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Honestly I had no idea all these things were going to happen to me. Perhaps I was just innocent but maybe when you read on you will be forming your own opinion about that.

I guess it was something I couldn’t talk about at school, it’s just that I get aroused by my own body. I was kind of aware that my bum was bigger than the other boys but when I progressed to sixth form college some of the girls, especially those who had been in school with me before, started teasing me about it. They liked to call me ‘Pretty Boy’, some even called me ‘Bum Boy’.

It is only now after these things happened that I can tell you this because I used to think I was the only one who ever got such feelings. You see I got to finding my bottom was sexy. I would set up mirrors in my room so I could see admire myself from different angles. I loved the way my smooth buttocks were so full and perfectly rounded. If I stood directly in front of a mirror all I could admire were my genitals and they were really not very impressive. My testicles hadn’t dropped until I was fourteen. But standing sideways on, my bum profile looked nice and by using two mirrors, one was magnifying, I could get a really good view of my cleavage. I could see my smooth skin with its minute goose pimples and very fine hairs. My bum cheeks were perfectly rounded curving inwards between my buns. My secret and most exciting place had to be there deep in the cleavage of my slit

I found myself experimenting with minor insertions like the rounded end of a pencil. It gave me a really special feeling like a thrill, a sense of great intimacy. I felt so good with something in there. I sort of longed for someone else to do it to me and as I got older I must admit to the fantasy of imagining someone actually inside me.

I suppose it was after the time a couple of guys cornered me, when I got the urge to insert larger things. I am not going to relate that incident but I started getting these fantasies. In reality they were little more than dreams. OK they were quite ‘wet’ ones so I would have to be ready with lots of tissues.

I was really fanatical about keeping my bum clean and sort of ready. I would give myself an enema each morning after going to the toilet and applied skin cream to my bum cheeks to keep them nice and soft. I had some other cream too that I used to put up my boy cunt. Then when I walked around in the nude I could feel my bum cheeks slide against each other. It would give me a really slippery slimy sexy feeling between my thighs.

Any way I was over eighteen when they did these things to me. I mention that because this story is not about any sexual relations I might have had when underage.

So I was working as bar tender in the local hotel in the evenings while going to college during the days. It was my first job after leaving school. It brought in some money and kept me busy. It kept my mind off sex too; I mean sex with yourself is really not well, excuse the pun, very fulfilling is it? Anyway I particularly did not want to mess up and get fired or anything like that for any sort of ‘impropriety’. Somehow I got thinking I was quite safe from anything like that. I just wanted to do the job as well as I could and get a good reference from the manager.

And until then it had just been an ordinary sort of day. The under-manager had asked if I would like to cover for a private party that evening in the function room. That was all I knew so I agreed as it would mean a bit of extra money.

To begin with nothing much happened but then around about 9.30 they all started arriving in groups. It was one of those ‘Oh shit!’ moments. It was quite plain to see this was going to be a hen party and the girls were mostly ex-classmates of mine from school.

“Hey girls we’ve got our pretty boy on the bar, this is going to be fun” one of them giggled as she came over with a group of half a dozen others. They had clearly had a few drinks before coming.

I was soon overwhelmed with orders for drinks and Sally, who was always bossy and forward by nature, had come uninvited to assist me behind the bar. She seemed to know the names of all the cocktails girls like. That was enough in itself to make me feel inadequate.

You see I thought I had some real grown-up status now. After all this was me in a job and not a kid in a classroom any more. But there it was; in a matter of seconds all my pride and self confidence was swept away. It got worse still though as the talk began to get round to the embarrassing subject of what I had got up to in the final term.

“Bum Boy turned Bar Boy! Yea that’s a really good reason for a party eh girls?” Sheila giggled.

“What’s this? You’re not saying it was him all along? Oh my… yes of course why didn’t we guess?” another feigned shock by putting her hand on her mouth as she spoke but burst into giggles with several others.

But I must explain here what had happened as it was all partly my fault. Well ‘partly’, perhaps you had better make that ‘mainly’.

It was a guy called Derek though. He had been a school classmate but of course he was not there that evening. He had found a way of hacking into the school website where, on the home page, there was a big picture of the head or ‘Rector’ as he liked to call himself. Little things had happened like the sign on his door got altered from ‘Rector’ to ‘Rectum’ but this was something else. The idea was to replace the rector’s image with something else a bit more sexy.

It would have been easier for me to refuse if it was just Derek who made the proposition but there were a couple of other guys as well. Like there were four of us in all. Anyway once this idea sort of cottoned on, they all started looking at me. There was no way out but I got me very flushed and embarrassed. But I was excited too and I guess they knew I wouldn’t be able to say no however I was not really used to being such a brazen exhibitionist. Would I dare? The fact was I just couldn’t refuse.

“Hey Carl come on! Pop your pants down just for quick pic, it’ll be just the best thing ever! All the others were excited too so I quickly slipped my pants half way down baring up most of my buttocks. They all got pics on their phones and in seconds were discussing which one to use while I was pulling furtively pulling my pants back up.

Of course the head went ballistic. Although we were officially in what they called a ‘Sixth Form College’ it was run as part of the main school. But because we were older we enjoyed the privilege of more relaxed rules. We were supposed to be more responsible and this was not going to look good in that way. And what really annoyed the rector was that his name was still under the image. He probably associated my bare bum with previous jokes about his rectum! Anyway only the four of us knew whose it was and we made a pact to keep it a secret.

Speculation got very intense and some even said it was one of the girls. I suppose my bum does look a bit feminine. Anyway despite many threats and investigations, the rector never discovered anything.

Now all this had happened only at least 6 months previously, but the whole affair had taken on a sort of legendary status. The girls were all crowding round the bar whispering while glancing at me from the corner of their eyes. I couldn’t help going bright red with embarrassment. I guess it was that which partly gave the game away.

“Come on Sheila tell us how you knew” one said.

“Or does she? I think she’s guessing. Could be your bum couldn’t it Sheila; or are you just trying to take the credit?”

“Oh come on Sally it’s a boy’s bum can’t you see; you can practically see his balls”.

“No you can’t! Hey do you think he’s got any? He’s quite a dandy isn’t he?” then turning to me this other girl who I didn’t even know added “You’re not offended are you darling?” then patting my head and turning to the others; “He’s such a pretty boy isn’t he?”

Sarah was showing everyone she picture from her phone but just about everybody had downloaded it from the website before it got removed.

“What are doing with this ridiculous jacket? It’s far too hot in here and anyway it doesn’t show your figure well” said Sally calmly taking it off me. She had re-joined me behind the bar amid a lot of laughter then with an expression of being calmly in command served every one with more drinks.

“I’m supposed to wear that jacket. The manager says it’s the corporate image of the hotel chain or something” I protested rather weakly.

“Hey Carl just step back a bit will you” one of the girls was waiving her hand furiously at me. I didn’t understand at first what she was on about. “No, no back a bit more, now go slightly to the left; yea that’s right just below the light. Do you see girls?”.

“What do you mean Sarah? Oh yes wow! You mean his nipples, gosh Carl they look really erect, don’t they?”

“Lets see” said Sally as she grabbed my T-shirt from behind causing it to tighten over my chest. The trouble was all the attention was making them even more erect. Then Suzy a pretty dark haired girl jumped over the bar counter and started fondling them first over my shirt but then she put her hands up underneath. I was mad with excitement at the way she fingered me. For some reason I just couldn’t even attempt to restrain her.

“Ooh you’re all smooth like a baby! No hairs yet eh?” she teased me

“Leave him alone he’s supposed to be at work you know!” said Sheila almost mockingly and without any conviction. “If you ask me what we really need is a bit of moonshine to settle things once and for all.”

“Moonshine? What do you mean? That’s what they used to drink in America during prohibition wasn’t it?” Suzy was looking puzzled.

“No silly! This is the moon we’re talking about” Sally said pinching my bum so hard it made me cry out. “Shall we just slip them down now darling then we can settle this matter once and for all shall we girls?” I tried to resist as she went for the buckle of my belt but in seconds everyone was in bar trying to help her pull my jeans down..

“There’s no room in here, come on lets get him out so we can see properly” This was Shirley, she had suddenly got very excited about my bum. I was dragged me out into the main room and it wasn’t just my jeans they pulled down. I tried to keep a hold at the front but I felt first cool air on my bottom and then their hands were all over me caressing my bare bum cheeks.

“Wow I wish I had a deep sexy bum slit like that! He’s so lovely and smooth isn’t he?. Hey Sheila lets see your phone again.” There was a pause while they examined first the picture then my bare ass.

“It’s a definite! Look at those pimples. Yea look you see here on his bum; just exactly the same!” Then turning to me and looking me in the eyes she said “Sorry darling we’ve caught you red handed. Now you are a naughty boy aren’t you and so we’ll really have to see about this, won’t we!” announced Sally triumphantly.

“Hey give us a peep at your balls then darling! Because I reckon that aggravating our revered ‘Rectum’ like that would have taken some balls don’t you think, eh girls?” There was hilarious giggling at this point but then turning to me Suzy got more insistent. “Come on now darling you’ve got to let us take a look. It’s no good trying to hold them up like that, there are too many of us. I mean your panties will only get torn if we have to rip them off won’t they?”

“Yea we’ve got to have a look and see what he’s got in front” giggled Shirley amid more mirth and amusement..

There was nothing I could do. In a second they had pulled my pants right down to my ankles and were all staring straight at my genitals. Some of the braver, or more drunk girls started feeling me up. They were groping my balls and my cock. It made the rest go wild and I was way too embarrassed to get an erection. It’s difficult when girls get so forward. It’s enough to undermine any guy’s manhood.

“Hey look! Oh dear not much by way of equipment really I’m afraid darling. I’d definitely want more than that from a man. What do reckon girls?” remarked Sally squeezing the skin over my tentacles so the other could see how small they were. “I don’t think he can get it up either poor guy. Hey I wonder if he’s a virgin, we’d better take a look don’t you think”

“Just a peep at his cherry and we’ll have the answer to that one” said Suzy who was trying to pull my bum cheeks apart.”

“Of course he’s a virgin! He could never fuck anyone, he’s too much of a Sissy” piped up another big girl called Judith. She was one of those intimidating female girls and sporting really big breasts.

“This is not about a cock virgin, it’s about if he’s a cunt virgin silly!” Sally and Suzy were squatting down behind me. They made me bend over and then I felt fingers on my cherry. They whispered something together then Suzy jumped up and was immediately on her phone to someone, giving me furtive glances as she spoke.

“But Brenda wasn’t invited was she?”

“It doesn’t matter she’s coming anyway. We can’t let her miss out on this one” For once the others looked a bit serious as if this person Brenda was something special. By this time they had me in the nude and everyone was trying to get a peep at my cunt..

Someone said “I think we should lay off him now it’s getting late”.

“So is he a virgin or isn’t he? Hey I want to see his cunt. Look he’s all creamy in his slit, hadn’t you noticed” Cindy was tenderly feeling my lower cheeks and between my legs. This dark haired boyish looking girl had arrived late but was keen to catch up with things. They tried to push her aside. “It’s not fair you’ve all seen him and I haven’t!”

“If you really want to know I can tell you that he isn’t!” interrupted Sally. “Just one look at his cunt can tell you that!”

“Then why can’t I see for myself? I’m not letting you jump to conclusions about Carl. He’s a good boy aren’t you?” she said to me, then defiantly to the others; “Well who’s his boyfriend then? Seeing we’ve all these know-alls around. Come on who is he?” she said defiantly.

I had taken the opportunity of this diversion to get some clothes back on but it would not be for long! I was really worried someone else from the hotel staff show up as if they saw me like this I’d be finished!

“Hey Carl! Do you have a boyfriend well I mean, is there someone fucking you? Please I want to know.” Cindy was pleading to me very loudly. Luckily this room was separate from the rest of the hotel otherwise anyone might have overheard all this. I promised her there wasn’t anyone and she seemed to believe me but I was wondering why she was so concerned about me.

It was getting quite late and I had to see they were all off the place by 12.30 so I had got back into the bar and had just started clearing up but when Brenda arrived. Wearing what looked like a long robe or even a bath gown, she spoke only briefly to the others. Immediately she came over very confidently and joined me behind the bar. All the others looked on expectantly.

“I’m Brenda darling” she said in a rather condescending way. “So you’re the pretty boy with the nice bum we’re all talking about. Wow!” she said standing back a bit to look me up and down “You’ve certainly got an interesting figure. Seems like you’ve got nice nipples too. Mind if I take a look?” But before she had even finished the sentence she had pulled my shirt off over my head. Then first feeling then squeezing them in front of everyone “You’re such a sexy sissy you could be one of us you know!”

At that point a titter went round among the girls as their whispered together. “So you’ve got more than a sexy bum Carl! I’ve had a good look at your pics you see and I am really keen to see more of you, yea a lot more! So darling…” she began as she undid my buckle. It seemed she just assumed herself to be in charge and that seemed to include undressing me as she pleased. “First I’m going to pull your panties down right!” It wasn’t a request or even a question but just a bare statement and in seconds my bottom was bare.

“Phew! Wow just look at that! You really are a sexy sissy boy. He’s got a bum like a chick hasn’t he!” but she seemed to be stumbling for words now. “Oh what the hell, I have never seen…I mean just look at those fat buns and oh what might I find deep in that sissy slit eh girls?” Her voice was trembling with excitement as she fondled my ass cheeks. She then squatted down so she could kiss me in the crease of my lower buttocks. She was clearly getting extremely excited about me. She was trying to pull cheeks apart so she could feel deep into my slit and made me bend right down with my legs apart. Her fingers were already exploring my ass cunt. All the while the girls looked on trying to capture all the action on their phone cameras.

I only realised what was really happening when I heard the girls gasp and put their hands over their mouths. They were also trying to restrain Cindy who was calling out and trying to break away from them.

Then it was Brenda’s voice from behind me. “Sorry Carl I hadn’t introduced myself properly but do please feel free, I am here at your service!” She had removed the bath robe and she was now completely in the nude. Her long brown hair hung over big firm bosoms but all attention was lower down. Why hadn’t I guessed? Brenda was no ordinary female, she was sporting a huge long and very firm dick.

“Brenda always wants homage paid before she provides a service you see, so you can stay bending down darling” she said as came stood before me beckoning me to suck her long pink prick. She smelt of female scents but as I tenderly worked my tongue around her hard shiny hood my attention was drawn to her tight scrotum and smooth skin going back between her legs to the smooth cleft of her bum.

“Hey Shirley try him for size with these will you?” Brenda said indicating what looked like an assortment of either dildos and strapons. Whatever they were I soon felt them as the girls started trying them out in my asshole. Brenda pushed me forward forcing me to take more of her hard dick into my mouth at the same time that things were happening to my bum. They giggling madly as they succeeded in penetrating me but then I felt something bigger.

“That’s no small one you’ve taken there Carly boy! Now you can’t be that innocent little virgin we all thought you were can you? Who’s fucking you then? Who’s your boy friend darling come on tell us!”

Brenda’s bum was nice and smooth like mine it was really big and well rounded. She was well tanned too and must have exposed herself quite daringly judging by the very slim white areas around her genitals. Her bum was almost totally tanned. She was making me excited and I was doing more than just sucking her cock. Suddenly I felt mine harden really stiff as I grabbed her buns and began to squeeze them. I was going fuck this Dick-chick if it took everything I’d got!

“Hey steady on you little bitch” Brenda shouted as I started feeling her slit. I suddenly got this feeling of ‘it’s now or never’. I jumped up so quickly I got her by surprise. I was determined to bury my hard on in that feminine bum cunt.

“No get off me you prick, hey stop him”! she seemed to be crying helplessly. It was my moment of hesitation almost a pang of conscience. I would never force myself on anyone against their will; but it was my undoing. I had lost the initiative.

Brenda had pushed me down over the arm of a sofa and with my bare bum in the air I was utterly at her mercy now. It must have seemed to all the onlookers as if I had been overpowered by her. That would surely be the ultimate humiliation to be physically thus conquered by a female. But I knew I could have stuffed her femmy-cunt if only I hadn’t hesitated.

“Hey come on quick! pass me that packet!” she shouted to the girls.

Brenda was loosing control of herself. Her eyes were wild as she was held me down triumphantly; but she was in a panic trying to get a condom out of a packet. It must have kept her short of the brink but by then she was mad at me.

It was seeing Tony that really made me feel embarrassed. To be honest I had hardly met some of the others before. Gavin had been to the same school as the rest of us but he was several years older. Clive had actually been in my class but was generally seen as a bit of a swot, a sort of ‘teachers pet’ if you like. He wasn’t as physically handsome as the others. It was like he had more brains than brawn.

As for Jason though, well, he was a just a rough biker in his late twenties. He may have been at our school but he would have been too many years ahead of me to remember. I now know he had lots of burley biker friends too but that is another story. Remind me and I’ll recount it another time.

Oh and for those of you who didn’t see the first part of this story [Moon Probed at Hen Party] the rest in the room were all hen party girls, mostly ex-classmates. The one exception to that was Brenda, of course. She was, so far as outward appearances go, just another girl. She had got this last-minute invite rather hurriedly owing certain developments. To get the fine details please read that story. I think all I need say here is that both of us were in the nude as the guys walked in and Brenda was on top.

Actually they were mostly boyfriends who had come to drive the girls home. It was my first job from school. I had been told by the hotel manager the party had to end at might-night but with what had just happened that wasn’t exactly on anyone else’s mind. The older guys, with a bit more worldly experience of these things, were soon well up for it. Yea, I mean that kind of literally too but poor Tony looked even more embarrassed than I was.

It had been far too late but I had managed to cover myself a bit with my jeans which had been lying on the floor nearby. I was torn between emotions really about what might happen next. You see I was now surrounded by big guys and the girls who were all half drunk and half (or more than half) naked were giggling together like crazy.

“Come on you two.” said Sally to tease Gavin and Jason. ” Don’t be bashful now. It’s ‘kit off’ time in here, can’t you see?”

“Yea. Best way to end a hen party. Let’s have a male beauty contest for a change and let’s see them all nice and nude.”

“Hey hang on Sheila, Gavin’s my boy and he does as I say don’t you” Suzy said then, staggering a bit, added. “Oh go on then let’s all have a good fuck up.”

“I vote we let our boys get on with it, eh girls?” It was obvious that Sally’s motion was immediately carried by all the others. There was a huge roar of “Yea!” They were clapping and cheering. “Come on get em off guys.”

The guys were already displaying big bulges in their jeans. Their girlfriends soon had most of them down to their underpants. Now the bulges were truly massive and I was getting to feel hellishly horny.

Tony had come to stand beside me. I felt comforted by him; he had been a good friend at school; we had larked about together, got into trouble many times but there was a great sense of loyalty between us. So while excitement was mounting among the others he suddenly turned to me. I thought he was going to whisper something in my ear but instead he simply pulled away the jeans that had been covering my bare bum. Of course he had not only seen me before when they took the pics but I knew he’d seen the she-male Brenda pull out of me just as they all walked in.

As he surveyed my bare bottom he looked a bit guilty, as if he was sneaking a peep before anyone else. But when he tenderly patted my bum cheeks I just got this huge feeling for him. He had always been the leader between the two of us, but this a bit the same but somehow different.

“Hey guys, I think we know this bum here don’t we? Yea this is the one that’s been doing the rounds. Oh yea look. Oh fuck this is it!” Gavin shouted out on recognising my bare bottom from the pics. He had been wearing a tight T-shirt which kind of showed this guy was no small man. This he suddenly and furiously ripped off, screwed it up in his big right hand and flung it aggressively on the floor. Then in a more measured and deliberate way he began to undo his belt but aware that all the girls were watching he hesitated just enough to loose the initiative.

“No Carl, I’m going to do you first, right? There’s no way your losing your virginity to that lot. Not if I’m around. No way!” Tony emphasised as he quickly stripped off his T-shirt and pulled his pants down.

“OK Tony but I’m fucking doing him next right is that clearly understood, right?” in giving way to Tony Gavin had also to give vent to his testosterone fuelled temper.

“Look here mate; you’re in no fucking position to give orders to anyone now are you, eh?” growled Jason, towering his broad shoulders over Gavin. The depth and power of his voice as well as his physique was enough to make his point. At the same moment Sheila, who was Tony’s girl was trying to persuade him to put on one of Brenda’s rubbers.

“They’re no fucking use to us, far too small, we can’t be wearing chicks rubbers. Here this is good man sized one, it’ll do for all of us. And you can listen up Gavin yea? If I do decide to let you fuck him before me it’ll be just because I need to go last to show you all how it’s fucking done properly; right get it?”

“Did you hear that? Them all trying to use one condom: that’s fucking ridiculous. Men; I ask you” Sheila protested ringing her hands hopelessly. “And anyway what about Clive, he is still around isn’t he”. Some of the other girls pushed him forward from somewhere where I guess he may have been trying to hide himself.

“Tony do you really want to? You don’t have to you know.” I asked him urgently as he came down near me. I was completely naked and lying on my side. Tony was grabbing my knees and pushing them forwards.

“You are joking aren’t you.” he replied smiling as he knelt beside me and went about positioning me as he wanted. I felt so exposed like that, knowing all the other guys and girls would be looking at my ass cunt. “Carl listen I’m telling you; ever since I saw your fabulous bum that day I’ve been dreaming about fucking you. Do I want to? Yes you bet I fucking do.”.

“Come on get on with it. Can’t you see that ass-hole needs a fucking good stuffing.” shouted Jason who was standing just in his underpants with arms folded over his muscle bound chest. His huge erection had pushed forward the elastic so much some of the girls were peering down and getting a view of the real thing.

It had all happened so suddenly in such a short time. All my attention was fixed on Tony. I had never seen him in the nude before or even with his shirt off. He was still so youthful with his big bare shoulders, bulging biceps and perfect fit looking pectorals; I could only gaze at him with utter admiration. He had been my best friend for all these years and I never realised his young body was so fabulous. But his cock! I was hypnotised by the sight of it; I was swooning for him. The most intimate, precious and sexy part of his body was there right in front of my face. I could feel the heat on my cheeks as his beautiful pink knob drew closer. I got this feeling of wanting him inside me

Tony gently put his hand on my head and guided me forwards. I took his cock in my mouth. I was beyond thinking about what I was doing. I was oblivious to being the centre of attraction. All the girls were watching us excitedly. Tony was luscious; he was so hard and rigid. I never imagined a guy’s dick could get that stiff. But as I sucked and worked my tongue around his perfect knob I became aware of the effect it was having on him. He started groaning then gasping and I began to taste his precum; at least that is now what I realise it must have been.

Suddenly Tony pulled away from me as if trying to keep control. He quickly put on the Jason’s rubber and threw himself down behind me. Several of the girls were around my bum now as he positioned himself to penetrate me. We were both on our sides to begin with and I think Sheila was trying to dribble her saliva down into my ass crack. First I felt her finger but it was then Tony’s dick. Oh man! there was something so definite, so determined about the way he probed my ass hole. Compared with Brenda’s petulance Tony was in full control of affairs. Immediately I felt my sphincter being challenged. It was in such a way that I could do absolutely nothing but yield to his manhood. I wanted the whole length of his lovely strong dick right up my bum-hole.

Sheila was assisting her boyfriend and of all the girls had the best view of the moment Tony really penetrated my cherry, forced open my rim and drove his fabulous rigid fuck-pole straight down into the depths of my bottom. Oh the joy as I realised again it was Tony. He was right up inside me now. I wished there was no rubber. I wanted feel the skin of his raw cock forcing itself in and up against the inside of my anal canal. But this stage of things was soon cut short.

“Come on let’s get him on his back”. Tony’s voice had a sense of urgency. Until now he had been thrusting into me from behind. Perhaps it was out of some shyness that he couldn’t quite confront me when he began to fuck my ass. But now I was on my back with Suzy and Sally holding my legs up. I had no say in any of this, I was quite helpless now. The other guys were all looking on. It was a very special moment for me when Tony looked me straight in the eyes. My school friend whose body was a perfection of fitness and masculinity smiled gently as he positioned his knob teasingly on my cherry.

“Oh look Tony he’s gaping. He really does want it doesn’t he?” said Sheila turning to the others. I must have been wide open as all I felt this time was a fullness and warmth swelling inside my innermost sphincter. It had been good enough feeling him come up me from behind but now to be taking in his huge cock as he gazed into my eyes, I just wanted every bit of his sexy nude body. I began kissing Tony’s arms and any part of his body in reach. I didn’t care what anyone thought or would say I just wanted to love him for what he was doing to me.

All the same, for me this was a new sort of Tony. He was not only right up inside me, he had penetrated the most private parts of my body. These were places no other person ever saw. OK I may have flouted my bum a bit and even fantasised things but this was the real thing. This strong guy Tony had always taken the decisions, decided what we would do and lead the way. The most intimate part of his body was now physically deep in amongst my innermost genitals. His cock felt so firm in my bottom, it was like all his firm muscles and strength of character were far up my bottom. Tony was dominating me sexually and all I wanted then was for him to fuck me more and more.

He had started working his cock in and out of my bum hole and as he gradually increasing the pace, I felt overpowered and in awe of his sheer bodily strength. Each time he drove down into me I got this huge thrill tingling deep inside. My excitement was going sort of ‘off the scale’.

All the time Sally and Sheila were teasing my nipples. My whole chest area around them got super-sensitive. It was like I felt I had breasts and it was making me mad for Tony to fuck me. I wanted his cum; I really wanted it like hell. His rigid ram-rod was reaching every recess of my rectum. He had total control of me now, it was like he was feminising me utterly.

“Oh cum into me Tony please.” I pleaded as he quickened the pace of his shafting. “Fuck me, Fuck me!” I shouted as some huge internal orgasm seized me. All I could do was throw my head from side to side. Suddenly Tony put his head down on my chest. His brown hair fell forwards onto my neck. As he began to suck on one of my nipples, he seemed to go completely wild. I felt his dick flicking inside me as he was overtaken by some massive climax. Oh how I wished he would shoot his cum up me. I wanted him, the real virile Tony so much. I wished I could feel his spunk spurting into my bum.

Tony kissed me really nicely as he withdrew. All the girls were clapping but then they gasped as Gavin removed the rubber from Tony’s dick. I took my chance to suck the last few drops of cum raw from his sagging ‘hose’. He was so sexy I could have gone on sucking this lovely guy and fondling his beautiful balls and bum for ever but there were others to consider.

“He’s no virgin any more now then.” said Jason in a very deep manly voice that suddenly grabbed all my attention. I should have been ashamed of myself to be seen as such a cum slut. But I hadn’t actually had any real cum pumped up me yet.

“He wasn’t a virgin anyway, didn’t you see?” piped up Brenda. She had been strangely silent in the face of all this masculinity.

“I’m sorry Brenda but that doesn’t really count. It’s men he needs and that’s was he’s fucking going to get.” It was Gavin now who spoke. He was preparing himself to do me next.

The other guys including Jason were all naked now and the girls lost no time in surveying at each other’s boyfriend’s genitals. It was indeed a sort of a male beauty show and believe me that, with the possible exception of Clive, they were a hulky bunch that few could refuse.

Gavin had just quietly slipped on Tony’s used rubber and dismissed comments from the girls; “Don’t listen to them they’re always fussing about something.”

I was standing by them being quite resigned to getting shafted by all the guys. I felt a bit ashamed of my cock as it was so much smaller than the others. Gavin was also well in the nude, sitting on an arm of the sofa. His cock stood up like some phallic flagpole and his ample pink scrotum dangled against the dark background of the sofa. These were the balls of a mature man. It was like; there was this ‘reservoir’ below and a powerful ‘cum-pump’ above all primed and ready to deliver.

Suddenly he grabbed hold of my naked body and pulled me down on him. Now Gavin was quite big so I felt a sharp pain as pushed my bum very firmly over his, shall we say, ‘injector-pump’. His hairy forearms were around my hips. He just felt so overwhelmingly strong.

I know what you’re thinking. This was all so soon after my fucking from Tony. How could I give myself to another man so easily? I suppose it was just that he had taken control. I think it was psychological as well as physical. Being about four years older than me I kind did what he said and anyway I was physically too feeble to resist. To be honest I don’t think there was ever a point when I even wanted to. Did I even try to clench my buttocks? I couldn’t as he had me in a sitting position and with my legs well forward so my cunt would have been well stretched. I was just loving the feeling of his big cock filling me inside. This older man had his ‘flagpole’ well up my bottom now. Basically it seemed like I belonged to him; he sort of seemed to own me.

I didn’t’ even know Gavin that well; I had heard the girls talk about him but to be in such intimate contact with some one who was almost a stranger; what was happening to me?

At once he started teasing me: “Ever ridden a horse? Eh? Well now’s your chance. Let’s try a jog-trot shall we?”. The girls giggled hysterically as they watched him bob me up and down like a baby. For me, I was loving the sensation of his mighty invading cock working my asshole. Then suddenly he rolled me back so I was on my back on the sofa; then he really started drilling me hard. Gavin was a rough strong man. He had been a rugby forward and when he fucked, he fucked really very hard. It noticed he was sweating profusely so I guess he wasn’t as fit and youthful as Tony but he wanted to show off. He wanted to impress the girls.

“Go on give it him. Let’s see you fuck his ass right up. Come on Gavin stuff his bum.” shouted Sheila. Two of the other girls had come forward and were licking and sucking my nipples. It seemed to affect Gavin as much as me as he went totally berserk letting great yells of ecstasy. Then I felt him orgasming strongly deep inside my rectum. I’m sorry to have to admit it but I wanted his cum too but alas the rubber held and eventually Gavin withdrew his sagging meat pole from my now swollen cherry.

Then came Jason or perhaps I should say ‘then cummed Jason’. Now he was not like the others. He was the typical biker. Covered in tattoos, there was oil still on his right arm from where he had been fixing an engine, just before coming. He hadn’t tried too hard to remove it nor had he shaved for a couple of days so his face was really rough and stubbly.

Judith, his big girlfriend, tried to point to the absurdity of putting on a condom half full of cum but he waived her aside as he gave me a big wink. His body language and the way he went about things was just as if he was about to fit a new piston or some thing like that. Actually when you saw the size of his cock it was a pretty fair comparison.

But Jason was big all round. To say he was strong would be too obvious a thing you wouldn’t even question it. Compared with any of the others he was about half as big again and that wasn’t fat. His thighs alone were huge and hairy and extremely powerful looking. You could call him the ‘Dominant Male’.

He got me on my hands and knees and made as if to do me ‘doggie-style’. But there was no way he could push straight into me like the others had done. But like other men I met later, his huge physical strength that of his character meant that Jason had no need to be impatient. He was man enough to be in full control, at least then and he knew I would need a bit of time. I could feel myself wanting him but I needed to dilate. Judith, his girl friend took control of matters. I mean she took charge of all things concerning my cherry. Other girls were helping her and working on me with their fingers, using lots of cream they were gradually stretching open my boy cunt. It took several minutes; they would work on me a bit then Jason would have another go. Each time I felt him getting further in. Then at a certain point, I knew he was about to enter but he didn’t seem to realise as he was going to back off again and let the girls have another go. But I began pleading with him to keep up the pressure on my cunt. I could feel myself yielding and it made me desperate for him to keep on pushing harder.

It was strange at first as the girls were all like hands on hips as much as to say it was hopeless but I could feel what was happening. His hood had penetrated my outer sphincter and I was consciously willing my cunt to take him in. And then suddenly it became obvious to all as Jason’s huge cock, it was far thicker than any of the others, slowly but very definitely sunk between my buns and my stretched cherry was seen to take in the whole length of his mighty ‘piston’.

It was hard to keep my balance as Jason picked up the pace. He was pounding my boy bum from behind. It was some sight I saw after. (the girls were getting video on the action). There I was, a smooth femmy-boy being ravaged by this rough unshaven muscle man. You could see all the rough hairs over his mighty thighs against the soft smooth skin of my legs.

But as if that wasn’t enough, the girls had got hold of Clive who had been trying to stay out of things. Maybe he realised he didn’t have it in him to fuck me in front of all them all. Actually he didn’t look so bad in the nude. His body was well filled, perhaps not entirely with muscle but he was so smooth everywhere. He had even less pubic hairs than me and you could see how much his puffy facial cheeks were akin to those of his voluptuous bum. In a word and when in the nude, he was quite sexy. But poor Clive hadn’t managed much of a hard-on as yet. His cock was hardly swollen and remained quite limp.

Don’t imagine I had anywhere near the time it took you to read that last paragraph to take in the situation (let alone Clive’s cock) as my bum was being pumped very powerfully and very deliberately. It was as if Jason was hurriedly pumping a deflated bike tyre while wanting to catch up with the others. Or you could say that having just fitted me with his new piston he was sort of ‘revving me up’. Anyway Clive’s genitals were also in need of some ‘servicing’. I found that I could take all of his cock and balls in my mouth at once. That was only until Jason gave me such a lunge up my bottom that I couldn’t keep hold of Clive any more.


This is the story as told to me by a friend recounting her first experience with another woman. It certainly got both of us hot when she was telling me so with her permission I wanted to share it.

This is the second chapter of the story and while it may be enjoyed as a standalone story I would strongly recommend reading the first part if you haven’t already. It will help fill in the missing back ground. Either way I hope you enjoy it.

I have enjoyed transforming this memory into a story to be shared and am looking for a similar project. If you have a hot experience you would like to share as the basis for a story for me to write and you to star in please do contact me.


Something crashing outside my window made me stir, I tried lifting my head off the pillow but that just hurt so instead I settled for just opening my eyes.

A sharp pain across my forehead made me think this was a bad idea also. So instead I lay there flat out on my front with my head facing my bedroom wall. Just how much did I drink last night I thought to myself cringing?

Just laid there I realised that as long as I didn’t move the pain stayed away. I stayed as still as possible trying to doze back off.

I ran through a mental checklist to ensure I was still in one piece. 2 arms, 2 legs and everything else accounted for I suddenly flinched in shock.

A realisation that there was a hand resting on my bum, my bare bum! It defiantly was not my hand which meant it was someone else…..

My mind raced back to last night, I know I wasn’t on the pull last night and didn’t leave with any guys. I can absolutely remember getting into a taxi with Maddie’s mate Cassie.

As soon as this thought dropped into my head a surge of pure shock drove straight through me. I suddenly remembered last night and knew exactly what had happened and who was sharing my bed with me.

“Oh shit, oh fuck I can’t of” and other thoughts rushed through my head. “Oh god I did” I realised “I had sex with another women”

I just laid there thinking through the implications of this realisation and wondering what had made me do it. As I started to rationalise the events I started wondering why I was regretting it.

“Where you forced?” I asked myself “No, absolutely not” my brain answered.

“Was it nice?” I questioned myself “Hell I seem to remember thinking it was great fun at the time”

“How did it all come about” I tried to remember.

Laid there thinking these and a whole load of other questions I started to feel more settled. I was drunk and had some fun with a new friend, a life experience I decided. No harm done and no one hurt.

Feeling less shocked and more settled I started to relax. I would deal with it when I wake up properly was the conclusion I reached.

Relaxing and thinking about trying to doze off again, I start to re-live some of the events from last night. Rather than making me feel uncomfortable I feel a warmth in my tummy, excitement in my chest and I have to be honest even a little smile on my face.

It must have been about then that I noticed the hand that had been laid still across the bare cheeks of my bum was slowly moving. I felt a little disappointed thinking it actually felt quite warm and nice laid there.

However instead of moving away the hand just moved and every so gently begun to caress the cheek of my but. The feeling was nice and I just dreamily felt myself drifting off towards sleep.

Neither really awake nor asleep my mind wondered onto what actually happened last night. I played the events through my mind like a movie.

Thinking about how it all started off so innocently and with no warning of what was going to happen, how we one minute we were chilling out laid on the sofa and the next rubbing ourselves against each other till we had both cum a number of times.

I could remember Cassie’s promise to open a whole new world to me as she dragged me into my bedroom.

A mix of these exciting thoughts and the feel of her hand getting more adventurous and groping my bum, squeezing and feeling her way around it. Her fingers working their way between my legs following the curves of my cheeks. I could feel her hand rested on my left cheek her fingers lying along the crack of my arse as she was reaching gently downwards tickling the lips of my sex.

Dreamily I found myself feeling turned on and could feel my pussy getting wet, thinking I was about to be treated to the feel of a finger sliding smoothly inside my pussy but the hand was not moving down any further. Her fingers gently curled open and closed as the tips just barely brushed against the bottom of my sex. Each time she clasped me a bit tighter and her hand gently working its way between my cheeks. It felt comfortable and teasing both at the same time. Still I drifted between awake and asleep and the movie played in my head.

As I dozed I recalled how we had playfully almost run into the bedroom and stopped dead at the side of the bed. Cassie had pulled me towards her and we faced each other saying nothing.

Putting her arms around me and pulling me in tight towards her a quick kiss I seem to just melt. She had leant her head further into me her lips brushing my neck as she nuzzled into my ear. Gently she breathed into my ear sending shivers down my spine.

“We have way too many clothes on” she whispered

Running her hands up my hips she took the zip of my dress and pulled it down. Her hands following the contours of my body back to my shoulders where she pushed the straps along and off. My dress slid to the floor leaving me stood in just my bra and nothing else.

Leaning back in she had reached her arms back around me placing her hands on my bum then running a finger from each hand up my back tracing my spine while nuzzling my neck. Sending shivers through my torso she arrived at the strap of my bra. Taking hold of the clasp she unsnapped it. The weight of my breasts falling forwarded as they were freed.

Cassie stepped back and wasted no time in releasing her own dress which shortly landed by her ankles just as mine had. For the first time ever I reached around behind her back and undid her bra releasing another women’s boobs from the security of her underwear.

I was mesmerised by the beautiful sight, her tits, despite their size, stood proud and firm, her nipples large and most defiantly erect. My hands automatically reached for them. Cupping one in each hand I suddenly understood men’s obsession with boobs. Gently squeezing them and feeling her hard nipples poking into my palms. I drew my hands back, running just my fingers over her nipples and tracing a circle around them. Cassie shivered letting a small sigh out as I did.

She pushed my hands away and stepped forward and took me in her arms, tightly embracing we kissed. As our lips met little explosions went off in my head. I had never been kissed with such passion and softness at the same time. Our bodies touching all the way from thigh to chest. Our breasts mashed together, the contrast of soft pillowy flesh and hard nipples pushed together. Soon soft and gentle became hard and lustful.

I could feel myself getting wetter and with Cassie’s sex again pushed against my own I knew that I was not alone in this.

A bolt of shock suddenly brought me back out of my dream state and the re-living of last nightís memories. Back in the present and still laid stiff as a board I focused on the hand still lightly caressing my warm behind.

Cassie’s hand and fingers were now well and truly snugly resting between the cheeks of my arse. Her fingers wiggling just ever so slightly. It was where her finger tip was softy stoking that had sent the bolt of shock through me. Certainly not somewhere I was used to being touched. Her finger tip was resting on a slightly grazing the most intimate part of my backside.

I wondered about the current development.

“She’s mostly asleep like me” I concluded, deciding in her dream state she has clearly missed her intended target just a little lower between my legs.

Trying to decide what I should do, another shocking realisation went through my head. “Actually it feels really quite pleasant” my body was telling me, “but it’s so naughty” my brain answered. In no mood to argue with anyone let alone myself I resigned myself to just enjoy the sensation.

I mean I wasn’t even fully awake so I couldn’t be held responsible for subconsciously deciding to let a girl I’d not even known for 24 hours, who had seduced me and now lay here with me naked and tease my bum in this way.

“What sort of debauched slut are you turning into Hannah” I asked myself as I drifted back off towards sleep but not quite reaching it. Back caught between sleep and consciousness the movie reel from last night kicked back in right where it had left off.

From being stood pressed against what I had now decided was the sexiest women in the world suddenly I was launched backwards. Falling through the air I landed on the bed in a heap.

Cassie was stood there laughing at me with an almost maniacal look on her face.

“Right girl, lay back and spread them legs now” she commanded

Giggling a bit at her dominance and the sudden change of pace I had quickly obeyed her command. Shuffling up the bed a bit I rested my head on a pillow and let my legs fall apart. Cassie crawled onto the bed her eyes running all the way up my body and then back down to my exposed pussy that was fully on display for her viewing pleasure.

Normally being so exposed I would have felt self conscious and a feeling of dread would overcome me. But last night I felt none of this and watching her inspect every inch of my body just made me hotter and more horny than I could remember.

Grabbing my leg Cassie planted kissed all the way along as she shuffled up the bed her lips following my calves to my thigh then down a little as she kissed and licked upwards on the soft and tender skin of my inner thigh all the way up to the top.

I couldn’t move my stare watching her every move, our eyes making contact and getting lustfully buried in each others. I knew what was coming next! The fact a women had never been this close to my sex let alone done what I knew and prayed she was about to do it.

Pulling her head back just a little Cassie left a little space between her warm mouth and my even hotter skin. Moving her head just a little to the side she gently blew across the now soaked pussy laid open before her. The hot breath sent waves of electricity darting from my over excited cunt all through my body. I could barely wait for the contact with her mouth I prayed was coming, I knew that I was about to be assaulted in the most pleasurable way I could imagine.

I could only watch as she leant in, her tongue snaking out between her lips as Cassie run it all the way along my slit. From the very bottom of my wet opening up towards my clit. My god I thought I was going to explode as she sucked on the bud of nerves with her mouth. Clamping her mouth over my pussy and her tongue flicking and teasing my clit my hips refused to stay still and my juices must have been flooding her face.

I could feel the biggest orgasm ever building up and at any minute I knew it was going to come crashing over me. Suddenly Cassie stopped and sat up on her knees. Laughing she looked at my face full of despair and desperation.

“Patience, patience” she chided me

Reaching up Cassie ran her hands over my tits, playing with my nipples then kneeling forwarded and taking one of my hard nipples in her mouth. Teasing and playing with it just like she had been my clit a moment ago. Then across and giving the other one the same attention.

Being so close to the brink was torture and the pleasure was nearly unbearable. Thinking back on it Cassie knew exactly what she was doing to me and enjoyed putting me in such a state.

“Are you ready to cum for me?” She asked

“Fuck yes” was about all I could manage to say

Moving back down to my wet pussy Cassie licked and sucked all over. Along my wet slit and upwards to gently nibbling my lips. Reaching my clit once again she started her assault all over, lashing at me with her tongue. Sucking on my bud of nerves until I didn’t think it could get any better. Suddenly and without any warning my poor pussy was violated. What felt like a whole hand (2 fingers as I later found out) was filling my pussy, I could feel my muscles clenching and gripping the intrusion in a way it had never done to a cock inside me. That was as much as I could take.

Bursting like a dam I came like I have never done before. My body exploded and my head saw stars. Wave after wave of orgasm came crushing over me. I’m still not sure if I passed out or not but I knew it was the best I had ever had.

As the fog cleared and my body started to relax again I was aware of Cassie laid on me, our bodies again melted together.

“Nice” she asked smiling cutely at me

“The best” was my honest reply

“OK, now it’s my turn, you didn’t think you were going to get away with it did you” she said sternly

A flash of doubt swept through my brain. I mean touching another girl was one thing but burying my face in their soggy snatch was a whole different thing!

I soon found out that worrying about it was a waste of time. I really wasn’t about to be given a choice!

Cassie pulled herself up and sat straddling my stomach, her wetness clearly evident as the heat of her sex left a wet trail as she slid further forwards. Unsure of what she was planning I just laid there transfixed by her amazing body.

With a quick movement Cassie was suddenly above my head. Kneeling on my arms with her sex hovering inches above my face. Even if I had wanted to move I couldn’t. I realised then that I was about to taste another girls pussy for the first time whether I liked it or not.

Still knelt up Cassie reached down and touched herself, sliding her finger around and through her lips, rubbing her clit.

“I don’t know what to do” I stammered stupidly

“Awww my poor little beautiful slut, you will learn and very quickly” she told me.

“Now open your mouth and stick that tongue out, I want to feel it on and in my pussy real bad”

With no other option available to me what could I do? So I did exactly as I was told. I had never been talked to or treated like this in bed before. Rather than making me uncomfortable it was having the exact opposite effect. While I was still unsure about what was about to happen what I did know was that my cunt was already leaking again with excitement.

Cassie slowly lowered herself down onto my face, her hands holding her lips spread ready for my tongue. As contact was made our lips met. My mouth and her pussy became one. Bravely I pushed out my tongue and it sunk straight inside her pussy. The taste was like nectar. I had never minded tasting myself before but this was altogether different.

Sitting herself firmly on my face I could barely breathe, her sex was smothering my mouth and her clit rested firmly against my nose. I was totally lost in the smell and taste. Pushing my tongue in and out of her as she grinded against my face.

Lifting herself up a little and I gasped in air; I didn’t want to stop and quickly lifted my head reaching for more of the beautiful pussy that had abandoned me.

Running my tongue along her heat I found her clit and attacked it as though I was crazed. I was quickly rewarded with the unmistakably moans of someone about to get off.

“Holy shit, don’t stop. Make me cum, make me cum. Oh god I’m cumming” screamed Cassie

I didn’t stop; I carried on sucking and licking her for all I was worth.

Now I had seen just how wet Cassie got earlier in the evening but when the pussy in question is placed right above your mouth it’s a whole different experience. Her juices poured out and my face was soon drenched. I drank down as much of her as I could but still it overflowed down my chin and over my body. I felt as though I was in heaven.

Whilst relaying this scene from last night I had dropped back off to my dream world and the memories seemed almost real, just like I was back there. As I became a bit more alert I re-ran my mental body check. I was defiantly feeling better, my head cleared and it was certainly a more reasonable time of the morning. The rerunning of the nights events was making me smile now rather than feeling shocked as I had when I first woke up and remembered.

Laid there relaxed it didn’t take a genius to also work out that remembering what had happened was also turning me on. The hand stroking my bum was still there with the fingertip still resting comfortable against my anus. Even though the hand was still I liked the feel of it there and this added further to the horny feelings coursing through my body.

Sliding my arm gently underneath me, doing my best not to move too much as I didn’t want to disturb Cassie, both out of kindness of not waking her and also I thought if she woke and realised exactly where her hand was placed she would move it. I really didn’t want her to do that just yet.

Laid on my tummy with my legs already sprawled apart I soon was laid with my pussy resting on my own hand. I gently cupped myself and for some unknown reason was surprised to find out I was already soaking wet.

Trying to barely move I slipped my middle finger up inside me, curling it up and then straighten it. This had the effect of driving my finger deep into my sex and dragging it back out along the roof of my pussy. Every time I did this I was hitting my magic spot. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum like this.

Feeling naughty I raised my bum upwards a little. The slight pressure on my arse increased, I felt so dirty. After a couple more strokes and wiggles of my bum the hand suddenly clenched a bit.

I froze still……

“Oh god” I thought to myself, Cassie’s going to wake up to find me using her finger to tickle my bum hole. She’s going to freak.

I laid still playing dead lions wishing the bed would just swallow me up.

Suddenly I felt the hand move again. This time it was a slow deliberate sweep of a finger between the cheeks of my bum. Following the crack and most defiantly running over the forbidden hole. The fingers gently fall into this repetitive pattern. Now I was confused. Cassie was either consciously touching me in this intimate way or still half asleep and not aware exactly where her hand was. Either way it was putting my horniness levels through the roof.

I realised that my own finger was again moving with a mind of its own, burying itself deep into my wetness, the feeling building deep inside my sex growing quickly I was desperate for release.

The finger teasing my bottom was becoming more and more obvious and making me hotter and hotter. As it stopped stroking and positioned itself directly right where it had being feeling so nice and so naughty. I could feel it gently pushing against me. I couldn’t help myself from pushing back against it. The finger tip now twisting slightly, I knew then Cassie must clearly be awake and aware of what she was doing and exactly of the effect it was having on me.

Memories of general kisses, soft caresses as well as some plain dirty acts like 69ing each other, sucking each otherís tits all flashed in front of my eyes. My own finger buried deep inside me as I frigged myself and the firm pressure Cassie’s finger was providing against my bum were rapidly sending me towards the edge.

As I pushed back against Cassie’s probing finger she added just a fraction more pressure and that’s when it happened. Cassie’s finger tip broke the resistance and slid up my bum. The feeling blow my mind and again I exploded. Moaning like a mad woman I came all over my hand as I collapsed onto the bed. Slowly my panting calmed down and my brain relaxed. Never in my life had I woke up sharing my bed with someone and feeling so sated.

After having many people come to look at the spare room I had to rent out I sat sifting through the shortlist and working out who I wanted living in my home, there had been some people you really would not want to live anywhere near but there was two people I had worked my list down to, one being a young chef the other being a professional office worker who I actually quite liked.

Sitting down I decided to make the call and after much thought I decided to ask the professional a guy called Marc if he still needed a room, as I dialled his mobile number I wondered if I had left it to long as the phone rang to his answer phone service. Leaving a message I decided I would wait for Marc to call back before I called the other guy who was interested.

Fortunately I did not have to wait very long as within minutes my mobile rang and it was Marc, to my amazement he said he had not found anywhere else he felt as welcome or comfortable and when I asked if he wanted the room he jumped at the chance and we were soon chatting about his references and what I needed him to pay before moving in.

Assuring me he had the funds ready and was basically ready to move in I decided then and there that he could move in on my day off of work so I could make sure he was settled in and had a extra pair of hands in case he needed help.

As we were about to end the call Marc very suddenly asked may I ask one question, answering of course he quickly said you don’t have a problem with homosexuals?

I answered and said well I am bisexual and I have a gay partner so no I have no problem with it as long as you are quiet, clean and respectful of my property and quiet times, Marc just said in response that’s very cool I think we will get on well and with that we ended the call and I waited for Wednesday to roll around so Marc could move in.

I had always suspected Marc was gay or bisexual at least so I was not surprised when he asked me if I had a problem with it, he was not openly obvious as a gay guy in fact he was very straight acting but with a slight build and soft girly looking features and skin.

It was fair to say I kind of had a soft spot for him and actually soon found myself thinking how I would like to fuck him, have him on his knees swallowing my spunk after a good hard screwing and as the thoughts rushed through my head I soon found my cock was rock hard and with that I pulled it from my jeans and furiously began to wank myself off.

Soon I felt the feeling rushing through me and as I pulled off my jeans I found myself on my sofa with a bottle of poppers, my lube and a dildo and soon was pulling on my throbbing cock with 8 inches of sex toy buried in my tight arse thinking about sharing a spunky session with my new housemate and with that I drove myself into a explosive orgasm shooting jets of spunk down my thick 8 inch shaft and all over my fist and groin.

Laying back relaxing for a moment I withdrew the dildo from my butt and decided I should go and shower as I still had to work for a few hours and time was creeping up on me.

To say Wednesday could not come soon enough was an understatement and as the alarm woke me and I fell out of bed near enough, plodding around with the curtains still closed I made my way into the kitchen for my morning coffee and toast.

Not expecting any visitors or Marc to show up for a while I decided to put on the normal mundane daytime television and relax but before I knew it hours had passed by and as I went to get a shower the door bell rang, thinking bloody postman I shouted down the stairs I’m coming and wrapped a large bath towel round my waist and headed for the door.

Not checking and not thinking I opened the door to see Marc stood there and as I said Hi I saw him looking me up and down, apologising I said I have been having a lazy morning and don’t normally answer the front door in a towel but as I explained myself Marc said oh I don’t mind adding it’s a nice welcome sight at this time of day.

Leading him to the lounge I made him a coffee and decided I really must go shower and dress myself so made my excuses and told Marc to hold on for 20 minutes or so while I quickly get dressed, adding as I went out the living room door to make himself feel at home.

As soon as I was dressed I headed back downstairs to speak to Marc and found he had moved a few bits in and was making himself breakfast, as I got to the kitchen Marc turned round and said I hope you don’t mind I was so hungry as I skipped breakfast this morning.

Saying I didn’t mind I went off and grabbed the tenancy agreement I had downloaded and got Marc to go over it before he signed it, signing the document he handed me a deposit and his first months rent.

As all the important stuff was sorted I said I have some work to do today that will take me a couple of hours but if you need a hand moving anything in just give me a shout, thanking me Marc said he would be fine and with that I went to my room and booted up my computer to finish a bit of work I had to do.

Not realising how time had slipped by there was a light knock at my door and as I swung it open Marc was stood there with a bottle of champagne and asked if I would join him and celebrate him moving in, telling him to give me half an hour I finished up my work and shut down my pc.

Soon myself and Marc were sat in the lounge enjoying the champagne and chatting like old friends, the whole time I thought it was definitely worth picking Marc to share my home and as I asked him about a partner or friends he said he had only recently moved into the area and really didn’t know many people yet.

Sure enough Marc was so cute and the champagne bubbles were making me horny again but I had to resist the urges to jump on him especially as he had only just moved in, as we sat and I tried desperately to stop myself from thinking about the wild sex we could be having on my soft white leather sofas.

Marc asked me after a while about my partner and as I explained that my partner lived some distance away he said he previously had been seeing a guy from Bournemouth where I live and he had hoped they would live together but it had all gone badly wrong after he found his partner had been cheating on him and had a long term partner already.

It kind of made me feel bad as I had cheated on my partner many times with the distance between us in miles but not feelings, telling him I occasionally have guys or Tgirls over for casual fun he didn’t seem to mind and said maybe you can point me in the right direction then.

Taking him up on his offer I said we should hit one of the big gay bars in town for drinks in the evening and Marc seemed really up for going out, in the meantime I sat around chatting and made us lunch as Marc had yet to do any food shopping.

Soon enough I was in my room smartening myself up and making sure I looked good when Marc tapped at my door and walked in in his CK boxers showing off his package nicely and asked if I had an iron he could borrow, pointing him to the corner where I already had mine set up I finished off getting ready but I just could not resist checking Marc out.

Standing around 5’8 or so tall he was slim and toned with a gorgeous butt and what looked like a nice cock too with short cropped hair and piercing blue eyes he was stunning but some what twinky and cute which I always went for in guys, thinking I would change my jeans I pulled my current pair off and as I went to the wardrobe to grab another pair I noticed Marc checking out my package but not saying anything.

Now I knew he wanted a fuck too and tonight maybe interesting, as Marc left for his own room I waited for a moment then decided I was going for it and stripping off and massaging my cock to a semi hard 8 plus inches I strode toward his room and knocked at his door.

As Marc opened the door still in his boxers his eyes fell to my cock then to my eyes and as I stepped towards him and our hands met each others bodies then our lips met each others making me rock solid and wasting no time Marc was on his knees in the door way eagerly sucking my cock deep and slow making all the right noises and giving me a lovely deep blow job, as he slurped and teased my piss slit with his pierced tongue it sent waves of ecstasy through my body and soon I could take no more.

As I felt the rush of orgasm racing through me I knew I had a large load on the way and as I grabbed at the door frame my legs went weak and a explosion started deep in my balls rushing its way down my shaft, before I knew it I had fired several hot jets of cum into the back of Marc’s throat with he expertly swallowed before lapping the last of my load from my uncut cock.

Pulling him from my now flaccid cock he stood in front of me and lowered his boxers showing off a cock almost the mirror of my own and as he stroked at it I took my turn taking his thick cock into my mouth and began blowing him off as best as I could, I knew I was not a spot on him but I soon had him moaning and telling me how he was enjoying it.

I was by now gagging to fuck and as I went to break away from his cock he held the back of my head and said please I am loving it and as I flicked my experienced tongue across his bell end his body convulsed and I felt his cock suddenly and without warning explode shooting a mouthful of cum and then another as I desperately tried to swallow it all, lapping the last drops of his spunk from his now semi hard cock I stood and licked my lips and walked back to my room to get dressed again not speaking a word.

It only took minutes to put my shirt and jeans back on and as soon as I was ready I headed back to Marc’s room and stepped in without knocking to see Marc laid in the nude on his bed, asking him you still want to go out tonight he said yeah for sure give me half hour or so.

As I went to sit in the lounge I grabbed a cold Budweiser from the fridge and put on a music channel on the television to sit and relax for the night ahead, soon enough Marc wandered in and as he stood and looked at me he asked me living here, is it going to be a problem?

I said no, no problem I just think you are very fit and have to admit I had a soft spot for you and that’s why I offered you the room.

Getting up I walked to the kitchen and grabbed another couple of cans and handed Marc one, as we sat I said to him that was good though Marc but we cannot be doing that all the time. Agreeing Marc said yes it was very good in fact but I understand, although if you ever fancy some fun I am sure we can play together in fact maybe next time you will fuck me.

And with that we settled chatting in the lounge and I called a taxi for our impending night down in the gay bars of Bournemouth.

Hay making time was usually mid June and the weather was always uncertain.

Despite all mechanical aids getting it from the field to the barn was a time when many hands made light work. So it was that Billy, a student aged 19 came to help out with loading and stacking. As it was only a job for fine weather and the work being hot and physical it was a nice excuse to strip off as much as possible and get a good tan. He loved outdoor work and I remember him saying that he wouldn’t mind if he never saw another lecture theatre or exam room in his life again. He was great fun, lots of jokes and general youthfulness.

But as we worked together I couldn’t help glancing at his long brown arms and slim firm muscles as he tossed the bales into stacks and onto trailers.

Others used to come and help too but Billy and I always worked together.

He was had a competitive nature and liked to challenge me over who was the fittest and who could toss bales the highest. Sometimes we would overbalance and end up in a playful wrestle on the ground. I remember how exciting it was making close contact with his body. Sometimes when he had to climb off from a high load I would guide his bare legs so he could find toe holds to get down safely. He had those lovely long brown thighs, they were so firm, and every time I would this throbbing erection.

Billy always wore these very brief shorts so his thighs were all too visible to everyone. And I found myself getting jealous when anyone else spoke to him. I couldn’t help this feeling I was getting; while he was quite muscular around his biceps ,his chest was really smooth and he had those lovely rounded shoulder blades that made him otherwise a bit effeminate looking.

Even before I ever saw his bare legs and his boyish chest I realised I had some attraction to him. It’s funny how you think of these things afterwards; it was the profile of his big rounded bum that first got my attention. It didn’t matter what he was wearing there was no concealing the fact that he was a really sexy boy!

It was because we were so innocent and lacking experience then that it took some time before we went much further but I would always finding excuses to touch him. Sometimes if we were walking and talking together I would put a hand on his shoulder without thinking, it was like a reflex and he used to turn to me and smile. I was pretty much in love with him without fully realizing but I wasn’t really fanaticising about having sex with him exactly. Sometimes my hand would drop around his waist and I would find my excitement quite embarrassing. On times like that we would fall silent and I sort of found it hard to make conversation.

Actually we sometimes talked about former girlfriends but really we were a couple of virgins when it came down to anything serious. I used to get all tied up emotionally about what to do next and too embarrassed to take a proper lead. The truth was I was getting carried away. Billy was having some sort of an emotionally effect on me.

Every Tuesday he had been in the habit of going off to town. Sometimes he would borrow money off me for the bus fare. He had said something about physiotherapy but I hadn’t really taken much notice. It wasn’t until hay making was all but finished that I found out what it was all about.

Billy and I had gone on top of the hay barn to tidy up some of the bales. We got very hot and after we sat down he said that he wished he didn’t have to go for this treatment. I asked him what it was all about and he said he had had a bicycle accident about a year ago and broke a bone in his leg. Now they said he needed to have physiotherapy because one of his leg muscles needed strengthening after being in plaster.

The thought that he should be going to someone else to be massaged or something just made me sort of mad. Why should he be going to town for this I could surely care for Billy better than anyone else. I knew I was getting unreasonable after all physiotherapy is an expert profession what did I really know about it?

“I would do it you know” I blurted out unable to stop myself.

“Do you really want to?” his reply surprised me. He even looked as if he liked the idea.

“Yes, er, I don’t know too much about the medical side but perhaps you can help” I said trying to steady my voice.

“Oh sure yes, but really you don’t have to” He replied nervously.

“Billy” I said “I want to… I mean , well, I would like to you know I mean I like you and, yea I suppose I wouldn’t just offer to massage anyone!” I was very aware of having gone extremely red in the face and I was sweating profusely. I got so embarrassed then that I had to change the subject and started talking about other things.

It was a bit difficult because with hay making finished I couldn’t afford to go on paying Billy because I had no regular work for him and the farm finances just wouldn’t be up to it. He liked coming and I liked having him around so I used to invite him over and he’d get meals and some pocket money. He was good at cooking too.

It was the very next day, as far as I remember when reminded me of my offer. He had got a bit wet walking over in the rain. All he had on was just jeans and a course knitted sweater. I took him straight up to my bedroom.

“You had better take your wet jeans off, I’ll put them to dry” I said. He seemed to look a bit embarrassed at first but I just grabbed his belt, undid it and was just about to undo his fly-zip when he nervously pushed my hand away. Then after a short pause he seemed to make up his mind and quickly pulled them down himself.

So there he sat on edge of the bed with his course damp sweater just covering his underpants. His smooth brown thighs emerged straight from the lower hem of his coarsely knitted sweater. He looked as if he could have had nothing on underneath. I was getting wildly excited and far from being able to adopt any sort of professional manner, I started immediately running my hands up his thighs.

“Billy your legs are just so perfect, Oh Billy! How could there ever be anything wrong with them. Ah I can’t believe it!” I said groping and squeezing his lovely strong thigh muscles.

I had to make quite an effort to control myself because I felt I was going to go crazy and frighten him.

“I’m going to do my best for you Billy; you really deserve it; you’re so fabulous! But please promise to tell me if I do anything wrong won’t you?!”

In this position I could see just that bit more of his thighs than I had ever done before, I mean I could see these white areas just below his pants that were not browned.

Billy was lying half propped up on his elbow so I asked him, “Why don’t you lie back, it would be more comfortable, you must leave it to me you know.” I thought perhaps he was wanting to keep an eye on me.

“I know it’s just that my sweater is still a bit wet you see, I didn’t want to spoil your bed linen.” It was such a perfect excuse so I removed his sweater and contrasted with the course rough wool his smooth damp body looked sexier than ever, I remember thinking ‘Oh shit I’m loosing control’ It about was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, it made me feel horny as hell!!

Billy had turned onto his stomach. In this position with his bum protruding upwards in the most provocative way, I really just wanted to fuck him right there! Anyway I got to work on the back of his thighs. I was massaging his firm muscles with all the force in my hands while he lay with his head sideways and eyes shut as if in ecstasy. It was like an adventure, I just had to go a bit higher each time until I was just slipping my finger tips under the lower elastic of his pants.

Watching his face, I was concerned he would try to restrain me? Now and again he seemed to sigh and to readjust himself a little, maybe he was getting an erection. Then quite suddenly I stopped work on his thighs and tried to move one hand right up under his pants to feel his bare buttocks but he grabbed my hand as if he was ticklish.

“I’m sorry I got a bit over excited. You are so fabulously sexy Billy!” But he just lay there with his eyes shut and a sweet smile on his face. I could see he wasn’t shocked but perhaps just a bit shy so I reverted to his thighs and tried massaging his buttocks from outside his pants. He didn’t seem to mind that either. I heard him let out a sexy groan and he began raising his bum up and down as if he was trying to masturbate.

I said it was time to turn over on his back so I could do the other side of his legs. He didn’t react so I had to ask several times. Then I tried to turn him over myself but he groaned. “No!”

“Why?” I said.

“It’s sort of embarrassing” he replied half giggling.

“OK you turn over or I’m going to rip your pants off” I said in a joking manner. But I he rightly guessed I wasn’t really joking. Damn right I wasn’t! I was longing to and was quite disappointed when he meekly complied! But the bulge in his pants really was very obvious and I found it hugely impressive!! I could see Billy was well equipped and for the first time I felt even more excited but in quite a different way. It may have been just his reaction to my massage but Billy certainly had a lot of masculinity about him.

I spent a few minutes massaging the front of his legs and as I worked upwards towards his pants I noticed his chest rising and falling in a faster rhythm. I couldn’t resist it any longer. I took hold of the pointed bulging area of his pants that was pushed outwards by his rigid cock. He put his hand on mine and tried to restrain me but I gripped him firmly. He began giggling as we wrestled together and then things started happening very quickly.

I had got a hold of his bare dick with one hand inside his pants, it was hugely hard and so utterly hard and firm! I lost all control; I had never done anything like this before — I put my mouth to the place where it pointed in his pants! It know it sounds crazy but I didn’t think of what I was doing. I just had to! I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself, I wanted him and this was the nearest I could get to Billy’s most intimate place.

He had his hands in my hair then suddenly he caught his breath and started groaning loudly. I could feel his cock starting to spasm beneath the thin material. Suddenly his big shiny pink prick burst through out under the elastic. At once I took his bare knob in my mouth but before I had time to suck I felt it. Billy was shooting powerful cum spurts first in my mouth then over his belly button as in the excitement I momentarily lost him. We were both utterly naked at this point.

The sight was the sexiest thing you could ever see! This young guy was so beautiful and fit with such lovely firm muscles and beautiful brown skin with sexy areas around his bum. Billy had spurted out his luscious thick boy-cum. I just couldn’t resist going down on him and taking his lovely sexy cock in my mouth. It was all covered in slimy spunk and I could feel his sensitive knob against my tongue as I gently sucked him as he groaned in pleasure. I well remember the salty taste of his youthful sperm and how near I was to his pubic hairs. His testicles were big and firm and he had lovely smooth white skin around his pubic hairs. There was a smell of intimacy about him and I could have stayed in that position for hours. His cock subsiding in my mouth as it oozed the last drops of his creamy spunk. I would always remember that special taste!

With a mouthful of his creamy cum I tried to bury myself in his bum slit. I wanted to lick his slimy spunk into his boy cunt so I could stuff my raging cock into his bottom and fuck this beautiful boy with all my pent up energy and pump his boy bum. All my emotions were pent up in my raging cock and I just wanted to expend everything I had deep inside his lovely body.

It was not quite to be so! Perhaps because it was his first time but Billy suddenly shouted “Oh shit!!” and sprung up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom. I lay on the bed for a moment and thought of masturbating, then I thought of Billy’s nude soapy body and ran to the bathroom and burst in on him.

“Hey Billy I owe you this!” I said as I forced my way in beside him in the shower.

“What do you mean?” he said nervously. We struggled together a bit as he tried to keep me at bay. Both our bodies were soapy and he was getting ticklish and trying to resist me by squeezing his buttocks together. But my cock was raging hard and I had only one idea. I got it in his cleft and was desperately trying to locate his bum hole as we struggled together. Billy was giggling and trying to play ‘hard to get’ with me but I just had to locate his asshole. It was very tight. It was too tight! In the excitement I lost control completely. I never did manage to penetrate him properly, his cherry was very tight, so I just had to jack off in his slit. It was a lovely deep smooth cleft between his buns. Billy was still clasping them so his tight slit was almost as good as being inside him. His buns were squeezing my cock and sending me insane. There were these tiny downy hairs all over the smooth lobes of his buttocks. It was sending me mad and suddenly I could take no more. A massive spasm took hold of me somewhere behind my balls. I had to shoot all the cum they had stored in me. It spurted out of me all over his perfect boy bum.

“You are fucking marvellous; next time I’m going to stuff you right up your fucking ass cunt!” I shouted at him but Billy was reeling with confused emotions by this time. He grabbed his jeans and sweater and dashed out of the house without saying anything.

He didn’t show up again until the following afternoon. I felt a bit worried about the way he had run off but I knew it was just reaction in a young guy who had never been done before. The weather had cleared up and it was really hot and sunny again. I was out repairing a fence in a field not far away. It was about 2pm and there he was walking up the hill with no shirt very much as usual and with just a very brief pair of shorts on. No need to ask his disposition it was obvious he had returned for the real thing!

“Hey you forgot your pants last night!” I said.

“Can I give you a hand?” he answered.

“You’re a bit late I’ve nearly finished.”

“I’m sorry I ran off yesterday I seemed to get in a panic. It was pretty nice actually! Well you know, I mean you seemed to be er pretty good at massage”.

“Yes Billy!” I replied acknowledging his understatement. “One thing for sure, you look like you definitely need more! So as soon as I’ve finished this last bit of fence you are to report to my bedroom and this time Billy Boy it’s Pants Off, OK?!!” Billy went bright red. I judged rightly that he was just ready for a serious fucking and, I was going to make another meal out of that fabulous boy-dick of his then give it to him all right up his beautiful voluptuous bottom!

When we got to the house he said he was going to have a shower himself and then he would do as he was told..

He was completely his old self and standing his ground against me. Hard to believe, but we did shower separately, Billy first then me.

I went into the bedroom nude and erect. Billy was lying naked on my bed on his side and with his knees forward. With his testicle sticking through the cleft between his thighs it was the best view of his balls and his bum I had ever seen. His white buttocks were full rounded and smooth coming together in a long deep cleavage. There was no sign of any pubic hair from behind. It was as if he was presenting me with his manhood and daring me to fuck him with mine.

I decided first to tease him a bit by confining my activities to his legs and pretending to ignore his cock and his ass. As time went on I could see he was getting more and more frustrated.

“Are you ready to have your buttocks massaged, Billy?” I said teasingly.

“I think a better question would be: Are you ready?” Billy replied with his impish grin.

Any embarrassment of the day before was completely gone. He suddenly sat up and grabbed my ass at first then somehow swung me round and before I had time to realise what was happening he was like feasting on my raging cock. He had gobbled in his mouth and was trying to take it down his throat. I couldn’t believe such an innocent boy could learn so quickly. I was ready to explode and at this rate I was going be shooting before I could get near his ass but now it was he who was taking an interest in my buttocks. He was giggled a lot as he massaged them then forcing them apart he dribbled some saliva into my cleft.

“You’re not going to treat me like a girl you know!” he giggled almost triumphantly. “Everything you do to me you’re going to get back right? and maybe I won’t wait! And maybe too it’s what you really want.” He went on sucking my cock even more wildly and I went straight down to him taking his firm pink knob in my mouth and pushing my right hand between his legs. I remembered I had a tube of cream by the bed and had to leave off to get it.

“What are you trying to do now?” Billy challenged me as I tried to reach out.

“I was just getting cream to lube your ass so I could fuck you”, I replied but he grabbed the tube from me and squeezed about half the contents into his hand. I still thought I could access his ass hole. We were in this 69 position but Billy was up to his old trick of squeezing his legs and buttocks together. I had to force my hand between his thighs while he was squirming around and giggling. I needed both hands to force his legs apart and so I had to leave off his cock as I was desperate to get at his bum hole. I had to use all my strength to restrain him and to force his boy buns apart so I could get my tongue into his cherry. And at last I got there! Oh wow! those star shaped folds of his boy-cunt were so exciting and licking him seemed now easy now I had accessed his anus. I wouldn’t bother with cream I could lube him with my saliva and work it in his hole with my tongue.

Billy was sucking my cock even more wildly now but I felt him getting more aggressive with my ass. It made me loose control. I felt a great huge unstoppable spasm coming on. This time it was somewhere deep inside me. I got these wild shooting sensations as I felt my spunk shooting through my sperm tubes and spurting from my knob. In seconds I was literally pumping my cum down Billy’s thoat.

But by then he had at least one finger well up inside me. It was something I had never experienced before and it seemed to have made my orgasm much more intense. I was just getting that huge satisfied feeling when Billy suddenly jumped up. I thought he was rushing off to the bathroom again but this young Lad had more than a handsome body, he was a young man too!

Without a hint of hesitation he pulled my buttocks apart and started feverishly licking my man-cunt. With his mouth still full of my cum he was working it into my bottom. Then all of a sudden he came down on top of me. I couldn’t stop him! I was lying on my stomach and I felt Billy’s whole weight pressing down on my back and my ass. Sure enough his hard dick was in my cleft. Before I had time to take in what was happening my ass was taking him in! He had slipped his boy dick into my slimy gaping hole. In next to no time I felt him coming right up inside me. This beautiful youthful lad was about to fuck me!

There I was with sticky spunk all round my asshole; all my manhood was now completely compromised, there was no way I could resist. I didn’t even want to, Billy had conquered me!

“So who got there first?” Billy crowed triumphantly as I felt his long slim cock coming deep into my bottom. I had lost the initiative despite having just given him a dose of oral, I had never had been done up my ass before. I couldn’t help getting this feeling of being really submissive to Billy. I had never even tried to struggle against him. An all the while Billy was sliding his dick in and out of me at an ever increasing tempo. His face had an expression of supreme confidence almost of domination over me. Then when he had been shafting me franticly for what seemed like for ever, he suddenly let out a yell so loud I was afraid it would attract attention. Billy face was contorted sweat was pouring from his brow, his forearms and biceps muscles were bulging. All I could feel were these waves of hot cum gushing up inside me. Billy boy was stuffing my hairy ass, he was fertilising my rectum. He had fucked me up my bottom!!

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