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(Disclaimer: This story is a work of fantasy; names and places are products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously.)

Rose Byrne: XXX-Men

Goddess In Hellfire

It was almost six in the morning when they resumed filming, the star of the show enjoying a steamy shower and quick nap before coming back to the set and shucking her robe. The Las Vegas streets were still busy when she hurried from the Lincoln Continental in her black bra and panties, matching pumps clicking rhythmically on the pavement, but were just empty enough that they could apply a little CG and make the 2011 summer season appear as if it was October of 1962.

“Whoa there,” the bouncer at the door of Sebastian Shaw’s Hellfire Club said when she tried to follow the group of strippers and whores inside. “Just hang on a minute, baby. You got some ID?”

Rose Byrne laughed. “Are you serious? Look at me. Where would I keep it?”

The man smirked, already rubbing his crotch while he looked her over. “I can think of a couple of places.”

“Real funny.” Rose sighed, then crossed her arms across her perky chest while tapping her foot. “You gonna let me in or not?”

“That depends, honey.”

“Yeah, on what?”

“On how quickly you’re gonna see the light and suck my dick.”


Authors note: some quick hits. This chapter marks my 50th story on Literotica. I couldn’t have timed it better as this one ends with a bang. Also a huge thank you to author Sydney Blake (How to save a life. The hottest romance series on lit!Check it out for yourselves)for doing a lights out job editing this chapter.As for my dedication: This reader has always stayed anonymous, but has commented many times and e-mailed me as well. He is by far my biggest Megan hater so on that note, this chapter is for “sparekeys”. As for this chapter itself. SWB is a pretty grim story, and honestly not nearly as popular as some of the stroke series that are currently running right now. I am fine with that. From day one this has been my story written my way. Now that I am getting near the end, not only am I going to continue that, but am going to rev it up. The remaining chapters will not be heavy on erotica, but will be heavy in general. If you are a sensitive sort, brace yourself. For the next three chapters, ladies and gentlemen, the gloves are off. As always thank you for reading! Lovecraft68


I sat in the back of the cab with my head down, using my long black hair to cover most of my face and the fact that I was crying. I’d managed to hold it back during the ten minute walk from Mark’s office to the Biltmore. I needed a taxi and they were always circling the hotel, and this way I didn’t have to wait in front of his building for one. It hadn’t been easy holding it together, but I was getting enough looks as it was in my current ensemble. Had I started crying, people would have thought I was some distraught, strung out prostitute. Not that I hadn’t had some experience with that particular situation back in the day, but I would never want it thought of me again.

Within a minute of reaching the hotel, I flagged down the cab. I noticed the driver passed an older couple and a guy in a suit so he could pick me up. I got in and gave him my mother’s address. The driver, a big greasy looking guy in his fifties, took one look at me and asked, “How you gonna pay for this?”

I rolled my eyes. Under different circumstances, I would have told him to go fuck himself and gotten out. Right now, however, all I cared about was getting back to my parents’ house so I could hide in my old bedroom and cry. I reached into my purse and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and showed it to him.

He smirked, “Business must be good.”

I smirked back, “It always will be because there are always fat, ugly men who can only get laid if they pay for it.”He gave me a dirty look, but put the cab in gear and quickly pulled into traffic. I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror and winced. So much for trying to not look like a mess; I had already been crying at Mark’s office, and my allegedly waterproof mascara had run in black streaks down my face. My good old manic panic Goth foundation had held up, however, so I now looked like a sick, sad clown straight out of a Marilyn Manson video.

Sliding over to the right corner of the seat, I let my head drop, my hair fall over my face, and my tears flow. I was devastated and confused. What had just hit me the last two hours? My father, the pictures, Mark’s lies to save me. As if that wasn’t enough to take in, Mark put me on the spot. I did love him. I knew that now. Not that I should have needed my brother’s sacrifice to make me realize that. Those feelings had been there for years I had just pushed them aside, telling myself I would ruin my brother, and pretending the feelings weren’t there. This time around, Mark took all my excuses away from me. He pointed out that I was sober, successful, and, most of all, he told me how he felt. My mind was still reeling. How, exactly, did my brother think we could pull this off?

I told him I loved him, sort of, by simply saying yes. Had I just kept my big mouth shut, we might have been able to sit down and talk things through, like we had planned. Instead, I put a fatal “but” in there, and my exhausted, emotionally spent brother did what he always did when he was hurt, he lost it

I did my best not to react to his rage. My brother had been through a lot in the last year, and I had not been there for him. As much as the Winthrop trial had helped his career, it had taken everything else from him. Mark had tears in his eyes as he numbly told me how my father told him no one ever wanted him. I now knew why he was avoiding Mom, and it was wrong; she loved Mark dearly. Unfortunately, I knew too well that feeling of being unwanted, of knowing that no matter how good life was now, that we had been given away, as if we were unwanted pets. For my brother, who had already been dealing with the heartache of missing his chance to be with me back then, hearing those things from Dad caused him to believe them.

I was also struck with guilt, hearing how badly he missed me, and how he so desperately wanted to be with me. I’ve never regretted moving to Chicago. I would not have achieved as much surrounded by nothing but painful memories. But in leaving all that pain, I left behind the best part of my life. Mark, who, of course, told me to go ahead and do what was best for me. Had I not been the selfish bitch he had rightly accused me of being, it would have occurred to me that sometimes, Mark said things because he felt it was what I wanted to hear, not because it was how he really felt.

So as Mark got more and more wound up, I just sat there and listened, trying to wait for an opening. That is, until he started really going off the deep end and talking about us fucking others and ending it by throwing my words from twenty years ago in my face: “We’re not for all the time.”

I wanted to tell him that I was in love with him, but he got me rattled. All I could think of was my journal entry when I had ‘given’ him to Cynthia so he wouldn’t know how I felt. I said the word ‘was’ and Mark turned lawyer on me, treating me like a witness he had just crossed up. If Mark had been rational he would have heard the emotion in my voice and realized that I was still in love with him, but he was too far gone. When I tried to tell him he had told me to fuck myself. I was stunned; short of a couple of times when I had been wasted Mark had never spoken in that tone to me.

Before I could get anything out Mark had simply looked me in the eye and told me to leave. I had felt my own anger rising, but seeing the raw pain in my brother’s eyes stopped me from making things even worse. I tried to tell myself he didn’t mean it, that he would calm down and we could talk. I told myself that when we did I would simply tell him how much I loved him, take him in my arms and let him feel how much I did. We would still need to figure some things out but I needed him to at least know he was loved.

Sadly, I never got the chance. He stared out his office window while I sat there crying softly, hoping he would calm down and come back and hold me. No, that was the kind of thought, that made Mark seem right. When he came to me, I would hold him. After several minutes however, without turning around to look at me, Mark asked, “Why are you still here?”He spoke softly, but there was something in his tone that told me it was over. There would be no apologies, no making this right.

Standing up, I let out a sob, and as I did, Mark shook his head disgustedly. On that note, I turned to leave, when it occurred to me that I was going to take his car. Normally, Mark always took me back to the airport, but obviously this time would be different. Taking his keys from my purse, I tossed them on his desk so that he would hear them. When he still didn’t turn around, I felt my temper flare at being dismissed like a child, but I was smart enough to simply turn and storm out of his office.

Now sitting here in the cab it hit me that this had been my own fault, Mark had warned me that something’s were better left unsaid, but I had pushed. I took a deep breath and seeing that we were already at the exit for my parent’s house I tried to pull myself together. I had no doubt Mom and Dad were both home, and I had no idea how I was going to get past them to go upstairs to my room.

As we pulled up to the house I saw that as I had feared both cars were there. I paid the fare, then stood on the sidewalk for a minute staring at the house. If I went through the front, I might run into Dad. I had no idea how I could look him in the eye right now, knowing what he had seen. Not only that, but knowing that, in his mind, it was over, while in reality, I had just fucked my brother in his office not two hours ago.

This made my heart sink; Mark seemed to think no one would ever find out about us. I disagreed, but even if he was right, and we could pull it off, I would need to tell my parents. I could not lie to them for the rest of my life. Mark, by his own admission, had made this even more difficult by lying to my father. The cat had been out of the bag last year. Had I been around, I would have come clean and admitted that we had been and still were lovers. I would have taken whatever repercussions there were. Who knows? Maybe that would have brought Mark and me close back then. No. I was with Laura, and believed I was in love.

With a sigh I walked along the side of the house. I would take my chances with my mother. I reached the back, and taking a deep breath entered through the back door. Feeling like I was back in my teenage years and sneaking in after curfew, I stood in the small hallway listening at the door that led into the kitchen. I didn’t hear Mom’s small TV going and, opening the door entered the kitchen. To my relief it was empty. Once again, just as when I was teenager, I slipped my heels off and quickly made my way towards the stairs that led upstairs. I didn’t have a car and my parents would never know I was there. I had made it half way to the door when Mom’s voice stopped me cold.


I didn’t answer right away. I just stopped and let my head slump down, as if I were that teenager who had just gotten caught. I heard Mom coming up behind me and with a resigned sigh, I turned to face her.

“Megan, why are you…” Mom stopped when she saw my face. “Honey, you’re crying! What’s wrong?”

“I…” I stopped, unsure of what I was going to say.

“And why are you dressed like that?” Mom asked, looking me up and down. “Well I…”

I had nothing. The events of the day had left me completely drained. I tried to push my exhausted mind to come up with yet another lie to my mother, but the well was empty. I started to try to say something about a date but what came out was a sob as my emotions finally overwhelmed me.

“Come here honey!”

Mom immediately came over, reached up and put her arms around me. Feeling foolish but unable to help myself, I put my head down on her shoulder and started crying, not just the tears that had been trickling on and off since I had left Mark, but full, gut-wrenching sobs. Mom didn’t say a word, just held me and gently rubbed my back.

Even as I continued to let myself go, I could feel that old familiar comfort of my mother’s embrace. In the midst of my despair, I remembered how many years I denied myself this embrace, denied my mother the chance to help her daughter.

My sobs increased as I pictured my brother alone in his office, with no one to be there for him. I knew by now Mark’s rage was gone and that he was as upset as I was. I could feel my brother’s loneliness, as if it were my own, because for years it had been.

When my sobs finally died down, to just the occasional embarrassing hiccup, Mom stepped back from me, and, taking my hand, led me over to the kitchen table.”Sit down and talk to me”

I allowed myself to be led and after I sat down, Mom walked over to the sink. I heard the water, and when she came back, she had a small, wet towel in her hand. Without a word, Mom took my chin in her hand and started wiping off my face. I tried to pull away, but Mom just smiled and told me to stop fidgeting. I stopped moving and closed my eyes as Mom pressed the warm towel to them, gently dabbing at my ruined mascara. As I sat there, letting Mom wash my face like she did when I was a little girl, I felt myself beginning to calm down somewhat. As always, Mom had a way of making even the worst things seem a little better. When she was finished, I opened my eyes.

Smiling, Mom said, “Now there’s my beautiful girl!”

I couldn’t help but smile a little at that, which caused Mom’s smile to widen. She turned and, after tossing the towel in the sink, went over to the fridge. Coming back to the table, Mom handed me a bottle of water and sat down across from me.

“Really, Megan, I don’t know why you cover yourself in that Elvira make up. You’re pale as it is, and it covers up how pretty you really are.”

“Just part of the persona, I guess,” I told her with a shrug. “Megan Decosta, the underground artist, wouldn’t wear pink blush and a pony tail.”

“Well, if you were at a showing, I could see that,” Mom said, nodding. “But today?”

Mom was quiet for a minute as she waited for me to respond. Although I felt a little better my mind was still locked up and I had no idea what I was going to tell her.

“Megan, why are you so upset?” she asked. “And really, why the hell are you dressed like that?” She shook her head. “You didn’t leave the house like that.”

I laughed to myself as this really was becoming a teenage flashback. Leaving Mom’s in a jeans and a t-shirt, only to go to Betty’s and change into something trashy. Looking at Mom and still having nothing, I simply went with a version of the truth.

“I…I had a lunch date.”

“Dressed like that?” Mom asked, pointing at my chest.

Looking down I saw that the top two buttons of my blouse were undone and the red corset plainly visible.

“You must have been expecting it to be a great first date!”

“No, I…” I sighed and let a little more truth come out. “It wasn’t a first date, I… I’ve seen this person before.”


“Yeah,” I hesitated then, picturing my brother said, “I’ve known him for years, and whenever I come up here, if I’m not with someone, we get together.”

“Oh,” Mom said. “So is he a, what do they call it? A friend with benefits?”

Continuing with the half truths I answered.

“More like an old flame.”

“Oh, I see.” She nodded. “Trying to get over Laura?”

I looked at my mother, and for a moment felt a desperate urge to tell her. To simply blurt it out, that I thought I was in love with Mark. Tell her that he loved me and wanted us to be together. As I sat there I could feel the urge growing stronger, the desire to get twenty years worth of lies off of my chest, to ease that guilt, and to maybe even get some help on what the hell to do. Mom was looking at me calmly waiting for me to speak and the urge began to fade. In the end if there was to be no future for my brother and me, which is how it was looking at the moment, why would I want to do that? Go through all of the repercussions for nothing. Still, maybe my mother could help me.

“Mom, what would you do if you loved someone that you shouldn’t?”

Mom looked at me for a moment before answering.

“Well what do you mean by shouldn’t? Are they married?”

“Well no.”

“Well hon, I’m confused,” She began. “If they’re not married, and considering you…”She paused, trying to find the right words. “Since you have no problem with either a man or a woman, I don’t see why else you shouldn’t love someone.”

“I…” It was my turn to try to pick my words. “It’s just complicated, Mom it’s more like who it is, could cause some problems.”

Mom leaned back in the chair and seemed to be thinking. I felt myself getting worried, wondering if in reality, I was all but telling her who it was. No, now I was just being nervous. Mom, nor anyone else, for that matter, would suspect that I was closer than I should be with my brother.

“Before I say anything, I am not sure I understand, I mean you just broke up with Laura not two weeks ago, and now you’re asking me about…”

Mom trailed off, then giving me a slight smile, asked, “Honey, have you been in love with this person all along?”

“I…” I stopped, as I once again felt this conversation could end up being too revealing. But, then again, I was at least getting the chance to talk about it. “I think maybe…” I put my head down. “Yes.”

“So I guess what I said about you seeming as if you were waiting for something was close to the mark after all,” Mom said, nodding.

“Yeah, I guess so.”It’s not Tommy is it?” Mom asked.

“No, of course not!” I exclaimed. “Tommy’s married!”

“Well, you said it’s someone you’re not supposed to be with,” she said, spreading her arms out. “Plus, you said old flame. I mean, the two of you were engaged at one point.”

“It’s not Tommy, it’s,” I sighed. “Someone you don’t know about.”

Mom nodded and went on. “So does this person feel the same way?”

“I…” I swallowed hard as I told myself to end this now, but so badly needed to try to talk about it. “That’s what we tried to talk about over lunch.”

“I see that it didn’t go well.” Mom said. “So he doesn’t feel…”

“Actually ” I cut her off. “They do feel that way; I’m the one who…” I shrugged. “Same old me, I just can’t seem to make it that easy.” I looked at her. “I think I’m in love with him.”

“Ahhh, so at least I know it’s a him now.”

“But there are so many buts” I told her, feeling myself getting worked up again. “It could cause problems, and mostly for him…”

“Does he care?” Mom asked.

“Well… no but…”

“Then why should you?”

I stopped. That answer made it sound so simple. In most situations, it would be the right one, but Mom had no idea who I was talking about.

“Megan have you told him you love him?”

“Sort of,” I said softly. “That’s how the fight started. I just can’t…”"But you do.”

“Yes.” I nodded as much to myself as to her. “I do but…”

“You say that word a lot” she laughed. “Funny how years ago you were so impulsive, now you play it so safe.”


I frowned. I did not see myself as a safe type of person. Then again, I had to admit that once more, Mom was right. Program had taught me to be careful, to think everything through, lest I put myself in a bad situation. I was safe, and my brother, who had spent his entire life planning and scheming six moves in advance, had thrown caution to the wind.

“Megan listen,” Mom cut into my thoughts. “I don’t have a lot of experience myself with this subject, “Mom leaned forward and gave me a small grin.

“But,” she emphasized the word causing me to roll my eyes, “I’ve seen a lot over the years, and unrequited love is a tough thing.”

“Well, it’s not really unrequited,” I pointed out. “I did kind of…”

“Megan, until you have point blank looked each other in the eye and said ‘I love you’ with no room for interpretation, then it is unrequited, understand?”

As I nodded, I heard my brother’s voice in my head from Saturday night. “Megan, I love you, I love you so much.” The best I had come up with today was ‘Yes’ and ‘I was in love.

“The thing about it, Megan,” Mom continued. “Is that if you never acknowledge that love, then it becomes unfair to a lot of people.”"It’s unfair to the person you truly love, as they will never know it, and it’s unfair to people like Laura.” As she continued, Mom was looking directly into my eyes. “They become casualties, Go-betweens, while you try to give your heart to someone other than who you truly want to give it to.” She pointed at me.

“And of course, hon, it’s unfair to you, as well. You’ll spend your entire life never feeling whole and always wondering what could have been.”

“B…” I caught myself. “What if it doesn’t work, then what?”

“Then you move on At that point, you’ll have gone after your heart’s desire, found out it wasn’t meant to be, and now the next time you meet someone like Laura, you will be open for it to work.”

I was silent as again I heard Mark in my head, this time explaining how he had set Samantha free in order to know once and for all if I was his true love.

“So if I were you Megan, I would tell them how you feel and let all the other stuff work itself out.” Mom smiled. “You’d be surprised how easily things can fall into place when your heart’s where it belongs.”

“Yeah well, I think I lost the chance.” I told her sadly.

“Honey, if you didn’t really say it, then it’s never too late to do that. Trust me no matter how upset you may have made him, hearing those words from you will make it all better.”

I…” I shook my head. “It’s too late for now Mom, it got pretty ugly and,” I put my hands up. “I have to leave at six; I can’t miss the meeting with Walsh.”

Mom frowned, and I had the feeling she did not agree with what I had just said. A moment later she proved me right.

“Money isn’t everything Megan,” she shook her head sadly. “Look at Mark, he put his name on the map the way you’re hoping to be and he’s miserable.”

Reaching across the table she took my hand.

“I know it’s not easy honey, love is the best feeling in the world, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take work. If you feel you blew it, and need to go back home then go ahead.” She shrugged. “You said this has been going on awhile, maybe there will be another time.”

“I…I don’t think so.” I whispered as I felt the tears start to trickle from my eyes again. “He… pushed me for an answer Mom and I…”

I stopped as I knew if I kept going the sobs would come back. Mom had in essence said everything my brother had, why was I the only one who didn’t get it? Was I that broken? Was Mark right? That I really didn’t know how to be happy? Mom squeezed my hand then standing, came around the table and hugged me from behind. As she did I felt her touch the locket she had given me, reaching up I held her hand to it, pressing my own over it.

“I love you Mom.” I said softly.

“I love you too Megan.” Mom said in my ear. “Listen honey, things didn’t go well today, but you never know what can happen. For now though things are what they are. You’re upset and exhausted.” Mom turned her head and kissed me on the cheek.

“It’s only three, why don’t you go upstairs and lie down for a couple of hours. I’ll get you up at five.”

“Okay.” I doubted I would sleep, but a couple of hours alone would hopefully help me get myself together. After all I had a name to make for myself. I felt the tears flow more as I heard Mark’s last remark; “Go take care of yourself; it’s what you do best.”

Mom let go of me and I slowly stood up to head upstairs. As I passed Mom, she asked;

“What time is Mark picking you up for the airport?”

“He’s not.” I said quietly

“Really? He always does.”

“Yeah well he’s kind of busy, tying things up at work.” I sighed. “I…I was hoping you guys would take me.”

“Of course we will honey.” Mom frowned. “You know you said yesterday you had a fight with Mark, things okay with you two?”

I nodded

“Yeah, like I said he’s busy.” I started to walk away and stopped again. “Oh by the way he promised he was going to call you tomorrow and see if you wanted to go to dinner.”

“With no prompting from his big sister of course!” Mom laughed.

“Of course not.” I said giving her a pathetic attempt at a smile and hoping Mark would follow through on his promise that he would.

“Yeah well I won’t hold my breath.” Mom said then reaching up and wiping the tears from my cheek said;

“Go get some rest honey.”

I entered my old bedroom and noticed that Mom had picked up after me. All the clothes I had tossed around had been washed, folded and put into my suitcase, which was sitting open on the foot of the bed. I dropped my heels on the bed next to the suitcase, and then quickly peeled out of the corset and mini skirt.

As I took the corset off, I looked in the mirror, and shook my head at the silver chain running across my tits and down and around my waist. It had been a nice surprise for a little while, anyway. I fumbled with the clasps, my trembling fingers causing me to make several attempts, and removing the chain walked over to put it into the small compartment built into the top of the suitcase. The room was not as hot as it had been, and reaching into the suitcase I pulled out a plain black t-shirt.

I closed the suitcase, put it on the floor, and closed the blinds so I could lie down. I probably wouldn’t sleep, but at least I might rest. I went to pull the covers down, and I froze. The journal was on my pillow. There was a note attached, a post-it from Mom. I switched on the lamp so I could read it.

Megan, found this on the floor and wasn’t sure if you wanted it or not. If not just toss it back in the box.

Toss it was exactly what I wanted to do, but right in the trash where it couldn’t be found. With my luck, Mom would take that box to a church bizarre, and some Latin student would find it and get his rocks off.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I put the top half on the nightstand. It hadn’t all been bad; there were some sweet memories in there. I found myself thinking of my entry about that rainy Saturday morning when my brother and I had felt more between us. All those years, had they been wasted? Or would we have ended up doing more harm to each other than good back then?

Shaking my head, I picked up the second half of the journal. My intention was to put it on the nightstand as well. Instead, I held onto it and caught myself staring at the black ribbon marking my last entries. I wrote most of it while in New York and had finished it while staying at Mark’s and my parents before entering rehab for the last time.

I started a new journal in rehab, and had vowed to never read about those dark days again. In fact, had I known this book was still floating around, when I got out; I would have burned it in a ceremony to rid myself of it and those painful memories.

I started to put it down, but, as if it had a will of its own, my arm stopped. I thought back to earlier, when Mark made that ‘big girl’ crack. I had taken him up on it and gotten a lot more than I had bargained for. The ‘be careful of what you wish for’, expression at its finest. As I continued to stare at the half of a book in my hand, my heart started to pound. I had gotten in my brother’s face and yelled at him about how I was no longer that weak, needy person anymore, that I could handle both my past and my present.

Still, did I need this? There was nothing but heartache in those pages, the culmination of ten years of addiction, when things had gotten so bad that it caused my brother and me to turn on each other. There was no reason to do this to myself.

Yet my arm still moved no farther. I narrowed my eyes. There was something more there, something I had forgotten, and that had a connection to the present. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on what I did remember from those entries. I saw my brother over me, a look of tenderness on his face. As before, the image came and went before my tired mind could latch onto it Opening my eyes, I stared at the journal. Like a train wreck, I knew I shouldn’t want to see it, but I had to look.

I shook my head. What would Mark do?

“Fuck it,” I whispered.

After all, it’s not like I could feel much worse than I already did.

Reaching back I propped up the pillow and, leaning against it, I pulled my knees up like I used to do when I was a kid. Resting the book on my thighs, I took a deep breath and took the plunge into my last days of addiction.

Dark Days Part one.

I awoke slowly, and as my eyes opened I found myself staring at an old wall with badly peeling wallpaper. Beneath the ugly yellow paper was an even uglier cracked and water-stained wall. Lying there, I tried to focus through the dull ache in my head and remember where I was. This was certainly a far cry from the beautiful bedroom in the East side apartment Tommy and I had been living in the last four months. I was lying on my back, and propping myself up on my elbows, looked around the room. All the walls were a mess and there was one window that was covered with threadbare curtains. I winced at both the light streaming through the curtains and how dry my throat was as I swallowed. Sitting up straight I glanced over the bed and saw that I was only lying on a mattress.

On the floor next to me was a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and a half empty bottle of Budweiser. I saw my clothes in a pile near the end of the bed, and, realizing I was topless and a little chilly, I leaned over to grab the blue blouse on top of the pile.

As I did, I felt movement next to me and with a start; I noticed I was not in bed alone. I closed my eyes before I looked over, hoping to hell it wasn’t a guy. I was engaged after all. Turning my head, I opened my eyes and saw I was in bed with a young, pretty blond who my hazy mind recognized as Amber.

Well, that told me where I was, anyway. Amber was the younger sister of Jake Harris, a small-time dealer and notorious party hound. As I looked at Amber, I shook my head, I had just turned thirty-one and she had graduated high school not more than a few weeks ago. I slid the blouse on and found myself hoping that I hadn’t actually fooled around with her; maybe we had just slept together, as I was sure there were several guys spread out around the apartment outside of the room we were in.

Bringing my right hand to my face, I sniffed my fingers. I sighed softly at the sweet smell of her pussy and quickly removed my hand before I got myself worked up again.

I should be ashamed of myself; this girl was barely an adult. On that note, all thoughts of sex left my mind as it hit me that Amber wasn’t the only thing I should be ashamed of.

Reaching down to the floor, I grabbed the cigarettes and, after lighting one, felt Amber stir next to me. I looked over to see that she had rolled over onto her back. As she did, the sheet pulled away from her and I found myself staring at her perfect little perky tits, with their adorable pink nipples. I quickly shifted my eyes from her soft, young flesh to her face.

Amber opened her eyes. I winced at how bloodshot her normally beautiful green eyes were. Her skin was pasty white and she was sweating. She turned her head slightly to me and mumbled, “I don’t feel good.”

I pulled the sheet up over her tits, and, after gently rubbing the back of my hand across her cheek, I whispered to her, “Go back to sleep. You’ll feel better when you wake up.”

She attempted smile and closed her eyes. I caressed her cheek until I could tell by her breathing that she had gone back to sleep. I finished the cigarette, then got up and slipped on the black panties and short black skirt I had worn last night, and, grabbing my heels and purse, I quietly left the room.

My head pounded as I slowly made my way through the living room. Jake and two guys I didn’t know were passed out on the couch and the floor. I went into the small bathroom, and, after going, I stood at the sink and looked at my reflection in the cracked mirror. My eyes were as red as Amber’s, and I saw with dismay that my nose was running. I sniffed and felt an all too familiar burning in my nostrils. Yeah, Amber really was the least of the sins I had committed last night.

I started to open the door when my stomach convulsed, and I vomited into the sink. I retched several more times before sinking to my knees, my eyes watering and I to tried to catch my breath. Without looking, I reached up and turned the faucet on, letting the water run. After a couple of minutes, I stood up, and, using toilet paper, I washed out the sink as best as I could.

I walked back through the living room. Jake was sitting up on the couch, smoking. He nodded at me as I walked by. Going into the kitchen, I found a glass in the sink that didn’t look too dirty and forced myself to drink some cold water. Reaching into my purse, I took out the purple Daniel Steiger watch that Tommy had bought me for my birthday-and that I had been smart enough to put in my purse- and saw that it was 10am. I frowned. What day was this? Tuesday, it was Tuesday and…

“Shit,” I said softly.

I was supposed to be in work at 9am. Oh, well, too late now. Even if I were to drive there right now, I was a fucking mess and could barely walk, never mind smile and put make up on women all day. Putting the watch on and making my way out into the living room, I saw Jake had pulled the coffee table over to him and was already cutting cocaine into lines on a glass plate. Looking up at me, he smiled. I saw his eyes were bright and knew that he had already snorted a couple of lines.

“Hey Megan, up for some breakfast?”

I looked longingly at the table. I wanted it so bad. It was just what I needed. Hell, if I did a couple of lines and took a shower, I would be good enough to go to work. I knelt down across the table from him. I fumbled in my purse, and to my dismay, I only had fifteen dollars in my wallet. Hell, I’d had over two hundred last night.

“I…I’m kinda broke,” I told Jake.

Jake ran his hand through his long black hair and gave me a smirk. “Well, hey, kiddo, you’re already on your knees.”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “I…I don’t do that anymore, I have money at home Jake.”

“Yeah, well, I haven’t seen you around in months. How the hell do I know you’ll pay me?”

I shook my head and started to get up.

“Hey, how about the watch?” Jake asked.

“I can’t.” I told him. “It was a….”

“I’ll let you do a couple off of what’s here and give you a little for later.” Jake leaned over to stare at the watch. “My girl would love that.”

“I…” I hesitated.

I couldn’t. What the hell would Tommy think? Of course, I could always tell him I lost it. I frowned as I thought of Tommy. I hadn’t even gone home last night.

As Jake looked at me expectantly, I jumped as the front door opened and Joe, Jake’s roommate, came in.

“Hey, you get smokes?” Jake asked.

“Yup.” Joe reached into a bag and tossed Jake a pack of Marlboro’s then he pulled out a newspaper. “Hey, check this shit out, Megan!”

I looked at the paper and my eyes widened as right there on the front page was a picture of Mark. My brother was standing on the steps of the courthouse, facing a group of reporters who were all pointing microphones at him. Before I could make out the headline, Joe turned the paper to face Jake.

“Look at that!”He laughed. “Fucking Mad Dog hitting the big time!”

“No shit!” Jake said, nodding. “Hell, I remember when his punk ass was bouncing at Babyhead.” He shook his head. “I saw that crazy bastard kick the shit out of three guys at once one night! So what’s it say?”

Joe turned the paper to him and started reading.

“Despite numerous witnesses recanting their testimonies, attorney Mark Phillips not only vows to obtain a conviction, but warns reputed mobster Vincent Dimucci that he has until Friday to accept the AG’s last offer or he will take it off the table for good and pursue a maximum sentence.” Joe laughed. “Fucking Mark!”

Seeing the picture of my brother made me feel lower than I already did. Standing up from the table, I told Jake I had to go.

Jake shrugged, “Don’t be a stranger.”As I left, he added, “And no hard feelings about you thinking my sister’s hotter than me!”

Joe laughed.

I didn’t know what was worse, that I had taken advantage of Jake’s sister, or that he thought it was funny.

I walked outside into the cool September morning and, getting into my car, I drove a couple of miles towards Cranston before pulling over in front of a small playground. My stomach felt nauseous and I needed some air. I also had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do. There were a couple of small benches in front of the currently deserted swings and, getting out of the car, I went and sat down on one of them.

Once I sat, I realized that I had been here several times with Dad. He would always take me to playgrounds alone. It was our special time together. I put my head in my hands and started to cry. Even though I had, up until a week or so ago, been sober for several months, my father barely spoke to me. I had done so much damage in the last few years that he still held it against me.

I didn’t blame him. That day that he stood with me in court because Mark was out of town, and he heard the judge read off the charge of prostitution had been more than he could handle.

Taking my head from my hands, I removed the cigarettes from my purse and lit one. As I took a long, deep drag, I saw the cell phone that Mark got for me, and with a feeling of dread, I took it out.

I had fifteen missed calls and several voice mails. Scrolling through the calls I saw they were mostly from Tommy, starting from yesterday when I was supposed to come home from work, and the last one was at one am. There were also three from my brother, the first at eleven, when Tommy must have called him to say he couldn’t find me. I saw a number from this morning and saw it was work. With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I put the phone to my ear to listen to the voicemails. The first few were Tommy, starting with a casual ‘When you coming home?’ and escalating to the final one:

“Megan, honey call me back, it’s…” He paused and I felt the tears start, as I could hear his voice breaking. “It’s okay if you’re well you know…, just please come home Megan, I’m not mad honey, just worried.” He paused again. “Please Megan. You know I’ll always love you.”

The next message was from Mark:

“Megan, you need to call me, sis. Tommy’s worried and so am I.” He sighed into the phone. “Look Meg, Tommy told me you… you haven’t been doing well lately. I know how you get when you fall. You think you hurt us and we’ll be upset.” Mark paused and I pictured how sad he was as he tried to tell me things were okay. “But, it’s okay, so just call me. If you don’t want to go home, you can stay with me. If you need a ride, I’ll come get you, I don’t care where you are or who you’re with, just…” There was another pause before he added quietly, “Please call me, sis.”

As I sat there, crying with the phone to my ear, I listened to the last voicemail. It was Joanne from work:

“I’m sorry, Megan. I know you have problems, but today was the third no-call-no-show in two weeks. I have to let you go.”

I shook my head, fired from a job that most teenage girls could handle. I went to put the phone back in my purse, then stopped. Swallowing hard and doing the best I could to control my voice, I called Mark. I knew he was in court and it would go to voicemail. I left him a brief message, saying that I was okay and would call him later. I didn’t call Tommy. I knew that no matter where he was, he would answer, and I didn’t have it in me to hear the disappointment in his voice. Putting the phone away, I sat back on the bench. That old feeling of guilt was gnawing at me.

After nearly six months of sobriety, last week I succumbed to that huge empty hole in my heart and filled it with the only thing that gave me comfort: drugs and alcohol. After ten years, I knew all too well that that comfort was only temporary, but it was better than suffering constantly. The last few months, everyone had been happy with me, Mark, Tommy, and Mom, all thrilled that I was sober and healthy. They didn’t have to worry about me.

Four months ago, Tommy took me up to his parents’ beach house and proposed to me. Caught off guard, I said yes. I did love Tommy, and God only knew it was a miracle that he loved me after how poorly I had treated him and how many times I had disappointed him.As I thought of Tommy, I looked at the beautiful half karat Marquis on my finger and shook my head in disgust. I shouldn’t be wearing it. I shouldn’t be living with Tommy in his beautiful apartment and letting him take care of me. In my defense, two weeks ago, after I had gone back to cocaine, I tried to give Tommy the ring back.

“You deserve better,” I told him.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Tommy replied, “I love you. I’ll never give up on you.”

The shame of it was that I had not just wanted Tommy to take the ring back over the drugs. Since I had become engaged, Mark would not have sex with me. I’d spent a week with him not too long before Tommy proposed, but had not been with him since.

I longed for my brother’s embrace!

This, by far, was the longest we had ever gone, and I needed him badly. I had done my best to behave and not seduce him out of respect for Tommy, but lately, Mark had been all I could think about. Until I picked up my habit again that is. As I thought about Mark, I felt another wave of remorse pass through me. My brother was on the brink of making or breaking his career. The last thing he needed was to worry about his disgrace of a sister.

Two months ago, taking advantage of a loophole in Rhode Island law that allowed a case to be prosecuted by an attorney from the private sector, Mark conned the AG’s office into giving him a case involving a reputed mob hit man. Vincent Dimuccio had been tried twice, and both times, the case was thrown out of court, due to witnesses changing their stories. This was round three, and the AG’s office was ready to drop it. But it was an election year, and they needed to try to save face.

Mark strolled in and told them to let him have it. What did they have to lose? After a lot of negotiation, Mark took lead on the case, and he somehow pulled new witnesses out of thin air. The trial had been getting a lot of attention and my brother a lot of press. But lately, things had been going sour. Once again, people were shying away from their testimonies. Mark had received several death threats. The last time I saw Mark was last week, and he looked completely exhausted. Jim Howard had promised Mark junior partner at the age of thirty if he could pull this off. But if he lost, he would gain the reputation of being a loose cannon who couldn’t back up his claim of being the best attorney in the state.

I felt my eyes filling yet again as I remembered the last time I saw Mark. He was not only tired, but completely frustrated, as well. Up until a few weeks into the case, he’d had a live-in “pet,” as he referred to them. This one, a twenty-year-old journalism major named Kelly, had been with him for three months. My brother claimed she was the best he’d ever had. Unfortunately, Mark was forced to move her out due to the scrutiny of the press and the threats he was receiving. He complained that he hadn’t gotten laid in three weeks, and that he’d barely slept in the same time frame.

And I was sitting there feeling guilty as hell, because two nights before I had come to see him, I had stayed at Jake’s house after doing an entire eight ball. Tommy promised not to say anything to Mark. I felt terrible as my brother commented on how proud he was of me. Once Mark grumbled about needing sex, however, I forgot all about my relapse. I slid over to him on the couch and kissed him long and hard. Mark initially gave in, kissing me back just as hard and shoving his tongue into my eager mouth. I had his jeans unzipped and his hands were on their way under my shirt when he quickly pulled away and told me that we couldn’t.

I started crying. “I need you. I miss you. Not just the sex, but you holding me, and being in your bed.”

Mark looked as upset as I was, but he held fast. “It’s not right. You and Tommy are getting married, and our rule is if one of us is involved, then there wouldn’t be anything between us.”

He did let me lie back against his chest, his arms around my waist, in the corner of the couch, and we fell asleep for a few hours. I woke up first. I felt myself yearning to feel my brother’s embrace every night, to be with him and not Tommy. I knew it could never be, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. That is, until I went out the next night and got falling down drunk. Upon coming home, I tried yet again to give Tommy his ring back.

I sighed as lighting another cigarette, I sat back on the bench and stared off into space, trying to let my mind drift and calm down. I closed my eyes, and suddenly opened them again as something dawned on me.

As Mark had put it in his message, I had fallen again.

The difference this time, however, was that with crystal clarity, I realized that I did not want to get back up.

As a matter of fact, it occurred to me that I had never wanted to get back up, at least not for me. I always tried to stay clean for the people who cared for me. When I was sober, they were happy. Yet while they were happy, I was miserable. If left to my own devices, I would simply keep using, keep numbing the pain. On the heels of that thought came another — each time I did straighten out, it caused more pain when I failed. In fact, by continuing to try, I was really hurting everyone around me more. Getting their hopes up, making them think that maybe this time, Megan would really be okay.

I began to nod my head, agreeing with this new found clarity that I had stumbled upon I was completely miserable right now. I was living a lie with a man who loved me who I was not in love with. The man that I kept refusing to fully acknowledge that I was in love with was the one man I could never be with. My father had all but disowned me. I had broken my mother’s heart more times than I could count, and it was only a matter of time before she found out that her loser of a daughter was fucked up again.

In the past, their hurt had forced me to try to do better, but now I knew I had been wrong. The right thing to do would be to stop trying and get it over with. Sure, I would cause one more round of pain, but it would be the last one.

One deep cut, rather than a thousand small ones.

Matter of fact, I could make it so there was no pain at all. Mark, Tommy, and Mom all claimed they would never give up on me. But what if I could make them?

I felt a pang of sadness as I knew there was nothing I could possibly do to Mom that could make her hate me. I also would not have the heart to even try to hurt the woman who had saved my life. Well, maybe not saved it, but prolonged it and gave me as many good years as she could before my inherent weakness and darkness caught up with me. No, sad to say, Mom would have to deal with one more blow to her heart, courtesy of her unworthy daughter.

Moving on, Tommy had claimed he would never quit on me, but I had no doubt I could come up with something. No sooner had that thought passed through my mind, then it struck me that it wouldn’t be that hard at all. The way to do it had been put right in front of me.

I lit yet another cigarette and began rocking back and forth as a sick form of excitement at my potential freedom built up within me.

That would just leave Mark. My excitement started to fade. How could I possibly turn my brother against me? Over the last ten years, I had put Mark through hell and almost gotten him killed defending me at the Wolves’ Den. Leaning back, I closed my eyes and again let my fevered mind drift, hoping to again catch a glimpse of what I should do.

I was not disappointed. Mark and I were both broken and, for the most part, in the same way. The one glaring difference, was that I was weak and self-destructive, letting my sorrow lead me to a life of addiction and humiliation. Mark, on the other hand, was purely destructive. My brother harbored a level of rage that was as unnatural as it was unhealthy. Even with the voice out of the picture, my brother was capable of extremely erratic behavior.

Yes, the time was now. Mark was battling insomnia, fighting for his career in a case he was expected to lose, and worried about his sister, who he now knew had failed again. I could do it. I could push him so far that he would snap tell me he was sick of me, that I was a disgrace. I would continue to egg him on. Hell, I could even get him to fuck me nice and hard first!

After all, I thought, as a slow smile spread across my face, it’s not like after tonight I would be engaged anymore. I laughed out loud at that last thought. I would take my beautiful little brother for one last wild ride, before he finally cut me loose like the anchor I was.

For once in my selfish life I was going to do everyone else a favor, and make so they would never have to worry about me again.

Flicking the cigarette away from me, I grabbed the phone from my purse and dialed Jake’s number.

“Hey Jake, its Megan. Still want that watch?”

I felt better than I had in weeks.

***** I stood in the shower, letting the hot water beat down on my back and enjoying the warm, steamy air. The shower was huge and, looking down, I saw that black marble bathtub was two-thirds full. Shutting the shower off, I turned the faucets on full blast to add some cold water before sitting down and stretching my legs. I lay back in the warm soapy water, put my feet up on the edge of the tub, and slid down as far as I could. I sighed contentedly, I would miss this tub.

I closed my eyes and smiled. I was within hours of breaking Tommy’s heart once and for all, and I felt amazingly relaxed. It was the best thing for him. Tommy would be free to find a nice girl who would appreciate him and treat him the way he deserved.

Then again, my state of relaxation might have a little to do with the pint of Captain Morgan I had been steadily sipping for the last hour. I reached over the edge of the tub, picked up the bottle, and drank the last few swallows. I sighed again as the liquor blazed a warm, happy trail through my body.

Considering how upset I was when it started, today had been a pretty good day. I traded the watch for a gram bag at Jake’s, and, after doing a couple of lines, I decided that I was feeling so good that I wanted to feel real good!

I went back to the bedroom where Amber was still sleeping, and, after stripping off my clothes, I woke her up with my tongue on her right nipple and my fingers sliding into her deliciously tight, young pussy. Amber moaned as my thumb found her clit, then, a moment later, I swung my leg over her head, putting us into a perfect sixty-nine, and we were both moaning. Amber had very little experience, and I made her cum twice before she managed to send me over the edge with her unskilled, but oh, so eager tongue.

Afterwards, I removed the small mirror from my purse and shared the rest of the coke with her. I was going to get dressed when Amber giggled. “I want to play some more,” she said.

Well, I couldn’t resist her pretty little pout, so we spent another hour, licking, fingering, sucking and teasing each other’s pussies. Amber released the cutest little squeal when she came. I also loved the shocked look on her face when the last time I came, I threw my head back and practically howled, as between her fingers and the coke, I went off like a rocket.

After dressing and leaving Jake’s, I saw that Mark had called, so I called him back. I could hear the relief in his voice change to concern as I giggled into the phone at practically everything he said. At the end of the call I agreed to meet him for coffee at the shop across from his firm, then went back home.

Tommy was there as I knew he would be, he had called out of work, not wanting to miss me when I came home. The first thing he did was try to tell me things would be okay.

I laughed, “Of course they will!” Much sooner than he thought.

He shook his head and pretty much left me alone as I flitted about the house, wired for sound. After I came down some, he tried to talk to me again. “Maybe you should go talk to your sponsor.”

“Tommy, I’m fine. It was just a slip up.” Then, remembering my plan, I asked, “Where’s Brendan?” Brendan was a friend of Tommy’s who was recently separated from his wife and was staying with us for awhile.

“He’s at work. He gets home around eight.” He went on to say something about not being disappointed in me, but I was no longer paying attention.

All I needed to know was that Brendan would be around later.

After all, he was the way I was going to get Tommy get rid of me.

I took a nap, and was admittedly a little disappointed that Tommy didn’t want to come fool around with me. Then again, he didn’t know that he only had maybe one more go around with my pretty little pussy before I left.

I got up, showered, and went to see Mark. On the way, I stopped at a pub and did a couple of quick shots. Then I met Mark at the coffee shop.

I felt the first sting of guilt that I had all day when I saw the look on my brother’s face after he hugged me. I kissed him so that he would be sure to smell the booze on my breath. We sat at a corner table and drank coffee. I noticed how worn down Mark looked. His eyes were bloodshot, and there were dark circles beneath them. While Mark awkwardly tried to keep the conversation away from my latest fall from grace, I noticed that his hand was shaking, and he was chain smoking. Back in the day, all my brother would have needed was a night in his big sister’s bed to make everything okay.

Part of me wanted to offer, but in addition to knowing Mark would say no, I didn’t want him to remember me for anything good right now.

Finally,he sighed and asked, “So what happened?”

Smiling, I answered, “I’m happier this way.”

“You want me to take you to a meeting?” he asked.

“You didn’t hear me did you?” I asked.

“Mom was asking about you today.”

My twinge of regret quickly turned into a flash of anger. Mark had tossed that out there on purpose. “Stop trying to make me feel bad.”

“Keep your damn voice down.” He whispered looking around the shop.

But I just got louder. “Are you ashamed of me?”

Mark shook his head, and rather than argue, simply put his head down.

I almost forgot myself for a moment and caught my hand reaching for his across the table. I stopped and, after a few minutes of awkward silence, changed the subject. “I saw this morning’s paper. How’s the case going?”

With a groan, he confessed, “Well, I’m talking tough, but the damn thing’s falling apart. Dimuccio’s ex is my ace-in-the-hole, but now she’s hedging. I can force her to testify, but it’s not looking good. Everyone’s afraid of Dimuccio and his connections.”

I joked, “My little brother’s not afraid of anyone.”

He quickly replied, “I’ve received over a dozen death threats. I’m carrying a .25 caliber Beretta in an ankle holster right now.”

I wasn’t laughing then. I felt my resolve waver as I realized how deep the shit my brother had gotten himself into really was. That feeling didn’t last long, though.

“Don’t worry about me,” he said. “All that matters is you right now.”

In a nutshell, this was exactly what I was trying to free my brother of, the constant burden of his sister.

Mark’s phone rang for the tenth time since we had been sitting. He rolled his eyes and answered it. Within a minute, he was all but yelling at whoever was on the other end. “If you don’t come through, I will bring you down with me!”His eyes were bulging dangerously, and when he hung up, he put his head in his hands and rubbed at his red rimmed eyes.

I nodded to myself. My brother would be ripe for the taking tomorrow.

“Well,” I said, “I have to get going. I don’t want to get Tommy worried again. I’ll call you tomorrow night.”

Mark nodded. “There’s no court tomorrow. I asked for a continuance so I could hunt down another potential witness that’s been calling me.”

Hearing that Mark would be at his office tomorrow gave me an idea. This would end up being easier than I thought. I gave Mark a kiss on the cheek, and somehow held onto my aura of not caring, even as my brother hugged me to him and whispered in my ear, “Please take care of yourself. I need you.”

But Mark only thought he needed me. He would soon see how much better off he was without me.

I sat up with a start as I heard a bang. I had dozed off and had dropped the empty liquor bottle onto the floor. Getting up out of the tub, I dried off and slipped on a black thong and the short red robe wandered out into the living room where Tommy and Brendan were watching the Sox game.

I smiled as I walked slowly past Brendan His eyes locked onto my long, shapely legs. I stopped in front of him and, turning to face Tommy, I asked him if he wanted anything. Brendan was sitting on the couch opposite Tommy. Since I was standing between them, I had no doubt that Brendan was looking directly at me.

The reason I knew that was because since he had come to stay with us, all Brendan did was stare at me. He never flirted, or said or did anything inappropriate. But they were more than casual glances. Last week, I was lying on the couch in shorts and a tight tank top, and Brendan had been sitting across from me. I dozed off, and when I woke, I caught him staring. The look in his eyes was pure lust. I remembered thinking that if I gave him a chance, he would probably take it.

Tommy said he was all set but noticed that he also looked my legs up and down, but then gave me an odd look. I sat down next to him, crossed my legs, and gave Brendan a great view of my creamy upper thigh.

For the next hour, I sat there, feigning interest in the game. All the while, I shifted my position on the couch and fidgeted to keep catching Brendan’s attention. At one point, the phone rang, and when Tommy got up to answer it, I sat back on the couch, put my feet up on the cushion, and I casually let my legs open.

Brendan’s eyes bulged. He stared at the thin strip of my black thong. I cleared my throat, and when his eyes immediately looked up, I winked at him. He blushed furiously, and, as soon as Tommy returned, he disappeared to the bathroom. When he sat next to me Tommy remarked that I should really be wearing more. I laughed and kissing him told him jealousy was an ugly emotion.

Brendan came back, and I began making a show of hanging all over Tommy, even sliding up and sitting in his lap, my long legs dangling over his. My robe hiked up near my hips. Tommy was getting aggravated. Finally announced he was going to bed. I told him I wanted to stay up to finish the game, but leaning over Tommy told me to just come to bed. I playfully flicked my tongue across his ear and whispering ‘yes sir!’ hopped up and followed him into the bedroom. I let Tommy get a few feet in front of me, then, glancing over my shoulder and seeing Brendan looking, I flipped my robe up, giving him a glimpse of my ass.

Tommy entered the bedroom and I told him I would be right in. I went into the bathroom and reached up on top of the medicine cabinet and grabbed the small packet of coke I had put up there a couple of days ago, Taking a razor blade from under the sink, I cut the coke on the edge of the sink and did three lines in rapid succession. I shook my head at the rush, then smiled at my reflection in the mirror before going to say goodbye to Tommy.

When I entered the room, Tommy was lying on his back under the covers, his eyes closed. Stripping off the robe and thong, I lifted the covers to crawl in. He was wearing a pair of pajama bottoms, a clear signal that he did not want to play. But I knew I could change his mind. Sliding in next to him, I leaned over and began tonguing his nipple.

He groaned, “Not tonight. Go to sleep.”

Ignoring him, I swirled my tongue around faster and, sliding my hand down his stomach, I grabbed his semi-hard cock through his pants. I started sliding my tongue down his chest, heading for his stomach.

Tommy grabbed my wrist and, pulling my hand from his cock, he growled, “Enough. I don’t want to play.”

Looking up at him, I let in some of my emotions from earlier. I put out my lip and felt my eyes well up with the crocodile tears that had served me so well over the years. I choked out, ” I knew it. You’re ashamed of me. You don’t want to be with me.” With that, I rolled over onto my side and waited, stifling a giggle.

As I knew he would, Tommy put his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear, “I would never be ashamed of you. I love you.”

I shrugged against him, then let out a soft sigh as he moved my hair to the side and began kissing my neck. His lips roamed from my neck to my shoulder, then, grabbing my arm, he gently rolled me over onto my back. He kissed me slowly and sweetly, his soft lips teasing across mine, and I felt my heart beating fast, and my pussy beginning to respond. I let out a contented sigh as his lips left mine and trailed down to find my left nipple. I began to run my hands across his back as he sucked on my nipple and fondled the other.

I gave him a push on his shoulders, and, taking the hint; Tommy slid down between my legs, spread my pussy, and started slowly swirling his tongue around my swollen clit. I moaned softly as he slipped two fingers inside of me while sucking my clit into his mouth. I rocked my hips gently into his face, and brought my hands up to tease my hard, pink nipples. As it always did, the cocaine heightened every sensation, and within minutes, I arched my back, wrapped my thighs around his head, and let out a loud squeal as I came for my fiancée for the final time.

Tommy stood up, slipped his pants off, and climbed back onto the bed. He slid up between my legs and slowly eased himself into my warm, wet flesh. I moaned as he began slowly thrusting his hips into me while bending his head to tease my nipple with his tongue. Tommy then slid his arms under mine, drawing us close together as he continued to move in a slow steady rhythm. His lips found mine, and he moaned in his throat as we kissed.

As he had countless times in the past, Tommy was trying to make love to me.

I let him go for longer than I usually did, figuring it was the least I could do. After a few minutes, however, I pushed against his shoulders and whispered to him. “My turn.”

He hesitated. I knew he was happy with what we were doing, but, as always, he let me take over.

Tommy let me roll him over onto his back, and I immediately slid down between his legs and took him into my mouth. I groaned at how good my pussy tasted off of his hard flesh. I took his cock all the way down in my throat and held it there, taking a minute to savor my last taste of us. I started bobbing my head in a slow, steady rhythm, enjoying the little moans He made as I worked the length of his cock with my soft, full lips. I removed his cock from my mouth, and, sliding up, I straddled his hips. We both sighed as I guided his cock to my pussy and eased him into me. I groaned as I sat up straight on him, impaling myself on his cock. I started rocking my hips, slowly at first, but after a couple of minutes, I leaned forward, braced my hands on his chest, and started bouncing up and down on him. His breathing started coming in gasps as I rode him faster and harder, driving myself on and off of his hard cock.

I leaned over further, letting my small, well-shaped tits dangle in his face, teasing my nipples across his lips as I continued to buck up and down on him. Tommy groaned, and, grabbing my hips, he began driving his cock hard into me. Within seconds, I felt his cock explode inside of me, and I resumed sliding slowly back and forth, enjoying the feel of his cock painting the inside of my pussy with his hot cum. Leaning over, I gave him a sweet kiss and lay down on top of him for a while. I closed my eyes and felt my eyes well up for real this time as I let him hold me one last time.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too.” I rolled over onto my side. Tommy put his arm around my waist for a few minutes, but, as was his habit, he eventually rolled over onto his back.

I waited until I could tell by his breathing that he was asleep, then carefully slid out of the bed. I slipped the robe back on, and, leaning over the nightstand, I set the alarm for ten minutes from now. Looking down at Tommy, I bent down and risked giving him a soft kiss on his cheek.

“I’m sorry, honey,” I whispered.

I quickly left the room and walked out into the parlor. Brendan had shut the light off, but was still watching TV.

He looked up as I came in. “Can’t sleep?” he asked.

Without a word, I walked over in front of the couch and untied the robe, letting it drop to the floor.

Brendan gasped but made no effort to look away from my naked body.

I smiled at him. “Do you like what you see?”

He finally looked away. “I can’t,” he said, “Tommy’s my friend.”

“What Tommy doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Reaching down, I grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and tugged on it.

Brendan hesitated for just a moment, then raised his hands over his head. After tossing his shirt to the side, I grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face into my right tit. He eagerly sucked almost my entire tit into his mouth as his arms encircled my waist and gave my ass a hard squeeze.

Shoving him back against the couch, I dropped to my knees, and, after pulling his pants off, I grabbed his cock and in one smooth motion, took it all the way down my throat. Brendan moaned loudly as I started sucking him fast and hard.

As I was blowing him, sucking on my second cock of the night, I found myself recalling my days at the strip clubs. Blowing guys for drugs and doing it as if it meant nothing. There was nothing in me that wanted him. He was just a means to an end.

He was moaning like an idiot and I could already feel his thighs trembling. I slid his cock from between my lips and, glancing over at the clock, saw I still had five minutes. At this rate, Brendan would cum too soon.

Standing up, I placed my hands on his shoulders and, after putting my feet on the couch one at a time, stood up on it. I placed my right foot on his shoulder and leaned forward, shoving my pussy into his face. Brendan immediately began licking my pussy, his tongue moving with almost a hint of desperation, he wanted it so bad. I let out a moan as I thought of what a nasty girl I was, having my clit sucked by two guys in less than a half hour.

I also had the passing thought, as he reached around and grabbed my ass, that this was supposedly Tommy’s best friend.

Then again, I was supposedly his fiancée.

I looked over and saw that it was almost time. I crawled off Brendan, got on my knees, and, lowering my head to rest on my folded arms, I lifted my ass in the air. He got on his knees behind me, grabbed my hips, stopped. And whispered, “I…I don’t have anything.”

“I’m on the pill, now just hurry up and fuck me!” I snapped.

Brendan didn’t have to be told twice. I put my head down and let out a muffled squeal as he drove his cock hard into me. He started fucking me fast and hard, but within a minute, he started to slow way down, trying not to cum quickly. I rolled my eyes, hoping to hell this loser could last longer than a teenager.

I put my head down to muffle my moans as he continued to fuck me. I heard Brendan begin to breathe harder, and his moans were sounding desperate.

I had just begun to wonder if I was going to have to let him cum and start sucking him again when Brendan gasped again.

This time, however, I heard him exclaim, “Oh shit!”

I looked up to see Tommy standing in the doorway, staring, dumbfounded at us. I felt Brendan slide his cock from inside of me.

“T..Tommy, I…” he blurted out. “She came onto to me, I…”

“Megan,” Tommy whispered, staring into my eyes. “H…how could you?”

Even as he spoke, I could see the tears beginning to flow from his eyes. Without missing a beat, I smiled broadly at him and said, “Oh come on Tommy! Don’t be mad!” I waggled my tongue at him provocatively. “My mouth’s all yours, baby!”

Tommy started to say something, and then, backing away, he quickly turned and all but ran from the room. I heard the door slam shut and found myself unable to believe how easy that was. I heard Brendan say something behind me.

I looked back over my shoulder at him. “Well, you going to finish or what?”


“That’ll be your fourth Captain and Coke in an hour,” the bartender said as he frowned at me. “Not to mention two shots of tequila.”

But I didn’t give a shit about any bar policies they might have at Finnegan’s Wake. I was on a mission. “I appreciate the concern,” I said, “but I’m not driving. A friend of mine’s coming and I’m just getting a head start.” Then I flashed him my best smile.

He nodded and went to get it. What the fuck should he care, anyway? I gave him a five dollar tip after each round. I couldn’t see his problem with me sticking around.

I glanced at my wrist to check the time. Then I rolled my eyes. I didn’t have a watch anymore. Jake’s girlfriend had my watch. I hoped she was enjoying it. I pulled out my cell for the time.

Then my eyes drifted from my bare wrist down to my equally bare left hand. The bartender brought me the drink and after paying him, I took a sip and sighed as I thought of the events of the morning.

After Brendan finished fucking me, he packed his shit while I sat on the couch and smoked a cigarette. He came out with two duffel bags and said, “Figure I better leave.”

“Okay.” I blew smoke up into the air.

He hesitated. “I’m going to stay at a motel for a couple of nights until I figure something out?” he paused and with what I’m sure he thought was a sexy smile asked, “You wanna come along?”

I continued smoking. “Not for nothing, Brendan, but I could have had more fun by myself. No wonder your wife kicked you out.”

“Fucking cunt,” he grunted, and he left.

I did feel kind of bad. After all, my little game cost him his best friend, and who knew where he was going to stay? Then again, I sure as hell didn’t twist his arm. He did very little to resist. Besides, last thing I needed was someone with a crush on me, I was trying to get rid of people in my life, not add them. I sat on the couch and, looking over at a picture of Tommy and me, I allowed myself to shed some tears for a man who had never done anything but care about me. Eventually, I fell asleep. I woke to Tommy’s saying my name. I opened my eyes and regarded him silently, waiting to see what he would say. Tommy sat down next to me, and I felt a twinge of anxiety at the look of sadness on his face.

I hoped to hell he wasn’t going to try to forgive me. Then what the hell would I do? Turned out I had nothing to worry about. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “It’s time for you to leave. I can deal with supporting you with your problems and the baggage from your past, but I won’t be humiliated like that.”

I put my head down and nodded sadly.

“I can’t tell you did that to me, how you could be that cruel, and being strung out is no excuse!” He stood up. “I’m going to work; I’d like you gone before I come back.”

Before he walked away, I slid the diamond off of my finger and tried to give it to him.

Tommy looked at it and grunted, “You keep it. Go pawn it like you did the watch.” Turning his back on me, he walked away, muttering, “Goodbye Megan. I hope you learn how to be happy someday.”

I went and sat on the deck until Tommy left for work. Then, after taking a shower, I dressed in a very short red skirt, with a low-cut black shirt, and a pair of red stiletto heels. I packed up my clothes, my makeup and jewelry.

As I left, I glanced into the extra room that I had set up with an easel and did my painting in. I thought about packing up the paints, but why bother? I couldn’t paint when I was fucked up, and I planned on being that way from now until my body couldn’t handle it anymore.

On that note, partying cost money. It was time to see what I could scrape up.

It was payday at Sears, so I went down and grabbed my last paycheck. I shook my head in disgust as I looked at it, less than four hundred after taxes. I was thirty-one years old and making twelve dollars an hour. Hell, back in New York a couple of years ago, I was getting a hundred dollars an hour as a dominatrix at a high-end strip club. Never mind how much they paid me for private sessions. There were weeks when I made over two thousand dollars.

Yet somehow, I still managed to blow it all on, well, on blow.

That reminded me. The time was after twelve. I had a small address book in my purse, I kept telling myself to throw it out, but never did, and I looked up Julie, a girl I had lived with for a few months the last time I was in New York. Julie and I had partied together, as well as shared a bed, during that time, and she was thrilled to hear from me. I told her that I was getting tired of walking the straight and narrow and wanted to come back up for some real fun. Julie said she had an extra room then giggled as I asked her why I would need my own room. I wrote down her address and told her I would be up within a couple of days.

After cashing my check, I cleared out my meager savings, account; a whopping seven hundred dollars then headed over to the pawn shop on Broad Street where I got four hundred dollars for pawning my engagement ring, and a diamond pendant Tommy had bought me for my thirtieth birthday. I had several other pieces of decent jewelry but figured I would save them for when I would need money up in New York. I started to feel bad about selling the ring, but shrugged it off. Tommy said to do it. Why make a liar out of him? I smiled at that thought. I was already enjoying my new found freedom. Well, I wasn’t free yet; there was still Mark to deal with.

Mark’s being at the office today was going to make things even easier for me to get him to rid himself of me. I was already dressed slutty, all that remained was to chill out at a bar for awhile and get myself good and buzzed. I finished the drink and called over to the bartender to bring me one more shot. I salted my hand, licked it, and threw back the shot. I put a ten on the counter, and slowly made my way out of the bar.

I got into the car and drove carefully through downtown until I reached the building where Mark’s firm was. Parking down the street, I walked the last block, enjoying the looks of all the guys I passed. I entered Mark’s building and took the elevator up to his floor. Getting off, I made my way down to the suite of offices where my brother worked.

I walked past the receptionist, who started to say something, but stopped when I saw my brother standing in the conference room doorway and I loudly called his name. Mark was standing with Jim Howard, the head of his firm, and two other men in suits.

My timing couldn’t be better!

Mark didn’t hear me and as I drew closer.

I could hear one of the men, a guy with grey hair wearing a black suit, yelling, “I knew this would happen! I should have never listened to you! You’re out of your league!”

My brother put his hands out and told him, “All I need is a few more days and I’ll nail this.”

The man shook his head. “I’ve looked bad long enough!”

I saw Mark start to talk, but Jim got in front of him and started talking softly to the guy, his hands up in a placating gesture. As he spoke Mark, stepped back and started to speak with the other man who had been standing there.

Taking a deep breath, I started walking towards them and called out, “Hey, Mark!”

They all turned to look at me. I gave a big smile and wave, even though I was only a few feet away from them. One of the men’s eyes dropped down to my long legs, but Jim and the guy who had been yelling at Mark simply stared at me. I let my eyes focus on Mark and saw his eyes widen as I approached. I knew that he could tell I was drunk and an ‘oh shit’ look appeared on his face. I walked past the guy who had been yelling and, reaching Mark, I threw my arms around his shoulders and gave him a huge wet kiss on his cheek.

“Surprise!” I exclaimed.

“Megan,” Mark whispered. “What the hell are you…”

“I came to see you!” I said, still standing with my arm around his neck.

“Sis, please,” he said softly. “You can’t…”

The guy in the black suit asked, “And who exactly do we have here, Mark? One of your little playmates?”

“No, Barry,” Mark said quietly. “This is my sister Megan.”

“Your sister?” Barry asked, looking me up and down.

“Yup!” I said, giving him a huge smile. “See the resemblance?” I pressed my cheek to Mark’s face.

Mark quickly pulled away from me. I turned to look at him and he said quietly in Latin, “Get out Megan! Please!”

The other man laughed and said, “I do actually, but I have to say you’re much prettier.”

“I don’t know about that!” I laughed loudly, too loudly, and I quickly reaching out and pinched Mark’s cheek. “My little brother is beautiful!”

Barry shook his head, and I saw Jim behind him pointing at Mark, then at me.

“Well, Megan,” Barry said my name with disdain. “Your brother is a little busy at the moment. We are discussing…”

“You weren’t discussing,” I said, shaking my head. “You were yelling.” I now nodded sadly. “Yelling at my brother.” I made a clucking sound with my tongue. “Not very nice, Barry.”

“I…” Barry looked at my brother. “Mr. Phillips, do you think you could have this little family reunion on your time?”

As Barry spoke, I stared hard at him. I had seen him somewhere before. Mark was uncharacteristically stammering, but I didn’t hear. I was trying to think. Then it dawned on me where I had seen good ole Barry.

Oh, this was just getting better by the minute!

“Hey! I know you!” I said, tapping Barry on the chest. “I’ve seen you before.”

“I’m the attorney general dear,” Barry said condescendingly. “I’m sure you’ve seen me on the news.”

“I know who you are,” I said, smirking. “I voted for the other guy,” I laughed. “So did Mark.”

“Megan!” Mark snapped.

“Well…” Barry began, but I cut him off.

“Nope, I know where I’ve seen you.” I winked at him. “Down at Mario’s, you used to come in through the back, and stay in the VIP room!”

“I…I don’t go to those places, young lady, I think you…”

“Oh, no, I don’t forget a face.” I smiled. “See, I worked there for a couple of months and saw you a few times.” Stepping away from my brother, I did a playful spin. “You don’t recognize me?”

“I’m telling you…”

“Well, I guess you wouldn’t. I mean, I’m wearing clothes now, and I’m sure you weren’t looking at my face.”

“Mark, do something,” Jim snapped.

“Megan, I need to talk to you,” Mark said, grabbing my arm.

“You’re wrong,” Barry said. “I never saw you at any….”

“Sure you did, but only on stage,” I laughed again as Mark began to guide me into the conference room. “If I remember right, you had a thing for blonds! Used to take them in the back…”

I stopped as my brother all but threw me into the conference room and slammed the door, and pulling the blinds down on the window turned to face me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he exclaimed.

“Aww, don’t be mad!” I stepped up and put my arms around his neck. “I came to visit you, little brother!” I leaned into him. “Give your sexy big sister a kiss.”

“You’re drunk!” Mark snapped, pushing me away from him.

“Well, duh,” I said, giggling. “And I really did see that guy at Mario’s.” I pursed my lips in thought. “Come to think of it, I may have even given him a lap dance.” I shrugged. “Who knows? I used to be all messed up there.”


“Mark!” I smiled at him.

Mark looked as if he were about to snap. I waited. Instead, he put his head down for a moment, then, looking back at me, said quietly “Megan, you need to leave. Please, sis, this could cost me my job!”

“You don’t want to see me?” I asked.

“Not now. I’ll see you later.” He put his hand on my shoulder. “Just go home.”

“I don’t have a home,” I said, shrugging.

“What do you mean?”

“Tommy threw me out, see!” I showed Mark my bare left hand.

“Oh, Megan,” Mark said softly. “What did…”

“I mean, jeez, fuck a guy’s best friend on his couch and he gets all upset!” I let out that giggle that I knew Mark hated. The one I only made when I was drunk. “So I got nowhere to go Mark!” I reached out to touch his face. “So I came to see you!”

“You can’t be here Megan,” he said. “Especially like this.”

“Like what?” I asked. “Fucked up? You don’t want your friends to know your sister’s a loser, that it, little brother?”

“Megan, get out!” Mark snapped. “I don’t have time for your shit right now!”

“Oh, that’s nice!” I snapped back at him. “Yesterday you said nothing else was more important, but now….”

“Here!” Mark reached into his pocket and handed me a set of keys. “Get out of here and go to my place. Go sleep it off, and I’ll be there later.”

Before I could speak, there was a knock on the door.

“Mark?” It was Jim. “Get your ass out here. He’s going to leave!”

Grabbing me by the arm Mark pulled me back to the door. “Now keep your mouth shut and go wait for me!”

“Yes sir!” I said.

Mark was just starting to open the door when I quickly turned into him and, catching him off guard, I kissed him hard on the lips. The door was part way open and Mark spun me to the side and away from him so hard I almost fell. Grabbing me by the arm again, he practically dragged me through the door and back out into the foyer. As soon as we were out, Mark called out, “Joe!”

I looked up to see the security guard get up from the desk and come over.

“Take my sister downstairs and walk her to her car, please.”

“Of course,” Joe said and gave me a smile. “Right this way, miss.”

“Oh, fine,” I said to Mark. “I see how you are. Put a suit on you and you forget where you came from.” I made a disgusted noise. “Sorry I have problems! Can’t all be perfect like they think you are!”

“Ma’am please,” Joe said quietly next to me.

“Okay,” I nodded and started to walk with him.

As we passed Barry, who was looking in the other direction, I pulled away from Joe and standing directly in front of him, I looked into his eyes and whispered in my best smoky voice, “Hey baby, you just sit back and let Raven give you a little show.” Barry’s eyes widened and I smiled wickedly at him. “Oh, you do recognize me, don’t you baby?”

I quickly turned away from him and, after winking at Mark, who looked as if he wanted to crawl into a hole, I took Joe’s arm.

“Lead the way!” I said happily, then squeezing his arm added loudly. “Hey you’re in real good shape! What are you doing later?”

Joe rolled his eyes, but laughed and gave me a smile as we walked away. Behind us I heard the other guy say, “Mark, is that lipstick on your mouth?”

I smiled as Joe led me down the corridor.

Oh, was I going to get it when my brother got home.


I was standing in the middle of my forest, and for the first time in years, I felt at peace. I smiled as I looked around to see several small animals scurrying through the thick bushes, and running across the branches of the tall trees. I took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh clean air and, bending over, removed my shoes. I began to walk along, reveling in the feeling of the thick, soft grass beneath my bare feet.

It had been a long time since I had been here, but nothing had changed, it was as beautiful and peaceful as ever. I came upon the small pond that I would always sit by and saw that my easel was still set up there, as if I had never left. I sat on the edge of the pond, dipped my toes into the cool water and, looking around, felt tears of happiness fill my eyes. It was absolutely perfect here, no pain or sorrow, no struggles or humiliation. Just peace.

That peace was shattered by the loud beeping of Mark’s alarm clock. Swinging my arm out to the side, I hit the button to shut it off, and, rolling over onto my back, stared at my reflection in the mirrored ceiling. Knowing that this was the last time I would be lying in Mark’s amazing bed, I had stripped naked, and I loved the look of my ivory skin on his black sheets. As I stretched, I thought back to my dream of my forest. It had been years since I had been able to will myself to go there, but I had no doubt that it would be waiting for me when I left this place of pain.

My attention turned back to my reflection, and I arched my back further, pushing out my perky tits and stretching my long legs. I’d had quite a bit to drink, and, after driving the few blocks to Mark’s apartment and letting myself in, and had gone straight to bed. It had been two-thirty, and gambling that Mark, if for no other reason than to avoid me, would not be home for a few hours, I set the alarm for five and went out like a light. At first, I was surprised that I didn’t wake up with a hangover, and then thought that this was yet another sign that I was doing the right thing. Even knowing what was coming with my brother, I felt rested and relaxed.

I watched in the mirror as I slowly slid my long red-tipped nails along the soft skin of my stomach, then reaching my tits, I cupped them, and moaned softly as I began playing with my nipples. I let my right hand trail down between my open legs, and moaned again as I slipped my finger into my always eager pussy. I slipped my finger from inside and started rubbing my clit in hard fast circles, while squeezing my nipple harder.

“Oh yes, little brother,” I whispered. “Oh just like that! Look at you licking your big sister’s pussy.”

I gasped as I could already feel an orgasm building within me. As good as I looked playing with myself, I closed my eyes and envisioned my beautiful little brother over me, thrusting that huge, hard cock into his sister’s needy little pussy. My fingers began stroking my clit faster and feeling myself right on the edge, gave my nipple a hard twist. I threw my head back and cried out my brother’s name as I came, writhing and squealing on his bed. I removed my hand from my pussy, and after bringing my fingers to my lips so I could suck on them, let out a long sigh. I would miss this incredible bed nowhere near as much as I would miss my brother, but I knew it would be for the best.

Forcing myself to get up, I slipped my red thong back on, but left my clothes on the floor. Walking over to Mark’s closet, I found the short black silk robe that I’d left here, because he loved me in it. I left the bedroom and, going over to the small bar Mark had in the living room, I grabbed a glass and a bottle of Southern Comfort. I sat down on the couch after filling the glass and taking a couple of sips, picked up my purse where I had left it on the floor. I removed one of the two packets of cocaine I had bought and opening it, poured it directly onto Mark’s glass coffee table. I went back into the purse and finding the razor blade I had folded up into a napkin, used it to cut the coke into four lines. I rolled up a twenty and did the first line.

“Damn!” I exclaimed.

The only advantage to being straight for a few months was that I had lost my tolerance and the coke hit me hard. Grabbing the glass of Southern, I sat back on the couch and waited for Mark to come home.

It wasn’t an easy wait, as even though I was steadily sipping at my drink, the cocaine was calling to me. I told myself I still had another gram and why not? But I had no idea when Mark would be home, and I knew I would want some for afterwards, to take the sting out of how guilty I would feel when I made my brother throw me out of his life. I held off, and just sat there, staring off into space and wondering how long it would be before I would get to stay in my forest all the time. Weeks, maybe months. Who knew? I planned on having as much fun as possible before I went.

I sat up quickly when I heard Mark’s key in the front door. Leaning over the table, I quickly did two lines in succession, leaving the last one. I put my glass down next to it so it would not be visible right away. I heard Mark close the door behind him in the hallway. I leaned back on the couch and stretched my legs out. Mark entered the room and I felt my heart begin to race from something other than the coke as I saw the look of anger already on his face. “Hey baby,” I said. “Why so late? Your sexy sister’s been waiting for you.”

“Cut the shit, Megan!” Mark snapped at me as he stood in front of the couch. “I can’t believe you came to see me like that! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Oh, come on, Mark!” I laughed, sitting up. “I was just playing. Those stiffs looked like they could use some fun!”

“Oh, they had some fun alright! They had a lot of fun asking me all about my fucked up sister, was she really a stripper? Hey, Barry, did she really dance for you?”

“I might have,” I shrugged, then laughed. “John’s, Barry’s they all look the same after a while.”

Before he could say anything, I stood up from the couch and walked up to him.

“What about you, baby, you look like you could use a little fun yourself.”

I reached out to put my hand on his shoulder, but he shoved it away.

“You think this is funny, Megan? Think ruining my career is funny?”

“Oh, come on,” I told him. “They’ll get over it they…”

“They took me off the fucking case!” Mark yelled.

I stopped for a moment as what he said sank in.

“They did?” I asked softly.

“Yeah, sis, they did, Jim’s going to try to get them to change their minds tomorrow, but it isn’t looking good!”

That case was my brother’s shot at junior partner, a launching point for his career. No, I told myself, this was perfect and Mark would get another chance, he was too good not too.

“Well, hey, look at the bright side!” I said, spreading my arms open. “Now you’ll have plenty of time to spend with me!”

“Megan, you are the last person I want to fucking spend time with right now!” he yelled at me.

“Awww,” I gave him the pout. “You don’t mean that, little brother.” I walked up to him and, batting my eyelashes, said. “Come on, baby, let me make it up to you! Let your nasty big sister show you what she does best.”

“What’s that, sis, fuck shit up?”He asked, stepping away again. “I can’t fucking believe you did that to me!” he yelled. “I’m good to you, Megan, for a long time I was the only one that was, and you do this to me?”

“All about you huh, Mark?” I asked, shaking my head. “Your job, your reputation, oh, poor you!” I put my hand on my chest. “Your poor sister doesn’t even have a place to live, and it’s all about you!”

“You don’t have a place to live because you’re a drunken whore!” Mark snarled at me. “And damn straight my job matters! I’ve worked my ass off to prove I’m better than all those rich little pricks that have had their jobs handed to them!”

“Yeah, ‘better than’ is exactly what you are these days, isn’t it, Mark?” I asked him. “Better than your sister who made you what you are, now you call me a whore!”

“You didn’t make me, I…”

“You were sitting in a corner of a group home when we found you,” I reminded him. “Staring at walls and talking to your little friend in your head. The only person you talked to until you met me. But, hey, you don’t owe me for anything, right? You would have done just fine for yourself!”

“You,” He stopped and seemed to notice the bottle on the table for the first time. “You’re fucking drunk again.” He shook his head. “There’s no point in yelling at you, you’re not even going to remember it.”

“You know, little brother, you’re right.” I approached him again and this time he let my hand drift up to his face. “We shouldn’t be fighting, especially because,” I held up my left hand, “I’m a free woman again! We can play now.”

“Megan, I don’t even want to see you, never mind fuck you. Go to bed.”

He turned and started walking away from me.

“Hey!” I exclaimed. “Don’t tell me you don’t want me, you always want your sister!”

Mark turned back to me. “You’re not my sister.” He said quietly. “My sister wouldn’t hurt me like that.”

As Mark spoke I saw to my dismay that the angry look had left his face and he looked upset. He was giving in to his hurt rather than getting mad like he always did. Well, one way to fix that.

“That’s not true, Mark, see this” I pointed at myself, “is your sister.”

Reaching down, I picked up the glass and took a huge swallow.

“So I like to party, who cares? Better learn to deal with it, Mark, because I’m tired of playing good girl!”

“Megan, you’re drunk.” He said simply. “Just go to bed and….”

As he spoke I put the glass down on the table next to the coke, banging it loudly. Mark’s eyes followed the noise, and he stopped in mid-sentence as his eyes found the white powder. I watched in sick anticipation as I saw his eyes darken.

“You…” he stopped as if he couldn’t get the words out. “You… brought coke into my house.” He finished, his voice trembling.

“Well, yeah, where else was I…”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!?” he screamed at me. “I’m working for the fucking state! I have people fucking watching my every move, and you bring coke into my fucking house?”

“Mark I…”

“What the fuck is the matter with you?” he demanded. “Jesus fucking Christ, Megan, how dare you do this to me!”

“Well it’s not like I bought it here or…”

“I don’t care where you bought it!” Mark shouted. “I…I knew you were drinking, but fucking coke again, Meg? Do you like being a fucking loser? You want to be called ‘easy bake’ again?”

“What if I do?” I asked, letting out a deliberate giggle. “Megan’s boring, ‘easy bake’ is fun!”

As Mark stared angrily at me, I laughed.

“Speaking of fun!”

Stepping away from him I went over to the table and, grabbing the twenty, went to do the last line.

“No!!” Mark cried out.

“Oh I… oh shit!” I exclaimed.

Mark had stepped forward and kicked the coffee table. The glass shattered and the bottle of Southern went into the air to break against the wall, showering his expensive couch with its contents.

“Don’t you ever do that shit in front of me!” Mark screamed in my face.

“You asshole!” I snapped, recovering from my shock. “That was expensive stuff!” Then I smiled and started to undo my robe. “Now you have to make it up to me by fucking me nice and hard!”

“You’re fucking sick!” Mark said. He was breathing heard, and as I watched he put his hand to his temple and winced. “I don’t want you, Megan.”

“Oh, going to play hard to get, are you?” I asked as I stepped up to him. “Okay, please, Mark?”

I reached out to touch his face and cried out in surprise and pain as, with a backhanded swing, he slapped my hand away from him.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” he yelled at me. “I don’t want you, you fucking skank! You want to get laid, go back to selling yourself on the fucking corner, but stay the hell away from me!”

I looked at my hand, shocked. When I looked back up at Mark, he was also looking at my hand, and then turning quickly, he began to walk towards his bedroom.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

I began to follow him down the hallway.

“Who the hell do you think you are, treating me like that?” I demanded.

“Stay away from me,” Mark yelled over his shoulder as he reached his bedroom.

“Or what?” I asked, catching up with him. “You think I’m afraid… hey!”

I jumped back as, entering his room; Mark slammed the door in my face. I heard a click as he locked it.

“Get your ass out here,” I yelled through the door. “Face me like a man, you little bitch!”

I found I was really mad. I, of course, had wanted to piss Mark off, but I wanted him to at least want to take it out on me, take his sister one more time before I made him truly hate me. I was also angry that Mark kept getting mad, but then seemed to keep calming himself down, as if he didn’t really want to fight. I banged on the door again.

“What’s the matter, Mark? Can’t handle me anymore? Used to those little girls you fuck with?”

“At least I know where they’ve been!” he yelled through the door. “Now either go to sleep, or go get wasted somewhere, but stay the fuck away from me!”

Mark had screamed this so loud, I stepped back away from the door. I shook my head. This was not going to work. If I let it go here, Mark would go to bed, and by tomorrow morning he would try to reason with me. Looking down at the doorknob, I remembered that I still had the keys Mark gave me at his office. Walking back out into the parlor, I grabbed the keys and, making my way back to his bedroom, inserted the key and, turning it, quickly shoved the door open and entered the room.

Mark had lit the candelabras and was standing in front of his bureau. He had removed his shirt and was starting to undo his belt when he turned to look at me.

“Get the fuck out of my room!” he snarled.

“No!” I said, walking right up to him. “You do not tell me what to do you little shit, you got that?” I asked him. “You remember your place!”

I pointed down at my feet.

“Get on your knees and…”

“I told you I don’t want you!” Mark snapped.

I forced myself to hold my ground as Mark stood directly in front of me, his bulging eyes looking into mine.

“This isn’t the game, Megan, I am not touching you, I will not lower myself to touch, a fucking crack whore, even if it’s you! Now get out!”

Mark grabbed my arm and shoved me towards the door.

“How dare you…” I began, feeling my own temper rising.

“Dare I what? Say the truth? You’re a fucking drunken whore, Megan, a weak-willed, lying, stealing, fucking skank!”

“I…” I was speechless at the amount of sheer venom in my brother’s voice.

“You’re a disgrace!” he continued. “A failure! All you do is hurt the people who help you, and I’m fucking sick of it!

He gave me another shove towards the door.

“Tell you what? Think you’re so funny? Go see Mom like that!” Mark yelled. “Go show Denise what her little girl has been up to! I…”

Mark stopped, as hearing my mother mentioned sent me over the edge. I swung my right hand up and caught my brother hard across the face. Mark’s eyes widened and I swear they began to get even darker.

“You… hit me.” he whispered.

“Don’t you talk about my mother!” I yelled in his face. “She doesn’t deserve…”

“An addict for a daughter!” Mark finished. “That’s what she doesn’t deserve you fucking…”

I hit him again, this time with my left hand and even harder, hard enough that I felt the impact all the way up my arm. Mark’s head snapped to the side, and when he whipped it around, I was already swinging with my right again. I cried out as he caught my wrist, and, as I tried to pull it away, he squeezed hard enough to make me cry out in pain. Still holding my wrist, Mark yanked me into him;

“For the last time get away from me you… Oww!”

With a rage driven by the cocaine, I reached up and, hooking my fingers into a claw, raked them across Mark’s neck, drawing blood. Taking advantage of his surprise, I yanked my hand free and swung up and around, slapping him in the mouth with the back of my hand.

“Take that back!” I screamed as I hit him. “Take… huh!”

I gasped as moving faster than my eyes could follow, Mark’s left hand came up and grabbed my throat. My rage was replaced by a stab of fear as I looked into my brother’s face. His eyes were not only black, but were bulging. The veins in his neck were standing out, and his lip was curled into a snarl. Worse, I could feel his hand trembling around my neck, as his powerful fingers dug into my soft skin.

“Oh, you fucking bitch.” Mark hissed, blood dripping from his mouth.

“M…Mark…you’re hurting me,” I choked out.

“You wanted the game.” He whispered.

“ I…”

I cried out again as Mark’s hand left my throat to grab a fist full of my hair. He grabbed it close to the back of my head, pulling it hard and forcing me to bend my head back.

“Oh, yes, whore, it’s time you were shown your place once and for all.”

The thought of Mark fucking me in his present state frightened me, and, despite my plan, I found myself trying to stop him.

“I…I’m sorry Mark,” I whispered as my eyes filled up with tears from the pain in my scalp.

“Sorry? Damn straight you’re sorry, sorriest fucking whore I’ve ever seen.” He smiled through the blood in his mouth. “But not sorry enough. Now get on your knees!” he snapped.

“My lover.”

The words reverberate through my head. What have I done? Not only did I just fuck my sister, but I came in her too! I felt so dirty, but thinking back, I don’t think I could have stopped myself. It just felt too good.

Geo moaned on top of me, and I felt it all the way to my flaccid cock, still in her. My sister rolled off me, and I saw Dixie getting between her legs and sucking my cum out of her.

“Mmm, your brother’s cum tastes so good!” Dixie mewled.

A hand appeared before me, and I looked up to see Amber reaching down to me. I took her hand and stood, surprised when I got pulled into a deep kiss. Her hand dropped to my dick and started playing with it, and while it felt good, my little brain refused to respond.

Amber broke our kiss, and looked down disappointed. “Hmm, maybe we should give this guy a little break.”

“I’m sorry, I just–” She cuts me off by placing her fingers over my mouth.

“Come on. Let’s go get a drink.” I follow the redhead to the kitchen, where she pours me another drink. We sit in silence for a moment, the only noises we can hear are my sister cumming again for the umpteenth time.

I have no idea what to say, and my eyes lock on Amber’s pierced nipples. “Did that hurt to have it done?”

She looks down, then after placing her drink on the counter, she grabs both nipple rings, and begins to tug on them, distending her small breasts out a bit. The sight is quite erotic, and I feel a stirring down below, but still not enough to get me hard.

“Yeah, it hurt like hell, but was worth it. My nipples are super sensitive now. Sometimes I can get off just by playing with them.” She smiles at me for a moment, before asking, “So did I understand you correctly? You lost your virginity in there?”

I can only sheepishly nod my head. “And to your sister too. That’s kind of sick, but kinky too.” She must have seen the look on my face, as she quickly continued, “Don’t worry, cutie. I don’t judge. And with a cock as big as yours, I can see why she chose to do it. Your sister is pretty damn hot too. I wish I had a brother like you!”

Shocked by her words, I looked up into her eyes, and believed her. There was not a shred of deceit in them. “Thank you,” was all I could manage to say.

“Awe, you are just too cute!” Before I knew what was happening, she had my back up against the cold fridge and was kissing me passionately. My hands began to roam across her back, and finally I brought them down to her small buttocks. She moaned softly into my mouth as I squeezed her ass. Getting bold, I spun us around, pressing her to the fridge, and began kissing her neck. Grabbing tight to her ass, I lifted her up in my arms, and enjoyed the feeling of her legs wrapping around me. I was definitely getting hard again, but still wasn’t to full mast. I moved us over to the counter. I needed to give my beleaguered pecker some more time to recover, and I realized I hadn’t yet tasted this awesome woman’s honey pot.

I slowly began kissing down her collarbone, along the sides of her ribs, then journeyed under her pert breasts, and finally to her right nipple. I used my tongue to play with the ring while my hand groped her other breast. “Damn, you ARE good at that!” My free hand dipped down to her crotch, and I began playing with the piercing down there. As soon as I touched it, she screamed, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” Suddenly my hand was covered in a warm fluid.

I stepped back looking at my hand, thinking she had just peed on my. The smell was wrong, and even the texture. I looked back up to Amber, and she had a sheepish grin on her face. “You’re a squirter!” I accused.

“I’m so sorry. I know that turns some men off.” Before she could say another word, my face was buried between her legs. Everything about this sultry redhead turned me on. I tried to use the tricks Dixie had taught me, but her clit piercing kept interfering. I must have done something right though, as my mouth was soon flooded with her cum.

“Okay, okay. Stop.” Her words were breathy and soft. I pulled away, as she hopped down from the counter. She turned around and bent over slightly, sticking her petite rear at me. “I have an itch deep inside, that I think only that–” she nods at my cock, “– will scratch.”

I realized that I was nearly back to full mast, and stepped up to her. I slid my cock up and down her crack, until she reached between us, and positioned me at the entrance to her hole. I reach around her body, and grabbing both nipple rings, I pull her into me as I thrust forward. A loud scream rent the air, and her whole body seemed to clamp down. I was afraid I’d hurt her. “Holly fuck, that’s huge. Gimme just a moment to get used to it. Damn, but it feels like it is in my throat!” After a couple more moments, she slowly began to shift back and forth, even picking up the pace.

I let her do the moving, enjoying as she swiveled her hips while impaling herself on me.

“I guess we didn’t need to worry,” I hear from behind me. “Looks like Amber has everything well in hand… er… pussy.” I look back to see my sister and Dixie watching us from the doorway.

I was still tugging on Amber’s nipple rings, when suddenly her legs gave out, and she collapsed on the floor in an orgasmic mass. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she kept repeating as her eyes fluttered.

“Hmm,” said Dixie, “I haven’t seen her cum like that in a long time. I can’t wait to get this thing in me!” She grabbed a hold of my cock, and began pulling me along behind her. I was helpless but to obey. My sister followed, pinching my behind, and calling it cute. I would have been embarrassed, under other circumstances. Dixie led us back to one of the bedrooms, and judging by the picture on the mirror, it was hers.

“Finally, a bed. Little brother, are you ready for the main event?”

Main event? These women were insatiable!

Dixie spun me around, and shoved me back onto the bed. “It’s time I felt that monster in me!” she said as she straddled my hips, and with one deft movement, sank half of me in her. She was by far the tightest of the three, and it took her a few moments to get all of me in her.

Meanwhile Geo began to make out with her, while she reached around Dixie and fondled my balls. The sensation was phenomenal, and if I hadn’t already cum so much tonight, I probably would have been shooting my load again.

Geo began sucking on Dixie’s medium sized breasts, and I reached down to play with Dixie’s clit with my left, while my right hand began playing with Geo’s ass. My right hand wormed around and found my sister’s wet hole.

Dixie really began to rock her hips back and forth on my hand and cock, really getting into it. “Don’t stop, either of you! I’m getting so close. Fuck me! Holly shit, yeah, keep rubbing me right there! Oh, yes! Bite that nipple, make me cuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!”

Dixie collapsed forward on me, and I had to pull my arm out from between us. I reached around, and grabbing her ass, I began to pound into her as hard as I could. “Oh… My… Gawd…” she tried to say, and then locked her lips to mine. Our tongues fought a desperate battle with each other, and then I felt another tongue on my balls.

“Here’s where you all are!” I heard Amber say. “I woke up on the floor, and you all left me!”

Dixie broke off the kiss, and turned to look at Amber. “I… had to… Ah, fuck! Get… His cock… IN ME!” She finally finished as I continued thrusting up into her. Dixie’s eyes began to roll back into her head, and I knew she was about to cum again.

Suddenly she was pushed forward and off my cock, but it was soon replaced by different wetness. Looking around Dixie, I saw my sister furiously sucking on the tip of me penis. Dixie rolled off me, muttering, “No more. No more.”

“I think you owe me for leaving me,” Amber stated as she walked over to me, then quickly jumped on the bed and straddled my face. Only too happy to taste this squirting sex goddess, I began licking with as much enthusiasm as Geo was having on my cock.

Amber bent forward, and began assisting my sister with the best blowjob of the night. I pulled away from the succulent pussy long enough to warn them that I was about to cum. Two hands immediately gripped my cock, as both women screeched in unison. “Not yet, I want it in me!”

Amber got off me, and began facing off with my sister. “You already had a load. It’s my turn!”

“He is my brother. This load is mine. You can have the next load!” Geo retorted.

I could see that this could get ugly, so I quickly stepped in. “Ladies, I have an idea.” Both of them turned their glares on me, until I explained. I had my sister lay on her back, and amber climbed on top of her. I had them on the edge of the bed, and as I came up to them, I decided to put it in Amber first. I slid in easily. Luckily there had been a long enough break; I wasn’t on the verge of ejaculating again.

I pumped a few times, then pulled out, and slid into my sister. I still can’t believe that I am actually fucking my sister! I also realized that out of the three of them, my sister was the loosest, Dixie was the tightest, and Amber was the wildest.

I could see that Amber and Geo were making out, as I continued to switch between the two. It didn’t take long before I felt that familiar churning in my balls. I pulled out of my sister, slammed into Amber and let loose a couple spurts, then pulled and put it back in Geo for the rest of the load.

Depleted, and exhausted, I collapsed on the bed. Moments later, I was out cold.

* * *

A pounding noise reverberated through the room, waking me from pleasant dreams. Opening my eyes, I wonder who might be at the door. I soon realize that the pounding was coming from within my own skull, and I groan. Apparently I wasn’t alone, because my groan was echoed by other voices.

In shock, I look around and find three other women in my bed, one of them is… This is too much for my extremely hung-over mind to fathom, and oblivion takes me.

When I wake again, I am all alone. I begin to stumble out of the unfamiliar room, and am soon greeted by the gorgeous redheaded stripper from the night before. Amber was her name I think.

“Good morning, sleepy head. Take these, and drink this. It will help with your head.” She handed me a couple of Tylenol, and a red drink. I immediately swallow both, and begin to choke on the drink. It was alcoholic. “Bloody Maries will help every time.” She smiled at me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. “Hmm. Brush your teeth, and meet me in my bedroom. I still feel a little robbed from last night, and intend to get mine from you.” She grinned at me and headed down the hallway, leaving me with one question…

What happened last night?

I try to go over everything I can remember. I went to the strip club with some friends. Had a couple of private dances, one from my sister, which ended up really weird. A sister that I hadn’t seen in almost a year, after she stormed out of our very religious parent’s house. We then came back to Geo’s place, where I rode with Dixie and Amber. They convinced me to have a few drinks, and smoke some weed… Then everything gets really fuzzy. I vaguely recall some dancing, and then waking up with three naked women…

What the hell happened last night? I wonder again.

“I’m waiting.” I hear Amber yell from down the hallway. I suddenly remember the look in Amber’s eyes as she’d walked away from me, and quickly find the bathroom. I could still taste my morning breath, and I dug around for an available toothbrush, and luckily found one still in the wrapper. I brushed my teeth as thoroughly as I could, then began looking for Amber’s room.

I finally find her in the second to last room, and my jaw about hits the floor as I walk in. She is lying on her side, wearing a see-through negligee, and fishnet stalkings. Her red hair flowed down over her shoulders, and a small smile played on her face. I could just make out her nipple piercings under her top. If ever there was a more alluring woman, I had never seen her.

“Umm, hi!” I curse myself for my shyness. As far as I can remember, I am still a virgin… At least, I think I am.

Amber laughs lightly, but somehow I can’t take offense at it. “Suddenly shy again?”

“I hope I’m not being too rude, but… Umm… What happened last night?”

“What…? You don’t remember?” She searches my face, and must be able to sense I am telling the truth. “Wow, and I thought I had made a bigger impression on you.” She frowns slightly, but the frown turns into a sly grin only a moment later. “Come, sit by me, and I will show you.”

I awkwardly walk over to her bed, and sit where she indicated. The movement causes me to realize that I have a raging boner, that isn’t missed by either of us. Amber just smiles bigger, as she wraps her arms around me from behind, and begins to nibble on my neck. She works her way up to my ears, then whispers, “Geo and Dixie are out shopping right now. Will they ever be surprised when they get back! Until then, we have the place to ourselves.” She finishes with a nip at my earlobe.

She grabs my hand, and places it on her slender thigh. Her fishnet stalkings rub under my hand as I begin to move it up and down her leg. I feel oddly exposed, with Amber behind me. Her hand lightly touches my chin, and gently turns me to face her. Our lips meet in a slow tender kiss that somehow seems at odds with how I felt she normally is.

Our tongues mingle, and I snake my arm around her, and pull her into my lap. “Mmm, you’re strong,” she murmurs when she takes a breath. I rather doubt this, as she is so light, but my mind is distracted as she goes back to kissing me. Her arms wind around my neck, and her kisses become more passionate, more urgent. I allow my right hand to drop down her back, and begin caressing her behind. She moans softly in my throat, and then breaks the kiss. “Let’s get you out of these clothes.” Without waiting for me to agree, she begins tugging at my shirt, and I gladly oblige. Just as I get it off, she is already pulling at my pants. I then begin to undress her, her stalkings looking like nothing more than wound up thread on the floor. Her negligee soon follows, and I am staring at a vision from my most erotic dreams. Her small, pierced breasts, pail flat stomach, a small patch of red pubic hair, and I can already see that her pussy is wet.

“Yum, somehow that looks even bigger this morning.” I realize that she was looking at me just as much as I was admiring her. I look down at my fully inflated cock, and can only smile at the compliment. She licks her lips hungrily, staring at my member, then looks up at me, saying “Lay back, cutie. I want to taste that meat.”

I happily acquiesce, and groan as I feel her soft red lips touch the tip of my penis. This must be what heaven feels like, I think, as her mouth surrounds my cock, and I can feel her tongue swirling around the head. Feeling like I owe her at least a little for the pleasure she is giving me, I ask her to bring her body around, so that I can return the favor.

As quick as that, I have her pussy smothering my mouth. A vague memory guides me as I begin to lick her lips, sucking gently, then swirling my tongue up to her clit ring. She moans around my cock adding extra sensations, and I begin to flick the piercing with the tip of my tongue. It only takes a few seconds of this before she starts bucking and screaming, “Oh, Gawd, yes! Keep that up. Lick it just like you did last night! Oh, fuck, I’m about to… To… CUM!” Suddenly my mouth was filled with fluid that tasted great. This woman was a squirter! She kept twitching on top of me, her hand having a kung-fu grip on my cock, for a few moments, then spun around. “I want that beast in me, NOW!” Again, without waiting for an answer, she reached back, positioned my cock, and slams herself back on it, impaling herself in one motion. The action must have triggered another orgasm, as she sat there motionless on me, except for her pussy milking my cock, and her eyes fluttering.

Recovering, she growled with an animalistic lust, and bit her bottom lip as she began to slowly rock back and forth on top of me. I placed my hands on her hips, and slowly began to move her faster and faster. She began grunting every time she thrust back and I thrust up. I could tell that she was getting close again, so I threw one arm behind her and pulled her chest down to my waiting mouth. I locked her left nipple ring between my teeth, and began to play with it like a dog with a chew toy, tugging back and forth. With one arm behind her back, and the other on her ass, I began to drive into her from below with abandon.

My ears began to ring as she screamed incoherently to another orgasm. She went limp in my arms, and I release her tit from my mouth. I roll us onto our sides, and notice that her eyes are closed, and she is breathing heavily. It only takes me a moment to come to the conclusion that she has passed out.

Feeling foolish, I start to pull out from her, when I feel a hand on my ass, and I see that she has recovered. “Where do you think you are going?” I try to stutter a reply about her being passed out, but she effectively silences me with a kiss. “By the feel of things,” she wiggles her ass, “You haven’t cum yet.” She thinks for a couple moments, and then a huge smile makes her eyes sparkle. “I have never cum like that, so often. I think you deserve a special treat.” In her usual style, she jumps out of bed, before I can say anything, and pulls a couple ‘somethings’ from her nightstand. A vibrator and lube.

Suddenly having nightmares about what she intends; I start backing away, only to be stopped by her light touch on my arm. “Relax, this is for me.”

She hands me the lubricant, and gets up on all fours. “Now make sure you put plenty of that on my asshole, and that wonderful cock of yours.” She reaches between her legs and puts the vibrator in her pussy, moaning as she slides it in and out. My cock had gone somewhat flaccid at the thought of what she might intend, but watching her now, it is brought back to full attention, even hurting a little at how hard it gets.

I quickly apply some lube to my cock, then put some on two of my fingers, and begin to rub her asshole. She moans again as I do this and I slip first one, then two fingers into her. I am only able to make it to the first knuckles, so I pull them out, and add more lube. Now I can work both fingers in, and soon I am pumping her ass with my fingers. “Ok, I think I should be good. Take it slow, just in case.”

I jumped onto my knees behind her, and she giggled at my enthusiasm. Placing the tip of my throbbing cock as the entrance to her sphincter, and slowly pressed forward. Only to end up sliding up her butt crack. I aimed again, and this time forced my cock down a little, and was rewarded with the feeling of her bung hole slipping around the head of my dick.

“Oh, Gawd, that’s big. Hold it right there, as I get used to it.” I held as still as I could, and after a moment, she began to slowly rock back and forth. Every time she moved back she took a little more of me deeper into her nether region. The feeling of her sphincter as it slowly slid up and down my cock was indescribable. She switched on the vibrator, and the sensations increased tenfold as her ass clamped down on me, and I felt the sliding vibrations through her rectum. “Okay, you should be good now. Fuck me, and fuck me hard.”

I started pumping, still taking it slow, afraid of hurting her. I also knew I wasn’t going to last long. I couldn’t figure out how I had lasted even this long.

“I said, fuck me HARD!” Amber’s demand brought me back to reality, and taking her request, began thrusting as hard as I could. Sweat began to bead on my back, and we were both moaning and grunting like a pair of wild animals. My hands were on her hips to steady myself, and provide something to grab as I repeatedly pounded into this petite redhead. She collapsed forward onto her pillows, and began moving the vibrator with enough force, I was afraid she was going to start a fire. For that matter, there was a fire burning in my balls, and I screamed, “I’m c-c-c-cumming!” as I shot my load deep into her bowels. This must have trigger another orgasm in her, as her ass clamped down hard on my cock, and even pulled me with her as she fell to her side and began twitching. Her convulsions felt great on my now overly sensitive cock, causing me to twitch also, which only prolonged her own orgasm.

This continues the story from chapters 1 & 2 and introduces some more D/s elements. I would again like to thank Hatsuda for his editing expertise and encouragement.

The bed was empty when I woke next morning, but I could smell coffee brewing. I threw on a gown and ambled down to the kitchen where Mum was fixing breakfast. I padded up behind her and wrapped her in my arms from behind, kissing her behind her right ear.

“Morning, gorgeous,” I whispered.

Mum turned in my arms. She looked rather drawn and hesitant, but still managed, “Morning yourself, handsome. Look Jesse, we need to …”

I put my finger against her lips, doing my mindreading act. “I agree; we do need to talk, but breakfast first. I’m starving.”

“Okay honey, but I want you to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me.”

“Me too, Mum, I’m desperately and helplessly in love with you, and nothing you can say is going to change that. I want you to know that you’re not only stunningly beautiful, you’re smart, funny, elegant, you have a magic personality, a body to die for, and, oh god, are you sexy. I’m totally smitten.”

Her face relaxed and she kissed me, warm and sweet with the tip of her tongue just stroking along my lips, and I returned the compliment. Mum smiled and said, “Now let me go you big ape or we’ll never get breakfast. I couldn’t bear to have a starving lover.”

I sat and read the paper, making fatuous comments about the news headlines, until we had breakfast, exchanging small talk. Then we cleared up, and I took Mum’s hand and led her into the lounge.

“Okay, Mum, about last night. Will you go first?”

“Oh Jesse, this is so hard for me; it’s something I wanted to keep hidden from you because I feared that you would think I was some kind of deviant or pervert and not want to be with me any more. I felt so vulnerable, but then you forced it out of me … no, that’s not fair – I found myself in a place where I couldn’t hide any more and I needed to let it all out.”

“Mum I …”

This time it was her turn to put her finger against my lips.

“Please, honey, I need to tell you, and it’s best for me if I let it all go at once, then you can make your judgement.”

I was about to comment but thought better of it and I let it go.

“Jesse, I’ve known for a very long time, for ever, I think, that there’s some kind of submissive element in my makeup. When I was a child, my father was a strict disciplinarian, and I knew I had no choice but to obey him. That led me to believing that I couldn’t think for myself and I had to obey. You’re studying psychology, so you’d know about that sort of thing.”

I nodded, but again kept quiet.

“Jesse, I’m very good at what I do professionally. That’s not conceit; it’s a recognition of my own strengths in a particular field, and I’m very confident of my abilities in that area. It’s stressful and getting more so, but I can handle that sort of stress. When it comes to my emotional life, though, I’ve always been a mess. I have no confidence in myself, and I’ve so needed someone I can trust absolutely so that I can let go of all my inhibitions and be who I want to be. I need to be able to surrender myself to someone I can rely on and give that person complete control over me, and let go of all my responsibilities in my emotional life. Not all the time, maybe, but when we are together and I can submit to you. Perhaps that can also help to build my resilience to deal with my professional stress.”

I had read something of the nature of dominance and submission, and a fully formed understanding came to me that my beautiful mother loved me far more than just as a mother. What was more, she wanted to please me and would do anything I wanted. At the same time, I knew that I loved her deeply and wanted to be with her. It also started to dawn on me that being able to dominate my beautiful, sexy mother and to have her willingly submit herself to me was extraordinarily potent and, potentially dangerously intoxicating. Even as we sat and talked, my stiffening cock let me know how exciting this was.

“Honey, the idea of being able to give up responsibility for myself and to have you take control is my reward. I can abandon myself to you completely, give up all responsibility and even ‘be nothing’. I wouldn’t have to ‘be myself’ but just allow you to take control of my body and my mind.”

“Oh god, Mum, do you realise what you are saying?”

“Yes, Jesse, I’ve given this a lot of thought; it’s been with me for most of my life, and it’s only now that I can start to let it out. You see, my love, my first need is for someone I can really trust.”

“Does that mean that you couldn’t possibly submit to someone that you didn’t have an intimate emotional connection with? Someone, perhaps who is a “professional” dominant?”

“No, never, Jesse. You are the only person I can possibly trust at this depth to accept my surrender and keep me safe. Just being able to let go and put myself wholly into your hands is a huge satisfaction for me, and, depending on what you do to me, I think it would also be incredibly sexy.” She smiled, pouted and blew me a kiss.

“Wow, Mum, this is unbelievably hot, but you need to understand that I have no experience as a dominant. Even so, if we’re able to really communicate with each other and learn as we go, we could really make this work. I know that I will need to listen to what you need to tell me and to read all the other signs from you. If that is really what you want, then I do, too.”

“You’re right, we can learn together and I’m completely certain there won’t be any problem with this, Jesse my love. I trust you totally, and you can do absolutely anything that you want. “

“Mum, please be careful – you’re giving me a blank cheque to do anything I like.”

“Yes, honey that’s just what I am doing,” she replied without a trace of hesitation.

“Okay, Mum, but we need to establish a few boundaries.”

“No, honey, I trust you totally.”

“Hmm. Okay, so you will do everything I say?”

Without hesitation she replied, “Yes, of course.”

“You will suck my cock?”


You will let me control your orgasms and not cum until I allow you to?”

“Ooh yes.”

“Let me use your arse?”


“Let me tie you up and caress your whole body?”

“Yes.” Mum started to shiver with anticipation.

“Spank you?”


“Cum on your face and tits?”

“Yes.” Her shivering increased.

“Make you have sex with another woman?”

“Oh, I’ve never thought about that, but, yes if it pleases you, and if it was someone that I felt okay with.”

“Not good enough, Mum. If it was some old tramp that I picked up off the street?”

Her voice now became quiet and low. “I guess so, if that’s what you want.”

“Publicly humiliate you?”

Her voice now became hoarse and tears started to form in her eyes. “Yes.”

“Brand you, pierce you or have you tattooed?

“Yes.” Her voice was now even quieter and broken with tears.

“Share you with other men for their pleasure?”

“Yes, if that is what you really need.”

“Make you have sex with animals?”

“Yes.” Her voice was now so low that I could hardly hear.

In my arrogance, I barked, “Louder, mother, I didn’t hear you!”

“Yes”, she screamed through her tears, seemingly without hope.

Mum stood in front of me, her head bent down, her shoulders slumped and tears rolling down her face, a picture of misery. Then it suddenly hit me with almost physical force. This gorgeous, sexy yet vulnerable woman had offered herself to me without any limits, and I had just pole vaulted over any reasonable boundaries and abused our relationship to the point where my words had caused her anguish and pain. How could I possibly justify the demands I had just made?

I moved slowly towards her and took her hands in mine. “Oh god, Mum, I am so very sorry – could you ever bring yourself to forgive me?” I said with my voice now starting to choke up.

Now she completely astonished me as she looked up with an expression of amazement on her face. “Oh no, Jesse, no, you must NOT blame yourself for this. I was the one who insisted that there should be no limits and that boundaries weren’t necessary. You tried to persuade me and I wouldn’t listen. I got so distressed because I realised that there were some things that I couldn’t face but I couldn’t say ‘no’ because I’d given you carte blanche to do as you like.”

I looked at Mum and suddenly started laughing. “Oh dear, oh dear, Mum, we are a prize pair, aren’t we? I love you so much and I wouldn’t do anything to harm you.”

Mum laughed through her tears in reply. “I bet I love you more. So there!”

“Hmm, I don’t know about that, but we’ve got the rest of our lives to find out who loves who the most.”

She came into my arms and pressed her body closely to mine. I could feel the swell of her beautiful tits and the hard points of her nipples thrusting into me as she ground her pussy against me.

“Jesse, master, please take me. I want you so much.”

“Okay, my pet, just allow me a few more words, then I’m going to fuck you so hard my cum will squirt out of your ears.”

“Ooh, yes, please darling, that sounds really good.”

“First, though, Carole, let me say that I find the whole idea of bestiality totally repulsive. I’d rather cut my own cock off than submit you to that.”

She laughed. “Oh no, don’t do that. I need him urgently; what would I do without your lovely cock?”

“Well, I’m sure you won’t have to find out. As well, I’m totally selfish and I have absolutely no intention of sharing you with any other guy. I do have this fantasy of seeing you with another woman, though, but it MUST be someone who you find attractive.”

Mum shivered in my arms, this time with pleasure and made little murmurs of encouragement.

“As to marking you in any hard way, I would hate to see your gorgeous body defiled, so piercing, branding, tattooing or anything else like that is out of the question.”

“Even if I want someone to tattoo me with a little sign that says ‘property of Jesse’,” she laughed.

“Yes, even that. Now don’t interrupt, slut, your master is talking.”

“Yes sir,” she replied meekly, but with an undertone of laughter.”

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, I won’t publicly humiliate you either – that would be quite unfair as I know you have a high profile in some very straight circles.” My mind tripped over the idea of a straight circle, but I continued, “Even so, I wouldn’t be averse to a little private humiliation, kept strictly behind closed doors. I see you being naked with a collar and a lead, and a vibrating butt plug with an artificial tail attached to it, and I could lead you around the house with you on all fours.”

Mum gave a very passable imitation of a dog barking. “Ooh yes, then I really could be your little bitch!”

“Master, I know you’ve got some other things to say, but I’m just about coming apart at the seams. Would you be really kind to your slut and take her to bed and give her the hard fucking that she deserves?”

I needed no further encouragement, and within a few minutes we were naked on her king size bed.

“How do you want me, master?” she gasped.

“On your back, spread your legs and pull your ankles up to your shoulders.”

“Mmm yes, please, don’t take too long” she whimpered.

I had seen a damp patch on the gusset of her panties as she had hurriedly stripped, but I needed to check how ready she really was. I stroked my right index finger along her slit, from her puckered arsehole along her moist and excited inner lips to her clit, now standing proud from its sheath. She gasped as I did so, shaking and quivering in anticipation. This time I knew no preliminaries were needed, and I lined up my rigid and throbbing cock with her glorious cunt, just resting the head lightly on the entrance. This made her moan and push her hips forward in an effort to get me into her hot hole.

So as not to disappoint her, with one solid thrust I impaled my shaft into her steaming wet cunt. Her pussy muscles grabbed at me as I did so and she screamed with the overwhelming sensation of being filled with cock. I started with long slow thrusts, almost (but not quite) withdrawing my cock from her, which caused her to gasp with need.

“Take it all, slut,” I demanded, “you wanted it hard, and that’s just how you’re going to get it.”

I then changed gear, using short, fast, hard strokes that caused her to thrash around on the bed and fling her head from side to side. I knew that neither of us would last very long, and I heard her gasps turn to moans.

“Oh god yes, master, fuck your bitch and make her cum. Do me as hard as you can. Oh yes, more, more, more, please don’t stop, I’m so close to cumming.”

I changed again with long hard thrusts that stroked across her clit and she started to come apart. At the same time, I could feel my balls drawing up and the tingling at the base of my cock told me I would cum at any moment. The velvet vice of her cunt squeezed me as I continued my increasingly feverish thrusts. I knew that I couldn’t hold back for much longer and slammed into her with my balls slapping against her arse. My cum raced up my cock and I shouted in joy and triumph as it flooded into her.

That was enough to send her over the top. She screamed incoherently and her nails raked down my back as ecstasy overtook her and her floodgates opened. She first went into a violent spasm, then howled as the orgasm overtook her, and she flooded my cock with her love juice. I stayed with her legs on my shoulders until my cock shrank and oozed out of her soaking pussy, releasing a trickle of our combined juices.

I rolled over and moved up the bed and took Carole in my arms, kissing her softly. To my surprise and delight, she disengaged and slid her soft silky body down mine until she was able to take my shrunken cock in her mouth and lick me completely clean.

“A good slut should always make sure her master is clean and tidy”, she whispered and moving back up my body, snuggled her head into my neck. Then she playfully wiped her fingers across her ears and laughed. “No cum, master – maybe I wasn’t quite good enough for you.”

“Slut or no slut, Mum, I love you so much I sometimes feel like bursting when I’m close to you. You are so damned sexy that I can get a first grade hard on just thinking about you.”

“Really?” she replied with laughter again in her voice. “Well, don’t let it go to waste. Just tell me and I’ll find something inventive to do with it – better still, show me,” she giggled.

We returned to the kitchen and sat drinking coffee.

“Mum, there are a couple of other things we need to sort out. First, you need a safe word so that if I do anything, repeat anything you don’t like, I will stop. Guaranteed.”

“Okay, honey, – what sort of a safe word?” She hesitated and then laughed. “I know, how about ‘turnip’?”

“Turnip?” I queried, “Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Honey, neither of us is likely to scream in the height of our passion, ‘oh god, give me more of your beautiful turnip,” she laughed.

“No, I can see that, or to say, ‘Mmm, you have such a beautiful turnip’. No that should work very well. The other thing is that it would help to have some sort of signal to know when you’re feeling submissive, when you just want to laugh and play and fool around, and when you’re serious and in full on ‘mother’ mode.”

“Okay, Jesse, do you have any ideas?

Well, yes, I do, but it might be a little inconvenient for you.”

“Try me and see.”

Well, when you have your hair up in a French roll, I’ll know you are really serious and no messing about. When your hair just flows freely around your shoulders, I’ll know you want to play or for us to just be together and enjoy each other’s company. And if you wear it in a pony tail, I’ll know you want me to dominate you. How does that sound?”

Mum stroked her hand across her head, with her hair down to her shoulders. “Sounds good to me – let’s try it out.” Then she stood and came to sit on my lap. “Now stop talking and kiss me, Jesse.”

Which we did, a long, sweet kiss with our tongues lazily swirling together, enjoying the sensuous feelings and sense of belonging to each other.

“One last thing, Mum,” I said ignoring her shaking her head with her eyebrows raised to heaven. “I’d like to keep calling you Mum when we’re close together like this and also when the situation is formal. But I’d also like to call you Caroline sometimes, particularly when we’re close and hot and sexy.”

“Okay, but don’t forget that I want to be your slut, honey. When you dominate me, you can call me slut, bitch, tramp, whore or anything else you choose and it will actually help me to know that I have given myself to you to be your plaything. Then I can feel free.” With this, she kissed me again, hard and needy, with her tongue deep in my mouth. “I love you, Jesse/master, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life proving it to you.”

We spent the rest of the day in a wholly domestic scene, talking, playing, laughing, kissing, and for me, enough studying to salve my conscience. We made love softly and gently that evening, delighting in each other’s bodies, and both of us slept soundly.

I woke early the next morning (Sunday) with a powerful morning woody, pressed hard into the cheeks of Carole’s sumptuous arse, and I knew then what direction we were going to take. Carole woke slowly, yawned and wiggled her arse against me.

“Mmm, morning sweetie, apart from the obvious, how are you feeling this morning?”

“Great, thanks Mum. So great, that I want to ask you something. Later, I guess as your dom, I might demand it, but first time I’ll ask; I’d love to take you up your gorgeous arse.”

Mum stiffened a bit, but said, “Okay Jesse, but …”

“What’s the problem, Mum?”

“Well, I’m not exactly an anal virgin, honey; Denzel took me there just once. He just shoved his cock into my arse and it was so brutal it hurt like fire. I screamed in pain; I thought he was trying to split me in half, and I never allowed him to do it a second time. He wasn’t happy about it, but I wasn’t going to go through that again.”

“Hmm, yeah, I can understand that. Now, I’m not an expert, but I do know that we need to do some preparation. I need to stretch you, gently but progressively, and you need to be able to relax your sphincter muscle. We need to get some practice in so that we can both enjoy the real thing.”

“Okay, honey.” Mum was rather uncertain, but I pressed on.

“First things first, I feel like a shower, and I love showering with you.” Mum grinned, and I continued, “I’ll be happy to wash your hair for you, then I’ll start by using just one nice soapy, slippery finger in your butt.”

We were soon in the shower; I shampooed her hair and she coo-ed appreciatively. Then we soaped each other thoroughly with lots of giggles and sensuous touches. I used the hand spray to spray warm water into Carole’s open pussy and she squealed with delight. “Ooh you are a bad boy, but that is so nice.”

“Okay, sweet cheeks, now let’s see how we go with your arse. Hold onto the rail, spread your legs and bend over as far as is comfortable.”

I could see her little brown puckered hole and bent down to run my tongue across it. Carole gasped and panted, “Ooh yes that feels so good,” but then gasped even more as I rolled my tongue sideways and pushed it gently into her arsehole.

“My god, what are you doing?” she screamed.

“What does it feel like?”

“It’s so different. I didn’t even imagine that this could be possible, it feels so naughty but so good,” she moaned.

“Okay, now I’ll try again, and just see if you can relax the muscle and let me in a bit further.”

This time, Carole consciously relaxed her sphincter a little and I was able to get my tongue a bit further in. She squealed and gasped with pleasure.

“Now let’s go to the next step.” I soaped my hand and gently inserted my index finger into her anus. I could feel the muscle tensing, and stopped.

“Oh god, Jesse, please be gentle – I’m so scared. Your tongue was nice and soft and squishy, but I’m not sure about your finger.”

“Carole, try to consciously relax the muscle. I won’t hurt you – remember ‘turnip’ – but I want to see if I can just get one finger all the way in. Trust me, Mum,” I attempted to calm her fears, then gently inserted my finger again. I stopped as she gradually relaxed her sphincter, and I pushed in to the second knuckle.

“How’s it going sweet cheeks?” I asked.

“Okay so far – not bad at all.”

I pulled out until just the tip of my finger was inside her, then slowly pushed in until my whole finger was buried in her sweet arse. Then I gently moved my finger backwards and forwards and side to side, slowly stretching her anus.

“Ooh Jesse, this is a strange feeling – strange but nice. I think I might get to like you playing with my butt like this.”

“Good, Mum, now let’s see what happens if I take it up a notch,” and I slowly introduced a second finger.

“Jesse, my love, please be careful – I don’t know if I can take any more.”

“You know the rule, Mum, just relax and let it all happen,” and I bent and bit her on her right cheek. The surprise of this deflected her concentration from her anus, and I was able to slide in another finger to the second knuckle.”

“You cheat,” she gasped but didn’t try to pull away. I slowly got the second finger completely into her hole and using them both, started to spread it a little more widely.

“Oh yes, honey, that’s not nearly as bad as I feared. In fact it’s quite exciting even though it is a bit uncomfortable.”

“I tell you what, Carole, if your balance is okay, let go with one hand and just stroke your clit while I stretch you.”

“Mmm – oh god that feels so good. Oooh yes, … oh Jesse, I want you so much and I don’t care whether it’s up my arse or in my pussy.”

“Patience, you hot little bitch, we’ve still got some preparation to do, and she moaned in disappointment as I withdrew from her arse. I slapped each cheek and she squealed and took a half-hearted swing at me. I caught her arm and pulled her to me, wet with the shower still running and kissed her hard, our tongues duelling. I then released her just enough to find her tight, hard nipples and pinched them to make her squeal again.

“Jesse, if you keep doing that I won’t be responsible for my actions. I’m likely to attack you and rape you and …”

“Mmm perhaps it might be a good idea to dry off. But hold that thought – it might be fun to persuade you to try to rape me.”

“Jesse, you’re incorrigible,” Carole laughed, and we enjoyed mutually drying each other with big thick warm towels.

We moved into the bedroom and she lay on the bed looking a bit apprehensive.

“Don’t worry too much, Mum, I think the worst is now over.” I produced a bottle of anal lube and a tapered butt plug. I had Carole get up on all fours and spread her legs, then squirted lube onto her hole and onto the plug. Then I gently inserted the plug into her arsehole and reamed it around.

“Oooh, slowly please Jesse, give me time to adjust.”

I slowed and withdrew the dildo then dribbled some more lube on it and inserted it again. This time I increased the penetration but continued to move the dildo around, gradually stretching her even more.

“So, how does that feel, my special anal slut?”

“Jesse, I can’t believe it. It feels so different but so right; now I can’t wait for you to replace that lump of plastic with your real live rigid hot cock.”

“Okay, gorgeous, you asked for it.” Removing the butt plug, I squirted some more lube on my cock and lined myself up behind her luscious arse. I placed the tip of my cock against her rear hole and then pushed gently as it started to slide in. I had expected what happened as she tensed her sphincter now that this was real and not just practice.

“Carole, my darling, I adore you and I certainly don’t want to harm you. So just relax the muscle and let me in, and I promise I’ll be slow and gentle – to start with.”

“Mmm, ooh yes, please take me easy, not too fast, I’m still a bit scared.”

I moved my cock gently into her sweet arse, not knowing how long I could keep going at this slow, deliberate pace that was driving me towards my own delicious orgasm. Carole now able to completely relax her sphincter and I was soon able to bury the whole of my cock in her arse, up to my balls.

“Oh god, Jesse, you’re all in now, aren’t you? It feels so good to have you buried in my arse; now please, my darling master, fuck me and make me cum.”

I was now able to move steadily into and out of her soft, sweet arse, taking progressively longer strokes and gradually speeding up.

“Mmm, ooh, aargh, yes, yes, more, harder, ream my arse out you motherfucker. Do me good and don’t stop.”

Then I reached round and started to stroke her soaking wet pussy, flicking her engorged clit. As before, in the shower, this drove her to the brink of delirium. She screamed and shouted my name and my hand was covered in her love juice. “Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, don’t stop, just fuck my arse until I collapse. This is SO good I can hardly stand it.”

By now I was also getting close to a raging, roaring climax. “Yes, Carole, you beautiful bitch, I’m almost at the point of no return. Cum with me.” She screamed and then I pinched her clit which caused her to clench all her muscles, trapping my cock in a soft hot grip that seemed as if it would never let go. Her scream turned into an animal howl of ecstasy as her orgasm overtook her, and that was enough to take me into orbit and I shouted my climactic rapture as I shot load after load of my cum deep into her rectum.

We both collapsed sideways and gradually my limp cock slid out of her arse as we lay panting and gradually recovering. Suddenly, Carole said, “Jesse, just stay there for a minute,” and she disappeared, returning shortly after with a bowl of warm water and a face cloth. She gently wiped my cock clean and asked me, “May I please wipe over my arse, too, master?”

I nodded agreement, but said, “But not your pussy.”

Carole looked puzzled, but did as I asked. When she was finished, I slid down the bed and licked her pussy clean of all the divine love juice that had gathered during her orgasm. Then I moved back up the bed and kissed her deeply, sharing the taste of her own juices.

Carole looked at me with half closed, smoky eyes. “There aren’t the right words to describe how I feel right now. I just know that you are a wonderful, wonderful man, and you can have my arse any time you like.”

“Thank you, gorgeous, I think that’s the best gift anyone has ever given me – well, the second best anyway – I’ll never forget my 21st birthday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m helplessly in love with you and my main goal in life is to make you happy.”

She laughed, a happy gurgling sound, and cuddled up close to me, her warm, soft hands caressing my body, and I did exactly the same. Then, to the surprise of both of us, we both fell asleep.

I woke about an hour later, with Carole resting on an elbow, looking at me with a smile on her face. “I love looking at you when you’re asleep. You look so peaceful.” Then, “Now get up lazybones – we need breakfast to keep our energy up.”

“That’s not all I want to keep up,” I growled playfully and jumped towards her. She shrieked and ran for the kitchen.

Later that day, Mum appeared with her hair in a pony tail. “Master, I would be so grateful if you can show me how much you care by dominating me and treating me like the slut I am.”

“Yes, I think that can be arranged. You will go to your room and strip, then return wearing only black thigh high stockings and 5″ heels. Put on slutty makeup, with blood red lipstick and gloss, and bring with you a long silk scarf. Is that clear?”

“Yes, master,” she whispered and left the room. A short time later, Carole returned, dressed as I had demanded.

“Carole slut, you look so beautiful and so desirable.”

“Thank you master, now what may I do to serve you?”

“First of all, strip me, slowly, letting your hands wander over my body.”

“Ooh yes, master,” she enthused and took each item off slowly, stroking and caressing me, so that by the time she slid my boxers to the floor, my cock was hard and straining upwards.

“Excellent, Carole slut, now stand in front of me, then kneel so that your arse rests on your heels. Then hold your hands behind your back.”

She did so, and I moved behind her and tied her hands with the scarf so that she could not move them.

I returned and faced her, moving close to her so that I could feel her warm breath on my cock. “Now, take my cock in your mouth and lick and suck me until I am ready to cum. Then I shall pull out from your mouth and cum over your tits.”

“Oh master, that would be so good. But I so want to taste your cum.”

“Do what you’re told, slut, and suck my cock.”

She stuck out her tongue and licked around my cock head, covering it with saliva. Then, as I moved forward, she took my cock into her mouth, working around the sweet spot under the head and running her tongue up and down the shaft. Then she started to suck on the head, gently at first, then harder as we both became more excited. Carole whimpered and gasped in pleasure and anticipation as my cock swelled and throbbed in her thrilling mouth, and I moaned as I felt my climax start to grow. “Oh god, you beautiful bitch, you are bringing me to the verge.” Her agile tongue continued its work until I knew I had to pull out to finish this little scene.

I pulled my straining cock from her frantic, searching mouth, and pointing it directly at her hard, aroused nipples, with a few quick strokes along my shaft I came in an explosive, boiling climax. I had never experienced an orgasm like this, and my cum splattered hard over her nipples. This was partly a result of Carole’s expert mouth, partly from my sense of domination over her.

Carole moaned deeply and tried to struggle against her bonds. I hadn’t told her about the final part of this little scene, as I wiped my fingers across her tits, causing her to squeal and whimper as I flicked over her nipples. I then offered my fingers to her mouth, and she sucked them in voraciously, almost as if she was trying to devour my cock, and she took in every speck of cum on my fingers. I then removed the scarf from her wrists, but told her to stay kneeling.

“Now you can lick my cock clean, and stroke my balls while you do so.”

“Oh yes, master, thank you, thank you, thank you, that was wonderful. You taste so good, I just don’t want to stop. I could live on your cum and nothing else.”

I smiled. “I don’t quite think so, but you are so beautiful and you suck my cock so well that I’m almost tempted to let you try.” With that, I took her hands and pulled her to her feet, holding her close to me while her soft sweet curves moulded against my body and she purred and made small soft noises of ecstasy and contentment.

“Oh master, now I know I truly belong to you. You have marked my soul with your orgasm, and it will live with me forever.” With that, she pulled my head down to hers and we kissed, a long, deep, sweet, sultry kiss, both our mouths full of the other’s tongue, and murmuring softly to each other. As we broke, I looked deep in to my mother’s eyes, and saw a mixture of wonderment and total devotion in them. I hugged her fiercely so that she squeaked, then almost ran from the room.

The next few days passed in an ecstatic mist of pleasure, sex and, almost incidentally, work. Rather surprisingly, we both found that, knowing the pleasure that we had discovered in each other, the work part became easier and we were both able to concentrate better.

On Wednesday, Mum arrived home as I was slumped in a lounge chair, reading study notes. She looked exquisite, dressed in a tailored dark green silk suit with a white blouse, medium black patent heels and made up in a slightly understated way. Her hair was, of course, up in a French roll.

Mum sat in a chair opposite me, slowly crossing her gorgeous slim legs with a whisper of nylon, with the skirt riding up so that I could see plenty of her creamy thigh.

“Oh Mum, you dreadful tease. You’re doing that quite deliberately, aren’t you?”

“Doing what, darling?” she asked, with apparent naivety, although the effect she was aiming for was quite obvious.

“Showing off your lovely legs in a way that any red blooded male would find hard to resist. You look good enough to eat – in fact I think I might just …” as I jumped out of the chair.

“Down boy,” she said and gave me a quick cool kiss. “There’s something serious I’ve been meaning to talk to you about, and I can’t do it if we’re locked in a hot, passionate embrace.”

“Okay Mum, go your hardest – what have I stuffed up now?”

“No, honey,” she laughed. “Nothing like that. It’s just that I’ve been thinking about selling up here ever since Denzel moved out. I’d like a fresh start, but I don’t want to do it if you’d rather stay put. After all, this must be the only home you can remember.”

I got up and crossed the room, wrapping my arms lightly round her. “No, Mum, I don’t care where we are so long as we have each other and I can be at least this close to you and often a lot closer.” I returned her light kiss, then, “I agree – it won’t hurt to rid ourselves of the lingering shade of Denzel and find a place that isn’t tainted by him. What did you have in mind?”

“Thank you, Jesse. Well, the house market in this area is pretty buoyant at the moment; I don’t want to move interstate, partly because of your studies and partly because I’m in line for a promotion at work. I thought we might look for a place with a little bit of land in the outer suburban area but with good road and rail access to the city. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a plan, Mum. I wanted to talk to you, too about a little project that I have in mind, as I was thinking about turning what was Dad’s room into a photo studio.”

“Okay with me, honey.”

“Mmm, but if we wait until we move, I can set it up properly. You see …,” and here I allowed a wolfish grin to cross my face, “I’d like to take some glamour photos of you. It’s all part of a fantasy I’ve had for a long time to have you model lingerie for me, teddies, negligees, tiny little panties, shelf bras, stockings, heels and all sorts of other goodies.”

Mum grinned. “I knew there had to be an ulterior motive, although I really like the idea. Strictly on the understanding that this is just for you, I’d really enjoy modelling, and I’d love to pose for you any way you like.”

“Ooh yes gorgeous, now let me start you off with some nice hot positions,” as I slid towards her.

“Hold your horses, you sex crazed boy,” she laughed. “Don’t forget, my hair’s up and I need to change.”

I blew her a raspberry, then tried to settle back to some study.

A few days later, on the Sunday morning, I woke to find the bed empty but I could hear movement downstairs. I ambled into the kitchen, and Mum was there with her hair in a pony tail. She looked at me with a look of absolute subservience, then knelt on the floor and kissed my feet. I was surprised at this, but just managed to say, “You may stand.”

Carole stood in front of me and said, “Master, I’ve done a very bad thing, and I need to be punished.”

I took a short while to adjust, but my cock was starting to show a distinct interest. “I see. You’d better tell me what it is that you’ve done so I can decide on a suitable punishment.”

She looked down and said in a low voice, but one that was quite easily heard, “I’ve been using a butt plug to relax my arse for you, but didn’t ask your permission to do so. I’m so sorry, master; I won’t let it happen again, but I do need to be punished for this.”

“Very well, slut. On this occasion I will be generous and let you decide what your punishment should be. What do you think about that?”

“Oh thank you, master. I believe that my bottom needs to be spanked, and I would be most honoured if you could be even more generous and do it with your hands.”

“Yes, slut, I think that would be very appropriate. Now, how many strokes would be a fitting punishment for your indiscretion?”

“Perhaps ten, if that would be suitable, master?”

“A little too light. I think twelve strokes on each cheek would serve well.”

Carole gasped but said nothing.

“First you will strip to black lace panties and your smallest black bra. Then you will return to this room, knock on the door and ask if you may enter. If I allow you to do so, you will crawl across the room on your hands and knees and beg me to punish you. Is that clear?”

“Yes, thank you master,” she murmured and left the room.

My mind was in a whirl at this development – it followed what we had already talked about, but for it to actually happen, for my gorgeous mother to submit herself to me and beg to have her bottom spanked was something new and exquisitely exciting. A short while later, there was a gentle tap on the door. “Yes”, I stated in a flat, neutral voice and the door opened with a voluptuous vision standing in the doorway.

“Master, may I please enter?”

“Yes, slut, now crawl across the floor and beg me to punish you.”

Carole dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to where I was sitting with her raised arse swaying seductively. “Master, please forgive me for not asking your permission to stretch my arse. I know I need to be punished for my own good, but please forgive me, I beg you.”

“Yes, slut, you will be forgiven after you have received your punishment, and if you are a good girl during your spanking, I will have you straddle me and fuck you hard.”

“Oh yes, master, thank you so much. I will be a good girl while you spank me and not struggle or try to stop you.”

“Very good, slut, now stand so that I may inspect you.”

She rose to her feet, but kept her eyes lowered.

“First, fold your hands behind your head so that I can get a better view of your beautiful tits.”

She did so, but I realised that her bra was obscuring my view. “Hmm, now come here and turn round so that I can remove your bra.”

She did so, and I unclipped her bra, which fell to the floor. I took in the sight of her glorious pink/white bottom, so perfectly shaped and barely covered by the filmy, flimsy panties. I was almost salivating at the thought of her over my knee with her bottom at my mercy, and my hands able to wander over the soft sweet curves.

“Now turn round again.”

This gave me an uninterrupted view of her superb, firm, perfectly shaped tits with nipples that were hard with arousal and standing out like bullets from her dark areolas.

“Are you ready to be spanked, slut?”

“Oh yes, master, I can hardly wait.”

“Then come here and lay yourself over my knees with your bottom in the air,” which she did, quickly and with perfect placement. I almost drooled at the sight of her two perfect globes in front of me, at my mercy. I stroked her bottom, squeezing the cheeks to test their fullness and ripeness.

“Now, I am going to spank your bottom, and alternate each spank with caresses and squeezes, until it is a hot bright pink. She trembled with excitement and I knew it was almost time to start.

“First, though, slut, I want you to stroke a finger outside your panties along your slit. Then show me your finger.”

She did as she was told and turned slightly to hold her finger up to me. I took it in my mouth and licked it slowly and sensually.

“Just as I thought –your pussy is already leaking love juice. You are getting very excited and longing to be punished, aren’t you?”

I hope you liked Chapter 16. I’m posting 17 before getting feedback and will do the same with 18, 19 and I think maybe 20. I really do apologize for the delay It took an email from a reader to “wake me up” so to speak. Enjoy and as usual, it’s not real it’s a fantasy and everyone in the story is over 18.

Chapter Seventeen – New Friends

The ride to her house was eventful. As soon as the lights were out and she had given the female cabbie her address, her hand was on my cock, pulling the zipper down so she could pull it out. When it was free of my pants, she looked up at me and smiled before dropping her head down and taking me into her mouth. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, concentrating on the sensations her mouth was giving me. When I reopened my eyes, the cabbie had adjusted her mirror and was watching Melody give me head. I smiled when she looked up and found me watching her. She smiled and winked and turned her attention back to her task at hand.

Melody looked up at me a couple times, trying to keep eye contact while she smoked my sausage but it wasn’t working. The more she tried to look at me, the less she was able to suck on. Finally, I just grabbed her head and held it in one spot while I lifted my hips up and fucked her mouth.

“Mmph! Oh Fuck!” She said as she pulled her mouth off my cock. She looked up at me with saliva hanging off her mouth with a wide smile.

“You like that?” I asked her as she wiped the drool off onto her shirt.

“Oh fuck yes! God that was fucking hot!” She said as she gripped my cock, jerking it off. I smiled. The cabbie coughed, clearing her throat to get our attention.

“Not like I’m complaining, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen but, please don’t make a mess I’ll have to clean up later!” She said as she looked into the mirror.

Both Melody and I started to laugh. The cabbie wasn’t a bad looking lady, a little rough around the edges, but she was a good looking woman. A hard life had made her look rough. I smiled.

“I’m sorry ma’am, some things you just can’t wait for!” Melody said with a smile as I placed my hand on her thigh and slid it up under her skirt. “Oh baby! You’re gonna have to wait to do that!” She said to me. I smiled and pulled my hand back out and squeezed her thigh.

“Some things are worth waiting for. I can wait if you can.” I said with a smile. She sat closer to me, and continued to lazily stroke my cock as the cabbie navigated the streets. She pulled into a subdivision and steered the old style cab towards the end, back to the secluded section and into a cul-de-sac where Melody lived.

“Nice digs!” I said as the cabbie pulled into her drive. I looked around when we got out, even during the daylight, this place would be private. I held out my hand and Melody let go of my cock so I could help her out. I went to pull out some money to pay the cabbie and she looked out the window up at me.

“To be honest, I’ll give you this ride for free for just a taste of that!” She said as she looked at my cock, still out of my pants and pointing at her. I looked at Melody.

“It’s up to you.” I said with a smile. Melody looked at me and flashed me a naughty smile. I opened the door to the cab and let the cabbie swing her legs out, turning in her seat. I got a better look at her. She must have been a dancer at some point, she had a great body, just her face looked a little rough. Probably drugs and hard times had put her into this shape.

“You won’t be able to go to completion, it will take a while for that, but go ahead and knock yourself out.” I said as I moved closer to the car. She looked up at Melody.

“You sure sugar? This is your man, your cock.” She said before reaching out to touch it. Melody looked at me and then to the cabbie.

“Hun, with a cock like that, you can’t keep that to yourself! You wanna come in? I’m not opposed to an extra body while we play!” Melody said, hinting at a three way with the cabbie. The cabbie looked up at Melody and then to me. She grabbed my cock and pulled me closer, looking at the already spit shined head before putting her mouth over it.

She sucked me in, taking six inches before I hit the back of her throat. She moaned around my cock, obviously loving the feel of it in her mouth. When she pulled her lips slowly back off, she looked up at me, straining to keep her eyes on me while she tried to suck my flavor out the head of my cock. She got one single drop of precum. She pulled her lips off, rolling that drop around inside her mouth before looking at me again. When she opened her eyes, there was a smile on her face.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had some grade-A dick, I’d sure hate to pass this one up!’ She said as she looked from me to Melody. I reached out and lifted her chin up to me.

“Stand up.” I said. She slid her ass off the seat and stood, standing almost as tall as I was. I pulled the barrette that held her hair up and let it down. She shook it out so it cascaded down her back and over her shoulders.

“I’m not much to look at.” She said as she looked away, knowing the years had been hard on her. I smiled.

“Open your shirt.” I said. She looked at me then looked around. “It’s okay, there’s no one for a mile that’s gonna see anything.” I said as I looked at Melody. She was getting hotter by the second. She moved to me, standing to my side, running her hands up and down my back and chest, wanting to touch my cock but resisting.

The cabbie slowly started undoing the buttons on her shirt, starting at the bottom instead of the top. As each button came undone, the smooth skin of her belly became exposed. I was impressed so far, she skin smooth and taut, like a dancers would be.

When she finally reached the top button, she looked at Melody and then me. With her eyes focused on mine, she undid the top button and let the shirt hang open. No bra but with tits like hers, standing high and firm and big, she didn’t need a bra. Melody sucked in her breath before I could, the cabbie heard it.

“What’s your name baby?” Melody asked her. She looked at Melody and I could see the want and need in her eyes. I peered into her mind.

A hard life growing up. Abused by her stepfather and her uncle in Jersey. She ran away at sixteen, hitched a ride with a trucker, a kind old man that let her ride with him until they reached Vegas. He didn’t ask for anything, showing her kindness the whole time, the only shining light she’d ever known.

She got to Vegas and tried out as a dancer for the big shows. Her breasts were too big and she was too young, but they didn’t know that. She slept where she could and when she could. She ended up being a topless dancer, lying to get the job. She did that for a while, met a man with money. He used her and abused her, got her addicted to drugs. He died of an overdose, leaving her with nothing and leaving her addicted. His death was a wakeup call for her, but the drugs had already done their damage. She got clean in an halfway house and finally found her a job as a cabbie. Been doing it for the last fifteen years. I felt for her.

“My name is Anna.” She said to Melody. I smiled and reached out to touch the smooth skin of her belly. She sucked her breath in and tightened her muscles in anticipation of my touch.

“I wont hurt you Anna. That’s the last thing I would do.” I said as I touched her belly. Her skin was so smooth and soft, I slid my fingers lightly up to her rib cage, beneath the shirt and to her breast as I stepped closer to her. Her breath caught in her throat.

“God it’s been so long since a man touched me!” She said as my hand covered over her left breast. I smiled and slid my other hand up her side and over her breast. I cupped them both gently, feeling their smooth skin and weight. She looked into my eyes as I held her breasts in my hands. I opened the shirt, pulling the fabric away from her breasts so I could see them in all their glory.

“Damn! Anna, you’ve got amazing breasts!” I said as I admired their perky and firm shape. She blushed and looked at Melody for help.

“Come on stud! You’ve got two horny women to satisfy tonight!” Melody said as she grabbed my cock. I reached for Anna and grabbed her shirt, pulling her along with me as Melody guided us with her hand on the shaft of my cock.

Inside the house, Melody led us into her bedroom where I finished stripping in near record time and sat back on the bed and watched the two of them strip. Anna was tall, much taller than Melody and their bodies were just as different.

Melody was smaller, but more compact, a gymnasts frame with oversize attributes. Basically a tight little body with big tits and a nice round ass. Anna, was taller with smaller, but still firm, breasts that hung right where they should be, not too high and not too low. Her ass was slimmer and when she stood just right, you could see through the upside down triangle that her thighs created, giving me a perfect view of her protruding pussy lips. Her face was pretty, but once she used to be beautiful. I smiled at them both as they stood at the foot of the bed, watching me stroke my cock without shame at my open lewdness.

“Ladies, I’m lonely up here all by myself. Why don’t you bring those sexy bodies up here and join me and lets see how tangled we can get our bodies!” I said with a smile. Melody jumped up onto the bed and slithered up to me, kissing me on the lips before sliding back down to my cock and taking it most of the way into her mouth and partly down her throat before pulling back off and repeating. I looked at Anna who stood still, afraid to get on the bed.

“Anna, come here.” I said as I held my hand out over the side of the bed. She moved slowly, covering her pussy and her tits as she walked. When she reached the side, she watched as Melody engulfed my cock, taking eight inches into her mouth and down her throat. She looked up to me, fear and uncertainty in her eyes.

“I don’t know if I should be here.” She said, getting nervous and wanting to leave.

“Don’t. Stay with us and enjoy what God gave us all.” I said as I took her hand and pulled her to me. She lay across the bed with her arm laying across my chest as I pulled her face to mine. I kissed her gently, running my hands from her head to her shoulders and down to her breasts, fondling them gently, lightly pinching and pulling at her small nipples.

“God that feels good!” She said as she pulled away and looked down to watch as my hand traveled down over her stomach to the thick patch of pubic hair covering her love mound. Her mouth opened in hesitation, waiting, needing me and almost begging me to touch her pussy. I pulled her face back to me, planting my lips on hers as I slid my fingers gently through her thick coarse hair and in between her legs to her wet pussy lips.

She moaned into my mouth as I gently touched her sex. Her left leg lifted and separated from the other, giving me complete access to her pussy. With my left hand, I held her head, gently caressing her face. I lightly teased her pussy for a moment and then retreated back up to her breasts. She went for my hand to push it back down, instead, I took her hand and placed it on Melody’s head. She looked at me and smiled as she pushed Melody’s head down, forcing her to take most of my cock down into her throat.

“You’re such a dirty girl just waiting to happen aren’t you?” I asked as she let Melody go, letting her come up for air. Melody looked over Anna’s shoulder to me, making contact with my eyes. I smiled at her and watched her smile turn into a grin.

She left my cock and slowly made her way over behind Anna. Her first kiss startled Anna, making her jump closer to me. Melody’s second kiss was right on as she closed in on Anna’s pussy. She could feel the heat coming off Anna’s cunt as it sexed up. It hadn’t been used in quite some time for anything other than an occasional finger session. Anna sighed as she felt Melody’s lips on her sex. I pulled Anna to me and kissed her and with my free hand, I reached down and grabbed Melody’s head and pulled it into Anna’s crotch. She didn’t need and help giving Anna oral, I was just being a dick.

Anna moaned into my mouth as Melody latched onto her pussy, licking and sucking her to heightened excitement. I was left alone and that wasn’t sitting right with me since there were two women in the bed that could take care of me. I scooted over in the bed, forcing Anna to lay down. When I was situated in just the right spot, I pulled her head over to my cock and fed her the hard flesh rod.

She attacked it with a fever as Melody ate her to her first orgasm that wasn’t self induced.

“FUCK! Oh fuck!” She screamed around my pole as her orgasm hit. I smiled as she sucked harder while her orgasm swept through her body, filling her cunt with juice. Melody pulled her face away from Anna’s pussy. She smiled at me with her face covered from cheek to cheek with Anna’s pussy lube.

“You’ve got to taste her! She’s fucking fantastic!” Melody said as she slid up to me. She lay next to me and leaned up, I could smell Anna’s cunt cream on Melody’s face. I slithered my tongue out and licked her chin and her bottom lip. She moaned. “Oohhh that’s nice!” She said, holding on to my face to keep me there licking her. I lapped at her face like a dog would, licking up all the juice I could.

“I gotta have more of that!” I said. I grabbed Anna by the hair and pulled her off my dick. She grunted her dismay at having her lollipop taken from her and rolled over to my side. I pulled her hair, pulling her to me. “Get up here and sit on my face!” I said to her. She smiled up at me as I let go of her hair so she could climb up and set her tasty pussy down on my lips. I grabbed Melody by her hair and pulled her down to my cock. This was heaven, two hot bitches, one sitting on my face, the other face fucking my cock. Couldn’t get any better than this!

Anna sat down, placing her vertical lips down on my horizontal ones. I slid my tongue up inside her and instantly, her juices poured out and into my mouth. Like the forbidden nectar of the Gods, she was heaven. I latched on with my hands on her thighs and pulled her down, forcing her pussy onto my mouth. I licked and sucked her cunt and clit until she came in my mouth, flooding it with her tasty cooze cream.

“Fuck you taste so good! I can’t get enough!” I said as I latched on again. Anna grabbed hold of the head board to the bed to steady herself as I ate her to her third orgasm. Her legs shook and vibrated next to my head as her third orgasm swept through her body.

“GOD! I can’t take anymore! Please! Let me rest!” Anna begged. I couldn’t stop eating her pussy she tasted so good. Finally, halfway to her fourth, she fell over onto the bed, taking what seemed like the fountain of youth away from me. With her off my face, I looked down at Melody.

“Bitch get up here!” I said to her. She pulled her mouth up off my cock and slithered her thick compact body up my muscular frame until she was looking me in the eyes. I pulled her face down to mine and pushed her ass over, forcing her to straddle my thighs. With my cock in my right hand and her tit in my left, I slid my cock along her slit, prying her cunt open so I could jam my cunt pounder inside her.

“FUCK baby! That feels so good, put it in! Stop teasing me! I said put it in mother fucker!” She said as she slammed her ass down, forcing the whole thing up inside her. “Oh GOD!” She said as the full length and girth of my cock forced her pussy to spread wide. Her eyes opened wide as she looked down at me, her hands on my chest, holding her up from going down any farther.

“Bigger than you thought huh?” I said to her with a wicked grin.

“Fuck yeah! Feels so fucking good though!” She said as she rose up slowly and then slid back down the length of my cock, burying it inside her tight twat. Her body shuddered as she sat down, her cunt being filled with my cock. “So fucking big!” She said as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. I smiled and slid my hands up to her 34D tits and squeezed until her nipples popped out between my fingers.

“And you’re fucking tight! Damn I haven’t had a pussy this tight in a long time!” I said as she opened her eyes and looked down at me.

“You like my tight pussy baby? You like how it feels around your big fat cock?” She said, talking dirty to me. I looked over at Anna who was laying on her side with her hand on her pussy.

“Yeah baby, I like you’re tight pussy, but we are neglecting another hot pussy right here!” I said as I reached out for Anna. She slid over to me, running her hand up and down my muscular chest.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a real man. You gonna have enough strength for me too?” She asked as she licked my nipple. I smiled and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to look at me.

“Baby, I’ve got more than enough stamina and endurance for ten of you hot bitches! As soon as she cums all over my cock, I want you to climb on and go to town!” I said to her. It hadn’t occurred to me that calling them bitches might offend them, but neither of them objected to the dirty talk. Melody especially.

Anna smiled and planted her lips on mine. Her tongue slid in between my lips and toyed with mine, showing me a playful side to her. When she pulled away, licking the saliva that collected at the corner of her mouth, there was a twinkle in her eye, a renewed vigor that had long ago faded from her memory. I pulled her down to me, pulling her past my lips so I could whisper in her ear.

“When we are done here, I want to do something for you, something no one else can. If you will let me, I promise you, you won’t regret it.” I said to her. She pulled away with a questioning look in her eyes. I smiled and pulled her back down to my lips, kissing her gently but passionately.

“Oh FUCK! FUCK YES! MOTHER FUCKEEERRRRR!” Melody screamed out as her orgasm tore through her body. I could feel her cunt clutching my cock as she slammed down one last time like she was trying to choke my cock. I let her sit there for a moment as her orgasm swept through her. Anna pulled away and the both of us watched as Melody’s body shook and vibrated. Her head was rocked back as her eyes shut tightly when the orgasm started. When her body finally settled down long enough for her to open her eyes and look at us, there was a satisfied smile on her face. “Gina has no idea what she’s missing!” She said with a smile. I chuckled and pulled her down to me, putting pressure on my cock inside her twat.

“She’ll find out eventually. Right now, I want to know. Are you satisfied?” I asked her. She looked down into my eyes, glazed over and filled with satiated lust.

“Completely! The only thing that will make this better is you’re hot cum blasting my face!” She said with a wicked naughty smile. I pulled her down, mere inches from my face.

“Once Anna has cum all over my cock like you just did, I can arrange a cum facial for you both!” I said before pulling her down so I could tongue fuck her mouth. She moaned into my mouth as I orally raped her with my tongue, feeding her lust.

“You better hurry! I need it bad! I love the taste of cum and I’m fucking hungry for it!” She said with a twinkle, showing me a very naughty side, much different than when we first met.

“Does Gina know you’re a naughty little slut?” I asked, talking dirty back to her.

“No and she wont. She thinks she’s hot shit and has no idea what it takes to pleasure a man, or a woman!” She said. That intrigued me. I’d have to get both of them in a Sapphic three-way with Anna before I joined in later at some point.

“Well, if you want my cum, you need to get the fuck off my cock so Anna can feel what you just felt!” I said as I slapped her ass. She smiled down at me as she pinched her nipples, showing her boldness and willingness to act like a slut.

“Spank me baby!” She said as she rolled off of me. I smiled and slapped her ass one more time before looking at Anna.

“Baby, you said its been so long, I want to pleasure you. I want you to feel like the woman you used to be. Tell me what would make that happen for you?” I said as I got on my knees and pulled her up to me. She looked in my eyes, searching for something.

“Hun, what I really need is some love and tenderness.” She said as she closed her eyes and looked away. I pulled her face back to mine. When she opened her eyes, I was staring into them.

“Then lets lay like lovers. I will treat you like a woman needs and should be treated.” I said with a loving and tender smile.

“And then roll me over and fuck the shit out of me?” She asked with a smile. I grinned to her and pulled her face to mine.

“I’ll fuck the shit out of your pussy and your ass if you want me to!” I said before I kissed her. When I pulled away from her, her eyes were closed, filing the memory and feeling away for later remembrance.

“Make love to me first baby, let me feel that again. Then, have you’re way with me.” She said as she looked into my eyes. I could tell that she needed the loving more than anything. I was drawn to her, much like Melody and the women back in Jersey. But she was different, I wanted to help her, show her that there is life after life seems to end.

“As you wish my beautiful lover!” I said as I pulled her to me, laying back and stretching out, feeling the full length of her firm body against mine.

Slowly, I built up her fire with touching and kissing and lots of caressing. When she was ready, she was panting. Her hips were hunching down onto my cock, begging for it to be inserted in her most sacred of holes. I rolled her over and slowly kissed my way down her body, taking gentle care to kiss all over her breasts and down over her flat tummy. She giggled when I stuck my tongue inside her belly button. As I lowered farther, I noticed Melody as she moved up to lie next to Anna. Melody took her hand and held it, wanting to feel the love and passion as well even though she just had the biggest orgasm of her life.

I kissed down farther until I was stretched out with my head between her legs. Melody had moved closer to Anna and was now licking her left nipple, caressing her breasts gently as she bit and sucked the little nub in between her lips. Anna was in full lust now, Melody’s workings of Anna’s tits and my gently kisses and licks up and down her furrow, tasting her special sauce in between licks on her clit.

“Oh God baby! Now! Give it to me now!” She moaned and begged. I looked up and found both of them looking at me, lust in their eyes. I didn’t say anything as I started to slide back up. When I reached Melody, she licked Anna’s juices off my face before I reached Anna’s lips. She kissed me, tasting her own secretions and smiled when I pulled away.

“Are you ready sexy baby?” I asked her between gentle kisses about her face.

“I’m so ready! Put it in! Please put it in!” She begged as she reached up to my face and held it in place so I could look into her eyes and see her need.

“Okay, okay. You’re ready!” I said as I lowered my hips, going by feel as I felt my cock head hit her bush. I moved down, letting my cock head slide down between her puffy lips. “You might want to spread those sexy lips of yours, I don’t want to hurt you.” I said to her. She reached down, one hand gently taking my shaft while the other opened her lips up.

“It’s been a long time. I know I keep saying it, but you just don’t know how long it’s been.” She said as she captured my gaze with hers. I smiled and bent down. I placed my lips over hers, sliding my tongue in to greet hers again. Slowly, I pushed my hips forward, the head of my cock parting her lips more as it slid into her tight hole.

“Fuck you’re tight!” I said as my head popped through the tight little hole. I looked at Melody. “And I thought you were tight! Fuck this is insane!” I said, hoping I didn’t offend her.

“Take it easy then baby. Make it beautiful and perfect for her.” Melody said, understanding I didn’t mean to offend as she leaned up and watched as my cock disappeared in Anna’s tight pussy. Slowly I pushed until I had about three inches inside her. I looked down and there was a slight look of discomfort on her face. I bent down and kissed her as I held my cock there, letting her pussy adjust to my size.

“You’re so beautiful, so sexy! I could do this all night with you!” I said as I pulled away, she looked up into my eyes, a tear forming. “No baby. Don’t do that!” I said to her. My voice was sweet, tender, gentle. I kissed her tear away and started to pull back out.

“Oh that feels so good!” She said. I smiled when just the head remained and then slowly started to slide back in. Melody had her hand on my ass, massaging my tight buttocks as I slowly corkscrewed into Anna. She let go of Anna’s tit and got up on her knees, kneeling next to me and bent down to whisper in my ear.

“I’ve never met a man like you. I’m not looking for a relationship, but I’m also not ready to let you go!” She said as she licked and kissed my ear and the side of my face. I turned my head and smiled.

“I’m not going anywhere for a while.” I said to her and planted my lips on hers. She latched onto my face with her hands, holding me while I pulled out of Anna and slowly pushed back in, pushing five inches into her. Melody looked down and watched as the look of discomfort on Anna’s face change to a look of bliss and satisfaction.

“I think she’s ready for a little more!” She said. I looked down, Anna was smiling.

“Yeah baby! Give me more!” She said with a happy smile. I bent down and with my lips barely touching hers, flicked my tongue out and licked her open mouth, tasting her lips.

“Brace yourself baby. I’m gonna give it all to you!” I said as I pulled out. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Do it baby, ram that big cock inside me!” She said. I pulled out till just the head remained and then, with a slight hesitation, I slammed back in, pushing eight inches inside her. Her eyes went wide.

“FUCK YES!” She said as I started to fill her up. I didn’t pull back out, just kept pushing until I was completely inside her, my head poking into her cervix.

For a moment, her eyes went wide and her mouth opened. Nothing came out, no words nor breath. She just looked at me and then her body shuddered.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh my fucking GOD!” She said as she finally exhaled, her orgasm reaching its peak, flooding her pussy and coating my cock with her girl cum.

Melody reached down and gave my balls a gentle squeeze before sliding her hand down to where I was joined with Anna. She looked at me and smiled. When she pulled her hand away, it was covered in Anna’s cum.

“Damn baby! She’s so fucking wet!” Melody said as she brought her hand up and licked a finger then offered me her tasty digits. I licked the succulent juice off Melody’s fingers and then looked down at Anna.

“Was that good baby? You like how I fill you up?” I asked her. She smiled up at me.

“No one has ever been that deep!” She said as I held my cock there, giving it short thrusts to try and probe deeper. With each short hunch of my hips, she grunted and sighed. Her smile never left her face. “Okay baby, harder now.” She said as she looked up into my eyes.

I pulled out and pushed back in, not slamming in, just building up a good steady pace. I looked into her mind and saw nothing but cosmic bliss. I read her thoughts and was happy with what I saw. She really needed this, a nice slow fuck to bring her back into the living. Something to give her a little hope for her future. I smiled down at her as I saw her need be replaced with satisfaction. I slid in until I was bumping my hips against hers, giving it a little extra as I bottomed out. She would moan and coo each time I hit.

Not that she needed any extra stimulation, Melody moved gently on the bed until she was kneeling at Anna’s midsection. With her left hand, she reached down and gently rubbed Anna’s clit while the right hand massaged and teased Anna’s nipples.

Slowly, I was picking up my pace, going faster and slamming into her harder until her second orgasm, which was really her fifth, started to rise and her cunt muscles started to grip my cock as it slid in and out. This was my cue to throw all caution to the wind and just pound her pussy.

“Oh fuck! Fucking yes! I’m cumming! AUGH!” She screamed out as this orgasm grew bigger than the last as I pounded into her. I wasn’t working hard, but with the temperature in the room and my own excitement level, I was working up a sweat. Melody pulled her hand away from Anna’s pussy and gave me her fingers to suck on before she used her hand to wipe the sweat off my forehead.

Anna put her hand up on my stomach, telling me to stop for a moment. I couldn’t. Though I held my spot, not thrusting in, I did give her small little jabs with my cock, pushing in only a couple inches to push her orgasm to newer heights. Her eyes went wide as her fifth orgasm turned into a sixth. Now her cum was really flowing, coating not just my cock but my balls too. I smiled down at her as she looked into my eyes.

“Ride it baby, ride that wave of ecstasy! Cum for me, cum hard!” I said as I looked down at her. A small bead of sweat dripped off my face and fell onto hers. She looked up at me, reaching for my face and wiped the sweat off. She brought her hand back to her mouth and licked my salty sweat from her hand.

“Now, roll me over and fuck me into oblivion!” She said with a wicked smile. I smiled down at her before dropping down and plastering my sweaty chest on hers.

I fucked my tongue into her mouth, taking it like I took her pussy. She responded by humping her hips up, sliding her pussy up and down on my cock. I moaned into her mouth and when I opened my eyes, she was looking at me, that lusty look growing inside her.

“I’m gonna wear you out baby. You’re gonna beg me to stop its gonna feel so good!” I said as I pulled my cock out. She sucked in her breath at the sudden vacancy of her twat.

I sat back on my heels and grabbed her hips, I flipped her over to a gleeful squeal and then I pulled her hips up, putting her in position. Then I slid off the foot of the bed to stand and pulled her ass back, forcing her to the edge of the bed. I stood back and admired the sight of her tight ass spread and bent over for me, waiting, begging me to shove my cock inside her. I reached out and felt the smooth taut skin

of her ass. Melody watched as like a surgeon, I slowly built up Anna’s excitement and urgent need as I slowly made my way to her pussy, slapping her ass and rubbing her swollen pussy lips. When Anna’s moans and grunts reached a fevered pitch, I stepped up and slammed my cock completely inside her waiting pussy.

“FUCK! YES! Fuck me baby! Fuck me good!” She said as I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock inside after pulling out just slightly. She grunted and shook as the force of my hips slammed into hers, jamming my cock balls deep inside her cunt. Melody slid off the bed and got down, sitting on her sexy ass as she slid between my legs. She tilted her head back and stuck out her tongue, licking my balls as they passed over her face.

Over and over I slammed my cock deep inside her cunt while below me, Melody licked my balls as they passed over her face. Slowly, through my thrusts, I toyed with her asshole, slowly working my thumb inside her. When she first felt it, first felt me trying to push it in, she looked back at me and smiled.

“Do it fucker! I want it!” She said as I jammed my thumb inside her ass. Her eyes closed and she cooed at the extra insertion. She looked back at me, watching me as I slammed my cock deep over and over, fucking my thumb into her ass in an alternating rhythm. Slowly, her seventh orgasm built. The faster it built, the faster I fucked. The harder I fucked her, the faster her orgasm built. Soon, she was creaming all over my cock. She fell forward, exhausted into the fetal position with her hands on her pussy, holding it and scooping her cum out of her spasming twat and bringing it to her lips.

I stepped back, watching her eat her own cum for a moment before looking down at Melody, sitting there so naked and so pretty. I grabbed her by the hair on the top of her head and pulled her to my cock, feeding her the girl cum coated schlong.

“Suck it bitch!” I said to her as I pushed the head between her lips. She smiled around the head, biting down on it, showing me that she wants to be naughty. I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed my dick at the base and started slapping her face with it. “You want my cock bitch? You want me to fuck you with this big cunt stuffer? Huh bitch? You want my cock?” I teased, letting her lick the head, but not letting her suck it. I wanted it, I wanted to shove it in her mouth, force her to suck my cock down into her throat, but playing with her, teasing her was fun and she was getting off on it as well.

“Come on mother fucker! Let me have it!” She begged. I smiled.

“You want it bitch? You want my cock?” I teased, stuffing five inches inside her mouth. She moaned around my stiff pecker before I pulled it out. I looked at Anna, she was watching the display with amusement and lust as she wasn’t holding her cunt anymore, she was playing with it.

“FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!” She said as I stuffed it back inside her mouth, forcing it down into her throat. She gagged and coughed around it before I pulled it out.

‘How’s that bitch? Is that how you want it?” I asked teasing her with it. Her eyes were on the head, her mouth open, waiting for me to jam it back into her mouth. I pulled my cock away from her face as I pulled her up by her hair onto the bed, on her stomach. I slid up behind her and pushed her legs open with mine, forcing my way into her. I slammed my cock back inside her pussy, jamming it all the way in.

“You want it here? Is this where you want it bitch?” I said as I slapped her ass. She grunted but didn’t say anything. I fucked into her four or five times before I pulled out and slapped her ass with my cock. Her ass was thick, the cheeks nice and round and they stuck out just right. I slapped my cock right down into the deep crevice that the two firm mounds made and slid my cock back and forth.

“You like this bitch? You want me to fuck you don’t you baby?” I said as I teased her.

“Please baby! Put it in me! Give me your big beautiful cock!” She said. I smiled at her as I slid it back and forth over her tight little asshole.

“Okay baby, I’ll give you my cock. How about I slide my big fuck stick up inside you’re tight little asshole?” I said. She looked back at me, her face a mask of fear, her eyes daring me to do it.

“No baby! You’re too big to fit in my tight little hole.” She said, tempting me, telling me that she really did want it.

“Oh sweetie, you’ll love it! I promise you, you’re gonna feel so good, you’re gonna beg me to fuck you like a cock addicted cum whore!” I said as I slapped her tight ass cheeks before pointing my cock at her tight little hole and pushing on the tight anal ring.

She looked back at me and instantly relaxed her ass muscle but still looked back at me with fear in her eyes, playing with me. I flashed an evil smile just as the head of my cock popped into her tight shit hole.

“How that for tight baby?” She said as she looked back at me. Her right hand slid underneath her body and found her clit, rubbing it furiously as I held my cock just inside her tightest of holes. I gripped her ass cheeks in my hands, squeezing them, feeling their thick muscles and rubbing the fleshy orbs, pulling them apart and pushing them up.

“How’s this for thick, strong, iron hard cock baby?” I asked as I shoved four inches into her tight asshole. She looked back at me, her eyes going wide as my pussy pounder opened her asshole wide.

“Oh fuck! Shit! STOP! Fucking stop please!” She begged. I stopped when I reached five inches, where my shaft started to really get thick.

“Aw, is it too much for you baby? I bet Anna could take it, I bet she would love to have my cock deep inside her sexy tight ass. Wouldn’t you Anna? Wouldn’t you like to have me pounding my cock inside you sexy little asshole?” I said as I teased first Melody then Anna. Anna looked at Melody then me.

“Yes.” She said simply. I smiled and held out my hand. She slid down the bed to me and stood next to me as I stood there, my cock buried in Melody’s asshole.

“Look at this baby. You think you can take more than this? Can you take this on the first try?” I asked as I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her to me before letting my hand slide down to cup her ass cheeks and slowly slide in between her cheeks to her tight little rosebud. With my left hand, I slapped Melody’s ass, making the flesh quake, inadvertently making her slide back, pushing another inch inside her tight shitter.

“FUCK!” She said as I spread her tight hole wider.

“Yeah baby! Fuck my cock with your tight ass!” I said to Melody. She grunted her response.

“So fucking big!” She said as she held still, trying to adjust to the size of my big fuck stick. I smiled as my middle finger poked into Anna’s ass. She licked my earlobe, whispering in my ear.

“Fuck that feels so good!” She said to me, her breath hot in my ear. I looked at her and smiled.

“You’ll have it too. Just wait.” I said as I looked into her eyes. They were glazed over with lust as her body betrayed her thoughts. Her hips moved back, pushing her ass into my hand, telling me she wanted more. I smiled and pushed my finger deeper into her ass. “Get on your knees next to Melody.” I told her. She smiled at me.

Anna climbed up on the bed next to Melody and took her hand, sliding over close and pulling her hair out of her face so she could see the look Melody had. Anna leaned in and kissed Melody as I pulled out of Melody’s ass. I gripped her hips and squeezed gently, telling her that I was about to push back in. Then with greater force than she thought, I slammed back in, pushing eight inches of my hard throbbing cock deep inside her tight asshole.

“OH GOD! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” She yelled. I slapped her on the ass for added measure. Her ass cheeks quaked as I gave her a couple small thrusts, pushing another inch and then slamming the last inch in, forcing the last inch of my thick cock tightly inside her. “FUCK Augh! UNGH! It’s too much!” She said as I felt my balls slap against her pussy.

I grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled, pulling her up and back to me. When she was up, I wrapped my left arm around her midsection and with my right, I grabbed her tit and squeezed it. She was wincing with the pain of my cock stretching her tight little asshole wide enough to fit a soda can inside her rectum.

“Oh it hurts! Please stop! Please!” She begged. I liked it when she begged, her voice was so soft, so full of need. She said stop, but she wanted me to go on, keep stretching her tight little asshole wider. She liked the pain.

“I’m all the way in baby. Can you feel my nuts on your pussy? Can you feel my balls slapping your hot wet pussy lips?” I asked her as I gave a couple short quick thrusts, making my heavy bloated balls slap her pussy.

“God you’re so deep!” She said as she flexed her ass muscle, feeling me inside her.

“That’s right baby. I’m deeper than anyone has ever been or will ever be, completely filling your tight ass up!” I said as I pulled out a couple inches and slammed back in.

“OH GOD! YES! FUCK ME BABY! JUST LIKE THAT!” She said, grunting and moaning as I pulled out half way and slammed back in. I gave her five hard thrusts before her orgasm started to build. I let her go to fall back on the bed, back down to Anna and then I grabbed her hips and pulled out till just the head remained. I slapped her on the ass and then rammed the full length of my rock hard cock inside her. “FUCK!” She yelled out as I hit bottom. My balls slapping her pussy, hitting her clit to force her orgasm over the edge. “FUCK! I’m cumming!” She said as her orgasm swept through her body, making her shake uncontrollably and moan out, breathing rapidly as her body went to another plane, totally wrapped up in the orgasm.

Disclaimer: This is a horror story, and in horror stories people die. There are a couple of scenes of violence that may shock or disturb some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.


All right. First off, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. I’m an author. I used to be a struggling author, but that was before I met her. Now I’m a multimillionaire, though I’d trade all the money in a second for my youth back.

I still have my youth, you might protest. After all, my Wikipedia entry says I’m only 31, and my TV Tropes entry doesn’t contradict that. As online sources go, those are pretty damned reliable ones. But the pictures on those pages were taken when I was 27. And I already looked 31 then.

Now? Now I look like Robert Loggia. She still says she loves me, though. Maybe she does. Maybe she doesn’t even notice what she’s done to me.

She doesn’t know I’m writing this. If she did, she would probably kill me. She’s killed other people, I just can’t prove it.

Why stay with her? Because she’s the most beautiful woman that ever existed. I don’t care if you’re banging Rose Freakin’ Byrne right now as you read this, Kaitlyn is still hotter than your girl. Makes a guy willing to put up with a lot.

The second reason is because I owe all my success to her. As corny as it sounds, she’s literally my muse. I think that’s actually her function, along with what I think of as draining the life force of her victims… she inspires them creatively. And I’d like to keep on writing until she finally grows tired of me and finishes me off. I love writing. If anything, it’s the only thing I love more than her.

The third reason is because she’s not human. I didn’t realize this until it was too late, and by that point in time the first two reasons had made me fall in love with her.

All right, let’s go back to the beginning so that this makes more sense. I was 26 years old, and about a year and a half ago I had published my first novel. It had peaked at Number 4 on the Bestseller List, making the publishing company millions of dollars and me personally a little over half a million. Everybody was, of course, very happy.

Until, that is, the well dried up. I had no ideas left for a second novel, and a short story in progress that had also stalled out. Well, two short stories in progress if you counted the one I was writing just for me… but that was an erotic fantasy about my editor’s wife Crystal, and if it ever saw the light of day I’d probably have to run for my life. I’m not even sure I could get away with posting it on Literotica without him finding out about it.

So there I was, even my agent turning against me (the other day, he referred to me as ‘dead weight’ while I was standing right there in the room). Only my research assistant, Sabrina, still had my back, and I suspect that she had a crush on me. That might even explain why she suggested that we do what we wound up doing.

So you can see, even though it is rather stereotypically Irish of me, why I turned to drink. And that was when the real trouble started, for it was in a bar that I met her.

She sat right next to me, which was strange in and of itself. Beautiful women don’t sit next to me. They sit next to handsome, athletic men with the brains and personality of a pair of used boxer shorts.

She ordered a shot of Bailey’s and a pint of Guinness Stout in a beautiful Irish lilt. An authentic Celt, unlike me. I’m just half-Irish on my mother’s side.

She glanced over at me for just a split second, her green eyes twinkling as if they contained actual emeralds. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. “Put his drinks on my tab,” she said as she turned back toward the bartender. He glared at me with a look that said ‘You lucky bastard’, then shrugged and did as he was told.

“I’m sorry. Did I hear you right?” I asked her. It was best to make sure… I was starting on my second bottle of Captain Morgan’s. For all I knew I might even be hallucinating her.

“I’m buying your drinks,” she said, enunciating very carefully. “Sorry, my accent trips people up sometimes.”

“Not me. I think you have a lovely voice.”

“Oh, thank you. You’re very sweet. I’m Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn O’Meara.”

“Danny. Danny Sheehan.”

She smiled, and I knew she was thinking what everybody else thought when they put my first name together with an Irish last name. But I also had a feeling that if I heard ‘Danny Boy’ one more time, it wouldn’t sound bad at all coming from her full, red lips (I later started to suspect that the red was a naturally occurring color, rather than the result of lipstick).

She uncrossed her legs briefly, allowing me what I thought would be a mildly teasing glance up her short skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and her pussy was completely hairless (once again, a naturally occurring condition) with puffy lips that flared invitingly and a glisteningly wet slit that seemed to be begging me to lick it.

She recrossed her legs while her emerald eyes twinkled knowingly at me. Her little black dress hugged her body tightly and exposed enough cleavage that nearly half of each big, perky breast was revealed. Her slender legs seemed to go on forever, and were exposed slightly past mid-thigh by the minidress.

We chatted for a while, and during the conversation she started casually touching me. She never went anywhere near my dick, but her hands still managed to bring my dick to life. It grew painfully hard, constricted by my pants and boxers as it was.

I confessed my writer’s block to her, gesturing to the still-empty notepad in front of me (the one I took everywhere, just in case I needed to write down an idea for a book), and she said, “I think I can help you with that.” Then she leaned forward, and her lips touched mine.

While I kissed her back, I caught the bartender’s glare intensifying out of the corner of my eye. After she broke the kiss, I said, “I’m not quite sure how that helped, but I appreciate it all the same.”

She handed me a ballpoint pen. I kept it… I still have it in my inner jacket pocket. It was my lucky pen there for a while, though I now believe it to be cursed. At any rate, the ideas — and quite a few of them were really good ideas — flew forth from this pen almost the moment it touched my hand. I filled up that whole notepad, and I still had a couple of other ideas I hadn’t had a chance to write down yet bouncing through my head.

“How the fuck did you do that?” I said.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m your muse.” She smiled coyly. “Unless you don’t believe in that kind of thing.”

My first published work had been a horror story, and I had followed that up with a novel-length fantasy epic. I probably — from a purely karmic standpoint — couldn’t afford to admit that I didn’t believe in that kind of thing, even if my beliefs were firmly certain at that point in my young life (which, as is the case with most young people, they weren’t).

“I think we’re no longer welcome here,” I said instead, nodding in the bartender’s direction.

She smiled, but this one seemed almost predatory. “Let’s go back to my place, then,” she said, standing up. She turned away from me and bent down to retrieve her purse from the empty barstool next to her, making sure to bend far enough that her skirt rode up and temporarily revealed her perfect ass. It was big and round enough for ‘baby got back’ status, but firm and toned rather than flabby.

Then she straightened, and it seemed that she led me out of the bar rather than the other way around. She acted as if I was her arm candy, even though anyone who looked at us could instantly tell that she was so far out of my league we weren’t even playing the same sport.

Maybe that was why the bartender had seemed so jealous… he wasn’t Brad Pitt or anything, but he was slightly better-looking than me, and probably thought he had more of a legitimate shot with her. Maybe he should have been an author instead.

By the time we got back to her place, after making out passionately in the back of a taxi on the ride home (I got my hands up her skirt and fingered her to what felt from her reaction like a pretty good orgasm, but I hadn’t gotten to cum yet), my cock was not only the hardest it’s ever been but steadily leaking precum. I remember being worried it would stick to my boxers and skin would be torn off of it when I stripped.

After the door of the house closed behind us, she removed her dress in one smooth, fluid motion and stood before me naked. I felt my balls tighten, and was unable to stop my first load from spraying on the inside of my boxers. Fortunately, I was able to get it up again after a few minutes (while I was waiting I licked her pussy and gave her another orgasm, much more powerful than the one she had had in the cab; she tasted wonderful) and actually enjoy her body.

She didn’t mention the premature ejaculation. I assumed it probably happened to her a lot. We fucked off and on for most of the night. I don’t think that any other woman has made me feel the way she did. All of her holes were tighter, warmer and wetter than anything I had ever experienced before, and extremely sensitive to stimulation… even when I came in her mouth, it triggered a small orgasm in her as well.

Eventually, I was fucked out and passed out next to her while she was fingering herself to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, she was gone. If not for the fact that I was still at her place, the black pudding on the stove (she had actually made me breakfast), and the note on the nightstand thanking me for a lovely time last night, I would have thought I hallucinated the whole thing.

After finishing breakfast, I put my clothes back on and headed back to my place. I wrote nonstop for the rest of the day, finally turning in at three in the morning after having finished two short stories and about three-quarters of my next novel.

The next day the writer’s block set in again, but I had submitted the short stories to the appropriate periodicals for publication and given the publishing company some pages from the novel I had nearly finished so everyone would at least be off my fucking back for a week or two.

I tried to get some serious writing done, gave up, turned to my stroke story about the editor’s wife, and gave up on that too after getting only a couple of lines written.

That night, a knock came at the door. It was a bit late for visitors, so I answered the door wearily, replica of Lurtz the Uruk-hai’s sword (from the Lord of the Rings films, for those not nerdy enough to get the reference) in hand just in case this was a home invasion or something (most burglars would think twice about robbing some psycho who answers the door with a sword).

It was her. She was wearing a black leather bustier and a miniskirt so skimpy it might as well have been a pair of panties. Her perfect legs were encased in fishnet stockings tonight, and looked even lovelier than I remembered them.

We didn’t bother with words… our bodies did the talking just fine. The sex was even better this time than it had been before, almost like an addictive drug that makes you feel better each time you take it in order to increase your dependency on it (that was, I realized later, pretty much exactly what she was doing to me).

We experimented with positions that we hadn’t gotten to try the other night, getting somewhat kinkier, and at the end of our tryst she even fulfilled one of my greatest fantasies by letting me cum on her face, something no other girl had ever let me do before.

Just like the last time, when I awoke the next morning she was gone. I wrote all day again, finishing the novel I had gotten mostly through two days ago and churning out a second one in its entirety as well as finishing the short story about my editor’s wife Crystal.

Weeks passed with the same routine, her visiting me off and on and always curing another bout of writer’s block, before I found the first white hair on my head. It weirded me out a little bit… I wasn’t even 30, I shouldn’t have white hair! But I didn’t think much about it one way or the other until a second white hair appeared a week later, and then a third a couple of days after that.

I was learning more about my ancestral homeland, perhaps due to the fact that Kaitlyn had piqued my curiosity, with the help of my research assistant Sabrina (who was much better at the fact-finding stuff than me, and willing to do loads of it). It was her who found out what Kaitlyn was.

She came to me with an old Celtic legend she had uncovered, from back in the olden days before Peter Pan when fairies were still badass. The story she had found was about a creature called the Leanan Sidhe (pronounced lanawn shee), which immediately fascinated me because of its similarities to Kaitlyn.

The story said that the Leanan Sidhe was a muse that attached herself to writers, poets, painters… pretty much any artistic type would do. She inspired creative energy, and in a weird form of vampiric symbiosis she then fed on that creative energy. The legend of the Leanan Sidhe apparently had its roots in fairy folklore, meaning that Kaitlyn may or may not have been a fairy.

As I thought about what I already knew about fairies, I figured some things out. First off, the reason I never saw Kaitlyn during the day was because, like the fairies in the movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, she was nocturnal and hated bright light. Second, like the fairies in my own stories she was ageless, and never grew any body hair below the neckline (this was the first time I thought of her sweet pussy as being naturally hairless rather than shaved).

I started researching the legend more, leaning on Sabrina for help occasionally, and started to realize that if I was right about Kaitlyn, she was going to kill me eventually… the Leanan Sidhe myth appeared to have been created as an explanation for why all the Gaelic poets died young. I worked out different ways to get her out of my life, and Sabrina finally suggested the one I first tried.

“Make her fall out of love with you,” she said.

“How the hell do I do that? I don’t even know how she fell in love with me.”

“Well, there’s one way that usually works.” She raised an eyebrow suggestively.

“Cheat on her?” I asked, raising my own eyebrows in surprise. “Even if I wanted to, it’s not like I could just pull a willing girl out of my ass.”

“Are you that fucking blind?” she said irritably. When I didn’t respond immediately — to tell the truth, this was the first time I had thought about her in that way and I was caught off guard a bit — she grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me.

After Kaitlyn, I had thought that no other woman could make me feel any sort of truly intense passion. But Sabrina was an excellent kisser, and I found myself eagerly tongue-wrestling her after less than a minute. Two minutes in, we had pulled each other’s shirts off and I was undoing her bra while she fumbled with my pants trying to pull out my rapidly hardening cock.

I wondered, as we undressed and I entered her tight, wet hole, why I hadn’t thought to do this with her before… now that I had truly looked at her as a woman, I realized she was extremely attractive (granted, not quite the goddess that Kaitlyn was, but gorgeous by any human standard). Her dark brown hair, while not as long or shiny as Kaitlyn’s jet-black tresses, was still pretty, and her big brown eyes were downright adorable, especially when she put on her reading glasses. Her slender, petite body benefited from regular exercise and just the right amount of freckles adorning her otherwise smooth and unblemished cream-colored skin, and her athletic legs and toned ass would have been the envy of any woman.

Only her breasts made her noticeably different from Kaitlyn… they were 32Bs, what would be considered ‘flat’ by many men. I thought they were fine; anything larger would have looked too big on her thin frame, for one thing. For another thing, her nipples were extremely sensitive, and I made her cum just by sucking and licking them, without even going down south yet. It was a huge turn-on to be with a girl so passionate that she could orgasm just from titplay.

And then when I fucked her, and she came almost nonstop over and over again the entire time, it felt like heaven. We were enjoying it so much we didn’t stop after I shot my first load… it turned into a marathon fucking session like I had with Kaitlyn. Before our stamina started flagging, I had shot three loads inside her pussy, two inside her ass, one in her mouth and one on her tits (she wouldn’t let me cum on her face).

She told me she loved me, then went back home.

I was expecting another visit from Kaitlyn that night, but she never came. I wrote a couple pages of my next novel and the details of my encounter with Sabrina just in case it would make good erotica, then I hit a creative wall. Apparently, sex with Sabrina wasn’t quite as inspiring as sex with Kaitlyn, even though it had felt nearly as good.

With no late-night writing to do, I turned in early. I was awakened shortly after dawn by an earsplitting shriek right outside my house.

I quickly threw some clothes on and hurried downstairs to find my housekeeper, Yolanda, standing — no, more like wobbling — by the pool. She looked like she was going to faint, so I grabbed her to hold her steady. Then I saw what she had seen.

The water in the pool was no longer blue. It had turned red from the blood of the nude female corpse floating facedown in it. I recognized the butterfly tattoo on the left asscheek. The body was Sabrina’s.

There was a slight current in the pool… enough to flip the body over without either of us touching it. There was no stopping Yolanda from fainting this time, and I wished I could join her.

Sabrina’s face was gone. The flesh had been gouged out, in some places so deep that you could see bone. Her torso had been ripped open as well, and it looked like most of the organs and viscera had been removed.

After vomiting what felt like a week’s worth of meals into the pool, I called the police. I would apologize for contaminating their crime scene when they got there.

The conversation with the detectives is still a blur. I think I was in shock… I don’t even remember their names. It occurred to me only after they left that Kaitlyn had killed Sabrina.

She visited that night. I almost didn’t answer the door, but when I looked through the peephole (that’s right, I could afford a place with a peephole now), I saw that once again her outfit was skimpier. It would be a stretch to call this particular little black dress a negligee, as little as it covered.

“Hey there, sexy. Ready to party?” she asked, her eyes twinkling playfully.

“No.” She tried to slip around me and get inside, but I blocked her entry.

“No? What the bloody hell do you mean, no?” Now the twinkle in her eyes had been replaced by a steely glint. She was pissed. Good.

“I mean I’m not ready to party. I lost a dear friend today. I’m mourning her.”

“Oh, you’re upset about that? That cunt had it coming. Now let me in!” She tried to push past me again.

I pushed back this time, shoving her back out onto the porch. “No,” I repeated, more forcefully than before.

She raised her hand to push me back, and we both looked at it in surprise. It had contorted well beyond the traditional human shape, and where there had once been perfectly manicured red-lacquered fingernails there were now curved claws with razor-sharp tips, each about five inches in length.

She recovered from the shock of her apparently involuntary transformation first. “You don’t say no to me, you sodding wanker,” she said, pointing at me angrily with one of those lethal-looking claws. “You’d be nothing without me. I made you, and I can unmake you too. Just like I unmade that bitch.”

Part One:

My name is Vincent and you may have heard some nasty rumors floating around about me. They are all a lie, okay most of them are lies… alright, truth be told most of them are spot on… okay, okay they are all true! There, feel better… screw you!

I blame my cock… it’s all its fault… that and the drugs… and all those damn slutty women! I can’t help it if they were my friend’s sisters, moms and cousins… my penis is possessed! It’s pure evil I tell you! Don’t believe me I’ll prove it!

Possession is 9/10th the law:

It was the summer of ’82 and I had just graduated from high school and it was deemed fit and proper that we do something really fucking stupid. Thus and therefore we sat in council, all proper gentlemen were we, and discussed the weighty matter of what we should all do for our last summer together before we were scattered to the four winds.

My mom’s basement was large and mainly unfinished and we were sitting on the concrete floor passing the sacred weed from man to man. An acrid smell filled the air and we were in the proper frame of mind to determine our fates.

“Dude, we should like totally road trip to Vegas,” offered one William of Patterson street.

“No man I say Miami, all the bitches are fine down there,” spoke the wise and honorable ‘Duke of Lafayette’ or known in other circles as John Rankin.

“I think we should head down to Jamaica,” I offered and continued to explain my thought, “you can get the best shit down there and we can bring some back and grow our own!”

There were murmurs of approval and other voices began to chime in when ‘she’ slunk down the stairs all ninja-like and we were in a word busted.

“You guys are so in trouble,” Heather hissed when she smelled the herb and saw us passing it around. “I am gonna tell mom and…”

“…want some?” I said offering her the joint.

“Dude that’s my sister,” William protested.

“Dude if she blabs we won’t have a summer vacation,” and my logic won out.

Heather walked upstairs and disappeared and we all moaned thinking we were busted but she returned a minute later with air freshener, candles and sat down next to me. Lo did she greedily toke the sacred weed and did in time get sagaciously stoned. So with air freshened and candles lit we did continue our discussion.

“I would so go to Jamaica,” Heather offered in her sweet voice, “Carol my next door neighbor got some shit from there and we got so fucked up…”

William looked at his sister twin and shook his head.

“You never told me you smoked,” William did grill her.

“I never told you a lot of things,” she countered.

The sibling rivalry was getting heated and was diminishing my buzz so I performed the time honored intervention.

“Dude… she’s YOUR sister… does anything she has done, spoken or otherwise, really surprise you?”

“Hmm… no I guess not…”

“Okay now before you slay my buzz completely let us take a vote,” I said raising my hand, “okay all in favor of Jamaica raise your hand.”

I looked around the circle and all hands were raised including Heather’s.

“Heather sweetie you can’t vote…” I whispered.

“Oh sorry,” she lowered her hand before leaning into me, “if you need help with the growing part when you guys get back I know a guy…”

“Heather!” William cried out and at that it was time for our group to disband the buzz was officially killed.

Everyone save Heather and me got up and left. William stood at the middle of the stairs waiting looking at Heather.

“Well,” he asked.

“Vincent and I are going to talk agriculture I’ll be home soon,” she said smiling.

“Okay…” and with a reluctant look back he climbed the stairs and we heard the door close behind him.

“So I was thinking some glow lights on timers…” I began but Heather put her finger on my lips.

“You know what happens to me when I get stoned?”

I shook my head and she smiled and continued.

“I get all wet and horny,” she purred and saying that she straddled me. “I hear it from the most reliable sources, namely one Sue Grant, that you are hung like a beast… is that true?”

“Um…” was all I could get out before she leaned down and kissed me.

I will tell you now this was no sisterly kiss of friendship but a gut wrenching, tongue dueling, cock hardening embrace of epic proportions! Heather’s long black hair tumbled down and like the curtain of night fell over my face and I saw nothing but I did feel her hands rubbing between my legs.

“Jackpot,” I heard her exclaim as she deftly unbuttoned my jeans and then unzipped them freeing my aching shlong. “Damn, she was right, you have a monster cock down there lover.”

At hearing ‘cock’ and ‘lover’ I knew my wet dreams had come true! I was going to fuck the very cute and very busty Lady Heather! I felt her dainty hands wrap around the shaft of my dick and moaned as she double stroked me.

“How does that feel baby,” Heather moaned in my ear, “I can’t wait to suck you off. Ever since I heard about you… this…,” she gave it a gentle squeeze, “I have masturbated dreaming of tasting it and feeling it inside of me.”

“Taste away…” I moaned as I reached up and cupped her firm tits through her shirt.

“Mmm you like my tits,” she said and leaned back and yanked the shirt off of her and her bra went flying moments later.

She took my hands and placed them on her naked flesh before returning to stroking my cock. I leaned up and kissed and suckled her tits and nipples. She growled in my ear how good that felt and I let my tongue flicker over her puffy nipples and I felt her grind her denim clad pussy against my thigh.

“Want to sneak up to your bedroom and fuck me up there,” sweet Heather asked.

“Yeah, got to be tons more comfortable than concrete, but you have to be quiet or we will get busted.”

“I promise…” she lied.

She stood up and grabbed her fallen shirt and bra and then she grabbed ‘me’ and led me upstairs. We didn’t need to worry about sneaking through the house it was empty, except us of course. But my mom would be home in an hour or so. As Heather with me in hand, literally, made our way to the second floor and my bedroom my mind momentarily slipped from the green fog and drug induced erection to ponder the morality of what I was about to do.

One… you are about to violate your best friend’s trust and sister.

Two… you are risking getting busted for smoking and fucking in the house, again.

Three… Heather is going to suck you then fuck you.

I actually hesitated for a single, long moment and Heather noticed. She turned and kissed me again with all the hunger and lust she could summon and it was a lot!

“I understand you are feeling weird about what is about to happen. I get that. But, I will share with you a secret no girl or woman would normally ever expose. So here it is in a nutshell. Nice guys do not repeat do not get laid. We like the bad boys and do all sorts of naughty things with those kinds of guys. Need I say more?”

I scooped her up into my arms and carried her, the rest of the way down the hallway to my bedroom and dropped her on the bed. I closed the door and walked over to the bed where she stopped me with a grin.

“Don’t move, stand right there,” she said as she got onto her knees and slowly peeled off her shirt revealing those gorgeous C Cup tits of hers.

The shirt dropped to the bed and she grabbed her tits and began to massage and tease them. I reached down and began to stroke myself and her eyes lit up and as she moaned then growled as she unbuttoned her jean shorts. She got onto her hands and knees and facing away from me began to slowly pull them down over her bubble butt. I saw her crack appear and then her puckered asshole and then at long last her wet slit.

“I need help getting them off,” she moaned/purred.

I walked over and tugged them the rest of the way off as she turned around and took me into her mouth while I stood at the edge of the bed.

“Oh god damn girl,” I moaned as I tore my own shirt off and reached down and played with her hair.

She moaned when I stroked her hair and that sent shockwaves through me. I grunted when she moaned and Heather took this as a good thing and kept on moaning as inch by inch my cock slid between her lips. Heather stopped at about half way and I couldn’t blame her. When my cock is soft it’s close to seven inches long. Fully erect as it was now it was a very prodigious thing indeed. I rocked my hips just a little and started fucking her mouth and she seemed to like this a lot as I saw her hand move up and between her legs getting her pussy ready for me.

“Are you ready to feel this inside of you,” I asked and she broke her ‘kiss’ and for answer spun around and scooted until her upraised ass was mere inches from me.

“Slide it in, slowly…” she begged.

“I know the drill,” I told her as the head parted her tight pussy lips.

“Unnn… that’s it nice and…” Heather moaned.

“…slow,” I finished for her as she buried her face in my covers.

I was about half way inside when I stopped and began to move my hips in and out of her. She was panting and moaning louder and louder.

“Oh god… deeper lover… deeper…” she begged.

I inched my way forward letting her take one, two and finally three more inches before her hand went up signaling me I had hit bottom. Again I began rocking gently and her incredibly tight pussy gripped me like a fist. I was moaning softly as we fucked, I say fucked because there was absolutely no love involved in this union. Okay maybe the love of an eager slutty girl, or the love of her talented lips licking and sucking me or even the deep love a man feels for a woman with a real tight pussy. But not the icky squishy love they show in the movies. I felt that wonderful tingling sensation start in my toes and began to thrust faster into her and she was pushing back now meeting me stroke for stroke.

“OH GOD…” she screamed, “FUCK ME LOVER! Drive that long… fat… cock into my tight little pussy!”

So much for being quiet; I told you she lied to me. I thrust harder and a bit deeper into her and felt her pussy clench around me tighter still and knew that she had just climaxed. That’s always good for a second date or in our case a second grudge fuck. My cock swelled up inside of her and she knew I was going to cum.

“SPRAY MY TITS AND FACE LOVER…” Heather begged/howled.

When I couldn’t fight it off any longer I yanked my dick from her pussy and she flipped over onto her back and I let go and I painted her body with pulses of hot cum.

“Oh shit…” Heather said looking passed me and there in all her terrible glory was my mom.

She was staring open mouthed at the scene before her and I shriveled to nothing in seconds flat.

“Ummm… hi mom this is…”

“Heather… get dressed and out of this house and never set foot here ever again or I swear your mother will hear all about this. I won’t tell her today because I know she has a weak heart and this would kill her dead.”

Ninja-quick Heather was dressed and leaving. She turned around and mouthed those immortal words, ‘call me.’ I hid the smile and did the walk of shame after I had put on my own clothes.

The kitchen table, it was the place where we gathered for meals, played board games and asses were severely chewed. My mom was sitting there pale and shaking in her rage. I sat without a word knowing she would launch into her tirade soon enough.

“How could you,” she snapped at me.

Three seconds I had counted from the time I sat to the first word. I could tell by that short wait that she was way beyond upset.

“She is William’s sister for Christ’s sake.”

Eep! She invoked her lord, god and savior; I was in serious shit now!

“I know you were gifted with a fine specimen of manhood, but that doesn’t give you the right young man to share it with the entire world.”

Blink… blink… was that a fucked up twisted sort of compliment? This was getting creepy weird like when my step sister got drunk and sleep fucked me before going off to college last month. Or the time the young nun came a calling to bake bread with my mom and caught me in the shower when she came upstairs to use the bathroom.

“I…” mom was having none of that.

“You… young man need to learn some self control and discipline.”

“Not the military…” I begged.

“No, heavens no… you need religion. I have been far too lax on that front since I married your father and didn’t feel it was my place to take a stand. But sweetie it’s been five years now and I feel I am ready to support you in this case, for your immortal soul.”

“The seminary,” I asked.

“No, that would be a decision between you and god. No I was thinking of Sister Mary Margaret having a nice long talk with you.”

“Not placing the name…” I said my face screwed up in puzzlement.

“You know that sweet pious thing that came over and helped me bake bread just before Easter.”

Ding! That cock hungry redhead who nearly deep throated me in the shower? Oh hell yes!

“I seem to remember her a little,” I said softly.

“I bet if I asked her she would meet with and discuss the bible in length. Show you the errors of you ways,” Mom beamed at me.

“Not a priest,” I asked full well knowing her thoughts on that subject.

“I will not let a child raping pedophile anywhere near you Vincent! I mean you are a ‘fully grown’ young man but still.”

“I appreciate your concern… if you think it’ll help I will give it my all!”

“That’s the spirit! There’s hope for your immortal soul yet.”

A week later, there was Sister Mary Margaret in all her nakedness bent over the altar of her dead and risen god begging for my cock.

“Please Vincent don’t make me beg for it,” She said smiling. “Is that is you want me to beg? Okay. Please lover… darling fuck my tight little pussy! Please ram that fat cock of yours into me!”

The acoustics in this place were phenomenal and I am sure if there was anyone else in the church they could have heard her from the very back row. I walked up and aimed the head of my cock between her glistening pussy lips and pushed.

“YES… oh Lord Vincent your cock feels so good!”

“Push back you dirty slut,” I told her fully embracing my soul burning bad boy persona.

“Yes baby… watch me fuck you with my pussy!”

Sister Mary Margaret thrust her tight wet pussy backwards and nearly impaled herself again and again. The few women I had been with had never been able to take as much of my dick into either mouth or pussy as this talented young woman.

“It’s going in so deep,” I moaned.

“My pussy adores your cock lover!”

“So does your mouth and throat…”

“…Mmm yes they do. You know what else adores your hard flesh?”

“I have no idea but I bet you are going to tell me.”

“NO…” she purred loudly, “…I am going to show you!”

“Lucky me… mom said you were going to take my education in hand…”

“…hand and mouth and pussy and…”


“Pull out and go over and sit on those stairs right there,” she said pointing to the pulpit, the place where the priest preaches from.

I did as I was told and slowly pulled out of her pussy and went and sat down.

“I was so thrilled to hear you were going to visit me I prepared a little something special.”

“Special…” I asked.

“Not a lot of women would suggest this and many don’t enjoy it as much as I do so…”

She walked over to me with her long legs, shaved pussy and evil smile. Sister Mary Margaret turned around and grabbed my cock and bent over and eased backwards guiding the head of my dick to her tight puckered ass. With practiced ease and I suspect some prior fingering I slipped in with little pain to her and a lot of pleasure for me.

“Oh my god that’s fucking tight,” I moaned.

“Yes, yes it is,” she growled. “I am going to start but when you are ready stand up and finish me off… its okay to cum in my ass they all do.”

She let half my length into her butt before she started rocking her hips and letting me feel how deliciously naughty it felt.

“Oh I don’t know how long I can last…” I warned her.

“Don’t fret I already cum twice already…” she moaned as another two inches slid into her, “…this is for you lover so enjoy it.”

I felt like I was going to blow my load any minute so I stood up slowly and grabbed her hips. I tested the waters and pushed my hips forward to see how much of me should could accommodate and when her hand finally came up all but a few inches were inside of her.

“Damn Sister, your tight little ass just swallowed up most of my cock!”

Then I began to move slowly not wanting to hurt her and not wanting this to end too soon. I savored every moment of this and let her know.

“Nnnn so fucking tight,” I moaned.

“You feel so good in my ass lover…” she purred, “…I can’t wait to feel you cum deep inside of me.”

“Not long now…” I growled as she felt me swell inside of her.

“Oh god you are stretching me… so fucking big…” Sister Mary Margaret said as she began squeezing me with her ass. “…fill me up I need it so bad!”

It didn’t take much of that to push me over the edge and thrusting harder now I pulled back and with one last shove of my hips I painted her insides. My knees almost buckled I came so hard. My cock twitched inside of her as the last of my orgasm shook me.

“Mmm I want to do that again sometime,” I said out loud thinking how wonderful it felt.

“Sure lover, how about next week,” she offered. “I told your mother that if things worked out I would tutor you at least once a week.”

“I don’t know what to say?”

“Say that you’ll change into this… for little ‘ol me,” she said holding up the garb of a local priest.

“Isn’t someone going to miss that?”

“Nah… he thinks it’s still at the dry cleaners.”

“You are…”

“You’re not jealous are you?”

“Not at all just a little amazed,” I said.

“Oh its okay he hasn’t taken his final vows yet…”

“You are so going to hell…”

“Eh… I only joined the convent to get cock…”


“That and travel,” she said as she began to dress me in the black attire of a priest, “Since I was young I always thought priests were sexy. Come on admit it, defiling a nun is like number two on a guy’s wish list.”

“What’s number one,” I asked as she began to dress herself leaving panties and bra on the floor, “everyone knows that busty Asian twins are number one.”

“Hmm… never having fucked Japanese twins before… I don’t know; defiling a gorgeous nun like you is my number one.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said picking up the clothing that was left on or around the altar. “Now follow me to the confessional… I have some things to be forgiven for.”

“I’m not really a priest… I can’t forgive your sins…”

“…who said anything about forgiving them I have some more to commit.”

“Oh, well that explains a lot…”

One month later thanks to my stellar review from Sister Mary Fucksalot my friends and I were landing in the island nation of Jamaica. William was blissfully unaware of my devirginizing of his sweet twin sister. She didn’t tell me until a few weeks later when she showed up at church for confession and told me all while on her hands and knees before me. The priest’s outfit still hangs in my closet to this day. The plane jerked a bit as the landing gear touched down and that shook me out of my pleasant reverie. We had two weeks in paradise and little did I know that my doom would be sealed on board a luxury yacht.

We decided to get a better look at the beach and on our way we met a charming man with dreadlocks named Paul. His devilish good looks and outstanding fashion sense were nothing compared to the wickedly good shit he was smoking. Being a good and decent fellow he shared some, for a price. The beach was populated by beautiful people and off in the ocean was anchored two large yachts that gleamed in the noon day sun. We were walking passed a line of reclined sun bathers when a voice called out to us.

“Excuse me young man, can you help me?” Her voice was cultured and oozed sensuality.

I turned and saw an olive skinned beauty looking up at me. I pointed to myself and she nodded so I walked over and squatted next to her.

“How can I be of assistance?”

“How polite and cute,” she said biting her lower lip. “Would you consider it bold of me to ask you to rub some sun tan lotion on me?”

“Would it be bold to tell you how beautiful you are and how lucky I would be to roam my hands over your body?”

“No,” she purred, “Here’s the lotion.” She said lifting up revealing her bare breasts with their hard pointy nipples.

I took the lotion and drizzled some on hands and applied some to her upper back. Immediately she let out a low moan/growl. I rubbed it in and slowly made my way downward towards her ass. When I reached her lower back I muttered low enough for her to hear.

“Mmm pity you have those bottoms on I would love feel your ass in my strong young hands.”

“You are a very naughty boy,” she purred, “take them off… slowly.”

I gripped the first side of her bikini bottom and as she asked so nicely I pulled the string slowly watching as the bow got smaller and smaller and then… poof it was now two pieces of string. I leaned over her my hand resting on her thigh and felt her leg quiver as I untied the other side.

“I think I came…” I heard her whisper.

“…and you called me naughty.” I said.

I gently pulled the material away from her ass and smiled.

“Damn, you have the finest ass I have ever laid eyes on,” I told her.

“Prove it, apply some of that lotion,” she purred/moaned.

I drizzled some lotion onto my hands and began to knead her cheeks and she was squirming beneath me. I could see that her pussy was absolutely soaked.

“You my dear are practically dripping with need,” I said as I continued to rub the suntan lotion in.

“I blame you,” she moaned.

“I could help you with that but…” I said softly, “I don’t believe they allow love play…”

“You mean fucking… they don’t allow fucking on the beach! That’s true maybe we should adjourn to more private quarters.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Just this, I am going to stand up and you follow me to my boat and you can bend me over and fuck me rotten. Afterwards I will let you shoot your cum down my throat… so what do you say?”

“I say… lead the way.”

So there I was walking down the beach following this hot older gal and my friends were looking at me with a mixture of confusion and envy. I shrugged and walked along the beach to a pier and there a motorboat took her and I to one of the yachts anchored in the bay. Her ‘boat’ was the second largest of the luxury ships in port and as I tossed the mooring line an attractive young girl caught the line and tied us off.

“Welcome back Madame,” she girl said smiling and offering her a terry cloth robe.

“Thank you Celine fetch us some wine, glasses and a snack,” my hostess said walking towards the front of the boat.

The woman sat in a comfy looking deck chair and pointed to the one next to her.

“We have not been properly introduced, I am Madelyn Anetakis and you are,” she asked.

“Vincent, Vincent Majors.”

“May I call you Vin?”

“Sure,” I said taking out the plastic bag with my herbal distraction in it, “you mind?”

“Only if you don’t share…” Madelyn said with a smile.

In no time at all the cigarette was measured, rolled, lighted and shared. The cute brunette had returned with wine and food but this was ignored as the three of us partook of the smoke. I learned that Celine was born here in Jamaica but her mother was from a commune near Paris France called Saint Maur des Fosses. After we were nice and toasty Madelyn nodded to Celine who pulled me to my feet and began to undress me while the older gal watched. Celine tugged my shirt off and kissed and suckled my nipples. I quivered a bit because no one had ever done that to me before. Then with a dramatic tug my swim trunks hit the deck and both women gasped.

“Mon Dieu what a monster,” Celine whispered, “This will prove a challenge even for my unusual talent.”

“What is that,” I asked as she dropped to her knees to get to know my cock better.

“Up until recently I was a very accomplished,” Celine moaned as her tiny hand wrapped around my quickly hardening dick, “…sword swallower.”

“Damn, this I gotta see,” I moaned as her lips and tongue began to pleasure me.

“Me too,” moaned Madelyn who had two fingers stuck in her pussy.

“Are you getting that tight pussy of yours ready for a pounding,” I asked watching Madelyn masturbate.

“Oh baby you know I am… that beast of yours is going to touch me places I have never felt before.”

“Mmm I love anal…” I began to say and Madelyn smiled wickedly.

“Well, well I suppose you can fuck me there too…”

“She meant her pussy monsieur…” Celine explained with her sexy Jamaican accent.

Celine shakily got to her feet and undid her top revealing her small but cute tits and then untied her bikini bottom and let them drop to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. She slid a few fingers into her sex as she got into the proper position to deep throat my cock which was at full staff. With a few cautious moves she found the correct attack angle and inch by inch my cock slid into her mouth and then her throat until her lips brushed against the base.

“Oh god damn girl… no one has ever done that!”

“I believe you Vin… I believe you…” Madelyn moaned.

Celine began moving up and down on my cock and I stood there in lust and if I were rich as hell would have proposed on the spot.

“Mmm that feels fucking amazing…” I growled.

“Wait until I wrap my pussy around you lover…” Madelyn purred in my ear as she moved to stand behind me; her tits pressed against my back and her lips on my neck. “…I will milk your cock with my pussy muscles.”

“I can hardly wait…” I groaned, “…Mmm Celine if you keep that up, I am going to blow down your throat.”

“Go ahead Celine darling you have earned it I am sure we can get him hard again in no time he is so young and virile.”

Celine’s head moved up and down my length licking and sucking and driving me headlong into a mind blowing orgasm and I just let it happen. Madelyn’s hands roamed over my body as her lips teased my neck and ears and she whispered all the dirty things she wanted to do to me.

“Move so I can taste those fine tits of yours,” I said to Madelyn and she eagerly stepped around to my front and cupped her breasts offering them to me.

I leaned down and licked and suckled her large breasts loving the sounds she was making as I did so. I let my tongue flicker over her dark sensitive areoles and watched Madelyn’s eyes roll up in her head. All the while I felt my toes start to curl and warned Celine I was getting real close to shooting down her throat she never slowed down.

“Eager cocksucker you have there,” I told Madelyn as she knelt to watch Celine up close as she gobbled up cum.

“Can you blame her,” Madelyn moaned.

“I am so fucking close,” I hissed and Celine pulled her head back and made a tight seal with her lips around the head of my cock and she and Madelyn stroked the shaft furiously.

The feel of both their hands on me was too much and with a roar I sent a torrent of cum down the sword swallower’s throat. I was panting and a little weak in the knees but eager to feel Madelyn’s tight pussy wrapped around me.

“Still want me to bend you over Madelyn,” I asked.

“Most definitely I trust you will not pierce me too deep lover,” she moaned and stood up and walked over the side of the ship and assumed the position.

I followed her and pondered licking her pussy first but figured there was time enough for that later. I placed the head of my cock between her pussy lips and pushed slowly Madelyn began to moan as I filled her up little by little. I stopped when half of my dick was in her but she wiggled her ass begging for more so I pushed my hips forward until with a squeak of surprise she waved for me to stop. When I looked down most of my cock was buried in her pussy.

“Wow… you have most of me in you… how does it feel,” I asked her.

“Mmm no one has ever made me feel so complete before… fuck me lover nice and slow for now.”

I pulled back a bit and then started driving my dick in and out of her setting up a nice leisurely rhythm.

“How’s that,” I asked and felt her pussy muscles give me a healthy squeeze, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

After a few minutes I pulled back a bit further and began thrusting into her harder and faster now and her panting told me that she liked how my dick felt inside of her. Her pussy gripped and massaged me like no woman I had ever been with before. This was a day of firsts. Celine watched intent and was using lube she had gotten from below and was working two fingers in and out of her tight ass. Five minutes later Madelyn was crying out and I felt her sex grip me like a velvet fist and held me where I was. Her body shuddered and she had dropped her head and was moaning and growling as the last tingles of her orgasm passed. I pulled out and Madelyn literally threw her arms around me and molded her body to mine kissing me like she would die otherwise.

“Lover,” she said breaking our embrace, “we are sailing to Crete tomorrow I want you to come with us!”

“Umm… I never dreamed of sailing to Crete… don’t take this wrong but I need to tell my friends and contact my mom. She’s a worrier you understand.”

“Mmm,” she kissed me again, “I would be disappointed if you didn’t tell your mother. She would worry sick otherwise. You are a good son I appreciate that in you. Family is very important!”

“Okay… then sure I’d love to go with you two,” I said.

“Oh Vin it will be nine of us in all, most of the crew are ashore right now…”

“Makes sense you’d need more people to pilot something this big,” I told her.

“Vin…” Celine called out to me, “before you leave the boat… can you treat me to that cock of yours?”

She was bent over with her hands gripping her ass cheeks and even as she spoke she pulled her cheeks apart showing me her glistening asshole so very eager to be fucked.

“I’d be a fool to turn down such an invitation…” I said looking at Madelyn who smiled and nodded.

“Don’t leave the poor thing begging Vin, that would be cruel,” Madelyn whispered in my ear.

I walked over and moved behind Celine and pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and gently and very slowly pushed. Her preparations made it easier for me to get the mushroom shaped head of my cock in passed that tight ring of muscle. Before long I was as deep as she could handle and I let her get used to me before I started moving my hips.

“You said you enjoyed anal NNNNN how does that feel lover,” Celine asked.

“Fucking amazing,” I moaned in her ear.

“Good, now start fucking my ass… yeah… like that…” she growled.

I fucked her nice and slow and she let out a little grunt each time my cock moved into her and sooner than I thought possible she was gently pushing backwards when I thrust foreword. We were both grunting now and I was fighting my orgasm with everything I had. Her ass was so fucking tight! After ten minutes or so I felt my self control slipping and knew I would be coming very soon.

“Can’t fight it any longer…” I moaned.

“Cum in my ass, I want to feel it spray my insides!”

I thrust hard and fast now knowing I had less than a minute left before my orgasm hit me. Celine was screaming to me and with a single final thrust my cock pulsed hot cum into her tighter hole.

“Damn but that’s one hell of a sight,” came a new voice, a male voice.

I looked over my shoulder and there stood a man of average height with an olive complexion and bright blue eyes.

“Honey this is Vin, Vin this is my husband Cronus Anetakis.”

I eased my cock out of Celine and shook his hand and he looked down and went pale.

“Damn Vin how do you keep from passing out when you get hard?”

“I really don’t know,” I said shrugging. “Mind if I get dressed?”

“Didn’t mean to stare but… god damn you put us to shame…”

“Vin is travelling with us back to Crete,” Madelyn said.

I noticed she didn’t ask she just said it like ‘oh by the way…’ and her husband just nodded then went to grab something from the fridge. I turned to Celine and asked her if everything was okay.

“Am I fifth wheel around here,” I asked.

“Oh not at all don’t worry about a thing.”

“I need to take a shower before I head back to shore…”

She smiled and dove off the boat into the ocean I leaned over and she was waving me in. I dove in after her and the cool water felt amazing after all that had happened on the boat. Celine and I swam in slow circles kissing and holding each other tight.

“…does he know…” Cronus’ voice filtered down.

“…I don’t know… she told him… yet…” replied Madelyn.

“What are they talking about,” I asked Celine breaking our kiss.

“My dad, it’s about my dad…”

“What about your dad… is he going to be upset you are leaving Jamaica?”

“Oh he knows and is disappointed but not mad… he’s just a little over protective is all.”

“Great… is he going to shoot me if he sees us holding hands or something?”

“No… he is the local Vaudoux… a sorcerer of great power…”

“So no gun, but curse… yes?”

“I am sorry…” but I cut her off with a kiss.

“Do you regret what you did,” I asked. “Do you feel bad about the pleasure you gave me?”


“Then I will face your father’s anger knowing neither of us has any hard feelings over this.”

While I floated in the water I didn’t fear a curse or evil spirits… I was a fool and would learn the wrath of the old gods and would suffer til the day I died.

The stars were blazing in the night sky, Celine and I had hooked up with my friends and I told them I was leaving for Crete the next day. It was a mixed reaction but William gave me the thumbs up after meeting Celine.

“You’d be a fool not to dude,” William said as we pounded a few shots of local rot gut in the neighborhood bar.

“I am going to help Celine get her stuff on the boat later tonight, can you mail this letter I wrote my mom so she doesn’t lose her mind,” I asked William.

“Sure dude no problem, consider it done.”

We drank for another hour before it was time to get Celine’s things and meet her father. I was a little nervous but chalked it up to meeting some scary Jamaican dude with a machete. But to my surprise he was a laid back looking man in his early fifties with salt and pepper dreadlocks and skin the color of ebony. His bright green eyes were a shock though and Celine said that is why he was chosen by the previous magician as his successor. Celine did a very brief introduction and left me there to face her father alone as she grabbed her meager belongings.

“So your daughter is a sword swallower,” poor choice of ice breaking topic?

“She was before the Greek lured her away… you don’t look Greek you are very white!”

“I am American…”

“…that is worse than Greek… she is better than you but you will never see it…”

“Listen I am not here to disrespect you or your daughter…”

“Your very presence here is an affront to the spirits and my family…”

“I came here to help Celine to carry her things to the boat…”

“You are not worthy to say her name…” he spat on me… I think that’s when I snapped.

I looked down at the loogie on my nice new shirt and I felt the blood rush to my face.

“Motherfucker! That was the last fucking straw… I am not going to beat the piss out of you for her sake but the next time I have her bent over, moaning and calling out my name I’ll be thinking of you!”

It was his turn to lose his temper and it was a terrible thing. He never said a word, he walked over to the altar at the back of the room and picked up a wooden bowl and hurled its contents at my crotch and cried out in a wordless howl and pointed at me.

“Now my fucking shorts! Have you lost your fucking mind?”

“You are cursed…” he said in a low cold tone, “that thing between your legs you are so proud of will bring you nothing but misery from this moment on. You shall never sire children and you will die alone and unloved.”

“FATHER!” Celine was standing in the doorway her dusky complexion pale and she was shaking in fear… for me. “What have you done?”

“He has defiled you and he will pay the price!”

“Daddy… he didn’t do anything to me that I didn’t want to happen…”

I could see the regret in the old man’s eyes but he shook his head and walked passed her never saying goodbye.

“I am sorry Vin,” Celine said approaching me slowly staring at my stained shorts as if it were blood that had marked me.

“Me too, I just bought these clothes…”

“But the curse,” She said softly.

“No disrespect but nothing bad is going to happen…”

The words were barely out of my mouth when three girls walked by and saw us and the one in the middle stopped and whispered in the ear of the girl to her left and then the one on the right. There was some discussion and muttering before the one in the middle broke from the group and walked up to me.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I couldn’t help but notice your stain…” her English accent giving her an almost sexy air.

Her breath reeked of alcohol and she smiled brilliantly before saying…

“…outlining that HUGE cock of yours that we can see from the street…” she said and looked back at her friends before saying, “…we want to buy you a drink or two… before we all take a ride on that beastie of yours!”

I blinked a few times and looked at Celine who shook her head.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” I said softly so only the girl who had approached could hear, “my girlfriend here is a sword swallower I doubt you or your friends have much to offer me…”

“Sword Swallower… damn… so is that a no? I mean three girls at one time…”

“Yes that’s a no,” Celine added.

“Bitch! I wasn’t talking to you!” The girl turned on Celine and her friends approached to back her up.

“Then talk to me,” I said and the three strange girls looked at me and were all smiles, “I am not interested even if there were ten of you.”

“Oh you don’t mean that,” said the tall busty blonde as she lifted up her skirt revealing a bald pussy dripping with need. “…my pussy really needs a cock right now… you can take me in the alley and fuck me there if you want?”

“You have a lovely pussy,” I said trying to be nice, “but…”

“You like butts… check out mine…” the short brunette said as she turned and tugged down her denim shorts. “Look at that… see how nice and round it is… and I am at least as wet as Sheila is…”

“Yes very nice…” I said trying to keep things civilized.

“Nice… NICE…” the brunette’s voice gaining in volume, “…nice is how tight my pussy is and how good it will feel wrapped around that fine cock of yours!”

“Mmm all three of us could take turns sucking you off and swallow every fucking drop, isn’t that right girls?” the first girl added before I could respond and her friends nodded.

“What are you going to do suck me off right here in public,” I asked knowing they wouldn’t.

“If that’s what it takes to get your attention…” and the deed was done.

The first girl dropped/fell to her knees in front of me and yanked my shorts off of me and began giving me head right there in front of Celine’s home. I tried to force her off but when I grabbed her head she just moaned and bobbed her head further down the shaft. I tried to bite back the moan of pleasure but it snuck out of me and Celine turned to face me and to my horror she smiled.

“Serves you right for pissing off my dad…” Celine said turning to face the other two, “he’s all yours girls… Vin… I’ll see you on the boat later.”

(Disclaimer: This story is a work of fantasy; names and places are products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Please DO NOT repost without the author’s permission)

Cate Blanchett: After Crystal Skull

It was an Australian military base closed long ago during a cost-saving spree, but one wouldn’t know it now, fresh paint and large American flags giving it the look of something right out of 1957.

It was much the same with her, the thirty-nine-year-old, nearly five-foot nine-inch blonde wearing a dark wig and a form-fitting light blue uniform that clung comfortably to her athletic body. Australian, born in Melbourne, today she spoke with a strong Ukrainian accent, her shiny black boots and ramrod-straight bearing marking her as a stereotypical Russian soldier right out of a Cold War-era propaganda film. From her waist hung a large scabbard, containing a painfully heavy rapier that she couldn’t wait to get off.

Thankfully, as if reading her mind, a group of soldiers speaking with bad American accents came walking around the corner, spying the unique beauty almost immediately.

“Hey!” someone shouted, hand going to his pistol. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing, lady?”

To this Cate Blanchett said nothing. She merely turned her head, sunlight flashing off her fashionable sunglasses, and smiled. Her dark hair was bobbed at the chin and cut straight across the bangs, but despite the odd style she was almost hypnotically beautiful as she reprised her role of Indiana Jones villainess, the movie still in theaters even after all these months.

“Hey, lady, I’m talking to you! This is a working military base, not a tourist trap.”

“Maybe she’s deaf,” another said, eyes roaming her curvy figure. “Not that it matters with an ass like that.”

“I am no tourist,” Cate said, her accent strong and very Soviet. “I am Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko, and you will help me find what I am after or you will die.”

That was perhaps the wrong thing to say, the men drawing their guns. One scurried over and tore her sword from her waist, throwing it down before turning her around and giving her a quick but thorough pat down. Cate yelped when he reached between her firm thighs and gave her a hard rub.

“So,” said the man in charge. “We have ourselves a real life Commie.”

Cate frowned at that, her character at a loss as to why they weren’t obeying. In charge of the Soviet Union’s secret and experimental Psychic Warfare Unit, she fancied herself a self-taught mental warrior, able to bend any man to her will. It never occurred to her that they might have been doing her bidding simply because she was a beautiful and rather easy woman.

The men–nearly ten in all–gathered around, pawing at her chest and rear while they discussed what to do. It was the height of the Cold War in this pornographic scenario thought up by a reclusive Russian billionaire, and the Americans had been taught to hate the Red Menace with all of their hearts. That they were all sporting thick erections hardly mattered, the rather obscene phrase “hate fuck” coming to mind.

One of the men stepped forward and spit in her face, shocking the Oscar-winning actress. “Commie bitch, your kind killed my brother in Korea!”

“I am Ukrainian,” Cate said, wiping the saliva from her face with a shiny black glove. “They were Chinese.”

That earned her a slap that nearly snapped her head to one side. “Bitch, I ought to put a bullet in your head!”

Cate swallowed, suddenly very anxious. She had agreed to star in this private movie after a series of large checks began arriving in her mailbox, but that was when she believed it would be one or two scenes with a handful of men. Already there were at least fifteen surrounding her, with more arriving by the minute.

“I have an idea,” the one in charge said, his grin lecherous. “Someone grab the Red and follow me.”


What was more shocking to the mother of three, her last child born just six months before, was not what was being done to her but how her husband of over a decade had reacted when she broached the idea of doing private sex movies for rich fans. Instead of getting angry and demanding she return the money, he had simply asked that she bring home the dailies for him to watch, his penis growing harder than she had ever seen it at the prospect of his famous wife becoming a celebrity pornstar.

If he could only see her now, bent over at the waist, hands cuffed behind her back while a large black man drove his cock deep into a pussy already dripping with the seed of a dozen men. Her dark hair was almost invisible beneath thick strands of semen, more being added every few seconds by a seemingly inexhaustible supply of virile young men; her makeup-streaked face a dark shade of red as she struggled to suck three different cocks in turn, the men using her ears to guide her from dick to dick.

“Oh god!” Cate cried, gasping for air as a meaty prick was pulled from her mouth. “Oh my god!”

Now this was most definitely what she had signed on for, the men tearing off the last of her clothes and leaving her completely nude while they took her body, her firm breasts swaying with every thrust, her hard pink nipples dripping with fresh sperm. All around her cameras captured the action, some using film, others hi-definition tape, and as Cate was speared from both ends and treated like a Kardashian she could only fathom what the release of this footage might do to her career.

“Christ, this pussy is tight!” the black man grunted, heavy balls slapping her sticky slit with every pump. “But damn, I bet this ass is even tighter!”

He stared at her peaches and cream ass while everyone laughed, admiring the way it jiggled before slipping his thumb into her puckered entrance. They had been admonished not to violate her rear, as the director apparently had something better in mind, but that didn’t stop them from abusing it as much as possible, big red handprints still visible from when they had all taken turns spanking her.

The feel of his big digit in her rectum was the final straw for the beleaguered beauty, Cate groaning as she came yet again. It wasn’t as powerful as the last, her body having plenty of time to get used to the multiple climaxes, and her slight trembling went unnoticed by the black man fast reaching his own end.

As had the others, he chose to unload inside of her, seemingly liters of semen dripping from her well-used orifice and putting her birth control to the ultimate test. He let out a sharp scream, the power of his orgasm nearly crippling him, and grunted repeatedly while he emptied his balls out.

He pulled out with a contented sigh, giving her sore ass another slap before rejoining the laughing, cheering crowd. There must have been at least fifty of them now, perhaps many more, all doing their best to mock and degrade the beautiful blue-eyed actress in her most vulnerable moment.

With everyone finally sated, Cate fell to her knees and groaned, semen hanging from her nose, lips, and chin, her bare breasts crusted with the passion of dozens of men whose names she didn’t even know. Surely it was over now, the stunning blonde-turned-brunette waiting for someone to come un-cuff her so she could jump in the shower and stop feeling like the nastiest whore Australia had ever produced.

The men were far from finished, however, although they agreed with the shower.

The first inkling Cate had of this was when the one in charge stepped up with limp penis in hand and took aim at her face. Her jaw dropped when she realized what he intended, a much too tempting target for the man who unleashed a thick stream of bitter brown liquid that hit the back of her throat and immediately set her gagging.

“Open up!” he taunted, slipped the head between her pink lips before she could turn away. “Drink it, bitch! Drink my motherfucking piss!”

Cate had no choice, eyes watering as she gulped down shallow mouthfuls of salty liquid, the taste so foul her stomach rebelled and did its best to force it back up. She managed to hold herself in check though, coughing painfully as she drained the man’s bladder as expertly as she had his balls.

“No more!” Cate cried when the pressure began to relent. “I can’t breathe!”

She was ignored, drowned out by another steady stream, then another and another, dozens of men opening up and drowning her in a foul golden shower. Cate squeezed her eyes shut and held her breath, realizing at once that they wouldn’t stop until they’d had their fun. She squirmed and whimpered, the burning piss leaving her nauseous, and after nearly a full minute of being urinated on she found she actually missed the semen that was washing off her naked body and disappearing down the nearest drain, the famously prim actress much preferring a Japanese-style bukkake to German-esque water sports.

As bad as things were though, there was usually good on the other side, something Cate came to believe when the nasty shower ended and she was suddenly doused with cold water.

The Australian sighed as a large hose was hoisted over her, the powerful spray washing the piss from her taut figure with impressive ease. She ran her hands through her wig to help the process along, surprised that it was still attached to her head, and then caressed her naked body for much the same reason. She opened her mouth, grinning for the first time in nearly an hour as she gurgled clean water and felt almost human again.

Her joy was short-lived, however, the actress opening her eyes when the water shut off and feeling her heart sink. Standing before her, as big as a mountain, was another black man sporting a massive penis dripping with lubricant.


She dug her nails into his back, screams smothered by a tongue crammed almost down her throat. The mix of pain and pleasure was almost blinding, his mocking words barely audible over heated moans and the sound of her snug asshole being brutally penetrated.

“Oh– Oh my god– Oh–”

The bulbous head lodged deep in her bowels, wrinkled scrotum and fist-sized balls resting against her smooth bottom, it was almost more than she could handle, Cate turning her beautiful face away from the man and groaning as her stomach churned and she grew almost as nauseous as during her last pregnancy.

“Take it!” he grunted, pinning her against the cold hangar wall, her bare feet dangling above the ground. “Take my black dick, you white bitch!”

Cate let out a pathetic groan, completely at his mercy. He kissed her chest and licked her nipples, using his thick fingers to hold her creamy cheeks apart so the kneeling cameraman could get a good look at the charcoal-colored pole buried between them. When she didn’t give him his proper due, the dark beast withdrew several thick inches before cramming himself back inside. She gasped at that, blue eyes wide while drool leaked from the corner of her mouth.

Carrying her in his arms with impressive ease, he backed away from the wall and began bouncing her in the air. Cate wailed as both gravity and her weight combined to slide her up and down his meaty girth, her fingers slipping on his sweaty black skin every time she tried to regain some measure of control. Wrapping her long legs around his waist didn’t help, the man merely hugging her slender waist and brutally rutting her until she gave in and went limp, moaning whorishly as he threw her around the large hangar like a pretty rag doll.

And yet, despite the extreme discomfort akin to developing a sudden case of diarrhea during the middle of a stage production of Macbeth, the sweating bewigged beauty couldn’t deny the tingles of pleasure pouring through her body every time she bottomed out on his mammoth prick, her bowels crying out in pain while her pussy quivered and leaked hot girl-cum all over the insides of her thighs. Cate Blanchett might have become a serious actor since winning the Oscar for Elizabeth a decade before, but she was still the same nasty slut who had slept her way through Methodist Ladies’ College when she was only a teenager–and as much as she tried to hide it, that part of her would always be there, lurking just beneath the surface and waiting for a beastly man just like this one to come and unleash her.

Sensing her dark thoughts, perhaps smelling it on her drenched skin and in her damp hair, the man slowed his thrusts, using his strength to force her down to the root of his throbbing meat and hold her close. Cate was forced to balance on her toes while she took his vile tongue in her mouth, the slippery appendage slipping in and out of her throat as had his cock just minutes before.

When he had tasted enough, had degraded her even further, he took her by the shoulders and withdrew from her glistening body in one quick motion. Cate’s jaw dropped, watery semen and brown-tinged lubricant pouring from her ruined hole like a waterfall, the cool autumn air wafting into the gaping maw and shivering her to her very core. But that was only the half of it, the man grinning as he spun her around and swiftly reentered her, slamming so hard and so deep that she actually vomited a little in her mouth.

“Ride me!” he commanded, bending her forward before sliding a hand under the back of her wig and seizing her actual hair. “Come on, bitch, ride me! You know you want to!”

The flash of an era-specific camera bulb momentarily blinding her, Cate turned her face away and groaned while the beast throbbed inside of her. What a sight she must have made, hands on her knees, breasts heaving while her naked body dripped from head to toe with sweat, much of it not her own. Already she could feel bags of exhaustion rising beneath her blue eyes, her face and chest ruddy from a workout unlike any she had experienced in nearly four decades of life.

And yet, she couldn’t deny the truth of his words, groaning with shame and lust as she spread her feet wide apart and leaned forward as far as she could before slowly lifting her ass into the air and bringing her well-lubricated hole with her.

Her nameless lover groaned as she did, hissing through yellow teeth while he admired her taut back and firm ass and felt his meaty black prick disappear again and again into her unmatched body. He ran his hands over her bare flesh, the roughness of his hands causing tremors of disgust, then after a moment reached up and gave her head another sharp yank.

“Are you taking a nap? I said ride it, bitch!”

Cate whimpered and did her best, but from her position it was hard to get any real traction, her lower back beginning to ache from the constant rocking of her hips. Her lover, as violent as he was, seemed to sense this, grunting with disgust before shoving her off his darker-than-night phallus. But before Cate could so much as take a breath she found herself on her knees, forced to clean his cock with her tongue and taste the mix of semen, lube, and whatever else her amazing ass had left behind.

Only when his pole was squeaky clean and gleaming in the waning sunlight did he allow her to stop, spitting in her face before leading her over to a truck that had seen better days. Her breasts and ass jiggled with every forced step, the men hooting as she climbed into the back and waited while her dark lover laid down and took his cock in hand, aiming the massive shaft upright before leaving the rest to her. By now the fight had utterly gone out of the actress, Cate moving as if in a daze and no longer caring what they did to her body.

He groaned as the brunette squatted over him, the deep crouch making her already impressive legs seem that much longer, and gazed at the dark nest between her thighs–grown specifically for this production–while she guided the throbbing head to her ruined backdoor.

Cate screamed as she bottomed out with a wet thud, the world swaying and her vision suddenly turning white. His giant prick seemed to hit her in places she hadn’t even known were there, her mouth going slack and her chest heaving as she struggled to keep from passing out.

Her lover was in much better shape, laughing boorishly as he pawed at her breasts and slammed up to meet her. Cate wailed at the top of her lungs while she rode him, balancing on her toes and pressing her hands against his chest for support while she rocked back and forth as fast as she could, blue eyes almost bugging out when she finally found a decent rhythm and felt him bottom out with every pump.

“Work that dick!” her lover boomed. “Come on, bitch! Work it with that whore ass!”

Cate was already ahead of him, sweating profusely as the truck groaned beneath them, ancient shocks squealing like something out of a really bad seventies-era porno. It hurt–oh god, did it hurt!–but there was also something so keenly satisfying about giving in to her basest urges, something so cheap that it was all the Australian beauty could do to keep from coming while the black bastard did his best to turn her once-demure ass inside out.

“Whose is it?” her lover taunted, twisting her nipples until tears rolled down her face. “Answer me, bitch! You Commie piece of pussy! Whose ass is it? Whose fucking ass–”

So far gone, her previous life mere flickers of images on an old movie screen, Cate didn’t hesitate to tell her magnificent stud the truth, pride drenching every terrible word as she threw her head back and shouted it to the heavens.

“It’s yours! Oh my god, oh my god! It’s yours, it’s yours!”

That was what he had been waiting for, the gigantic man moving faster than ever as he took her by the waist and rolled her onto her back. Cate gasped as he lifted her leg into the air and pinned her knee to her chest, curling her toes and kicking while he picked up where he had left off and rutted her with a strength known to few men.

He pulled out at the very last moment and came all over her flat belly, the only sign other than her intense exhaustion that she had been thoroughly violated. Cate moaned cheaply while he jerked his shaft and spurted on her creamy skin, waiting to be sure he was completely spent before running her fingers through thick puddles and collecting it on the tips of her fingers.

“Mmm Jesus,” she groaned, batting false lashes while feeding herself his warm seed. “Jesus-fucking-Christ.”

By now the others had gathered around, someone tearing the green canvas off the truck so everyone in the hangar could see her. Cate didn’t mind, her face hot as she looked into the faces of so many strangers and rubbed the last of her lover’s spunk into her creamy flesh.

Her last memory, just before passing out, was of dozens upon dozens of men applauding her.

South East England

August 25th 1996

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Mrs Parsons, or Sarah as she now insisted on being called, held up a folded piece of paper and waved it at James. They had met for drinks several times since the infamous sexual escapade at the end of term, always during one of James’ visits home from University, and he couldn’t remember her ever being as excited as she was tonight. Every time they had met it had been a fantastic night: full of laughs, saucy conversation and an ungodly amount of flirting, but much to James’ frustration no evening had ever ended in any kind of physical interaction. She always dressed fairly modestly for their ‘dates’, but James knew what kind of body was unjustly hidden underneath her layers of clothing and desperately wanted to familiarise himself with it again – but Sarah would never entertain his suggestions of after-drinks intimacy. She had spelled out exactly why during their very first date after the shower incident.

“It will never be as good,” she lamented. “We both know that. It was wish fulfilment. I got to seduce a naive and inexperienced student and you got to fuck the teacher you had fantasised about for 5-odd years. We’re never going to top that. And I want to remember it for what it was. And I do remember it James; an awful lot.”

So did James. He had enjoyed a couple of sexual encounters during his first year at university, but nothing as amazing as that first time, and with no one as stunning as Sarah – certainly no one as well-endowed. He was still a shy young man, not the cocksure kind of bloke that could easily flirt with his fellow students and get glamorous stunners into his bed. He had managed to charm a couple of bookish girls into several bouts of sexual exploration, and he had enjoyed them very much, but the image of Sarah’s cum-soaked breasts sitting below the filthy look on her face was a hard one to shift, and every sexual tryst paled in comparison. James had shared these frustrations with Sarah at their meetings, and she had even admitted that her sex life had felt a little tame since their erotic coupling, but she was adamant that casual sex would tarnish the memory of their realised fantasies. James just had to settle for the incredibly intimate chats they had instead. But it was at their most recent get-together that Sarah had hit upon an idea that she thought could recapture the magic of James’ incentive list.

“I was thinking about what you did – you know with your list,” she said enigmatically.

“What about it?”

“It was nothing to do with the grades, was it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I feel a bit stupid for not thinking of it like this before, but you didn’t use the incentive to see my tits to get a good grade, did you? You used the excuse of needing a good grade to talk me into showing you my tits. You basically thought up a very clever plan that offered the slim possibility of making a fantasy come true.”

“Well I thought if I had just asked for a titty fuck after school one day, you might have refused,” James intoned with mock seriousness. Sarah guffawed in response.

“But that’s the thing, of course I would have. Refused, I mean. In that scenario I would have thought you were a total creep, I probably would have felt I had to tell someone, I would have been panicking about my career… I mean I wouldn’t have just been able to let that stand.”

“Fuck. Well I’m glad I didn’t do that then.” James felt a little sobered by the assertion. Sarah seemed to notice his unease and held out a warm hand for his own to clasp.

“But in your absolute genius,” she continued, “You created a scenario that kind of made sense. That felt safe. That was actually kind of sweet and adorable. The whole thing could be denied or refuted or ignored… well right up until the point I tit fucked you in the shower room, anyway.”

“What are you getting at?” James wondered out loud.

“You made your fantasy come true. With a lot of thought and a bit of ingenuity, you came up with a plan that actually made it come true. And I’m thinking maybe we could engineer a few more.”

James pondered what she was saying for a short moment.

“Well the fact that it was your fantasy too probably helped,” he offered.

“Sure, I met you halfway. But you came up with that plan all on your own. If there’s two of us – two horny geniuses; one boy, one girl – we could come up with some of our own, couldn’t we?”

“Why do we need to come up with clever plans to do stuff with each other?”

“We don’t, you idiot.” She slapped him upside the head with a beer mat. “Like I said, it would be easy to go back to mine and fuck each other, but that’s not the fun part…”

“I think it would be pretty fun.”

“It would be pretty fun, but it wouldn’t be amazing. You know what made our session in the shower so amazing?”

“The anticipation.”

“Exactly! The anticipation! I was thinking about ‘results day’ from the moment you gave me that list. I fantasised about holding up my end of the bargain a hundred times over. And the feeling of your plan coming to fruition, of us reaping the rewards of all your twisted little machinations…”

“Alright, steady on. So what specifically are you suggesting?”

“Let’s write another list. Of fantasies. Of things we’ve always wanted to do that maybe we can’t do with a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Things like… you know, getting a tit fuck from your teacher. You write one, I’ll write one; we’ll compare notes, try to work out ways of… you know… making them come true.”

As they continued to chat James slowly started to acknowledge the potential rewards of having a filthy partner-in-crime that he could collaborate with to fuel their respective fantasies. They went their separate ways with James’ head full of new sexual possibilities

Over the course of the next seven days, James became almost obsessive in concocting the contents of his list. His fantasies before his encounter with Sarah had been almost entirely dominated by situations involving his beloved teacher, but in the following year he had imagined and masturbated to a much greater variety of mental scenarios. He found that his solo activities were far more satisfying and enjoyable when he imagined situations that were grounded and within the realms of possibility. Picturing him seducing Phoebe Cates into an indecent act on a tropical beach was stimulating, sure, but not all that plausible. Catching a busty flat mate undressing in their shared accommodation was much more feasible – and therefore more of a turn on. Sarah’s proposed evolution of the incentive list was perfect for him, because it demanded feasible scenarios that could be engineered with a little guile and planning. James’ dirty mind went into overdrive as he imagined all the sordid things he could accomplish with the help of a willing and like-minded female accomplice. The ideas came thick and fast. And so did he, on an almost nightly basis.


“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Sarah could hardly contain her excitement when they met a week later. James was embarrassed to see that he had several pages of A4 paper covered in ink compared with the one neatly-typed page in Sarah’s hand, but was nonetheless eager to swap notes.

Sipping on her large glass of wine, which James had managed to secure at the bar before an erection had taken hold, Sarah carefully studied the list, occasionally smirking, occasionally letting out sounds of approval. Sarah’s list made for equally stimulating reading. A dozen different scenarios were simultaneously bouncing around in James’ head and three times as many possible ways to help bring them to fruition for his filthy companion. James wasn’t stupid; he knew that the more instrumental he was in making these fantasies a reality for Sarah, the harder she would work to do the same for him. He figured it was his turn to do her a favour considering the treat that had started all this, but Sarah refuted the logic.

“You came up with the first plan. My turn to come up with one for you,” she insisted. James wasn’t about to persuade her otherwise.

“Anything catch your eye?” he asked.

“Explain this one to me a bit more”.

Sarah lifted the second page towards James and held a perfectly painted nail against James’ fifth entry on the list titled ‘fake masseuse’.

“I went on holiday last year with my parents,” began James. “Just after the exam results actually. A very nice resort in Spain. And they had this hotel spa where I booked a massage. And it was really full on and intimate – I was completely naked under the towel and this woman was rubbing almost every inch of me with oil.”

“Mmmmm, was she hot?”

“No, she was about 50 and had a moustache.”


“But the point is, after I had finished I saw another woman in a towel go into another room for a massage and she really was hot. And a male masseuse followed her in! I remember thinking, ‘wow, if only I could get in with the spa staff and get them to let me pretend to be a masseuse’. I’d have waited until a foxy client came in and spent 60 minutes with my hands all over her. And she’s on vacation – she’s not going to know that I’m not staff!”


“Of course I’m not trained. I’d probably be found out after 10 minutes of rubbing the wrong muscles.”

“Not to mention the disproportionately large amount of time you’d spend on the tits.”

“Well yeah, there’s that too,” James acknowledged with a chuckle. “I guess I’d have to pace myself.”

Sarah pondered and was silent for a minute or so as James nursed his beer. Finally she looked up and fixed him with one of her trademark dirty smiles.

“A plan is forming,” she declared cryptically.

The conversation then moved on to other entries in the list and eventually onto the intriguing fantasies typed by Sarah. They chatted and drank and flirted well past closing time, the landlord seemingly rewarding them for their custom by leaving them be and letting them order from the bar long after the pub had closed – what the British lovingly call a ‘lock-in’. The seeds they planted in each other’s minds that evening would bear sensual fruit for many years to come.


A little under two weeks later, James received a call at his parents’ house where he was staying for the summer while they cruised around the Mediterranean. He desperately hoped it was Sarah – he hadn’t heard a peep from her since the lock-in and was desperate to share his thoughts about her list. But the youthful, slightly posh voice on the other end of the line was wasn’t hers.

“Oh, hi there. Is that James?” said the young woman in an upbeat, genial tone that immediately sat well him.

“Er, yes it is. Who’s that?”

“My name’s Emma. I was given your number by Sarah Parsons. I’d like to book you in for a massage if I can?”

James froze. Usually so good thinking on his feet, he had a minor panic attack at being so woefully underprepared for this opportunity.

“Oh I’m sorry, I’ve got the wrong number haven’t I?” she offered.

Faced with the fear of letting this chance slip through his fingers, James’ brain finally kicked into gear.

“No no. You’ve got the right number. Sorry, the receiver was playing up. Did you say Sarah Parsons?”

“Yes, she was eulogising about her sessions with you so I thought I’d book one too.”

“I’d be happy to. Emma, I don’t have my diary with me right now, would you mind if I called you back later today to arrange a time?”

“No of course not. Sorry, it is a bit early isn’t it? Have you got a pen?”

James jotted down her number and promised to call back as soon as he could. She gushed with thanks and put the phone down. James replaced the receiver and stood in shock for a while before being startled back into lucidity by the phone ringing yet again.

“Hi James, it’s Sarah. Thought I’d better give you some warning that you might be getting a phone call from a lovely young lady in the next few days.”

“You’re a bit late. I’ve just got off the phone with her now.”

“Oh Shit, have we blown it?”

“No, I blagged it. Told her I’d call her back when I found my diary. Who is she? What did you tell her?”

“God she’s keen. I only gave her your number this morning. Call her back and tell her 7.00 Wednesday evening at the nurse’s office at our school. I’ll fill you in on the rest later. Meet me at Gino’s for lunch.”

James returned Emma’s call and confirmed the appointment, careful to avoid engaging her in conversation in case he contradicted whatever Sarah had told her. In the brief exchange she sounded bubbly and sweet and James started imagining what she might look like.


At a local Italian cafe later that day, Sarah went through the details and revealed the extent of her planning.

“You know this running club I do with some of the sixth formers at Percy Forks?” she began.

Sir Percival Faulkner’s school for girls was located just a short way down the road from James’ old school. Another private establishment for well-to-do brain boxes, the two academic establishments were separate entities but they often collaborated in subjects such as music, drama and in some sports.

“Oh God, how old is she?” James queried.

“Don’t worry, she’s 18. Just finished her exams. Bit worried about university I think… interacting with all those young men after 7 years at a girls school.”

Sarah gave James a trademark fruity look. He was intrigued.

“Go on,” he said.

“Well, we all meet to go running about twice a week, and I’ve got to know some of them quite well. We even go out for drinks after the evening run sometimes. The ones who are old enough anyway. And I’ve been mentioning this wonderful guy who gives me a full body massage every once in a while. That he’s young and sweet and training to be a physiotherapist and is offering cut price massage sessions to help him practice and train. That he’s not yet qualified or experienced enough to do deep tissue techniques, but that it’s such a relaxing and sensual hour that it really doesn’t matter.”

“That is absolutely genius,” James marvelled.

“And you got a whole-hearted recommendation from me. I mentioned you to all the girls I thought you might be interested in getting your hands on, but this girl Emma was the only one I gave your number to.”

“Why her?”

“Well, first off she’s got a body I really think you’ll appreciate rubbing oil into. I’ve checked her out in the changing room showers, and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re into. But mainly it’s because of the way she reacted when I subtly suggested the more ‘sensual’ aspects of the massage. I think she’ll be, shall we say, a little more receptive to your touch?”

James was developing a crushing erection just hearing about this.

“We need to set up the first aid room to be more like a spa. I can do that. Candles and a tape player and stuff. We’ll wheel the recovery bed into the centre of the room. It’s like a massage table anyway, the mattress is so hard. It’s height adjustable too.”

“Outstanding. You’ve really thought of everything.”

“One more thing. I told her that you would ask her if she would rather you avoided massaging her buttocks and breasts. Figured it would make you sound more professional and also give you an opportunity to read the situation; see if it would be appropriate for your wandering hands to do their thing. But I wholeheartedly recommended that she let you. Said it was the best part.”

“Paint a bit of a picture for me. What’s she like?”

“I don’t want to say too much in case I build her up. Let’s just say tall, lovely long brown hair and tits bigger than mine.”

That final bit of info elicited an audible moan from James’ throat. Sarah giggled, pleased that her machinations were yielding the desired results.


On the evening of the massage, Sarah met James at his old school. Despite it being the summer holidays, the main building and a select few sports facilities were kept open and maintained by a skeleton crew of administrators and cleaners. The main building, which housed the nurse’s office, was essentially deserted and would be locked up at 10.00 – plenty of time for James to indulge his fantasy with his unwitting, if not unwilling, customer.

Sarah showed him to the first aid room and was knocked out by the effort she had put in to decorate it appropriately: dozens of tea lights gave the room a soft, dimly-lit glow; relaxing classical music played at a low volume via a cassette player; and a burning incense stick filled the space with a flowery perfume. The adjustable bed, usually something terrifying-looking with a plasticky mattress topping a multitude of folding legs and wheels, was now an invitingly cosy table of white cotton and linen in the centre of the room.

“Right,” said Sarah, clapping her hands together. “You brought the oil?”

“About 10 different varieties,” responded James, holding up a heavy plastic bag as proof.

“You’ve done your homework about towel positions and stuff? What to ask and how to start?”

“I think so.”

“Great. Well have fun.” She indicated his black track suit bottoms and tight-fitting black T-shirt with a waft of her hand. “You certainly look the part. I’ve got some work to be getting on with. I’ll pop by after your ‘appointment’ and take you to the pub. You can tell me all about it.”


It was 7:05, twenty minutes after Sarah had left him, and James was worried he was going to be stood up. He was considering leaving to find his old teacher in the building when a bundle of hair and energy come exploding through the door of the nurse’s office.

“I am sooo sorry,” the young lady gasped, before catching her breath and addressing James with a much more assured if slightly too loud voice. “I don’t know why I thought the medical room would be in exactly the same place as in our school, but I went there anyway. Got lost. I’m Emma, pleased to meet you.”

James shook an outstretched hand and quickly examined the young woman it was attached to. Certainly tall, she stood a good few inches over him even in just her trainers. Her face was open and beaming and James couldn’t decide what was smiling more; her full lipped mouth or her large brown eyes. She was fixing him with such an intense yet happy gaze that he couldn’t avert his eyes from her face to examine her other attributes. She had golden brown skin and not much make up except for a huge amount of eye shadow, which only served to make her eyes look bigger. She was incredibly pretty, like a fashion model but with a rounder, friendlier face.

“Hi, I’m James. Don’t worry this place is like a maze. I’m amazed you found it at all.”

“Well Mrs Parsons did tell me but I’ve got a rubbish sense of direction. Where shall I put these?”

Emma held up the two bags in her hands and hyperactively looked around giving James a brief opportunity to look at her body. Sarah hadn’t been lying about her breasts; even buried under several layers of thin material and a hefty bra (judging by the thick blue shoulder strap on show), their ample nature couldn’t be disguised. She was not as slim as, say, Sarah Parsons, but she certainly was not overweight in any way. James imagined that her frequent running had given her a decently toned physique. He was about to find out first hand.

“Just pop them on that corner chair over there.”

As she turned away from him to deposit her belongings, he could see how long her straight brown hair was, the ends almost obscuring her behind. Her ass was not small but was incredibly round and pert. Some women, James noticed, simply had a place where their thighs met their back in a rather nondescript fashion. This was not the case with Emma – she had an ass! And a fucking good one. She turned around and swept her long straight-cut fringe away from her dark fluttering eyelashes.

“Right,” she puffed, before slapping her hands against the sides of her thighs and fixing James with an expectant stare. “Where do you want me?”

James gave her a warm smile and checked out her clothed body for the final time. He could feel his cock stiffening in his pants.

“We’re all ready to go in that room there. You can go in now and I’ll give you a few minutes to undress – you can just hang your clothes over the back of the chair. Lie face down on the table with a towel covering you, and I’ll join you in a moment.”

“Do I keep my knickers on, or should I be completely naked?”

James was slightly taken aback by the utter lack of coyness displayed.

“It’s entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to keep both their bra and knickers on, others like to be completely nude. So whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“OK great,” she said, and headed into the first aid room, gently closing the door behind her.

James was glad she entered as swiftly as she did, aware that his growing erection would soon be visible through his jogging bottoms. As he waited outside he wondered if he should have been more prescriptive, insisting she was totally naked. No, it was best that he gave her every opportunity to signal any discomfort. If he went back in and she was wearing her underwear underneath the towel, he would know that this would be a more subtle titillation for him and that he should avoid any direct sexual contact. That would be fine, he thought. It would be enough to stare at that semi nude body and rub his hands near and around her assets. He might even be able to persuade her to remove more clothing. His erection reached full capacity thinking about it. To disguise his arousal he reached into his joggers and pulled his erection up and slightly out of his briefs, using the waist band to hold it flat against his pelvis. He then secured his joggers further up his torso to cover the top of his erect cock sticking up out of his underwear. He took a deep breath, and approached the door of the first aid room, rapping on it gently three times.

“I’m ready,” came the distinctly calmer-sounding voice on the other side.

James entered to reverential silence as the music had reached the end of the tape. All that could be heard was the crackling flames of the candles and tea lights. He closed the entrance behind him and locked the old fashioned door with the brass key sticking out the keyhole, before placing it on its hook on the wall nearby. On the table in the middle of the room Emma was lying face down as instructed. A towel covered the area extending between her lower back and her knees, and James was ecstatic to note that her back was completely bare. She had tied up her long trusses in a messy bun revealing her broad shoulders and tanned athletic body. And underneath her honed torso he could see the sides of her massive breasts squashed between the surface of the table and her ribcage.

James attended to the cassette player and found himself standing right next to the chair where Emma had draped her clothes. Two items particularly caught his eye: the generously cupped blue bra and the non-matching pair of white cotton knickers. She was completely naked under the towel! James felt some precum ooze out of the tip of his cock; the pressure of the elasticated waistband was doing little to abate its sensitivity.

“It’s so peaceful in here,” Emma offered, her voice now hushed and calm.

“That’s the idea. We want you to be as relaxed as possible and just enjoy the next hour.”

James saw that Emma’s head was turned in the opposite direction and quickly succumbed to the temptation to pick up her bra and examine the label. She was a 36DD. James knew that it was inevitable that at some point in the next half hour he was going to ask Emma to turn over and catch a glimpse of the biggest tits he had ever seen in the flesh. More precum escaped.

As the music restarted Emma sighed with approval and lifted her dangling arms do that she could rest her chin on her hands. James quickly replaced the bra and approached the table, picking up a bottle of massage oil and another large cotton towel on his way. He stood over his ‘customer’ and took a deep breath, examining her smooth freckled back. Raising her head to rest her chin on her hands had caused her body to lift ever so slightly off of the table, and the sides of her breasts could now be seen more clearly. The flesh peeking out from the edges of her torso was more ample than he could have imagined, and it required a mental check to stop him reaching out and touching there straight away. Instead, he tried to act out his role as professionally as possible so as not to arouse suspicion (if nothing else).

He gently pulled the towel Emma had already covered herself with down slightly, so that it covered the majority of her legs and stopped just above the roundness of her buttocks. He then placed the second towel he had gathered over her back, covering from the neckline to the small of her back.

“Did Sarah explain that I don’t do deep tissue massage or sports massage at the moment?” he offered.

“Yes, she said you were still training. That you just did relaxation massages. Sounds perfect. I just want to unwind and enjoy being pampered.”

Perfect answer. James felt he might be able to push this innocent massage further when the time came. But not yet.

“I’ll start on your back. Let me know if I’m using too much pressure or not enough. The more we communicate the more enjoyable it will be for you.”

James folded the top towel away from him, revealing the left side of Emma’s back and the generous excess of breast flesh underneath. Keeping her hands at the top of the table, she turned her head to the side away from his gaze, allowing him to ogle the modestly presented yet still – underneath all that white cotton – butt naked young woman lying below him. He poured some oil into his warm hands and began firmly stroking her back with his lubricated palms. He explored every inch of her exposed form with strong strokes, the slippery oil allowing him to really engage with and manipulate her body.

“Mmmmm, that’s lovely,” croaked Emma.

James decided to be more bold. He began rubbing oil in purposeful circles into the skin on her sides, just below where her left breast was squashed and partially on display. He then started taking long passes down the entire side of her body with his fingers, ensuring that his finger tips brushed against her side boob with every alternate stroke. As a means of testing the waters, it was a success. All Emma did was sigh pleasurably. After several minutes he replaced the towel and folded it the other way so that he could administer to the other side of her back, and the edge of her right breast. They were small, subtle touches, but the way the flesh yielded under his slippery fingers was joyous. 15 minutes had passed and he was now getting unbearably horny with an overwhelming desire to see and feel more of her body. James knew that a professional masseuse would probably now cover the back and spend a good portion of time on the backs of the legs, but he was impatient. He wanted to be stimulated further and was keen to find out how far he could push things with Emma. He moved to the other side of the table, where the towel was double folded over her back, and lifted it up high enough so that it appeared he was trying to block his view, but low enough that he could actually see the right side of her body.

“OK, if you’d just like to lie on your back for me”, he tried to calmly ask, although the dryness in his throat may have betrayed him.

“Sure,” came the hushed response.

Emma propped her body up with her elbows and began to twist around. However, for the entire manoeuvre she fixed James with an intense yet friendly stare. He couldn’t catch a glimpse of anything without her seeing exactly where he was looking. In his peripheral vision he got the impression that a magnificent pair of tits were just an ogle away, but he couldn’t break eye contact. James was trying to read the look in her eyes. It seemed playful; almost as if she was thinking ‘I know exactly what you’re up to’. Well if she did, she didn’t seem too upset about it. Her back now resting fully in the table, James replaced the towel so that it sat just below her neck. He positioned himself at the top of the table, looking down at her face. She was just as pretty upside down. Now was the moment of truth.

“Some female clients prefer that I avoid touching their breasts. It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t feel comfortable about it I can avoid massaging that area altogether.”

Emma looked into his eyes with an ambiguous expression for what seemed like an eternity, before smiling.

“No, I don’t mind. If it’s a full body massage I might as well get my money’s worth. “

“Great,” came James’ unfortunate reply, as he let a fraction of the erotic anticipation that was welling inside of him escape into his words. He mentally admonished himself for such an unprofessional response, but Emma simply smiled knowingly and closed her eyes.

James took a silent deep breath, and ignoring all the modesty techniques that he knew a proper masseuse would incorporate in this scenario, peeled the top towel down to reveal Emma’s naked chest.

It was a sight of utter sensual beauty. For starters, the usually unflattering effects of gravity were seemingly absent. While her breasts were undeniably large, her 18 year old body had bestowed upon them an almost supernatural firmness that caused them to maintain a semblance of shape and pertness even though she was lying flat on her back – there weren’t even distinct lines of cleavage. Then there was their shape – perfect circular domes of smooth golden brown flesh, centred with two generous dark pink areolas. And to top it all off, two large, puffy nipples; bullet hard and pointing to the ceiling.

James wanted to grab them immediately, but managed to restrain himself and instead worked on Emma’s shoulders. With frequent glances downwards to make sure her eyes were still closed, he took in the sight of those majestic tits. As he manipulated the skin around her décolletage, he could see them move in response, and this only fuelled his already insane levels of arousal. The precum was softly pumping out of his cock on an almost constant basis, and he could feel the area around his pelvis getting cool with the resultant stickiness.

Another look down and his heart skipped a beat as he saw Emma staring directly at him.

“Can I ask you a bit of a personal question?” she sweetly enquired.

“Er, sure,” came the weak voiced response.

“Do you ever get turned on massaging a woman?”

James wasn’t sure how to play this. The instinctive response would be ‘Yeah, I’m aroused right now’ but James couldn’t predict how that would go down. He decided to remain coy.

“No, I’m just focussing on the techniques and the muscle groups and the job I’m doing. It’s like a medical appointment. You couldn’t do it if you thought of it in that way.”

“I suppose,” she pondered, her eyes again closing. “So looking at me topless doesn’t turn you on?”

“You have to maintain a professional boundary. But talking about it doesn’t exactly help.”

“Sorry,” she said apologetically.

James’ reach began to extend further down her chest, his fingers beginning to explore the very tops of her breasts. Emma giggled to herself.

“What’s funny?” asked James, terrified he was the butt of some embarrassing joke.

“Nothing. It’s just I’ve been fighting boys away from my tits since I was 14. I’ve never let a guy touch them even once and now I’m paying one to do it. I just think that’s funny.”

James took her relaxed tone and candid language as a sign that he could be more adventurous. He took another bottle of oil and trickled some of its contents over Emma’s breasts, aiming the sweet smelling lubricant so it landed on and around her nipples. The coolness made her take a sharp intake of air. James distracted her by furthering the conversation.

“Surely you’ve had a boyfriend or two that were allowed?”

“Never really had time for all that. Always working. Always studying. And daddy was always a bit strict when it came to going out. Never really got to socialise with boys much. Not nice ones, anyway. “

“Well I’m sure University will change that.”

And with that casual remark came the culmination of Sarah’s planning and James’ fantasy. He leaned over as far as he was comfortably able and put both his hands directly on top of her amazing tits. She sighed as he firmly circled his palms over the entire surface of her 36DDs, spreading the oil all over. He had been too generous with the lubricant and the cups of his hands were making slurping noises as the oil was distributed, the excess dripping down her sides and onto the cotton underneath her.

The breasts were incredibly firm and despite being bigger, didn’t even yield as much as Sarah’s. He started wondering if they were perhaps implants, as he had heard that fake tits maintained their shape more than natural breasts, but considering Emma’s description of her upbringing, discounted this theory immediately.

James explored every curve and square inch of the tits he was groping. The tips of his fingers investigated underneath the sides and he even lifted them slightly from her chest to apply some oil where her midriff gave way to her magnificent bosom. All the while the palms of his hands were being stimulated by her ever-hard nipples. Even the eventual warmness of his oily hands wasn’t causing them to relax, and he delighted in feeling the turgid tips slide across his sensitive palms. The mixture of textures – the soft yet heavy flesh; the rough hard nipples and the silky lubricant – was making it hard for James to resist going further. He took the thumbs and forefingers of both hands and lightly pinched each nipple, tweaking them to an even more erect state whilst coating them in oil. Emma gasped.

“Is that really a massage technique?” she whispered. James evaded a direct answer.

“Do you want me to stop?” he countered.

“God no,” came the enthusiastic response. James was ecstatic. He literally had her in the palm of his hand.

Emboldened by her attitude James moved around to the side of the table to examine her tits from a different angle. He then reached out with his right hand and forcefully squeezed her oil soaked right breast. Emma moaned approvingly. The facade of a professional massage was fading fast, especially when James started flicking her nipple with his thumb before running delicate circles around the areola.

Emma then raised a hand, ostensibly to adjust her hair, but with such an exaggerated motion that she was clearly trying to achieve something else. And indeed, on the way up, her hand brushed against James hidden erection, knocking it free from the grip of his waist band. She fired a cheeky grin at him that reminded him of Sarah.

“You ARE turned on,” she challenged, but in an adorably sweet way. James looked down at the protrusion of fabric over his groin and sighed.

“With certain clients it’s sometimes hard…”

“It certainly is!” she interrupted with a giggle. James offered one more ‘get out’ for her.

“Should I stop?” he feebly offered.

“I think you probably should,” came the disappointing reply together with a hearty laugh. She then continued with a softer, hushed tone. “But I don’t want you to.”

She gave him a nervous look finished with a shy half smile. James still had her lubed-up tit in his grasp. He gave it another squeeze, causing her to grin and close her eyes.

“Why don’t you work on my legs for a while?” she suggested. “It’ll give you a chance to calm down.”

James dutifully complied, but not with the intention of calming down. The professional nature of the session now a distant memory, James left her glistening tits exposed as he moved down to the foot of the table and peeled the lower towel upwards, revealing first her ankles, then her calves, her knees and most of her thighs. He stopped short of revealing her crotch, but had a feeling she would be happy for him to expose it in due course.

With a fresh squirt of oil he began covering her right leg with a layer of lubricant, sensuously caressing underneath her knees and along the inside if her thighs as he did so.

Emma’s breathing rate was increasing, noticeable both through her breathy sounds and the rise and fall of her chest that James was keeping constant tabs on. He concentrated his attention on her thigh, spreading his fingers firmly around the muscle and up into the area near her crotch where the towel was barely covering. Indeed, the more he pushed his fingers northwards, the further the towel was displaced. Emma was keeping her legs very close together, and James started to worry he was pushing this girl too far in a direction she might not want to go. If she hadn’t even let a guy touch her breasts, she was clearly a virgin. Maybe this exploration towards her pussy was a step too far. Then James noticed something that might have explained her reticence – the inside of her thigh was lubricated at the very top, but it wasn’t with James’ oil.

“You’re turned on too,” James whispered.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice,” said Emma, who, much to James’ delight, began to part her legs to show the extent of her horniness.

The cotton towel she was lying on was absolutely soaked with her juices. James took the implied invitation to push his hands further up the inside of her leg towards the source of her wetness. He could now see where her round buttocks met the table, and the engorged lips of her labia. They glistened with sticky appreciation. James removed the last vestiges of her modesty by pulling at the towels and letting them slide off of her body. Emma didn’t flinch. She had a subtle round belly that complemented the curves of her hips and, of course, her breasts. Just below was a generous but well trimmed patch of dark brown pubic hair. James gently parted her labia with two of his fingers. This did elicit a reaction; a squeak of excitement and perhaps trepidation. James paused in case there was an objection, but none was forthcoming. And so he slowly and deliberately sunk a finger into her tight, wet pussy. A loud cry of pleasure escaped from Emma’s mouth – it was the kind of cry that almost sounded like a wince of pain and the contortion of her face did little to convince otherwise. But the broad smile that followed let James know she was far from hurting. He plunged his finger in further, as far as his hand would allow. His digit displaced more silky liquid from her cunt and it erupted with a satisfying squelch onto his hand.

“Oooooh fuck, yes… “Emma moaned, writhing her pelvis and pushing down onto the digital intrusion.

James withdrew and then slowly entered her again, this time with two fingers. Emma gripped the towel she was lying on as if it were a lifeline and her body stiffened. She threw her head back and opened her mouth to give a silent scream. James kept his fingers inside her moist cunt and started massaging her engorged clit with his thumb. Emma was whimpering now, and as she involuntarily jerked her body, her tits finally moved in a way that befit their massive size, flailing around on top of her chest like two jellies on a shaking tray. The sight of her animated breasts meant James could no longer abstain from pleasuring his own body, and put his free hand down his pants, greeting his precum-soaked erection with an enthusiastic grip.

“Play with your tits,” he gently ordered. Emma looked down at him and then at her own oily breasts with a look that suggested she had forgotten they were even there. She released her grip on the table and moved her hands to her chest, taking advantage of the lubrication still present to apply a series of tight-looking squeezes to her oily tits. With each enthusiastic grip, the slippery flesh of her breasts spilled out of her fingers, ready to be retrieved by the next stroke of her hand. The sensation must have enhanced her pleasure because she was now producing high pitched grunts in time with James’ manipulations. Not since his encounter with Mrs Parsons in the shower had he managed to get a woman so close to orgasm so quickly. He decided to go for it.

A prophecy is revealed, and Lyden’s path is set. But he has more important things to worry about, like rescuing his childhood friend. Will he be too late? He has already delayed longer than he ever wanted to. The path to Brooke is wrought with peril, but will the path out be any easier?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 14

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The Prophecy

“It’s no good,” I call out, looking at the spinning tires of my car. The Orange Bubble’s undercarriage is flush against the sand and no amount of pushing is going to get her free.

Thankfully all the dents and dings the dang Grindylows had put in her yesterday have healed and my car looks almost new again. I’m still finding it hard to believe that only a short while ago, it had been a burned up husk. The connection between the Orange Bubble and Angela still doesn’t make complete sense to me, but at least I have them both here now.

The succubus, in her Amazon form to help push, brushes off her hands, shaking her head. “It’s not far to Varun’s demesne, but it’ll take a while to swim that far, and we’ll be tired by the time we arrive. Not good conditions for rescuing someone.”

We’ve tried digging the car out, but the constant rain just runs the sand back into our holes. We’ve tried to find some wood or something to put under the tires so that they can get some traction, but everything is just too wet.

“We have company,” Lisa says warily, and I turn to follow her gaze. She was also helping push, while AnnaBelle ran the steering wheel and pedals.

A single Grindylow, old, wrinkled, tentacles crooked at odd angles beneath it, and stooped with age is watching us. By the way it’s holding its trident, I can tell that he needs it for support. At least, I think it’s a ‘he’. The large body of water sits behind the short creature, as it examines us with its large, shimmering, bulbous eyes.

“I don’t think he means us any harm,” Angela murmurs beside me.

“Are you truly a generator?” the green creature asks me. His voice is rough, as though speaking while out of the water takes some extra effort.

I nod, not really knowing what to say. This seems to get the little thing agitated, his many tentacles flapping against the sand, and I prepare myself for some sort of attack. I notice Lisa and Angela doing the same. The sound of the locks on my car informs me that AnnaBelle isn’t missing out on the tension out here.

“Then the prophecy is coming true?” I’m not sure how, but I’m able to detect joy in the small monster’s rough voice.

“What prophecy?” I ask, remembering Arethusa mentioning something about a prophecy as well. In stories, prophecies are never a good thing for those they involve. Of course, this is real life, so maybe the prophecy is about bunnies and rainbows. . . .

Yeah, I don’t believe it either.

The Grindylow calms down and examines me again. Without warning, he begins speaking in his harsh voice. Even with the pouring rain, his words carry a sense of import that changes the mood of our group.

“When the air calms down,

And rain slows on Water’s door.

Comes the time for all to wail.

A deadly new enemy to abhor.

A generator comes forth,

To save all or completely fail.

A foe that’s timeless,

Even on our life’s long scale.

Colors swirl to hide our nemesis,

Our destruction, he strives to make.

Only the blind can resist his will,

Unless his choice is a mistake.

A blade to kill, and a blade to save,

A talisman to forge the path between.

To kill and save, or save and kill,

One path to both, yet choices lean.

Our hero’s life shall meet its end,

Unless he strikes the deadly beast.

His friends shall fall or rise,

Until all his efforts have ceased.”

I just stare at the green creature. I mean, what does one say, after being told something so dark and dreary. Their hero’s life shall meet its end? Friends rise and fall? What the heck? Even the incessant rain seems to grow quite at the import of those words.

“The winds have lessened and yesterday the rain did to,” the ancient Grindylow states into the silence. “Generators have not been seen in either world for millennia. Witnesses saw you use your power to calm the rains, and we know the time is near, for air has lessened his blustering in his own realm.” He uses his trident to walk closer to us, and I hold my ground despite my rising apprehension. “We will aid you on your quest, Generator.” He bows low to me, and I can feel my cheeks go scarlet as the other two women out here look at me. “We are yours to command.”

I jump as he lifts his weapon and slams the butt down in the wet sand three times.

“What the—” I start to say as the water begins to boil behind the old Grindylow. Well, boil more than the rain was already making it churn.

“Get into your transport, Generator. My people will move you to the water, where you may continue your righteous quest.” The Grindylow bows to us, and I spare only a quick glance to Angela. Her eyes are wide as she stares at the sea, and I turn back to see the green heads of numerous Grindylows bobbing in the surf.

“Best do as he says,” Angela states, and turns to open the car door. Knowing what a pain it is for her to get into the cramped Orange Bubble, I quickly send her original image to her, and marvel as her form shrinks to that of a 1600′s black-oriental slave.

Lisa follows her, and AnnaBelle awkwardly moves into the passenger seat, letting me drive. As soon as my car door closes, the sea appears to puke up a bunch of little green creatures.

They swarm my car, making it rock back and forth. Is this the mistake the prophecy had mentioned? Trusting these little creatures?

My fears are quickly proven unfounded however, as they’re able to lift us out of the sand, and carry us to the lapping waves. They continue to carry us, until the hood of the Orange Bubble is submerged. I feel my panic rise once again at entering the water, but I shove it down. It seems easier to do this time. My mental conditioning with the rain yesterday must be helping some.

Even after letting us go, the green little monsters swim next to us for a ways, before the elderly Grindylow, spry and fleet now that he’s in the water, waves his trident to us in a salute, and the Grindylows depart.

“Angela,” I turn and ask as soon as the last Grindylow vanishes, “what do you know about that prophecy?”

The succubus looks troubled, as I let the car have its way. I know we need to get to Brooke, but the old Grindylow’s words are seriously bothering me.

“I don’t know,” she says after a few uncomfortable seconds. “This is the first I’ve heard of it.” She shakes her head as if to get rid of a bad feeling, before adding. “I wouldn’t put too much stock in it, though. Those creatures aren’t known for their intelligence and are considered rather gullible. They likely believe anything they hear.”

I would be inclined to believe her, if for no other reason than that I really don’t like the line about the hero’s life meeting its end, except that Arethusa had mentioned a prophecy as well. Looking into Angela’s eyes, and a quick glance at Lisa, makes me drop it. Brooke needs us right now, and this prophecy business can wait.

As we drive, I remember something about my mystical car, and know that I should have time to get this question answered.

“Angela, you once told me that my car is powered by the same thing that generates energy for me, but never said what exactly that is.” Despite how much I’ve seen the succubus change forms, it still comes as a shock to see her as a short Asian/black girl.

“Ambient energy,” she says in that way of hers, as though those simple words explain everything. Of course, I give her my ‘what do you mean’ stare, and she sighs before clarifying. “All around us is ambient energy. The wind, falling rain, even the ground has ambient energy. This car can tap into a bit of it, and keep running. Generators are a bit different, in that they can tap into a larger amount, turning it to their own use.”

“So, that’s why the rain lessened yesterday?” I ask, understanding why there seemed to be so much more energy from our sex than previously experienced. The cute black woman actually blushes a bit at my statement, but nods.

The rest of the ride is silent, as I think about what she’s revealed, before Angela has me stop about thirty minutes later.

“Head to the surface,” she tells me, and the car begins moving without my direct control. Talk about a backseat driver! “It’s not too late to turn back,” she says to Lisa and AnnaBelle. She knows I’m going forward no matter what. “It will be dangerous down there. Once you drink from the vial, you’ll be able to breathe under the water, but if you fall asleep, or even get knocked out, it’s over.” I can tell she’s speaking more to AnnaBelle than Lisa. Lisa at least has some self-defense skills. AnnaBelle only has her faith.

“A young woman is in need of aid,” the mature woman states. “I will help in every way I’m able. Let us say a prayer, before we drink that.” She doesn’t even wait for acquiescence before bowing her head. “Dear Lord, which art above us, please watch over us as we descend into the inky depths of thine enemy. Allow us to see with your light, and guide our spirits, that we may find the young woman and bring her to safety. Amen.”

I hear a whispered “Amen,” from Lisa, and quickly mumble one myself. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the car actually brightens as AnnaBelle lifts her head back up, and I can see the fervent glow of her faith behind her eyes.

I hand over the two vials, one to each of the normal humans, and watch as Lisa pops the cork off hers, taking a sniff.

“Hmm, reminds me of fishing with my dad, when I was a little girl.” I can see Lisa as a little girl, sitting in a metal boat, an older man with a fishing rod in his hands, and hooks dangling on his vest. The girl sits staring adoringly at her father, as he explains the intricacies of fishing.

Blinking, I return to myself, a bit surprised at the peek into the blonde’s past. Especially since this time, there was nothing sexual going on, until I see a sparkle in the blonde’s eyes, as she winks at me.

AnnaBelle only shudders when she smells hers, but plugs her nose and downs it. Lisa drinks hers at the same time, but she smiles dreamily as she does so.

The smile soon vanishes, as both women begin to grasp at their throats, making choking noises.

“He poisoned them!” I exclaim, worried that this is the mistake I might make.

“No,” Angela shouts, “the potion lets them breathe underwater, but it takes away their ability to breathe normal air.”

“You just think to say this now?” I grumble, knowing that the succubus hadn’t meant any harm.

Angela looks abashed as she tries to open the passenger door from the back seat, but with AnnaBelle turning blue against it, she can’t reach the handle.

Leaning across the older woman, I hit the lever, and she begins to fall back. I only have a second to gasp at the amount of water around us, before AnnaBelle’s hands grip my shirt, pulling me after her.

We land with a splash, and already I can feel water filling my lungs. I can’t breathe! Marchosias had been wrong. I needed the potion too. Gasping, I flail about, trying to get back to the surface, but I never learned how to properly swim. It’s been decades since the last time I was actually in water above my knees, not counting when I was a dragon. My actions are counter-productive, as I lift my legs in an attempt to kick, while my arms waive uselessly. My lungs burn, crying out for air, and even though I can see the rain splattering down on the surface above me, I know I won’t reach it before I black out.

Firm hands grip me, and for a second I think it’s the water finally claiming me after all these years, until I see Lisa’s worried eyes in front of me.

Why is she worried? The thought flits through my panicked brain. She’s in the water now, and can breathe.

Somehow these thoughts are like a reset switch, and my mind calms down as I open my mouth, and fill my lungs. Air doesn’t flow in, but the water feels just as good as I take another watery breath. The sensation of something thicker than air filling my lungs is a whole new experience, and I focus on that thought, rather than the water surrounding me, to keep calm and sane.

Lisa has a hold of my shoulders, and she’s looking deep into my eyes. “Angela needs you,” she says, and despite the water, I seem to be able to hear her just fine. I also notice bubbles popping out of gills on her neck. Knowing what I’m feeling, I wonder what that must feel like to her. I truly hope it didn’t hurt truly her.

With her and AnnaBelle’s help, I make it up to the surface, and spit out the water in my lungs, before I can talk to the succubus.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, seeing Angela is sitting in the passenger’s seat, her pretty feet dipping into the water.

“Were you just going to leave me behind?” She asks, arching one dark eyebrow.

“I can’t swim,” I remind her. “Come on, let’s go.”

“I can’t yet,” she tells me, and I realize what the holdup is. With the help of the other two women, I make it over to the car, and pull myself up to her level. Bringing my lips to hers, I kiss her deeply, sending the image of her as a mermaid, then wrap my arms around her, and fall back into the water.

She tries to yelp as the water surrounds us, but I don’t release our kiss. The succubus is still able to push me away, and I smile as I watch her look at her tail, and then at her naked chest.

Angela easily swims back up to me, and puts on the most demure look I’ve ever seen. “Is this how my mastah likes his slave?” she asks in an accent that sounds authentic. For some reason it rubs me the wrong way. I have no problem playing master and slave, heck I’d done it a couple times with Sheila, my boss, but knowing that Angelica had actually been a slave, takes on a whole different connotation.

“No,” I state firmly, my own voice sounding weird in the water. “This is how I want my dear friend.” The corners of her mouth turn down for a second as I call her a dear friend, and I realize she took it the wrong way, but I don’t know what else to say.

Seeing how easy it is for her to move around the water with her tail, I concentrate, and try to form my own legs into one, but it doesn’t work. What the heck? I can breathe underwater thanks to my time with Brooke, but I can’t make a fish’s tail? Hmm, would a dragon’s tail work? A couple seconds and a bit of a drain on my system later, my tailbone feels heavy. I give it a shake, and feel myself propelled through the water.

All three women are laughing at me, and I realize that I tore my pants in making the tail. “Dang it!” I swear, as I try to pull the rags back up to cover my genitals. After a few seconds of enduring their rising laughter at my attempts, I finally just give up, and let them sink to the sea’s floor.

AnnaBelle ceases laughing as I turn to face them, and starts glaring instead, but I notice her taking a few glances at my manhood anyway.

It takes me a couple minutes to get the hang of using my tail to propel myself in the direction I want to go, and realize that swimming is a lot easier than trying to fly.

Grabbing Lisa, Angela grabs AnnaBelle, and this way we move quickly through the water, diving deeper.

* * *

“Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” AnnaBelle asks, as we look down on a scene of wonder. Buildings of every shape and size rise up from the sea floor. Tall thin structures that seem to be made of glass and are entirely see-thru, tower over squat perfectly round buildings made of some sort of shimmering blue or purple stone. Coral homes abut fields of seaweed, and schools of fish and other creatures swim around the metropolitan place. The entire city is massive, stretching in all directions as far as the eye can see. It would be entirely dark, if not for all the lights shining at the top of every building and at every corner.

I’m sure if I had perfect color vision, I would enjoy the scenery more, but right now all I can think about is Brooke being held captive in there somewhere.

“Is that where she’s being held?” I ask Angela, pointing to what can only be described as an underwater castle. Its minarets stand taller than any other structure, piercing the water with their pointed tops. I can’t help but wonder if the artists behind Disney’s The Little Mermaid had been here, and received inspiration from this castle, though the one they drew did this one little justice on its sheer size.

“How will we ever find her in that?” Lisa asks surprisingly. She’s normally so upbeat and optimistic, but looking at that castle, I have to wonder the same thing.

“As long as she hasn’t been moved,” mermaid Angela begins, “I can take us right to her.” She swims over to me, and looks me seriously in the eyes. “You might not like what you see down there, Lyden. She was being tortured when I left.”

“All the more reason to get her out of there, then,” I state firmly, cursing myself for all the delays and detours we’d taken. Had I known she was being mistreated, I would have been quicker. I don’t even wait as I charge for the castle, dragging Lisa behind me.

“Lyden, wait!” Angela yells behind me, but I don’t slow down, until she swims in front of me, blocking my path. “We can’t just go charging in there. We have to be more discreet.”

Looking around at our group, I realize she’s right. AnnaBelle and Lisa are still dressed in clothing from Earth, and while they can breathe underwater, they still look very human. It’s not likely that any human-looking non-humans will be down there. With my tail, and Angela looking like a mermaid, we’ll likely blend in well enough, but the other two women won’t.

“What. . . .” I begin, not sure exactly what to ask.

“Relax,” the succubus says soothingly. “I wouldn’t have let them come if I didn’t have a plan to get us in there. Just wait here for a moment.” She turns and looks down, waiting for something, and I start to get antsy. Why is she just waiting?

A few minutes later, I see a group of four creatures swimming towards us.

“Calm down,” Angela says when she sees me tense up. “Just follow my lead.”

As the creatures come closer, I see that they’re three mermen and a mermaid, all topless. The men’s muscles are thick, and ripple as they swim. Even the woman looks tough. Two of the men and the woman each have a sword in hand. The third man carries a trident, and seems to be in charge.

“State your business for coming to Atlantis,” the trident toting merman states officiously.


Angela swims forward, stopping a respectful distance away, and bows to their leader. The bow actually looks odd in the water, but she pulls it off. “Captain,” she starts, “I come bearing gifts from Marchosias. These two women have been breed to look human, yet are able to breathe in your lord’s realm. I have been told that Lord Varun is expecting this year’s tribute from the demon Marchosias.”

The captain approaches the two women, and only gives my tail a cursory glance, and my bare groin an unhappy frown. “They look human, alright,” he states. “Where did you get the clothing? It looks authentic as well.”

Angela gives an easy laugh before replying. “I’m actually a succubus, only in this form to assist in delivering my master’s rent. I can travel freely between realms, as long as I’m cautious.”

“I know what you are, demon. I could smell your stink a mile off.” It takes some effort not to whip the merman with my tail at his insulting comment. The man is arrogant, and condescending, but I see a warning glance from Angela, and hold still. He notices anyway. “Seems your lackey doesn’t know his place.”

“Please ignore him, captain. He was a failed breeding experiment. A mute. I only brought him to assist in delivering these other women,” she easily lies. I knew that succubae had to be masters of deceit, but if I didn’t know any better, she’d have me believing her.

I wonder though, if the laws state that there can be no interbreeding, how would Marchosias get away with it?

The captain grunts, and dismisses me like a piece of trash. “See that he behaves.” He swims around us once more, before adding, “You can leave them in my care, and be gone.” He waves his three subordinates towards us, but Angela clears her throat.

“Respectfully, Captain, my orders were to deliver them directly into the dungeons. My master doesn’t want another incident.” Angela’s tone is respectful, but at the same time insistent.

The captain glares at the succubus, while the other three surround us. If this goes badly, we’re in trouble. Looking at the mer-people, I notice the mermaid sneaking glances at my package. I try to give her a winning smile, but she huffs and looks away. Her attitude doesn’t hide her slight blush though.

“That situation was rectified, and the one responsible punished. Do not impugn upon my honor, succubus.” There is no mistaking the anger in the merman’s voice.

What incident is this? I wonder, but things are moving too fast for me to think long on it.

“I understand, captain, but my orders were clear. My punishment will be severe if I fail my master.” My heart almost breaks to hear the pleading in her voice, even though I know the story is false.

“What do I care about the punishment of a succubus?” the captain glares at the dark-skinned succubus. The mermaid swims up to the captain and whispers something to him. He backhands her, sending her sprawling through the water. “Don’t presume to tell me my job, Ondine.” Despite being struck, Ondine rights herself, and takes up her post again, her cheek turning red where the captain had struck her. The captain turns back to Angela with a sour look on his face. “Fine, we will take you to the dungeons, succubus, and then you will depart, or face Lord Varun’s wrath.” He smiles wickedly as he adds, “And lately, his wrath has been vicious, indeed. Especially to women.”

He begins to swim away, and the other three around us indicate we should follow. I take Lisa again, as we’re escorted to the massive castle. I don’t miss the fact that Ondine swims next to me, with one merman behind us, and the other one on the other side of Angela and AnnaBelle.

Looking at Ondine, I begin to wonder if all mermaids have smaller breasts, as her brown hair streams behind her in the water.

As we enter the city, I marvel at the architecture around us. Doors open up to the water on every level; there is no need to only have entryways at the base, as anyone can swim.

“You swim worse than a newborn,” Ondine snidely says next to me, and I have to keep my mouth shut, as I’m supposed to be mute. Instead I try to smile dumbly at her, nodding my head. She doesn’t seem impressed.

Our escort leads us down to the seafloor, and over to a door in the side of one of the castle’s minarets. He pounds on the door and a moment later a panel moves aside. The unmistakable eyes of a Grindylow peep out.

“Tribute to Varun from the demon Marchosias,” the captain announces, disgust in his tone and the door opens a moment later. “Take them in, and come right back out.” He glances at the little Grindylow, and it’s obvious he thinks very little of the creature. “This thing will show you where they belong,” he states, referring to the Grindylow as an object.

“Might I ask one last boon?” Angela asks, and I see anger flare up in the captain’s eyes, but she continues. “The streets can be dangerous for my kind here, and I fear for our safety as we attempt to leave your city. Would you mind escorting us out?”

My eyes nearly bulge at her request. Is she crazy? This self-centered merman would never let us leave all together, especially not if we have Brooke with us. What is she thinking?

The captain glares at the four of us, before responding. “I couldn’t care less about your safety, succubus, but for some reason Lord Varun allows that demon master of yours to reside on our borders. It won’t due to anger him any further.” Is that a smug look I see on Ondine’s face? Is that what she’d said to the captain to get him to escort us down here? Unfortunately, I’m not the only one to see it. “Ondine here can escort you back.” He turns to the mermaid, a malicious gleam in his eyes. “Escort them all the way in and back out; then when you have taken them outside the city, return and report directly to my chambers.” His tone indicates that she won’t like reporting back to him.

Great! Way to go, Angela, I think. Now we have a babysitter. Really, what is she thinking?

Before anything else can be said, the captain gathers up his other two mermen and they swim off.

Despite myself, I feel bad for the mermaid. We had gotten her into trouble, and while she might be the enemy, she hadn’t done anything to us personally to deserve her treatment.

I open my mouth to apologize to her, but remember I’m supposed to be a mute, and close it again, glaring at Angela.

“Come on,” Ondine says dejectedly. “Let’s get this over with.”

She swims through the opening, and we follow, but not before I shoot Angela another dark glance. For some reason she just smiles at me. I wonder what’s going through the two human women’s minds, as we enter the dim corridor. They’ve remained silent the whole time.

I’m soon lost, as we make turn after turn, until we enter an area full of cells. Most of them are full, and their occupants look at us dejectedly, but none of them speak.

“Why are the cells so full?” Angela asks the mermaid.

Ondine glares at her for a second, before sighing resignedly and answering, “Lord Varun is wise, and sees traitors better than his own guards.” Her words say one thing, her tone another. Lord Varun has grown paranoid. Is this because of TanaVesta’s treatment?

Ondine leads us ever deeper, and I notice that Grindylows are the jail keepers. Are they on our side? Not very likely, I realize. They wouldn’t have had time to hear about what happened on the beach.

Finally the disgruntled mermaid stops before an empty cell, and orders a Grindylow to open it. As the little green creature unlocks the cell, the real mermaid turns to us, and for some reason I see hope in her eyes.

“Would your master be willing to take me in?” The words surprise me, but Angela only smiles. She must have known this was coming, but how?

“He would be willing I think, but you know that you would be ostracized. No longer allowed back here,” the succubus mermaid says evenly. “You would be an outcast.”

The mermaid seems to think this over for a bit, before replying. “Every day it becomes more dangerous here. Varun has grown more and more paranoid. I will never advance as a guard, and there is no place for me here.” She looks around nervously, and I’m surprised she ignores the Grindylow. I don’t miss her leaving out the ‘Lord’ before saying the Pillar of Water’s name. “Females are in the most danger. Any slight mistake and we’re thrown in one of these cells. Even after Brooke rescued our Lord from the Pillar of Fire, he refuses to trust any mermaids.”

Thinking back, I realize that most of the creatures down here that I could recognize the gender of, have been female. With Ondine ordered to come back and face her captain, I don’t blame her for wanting to get away when she has the chance. Hearing Brooke’s name, though, sends a bolt of electricity through my system, and it takes all of my effort not to demand to know where my childhood friend is being kept.

Before I have the chance to act, however, the Grindylow does, striking the mermaid in the back of the skull, and knocking her out. He then drags her into the cell, and locks it.

I stare in shock at the little creature, wondering what’s going on. “Come Generator,” the little green creature says. “Your friend is this way.”

“What’s going on?” Lisa asks, speaking for the first time in awhile. Angela and I exchange glances, but apparently even she hadn’t been expecting this.

“We can’t just leave this poor creature,” AnnaBelle says, but the Grindylow is already taking off. I can worry about Ondine later. Right now, Brooke needs me.

Grabbing Lisa once more, I use my dragon’s tail to propel me through the water after our little helper. We don’t go far, before he stops and unlocks another cell.

“Don’t look,” Angela warns, but it’s too late.

Brooke is inside. Or what’s left of her. Fingers are missing from her right hand, and the fins on her tail are completely missing. Her face is mottled with bruises and cuts, as is the rest of her bare torso. Her normally small breasts are swollen with bruises, and I can’t imagine the torture she’s been through.

Tears come to my eyes, but they blend in immediately with the surrounding water. I’m too late, I realize. She’s already dead. Once again, I curse myself for not rushing right down here to rescue her. I know I never would have made it without doing everything else, but I still can’t stop the self-recriminating thoughts accusing me of not doing enough.

“No!” I cry out as I enter the cell, not wanting to believe it. Picking her up in my arms, I cradle her damaged face to my chest, sobbing at the frustration of it all. Why couldn’t I have been quicker?

Then I remember that she had left to warn others of TanaVesta’s treachery, when she’d been captured. If I hadn’t told her about the Pillar of Fire’s plans, she never would have left, and she’d be alive now.

“Lyden,” AnnaBelle says to me softly, “we need to go.”

Looking up, I glare at the woman, ready to unleash my wrath. I know she doesn’t deserve it, but damn it, doesn’t she understand? The woman that had been there for me ever since I was a child is dead, and it’s my fault.

A groan pulls my attention away from AnnaBelle, and I find myself looking down into open sea-green eyes.

“Lyden?” Brooke asks, confusion thick in her raw voice. She pushes me away from her, shaking her head. “No! You can’t be. Lyden can’t come down here. He’s too afraid of the water.” She tries to scuttle away from me, but she’s weak and her tail isn’t working properly.

“Brooke, it’s me,” I tell her excitedly. She’s ALIVE! “I got over my fear to rescue you!”

“Not so loud,” Angela hisses at me, but I don’t care. Brooke is alive, and that’s all that matters. I wasn’t too late.

“But . . . but how?” the damaged mermaid asks.

“That doesn’t matter right now,” I say, swimming over to her. “We need to get you out of here.”

“I-I can’t,” she stutters, looking at her ruined tail and hand.

I ignore her as I pull her into a tight embrace, forgetting about her injuries until I hear her grunt in pain. I loosen my grip, but she pulls me back to her, hugging me as tightly as her weakened arms are able to.

“Generator,” I hear the Grindylow say respectfully, recalling to me that the little creature was still there, “you need to go, before someone else arrives.”

Looking to the little green guy I nod, before looking back into Brooke’s swollen eyes. “I’m not leaving you behind,” I tell her, and cut off her protests with a soft kiss.

Glittering multi-colored light suddenly shines brightly in the cell, and something tickles my mind. Almost, I feel as though I should be hearing something, but my ears feel stopped up.

“What’s going on?” someone asks, and I can hear them just fine, but my concentration is absorbed by the glowing multi-faceted light hanging right outside the cell. An orb about two feet in diameter floats there, and from time to time throws off a myriad of colors.

“Lyden,” Angela says, fear thick in her voice, “I think it wants an answer.”

I stare at the succubus, confused. An answer? An answer to what?

The colors flash again, and I have to shield my eyes, but I still don’t know what it wants.

“What’s it saying?” I ask. “I don’t understand.”

“Oh, dear Lord,” AnnaBelle beseeches the light, her tone awed and pious, “forgive this man his sins. We didn’t know you were watching over her.”

The light flares, and I swear it’s angry, but I still can’t understand the thing. I can easily sense its power, and can see the other women quaking where they float in the water.

“But . . . my Lord,” AnnaBelle says in confusion, “I don’t understand. Why would you want him dead?” The light speaks again in its colorful way, and I watch as AnnaBelle debases herself before the thing. “Forgive me Lord, for questioning your wisdom. It will be as you command.”

AnnaBelle turns to me, a deep sorrow in her clear brown eyes. “I’m sorry Lyden, but God has spoken. His will be done.” She pushes off the floor, coming for me, her hands outstretched, but the Grindylow intercepts her, entangling her arms within its tentacles.

“Go!” the Grindylow commands, but I won’t leave AnnaBelle behind, even if she is trying to kill me.

What is that light? What has it done to AnnaBelle, to make her think that this is her God? Hadn’t Angela told her that God was the Pillar of Light? Or is this the Pillar of Light?

The question is knocked from my mind, as Lisa’s foot connects with my skull. Dazedly, I look at the blonde woman, as she comes at me, and I see the colored lights reflecting from her blue eyes. That thing is controlling them!

I try to fend off Lisa’s attacks, but the water slows my movements, while seeming to aid her. She is too skilled, and I feel her hands tighten around my throat. Desperately I look around, and see Angela trying to use her arms to swim to me, her eyes clear, but her tail refuses to work. Fear and worry are in the succubus’s eyes, but not the multi-hued light. At least she is mostly free of the thing’s influence.

A quick glance at Brooke shows that she is free of the thing’s mind control also, but equally unable to reach me with her injuries.

Why is it only Lisa and AnnaBelle that are affected by the thing?

My vision starts to go black, as I’m struggling to breathe through Lisa’s choking grasp, and I focus my mind on the glowing orb. Is this the timeless foe the prophecy warns about? Is this the same one that’d been in TanaVesta’s chambers? If so, a generator is supposed to come forth, and save or fail. How can I fight something like this?

I remember something Angela recently told me about my ability; that I absorb ambient energy. Well, this thing is throwing off energy like it was going out of style. Concentrating the last of my consciousness on it, I try to absorb its energy. Perhaps if I get enough, I can block its control over my friends.

The area sudden grows dark, and I feel Lisa’s hands loosen their grip just before I pass out.

“Oh my god,” Lisa exclaims, covering her mouth. “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t stop myself. Lyden, are you okay?” Suddenly I’m surrounded by three women, all looking at me worriedly, even Brooke. “I knew what I was doing, but I wasn’t in control.”

“Get off me!” I hear AnnaBelle cry out. “My Lord, where did you go?”

“It’s okay,” I tell the Grindylow who’s still holding the older woman. “The thing’s gone now.”

The green little guy warily releases AnnaBelle from its tentacles, and swims a short distance, never taking his eyes off of her.

For her part, the older woman sinks to the floor, and weeps. I can’t imagine what she must be going through.

“We need to get going, before that thing sends reinforcements,” I say, rubbing at my sore throat. My voice is raw, and Lisa is still telling me how sorry she is, but I cut her off with a hug. “It’s not your fault,” I tell her. “I know that, but we really need to get out of here.”

The others agree, though Brooke tries to protest. “Leave me here. I’ll just slow you down.”

“To hell with that!” I exclaim, pulling the too thin mermaid up under my right arm, and grabbing Lisa’s hand, I use my tail to propel us out of the cell, following the Grindylow.

“What about Ondine?” AnnaBelle demands as Angela hauls her along. I can still hear sadness in her voice, but she seems to be recovering. “We can’t just leave her here!”

Damn her and her bleeding heart, I think viciously. I know her attacking me hadn’t been her fault, but I’m still angry at the situation, and my head still hurts from where Lisa had kicked it.

“Lyden,” she continues to plead, “what happened to not leaving someone behind?”

And there she goes, using my own words and principles against me.

“Ondine?” Brooke asks. “She’s down here?”

“Yes,” I reply, trying not to sound too angry. “She asked us to take her with us, but she didn’t know we were really here to rescue you.”

“Lyden,” Brooke’s face is right next to mine, and I can hear some measure of strength return to her voice. “Ondine was always kind to me. If she needs our help, you can’t leave her.”

“Damn it!” I swear, not even trying to hide my anger.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear,” Brooke says, shocked at my language, and just like that, my anger flees.

What is wrong with me? They’re right, of course. I can’t leave the other mermaid down here, where I know she’ll be punished for letting us escape. Is this the mistake the prophecy warns me of?

Shaking my head, I realize I need to stop second guessing every decision I make. That way will lead to madness and nothing ever getting accomplished. I wish I’d never heard that danged prophecy.

“Grindylow,” I call after the creature leading us, “we need to get back to Ondine.”

If he hears me or ignores me, I’m not sure, but a couple seconds later, he stops outside of the mermaid’s cell.

Ondine is awake, and she glares at us, until she sees Brooke under my arm. “You were really here to rescue her,” she says, and I can’t tell if she’s happy about that, or some other emotion. Why can’t I get Angela’s ability to read someone’s motives? “Please, take me with you!”

I nod to the Grindylow, and he unlocks the cell door.

“We’d better get moving!” Angela states, her tone filled with worry and fear. “I can hear them coming.”

I can’t hear anything, but I’m not willing to chance it either. We get moving, and Ondine swims next to me. “Let me take Brooke,” she states. “I can swim faster, and you can too if you only have to carry one.”

Can I trust her? And if so, do I hand over Brooke, or Lisa?

I hear a shout behind us, and realize I don’t have time to decide. I’ll be able to swim better with Lisa, and since Ondine can swim faster than I can, she has a better chance of saving Brooke. Lisa at least has some skill to fight, as my ringing head can attest. I hand over the broken and passed out mermaid, and redouble my efforts, doing my best to keep up with the agile Grindylow darting down the winding corridors. Looking behind us, I can’t see our pursuers, and guess that they found Brooke’s cell empty.

Looking at my companions, I groan to realize the only one of us that’s armed is Ondine, and her loyalties are still uncertain.

The Grindylow holds the door open for us, as we all zip through the exit. We all angle upwards, pushing hard for the surface. Angela and Ondine easily outpace me, but I catch up to them when they stop under my car.

My car. . . . The Orange Bubble. There are six of us now. Even if someone gets into the space under the hood, it’s going to get very cramped in there.

I look at Brooke, unconscious in Ondine’s arms, and know she can’t be cramped up right now, without further complicating her injuries.

“Angela, Lisa, AnnaBelle, and Brooke will have to get in the car,” I tell the other women. “The rest of us can hold onto the outside, while we move to the beach. Angela, you drive.”

No one moves.

“Lyden, there’s another problem,” AnnaBelle says, and I glare at her. I still haven’t completely forgiven her for being the first to attack me. She’s undaunted though, and continues, “Lisa and I still can’t breathe up there.”

It takes me a couple seconds to understand her words. What does she mean she can’t breathe. Of course she . . . oh, right. She has to fall asleep first, before the potion will wear off, but if they do that under the water, they’ll drown. Not only that, but do we have the time for them to take a nap? It won’t take long for Varun’s guards to put two and two together, and realize where we went.

But if they get into the air, they’ll choke and. . . .

“Lisa, AnnaBelle, get in the car!” I yell to them.

“But—” AnnaBelle starts, but I interrupt.

“Trust me!” I state and shove Lisa for my vehicle.

“I trust you,” Lisa says, and finishes the swim. I watch as she sucks in a deep breath, and hauls herself out of the water.

“It’s in the Lor—” AnnaBelle stops and shakes her head. “I don’t know what to believe anymore.” I almost feel sorry for her as she swims to my car, and gets out of the water. The woman had thought she was talking to her God, and been disabused of the notion very rudely. I can still see her eyes though, as she tried to attack me. They had been clear of the light’s influence. She truly had believed that her God was commanding her to kill me.

I follow after the women, trying to push all the water out of my lungs, before I break the surface. I still end up hacking and coughing, and by the time my lungs are clear, and I can wipe clean my eyes, I’m shocked to find a little four inch golden fairy laughing at me.

Three more heads bob out of the water, rain pouring down around us, and Angela is the first to speak. “Arethusa! What are you doing here?”

The golden fairy titters for a few more seconds, before merrily stating, “The generator seems like he might be fun to hang around, as long as he can keep his hands to himself this time.” Her attitude is very different from when she was being held captive in Marchosias’s chamber.

I ignore the pixie, as I concentrate to remove my tail, and crawl into my vehicle. The two human women are gasping, still trying to breathe. AnnaBelle looks at me accusingly, but my heart warms to see Lisa’s trust still in her blue eyes as she chokes.

“As soon as you pass out, you’ll be able to breathe,” I tell them. Understanding lights their eyes and both women stop fighting. Lisa actually tries to hold what little breath she has left and ends up passing out first. As soon as she does, water streams from her mouth, and it actually looks bluer than normal water. The blonde sucks in a deep lungful of air, but stays unconscious.

AnnaBelle passes out right afterwards, and again I watch the unnaturally blue water pour from her mouth, before she starts breathing normally again.

As if the potion has a mind of its own, I watch as the two streams come together, and then as it heads out my car door.

“Lyden, they’re coming,” Angela shouts from the water, and I curse as I remember our original predicament.

“There’s no way you’re all going to fit inside that little thing,” Arethusa says happily. The rain pours down around the little fairy, as she takes flight and examines my car. “I was right,” she states a moment later. “You are a lot more entertaining.” The tiny pixie begins to chant, and I notice her body glowing brightly as she gathers energy for whatever spell she’s about to cast. It still surprises me that the drenching rain doesn’t affect her.

My orange car begins to glow a golden yellow color, and everything seem to stretch out. My doors get farther away, and the back seat grows wider. AnnaBelle and Lisa both tip over, still sleeping, but breathing peacefully. A second seat pops up behind them, and the interior continues expanding, but a sudden scream from outside pulls my attention away.

“Stop it!” Angela cries in anguish, as she holds her hands against her head. “Please, stop it!” The succubus begins to sink back under the water and I dive in after her, barely noting as Arethusa stops her chanting.

Angela meets me coming for her, and together we swim back up to the surface.

“Are you okay?” I gasp as soon as my head breaks the water.

Angela nods her dark tresses at me, but I can still see the shadow of her pain behind her almond shaped eyes.

“Yes,” I hear Arethusa titter. “Very interesting.” The golden little woman looks speculatively from the Orange Bubble to Angela and back again.

I turn to berate her for her cavalier attitude, but remember that we’re being chased.

“Everyone in the—” I cut off as I look at my car. The Orange bubble is the same. When the fairy quit chanting, it must have reverted back to its original form. Growling, I realize that the only way we’re going to get away is to either leave someone behind, or get very cramped in my little car. There is only one real option. “Everyone in!” I yell, and watch as Angela and Ondine help each other get a groaning Brooke into my car. It’s too dangerous to let anyone hang onto the outside, and try to get away.

“It’s bigger on the inside,” I hear Ondine state as she crawls in.

It can’t be, I think, as Arethusa zips in through the door, and I hear her little titter echo inside. Reaching the open door, I look in, and see that it truly is bigger on the inside. Suddenly I understand Angela’s pain. She’s tied to the car, through the portions of her soul. I can’t imagine what that would have felt like. Then I remember the Orange Bubble getting burned up, and the condition the succubus had been in after the picnic at AnnaBelle’s church. I’m going to have to treat my car a lot better.

Angela and Ondine lay Brooke out comfortably in the car, as I get behind the driver’s seat. I experience an odd sensation of vertigo, as the windshield displays a stretched out version of the horizon. Willing the car underwater and back to the beach off in the distance, I stand and marvel at the way my car is laid out now. There is easy standing space, as well as walking room. There are now two rows of back seats and even a massive bed covered in golden yellow blankets behind that. The floor is covered in a lush golden carpet, and golden tapestries hang down over the windows.

“Are you okay?” I ask Angela again.

“It feels weird,” she tells me, “as if I’m too big for my own skin.”

“I thought this would be a lot more comfortable,” Arethusa pipes up. “If you’d have given me more time, I could have added in an area for a fire pit, a place to use the bathroom, a pool, and even a fountain.”

“Please, NO,” Angela moans, holding her stomach.

Brooke moans on the floor, and I look at the redhead. In the brighter light of my car’s interior, she looks even worse. I can see where her old cuts are, the flesh around them red and raw. Scales are missing from her tail, and I realize she isn’t changing back. Even Ondine has changed to two legs. Guiltily, I have to admit that she has a rather nice set of legs, leading up to—NO! I need to worry about Brooke.

With a quick thought, I send Angela the image of her as a nurse. The same nurse that had helped bring me back to health. I’m not sure if this form imparts any extra knowledge, but it couldn’t hurt. Her blonde hair drops down onto a slender body, covered in a white smock. Sharp blue eyes sit above a pert nose, and a set of deep red, very full lips.

Angela doesn’t miss her transformation, and even the fairy claps appreciatively. The succubus looks at me, only saying, “I understand,” before checking over the prostrate mermaid.

“Am I the only one who’s going to be naked?” Ondine asks, and then blushes as she looks at me. She’s not the only naked one, and suddenly I’m embarrassed to be nude in front of so many women.

“There are clothes for all in the back,” Arethusa states, and I glance at her to see her staring at my cock and slightly rubbing her behind.

I don’t waste any time before heading back to where the bed is, and finding a wardrobe full of clothing. None of it looks like any clothes that are worn on Earth, but I find a decent sized robe, and wrap it about me. The thing has a shiny golden hem—I’m beginning to see a trend in almost everything Arethusa does—but at least the rest of it is a deep blue or purple color.

Ondine puts on a pair of golden baggy pants that I think are called pantaloons, and a loose white blouse that almost looks see-thru, but I can’t make out any details.

“How is she?” I ask, as I get back up to Brooke and Angela.

“Not good,” I’m informed as the succubus frowns down at her patient. “She’s going to need your help again, just to live. I don’t know if we can restore her fingers or fins though.”

I open my mouth to say I’ll help in any way I can, when my car starts honking frantically, and Angela groans, holding her stomach again.

“They caught us,” she moans, before tipping over and groaning some more.

Rushing back up to the driver’s seat, I see we’re surrounded by mer-people. They’re slashing at my car with both swords and tridents. Most bounce off harmlessly, but a couple tear gouges in the frame. Angela groans each time something pierces my car, and I even see a few small cuts spread across her cheeks.

“Sonnuva. . . .” I curse, as I crank the wheel to the left—should I call it port since I’m in the water?— and mash down on the gas. A shocked looked merman gets pressed against the driver’s side window, and I crank the wheel the other way, scaring away a merman that had been about to jab my car with his trident. As I swerve and bob, I notice that there are no mermaids amongst them, only males. Part of me wishes to see the arrogant captain we’d dealt with earlier, but if he’s in the mix, I can’t tell.

I see the ground coming up to meet the surface of the water and remember that the portal is actually just above the beach. I’m going to have to get a running jump at it, and hope my aim is right.

Of course, I can’t do it, unless I can drive straight, but I’m afraid the mermen will tear my car, and by connection, Angela, apart, if I stop swerving.

A merman in front of me suddenly arches his back, and I can see three small tines protruding from his chest. A Grindylow tries to shake the dead man from his trident, before turning and attacking another one. The mermen are thrown into chaos as Grindylows swarm over them, and I have my chance.

I see a shimmer ahead, above the surface of the water, and aim the Orange Bubble for it, willing my car to go as fast as it can.

We break the surface, and go airborne for barely a moment. I have just enough time to see the water churning green, white, and blood red, before we’re surrounded by water again. I see two pillars zoom by, and know we’re back on Earth.

Directing my car to head home as fast as it can, I turn back to face everyone else, and find three sets of angry eyes glaring at me. Lisa and AnnaBelle have woken up, and I can tell that their ride had been a rough one while I’d been dodging the mermen. Only Arethusa seems unruffled, as she grins down at everyone while flitting around.

I ignore them, though as I rush to check on Angela and Brooke. Angela is no longer groaning, and even as I watch, her cuts and scrapes begin to heal.

“Where are we?” Ondine asks, pulling aside a tapestry, and looking out at a school of fish getting out of the Orange Bubble’s way.

“Earth,” I tell her. “Will the mermen follow?”

The mermaid’s eyes grow wide, as she looks back at me in terror. “I thought we were going to the demon, Marchosias. It’s forbidden for me on pain of death to go to Earth.”

“So we’re safe for the time being,” I state, nodding my head. “I’m also guessing that it’s forbidden to abandon your duty, help a prisoner escape, and follow a group of people away from Atlantis?” When she nods, I smile at her, until she understands. She was already a criminal, and she is going to be a lot safer on Earth, than in the demon’s lair.

“Someone help me carry these two back to the bed,” I say, nodding to the two women on the floor.

Lisa rushes over, and picks up the mermaid, while I carry Angela. The martial artist looks questioningly at the woman in her nurse’s uniform, and I just say, “Angela.” She nods, and together we get the women laid down, and under the covers.

“What are you wearing?” Lisa asks me, trying to hide her smile at my outlandish garb.

“Don’t ask,” I reply wryly, before turning to everyone else. “It’s going to take awhile to get home. We might as well get what rest we can, and thanks to Arethusa, we have the room to do so.”

The fairy actually blushes as she says, “Please, call me Areth.” I find a blanket in the wardrobe, and make myself a comfortable place at the foot of the bed. Brooke needs my help the most right now, and I need to sleep to get to give it to her.

Exhausted, I fall asleep almost instantly, but don’t find myself in Brooke’s mind.

“Why am I here?” I ask Angela without any heat as she stands in front of me, still in her nurse persona.

“I figured we could work together to heal her,” the succubus says.

“But you said she isn’t into women,” I remind her.

Angela smiles as she walks up to me, and plants a soft kiss on my lips. Her own ruby red lips are soft as they press against mine, and I can immediately feel my body reacting to her seductive presence. “She doesn’t need to know I’m there. I’m a succubus, remember?”

She takes a step away from me, and I feel a shift in the atmosphere. Everything remains pitch black around me, but things now have a red tinge that is more felt than seen. Instinctively I know we have moved to Brooke’s psyche.

“Lyden?” I hear Brooke’s voice, and turn to see the mermaid fully dressed and standing on two feet. She looks whole and healthy, and I can’t hide my smile at how good she looks. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Angela standing there. The succubus places one finger over her lips, and I know that Brooke can’t see or sense her.

This is going to be interesting. Or entertaining, as Areth would say.

“I can’t believe you came for me!” Brooke rushes forward, and flings herself against me. I catch her easily, using my own willpower to keep myself upright. “How did you get over your fear of deep water?” she cries into my neck.

Looking over at Angela, I make sure she hears my words as well. “You’d be surprised what I’m willing to go through for the people I love.”

Brooke pulls away from me, and her eyes search mine. Behind her, I can see a tear roll down Angela’s cheek and off her chin. I can no longer deny that I love both these women. I don’t care what that says about my own personality, or moral code. Brooke has been with me since I was a child. Yes, I know she may have had a hand in killing my parents, but I’ll deal with that later. We’ve been through too much history together to feel anything else.

Angela had introduced me to a whole new world. If not for her, I might never have known about my heritage, or my abilities. She’s also saved my hide more than once.

I love both women.

“But we can’t be together,” Brooke states, trying to pull away again, but I refuse to let her go. “We talked about this. It can’t happen between us.”

“Would you just be quiet, and enjoy the moment,” I softly chide her, and she stops struggling. “You need to recover, and I can help you. If you don’t want to be together out there in the real world, then fine. But don’t deny yourself what I know your heart feels in here.”

“I want to, Lyden,” she pleads with me, “I really do, but can we keep that line separate?”

“Does it matter?” I ask, raising one eyebrow and challenging her.

“You’ve been taking lessons from the succubus,” she accuses me, lightly hitting my chest with her open palm. “I take it she’s the black girl that helped save me?” I nod, and she smiles ruefully. “She’s a better woman than I gave her credit for,” she murmurs, but then her eyes grow wide as she looks up at me. “But don’t you dare tell her I said that!”

It takes all my effort not to laugh, or look at the succubus, still invisible to the mermaid.

“She won’t hear it from my lips,” I promise her.

“I know it won’t last, but I see no reason we can’t be together only in our minds.” She seals her words with a kiss, and I feel her clothing vanish a moment before my own disappear. She breaks the kiss again, and I can tell that she’s trying to come to a decision. “You’d better not make me regret this Lyden Snow, but yes, I do love you too.”

Smiling, I lift her up, and mentally tilt the world around us, until she’s lying on top of me. Her hips slowly begin to move on top of me, and I’m still rock hard from Angela’s kiss. A part of me feels guilty about that, so I pull her body up mine, until I can plant my lips against her sex.

Using my tongue, I split her labia, and taste her juices, enjoying the tangy taste. Some irreverent part of my mind wonders why a mermaid doesn’t taste fishy, but I push that thought aside. She doesn’t, and I like that!

Her fingers dig into my hair, as she grinds her pussy against my mouth. “Oh, Lyden, yes, right there.” Reaching around her body with my right hand, I find her small left breast, and tweak her nipple, sending her body into convulsions.

I immediately throw up a mental shield; blocking any energy that might come my way, but feel nothing. As she comes down from her climax, she stands, and I catch a glimpse of Angela, only a few feet away from us, her large left breast in her left hand, nipple rolling between her fingers, and her right hand busily rubbing her clit. The view ends as Brooke turns around, and sits back on my face, bends over and I feel my cock slip between her soft lips.

My moan is muffled by her wet slit, as I feel her tongue moving around the rim of my rod. My hands move around her body, grabbing each globe of her rear and pulling her down tighter against my hungry mouth.

Running my tongue around her clit, I nuzzle my nose into her hole, then suck hard, pulling her clitoris between my teeth, and nibbling lightly. She starts to go wild, but I don’t loosen my grip, until she’s done flooding my mouth with her delectable juices.

I can feel her saliva sliding down my shaft and dripping from my scrotum as her head bobs up and down. My cock conforms to her throat, as she begins to swallow it deeper, occasionally coming up for air, before dropping back down again. Her red curly hair tickles my thighs, and I try to concentrate on that sensation, to last longer.

Finally I can take it no longer, and have to pull her off me. A few more seconds, and she would have had me blowing down her throat. While I know the ultimate reason for me being here in her mind is to heal her with my own orgasm, I want to prolong the experience as long as possible.

“You’re too good at what you do,” I tell her smiling, and then smile even more as she blushes, moving her hair behind her left ear with one hand, and looking demurely away.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Angela sitting with her legs spread, three fingers buried deep in her coochy, and bringing herself off. Even when she orgasms, I don’t feel any transfer or mixing of souls. Why is it different here? Obviously it worked last time, while in the Sahara Desert. Brooke had gotten better then. But why the difference in sensations between here and reality?

My attention returns to Brooke when she crawls over me and presses her lips against mine. Her hand snakes down between us, and she grabs me at my base, rubbing my head against the entrance to her promised land. Thankfully, there was a break between her amazing blowjob and the moment I enter her, or the pure delight of feeling her pussy stretch around my penis would have set me off.

It only takes her a few seconds to get me fully inside her, and we moan into each others’ mouths at our completion. Her hands are on my cheeks, as her tongue dives into my mouth in time with our hips humping against each other.

My cock stirs around her insides, and I can feel another orgasm coming close for her, as she gasps, and hugs me tightly to her slim body.

“Oh, Lyden, I love you so much. Thank you for rescuing me. You have no idea how much you mean to me!” she moans into my ear.

“I love you,” I state simply, and feel her vaginal walls clamp down hard on me. I have to stop moving all together, as her fluids gush out around my penetrating member.

This time around in her mind is different, and not just because Angela is here. It’s more emotional, and I feel closer to both women than ever before. I guess this is the difference between making love, and having sex.

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