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We know that some of the stories are ‘missing’ the next part but please understand we either write things as they happen or one of us will say “remember when” and the next thing we are writing it down. We are trying to do a better job rather than rush it like our first stories.

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Paul and Stacy got into their car and waited for us just outside the entrance of the club, Terry flashed his lights to let them know we were ready to follow.

About a mile away from the club they pulled off the road onto an industrial estate. Most of the units were empty and they stopped in the car park of what looked like a deserted office block, situated in the far corner of the estate set back far from the road.

Paul started to walk towards us, shielding his eyes and blinking in the bright head lights as Terry pulled up facing their car sideways on so that it was lit up.

“Let me chat to Paul and just make sure we all know what the rules are and how far Stacy wants to take this” I said. “We don’t want to spoil things with any misunderstandings do we?”

Terry and Jake both agreed it was the best thing to do.

As I opened the door a grinning Paul came over, I took his arm and said.

“Are you both sure this is what you want.”

He nodded. “Stacy can’t wait, she’s so excited.”

“And you?”

He laughed, “Yea I’m cool with it, as I said it was something my ex was into.”

“Ok then,” I said “I hate to bore you with questions but just so we are all clear, how far does Stacy want to go?”

He looked puzzled, “How do you mean?”

“Well the guys and I have played around before but usually it is just a little teasing and touching then I let them cum on me, tonight was a bit special and that is the first time I have allowed Jake to go all the way.”

“She wants them to do pretty much the same as we saw them do to you in the club; she’s excited at the thought of both of them fucking her.”

“She’s never been with two guys.” He added.

“And are you sure you want to watch?” I asked again.

“Can’t wait,” he grinned.

I patted his arm, “Ok just making absolutely sure, some guys like to fantasise about things then change their mind when it happens.”

I went back to the car, “Ok guys they are both up for this so have fun.”

Terry and Jake walked over to where Stacy was leaning waiting, Jake noticed Paul take his phone out, “Hey just one thing before we start, we don’t want you taking pictures, Ok?”

Yeah said Terry “We are both professional guys and the last thing we would want is for our faces to be all over the internet.”

“No worries,” said Paul as he put the phone away.

Stacy pushed away from the side of the car.

“Do you want me or are you going to chat all night?” she said, standing with her head cocked to one side, hand on hip.

Jake and Terry went to her, standing so that she was sandwiched between them as I had been at the club. “Wow you’re an impatient little madam aren’t you?” Jake said as he ran his hands over her shoulders and down her arms, moving them up her sides to cup her breasts. Mmmm Stacy moaned at Jakes touch, she arched her back pressing her breasts into his hands and her ass tight against Terry’s groin grinding her hips.

In response Jake squeezed her breasts with one hand, the other moved down her over stomach tugging her blouse free from the waist band of her skirt and unbuttoning it.

Terry had his hands on her thighs hitching her skirt up exposing smooth pale flesh, pulling her back into him as he pushed his groin into her.

Stacy moaned and wiggled her hips really getting into it “Oh yes baby!”

After a few minutes of slowly grinding against her ass Terry stepped back.

Running his hands down the outside of Stacy’s legs he paused just a moment then eased his left hand up the inside of her thigh until it disappeared under her skirt.

I could just imagine his fingers gently touching and exploring as she gave a throaty moan and moved her hips.

Jake had undone her blouse and parted the flimsy material exposing her tender skin to the night air, a girl after my own heart she had not bothered to wear a bra, her young breasts firm and small not really needing one.

Jake slipped the blouse from her shoulders and popped it through the open car window and I wasn’t sure if it was the slight chill of the night air on her hard nipples or Terry’s hand between her legs that made her shudder.

Terry took his hand from between her legs and unfastened her skirt letting it drop to the ground, ever the gentleman he picked it up and put it the car next to her blouse. Stacy was now down to a pair of skimpy pale blue panties cut high on the leg and her heels. Not a bit embarrassed she stood facing them, hands on hips breasts proudly thrust out as they looked her over.

She spread her legs and I could see that her panties had ridden up slightly, outlining the shape of her pussy where Terry had been playing.

A little damp spot, dark against the light material told of her excitement.

Hooking her thumbs in the side of her panties she smiled at Terry and Jake.

“Do you like really naughty girls?”

They grinned at one another, “Oh yes we love naughty girl’s.” said Terry

“The naughtier the better,” Jake added, he nodded in my direction. “Just ask Jules.”

With that she pulled her panties all the way down in one swift movement, bending from the waist while keeping her knees together.

She straightened back up with her hands hanging loose, cupped in front of her pussy and stood for a moment, giving nothing away.

The atmosphere was tense, electric, and I was holding my breath waiting to see what she was going to do next, looking over at the guys saw I wasn’t the only one.

Terry, Jake and Paul were all mesmerised, frozen to the spot by this petite beauty as she let her hands drop to her sides and slowly moved first one foot then the other so that they were just over shoulder width apart.

As she stood exposed to them for the first time Terry and Jake let out a gasp; she was pale and waxed smooth, her bare slit drawing the eye down to where a tiny little peek of darker pink flesh stuck out. It had probably been tugged free as she removed her damp panties, her labia slightly puffed out with excitement being stuck to the material with her own juices.

She hesitated just a moment then trailed the index finger of her right hand down over her flat belly and touched it between her legs, bringing it up to her mouth she placed the tip of the finger between her lips and sucked the wet juices off it.

With a sexy grin she winked at the guys blowing them a kiss, turned and bent over the bonnet of the car presenting a nicely rounded ass.

She then pushed her hips back and spread her legs wide and I wondered if she knew just how much of herself she was exposing to them.

I couldn’t believe how wild and sexy I was finding this; my heart was racing as I slipped my hand through the split in my skirt and along the inside of my thigh until the tips of my fingers brushed over my damp slit.

Although I had cleaned up the best I could in the toilets I was still a little wet from Jakes load, a little tickle of butterflies ran through my stomach when I thought of how naughty I had been in the club, the tremor of excitement causing a muscle in my inner thigh to twitch as I used my fingers to massage the residue of his excitement over my pussy making the lips slick and swollen.

I was as horny as hell, no wonder my little games were so popular if this was how they made the guys feel when we played around.

In fact it was almost unreal watching Stacy, for a brief moment I felt as if I had stepped out of myself and was witnessing one of the many occasions when I had teased the guys. She obviously enjoyed the attention as she exposed herself, taking her time to savour the moment; it would seem that being sexually adventurous was something we had in common, both of us with strong voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies.

The guys walked over to Stacy who stayed where she was, bent over the car with her ass facing them. When they were close enough to touch her she spread her feet a little wider and pushed her hips right back opening absolutely everything up to them, the tight lips of her cute little pussy parting slightly showing a hint of the smooth inner flesh, her labia glistened with expectation, the darker flesh swollen and puffed out.

She let out an appreciative moan as Jake ran his hand over her buttocks in one slow lingering stroke, jumping a little when the tips of his fingers dipped between her legs opening her up even more as he lightly teased the damp folds apart.

Stacy let out a gasp as he suddenly pushed his middle finger all the way inside her, pulled it slowly out then pushed it back fast and hard working up a rhythm getting her nice and wet, adding his index finger as she started to push back at him, burying both fingers up to the last knuckle.

She groaned as he withdrew them then sucked in air with a loud hiss as he replaced the fingers with his thick thumb while curling the very wet, very slick fingers forward through her folds, making her jump as he reached past her hip with his other hand and touched a finger to her clit.

The effect was electrifying; Stacy let out a yelp and began humping her hips grinding her pussy against his hand. Jake was forced to stop playing with her clit so that he could push down on her lower back just above her buttocks to try and keep her still.

She got the message and stopped moving instead collapsing forward with her head on her arms, little murmurs of pleasure escaping her lips as Jake gently massaged her pussy, fingering her towards orgasm with a gentle but urgent rhythm.

As her breath began to quicken he slipped the hand resting on her back down over her buttocks, cupping and caressing them in turn.

My hand was now between my legs, almost subconsciously I rubbed it back and forth over my pussy mimicking Jakes movements, fully aware of how turned I was getting. Looking over at Paul I could see that he was in pretty much the same state as he rubbed a hand over his jeans tracing the shape of his erection as he watched the show.

Walking over I pushed his hand away, snapped the fastener on his jeans, unzipped him and pulled them down in one swift movement along with his shorts, freeing his cock. It immediately sprang up against his belly swelling to life.

He jumped a little as I took it in my hand but after the initial shock he mouthed the words, “thank you.”

My pussy was sopping wet and I whispered to Paul that he should stand on my other side. He stepped out of his jeans and stood close at a slight angle towards me as I gently gripped his cock with the hand that had been pressed to my pussy.

It was slick with my juices, the palm and fingers so wet that I was able to lubricate his cock from the tip to the base making it easier to slide my hand over his thick shaft as I slowly masturbated him, first curling my fingers over the tip then working them slowly up and down in long lingering strokes.

Not wanting to be left out I reached through the slit in my skirt and rubbed the tip of my finger in little circles around my clit pausing each time the sensation became too much, only starting up again as my breathing calmed a little and the delicious feeling between my legs subsided, touching and stopping, letting the heat build then allowing it to ebb as I turned my attention to the show Jake was putting on with Stacy.

He was fingering her pussy with one hand while making slick little trails between her buttocks with the other, alternating hands to spread as much of her juices there as possible, wetting his fingers by rubbing gently between her lips then making her gasp by pushing the index and middle finger up into her hard, burying them all the way in holding them still then working them back and forth with a slight twist of the hand making her cry out and rock her hips with the movement.

When his fingers were wet enough he would trail the soaking digits between her firm cheeks, immediately bringing his other hand back to her pussy not giving her a moments respite so that she had no time to catch her breath.

It didn’t take a genius to see that he was craftily lubricating around her tight little hole and I wondered just how naughty a girl Stacy was.

She was now breathing hard, panting and circling her hips in time to his fingering. Jake must have sensed she was getting close to losing it and shifted position a little as he changed tactics, once again pushing his thumb deep into her while rubbing his fingers back and forth on the outside of her pussy, massaging her delicate flesh in a pinching motion, his other hand resting lightly on her buttocks.

She started moaning loudly as her orgasm built sucking in a breath as pushed a his finger between her cheeks then lightly circled the tip over her tiny puckered hole.

He paused.

Paul was wide eyed at my side seemingly hypnotised by the whole scene.

I was holding him in a light grip and his cock pulsed in my hand, I guessed in time with his heart beat, I wondered if this was the first time that anyone had touched Stacy in this way.

Everyone seemed to be holding their breath.

Stacy seemed to tense and for a second I thought that she would pull away but she didn’t. Instead she seemed to push back against Jake a little, perhaps involuntary as she was grinding back against the hand working between her legs, gasping at the fingers deep in her pussy.

Suddenly she threw her head back and let out a loud moan as the first wave of her orgasm washed over her, I could see the muscles in the back of her legs trembling as she tensed up holding her breath, letting it out in a loud drawn out hiss as she shuddered and bucked back against him.

Jake pressed his slick digit against her asshole slipping it in up to the first knuckle, timing it to perfection with the waves of her orgasm as he buried the finger almost all the way in, working it back and forth in time with the fingers of his other hand as he rubbed them in short, quick movements through her puffy outer lips and over her clit.

Her orgasm was so intense she flopped forward with her head on her arms too weak to support herself on her hands any longer, making little gasping and panting sounds.

The muscles in her legs and buttocks twitched and quivered as her juices flooded over Jakes hand, he held it almost still making just the tiniest of movements over her sopping lips, teasing then with a feather light touch as she climaxed.

He let his finger slip gently from her ass and stroked it between her cheeks until her breathing returned to normal.

The whole thing had been incredible and I found myself wishing that Jake had just made me cum with that intensity.

When I am ‘playing around’ I sometimes allow the guys a little ‘soft’ ass play for my own pleasure as the skin between my butt cheeks is really sensitive and ticklish.

Any kind of attention there really turns me on.

But I have rules.

Touching is fine as long as they don’t try and finger my ass and I love the feel of having a hard cock nestled between my cheeks as they move back and forth rubbing the shaft over my skin, ‘butt crack sliding.’

And of course they can cum on me as much as they like.

But any kind of real anal sex is reserved for Steve as a special treat and I have never done that with anyone else. However after seeing the way Jake brought Stacy off with his fingers and the intensity of her orgasm I was seriously considering a ‘one off’ just to see if it felt as good as she made it look.

Slowly, on shaky legs, Stacy pushed herself up off the bonnet and turned to face us.

She looked sexy as hell.

Her face was flushed; the nipples of her tiny breasts rock hard standing proud while the inside of her thighs glistened wet with her juices.

And it was more than just hint of dark pink labia that poked out from her tight slit now, the tender flesh drawn out by Jakes fingers.

She stood with her legs apart still trembling slightly but before she could compose herself enough to speak Terry moved in front of her and touched his fingers between her legs; she immediately stiffened biting her bottom lip.

“Give me a minute, it’s too sensitive yet” She whispered in a throaty voice.

Terry didn’t answer; instead he dropped his hands to her hips and lifted her up onto the bonnet of the car, laid her back, grabbed her knees and gently pushed them up and apart until the heels of her shoes rested on the car, spreading her legs wide.

He then slid his hands under Stacy’s buttocks pulling her pussy up to his mouth as he dipped his head and buried his face between her legs.

At first Stacy tried to push him away letting out a squeal.

“Don’t, it’s too sensitive for that.” She cried.

Terry ignored her and she gave in too weak to protest, gasping out loud as Terry’s tongue moved over her sensitive slit.

He must have buried his tongue deep between her folds as she suddenly cried out and grabbed a handful of hair, holding him tight to her as she flopped from side to side gasping and biting the back of her hand from the pleasure he was giving her with his mouth.

Stacy had been given no chance to come down fully from her last orgasm, her eye lids fluttered and her head lolled from side to side each time Terry ran his tongue along her slit, letting out a little “Oh” sound as it touched her clit.

I knew from experience that her pussy would be hyper sensitive; any contact there however brief would send a ripple through her like an electric shock

Steve loved to tease me until his touch was almost too pleasurable, keeping me hanging on until I was begging for release.

To make things worse Jake had now moved to the other side car and was playing with her breasts, cupping them and massaging her small mounds while rubbing the nipples gently with his thumb. She started to respond with little ‘mmmm’ noises that turned to squeaks of surprise and pleasure as he started pulling and twisting them.

He took each nipple in turn into his mouth, sucking and licking them as she arched her back moaning and begging for him to leave them alone, she pushed at his head trying to move him away but he just clamped his lips down and sucked harder making her cry out.

“Please no more.” She gasped and twisted her hips from side to side trying to dislodge Terry from between her legs.

In response he pushed her legs flat down gripping her hips holding her still as he pressed his tongue directly down onto her clit. She shuddered and pushed her buttocks up in a violent spasm, Terry took the opportunity to scoop his hands right under them and hold her tight to his mouth, his tongue lapping at the juices flooding from her while his lips nibbled the sensitive flesh, making her gasp and plead.

“No more please, I can’t take it.”

He ignored her clamping his mouth down on her sopping pussy, keeping it there until the wild spasms that were making her shake all over became little twitches.

Stacy rocked her hips gently back and forth on him as she came down from her second explosive orgasm of the night.

Terry helped her sit up and she slipped off the car, leaning heavily against it as she got her breath back and once again waited for her legs to stop shaking.

She looked over at Paul for the first time and a huge grin spread across her face when she saw that I was stroking his cock while he watched.

Stacy opened the car door and I thought for a moment she was getting her clothes, ending the night’s fun. Instead she pulled out one of the little mats from the foot well and dropped it at Terry’s feet, he looked over at Jake who shrugged but before he could ask what she was doing Stacy had knelt on the mat and reached for his zipper slowly pulling it down.

My wife Karen is now 48. We have been married along time I have always longed to watch her with other men since we got married. We did have an adventure at a student party once.

Karen works in an office in town, where she has a car parking space in multi story car park.

One morning she rang me in a terrible state, to say she had panged her car when she was attempting to park in the car park.

This did not bother me too much as she was not hurt and her car was a bit of a scrapper, but she had hit a jag and damaged its wing.

I knew this would be a problem as money was very tight.

She said the security men in the car park were ok about it and wanted to have a word with her at the end of the night.

I told her to try and get it sorted as there was no way we could afford a big bill at the moment.

Now Karen is normally home by 5.30, but that night she did not get home till eight.

I tried to phone her a number of times but she did not answer.

I was worried sick by the time she came home.

I could see she was shaking and had been crying, so I gave her a hug she winched in pain and pulled away from me heading up to our bedroom.

I knew something was wrong so I followed her, she had got out of her clothes and was in her dressing gown.

I lifted her blouse and notice hand marks all over it like oil marks.

There was no sign of her Bra or pants.

I asked her if she was ok, she said she just wanted to shower

I pulled open her dressing gown and found love bites all over her body and her pussy hair was matted with hardened spunk.

Karen started to cry and the whole story came out.

When she went to the office to see the security guy he said it would be a hell of a bill but he could cover it up if she played along with him!

Karen knew we had no money to pay for it ,so reluctantly she went along with it, but she got more than she bargained for.

The older security guard who had arranged the meeting called in his mates in, one was a big black guy and one a young lad of about 18.

They told her to strip off, she said the stood there leering and sniggering as she unbuttoned her blouse and skirt and when she was naked the old guy took out his knarred old cock which I am told was quite a size and stuffed it into Karen’s mouth. It turned out he was anything but gentle he proceeded to face fuck her hard making her sick into the process.

He then turned her round and stuck his cock up her ass, he used no lub straight in balls deep.

Karen screamed, but he just laughed and told so was in no position to complain.

After the old guy was finished the black guy was hard and ready, he took his turn fucking her in every hole.

She said it all became a blur after that, hands were everywhere they bit and slapped her spit on her face pounded her holes emptying load after load of cum into her poor body.

When the others had finished the older guy tried to fist her but his hand was either too big or she was too tight

Karen told me they had used every hole as hard as they could spunk was still coming out of her ass and pussy.

My cock was fit to burst as she told me about what had happened.

I know it was wrong of me.

I know what my wife had done and gone through.

But God help me it turned me on.

I held her tight and looked at her love bites, the spunk now gathered in a puddle on the bed between her legs.

I told her everything would be ok, she kissed me and I pushed her back on the bed, as I touched her pussy she winched but opened her legs. As I mounted her spunk was forced out passed my cock.

What a fuck the best ever.

We fell into a deep sleep awaking a number of times during the night and each time we fucked long and hard.

Well she had to change car parks, but it has also opened up a new world to us, my wife was now as slut, who longed for strange cocks and I was happy to arrange many new adventures for her.

The alarm sounded and I hovered for a moment somewhere between sleep and wakefulness before I had the presence of mind to turn it off.

I stretched reaching out a hand for Steve only to met by empty bed, it took me a further minute or two of fuzzy headed recollection before I remembered that he was working away and would not be home until the next day.

Rolling over onto my back I kicked off the duvet, the early morning light seeping through the blinds and shading me in stripes of dark and light.

Feeling a little horny I ran my hands over my breasts squeezing them gently teasing the soft nipples until they hardened standing proud of the surrounding light brown areola, causing a slight dampness to spread between my legs.

With one hand I reached down trailing my fingers over my flat stomach, and along the tiny strip of hair that led to my mound, I drew one knee up and dangled the other leg off the edge of the bed.

Cupping my mound I pressed my fingers to my damp slit, spreading my legs wide as I began to rub back and forth pressing my index finger inwards between my lips.

Rolling over quickly I reached into the bedside table drawer, fumbling around for a moment before I found the long thin vibrator that Steve had bought me as a joke to use ‘when he was away’, I touched the tip to my pussy slowly dragging it back and forth resisting the temptation to plunge it between my lips, taking my time.

The soft vibrations seemed to spread throughout my entire body as I touched it to my clit, I held it there with the tip just making contact, until my juices started to trickle out from between my legs following the contours of my body, running between my cheeks and soaking the sheet.

At last I could stand it no longer, the vibrator met no resistance as I pressed it up and into my pussy until it was completely embedded, pumping the shaft in and out while stroking my other hand over my clit back and forth.

Nearing my peak I pushed the vibrator in as deeply as it would go, leaving it inside of me while I concentrated on rubbing my engorged clit, flicking my fingers back and forth over the sensitive nub, raising my ass up off the bed and rotating my hips, panting caught up in the need to climax, wave after wave of pure ecstasy pulsing through my groin as I tensed up, warmth flooded my fingers as my juices ran and I collapsed back onto the bed gasping at the intensity of my orgasm, pressing my fingers hard against my sex, the vibrator still humming happily deep inside as the last of the convulsions fade away.

I stretched tensing my thighs and squeezing them together not quite ready for the delicious feeling between my legs to fade away, still idly circling my fingers over my clit I brought on a second ‘mini’ orgasm, not nearly as intense as the first, but just as nice.

The second wave came quickly because I was so sensitive, my pussy tingled making me squirm with pleasure as the spasms gained strength, I held the vibrator deep between the wet folds of my labia by squeezing my thighs together until at last my orgasm faded away, leaving me sweaty, wet and spent.

I squeezed the muscles in my vagina, letting the vibrator slip out on its own then flopped back, totally relaxed and ready for the day to begin.

Taking a long hot shower I dressed in a plain white cotton summer dress, a little longer than the dresses I usually wear, sitting just below the knee but still sheer enough to be exciting.

It was the type of strappy dress that does not look good with a bra. Still feeling a little horny and naughty I decided if I wasn’t wearing one of my bras then there was no sense in wearing the matching panties.

Taking a Taxi into town I spent a good part of the morning window shopping.

It was a pleasantly warm day, with a nice breeze that flicked the edge of my thin dress around my legs, tickling the back of my knees the sensation of the soft cotton almost sensual on my skin, my nipples had responded to the thin material rubbing against them and were standing out, the outline and colour of them just about visible. I had drawn several admiring glances from passing men and was understandably feeling pleased with my self.

Riding on the escalators in the shopping centre I had noticed several men looking back at me as I got off them. I was puzzled at first as my dress was not short enough to give anyone standing behind me a glimpse of my bare ass then a little thrill ran through me as I realised that, when I neared the top of the escalator the sunlight pouring through the glass roof and windows of the mall would make it transparent.

As I was naked under the dress the outline would be quite revealing.

Despite my early morning fun I was feeling quite horny.

A new bar had opened and I decided to stop for a bite of lunch, opting for a light salad and large glass of wine. The place was a little crowded so I took my food out onto a patio area, taking a seat at a small table, the smooth wood of the chair cool through my dress fetching goose bumps up on my skin.

Finishing my drink I made my way to the crowed car, the lunch time office rush had started and I was roughly jostled as rude impatient people competed for the bar staffs attention, eager to be served before they had to return to work.

As I stumbled the guy behind steadied me by grabbing my hips.

I turned to thank him and came face to face with Sam. (See the story, visit).

“Hi”. He said, “Hope you don’t mind you looked like you needed a little help there.”

I wiggled my hips.

“You should know me better than that, what brings you down here.”

He shrugged. “Just work, meetings the usual boring stuff, we broke for lunch but to tell you the truth the deals almost done so I am in no rush to get back”

His hands were still on my hips, we were pressed quite close together and I could feel the heat coming off his palms, his musky cologne was subtly pleasant and the slight bulge in his crotch pushing my left buttock didn’t go unnoticed.

I was beginning to get a little damp between the legs.

Leaning back into him I looked over my shoulder and whispered.

“Do you still have a copy of those pictures from the last time we me?”

He flushed a little. “Yes of course I have, I won’t forget that day in a hurry.”

“I’m feeling a little horny; would you like to play a little game?” I whispered.

“What here?” He said a little shocked.

Pushing my hand back between us I touched my finger tips to the front of his trousers, tracing the outline of his cock, he almost jumped but the press of people around us prevented him from pulling away.

“Use your hands to guess what kind of panties I’m wearing.” I said.

He ran his hands over my hips, rubbing hard with his thumb to try and find the outline of my panties. He eventually worked out that I wasn’t wearing underwear and moved one hand over my lower stomach pulling me in even closer.

He whispered in my ear. “I don’t think you’re wearing any.”

Gathering the material of my dress up in the fingers of one hand I slowly pulled it up at the back, lifting it until one cheek was exposed.

Rubbing my ass against his growing bulge I said.

“Do you want to check me out just to make sure?”

Holding me close as we were gently jostled by the crowd he dropped a hand to my side and caressed up along the back of my thigh and over my buttocks.

Holding and squeezing them one at a time he sent electric jolts through my body by sliding a single finger gently along the crack, tickling between them as he explored the soft skin there.

My tummy did a little flutter, this was so surreal. I was in public with my dress bunched up, my bare ass being caressed by a guy who had previously watched me strip for him within the first hour of meeting up for the first time and the people around us so self absorbed that they were unaware of the near naked woman standing next to them.

His touch was making my pussy tingle and I was feeling naughtier every second.

He rested his hand at the bottom of my cheek cupping it and whispered.

“I think I am pretty confident you aren’t wearing any panties.”

“Best to be sure though.” I said.

Shifting my feet apart a little and rising up on my toes I pushed back against his hand wiggling my hips so that his fingers slipped off my buttock and brushed against my pussy. He took in a sharp breath and I thought that I might have gone too far after all not everyone is comfortable ‘playing around’ like this in public.

He let his fingers rest against me for a moment then pushed his fingers along my slit parting the damp lips, adjusting the angle of his hand until he managed to ease the tip of one finger between my lips pushing it in and out for a few seconds.

This was almost too much to bear; reluctantly I turned my hips pulling away from him. He looked a little disappointed until I pressed my glass in his hand and said.

“Glass of white please and then meet me outside.”

Luckily no one had taken the table I had been seated at earlier. I sat down and waited for Sam, there were several people outside but most of them were seated around a table with their backs to me so with some luck they wouldn’t spoil my fun.

At last Sam came out and handed me my drink, sitting opposite me.

He looked a bit awkward so I leant forward exposing a good deal of cleavage while allowing one strap of my dress to slip down over my shoulder exposing the firm curve of my left breast, the dress just catching above the hard nipple, a little pit of brown areola peeking out.

“Have fun in the bar?” I asked.

He flushed a little. “What do you think?” he said.

I sipped my wine taking a moment to think while enjoying the slight buzz that I was getting before replying.

“I think I could be persuaded to get a little more adventurous.”

He glanced at the crowd behind us.

“What here?” I nodded in reply.

Leaning in close he said. “Depends on what you intended doing.”

A wicked idea came to me and I smiled.

“You enjoyed taking those pictures of me when you visited my house didn’t you?”

He nodded. “Hell yes there’s not a week goes by that Jake and I don’t talk about it.”

“Then how about we start with you standing just over there and taking my picture?” I said handing over my camera phone.

He looked it over for a second then stood up, taking a step or two back.

As he lifted it to frame the picture I sat back and lifted my dress pulling it up over my thighs to expose my landing strip but squeezing my legs together to hide my pussy.

He almost dropped the camera but quickly gained his composure and fired off a shot.

A couple of the guys at the table opposite had stood, gathering up empty glasses obviously going to fetch a round of drinks. One of them glanced my way but was so caught up with what his mates were talking about he never even noticed that I was sitting there partly exposed.

Sitting on show and vulnerable sent a little tingle of excitement between my legs, a trickle of moisture seeped out of my pussy adding to the wetness already there from Sam’s touch.

He was glancing down between my legs then looking around nervously to see if anyone else was looking our way, leaning over the table he said.

“Aren’t you worried someone might see you?”

“And what if they do? I hope it has the same effect as it’s having on you.” I said, pointing at the bulge in his trousers.

He shifted a little trying to make himself comfortable.

“Are you ready to take another?” I asked.

He nodded yes so I put down my glass and shifted position sitting slightly to one side so that if the guys behind Sam had looked over my pussy wouldn’t be directly on show to them. Although the thought of them catching a quick glimpse between my legs excited me I didn’t want to be too obvious.

I lifted my dress again but his time opened my legs a touch until I felt my damp lips part a little, showing a little more of myself.

The tiny landing strip was new because I had fancied surprising Steve when he got home; however the rest of my pussy had been waxed smooth the day before so there was nothing to hide my nakedness.

Looking down I could just see a little bit of ‘lip’ poking out, every little detail of my damp slit exposed to Sam. I sat holding my dress up enjoying the slight breeze blowing over my legs, drying my wetness and cooling the heat between them until I heard the rowdy guys coming back with their drinks.

Pulse racing I smoothed it back over my lap and took a sip of my drink, sighing contentedly as the cool liquid hit the back of my throat.

Sam was drinking mineral water with ice and nearly choked on a cube as he took a long pull off it, his hands were shaking slightly as he tried to hand back my phone.

“Lets do one more.” I said winking at him.

He glanced over his shoulder at the guys around the other table.

None of them were looking our way but to be honest I was so turned on at this point I don’t think I would have cared if they had come over to watch.

Sam licked his lips eager to see what I would do next.

His eyes went wide as I eased the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let the flimsy material slip down over my breasts. My sensitive nipples were standing out almost painfully hard as the cool afternoon breeze played across them making me shiver slightly.

Inching forward so that my ass was on the edge of my seat I reached down and took a hold of the hem of my dress, hesitated for just a second then pulled it slowly up towards my waist, lifting my leg over the arm of the chair as I did so.

I could feel the lips of my moist slit part, opening up and exposing all of my most intimate parts to Sam’s gaze.

Butterflies danced across my stomach as I realised if one of the guys at the table had looked over, or someone had walked outside from the bar I would not have time to cover up before they saw my pussy.

I lounged there all but naked so turned on that I almost wished that they would.

Sam stood motionless, seemingly frozen to the spot until I whispered.

“For goodness sake, take a picture.”

He kind of blinked coming out of his daze then quickly took several shots in quick succession.

Sitting back and adjusting my dress I said. “Was that too daring for you?”

He finished his drink before replying.

“Wow Jules if that is normal behaviour for you I don’t know how Steve has avoided a heart attack; I don’t think that I could take it.”

I leant across the table giving him a nice view of my cleavage.

“Well I’m only just getting started,” I reached under the table and touched my fingers to his bulge. “It seems that we both need a little relief, where are you parked?”

He told me that his car was in the multi-storey; I gathered up my bag, finished my drink and said. “The funs not finished yet, let’s go.”

When we got to the car park I was pleased to see that he had parked in the far corner and that he had a large luxury car on hire, so there would be plenty of room.

The windows had a slight tint too although I was so turned on that it would not have made much difference if it was an open top sports car.

As he unlocked the car and opened the driver’s door, I opened the rear door and sat with my legs dangling out of the car, my skirt pulled up over my thighs.

“I think we might have more room back here.” I said.

It took him a second to catch on. “I thought we were going back to my hotel, good god Jules we are not teenagers.” He said.

I smiled and pushed the shoulder straps of my dress down, exposing a good deal of my breasts.

“No but I like to take a risk, it adds to the excitement.”

I slipped back across the seat; he glanced around then joined me, pulling the door shut behind him.

He pulled me close kissing and nibbling my shoulder, moving down until he reached my breasts. He licked my nipples his mouth closing over them, teasing at first then sucking hard, his hand squeezing and lifting both breasts clear of my dress, the straps slipping easily down as I squirmed against him.

He alternated between gently licking and kissing my whole breast working the nipple, flicking his tongue over my sensitive nub while sucking hard. His teeth replaced his lips, making me gasp as he bit gently, tugging, then moving to the other side doing the same there then repeating the whole process licking each of my breasts, circling around the areola before flicking across the nipples, sending jolts of pleasure through my belly, straight down to my clit which was beginning to throb.

His mouth loosened its grip and he moved a hand down between my legs pushing my dress up over my thighs until it brushed against my naked pussy. By this time I was soaking wet so there was no resistance as he used his fingers to spread my lips, exploring every inch of my most intimate parts.

He touched his thumb to my clit, grinding into it and then rubbed it gently.

I pushed down on his hand to ease the pressure.

“Give me a moment.” I said, slipping my dress up over my head and draping it over the front seat.

He pushed me back across the cool leather of the seat, kneeling in the foot well with my legs either side of him. He placed his hands either side of my pussy and used his thumbs to open me up closing his mouth over me as his tongue licked and swirled around my opening, darting in and out with little flicks.

He nuzzled his face into my mound, spreading my legs even wider, hooking one over his shoulder and blew softly on my damp lips sending little shivers coursing through me.

My stomach was doing little flips as he pushed two fingers into my pussy; I reached down and wound my fingers through his hair, pulling his face closer.

Lifting my ass off the seat I ground my hips into him, he teased and fingered me until at last I could take no more and came explosively soaking his face and hand, the walls of my pussy pulsed around his fingers, gripping them as I convulsed and gasped in orgasm.

His mouth continued to work at my clit even as I tried to push him away and move back over the seat but all this seemed to do was urge him on as my ass sank into the soft leather upholstery.

“Sam it’s too sensitive, you’ve got to stop…” I said but he ignored me, holding tight as he lapped at my sopping pussy, his fingers still inside me. He suddenly tongued my clit and another climax hit, wave after wave of excitement fluttered through me making me gasp for breath until he finally let go, kissing along my thighs until he could lean back and look up at me, his finger tips still rubbing at my entrance, both my juices and his saliva and trickled down between my legs pooling in a damp puddle underneath my ass.

He was going to have to get the car cleaned before he returned it.

Pushing Sam back onto the seat I grinned up at him.

“It’s my turn now.” I said, opening his belt and fly, pulling at his trousers and boxers until he lifted his ass off the seat too help me get them off.

His cock was hard and slick with pre cum, I worked some of it up and down the shaft, pinching at the tip making him squirm by running a fingernail along the little slit.

Dipping my head I nuzzled his balls then licked along the shaft, opening my mouth at the top taking him in using my tongue to lick the swollen tip, swirling it round tasting his excitement.

Clamping my lips tightly around him I sucked hard as I took as much of his length into my mouth as I could manage, drawing my head back lapping from base to tip flicking my tongue over the tip before sucking him in again working my head up and down, over and over again in a steady rhythm keeping an even pressure on his member with my lips.

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