she climaxed. Yes, my Mum climaxed as she let them do such filthy things to her. Prostituting herself like a common whore for the big arrogant weirdo pervert and doing the the dirty on me.

“Woaarrgh, I’m comiing!” Mr Miller growled, and his Receptionist filmed again as Mum showed the lens his sponk pouring out on to her outstretched tongue. “Dirty bitch, dirty bitch, dirty bitch!” He grunted low and lustfully, his plum head pulsating on my Mum’s tongue and flooding it with his dirty self satisfied bollock juice!

Mz. B then closed the curtains and it seemed to go quiet, but I heard the sink taps running as they cleaned up. The Receptionist opened the yard door and brought me in, I was shaking and my nerves so wrecked I couldn’t say much.

They soon appeared, pretending nothing had happened. Mum praised Mr Miller glowingly for being so kind and letting her have her gold rimmed glasses, as they were such “Old friends!”

I was going bright red again and again as Mum and I stood at the counter, with the Receptionist preparing the glasses and grinning at us. Mum put on fresh red lipstick as we waited, smacking her lips together. I’m sure she was watching my reaction, as I knew where it had been!

Mz. B said it’s better if I didn’t tell anyone about Mum getting free spectacles here, or even that we’d been here today, as she was sure Dad wouldn’t like it and we didn’t want “things getting out” to the locals, or even my college friends for example. She repeated they were very “professional here.” She placed the glasses in a bag, along with something in a brown envelope.

I said very little on the way home. I said nothing over the evening meal either. I wrote it all down in my diary, all I’d seen Mum do while prostituting herself to that twisted snooty pervert.

I wanked to it for hours that night and the next.

Then, at night on the third day following, on my bed I found my diary open on that page, the brown paper bag with her lipstick from that day, and a note saying, “Here’s a reward for a good boy. Keep it all secret. We have to anyway, or they’ll send THIS to the neighbours or Dad’s bosses, and your college friends!” She added, “PS! Good account but are you SURE it was chocolate?”

I exclaimed something in shock at that. I head Mum laugh in the next room.

I opened the bag. It was a German hardcore magazine. The title translated roughly as “DIRTY MOMS!” “SPECIAL ISSUE – TERESA!” “With Dozzer and Dowling!”

It was, too. On the front was Mum, topless, flanked each side by the two guys. Who were Dozzer and Dowling, you may ask. Ohhh, NO! Please not Dozzer and Dowling! Well I guess I better tell you, if I can bear to…

Dozzer and Dowling were my most hated school bullies from years ago! They were in a German porno mag with my Mum! Obviously she’d met up with them as grown men now, and let a porno mag photograph their sex session!!! The misery and torment all came flooding back from years ago.

Words can’t even say how I hated those guys. I’d never let them hit me but they called me constant names for years in school and spoiled my concentration, tormenting me daily and making my life a misery. The worst school taunt you could give another boy was “I’ve had your Mum!” and pretend you’d had sex with their mother, what a dirty kinky bitch she was, etc. There were always fights if anyone ever said that to another boy. They used to say it to me, such horrible things about what they’d done to my Mum. They were too big and tough for me to fight, so I had to do nothing. However, I began having secret wanking fantasies of them doing the things they said to her. I used to write them down in notebooks and keep them to jerk off to secretly. Mom must have found my secret stories about her, even these most secret ones.

My hands shook and my cock throbbed as I held the magazine of Mum with my old school bullies in my hands. The back cover was a photo of Mum smiling and spreading her asscheeks wide, showing her sexy crinkled arsehole. I closed my room door, took off my clothes letting my cock burst out free in tormented arousal, picked up the lipstick and smelled the musky aroma of Mum’s arse on it, as I lay shaking on my bed and opened the magazine.

What was in it will be described in another story, if anyone wishes me to write that!

Leo could not wait for the flight attendant to let him know he could turn on his cell phone. He knew Max was up by now and had seen the ring he left on her finger. He was anxious to hear her response, although he wasn’t too confident she would say yes. He had bought the ring in Italy, but the time never seemed right to propose until their conversation before he left. In fact it was Max who mentioned marriage first, saying she would rather be a widow than a divorcee. He had spoken to Antonio and had received his blessing with pretty much the same warning. His parents were also pleased at the prospect of Max joining the family in a more permanent way. Leo’s stomach did a flip as he was allowed to turn on his phone. He indeed had a message from Max.

“Hey hun, lil’ man apparently knows you’re not here. He has been fussing more than usual so when you get this message call so he could hear your voice.”

“Fuck,” Leo cursed under his breath. She did not mention the ring or give a response. Did she not see it? Of course she did, that sapphire was no joke. What are you up to Max? Leo knew Max’s crazy streak, and she could do anything when she felt cornered. Like take their kid and run to Colombia. He wanted to call and tell her never mind about the proposal, but decided against it. If Max was not going to mention the ring then he wasn’t going to either.

“Hello, Luca, it’s daddy.” Leo never tired of addressing himself as daddy. “Remember I told you I was going away for some days. Don’t give your mother a hard time. I’ll see you in two weeks.”

“Hey Leo, I want you to take note that your son not only ruined my girlish figure, he is sucking the life out of my breasts. He’s going on soy soon if he keeps this up.”

Leo shifted uncomfortably in his seat as his cock jumped at the vision of his naked Max breast feeding their son. “Luca, those breasts are just on loan to you. They belong to me, so handle with care. And Max there was nothing girlish about your figure, you are all woman babe. By the way did you use that cream for your breasts when you woke up? I had a good go at them and now Luca, so you must be extra sore.” Leo had learned some new stuff since the birth of his son. Weird shit, but he was glad to learn. It made him feel proud and a part of them. After not being there the first few months of Max’s pregnancy he was not going to be left out of any more experiences. He realized that to his core he was a family man, and although Max was not asking him to, he was seriously considering a new occupation.

Max wanted to laugh at hearing the concern in Leo’s voice, but it was no laughing matter. To her he sounded so domesticated. She wondered if family life would make him lose his edge. It would be her worst fear brought to life.

“Max? You still there babe?” Leo hated it when Max went silent on him. That meant she was thinking about something that most likely he did not want to hear.

“Yeah I’m here. I just want you to know that as soon as the plane hits that tarmac you better have your game face on.”

“I got ya. It’ll be fine. I was doing this long before I met you.”

Max cut him off, “Yeah yeah yeah, and you will be doing it long after me.”

“Oh hell no Max you’re never leaving me!” Leo laughed realizing he might have said that a little too loudly, as the neighboring passengers gave him queer looks. His voice got very serious and low, “Max, I’m coming back to you.”

“I got ya.” Max replied with his favorite response. “I love you. We’ll chat when you get home.” Max felt very strange as the words slipped past her lips but she meant them.


With Luca tucked in and down for the night Max had time to think about the ring on her finger. A ring she was not sure she wanted yet, but still had not taken off. As tumultuous as their relationship had been so far, she knew Leo was her match. If they got married it would be a forever deal, nothing short of death could end it.

She tucked the marriage thoughts away to offer a silent prayer for Leo. Max had every right to be worried about Leo. She had been overhearing snips and bits when Leo was talking to Pauley, and gathered that trouble was brewing. Last night during their nightly talk Leo told her what was going down in New York.

A couple of bosses were arrested the day Luca was born and chaos had broken out in a massive power grab. Voids needed to be filled and Carmine, being the peacekeeper, was pulled in to keep the bloodshed to a minimum. Leo was going back to maintain the peace in his districts and help Pauley with his. He was upfront with Max about how dangerous some of this undertaking would be. It was not his intention to worry her, but prepare her just in case it all went to shit. He also informed her that in the event of his death she and Luca would inherit everything. It was a difficult conversation to have but necessary.


Pauley was waiting patiently for Leo’s flight to land in Newark, NJ. In order to keep a low profile for awhile they decided it would be best for Leo to fly into EWR. When they saw each other they double kissed and hugged.

“Cuz it is good to have you back. Your pop’s been holding on for as long as he could without you, but the pressure is mounting.”

“What about your situation?”

“It is stable for the time being, no more encroaching, but we need to push back. Hard.”

“Ok, anything else I need to know?”

“Nah. How’s you know who and you know who?” Pauley asked cautiously. No one outside their family knew Leo had a kid and it was agreed to keep it that way until the dust settled.

“Well. All is well on that front. And it might get better if I get a yes.”

“You seriously want to do that? You know there is no taming one like her?”

Leo laughed at Pauley. “You have no idea. But she is mine.”

As they approached the car Leo handed Pauley a little electronic device for sweeping for bugs.

“This is new? A gift from your friend?”

“You know it.” It was one of the many gadgets that Max kept in her “playroom” as she called it. After their conversation about what was going down in New York Max gave him full access to her toys, and taught him how to read and write coded messages just incase. Leo smiled as he remembered the first night Max took him into her inner sanctum.


“Max what is in the room with the coded lock?” Leo was terribly curious about what was behind that door. He had seen Max and her father go in and out of it. He knew it used to be the third bedroom, but what Max had beyond those doors was a mystery.

“My playroom.”

“Your what? Is that some kind of S&M thing?”

“Wanna see it?” Max led Leo into her gun room. Leo looked around amazed. He had never seen a private collection of that size. He had his own assortment of weapons, but Max’s impressed and concerned him at the same time. Aside from all the guns he appreciated the room as quintessentially Max; tough, feminine, private. Her armory was mounted against pink French toile wallpaper. All the woodwork was black. In the center of the room there was a square display case that contained her antique firearms.

Max looked at Leo’s awe struck face and giggled. “You do remember me telling you, I like guns and weapons?”

“Yeah, but I really thought maybe it boiled down to a few hand guns and a subscription to Guns & Ammo.”

“That is so lightweight.”

He looked at her beaming face and playfully admonished. “Max, you might need therapy.”


Leo and Pauley’s first stop was at Leo’s parents’ house. Isabella, Carmine and Salvatore, Pauley father, were waiting for the boys to arrive. Isabella cooked a big meal, more out of nervousness than really expecting Leo to be hungry.

“How’s your lot?” Isabelle inquired.

“Good. I’m waiting for it to get better.” Leo winked at his mother.

“It will. Now eat up before it goes cold. Pauley you too.” Isabelle retired to her bedroom to give the men a chance to talk.

Leo took out another one of Max’s devices from his bag, and placed in on the table. It jammed all electronic signals, coming in and out of the house including cell phones. The men proceeded to discuss business, and strategize how to get things under control.


Max took a picture of her hand with the ring on it and sent it to Laney. She needed a sounding board.

“Is that what I think it is? I am coming over.” Laney was in shock. She had had the opportunity to observe Leo over the past few weeks and was quite impressed with his fathering skills. He was even less intense with Max, except now with this ring thing. Leo sure was one determined fella.

“Hey girl come join me let us reason this thing out,” Max said patting the bed. She was glad her friend was home and came over immediately.

Laney snuggled down next to her friend. “Two questions before we begin. One, are these clean sheets, I know you and Leo must have had some good good-bye sex this evening,” she said scrunching up her face. “Two, am I going to be replacing Leo by sleeping with you until he comes back.”

Max laughed and wacked her friend with a pillow. “These sheets are fresh, take a whiff. And oh please don’t act like you have not missed sleeping with me.”

“You have the best bed!” Laney exclaimed. “Well anyway, I am spending the night.”

“Have you had dinner yet? I am hungry.”

“Pizza and beer?”

“Yeah so I could get Luca drunk on my breast milk.”

Laney laughed. “I forget that you are still eating for two. Pizza and beer for me and I’ll get some other liquid for you.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

As the girls snuggled down under the down comforter they both realized how much they missed alone time with each other. Laney grabbed Max’s hand and took a closer look at the sapphire. It was a gorgeous emerald cut. “Girl are you ready to do this?”

“I don’t think so. I am kinda okay with how things are going now. I love Leo, but is that enough? Maybe I could say yes and be his fiancée forever.”

“Girl you know that is not going to work. The moment you say yes Leo will set a date.”

“Yes he will.” Max laughed at the image of Leo picking out bridesmaids dresses.


“Yo Leo, what is popping Papi?”

“Hey Romeo. How are things?”

“Easy breezy brother. You?”

“You know, just trying to stay alive. Tell me something though bro, why is your fam pressing in on Pauley’s turf? I thought we settled all that shit ages ago.”

“It was all copacetic until, your boy Peretti decided to sing like a canary.”


“Carlo Peretti got picked up before the sweep. It was because of him all that shit went down. You don’t know?”

“Nah, I was out of town. How did you find out?”

“I have a link in the Feds. And I passed that info onto Ty who apparently was just waiting for an opening to make his move. I figured if I knew then you lot knew. Sorry man.”

As Romeo filled Leo in on all he knew Leo could feel his veins throbbing in his head and neck. He had not anticipated there being a rat. But it did make matters kind of simple, he just had one person to focus on now. Peretti.

“Well what done is done, but I need you to send a message to Ty for me. Tell him I said to step off or I am coming for him.” Leo’s cordial tone disappeared. He and Romeo went way back, and had a good business relationship. Something he knew Romeo would never threaten, not even for family. In his world money trumps family.


Peretti was mid level but he knew enough to bring everyone down like dominoes. Leo figured it would only be a matter of time before the Feds came looking for him. Somebody had to shut Peretti up.

As Leo was pulling out his parking spot cell phone rang. Just the person he did not want to talk to, Max. He considered letting it go to voicemail. But thought better of it since they had not spoken since he landed.

“Hey Babe.”

“Hey Hon. How’s it going?”

“Difficult and getting more and more so. I just got a piece of news that makes matters worse for all involved.”

“Anything you care to share? The line is secure.”

“I found out the catalyst for the busts. Some coward ass bastard named Peretti. He got hauled in on some Russian prostitution racket and is giving us all up.”

“All as in you too?”


“How much time we have left?”

“I don’t know. But don’t worry all my affairs are in order in case of an arrest.”

“I am not worried.” Max jokingly lied. “I just don’t want to have to mail you soap-on-a-rope.”

“Oh that is not funny.” Leo chuckled despite the serious nature of their conversation.

“Where is Peretti being held?”

“I don’t know. I was about to make some calls to put some feelers out before you called.”

“Okay. We’ll chat later. Love you. Stay safe.”

“Love you too.”


Max paced the floor thinking about what Leo just told her. Luca was too young to have a father locked up. Carmine was too old to go to jail. Pauley was too pretty to go to jail. And if Peretti knew of all their dealings they could be facing some serious time. Max racked her brain looking for a way to protect her family. She wrestled with the options in front of her and picked a solution. Weighing the possible outcome she made a call.

“What’s wrong?” the voice on the other end answered with concern.

“I need a favour.”

“Tell me.”

“There’s a guy in federal custody I need you to get to.”





“I’ll let you know when it’s done.”

“No need. I’ll know.” And just like that both lines went dead. Max looked in the mirror. She felt fully justified in protecting her family, but knew this good deed would not go unpunished. She just hoped she would be strong enough to handle the fallout.


Leo put the word out on Peretti. Everyone was tasked with hitting up their connections for info. No one seemed to know where he was being held. Two days had passed when the news hit that street that Peretti was dead. One shot to the head and another to the heart. Leo called a meeting but no one took ownership of the hit. Some suggested that perhaps it was the Russians. Leo was not completely convinced. They would have made it known it was them.

He called Max to tell her the news of Peretti’s mysterious demise. Also, since there would be no corroboration the arrested bosses would be released. For the time being trouble was at bay.

“So how long until you coming back to Wilmington?”

“You miss your man?” Leo teased

“Yeah I miss you. Luca misses you. I think even Laney misses you.”

“Give me two weeks. I think everything will be relatively back to normal.”

“I’m holding you to that Leo.”

“I got ya. Tell Luca hello for me.”

“Tell him yourself. He’s up.”

Luca spoke to his son. Just hearing him coo made him want to get on a plane to see them. These two weeks needed to go by quickly.


Carmine patted Leo on his back as he looked out on the gathering of friends, family and business associates. They were throwing a “Welcome Back, We All Ducked Jail” party at Absinthe. The speedy end to their problems had everyone feeling celebratory. Leo however was not feeling it and Carmine saw that.

“Son, what is the problem?”

“I don’t know. I just have a feeling something is wrong.”

“What could be wrong? Peretti is dead. The capos are out. Order is restored. Don’t buy problems. Perhaps you should go home. I know Max would love to see you.”

Leo considered what his father was saying, “You know what dad you maybe right. I’m out. Make some excuse for me.”


Max thought she heard a noise on the baby monitor. She looked towards Luca’s room and saw a glow coming for under the door. She reached for the gun under Leo’s pillow and carefully got off the bed. She nudged the door open with her foot with the gun pointed straight ahead at the intruder. Leo spun around when he heard the door open and got the shock of his life.


“You what the fuck! I almost killed you.” Max said lowering her weapon.

“You walk around the house armed?”

“Of course! Don’t you?”

“Yeah but that is different.”

“Different because I am a girl? You sexist pig.” Max laughed.

“Come give this sexist pig a kiss.” Leo grabbed Max around his waist and pulled her in close. Gosh she smelled good.

Max felt her whole body relax as her lips connected Leo’s. She missed him and by the rise in his crotch it seemed he missed her too.

“Let’s go make this a real homecoming,” Leo suggested pushing Max backward towards their room never breaking contact with her mouth. She shimmied out of her robe revealing her naked body below. Seeing her nipples made Leo smile. He’d been longing to have her body pressed against his. It pleased him to know that she felt the same way.

“Damn girl you’ve sprung a leak,” Leo commented as his hand slipped between her thighs.

“Are you gonna plug it?” Max invited opening her legs.

“No I’m gonna break your pipes.” Leo pushed her down onto the bed.

Max looked up at Leo as he undressed. The fire in her eyes told him he needed to hurry up before she ripped his clothing off. She licked her fingers and began rubbing her nipples and inhaling deeply.

“Max stop.” Leo’s command was deep and sharp. Watching Max getting herself worked up was bringing him to a climax. He grabbed the base of his cock to slow it down. But lost it when she began dipping her fingers into her cunt and licking off her nectar. He leaned over her and came on her breasts and stomach.

Max grinned as she rubbed his ointment into her skin. “Now that’s done let’s get ready to wake the neighbourhood.”

Leo grabbed Max by the knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. “I see princess you are still testing me.”

“You kept me waiting.” She replied putting her legs around his hips.

“And now?” As he said those words her plunged into her hot channel. She was speechless. Her mouth formed an O, but no sound came out. This was worth waiting for. Leo was merciless as he rode her. Max just panted and gripped the sheet above her head. The sound of their bodies colliding and the deep penetration of Leo’s cock had Max nearing an orgasm that threatened to snap her back. She could feel it growing in her belly. As it shot through to her toes she tightened her legs around Leo. This caused him to introduce shallow strokes which just added to the intensity of her orgasm.

Then the words he waited for bolted from her lips. His name being screamed over and over again and being begged to stop.

“No sugar. I’m not stopping.” Leo increased his pace feeling his own orgasm rising within him. He threw his head back and increased his grip on Max’s backside. With a grunt he filled Max with his jism. When he was done he lowered her legs and collapsed besides her holding her hand. It was then he noticed the ring. She has not taken it off. I better leave that discussion for the morning.

The sun had barely begun its ascent when the cries from Luca woke them both up.

“You go back to sleep. I’ve got him.”

“Thanks, but unless you’ve started lactating you are of no use to him.”

“True.” Leo laughed. “I’ll go change him and bring him to you.”

“Wonderful that will give me an extra five minutes.”

Leo had missed his son. It was nice to be back and falling into their family routine. Max figured that she could squeeze a shower in before Leo brought Luca. The hot water did her limbs good. It also gave her time to process Leo’s early arrival. Okay he’s back and he wants an answer. Are you ready for all that would entail? It’s great making the decision and keeping it private, but once it’s out there. It’s out there. Max’s thoughts were broken by a tap on the shower door.

She opened it giving Leo an eyeful.

“Morning Boys.”

Leo’s lustful gaze swept over Max as she dried her skin. He could not help but reach out and touch her. Bringing his hand to her neck to draw her in for a kiss. She moaned in his mouth and took the baby from him.

“Go and shower while I feed Luca. He’ll suck then he’ll go to sleep.” Max winked at Leo.

Leo came out of the shower with an erection like iron. Through out the shower he kept imagining Max naked and ready for him. Legs spread. Mouth filled with filthy words. And when he walked in to the bedroom that is what was awaiting him.

“Come here Lion. Come touch me. Stroke me. Fill me with your cum.”

Leo needed no other invitation. He got onto the bed and told Max to close her eyes. Last night was all about giving it to her hard and fast. This morning he was going to seduce her.

“Close your eyes.” His gentle asking was new and intriguing so Max complied.

And with that he began to trail his fingers over every inch of her body. Every spot he touched felt hot. Max wanted to open her eyes to see his face but knew he would not allow it. Even when he got off the bed she kept her eyes closed. He would have to command her to open it.

He returned to the bed with jar of cocoa butter which he proceeded to rub into Max. He started with her back. His strong hands made Max jelly. When he moved to her front he attempted to be clinical about it and restrain himself. His walls began to crumble as Max’s moans increased indicating impatience. He massaged her breasts, but his gentleness with her nipples served to excite her further. Her tongue made peek-a-boo appearance to lick the lips she was biting. When it came out again Leo dove down and sucked it into his own mouth. They remained in their heated embrace for awhile heightening their arousal. With a gentle nudge Leo with his knee Max spread legs.

“Open you eyes tesoro.” She looked deep into his eyes as he slowly sunk himself into her. “Stai bene?” He asked as a tear slipped from her eyes.

“I’m good. Real good.” Max had never felt so connected to Leo.

Leo took his time, letting his penis caress Max’s velvet glove. It was heaven for both of them. Their intimate copulation brought them to a simultaneous climax.

With their fingers intertwined they snuggled against each other. This gave Leo the perfect opportunity to bring up the proposal.

“I see you have not taken it off.” Leo said stroking Max’s ring finger.

“You see correct.” Max replied with a smile on her satiated face. “I meant to thank you for my push present.”

“Your what?”

“Isn’t this what it is? You got me gift for giving you a son?”

“Woman! I gave you a ring to ask you to be my wife?” Leo’s heart began to race.

“And I was supposed to know that, how?”

“It’s on your ring finger.”

“Oh yeah it is isn’t it.” Max replied feigning surprise.

“So what’s your answer?”

“Answer to what? You have not asked me anything.”

“Maxine Francesca La Costa, my baby mama, would you do me the honour of being my wife?”

“For how long?”

“Forever, you minx.”

“Well in that case…yes.”

Leo squeezed Max even more to him. She could not see the look of relief on his face, but the sigh and kisses on her neck told her everything.


Both Max’s and Leo’s families were elated at their impending nuptial. They set the date for New Years Eve. With only six months to plan the wedding Max went into full planning mode. Leo was in charge of selecting the venues for the pre-wedding and day-of events.

This was an idyllic time for them. Preparing for a wedding, caring for their son and Leo’s monthly trips to NY seemed to have a synchronistic flow. One morning during their daily wedding update meeting an enormous bouquet of flowers arrived. Ever since they had announced their engagement friends and family had been sending them congratulatory gifts.

“Hey Max this one is for you.” Leo called out as he signed for it.

“Who’s it from?”

“I don’t know, probably one of your language professors.” He thought so due to the non-English writing.


“Yeah take a look at the card.” Leo walked into the kitchen with the stellar arrangement.

Max looked up to take the card and immediately her face blanched. The arrangement told her immediately who had sent it. Ari.

“Son of a bitch!” thought Max. Ari had duplicated the bouquet he had given her after their first night together. Leo studied Max face as she read the card. He could tell she was seething. Colour had risen from her chest up her neck to her face. “Who the hell could send Max into such a rage?” he thought.

“Max what is it?” Leo was concerned as Max tore up the card and threw it in the trash.

“Nothing. Gimme a minute.” She needed to wash her face and cool down. Max knew Leo had questions and she could not dodge them all.

When she returned to the kitchen Leo could tell she was calmer but her mind was elsewhere.

“Now are you ready to tell me what that was about?”

“Not really, but I’d rather get it over with.” Max stared out to the backyard as she spoke. She could not look at Leo just yet. “The card was from my ex, Ari.”

“What does that punk want?” Leo remembered what Max had shared with him about Ari.

“The card said he wanted to congratulate me on my upcoming wedding and the baby.”

“Why did that piss you off?” Leo was being careful not betray the ire he was feeling. He’d spoken more to his sister about his relationship with Max and she warned him to keep his temper and possessiveness in check.

“I don’t know it just felt invasive. The flowers were the first arrangement he ever sent to me.” Max finished telling Leo her version of the truth.

Leo gritted his teeth at the nerve of Ari. Yet he had a feeling Max was holding something back.

Max felt Leo hand loop around her waist to reassure her all was alright. She felt like there was a stone in her chest. She knew Leo detested lying, but in her mind it was an acceptable risk. Ari had actually written:

You’re welcome and congratulations on the wedding. Tell Luca his Uncle Ari says hi. Be seeing you Max.

She could never tell Leo verbatim what was in the card. Ari would not hurt her physically, but he could wreck her world if it got out that she asked him to kill Peretti for her.


“Dude did you pack everything in the car?” Max asked surveying their home.

“Max I know you are accustomed to concierges and bellboys but I can manage.”

“Oh I know you can, but I gotta do one more check.”

“Then go then. I just hope you know you have OCD.” Leo sent her away smacking her on her bottom.

Max laughed and walked back into the house. They were heading up to New York to finish all the final details for the wedding. She was nervous not just for the wedding, but it would be Luca’s debut into their other world.


The lights of New York spiked Max’s heartbeat. As much as she loved North Carolina, New York was home. She always thought she would return here after graduation, go to NYU for her Phd, live as a posh-bohemian, but in just over a year plans had changed drastically. She was now a graduate, mother, and wife-to-be. The car ride to Brooklyn did nothing to diminish her nostalgia. Perhaps raising Luca here would not be that bad.

“Ta da!” Leo declared as they walked into the brownstone.

Not only had Leo baby-proofed the place, he had redecorated to include pictures of them. It was definitely a far cry from the heady bachelor pad Max had first encountered.

“Oh I love it Leo!” Max exclaimed. She really did appreciate the lengths he had gone through to make his place their home.

“I am glad you do, cara.” He beamed from head to toe. His family was home.

“Let me give Luca his feeding then I can really so you how much I love it.”

Max and Leo made all kinds of crazy love while Luca slept. Leo was concerned that Max would recall what went down between them the last time she was there. But nothing came from his worry, instead it seemed like all was forgotten. Life was getting better and better.


Max stifled a yawn as the sun streamed in over her naked body. Leo was on his back and she had one leg swung over his with her hand over his chest. The rhythm of his heart made her stomach flutter. As many times as she had woken in this position it never ceased to amaze her. Leo was hers. All hers. She tried to shimmy from Leo’s slumbered embrace, but he tightened his arm around her opening his eyes to look at her.

“Morning babe.”

“Morning. Can I go pee?”

Leo laughed releasing her. He spent so many nights in this bed without Max that he thought for a second he was hallucinating and wanted to keep the vision as long as possible.

When she came back from the toilet Max was greeted by the sight of Leo’s rigid manhood calling to her.

“Well good morning to you Mr. Woody. Can I be of service? Is this what you want?” Max asked getting on her knees taking him in to her mouth. Having just brushed her teeth the mint added nice tingle to the tip of Leo’s cock. Although he had received some amazing head the night before, starting his day with his dick in Max mouth was heavenly.

Max’s throat muscles tightened around Leo’s cock. She loved hearing him groan and cuss when she performed a swallowing technique. Max freed his cock for a moment to attend to his neglected balls. Leo could feel a surge of desire rise in him as he twisted his hand into her hair. Hearing his familiar grunt Max quickly returned to his leaking rod. His hips bucked up off the bed and he unloaded his semen. Spurt after spurt filled her hungry mouth. Max tried to swallow as much as she could while still sucking on the sensitive tip. With his energy zapped and penis deflated Max smiled at her handiwork.


Leo smiled looking over at Max as they drove out to Long Island for their engagement party. The memories from her mouth servicing him this morning had him feeling tingly.

“You know I owe you for this morning?”

“Owe me for what? It was my pleasure.”

“Yeah I know you love sucking the life out of me.” Leo glanced at Max’s grinning face. She was a sexual deviant, but he knew her buttons. “Hike up your dress.”


“You heard me. I said hike up your dress.”

“Leo stop playing, you’re driving.” Max was less afraid of them crashing than she was of being with their parents and smelling of sex. Also, of people watching them. The road was not as busy as it would be during the summer, but still there were some cars on the road.

“Max I will pull this car over and fuck you right here right now, so don’t test me.”

The threat made her nipples harden even more. She complied and raised her dress up.

“Give me your panties.”

Without any back talk she took the panties off and handed it to him. He moaned, licked the crotch then tossed them out the window. Max head whipped back in horror as her underwear now lay on the L.I.E. However, she knew better than to protest. Whatever Leo had up his sleeve would be worth losing a panty over.

“Spread your legs.”

To get more comfortable Max slid her seat back and put her legs on the dashboard.

“Now you are going to feed me your cum. And don’t be stingy because I am very hungry.”

Max dipped her fingers into her pussy. It had been getting wetter and wetter since Leo began his game. Now as her fingers began to stroke in to get some juice for Leo it flowed, the seat beneath her was getting soaked. Thank the Lord for leather. She gave him her fingers to suck. She dipped in and swirled it collecting as much as she could and gave him it to suck again.

“Undo your buttons. I want to see your breasts.”

Max’s skin was beginning to feel charged. Her fingers fumbled with buttons. When her breasts were freed he reached over and thumbed her nipples. Max bit her lip and squirmed in her seat. She went back to feeding Leo to try and neutralize the sensations that were building. Leo could see that Max was trying to control herself, so when she put her fingers in his mouth he sucked on it and would not release it. The sucking motions mimicked what her would do to her nipples if her could. Simultaneously he pinched her nipple. This caused Max to scream out and writhe in her seat uncontrollably panting his name. Tears ran down her face as she soared to brain frying heights. She was definitely adding to her list of best orgasms.

The only thing that broke the reverie and brought them back to reality was Luca. Max’s scream had startled him out of his sleep. Leo and Max looked at each other and laughed. She cooed and sang to Luca until he dozed off. She tried in vain for the next few minutes to make herself look presentable.

The whole clan was meeting in Long Island for their engagement party. Isabelle had begged to throw the event at her home and Max was happy to not have to plan it. She knew many of the guests were coming just to see the girl that snagged the elusive Leo Carbone. She had already been warned about the potential cattiness.

Leo pulled around to the stables so Max could get to the house without being seen. He really had done a number on her, and she needed somewhere to put herself back together. They called ahead and asked Tara to meet them to take Luca. Leo took Max upstairs to his old bedroom which had a private bathroom. She stripped down so she could see all the damage done to her dress.

“Leo I could kill you!” Max shrieked. There was a huge cum stain on her dress from where it ran down in the seat.

“Why didn’t you raise it higher, you know you spout like a fountain?” Leo was lying on his bed watching her throw daggers at him.

With that comment Max dropped her dress and came out to fight him. She jumped on the bed and began to punch him. He easily flipped her on her back and restrained her hands over her head. Max now wished she had thought better of fighting with Leo as she was at a naked disadvantage.

“Ok I give.” She said defeated.

“I don’t think so Max.”

“You wanted a fight. We gonna have a fight, but just the way I prefer to do it with you.”

Max felt his hard-on nudging her. “See that? I come with my own weapon.”

She thought about his tool ploughing into her and readily gave in. When he felt her relax he eased off the bed to undress. The piece by piece revelation of his body heightened Max’s arousal. She kneeled on the bed watching him and fingering herself. She could feel another orgasm building, and tossed her head back to let it wash over her. Her hands were yanked from her pussy, and sucked.

“Only with my permission Max. Now bend over.”

Max bent over with her forehead on the bed and her arms outstretched. Leo placed his hands on her hips and pushed into her with a deep sigh. He stroked her slowly and Max luxuriated in the feelings of euphoria coursing through her. Leo pulled out of her yearning pussy and pressed into her ass. This is what Max had been waiting for.

“Oh yessss baby. Deeper. Ahhh just like that.”

“Fuck me Max.” With that command Max rolled her hips taking more of Leo’s dick each time. When he bottomed out he wove his fingers in her hair and rode her hard. Max was speechless and breathless as she allowed waves and waves of orgasm crash over her. Leo spanked her as she drew his strength again. He pulled out to deposit the rest of his spunk down her back. He loved to watch it paint her skin.

“Damn baby, don’t we have guests to meet.” Leo commented lying next to her playing with her slit. He loved the silky feel of her juicy pussy. They were both exhausted and still in a haze.

“I am sure your mom is doing a great job.”

“Still we gotta act like mature adults and appear.”

“Cool but my dress is still ruined.”

“Look in my closet and find something.”

“What! Are you mental? I am not going to our engagement party as a crossdresser.”

“Just look would ya.”

Max got up and looked in the closet. Much to her surprise Leo had some dresses in there. Her dresses, shoes, underwear, jeans.

“Leo what the hell is this?”

“I figured that if ever we come to Long Island, I would not have a hard time convincing you to stay if you had some clothes here.”

“Great plan, but you sound like a crazy person.”

“See what I put up with all day. You and your plans, it’s rubbing off on me.” He teased.


Leo and Max walked into the party holding hands and grinning at each other. Max looked stunning in a mauve 50′s style dress, she paired with a silver ballet slipper. She accessorized with silver jewelry. Leo wore a grey suit with a light grey shirt and mauve tie. Max had laughed at how matchy matchy they looked.

Most of the guests were there already, and could not wait to question the couple. Isabella had outdone herself. Max started to wonder if she should have just let Isabella do the wedding also. The woman had a touch and Max did not hesitate to let her know when saw her. It was October, but the weather was unseasonably warm. Isabelle was making great use of this by turning the patio into the bar and out door lounge.

“Isabella this party is fantastic. I can’t thank you enough. The flowers are amazing. Everyone is having so much fun. Look at Luca, just sucking up all that attention.” Max kissed her mother-in-law to be with gratitude.

Leo escorted her from group to group introducing her to various cousins and extended family, but he was saving a special introduction for last, his sister.

“Hey Tori!” he said sweeping her into his arms.

“Hey Bro. Dude your son is awesome. I got to hold him for a while and he was all smiles. And is this the lady of the evening?” Tori let go of Leo’s arm and gave Max a curtsey.

“Apparently so. Victoria it is so nice to finally meet you.”

“Girl I could not miss this for the world. I flew in just for the party, but I’ll be back for the wedding.” Victoria assured them. She grew up in New York, but anyone who met her would not guess. She was all California. She was a sophomore at CalTech, and an devoted surfer. Her skin was toasty, reflecting her love for the sun.

They stood together chatting for awhile until they were interrupted by Carmine tapping his glass.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you all for coming to celebrate this joyous occasion with us. Isabella and I could not be more happy to welcome Max into our family. She is everything and more we could have wanted in a daughter-in-law. And you know must take a special woman to reel and keep Leo. To the wonderful couple, Salud!”


A succession of speeches followed, with lots of requests for more children.


Max stared at her blurry face in the mirror running through all the up coming events and holidays. She was so engrossed in her thoughts it took her few moments to recognize another face was reflecting back at her. The smiled she was forming to greet Leo was cut short when she saw his eyes. She had not seen his face this dark in a long time, and it worried her.

“What’s wrong?” she forced out.

“What do you need to thank Ari for Max? And why the fuck does he think he’ll be seeing you.” Leo’s voice was calm and cold.

“Huh?” she stalled trying to conjure a lie. How the fuck does he know?

He stepped closer to her and Max felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. “I said, what do you need to thank Ari for?” Leo had given the taped up card to C.J. the night of their engagement party, and he just texted him with the translation.

“I don’t know. It was just a figure of speech.” Max voice quivered and she knew he knew she was lying.

“Bullshit Max! Enough with the lies.” Leo voice grew stronger as his hand twisted Max’s face to his. Her eyes registered fear and he tightened his grip. “I had the card that translated Max, so speak.”

Tears ran down Max’s face as she spilled the truth out to Leo. “I called Ari and asked him to kill Peretti.”

“YOU DID WHAT?!!” He blasted releasing her roughly. “You called your ex to handle my business for me. Do you know how that makes me look? Do you Max?” Her tears did not to assuage his rage. Leo wanted to wring her neck.

“I did it for you. For us. I just wanted you home safe, alive and out of jail.” Leo barely heard the last words as he threw a look of disgust her away and left the house.


After a morning of tears and repeated phone calls to Leo’s cell, Max rang her father.

“Papi, can I come over?”

“Si, niña.” Antonio could hear the distress in her voice so he didn’t even bother to ask if she was okay.

It took Max awhile through sobbing and pacing to get out the story.

“Hija, why didn’t you call me before calling Ari. I could have told you this was not going to end well.” Antonio spoke softly but he wanted to shake Max for being so foolish.

“Papì, I knew it would not go over too well if he found out, but the immediacy of the situation had to be dealt with. If I did not have Peretti killed Leo could be in jail today.”

“All that is well and good Max, but you and Leo had a full disclosure policy, no?”


“Alright and you knew you violated it by not telling him what you intended to do. You did not tell him after you did it. Also, you brought your ex boyfriend into it to deal with his problem. You in essence told Leo he was not man enough to protect you or himself, and that another man could.”

“I know how it would have looked that is why I never intended for him to find out.”

“Child you know better than that. Secrets always come out.”

“How are you going to fix it, hija?” This was the first time Tara chimed in. She was still trying to process Max having Peretti killed. This is the kind of life decisions she had always feared Max would have to make.

“I don’t know. I’ve been calling Leo on his mobile and he’s not picking up.”


Max found Leo hours later at Absinthe. He was sitting in his office drinking and staring at the crowds below. He saw her come in and was tempted to have her thrown out. His fury had not quelled since her left her, in fact it increased the more he thought of what she had done. Max lied to him, over and over again. The glass in his hand snapped as she stepped into the office. Max rushed to him as she saw the blood pour, but he yanked his hand away and walked over to his desk. He needed to put as much distance as he could between them.

“Give me your hand before you bleed to death.”

“Max I don’t have time for this right now. I need you to leave.” Leo stated in a restrained voice.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Get the fuck out.” Leo banged his hand on the desk. “Max get out before I do something I may regret.”

“No, Leo. You gotta hear me out.”

“I aint gotta do shit Max. You fucking lied to me. I let you in and you lied. Time after time. You’re not dumb. You knew what you were doing could fuck us up, but you did it anyway. I would ask why, but I don’t give a shit right now. You are a fucking liar and I have no use for liars. We’re done.”

“No we are not done Leo. We can fix this.”

“Fix this how Max. You tell me how I forget this betrayal and I’ll do it now. I never thought I could feel for you as I do now. I can’t stand to look at you so get the fuck out.” As he said those words he grabbed her with his bloody hand and pushed her out the door. Max tried to resist, but did not want to cause any more of a scene. She felt defeated and weak.


Max drove around the city for hours. She was angry at Leo for not seeing reason in her actions. Angry at Ari for starting the ball rolling on his suspicions. Angry at herself for opening the door for all this in the first place. When she finally stopped she realized she was in front of Ari’s apartment. She pressed the code into the keypad and heard the welcoming click. She was half surprised that it still worked.

Max walked into Ari’s apartment and there he was, sitting at his table shirtless and reading. Without even looking up he greeted her.

“Shalom, Max.”

“Shalom fuck all Ari. Do you know what your little stunt did? It cost me everything. Leo’s done with me.”

“Was it my stunt or your lies Max? See Max I know you. I know how much you like your secrets.”

“Fuck you Ari.” Max spoke as she removed her shoes, and braided her hair. “You are the last person who should be talking about secrets.”

“I know you Max. Not just every inch of you,” he looked up eyeing her lasciviously, “but the way you think too. I knew you would not tell him, and that would be my way in.” Ari rose from the table and walk over to the sparing mat. He knew what Max wanted. She was angry and needed to let off some steam. And who better to fight with but than the person you blame. Ari however, had other thoughts he knew that after Max got physical like that she loved a nice hard fuck.

“Your way in? What the hell are you talking about?” Max followed him to the mat.

“Max I’ve never stopped wanting you, but I gave up hope that I would ever have the chance to be with you again. That is until you called. Years without communication then you call needing a favour.”

“And you thought that I would be ever so grateful that I would what Ari, fuck you?”

“That would have been a start.” With those last words Max lunged at Ari. He was ready for her attack and blocked the shot. They went back and forth like this for awhile, but Max was losing.

Her anger was clouding her judgment in more ways than one. Everytime Ari pinned her to the mat. She could feel her pussy respond to him. The years had aged him beautifully. His tattoos began to glisten under the sheen of sweat from their exertion. His curly dark hair begged for her to grip it and draw his face down to hers. Max’s eyes traveled down the happy trail on his stomach as he pinned her again. This time he would not let her up. The sexy black wrap dress she had worn was undone and she lay exposed beneath him. He wanted her to say, uncle. Then he knew the fighting was over and it was time to get deep inside of her. His eyes searched her face for an opening, but she gave none. Max used Ari’s uncertainty against him and swung her legs around him flipping him over. She rocked back on her knees a sat on him. She shrugged out of the dress. So now she was just in her bra and panties.

Ari’s hazel eyes drank in all that was before him. The growth in his loins was dying for a release that only Max could give him. He ripped her bra off. Max gasped as he latched on to her breasts. His sucking and licking triggered her lactation, but he did not care. Something about Max always brought out the animal in him, and with the dam broken after years of waiting he was not slowing down. Max cried out and whimpered as Ari probed her deep with his fingers. He liked to finger her with her panties on. It made him feel he was somewhere forbidden. He knew the right pace of stroke to get her off. Max felt the orgasm building inside of her, endorphins coupled with adrenaline had her bucking against his hand in no time.

Ari savoured the feel of Max’s heat and moisture against his palm. His finger felt the tightening of her cunt so he spread them pressing against the slippery walls. This resistance trick of his always sent Max into overdrive and this time it did not disappoint. Max leaned back and fucked his hand while the other manipulated her nipple. Ari had turned Max into putty. His dick relished the sight of her sweating, panting his name, struggling to come down from her pleasure high. He was so turned on by watching her he came in copious spurts on Max’s sexy black tongs. Max disengaged from Ari and rolled onto her stomach. He looked down at the tattoos, a remnant from their past and kissed them. This stirred Max out of her fog. She had to get out of there, things had already gone too far. Anymore kisses and she might be have more than his hand deep inside her.

“Ari stop,” Max weakly eked out.

“You don’t mean that princess,” Ari protested massaging her ass. He wondered if Leo had a chance to pop that cherry or was she still timid about that.

“I do. This was wrong. I gotta go.” Despite Max’s shaky legs she pulled herself together enough to get her dress on. She stuffed her bra in her purse, as to not leave any evidence at Ari house.

When she got to the door Ari grabbed her hand to pull her in for a kiss. She pulled herself away.

“Ari, I really fucking hated you for what you did to me, and doubly so now for messing with my life again. Why couldn’t you just do the job and let that be it? Leo’s done with me so you could go ahead and brag to him what we did tonight. He won’t care. There’s no more damage to be done.”

With that Max was out the door. Ari leaned against the door feeling the weight of regret for everything he had done to Max.


Max walked around the brownstone in the dark. It was a long night, and tomorrow was going to be even longer with cancelling all the wedding stuff and telling the parents. Max figured she would shower and get a few zz’s before going to get Luca. She entered the bedroom and began undressing on her way to the shower.

“You smell like sex.” Leo voice startled her. Max knew that he was drunk and still drinking as she heard the ice clink in the glass.

“Okay.” Max responded carefully. She did not want to fight with Leo, but she wasn’t going to back down either.

“Okay? That is all you have to say.”

“That is all there is to say. We’re done, remember.” Max proceeded to the shower to wash the scent of Ari away. She silently praised herself for the good sense of throw her panties away on the way home. In this state there was no telling what he would do.

Max turned on the shower and sat on the floor to let the water rain down on her. She looked up as she felt the cool air on her back. Leo stared down at her. If his eyes could have bored holes in her they would have.

“Can I help you?” Max stared ahead at the tile as she spoke.

“Who were you with tonight?”

“Why are you asking?”

“Because I deserve to know. You’re still wearing my ring.”

“Oh, I am aren’t I? Here you go.” She slipped the ring off her finger and passed it to him.

“I don’t want no fucking ring Max. I want to know where you were.” Leo slapped her hand away.

“No you don’t.”

“You were with him, weren’t you?”

“Yes, Sherlock. I went to see him. What of it?” Max’s eyes blazed at Leo. And his rage tipped as her grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up. Max scrambled up quickly and stepped out of the shower to avoid the pain.

“Get your hands off me you fucking psycho!” Max struggled but Leo was having none of it. For someone drunk his reflexes were surprisingly quick. He dragged a wet, naked Max to the bed and threw her face down. Before she could fly up Leo pulled both hands behind her and cuffed them. Max hollered at Leo to stop the madness, but he ignored her.

“Max I’m fed up with this craziness. You lied to me. You put your trust in another man, Max. How could you?” Leo paced the floor rubbing face and hair as he spoke. Everything about him was disheveled. His clothes were creased and unkempt, eyes were blood-shot, face was unshaven, left hand haphazardly bandaged, and hair was a mess. He looked like a madman.

“It wasn’t about him, Leo. It was about you, and me wanting you to be with me and Luca. How can you not see that? You think I should have just stayed out and let the chips fall where they may with Peretti. Alright, but it would not just be you affected. Your father, your uncle, Pauley. You think those two old guys could do a bid? Get out of you ego for a second and see sense.” Max screamed at Leo.

“Out of my ego, Max? Don’t you think that stunt was a little power play? You didn’t tell me to protect me. Bull shit! You didn’t tell me so you could have this secret over me. It’s you not giving up all of you. Sabotaging us. Tell me I’m wrong?”

“You’re wrong,” Max replied with a voice hoarse from screaming.

“Liar.” Smack “You’ve” Smack “gotta” Smack “stop” Smack “lying” Smack “Max” Smack “to me” Smack “to yourself.” Smack “Liar!” Smack “Liar!” Smack “Liar!” Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack

The power behind each slap increased with each word. Leo was pissed. When he was done Max was sore and sobbing. She knew what Leo had said was right. From the moment she picked up that phone to call Ari it was destined to come to a head, and she did nothing to preempt it.

“So is the wedding still on?” Leo asked Max putting the ring back on her finger.

“That is up to you.” Max responded mildly defiant. After tonight she knew there was a change in their relationship. Leo walked around the bed and stooped down to face her.

“I love you Max, and you almost suckered me into breaking us apart. Don’t ever cross that line again. You say that you would kill me if I ever broke your heart. Ditto. You feel me.”

“Yes.” Max’s voice was feeble. She had been seeing Leo’s romantic calm side for awhile and forgot just how hard he could be. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was kinda turned on.


The clock alarmed at 5am, so Max could make it over to her parents before Luca woke up. She got out of the bed gingerly, her ass was still smarting from the spanking Leo gave her. He was not in bed and she breathed a sigh of relief. She went to the bathroom and pinned to the mirror was message from Luca telling her that he went to pick up Luca and breakfast. That pretty much meant don’t go anywhere. She wondered if Leo meant to keep her prisoner in the house. Regaining his trust was going to be tricky.

Max took the moment of privacy she had and called Laney and filled her in on what happened yesterday.

“Rise and shine sleepy head.”

“Blue you must have lost your mind calling me at this God forsaken hour.”

“I’m sorry. At least kinda.”

“This better be good.”

“Lanes he spanked me!” Max squealed.

“You calling me to talk ’bout yall S&M freakiness?”

“NO! We had a fight because I had Ari do something, and lied about it.”

“You did what! Do you want to fucking die?”

“Of course not, but…”

“But nothing! You knew it would blow up in your face. Is that what you wanted?”

Max drew a deep breath. Laney and Leo both had her number. “It started out as a good deed, but became so much more. All blame does lie at my door, but he’s not giving up.”

“No more tests Max. I’m not sure you will survive. He’s your guy, accept it and live happily ever after. You know I had my reservations, but it’s him. I am happy for you, so don’t fuck it up. You will regret it.” As Laney advised Max she realized that even for herself she had a regret that she just could not shake.


“Morning Leo,” Antonio greeting him civilly. “I’m surprised to see you instead of Max. Is she ok?” His inquiry was pointed. He liked Leo well enough, but Max would always be his concern. Plus after what she did he was expecting a violent fallout between her and Leo.

“Yeah she is great. I decided to let her sleep-in while I picked-up lil’ man. I’ll have her call when I get back.” Leo kept his voice light dismissing Antonio’s cold demeanour.

“Morning Leo.” Tara appeared holding Luca. “He just woke up and I gave him his feeding. I’m sure he’ll be out like a light before you get back to Brooklyn. Where’s Max?”

“She’s back at home.”


“All is well. We’re good. We thrashed it out and got to an understanding. The wedding is still on. Thanks for watching Luca. We really appreciate it.” Leo kissed Tara on her cheeks and nodded to Antonio as he was loaded with Luca’s stuff.


When the door closed Tara blew up at Antonio. He remembered the last time she was this angry at him was when he had had her shipped from the U.S. back to Colombia. Antonio was no fool he knew it was coming since Max had dropped off Luca. He had caught her looking at him with a strange look on her face. She was just waiting for Luca to be out of the house.

“What fuck have you done to my little girl? Did you hear her? Talking all nonchalantly about asking Ari to kill Peretti? And you standing there without a look of surprise on your face. Well for a matter of fact I was surprised. I know you and Max have yall gun hobbies and crap, no big deal really, but our child is a killer, a very cold unremorseful killer Antonio. Is this what you wanted all along? Pretending to be out of the game all the while grooming our daughter to run her own cartel? Answer me you son of a bitch. Because I fucking need answers.” Tara’s usually jovial eyes were rigid slits.

“Tara,” Antonio reached out to touch her.

“Don’t you dare.”

“We raised Max together. Yes, I’ve had more influence in her life, but that is because I saw so much of me in her. Getting her educated and trained was a way to channel her nature to a positive path. One summer in Colombia Max and Alex heard that one of the farmhands molested one of the village girls and I mean she was a girl, no more than seven years old. Max and Alex decided to avenge the girl. Together they stalked and killed him. Alex delivered the deciding blow, but with Max’s full support. When my father found out he congratulated them. He called me into his office to smoke cigars and plan Max’s future. Max is not a sociopath. I know that is what you are thinking. Max is our brilliant, skilled, caring daughter. I was not grooming Max to be an assassin, but she is not afraid to pull the trigger if need be. She is going to be alright.’

“Is that it?” Tara stood silently as Antonio spoke. He had never told her of Max’s first kill, and she was not sure if she could stomach it. She walked away to their bedroom to pack, she needed some space. In all their time together she had never felt so betrayed. By both her husband and daughter. She knew that somehow it made sense to them to keep such a large secret from her, but she could not see it. Tara don’t act dumb is not like you did not open this door when you stayed all those years ago. You knew what kind of family you were getting involved with. Tara felt fully responsible for all that Max had become.

Antonio followed Tara to their bedroom, looking in amazement as she hurriedly shoved clothes into her suitcases. He knew he took a risk telling her Max’s secret, but it was time for all the truth to lay bare. Although every fiber in his being wanted to stop her he knew Tara needed space from him, and he was going to give it to her, but not for long. Tara walked past him without as much as a sideway glance.


Leo walked in the apartment with a sleeping Luca. A smiled curled on his lips seeing Max laying on floor dressed in a wife-beater and boy-shorts sleeping just a soundly as their son. He took Luca to his room and returned to the living room to lie next to her. The rise and fall of her chest mesmerized him. His eyes roamed over her stomach. He envisioned her being pregnant again, this time with a little girl. He knew Max was not the barefoot-and-pregnant-all-the-time kinda chick, but having their house filled with the sounds of children was part of his plan. His eyes moved down from her stomach to her crotch snugly hugged by her satin boy shorts.

“So are you just gonna stand there all day staring or are you gonna take what’s yours?”

Max’s voice startled him.

“Glad to know you know who you belong to.” Leo replied beginning to undress.

“What happened last night after I left Absinthe?” Max spoke softly. She left her eyes closed to avoid staring into his eyes.

Leo paused his actions. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, when I left you were hella pissed, off the rails and bleeding.”

“Yeah I was pissed. And still am but, I got a lot of my system last night.” Both their minds flashed on the spanking he gave her.

‘Ok, but why the change?”



“Aye Bro!” Pauley knocked and walked into Leo’s office at the same time. “What the fuck dude, your hands is bleeding.” Pauley was immediately concerned for his cousin.

Leo looked up. His eyes were blood shot and frosty. He mentally debated whether he should tell Pauley about Max or not, but Pauley beat him to it.

“What did Max do?”

“It was Max who solved our problem.”

“What!?” Pauley exclaimed in disbelief.

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