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NOTES: Another change of direction and style.

This story is a fantasy based on suggestions from an online chat partner in Latin America.

Whilst many of the situations have been discussed between us, it remains a chaste, unrealised relationship, or if you prefer, a dream.

This story is the first two parts of that dream which I may or may not continue with, depending on feedback.


Day 1

The aeroplane hits the runway and we knew that we had arrived on our vacation. It was the first time in many years that either of us had been able to visit overseas and we had chosen Mexico. This meant that I could fly to meet with you and we could travel together.

I was excited when I gripped your hand. Being close to you and being able to touch you continues to surprise me. Each time our bodies touch, however briefly or however tiny, my heart quickens and my thoughts commit each second to my memory. I am afraid that these moments may never repeat or return and that every one may be the last.

You had been seated next to the window and therefore I sat up first to retrieve some of our bags from the lockers above our heads. I was stood in the aisle, reaching up and you moved closer. For the flight, you had chosen to wear a short, denim skirt that had five metal buttons at the front and a three inch, v-shaped gap from the bottom and a red cami blouse made from a thin fabric with narrow straps that stretched over shoulders and down to your bust.

When you moved closer, I could smell your shampoo and perfume that remained strong despite the recycled air conditioning. When I looked down, I could see your bosom and your smooth, sweet skin across your thighs and arms.

Without thinking, the image of you made me harden a little and my cotton shorts became more tight as your face turned towards them. Your eyes looked up at mine.

“Hooo, mi amor. You are getting hot for me? You should have done this sooner, then we could have used the time on our plane to have some fun, yes?” and your beautiful, sweet lips kissed the bulging fabric.

“Yes Maria. Once more, I am a stupid English man. There are many things that we could have done for fun but we have ten days together and we can do anything that you can think of. And also, if your love has not exhausted me, we have the flight back to continue our fun and more.”

With smiles on both of our faces, I move myself into the aisle of the plane to allow you space to leave your seat. I collect our hand luggage and follow you towards the exit doors. We walk slowly but I walk more quickly than you. This allows me to repeatedly bump into you. My groin presses into your buttocks. My erection has not subsided and rubbing against you makes it harder.

“What are you doing? You are being naughty with me?” When you realise that I am playing with you, you walk more slowly and sometimes you step backwards and rub against me. Now my penis is fully hard and it is becoming wet also.

I groan with disappointment when we are at the exit door and our little game must conclude. You turn your face towards me.

“Until later mi amor. We can continue our game later.” And you kiss my cheek with a naughty wink.

We continue to laugh and to enjoy being with each other whilst we collect our luggage and proceed through Customs and Passport Control. Once completed, we leave the airport in a limousine provided by our hotel.

The drives speaks Spanish and I do not understand everything that he says but you open a drawer in the rear of the compartment and remove two glasses and a small bottle of champagne.

“This is with the compliments of the hotel Mark. They hope that we enjoy our vacation with them. I think that we will. Yes?”

I open the bottle and pour the champagne into one glass.

“You do not want to drink? Or you do not want me to drink?” Your face appears confused.

“No Maria. I think that we will both drink but to begin, I thought that we could share our first glass.” I give you the glass and ask that you do not swallow. Then, when you have a mouth full of champagne, I kiss you. Your eyes widen and when my tongue enters your mouth, the champagne flows into my mouth.

We kiss for many moments but it feels like an eternity. There is passion, fizzy bubbles, cold, dry liquid and hot, wet mouths. My left hand touches your right thigh. I stroke your leg and my hand moves into the gap of your skirt. You gasp and swallow the remaining champagne. You relax into the leather seat of the limousine and permit my hand to explore.

“You can keep that glass. I will pour another for myself.” I relax also but my fingers have now found the fabric of your panties and I gently stroke you.

When I have poured my glass, I lean towards you again. I hold my arm in the air in the traditional pose for lovers to share a drink. You entwine your arm in mine and we drink. You ask me not to swallow and kiss me.

We repeat our kiss of passion that exchanges champagne and tongues. Your eyes shine with lust and you are breathing deeply. My finger pushes into your panties and between the lips of your vagina. You gasp again and your eyes open wide.

The limousine slows to a stop and we hear the driver open his door and then your door. He speaks in Spanish again and you reply. When the driver opens my door, I leave the car and look at you, my beautiful, sexy Latina goddess.

“He apologises for interrupting our fun. When our vacation is complete and he drives us to the airport again, he will arrive 30 minutes early and use a longer route. He likes to watch couples enjoy the privacy of his limousine and the freedom of being on vacation.”

I laugh a little, “That does not sound like it would be completely private but perhaps we can give him an exhibition of how much we love each other and how naughty you can be.”

We obtain our room key from reception and a porter carries our luggage to our villa. Our accommodation has its own swimming pool and a Jacuzzi on a secluded patio and the biggest bed that I have ever seen.

“Hoooo!! Wow!! I do not believe this. This is all ours for this week?”

“This is the first time in many years that we can share the same room. I wanted to make this time memorable.”

“Awww, I have remembered every second since I saw you at the airport. And I will remember all of the seconds until you must leave me there again.” And you jump into my arms and wrap your legs around my waist. I wrap my arms around you and you hold my head in your hands so that we can kiss.

There is no audience, no restrictions on where we can go and what we can do. Our kiss has the urgency of anticipation. Your lips are soft and sweet and your breath sweet also. Your scent engulfs me and my senses are overwhelmed.

There is no room, there is no resort, there is no you, there is no me. There is only us. We have merged and become one. My mouth in your mouth. Your mouth in my mouth. Your thighs grip my thighs. My thighs fill your thighs. I kiss your neck and ear. Your eyes close and you permit your senses to feel everything.

Our hearts beat faster and more strongly. I can feel yours and you can feel mine. I squeeze your buttocks with my hand and you squeeze me with your thighs. Your skirt has gathered at your waist and exposed your panties.

No one can see them but my hands feel your naked buttocks and I know that you are wearing a tanga. I grip you with one hand and my other hand holds the fabric of your tanga. I pull the fabric higher and it rubs between your legs. Between the lips of your vagina. Against your clitoris.

Your body rises and falls against me. The energy from your movements has caused the straps of your camiseta to fall from your shoulders. When I kiss your neck, I can kiss lower and lower on your shoulder, following the edge of your camiseta as it falls from you.

Eventually, the swollen mound of your breast is at my lips and I kiss and suck and lick it. I savour its taste and feel in my mouth. A mixture of both saltiness and sweetness. I walk towards a wall and press you against it. I throw your body up slightly and your legs are now wrapped around my stomach and my head is against your breasts.

You pull your camiseta off and I kiss all of your naked torso. Your shoulders, your neck, your chest, your breasts, your dark, large areola and your firm, swollen nipples. You rub your vagina against my stomach and I can feel that your arousal is making you wet.

My arousal is hard and throbbing. I unbutton my shorts and push them down, with my underwear. My penis is released and knows what to do. It pushes up and touches your naked buttocks. It is wet and slides on your skin, searching for your own wetness.

My fingers claw at the gusset of your tanga and pull it away from you. Now my fingers rub between your buttocks, trying to find your vagina. It is very wet here as we slide together. The tip of my penis slides between my fingers and I guide it towards your hidden folds.

You tense your body and hold my head in your hands. We look at each other. There is love in your eyes that is reflected from my eyes.

“We have waited for many years for this moment. I thought that we could never be together. And now, we are here. My dream becomes a reality. You know that I love you but I will understand if this is not what you wished for our first lovemaking.” My heart is pounding loudly in my chest as I await your reply.

“Mi amor, mi papi. I want you. I want all of you. I want you to make love with me. I want you to fill me with your milk and give me a baby. I want you to make me pregnant with our love.” And I smile and relax.

“But now. At this moment, I want you to fuck me. Push your cock deep in me and make me cum. I need it. I want it. I want it all.” And you thrust yourself down onto my penis. You are tight but you are very wet and I slide easily into you.

“Hooooooooooooooooooo. Mi amor. You are inside me. So deep. So good. So much. I love it.” Years of anticipation culminate in the heavenly caress of my angel’s vagina.”

“Maria. I want you more than anything. We have waited too long but we can still be tender and passionate.” I hold you to me and walk towards the bedroom. I climb upon the bed and lay you beneath me.

“Yes, mi amor. Mi papi. Make love to me now, here on this bed. Give me your cum and make our child. Fill my belly with your sperm so that our baby can grow in me.” You are laying on your back and you have opened your legs to me. You are holding your knees and lifting your legs high into the air.

We kiss, slowly, deeply and with love. I begin to make love with you and I move up and down slowly. I can feel each inch of my penis stroked by you. The feeling is indescribable. So soft and also so tight. So wet and also so tender.

You move your hips around me. Our bodies are joined and they are one. Again, there is no me, there is no you. There is only us and we are together and we are one.

Your fingers scratch my back and grip my buttocks. There is a little pain but the ecstasy of the pleasure that I feel conquers the pain. I place my hand between our bodies. My fingers touch your wet skin and they slide down until they find your clit. I squeeze and stroke your clit and your body shivers. You are trembling as your pleasure increases and you are closer to your climax.

“Yes. Yes papi. Rub me there. Make me cum. Make me cum on your cock. I want it. I want it all!!” Your head is moving left and right and your hair sticks to your forehead and neck. Your breath is becoming hoarse.

You lower your legs and your feet press into the mattress of the bed to lift your body up to mine. We are thrusting into each other now. I can feel your body tremble again. I push my thumb onto your clit and kiss your lips, sucking the life from your body as I prepare to pump my life into your body.

I move lower and suck your swollen breast. The round areola and nipple fill my mouth. My teeth gently bite you and graze your skin. My tongue licks you and then I bite you again with more aggression.

“Yes. More. More. I’m cumming. O papi!!” You thrust up and collapse underneath me. Your legs wrap around me again and pull me deeper into you. “Give me you cum. Fill me with your milk.”

Your words and the knowledge that there is nothing between my penis and your womb excite me. There is no condom, there is no diaphragm, there is nothing to stop your impregnation. I thrust deep into you and my climax begins. I can feel your climax squeezing and milking my penis and then my seed is pumping into you.

“O yes. I can feel it. I can feel you inside me. I can feel your sperm. I feel wonderful. I feel special. I love you mi amor. Hug me now.”

We relax and I manoeuvre us until we are laying side by side. My penis remains inside you and tiny pulses squeeze me as I squeeze inside you. I place my arm around your shoulders and hug you.

“I think that our vacation has started really well. Don’t you? But now, I think that all of the travelling has made us tired. Come, let us sleep together. This will be another first for us. I have dreamed so many times of sleeping with you and watching you dream. Now here we are for real and I do not need to dream because you are here and we can dream together.”

“Yes, mi amor. I will sleep now. You can watch me, my protector.”

End of part one

Day 2

I awoke early because I had not adjusted to the different time or it would be more correct to say that my penis woke hard and early. This was because it was laying against your warm body. I was laying behind you and I could smell the scent of your hair and your skin. This and the memories of our first night together cause the blood to pump hot and hard.

There is a slight glisten to your body as the cool of the morning and your heat create a sheen of sweat. Pressing my body more closely to yours, my lips kiss your shoulder. There is a tingle of sensations as I taste your skin. Warm, salty, sweet and intoxicating.

I must repeat the kiss and taste you again and again. My kisses are along the breadth of your shoulder, from your neck to the top of your arm. Again and again, I repeatedly kiss you but occasionally lick to taste more of you.

Then I kiss higher on your neck. My nose nuzzles into your hair to search for your concealed skin at the base of your ear. Once exposed, I kiss and lick at your ear and I detect a change in your breathing. It is less relaxed and peaceful and more sensual. You are not moaning because you are not awake but there is desire in the sound of your breaths.

I slide my fingers along the side of your stomach and hip, slippery with your sweat. As my fingers feel the bone of your hip, I grasp your body and pull you towards me. As we press closer, my penis finds the gap between your buttocks and because your skin is slick with sweat and my penis is wet, it slides in.

The sensations cause me to groan with pleasure and I am worried that you may awaken. I am enjoying the extra time that I have with you and I am in no rush to end it. There is no penetration and my assault on you has not led to an invasion but your labia peel apart and caress the girth of my penis.

I can feel how moist you are as the ridges and veins in my shaft are captured within the folds of your sex. It is very difficult to maintain stillness. I want to thrust and pump and redirect my cock into your waiting pussy. I want to take you, to fill you, to complete you and force our bodies to become one. To surrender all sense of self to achieve the ecstasy of union.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. I ignore all sights, sounds, feelings, smells and sensations that are not caused by my intimate entwining of our bodies. The smell of your hair, your skin, the warmth of your body. The image of your naked body at peace, laying next to me. Every curve, crest, swell and valley is etched into my memory, never to be forgotten. The gentle ebb and flow of your breaths as you inhale and exhale and the undulations in your body shape with each respiration. The warm desire that spreads along my body and against and into yours. The exquisite feeling of my pulse as it counts time. My heart beating against my chest, beating against your back. The blood in my engorging flesh and veins in rhythmic cadence. Each beat a countdown to lift-off. No rocket launch has been more desperately wished for completion. No race more earnestly anticipated to start.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is hard.

My sensory bubble is burst with the intrusion of sounds from the outside. Something smashes in the world beyond our room and the noise explodes into our sanctuary. There are curses and swearing that follow and I hear and understand only a few words of what must be Spanish. In other circumstances, I would ask if you can translate for me to improve my education.

But this is not the time. I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is getting harder.

Your beautiful face briefly appears agitated. Your pretty nose arches in displeasure at the interruption of your dreams. I wish that I could see your dreams and know what they are. You wriggle and the face that was briefly agitated now appears curious. Your memory reminds you where you are and with whom and the smile that I have seen in my computer monitor so many, many times curls around your lips and sparkles in your eyes.

“Mmmm, hoooo, mi amor. You are happy to be here. No?” as you speak, your hips move back and forth and my prick, which was trapped between your legs and against your labia slips effortlessly back and forth also.

I groan my reply. Drowning in desire and pleasure. Unable to believe this is reality.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is getting more hard.

“Mi protector. Why you not wake me if you have this hardness to share with me? Why you keep me asleep?” Your hips move faster but not fast and move further backwards and forwards. With each forward thrust, the tip of my cock slides against the top of your slit and searches for your clitoris.

I am unable to talk. There are no words that I can remember that can explain my actions. There is nothing on my mind except the delicious sensation of my flesh moving on your flesh. Your rich, sweet flesh. I want to dominate you. Penetrate you. Violate you. Impregnate you. Inseminate you.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is so very, very hard.

“Hooo. Mark, you no speak to me. If you no speak, how can I know what you want? What you want papi? Tell me. Tell me what you want of me. You want again what we do last night? You want fuck with me. You want fill me with your cum. You want make baby. You want your Maria pregnant with our child. You want squirt your hot milk in me. Tell me baby. Tell me what you want.”

I want. I want it all. I want everything that you say. Heaven would be the smallest part of what you say.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. I am so very, very, very hard.

We are beyond words now. Our movements explain our desire. Our need. Our love. And what our movements say is yes. Yes. YES. YES!!

I push your shoulder and hip towards the bed and follow you. Now that you are laying on your stomach, your left hand grasps the sheet. The cotton bunches up in your grip and your knuckles become pale as you prepare to be loved.

Your right hand grasps your right buttock and creates more space for me to press down onto you. Your hips raise from the bed and your hand now slides underneath you. Nimble fingers search for your labia, wet with excitement and ready to receive me. You stroke yourself and rub your clitoris. The moan that results is deeper, more visceral, more primal now. More sensual.

We are ready. I press down and the tip of my penis touches the palm of your hand, wet with desire. Your fingers push and guide me and finally, finally my swollen length touches your swollen vagina. My sex with your sex.

I do not resist. I do not refrain. I do not control myself. I am hard and I am ready and I want you.

And with a familiarity created in only 24 hours, we move as one and unite in desire for our pleasure and for the procreation of our progeny.

In and out and up and down. Backwards and forwards and deeper and deeper. Thrust meets thrust.

I don’t know what was in your dreams but I think that they were erotic because it is not very long until you are moaning more loudly and your body is in spasm. I am delighted that you appear to be getting closer to your orgasm.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. I want it. Come on baby. Fuck me. Make me cum. Give me your milk. Squirt in me papi. Fill me. Come on Mark. I want it. Give it to me. O yes. Si. Si. Damelo. Duro bebe. Si. Si. O yes. I’m cumming!!”

You become stiff but at the same time your vagina becomes more soft. It squeezes and caresses me when I am deep inside you. The result is that I become more stiff, more hard.

“Are you ready for me angelita? Can I cum inside you? Do you want me to? Do you want my milk? I want to fill you and fill your womb. I’m so close. I want you. Fuck me Maria. Fuck me and take my cum.”

I do not resist. I do not refrain. I do not control myself. I am hard enough to explode.

I empty my seed inside you. I pump and pump and your spasming vagina squeezes my semen from me.

It is not yet bright because it is early in the morning but with my eyes closed, I can see fireworks explode and bright lights popping because of the intensity of my climax. Suddenly I realise that I have been making love with you for ages with much energy. I can feel sweat on my forehead and on my back. I lower myself onto your back but hug my arms around you and move us until we lay on our sides. I bend my legs until we are curled together. Spooning.

The position reminds me of how I awoke this morning. My body laying against the back of your body. My face against your neck and hair. My legs pressed against your legs. My heart is beating faster and more strongly now and you must be able to feel it on your back. You hold my hand and pull it to your bust. Your breast is damp with sweat and swollen with sexual arousal. Your nipple is hard and erect. I can feel your heartbeat and it is fast and strong also.

“Te amo Maria.”

“Te amo Mark.”

Now that we are awake, we talk more and you tell me about your family and your childhood. How you have been caring for your sisters for many years and the difficulties that you had when you wanted to study.

Once the sun confirms that it is morning again, we leave our bed and shower together. We explore our bodies as we bathe and wash. I am delighted and charmed by every curve, every freckle, every inch of your beautiful body.

Dressed only in towels, we have breakfast on our patio, looking at the landscape that is around us. You are looking at a map of the area.

“Mark. I want to explore the forest. Can we do this today?” Of course I agree and we prepare to leave. You are wearing a black bikini, sandals, a wide brimmed hat, a thin cami top with short sleeves and a short sarong that wrapped around your waist. Both the sarong and cami are also black but also almost transparent. Breathtaking.

We packed some bottles of water, suncream (for me!!), towels, rugs and some fruit and took a bus away from the city. We followed our map towards a lagoon. A tiny speck of blue amongst the dense green of trees and bushes. The path was even and clear so our casual clothes were adequate.

Within 30 minutes, we were at the lagoon and it was incredible. There was a waterfall and the water was more blue than the colour of the ink on the map. We found a comfortable place to sit and relaxed in the sunshine. You removed your sandals, sarong and camisetta. I removed my sneakers and shirt.

We drank a little and we read books and magazines as the sun rose higher. By noon, it was hot. Really hot.

“Mark. I am going to swim. You want to join me baby?” and my eyes follow you as you walk to the water’s edge. You do the thing that women do un self consciously. You pull the fabric of your bikini bottoms away from your ass revealing a tantalising glimpse of your buttocks and their cleft.

I mutter a small expletive under my breath in reaction and jump to my feet to follow you. We don’t know what is in the water or how deep, we do the sensible thing and walk into the lagoon until we can swim.

The water is cool and clear and relaxing. We swim around and splash water at each other. We laugh and we have fun. There is a flat rock near the waterfall and you climb on to it.

“Wait there mi amor. I come for you.” You stand on the rock and remove your bikini. The dark rocks behind you give your tanned body contrast but the image does not endure because you jump back into the lagoon. There is a splash and I realise that you are now naked and swimming towards me.

“This is better. No?” And you wrap yourself around me as I tread water. Your naked body squeezed to my body. I close my eyes to enjoy the feelings and you slip from my grasp. You dive lower and I can feel the cord of my shorts pulled and my trunks removed.

“Catch me!” And you swim away from me towards the rocks again. You throw my shorts on the rocks and turn towards me. “Now we are both naked. This is more better?” You swim into my arms and our bodies glide together.

Despite the cold water, my penis reacts and becomes harder when you are close to me. You move you head close to mine and we kiss for many moments. Then you move your mouth to my ear.

“I have never made love to a man outdoors and certainly never in water. You cannot be my first for all things but I want you to be my first for this. Love me mi amor. Take me in your arms and make love with me, here under the sun and blue skies.”

“Si mi angelita. I will love you anywhere and everywhere and make love with you wherever we can. I also cannot have you as my first for many things but this. This is a first for both of us that we can share. Perhaps, in nine months and 18 years from now we can tell our first child that they were conceived beneath the clear Mexican skies in a beautiful lake.”

“Mmmm. I like this much. Now, stop talking and make your words into reality.” I did not think that it would be use to make love in a lagoon but I was surprised. You raised yourself a little and pointed my penis at your vagina. When you wrapped yourself around me again, I slid easily inside you.

There was no thrusting, no pumping but the gentle motion of the water moved us together and up and down. The result was slow, comfortable, exquisite lovemaking. The water made us lighter and we used less energy. It was only as I became impatient that I kicked my feet to direct us towards the waterfall and the rocks.

Once there, I could stand on solid ground and press you up against the shore. The waterfall covered us and I could thrust you against the side. There was so much pleasure and anticipation that once I started to pump inside you, our orgasms happened very quickly.

After we recovered, I withdrew from you and watched as you swam back to our towels. Your body barely moved the water and yet you swam swiftly and effortlessly until you could step out and lay on our rugs. You wrapped your hair in a towel and lay back, exposed.

I clambered up the rocks to retrieve our swimming clothes, then swam back to join you.

I kissed you on your wet lips. “I’m glad you were my first.”

We lay in the sun, resting, reading and chatting until we were more hungry than could be satisfied with the remaining fruit. Our bodies were dry and we dressed and walked back to the bus stop.

We waited almost thirty minutes for a bus but the time went quickly because we chatted and hugged and squeezed and kissed each other. When it arrived, it was full. Because we did not want to wait longer, we boarded and stood together.

When more people boarded, we were pushed closer together and further into the bus. Finally, you were pressed against the luggage racks and I was pressed behind you. The inevitable happened because your bottom was rubbing my groin when the bus moved and I started to become hard.

“Hooooo. Mi amor, what you doing there? Why you get hard now? You thinking naughty thoughts?” As you spoke your hips moved up and down and you rubbed me. Rubbed me harder.

“I am thinking very naughty thoughts Maria. I am thinking that there are only tiny pieces of clothing that stop my cock from sliding into you. Here. In public. On a bus. Surrounded by strangers. This would another first for me. Will you be my first?”

“Mmmmm. You are very naughty man but I love this. I love you and want same. Yes, we can have another first but it very difficult.” Now we are moving our bodies more than is cause by movement of the bus. Now there is rocking and grinding. I hold your hips, pretending to help you for to stand but really pulling you closer to me.

The bus passes into shadow and it is darker for a little time. You use that time to push your bikini bottoms down to your knees, then to your ankles. You step out of one leg and keep you panty on the other foot.

“Now there is less clothing to stop you. Will you stop or will you continue?” And you grind your almost naked buttocks into me, shielded by your sarong. In response, I cough to disguise the sound of my zipper. I pull my penis out of my shorts and hide it beneath your sarong.

“Now there is nothing to stop me. Will you stop or will you continue?” And I stroke my throbbing hardness between your cheeks. We try to disguise our movements as you pull yourself higher and I bend my knees to go lower. Unfortunately, there is a violent motion of the bus when it drives over a big hole in the road and instead of positioning myself at your vagina, the head of my penis is forced into your anus.

“Shit! I am soo sorry Maria. That is not what I was trying for. Be still and I will remove it.” But your teeth are clenched tight and your hand grips my hip tightly.

“Stop. Stop! Do not move. At least not yet. It feels good. If there is another opportunity, will you try to push deeper. I want to feel you in my culo. I want you to fill my culito with you verga.”

I cannot refuse and as the bus drives over the uneven roads, I am able to push deeper and deeper until I can move forward no more.

“O mi dios. That is… I cannot say words. Be still mi amor. The bus will move us and you can fill me with your hardness. Hooo, so deep, so full.” And we do this exactly. I hold you as we are bounced by the rhythms of the journey. We hope that none of the other passengers realise what we are doing.

“Mark. We are nearly there.”

“Almost Maria. Can I cum in your ass?”

“No mi amor, our journey is almost complete. We must stop now because we need to alight at the next stop. I would like to get my bikini before then and you need to return your penis inside your shorts!!”

I try without success to conceal my frustration. I was close. But I am more successful in concealing my erection. I use your sarong to shield it whilst I put it in my shorts. I drop a packet of gum and when you bend to pick it up, you collect your panty also.

“Thank you mi protector. You help me when I need it again”. The bus stops and we alight. When it drives away, we hold hands and walk to our villa.

When we arrive at the main building, you begin to walk to our apartment at the edge of the beach but I delay you. I point to some stools at the bar near the public swimming pool and suggest with a gesture that we sit there.

“I would like a long, cold drink before we eat. Will you sit with me?” and I sit on a stool facing the pool with my back to the bar.

“Yes Mark. I also would like this but I want to return to the villa. You forget that I have no panty and this is very thin and short?” and you pull at the hem of your sarong.

“I am old and I am foolish and I am forgetful but I do not forget this thing. That is why I want to do this. I want to know when we drink that your beautiful, smooth vagina is looking at me when I am looking at you.” And I point at the stool opposite me.

“O.K. I do this but do not shout at me if we have trouble with the staff or customers for being naughty.” And you slide onto the stool and place your feet on the rail.

“I only will shout when we make love and I scream your name with passion and desire. I could never shout at you with anger.” I move my stool closer to enable my knee to move between your knees only a little. “Now, tell me. What do you want to drink?” and I wave at the contents of the bar.

“Mmmm. I like vodka and coke but this is a vacation. I want to try more new things. I would like a cocktail please. One that is creamy with milk in a big round glass that has straws and parasols and sparklers and …”

I stop you there with a chuckle and a wave of my hand. “O.K. I surrender. You want a ridiculous vacation drink.” I study the bar and talk to the barman. “I think that the glass that you want is called a hurricane glass. Or that is what it is called in English. He is going to make you a Tropical Bliss, the name of which sounds appropriate. It is milk and rum and vodka and pineapple and orange juices and he is going to add all the decoration that he can find. Is that acceptable?”

You jump a little from your stool and you giggle with excitement. “O yes. That is what I want and I will drink this every day that we are here in our tropical bliss. Thank you mi amor. Gracias.” And you lean towards me for a hug. Your barely clothed body squeezes my body and I am breathless. The bar is not full but it is not empty and there other guests swimming in the pool and laying on the tumbonas. But they cannot see what I can see. There is a shiny column behind you. It is square so each side is flat and is similar to a mirror. And the reflection that I can see is of your sarong lifted higher and the curves of your buttocks and the cleft of your bottom exposed and naked.

“I am pleased that you value my choice for you. I am very pleased.” With my hand I hold your wrist and place your palm on my shorts. The image of your nakedness has stiffened me again and your hand can feel the blood pumping into my penis.

“Hooo. Mi amor. I like this more and value this much more.” And you gently hold my hardness and rub my penis.

The noise of ice being blended with milk reminds us that we are sitting in a bar and I lean back onto my stool and you do the same. We appear respectable again but my knee remains between your legs and can now press against our thighs.

We watch the barman when he works. He is creating our drinks with smooth efficiency. He cannot see that your hand is stroking my naked thigh, beneath my shorts and my knee has pressed further to touch your naked vagina. I can feel your swollen labia, hot with blood and wet with arousal.

The barman places our drinks on the counter and hopes that we enjoy them. Your glass is full of sparklers and fruit and straws and plastic stirrers. You jump up and down like a child on the Christmas morning when she sees her gifts from Father Christmas.

The sparkler is soon extinguished and it is safe to remove it so that you can drink. Your sweet lips suck at the straw and your eyes melt with pleasure. “Yes. You make a good choice for me. I like this very much. I am glad that I will drink this every day. What is in your glass?”

“I was less adventurous than you but this is also a vacation drink, but I have drunk them many times before. This is a classic margarita. No fuss, no frills but very strong and powerful and always does the job. As do I. Salud! Maria”

We touch our glassed together in salute and once more, entwine our arms in the lovers’ pose.

You taste my cocktail and I taste yours. You express your appreciation for a good tequila but that you will not change your choice. Yours is nice and creamy, with a strong alcohol effect. I would not advise anyone to drink it quickly with the straw and then try and walk in a straight line!!

We talk and laugh and make observations about the other guests. Again we have forgotten to eat and the alcohol makes us a little drunk more quickly. We forget also that you are not properly clothed and when we laugh and touch each other, it is sometimes more revealing and intimate than is the custom in the public bars.

Again and again, I watch the reflection of your bottom in the mirror behind you. I also look down your cami at your bikini bra. I am glad that in the years from when we first talked, your curves and bust have changed from skinny flesh and bone to the correct shape for a woman. Your ass and breasts are full and rounded and I can only imagine how your body will change again when you are pregnant.

Pregnant? I remember the times that we have made love in the 24 hours that our airplane arrived in Mexico. Every time that I penetrated your fertile flesh, my potent semen ejaculated into your unprotected womb. The essence of a simple Englishman has been inseminated into the heart of a beautiful Latin princess. Your cervix has accepted my gift. Are your ova impregnated already? Is there life that is forming and growing so soon?

The shape of a pregnant woman is beautiful and you will be a beautiful, beautiful pregnant woman. Your breasts will grow with milk for our baby. Your stomach will grow with our baby. Your bottom will grow as your hips adjust to the miracle that is growing within. Your skin will glow and any minor trace of imperfection will be smoothed and disappear. Your hair will become more thick and more lustrous. Your body will produce more of everything that is you. You will bloom and blossom and perform the miracle of life.

And I will be there. I will watch with wonder. I will protect you. I will provide for you. I will worship and adore you. I will love you more. I will draw pictures of you. I will take photographs. I will film you. I will record as many moments as I can for all too briefly the time will come when we welcome our new, perfect child into the world.

I smile in anticipation of the joy we will share and imagine my attempts to persuade you that you can provide enough milk for the baby and for me. I want to suckle at your teat and share with our child a most intimate bond with you.

You realise that I was smiling and pinch the skin of my thigh to get my attention. When you look down at my legs, you can see that my penis has grown and the shape of it is obvious on the fabric of my shorts. Also, there is a darker area of fabric where I have leaked my excitement into the cloth.

“Hooo. You are not so drunken that your penis cannot make me happy. Yes?” Because we are drunken, your hand returns inside my shorts and strokes my erection and your knees move apart. This exposes your nakedness to me.

I cannot resist. I cannot refrain. I have no self control.

My fingers touch your pussy and using your moisture, I rub your labia and around your clitoris. This stimulates both of us and we make a low moan in unison. Your thighs squeeze around my knee which presses my hand and fingers more firmly against you.

We rub each other until our moans become more loud and our eyes are almost closed.

I must resist. I must refrain. I must have self control.

“Angelita. I think that we should slow down. You know that I want you. I can feel that you want me but we are a little drunken and hungry. I suggest that we eat lunch before we enjoy the remainder of our day.” And I withdraw my hand and lean back from you. Your facial expression changes from ecstasy to agony but you release my knee and lean back from me.

We walk from the bar to a restaurant. We sit at a table outside, but within the shadow of the building. The table linen is crisp and white. The cutlery is heavy and shiny. The chairs are generously upholstered and we sink into them.

The waiter takes our order for food and more cocktails. A large pan of spiced chicken with rice is placed on the table between us and the waiter serves a portion to each of us. It is delicious and too quickly, we have eaten all of it and the salad.

The Bella twins were in a good mood, seeing ad they had just defeated Eve and Kelly Kelly for the second week in a row.

They were walking to their bus, Nikki, wearing a tight black shirt and a white miniskirt and Brie wearing a tight white shirt and a black miniskirt, when they noticed R-Truth sitting in a chair with his head down and his shoulders slumped.

“Hey Truth, what’s up?” says Nikki, mimicking the catch phrase of the WWE Superstar.

“Oh hey Nikki, hey Brie,” R-Truth says,” I’m just down because Vince won’t give me a title shot.”

“What!?!” says Brie, “You are like one of the best Wrestlers we know, and one of the hottest”

Brie gave R-Truth a sexy wink and Nikki licked her lips.

“Tell you what, Truth, how about we take you to our bus and we cheer you up”, Nikki says in a sexy voice.

“OH Nikki! That’s a great idea!” squeals Brie.

“Well ok ladies-”, Truth began but he was cut off when each of the twins grabbed one of his hands and pulled him toward their bus.

It was a coach bus with 4 beds, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room.

The Bellas lead Truth into the bus and then they both tell him to sit on one if the beds. Truth obeys. Nikki and Brie strip down simultaneously. Both removing their tops to reveal two sets if identical, hot C cup breasts. Then the both bent over and pulled down their miniskirts to give the black superstar a look at two perfectly toned asses with shaved pussies.

“Well, what do you think, Truth?” asks Brie.

“Ladies, both of you are getting drilled tonight, and that’s what’s up!” R-Truth said.

The Bellas giggle and turn to face the superstar. They both then get on their knees and crawl over to him. They both take off his baggy black pants and see his already hard 14 inch black cock. Brie took half of it in her mouth and then used one hand to stroke the other half. Nikki meanwhile was sucking on his balls, making loud sucking and slurping noises.

“Damn girls! That feels amazing!” says R-Truth.

“OH”, they both moan in response.

Soon, Brie climbs on top of Truth, sits on his face and tells him to start licking. Truth greedily laps his tongue into Brie’s wet cunt.

“Oh yes baby that’s the spot!” Brie yells.

Nikki meanwhile takes over for Brie and starts bobbing her head up and down Truths shaft.

“OH”, Truth moans into Brie’s cunt.

After this, Brie climbs off Truth and Nikki takes her place and Truth resumes licking a basically identical pussy.

“Oh God yes!” moans Nikki. Brie meanwhile has mounted Truths member and is riding it reverse cowgirl.

“OHHH YES, HE IS HUGE!!” screams Brie.

Truth loves every minute of it. He can taste the sweet juices Nikki’s cunt and can feel Brie’s pussy squeezing him and he completely fills her snatch with his black cock.

Soon, Brie yells, “I’m CUMMMING!!”

Truth feels her cum flow over his shaft and nearly explodes himself but then Nikki and Brie both climb off and Truth sits up to see Nikki, on all fours licking her sister, who is on the floor of the bus, clean.

“Oh yes Nike, that’s fantastic!” Brie moans.

Truth sees Nikki’s ass sticking straight up in the air, begging to be fucked. So, he goes behind the hot diva and slides his cock into her waiting asshole.

“OHH FUCK YA!!! DRILL MY ASS!!” screams Nikki.

Truth can tell that Nikki’s ass is even tighter than Brie’s pussy. Soon, he is thrusting in and out as fast as he can. Truth feels like he is about to blow his load when…

Nikki screams, “IM CUMMING!!”

Truth feels her body shake and he pulls out, leaving her to catch her breath. Brie meanwhile comes over and quickly licks her sister clean.

“Oh yes sis that is great!” moans Nikki.

After watching the twins each other out for a while, Truth tells them to make him cum.

“With pleasure”, says Brie, in her sexiest voice.

The Bellas crawl over to Truth and lick his cock up and down. Nikki then puts Truths cock between her breasts and tells him to fuck them. Truth obeys and slowly he is fucking her Tits while Brie sucks and squeezes his balls.

Truth moans deeply and it doesn’t take long for him to cum, all over Nikki’s tits and mouth.

Nikki’s scoops some off her tits and licks her fingers and say, “Tasty!”

Brie then pulls her sister to her and kisses her; they feel each other’s tongues and taste both Truths cum, but also their own.

Brie then licks her sisters tits clean while Nikki licks R-Truths cock until it is spotless. They all sit there for a while until Truth announces he has to leave. They all put on thief clothes and the Bellas give him a quick kiss on each cheek before seeing him off. They then sit there and make out until they become horny enough, then it’s time to rock another superstars world.

Shame can be both, a downer as well as a turn-on! It all depends on how you perceive it. As a result of the previous day’s events where I was bullied and humiliated by my seniors, I skipped classes and stayed in my room the whole day. I was scared of having to go through it all over again yet that didn’t stop me from masturbating several times. My mound was still smooth and I loved the feel of the skin as I kept running my fingers over it through the day. By late evening, my hunger pangs were starting to become unbearable and I decided to step out to the dining mess.

I prayed that I wouldn’t come across my seniors and hoped that none of the others who had seen me nude would recognize me. I sat by myself and gobbled down my meal before rushing back to my room. Before long, I was back in bed and felt that I might have the confidence to go to class the next morning. I was exhausted from all the masturbating and soon fell asleep.

The loud knocking jolted me out of my deep sleep. Looking over at the small bed-side clock I noticed that it was barely 6:30 in the morning. The knocks now turned to furious banging and I instinctively got out of bed to open the door. Barely a moment after I pulled down the bolt, the door was pushed open towards me. I immediately froze, knowing who it was before I could see the person. It was one of the girls who had bullied me earlier. She walked in and made herself comfortable at the edge of the bed as she looked around at all my stuff strewn around.

“Where have you been?” she asked, almost rhetorically. I was too stunned to reply.

With the utmost confidence, she got up and pulled down her shorts. As she stepped out of them, I realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She stood up straight and stared at me with a serious expression. I couldn’t help letting my eyes take in the sight of her. She stood there wearing just a tight grey tee-shirt, her mound was neatly trimmed and her thick, milky-white thighs were slightly parted. She sat down on the bed and leaned her back against the wall as she spread her legs lewdly displaying her brown pussy lips and the pink flesh that it partly covered.

I immediately knew what was expected of me but managed to feign ignorance in order to postpone the inevitable. With a curled finger she made the “come over” motion as she looked forward to my torture. Tears once again started to run down my cheek as I resigned to my fate, my feet carrying me forward towards the bed. She leaned forward and grabbed my head by a tuft of hair before guiding my mouth between her legs. Barely inches from it, I could smell the rancid odor of her sex and cringed inside realizing that she hadn’t bathed yet.

My face now mashed into her crotch, I mustered up enough courage to stick my tongue out and taste her mildly tangy juices.

“Stick your tongue out and keep it that way” she ordered as she held my head with both hands and ground her hips up and down my face, my stiff tongue making its way through her moist folds. After what felt like ten minutes, she began to stiffen up and her breathing got heavy. She arched her back and raised her ass, pulling my face even harder into her slick crotch before she let go of my head and lay back with a look of complete satiety.

Pulling a corner of my sheet, she proceeded to wipe her crotch before getting up and pulling her shorts back on. As I stood next to the bed with my head down, she walked up to me and stuck a hand down my pajama bottoms and cupped by bare crotch. She traced a finger along the crack before pulling it out and smiling as looked at me and sniffed it.

“I might come back later. Don’t lock the door any more! Is that clear?” she barked as she walked out the door.

A week later and this treatment had become common practice. All three of them would come to my room at all odd hours, some times in twos or all three together, but mostly alone. I had already become used to getting raped by these girls every day, some times several times a day. I was required to perform cunnilingus on one while the other would play with my pussy although never bothering to get me off. Not that I wanted to but at times it felt right to expect it.

I also started to go out more often. Some of my classmates were going to one of the malls in Bandra one weekend and so I decided to tag along. I was excited to get a chance to wear some of my new clothes and chose the mini-skirt on impulse. Traveling by Mumbai’s buses was another thing that was new for me. I had never imagined being packed among so many men and women in a bus loaded three times its legal capacity. I was sure I could feel a hand or two get a quick feel of my ass or my tits from time to time but there was no way to tell who it was and soon I was getting used to it. I could even feel the hard bulge of the man whose crotch was literally glued to my butt.

Feeling a bit naughty and realizing that I could get away with it, I ground my ass into his crotch every time the bus went over a bump or caused us to shift. He seemed to be getting into the game too as I could feel him press even harder into my fleshy bum, the length of his cock sliding up the length of my crack. I stuck it out towards him and before I knew what was happening, I felt a hand on the back of my bare thigh. It rubbed its way up to my ass and stayed under my skirt. I looked around to see if anybody else had noticed and was relieved to see that even my friends had no clue.

The hand now cupped my bare bottom as it slipped under the left leg of my panty. The little finger was no more than a centimeter away from my asshole and I started to get wet. I stuck my ass out even further, prodding the stranger to take advantage of my horny state. Aroused, I now gained some more courage and reached back with my right hand and cupped his cock through his jeans. His finger now traced my pussy lips and slipped into my wet hole. It felt good to have a man’s hands on me for a change.

Soon a second finger slid into me and I found myself grinding against his fingers as he fucked me with them. I squeezed his cock through his pants as I felt the tension build up inside me. I badly wanted to unzip his fly but before I could do anything, the bus had stopped and my friends signaled for me to get down. As I moved away from him, he shoved a card into my hand while his fingers stayed inside me for as long as his hand could reach before slipping out. While making my way through the crowded isle, I pulled my skirt down before looking back to see if I could spot my mystery finger-fucker but all I could see was a crowd of faces.

It was only when I got down that the cool air let me know that I was sopping wet and a drop of my juices had trickled down my thigh. I quickly wiped it off and proceed to read the card. I had to see him again! It turned out that his name was Akash and that he was a software engineer in a well known IT firm. I was thrilled to have finally met a guy in Mumbai. The following weekend I decided to call him.

It took a certain amount of courage to dial his number. I wasn’t sure how I was going to introduce myself and suddenly felt extremely shy. After a lot of thought, I finally called him.

“Hello?” A serious voice barked, sounding annoyed.

“Um…Hi!” I responded, realizing how stupid it might have sounded.

His tone immediately sobered down upon hearing my feminine voice. “Hi! Who is this?”

“Umm…I…er…we met on the bus…you gave me your card…” I said, a lump in my throat stopping her prematurely.

There was complete silence at the other end as he realized who it was. “HI!” he said enthusiastically as if he never expected me to actually call. “I’m so happy you called!” he stated.

“Ya, I’m a little embarrassed…I’m not sure what to say.” I replied, hinting to him that he should take the lead here.

“You shouldn’t be! Where do you stay? I’d like to meet you again!” he said, sounding confident.

After a brief exchange of words where he took down my address and decided to pick me up the following morning from the bus stand down the road, I disconnected and started wondering what to wear for our meeting. I settled down for a pair of tight jeans and a body-hugging tank top.

After my bath the next morning, I dressed up and put on some makeup. I decided to skip the panties and the bra and noticed that my nipples were poking through the thin, silky fabric. I wanted to look as sexy as possible and pinched them from time to time. By 10 o’clock, I was at the bus stand and soon after, he picked me up and drove me to his place which wasn’t too far away.

The apartment complex where he stayed seemed to house a lot of singles who were probably from other cities and had come to Mumbai for work. As we entered his 3rd floor apartment, I immediately noticed the mess. Old newspapers, food cartons, and all kinds of garbage was strewn all over the hall. He showed me into his room which was completely bare save for a small cupboard and two mattresses on the floor.

“Can I get you anything to drink? Some water or Pepsi? He asked.

“Some rum would be nice! I stated and the corners of his mouth curved up into a sly, knowing smile. I’ve drunk alcohol only once before and didn’t like it much. But today felt different and I wanted to make myself look modern.

“I have some vodka if you’d like some!” he said and left the room before I could respond.

Alone in the room, I sat down on one of the mattresses and suddenly realized that someone was in the bathroom when I heard the shower. A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened and this muscular guy walked out, completely naked. Even after noticing me he didn’t bother to cover up and just stood there and smiled at me as he nonchalantly dried his hair with the towel.

I couldn’t help staring at his fat cock. Although it wasn’t erect, it hung down pretty low. Behind it, his large testicles pushed his cock out a little. I suddenly realized that he had caught me staring at it and blushed.

“Hi, I’m Rohan! He said as he continued drying his hair.

“Hi, I’m Mythila!” I replied, looking down at the ground.

Even after Akash came back with our drinks, Rohan remained naked as he looked though the cupboard. I stared at his bare ass as I sipped my drink before Akash brought me back.

“I see you’ve met my perpetually naked roommate, Rohan” he said, addressing Rohan even though he was looking at me.

“Yes I have!” I said as I stole another glance at his nude form.

“I hope you don’t mind it! There’s no point in having a cock this size if you can’t show it off once in a while!” he winked as he held his cock in his right wrist.

“Stop showing off, you horny cunt!” Akash said, jokingly.

“So I hear you’re new to Mumbai!” Rohan stated as he turned around and faced me.

“Yes I’ve been here for three weeks now!” I said, trying not to stare at his cock and failing miserably.

“Maybe you should have a closer look!” Rohan said before walking up to me.

I was even more shocked and didn’t know how to reply as I looked to Akash for some help. Akash was grinning as Rohan stood right in front of us, his cock a few inches above my face. At this proximity, I could notice the tip of his pink head peeking out from the foreskin. Rohan laughed before turning away. He finally put on some clothes and said he was heading out for a while and would let us get down to our business.

We spent the reminder of the morning drinking at talking. By lunch I was pretty tipsy and didn’t stop Akash from getting a quick feel of my breasts and legs every now and then. Eventually I had loosened up considerably and some heavy petting ensued. He peeled down my jeans and went to town on my pussy, spreading my thighs with his hands as he lapped away at my folds. Although I was enjoying having him down between my legs, my mind was pre-occupied with he sight of Rohan’s cock.

Soon he had me on my back and started to mount me. The feeling of his penis sliding into me was ecstatic and I immediately grabbed his butt and pulled him into me. We were going at it furiously and after a while I was on top of him, my back arched as I humped his cock, my breasts pressing into his chest. All of a sudden I could feel a finger trace the line between my crack until it stopped at my puckered asshole. I longed for it to slide into my ass and before I knew it, I could feel the tip of it poke into me.

Suddenly the finger pulled out and was replaced by what felt like the tip of a cock. It didn’t make any sense as I already had Akash’s medium-sized albeit delicious penis up my pussy and I immediately stopped and looked over my shoulder. There was Rohan, kneeling behind my exposed ass. He had a small jar of Vaseline in one hand while he was using the other to hold his dick in place.

Although I felt a little violated, I was thrilled that Rohan was finally back and made no attempts at stopping him. But before he could put it into my ass, I could feel Akash tense up under me and soon after, his cock twitched and spasmed, squirting his warm load deep inside me. Rohan realized this and backed off, sitting on his haunches as he continued to admire my spread ass cheeks. Once Akash was done, he motioned for me to get off him, not showing the least bit of surprise when he saw Rohan. I figured this was something they planned and probably did a lot.

I lay down on my back as Rohan knelt at my feet, staring at my pussy. I was at the heights of being horny and rubbed my clit as he stared at my fingers. I spread my legs wide, inviting him to come forth. He moved forward and knelt between my legs, his cock now even bigger and dangling down temptingly. I reached for it and pumped it a couple of timed before positioning the head at my opening. It was certainly a lot thicker than Akash’s cock, the head probably the size of a large plum.

However, my pussy was too slick to offer any resistance and the moment the head touched my opening, it slid in. He gently pushed his cock into me until I could feel the head touch my cervix. Lying down over me, he kissed me as he took long, slow strokes, making my eyes roll back into my head. Unable to withstand the urgency to cum, I heaved my hips up at his crotch, prompting him to pump harder and faster into me and within minutes I could feel a massive orgasm building up inside. I continued to pull him into me and finally arched my back as waves of pleasure rode through me.

He kept pumping into me until he came with a loud groan and collapsed onto my chest. He lay there till his cock softened up. When he finally got up, his wet limp cock slipped out with a pop and I lay there with my legs wide open, enjoying the after-glow of that delicious orgasm and the cool air running over my wet pussy. As I got up to go to the bathroom, thick loads of cum dripped down my inner thighs and down my legs.

When I came back from the bathroom, both of them were lying on the bed, still naked and I understood that they weren’t done with me. I spent the entire weekend there getting fucked by the two of them. I must have swallowed no less than half a glass of semen during that time. By the time Akash dropped me back at my hostel on Sunday night, my pussy was so sore I could barely walk. Since then, we’ve spent several weekends together, fucking each other’s brains out. The girls still continue to rape me on a regular basis but my weekends with these two guys make up for all the crap I’m put through.

Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at erotic fiction. I’m going with an idea present to me by a friend and want to see what you think. Please read and review and I look forward to your input! Thanks for reading! Oh, and of course, everyone depicted here is eighteen or older!


At this moment, I was still attempting to fathom exactly what sting of fateful events had transpired to bring me to this exact moment to have this young, eighteen year old goddess’ head bobbing down hungrily on my lap, lavishing my thick, swollen member in the heaven that was her mouth. I had long ago made the realization that I was going to hell because I was breaking every ethical and moral fiber of my being by doing this, and honestly that made me the hardest I had ever been in my life.

The day had started out as mundane as any in my life, well as mundane as it can for an assistant debate coach. That entailed me having to wake up at the bright, perky hour of three in the morning to make it to the high school to load onto the bus that would take me and my team of overly rambunctious energetic students on the three hour drive to Denver for our national qualifiers round.

Waking this early in the morning left me asking why I had chosen to take up the position as an assistant coach at the local high school. I knew the answer instantly, it came from the fact that the school was paying me a pretty sum for my prior debate experience in high school, not to mention the multitude of political science and criminal justice classes I had already taken for me to graduate at the end of the year.

Of course, the money wasn’t everything that kept me motivated me at helping coach debate. There was also the fact that Pershing Prep was an all girls school, and being immersed amongst thirty some-odd high school girls didn’t hurt at all.

“Hey Nick!” Came the cheery voice of Brooke Shields, one of those bubbly, always positive sort of girls who continued to baffle me. It should be criminal for anyone to be this cheery at this time in the morning. I nodded to her as she bounded up the steps of the bus. I couldn’t help but notice that she wore the traditional school uniform; pristine white button-up shirt, turquoise-and-emerald tie that complemented the pleated skirt that was wonderful at showing off the girls’ toned legs.

Yeah, that’s why I keep coming back. I thought humorously to myself. As I yawned quietly as I made my way up the steps into the bus. I frowned slightly as I saw the driver. It was Jake, he wasn’t the first choice I would have hoped for driving the bus. Jake had a habit of getting us lost on numerous occasion and I figured it would automatically add an additional hour on the trip’s time.

Thankfully, he wasn’t going to be my concern that was left to Sheryl, the head coach. All I was needed for was to help watch after the girls, and try and catch some much needed sleep.

As I rounded the corner, I locked eyes with my boss. Sheryl Duvall was a stunning woman, in her late thirties, the woman still looked vibrant and youthful and honestly I had harbored more than my faire-share of fantasies of what I would like to do with her. She kept her blonde hair short, and it did well to accentuate her alabaster skin. She preferred to dress conservatively, wearing pant-suits and blazers, but she also knew how to exploit her femininity. From the supple way she filled out her blouse, to how her legs seemed to go on forever, I fantasized about her and I alone in her classroom, and me bending her over her desk, while I rammed my nice hard member into her before I came all over her phenomenal ass.

Ah, to only dream…I thought as I gave her a welcoming smile. “How’s it going, Miss Duvall?” If there was one thing that Sheryl was completely adamant about it was maintaining discipline. Perhaps that was why I fantasized about her as much as I did, there was nothing sexier than a strong woman who demanded respect.

“Hi Nick,” She said with her own yawn, “Sorry about that, but honestly I can’t wait for us to get on the road. This is going to be a long day.” She grumbled, her eyes settling on the back of the driver’s head.

“I don’t doubt it.” I said with a grin of my own, as I looked at everyone who had assembled. As a part of our requirements to participate in tournaments, we were required to provide a number of our own judges. Often times than not we were scraping the bottom of the barrel to find victims…err volunteers. Today though, it seemed like we had a full house and every one of them seemed to have made it onto the bus before I had.

As a general rule, the coaches and judges usually filled the front of the bus while the students packed into the back. I knew from my days in debate that the reasons for that were strikingly obvious, but with it being an all-girls team, I couldn’t think of any other reason than for them to escape the dreaded lepers that were adults.

All the same, I found myself filling a bench seat about midway through the bus. I tossed my backpack down on the floor and kicked my feet up on the opposite seat. The pillow I had brought to be my faithful companion was now tucked behind my head as I reached into my coat pocket for my ipod to drift into blissful oblivion.

There was a slight ruffle in the seat behind me that forced my eyes to open. I was rewarded with the overly eager expression of Brittany Shaw looking down at me. She was one of my seniors, and honestly continued to baffle me that someone so gorgeous could be so smart. Those two qualities weren’t all that common. Her deep, emerald eyes were mesmerizing even in the dim glow from the bus’ internal lights.

“Hi Nick,” She said, her voice light and humorous. “Looks like you got suckered with babysitting us.”

“I got suckered with nothing,” I replied, as I tossed one ear-bud in. “I think you’re all old enough to look after yourselves with me chaperoning.”

“Oh…you think so.” She said, her voice taking on a quirky edge. “To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t trust half of the girls alone if I were you.”

“Thankfully we’re on a bus, no one’s alone.” I said hoping to brush her off and letting me fall asleep. Sure, talking and dealing with the girls was fun, but at this god-awful hour I just wanted to sleep a few extra hours so I could feel somewhat human.

Brittany, for all her character, merely smirked at me. “Oh, you’d be surprised.” She said with a wink, but soon departed.

Pretty soon we were underway. For a lot of people sleeping on a bus is difficult. The constant vibration and jostling from the shocks tend to unnerve some people. For me, it could put me out like a light. While I might sleep, I’m a light sleep, so when I felt something brush against my leg, I was instantly awake. I frowned as I saw Brittany kneeling in the aisle.

“What’s going on?” I asked groggily, pulling my ear-buds out as I leaned forward and looked around the rest of the bus. I was surprised to find most of our judges sleeping soundly, actually most of the bus seemed pretty zonked.

“I need to ask you some questions.” Brittany said in a low voice.

“About your case? Can’t it wait?” I grumbled really not interested in letting my brain get started this early in the morning.

“Actually, it’s not about the case.” She said in the same low voice. “But I’m wide awake and full of energy, I need to do something or I’m going to be useless for the tournament.”

I quirked an eyebrow at her, “Can’t you talk to one of the other girls, I mean, I’m sure Brooke is bursting to talk about anything.”

Brittany snorted a laugh, “Brooke’s out like a light and drooling!”

There was something cute about that little laugh of her that made me think the request over again. “Fine, what do you want to talk about?” I asked.

“Here, let’s talk back here so we don’t wake anyone up.” She beamed, utterly enthused as she beckoned me to follow her back another row. I looked around at the arrangement. It would place two empty rows of seats between us and the judges as well as the students all of whom also looked to be out. At first I was a little apprehensive, but when she situated herself in one bench seat then patted the seat across from her, I felt somewhat more confident that nothing was amiss.

“Okay,” I said as I settled into the seat, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Boys!” She said eagerly.

“That’s it, I’m leaving.” I said as I began to stand up.

Almost as quickly as I rose, her hand shot out and grabbed my arm, “Please, Nick. I really, really need to talk to you about this.”

“And I really, really like my job. I’m not going to talk about this with you Brittany.”

She smirked at me, “Come on, Nick. It’s harmless. What’s wrong with just talking?”

“Because talking isn’t always harmless,” I muttered as I stared into those pleading emerald eyes. Against my better judgment, I chose to retake my seat.

“And you’d know this for a fact?” She asked, her voice taking on that tone of sweet and innocence.

“What do you want to know?” I said, hoping to get this over with as quickly as possible. I glanced down at my phone, and noticed that we had only been on the road for about forty-five minutes.

She leaned forward, keeping her voice so low that I even found it difficult to hear her over the rumble of the bus. “Look, I’ve been dating my boyfriend, Aaron, for the last couple months, well things are sort of getting a little…well physical.”

“I don’t want to talk about this.” I said realizing the trouble I would find myself in just hearing this much. I began to stand, but Brittany blocked me, she quickly filled the bench seat with me.

“Brittany move!” I demanded in a low growl.

“Nope,” She grinned impishly, “I need your help and you’re going to give it to me.”

“No, I’m not.” He hissed back.

“Yes, you are, or Miss Duvall is going to hear about how you tried to take advantage of me back here.” She threatened.

I blinked at her horrified. “What the…”

“I need some help with something, and you’re the perfect specimen for the job.” She said with an evil twinkle in her eye.

“You little bitch.” I growled angrily.

She leaned forward, and I flinched as I felt her soft, delicate fingers on the side of my cheek as she whispered into my ear, “I’m a naughty little bitch, Nick.” She said softly. “Now just be quiet and help me out and no one will have to know any different.”

“I don’t…” I began, but her fingertips brushed down along my jaw until I felt it against my lips.

“Shh…” she cooed, “Listen, you’re a smart guy, and really cute too, but most of all smart. You know that I could get you fired this moment by just accusing you of impropriety. What I need is inappropriate, but the difference is that if you do this, it’ll just be between you and me, and hopefully when it’s all said and done you’ll come out of this enjoying it as much as I will.”

She cast a casual glance around the bus to make sure that everyone else was still asleep before she scooted back to the edge of the bench seat. “Now, Nick, as I was saying, Aaron and I have started to get a little physical…unfortunately I’m not…well versed in certain things.” She said as she trailed a hand down my chest, until it settled on my crotch.

I flinched slightly at her touch, and damned my member as it responded to the girl’s touch. Damn it, as much as I found dominating women enticing, this wasn’t what I had in mind, I just wished my hormone addled mind would listen to my better judgment.

“Then watch porn if you want to get ‘well versed.’” I growled back.

She shook her head, her short auburn locks flowing around her head, “I don’t think so. I’ve never really been one for porn.” She said as she continued to stroke, “And why should I when I have such a willing candidate to practice on.”

Despite my best intentions, my body was mutinying on me. my member was now painfully erect and I was cursing myself with the reality that it had been so long since I last felt anyone’s touch other than my own.

“Shouldn’t you be doing this with your boyfriend?” I grumbled back breathing deep.

“Aaron’s one who likes experienced girls, and unfortunately that’s something I’m not…yet, anyway.” She said simply.

“This is idiotic!” I hissed.

“No, this is hard.” She said gripping my member through my pants. “Look, Nick. We were messing around last night, he got me hot and heavy, and then when I tried to blow him, he got upset. Said I sucked at it, and dumped me off at my house to be with that slut Tiffany. I’m fucking horny, and I’m going to learn how to do this right. And you’re going to be the good assistant coach that you are and teach me how to do it right. You understand.”

I blinked, trying to process all that she had said through my fogged-filled mind. I could tell that she wasn’t very skilled at what she was doing, but it had been so long that I didn’t care all that much at this point. In any normal circumstance, I would like to comfort this girl and tell her that her boyfriend was a shit and she should strive for better…

But since she had her hand already on my crotch, such sentimentalities were clearly out the door.

With a soft groan, I nodded. “Fine, but Brittany, I need to know, how old are you?”

She smirked, “I turned eighteen last September. So do we have an understanding?”

“I’m so going to hell.” I whispered softly.

“I promise to make it a fun trip.” She said with a wink as she leaned back.

I had always snuck peaks at all of the girls on the team, and Brittany was no exception, but I hadn’t really fantasized about her. Now though, I was looking at her in an entirely new light. The glow from the interior lights was almost nonexistent, but I could still make out the outline of her budding body. She had a small chest, but it was the flair of her hips and deliciously toned legs that had initially drawn my attention to her.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

She smirked as she leaned forward, her hands fumbling over the button and fly of my pants, “I want to see what I have to work with first.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening, and I was damning myself for it. Still I knew she was dead honest about accusing me of doing exactly what it was she now doing should I try and stop her.

“Lift your hips,” she growled, her voice becoming husky.

“You’re not taking my pants off!” I hissed.

“I’m just easing them down, I want to see all of you.”

I cursed as I lifted my hips slightly and she pulled down my jeans and boxers down to my mid-thighs. My member sprung free, standing proudly. I could already feel a thick, warm glob of pre-cum oozing down my swollen cockhead. I shivered as I felt Brittany’s warm breath on my member.

“Wow, it’s not as long as Aaron’s.” She said.

“Thanks,” I growled angrily.

“But it’s so thick.” She said, as I suddenly felt her delicate fingers wrapping around my girth. I closed my eyes and gasped longingly as I felt a woman’s touch once again. Another trickle of clear pre-cum streamed out from my head. “Looks like someone’s overly excited.”

“Just…just get it over with.” I growled.

“With pleasure,” Brittany said as she leaned forward, his tongue lapping at the tip of my head, a single strand of my pre-cum trailing from my head to her luscious lips. “hmm…tasty. What do I do now?”

I looked at her transfixed, “You’re doing a pretty damn good job with just your tongue so far.” I whispered.

“Oh, you liked that did you?” she asked as she continued to tease me by lapping her tongue over my head, I closed my eyes and gasped lightly. Taking my moans as motivation, she began enticing my entire length with her tongue. It teased and lapped, and suckled my thick, hard member. More and more pre-cum continued to gush forth, and she pulled away from my dick with a wide grin on her face. “You’re getting almost as wet as I am.” She said as she took one of my hands and guided it under her skirt.

I tried to pull away, but she gave me a challenging expression. Knowing the stakes, I relented and was rewarded by feeling the soaked fabric of her panties against my touch. Prompted by instinct rather than common sense, my fingers began to massage and circle her covered sex. A soft moan escapes her lips, “Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve needed.” She said before returning her attention to lavishing my member with her tongue.

“Use your lips,” I whisper, continuing to be enthralled at just how soaked her panties are. Brittany nodded once as I suddenly feel her tongue replaced by her lips as they began to suck and tease my shaft. To my surprise, she sinks lower and lower along my length, and I’m surprised to find that she beginning to kiss and suckle my sack while continuing to stroke my cock. “Oh God, Brittany!” I whisper in surprise as I feel her take one of my balls into her mouth and sucking on it tantalizingly. “How can anyone say that you’re bad at this!” I whisper.

She let my ball fall from her lips as she looked up at me, “Oh, that’s because this is about all I can do.” She said with a pout.

“Well, don’t stop,” I whisper back to her, as if to encourage her, I let my fingers become a bit more adventurous, peeling aside the edge of her panties so that I could feel her delicate folds against my bare fingers. A shiver ran through her body in that moment.

She took my encouragement and once again resumed her kissing and licking of my sack as her hand danced over my length.

I was trying to keep myself as quiet as possible, this was both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time, and that made it all the more arousing. Here was this eighteen year old girl sucking me off on a bus full of students and adults, and at the very least I could go to jail for this, but as I felt her warm slick folds against my fingers, and her lips lavishing me, I could care less.

I pulled my fingers away from her wet twat and Brittany gave me a distressed look as I brought the fingers to my nose and inhaled deeply. She smelled like heaven before giving them a telling lick. God, that was a taste I could never live without!

“Time to learn some more.” I growled, abandoning my resistance as I began to stroke her short brown locks. “Now you’re going to learn how to suck cock.” She seemed to give me this innocent, eager expression, as I guided her lips towards my swollen cockhead.

“First thing you want to do is clamp your lips around my cock, but be careful of your teeth.” I warned, she obeyed, her big emerald eyes looking up to me hungrily as she did as I said. “That’s good,” I moaned, “Now remember to use your tongue when your lips are near my tip, tease my…yeah, like that.” God, the girl was a quick study! I thought as I felt her tongue dance over my sensitive head. “Now just bob your head down, taking as much as you can.”

She did as I commanded, lowering her head carefully. My girth was considerable and I loved the way her mouth tried to take as much of me into her as she could. It was amazing. I moaned again as the girl’s tongue went to work every time her head bobbed up. Without any encouragement, I felt her hand once again continue to stroke the remainder of my seven-inch cock that she couldn’t handle.

After a few minutes, her gyrations began pickup, her head beginning to bob faster and faster. I closed my eyes, lavishing in the heaven that was her mouth. My hips were beginning to buck and I began thrusting my member further and deeper into her wanting mouth. Brittany for all her effort was more than eager to accommodate, and before long I could feel my head pressing into the back of her mouth as she continued to look up to me in hunger.

She pulled free of my slick cock, a thick trail of saliva and pre-cum drooling from her lips. “Christ, I’m so fucking hot right now.” She said as she reached under her skirt, in one quick move, her panties came into view as she pulled them down her thighs. She shifted around the bench seat until they were completely off. “I need this cock in me now.” She growled.

Jet lag can be a killer but it can also be a giver. If John McClane hadn’t been fighting his jet lag in the corporate bathroom, he would have been rounded up with the others and the Die Hard franchise would have been snuffed at birth. Yippee-Ki-Yay mother hubbard!

I’d been burning the candle not at both ends but burning it twice as fast on the work end. No work/life balance and spending another late night at the office the day before the red eye to Tokio. The saving grace being I would arrive on a Sunday and get a night’s sleep before my day with prospective clients.

Comfortable flight, but again I’m on my laptop for most of it so not topping up my sleep tank and by touchdown I’ve slept six hours in the last 48. Not good. Check-in is a blur at the hotel and no sooner in the key in the door than the sheets are back off the bed and I’m enveloped in Japanese linen which smothers me into unconsciousness.

As a result, I oversleep and when my bleary eyes focus on the clock, there’s less than an hour before I’m due in an office ten blocks away. I ring down to reception to ask for a taxi and there’s nothing to be had for another hour. With the sublime politeness that the Japanese have, the receptionist asks me where I’m trying to get to and then tells me that a super efficient public bus service will leave in twenty minutes from outside the hotel and stops within five minutes of my destination.

A hurried shower and as few clothes as I can get away with the combat the heat and the potential running around I’ll have to do and I’m barrelling out of the hotel doors and joining a queue clambering through the rear doors to board a spotlessly clean bus.

It’s only after the doors close and we set off that I realise that every other person on this bus is in a uniform. At least they’re all of a reasonably mature age and I won’t have to endure erupting acne or the tinny zizz of badly insulated headphones.

Instead, this group were texting and smart phone surfing their social media fingers off. I was on the wrong bus. In my overslept haste I had jumped on the wrong bus. This one was, according to the signs, on a bus bound for Tokio university.

I hadn’t managed to get a seat so I slumped against a pole to do my own smart phone surfing. Not for social media but for a map to see where I was going and then to send an email to my hosts, begging their forgiveness, patience and hoping that this was not the sort of dishonour that would cause anyone to lose face. Or any other bodily part.

Now that I knew that I was heading further and further away from my destination, and that this bus didn’t stop again before it got there in over an hour’s time, I called base (forgetting the time difference) and shared my shame. All in all, it seemed best to re-schedule the whole day’s worth of meetings for tomorrow and start again.

Today was my own and I could do as I pleased so I decided to explore wherever it was that I got to before trying to find a taxi that could take me to back to the city centre and preferably to some sort of baths or spa where I could steam out my frustrations and get a pummelingly good massage.

Once I had hung up, the young student nearest me turned her beautiful Asian face to my chest and asked if I was alright. Her English was faultless, albeit with an American dialect. Certainly better than my Japanese, which was non-existent.

So I explained my mistake and cause and my companion made all the giggles, smiles and blushes that you would expect from an excruciatingly polite and shy Asian damsel. Being the best part of a foot taller than her, in order to be heard she moved closer. And with the aforementioned height difference, that put her head just below my jaw and in order to maintain eye contact, I was obliged to look down and as a result look down the gap in her browse to enjoy the sight of pink lace wrapped jiggly womanliness. The jiggliness coming courtesy of the bus’ suspension, despite the pool table smooth tarmac.

Now that the ice was broken and the distance between us closed, we continued to speak and share life stories and dreams of what she hoped to do after graduation and what I wanted to do next in my career. She was delightful company and being in higher education, her conversation was informed and topical.

As I became engrossed in our chat, my Neanderthal brain was soaking up her appearance. About 5’2″ as I said but at a guess, I’d say size 8 and a generous 34B. She was dressed, as I mentioned in a blouse, which happened to be crisp white to the point of appearing starched with too many buttons undone to be decorous. Neanderthal man was grateful for the high humidity in Tokio for that. And below the waist was a pleated, plaid skirt. Although clearly having left school some years ago and above the age of consent, she had opted for the schoolgirl look, complete with knee high socks and Mary Jane pumps. Neanderthal man was grateful was odd Oriental predilections.

As smooth as the tarmac was and as efficient as the bus’ suspension was, there was undoubtedly forces at work that were determined to rub a twenty-something’s nubile body up against mine. This made it very hard. Hard to concentrate on our conversation and hard to conceal just how hard all of this was making me.

This was embarrassing enough but in my pursuit of combating the humidity, I had sacrificed any form of underwear and the fabric of my trousers was closer to a lightweight linen than a sturdy worsted. As a result, blood engorged flesh snaked down the leg of my trousers and made a distinct manprint.

A manprint that stoked its length against the thigh of my travelling companion and drew pleasure from the encounter. Subconsciously or not, this self same companion continued to rub herself against me and if I’m not mistaken, she was actually spreading those thighs so that the throbbing, rubbing trouser snake was clamped against her skirt and jammed into the apex.

With a flutter of dark, dewy eyes my companion looked up at me and bit her lower lip in a way words can’t describe but which will be imprinted in my memories until the day I die. Or Alzheimer’s robs me of my faculties. Her tiny hand, with perfectly manicured fingers, timidly touched my chest and those nails seem to scratch the cotton of my shirt and my skin beneath tingles and yearns for more.

I clench and unclench my palms, unsure what to do. We’re surrounded by other passengers. If I’ve read the signs wrong, she screams and I get arrested. After that comes a whole world of pain that at best includes deportation. So I continue to talk about what I hope to do with my extra day off and to ask her what there might be at our destination for me to enjoy.

With the look I can’t describe in words, she looks at me again. Or rather, straight through me into my soul. She then asks if I need to wait until I get off the bus before I enjoy myself. Do I not enjoy myself in her company? And as she speaks, her hand runs down my shirt and into my lap. There’s no mistaking her intent as her fingers encircle my almost fully formed erection and stroke it up and down.

My mouth opens and closes, but no words emerge. I succumb to the sensations and a fully fledged erection swells and fills her hand. Finally, I confess that I am enjoying our time together immensely. In fact, if she’s not careful, my enjoyment will climax unceremoniously. As I say the words, I hope that her English will understand the double meaning of my words.

In response, I get the look again and you squeeze closer. Under the cover of my jacket, your hand deftly slides down the zipper of my trousers and reaches inside. When she is wrist deep inside, her hand retraces its grip around my shaft and pulls it to the open fly where she pulls it free.

Her eyes moisten and dilate with desire as she looks at me again and she bites her lip more deeply until I fear that she will draw blood. They remain fixed as she jostles and manoeuvres herself. I am puzzled at first but then I feel fabric against the tip of my penis and those eyes now glint with more mischief.

It now becomes clear what her re-position was intended to achieve. Her skirt drapes over her busy hand which conceals her actions and it would seem that she is rubbing her swollen sex with mine, through the cotton of her panties. My mushroomed crown presses into the creased folds of her labia. The sensation drives me crazy and I start to buck my hips against her until I remember we’re on a crowded bus and restrain myself.

My Asian princess then moves up on tiptoe and places the softest and most fragrant kiss I can recall upon my lips. Then another. And another. And each lasts longer than its predecessor until there is no gap between each and they melt into a passionate onslaught on my senses and desires.

Whilst enraptured in her kiss, her nimble fingers slide down and pull on the waist band of her panties. I feel the band strum against my erection and then I am pressed against warm flesh. She resumes rubbing me against her, her against me but now there is nothing, not a single scrap of material, linen, cotton or nylon between me and full penetration. Not a thing, not even the confining latex of a condom.

The sudden realisation of the situation overwhelms me and my knees briefly buckle until I recover. The movement of recovery makes me thrust up against her. A tiny gasp bursts from her lips as her keep is breached. This is madness, sweet intoxicating madness. A girl at least ten years my junior, in a foreign country, whose name I don’t know, whom I met ten minutes ago, dressed as a college girl, studying for her masters in political science is about to commit the most intimate of personal and tender acts with me. I am one inch out of eight towards being balls deep in her.

Neanderthal man speaks. Not with words but with actions and grips her hips before slamming up and deep, lifting her off of her feet for fractions of a second but on her descent the final penetration is complete and her shaved (who knew?) groin is pressed against mine. Any pretence of normality is gone and I thrust back and forth, now our union sings with slap after slap of flesh on flesh, punctuated by the gasp and moan of her pleasure.

Jet lag. Ninety nine times out of a hundred it’ll rip your face off and spit in the sockets but today jet lag was fated to deliver me to this moment. This perfect moment. Bruce Willis gets to shoot bad guys and blow stuff up, I get to pound my cock through the youngest woman I’ve had in over ten years.

Reality bursts back and I feel exposed when my Asian princess (when would be the appropriate time to ask her name?) moves away and un-sheathes herself from me. She steps down and turns around, pushing her panties all the way off and stepping out of them. She backs up to me and lifts her skirt, making a new revelation as I see her peachy cheeks for the first time.

And then they’re gone again, covered my her skirt as the distance is closed and her velvet gloved pussy admits my steely cock again and those cheeks part and envelope me. Pleasure is restored and we move to make our lovemaking into sounds. Slap, slap, slap, gasp, moan, grunt. On and on with a vigour and stamina I have not felt in years.

My hands reach under her to pull the blouse from her skirt and admit access to what lies beneath. Across her smooth stomach, encountering a small stud in her navel (again, who knew?) until I can pull at the flimsy edges of her bra. It’s a front fastener so it soon yields to my command and delivers its warm, fleshy contents to my eager palms.

This stirs something in my companion and I can feel her pelvic muscles ripple and wriggle around me. A sensation I have never known as I am expertly and deftly milked and squeezed. In response, I cup each breast and caress each nipple as I bring them to proud attention, the areolae around each engorging and stiffening in plump arousal.

Once more, I feel exposed as she ends our union to step away. She turns and kisses me again. I drown in the intoxication of the moment as we explore each other’s mouths. I break momentarily to ask her name. I can’t continue with such anonymity during such an intimate act.

She tells me that her name is Akira and I tell her that my name is Jim. And then she bends in front of me, on her knees and licks my cock. It glistens with the sweet musk of her fluids and she savours each lick and suck and swallows whole. Her nose presses to my groin and her tongue laps at me inside her mouth.

She lubricates the act with her spittle and soon I’m gliding back and forth through a heaven seldom known. Her throat offers brief resistance and it feels as I am actually fucking her face. I have lost track of time and have no idea how much longer until we reach our destination. Which personally speaking, I am all too likely to reach of a more climatic nature soon.

Lust filled eyes lookup at me as she senses a straining and stiffening in my actions. It takes every sinew of self control not to explode in rapture when she mumbles a query (she is talking with her mouth full after all) to enquire if I want to cum in her mouth or inside her.

In response and conscious of the fact that we’re nearly there, I pull her to her feet. She rests her head on my chest and then, in a move a gymnast would envy raises her left leg to grab her ankle and rest it on my shoulder before reaching down to guide my wet, eager, hair-trigger penis back to her labia and to enter sweet nirvana again. Hands grasped on her buttocks and I slam home.

We kiss again and she whispers in my ear to cum inside her now. I submit and comply. This unusual position tautened and tightened her muscles around and within her sex and once more her muscle control rippled and gripped me tightly and expertly squeezed me until sweet ecstasy of ecstasies, I unloaded.

But this was no ordinary ejaculate. My toes curled, my ears sang, my blood pulsed, my senses heightened and I pumped. And pumped. And pumped. And pumped. I kept pumping and discharging my seed into Akira. No thought for precautions or impregnations, only the symphony and desire of the moment.

She bit into my shoulder and whimpered her appreciation of the deed, sighing and moaning with what I now realise was her own orgasm. Panting gave way to deep breaths, gave way to regular breathing and she brought her leg back down again. We kissed once more and she buttoned her blouse back and I slipped my withering manhood back within my trousers.

In bending to retrieve her panties, her peachy cheeks were exposed again and I groaned inwardly at the sight and the memories it brought back already. Before I could raise my zipper she stuffed her panties into my fly and patted them. Saying that she wanted me to have something to remember her by.

There was no way I would not remember this day and the pleasures it had brought. I took a card from my pocket and slipped it into the fabric of her freshly re-clasped bra. I told her that I was staying at the Hilton and I would be delighted to see her again and spend some time together in a more conventional way.

With a huge laboured hiss, the bus pulled to a halt and the passengers threaded out and onto the pavement. Feeling slightly foolish now because she didn’t respond and made no indication of what we had just experienced. In fact, she joined her friends (I assume) and they walked across the concourse.

But just as she was almost out of my eye line, she turned to blow me a kiss and flipped up the back of her skirt to expose those peachy cheeks again. Then she signed the universal gestures for I’ll call you, and disappeared.

Thoughts of exploring this unfamiliar place went out of my head. I needed a drink and a seat to take the weight off. I was working through my third Asahi beer when my cell phone chirped.

“Please don’t rush off, my lectures end at 4 and I would like to travel again on the bus with you. It was very much fun!! Aki xx”

O God, how could I not accept the prospect of time with her again. But that’s another story.

© C.B. Summers 2011


My thanks and appreciation to Literotica author Laurie, for loaning me her character, Lindsey Foster. This story is as much inspired by Laurie, as it is by her characters. I am greatly in her debt. Lindsey’s sister, husband, daughter and mother are also Laurie’s creations.

I conceived this story as a way for Lindsey Foster to meet Laurie Bonner from my story, Delayed Action (by the way, Laurie Bonner was named Laurie before I met Laurie the author). Along the way I created a whole bunch of other students to populate Lindsey’s High School, and it has gotten even more complicated than I originally thought. It’s a long bus ride from Florida to California! It’s been fun writing Lindsey into a great big hole of sinful complications. I still don’t know how I’m going to get her out of it!

For more wonderful wickedness, please check out Literotica author: Laurie.

Lindsey Foster’s stories are “The Sun Felt Good On My Back”, and “While Lindsey’s Away”.

All the characters in this story, who participate in sexual activities, are over eighteen.



JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA and WESTBOUND DECEMBER 28When he finally pulled out of her, his wrinkly old face streaked with sweat, she said, “Please, Mr. Molarez, lick my pussy clean.” He kneeled between her legs and eagerly slurped and tongued her dripping wet pussy. She loved the feel of his stiff little moustache on her clit. His tongue teased her clit in the most amazing way, and she was soon stifling her orgasmic screams again. He tirelessly worked her pussy this way for another hour, as she squealed in pleasure, having orgasm after orgasm. She’d been eaten out by a number of guys and at least two girls by then, but none of them had ever given her so many orgasms before.

Then she felt his finger probing her asshole. Nobody had done that before. She thought about telling him to stop, but then she thought, he’s the expert. I should let him teach me… His finger went inside. It was uncomfortable at first, but then he did something in there that had her gasping, barely able to breathe. And then two fingers of his other hand went inside her tight pussy and started walking on her g-spot. Soon she was so out of control with pleasure that she didn’t even think about stifling her screams. She’d never in her life experienced an orgasm to compare to the one Mr. Molarez gave her with his finger up her ass. She actually squirted a jet of liquid into his face. She’d never done that before, and had only done it a handful of times since.

She had to clamp her legs shut to stop him from continuing. It was so good; it was simply more than she could bear. She must have laid quivering on Mr. Molarez’ desk for ten minutes, unable to even think, as he stood next to her, touching her body delicately with his hands. He ran his fingers over every inch of her skin as if he was trying to memorize her. He bent over and suckled her little nipples and kissed her lips and soon they were making out. His kisses finally brought her out of her fugue. She looked up at him in utter amazement.

“Wow, Mr. Molarez… you should teach a class in how to do that. Some of the boys around here could really use it.” She giggled, and he blushed.

She saw that his cock was hard again, so she slipped to her knees and started sucking him again. She looked up and said, “Teach me how to do this better.” Mr. Molarez smiled down at her and gave her a few pointers. Brilliant little insights she hadn’t thought of before. She could no longer remember exactly what he told her to do, but over the years she’d heard more than twenty men tell her, “That was the best blowjob of my life.” She owed that skill to Mr. Molarez.

She did remember one particular move he taught her to do. She stroked him as she sucked him, swirling her hand over the head after each upstroke. About five minutes of that motion was all it took for Mr. Molarez to shoot a mouthful of cum against her tongue. She greedily swallowed every drop.

He smiled down at her, speechless with happiness. She stood and kissed him on his quivering lips and said, “You’re my favorite teacher Mr. Molarez. I’ll never forget you. Stay cool, Mr. M.” Then she gave him one last hug goodbye, and walked away, feeling more satisfied than she’d ever felt in her life.

Remembering that wonderful, erotic memory suddenly made her think thoughts about Brant that she’d never thought before. If I’m his favorite teacher, maybe he’ll do the same thing for me when he graduates? Would I want him to? Of course not. I’m a married woman. Still, the idea made her pussy weep with lust.


The first day on the bus was wonderful torture for both of them.

Brant excitedly asked Mrs. Foster questions about writing and literature, trying to tap into the endless font of wisdom she seemed to bubble with. He’d never been this close to her before, and he was utterly enthralled. She smelled beautiful, and when she talked to him, her eyes pieced right into his own. By midday he’d already decided that he was going to remember this as one of the greatest days of his life.

For her part Lindsey tried her best to answer Brant’s naïve questions about writing, and give him advice to help him with his insanely huge ambitions. He wanted to be a novelist, and the only really good advice she had for him was to experience life to the fullest, and write about what he knows. That’s what Mr. Molarez had told her too. Of course, she never did become a professional writer, so maybe that was trite advice.

The whole time Lindsey tried to keep her mind on the fact that Brant was a student and she was his teacher. But he was so handsome… so cute and sexy… his neatly cropped sandy hair… his chiseled face and gleaming blue eyes… those adorable dimples in his cheeks… and the way he looked at her… with such devotion… she hadn’t seen that look on her husband’s face since… well, she’d never seen it on his face actually. Mark loved her, but he wasn’t particularly impressed with her. Not like Brant. The attention was intoxicating.

The hours flew by. They talked about writing and literature at first, but by the time they returned from lunch that subject was exhausted, so she started asking him questions about the band.

“I started playing the bass drum in junior high school…”

“That’s the big round one?”

“Yeah. I wear it on a harness. I guess they started me on it because I’m pretty strong. But it’s not that heavy, really. Still, it takes a lot of upper body strength to bang on it for hours and hours.”

Lindsey had noticed how strong his arms looked in his short-sleeved shirt. On impulse she reached over and squeezed his bare bicep. It was as hard as a rock, even though Brant wasn’t flexing it. “You’re not kidding! Those are some guns you’ve got there, kid.”

The touch of her hand on his bare flesh made Brant blush. Lindsey saw the expression so she took her hand away, blushing. Did I just touch a student? That’s against the rules, isn’t it? She remembered going to several seminars on how to maintain proper distance from students. Muscle feeling was maybe okay for a gym teacher, but definitely not appropriate for an English teacher. She cleared her throat and said, “So… do you enjoy banging the drum?”

“I guess. I mostly like being in the band. You know, traveling to games and going to competitions and stuff.”

“Yes, I noticed half your stories are about people traveling to exotic locales.”

“Yeah. I have this thing about going places, I suppose. That’s because I’ve never been anywhere… at least not until last year when we went to the nationals in D.C. Before that I’d never gone any farther than Orlando. And now, here we are going all the way to California. We might even get to travel out of the country if we do a good enough job in the parade. It’s a dream come true.”

“I’m awfully impressed… by the band, I mean. I can’t believe you guys got invited to the Tournament of Roses Parade… isn’t that one of the really big ones?”

“Yeah. It’s like the top parade, I think. It’s on national television, anyway. Most of the bands are from California, but they invite all the best bands from around the world. Last year we won the national competition, and this year we’ve been absolutely perfect. Someone somewhere must have seen us, because it’s pretty rare for a first time national winner to get invited. It’s huge.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you guys perform. I don’t usually work the sporting events. I can’t wait to see you marching.”

The conversation went on like that for hour after hour, mile after mile. Brant would ask a personal question from time to time, but Lindsey would just change the subject. She didn’t want things to get any more personal than they already were. It was bad enough this beautiful, sexy boy who idolized her was sitting so close, she didn’t need things to get any more intimate.

As the sun set, the students started getting sleepy, and the conversation on the bus faded out. Lindsey had brought several books to read, so she lent one to Brant. They sat next to each other reading quietly in little pools of light. Brant was as happy as a clam. As much as he loved talking to Mrs. Foster, he also loved sitting quietly next to her too. There was something intimate about it that he cherished. She’d given him a pretty difficult, brainy book to read. He was pleased that she thought he was capable of understanding it, although in truth, it really was going over his head a little. But he eagerly read it, knowing that the next day it would spark another wonderful conversation between them.

After a while he heard Mrs. Foster’s breathing grow deeper. He looked over to see her asleep. He smiled. She was so cute. She looked even younger than usual. Almost like a little kid. Then he watched in growing anticipation as bit by bit, she slanted over to the side until her beautiful little head was resting against his arm. He’d completely lost interest in the book by this time. All he could do was sit there and savor each moment of contact with Mrs. Foster’s warm body. He loved the feel of her dark hair tickling the little hairs on his forearm.

She scratched her neck in her sleep, and when she took her hand away he saw that her top button had come undone, and the collar was puffed open. He could see her entire right breast and the soft white bra that was cradling it, illuminated brilliantly by the bright reading light above. It was a sexy little bra, with lace along the edges. It was thin enough that he could faintly see the bump of her nipple. He couldn’t take his eyes off her tit. His heart started racing, and his cock started pushing up against the book he was holding in his lap.

Mrs. Foster yawned and stretched her arms sleepily. Then she rotated toward him in her chair, pressing her face deeper into his upper left arm, and flopping her right hand down on his thigh. Brant froze, not knowing what to do. Then her fingers began to softly move around in circles as she made a gentle humming sound. He looked around nervously. Since they were in the back row of the bus, the only people who could have seen were in the adjacent seats across the aisle, but they were asleep.

Mrs. Foster’s fingers started squeezing his thigh gently, sending tingles through his balls. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit… what do I do?

Brant was terrified that someone would see, so he reached up and switched off their reading lights. But since his right hand was trapped under her arm, he had to let go of the book to reach up. By the time he switched off the second light, Mrs. Foster had pushed the book completely off his lap, and now her right hand was loosely wrapped around the base of his growing erection.

Brant sat in shock, feeling his cock standing more and more erect in his loose pants. Moments later Mrs. Foster’s little hand started massaging his balls gently through the fabric. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit… After a minute or two, her hand wrapped around his rock hard shaft and started gently stroking it up and down. This was beyond anything he’d ever imagined might happen. It was amazing, but he couldn’t figure out what to do. If he woke her up, the embarrassment would be unbearable… but she could wake up anyway, and if she did…

He had to do something… but then he realized there was nothing he could do but enjoy it. This is the only time Mrs. Foster is ever gonna touch my cock, so why not enjoy it?

Lindsey was about three-quarter asleep. She thought she was in bed with her husband. She often reached over to stroke Mark’s cock when she was horny and half asleep, and she was definitely horny after spending so many hours flirting with Brant. Mark, who hated being woken up, would sometimes push her hand away in his sleep, but half the time he’d go with it, and eventually she’d wake herself up enough to give him a blowjob. It was one of those bedtime routines she’d done countless times.

Mrs. Foster’s hand was gripping Brant’s cock a little tighter now. He was trying hard to stifle groans of pleasure. He didn’t want to wake anybody up. Then, without warning, Mrs. Foster’s fingers sleepily grabbed his waistband and drew it down, releasing his large penis. Brant was horrified. The bus was almost pitch dark, but if someone turned on a light he’d be totally exposed! But before he could do anything about it, Mrs. Foster leaned over and took his cock right into her mouth. Brant’s entire body stiffened in shock and pleasure. Mrs. Foster’s mouth began to go up and down his shaft, slurping softly as her hand massaged his balls.

Brant was in ecstasy. This was his first blowjob. He’d tried to get his girlfriend to blow him numerous times, but she was grossed out by the idea of it. She’d given him a few hand-jobs, but that was as far as she would go. He was starting to think he might graduate a virgin if she kept holding out on him.

Shit! Mrs. Foster is sucking my cock! The blowjob felt even better than he’d ever imagined. Even half- asleep, Mrs. Foster knew what she was doing! Her soft hair was tickling his upper thighs as her warm, wet mouth worked gently up and down his throbbing meat, sending waves of pleasure through his pelvis. He could feel her teeth rubbing the sides ever so slightly, but it didn’t bother him at all. He loved Mrs. Foster’s perfect white teeth… and now they were sliding up and down his cock! It was almost impossible to believe. My penis is in Mrs. Foster’s mouth. My penis is in Mrs. Foster’s mouth! This can’t really be happening… I gotta be dreaming… oh fuck, she’s stroking me with her hand too… Mrs. Foster’s pretty little hand is stroking my cock… now she’s fondling my balls… god… is that her tongue swirling around on my pee-hole? Fuck! It is! Mrs. Foster is tonguing my pee-hole! Fuck yeah! Suck my big, hard cock Mrs. Foster! Suck it! He started thrusting himself slightly up into her mouth, amazed at the feeling of his cock head pressing into the back of her throat, as her tongue swirled around the sides.

Lindsey was dimly aware that she was giving her husband a blowjob, but something seemed wrong. For one thing, he seemed bigger than usual… much bigger… at least two inches longer and so big around that she was having a hard time keeping her teeth off him. He hates teeth… his balls don’t feel right. They’re softer, somehow. Mark’s pubes are kinky and rough… these are straight and fine… What the fuck? Then she brought her hand up higher and wrapped her fingers around the big, meaty shaft. It was so fat that her fingertips couldn’t touch. That was odd. They were always able to touch. She heard him groan softly. That’s not Mark’s voice… not deep enough… She didn’t stop, though, because she figured she must be dreaming.

But about two minutes later she woke up enough to realize what was going on. All at once she knew with absolute clarity that she was sucking Brant’s cock. She froze, with the head of that monster cock pressing into the back of her throat. She was sucking Brant’s enormous eighteen-year-old cock. Fuck… what should I do? Oh… shit. This is bad, Lindsey. This is fucking criminal. What the fuck? What do I do now? Nothing occurred to her. Oh shit… its so big… so soft and hard. Goddamn it… what a fucking great cock Brant has. And it’s in my mouth. I’ve got my student’s cock in my mouth. Shit… how long have I been doing this? Does it matter? What difference does it make if I stop now? So she swirled her tongue around the head, savoring the rubbery shape of the helmet as it slid along her taste buds. Fuck… this is one amazing cock.

She hadn’t sucked a cock, other than Mark’s, in the longest time. In college she’d become known as the cock queen of the sorority, because she was willing to suck almost any guy’s cock, particularly if it was over seven inches long. She remembered one particular epic party… she’d snorted so much coke that night she just went totally crazy… she had every guy in the room line up and she measured each guy’s cock with a wooden ruler, stroking him first to get him hard. If he grew to over seven inches, she’d suck him until he came, swallowing as much of his load as she could, then she took the next guy in line. About a third of the guys in the first twenty were over seven inches, but she got annoyed with the dejected looks on the rejected guys faces, so she threw the ruler aside and just sucked every cock that got put in front of her. Literally every unattached guy at the party stuck his cock in her mouth that night, even the ones she’d turned down earlier in the evening. Not all of them came, but she swallowed so much cum that night it made her sick later on. One of the sisters estimated that shed sucked over 45 cocks that night alone. That cemented her reputation as the cock queen. She used to brag that she sucked a thousand cocks in her four years at college, although it was impossible to really know for sure, since a lot of those cocks were the same fraternity guys over and over again. Still, she figured she sucked at least two hundred and fifty different guy’s cocks over the course of those four amazing years. But that was almost ten years ago. Oh, she’d had a few dalliances over the years, but only when she was drunk, or hopped up on coke. But never when she was totally sober like this.

What am I doing? I have to stop! But she didn’t stop. She kept sucking and stroking her student’s savory cock, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum as it squirted gently against her tongue. I’ve come too far to back out now. But I better end this ASAP. She started sucking and stroking with more gusto, demonstrating the skill she’d honed over the years. She slobbered copious amounts of saliva, so that her hand was able to stroke him powerfully along with her mouth. Soon Brant was bucking and tensing in his chair. Then his cum splooged against her tongue, and she swallowed it eagerly, feeling a flush of pride and accomplishment at having conquered another cock.

Only after he was totally spent and starting to soften in her mouth did it occur to her that she was now officially screwed. If this gets out, my teaching career is over. Well, at least he’s over eighteen, so there won’t be jail time. But if Mark finds out, there might be hospital time. That fuckin’ Neanderthal is definitely not the ‘forgive and forget’ type.

Brant was in shock. He couldn’t believe that this amazing teacher he’d idolized for years had just sucked him off. Holy shit! Mrs. Foster swallowed my cum! It was wonderful beyond belief. But what do I do now?

Lindsey decided to pretend she was still sleeping, so she pulled back, yawned and flopped the other way against the window, making the most believable snoring sounds she could manage.

Brant pulled his pants back up in intense relief that she’d slept through the whole thing. Afterwards, he sat in wonder looking at Mrs. Foster’s dark shape next to him. He’d just had his first blowjob. If the bus swerved into a ravine right now, he would die a happy boy.

The bus came over a rise and was suddenly surrounded with the lights of Houston, Texas, which streamed into the windows, slowly waking everybody up. Lindsey yawned dramatically, and licked her lips. She looked over at Brant who was staring back at her wide-eyed with wonder and worry.

She said, “Oh… sorry, did I fall asleep?”

“Yeah,” was all he could say.

She licked her lips sleepily and said, “I have a funny taste in my mouth.”

Brant felt a thrilling wave of terror. She could taste his cum in her mouth!

She licked her lips again, and said, “Actually, it tastes pretty good. Must have been the pie I had at lunch. Yummy.”

Brant smiled, but the sight of Mrs. Foster’s tongue swirling around on her beautiful lips was making his cock grow hard all over again.

Lindsey felt happy. It had been a long time since any man had looked at her the way Brant was looking at her right now. He thought she was beautiful, sexy and desirable. It was refreshing. Mark fucked her at least once a week, but he did it with military precision, almost as if it were a duty to be performed, not out of sincere desire.

On the Bus: Tolerated & Tossed Off


On the Bus is a chain story that does not rely on any previous or incoming chapters. Each submission is considered stand alone and only relates to the others via the bus.

The words on the page were once again becoming blurred to Brenda’s bored subconscious. She swore she’d read the same paragraph over and over again, if not more than a dozen times. Her boyfriend, Brad slept in the seat next to her. His head was lolled back; his lips parted and a sliver of drool seeped from the corner of his open mouth. She sighed and closed the book.

“Wake up,” she hissed. Her elbow connected solidly with his ribcage.

Brad jerked forward and grabbed his side. “What that fu…” his words died as he sunk down in his seat.

His fellow passengers stared at him with disapproval. He leaned over to Brenda and whispered, “What the fuck was that for?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I was bored.”

Brad’s eyebrows curled awkwardly in confusion. “So you figured you’d wake me up, so I could be bored too. Well thanks a lot.”

“You’re welcome,” she said with a sarcastic smile on her face.

He took a deep breath, sat back up and rolled his neck. The various joints popped, making Brenda wince. “I wish you wouldn’t do that,” she said, before pushing her book back into her bag.

“My neck’s stiff. Couldn’t help it,” Brad told her.

“That’s not all that’s stiff,” Brenda whispered, and nodded toward his crotch.

“Yeah, tell me about it. I need to go back to the bathroom and take care of that.”

Brenda looked around. “Why not let me,” she told him, winked and reached over to grab his crotch.

Brad held her wrist and pushed it away. “You can’t do that,” he told her.

“Sure I can. I’ll just stroke you, and…” she grabbed her bag and put it on her lap, “…there see, no one will know.”

He glanced around and grinned. Brad quickly popped the button of his jeans free, lifted his ass, pulled the zipper down and removed his cock from the boxers and denim he wore. His fingers held the base, framing it for Brenda’s hungry eyes.

She looked around just to make sure no one was curious about them. When she felt assured that all was well, her hand wrapped around his shaft and began to glide up and down the full length.

Brad let his head fall back. He closed his eyes and felt the sensation of her soft fingers sliding along his thick tool. The sensation of her thumb pressing against the front side of his cock head, just under the tip, made his pulse race. He groaned softly, then coughed, fearful of being caught with his pants down.

Brenda giggled. She watched the coloring of his cock deepen to a darker shade of burnt copper. His body was naturally a deeper bronze than any of the men in her past. She was always amazed by the various tones his skin would take on when he was aroused.

The grip on his rod tightened as she pushed the skin down and lifted it back up. Her fingers rolled over the head, then back across the tip, where her thumb pushed against the little hole. He hissed and coughed again; she chuckled softly.

While his eyes were closed, he reached up and stroked Brenda’s hair. It was cut short, and the curls were lose and soft. He played with them, every so often twisting one or two around his fingers. She moved her head, so he let his hand fall to the headrest of her seat.

Brenda trembled from the soft caress of Brad’s loving fingers. Her lower lip shook as she watched a clear drop of pre cum slip from his dick. A soft moan of lust flowed from her chest and passed over her tongue to land somewhere in the air around them.

Under her skirt and behind her panty, Brenda felt the pulse of her sex quicken. She whimpered softly as she imagined drawing Brad’s cock into her slippery hole and riding him until she was screaming out his name.

She licked her lips, looked around and noticed most of the passengers were engaged in other activities. A few read, one couple seemed to be engaged in some sort of argument, others slept. Brenda closed her eyes, took a deep breath and lowered her head to her boyfriend’s cock.

Brad’s eyes flew open. He grabbed the bag that was on Brenda’s lap and held it, hoping it had not fallen and given anyone an unexpected view of her sucking on his dick. He said nothing, locking his jaw. Words of shock and admonishment went unspoken.

Brenda sighed in pleasure and relief. The former because she was finally tasting the pre cum and the flesh of Brad’s swollen cock. The later because he had not forced her to stop. She licked her way around the head and then down the sides.

Eventually she made her way back to the top and suckled gently but firmly on just the tip. Her pussy hurt and wanted the reward her mouth was going to received. Brenda took pity on herself and opened her legs.

Brad glanced down and saw her intentions. He muttered a soft curse, felt his skin grow warm, and saw her fingers dive under her skirt. His grip on the bag was vice-like as Brenda began to fuck herself. He imagined her little panty pushed to the side and could almost here the sloppy sound of her fingering her velvety core.

Brenda sucked harder, and pushed deeper. She glanced up and caught Brad’s attention. “Where are we?” she asked, “it feels like the bus is slowing down.”

Brad shook his head, clearing the sex-laced fog that filled his mind. “Yeah, there’s a town coming up, probably gonna get gas. You better quit.”

“Fuck that,” she said, in a loud annoyed voice.

Brenda pushed the bag away, sat up, turned and faced her boyfriend’s shocked expression. He glanced around and saw that everyone had heard her curse and were now watching them. His eyes locked with the reflection of the driver’s and Brad’s eyebrows rose in a “What’s a guy gonna do?” expression.

His cock was grabbed by his woman; she squatted down and shoved her pussy onto his swollen dick. Brenda bounced up and down, while Brad accepted that what was happening and quickly calculated the cost of a new bus ticket on a new bus.

The feel of Brad’s big dick filling up her channel, the knowledge that there were people watching and knowing it would take a moment before the bus could stop, made Brenda’s heart race. The level of excitement in her blood boiled to overflowing.

She ground her hips and forced their pubic hairs to tangle. The friction added to the pleasure. Her labia lips were parted, her clit exposed. As she rubbed and gyrated against Brad she was able to scratch the hard bud. The erotic caress increased the rate at which her body was climbing toward a screaming climax.

Faster and faster she went. Brad grabbed her hips and began to drag her up and down the length of him. He knew what was coming, he knew they were going to get kicked off, but he’d deal with it when it happened. There was no going back, so he was more than willing to enjoy the ride.

“Lift your shirt,” he grunted.

Brenda took the entire sweater off, never once shying away at the notion. She went a step further and pulled both globes out of her bra and offered them to her lover. As she held them, Brad wasted no time in picking the right tit and lowering his mouth to the angry button. He sucked hard and feverishly on the tear drop and drew it between this teeth to tug and bite.

She squeezed her boobs. Brad kept her rhythm going on his cock and when they both came it was with shouts of acclamation to whomever was listening. Her come sprayed all over his pants; his filled her sex with white sticky milk that leaked out of her pussy and onto his clothes.

Brad buried his head in her breasts and took several long calming breaths. He shook his face against the musky scent of sweat and licked each nipple before looking at her blushed features. “Still bored?” he asked.

She grinned, winked, and lifted her soaked pussy from his dick.

The bus had stopped just inside the parking lot of a gas station. The driver was making his way down the isle, when Brenda sat down. She reached for her sweater and bag, that lay on the floor. Her gaze shifted up; she saw the swollen erection of the driver. His uniform pants did little to hide his aroused state.

Her eyes held his when he cleared his throat.

“I don’t have to ask, do I?” he said.

Brenda thought about smarting off, asking him “What – you need me to suck that for you?” but she didn’t. She shook her head, smiled, fixed her boobs, pulled on her top, and gathered her belongings.

“This is our stop anyway,” she said, and pushed past the driver.

Brad chuckled, rose and followed the driver down the isle. His pants were soaked and his cock hung limp at his side. Once at the top of the stairs, he turned back, looked at the other passengers, tucked his dick into his wet pants and grinned.

Brad couldn’t help but notice the expressions on the other passengers’ faces. The men were grinning. The ladies were either blushing or refusing to look at him. The driver, who stood outside waiting for him to leave the bus had winked when he had gotten up to get his bag.

He spun back around, walked down the steps and slapped the driver on the back. “Great ride,” he said before he took Brenda’s hand in his and left the scene behind them.

“I bet,” the driver muttered, before climbing back into the bus, closing the door and taking his passengers to a different fueling station. He reached down and stroked his cock, glanced up and chuckled when one girl caught his reflection and winked knowingly.

Okay, so the story I’m about to tell you may sound unbelievable, but it is completely true.

I was traveling from Lincoln, Nebraska to visit family in Boston, and, since I didn’t have a lot of money, I was taking the bus. The cheapest tickets I could get were for an overnight trip; the bus would be leaving at 6 pm, and arriving at 11 pm the next night. There would, of course, be stops along the way, but it was going to be one hell of a long trip.

The goal of this trip was to scout out the colleges in the Boston area, and see if I could maybe get into graduate school there; I was 1 year away from graduating from undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska. So, I would be staying for the entire summer with my Aunt and Uncle.

After loading my bags, I got on the bus to find it almost full; which surprised me, because I had thought Lincoln was the first stop, but it turned out otherwise.

I looked down the aisle for an empty seat, and saw that there were only 5 empty seats on the whole bus. One of those seats was next to a rather large man; so I eliminated that possibility. Two of the seats were near the front, and were aisle seats; so I eliminated them as well. That just left two seats near the back of the bus; one aisle seat next to a scary looking guy, and a window seat, next to a cute little Asian girl. It was a no-brainer, and I made my way to the seat next to the Asian girl.

“May I?” I asked, as I stopped next to her seat.

“Oh, sure.” She said, standing up to let me in.

I sat down, and placed my carry-on bag under the seat in front of me. “Hi, my name is Trent.” I said.

“Jasmine.” She replied, holding out her hand for me to shake.

I shook it, and we started talking. It turned out that the bus had started out in Los Angeles; which is where she got on. I was a little disappointed when I found out that she would be getting off in Toledo the next morning, since she was such a pleasure to talk too; as well as look at. It turns out that she was an undergraduate student at the University of Toledo, in her second year, and she was heading back for summer classes. We talked for most of the night, and even grabbed a snack together at our first stop. There was some obvious flirting on my part, and I think there may have been some reciprocation by her.

After that first stop, I started to get tired, and excused myself so that I could lie back, and try to sleep. Most of the other passengers had long since gone to sleep, and I wanted to be awake when we arrived in Toledo so that I could say goodbye to Jasmine.

Now here is where the store gets a little unbelievable, according to my friends; but I swear that this is the way it happened.

I had been asleep for a couple of hours, and was awakened by a strange feeling. At first I thought I just had to go to the bathroom, but it soon became clear that that was not the case. I opened my eyes and saw a head of black hair in my lap, bobbing up and down; Jasmine was sucking my dick. Somehow, she had managed to unzip my pants, and pull out my dick without waking me, before starting to suck it.

I could feel myself close to coming, and figured that she must have been at it for a while already. I was about to say something, but stopped myself immediately. ‘Wait; what if I frighten her, and she stops? I mean, if she’s the type to suck an unconscious guy’s dick on the bus, she may not want to be found out. I have to sit here and not make a sound, not even move a muscle.’ I thought, as I closed my eyes, mostly, and watched her head bob.

‘Oh God, she’s good. I’m almost there; please don’t stop.’ I thought, as I got closer and closer to coming.

‘I hope she’s prepared for it, because here it comes.’ I thought, as I felt myself orgasm, and start shooting come in her mouth.

She didn’t even flinch, as come started shooting into her mouth, and sucked it all down, swallowing every last drop.

She sat back up and looked at me with a smile; there was no way I could pretend to sleep now, and she knew it. I starred at her, as she looked around before lifting her skirt up, and then slipping her pantyhose and panties down to her knees.

She took my right hand, and placed it between her legs, rubbing it against her pussy, which was already wet.

I took the hint, and started fingering her, while rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her left hand disappeared up under her shirt, and I could see her massaging her tits. She was really worked up already, and it didn’t take long before she bit down on her lip, and clamped her legs shut, trapping my hand; she was unable to remain completely silent, letting out a little moan.

When she relaxed enough for me to remove my hand, she looked down at my crotch to see that my dick was rock hard again. “Bathroom.” She whispered, quickly pulling up her panties and pantyhose enough to walk, and standing up.

We were only a row away from the bathroom, so she was able to quickly duck in without being noticed. I stuffed my dick back in my pants, and followed her just as quickly. I closed the door behind me, and locked it.

Jasmine had already pulled her pantyhose and panties down again, and lifted her skirt up, as she bent over the sink.

I hadn’t bothered zipping up my pants, so it was a simple matter of reaching in and pulling out my dick before lining up and sliding it inside her tight wet pussy.

Since I had just come less than 15 minutes earlier, I knew it would take some time to finish; so I tried to make her orgasm as much as I could.

I reached around, and used my hand to stimulate her clit, while sliding my other hand under her shirt, and massaging her tits. She came almost instantly, and I could feel her pussy muscles clamping down on my dick; but I just kept fucking her.

By the time I could feel myself getting close to orgasm, she had come 2 more times. I leaned down, and whispered in her ear that I was about to come.

“Come inside me; please.” She said. “I want to feel you filling me up.”

I was a little apprehensive about doing it, but it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to come inside a woman; so I slammed my dick into her a few more times, and shot my load deep inside her pussy.

At that point, we were both barely able to stand, and had to help support each other as we cleaned up, and got dressed, before returning to our seats. Neither of us talked, and Jasmine fell asleep with her head on my shoulder.

When I woke up the next morning, Jasmine was no longer there. I figured she must be in the bathroom, but soon realized that we had already stopped in Toledo and were now outside the city on our way to our next stop.

I didn’t quite know how to feel; on one hand, I was sad that she was gone and I hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye, and on the other I was angry that she didn’t wake me up before leaving. I had thought that something special had happened that night, and was disappointed that I was wrong.

I reached down and picked up my carry-on bag; planning on taking out my laptop, and losing myself in my writing. That’s when I noticed a slip of paper stuffed into the front pocket of my bag.

I took the paper and unfolded it; it was a letter from Jasmine, which she must have quickly written before getting off the bus.

Dear Trent,

Last night was the most amazing night of my life. I don’t want you to think that that is the type of thing I do regularly; it was the first time in my life I ever did anything like that. But I just felt so drawn to you from the moment I laid eyes on you in Lincoln.

That being said, I’m not really sure what we do now. I mean we don’t even live or go to school in the same states; and I’m not sure how you feel about any of this. I hope that this wasn’t one-sided on my part, and that you at least feel some of what I feel.

I’m going to leave you my contact information in the hopes that you might have felt something, and will want to contact me.


Jasmine ***


419-***-**** Room # ***

I read the letter over several times during the rest of my trip, memorizing every last word.

When I arrived in Boston, I was met by my Uncle at the bus station, and we headed to their house. After a quick supper, and a shower, I headed into the den to use his computer for my research into graduate studies. It didn’t take me long to find the information I was looking for, and I immediately got to work.

I ended up sending Jasmine an email later that night, and after several messages back and forth, we arranged a video chat.


It’s now five months since that bus ride, and I’m waiting for the winter semester so I can start my graduate studies at the University of Toledo, while Jasmine continues her undergraduate studies. We live together in a small apartment, just off campus.

Oh, and by the way, it turns out that it sometimes really does only take one shot…Jasmine got pregnant that night, and we are expecting the birth of our daughter sometime in the new year; but for her sake, we’re going to change the story of how her mother and I got together.


The tour bus pulled out of the parking lot, leaving the memories of the last concert behind. The sibling members of the country music band ‘The Band Perry’ relaxed in the lounge area of the bus after they performed for the troops in Fayetteville, North Carolina. They were now on the road for the trip to Memphis, Tennessee and a concert the next night. This trip would last at least twelve hours, the longest ride they have had to take since their tour began.

Twenty-eight year old Kimberly and her two younger brothers, twenty-three year old Reid and twenty-one year old Neil, had risen greatly in popularity since the release of their hit song ‘If I Die Young’. This time a year ago, they were merely an opening act for the likes of Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson but were now gaining too much popularity to remain at the level of ‘opening act’.

About three hours into the ride, the three siblings sat around unable to sleep. Kimberly stepped out of the bathroom freshly out of the shower. Reid and Neil watched as their sister walked back to her seat, her curly blonde hair still dripping wet and her slender body covered only by a white towel.

“What the hell are we going to do?” She asked them. “We can’t sleep, the television won’t turn on…this is boring.”

“Well Kim, you could probably get back into your clothes.” Neil said as he struggled to keep his eyes off the glistening skin of his sister.

“What’s the matter, are you getting too excited seeing me half naked?” She said with a laugh as he looked at the ground. “Fine, I’ll get dressed then.”

Kimberly stood up and started to walk back to bathroom when she suddenly stopped. She turned around and let the towel drop from her body, giving her brothers a full look at her nude body sparkling in the lights.

“Oops!” She giggled before slowly closing the door.

Reid noticed that his brother was looking at the door in a daze.

“Hey!” He snapped his fingers. “Stop thinking about your sister you perv.”

Moments later, Kimberly emerged again from the room wearing a tight white tank top and a pair of loose fitting pink shorts.

“Is that better Neil or should I wear a three piece suit?” She flopped back on the recliner and leaned back. “Now what do we do.”

The three all looked around and tried to figure out what to do. Neil struggled to get the image of his naked sister out of his brain. He started to feel like he was being stared at, which he was. He looked over and saw her staring at him.

“What?” He asked.

“Thinking about something good?” She asked.

He was initially confused until she looked down and saw what she was talking about. He was wearing a pair of shorts that had a very noticeable bulge in it. He immediately crossed his legs and tried to hide it.

“Don’t try to hide it like I didn’t see it. So who were you thinking about? Is it that time that Taylor Swift kissed your cheek? When Jana Kramer gave you that long hug?” He started to look away from her. “That time you saw me naked?” He suddenly looked back at her.

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with you! She’s your damn sister!” Reid said after slapping the back of his head.

“I…I…I…” He could not properly form words.

“Wow, you need help.” His older brother said, looking disappointed.

“So you liked what you saw?” Kimberly asked.

“Kim! What the hell!?” Reid yelled.

“Calm down Reid, let him answer.”

“I…of course not.” Neil stumbled.

“Liar.” She responded.

“You can’t prove that.” He said, still trying to hide the erection.

Kimberly looked at him with a devilish smile. She stood up and slowly walked over to him, sitting on the armrest of his recliner.

“I can’t prove that? Sounds like a challenge.” She sensually rubbed his shoulder.

“Oh my god Kim, what the fuck are you doing!” Reid yelled.

“Shut up Reid. It’s all in harmless fun.” She said, still smiling at her youngest brother.

“Getting your brother sexually excited is harmless?”

“I don’t remember any complaining when I did it to you.” Neil looked over at his brother after her words. “Don’t let him get to you Neil, he’s just jealous because I’m not teasing him anymore.”

“Anymore?” He asked, very confused.

“You see Neil, the day after I graduated high school I caught your brother having ‘fun’ with some pictures in my yearbook. I snuck up on him and saw that the picture he was jerking off to was one of mine.” She explained.

“Kim, shut up.” Reid audibly whispered.

“No, he needs to know what we did.” She started stroking Neil’s hair.

“What did you two do?” He asked.

“Nothing, we did noth…” Reid started but was cut off by his sister.

“I gave him a blowjob!” She shouted out. Both men were in shock. “I snuck up behind him and tapped his shoulder. I asked what he was doing and he wouldn’t answer, just like you didn’t, so I reached down and started stroking his hard dick. One thing led to another and I started sucking it.”

“Only the one time?” Neil asked.

“Of course not, we usually trade oral in motel rooms or at home when you’re asleep.”

The youngest of the siblings was in shock. “Have you ever gone farther than just oral?”

“Nope, I agreed not to do that without including…well, you.” She slowly moved her lips in and kissed her youngest brother on the lips. “We didn’t want to leave you out Neil.” Without him noticing, Reid had stood up and started lightly rubbing Kimberly’s back. “Now it’s time to include you.”

Kimberly reached down and gave Neil’s hard cock a rough squeeze, causing him to moan. She started kissing him again as his older brother started to pull her shirt up. He kissed the center of her back and started down until he reached her shorts. Roughly, Reid yanked down the shorts and exposed her bare ass to the open. He got on his knees behind her and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy.

The blonde pulled her shirt completely off and pressed her petite breasts into Neil’s face. He had no idea of what to do so he started kissing them. He could feel it heaving up and down as her body started reacting to the touch of his brother’s finger against her throbbing clitoris. She pulled Neil’s head against her nipple and moaned hard as he lightly suckled on it.

“That’s a good boy.” She whispered.

Kimberly felt Reid’s lips press against the flesh of her ass, lightly kissing it up and down while still roughly abusing her clit. She fumbled around with Neil’s shorts and eventually freed his throbbing cock from its chamber. He jumped a bit at her first touch but quickly relaxed and enjoyed the feeling. She stood up, Reid’s finger still against her clit, and pulled her other brother up to his feet. She peeled the remainder of his clothes off of his body as the other brother stripped himself as well.

All three siblings stood in the tour bus completely naked. Both men had hard seven-inch cocks standing out in front of them, Reid with a very wet hand. Kimberly’s nipples were very hard and her pussy steaming hot and dripping wet. Everyone could smell just how excited she was. She slowly dropped to her knees and took a cock in each hand, slowly stroking them up and down.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” Neil asked.

“Of course.” Kimberly whispered as her thumb toyed with the head of his cock. “Nobody will know.”

She slowly inched his cock in her mouth as he moaned loudly. Her hand continued to work the other cock like a pro. It was obvious to Neil that she had had much practice when it came to sucking cock. She bobbed her head up and down while making sure to use her tongue properly. Every spot of his head was covered in her sweet saliva.

Kimberly slowly pulled his cock out, gave it a kiss and smiled at him before turning her attention to the cock of her other brother. Her left hand started to work Neil’s balls while Reid got another amazing blowjob from his big sister.

The younger brother knelt to the ground, releasing his balls from his sister’s grip, and grabbed onto her hips. He pulled her down until she was sitting down and got between her legs. He hawked back and shot a large loogie onto her dripping pussy before bending down and working his tongue all over it. Reid could feel her moan over his cock while his little brother’s tongue went in and out of her cunt. The built up tension in her body was too much to handle and she had her first orgasm of the night. She coated her brother’s mouth in her succulent juices while she sucked harder on the cock in her own mouth. After holding it down her throat for several seconds, she pulled out and took a deep breath.

“I need one inside me now. Neil?” She asked while heavily panting.

Reid was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t going first but knew that he was still going to get to fuck her. Kimberly stood up and crawled onto one of the recliners, presenting her backside to her youngest brother. Reid took place back in her mouth while Neil rubbed his cock against her hot opening. Slowly he started to inch it into her, causing her to moan deeply. He was surprised at how easily he fit into her despite how tight she was. She was just that wet. He grasped onto her hips and gently started to fuck her. He could hear each of her grunts despite the seven inch meat that was down her throat.

With a cock in her mouth and pussy, the very horny Kimberly had yet another orgasm that tugged and pulled at Neil’s cock as he slammed in and out of her. He may have started off slowly but now he was fucking her like a rabbit. The middle sibling watched on in amazement as her sister gave him a great orgasm even with her being preoccupied. She pulled the cock for her mouth to catch her breath.

“Reid, I want you to take the other end.” She winked at him

Reid walked behind her as they all stood up. Neil still had his cock buried deep into her pussy as he stood. His brother walked behind her and started rubbing his soaking wet cock against her airtight asshole. He kissed the back of her neck at slowly inched it in. Neil and Kimberly locked lips as she purred down his throat. This was not the first time she had had a cock in her ass, so there was little to no pain with the entry.

It only took a few seconds until the men synced their pace up and slammed into her back and forth. All three were moaning very loudly as the raw sexual energy spread throughout their connected bodies. Kimberly came again and again as they roughly abused her twenty-eight year old body. Neil placed a hand onto her breast while Reid continued kissing and nibbling on her neck and shoulder. She was recovering from her fifth orgasm of the night when both men mentioned that they were close. She slowly withdrew her worn out body from their cocks and dropped to her knees. Each man stood there as her hands found them once again.

“I’m gonna cum Kim!” Reid shouted.

Kimberly quickly closed her lips around his cock and sucked hard for a few seconds until she felt jet after jet of his familiar hot semen shoot down her throat. She pulled him out of her as the last large shot landed on her cheek. She shook the last few small drops from him that landed on her chest. Before she knew what to do, Neil pulled her by the hair over to him. She closed her eyes as he aimed his cock at her forehead and unloaded his own cream onto her. She felt glob after glob hit her forehead and drip down. She opened her mouth to catch any that she could. When he finally finished, she pulled his withering cock into her mouth and sucked him clean. They all collapsed back onto their respective chairs.

The two men watched as Kimberly scooped up cum with her fingers and sensually sucked them clean. She continued doing this for several minutes until her face was clean. She stood up and walked towards them, giving them each a kiss before walking to the back of the bus to go to bed.

Both men sat in amazement until they heard her call out to them.

“Are you guys gonna sit there jerking each other off or are you gonna come to bed!”

They both quickly ran to the bed and jumped in with her.

Just two things-1: Yes, this story is kind of long but very sexual. 2: A HUGE thank you to my boyfriend! He edited, gave me ideas, and answered questions. Unfortunately he doesn’t have an account but he deserves credit. Other than that, thanks for reading!


Andi Jefferson grinned as she looked out into the crowd. She was currently on the stage of her sold out concert entertaining thousands of screaming fans. Andi had been singing since she was three but the last few years have been her call to fame. She started out touring with big pop stars to get her name out there but this year she wasn’t the rookie. This was the first tour of her career where she was the headlining act-and she couldn’t be happier. She was also having a lot of fun hanging out with her opening act, Stella Lopez. She was just starting out but had true potential. As the last song of the evening ended, Andi refocused her attention to the audience. She smiled wide and yelled “goodnight Los Angeles! Thank you all for coming!” Then after a minute or two of bowing and waving, she went backstage to meet up with Stella while the band took care of the stage. Normally she liked to help but lately she had been eager to see Stella. Andi tried telling herself it was because they were becoming fast friends but somewhere in her heart she knew it was because of hidden romantic feelings. When she caught sight of the Latin beauty, she swallowed the lump in her throat. “Hey Stella, great job tonight!”

“Hey thanks-you too! I can’t wait to someday be where you are.”

Andi laughed. “Don’t worry, your time will come. But for right now let’s head back to the dressing room-my throat is dying of thirst.”

With that the girls headed back to their joint dressing room for some much needed relaxation. The arena’s manager tried fighting for them to have separate rooms but Andi didn’t really care. She wasn’t the diva that most pop stars were. Once in the room, Andi grabbed a water bottle, kicked her heels off, and plopped onto the couch. Stella did the same, dramatically sighing as she laid her head on Andi’s shoulder.

“Is that really necessary?”

“I’m Latin-we wear our hearts on our sleeves.”

The girls laughed but Andi couldn’t stop the butterflies from swarming her stomach. For most of her life, she had suspected she was a lesbian. No guys ever caught her eye and now these thoughts about Stella were only strengthening those suspicions. Andi had even thought about telling her about these feelings but didn’t want to risk making things awkward this early in the tour. However, her internal monologue was cut short by Stella poking her in the stomach. Andi flinched causing her to almost spill her water. “Why the poking?”

“Wanted your attention. I’ve always wondered…is Andi your real name? I mean I love it but most moms don’t come up with that.”

Andi laughed at the question. She had been asked this multiple times growing up so it was nothing new. “It’s actually short for Cassandra. When my mom found out she was having a girl, she picked out, in her opinion, the prettiest girl name she could find. And don’t get me wrong it suits some people but I never felt like it was right for me. Plus Cassandra is too long for a record deal.”

Stella laughed at the crack at the music industry. They were always wanting to change something about the artist-even if it was the name. “Oh ok…I guess that makes sense…Andi does suit you but I can see why your mom picked Cassandra. The name is almost as beautiful as you.”

Andi’s heart lurched at that last comment. Sure, it wasn’t uncommon for girls to give each other compliments but the sultry seduction of Stella’s voice had Andi’s palms sweating and a strange tingling to course over her body. But before she could process all this new information, a knock came to the door. To flustered to speak, she let Stella answer. Behind the door was Jack, their agent. “Sorry to bother you ladies but we have some gifts out here from the fans. Would you like to open them? They’ve been inspected for safety.”

Stella’s face lit up like a child’s face in a candy store. “Oh I love presents! Bring them in!”

Andi laughed until she saw how many were wheeled in. There had to be at least ten gifts there. Once Jack got them all laid out, she bid the girls goodnight and left the room. Andi spoke first. “Wow…I wasn’t expecting so many…”

“Well what do you expect? You’re popular.”

“Hey some of those could be for you.”

“Eh whatever-let’s just open them!”

They both started grabbing packages and ripping them open like it was Christmas morning. After a few minutes, they had burned through all of them. In Stella’s collection she had perfume, candles, jewelry, and a scarf someone had handmade. Over on Andi’s side, she had jewelry, clothes, cards, CD’s of people wanting to be discovered, and a hand made scarf similar to Stella’s. After looking, she sat back against the couch and looked over at Stella. “Looks like we did pretty well tonight.”

“Yeah…I think I chose the right profession.”

“I think so too-what’s that?”

Looking over at the gift table, Andi noticed they had missed a gift. It wasn’t wrapped fancy or overly big but it somehow had peaked her interest. Grabbing it, she showed it to Stella who instructed Andi to open it. “Got your name on it.”

With bubbling excitement, Andi peeled away the tape, opened the box, jumped in shock at the object. It was pink, thick, semi long, smooth and curved at the end. As soon as Stella saw it, she started bursting out laughing. “Oh my gosh-I can’t believe someone sent you a vibrator!”

“They sent me a what!?…why on Earth would they send me that?”

Stella, still laughing, picked it up to get a better look. “Probably some teenage fantasy…but whoever got this went all out. I’ve seen these online and they’re not cheap.”

Andi was still trying to process the gesture. She’d gotten some interesting gifts over her lifetime but never anything sexual. She wasn’t by any means a nun but she also wasn’t open like Stella was. Which is probably this next question made her face turn into a tomato.

“So are you going to use it?”

“U-use it? B-but I-I don’t even know if it’s safe…o-or who sent it…”

“Andi, relax. It’s a vibrator, not a bomb. Second, most of these gifts are anonymous…but if it makes you feel better I’ll read the note they left…’Dear Andi, I’ve been a huge fan since you started. Always listening to you whenever I got the chance and cheering when you hit it big. So it was no surprise that when I saw this I thought of you. I’ve noticed that in the last few shows you’ve done, your microphone has been pink. Hence, the pink color of this toy. I found it at a local Adult store and decided on a whim to send it to you-batteries included. Love, your number one fan-Jake.’”

Andi sat there speechless while Stella spoke again. “Alright, so that’s a little bit creepy but he had good intentions…what I’d recommend is forget how you got it and just enjoy it. Waste not want not.”

Andi hated that Cheshire cat grin Stella was sporting but the thought of using it did get the blood flowing. Truth be told, Andi has never really masturbated. She’s tried a few times using erotic stories but nothing ever seemed to turn her on and she refused to watch porn. She mostly used it as a relaxation tool before a really important meeting instead of just mindless pleasure. But something was holding her back from telling Stella all this. She had a feeling it would embarrass her more than she already was. Stella then piped up. “You alright there? You look kind of pale.”

“Y-yeah I’m fine. Just a little shocked I guess…”

“You look more confused…you have used a vibrator before, right?”

One of the downfalls of Andi’s personality-she couldn’t lie. But that didn’t stop her from trying. With a shaky voice, she replied “O-of c-course I’ve used o-one…”

Stella smirked. “I call bullshit. I can tell when you’re lying Andi…why didn’t you say something?”

“Because…because I didn’t want you to think I was some naïve prude or something…”

Stella laughed and put her arm around the frightened pop star. “I may tease you from time to time but I never insult you. Everyone’s different so who am I to judge if you’ve never had one…but it does seem like a shame to let this beautiful toy go to waste…”

“Y-you don’t want it?”

“No I’m good…I have a couple with me that keep me satisfied. Besides, this guy clearly picked it out with you in mind. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it…vibrators really aren’t bad once you get the hang of them.”

It was ‘getting the hang of them’ that scared Andi. She has never had sex before so the thought of putting something that big inside sounded painful. Plus, she wouldn’t really know what to do. Needing to know, she asked “H-how long do you think this is?”

“Probably about six inches-oh no honey you’re a virgin aren’t you?”

At this point Andi’s face was so read she thought it would explode at any minute. All she wanted to do was bolt under a rock and hide from this situation but there was no getting away at this point. “H-h-how d-did you c-come up with t-that?”

“Just by watching you. First your reaction when you first saw it, then listening to your questions…I kind of understand your fear now-want to have your cherry popped by a guy?”

It would be so easy to just say yes. To say yes to that question then head to bed. But, something deep inside her felt like it was trying to claw it’s way out…if she was truly a lesbian, then a man would never deflower her. She also knew that she should tell Stella this. It would be someone to talk to. “A-actually, I don’t think a guy will ever take my virginity…I-I think I’m gay…”

For the first time that night Stella’s eyes turned into dinner plates. “Gay? Wow…I honestly had no idea…”

Andi nodded. “Neither did I really until recently…all my thoughts just started making sense when I admitted it to myself…oh God! That is probably way too much information! I’m sorry…I understand if you are bothered by it…”

Stella’s shocked expression melted into a smile as she chuckled. “Bothered? Hell no! Shocked yes but I could care less if you’re lesbian…actually, I am too.”

“What? You are? Wow…what are the odds…”

“I know right! Which makes this considerably less awkward to say now…I could give you some tips on how to use it if you want…The first time I popped my cherry it hurt like a bitch but the vibration really helped a lot.”

Andi tried to control herself but the thought of Stella bringing herself to orgasm was very quickly turning her on. “Wait, you’d be teaching me how to use it?

“If you want…to be completely honest I find you extremely attractive and I kind of have a crush on you…”

It was if Stella was reading Andi’s mind. Trying not to get too carried away, she replied “really? You like me? I can’t believe it…I feel the same way towards you…”

Stella’s eyes grew dark at this comment and before Andi could react, Stella had her arms around her neck and they were locked in a passionate kiss. At first, Andi didn’t know what to do but she eventually let herself give into the sensations. Her eyes drifted shut and she kissed back just as hard. Stella seemed to come alive once Andi responded because her hands were everywhere. One was running through Andi’s long brown hair and the other was lightly stroking her chest. It was Andi’s moan that caused Stella to move away. Panting for air, she grinned. “You kiss like a natural-I didn’t want to let go…and anymore of it and I won’t be able to stop…”

Andi was nervous but desire was slowly taking over that fear. “That was incredible…and I may not know much about this kind of stuff but I do know I don’t want this to end. Would you be my first and show me how to use this pink toy?”

Stella’s body began trembling with anticipation. “Are you sure?”


Stella grinned wider than she had all night and began planting kisses all over Andi’s face and neck. Andi was becoming more aroused by the minute and moaning as Stella’s lips found sensitive spots. But after only a minute of this, Stella grew naughty and started stripping off her new partner’s dress. The dress was gone in a matter of seconds leaving the pop star in a red bra and matching panties. She was shy at first having Stella see her this exposed but the Latin seductress was whimpering at the sight. “Oh Andi you are so beautiful…you’re making me so hot for you but I’ll take it slow.”

Remembering that this was Andi’s first time, Stella went back to her lips, giving her a kiss. This time she held Andi close, the two women sighing from the feeling of their bodies mashed together. When Stella slipped her tongue into the kiss, it was instinct for Andi to melt into the kiss and fight for dominance. But just as she was winning, Stella moved away from the kiss and began slowly trailing her tongue down Andi’s neck, teasing her by sucking on spots that were making the woman squirm with desire. When she finally reached her bra, she quickly took it off and threw it across the room before poking her tongue out and flicking a nipple. A shot of pleasure coursed through Andi’s body and landed in her pussy making her even wetter. “Oh Stella…don’t stop…”

Stella chuckled and began sucking on the nipples, making them tight. Andi grabbed Stella’s head to hold her in place while she moaned even louder. It felt so good she never wanted it to end but the longer it went on the hornier she became. After a few minutes she was sure she was going to burst. “Please, can we try the vibrator now?”

Stella moved her lips away from the swollen breast and chuckled. Leaning up, she whispered in Andi’s ear with a husky voice “oh not yet…I’m nowhere near done with you yet…”

Andi shuddered from the voice then flinched at what happened next. Stella had peeled Andi’s panties off and began slowly rubbing her outer pussy lips. “Wow…you’re so wet…you must really want it.”

Not trusting her voice to speak, the woman just nodded and leaned back giving her partner full access. For the next couple minutes, Stella just stroked Andi’s dripping pussy lips, constantly teasing the virgin. Every time she stuck part of a finger inside the tortured cunt, Andi would try to fuck it and it would be removed. At this point, the rubbing was driving her insane. Andi was shaking, moaning, and whimpering but no matter how much she begged, Stella just used her sexy voice to say it wasn’t time yet. To make matters worse, she had her other hand pinching Andi’s tight nipples making her head swim with desire. Finally, Andi couldn’t take anymore. “Stella please! Do something…”

Not stopping her motions, the vixen replied “What do you want me to do?”

“You know what…”

“Say it.”

“I can’t…”

Without any warning, a finger was shoved into Andi’s pussy causing the girl to scream and throw her head back. It was complete torture to feel it rub up against the walls of her cunt that so desperately needed to cum. Stella gazed into Andi’s and her voice was low. “Say it or I’ll keep teasing you all night…and I know how badly you need to cum…”

That little phrase caused something to snap within Andi. Losing herself to the desire, she yelled “Please just fuck me! Stella I need it…please, fuck me…”

Stella grinned, removed her hand, and grabbed the vibrator. “That’s all I needed to know…now just a heads up-this is probably going to hurt at first but the pain will subside after a few minutes. I’ll be as gentle as possible but once the cherry pops it’ll be a pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…are you ready?”

Realizing it was now or never, Andi nodded and spread her legs apart. Stella then took the vibrator and carefully inched it into Andi’s pussy. After part of it was in, it met some resistance and Andi winced. The more that entered, the more the pressure increased until she wasn’t sure if it would go in. The pain was beginning to become not worth it when she felt something, for lack of a better word, pop. A rush of fluid gathered around the toy and the pressure evaporated. The pain was still slightly there but a lot less. “Did it happen?”

Stella was smiling and looked proud. “Yes, it happened. Congrats Andi! You’re no longer a virgin.”

Andi grinned and let herself relish in the feeling of something so deep inside her. This was it, something she had fantasized about for a while now. For a minute Stella was still letting the pain pass but now it was gone. “Hey Stella, you can move it now…”

The woman nodded and began slowly pulling it out and pumping it back in. Ever time it came back, it hit all the right spots and Andi began groaning and grinding her hips with the pace. “Yes…oh God yes!”

Taking that reaction as a good sign, Stella picked up the speed and added a low vibration. As it came back this time, the vibration rubbed against her clit. Andi screamed and began bucking her hips even more. “Harder! Faster! Oooooh yes please don’t stop!”

Stella was having a hard time controlling herself. Andi’s head was thrown back, hair splayed against the couch, c cup breasts rising and falling with each quick breath, and her hips pumping against the vibrator which was, at this point, slamming against her g-spot. Just from this sight alone Stella’s pussy was demanding attention but there was no way she could leave Andi like this. Who from the looks of things, was getting close.

“Stella…Oh God I’m close…ah!”

Stella didn’t say anything but turned up the vibration and picked up the pace with the fucking. That did the trick and with one more loud scream, Andi tensed up then melted as she came, her juices covering Stella’s hand. Andi took a couple minutes to gain her breath back but when it did she spoke up. “That’s what a true orgasm feels like?”

“Yeah…that is being fucked.”

“I loved it! Oh my gosh Stella I don’t know what to say…at first I was really shy but I think you woke up my inner nympho…thank you-it was incredible.”

“It was my pleasure…you looked really sexy thrashing around like that…”

This made Andi sit up and when she did, she caught the look on Stella’s face. Pure desperation. Then she looked down and noticed a good sized wet spot on the front of her jeans. “Looks like someone needs their turn.”

“You have no idea how horny I am right now…you wouldn’t mind…?”

Andi laughed, grabbed the vibrator, cleaned it off with a towel nearby, then turned to Stella. “I don’t mind at all. I mean it’s the least I can do…but we’re going to have to get rid of those clothes.”

Andi made quick work of Stella’s shirt and pants leaving her in a sheer black bra and a black thong. It took Andi’s breath away. “Wow…you’re gorgeous!”

“Thank you Andi…now are you going to undress me with your eyes or actually undress me? Fucking you made me kind of desperate…”

Andi chuckled and stripped off the bra, making sure to rub the already tight nipples in the process. It felt heavenly to be actually touching her. “Why should I rush…you seemed pretty content on teasing me…”

Stella gasped as Andi twisted her nipple again. “Please Andi, don’t make me wait…I teased you to make sure you would be ready but I’ve been horny all day…”

“All day?”

“I don’t like to masturbate before shows because the extra sex drive helps my performance…”

“Oh ok…so I suppose I should be nice and let you come…”

While Andi said that, she slipped off Stella’s panties giving her access to the very, very wet pussy. Stella was begging at this point. “Please I beg of you…fuck me!”

“Well alright. Since you asked so nicely.”

With that Andi picked up the vibrator, chose the medium setting, and shoved it into Stella’s cunt. Stella screamed when it rammed against her g-spot and writhed against the couch. “Yes! Oh yes right there! Oooooh!”

Proud that she figured it out, Andi kept up the pace, fucking Stella and being sure the vibration hit her clit. Stella was groaning and screaming, wanting it as fast as Andi could go. Andi slowed down for just a minute to make the impending orgasm even stronger before picking up the pace. This made Stella scream and buck widely against the toy. “Yeeeeesssss! Ah don’t stop!”

Andi smiled up at the vision before her. It was beautiful to know that she was the cause of such a powerful reaction. Just to try one more thing, she turned up the vibration setting to high and gained a scream that is lucky that it didn’t break glass. Stella’s body stopped moving and she gripped the couch as tight as she could. “Andi, oh Andi I’m so close!”

Andi reached up and licked one her nipples and with one push of the toy, Stella came and came hard. A rush of fluid covered Andi’s hand and the couch. As Stella rode the wave, her body shook from aftershocks until it finally quit. She laid back on the couch gulping for air and grinning from ear to ear. While she recovered, Andi cleaned the toy and put it back in the box it came in. When she turned back, Stella said “How did you learn that?”

“I don’t know…I guess I just followed your reactions…”

“Well you do a damn good job at reading me because that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had-hands down!…Oh Andi…this was an incredible night.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it so much…and yes, it was…but I hope things don’t become awkward for the rest of the tour…”

“Why would things become awkward?…I don’t see this as a one night stand-I really like you Andi.”

Andi smiled so hard she thought her cheeks were sore. “Oh that makes me so happy! I really like you too.”

It was Stella’s turn to smile. “Well then it’s settled…who knew a little vibrator could bring two pop stars together.”

Andi laughed then looked at the clock which read midnight. “Holy crap! It’s getting late-we should head to the bus…and put some clothes on.”

Stella giggled and reached for her discarded bra. “If we have to…”

After a minute of dressing, and kissing, they grabbed their stuff and got on the bus. It was perfect timing because their driver had just got on two. A man in his fifties that treated the women like granddaughters. “Evening girls. Heard the show went really well.”

Stella smiled and Andi answered “yeah it did Earl. Are you gonna be ok driving this late? We don’t mind leaving in the morning.”

The man shook his head, already getting behind the wheel. “Can’t have you two be late for your next spot. Besides, I’ve spent most of the day sleeping so I should be fine…” Seeing the concern on Andi’s face he added “I’ll pull over if I get sleepy.”

That seemed to sooth their minds so goodnights were exchanged and the girls retired to their bed. They had been sharing a bed before but this was different. Behind the safety of the curtain, the new couple stripped naked and climbed into bed, holding each other and cuddling. This was the start to a beautiful relationship.

The next morning, Andi woke to the bus not moving. Looking over at the clock she saw that it was ten which indicated they were in Cudahy. She tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t so she just laid down relaxing. In the process, she realized that last night’s experiences weren’t a dream. Stella was sleeping on her back, her hair draped over the white pillow, and her supple breasts gently rising and falling with each dream filled breath. ‘She is so beautiful’ thought Andi. Never in her wildest dreams did she think this would happen but she was so grateful it did. She would have been content to watch her sleep all morning but nature called. Being careful, she slipped out of bed and into the tiny bus bathroom. About a minute later she emerged finding Stella propped up on her elbows, her eyes sleepy. Andi smiled at the sight. “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“You didn’t. I just woke up but got confused when you were gone…”

“Well I’m back. And the bathroom is free.”

Andi laid back down while Stella used the bathroom but when she came back it was hard to focus. Stella’s hair had been disheveled from the night’s sleep and standing up gave Andi a perfect view of her gorgeous body. Stella put a hand on her hip. “What’s up? You’re staring…”

“I can’t help it…you look amazing right now and I can barely contain myself…”

“Well then I better help with that.”

Stella pounced onto the bed, capturing Andi’s lips with a fierce kiss. The woman moaned and kissed back just as hard, running her hands up and down Stella’s back. With a slight shift in position, Stella was laying on top of Andi and their sensitive nipples were rubbing together, as well as their pussies. The two girls groaned at the contact and broke away for air. Stella spoke first. “It’s incredible how quickly you can make me wet. I love the feel of your body…”

“And I love the feel of yours…but there’s something I want to try. Can you shift your body up here?”

Stella was confused at first but eventually caught on. She quickly brought her pussy over to Andi’s face, sitting on her mouth. “Is this ok?”

Andi just nodded before slowly licking up and down. Going agonizingly slow and alternating between licks and gentle bites. Stella moaned and began slightly squirming. “Ugh…you’re really good at that.”

Andi smiled as best she could through the soaked pussy and continued her torment. Being sure she covered every inch of this new territory. Every little sound and ever pulse that Stella made was driving Andi up the wall. One of her biggest fantasies was to bring a woman to orgasm by using her mouth and it was coming true. But evidently not fast enough for Stella. “Please Andi, go faster…you’re killing me here.”

Andi just chuckled and very softly grazed a tooth over Stella’s clit causing the woman to whimper and lean forward. In the midst of shuddering from arousal, Andi took advantage of this new position to lick and suck on a hard nipple. Stella moaned even louder from this, her hips grinding back and forth trying to find relief. Andi wasn’t ready to give in just yet but what surprised her was how horny she was becoming. Her pussy wasn’t being touched but it was screaming for release. She just chalked it up to the act of licking her girlfriend’s pussy. Without any warning, she began licking her pussy as fast as she could. Stella screamed and bucked her hips. “Yes! Oh god yes!”

Andi moaned loudly as well for she could feel an orgasm approaching. The two women were screaming, right on the edge when they heard the door of the bus slam open. Stella cursed and jumped off Andi, throwing on her robe. Andi did the same, trembling from arousal. She was so close and didn’t know how long she could hold out without cumming. Right as soon as the robe was on, Jack came into the room. “Oh thank God you’re up. I’m so sorry girls but a last minute breakfast meeting came up and it’s in twenty minutes. Normally I’d tell them you two were busy but publicity like this could be really good for tonight’s show…can you be ready?”

Stella tried controlling her breathing but her body was twitching. Obviously not being able to speak, Andi piped up with a shaky voice. “Do-do we have to go?”

“I’m afraid so. We’re right in front of the building so get cleaned up and meet me inside…again I’m sorry.”

With that he left the bus leaving the girls in a state of extreme frustration. Stella spoke first, sighing loudly. “I don’t care how late we’ll be! I need to cum!”

“I know…I do too but what’s gonna happen if it gets out that we missed it?…Jack’s right, we can’t have people thinking we’re divas…”

“Fuck you’re right…but how are we gonna get through a breakfast as horny as we are?”

“I guess we’ll have to just deal…fuck this sucks!”

So the couple got dressed, groaning as their tight jeans rubbed tantalizingly against their tortured cunts. Lastly hair and makeup and they were on their way to the meeting, finding even walking a nightmare. Before they walked into the room, Stella stopped Andi. Do you think it’d be ok if I ducked into the bathroom real quick?”

“Ohhh no. If I can’t cum, neither can you…besides, they know we’re here.”

The two women tried to look as confident as they could but inside everything was on fire. Jack smiled and waved them over to the table, seating them next to him. At the meeting it was Danny, the owner of their record deal, and Sam, the owner of the stage where tonight’s concert will be held. They had called the meeting to talk about tonight’s show-there were some technicalities that hadn’t been finalized. As hellos were exchanged, a buffet of food was rolled in. Right now, food was the last thing on Stella and Andi’s minds but they tried to seem interested. Andi’s arousal level hadn’t gone down much but it wasn’t as intense. However Stella’s was still just as strong. She kept squirming in the chair not being able to find a comfortable position. Her clit was puffed up and rubbing against her panties, only making her wetter. Her nipples were rock hard and threatening to poke through even her bra. All of this stimulation and no orgasm was causing her toes to curl in agony. Andi had to jab her side to get her attention. “Stella, they’re asking you a question.”

Stella snapped out of her trance and looked over at the three men. “Sorry, just tired. What were you saying?”

Sam, the stage owner, asked again “How would you feel about adding an extra song to your opening? Last night’s show was a little short and I want to give the audience something to think about when Andi comes on.”

Somehow Stella pulled herself together enough to answer. “That’d be fine. I love performing but how would we make it work? We haven’t rehearsed that yet.”

This time Jack spoke up. “Well you’re in luck. After this meeting we scheduled a last minute rehearsal for you two. One for you Stella, to work in that extra song, and one for you Andi, to polish off your choreography.”

The girls almost whimpered at that statement. Their plan was to get through this meeting as quickly as they could then find somewhere to relieve their aching desires but now even that was being taken away. Trying not to sound pissed, she said “How long is this rehearsal going to be? I like to relax before a show.”

“A few hours or so. Stella’s rehearsal won’t take as long but I don’t know how much the dancers want to go over with you Andi.”

After that, breakfast was over and the meeting was adjourned. The girls then found out the rehearsal was starting in a few minutes so no time for doing anything. Which meant they were on their way to exploding from frustration. While walking to the stage, Andi felt so guilty. If she had just stopped teasing and gone faster Stella could have had a chance of finishing before Jack barged in. But it felt so good Andi didn’t want to rush it. And now they were paying the price. Stella looked over at Andi, her eyes still smoky. “What’s up?”

“I just feel so bad…I should have gotten you off without putting it off…”

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Am I about to explode? Yes but you couldn’t have known Jack was gonna drag us to that meeting…I promise I’m not mad. I just hope to God there’s nothing planned after this rehearsal.”

Andi smiled weakly and squeezed her lover’s hand. “Me too…and thanks.”

Within a few minutes the girls walked into the venue and tried to forget about the morning. Andi took a seat and watched Stella prepare to sing. First up was the song that they were adding. A song by Stella called Come On. Go figure, a sexy song. As the music began, Stella began sensually swaying her hips. No doubt channeling all that frustration. And watching this performance was really getting to Andi. Normally during rehearsals or concerts, she couldn’t really watch Stella because she was doing other things but now she could just take it all in. The song was about a guy teasing a girl about a relationship and the girl not taking it anymore. Begging him to ‘come on’ and finish what he started. Andi couldn’t help but feel like that song was being sung to her and it was having a strong effect on her body. The edge she had snuck away from this morning was back full force. Her cunt was gushing, most likely leaving a wet spot and her clit was yelling like a stubborn little kid. Stella was singing with all her might and rocking her body in all the right ways. But towards the end of the song something strange happened. Her voice slightly fluctuated and her hips twitched. As Andi watched, her mouth dropped open as she realized Stella was having an orgasm on stage. All the pent up stimulation finally broke. But what got Andi really hot and bothered was how Stella handled it. Her voice surprisingly didn’t change but her body came alive. To anyone else it would look like killer dance moves but in reality it was a strong orgasm racking her body. Then just as the song ended, so did the orgasm. Stella panted, her eyes bright and grinning from ear to ear. Taking a cue from the band, she jumped off the stage and ran over to Andi who was trembling once again. Her girlfriend seemed to notice. “I’m guessing from your reaction you noticed that…”

“Oh yeah…I can’t believe you came right on stage but it was so hot!…how do you feel?”

“A lot better…still horny but it’s not as strong…I wish I could help you…”

“Me too-oh they’re calling me…you suck.”

Stella laughed. “Sorry.”

The girls made the switch and Andi hopped on the stage. Luckily there was only one song they had to go over-the song with the most dancing. This song was sexy, strong, and had a lot of choreography. As Andi danced and rocked the song, her body was going crazy. Every move was stimulating and an orgasm was just one little touch away. But as the performance went on, she couldn’t quiet get there. So when it ended, she didn’t care what anyone said. She ran off the stage, grabbed Stella’s hand, and dragged her to the bathroom and into a stall. “You. Me. Sex. Now!”

Stella’s eyes widened and she grinned. “Wow…I’m not used to you taking such charge. But who am I to say no?”

Both girls pulled their shirts and bras up and discarded jeans and panties. Then, as if reading each other’s minds, Andi pushed Stella up against the wall, wrapped her legs around her waist, and began rubbing her pussy against her lover’s cunt. When this contact happened, both girls moaned loudly and went faster. Breast against breast, clit against clit and it was heavenly. In the heat of the moment, Stella bit into Andi’s shoulder causing the woman to cry out in ecstasy. “Oh Stella! Yes!”

As their pussies ground together, sensations swirled around through their body, making them get lost to desire. Andi however was the first to let go. Her long awaited orgasm hit her like a Mac truck and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out. She gripped Stella’s hips as her body tensed, trembling as all the frustration broke free into release. “Stella oooooh!” As Andi’s body rode the aftershocks, Stella came. Shuddering and gasping from the strength of it all. She bucked her hips against Andi’s one last time and slumped against the wall. They gulped for air and tried to get a grip on reality. Once heart rates calmed down, Andi brought Stella back to her feet and grinned. “I feel so much better…and slightly dizzy.”

Stella laughed and brushed hair out of her face. “I feel the same…thank you for that.”

After sharing one last kiss, the girls dressed, cleaned themselves up, then left the bathroom for lunch. Jack saw them and gave them a ‘what the hell’ look. Stella just chuckled and replied “Sorry. There was a long line at the bathroom.”

Jack nodded and walked away causing Andi to fall into a fit of giggles. “Oh if only he knew. Hehehe…”

After lunch the time was three and it was four hours away from the show. This meant the girls were off to Stella’s favorite things about show days-hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Not that Andi didn’t like being pampered but Stella was more into that thing. Once in the studio, Amy, Stella’s artist, greeted her with a warm smile. “Ah just the woman I needed to see. How are we feeling today?”

Stella beamed and plopped herself into a chair. “Great! And excited to see what you do today.”

“Well I got something pretty up my sleeve. It’ll really glitter under the lights.”

While Amy got to work, Andi’s artist walked in whose name was Martha. An hour later the girls were glittery finished with hair and makeup. Stella’s hair was left down but instead of straight like it normally is, it was curled giving it a bounce whenever Stella moved. As for makeup, smoky eyes and red lipstick. Andi had to remind herself that they weren’t alone because her girlfriend looked so sexy. “Wow Stella, you look incredible. I love the curly hair!”

Amy’s face lit up proudly and Stella grinned. “Thank you! I think I’m growing fond of it myself. And you look pretty good yourself.”

For this night, Andi’s hair was in an off the shoulder braid with sparkly hair accessories making her head shine. The makeup was simple but done up enough so the lights didn’t down it out. Next, it was onto wardrobe. Walking into the room with all the outfit choices, it occurred to Andi that she wore a lot of dresses on stage. Wanting to change things up, she requested that different choices be brought in. Stella noticed this. “Not going to show off those amazing legs?”

Andi blushed and hoped it wasn’t noticeable. “I wear dresses too much so I need to shake things up. Don’t worry, I’ve got something hot in mind…what about you? You can never make up your mind when it comes to this.”

“That’s because we have such beautiful clothes! How’s a girl supposed to choose? Plus…I tend to imagine how it’ll feel on stage so it’s mental elimination.”

As Stella searched through the racks, Andi saw her more hardcore clothes arrive. Leather jackets, heels, boots, tight shirts, and jeans. As the clothes came in, she was told to choose two outfits for the evening. The first one came to her eye instantly. A tight, faded white shirt that had been torn slightly causing the a portion of the stomach to exposed. Immediately costume director began apologizing profusely until Andi stopped her. “No it’s ok…actually, I love it! It looks really cool…I think I’ll pair it with my dark blue leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and…boots.”

The second outfit was a red, leather mini skirt, a black tank top, and black heels. Over on Stella’s side of the outfit room, she was only choosing one outfit which ended up being a tight, green dress that ended a little above the knees and boots. By the time they had finished dressing and the designers had finished making alterations, it was five. Leaving the room, Andi gazed at Stella. “You definitely chose the right outfit my dear. You look stunning!”

“Oh Andi thank you! But you’re the hot one here. I mean last week you didn’t even look at that stuff but look at you now…it’s incredible what sex can do to a person.”

Andi blushed for the second time that evening but enjoyed the comment none the less. Next they were off to help the band set up and get a feel for this venue’s stage. It was on the bigger side and the audience would be able to see them from all angles. Stella’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Hey! I wonder if Jake will be here tonight.”


“The guy that sent you our little friend…”

“O-oh him…I forgot about that…well if he is, he’ll get an eyeful of us.”

The rest of the preparation flew by and before Stella knew it, she was on. She has been performing since she was a kid but tonight felt different. Instead of just trying to entertain the audience, she was trying to impress Andi. Even though they were already together, the thought of her backstage drooling over the show made Stella very happy and horny. During one of the songs, she rubbed her hands up and down her body and remembered how it felt to have her lover do that. For a second she lost herself in erotic thoughts but brought herself back. The sexual frustration made her singing more sensual but if she wasn’t careful she’d fall off the stage. By the time the end of her act came, she was wishing Andi didn’t have to go on. This new relationship was making her insatiable. Stella bowed then made her way backstage, seeing Andi prepping herself to go on. Just to be a tease, Stella walked by Andi and smacked her ass. The woman jumped and looked over at Stella who just winked. Grinning, the two women locked eyes before Andi took her place with the band. After a few songs, the concert was going really well. The audience was screaming really loudly and Andi wasn’t missing a beat. The ass spanking did throw her off at first but she knew tonight would be very fun. At the halfway point, she ducked into a hidden closet just off stage and did the magic pop star outfit change. Actually it was several different people taking charge of different pieces of clothing. A minute later, she ran back onstage in the second outfit. Andi had to stifle a laugh when she saw some guys in the front row almost lose their eyes. They probably had a good view up skirt but for some reason, that didn’t bother her. After her experiences with Stella, she was more willing to embrace her inner sexuality. And later tonight she would embrace her. It seemed like Andi was constantly horny but that made things more fun. When the show ended, she controlled herself long enough to bow and wave before running off stage and pulling Stella into a hug. “Oh tonight was amazing!”

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