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It’s a warm summers morning and it’s going to be a very hot day. I’m having a hard time concentrating on the questions you keep asking me. My mind is focused on the things I plan to do to you today. Unknown to you, I have packed a picnic basket and my big toy bag. Both are sitting in the trunk. I turn off the paved road, and you ask “Are we going to the cabin?”

“No, just for a hike and a picnic.”

You giggle and reply that you love picnics.

“You’re going to love this one,” I mutter. I pull into the spot I had found earlier, so no-one would see the car. I open the trunk and hand you the picnic basket as I pull out the toy bag.

“What’s in that big bag?” You ask.

“Just things we need for the hike and picnic.” I lift it to my back.

“It looks heavy,” you say, “and it sounds like you have chains in it…” I just point in the direction of the trail.

After a good half hour of weaving through the dense forest, we come to a big clearing with a little stream.

“This looks like a good spot, right here at the edge of the trees” I say. I get a blanket from my bag and lay it out in the shade of the trees. It’s good to be in the shade; it must be ninety degrees and it’s only 11:00 a.m.! You open the basket and lay out the contents.

“There’s is enough food here for lunch and dinner.” You say. I tell you to just get the bottle of wine, the sandwiches and the grapes. You start to open the strawberries and I slap your hand lightly, telling you that those are for later. I take my t-shirt off and lay it to the side. You giggle, and in a flash you’re down to your bra and panties. I watch you with wanton desire as you take off your bra and expose those lovely tits. I stop you before you can remove your panties. You whine that you want to get a full tan, but you know how much I like watching you in just your underwear. We lie there eating, drinking and watching the few light clouds pass by. Well, you are looking at the sky. I am looking at-and dreaming of-you. You point up at the two trees that we are lying under.

“What are those bolts doing in those two trees?” You ask.

“Oh, you’ll find that out later on.” I reply. I reach over and lightly brush your nipples; they instantly become hard. Lightly pinching and pulling on them draws a moan from you. Leaning over, I suck on your right nipple while rolling your left nipple between my finger and thumb. Licking and sucking, I move to the tender underside of your breast. After covering every inch of your breasts I slowly start licking down your sexy stomach. Stopping to play with your bellybutton, I can smell your intoxicating pussy. Removing your panties, I can’t help but hold them to my face and take a deep breath. It’s enough to make my cock jump and make a wet spot appear on my shorts. I move between your long legs, lifting and spreading until your knees are up by your chest, leaving you totally open to me.

I begin to nibble and lick your inner thighs. Then I lick and suck your lips, being very careful to avoid your clit. You are moving your hips, trying to push your clit onto my tongue, so I slap your ass and tell you to stay still. You start whining, saying that you need to cum, but that just makes me want to tease you more. Using just the tip of my tongue, I tickle you between your pussy and asshole for a minute, then I move down to run the tip around that little pink asshole. With your hole all slicked up I move back up to suck on your sweet juices. You are begging me to make you cum, so I insert two fingers into you. I suck hard on your clit and bend my finger up to rub on your g-spot. I let go of your legs. You clamp them around my head and your pussy clamps down on my fingers as you cum.

When you finally let go of my head and fingers I reach over and pull ankle and wrist restraints out of the bag, putting them on you. I quickly take out the four locking pulleys and clip them to the four eye-bolts attached to the two trees. I grab you under the arms and stand you up to clip the wrist restraints to the two upper pulleys and the ankle restraints to the two lower pulleys. I lock the two lower pulleys so your legs are spread apart as far as you can stretch them. Then I do the same to your arms so you are locked in a big X. You watch as I dig in the toy bag and pull out lube and a small butt-plug. I make sure you see what I have.

Stepping behind you, I pour lube down your ass crack, and reaching between your legs I slide my fingers up, meeting the lube at your asshole. I rub the lube up and down your ass crack, then I insert a finger. I whisper in your ear that I must get you well lubed. I don’t want to make it to easy for you to keep the butt-plug in. Pulling my finger out I insert the tip of the lube bottle, before squeezing the whole bottle into you. You let out a moan. I quickly remove the bottle and shove the plug in. Not expecting the sudden insertion you let out a little yell. I pull it back out-past the bump-and then push it back in again and you start moaning. I stop and tell you not to drop it. It’s small, so you will have to keep a grip on it.

I get the ball gag, blinders and headphones out. When I have the gag in place I remind you of the safe signal when you can’t talk-one hand with crossed fingers to slow down and both hands with crossed fingers to stop. You nod your head and I put on the blinders and the headphones. Trying to get you to drop the plug, I grab both of your tits hard and twist. You yell past the ball gag but you keep a grip on the plug. I spank your pussy five times with my hand.

“Let’s see if you can handle a flogging.” I start at your calves, switching from one leg to the other. With every hit of the flogger you tense up, afraid to relax in case you drop the plug. I vary the intensity of the hits; from a feather-light touch to a very heavy thud that turns your skin red immediately. I continue up your inner thighs, ass, lower back, shoulder blades, and to the end of each arm. Then I move around to the front. I start at your thighs, skipping your pussy and going straight to your stomach. I work over your tits and pussy for about ten minutes, all the time keeping a watch on your fingers.

When I stop, you’re so tense; every muscle in you body is straining. I smile at the drool that has dripped from your chin, watching it run down between your tits, all the way to your pussy to mix with your juices. I check to see that you have not dropped the plug. Your ass cheeks are so tight you could hold a dime!

I drop the flogger and pick up the crop. I give each of your nipples about a dozen flicks ranging from light to hard that make you scream past the gag.

Still no crossed fingers.

I start working on your pussy with the crop. It is spread wide open and your clit is big and hard. I can tell you are on the edge of cumming, so I reach out and pinch a nipple. You scream and cum hard, every muscle letting go; you drop the plug and go limp, letting the restraints hold you up. I drop the crop and hug and kiss you. I take off the headphones, blinders and gag and just hold you until you catch you breath and your legs steady themselves.

I untie one of your arms and give you a drink of water, asking you if you are okay and ready for more. You drink the whole bottle and say you think so, with a big smile. I free your other arm and run a rope from both upper eye-bolts to your waist. Standing in front of you I tell you to open my paint and suck my cock. You bend at the hips and just about rip the buttons off my pants getting to my cock. You play with my balls as you lick and suck me. Oh, it feels so good; I just want to grab you and fuck your mouth. When I can’t take any more I pull away and step out of my pants. I clip your wrists to your ankle restraints and stand behind you. As I slowly enter you, I marvel at how how hot and tight you feel. When I am in all the way I hold still and enjoy how your pussy grips and squeezes my cock. I start pump in and out slowly, not wanting to cum too soon, but my desire takes over, and I start going faster and slamming into you harder and harder. I feel you cum, but somehow I hold off and pull out. I step back in front of you and feed you my pussy-coated cock. As soon as I feel your mouth on me I start to cum. You swallow it all and suck me clean.

When I think I can take a step back (and not fall down), I unclasp your wrists from your ankles and clip them back onto the upper pulleys, pulling them tight. With you back in a big X I get fully dressed. You ask me if we are done, and if I will untie you. I tell you that I’m not done with you yet, and I will be back later.

Before I leave I give you some accessories. I get out a big butt-plug and lube it up. Spreading your cheeks I slowly push it in. When it gets to the widest part, your hole is stretched to it’s limit, but then it passes through and your sphincter slams shut, leaving just the stop-ring sticking out. Next I find the headphones and blinders and put them on you. I kiss you and taste the mix of pussy juice and cum that is still on your lips.

I walk back down the trail and find the hole that I had dug last week, knowing that I would need to hide the toy bag and picnic basket. I knew I was going to have to carry you back out after what I was putting you through. After finding and uncovering the hole and tarp I return to the clearing. Approaching you from the rear and seeing you all tied up and naked makes me realize how lucky I am that you love and trust me so much, that you allow me to play with you this way. Taking the long feather tickler silently out of the toy bag, I sit down in front of you and just admire your beauty. Not being able to see or hear, you have no idea that I am right in front of you.

With the feather, I lightly touch your arm. You scream and jump, pulling on the restraints, but they hold you tight. You softly call my name. After a minute you call a little louder. You start to plead with me, begging me to untie you because you have to pee. I look at your fingers just to make sure you’re not signaling your safe word. I smile to myself knowing that you are fine. I can see that you must have to pee badly by the way you are squirming.

“Oh, piss on it.” You mutter and you start laughing and pissing. For some reason I find it really sexy, watching you pee. I can see on your face how pleasurable it must be to let go from having to pee so badly. When you stop, I lightly tickle one of your nipples with the feather. You flinch and the last few drops of pee trickle out. When I tickle your other nipple they start to become hard. You shake your tits, not knowing if there is a bug or something on you. But when I tickle your armpit you scream and know it’s me.

Next I lube up the big set of BenWa balls. They are about an inch and a quarter in diameter. I insert all four, and with every movement you make they bang together and vibrate. I start tickling you again. With your movement, the balls are making you wet and they start to fall out. I use my finger and shove them back in and you moan. I take the headphones off and tell you to hold onto the balls.

“If you drop them I’ll use the cane on you.”

You still can’t see where I’m going to tickle you. I can tell that you really have your pussy clamped tight, holding the balls. With your legs spread like they are it’s taking a lot of control. I start tickling your inner thighs, then move up to your sides. You’re moving around and laughing, and you let one ball slip out. I take a second feather so I can tickle you on both sides. Another ball pops out and you are begging me to stop, but you still don’t mention the safe-word. I move to your arm pits and a third ball pops out. With the weight of the three balls swinging and pulling on the last one I know you can’t hold any longer, so I stop. As I shove the three balls back in I kiss you and tell you that you did good. I step back and I can’t believe how wet you are. You have cum so many times you are dripping, and there is a puddle in the dirt underneath you.

I can’t wait any longer; I have to have you.

I reach around and put my left hand on your pussy to hold the balls in, before grabbing the butt-plug ring. I tell you to relax and I slowly pull on the plug. With all the lube I used earlier it comes out with a pop, and I immediately replace it with my cock. You let out a scream of pleasure and I hold still, sheathed in you. My right hand is playing with your tits and two fingers on my left hand are buried in your pussy, playing with the balls and rubbing your clit. I slowly start pulling out and when just the head is left in you, I slowly push back in.

You are feeling so much pleasure; tits, clit, balls knocking against the walls of your pussy and my cock in your ass. You yell “Harder, fuck me harder!” and I do. I pull out and we slam back into each other, over and over. When I know we both can’t take any more I press hard on your clit and pinch your nipple. You cum hard as I shoot blast after blast of hot cum into your ass. When I can move, I unclip you and we fall to the ground. We lie on the blanket spooning until we fall asleep.

When I wake, the sun is setting over the hills. I hurriedly pack everything up and bury it all in the hole before returning to dress you. Picking you up, I realize it’s going to be a long hike carrying you, but you deserve it and you will be pampered as thanks for your trust.


you can call me fat ass. I have a fat fat ass that stretches my pants out like big balloons. A deep crack in between my cheeks. Some people call me Sandra, but my daddy calls me fat ass.

He says that he likes my ass fat but the rest of my body should be thin. So he put me on a diet. I try my best to follow it but I just can’t. He says that in the morning I should have lemon water. Says it helps with the ph in my body. I told him I wanted two cups of coffee instead. So I didn’t do it one day, so now I have coffee every day. But I have to take two cups of coffee and give myself an enema with it, I hold it until my morning routine is done.

It’s taken time to get my routine how he likes it. But now it goes something like this. Like today I wake up in the morning, I lay in bed on my belly. My ass if filled with a large glass butt plug you can see through. If he is coming for a morning strapping I wait on my belly until he comes to punish me. Otherwise I write in my food journal. I write everything I’m supposed to eat that day so I can remember. As soon as I’m done I get up and do 20 squats to keep my big ass toned. He doesn’t like it flappy, he wants it high and firm. Then I get in the shower and take out my plug and put in a suppository. By the time I’m done shaving my body and washing my hair I have to go terribly. I use the toilet, then go to the fridge where I keep a pitcher of coffee. I pour two cups in my coffee enema bag and pour it in myself. The cold coffee causes bad cramps, but I guess that’s what happens when you break the rules.

Then I measure my waist and thighs and combine the number in inches. I text it to my daddy. Today my waist was 30 inches and my legs 23 each. So I text him 76 inches. He’s not too happy, that’s what it was yesterday too. He says I need to empty myself and put my largest metal plug in, the kind that’s so heavy. He tells me to make a matcha and milk drink so fuel me through my morning yoga but nothing else yet.

I usually have a butt plug in me. Sometimes I resent it but it helps me a lot. He knows that and makes me do it, even though it’s a hassle. I go to my closet and get the big plug and put it in myself. It hurts because my hole is sore as usual. I guess if I were a good girl it wouldn’t be so sore. I kind of doubt it though because me and daddy both like my fat butt plugged.

After I plug myself I put on a pair of tight leggings that separate my ass cheeks. I don’t put any underwear on. Then I bike down to see the sunrise at the park. It hurts to bike on the plug. I told daddy. He said he wouldn’t make me if I were skinny like I want to be, but I’m not yet. So I do it and grit through the pain. But as I ride the grinding in my ass turns me on.

I call my daddy at the park and tell him like I’m supposed to. He’s not surprised. He says that if I take 76 licks with his belt I can cum. I need to be punished for not progressing so I ask him to please as soon as he can come over. I know in the back of my mind that’s not all that’s in store. That’s just to make me cum. If I cum I have to get him off too.

I go home and read a series of messages from him. I undress and immediately start. I get a gallon enema bag out and fill it with hot water, it will be warm when he gets there. I hang it near the bed. I clip my nipples, they’re sore as well. I leave my plug in and put a wooden spoon in my mouth and wait for him laying on my belly in bed.

Daddy’s home. Oh boy, here we go. I can hear him lock the door, take off his shoes, and head for the stairs. I’m laying on my belly on my bed, ass bared but full.

I hear his thunk thunk thunk feet come up the stairs. My big strong daddy is home, thank goodness. I thought I’d cream myself before he got his warm massive hands on me. I can hear him smile as he stands in the doorway. His little girl wooden spoon in mouth, puddled pussy and that plug obviously apparent.

“Is my babygirl horny?”

I smile, I don’t have to tell him, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve gotten shaking horny from being plugged. He lays down next to me on his side and kisses my cheek. He lays for a moment smiling at me, his whore. Lucky man feelings radiating from him. Alright enough of that, he get’s up and planks over me, he dry humps my ass a few times listening to me groan.

He asks if I’ve had my coffee, I confirm I most certainly had given myself a coffee enema hours earlier. He asks if I need another coffee, I tell him no, I’m quite energetic today. Then he kisses my back and tells me he wants to hear me cry on his dick. I get up onto all fours and he sits in front of me. He pulls his thick dick out and I immediately am on it, I suck on it like it’s the best damn thing there is. He reaches down and tears the plug out of me and chucks it in the dirty basket we keep by the bed. I cry and cry on his dick from the sudden ripping pain coursing through my body. And now he’s hard…

The fun must begin; he gets up and pushes me back down flat on my belly. He takes the douche nozzle end of my gallon enema back and rubs it on my pussy. He trails it through my pussy juice and sticks his thick thumb in my pussy. Ohhh that feels good, I can’t wait until he fucks me. He unclips the bag and the warm water rushes into me. He gets back in front of me and has me suck him. He pulls my face down on him and I’m loving it. I can barely feel the cramping through the erotic feeling sucking on him is giving me. I crawl back up on my knees with my ass in the air and my face buried close to the bed. We have a full length free standing mirror in front of the bed he watches me in.

Once the bag is empty I have to stop blowing him even though I don’t want to stop. He pulls the hose out of me. He asks if I need a plug to hold it in. I tell him I think I’ll be ok but maybe next time he will use the inflatable plug ending to the hose so I won’t have to say no to being filled. He tells me of course he will, a good girl should always have her ass filled. Now that I’ve brought that up, really I should have a plug in. So he goes to the box of plugs and pulls out a medium on I can squeeze on and wish for his dick but not hurt me much.

I’ve earned seventy six licks with his belt. He tells me I better not lose any of my ass as my belly tightens up. My belly doesn’t feel tight, it feels stretched full of water. But as of today, my belly is still bigger than I’d like, so he has me on all fours ass high for a belting.

He gives them to me in sets of ten. After the first ten I’m pretty wet, after twenty I’m gushing, after thirty I’m in pain though. He leans over and licks my gushing pussy. I ask him can’t he just fuck me. No, of course not, I’m still full of water!

He gives me the other four sets. Then after 70 licks he tells me to turn over on my back. My pregnant looking self turns over and he spreads my legs. He pushes into my pussy and takes my left titty in his hand. He sucks on the nipple then takes his belt and hits me hard three times. I seize up hard and almost push the plug right out of me. He does the same to my right titty. I have to go to the bathroom bad. He pushes down on me and fucks me missionary style. I’m crying, I don’t want to soil the bed. He tells me he doesn’t care, we can always change the linens. But I care, I care a lot. He keeps fucking me, my ass is on fire, it’s full, but man his fucking feels good.

He suddenly stops and tells me he wants to cum, and I know where. He sends me to the bathroom. I let everything go, thank goodness I was already mostly clean from last nights enemas. I’ve already had two today and I know with my lunch and evening I’ll have at least four, I ask him through the door. He responds four sounds great, you can add four to your evening bathing time. But, but, no buts, I need them. I always do.

As I’m finishing he brings in the special plug we had made. It’s the exact diameter of his dick at the receded part, and thicker at the top. He asks me to wear it today. I of course say yes sir, manners are important, and being compliant as well. Besides I love feeling the thick plug reminding me of daddys lovely dick.

He is downstairs when I come out, he says we have to hurry or I’ll miss my yoga class, so I bend over the arm of the couch and he bangs my ass like a wild dog tearing me. I know there’s blood but I love him anyway. I can’t stop cumming after the first 10 strokes, I’m crying and screaming. He has his hand over my mouth feeling the tears stream over his hand. He keeps encouraging me reminding me how good I’m being. He cums hard and immediately pisses in me. He bends me over and shoves the plug in me so none comes out. I hate when he makes me absorb his piss but I reverse myself and tell myself I will enjoy it. He kisses my lower back and goes to the bathroom to wash and return to work. I slowly get dressed back in my leggings and tank top and prepare for a long 90 minute yoga class filled with him.

Thank you daddy, I will progress even more today than yesterday.

I have an obsession for everything anal and think about it often. I only write for the sake that maybe someone else will enjoy it or be inspired by it, nothing more. I have a strong desire to share my dirty thoughts with those willing to enjoy them.

This story serves as a myriad introduction to what I think about, if you like it, there’s a theme, and variation, but if you don’t like it, no worries.


Foundation to an ass obsessed girl is releasing control of all things anal. An anal slut should crave something in her ass all of the time, a constant presence, at a minimum tenderness. A good girl will wear a plug up her ass 90% of the time. My first experience with 24/7 plugging was a disaster, it was nasty and unpleasant, he wasn’t the right man to introduce me. The next lover that was interested also introduced me to enemas. To be plugged often, there must not be shit. Pull a nasty plug out and you won’t want to put it back in.

But then I fell in love with the ritual, the pain, embarrassment, this aroused me. I craved bigger and bigger enemas and more frequent. Now I desire a gallon three times a day. I am disappointed anytime I shit without it being induced by my daddy. If absolutely nothing else it should be induced by a laxative, preferably natural.

I want this man to control my every anal move, and therefore my bowels, therefore my diet. I do not want to eat without his approval. I see no excuse to overweight sub missives. Inside every fat girl is a skinny girl that just needs a few months of diet and daily enemas. My daddy punishes me if I gain weight or fail to lose. He punishes me for infractions of rules set. I can’t just lose weight and receive his approval, I have to care for myself as well. Every week he weighs me and measures me. Now I have no idea what makes me tick, I respond to it and acknowledge it, but he likes to see me in pain, he enjoys seeing me suffer. It turns me on, so I play along and encourage him to think of more twisted things.

He enjoys filling me up with a gallon of warm water, plugging me. He rubs my nipples as it fills me and my pussy pours. By the time I’m full he’s ready to fuck me on all fours. He likes to wrap his hand around my belly and feel me cramp, he holds my face against the floor and fucks me as hard as it takes to make me clench in pain. I like something in my mouth, either his thumb or the plug I’ll be wearing afterwards. I love my ass but I have three horny holes.

I want my ass filled all the time, it calms me, focuses me, puts everything into perspective. At the end of the day I’m going to be on my knees full of water, I’ll sleep in my warm bed with my ass stretched, and my clit will be swollen. I adore my snake bite kit; I put a cup right on my clit every day. I plan to get some sort of string set up to tie my nipples tight often, but I haven’t found the right thing yet.

He doesn’t make me do anything, we know that, I hear all the time, master made me do this, or that or I was forced, no I wasn’t. I wanted it, it turns me on and I want him to experience it with me. By myself I don’t push myself, I can say I would, but I don’t. Ill clean myself 3 or 4 times a week, and Ill crave discipline. I’ll think all of the rules I want to be given, so when a special someone has the same quirks, I give myself whorishly to him.

I text him every time I eat, if he decides I am out of line I’m sent home to give myself an evening of enemas. Sometimes I’m given treats if I progress, but if I have something without blessing I will spend 4 hours in the bathroom. He knows I can’t immediately start, but when I get home I’m to eat 10 prunes and put a glycerin suppository in my ass. I have 15 minutes to prepare myself before I must use the bathroom, I will cramp terribly and go. Once there I must continue the process. Once there I take all of my clothes off and put a cup on my clit. I push all the air out of it so it’s very tight on it and hurts.

The first 2 quarts are never bad, I get excited, I put the bag high so it rushes into me quickly. The second bag it hard, I cramp, I get dizzy, and I know it’s because I want to be fucked so bad. To be fucked in three days and wear my plug as he wants, I must follow through today. I don’t lie to him, if he tells me I deserve three enemas tonight, I do them. If I don’t I won’t be in the head space he expects me to be in, and our next play won’t be as good.

Today I am hoping he will have me eat lots of prunes, I couldn’t have an enema yesterday due to dehydration. He wasn’t mad, normal people drink too much sometimes, but today I have to spend extra time. I must do 2 enemas tonight, and I can’t wait. I hope he straps me until my ass changes colors, he’ll get half mast when I undress, he’ll be hard when my ass is red, but he won’t want to fuck me right until Im bruised, approaching purple and crying. I’ll push my ass up for more, I won’t struggle, I’ll ask for more no matter what. I always tell myself, when I don’t want any more I must think I want more and I want it harder, and the more I think it, I must also say it. In my worst moment he will still have my slutty ass wanting more, until he is ready to move on. He knows when I drive to work in the morning I want a solid sore ass on my seat, I want to know I was spanked good. I want a big plug, glass, so big it spreads my cheeks when I set, I don’t like plastic plugs, I like the low profile of glass, and I like that you can see in them and see how open I am.

I look forward to the examination, he rewards me, but I so look forward to my stats, how did I do. I did my best, but how did I do, and he’s a sadist. I always need an assfucking and he wont get hard until he hears crying. This is my ass obsession, it’s the daily erotic relationship I have with my ass.

There are some men that want a woman to be perfectly clean. As if she has just stepped out of the shower every time she gets in bed with him. It’s a ridiculous fantasy and I only know because I used to be one of these men.

Until I met Charlotte. I don’t really have a good understanding of why that is, only that I know she can’t ever be too dirty for me. I’ve never thought this way about anybody. You’re not supposed to like how someone smells. But when I’m with Charlotte, I want her exactly as I find her. I don’t want to taste her perfume. I want to taste her.

Over the years, I’ve developed a fairly unhealthy obsession with her body and part of that obsession includes the way she smells. Not that she smells much at all. In fact, Charlotte’s the cleanest woman I’ve ever been with. It amazes me. And sometimes, it frustrates me.

But every once in a while, she gives me that natural, dirty side of her. I absolutely love it when she hasn’t had a chance to clean herself up. When spontaneous desire overrides any other consideration. There is an inexplicable intimacy in knowing your lover’s dirtiest parts. Knowing that you want her so bad there’s nothing, certainly not something so small as an unclean smell, that would keep you from her body.

It’s really easy to kiss someone when they’ve just showered. Anybody would do that. But it’s true desire that makes you want your lover’s dirty body. To put your lips where they’re not supposed to go. To put your tongue into every crack and crevice. To savor the taste of salt and skin. To breathe deep a smell that, when it comes from your lover, is no longer dirty but sweet.

I love Charlotte’s body. If she hadn’t showered for a week, I’d still happily lick every inch of her. And yes, if you’re wondering, that includes all of her dirty parts. Especially her dirtiest parts. And I’d probably cum doing it.

When she gives herself over to me like that, when there is no hesitation or insecurity, it’s like something breaks inside of me. It’s a damn that cracks open; and when it does, pure lust pours out. It fills me up. It turns me into a wild animal.

I can think of nothing sexier than all five of my senses being assaulted by Charlotte. And that’s really what it comes down to. Knowing that every part of my consciousness is consumed by her. That there is not one part of my waking mind that isn’t completely engulfed with her essence. The sounds she makes, the way she looks, the feel of her skin, the taste of her mouth, the smell of her body.

So it’s not a surprise that I’m completely delirious when she gets down on her knees in front of me, straddling my legs. She pooches her ass up in front of my face and stretches her body out to grab each of my ankles.

I can hardly move. Not just because she has my legs pinned, but because I am so overwhelmed. I can’t stop but just stare at her gyrating ass. It’s as if I’m in my own private porn movie. I can feel her breasts bouncing on my cock but I hardly notice.

I simply cannot believe that this is happening. That it is happening to me. I briefly think of all the porn I’ve watched in my life and quickly decide I’d pass on all those women for just five minutes of this. I feel as if I am in a drug-induced state. A hyper-reality where all my deepest and darkest fantasies have come to life with a stunning clarity.

But it’s her smell that brings me back. It’s that delicious mix of her pussy and ass that reminds me I’m not watching porn. That this is real. That I will be putting my lips and tongue to the parts of her that lips and tongues are not meant to go. Let the pornstars have their completely sterilized sets. I want Charlotte just like this. With pussy and ass smelling exactly like what pussy and asses are supposed to smell like. I breathe in deeply, savoring the real Charlotte. My Charlotte.

I don’t know how long I sit there, just breathing her in. My eyes are half closed and don’t realize she’s shaking her ass at me. Looking back at me. “Well?”

I look up at her, dumbfounded. “What?”

“You wanted to get it out. Now go get it.” She reaches back and yanks her thong to one side, the dildo slightly pushing out for just a second before her ass swallows it up again. The in and out motion burns into my brain and I know I’ll remember that image for the rest of my life. I put two fingers on the base and push it in slightly. It evokes a gasp.

The base is small. A smooth round piece of glass not bigger than a fifty cent piece. I give it a little tug and feel just how tightly it is wedged into her ass. It makes me instantly jealous. I want that to be my cock. I start pulling at it, but Charlotte’s voice stops me in my tracks.


“You don’t want me to?”

She turns her head to look back at me and with a stern voice asks, “Are you my slut?”

I turn away from her piercing gaze for a second to look at her ass. That beautiful ass with a piece of glass shoved inside of it. It’s enough for me to respond without thinking. “Yes!”

“Then use that pretty slut mouth of yours.”

My mouth drops open. In all the time we’ve been together, I’ve never known her to have such a filthy mouth. Didn’t actually think she was capable of it.

“Come on, slut.” She backs her ass all the way up to me now and it’s only a matter of leaning down a few inches before my face is buried.

There is a theory that dogs sniff each other’s behind because they are attracted to the pheromones located there. I don’t know if this is true or not. But I don’t really care. It very well may be the pheromones, but all I can smell is Charlotte’s sweet and sexy ass. It completely engulfs me.

Charlotte’s been sitting in a car for a long four-hour drive after an even longer workday. She hasn’t showered since this morning and she’s had a dildo jammed in her ass for I don’t know how long. Of course she was going to smell nasty. And she knew it. But she also knows me.

The only hesitation I have is to enjoy the moment. But of course, I don’t last a minute. Not even ten seconds before my face is on her. I lick both of her cheeks, focusing on the areas around the dildo. I kiss, I bite, I suck. The smell of her overwhelms me. The delicious mix of her pussy and ass is completely gone now. All I smell is ass. Filthy, sweaty, dirty. It’s my drug.

And just like any addiction, only the addict can understand the need for it. It is impossible to explain the compulsion. At that moment, I don’t care. I lose all self control. All self respect. I indulge myself unashamedly.

As hot as it is to know her ass has been stuffed for the past several hours, I am desperate to get the damn thing out of my way. I’ve let loose enough spit and saliva to cover the entire length of her ass crack and so I lean in and wrap my teeth around the base of the glass. I give it a slight tug and somewhere, very far away, I can hear her moaning in delight. I do it again, harder this time. The moan gets louder and there’s more give.

Just to give her a little of what she’s given me, I bring my face forward, jamming the plug back into her ass; deeper than it had been before. “Ohhh!” The noise she makes is one of genuine delight. I mentally pat myself on the back for surprising her and then tug back just as Charlotte is still moving forward.

The dildo suddenly slips free and Charlotte makes a sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Somewhere between relief and orgasmic release. She leans all the way forward and I get a quick glimpse of her asshole, still gaping open before the movement snaps the thong back into position. The sight drives me crazy.

I take the dildo from my clenched teeth and place it next to me. As much as I enjoy it, it’s so overpowering next to my nose it makes me light headed. Charlotte reaches back and puts her middle finger right down the crack of her ass moving it to the spot where the dildo had been. She says,

“God, that felt good in my ass, baby.” She’s practically pushing the red cloth inside of her ass, stretching it as far as it will go. I watch, my hand furiously pumping away at my cock.

Charlotte crawls off of my legs and stands just for an instant. Long enough to pull off her panties before she positions herself to straddle me.

She briefly brings them to her nose and says, “God, these smell awful,” and before I have a chance to respond, she straddles me. Her hot pussy slides down the shaft of my cock and I instantly feel the furnace inside of her. Charlotte’s pussy is so wet it makes a slopping sound as she makes her way down to the base of my cock.

I lift my face up to kiss her but what I get instead is a face full of panties. Dirty panties.

I buck my hips in response. Hard. She cries out as I thrust into her and she rides me for a few strokes before she says,

“Come on baby. See how wet you made me.” She pushes the panties against my lips. It’s like a satin kiss, they are soaking wet and it’s clear that this is part of them that were pushing against her pussy just a few minutes ago. I kiss them delicately, enjoying the slight taste of pussy on my lips.

She pushes them past my lips and I get a mouthful of pussy-soaked panties. I start thrusting hard again but this time, she slows me down. She whispers, “shhh.”

I look up, the panties still clenched between my teeth as she tugs the part hanging out of my mouth. She flips it this way and that until she finds what she’s looking for.

I understand now why Charlotte was working so hard to push them into her asshole just a few seconds ago. She’s made especially sure that the part that had practically been inside of her is now inside-out. “You haven’t even got to the good part yet.”

She flips it over as she brings it to my face when suddenly, she wrinkles her nose. The look of sly lust on her face vanishes. I look up questioningly and she says, “Oh God, oh baby. I’m sorry. These are too dirty. Oh don’t.”

She pulls them out of my mouth and replaces them with her lips.

“Wait. What?” I ask when our lips part. “Why did you take them away?”

There are times when Charlotte gets serious about things and there are times when she is playing coy. I honestly can’t tell this time. I kiss her lips and say, “It’s okay baby. I just want you.”

“That’s good baby. You wouldn’t want those nasty panties near your face, would you? I mean, they smell really bad.”

I sigh deeply, not knowing how to respond. I actually did, but I don’t want her to become self-conscious after all we’ve done. I didn’t want to lose the moment either. I use both of my hands to pull her closer to me and she leans back. Her eyes are half closed and she starts making a keening noise that always lets me know when she’s about to cum. I thrust harder.

“Oh …Oh…Fuck me harder.”

I comply, pulling her down as I thrust up.

“Oh yea baby. Yes. YES. Oh it’s so good like this.”

Even harder now. In the back of my mind, I start cautioning myself that in a few minutes, I might not be able to stop.

She starts to pick up my rhythm and we move in perfectly timed unison. I pump up, she thrusts down. I pump up, she thrusts down.

Pump, thrust. Pump, thrust.

“You didn’t want those panties baby.” Pump.

“They were disgusting.” Thrust.

“They smelled so bad.” Pump. Thrust. Pump. Thrust.

She brings her head down next to my ear and whispers, “I could SEE how dirty they were.”

Pump. Pump. Pump.

“You’re so nasty baby. But you wouldn’t have wanted to SEE that.” She emphasizes the word see again and I practically lose my mind.

She finally slows down and brings the panties back up, unfolding them in front of me.

“No way you want these in your mouth. Let me show you.”

She turns them inside out and takes one end with each hand and stretches them in front of my face. I instantly see what she means but instead of recoiling I say, “Oh baby, Oh my God baby.”

The thin string of material that straddled her ass, the part that she had purposefully put inside of her ass, now stretches in front of our faces. I hesitate for just a second before I lean forward.

She maneuvers the dirtiest part of the panties right under my nose and says, “Leave it right there. Leave it right there you nasty slut.” She keeps the panties hooked on her thumbs as she grasps both sides of my head.

Keeping me at arm’s length, she begins a series of thrusting motions, her grip on my head getting tighter and tighter. She is practically rubbing the panties into my nose but it hardly matters anymore. I’m completely engulfed in her smell. She continues her rant, “You nasty…you nasty…oh my god you nasty fucking slu—hhh, slu-h, s-, shit. Oh shit, oh shit oh shit.”

She finishes her orgasm with my head still tight between her hands. It’s one of her small ones and she recovers rather quickly. It’s not enough for her to stop gyrating on my cock, even as she’s getting herself ready for the next one. I have an insane urge to kiss her but for now, she’s still holding my head away from her; the panties stretched taut across my face. I’m so horny now that my hips start bucking without me noticing.

“Don’t you cum. Don’t you fucking cum.” She practically screams these words at me and spittle from her wet lips fly at my face. Sadly, this turns me on even more, but I regain enough self-control to slow myself down.

“Why the hell does this turn you on so much?” Regular Charlotte is back. She’s genuinely curious. I of course, have absolutely no answer to that question.

“Oh baby, it smells so good.” I say.

“No. It doesn’t. It smells like…like…it smells”

“Charlotte.” I finish for her. “It smells like my Charlotte and I fucking love it.” This time, I can’t stop myself. I want to let her dominate me, but I need this kiss. I reach out and hold her face the way she holds mine and bring her into me. She offers absolutely no resistance and, beyond my wildest imaginings, she kisses me with the panties between our faces. Passionately. Violently.

We pause only to take deep breaths through our noses. We inhale the scent. We savor it. Before long, she lets go of the panties and it falls down towards our hungry mouths. We kiss each other through the fabric. Our tongues poke at it. Lick it. Push through it. They probe the fabric for one another.

The taste of it fills our mouths. God this is so nasty. As I think this, she says it out loud.

“So fucking nasty,” she pants.

“Yes. Baby.” We kiss harder. She rocks harder.

“It’s fucking disgusting.” She says, as she picks herself up and plops herself back down over my cock. It makes a smacking sound. Smack. Smack. Smack. It’s a very wet noise.

“So why’s my pussy so wet?”

Smack. Smack. Smack.

“Why am i- i- i- cu-..fuuuuuuuck! Suddenly, she is screaming in ecstasy. She cums louder and longer than I have ever heard her cum. Her mouth is full of obscenities. “Fuck. Shit. Mother. Shit. Fucker. Shit. Slut. “

It drives me crazy when she cums this violently. It makes me want to release and every ounce of my willpower is needed to make sure I don’t. Even with an orgasm this size, I know she’s not done. That she’s going to need more. And she’s indulged me so much already, how can I disappoint?

Her head drops down on my shoulder as her body goes from shaking to a low grade tremor. With her face next to my ear, I can still hear her muttering cuss-words underneath her breath. It sounded like, “What the fuck”. She pulls the panties from my mouth and throws them across the room. Charlotte looks at me, dazed and confused; as if this is the first time she has ever experienced an orgasm.

Finally, with a bit of embarrassment, she asks, “Why…why did I cum so hard?” I don’t know what to tell her, but she isn’t kidding. I can feel the sloppy wetness around the base of my cock. Her pussy is leaking like a hose. I answer by pulling her in close and kissing her. When our lips part, she leans forward again and I think she’s going in for another kiss. But instead, she stops and sniffs.

“Can you smell it? Your face still smells like ass.”

“Yes baby.”

“You don’t mind?”

“You didn’t seem to.”

She sniffs again. But this time, it turns into a kiss. “I like that you like it.”

“I think you liked it a little more than that.” I respond.

She blushes a bit as I say it and we kiss again. This time it’s more of a lover’s kiss. Not nearly as bestial as before.

“God you turn me on.” Before too long, the kisses get more aggressive and she starts that gyrating motion again. Charlotte tends to cum a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean she can cum a dozen times in one hour. The first time I was with her, I thought she was faking it. Over the years, I’ve found out that Charlotte never fakes. As long as there’s a hard cock in the room, she’s going to keep cumming. I love this about her. She quite literally, cannot get enough.

“What are you gonna do now? My panties are all the way over there.”

“I don’t need them to cum.” I start pumping my hips up.

She responds by pooching her lower lip in mock sadness and says, “You don’t like my ass anymore?”

“Of course I do baby.”

“Was it too smelly?”

“No baby, it was so hot.” I am getting so excited. She is driving me crazy with that a coquettishly sweet voice.

“But…but…there were…they were…”

“Yes baby.”

“You love me that much?”

“Yes baby.” I whisper this next part into her ears. “I love you so much I’d lick your stained panties.”

Her eyes widen at that word and she kisses me so deeply I think she might be trying to swallow my tongue. Her moment of insecurity is gone. She’s satisfied with my assurances and now confident Charlotte is back.

“But you didn’t cum. It was right there in your face and you didn’t cum.” She says this last part the way a six year old whines.

“I’m gonna cum now baby.” I pump even harder, but she’s not responding with her own thrusts yet. She’s still having fun with me.

“I don’t think you should get to smell my ass anymore. It didn’t make you cum.” More whining. I almost expect her to say, “So there.”

“Baby, I loved it. I love you.” I’m desperate to get her to start thrusting her hips. I really, really want to cum.

“Tell me you love my ass.”

“I love your ass baby.”

“Tell me you love my big ass.”

“I love that big fucking ass.”

“Tell me you love it when it smells.”

“I love it especially when it smells.”

“You want it to stink?”

“YES!” “A lot?”

She finally begins to start thrusting. Much to my relief. Now the Q and A is timed to our pump and thrust rhythm. Her questions drive me crazy. Hell, the evil sound in her voice is driving me crazy.

“As dirty as it’ll get.”

“And you’ll still kiss it?”

“Yes baby. Always. Yes.”

She is grinding me hard now. So hard I think that either I have to cum or my head will explode. Just then she leans down and whispers into my ear, as if telling me a secret, “I like smelling my ass on your face. It’s fucking hot.”

And then it happens. There is a switch from lovemaking to wild panic. We move in frenzy. The kisses come from everywhere. From every direction. In between gasps of breath words tumble out of her mouth.

“It makes you all nasty. You really are my nasty little slut. You FUCKING smell…” She pauses to lick up the sides of my face, “You fucking smell good.”

We fuck like animals. It’s the only way I can describe it. My back has been to the couch all of this time and now it’s literally banging against the wall with a thump thump thump sound. Behind me, I hear what must be a hung picture crash to the ground. We both ignore it.

“You’ll lick it baby? You’ll lick my ass when it’s this dirty?” The demure voice is gone. She’s now full-on bitch mode now.

“Oh baby. Yes. “

“I’ve had that dildo in my ass for hours.”

“Oh baby.”

“Now I feel so fucking dirty.”

“I love you dirty.”

“I want to be clean. You’ll fucking lick it clean?”

I had no idea what she had in mind. I got a text message telling me I should book a room. And to book it in Atlantic City. She gave me the dates, but not much else. When Charlotte tells me to book a room, I book a room just about as fast as I can. But we have history in AC. Good history. So by the time I get my wallet out, I was already at the Taj’s website.

You see, this all started a few weeks ago. I was at work bored out of my mind as usual. And as usual, I start thinking about Charlotte. Unfortunately, I can’t think about Charlotte for too long before I start thinking about Charlotte. That can be occasionally inconvenient; especially when I’m at work. I sometimes have to stay seated behind my desk when I’ve been fantasizing about Charlotte for too long. At least into the image passes.

On this one particular occasion, I just couldn’t get her out of my head. I tried. I really did. I even picked up that report on Microbial Forensics that had been sitting on my desk. It was just about the most boring thing I could think of. Surely that would get my mind off sex. But when I came across the word “germ,” I read it as “sperm.” And when I read the word “glass,” I saw “ass.”

And while we’re on the topic, I need to take a minute to make a statement about Charlotte’s ass. It is quite possibly, the sexiest thing in the world. I for one, have never seen anything like it. I could try to describe it, but words won’t do it any justice. It is impossibly big. Completely disproportional to the rest of her body and thus, unbelievably curvaceous. It makes an hourglass look as straight as a ruler. It is so perfectly round that even after seven years of doing the things I’ve done to it, I still lust after it, and her, as the day I first met Charlotte.

To make a long story short, I end up reaching for my phone and look to text some nasty messages to her. It’s a ritual we’ve established over the years, but one I just can’t shake. I love it when we go back and forth and talk about all the things we’d like to do to each other. Texting is unbelievably hot, and despite all the high profile cases of people accidentally texting in the wrong places to the wrong people; I still can’t help myself. My heart still skips a beat when the phone buzzes. If I see the text ID as being someone else, I’m crushed. But if it’s Charlotte, and she’s in the mood, man, it’s a great day. For me, getting dirty messages from her must be what an alcoholic feels like when he gets his first glass of Scotch. It completely stands me to attention. Suddenly, no matter what I’m dealing with, nothing is very important anymore. I don’t stress about anything. I just sit back and fantasize with her for the next few minutes about the next time we’re together.

There’s something about texting that I can’t explain. The funny thing is, we’d never say half the things we’ve texted out loud. Even after seven years, there are things I couldn’t bring myself to say face to face. But for some reason; texting just brings that out in me. It gives me a freedom that eliminates any measure of self-doubt or embarrassment.

Even as disconnected and cold as technology can be, it can also be the catalyst that removes our insecurities. Over the years, we’ve used it to explore each other in a way that we wouldn’t have ever done just talking. In fact, the first time I got the courage to ask her for a pair of her dirty panties was through text. Even to this day, we still reserve the nastiest conversations for our phones.

On this particular instance, it just so happened that she didn’t respond. Two minutes, three, four. Damnit. She must have been at a meeting. I put the phone down and try to concentrate on that damn report but before I know it, the double helix starts looking like the double curves of her ass cheeks. Not only can I not concentrate, I’m really starting to see things. It seems to get wider, as if shifting to the same impossibly wide proportions of her ass.

I throw down the report. I go back to my phone to find she still hasn’t texted me. Damn. It’s driving me crazy. So just like any good red-blooded American, I decide I’m just going to have to scratch this itch by looking at some online porn. It usually only makes things worse, but what the hell? It wasn’t like I was going to get any work done anyways.

Watching porn on your work computer is about the dumbest thing you can do. Which of course, is why the smartphone was invented. Yes it can make phone calls, but more importantly, you can use it to watch porn. Unfortunately, it’s not quite the full 24″ inch screen that I’m accustomed to so instead of typing in a web address, I accidentally type in a google search. And instead of clicking on the right link, I accidentally click a pop-up ad. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s an online sex shop.

Just as I hit the back button, I see a gorgeous piece of glass. It’s cobalt blue, shaped like a bullet, and perfect for Charlotte’s ass. I suddenly get this picture of the last time I was behind her. She was bent over the bed and screaming at me to “just fuck her.”

I had wanted to go down on her first but her urgent scream and one look at that beautiful ass was all I needed to get myself inside of her. And as I slammed her pussy, I saw how her asshole tightened; just a tiny bit. It was enough to send shivers through me. And I remember at the time thinking how much I wish I had a dildo I could shove into her ass while my cock took her pussy.

A dildo just like the one I was seeing on my phone. A smooth cobalt blue glass dildo that tapered beautifully. So precisely. So perfect for insertion. I stare at the thing wishing it were in my hands. I can almost feel the smooth glass. God how I wished I had it the last time I was plowing into her. How I could make her scream hitting both holes at once with that thing.

Before I have a chance to figure out what I’m doing, I’m pulling out my wallet.

And by the time I’m finally typing my credit card number into the browser of my phone, my shopping cart has three dildos, a vibrator and some other assorted goodies. I pause for a second before I realize, what the hell is she going to think if I just send her a box of this stuff?

Then again, it’s Charlotte. I know exactly what she’s going to think. I smile just as I push the “submit” button.

Fast forward two weeks later and she’s texting me to book a trip to Atlantic City. Charlotte and I have been together for a long time. There are some ways that we can still surprise each other but for the most part, we know each other as well as we know ourselves. So I didn’t take more than thirty seconds to decide on the Grand Suite at the Taj Majal. A soaring tower on the boardwalk that would put us on the 30th floor overlooking the Atlantic. It’s expensive, but in December, the place is dead enough that we get a good enough rate that I’m able to book an extra night.


The four hour drive from DC to Atlantic City is almost schizophrenic. At one moment, I feel like we can’t get there fast enough and at the next; time seems to fly by. It’s always this way with Charlotte. The anticipation kills me, but getting there is always part of the fun. Every time I’m with her my day is a little bit brighter, my week a little bit shorter.

The down side to that of course, is that when I’m with her, I don’t want time to move. I want to freeze the moment. But alas, the car ride is over all too quickly and I suddenly find myself dragging our travel bags to the 33rd floor. Like all casinos, you can’t actually get to your room unless you walk across the casino floor. It’s determined to sway you from wanting to stay in your room too long.

Believe it or not, there have been occasions where we’ve spent days together without even thinking about sex. That’s the great thing about Charlotte, she stimulates my mind and my body. So even as I pull up to the suite, I haven’t been able to figure out whether this was one of those times where we were in AC to gamble, or to act like rabbits. Three nights is a little longer than our usual trips. Truth be told, my desires get the best of me but once she relieves me, I’m usually okay for a few days. So over the years, we’ve settled on just going away for a quick overnight when it’s just about sex.

When we want to spend non-sex time together, we stay longer; just to enjoy each other’s company. The way she was acting in the car tonight, I was starting to think this was one of those trips. I had floated some soft lobs to get her talking about sex, but she had batted them away. I’m not disappointed, we’d still have sex. But this trip had the feel of being about more than just sex. And I was okay with that.

Just as I’m about to slip the keycard into the door, she places her hand over mine; standing so close to me that I can smell her breath. We’ve been driving in the car for four hours so it takes on a stale aroma. It doesn’t turn me off. Instead, it does the opposite. I love everything about Charlotte; including how she smells.

“You know I love you right?” She purrs.

“Of course, baby.”

“So whatever happens, you’ll know I still love you right?”

“What are you talk-”

Before I even have a chance to finish my sentence, she pulls the door handle and pushes me into the room. It’s a little less than what you would call a shove; but a lot more than a lover’s touch. It surprises me enough to send me sprawling head first. I lose my balance and catch myself just as I go careening into the couch. I hit the arm of the couch and spill over it. I’m still bent over when I hear a smacking sound and it takes me a second before I realize it’s her slapping my ass. I don’t feel anything for a second and then the sting of it spreads through my rear.

“Baby, what the hell?” I ask.

Once again I feel her hands on me as she pushes my top half down. She’s intent on keeping me bent over the couch.

“I want this ass,” she says as she grabs my hips and slams herself into me. She grinds me from behind. Hard. One of her hands make its way from my hips towards the front of my jeans. The other snakes up under my shirt and grabs at my nipple. I arch my neck and feel her tongue caressing my neck, just behind the ear. Even in my confusion, her hot breath makes me hard and I strain against the fabric of my jeans.

“What are you up to?” I ask, a little less outraged now that I’m turned on.

“Did I slap too hard?” she asks me sheepishly. Suddenly it’s sweet Charlotte again and I can’t help but relent.

“It’s okay, baby. It didn’t hurt.”

She continues to kiss my ear and whispers, “I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself when I’m around you.” Even after seven years and countless sex acts, Charlotte and I have maintained an almost impossible level of desire. It amazes me that, even now, we act like teenagers coming home from the prom. Smack!

This time it hurt. My cheek was still stinging from the first time and a part of me gets a little angry. Enough that I break her hold and am able to turn myself around. Only, when I see her smile, a small wicked little thing, the feeling passes. She has a look on her face that tells me I shouldn’t get mad. That I’m going to want what happens next. Damn her.

Before I can say anything she puts both hands on my shoulder and gives me a maternal kiss on my forehead. “Shhhh.” She motions for me to sit on the couch and I do; my behind still stinging.

“That was for sending sex toys to my house.”

It suddenly dawns on me what this is all about. I had completely forgotten about that damn package. I had made the purchase on a whim and it never occurred to me it might make her feel cheap. I kick myself.

“Oh I thought-”

“What am I, your personal slut?”

“I didn’t mean to-”

She’s standing over me now and she puts a finger to my lips. “Shhhh.” She says again.

Her hair falls over my face as she leans closer and I catch a faint whiff of perfume. It tickles my face and she starts teasing me again with that tongue to the side of my neck. Just below my ear now. I can’t tell if she is either mad or horny. Or maybe both. I try to say something and as I part my lips, she slides the finger that shushed me into my mouth.

Now she’s biting my ear and I get the sense the crisis has passed. My hands reflexively reach out for her ass but she pushes them away.

“Just sit there. Aren’t you in enough trouble already?”

“But baby…” I start to whine.

In one quick motion she pulls the finger out of my mouth and slaps me. Not hard. Not an I’m-pissed-at-you slap. But it’s not playful either. I gape in shock. She keeps her hand there, cradling my cheek. In our entire relationship, she has never once done that. I am completely speechless.

“Shhhh.” she says again and goes back to kissing my neck. “I think you need to know how it feels to be a slut.”

Without another word, she climbs on top of me. Charlotte spreads her legs far enough to straddle me, but not enough to allow my cock to grind against her. It’s horribly evil. She holds the back of my head with both hands and it’s then that I realize this might be a long night. I close my eyes and lean my head back. I think she means to kiss me but instead of finding her mouth, I feel a wet dollop of spit hitting me on my lips. I open my eyes to see a string of saliva tracing back to her sweet, evil smile.

Instinctively, I open my mouth and the second I do, I get a mouthful of fresh saliva. I savor it. It’s warm and slick and all Charlotte. I love it and each time I taste her mouth all I want is more. Her spit is just an extension of that. I try to rise to meet her lips but she pulls away. The quick motion draws the line of saliva across my face and then she descends on me. A fury of kissing, licking and sucking. My eyes, my cheeks, my neck, my ears. She kisses and licks every part of my face. Every part but my lips. I so desperately want her tongue in my mouth but she avoids it. Switching from one side to the other with a deft maneuver that avoids my hungry mouth.

She has both hands on the sides of my head, her fingers buried deep into my long hair. When I misbehave, or even slightly move counter to her plan, she pulls my head back by the roots of my hair. Sitting over me now she does just that. She’s grabbing my scalp with both hands as she pushes her breasts together. For the first time tonight, I get a good luck at her cleavage. They strain against the buttons of her blouse. It’s not unlike the strain my cock feels against my own jeans. She has huge breasts that perfectly complement her huge ass.

These are the things I’ve always loved about Charlotte. Never ending curves that I’d happily spend the rest of my days exploring. After seven years, you’d think I’d have discovered every part of her but I don’t get the sense I’ve even scratched the surface. Tonight is a good example of that. She’s been wild before, actually she’s always wild in bed, but tonight is a different beast altogether. I’ve not ever seen her take control as she has and I find it makes me insane with desire. To let her take control of both mind and body.

With her breasts directly in my face, I lick my lips and stare directly into the exaggerated curves of her body. I move to unbutton her blouse but Charlotte knocks my hand away just as she slaps my face again. With the glaze of her spit, it makes an impossibly loud noise. For a second I see a quick flash of regret in her eyes before she recovers and is in control again. I’m glad to see it. Whatever she’s thinking, she has to know that this is driving me crazy. Even as the moment passes, the sting on my cheek fades. And just like last time, she doesn’t pull her hand away after making contact. Instead, she massages my cheek.

“Oh poor baby.” she coos and before I know it, her thumb is in my mouth. I suck it like a pacifier and it seems to placate her.

“Do you feel like a slut?” she asks. Apparently it’s a rhetorical question because as I try to answer, I get her other thumb in my mouth. She holds my face steady, a thumb hooked into each side of my mouth. She dribbles more spit down on me and I catch most of it. It makes me squirm, bringing my bottom half to life. I strain to push my cock against her but she just lifts away from me.

“Don’t.” She warns. Her face is stern and the in-control Charlotte is back in full force.

I try to say something but can’t. The look on her face stops me cold and I feel another wet spray across my face. Just flecks of spittle now, but still enough that I feel its warmth on my skin. It’s important to know that if anybody but Charlotte did this to me, I’d be completely disgusted. And very angry.

The thought of anybody spitting in my face is unthinkable. But for some reason, like so many other things, when she does it, it’s not just okay. It’s sexier than hell. I’ve long known that there’s nothing about her I don’t find attractive. I like the way she looks, the way she tastes, the way she smells. I’ve said before that she’s taken to giving me her dirty panties. What I do with them is a story for another time, but needless to say, it makes the times we’re apart very bearable.

There’s an end table next to the couch and on it, there’s a bottle of Champagne. Charlotte grabs it without saying a word or moving off me. Even for a second. While I watch, she rips the aluminum and pops the cork. I hear it land somewhere on the other side of the room and as the liquid bubbles over, she moves it to over my lips.

It’s refreshingly cool, but much of it drips off the side of my face, soaking my shirt. She takes a swig herself and as she does so, she uses her free hand to rip her blouse open. I hear one button ping against the window while another skips across the wood floor. My hands immediately go to her breasts and start kneading them. I’m a little nervous I might get slapped for it, but I can’t help myself. She takes another swig of the champagne and says,

“That’s right slut. Time for you to do some work now.”

With a practiced motion, I reach around and unclasp the lace bra. It sounds a lot easier than it is to do. Charlotte’s breasts strain the clasp and it’s taken me years to perfect the move. I’m instantly rewarded as they come tumbling from their restraints. To this day, I still gasp when I see them. So round, so big, so perfect. As I bring them to my lips, I feel a wetness from above and taste more Champagne.

When I look up, I realize it’s not coming from the bottle but her mouth. I watch her take another swig and then, keeping it in her mouth, swish it as if it were Listerine. She’s making sure that it’s not just Champagne I’m drinking. She holds her right breast out and slowly, ever so slowly, she let’ out a stream of liquid. I immediately bring my mouth to her waiting tit and suckle it like a baby. It’s warm and incredibly erotic. Sensual even. I drink it all up as if my life depends on it. I immediately feel warm all over and I’m wondering if it’s the alcohol rushing through me or something else. There are times when Charlotte can make me feel that good without anything but a kiss from her lips.

As she finishes, there’s a stringy tendril of saliva that hangs from her mouth. I move to get at it and unbelievably, she brings it back into her mouth with a quick sucking motion. As I look up, she smiles and then makes like she’s going to spit. She cocks my head forward and bring her face level with mine. Our lips touch and then she moves back just a few inches. Her eyes motion at me to open my mouth and as I do so, I close my eyes and hear her spit. Loud and wet and incredibly warm down the back of my throat. I simply can’t take it anymore and pull her into me. At long last our tongues touch and we begin devouring each other. The kiss is so wet, so nasty, that when our lips move apart, they are still connected with saliva. Her face glistens with it and I have to imagine I’m completely covered.

After cleaning myself up from jacking off in the men’s room, I splashed some water on my face. I looked at my face in the mirror, wondering if anyone could tell by looking at it that I have a buttplug in my hole and that I just cummed not five minutes ago. I don’t know if anyone would be able to tell, but I could tell. I knew what I just did and what’s buried deep in my hole, hidden by my underwear and shorts.

I left the bathroom, trying to be as casual as possible, as staff and students went about their business at the student health clinic. As I made my way towards the exit, Norah and Jessica came into the hallway from a side door. Norah’s demeanor was professional, walking past me as if she didn’t know me. Jessica, on the other hand, looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and gave me a little smirk.

“What the fuck is going on?” I thought, as if everything was just a weird dream, but the fullness in my asshole told me that this was real. I left the clinic and made it to my car, while reviewing a mental list of things to do. But, as I sat down in the driver’s seat, I shuddered, feeling the plug deeply seated in me and remembering Jessica’s words “you better not disappoint us.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” I stammered to myself. I pulled out the prescription slip and post-it note Norah gave me. Taped to the prescription slip was just a computer print out, like a receipt with a series of numbers like PU 0865245 and item # 554. I knew the general area of where I had to go, but to be safe, I entered the address in my smartphone’s GPS app. I sighed, “better get this done and over with.”

It was a shopping center on the west side of town, amid the outskirts. I’ve only been there a couple of times to drop off dry-cleaning. I parked right in front of the place, but this couldn’t be the place. I was expected a drug store or a medical place. I double checked the address number and it matched. The store had wicker baskets and wicker furniture in the display window and some ferns. I never had been there, because wicker furniture isn’t my thing. Maybe there’s some sort of orthopedic chair or something I supposed to get, I don’t know.

The counterperson was a total slacker, with his crooked baseball cap mashing his mangy hair down. He was on the store phone while texting on his cell phone. Around the store, there were plenty of wicker baskets and chairs, but the display counter contained something else. There were smoking pipes, bongs, hookahs, incense sticks. This place was a head shop! Further back, there was a doorway with a beaded curtain with a “clearance” sign posted a metal stand next to the doorway. Since slacker was taking his time, I parted the curtain and what I saw made my cock tingle.

“Oh shit.” A 20″ inch purple dildo was displayed right in the middle of the room. There was a glass counter with body jewelry, metal cockrings, glass dildos, metal dongs, nipple clamps. Various adult toys hung from the rack. I left the room quickly.

Slacker boy hung up the phone, giving me a “wuz sup” nod. I handed him the prescription slip. “Pick Up Order 86-52-45.” He rummaged under the counter, as I kept shifting my weight from one leg to the next, always feeling the buttplug. He sprang back up and gave me weird grin. “Here you go.” He handed me a brown paper supermarket shopping bag, stapled closed, with 865245 written on it with black marker. I took it and quickly left the store. “Does he know?” I wondered if the outline of the base of buttplug or my stirring cock showed through my shorts.

Once safely in my car, I opened the bag and found a brand new black medium buttplug in its packaging, a small leather strap with a buckle in an envelope along with a small luggage padlock unlocked with no key. I reached for the post-it note that Norah had given me with the prescription slip. My heart pounded in my chest as I stared at the phone number on it. “Don’t disappoint us” floated through my head. I dialed the number on my phone, glancing to see that no one in the parking lot was paying any attention.

“Hello?” A woman’s voice answered. Was it was Norah, Jess or someone else?

“Uh, hello, um yeah, I was told to call this number after I picked up…uh…a package.”

“OH it’s you, isn’t it? That was quick.” I heard a slight chuckle. “I thought you’d call tomorrow. Did you put it in?” It was definitely Norah.

“It’s me, but I didn’t know I had to…..” I trailed off.

“Where are you?”

“I’m in my car, in the parking lot of the place you sent me to”

“Then go to the gas station on the corner. Go in their bathroom and put it in. I have your number from caller ID, go there now. I’ll call you back in five minutes. Do it, slut.” With that, she hung up the phone.

The gas station was only a stone’s throw away from the shopping center. It was a typical gas station with two bathrooms with entrances on the outside. I grabbed the bag and went in the bathroom, pushing the lock button on the knob behind me. It wasn’t that clean, but I’ve been in worse ones. It was just a toilet and a sink. The floor seemed wet and the condom machine was broken with few graffiti on the walls. Then my phone rang. It was Norah, after telling her where I was, her directions were simply:

“Put in it.”

“Here? But, the smaller one is still in.”

“Then take it out and put the new one in. Don’t waste our time.”

I put the phone on the sink and cracked open the new one from its packaging until I heard “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking out the new one from the packaging.”

“What did I say? Take out the smaller one first.” I heard chuckling in the background. “I have you on speaker phone. Just take out the plug that’s in you then deal with the new one. Do it like that.”

I dropped my shorts to my ankles, but thought it better to take them off since I didn’t trust the quality of the bathroom floor. I hung my shorts and underwear on the hook behind the door. I bent over the sink and firmly grasped the plug. I let out a slight grunt as it passed through the muscular ring, then a slight moan as I eased it all the way out. “Okay, it’s out.” I put it in the sink and turn towards the new one.

“Aw fuck.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I don’t have that lube here.”

“Then use your saliva. Spit on it, suck on it.”

“No, I don’t think so –”

“Don’t disappoint us, bitch.” I heard Jessica say in the background. I felt my heart sink and picked up the new plug towards my mouth. I spat on it a couple of times, letting the drool run down it. Putting it in my mouth, like a banana, I sucked it like a popsicle, making sure more salvia got on it.

I crouched down towards the floor, feeling the cool air rush into my hole. Feeling the tip of the plug push past the ring, I slowly eased it in until it felt like I couldn’t get it past the muscular ring. “I don’t think I can get it in.”

“Work it, bitch” Norah commanded “fuck yourself with it. We know that’s what you did in the bathroom at the health clinic. We know you like it, so do it and get it in your fucking hole.”

I was mortified and embarrassed at what she said. Could it be true? I saw myself in the mirror, half naked, pushing a buttplug in my hole in a public bathroom. My cock tingled even more and I looked lustily at myself in the mirror, whispering “it’s true.”

I squatted over the floor, fucking my hole with the buttplug, pushing it even further with each thrust. I stifled my moans, hoping no one was outside; glancing at the door, see that it was still locked. Sweat beaded on my forehead, my asshole getting slick from sweat and spit until the plug was fully seated in my hole, stretching me open. “Aw fuck, it’s in. I can’t believe what I just did.”

“Now buckle the leather strap around your cock, behind your balls. Get it nice and snug. Tell me which notch it’s on then.”

“Third notch.”

“Take it the fourth one and no back talk.”

“It’s done.”

“Put the lock through the buckle, do it quickly!”

It took some going, since the lock was so small. “Okay, it’s done.”

“Good, now lock it.”

“But I won’t be able to get it off. There wasn’t a key with it.”

“That’s the idea. You really whine like a little bitch, don’t you? Put the phone down by the lock, I want to hear it lock closed. Do it now.”

CLICK. I felt my cock stiffen and face flush warm as I realized what I just did. I just locked a leather cockring on my cock, one notch past snug and I didn’t have the key. I could only take it off with the key or cut it off. I’m not too sure I want to have something sharp down there. Aw fuck, I was getting really hard now.

“I bet you want to cum.”

“Yes!” I played with my cock in my hand, standing half naked in a gas station bathroom, leather cockring locked on, a medium buttplug filling my hole.

“Good, but first come back to the health clinic. I have an opening today at 3:30, be here sharp. And no ejaculation.” With that she hung up the phone.

I stood bottomless in the bathroom, the plug firmly in my hole and my hard cock tightened by a leather cockring locked on me. It was only 2:30. I wanted to jack it right there. What if I did? Who was she to tell me what to do? Jessica’s words floated through my mind…”do you want to see the picture I took of you on Facebook? No? Okay, then don’t disappoint us.”

Feeling frustrated and horny, I put my underwear and shorts on, pulling my t-shirt over the bulge in my shorts. I rinsed off the small plug, put it in the paper bag and left the bathroom. I squirmed in the driver’s seat as I drove aimlessly around. It was difficult to keep my hands off my cock. I couldn’t even go grocery shopping or run other errands. I felt that everyone knew what I did or what I had deep in my hole. Worse yet, I didn’t want to be out in public, because I was scared that I might do something that would give it away.

The dildo in me had grown again but being up on heels did not show. My arse was on show and tits sticking out as heels do this but I could do nothing about that. We got to the car and Susan went to start it. The car would not start!

She tried again and again. Susan said I will phone for some help but I had to get back so Susan said catch the bus and I will meet you at the house. I looked at her and said I can’t catch a bus like this. These heels, jeans and of course tight tee shirt, I look like I have come out of a porn movie.

Ok she said wait here, I think it will take about an hour before anyone gets here. I knew I couldn’t wait so I had to catch the bus. I thought once I am on the bus I can sit off to one side so it won’t be too bad.

I waited at the bus stop and tried to hide but it was very hard and when the bus I arrived I was very relieved. I got on and went up the back out of the way, the walk to the back of the bus must have been some sight as we didn’t move until I got to my seat.

I sat down and I noticed my tee shirt sticking out. The dildo had less room to hide so came out and you could see the shape from the top of my pussy to just under my tits. You could see it was the shape of a dildo. I had nothing with me to cover up so I had to stand in the aisle. The dildo shape did disappear but of course I am on a nearly empty bus standing in the aisle looking as if I was looking for business in the 5 inch heels.

I was embarrassed, humiliated and this was turning me on. My nipples were getting big and proud. People were staring at me so when I got to my stop I got off as quickly as I could. I stood on the pavement and realised I got off one stop short. I now had to walk nearly a mile in these heels.

What a sight I must have made. Sexy arse, high heels, tight tee shirt and of course my legs looking i like pins as they were separated by the great big things inside of me.

I had to take my time as the shoes pinched. My arse swayed and got lots of horns from passing cars.

One did slow and eventually stop and I kept my head looking forward and did not look. After a few minutes I did and saw it was Susan, she had got the car started and was going to my place.

I grabbed the door and jumped in and was very relieved. Susan it seems had been following me for awhile.

The moment I sat in the car seat the dildo shape appeared. Susan reached across and gave it a squeeze and moaned. All of these things happening to me today had turned me into a hot horny young lady and my composure was being ebbed away.

Susan had started me off when she squeezed the dildo and now I couldn’t keep my hands off it. I pushed and pulled, squeezed my pussy muscles. My clit was on fire. My nipples were rock hard, a fact that Susan had noticed as she quickly gave my right one a vicious twist. This sent me over the edge. I started to cum, I have been building all morning and now all composure was gone. I rubbed between my legs, grabbing the latex clit hood and pulled it off to rub my clit.

By the time we got to my house one hand was on my clit, the other pulling my sore nipple and I was squeezing my pussy muscles. I laid my head back in the car seat and orgasamed. My hair was a mess and all over my face.

I was lost in my own little world; I didn’t want to move as I played with myself. Susan jumped into back seat out of sight and put her hands around the front seat to mine so she could rub her hands up and down the dildo, pushing and squeezing it. I climaxed again. Susan was getting more vicious, her hands where they were caressing were now more demanding. Grabbing my breasts, pinching my nipples. Much more in control of me.

I was now a wreck and just lay there. I was cuming regularly because of Susan’s manipulations and couldn’t move.

After awhile I noticed Susan had stopped. I looked at her and she explained it looked like I needed that and just tried to help to push me over the edge.

What she did was push me over the edge and I was starting to think I don’t want to be without my plugs if I can climax like I have over the last few days. The dildo and buttplug were becoming addictive.

I dragged myself slowly out of the car into my house. The sponge inside of me was now up into my colon by about 10 inches and it felt nearly 2 inches thick. The dildo was well defined through my stomach and I really hoped the solvent will turn up soon.

I checked my emails and there was one from Toyland. (One that Susan had doctored) and it stated that once the strip was off you will need to remove the dildo and buttplug with care. To help you we are sending a device that will hold you steady while they are removed.

I wondered what they meant and they went on to explain it was body shaped and as you will need to be protected from the grip, there will be one for you. I had no idea what they meant. They also requested that I measure myself and update the attached spreadsheet with the figures. The device they are sending me will need to fit exactly.

Susan looked at me and said, go and have a shower and do you mind if I check your clothes for something to hide the dildo being seen through my stomach? I said yes you can and I walked to the bathroom rubbing my stomach and nipple. It seems I am now constantly touching myself and turning myself on and didn’t realise I am doing it.

When I finished in the bathroom Susan said she had some good news, the solvent will arrive tomorrow but as she was busy could I pick it up? I said I would and Susan said it’s addressed to me so just show some ID.

Having dried I looked at the clothes laid out by Susan. All seemed normal except for the corset. Somehow she had found where I kept it. I looked at it and asked are you sure? Susan said do you want everyone to see you have a monster dildo in you pussy or do you want to walk round in 5 inch heels all day? Of course I didn’t so I put it on. Once on Susan came up to have a look and said it can be tighter and started to pull the cords.

By the time she had finished I could hardly breath, my figure was very sexy, my stomach was flat and slim, my breasts were being held high and out. My waist was pulled in very tight and the fluid around the dildo was being pushed down from the part in my womb into my pussy, my pussy squeezed and the fluid could go one place and that was into my backside.

This had the effect of pushing more sponge into my colon; I tried to squeeze my anal muscles to expand the buttplug but not sure if it worked as being constantly stretched meant I didn’t know if anything moved. The buttplug must be closer to 4 inches now but there was nothing I could do.

I put on my jeans and tee shirt and I did look hot. With the extra pressure, walking around was a horny experience. The friction of the pressure against the dildo and buttplug were like I was fucking myself in small movements. My clit now filled the latex hood and was like a little cock. All this was getting me hot again.

Susan and I chatted about the email and wondered what they meant by extraction device and the measurements. After my protein drink Susan said let’s make a start on them. It took far longer than I thought, 4 hours! Being measured from thigh to neck. Also we had to take photographs.

When we finished I thanked Susan for helping me and I really hope the solvent turns up tomorrow. The pictures were uploaded and sent to Toyland, along with the measurements. The Dildo Panties that Susan borrowed were now back in my drawer as Susan said she did this to show she wasn’t being judgemental and that was the reason for putting them on. She went on to say it wasn’t something for her but had no problem letting and helping me have fun.

When Susan got home she opened up the email that was meant for Toyland and added in some extra detail. First thing she did was alter the measurement by just a fraction around the bust area so that the corset webbing would be just a bit tighter. By being tighter the corset would restrict a little of the blood that is pumped in, this will cause Mary’s tits to swell a little and make them look a little artificial.

The other reason was the webbing would go right under the skin and will take months to extract. She wanted Mary to look like a porn star with massive holes and gravity defying tits.

Susan smiled and sent the email. She also asked Toyland what they wanted out of the project as it was abandoned some time ago. They replied and said there were a few advances they want to make but the first one is the face. Advances have been made facial expression is now possible.

They have clients that want to look like their former/younger selves and be fucked by their partners to stop them straying. Apparently Toyland can take a photograph of the lady when she was younger and model a head, from this the micro technology ties into the facial muscle to allow movement and it was this they need help on.

Susan thought about this and smiled; she would send a picture of Mary when she was 14 year old. Toyland said they can do the same for the male doll to look like their partner so Susan sent them a photograph of Mary’s father.

The revenge was getting sweeter and it won’t be long that Mary will look like a young girl being fucked by her dad and she won’t realise it. By the time Susan has her way will be having her pussy and anal passage reamed someone that looks like her Father.

“Crawl here slut,” I get on my hands and knees and can feel dirt lodging into my knees; the floor hasn’t been cleaned in months. “You’re forgetting something.” I look up confused. “Look in the freezer.” I turn around and crawl with ass shaking gusto (you love a good show). I get to the freezer and find a choke chain and metal butt plug. “You’ve been a little too hot to handle lately. This should cool you down.”

The metal is so cold it’s burning my hands. “Is there a problem? Do I need to spell out what you are going to do with those?” I shake my head no. “Oh I get it, your little slut brain doesn’t know how to crawl and carry things. Have you not learned anything from me? I think someone needs a refresher course in my world renowned slut 101 class. Let me be a gentleman and go to you since you are not capable of doing two things at once.”

You stand and shake your head, “Perhaps I’m being too gentle with you. I’ve heard that sluts from the isle of cuntopia are hard to teach.” I watch your black shoes slide across the floor. My mouth goes numb with the taste of leather. As you stride closer I notice your left shoe has a scuff mark. Once you’re in front of me I put my head down and lick it off. “Good girl. I guess you aren’t a complete lost cause.”

You squat to grab the choke chain. “Invented in the middle ages, choke chains were common for their use on unruly… canines. Now I know what is going on in that useless brain of yours. You think I am treating you like a dog. Yes?” I shake my head yes. You kick my side, “Is that mouth broken?”

“No sir.”

“Good girl. As I was saying, you have been having a real problem lately. Every time I’m finally able to stuff my cock down your throat, your mouth closes a little and I feel teeth on my dick. How do you think teeth on my dick feels slut?”

“Bad sir.”

“Very eloquent. Yes, teeth on my dick feels bad. I’ve been doing some deep pondering lately and am convinced that you are just too focused on the dick in your throat to do it properly. You need some distractions.” While dryly reciting this, you pick up the tinny metal and put it around my throat. My nipples shrivel with the cold and you take the opportunity to twist one. “Good girl. Let’s do an experiment. What do you think happens when muscles touch something cold?”

“They contract sir”

“Obviously slut. Did you expect a gold medal for that answer? That was the rhetorical part of the question and didn’t require an answer.” You pull the chain tight around my throat and tug me off the floor. “What is rule number one? That you listen to me.” You loosen the chain and I gasp for breath. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, we are going to test a very specific muscle with this cold test.”

All of a sudden I feel an iceberg on my sphincter. “You need to stop clenching muscles unnecessarily slut. I will give you until the count of three to relax your ass. Once I get to three, I am going to insert this butt plug into you. I will go at the speed I want. I will not work it in. I am going to push it and you are going to take it. If I feel you are slacking, I will assume it is because you can still breathe so I will pull this chain to remind you what clenching feels like. Is this understood slut?”

“Yes sir.”

“I’m sorry, I must be deaf because I did not hear you say, ‘I understand clenching muscles unnecessarily hurts us both sir.’”

“I understand clenching muscles unnecessarily hurts us both.”

“Good girl. One.” You slide your hand to my nipple and softly drag your fingers down my body.

“Two.” You touch my clit and easily slide two fingers into my cunt. You want to feel the plug inserted.

“Three.” You push in the tip and the cold causes me to clench. As you pull the chain around my neck, my whole body goes taut. “You’re just making this harder on yourself slut.” I feel the largest part of the plug straining and will myself to sink into the cold.

You release the chain (now warm against my skin) and pat my now plugged ass. “Good girl.”

You walk around to my face. “The problem, cunt, is that you didn’t properly learn your lesson. As I see it we have a few options. One, I give up on you and this is the end of it.”

I whimper and look into your face. Your eyes are playful. “You don’t like that do you? Very well. Your other two options are either: One, I shove my dick so far down your throat that I murder your gag reflex with my cock. It will not be a peaceful passing, but one with lots of repeated jabbing and bodily fluids. Two, I fuck your ass.”

You smile after this and reach down to stroke the back of my neck. “Now when I say fuck your ass, I am not talking about the soft way I’ve accustomed you to. Let me give you a demonstration about what I mean.”

You walk over to the tray of homemade doughnuts I made earlier. After inspecting each one, you find the doughnut with the smallest center hole. “This, slut, is your asshole.” You hold the doughnut at the bottom and look through the center hole.

“This, useless cunt, is my hand.” You hold up your hand.

I roll my eyes.

You power walk behind me and I tense up expecting a slap. Instead I feel the plug ripped out of me. I scream.

“Clenching, slut. It’s not a beautiful thing. Now where was I?” You push the plug back in my ass bringing a fresh scream from my lips. “Ah yes, what I mean by fuck your ass.”

You grab the choke chain and drag me in front of your chair. I’m caught off guard at first and don’t have a chance to get my footing. As my knees scrape the floor I can feel rug burns enveloping my knees. You drop me at the foot of the chair and order, “Sit up.”

Ignoring the pain in my knees, ass, and neck, I kneel in from of you. My eyes are even with yours and I sneak a peek to see your pants straining. You catch me looking at your crotch and smile, “I would offer to take my pants off, but I know how terribly you listen when my penis is around. This is what I mean by fuck your ass.”

You take the doughnut and shove a finger into the middle, waving it up and down. All of a sudden crumbs explode over my face as you fist the doughnut to oblivion. I swallow.

“What do you chose?”

“To not clench anymore?” I plead convincingly.

“Wrong. You chose both. Good girl.”

I whimper and you look disappointed. “I seem to remember a certain whore telling me that they can take everything I can dish out. Are you not enjoying this? I would accept a verbal answer from you, but we both know how your mouth doesn’t work when I’m around.” You pull me onto your lap with the chain and reach your other hand over my back. You can’t resist pinching my ass as you reach for my pussy. “My, my. Would you like a towel, Lass? I don’t think I’ve ever felt you quite this wet before.”

Before I have a chance to respond, the choke chain is pulled down and quickly tied around the foot of the chair. My tits are now plastered to the floor and I can feel them being coated with the filth on your floor. My ass is how you like it, high and open.

You know I’m expecting another monologue about clenching or how slutty I am but instead you shove four fingers in my cunt and begin grinding my g spot until I start to squirt. I feel the pressure in my ass release as you pull out the butt plug and place it directly in front of my face.

“Take a deep whiff slut because my dick is coming straight to your lips after I’m done on this end.”

The butt plug has loosed me enough so that when you unceremoniously propel your four fingers into my sphincter it doesn’t rip in half (I’m thankful for the little things). “I was going to use lube but I think I can just lubricate my favorite hole with the wetness from your self-lubricating hole.”

There is no quicker way for me to cum than to have my ass pounded and this time is no exception. Because my ass is already tender from the frigid butt plug I can feel myself about to orgasm. “I’m going to cum sir,” I spit out. Instead of the pressure building I feel my ass become empty.

“Well that won’t do. I’m not even undressed.” You take your time taking off your slacks. My heavy breathing slows and I can feel every inch of my body: the weight around my neck, the stinging in my knees, my messy backside. I hear you unbutton each one of the buttons on your vest. You clear your throat and I feel my toes clenching up in anticipation. You must be naked now because I can’t hear anything. I move around nervously as you inspect me. Your telescope eyes make me uncomfortable (and unspeakably wet). All of a sudden I hear you walk away from me and open the freezer.

My brain spins. Was there something else in there? I rack my brain trying to remember. You walk slowly until you are kneeling behind me. “This will keep you from getting too worked up.”

I jump and choke myself as you put an icecube on my clit and slide it along my labia until it’s lodged in my cunt. I barely feel you jab your dick into my ass as I try and maintain my head down ass up position. You make this harder for me as you begin to rock me back and forth on your dick. The chain around my neck loosens for seconds out of every minute and I spend those seconds gasping for air.

Your hands and bashing me onto your dick and balls deep doesn’t even begin to describe how you’re rearranging my insides. You feel me tense up and correctly assume I’m about to cum. “As soon as you cum I’m shoving this dick down your throat.”

I try and stave my orgasm off—the thought of ass to mouth terrifies me—but I’m too far over the edge. I scream fuck as you pound me with the force of a mutant. My legs give out and I fall on the floor. As I blubber with my eyes closed, you take off my choke chain and drag me by the hair to the kitchen table. “Lay on your back with your head over the edge and mouth wide open. If you pull back or close your mouth this will be our last encounter.”

My mouth has been open less than a second when I feel your dick at the back of my throat. I ignore the acidic taste and open my throat. True to your word you distract me by twisting my nipples until they are raw. “Good girl, I’ll give you one last breath and then I’m going to cum down your throat.” I take the deepest breath I can and feel you fuck my mouth quick and shallow until you push hard down my throat and cum.

“A plus, Lass.” I smile and savor the taste of ass, pussy, and cum.

The that it took for Sage’s class to finally arrive felt like an eternity, and because I had so much time to myself last night, there wasn’t anything for me to do to distract me. Occasionally, I would get up from my desk and stroll around the room to check on the student’s work, as well as attempt to distract myself from the agonizing wait. As I made my rounds, I caught a few students trying to steal glances of my legs and chest now that they were a bit more exposed, but played it off as harmless curiosity considering not much of me was exposed.

Eventually, the bell did ring signaling that Sage would soon be arriving, and I was sure that she would indeed have something devilish in store for me. Just as I had with all the previous classes, I greeted the students at the door, especially Sage, and then got them started on the assignment for the day before taking position behind my desk to await a message from Sage. Within a minute of waiting, the message I had long been awaiting had arrived and I eagerly grabbed my phone to view it.

“I must say slut, you do look very pretty in you dress today, but I am sure we can turn pretty into slutty by day’s end. Let’s start by cutting off another button… how about the new top one, and put with the others once you do.”

I was somewhat expecting that, but none the less it was still a bit of a difficult task. I had to remove another button from the top of my dress, which meant I had to get up and walk to the back to do so. Also, that meant that any sudden movement could possibly leave a breast exposed if I was not careful. Just the thought of it however had me creaming in my seat, and reflexively my hand reached out for the scissors and I stood. Walking to the back of the room, I could feel my legs quiver with nerves and arousal. I scanned the room to be cautious before snipping the button off. Though it opened up the top some, not much more of my chest was exposed than it had been before. I just had to make sure not to lean to far over, or shift to rapidly to either side.

Returning to my desk, I dropped the button into the bottle with the other two, and saw my phone’s notification light blinking to signal I had a message awaiting me. I sat down carefully; taking the time to make sure my chest was adequately covered before reaching out for my phone to read over the new message from my Mistress.

“Cautious choice to remove the button in the back of the room; not what I had in mind, but I will allow it. Now, I am going to ask again, how daring are you willing to get today? Your answer will determine not only today’s outcome, but future days as well.”

Quickly, I read over the message and took a moment to think over what she was asking me. How daring was I willing to get. I answered this the day before, and now have an idea of what exactly it could entail. So with that in mind, I replied back the same as I had previously, and knew truly it was the only way to answer.

“Mistress, I am willing to get as daring as you will push me to get. Anything you ask of me shall be done. Again, I want no limits. I am your slut to use and to enjoy.”

Sending the message off, sent a wave of excitement and arousal throughout my entire body. I couldn’t stop imagining the ways in which Sage would push me to be daring; how far she would be willing to make me go. Nothing else in my mind mattered more than doing as Sage wished. I was drunk on here control, addicted to her power over me. It never occurred to me that it shouldn’t be like that, that I was the elder and person to be thought of in the superior role. For whatever reason, Sage from day one had this hold on me, and I wasn’t able to break even if I wanted to. I sat at my desk nervously bouncing in my chair as I awaited another message from Sage in response to my answer. It finally came, and I almost fumbled my phone in my attempt to pull open the text.

“Just what I thought, cut another button from the bottom, and put it with the rest.”

I expected this message and was prepared to go through with it already. Even though in doing so meant I would only have 4 remaining buttons holding my dress closed, and that the slit in the front of my dress would stop just a few inches away from my uncovered sex, I still was in no way going to back out. My hand shakily reached out for the scissors, and I again snipped off a button from my dress, this time from the relative safety of my desk. With the button detached, I set the sheers down and went about the same routine for dropping it into the water bottle. I watched it sink to the bottom of the container to join its fellow fallen brothers, and to quite possibly await the arrival of those still standing. My phone buzzing drew me back to real life, and I was pleased to see another message from Sage.

“Only 4 remain, but I’m sure we can change that by the end of the day. However for now, let us change directions a bit; in the duffle there is a zipper pocket on the inside. Within the pocket you will find a tube of icy hot. You are to smear a dollop of the icy hot onto your wet cunt, and do so right at your desk. Enjoy Slut.”

The idea of rubbing a medicated ointment into my pussy while sitting in my classroom as it is filled with students was electrifying and insane. Then again it didn’t stop me from immediately bending down to grab the duffle out from under my desk and begin searching for the stowed away item. When I found the pocket, I slowly zipped it open to retrieve the contents within. The tube was a normal travel size bottle of icy hotand not much else.

With my dress now missing some buttons, it was going to make my task just a bit easier. I could shift over on my chair to allow my ass to hang off, while still supporting my weight with half of it on the chair. Slipping the dress open on my legs and tucking it behind me opened up accesses for the task. In position, and making sure no one was looking, I flipped open the cap of the tube to squirt some onto my finger and apply it to my hole. Then I rubbed the some onto fingertips before slowly pressing themagainst my warm sex. I had to really focus on not being obvious or move abnormally as I continued to rub the ointment into my folds. Eventually, I felt as though I had thoroughly rubbed the icy hot in and was able to pull my fingers away.

I readjusted my dress to cover me, and repositioned myself on the chair normally. Feeling the ointment begin to heat up my aroused pussy a shiver ran through my body, and a jolt of excitement shot to my pussy. Then my phone signaled yet another new message from Sage, and another jolt hit my pussy.

“Pretty slick slut; I applaud your quick completion of the task. Now, take a walk around the room with your new wardrobe adjustments and heat source, as if you are checking up on the students. When you get back to your desk, I will have sent you a message indicating what you will do during your lunch period.”

Taking the proper precautions to make sure I was adequately covered by my dress, I stood up and began to take a slow stroll around the room. I noticed that any quick movements caused the lower flaps of my dress to fly open, so I did my best to maintain a consistent speed as to not flash of my goods to the students. The path I chose was around one side of the room like I had earlier when cutting off the button, then cutting down the middle row back to the front before circling around the other side of the room to cut back down the middle to my desk. Overall, the walk took about a minute with no one I could see realizing the adjustments to my dress, but as promised, there was indeed a new message on my phone when I returned.

“I’m sure you are absolutely leaking right now from all of the excitement, and that is why at lunch you will go use the restroom in the teacher’s lounge to wipe yourself down. Inside the restroom, you are to completely unbutton the dress and hang it from the hook on the back of the stall door. You will then insert two fingers into the slutty cunt of yours and wipe them across both of your cheeks on your face. If you have to use the restroom, do so and then get redressed. However, upon buttoning up your dress do not button one of the middle buttons; leave it undone. You will then exit the restroom and the lounge to return to your classroom where you will find further instructions on a piece of paper taped to the bottom of my desk. You should leave yourself at least twenty minutes to complete the second set of instructions, so don’t dilly dally in the bathroom slut.”

Looking up to the clock, I saw that the class was almost over and that my lunch time adventure would soon begin. In my state of dress I was somewhat nervous about walking around the crowded halls, and even more so about having other faculty members see me like I am. I was able to convince myself that the dress covered me appropriately, and that if I was careful no one would be able to tell I was without underwear and with a butt plug lodged inside me. No sudden moves as I made my journey to the restroom and I would be just fine.

Moments later, the bell rang and I was startled some back to real time. I waited for my students to file out, and watched Sage as she did the same before standing up from my desk to make my exit. I strolled out of my classroom with my class keys, and closed the door behind me. Taking one last look down to make sure I was covered still, I move on towards my task, careful not to move to fast and cause my dress to flare open. There were students walking all around me as I journeyed the hall towards the lounge, and I had to really focus to keep at a normal pace.

Eventually, I reached my destination without any incident and once inside the teacher’s lounge I was thankful to see I was the first teacher to have arrived. I quickly darted towards the ladies room to complete my task. Inside there were only two stalls; a normal sized one, and a handicap stall; I chose the normal sized one, and began unbuttoning my dress once I entered. With only four buttons to unfasten, I made quick work and quickly had the garment hanging on the coat hook attached to the back of the stall door.

Reaching down with my hand, I slipped two fingers into my warm, juicy box as instructed, and had to really use some self-control to keep from pleasuring myself on the spot. Instead, I did as detailed in Sage’s message and pulled them out to wipe the slimy arousal onto my face. I could smell the aromatic arousal of myself as I slid my coated fingers across both of my cheeks. The scent would be a constant reminder of just how slutty I am, and just how far I am willing to go to serve Sage.

Satisfied that I had completed my task, I used the restroom quickly and then retrieved my dress and began to redress; making sure to intentionally miss buttoning the second button from the top. Doing so allowed the dress to somewhat push open and exposed more skin if I wasn’t careful. I smoothed out the dress, and exited the stall and restroom. In the lounge a few teachers had arrived, but all seemed either to be engaged in conversation with each other, or waiting in line to get there food from the counter. I did say hello to a few of the ones I was friendly with, but did not stop to talk with them as I knew that more awaited me inside my classroom.

Back inside my classroom, I hurried to Sage’s desk and reached under the table top for the next set of instructions. I was able to find them rather easily, but did wonder how she managed to tape this note under here without being noticed. However, I did not want to ponder that curiosity for long, but rather find out what the instructions contained. Unfolding the sheet of paper, and making sure not to tear it, I read the note to myself.

“1. Go stuff the blindfold and ball gag into your snatch, letting the straps of each hang out.

2. You are not to sit for the remainder of the school day.

3. Tape five of the naughty photos of yourself, that don’t entirely show your face, to the bottoms of the desks in the middle row.

4. I will be in to give you further instructions after school.”

So naughty and dangerous, were Sage’s instructions, but looking at the clock I knew it was best not to think and instead just do. I hurried to grab the blindfold and ball gag from my, and then easily slip both into my overly saturated slit. I then retrieved the file containing all of the photos of me, and leafed through them to find five that met the criteria. All five photos where of me on all fours with a different item inserted into me, but with my face not captured in the shot. Grabbing my tape dispenser from my desk I obediently began the task of taping each photo securely to the bottom of each desk in the middle row. I made sure to tape them down well so as to not have any of them fall off, or be accidently felt by one of my students.

With my initial tasks complete, I straightened out my dress to cover as best and most I could, and then waited for the next class bell to ring. The standing task for the remaining periods would not be too much of an issue; it just meant I could not use my desk as added cover. Considering I only had three buttons fastened of the four I had left after starting with eight, I would have to take extra precautions with my movements. Also, I had the dangling straps of the blindfold and ball gag that if I wasn’t careful could become visible. The only way to get through it would be to stay headstrong and push through. I would just act as if everything was fine and normal, and no one would be the wiser; or at least I hoped that would be the case.

The next bell rang and the following periods went by with me filled with anxiety and nerves. I kept wondering if my students were looking at me any different, if they could tell just how undressed I truly was. Every moment of a student’s head I was sure entailed they were trying to get a look at me, or noticed something off about me. I slowly paced around the room during the period to look more natural, but had to really focus on how my dressed moved with me and it caused me not to really be able to focus on anything else. Of course my worries and paranoia was most likely all in my head, as it seemed that my students didn’t really care if I was in the room or not. Eventually, my fears were able to drift away when the final bell dismissing school rang.

With my students now gone, I stood and waited for my mistress to arrive. As I waited, I looked down at my dress which started out with eight buttons, but now only had four remaining with only three fastened. It was just covering enough of me to keep me from being too suspicious of my goings on, but barely. My heart begun to flutter with the excitement of how I was dressed, and the journey it took for me to get there. However, before I could think about the feeling further, Sage came into my room.

“Looking good my little teacher slut, I hope your last periods went smoothly.”

I nodded my head in response, as she proceeded to close and lock my door before heading over to me with her book bag on her shoulder.

“Well, might as well take the dress off now considering it’s barely on you to begin with.”

I complied quickly, and soon found myself standing naked in my classroom once again.

“I have a few exciting afterschool activities planned for you today, but first remove the blindfold and gag from your cunt and then help me undress.”

Again, I quickly followed Sage’s orders, and pulled out the items from my dripping sex before focusing my attention on getting her clothes off. Once I had both her t-shirt and jeans off, she reached past me for the ball gag and blindfold and then put them both onto me before having me knell. The aroma of my arousal on the items was thick and intoxicating; I could also feel the dampness on my skin which only further triggered my arousal.

“There, now you look like a good sub-slut ready to be used by her mistress.”

Just as she had that morning, Sage begun to rub her exposed crotch into my face, seeking pleasure from me. I love the way her slick lips felt gliding across my nose and stretched open lips. She used one hand to hold my head in place as she continued her grinding into me. I only wished I had my mouth available to taste her, but knew that this was how Sage wanted it, and I had to respect that.

Occasionally, her grinding was more forceful, and she would pull my head into her extra tight to build further friction. I just knelt there and took it like a good sub, and enjoying every moment. Her juices were coating my face, and I was becoming drunk on her aromatic arousal. She eventually came, jerking her hips and pelvis into my face as she did. Seconds later she came down from her orgasmic high, and undid the gag from my mouth and removed the blindfold.

“Once again slut, that was amazing, and to treat you on your good work, I will allow you to lick out my ass for a bit.”

Sage then turned around, bent over slightly, and presented me with her rear end. I wasted no time falling into position, and soon had my hands on her ass cheeks and my mouth puckered up to her asshole. Letting my tongue flatten out over her delicate rosebud, I coated it with my saliva. I began to really get into the task, and soon had my tongue lodged just inside her entrance. She tasted divine, and I could feel my pussy become even more saturated then before. I felt as though I could lick out Sage’s ass forever, but unfortunately that was not to be. After only a few short minutes, Sage pulled away leaving begging for more.

“That’s enough slut, I can’t let you become spoiled now. Plus, your first planned activity starts soon, and I don’t want you to be late. I have been thinking you could possibly work on your flexibility some, so I signed you up for a yoga class this afternoon. It starts at three at your gym, and I got your yoga attire here with me.”

Sage then grabbed her book bag, opened it, and pulled out a pair of black yoga pants, and a pink sports bra. She also pulled out a pair of simple pink flip flops.

“Here, put these on so I can see how you will look.”

I took the garments from Sage, and pulled on the pants first. She had said nothing about removing the plug, so I assumed she wanted me to leave it in. As I pulled on the pants, I realized that they were not as thick as usual yoga pants and actually seemed to be a couple sizes too small for me. The thin fabric really stretched as I pulled them up my legs and over my ass to my hips. The stretching helped to thin out the already thin material, and create a somewhat sheer effect. I could only imagine what it would look like when I would bend over and stretch into different yoga poses.

The sports bra was also a bit more flirty than normal, with thin straps over my shoulders and across my back. While it did cover everything up, and provided adequate support, it also made sure to accentuate my breast rather than push them down as other sports bra tend to do. I could see myself, but I was sure I looked a bit stripperish and quite possibly a little underdressed for the gym.

From the look of me, I can get a sense of what Sage is hoping to happen to me. She wants me to be embarrassed to be dressed as I am at the gym. She wants me to be humiliated when I bend over and stretch in yoga; showing off all my goods, and the plug. I know this, and I know that I will certainly be a bit embarrassed dressed as I am at the gym and a bit humiliated knowing what can be seen when I bend over in these pants. However, I also know I will do it for Sage, to prove my obedience and to earn my trip away with her. I was ready for anything Sage could throw at me, and I was sure she still had plenty in store for me in the coming days.

“Will don’t you look like the perfect little gym slut? I wish I could be there to look at the reactions on the other gym goers faces. Oh well, I’m sure you will remember. You better get going, don’t want to be late and end up in the back where no one can see you. Here, you can wear this until you get to your car.”

She handed me a simple windbreaker jacket and my car keys. I was fortunate that she allowed me to have the jacket, as the school would still be filled with other teachers and plenty of straggling students who would probably be caught off guard by my pink sports bra. I slipped the jacket on, and got ready to head out to my car.

“Oh, and before I forget, inside your car you will find a gym bag with a towel and your change of clothes for the next after school activity. Also inside you will find instructions for after the class and info about what is next after your yoga session. Have fun slut.”

I nodded my understanding, and turned to leave. It was different, because I was leaving my classroom while Sage was still standing naked in it. Usually it happened the other way around. I chose not to think about it too much; figuring she just wanted to take her time to get dressed and possibly pick up all the erotic paraphernaliainside my room.

I passed through the halls of the school, still filled partially with students, on my out to my car to leave for the first time in two days. As I walked, I could feel my butt jiggle a bit in the yoga pants, and also the continual pressure of the plug which had now been inside of me for close to 9 hours. At my car I did indeed find a gym bag inside on the passenger’s seat, and I wondered what exactly my change of clothes and second activity would consist of. However, I didn’t take the time to look inside to see what I’d be wearing, and instead started my car to head over to the gym. If Sage wanted me the front row, I was sure I would have to get there early to do so.

After a short drive I arrived at my location, and lucked out to find a parking spot close to the entrance. Grabbing the bag off the seat, I made my way inside and after checking in at the front desk, headed into the locker room. I had made sure to grab a quarter from my car to be able to have access to a locker to store my stuff. Also, I wanted to try a find a somewhat secluded locker just in case Sage had any devilish ideas for me after Yoga. Finding a good locker, I took off the wind breaker and store it along with the bag inside before leaving to find the room for the class.

I was about ten minutes early, and only a few other women were already inside. It looked to be one group of three friends and then two others alone. I stepped inside the windowed and mirrored room, grabbing a provided mat, and taking my spot at the front near the center. The group of women spotted up behind me and to the left, while the other two women had spots in the front on either end. As I waited for the instructor to arrive, and the class to start, I began to loosen up my body some by doing a bit of routine stretching. While I stretched, more women began to arrive, and most where getting their fair share of looks in of me and how I was dressed; also I could tell that some chattering had begun about as well.

Promptly, the instructor arrived and soon began the hour long class. We started with basic yoga poses, and worked our way to some more intermediate ones. Each pose that involved bending over at the waist I knew was providing quite the show for anyone behind that cared to look. The fabric of the pants would be stretched to near breaking points, thinning out the material to reveal everything I had; pussy and plugged asshole. To make things even more interesting was the sweat I was working up, and my own natural arousal forming wet patches on my pants. Every once in a while, during a pose, I would hear some snickering from the women behind me and I knew it was me that was the cause of it.

By the end of the class I was exhausted and thoroughly embarrassed. The humiliation of openly exposing myself in that manner had me shaking after the hour was up. Sweaty and aroused and exited the yoga room, and headed back to my locker. I knew the instructions would be a waiting for me in the bag, and though I was thoroughly embarrassed from the most recent task, I also was excited and intrigued to see what was to come. The giggling of the women in the class grew louder the further I got away from them, as if trying to push the humiliation further, but I did not care because I only had one thing on my mind; what was next.

Inside the locker room, and at my locker, I pulled out the paper to see what Sage had waiting for me.

“Hope yoga class went will slut and that you feel nice and limber. As for what you are to do next, firstly take a shower because I am sure you are a sweaty, smelly pig after your class. However, you are to strip down naked at your locker and leave your clothes and towel inside of it as you go take it. I want you to have to walk naked across the locker room with that plug in your slutty ass.

At the showers, immediately pull out the plug, rinse it off, and then stick it in your mouth until you are finished and return to your locker. Wash yourself using only the provided soap dispensers; hair and body. When you have finished washing yourself, return to your locker dripping wet, and then slowly take your time to towel off. Make sure you do your best to remain uncovered the entire time. Once dry, lay the towel down on the bench, and finally remove the plug from your mouth storing it in the gym bag.

You’ll find in the bag lotion to use on yourself; make sure to take your time applying it, doing your best to be as sensual as possible. Once you are moisturized from head to toe, reach in and grab out what you are to wear to your next activity. You will be going to the movies, and having a bit of fun. I’ll text you the movie, time, and theatre in a bit. Hope you enjoy you little locker room experience slut.


Mistress Sage”

The idea of walking naked across the locker room was thrilling, and nerve racking. In my attempt to get a tucked away locker, I inadvertently pick one on the far end of the room from the showers. Now I had been to this gym plenty times, and have taken a number of showers there, but I don’t recall ever seeing a woman just freely walking through the locker room in the nude. Of course I have seen the occasional naked woman in the showers and getting changed at the locker, but nothing as blatantly sexual as I was about to attempt.

Because I couldn’t think of letting Sage down, I peeled off my sports bra and pants, and set both inside the locker. It took only seconds for me to become nude, and I was instantly aroused from it. No one was around to see me, but that was soon to change as I made my way towards the showers. I had to travel about 200 feet approximately, and being that it was getting closer to the busy time for the gym, the room was filling up. The closer I got to the showers, the more women I began to pass. At first, I don’t think anyone really took too much notice, but eventually I did notice more second takes and a bit of whispering lofting in the air.

However, no one said anything directly to me, and I soon made it to the showers. The showering area consisted of a long narrow room, with tiled floors and walls. Along either side of the room where lines of shower stalls that allowed a person to shower somewhat privately, which made the next part of my task a bit easier to manage. I quickly fond a vacant stall and shut myself inside; turning on the water as I did. As the water temperature rose I reached behind me and pulled out the plug that had been embedded in my ass for the majority of the day. It had a slimy coat of lube on it, which I quickly rinsed away under the shower head, and then inserted it into my mouth. I felt ridiculous with it in my mouth, but knew it was only going to get more embarrassing after the shower.

By now the water was warm and I began to rinse away the sweat and the day from my body. I took a moment to really let the heat of the water engulf me, and take my away from reality. Eventually, I came back to the present and began the task of washing myself. It took some time considering that I could only use the soap dispenser in the shower, but I got down to business and got myself lathered up. Rinsing away all of the suds, I again took time to linger under the water to enjoy the warmth and the pressure. Of course the idea of my arousal kept into my find, and I had to fight the urge to act on it and touch myself. That would have been against the wishes of Sage, and not the proper thing to do.

Turning off the water, I let myself drip dry a bit before opening the door to my shower stall and taking my first exposed step back in to the public eye. More women were walking around the shower room, but all had on either towels or gym clothing; I was the only one stark naked with a butt plug lodged in her mouth. As I began walking out of the room, the looks and stares came quicker and more apparent. So too did the chatting about me, with many women openly calling me names like slut, and skank. I ignored it all, and focused on my path to my locker. Occasionally, I would pass a group of women and one of them would point at me, at the plug in my mouth, and they would all begin laughing. The entire walk was extremely humiliating, but for whatever reason I was also becoming wildly aroused.

Eventually, I reached my locker and thankfully I was still somewhat secluded from everyone. Anybody could still walk over and see me, but at the moment no one was near. I quickly opened my locker and pulled out the towel to dry off. I made sure to do so as Sage had requested, and did my best not to cover too much of myself in the process. My body was soon dry, and I was able to get my hair dry enough so it was no longer dripping wet but rather damp.

Setting the towel down on the bench, I then took out the plug to inside the locker and then reached into the bag and found the bottle of lotion Sage had provided. Again, just as she requested, I started to apply the lotion all over my body as sensual as possible. I started with my feet, lifting them up to the bench and bending over to slather them with the lotion one by one. After each foot was done, I switched my attention to my legs and again propped my foot on the bench top to do so. I slowly worked the lotion into the skin on my legs, and inched my way closer to my exposed pussy. Though I didn’t touch my slit, I could certainly feel the heat radiating off of it as rubbed the lotion into my groin areas.

Once my both legs were adequately moisturized, I began on my butt. I really worked the cool, creamy substance into each cheek, making sure to also get into the crack. I’m sure that to anyone who would have happened to see me would have thought I was molesting myself. Satisfied with the job on my ass, I worked up my torso and my breasts. Massaging the lotion into my body in public was certainly an invigorating experience. I got the rest of my body finished, and stashed the lotion back in the bag before pulling out what I was to wear to the movies.

To my shock, all that Sage had provided me was a mid-length, tan trench coat. Nothing else was provided with it, and believe me I looked. Considering I had no other options, I slipped on the coat and fastened it shut with the buttons, and belt. The top button seemed to be missing, as I suspected Sage may have had something to do with that, but overall the trench coat concealed my nudity quite well. It fell to about mid-thigh, and would look as though I was just wearing a short skirt or pair of shorts underneath.

I started to pack up the gym bag to leave, when my phone buzzed with a message from Sage. It listed out the movie, one that had been out for quite some time, the theater, and time of 7:10pm. It would take me about ten minutes to get to the theatre, which meant I had plenty of time to make it there. With the gym bag packed up, stashed my car keys into the pocket of the coat and felt something contained in it. I pulled out a twenty dollar bill of which I realized Sage had provided so I could pay for the movie. I exited the locker room, still earning stares from the other women, and strolled out to my car. As I walk, the bottom of the coat would split open to allow my legs room to swing back and forth, as well as show off a great deal amount of skin. So much so, that I am sure that anyone clever enough would realize I wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

At my car, I threw the bag on the passenger seat and climbed inside. The thrill of only wearing a coat in public certainly got me hot and bothered, and I good only hope Sage had something even more wicked planned for me at the movies. I drove the ten minutes to the theater fighting the urge to let my hand fall to my crotch and play the entire way. I arrived thirty minutes early which I felt would be perfect and allow me to pick a seat in the back. After purchasing the ticket at the window, and having it torn by the attendant inside, I made my way to the theatre to find my seat.

As I assumed, the place was empty, because of the fact that it was a movie that had been out for a while, it was still thirty minutes until it was to start, and that it also was a weekday. I was able to get my seat in the back row and right in the center. While I sat a waited for the movie to start, I began to wonder what kind of devilish plan Sage had in store for me. I came up with all kinds of off the wall ideas, but knew that no matter what I crafted in my head, it could never compare to what Sage could create. After about twenty minutes of waiting and no one joining me in the theatre, I felt my phone buzz to life with another message from Sage.

“I will be there in a few minutes. Make sure you are in the back, and I expect your coat to be open when I arrive.”

Her message was simple and to the point, and it also gave me a warm feeling knowing that I would be seeing her soon. I quickly unfastened my coat and opened it to comply with Sage’s wishes. My entire naked form was on display to anyone who would come into the room and venture towards me. I was sure that I was too visible from the bottom rows, but knew that if anyone did come in that the further they came up, the more they would see of me. My breathing quickened and my heart raced as I sat exposed, waiting for my Mistress. My eyes were constantly darting back and forth to the two entrance ways, hoping to Sage and praying no one else.

Three minutes passed, and I heard the door at the right entrance way open. My breath caught and heart stopped, as I waited eagerly to see who would appear from around the wall. The seconds it took for the mystery person to come in felt like hours, but eventually the wait ended and I was happy and relieved to see that it was Sage. She ascended the stairs to my row with a wicked little grin on her face that I knew meant exciting things for me. Unlike at school, she was no longer wearing just a t-shirt and jeans but instead a long flowing, black cotton dress draped over her petite frame. The hem fell to her ankles and was held in place by two thin shoulder straps. A leather belt synched the dress at the waist, and a large leather purse completed her look.

As she reached my seat, she spoke without sitting down.

“Well slut, don’t you look stunning. I think we will be able to have a lot of fun tonight at the movies, but first I need to get a drink. Give me the change from your ticket, and watch my purse; I’ll be right back.”

Setting her bag down on the chair next to me she turned and left, and as quick as she had arrived she left just as fast. I was left to once again sit alone and exposed in the empty, quiet theater. I looked over to Sage’s larger than normal purse, and wondered what it could contain. My thoughts were diverted however when the lights went out, and the screen began to display the previews for upcoming releases. I was wondering what was taking Sage so long as I watched with little interest the second preview roll across the screen. Finally, part way into the third, Sage appeared once again from the right entrance hallway carrying a large fountain drink in her hand. With her black dress she almost blended in with the darkness of the room, but I was able to keep my eyes locked on her as she climbed her way towards me.

As she reached me again, this time she said nothing as she set her drink into the armrest cup holder, and moved her bag over one seat to sit down beside me. Once settled in she said one word, and one word only, “Coat” while holding out her hand. I immediately knew what to do, and slip the open coat the rest of the way off and handed it over to my mistress. It was another first for me, as I sat completely naked in a movie theatre awaiting further instructions from Sage.

We sat in silence for the reminder of the previews as I remained a ball of nerves in my exposed state. Finally, after the opening credits played through, Sage spoke, “Put these on behind you” she said handing me a pair of cuffs I assumed she pulled out of her purse. I quickly and obediently complied, locking my hands up behind my back. I now had to lean forward a bit to keep the metal of the cuffs from digging into my wrists. Sage’s silence resumed once the cuffs were attached, and I had to constantly wonder what was next.

After five more minutes of silence Sage spoke up.

“I wish there had been more people here that would have made things a bit more interesting. I guess we will just have to take things a different way. Why don’t you start by standing up and walking up to the screen, bending over, and then walking back slut?”

I nodded my understanding and stood up to begin my walk. Having to walk, restrained and nude to the front of the theatre wasn’t bad considering it was empty, but the idea that anyone at any moment could walk in kept the danger level up and my excitement bubbling. I slowly strolled my way down the stairs to the screen, stopping at its center, and bent over at the waist with my ass pointed towards Sage. With my task complete, I returned the way I had come to get Sage’s next set of instructions.

“Very nice my little sub-slut, you looked so slutty walking out in front of the screen. It caused me to get a little wet, so get down on your knees and get between my thighs to lick me.”

Without a moment of hesitation, I dropped to my knees in front of Sage and got my face under her dress that she was kind enough to hold up for me. My mouth immediately found her slit, and began lather it with my tongue. She tasted so divine, and though I had already had my face between her thighs twice that day, I still savor the experience for all it was worth.

Sage let me lick her for quite a while, but I could tell she wasn’t looking for me to make her cum just yet. The sound of the movie playing behind me only made the whole experience hotter, as I was simply there to service my mistress as she got entertained by another source. After about ten minutes of attentive tonguing, Sage pushed me away and ordered me to stand up. I did as I was told, and stood up in front of her naked and cuffed as I awaited further instruction. I watched as she reached into her bag and pulled out a large, realistic shaped dildo and held it in front of her.

“Though I enjoyed your meticulous tongue bath of my pussy, it was starting to distract me from the movie. So, why don’t you use your mouth on this while I continue to follow along with the movie? Oh, and do it over there on your knees slut.”

As she said that, she tossed the dildo over to the end of the row with a thud, and I submissively trailed after it as if like a dog playing fetch. Reaching the spot at which the dildo landed, I dropped to my knees and began to use my mouth to stand the phallic toy up right. Once it was standing tall and straight, I did as ordered and worked my mouth onto it as if it was indeed a real cock. I really pushed myself to make it a truly realistic blow job; to show off to my mistress just how obedient I could be. Saliva soon coated the rubber prick, and my throat began to be invaded by the length as I worked my way further onto it. If the dildo could of, it certainly would have cum all over me by now.

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