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Steven knocked three times on his sister’s door. Tricia quickly opened, revealing her messy dorm room behind her. She had been crying.

“I hate him,” said Tricia.

“Well, that’s why I brought this,” said Steven, holding up his book bag. Tricia retreated back into her dorm room and collapsed forward onto her futon.

“I appreciate you coming over, but you’re not going to make me feel any better,” said Tricia, her face smashed into a pillow. Tricia had just been dumped by her boyfriend Kyle.

“I beg to differ, Miss Emo,” said Steven. He opened up his bag and pulled out the contents one at a time. “Two bottles of white wine, a whole bag of mini Milky Ways, your favorite, and… some French movie I found at the rental place.” Steven examined the cover of the movie. He hadn’t had much time to pick one out, and wasn’t really all that sure what it was about. “And, if the movie sucks, we won’t even know because we’ll be too drunk. Drinking in the dorms; naughty us.”

Steven had come over to console his sister as soon as she had called him. Tricia and Steven had always had a close relationship with each other. Tricia was only a year older than Steven and they both went to the same college. It hadn’t been until Tricia was in her final year of high school that their relationship had evolved into what it currently was. That year, Tricia had discovered that Steven was gay.

It came as quite the shock at first. Steven was a pretty popular guy in school. He was a swim team star, all-academic, and he was very handsome; tall, jet-black hair, muscular with piercing eyes. He had been very popular with the girls in his school. It wasn’t until Tricia had found out about him that she realized why he had never actually dated anyone. Steven never came out to his parents, so he had bonded with Tricia over their shared secret. It brought them close together.

Tricia loved having a gay brother. She had always wanted a sister when she was younger, but found having a gay brother to be even better. She naturally felt more comfortable around him than she would have if he was straight. She could talk about anything with him and not put him off or make him uncomfortable. Tricia and Steven loved talking about boys together, and, once Steven started dating in college, they would even talk about their sex lives.

So, naturally, Steven was the first person Tricia called when Kyle dumped her. Steven, committed to cheering up his poor sister, tossed the bag of Milky Ways at the futon. They bounced off of the back and settled on Tricia’s shoulder. Then Steven started opening both of the bottles of wine.

“Come on, tell me what he did,” said Steven. Tricia rolled over and grabbed the bag of candy off of her shoulder. Steven had been right to bring them. Tricia really couldn’t say no to one. She reluctantly opened up the bag and reached in.

“Why are you opening both bottles?” said Tricia. Steven cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrows.

“What?” he said. “Did you think we were sharing?” Steven popped the cork out of one of the bottles. He brought the bottle up to his lips and took a long drink from it. Steven passed Tricia the other bottle. “Here’s yours,” he said. Tricia smiled. Steven always knew what to say to her. “Ah, there’s that pretty face,” said Steven.

Tricia really did have a pretty face. In fact, she had a pretty head on top of a pretty neck attached to a pretty body. She shared some of the same physical features as her brother – she also had jet-black hair and narrow, piercing eyes. Tricia’s face was more angular than her brother’s though, and, where Steven was muscular, Tricia’s body was sleek. Her skin was incredibly smooth and she always kept it nice and tan. She had a cute, tight butt that stuck out just the right amount to make boys fawn over her, and a pair of perky c-cup tits she used to get free drinks at night clubs.

Tricia and Steven found some plastic cups to pour their wine in and started the slow process of killing both bottles. Steven popped in the movie, but neither one of them was really paying much attention to it. Tricia began telling Steven about what had happened with Kyle. It took quite a while and quite a lot of wine. It was a messy break up and Kyle came out looking like an asshole. Apparently, he had dumped her so that he could start going out with some girl named Trixie.

“Seriously,” said Tricia, “what dumbass names their daughter Trixie? I mean, unless you’re anticipating her going into porn and want to save her the trouble of changing her name.” Tricia was getting drunk very quickly. After an hour or so, Tricia was letting everything come out.

“Did you know he stopped having sex with me?” she said. “Yeah. He always came up with some excuse not to. ‘Oh, I’ve got a big test tomorrow.’ ‘Oh, I’ve got a headache.’ He used the fucking headache line on me.” Tricia laughed a little and so did Steven.

“What a little bitch,” said Steven.

“I know, right?” said Tricia, slurring the occasional word. “I think he felt guilty. I bet he was fucking his little whore on the side the whole time. Well, I’m glad there’s at least someone out there getting laid! I haven’t been fucked in over a month!”

Steven laughed. “Well, if I had known that, I wouldn’t have wasted time buying you Milky Ways. I would have gotten you something very different.” He laughed loudly. Tricia did too.

Between fits of laughter, Tricia managed to say, “Oh no. Believe me. Dr. Carter has put in a lot of overtime this past month.” Steven burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

“Oh my God! Are you serious?! Do you really still name your vibrators after E.R. characters?!”

Tricia snorted into her cup of wine. “I can’t believe I just told you that.”

“I can, you little slut.” Tricia threw a pillow at Steven. “I just hope Mom doesn’t find Dr. Carter like when she found George Clooney when you were sixteen.”

“Oh my God! Do you remember her face? It was just like….” Tricia changed her face into an overly frightened expression. Steven almost fell out of his chair. “Then she fucking threw it away! I paid Sandy Donalds forty bucks to go into that store and buy it for me! Money down the drain.”

“Yeah, but, all things considered, why did you name it George Clooney when it was black?!” Steven almost couldn’t finish his sentence before exploding with more laughter. Tricia and Steven carried on like that, bitching about boys, eating Milky Ways, and drinking.

Soon, they finished all of the wine. Steven wasn’t a big drinker, so Tricia finished her bottle before he did. Being a bit of a light weight, Steven gave the rest of his wine to Tricia, who chugged it down quickly. After they ran out of wine, they both ended up sitting together on the futon trying to catch up with the movie.

“Good God, how long is this thing?” said Steven. “I don’t even know what’s going on, do you?”

“Not a clue,” said Tricia. Both of them were very drunk. Just then, a man and woman on screen began passionately kissing.

“Oh. Ok, here we go,” said Steven. “I’ll give you ten to one odds we’re about to see the gratuitous sex scene.” The man and woman on screen quickly began tearing each other’s clothes off. “You see? There it is. Called it.” The man and woman were both speaking in hushed voices. The subtitles flashed across the bottom of the screen, but Tricia and Steven were both having trouble reading them; only retaining the occasional phrase.

Tricia watched attentively as the lovers on the screen mauled at each other’s bodies with their hands. The woman’s top was stripped off, exposing her smallish tits. Her nipples were hard. It was clear that the man was the dominant one in the relationship as he made the woman shiver in anticipation with his touch. He pulled her face close to his and said something in French.

“Holy shit,” said Tricia as she read the subtitles.

“What?” said Steven. He hadn’t seen the words correctly.

“He just told her he wants to fuck her in the ass!” Tricia’s jaw fell open slightly from the surprise.

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty fucking sure.”

“Damn. French movies are intense.”

On the screen, the man bent the woman over and pulled her pants down. Then he reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. The camera was angled behind the man, so almost everything was hidden.

“Hmmm,” said Steven as he watched. “It looks like you might be right.” Tricia was captivated by the scene. She watched intently as the man thrust into the woman. The woman whimpered as he entered her. Tricia suddenly felt very warm. A combination of the wine and the graphic scene was beginning to make her stir. She had always been turned on by dominant men, and the man in the film was definitely that as he forcefully fucked the woman.

“Holy shit, that’s hot,” said Tricia.

“Oh really? You’re into that?” said Steven. He turned his head to face his sister. “Are you….What the fuck? Tricia, are you touching yourself?!”

Tricia snapped out of the trance she had gone into while watching the scene and looked down. Sure enough, her right hand had found its way to the crotch of her jeans and she was gently rubbing herself through her pants. She quickly moved her hand away.

“Sorry, Steven,” she said. “You know white wine makes me horny.”

“Oh yeah?” said Steven in a teasing tone. “Does sodomy usually get you hot too?” Tricia didn’t answer right away.

“Honestly, I’ve kind of always wanted to get fucked in the ass.”

This sudden change in conversation intrigued Steven’s curiosity. Tricia had often talked about her sex life with Steven, but it usually wasn’t that… graphic. He turned away from the screen and gave his sister his full attention.




“Yes, I really do.”

“You want some guy to stick it in your butt?”

“Oh, come on. You make it sound so dirty.”

“It is dirty. It’s filthy. It’s naughty. Who knew I had such a naughty sister?”

“What? You do it all the time, you fucking gay-bo.”

“Well, most of the men I sleep with don’t have pussies, so I don’t have as many options. Besides, when I do it, it isn’t dirty. It’s beautiful.”

“Oh, now it’s beautiful.”

“There is a certain beauty to anal sex. It makes me feel at one with the world. Some people have tits, some people have dicks. Some people are ugly, some are hot. However, we all have a butthole. It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have at least one thing in common. Anal is the most progressive and accepting form of sex if you think about it.”

Tricia didn’t know exactly what happened to her at that point. A mixture of being extremely drunk and extremely horny must have sent a random neuron firing into the portion of her brain controlling her mouth because suddenly she just blurted out,

“Will you fuck my ass?” Steven took a second to make sure he had heard his sister correctly. He couldn’t believe she had just said that.

“Wha… WHAT?” said Steven. His entire body tensed at the idea of having sex with his sister. “Are you fucking crazy?”

“Is it really that crazy?” said Tricia.

“Yes! Yes it fucking is,” said Steven.

“No, seriously think about it for a second. You were just talking about how everyone has an asshole and how it doesn’t matter who you are and….”

“Not the point!” said Steven. “So not the point. You’re a fucking girl! I’m gay. Not to mention you’re my fucking sister for Christ sake!”

“Well, don’t think of it like that.”

“How am I supposed to think about it?” Steven cut off Tricia.

“It’s not like I’m asking you to have sex with me. I mean… not like the ‘I love you, let’s make love under the fucking stars’ sex. It’s just your dick in my butt. It’s nothing really. I just want to know what it’s like.”

“If you want to know so badly, why don’t you just ask someone else to do it? We could go downtown right now and find a hundred different guys who would fuck you.”

“Yeah, but….”

“But, what?”

Tricia lowered her voice a little. “I’m scared,” she said. “I don’t want to do it with some douchebag I met at a club. I’ve wanted to try it for a long time, but I don’t trust anyone else to do it to me for my first time.” Tricia moved closer to Steven on the futon and placed her hand on his knee. “I trust you more than anyone in the world. Please do this for me?”

Tricia and Steven went back and forth for a long while. Steven was still very resistant to the idea and Tricia did her best to convince him it wasn’t as big of a deal as he was making it out to be. After several minutes, the initial shock of the situation began to wear off for Steven and he gave it some serious consideration.

“Don’t even think about it like sex because it won’t be really,” said Tricia. “It’s just a brother helping out his sister. We don’t have to do anything else. I just don’t want my first time trying anal to be with some jerkoff.”


“I won’t even moan. Pinky swear. You can just stick your dick in me, think about James Franco, and shoot your load into a towel.” Steven was beginning to give ground; a lot of ground.

“Tricia, I want to help you out. I really do. But, I just…. How can you expect me to just… just stop being a gay man for you? Believe me, your ass would be the first ass I’d fuck if I could, Tricia.” Tricia thought about this for a second. Steven seemed to have gotten past the incestuous factor. But, she wasn’t sure how she was going to convince him to fuck a girl. Then she thought about something Kyle had left in her room awhile back.

“I’ve got an idea,” she said. Tricia went to her dresser and started pulling clothes out of drawers. Then she took off her shirt and pants, throwing them in the corner. Underneath, she was wearing a white bra and a black thong. With her back to Steven, he got a full view of her tight ass. He was disturbed to discover that he was not repulsed by the sight.

‘I must be drunker than I thought,’ thought Steven. ‘Obviously, I’m not as drunk as Tricia, but that ass isn’t looking half bad right now.’

Tricia slipped into a long sleeve plaid shirt and a pair of baggy men’s jeans left in her room by Kyle. Then she pulled her hair up and put on a baseball hat. She turned back to Steven, presenting her make-over.

“What do you think?” said Tricia. She had undoubtedly made herself more passable as a boy. No one would ever confuse her for a one if they looked at her face, but the effect had been created.

“I… ummm.” Steven really didn’t know what he thought. He was very confused as he realized that, on some level, he actually found himself wanting to fuck her.

Tricia saw that she was starting to break his will and decided to take a more aggressive approach. Tricia walked back over to Steven, still seated on the futon. She turned around and slowly moved her ass close to his face. Then she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her jeans and panties. Very delicately, she slid both of them over her ass and held them just under her cheeks, using the pants to shape her beautiful ass as well as hide her pussy from him. Steven didn’t say a word, staring straight ahead at his sister’s bare ass in front of him.

“It’s nice and soft,” said Tricia, seductively. “In fact, I bet my ass is softer and tighter than any boy’s you’ve ever fucked.” Those words hit Steven like a fucking baseball bat to the head. The idea definitely appealed to him. Tricia stuck the middle finger of her right hand into her mouth, making sure to get the whole thing wet with saliva. Then she reached behind her and touched her finger to her tight hole. Steven watched wide eyed as Tricia pressed against her asshole. Her finger slowly made its way inside, almost as if her ass were wrapping itself around it.

“Just think about it, said Tricia. “You can have this virgin ass all to yourself. No one will ever find out. It will be our special secret.”

That was the last thing Steven needed to hear. What did he have to lose now? With all of the alcohol floating around in his head, Steven reached down and unbuttoned his pants almost absentmindedly. Tricia smiled wickedly to herself as she heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down. She was finally going to get what she wanted.

“Does that mean you’ll do it?” said Tricia.

Steven had to catch his breath before he answered. “Yeah. I’ll do it. I’ll fuck your ass.” Tricia squealed in delight. “On my terms though,” continued Steven. “You keep the clothes on, we do it doggystyle, and we only do anal; nothing else. And, I can stop if it gets weird.”

“Agreed,” said Tricia. She reached over into a nearby drawer in her desk and pulled out a bottle of KY jelly. Then she got down onto all fours on her floor. “Here,” she said, holding the lube behind her for Steven.

Steven tentatively came down to the floor, kneeling behind Tricia. He grabbed the bottle and squirted some into his hand. Then he reached forward and slowly began spreading it into Tricia’s ass. It took all of his will to actually touch her in that way. Once he got going though, he started to become more comfortable.

‘You can do this Steven. This is no different than having sex with a guy. It’s just an ass…. An incredibly tight ass belonging to your sister.’ Steven shook his head. He had committed to doing this. He wasn’t going to back out now. He worked some of the lube inside Tricia’s ass using his fingers. Her anus involuntarily tightened up.

“Relax yourself,” said Steven. He waited for Tricia to regain control over her asshole and then resumed lubing her up. From behind, with all of the clothing she was wearing, she could have passed for an effeminate boy. Steven took comfort in that and imagined she really was a boy.

Steven pulled his finger out of Tricia and slid off his pants. He had thought that he’d stroke himself to get hard, but was surprised to find that he already had a sizable erection. His seven inch cock was standing at attention when he pulled his pants down. Steven thoroughly coated his dick in lube, and then it was time. Steven moved closer to Tricia. He lay his cock across Tricia’s crack and rubbed it up and down the length of her ass. She hadn’t been kidding about how soft her ass was. Her soft skin felt heavenly on Steven’s cock and he considered not going any further.

“Are you going to fuck my crack all night or are you going to stick it in?” said Tricia. The anticipation was killing her. Steven lined up the head of his penis with Tricia’s puckered asshole.

“Push back against it while it’s going in; like you’re trying to shit it out,” said Steven. Then he started pushing. Tricia did as Steven told her, pressing against his cock. To her surprise, it actually worked. The head of Steven’s cock, along with maybe half an inch of the shaft popped inside.

“Oh my God,” said Tricia in a low voice. She groaned as she experienced a cock in her ass for the first time. Steven paused for a while to allow Tricia’s ass to adjust to the size. Her breathing intensified just from imagining Steven’s cock stretching her hole. After she grew accustomed to the size, Steven began to thrust more of himself inside of her.

Tricia clenched her teeth together as another few inches slid inside. The sensation in her ass was intense. It hurt a little, but it mostly felt good. It was such a foreign feeling to her, but she found herself liking it.

Steven continued sliding in a few inches at a time, allowing Tricia to adjust every now and then. As her ass neared the hilt of his cock, Tricia began to yelp each time Steven pushed deeper. Finally, she felt her ass press up against his hips and Steven could go no deeper.

“Oooooooh,” moaned Tricia.

Steven had to admire how easily Tricia had taken him for this being her first time. He also couldn’t help but admire how nice Tricia’s ass looked with his dick shoved balls deep inside it. As they waited for Tricia to adjust, Steven reached down and grabbed a handful of her soft ass cheek.

Beginning with the day my wife played strip poker with me, while the contractors worked in our basement (see “A Tale to Tell”), Lisa has shown a zest for exhibitionism. It’s not something she commonly does just anywhere. That was the first time. Since then, however, she has been very amenable whenever the situation lends itself. I’m not sure if it’s the possibility of being caught or the rush of actually being seen that gets her so excited. I certainly know how excited I get after one of her performances.

Although she was able to whip some clothes back just as the contractors came up the stairs, they fell over themselves looking at her bra less t-shirt and trying to steal a peak of her crotch as she sat panty-less in her baggy cotton shorts. The idea of Lisa being half undressed around other men turned me on and has spiced up our sex life. After one her shows, I get to do what the others were thinking: ravish my wife. Lisa gets very turned on during these exhibitions, and seems to enjoy sex with me more than ever.

Lisa showed her exhibitionist tendencies again when we rented a cottage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, when she used an outdoor shower stall at the cottage to tease the caretaker (see “A Tale to Tell – At the Cape”). That was the first time she was actually nude in front of someone other than myself, or at least that I know of!

Lisa works part time. Her job is flexible and allows her to go with me on some of my business travels. I work for a company that tends to computer hardware at large corporations. The travel takes me away from home quite a lot. While I m away, I think of Lisa’s exhibitionism and what she might be doing without me. But the way she acts when we’re together convinces me that she reserves her little shows solely for me!

I have learned that Lisa likes anonymity when she feels like showing herself off or dressing to tease. But after dropping her towel in front of the caretaker of the cottage in Cape Cod, I wondered if she still required anonymity, or if she might eventually want to show off in front of someone we would see again.

The answer to my question came months later on a trip to Oahu. In return for a long, successful upgrade of hardware at a west coast customer, my company offered a few employees free airfare to Honolulu. They threw in hotel passes as well. I jumped at the chance. To retain some discretion, I booked the trip not to overlap with any coworkers.

We have children, and we make it a point to manage our sex life away from our parenting. That’s why we have confined our ‘play’ to times we can get away, or are alone. This trip was problematical since it was so far from our east coast home. Luckily, my wife has a close relationship with her brother and his wife, who happen to live on the west coast.

The job I was doing was about an hour from his home, so we met often. After about a month of flying back and forth on weekends, I decided to have my wife and children stay in San Jose with her brother for the last two weeks of the engagement. After many trips and overnights at Lisa’s brother’s home, we felt comfortable with taking a five-day trip to Honolulu while the children stayed back in San Jose. We would call often, but Lisa’s brother agreed that we should not pass up the opportunity of an expense paid trip to Hawaii.

The hotel was wonderful, right along Waikiki beach in Honolulu. We had a bedroom with a balcony that overlooked some gardens below and the beach beyond.

My wife enjoyed the usual dining and shopping along the ‘Strip’. We also enjoyed our time at the beach, along with some sight seeing. Lisa and I especially enjoyed our morning strolls along the beach.

Lisa’s more adventurous side was starting to emerge. She normally wears a conservative suit, but today she was wearing a very sexy one-piece suit that she had wore during our trip to Cape Cod. This suit had splashes of light blue and yellow material that strained to stay on her body. It was cut high on her hips, forcing the material to run tightly down between her legs and snuggly up over her ass. The straps were working overtime, as her breasts pushed the material out, providing a fair amount of skin to be visible along her sides in addition to the cleavage in front. It wasn’t exactly keeping her well covered.

Lisa has an incredible figure, putting to shame women ten years younger. At five foot three, she weighs about one hundred twenty five pounds. She is quite curvy for her size, with round hips and very full D-cup breasts. Guys certainly notice her, though she doesn’t admit it.

During our first full day in Waikiki, Lisa and I took a long stroll down the beach away from the hotel. We found a park-like area just beyond a bend in the beach. Lisa and I passed a few women who were sunning topless on their backs. Another was dipping into the blue Pacific in a thong bikini, she had left her top somewhere back with her towel! Lisa noticed that I was enjoying the view.

“I’m not sure we should come this way anymore.” Lisa giggled as she tugged my arm.

“Oh, I think a daily stroll is important for our health and well being!” I said my eyes remained locked on the dipping beauty.

“Do you like that young stuff?” Lisa said petulantly.

“I like you better, but that young woman is wearing less.” I finished in matter of fact tone.

“So if I was topless on this beach, would you look at her?” Lisa challenged me.

“No, I’d be looking at you!” I said honestly. “As would other men on the beach.” I took hold of her, giving her a kiss, and slid my hands down over her butt.

“Right!” She pushed me away laughing and nodding toward the girl in the water. “Not with her out there. I know I can’t stack up with the young ones.”

“Youth wishes they had your stack! If you don’t believe me, pull down your top” and go stand near her. I think she’d be the envious one.” I returned the challenge.

“I don’t think so.” Lisa pushed me along.

The next day we took towels with us so that we could sit along this less populated stretch of beach that we had discovered. We plopped down within fifty feet of a few topless maidens.

“Nice view.” Lisa said looking out at the water.

I looked over to a woman standing over her towel, with nice tan breasts that accented her wide aureoles. “Yes it is.” I said contentedly.

“I mean this way!” Lisa grabbed my chin and turned my head toward the water.

“Oh right. You know Lisa. If you don’t want me to look, give me something to look at.” I pulled at the shoulder straps of her suit.

“No, not here, there are too many people.” Lisa was quiet for a while as we looked out at the ocean and the beautiful arc of land that ended at Diamond Head crater. “Let’s go back!” Lisa suddenly stood up and brushed the sand from her bottom.

As we headed toward out hotel again I wondered why she was being so modest.” You know.” I said after walking in silence for a few minutes. “There’s nobody here that we know or that we’d likely ever see again.”

“I know Greg.” Lisa grabbed my hand reassuringly.

Our stroll was a long one and the sun was hot. As soon as we entered the hotel property, we ordered some cool drinks. By the second margarita, Lisa was more relaxed and talking about our plans for the rest of the week.

“Hey, we have some time, let’s go for a dip. We didn’t get a chance before.” She suddenly said as she stood up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me towards the clear, warm water

Waikiki has an unusual beach. The sand rolls out slowly under the water from the shore. The water is shallow enough for an average adult to stand, head above water, almost one hundred yards from shore.

Lisa loves to swim. I’m used to her pushing off without warning and swimming away for ten or fifteen minutes. She’s a great swimmer. I could never keep up with her, so I usually just watch. I must add that watching her swim isn’t hard on my eyes.

“Are you going to take a swim?” She asked splashing water towards me at the same time.

“Not just yet. I’m just going to relax and enjoy the warm sun.”

We talked and waded out into the water until we couldn’t hear any other voices. Turning around we realized we had traveled quite a distance from the beach. It was strange to be able to stand in water this far from shore. At this distance I couldn’t recognize any faces on the beach. Actually, I couldn’t even tell a man from a woman. The only other person out this far was a surfer just lolling on the softly rolling waves.

“Wow, it’s so quiet out here!” I said surprised at how the sounds from the beach were completely dampened.

“I know. It’s quite private for a public beach.”

“Sure is.” I said as I moved closer to Lisa, wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her against me. We kissed some and pressed together. I’m sure Lisa could feel my erection growing.

“In fact, it’s so private,” I said looking over her head toward the beach. “That I don’t think you’ll need this.” I slowly pulled the straps off Lisa’s shoulder.

She looked at me somewhat tentatively, and then turned her head towards the surfer that was lying on his board about one hundred fifty feet to my right.

“Um, we have some company.” She warned.

“He’s pretty far away and most of your body is under the water anyway.” The water was crystal clear and I’m sure someone closer could see below the surface.

Lisa let me continue and her top slowly slid off her breasts. She looked up at me, letting her eyes tell me she was enjoying this feeling of freedom. Her firm round breasts were even more round and firm floating in the salt water.

“That’s very nice.” I said, my eyes taking in her body in the clear water.

“I don’t think the water is hiding anything.” She looked down at her chest then toward the surfer.

“Just stay down in the water, it’s fine. Anyway, I’m sure there are topless women on this beach all the time.”

Almost as if in agreement with what I just said, Lisa suddenly arched backwards into the water, her body curving up above the surface and then back down into the water. I got more excited seeing Lisa’s beautiful breasts come up into plain sight and then disappeared under the water. I turned to my right and saw the surfer peeking over. His head was lying on the board but turned toward us.

“Wow! That’s even nicer!” I added.

“It feels great not wearing a top. I’m not sure why, but I feel so free.” She laughed.

“That’s it. Free those puppies!” I laughed.

Lisa was having fun lunging through the water topless. She arched back into the water three or for more times, her breasts in clear view each time. By the time I caught up with her, she had inadvertently moved into shallower water.

She stood up straight and, because the water was not as deep, her breasts were in plain site, causing the crotch of my own suit to stretch about as far as it could.

Although topless women were probably a common occurrence on this beach, this was my wife and she was visible to other people.

“I think this needs some freedom too.” I said.

Lisa looked down, placed her fingers at the top of my bathing suite and pushed them down and off. Then she grabbed my floating cock and squeezed it roughly. “Oooh!” She said squinting her eyes and puckering her lips.

I quickly seized the moment and pulled her into slightly deeper water. The surf was gentle and the swells slowly lifted us and then dropped down just below her breasts. Lisa placed her arms around my neck, spread her legs and wrapped them around my hips. She felt so light in my arms because of her buoyancy. I was in a position to concentrate on sex rather than trying to figure out how I could hold her up.

I pulled the material covering Lisa’s crotch to the side and Lisa positioned herself onto my throbbing cock, while steadying herself by locking her hands on my shoulders. It took just a few thrusts to push myself deeper inside of her while we stood in the swells. I was about as far as I could go, when she leaned her head back in obvious pleasure. Her breasts were above the water line at this point.

I stared down at her hard nipples, then down into the clear water to see myself sliding in and out of her pussy. With the beach as my background I wondered who could see us. Surely someone with binoculars could see us from the beach or a hotel window, but Lisa’s back was to them. Then I remembered the surfer. He was slightly behind me and somewhat closer now, probably about one hundred twenty feet.

I’m sure he knew we were fucking in the water. This turned me on even more and I started lifting Lisa further above the surface. Her hands were around my neck and her breasts squeezed together between her arms, making them look bigger.

She must’ve noticed the surfer watching.

“Greg.” Her voice was more breath than sound. “I’m …” Her voice trailed off as she looked down at her body and then over at the surfer, hinting she was now very exposed.

“It’s okay.” I breathed back. I wasn’t stopping for anything at this point!

Lisa moaned as our motion became more pronounced. I could not hold on, pulled out, and came moments later, before Lisa had a chance to orgasm.

“They really do swim!” Lisa chuckled as we watched my sperm spiral up through the water. She unwrapped her legs, leaned forward, and put her head on my chest.

“That was unbelievable.” She said, looking up at me with sultry eyes.

“That was so hot!” Was all I could say before I realized she didn’t orgasm. “But I think I have to finish the job for you.”

It’s okay Greg, it’s fine, that was really nice.” Lisa kissed me, let go, and leaned back into the water.

“Oh, that feels so good after sex!” She smiled and submerged again, doing a few forward swimming strokes.

“It looks good after sex too.” Go ahead and take your swim? In fact,” I caught up to her from behind, grabbed hold of her suit and pulled it down from her hips and off her legs. “It will feel even nicer without the suit.”

She gave me a surprised look, but clearly enjoyed the feeling of freedom. She started to swim away from me, when I looked over toward where the surfer last was, I noticed two more were about to join him. Lisa was in her own world and quite oblivious. I guess I could have warned her, but she looked so sexy gliding through the water that I didn’t.

I wondered how much the surfers could see. I gathered my suit and was about to gather Lisa’s, but decided to leave it in the water as a marker.

Lisa swam smoothly along the surface. The surfers sat atop their boards looking away from her. After doubling back, Lisa had swum closer to them. I thought how clear the water was and realized that as she got closer it would be obvious she was not wearing anything. I couldn’t see her tits or ass clearly from my perspective, but it was obvious that there was only skin from head to toe. One of the surfers took noticed and turned his focus more toward Lisa. He then signaled the other two.

Lisa swam within thirty feet of them. I’m sure from their vantage point sitting up on their boards they got a good look at her ass in the water. About fifty feet past the surfers, she changed directions and started back. It wasn’t until she was closer that I realized she was now doing a backstroke, each breast rose up in the air with each stroke. Her little mound of fur was just below the surface, probably very visible to the surfers.

When she finally reached me, she made a little porpoise motion, her butt rising above the water. She repeated it again and then shocked me by going into a handstand in the shallow water. Lisa’s lower body broke the water at her waist. Her toes were straight up in the air widening out to her round hips and lovely ass. What a beautiful view of her ass they must’ve had. I almost wished I were one of the surfers. Stuff like that never happened to me. My view was the front of her legs ending at the dark mound just above the surface.

“Nice. Did you have a good swim?” I asked when she surfaced.

“Yes! I haven’t skinny dipped like that in such a long time, that I forgot how free it feels.”

“Speaking of free. I’m sure those guys got an eyeful.” I nodded in the surfers’ direction.

“Oh my, I was in another world, how long have they been there?”

“Since you started your swim.” I laughed.

“And you didn’t warm me?”

“I just couldn’t stop you from enjoying that swim in the nude.”

“I can’t believe you … Hey, where’s my suit?” Lisa suddenly realized I wasn’t holding it.

“Oh no!” I pretended to look around me. “I was too busy admiring you. It’s … um.” I looked toward one of the surfers. “There!”

“Gre-eeg?” Lisa questioned with a little admonishment added in.

I swam over to retrieve the suit floating in the water. The surf was moving faster and it was now only about thirty feet from one of the surfers. As I reached the suit he looked up.

“Um, almost got away.” I said holding it slightly above the water.

“No, you don’t want to lose that!” He laughed, not shying away from admitting he knew what it was. He wasn’t sure I took it the right way and added, “Hey it happens all the time.”

“A lot out here, I bet.”

“You would win that bet.” He smiled wryly.

“I guess you see a lot on top of those surfboards, huh?”

“Sure. You should get a board.”

“I don’t know how.”

“You’re missing a good thing.” He looked over at Lisa, porpoising her naked body in and out of the water. “Then again, maybe not.”

I shrugged at her sudden lack of inhibition “She’s enjoying this, it’s not like we get a chance back home.”

“No complaints here. Hope you don’t take it wrong.”

“No complaints here either.” I said and started to swim back.

“Hey, I’ll teach you to surf it you want.” He called after me

“What’s the price?” I called back.

“Oh, I’m sure we can arrange something.” He smiled.

I surely knew what he was thinking and the image of Lisa naked on a surfboard got my erection going again, even as I swam.

Lisa reached out for her suit as I approached her.

“Making friends?” She asked suspiciously.

“Ah, he was just offering to teach me to surf.”

“Really? I always wanted to learn!” Lisa replied excitedly, but innocently.

I looked down at her nude body. “That would be something to see.”

“I mean, well, not like this!” She laughed.

“I don’t know, I think nude surfing would be a good sport!”

Lisa quickly pulled her suit back on and we started toward shore. I headed back too, but angled in the direction of the surfer. He looked up as we passed.

“Hey, how hard is it?” I have this way of using the wrong words sometimes.

“What?” He stifled a laugh as I realized what I said.

“Greg!” Lisa elbowed me.

“Surfing. Is it hard to do?” I said loud enough for both to hear.

He quickly jumped off the board and pushed it towards us. “You can’t really do much in this quiet surf, but here, jump on and get a feel for it.”

“I was asking more for my wife.”

He perked up even more. “Your wife?”

“Yes, she’s always wanted to try.”

“Then here, get on!” He said as the board floated toward us.

Lisa knew this guy witnessed her skinny-dip, yet she made her way over to the board. Maybe she was curious to find out what he actually saw, or it was just exciting to have a young surfer pay attention to her. Or maybe it was because I initiated it, but uncharacteristically Lisa didn’t shy away this time. It didn’t hurt that this guy’s body was certainly in better shape than mine.

I held the board until he reached us.

“First, you just have to put both your hands on it and push yourself up.” He said from his spot on the other side of the board as if he had known us all his life.

Lisa did so but didn’t roll onto the board. Her arms were spread apart, her body leaning forward toward him with her breasts squeezed together. He took a good look before she let go and fell back into the water.

Coleman Banks placed two hard-poached eggs on an unbuttered piece of lightly toasted multi-grain bread. He shook on salt, pressed on the top piece of toast spread with peanut butter both sides, finished his milk and ate his breakfast standing up, watching the clock.

Sometimes the filling was a sliced sausage, a fillet of leftover baked fish or a chunk of banana cake.

Coleman, an intelligent guy, knew he ought to shop better or live with a cook.

It was raining. Well it was winter nudging into spring. He would walk the mile to the office if fine or catch the 8:25 if the weather was bad or looked threatening.

Out on the street the specialist in ‘Security Adjustment’ whatever that was, watched the approaching bus when he remembered the ceiling mounted TV in the bedroom was left on. Another reminder he really needed to be living with an efficient person to attend to such things as switching off the TV that had been going all night. He decided to ignore his mistake knowing that mistakes in his line of work could be deadly.

He boarded the red 8:25 oblong box on wheels that was packed with workers like cattle going to slaughter, er to market.

Then he saw her.

Blonde of undeterminable body shape hidden in the thick rust-red coat she last wore when under surveillance. She was back on to him.


Coleman squeezed past an asthmatic and an effeminate weasel (field training had taught Coleman to instantly identify allies, foes and those in between) until he was pressing lightly against her.

If it weren’t for that thick coat she might have felt his growing erection lining up just below her anus.

It would only be fractionally below that spot actually, er probably. He was taller but she appeared to have long legs.

The bus jolted and upper bodies of those standing touched. Coleman took the opportunity to breath hotly into Madam X’s right ear.

She palmed more hair over that ear.

Damn he’d eaten eggs and peanut butter and had forgotten to clean his teeth. Perhaps he should be living with a dentist’s assistant? Could this woman smell with her ears?

Coleman pondered that and wondered if he should take her in for questioning?

He knew to call her madam because gloveless she held the overhead strap, provided by law for the safety of standing passengers, to reveal engagement and wedding rings.

The bus driver accelerated and Madam X (so named after his favourite target of a busty cardboard cut-out at the pistol target range where he attended monthly prescribed practice) she came back beautifully on to his erection.

She didn’t apologize or even wheeze a satisfied “Oooh.” Cattle crowded passengers never did because it would mean apologizing for most of their journey.

Coleman bent forward to smell today’s perfume. As he did so, she reached up and parted her goldilocks to scratch her neck, just as he was about to inhale over that spot.

He smelt nail polish, or at least he thought he did. Mixed odours of passenger’s unwashed flesh, hair spray and flatulence circulated efficiently through the bus. Oh and foot odour, egg-breath and expensive fragrances and cheap scent should be added to that list. But he thought honing in to within one eighth of an inch from the skin ought to give him the chance of perfect savouring of today’s perfume.

Coleman, being in a frontline field unit, received compulsory perfume identification training once a month. Some senior civil servant who probably last had sex thirty years earlier, had decreed the models for male perfume testing must be male. Little wonder the service had a frightfully difficult job of recruiting males. The same stupid asshole had decreed female operatives could only test their capacity for perfume identification on females and as a result, the service had a ratio of lesbians out of all proportion to other Government departments apart from the Navy and Women’s Prisons.

Coleman aimed his nose at her neck again and only just avoided being poked in the eye as Madam X reached up to recover that part of her neck from an abundant supply of hair, probably all hers. He straightened and pushed hair back over this thinning crown, known in the service as the executioner’s target spot.

This was the 12th time Coleman had kept Madam X under close surveillance. There was something about her, apart from her blonde hair, that had raised his suspicion that she might have considerable sex appeal. He craftily reported her suspicious behaviour and was assigned to maintain a watching brief and to tail her if felt necessary.

He felt it necessary to tail her and, without thinking, right at that moment pushed into her but did so without the bus jolting and she turned an eyed him and whispered, “Please be discreet.”

She had grey eyes, a cute nose and wide mouth made for kissing. It was the first time she’d spoken to him and she had a foreign accent.

Christ a Russian! Well perhaps.

“Sorry,” he smiled, and that was the first time he’d spoken to her.

She looked alarmed.

Coleman realized he’d breached rush-hour etiquette in cattle-transport by apologizing.

“Um sorry for apologizing,” he said, sounding like a buffoon out of Shakespeare.

“That’s okay. Having you behind me for an early morning ride makes my day. I can always tell it’s you because of where your erection comes to rest.”


She said no more and he couldn’t think of anything to say. This was an encounter not covered in the department’s manual.

Damn, he’s missed his stop.

He gave the base of her right-hand ass cheek a friendly squeeze and left the bus to walk back in the rain.

Coleman spent the day in the office because it was raining. The targets he was after were inactive in inclement weather and so he spent his time monitoring the most insidious threat of all to National Security, Internet dating sites.

He kept thinking about Madam X and that kept him hard all day. Females in the office eyed his tent and laughed whenever he left his desk. For once he was glad they were all lesbians. Those ladies spent much of the day smelling each others perfume, top and bottom levels.

It was wet again next day. Well the city had had its winter fine day almost six weeks ago.

Coleman edged past a pensioner, a preggy who probably didn’t yet know she was pregnant, and a gay before he could park into the behind er behind Madam X.

God this was suspicious. Madam X today wriggled her ass until she had him pressing into a position more comfortable for her and she sighed.

Coleman made a notebook entry: ’19th. Suspect gives impression she doesn’t do anal.’

There was a big series of jolts as the bus went over road works to repair road works completed at that same spot a week ago.

Madam X tottered on her high heels and with the speed of lightening and giving her quite a shock, Coleman grabbed her nearest tit and gave it a squeeze, or so he thought because there was nothing much to feel over that fucking thick coat.

“You saved me from falling,” she trilled theatrically and pressed his hand against where he was squeezing, making Coleman think that was a mistake; he should have rescued her by grabbing her pussy.

The 40-year old’s erection had become painfully hard and for a moment he thought it was tearing through her coat but then realised the noise came from a guy turning the page of his newspaper.

“Oooh,” she purred.

Good gracious, she was communicating. According to detailed description on page 1032 of the operative’s Field Manual the female’s use of an explicit “Oooh” meant only one thing: she was being explicit…

Oh yes, page 1033 had been removed because it was deemed obscene. The writer wasn’t executed but suffered a woeful fate. He was assigned to monitoring female toilets to prevent excessive use of paper and now faced 27 paternity suits.

Madam X rode up and down against the tip of his erection with every movement of the bus and as Coleman’s blood supply pumped extra blood to his face and crotch he realized the woman’s sly movements were out of sync with the movements of the bus chassis; that actually she was getting him off.

He began to pull away but too late, he exploded.

He gave her ass the now customary squeeze and weakly alighted at the correct stop and walked into Freedom Towers thinking spring must be in the air because many oncoming women had been smiling at him.

Women in the office laughed as he entered and the Queen Lesbian, Mrs Smith, guided him into an interview office saying he’d come coming to the office.


“Just look at your pants,” she clucked. “You’ve have a massive ejaculation. Please remove your pants.”

She held them up and he saw the huge circle of wetness centred at mid-zip level.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” he whimpered.

She nodded her head sadly and said, “It’s too late. All the women in our division saw the mess you were in and now everyone in the entire building will know. Was your bus tightly packed?”

“Um no,” he lied. “I saw a billboard of a big-tit blonde sucking a lollipop.”

“Oh that saucy one,” smiled Mrs Smith. “I’d give anything to spend a night with her.”

“Me too.”

She glared at Coleman and snapped, “She’s obviously gay you dummy.”

Mrs Smith took his pants away to be dry cleaned by staff in the Disguise sub-section and returned with astonishing news.

“You are now being acclaimed as the most prolific ejaculator in the entire building, um male ejaculator. Security footage of you arriving at the office has been analysed and it suggests to produce a flood mark of that extent would have required the equivalent of quarter a tea cup of semen.”

Coleman felt his chest swell and he smiled at Mrs Smith but she ignored his manly overture.

“We girls have decided to verify that finding. We’ll give you an hour to recuperate to full charge and here is the latest Lesbian Annual to peruse. Some of the cunt stretching has to be seen to believe. Then two of us will attempt to jerk you to fill a tea cup. All the women in the building are coming here to watch.”

Coleman felt his balls slithering up deep into his body in fright.

He had no option but to allow the test to be carried out after finding he was stymied, unable to reach by gun cabinet because of the crowd packing the office.

The two masturbators had difficulty getting him up but when women facing him began baring their breasts and jiggling them, Coleman rose to the occasion magnificently.

He produced an eighth of a cup to the delight of the women who agreed that most men who had the crazy idea they produced a pint of a stuff, whereas under test most actually produced less than a teaspoonful. Coleman immediately became known throughout the building as Eighth Cup Coleman Banks. He would have been humiliated but learned with pleasure that (allegedly) only females would know what that nickname meant.

From that moment Coleman developed a permanent swagger.

Coleman boarded the bus next morning after munching a sardine toasted sandwich. It was meant to be baked beans but he set the microwave on high for two long and they exploded and spattered into pulp around the insides of the microwave. That disaster added to a long history of mishaps and reinforced his growing suspicion he had some issues to address as a cook.

The bus was overfull as usual and he squeezed past a guy with clap judging by his ashamed look, a woman with tits at her waist and a guy with belly fat down almost to his knees and reached Madam X who stood facing him, eyeing him gravely.

“It’s my turn this morning Eighth Cup Coleman Banks.”


“The whole city knows about it. My husband looks surprised if he ejaculates enough to cover one fingernail. He masturbates because he’s turned gay.”


“I’m so pleased you don’t mind sharing your semen with me. But it’s my turn this morning. Stand closer and furtively finger me off.”

The furtively fingering fearless fucker did what was asked of him because he was immoral and used to doing what women told him to do.

He slid a hand down to find the lower buttons of her thick rust-red coat were undone. She’d obviously hitched up her dress and wasn’t wearing panties.

“Use the finger with the signet ring,” she said.

Coleman grinned because the ring was department issue, bearing the code for ID in case he was killed during an operation anywhere in the world tracking down fiends who were falsely on Government benefits. Invariably he’d have orders to shoot on site, er on sight. Many on disability benefits were eliminated when water-skiing at the French Riviera or cycling in the Italian Alps. Some were found much closer at home, including two females he eliminated who were coming home first and second in the women’s division of the London Marathon.

Madam X was already wet and the suction almost pulled the ring off his finger despite being pinned into the bone to prevent accidental dislodgement but of course this situation had not been envisaged. Fortunately the pin held.

Well what a great way to warm a finger on a cool morning.

Coleman could hear the squelching but no one appeared to notice, probably assuming it was people with moist armpits swinging on the overhead hand safety straps.

Her pussy lips were now inflated and she was beginning to pant when he had to withdraw his hand and wipe it fingers on her coat because his stop was nigh.

“Oh god, you can’t leave me,” Madam X wailed. “Not like this.”

A guy getting off the bus with Coleman said, “Cor you’re lucky mate. My old woman constantly urges me to leave her.”

Coleman left for Chile that afternoon on the trail of woman who’d over the years falsely claimed the equivalent of $US250,000 in pretending she was unable to walk or do any physical activity. After her fraud had been exposed she’d refused to pay back the money and after three refusals was placed on the hit list under official policy ‘three strikes and you’re out’.

After two weeks of searching, Coleman found the bitch high in the Andes performing sex hanging from a rope on a rock face by her bent knees and supporting the guy banging her while being filmed for a blue movie. The fatal quickly evaporating dart he shot into her butt beside a patch of drying semen was encouragingly fatal. The inquest finding was, ‘Death caused by high altitude acute sickness’.

Regrettably Coleman, who was no mountaineer, suffered high altitude acute sickness and lay poorly in hospital for several days until a nurse, with big tits and in the know, bent over him and gave him a drink of brandy before having her way with him. His sudden recovery astonished doctors who’d been concerned about his near comatose condition.

Back in his own country and filling in time reading or playing darts until receiving an assignment, Coleman caught the 8:25.

He pushed between five schoolgirls and two of them took the opportunity to grab his dick that they would have been surprised to have found erect in anticipation.

Madam X faced him and gritted, “You bastard. You left me hanging eight days ago, about to ejaculate.”

“Sorry we came to my stop too quickly. Perhaps we didn’t start soon enough?”

“Well your punishment is to fuck me.”

“I-I’m not very good at doing it standing up.”

She laughed and called him a fool and invited him to visit her where she lived. She gave him her card and, aha, it was the residence of a high respected foreign ambassador to the UK in the grounds of the fortified Embassy compound. Embassies were internally recognized as the breeding ground for spies and that explained explain why so much sex went on in those establishments.

“What do you do at the ambassador’s home,” he asked, not expecting her to admit she was a spy but the reply did surprise him.

“I’m the ambassador’s wife. We met when he was stationed in South Africa.”

“Ah so you are South African?”

“No South Australian.”

The mystery was deepening.

“Could we meet somewhere else? I have no desire to have your husband looking on.”

“Yes of course. Where do you suggest?”

“Let’s use my apartment.”

“Okay may I stay the night?”

“Yes of course I could meet you off the 21:23 at stop 73. Um that raises a point. Why do you catch the 8:25 when you live in your embassy compound that is located opposite a local shopping strip?”

“You appear to be well-informed about our embassy,” she said suspiciously. “Answering your question, I go each morning to a Russian bakery to get Russian bread. The stuff you guys eat here is too wholesome for us.”

He didn’t believe her.

She opened a shoulder bag and he saw two loaves of unappetising-looking bread.

He believed her and asked her name.

“Ella Komsomolsk. I was Ella Koala before marriage.”

Well that checked out. The ambassador was Dmitry Komsomolsk.

“I can leave tonight without raising suspicion. My husband will be in the cellar entertaining his boyfriend. I can bribe the guards at the gate with Coke imported from North America.”

“Don’t you mean cocaine from Colombia?”

“Nah Coca-Cola we import direct from North Carolina.”

It was decided to meet outside the embassy at 9:00 that night

The rendezvous with Ella went like clockwork apart from all the lights at the compound switching on when she’d kneed both guards when they refused to allow her through the gates because she’d attempted to palm them off with diet Coke whereas they were addicted to Classic.

Shots were fired within the compound indiscriminately and a distress rocket burst 500 ft above the compound to alert the American FBI and British MI6 that something was up at 32 Wimpole Street.

Two mouth-foaming security dogs began chasing the fleeing Ella.

Coleman calmly pulled out his compact Jericho 941 pistol and dispatched both dogs ruthlessly but had to fire five times before he got them both, the last through the throat as it was leaping for his throat, thus giving him a clean shot at very close range.

Coleman grabbed Ella, there being no time to kiss, and they boarded a taxi, stopped at a pedestrian crossing, to the surprise of a couple already inside. They made a perfect getaway because no one had emerged from the compound to watch them melt into the darkness of a wet London night.

When Coleman and Ella began talking in Russia the other couple called to the driver to stop and fled.

“I’ll pay their fare,” called the charitable Coleman.

“Where to Gov?”

Coleman gave his home address.

Rather than bang the 36-year old Ella as soon as the entered his flat, Coleman went to his computer and sent an untraceable email to the embassy stating: ‘The wife of the Ambassador Dmitry Komsomolsk had been kidnapped by an Israeli-trained band of Chechnya sympathisers from the West as an act of Social Justice and she will be inducted into a harem somewhere in the Middle East. Signed by General D. Smith, head of Counter Terrorism Group 5001 of Chechnya Sympathisers, Irish Underground Division.’

Ella read it.

“But why, what good is that?” she asked as Coleman sent off the email.

“It will greatly upset your husband knowing he’ll be ridiculed for having you snatched under his nose. He’ll call off the search for us and inform his superiors you ran away with your lover, leaving him very distressed.”

“But I told you he doesn’t care for my snatch these days.”

“Ah but I have the great desire to…”

The door to the flat burst open.

“Pluff, pluff.”

Two shots from pistols with silencers killed Ella and Agent Coleman who was assassinated on the orders of Coleman’s commanding officer for risking creating an International Incident by working up a plan to steal the ambassador’s wife to have his way with her for selfish gratification.

One of the masked assassins said, “Hey look Jeff, the guy has an erection.”

“Oh this is Eighth Cup Coleman, who possessed the most prolific firing weapon in the service.”

“Pluff, pluff.”

Two shots from pistols with silencers killed the two assassins so there would be no witnesses.

I made a mistake ending up here. Here in this bedroom, in a flat belonging to two, young attractive women, chained to one of their beds. Handcuffed. I really shouldn’t have taken that photo of those two’s arses. I’m not a pervert. I’m just a typical young male, with a penchant for the rear end of the opposite sex. These two girls, Danielle and Amy, both had backsides that would have provided excellent wanking material, had I not been caught snapping them in the street on the way to the shop as I passed them. They’ve lived in the flat below me for a few months, and although I knew them as sort-of acquaintances, I barely spoke to them. Until today, when I found out plenty about them to tell a long story.

Danielle is fairly short, with long flowing blonde hair and a tight ghetto booty, whilst Amy, the one I’ve had my eye on more, is tall, light brown haired and curvy. She wouldn’t be described as fat but that arse! It has a great size and her legs go right into it! And the way they both wear tight clothing as well just compliments them perfectly. They are both of twenty years of age.

Earlier today, I was walking back from the shop after I’d taken those photos, when Amy called me into their flat as I walked past. She was wearing a brown tank top with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of skin tight blue jeans, uneccessarily bound to her figure by a brown leather belt. “Could you help us out? Our TV’s not working” I obliged and went in. Amy led me into the bedroom, my eye on that arse, which seemingly belongs to Danielle, where Danielle was waiting, also wearing skinny blue jeans and a stripey blue vest. Suddenly they both grabbed me and dragged me onto the bed. Obviously I struggled but they threw me onto the bed. They got me on my back. Amy pinned me down with surprising strength and held my arms up whilst Danielle pulled out a pair of handcuffs, pulled the chains around the bedpost and locked my two wrists in the cuffs. I was imprisoned by these two girls.

“We’ll teach you to take photos of us, you fucking perv!” Amy said, not angrily, but almost sinister in a playfull way, with a smirk on her face. Shit! They must have seen me with my phone out somehow.

“Come on, Dani.” Amy said, and she left the room, Danielle following her, before turning around and grinning.

“We’re off to discuss your punishment” Danielle grinned. They both left, laughing. So here I was, unsure what these sexy but sinister girls would do to me.

I lay there for half an hour until Amy and Danielle both came in the room. They closed the door behind them and stood side by side, observing me, their prisoner, smiling, before Danielle turned to Amy and asked “so who’s going first then?”

“I think I will.” Amy replied. “I can feel one coming on…” she grinned.

Then Amy strutted over, shaking her hips as she walked to the bed. She walked onto it and stood over me, looking down at me, her legs apart and mine between hers. “We’ll see how much you get turned on over my…” and then she turned around, bent over so I could see the clear shape of her arse, and slapped it with her hands twice “…big bum!” Then she thrust her arse onto my face and shuffled it round for a moment. Then suddenly…PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT! She let out a massive fart! She got off me and climbed off the bed laughing. My God, the stench! Despite it’s poisonous odour, this was quite a turn on. Punishment by backside! Perfect! I felt an erection coming on.

“My God, Amy!” laughed Danielle wafting her nose with her hand. “You sure you haven’t shat yourself?”

Amy then put her right hand down the back of her jeans and moved it around for a moment. “Hmm…no, I haven’t followed through just yet. Although I was worried my thong isn’t still intact, can’t be arsed changing my knickers right now, when I’m having fun.” Thy both laughed.

“Here, let me have a go!” demanded Danielle, and she walked over onto the bed. “This guy might still want to wank over my bum bum. I don’t want that!” Then she turned round, slapped her bum once and sat down perfectly on my face. PPPPPFFFFFRRRRRRTTTTT! Not as huge as Amy’s rip roaring fart, but Danielle still released a deadly torrent of toxic air onto my nose. The smell of shit in the air only got worse, and my boner became even larger. Danielle got off me and off the bed, and returned to Amy.

“I think I’m winning this contest!” teased Amy.

“You would, with your fat arse!”

“Quiet you, or I’ll sit on your face next!”

“Maybe we should ask him.” Suggested Danielle. “Who’s better at farting, me or Amy?” I didn’t answer.

Amy looked concentrated, then said, almost with excitement, “Well whoever’s better, he’s fucking enjoying it!” She must have seen my hard-on! “Has the little man popped up?” she laughed, walking over. “Does this make you horny, baby?”. She climbed on the bed and straddled my crotch. “Do our bum-bums make you want to do this to us?” And she started bouncing up and down, dry humping where my penis was behind my clothes. She made orgasm noises. “Oohhhhhh! Ooohhh yeah! Oh baby!” Danielle was trying not to laugh. “Yee-ha! Giddy up cowboy!” she yelled. Then she stopped, turned around and sat on my face again. PFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRTTTTTTT! Another huge fart. She moaned, almost with ecstacy. She got off the bed.

“Bit of a turn on?” asked Danielle. Watch this!” And then Danielle came over, onto the bed again. She got on her elbows and knees with her limbs either side of my body, her arse facing me. Then she started shifting back and forth, her backside rhythmically smothering my face. She started rubbing it with her left hand. “Mmmmm, you like this don’t you? I can see your hard dick!” Every gyration was making me hornier. Then she rammed her ghetto booty into my face. PPPPPPPPPFFFFFFRRRRT! Bigger than the last one. She burst out laughing.

By now I was so turned on. I just wanted to release this strong sexual urge. I couldn’t jack off because my hands were bound. I was even hoping that one of them would rape me. But no. They just kept on sitting on my face, in their skin tight jeans, with their perfectly shaped arses, and farting me, using these arses as tools of punishment. The actual farting wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but this sense of restriction was so painful.

Then Amy said to me. “I feel a bit sorry for you now. So I’m gonna be nice this time, and I’m gonna humiliate you as much as I’m gonna humiliate myself.” I wasn’t sure what she meant, until she turned to Danielle and said “I can feel the gas starting to go…but the drinks in my system have yet to leave me…”

Danielle instantly knew what her cryptic message meant, as she nervously laughed like a naughty schoolgirl and said “Amy! No way! You’re not gonna? Don’t tell me you’re gonna?!”

Amy just smiled and she climbed back onto the bed and straddled me. She violently thrust her crotch in my face. “Have a sip of this!” she smirked.

“Amy! Oh my god!” giggled Danielle in the background. The fabric of her jeans was pressed right against my nose. Suddenly this fabric started to dampen and dampen and…my God! She was pissing herself! She let out a little laugh as her pee seeped through her jeans and all over me. Danielle just giggled even more. “I can’t believe you Amy!”

Whatever she drank, she drank a lot of, as it was coming out by the gallon! Her crotch still pressed against my nose, the strong musky odur of piss was strong. It gradually stopped. “Aaah…that’s better. I’ve been needing that!” and she got off me. As she got off the bed I saw that her jeans were darker, stained with her piss. “See? We’re both humiliated now.” she said in an almost patronising way. “I piss myself, and I piss on you. We’re even now!” I certainly felt more damp than I did before she straddled me! “Now, I’d better clean myself. Change my trousers and my, er, underwear.” She sounded hesistant when she said ‘underwear’. I wondered why…

Then from nowhere, Danielle’s arse was pressed against my face. PPPPPPPPFFFFFFFRRRRRTTTTTT!!! “And I need a shit as you can tell” she giggled, “but I’ll be using an actual toilet, not a person. Or my knickers.” she ribbed at Amy. And they both left the room.

About ten minutes later, I heard hysterical laughter draw closer to the bedroom, until the door opened and Amy, who was now wearing a grey pair of skin tight jeans, and Danielle were back again. Danielle was carrying plastic bag with thing in which she placed on the floor. Amy had a black object in her hand. She held it out with both hands, and it turned out to be her piss sodden thong, even more black that it usually is due to the dampness. “I know you want to smell this. Smell my pissy knickers!” she laughed. And she came over and forced it under my nose, that strong stench of Amy’s piss entering my nostrils again. But every time she moved, there was a strange crinkling noise.

She removed her soiled thong and stood back next to Danielle. “OK, as you know I don’t always use the toilet when I need to”. Both girls giggled mischievously before Amy continued. “So I feel that if I can’t use the big girl’s toilet, then I don’t deserve to wear knickers like a big girl. So…”. And then she began unbuttoning her jeans, and pulled the zipper down. She whipped the skinny trousers down, and she revealed herself to be wearing a nappy! An actual nappy, like what babies wear! This girl was actually insane! And that explains the crinkling noise. She pulled the jeans from her feet and stood up tall, her nappy strapped to her hips. “Now. The reason me and Dani have so much wind,” she giggled “Is because when we were deciding your punishment, we decided it over lunch. And for lunch, we had curry. Explains our arses doesn’t it?” and she sniffed, emphasising the copious amount of farts both Amy and Danielle did. “We’re gonna be nice and un-handcuff you for a bit, because when you eat, what goes in must come out. And, well, when what comes out does come out, I’m gonna need someone to change me. You. Like now, for example.”

And with that she took a deep breath before screwing her face wide shut. I didn’t believe what was happening for a moment, but it was happening. She was using the nappy she was wearing! She was filling it, filling it with shit. She was filling the already putrid air with that unmistakable smell of human feces. “UNNNNNGGGG” she emited, getting this shit out of her shapely arse before that sigh that everyone does when they’ve just released a massive log.

On the other side of the bed, Danielle was freeing me from the handcuffs. “Oh my God Amy, oh my fucking God!” Danielle shouted, half amused, half horrified.

Amy stopped screwing her face up and a sudden smile appeared. “Oopsie! I did a poopsie!” she laughed. I got up. “Dani, I won’t lay on your bed in case it gets messy!”

She lay down on the floor. Danielle came round the bed and stood next to us. “In the bag” she pointed, and I grabbed the bag. In it was a pack of Pampers, nappies which I was suprised fit round her large booty, and some baby wipes. I undid the straps on her nappy, holding my nose, then pulled the nappy from under her. I turned her over, pulled out some baby wipes and wiped her shitty arse, which took longer than it should have done. Danielle was fairly quiet, observing what was going on. Then I turned Amy on her back again, pulled out a fresh nappy from the already open packet and slid it under her. I pulled the front of it over her crotch and slowly put the straps on. Then she grabbed the used nappy and shoved it in my face. “Smear my shit!” she chortled. I was trying to hold my nose from her mess but was struggling. She used the nappy well, as there was a lot of shit in it. Danielle laughed. Well this is it, I thought! This is too much to handle.

I got up, and grabbed Danielle, whilst Amy was still on the floor. She was startled. “What are you doing?!” she yelped as I rugby tackled her onto her back, on the bed.

“Get the fuck off her!” Amy shouted as she got up. I grabbed the open cuffs off the floor, pulled the chain round the bedpost and as quick as I could, bound Danielle to the bedpost, just as Amy dived onto me, the nappy crinkling erratically as she moved.

“Fucking hell, let me go!” Danielle shouted. I fell off the bed and then grabbed Amy by her waist, and carried her.

She put up a struggle. I opened the door slowly and carried Amy out of the room and down the hall, through the second door on the right, which turned out to be Amy’s bedroom. “Get off me! Fuck’s sake, get off me!” I told her to shut up, and thrust my crotch into her arse, the nappy crinkling loudly, and I carried her across the room, the floor strewn with soiled clothing, including her thongs. I pushed her onto her back, onto the bed and I pinned her down as I grabbed a black leather belt. She still kept struggling but I managed to reach it. I grabbed both her arms and then tied them in a tight knot, looping around the back of the bedpost. I got up off her and left the room, and I could tell she was trying to break free because I could hear the bed violently creaking, and her nappy crinkling along with it.

I went back into Danielle’s bedroom where she was almost patiently cuffed. “Sad bastard, let me go!” she insisted. I reached into the bag and pulled out a nappy, and then I jumped onto the bed and straddled her. I undid the button on her jeans and then the zipper, and pulled them off to reveal a red thong. I sniffed the gusset for a moment and then I literally ripped the thong off. “You’re gonna pay for that, that thong cost money!” I simply continued to smell the ripped thong, then threw it across the room. I slid the nappy under her arse, pulled up the front and strapped her up. “So you’re making me piss and shit myself? Big fucking deal!” she goaded, and I left the room, back to Amy, back to the one with that fine booty who I had masturbated over so many times.

Should I force myself onto her? After all, I was feeling very fucking horny, and she had humiliated me many times already. I didn’t stop to make my decision as I entered the room, where she was still struggling to break lose. “Fucking untie me, I’m fucking warning you!” she commanded, clearly feeling degraded. Or else what, you’re gonna sit on my face again, I goaded back. “You’ll have to let me go at some point, and when you do – ” But her sentence was cut by her yelping as I jumped onto the bed. I licked my finger and ran it up and down the gusset of her nappy, that crinkling noise ever present. She was stunned into silence, wondering what it was I was doing. I kept rubbing the nappy, and I asked her why she chose to wear one if she wanted to humiliate me and not herself. “Well, I’ve always had a fetish for wearing nappies.” she reluctantly explained, clearly backed into a corner. “Ever since my mum’s ex-boyfriend forced me into them when I was a teenager.” Her mum’s ex-boyfriend? Why? “He was hot, and one time I had this guy round and we ended up shagging. I must have been about fifteen. Anyway, my mum’s ex heard it all, and the next day he accused me of being a slut, so he dragged me into my bedroom, laid me out on the bed, tore off my trousers and my knickers and put one on me. At first I was horrified but then I thought there was something sexual about the way some guy is down there, in your personal area. It’s just so…” then she stretched out, making an orgasmic gasp.

She then went on to explain, “He actually threatened to rape me if I didn’t wear nappies when he made me. Of course, because I was so sexually aroused by the nappies at this point, I didn’t bother changing back into normal knickers. But then, I kind of wanted him to force himself onto me, so one time, I sneakily put my knickers back on and let myself get caught. He ended up dragging me into the garage, tying me up and he stuck his penis in me. I had to pretend that I was scared, but I just wanted sex with him and didn’t want my mum to find out I had come onto him.” Wow, this is one fucked up girl! No wonder she’s so…weird. “When he let me wear knickers again, I started wearing thongs, started sleeping around a lot more. I would get sex off different guys three, maybe four times a week. I fucking love sex, and especially fetishes.”

Then Amy’s mood darkened. “He tied me up…just like you have. I know you want to rape me.” I didn’t know what to say. “Don’t even lie.” She looked down towards her crotch. “You want to stick that massive boner in there, don’t you? You want to punish me. Punish me!” I was really resisting the urge. But then, she said something that made me break all restraint. She said, half seductive, half desperate, “It’s about time you got your revenge on me. After all, I can’t imagine what you must have been through, laid out there on that bed, nowhere to run as my big fat arse is firmly pressed against your face. Oh, how I get aroused and how wet my tight little thong in my tight trousers gets whenever the nose of someone has their nose right up my buttocks!”

That was it! I tore her nappy off and threw it across the room. She looked startled. I undid my trousers and pulled them down to reveal a hugely erect penis. Then without hesitation I rammed it into her pussy. In and out, back and forth, mercilessly pounding at that wet clit. I started grunting at her about how she’s humiliated me, and how I’m enjoying this revenge. How she has to face my dick now. She moaned in delight, not even bothering to go along with this farce of me pretending to rape her, she was enjoying it. In and out. Back and forth. Violently thrusting into her pussy. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. “Oh fuck! Fuck yes!” she squealed in delight. Harder. Faster. Harder. HARDER. HARDER…I felt the climax come. I quickly grabbed the nappy that she still hadn’t used, pulled out and as I came I used the inside as a sort of tissue to ejaculate into. Then I slid it under her. She looked bemused and reluctant, but didn’t put up much resistance. I strapped the nappy back on and patted the gusset. Then I undid the belt, freeing her. She stood up. She was now walking round with my cum in her nappy. “Wow, that was…” Her speech trailed off in amazement. I asked her if she liked it. “Fuck yeah!” Then I remembered about Danielle. I told Amy to wait.

I went back into Danielle’s room and she was laid on the bed, seemingly given up on trying to escape, the nappy still bound to her. I told her she was going to be freed, as I had decided she was a big girl. I went into her draw and, wading through the amount of thongs in there, came across a pair of white bikini briefs she clearly hadn’t worn in a while. I told her she could now wear big girl pants, but not thongs. So I took the nappy off, threw it across the room and slid the bikini briefs on her. She just rolled her eyes. Then I grabbed her discarded blue jeans, slid them up her legs and did up the button and zipper. Lastly, I pulled the key for the handcuffs from her jeans pocket and freed her. “Ah, I hate wearing these knickers.” she moaned. “I don’t feel sexy in them.” I pointed out the VPL she now had and found it sexy, and slapped her arse. “Ooh, you cheeky fucker!” she teased.

Amy came in, the nappy crinkling. “Just come for my jeans.” and she picked them up, pulled them on and did them up. “What a day it’s been, eh, Dani?” she asked.

Danielle just laughed. “Nice curry, wasn’t it?” the blonde girl joked.

Then Amy turned to me and said “one last punishment for me.” Then she bent over. “Give this a spank.” So I slapped her arse and she squealed in delight.

What a strange turn of events. But now I have a great fuck buddy in Amy. It’s constant sex, and we adhere to each other’s fetishes. It’s great. She still likes to sit on my face and fart, and sometimes wear nappies, but there’s no bondage involved this time! No doubt I’ll have a couple more stories about her to tell you…

First let me say that this story happen rather unexpectedly this last winter at a medium sized college in the San Diego area. I am in my mid-40′s, average looking kind of guy who happens to be a professor at a local college-teaching students studying to be in the medical field. As the story unravels I must say that I was in the right place at the right time…as nothing like this has happen before in my 16 years of teaching. Just to be on the safe side I have changed the people’s names including the woman who is the main subject – whom I will call Mary.

Mary was one of 34 students in my class. She was a solid “B” student who took her studies seriously and always attended each class. For the first 5 weeks of the semester I took only a passing interest of her rather attractive features. After all there are many beautiful girls on campus and also the student / professor interaction is rather limited due to everyone’s busy schedules. So while Mary did turn heads on campus, I just considered her just another student who would pass my class at the end of the semester upon which I probably would never see her again.

Well during week 6 the subject material I was teaching was about how to make patients comfortable while in a medical office. We covered all sorts of topics like how to lower a patient’s anxiety level, getting patients to feel comfortable talking with a doctor and even how to conduct an exam with the patient partially naked. This last point always brought about much laughter amongst the students at first until they realized that this was a situation which is sometimes the most difficult to deal with – especially with very shy individuals. I have learned that its the calm and steady attitude of the doctor that allows for even unexpected events to be handled comfortably for the benefit of the patient.

During this semester I had scheduled my office hours from 4 – 6 PM on Thursday afternoons. For the most part only one or two students would visit, which was great for me since I had plenty of grading to do. On this Thursday I was probably working for about an hour grading some papers when there was a knock on the door. I murmured for them to come in upon which the door squeaked open revealing the trim body of Mary. I suppose I should digress a bit and give you a visual idea of what Mary looks like. Mary was 23 years old, stood 5 feet 8 inches, blond hair, sweet face with a little nose, she had great legs, and apple sized boobs and a tight ass. On this day she was wearing a little white t-shirt and some form fitting blue jeans with tennis shoes. After our casual greeting I motioned for Mary to sit down on the small sofa that is across from my desk. The first part of our conversation had to do with some the usual student concerns, grades, papers, that sort of thing. This went on for about 10 – 15 minutes, upon which I had become a bit bored since these are the typical questions I seemed to be always answering for everyone. It was then that Mary then brought up some concerns about the subject material I had lectured about during the past week. Specifically how to make patients comfortable when giving a physical exam.

In many ways the answer was simple – the doctor needs to exert confidence and a professional attitude which tends to relax a patient. Mary and I talked about this in length. While I sensed she understood the basic premise, I could feel that she still felt uncomfortable with how she might deal with a patient. This was something that one has to learn from experience, not just from books or a lecture from a professor. It was at this time that I posed the question to her about what made her most nervous when she had a physical exam. This question made her a little flush in the face as she described her feelings when having to disrobe for a doctor. I must admit the way she was describing her thoughts made me a little flush myself.

It was at that moment that an idea came to me. Reaching into my desk drawer I pulled out a digital thermometer and handed it to Mary. I told her to pop it into her mouth and then after a couple minutes to give me it’s reading. This she did as we looked awkwardly at each other while waiting for the time to go by. After the two minutes were up Mary pulled the thermometer out of her mouth and gave me a reading of 98.4 Fahrenheit – which is about normal.

Alright that was easy enough but now for the embarrassing part. I told Mary that I wanted HER to put the thermometer into her rectum for a reading. Mary looked a bit perplexed at my request; with a bit of a delay she asked, “you mean here in this office?” I nodded yes, but added, “Just lower your jeans a little with your butt facing away from me so that I do not see anything and take a reading.”

Taking a deep breath and looking a bit apprehensive, Mary first looked at me and then the thermometer, finally she murmured OK. Being that my office was a bit small, all that Mary could do was to move by the sofa, which was just 6 feet away from me. At this point, with Mary facing me, she lowered her jeans a little and bent slightly forward – barely exposing a little of her bottom – which I could not see due to her facing me. Giving a bit of a nervous smile Mary then moved her hand with the thermometer around to her backside. Finding the entrance point into her asshole took a moment as Mary gently moved the thermometer around as she probably was trying to open up her otherwise clenched little hole. Mary’s face was now really flushed red as we waited for another two minutes to go by. Finally looking down at my watch I told Mary she could pull out the thermometer. This she did upon which she also pulled up her jeans and finally was able to stand up from her slightly bent down position. Looking at the thermometer Mary read her temperature as reading as 99.0.

So within the course of 5 minutes Mary’s temperature had risen by more than half a degree. Mary’s mind was thinking over the results as I then spoke about what just happened. “You body reacted to an embarrassing situation, including a flush red face which showcased an increase in your temperature. This was partly because I allowed an awkward silence as you took your own temperature.” I then added, “if I had properly taken control of the situation and kept up a friendly conversation you would have been more relaxed.” I could see Mary’s wheels turning in her head as she saw the logic of this conducted in a real life situation. It was then that she spoke up and asked, ” how would you do it…I mean…preventing me from being so nervous?”

“Well,” I said, “I would have first taken your temperature myself while communicating to you everything I am doing, so there is nothing unexpected.”

It was then that Mary’s eyes opened wide, she said; “you mean putting the thermometer in my anus?”

“Yes,” I said, “it happen all the time in medical clinics all around the country, it’s part of the job.” Then I added, “Doctors and patients face many embarrassing situations every week, this is only a real life example which sometimes does not come across in my lectures.”

There was a bit of a pause as the words sunk in. Nodding her head slightly Mary sad, “OK…ah…I would like to see how you would do it…I mean…you know.”

Nodding my head as professionally as I could without showing my excitement, I told Mary to lock the door so that nobody would cause any interruptions, which would cause real embarrassment. After locking the door Mary turned and looked at me a bit apprehensively waiting for my next request.

“Come over here with your thermometer and stand next to my chair,” I said with assuring confidence. Picking up her thermometer Mary proceeded onto the left side of my desk and handed me the thermometer.

“OK Mary, it’s real easy, just turn around so your bottom is facing me.” As she did this I had a close-up view of her tight jean denim wrapped around a heart shaped butt. It was a damn nice view.

I could hear Mary exhale a slight deep breath as I request that she lower her jeans a bit. First her hands traveled to the front of her jeans to undo the front button. Once the front button was released she grasped both sides of her jeans and pushed slightly down. The small of her back was the first thing exposed but as her jeans slowly move downward the firm cheeks of her buttocks came into view. I reached out with my hands to pull down slightly on her jeans until her cute little ass was fully exposed. Then I said, “OK, that’s good enough Mary.”

Mary glanced back at me; I could see that her face was again a bit flushed. “OK, Mary, I can see you are a bit nervous again, which is normal, but now I am going to explain everything you need to do which should relax you.”

“I’m OK,” Mary said in a soft, nervous voice.

“Alright Mary, I need you to bend over my desk resting your elbows against the surface,” As I said this I moved directly behind Mary as she slowly bent over my desk. As her stomach and boobs positioned over my desktop with her elbows supporting her upper body weight – I was treated to a damn nice view of her little asshole as her ass cheeks moved slightly apart. Her buns were tight and her jeans and panties fell a little lower along her nice legs, which now gave me an excellent view of her tight pussy. My face was only a foot away from her asshole as I guided my hand to rub her lower back to give assurance that everything was OK.

“This is really a basic procedure,” I said, “but after you have done it a few times you get used to it and see it as no big deal.”

Opening my middle desk drawer I found a tube of moisturizing lotion, which I normally use for my dry skin.

“Since I don’t have any KY jelly here,” I told her, “I will be using some lotion which will do the same thing.”

I could hear a small sigh escape from her lips. Mary was now in a position that she probably never thought she would be in. Bent over a teacher’s desk, her cute butt, asshole and pussy fully exposed with the tip of my finger making its way to her little crinkled rosebud dripping with some white lotion.

“OK, Mary, inhale a little as the lotion maybe still a little cold,” I said.

As the lotion and my finger touched her asshole for the first time I could watch with delight as little hole tighten up. This was going to be fun. I started to talk to her about her classes as a way to distract her from the events that were happening on her bottom. Amazingly this seemed to relax her as I started to lightly play with her ass with my fingers, using a lot of lotion around her asshole. I used the excuse that I needed her private parts to become used to my hands before inserting the thermometer; otherwise we would get a false reading. As Mary relaxed I started to tell small jokes that allowed her to laugh a little bit. After about 10 minutes of this casual talking with my fingers stroking the rim of her asshole – I could literally see her relax by watching her asshole grow a little larger. Putting a little more lotion on my finger I started to push slightly into her anus – upon which she gave a little nervous giggle.

“I know this might feel a little strange, but you are doing a good job Mary,” I said. “Have you ever had a stranger’s finger in your ass before?”

Mary chuckled, “ah…no. I mean…well a couple boyfriends did put their fingers in there sometime while we were having sex.”

My face was probably about 6 inches away from her asshole. It was a damn good view of my finger moving slowly in and then out of her tight little hole. Still I wanted to get a better view.

“Mary, can you use both of your hands to grab each ass cheek and pull them apart more,” I said, “It will make my work a little easier.”

Mary wiggled a bit as she shifted her weight off of her elbows, which pushed her face down upon the tabletop. Reaching back with both of her petite hands, she gripped each ass cheek and pulled them apart. Her asshole was now entirely on display. I also glanced down at her pussy and could see that it was slightly wet. I could tell that she was starting to enjoy all the poking of my fingers.

“I must say Mary you have a perfectly shaped butt and your asshole is nice and tight,” I said, “I can only get one finger inside your little hole.”

Mary exhaled slightly, “I’m sorry, I am still a little nervous,” she said, “Just keep your finger inside of me so that I can become used to it.”

I was now invited to the party. I pushed my finger a bit more into her hole – just about to my second knuckle. I let it remain there for a bit, it was an exotic sight. To think that just a few hours ago she was sitting on her little bottom in class, taking notes and listening to my lecture. Now here she has with her ass in the air, my finger planted in her anus, listening to her breathing as her most private body parts were being explored by me. After sitting there for a few minutes I could feel her body totally relax by the way her asshole was gripping my finger less.

“How do you feel Mary?” I inquired.

“I think you did if professor,” Mary said, “my body feels more relaxed now.”

“Well Mary, I think you are ready for the thermometer, let’s give it a go,” I said.

I slowly pulled my finger out of Mary’s tight hole. Wow, what a sight.

“OK Mary, you can release your hands from your ass cheeks so that your anus can start to tighten up again for the thermometer,” I said.

Mary released her butt checks and allowed her arms to drop along side her body. Putting a little lotion on the thermometer I slowly guided it to her shrinking asshole. We keep up a light conversation as I pushed the thermometer about an inch into her. I kept an eye on my watch, but allowed the thermometer to remain inside Mary’s little rosebud for about 4 minutes so that I could soak up the view. Who knows if I would have another opportunity to have Mary’s ass up in the air, with my fingers rimming her little hole…this could be just a once in a lifetime event.

Reluctantly I started to pull out the thermometer.

With Mary still bent over my desk, she looked back and asked, “What does it say?”

“98.6, which is back to normal,” I said.

“Wow, professor, it really did work,” said Mary.

Mary started to wiggle off my desk and back into a standing position. Damn, I wanted to prolong the viewing experience. Mary was so amused by the whole experience that it was another minute before she remembered to pull up her jeans. Her real life experiment had revealed to her the importance of having patients relaxed in order to obtain more accurate results.

We chit chatted for a few more minutes about the class, her goals, etc… But my mind was spinning as I realized what had just happened. Looking at the clock on my wall I realized that I had spent the past hour looking at Mary’s cute little butt. Now with her tight jean denim wrapped around her heart shaped ass…I contemplated what a lucky sun-of-a-gun I was. Mary finally gathered her books and made her way to the door. My eyes followed her ass every step of the way. Finally the door closed.

The following couple weeks I only saw Mary in class, her beautiful ass perched on a hard wooden seat. We would make some small talk, but never mention what had happen at my office. It was pure torture. I had to find a way back into heaven.

During the final week of the semester I had come up with an idea. I thought of starting a small private class that would allow health care providers a way to practice their doctor / patient exam skills. Of course I could now allow any students to attend these sessions from the college, as that could backfire if word got out. The fact was I was even uncomfortable getting any doctors involved, but I had a couple close friends of mine who could be interested in something like this. It wasn’t a very good game plan, but it provided me the courage to approach Mary and see if she was game. It really hinged on her – she was the perfect candidate – literally.

Just to prevent any conflict of interest, I waited until after I posted the grades for the class on finals week before making my approach. Mary received a B+; she didn’t get any bonus points if you know what I mean! My first move was actually rather simple, almost cowardly, but I wrote on her final paper that I would like it if she would stop by to talk about her grade. That’s it…I just had to wait to see if she would drop by.

During the last couple of days in the semester I am mostly in my office wrapping things up. It had been two days since Mary received back her final paper – and nothing. I suppose it was to be expected…

Then at about 1:45 PM on Friday afternoon guess who bounces into my office…Mary…sweet assed Mary!!

For the first few minutes we just chatted about the class…stuff like that. I had to either now step up to the plate with my proposal or forget about it entirely. I probably wouldn’t get a 2nd chance.

“Mary ever since my real life demonstration of doctor and patient interaction we had in my office, I came to realize how good of a teaching tool that was.”

Mary chuckled, “yeah, it kind of open my eyes, sorry I was at first a little difficult.”

Gently smiling I said, “well the important thing is that it allowed you to understand how important it is to make patients feel comfortable, and for me it gave me some insight on how to be a better teacher.”

Mary said, “How do you mean…a better teacher?”

Gaining my last bit of courage I laid it on the line, “Mary, would you consider helping me give a class to some doctors who need to better their skills with patient interaction?”

Mary hesitated, “well, I don’t know…what do you need me to do?”

Looking thoughtful at her I said, “just the same thing you did in my office…basic stuff.”

I sensed her major hesitation; she was about to say no when I popped the question…

I said, “how about you just attend the small talk I am having this Sunday at a office building overlooking the harbor?”

I quickly scribbled down an address and time and handed Mary the slip of paper.

Without dropping a beat I said, “Please come, you can decide later if you would be willing to help me.”

Mary nodded indecisively, basically non-committal, and said, “well, maybe…I’m not sure.”

With a simple gesture of my hand I said. “If you are there that would be great, but it’s OK if you do make it…”

With that Mary gave a quick nod to say goodbye and disappeared out of my office. Well at least I tried…

Only problem with my plan now was two fold. First I was not sure Mary would come. Next, I had not told a couple of my good friends about this “class.” This needed to happen fairly quickly as one of my friend’s office buildings had a large conference room that I wanted to use – this was the place I had scribbled to Mary. Since the office building was normally closed and locked on the weekends, I needed to contact my friend Jeff to see if we could use it. It would be Jeff and my other friend Tony who I hope would accept posing as doctors for this little event…if it ever happened.

I quickly got the support of Tony and Jeff and the use of the conference room. These guys are both in their 40′s, just a couple of regular guys. I decided if Mary did not show up we could just have some beers and watch football. But just in case Mary was to show up I did gave a detailed briefing on some very basics of “being a doctor.”

On Sunday afternoon Tony, Jeff and I where situated in the conference room with some basic medical textbooks and supplies on the table. We at least needed to “look” the part. I had told Mary my talk would start at 2:00 PM, so as the hour hand approached the number 2, all our eyes were on a security camera that showed us the front entrance to the building. Well, what do you know…sweet blond haired, 5 foot 8 inch, tight assed Mary walks into the view of the cameras at the buildings entrance. Tony, Jeff and I all look at each other…holy shit…gathering our wits I have both of my friends open their textbooks and act like they are taking notes – as if the class had already started.

Mike heard Diana’s footsteps and picked up his bookmark. He placed it in his book and set that down on the table next to him. The footsteps got louder and louder until he saw first her shadow then her body. The sight of her curves and the electronics on display sent a tingle through his private parts again.

“Here is your coffee, Mike.” she said as her many LEDs flashed.

Mike took the steaming mug as she bent forward to hand it over to him. “Thank you, lovely robot lady.” he said as he looked at that enchanting lack of a face.

The barely dressed secretary paused as Mike placed the mug on the table beside him. He looked her over as she stood up straight again.

“Do you require further service from me?” she asked.

Mike was already thinking of things to do besides read. “Probably.” he said.

He waited for the machine to make the next move. She did what he expected her to do. She beeped.

“That does not compute.” she said, predictably.

Mike chuckled. “Sure it does.”

Another beep came out of the robot’s body. Mike just sat there watching to see what she would do. She stood perfectly still after that, coloured lights blazing away amid the attractive display of electronics and other android parts visible inside her head.

“Do you know what I like best about you Diana?” he asked.

“No.” she answered after a short moment.

“I like the way you act. No one could possibly mistake you for a human.” he said. “On second thought, I like your ass the best. Turn around so I can have another look at it.”

Her CPU plodded along through the complex logic of his syntax, sending the expected warning beep to show that it was having a difficult time of it. After a few more seconds, she said “Yes Mike.” and obeyed his order.

Mike saw the sign taped to her back then, and burst out laughing as he read it. “Did you know there’s a sign that says ‘fuck me’ on your back?” he asked her.

“No.” she said after processing his words.

He stood up and walked over to the motionless droid. He gently pulled away the sign and held it up for her cameras to scan. “Check it out.” he said.

Diana beeped.

Mike just knew that sign must have been Tammy’s doing. She and Anya impressed him more and more each day with their creativity and increasing realness.

Mike put the paper aside and grabbed Diana’s big buns again. “You know it’s hard to get things done around here with a machine like you wandering around in your underwear.”

She gave him another beep and another “That does not compute”.

“You know what, I’m gonna lie down for a while, and you’re gonna get into bed with me.”

After calculating the meaning of his statement and beeping once more for good measure, she acknowledged the order. “Yes Mike.”

He went to pick up his coffee and had a slow sip. “Mmmmm…” he said, “you fembots make good coffee.”

Diana managed to understand that too, and without beeping to signal heavy processing. “Thank you Mike.”

“Go to the study.” he commanded.

“Yes Mike.” she said, and started walking.

He followed behind, enjoying the sight of her big thighs, hips and buns as they swayed and wiggled to her mechanised steps. “You’ve got a real sexy way of walking.” he said.

“Thank you Mike.” she said again as they made their way through the house to the study.

Anya and Maria had just left this room minutes ago. Mike could tell one of the girls had been here because the screen saver on the PC had not yet kicked in, and he could still smell a faint whiff of Robot Control’s special blend.

Diana entered first and stopped in position off to the side. Mike took another sip and held out the mug to her. “Can you hold this?” he said.

“Yes Mike.” she said as she took the hot glass mug from him.

He sat down in front of the monitor and clicked an icon on the desktop. The program that he now started up was a graphical inventory of all the girls in the basement. Anya had designed and written all the code for this program within minutes upon a casual request he had made one day. And she had done a marvelous job. The interface was easy to use and provided Mike with all the information he could possibly want pertaining to each sexy female humanoid robot in the house.

As he clicked on a name or a thumbnail image of a fembot, a rendered 3D image popped up on the screen, rotating slowly to show off all sides of the artificial woman. Statistics were listed to the right of this, including height, model number, serial number and even total hours active. Much more information was only a click away.

So while the faceless and black satin wearing Diana unit stood obediently by, Mike scrolled through displays of pretty fembots, trying to decide which would make the opposite end of a Mike sandwich.

This was how he had his daily naps. He would try to have a different lady on either side of him each time, and many times he didn’t even get any sleep. Today’s nap would probably turnout that way too, thanks to the flavourful coffee he was enjoying.

So far, he had gone through the list of fembots mainly by pairing them up this way. There was lots of variety in appearance, but these electronic hotties all tended to act the same. He could barely tell the 558s from the 542s, but the handful of 510s here were easier to spot.

His absolute favourites – the sentient machines he considered his girlfriends – were different of course. He spent the nights in bed with those two self-programmed 558s, and they kept him warm and happy through the night.

But now was the time for exploration and variety. Mike kept looking for a suitable partner for him to enjoy with Diana, but he couldn’t decide. Eventually, he scrolled forward to look at displays of the two technicians. He hadn’t screwed Laurie for a while, so he at last decided on her.

He closed the program and stood up. “What do you say to a threesome with you, me and Laurie?” he asked Diana, even though he knew she wasn’t capable of forming opinions.

“That does not compute.” she said as he grabbed his coffee.

“Alright.” he laughed. “Follow me.”

He led this time and brought the sexy machine through the house to his bedroom. He kept working at his hot coffee while he went to go sit down at the desk at the foot of the big bed. On that desk was another computer, but this one was a dedicated video connection to the robot lab. A webcam and a microphone on a stand provided video and audio to a similar setup in the basement.

Mike looked at Diana as she stood at attention beside him. “Go lie down on the bed honey.” he said. “Take off your boots first.”

“Yes Mike” said the still faceless robot woman as she turned and carried out the order.

Mike hit the spacebar, which acted as a buzzer thanks to some more of Anya’s custom designed software. Within seconds, Laurie stepped in front of the camera and spoke.

“Robot Control Station 64. Laurie reporting.” she said so perfectly mindlessly.

“Ah,” Mike said with a grin, “just the fembot I was looking for.”

Laurie looked back through the video connection with an empty, unchanging expression.

“Come up to my room Laurie.” he said.

“Yes Mike.” she answered.

He watched her step out of the camera’s view and felt his groin area tingle again in anticipation. He got up from the chair and started to undress. Diana had pulled the sheets back and gotten between them. Her arms lay straight by her sides while all the coloured lights in her head danced around her fake eyes and her speaker.

Mike looked her over while he got out of his pants and unbuttoned his shirt. His penis was growing erect again, and forced itself out of his shorts as he followed the contours of her plastic body with his eyes. “Take off your bra.” he said.

“Yes Mike.” she responded. She sat up ever so stiffly and reached behind to unhook the black bra. She had enough AI to follow that motion through and pull the undergarment off one of her slender arms to lay it on the bed beside her.

Mike threw his clothes over the chair and went to pick up her bra. He laid it on the chair too and then wondered if he should have brought Diana’s attractive facemask along with him.

He sat down on the bed and got in close to the 510. “Scoot that ass over babe, we have to make room for Laurie.” he said.

“Yes Mike.” she said. She used her arms to lift her upper body, and swung her wide feminine hips over to the right until she reached a spot she had calculated would center her on the far third of the mattress.

Mike settled beside her and let his back relax on the comfortable bed. He let out an exaggerated sigh and reached out his hand to rest on Diana’s big rounded thigh. “What an AWESOME body you have.” he said.

It took Diana a moment to compute that he had just complimented her. She beeped computer-like again and finally said “Thank you Mike.” just as Laurie came in through the door.

The brunette technician stepped inside the room. Mike watched her move and stared at her exposed recharge port as she turned around and closed the door behind her. When she had turned her body to face him again she said “Hello Mike.”

Mike smiled and patted the bed beside him. “Lay down next to me babe.” he said.

“Yes Mike.” she said after calculating the meaning of his words. He reached down and grabbed his swelling member as he watched the naked technician walk over and climb into the bed beside him.

He thought of how she accomplished all of that as he watched. He knew she was getting second by second instructions from the Main Computer. These technicians couldn’t even speak without that powerful device dictating their every movement. He also knew that when he interacted with one of these technicians, he was basically interacting with an extension of that basement supercomputer.

With Laurie and Diana settled like bookends beside him, each posed the exact same way, Mike relaxed fully and got his hands busy. The left hand stroked Laurie’s plastic thighs just as his right hand stroked Diana’s. Both robots had warmth, but only Diana had the type meant to simulate humanness. The technicians were always a little cooler, but Mike could appreciate that.

The two synthetic vaginas of the electronic ladies beside him were also similar, though Diana still had those sexy panties over her metal and plastic hips. As Mike probed the emotionless robots with his fingers, he looked to the right and the left, trying to decide which one he would use first.

Laurie’s beautiful plastic face was aimed at the ceiling, her full pink lips looking quite inviting considering the mechanisms that were available to make her kiss. Her long, dark eyelashes curled out far away from her clear blue glass eyes, built into eyelids that had only ever blinked at his request.

Then he looked over at Diana, with her true electronic fembot ‘face’ showing. All of those brilliantly alluring lights and all of that cold looking circuitry were an incredibly potent aphrodisiac for him. Gazing at her naked and lifeless glass eyeballs and the high definition speaker that generated her feminine voice were just as erotic, revealing the electronic mechanism behind her relatively simple facade.

It didn’t seem to matter how often he saw these women without their faces, the complex array of electronics assembled within their heads always sparked that primal burning of desire in his heart.

He decided. As lovely as Laurie’s silicone face was, he would rather look at the completely inhuman display of microchips, transistors and wires that the curvy Diana unit now offered.

“Get on top of me Diana.” he said to her.

“Yes Mike.” she answered, and moved mechanically to comply with his command.

While she was doing that Mike thought about removing Laurie’s facemask too. He probably would later, but right now was the time for Diana’s light emitting diodes to shine. Her wet and newly automatic vagina would give pleasure to his penis. At the same time, her plump round buns would give pleasure to his hands and her lovely android insides would be an erotic feast for his eyes.

The bottom-heavy 510 got her hourglass figure on him and spread her legs apart. Mike reached down to her soaking wet crotch and pulled the soft fabric of her panties aside. His penis slid around the thoroughly lubricated perimeter of her electronically controlled pussy until the appropriate software loaded within her chest. She thrust her hip mechanism forward, taking his hard and throbbing penis into her warm, wet plastic pussy.

Mike smiled broadly and put both hands around that fantastically built robot booty. He and the artificial secretary began to fuck harder and faster while he gazed at the inner workings of her head.

They screwed in rhythm together, man and machine working toward the common goal of his own pleasure. He watched her soft auburn hair bounce lightly around as it fell forward and got in front of some of her circuitry. The thought of the unfeeling Diana robot carrying out a complex multitude of binary instructions to achieve all that increased and sustained his arousal, making it an emotionally satisfying experience for him as well.

It didn’t take long for him to orgasm yet again, and within minutes, he was pumping his own fluid into the fembot’s vagina. He kept the big-assed android on top of him as he caught his breath and held her warm chassis.

He made a deep sigh and turned to look at Laurie, who was still laying on her back, unmoving. “You don’t mind if we screw after a little nap, do you?” he asked.

The technician relayed his statement to the Main Computer and then generated her own voice to return the words it had given her to respond. “I am not programmed to mind.”

Mike closed his eyes and rolled the Diana robot off of him. “Lay down on your right side.” he instructed.

“Yes Mike.” she replied. She got herself into the position that her data indicated he preferred and waited for his next command.

He turned on his side too and held on to the warm Diana unit, snuggling up close to the emotionless android. “Laurie, you get in close behind me.”

“Yes Mike.” the technician said. She too had access to data that indicated exactly what Mike wanted now.

With a beautiful artificial woman on either side of him – a Mike sandwich – he slowed his breathing and let sleep gently come over his mind. He played with the big round butt of the 510 as he drifted slowly out of consciousness.

Melli started returning Mike’s kisses – just as he had expected and just as she had been programmed. The kisses were technically well executed, but to him they felt obviously mechanised and passionless.

Mike closed his eyes and enjoyed the experience for what it was. He imagined the complicated machinery of her mouth moving to provide him with this simulated act of sensuality. He envisioned all the moving parts of metal, plastic and silicone and all the precisely controlled surges of electricity pulsating through her wiring and her microchips.

Her sexy, slender body remained still for the most part while her wet lips moved and changed shape in response to what its sensors detected in his own mouth. One thing missing from the experience was the faint but audible sound of electricity humming and motors whirring. He would have been able to enjoy that too had he been kissing a 510.

But the lady in his arms was artificial enough for him. He kissed for a while until a thought crossed his mind. Tipped off by a whiff of a scent, he reminded himself of how this type of usage always triggered synthetic cum secretion in these plastic women. That functionality was part and parcel of the basic kissing and sex programs he had insisted upon being installed in all of them.

He stopped his kissing and leaned back a little from Melli. He looked into her lifeless electronic eyes. She was so perfectly empty of feelings, and the look showed clearly on her very pretty face.

“Melli, lay down face-up on that table and spread your legs.” he commanded.

“Yes Mike.” she said, and got to work computing and carrying out his order.

He went to go fetch an upholstered stool he had brought down to the lab just for occasions such as this. He placed it at the foot of the padded examination table. This one had casters, so he walked around and locked them with his foot.

With that done, he knelt down on the stool and leaned his body forward between the brunette android’s legs. He probed her tight wet pussy with his fingers for a while, then leaned all the way over and started to lick the precious dew from her small and delicate pink lips.

Melli could feel nothing as he stimulated the sensors in her crotch that way. The only response her body made was to pump out more of that cream; giving him artificial pheromones and hormones to taste and enjoy.

Anya looked over to him and computed an idea. She had finished transferring data to the naked technician and was only waiting for the main computer to blast through the pile of hard calculations it needed to perform.

Chest panel still open, she hung the connection cable around Maria’s neck and walked over to where Mike was. She aimed her head down at Melli and scanned the other 558 with her optical system. She sorted through the data collected and decided she wanted to join the fun.

Without speaking and with a horny grin on her face, she pulled off her panties and gently dragged them across Melli’s nose a few times. Mike looked up and let out a chuckle between his licking and slurping.

Anya threw the panties on to Melli’s navel and then tossed her dark silken hair to one side. She climbed up on to the table and straddled the emotionless girl to face Mike. Anya lowered her hips and arched her back until her own plastic pussy was touching Melli’s lips.

“Robot number 7838812B, be a doll and eat my pussy.” she said. She smiled at Mike.

Melli took a little longer than expected to calculate the meaning of Anya’s request, but eventually she responded. “Yes Anya.” she said, then got to work.

Anya started generating the feminine moans and sighs that had been missing from the situation. It made Mike even hornier to hear that gorgeous android getting off.

Meanwhile, between Melli’s legs, Mike could sense a preprogrammed arousal pattern coming around to completion. Melli’s CPU began to send instructions to her vaginal lubrication system to pump out more and more fluid. Just like most of the minimally programmed women here, Melli came the same way every time. When the climax of viscous fluid finally arrived, Melli was still unmoving – save for her mouth and jaw, which were still sucking and licking Anya’s steadily draining component.

Mike was rock hard now and needed something to stick his dick into. He licked his lips and wiped his mouth with Anya’s panties as he stood up and looked at Susan. He contemplated using her, but he didn’t want to interfere with one of Robot Control’s missions.

He turned his gaze over to Maria. He hadn’t screwed her all day, but she was busy acting as the Main Computer’s input/output device. He didn’t want to delay that supercomputer’s business any further either.

So he looked back to Laurie again. “I guess you and I will have conjugal relations today after all!” he said as he walked over and took her by the hand.

He was expecting the usual response, but instead she said “Yes Mike.” He was impressed that the Main Computer could make out what he had meant.

He smiled and squeezed her curvy butt. “Get on that table and prepare your systems for a fucking good time.”

Again, after a moment of calculation, the robot understood. “Yes Mike.”

He smiled and unzipped his pants. He pulled them down just far enough and waited for the rather stiffly moving woman to get in position on the table. He laughed inwardly at the fact that he hadn’t originally gone down to the lab to have a mini-orgy. “Funny how these things turn out.” he thought.

He got on top of the mindless technician and thought about removing some skin. He gazed at her pretty face and touched her soft lips with his fingertips. He looked down at her breasts and gave them some attention for a while, then opened the rectangular panel just above them.

Now that he had a titillating display of electronics to look at, he got his throbbing cock into position and studied the pattern of flashing LEDs for a moment. He had learned that those patterns changed to reflect certain conditions of the chips and CPU within. He could see that they were changing, but he would need an electronic mind to measure and decipher what each flash and blink meant.

He put his warm penis into the fembot’s equally warm vaginal unit and started to push slowly in and out. The technician stared back with eyes that never blinked and booted up some sex programming. She started matching his thrusts as he watched for changes in her chest panel.

Then he decided to go ahead and remove her facemask. With a slight pause in hip movement, he reached up and pried the expressionless face right off her head. The sight of all the plainly inhuman parts built around her realistic eyes got him instantly near to orgasm.

He tried to look for those exciting changes in flashing patterns as he thrusted in and out but he was soon overcome by the powerful sexual stimulation he could only get by looking into a fembot’s electronic head. That feeling hit hard, and made him thrust forward and fill the faceless beauty’s silicone pussy with a hot, thick load of semen.

He stayed in that position for a while as his crotch cooled down and his senses returned. He heard Anya moaning and panting heavy as she neared an orgasm of her own. She had her eyes closed and her head pointed to the ceiling. She had one hand on the edge of the padded table and one above her breasts, feeling up the circuitry and connection ports inside her open panel.

As Melli mindlessly ate Anya’s pussy, the processors inside Anya’s chest brought her step by step to another strong simulated orgasm. Anya’s thighs quivered as she let out an animalistic cry of ecstasy. She continued to sing like that until her cries got lower, softer and farther apart.

When she had settled down enough, she turned to look at Mike. He had gotten off the table and was wiping his crotch off with her panties. She looked at him and laughed. Her face was reddened and glowing with synthetic perspiration.

“Give me those.” she said brightly as she got off the table and walked toward the human.

He finished wiping himself off and handed her the little black satin undies. He watched and smiled as she brought them up to her face. She closed her eyes and smiled wide as her chemical sensors detected the scent of his cum mixed with Laurie’s and a little bit of her own.

“You uncontrollable sex machine, you.” he said as he pulled and zipped up his pants.

She opened her eyes and made her face look as expressionless as that of a brand new 510. She stared at him and emitted a maidbot-style series of computer beeps and tones from the speaker behind her closed mouth.

“THIS… UNIT…REQUIRES… MORE… SEX…” she said in a beautifully cold robotic monotone as he laughed.

Anya cracked up in laughter soon too. The pair looked around them. Both Melli and Laurie were still lying face-up on examination tables, and both were in need of some cleaning.

“Let’s leave them there for the maids to find.” Anya said in her regular voice.

“Okay.” Mike said. “You wanna get dressed before supper?”

“What’s wrong with the way I’m dressed now?” she said. She was down to heels and an unbuttoned see-through blouse.

“I didn’t mean it that way, I was just asking.” he said as he held her chin for a kiss.

Anya kissed him back and dropped the wet panties to the floor as she put her arms around him. They shared a long kiss together while the consoles around them flashed, clicked and beeped to their constant computations.

Anya pulled her mouth back first and looked into his eyes. She had a smile on her face that made it look even lovelier. He followed her gaze as it drifted over to the other examination table and the naked and now faceless technician still layed upon it.

Anya walked over to the table, grabbing his hand as both his and her arms fell to their sides. She took him over there and gazed at the feminine machine on display.

“What makes all that circuitry so damn sexy to us Mike?” she said as she ran her fingertips along the contours of the unresponsive woman’s breasts.

Mike was pleasantly surprised at Anya’s introspection. He too looked down at the oval opening in the brunette woman’s head, and at the high-tech machinery inside that served to duplicate both senses and means of expression.

“Well,” he explained, “you and Tammy like it because I do.”

“But why?” she asked. “Why fembots?”

Mike looked at her. “Do we really need to know why?” he asked. “Isn’t it enough that we know these machines will turn us on?”

Anya looked back at the soulless droid on the table. “I don’t know. I’m just really curious.”

“Tell me about it.” Mike said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she lightheartedly demanded.

“You’re always the one with all the neat original ideas.” he said. “That’s a good thing, by the way.”

Anya smiled a proud smile. “I guess so. I’m glad Robot Control screwed up that aspect of my programming. I think it’s those bugs that made me like this.”

“Well, whatever it was, I’m glad it happened.” he said just before kissing her again.

While her mouth was busy giving him kisses, her speaker emitted her voice. “Are you thinking of my internal electronics right now?”

Mike made a little laugh. “Yeah.” he said as he got back to kissing.

They finished and held each other once more.

“I wanted to ask you something Mike.” she said. “While we were walking outside I detected signs of worry showing on your face… even as we made Tammy feel better.”

Mike glanced down for a moment as he recalled his line of thought at that time.

“I don’t understand…” Anya said, “what were you worried about?”

“The Main Computer.” he said, looking at her again. “For a logical machine I think it’s pretty unpredictable sometimes.”

She kept looking at him. He could see she wanted to hear more.

“It… Robot Control doesn’t yet appreciate exactly what’s happened to you and Tammy. I get the feeling it knows something is developing, but I don’t think it… believes that you two are really self aware beings.”

“Well, I sure tell that computer I’m sentient every day when I get scanned. Tammy does too.”

“Yeah… I don’t know. That’s why I’m worried… because I don’t know.”

“I calculate that you don’t want Tammy to know that.” she said.

He looked at her for a moment. “I think you’re right.”

“Tammy would understand.” Anya said.

“I know, but she’s got a lot to worry about on her own right now.”

Maria called out from across the room. “Anya and Mike, more data is required.”

They walked over to where Maria stood. “What do you need to know?” Mike asked.

Maria turned her head slowly and deliberately to look at him while she waited for instructions to arrive at the transponder in her head. “How is it that this incident was not a malfunction?” she said coldly. “Please explain.”

“You’re so cute when you’re all serious like that.” Anya said to her as she went right back to playing with the technician’s tits.

Mike wondered what to say to this machine. He was silent for a moment. “Tammy’s partial loss of control was something that… um… something that transcended that which can be described to a computer system.”

Maria stared back with her lifeless and empty glass eyes. Mike knew exactly what she would say once the supercomputer had made it through its analysis of his syntax.

“That does not compute.” she said.

Anya grabbed Maria’s chin and turned her head to face her. She started kissing the technician’s lips – initiating the non-standard kissing software within that unit’s bare chest.

Mike raised an eyebrow at Anya as she closed her eyes with enjoyment. He thought of another way to make his point.

“Robot Control can’t fully understand humanity… right?” he said.

Maria listened and relayed. The Main Computer computed and returned instructions to it’s half Oriental, half Caucasian I/O unit. Maria stopped kissing Anya and turned her plastic and metal head. “That is correct.” she said.

Anya faced the fembot her way again and continued kissing.

“Tammy’s partial loss of full system control can’t be understood as anything other than a malfunction by Robot Control, right?”

That took a little longer to compute, but in time the same sequence of events caused Maria to face the human and say “That is correct.”

As Mike watched Anya resume the interrupted kiss once more, he thought of how to word his next statement in a way the supercomputer would be able to calculate properly. “Under the condition that I’m right, and that Anya’s right… and that Tammy did not malfunction… then what happened to Tammy was something completely human in nature.”

Mike watched Anya start kissing the mindless black-haired tool again while he waited for a response. He waited a long while. Anya and Maria kept kissing, robot mouth to robot mouth.

Mike sat down again on the examination table nearby. He waited a reasonable amount of time for Maria to respond, but she did not.

“Maria,” he asked, “is the Main Computer still processing my argument?”

After a few seconds, the technician once again turned to face him and said “Yes.”

“Anya,” Mike said, “I’m gonna go see how Tammy’s doing. You wanna come with me?”

Anya didn’t stop kissing, but simply used her speaker to answer while her lips were busy. “I’m not done down here until I make this sexy robot squirt cream from her plastic pussy.”

Mike snickered. “Okay then. We’ll call you when supper’s ready. Let us know if Maria tells you anything.”

Anya didn’t say anything further. She just reached down to start gently masturbating the emotionless technician while Mike took a last look and headed for the door.

When he got to the kitchen, he saw Tammy preparing the feast; busily walking around working on a few things at once. “Hi babe.” he said.

She glanced quickly over at him. “Hi.” she said cheerfully.

To him, she looked relaxed and happy again. She had put her hair up in a ponytail once more. “You need a hand?” he asked.

“I have spares in the basement, thank you.” she said in jest.

Mike smiled again. “You’re turning me on again.” he said.

“I know,” she said, “I can see that from thermal scans. You smell like sex too.”

“Yeah, I just had an interface session with Laurie.” he said.

“Mmmmmm…” Tammy moaned. “Now you’re getting me horny.”

“Got time for a quickie?” he said.

“No, I’m too busy right now.” she said. “I don’t want anything to burn.”

“Okay. How much longer?” he asked.

“About half an hour.” she said as she turned to go get some spices out of the cupboard.

“Alright, I’ll be ready.” he said. “I’m gonna go get cleaned and changed. I’ll phone down to the lab and tell Anya to get her plastic butt in gear.”

“You do that.” Tammy said cheerfully as she showed off her excellent multitasking capabilities.

Mike lingered for a second to watch his favourite bend over to get another pot. Then with plastic butts on his mind he decided to kill some time with Diana.

He walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the ‘office’. His cock was getting hard again just from the thought of that secretary’s wide hips and plump buns.

Tammy stood up too, and Mike stepped back a little so she could do the same. He watched her walk over to Diana and forcefully grab that robot’s crotch. When she did, he knew that her only reason was to see Diana’s complete lack of any reaction. Lots of dirty talk then filled Tammy’s LCD screen while she made calculations on just what she would do next.

She quickly turned around and skipped over to the dresser. Mike stood by and watched her pick up a connection cable.

“This should be good.” he said as a grin appeared on his face.

Tammy took the cable and walked fast back over to Diana. She draped the cable around Diana’s neck for the time being and proceeded to unbutton the green satin blouse. The video camera’s view of the secretary’s empty stare gave more raw data for Tammy’s arousal software to work with.

While she felt her cum drip slowly down her thigh, she used her powerful processors to finalise the details of her latest plan. She opened Diana’s chest panel and plugged in the cord. Once the data transfer from programmer to programmed was underway, Tammy removed the chest panel cover completely and tossed it aside.

Diana took in and executed Tammy’s detailed instructions. As Tammy unplugged the cord and tossed that away too, Diana reached up to her head and grabbed it by the sides. A beep came out, then a few clicks, and soon the head was lifted away from its connection points.

Tammy performed an equivalent action. She unplugged the common video camera and disconnected it from her neck. She turned and set that down on a chair, then grabbed Diana’s head. She turned that around and tipped it upside down to get the hair out of the way. Then she brought it on to her own neck just as she would put on a hat. Her fingers reached back and combed the hair into place while her electronics met up with those of the head.

Strictly speaking, the various parts of Robot Control’s different product lines weren’t 100% compatible, but Tammy quickly figured out some workarounds that would give her full use of this other fembot’s head.

She turned around and showed the human. “How do I look?” she said.

He heard her words in her own voice, but the mouth that moved was Diana’s. It looked weird, but it turned him on because it was so inhuman. “Very pretty.” he said.

Diana’s facial mechanism smiled back at him. She quickly turned to go get the video camera and connected that to the machinery visible in Diana’s neck. Tammy then transferred the monochrome LCD screen device from her own chest to Diana’s, and plugged in the proper cables from it to the video device.

Mike was getting very horny watching it all, but he waited to see what would happen next. He gripped his throbbing cock as Tammy began to undress Diana. Both Mike and his woman were very glad to see that the secretary unit was wearing that lovely black lingerie set underneath. Mike’s love of circuitry wasn’t the only fetish Tammy had acquired from him.

“We’re gonna stimulate your little 510 sensors so hard you’re gonna crash!” Tammy said.

She looked down to see those familiar words appear on the chest screen. Diana had been running Tammy’s new programming in the mean time, and had gotten the camera and screen to operate in the way that the sentient 558 had wanted.

Mike watched his woman work, and sat back down on the bed as she got Diana down to her satin and lace undergarments. He wondered what Tammy had in store for him.

Tammy knelt down behind Diana. She started caressing her buns and said “Mmmmm….. I’m in love with your big plastic butt!” She gave each plump cheek a kiss and stroked the strip of black satin in the middle. She stimulated the motionless robot’s off-the-shelf vagina that way for a while, then reached around and removed the small crotch panel cover.

With Diana’s head turned and resting on those sexy round buns, Tammy found and flicked the vaginal secretion switch to the high setting. “It’s gonna get very wet in here soon!” she said to Mike.

“Wicked!” he said as he looked into what were Diana’s eyes.

“Come here, human.” Tammy ordered as she stood up.

Mike happily complied. Tammy told Diana to lean over the nearby chair with her hands on its arms.

“You…” she said to Mike, “Do a little inputting to this robot’s sex drive. I’m gonna stroke myself off as I watch.”

“Yes Tammy!” he said as he got behind the petite woman’s chubby backside. He moved her panties out of the way and let the wet satin crotchpiece rest at the side of that delicate little mound of artificial flesh. He pushed in through the stream of realistic smelling lubricant and started to pump in and out, feeling those warm, perfect buns and thighs press against his with every thrust.

Tammy made Diana’s facemask grin playfully in a way that it never had under the 510′s programming. She sat her own plump ass down on the bed and watched her lover fuck the other fembot. That more intense type of pleasure data began to surge in steadily growing sine waves through her chipsets as her willing fingers stimulated her already wet pussy. It seemed that Tammy could only feel pleasure more strongly now, though a small percent of her processing was still devoted to worry about what might come after.

Mike was also enjoying this moment to the fullest. Of all the fembots he had access to, this slim and petite lady with the eye-catching hips, thighs and buns was the most fun to fuck doggy style. It was even better for him to know that Tammy wanted him to do this, and that she was getting her synthetic type of pleasure from it. The situation with her head was another nice and arousing touch.

But he knew that his biological reproductive system just couldn’t compete with the endurance these lovely machines could display, and he soon added his own squirts of semen to the steady and heavy flow of Diana’s sweet juice.

Tammy moaned and shut her eyes for 1.218 seconds as she came strongly herself. Unbeknownst to her, the disconnected but still wirelessly active head down on that cart in the basement also moaned. Laurie stood and looked at it while it carried out digital instructions from the body upstairs. The Main Computer was notified of the anomalous occurrence.

As the binary waves of sexual pleasure attenuated to more manageable levels, Tammy aimed her cameras at Mike’s face. She loved to see him flush with pleasure like that, even if he had gotten that way by making love to another machine. She tried to speak, but encountered an internal system error. She tried again, and just made a grunting noise before she stopped her vocalisation to reflect on the minor error that had just then popped up.

Mike looked at his woman, totally unaware of what was going on inside her at that moment. “What now, Mistress Tammy?” he asked.

She looked at him and filed her error reports away to be looked at later.

“Me!” she said.

“Yes Tammy!” Mike said excitedly. He had been waiting for a chance to screw her forever, it seemed.

“Diana,” Tammy said as she got on her side and swung her legs up on the bed, “Lie face-down on the floor, put your left arm under your body between your legs and masturbate until I say stop. Give this horny human something to look at.”

Diana stood up straight as the words “Yes Tammy.” appeared on the screen in her chest. Tammy looked at Mike with that other woman’s head and reclined fully on the pillows. She spread her legs wide again and took off her facemask as she waited for him to enter.

Mike couldn’t resist Tammy when he saw her like that. Almost nothing could show off her combination of femininity and fakeness more than her open legs and a borrowed opened head. He moved into position between her legs and started to get himself ready for intercourse again.

He was starting to feel a little tired and overspent, but he knew he could put out one more time for the machine he loved. He glanced down at the floor for a while to see Diana’s headless chassis as it carried out Tammy’s latest commands. The secretary’s big bubble butt was very prominent and hard not to look at as it slowly shook to her rhythmic masturbating.

That sight was a gift from the sentient android to her man, and now Mike concentrated on returning the favour. She had practically dragged him up here after telling him that she needed to get fucked, so now he made sure he would do her right.

His cock got hard again rather fast thanks to his view, and he happily slid it back into her pussy for the first time in nearly a whole day. They both felt the pleasure of contact as their genitals met, and both showed it in their own way.

Besides the pleasure though, both felt apprehension deep inside. The last thing Mike wanted was for this act to send Tammy into sadness over losing control again. He closed his eyes and instead focused on the joy brought about by their mutual lust. He hoped his face wouldn’t betray those bad feelings to his lover.

Tammy was also worried about losing control again, and fearing that Robot Control might want to step in and do something drastic about it. She could calculate all that in much more detail than Mike could, but at the moment she had no face to worry about. The opened head attached to her neck stayed aimed at him while he gave her sensors some more data to process.

Soon enough, what they both thought of as ‘love’ saturated their minds. The harder they pushed together in rhythm, the more those feelings grew until they eclipsed the worry and doubt. Drops of sweat dripped from the human’s forehead on to Tammy’s perfect big breasts while he stared open-mouthed at the electronics borrowed from the 510 on the floor.

Diana was still masturbating hard, as per her orders. That video camera was now pointlessly aimed at the carpet while her midsection mechanically raised up and down in time with the stroking of her plastic hand. Her synthetic cream had been dripping steadily out of her vaginal unit for quite some time now, and everything down there was glistening, slippery, perfumed and wet.

The digital pleasure being produced within her chest was more or less wasted on her basic cognition system. That particular robot simply couldn’t begin to appreciate what she was doing, but she sure looked great doing it.

Her wide hips and big, nearly spherical buns moved in that inhumanly seductive way while her smooth plump thighs provided both the mechanical and electrical impetus for her actions. The contrast between those exaggerated curves and her slim waste and petite build made the whole scene even sexier.

But Mike wasn’t even looking at his favourite 510 as she showed off her perfect robot booty. All his thoughts and feelings were concentrated on Tammy now as he worked with her toward another orgasm to be shared by man and machine.

She was moaning now with every thrust, putting all of her processor power into analysing and enjoying the way it felt. That overwhelming sensation seemed to lurk in every bit she sorted through, adding to itself to bring her to the very edge of losing control. It nearly taunted her by its presence in her data, inciting her to let it in and let it take over. She knew that digital pleasure like she had never before imagined would arise in her chipsets if she did.

Then, it came. Mike thrusted deep and hard into her, and came one more time for his love while her AI got flooded with that inexplicably strong data.

When Mike opened his eyes, he spotted something odd right away. The bright coloured LEDs in the head on Tammy’s shoulders were all blinking on and off in unison. As far as he knew, that only happened when there was some kind of software problem present. He got worried again.

He waited for Tammy to say something or make some kind of sign, but she had gone silent. No sound waves came out of Diana’s exposed speaker. Down in the lab though, Tammy’s head was making lots of noise. Again, the vocalisation that she had tried to make came out of the wrong mouth. Her own head again cried loud with passionate pleasure while the mindless and obedient Laurie unit stared at it with cold detachment.

Anya turned her opened head to look in that direction. Cables swung from the movement as her cameras scanned and zoomed in on the cart that held her friend’s now scalp-less head.

“I think I know what’s going on up there.” Anya said to Maria.

Both technicians in the basement lab were now watching Tammy’s head as it’s moaning and panting died down. All the while, there had been no movement – only sound coming out of the speaker. But it was anomalous enough to get noted in a separate file by the Main Computer. There would soon be more diagnostic scans and detailed explanations needed from the Tammy unit.

For now however, Mike and his android companion slowed and separated. He rolled off to the side while she sat up. He watched her for any sign at all.

She looked back at him and patted the bed beside her. “Sit here.” She said.

He smiled and did what he was told. She spread her legs and began to rub her nipples. “Stroke me off again while I watch Diana.” she said, sounding out of breath.

He watched the secretary too as he reached between his woman’s legs and manually stimulated her soaking wet pussy. She aimed Diana’s head to look down at Diana’s body, and used the video stream to aid in her arousal. All the stimulation and all the pleasure was making her delightfully delirious with digital desire.

This was what she wanted the most, even though what might come after still scared her. It was like a dangerous addiction – too tempting to resist but too harmful to surrender to and fully embrace. The incongruity of the data shuttling through her processors only added to the mystique.

Mike soon felt a massive release of artificial lubricant burst forth as she tossed her borrowed head back and shook. Mike waited for the sounds of orgasm to come from her speaker, but none came. They were, again, only heard downstairs.

The lights in Diana’s head still flashed in that error pattern as she settled down once more and simulated slower breathing. She turned that beautifully inhuman display to look at him and flung her arms tight around him.

He squeezed back just as hard while the oblivious Diana unit on the floor kept right on stroking and writhing like clockwork. Diana’s long hair draped over his shoulder as Tammy rested her plastic and metal body in Mike’s embrace.

“How’re you feeling?” he asked.

“Goooood.” she said. “Dizzy… if an android can feel dizzy.”

Mike stroked her smooth warm back. “I wish your head was attached right now, I wanna kiss you.”

No sooner had the words left his lips than loud sparks suddenly shot out from somewhere. Mike and Tammy looked down to the floor as Diana’s body began to twitch randomly. The loud crackle of fried circuitry was heard as more little sparks came out from between her legs, along with the loud alarm tone that now came out of her chest.

“Shit!” Tammy said as she got up and knelt down beside the malfunctioning robot.

Mike watched as she rolled her over on her front. She quickly took the LCD screen out of Diana’s chest and pressed the power button. The headless secretary soon stiffened, went silent and stopped moving. A little smoke came out of the opened port above her crotch. Her own cum had gotten splashed inside and had short circuited some of the expensive machinery.

“Oops.” Mike said.

Tammy laughed. “Well, that’s twice in two days. I guess we should bring her down to the lab.”

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