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It has been an exceptionally long time since I submitted anything here and I do apologize. My life has been rather sexless lately as I have been caught up in the life of being a grandmother. That word, grandmother, still makes me uneasy. Surely I am not that old. I must take a deep breath and sigh my disgust.

Anywho, not a lot has gone on that has been exciting and to be honest, I have been in a funk lately. That is another reason I haven’t written anything. My sex life hasn’t exactly been scorching lately and that is definitely more me than anything else.

I did have one encounter about a couple of weeks ago in October that made my eyes roll in the back of my head and was definitely worth writing about. It happened on another one of those chance meetings that I am apparently so famous for.

I’ll set the scene. Had a hot date, the first “real” since late August. I was in Wilmington, NC to visit a few people and enjoy the opening barrage of fall. Let’s admit the truth, I needed some “me” time. I was bunking with one of my friends and his roommate during the first part of my week there. My friend Hank is an artist and there was a little party where he has his art displayed. I agreed to go because he is very good (with art) and I am a sucker for big puppy dog eyes. I also didn’t want to spend the night at his place since his roommate had a date. I love the sound of sex, just not when other people are doing it. I didn’t think anything of going to the gala at the time, which I guess was mistake number one.

He asked me to stay close to him throughout the evening because he might get nervous and he didn’t know many of the people who would be there. I did what he asked, figuring that the artsy-fartsy crowd wasn’t really his thing. He was typically more of an outdoor guy. A few times he tried to take my hand in his, which I really didn’t go for but allowed it because of his “nerves”.

The night dragged on and was quite boring. I didn’t say much to anyone, a few smiles and a few nods. I knew I was there as an arm piece and I accepted my role. As the night progressed, he got a little more handsy with me and I had to put him down, politely but not adamant. I didn’t want to ruin his night, after all.

When his hand cupped my ass and he pulled me in during a conversation with some older couple, I knew we were going to have a very uncomfortable talk later. This was just one of several escalating things that he did to make me feel very uncomfortable as the evening dragged.

The night ended and we walked down the street to his car. We had both had a few drinks, but not enough to say it affected anyone’s judgment. He opened the door for me and as he opened it, he used his other arm to pull me to him and kiss me.

My immediate response was “What the fuck?”, but I had to admit I liked the kiss. It didn’t take long for my sense to return and I pushed him away.

What followed was a hodge-podge of the usual crap women endure. Truth is I wasn’t attracted to him, I told him so and he blamed me for sending the wrong signals. I laughed it off, apparently hurting his feelings in the process and before I knew it, I was being left alone in the parking lot to find my own way home.

While mad at first, it wasn’t too bad of a situation. Being in downtown, there were some bars to hit up before I called a taxi to take me where? Was I going to stay in Hank’s house? Should I get a hotel room? Who knew, I jokingly said to myself, I might be lucky and get laid for the first time in a few months. Which, as my avid followers know, is far too long for me.

Strolling in and sitting at the bar, I get a few looks. It was to be expected. College town, college-esque bar, and I am in a short cocktail dress. Just a little out of place. It didn’t stop me from getting a few catcalls and smiles on the way in. I can’t say I minded the attention.

What I didn’t expect was to see someone who looked vaguely familiar to me. Our eyes caught a few times. He was playing pool with some of his buddies. All of them were very well built, not necessarily body builder types but toned, average bodies. The one who caught my attention moved with confidence and had a cocky smirk that I knew I had seen before.

He smiled at me after the third or fourth time our eyes met. Handing the pool stick to one of his friends, he came over to say hi, offering to of course buy me a drink.

I told him yes, but he had to get one himself too, which he did. He told me I looked very familiar and if we had met before. I reciprocated the thought and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure where I knew him from.

I asked him his name and he said “Jason”. Fairly common and ordinary name, right? So began the game of twenty questions.

Turns out he went to UT in Martin. He was a stripper. Thought maybe that was where I knew him from. It wasn’t until he told me that he used to be a professional wrestler that the light bulb came on.

He was the “Big Bad Voodoo Daddy” that I had written about a few years ago. We laughed about it; partly because our night together was over ten years ago and, well, lets be honest I have written about it. So lets just say he made a considerable impression on me.

We talked a long while, had more than a few drinks, and I actually enjoyed talking to him. Stranger yet, I felt an enormous amount of tension between us yet he wasn’t acting on it. Hell, neither was I. That was the strangest thing of all.

We continued to talk as the alcohol got out of our system. His “boys” left and he stayed to talk. It was getting late and I knew I needed to figure out my situation. I was gonna call for a cab, when Jason told me to save the fare and he’d give me a lift.

I jokingly had to ask if he meant a ride or something else. He answered “both”, with a cocky grin and a wink.

Walking to his car, he opened the door for me and I sat down, waiting for him to sit next to me. Stick shift, I noticed. Then my mind went in a totally different, yet completely “Angelic” way and I wondered how good his stick had gotten over the years.

He got in and turned the car on, his head turned to me and I got caught looking at his package. I smiled, not embarrassed at the gaff, and told him that I was gonna have to look at some point. To this he responded, he was surprised it took me this long. He had me checked out the moment I entered the bar.

Let’s just say that my nipples tightened and my clit pinged at the moment he rose his eyebrows and dragged his tongue to lick his lips. I’ll be damned if he didn’t give LL Cool J a run for his money with that act.

I remember there being a conversation about what hotel I should stay at for the night. He said to save the money and just bunk with him for the night and figure out the rest tomorrow. I jokingly had to ask if he was serious. He was. It was perfect timing because he had to stop at a light near an outdoor mall or shopping center, couldn’t really tell.

He looked at me, as deadpanned as anyone could and asked me if it would be such a bad thing if he took advantage of me.

I couldn’t help but go all kinds of naughty at that moment and asked him who would be taking advantage of who?

He laughed heartily as the light changed and he sped off.

A few minutes later, we were at his apartment and I had no idea what was waiting for me next. I wasn’t going to lie, the flirting had picked up and I definitely wanted to fuck him, but wasn’t sure it was going to happen.

His gaze fell upon me as he turned on the lamp next to his sofa and opened the blinds. What I saw beyond them was incredible. I had no idea the ocean at night could be so beautiful. I inhaled sharply as my mind began to do its thing. My body was beginning to follow suit.

I was aware that Jason was behind me and I would have been content to let him nuzzle against me. It was no surprise when he did so and I felt the heat of his body press against my back. We stood like this for a long moment of silence before he said, “fuck it”, causing my anxiety to rocket and my pulse to quicken as I hoped that what was gonna happen was going to actually happen.

Jason turned me to face him and his hand rose to cradle my chin, lifting my face until I met his gaze. My pulse throbbed madly at my throat when I saw the heat in his eyes as they fixed on my mouth. He seduced me so effortlessly. The strength of my desire for him burned away the few remaining insubstantial shadows which could have been considered rational thoughts.

The hand that wasn’t already holding my chin came up to join its twin, holding me steady for the onslaught of his kiss. Jason didn’t seem particularly concerned with mutuality at that moment. He probed deeply, sweeping his tongue everywhere, establishing dominance over my body with a stunning attack on my senses.

I moaned as his taste registered in my brain. My hands clutched desperately at his back as he continued to fuck my mouth with his tongue. He tasted like premium scotch with a hint of mint. My fingertips explored the sensation of smooth skin stretched tautly across dense muscle. Heat resonated off his body. Pressing closer, I wanted to share that hear and felt the need to be thawed and burned by his touch.

I couldn’t help it. My hands moved over him greedily. He groaned, deep and savage, before tearing his mouth from mine. For a tense moment, he simply stared at me before lifting me into his arms. I held on tightly to his shoulders as a kaleidoscope of images spun before my eyes as he quickly moved towards the bedroom and that only added to my chaotic emotional state.

Tearing off the wrap I wore around my shoulders, he lowered me to the bed. The zipper of my black cocktail dress came down next.

“Arms up.” He muttered in a growl.

I complied. He tossed aside the black dress a second later.

My hips moved restlessly on the bed, instinctively trying to relieve the pressure growing at the apex of my body when his gaze dropped over me. I wore a black bra and panty set with some thigh-high stockings as well as my pearls. The thought of what he could do with my pearls added to my hysterical state. His expression didn’t alter much, but his eyes blazed a trail so hot that as they toured my body, I could feel my flesh set on fire.

“Take off your panties and move back on the bed.”

I did exactly what he demanded as if this was some sort of hot, exciting dream, a fantasy that I had not the slightest inclination to resist the carnal allure of. Covering my body with his own by the time my head hit the pillows, he palmed my thighs and spread them to accommodate his body in the process. Immediately he took possession of my mouth again. Our tongues tangled and mated wildly as he began to run his hands down my sides, one pausing at a silk-covered breast, the other sliding down my waist and cradling my hip.

Tilting my pelvis up, he pressed himself to her and forced me to feel the strength of his desire. I could only moan into his mouth. The man was so damn vibrant next to me and made me feel alive. It was a dizzying sensation for someone who had been without sex for a few months, which I suppose to a “normal” person is a few years. He furthered this jolt of sexual electricity by molding my breast in his palm gently, then roughly but always with a possessive need. I strained up, desperate for more of the sensation of his touch. My hands ran over his back and shoulders, sliding and rubbing in an attempt to consume him with my touch.

My nipple pressed into the center of his palm like a hard little dart and his eyes widened with hunger and intensity. His eyes both caressed me and devoured me whole. Then he whispered against my collarbone that he couldn’t wait to taste the sweet nectar of my pussy.

I saw him wince in agonized pleasure as he rolled me off onto his left hip and ripped the button fly of his jeans. He shoved them down his thighs with precise, rapid movements allowing his cock to spring free. Stiff, tight, and straining towards me, I wanted to do nothing more than to lick it and suck on it to taste the salty glory of his cum.

I whimpered as his cock brushed the bare, satiny skin of my thigh. I couldn’t help but reach for him. Unfortunately, he stopped me by grabbing both of my wrists and transferred both of them to one hand. Pushing my wrists down over my head, he then reached between my thighs.

He watched my face as he burrowed his fingers through damp, silky hair and dipped into the warm center of my pussy before he spread the abundant moisture between my labia and slid against my clit. I couldn’t help but arch my back off the bed. I squirmed frantically at the restraint of his binding hand.

He only gripped my wrists and held me tighter. His fingers played a hard, ruthless rhythm, plucking and strumming my nerve-packed flesh until the tension in my body broke and I cried out sharply in stunned ecstasy. Two of his fingers plunged into my tight sheath and he watched with cruel interest as my body clamped and convulsed around the intrusion.

I was beyond ready for him. He told me that he was as hungry for me as he knew I was for him. I told him to put the money where his mouth is and prove it.

Stretching, he reached for a condom in the drawer of his bedside table, with gritted teeth he tore the foil package off and rolled it on his cock in near record timing. Without a word he spread my thighs and arrowed himself into me. My body resisted him at first but the crazed sensation his presence created in my hot, narrow portal made me swoon as it welcomed the thick head of his cock.

He held the base of his cock with one hand, working into my clamping channel with subtle up-and-down motions while his hips, God those hips, provided a steady, hard pressure as I moaned. Deliriousness tickled my belly because I was still in the aftershock of climax. I strained and undulated against him just before he thrusted hard against me. He paused when he heard me cry out and his cock was burrowed less than half its length into me.

His head dropped next o mine, pressing kisses along my neck, pausing to run the elegant strand of pearls I still wore between his lips, licking at the smooth globes lightly before he nipped at my tender skin. My lips parted when he found them and I could feel his cock throb inside of me as his tongue sank into the warm cavern of my mouth. I prayed that my pussy gripped him mercilessly so that I could torture him the way he was doing me.

He pushed back a smooth thigh which opened my body to him and he took possession of it as soon as admission was granted. His thumb found my clit, circling, plucking, and coaxing. I groaned into his mouth and pushed up for more, forcing his cock farther into my body in the process.

I cried out in sharp desire as he began to pulse his hips. His cock, too large to be in my body, invaded me and forced me to make room for him. The thumb on my clit drove me further into a frenzy of lust. Friction began to build in me, a familiar feeling and I responded by pushing and rotating my hips around his cock, up and down, in and out, whatever I had to do in order to feed the mounting flame that was growing and expanding in my sex and belly. I saw the way his lip curled and the way his eyes gleamed as a result of my actions. I mewled in pleasure and increased the pressure against him, to provide further evidence of my desperate need.

I writhed and whimpered beneath him, begging him in the most primal fashion to take complete possession of me. He accepted my wordless invitation and drove his cock into me, pressing his balls tightly to my my hilt and grunted with animalistic pleasure. When I responded with a cry and arched my back, he secured my wrists tighter and held me to the bed.

He began to thrust into me with tight, concentrated strokes. I felt breathless, tight, and restricted all because of the mounting pleasure he was giving me. His cock massaged me deeply and both filled a need and began a new fire at the same time. He had pried my body open to him but I was damned if I was not going to try and pull him back to me every time he withdrew from me. I needed that thick, hard knob of muscle stabbing, rubbing, and punishing my pussy. I needed release and I wanted more of what he was offering to me.

When he leaned down and encircled my silk covered nipple in the heat of his mouth, I almost cried out his name. The suction he applied was damn near perfect and made the blazing inferno in the pit of my sex grow higher. When he bit at the tender morsel and thrust into me hard, the result was a loud smack of flesh against flesh and orgasm erupted from me.

He grunted as I squeezed and convulsed around his cock. I saw his eyes squint and the intense look on his face as he looked into my eyes made me want to fucking cum again.

Before I could, he reached up and roughly pushed down both of the thin straps of black silk that covered my breasts. He bent and sampled one hard, pointed crest and lashed it with his tongue. Sucking hard, he nipped and bit with his front teeth. He leaned up slightly and seemed to focus on my auburn locks scattered across the pillow. I stared at him with desire-glazed eye and my breath, coming in choppy, shallow pants was all the proof he needed that he was performing marvelously at the moment. The walls of my vagina continued to convulse around his cock and every time he moved out of me, I used every muscle I had to tighten against him and make the friction unbearable and demand that he sink back into me and bring me more pleasure.

Pushing back one thigh and then the other into my chest, he began to pound into me. I shrieked in shock, both because of the pain and desire he was giving. I couldn’t help but cry out his name in disbelief. He rocked into me again and again, every driving down stroke pushing my body farther and farther up on the bed until my forearms were trapped between her skull and the wrought iron headboard.

He paused for a moment, when the realization I had been saying his name finally reached his ears, he was still fully sheathed in me and reached out between our sweat dampened bodies. His fingers spread the lips of my outer sex wide before he ground his pelvis against the nerve-packed tissues between my labia. I could only shimmer around him in post-orgasmic bliss. My whole body began to tremble and stake he he surged up against me, scraping the narrow path of hair that trailed from his taut belly-button to the thatch around his cock against my sensitive, exposed cleft and clit, applying a steady and relentless pleasure.

I groaned in misery and fought against the instinct to close my eyes, I told him that I wanted him to make me cum again. He smiled and looked at the evidence of my need… fingernails clenching to his flesh and digging him to me and forcing him to stay near and thrusting. Using his forearm to push my knees down hard onto my shoulder, I was very keen to the increased pressure from the altered angle of his cock stabbing so intimately into my body. He grabbed a round buttock and smacked it and I cried out in pleasant surprise. It had been so long since anyone had smacked my ass.

He rasply told me what he was going to do to my ass and my entire body began to shudder and shake as I came in violent release. He gave a tense bark of laughter, both full of confidence and arousal. He pounded into my quivering pussy with quick and ruthless thrusts. Our flesh struck rapidly now, holding back nothing while I madly strived to find relief while he was inside, penetrating my farthest regions. I was wholly immobilized against the headboard and he smacked our flesh together once more and brought the walls of my vagina to the point of quivering and soul shattering ecstasy.

Throwing his head back, he roared between clenched jaws as he continued to pump within me, hard and fast, as he finally erupted in orgasm and came. I could feel the heat of him beneath the latex and almost felt the heated liquid of his semen filling me to burst but it was an empty thought.

I closed my eyes in response to the sensation of his throbbing release as he continued to fuck me. Tears leaked from my eyes down to my cheeks and the truth of the matter was that the sensation of him coming so powerfully in my body was one of the most profoundly poignant experiences of my life. I felt raw and shaky yet utterly and completely alive. I was not nearly done.

He collapsed over me, his ribcage expanding and contracting wildly for air. His cock was still hard as a pike. My muscular channel still clamped him tightly inside me. All I wanted was for him to take me again and repeat the hot, pounding, and thoroughly exhilarating ride. His lungs couldn’t seem to catch a sufficient amount of air, momentarily stilling him. The whimper I could barely muster turned his attentions his distress.

His head came up and our eyes met. Something in his eyes made both regret and further desire flicker through my awareness. He had pounded me so hard and he had proven himself to be a very capable fuck. My appetite for sex, not nearly quelled by him yet, had me seeking more of him. By now he had to know that the woman who lay beneath him, watching him with my hazel eyes, would not be easily sated. He grimaced slightly when he glanced at my wrists, still pinned next to the headboard. He’d kept me in that ruthless hold the entire time he plowed into me. I loved it.

His head lowered slowly as if he were going to kiss me. That was a big mistake. He had given me a window in which to take more of what I wanted. His gaze turned towards my breasts, their swollen peaks and the blue of my veins, all provoked by the potency of his fucking.

I felt the stirring of his penis and the tightening of his body. Thank God it mirrored my own tension. I readied myself for more of him.

To my dismay and disappointment, I gasped when he rolled off me. The abrupt withdrawal of his cock from my body felt harsh and completely unnatural. I studied his stark profile as he leaned away.

I figured he was done and I wasn’t exactly sure I was going to share his bed. I didn’t want to assume that much. He didn’t say anything to me as I scooted to the end of the bed, but I felt his gaze on my back. I quickly readjusted my bra and found my panties. I didn’t stand and turn to face him until I had pulled my dress back over my head.

I felt a tickle in my throat when my eyes lowered across his muscled, lean torso as he lay there in repose. His jeans, shoved down around his thighs, while I could see that while his cock was not as iron-hard as it was when he was hammering into my body not three minutes earlier but it was still ample. It lay along his taut belly still stretching the latex of the condom tightly an glistening with my moisture.

My mouth went completely dry. My juices were coating one of the most shapely and beautiful cocks I had ever seen. In my youth, such a sight would have made me panic. Now it made me want to take him and fuck him until his heart stopped beating. Desire swamped me and I had given thought to telling him that but I thought back to the look on his face moments ago. Opening my mouth to speak, I instead turned and left the room. I prayed that he would call me back to him, grab me from behind or something instead of taking such a glorious fuck and being a bitch about it.

I had made it within three feet of his front door when he called my name from behind. I stopped in my tracks and waited to turn around. I wanted him to pick me up and thrust me against the wall and fuck me senseless. I wondered if he had it in him to do me again? Then I thought about that night many years ago. Oh yeah, he had it in him and I was about to find that out.

My breath caught when I felt his hands encircle my waist. He leaned down, brushing aside my hair with his lips and nose before he pressed a hot kiss against my neck. Spreading his hands wide across my belly and hips his lips brushed and rubbed against my silky skin. He inhaled me slowly.

I tilted my neck to grant him more access to my skin. My throat vibrated with pleasure as he kissed and nibbled with a potent mixture of patience and hunger. His hands moved over my belly, waist, and hips in a sensual caress. He turned me in his arms. My head fell back as I looked up at him. I licked my lips and told him to step up and fuck me better than he did earlier. What can I say, I fight with fire. Haven’t been burned yet. Well, not too much.

His eyes burned like flames in his otherwise stony countenance. He looked hard and formidable again, not like he was after our eyes had locked after he came. My lips parted and breathlessly mouthed the words, “show me”.

Jason tilted my chin so that I face him again, he smiled quite arrogantly as he use his lips and teeth to gently nip at my mouth. His hands spread across my ribcage in a light, elusive embrace. I sought the soothing, anxious animal I had the chance to bed a moment before and I prayed that he had returned.

I craned up for his mouth, hungry for the remembered rich taste that I knew I’d find in his depths. Our mouths slid and fastened into a twisted fit. My body was primed for the needy pleasures that this man could give me.

Sighing at the sensation of his hands on my breasts, his fingers rubbing and pinching at my sensitized nipples. Heat swept through my genitals, leaving a dull ache of longing in its wake. A sound of protest rose in my throat when his mouth left mine which caused my eyes to blink open when I felt him back me against the wall of his hallway. I stared down, the image of his cock piercing my skin was brought to the forefront of my mind.

When Jason raised my dress to my waist and told me to hold it, I did so without a second thought. My gripping hands shook as he slowly lowered my panties. He put his hands on my legs and spread them wide until the strip of silk stretched tautly mid thigh. I could only whimper when he leaned forward within an inch of my pussy and inhaled.

His cock stiffened and I felt the warmth of his mouth nuzzled the soft and damp apex of my body. His tongue parted my folds in a firm, questing caress and I encouraged him by producing an unevened moan and allowing my body weight to sag slightly against the wall. His hands caught beneath my buttocks but most of his attention was on the exquisite taste of the abundant, sweet cream he found between the flushed folds of my pussy. He circled and played with my nerve-packed flesh for a while, which I showed my pleasure through soft whimpers as I felt the sensation of his tongue along my silken treasure.

Jason must have sensed my growing arousal because he instantly stabbed at the erect kernel of flesh that nestled between my lips with a stiffened tongue before he soothed me with a gliding caress. For a long minute he alternated between stabbed then sooth and plucked and glided. My eyelids opened heavily when he finally coaxed orgasm from my body.

His hand left the taut curve of my ass cheek and my lower lip trembled as he inserted two thick fingers into my wet vagina. His other hand parted my sweet, nectar-coated labia and he whispered such vile and sexually vicious things as my hand lowered and replaced his own, spreading myself wide for him. He used his free hand to support me again below my ass.

For several seconds, he looked at my pussy before he tilted his head and covered me. I keened as he took my clit captive in his mouth and sucked me tautly while whipping it with his stiffened tongue. Slippery warm juices flooded his fucking fingers and he told me how badly he needed to taste of my sweet, gushing fountain but not before he heard me scream again.

Twisting his wrist, his fingers corkscrewed into my pussy. Sucking my clit between this teeth and biting lightly until I cried out and sagged into his hand seemed to be what he was building up to.

His mouth would nurse me through the brunt of my climax before he grabbed my hips and upper back and lowered me to the soft carpet. Tugging my panties over my feet and pushed my thighs wide, it wasn’t until my black pumps hit one another that he stopped. He dived between my legs, his stiffened tongue immediately plunging into my pussy, driving deep and hard.

I could only cry out in ecstasy as another orgasm kicked off and my throat and jaw vibrated with the potent blasts of pleasure coursing through me. He drowned himself in me, filling his mouth with me. My narrow channel was drenched with sweet cream and he ran his finger below his piercing tongue and spread the juices along my perineum. My honey already slicked the crevice of my butt cheeks and the tiny, puckered entrance of my ass.

The change in my whimpers was evident when he pushed the tip of his fingers into that tight opening. For a few seconds, his lust convinced him to ignore the rising tension in my slick body as he gently probed me. I gripped him a smooth, hot clamp. Thank God he could only ignore reality for so long.

I wanted his cock buried in my ass, pleading for his further and harsh possession of me, so that I could feel his power writhing in and out of me once more. He stopped.

He looked up at me and pulled away. Cold turkey.

What the fuck, I thought.

I took the situation into my own hands. Literally.

My clit burned now. I needed to be sated. If he wasn’t going to fuck me, I was at least going to suck this magnificent cock.

I attacked him and pushed him backwards. My body hummed as I stared at the heavy erection which bobbed just before my nose. The head o his cock was fat, fleshy, and smooth. Very clearly defined by a quarter-inch ridge from the stalk. The realization of what he possessed caused a wild hunger to spread from my lower belly in every direction until it left nothing untouched. I pushed my tongue onto the sensitive slit of the steely-hard knob of his penis and made him grunt sharply.

I leaned forward and gave myself over to the sensation of him. My tongue circled the fleshy head curiously, tracing the hard ridge beneath the full circumference one. Then I stiffened my tongue and polished the smooth knob until it was shiny, coating my tongue in the flavor of him– salty and musky. My eyes fluttered and closed rapturously as I encircled the girth of his cock with my hands and began to slowly pump the steeling, hard, straight flesh of the stalk. My tongue circled, pressed, and fluttered across the head. He felt indescribably good like distilled power, trapped and sheathed in the confinement of taut skin.

I knew damn well I was teasing him. I sensed the tension in his body, heard his muted grunts. My eyes opened and I glanced up at him for confirmation and yes, his handsome mouth was pulled tight into a feral snarl and it made my clit pinch with excitement.

My tongue was a limber tease, both quick and elusive in one moment, hard, stiff, and pressing the next. When I slapped the straining head rapidly while I licked the stalk with a lose fist, it made his cock bob like a thirsty dog’s tongue. He cursed violently and palmed my head.

My tongue pressed up on him as I arrowed his cock into my warm depths. I did so until he was securely lodged against the hard ridge of my upper lip. I applied an eye-crossing suction and he forced his finger to sink down into my soft hair, pressing against my skill as he began to thrust between my lips, subtly at first with little electrical pulsations. My strong suck drew him deeper and he gave himself to me more.

He rocked against me more strong, insisting I take him deeper. When I did, he slid the tip of his cock into my throat. His eyes shot open in ecstasy. He groaned when I slid him out sinuously until the head of his cock was trapped by tight lips but before he could protest, I took him deep again. I repeated the process again and again until he became frantic with mounting need.

His eyes popped open moments later when he felt me move his cock so that I was taking him more shallowly in my mouth. He realized how forcefully he’d been thrusting his cock into me when he saw the tears that wet my cheeks.

It didn’t matter. I was so hungry and horny for him. I bobbed my head over him so rapidly and hummed satisfaction in my throat that his cock vibrated clear to the root, making his spine tingle with excitement. I gave the meaty head a healthy slap with my tongue on each out stroke. His hands tore away at my dress as I continued to pleasure him.

My hand caressed his inner thigh and then I cupped a testicle, massaging him gently. He had reached his limit. He immobilized my head with his hands and began to pump between my straining lips, deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Tendrils of joy rippled my lower body making my clit burn. My nipples tightened painfully. I was completely turned on and a victim, once more, to the lust I had allowed to consume me. I attacked him to ultimately get what I wanted, now I could taste that I was about to receive my reward.

He began to buck wildly into my mouth, the head of his cock massaging my throat. I gripped his ass with one hand, enthralled by the density of the large, tensing muscle as he fucked my mouth furiously. I knew that he wouldn’t let go of my head until he shot off into my mouth. I wouldn’t want him to.

I love it when sex was like this; wild and unrestrained… completely raw. I felt his penis swell in my mouth. He clutched my head and kept me in place as his body shuddered violently. He muttered something incoherently and began to fill my mouth and throat with his creamy, musky cum. I continued to suck and lick him long after the last burst of semen spilled onto my tongue. His taste had excited me to a fever pitch.

He opened his eyes. His cock was still stiff in my mouth. I looked at him and he smiled. For a moment, I could see that he was seriously considering letting me suck him off all over again. AS quickly as I saw the thought, it was gone. He drew the partial erection of out of my moist mouth and grimacing in agonizing pleasure when he heard the moist popping noise his cock made when the thick rim cleared my tight lips. He put his hands on my shoulders and raised me to my feet.

“Get undressed,” he muttered gruffly but before I did anything else I leaned in and moaned softly into his mouth and gave him a slow hot, open-mouthed kiss. His fingers came to pluck and pinch my right nipple. His other hand lightly skimmed the bare skin at my waist, causing me to shiver.

He released my erect nipple, determined to make love to me once we were completely naked. Brushing a tendril of silky hair from my cheek, I didn’t have the slightest interest in playing the bedroom sophisticate but I was determined to either seduce him constantly with my desire-ridden eyes and my scorching hot looks.

I looked at him with stone cold desire, reaching for his jeans and unsnapped them and forced the zipper down and slithered down his body to pull them down his legs. When I stood up, I reached for the zipper of my cocktail dress and unzipped, allowing it to shimmy down my body. Stepping out of the pool of clothing at my feet, I decided to give him a nice show.

Knowing I had his attention, I inserted two fingers under my panties and worked them between my labia, rubbing myself sensually and quite unashamedly. His breath stuck in his lungs when I deliberately pulled aside the satin and exposed my pink, glistening folds to him. My hips rolled against the pressure of my rubbing fingers subtlety. He stared, hopefully recalling the sensation of my plump, juicy lips against his own fingers and tongue. After a moment he peeled his eyes away and met my gaze. His nostrils flared when he saw me smile.

“Get your ass over here,” he muttered darkly.

There was a wave of anxiety that leapt into my body and piqued my arousal. He waited tensely as I slid down and approached him. As I neared him, he reached up and drew me down to him. He grabbed my wrists and shoved both of my fingers into his mouth. He sucked and ran his tongue between them, greedy for my sweet cream. I yelped in delight a few moments later when he hauled me over his lap.

He spanked me. I struggled in his lap, but he held me down tightly with his left arm at my back. I twisted, not desperate but not altogether ready to give up my aggressive advantage. Shifting my hips, I gave him a moving target. I also was able to brush the head of his cock a few times and teased it as much as he was teasing me with the smacks to my ass.

I squirmed beneath him abut he took his time to begin palming and squeezing my bottom. Removing the arms from my back, the edge of his cock brushed against my ass and then my labia, reminding me of his potency. My clit throbbed unbearably as he pulled me up as I straddled his lap. He had already torn the foil off a condom and was in the process of sliding it down his considerable length. My pussy sizzled at the erotic sight and forced myself to frown when he met my eyes. His lips turned into a naughty, sexy grin and I didn’t utter a word of protest. My body moved in synchronization with his as his left arm encircled my waists and he held up his cock. I gasped when he lowered me slowly, skewering me with his steely hard flesh.

His grin faded the moment my clasping vagina enfolded the first several inches of his cock. He pumped up with his hips while he held me steady for his thrust. A grunt of savage satisfaction vibrated his throat when he slipped into my tight, slippery sheath another few inches. I trembled in his hands. His eyes leapt to my face. My vaginal muscles tightened and drew him inward and I knew that he wouldn’t be able to find the resolve to back out of me.

The sent the thumb of the hand that cradled me between the flush, swollen folds of my labia. I quivered and flexed around his cock as he began to stimulate my clit. My eyes fluttered as he plucked and pressed my little button. His teeth clenched tight in restraint when I began to make tiny, circular undulations with my hips and stroked his cock.

Putting my hands on his shoulders, I bucked forward with my hips and got direct pressure when I needed to come.

He cried as he watched me do a subtle little dance on the end of his cock. When he held my heat flood around him and heard my sexy whimpers, my walls massaged him, and he growled like a caged animal.

He grabbed my hips and thrust up until his aching balls pressed snugly to my wet, delicate tissues. I cried out sharply. my body began to shudder more violently in orgasm. I pressed my face to his neck and whimpered mindlessly as pleasure crashed through me.

His eyes remained shut. The combination of holding me while I shuddered in climax and being buried in the epicenter of it all had to be indescribably arousing. He hung on desperately for control as I trembled and milked the fuck out of his cock like a silken fist. When my spasm finally waned, he took a few moments to gather himself and I had to give him credit for not blowing his load before now.

My eyes widened hen I felt his big hands along my hips, sinking my fingers into my buttock. I moaned uncontrollably when he began to slowly rock me up and down and around on his cock. I was dazed with lust and desire , fuck, from the moment he first pierced my body with his cock I was lost to desire. He was filling me to the point of unbearable tightness. As the hard, smooth knob of his penis slowly massaged some supersensitive place deep inside of me I had to face lust and its frantic and undeniable effect on me.

I cried out yes in gloriously victory and my hips began to join in the pleasurable rhythm of our mating. I watched as his eyes fixed on the hard berries of my nipples as I moved on top of him like a sleek, sinuous cat. I held onto his shoulders and started to wildly buck up and down on his cock. He spanked my bottom lightly, further driving me into a frenzied state.

“Hold still a minute.” He ordered, his eye flashing up to my sweat-glazed face. He willed his hips to stay still even though he was still sheathed in a wet, warm pussy that was both about a good two sizes too small for his cock.

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