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I’m not exactly sure why this client came to see me because he didn’t ask questions and nor did he seem to be seeking advice. I think that perhaps he simply wanted to unload to someone and if that is the case it is very understandable because the tale he told was unpleasant to say the least. Starting with bullying and forced oral gay activity, it deteriorated further to include infidelity, both gay and lesbian sex, blackmail, group sex and prostitution.

[This is another occasion when I have been unable to absorb the details and write the story in the first person. Once again I have resorted to giving what informative information I can and then transcribing details from the tape as spoken in the persons own words. Even this needs clarification because at times while recording, this subject was unable to adequately formulate his own feelings. On a later occasion I gently explored his emotions at these parts of the story, using the answers to fill out the gaps and admittedly paraphrasing to replace his rather limited vocabulary.]


For any readers have missed this detail in other case histories, I will briefly describe my method of operation. The person being interviewed is sedated and I also administer a mildly hypnotic drug before tape recording the session. I never record anything without permission but I operate a dual recording system – one recorder is on open display with the other working secretly. Having obtained permission to record I then omit to switch on the visible recorder and find that this small deceit often encourages greater confidentiality.]

My first impression of Peter Firth was that he had a pleasant but unprepossessing face. Aged 22, at 5′ 6″ (or less) he was slightly built and had virtually no ‘presence’ – in a crowd your eye would pass over him without seeing. There is an attribute known as ‘streetwise’ and Peter was singularly deficient in this respect. His upbringing goes a long way to explain him.

His mother was in her late forties when he was born and his father died within the first two years of his life. Brought up single-handedly by an over protective mother in a house where money was sparse, he had little contact with other children and his early memories are all of being bullied rather than making friends. When he was sixteen his mother started to suffer from Alzheimer’s and he devoted the next three years to repaying the attention that she had lavished on him when he badly needed to develop his character relative to the outside world. Inevitably, she had to go into a nursing home and the costs since then have taken what little inheritance he might have expected. Peter does not seem particularly intelligent but I gather that his mother was not an educated woman so maybe I am being unfair to him. Completely unsuited for manual work he managed to secure a poorly paid position as a clerk.

Peter’s first stoke of luck seems to have been his wife. The bulk of her life was spent being shuffled from care to foster homes and back but from fourteen to seventeen she was dumped in a convent. At this point Emily was expelled for sneaking out to be with boys. Shortly afterwards she met Peter and provided his first sexual experience. It is perhaps not surprising that she soon fell pregnant, upon which they got married, clinging together likes waifs in the storm. For good or for ill, they lost the child to a miscarriage at the three-month stage.

I have only seen photographs of Emily, but they show the extent of his good fortune in finding her because she is a singularly attractive girl. Dark curly hair, surrounding a vivacious face with big expressive eyes and a full sensuous mouth. The odd shots of her in a bikini impressed me even more because they show a small very shapely but compact figure that radiates an earthy sexuality. Like her husband, Emily also seems to have missed out on education and her career opportunities seem limited to cleaning jobs and shop work.

For six months after the marriage they lived in a one room bed-sit at which point they went to put down their names on the Council housing waiting list but in the expectation that it would take two or three years to reach the head of the queue. At this point they had an apparent stroke of good luck. The official handling their application rang up to ask that Emily should return alone to answer a few supplementary questions. She returned two hours after the appointment time in an elated mood to announce that they had been allocated somewhere to live. It was only a flat in a maisonette complex but located on one of the better housing estates in the city.

Due to the relevance in the story I will quickly describe the layout out the flats. They were three stories with one flat on each level faced towards the centre and these backed onto another three facing outwards. Communal areas on each level separated this first set of six flats, from a half a dozen mirror image dwellings. The communal area on the ground floor had an area for storing bicycles with the remainder fitted with lockers and benches to allow the residents to engage in DIY and handicrafts. Sadly these had been vandalised and not used for the original purpose since shortly after the flats were opened. The equivalent enclosed area on the second floor was intended for drying clothes but the women preferred to use the top floor for this purpose because, although roofed, it was open sided allowing fresh air to blow through. It will be seen that each maisonette was comprised of twelve individual flats. There were four such buildings situated on each side of a central area containing a children’s playground and council maintained flower beds.

When my subject was seated comfortable, I prompted him to begin upon which his words came flooding out. “Right from the start we were desperately short of money, with rent, paying for all the new furniture, food and my bus fares. Our only luxury was one twenty packet of cigarettes to last us both for the week. Even so it could have been so nice because we loved the flat and most of the neighbours were very pleasant,” Peter told me. “The trouble was a family that lived on the top floor but not immediately above us. It was a single mother with two teenage sons, aged eighteen and nineteen, called Chuck and Wayne. Both of them were unemployed and they started hassling us from the first day that we moved in.”

Up until this point, Peter had related his story, although haltingly, in a fairly straightforward manner but having mentioned his obvious tormentors by name he seized up and sat introspective and trembling with tears in his eyes. Having come across this behaviour before, I called a halt, chatted lightly about general subjects and administered a sedative in the guise of refreshments. When seemed sufficiently relaxed, I gently prompted, “You say these two started ‘hassling’ you – can you tell me about it?”

The following section is taken from the tape with no intervention from me:-

They were never around in the morning but during the afternoon they always seemed to be hanging about on or around the stairs, sometimes outside and at others lounging about near to our bit of landing. To start with it was minor stuff like blocking our way, not moving until the last moment and then laughing nastily when they did. Then they starting making clicking noises and sticking out their tongues but not in the way that kids do. Right from the very start, it upset me the way that they looked at Emily.

[There was a fairly long pause here while he took a drink of 'orange juice'.]

My wife finished work at three o’clock and had to face them on her own. She said it was worse then because they said crude things or made gestures. ‘It’s a pity that Wayne is so nasty because he is quite a nice looking lad,” she said. Emily also mentioned that she was afraid they were going to touch her but they never did – at least not really. When I got home it was different because they would barge into me very roughly. It got so bad that I started always standing to one side to let them past. That made them smirk and even then they managed to dig an elbow or something into me on the way. I could have put up with that because I am fairly used to being picked on but they said “How can a wimp like you hope to satisfy a tart like Emily?” and then they told me what they would like to do to her. Every day getting home I was all choked up, partly from wondering how to get past them but mainly worrying that they might have done what they said.

This went on for several weeks, sometimes they were not waiting when I got home from work but most nights they were. Then one night they blocked the bottom of the stairs and Chuck said, “Be a mate and lend us a fiver for some fags.”

I said that I was sorry but that I hadn’t got any money on me. This was actually a lie because I was cutting out lunches at work and had saved half of the £10 I needed to buy Emily a present. As if my refusal was a pre-arranged signal, I was grabbed and bundled into the ground floor communal area, to the far end where the two benches were. While Wayne held my arms, his brother took my wallet and removed the single bank note to stick in his own pocket. Handing the wallet back he warned, “In future don’t try to lie to us or we might get very annoyed with you.”

Immediately I got into the flat, Emily told me that Chuck had frightened her as she returned home from work. “He was standing at the top of the steps thrusting his hips at me and saying, ‘You know that you want it – that wanker you’re married to can’t be doing much for you’. Just then Wayne ran up the stairs behind me and put his hand on my bum but shouted at Chuck, ‘Leave her alone – she’s a nice girl’. He escorted me right to the door – but he didn’t need to leave his hand there all the time. All the same, he’s much nicer than his brother.’

After they had taken my money, I was given a few days grace without much aggravation but the following week they again blocked the stairs telling me that it was ‘pay up’ time again. They did not believe that I had only bus fare for the following day so I was taken back to the benches and searched. The fifty pence piece and other silver was duly confiscated and I got a punch in the stomach (but not too hard) as a punishment for not having more to give them.

The next week I did have five pounds, (from missing more lunches) but I had taken care to hide it down my sock before setting out for home. The two brothers were not at all pleased when their search found nothing and Chuck said, “If you can’t pay then you will have to entertain us.”

I thought that this meant that they were going to rough me up so I tried to run but Wayne caught me and bent one arm up behind my back. My eyes closed automatically and I cringed, thinking that I was going to be hit but instead fingers gripped the nerves on the back of my neck and forced me to my knees. Then a hand grabbed my hair and Chuck said, “Get this in your mouth and if you bite I will break your fucking nose.”

Opening my eyes I found that he was poking his cock towards my face. Part of the shock was that I couldn’t believe that a cock could be so big. I tried clamping my lips together but the pain made me open my mouth. Even when it was in my mouth they didn’t stop hurting me until I actually started sucking. It was so dirty and humiliating but I didn’t have any choice. Chuck said, “Now you are getting the hang of it but don’t forget to use your tongue as well.”

I just kept sucking and sucking and hoping it would stop. Then Chuck said, “Hold him Wayne – it’s on its way,” and the next second my mouth was full of thick gooey stuff with a weird taste. I gulped some down my throat and a lot ran out of my mouth but more kept coming. I started to heave so Wayne released my arm and I bent over retching and crying in a corner. I heard Wayne say, “I think I will keep my turn until tomorrow,” and then they were gone. I stayed in that corner for a long time feeling so ashamed. My shirt was in a terrible mess with the stuff out of my mouth all over it and I knew that I couldn’t let Emily see it.

In the flat I pushed quickly past my wife and ran to the bathroom. I swilled my shirt and hung it up and then cleaned my teeth several times. When I came out I told Emily that I had been a bit sick on the way home to explain why I had washed the shirt. She had made me a cup of tea and I smoked the cigarette that I had been saving for suppertime. Coming home the next night I knew that they would make me do it again so I made a long detour and approached from a different direction. I went quietly up the steps from the outside but once on my landing I had to get across the top of the usual stairs with the brothers standing at the bottom. It was just bad luck that one of them looked up and saw me. They couldn’t catch me and actually seemed amused with one calling out “Crafty little pillock.” If I hadn’t been spotted I might have sneaked in that way again but now I knew I had to think of something else.

The next night I approached from the usual direction but crept round from the side and hid behind a rubbish bin. Chuck was walking about at the bottom of the stairs, drinking from a can and smoking with Wayne standing where he could stop me using the other stairs. There seemed to be no way to get past but then I had a stroke of luck. While Wayne was looking the wrong way, someone called to Chuck and while his attention was distracted I broke cover and ran for the stairs. I was half way up before they saw me. They didn’t chase after me, just shouted “We know where you live.”

All too soon I was faced with the same problem and decided to try the successful tactic of the night before. It seemed even more promising because Wayne was nowhere to be seen and Chuck was looking away from me, just leaning against the wall as if he already had too much to drink. Feeling rather confident, I sprinted past Chuck and was half way up the stairs when I saw Wayne standing at the top waiting for me – then turning to double back I found Chuck at the bottom, not drunk at all. They took me to the same place as before, laughing and saying, “Naughty, naughty.”

This time it was Chuck twisting my arm and applying the neck hold. He hurt a damn sight more than his brother did. “I’ll do it, I’ll do it – you don’t have to make me,” I managed to say and fairly reluctantly my arm and neck were released. I am not saying that I liked doing it but it was a lot better than the first time. Having my head free made a big difference and I suppose that I was starting to get the knack. Wayne’s cock was every bit as his brothers but he didn’t keep jabbing it into the back of my throat all the time. Wayne kept muttering, “Oh that is nice” and this helped a lot because that bit of appreciation seemed to make it a completely different thing from having my mouth forcibly raped. This time I did not get any vocal warning when he was going to cum but I think I knew because I was prepared when it happened. Thankfully my attack of nausea was not repeated.

Thinking that I had paid my due I started to stand up only to find Chuck in front of me with his prick out. “You don’t get away with it that easily after the way that you have pissed us about.” Having no alternative I started again, even though my jaw was beginning to ache. Perhaps due to watching his brother, Chuck was less aggressive with his thrusting and this made it a lot better. “He’s learning,” he said above my head – and then to me, “Feel free to use your hands. Remember – the more you put into it, the quicker it will be over.”

I tried to do what he suggested and it did seem to work. He did not call out this time but already I was learning to recognise the signs. With both of them I was concerned not to get my shirt messed up again and managed to prevent any escaping from my mouth. Although the taste of spunk was unusual it was not too unpleasant and as long as I did not think too closely what it was, I could swallow it without any difficulty. When I had finished sucking Chuck off he surprised me by offering me a cigarette but balanced this kindness with a warning. “Like it or not, you have a job every night from now on. Any more of the hide and seek crap and I’ll beat the shit out of you when I catch you.” I stayed smoking after they had gone, trying to resign myself to the future that they had mapped out for me. As long as Emily never found out, I thought that I could live with it.

For the next three weeks that became the routine. Thankfully they took turns and did not make me suck both of them on the same night again. I got so that it did not bother me doing it, particularly with Wayne. Unlike his brother he kept still and left it all up to me and there was some pleasure from feeling in control, if only in that way. They always gave me a cigarette afterwards, sometimes a packet containing two or three and occasionally a can of lager with the words, ‘Have this to wash it down’. A bad side was that they constantly talked about what they would like to do to Emily with remarks such as, ‘You can tell that she has got a real hot juicy cunt’, ‘One day I am going to slide my dick inside that tight twat’ and ‘She has got to be up for it because hubby here certainly can’t be giving her enough’. I hated hearing her spoken about in that way and some random nights I got a small measure of revenge by working an hour over-time. My wife in always knew in advance but I told them that it was always sudden and got satisfaction from causing them to hang about waiting for me. At the end of this period, Wayne disappeared soon after I had taken his brother’s prick in my mouth. It was not until I got into the flat that I found out where he had been.

As soon as I stepped inside the door, Emily ran at me and almost knocked me over with the enthusiasm of her greeting. She smothered my face with kisses but strangely turned her head away when I attempted to kiss her mouth. “I love you so much,” she said. “To think that you would do that for me – I think you are the most wonderful husband in the world.”

Rather bemused, I got her seated and asked happily what all that was in aid of. “Wayne knocked on the door and asked where I thought you were,” she said. “I told him that you were on your way back from work but he said you were down in the workroom with Chuck’s prick down your throat. He said that his brother wanted to rape me but had promised that he wouldn’t as long as you sucked his thing every night. Wayne said that you have been doing it for weeks and I don’t think many husbands would do that to save their wives. Wayne can’t be such a bad type because he was upset about it and thought that I ought to know.”

“They are as bad each other,” I said. “I had to suck both of them.”

Emily was not listening. “Wayne had an idea. He said that if I was nice to his brother just the once, it would get it out of Chuck’s system and then he would leave you alone. I think it’s worth trying because I can’t bear the thought of you having to do that night after night for me. Please let me do this for you.”

“No,” I said, “Once you start it will never stop.”

“I trust Wayne and he said it would only be the once. I can do it if it will stop them picking on you. I have had sex with boys before and it has nothing to do with making love like we do. It means nothing to me. Anyway, I told Wayne that I would think about it.”

“You are not doing it and that’s final,” I told her.

“OK – but I won’t start cooking your tea tomorrow night. Instead I’ll get myself ready in case you change your mind.”

The next evening, returning from work I walked straight into the ground floor communal area as I now did every night. They were both waiting for me with expectant looks on their faces. I think that one of them said, ‘Well?’ but I ignored this and knowing it was Chuck’s turn, I crouched down in front of him and reached for his zip. Evading my outstretched fingers he said, “Oh no Pete old pal – that isn’t good enough any more. I’ve got myself all psyched up to screw the lovely Emily so if I can’t fuck her then I am going to fuck you instead.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Wayne had a little chat with her last night and he says that she more or less agreed to come across but wanted to talk to you first,” Chuck explained. “We’ve been getting all exited waiting for the good news.”

“She changed her mind. Do what you want with me but leave my wife out of it,” I said bravely.

“Right squire, your choice. Pants off and let’s have you bent over that bench,” he ordered.

Trembling with fear, I did as he ordered. Chuck increased the tension by walking behind and making me move until I was in the position that he wanted. Satisfied he said, “You brought the lube Wayne?”

“I thought you were bringing it,” his brother replied.

Chuck just patted my behind and said, “Pity – I’m afraid that this is going to hurt. It can’t be helped but you can blame my cretin of a brother.”

I was terrified and this was made worse when Wayne said, “You can’t do it Chuck. If it’s his first time and you don’t use lube it is going to knacker his arsehole for weeks.”

Chuck placed a hand of either side of my hips and said coldly, “That’s his tough luck.”

My nerve broke. “No stop. She’ll do it, she’ll do it – she said she would. She’s waiting now,” I babbled.

The elder brother gave me an almost friendly pat. “That’s what I hoped you would say.”

“Get yourself dressed,” Wayne said in a sympathetic voice. “You did the right thing because Chuck can be a real bastard.” I did as he suggested and then found an open packet of cigarettes waiting for me and a beer can rolling slowly across the bench towards me. We stood drinking and smoking. Wayne seemed to have a compulsive need to give a running commentary on what he thought would be happening. “He’ll be talking to her now and copping a feel. They go into the bedroom. She starts taking her clothes off – though possibly she was undressed before he got there – depends on how keen she was. He gets on top of her – or he might be sucking her tits first. He has got to be fucking her by now. Oh God.”

Wayne had got his very stiff penis out and started pushing me down towards his groin. I resisted saying, “I thought that cancelled this.”

“Maybe it does” he gasped, “- but thinking of Chuck humping away between your wife’s creamy soft thighs had given me a terrible hard on and somebody has got to do something about it.” I did what he wanted if only to fight the mental images that he had placed in my head. For the same reason I made it last and Wayne appreciated that, stroking my hair and murmuring “That’s nice.” Afterwards I had two more cigarettes and another can of lager.

Soon after that Chuck swaggered in grinning all over his face. “Fantastic – absolutely fucking fantastic. She loved it – didn’t I tell you.”

Pushing past him I ran upstairs. Going in the door I found Emily waking slowly towards me. Although her hair was all messed up she was wearing a dress but when she put her arms around me I could tell that she had not had time to put on a bra. Holding her close I felt her sobbing quietly, “He hurt me,” she said.

“I’ll kill him,” I said meaning it, rage having given me a moment of uncharacteristic heroism.

“No, he didn’t mean to. His cock is so big and I just wasn’t used to it.”

I took her to the kitchen and made us a cup of tea then set to and made beans on toast for two. We ate in silence and when we were drinking a second cup of tea, Emily pushed a twenty packet of cigarettes towards me with five remaining. Knowing they were Chuck’s I shook my head. “It’s all right, he gave them to me – as he was leaving he tossed them on the bed and said ‘Here.’”

“You did it on our bed?”

“Yes,” she said as if asking ‘Where else?’

I tried gently probing for details but she told me flatly that she didn’t want to talk about it. My conscience made me want to explain how my cowardice had made me send him up to her when the previous night I had been so determined that I wouldn’t but I couldn’t find the right words to start. As we moved to sit down and read or listen to the radio, trying to make my voice very optimistic, I said, “At least it is all over now”, but she didn’t reply. For two hours I stared at my book without taking in a damn thing, then with a cup of tea we had a cigarette each and went to bed. Emily kissed me and rolled over straight away.

I couldn’t sleep. I had been numb all evening but now knowing that another man had fucked her gave me a painful erection. No matter how I tried, I could not dispel the image of that large cock I knew so well up inside her lovely body. Need overcoming kindness, I tried getting my wife on to her back but she said, “Please love, not tonight – I’m very bruised.”

“Will you suck me instead?” I begged.

“Peter – you know that I don’t like doing that – but I will help you with my hand if you like,” she said and I settled for what I could get.”

Next day I set off for work alternating between feeling light-hearted and completely despondent however at night I was definitely encouraged to find neither of the brothers in wait for me. Emily was certainly cheerful as she bustled about in the kitchen preparing a meal that seemed to be running late. My suspicions were aroused by the almost full twenty pack of cigarettes lying on the kitchen table. My wife turned to see me staring at them and immediately explained. “Wayne called soon after I got home from work. He said it was unfair that after trying to help he had finished up with nothing when his unpleasant brother had been to bed with me. I rather like Wayne and could see that it was unfair, so I let him do it to me as well. His cock is as big his brother’s but he didn’t hurt a bit. He was very gentle though so that probably explains it.” Emily gave a little laugh and added, “- or perhaps I am just getting used to big cocks.”

“I don’t know how you could,” I said, “There was no need any more.”

“Come on don’t be silly,” she said. “It has only made your tea a little bit late and we have got a packet of cigarettes out of it. I won’t put you off tonight, I promise – in fact I was wondering if you want to go to bed a bit earlier.” In one way I was pleased that she was showing such resilience after having suffered the attentions of both brothers but would have preferred that she seemed less happy about it.

The following two nights the stairs were deserted when I got home but early Saturday afternoon there was a knock on the door. It was the brothers and they barged past me into the house. “We’ve come to talk to Emily. You can take a hike and don’t come back before half past four,” Chuck announced and then he said, “Why don’t you go down to the park and find a little girl to molest – that’s about your size.”

They were both at least six feet tall and heavily built so there was little I could do; hell I couldn’t have put up much resistance even if there had only been one of them. I went, smarting more at the inferred pervert jibe rather than the fact that I had been unceremoniously ejected from my home. I was also screwed up inside because I felt sure that Emily would have sex with at least one of the brothers while I was out. When I agreed to her going with Chuck it was meant to be a one time thing and Emily said she only gave Wayne the same because he had tried to help but deep down I think that I always knew that they wouldn’t leave her alone.

My time in the park was terrible and never seemed to end, no matter how often I looked hopefully at my watch. It was a dull overcast day and rather cold so there were few people around that I could watch to occupy my mind and my brain was filled with vivid moving pictures of what was probably happening in the flat. I had seen my wife’s pussy countless times and with close up acquaintance with the huge organs of both the brothers there was no shortage of graphic images to fuel the mental movie.

Eventually four thirty did arrive and I headed home, my steps slowing as I approached the flat, increasingly fearful of what I would find. When I opened the door, Emily almost bowled me over in her excitement, smothering my face with small kisses and gabbling something about a television.

Grabbing her arms, I held her away from me and asked calmly, “What’s this about a TV?”

“Isn’t it wonderful, Chuck and Wayne are giving us a TV, a great big 27 inch one. They’re going to bring it down tomorrow.”

For a moment, I seized upon this to hope that it was the TV they had wanted to talk to Emily about, not sex, but one glance at my wife told me that this was a futile wish. “What made them so generous?” I asked, trying to hide the despair in my voice.

Still bubbling and without restraint, she said, “I knew immediately what they’d come for so as soon as you left I took off my panties because I didn’t want them to get ripped like last time. Anyway Chuck went first but when Wayne was getting ready for his turn, Chuck suddenly asked, ‘Where’s the fucking TV? I want something to watch instead of my brother’s fat arse humping up and down between your legs.’ I told him that we didn’t have a TV but at first he didn’t believe me, he said everybody in the world has got one.”

“And then they left?”

“Not exactly,” Emily said. “When Wayne had finished we sat round drinking the beer they’d brought with them. Chuck asked his brother how many TVs they’ve got upstairs and when Wayne told him three; Chuck said we could have the biggest.”

“And then they left?”

My wife shook her head, “By that time they were both ready for a second turn. Chuck said I should show my gratitude for the big present, so I did. They just left, less than ten minutes ago.”

Everything seemed to have a dreadful inevitability. “I just don’t understand how you could do it,” I told her sadly. “Immediately after watching them throw me out of my own home, you went out of your way to make them welcome and that was before you knew about the TV. Didn’t you think at all about me, stuck down in that miserable park?”

“But I did think about you,” Emily protested, I thought about how I was going to make it up to you when you got home, don’t you remember how passionate I was when we made love after I’d been with Wayne.”

“I’m beginning to think that you don’t really mind going to bed with them,” I accused. “I could almost believe that you even enjoy it.”

“I do – now that I have got used to them,” she said honestly, “They really have got lovely cocks, I’m not at all sure which one I like best. It doesn’t do any harm, Peter – and how else do you think we could get a television like that?”

The next afternoon at about the same time, they were at the door carrying the promised TV between them. They took it through to the place that Emily had cleared for it and Chuck plugged it before starting a demonstration. Catching my eye, Wayne indicated that I should go into the kitchen with him and once there he said, “There’s a video recorder upstairs if you would like that as well.”

Pleased that we were to have an additional gift, I followed Wayne up to his mothers flat, where he removed the promised item from a pile of sundry other electrical equipment in a cupboard. I took it from him and turned to go but he told me to wait and went on to extract a square plastic box containing videocassettes. “Here – grab this as well,” he said. “They came with the recorder but we haven’t bothered to look at them so you might as well have them. I thanked him, balanced the recorder on top and again set off to return downstairs. “Hang about,” Wayne told me. “Emily will be saying thank you to my brother and you don’t want to burst in while they are still humping, do you?”

I felt rather foolish because I had not thought of this possibility and not having my mind right caused my face to show reluctance when Wayne said, “I rather hoped that you would want to show a bit of gratitude to me.” He laughed at my expression. “Come on – you can’t pretend that you don’t like doing it. I know you hated it at the start but lately you could have got it over with much quicker if you had wanted to.”

“I do like sucking you – but not Chuck,” I admitted. “He keeps nearly choking me all the time.”

“That’s because Chuck thinks you should be able to take it in your throat by now,” Wayne explained. “It’s a knack – instead of choking you should swallow and keep on swallowing until its all down. We will make ourselves comfortable and you can practice on me if you want. While you are at it, I do like having my balls sucked but for God’s sake, don’t try to get both of them into your mouth at the same time.”

He took me to a bedroom containing two single beds and with the walls plastered with pornographic pictures. I was bothered that his mother might burst in on us until he explained that she had gone to look after her sick sister for six months. We both undressed completely and lay down on his bed. It turned out to be the most relaxed and enjoyable of all the times that I had done this thing. Feeling so good about it encouraged me to try what he had suggested so I pushed my head forward, swallowing like mad and was amazed to feel his cock sliding further and further down my throat. But when it was completely in I relaxed and stopped swallowing only to have the worst choking fit of my life. When my eyes had finally finished watering, Wayne patted me and said, “That was bloody good for a first try but you need to take a rest for a bit.”

Wayne gave me a drink of whiskey and we sat side by side smoking. “Chuck and I used to muck about with each other for years,” he confided. “I was usually on the receiving end so I know what it’s like. It’s never really stopped but there’s been a lot less of it since we got into girls.”

Up until just before you and Emily moved in we had a regular thing with a couple of tarts who live in the block opposite. Sheila’s old man was inside and Sue is an unmarried mother.”

“Which one was yours?”

“It wasn’t like that – we shared both of them. But then Sheila’s hubby was let out on license and Sue got a live in boyfriend more or less at the same time. Fortunately that was when you two turned up.”

While we talked I had been idly playing with his penis and it soon became ready for further attention. I started by sucking his testicles as he had requested and after that he came very quickly after that. We dressed and had just gone through to the kitchen when Chuck came in. He looked pointedly at the video and cassettes so Wayne quickly explained, “I thought we might want to watch a tape sometimes when we are downstairs – that stuff is doing us no good stuck in the cupboard.” Chuck nodded what could be taken as his assent and went to get a lager from the fridge.

I found my wife looking more dishevelled than when I had left her but she made no reference to Chuck or ask why I had been so long. Instead she couldn’t stop talking about the marvellous television and was positively ecstatic when I showed her what I had brought downstairs. “It’s really paying us to be nice to them – don’t you agree?” she said happily.

“It would have taken a lot to save up for a TV like that,” I admitted reluctantly.

“Well we’re going to get a lot of good stuff,” Emily gushed, ignoring my lack of enthusiasm, “Chuck has said they are going to look after us if I promise to be nice to them once a week. Chuck’s turn will be on Wednesdays with Wayne on Fridays. It’s going to happen in the afternoon so it shouldn’t bother you at all because it will be over by the time you get home from work.”

That night and the following two we were very content to watch the different programs and never got round to investigating the box of videos. Arriving home on the Wednesday night I had forgotten all about my wife’s arrangement with the brothers and even if I had, I would have expected it to be over by then. However, Wayne was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He took my arm and urged me into the workroom saying, “Chuck is still at it up there – I’d give him another twenty minutes if I were you.”

It was obvious how Wayne wanted us to spend the time and I was not averse to the idea. This time he undid his zip and seated himself on one of the benches saying, “It will be better like this without the kneeling down crap.” It was and I quickly decided to try the swallowing trick. Having got his prick fully embedded in my throat, I remained still breathing through my nose and controlling myself then slowly slid it out again. I felt this to be a real accomplishment and his words of encouragement made me glow with pleasure.

On the Friday night it was Chuck waiting for me. With no reference to his brother he strong-armed me into the workroom saying that I knew what I had to do. With no show of reluctance I complied and, using little tricks I had learned, got it over with very quickly. “You’re a real eager little punk now,” was all he could say. The following two weeks the routine with Wayne was the same and improving all the time but Chuck dispensed with the use of my mouth as if the pleasure had gone for him with the element of coercion removed. Instead he had me carrying stuff from his flat to a lock-up garage, warning, “Mention this place to anybody and I’ll kill you.” It was crammed with goods almost certainly illegally obtained so I could understand his desire to keep it secret but I wondered why he had let me know about it at all.

[Up until this point Peter had told me his story with remarkable composure considering the nature of what he was relating but now he began to show definite signs of distress. Therefore I called a short break, provided further doctored refreshment and talked soothingly to him until he was once more in a relaxed frame of mind.]

Early that Saturday afternoon, both the brothers turned up with Chuck saying that they had just had a big score and that they had come to celebrate. Peeling two twenties off a roll of notes he pushed them into my hand telling me to go down to the off-license. He wanted a bottle of Bacardi, some Coke, two four-packs of lager and a couple of packs of cigarettes. I purchased his order and unhappily set off home anticipated another miserable tortured afternoon in the park. As I expected, Chuck took the stuff, checked his change and then told me to ‘Piss -off’ and don’t come back until its dark.’ “Why not let him hang about and watch,” Wayne intervened. “It’s pissing down out there and he can’t do any harm.”

The older brother considered this for a minute and then he gave a nasty grin saying, “Why not – it might be fun at that.”

I was not at all sure that I wanted to hang about and watch but the alternative was even less attractive. The two males had stripped down to boxer shorts and Emily was wearing only her bra and pants. Despite the partial state of undress I was pretty sure that nothing had happened while I was at the shop. My wife came over smiling and extracted two cans of lager, tossing one each to the brothers. She then pushed one of the cigarette packets towards me saying, “Light me one when you do yours,” and then proceeded to pour a generous measure of the rum into each of two glasses before topping up with coke. My wife had just placed one of the glasses into my hand when Chuck called, “Em – come here and sit yourself on this.”

Looking over towards the settee I saw that Chuck had removed his shorts and was sitting sprawled on the settee with his massive erection pointing obscenely towards the ceiling. Eagerly Emily trotted towards him, adroitly stepping out of her knickers half way across the floor then, in a completely familiar manner, with a cigarette in one hand and drink in the other; she wriggled and squirmed until his big prick was completely embedded inside her. Chuck still had to have the last word, calling out, “Wayne – if that jerk is here to watch then you make bloody sure that he watches everything.”

I suspected that Emily was acting in such a casual fashion to make me think that it all meant nothing. Perhaps the thug underneath her had the same impression because looking past her directly at me he asked, “So punk – what does it feel like to see a real man’s cock up your lovely wife’s twat?”

It felt terrible. I was well aware they had been fucking her for weeks but actually see it happening tore me apart inside. It was impossible to say anything but, putting on a brave face, I raised my glass to them in a mock toast. It was a mistake because it seemed to provoke him. First he removed the bra, allowing him to maul her tits with hands and mouth, then with hands underneath her thighs he began sliding her up and down on his thick shaft.

The sight of that glistening penis moving in and out of her dear cunt affected me so much that the only way that I could prevent myself retching was to take great gulps from my glass. Although his action hurt me it actually assisted my wife’s ploy because, as he moved her up and down, she continued nonchalantly smoking and drinking as if it had nothing to do with her.

Chuck was too smart not to see through her tactic. Getting annoyed he shouted, “Hey punk – get some cushions on the floor – I’m going to show you a real fuck.”

Before I had quite finished obeying, clutching Emily to him with his prick still inside her, Chuck pushed himself off the settee to fall on top of her on the floor – I was just in time to grab the glass from her hand before it spilled. Moments later I had to retrieve her still burning cigarette from the carpet where she dropped it as her arms moved involuntarily around him. Chuck began to thrust into her unmercifully. I could see no reason for such roughness and at that the start believed it was purely for my benefit. Emily began a loud moan that I took to be one of pain and instinct made me stir in my chair as if intending to go to her aid. Then I realised that it was a moan of sheer pleasure. Emily’s fingers were dug deep into the muscles of his back, she had arched and opened herself to take his thrusts and her mouth was repetitively mouthing the word ‘Yes’ although I could not hear her voice. Then when she really started to cum it was a revelation. For the whole of the sexual relationship that I had enjoyed with my wife, I had believed that her slight shiver and sigh of contentment whenever we made love was her orgasm but now I realised that I knew nothing at all about women.

After a final flurry of urgent activity Chuck abruptly rolled off. Wayne must have been poised waiting because within ten seconds the older brother’s now flaccid penis was replaced by a stiff and rampant one. Even though the time interval was so short I caught a glimpse of my wife’s cunt dilating eagerly to welcome the new cock. It was immediately apparent that Wayne was by far the better lover of the pair mainly because h seemed intent on giving pleasure rather than receiving it. She may have already been warmed up for him but Wayne quickly raised her to a plateau of sensation. The climax that he gave her may have been less intense than that of his older sibling but it was many times longer in duration. Every time that she began to come down from a peak Wayne seemed able to take her up again. Emily lay eyes closed, her open mouth issuing a long keening wail and an expression on her face showing delirious pleasure,as he finally let her drift down a final time,

Chuck immediately leapt to his feet. I could tell from his face that he was well aware that he had been outclassed as a lover by his younger sibling and feared that he intended to reclaim his seniority with a display of brutal fucking but he had another plan. Taking out a roll of banknotes, he pulled off a ten and rolled it into a tube before pushing it inside my wife’s disgusting looking vagina. Then turning to me he said tauntingly, “If you can get that it’s yours, the only rule is no hands. If you are so fucking poor, where it is shouldn’t bother you much.”

I stepped forward quickly and crouched. Using my thumbs I pulled back the lips of her cunt and, as expected, there was at least a centimetre of note protruding, this making it a relatively easy matter to grip with my teeth and pull out after making only the slightest contact with her cum coated skin. Standing, I unrolled the note and folded it, said ‘Thanks’ to Chuck and stuffed it in my pocket.

My tormentor looked almost apoplectic, his piggy eyes glinting with undisguised malevolency. Back on his feet in an instant, he repeated the procedure, this time choosing a £20 and ramming the cash as far up inside her as his fingers could reach, before wiping his slimy fingers on his shirt and returning to his seat. “Same deal wimp,” he challenged, “If you’ve got the stomach for it.”

All that I could think of was the money, so without any hesitation I crouched between my wife’s spread thighs, thrusting my face into her obscenely gaping cunt and plunging my tongue as far as it would go inside her. This had the effect of sending a lot of cum into my mouth but I didn’t care because my tongue kept brushing the end of the rolled note. I don’t honestly know why Chuck had expected me to balk at the task – if I could swallow semen from both men direct from the source then the same stuff mixed with my wife’s vaginal juices should be a damn sight more palatable. As a husband and wife combined effort, I successfully managed to retrieve the currency but finished up with a face liberally coated with the earlier sexual deposits. Chuck muttered ungraciously about the things some men will do money, but I felt that the victory was mine. Taking advantage of the following pause I topped up Emily’s glass and refilled my own then lit two cigarettes. She still lay on the floor probably feeling that it was not worth getting up so I took her glass and smoke over to her.

Obviously aware that he had lost the initiative, Chuck said aggressively, “Come on Wayne – let’s screw her in tandem this time. I’ll take the bottom and you have the top.” As he spoke he got Emily on all fours then kneeling behind her once more slammed his prick into her quim. As an act of defiance I had not bothered to wipe my face but before he obeyed his brother, Wayne dropped a box of tissues on my lap and hissed, “Don’t try to wind him up – it will only be worse for the pair of you if you do.”

I took heed of his warning, took a large gulp of my drink and sat back to watch my wife being fucked simultaneously at both ends. My mind was already becoming blurred but she did not seem to find this any hardship. I must have deteriorated very quickly after that because, although I think that things carried on for a long time I can only remember snatches of different acts and positions which all seem to merge into one.

I woke up in bed with a splitting headache in the early hours of the morning with Emily naked beside me. There seemed to be a damp patch under my thigh. Further investigation with an exploring hand discovered that this was an extension of the large wet patch under my wife. I must have disturbed her because she opened clear sparkling eyes with no sign of a hangover and asked excitedly. “Do you know how much we made yesterday? There is well over a half bottle of Bacardi left and an unopened packet of cigarettes on top of the £30 that you got out of me. We can do so much with the money and I had a whole lot of fun getting it.” I said nothing – it would have been churlish to mention that I would have preferred to stay broke with her chastity to console me.

On the Sunday morning the following we were having a lazy morning in bed. Emily was chattering happily about how much better life was now and what good fun Chuck and Wayne were to be with, as if hearing of her activities with them would not bother me. She still seemed to believe that as long as she kept assuring me of her love, both verbally and physically, then taking sexual pleasure with other men had no meaning. When I made a mild objection she said, “You seem to forget that I am doing it to save you – they don’t bother you any more do they?”

“Don’t bother me?” I said, “I still have to suck them off almost as much as I did before you got involved.” I rather hoped that hearing of the brother’s duplicity in this matter might jaundice her opinion of them.

Emily thought about this for a moment and then she laughed, “That’s not so terrible is it – I really love doing it. They say that swallowing cum makes breasts grow larger. Do you think that my tits are any bigger – they damn well ought to be.”

“I doubt it you have swallowed enough,” I said doing a quick calculation in my head.

“I don’t know,” she informed. “They only come round for a fuck on Wednesdays and Fridays as agreed but they also pop in for a quick blow-job other days before you get home.”

I had exaggerated to her a bit because I was no longer actually bothered by Chuck making oral demands on me. He always made a meal of his sessions with Emily on Wednesdays giving me time with Wayne but on Fridays Wayne left Emily before I got home – I suspect to protect me from his brother. It was actually on a Wednesday after I had eaten my evening meal that she said casually, “Chuck is bringing someone round to see me on Saturday afternoon so we mustn’t plan to go anywhere.”

“Bringing someone to see you,” I repeated, “What for?”

“For sex silly,” she said. “Chuck has promised to pay me half of what the guy gives him and it could be as much as fifty pounds. We really could do with the money, I need to buy some new clothes and so do you. It shouldn’t take very long anyway.”

My mind was shattered by this new development so all that I could say was, “A guy – what kind of guy?”

“I’ve absolutely no idea,” she told me blithely.

On the Saturday I grew more and more tense but Emily was excited and constantly checking herself in front of a mirror. So when a tall well built and smartly dressed black guy, apparently lost, arrived on our landing asking if I knew someone called Chuck, I made no connection and politely directed him to the correct top floor flat. However, a few minutes later Chuck knocked on the door with the coloured gentleman in tow. “Emily wants to be alone,” he told me, “You can up and have a drink with us.”

Although I did get a proper drink, you are correct in surmising that more than alcohol passed my lips. Quite a lot as it happened because my wife’s paying companion seemed intent on getting his monies worth. Before I returned downstairs, Chuck gave me £40 for Emily and a good food mixer to make up the deficit in her expected fee. We were actually doing quite well with bounty from the lock-up and our house eventually became quite well stocked with electrical goods and other items. “How was it?” I asked when I saw Emily – this was the first time I had ever queried after she had been with another man.

“Dreamy,” she said and then gleefully held up a twenty pound note, explaining, “He enjoyed it so much that he gave me this as a bonus.”

“What was he like – physically I mean?” I honestly don’t know why I sought this information.

“He wasn’t quite as big as those two upstairs but he certainly knew how to use it – even better than Wayne,” she told me happily.

It was three days later that my wife became ill and I immediately wondered if she had caught something from her customer on the Saturday. She gradually got worse, rolling about in pain clutching her stomach. Just before midnight I got the emergency doctor and he sent for an ambulance. It turned out to be food poisoning and she was kept in hospital for three days. Returning home that first night, I rang my work and was given time off. I slept all morning then visited Emily, returning again to see her during evening visiting. I had put a note to through the door of the upstairs flat telling Chuck that there was no point him calling so I was surprised to find Wayne hanging about outside my door. I looked round dreading the sight of his brother but Wayne grinned and said “Don’t worry, he’s otherwise engaged. Somebody grassed up Sheila’s husband and his license has been revoked so Chuck is over there consoling her.”

I did myself a coffee, gave him a can and we sat chatting with me updating him on Emily. I knew that I was going to end up sucking him off but there was no hurry. Wayne was unusually quiet and I assumed that like me he was concerned about my wife but suddenly he asked, “Do you remember how you came to let Emily get involved with us.”

“Because your brother was going to bugger me if I didn’t,” I said ruefully.

“He still hasn’t given up on that idea,” Wayne said. “He keeps on mentioning it – for some reason you irritate him and he’ll do it to make you feel bad rather than for his own pleasure.”

This was bad news because it was a danger that I thought my wife’s ‘sacrifice’ had saved me from. There was a long silence as I contemplated the fate in store for me. Then Wayne said insidiously, “If you let me break you in gently before then, it won’t hurt half as much when he does – and if he knows I have already had you then he probably won’t bother.”

I was curious, I would try anything to escape the attentions of Chuck – and I have to admit that I was not averse to getting closer to Wayne. “OK,” I said simply, giving my permission to be seduced.

He jumped up smiling and headed towards the door, saying that he would be back in five minutes and not to go away.” I just sat contemplating the enormity of what I had agreed to. Wayne quickly returned carrying a small shopping bag. From it he immediately removed a bottle of whiskey, told me to bring some glasses and set off for the bedroom, very obviously knowing the way. When I joined him with the glasses, he was already removing his clothes so rather nervously followed suit. Wane poured out two generous measures then sat down, patting the bed beside him to indicate that I should join him. I took a big gulp and let my hand go automatically to his groin. Despite the spirit burning down my throat I found that I was trembling. “You can suck it a bit if it will calm you down,” Wayne told me, “You’ve got to relax – that’s the main secret of making this easy – relaxation.”

I suddenly had big reservations about what I had agreed to so I deliberately tried to make him cum quickly, hoping that would let me off the hook. Wayne was too smart for this because he quickly stopped the fellatio and got me lying face down on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. He sat beside me stroking my back and gradually getting lower until I knew he was putting lubrication on my anus. Next I felt something slip inside me. It felt strange but not unpleasant and there was not the least pain. I asked if it was his cock not really believing that it was. Wayne said that he was using a candle to get me used to have something up me and to get me nice and slippery inside.

He began moving it in and out. It felt nice and tickled a bit but there was no great sensation. After a minute or two it slipped out to be replaced by something much more substantial. Wayne quickly spoke to correct any misconception, “It’s a dildo – a lot bigger than the candle but smaller than what you’re going to get.”

That really was nice. I began to glow inside and little tremors of pleasure seemed to radiate in all directions. Instead of diminishing as with the candle these sensations seemed to grow the more that he moved the imitation dick inside me. Judging his moment, my male seducer pushed the dildo in a long way and jammed it in place with his knee. Leaning forward until he was almost lying on top of me, he slid his hands under my chest to begin playing with my nipples. The effect was amazing as sensations from all sources combined to drive me almost crazy with pleasure. I could have stood that but when he leaned further to push his tongue in my ear it was too much. “Fuck me properly Wayne,” I begged. “Please put your cock inside me and let me feel the real thing.”

He was eager to oblige. Now there was pain as my anal passage stretched to accommodate his bulk but it was a pain that was very much part of the pleasure. Having put it into me he remained perfectly still and yet the feeling was wonderful. Suddenly I knew exactly why Emily wanted to go with the brothers so much. I knew that my own prick was not a lot bigger than that candle and yet there was no comparison to this. I now knew what my wife had found out before me – size most certainly did matter. When he began to thrust his cock into me my whole body became possessed with ecstatic tremors and I wanted it to go on forever but it was not to be. Perhaps the build up had been too much for me because Wayne lost control. Feeling his cum jetting against the walls of my rectum was a delicious sensation but I was left feeling bitterly disappointed.

My friend did say ‘Sorry’ but he did not appear distressed by the premature ending. Instead he dipped into his bag and removed a tin from which he extracted a large loosely rolled joint. Lighting it he took a big drag and rolled towards me indicating that I should open my mouth. I did so and allowed him to blow in the intoxicating smoke. Perhaps my reactions had already been heightened because I had an overwhelming feeling of well being immediately. Wayne repeated the procedure once and then kept handing me the spliff to puff myself. “How was it?” he asked.

“Wonderful, really wonderful – I never dreamed that anything could feel as good as that,” I told him without reserve.

“I’m glad,” he said obviously pleased by my words. “You are in for a treat Pete because that was only the start.”

Drawing premature conclusion from his words I reached for his cock. Although very sticky it was still rather limp. I had just decided to try and hurry events with my mouth when Wayne, having reached the end of the joint took an extra large drag. As his head moved towards me, I parted my lips wide but in addition to the expected smoke, he put his tongue in my mouth as well. A shudder passed right through me but it was the opposite of revulsion. I loved it. I desperately sucked it further in and sent my own tongue dancing happily around it. We continued kissing and Wayne managed to get his cock into me while we were face to face. My testicles conveniently tucked themselves somewhere and only got slightly crushed twice, both times near to the start. He fucked me like that for a very long time and all that I can say that it was one continuous blur of pleasure. Even after he had cum, we did not break apart and eventually fell asleep lying as we were.

The next morning we woke just before eight o’clock and Wayne went quickly back to his own flat lest his brother return to find him missing. With six hours to kill I started going through the box of videos sorting the ones that I knew I would like to watch. At the bottom there were two tapes with indecipherable hand written labels, so intrigued, I set one running on the machine. To my pleasant surprise it turned out to be an amateur recording of two couples enjoying a wife swapping party. I watched it through then tried the other. On this the scene was the same but there was a different second couple. Both recordings featured a section in which the wives engaged in lesbian activity, it was very obvious that they were not pretending and I enjoyed those parts immensely.

This viewing left me with just enough time to have something to eat and make myself look respectable for visiting my wife. I felt terribly guilty about how I had spent the night. The strange thing was that, despite all that Emily had done, I felt that I was the one who had been unfaithful. She picked up on this and asked it there was something bothering me but I passed it off by saying that I was still worrying about her being in hospital. Before my wife was released, in spite of my troubled conscience, I spent another night with my male lover while his brother was safely out of the way. Apart from that and time spent visiting, I just watched the two videos over and over again – they fascinated me. I did not tell Wayne about the porn and actually hid the two cassettes in case Chuck decided that he wanted the box of tapes back.

Emily was released for the weekend and I had booked the following week as holiday so that gave eleven days before either of us had to return to work. I showed her the two videos and was surprised at how excited they made her because I had always believed that women were not turned on by pornography – they certainly got her in the mood for sex with me far quicker than I expected after her illness. Strangely we did not have sight of either brother until the Wednesday following her release and then Chuck turned up alone. My heart sank assuming that he had come to claim his ration but I was mistaken. He was actually the nicest I had ever seen him, giving her some presents he had brought and chatting in a civilised manner. Then just before leaving he said slightly awkwardly, “Em, I’ve got someone who would like to see you on Saturday but I can get Sheila to look after him if you’re not up to it.”

My wife’s face lit up as she said, “Don’t you dare – I’ll be raring to go by Saturday.”

From then on she did a trick every week but the new departure was that they stopped all night – (actually she twice did two, slipping the extra ones in on the Saturday afternoon). All of the punters were black. These overnighters displaced me upstairs to the brothers flat and with Chuck away shafting Sheila, it gave me welcome time alone with Wayne. One lazy Sunday afternoon a few weeks later, Emily and I were just lounging about when she said thoughtfully, “You know how the sprint finalists at the Olympics are all black?”

When I nodded confirmation she said happily, “Well if they had a sexual Olympics it would be just the same because these black guys certainly know how to fuck a girl.”

I felt a bit put out by this remark and to hide my annoyance decided to play the sex tapes which I hadn’t watched for several days. I could not find them and when I mentioned this, Emily told me that Chuck had borrowed them. “I thought they would amuse him on Wednesday when he was round but he took them away with him.”

When I entered the house after Chuck had gone a couple of Wednesdays later, Emily was sitting gleefully in the kitchen with a pile of notes in front of her. “Chuck sold those videos back to the original owners for £500 each and we get half,” she told me happily. I closed my mind to the obviously dubious ethics involved because that money could get us a holiday or even a small car.

Life became a routine containing all the elements mentioned above. Compared to how we had been in the beginning, Emily and I became relatively prosperous, largely helped by her part time earnings from Saturdays. In addition, on those weekend afternoons when my wife was busy entertaining, Chuck gave me money for helping him re-arrange the lock-up – I worked, he gave instructions.

It was possibly two months after we had received that surprise £500 bonus that Emily told me, “I’m not seeing anybody on Saturday. Instead you and me have both got to go upstairs. Chuck has thought of a way for us all to make lots of money.”

We went up at the appointed time to find that, in addition to the brothers, Sheila was sitting there smoking. The other unusual feature was that the furniture had been pulled back and the centre of the floor was occupied by a large mattress. “Those tapes you found have given me an idea,” Chuck announced. “I’ve decided that we are going to make our own and then we are going to sell them. The guys who star in them may want to buy them themselves and if not I know a shop in London that will give us a good price – either way we can’t lose.”

Everybody then went into another room to be shown a row of four small television sets with each of them connected to a separate video recorder. All four screens all focussed on the mattress in the living room but from different angles. The final part of the demonstration involved me sitting on the mattress trying to spot the cameras and I had to admit that they were extremely well hidden. This was to be a dress rehearsal starring both girls and the brothers – my job being to check the camera angles and keep the booze flowing.

After what I had heard about her, I was not initially particularly impressed with Sheila. Approaching thirty she had long straight hair and a striking rather than pretty face but looking at the full length skirt and baggy jumper which effectively concealed what lay beneath, I found it hard to understand what attracted both the brothers to her bed. However after Chuck had given the order to strip and both girls had removed their clothes without any trace of self-consciousness, it was a different story. Sheila had a narrow waist but wide hips and heavy but shapely thighs. Her breasts were big with large dark coloured unusually protruding nipples and her thick black pubic hair was confined to a narrow strip down the centre. Dwelling on those gorgeous tits I must point out that they had a ripe fullness, as if bursting with milk, and the mere thought brought saliva to my mouth. In short, Sheila was an almost fantasy example of the mature sexual woman.

The two females were placed kneeling and facing each other on the mattress and told to mess about with each other. Sheila immediately started to object saying, ‘I’m not into w…’ but Chuck cut her off, snapping, “Go through the motions then, just pretend – it’s only so we can check the cameras for God’s sake. Just don’t start pissing me about.”

Obediently Sheila tentatively reached and began to stroke Emily’s breast in a very stylised manner. My wife had no such inhibitions. From the moment that they were revealed, Emily had been staring at the other woman’s tits and she now pounced forward to take one of the spectacularly big nipples into her mouth to suck and bite as if she had not eaten for a week. Sheila’s initial reaction was shock but a moment later, as if a switch had been thrown, I saw the passion light up in her eyes. She clasped Emily’s head to her allowing it to happen, breathing deeply and with her eyes tightly closed. Both of the brothers seemed as transfixed by the sight as I was. After some minutes, Emily released the wet and purple nipple from her mouth, (it had to be as big as the top joint of my thumb), then moved up to insert her tongue between the other woman’s open lips. They kissed passionately until Emily remembered the other untouched breast and moved down to take it in her mouth. This time she put her hand between Sheila’s legs. They made an erotic tableau with Emily sucking that swollen tit as if really drawing nourishment from it while Sheila humped herself to orgasm on the fingers stuck up her.

Having climaxed, Sheila seemed to momentarily come back to reality, opening her eyes for the first time since it started. At that moment Emily removed her dripping fingers from her friend’s hot snatch and raising them to her lips, slowly and sensuously licked each one, before cramming them into her mouth to suck off every drop of goodness. With that action the mattress was enveloped in an atmosphere of pure lust and the whole room was pervaded by the overwhelming smell of cunt. Sheila threw herself onto her back with legs spread and my wife scrambled urgently into the sixty-nine position to latch her mouth like a limpet onto the proffered twat. For her part Sheila only glanced briefly at the quivering cunt above her face before pulling it down to her mouth.

They remained locked in that position for ages, not moving but visibly giving each other orgasm after orgasm. I say ‘ not moving’ but after one or the other had cum they squirmed round to lick others faces and kiss before returning to the mutual vaginal feast. Eventually Chuck lost patience or maybe, like me, he had reached a state of arousal almost past endurance. He moved in and told them to break it up and then, almost before Emily had rolled clear of her female lover, his throbbing cock inside her well-chewed cunt. Wayne was only seconds behind in slotting himself into Sheila’s willing embrace. Previously while watching my wife being fucked I had become aroused but never quite as painfully so and for the first time I considered breaking a private rule by masturbating to relieve the distress. If I had bet, which of the brothers would shoot his load first, my money, would have been on Chuck but it was Wayne who suddenly pulled out and sat back to send several jets of spunk splattering over Sheila’s glorious tits.

I think that Sheila must have gone sex crazy because she sat up, looked round and beckoned to me. I shook my head. There was a combination of reasons for my reticence. I did not want to be caught on camera and strangely I still did not want to betray Emily by going with another woman – but mainly I was afraid how Chuck would react if I stepped outside my defined role of spectator. Sheila was not in the mood for rejection. Coming over to me, she physically pulled down my trousers, pushed me back on the settee and impaled herself on me. Despite the discrepancy between my prick and the oversized organ that had so recently vacated her super heated vaginal orifice, she somehow tightened up inside so that my dick seemed to be held in a vice. I can’t describe that moment but you must remember that this was only the second woman that I had ever had. I didn’t last long but the memory of that couple of minutes with her moving on me with those glorious cum smeared tits in my face, will remain with me for the rest of my life. Shortly after she had left me in a post coital glow, Chuck brought his fuck to conclusion. Unusually, like Wayne, he too withdrew at the last moment to send jets of cream mainly over Emily’s nose and mouth.

A fairly natural intermission followed with drinking and smoking but Emily and Sheila stayed close together still unable to keep their hands off each other. Chuck had disappeared to play back some of the video that had been recorded only to return a few minutes later to say that the footage filmed was sod all use and that that we were going to start again. Then turning his attention to the girls he said, “You two may have had great fun eating each other out but from a film point of view that is no fucking good. You have got to remember where the cameras are and consider the angles, keep moving so that your tits don’t get lost and keep your legs wide at all times because we want plenty of cunt on film. Give me some nice open crotch shots especially when you have got spunk inside you. Oh yes – and when you kiss, keep your faces further apart so that your tongues are shown touching. Look – I’m not blaming you because I would have forgotten myself if Wayne hadn’t reminded me. I know that you girls like to feel a man’s hot juice shooting up inside you but you’ll have to do without – porn films always have lots of nice messy cum shots, so that’s what we are going to go for.”

It started again but this time with the girls under direction. They undoubtedly still got a load of pleasure from this but it lacked the uninhibited natural passion of before. Then the brothers joined in to go through a sequence of different positions and combinations. It took several hours to make the tape. Afterwards Emily and I went back to our flat and later I thought that it was the first time for several weeks that we had spent Saturday night in bed together. My mind full of what I had seen, I said, “I didn’t know that you liked other women.”

“I did a lot of that before I was ever fucked by a boy,” she said. “I was still young when I first went into the convent and almost immediately one of the older nuns started doing it with me. At first I had no choice and then I started to like it. After about a year I discovered that some of the nights that she was not with me she was with another novice called Helen. So Helen and me started doing it with each other and that was far nicer. After a long time, Helen started sneaking out to go with boys – and of course I soon started doing it too. I found that I enjoyed being fucked but I still liked Helen better – I’ve realised since that none of the boys I went with had particularly big cocks, so that was probably the difference. Anyway, I eventually got caught with a boy but Helen didn’t and I got expelled. That wasn’t long before you met me.”

I felt relaxed and warm, the feeling of Sylvia was still on me and this unknown part of my wife’s past titillated me. “Tell me the whole story from the beginning, how it first started,” I prompted.

“At the start Sister Benigna was more of a mother figure,” Emily started, as if she had only needed the invitation. “She was about fifty and plump but not fat. We spent a lot of time together and she started casually kissing me but only on the lips and quickly. I don’t know quite how it started but she began stroking my breasts and I liked it. Then one day when I was expecting a normal kiss she put her tongue in my mouth and I liked that too but when she got round to putting her mouth between my legs, that was the best of all and I loved it. The trouble was I had to start doing it back to her and I hated that. I used to sit there dreading the moment that she would open her legs and push my head down. She also had large dildo over twelve inches long that I had to push all of it into her and then lick it clean when she had finished. Then suddenly everything changed and I found that I liked doing it to her even better than being on the receiving end – even seeing her walk down a corridor during the day I got her taste in my mouth and felt very horny.”

Emily paused to snuggle closer and went on, “After a year Benigna stopped acting as my novice’s mentor and instead of being with her all the time I started only going to see her on Thursday evenings, officially to learn theological theory. As part of the change I started sharing a room with Helen who was nearly a year older than me. Early on she confessed that unlike me she was not a virgin. A foster father had started to rape her on a regular basis (pretty quickly it wasn’t rape anymore because she got to like it), but after six months the foster mother caught them at it and that is when Helen was sent to the convent. My new friend went for her instruction from Benigna on Tuesdays and one day when we were a bit giggly I told her that Benigna taught me a whole load of stuff that had nothing to do with religion. Helen just looked at me and said, ‘You too?’ So of course we started doing it together as well and because we shared a room there was all the time in the world. Helen’s breasts were not very big but she was slim, lithe, kind of fresh and she tasted so good – I used to imagine that there was this pool of nectar somewhere up inside her. After a few months, Helen broke my hymen with her finger. We started imagining that we were in love and neither of us wanted to do it with Benigna any more – so we applied to switch to a different tutor.”

My wife’s hand crept to find my dick and this was such a relief because the sights and events combined with her continuing narrative had made it very stiff. “After about six months Helen and I started getting irritable with each other and I realised that our sex life had got very bland. Right from the start I had felt we had treated Benigna rather badly but now I had to admit how much I had enjoyed sucking her twat. Her slit tasted a lot stronger than Helen’s and when she came, so much juice gushed in my face that I sometimes thought she was pissing on me. Benigna also gave me bigger orgasms and I think made me cum a lot more. She had nipples very like Sheila’s although her tits were a lot larger – but I think that’s why I took to Sheila so quickly today. Oh yes – and her clitoris was even bigger than her nipples. I must have spent hours sucking and chewing on it – that was real heaven. Today really took me back to doing it with her.”

“Well you certainly enjoyed yourself with Sheila tonight,” I said.

“There is more to tell,” Emily replied. One evening Helen disappeared and then crept into bed with me in the early hours of the morning. She confessed that she had just been fucked by a boy from the village and explained, ‘I like messing with you a lot but recently there has been something missing and I suddenly realised that I needed cock as well.’ A couple of nights later she did it again so I had to start sneaking out as well. We each went on different nights with the other staying as cover. Word got around so there was always one or two lads hanging around on the off chance. It was really funny the way that getting screwed a couple of times a week sparked things up for us when we were together – I think telling each other everything about the boys we shagged made us more passionate for each other. I told you that I didn’t get any boys with big cocks but Helen was luckier – though it wasn’t really a boy.

We used to go into a barn to screw and one day the farmer caught her at it. Well he scared the lad away and then he fucked her instead – she said he had a real whopper. So the next night I pick up a boy and went straight to the barn hoping that the farmer will turn up again. I heard a noise and smiled to myself but it wasn’t the farmer at all – it was bloody Benigna with a camera. I offered to start sucking her again if she gave me the film and when that failed I threatened to tell the head nun how Benigna had made me suck her cunt and all the other stuff but she said that nobody would believe me. I had a pretty good idea that Helen wouldn’t back me up and that when I was out of the way she would both go back to Benigna and keep on opening her legs for the village youths – so I gave up and admitted everything.”

I was not sure whether to be disapproving or impressed. “You have certainly put yourself about,” I said.

“I’m just a very sexy girl,” she said modestly. “Do you want to suck me?”

The following Saturday the two guinea pigs turned up for what they believed to be a simple sex party. Subsequently they paid a lot more money to retain the video for their own use rather than have it put on general distribution – or have it sent gratuitously to their wives. They were followed by other mugs who reacted in exactly the same way and made it into a very lucrative business for us. Sue the unmarried mother having dumped her boyfriend soon got in on the act and she had Emily got on particularly well. There were many nights when Chuck spent the night with either Sheila or Sue and Emily slept with the other. This left me with Wayne. I think that everybody knew about my relationship with the younger brother but it was never referred to.

When Chuck and Wayne very suddenly decided to go abroad on holiday I had no premonition that everything was about to go terribly wrong. It was Chuck who came down to say, “We’re off to Spain for a fortnight but we might decide to stay longer.” He then tossed me the key to the lockup saying that I was in charge until they got back and that I could help myself to anything that I fancied. Curiosity and the simple desire to root round by myself took me down there the next evening. I was surprised to find it a lot less full – about a third of the previous content had disappeared and that included all of the better stuff. A boxed cutlery set was all that I thought worth taking home with me.

Very early the next morning the police came. It was before seven o’clock when I got out of bed to answer the door to be told that they had a warrant to search the premises. Two plain-clothes officers and three in uniform pushed past me while outside another similar party clattered up to the top floor. I was annoyed rather than worried because I thought I had nothing to hide and that this was a dreadful mistake. Emily and I were allowed to huddle in the kitchen and make ourselves a cup of tea while four of the invading party meticulously tore the house apart. After about an hour someone came down from the brothers flat to report that it was clean upstairs, adding, “There’s a stack of video equipment but it all seems kosher.”

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