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James stood staring at the selection of GPS units on display in the electronics store, perplexed at the many different models to choose from. He was lost and his GPS had died. James is a private investigator and the assignment for today was to deliver a summons to a witness in a Federal case.

The prosecutor in this case was a friend of James and owed him a favor, so he hired James to deliver the subpoena. Subpoenas were easy money for him, but this witness lived out of state.

Now, here he is, lost and frustrated in a town he has never been in, at an electronics store where he can’t seem to get any assistance. As he scanned the store for an employee that he could get to help him, he saw the most gorgeous face he had seen in a long time. She looked to be in her mid 20′s but her face had an angelic innocence to it.

Her eyes were bright and pronounced and the way she wore her makeup defined them all the more. Her shoulder length hair was black and shiny that made the caramel brown color of her perfectly smooth face stand out. When she saw that James was staring at her she sucked her teeth and mumbled under her breath as she turned away.

James watched her walk away just so that he could get a look at her body. She was a full figured girl weighing in at around 210 lbs. Although she stood at 5’7″, her weight was distributed to the right places. She had succulent round breasts that didn’t sag below her ribs. They seemed to have not droop at all. And from what he could see from her exposed cleavage, no visible veins.

Her legs and thighs were toned and shapely. And the part that James liked best was her butt. It looked like she was carrying a pair of basketballs in her pants. When she walked it had the right amount of bounce to it that made him want to get two handfuls and jiggle them vigorously. Together, her thighs and butt complemented each other in a way that seemed perfect.

Finally, a sales associate noticed James standing at the display looking bewildered and came over to earn his commission. While James was listening to the over extensive knowledge of this unit verses that unit, his angel came to the end of the aisle to wait for the group of friends that she came with to catch up to her.

“Come on here or Imma leave you!” She yelled to them. Just then she noticed James watching her. “WHAT!!???” She blared at James as she turned to look him directly in his face. “You act like you ain’t never seen a woman before!” “You must want all of this on your little boyfriend right there!”

James was shocked at the sudden barrage of insults being directed at him. What had he done to her? Definitely, he was not the first person to notice the beauty that he saw in her. As the young lady’s friends gathered around her she kept hurling insults and attitude at James as he stood there in disbelief of what was happening. What made it so bad was that the young lady was so loud that other people stopped shopping and watched the demonstration.

“How could something so ghetto come out of something so pretty?” James wondered.

The young lady continued with her non-stop montage of humiliation and insults. Then she hit James’ hot button.

“You look like you’re gay!” “I don’t go that way, faggot!”

If only she knew what being called a faggot did to James. If only she knew how the rumor of being gay ruined his life. James was running for Mayor in the last election and the surveys showed that he was a sure win for the office. A rumor was started by one of the other candidates that James was a homosexual in an attempt to sway voters. As the rumor spread so did the severity of the lie.

It slowly changed from just being gay to being a pedophile of little boys. The wildfire of lies was so great that James lost the election and the respect of key officials in the city. James was also engaged to be married soon, but his fiancé left him as a result of the lies. She felt that with so much talk about him, it must be true.

The truth finally came out about the origin of the rumors but by then James’ reputation was too damaged to gain the trust of the people. He was recognized all over town which made it nearly impossible for him to get back on his feet.

James could not run for any office because of the smear campaign the destroyed him. His image would blemish any representation of public service. He couldn’t’ get a job as the supply clerk at the Public Works facility. So he went into business for himself as a private detective. One of the few real friends that he had left was the Federal Prosecutor he was on this job for. He would use James whenever he could to help him build his life back. This was all due to being called gay. And now whenever someone used the word faggot, it brought up the past and anger in him.

The young lady continued with homosexual references toward James; and every time she spewed the word “faggot” it shot a bolt of electricity up James’ spine. That word disturbed him to the core of his soul. The ghetto fabulous angel ended the show and she and her friends walked out of the store.

James collected his cool and shook his head in resolve that it was finally over. He grabbed the first GPS that was in front of him, took it to the check out and was back on the mission that he had came to town for.

As James drove along, he couldn’t help but re-live the incident at the electronics store. He tried to convince himself that he should let it go. “Some people just don’t have any home training.” He spoke loudly to himself in an attempt to feel better. But he just couldn’t get it off of his mind. Sub-consciously, he felt that his past had followed him to another state.

James found the address with ease now that he had a working GPS. It seemed like a nice quiet neighborhood with beautiful homes, green manicured lawns and friendly neighbors. The person that he delivered the subpoena to was very friendly and courteously. He even invited James in for a cup of tea or coffee.

“No thank you” James declined, “I have to get going and find a hotel for the night.”

As James walked down the pathway back to his car, he thought to himself of how lovely it would be to live in that neighborhood. Just as he was walking around his car another car pulled into the driveway next door. James stopped and watched to speak to the neighbor of the nice man he had just met. To his surprise, it was the young lady from the store.

“How could someone like that live in such a nice neighborhood?” James wondered. Her house was well kept and seemed in order. It didn’t look like a person with a bad disposition like hers would live there.

As she unlocked the door to the house she noticed who was standing in the street watching her. All of a sudden the upbeat feelings that James was feeling deflated within him and were replaced with anxiety.

“How is she going to react?” “She is so pretty.”

“I would marry her if she wasn’t such a bad apple.”

“She better not start with the ‘crazies’ again!”

!I’d lick the skin off of her body.”

James was in conflict with his own self. Feelings of anger and lust were battling it out in his mind. This girl made James lose all sense of sanity. He wanted to hate her and screw her all at the same time.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She screamed out to him. “You can take your gay-osity out of here cuz ain’t nobody like that round here.” It was the electronic store all over again. “This hole is an exit only so don’t think you gonna substitute me for your boyfriend.” She said as she bent over and poked her massive double bubble out at him.

James got into his car as she continued to scream more gay references at him. He tried to ignore it as he left but when he looked into his rearview mirror she was in the street yelling at him.

“THAT’S IT!!!” He was fed up! “There is no way I’m going to let this go!” He said to himself. “She picked the wrong person to mess with!”

James checked into a hotel close by. “Time to put my investigating skills to work.” He thought. As a P.I. James had an arsenal of information and resources at his finger tips. He pulled up the address of the young lady. He looked up the current resident name and phone number of that address.

“So her name is Destiny Travis. Pretty name, pretty girl, ugly personality; but we’ll fix that.” James thought to himself. He researched and cross-referenced the residency registers and utility records. Everything was working in James’ favor.

He searched public records and property tax registries. Finally, he went back to the neighborhood where she lived. He got her mail and checked every piece for the names of people that may live there. “Great!” He thought as he slid the envelopes back into the box. “She lives alone.”

James went to the local department store and bought a black pair of pants and black long sleeve shirt, a pair of black gloves, some sheer black fabric from the crafts department, some rope and batteries for his stun gun. When he got back to his hotel he brought the sheer fabric up to his room and made it into a mask. He put it on to try it out for size and visibility. It worked perfectly, he could see through it but his face could not be seen.

As James waited for night to fall he wondered what was he going to do? He wanted to do something to her for the way she treated him, but what? In his anger he came up with a plan for his revenge. While he lay there he figured to himself that he’d just “wing it”; he’d just do whatever cames to mind.

2:00 a.m. and the alarm clock started beeping loudly as if it was excited about what was about to happen. James woke up and sprung from the bed. He got into his car and drove back to Destiny’s neighborhood. He parked in the parking lot of a restaurant a few blocks nearby.

Before James got out of the car, he put the new clothes on over the clothes he was wearing. He bought them 3 sizes too big for that purpose. He tied the rope into ready made restraints and walked to Destiny’s house. He went into the back yard and pried the door open with a pocket knife. Slowly he entered the kitchen and crept into the hallway.

He stopped and listened for the sound of sleeping breaths in the still, dark house. From the sound, he could only make out one breath. The carpeted floors made it easy to traverse through the house without making any noise. The only thing James could her was the breathing coming from the bedroom and his own breath.

James stood at the doorway where the heavy breathing was coming from.

He stood there and watched as his prey slumbered in total ignorance of what was about to happen. James surveyed her in the glow of the light from the digital clock on her nightstand next to her bed. “She even looks beautiful in that harsh red light from the clock.” James thought to himself. “Still, she’s an evil sleeping beauty.” He joked inwardly.

Snap! He flipped the light switch on. Since he had the mask on he was confident in turning the lights on. He knew that she would only see drapes of black in front of her. Destiny opened her eyes in shock and fear and sat up.

“How did you get in here? Get out!” She screamed.

Those words were James’ cue to jump into action. He literally leaped across the room from the doorway on top of Destiny in her bed. With the press of a button 100,000 volts were sent through Destiny’s body. Her entire body tensed and became rigid. Every muscle in her body tightened to the electricity that was being fed into it. James held the button down as every accusation that Destiny had flung at him came back to mind.

He kept his finger on the button for what felt like forever out of sheer anger for what she represented to him. James didn’t let go of the button until he was sure that Destiny was immobilized. When he stopped squeezing the voltage into Destiny, she fell backwards onto the bed in a limp heap.

James used this as an opportunity to gag her and quickly put her hands into the readied restraints that he had previously made from the rope. He tied each end of the rope to the headboard of the bed. All the while he took in the view of her body. She had on a white tank top and a pair of pink panties trimmed in a darker shade of pink, simple but still sexy.

Destiny began to regain her strength and started cursing through her gag. She started to struggle against her binds and, quickly James hit her with another short burst of packaged lightning. He then took more rope and bound her ankles with it and tied each end to the foot of the bed on either side.

James stood at the end of the bed and studied his catch. He had never done anything like this and was now struggling on what to do with the now cursing and bucking prize that lay before him. And like a ton of bricks, an idea came to mind. “I’ll humiliate her in a way that she’ll think twice before she talks to anyone the way she did to me.” He thought to himself.

James dared not speak out loud out of fear that she might recognize his voice. He looked around the room. It was very tidy and had an aromatic scent to it. Nothing to give him any ideas as far as he could see. The nightstand!

James pulled open the drawer and found it… a vibrator and dildo. He smirked under his mask and in his mind he thought, “These must be the happiest joy toys in the world.” Inside the same drawer was a small bottle of cherry lube. “WOW” He thought to himself, “This is going to be fun.”

He pulled out his pocketknife and she mumbled threats and curses at him through her gag. James took his knife and cut the shoulder straps of Destiny’s tank top. He then cut the front of the shirt open and exposed her voluptuous mounds of dark caramel colored milk meat. James had to control himself. For a brief second he contemplated sucking and licking a nipple.

He brought himself back to consciousness and moved to her panties. Destiny tried kicking but the ropes were so taut that her movement was very little. James slid the knife inside one leg hole. The knife sliced through the material like a shark’s fin gliding across the surface of the water. He repeated the same thing on the other side and peeled the top of his angel’s panties down and away.

James had to get a look at what was being cradled by the crotch of those panties, so he untied the ends of the rope that were holding her feet. The ends of the rope were retied at the headboard and now Destiny’s knees were bent with her feet planted on the bed. James pushed Destiny’s leg open to get a good look at the jewel in between.

Her pubes were neatly trimmed and clipped. The outer lips of her pussy were fat and juicy. He parted them and revealed the peanut sized clit that seemed to welcome the company of a man’s touch. James was overcome with desire and lust at this point. He hadn’t come here for this, but he just had to taste her love bud.

James held her pussy lips open with his fingers and slowly circled her clit with his tongue. He deliberately avoided direct contact with it. Destiny began to unconsciously gyrate a little bit. James rubbed the tip of his tongue just above her swelling button of desire. Destiny grunted as he licked down and around , still avoiding direct contact with her clit.

Although she didn’t want this, Destiny’s juices began to flow. Her body was now reacting to the touches but yet she consciously was fighting. James knew that she was getting aroused and saw the glisten of Destiny’s wetness. James flattened his tongue against the bottom of Destiny’s pussy and very lightly licked upward to taste the juice of her fruit. Still, James did not make contact with her clitoris.

Sexual urge was now building up in Destiny’s body. She had never had a man take his time and perform love licks like this. It was always a rush to get a nut and be gone with guys in the past. But this man knew how she wanted it. She didn’t want to be taken but her body was screaming to be ravaged.

With every upward motion the anticipation to finally be pleasured mounted in Destiny’s bowels. James pulled his head back aimed his tongue and hit Destiny’s joy button head on. A wave of relief swept over her entire body. She went weak with satisfaction that her clit was now being manipulated by this stranger’s tongue.

As she moaned in protest of her lust being pleasured against her will, James wrapped his lips around her bud. He wanted to get a mouthful of pussy lube so he started to suck on her clit while he licked it.

“OH MY GOD!” She screamed into to the fabric that held back the volume of her protests and screams. She was cumming. James buried his face into her crotch and stuck his tongue as deep into her abyss as he could stretch it. Her muscles contracted and squeezed as the waves of orgasm washed over her wave after wave.

When her convulsions ended James jumped up and grabbed the vibrator and lube. He smeared the vibrator with the cherry flavored goo and rubbed it against her clit.

Destiny jumped at the touch of the vibrator against her now sensitive button. James rubbed the vibrator up and down the valley between the quivering flesh of her pussy lips. He turned it on and took his hostage for another ride on the ‘O’ train.

She squirmed and bucked to get free from her captive who seemed to know which buttons to push to make her climax. She started cursing and threatening him with muffles of anger and indignity. He untied the ropes from the headboard that held her legs. When the ropes were free from the headboard she rolled onto her stomach and tried to move up to make slack in the ropes holding her hands so that she could get free. James grabbed her ankles and pulled her down onto the bed.

“Let go of me you punk faggot!” She garbled into the gag.

James understood exactly what she said. As he retied the ropes to the foot of the bed frame, Destiny continued her struggle. Although he was getting frustrated with the fight he was having with retying the ropes, James was hypnotized at the bouncing and jiggling of the huge globes of seat meat before him. Her butt cheeks seemed to be dancing with each other as she wiggled and wrestled to get free.

“I have to get my hands on those!” he thought.

He relished the idea of grabbing a handful of ass cheek in each hand and kneading them like a child playing with play-doh. When he got the ropes tied down he stood up and took in the sight of his newly prepared playground.

James kneeled onto the bed and took a cheek in each hand. He was amazed at how much packing she was lugging around in the seat of her pants. He felt like he was holding the world in each palm as he gripped and pawed her cinnamon tinted buns. The sight was driving him insane. James bent over and put his face between her cheeks and inhaled deeply. He lifted the bottom of his mask and kissed each buttock then licked her up the center of her butt crack. Destiny was still yelling at her attacker. She made threat after threat and insult after insult. None of it bothered James. He just ignored it. Once again, Destiny mumbled through the fabric mouth piece,

“Let go of me you punk! Get you face outta my ass you faggot!”

That did it! The memories of that day flooded back into James’ mind and his anger flared.

“How dare she make demands when I’m the one in control!” “She’s too stupid to realize that she is MY hostage!” “I’ll show her!”

James’ rage was going wild. The word “faggot” was echoing throughout his head. He sunk his teeth into one of her glutes and picked up the lube. Destiny squealed and jumped in response to the sharp pain. James moved his head up behind her ear and whispered,

“O.K., since you say that I’m a faggot, I’m gonna be a faggot… with you.”

James slowly crawled to the lower end of his hostage. He dropped his pants and applied a glob of lube to his dick. In her mind Destiny wanted to believe that her captor was only trying to scare her with the declaration that he had made. But she realized that her fears would soon become reality when she felt a hand with amply lubricated fingers rubbing her asshole, then a finger went inside.

The strobe lights reflected off her glasses, obscuring her eyes. From my darkened vantage point across the room, I imagined I was invisible to her. I was caught off guard, then, when her lips curled up into a fey smile. Was she really looking at me? I felt a warm tingle build in my lungs.

She turned her head slightly, allowing me to see those dark umber irises underneath. They were, in fact, pointed directly at me. Her face was bathed in a blanket of crimson.

I smiled back at her weakly. She blinked, then looked away. I thought to divert my gaze as well, but somehow I remained transfixed. There was something oddly familiar about her, something that tickled the depths of my memory in a vague and increasingly vexing way.

I then noticed her getup. Her cloche hat was tipped just so. A lacy tank dress clung to her like Saran Wrap, framing her curves with tailored precision. Those pumps her feet were crammed into didn’t look cheap either, nor did the somewhat garish jewelry dangling from her neck and wrists. It all appeared so fussily considered. Pretenses aside, this was a dyke hookup party; that usually went without saying, but everyone knew that’s what it was at base. Dress-up was purely optional.

Still, I found this girl’s extra effort charming. It spoke to her youth, and looking at her, I was reminded of the days when I felt compelled to do the same. Like her, I once went the extra mile in my presentation, nitpicked every detail. I felt that if I could define myself with fashion, I wouldn’t have to actually explain myself to anyone. In more recent years I’d grown a bit cavalier, perhaps a bit too comfortable with myself. I didn’t have to doll myself up much anymore. These get-togethers drew a lot of regulars, and the women who shared my interests knew where to find me. I rarely went home alone.

Had this girl heard about me? Or was she just naively browsing, unaware of my reputation? I saw her clutch her plastic cup tightly and raise it to her lips. Watching her, it dawned on me that the light beaming down upon her perfectly matched the hue of her ensemble. Red on red, like a chameleon settling into its camouflage. And yet I the same, with my dark grey dress pants and black blouse, laying in the murky shadows.

She suddenly stood up, her head still turned away from me. I took note of her figure. She was fairly short, with a trim upper body and modest bust. From the waist down, things took on a more well-fed appearance, culminating in a rather prominent bubble butt. Even through the loose-hanging drape of her skirt, it was hard to miss. As she turned in profile, it jutted out at a crisp angle.

She took a few short and meandering steps towards me, pausing every so often. I saw her mouth move as if she were talking to herself. She hung her head now, stealing glances at me so quickly that I’d have missed them if I weren’t glaring at her as expectantly as I was. I slowly uncrossed my legs as she approached, and placed my hands on my lap.

As she wandered closer, I squinted, realizing that her long black hair was actually dreaded in places—a strange curveball, I thought. I noticed her raccoon-grade eyeshadow and excessive lip gloss. Glimmering studs ran through two sections of her nose. These details clashed with the abbreviated sophistication of her dress, though of course this was probably just another of her inspired calculations, and I found it charming all the same.

I felt caution creep in, however. At this proximity, I couldn’t determine her age. She honestly looked like she could easily be one of my daughter’s friends, and keep in mind my daughter hadn’t yet graduated from high school. Was this girl even old enough to be in the bar? You’d think the staff would have tightened up door security after last year’s incident, but the Friday bouncer remained notoriously lazy.

The girl’s large eyes glimmered up close, snapping with subtle mischief, topped by strong dark eyebrows. Inhaling dramatically, her lips parted slightly to reveal small, faintly yellowed teeth. She held her smile, stomach contracted as if she were waiting for permission to exhale.

I blinked. I wasn’t sure what to say. I nodded and flashed a grin. She relaxed her posture a bit.

“Hi, I’m Branda,” she said. I detected a curious spot of southern drawl in her speech. I took a quick sip from my cup, then flashed her a grin.

“Hi there,” I said, casually. “My name’s Cat.”

She blushed, looking me up and down. “Oh, nice. I like cats! Or is that short for something?”

“Catheryn, but I prefer Cat,” I said, finishing the last of my vodka tonic hastily and setting the cup on a nearby table. “Nice to meet you, Branda. That’s a pretty name.”

“Oh, thanks! Nice to meet you, too, hehe,” she muttered, bouncing on her heels a bit. There was an awkward pause. I could see her calves tense with each movement, and I noticed that they looked rather toned. I took a chance and seized the opportunity for conversation that they presented.

“Hmm. You’re not a cyclist by any chance, are you?” I asked, glancing down at the exposed portion of her legs. She paused, looked down, and then chuckled again.

“Oh, wow. You’re pretty observant. Um, well I’m not pro…I just ride my bike a lot,” she said, downing the last of her drink almost simultaneously. “Are you?”

I shook my head. “Me? No, I do a few laps around the reservoir on Sundays if I have the time, that’s about it. I should do it more often.”

“That’s cool. I’m a bike junkie. Been riding since I could ride!” she said with a grin. She stared at me as if wanting further validation, tensing her stomach again. I nodded politely. I could smell her cheap alcohol breath and it wasn’t particularly flattering. I also was now a little unsure how attracted I actually was to her; I can be quite fickle, I’ll admit, and something about her manner coupled with her less-than-ideal age was beginning to disappoint me.

“So…” she said, looking around. The bass of the trashy dance music rumbled underneath us dramatically for a moment before settling into an ignorable throb. I leaned back, my hands now on my lap. I took a deep breath.

“So!” I returned, smiling more exaggeratedly. I brushed a minuscule speck of lint off of my sweater for no particular reason.

“So, Cat. Who do you know here?” she asked.

“Everyone and no one,” I said. She tittered. I narrowed my eyes. “Hmm. If you don’t mind me asking, Branda, how old are you exactly?” I asked. I saw her calves bulge again.

Her eyes dodged around the room. I folded my arms and flexed my lips up to a sneer. She caught my cue and stopped, and then exhaled deeply.

“I’m sorry! I just don’t want you to think—”

“How old are you?” I interrupted, my patience waning. As cute as she was, I simply was not in the market for jail bait. I ran my fingers through my hair and stared her down severely.

“Uh, 21,” she said unsurely.

“21?” I asked, searching her face for some kind of clue. She quickly nodded.

“Yes, I am. I mean—actually, I’ll be 21 in about sixty seconds,” she said, looking at the large LED clock hanging from the upper balcony.

I glanced at it. 11: 58 flashed to 11:59.

“Is that so? I guess Alvaro gave you a pass tonight, then?” I asked, incredulous.

“Oh, you mean the door guy? Umm, yeah. Okay, I’ll be honest, I used a fake ID to get in, just because. But I’m going to get a real ID first thing tomorrow, promise!” she said, quickly looking around her to make sure no one overheard her admission.

“I see. Then happy birthday, Branda,” I said.

“Thank you, Cat!” she let out. She stood still, staring at the clock while crimping her fingers. Finally it flashed midnight, and a joyous peep escaped her shiny lips. “Yay! Alright, so I’m 21 now. That means…um,”

“Yes?” I said, exhaling deeply.

“So uh. I was gonna ask. Do you remember me?” she said, anxiously fiddling with her necklace.

I shook my head no. I wondered if she could see the soft lie in my gesture, the glimmer of stifled recognition in my eyes. She seemed undeterred, in any case. I did recognize her somehow, but the word “remember” implied something more than that.

“You don’t remember last Friday?” she said. She ducked her head down close to mine, her knotty hair swinging back and forth in tandem with the bling dangling from her neck. I mentally replayed my previous Friday night at the bar…

I remembered being approached by a woman approximately in her 40′s who introduced herself as Letitia. I’d seen her on the periphery for a few months, and we’d made some telling eye contact, but it took her some time to find her way to me. When she finally came up, we chatted for about five minutes, though I can’t recall what about.

Whatever it was aroused both of us, that much I know. I then guided her into one of the lockable bathrooms. When she turned quietly and bent over in front of me, we both knew why; as I’ve said, I’ve got a solid reputation. I pulled up her skirt to reveal her predictably bare bottom. It was flat and pasty like the rest of her, but I wasn’t feeling particular at the moment.

Approving of it, I slicked my fingers up with liquid soap from the disposer, and within a few minutes my fist was wrist-deep in her rectum. She orgasmed fairly quickly, leaving my fingers slightly soiled in the process, though this didn’t bother me. As I washed my hands in the sink, she stood in the mirror next to mine fixing herself up with a large smile on her face.

I remember that awkward moment where “Letitia” tried to kiss me, but I pried her off of me as politely as I could. I wasn’t in for that kind of thing. if she’d had asked around the bar a bit more, she would have known that in advance. I’m married, and I just do this for the release—I get enough kisses and hugs at home.

I could see the dejection in her eyes, and was a bit sympathetic to it, but I had my boundaries. To soften the blow, I told her that she could come back for another examination any time she pleased. I said it as sweetly as I could, even though deep down I wished she wouldn’t take me up on the offer; I’m not too fond of return customers unless they’re extraordinary. In any event, my encouragement seemed to hearten her a bit, though I sensed I may never see her again. She seemed to get the hint. She wasn’t there the night I met Branda, in the least.

That was my only strong memory from last Friday night, and this young Branda was definitely not anything like the woman in my recollection. So I could not for the life of me know why she would have any recollection of us talking previously. I shook my head to her question.

“No, dear, you must be thinking of someone else. I’ve never spoken to you before.”

“But, you have! Ms. Weiss, you have to remember me, I—”

“How did you know my last name?” I shot at her severely. My heart began beating faster.

“Oh…” she began, then bit her lip.

My mind started to race. The only person in the bar who I’d ever given my full name to was Lena, one of the bartenders. But she doesn’t work Fridays, so there’s no way this girl could have gotten it from her—or was there? I always figured that if rumor ever got out about me and my profession, Lena would be to blame. But that would go against everything I knew about her. Lena was as trustworthy as they come. Plus, I knew just as many potentially defamatory details about her life as she did about mine. In any case it didn’t make sense for her to blab to some random, clueless 20 year old.

“Tell me,” I repeated. “Tell me how you know my name.”

“I don’t know,” she said unconvincingly.

“Tell. Me,” I said, flexing my upper lip.

There were very few functions where she’d have access to my last name. Wait staff taking my credit at a restaurant, okay. Behind the counter at a DMV, okay. But I couldn’t think of many other legal ways. Or, more accurately, the only other way I could think of was so unfathomable that I merely did not even want to entertain it. And, then, the unfathomable came from her lips.

“Because…you saw me last week. In your office. You’re a doctor, right?”

I froze, then looked away. I wanted to deny it, but she was right. I was a specific kind of doctor, too: a colorectal surgeon. Proctology was (and still is) my calling in life, strange as it seems.

I shifted in my seat, lips pursed. I knew that my non-answer would tip her off, but I wasn’t about to out myself in public. I just waited for her to continue. She crouched before me and put both hands on my knees. Every muscle in my body tensed.

“You are. I know it! You saved my life…” she said. “You really did. You don’t remember?”

Suddenly I recalled who she was.

Last week at work, a young college-aged girl had come in with an emergency. She’d inserted a vegetable into her anus—a relatively small butternut squash, if I recall correctly, which is still fairly big by nature—and it had traveled so far up her rectum that she couldn’t retrieve it. I’d extracted plenty of anorectal foreign bodies in my time, so nothing about my initial interaction with Branda stood out in my mind.

When I’m at work, none of my kinks apply; I am all business, and details about one-time emergency patients usually exit my mind the minute they’re out of sight. But with Branda’s reappearance, it began to dawn on me not only had she enjoyed her medical experience, but she was stalking me for more, and this flustered me. It also had the strange side-effect of turning me on, which I found slightly disturbing.

Reflecting for a moment, I did recall sensing something strange in her demeanor during the operation, something oddly lascivious in place of where ordinary concern, fear or discomfort would have been a more normal response to the probings she’d undergone. But, again, when you see as many asses in one week as I typically do, you stop trying to psychoanalyze your patients and just get to the task at hand.

“Yes, I do,” I said curtly. “But whatever you have in mind, forget it. I don’t know how you found me here, but I don’t appreciate being stalked. Please, leave me alone.”

I saw her face immediately droop.

“But…” she began. “I’m sorry for stalking…I mean, all I did was follow you after work that day, but it’s not like I’m, y’know, hacking your emails or anything.”

“What?” I said, fighting the urge to stand up in outrage and cause a scene. The bar was only a 15 minute walk from my office, yes, but I never imagined anyone would trail me like that. I wasn’t exactly in the closet about being a lesbian, but I did want to remain discrete about my particular sexual practices as much as I could, especially since they correlated with my professional interests so closely.

“Wait, you mean you didn’t think it was hot?” Branda said.

“No,” I said.

I could tell she’d come too far to give up so easily. She took a step closer, daring to place a hand on my shoulder. “I mean, it hurt like hell…and it was really embarrassing, I’ll admit that,” she said. “But, come on. You didn’t enjoy…feeling inside, so deep. Feeling me stretch…”

“Oh god. Go now, dear,” I said, a twitch rolling up my spine. I pulled away, releasing her hand from me. “I think you’ve got the wrong person.”

I’d had a very distinguished professional career up to that point, and I wasn’t about to jeopardize it by talking to some tipsy college girl. I knew I had to put up clear boundaries, whatever her intent was.

“I’m sorry—” she let out, her eyes beginning to water. She began to turn away. Her sudden, almost innocent-seeming reaction took me by surprise, and almost made me forget how sketchy she was being.

“Wait, hold on,” I said in a hushed voice.

Why did I say that? I couldn’t tell. I’d just nearly managed to get her off of me, and yet I was calling for her to stay a moment longer. Maybe it was the alcohol, though I hadn’t had much. Maybe it was just the power of her charms working, as skeptical as I was.

I unthinkingly reached into my pocket, and pulled out one of my business cards. I pressed it into her hand. “Here’s my contact,” I said.

“Wh…what?” she said, confused. Frankly I confused myself as well, but arousal began to realize itself within me as those little dirty words flitted through my mind—”feeling me stretch.” I enjoyed hearing them spoken with that little country twang, falling from the mouth of this doll-faced little tart. connected them in my mind to the image of that fat, filthy veggie. My vividly soiled rubber gloves.

Other images came back to me—the pink rim of her elastic sphincter as it widened under the pressure of my dilator. The vivid details of the proctoscope as it traveled deep into the membranous darkness of her impacted bowels.

And then the smells—the heady fragrance wafting from her her gaping asshole, lingering in the air. The bittersweet scent of her sweat as it trickled down the small of her back, parting into two streams along the widely split ravine of her crack.

I shook my head, pulling myself back into the moment. When my eyes locked with hers again, I saw her in a totally different light. A green light.

“I can’t see you here. Come during business hours,” I said as calmly as I could, my mind swirling.

She looked at the card in her hand, then back at me, and finally a smile began to return to her face.

“Oh…so you mean, I should make an appointment?”

I nodded quickly. “Yes. Now go,” I said.

She bobbed her head in understanding, laughing nervously. “Oh, wow. Yes…Miss!” she said, turning on her heels. “I’ll…call…first thing Monday.”

I looked away, fearing someone would hear us. I’d developed a very good sense of when I was being eavesdropped upon, and a particular dyke hovering near me was well-known for being nosy. One thing about that bar was that everyone gossiped. I was walking on thin ice at this point, so I picked up my cell phone and pretended to busy myself. Branda thankfully got the hint, and by the time I looked up again, she was gone.

As of this writing, she hasn’t called.

I believe I’ll remember her as “the one that got away.” I didn’t even know I wanted her for certain until it was too late. That was over two years ago, so I doubt she ever will ever return to the bar.

I wondered, did she slip that veggie inside of her just to get the attention? Was this a pattern, and were there unsuspecting proctologists all over town who she secretly crushed on after painful extractions over the operating table? I may never know.

Perhaps never knowing is for the best. But in the wake of that bizarre encounter, I found myself taking more interest in my female patients, especially ones I suspected could be bi or lesbian. I began asking them about their lives more, something I’ve never done naturally.

I’ve never been an extrovert, but something about my experience with Branda bridged a gap for me I feel just slightly more invested now that I know my profession can, in fact, draw a few crazy moths to my flame.

Back at the bar, I’ve since decided to light up my murky little corner a bit. I bought a little red night light, and I plug it into the wall right next to my usual seat next to the bar.

It’s the same color red that Branda wore, and think I’ll leave it on until she returns.

The End

Felicia always seemed to be a sweet girl and was always very innocent. She was extremely beautiful and had a perfect body. DD breasts and a large bubble butt that gave any man a raging one just to see her walk. She had an hourglass shape with brunette hair and blue eyes to get lost in. She would always show her body off wearing tight clothes to and from the gym she works at. She was supper model height for a lady and was absolutely jaw dropping all the way around. What people didn’t realize was her wildly horny side.

Yes, Felicia was always horny and she never knew why. She never bothered to question it. Her boyfriend had just broke up with her after two years of pleasuring her and she didn’t know what to do without him. She would have to find a alternate release. She would masturbate but it never seemed to do the trick. She would soon learn her problems would be over soon.

To get to her gym she had to cross a college campus. This campus was the Shawnee campus. She always got turned on by seeing some of the sexy men who went there and even the ones who would work out in her gym.

It was any other normal day except Felicia wasn’t here to work out today. She planned to just fill out some papers and take some checks to deposit. Today she wore short jean shorts that showed off the very bottom of her ass and a pink thong and sports bra. She walked across campus as she got looks from just another every guy there. She loved the attention and even gave a couple of winks on her way to the gym. She unlocked the door and went inside to her office. It was closed on Sundays so no one would be there. She went into her office and sat down.

“God I really don’t want to do this” she said to herself as she booted up her computer. She hated doing this and keeps meaning to remind herself to hire someone to do it for her. Again she would likely forget. She went away filing papers and entering new members into the computer. Finally she would take the checks to the bank and return to finish up.

“What could I do to make this interesting” she thought and had a light bulb go off. She pulled her jeans down and moved her thong to the side. She opened and door and pulled out a butt plug. She lubed it up and slowly in and out got it to go farther and farther in. She moaned the whole time and finally it went in the full way.

“Ahhhh, that never gets to be an old feeling” she would wear it to the bank and back while walking the whole way. She pulled her shorts back up and walked out. She hoped someone might notice as the thought of their reaction turned her on. Well, more on than before. She walked the full half mile there not trying to hold her walk steady making it pretty obvious. She’d never done this before and kind of liked it. She then returned to the gym and found the front door wide open.

“Shit how did I forget to lock?” She asked herself. Then she realized her shenanigans made her lose focus. She walked in slowly after shutting the door behind her. It didn’t seem anyone was there and she walked to her office where she took her plug out and put it back. She finished up and left her office.

“Hello Licia,” someone said in the dark. She was startled and couldn’t see a thing. She knew only one person called her that and his name was Mark. She struggled to find the switch and turned it on to find ten guys all in the newly lit room. She fell backwards in astonishment.

“What the fuck are you guys doing? You know the gym is closed on Sundays,” she yelled in frustration and approached Mark.

“Sorry, we just thought we’d surprise you, ya know, be spontaneous,” he said as she got right in front if him.

“Well don’t do it again, you almost killed me,” she said, “What do you want anyways?”

“Ahhhh that’s the surprise,” and quickly two guy grabbed her arms and tied them above her head to a rope on the ceiling.

“Fuck Mark! What are you doing?” She yelled.

“Well we know how horny you get and thought we’d show you a good time besides we all graduate in a few months so we thought we would give you a parting gift.

“What are you going to do to me!?” She asked already knowing the answer.

“Shhhhh enough questions,” said another guy named Alex who pulled down her jean shorts. They were thought to get off with the extra size she has. They all pulled their shorts off leaving some naked and others with just their underarmor.

“Please don’t!” She yelled. Some thing was telling her not to do this as they removed her thong and exposing her most private areas. Her tan line appeared all around as Alex slapped her butt a few times.

“Mark will you do the honors?” He asked. Mark didn’t hesitate to step up to the plate as he was in black sleeveless underarmor. He rubbed her pussy as she became hot.

“Damn, you’re moist already!” He shouted as the others laughed. Mark was definitely the biggest she’d ever seen. He grabbed the back of her legs and pulled them around her as her arms kept her upper body in check. Mark played a little bit and rubbed his 10″ cock around her pussy lips. He plunged in as she let out a loud moan.

“Oh my god! You’re- you’re huge!” She cried out as Mark pumped in and out.. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her body was all in but her mind told her not to like it. His cock was so big and fat it spread her pussy wider with each pump. He then reached around and shoved three of his fingers inside of her asshole. He stopped and made her lick them clean before continuing. Alex came up behind her started to play with her asshole. He then removed her sports bra revealing her large breasts to everyone. He slapped them a few times and spit on her asshole. He put the tip of his cock onto her asshole and slowed plunged his way in.

“Hey guys, she prepared her asshole for us! What a good slut!” He said and slapped on of her titties. Mark leaned over and started to suck on them.

“Oh my god! Guys! Please! Stop!” She yelled at her double penetrators. She’d never done this before. Her body was slowly melting not it. Her juices pushed past Mark’s fat cock and drip onto the floor.

Alex and Mark found a rhythm and went in and out at the same time. She could barely hang on. She couldn’t as her tits were slapping together with each upward movement.

“Oh my god!” She cried out. Mark pulled out as her juices soaked the floor. Alex kept going which only made the orgasm more powerful and last longer, “Ah! Don’t stop! It feels so good! Fuck my ass! Fuck it harder!” Alex was pumping so hard his balls were slapping into her wet pussy. Alex almost came and didn’t want to shoot his load right away so he pulled out quickly. He let her down as she could barely stand up. They cut her lose a spend she fell to the floor in her post orgasmic rush.

“I want all of you to have a turn with me,” she said in between breaths. She got smirk on her face as she realized she was about to be gang-banged by all of these men. She licked her lips in lust as they all approached her.

Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age.


Humbert trudged about the library in a bad mood stacking the errant books on his cart that had been left behind by the inconsiderate students of Maplewood High School. The thin, lanky nerd was in his last year of high school and worked the closing shift of the library. It was one of two jobs the teen had been working to save up for a trip out of state to a comic book convention on the west coast. There were rumors that scenes from the new avenger’s movie would be displayed in one of the panels. He was finally going to enter the big cosplay convention as one of his favorite comic strip characters; Dilbert. He was sure he would be a shoe-In for the 250.00 prize.

Humbert’s thoughts were interrupted by loud laughter and constant chatter.

The nerd turned his attention towards a long table near the back window where two very attractive women sat. He immediately recognized the head cheerleader Melissa and her BFF Leslie. A chill ran up the teen’s back as he realized the women were looking directly in his direction.

Melissa a.k.a Red as she was known for her wild mane of red hair was feared across campus because of her explosive temper, martial arts prowess and the fact that she was the sheriff’s daughter. She had been in at least ten fights this year with both boys and girls. It was known that several lawsuits had been averted by her father and that she could do no wrong in his eyes. Red seemed to operate with impunity in the very small town of Maplewood.

Leslie was an impossibly stacked brunette endorsed everything her friend did with unwavering loyalty. She was known to be indifferent towards all of the guys at school who endlessly chased after her in futile attempts to bed the elusive beauty. There were rumors that Leslie and Red were lovers, but no one took these stories seriously. Leslie had a perfect hour glass figure and was just a shade less attractive than Red.

Humbert noticed that Red was waving him over with a wide grin on her face.

“What?” Humbert was confused because he had been a classmate with the girls for the past three years and they’d never noticed him before. He found his pulse quickening as he slowly approached the two women.

“Yeah?” He asked coming to a stop a few feet in front of the table they were seated at. He felt anxious and like he was on display for the undisputed queens of Maplewood High.

“Hey…You’re a virgin right?” Red asked plainly.

“What?” He was flabbergasted at the question. She hadn’t even the decency to acknowledge that she knew his name.

“You’re a fucking virgin aren’t you dim bulb?” She asked again as Leslie started snickering.

“No!!!” Humbert blurted out embarrassed as both girls exploded in witch like cackling. After a few moments Red composed herself and regarded the nervous teen in front of her that was beginning to visibly sweat under their intense scrutiny.

“Now who lost their mind and actually fucked you?” Red asked before breaking into laughter with her friend. Humbert found himself growing angry and he clenched his fists to keep from yelling.

“Stop fucking with him Red.” Leslie laughed her large breasts shaking under the beige sleeveless t-shirt she was wearing. Leslie’s tits were so large on her thin frame that she had actually cut a V-neck into the material to be able to slide the fabric over her head.

“I’m not doing anything to this puss. He’s standing here telling us that somebody has actually fucked him.” Red laughed.

“Oh come on Red, stop fucking with the boy. You know he’s a fag.” Leslie laughed.

Humbert lost it at this point and slammed his small fists on the tabletop startling the two women.

“FUCK YOU BOTH!!” He yelled at the top of his lungs before stalking off back towards the front counter.

Red and Leslie stared after him in complete silence.

Humbert began to put away the countless books and DVDs that his co-workers and peers had left behind. He had begun to feel really good about himself for putting the two hottest girls in school in their rightful place. The library had thinned out as he worked and he would soon be announcing the imminent building closing over the p.a. system.

Then he noticed it.

Red and Leslie were still at the table sitting in silence with their I-Phones and tapping away on their personal devices. He noticed Red intermittently glancing in his direction. Humbert shrugged it off as he picked up the phone at the front counter and made the announcement over the p.a. system. The few students remaining in the library trudged up to the counter and checked out of the library.

Leslie and Red slowly got up and casually approached the counter. Humbert couldn’t help but be awed at the appearance of these two women. Actually walking side by side he noticed the extreme difference in bust size between the two girls. Red was almost flat chested a perky set of B-Cups encased in a black wife beater with a Slayer logo emblazoned on the chest. He took notice of the wide, curvy hips in form fitting leggings with a blue jean print that ended at her studded cowboy boots.

By the time he looked over at Leslie’s more rounded “black girl” hips wrapped tightly in a jean miniskirt with her matching boots like her BFF, the girls were at the front counter looking him directly in the eye.

“What do you two want?” He questioned unconsciously controlling his tone.

Both of the girls had a rather contrite expression on their faces as Leslie began to speak.

“Hey man we just wanted to apologize for being total dicks earlier.” Leslie leaned forward a bit scanning Humbert’s eyes for any reaction.

“Yeah, we were so fucking out of line dude.” Red added.

“Oh, it’s okay guys. You were just teasing me a bit.” Humbert felt his heart soften.

Leslie suddenly reached down and pulled the helm of her t-shirt up causing her large, fat pendulous breasts to fall free literally hitting the cold counter top. Her rather large areolas were puffy and the pencil eraser sized nipples were fully erect.

“That’s teasing you dork.” Red laughed and before Humbert could respond; her fist was flying at Mach speed across the counter and colliding with his large nose smashing it against his face.

Humbert found himself being hurled back into a stack of books and DVDS knocking them over with the impact of his toppling body. He was completely dazed and tried to recover himself as he noticed with horror that Red was hopping over the counter like a cowboy jumping off of a horse.

“Fuck!!” He cried out as the redhead took three large steps closing the distance between them and planting her heeled boot into his chest with enough impact to send his head into the tiled floor.

Before he knew what was happening, Red had ripped the library keychain from his belt and tossed it to Leslie who ran to the library doors and locked the building. Red immobilized Humbert with both of her knees in the small of his back as he struggled to toss the girl off. She was kneeling upright on the back of the nerd as he screamed and flailed about.

Leslie joined her friend behind the counter and ran to the wall switching off most of the lights in the library.

Red had leaned forward on top of the prone teen and mercilessly pounded away at his ribs while screaming into his ear with every thrust of her fist.

“Where’s the fucking tape?!!” She screamed.

“What?!! Ooww!! I don’t know what you’re talking about!! Get the fuck off me!!” Red balled her fist up around Humbert’s ear and whispered quite plainly…”The surveillance tapes douche. I saw the cameras on the wall bitch.” She followed this up with two more punches to his ribs.

“It’s under the counter… [Punch]…On the bottom shelf!!” Humbert cried out. He heard Leslie rummage through the magazines on the bottom shelf.

“Got it!!” She yelled as she popped the VHS tape out with a sigh of relief.

“Hey babe you were absolutely right about the school being too cheap to have an updated security system.” Leslie leaned against the counter weighing the tape cassette in her small hand.

“Okay!!! Just take the money and leave!!” Humbert cried out as Red dug her knees into his back.

“Hey asshole, we’re not thieves!!” Red slapped her palm against the back of his scrawny neck and then followed her actions up by raking her nails across his tender flesh causing the nerd to yelp.

“Oowww!! What the FUCK do you FUCKING WANT?!!” Humbert screamed!!

Red slowly got off the frightened teen and stood back as he turned over into a sitting position and looked up at his two captors.

“Do you think we’re pretty?” Red asked battling her eyelashes for effect and smiling innocently.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!” Humbert yelled.

Red suddenly launched her foot into his chin in a punting motion nearly knocking the teen unconscious. Humbert hiccupped on his blood and struggled to catch his breath as Red used her foot to right him into a sitting position once more.

“Do you think we’re pretty?” She asked politely again.

Humbert nodded his head and gurgled out half whispering “Yes.” He began to shake uncontrollably as both women cracked smiles that soon became wide grins.

“Good boy.” Leslie encouraged as Red seemed to turn her attention to the rows and rows of books stocked in the rear of the store. She wandered further away as Humbert turned his attention to Leslie.

“Well, what have you got to say for yourself?” Leslie asked

“W-What?” Humbert’s eyes briefly looked over at Red as she knocked a few books to the floor.

“Where do you get off talking to us like you did asshole?” Leslie questioned the nervous teen whose eyes continued to wander over to the redhead peering at him from the opposite side of the rows of shelves in the back area. She was slowly moving back towards him with a serene smile on her face.

“I-I’m very sorry.” Humbert apologized still shivering.

“And you should be shit bird. You-my friend are the weak and me and Leslie, well we are the strong. You don’t get to have a feel good moment with us. You “really” shouldn’t try to stand up to bullies Hum-Bert.” Red taunted him from behind the aisle peering down at him like an animal.

“This ain’t a fucking movie Hum-Bert …and you don’t get to have a happy ending douche.” Leslie added.

“Look I’m so sorry for uh, being out of line.” He stammered.

“And you should be nerd boy, because now you’re going to have to pay the piper.” Red tipped over a few more books that landed near the frightened teen.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want-I want you to get your bony ass up off the floor and try to act like a REAL MAN.” Red had made it back and stood less than a foot away watching her victim slowly gather himself and stand before her.

“Hey one question Hum-Bert.”


“Which one of us is prettier?” Leslie asked. He looked from one girl to the other unsure of how to answer. Red was the more attractive of the two face wise with an oval shape to her features, intense almost luminescent green eyes and full pouty lips. She had a small smattering of freckles across her cheeks and thin nose. Leslie had strong slightly masculine features with piercing hazel hues eyes, somewhat prominent nose and thin lips. For some reason, Humbert noticed Leslie’s strong eyebrows that looked almost penciled on and gave Leslie a predatory look all her own.

“Well, what’s your answer?” Leslie had her arms folded across her large chest as she waited for an answer.

“Uh, you’re both equally beautiful.”

He was immediately slapped hard by Red as Leslie shook her head with a grin.

“No, no, no …Now Humbert, you shouldn’t lie to us because everybody knows that Red is the prettiest girl on campus. Fuck, she’s the prettiest girl in town dinkleberry.”

“S-Sorry.” He apologized looking down at his feet. Red reached out causing the teen to flinch.

“Relax bitch. We’re just talking now.” She assured.

“Okay Melissa.” He realized his mistake just as the words left his mouth and received another devastating punch to his right eye. He doubled over cradling his eye with his hands. Red followed this action by launching another kick into the nerd’s temple sending him to the floor on his side.

“Don’t you ever say my name again you fucking piece of shit!!”

Humbert’s sobbing filled the empty, dark library echoing off the walls. Leslie and Red shot each other satisfied glances as they watched Humbert wallow in self-pity and shame.

“GET UP!!” Red snapped at her victim.

He managed to pull himself up to his feet.

“We’re going to ask you one more question before we punish you Hum-Bert.” Leslie laughed.

“You better not fucking lie to us this time shit bird.” Red warned.

“Uh, okay.”

He was shocked as both girls suddenly removed their shirts baring their breasts. His mind was doing flip flops as he stared first at Leslie’s luscious tits, slightly sun baked tan mountains topped with the afore mentioned puffy areolas and thick nipples. He didn’t know why this was happening to him as he looked over at Red’s small, cute alabaster tits jutting out perfectly from her chest topped with small dime sized pinkish areola and pert nipples.

Both girls were smiling from ear to ear at his confusion and apparent arousal as his khaki cargo pants were tented by his erection.

“Which one of us has the biggest tits?” Leslie asked.

“Uh, well… I uh can’t.” He fumbled for words as the sweat beaded up on his forehead.

“It’s not a trick question. Now answer the question bitch.” Red yelled, annoyed at his hesitation.


Leslie folded one of her arms across her massive chest and slapped the nerd hard across the face while Red laughed remaining bare chested.

“Pervert!” Red continued laughing as Leslie pulled her shirt back on.

“Okay dick weed…We want to see your cock.” Leslie ordered.

“Yeah, while we were waiting to kick your ass, my girl here bet me that you had a small little pinky sized dick.” Red remained bare chested seemingly non-pulsed by her topless state.

Humbert fumbled with the belt to pants slowly undoing the belt and sliding his khakis down with his boxers to reveal his slightly above average blessing. He didn’t want to risk angering the girls again.

“Well, well, well Hum-Bert. What a nice long cock you have there.” Red eyes widened at the sight of his semi-erect member.

“Pull those pants down further. As a matter of fact, take ‘em all the fucking way off.” She ordered.

He complied letting his pants slide to the floor and kicking them off to stand completely bottomless in front of the two girls.

“Looks like he likes you Leslie.” Red taunted her friend who looked seriously annoyed.

“You’re the one standing here with your tits out.”

“Yeah, but he’s been burning a hole in your chubby tits all day bitch.” Red countered.

“Fuck you Red.” Leslie actually looked disgusted and turned her head away from Humbert.

“Hey asshole, which one of us would you rather fuck?”

“Please.” He begged knowing that there probably was no right answer to this question.

“Which one of us would you rather fuck?!!”

“Leslie.” His head swung down towards the floor as he tensed up expecting a blow.

Leslie immediately responded by kicking him in the balls. Humbert screamed in pain sure that his testicles had been smashed to oblivion. Red whispered in her friend’s ear staring down at their victim. Both girls bumped fists and smiled to each other.

“On your feet.” She ordered.


“Get-the-FUCK-up…RIGHT NOW!!!” He managed to get to his feet with help from the doorway to the back room.

“Now, I want you to lean up against that wall and shut the fuck up Hum-Bert. If you make even one peep, we’ll spend the rest of the night taking turns kicking you in balls until they fall off and roll across the got-damn floor.” Red’s tone and intent were crystal clear.

Humbert complied leaning against the door frame causing his shriveled penis to jut outward towards the girls.

“You got five minutes bitch.” Leslie said looking at her watch.

Humbert was astonished to say the least as the redhead kneeled in front of him staring directly at his cock. He began to tremble again as she brought her face closer to his cock seemingly examining it.

Red suddenly took it into her mouth in one voracious gulp and began giving Humbert an extremely sloppy blow job…no hands using only her neck and hips to swivel about on his meat. Leslie stared at her watch and looked bored while her BFF was working over the lanky nerd’s cock with wild fervor and lustful hunger.

Saliva and precum began to run from her mouth in disgusting webs soiling her chest and dripping onto the floor. Humbert did his best to be silent but a few moans began to escape his lips.

“You are such a whore.” Leslie was definitely disgusted.

Humbert could feel himself getting ready to cum but he didn’t know if he should tell or signal Red somehow. She was really getting into the blowjob and had begun massaging his balls and lightly jerking his vein crossed cock with savage efficiency.

“One minute Red.” Leslie checked her watch again. He didn’t know why the brunette bombshell was calling time on his blowjob, but he knew it couldn’t be good news for him.

Red began violently jerking his cock and licking the fat mushroom head of his organ and his hips started to involuntarily respond humping into the girl’s plump, wet lips.

He was about to cum…

“Time!” Leslie yelled with a smile on her face as Red completely stopped blowing him and jumped to her feet directing her anger towards her friend.

“YOU CHEATED BITCH!!!” Red yelled at the top of her lungs and Humbert even thought that the women would come to blows.

“You know the rules cunt!! If you forfeit, that lovely car of yours is all mine!” Leslie waved her finger in front of her BFF’S freckled face.

The redhead turned her attention to Humbert, rage reading across her face as she began a slow boil. Red suddenly kicked off her boots and hooked her thumbs into her leggings drawing them down to reveal her perfect legs. She completely removed them kicking them over towards his own discarded pants. Now Red stood before him in what appeared to be an extremely small pair of black bikini panties that were so tight they appeared to be painted onto her body.

“Don’t say one word…Not one fucking word dickwad.”

Humbert watched in amazement as Red got down on all fours and turned her perfect tear drop shaped butt towards him. She casually reached back with one hand pulling her panties to the side.

“Fuck my ass nerd.” Red ordered.

Humbert didn’t know what to make of the situation as Leslie grinned and motioned for him to comply with Red’s order.

“GET THE FUCK OVER HERE!!” He jumped and ran to the kneeling woman looking down at the perfect heart shaped ass before him. He grasped her small waist but immediately took his hands away not knowing if she preferred to be taken in that manner. His hands briefly grasped her juicy, narrow buttocks.

“Squat down and stick the head of your cock inside my asshole. I’ll take it from there fucker.”

He pressed his cockhead against the cleft of her buoyant ass cheeks running his cock along the crevice for a few seconds and luxuriating in the soft, slightly sweaty pale skin. Red’s manicured and delicate fingers reached back drawing one of her cheeks apart exposing her brown eye. Humbert’s breathing intensified as he gingerly poked the very tip of his penis against the crinkly brown star.

He glanced towards Leslie noticing that her level of interest had changed considerably. He could see her massive chest heaving and her nostrils seemed to be flaring.

Red surprised him by slamming her butt backwards and taking his complete length in one urgent motion.

“FUUUCK!!” Red moaned as she began fucking herself on Humbert’s engorged cock, pulling herself slowly forward only to ram herself back as hard as she could. He watched her pale, white butt slide along the length of his cock and began to fidget a little wanting to grab her curvy hips and drive his prick into her asshole with all he had.

“How’s about a little help Hum-Bert?” Red wiggled her bubble butt on his cock for emphasis. She had this way of twerking at the hips that put pressure on his cock from just below the head of his penis in a massaging motion. He couldn’t help himself as he dug his fingers into the widest part of her fleshy hips and started ramming himself home as hard as he could.

“YEEEAHH!! That’s EXACTLY what the FUUUUCK I’m talking about HUUUM-BERT!!” Red encouraged as she continued pounding herself backward into his pelvis.

Leslie had begun sweating profusely and fondling one of her tits through the material of her t-shirt.

“Pull my hair HHUUUM-BERT!!” Red was in ecstasy as the nerd began bottoming out in her asshole in a herky jerky motion. He had all but forgotten the copious abuse heaped on him by these two cheerleaders as he grabbed a fistful of Red’s wild mane twisting it around his fist and pumping even harder.

“OOOHHH!!! OH FUCK!!! OOOOHH!!! FUUUCK ME YOU BITCH!!! WRECK MY TIGHT ASSHOLE WITH YOUR COCK!!! Red had started to orgasm and was beginning to violently shake and sob. Tears had begun to ruin her carefully applied mascara.

Leslie at this point was openly fingering herself in tandem to the debauched sight in front of her. One of her hands was on an exposed breast rolling the nipple and the horny girl had pulled up the front of her skirt, yanked her panties aside to rub her clit with abandon.

“OOOOH FUUUCK!!! I’M GONNA CUUUUM!! I’M GONNA CUM ON THIS NERD’S COCK!!!” Red had raised her upper torso up and was basically standing on her knees pounding herself into Humbert and shaking even more violently.

Leslie had shoved three fingers inside her shaved cunt and was finger banging herself in tandem with the fucking occurring in front of her. Her brown locks were matted to her head and drenched in sweat.

Red collapsed on her taunt, toned belly taking the lanky teen with her to the tiled floor. Humbert flopped around on top of the redhead driving his cock into her as hard as he could. He began trembling and jerking on top of this beautiful wild creature beneath him, his climax fast approaching.

“I’m gonna cum.” He half whispered into her ear, his speech slurred and drool running from his mouth onto her cheek.

“Cum motherfucker…Cum in my fuckin’ AAAASSSHHOOOLE!!!” The orgasm finally claimed the teen and she began vibrating and shaking like a woman possessed.

“FUUUCKK!!” Humbert began filling the redhead’s rectum to capacity with his semen, some of it spouting out of her juicy ass and blanketing her cheeks.

He sat back on his haunches and jerked the rest of his seed onto the delectable derriere of his former tormentor before collapsing into a sitting position on his naked ass.

Red was motionless on the floor face down in a pool of her own bodily fluids and intermingled sweat.

Humbert sat breathing heavily, his bruised features still smarting and his spent cock feeling like it had been put inside a blender. His chest was raw and he could barely move.


He looked over to find Leslie staring at him with a forlorn look in her eyes. Her fingers were still frantically working on her pussy as she looked to be on the verge of tears.

“Please help me, I can’t cum.” Leslie pleaded, her chest heaving as she continued rubbing on her clit.

“Wh-What do you want me to do?” He asked.

“Eat me.” Leslie breathed as she grabbed a handful of his hair driving his face into her exposed crotch. Humbert began to lap along the puffy shaved lips of her vagina sticking his tongue in after a few moments. Leslie tightened her grip on his head digging her nails into his scalp.

“UH-UH, LICK MY CLIT …HARDER!!” She cried as his movements began to affect the young woman. He began to use his tongue like a scoop dipping between her lower lips and rolling across her button.

“Fuck.” Leslie whispered and began humping her voluptuous hips against the nerd’s wet face. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him as he had worked his chin deeper into her crotch and started jerking his head from side to side causing more pressure to be placed on Leslie’s clit.

“OOoooh.” She whispered radically different from Red who had begun to stir on the floor. Red was like a wild animal screaming and thrashing about whereas Leslie seemed to always be holding something inside hidden away.

Leslie leaned back against the counter lovingly cradling the back of Humbert’s head with one hand and fondling her tit with the other. She squeezed her eyes shut as she rolled her engorged nipple.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s so fucking good. Lick my pussy clean fag.” Her lust filled words stung a bit, but he was determined to get the stacked cheerleader off.

“Suck that dirty pussy; lick me like you lick your mother you douche.” Leslie continued lost in euphoria. Humbert rankled at the insults attempting to draw his head away from the teen’s vagina.

“Now, now now pencil dick.” Leslie cautioned humping herself onto his tongue somewhat rougher. Red was laying on her stomach with a satisfied smile. Humbert chaffed at the insults, but went into survival mode and reached up cupping Leslie’s juicy black girl type ass; kneading her cheeks.

Leslie violently shoved him away with her foot sending the nerd tumbling.

“ASSHOLE!!! DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH ME!!!” Leslie shrieked at the top of lungs like a banshee. She appeared to be in a fit of disgust shaking and trembling, running her hands through her brown locks.

“I’M REALLY SORRY LESLIE!! I DIDN’T MEAN ANYTHING BY IT!!” He pleaded looking towards Red who was snapped out of her post orgasmic phase, her features returning to their normal angry countenance.

Leslie looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment. She seemed to have truly been disgusted by his touch. The tears began to slowly run down her cheeks mixed with her own mascara. Red had managed to get to her feet and cradled her BFF in her arms. The women talked in a whisper for a few moments before turning their attention to Humbert.

“I’m really sorry.” He half pleaded not knowing what to make of the developing situation.

“Hey it’s alright Hum-Bert. You just got caught up right?” Red grinned in his direction.


“I mean look at her [Motioning towards Leslie.]. Who wouldn’t want to fuck the hell out of all that right?” Leslie was still averting her eyes away from Humbert.


“Humbert…Do you want to fuck Leslie right now?” Red asked the floored teen.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea Red.” He attempted to take Leslie’s feelings into consideration.

Red responded by slapping him hard across the face.


He glanced over at Leslie and was shocked to see her stripping off her shirt and shimmying out of her mini skirt revealing a light blue pair of panties. Her tanned, toned thighs caused an instant rock-hard erection. She seemed to have a slightly bronzed tint to her complexion and appeared as a sculpted goddess… He was in awe of the woman before him.

“Are you gonna fuck me Hum-Bert?” she asked cupping her small hands under her breasts and continuously rolling her nipples.

“Well, I’d like to if you’d let me.”

“Well, uhm okay Humbert. But you’ll have to do it my way of course.” Leslie had stopped trembling and he could swear the beginnings of a smile were reading across her thin lips.

“You wouldn’t have a problem with that, would you boy?” Red chimed in with an inviting smile of her own.

“Uh, no I don’t think so.”

Both girls suddenly clapped and simultaneously yelled “Hoo-Ray!!” Humbert felt a twinge of apprehension really not knowing what he was getting himself into. Before he could consider it further, Red had wrapped her arms around him and began passionately kissing him and softly stroking his cock.

Before long the confused teen found himself spooning with Red in an intense exchange not knowing what would come next. He was determined to just get it over with and boiling over with conflicted emotion. These women had repeatedly assaulted him and Red had given her juicy ass to him.

He’d lost his virginity to one of the meanest bitches in Maplewood county and now, he was about to fuck one of the most unobtainable women in his high school.

How weird was that? Humbert thought as Red pressed her lovely lips onto his and worked her tongue into his mouth. She seemed to be insatiable when aroused and was pressing her hot body against his forcing him onto his back.

Leslie was suddenly hovering over him mere inches from his face, her slightly pendulous breasts just aching for his touch. She stared intently into his eyes with a look that was one part curiosity, two parts predator.

“You’re so pretty.” Leslie complimented him following her words up with an extremely light peck on the lips. He could feel Leslie’s fingers around his cock in tandem with her friend’s own skilled digits. He moaned and humped up into their hands desperately trying to get himself off.

“You’re a pretty little bitch.” Leslie casually taunted bringing her lips close to his and kissing her BFF at the last moment. Humbert watched as the two girls made out while softly stroking his cock enough to keep him on the verge of climax, denying him the chance to cum.

He could feel both girls’ breasts rubbing up against his own chest as they continued to make out over him. Red continued to stroke his penis while Leslie fondled his balls. Her finger occasionally drifted near his brown eye and he would squirm from the sensation.

He began to notice that one of the girl’s hands seemed to linger and press against his asshole.

“Hey, what are you doing down there?” Humbert began to feel threatened as he twitched involuntarily when he felt a finger push against his brown eye.

“Sssshhh baby, just chill the fuck out because you’re gonna love this.” Red cautioned with her trademark snarl. He began to move about none the less as Red and Leslie became a little more forceful in pinning him down.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?!!” He continued to panic when he felt the finger breach his asshole and twirl about.

“Oh so you’re going to make trouble again?” Red accused as she straddled his chest pinning him down under her nude body.

“Stop moving around douche!! He realized that Leslie was the culprit assaulting his back door feeling a second finger breach his ass. Leslie slowly began to move her fingers in and out of him with a rising cadence of activity.

“Humbert, you need to relax. Struggling is only gonna make it worse.” Red warned as he squawked at the sensation of a third finger in his anus.

“No …don’t do this!” He begged as the raw burning sensation in his ass increased exponentially. Red mashed her hand over his mouth and started violently working his cock over like she wanted to jerk it off.

“But you said we could. You agreed to this!”

“No!! I didn’t agree to this!” Humbert pleaded.

“Yes-you did Humbert. You “said” you would do it Leslie’s way and now you want to go back on your word.”

“I didn’t know she was going to mess with my butt Red.”

“You didn’t ask Hum-Bert.” She unexpectedly rose and stepped to the side allowing the teen to finally sit up. Leslie had already removed her fingers from his anus and was slowly rising as well.

Both girls just stared at him in silence, seemingly doing a slow burn.

“I didn’t know…I DIDN’T KNOW!!” He snatched up his pants but didn’t put them on. He just held them in front of him staring back at the cheerleaders.

“I didn’t know you were going to rape me either Hum-Bert.” Red folded her arms across her small bust, still naked as the day she was born.


“You locked yourself in here with us and forced us to strip, and then you fucked my ass raw as I-uh, begged for my life.” Red said casually.


“Yeah it did baby. You raped the fuck out of Melissa. I saw the way you took her like an animal!! You tore her asshole up with that “big cock” of yours shit stain!!” Leslie added to the emerging story.

“Why’d you rape me Humbert Jenkins of 2345 Oak Street?” Fear began to claim him as he realized that Red knew exactly where he lived. He began to hyper ventilate and tremble.

“You fucking pervert!! YOU RAPED MY BEST FRIEND!!” Leslie suddenly shouted jarring the teen even further.

“I’ll never be the same again Humbert Jenkins. What if somebody did that to your mother Hum-Bert …What if somebody fucked Laura Jenkins up her old, tired asshole?” Red laughed as the nerd dropped to his knees holding his head.

“You know Melissa’s dad is the sheriff of Maplewood Hum-Bert.” Leslie reminded him.

“My daddy loves me Humbert.”

“Please.” He whispered.

“My daddy worships the ground I walk on bitch. Daddy’s gonna flip when he finds out how you ASSAULTED me HUM-BERT.” Red taunted the shrinking nerd.

“Oh yeah, he’s probably gonna BLOW YOUR UGLY HEAD OFF with his twelve gauge.” Leslie laughed as tears ran down Humbert’s cheeks in torrents. He was defeated and he knew it.

“I watch that CSI show and I know that after I go to the hospital and get a rape kit done…Well, you’re so fucked when they get all that incriminating cum out of my gaped asshole. Know what I’m talking about Humbert? They call that shit, uhm DNA! Right Humbert?” Red dropped her hands from her chest and stood there looking down at her victim with her hands on her hips.

“You’re gonna wish that two hotties were pegging your corn hole when your cell mate’s BIG, BLACK COCK SHOOTS RIGHT UP YOUR ASSHOLE HUM-BERT!!” Leslie was really getting into the scenario.

Humbert fell forward on his hands sobbing openly as the girls stopped taunting him and watched amused as he cried his eyes out.

“Please, forgive me…Forgive me for going back on my word and breaking my promise.”

The two cheerleaders stood there taking it all in as their victim sobbed at their feet.

“Hey, hey bitch… [He looks up at Red.] It ain’t the end of the world.”


“Yeah baby, you can keep your promise and then, well this all goes away Humbert.” Red assured him.

“Yeah, it’s not even gonna hurt that much either.” Leslie tried to sound positive.

“Really?” His words were slightly slurred from sniffling and crying.

“Yeah. We’re going to be real gentle and treat you like a little princess Humbert.”

Leslie had her purse on the counter and was removing what appeared to be some sort of leather harness that she began strapping around her waist and between her legs. Humbert began shaking in fear and loudly half breathing, half hiccupping. Red lightly ran her fingers through his hair silently getting off on the fear coursing through Humbert’s body.

“Hey calm down little guy, I’m going to be here every step of the way.”

“Really, you will?” He looked up into her pretty face finding a look of compassion and empathy.

Red directed his attention over to Leslie who was at that moment pulling a long banana shaped dildo from her purse. The stacked hottie actually held it up modeling it before the nerd’s wide saucer shaped eyes.

“See, it’s not that bad Humbert. You only have to take it until she gets off and trust me, it ‘ll probably be less than five minutes.”

“H-How’s she supposed to get off from sticking that “thing” up my butt?” Both girls looked at each other and smiled at his question.

“You see that belt thingie around Leslie’s fat hips?”


“Well in the crotch of that harness is a fitted piece of plastic that rubs up against her clit while she’s fucking someone with it and trust me when I say this Humbert…she’ll have one mind-fucking-orgasm while she’s pegging your tight hole.”

He flinched at the last part of that sentence as he watched Leslie attach the dildo to the crotch of the harness by screwing it into place. She began kneading her large breasts and staring in his direction with a toothsome grin.

“I-I think it’s gonna hurt.” He was starting to get visibly nervous as the brunette approached him.

“You’re not backing out are you?” The tender inflection in Red’s voice started to change a bit.

“Nuh-no…I just think it’s gonna hurt. A lot.” He was trembling again.

“Now why don’t you just let me worry about that Humbert. Turn around on your hands and knees.” He complied slowly turning his back and hairy ass towards Leslie. He was shocked when he suddenly found the dildo staring him in the face and looked up at an expectant Leslie.

“I forgot to bring some lube. Could you help me out with this?” Inwardly he was pissed that this cunt actually wanted him to suck the dildo she was going to shove up his ass, but at this point he was just in survival mode. He began sucking on the first five inches of the dildo for a few moments. Leslie grabbed the back of his head and shoved the rest of it into his throat.

“Yeeah bitch, suck my dick…Gag on that cock.” She actually sounded like she was getting off on humiliating him. He peered out the corner of his eye to see Red surveying the scene with this incredulous look on her face.

“Don’t look at me bitch, look up at her. You look into her fucking eyes when you suck her cock Hum-Bert.” He hated the way the two girls intentionally mispronounced his name. He looked up at Leslie who had begun roughly humping his mouth.

Red had begun to pull her leggings on and was checking her phone. She snapped a few pictures with her phone when he wasn’t looking. Leslie had begun to gag him and saliva was freely running from his mouth in disgusting webs as choking sounds erupted from his throat. A couple of times she pinched his nose forcing him to open his mouth wider.

“You’re a natural cocksucker Humbert. You could give lessons.” Leslie complimented as she pulled the soaked toy from his mouth. His jaw was actually sore from sucking on the sex toy. He was extremely nervous as the stacked brunette got behind him and he felt her hands on his hips.

“Hey, hey baby boy. Don’t worry cause Red’s gonna take care of you.” The redhead planted a light kiss on his forehead.

“You-said it’s not really gonna hurt that much, right?” He asked again just needing to hear the lie once more. Red reached out and cupped his cheeks in her small hands as he felt Leslie fingers pulling his ass cheeks wide apart with greedy fingers.

“I lied.” She said with a quick smile.

There was an audible “pop” as the toy pierced his O Ring.

Humbert screamed at the top of his lungs as the dildo was shoved violently into his rectum with as much force as the cheerleader could manage.

“AAAAHHHHH!!! GET THAT FUCKING THING OUT OF MY ASS!!!” But the brunette would not be swayed as she wildly slammed herself into the lanky teen. Red marveled at the apparent joy of Leslie as she happily watched her friend fuck the dog shit out of the teen.

“FUCK YEAH!!!” Leslie dug her well-manicured nails into the flesh of his waist and steadied herself as she began pounding his ass with strong measured strokes. The plastic nub on her end of the toy was nudged violently into her own clit and she began to fill an orgasm slowly start to build.

“IT FUCKING HURTS SOOO BAAD!!!” He tried to buck the thick teen off, but she positioned herself over him locking herself into place with her muscular thighs.

The scene was starting to get to Red as drool started to run down her lips. She rubbed her cunt through her leggings as Leslie took Humbert froggy style. His cries escalated alarming the redhead out of her stupor and she quickly grasped his wrists looking directly in his tear filled eyes.

*This story was made for people 18 and up. Enjoy!!!*

The party was at Wayne state and it was live. Beer drugs everything. But out of the crowd I saw a girl.

She had nice big lips and beautiful eyes. A brownish caramel skin tone and had long hair reaching down to her lower back. On top of that she had a big massive bubble butt and nice size tits. I was slowly getting hard. Because I felt like I knew her from somewhere.

The booty shorts and tight tigers shirt she was wearing made me fall in love. Her boots were clicking against the marble floor as she walked closer.

I smiled and took a drink my someone made me. And in about teen seconds…. everything started to get blurry.

She made it to me and all I could see was shadows of people go by.


I woke up in a room and my head was hurting. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was a drugged. My friends must have put me here as a joke. I still had on my clothes. Thank God but… where the heck am I.

I walked around and found out that I was in the girls locker room. The mist made it hard to see the floor even my hands. When I opened a door I heard singing and a shower running.

It was a girl of course… But a nude singing girl! I should have walked out but I didn’t. I slowly walked to the showers. There…. I saw her.

Well her back. Her nice back and big butt. It didn’t take long for me to get hard. My little head was thinking for my big head. But I couldn’t fuck her even if I wanted to; I was too messed up.

But damn. I bit my bottom lip at the thought of it. Me walking up behind her and touch her big bubble butt. And squeeze it till it pops.

Is it soft, hard, crusty, smooth, or muscular. I don’t know and i wouldn’t mind finding out.

I held my big dick and started to walk toward her. But like fate (a big fuck up) there was soap on the floor. I slipped and hit the floor with a bang…. My eyes went to the back of my head.

I could only remember her looking at me… Those big cat type eyes. I was happy I landed on my back. My dick would have broken in half if i didn’t.

I woke up and opened my eyes slowly. There I saw her and her beautiful pussy that had very little pubic hair.

“Are you okay?” And she started laughing with an evil yet sexy smile. Her spanish accent was more then lovely to me. And I knew that it was only a matter of time before she sees my dick in full form.

“You finally woke up”, she said as I was getting use too her voice. I barely understood her!

She rubbed her pussy and I watched as she played with it putting her fingers in and out. She pulled out something that was attached to a string. It was five small pink vibrating balls! She threw it to the side.

Then she smiled at me, and through her heavy breaths she said, “You were out for a while, I had to to something to pass the time. Besides it made it wet for you.”

“So you”- I started to say but she put her finger that she rubbed her pussy with on my lips.

“Lick this, You’ll wake up.” She said with a giggle, yet I knew she was serious. “It’s like caffeine.”

Like a good boy I put her fingers in my mouth. Realizing that it taste like some type of candy. I made sure that my fat tongue went in between each finger. I was saving the taste for later knowing that I will soon have a mouth full of this sweet liquid one way or another.

She fingered her pussy some more as she watched me carefully like a hawk. Her eyes closed as she put the juiced up hand in my mouth. I happily tasted it like a baby taking milk.

“Damn,” she moaned and moved her hands away, “You don’t talk a lot do you.”

“How could I talk,” for my husky body type I was out of shape and out of energy, “Your fingers taste so… Good.”

She pushed me away and on to the wet ground. And she said, “You like that sweet pussy juice, huh. You nasty fucker.” She paused, “You want some in your mouth.”

Like a boy scout I said, “Yes.”

Then turned her ass toward me and she said, “Breath in.”

Then sat down on my face. Cumming automatically making all of her clear sweet juices go down my throat.

I started to eat her out with every bit of energy that managed to show up. Knowing that I tasted this pussy before. She moaned and continued to cum. I grabbed her ass and made her pussy go deeper in my mouth. I sucked it so hard that i just couldn’t stop.

Her ass hole was rubbing against my nose. Her pubic hair was on my chin. Which was ok by me. And her pussy was so tight that I couldn’t put my whole tongue in there.

Still moaning she unzipped my fly and took out my rock hard big dick and said, “Wow your Dick has gotten bigger papi. I haven’t had sex in a while.” She turned around and bit her bottom lip, “So this should be good. And you have some big vains too.”

I kissed and licked her tight pussy one more time. I was about to tell her how I haven’t jack off or had sex in a while too. So my balls were full of cum.

She was right it was was big and vainy. The top half was bigger then the bottom so it looked like a bat. My balls hung gracefully in between my thighs. Even time I ran it would slap against my thighs repeatedly.

But she beat me to the punch when she licked around the head of my dick. Kissed it and put her mouth on it and slowly went down. Tightening her lips hitting every vain. When six inches were in her mouth she slowly went up and down making sure I didn’t cum fast.

I wondered way she stopped going down. Maybe her throat was tight like her pussy. Or that this was her first time. But the conclusion was that she only took 6 of 10 inches.

Two minutes pasted and I was about to cum but she stopped and cried, “You were about to cum in my mouth!” She put her long wet tongue and ran it over my balls. “Weren’t you?”

I shook her massive butt cheeks up and down for yes. And moaned through her pussy, “I’m sorry.”

She started rubbing my balls and said, “Shut up I know I’m good at it papi. But I wont let you fuck me, or cum.”

I got mad and started to push her off me. But she press her pussy and ass hole harder onto my face and I couldn’t breath.

“Lick my ass hole clean and maybe I’ll let you fuck me there… Anal.” She said moaning.

Pre cum was cumming out my Dick and I could not think straight. But I made a choice.

I put her on her back. She smiled lifted up her legs and said, “Good papi. And don’t worry its clean”

“Then why am I cleaning it?!” I asked.

“Because I told you to,” she said, “Tonight your mine. So start licking…”

I smacked her ass five times as hard as I could. She yelled and moaned letting me know that me hitting her right there not only hurt…. But made her more horny too.

“Yeah I’m a bad girl.” She laughed. “Punish this bad girl papi.”

I smiled put my head closer to her ass. She spread her cheeks apart and I saw her ass hole. It was pretty.

The color of it was pink and brown. Cum from her pussy ran down to it and some soap leftovers were still around it. But the truth was that i would love to eat ass!

I licked it without a second thought. I moaned at how good it felt to smell her pussy and have her messaging my head.

Some say an asshole taste like pennies. Others say it will taste like you-know-what.

But her asshole taste was… I don’t know… tangy. It was more like a peeled grape. Only this grape was swollen and pulsing.

I have to say that I didn’t enjoy licking her ass hole as much as I did licking her pussy. But soon more of her juices came down to her ass hole and I loved it!

I was ready to fuck her. I didn’t care what she said. I don’t have a condom so I’ll just go with out it.

I got up on top of her and i kissed her and that transferred to a make out.

Our tongues touched and ran over one another. He big lips nearly took mine away with every suck and kiss.

Of course. Even though I wanted to do it… There was also another plan.

She probably thought that I was rubbing her ass hole with my fingers. Not knowing that I was just lining up my dick for the big moment.

I stopped and looked into her eyes and slowly put the head in. It went in easy. But she looked worried.

“Aye papi… Oooohhhh,” Knowing what I was about to do. She moaned as her face turned red as the rest had some difficulty fitting in.

“Don’t do it papi!” She pleaded, “At least take off your pants first right! You don’t-”

I put my finger in her sweet pink pussy and moved it around. My thumb was rubbing around the rim of her ass, and my dick.

I took out my finger that was soaked and put it in her mouth. She sucked on it like it was a lolly pop; much like she did my dick.

My dick was trying to jump up and down with horny excitement. But because of the tight surroundings it couldn’t.

I smiled and said simply, “No.”

I forced it in her tight ass hole. The softest popping sound of her booty getting stretched made me push it all it. This in turn made her cum so hard that her cum was landing on my stomach; she was a very strong squirter.

I could feel it. Her ass hole tighten around my ten inch dick. Her hormones racing.

I moaned like a little bitch and pulled my dick half way out. And pushed it back in. With every thrust her ass started to turn red. Her tits were moving around so much that I thought it would be best to put one in my mouth. I did!

It was a mouth full and I sucked on them like there was no tomorrow. I moaned again as she yelled my name. Making my ears ring and head hurt.

There was now a beat to it. I would lick her neck and stay in her for five seconds while rubbing her pussy lips. She would grab my ass and squeeze it telling me to fuck her.

Twenty six thrust later I yelled. “I’m about to cum!” And I started to pull out.

She quickly grabbed my ass like normal and forced me back in. I screamed. She bit my ear.

And I thrust my big dick in her ass hole two more times. Before my feet curled.. my mouth opened as I grunted, “Oh shit!”

I shot my load in side of her, stream after stream came out. And because of my size it wasn’t leaving. “Shit papi… Aye you fuck good. I wouldn’t have drunk all that cum!” She screamed and I made her take three fingers in her pussy. “I’m cumming with you!”

I was still cumming even after one minute pasted. I felt happy when my Dick wasn’t as hard. But sad when I started to pull out and noticed all the cum coming out her now open asshole.

When the whole thing was out she licked her juicy lips looking sexy as eve. With one hand she rubbed around her red open asshole and with the other hand she rubbed her nipple.

I helped her clean up after that.

Cleaning up her cum infested ass hole wasn’t easy. But her singing, ‘my hips don’t lie.’ Kelp my hands moving.

I kissed her and with so much love in my heart that I started to blush. As we were kissing I put my whole hand in between her cheeks and rubbed her pussy again.

Needless to say she came and she was thankful… so she gave me head.

So in the end I came twice and she came like eleven times!

We both sat down on the ground next to the door. And fully dress no less. “What’s your name?”

She laughed and said, “You just fucked me raw and you don’t know my name,” she paused and put her hand on my ear and said, “It’s Roxiana Lopez but my friends call me Roxy.”

“It’s nice to met you Roxy my name is Clay.” I said and she got up slowly… To slow. “What’s wrong?”

“You fucked my ass ruff making me cum.” She laughed and i watched as she walked over to her purse, “What do you think is wrong? My ass hurts papi.”

I laughed and rubbed my dick, “Yeah well my dick hurts. Maybe your ass was too tight.”

“Umm….. Give me your number.” She asked. And i did. Happy and yet sad that I didn’t ask. “You are so lucky.”

“How so?”

“The door is open.” She walked over to it and pushed. HOW THE HELL DID I NOT TRY THAT, “You never liked trying to open doors. And if you did you wouldn’t have fucked me.”

The hallway was dark and I followed her not knowing were I was going. I was secretly scared of the dark. So I was close to her.

We made it out at 2am. The dim skies of Detroit and the lack of street lights made it hard to find my dads car.

“Hey?” I turned to her. She was wearing my coat. Her eyes made her look sad like she was disappointed that I was lost. “You want to come in for a night cap and stay the night? Maybe I’ll give you more caffeine.”

“Yeah I can’t wait. I love coffee with a side of pussy juice.” we laughed as I pulled her close.

Not knowing that in this happy moment, that here was a force at work. I never knew what it felt like to be in love. And if this is Gods plan… I would be a fool to question it.

To be continued. . . . .

I woke to the sound of soft whimpering. I looked next to me to find Amanda sobbing and shivering. The sun still glowed brightly from her bedroom window, illuminating the vibrant summer trees that shifted delicately in the soft summer breeze.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her, feeling a twinge of sympathy despite myself.

No answer. She kept sobbing. Her naked body lay next to me facing the window. Her soft skin glowed in the sunlight like a blade forged in the darkest fire. My fire. She was mine, but what was happening to her? Did I go too far? Could I heal her?

I slowly reached my arm up to touch her shoulder. Her soft, smooth skin shivered even though the room was warm. I recoiled and asked her again, “What’s wrong, Amanda?”

She turned to face me, tears cascading from her deep brown eyes as they looked into mine. “Nothing’s wrong,” she smiled, tears still streaming down her face, “I’ve never dreamed of anything more in my life than being yours.” Amanda moved her face towards mine and pecked me on the lips. Unsatisfied, I pushed my lips back onto hers, and easily slid my tongue into her delicious mouth. I savored the moment as our tongues danced incestuously in each other’s mouths before I broke the kiss and slowly guided my hand across her face and into her hair. Amanda looked into my eyes again with that childlike gaze of adoration.

“Somnus,” I whispered.

Instantly, Amanda’s eyes closed and her body went limp. She had fallen into a deep state of sleep. I tweaked her left nipple as I began to whisper.


“Yes, Mark?” She answered innocently.

“What did you mean when you said you’d dreamt of nothing more than being mine?”

She stirred visibly, as if she were about to unearth some dark secret, “Ever since I was fourteen, I’ve been having these fantasies. They were subtle at first, just me picturing kissing you on the lips, but then I started fantasizing about doing other things with you.” Her lips curled into a slight smile at the admission.

I played dumb, “What sorts of ‘other things’?”

“I dreamt about you taking me to out to dinner and ordering my food for me, about you telling me what to do, protecting me and taking care of me. I brushed those off as harmless dreams, but then I thought about you fucking me, about you making me into your little fuck-slut, dominating me in and out of the bedroom. Most of all, I dreamt about you roughly fucking my asshole and spanking me like the whore I am. The fact that we are cousins made those thoughts twice as dirty and,” she moaned softly in pleasure, “arousing.”

I was speechless. My member was instantly hard as I pictured Amanda pleasuring herself to the image of me dominating her even without my powers. But why did she always try to boss me around?

“If you wanted me to dominate you this whole time, why were you such a bitch to me and the rest of the world?”

“When I was young, I told my mom about my fantasies. She beat me and ridiculed me, and wouldn’t let me out of the house until I told her I hated you. She wanted me to be just like her with the parties and fucking people over for their money. And she won. I became exactly what she wanted me to be. I fucked over so many people it makes me sick. And since I never stopped loving you, I felt that I needed to be harsh with you so you wouldn’t get close enough to me that I’d be able to hurt you.” A single tear escaped from underneath her eyelids.

I sat back on the bed. What had I done? Here she was, this beautiful woman who went through hell because she believed that it would keep me from getting hurt, and I had violated her like the asshole I am. I really am a monster.

“Amanda, do you want me to remove the triggers I’ve given you, and release you from your contract? You’ll be able to feel pleasure normally again.”

“No.” She answered flatly.


“I was a horrible person before you did those things to me. But you made me better. You fixed me. I want to be your obedient girlfriend and cousin. I’ll never want anything else,” she spoke with sheer conviction, something I had rarely experienced from the people I whispered with. “Please don’t make me go back. Please – I’ll do anything. Please let me stay this way!”

I was taken aback when she shouted that last part, and was worried about what could happen if a person woke up in the middle of my Whispering.

“Are you sure?” I pressed on.

“I’ve never been surer of anything in my life,” Amanda answered, her voice quickly quieting back into a normal innocent whisper.

I relented, “Then you’ll stay this way, Amanda, for as long as you want to.”

Her lips curled into a miniature smile again, “Thank you, Mark. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Amanda,” I whispered and kissed her lightly on her delicate lips. “Somnus.”

Instantly, her gorgeous eyes opened and she gazed at me, smiling.

“Hey you,” she whispered, as if her loudness might disturb our embrace.

“Hey,” I whispered affectionately, and smiled at her.

Amanda brought her lips close to mine and whispered, “Let me give you a present, sir.”

I was too tired from our fucking earlier this morning to respond. I simply watched as my gorgeous curvy cousin made her way down my body and took my cock out from under the bed sheets. Instantly, my member sprang to life. As she caressed it, her massive tits swayed back and forth.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “Such a nice, fantastic cock. You fucked me so well this morning, sir, I think it’s time I return the favor.”

She bent down and her lips hovered over my massive dick. Slowly, Amanda eased her tongue over the pre-cum forming at the tip of my cock and worked her way down to my balls. I felt her warm mouth envelop my left testicle as her tongue massaged and caressed it with the skill of the most talented porn stars. After a minute, she alternated to my right testicle, taking it fully into her mouth as she tried desperately to suck the sperm from my balls. Amanda released my testicles from her mouth and slowly worked her tongue down lower to the outer edge of my asshole. Feeling bold, she probed closer to my sphincter.

“You want to lick your cousin’s asshole? I would’ve never guessed you were this dirty.” I taunted.

Amanda looked up at me, giggling mischievously. “Oh you have no idea, Mark,” she promised. Then she plunged back down and began licking my bare asshole. I felt oddly aroused as she probed deeper into my ass with her tongue. When she finished licking my ass, Amanda dragged her tongue up, over my balls, past my cock shaft, and enveloped my cockhead with her hot, dirty mouth.

“You like sucking your cousin’s cock after you lick his asshole, huh slut?”

Amanda moaned a “mhm”, shoved my dick further into her mouth and began to pump her mouth up and down over my cock with such ferocity that the room was filled with her slurping and gurgling sounds. Suddenly she stopped fucking my dick with her face and looked up at me lovingly. Her dark eyes glittered with pure lust. Amanda closed her eyes and shoved my dick all the way inside her mouth and into her throat. She held my dick there for what seemed like an eon of pleasure before she retracted my cock from her mouth with an audible “blop”. Amanda looked deep into my eyes again and shoved my cock back up into her throat.

I took in the sight of my 22 year-old cousin deepthroating me. Her warm, wet mouth and throat caressed my cock so tightly I felt that I was about to explode.

“Amanda, I’m coming! It’s gonna be big!” I warned her.

I expected her to take her mouth off my dick, but she held herself in place and looked at me lovingly as I emptied my balls deep into her throat.

My busty cousin slurped and gulped down my cumload. She swallowed it so eagerly that she nearly coughed some of it back up, but she recovered and downed the rest in one gulp. Amanda looked up at me, and when I saw her face covered in mass amounts of saliva and drivel, I took one look in her eyes and said, “Baby, you are the most beautiful thing on the planet.”

She stood up to look at herself in the mirror, took one look at me and we both burst out laughing. I grabbed her by the waist and forced her down with me and we wrestled and kissed on the bed. I grabbed and spanked her bubble butt as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I had never been happier in my life.

Suddenly, a noise sounded from downstairs. “Mark! Amanda! We’re Home!”

“Crap! Our moms are back,” I whispered.

Amanda moaned in disappointment, “And I never even got to show you how bad of a dirty, submissive cousin I am.”

I was stunned and for a moment, my cock threatened to rise again. “You certainly are just full of surprises, Amanda.” I swatted her on the ass and caressed her magnificent breasts, eliciting low moans of pleasure from her. “Get dressed, slut, and I’ll show you later how much of a domineering bastard I can be.”

She gave me an adoring smile and I kissed her one last time before I got dressed. As I made my way into the hallway, I whispered, “Carpe diem,” into Amanda’s room. I chuckled with satisfaction as I heard her collapse and struggle to stifle her moans. I made my way downstairs with a smile on my face.

Mom met me when I came downstairs. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry we got back so late. The main route was bumper to bumper on the way back.”

Of course I told her being late was no problem.

“We brought pizza because I figured you and Amanda would be hungry after waiting for us.”

Ah, pizza. “Thanks Mom!” I hugged her. I didn’t pay much attention to the way her breasts crushed against my torso because I was still reeling from my lovemaking with Amanda. Lovemaking, huh? I thought to myself. I had never made love before. No, before this I had only fucked, but with Amanda, I felt like physical pleasure wasn’t the most important part of what we did. I was beginning to suspect I might be falling in love with her.

Amanda came down soon after and we ate pizza together. Mom and Aunt Sarah went into the TV room to watch a movie and we were thankfully left alone. She wore tight blouse that crushed her breasts against her chest and a short skirt that accentuated her jiggling ass. She was a vision.

We didn’t speak as much with words as we did though eye and body contact. We would gaze longingly into each other’s eyes as we caressed our bodies with our legs and feet under the table. As Amanda was finishing off one of her slices, a piece of sauce dripped down onto the wooden table. I picked up my napkin to dab it off, but she waved it away. She bent her head down and slowly licked the sauce into her mouth and smiled devilishly. Feeling like doing some punishing, I stuck my bare foot between her legs and my big toe met her warm, delicious pussy. She hadn’t even worn any panties with that fucking skirt! Her breath did a sharp intake as I stuck my big toe further into her cunt. Amanda closed her eyes and moaned softly as I teased her pussy. After a minute or so, she opened her eyes to look at me. Her watering eyes begged me for more, and I intended to deliver. I stuck another toe deep into her cunt and continued to fuck her with my foot while our moms were in the next room.

Emboldened, I shoved a third toe into her soaking pussy and fucked her harder. I motioned for her to lean forward and I retracted my foot from her cunt and put it on the table. She didn’t need to be told what to do. Amanda instantly engulfed my toes into her hot mouth and sucked ravenously at her own pussy juices.

“I think it’s time we take this little party back upstairs. Go upstairs and get ready for me.”

“Yes sir,” Amanda smiled with anticipation and slowly walked toward the stairs, looking back at me as she swayed her ass seductively.

I smiled at her as she walked up the stairs. Now I had one last chore for the night before I could spend the rest of it in heaven. I walked into the TV room to find Mom passed out on the couch, but Aunt Sarah was still awake and watching television. I wanted to wait for a little bit to see if Aunt Sarah would go to sleep, but something inside me urged me to try something.

“Hey, Aunt Sarah.”

I must’ve scared her, because she quickly turned toward me and let out a sharp yelp. I looked toward my mother. Still asleep. Good.

“Do you feel tired, Aunt Sarah?” I wondered. I felt as if a dark presence within me were reaching out to Aunt Sarah. It was significantly more perceptible than the feelings I sometimes got when I whispered to people in the endless cosmos of their dreams. Here, there was no cosmos. Just terrible, binding reality. I could make Aunt Sarah want to let go.

“Y-yes,” she answered, suddenly yawning.

“Wouldn’t it be great to just fall asleep and let all your worries go?”

“N-no,” she struggled as her eyes threatened to close.

“You’ve had a hard and stressful day, haven’t you Aunt Sarah? You’ve had to deal with shopping and traffic all day, and on the top of that you have to put up with a disobedient daughter and needy guests. Don’t you just want to slip away and enjoy the bliss of your dreams?”

“Y-” she let out a long yawn, “Yes.” Her eyes closed, “Need… to sleep.”

“Sleep, Aunt Sarah.”

And she was asleep. I thought about probing her for information on the horrible things she did to Amanda, but I could always do that tomorrow. I could make her sleep whenever I wanted, and Amanda, the hot vixen cousin of my dreams was waiting for me. My work could wait at least until after the sun rose to dominate the landscape once more in its daily conquest against the fathomless abyss of space.

“Mom? Aunt Sarah?”

“Yes?” they both replied in unison.

“Today’s been a rough day. There’s no need to wake up early. You want to relax and sleep in, right?”

“Yes, Mark.” The way they answered in monotonous simultaneity gave me the chills. It was like they were connected somehow. Maybe siblings had some sort of connection that transcended rational thought. But enough questions for tonight.

“So, if you wake up early, you’ll stay lying down in this room until you can sleep again, because you want to relax, right?”

“Yes, Mark.”

“Then, if you wake up you will look at the clock and see that it reads a number before twelve PM tomorrow morning, you will instantly fall asleep again. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Mark. Anything for my son.” Mom replied and she was silent.

Aunt Sarah’s voluptuous body shuddered before she answered, “Yes, Mark. Anything for my son.”

What the hell?

“Mom?” I replied, too stunned to say anything else.

“Yes, Mark?” They both replied in perfect unison.

“Aunt Sarah?”

“Yes, Mark?” They both replied.

I recoiled and took a few steps back from Mom and Aunt Sarah. Did siblings share a subconscious or was I somehow serving as a bridge between them?

I approached Aunt Sarah and knelt over her, fighting the temptation to stare down her massive cleavage. “Hi, Aunt Sarah,” I whispered in her ear so Mom would not hear.

“Hi, Mark,” They both answered in perfect unison.

Suddenly, I heard a noise in the hallway. I exited the room to hear someone quietly climbing the stairs. The wooden stairs at Aunt Sarah’s house always creaked when someone tried to traverse them. I walked up the stairs as silently as I could. Had Amanda seen me? Even though I had bound her voluntarily to my will, I still didn’t know how she would react when she saw the thing that really made me a monster. I would have to be cautious.

Silently, I entered Amanda’s room to find sitting on the bed facing the door. Instantly her dark gaze was upon me, her eyes ablaze with curiosity.

I looked at her and asked, “What did you see?”

She didn’t feign ignorance, “I’m not sure what I saw, Mark! What the hell were you doing to them?”

Although I could have lulled Amanda to sleep and coaxed her into forgetting that she saw me control our mothers, I decided to be honest. I told her about how I originally discovered my powers of suggestion when I manipulated her subconscious mind a few days ago, to how I had fixed the mistake that was Heather Richardson. She was receptive throughout my confession and silent until I mentioned that I had manipulated her early that morning.

“Wait, Mark, you did this to me?” She shot me an uncertain look, the way an amnesiac would when he is told who he is, but doesn’t understand or believe in his former life.

I nodded guiltily and said nothing. My gaze wandered toward Amanda’s dark window. Outside, the sun had completely set, casting dark hues of green into the violet evening sky, paving the way for the first stars which cast their light like timid fireflies gliding down from the heavens.

“I guess that explains why I haven’t felt the need to hurt anyone, and why I can be so completely honest with you,” she pondered, “So, that thing you do, is it like some sort of hypnosis or mind control? Could you get someone, such as my mom, to do things they wouldn’t normally do?”

I gazed into her eyes again, “It’s like I told you before; I can only control people while they sleep, and even then I can only easily manipulate their subconscious actions. It’s a lot more difficult for me to change how a person acts when they’re awake. I still don’t know why that is, or why any of this is happening, or if any of this is even real. I sometimes imagine that I died a long time ago, or that I’m in a coma and my life so far has been an echo of the loneliness I have felt when I was awake. I keep expecting to wake up in a world full of friends, but I always wake up alone,” She looked at me, tears forming in her eyes, “But to answer your question: Yes, I could probably get someone like your mom to do something out of character with a strong enough push while they sleep. Why?”

Amanda shook her head and slipped out her one-piece nightgown. Her massive mounds shot out of her perfect hourglass figure. “Never mind what I said, Mark,” she walked softly towards me, “My questions aren’t important. You saved that little Richardson boy and his father, and you didn’t give in to temptation to experiment on innocent people. You’re a real man, Mark, far better than I deserve. I can only hope to prove myself to be worthy of serving at your feet. I’m a horrible person Mark. I’ve hurt a lot of people, but what you did to me helped me become a better person. I’m in love with you, Mark, and I’ll always love you. I don’t expect you to love me, Mark, but I promise that as long as you let me serve your wants and needs, you’ll never have to wake up alone again. And-”

I grabbed her by the arm and forced my mouth onto hers. Her body melted in my arms as we kissed more passionately than either of us had before.

I broke the kiss and stared lovingly at her eyes which were still closed. My arms caressed the smoothness of her behind.

She opened her eyes and smiled contentedly, “Well, I guess that settles it then.”

I quickly positioned my arms long her back and lifted her up. She squealed happily in surprise as I carried her to the bed and set her down. She spread her legs as I took my clothes off and positioned my face between her legs. My cousin moaned with anticipation as my tongue approached her beautiful pussy. Amanda drew a sharp intake of breath as I stroked her clit with my tongue and rubbed the length of her pussy.

“Ah, ah, Master, oh! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” she begged.

It was the first time Amanda had ever called me Master, I mused, and continued licking her delicious cunt. I stuck my right index finger into her pussy and pulled it out. Slowly, I inched my lubricated finger towards her sphincter.

I removed my mouth from her pussy and asked her, “How would you like my dick in your tight asshole?”

“Mhmmm. Yes, sir, I’d love your cock in my ass!”

“Good girl,” I pushed my index finger past her sphincter and into her asshole. My index finger easily slid in. She must have played with her ass many times before. I quickly developed a rhythm finger fucking her tight bowels before I slid a second finger in to the knuckle.

I first met Carl through an online dating service in the male seeking male category. Having never been with a man before, I was apprehensive about getting together. I kept debating in my mind if I should. Finally turning my longtime fantasy into reality had won out.

Nervous, I went to his place of business where he had suggested in an earlier e-mail we get together. Meeting him for the first time, I saw Carl was a big man. Stocky, with thinning hair and in his mid-sixties, he wore glasses and had a huge pot belly. He struck me as an old football lineman long gone to seed. I knew he was gay from our online chats.

I’m older, too, but years younger than Carl. I realize it was late in life for a man-to-man encounter, but, as I said, it was a longtime fantasy. I’m slender with a bubble butt. I have hair on my head but nearly none on my body. Over time, I’ve learned most people view me as above average in looks.

At the time, it was early spring weather so I was wearing a pullover sweater with jeans and Carl was dressed in jogger’s sweatpants with a tee-shirt beneath a light jacket.

Carl was an upholsterer. He used his shop for his business. Walk-in customers were infrequent, with most of his jobs being done by appointment. Retired from a longtime career with a big company, his self-employment appeared to me to be more hobby than business to me.

He confirmed my thoughts by telling me a main purpose of his shop was to serve as a meeting place for sexual encounters. He never invited anyone to his home. He repeated a comment from his online profile. “I’m looking for casual sex, not a long term relationship.” His profile had also noted he was strictly a top wanting a bottom.

We were the only two people in his out-of-the-way building and after a few moments of conversation, Carl invited me into the back. After following him through a cluttered workshop area, I stepped into a small room. A pair of bare bulbs hung from the ceiling and the floor was concrete with a small carpet square fronting a rolled arm couch and matching chair.

The couch and chair looked like castaways; their well worn fabric was ripped and soiled. The carpet was filthy. A stack of male porn movies sat on a fold-out table. A television and its disc player sat on a wooden side table across the room.

A tiny washroom with sink and stool was inset in the back wall. The room’s front wall held an old door with an upper window glass leading out to a four car parking lot. Blinds over the door glass were open, allowing Carl sight of anyone approaching his business. The armchair was positioned so an occupant could watch a movie and the lot at the same time.

Shutting the door to the workshop behind me as I entered the back room, Carl grabbed me by the arm and twirled me into a bear hug of an embrace. Then, lowering his face to mine, he kissed me fully on the lips, his tongue probing past them into my mouth. Although surprised by Carl’s sudden contact, I reacted by dueling his tongue with my own, swapping and tasting him. There was a different feel to kissing a man, I thought. With my lack of resistance, he let his hands slip down to cup my ass cheeks grinding his pelvis into mine. I could feel the length of his stiff cock pressing against me.

He broke our embrace, stepping back and breathing hard. “Let’s get naked. Take off those clothes.” Carl shucked off his jacket, tee shirt, and sweatpants easily. Because he was not wearing underwear, he stood buck naked. Almost. He’d left on his athletic shoes and black socks. It took longer for me to remove my clothes. I not only wore more clothing but felt a bit self-conscious. Even so, as I did it, my eyes roamed over the naked older man.

He was a self-described bear. He was hairy all over. His back, shoulders, and buttocks were covered with it along with the normal places like arms and legs. Beneath the overhang of his huge pot belly a long thick circumcised cock sprang from a thicket of pubic hair. A big hairy ball sac dangled below it between his fleshy thighs.

Carl’s stiffly bobbing cock was far bigger than mine. I’d always considered my size slightly better than normal, but it didn’t come close to comparing with his. Still, he said, “Nice,” with a grin, reaching out to rub my hard cock as it sprang free from the waistband of my underwear being stripped-off.

He briefly kissed me again while fondling my cock. He put a thick-fingered hand on my bare shoulder, pressing me down. “Suck me,” he commanded.

I dropped to my knees on the carpet, my face close and near level with his heavy-veined cock. I hesitated, arriving at a point of no return. Second-guessing him, I silently questioned if I truly wanted my fantasy to be real. Carl took the decision from me. Putting his hands to the back of my head, Carl prodded my closed lips with the mushroom-like cap of his cockhead. I started to speak, telling him my reservations, but with a buck of his hips Carl drove his big cock past my parted lips into my mouth. My lips barely stretched around its thickness.

Carl began working his cock in and out of my wet mouth, but never deep enough to choke me. He was so big I could do little beyond simply holding my mouth wide open, letting him use it for his pleasure. Reaching up to his large drooping balls, I began rolling them like marbles in one hand, feeling their weight and knowing his nut sac was filled with cum. Using my other hand, I rubbed his hairy ass.

Quickly pulling his cock out of my mouth, he backed himself into sitting in the armchair. “Waddle over here on your knees and suck my cock,” he demanded.

Doing as I was told, I duck-walked between his spread knees and dipped my head down to lick and suck his big cock while he settled himself comfortably in the arm chair. “That’s it, nibble my cock.” He instructed me again and again about how he wanted to be pleased. “Lick the head,” he said. “Lap my balls with your tongue. Suck them into your mouth.”

All the time, my nerves were buzzing. I felt a thrill surge through me as I was casually used by another man. To me, it was nasty and hot. Finally, he said, “Just suck the cockhead. Flick the underside with your tongue.”

Complying, I cupped his hairy balls while he jacked-off in my mouth. He worked his hand up and down faster and faster, his balls jouncing wildly in my palm. Then, he went still with a groan.

A hard jet of cum spurted into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and laying down a sticky line onto my tongue. A sudden wetness came into my mouth. Spurting a second jet of cum, Carl coated my tongue again. I could taste his gooey wad and smell its musky odor. Again, I was surprised that I found it pleasurable. I swallowed it.

Above me, Carl muttered, “Oh, yeah, take it all. Gobble it down, cocksucker.” A weak spurt drooled from the slit of his cockhead and oozed down into my mouth. Using the tip of my tongue, I licked the sticky juice still welling from the slit.

“Milk it dry,” he urged.

I mouthed his deflating cock until it was limp. Pushing my face aside, Carl told me to stand. When I did, he remained seated in his chair. Taking my cock in hand, he brought his mouth to it and began sucking me. His hot mouth felt good. I was getting ready to cum, when he backed me off with his hands, letting my cock slip from his mouth.

Rising from his chair, he turned me to face away from him. Reaching around my body with one arm, Carl began jacking me off. “I don’t swallow cum. You do, bitch,” he said, while pressing his hairy damp skin against me. The limp length of his cock aligned with my ass-crack.

Within a minute of being jacked-off by him, my cock was spewing cum. I watched my initial spurt arc into the air and fall to the carpet. Leaning my head back, I kissed his lower jaw, my eyes closed, reveling in the splendid sensation of my cock’s ejaculation. Carl whispered down to me, “That’s it, baby. Cum for me.”

After I stopped shooting, Carl stepped back. He cleaned his fingers of cum dribbled from my cock by wiping them on one of my ass-cheeks. Scrutinizing the carpet where I’d deposited cum, I noticed other dried cum spots nearby. It made me wonder how often the filthy carpet had been used by other men standing in my place.

Telling me to turn so he could study my bubble butt, Carl eyed it critically before saying, “You’ll do. I want to fuck that ass, but it’ll have to wait. Next time you come, wear flimsy women’s panties. I like that. I don’t care what color, surprise me.”

Slipping on his sweatpants, he added, “By the way, never bring a rubber. I don’t wear them. I enjoy going bareback, dumping my load into a bottom. I like the idea of it still seeping out of their ass days later, reminding them of me.”

His words had me concerned. I knew going bareback wasn’t practicing safe sex. But realistically, I knew lust would prevail and I’d be back, taking my chances with Carl. Or, the thought arose, any man who wanted me.

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(Author’s note: This is a story of love and desire that could have been placed in a number of story categories.)



Bing! “3″ appeared on the display. Ted placed his palm on Kyli’s lower back.

“Is this our level?”

He nodded. “Yeah.”

The elevator opened on the third floor of the concrete parking structure. They smiled as they held the doors open to allow a forty-ish guy carrying a couple blueprint tubes and a briefcase, probably with his college age son handling the loaded baggage cart to exit first. Ted had noticed both of them checking out Kyli, not leering, just noting her beauty in an appreciative manner. Without thinking, his own eyes drifted down to her apple ass as he pulled his hand off her back and they stepped out. He had been gawking at her butt for fourteen years, since she was twelve and he was sixteen.

The fabric of the pleated, cotton, hiking shorts hugged her bottom. Even wearing those she looked beautiful, hot, and seductive to him. His gaze lowered to her smooth, slender, toned legs. She was petite, with dark brunette, nearly black hair, not as long as it was when she was twelve, barely reaching her shoulder blades now. Her breasts were small but proportional to her slender figure, maybe because of her it always seemed odd when he’d see Asian chicks with big boobs. She had a very pretty and cute face, and her dark, almond shaped eyes laced an exotic quality into her beauty and sexiness. Her eyelids even had that second crease that was supposed to be a prized beauty trait among Asian girls.

He was always amazed at how she could still look like a teenager sometimes, and failing that, she always looked younger than her age. The most remarkable thing about her was that she never seemed to be aware of how beautiful she was, which added another attractive quality to her.

He forced his eyes away from her ass and glanced down the aisle for the car. He felt his cock stirring and hated himself for allowing it to take notice of her again. He waited until it calmed down before he put his arm around her shoulders.

He smiled. “So… wha’d'ya think? Will they have a good time?”

Kyli folded her arms over her chest and watched her feet as she walked. She nodded as a small smile formed on her mouth. “Uh-huh.” Her brow pinched as she looked at Ted. “But… did Dad seem nervous to you?”

“Yeah, I think he was, but not about the flight if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“What was he nervous about?”

“His colitis. He was concerned it might be a problem. He made some jokes about it yesterday, but I think he’s worried it’ll get in the way of them having their dream trip. He really wants Mom to have a perfect three weeks.” Ted smiled. “I think the first phrase he learned in that Berlitz book was, ‘Where’s the toilet?’”

“I thought his med was taking care of it. He told me that at Easter.” She had gotten so scared a year ago when she visited and saw her father had lost thirty pounds. Her first thought had been cancer. He hadn’t gained all the weight back. He actually looked younger now. He and Mom had joined a health club last fall. She had slimmed down and toned up, although Mom had never been overweight. They both looked younger now.

“Yeah, it does for the most part, but I think he has days where it doesn’t work very well.” Ted grinned. “I can imagine worrying about it. I’d hate to be in the Sistine Chapel, gazing up at the ceiling and suddenly be a moment away from droppin’ a load of personally bio processed veal parmesan and pasta alfredo in my pants.”

Kyli’s left arm moved swiftly. She lightly swatted her brother’s thigh. “Don’t be crass.” Her arm returned to her chest. “He’ll be fine. You know, I…” She sighed.

“Huh?” He pulled his arm from around her shoulders and fished out the car keys from the pocket of his jeans.

“Mom and Dad really love each other, but… but it’s not just that, it’s… they… they’re still in love. I think that’s very rare, very… beautiful.”

Ted figured she was comparing their marriage to her own failed one. It was only five months or so since the divorce was final. “You’re right. They still are in love and it is really rare.” He wondered if he’d ever find that kind of relationship with any chick. He used the remote to unlock his parents’ sedan. Beep! For the hell of it, he opened the passenger door for Kyli.

“Thanks.” She didn’t notice Ted gazing at her legs as she got into the car.

He closed the door and walked around the rear. Kyli pushed the door open for him. He got in and started the engine. They buckled their seat belts. He backed out of the parking slot and headed to the exit ramp. “Mind if we just roll the windows down and leave the AC off? It’s warm out but hopefully we’ll be moving fast on the tollway. There hasn’t been much traffic for some reason.” He didn’t think she’d object. She liked it warm and he liked the air blowing in.

“No, that’s fine.” She looked out the door window as it rolled down, her thoughts were still on her parents, how much fun they’d have spending three weeks in Italy. It had been their dream since before Mom had gotten pregnant with Ted, which was why they hadn’t done it thirty years ago. Her mother was 53, her dad was 55 and had just taken early retirement. Mom had told her they wanted to do the trip before they were too old to enjoy it.

The small smile now laced with a bit of sadness, returned to her lips. Mom and Dad didn’t seem very old to her at all. Last night when she had walked into the family area of the house, Mom had been sitting on Dad’s lap. They had been kissing and when she happened upon them, Mom had blushed the way she always had when they’d get caught kissing, but she had stayed on Dad’s lap just as she had in the past too.

It had never been like that with Raymond during their time together before they were married nor during their two years of marriage. She had wanted it to be that way, had wanted her other needs met too, and had hoped they would be. She had been a fool. The first part Ray had thought was silly and unnecessary, the second part he had said was perverted when she had opened up a little to him. Why had she married him? Because he was Chinese American? Was that it?

She had met Ray her college senior year when she had gotten it into her head that she needed to ‘find herself,’ to be more in tune with her ethnic heritage. Mom and Dad had always tried to provide that, celebrating dumb Chinese holidays when she was young, making a dozen trips to the Art Institute and the Oriental Museum downtown, going to a handful of festivals in Chinatown, and other somewhat silly but well intentioned attempts to make her aware of her ethnicity. It had never been very important to her until senior year in college. Junior year she had been going out with Tom for nearly six months when they broke up just before summer. The ending had been acrimonious. They had quarreled, and he had called her a “slant eyed Chink bitch.” It had hurt her to her core, and then she had gotten ashamed about how little she knew and how little she had cared about her ethnic and racial background. It was after that she had started thinking of herself as a hyphenated American.

Senior year she had joined the Asian Student Union. That was how she met Ray. He was first generation American. He spoke Mandarin. His parents had emigrated from Taiwan. He was good looking and smart, and she had enjoyed visiting his parents. His mother had been so nice and fun, laughing with her at her pronunciation when she had tried to teach her Mandarin phrases and words. Raymond’s father had been very nice too, more formal, yet he also had a sense of humor. Whenever they spoke Chinese to each other in front of her, one or the other would tell her what they had said, usually it was some funny comment or joke, about Raymond, or her, or themselves. Ray wasn’t like them or his sister, Lian, who had also been nice, funny, and sweet. He was always so serious, and never impulsive. He always had to have everything planned out.

Ray’s parents were a little like her own. Humor was part of both her parents’ personalities, they were always laughing about something. They had tried to make Raymond feel welcome, and then feel he was part of the family. She knew without being told that they were disappointed that, although very polite, Ray didn’t reciprocate their warmth. She could see now that his attitude towards them had been at least somewhat condescending.

A couple months before the wedding, Ted had taken her out to dinner, just them. She could see something was on his mind. When she had finally asked him what it was, he had responded with questions of his own– Are you sure you want to marry this guy? Are you sure he loves you? It now seemed as if Ted had seen something in Ray she had been oblivious to.

Since the final divorce papers were signed five months ago, she had been trying to remember if not truly understand, why exactly she had said yes to Raymond’s marriage proposal. He had been interesting, and attentive to her before they were married, and he had even been somewhat romantic giving her flowers or little gifts at appropriate times. She wasn’t even sure now why she had thought she loved him. Her eyes teared. It had been a mistake. Her eyes welled more. When she had finally opened up to him, Ray had called her a pervert. She reached for a tissue from the box on the console. She really didn’t want to cry in front of Ted.

Ted sighed within. He imagined Kyli was comparing Mom and Dad to her marriage to that arrogant asshole Ray. He waited until she wiped her eyes and blew her nose, then he reached for her hand and held it firmly. She squeezed it but didn’t turn her face to him. “You okay?”

She nodded but kept looking out the window. “Uh-huh. Sorry.”

He wanted to tell her that Ray was a self-centered, carrot up his ass, down his nose looking, smug, asshole, fucking prick, but he didn’t think that would help her mood. She gave his hand another squeeze, then pulled hers away. He glanced at her slender legs and pretty feet in the leather flip flops. He had a vision of licking from her toes all the way up to her pussy, then pushing his tongue between her labs. He had always thought they’d be thin and delicate, an exotic, erotic flower, just like the rest of her. He felt his cock stir again. He hated himself once more for his lack of control over it.

He put both his hands on the steering wheel. “So… tonight, what about dinner? I was thinking of us driving into the city, maybe hitting Pietro’s Pizza for stuffed, or… maybe that Thai place by the el station on Western. Wha’d'ya feel like?”

The corner of Kyli’s mouth curled. Ted was teaching at the university downstate and whenever he was in the Chicago area he’d drive all over creation for different ethnic foods, or his true gastronomic craving, Chicago hot dogs with a ‘full garden’ on top. She liked them too, but not every day. She laughed softly and finally turned her face to him. “I’m surprised you aren’t suggesting hot dogs.”

Ted grinned. “Well… that’s always on the list of possibilities. Ooooh… what about driving into the city, down to Taylor Street to Ally’s for an Italian beef? Then drive up to Armitage to that Italian ice place I’m sure I’ve mentioned before.” He had really enjoyed living in the city for two years. He wished he still was but he couldn’t pass up the tenure track assistant professorship when it was offered. It was the ultimate ‘survival job.’

“Do we have to decide right now?”

He looked at the dashboard clock. It was a few minutes before noon. “Nah, we got a lot of time. Maybe I’ll stop at Porti’s, get a dog to tide me over. I should have had breakfast with you guys. You hungry?” He grinned again when Kyli laughed.

“You are so predictable.”

“You really think that? A few girlfriends have told me I was fairly spontaneous.”

Her smile faded. She looked out the window. She knew what he probably meant and she thought he probably was. “I didn’t say predictable in everything, just food.”

“Hmmm… I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Kyli realized she was clenching her pussy. She told herself to relax, and then told herself to stop thinking about being adopted and that Ted wasn’t related to her by blood. She wondered why she was thinking about that again. It had been years.

Ted inhaled deeply. “Mmmm… I love this part of the expressway.”

Kyli was still deep in thought. “Huh?”

He dramatically inhaled again. “Before home, let’s stop at the grocery store and get a few Butterfingers and Baby Ruths.”

Kyli looked to her right and smiled. They were driving past the Curtis Candy factory. The scent of sugary chocolate was thick in the air. She giggled. “Okay, let’s. After you have your hot dog.”

He glanced at the dashboard again. “I think I better get two dogs. Dinner won’t be for another six hours.”

Kyli rolled her eyes, then shook her head slowly as she softly laughed.



Kyli squirmed her hips getting a little more comfy on the cushion of the redwood chaise. She felt relaxed for the first time in months. They had driven into the city to have dinner at a small storefront Thai restaurant Ted knew. The food had been excellent. Playing CDs and relaxing in the afternoon, then the drive into the city, dinner, then a delicious Italian ice at a little place on Armitage, the drive back home — it was just like it had always been when they spent an evening together. They talked about a hundred different subjects, from very personal to politics, art, music, to teasing and kidding around.

If it had been a date, it would have the best one of her life. They had arguments and fights as kids and as teenagers, but she knew that he had always been her best friend when she really needed one. She had been the same towards him. They truly cared about each other. They always had. She took a slow breath and sighed.

They only had the underwater pool light on. It gave an eerie blue, tinted glow to the stone patio. It seemed to cool the humid, warm air. She tilted her head back. She could only make out the brightest stars. She wished they hadn’t turned on the light. She heard the sliding patio door opening. She leaned to the side and looked back at the house. Ted had two glasses in his hands and was closing the door with his elbow. “Ted? Turn the pool light off, okay?”

“Don’t you want some light out here?”

“I want to look at the stars.”

“Oh… yeah, good idea.” He stepped inside again and switched off the pool light.

Kyli turned around and gazed skyward again. She knew with the naked eye only a million or so stars were visible, but now without the light it seemed more like a gazillion stars. She smiled at her thought. She had used that word when she was little.

Ted handed her the seven-seven, actually it was a seven and bourbon. His was bourbon on the rocks. He had been surprised earlier when Ky had wanted a mixed drink, her usual was a single glass of wine. He sat down in the chaise next to hers and took a sip from his glass. He hadn’t had bourbon in a while. Maybe they’d both get wasted on whiskey tonight. He had never seen Kyli drunk. He looked up at the sky. Venus was shining brightly. Or was it Jupiter? Ky would know.

Kyli sipped her drink. It tasted strong but she hadn’t had a seven-seven in ages. She looked at the stars again. She spoke softly, “Remember ‘a gazillion?’”

“Huh? A gazillion what?”

Her small smile grew a bit more. “A gazillion anything. When I was little I heard you say it once, and then… well, I started using it. I guess it wasn’t…”

He interrupted with a chuckle. “That’s right. It was your favorite word for about a year.”

“I think it was longer than a year and then… then you told…”

He interrupted again, “I told you it wasn’t a real word.”

“Uh-huh. I… I got so mad at you when you told me that. I remember looking it up in the dictionary with Mom and you were right, then I got madder at you thinking you had tricked me into believing it was a word, and I felt so dumb.”

“I didn’t trick you into believing it was a real word.” He chuckled again.

“I know you didn’t. I… I don’t know why I thought that. I overheard you using it a couple times, and thought it was… oh… that you were real smart, and it was a, you know, a smart, intelligent word, so I started using it too.”

“I don’t remember ever saying that word.”

“I guess… maybe you only used it like… maybe twice. At least twice because the second time I asked what it meant and you said it meant a huge number. Something like that. I thought you were so smart.”

He laughed. “Yeah, maybe it was something like that. I guess that shows you how dumb you were, thinking I was smart.”

Her smile faded. She took another sip from her glass. “You were and are smart. You know you are.”

“I think you got the brains in the fam, Ky. I’m just a glorified blue collar guy.” He took a gulp of his bourbon. “I work with my hands making art that’ll never sell well enough to make any sort of a living from, so I have a survival job teaching drawing and painting to college kids who don’t comprehend the work ethic. You can do calculus, physics, and all that brainiac stuff.”

“I teach eighth graders math, Ted.”

“I always thought you should have finished grad school and gotten that doctorate in physics instead of…” He stopped talking. Shit!

“Instead of getting married?”

He sipped his drink. “Instead of dropping out of the program.”

She sadly smiled. “Yeah, then I might be teaching physics in some high school.”

“Maybe, or you might be working for NASA or at some research accelerator or some place like that. You know you’re smart enough. I remember you talking about being an astronaut when you were… what? Ten or so?”

“Uh-huh, around that age.” She sighed. “I like kids. I enjoy teaching.” She sipped her drink. “Maybe it’s being home again, or… or what’s happened in my life recently and being home again, but the past week here, helping Mom get ready for the trip, I… I’ve been thinking a lot about… about when I was a girl, about us as kids.”

“Yeah. I guess I do too when I visit.”

“The other day I remembered a time when I was ten, Mom and Dad were going out for the evening and they told me you’d be the baby-sitter.” She smiled and shook her head. “I was so mad when Mom and Dad told me that, said you’d be ‘baby-sitting’ me. I mean, it wouldn’t have gotten me angry if they had just said you were in charge while they were out at that party. I thought since I was ten, it wasn’t baby-sitting.”

Ted softly chuckled. “I was probably pissed too. I never got paid for baby-sitting you.”

“It wasn’t baby-sitting.” She took a breath. “And then… then you became my hero that night.”

“Huh? Wha’d'ya mean?”

“Katie was over and we were… oh… I don’t know, listening to music, maybe playing a game on that Mac I had, doing something, and I thought going out to get a slurpy was what we just had to do. So, we went downstairs and I asked you to take us over to the 7-Eleven because it was near dark outside and Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me walk there after dark, but I knew you could take us there. You… you were playing your Nintendo and didn’t want to be bothered, but I…” She grinned. “I kept nagging you and then when that didn’t work, I started begging you, saying pleeeeeeze, Teddy, pleeeeeze take us. Remember?”

Ted blinked. It was coming back to him. “Oh man… that was the night…”

Kyli broke in, “Un-huh, that night. So you finally agreed to go with us. We were a block or so from Ogden Avenue walking on the sidewalk, you were ahead of us a few steps, Katie and I were talking nonstop about something, and those two bigger high school kids came up on bicycles really quietly behind us, and that one guy bumped his front tire against the back of my foot on purpose and I fell down, then he… he called me a… a stupid gook.”

Her eyes welled. “And… and the next thing I knew, you were picking me up asking if I was all right. I said I was okay, then you were practically flying through the air and you grabbed the guy off his bike and started punching him, and… and I got so scared because he was older and bigger than you and I started screaming at you that… that we should just run away, but… but you kept hitting him and-and demanding he apologize to me, shouting that no one talked to your sister that way. And… and then that other guy got off his bike and I got even more scared because I thought he was going to pull you off the other guy and they’d both beat you up.” She took a slow deep breath and wiped her eyes.

Ted glanced at her. He had heard tears in her voice before they had welled in her eyes. “Actually, Ky, you were the hero.” He smiled. “I couldn’t believe you started shoving that other guy away, standing between him, and me and the guy I was fighting.”

“I almost started hitting him, but… he just tried to push me out of the way, and I kept jumping back in front of him, pushing him. He probably thought I was like eight years old, because… well, I was always small, and I guess he would have felt like a super jerk if he had hit me or something. And then Katie screamed she was going to get her dad and started running home. Then you got that kid to… to apologize to me, and his friend told him to get on his bike, that the other girl had run off to get someone. I guess he wanted to leave before Katie’s dad came.”

Her eyes welled up again. “No one ever fought for me like that.” She sniffled and wiped her eyes again. She set her glass on the little plastic table between their chairs, then took some tissues out of her pocket and blew her nose. She didn’t know why she was getting so emotional.

“Dad would have killed that kid. I just wanted to beat him bloody. In fact… his mouth was bloody. I think I was too.” He smiled. “My knuckles got cut on his teeth.” Ted’s smile grew as he sipped his bourbon.

“He was so much bigger than you. I got so scared you’d get hurt.”

“I probably had more fighting experience than him. I got into a lot of fights. Bigger guys always seemed to pick on me, push me around, tried to bully me. I could never figure out why. I never picked a fight with anyone. Anyway, I didn’t want that kind of bullying crap happening to you.”

“I loved you so much that day.” She wiped her eyes again.

“After they rode off I thought you had really gotten hurt because you started crying so hard. Remember? I kept asking you where you were hurt.”

She giggled softly, then wiped her eyes once more. “I know. I was crying because I had been so scared about you getting beat up. I… I remember I hugged you really tightly.”

“Yeah. I… I remember that.”

She looked at him in the dark. “Did… did that embarrass you?”

He thought for a moment. “No… no, it didn’t embarrass me.”

“Why… why did you hesitate just now?” She bit her lower lip.

“It’s… it’s hard to remember exactly what I felt at that moment. I… I was really adrenelized, still wanting to beat the hell out of that guy, and… and if I was embarrassed about the hug, it was because… well, I guess I liked it. So… no, I wasn’t embarrassed, at least not the way you mean it.”

“You… you liked it?”

“Yeah, I guess I did. At the time, maybe I thought of myself as a hero too… no, not a hero, a… a defender, and the hug made me feel good I guess.” He chuckled.

“Why the laugh?”

“Maybe later I got a little embarrassed, actually more like worried.”

“You did?” Her heart sank. Had he worried someone saw the hug?

“Yeah. I started worrying your little friend, you know, Katie, might start telling everyone you had protected me, you know, from that other guy, and then it would get around my little sister had beat up some guy to protect me.” He laughed briefly. “Jeez… I really hated it when Katie and her dad drove up and he came running over. Asking who was hurt and who the stupid guys were.”

Kyli nodded. “He drove us home after that and you had to keep telling him we were okay when he kept saying we should come over and stay at their house.”

“I now know Mr. Hall was a good guy, but back then he really pissed me off. I didn’t want his help… his concern.”

“I didn’t want to go over there either. He took us home. Katie went back to her house though.” She looked at Ted again. “Remember what we did after that?”

He shook his head. “Yeah, that was super stupid of me.”

“I didn’t think so. You… I think you were trying to show me not to be afraid. In fact, you said that at the time. That I shouldn’t let any jerks or fear stop me from doing anything.”

He laughed. “Ky, going to the store again was incredibly stupid of me. Hell… you didn’t even want the damn slurpy anymore. We could have run into those assholes again.”

She smiled. “I did want a slurpy, but… but I didn’t want to take a chance those guys would come back and beat you up, and I was thinking they might get other friends and be looking for you.”

“See? I told you a few minutes ago you’re the smarter one.” He chuckled. He remembered a part of him wanting to run into the prick again. And Ky was right. He had been trying to show her not to be afraid. It really had been incredibly stupid of him though, at least going with Kyli.

“It was a little odd walking back there, no, not odd. I mean… I felt scared for you, the guys coming back, but… I felt safe being with you.”

His smile waned. “I’m glad you felt safe with me around.” His smile reappeared. “Remember the funniest thing about that night?”

Kyli finally grinned. “Uh-huh. The slurpy machine was broken!”

“Yeah!” Ted laughed and looked at his sister when she turned her face towards him. “We got something else, didn’t we?”

“Uh-huh. We got… mmm…” Her brow pinched for a moment. “Oh! I got a coconut milk and you got… oh… some sports drink, and… and I got a big pretzel and you got one of those awful meat sticks.”

He chuckled. “A Slim Jim.”

She kept smiling. “Then we sat at the side of the building and watched the cars on Ogden.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“I… I thought that was the best part.”

“Watching the traffic?”

“No. Sitting with you and talking, and… that… that you didn’t mind if any of your friends saw us together, you know, if they walked by.”

He grinned. “Well… it was a special night.”

Her smile faded again. “It was.”

He remembered when they got home, the two messages on the answering machine. His mother frantic on both. The second one saying that if they didn’t hear from him in ten minutes they were leaving the party and driving home. He had called in the nick of time, explaining that they’d been outside and didn’t hear the phone, and that no one was really hurt, that Kyli just skinned her knee a little. He had already started thinking going to the 7-Eleven a second time had been very stupid. He had gotten angrier at Mr. Hall, although it was probably Mrs. Hall, for calling his parents, then he got pissed about his parents giving them the number to the party, obviously Mom had asked them to keep an eye on him and Kyli.

Ted half smiled. “You know, the next day, Dad really got angry at me about taking you up there in the first place. He was really pissed at me.”

“Why? They let you go up there at night. You were fourteen, right?”

“Yeah, I know, but… well, you weren’t. I think he was… he was post facto worried like hell about the possibility of you getting hurt.” He chuckled softly. “Then he asked if I had nailed the asshole. I told him I had and he patted me on the back about that, then he said I should try not to get into fights. Dad should have gotten a parenting award for mixed messages.” Ted grinned and took a sip of his drink.

“You know, we’ve… we’ve never talked about what you thought or-or felt about… about… ummm….” She bit her lower lip again.

“About what?”

“About me being adopted.”

His brow pinched. “I… I don’t know what you mean.”

“I don’t know, did you… did you think it was weird or-or… or did you ever wish I was, you know, a biological sister?”

He answered immediately, “No.” His gut tensed wondering if he had responded too fast.

“No, what? I mean no to what?”

“No, it wasn’t odd or weird, and no, I didn’t want you to be a biological sister.” His gut tensed again. It hadn’t come out right. He took another sip of his bourbon.

“What do you mean, you didn’t want me to be a biological sister?”

“Huh?” He made sure his brow pinched as he looked at her. “I meant, it wasn’t weird that you weren’t.”

She tried to see his eyes better in the dark for a couple moments. “Oh.”

He thought he needed to cover up that slip. He searched his memory. His mouth formed a crooked smile. “When Mom and Dad told me there was a possibility I was going to have a baby brother or sister, I got really excited. I… I think they may have tried to explain adoption but I can’t remember if they did or not, but… my excitement waned when a few months later, maybe more than a few months, they showed me a little picture of you and said you were my baby sister.”

He grinned. “Mannnn… I wanted a baby brother so badly. But… then when they brought you home after being away for… well, it seemed like forever that Gramma was at the house taking care of me, but it was probably only a couple weeks. Anyway, they brought you home and I… I just thought you were so cool, you looked like this little doll that moved all by itself, and… and Mom made sure I knew about being gentle with you and… oh… I guess she probably told me about the soft spot and all that stuff. She then told me I was now a big brother so I had to make sure you were always safe. I guess I liked the idea of being a big brother, because then you being a girl instead of a boy didn’t matter anymore. I was a big brother.” He grinned. “You know, your pussy is the first one I ever saw.” He laughed softly.

“Don’t be crass.”

“Wanna hear about it?”

No, you ass.” She took a slow breath. “All right. Tell me.”

“It’s kind of amazing I can remember all this stuff, well… maybe not that amazing, I mean I was four years old. I had two big scares about you, and Mom and Dad had one.”


“The first one was… it must have been a Saturday or Sunday because Dad was home. Mom was changing you, and during that she suddenly started shouting for Dad, then shouted for me to find him. I think he was outside in the yard or puttering in the garage or something. So… I get him and we both run back into the house. Mom tells him to look at your diaper, and she’s nearly shaking and saying she’s going to call the doctor right away or… take you to the ER, and…

“What?! Why?”

He chuckled. “I’m getting to that.” He sipped his drink. “So… she’s really upset and Dad’s looking in your poopy diaper, and he says… I remember this so clearly…” Ted laughed again.


“He says, ‘Oh mannnn, those are goddamn worms.’” Ted laughed.


Ted nodded with a big grin on his face. “Yeah, worms.” He laughed again.

“Oh… gawd. How did I get worms?”

“I… years later, I remembered it, and I asked Mom about it, and… well, it turns out that a lot of babies from China had worms, from… I don’t know, the water or something over there.”



“Oh, gawd.” She felt a shiver pass through her. “What… what was the other thing about me that scared all of you?”

“You’ll get a kick out of this.” He chuckled again.


“Mom is changing you another time, this was after the Great Worm Scare…” He laughed once more.

Shut up about that! What’s this other thing?”

“It didn’t scare Mom or Dad, just me. The worms were what scared them.” He chuckled yet again, and had another sip of his drink. He realized he was getting a little looped.

Kyli’s pretty eyes grew large. “Just tell me!”

“Okay… so… this is soon after the Great Worm Scare, I’m watching Mom change you, I’m pretty sure I was checking for more worms, and… and I thought… I thought something horrible had happened to you and it really scared me.” He grinned.


“I’m watching real closely, staring at you and I’m shocked because you don’t have a package.” He chuckled.


“You don’t have a penis. And I got scared that…” His grin grew. “This is good.” He laughed. “I got scared because I thought the worms had eaten it!”

“Shut up!” She leaned towards him and swatted his arm. Smat!

Ted laughed yet again. “So I got scared and asked Mom about it, then… then she explained it to me. I guess… I guess that was my first sex talk and… and afterwards, in my boy brain, it really made sense that, you know, boys and girls would be different down there. I mean I knew girls and, well, women, were different by then, you know, tits and stuff, and girls wore dresses, and you weren’t supposed to punch girls, but you know, I didn’t know about pussies.” He grinned. “By the way, you have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen, Ky.”

She felt her vagina clench as if it had a mind of its own. She spoke softly, “Shut up.”

The grin left his face and his voice. “You know, I… I always thought you’d have a very pretty… beautiful pussy.” He blinked and his face went slack for a moment. “Ahhh… jeezuz… sorry, Ky. I… I shouldn’t have said that.” He realized he was definitely a little drunk.

“Did you… did you really think that?”

He looked at her, glad it was so dark. He couldn’t see her eyes very well. “Yeah, I… I did.”

They both grew silent. It lasted two minutes. Ted broke it. “Did I just screw the mood here?”

“No. I… I’m just thinking.”

“You know, it would have been really funny, if in that pregnant pause jus’ now, half way through it, you would have said…” His voice rose an octave and took on a lilt, “Ted? I always thought you’d have the prettiest dick.”

“Don’t be crass.” Kyli shook her head but smiled softly.

He laughed then finished off his bourbon rocks. “I’m gettin’ another drink. Wan’ a refill?”

“I don’t think you need another. How many is that for you?”

“I don’ know. Two I think.”

“I think that’s your third because this is my second. You had one more than me.”

“You trying to take Mom’s role here? Or illustrate your math skills?”


“Then shut up.” He stood. “You want another?”

“No. Wait. Oh… all right.” She drank the remnants from her glass and handed it to him.

“Okay, be right back.”

Kyli realized that talking about their childhood had taken her mind off of her divorce, which made her think about it again.

Ted made the refills, then returned to the lounge chairs. The backyard was surrounded by trees and tall shrubs but he knew the moon was rising. It had gotten a little brighter on the patio. He handed Kyli her drink.

“Thank you.”

Ted sat down. “You’re welcome.” He tasted his bourbon rocks and stole a glance at Kyli’s legs.

She took a sip of her drink. “Are you bored talking about the past, our childhoods?”

“Mmm…. no. Have another memory?”

“Yes, but… I’m… I’m not sure I should bring it up.”

His brow pinched. “What is it?”

A million butterflies alighted in her abdomen. “It was a game… well… no, not really a game game, but… um…” She took another drink from her glass.

“What do you mean? When was this? What kind of game?”

“I was… I think… like thirteen, maybe fourteen.” She felt breathless for a moment.

His brow pinched. “Yeah? What game?”

“It wasn’t a game game, it was… I guess… um… I guess it could be called a ‘what if’ game, if… if it should be called a game.”

He stared at her profile wondering what the hell she was talking about. His gut tensed as it came to him. Oh… shit!

“It only happened… I mean, we played it only like… oh… like ten times. The first time we were in my room and playing… well, playing some sort of regular game, a… a board game or cards or something, and we were on my bed and we finished playing it. Mom and Dad were out on one of their monthly dates to the movies or dinner or something. You lost so you were putting the game pieces away, and I started teasing you about… about seeing you holding hands with that girl, I think her name was Darcy. And…”

He spoke softly, “Her name was Marcy… or Marcia.”

“Oh… yeah, and… and then I said… I asked, what… what you’d do if you walked into her bedroom when she was sleeping and… and you’d know that she’d not wake up while you were in her room, what… what you would do. Do you remember that?”

His gut tightened more. He was tempted to lie. He didn’t. “Yeah, I remember. Listen, Ky, wha…”

“Sssh. Remember what happened?”

“Yeah, but listen…”

She interrupted again, “I’ve never forgotten that.”

“Ky, I never touched you in any…”

“Ted, I know you didn’t touch me… inappropriately. If that’s what you’re worrying about.”

“Well… I didn’t.”

“I know you didn’t.” Her anxiety rose a hundred fold. “Never… nevermind.”

He took a slow breath. “Come on, tell me now. I… I need to know what you remember about it. To… to see if it matches my memory.”

“So you really do remember it, all those times?”

“I didn’t think there were ten times. Maybe six times, over… a few years .”

“Okay, it was probably less than ten. But… you do remember the times?”

“Yeah.” He squirmed on the cushion. He wondered what she was going to say. He took a good sized drink from his glass.

“I… um… oh… nevermind. Let’s not talk about it.”

“You know, I hate when you do this. You bring something up and-and then say nevermind.”

“What… what do you remember about those times, and tell me the truth.”

His gut was still in a knot. “Why… why don’t we both tell each other what we remember. You go first, about… the first time.”

She drank more, then slowly lowered the glass. “I guess, in a way, in a weird way, when I saw you holding Marcia’s hand, I… I don’t know a better word to use, okay? But… I guess seeing you two holding hands, it kind of made me… jealous, in a weird, you know, odd way. And then I started wondering what… what other stuff, you know, boy-girl stuff you two had done together.” She closed her eyes and blushed. She was talking as if she was thirteen years old again. “What you might want to do with her sexually, but at the time, I didn’t think the word ‘sexually.’ I don’t mean having sex. I was wondering about kissing, putting your arm around her, hugging, that sort of thing.”

He had always wondered why it had started. He was glad to finally know the reason. “Yeah, you teased me about holding hands with her, and then came up with the scenario, she… she was asleep, wasn’t going to wake up, no one would know I was in the bedroom with her and… and you wanted to know what I’d do.”

“Uh-huh, that’s exactly what I said, and then I told you… I said you should demonstrate it on me. You didn’t want to at first, but I said it was just pretending, and… some other things which I can’t remember, and then you said, ‘Okay.’ So I lay on my bed and had my arms at my sides and my legs together, and… and I closed my eyes, I guess to make it seem like I really was asleep. I-I think I told you to turn off the lights.” Kyli remembered how excited she had gotten, yet had been a little scared too.

“I think it was me saying the lights would be off if she was sleeping, something like that.”

“Oh… right, uh-huh. You turned them off.” She felt as nervous as she had been that long ago night.

“You had on a tank shirt, white, and… and those light blue short-shorts you used to wear.”

“It wasn’t really a tank shirt, more like a sleeveless T.”

“I’m sure it was a-a mens tank style undershirt.”

“No. It was a sleeveless, you’re… you’re thinking of a couple other times.”

Ted’s brow pinched. “Oh… yeah, you’re probably right.”

“I then said something… whispered something like… ‘What would you do first?’ Remember what you did?”

“I… I lay down next to you and told you I’d want to… to touch… feel her skin wherever it was… ahhh… exposed.”

“Uh-huh, and… and I think I asked where you’d start.”

“Yeah… yeah, you did.”

“You started on my face, my cheek, your fingers were so… so gentle, yet sometimes a little firm too, and it… it felt…” She sensed her heart beating faster.

“It felt… ahhh… what?”

“Don’t laugh, but… your touch felt… I guess the best word to describe it is… electric.” She took a quick breath. “You… your fingertips moved all over my face, my ears even, then your fingertips passed over my lips and that… that made me shiver. And-and you… you said you’d be thinking how pretty she was, and how much you’d want to… kiss her. And…” She closed her eyes and wondered why she had brought it all up.


She took a sip of her drink. “I pretended… I sort of wished you… you were thinking that about me.”

“I… in a way, I… I guess I was saying you were pretty.”

“You were? Really?”

He shifted on the cushion of his lounge chair. “Ky, I’ve always thought you were pretty… hell, beautiful.”

“You… you have?”

He looked at her in the near dark. He half smiled. “Of course I did… do. Are you jus’ fishin’ for compliments? You know you’re beautiful and…” He stopped talking.

“And what?”

“You know… hot… and smart, nice, sweet, all that stuff.”

“You thought that when I was thirteen, that night in my room?”

He chuckled softly. “Ky, I can’t recall exactly what I was thinking every moment that night. I… Yeah, I thought you were very pretty.”

“So you might have thought of kissing me?”

He shifted his ass again. “I don’t know, yeah… maybe, I mean… we were, like you said, in a what if scenario. Pretending. I like… ahhh.”


“I liked you lying still and I liked… touching you.”

“Your… your hand moved from my face to… my neck.”


“It felt… that felt a little scary, no… not scary, but…” Kyli took a breath.

“But what?”

“It… it was kind of thrilling. And then you stroked each of my arms, and-and I liked it when you had to reach over me to get to my far arm.”

“I…” He smiled. “You’ve always been thin, slender, and… and I was a little surprised that your arms, had… well, your muscles weren’t putty, you know, I mean, there was a muscle there. And then you flexed, and I thought you were trying to show me you had muscular arms.” He chuckled softly.

“That’s not why I tensed my arms.”

“Why did you?”

“Your hands felt… good on me. It was a reaction to that.” She again wondered why she had brought all this up.

“I… I pulled your shirt up from your waist a little, and when I put my hand on your abdomen, you…” He smiled again. “You sucked your stomach in and I thought you thought that I’d think you were fat or something.” He grinned. It was sort of fun to finally talk about it. He took another sip of bourbon.

“I didn’t do it because of that. I… you… your hand made me tense up again. I-I remember my heart started racing.”

“Why?” He wanted to adjust his crotch, his cock was growing and pulling some pubic hair. He didn’t want her to see him do it though.

“I didn’t know if… I didn’t know where your hand was headed.”

As furtively as possible, Ted re-situated the bulge in his crotch. He was remembering that long ago night in detail. He knew where he had wanted his hand to go. “I didn’t touch you in… in any inappropriate spot, Ky.”

“I know that. I said that a minute ago. I’m… I’m talking about what I thought back then.”

“Where… where did you want my hand to go that night?”

“I… I don’t think I thought about that, I was afraid you… you might go higher and… and I was… I was flat chested. I only had…” She exhaled. “Little pimple boobs.”

Ted chuckled.

Kyli half smiled. “Shut up. I still don’t have boobs.”

“Yeah, you do. You have nice tits. Feminine, delicate tits.”

“Don’t call ‘em tits.” She took a sip of her drink. “Was that a lie?”


“Do you think I have okay boobs?”

“Yeah. They look great when you don’t…” His brow pinched. He knew he was getting drunk. He was telling her too much.

“When I don’t what?”

“When you go braless. They… you look good that way. When your back is straight.”

She wondered if he was just trying to make her feel better about her body. She took another sip of her drink. “Remember when you started stroking my legs that night and I squirmed?”

He thought for a moment. His cock was throbbing. “I… I told you to stay still.”

“Yeah. You said it like an… an order. It… that alone sent a shiver through me. And your hand… your firm yet gentle stroking made it so difficult for me to… to stay still.”

“I guess I knew that. It made me want to make it more difficult for you.”

“I remember your fingertips started to… just a tiny bit, go under the hem of my short shorts.”

“I didn’t touch you anywhere tha…”

She interrupted, “I know and quit thinking that I’m saying or implying you did something… something bad, okay?”

He relaxed a little. “Okay.”

“I-I really liked you stroking my legs, and… and even my feet. I was so surprised it didn’t tickle, I mean, when your fingers curled around to the soles of my feet. I loved every moment of that on my legs, and didn’t want it to stop, but… but…” She took a slow breath. She was clenching her pussy and squeezing her thighs together. She knew she was moist if not wet.

“We heard Mom and Dad coming into the house, and I bolted off the bed and out of your room.”

“Uh-huh.” She wanted to finally say something and knew she shouldn’t, but the drinks were convincing her it was okay. “I… I want to tell you something and I don’t want you to laugh or… or think I’m weird.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t laugh.”

“I won’t laugh.”

“I’ve… that night, I’ve… I’ve always thought of that as… as…” Her brain made her stop talking. A little voice was telling her to shut her mouth.

He tensed. “Thought of it as what?”

“I’ve… I’ve always thought of that as my… my… ummmm.”

“Just say it, Ky.”

“I’ve always thought of that night as… as my first…. okay, it wasn’t sexual, but… it… it sort of felt like… like my first boy-girl experience.” She frowned for a moment. She was talking like a thirteen year old again.

“Ky, I didn’t touch you anywhere that…”

“I know! I’m just telling you how I view it. You didn’t do anything wrong, and… and I didn’t either, but-but…”


“It… it was… exciting for me, like a sort of first time kind of thing. I mean, you know. It… it seemed intimate to me.”

“It… it was exciting for me too, and yeah, intimate too, I guess.”

“It was for you too?”

He let out a huff of air. “Yeah, of course it was.” He took a sip of bourbon. He half smiled. Maybe she wasn’t very smart after all.

“I’ve wondered, I guess, those times when, you know before I was a senior in high school, if… if you were just teasing me.”

“Looking back now, don’t you think it was both of us teasing each other?”

“I don’t know. Okay… yes, I guess we were.”

“I had a really hard time getting to sleep that night.” A crooked smile formed on his mouth thinking of the pun. The pun definitely applied that night.

“I… I did too.”

“The time after that was even worse. It was… what a year later? That’s when you did wear that mens tank undershirt, and… and some sort of short-short PJ pants.”

“I know. You… nudged the straps down a little over my shoulders.”

“Yeah. I remember.”

“Your hand stayed up around my shoulders, neck, and collar bones a long time.” She recalled how scared and thrilled she was when the heel of his hand got close to her little breasts.

“Yeah.” Ted had to adjust his bulge again. “You always looked… ahhh…”


“You always looked hot in that mens tank undershirt when you used it as a night shirt.”

“I thought you might have liked it.”

He smiled as the alcohol loosened his tongue a bit more. “‘specially after you really started developing. I… I could sort of see your nipples under it, I mean the darker color. And… and your tits got bigger than pimples by the way.”

“Shut up.” She had worn it knowing her nipples would just barely show under the thin cotton fabric.

“And I loved it when they got hard, stood up.” He tensed. He was saying too much. “Sorry, Ky, I… I’m little drunk I think.”

“Maybe we both are a li’l tipsy. I… I don’t… is… I mean, is it okay we’re talking about this?”

“Yeah, but… ahhh…”


“I keep thinking you’re going to say I did something wrong, that I… took advantage of you, or… something.”

“I don’t think that at all. If anything… I mean…” She quickly inhaled and exhaled. “I seem to remember it was usually me getting you to play the… ‘what if’ game.”

His brow pinched. A moment later the corner of his mouth curled. “Maybe you took advantage of me.”

He chuckled. She actually had suggested or at least hinted about doing it most of the times, but after the initial ‘what if’ experience, it had been on his mind before every single time they played it. He would have suggested it but was afraid she’d catch on that he was getting hard-ons and got off on every moment feeling every spot on her that would be ‘okay’ to touch. When he was older, in college, home for the summer, he’d stay in on purpose when their parents were going out. He even missed a friend’s ‘home alone’ party once, which ironically wasn’t a time they did it.

“I… I didn’t think I was doing that.”

“You weren’t. That was an obvious joke, Ky.”

She thought about how each time they played it, Ted’s hands had gotten closer and closer to sliding onto her breasts or her pussy, and a few times she thought his hand would turn and his fingertips would go all the way to the crack between the cheeks of her butt, which she had found so oddly thrilling. Each succeeding time they played “what if” she had gotten the same kind of thrill she had the first time, maybe even more so each time. She had to fight her urge to suddenly twitch or turn to get his hand onto her small breasts or onto her pussy, or more fully on her bottom. Yet, when she really thought about it, it was never anything more than a really light massage, or like the times he had put on sun block for her. His fingertips or hands never touched any of her ‘private areas.’

She recalled the last few times they played the game and realized it had to be close to eight times they played the ‘what if’ game over four or five years. Sometimes it didn’t have anything to do with any specific girl he was dating, just an imaginary girl he was really interested in, some girl he’d be hot for, a few times there was no scenario. Mom and Dad would be out and somehow they’d be in their PJs in her room. By then they had both silently agreed or assumed that him seeing her in her panties was okay, since they were like the bottoms of her bikini.

She remembered the time they played it a few days after she had turned eighteen. He had come home from college for her birthday party. A couple days later they were home alone and it started out as it usually did, but after he had caressed every uncovered part of her body with his hands, he had said, ‘After I touched every bare part of her with my hands and fingertips, I’d want to stroke my face on her like this.’

When he moved his face all over her skin, she knew now she had gotten very close to having an orgasm. Without really consciously deciding to do it, she had repeatedly clenched and relaxed her pussy and bottom. She had done that before when he had only used his hands and she had felt intense, shivering tingles. It was like his touch made her body clench like that. When his face had stroked around her, it had been even better, she could feel his moist lips and his warm breath against her skin half the time.

She took a sip of her drink. “I… I liked it even when you stroked me with your face… your face and hands at the same time.”

Ted’s cock was throbbing. He knew there was at least a small semen leak stain in his jockeys. “Yeah… ahhh… me too. I’ve never seen any girl whose… whose skin is as soft and smooth as yours, like… like you don’t even have pores. It… it was like satin. It still looks like that.” He noticed the moon peaking above the trees.

Kyli felt more butterflies alighting. “Do… do you remember that spring break, a couple months after my eighteenth birthday when… when we were both seniors, me in high school, you in college.”

He squirmed again. “Yeah. Yeah, I remember.”

“Mom and Dad were out with another couple, and… and I brought up some ¬what if situation, but… but you changed it a little.”

“Yeah… I know.”

“You… you had thought about that beforehand, di’n't you?”

“I… ahhh… yeah, I… I guess I did.” He took a gulp from his glass. He had been stupid if not insane that night.

“We drank a little before going up to my room.”

“Yeah, we did.” He had a few beers and gave her some wine, at least a couple glasses. He had planned that, had planned it all but had never really admitted that to himself until this moment.

“It was only like 9 o’clock, but… I had on my mens tank undershirt and… and just panties and you had on your… those black, light cotton parachute pants you used to wear around the house sometimes, without a shirt. We had both just taken showers.”

“Got those at the Salvation Army store at school. Pants to wear to just relax in, instead of sweats. They were comfortable.” He took a sip of his bourbon wondering why he was thinking about the stupid pants.

“The ‘what if’ was about that girl you told me you had started seeing… Darlene.”

He almost smiled. “Yeah.” Darlene was weird, good looking and hot in a very slutty way, not very pretty when you really gave it some thought, but she had been up for anything sexually. She was the first girl he had assfucked. She had loved it. In fact, it had been her idea. Her ass had been a killer butt too. Not quite as hot as Kyli’s bottom though. Ky was one of the few Asian chicks he had ever seen with an apple ass, a true bubble butt. He had never seen an ass as hot as hers, at least in real life, maybe on chicks in a few porn vids.

“Ted? Do you remember that?”


“Do you remember telling me you’d want to tie her to the bed, just in case she woke up, in the… in the what if scenario?”

He realized he had zoned out for a few moments with his own memories. “Ahh… yeah… yeah, I guess I recall that.”

“So… so I went upstairs and pulled down the covers on my bed and… and lay down with my eyes closed, like… like all the other times, and my door was closed. And then you came in a few minutes later.”

Ted’s cock was starting to ache from the memories and gazing at Kyli’s smooth, slender legs. He waited for her to continue the story but she stayed silent. He glanced at her profile. She was looking up at the starry sky and lightly chewing her lower lip. He shifted on the cushion once more. “I came in with those old neckties and… that red bandanna I had folded into a blindfold. I put that on you first, saying… saying if she woke up that I’d not want her to know it was me. Something like that.”

“No, you said…” Kyli’s brow pinched for a moment. “You said if she woke up you’d want her to think she was dreaming it… dreaming you were with her in her bed.”

His ass squirmed again. “Oh… yeah, yeah, tha’s right.”

“You had those neckties looped at the ends already, so like they wouldn’t tighten. You moved my arms above my head on the mattress. You put a loop around each of my wrists then fastened the ends of the neckties to the vertical spindle things of the headboard in the center. You then held my ankles and pulled me down the bed making my arms straighten out on the mattress, and… my shirt slid up to my hips. Then you moved a pillow and… and your arm pushed under my lower back and I… I was surprised you could just raise my middle off the bed with one arm. You pu…”

Ted broke in, “Kyli, you hardly weigh anything.” He took a sip of his bourbon. He was getting very nervous about what she was going to say next.

“Well, it surprised me you could lift me like that. You pushed a pillow under my butt, then lowered me onto it. Then you looped neckties around my ankles, and-and spread my legs apart, I guess tying the end of the neckties to the ends of the footboard.”


“So, I was lying in… in kind of an upside-down ‘Y’ position on the bed.”

Ted’s ass shifted. He muttered, “Yeah, that’s… that’s what it looked like from the foot of the bed.”

“Then… you turned on the tea lamp on my dresser, I heard the switch click. You came to the bed and sat on the edge. I… I felt your hand lay on the top of my foot, it… your palm felt… warm and… and nice. It… it made me tense and shiver.”

She closed her eyes. She had clenched her pussy at his touch and it had made her shiver both outside and inside. “Your hand started moving up my leg, caressing, almost like a light massage, like… like the other times, but… more on the insides of my legs. That… that made me shiver even more. And when I’d squirm a little you’d… you’d tell me not to move, so… I tried not to, but your hand was making me want to squirm so much it was so difficult not to do it a little.” Just remembering it all, she felt herself getting almost as wet as she had been that night nearly a decade ago.

Ted folded his leg up, his foot flat on the cushion, in order to hide his hand moving to his crotch to adjust his throbbing hard-on once more. He was remembering that night as if it happened yesterday. Kyli was not really bound to the bed, she could have easily gotten out of the necktie loops, but it would have taken some time. He recalled how great the temptation had been to rip her tank shirt and little panties off.

“Your other hand pulled my shirt up to… to just below my boobs and started stroking around my stomach while your other hand moved from… from one leg to the other, mostly on my thighs but… but down to my feet sometimes.”

Ted mumbled, “Your abs were so flat… even concave, your pelvic girdle, by your waist was… was prominent.” He recalled her mons veneris was pronounced too, maybe due to the pillow under her luscious bubble buns.

She glanced at him. “My what?”

Ted’s voice was soft and low, “Your abs… stomach was so flat and smooth… and your… you know, those bones at your waist stuck out which… which I thought was hot… attractive. You didn’t seem to have an ounce of fat on you, but you had all these wonderful subtle, soft curves. You… you were, still are, very, very feminine.”

Kyli felt the compliment course through her almost like another tingling shiver, maybe it was because she had pressed her thighs together and clenched her now very wet pussy. Just his low voice made her do that sometimes. She spoke softly, “Thank you.”

“You’re beautiful, Ky. I’m just stating fact.” He took another hefty sip of his drink.

She thought for a few moments before continuing the memory. “Your hands moved to my arms, like… like the other times, you stroked, felt every inch of me that wasn’t covered.” She recalled how his fingers had gotten so close to her pussy and how she had to fight with herself not to finally push or jerk her crotch under his fingers. She recalled she had nearly been panting during it, and then definitely had been a minute or two later. “You… you then massaged me with your face.”

She had felt not only his lips touching her skin, but then his hot, moist breath above her pussy through her cotton panties. She nearly had an orgasm when he reached her hands and reversed course, but instead of just stroking, he started kissing and sometimes the tip of his tongue would draw a wet line on her skin as his face moved. “Then… then when you had your face at the bottom of my pushed up shirt, you pushed it more, right to where my boobs started, your face stroked over my… my covered breasts, then… you got on top of me.”

Ted squirmed on his seat again. “Ahh… I probably shou…”

She interrupted, “You were… hard, weren’t you?”

“Kyli, listen… I’m really sor…”

She broke in again, “Were you? Did you have an… an erection?”

He wasn’t sure what the tone of her voice meant, if anything. “I…” He exhaled. “Yeah. I was hard. Ky, listen, I’m sor…”

She spoke over him again, “Then you kissed my neck while your face moved around and your hands caressed and slowly slid up my arms, and… and…” She closed her eyes at the memory, the utterly erotic and intense sensuality of that moment so long ago. “You… you rubbed your… hardness against me.”

Ted felt overwhelmed with guilt. He glanced at her. Kyli’s eyes were closed. He wondered if she was about to start crying. He cleared his throat and was about to beg her forgiveness when she spoke softly.

“I pushed up as you stroked. I… I had never been so excited… so turned on, Ted. You kept stroking right on my… between my legs and I kept pushing up, over and over again for a few minutes, and then… then you abruptly stopped. I wanted you to keep doing it but… but I was afraid to tell you that. I-I had a boyfriend for a while junior year, and he and I kissed and touched a little, but… that night with you on my bed, I… that was my hottest sexual experience during high school. Maybe… it was the first real sexual experience for me. It-it was my first real experience. Why… why did you stop?”

Ted shifted his ass again. She had to know. “Why do you think?”

“Were… were you close to having an orgasm too?”

He glanced at her. He knew she had been turned on but he didn’t think she had been close to an orgasm. “Were you?”

“Yes… god yes. Couldn’t you tell?”

“Couldn’t you tell I was too?”

Kyli took a deep breath and sighed. She had wondered for eight years why he had stopped, if her getting so close to peaking had grossed him out or something. “I… I was blindfolded.”

Ted almost laughed. He kept it to a grin. “Yeah, Ky… I was very close. That’s why I stopped.”

“But then… you did it again, after you turned me over. Remember? You got my feet out of the loops, then told me to turn onto my tummy, the pillow still under my hips, you re-looped my ankles to the footboard, and… and then you stroked your face and kissed the back of my legs, all the way up to the edge of my panties, then over my buns, and up my back to my neck. That felt so nice around my neck and you pushed your face in my hair, then, and… and then you lay on me again, holding most of your weight off me with your elbows like you had when I was face up, and… and then you stroked your thing against my butt, be-between my buns, and… and I pushed up towards you again, and you… you kissed my neck again while your hands slid on the sheet and held my elbows. You kept stroking, pressing down and I kept pushing up. I heard you breathing so loud and fast and I was too, and-and sometimes I wasn’t sure whose breathing it was.” She wasn’t surprised she remembered every detail.

She took a sip of her drink. “And then… and then, like the very first time, we heard Mom and Dad coming home, and you sprang off the bed and got my feet out of the tie loops while I got my hands out of the loops and took the blindfold off, and then you got the ties off the footboard spindle things while I shoved the others behind the mattress and… and-and then you were gone before I even turned over. You had closed the door behind you really quietly. Then I heard Mom coming up the stairs just as I was getting up to turn off the dresser lamp, so I grabbed some book and switched on the lamp on the bedside table, got under the covers and pretended to be reading when she tapped on my door and opened it.”

He spoke fast, “Kyli, I’m so damn sorry, I… I never should have done any of that. I… I’m sorry.”

“You… you really had… um… an erection?”

“I did, yeah, I’m… I’m sorry. I really am. I-I never should have done any of that.”

“May I… I ask you something about it?”

“Ahh… yeah. What?” He held his breath.

“Did you have an erection because you were thinking of Darlene or… or because you were with me?”

He wondered if lying would be best. He knew he was too wasted to pull off a lie. “I had a… a hard-on… an erection, because I was… with you.”

Kyli had been holding her breath too. She exhaled. “Oh.” She felt relieved after years of wondering now and then.

His gut was still tensed. “Do… do you hate me, Ky?”


“Do you hate me for that night?”

No. Not at all. Maybe… maybe I’d be mad a little if you had said you had been thinking of Darlene that night.”

He waited a few moments to see if she’d add anything. She didn’t. “I… I was only thinking of you that night.”

“We… we never played that game after that.”

“Yeah, I know.”


Her question surprised him for a couple reasons. “I think you just figured out why.”

They were both silent for over a minute.

Kyli spoke softly, almost a whisper, “You sort of played it another time.”

“Huh? No we didn’t. I… Kyli, come on. I went too far, and… and hell, I knew I couldn’t trus’ myself a next time.”

“I di’n't say we, I said you.” She took a slow breath. Her eyes teared for a moment.


“A few months later, June or July, Mom and Dad went up to the Bensen’s cottage to spend like a week, maybe ten days… something like that. You and I were home alone, we both had summer jobs, and… and you asked Darlene to come up and visit that weekend, four days actually.”

Ted’s gut tightened but he still didn’t know what she was talking about regarding the ‘game.’ “You… you didn’t like her much.”

“No, I didn’t. That’s… that’s why I went to stay a couple days at Barb’s, then at Lara’s house. I didn’t like her at all, and… you suggested I go and do some sleepover with one of my friends after that first night she was here.”

Ted frowned. He had been so horny that summer. Darlene had gotten him hooked, nearly turning him into a sex addict, even though he knew he’d never fall in love with her, that there wasn’t any chance of the relationship going anywhere. “I was a jerk. Sorry.”

“You were.” She clenched her jaw for a few seconds. “I saw you two… you two playing the game, the game I thought was… was only our game.”

“Huh? No I didn’t.”

“Yeah, you did. I saw you two.”

“Huh? We nev…” He stopped talking, then stopped breathing for a few moments. He mumbled, “Oh… shit.”

“It was that first night I went to stay at Barb’s. I left around 7:00 that evening, then when I got over to her house, I realized I left my cell phone in my room, so… around 8PM I went back home by myself, and… and went up to my room to get it, and-and I… I heard you with Darlene in your bedroom. And then-and then…”

She took a breath as her stomach knotted tighter. She knew she shouldn’t have said anything about it. Was it because she’d had a few drinks? Was it because she was back home, alone with Ted again? Why had she been thinking about it so much since Mom said he was coming in to see them off too?

Ted groaned silently. He knew what she had probably overheard. He and Darlene had tried the bondage thing after spring break when he had used the ties on Ky, and then when she was over for the visit. It had to be that night.

“I saw you and Darlene on your bed. She… she was on your bed, her wrists and ankles tied to the bed, like… like I had been a couple months earlier.”

Oh jeezuz… she fucking saw us! He mumbled again, “Ahhh… crap.” He now remembered he hadn’t closed the bedroom door. There wasn’t any reason to. They had been alone in the house. At least he thought they would be.

“I stood in the hall and… and I saw you-you fucking her and you stopped and turned her over and looped her ankles again and… and you… you did anal with her.” She felt the old anger, jealousy, and tears rising once again. “I… I hated you that night. I-I know I shouldn’t have, but… but I felt you had betrayed me. You-you had her tied up in the upside-down ‘Y’ just like you did with me and… and I thought I had been just a-a practice for you. That-that I was so stupid for thinking you had been as excited as I had gotten the last time we played that stupid game, and… and I know I shouldn’t have been but I was so… so damn angry and hurt about it all.”

He waited a few moments again to see if she had more to say. “I… I’ve never wanted to hurt you, Ky.”

“Well… you did that night or-or, I don’t know, maybe I hurt myself. I… it was all so crazy and I got so-so… so jealous.” She felt like crying just as she did that night on her way back to Barb’s and later that night too. She told herself to get control of her emotions. She quickly wiped her eyes with her fingers. “It’s… that’s why I… I hardly spoke to you for a year.”

He squirmed again. He had noticed it the rest of that summer, she barely spoke to him and never wanted to do anything with him, and the same that following Christmas when they were both home from college. He had always thought it was because of the last time they played ‘what if.’ He wondered if he should tell her the truth. The sober part of his brain was getting pushed aside by the loaded part. “Ky… that night, I…” He stopped speaking, trying to restrain himself. He knew he’d tell her.

“What?” She wiped her nose with the back of her hand.

“It… it was the other way round.”

“Wha’… wha’ does tha’ mean?”

“I was with Darlene but… ahhh… I was… I was like pretending it was you I was with, not… not her.” He shifted his ass again. For the most part, at least some part of it he had been wishing that, not really pretending but as he shoved his cock into Darlene’s nice, tight cunt or her hot, gripping asshole, he’d realize how much he wished it was Kyli with him tied to the bed and they were doing what he was doing with Darlene. His voice was low, nearly a murmur, “I-I wished it was you with me.”

“You’re… you’re lying, you’re jus’ saying that.”

He looked at her. “No. No, it’s not a lie. I… I wished it was you. Ky, it… none of those times we played that stupid game had anything to do with any other girl than you, even… even the very first time.”

He took a breath. “That’s the weird part of you being adopted, I… I always thought of you as my sister, yet… when you got older, or… maybe it was when I got older, I… I sometimes wished you… you weren’t my sister so… so we could do what… so I could be more than a brother to you. But… I never… never wanted to hurt you and-and that last time we played that damn game, it… I-I got out of control, it… I couldn’t fool myself into believing it was just some stupid, teasing game anymore, not after that last time. And what you saw with Darlene, I… I wanted you in my bed not her that night. I’m… I’m sorry… jeezuz, please don’t hate me now. I’m so damn sorry. I just couldn’t help thinking about you like that sometimes. I’m sorry, jus’… please… don’t hate me.”

Kyli knew she felt the opposite. She loved him. She always had. Maybe that was why her marriage hadn’t worked out, maybe it was the main hidden reason, not all the other apparent ones. “I… I don’t hate you at all, Ted.” The air felt electric with emotional and sexual tension. There was silence for a full minute again. “Wha’… wha’ are you thinking?”

Ted was thinking about their last time playing ‘what if.’ He was wondering what might have happened if he had fully given in to his desires. He stopped breathing for a few moments realizing that Mom and Dad would probably have caught them screwing. “Huh?”

“You got… quiet. Wha’ are you thinking about?”

Ted almost smiled. He wondered how many times some chick had asked him that. Some of those times he had been thinking about Kyli while he was with those other girls. “I was thinking ’bout that last time we played and… how much I… I wanted to do what… how much I wanted to make love with you, an’… an’ wondering what might have happened if Mom and Dad hadn’t come home when they did.”

“I’ve wondered tha’… tha’ too.” She had never been so turned on as she had been that night. Maybe that wasn’t true. She thought of her time with Tom for a moment. Yes, it was true.

Another pregnant pause ensued, which turned into an awkward long silence. Kyli broke it. Her voice was very soft, just above a whisper, “I’m going in to… take a shower, after that do… umm… do you wanna play… play ‘what if?’”

Ted couldn’t believe his ears. “Are… are you kiddin’ around?” He didn’t look at his crotch but he bet it was visually throbbing.

“Ne… n-nevermind.” She put her hands on the arms of the chaise to get up. Ted’s hand covered hers. She stopped moving and looked at him in the moonlight.

He was too drunk to debate himself about whether what he wanted and what it seemed Kyli wanted was right, moral, or good. “Ky… yeah, of course I want to. Are… are you sure you want to?”

“Ye… I… Ted…” She took a breath and exhaled slowly. “I’m not sure about anything anymore, but… but I want some answers. I-I want to find out what it would’ve been like tha’ las’ time if… if we weren’t interrupted.” She felt breathless for a few moments at the truth she had just released.

He gave her hand a squeeze. “I think I still have those neckties with the stuff I’ve never taken out of my bedroom closet.”

“Does… does that mean you wanna… play it again?”

“Yeah, but… are you sure?”

Her stomach knotted and she felt a gazillion butterflies alight within her. She whispered breathlessly, “Yes. With… with the neckties?”

His cock leaped in his crotch. He nodded. “Yeah, with them, if they’re still in my room.” He knew they were. He took a slow breath. “I’ll take a shower too, then… then come to your room.”

“All right.”

As he stood he quickly adjusted the bulge in his pants. He grabbed his glass then held out his other hand for Kyli. She took it and rose from the chaise, taking her glass from the little table. They slowly walked to the house. Ted let her hand go as he opened the patio door. He glanced at her ass as she stepped inside. He wanted to rip her clothes off right now, but even half wasted, he wanted to give her a little time to think it over. He followed her in. “Give me your glass. You can start your shower. I’ll make us a couple new drinks before I take mine.”

“I jus’ want ice water, ‘kay?”


Kyli headed towards the stairs. She almost felt as if she was in a dream. Maybe she was about to do what always had been a dream. She was both scared and very excited. She knew her pussy was still moist. She entered her room closing the door behind her. She recalled how Ted had complained to Mom and Dad that she got the room with the private bathroom when they moved from the old house. The memory made her smile softly and a little less scared.

She had unpacked her suitcase so she went to her old dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a mens white cotton tank undershirt and a pair of white cotton bikini panties. One of a half dozen different color pairs she had bought on sale at Victoria’s Secret. She lay the garments on the bed and went into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and undressed. The butterflies were still going crazy inside her.

Ted carried the drinks upstairs to his bedroom. He looked for the neckties and found them in the dresser with some other old clothes he hadn’t bothered to take with him. He grinned when he discovered the black cotton parachute pants. He decided he’d wear them to her room. His smile waned. There was no turning back for him about this. He wanted her, had wanted her for years.

He told himself to ask if she was sure again before anything happened. He knew he was half looped and she had to be as drunk he was, even if she had a drink or so less than him. She couldn’t weigh much more than a hundred pounds. He figured she was at most, 5′-3″, about five inches less than his height. He had those inches and at least 45 pounds on her to soak up some of the alcohol. Maybe she was more wasted than he was. He hoped she wasn’t. He didn’t want her to hate him in the morning, or sooner. He’d never be able to deal with that. It would devastate him. She was the only girl he really cared about. The only girl he had ever really loved.

He told himself to stop worrying about it. They were both adults, although he had yet to actually feel like an adult. He undressed and walked across the hall to the bathroom. He recalled how pissed he had been that Ky got the bedroom with the private bath when they moved from the smaller house. He grinned as he turned on the shower.

He brushed his teeth as the water warmed up, then stepped into the shower. He grabbed the shampoo and poured some in his palm. He wondered for a moment if he was thinking way too much with his dick. He told himself again they were adults and they had both wondered about it for years. He wanted her. He had since he was a teenager, yet he didn’t want to lose her as a sister because of his lusty desires. He started shampooing. No, it was much, much more than lust.

Kyli finished with the hair dryer and then put on a tiny bit of makeup. She never wore much. She went into the bedroom. Butterflies were still going crazy as she put on the white panties and white, mens tank undershirt. She checked herself in the dresser mirror and her hands fussed with her hair a little. Her heart was racing. She knew she was a little drunk. She knew that was fuzzing her judgment. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew it was helping her rationalize, and she kept telling herself that neither she nor Ted had said they were going to have sex. Did they? They were just going to play the ‘what if’ game, that’s all. Right?

She turned and walked to her bed. She pulled the comforter down leaving the top sheet in place, then decided to take comforter complete off. She piled it on the upholstered arm chair. She sat on the edge of the bed. She had one of the bedside table lamps on. She could nearly hear her heart beating. She glanced at the bedside table drawer and her heart rate quickened for a few moments. She wondered if she should lie down and pretend to be asleep as she used to. She felt nervous, then realized it was excitement, not nervousness. She had wanted this to happen since she was eighteen, maybe before that if she really thought about it. She heard a couple light knocks on her door. More butterflies alighted in the already crowded space within her. She felt breathless again for a moment. “Come in.”

Ted had the neckties on his wrist and both glasses palmed in one hand. He opened the door and then switched one glass to his other hand.

“Oh… I forgot about the drinks.” She started to stand.

“Sit… I’ve got ‘em.”

The corner of her mouth curved. “You still have the parachute pants.” She also saw he had an erection. Once more she felt breathless for a moment. “Could… could I have a drink?” She held out her hand.

“Sure.” He gave her the glass of ice water. He set his bourbon rocks on the bedside table then removed the neckties from his wrist and tossed them on the mattress near the foot of the bed. He picked up his glass and took a gulp then set it down. Kyli was taking little sips of water. She looked beautiful and hot and he knew he’d always want her. He had wanted her for years. She looked at him and held out her glass.

“Would you put this on the…”

He interrupted, “Yeah.” He took her glass and set it on the table. His eyes met hers. She seemed scared. He sat next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. He stroked his face into her hair. He spoke softly, “Sure you want to play ‘what if?’”

Kyli was yet again feeling breathless. She nodded slightly and spoke softly, “Yes. Do… do you?” She felt his lips at her ear, heard and felt his warm breath as he spoke low and softly. It made her pussy clench and sent a thrill coursing through her.

“Ky, I’ve wanted to do this for years.”

“M-me too.”

He kissed her head. “If you want to stop, at anytime, just tell me.”

“All right. You… you too.”

“Tonight is… about you, not any other girl. Ky, it was never about any other girl.”

Another thrill coursed through her. “It’s… about both of us.”

“Yeah, I guess it is.” He stroked his face in her fragrant hair. He continued speaking softly, “Ready?” He felt her nod. “I’d come into your room, just like this and now I’m just going to talk to you directly, not describe it, okay?” Again she nodded against his face. “It’s never been about any other girl, Ky, it was always about you, about what I wanted to do with you. It was… about what I felt and feel towards you too.”

She trembled with excitement. “I… I’ve always hope that so much.”

He dipped his head more and kissed her cheek. “Now… just lay back.”

“Don’t you… don’t you want me in the upside-down ‘Y?’”

“Not yet, jus’ lay back across the bed.” As she started to recline he stood up and went to end of the bed. He picked up two neckties and moved around to the other side of the bed. “Stretch your arms over your head on the mattress.” He watched her slender arms slide towards him. He slipped the loop of one necktie on her left wrist, then did the same to her other wrist with the second tie. Her arms weren’t as straight as he wanted but that wasn’t necessary yet. He crouched down and shoved the tie tails between the mattress and the box springs. He knew from other experiences that it would hold her well enough. It was about teasing, not bondage. His cock was throbbing with excitement.

He stood up and leaned forward. His palms cupped the sides of her pretty face. A small smile appeared on his mouth. “You look beautiful even upside-down.”

Maybe it was the alcohol or her nervousness but she giggled and said, “You look funny upside-down.” She saw his warm smile disappear and instantly regretted saying it. “I’ve always liked the way you look. Whichever way you are.”

He thought her little joke was saying something more. “Ky?” He pulled his hands away and sat on the edge of the bed so he could look at her right side up. “Are you sure y…”

She interrupted, “Ted, I… I want this to happen.”

His left hand went to her face again, cupping her cheek. “You really are beautiful.” He leaned down and kissed her lips softly. Her mouth opened more, their tongues touched, tentatively caressing at first, and then began a slow, oral erotic dance. The kiss quickly became more ardent. Ted shifted away from her, straightening his torso so he could lean down more comfortably. His hand moved from her face and slid up along the length of her arm. It seemed to cause Ky’s mouth to open wider and the kiss grew even more passionate.

He started moving again, turning his face perpendicular to Kyli’s as he slid off the bed, finally on his knees. His face turned more so it was nearly upside-down to hers once again. His hand slid down her arm, then both hands coursed down to her hips. A moment later he broke the kiss. He hoped she wouldn’t giggle at seeing his face upside-down again. He started working the mens tank undershirt up her body.

Kyli arched her back to help. She closed her eyes, worried he’d pull it up past her breasts, equally worried that he wouldn’t. Had he told the truth about liking her small boobs? Darlene hadn’t had big breasts but she recalled they were larger than her own. She felt the thin fabric tugged passed her fleshy mounds. She would have held her breath but she was so aroused already her breathing was ragged. Her body tensed slightly.

Ted stopped working her shirt up and stared at her breasts for a few moments. They were on the small size but looked firm, and were topped with raspberry shaped nipples that were now taut. They were like the rest of her, very feminine, not brassy, and so inviting. He tugged her shirt up higher nearly to her neck. His hands slid to the sides of her chest, then up to her breasts, cupping her pliant mounds, feeling their firmness. It may have been his imagination but it seemed her nipples grew a little larger, more turgid. He spoke softly, just above a whisper, “Ky, you’re so beautiful.”

He watched his thumbs stroke over her pink-tan nubs. He leaned down making sure his chest didn’t press against her face. He kissed both breasts a few times then lightly sucked her left nipple. Kyli arched her back a little and he sucked more intensely. She let a soft moan escape and her back arched more. He sucked harder as his tongue rubbed her erect raspberry.

“Mmmhh,” Kyli murmured. She felt her nipple released and then Ted smeared his face over her yielding mounds a few times. He took her other nipple into his mouth. He sucked it harder than the other one and his tongue was more frenetic. Her breathing quickened. She shut her eyes again and wished he’d give her just a few nipping bites.

As she was trying to decide whether or not to ask him, his face stroked over her boobs again, then he straightened up. His hands moved to her bunched up shirt and started working it up again. She twisted back and forth to help as he gathered it and got it over her head. He pulled it down her arms, passed her hands down to the ties. He kissed her again as his left hand caressed her breasts. His tongue was ravenous, so was her own. The oral dance was even more frenzied than a few moments earlier.

Ted’s hand cupped her right breast, then his thumb and index finger clamped her taut nipple, not harshly but firmly.

Kyli felt his digits holding her nipple. “Mmmh,” she moaned into his mouth. Her back arched a little.

Ted’s thumb and finger tightened a little more and he tentatively tugged her erect nub.

Kyli exhaled sharply into his mouth as her back arched more. “Mmh.”

He moved on his knees, his mouth turning on hers. His hand moved from her right breast to her left. His other hand slid onto her right mound. He clamped both her nipples lightly again, rolling, twisting, and tugging each slightly. Kyli’s exhaled sharply into his mouth once more. Her own mouth opened wider. Their tongues danced wildly for a minute then she abruptly turned her head to the side breaking the kiss. She gasped quick breaths.

Kyli murmured, “Oh… oh god… Ted.”

His hands caressed her breasts as he shifted more on his knees then sat back on his legs. He kissed her shoulder then her face and neck. He kissed her other shoulder and that side of her neck, then kissed her ear. He spoke breathlessly, “I want you so much, Ky.”

“Yessss,” she spoke between breaths, “I want you… too… oh… oh, Ted.”

“I need to taste you.”

“Ohhh… yesss.” She wasn’t exactly sure what he meant but hoped she did.

He smeared his face in her hair as his hands left her firm breasts. He quickly stood and moved to the other side of the queen size bed. He leaned forward, his eyes locked with Kyli’s as his hands cupped the backs of her knees. He drew her towards him so her hips were right at the edge of the mattress. He watched her arms straighten on the sheet on the other side of the bed. He lowered her feet to the carpeting, her legs together, bending at the knee, her thighs off the bed. He knelt in front of her legs. His hands went to hips, then his face lowered to her thighs. He kissed her warm, smooth skin beginning an upward journey.

Kyli raised her head and looked at him. Ted met her eyes. She saw desire, even lust, and hopefully love in them. Her heart and breathing increased tempo. She saw his face dip forward and just as in the past, her pussy tensed as his face began stroking over both thighs. Her head got heavy. She let it flop back on the sheet. She murmured, “Mmm… oh god.”

She felt his hands slide from her hips to the waistband of her cotton, very brief bikini panties. Her pussy and anus tensed even more when she felt his fingers curl under the elastic waistband and began slowly pulling them down. It was going to happen. All the nighttime dreams, all the daydreams, it was finally going to happen. She whispered between breaths, “Oh… ohgod… oh… Ted.” She raised her bottom slightly to assist him. She shut her eyes when the little garment slid passed her pussy. She wondered if she should have shaved her muff. She bet Ted would have liked that. It was too late to worry about it now. She felt his hands stop.

Ted gazed at her pussy. Her pubic hair wasn’t thick nor was it sparse. As if combed, it angled towards her thin labia which looked pink and slightly puffy but hadn’t opened, maybe because he had her legs together. He kissed the small bush. He spoke softly, “Ky… I have to say this again… you’re beautiful.”

Kyli raised her head again. His eyes met hers. A little smile formed on his mouth and her eyes teared slightly. She blushed, closed her eyes and let her head flop down again. She released a soft and brief giggle, then went back to taking fast breaths.

Ted really wanted to taste her. He quickly finished the task of getting her panties off, then without any delay, his hands cupped behind her knees. He raised and folded her legs up and back. Her knees were spread wider than her body very close to her rising and falling breasts. He gazed at her muff. As if she did it on purpose, her labia opened. He stopped breathing for a moment. Her pussy looked exactly as he thought it would. Pink, thin, delicate major lips, inner lips pinker and he could see them glisten in the soft light. She was moist. His mouth actually salivated. He whispered, “Ky… it’s like a beautiful flower.”

His face descended. His tongue lapped slowly upward and separated her petals more. She was warm, fresh, and already slippery. He savored her flavor with two more slow, broad strokes. His eyes were closed as he tried to memorize her taste and the first oral touch on her sex. His lips and tongue then concentrated on her clit. He could feel it taut under it thin pink hood. He teased it out from under it.

Kyli’s eyes shut tight at the intense waves of delight emanating from between her legs. She had been licked before but for some reason this was a hundred times more exciting than any other experience. She didn’t hold back, her hips swayed and she tried to push her pussy towards her mouth. Abruptly his tongue wiggled between her pink folds entering her, then began squirming, lapping, swirling within her. “Oh! Oh… gahhhhhd.” Her hips churned more intensely.

She tasted wonderful, so fresh, there really wasn’t a flavor. He sucked her delicate labs into his mouth and rubbed them with his tongue and nibbled with his lips.

Kyli raised her head, he was doing something she had never felt before. His eyes met hers. She realized he had sucked her labia into his mouth. Her head flopped back. “Oh-h-h-h.” She trembled. His mouth was pushing her pussy lips out then sucking them in over and over again, while his tongue never stopped flickering or stroking. No, she had never experienced this before. She felt herself already starting to rise towards her peak. Her body started trembling.

He lapped her slit a few times glad and amazed at how wet she was. His lips returned to her pink pearl, sucking gently as his tongue tip flickered on the little nub. He heard a soft whimper from Ky. He was looking towards her breasts, heaving now as her hips swayed and her pussy pushed against his mouth. He wished she’d raise her head again. He wanted to look into her beautiful eyes as he began firmly stroking and pushing her little jewel. Instead he heard another whimpering moan and her neck arched. She started trembling constantly.

He abruptly plunged his tongue into her wet warmth, swirling it around within her, trying to push in deeper, so much so that his lower teeth rasped against the root of his tongue. He concentrated on her pink pearl again, sucking gently, rubbing it, pushing it, stroking crazily on it. Her trembling intensified. It made him increase his oral efforts. He wanted her to reach orgasm on his mouth, on his tongue. He pushed her clit to one side and let it slide back under the tip of his tongue. Kyli twitched. It did it again to the other side, the elasticity of her pearl pulling it back under his tongue tip once more. She twitched harder.

“Oh… Ted.” Kyli nearly yelped.

For the next few minutes, his tongue became even more ravenous on her turgid clit, diddling, stroking, rubbing it almost as if he was trying to erase it. His throat muscles and tongue were tired, but as her trembling turned twitchy, he knew he’d keep going until she peaked. Her hips began squirming even more. He pushed her legs farther down, her knees almost to her shoulders which raised her hips slightly.

Kyli started shaking. “Tehhhh-h-d. Ohhhhh… ohhhhh… mmmmhh-h-h.” She felt herself on the threshold of not only orgasm but of losing control of her body. It scared her a little. She had never felt that before. “Mmmhhhh-h-h-h,” she whimpered.

He abruptly stopped rubbing her clit, pushed his tongue into her pussy, swirling it around a half dozen times, then did something else he had dreamed about for years. He pulled his tongue out, broadened it, then slid it down to her hot little orifice, laving it, rubbing circles on and over her anal pore as firmly as he had her pink pearl.

“Ted! Oh… OH!” Kyli peaked at the unique sensation of his tongue on her anus. She felt her wrists strain against the tie loops and that too heightened her thrills. His tongue slid up between her glistening labia and once again wildly rubbed her shivering clit. “Mmmm…. oh gahhd… Ted!”

Kyli twisted and jerked, and was shaking and twitching as wave after wave of orgasmic delight coursed through her. It felt like every cell of her body was shivering and tingling. She could feel her vaginal canal convulsing as much as her body, her anus seemed to be doing the same thing. Ted’s tongue just kept going, rubbing her clit, pushing into her sex, laving over her anus. Oh god…. he’s so good… so good to me. The twitches of her body grew more intense, almost like electric shocks were making various muscles flex.

Ted ran his wet, tired tongue up through her thin, glistening pussy lips to her pearl once more. He sucked it gently as his tongue flickered, pushed, and rubbed the turgid nub. He watched Kyli arch her back while still shaking, her firm, somewhat pointed breasts wobbled slightly.

“Oh… god… stop… stop, Ted… stop-stop-stop… it’s… too… too good… too much.”

He pushed his tongue into her weeping channel one more time. He wished he could stick it deeper inside her, reach all the way to her cervix with it. Her twitching and jerking slowed and lessened in intensity. He pulled his tongue out, kissed her labs, kissed her clit, then smeared his face on her pussy, feeling the slipperiness of it, the warmth, and the wet, fine, pubic hair surrounding it. He was breathing hard, almost as raggedly as Kyli. He swallowed. “Ky… god… you’re beautiful… I’ve wanted to taste you for so long.”

He smeared his face into her again, getting her dew and her scent on him, marking himself with it. It made her body twitch hard a couple times. He let her legs fold down over his shoulders. His hands slid to the sides of her chest. He gave her slit another kiss then turned his face and rested his profile on her mons veneris, sucking breaths as fast as she was.

It took Kyli a couple minutes to catch her breath and gather her wits. “Ted… come up here, please kiss me, then… I want you in my mouth. I wanna suck you.”

Ted swallowed. “Yeah… kiss, but… I need to be inside you, Ky. Now.” He took a quick deep breath, then slid down and back so her legs slipped off his shoulders. He got up quickly and walked around the bed. He knelt as before and kissed Ky from the side. His tired tongue danced with her ardent one. He almost smiled about how achy his throat muscles were. He had wanted to lick her pussy to orgasm for years. His left hand caressed her breast while his right pulled each of the necktie tails out from under the mattress. Her tank shirt fell to the floor.

As soon as her hands were free, they were on him. One on the back of his head as the kiss continued, the other stroking his hairy chest with the backs of her fingers. Their mouths and tongues finally slowed, then parted. Ted gave her neck and face a few moist kisses before he stood up. They were both still gasping breaths.

When he rose to his feet, Kyli, nearly cat-like, quickly flipped over on the bed, drew her legs forward, folding them under herself as she leaned towards him. Her left hand grabbed the waist of his black pants, then her right hand hurriedly opened the button and yanked down the zipper. The baggy, lightweight pants fell to the floor. She blinked. “Ted… you’re… you’re so big.” She didn’t wait a moment longer. Her delicate hand gripped the base of his throbbing member as his feet stepped out of the puddled pants. She noted the tips of her fingers weren’t able to reach her thumb. Her fingertips had always touched her thumb with Raymond, and just about touched when she held her other two boyfriends.

Ted knew he didn’t have some porn star dick. It was average, maybe a little thicker than average according to a couple chicks. “Ky, it’s not…” She engulfed the deep red head, sucking it as her tongue swirled around the glans. “Urrrrrhh… jeezuz.” For a moment he wondered how big… how small Ray’s dick had been. Same for her earlier boyfriends.

Kyli’s hand started moving on his staff. She had decided years ago in a daydream, that if she ever did oral on Ted she’d swallow for him. She made sure her teeth didn’t touch him as her head started bobbing slowly, the tight “O” of her lips sliding down and up about a third of his length. She never had to open her mouth this wide before. He was really thick. She started wondering what it would feel like in her pussy. Her hand started moving, stroking up to meet her descending lips. She sucked a little harder, making her cheeks concave, the slippery insides pressing against his manhood.

“Urhhh… jeez… Ky… that’s good.” He was glad he was half looped, if he wasn’t he knew he’d be shooting his wad already. “Ky… mmmmh… Ky… I wanna be… inside you. I wan’ us making love.” He inhaled a few quick, deeper breaths. “Now… c’mon.”

She sucked harder and jerked her head back. Pop! She gasped breaths as her tongue laved around the large helmet. She pulled her tongue back and spoke between breaths. “I wan’ you to reach… orgasm.” She flickered her tongue on the tip for a few seconds. “In my mouth. I… I wanna feel you cuming… I wanna do that for you.” She took his cock into her mouth again. Her head resumed bobbing, her lips sliding down meeting her up stroking hand.

“Ky… no… not your mouth.” She was making it very difficult to pull away from her lips. It felt wonderful. “Ky… c’mon… ahhhhh…. urrmmmh.” He was starting to feel the urge. He jerked his hips back. Pop! His cock exited her mouth.

“Ted… no… I wanna… you gave me an orgasm. Please let me d…”

He went to his knees and cupped her face. His mouth met hers. Their tongues danced passionately again. He pulled his face back, breathing heavily. “Ky… I need to be inside you. Now.”

“You’ll be inside my mouth. I want to make you feel good firs’ with my mouth.”

He smiled as he gave her lips a kiss, then her cheek and neck. He chuckled as he stroked his face into her fragrant, dark hair.

“Wha’s so funny?”

“You made me feel fantastic, that’s why I want to be inside you, want to make love with you.”

Kyli was nearly panting her breaths too. “‘kay. Are you gonna put the ties on my ankles first? And tie the ones on my wrist to the headboard?”

“I don’t give a damn about the ties. I need to be inside you, Ky. Now… right now.”

“Yeah… me too… oh god, I want you so much, but tie me… tie me firs’. I-I wan’ you to do it like you did it to her that night I watched. Please…. please, Ted. Tie me. Tie me like you did her. I-I need it to be that way. Please… please.”

She moved on the bed to the center, turned on her back, then stretched her arms over her head on the mattress, the tails of the ties dragged on the sheet. Her fingers were just shy of the vertical square spindles of the headboard. “My… my ankles too. Jus’… jus’ like that night we did it senior year.”

Ted moved quickly to the head of the bed. He looped the tie tail about the vertical spindle, tied it with one knot tightly, then did the other one on the neighboring spindle. Her fingertips were a few inches from the headboard. As he had so many years ago, he raised her with an arm under her lower back, and slid a pillow under her ass. He then hurriedly moved off the bed, picked up two looped neckties. He put one on her left ankle, then another on her right one. Her pulled her legs down towards the foot of the bed making her arms stretch a little straighter. He angled her right leg first, spreading it, then tied the tail to a footboard spindle. He did the same to her left leg.

He stood and looked at her for a few moments. She was in the upside-down “Y.” Her eyes were intensely gazing into his. His view drifted down her slender body. Her breasts were rising and falling with every breath she took. He had never seen any woman look so feminine, so beautiful, nor so incredibly hot. He realized he could do anything to her tied like this, and knew she realized it too. That in itself was such a gift, an incredible gift of trust and love. This wasn’t anything like it had been with Darlene or any other girl for that matter. He loved Kyli, he really did love her. This was a dream becoming reality. Even though he was aching to be inside her, he had to ask her one more time.

He sat on the bed near her hip. He watched his hand settle on her smooth thigh and slowly slide up towards her pussy, then onto her flat abdomen to the far side of her waist. “Ky, I want us to make love, but… we’re both a li’l drunk, so I have to ask once more. Are you sure you want us to do this?”

Kyli’s breathing had quickened as he had tied her legs to the bed. “Yes. I’ve wannid to… for a long time. A very long time.” She remembered how much she had wanted it that last time playing ‘what if.’

His hand coursed up to her breasts, caressing them as he leaned down, his lips met hers, her mouth opened, his tongue slid in to meet hers. His thumb stroked over one taut nipple then the other as their erotic oral dance gained intensity.

The kiss lasted two minutes and when their mouths parted they each were breathing heavily. Ted’s hand became more urgent at her fleshy mounds, his thumb and index finger holding, then lightly tugging her turgid nipples. His other hand stroked up and down her stretched straight arm, as Kyli’s neck arched to receive a necklace of warm, moist, breathy kisses.

His mouth moved lower, his right hand holding her breast, his mouth surrounding her nipple, sucking it, nibbling it with his lips, then his tongue flickering and rubbing the pink nub. More kisses laterally marking a moist path to her other mound, finding her left nipple, sucking again, tongue rubbing, then sucking more intensely.

Kyli was nearly panting. She whispered between breaths, “Harder… harder.”

Ted heard her. His suction increased, pulling her nipple into his mouth, stretching it and some of her pliant flesh, his tongue wildly attending it. His hand slid down her torso, his palm coursing over her slightly pronounced mons then it turned and his middle and ring fingertips felt her awakened clitoris. He started rubbing it, side to side, circles over it, then pushing it to one side then the other allowing its elasticity to pull itself back to its centerline. Kyli twitched each time he did that. He liked that response.

Ky pushed up with her hips. She murmured, “Mmhhhh… urrh, Ted.” She couldn’t believe how quickly she was heading towards her peak. She felt her other nipple sucked again, harder than the first time, little light nipping bites around her aureole. “Mmmmh… mmmh.” His lips moved back to her neck, more kisses. His fingers rubbed her clit faster, more firmly. “Oh… oh-h-h-h.” She shook with pleasure for a moment, then strained against her restraints to raise her pussy to his hand. His face pushed against her profile, stroking through her hair. A moment later his mouth was on hers again. Another impassioned, urgent, tongue dancing kiss. She felt his middle finger slide into her slippery, drooling channel. Automatically her pussy clenched around the probing, undulating, curling digit. “Ummhhh.”

Ted felt how incredibly tight she was. It made his cock lurch at the thought of how good it would feel surrounding his prick. His finger slipped from her vaginal clutches as he started moving his body atop hers. He broke the kiss, Ky’s little tongue poking out of her mouth as if she hadn’t wanted it to end quite yet. He gave her neck another necklace of kisses. His elbows held most of his weight off her chest, as his hands cupped and slid from her biceps to her elbows. His hips lowered and he stroked the length of his cock through her labia and over her turgid clit. Kyli strained to push up against his sliding hardness. Ted felt her body shiver again. He gave her cheek a kiss and gazed into her sparkling dark eyes.

Ted asked hurriedly, “Are you on the pill?” He wanted to ravage her. He had dreamed of this moment. Yet, he wanted to show her how much he loved her too. He was afraid he’d not be able to hold back. He wanted to screw her until they were both exhausted and satiated. Love and lust were one inside him. “I don’t have any condoms.”

Her desire overpowered her caution and Kyli lied quickly, “Yes… don’t… don’t worry. I wanna feel you inside me naked.” She remembered watching him with Darlene. “I want… I want you to show me… show me how crazy I’ve made you. Ted… I want you so much. Ohgod… I want you so much.”

She closed her eyes and pushed her hips up, her bottom clenching tight, as the length of Ted’s thick, hard cock slid against her clit again. She murmured, “Mmmhhh… oh… mmmh.”

Without thinking she tried to put her arms around his shoulders but she was instantly stopped by the ties. A extra thrill coursed through her as she again realized she was bound to the bed, that Ted could do anything he wanted to her. He firmly stroked his cock up between her slippery labs and over her clit another half dozen times as his mouth devoured her small breasts. When he sucked her taut nipples she tried to arch her back to present them better but sometimes got confused because she tried to push her pubis up to meet a new stroke of his thick manhood simultaneously. “Mmmm…. arrrrrhh.” Her breaths grew quicker and more ragged.

His hands moved closer to her wrists, making his chest lower a little more to hers. He could still hold his weight off her. Her pussy was very wet. He was teasing her with the strokes, teasing himself too. He had fantasized about this moment for so long that he wanted to savor it. Kyli wanted him inside her. It had never seemed possible it would happen until an hour or so ago.

Ted held her arms a little tighter. He slid his thick, throbbing cock against her slit and over her clit one more time, then stroked down again. His hips swayed as the tip of his member found her opening. He nudged just a fraction of the head inside her channel. Kyli’s neck arched pushing the back of her head into the mattress. Her breasts rose and fell faster as her already shallow breathing quickened. He pulled back. Her hips squirmed wildly. Her neck arched collapsed and she raised her head.

“Don’t tease… Ted… don’t tease. Push in… please push in. I want you so much.” Her head dropped to the mattress.

He started to work his cock into her hugging, wet warmth, an inch in, pulling back, swaying his hips, pushing in a little more, back, swaying, pushing in a little more. She felt perfect around him, tight, satiny sleek, slippery, warm. Perfect. He kept up the routine until he was a fraction short of being fully engulfed. Just as he was about to pull back, Kyli’s hips jerked towards him taking the last fraction of his cock into her. “Urrh,” he grunted.

“Oh!” Kyli yelped when the firm yet spongy head rammed her cervix. Her neck arched again as Ted bore down grinding his manhood into her, his pubic bone mashing against her clit. “Oh-h-h-h… gahhhhd… mmmmhh.” Kyli’s hips squirmed as she strained to push towards him, her neck arched, forcing the back of her head into the mattress again. She felt him pull back. He thrust into her hard. Her body lurched as her pussy was instantly filled, the spongy firm head butting her cervix. “Oh!” He retracted and thrust in again even harder. “Oh!” She lurched again and felt the tie loops straining around her ankles, holding her in place until he retracted. He thrust in again, again, again, again. Her voice trembled as much as her body, “Oh-h… oh-h… y-yes… yes!”

The grip of the tie loops at her ankles added to her thrills, somehow heightening her pleasure. She was fully giving herself to him. She realized she had never done that before with any guy. She wanted to know, to see, to feel his desire for her, his lust for her, and the intensity of what she hoped was love too. She felt his hands grip her arms tighter. It also added to her thrills. She truly was giving herself fully to him. Being tied to the bed, he really could do anything to her he wanted and she wanted him to know that. He thrust deep again and kept pushing. She felt the strain of the loops around her ankles again. His hips swayed, grinding his thick cock inside her and his hairy groin smooshed and rubbed her shivering clit. She moaned, “Mmmmm…. mmmhhh.”

He spoke through gasping breaths. “Am I… being… too rough.”

“No… no… I like it… I want you to… to be. Show me… show me how much you want me.”

Ted knew if they hadn’t been drinking they’d not be in Kyli’s room. He half wished he was completely sober so he would remember every single moment with crystal clarity, the other half of him was glad he was half in the bag. He had more control over his dick and when he’d cum. It was always like that when he had a few drinks, of course if he was really wasted he had trouble staying hard. It seemed he was at the perfect level of inebriation. He wanted to make love and lust with Kyli for hours. He didn’t acknowledge it but somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew this might be the one and only time they’d be together like this. He wanted it to be the best for Kyli, never to be topped. He wanted that for himself too. He pulled his cock back within her cozy channel and rammed into her again.

Her body lurched again from the force of his thrust. She felt the tie loops tug at her ankles yet again. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. This is what she had needed, had wanted, had desired, not just the intensity, but that she was with Ted. Between gasps of breaths, she exhaled whispers, “Harder… harder, Ted… show me… show me… how much… how much you… you want me… n-need me.”

There was a part of him that wanted to be slow, deliberate, and very intimate and loving, but he had waited too long, had dreamed too long about this, and it seemed Ky felt the same way. His ass reared back again and he started pistoning his throbbing cock into her weeping channel.

Again Kyli’s neck arched and she tried to meet each of his thrusts. “OH! Ohhhh.. oh yes… yes!” She kept trying as best she could to thrust up and meet each plunge of his thick manhood. He was giving her what she had dreamed of, had needed for years. This was exactly the way she imagined it would be and the thrills were even better than she had hoped. She wanted to shout but it came out as a breathless whisper, “Oh gahhd… oh Ted… I… I love you… oh god I love you.”

Ted slowed, but each thrust was just as forceful as before. He was gasping his breaths. He planted breathy kisses around her neck, then her breasts. He wanted to move her into a dozen different positions but it seemed she wanted it just like they were. His mouth began to devour her pliant mounts, sucking her nipples, giving her felt quick nipping bites, Ky’s body lurching with every thrust, her back arching presenting her breasts to his mouth, her hips squirming and trying to jerk towards each plunge of his throbbing prick. He started staying deep after each thrust, grinding his pubis into hers, swaying his thick cock within her snug, hugging, slippery channel.

Ky’s neck arched again driving the back of her head into the mattress. His pubic bone was mashing and grinding against her clit and she knew she was on the verge of another orgasm. “Yes… more… more!”

Ted thought she meant thrusting. His cock started pistoning again. He gasped out his words, “I… can’t… last…. much longer.”

“Yes… yes… cum… cum in me… Ted… oh… oh Ted!” She felt him plunge deep and start grinding again. “Yes! That! THAT!” She felt the stain of the tie loops around her ankles. Kyli’s neck, then her back arched yet again. She held her breath, then shouted, “URRH! YES!” Kyli’s body went out of her control, she virtually went into convulsions, her limbs jerking against her restraints. It scared her for a few moments, but the orgasmic waves coursing through her overwhelmed her fears.

Just as she thought it couldn’t feel more intense, Ted pulled back and plunged once more. He grinded savagely into her, his hands tightened even more on her arms, his face coursed through her hair and against her head. Her orgasmic waves intensified, then his body stiffened, his cock expanded slightly and then she felt the gush of viscous liquid heat spew deep within her quivering channel as he loudly grunted like an animal.

“Oh Ted!” Whatever control she had over her body vanished. She no longer knew where her body stopped and Ted’s began. It felt like they were melting into each other. She had never sensed that before with any guy. She wanted to laugh and scream and cry simultaneously. All she could muster was a whimpering, “Oh baby… oh Ted… oh… oh.”

As his body jerked with the last pump of his hot cream into her depths, Ted started gasping his breaths again. He lessened his grip on Kyli’s arms, he used his elbows to lift more of his weight off her rising and falling chest. He stroked his face into her fragrant hair, sometimes accidentally inhaling strands of it into his mouth before blowing them out with another rushed gasp of breath. He wondered if he had ever cum so hard. He wanted to chuckle just from the relief he felt, but he was too breathless. He swallowed and kept taking fast deep breaths. He swallowed again and spoke softly, “Are… are you okay, Ky?”

Kyli was still trembling. She closed her eyes and giggled softly. “Yes… oh god yes.”

He pushed himself up higher on his elbows and looked into her eyes. She was smiling, huffing breaths as fast as he was. He kissed her cheek, then gave her lips a quick one. He gazed into her beautiful, dark, almond eyes. They were tearing but her mouth was still smiling. Her hair was mussed and sexy. His right hand moved off her arm and his fingertips combed her hair behind her ear. He took a deep breath. “Ky… I love you. I’ve loved for years.” He saw her eyes tear more.

“I love you too… so much… so much.”

He kissed her again, it was an intimate, loving caress. It wasn’t lengthy. They were both still breathing too hard and fast for it to be longer. He pulled his face up. He was grinning. Kyli giggled softly. He looked at the headboard. His hands slid up to her wrists, making his chest lower to hers. She started breathlessly giggling again.

“I… I… I can’t… breathe.” She laughed harder.

Ted grinned as he quickly freed one hand, then her other. He pushed up on his elbows again as her arms encircled his neck and she hugged him fiercely.

“Oh gahhd… Ted. That’s… you’ve… it’s… it’s never… never been like this.”

He pulled his head up as his palms cupped her face. “Me too, Ky. It’s never been like this.” He gave her lips a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you so much.”

“Want your ankles free?”

Kyli nodded. “Uh-huh, but… I don’t want you to move.”

He looked into her eyes for a few silent moments. “I wasn’t too rough, was I?”

She saw concern. Some of it had been painful but she loved that part too. It made her feel a little animalistic. “No, not at all, not… not for this time. You were perfect, just what I wanted… needed.” She blinked. “Was… was I okay for you?”

He grinned and then released a soft chuckled. “Better than perfect.” His spine arched up and he dipped his head to give her breasts a few playful kisses, and quick sucking ones on her nipples. He looked into her eyes again. She was still smiling but not as widely as before. “God… you got nice tits.”

“Shut up. Don’ call ‘em that.”

“Wha’d'ya want me to call ‘em? Have you named them?” He gave her a crooked smile.

She rolled her eyes. “Call ‘em boobs. They’re my boobs.”

His smile waned. His eyes teared a little.

Her smile disappeared. “What?”

“I… I really have wanted to make love with you for years.”

“I wanted to be with you for years too. I…” Her eyes welled again. “I love you. I’ve loved you for so long.”

He tenderly kissed her lips, then looked into her eyes again. “How ’bout I take the ties off your ankles?”

Her throat was constricted with emotion so she just nodded. Ted gave her lips another tender, albeit quick kiss, then he moved off her body and her arms slid off his shoulders. She watched him work the loops down and passed her toes on both feet. She wiggled to the side slightly, then fluffed a pillow for Ted, and moved the one that had been under her bottom to the side.

Ted lay next to her. He put his arm out. Kyli turned on her side and put her head on his shoulder. Her slender leg folded slightly and slid onto his thigh. Her hand stroked across his hairy chest a couple times, then settled on his pectoral. Ted kissed her head as his hand lazily stroked her back. “Are you really okay, Ky?”

She nodded her head against his shoulder. “Uh-huh.” She took a slow breath. “We’re… we’re not going to sleep yet, are we?” Her hand slid down his torso then her fingertip stroked his flaccid cock as if it was petting a small, cute animal.

The corner of Ted’s mouth curved. He spoke softly, “No, not unless you wanna.”

“I don’t wanna go to sleep yet.”

“I’d like us to make love without the stupid ties.”

Kyli bit her lower lip for a moment. “Uh-huh.” She took a slow breath. “I… I thought the ties were… exciting.”

“Yeah… it was.” He kissed her head again. “Like I said, I dreamed about you like that.”

“Me too.” She watched her hand wrap around his soft cock and caress it. It grew a little. “You… made me feel so good with your tongue too. You jus’ kept doing it and doing it.”

“Jeez… I loved that, ‘specially when you kissed me back.”

Even drunk Kyli still blushed. “I… I couldn’t help that.” She saw his cock suddenly grow. She blinked. He really had liked licking her.

Ted grinned. “I wish I had a dollar for every time I thought about licking you, pushing my tongue into you. I could quit teaching and just work on my art.” He chuckled then kissed her head. “Every inch of you is beautiful, Ky.”

She didn’t think she was beautiful, but his words made her feel wonderful. “I… I didn’t wanna stop sucking you. You should’a let me finish. I wannid to finish.”

He smiled. “Finish?”

“I wannid you to cum in my mouth. I… I wannid it to be the firs’ time… I only wannid you to do that.” She watched his cock grow a little more. “I wanna do it now.” She started to move down his chest but Ted’s hand gripped her shoulder and stopped her.

“We have time. I’m thirsty. How about a… a soda, and… I have to go to the john too.”

She kept holding his cock as she twisted around, moving perpendicular to his body. She lay her profile on his upper abdomen and looked at his face. “How come you’re always stopping me?” She raised her eyebrows.

For a moment her facial expression made her look like a teenager. “Jeezuz… I love you, Ky.”

She knew that had nothing to do with her question. Her eyes teared. She released his cock and moved again, sliding onto his body. His arms encompassed her. Her own arms encircled his head on the pillow. Her eyes welled more. Her voice squeaked, “I love you too.”

They kissed tenderly. Their tongues touched, then danced, much slower than the last few french kisses. Ted’s right arm moved down, his hand cupped one cheek of her ass, caressing her flesh, then slid to her other bun and repeated the touch. Kyli’s hips squirmed slightly. His palm stroked across her bottom. She felt his cock burgeoning.

The kiss deepened, became more impassioned, yet still continued the slow tempo. Ky swayed her chest, stroking her small breasts against Ted’s chest. He loved feeling her turgid nipples press against him and slide back and forth. His other hand slid down to her seductive bottom. He cupped her fleshy curves and squeezed a little, feeling their firmness as she clenched. He gripped a little harder and she exhaled a breath into his mouth. Her tongue instantly went wild against his.

Kyli felt his cock growing in earnest. She squirmed her hips and aligned her wet and slightly tender slit against it. Her hips started a rhythm sliding up and down his manhood. She couldn’t believe how wet she was, then realized his gooey seed was drooling out of her onto his cock. She clenched her pussy automatically. She wanted to keep his goo inside, not even sure why she did. He grew more and she started tingling intensely again as her clit slid against his throbbing rod.

Kyli abruptly broke the kiss turning her face to the side, gasping breaths as she lay her head on his shoulder. Her eyes closed as her hips moved sliding her drooling slit and tingling clit up his thick cock. At the tip she didn’t reverse course, but slid off the head. Her hips swayed and she pushed down slightly. She shivered when her clit pressed against the head. She pulled up once more and then pushed back, swaying then wiggling her hips.

It felt good to Ted but his brow pinched. He spoke softly, as her pussy moved up again. “What are you doing?”

“I want you inside me again.”

He almost laughed but it sounded so damn hot to hear Ky say that. He felt her clit against the tip of his prick once more, then her half erotic half cute little hip wiggle. He debated with himself for a moment which he wanted more, to have her do what she was doing, which it seemed she liked too, or help her out. He wanted to be ensconced within her perfect pussy again. “Move up again, a little higher, then wait a second.” He felt her do it. He flexed his abs and cock, it rose an inch or so from his abdomen. “Try now… slowly.”

Ky moved her pussy down, slowly, with a slow sway to her hips. She blinked. His cock wasn’t laying on his stomach any more, it was slightly angled up. The tip nudged between her glistening labia, then the head nudged inside her channel. She was still gasping breaths. “Ohgod… how did y… oh god Ted.” She slid down more, and more of Ted’s wonderful cock entered her, stetching her. “Push, Ted.”

He was nuzzling her neck and stroking his face in her fragrant hair. His hands were cupping and holding the cheeks of her ass. He was enjoying feeling her glutes flex as she swayed, wiggled, and pushed down. He whispered, “You want it, you take it inside. Do it, Ky… take it.”

Kyli didn’t understand why, but his words excited her. She did want it. She did want to take it. Her ragged breathing quickened. He was letting her show him how much she wanted him. He was asking her to show him. She felt an odd erotic rush. Her teeth clenched, then an impish smile appeared on her lips. She jerked her hips back and suddenly half his thick member was expanding her channel. She shoved back again and took the rest of his rigid rod into her channel. She squeezed her pussy as tight as she could around his muscle.

Ted groaned, “Urrrrrrhhhh… god… jeezuz.”

Her teeth still clenched, her breaths hissing through her teeth as her hips started grinding. She turned her face towards his profile. Her mouth was by his ear. Her jaw moved but it was still tight as she rasped out whispered words, “Do you want me to fuck you, Ted? Is that why you said for me to do it by myself? Hmmm? Do you want me to fuck you?”

She blushed at her own words, she had never said anything like that before, but she also grinned for a moment as her hips churned more intensely. She could feel herself on the path to another orgasm, not only with him inside her but as she grinded on him, she was rubbing her clit on his pubis. She had never had a time this exciting with any guy.

Once more Ted almost laughed, but again it was just too hot. There was a smile in the tone of his voice though. “Is this the naughty Kyli you’re showing me?”

It was Ky who laughed softly. “Yeah… the naughty Kyli.”

“The naughty Ky wouldn’t ask, she’d just fuck me.”

She moved her hands to the mattress by his shoulders, then pushed her torso up. She looked down at his eyes. Her hair formed a curtain around their faces. Her hips started jerking forward and back… again… again… again. Ted didn’t move. Her breathing turned more ragged. She shoved back, then grinded. She felt Ted start to mirror her movements. Her body shivered. She shut her eyes tightly. She whispered, “Oh god, Ted.” She pulled forward then when she shoved down again, Ted’s hips thrust upward. “Oh!” The head of his cock rammed into the end of her channel.

Ted spoke breathlessly, “Slide… you legs forward… a little.”

Kyli did as he said, folding her legs up his sides. Her hands moved to his shoulders. His moved to her hips. She began riding his cock, pushing down as he thrust upward. She heard a clap each time their groins met. She shut her eyes tightly. She murmured between breaths, “Oh… oh… oh god.” They kept thrusting at each other.

He gazed at her face, her hair bouncing with every plunge of his cock. “Is… is this too rough?”

“A… li’l… no… ye… I don’t know. Just keep doing it.” She gasped a couple quicker breaths. “Ohgod… Ted… Ted.” All she knew for sure was that it felt right, right and wild and good. Ted suddenly sat up and his arms surrounded her back holding her closely. Her arms encircled his neck. She kept grinding her hips crazily, pushing downward, feeling his length and girth filling her channel. The head of his manhood wasn’t bumping her cervix very often. Her body shuddered and she almost peaked again. She couldn’t believe she was at the threshold of yet another orgasm. It had never been like this with any guy. She felt his hot breath, then his lips on her neck. She tilted her head back to accommodate his kisses.

Ted pushed his face into her fragrant hair. “This feel good?”


“Let’s slow down a little, okay?”

She had to think for a few moments, she was so close but she wanted to please Ted, make it be what he wanted. She took a few quicker breaths. “‘kay.” Her hip grinding slowed. She felt herself step away from her orgasmic peak. She hugged him tighter as she sensed his legs moving, then he leaned to the side, then the other side. She realized he was sitting back on his folded legs. His hands moved to the sides of her chest.

Ted spoke, “Lean back, Ky.” His hands palmed her back and his torso angled downward, lowering her to the bed.

Kyli loosened her arms at his neck but didn’t remove them until her shoulders pressed into the sheet and Ted arched his back raising his torso to near vertical again. Her arms slid from around his neck and settled on the sheet angled away from her body. Her feet were flat on the mattress, her legs partially folded, her knees up. His inner thighs were pressed against her buns. Her eyes locked with his.

He kept his cock working in and back within her tight, slippery channel. “Nothing we ever do together will be naughty, Ky.”

“I know.”

His open mouth curved slightly. “But it’s hot to think it is.”

Ky smiled softly but also clenched her teeth. She pushed towards him more intensely.

Ted growled, “Urrrrhh… yeah.” He knew if she kept that up, he’d cum sooner than he wanted. He stayed deep for a few moments, then pulled back and looked down at her pussy and his cock sliding back, then into her warmth again. Kyli seemed to want to rest. Her hips slowed their movement. The corner of his mouth curled. He kept staring at her abdomen.

He had seen it on a couple other chicks. He thought it looked really hot. He placed his palm just above her muff. “Put your hand down here. Press down a little.” He moved his hand away.

Kyli moved her right hand and placed it where Ted’s had been on her lower abdomen, her fingertips just touching her dark pubic hair. She watched as Ted slowly pushed his wonderful, thick cock into her. She smiled. “I can feel you moving inside me.”

Ted was watching her hand. “You can see it too.”

“Huh?” She raised her head and moved her hand. She really could see him moving inside her. “Oh god.”

They both watched her lower abdomen as his cock slid into her three more times, then Ted stayed deep as his hands cupped behind Ky’s knees and raised her legs over his shoulders while he leaned forward, forcing her legs to fold back and down. His own stretched out behind him. His hands pushed under her shoulders and cupped over them. His face descended and their mouths met. Kyli’s lips parted and their tongues touched, then danced together. Ted slowly retracted his cock, then slid deep again, staying deep as his hips churned, pressing into Ky more intensely. Her hips mirrored his movements.

Kyli abruptly broke the kiss. She gasped her breaths. “Oh god, Ted… mmmhhh.” She felt his hot breath at her neck then moist kisses. Her neck arched to receive his caresses. She felt his cock slide back then rush into her again. Her body twitched as the bulbous head reached the end of her wet, shivering channel. Again he kept pushing and twisting his hips, his pubic bone pressing and rubbing against her clit. Her jaw clenched again as her neck bridge lowered. She hissed through her teeth, “Yessss… yessss.”

Ted’s back curved upward as his face slid down to her small pliant mounds. He kissed her breasts, then sucked and tongued her right nipple as his cock pulled back and started a steady rhythm, shallow-deep, shallow-deep, not quite thrusting. He felt Ky pushing up to meet his strokes. His mouth moved to her other nipple, sucking and rubbing it with his tongue. He heard both their breathing turn more labored.

Ted pulled his face up. Ky’s eyes were closed. “I wanna move… faster… harder, okay?”

Kyli opened her eyes. She nodded and breathlessly added, “Yeah… yeah.”

Ted’s ass reared back and he plunged his thick, throbbing cock into her slick, hugging channel. His groin slammed against her pubis. Smat!

“Oh! Yes!” Kyli’s petite body lurched but she felt Ted’s cupping hands on her shoulders holding her in place. “Yes… yes.”

He saw Ky’s face wince but she also said ‘yes.’ His speed increased as he thrust hard and fast into her a dozen times. He was close to cuming when he saw her face wince again. If he was with any other girl he would have kept going. He plunged again, then stayed planted deep. His hips churned. He was gasping breaths. “Ky… you… does it… hurt. I don’t wan…”

“No… uh… a-a little… but… keep going… ohgod… it’s good… so good.” She felt his legs sliding forward as his torso began rising. “No… no… c’mon… more… more.” She wanted to give him what he wanted. And even if she was getting really tender, it did feel so good too. She almost desperately wanted to feel him cum inside her again. “Ted…” She tried to take deeper breaths as she watched him.

Ted shifted his knees, then lowered her left leg to the sheet and moved her other leg from his left to his right shoulder, and as her hips turned his right knee moved over her prone leg and he leaned forward so his throbbing cock would stay ensconced in her tight, slippery channel.

“What are you… um…” Ky blinked as he nudged her upper back with his left hand to turn onto her side. For a moment she thought she was twisting his stiff member inside her and then realized how crazy the notion was. His right arm wrapped around her thigh at his chest. His cock started moving. Her eyes opened wide then she blinked. It seemed different, like he was touching spots inside her that had never been touched before. Her hips started churning slightly as the push and pull of his muscle within her increased tempo. His left hand cupped one cheek of her bottom and gave her a squeeze, then slid over her hip and twisted to her pussy. He plunged into her harder, but the head didn’t ram the end of her channel. Two fingers of his hand at her pussy started circling her shivering clit. She felt herself take a giant leap towards her own orgasm. Her voice quavered, “Oh-h-hhh… oh Teh-ed.”

He thrust harder and faster. He could feel his pubic bone ramming the upper cheek of her ass and sensed her pelvic girdle under the firm fleshy bun. He hoped this position would be better for Ky, he’d still be able to be a little rough but not get as deep. He saw her eyes shut tight and her face contort. He pushed deep and stayed planted, his hips churning but not as intensely as he wanted to. He was very close to shooting again. “Ky… am I hurting you?” He gulped a few deeper breaths.

“No.. ohgodno… faster… I’m so… close… ohgodohgod…. faster… Ted… Ted!”

His ass reared back. He plunged into her harder and faster than before. He made sure his fingers weren’t too rough on her clit. He wasn’t surprised when Ky’s hips started churning and rocking with abandon. Yeah, this was better than his dreams. He knew he was losing his fight to hold back. He wanted her to have another orgasm.

Kyli’s body started shaking. She was at the precipice. “Oh-h-h-hhhh.” She tried to stay in rhythm with Ted’s thrusts but she was losing control of her body. “Ohhhhh… oh…. OH! OH Ted!” She was able to move her arm and grab his wrist at her sex. She tried to pull it away but didn’t have the strength. She was in orgasm, yet it just kept getting more intense. It scared her. It had to be because of his fingers on her clit. “OHH-H-H!”

Her shout was all he could take. Ted plunged deep and grinded. “Arrrrrrghhhh!” He kept pushing, straining forward as his balls tightened and the first surge rippled up his throbbing cock. “AH!”

His fingers stopped and Kyli was able to yank his hand away from pussy, yet her orgasm kept getting more intense as she felt his thick member spew heat into her depths. It seemed her body was possessed, she rocked, bucked and shoved against his groin. She could feel her leg over his shoulder bouncing and tensing on his back. She knew her heel hit him at least a few times. His cock rippled a half dozen times more, then his hips started moving again, his still hard cock moving in shorter yet still intense strokes. He yanked his hand down to her pussy again, a fingertip didn’t stroke but only caressed her pearl, yet it seemed like it was electrified.

“OH! OH Ted!” Her peak kept rising along with her fear. It felt so wondrous, so incredible but she thought she might faint, then for a moment she thought she might die. At that very second, Ted, pushed deep and stayed planted within her contracting, shivering channel and his finger moved off her clit. She felt his cock expand and ripple twice more but didn’t feel any extra heat enter her now gooey channel. It took her a moment to realize her hips were still churning and straining to push her pussy to him, as if she was never going to let him escape. She knew it was true. She wanted him inside her forever. She almost started crying a moment later when Ted leaned down folding her upper leg more as he kissed her shoulder and her neck then spoke through his labored breaths.

“Ky… where I am… inside you… I don’t ever want to leave.” Ted was still huffing breaths but he held it for a moment as he kissed her lips. He pulled his face back and was smiling but it instantly disappeared. Kyli seemed to be on the verge of tears. “Dammit… did I hurt you?”

Kyli shook her head and gave him a pursed lipped smile.

“You sure?” He watched her nod. He wasn’t sure whether to believe her. He had gotten pretty rough. He figured he should unfold her leg immediately. As he began to do that, he leaned to the side to get his knee over her prone leg. They both flinched as his half deflated cock slipped out of her wet warmth. “Dammit.” He lowered her leg to the sheet.

Tears ran down Kyli’s face but her pursed smile turned into a grin, then she giggled.

Ted was first relieved at her giggle because it probably meant he hadn’t been too rough, then he realized the timing of his dick flopping out was actually funny. He had just said he wanted to stay inside her forever. He smiled, then grinned, then chuckled. He leaned down again over her twisted form and kissed her smiling lips. They were both still half laughing. He pulled his face up and looked into her eyes. She was still smiling. “You okay?”

Kyli nodded again. “Uh-huh.” She turned onto her back as her hand rose and she ran her fingers through Ted’s hair starting at his temple. She took a deeper breath. “I’m very okay.”

He gave her another kiss, longer than the one a second ago, but still fairly brief. They were both still catching their breaths. He drew his face up again, still smiling. “I hate to say this.”

Kyli’s smile vanished. “What?”

“I have to hit the bathroom.”

Her smile returned and she rolled her eyes. “Then go.”

He glanced at the night table, then back to her beautiful eyes. “I’m getting something to drink too, a soda, I don’t want any more bourbon. You want something other than your ice water?”

“Could I have a glass of… mmmm… ginger ale?”

“Sure. How about we share that?”


He gave her lips a quick kiss then slid off the bed.

Kyli watched him leave the room. She had never felt so good after making love. It was like he had touched all the spots inside her that had craved attention. She bit her lower lip. Not quite every spot though.

Ted used the first floor bathroom, washed his hands then went to the kitchen. He got a glass, added ice, then poured the ginger ale. He grabbed a can of Coke for himself, deciding he rather have that, then headed back to Kyli’s room. He walked slowly, trying to shake the sensation that he was in some wonderful, erotic dream.

He had been in love with her for years, even though he always tried to deny that fact. He may have hoped sometimes that she felt the same but discovering tonight she did, had been a surprise to say the least. Especially the passion. It mirrored his own. He was glad they had made love without the damn neckties. He hoped he’d be able to get it up again. Do it really slowly, try a bunch of different positions, see which Kyli liked the best. He smiled. Yeah, that would be fun, and if he could get hard again, he’d probably last a long time. He had shot twice and the booze would help too.

He stopped at the stairs as he thought of the ties again and his gut tensed. Having her tied to the bed had been very hot, but what if she wanted to be tied up every time? He blinked as his gut knotted tighter. What if this was the one and only night of passion they ever shared? That somehow tonight was some sort of closure thing regarding that night she saw him with Darlene and connected to that stupid game they had played? Was that why she kept bringing up Darlene? What if tomorrow everything went back to normal, when they were both sober?

His brow pinched. But what if their relationship became something new, something different? How was any of this going to work out? They weren’t biological siblings, but they were brother and sister in the eyes of the law, and even more importantly, they were siblings in the eyes, hearts, and minds of their parents. Hell, he even thought of her as his sister, and Kyli undoubtedly felt the same about him being her brother. Yet it was way more than that too for them, at least it was for him.

He knew he was still too drunk to think about anything right now. Maybe it would just be this night of passion, maybe it would be more. One way or the other he’d never forget this evening, this night. She was so hot, so incredible. He had never been so excited eating her pussy and fucking her tied to the bed like that. He worried for a moment again that she only got off when she was tied up. He shook his head. No, she had liked it the regular way too just a few minutes ago, yet a few hours ago he may have imagine her bound to the bed and ramming his cock into her, Ky begging to be fucked harder and harder, but that had just been erotic daydreaming. He had never thought she would be like that whenever he gave it serious thought. All of it had been his fantasies coming true, coming to life.

His thoughts shifted again. He wondered if she and Raymond had done it that way a lot. And how was tonight connected to that night she watched him with Darlene? He closed his eyes and exhaled. Tomorrow would be soon enough to think about it all. If they only had one night of lusty lovemaking, so be it. He was going to enjoy it, enjoy her, give her a night of love that she’d never forget, that neither of them would ever forget. He glanced up to the second floor. What the hell was he standing around for? The girl he had love for years was upstairs, nude, waiting for him. He shouldn’t waste a moment of this night! He started up the stairs.

Kyli turned her head to look at the alarm clock. Ted seemed to be taking a long time to get a soda. Her teeth clamped her lower lip. What if he was already regretting them being together like this? What if he thought she was a perv now just like Ray had? He might, even if he had done this with Darlene. She didn’t want him to ever think of her like that.

Her fear of that happening, her fear of losing Ted’s care, friendship, and brotherly love began to overpower her erotic need, her romantic and erotic love towards Ted. She couldn’t bare to lose him because she had wanted to do this since she was eighteen. Her right hand hurriedly went to her left wrist.

Ted stepped into Kyli’s bedroom. He halted abruptly. His flaccid cock instantly started growing. All the thoughts he had at the base of the stairs were forgotten. “Don’t move.”

Kyli froze for a moment, then turned her head but couldn’t see him at the doorway. “Ted, I… I jus’ don’t want you to th…”

He interrupted as he approached the bed slowly, “Sssshhh, let me enjoy just looking at you for a minute. God… Ky, you’re really making all my dreams come true.”

He stood at the foot of the bed. Kyli had somehow gotten herself into the upside-down “Y,” the face down version of it. He thought a moment and realized it would take her at least a couple minutes to get her feet and hands free from the necktie loops without assistance. Her legs were spread, her arms were stretched straight towards to the headboard, her wrists and ankles bound, the thick pillow was under her hips, the lips of her pussy were flared opened, looking a deeper pink now in the soft lamp light. There was a telltale white drool still leaking from her cunt to prove what he had recently done with her. He only had a teasing partial peek of her hot little hole, the deep crack between her bubble buns not open much even with her legs spread. “Ky, you… you’re so incredibly beautiful, and…” He took a deep breath.

“What?” She turned her face to the sheet and tensed as she imagined him saying she was a pervert.

He looked at her hair draped over her shoulders and down her sleek back. He noted her narrow waist, her perfect bottom, her slender, smooth legs, her petite, pretty feet. He wanted to tell her she was incredibly sexy, seductive, hot but thought she’d not think of it as a compliment. “You’re beautiful, so… so feminine.” That really did say it better. He took another deep breath and moved to the side of the bed. He set the drinks on the bedside table and his cock lurched when he saw the tube of personal lubricant.

“Jus’… jus’ don’t think I’m weird, okay?”

He sat on the bed. He watched his palm cup the right cheek of her pouting ass, squeeze gently, then slide to its twin and do the same. “I’d never think that, but if you are, then we both are.”

He continued watching his hand as it slowly slid up her back, criss crossing from side to side on its way to her neck. He pushed her dark hair up to the top of her head and then leaned down. He gave the back of neck a few lingering moist kisses.

Kyli closed her eyes as a shiver ran down her spine. She felt him shift on the bed, his lips gave her shoulders kisses, then the side of her neck. She turned her head towards that side. He kissed her cheek, her temple, her ear. Another shiver traveled down her back. It made her pussy and anus clench.

Ted gave her ear another tender kiss. He knew he might be misreading her pose. He spoke softly, “Ky… I want to feel my cock pushing into your bottom, if you don’t want to, that’s o…”

She interrupted, “I want that too.”

He kissed her neck as his hand coursed up her farther arm to her elbow. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. “I… I want to do everything you did to her, with… with Darlene.”

Ted exhaled. “Ky… quit thinking about her.”

“I’m not… not really thinking about her, I’m… I… I jus’ wanna do what you two did together, because… because it was what I thought you wannid to do with me, that… that ‘what if’ night.”

Don’t think about her.”

“I’m not, not really. I… I wanna do this with you, but…” She tensed again.

“Huh? What?” He kissed her temple again as his hand stroked down her arm to her shoulder and onto her back. “What?”

“I… I’ve never done it before. Not… not really.”

Ted’s cock, close to a full erection, quickly reached it limits. “Wha’d'ya mean, ‘not really.’” The corner of his mouth curled. He knew the answer she’d give. He gave her a kiss between her shoulder blades.

“I… I’ve done it with… with my own finger.” She closed her eyes for a moment, even half looped she was still embarrassed. She had never told anyone.

An image of Ky finger fucking her ass flashed in his mind. Again his cock flexed. He kissed her ear once more. “We’ll go slow. I want to go slow. Whatever you don’t like, just say so, jus’… jus’ tell me to stop. Okay?”

Kyli loved his low, soft voice. She nodded. “‘kay.”

His feet still on the floor, he slid his ass lower on the bed so he could lean down farther. His hairy chest lightly touched her back. Both his hands cupped around her arms and slid up her limbs past her elbows. His face stroked into her fragrant hair, his lips nibbled her neck for a few moments, then he kissed her ear. He spoke softly, “Tell me again, Ky, tell me you want to feel my cock sliding into your hot ass.”

Kyli’s breathing had already quickened. “I…” She swallowed, panted a few more breaths, then continued, “I wanna feel your beautiful cock sliding into my bottom.”

She kept her eyes closed. She felt his moist breaths against her ear. His breathing had quickened too. She felt a kiss, then his tongue tip wiggling around, finally tracing the curves around her ear. It made her entire body shiver. She listened to his low, soft voice again.

“It’ll feel a little naughty, won’t it?”


“Very naughty.”

“I… I wanna be like that… with you.”

“It’s also making love, Ky, because it’s us… you and me… whatever we do, it’s always going to be making love.”

“Uh-huh… with you.” She panted a few even quicker breaths.

“You tied like this… I could do anything I wanted.”

“I… I know.”

“That means you trus’ me, don’t you?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

“I only want to do this if you want to.”

“I do… oh god, Ted, I wanna do it with you. I’ve wannid to for so long.”

“If I do anything you don’t like…. anything that doesn’t feel good, tell me right away.”

“‘kay. I… I will.”

“I’m not going to rush.”

“‘kay.” She opened her eyes to check that the lubricant was on the bedside table. A part of her was nervous, even a little scared, but she knew Ted would never hurt her.

He had to ask her one more question. “When you pushed your finger into your bottom, what… who were you thinking about?”

“I… I… um…” She closed her eyes and her teeth clamped her lower lip. Her mind was overloaded with emotion and desire. For some reason she wasn’t sure she should tell him.

“Tell me, Ky.” He had an urge and gave into it. His face moved and he gave her shoulder a lingering but gentle bite. He felt her tense and her breathing turned rapid during it. He released her flesh and gave the spot a few kisses. “Who, Ky?”

She whispered breathlessly, “Y-you. I-I thought about you doing it to me. Only you.”

“I wanna give you pleasure, Kyli.”

“You have. I know you will this way too.”

“Slowly. I’ve waited too long to rush.” He also knew that was the only way she’d enjoy it.

“I wan’ it that way too.” She wondered for a moment why he kept repeating that.

He wanted to remember every single moment, wanted to enjoy each second of it. He wanted her to remember it that way too.

Every cell of her body seemed to be shivering in anticipation. It was going to happen, it was finally going to happen. She had wanted this for years. Be with Ted, have it just like this, tied to the bed, the trust that would take, seeing, hearing, and feeling him wanting her just as much as he had wanted that bitch, Darlene. She felt his hands firmly slide along her arms to her shoulders, as his lips and tongue started a meandering trail down her back, giving her skin kisses and teasing licks.

His face then gave her pouting buns a couple strokes before he stood up. He picked up the tube of lubricant from the night table and moved to the foot of the bed. His thick, stiff cock, angling towards the ceiling, bobbed with each step. He gazed at Kyli’s slender form. She was so feminine, so beautiful. Her ass was perfect, the curves of her fleshy-firm buns were exquisite, tempting, sensual. He couldn’t imagine a derriere being more seductive, more alluring, more desirous. He thought about her virginal, hot, little hole. She wanted his cock to push into that tight, torrid orifice, feel her clenching hot “O” slide down his length and girth. He imagined his pleasure, the pleasure she would give him, but he wanted her to have at least as much erotic joy as him. He had fucked Darlene’s ass, with Kyli he wanted it to be making love.

He knew he had to feel it with his tongue again, feel her heat, put his tongue right on the hot spot his cock was going to deflower. She was the only chick he had ever licked there. He hadn’t even given it much thought earlier, he wanted to and just did it, for her and himself.

He half crouched and then leaned forward onto the mattress between her slender, smooth legs forming the “Y.” He wished the bed was longer. He put the tube of lube near her waist. His arms folded at his sides, his hands slid under her spread thighs, just above her knees. It made her hips squirm on the thick, firm, foam pillow for a moment. He leaned to his left and kissed the back of her knee. She tensed for a second, then relaxed as he started a meandering journey up towards her ass. His lips and tongue caressing her smooth, warm skin. As he neared her bottom, her ass pouted even more. At the beginning of the curve of her bun, he teased her, shifting his torso slightly, then sliding down a little, he kissed the back of her other knee, duplicating the journey of kisses and licks up to her bottom again.

His hands slid out from under her thighs, up and around to the outsides of her legs, caressing firmly upward to her hips. He held her. As he slid slightly higher on the bed, he pushed his face into her warm flesh, sliding back and forth over her ass. Her bottom pouted again and when his face pressed harder, she pushed up with equal strength.

Kyli moaned, “Mmmmh.” She loved feeling his face stroking. Her pussy and anus clenched with the hope he’d do what he had earlier even though it worried her too. She wanted to feel his tongue right on her anus. She felt his hands move, sliding up onto her buns. Her gripped her fleshy cheeks firmly. “Ohhhhhh,” she exhaled and moaned.

He pulled his face up as his palms cupped, held, then opened the deep valley of her ass. He gazed at the alluring, pursed, little hole and saw it clench, then relaxed three times. He could feel the body heat rising from her. He pushed his face into her, feeling the baby smooth skin of her valley caress his own. She pushed towards him. Ted had thought of doing this with Kyli for years, had dreamed and fantasized about it. The night really was his dreams coming true. He pressed his wet tongue against her hot little orifice, undulating his oral phallus.

Kyli tensed again. No other guy had ever done this. She prayed she was fresh. She felt embarrassed for a moment, but that quickly dissipated, the pleasure, the intimacy of his act overwhelmed her and made her hips sway and squirm. She shivered then whispered, “Ohhhh… Ted.”

She wasn’t worried about anything now. It felt so hot, so erotic, so loving to her. She knew he’d be like this. She guessed she had always known it. Her body was taking over. Her hips squirmed slightly, her anus started clenching and relaxing, her pussy was doing the same, contracting then loosening over and over again. She felt his broad, firm tongue squirming right on her little anal pore. “Oh… oh yeah… oh god.”

Her squinting hole felt very hot against his tongue. His cock lurched trying to expand even more. His hands gripped her buns tighter, his fingertips digging into her flesh a little. She shivered as she pushed up towards his face and hands even more.

Kyli’s voice was a trembling whisper, “Oh-h-h-h… Teh-h-hed.” Her delicate hands formed fists as her thrills intensified. His tongue started rubbing and circling her anus. It made her hips squirm more. Her turgid clit slid slightly back and forth against the firm pillow. She felt a shivering wave radiate from between her legs. “Oh… mmmhhh,” she murmured.

Ted sensed his lust rising and mixing with the love again. His face turned and his teeth clamped the flesh of bun. He bit her, not harshly but harder than he had her shoulder a few minutes ago. Kyli flinched. The movement brought him back to reality. He was about to say ‘Sorry’ when he heard her mumble.

Kyli breathlessly whispered, “Yessss… bite… bite.”

Ted did. Another to the same cheek, then two nips to the other side. He didn’t do it as hard as the first one, but Ky flinched each time. Her ass pushed and squirmed more intensely. His tongue went back to her now saliva wet little hole. Again without thinking, his lust driving him, his tongue stiffened, and he pushed the tip at the center of her torrid anus. He felt the little hole clench.

“Oh… oh… oh Ted…. no… no.” He didn’t listen to her, neither did her own body. She pouted her bottom more and tried to relax her anus. She had never envisioned this, not in her wildest erotic daydreams had she ever imagined Ted’s tongue on her anus, nor him trying to push it inside her. She then remembered he had licked her there when they started tonight.

His throat muscles were aching again. She was too tight. He pulled his face back for a moment and quickly whispered, “Push out a li’l.”

His tongue was instantly back on her hot spot, laving it for a few moments, then stiffening and the tip was back at the center of her heat. He felt the little orifice open slightly and the tip of his tongue felt her heat around it. She was too tight. He kept pushing as his right hand released her luscious bun and slid down under his chin. His thumb stroked the buttery, pink folds of her slit. He was glad she was so wet again. He pushed his thick digit in. She was warm, tight, slippery. He undulated his thumb and Ky shook for a moment before her hips squirmed again. He pulled his thumb back, then found her turgid clit. He started stroking it as his tongue made another extra effort attempt to push into her virginal anus.

Kyli’s breathing was rushed and ragged. She murmured, “Ohhhh… Tehhhed… mmmff.”

She was already close to orgasm. Her eyes were shut tight at all the wonderful, hot sensations coursing through her body, not just what his tongue and finger were doing, but again, as earlier, how the loops around her ankles and wrists held her in place as her body moved by itself. She wanted to feel his tongue in her ass but it was impossible to concentrate enough to relax her little hole.

Ted’s throat and neck muscles were exhausted. He stopped trying to push in his tongue. He was disappointed with his failure. He wanted to experience it but even more, he wanted to give it to Ky. He had wanted to see her reaction, see how crazy it probably would have made her. Maybe she would have reached orgasm. He went back to licking and laving her hot, little hole as his thumb worked her slippery clit, pushing it side to side, rubbing it, stroking it, varying the speed and intensity of his strokes. His left hand released her bun which closed her valley but he kept his tongue on her anus by pushing his face into her with more strength. His hand felt around for the tube of lubricant, then his fingers deftly unscrewed the top.

He pulled his face back and stroked it over her luscious buns as his hands moved to her back, one with the tube, the other facing up and cupping. He squeezed some lubricating gel into his palm. The back of his cupped hand nudged Ky’s left cheek to the side, his right hand gripped her other bun opening her deep valley again. His face dipped into her deep valley again, his wet, warm tongue laving around her torrid pursed hole once again. He felt the little orifice twitch and tense, then Kyli’s hips squirmed slightly.

Kyli pushed her face into the pillow and moaned, “Mmmmhhh.”

As Ted’s tongue worked, he felt his cock throbbing at its full length and girth and thought it was funny only a short while ago he was wondering if he’d be able to get it up for a third time. His tongue slipped off her squeaky clean hole and he gave the baby smooth skin of her valley a half dozen breathy kisses before he pulled his face up.

Ted dipped his right thumb into the clear lube already melting a little in his left palm. He shifted his body to the left slightly, then smeared a dollop of the gel on Ky’s hot little hole. He wasn’t surprised when she flinched and tensed.

Kyli was panting. She turned her head to the side on the pillow. “That’s… cold.”

Ted half smiled. He watched his slippery thumb rubbing. “Still cold?”

She closed her eyes and shook her head. “No. It… feels good.”

Ted settled his profile on her fleshy bun and watched his thumb on her hot asshole. His thumb stopped moving and his face went blank. “You… you don’t have condoms?” He chastised himself for not having any with him. He hadn’t thought he’d need any.

“Huh? Condoms? Why… no, I don’t.” She wondered if he was worried about getting poop on his cock. Oh god… that would be so embarrassing. “Why? Are you afr…”

He interrupted as his thumb started moving again. “I… I think you’re supposed to use them for… for disease… health reasons.”

“I… I don’t have any STDs, do… do you?” Kyli tensed.

No. It’s… about hepatitis.”

“I don’t have that, do… you?”


“I don’t understand.”

The times he had done anal he had never used one. “I don’t either.”

“Does it really matter?” She didn’t want to stop for any reason.

Ted hated himself for bringing it up, but he was concerned about Kyli. Or was it the guy who was the one taking the chance? Wouldn’t you have to have hepatitis to pass it to someone? “No, not… not for us.” He again mentally chastised himself for not knowing more about it. Then again, there weren’t too many chicks in his past who had wanted to take it up their ass. He’d look it up on the internet soon. He turned his head and gave her cheek a few kisses as his thumb applied a bit more pressure to its circling massage. “This feel good?”

Kyli closed her eyes and stopped thinking about condoms. “Uh-huh.”

He hoped he hadn’t broken her mood. He moved his thumb and coated it with more lube and returned it to her torrid hole. She flinched again. He heard her giggle softly and briefly. “Cold?”

“Uh-huh.” She felt Ted’s hand turn, his fingers covered her slit, then a fingertip gently rubbed her already tingling clit. “Mmmmh.” Her breathing picked up tempo again. Her hips squirmed.

Ted watched his thumb even while he gave her smooth bun a couple kisses. His voice was soft and low, “That night when you were 18, the ‘what if’ night, I wanted to make love with you every way possible, Ky.”

“Me… me too.”

“I wanted to rip your panties off… rip your shirt off and… be inside you.”

“I… wanted you to.”

“I wanted to be in your pussy, and… and in your ass too.” He pressed the tip of his slippery thumb to the apex of her pursed little orifice. “Relax and try to push out a little… sort of.” He didn’t know how to tell her any better. He felt it on her anus. The tip of his thumb sunk into ass up to the first knuckle. His fingertip switched from circling to crossing strokes over her taut pink pearl. He remembered her confessing to fingering her own ass. The thought made him relax a little. In a way she had some experience with this.

“Oh… oh Ted.” Her breathing turned into deeper quick gasps.

“Feel good… feel hot?”

“Yes… yes.”

“Remember, tell me if anything gets… ah… uncomfortable.”

“Uh-huh. Um… push… push more.”

Ted didn’t need to be told twice. He kept his fingertip working her clit as he swayed, undulated and applied pressure to his thumb. It slowly slid intoKy’s ass not stopping until the large knuckle at his hand was stretching her opening. He felt her torrid ring grip tightly.

“Urrrrrh,” Kyli moaned.

“Does it hurt? Should I pull back?”

“No.. jus’… don’t move it yet.” There was a little pain, like at first when she had first tried two fingers. She knew all she had to do was wait and relax. Maybe it was the drinks she had but she was able to do that sooner than she thought she’d be able to. “Okay. It… it feels good.” She wasn’t really sure what he was going to do next. What he did surprised her.

Ted poured and wiped off the gel from his palm at the top of Ky’s deep crevice, then pushed that hand between the pillow and her abdomen. The middle fingertip replaced his other on her taut clit. The other fingertip curled and coursed up and down between her flared, slippery labs. He knew part of the lubrication there was his jiz still oozing out of her channel but hoped it was also her dew of excitement. He kept his thumb planted deep in her ass, only moving the tip slightly, as his finger at her slit undulated into her channel, curling and stroking within her tight confines.

Kyli’s eyes blinked open. She had never felt anything like what he was doing, especially when his thumb and finger both pulled back then slowly pushed into her again. “Oh… ohgod.”

He almost stopped but kept pushing into her slowly. “Feel good?”

“Uh-huh… oh… oh Ted.”

He added more gel to his thumb, then continued slowly DP fingering her for another minute. The last two strokes, Ky’s ass pushed to meet his probing digits. That alone almost made him shoot his wad. The very last stroke, he kept pushing, the final, large knuckle on his thumb pressuring her anal pore, making it yawn.

Kyli moaned, “Uhhhh… mmmmmhhh.”

Ted felt both her anus and channel tighten around his digits as her bottom pushed towards him and her hips swayed and squirmed. His face dipped and smeared over fleshy mounds. The finger on his other hand varied speed and stroke more on her turgid, pink pearl. His finger and thumb slowly pulled out of her pussy and ass. He quickly picked up the lube and squeezed another large dollop on her coccyx, put the tube down, then coated his already dewy middle finger and his ring finger, wiping up a large gob of the clear gel onto his fingertips. He nudged her right cheek to the side with the back of his hand and pulled the other with his face, opening her deep valley.

Her anus hadn’t closed all the way after his thumb exited. When he deposited the gob of gel on the little “o,” Ky tensed again at the coolness but only for a moment. He held his fingers away as his thumb attempted to gather and push as much as he could of the lube into the little opening. Ky’s ass pouted a little higher. He curled all his fingers back except for the middle one. He circled the tip around her hot pore, then pushed the tip inside her heat. It entered easily. He diddled it for a few moments then slowly pushed his stiffened digit into her ass. He felt her anus tightened for a second as his middle knuckle disappeared into her bottom.

“Mmmmmmhhh,” Kyli moaned as she pushed up and back to meet Ted’s slippery invading finger. When it was all the way in, she felt it turn and twist. “Mmm.”

Ted slid his digit out, then crossed it with his ring finger. He turned his hand back and forth working the two tips into Ky’s little “o.” As more of his fingers moved into her, the “o” stretched wider. Ky’s slightly swaying hips stopped. His fingers halted, even the one on her clit. God he wanted to have his cock in her ass. “Ky… I don’t want this to hurt you.”

“Wait.” She was panting. “Wait a second.” She didn’t want to disappoint him and she didn’t want to disappoint herself either. She concentrated on relaxing. “Okay… okay now.” She first felt the fingertip on her clit move. It sent a delicious shiver through her and maybe because of it, without thinking her bottom pushed up and back. She felt her anus stretch and it didn’t hurt. It felt erotic, hot. She shut her eyes tightly, her teeth gritted at the pleasure of having Ted’s fingers in her and not her own. “Yesssss,” she hissed softly.

Ted slowly worked his fingers in and back for nearly two minutes. He had to go even slower for a few strokes after he uncrossed them. Kyli got used to the added width quickly though. He turned them now and then and again almost shot his wad when Ky responded by churning her hips with a bit more intensity. He added more gel, then grouped his index finger with the other two. They slid in easily until the middle knuckles.

“Urrrh,” Kyli grunted.

Ted stopped but didn’t ask if it hurt. Obviously there was discomfort. The finger on his other hand continued firmly but gently working her clit, pushing the nub side to side, circling it with his fingertip, diddling it for a few seconds, then stroking, then pushing it side to side again. Just as he was about to tell Ky that maybe they should stop, she spoke.

“Now… push… push slowly.”

Through his own ragged breaths Ted whispered, “If it hurts, tell me to stop.”

Ky breathlessly answered, “Push… slowly, push in… I… wanna feel it. I wanna feel you inside me.”

Ted did as she instructed, with starts and stops over a minute or so, he finally had all three overlapped fingers buried in her hot hole. Again he almost shot his load when Kyli’s hips started churning again, tentatively at first, then with more certainty. He slowly retracted his grouped fingers and then pushed in again.

“Ohgod… oh yes… yesss… ohgod… Ted… I-I want you in me there.” She shut her eyes as her hips squirmed. He felt his fingers twisting. It didn’t hurt at all. There was just that weird erotic thrill coursing through her body. “Now, Ted… now baby, please.”

Ted was still on the edge of orgasm. He wanted his cock in her ass. He slowly pulled his digits back, twisting them the entire way. He pulled his other hand out from under her, held her valley open, and added more gel to her now dilated anus. Once again she flinched at the coolness, then released a very brief, breathy giggle. He quickly used his thumb to work the gel into her torrid cavity, then hurriedly coated his throbbing cock.

He moved between her bound open legs, stretching his own over the end of the bed but holding himself up on his knees and with an outstretched arm. He grabbed his lubed rod and brought the deep read head to Ky’s dilated anal pore. He stroked the tip around her hot hole.

Kyli’s eyes shut as she whispered, “Ohgod. Yes… yes, Ted.”

He took a few deeper breaths. “Tell me to stop… if it hurts.”

“Yes… yeah… push in… push in.”

He gripped his prick and nudged the tip at the center of Ky’s slightly gaping anus. The head was twice as large as the “o.” It started to dilate more. He had to shut his eyes even though he wanted to watch. He was already at the edge of cuming. He had dreamed of this moment for years. He didn’t want to shoot until he was completely buried in Ky’s luscious ass. He could feel her anus contracting against the spongy-firm helmet. He felt her sphincter hugging half the head. He kept pushing slowly and firmly, then just as the lip of his helmet was about to get past the hot muscle, he felt it contract severely and Ky tense beneath him. Dammit! He opened his eyes and looked first at his groin and her luscious ass, then at her pretty profile. Her hair hid a good portion of her face but he saw her eyes shut tightly and an expression of pain.

Through labored breaths he spoke, “Ky… we don’t have… to do this.” He gulped more air.

“No… no… wait… wait…” Kyli panted more breaths. She concentrated on relaxing.

“You… you push back when you want to.” He looked down at her perfect buns again. He didn’t move for nearly a half minute, then felt and saw Ky’s hips sway slightly. Her sphincter loosened a little. She pushed up and he held fast. They both twitched when the ridge of his helmet passed her sphincter.

“Urh!” Kyli nearly yelped.

“It hurt?”

“Yeah… no… um… just wait. It’s jus… ohgod, you’re… so big.”

“Ky, I don…”

She interrupted, “No… wait.”

Over the next five minutes, in slow increments and adding a lot of lubricant, Ted’s cock worked into Ky’s tight anus. For the most part, he let her determine when to move, allowing her to push back and take a fraction more into her hot rectum. Ted would pull back a little from time to time, then push in the same amount. A couple times Ky would breathlessly say, “A little more,” and he’d nudge a bit more of his throbbing rod into her pouting, seductive ass until she clenched again. Finally there was only an inch of his stiff, pulsing manhood not ensconced in her heat.

She told him to wait as he felt her torrid ring tighten around his staff. He was holding himself up with his elbows, looking between their bodies once in a while, but had to stop that. The sight was too erotic, too hot and he didn’t want to cum yet. His left forearm was under her, his hand was at her pussy, his finger playing with her turgid clit. His right forearm slid on the sheet, his hand cupped around and held her elbow. Her arms were still stretched straight, her wrists still in the tie loops attached to the headboard.

He stroked his face through her fragrant, dark brunette hair. His breathing was ragged, so was Kyli’s. He felt her anus relax again. He pressed his lips to her ear and whispered, “I’m going to pull back, then… slowly push into you, all the way, Ky. I-I won’t last long, this… you feel too good. If… if it hurts, tell me… right away.”

Kyli swallowed and took a deeper breath. “Yeah… I want all of you in me… all of you, Ted.” She swayed her hips slightly.

His chest rose and he looked between their bodies, at the sensual curves of Ky’s luscious buns. He started pulling back. Ky moaned but he knew it wasn’t from any pain. When he felt the helmet at her sphincter, he reversed course, denying himself the urge to shove his pulsing prick into the depths of her heat.

Kyli released another soft moan as she felt the entire length of Ted’s thick cock slowly slide all the way into her bottom. On the last inch or two, she pushed up and back to meet him. It felt so weird, yet so erotically and sensually thrilling. His finger on her clit alone almost had her at the brink. She felt so full of him, her anus was so stretched, yet the discomfort, sometimes momentary painful discomfort, had disappeared. It was so hot, so erotic, so incredibly intimate, and so naughty yet it wasn’t naughty, wasn’t bad, and wasn’t perverted, they were giving each other what they wanted, what they desired. It was loving, yes, it was love not perversion. She felt so close to Ted, no psychological or emotional or even sexual taboo boundaries separated them. That was what making love should be. What she had always wanted it to be.

His cock and his finger on her clit had her at the brink for minutes. She couldn’t hold back any longer. “Oh… y-your f-finger… Ted… oh… oh god… you’re in me so… so deep… s-so b-big… I-I… y-you… c-cum… oh… oh…” Her hips started churning more and more intensely. “Push. Harder. Push!” She felt his groin grinding against her ass, not only shoving his cock as deep as possible into her bottom, but forcing her body towards the headboard, straining the tie loops around her ankles. That last sensation threw her into orgasm. “Ohgod… ohgod… now… now… T-Ted… n-n-NOW!”

Ted had been holding back so long that when he let himself go, it was almost painful. “AHHHH!” Without thinking, he shoved even harder into her ass.

“Ohhhh!” Kyli felt his thick cock surging, pumping viscous heat deep in her rectum as her body went into erotic convulsions.

Ted couldn’t have held back after her shouts. He had hoped to slide in and retract at least a few times but it would have been impossible to restrain himself that long. This was incredibly perfect as is. As Ky’s ass shoved, swayed, jerked, and twitched, he kept pushing into her and grinding his hips, as his fingertip continued playing with her pink pearl. His entire dream had been realized. The dream had always been that Ky would want this and get as much pleasure from it as he would. And it seemed, no, it definitely was true. She loved his cock in her ass. He felt the last ripple, but still kept pushing and grinding although with less intensity. He was gasping his breaths as he lowered his chest a little more to her sleek back. His grip on her upper arm lessened. His finger slowed then stopped on her clit. He pushed his face into her dark, fragrant hair. He gulped a few breaths before trying to speak.

“Ky… I love you.”

Kyli was still trembling and twitching. She had to swallow a couple times before she could whisper, “Ted, I love you so much.”

Two minutes of relative silence passed, only the sound of Ted’s breathy kisses on her profile, neck, shoulders could be heard and of course their labored breaths. They both felt his cock shrinking. When it finally slipped out, they both flinched.

Kyli released a breathy giggle. “It got small again.” She drew in a deep breath. “God… you were so big.”

He knew his finger had probably felt huge in her bottom too. “Ky… are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Uh-uh. Didn’t hurt.” She closed her eyes as he gave her a dozen moist kisses on her upper back. “Um… but…”

Ted instantly raised his head. “What?”

Kyli felt her face flush. “I… I think I have to um…”

He smiled and gave her shoulder a kiss. “Like you have to take… ahh… poop?”

She shut her eyes. “Yes.” She heard his breathy chuckle. “Shut up.”

“Can you get the loops off your wrists?” He knew she didn’t have to defecate.

“I… I don’t know.” She blinked, then her brow pinched. Ted started working the loops off her wrists. “Ted?”


“It’s weird. It… it kinda feels like… like you’re still inside me.”

He half smiled. “Really?” He knew it was the ‘ghost’ of his cock.

“Uh-huh, but… I… you know.”

He got her other wrist out of the loop. “Yeah, I’ll get your ankles free.”

“I… I really don’t want either of us to move, but…”

“Yeah, me either but you need to… ahhh… sit down.” He gave the corner of her mouth a kiss, then slid off the bed. As he took the loop off her first ankle, he gazed at her pussy and ass. He only had partial view of her anus in the deep valley. It was still dilated but already closing. Both her pussy and ass were leaking his seed. He freed her second ankle.

“I… I don’t think I can move. I… I’ve had too many orgasms.” She giggled.

Ted sat on the edge of the bed and again wondered how drunk she was. He wondered that about himself too. He stroked his palm gently over her ass and up her back. He leaned down and kissed her shoulder. “Want me to carry you to the bathroom?”

She giggled softly again. “Mmmmm… That’d be nice, but I think I can make it.” She drew in a deep breath then started sliding towards the edge of the mattress. Ted stood up. She looked at him. He was smiling. She grinned. “I… I never had a night like this, never… I never felt this good.”

He took her hand and helped her up. “Neither have I.” He wrapped her in his arms, then they kissed, their tongues dancing once more. They held each other closer. Ky was the one to slow the kiss, then hugged him even tighter.

“Ted, I love you so much.”

“I love you, Ky.”

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

Ted chuckled and pulled his arms away as Ky did the same. He took her hand. “Mind if I watch as I start us a shower?”

“You’re gonna watch?”


“You’re so weird.” She was about to tell him no, but then realized how open and intimate they had just been. What difference did it make if he actually did watch? She glanced at him. Was he just kidding? He had always been weird like that though. She remembered as kids and teenagers, him watching people, and insects, and staring at odd shaped trees, and all sorts of things.

“I’m going to do all the work in the shower, so you can just stand there while I soap you, and then… let’s just go to bed, okay?” Ted felt exhausted.

“Mmm… that sounds nice.”



Ted opened his eyes. His head was throbbing and his mouth cotton dry. He looked to his left. Kyli was turned on her side facing away from him. It hadn’t been a dream. They had finally done it last night. A rush of guilt hit him followed by a rush of fear.

Had he forced her into it? Had he manipulated her? No, no he hadn’t. He was sure of that. Incredibly, even with a hangover, his cock began growing as it all started coming back to him, not in detail, only hazy visions at the moment. He hoped his memory would sharpen as his head cleared. He needed a couple ibuprofen and a couple vitamin pills. He also needed some water and to piss too.

He looked down the sheet covering Ky, his eyes following her feminine contours. He drew in a slow breath. She was beautiful, smart, sexy, sweet, caring, and a good person. When he thought of what a woman should be, it was who she was. She tended to get overly emotional sometimes, not just with sadness and tears, but she had a streak of angry strength in her too. She was delicate and feminine and sometimes needed to be protected, yet she was also part tomboy, and when she felt she was right about something she’d never back down no matter what the odds. She was the perfect mix. She was the perfect girl, the perfect woman.

Since high school he had been looking for a girl just like her. A girl just like her who was also a lusty animal in bed. He had imagined Kyli like that too, but last night went far beyond his daydreams and fantasies about her. He had taken her anal virginity last night. He knew he had the most erotic night of his life, and he thought, at least hoped, she had too.

His gut knotted. How the hell was he going to go on without her now? How could he ever stop wanting and loving her now? How could he ever find a woman who could equal her? Yet, how could they continue? She was his sister, an adoptive sister, but still his sister. Mom and Dad would never accept anything other than a sibling relationship between them.

He slowly turned onto his side and moved closer to her until his body was pressed against her. His arm gently moved over her, his palm cupped her small breast. He felt her nipple grow a little against his palm. He spooned her for a few minutes, trying not to worry about anything, just enjoy her body against his own, but his thirst and headache were getting in the way of the pleasure of just being with her. He also realized he needed to urinate soon. He wished they hadn’t drank so much yesterday, but knew if they hadn’t he’d probably not be in her bed right now.

He remembered bits and pieces of them in the shower last night, how they had bathed each other. He had even gotten half hard and Kyli had said, ‘Save that for tomorrow. I’m too sleepy.’

They had spooned in bed. He had felt so comfortable with her. It had been the best night of love in his entire life. Except for drinking too much, it was the perfect night with the perfect girl.

He really had to piss. He slid his torso back from her, his head dipped and he planted a soft kiss on her shoulder. He whispered as softly as he could, “Ky? You awake?” He was tempted to wake her but he knew she could use the sleep. He wished he was still asleep. He softly kissed her shoulder again, then pulled his arm from around her as he quietly slid away from her and rose from the bed. He smiled as he headed to the bathroom, glad for the first time that she was the one who got the room with the attached bath.

Kyli pretended to be asleep when Ted had kissed her and whispered. She hadn’t said anything or even opened her eyes because she had a headache and was feeling hungover, but mostly because she was scared to death he’d now think she was just some crazy loose girl, some sex craving slut who had, in essence, seduced him last night. She knew it was her doing. She had started talking about the “what if” game. She stayed silent as he got up and went to her bathroom. She listened to him urinate. The butterflies of last night were fluttering in her stomach again. She had to figure out what to say to him. She loved him and wanted him, but wasn’t that crazy? They were brother and sister. What about Mom and Dad? Oh god.

Ted flushed and then realized he hadn’t closed the bathroom door. “Dammit,” he whispered under his breath. He didn’t want Ky to wake up to pissing sounds. He washed his hands, then started towards the bed, stopped and changed directions. He needed to brush his teeth and take some aspirins or whatever Mom had in the other bathroom. He’d get some ice water for Ky and a couple tabs of whatever he found. Maybe he’d take a shower too just to help him wake up. His brow pinched. He recalled Ky shampooing his hair last night with her shampoo. Yeah, he’d take a shower. He didn’t want to be smelling like some chick. Maybe he’d make her a breakfast tray, or… maybe they could go to that cafe in town. Yeah, that was a better idea. Just some juice and ice water with the meds. He smiled. He’d put it all on a little tray.

Kyli stayed quiet as she listened to the sounds Ted made. The shower turned on in the other bathroom. She thought they might shower together again this morning if things were okay between them, were good and new between them now. She got more nervous. Did he want to be alone? Did he want to pull away from her? Did he want to forget last night happened?

Ted wanted to shower with Ky but he didn’t want to wake her and he needed to clear his head, and a shower usually helped for that when he had a hangover. He knew they’d have to talk today. His gut knotted when he realized she might have been faking being asleep. He had a feeling that she had been awake. Did that mean she already regretted it all? What if she did? How would he convince her otherwise? No. No, he couldn’t advocate them being together, just tell her that was what he wanted. He doubted he could change her mind anyway. It had to be her decision. His hand stopped moving the bar of soap on his chest. He stood still as the water cascaded down his torso. Shit… what if last night was the first and the last time?

Kyli was getting more anxious. She wasn’t sure what to do. She had an awful headache. She had nearly forgotten what a hangover was like. Maybe she should give Ted time to think things through. Maybe it would be best to just try to sleep longer. She glanced at the clock. It wasn’t even 9AM yet. She closed her eyes and tried to calm her fears.

Ted dried off then went to his bedroom without even a towel around himself. He put on a fresh pair of briefs, then pulled out his cargo shorts from his bag. He didn’t bother with socks or his sneakers. He was still hoping to shower with Ky, he just wouldn’t need to wash. He had taken a couple aspirin he found in the bathroom cabinet. He’d find the vitamins downstairs, maybe some ibuprofen for Kyli. He quietly walked down the hall to her room. She hadn’t moved. She was still asleep. He turned and headed to the stairs then the kitchen.

Kyli had heard Ted at the door, then going downstairs. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep. She had hoped the morning would be different than this. That Ted would have stayed in bed with her, that maybe her hangover wouldn’t be this bad, that they would have taken a shower together again. A shower. She didn’t really need one, but then neither had he. It might be a way to wake up and it would feel good to stand under the spray.

She slid out of bed, closed the hall door, then walked into the bathroom. With each passing minute she worried more. She didn’t want to lose Ted, as a lover or as a big brother. What if last night would make him pull back from her in every way? Would he just think of her as a perverted slut now? Just like Ray had? No, Ted wouldn’t do that. He loved her. He had told her he loved her a dozen times last night. But, was that just passion speaking? Was last night a once in a lifetime thing? She closed the bathroom door, turned on the shower and said a prayer that everything would be all right.

Ted busied himself in the kitchen. Mom kept the vitamins in the same spot since he was a kid. He found some generic ibuprofen too. He put a couple each on a small silver tray, one used for cream and sugar at holiday dinners. He wondered about making her a toasted bagel with cream cheese and jelly. She used to like that, so did he. He then thought of the cafe in town. Cappuccino and a croissant sounded better, and she’d probably not want to eat anything as soon as she woke up anyway. He pulled the refrigerator door open. Orange juice or cranberry? Ky liked OJ. He pulled out the container and got a medium sized glass from the cabinet.

As the water cascaded down her body, Kyli touched her pussy. She was very tender. She had never been this sore before. Her hand moved, dipping into the deep valley between her buns. Her anus was sore too but surprisingly not as much as she had anticipated. Ted hadn’t been rough with her, they had both just been really intense, passionate. Her labia weren’t friction burned, they were probably a little bruised, so was her pubic bone. She had been a little wild before with that jerk Tom, but never as wild, and definitely not as uninhibited as she had been last night with Ted. She pressed a couple fingers against her anus as her other hand cupped her tender slit. Her eyes closed and for a few moments she forgot her growing concerns about Ted and the future, and allowed herself to remember the essence of the passion and love they had shared just a few hours ago. It had been wild and wondrous.

Ted decided to add a glass of ice water. He looked for another, slightly larger tray.

Kyli was standing under the spray, letting the water hit her face and head before it flowed down her slender body. She was still trying to calm her nervousness, and still trying to figure out what Ted’s actions this morning meant. He had spooned her and had kissed her shoulder, but then he left too, and showered in the hall bathroom. What was he thinking? What was he doing? Where was he anyway? Her body froze for a moment. Had he left? No! He wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye! Again Kyli told herself to relax and stop worrying so much.

Ted stepped onto the second floor, the tray in his hands. He smiled at it — glass of OJ, glass of ice water, a jigger glass containing the ibuprofen and vitamins, and he had borrowed the little vase with the single realistic silk rose his mother had on the foyer parson table, and had put that on the tray too. He thought it might make Ky smile.

Her bedroom door was closed. He couldn’t recall if he had shut it. He tapped on it lightly, then opened it. Kyli wasn’t in bed. He heard the shower going. The bathroom door was closed too. He wondered if she was saying something by that. Doubts about the way she’d feel about last night entered his mind again, and once more he told himself not to jump to conclusions. He headed to the bathroom, tapped once on the door then opened it and stepped inside.

“Hey, Ky? Good morning. I’ve got some juice, ice water, ibuprofen and vitamins for you. Are you a little hungover?” He could only see the shadow of her body behind the shower curtain. He set the tray on the vanity and then leaned his ass against the edge. He wondered again what her attitude would be about last night. His gut tensed.

“I… I guess so, I-I have a headache.” Her breathing had turned shallow. She had no idea why she was so nervous. Ted didn’t sound worried about anything.

“I thought you’d still be asleep.”

“I… I got up a few min… a short time ago.”

Ted could tell she was nervous, but his cock started growing anyway. He kept seeing flashes of the previous night, Ky’s face as they made love, and yeah, made lust too. His dick overruled his hesitation. “Shower feel good?”

“Um… yeah, it does.” She felt breathless for a moment.

“Would you like some company? I’ll do your back again, like last night.” He pushed off the vanity.

“I-I… I think I’d…” She thought she heard the phone ring. “Is… is that the phone?”

“Yeah, the landline.” He stepped closer to the tub. He smiled as his hand started raising to pull the shower curtain open.

“Run and get it, Ted! Mom said she might call!” Kyli was breathless again as the thought of her mother finding out about what happened last night nearly overwhelmed her with guilt and fear.

His brow pinched and his hand stopped moving. “Mom’s calling? From Italy?”

“Yes! She said she might. Answer it!” Kyli was suddenly panicky. She irrationally thought Mom would somehow figure everything out if the phone wasn’t answered. “Hurry!”

Ted exhaled sharply, turned and jogged out of Kyli’s bathroom to his parents’ bedroom. He grabbed the cordless just before the voicemail kicked in.



He smiled. “Yeah, Mom, it’s me.” His smile disappeared. “Is everything all right?”

“Yes! Everything has been wonderful so far! Our hotel is perfect! You were so right to suggest getting a room near the Spanish Steps, I think we’ll be able to just walk everywhere. Oh, and you were also right about the Unification Monument. It really does look like a gaudy wedding cake. We saw that again this morning. But last night we strolled to the Fontana de Trevi, and it was so beautiful and romantic. We tossed coins in, just like in that old movie, do you know that movie? We had dinner at this little restaurant close to it, and have you ever had gelato?”

Ted’s smile had returned. He guessed Mom actually wanted an answer or to take a breath. “Yeah, Mom, it’s good. You know, don’t you, it’s just rich ice cream.”

“Are you making fun of me?!”

Ted chuckled. “Mom, just make sure you and Dad go to the church of Santa Maria della Vitorio, I marked it on your map. You have to see that sculpture of St. Theresa in Ecstasy, and remember to note the age of the cupid angel, and don’t forget that those marble figures on the wall are part of the piece too, those are the patrons. It’s all one piece together. It’s not only extremely erotic, but kind of humorous too.”

Tadeuz… there’s not going to be anything erotic inside a church. Quit trying to be funny.”

Ted grinned. He didn’t think he was exaggerating at all. “Okay, maybe I’m kidding around, but I guarantee it’s a really beautiful piece, you have to see it.”

“We will. We’re going there tomorrow.”

“Good. So, you’re having an exciting time so far?”

“Yes! What do you think I’m telling you?! We’re at the Coliseum and Forum right now. Your dad’s taking pictures of everything. He’s… oh… he wants to talk to you.”


“Hi, Dad, how you doin’?”

“First off, I’m not taking pictures of everything, I’m looking at things mostly, soaking up the atmosphere and the history, I’m not taking this journey of ours through a viewfinder. Your mom insisted calling to just say we arrived safe and sound, I didn’t think she meant to give you a play by play of what we’ve done in the past 18 hours at a hundred dollars a minute transatlantic call.” He laughed. “She just punched my arm. She trying to grab the…”

Ted heard his mother’s voice again.

“It’s not costing that much, John. Ted, is Kyli there? Let me speak to her.”

Ted’s gut tensed. “I think she’s taking a sho…” He heard Ky in the hall. “Hold on.” She appeared at the master bedroom doorway. She was already dressed, similar to what she wore to the airport yesterday. Her hair was only towel dry. He had wanted to at least see her nude if not make love with her this morning. “I guess she’s done with her shower. Here she is, Mom.”

Kyli walked up to him. She looked nervous and a little teary eyed. He handed her the phone.

Kyli took a quick breath, then smiled. “Hi Mom! What are doing right now? Where are you?” She saw Ted’s mouth form silent words, saying he was going downstairs. She nodded at him and felt more nervous. Her eyes turned towards the window and her lips curved into another small smile. “No, Mom, I don’t have the map copy right in front of me, but we looked at it so much this past week that I have most of it memorized.” She listened for a full minute. “Uh-huh, I think you two could walk there, but don’t rush looking at the Forum.” She giggled. “Hi, Dad.” She listened again then grinned. “I know how expensive it is, but you guys called us.” She listened then laughed. “Dad, give the phone to her! Don’t be mean to Mom!” Kyli giggled yet again.

Ted poured himself some cranberry juice and downed it all within a minute. He refilled the glass then walked out onto the patio to check the weather. The morning was already warm. It was going to be hot again. He sat on the chaise that he had the previous evening. He sipped his juice and wondered what Kyli would think and say about last night. She hadn’t seemed very happy when he handed her the phone.

He would hate himself forever if his actions last night made her never want to have anything to do with him again, if it ruined the sibling relationship they had, the love they had before yesterday. He hadn’t given a thought last night to it possibly ruining their brother-sister relationship, had he? He seemed to recall wondering about a lot of things when he got the sodas or whatever the hell the drinks were, right before they did anal. He felt his cock twitch.

Jeezuz, she had been so hot, so damn perfect. And he had been so relieved when they made love that second time without the damn ties. He was sure she got off on it without being in the damn upside-down “Y.” He felt his cock grow at the memory of her bound to the bed. That really had been incredibly erotic though, even more so than with Dar or that other chick who got off on it. He shut his eyes and shook his head. He loved Ky, he wanted her, but if she didn’t feel the same, he’d be able to deal with it. But if she couldn’t even love him as a sister now, he’d not be able to handle that. He prayed he hadn’t made a mess of her life, or of both their lives.

He told himself to relax. They’d talk today. It was wasted energy to worry about any of it until there was definitely something to worry about.

He heard the patio door opening. He turned around. Kyli looked beautiful as always, but what tensed his stomach was that she looked worried, possibly even scared. His heart sank. He again wondered if she was regretting everything that happened last night. He forced a smile to his face as Ky slowly walked towards him. “Mom sounded really excited, so did Dad. It seems they’re off to a great start on their vac…” He grinned, “I’ll use Dad’s term, a great start on their journey through Italy.”

Kyli nodded. “They were both almost… giddy, like… like teenagers. They said everything is beautiful, and full of history, and… romantic. They’re having a great time. They’re going to walk to the Baths. I forgot the name of them, some… emperor.”

He still couldn’t read her mood. “Did you take the ibuprofen and vitamins?” He was hungover but not as badly as he thought he’d be. The long shower and aspirins seemed to have revived him somewhat. He hoped it was the same for Ky.

“Uh-huh.” Her teeth clamped her lower lip for a moment as her eyes teared. “Ted, are… are we okay?” Once more she felt breathless.

He rose from the chaise and put his arms around her. He kissed her cheek. “I guess we need to talk? Obviously we need to talk.”

Her eyes teared. She nodded.

“Why don’t we… go to that little cafe in town. Have a cappuccino, a croissant, maybe talk a little there, but… let’s… neither of us should get nervous or…” He took a breath. “Listen, let’s relax for a while, not even talk about last night yet, just have coffee, then… we’ll come back here or maybe go for a walk or sit in the park and discuss it, talk about everything. Let’s just get out of the house for an hour or so, and just relax. Okay?”

Shaun runs into his old obsession, Cam, in this chapter. For background, you should read Chapter 01 in the series. Don’t forget to vote…and send feedback!

Time – The Present

I hadn’t seen Sherri, or Cam for that matter, in three years. I’d missed them. I’d also undergone therapy for my sexual addiction during that time and had confined my physical pleasures mostly to weekends. So my recent chance meeting with Cam was pleasant, though – as always – platonic. We’d become good friends during the time I was her boss at the bank, but it was great to see her again and stir up what I thought were very private, hidden fantasies.

The past three years had certainly been kind to Cam, I thought, her divorce notwithstanding. If anything, her body was more toned and she had an air of maturity about her that I found compelling. To be honest, I found it very sensuous. I also shuddered with pleasure when I pictured her narrow-hipped, high ass – reminiscent of the bubble-butt that one sees on the finest black females – winking at me as she walked away.

What a fool Darryl was, letting such a fine specimen as that go, I thought of her husband. Then I had to force myself into a meditative exercise – prescribed by my sex therapist – to take my mind off of the carnal impulses I’d always felt when I was around her…and other women I lusted after.

Halfway through the morning after we’d run across one another in the bar – on a Wednesday – she called my client’s office, asking for me. “How did you get this number?” I asked.

“Shaun…you said you had an insurance client on the 40th floor. I’ve worked in this building for years and there’s only one insurance company there. I’m calling to invite you to lunch today.”

“Sorry, Cam, can’t make it. I’ve got a long meeting at noon. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Oooh, damn. I wanted to see you today, but…okay, tomorrow’ll do. Downstairs in the restaurant all right with you?”

“It’s a date. See you tomorrow at noon,” I said, wondering what was so important that she’d had to see me today.

Cam was waiting for me at the bar the next day, once again having a lunchtime glass of wine with her friend, Marsha. She was facing away from me, half-perched on a barstool, in a tan wool pantsuit with a maroon pin-stripe. Her jacket was expertly tailored and fit like a glove. Her pants…my Gawd, her pants! They highlighted her magnificent bottom, clinging to it and her upper thighs to the point that I thought their stitching would give way. Her feet were in her trademarked three-inch – this time burgundy – stiletto heels.

Marsha must have warned her that she’d seen me. As I approached them, Cam turned, beaming, and greeted me with a “Hi, sailor!”

“Sorry I’m late,” I apologized, at which point Marsha excused herself and left. I got the feeling that she was being used as a chaperone by Cam. Her independent manner told me that they didn’t work closely together.

Cam led the way to our reserved table and we settled in. “Like some wine? My treat!” she exclaimed. I had a light afternoon and needed to relax, so I happily said yes.

A half-hour went by and we’d not talked about anything more important than the weather. Our lunch had arrived and we’d almost finished it. What had been so important yesterday? I wondered. I decided to get personal…starting with a compliment.

“That’s a very handsome suit,” I ventured. I chose the adjective carefully, so as not to make my deep, lustful impulses too obvious. Under her jacket she wore a burgundy V-neck sweater that was so tight the inner slopes of her breasts swelled appetizingly over the garment’s neckline.

“Why thank you, Shaun,” she cooed. “I figured I’d better keep my legs covered so you’d listen to what I’m saying,” she added coquettishly.

I looked down at the table. She’d busted me. All those years before she’d noticed my slavish hunger for her legs, and now I was being held to task for it. I blushed, visibly, and stuttered a response, something like, “Ah…it’s just that…”.

“Don’t apologize, Shaun. I’d have to be blind not to have noticed your appreciation of my legs. But where’s your head now? You’re a successful entrepreneur, and I hope no longer just a skirt-chaser.”

Again I was speechless. I’d always admired Cam’s candor. At this moment it was hard to believe that at one time I’d been her boss.

“Okay…I’ll back off…and talk about myself,” she said quietly, unconsciously sticking a finger into the V-neck of her sweater…perhaps to free a nipple that had been caught uncomfortably in her bra. “My choice of Darryl was a bad one.”

“Why do you say that?” I questioned, now distracted by her tits.

“The first couple of years were great. Our sex life together was super and we were pursuing some great plans. Then he started to get really kinky.”

“Kinky?” I asked, probing for more details.

“Yeah…first he started bringing home sex toys – vibrators, plugs, dildos – then porn videos. Then we started going to porno clubs so he could get me used to watching other people make love.”

“Was he disappointed?” I asked.

“Not really,” she countered. “I’ve always been…aah…visually-oriented. Okay, I admit that I like to watch other people get it on. It excites me tremendously. But, finally, he really got pissed off when I refused to blow some guy in a bookstore glory hole.

“Understandable,” I muttered, astonished at her openness, “I mean…your refusal.”

“Really!” she huffed. “Think of the diseases I could’ve picked up! Anyway, then he tried to get me to join him with other women…you know, in threesomes.”

“And?” I queried, leaning forward with interest since I, myself, enjoyed immensely having two women at a time.

“Well…I almost caved on that one, but I didn’t…except…with one woman. I let him bring his dates…his girls…home, and I watched them screw. He even recorded them on video. Gawd, it got to be so weird, Shaun, but I allowed it anyway, since he was my husband. I loved him and wanted to hang onto him…and I thought it was just a phase we were both going through.”

My ears perked up at her admission of being in a threesome, ‘with one woman’. I wonder what were the circumstances. “He wanted more, though, didn’t he,” I said, sounding like my therapist.

“Yeah,” she said, now on a roll. “It got so every minute we spent together had some dirty sexual connotation. Remember when you offered me that part in the play? Well, he laughed, and told me that I could do it if I’d join him and his girlfriends in fucking after rehearsals!”

I vaguely remembered Cam being absent from work and out-of-sorts for a while before I quit the bank a few years before. But my memories had faded. Her story was all too familiar, since I’d tried to leave that sexually-obsessed life behind when I’d left. What that meant in practical terms was that I was still constantly being sexually tempted…always battling an inner demon that kept me horny on a continual basis.

“But you got pregnant,” I said.

“An accident,” she retorted, “but one that’s been the happiest of my life…having Amy. Shortly after that, Darryl and I stopped having sex, and that was three years ago.”

“You’ve been divorced how long…?”

“Two years,” she responded. “And that’s, basically, the story of my life since I last saw you,” she concluded, agitatedly, glancing at her watch, appearing anxious to leave.

“Gotta go?” I asked, sorry that our conversation was apparently finished. I wanted to hear more.

“Yeah…I’d better. Afternoon meetings, y’know,” she responded as she paid the bill.

We both rose at the same time and she gave me a quick, kiss-the-air parting. “See you soon,” she whispered, and walked to the elevators. She strode majestically with head high and shoulders back for perhaps fifty feet, then stopped to turn slowly…seeming to know that my eyes were devouring her gorgeous ass as it twitched invitingly. Seeing that I was watching her, she smiled to herself, turned and walked away, waggling her fingers in the air to say goodbye until next time. I couldn’t believe that Cam may have gone without sex for as long as two or three years.

All of the next day, Friday, I spent in client meetings, and looked forward to a free weekend. At 4:30 I descended to the parking garage for the commute home. I exited the elevator and started the twenty or so yards to where my car was parked. Even at that distance I could recognize Cam’s sublime, hourglass shape with her back to me, leaning over the windshield of my car and scraping a dead bug or something off of it. Unlike yesterday’s pinstriped business suit with pants, this afternoon she wore a very short, skin-tight, black silk skirt with a perfectly-tailored, black plaid-on-cream blazer that clung to her curvy torso and hips like a second skin. It matched the sheer black nylons and three-inch black heels with a single heel strap that made her extraordinary legs even more appetizing.

A rush of adrenalin hit me and my groin pulsed as I felt immediate sexual arousal. She’d made a point of contacting me each day since our chance encounter in the bar, and those efforts now seemed far beyond the boundaries of mere friendship. I hoped at that moment that my long-nurtured hunger for her might soon be fed. God help me, I thought, please let me have her!

I startled her from about ten feet away and she whirled around, wide-eyed. “What a surprise!” I said cheerfully.

“Gawd, you scared me!” she gasped, her palm against her chest, which was clothed in a black, translucent silk blouse under her blazer. “I…uuh…I was wondering if you could give me a ride home,” she said, breathily. I could give you a ride you to the ends of the earth, darlin’, I thought to myself.

“Sure! Hop in!” I said, hitting the remote unlocking button and opening the door for her. She sat down butt first, then swung her legs in, tugging at her skirt to cover herself while watching me ogle the tops of her thigh-high stockings.

As we drove home Cam seemed very agitated. Finally, she laid her hand on my forearm and said, “All night I thought about what I told you yesterday, and there’s just one thing I omitted. Sherri…was one of Darryl’s girlfriends.”

“I suspected that years ago, Cam. But, relax. Your family secret’s safe with me,” I assured her as we drove up in front of her building.

“You can park underneath,” she said, pulling a remote control from her blazer pocket to open an iron gate to the underground garage. “I want to show you my house.”

“Sure it’s all right?” I asked. “I mean, your daughter…”.

“She’s with Darryl for the weekend. He picked her up at noon.” I looked at her quickly and she looked away, saying, “Gawd, I’m such a phony, Shaun. I didn’t go to work today, but did errands instead. Then I took a cab to the bank parking lot just an hour ago, hoping I’d run into you.”

We glided into a parking space and my mind was rapidly trying to stay abreast of what was being said. “Well, then,” I soothed, “I’m flattered that you dressed so nicely for me. Let’s go upstairs and see your place,” I said, patting her soft hand as it nervously clutched my arm.

I was impressed. Cam’s townhouse was elegant, a mix of post-modern and minimalist Asian design. A large living room with fireplace and glassed-in balcony, and an adjoining kitchen, was surrounded by three large rooms, one a master bedroom, another one a suite for Cam’s daughter and nanny, yet another a combined home office and gym. “This is where I try to keep in shape,” she said. “I’d gotten so fat when Darryl and I were together.”

I hesitated before saying anything, then murmured, “I’ve never noticed you being overweight,” which made her blush. Her broken marriage must have destroyed her confidence in her body.

“Wine? Hope you like Chardonnay,” she offered, as she led me out to the small, glass-enclosed room on a balcony overlooking the bay from four stories up. It was dusk, the city lights were on, and the sunset ranged from light pinks to the deepest purples, reflected in a huge mirror that covered one side wall. I was transfixed by the stunning view and sat on the two-foot-wide arm of a plush sofa Cam had in the room.

She returned with our wine, offering me a glass with slightly-trembling hand, and turned away from me toward the view. She’d shed her blazer and now stood with her back to me, looking out at the view, her filmy silk blouse revealing a black bra that barely constrained her ample bosom. Single, solitary diamond earrings shone just under the curls over her ears. I felt short of breath as I fought the primitive urge to ravish this succulent blonde vision in foreboding black…sensuous, carnal and inviting beyond belief.

“Your place is lovely. You should feel proud,” I said, complimenting her on several other non-sensual things…including her intelligence, driving ambition, and courage to face the world as a single mother.

“Only in my best moments, Shaun. The rest of the time I worry whether I’ve done the right thing for my daughter…just like right now.”

That was the trigger, I thought…the final invitation. It was now or never, I figured. I placed my wine on a low table and grasped her waist from behind, causing her to inhale sharply, lay her head back on my shoulder, and mold her firm ass into my crotch. I kissed her on the side of her neck, over her jugular, and felt the blood pulsing to her brain. The quivering muscles in her body were as taut as steel springs as she whispered haltingly, “Ooohhh, Shaun. Every time…you look at me – from the very first – I get numb and heavy…all achy inside.”

My hands went to her fulsome breasts, kneading and plucking at her nipples, and she reached up to press my fingers into her firm flesh. “Uunnhh…honey…yesss…oooh, touch me all over,” she murmured, unbuttoning her blouse and unfastening her bra between its cups. She turned quickly, and my hands followed her, squeezing and fondling her thick, spongy nipples between my fingers. I felt her sweet, hot breath against my cheek as she looked up, regarding me with her gray eyes, eyes that begged for trust, yet were clouded with lust.

“Gawd, I want you…so much. I’ve fantasized…about this moment for years,” she whispered, pulling my lips down to meet hers with one of her arms behind my head. We both moaned together as our tongues danced in each others’ mouths while our hands began working frantically at disposing of our garments. You’re not alone in that fantasy, I thought.

We were hyperventilating from excitement. My Gawd, after all, this was Cam! She whimpered as I pulled the tails of her blouse free from her skin-tight skirt. I then dropped my coat, ripped off my tie, and shrugged out of my shirt. While I unbuttoned the waist band of her skirt and unzipped it down the back, she loosened my belt and dropped my pants. We kicked off our shoes at the same time and stood panting for a half-second before embracing, then we clinched and kissed passionately as her skirt dropped to the floor and our hands groped inside each others’ underwear. She quickly stripped my boxers down and grabbed two hot fists full of my cock and balls, squeaking in her throat as she did so, while I worked more slowly on lowering her gauzy, black silk thong that consisted of no more material than a couple of postage stamps on two cords.

Slowly I worked the g-string down over the jutting curves of her naked thighs that had entranced me for years. As I knelt on the floor her hands went to my face to stroke it gently. She moaned as I reached the lacy tops of her hosiery. I’d kissed and nibbled the creamy flesh above them in many previous fantasies, and now I did it for real, causing her to whimper again. My cock began pulsing in anticipation as I contemplated the feel of her soft loins yielding to mine.

When I’d rolled the thong to her calves it fluttered to the floor. From my knees I was finally able to concentrate on her breathtaking body, still partially clothed by her blouse and bra that hung from her shoulders. My hands traced up her stocking-clad legs, appreciating the muscular bulge of her calves as they swelled and nipped in at her knees, then up over her thickening thighs as they narrowed on the inside at her naked vulva, swollen pink from excitement. Once again I looked up at her flushed face as I licked my lips and reached around behind her to cup her firm, silken butt cheeks and pull her closer to me. Her knees were trembling from nervous desire and she spread them a bit to gain better balance. When she did her labia parted slightly and between them oozed a thick rivulet of her juice, seemingly waiting to be licked. Before I did so I inhaled the musky bouquet of the goo, then quickly split her cunt with my stiff, burrowing tongue. She cried out, “Ohh, Shaaauuunnn!” weaving her fingers in my hair while pulling my face to her crotch and moaning as I proceeded to lick the smooth, fleshy mound of her pussy clean.

Her hands tightened on my head as her excitement mounted and I glanced up at her to see her head thrown back in ecstasy, yet still she watched me in the large wall mirror through slitted eyes as I tongued her. “Sit, honey,” I whispered, moving her backward slightly to the wide sofa arm. She was breathing so heavily, her breasts heaving from excitement, that she didn’t hear me. “Sit here,” I repeated and she understood, stepping back at the same time she shrugged out of her blouse and bra to become naked except for her stockings. As she sat, she spread her legs widely, pulling them up toward her shoulders with her hands, and leaned her upper body against the sofa back. “Now you can watch us,” I mumbled, taunting her gently.

“Ooooh, Gawd…I love to do that…I can’t stop myself. I go crazy just thinking about watching us fuck. I wanna be such a…such a slut with you! Ohhhh, Jeezusss,” she gasped as I failed to respond verbally, instead spreading her plump pussy with my thumbs and flicking away with my tongue at her swollen clit. She began whining in her throat, then gradually lapsed into whimpers as her excitement reached a higher level.

Soon I spread the pink inner petals of her pussy with two fingers and twisted my hand in a corkscrew motion in and out, massaging her G-spot behind the pelvic bone. She responded by humping up at my hand, which increased in tempo as I returned to lick her clit. She was now groaning incessantly and had released her legs so that they draped over my shoulders, pulling my hand and face into her. Her smell was overpowering, and the amount of juice she was leaking would pose a challenge to whoever cleaned the upholstery on her sofa. But she was almost there…within a hair’s breadth of her first orgasm with me, and one that I hoped would be memorable. I’d had a lot of practice with scores of different women, but with Cam there was always the element of the unexpected…the unpredictable.

It came as an answer to my question, “Wanna cum, baby?”

“…am cumming,” she rasped through gritted teeth. “I’m cumming,” she grunted again, with eyes shut tightly. “Awww, fuck, Shaun…I am cu’…cum…cummmm-mmmminnngg,” she screamed as her body went rigid, then relaxed, rigid then relaxed, probably a dozen times as her climax reached its peak. That’s when she went wild. Rather than easing into an afterglow like most women would, she clawed at me, pulling me up and on top of her. Her hands went to my erect cock, grasping it roughly and trying to impale herself with it. “Come inside me! Please do me now, Shaun. I need it! Hard! Please fuck me hard!” she begged.

I grasped my cock and stirred its tip into her soft inner tissues, causing high-pitched cries, then finally eased my hips forward to sink deeply into her welcoming birth canal to its bottom. She watched in the mirror, moaning, as my probe invaded her body, licking her lips and seeing her thick juices cover it like a glaze. “Better?” I asked softly as I established a slow, regular tempo, along with circular hip movements designed to stimulate her tightly clasping vaginal ridges.

“Ooohhh, my Gawwd, baby…it’s so good,” she gasped and kissed me deeply as my hands went to squeeze both of her breasts rhythmically, timing my upward, milking grasps to coincide with my slow hip movements. “Please, do me harder…wanna get off again. You’re my first…since Darryl, honey…just fuck me…fuck me…please fuck me…”.

Cam had given me license to fill a void in her life, I thought to myself, as she filled my mouth with her tongue while grunting like a feral animal in her throat. Her hands clawed at me again from buttocks to shoulders as I drove into her cervix. Then she pulled her mouth away to gain breath and shout…until her screeches became silent and all she could do was look plaintively into my eyes and mouth silent words that looked like: I’m cumming again…oh, God, I’m cumming again.

That was enough for me. This would be her memorable orgasm. I punished her loins savagely, holding her hourglass hips roughly and driving my prick upward toward her heart as she climaxed again. Her fulsome tits flopped in circles as we fucked, so appetizingly that they almost distracted me from the task at hand. Finally, her body took over and she answered each of my thrusts with one of her own, accepting my plundering rod with abandon as her head thrashed back and forth and her nails dug into the sofa’s upholstery for traction until she lapsed into a soft mewling.

Then, the strangest thing happened. I felt a sudden urge to cum. My therapist had told me that, when that happened early during a first encounter with a woman, it was a sign of progress toward recovering from priapism, a symptom of my addiction. It indicated that I was submitting to unconscious pleasure rather than the manufactured idea of fucking like Superman until exhaustion. I uttered a groan of self-knowledge, which probably sounded to Cam like something totally different, something like the self-validating sound of pleasing one’s sexual partner.

“Gonna cum in me, baby?” she panted in a girlish voice, as we now fucked harder.

I responded with a groan and paused in drilling her, shaking my head rapidly to stave off the climax.

“Please cum, honey. Lemme feel your hot seed way up inside,” she pled, reaching down between our two bodies to feel my rigid cock slipping in and out of her cunt. “Oh, Gawd, I’m still…” she whispered, holding my hips still while I was fully-embedded inside her. “Feel me, baby,” she gasped, almost hysterically, as her extraordinary vagina repeatedly squeezed my cock without us moving. I allowed her to continue, holding my head in her hands and looking into my eyes, as her cunt began to pulse involuntarily around my embedded cock.

I don’t know who shouted first, Cam or me. I do remember blasting repeated geysers of spunk inside her as her cervical opening contracted and sucked my semen into her womb. I also remember the way her lovely legs locked behind my buttocks and – with each of my orgasmic pulses – pulled me deeply into her center as if she were operating a mechanical pump. I remember, too, the gentle way she murmured her satisfaction and stroked the spasming muscles in my lower belly with her thumbs as I spewed millions of sperm into her. I don’t remember how long we lay entwined on the arm of her sofa, shuddering and groaning each time one of us moved, but it was very sweet…very tender and romantic.

“Sweetie, let’s go into the bedroom,” she finally murmured, interrupting our mood. I was totally immersed in her, licking the tangy sweat from the crook of her neck.

“Okay, sugar…lead the way,” I whispered, lifting my body and causing my dick to slip from her, leaving a large cum stain on her sofa.

As she stood and walked ahead of me, she cupped her hand over her crotch to staunch the flow of semen that was running down the inside of her thighs over her stocking tops. My dick started to harden again as her deep butt crack and sacral dimples beckoned at me. Giggling, she minced into her bedroom and switched on a lamp beside her bed. “You’re running out of me,” she grinned, grabbing me around the waist, standing on tiptoe and kissing me. “‘S’cuse me while I go to the bathroom and clean up. I’ll be a few minutes, so make yourself at home.”

I flopped onto the bedspread and looked at myself in the mirror atop Cam’s dresser across from the foot of the bed, very pleased with the both of us. Minutes went by and I rose to retrieve my wine from the balcony room. It was now dark outside, as well as in the room, and I saw many residents of nearby high-rise apartments through their lit windows. As they went about their after-work lives, I wondered how many of them had witnessed Cam and me rutting passionately a few minutes before in what amounted to a glassed-in fishbowl. Not really caring, I went back to the bedroom, pulled back the covers, and lay down on the king-sized bed to sip wine for several minutes, awaiting her return.

When she finally did emerge, she looked refreshed, though her gaze still had that hooded look that speaks of a woman in a continual state of heat. She wore a silver silk pajama top that reached just below her crotch, with a tying sash that cinched it tightly around her small waist. Her stockings were gone, revealing the alabaster legs that for years had been the object of my lusty desire. She opened a nightstand drawer and put a tube of lubricant in it, closing the drawer. She then stood next to the bed, bending one leg and leaning one beautiful, creamy knee on the sheet.

“Sorry I took so long,” she said quietly, cupping her perfect, naked, 36C breasts underneath and slowly pinching her nipples so they pouted out at me through her silk top. “I wanted to get clean all over.”

“So long as you didn’t shower, I’ll bet I could find a spot or two on you that you didn’t get to,” I said, running my hand up under her pajama top across her naked thigh to her pussy.

She shivered and gasped, “I’m not much of a gambler. I only bet on sure things. For instance, if I were to take your cock in my mouth, I’ll bet I could make you cum in…maybe, three minutes. Let’s try it. If I lose, you can do whatever you want with me,” she promised, climbing onto the bed next to me and caressing my chest and stomach softly with her hand.

“You’re on, sweetheart,” I said, “but first, let’s get you out of your lovely silk thing here.” I untied her sash and she slipped the top off her shoulders, then knelt down at a right angle to me, kissing and licking softly at my flaccid prick, which lay lifelessly back on my belly. From that angle I could see in profile the beautiful arc of her back, her full, pendulous breasts underneath that hung from taut pectoral muscles, and the extraordinary curve of her ass as it protruded in the air. I couldn’t remember in my life having seen a more perfect feminine physique.

She used one hand to hold up my rising shaft as she placed her open mouth over the tip to smother it with her hot breath, then she closed her lips and, with hollowed cheeks, took me to the top of her throat and sucked long and gently while humming softly. She cast a sidelong glance at the mirror above her dresser – as if to check a fine point of technique, but probably just to satisfy a prurient curious impulse – and took several plunges as my rod poked at her glottal obstruction. I moaned with pleasure and raised my hips off the sheets, causing her to gag once, but with a few head twists and copious saliva she let me pass into her throat, a bit more each time her distended lips approached my groin. She then interlaced her fingers and – that part of me that was outside of her mouth – she began jacking with both hands, which felt amazingly like a muscular vagina clutching at my tumescent staff.

After a while she pulled off of me to relax her jaw. “You like that, huh, sweetie,” she gasped, catching her breath and moving from between my legs, her hands tugging at me the whole time.

She looked again at me in the mirror and – slipping her hot lips down over my stiffness – scooted her lower body up to me, a quarter-turn on her knees to straddle my chest, there to resume her oral labors.

Though I’d eaten and fucked her a half-hour earlier, at that moment it was as if I’d never truly studied her gorgeous saddle. With gentle, loving hands I stroked the silken globes of her creamy ass with wonder, pulling them apart to reveal the perfect, pink asterisk of her rectum, moist with a clear fluid that seemed to leak from her bowels. Below it lay the succulent, plump mound of her pussy, now slightly split apart to reveal the crinkly pink folds of her inner labia that I’d earlier probed so roughly.

By this time Cam was working on me with a vengeance, throating me almost in desperation, and hyperventilating as she did so. I’d made an unfair bet with her. Given the fact that I’d cum earlier, I could now last for at least an hour before doing so again.

Devilishly, I licked at her asshole, causing her to pull off of me and gasp, “Ohhh, honey, yesss!” I was as surprised as she was, since she’d obviously inserted some strawberry lube up her rectum. I gripped her firm buttocks hard, pulled them apart, and drove my stiffened tongue deeply into her colon, twisting it in circles to ream out its artificial sweetness, which made her cry out, raise upright and nearly forget what she’d been doing to me.

“Naughty girl!” I admonished between pokes of my tongue. “You must’ve known I love strawberries,” I muttered quietly, returning to rimming her tasty asshole.

“Oooh, baby, I had an enema…to get all clean for you,” she squeaked, as she returned to jacking and sucking me.

I’d won the bet, and now lengthened my licks to include Cam’s pussy. She’d obviously taken a douche as well, my taste buds told me. I thrust my stiff tongue forward, feeling her clit, and flicked at it repeatedly until she began groaning and jerking. I stopped, teasingly, then dragged my tongue back to her vaginal opening then up to her ass, twirling it in circles and lathering her with as much saliva as I could muster. At this point Cam abandoned using her hands on my dick and reached behind herself to spread her butt more widely as she noisily thrust her mouth and throat down onto me.

“Mmmnngh, you love it, don’t you, you nasty little thing,” I teased, as I broadened my tongue to lap at her from clit to rectum. “You’ve been shaking that succulent ass at me for years, hoping I’d nail it, huh!” Cam’s groans became louder as her head bobbed up and down faster on my cock. “You want me to fuck you in the ass, Cammie? You want me to fill you up back here?” I questioned torturously, sliding a thumb slowly into her asshole and stirring it around.

“Mmm-hmmmph!” she grunted, her mouth full of my rigid staff.

“Okay,” I said good-naturedly, but then returned to her clit. I sensed that she was just seconds away from an orgasm – perhaps a minute – and felt greedy in wanting to stimulate another one. With my thumb still embedded in her, I pulled her back closer to my face and pushed down on her waist. Her back arched even more, and her swollen, red clitoris now pulsed with blood before my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I stuck my nose into her pussy and flicked my tongue at her little nubbin until she started thrashing and losing all composure. Then I gripped her hips in my arms, immobilizing her, and nibbled at her clit with my lips as she pulled off my cock and started screaming my name.

“Shaun…Shaun…Shaun…Shaun…Shaun!” she shouted in total hysteria as her body launched into a chain of paroxysms. Her head fell to the bed between my legs, leaving my stiff member to wave in the air, as the muscles in her body continually contracted and relaxed by turns as if she’d been electrocuted. She groaned loudly for a half-minute, then moaned quietly for another thirty seconds as she kissed the inside of one of my legs, then mewled softly as I climbed out from under her, leaving her still on her knees and shoulders with her ass in the air.

Kneeling behind her, I stroked her elevated buns and probed gently at her puckered rectum. Breathlessly, she gasped a request, “Ohhh, Shaun honey, please use some jelly…in the drawer. Gimme the dildo, too…please!”

I pulled the lube from the drawer as well as a dildo, one of several stored there. As I squeezed a liberal amount of gel onto my prick and Cam’s anus, I studied the toy for a moment. It was about eight inches in length, with an on-off dial to activate a vibrating function, and was covered with dozens of very short, stiff, plastic protrusions, obviously meant to stimulate female orifices.

I handed it to her, somewhat surprised at the fact that she’d apparently kept the sex toys that her ex-husband had bought, as I nestled my glans into her nether opening. She was breathing heavily again, still excited from her previous orgasm, and whining as I gripped her hips and assumed the canine position to enter her. “Ooohh!” she cooed in anticipation as the head of my cock slipped past her anal sphincter. “Do me nice an’ slow, baby…slow ‘n’ deeeep,” she murmured, rising to brace herself on one hand while with the other she carefully inserted the pink, spiny dildo into her pussy. “Unh-uunnhhh!” she exhaled as both the toy and my fleshy probe drove to the maximum depth in her body. “Unh-uunnhhh!” she repeated, as I stroked again into her bowels. Then, she said, “Look at us, honey…in the mirror.”

I looked and saw her watching me gore her from behind, with a vacant though blissful smile on her face. Her jaw was slack and her heavy-lidded gray eyes occasionally would turn blank as they rolled up in her skull while she thrust her backside against me. “You like to watch yourself fuck, huh,” I grunted.

“Nnnghh, I like…to watch…you fuck me,” she mewled. “I love to…hear…smell…taste you…fucking me,” she crooned as her tight colon gripped my cock and we sped our pace.

“Such a dirty little girl you are,” I whispered, half-seriously, reaching down and turning on the vibrating toy sunk into her snatch.

“Ooohhh…I knowww. I’m jus’…awwfuuul,” she whimpered, as the buzzing dildo caused her elbows to weaken so that she dropped her head and shoulders to the bed and began moaning incessantly, so much that my priapic mood was broken. It was time for me to cum again.

I eased to my feet while still embedded in Cam, standing flat-footed on the bed and crouched behind her, with the intent of bringing us both to a blinding climax. She sensed this and reached between her legs to manipulate the dildo as well as her clitoris. I reached forward and held her shoulders, using them like some rough beast to bring her entire body back onto my rampaging prong. We fucked this way for five minutes – watching ourselves in her mirror – while we blistered the paint from the walls with our screams and shouts.

Our simultaneous orgasm was cosmic. I thought that I’d never stop rocketing cum into Cam’s ass. For her part, she trembled and twitched for a full minute, finally collapsing onto the bed with me still inside her. When our senses returned, she reached down and pulled the dildo from her cunt, tossing it aside. And when our breathing returned to normal, I reached over and shut the buzzing thing off. All was quiet as I lay on her, heavily.

I was briefly awakened from a slumber by her movements and kisses. She slid over and switched off the lamp on the nightstand. “Jeezus,” she murmured, “you’re an incredible lover,” and scooted back to me, spooning her body into mine.

“I was just thinking the same of you,” I whispered in her ear, gathering her in my arms, palming her fleshy breasts softly and nestling my dick into her silken butt crack.

We lay quietly for several minutes as I started to doze off, then Cam spoke to me in the dark. “Shaun, did you really used to fuck underage girls?”

“Of course not!” I exclaimed, raising up on one elbow. “Where did you hear that?”

“Well, Sherri told me about a little Mexican girl she saw at your place one time…a real beauty…said she looked about fifteen.”

“Her name was Carlita, she’s Chilean, and now is about twenty-four. She went to Hollywood a couple of years ago, changed her name, and is playing in a TV series now,” I said. “Sherri was just imagining things.” But she was probably jealous, as most women were of the little Latina bombshell, I remembered. I’d always have the sweetest memories of Carlita – who looked shy of 18 but was 20 at the time – and her boundless sexual energy.

“Well, Sherri’s always been sensitive about kids having sex, and for good reason. Did you know she was abused by a pair of foster parents? It went on for ten or twelve years.”

“No.” I wasn’t surprised, though, since my physical experiences with Sherri had always had a perverse undertone to them. It seemed reasonable that she’d had an unconventional – if not traumatic – early sexual background. “Why bring Sherri up, all of a sudden?”

“Well, she’s stayed in touch with me. In fact, I got an e-mail from her on Wednesday. She asked if I’d seen you recently.”


“I told her we’d run into one another.”

“That’s all?” I asked.

“On Wednesday that’s all I
could tell her. You and I hadn’t even had lunch yet.”

“Well, c’mere, sweetheart,” I said, running my hand down across Cam’s smooth vulva and swiping one finger up across her clit. “Let’s get back to what we were doing, so that next time she writes you’ll have lots of sexy things to tell her.”

“Oooh, Shaun, you’re such a dirty, dirty boy,” she moaned, turning her face up toward me and giving me a tongue-lashing kiss as I continued to masturbate her. “Do you like…how I feel?” she asked in a halting, breathless voice.

“What? Your pussy? Oh yeah, nice and smooth.”

“Good, ‘cuz I had it waxed…this afternoon just before I saw you, hoping…we’d end up like this.” She then moaned as I lifted her top leg and stirred my hardening cock into the moist petals of her slit. As my dick’s crown entered her wetness, she whined, “Gaawwd, honey, I’ve never felt like this with any man.”

I issued a male grunt as my ego was satisfied, and Cam raised her leg to lock it behind the knee of my upper leg to push her magnificent ass back into my lower belly. I held her in place by gripping her breasts and punishing her nipples with fingers and thumbs as she again thrashed toward a physical frenzy. In this position my cock abraded her G-spot as we fucked, causing an unbroken chorus of soprano lamentations to echo from her mouth. Along with everything else, Cam expressed her passion extremely vocally, and – though relatively submissive – she wasn’t bashful about demanding what brought her pleasure.

“Nnngghh…Gawd, Shaun…that’s it…fuck me hard! Harder…harder…harder!” she exhorted in a throaty voice. “Gawd, I love it! I love it! I love it!” she shrieked, immediately approaching yet another orgasm. It came, quickly, after I abandoned one of her breasts to reach down and strum her engorged clit. And once again she thrust back against me to absorb my prick to its base, there to squeeze the rampant organ dozens of times with her phenomenal internal muscles as she whined like a stricken animal for a couple of minutes. When she came down from her peak and entered a tender afterglow, she mumbled, “Yeeaahh…oh, yeeaahh. Nnnnggh. Mmmm. Gawwd. Mmm…can we…can we sleep for a while now, baby? You’ve totally wiped me out.”

I awoke at about dawn with Cam lying on my chest, dead to the world. Her head lay on my shoulder with her face toward me, smelling of the sweet and sour vapors of sex. The nexus of her legs was above my groin, and my early morning hormones were stirring at the feel of her, rapidly prompting a predictable erection. I raised my head and kissed her lightly, causing her to stir, groan, stretch and smile sleepily at me. “Mornin’, sunshine!” I whispered.

copyright ©2009 by A_Satori. All rights reserved.

[Author's note: This story is Part 2 of A Prison Break, which I recommend be read prior to the story below.]

[Acknowledgments: My thanks to Andrea4328 for her editorial input and especially her tutelage on comma splices in compound sentences, although some of it may have fallen on deaf ears. Her work on this story is greatly appreciated. Any mistakes remaining in the text are mine alone.]

****************I placed a doubled paper towel on the countertop to put the newly washed glasses on, there wasn’t any room in the high pile of dishes draining in the other sink. I bit the bullet and separated the previous washed glasses from the big pile, put those on the paper towel, then stuck in the newly washed dishes in the drainer. I looked at the clock. 7:58AM. I figured I needed to get some fuckin’ clothes on.

I quietly walked to the master bedroom and peeked inside. Lana had rolled over to face the opposite wall. I silently walked in, picked up my jeans, underwear, and T shirt, then went to the living room, pulled the damp towel off, and got dressed. There were a few small semen stains in my briefs. There had been semen leaks in all my fuckin’ underwear the entire previous week from either watching Lana’s tease shows or thinking about Lana’s tease shows. I picked up the towel and tossed it on top of the washer in the mud room.

I put more ice in my water glass and refilled it. I thought about making coffee but my stomach wasn’t feeling very well and I was too thirsty to drink coffee. I lit another smoke. I wondered how long Lana was going to sleep. I had to get my shit together. What the hell was I going to say to her? I sat at the kitchen table.

Well, I couldn’t fuck her again. It was wrong for a hundred reasons, a few vying for the top of the list. I didn’t want Barb to know for good, and for some selfish reasons. It would devastate her, emotionally it would kill her. She hadn’t done very well those first couple months drying out. Those visitations had been afternoons from hell. Would she off herself if she found out? My gut tightened yet again. I knew that answer was “yes,” at least a good possibility. How could I have fucked up so badly? Did I want to leave Barb? Did I want to divorce her? To have her divorce me? Can prisoners divorce their spouses? Locked up in prison, she’d be in utter despair if she found out I had fucked Lana, especially if she knew I had freakin’ paid Lana.

Jeezuz. Barb might reach some crazy conclusion that cutting off Lana’s allowance was my way of getting Lana to fuck me for money! Oh shit. Would she think that? I hadn’t done that! Yeah, I’ve been thinking about fucking her, especially the last week or so, but yesterday I was fuckin’ praying she would be out before I got home last night! I didn’t plan any of it, she did! She had the whole fuckin’ thing planned out!

It suddenly felt like the wind got knocked out of me. Last Sunday, going to that goddamn truckstop con whorehouse… that’s when she started planning it all. We talked about that one whore last night. Shit! Why the fuck did I stop there?! Did I subconsciously go there on purpose for her? So she’d see those prosties? Did I hope she’d get the idea?

I stared out the window over the sink and considered it. NO! I didn’t think anything like that! Did I? NO! I had a taste for that fuckin’ chicken and I didn’t want to go to some fast food joint she might have liked. That’s why I stopped there. How could I have ever thought seeing a few whores would make her jump to the conclusion that she should offer me sex for money?! I may stretch possibilities sometimes, but that would have been a fuckin’ colossal intellectual leap of fantasy, even if it was subconscious. Fuck subconscious! What the fuck does subconscious have to do with any fucking thing! If it was subconscious, I wouldn’t fucking know it, and I sure as hell didn’t think it consciously!

Why should I feel any of this is my fuckin’ fault?! What the fuck does Barb expect me to do for three to five fuckin’ years?! Become a priest?! The knot in my gut tightened yet again when I recalled thinking something like that last night. I pushed the thought from my mind.

Lana is the one who fuckin’ propositioned me. She’s fucking eighteen, that’s legal age in this fuckin’ state, in EVERY fuckin’ state. She fuckin’ teased me for three, four days! Like any whore on a street corner, hell, MORE than street walkers! She had the whole thing planned! She preyed on me, not the other fuckin’ way round! She knew I was horny and she made me even hornier, insane fuckin’ horny! She knew I was drunk, she knows I fuckin’ get half smashed nearly every evening some weeks, and she fucking goddamn well knows I don’t give a shit about anything sometimes when I’m half in the bag. She must have noticed that in all my fuckin’ arguments with Barb! She played me like she was a fuckin’ whore! Just like a fuckin’ whore!

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I crushed the butt in the ashtray, then swept the ash that had fallen on the table top off the edge. If it was her fault, why the hell was I so fucking full of guilt about it? Because I was a weak fucking asshole, a drunk, and now a cheating fucking prick of a husband? I had vowed to myself that I would never… NEVER do that to Barb, even though I guess I thought she might do it to me. I had promised myself I’d divorce her before I ever cheated on her. If I couldn’t do that, then the broad wasn’t worth fucking.

Shit. Fucking shit.

I buried my throbbing head in my hands then rubbed my face and skull. Why couldn’t I just stop fucking drinking? Some days I didn’t drink at all, other days I’d plan to have one or two beers but then I’d drink an eighteen pack. Why couldn’t I just fucking quit?

It was my safety valve, that’s why. It was a way to release the pressure. And I didn’t do crazy shit every time I got wasted. Barb liked me drunk, she always said I was so funny, and so hot after I had a few drinks. We had fun at the bars, we had hot times in the bedroom too. Yeah, I’d wish I could recall every minute the next morning, but sometimes it was fun with Barb the following day filling in each other’s memory gaps of the night before, like hearing about some movie where you were the main character. When I was loaded, I didn’t worry about anything, I didn’t feel like some fucking shithead failure, the edges were taken off everything, for the most part.

Not always though. Sometimes it made me plain crazy or turned me into a mean son-of-a-bitch. That’s usually when I got into the fights. The next day it would scare the hell out of me sometimes recalling how I had done some crazy shit like driving the truck at 95mph, or how I made a fool of myself in some bar, or how I had really wanted to kill some asshole who had said some shit to me, or who I just thought was a fuckin’ prick. Half the fights I had been in had been me picking them. Maybe more than half.

After I met Barb, I had cooled it a little, but sometimes even Barb screaming at me to leave some bar instead of fighting, or physically trying to restrain me from duking it out with some fucking asshole in the parking lot, didn’t stop me. Once I shoved her away so hard in some bar, she fell over someone else’s table, which had the bouncer on me in a microsecond, holding me while the asshole I was about to fight, delivered a few fists to my face and gut as the bouncer dragged me to the door and pushed me outside. Barb came out and screamed at me for at least five minutes, the bouncer standing at the door watching. Then in the car, she sobbed between shouting tirades at me all the way home, telling me that if I ever shoved her like that again, she’d kick me out of the house and never have anything to do with me again.

I never planned to get drunk. No, that’s a lie. Of course I did. The thing was, I never planned to be an asshole. Yet if I was honest with myself, which sometimes I can’t manage, I probably knew or at least could feel the nights I was going to end up in a shouting match with some prick in a bar, or worse. It was usually after a lousy day, a day when I’d lose my “sober” temper during the day. Sometimes my fuckin’ goddamn anger just exploded. Half the time I didn’t even know why.

Sometimes on the days I felt it brewing, I could keep it under control, other days, it really did just explode. It would truly surprise me, like some terrorist bomb had just detonated. There was never any conscious decision to go off on some prick. Like at that truckstop with Lana. At first I really was about to throw a punch at the guy, who undoubtedly would have mopped the floor with me. I pulled back from it though. Sometimes I could pull it back, think with my brain not my gut.

Thinking with my brain. I certainly wasn’t doing that last night. I was thinking with my fuckin’ dick. Along with the ball of guilt inside, I added self-loathing. What the fuck was wrong with me? There were some days I could just have a couple beers, or no alcohol at all. Why were there other days, when I would start out thinking just a couple, and end up opening the Comfort and drinking myself into blackouts? Why don’t I know when I’m going to do that?

I thought of AA. I hated AA. I had never gotten a sponsor, never gone to the smaller touchy-feely meetings, just the large general ones. I never stayed to the end of those. I’d been going to the general meetings on and off for five years. I would get so fuckin’ depressed listening to the fuckin’ testimonies or stories or whatever you call them. I hated it because I saw my own bullshit and lack of control in every one of those assholes. I didn’t want to admit that I was like them, that I’d end up like any of those sick looking older guys. All I had to do was somehow figure out why there were those days I could not stop drinking, then when I figured that out, all I had to do is just not drink on those days. It was one of those days that Barb drove home, me passed out, the night she killed that kid on the bike. It was like one in the fuckin’ morning, why the fuck wasn’t that kid home in bed?!

Oh jeezuz. She is in prison because of me. My eyes teared for a moment.

‘If’ and ‘What if’ and ‘Why can’t I’ were the fucking chapter headings of my fucking life.

I fucked Barb’s daughter last night. I cheated on Barb with her own daughter. What’s lower than scum? I looked out the window again. I had to get my head together. What the hell was I going to say to Lana? I blinked. What the hell was she going to say to me? I thought for a minute. I had to find out if she was going to tell Barb. I had to find out if she was going to tell anyone. I was sure she said a few times last night that she wouldn’t say a word to anyone. I thought she said that. She had to have said that, right? Shit. I’ll have to ask her again.

A fresh, gut wrenching thought entered my head. Oh fuck. What if she’s now thinking about selling her body, selling it to fuckin’ high school boys? Oh jeezuz. I had to make sure she didn’t do that. How the hell was I going to do that? She doesn’t listen to me about any fuckin’ thing. Don’t become a whore, Lana. Don’t ever sell your body like that again. Sex is for people in love. It should be making love, not fucking. Yeah, like she’s going to listen to me! Especially now. I wouldn’t even believe that bullshit. She’d just laugh at me. I was her first trick, now I’m going to be giving her advice as her counselor? As her priest? Yeah, right.

I gave it more thought. Was her plan to fuck me once for money, then use it as leverage to get her allowance back? Threaten to tell Barb? But, wouldn’t Barb also be insanely angry at Lana then too? Wait. She could tell Barb I raped her. Oh shit. I had already mentioned that to Barb, and that would make Barb think that I was trying to make her believe Lana would lie before I had actually raped her daughter. Yeah… yeah, she might think that. Oh shit. Oh jeezuz. How could I have been so goddamn fucking stupid?!

Barb would tell the cops. Wait. Maybe Lana will threaten to tell the cops, extort money out of me with the threat. Blackmail. But, unless she goes in for a rape exam today, maybe even tomorrow, how could she prove it? Her word against mine? Would the cops believe me when I would say she had propped me for sex? Yeah, right.

My hands rubbed my face again. I was spinning my wheels. I had to find out what she was going to do and say. She had me over the proverbial barrel, and she goddamn knew it. Fuck. Maybe I should just give her the fucking allowance and not discuss last night at all, or… maybe tell her it was a mistake, that it would kill Barb if she found out, and that it would destroy her mother if she started hooking for high school guys or… jeezuz, just hooking for any guy. I blinked again. She could use the house during the day for fucking her johns. How the hell would I know or stop her?

I leaned back in the chair. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I was still spinning my wheels. I had to talk to her. I wouldn’t know what to say or do until I talked to her. What if she didn’t say anything to me, didn’t answer any question, just left me guessing about all of it? What could I do then? I could do… … nothing. She’s not going to listen to anything I have to say anyway. She never has, why would that change this morning? The only thing I could do is try to talk to her, try to get answers. That’s all I could do.

I can’t show fear though. I do that and she’ll have even more ‘hand’ over me. I can’t show fear. I guess my fuckin’ father was right all those years growing up. I do have my fuckin’ brains up my fuckin’ butt. What the hell is wrong with you? You got your goddamn brains up your ass?” Yeah, and fuck you too, Dad.

My fucking dad. He was a drunk too. A periodic drunk, like me, but my periods are shorter. I guess I inherited the right fucked up gene from him. He gave me the fucking anger too.

I thought about the ‘strappings.’ I didn’t think about those very often. Other kids got spanked, maybe not with a belt, but spanking was still part of parenting when I was young I guess. He never did it to my older sister, just me. From the time I was four.

A sardonic smile curved my mouth.

I never knew what I had done so wrong that deserved a whipping. What could a four year old do that would deserve a lashing? I didn’t burn the garage down, didn’t do finger paintings on my bedroom walls, didn’t break or ruin shit in the house on purpose. And if a four year old did any of those things would it validate a whipping?

Sometimes I was just slow to follow his ‘orders.’ I don’t wanna stop playin’ yet. Can I play more? On his bad days, that fell under ‘backtalk,’ or giving him ‘lip,’ and I’d hear, “I’m not taking any shit from you like that!” or, “I’ll teach you to show me some goddamn respect!” I was supposed to ‘jump’ when he told me to do something, and when I didn’t that was more than enough at four, five, six, seven, and eight to have him grab my arm and drag me to my parents’ bedroom, order me to lay on the bed. He’d remove his belt, then he’d whip my ass with it until he got his fill of my screaming and sobbing.

Other days, he would tell me he and I were best friends. “You and me, we’re buddies, right? C’mon, get your glove, let’s play some catch.” Those buddy days were usually a day or two after a whipping.

I love-hated him.

When I was seven, I figured out what his rush was about it the strappings. He wanted, needed, maybe even craved to hear me scream and cry in pain. Finally my own hate and anger gave me some backbone. One evening when I gave him ‘lip’ or somehow didn’t give him enough ‘respect,’ he gave me one of the usual lines, “I’ll teach you respect!”

He grabbed my arm and pushed me to his bedroom, shoved me onto the bed, took off his belt and started lashing away, craving to hear me crying and screaming that I was sorry and I’d be good. I clenched my jaw and kept my mouth shut. I didn’t utter a sound. My eyes welled up and tears flowed but he couldn’t see it because my face was pressing into the bedspread. He whipped my little ass harder. With each lash, my anger and hate grew, which reinforced my resolve not to make the smallest whimper. I think about halfway through he muttered something like, “You think you’re tough, huh? I’ll show you.” He whipped harder. A minute or so later, I heard my mom at the doorway. He kept that belt coming down adamantly while she spoke.

“Anton… that’s enough… Anton, stop. That’s enough. Anton! That’s enough!”

The son-of-a-bitch gave me at least four more. He then pulled the belt away and started putting it back on his pants. He was actually a little breathless, huffing air, when he said, “That’ll teach you to respect me.” He left the room.

The fucking, ignorant prick didn’t realize he and his belt just made lose respect, made my disrespect grow, and taught me to hate him even more. As I slid off the bed, Mom came up and put her arm around my shoulders. I shoved it off, told her to leave me alone. I went to my room, closed the door and lay on the bed. My ass was burning as I buried my face into the pillow trying to muffle the sound as I cried and choked with sobs. A couple minutes later Mom came in, sat on the edge of the bed, stroked my back gently, and said something like, “Just try to be good. Just do what he says right away. Okay, honey?” I didn’t answer. I hated her at that moment too.

I never cried after that or tried anything like I had when I was five, stuffing a book in the back of my pants. I think I had seen that in some really ancient cartoon very early some Saturday morning, some animal character about to be spanked, putting a book in his pants. Dad didn’t always push me to the bedroom, sometimes he’d shout at me to go there, make me wait for the strap, probably trying some psychological terror on me. It was one of those times that I stopped in my room first and got the book. It was a thin but fairly large hardcover book on butterflies. Looking back now it’s funny. Of course he saw it as soon as he walked into his bedroom, not too many kids had flat rectangular butts. He didn’t laugh. He rained that belt down on the back of my thighs that time. Probably gave me a few extra for being so fucking stupid, shoving a book in my pants.

I didn’t get whipped every day, not even every week. It was periodic, like his drinking. Maybe they both coincided. I was too young to differentiate when he was drunk and when he was sober. I never cried again during the punishments, even though the strappings got move severe. When I was eight, I won. Dad lost.

He didn’t lose to me, he lost to Mom. I think she finally realized I wasn’t even getting teary eyed anymore. I think she could see that my hate and anger grew after each strapping, just by looking at my face, just by seeing my clenched jaw and the intensity of my eyes. I also think she may have thought Dad would really injure me some day, being drunk, being even more pissed off that he couldn’t elicit a scream, or a tear, or a pleading sob from me begging him to stop.

Even at that age, I had decided I’d fuckin’ die first before I’d give that fuckin’ prick the satisfaction of hearing me cry ever again. I never heard Mom speak to him, but I was sure she told him to stop the strappings. I’m glad she finally did. I bet I’d be an even meaner son-of-a-bitch now if she hadn’t. Funny, but I never did and still don’t respect my fuckin’ ol’ man. I also know, he could have beat me a lot harder and more often than he did. I never once had to pull my pants down. Later I learned there were other kids who had it a hell of a lot worse than me, although I didn’t know that then. I guess it really wasn’t that big of a deal, although it was during those four years or so when I was little.

I was staring out the window blindly. My jaw was clenched. I relaxed it and took a slow breath. How had I gotten on that shit? Why the fuck was I thinking about the fuckin’ ol’ man now? I had bigger fuckin’ problems, real problems I had to deal with.

I looked at the clock. 8:26AM. I felt my anxiety rise, maybe it was plain fear down to my very core. It was time to start facing reality. I got up, got the bottles of ibuprofen and vitamins. I took two pills out of each bottle and put them on a saucer. I got a clean glass off the paper towel, put ice in it and filled it at the faucet. I’d leave it all on the bedside table if Lana was still asleep.

My heart was beating faster than normal and my gut was knotted as I approached my bedroom. I peered inside. Lana had moved again, but was still facing away from the door. The sheet was up to her shoulder. As I quietly stepped inside I thought I saw her leg move a little. I set the ice water and small plate of pills on the bedside table. As I picked up the glasses left from last night, I noticed her shoulder. She was wearing the mens tank shirt. I was sure she didn’t have it on earlier. I stood straight and gazed at her.

I whispered, “Lana? You awake?” She twitched slightly. I waited for a response. After ten seconds I started to turn.

“I’m… not feeling too good.”

I spoke softly, “Hangover?”

“I… I guess. Do… do you want me out of here?”

What I wanted was to erase the past twenty-four hours. “I… no… stay, but… I brought you some ice water, and some vitamin pills and a couple ibuprofen. Why don’t you take ‘em now.” She didn’t move. I still hadn’t seen her face.

“I… I don’ wanna.”

I exhaled softly. “I think you’ll feel better if you do.”

“I… I’ll take ‘em later.”

“Do you want to sleep more.”

“Um… yeah.”

“Ahh… do you want some… orange juice now?”

“Um… no… um… later.”

“Okay. I’ll… ah… let you sleep.”

I waited a moment to see if she’d say anything more, possibly ‘thanks,’ but she stayed mute. I walked out to the hall, took a couple steps away from the door, stopped and leaned against the wall. I listened for crying, a cough, a muttered swear word, I don’t know why I was listening. I heard the glass clink against the rim of the plate. A few seconds later the plate slid on the table. Another period of silence then the glass setting down again. I frowned. She couldn’t even tell me the truth about whether she was thirsty or not, was she going to tell the truth about anything? I remembered what I had said to Barb a few weeks ago: I don’t trust her.

I felt exhausted. I wished I would have slept longer. I folded my arms across my chest, holding the empty glasses with my fingers stuck inside, bowed my head and closed my eyes. I silently began chastising myself all over again.


I flinched, nearly jumped. I opened my eyes, turned my head and pushed off the wall. Lana was standing in the hall less than two feet from me. Her puffy, sleepy eyes were wide and her mouth was agape. Her hands went to the hem of the tank shirt. She pulled it down a little, then one hand held the hem as her other rose to her shoulder, her arm covering most of her little tits.

“I… uh… thought you were going to sleep longer.” She looked fourteen to me again, a thoroughly embarrassed fourteen. My guilt rose yet again.

“I… I-I needed to… um… go to the bathroom.”

“There’s the master bath.” I figured the john was filthy as hell. I knew she was lying.

“I… I meant I… I was… couldn’t sleep, so… so I was going to take a shower.”

“Feeling better then?”

“Um… no, not really.”

“Did you take the pills?”

“Uh-huh.” She pulled her shirt down a bit more, then looked down to check the neckline at her tits.

“Oh… I guess I should mention, I didn’t want to wake you this morning, so I showered in the hall bath.”

She looked at my face. “You… you used my bathroom?”

I almost laughed at her ‘my.’ “Yeah.”

“Oh… um… ah… okay.” She looked really scared again. “Are… you going into your room?”


“Where… where are you going?”

I genuinely smiled for the first time since waking, not a big smile, as I told her the truth, “I don’t know where I’m going.” It seemed like my smile made her even more nervous or scared. I glanced at her hand at the hem of her shirt. She was holding it out knowing it would make it less see through.

“Would you go somewh…. um… don’t you… don’t you wanna go into your bedroom?”

For a moment I wondered who the hell was wearing Lana’s tank shirt. Where the hell was the tough little bitch I had known. “What are you doing after your shower?”


“Are you going somewhere… you know, out after your shower?”

“I… I-I-I don’t know… um… I… I don’t think so.”

“Well… obviously, we… ahh… need to talk about… about last night.” I got angry at myself for the verbal hesitance.

“I… I thought you’d say that.” Her breathing turned shallow and quick.

“So… take your shower, then we’ll talk. Okay?”

“I… I guess so.”

I gave her a limp smile. “Good.”

“I… I’m gonna take my shower.” She really seemed very nervous.

I nodded. “Okay.”

She bit her lower lip and stepped around me. As she passed, her hand lowered from her shoulder. Both hands gripped the hem of the tank shirt, holding it down a little but also pulling it back so it didn’t lay on her apple ass. My gut knotted with fear again. I wondered if she was hurt, bleeding. I tried to remember if I had fucked her ass. I remembered thumbing her asshole, but not sticking my dick in it. Dammit! I turned and went into my room. I checked the top sheet for blood stains. None. I yanked it off the bed and looked at the bottom sheet. Only cum stains. I relaxed a little.

I stripped the bed. I stepped over to the corner of the room by Barb’s dresser. There was a gap between the end of it and the corner of the room. That’s where I tossed my dirty clothes. I glanced at the dresser top. I saw the fifty dollar bill. I couldn’t believe she forgot her money. I picked out the white things from the corner pile, added it to the sheet pile, grabbed the two glasses and headed to the mud room, figuring I might as well do a load. Shit. I’d have to wait until Lana got out of the shower. It might screw up her hot water, the water heater was old, the replenish time on it sucked.

I put the glasses in the sink, then went into the mud room, put liquid detergent in the washer and loaded it. I opened the fridge and looked inside. I really wanted that orange juice. I grabbed a soda, sat at the table and took a sip. I lit a smoke, then tried to relax and figure out how to start the conversation with Lana. Even if I had been totally blitzed last night, which I hated to admit I wasn’t, at least not at the start; how in hell could I possibly have thought fucking Lana would be okay to do? Jeezuz.

Maybe… maybe we could talk about it like adults.

It was an hour and a half before I saw Lana slowly walking towards the kitchen. The girl was still surprising me. It was a warm June day, not really hot, but she was wearing a long sleeve off-white cotton jersey shirt, and those kind of running pants that had replaced most everyone’s sweat pants, the ones with the single stripe on the outside of the legs. They were pink with a white stripe. I had never seen her wear them. Her hair looked damp and she had it in a pony tail. I couldn’t recall if it had ever been in a pony tail. Something wasn’t right. Something happened last night that I can’t remember. She was scared. Maybe scared to be with me now? That’s the only reason I could come up with for the way she acted when wearing her tank shirt earlier, and now she’s fully covered up, well, she was barefoot. She flaunted her hot, little bod for a week, and now she was trying to cover it up? What the hell was going on?

I looked at her hand. She had a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush. I realized they were mine. “Oh… ah… thanks for bringing that.”

“You… you left it in my bathroom.” Lana put the things on the table near me then sat at the far end of the table. She pulled her legs up to the seat, pretzeling them.

I guess it really was her bathroom. “I… I didn’t know you did all that work, the decorating in there. It looks good.”

“Some of that stuff I um… picked up during the last town junk pick up week. The… the wire shelf thing, and… the pictures, and… that wicker stuff.”

I really wanted to ask her about that hidden photo in the linen closet. “Looks good.”

“Um… um… thanks.”

I took a slow breath. “Ahh… I guess we should talk about last night.”

“Um… yeah.” She bit her lower lip.

“Firstly, I… I hope I wasn’t too rough with you, or… or hurt you in any way. I… I was pretty drunk.”

“I’m… I’m a little sore, but… I… no, you… I guess you weren’t too rough.”

I saw her eyes tear a little. It made my gut knot tighter. “Lana… ahh… obviously, last night… ahh… shouldn’t have happened. I think we both know it was a mistake.” I held my breath.

She responded immediately. “I knew you’d say that.” Her arms folded over her chest. I realized she was wearing a bra by the depressions on her shoulders. It seemed her eyes teared more.

I hadn’t expected that response from her. “Ahh… maybe… ahh… Do you want to talk first?”

No, not really.”

It was the shit attitude again. I suddenly didn’t feel like taking all the blame. I told myself to keep my cool. “Why are you angry?”

“Am I angry?”

I again told myself to keep it level. “I don’t know if you are, but I’m getting the impression you are. I hope you remember, it was actually your idea last night.” I instantly knew I shouldn’t have said that. I quickly added, “But… that doesn’t mean I have no responsibility about it.” I took a breath. “So, are you angry about something?”

“I don’t know. I guess not. I…” She exhaled. “You…. you…” She pursed her lips and her eyes teared a little more.

“What? Tell me, or-or ask me if it’s a question. What is it?”

“Do… do you… do you remember what… what we talked about in bed before… before we went to sleep?”

My brow pinched. “What we talked about?”

“Yeah. What we talked about.”

My forehead was still tight. “I was pretty drunk, and really tired by then, Lana. Why… why don’t you refresh my memory.”

Lana turned her head, pretending to look out the kitchen window over the sink. “I knew you’d say you were too drunk to remember.” Her jaw clenched for a moment.

I felt anger start to simmer and I told myself to relax again. “Well, it happens to be the truth, and I find it a little amazing that you seem to remember it all so clearly, since we were both drinking pretty heavily, in fact I seem to recall we were matching drink for drink.” She had to have been drunker than me with that little body. I saw her bite half of her lower lip.

She didn’t look at me. “I… I guess I had a… a little less than you.”

“Wha’ d’ ya mean?”

“One of my drinks was… wasn’t whiskey, it was iced tea.”

I couldn’t stop the grin but kept it down to a small smile. She really had been acting like a freakin’ whore last night!

There was an angry edge to her voice, “Are you laughing at me?”

“No, just wishing I would have joined you on that ice tea. I… I’d probably not feel so lousy today.”

“You drink t…” She bit her lip again for a moment then looked at the sink window once more.

“I drink too much? Yeah, I do.” She didn’t say anything to that. “So… you wanna tell me what we talked about before I fell asleep.”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know if you want to talk about it? Or, you can’t remember now what we talked about?”


I got angry for a moment, then I just found it funny. In my past I had answered double questions with that same response. I said hell with it, and let a brief chuckle escape my mouth. “That was pretty funny.”

“I’m so glad you liked it.” The edge was still there.

I decided not to get pissed off. I pushed my chair back. “Do you want that orange juice now?”

“I don’t know. Yeah… yeah, I guess.” She started to get up.

“I got it.” I made up a glass of ice and poured the last of the OJ in it. I set it in front of her.

“Aren’t you having any?”

“Isn’t any more. I was saving that for you. I’ll have a soda.”

“Do you want this?”

I got a Coke from the fridge. “No, you drink it.” I sat down and popped the can, took a sip, then lit a cigarette. We stayed silent for a couple minutes. Lana broke it.

“You… you like really don’t remember what we talked about at… at the end?”

“I really don’t. Sorry. You wanna tell me what it was?”

“I… I don’t think it matters now. You… you already said it was a mistake.”

“Don’t you think it was a mistake?” I saw her eyes tear up again. My brow pinched. What the fuck was going on? What the hell was I missing here?

“I… I guess I should.”

“What was the… Tell me what we talked about at the end.”

“I… I don’t know. Maybe… maybe I can’t remember now.”

I wondered how in hell I had hoped a short while ago that she and I might be able to be at least somewhat adult about it all. I told myself not to lose my cool. I drew in a slow breath and exhaled it just as slowly. “I’d like to ask you something which is a little off the subject at hand. Is that all right?”

“I don’t know, is it?”

My teeth clenched for a moment, then I realized, that’s what she now wanted. She wanted to piss me off. I waited to cool down before I spoke softly, “You know for… hell, nearly three years now, if you count the time I was dating Barb, I have been wondering why the hell you and I can’t at least be civil with one another if not friends. That answer you just gave me, that tone you just gave me? I didn’t deserve that. At times you seem to want to be treated like an adult, then you do shit like that answer. I’m trying to talk to you seriously here, because… because we… we both did something serious last night, serious… on a lot of levels. So, do you want me to treat you like some ornery little girl, or do you want to be treated as a young woman. It’s your choice.” I could see that had her a little stumped.

“Why… why do we have to talk about any of it?”

“I just told you why. Last night serious things happened. And obviously, we need to clarify everything. You’re giving me the impression we talked about something important and serious last night at the end, which I do not remember. I… I want us both on the same page here. I don’t want either of us assuming that the other remembers saying this or that or agreeing to this or that, when that person may not recall any of it. So… that’s why.” I took a sip of soda, amazed how well it seemed I was speaking. “So… what was it we talked about at the end?”

“You… you just wanna know if I’m going to tell anyone, that’s all you really wanna know.”

“No, it’s not, but since you brought it up, are you going to keep it all confidential, between just you and me?” I held my breath.

She spit her words out, “I know what confidential means.”

My ire rose again. “Yeah, I assumed you did, but you know, things can be confidential between more than two people.”

Her jaw clenched and her eyes glared. She stayed silent for ten seconds, then said, “I won’t tell anyone. Happy now? I must have told you that a hundred times last night.”

I wasn’t happy but I was a little relieved. I also knew she’d have it hanging over me for the rest of my fucking life. “No, I wouldn’t call it happy. I’m glad I can trust you about it. I won’t tell anyone either.”

“I didn’t think you would.”

“I know you’re angry at me, and maybe what I’m about to say will make you even more pissed, but I have to say it and I want you to listen. Okay?”


“Last night was wrong for a l… for a few reasons. I want you to know that… ah…” I took a breath. I didn’t want to say it but I had to.


“I… I hope you know that… that making money that way is wrong, and I hope to god you never do it again. I…”

Lana broke in with a shout, “Keep your stupid money!” Her face scrinched for a moment, then she quickly wiped her eyes and calmed her face, looking down at the edge of the table.

“You’re… you’re too beautiful and… and you have your entire future ahead of you, so… so I… I had to say that about… about selling yourself.”

“Yeah, I’m SO beautiful, with… with such a great future ahead of me.”

I exhaled. “Lana, it… it can be, but… but not if your attitude doesn’t change. I think… I think I’m a good example of how you can screw up your future. From what I know, you… you haven’t made the kind of mistakes that… that I made by the time I was your age. You’ve got that going for you. I was angry like you too, and… and I still have a hard time dealing with my anger. Do… do well in college this fall. That’s when things get… start to get important and serious.”

“That’s not really college. It’s a community college.”

For some reason I asked, “Did you try for grants or student loans for other schools? Universities?” Maybe I was hoping she’d somehow be able to go off to college somewhere far away. If she went away, it would somewhat solve one of my problems.

“Not… not really.”


“Because… because I… I didn’t know if I wanted to go.”

“Did you apply for admission at any college or university?”


“Where? Which ones?”

She thought for a few seconds, probably about whether or not to answer me. “Champagne and DeKalb.”

I was surprised to say the least. “Did you get accepted at either?” I quickly added, “At both?”




I was dumbfounded. “Why didn’t you say anything about it?”

“What difference would it have made after her accident? And…. and you told me there wasn’t any money, and… and I figured there wasn’t any anyway. At least not… not enough for either of those schools. Not that kind of money.”

“Why in hell didn’t you tell us, tell me?”

She looked at the window. “It doesn’t matter.”

The conversation was not going at all the way I had anticipated. Why the hell didn’t she at least tell Barb about it?! “Did you write the admissions offices at both those schools and ask for a… at least a year extention on enrollment?” I had done that for grad school. I had been dumped by a girl a couple months before I was supposed to start and was getting drunk a lot. I didn’t have my shit together enough to begin a masters program. I got the extension, started a year later, then dropped out right before finals week that first semester.

“No. I don’t know. What… what is that?”

“It means you might be able to keep your enrollment status for a year. You can start next year, as… as a sophomore, or a second semester freshman, depending on what courses they accept from your community college work. You should write them as soon as possible, tell them… tell them money or something is a big problem right now. Maybe… maybe we can work something out, maybe… you can get some grant or loans. We’ll look into it. You… you should have told Barb about this, and… and me too.” For a moment I wondered if I really cared or if I was just afraid she’d tell Barb everything about last night. But, why the hell hadn’t she told Barb about this college shit?

“I knew there wasn‘t enough money. What difference would it have made?”

“You should have told me and… and like I said, maybe we can work something out. Write those letters as soon as possible. Tomorrow.”

“Maybe… maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know.”

I couldn’t remember what the rest of what I was going to say about last night was. Why the hell didn’t she tell me about any of this? Why the hell didn’t I ask her? Barb always told me she was the only parent, that’s why. No, that’s not why. I’m just in my own fucking little world, that’s why I didn’t ask, but… would Lana have told me? No, I didn’t think she would have even if I had asked. I would never have guessed she had even applied. Hell, I was surprised she got her high school diploma!

I couldn’t remember if I got her to say she wouldn’t be crazy and try hooking out in public. I thought I had asked already. I couldn’t muster the guts to bring it up again. “Now, you want to tell me what we talked about at the end of last night?”

“There’s no point. You’ve already said in a few ways that last night was a huge mistake. So… talking about anything last night… doesn’t matter anymore.”

Something was obviously upsetting her about the end if not the entire evening. I tried to think. It was at the last, the part I just could not remember. “I don’t agree it doesn’t matter.”

“Well, I don’t agree with you not agreeing.”

I sighed. “Okay, let’s stop thinking and talking about last night for a moment. Now… would you please tell me why you hate me so much?” I figured I might as well ask.

“I… I don’t hate you.” Her eyes welled up again.

“Okay, you don’t hate me. Could you then tell me why you have the attitude towards me?” I emphasized the word for emphasis, not to be an asshole.

“Maybe it’s… it’s you who has the attitude, not me.”

I was either still in an alcoholic haze or she was living on another planet. I lit another cigarette, then sipped my soda. I tried to remember the other things I had planned to say about last night. I kept drawing a blank.

Lana finally looked at my face. “So… is this… this talk finished?”

“What do you want to say or tell me about last night?”

“Nothing. So… are we done with this talk?”

I crushed my cigarette in the ashtray and pushed my chair back. “In a second. I’ll be right back.”

Lana exhaled sharply as she stared at the center of the table.

I went to my bedroom and wasn’t sure if what I was going to do was good and right, or extremely stupid and wrong. I picked it up and returned to the kitchen. I walked up to her. She didn’t look at me, just kept staring at the center of the table. “This… this isn’t payment for last night, it’s… I don’t know what to call it. But… you should have it. I offered her the fifty dollar bill. She looked at it.

“I don’t want that!”

“All right. I’ll leave it on the dresser in my room, it’ll be there if you want it. Don’t think of it as payment for last…”

She broke in, “I DON’T WANT IT!” She shoved her chair back, got off it opposite me, and started walking quickly to her room.

I had clearly made the wrong choice. I knew she needed spending money. That’s why I was giving it to her. Or… was it a blackmail payment? Maybe it was a loose end of last night I just wanted to get rid of. Hell… I don’t know. I bet though, that if I hadn’t offered it to her, she’d have shouted a demand for her money. Why did she play me all week with the teases, then prop me last night, to just refuse the cash today? None of this shit made sense to me! I figured I should apologize to her, even though I would find that irritating as hell. I heard her bedroom door slam. Shit.

I held the bill and slowly walked down to her room. My other hand formed a fist and I raised it to knock. I froze. I heard her crying. My gut knotted once again plus that sensation that I was something lower than scum. What the hell was going on? She was the one who said ‘let’s fuck,’ not me!

I spoke softly, “Lana? Are you okay?” I knew it was a stupid question. “Open the door, let’s…”


I tried to think of something else to say. I had no idea what was going on with her. I was still dealing with a hangover and obviously I couldn’t handle it and her at the same time. She was upset, I had no idea of how to help her. I looked at the fifty in my hand. I turned and went to my bedroom. I put it on the dresser, then was going to lie on the bed and saw it was stripped. I went to the mud room and started the washer, then returned to the bedroom. I closed the door and lay on the mattress pad, using a bare pillow. I switched on the radio to NPR, soft volume, voices to fall asleep to. I dozed off about ten minutes later.

I awoke from a fitful sleep, sweaty, my T shirt sticking to my chest. Someone was pounding on my door. “What is it?!” I swung my legs over the edge of the mattress. For some reason I had a vision of a cop hammering on the door. A wave of fear coursed through me.

“I want my money!”

I rubbed my eyes. “It’s on the dresser. Come in and get it.”

The door flew open and banged against the doorstop. I looked up. Lana was in her short black skirt, but with white sneakers not the shitkickers, and a black T sans the rips. She grabbed the fifty off the dresser, then headed out the door.

“Where ya goin’?”

She didn’t turn around nor slow down. “Out!”

For some reason, I got really pissed and almost ran after her, but didn’t move from the bed. I muttered, “Fuck the little bitch.” My gut tightened thinking about the drive and visitation tomorrow. I lay back and fell asleep again.

* * *Her brow pinched for a moment. “Um… three.”

Without looking at the pile I reached for it. I picked a bar. “That means I get this one.” I saw her ever so slightly smile. I looked at what I picked. “Ahh… shit. It’s the Milky Way. I wanted the Snickers.” I saw Barb smile for real, then she softly giggled for a moment. For the thousandth time, I wished to god that she had never hit that goddamn kid.

Barb was still smiling but her eyes had teared. “Give me that. Take the Snickers.”

Lana finally spoke. “I want the Snickers.” She grabbed it.

For some reason, maybe it was the tension of the situation, I burst out laughing. Barb started giggling, and Lana turned her face away but as she pulled the paper off the bar, I saw her mouth curve into a tiny smile. I suddenly wondered how everything had gotten so fucked up. Barb in prison, Lana accepted at two good universities but wasn’t going, me screwing her a couple days ago. I knew it didn’t have to be this fucked up, but I didn’t have clue how to make it into what it should be, whatever that was. Or if it was even possible.

I grabbed the last candy bar. “Well… I really wanted the Payday all along.”

Barb smiled again as she chewed her first bite.

Barb and I made small talk for a while. I spoke at length, more like babbled about how the house I was working on was coming along, making some valid and some idiotic comments about the design, just to fill in the dead air.

Barb mostly asked questions during the visits. I don’t think she wanted to talk about prison life much. She looked at Lana. Her daughter was again staring at the high windows. “Honey? What have you been doing this past week?”

“Not much.”

My gut knotted yet again.

“Are you still trying to find at least a part-time job?”

“I told you, no place is hiring, at least not hiring someone like me.”

Barb glanced at me. I held her eyes. She raised her eyebrows slightly. Barb and I were married only for a year and a half before the accident, and we knew each other only four months prior to the wedding, plus she’d been in prison for the past eight, nine months, but I had been with her long enough to know that slight eyebrow rise was asking me to rethink giving Lana an allowance, and that Barb thought she should have an allowance, even if Lana was lying about applying for jobs and the job situation.

Since Saturday morning I had been wishing I had never made a big deal about the goddamn allowance because then Friday night never would have happened. A week ago I would have been pissed right now. Actually I had been. I think we talked about all this then too. Yeah, we did.

I looked at Lana. “Did you go to the places you’ve applied a second and third time yet?”

“No. Why would I do that? They said they didn’t need anyone.”

“Because it would show them you really are interested in a job and possibly someone quit between your application and your second or third visit.” I knew she hadn’t filled out any applications anywhere. It was all bullshit from her.

“They’d just call someone who had already applied to fill it.”

I spoke calmly, “No, that’s not how it works all the time. Showing your face and telling the manager your name two more times would help in either situation.”

“That’s your opinion.”

I started to get pissed. Barb reached for my forearm on the table, gave it a squeeze, and then held it. I don’t know why but as she started to speak, I almost started fucking crying. Her hand on my arm, the touch telling me not to get angry, was a little act a wife would do. She was my wife! I had fucking cheated on her with her teasing, goddamn daughter! What the fuck was wrong with me?!

“Lana, he’s right. You should do that. Did you… did you use those tokens and take the bus to the mall?”

Oh dammit. I had forgotten to get the fucking tokens for her! I cleared my throat and tried to get my shit together.

The edge was in Lana’s voice, “No. I didn’t get any tokens.”

I took a quick breath. “My fault. I forgot all about it. Sorry, Barb.” I turned my face to her daughter, the girl I paid for sex. “Sorry, Lana. I’ll give you money for the tokens when we get back to the house.”

“It’s not going to make any difference.” She took a drink of diet soda.

Barb frowned slightly. “You still need to try, honey. Get the tokens and try the mall.”

“I… I did, sort of. I went to three stores and filled out applications.”

I stopped breathing for a few moments. For the first time, I actually believed she had applied for jobs. Something… something in the tone of her voice made me believe her. Had she really applied at all those other places like she had said?

Barb said, “Well, go again and… and try some other stores while you’re there.”

Lana didn’t respond, just took another sip of soda. She set the can down, then announced, “I’m going to the bathroom.” She rose and walked away.

I looked at Barb. She gave me the ten thousand word ‘allowance’ expression again. I sighed. I figured I had to stick to my guns, just to be normal if nothing else. “Look… I don’t want to give her an allowance, especially since she never did anything for it, but…” I exhaled. “I know she needs pocket money. I’ll… I’ll maybe… make a list of chores that she can do every week and… and list the amount she’ll make doing them. Something like that.”

Barb frowned. “She’s not a child anymore. That’s like… like something you’d do with a little girl.”

I knew damn well she wasn’t a little girl anymore. “I’m not going to give her free money to just blow. She’ll have to do something for the money she gets.” I wished I had used a different word than ‘blow’ and for ‘something’ too. I saw Lana in my mind, in the tank shirt, telling me she gave ‘good beejays.’ I then hated myself even more when my dick twitched and grew a little.

Barb sighed. “All right.”

The rest of the visitation was the usual boring and somewhat tension filled time. It had been exactly what I had hoped it would be — normal. When it was time to leave, Lana at lease gave Barb a curt and limp hug. I kissed her and hugged her tightly, saying a version of what I usually did, “Don’t worry about anything, Barb.”

On the drive home, about a half hour from the prison, I twisted in my seat, then gripped the steering wheel tightly with both hands. “I guess I should tell you that Barb is still pushing me to give you an allowance.” I waited a minute for her to say something. “Did you hear me?” I glanced at her profile, then looked ahead again.

“Yeah. I heard you. So?”

I took a slow breath. “I’m… I’m considering it.” She again said nothing. “I… I haven’t… I don’t have it all thought out, but… I’m thinking something like… getting paid for doing a chore, different pay for different chores over a week.”

Her voice was dripping with anger and sarcasm, “Like what? One price for fucking you, and a different price for sucking you?”

Once again, she nearly made me lose it. I’m sure my hands almost broke the steering wheel. I told myself to cool down, but it was difficult. She was the one who had brought up fucking and sucking, not me! She propped me, not the other way round! I told myself she was just a fucked up, immature teenager. I told myself to be an adult. I finally spoke, “No, I thought the chores should be something you’d be g…” I stopped speaking. I almost said it should something she would be good at. Jeezuz. I was being as immature as she was!

“Something I’d be good at? That’s what you were going to say, wasn’t it?” Her arms folded over her chest. She looked to the side out her window.

I had screwed up once again. “No, I was going to say, something that you might actually not think was a big pain in the ass, like… well, I don’t know what yet.” I shouldn’t have made the fuckin’ slip. Shit. I took a quick breath. “Do you have thirty bucks?” I still hadn’t cashed my paycheck.


“I need change for a fifty.”


“I think that ten pack of bus tokens is twenty bucks. I only have a fifty dollar bill and some singles. I give you the fifty, you give me thirty back.”

She stayed silent for a minute or so. “I have it at home.”

I really didn’t give a shit if she bought the fuckin’ tokens or not with the money.

* * *I knew I was half smashed, but I had gotten a little more sober since starting to talk, so I realized I had just shot my entire verbal wad. If she didn’t respond now, she’d never do it. I’d never screw her again, and living together would just be hell for me, maybe for her too. If she stayed silent, her hate, animosity, anger towards me would just grow. It was like I was my dad and she was me, that kind of thing, yet, I hadn’t treated her like my dad had done to me.

I just didn’t get any of this. I knew she could be, maybe should be angry at me about fucking her, but she had been the one who initiated that. I had recalled since then that I had even gotten angry and told her to go and put more clothes on right before she hooked me. I took a slow breath. I decided I’d wait at her door until it was time to go to the job if need be. I’d slept on floors before. Finally I heard something.

“I… I think… I have thought a lot… about you too.”

I started holding my breath without knowing it. I waited for more but nothing came. I exhaled and started breathing again. “You have?”

“Yeah. For… for a long time.”

“What… what did you think?”

“I don’t know if… I don’t think I should tell you now. I… I thought I should last Friday, so… so I did, but…”

I interrupted, “Lana, please, jus’ tell me.” I had to wait another minute.

“At first… you know, when you first started going out with Barb, I… was surprised about you. I… I thought you were cute, and… and not an… an ass like all the other losers she’d gone out with.”

If I hadn’t been half in the bag and horny as hell I might have laughed at that line. She had inadvertently called me a loser too, maybe it wasn’t inadvertent. I actually agreed with her.

“And… and you talked to me, like really talked to me, and you didn’t treat me like some little pain in the ass, or some little girl even if I did look like one, or like I was some… some sort of negative about Barb. And… and so I liked you for that.”

She took a long audible breath. “And then, you guys got married, and… and I… and I started liking you more, and… and then I knew I liked you too much, and… and when it got to that point, it was about then that… that you stopped talking to me as often, and… I don’t know, I… I started not… not liking Mom very much. I mean, I started seeing all the things in her that I hated before, except it was worse than before. And… and then I did some really dumb things, that… that I now know I did because….”

She exhaled sharply. “I did some dumb things because… because I was… jealous, I guess, that… that she was with you all the time and… and I wasn’t. I… I wanted you to notice me more and… and I wanted to piss off Barb too. I don’t why I did some of those things, like… like that internet page. It… I wanted her to find it, and… and I wanted you to… to see it.”

I heard her start crying, not loud, but definitely crying. I spoke softly, “Lana… open the door.”

“No… no, I can’t.” She took a few quick breaths. “I… I know now it was so stupid to… to get so emotional about you, to… to think that it was… was more than like. I… I wanted you to… to look at me as if… as if I was a… a woman, but I… I was acting like a-a-a teenager, which… which is what I am. And… I don’t know, I… then started really hating… both of you… you and… and M-Mom.” She started crying again.

I was overwhelmed. My dick shrunk to totally limp over the course of her monologue. “Ahh… Lana… Lana.”

She sniffled. “What?”

“I did pay attention to you, but you pushed me away, or… or I was drunk, or trying to deal with… with all my fuckin’ problems, or with Barb, I mean we just got married, you know? But… mainly, just dealin’ with myself. I wanted to be your friend, I still wanna be your friend. I… I remember talking to you those times, early on. I enjoyed those times. I’d… I’d think about you, you know, about what we had talked about. I remember thinking you were smart, an’… an’ pretty, an’… I don’t know, I liked you. I… I never thought you were some… negative thing.

“Then… I don’t know, it all started changing. You and Barb fighting all the time, an’… and it seemed both of you were hating me half the time. You… you weren’t even civil to me sometimes, an’… an’ don’t get mad at me, but… sometimes you acted like a little bitch, and before you say it, yeah, I know, I can be a real asshole, a real bastard. I’m no fuckin’ angel or piece of cake or whatever that fuckin’ sayin’ is. I know that, but… I tried, Lana. I really tried to be your friend. At least I tried as best I could.” I heard her crying softly again. “Lana? Don’t cry, honey. What’s… what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. I… I was remembering how… how you protected me from… from that asshole guy at the truckstop. How… how it seemed you were ready to fight for me. No… no guy ever… ever did that… f-for m-me.”

“Lana, I’d always do that for you. I’d never let anyone hurt you.” I guess I forgot about my night of lust with her.

“I… I teased you all… all last week. I-I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I know. Lana? Why… why did you do that?” I was wondering if it was for her allowance, or the fifty bucks, to just drive me nuts, or what.

“I… it’s complicated.”

“I’m not goin’ anywhere. So… tell me the complicated story.”

She sniffled. “I hafta get some tissues.”

“Okay.” A few seconds passed. I heard her sit on the other side of the door again and pull out some tissues from the box. “Do you want to open the door?”

“No. I… I couldn’t talk that way.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So? The complicated story?”

“I was… I was really angry about the allowance, about it being cut off, and… and on that Tuesday, I just thought I’d tease you to get back at you about it, and… and I knew you had to be horny because… you know, Barb’s in prison. So I did that on Tuesday, then… then on Wednesday, I… I thought about the truckstop and… and that woman outside, and… and I needed money, and… and… don’t laugh at me.”


“I… I wanted to… to-to hook up with you, see… see what it was like with you, and… and see if… see if you’d like me as… as much as you l-like Barb in bed.” She cried for a few seconds, then pulled out more tissues. “Maybe… maybe that was t-the main reason.”

I really started to sober up. I knew I shouldn’t say she was better than Barb, and obviously not say she was worse. “Lana?”

“What?” She blew her nose.

“You’re beautiful, hot and… and a fantastic lover.”

“You’re just saying that. It… it took you forever to cum.”

I chuckled.

“Don’t laugh at me!”

I heard her starting to stand. “Lana! Sit down. I wasn’t laughing at you. Wanna know why it took me so long?” It took her five seconds to sit down again.

“Okay. Why?”

“Guys who are drunk sometimes take longer to reach orgasm, sometimes… the alcohol makes it hard to… ahh… difficult to stay hard too, but… sometimes, it just delays orgasms. That’s… that’s why, and… and… I… I don’t know if I should tell you something else.”

“Go ahead and say it.”

I could tell she expected it to be some negative comment about her. “I was really glad it took me a long time. I… I wanted to be inside you as long as I could. You… you have a beautiful, wonderful body. You were a great lover.” I had to wait twenty seconds for a response.

“Is that the truth about…. about alcohol and orgasms, and… and the other things you said?”

“It is for me. That’s the truth. And yes, it was the truth about you too.” There was about a half minute of silence. Lana spoke again.

“I wish… I wish I wouldn’t have taken that money, but… I got so mad at you.” She started crying softly again.

“Don’t you dare think that was me paying you for Friday night. That money wasn’t for that.”

She sniffled a couple times. “Yes it was.”

“It wasn’t. You said you didn’t want that money. So I gave you other money. That’s the way I’m looking at it.”

“That’s stupid.”

Like at the prison, maybe from the tension, I chuckled. “I don’t care if it is stupid.”

There was another silence for ten or so seconds, which seemed like minutes.

She spoke softly, “I’ve… been thinking about Friday night a lot.”

“I have too. Didn’t I say that already?”

“I… I can’t remember.”

I smiled. “Isn’t that my line?”

“It has been.”

“Lana, I’ve been thinking about Friday night a lot, all the time since Saturday morning.”

“What… what are you thinking?”

“That I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. That I hoped I didn’t hurt you in any way… like even… you know, you remembering it in the future. I… I’ve been thinking a lot about… about what it felt like to be inside you, how… how perfect that felt, and… and the last thing I remember from that night was… was thinking how perfect we fit together spooning.”

“You… you thought I was talking about a… a real spoon.”

My brow pinched for a few seconds, I blinked, then chuckled again. “You’re right. I… I thought you were eating ice cream or cereal or something.”

“I… I guess I knew you were pretty drunk.”

“Why… why did you trick me with drinking tea?”

“I didn’t want to get any drunker than I was.”

There was about a minute of silence. I broke it.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I… I don’t know. What… what are you thinking about?”

“I was wondering if it was ever going to happen again. Us being together like that.” My cock started growing again. I then thought of Barb. The growth slowed.

“I… that’s what I was wondering.”

“I… I want it to happen again, but… I-I also don’t want it to happen again, because… because of Barb.” I surprised myself by telling her the truth.

“I…” Lana stopped talking.


“I don’t know.”



“Do you think it will at least be possible for us to be friends.”

“I… don’t know. I guess, I… I think so. I… um…”


“Don’t get worried, okay?”

“What?” I suddenly wondered if she was on the pill. I thought she had said she was that night.

“It might be hard being friends, because… I… it… I think I… I still like you more, than as a friend. I’ve tried not to, which… which is one of the reasons why I… I’ve been really bitchy to you, I guess, but… it… it doesn’t seem like that’s worked.”

“I think it’ll be difficult for me to only think of you in a platonic way now too.”

“I know what platonic means.”

“Lana? Why do you say shit like that? I figured you knew what it meant.”

“I… I don’t know. I… Sometimes I think, you think, I’m stupid.”

I smiled. “You know what I really think?”


“I think sometimes I’m really stupid, and yeah, sometimes you’re really stupid too.”

“Do… do you mean last Friday?”

“Actually… I wasn’t thinking of that. I meant, in general.”

“Oh.” She waited a few seconds. “Do you think it was stupid? Friday night? I guess you do since you said it was a big mistake.”

I thought for a moment. “What you and I did, the way it made me feel, and hopefully you feel during it, that… that wasn’t stupid, but… but because of the situation, maybe it was a mistake. I mean… we’ve both been pretty upset since then, you know? Among… other reasons.”

“You mean Barb, right?”

I sighed. “Yeah.”

“Could I ask you something, like… personal?”

“Yeah, but.. maybe I won’t answer. Ask.”

“What does she expect you to do? I mean, you know, about sex? Did she say you shouldn’t hookup with anyone, even like… like a casual thing?”

“This will sound really stupid to you because it sounds extremely stupid to me right now, but… Barb and I have never discussed it. So, I assume she thinks I should stay loyal to her, which… which I should do.”

“I… I thought you might start cheating on her, but… you haven’t, have you? I… I don’t mean last Friday, I mean… before last Friday.”

“No, I haven’t messed around.”

“You… you really… love her, don’t you?”

I felt like scum once more, when I heard Lana cry for a few seconds again. She blew her nose as softly as she could. “I guess I do… most of the time, but… I guess I don’t love her enough, Lana, because last Friday, I wanted you more than I wanted to follow my marriage vows. That… that makes me one hell of a self-centered, fuckin’ asshole.”

“I bet… I bet if you were in prison, that… that she…”

I interrupted, “It doesn’t matter what she would do. It doesn’t work that way. The only thing that matters is what I do. And who really knows what she’d do? I thought I’d be able to handle it when she went in. Obviously, I was wrong.”

“I… I shouldn’t have teased you. I mean, I knew you had to be horny. I knew even I might be able to… you know, get you more horny to even hook up with me.”

“Lana, I wanted to be with you before last week, except for the… the bitchy part.” I took a quick breath. “No, I guess even with the bitchy part.” There was another pregnant pause. I heard Lana shift on the other side of the door.

She drew in a deep breath, then exhaled. “What are we… I mean… um… what are you going to d… I mean… oh… I don’t know what I mean.”

“What are we going to do about wanting to be together like last Friday?”

“Yeah… I guess… I guess that’s what I meant to say.”

“I don’t know. It feels very complicated now… more complicated now. I… I don’t want to hurt Barb, I don’t want to hurt you, I know I’m going to think about us together, us… making love, from now on though.”

“You mean… us… fucking?”

I actually smiled. “I prefer making love mixed with a healthy dose of fucking.”

“No kidding.”

I chuckled and heard Lana giggle softly. “Lana, did you have good time with me? Did I hurt you at all? I hope to god I didn’t hurt you.”

“I was sore, and… and at the start, I mean… you know, with… with your dick, it… it hurt a little but not that much, and then it felt so good, and all that.. that oral stuff you did, just… drove me crazy. I… I guess near the end it… it half hurt and half felt good, but… I didn’t want to stop. I… I liked it all.”

I smiled. “So, you really did enjoy it?”

“Yes.” She took a breath. “Did… did you like it with me?”

“Yeah, you’re a great lover, very feminine… you felt perfect and… and you give good beejay.” I chuckled softly, then instantly regretted that ending bit of humor. I began to open my mouth not sure how to correct it when Lana spoke first.

“Do… I guess you don’t remember what I told you about… about doing oral and… and hooking up, do you?”

“Ahhh… when was that?”

“At the end.”

“Sorry, but… like I said… ah… no, I don’t remember. What did you say?”

“I… I’ve only been with two other guys, like one time each, and… and I like made it seem that I did a lot of, you know, oral on guys, but I… I haven’t.”

“You’re ki…” I figured I shouldn’t say what I was about to say.

“Kidding? No. That’s the truth. I… I know Barb is… is probably a lot hotter in bed than me, and… um… I was hoping to be… you know, okay.”

“You’re a fantastic lover, Lana.”

“As… as good as her? Nevermind… I know I’m not. Dumb question.”

“She has more experience but I don’t think that necessarily makes her better. You each are unique. You’re both great lovers. I mean that, you really are, Lana. Eroticism is more than just knowing the moves, it’s… it’s deeper than that, it’s… it’s… well, someone once said the biggest sexual organ, or… maybe it was the biggest erogenous zone, was the brain. I guess it was ‘organ.’”

Lana giggled softly. “I like that. I’ll have to remember that.” There was a few moments of silence. “Could… could I ask you something that… like is not really related to what we’re talking about?”

“Yeah, like before, that doesn’t mean I’ll answer. Shoot.”

“Why do you drink so much? Why… why does Mom drink so much?”

“I want to give you an answer, but I don’t know if I can. I drink like I do, because… well, the simple answer is I’m an alcoholic.”

“So, it’s really an addiction. Do you think you’ll ever stop, that… that Barb will ever stop?”

“It’s an addiction, but… it seems more than that for me, Lana. I… I have this feeling, and I guess I’ve had it before too, that… that I think Barb can quit. I… I think I may not be good for her. And me? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to quit.”

“You and her have quit for… for weeks though. And… and neither of you get drunk every single day.”

“You don’t have to drink every day to be an alcoholic. I can’t seem to get past three weeks dry. I can’t get to that fourth week. Does… that answer your question?” I really didn’t want to talk about my drinking.

“Um… I guess.”

I could tell that wasn’t enough. “What else do you want to know about it?”

“You said it felt like more than an addiction. What did you mean by that?”

“That’s just my view of it. I know other addicts feel the same about their drug of choice, or feel similar maybe, but… drinking is where I can hide when things get too hard for me to handle. I run away to the bottle, drown my fears, my anxieties, my worries, my anger, my frustration. It feels warm and good there. Mainly, getting drunk lets me escape.”

“Escape from what? Your… um… worries?”

“Yeah, like I just said, but it’s mostly it’s an escape from… from…” Something inside was stopping me from telling her.

“Escape from what?”

I took a slow breath. “An escape from… from myself.”

“Yourself? What… um… okay.”

“Can you keep a secret, Lana?”

“I… yes.”

My eyes started welling up. “I… I hate myself, and when I get wasted, I’m not with that guy anymore, so… so there’s no one to hate. I escape from myself.”

“You… you shouldn’t hate yourself.”

I wiped my eyes and smiled. “Easier said than done, honey.”

“Does… does Barb hate herself?”

“I don’t know, Lana. I hope she doesn’t.” I took a quick breath. “Could I ask you something?”

“I guess. But… I may not answer the question.”

I chuckled. “That was funny.”

“I wanted to make you smile.”

“You did.”

“What’s the question?”

“Do you really hate your mother?” I had to wait ten seconds.

“I… maybe I’ve hated her at times. Maybe… sometimes I still do.”

“Growing up, did she spank you… punish you physically?”

“No, she usually just yelled at me, said… said I didn’t appreciate her enough, stuff like that. Once… once when I was about ten, she… she got drunk and mad, and… and hit me across the face really hard. But… that was the only time. When… when I was about eleven, she… she stopped yelling so much at me, usually when she was drunk she… she mostly cried a lot in her bedroom and… and moped around. She… I know it’s been my fault, at least some of it, but she started shouting at me again, when… um… when you came on the scene. Um… why did you ask that?”

“I hoped she hadn’t done that, and… and I wanted to know if you hated her.”

“I… I like don’t hate her, I guess.”

I smiled. “That sounded funny.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I like don’t hate her.”

“Oh… yeah, I guess that was a queer way to say it.”

“‘Like’ has become the new ‘uh’ or ‘ah’.”

“Yeah, I think I’ve heard that before… sometime like recently.”

I chuckled again. “You’re funny. I thought you might be.” Had I really? I guess I wasn’t sure if I had or not.

“You’re funny too.”

“Lana? I don’t want things to be so screwed up. And I don’t want to screw up your life, and… I don’t wanna screw up Barb’s life more than I have already.”

“I don’t want things to be screwed up either. I can take care of myself, so don’t worry about screwing up my life.”

I wondered if that last part was true. “Lana? We can’t hurt Barb. I… I don’t know if she’d be able to deal with it if she found out about last Friday.”

“I… I know. I guess… I don’t want to hurt her either.”

“My problem is that I don’t want to hurt her, but I want to make love with you too.”

“I have the same problem.”

There was another long patch of silence. Lana broke it. “You know what else I think?”

I wondered what she was going to say. “What?”

“I think you should go to bed because it’s getting really late and you have to get up early for work.”

I knew there was nothing more to say at the moment and realized Lana knew that before me. “I guess you’re right. You should get some sleep too.” I heard her rise from the floor, so I did too.

Lana spoke softly again, “Are you still there?”

“Yeah. What is it?”

“Thanks for… coming to my door tonight.”

“I’m really glad we talked.”

“Me too. I… I really want to kiss you goodnight, but I think if I do that, I’ll… not want to let you go.”

“Lana? This is the truth… I was thinking the exact same thing.” I really had been.

“I’m glad you said that. Tomorrow are… are you going to remember us talking tonight?”

I nodded to the door. “Yeah. I’m gonna remember.


“Goodnight, Lana.”

“Goodnight. Sweet dreams.”

I returned to my bedroom, took a couple ibuprofen with a swig of warm beer, pulled off my shorts, got into bed, and incredibly fell asleep within minutes.

* * *”I… I wanted it to piss you off. I’m… um… sorry.”

I looked at her. I wasn’t sure how to respond. “Wait here. I’ll be right back.” I rose and walked quickly to my bedroom grabbed something off the closet shelf then returned to the couch. “This is… a graduation gift I… ah… forgot to give you. It’s from me. You’ll probably think it’s dumb, but… well… here.” I handed Lana the giftwrapped books. I smiled. “But… you better toss the gift wrapping out.”

“I… I thought the other gift was really from you and Barb.”

I saw her eyes well up. “That was from your mom mostly, I guess. This one’s from me mostly.”

Lana pulled the wrapping off. “Books?”

“Yeah, I know… dumb. Barb said it would be a stupid present, but… well, I thought you might do some reading before school this fall, to… well, just do some reading. They’re… not really classics… well, maybe modern classics. There’s one that I think you should try to read sometime. It… it made me think when I was in my early college days.”

“Which one?” Lana looked at the three books.

Steppenwolfe. Herman Hesse is the author.” I took it out of her hands. “German guy, can’t recall exactly when he lived, mid 20th century I think. There’s a segment in this where… well, it’s sort of an interesting… sort of a basic and simplistic explanation of life, involving a chess game. It… it’s simple yet when I first read it, it seemed really deep, at least I thought that when I was a freshman or sophomore in college. It… it just made me think. I… well, I hoped it might make you think too.”

“I’ll read it.”

“The other two are supposed to… you know, be modern literature, not just fiction. I’ve read ‘em, they’re good novels.”

“Um… thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” My gut tensed slightly. “Oh, in that larger one, I left the receipt if you want to retu…”

Lana broke in, “I won’t be returning them.”

I wanted to ask her about returning the dress but I didn’t want to rock the boat of whatever had started today. Friendship? Neutral coexistence? Tentative steps down the path leading to hot, passionate, erotic love? She was still staring at the books. Her hand rose and her fingers wiped her eyes quickly.

“You okay, Lana?”

She wiped her eyes quickly again. She kept staring at the book. “I… I should have been here when… when she called.”

I didn’t know what to say for a couple moments. “Yeah, you should have, but I bet in the future for something similar, you will be there to take the call.” I saw her nod then wipe her eyes once more.

Lana stood. “I’m um… pretty tired. I think I’ll go to bed.” She looked at me. “Thanks again for the present, and for… dinner tonight. It… was fun.”

“It was fun. We’ll… do that more often.”

“Um… goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” I smiled and added. “Sweet dreams.” It was what she had said to me a couple times, nicely last night, and another time like a bitch.

“You too.” She glanced at the vacuum. “I’ll… finish with that tomorrow.”



Night, Lana.”

If she had waited another moment, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from kissing her. I was glad she hadn’t dallied. I watched her walk from the room holding the books against her chest, her head bowed slightly. I wondered where the girl I was now looking at had been three years ago. I knew the problems she had with Barb weren’t pretend. There was history there. Me coming onto the scene may have just stirred it up more. For maybe the millionth time since I was fifteen, I wondered why life had to be so goddamn fucked up.

My gut tensed. All day I had been thinking so much about how Lana had acted this morning, that I had hardly given any thought to what she had said last night from behind her door. Jeezuz… did I remember everything? I promised her I would. Had she said she felt more than ‘like’ for me? She had said that. Was she trying to say she had a crush on me? She couldn’t have meant she felt ‘love’ for me, could she? Wait. She had also said she hated me too, didn’t she? Hated me and Barb because… because I didn’t pay attention to her? It was something like that. She had also said she still felt ‘more than like’ towards me. I was right this morning, everything had suddenly taken on an emotional dimension. What did I feel towards her?

My palms rubbed my face. I knew one thing I felt towards her. My cock had been half mast all evening. Was it more than sex for me? I knew it had been today. At the job today I did think about screwing her, but I also thought about taking her out to dinner tonight. I liked her this morning. I liked her last night too. I had been hoping that last Friday might somehow be a foundation, albeit an odd one, for us to build a friendship on. I wasn’t sure how that would follow, but she had been at least friendly this morning. And then doing all the cleaning, that surprised me so much, then dinner, the mall, the grocery store, I hadn’t really had time to think about what she had said last night and all the implications. I took a deep breath and sighed. Now I was too damn tired to think about it.

I turned off the TV and lamps, checked the doors were locked, then headed to my bedroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, took my clothes off and got into bed. I tried not to think about screwing Lana less than a week ago. I kept seeing her and what we had done in my mind. My cock was throbbing hard after ten minutes. I wanted to beat off but not to a mental porn vid of her and I fucking. I tried to think of Barb, tried to remember some really hot time with her, but Lana kept getting in the way. I tried not to think about anything. At 11:00PM I switched on the radio, volume low, tuned to NPR, listening to BBC Overnight, hoping Brit voices, speaking English I sometimes I couldn’t decipher, would lull and dull me to sleep. It didn’t work.

A few minutes before midnight, I tossed the sheet off me, turned off the radio, put on my gray jogging shorts and went to the kitchen. I was considering having a short bourbon water, medicinal, to help me sleep, but I had been sober since Saturday morning and didn’t want to break the streak. I opened the fridge and grabbed a can of Coke, popped it open, and sat at the kitchen table. I took a long drink, then set the can down. I put my elbows on the table and leaned forward so my palms could cup and hold the top of my head. I didn’t want to think about Lana. Sometimes when I held my head like that, I’d have this brief vision, maybe it was just a wish, that I could pop my head like it was a huge zit and never have to think again.

“Are you okay?”

I jerked in my chair to sitting upright. “Jeezuz… you scared the hell out’a me.” Lana was standing at the kitchen entryway.

“Sorry. Are… you okay?”

“Ahh… yeah, couldn’t sleep. What are you doing up?”

“I can’t sleep either.”

We stared at each other in the darkened house for some very long moments.



“I can’t stop thinking about making love with you.”

“I… I can’t either.”

Even though my dick was throbbing hard, it wasn’t what made me push the chair back and stand up, nor walk over to Lana and take her in my arms, nor press my lips to hers. For some reason, I did it though. As her mouth opened wider and my tongue greeted hers, I didn’t need any voice of conscience in my mind screaming at me that I was making another huge mistake. I knew I was. I couldn’t stop myself. Maybe I didn’t want to stop myself. I wanted her. Maybe I needed her.

She was wearing the same long, large red T shirt she had this morning. She wasn’t teasing me to get me to do anything. It was all my own free will as my hands slid down her back to her perfect, seductive, apple ass. I cupped those cheeks gently, then more firmly. As she had that Friday night, she released a huff of air into my mouth when I squeezed harder but her tongue never interrupted its thrilling dance with mine, nor stop her from squirming her little body against me.

I broke the kiss. We were both already breathing heavily. I kissed the side of her neck and then pushed my face into her fragrant hair. My arms moved again, surrounding her. “Ahhh… Lana.”

She whispered breathlessly, “Please… don’t feel guilty about this. We’ll… maybe we should just take one day at a time. Not… not think about tomorrow.”

I was giving her neck kisses again. “Yeah… yes. Not worry about tomorrow.” I wanted her so much I didn’t remember that there were always tomorrows to worry about, and that for every action there were consequences. At the moment though, all I could do was think about Lana in my arms, about how much I wanted her, to make her feel so good and have her do the same for me. At the moment, I could only live in the ‘now.’

“I wanted us to do i… to make love when… when you hadn’t been drinking.”

“Me too, Lana.”

We kissed again. Our tongues even more passionate than a minute ago. It was passion not lust, at least I think there’s a difference, it at least felt different to me. One of my hands roamed down her back to her luscious bottom, firmly but gently tracing her curves, barely dipping my fingertips into her deep valley. She wasn’t wearing panties. I slowed then broke the kiss. I planted a few warm, moist caresses on her neck which she arched for me. I kissed her cheek, her temple, then my lips were at her ear.

“I want you in my bed, Lana.”

She whispered, “I want to be there too.”

My arm went around her and she leaned into me as we walked to my room. At the bed I tossed the comforter and top sheet towards the footboard. I raised her shirt over her head and off, then took my shorts off. I told her to lie down in the center of the bed. I pulled a pillow over and asked her to raise her hips. I slid the pillow under her bottom and crawled onto the bed, my torso between her legs, my legs extended over the end of the mattress. My hands slid under her bottom. I raised her slightly as my face descended to her muff. I planted kisses in her trimmed bush then stroked my face gently over her already dewy flower. I kissed her slit, then drew my tongue up between her petals to her pink pearl. I swirled my tongue over and around it.

Lana murmured, “Mmmmhhh.” Her legs folded slightly so her knees rose, her feet flat on the mattress. Her legs flexed as she pushed her pussy to my mouth.

I slid my tongue lower and wiggled it into the her moist channel. Again she pushed towards my mouth and her hips slowly swayed. My hands moved from under her and slid up her sides then onto her small pliant mounds, my thumbs stroked over her already pouting nipples. My tongue became more ardent as did Lana’s churning hips. I pushed it and pulled it back another dozen times then slid it to her turgid pearl, rubbing it firmly.

Lana murmured, “Oh… mmmh… oh gawd.” Her breathing grew more ragged. “I… I want you inside me.”

I raised my face slightly and stated kissing around her muff. “Not yet.” My tongue wiggled into her slippery, warm cunnie as deep as I could push it, then swirled it around over and over again.

“Mmmh-h-h-h,” Lana’s murmur quavered.

As my tongue worked, my thumbs and index fingers held her raspberry nubs, tugged and twisted them slightly, then my hands fondled her diminutive breasts. I slid my tongue to her clit again and rubbed it frantically.

“Oh… oh… yeah.. ye… ye… yeah… mmmhhh.” Lana’s little body started trembling. “Now… now please… I… I want you inside.”

I wanted to be inside her too but I wanted her to reach orgasm first. She pushed up more, then her hands held my head. I stroked my tongue harder and faster on her pearl, pushing it side to side sometimes, rubbing it hard, lapping at it. Her trembling grew into shaking. My tongue strokes increased speed again.

“Oh… oh.. oooooohhhhh!”

Lana stated twitching. I licked her clit a few more seconds then pushed my tongue as far as I could into her, swirling it around within her warm, buttery, tight channel. She started shaking harder, the twitches were more frequent. I rubbed her clit again. My hands left her breasts and quickly moved under her firm buns. I raised her, then slid my tongue down to her hot little hole, giving it a few swirls, then returned to her clit.

“Ohhhhh… oh oh gawd… yeah.”

Her body shuddered intensely. I hoped that was an orgasm because my tongue was exhausted. I smeared my face around her little muff. I was breathing heavily but her gasps were louder than my own.

I slid my hands up her sides again, as I worked my body up over hers. I held my weight off her with my elbows as I started a trail of kisses up her torso, lingering at her breasts, kissing her mounds and nipples, sucking them, rubbing each with my tongue. Her hands went to my shoulders as I kissed along both ridges of her collar bones, then around her neck, then her face. I raised my head and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. I asked, “Was that okay?”

She smiled, then giggled softly. I moved a little higher and felt the head of my throbbing cock touch her warm, wet slit. I slid the length of my rod through her parted, glistening labs and over her pearl. She twitched then pushed up against me again. I reversed course down her slit, then slowly up again. “Does this feel good?”

Lana nodded, “Uh-huh.”

I slowly stroked my cock against her wet pussy another half dozen times, then said, “Do you want me inside you?”

She nodded again. “Yes.”

“Guide me in.” I pushed my torso up and raised my hips a little. My fingertips combed her hair away from her pretty face while she reached between us, held my cock and moved the head to the entrance of her channel. I nudged inside. Lana’s eyes closed and her breathing tempo increased. I pushed in a fraction more. She was as tight, warm, and slippery as I recalled. Push in, pull back, push in, pull back, I worked my cock into her slightly deeper each time. Her hips started swaying again.

She whispered, “Oh god.”

“Feel good?”

“Yes. To you too?”

“You feel wonderful around me, Lana.”

It took a few more moments before I pulled back and slowly slid all the way into her. Her channel gripped around me tightly. My hips swayed so did hers.

“Oh god… you’re so big.”

“Quit saying that.”


“Lana, I’m just average.”

“No you aren’t. You’re big.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yeah, you are.” She pushed harder against me.

“No, I’m not.” I also pushed and swayed with more intensity.

“Yes, you are.”

I smiled. “Shut up.”

She giggled. “You shut up.”

At the moment I heard her soft laugh, I knew we were making love, not just fucking. I lowered my face and we kissed. Our tongues entwining like long time dance partners. I pulled back and slid into her slowly, then again and again, picking up the speed and strength with each drive of my rod. Lana did the same in a perfect counterpoint rhythm. A few minutes later I was thrusting into hard enough to hear the– smat – smat – smat… of our groins meeting. Lana’s legs folded more but her feet stayed flat on the mattress.

She spoke between gasps of breath, “Does… this… feel… good… to… you?”

“Yeah… you?”


“I’m not going to last very long… you… you feel too good.”

“I wanna feel you cum. I wa… do it… do it anytime.” She took a few quicker breaths and then squirmed and thrust to meet me more intensely. “Now… do it now.”

I pushed deep and churned against her. “I wanna last longer. Does… does it feel bad… are you tender or something?”

“No… I mean… it feels good… I… wanna feel you cum, and… I wanna make you feel good.”

I smiled then gave her breasts a few sucking kisses. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You are making me feel good.”

My arms slid behind her knees, folding her legs up as my torso rose and I folded my legs under me. I sat on my heels. I put her pretty little feet on my chest then rocked my cock in and back within her wet, hugging pussy. “This okay?” She nodded. I twisted my arm and hand around her thigh so I could get my thumb onto her clit. “This better?” Her eyes closed, her neck arched and pushed the back of her head into the pillow. I smiled. “Feels good to me too.”

She whispered, “Oh god.”

I moved us into a few more positions, keeping my cock within her the entire time, sometimes we laughed as she tried to follow my directions of where to move her leg or put her foot so I didn’t have to withdraw from her amazing, tight cunt. Finally we were sitting up, my back against the headboard, her back against my chest, her feet flat on my thighs close to my knees. One of my hands was stroking and playing with her taut nipples and firm, pliant feminine mounds, while two fingers of my other hand rubbed and caressed her clit. She pushed down with her feet using her legs to rise and lower while squirming wildly on my rod as I shoved up in short strokes.

Her breathing was fast and ragged as she spoke, “Oh… oh god… I’m s-so… close… cum… ohgod… cum-in-me… now… now… NOW!”

Lana started shaking almost violently, squirming her hips crazily, while driving her pussy and ass against me with force. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Ahh… oh jeezuz… Lana… I’m… oh… fu-uuuuck!” I jerked forward, my arm held her chest and I had to concentrate on keeping my fingers moving on her clit as my body tensed and the first shot of seed boiled up from my balls and spewed deep in her quivering channel.

“I… I feel it! Oh… ohgod!”

I grunted again, “ARRRH!” As the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth spasms traveled up my cock and spewed more of my thick spunk deep in contracting pussy. Lana’s neck arched back and she pushed her face into my neck and profile. I could hear her loud gasping breaths. She kept pushing down on me as she shook and twitched. It took us both a couple minutes to settle down.

I chuckled softly, “Jeezuz, Lana.”


“That felt… incredible.” I kissed her neck then her cheek then her ear.

“I…” She swallowed and took a deep breath. “I thought so too.”

I gave her shoulder a kiss. I was glad I wasn’t shrinking really fast. “I really like being inside you. You… feel… perfect. Perfect and delicious.” I smiled and gave her shoulder another kiss.

“Did… did I really taste okay?”

“Yeah, wonderful, clean, fresh, hot.”

“I… I can’t believe I had two orgasms again.”

I wondered if she as lying. I figured one or the other had to be faked. “Really?”


I didn’t push it. If she was lying it was for my benefit. I smiled. “Well, I had five.”

She giggled. “Shut up. You had one. Do… do you want me to suck you now?”

“That might have been nice, but you asked.”


“I don’t like to be asked. I figure if the girl wants to, she’ll either do it, or tell me she wants to.”

“I meant it like that.. okay, it was a question, but I meant it that way. I want to.”

“It sounded like quid pro quo to me.”

“I bet you think I don’t know what that means.”

I chuckled. “I don’t care if you know or not.”

“I know what it means.”



“You made me laugh and it made my cock shrink faster. I’m going to slip out any second.”

Her brow pinched. “Does laughing make it shrink?”

I could tell it was a serious question. “I don’t know.” I chuckled.

She exhaled sharply.

“You want something to drink? Water? Soda?” I didn’t want us to touch any booze tonight. We both flinched when I slipped out. “I’ll get us something to drink. What do you want?”

“No, I’ll go. What do you want?”

“A Coke. I think I left one on the kitchen table.”

I watched her slide off the bed, then gawked at her seductive ass as she headed to the door. Her hand cupped her pussy.