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James stood staring at the selection of GPS units on display in the electronics store, perplexed at the many different models to choose from. He was lost and his GPS had died. James is a private investigator and the assignment for today was to deliver a summons to a witness in a Federal case.

The prosecutor in this case was a friend of James and owed him a favor, so he hired James to deliver the subpoena. Subpoenas were easy money for him, but this witness lived out of state.

Now, here he is, lost and frustrated in a town he has never been in, at an electronics store where he can’t seem to get any assistance. As he scanned the store for an employee that he could get to help him, he saw the most gorgeous face he had seen in a long time. She looked to be in her mid 20′s but her face had an angelic innocence to it.

Her eyes were bright and pronounced and the way she wore her makeup defined them all the more. Her shoulder length hair was black and shiny that made the caramel brown color of her perfectly smooth face stand out. When she saw that James was staring at her she sucked her teeth and mumbled under her breath as she turned away.

James watched her walk away just so that he could get a look at her body. She was a full figured girl weighing in at around 210 lbs. Although she stood at 5’7″, her weight was distributed to the right places. She had succulent round breasts that didn’t sag below her ribs. They seemed to have not droop at all. And from what he could see from her exposed cleavage, no visible veins.

Her legs and thighs were toned and shapely. And the part that James liked best was her butt. It looked like she was carrying a pair of basketballs in her pants. When she walked it had the right amount of bounce to it that made him want to get two handfuls and jiggle them vigorously. Together, her thighs and butt complemented each other in a way that seemed perfect.

Finally, a sales associate noticed James standing at the display looking bewildered and came over to earn his commission. While James was listening to the over extensive knowledge of this unit verses that unit, his angel came to the end of the aisle to wait for the group of friends that she came with to catch up to her.

“Come on here or Imma leave you!” She yelled to them. Just then she noticed James watching her. “WHAT!!???” She blared at James as she turned to look him directly in his face. “You act like you ain’t never seen a woman before!” “You must want all of this on your little boyfriend right there!”

James was shocked at the sudden barrage of insults being directed at him. What had he done to her? Definitely, he was not the first person to notice the beauty that he saw in her. As the young lady’s friends gathered around her she kept hurling insults and attitude at James as he stood there in disbelief of what was happening. What made it so bad was that the young lady was so loud that other people stopped shopping and watched the demonstration.

“How could something so ghetto come out of something so pretty?” James wondered.

The young lady continued with her non-stop montage of humiliation and insults. Then she hit James’ hot button.

“You look like you’re gay!” “I don’t go that way, faggot!”

If only she knew what being called a faggot did to James. If only she knew how the rumor of being gay ruined his life. James was running for Mayor in the last election and the surveys showed that he was a sure win for the office. A rumor was started by one of the other candidates that James was a homosexual in an attempt to sway voters. As the rumor spread so did the severity of the lie.

It slowly changed from just being gay to being a pedophile of little boys. The wildfire of lies was so great that James lost the election and the respect of key officials in the city. James was also engaged to be married soon, but his fiancé left him as a result of the lies. She felt that with so much talk about him, it must be true.

The truth finally came out about the origin of the rumors but by then James’ reputation was too damaged to gain the trust of the people. He was recognized all over town which made it nearly impossible for him to get back on his feet.

James could not run for any office because of the smear campaign the destroyed him. His image would blemish any representation of public service. He couldn’t’ get a job as the supply clerk at the Public Works facility. So he went into business for himself as a private detective. One of the few real friends that he had left was the Federal Prosecutor he was on this job for. He would use James whenever he could to help him build his life back. This was all due to being called gay. And now whenever someone used the word faggot, it brought up the past and anger in him.

The young lady continued with homosexual references toward James; and every time she spewed the word “faggot” it shot a bolt of electricity up James’ spine. That word disturbed him to the core of his soul. The ghetto fabulous angel ended the show and she and her friends walked out of the store.

James collected his cool and shook his head in resolve that it was finally over. He grabbed the first GPS that was in front of him, took it to the check out and was back on the mission that he had came to town for.

As James drove along, he couldn’t help but re-live the incident at the electronics store. He tried to convince himself that he should let it go. “Some people just don’t have any home training.” He spoke loudly to himself in an attempt to feel better. But he just couldn’t get it off of his mind. Sub-consciously, he felt that his past had followed him to another state.

James found the address with ease now that he had a working GPS. It seemed like a nice quiet neighborhood with beautiful homes, green manicured lawns and friendly neighbors. The person that he delivered the subpoena to was very friendly and courteously. He even invited James in for a cup of tea or coffee.

“No thank you” James declined, “I have to get going and find a hotel for the night.”

As James walked down the pathway back to his car, he thought to himself of how lovely it would be to live in that neighborhood. Just as he was walking around his car another car pulled into the driveway next door. James stopped and watched to speak to the neighbor of the nice man he had just met. To his surprise, it was the young lady from the store.

“How could someone like that live in such a nice neighborhood?” James wondered. Her house was well kept and seemed in order. It didn’t look like a person with a bad disposition like hers would live there.

As she unlocked the door to the house she noticed who was standing in the street watching her. All of a sudden the upbeat feelings that James was feeling deflated within him and were replaced with anxiety.

“How is she going to react?” “She is so pretty.”

“I would marry her if she wasn’t such a bad apple.”

“She better not start with the ‘crazies’ again!”

!I’d lick the skin off of her body.”

James was in conflict with his own self. Feelings of anger and lust were battling it out in his mind. This girl made James lose all sense of sanity. He wanted to hate her and screw her all at the same time.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She screamed out to him. “You can take your gay-osity out of here cuz ain’t nobody like that round here.” It was the electronic store all over again. “This hole is an exit only so don’t think you gonna substitute me for your boyfriend.” She said as she bent over and poked her massive double bubble out at him.

James got into his car as she continued to scream more gay references at him. He tried to ignore it as he left but when he looked into his rearview mirror she was in the street yelling at him.

“THAT’S IT!!!” He was fed up! “There is no way I’m going to let this go!” He said to himself. “She picked the wrong person to mess with!”

James checked into a hotel close by. “Time to put my investigating skills to work.” He thought. As a P.I. James had an arsenal of information and resources at his finger tips. He pulled up the address of the young lady. He looked up the current resident name and phone number of that address.

“So her name is Destiny Travis. Pretty name, pretty girl, ugly personality; but we’ll fix that.” James thought to himself. He researched and cross-referenced the residency registers and utility records. Everything was working in James’ favor.

He searched public records and property tax registries. Finally, he went back to the neighborhood where she lived. He got her mail and checked every piece for the names of people that may live there. “Great!” He thought as he slid the envelopes back into the box. “She lives alone.”

James went to the local department store and bought a black pair of pants and black long sleeve shirt, a pair of black gloves, some sheer black fabric from the crafts department, some rope and batteries for his stun gun. When he got back to his hotel he brought the sheer fabric up to his room and made it into a mask. He put it on to try it out for size and visibility. It worked perfectly, he could see through it but his face could not be seen.

As James waited for night to fall he wondered what was he going to do? He wanted to do something to her for the way she treated him, but what? In his anger he came up with a plan for his revenge. While he lay there he figured to himself that he’d just “wing it”; he’d just do whatever cames to mind.

2:00 a.m. and the alarm clock started beeping loudly as if it was excited about what was about to happen. James woke up and sprung from the bed. He got into his car and drove back to Destiny’s neighborhood. He parked in the parking lot of a restaurant a few blocks nearby.

Before James got out of the car, he put the new clothes on over the clothes he was wearing. He bought them 3 sizes too big for that purpose. He tied the rope into ready made restraints and walked to Destiny’s house. He went into the back yard and pried the door open with a pocket knife. Slowly he entered the kitchen and crept into the hallway.

He stopped and listened for the sound of sleeping breaths in the still, dark house. From the sound, he could only make out one breath. The carpeted floors made it easy to traverse through the house without making any noise. The only thing James could her was the breathing coming from the bedroom and his own breath.

James stood at the doorway where the heavy breathing was coming from.

He stood there and watched as his prey slumbered in total ignorance of what was about to happen. James surveyed her in the glow of the light from the digital clock on her nightstand next to her bed. “She even looks beautiful in that harsh red light from the clock.” James thought to himself. “Still, she’s an evil sleeping beauty.” He joked inwardly.

Snap! He flipped the light switch on. Since he had the mask on he was confident in turning the lights on. He knew that she would only see drapes of black in front of her. Destiny opened her eyes in shock and fear and sat up.

“How did you get in here? Get out!” She screamed.

Those words were James’ cue to jump into action. He literally leaped across the room from the doorway on top of Destiny in her bed. With the press of a button 100,000 volts were sent through Destiny’s body. Her entire body tensed and became rigid. Every muscle in her body tightened to the electricity that was being fed into it. James held the button down as every accusation that Destiny had flung at him came back to mind.

He kept his finger on the button for what felt like forever out of sheer anger for what she represented to him. James didn’t let go of the button until he was sure that Destiny was immobilized. When he stopped squeezing the voltage into Destiny, she fell backwards onto the bed in a limp heap.

James used this as an opportunity to gag her and quickly put her hands into the readied restraints that he had previously made from the rope. He tied each end of the rope to the headboard of the bed. All the while he took in the view of her body. She had on a white tank top and a pair of pink panties trimmed in a darker shade of pink, simple but still sexy.

Destiny began to regain her strength and started cursing through her gag. She started to struggle against her binds and, quickly James hit her with another short burst of packaged lightning. He then took more rope and bound her ankles with it and tied each end to the foot of the bed on either side.

James stood at the end of the bed and studied his catch. He had never done anything like this and was now struggling on what to do with the now cursing and bucking prize that lay before him. And like a ton of bricks, an idea came to mind. “I’ll humiliate her in a way that she’ll think twice before she talks to anyone the way she did to me.” He thought to himself.

James dared not speak out loud out of fear that she might recognize his voice. He looked around the room. It was very tidy and had an aromatic scent to it. Nothing to give him any ideas as far as he could see. The nightstand!

James pulled open the drawer and found it… a vibrator and dildo. He smirked under his mask and in his mind he thought, “These must be the happiest joy toys in the world.” Inside the same drawer was a small bottle of cherry lube. “WOW” He thought to himself, “This is going to be fun.”

He pulled out his pocketknife and she mumbled threats and curses at him through her gag. James took his knife and cut the shoulder straps of Destiny’s tank top. He then cut the front of the shirt open and exposed her voluptuous mounds of dark caramel colored milk meat. James had to control himself. For a brief second he contemplated sucking and licking a nipple.

He brought himself back to consciousness and moved to her panties. Destiny tried kicking but the ropes were so taut that her movement was very little. James slid the knife inside one leg hole. The knife sliced through the material like a shark’s fin gliding across the surface of the water. He repeated the same thing on the other side and peeled the top of his angel’s panties down and away.

James had to get a look at what was being cradled by the crotch of those panties, so he untied the ends of the rope that were holding her feet. The ends of the rope were retied at the headboard and now Destiny’s knees were bent with her feet planted on the bed. James pushed Destiny’s leg open to get a good look at the jewel in between.

Her pubes were neatly trimmed and clipped. The outer lips of her pussy were fat and juicy. He parted them and revealed the peanut sized clit that seemed to welcome the company of a man’s touch. James was overcome with desire and lust at this point. He hadn’t come here for this, but he just had to taste her love bud.

James held her pussy lips open with his fingers and slowly circled her clit with his tongue. He deliberately avoided direct contact with it. Destiny began to unconsciously gyrate a little bit. James rubbed the tip of his tongue just above her swelling button of desire. Destiny grunted as he licked down and around , still avoiding direct contact with her clit.

Although she didn’t want this, Destiny’s juices began to flow. Her body was now reacting to the touches but yet she consciously was fighting. James knew that she was getting aroused and saw the glisten of Destiny’s wetness. James flattened his tongue against the bottom of Destiny’s pussy and very lightly licked upward to taste the juice of her fruit. Still, James did not make contact with her clitoris.

Sexual urge was now building up in Destiny’s body. She had never had a man take his time and perform love licks like this. It was always a rush to get a nut and be gone with guys in the past. But this man knew how she wanted it. She didn’t want to be taken but her body was screaming to be ravaged.

With every upward motion the anticipation to finally be pleasured mounted in Destiny’s bowels. James pulled his head back aimed his tongue and hit Destiny’s joy button head on. A wave of relief swept over her entire body. She went weak with satisfaction that her clit was now being manipulated by this stranger’s tongue.

As she moaned in protest of her lust being pleasured against her will, James wrapped his lips around her bud. He wanted to get a mouthful of pussy lube so he started to suck on her clit while he licked it.

“OH MY GOD!” She screamed into to the fabric that held back the volume of her protests and screams. She was cumming. James buried his face into her crotch and stuck his tongue as deep into her abyss as he could stretch it. Her muscles contracted and squeezed as the waves of orgasm washed over her wave after wave.

When her convulsions ended James jumped up and grabbed the vibrator and lube. He smeared the vibrator with the cherry flavored goo and rubbed it against her clit.

Destiny jumped at the touch of the vibrator against her now sensitive button. James rubbed the vibrator up and down the valley between the quivering flesh of her pussy lips. He turned it on and took his hostage for another ride on the ‘O’ train.

She squirmed and bucked to get free from her captive who seemed to know which buttons to push to make her climax. She started cursing and threatening him with muffles of anger and indignity. He untied the ropes from the headboard that held her legs. When the ropes were free from the headboard she rolled onto her stomach and tried to move up to make slack in the ropes holding her hands so that she could get free. James grabbed her ankles and pulled her down onto the bed.

“Let go of me you punk faggot!” She garbled into the gag.

James understood exactly what she said. As he retied the ropes to the foot of the bed frame, Destiny continued her struggle. Although he was getting frustrated with the fight he was having with retying the ropes, James was hypnotized at the bouncing and jiggling of the huge globes of seat meat before him. Her butt cheeks seemed to be dancing with each other as she wiggled and wrestled to get free.

“I have to get my hands on those!” he thought.

He relished the idea of grabbing a handful of ass cheek in each hand and kneading them like a child playing with play-doh. When he got the ropes tied down he stood up and took in the sight of his newly prepared playground.

James kneeled onto the bed and took a cheek in each hand. He was amazed at how much packing she was lugging around in the seat of her pants. He felt like he was holding the world in each palm as he gripped and pawed her cinnamon tinted buns. The sight was driving him insane. James bent over and put his face between her cheeks and inhaled deeply. He lifted the bottom of his mask and kissed each buttock then licked her up the center of her butt crack. Destiny was still yelling at her attacker. She made threat after threat and insult after insult. None of it bothered James. He just ignored it. Once again, Destiny mumbled through the fabric mouth piece,

“Let go of me you punk! Get you face outta my ass you faggot!”

That did it! The memories of that day flooded back into James’ mind and his anger flared.

“How dare she make demands when I’m the one in control!” “She’s too stupid to realize that she is MY hostage!” “I’ll show her!”

James’ rage was going wild. The word “faggot” was echoing throughout his head. He sunk his teeth into one of her glutes and picked up the lube. Destiny squealed and jumped in response to the sharp pain. James moved his head up behind her ear and whispered,

“O.K., since you say that I’m a faggot, I’m gonna be a faggot… with you.”

James slowly crawled to the lower end of his hostage. He dropped his pants and applied a glob of lube to his dick. In her mind Destiny wanted to believe that her captor was only trying to scare her with the declaration that he had made. But she realized that her fears would soon become reality when she felt a hand with amply lubricated fingers rubbing her asshole, then a finger went inside.

“Keep the blindfold on!” Valerie laughed, as Tom, her boyfriend of 3 years bumped into the wall and subconsciously reached to pull off the silky piece of fabric that kept him from being in control.

“Ah, what was that?” The darkness all around him. He had no sense of direction.

“Just a wall,” she giggled. “Were alllllmost there,” she replied seductively, her voice a husky whisper near his left ear. His pants instinctively grew tighter at the sound of her voice. He heard a beep and a click, he felt her delicately small fingers pull his hand forward. He felt like they were some place different now. The air felt different. The air smelled good, like cinnamon. “Ok, sit.” She positioned him in front of something it seemed; he slowly lowered himself down, he put out his hands to feel before his bottom touched the surface. It was soft and bouncy, a bed.

“Hmmmmm,” he mumbled, thinking about having her in the bed. But were not home….he thought to himself.

“Ok, take off your blindfold! Happy Valentine’s Day!” Val yelled, he could hear the excitement in her voice. This made him excited too. He pulled it off and it took a minute to adjust his eyes. He smiled as he looked around the room. They were in a hotel, a very nice hotel. The bed was a California King with a pink down comforter and red silk pillows. Red, pink and white rose petals scattered all over the floor, bed and tables. What looked like hundreds of candles were burning all over the room in big clusters.

“Wow, this is nice. Happy Valentine’s Day.” he replied, looking around. The end table had a giant glass of champagne on ice with 3 glasses. Three? Hmmmm, he thought. There was a basket wrapped in red cellophane. A present he presumed, for himself. Next to it were the presents he had gotten for her. A few movies she liked, a gift certificate to the spa for a day of indulgence, and the final box; a beautiful ring, symbolizing his love for her. He had put it in a bigger box to throw her off. He wasn’t sure yet when he would pop the question now, since she was in control of this date, but he’d ask sooner or later. First he wanted to see what she had planned for the evening.

“Do you love it??!!” She hopped onto his lap, grinding against him innocently. She smiled her amazingly perfect smile, all teeth dazzling white and straight. God, that smile. Her blue eyes twinkled with pleasure, seeking his acceptance.

“I love it, this is really nice, I had no idea you had all this planned! I love you Baby.” He raked his big hands through her dark, long hair and pulled her in for a kiss. Their lips crushed together passionately, he opened his mouth and sought out her deliciously tasting tongue with his. He massaged her mouth with his, moving his head from side to side. She ran her soft hands along his jaw line, making him shiver. He loved her touch. She was so soft, so sweet, so sexy. She suddenly pulled away.

“Do you want to eat first or open your gifts?” She bounced off his lap, her curvy, sexy frame moving seductively. She stood around 5’5. She was a healthy weight and had curves in all the right places. Her dark hair nearly hit the top of her perfect butt. It was curled loosely and she was wearing a red dress that went to about her knees. She had dark leggings on with black boots, and a red sweater over her shoulders. She showed a little bit of her full C-cup cleavage. She was so sexy, but had class. She didn’t show it off for strangers. Only for him.

“How ’bout the gifts.” Tom replied. He wasn’t that hungry, for food that is.

“Ok, can I go first? I really want to save yours for last!” Val asked, walking over to the table with the gifts.

“Sure, but this one,” He got up and grabbed the box with the engagement ring, “has to wait until later tonight!” he winked at her and set it next to the bed.

“Ooookkkk,” she slowly replied, eyeing him suspiciously with a hint of a smile and twinkle in her eye. She opened her gifts, laughing and smiling and loving them all. She kissed him after every gift and thanked him. When she was done with hers she grabbed the basket and plopped it in his lap. “Alright, open ‘er up.” She bit down on her bottom lip and looked up at him; she was kneeling down between his legs on the floor, rubbing his thigh. He unwrapped the basket and his jaw dropped at the sight inside. A basket full of sex toys. A lot of sex toys.

“Woah,” he replied, his cock stiffening immediately. He saw anal beads, a butt plug, a whip, 4 different kinds of dildos, a vibrator, nipple clamps, flavored lubes, massage oil and a book of sexual positions.

“Do you like ‘em?” she asked, curiosity in her voice, along with a hint of horniness. All he could do was stifle a laugh. His eyes were big and full of excitement, and a little bit of shock. They had experimented with a few little things here and there, but some of these things; a butt plug, were wild!

“I just hope this isn’t for ME!” he said, holding up the hot pink string of anal beads and big, curvy, clear, glass plug. He looked down at Val with his eyes raised in fear and she just giggled and bit her lip.

“I guess it doesn’t HAVE to be.” She laughed, as she stood. “You feel like trying these out?” she asked, walking over to him and placing her hand on his stiff cock, rubbing it through his jeans. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned using her other hand to grab his neck and pull him in for a deep tongue filled kiss. She massaged his mouth, licked his lips, and nibbled his bottom lip. She moved her hand slowly side to side stroking him past the point of full erection to the brink of fulfillment. She suddenly pulled away, “I have another present for you though,” she whispered, backing away from him slowly and removing her sweater. She let it drop to the floor and began lifting up her dress. She pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. Next the boots were kicked off along with the leggings. She was now in her matching black, lacy, low cut bra and matching cheeky panties. She rubbed her hands over her delicious tits and around the back of her body to unhook her bra. She let it fall as her tits lightly jiggled to the natural motion. Her nipples perky and erect, ready to be sucked and licked. She began to move her hands up towards her breasts and took them both into her hands, squeezing gently, moaning in pleasure. She turned around and bent over pulling her panties down to her ankles. Her sweet, tight ass sticking out at him. He could see a hint of her pussy lips sticking through. Her lean tanned legs looked amazing from this angle. Tom could only sit and gawk at how unbelievably perfect and sexy she was. His breathing grew uneven and the air felt thick. She rubbed her hands up and down her legs and spread her cheeks so he could get a look at her tight backdoor hole. She ran her finger over it and down to her pussy lips. She stuck one finger inside and it slid in quickly. She was dripping wet. She whimpered and moaned at him, and pulled her finger out. She stood up, kicked aside the panties and stuck her pussy juiced finger into her mouth, licking and slurping it all in. “Mmmmm,” she moaned at the taste of herself.

She turned around and walked into the bathroom. Tom took this opportunity to get a glass of champagne, take off his clothes and set out all the toys she had gotten. He definitely wanted to try the butt plug on her, and the nipple clamps. They had only enjoyed anal a few times, but when they did do it, it was amazing. Val’s ass was so tight and she loved the feeling of his big cock thrusting in and out if it. It could make her cum in a very short time. She never let Tom cum in her ass though; she always took him in her mouth right after and sucked him dry. She would usually cum again while doing this, at just the thought of doing something so dirty and naughty. She loved it.

Tom heard the door open and Val stepped out completely naked, as she had entered, but now had someone with her. “This is your other present Baby, this is Kat. You can call her Kitty Kat or Pussy if you want.” Val giggled at her joke and she looked back at her new friend. She too was naked; blonde hair, tall, thin, very beautiful. Her breasts were large, most likely fake by the looks of them, her pussy had a light brown triangle of hair above the clit and her nipples were pierced.

Tom wasn’t sure what to say. Was this a joke, a trick, a test? They had never spoken of wanting to have a threesome. Not that he was opposed to it of course; he just didn’t want to rock the boat with Valerie.

“Uh, are- are you sure?” Tom stumbled out. He didn’t know what to do; he was naked in front of a stranger with a raging hard on.

“Oh yeah I’m sure. This will be a night you’ll never forget Baby.” Val turned and began kissing Kat’s nipples. She turned her head so Tom could get a perfect view and licked her tits softly, flicking her tongue around and taking the tit into her mouth, sucking ferociously. She bit at the piercing and tugged gently.

“Ohhhhhh yesssss,” Kat hissed throwing her head back and stroking Val’s arms gently. She moved her hand down to her ass and began rubbing her. Val dropped to her knees and kissed her stomach. Kat parted her legs and Val dipped her head between her. She began to suck, lick and kiss Kat’s clit. She suddenly stopped and looked over at Tom.

“Oh baby, come here!” She held out her hand for Tom to join and he did as he was told. He stood behind Val and put his hands on her shoulders as she delved back into Kat’s sweet, pussy flesh. He wasn’t sure what he should do, what his part was to be in all this. So Tom just stood there and stared in awe at the beautiful, highly erotic, sight. He had always fantasized about Val with another woman but never thought he’d see it for real. His big, hard cock bobbed above Val’s head and Kat reached out and grabbed it. Her hands were rough and strong. She stroked him slow and steady as she closed her eyes in pleasure and bit down on her lip. The feeling of a new hand on his cock felt amazing. His thick cock started to ooze pre-cum.

Meanwhile, Val worked her tongue, licking the folds of Kat’s clit and lips; she stuck her tongue deep inside her pussy and wiggled it back and forth. She took one finger, stuck it in her pussy for juice then began massaging Kat’s back opening. She slowly slid her finger in and twisted it. Kat moaned loudly at the pleasure of Val’s tiny finger in her tight, puckered ass. She was on the verge of cumming. Tom being stroked began to reach climax while he lifted his hand to massage Kat’s big tit. He ran his thumb over the tip of her tit and he began to come in Val’s hair. She quickly turned around and caught the rest of his cum on her face with her mouth wide open. She licked the cum around her mouth and wiped her face with her hand, licking her fingers. She stared into his eyes the entire time, adding to the excitement and erotic-ness of it all. Kat bent down by Valerie and helped lick the remaining cum from her face.

Valerie stood and told them to move to the bed. Kat lay on her back while Val dove in between her legs to finish her job. Tom grabbed the lube and butt plug and got to work on Val. He lubed the plug then began rubbing it on her tight hole. He could see it throbbing in anticipation for the penetration she desired. The plug had a small tip and widened as you shoved it in further. In the middle it dipped and became skinnier only to widen even more again. He pushed the tip through and Val moaned, he pushed it in further and she gasped. He pulled it out fast and pushed it back in slowly. He repeated this action of fucking her ass with the cool, glass plug over and over; pushing it in a little deeper every time until it was all the way in. He let go and it stayed in place. He moved to the side of the bed to watch Val finish finger fucking Kat’s pussy. She pounded her fingers into Kat hard and quickly; while at the same time flicking her tongue around Kat’s clit. Kat came and cried out. She squirted juices onto Val’s face and Val opened her mouth wide to catch as much as she could to swallow. The taste was amazing. Val had never tasted squirting pussy juice before.

The girls both looked at Tom at the same time and Val said, “Your turn Baby,” They laid him down on the bed on his back. Val took to his mouth while Kat positioned herself above his big cock. She was pouring lube onto her finger and she rubbed it on her backdoor. She ran her finger in a circular motion around the tight pucker. Then inserted her finger slowly. She pushed it all the way in and threw her head back, gasping. She pulled her finger back out then lowered herself onto Tom’s ready cock. She pushed down onto him slowly and he entered her ass. She was incredibly tight. Not as tight as Val, but still tight. She sat facing away from him and he could see him enter and leave her as she bounced on top of him like he was a fun ball. She grabbed hold of her tits and pitched her nipples as she let him enter her as fully as he could. She used one hand to tweak her tit as she used her other hand to massage her dripping wet clit. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked, they were full of juices. She grinded on his pole faster and faster, feeling him hit her anal g spot. She could feel pleasure building throughout her entire body. She rubbed herself faster and faster until she came hard. She slammed down on his dick one last time quick and fast and felt an explosion of juice in her pussy and in her ass. She had come and so had he. She leaned forward and brought her ass off his cock. Her hole dripping with his cum. Val leaned forward and spread Kat’s cheeks. She stuck out her pink, moist tongue and licked the cum off her hole. Kat pushed and more cum trickled out slowly. Val licked that, as well as sticking her tongue inside her ass to get the rest.

While Kat had her ass fucked Val had been getting her own pleasure as well. Val had stationed herself over Tom’s face and had him licking, sucking and finger fucking her to ecstasy. She wiggled and rolled her pussy on top of his face before she brought it down for him to taste. She was so incredibly wet. He slid in easily. He stuck 3 fingers in and wiggled them around quickly. While doing so he sucked her shaven clit and licked her folds. He licked side to side in a repetitive motion. He pulled his fingers out and grabbed hold of the plug still in place in her sweet ass. He pulled it out and she grabbed it from him, bringing it to her mouth and licking the side. She closed her eyes and shuddered in pleasure. She handed the plug back to him and he thrust it into her ass hard. She yelped loudly, but not in pain. He began slamming the plug deep inside her faster and faster. Her breathing became uneven, choppy and she put her hands up against the wall for leverage. She began to wiggle and pump against the plug wanting more, deeper, faster. She was insatiable. She wanted more, needed more. Tom reached over and a dildo was at arm’s length. He added that to the mix, shoving that into her throbbing pussy intervalling it with the plug. Plug went in, dildo out, plug out, dildo in. Val had never encountered double penetration. It was beyond describing. It was hard from this angle for Tom to lick her clit so he took advantage and talked dirty to her.

“Yeah, you like that? You like being fucked in the ass? You like your pussy getting fucked? Tell me you like it you dirty little bitch,” She replied with moans, yes’s and, “I’m a dirty little bitch, fuck my ass. Fuck this dirty girls’ tight ass. Make me cum Baby. I want to cum.” He continued to work the toys in and out routinely fucking her pussy and back hole until he could tell she was close to cumming. Her motions got wild and she furiously fucked the objects harder and harder. She felt the pleasure rise from her pussy and ass to her chest and to her head. She exploded with bliss, chills running down her body. Her body jolting and convulsing to the orgasm. It went on for several moments until she wound down. She fell off to the side; Tom pulled the toys out and set them aside. Just then Kat was cumming and Valerie got up and leaned over to lick the cum dripping and oozing from Kat’s tight back hole from her encounter with Tom’s cock. They all lay in bed together breathing loudly and enjoying the peace. The calm after an orgasm. After a short break they returned to more fucking. Trying different positions and toys. Val used the anal beads on Kat’s perfect hole. Licking each bead as it popped from her asshole. Tom fucked both Kat and Val’s mouth, hitting the backs of their throats making them gag. Once he squirted his load, he girls enjoyed lapping up and gurgling his cum before swallowing. Orgasm after orgasm, pleasure after pleasure. They endured an amazing night of fun, fucking and food.

Around 3 a.m. Kat got dressed and left the hotel. Val kissed her goodbye with a deep tongue kiss and said she would see her Monday at work. After Kat left Val and Tom cuddled on the bed, drinking the rest of the champagne and reliving the highlights of the night.

“I cannot believe that happened. WOW, that was….I don’t even know what to call that.” Tom said, still in awe at the events that had taken place. “How did I get so lucky?”

“So you might want to do this again? With her I mean?” Valerie asked, lying on the bed, naked, legs wide open.

“If you want to, yeah.” Tom replied.

“Oh, I definitely want to.” She answered, winking at him and smiling. Tom stared at Val, so beautiful, so perfect, so sexy. She had let him enjoy many pleasures at the hand of her and another woman. He felt like the luckiest man alive. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Val said, leaning over and kissing his cheek.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Tom replied leaning over to the table to grab the special box with the special ring, for his special girl.


you can call me fat ass. I have a fat fat ass that stretches my pants out like big balloons. A deep crack in between my cheeks. Some people call me Sandra, but my daddy calls me fat ass.

He says that he likes my ass fat but the rest of my body should be thin. So he put me on a diet. I try my best to follow it but I just can’t. He says that in the morning I should have lemon water. Says it helps with the ph in my body. I told him I wanted two cups of coffee instead. So I didn’t do it one day, so now I have coffee every day. But I have to take two cups of coffee and give myself an enema with it, I hold it until my morning routine is done.

It’s taken time to get my routine how he likes it. But now it goes something like this. Like today I wake up in the morning, I lay in bed on my belly. My ass if filled with a large glass butt plug you can see through. If he is coming for a morning strapping I wait on my belly until he comes to punish me. Otherwise I write in my food journal. I write everything I’m supposed to eat that day so I can remember. As soon as I’m done I get up and do 20 squats to keep my big ass toned. He doesn’t like it flappy, he wants it high and firm. Then I get in the shower and take out my plug and put in a suppository. By the time I’m done shaving my body and washing my hair I have to go terribly. I use the toilet, then go to the fridge where I keep a pitcher of coffee. I pour two cups in my coffee enema bag and pour it in myself. The cold coffee causes bad cramps, but I guess that’s what happens when you break the rules.

Then I measure my waist and thighs and combine the number in inches. I text it to my daddy. Today my waist was 30 inches and my legs 23 each. So I text him 76 inches. He’s not too happy, that’s what it was yesterday too. He says I need to empty myself and put my largest metal plug in, the kind that’s so heavy. He tells me to make a matcha and milk drink so fuel me through my morning yoga but nothing else yet.

I usually have a butt plug in me. Sometimes I resent it but it helps me a lot. He knows that and makes me do it, even though it’s a hassle. I go to my closet and get the big plug and put it in myself. It hurts because my hole is sore as usual. I guess if I were a good girl it wouldn’t be so sore. I kind of doubt it though because me and daddy both like my fat butt plugged.

After I plug myself I put on a pair of tight leggings that separate my ass cheeks. I don’t put any underwear on. Then I bike down to see the sunrise at the park. It hurts to bike on the plug. I told daddy. He said he wouldn’t make me if I were skinny like I want to be, but I’m not yet. So I do it and grit through the pain. But as I ride the grinding in my ass turns me on.

I call my daddy at the park and tell him like I’m supposed to. He’s not surprised. He says that if I take 76 licks with his belt I can cum. I need to be punished for not progressing so I ask him to please as soon as he can come over. I know in the back of my mind that’s not all that’s in store. That’s just to make me cum. If I cum I have to get him off too.

I go home and read a series of messages from him. I undress and immediately start. I get a gallon enema bag out and fill it with hot water, it will be warm when he gets there. I hang it near the bed. I clip my nipples, they’re sore as well. I leave my plug in and put a wooden spoon in my mouth and wait for him laying on my belly in bed.

For some reason, the three of us didn’t get together for a couple of days after that “incident” in in the bathroom. It wasn’t that we were avoiding each other, by any means. In fact, my relationship with my sisters seemed to be better than ever. Marie had usually ignored me mostly, and Bree and I weren’t the type to be chatting with each other very much. But now, Bree was constantly around me, hanging out in my room or in the living room, and she seemed to want to talk endlessly with me about anything.

Marie seemed to perk up as well around me. We weren’t just eyeing each others’ bodies either, it was a warm and friendly type of demeanor. It was like the three of us were really good friends now. And we owed it all to something as silly as masturbating together.

Bree’s leg healed up nicely, but she didn’t go running with Marie for a few days. The day after she hurt herself, Marie didn’t do her usual morning run because she had to do some errands with Mom. Bree had gone off to the lake with her friends, and of course Dad was at work, so I had the house to myself. I ended up sitting on my bed with my laptop, surfing porn and jerking off a nice big load into my stomach. I thought about Bree and Marie the entire time, though.

That night, no one came into my room and I didn’t venture theirs either. It was kind of strange but it felt like there was this lull to our excitement of watching each other masturbate. I fell asleep before I could make sense of it. The next morning I slept in, and to my pleasant surprise I was awoken by Bree pouncing on top of me.

“Hey!” I said, pushing her off of me playfully.

“Wake up, lazy,” Bree said, a very chipper tone to her voice this morning. “Everyone else is gone.”

For some reason that clued me in to what she could possibly be wanting from me. Sure enough, when I finally rolled over and saw her, she was completely naked. That got my morning wood sprouting quite nicely. She just sat on the end of my bed, absolutely no shame or embarrassment at being naked with me.

“Where’s Marie?” I asked, blatantly staring at her tits.

She shook them for my benefit and smiled. “She had to go do something for Mom cuz she was running late to work. She’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

I yawned and stretched, making my erection stand prominently underneath the covers. Bree pulled them aside, and when my penis came into view she licked her lips.

“You wanna go a round just the two of us?” I asked, knowing what the answer would be.

She nodded. “Yeah, I am really fucking horny.”

This was old hat by now, so it was totally no big deal to be reaching for my cock to stroke it while Bree spread her legs and starting rubbing her pussy. Our legs were touching, which was even more exciting for me. I really liked this view because I could see everything about her. I could see that she was already very wet, and I could even see her cute little butthole every once in a while as she starting humping into her hand.

“What did you think about Marie touching her ass?” I asked, referring to our previous session in the basement.

Bree was huffing already, but spoke as if this was a casual thing to be talking and masturbating with her brother.

“It was pretty hot,” she admitted, and then looked up at me instead of at my dick for a moment. “You want me to touch my ass for you?”

I could only nod, and my strokes got faster after hearing her say that. I watched as she opened her thighs even wider and gently separated her butt cheeks with each hand, first letting me see both her holes clearly. Then she licked her fingertip and touched it softly against her anal opening. She groaned quietly, and I wasn’t sure if she was putting on a show for me or she was actually enjoying it.

“You like that?” she cooed, her voice raspy and sensual. “You want to cum on my little butthole?”

Oh my god, she was being so slutty I was going to lose it already. “Oh yeah!”

She scooted closer, raising her legs over mine and resting her calves on my hips. She positioned her cunt only inches from my cock, and if I really tried I could have probably touched the tip against her clit. But I wasn’t sure she was ready for that. She was only trying to make it so I could aim and explode across her sexy body.

“Just keep stroking,” she said, her eyes glued to my dick. “When you’re ready, let it go all over me.”

I stroked even faster, eager to watch my cum paint her cunt and her belly. But she had invited my to cum on her asshole, and in this position that seemed almost impossible.

“Can I…cum on your…I mean, your butthole…I can’t…” I wasn’t sure how to word it.

She nodded. “You’re right, we want your cum on my ass, right? Ok, well see if you can get the tip right up against my hole when you cum.”

That nearly sent me over the edge, but I held off by sheer desire to actually touch my cock against her sweet little asshole.

“So…I’m cumming…in your ass or on it?” I asked, genuinely confused in this state of arousal.

Bree’s face lit up, and she got that devilish smile. “Ooh, you wanna cum in there? I’ll let you. You can put the tip inside and let it squirt up in my ass. Oh god, that would be so hot!”

I spat on my fingers and rubbed it on the tip of my cock. I got it nice and wet, knowing I wouldn’t need to stroke it very much longer before I blew. I leaned forward just a bit, and Bree lifted her ass off the bed just enough to get my pillow under her hips. She pulled her legs back and spread her ass for me nice and wide. It was obscene the way she was displaying herself for me, her own brother. And her tight little sphincter looked so delicious, I couldn’t wait to do what she was asking of me.

“Do it, Kevin,” she begged, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

“I don’t even think I need to jerk off,” I admitted. “I’ll probably cum as soon as I get it in there.”

She was excited by that thought, I could tell. She started playing with her clit again, and it only made the obscene display even more arousing. I aimed my cock down at her tight little hole, which would be stretching impossibly to fit my thick cock in mere seconds. I gently touched the tip against her hole, and she purred.

“This is so naughty,” Bree said, raggedly. “Don’t tell Marie we did this. It’ll be our secret.”

I smiled. That would actually be kind of fun. And maybe Marie and I would have our own secrets that Bree didn’t know about.

I pushed softly, and her anus fought me for a moment. It didn’t want to let my invading meat enter her tight passage. I was just going to put the tip in, it wasn’t like I was going to actually fuck her ass or anything. I got more saliva on my dick, and my precum was also helping lube her up. This time when I pushed, her ass gave a little and I slipped in about an inch.

I just stared down at my cock head almost completely disappearing into my little sister’s ass. Bree was going wild on her clit, making her ass clench. She pushed me right back out of her ass, but I was quick to get back inside. I slipped in about two inches this time. She groaned.

“Is that ok?” I asked, concerned that maybe I had hurt her.

She nodded. “Yeah, keep going. It feels really sexy. Oh god, Kevin, I think I like it in the butt…”

That did it, and I couldn’t help but weakly thrust my hips forward as I came hard in Bree’s butt. I slid in another inch and was not quite halfway inside of her when I exploded. I felt the sharp bursts of semen squirt into her butt, and I was lost in the pleasure of her tight ring clenching onto me as I came. I moaned as I emptied myself into Bree, and soon she joined me in climax. She cried out and her hand was a blur on her clit. We shared a wonderful orgasm together, for the first time actually joining our bodies. It felt so good, I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep from repeating this in the near future.

I was still inside of her when it was over, and we were both panting. Bree was absently playing with herself still, and I really didn’t want to leave her tight warm ass. We looked at each other finally, and I could tell Bree was still aroused.

“You want to…?” she asked.

I just nodded, knowing exactly what she was asking.

I pushed my cock further into her, and felt her ass split apart around me. Her hole was nice and slimy now, painted with my copious load of sperm. She gasped as I stretched her tiny little hole with my thick shaft. When I was all the way in finally, I just stayed there and tensed my dick as hard as I could. It felt really good to be inside of her, and it was the first ass I had ever fucked. Bree moaned and continued masturbating.

“It’s really nice,” she said with her eyes closed. “I think I can cum again.”

“Do it,” I said. “Want me to hold it here, or fuck you?”

She glanced at me only long enough to say, “Fuck me.” Then she closed her eyes again and focused on her pussy.

I moved in and out of her slowly, gently even. Her ass was so tight I was afraid it might hurt her. I pulled my dick out of her ass just long enough to take in the sight of her abused little butthole leaking some of my cum, and then I pressed back into her. It felt so good, so right, to be fucking her, I almost forgot that this was my own sister and what we were doing was totally wrong.

She came, as promised, and a trickle of clear fluid seeped down from her cunt to my cock. She squirted! That really spurred me on, and I started fucking her harder. She looked up at me with a look of pure pleasure, a helpless and hungry look that told me she would take anything I could give her. I thrust into her ass like an animal whose only instinct was to fuck and claim what was mine.

I loved watching my dick disappear into her hole, and the way her pussy was clenching every time I slid back into her bowels. The forbidden nature of this act, aside from the incest, was really getting to me. I had cum only minutes earlier, but I was ready to go again.

“Inside?” I asked, barely able to get the words out through my pleasure.

She was huffing right along with me. “Yeah,” she managed to say.

Finally, with an intense growl and a sharp thrust into her butt, I came hard again. My dick was so sensitive that it almost hurt when torrents of cum escaped my penis and filled her insides for the second time. I kept thrusting into her, pounding her ass and making it submit to me. Bree was whimpering now, maybe a bit from pain but ultimately she was simply submitting her body to me, letting me do whatever I wanted and getting off on the results.

When I finished firing off into her, I fell backward and slipped out of her ass. When I glanced down at her, still holding her legs spread apart in that position, her asshole was gaping wonderfully. My cum hadn’t escaped her yet, she was holding it all inside of her like that.

“Oh, Kevin,” she breathed. “I can’t believe we did that.”

Shit, was she regretting it?

“It was really nice,” I said, and prepared to try to calm her and assure her everything would be ok between us.

“That was way better than masturbating,” Bree said before I could. “Will you keep doing that to me?”

I could only smile and nod.


That night, since I was very satisfied already from the anal extravaganza that Bree and I had enjoyed, I didn’t bother to try to sneak into her room to play. I figured I would give her a break, and truthfully I wasn’t sure I could perform.

But there was a soft tap on my door after everyone had gone to bed. The door opened and closed quickly, and I could only see the outline of a person approaching in the dark. When it got closer, I could barely make out Marie in her camisole and pajama pants.

“Marie?” I sat up in bed, squinting until my eyes adjusted.

“Hey,” she said, and tiptoed right up to my bed. “Are you sleeping?”

“Obviously not,” I answered. I was naked under the covers, but I wasn’t exactly worried about her seeing me like this. “What’s up?”

“Well…” She came and sat on the end of my bed, and I had a flashback of Bree sitting right there this morning. “It’s just been a few days is all, and…”

I couldn’t help but smile to myself, and to my surprise I started to get an erection.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied. “You haven’t gotten off by yourself?”

She shook her head. “I’ve been…saving it up, kinda.”


She shrugged. “I dunno, I don’t really enjoy it by myself as much as with you and Bree.”

I didn’t bother to ask why she didn’t go to Bree first. I knew she liked cock better than pussy, after all. I pulled aside the covers to expose myself to her, and she smiled when my dick came into view.

“I already played with her earlier today,” I said, holding back the details. “So I’m kinda spent, but I can try to keep up.”

Marie pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. She stood up on my bed and pulled her pants down, and when they got past her knees she started to get wobbly on the mattress and fell forward. She landed right on me, her hands bracing her against my chest but her stomach landing right on my boner. It didn’t hurt, but the sudden connection was a bit awkward.

“Sorry,” she said, fumbling to get off of me so she could finish undressing.

“Admit it, you enjoyed that,” I joked.

She seemed to wink at me, or at least that’s what it looked like in the dark. “Maybe.”

“Hey, remember how you said you liked it in the butt?” I asked boldly. I honestly wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but it seemed logical to try to proceed that way with her like I had with Bree.

“Yeah, so?”

“Do you wanna do some butt stuff with me?”

There was a short silence as she considered what I might be asking of her. Maybe she wondered if I meant for her to touch herself, or rather for us to touch each other. By the slim chance that she would actually agree to the latter, I didn’t say anything else.

“What did you have in mind?” she finally asked.

“I dunno. But if it’s something you like, we should do it.”

“Kevin…” She raised up onto her knees, and I could make out her small tits quite clearly. “You know we can’t…have sex, right?”

I shrugged. “Hey, that wasn’t what I was suggesting.”

“I mean,” she corrected herself, “we can’t do anything that involves you cumming inside of me. Inside my pussy, that is.”

I tried to hide my excitement as her words revealed to me that she may be up for something more than just touching ourselves. But I played it cool.

“I don’t intend to do that,” I assured her. “But…Bree and I…we’ve kinda taken it a bit farther already.”

I hadn’t meant to share that much with Marie, but it seemed like it would be in my favor to get a bit of a rivalry going between my two sisters. I knew Marie was competitive like that, always trying to best her little sister in anything they both tried.

Marie leaned forward a bit, and I felt her inner thighs on the top of my leg. She practically hovered over me, getting closer in some sort of sensual gesture like she was having a hard time keeping herself from pouncing on me. That had to be a good sign.

“What did you two do, exactly?” she asked, and her voice was already raspy.

I grabbed my dick and started stroking. “She let me put the tip in her ass and I came there. Twice, actually.”

Suddenly I felt Marie’s fingers on the hand that was stroking my cock. She moved them further down and pushed my own fingers out of the way so she could grab my erection and gently touch it. I groaned as I felt her feminine grasp on my penis.

“You two are fucking perverse,” she said, in a sexual whisper that dripped with desire. “I can’t let you two get away with that, without getting a piece myself.”

My dick lurched in her hand. “You really want me to put it in your ass too?”

Her face was right in front of mine, and she was jerking my cock right up against her cunt. I could feel the tip brush against her slick bare vagina as she pulled on it.

She whispered in my ear, “I love getting fucked in the ass.”

I could not have wanted her any more than I did at that moment. I thought she was going to kiss me, the way her cheek dragged along mine as she moved back to a sitting position. To my surprise, Marie crouched down and lowered her face to my crotch. I was in heaven as I felt the warmth of her breath and the lovely wetness of her mouth on my penis. Her tongue snaked out and licked at it first before she sucked the shaft down into her throat. In only a few movements, she had buried me in her face. Her nose touched my stomach just below my belly button.

I groaned heavily, and for the next few minutes I was amazed at how good a person could feel. It wasn’t just the pleasure of her mouth and tongue working against my cock, licking and sucking at it and coating it with saliva. It was the reality that this was my older sister doing this to me, and wanting to do it more than any girl has ever wanted to before.

“Do you like that I’m sucking your cock,” she said, “after it’s been in Bree’s ass?”

My god, I hadn’t even thought of that! She was right, she was sucking the same penis that had invaded Bree’s naughty little anus and filled it to the brim with hot cum. I grunted as she throated me again, and I felt her fingers graze under my balls to stroke me there in that wonderful place.

“Now you want me ass, right?” she asked, though she didn’t need to.

She sat up and hovered herself over me, not letting me move even an inch. She positioned her hips over mine, and aimed my dick straight up. I watched, and felt, as Marie sank her ass onto my cock, letting it slide up into her tight butthole and go deep into her bowels. She moaned as she did this, rubbing her pussy as well but focusing on getting me inside of her ass.

“Oh, Marie…” I couldn’t even say anything as she did this, it felt so good. I was now fucking the second ass I had ever fucked, and in the same day that I had my first.

After I was deep inside of her, and I could feel her body resting on mine, Marie started to masturbate. She rubbed her clit softly at first, gently grinding her hips on me and letting her ass undulate on my cock. She sped up her movements until she was panting and rubbing her cunt hard, pawing at it hungrily. This was the best sex I had ever had, and fortunately I wasn’t about to cum too soon. I could thoroughly enjoy it for as long as I could endure.

She cried out as she climaxed on me, and her ass clenching on me as her pussy convulsed made me almost lose it. Just like Bree, to my delight, Marie squirted a small stream of clear liquid onto my stomach. God, that was so sexy, feeling the warmth of it spread across my belly. My bed would be a mess, but I couldn’t care less right now.

“God, Kevin!” she exclaimed. “I can’t stop cumming!”

I grabbed her hips and held her down onto me. She mashed her ass onto my cock, as if she was trying to stuff more and more of it inside herself. I felt like I was reaching up into her gut with my cock. The inside of her ass was rubbing me so wonderfully, just slightly different than a pussy would. It reminded me how naughty and forbidden this was, and how good it was going to feel to let my cum paint her insides. I remembered how Bree’s ass had looked after I plowed it, all stretched out and gaping. Seeing my cum run out of her abused little hole was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and picturing Marie’s ass doing the same finally sent me over the edge.

I threw my head back and let out a loud groan as I spewed up into Marie’s butt. She smiled as she felt my tense up and lurch inside of her, and I came with enough force that she probably felt it squirting around in her bowels. She clenched her ass as hard as she could around my dick, and just held onto me as I enjoyed her body.

I collapsed back onto my bed, and Marie stayed on top of me. She wasn’t going to let my dick escape her tight ass. She gently stroked my chest as I caught my breath. I pawed at her tits in return. It felt like we had crossed a barrier that even Bree and I hadn’t crossed yet.

First let me tell you a bit about ourselves. My name is Kurt. I am 5’9″ tall with a closely shaven head. I pride myself in my ability to keep my body toned, but I am by no means a gym rat. As my love of my life, my wife, Kala has measured many times before, my cock is 7.5″ long when fully hard with a nice engorged bulbous mushroom head.

My love, my companion, Kala is smoking hot. She is a fiery 5’4″ petite brunette with incredible perky 32C tits. Oh, and how could I forget her amazing taught ass that one could bounce a quarter off of it’s so firm.

Because of her incredible hotness, I have learned to tolerate her bitchiness and her demands. Kala has one of the most domineering personalities of anyone I have ever met. She tells me what she wants, and expects to get her way.

Kala and I both have a voracious sexual appetite. There are few precious days when my rock hard cock isn’t unloading buckets of hot cum into her tight pussy.

Kala and I have talked about me fucking her perfect rosebud asshole before. She has teased me by entertaining the thought, and getting me worked up for it, only to deny me when it was time. Although it has become a habit that before I fill her pussy that I slap her across each ass cheek as she coos with enjoyment.

This has been my plan all along to combat her bitchiness. I have been subtly planting the seeds for Kala’s anal training. From the first time I laid eyes on her ass, I have wanted to bury my cock into it. I needed to make her want me to fuck her in the ass, and love it. Then she would expect it, and I would deny her the anal satisfaction until I was ready. She would need to beg for it, and get it up the ass when I was satisfied.

A few weeks back, I was sprawled out on the couch watching some sports show when Kala entered the living room without saying a word. She stood in front of me, dropped to her knees and began tearing at my shorts to get my cock out. I had no problem assisting her. Without saying a word, my cock disappeared down her throat and became fully hardened as she sucked me off.

Just as I was about to unleash my load, Kala stopped, and removed my cock from her mouth. She looked at me and said, “Kurt, I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading and I think I’m ready to let you fuck my ass!”

Before I could say a word, she took my engorged cock into her mouth once again, and sucked me until I unloaded hot spurts of cum down her throat.

After regaining some consciousness, we discussed exactly what we wanted to do. Kala wanted to spend two weeks training and preparing her ass for my cock. During that time the only sexual play that would occur would be the training each day after work. We also agreed that no solo masturbation should take place.

With our plan set, I went down to the local sex toy shop and to gather all the necessary training supplies I was instructed to acquire. First, I got a big bottle of our favorite lube. I then got an anal training kit. The kit consisted of increasingly large butt plugs. I also got and an inflatable butt plug as well. The final item I acquired was a set of anal balls.

The first day of our training would not consist of any toy use. When Kala got home from work on Monday I had a towel laid out on the bed, some soothing music playing in the background and some scented candles lit. Kala offered up an impassioned kiss, stripped down and laid face down on the towel. I then massaged her back and legs saving her ass for last.

Upon reaching her ass, I slowly needed each firm cheek. I then ran my fingers gingerly up and down the furrow of her ass. As my fingers approached her perfect pink rosebud I looked down to see her beautiful pink pussy glistening with its sweet nectar.

I then got the lube and squirted a dollop on Kala’s asshole. I saw her reach for her pussy, but gently reminded her of our arrangements. I then placed the tip of my index finger against her asshole and applied slight pressure without entering.

I let Kala adjust to the pressure for a minute or so before pressing my finger slowly into her incredibly tight hole. Kala’s body shuddered with the intrusion but motioned for me to keep going. Within a few minutes my entire finger was seated in her as. I slowly began to twist my finger around inside her ass, applying gentle pressure to loosen up her ass.

Just then an intense orgasm rode through her body. I removed my finger, laid next to Kala, kissed her, and cuddled until we showered for dinner. As we cuddled we discussed in detail what Kala liked and didn’t like about what I had done. This discussion is an extremely important part of the training to ensure that when it is finally time for my cock to enter my lover’s ass, it will be the most intimate and incredibly pleasurable experience for both of us.

The second day started out exactly as the first day did. After fingering Kala’s ass and working her into an intense orgasm, it was time to try out the first plug. The beginning plug was only slightly larger than my index finger. Before applying a generous amount of lube to the plug, I had Kala turn her head towards me as I stood next to her. I then proceeded to insert the plug into my mouth, and slowly pull the plug from my mouth to symbolize the new connection this experience would bring us.

I then returned to my position behind Kala’s ass, applied a generous heaping of lube into the neon pink plug, and pressed it gently against Kala’s incredible pink rosebud. As I did this, Kala reached back and parted her ass slightly with her hands to assist in taking the plug. I think my cock got its hardest right then watching the love of my life open herself to me.

As I began to push the plug into Kala’s ass, she began to ever so slightly arch her back, allowing even easier access to her ass. It did not take long for the 5″ plug to slip fully into her ass.

Kala then said to me, “Oh, Kurt, that feels amazing! I don’t know if I’ll be able to take your huge cock, but I want to try so badly!”

“I want to be in you so badly right now!” I replied. “It will be all the more special and wonderful of an experience once we complete the training regimen.”

Kala attempted to offer up a reply, but I could tell she was building to another intense orgasm, so I began to gently turn and remove and reinsert the plug. This action combined with me slowly needing her left ass cheek with my left hand sent her into orbit. I wanted to badly to stroke my throbbing cock as I watched the pleasure fill Kala’s body.

As with the day before, we cuddled and kissed before showering making our way to the kitchen for dinner.

The remainder of the week started out the same way, but each day a butt plug was introduced into her ass, starting with the smallest and progressing to the largest. We also worked on increasing the intensity of the insertion along with how long Kala was able to keep each plug seated in her ass.

Friday was the last day of training for week one. The toy of choice was the Pink Pummeler Ass Pounder. A beautiful neon pink 5″ diameter rippled butt plug. This plug brought the most intense full feeling and the most intense orgasms Kala has had all week.

After Kala had her third orgasm of the night, we cuddled and spooned again. However, today we agreed that I could keep my rock solid cock pressed firmly between Kala’s incredible ass cheeks. I could have cum right there without any further stimulation other than the feeling of the love of my life’s perfect ass cradling my cock.

Week two’s story to continue next…

Tracy was my obsession, my love. She was all I thought about and all I wanted. She was my Muse, my Aphrodite; the Hera to my Zeus; the Delilah to my Samson. She was the fruit which I had been forbidden my entire life, and now, suddenly, I was glutted with it. I could have as much as I wanted and more, and more, and I was so happy that I felt like I was drowning.

I was afraid that once Tracy moved in, the relationship might cool off, we’d get used to each other, things would go stale. Seeing each other at work all day and then coming home together seemed like it might suffocate us. I regretted asking her to move in, but I knew if I recanted she would go berserk. My periods of doubt were frequent but brief, and interspersed with periods of absolute certainty.

In two weeks she had broken the lease on her apartment and moved in. Her crackle-painted Louis XV chairs harmonized strangely with my sleek black Italian leather sofa. Her wardrobe astounded me. There were half a dozen duffel bags full of shoes and a small mountain of stylish, designer clothes in the middle of the living room. We’d spent the whole weekend moving her in. It was Sunday night. We’d finally finished getting the last few boxes and collapsed together on the couch, nestled in amongst a tulle petticoat and a bag of bathrobes.

For a moment, I felt cold and numb; terrified, really. What the hell was I thinking… there was no way this could work… my god, she’s here, she lives here now, she lives in my apartment… what the hell did I do? Then she wound both of her little arms around my arm and pecked my cheek. All of my doubts melted away in a warm haze, and I pulled her close. She slid in to my lap and rested against my chest.

“Welcome home,” I told her, grinning.

She laughed a little. I put my hands around her waist to meet at the base of spine where I could feel her vertebrae. She ground her hips down in to my hard cock and I could feel the heat of her cunt even through my pants. I undid her cutoffs and she obliged, pushing them down around her knees, taking off her tube top. Then I took off my shirt, and undid my jeans and slid out of them. Then she kissed me aggressively, twisting around in my lap to straddle me.

Tracy fucked me in her pussy a little bit, then she stood up, pushing the clothes out of the way.

She got on the couch on all fours and presented her ass to me obligingly. I couldn’t resist licking her hot pussy first, then I drew my tongue down the smooth skin between pussy and ass. I held on to her bony hips with both hands, tonguing her asshole to relax her a bit. She leaned back into it a little, trembling in anticipation. I lubed my dick generously, then eased it in to her ass. She gasped at the pain, but as I started fucking her, she started to moan with pleasure. Her pussy was tight and she was a wonderful fuck, but fucking her in the ass took me to new dimensions of pleasure. Every thrust of my cock in the vicelike grip of her rectum sent a gut-wrenching wave of ecstasy through my body. Tracy seemed torn between torture and enjoyment, gasping while her ribs flared and her pussy was so wet it leaked down her legs and on the couch while her fingernails dug in.

We climaxed at the same time, me with an animal grunt and she with a throaty, “Yesss.” Then her frail arms and legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed, curling up on the couch in her own vaginal secretions, panting. I grabbed a robe from a nearby pile and threw it over us as I squeezed in beside her, stroking her divinely concave stomach, the prominence of her ribcage, and her perversely large, perfect breasts.

It wasn’t long before she fell asleep. I could feel myself drowsing, but I was determined to wake up in my bed with my woman beside me. So I got up, and gathered her featherweight body in my arms. She snuggled against me, and if I woke her she pretended I didn’t. I tucked her in, then crawled in to bed beside her, spooning her, and fell asleep more contented than I could ever remember being.

She awoke me the next morning by kissing me and stroking my dick. I was a little confused at first, then the whole bizarre reality of it all came rushing back.

“Good morning babe,” I murmured, kissing her.

“Time for breakfast,” she declared softly, and she disappeared under the covers. First she kissed my nipples, then I felt her soft little tongue sliding up and down my dick while one of her hands massaged my balls. The other hands wrapped around my waist and I felt her fingers dig in to the small of my back as she took my dick in to her mouth. Her tongue swirled gently as she went up and down, pausing to rest her cheek on my inner thigh, running her fingers along my veiny shaft, then she licked my balls and took my dick back in her mouth. Her lips were perfectly tight and wet, and after I came in her mouth she swallowed and gave me a few bonus sucks. Then she re-emerged from the blankets, her eyes shining and her face flushed from the heat.

“Good christ,” I whispered. “That was incredible.”

“You’re welcome,” she mewled, kissing me again so deeply that I got a taste of my own semen. She laid there a moment longer, stroking my hair as I held her. Then she hopped out of bed, glorious in her nakedness. I admired the sway of her tits, and the tilt of her hips, and the gap between her legs as she prowled to the bathroom, then out to the living room to rifle through her clothes and get ready for work.

I was sorely tempted to call in sick, but if Tracy did too it would look very bad, and if she didn’t there was no point for me to. So I luxuriated for a few more minutes in the warm, soft bed, in the afterglow of orgasm, then I followed Tracy’s example and started getting ready for work.

“Hey handsome,” said a voice in my ear. “How’d you like to have your world rocked tonight?”

It was about 2 a.m. and the bar I was at was closing shop. This girl was a looker too, so I said fuck it and grabbed her by the ass and shoved my tongue deep into her unsuspecting mouth.

“You are a feisty little fuck, aren’t you?” She said pulling away. I thought she was going to hit me but instead she reached down into my pants and grabbed my dick and pulled me out of the bar with her. “This is a night I promise you won’t forget.”

We got into a cab and made out all the way home and she rubbed my dick the whole way so that I almost blew my load in my pants. I tried to give her a few fingers but she grabbed my hand and put it on her tit instead so I pulled her tit out and worked it until it was as hard as my cock.

She threw some money at the cabbie when we stopped and pulled me, still by my dick up to her apartment where she threw me onto the bed.

“How kinky are you feeling tonight?” She asked.

“I dunno.” I replied, never really having been into anything super kinky.

“Well I have some handcuffs that I’ve been meaning to try out. Would you be up for that?”

She never gave me a chance to answer before she was rummaging in her drawer for her handcuffs which she used to tie me to the headboard. “Hmmm. Almost perfect.” She said going back to her drawer and grabbing the whole thing and setting it out of sight at the foot of the bed.

“We are going to have some fun tonight.” She said with a mischievous smile spreading across her face.

She pulled my pants off and left me completely naked on her bed. Then she grabbed a small cloth from her drawer and covered my eyes. “This should heighten your other senses, taste, touch, smell. You will be in heaven soon, I promise. It just might be a little hellish getting there.” She said giggling.

“Stick out your tongue!” She demanded, all of the sudden going from a sweet, sexy girl, to a dominating woman. I did as I was told. I felt her ass press down on my face and she stuck her little brown hole onto my tongue. “How does my ass taste? Don’t close your mouth, bitch! Lick my asshole! Stick your tongue into my poop chute!”

I started licking at her hole, it tasted alright. I began to work circles around her anus, probing it with the tip of my tongue from time to time. “Ah that’s it you little slut, I knew you could do it. Get me nice and wet.”

I felt her weight fall over my body and soon she was giving me an incredible blowjob. I started moaning into her asshole which made her suck harder. She started rubbing my ass with her fingers and soon I felt her stop sucking my dick and grab something out her drawer. I heard a noise like a fart and then felt a cold, slimy finger slide its way into my ass. “Do you like that, you little slut?” She said sliding her finger in and out, massaging my prostate. “Is that how you like to cum? With a finger in your ass? How about two?” I felt a second finger work its way into my ass, stretching it, hurting at first. But then feeling pretty alright. “I don’t think fingers are going to be enough to stretch this tight hole out.” She said. Again she grabbed something from her drawer and soon something much larger was being pushed into me. I cried out in pain.

“Oh stop you big baby, this isn’t even my biggest butt plug. But this one does have a special feature.”

She pushed and pushed on it, applying more and more lube until finally she had it buried in my ass, filling every inch of me. “There we go, now where is that remote? Oh here it is, let’s try a low setting shall we?” I felt the large invader inside me begin to pulse and as soon as I felt it I blew my load sky high.

“Holy shit you’re easy you little bitch. I bet you wouldn’t have lasted 5 seconds fucking my tight ass.”

She pulled the vibrating plug out of my ass and shoved it into my mouth. All I could taste was the lube. “Now clean this off. It’s no good in your ass now that you’re all stretched out. You’ll need something bigger. Luckily I have just the thing, but I think you’ll need to see it to believe it.” She took the plug out of my mouth and pulled off my blindfold.

There she was, kneeling over my chest, one big huge cock in her hand. And it was hers. I gasped at the sheer size of the thing, which she used as an opportunity to slide the twelve inches into the back of my throat making me gag. “Take my girl cock you slut. This is what you’ve been wanting all night, I just know it. You came from that little plug well I’m gonna make you cum twice as hard with my cherry destroyer. By the way, that’s my name, Cherry. Cause I take the cherries of all the little girly men I meet who are dying to get fucked my me.”

She shoved her dick in and out of my mouth till I was purple in the face. When she pulled it out it was covered in my saliva. “Nothing like lubing up the cock that’s going in your ass!” She crawled down to the bottom of the bed and pushed my knees up to my chest. “This is gonna hurt, I won’t lie. But after tonight you’ll be at my door every night begging to get fucked by my man-maker.” She lined up her dick and pushed as hard as she could. Only the tip went in. I felt as if the plug was back in, it was that big. She pushed again, and again, and again. Slowly her dick pushed into my ass until I yelled out of pain. I couldn’t take anymore so she pulled it back to the tip.

“Would you like me to stop? Well too! Fuckin’! Bad!” and with each word she pushed as hard as she could until her stomach was against my balls and her shaft was no longer visible.

Tear were streaming down my face as she pulled back and slammed in again and again. Each time, somehow, getting deeper and deeper into my ass. She kept thrusting, picking up her pace until she was pummeling me with sweat rolling down her perfect tits and suddenly the pain was gone and my dick was hard as a rock.

“You little fag, I knew you’d like my girly dick. Every little boy does. I’m gonna make you cum with my dick in your ass, then you’ll know who’s bitch you are.” She started stroking me in rhythm with her dick pounding into my ass until I couldn’t take anymore and I shot my second load of the night straight up onto her tits.

“You like that don’t you?” She said and she grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her cum-glazed double-d’s. “Eat your fuckin cum you slut!”

She pulled back and started fucking me harder than she had all night. “You slut, I’m gonna cum in your asshole! Take my girl-jizz you fuckin bitch!” I felt not just squirts, but rope after rope of cum shoot deep into my ass. She must have cum for a full minute, because when she finally pulled out, a giant pool of cum started to form around my ass.

“Fuck I haven’t ever cum that hard. Your ass was so tight.”

She started to get dressed and walk to the door, when she opened it she turned and said, “I’ll be back tomorrow night. I have a few girlfriends you might like and I know that ass of yours is gonna be ready for them.” And she left me there, handcuffed to the bed, naked.

The End.

(This story contains characters from the 7th season of House MD and takes place a few months after the events of the series finale.)

Martha M. Masters sat at the very front of her class, scribbling frantically. She hadn’t missed a single word so far in a 2-hour lesson and she had no intention of slipping up now.

The young redhead was nearing the end of her time as an intern at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Soon she would receive her degree as a fully-fledged doctor. The lecture she was attending wasn’t even required for her course, but Masters, being the nerd that she was, rationalized that a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone.

Deciding to continue her residency had taken time, in fact her first real break since she’d started studying medicine over 5 years ago. For all those years she had never wavered in her belief that this was her correct career path, that she belonged to this profession. Then she met House.

The time she spent working with the man had been the most bizarre, challenging and inspiring of her life. But it was also intense, insane and morally grey. By the end of her time with him she was stressed, fried and totally at a loss. All of her values had been put under question, her will tested. Hence the 3 month vacation.

The holiday had done the redhead good and she had spent the time freely enjoying the sunnier side of the world. Masters liked to think she’d matured as a result.

When she heard House had gone to prison Masters was forced to except reality. It was time for her to finish what she had started, get her degree and move forward from there. Without House issuing her insane challenges anymore becoming a Doctor actually seemed easy in comparison.

And so here she was, back in the hospital where it all began, pencil in hand, simply waiting for her time to end. With little left for her to do to complete her training Master’s had been at a loss, still desperate to improve herself. Then she discovered Dr. Hadley.

The young doctor had also worked under House, taken his crap, fought the same battles Masters had. Like the redhead Dr.Hadley had come close to the edge of oblivion, yet she was stronger for it and was respected by all for her achievements. Master’s simply idolized her. That was why she was here essentially, in the brunette’s class.

Masters watched as the brunette Doctor used a hand to stroke her long wavy hair over an ear, surveying the class. As she moved across the stage the young woman gesticulated at the image displayed on the board behind her.

For a person within a position of authority within the hospital, Dr.Hadley had made minimal effort to dress professionally, instead choosing clothes which teased the male students she taught endlessly. The young doctor wore black jeans, perhaps her tightest yet, and heels, which emphasized her toned frame. Complimenting these, a loose airy purple blouse was thrown casually over another of her casual tank tops. Masters’ eyes lingered a few seconds longer than was necessary before she remembered where she was. Quickly her attention returned to her notes.

Once House was arrested it quickly became apparent to Thirteen she was out of a job. After her own year in prison the brunette simply had nowhere left to go. Only house would take on a doctor/ ex con and she had been grateful to him for it. But now he was gone she had to face reality. Life would never be as exciting again.

The hospital board had been kind however, offering her a teaching job in House’s absence. It was a long shot but she was glad of the work and it kept her busy while she pursued other, less reputable interests. Despite this she doubted the position would last. She was a terrible teacher and she doubted she could get away with fucking any students. The brunette did her best to hide it, but she was desperately horny. It had been a while…

The lessons consisted of simple, beginner’s stuff, bodily functions and explanations of internal symptoms. Easy, inherently boring topics. To keep from going insane she paid more attention to her students.

From her vantage point she could measure up every young person in attendance. Thirteen, as always, was particularly interested in the girls that made up her class. All healthy, attractive and as bored as she was. There was however, a single redhead that especially caught her attention, who acted differently from the rest.

Masters had sat at the front of every one of Thirteen’s lectures, asking questions at every possible opportunity. Whilst others half-heartedly listened, prepared to cram last minute rather than actually taking notes, this girl actively took part and seemed fully absorbed.

At first it had been kind of annoying, the redhead was after all way too advanced in her training for this class, supposedly being some kind of genius. So the brunette had been curt with her answers. But after a while Thirteen had had no choice other than to take Masters in, since the girl spent so much time vying for her attention and the brunette had effectively become the girl’s mentor.

Thirteen studied Masters now as she talked. The redhead was small and cute, dressed like a classic teacher’s pet. Not that Thirteen minded, after all she was the teacher. The redhead wore a surprisingly short skirts, this one black and adorned in flower motifs. Thirteen doubted it was intentional, but the hem of those tapered skirts ended just below the curve of her adorably pert behind. She also wore heeled pumps in a desperate attempt to increase her height and socks that came up to her knees. Then there were the tops, which were all crisp, yet stretched like she hadn’t changed them since before puberty. This just resulted in the garments struggling to contain the young, supple breasts within. Today’s blue number yet again failed to hide the glorious round globes. The wide black belt wrapped around her midriff, coupled with the girl’s excellent posture, thrust her assets forward.

The girl was undeniably adorable, jotting away determinedly as Thirteen talked at length about the lower digestive tract and sphincter, personally her most intensely studied regions. She watched intently as the girl’s big brown eyes flitted between her notepad and the brunette herself, all from beneath her fringe, which had become longer and less tidy since her time under House’s tenure.

Thirteen didn’t tend to rob the cradle when she could avoid it, Masters carrying a little more baby fat than her usual conquests. But the brunette was hornier than ever and there was something about this girl that presented a challenge she simply could not pass up. She was tenacious and oblivious to how the rest of the world functioned. Thirteen became wet just imagining showing her how things really worked.

So when the young redhead asked for a moment of her time as the lecture finished, the brunette was powerless to resist, telling the girl to wait a second whilst she finished packing her bags.

As the other students filed out noisily, Masters waited patiently at the desk just off to the side of the stage, nervous to finally have her teacher’s full attention. She fidgeted, holding her books tightly against her chest as Dr. Hadley came over, smiling.

“Dr. Masters, I’m glad you’ve been taking such a keen interest, but I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been taking even more notes than usual today. Fascinated by the rectum?”

Master blushed furiously, stumbling over words and averting her eyes as she replied: “Well of course the whole body is fascinating, but the sphincter just seems so off-limits, so private. Knowledge is power right??”

Thirteen feigned a frown, though internally she allowed herself a giggle. This girl was clearly a virgin, so uptight and nervous.

“You understand as a doctor there can be no region of the body your uncomfortable or unfamiliar with, right?”

Masters bit her lip, looking down at her shoes.

“I-I know, but I can’t exactly get much experience of that region unless a patient comes in with a rectal ailment. Did you know only 2.5% of cases require the doctor to handle the anus? Weird right??”

“I think it’s weirder that you know that…” Thirteen replied, though again she smiled warmly.

Again there was silence, Masters swaying awkward before she built up the courage to ask what she had been intending throughout the lecture: “I was just wondering if you knew anyway I could get some practice? You know, in that area…”

For a moment Thirteen was speechless. It was like this girl was offering herself to the brunette on a silver platter! She tried to stay calm, speaking slowly and carefully when she replied: “Well I can’t summon a patient here for you to examine, but I could give you some basic one on one instruction. Of course, only if you’re up for it…”

Masters nodded enthusiastically, thrilled to have a chance to learn from and maybe even prove herself to her idol.

“Well… Do you know Dr. Malcolm’s thesis on the lower digestive tract?” asked Thirteen pointing to one of the books in the redhead’s arms.

Again Masters just nodded.

“You think you could use that amazing memory of yours to draw the full Malcolm diagram on my board?”

Master’s leapt at the chance to impress the brunette Doctor and eagerly took a chalk piece from the young woman. Soon she was sketching away, a large image of the rectum, sectioned down the middle, began taking shape on the board.

Thirteen-leant back on the desk, watching as the girl worked tirelessly, eyes drawn to the girl’s sweet little behind as she wiggled from left to right.

When Masters finished she turned to Thirteen intently, who addressed her once more as a teacher would a student:

“Not bad, so we at least know now that you have an idea of where everything is. But there’s a difference between understanding and experiencing how a procedure works.”

Thirteen rose from her leaning position and strode over to Masters, grabbing her firmly by the shoulders and turning her slowly so that she faced the board once more, before pushing the redhead forward and directing her palms onto its surface. Now Masters was mere millimeters from her own diagram, perplexed by where this was going.

“Now I’m going to try a visualization technique which will help you identify with your patient. Close your eyes and imagine your diagram.

Masters did as she was told, and Thirteen watched gleefully as her brow furrowed in concentration. Then the brunette allowed her own hands to slide down the young redhead’s back slipping along her spine, inching her waist forward until she was in a more arched position, like Masters was doing push ups against the board.

Masters big brown eyes sprung open as she felt a hand descend onto one of her ass cheeks, gasping as long fingers squeezed her skirt clad buttocks.

Master’s attempted to turn but Thirteen used another firm hand to hold her in place.

“Sorry but I was just wondering how this will help me learn…” Masters flinched, yelping mid-sentence as the brunette slapped a palm against one of her cheeks before continuing to fondle her most private region. Had she just been spanked?

“Shhhhh! Keep those eyes closed and remember what I’ve taught you. The best way to understand a treatment is to know its application inside out. This way you can get to grips with every aspect and relate to the patient. Did you know you have a perfect behind? Supple, tight but with plenty of give??

Masters shook her head, deeply embarrassed whilst also flattered. Mainly however, she was thoroughly perplexed.

“Well it is perfect. Now seeing as you’re so interested I suppose I could demonstrate how to work with the female posterior… Just stay still whilst I make some adjustments.”

Masters obediently stayed in position against the board as Thirteen crossed to the lecture room’s door and locked it, before pulling the blind. Then she opened her rucksack and pulled out a tub of her homemade lubricant.

The clear gel was a freshly mixed batch of thirteen’s secret aphrodisiac. When applied to a woman’s privates the formula drastically increases sex drive by stimulating hormones. The poor virgin redhead wouldn’t know what hit her.

Thirteen then repositioned herself behind the anxious girl, placing the now open tub on the rim of the blackboard before them, where chalk was usually kept.

Masters didn’t resist when she felt Dr. Hadley press a hand into the small of her back forcing her to turn her head so that her cheek was against the chalky surface. Her bosoms soon followed suit. This left her back arched and her butt dangerously vulnerable.

“Do you trust me Masters, as your teacher??”

“Of course I do.”

And the redhead genuinely did trust Thirteen, in spite of her current vulnerability. Dr. Hadley was a colleague and her teacher. Masters was so desperate to be a better doctor she was prepared to sacrifice a little dignity.

“Alright, then I need you to lean forward more and widen your stance. That’s better.”

Thirteen used her feet to push Masters’ own further apart before pulling the girl’s hips back into her own. Then her hands delved back between the soft globes beneath her.

Masters shuddered as Dr. Hadley began sliding her hands slowly, almost sensually up the back of her thighs before finally reaching her virgin behind, pushing her skirt up and around her waist. The brunette then began methodically squeezing and weighing her soft globes, as if her butt was a ripe piece of fruit.

Martha remembered however, what her fellow doctor had told her and visualized the female posterior whilst her own was so close to being violated. Thankfully for Thirteen this kept her distracted enough to keep her anxiety at bay.

Behind the brunette licked her lips, eyes glued to the succulent baby bottom of the girl before her. She was so innocent, so easy to manipulate. Even the intern’s panties reflected her virginity, girly y-fronts decorated with bright rainbow colours. The brunette didn’t let this distract her from her prize however and slipped the tiny childish garment over the girl’s butt focusing on the rosebud concealed beneath.

Master’s opened her dark eyes once more as she felt her undies drop to between her spread ankles, suddenly realizing the true nature of this learning technique. She was prepared to step back and confront Thirteen on this latest development, but the brunettes strong stance still held the redhead powerless, against the board.

“Dr. Hadley, I’m not sure if I’m ready to experience this, I’m not even a full doctor yet.”

Thirteen pressed her crotch and chest into the girl’s back, becoming flush with her prey against the blackboard, brushing hair over Masters’ ear before breathing into it seductively:

“This will liberate you Masters. Even help loosen up your patient care. I’m doing all the work and this is just a favour. Why would you back out?”

Thirteen rubbed the girl’s tight ring with one hand, drawing a finger around it soothingly and in ever-smaller circles. This distracted the girl’s attention from what the other hand was doing, delving into the tub just beside them and gathering gel between her digits.

“I- I know, but I’ve never even been touched d-down there. And I ate recently…”

“I’ll be nice and gentle, just visualize what I’m doing to you and name the components I touch. Easy.”

“ohhkay, I… mmmmpph! I ohh, unngh!”

Masters whimpered as she felt her soft virginal cheek being pulled forcefully apart before a long finger was worked into her tight sphincter. It felt so wrong and yet immediately she became hotter and wet.

Thirteen had to push hard to insert her index finger, the redhead was so tight and tensed up. The young girl had to rise up onto her tiptoes just to accommodate the intrusion and she desperately widened her already stretched stance. Clearly she was going to have to relax the girl further. So without waiting for permission she moved her other hand between Masters’ legs, cupping the quivering girls snatch and then messaging her soft clitoris.

Masters bucked involuntarily pressing herself even harder into the wall, before feeling a new sensation. This other intrusion into her other most private orifice felt good, really good. The slightest movement sent waves of pleasure to her brain and within seconds she was more relaxed, even wanting more.

Thirteen felt the girl beneath sigh and uncoil from her built up tension. The redhead was like putty in her hands, melting into the brunette. Then she felt the poor girl’s stomach rumble and braced herself.

Masters groaned and then reddened violently when she began involuntarily passing gas, her whole body shaking as she got some much needed release.

Thirteen grinned, this girl was so tightly wound that this reaction had been inevitable. And the fart had been an adorable drawn out squeak.

“I’m so sorry Dr. Hadley, that was totally inappropriate and embarrassing. I…”

Thirteen cut her off sharply: “Shhhhh. It’s totally natural. The first thing you need to learn as a doctor is to give up on embarrassment, you need to let these things fly to put your patient at ease.” Thirteen rubbed her the redhead’s stomach, before continuing: “Just remember that you can’t control your reaction and focus on how your body’s automatic responses. I’m going to go deeper now.”

Thirteen then began adding another finger, slowly and as softly as possible. Masters’ adorable rosebud clamped down on both hard but this was only a minor defensive reaction and soon Thirteen had squeezed in two digits up to the knuckle. Then to loosen her up sufficiently, the brunette began twisting and turning them inside the girl’s back passage.

The small redhead struggled to get a hold of what was being done to her. The sensation of her mentor’s fingers delving into her behind both extremely strange but also weirdly pleasurable. As Dr. Hadley twisted her hand around her sphincter the small girl gradually began to move in sync with her.

Martha nearly buckled when Thirteen withdrew her fingers, but then tensed as a cold gel was slapped in generous quantities onto her anus and then pressed deep into her sphincter. Soon she began to feel a growing warmth which made it increasingly hard for her to concentrate on her knowledge of the digestive tract.

Thirteen watched the redhead fall apart before her, as Masters began twitching and gyrating involuntarily. Soon her thighs began rubbing together feverishly as the gel began dripping down her stockings. Thirteen had to physically stop and pull the girl’s legs apart before continuing. Dealing with an intense virgin like Masters was tougher than she first thought possible.

Masters felt a hand rise to her mouth and instinctively opened it to speak. Before she could however the digits, which until recently had been in her butt, were stuffed between her pink lips.

The redhead gagged, attempting to spit out the digits, unable to comprehend what she was tasting. Before she could respond properly however Dr. Hadley’s other hand speared back into her own pooper and she was pressing herself against the board once more. This time another digit had been added and Martha was glad to have a distraction, whilst sucking hard helped her to keep quiet.

The brunette’s hand also tasted surprisingly good, long fingers sliding deep into her own mouth. She sucked at them diligently. The red head realized she was tasting her own ass, which was both tart and earthy. But it felt so good, almost addictive like she was sucking on her own thumb. At least, that was how she rationalized it.

Thirteen kept Masters hooked to her fingers, knowing the redhead was powerless to resist the intoxicating gel. The girl was soon slurping greedily at her hand like she was possessed and this made it easy for the brunette to focus on the girl’s exposed behind.

So the young doctor redoubled her efforts now using four fingers to spread her formula over the tight walls of Masters’ anus, swirling and pumping until the girl was even more cooperative.

You put the blindfold back on and switch the handcuffs so they’re in front of me instead of behind. You push me back down so my ass is in the air again. You lightly brush from my clit to my tight little asshole, trailing my juices, feeling how wet I am for the first time.

“You dirty little whore, do you know how wet your pussy is right now? I know you’d turn out to be a good submissive. Look at you lying to yourself trying to get away from me. I bet you’ve fantasized about this for a long time. Well you’re finally going to get what you want and what you deserve.”

I hear what sounds like a vibrator and eventually I feel it lightly flick across my clit. You play with it for a little bit before you move it up and down my juicy lips, teasing my pussy and clit mercilessly until you think I’m close to cumming, my moans growing louder.

You stop abruptly, “Oh no little girl not yet. You don’t think I’m going to make it that easy for you, do you? You’re going to have to work a little bit before I let you cum. Do you know what I want you to do for me?”

“No..” I say trying to catch my breathe.

You give my clit a nice pinch and it makes me wince but I remember not to make a sound this time. “That’s a good slut for not making a noise when I punish you but what did I tell you to address me by?”

“Sir or Master, Sir.” I say quickly wanting you to go back to pleasuring my pussy that’s so wet for you.

“That’s right, so I will ask you again. Do you know what I want you to do for me?” You say, still not putting a hand on me.

“No Sir..”

“Good girl,” you say putting the vibrating toy back on my hot spot, this time putting just the cold tip into my pussy. You take it out to spread my juices all over, including on my tight little asshole. “I’m going to make you take this in what looks like your virgin ass. It’s going to hurt at first but you’re going to be a good submissive and take it. Do you understand me?”

“Please no Sir, I’ve never had anything in my ass before. Please do anything else, please.” I plead with you.

You ignore me completely and continue to play with my pussy, spreading my juices to my asshole to make it ready for its upcoming intrusion. “I love hearing you beg for mercy. You sound like the little sub that you are. I’m going to make you beg more than you can possibly imagine.”

I feel the tip of the vibrating device poking my tight asshole. I try to move away from it but you pull me back with another spanking. “Now don’t go and do anything you’ll regret, right my little slut?”

“Yes Master..” I say as I can feel, what now I believe to be a butt plug, go in a little deeper than before.

“That’s my good little girl, now just relax your sexy tight little hole,” you purr as you take the plug back out. You penetrate me deeper and deeper each time you pull out until I groan in a mixture of pain and pleasure and I realize that it has reached its full potential in what was once my virgin ass. “I want you to guess know how many inches of plug is buried deep in your slutty asshole.”

Trying to mask both my pain and pleasure I manage to get out some words, “Master I don’t know.. 3?”

Laughing out loud, “Oh no my little fuck toy, and for that,” you say as you give my extremely red bottom a quick stinging spank causing my occupied hole to clench around the plug sending shooting sparks of both pain and pleasure up my spine. “Guess again slut.”

Feeling so confused at how I could be so turned on by this, I manage to spit out, “Uh.. uhm.. 5?”

“I knew you were a smart little slut,” you say as you push the plug fast and hard immediately making me cry out loud with extreme pleasure. “Oh yeah my little girl, you love that don’t you? Do you like your asshole being devirginized in such a slutty manner?” You give my ass another spank and pull the plug out only to immediately shove it back in to its full potential.

“YES Master!” I manage to say in between frantic breathes.

“Mmm, you are getting very willing aren’t you, whore? You love being treated like the submissive slut you are, don’t you? Tell me you like it. Tell me you want more. Tell me you don’t want me to stop. Now!” You say with such intenseness I get a little frightened.

“Master I.. I..” I’m drawing another blank at fear of your anger. And sure enough I feel both your hands come down on my ass. I scream in pain only to be jolted from the floor off of my feet and slammed into a wall. Blindfold and butt plug still in their rightful places.

“I don’t think you realize the severity of my demands. You’re not being a very good girl when I was so nice to pleasure you.” I can feel your breathe on my neck and my pussy dripping down my legs. “I will give you one more chance. Tell your Master what he wants to hear.”

I manage to catch my breath, “Please play with me Sir. I want you to make me cum. I like being your slut Sir, please make me cum. Please Sir please!”

I am begging and pleading with you. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything before. I tried to keep it in, but I secretly want you to break me. Just like that I feel myself leaving the wall and being carried away. I don’t know where you’re taking me but I am excited. I feel myself being thrown and I land on a soft bed. You grab me by the cuffs and I feel you roping me up. You lay me on my back and tie my ankles to separate corners of the bed and the cuffs to the other end. I am completely and utterly vulnerable to you.

I feel you take a step back and I can feel your eyes on me when you whisper, “beautiful, just beautiful. I wish you could see yourself right now. Totally open to your submission, whether you like it or not. You’re quite the masterpiece. Now tell me again.”

“Sir I want you. I want you to do whatever you want with me. I’m your.. I’m your dirty little slut. Turn me into your submissive fuck toy..” I’m becoming anxious and the suspense building up inside me is going to make me explode.

Still watching me you say, “that’s right my little one. Beg for it. Beg for me to make your little cunt cum. You will not cum until you ask permission. You will not cum until I give you that permission. If you cum before I say you can, I will spank that naughty little cunt and punish you farther than your wildest imaginations. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master. Please I will not cum before you give me permission. Please play with me Sir. Please make me cum.” I’m squirming with anticipation trying to move the butt plug around at least while I wait for your expert hands.

“Make what cum?!” You snap.

“Please Master.. make my naughty little cunt cum. I want you to play with my… slutty.. cunt.” Still trying to wiggle the butt plug around.

“Do you think I’m stupid? Quit moving, you will not pleasure yourself. You haven’t earned that privilege yet. I really do wish you could see yourself right now, begging and whimpering like a little puppy dog. So pathetic and, yet in some way, cute and endearing.” You say with a chuckle that just wants to make me cum on the spot. Your demeaning arrogance is really turning me on right now. But, I try to stay as still as possible and patiently await my fate. “That’s it, good willing slut. Be patient. You won’t have to wait to wait too much longer. You’re too willing to keep you waiting… although, I think I will make you wait a little longer.”

Sex-starved perverts (like you) are constantly looking for something to whet—or maybe even wet—the appetite, and the news, of all things, often supplies a plethora of fare that is salacious, titillating, and prurient in nature, if only in a puerile sense.

It’s easy to find such material. Simply click the “News” tab on your web browser. Which browser you use to browse the ‘web doesn’t really matter; their all in cahoots with one another, offering the the same sick stuff day in and day out. After clicking “News,” simply enter the key word of your choice, maybe from a predetermined list. As a result, you’re sure to attain a lot of results—pages of links to scores or hundreds of associated “news” stories, both hard and soft, which are usually posted when there’s a lack or actual news, to fill web pages with something rather than nothing.

Let me offer just a few examples, to give you an idea as to how to best waste your time.

You can’t go wrong with “boobs.” You will go wrong, however, with “breasts.” The latter term is usually associated with the mammary glands, not titties viewed as boys’ toys, so the stories you’ll access will be the serious, somber, no-nonsense, matter-of-fact junk that only scientists, medical doctors (especially plastic surgeons), and nerds are interest in perusing. “Boobs,” as a key word, on the other hand will deliver a mix of both the serious and the frivolous, including such headlines as these: “Boobies Rock! T-shirt company cashes in on cancer,” “Full federal appeals court hears arguments in ‘I (Heart) Boobies’ bracelet case,” “Moms sue school over ban on ‘boobies’ bracelets,” “Has Orlando Bloom asked Miranda Kerr to cover up her ‘Boobies’?,” “Bigger Boobies’ Hallmark Card For 13-Year-Old Provokes Angry Protests On Twitter,” and “Janelle Evans, star of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ gets breast implants, says they are the ‘perfect size.’”

“Nipples,” as a search term nets these ‘net results: “Forget tattooing—Small Nipples Have Always Been The Platonic Ideal,” “Miranda Kerr’s nipples make an appearance,” “”Beyonce Reveals the Power of the Fake Boob,” “84% of women don’t want to see men’s nipples at office: survey” (which means, of course that 14% do want to see men’s nips at work), “Emma Watson’s Nipples: Cannes Dress a Disaster for ‘Harry Potter’ Star (PHOTOS,” “Woman Has Nipple Bitten Off,” “Women’s nipples as ‘orgasmic’ as G-spot,” “‘Tittooing’ Becomes the Latest Trend for UK Women Who Want Perfect Nipples,” “Smoking Can make Your Nipples Fall Off,” “Kimberly Walsh’s nipples Jump Out at fans during Girls Aloud gig,” and “Britain’s ‘Got Talent’: David Walliams can’t resist tweaking nipples” (sounds like there’s maybe there’s a big time sexual harassment case in the making!).

In doing my own searches for Internet fare that is salacious, titillating, and prurient in nature, if only in a puerile (and rather pathetic, I might add) sense, I generally start topside, with boobs and nipples, and work my way “south,” next entering the country of the Female Pudendum, wherein such terms as “clit,” “labia,” and “pussy” (again, most of the time, slang is better, for searches, than clinical terms, with a few exceptions, such as “labia”). Here are some results: “The labia ‘pride’ movement,” “Unhappy With Your Gross Vagina? Why Not Try The ‘Barbie’?,”What’s in your Vulva?,” “Designer Genitalia: Fad, Benefit, or Mutilation?,” “Women with genital cutting have poorer sex lives,” “International Clitoris Week Is Just Around The Corner” (mark your calendars!); “How I Get Away With masturbating In Public,” “Retraction of the Clitoral Head,” “Snoop Dogg Talks About Being A Pimp: ‘A Lot Of Athletes Bought Pussy From Me’ (DETAILS),” and lots and lots of headlines about Pussy Riot.

Okay, milady also has a backside, so words like “ass,” “butt,” and “anus” (and maybe “anal”) should fetch some fetching (and maybe even some “felching”) results. Here are a few: “Rihanna To Chris Brown—How Could You leave My Ass?,” “Miley Cyrus Bares Her Big Ass (Again) $ Goes Topless in Maxim Shoot,” “10 glaring spelling mistakes that make you look like an ass on the Internet,” “Selena Gomez on Nikki Minaj: ‘Her Ass Is Very Big,’” “Danni Minogue: ‘I used to be called Kylie’s ugly-ass sister,” “Giant Sea Cucumber Eats With Its Anus,” “Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Tears Anus With a Failed Bronco Buster,” “Man Has Light-bulb Surgically Removed From Anus” (don’t try this at home!), “Man undergoes Surgery after Putting Live Eel up his Anus,” “Farrah Abraham Sees Nothing Wrong with Her Fetish for Anal Sex” (neither so we, Farrah!), “Child born without anus still has not received help,” “Man, startled by bottle rocket shot out of anus, sues frat,” “Today I Anal Tattoos: This Woman Has A Butthole Tribute To The Beatles (NSFW),” and “Forced anal penetration of men not rape.”

Searching for “dick” will return mostly men whose names (or nicknames) are “Dick.” (Why would any man in his right mind want to be called “Dick” all his life?) Here are a few examples, before we move on: Dick Evey, Dick Powell, Richard E. “Dick” Allyn, Dick Van Dyke (now, there’s a name; it incorporates a reference to both the penis and to butch lesbians!), Dick Spotswood, Dick Dale, Dick Piney, Dick Trickles (no, we are not making this up!), Richard “Dick” G. Dietsche, Dick Jeradi, and Dick Bowers. (I don’t know about you, but that’s enough “Dicks” for me.)

“Cock” delivers a few better headlines: “Cock: A Sexually Charged Story Without Onstage Sex,” “Fustercluck’s Cock ‘Visible from outer Space[']: See It,” “Brad Pitt Retires Stunt Cock: No More Sex Scenes,” “Cock Bling: Venfield 8 on His Phallic Fashion Statements,” and “Dildo porn cock-up forces Vine to change age rating to 17+” (whatever that means).

“Balls” mostly goes nowhere as a search term, but we did come (cum?) up with “Monkey with blue balls added to top ten new species list.”

And, last if not least, “sperm” and “semen” produced these results: “Zoologger: the tiny insect with massive sperm,” “Air Pollution Could Shrivel Sperm’s DNA,” “”Researchers develop sperm-sorting design that may aid couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization,” “Sperm Trajectories, Evolving Humans And A Tomato Tapestry: The Best Scientific Figures For 2012,” “Stress Can Hamper Your Sperm Count,” “Sperm donation gaining greater acceptance in India,” “Naked mole rats have the world’s ugliest, most sluggish sperm” (who’d have thought?), “Too Much TV Tied To Low Sperm Count in Young Men,” “Female Ulidiid Flies Expel Sperm And Eat It, New Study Shows,” “Stunning 3D Sperm Images Reveal new Motion,” “Semen Cocktails: New Cookbook, ‘Semenology, Provides Recipes, Storage Tips And More,” “Semen Has Anti-aging Benefits? If Heather Locklear Says So,” “Semen Cocktails: The Mixology Of Man Sauce Is A Real Thing,” “Horse semen on the menu at new Zealand food festival,” and “Semen has direct effect on female brain” (female “brain”?).

These are just a few of the many headlines that await the persistent pervert, and they resulted from the use of only a handful (well, a handful, a mouthful, a twatful, and and assful) of key terms. There are many other possibilities, of course, to expand and extend your own Internet searches. (Just imagine what you might come up with if you went “tranny” chasing or conducted a search for “transsexuals”!)

Finally, don’t overlook the list of headlines that Literotica itself provides. At the time I wrote this review, the site of all sites lists the following gems, complete with summaries: “The summer’s best beach reads are page-turners with plenty of sex, sizzle and . . .,” “Newark Archdiocese Leader Resigns Amid Sex Scandal,” “Hagel Calls Sex Assaults in Military a ‘Scourge’,” “Helio Castroneves would give up sex for a year to win the Indy 500,” ” Sex and erotica don’t draw moviegoers anymore,” “‘Open season’ for sex at Alaskan base, military officials say,” ” U-Md.: Curl sex abuse was reported to attorney general’s office,” “Female lawmakers leading push to crack down on military sex crimes,” ” Florida teen rejects plea deal in controversial same-sex case,” and “Wartime sex slaves urge Japan mayor to quit.”

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