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Chapter One:

Ever since I was just learning to speak I have called my sister Evie, pronounced like the letters E V. At first I guess she thought it was cute, but as she grew older she lost her fondness for the moniker. Any how, I still called her that and she started acting like I was a royal pain in her ass. Maybe it had a lot to do with the two year (well, 1 ½ years actually but two grades) difference in our ages. When she was a senior in high school I was just a sophomore. I hated to admit it but Evie was the hottest girl in school, probably the entire town! That meant all the other hot girls hung out with her. You know … birds of a feather … that sort of thing.

And I SO wanted to date one of the hot girls in school, but that just pissed off Evie as she thought I was trying to horn in on her fun. She was wrong but looking back I can see her point. It was a wedge that pushed us further and further apart as she wanted to be with her friends without having to ‘baby sit’ her LITTLE brother! That pissed me off since I was horny, not in need of a baby sitter! Once I discovered girls as objects of desire — and boy did I DESIRE them — my sister tossed me out of at least five parties per year.

Sis went to the local college and reluctantly agreed to help save our parents some money by living at home. Being super hot as she is, and a great dancer/gymnast she was able to make the varsity cheerleading squad as a freshman, and as such would make the team every year after without trying out. Once again this meant she was ‘in’ with a group of super hot college babes.

She had the squad over to practice several times at our house and I soon fell in lust with Amber, same year as my sister and just as fucking hot! The first time I made a move on her Evie came up and said in a sickening sing-song voice, “Oh Amber, you need to meet my LITTLE brother, Dale, he is a JUNIOR at Flynn high school!” Amber’s jaw dropped about four feet before she recovered and made a hasty retreat. Evie then said, “Dale, why don’t you just let me have my life without trying to wiggle your way into it!” (After that the rest of the girls on the squad just ignored me as if I were part of the furnishings and not a person; guess they all got the word from Evie.)

“But she is soooo damned hot! Almost as hot as you are!”

“Nice try you pencil dicked shithead! Flattery will get you nothing but a hard kick in your little balls!”

Time flies and I am now a senior while Evie is a stuck up sophomore at the local college.

I suppose I should tell about myself. I used to be a little shrimp, the guy whose picture they put in the body building ads as the ‘before’ picture. Thus her unaffectionate nickname for me. Every time she is really pissed at me she calls me ‘pencil dicked shithead’. Even though I have now, as an 18 year old senior in high school, filled out into a 6’2″ 210 pound hunk of solid muscles she still calls me that. Trouble is, I no longer have the pencil dick that I had as a baby boy, instead I now sport a solid eight inches that is as big around as my wrist! (If I measured it down the underside to my balls it is nearly 11 ½” but that is probably cheating to measure it like that.) My balls grew right along with my dick and each is about the size of a small peach or large plum! (I need to jack off at least three times a day — usually more — just to keep them from getting too full and hurting like hell. It doesn’t take much to work up a huge load of man cream.) When I am lucky enough to get a girl ready to fuck, I have to keep her from seeing my manhood or the night is over! Sort of like ‘sticker shock’ but I call it ‘fucker shock’. If I can just fuck them first, they love it and want more, but if they see it first, it’s over! Stupid high school girls.

Anyway, I have snuck into several parties at her college and each time was doing a good job of wooing the ladies up until my sister announced LOUDLY the presence of a high school kid and that always got me tossed on my ear out the door.

Today I heard Evie and Amber discussing the Halloween costume party that they were going to on Friday night. Evie was going as the genie from the “I Dream of Genie” TV show, and Amber was going as Elvira. (She certainly had the body for it and the long black hair) They were still talking about it when I stepped into the room carrying my own costume. “Hi Evie…”

“It’s EVA!”

“Yeah, whatever, anyway, as I was saying, hi Evie and hellllooo sexy Amber…”

“Dale, I’ve told you before, STOP!” Evie said as Amber smiled at me and blushed.

“Shit, can a guy never finish a thought around you? So you gals are going to a party too.”

“You’re going to a different one right, my DEAR brother,” Evie snarled at me, emphasizing the word ‘dear’.

“I don’t know, which party are you going to?”

Amber quickly said, “The one at Phi Jama Jama fraternity!” Then quickly got a glare from my sister and she shut her mouth tightly.

I could tell my sister was pisssssssed off so I quickly said, “Hey, guess it’s your lucky weekend, sis, I’m going to one over at Randy’s parents’ house! Too bad as I know how much you like it when I show up where you are.” I easily ducked her punch and swatted her ass before stepping back and saying, “Look, I’ve even got my costume ready, I’m going as the cowboy Hop-A-long Cassidy.”

Evie turned up her nose in disgust saying, “Very um, original, Tex,” then both of them broke out in raucous laughter. I left them alone and was soon finding out everything I could about Phi Jama Jama fraternity. Then I called around town and found a costume place with a Spiderman costume in my size that came as a top, bottom and head covering. For what I had planned I didn’t want to be in a complete body suit!

Friday came and Amber and Evie were getting ready for their party. I noticed that Evie had a jacket in her room and it wasn’t really cold out, hmmmmm. After donning my cowboy outfit I knocked on her door as I turned the knob and pushed it open. Evie jumped as she applied her makeup, putting a big streak of blue shit on her cheek. What I really noticed was that THIS Genie had a fairly easy to see through top and when she jumped her luscious boobs bounced nicely making her bright pink nipples move all about under the shear fabric.

“Damn sis, even YOU look sexy tonight!” I said as she glared at me and tried to cover her chest. “Too late, sis, all ready saw them both! They’re nearly as nice as Amber’s are!” Amber smiled and blushed again. “You two make me wish I hadn’t volunteered to help with the party at Randy’s place! I’d love to be there at Fly Yama Bama tonight! Oh well, have fun and watch out for spooky monsters! Elvira, you look soooooooo hot!”

Then I was out the door and gone as Evie threw something hard at her door with a loud thud. As I walked down the hall I could hear her cussing me out as Amber said, “I think he’s kinda cute!” I couldn’t catch her words but I could tell Evie was really letting her have it for even saying something nice about me.

I drove over to Randy’s house and thanked him for holding onto my Spiderman costume for me. “You just promise to let me know if this charade works, you cocky bastard!” he said with a huge grin. We both thought my sister was hot but he is short and not at all good looking, so I doubt he would have a chance of getting up to the plate with her. Can’t blame him for hoping though. I changed into my Spiderman outfit and he looked at me and said, “Jesus fucking Christ, didn’t they have one in your size?!”

I looked where he was looking and saw my five inches of soft flaccid dick tucked down my left thigh and laughed at him. “This did fit good, until I had the costume lady take it in for me because I wanted it tight. She didn’t want to until I let her, um, feel the problem. Then she agreed to do it as long as she got to properly measure it so that the costume would look perfect on me. She took several measurements, about five with her tape measure and two time consuming ones with her throat!”

“Bull shit!”

“True as the day is long! First she had to suck me to find out how big I get and then measure it. She couldn’t stand the sight of me sticking out like that so she finished me off letting me blow my wad right down to her stomach as she managed to get about seven inches into her mouth and throat before gagging. After she made the alterations, she blew me again to make certain that it fit properly, and then happily finished me off once more. She isn’t much to look at but two blowjobs is two more than I expected to get so I had no problem with it. Besides, she wasn’t butt ugly or anything like that.”

“Fucking lucky bastard!”

“No, I become that if I get into the party and some how manage to fuck Amber tonight. That frat house is the wildest one on campus!”

I checked my reflection in the mirror and then left with him bidding me a hearty “Good luck!” I drove around for awhile and went to the drive up at Burger King for a Whopper and a Coke. No way did I want to get there on an empty stomach and get drunk from one drink! Finally about 9:15 I parked down the street from the frat house and donned my tight fitting hood mask, then walked up to the door with a group of about seven other people in costumes. The guy at the door looked us over and said hi to the ones whose identity he could discern, then let us all in. He never gave me a second look as I was the tallest of the group.

Nearly instantly somebody handed me a beer and a topless girl ran up and gave me a tongue filled kiss! She broke the kiss and said, “Hi Spiderman, I’m Eve! I lost my Adam, will you take his place?”

I looked her over quickly and said, “Maybe later Eve, but right now I’m trying to find somebody. Nice tits though,” I said as I boldly reached out and pinched her right tit.

She reached out and stroked my limp dick and gasped when she watched it grow down my leg. “WOW Spidy, if you don’t find her, you come find me, please?!”

After nearly an hour I thought I had finally found Amber’s Elvira only to discover the girl was supposed to be Lilly Munster! She didn’t let that deter her as she kissed me hard and ground our bodies together for a long time. When she finally broke our embrace she reached down and ran her fingers the entire length of my dick and asked, “Is this all you? It’s not nice to fool with Lilly,” my cock head twitched as she slid her fingers around my tip and she groaned out “Ooooo, it IS real! Come find me when you are done with Elvira!”

Surprisingly, I bumped into Amber as she stumbled around wanting to know who was looking for her. She gave me a once over and then dropped her liquid impaired eyes to my crotch again and said “Just who is this gorgeous Spiderman that is looking for me?” I deepened my voice trying to keep her from recognizing me and we chatted briefly as we tried to dance. Finally she ground her mound against my third leg and said, “Oh god, come with me. I have got to try some of your huge cock!”

She led me through the throng of people and finally we entered a darkened room with mattresses on the floor. My eyes adjusted to the dimness and I realized people were sucking and fucking everywhere around us. She led us over to one side of the room and gave a couple engaged in a heated 69 a light kick and said, “Hey Chuck, Eva, move over a little and give a girl with stud in tow some room!” My sister was on top and lifted her sexy eyes from the guy’s 5 inch dick and said, “Hello Spidermannnnn! How did I manage not to see you before? Amber, you are soooooo lucky!” Then she dropped her head back onto the cock before her and resumed sucking on him.

My costume’s mask had a hole for the mouth so I could get down to business without having to remove it and I rapidly put that to use. In less than ten seconds I had Amber’s top off and was sucking both of her luscious tits, my head moving quickly from one to the other as she groaned in pleasure. Suddenly she shoved me away from her breasts and onto my back then groaned out, “I must see your cock!” Then she pulled my costume bottoms down and gasped loudly, making my sister and several people around us look over. Several male and female voices softly said, “Holy fuck”, or “Jesus H…” and Evie softly said, “Amber you lucky shit! Good luck!”

By then my cock was in Amber’s mouth as her tongue worked my cock head madly. She pulled her dress up and climbed over me in reverse cowgirl position, then gripped my shaft and put my tip at her entrance. Just before she would have sunk onto me I pulled my cock from her grip and huskily said, “No, turn around! I want to see your face!”

As quickly as she could due to her tipsy status, she turned around and leaned in to kiss me while once more guiding my cock to her fuck hole. “Like this, Spiderman? You want to watch me fuck your huge cock?”

“Oh yeahhhhh,” I groaned as she sank down onto me. I was in heaven but also thought Evie had glanced my way briefly. It wasn’t until her fourth full thrust down that I realized I had spoke in my normal voice, shit! My sister was back at her blowjob on her guy as he sucked her pussy and Amber was in another universe as my cock gave her pleasure she apparently had never known existed before. Her voice started out in soft, quiet tones a she cried out “Oh my god, you are so BIG! Nobody has ever been so deep in me before … Oh god … oh GOD … Oh shit I’M CUMMING ALREADY!” and she was screaming in pleasure as she rode me to her first climax. My hands were squeezing her gorgeous tits and then I leaned up and began sucking on one hard nipple then the other as her climaxes rolled on and on. By the time Amber was crying out in the midst of her third orgasm, practically every one of the girls were looking over at me wondering why it wasn’t them that was happily fucking herself on my cock. The guys got pissed and soon the room was nearly empty. Only Evie and her guy remained along with two couples who were out cold, having passed out in the middle of their fuck. Evie had moved on top of her guy and was trying to ride his cock but I could tell she wasn’t getting any pleasure from her efforts. In reality, she was watching her best friend bouncing on my shaft as orgasm after orgasm racked her beautiful body.

Suddenly Amber tensed as my cock grew even bigger inside her and she screamed out, “OH YES! OH FUCK, SPIDERMAN, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE ME YOUR CUM! OH FUCK ME AND FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” She was rocking her pussy on me, her opening tightly attached to me as if we were one body. My balls erupted into her, blasting torrents of cum against her cervix as she screamed in climax once again! Amber arched her back and her head fell back letting her long hair tickle my legs as she shivered in ecstasy as wave after glorious wave of bliss washed over her.

As Amber shook hard above me she soon lost the ability to speak in any language, her sounds having no meaning at all. Still her body was forcing her pussy harder and harder onto me as her climax pounded her body into submission! Finally she slowed her movements and straightened her body. Her eyes came back into focus and she looked down at me with her face aglow with love and lust quite briefly before she keeled over and passed out, exhausted from our lovemaking and her thunderous climaxes.

Amber slowly dropped between my body and that of my sister’s fuck mate and she breathed deeply with a contented smile on her face. Making certain to keep my voice deep I said, “Hey, Amber, are you alright?” I was getting worried when my sister reached over and gently put her hand on my arm.

I looked into her lust crazed eyes as she said, “Don’t worry about her; it has happened before, just not from fucking. I sucked her clit once till she passed out, just like she did now. You must have really rocked her world to put her out like this!”

Not wanting to sit around and talk to Evie, I slid out from under Amber’s leg and patted her fine ass as I said deeply, “You were great doll, hope you wake up soon.” I started to pull up my costume bottoms when Evie reached over and grabbed my cock in her delicate hand.

My eyes met hers and she said “Do you really have to leave already? My guy here passed out and turned into a limp noodle under me; trust me that is not good for a girl’s self esteem! I could really use a good hard fuck, and I know I can make you feel REAL good!” As she spoke her hand was slowly stroking the entire length of my still hard cock. Before I could make up my mind — I mean I didn’t come here to fuck MY SISTER, just Amber and her sweet pussy — Evie leaned over and inhaled my shaft to the back of her mouth and bobbed several times on me as her eyes searched mine through my mask.

She must have sensed it as just before I was going to push her away and finish dressing she moved a bit to her side and then pushed forward not stopping until her nose was pressed tightly to my pubic hair! No girl had ever swallowed my entire cock before! I jerked up into a sitting position and emitted a huge groan of pleasure and Evie pulled off of me and quickly gave me a passionate kiss, her eyes still searching mine. Finally I thought, ‘What the fuck, why not do it? She’s a bitch who deserves it after all the shit she has dished out to me over the years. She’ll never know it was me.’

So I decided to make her beg me to fuck her. “Oh, I don’t know,” my deep voice said, “your friend was a great fuck; I might not be able to keep it up for you!”

In desperation my sister pleaded, “Don’t you worry about that, Spiderman, I can suck you back to full strength as often as I need to!” and to prove it she dove back onto me using her lips, tongue and throat muscles to work my cock into a harder than steel shaft. I glanced at her passed out fuck buddy and gave her a look that screamed ‘doubtful’. She pulled off of me and said triumphantly, “See, no problem with that! Don’t worry about him; he’s just one of the guys. But I’ve always wanted to suck and fuck a cock like yours, just never thought I would EVER see one.”

Again I moved as if to leave and she jumped up and straddled me then dropped her pussy right onto me, not stopping until she had over half of my cock up her velvet tunnel. “Oh fuckkkkkkkk that’s so good! Oh PLEASE don’t leave yet! Please fuck me with your wonderful cock, PLEASE!” All the while she begged me her pussy was pumping on and off of me, slowly working more of me in until she sat there with about seven inches stuffed inside of her. “Please, let me fuck you and then after I climax I’ll suck you off and swallow your cum…oh god PLEASE!”

In my deep voice I slowly said, “Well, you do feel really nice like this. And you can suck cock extremely well. Okay, you’re on!”

Boy was she! Evie was pounding her hips onto me over and over as her tunnel opened fully and took me to her deepest realms, my cock head bruising her cervix as she slammed onto me in a frenetic pace. I watched her face contort as several small climaxes hit her, then she scrunched up her face in pleasure and screamed “OH MY GODDDD I’M CUMMMMING! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD! OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, yes, yes, yes, yes, FUCKKKKKKKKKK!” My sister kept bouncing wildly on my shaft as her groans went on and on until finally her body began to slow and her head slumped down against her chest.

I lifted her head up and said deeply, “Don’t even think about passing out on me! You’ve got a cock to suck and a gallon of cum to swallow!”

Evie looked down at me and a big grin swept her face before she softly said, “I thought you would never ask!” Slowly she pulled her well fucked pussy from me and knelt between my legs. Then she looked into my eyes as she slowly took my cock into her mouth and all the way to the base in one continuous movement. God but I groaned when she did that! “Oh, do you like that, S-man?” I guessed that saying Spiderman would take her too long so she had shortened it up a bit, not that I minded. Instead I just nodded my head and she happily resumed her oral work.

I do have incredible stamina when I want to, and since I had just filled Amber’s pussy with a huge load, I knew I could hold out for much longer than my sister expected her mystery man to do. I found a clock hanging on the wall and was laughing on the inside as twenty minutes passed and my sister was still doing everything she could think of to make me cum. I could tell she was frustrated that it was taking so long and I stoked the fire just a bit by gruffly saying, “Hurry up bitch! You said you’d make me cum and swallow it all! Come on, let’s get to it!”

She looked up at me with desperation written all over her face as she said around my cock head, “I’m twying, honesth I yam. I’ll do bedder, sthoon ou’ll be clummin.” She dropped back down fully onto my shaft and she was hungrily trying to drain my balls down her lovely throat. Her eyes were begging to me as she frantically jerked my shaft with both hands while she swirled her tongue rapidly around my cock head, her lips sucking hard on my bulbous head. Then she would release her hands and slam down onto me driving her nose into my abdomen hard as she bounced her face on me.

I decided to let her have my load (I had been holding it back just to torment her) and she felt it as my cock swelled even more between her lips and she groaned around me “Ummm hmmm. Ummm hmmm!” I grabbed her head and held her nose to my pubic hair as my first four blasts of cum rocketed straight into her stomach. Then I pushed her head back about six inches and held her there as the remaining five huge ropes of cum filled her mouth to over flowing time and time again. Evie’s eyes bulged out as she desperately worked at swallowing everything I had to give her and I gave her a lot!

I released her face and she gently worked her tongue and lips round and round my cock head making certain that she had fully drained me. “Holy shit,” she said finally pulling her well stretched mouth from my cock, “you really did have a gallon of cum in these things!” She squeezed my balls lightly as she said that.

Deeply my voice said, “That was really nice, slut, but now look what you’ve done!” She looked at my cock in surprise wondering what she had done wrong and I continued. “Just how the hell am I to get this back into my pants? Now I need to fuck you once again!”

I pulled her down onto her back next to Amber and took position with my cock just at the entrance to her pussy. “Well, bitch, what do you want me to do?” I huskily asked.

MY slut sister grabbed my hips and wrapped her legs around my ass then used all four appendages to pull me hard into her as she cried out, “Oh god, fuck ME!!!!!!! Fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before! Make me cum on your cock till I can’t cum anymore!” Funny, that was what I had just decided to do to her I thought to myself with an inward chuckle.

As I started thrusting into her I glanced at the clock on the wall, it showed 10:45. In no time Evie was gripping tightly to me as she shook violently under her first climax of this go around. I just kept right on going, paying her no mind as I drove my cock hard into her core. She grabbed my face and pulled us together kissing me fiercely as our bodies worked in unison as we slammed into each other. My right hand pinched her left nipple before I gripped it really hard and pulled it out about 2½ inches. She screamed as her back arched and her pussy clamped onto me harder than she had before, her second orgasm coursing through her tight young body as I just kept pounding into her.

As her climax waned she began moaning out “oh my god … oh my god … oh my god …” in time with my cock bottoming out inside her pussy. I looked once more at the clock and it showed 11:05 and I knew I was in for the long haul. Soon my never ending thrusts had her groaning hard into my shoulder and she was urging me to make her cum once more. My hand snaked in between us and quickly found her clit, making her eyes bulge in surprise. The first time I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger she stiffened as she cried out “OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! OH FUCK ME I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OHFUCKYESOHGOD! YESSSS FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER … HARDER … THAT’S IT, FUCK ME AND MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!” Her cries rose in pitch and soon became inaudible as her body shook violently beneath me.

After she came back down I eased up just a bit and then gently reached under her legs and lifted them up and back until her knees were pressed to the mattress on either side of her shoulders. “Oh my god, you are in me so deep,” she groaned as I resumed my slow thrusts, my cock pulling back until just my tip remained inside, then I reversed until my base pressed hard against her opening. After getting her going that way I dropped my hips an inch or so thus changing the angle of penetration. This forced my cock head to rub hard against her g-spot on each inward and outward stroke. My first stroke made Evie emit a deep and raspy groan of pleasure while I slowly picked up my pace once more.

“Oh my god, you fucking stud, I’m going to cum again! Oh my god YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” and her vaginal muscles clamped down onto me like a ten ton press! It was difficult, but I managed to continue moving in and out of her tight passage while she cried out continuously in the beautiful agony of her climax. My sister’s head was rolling side to side as she groaned and her climax slowly faded away.

Suddenly her hands came up and grabbed at my mask, trying to somehow get it off of me. “Show me your face! I have to know who it is that has fucked me so good! Tell me who you are!”

I drove my hips forward forcing my cock deeper than ever into her and making her gasp. At the same time I grabbed her hands and said as deeply as I could, “It’s Halloween, bitch, that’s why we wear masks!” Then I quickly pulled out and flipped her onto her hands and knees before slamming my cock forcefully back into her dripping wet pussy. After giving her two more thrusts she was no longer thinking about my identity.

“Oh god yes, fuck me from behind! I love this position! Don’t stop, whoever you are! Just fuck me and don’t stop fucking me! Oh god help me, I love your massive cock! Say you’ll fuck me forever!” She powered her hips back at me as she called out once more, “God damn it, SAY IT!”

I was pounding relentlessly into her and could only managed a grunted “Forever”, in my real voice. My sister jerked her head up and started to turn to look at me just before she screamed out, “Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my fucking ass!” She continued crying out and groaning in pleasure as her climax pulverized her tight body until she could only hang her head as she struggled for breath.

My hand gripped my shaft as I pulled fully out of her before I changed the angle and pushed right back in, this time shoving about two inches of cock up her ass before she cried out, “Oh shit, not there! You’re too big, please not my ass!”

I gripped her shaking hips tightly and slowly increased my pressure with my hips as I said, “Bull shit, bitch! You just told me to ‘fuck your fucking ass’ and that is exactly what I am going to do!”

“Oh god no! I didn’t mean it!” she cried out as I slipped another inch into her tight little ass. Then I held my position firmly as she moaned and continued begging me to pull out. I reached forward and grabbed her messy but still tied “genie’ style hair and pulled her head back.

“You asked for this, and now you are going to get it, bitch,” I said in my deep voice and as I continued pulling she eased her ass back onto me another inch or so. “Come on sexy, you’ve only got an inch to go (it was really more like four but why tell her that), you know you want it! Come on bitch, shove your ass back and take all of me!” I was concerned that part of my speech was more normal voice than the deep one I was using but she was so into getting her ass pummeled by me that she didn’t seem to notice. She wiggled her ass before groaning as she pushed back against me and soon I gruffly said, “Good girl, you’ve got my entire cock up your ass hole!”

“Oh my god, you are so fucking huge!” my sister groaned as her body quivered on my cock. I loosened my hold on her hair and she let her head fall forward as she started slowly pulling off of me and then pressing back onto me. Only an inch or so at first but soon she was pounding nearly my entire shaft into her sexy ass. In minutes she was working her ass on my shaft in a blur just before her body stiffened as she screamed in climax once more. I took over thrusting into her as she could no longer manage it on her own.

After her climax was over I slowed and waited for her to regain her composure before resuming my full thrusts into her delectable ass. She tried to turn her head but simply couldn’t and so she just let it drop as she softly asked, “Why haven’t you cum yet? Every guy I’ve ever been with would have cum ten times by now…that is if he could still keep it up.”

“I’ll cum when I’m ready!” I told her. “As for me, right now I just want you to know you will NEVER find any guy who can fuck you like I am tonight!” Damn, a few words weren’t deep enough and I thought I saw her react to them. She groaned hard as I resumed my hard and deep thrusts into her well stretched puckered hole.

Once again I reached around her and found her pussy dripping with her juices. God she was soaking wet! Her body jerked in surprise when I slipped a finger into her pussy, then two and finally a third as I was fucking my hand into her cunt in time with my cock’s fucking into her ass hole. When she was groaning non-stop from her double fucking I moved my thumb up to her clit and rubbed it fiercely as I pounded both of her holes.

Evie let out such a blood curdling scream that I thought it would bring the entire host of partiers running into the room, but nobody arrived. Well, nobody came but my sister who babbled incoherently as she shook violently on my shaft and fingers. As she came back down to earth I pulled my fingers from her pussy I sniffed them and then licked her juices from them as Evie turned her head to watch me.

One might think I had been doing it for years instead of just the past seven months when I pulled fully out of her ass and said, “Suck my cock.” She did it after slowly turning around, her talented mouth taking me fully down her throat as she removed all residues from her ass. “That’s enough, now I want your pussy,” I said in my deep voice and she expertly spun around then shoved right back at me forcing my cock into her pussy all the way to the bottom. “Ohhhhh fucking hell,” she moaned as I bottomed out. This time I was pounding her pussy with only one goal in mind, I wanted to cum! Minutes later Evie cried out and then shook violently again as she came without a word, her teeth biting her lower lip to remain silent.

The room was echoing with the slapping sounds of our bodies smacking against each other over and over. Evie was mumbling gibberish as her passion swelled once more. My cock began to grow inside her and she perked up her head as she softly said, “Oh please, give me your cum! Shoot your seed into me! Do it, I want to feel it when you blast my insides with your cum!” I gave her three more hard full thrusts into her pussy and she tore the mattress covering open when she clenched her fists as she cried out “Oh fuck, I’m cumming again!” just as my balls powered up and my fire hose cock blasted her insides with one huge stream of cum after another.

Each blast from my cock was received with a loud groan and a shudder from Evie! Soon she was sobbing into the mattress as both of our climaxes reached their Zenith and began to recede. I was afraid I had hurt her but then I could hear her sobbing, “Nobody’s ever fucked me like this, NEVER! And I don’t even know who you are. Please take off your mask so I can see you! Please.”

My deep voice softly said, “No, my mask stays on! But you my dear Genie were one fantastic fuck!” I looked to my side and Amber was watching us through glazed eyes. “In fact, you were almost as good as Amber here is!” I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her lips and she just looked back at me and then at my sister sprawled before me. When I pulled out of her fuck hole, Evie simply fell forward onto her face with a groan, her lips trying to move but nothing was coming out of them.

I pulled my costume bottoms back up before I bent down to Amber once more and deeply said, “I hope you are okay, I didn’t want to hurt you!” She formed a weak smile on her dazed looking face and nodded to me. Then I leaned down and put my face right next to my sister’s as my hand rubbed her ass and then slid up and rubbed the side of her 32D breast.

She looked like she wanted to speak but I put a finger on her lips and used my deep voice to say, “Thanks for begging me to let you suck me off and fuck you! You are one fantastic fuck … for a bitch.” Her eyes blinked when I called her that and she tried to focus on my eyes once more. Then I resumed in my deep voice but slowly reverted into my real voice as I softly said, “It’s not so bad that you never saw my face. You can always ask some pencil dicked shithead to help you out if you get horny!” Her eyes grew wider than I had ever seen them as she tried to find my face as I started to standup. My hand reached down and pushed her face back into the mattress as I whispered “See you at home, Evie!” I was gone in a flash, but not before I glanced at the clock, which now read 12:25.

When I stepped through the open doorway and closed the door behind me the entire crowded hallway broke into applause and cheers at the stud in the Spiderman suit. The girls just stared at me in awe with their mouths hanging open. I acknowledged them and made my way through the mass of people, many of girls grabbed at my cock bulging in my pant leg as I passed them.

Not expecting to be out so late, I simply went home in the Spiderman outfit, instead of swapping it at Randy’s place. Our folks were in bed so I didn’t have to explain the outfit I was wearing, or its unusual fit. Instead I just hung it on a hook in my bedroom and went to sleep in the nude like usual. Man did I sleep soundly with a huge smile on my face!

Chapter Two.

I woke up around 7:30 Saturday morning feeling happier than I could ever remember! I had managed to find Amber at the party and she sucked my shaft before climbing on top of me and riding my cock through several orgasms until we both climaxed at the same time, an event that made her pass out and fall off of me in a deep sleep right after she finished shaking. What I hadn’t expected was my own sister begging me to fuck her and then sucking me for several moments to show she meant it. I decided it was the perfect time to get back at her for all the shit she had given me so I let her suck me off until I flooded her mouth with cum and then I fucked her hard and deep for over an hour and a half! Evie had been slammed with at least eleven powerful climaxes during our tryst and was unable to move when I left her sprawled on the mattress.

When I stumbled into the kitchen wearing just a pair of boxers, mom and dad were just getting ready to leave. “Good morning, son! Looks like you must have had a fun time at Randy’s party!” dad said. “Your sister has been moaning all night so she may not wake up for quite some time! I’ll bet she had too much beer last night!”

“Yeah, probably too much of something,” I said with a laugh.

Both of them told me to be nice to my sister and then said they’d be back quite late as they had several places to go in search of antiques, one of their favorite activities. They left and I ate some breakfast before grabbing a Coke and returning to my room to surf the web. I peeked into Evie’s room and she was in the fetal position with both of her hands tight against her pussy as she moaned and groaned some more.

I chuckled out loud and then went to my room, leaving her door wide open. About two hours later I heard her stirring and then later heard the toilet flush. Soon she was standing in my doorway holding onto the door frame to help steady herself. Her hair and makeup were a mess and she looked like a freight train had driven right through her. I ignored her presence and called up another page on my E-bay account.

Evie cleared her throat and I looked up smiling broadly at her as I said cheerfully, “Good morning sis! I had a GREAT time at my party last night, how about you?” She dropped her eyes for a moment and I said “Oh, oh, my sister had a bad night. I am really sorry to hear that!”

“How could you,” she softly asked?

“What? I couldn’t hear you sis, speak up please.”

Evie forced herself to speak louder and repeated, “How could you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

She took three steps and grabbed the hanging costume and shook it softly at me. “This, Dale! How could you fuck me last night like you did?”

“Was that you?” I said in mock surprise. “Wow sis, you have a damn fine ass!”

“How could you fuck your own sister?! That’s … that’s … that’s, um, shit I know it’s illegal, I just can’t think of the name for it!”

“You mean incest? Well it may be illegal but it sure was great! Wouldn’t you agree dear sister?”

“Stop it you … you damned mother fucker!”

“Hey, a new moniker for me! Cute but no, I haven’t tried that yet. Mom is pretty hot though, hmmm.”

“Dale, STOP!” she shouted at me.

“All right, back to your question. Let’s see, I tried several times to get away from you, but you were begging me to let you ride my cock and then let you suck me dry. Jesus was it difficult to hold out that long while you blew me! You really can suck cock, Evie!”

She blushed lightly and mumbled a soft “thanks” before I went on.

“As I recall, when I asked you what you wanted me to do, you said something about fucking you harder than you ever had been, to fuck you till you couldn’t cum anymore.” She just looked at the floor so I finished with, “Tell me I didn’t do both of those things for you! Tell me you were ready for the rest of the frat house to gang up on you when I left and begged them to fuck you some more!”

She stayed silent and I laughed before saying “I didn’t think so! Now get out of my room you fucking bitch!”

She didn’t move and finally I turned to face her and asked, “Well, NOW what do you want?”

Her eyes burned into mine for several seconds before she dropped them to my lap where my cock was resting at about half mast due to our talk. Her eyes finally came back up to meet mine and she softly said, “Dale, fuck me again! Please fuck me without the mask! I want to watch the man with the best cock ever while he fucks me to another huge climax! Just don’t over do it, I’m rather sore.”

I got up and walked over to her and then picked her up and tossed her onto my bed. Suddenly she looked wide awake as I approached her. I pulled her nightgown over her head, revealing her nakedness as she grabbed my boxers and pushed them off my hips where they slipped easily to the floor. I stepped out of them and got onto the bed beside her and started to climb between her legs face first. “No, I’m so horny you don’t need to do that, yet. Just push your big cock into me and fuck me! I need to feel my brother’s cock inside me again!”

Grinning, I moved up her body, stopping to kiss each of her nipples and make her groan in pleasure. My cock pressed up against her opening and I looked into her eyes, our faces inches apart. “So my beautiful sister, one last chance; are you certain this is what you want?”

Evie wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a soft yet passionate kiss before saying, “Do it, bro, push your cock into me and fuck me like you really mean it! Make me scream!” My hips had pushed my tip into her so the moment she said that I just slammed forward, my cock instantly bottoming out against her cervix once more. “Oh goddddddddd, yes! Do it, Dale! That feels SO good! Oh god yes, pound me with your cock!” Then she wrapped her legs around my hips and held tight to me as my hips began thrusting hard and deep into her quaking pussy. She screamed in climax in less than four minutes as her hips humped back up at me, her fingers digging into my arms.

We rolled around on my bed, her on top, then me again, then Evie once more as she came at least three more times on my rock hard cock. I returned to the top position and began pounding her relentlessly as she stared into my eyes. I grabbed her feet and placed them onto my shoulders making her groan in pleasure before she cried out “Oh god yes, Dale. Fuck me and make me cum WITH you. Fill me with your cum, claim my pussy as yours and yours alone!”

I rose to the occasion and released my cum as it plastered the back wall of her pussy with my huge load of cream. Evie screamed and kissed me deeply as her body shook violently as she came with me. Once we had both come down I gently let her feet back down and then rolled us over to keep my weight off of her.

“Christ almighty, you are incredible! I can’t believe my little brother is the best fuck ever!” She kissed me several times before laying her head on my chest and just resting. Every few moments I could feel her pussy clutching at my cock as another convulsion passed through her body. After a particularly strong one she lifted her head up and said, “I can’t believe it but I just came again! Not a big one or anything like that, just a nice soft shake as my body reacted to your huge cock pulsing inside of me!” She kissed me once more and then settled back into my arms as we just enjoyed the sensation of being so incredibly close.

I thought I heard something but Evie kissed me when my cock lurched inside of her once more and I forgot about the sound. Moments later I heard Amber scream out, “OH my god Eva! Not with him! Not with your shit head brother, oh my god! Oh Jesus how could you?”

Evie rolled her face towards her friend and gave her a grin before saying, “You ought to know, he’s the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

“No, last night you got the best fuck you’ve ever had! I watched some of it! I got fucked pretty good as well! But shit girlfriend, do you have to fuck your own brother so soon after that? I couldn’t fuck today if I wanted to!”

I looked up at my sister and said with a sad face, “Shit, she only got fucked ‘pretty good’. That can ruin a guy’s image.”

“Shut up dick head, Spiderman fucked me quite well last night. But god Eva, you’ve reached a new low here.” Amber glared at me before pleading with my sister, “Please come to your senses Eva and stop fucking him and get off of your albatross!”

Evie kept saying Amber’s name while Amber spoke and finally she literally shouted out a super loud and extremely long “AAAAAMMMMMBBBEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Her friend stopped talking and just looked at my sister with disgust written all over her face. “It’s about time you shut up! Look over there,” and she pointed to my costume hanging from the hook. “Guess who didn’t stay dressed as Hop-a-long for very long?”

“Shit, anybody can get that costume and hang it on a hook! That just shows he heard about us and got creative!”

Evie grinned at me before giving me a quick kiss. “Amber, take a look at your forearm for just a minute. Good, now take a look at this,” and she slowly lifted up and nearly off of my granite shaft. An audible gasp was heard as Evie neared my tip. “Satisfied now? Ahhhhhhhhh fuck he’s so good,” she said as her pussy slipped back over my shaft.

I noticed the sudden change in Evie’s demeanor and she suddenly cried out, “Oh fuck, what a turn on that was! Oh god Dale, I’m cumming again! Oh fuck, oh shitshitshitshit!” My sister’s hips began pounding her pussy on and off of me rapidly as she came again but then she slowed way down until she finally stopped all movement.

“HO … LY … SHIT!” Amber softly said as she walked around the bed and stared at our connection from where our feet were intertwined. Evie leaned way forward which pulled her nearly all the way off of me and Amber cried out, “Oh my god, you are him!” In a flash she was naked on the bed beside us pleading, “Oh god, Eva, get off of him so I can ride his wonderful cock again! Oh god I need it so bad!”

Evie looked at her and said, “But you said you couldn’t fuck today if you wanted to! Sounds like you want to which means I don’t need to move because you can’t fuck!”

“Selfish bitch!” Amber cried out as she pulled on Evie’s arm.

Evie laughed at her saying “Hey girlfriend, I’m just yanking your chain, and it was really wound up tight! I’m good for now. Besides I want to watch him in action as I was busy up until just before you keeled over last night.” As she spoke she lifted her delectable ass off of me and gave me one last kiss before moving away so Amber could climb onto me.

“Hey sexy!” I said as she positioned herself over my cock.

She looked into my eyes and snarled, “You’d better be HIM! If you are just a fake, I’m going to cut this fuck-stick off of you!”

“I’m not worried, and for your information I have a LOG, not a stick!”

Evie laughed out loud at that and Amber gave me another glare before she slowly lowered her body down onto my flagpole of a cock. “Oooohhhhh fuck,” she groaned as she bottomed out, our pelvic bones crushing together. Amber and Evie looked at each other and she said in a wavering voice, “Oh gosh, he certainly FEELS like the guy from last night!”

Amber lifted up and pushed herself back down twice before she looked at me in awe saying, “Oh my god YOU ARE HIM! Oh god Dale, I’m sorry I doubted you!” Amber was moving rapidly as she worked herself towards her first huge climax of the day. I grasped her face and pulled her lips to mine, our kiss reaching heights of passion I had never reached before! All through our kiss she was moaning in joy as she took my cock to her core over and over. My hands had found her tits and were tweaking her sensitive nipples when she clung tightly to me, her face by the crook of my neck as she cried out, “God yes, I’m cumming! Oh fuck Dale you’re making me cum!” Then she kissed me again and didn’t stop until her orgasm was over!

Once her climax had waned I rolled us over, finally taking the on top position with the love/lust of my life! I instantly started powering my cock hard into her, eventually lifting her ass in my hands and fucking her with her head and shoulders on the bed while her legs hung limply in the air behind me. She was groaning out “Oh … oh god yes … ooof … oh … god … oh … OH … OH … Fuck ME Dale, SHIT GOD OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OHOHOHOHOHOH GAWDDDDDDDDDD!” My hands looped around her thighs and were pulling her pussy into me hard as my hips rapidly slammed into her gash like a jack hammer. Amber’s eyes bulged out as she screamed in orgasmic bliss again, her hands gripping the sheets by her sides.

Once more she suddenly fell limp as I held her body by her thighs and ass, her head arms and feet lying on the bed unmoving. Her eyes opened as tiny slits and she moaned out, “Ohhhhhh Dallllllle!” before struggling to pull her torso up until she could hug me and smother me in kisses. “You are TOTALLY the guy! I love how you make me cum so hard, but why were you looking for me at the party?”

“Yeah brother dear, why … her?”

I ignored Evie’s implications as I said, “Amber, you know that we really got along whenever Evie wasn’t there. The only time you acted mean to me was when she was there.”

“I’m so sorry, Dale” she said.

“Oh gosh, was I really such a bitch to you?” Evie asked.

“Yup,” I said to my sister before turning my attention back to Amber. “I’ve always wanted to date you but sis made sure I couldn’t even have a chance to prove myself. So I thought maybe I could get into the party and you’d be in the, um, party mood …”

“Wild and horny?” Amber volunteered.

“Well … yeah. Anyway I guess my suit got quite a bit of attention and I was lucky to find you. I never thought it would turn out so good with you, but I’m sure glad it did.”

I had lowered her body to the bed and was slowly fucking into her as we talked. Our talk was peppered with our moans and groans and soon she said, “Please, Dale, fill me with cum!”

“As you wish, my sweet Elvira!” I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as they would go as I speared her body with my rampant cock. Amber grabbed her legs by my hands and pulled her legs back until they were touching the bed, still spread wide. My cock was dragging hard across her g-spot and her eyes rolled back in her head as she soon began to shake.

“Oh my god you wonderful man, I’m going to cum again! Oh god fuck me Dale, fuck me! Harder! Pound that cock into me hard and give me … ooooohhhhhhh goddddddd … your cummmmmmmm!” My balls churned and when my cock lurched its first time she screamed “Oh god damn I’m fucking cummmmmmminggggg Dale! Do it! Give me your cum! I WANT IT ALL! OH FUCKING HELL!” My hips were slamming into her pussy, which she had totally opened for me, her hands still spreading her legs wide and I used mine to brace myself as I pounded into her, my cock spraying my cum deeply within her.

Our mutual climaxes finished and I leaned down to gently kiss her. Amber would have none of that as she pulled my face tight against hers and her tongue forced its way down my throat. She eventually broke off the kiss with many small pecks on my lips before she looked into my eyes and said, “You have truly fucked the shit out of me, and I LOVE IT! I need to rest and then I want to do it again, if you want to.”

I just gave her a thrust with my hips as Evie said, “That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen! Why didn’t I know my brother was such an orgasm maker?”

Leaning over and giving her a quick tongue kiss I said, “Because you were too busy telling me to go to hell to notice!”

“True and to the point,” she said. “I am forever sorry and hope you won’t deprive me of your wonderful cock!”

We spent the next four hours switching back and forth as I would fuck one of them to two or three orgasms and then switch to the other to give her the same treatment. Each of them begged me for my cum and I didn’t hold back, filling them over and over with my spunk. Amber was riding my cock as Evie lay beside us recovering when Amber looked down into my eyes and said, “Dale, would you please do me the honor and marry me!”

Evie and I both exclaimed “WHAT!”

“Think about it. We really do get along well, like you said and I know we have similar interests besides sex. And we are definitely compatible in the sack! Plus I love Eva dearly and would never deprive her of your incredible cock! You could fuck her any time you wanted to and nobody would be the wiser!”

“Sounds good to me,” Evie said.

“That’s a big step, especially for a LITTLE high school boy!” I said as both of them punched my arms.

“I didn’t say you needed to do it today, but after you get out of school would be nice. Just think about it.”

The subject was dropped but I knew all of us were thinking about it. Around 4:00 PM I was laying on my back with Evie riding my cock at a leisurely pace while Amber was riding my face as my tongue worked wonders on her clit. I heard a car door open and close and tensed at the thought our folks would be home early, but then heard it drive off and returned to my task at hand of getting both girls off at the same time.

Less than two minutes later both girls bodies stiffened as they cried out in unison speaking over each other, “Oh my god, I’m cummmmmingggg! Do it, oh fuck don’t stop…DON’T FUCKING STOP! Oh god it’s so good, cumming so hard!”

They froze when our mom shouted “EVA JANE PARKER! HOW COULD YOU? AND IN YOUR BROTHER’S ROOM!” She took some deep breaths while the girls blushed and looked at each other and then back at her. “I know you are both adults, girls, but if you must bring home a boytoy for the two of you, at least use your own room! Just because you hate Dale is no excuse to use his room!”

Evie tried to speak, “I don’t hate…” but mom cut her off angrily.

“Shut up! Everybody knows how you detest your brother! Now you two need to get off of Mr. Boytoy and send him home. Then Eva, we need to talk!”

“Mom, where’s dad?” Evie asked.

“I felt tired so I took a cab home. He’s trying to get some really nice items at the auction so he’ll be two or three hours more, why?”

Evie nodded to Amber who slowly lifted her leaking pussy off of my face and I said, “Hi mom, I’m home!” as mom gasped hard and fell back against the wall!

“Oh my god! This is impossible!” our mom said as she shook her head and looked at us again, sadly seeing the same sight each time she tried. “Dale, how could you! I mean with your…EVA GET OFF OF HIM THIS INSTANT! My god, Eva, that is INCEST!”

Mom was standing at the foot of my bed and had a perfect view of our joined sex when Evie very slowly lifted her ass into the air as my cock slid slowly out of her hot love box. When she was half way off of me our mom gasped softly. After another two inches mom softly said, “Oh my god,” and when Evie reached my tip Mom said in a much louder voice, “Oh fuck me, oh my god, Dale!”

I noticed that evil look in Evie’s eyes just before she started to dismount my still imbedded shaft. Mom could see her balancing over my 8″ shaft before she shouted “OOPS!” and slammed back onto me as she groaned out “Oh fuck me, Dale!” in imitation of our mother. After a brief shudder Evie grinned at me and then once more slowly, and I mean very slowly, pulled all the way up and off of me. She looked at our mom and said, “Happy now?” before quickly leaning over and sucking about three inches of my cock rapidly into her mouth and then pulled right back off. “Yummy! My pussy tastes sooooo good!”

“EVA!” mom yelled once more as she stomped her foot. “Both of you girls go wait in Eva’s room; we’ll talk when I’m finished with Dale!”

Sis leaned over and gave me a quick kiss saying “Go easy on her, my soon to be mother-fucking brother!” I was speechless as she winked and slid off the bed. Both girls then walked out of my room without bothering to gather up their clothing that was strewn about my room. Evie got a look from our mom and she shut the door behind them.

It took mom several moments to start our ‘talk’ and I studied her while I waited. At 39 she was looking better than most college girls, the definite source of Evie’s good looks and my handsome features. Her body is a solid 34B-24-34 that she easily maintains with her part-time job as an aerobics instructor at the local gym. Lustrous golden brown hair, bright green eyes and fantastic legs put the finishing touches on my awesome mother.

“Dale, how could you do that to your sister? And please put some clothing on.”

“Mom, in case you missed it, Evie was on top and therefore ‘doing me’!” I noticed her pointed nipples poking through her bra and top and decided to push the envelope a little with, “and this is MY room so I’d rather stay like I am,” and waved a hand over my body and drooping cock. Drooping but still aiming at the ceiling.

“Oh…um,” mom stammered as her eyes looked at my cock, then my face, then my cock where they stayed for several seconds before she blushed and looked away.

Taking a chance I asked, “Mom, how big is dad?”

She looked at me puzzled before her eyes grew and she gasped “His cock? Dale, you shouldn’t ask something like that!” Her gaze had locked onto my cock once more so when I repeated my question I purposely flexed my cock making it bounce above me. “Oh god,” mom said softly, then offered, “He’s 5, maybe 5 ½” long and much smaller around than … never mind!”

“Mom, come sit by me, it’ll be more comfortable for you.”

“No, I can’t!”

“Sure you can! You were tired, you need to sit down. Sit DOWN mom!” I ordered her. She did, her gaze still on my cock. “Um, son, how long …”

“Just over 8 inches mom!” I said proudly.

Mom scowled at me as she continued, “As I was saying, how long has this been going on?”

“Oh let me think, oh yeah, we started going at it around ten this morning and haven’t stopped for very long since then.”

“That’s not what I … SINCE 10 THIS MORNING!” I nodded and she once more looked at my now fully rock hard cock. She stared at it for several seconds before asking, “Dale, you were getting soft when I sat down, but now you look fully hard. How come?”

“Gosh mom, when I am nude in front a totally hot female it just happens!”

“But it’s just you and m … oh STOP IT, I’m your old mother for goodness sakes!”

“Duh, I know that! Except you are NOT old! But besides being my mom you are also one Grade-A genuine MILF! All my friends say so!”

“What is a milph?”

“Gosh mom, you really should watch more movies!” I said incredulously. Her look told me she meant it so I went on, “A MILF…M-I-L-F… is a ‘Mom I’d Like to Fuck’!”

“DALE ROBERTSON PARKER! How can you even say such a thing?”

“Shit mom, all guys think it! Whose mom do we know that would be great to … well you know. All my friends have picked you and I couldn’t agree more!” She started to speak but I cut her off, “Face it mom, you are totally HOT! Those days when you, me, sis, and her friends would be swimming and sunning out back, I was scoping out you, not them! I think you are … no, I KNOW that you are totally a MILF.”

I had been supporting myself on my elbows but I let myself flop back down making my rod look that much bigger as it twitched above me. Mom had been sitting over the side of the bed with her head turned towards me, but now she swung her knee and leg up onto the bed and turned her body towards me as her skirt was stretched to the limit. Her knee brushed my leg and then her hand was lightly stroking the outside of my thigh.

“Since 10 this morning,” she mumbled softly. Then louder she asked, “Aren’t you tired, or worn out? Or just a bit sore?”

“Oh heck no mom, I’ve never met the girl that can keep up with me! And up until you got home I was doing a good job taking care of TWO of them.”


“DAD says it isn’t bragging if you can do it!”

“And you THINK you can?”

“Mom, I KNOW I can, even now!”

“Oh god. Um, I, um …” and mom looked into my eyes hard before dropping her gaze to my pulsing cock then slowly pulling her eyes back to mine. “We might just have to find out, Dale.” And her hand slid up my leg and lightly grasped my shaft. She gently jerked my shaft three times before biting her lip as she lowered her face closer and closer to my pole.

“Oh lord forgive me,” she said softly just before her lips slid around my shaft and she bobbed her head on my first four or so inches! Mom lifted her mouth off of me and gasped “Eva was sooooo right! Her pussy tastes divine!” Then mom returned her attention to sucking my cock as she pushed five inches into her mouth and up against the opening of her throat, making her gag slightly. Mom hungrily worked her tongue around and around my shaft and cock head as she fucked her mouth on my cock.

I stared back into mom’s eyes as she bobbed on my shaft, her hands jerking the remainder of my cock. She pulled back until about 1-½ inches remained in her mouth where her tongue went wild on my cock head and she sucked onto me hard! “Ohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk mommmmmm!” I groaned in pleasure.

That made her sort of smile with my cock still in her mouth, then she slowly took me to the back of her mouth once more before sucking harder than before and pulling back rapidly! I jumped as she popped off of me and grabbed my cock head as she grinned at me. As she repositioned herself onto her knees beside me she said, “So I’m a MILF in your eyes, is that right son?”

“Yes mom, you most definitely are!”

“Well, in that case you are a SILF…a ‘Son I’d Like to Fuck’!” She kissed me hard as her tongue searched my mouth and we worked together to remove her clothes, tossing them around the room.

Once she was dressed as I was, I leaned back and looked her over. “My god mom, you are more beautiful than I imagined…and I imagined you were a TEN!”

“You’re just trying to be nice to me before we fuck!”

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“Oh, God, yes, Kim, that feel so…aghh!”

Marc was startled as he recognized his sister’s voice. But it sounded like it was coming from Kim’s room. He’d been living with his sister, Lisa and her housemate, Kim for nearly two weeks. It had been uncomfortable and unpleasant from the start.

His mom, now on husband number five, had decided she and her new beau were going to get married the day after he graduated high school and started their honeymoon immediately. So instead of having one last summer with his high school friends, to lounge around and have fun, he was unceremoniously shipped off to where he would be attending college in the fall.

The house he was sharing with his sister and her housemate had been bequeathed to Marc and Lisa by his father who had been a senior professor at the college. It hadn’t been Marc’s first choice, nor Lisa’s, for that matter. But surviving dependents received a substantial break on tuition and matriculation fees, and as their mom had failed to do much to provide for their education, their first choice of schools had been moot. In fact, Marc suspected that their so-called mother was happy to be rid of them both, she could spend more time doing what she did best. He wasn’t sure what she did best, but she certainly wasn’t mother of the year.

Marc was far from happy with the situation. He and Lisa had never gotten along as kids. As they had grown older they had fought constantly and with increasing viciousness, at least verbally. The last time one of their fights had turned physical, just before high school, Lisa had broken his nose. Marc lost it at that point, and had literally held her by the throat, several inches off the ground, and told her that if she ever hit him again he would break her neck.

Step-dad number two (or was it number three?) had been a former Marine, and had beaten Marc badly. Surprisingly, their mom had divorced the man over the incident. Marc suspected that she had merely been looking for an excuse, as she had taken up with her next husband before the divorce was finalized.

So here he was, fucked out of his post high school graduation, sharing his late father’s house with his only sister whom he despised, with no friends, no job, no girlfriend, no nothing. The only bright spot in all this was Kim, the highly attractive Asian girl who was sharing the house with him and Lisa.

Kim was nearly the exact opposite of Lisa. Where his sister had continued to be catty, bitchy, and outright mean, Kim had done her best to make peace between the two siblings, giving him a kind word, even attempting to apologize for Lisa’s behavior. Sometimes she would even reprimand Lisa when she became especially bitchy, reminding her that since he’d arrived, he’d done most of the chores, a fair bit of handyman work around the house, and done nothing to provoke his sister’s periodic outbursts.

That Lisa would listen to Kim and back down attested to the depth of their friendship. Lisa and Kim were both on the college cheerleading squad. While Lisa had been somewhat wild during high school, Kim had managed to calm her down quite a bit. After she’d moved in, by all accounts, Lisa had quit her wild partying and buckled down on her academics. Without Kim, Marc doubted whether Lisa would have maintained the grades or appearance of ‘moral turpitude’ required to stay on the squad.

In fact, he had gotten into quite a row with his sister earlier. He’d spent the day doing yard work, mowing, edging, cleaning the pool, etc. Afterwards, he’d showered and grabbed a beer out of the fridge, not noticing it was the last one. Lisa had exploded. Kim had gotten between the two. After a tense dinner, Kim suggested Marc might meet up with a local cycling crew which made a practice of taking group bike rides in the cool of the night.

Marc loved cycling and readily agreed. Unfortunately, part of the ride was over some fairly rough road. He hadn’t seen the pot hole that caused him to endo. He’d been able to roll out of the spill with only a few scrapes and bruises, but his front rim had been buckled. A couple of the other riders had stopped and helped him out. They had applied some basic fist aid, then stayed with him until someone came around with a pick-up truck to bring him home, several hours earlier than he’d planned.

All the lights at home were out, so Marc assumed, with more than a little relief, that the girls had gone to sleep. After depositing the remains of his wreaked bike in the garage, he let himself in as quietly as a cat burglar. Thus he heard the sound of his sister’s voice clearly, along with assorted moans and soft cries. Padding softly through the house, he perceived that the sound was coming from Kim’s room.

Her door was partially open, the warm flicker of candle light spilling into the hallway. He had to pass by to get to his own room. As he did, he couldn’t help but glance in. What he saw astounded him.

Lisa was lying on her side, naked. Her hips were undulating against Kim, who was nearly nude, except for the strap-on she was wearing which was firmly embedded in Lisa’s ass. One of Kim’s hands was working a vibrator in and out of his sister’s clean shaven pussy; the other was around Lisa’s head holding it into a deep, passionate kiss. Both of his sister’s hands were kneading her own sizable breasts, often pulling at her hardened nipples.

Marc had always known his sister was a hottie, in spite of the animosity between them. He had right after he’d hit puberty, inadvertently thought about her while he’d masturbated, but had always felt disgusted at himself afterwards. Once he started dating, and more importantly, having sex, that stopped and hadn’t happened again.

However, with the tableau of these two erotic creatures before him, he was unable to control his reaction. Transfixed, he was couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight. His cock stiffened and was tenting his shorts.

The girls broke their passionate kiss. Lisa’s eyes fluttered opened and locked on his. “MARC!” she screamed at the same instant he shouted, “Oh fuck! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean…”

Shocked back to awareness, he turned and ran into his room closing the door behind him. Marc collapsed onto his chair. He heard Lisa and Kim arguing loudly.

“Lisa, calm down. We should have made sure the door was closed. Marc is a good guy, I’m sure he didn’t mean…”

“Fuck that, Kim. That little shithead was spying on us! I’m gonna break my foot off in his ass and if he so much as touches me, I’m gonna call the cops and have him thrown in jail!”

“No, Lisa, you will do no such thing.” Kim’s voice was calm as if she were scolding a insolent child.

“Really!?! Look here, Kim. I may like playing the sub for you in bed, but that fucker is gonna pay!”

Marc’s ears perked up. Wait a minute, his sister, the queen bitch who’d tormented him as long as he could remember, was not only a lezzy, but also into bondage! Oh, this was too good!

Finally he had Lisa over a barrel. The college was very conservative and associated with a fundamentalist religion. If even a hint of what went on got to the administration, he could have her expelled! This was almost to good to be true. He could blackmail her into, into what? Being nice? Probably not. But at least he could use the leverage he had on her now to make her be civil, or at the very least, stop her from being a complete bitch.

Kim spoke again as if she’d been reading Marc’s thoughts, “Lisa, remember where you are. If word of this gets out, we’re both off the squad. More likely we’ll be kicked out of school. I know your mom probably won’t give a rats ass, other than having to find another school for you, but my folks will probably kill me and then disown me, in that order. I’m here on a scholarship. If I get expelled, I might not ever get another chance to go to college. Dammit, this isn’t just about you!”

Shit! If he ratted out Lisa he was fucking over Kim as well, something he hadn’t realized. While Marc would have gleefully raked his sister over the coals, he liked Kim a lot. Fucking her over to get at his sister wasn’t something he was prepared to do. But neither of the girls knew that. If he played this right, he might still be able to get Lisa off his back without screwing over anybody.

He heard Kim talking again, right outside his door. From the sound of it, Kim was getting pissed off.

“Lisa, this is not negotiable. You get your ass back to your room, and I mean right now, or you and me are done. I love you, but I’m not going to let you sacrifice my future just because you insist on being a cast iron cunt to you’re brother! He’s been nothing but really nice since he arrived. And you’ve been nothing but a fucking bitch to him when he’s around. I’ve just about had it. Try me if you think I’m fucking kidding!”

To his surprise, he heard Lisa agree meekly. A moment later, he heard a door open and close. Then there was a knock at his door.

“Marc, it’s Kim. I really need to talk with you. Can I come in?”

Marc waited a moment, composing himself and making his face a neutral mask. “It’s open,” he said blandly.

Kim opened the door and stepped into his room dressed in a shear, thigh length robe of red silk. Marc was stripping off his clothes, revealing the minor injuries he’d sustained. The bruises were beginning to purple, but she couldn’t help but notice that he was lean and muscular. His bright blue eyes seemed to burn into her. For a long moment, Kim stared at Marc, not sure how to begin.

It was Marc who finally broke the uneasy silence.

“So, you and my sister, huh. I never would have figured you two. I mean, no flannel, no mullets, I guess that would make y’all lipstick lesbians.” He said matter-of-factly.

Kim regarded him for a moment and realized he was wearing only his underwear. The large bulge there made her swallow involuntarily. Lisa’s kid brother was either stuffing socks into his undies or…


She forced herself to look at his face.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“About Lisa and me, and what you’re going to do about it.”

“Well, I’m thinking about getting some payback on Lisa.”

“Why? What is it between you two?”

“Fuck if I know. All I do know is as far back as I can remember, Lisa’s done everything she could to make me miserable. Now I have a chance to even the score.”

“Marc, I can kinda get why you’d want to, just based on how she’s been acting toward you since you got here. But I’m begging you, please don’t.”

“Yeah? Why not?”

“Because if you go and fuck her over you’ll end up fucking me as well.”

“That’s true, but it’s also too good an opportunity to pass up. I know you’d probably tell me to let it slide and if I were a better person I probably would, but I’m not. So if you have any suggestions on how I can make sure she gets what’s coming to her that doesn’t fuck you as well, I’m all ears.”

Kim sat down on the edge of Marc’s bed and fidgeted with the hem of her robe. She sighed in frustration.

Marc was watching her, waiting. He couldn’t help notice that her robe had opened slightly, revealing the round swell of one of her breasts. Shit, Kim was in his room, sitting on his bed, practically naked and he was standing there in just his underwear. He’d noticed that she’d been staring at his junk a little earlier. Hmmmm.

“Can I ask you something, Kim?”

“Uhm, I guess.” Kim blushed slightly, her eyes gazing longingly at his almost naked body. He really was a good looking guy. She felt her nipples stiffen and became aware of the silk brushing lightly over the sensitive nubs.

Other than Lisa’s pretty face and killer bod, what do you see in her? I mean, You’re really nice, and Lisa is, well, a fucking bitch from hell.”

“Marc, you won’t believe this, but Lisa is really very sweet, just not to you. She’s really helped me out a lot, with cheerleading, with school, and she’s my best friend.”

“You’re right. I don’t believe it. When we both lived with my mom, she was miss popularity, but even then she was a bitch. Even her friends thought so. But they were all the hottest girls in school, so they hung out together, fucked who they wanted and fucked over everybody else.”

“Maybe that’s part of it. When she first got here, she wasn’t the prettiest or most popular girl. Actually, she was kind of shy and pretty lonely. We had several classes together and I got to know her during the study groups. We talked and found out we like a lot of the same things, music, movies, books, so on. We were both cheerleaders in high school. We tried out for the squad here together. It was so cool that we both made it.”

“Yeah, okay, I can kinda see that. So when did you hook up?”

Right after we found out we made the squad. We scored some beer and came over here. We were excited and a little tipsy. At some point we hugged, then kissed, and it just kinda went from there.”

Kim realised that as she said the last part, the bulge in Marc’s underwear had gotten noticeably larger. It wasn’t a sock in there! The tingle in her nipples settled lower. she could feel herself heating up. Unconsciously, she began squeezing her thighs together against the heat that was building inside. A wicked thought popped into her head.

“Marc, I have an idea. What if I said we might be able to get at Lisa in such a way that she’d quit slagging on you, give you the respect you deserve and maybe even start being nice to you?”

“Okaayyy, I’m listening.”

“And if I said that part of the deal is you getting to have sex with me?”

“You now have my undivided attention. Go on.”

“First off, I have to let you in on something about Lisa and me. You see, after we got together, we played some games. As it turns out, Lisa is a submissive in bed, and I found out I get off on dominating her, though when I’m with a guy, I like for him to take control.”

“Whoa, hold up a sec. If you’re suggesting that I dominate my sister, meaning I have to fuck her, no way. She’s my freaking SISTER, for chistsakes!”

“No, I’m not suggesting anything like that. Being a top is more of a mental game than a physical one. But how would you be with watching me fuck her like a slut, then making her watch you fuck me the same way? You wouldn’t be touching her, but if it was clear that I’m her Mistress and I’m submitting to you, it might make it so she identifies you as the alpha in the overall scheme of things.”

Marc was clearly aroused now. His cock was straining against the fabric of his underwear and a dark spot of precum had appeared. Kim stood up and let her robe fall open. She moved over to Marc and pressed herself against him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she looked into his bright blue eyes.

“Please, Marc? I think it would work. And if it does we’ll have to reinforce the pecking order on a regular basis. C’mon, admit it. You would enjoy watching two hotties perform for your pleasure. Watching them have sex, the being able to fuck the shit out of one of them afterwards. And it would be completely humiliating to Lisa, which, if I know your sister, she would enjoy nearly as much. What do you say?”

Marc brought his arms around her and cupped the firm cheeks of her ass. He picked her up and she automatically wrapped her long legs around his waist. He pulled her pubic mound into the hard lump of his erection. Kim pushed back into him and began to dry hump him through his underwear. He kissed her, touching her lips softly, then forcefully. Kim moaned as their lips parted and his tongue invaded her mouth. She accepted it eagerly, sucking on it as she twined her tongue around his.

As the kiss ended, she smiled, giggling, “I guess that means you like my plan and are glad to be part of it.”

Marc smiled back, “I guess it does. So, what now?”

“First off, you should probably set me down before I tear your undies of with my teeth and fuck you right here and now. There will be time enough for that later. Next, I’ll need about ten minutes with Lisa alone. Maybe you should go take a shower and put some bandages on those scrapes. When you’re ready, just walk into my room naked and we’ll go from there. Sound good?”

Ten minutes and twelve seconds later, Marc, freshly washed, opened Kim’s bedroom door and strolled in.

Kim sat on her bed, naked. Lisa was kneeling in front of her legs apart, arms behind her back, bound at the elbows and wrists. Marc could see a blue butt plug in her ass and the end of a large pink vibrator protruding from her pussy, the bottom of which rested on the floor. Kim had her legs splayed open. Her hands were in Lisa’s hair so she could control her head. Kim was making Lisa lick her.

“Ohhh, yes, that’s it. Fuck my pussy with your tongue, you nasty slut. Ahh, fuck, yeah, right there. Now suck on my clit. Be a good little slut. Oh, god yessssss, AAAGHHHHH!” she yelled as she climaxed. “Now lick up all your Mistresses juices. Clean it good like the pussy hungry slut you are.”

Kim looked up and saw Marc standing there, fully erect. She gasped then smiled as she noted the size of his hard cock. Definitely not a sock! “Hello, Marc. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show. If you feel like jacking off, feel free.”

Hearing Kim speak, Lisa began to struggle, trying to pull her head out of Kim’s crotch. Kim immediately forced the blonde’s head back into place. “I don’t recall giving you permission to stop or do anything other than lick my cunt clean, slut! Now get to it and don’t you dare stop until I say so!” she commanded firmly.

Instead of obeying, Lisa continued to struggle. Kim jerked Lisa’s head back and slapped her hard on the cheek. “I gave you and order, slut. Why is it that you think you’re free to disobey me?”

Lisa began to stammer, “No, Kim, Marc can’t be here, please…” She was cut off by another slap on the cheek.

“Shut up, slut. Marc is here because I asked him. And since he decided to accept my invitation, there’s something we need to get worked out. And that is you being a mean, nasty, cunt bitch to your brother. I don’t know why you act that way, and I don’t really care. But it ends tonight!”

She stood up and hauled Lisa to her feet by her hair. “Don’t you dare let that vibrator come out or I’ll whip your pussy with the riding crop and not let you cum for a week.”

Lisa, wide eyes filling with tears, brought her legs together to keep the device, already halfway out, from sliding the rest of the way.

“Oh, my poor little slut. I forgot how wet you like to get when you’re treated this way,” Kim mocked with concern. “Here, let me help you,” she continued as she reached down and pushed the toy deep inside Lisa. “Is that better?” Kim cooed as she flicked her finger over Lisa’s clit, causing the blonde to shudder. Lisa, barely able to move her head, managed to nod slightly.

“Good girl. Now we’re going to show your little brother just what kind of a nasty slut you are. You’re going to get on your knees in front of him and beg his forgiveness for the way you’ve treated him. But first, we’re going to make sure that vibrator doesn’t come out until I want.”

Kim went to the nightstand, opened a drawer and removed a harness. It was soon in place, strapped around Lisa’s waist and between her legs, keeping the vibrator firmly in place.

“Now, do as your told, slut”.

Lisa walked over to her brother and knelt before him. Kim followed sat crosswise on his lap and draped an arm around his shoulders. She let her other hand drift down and wrap around the section of his shaft that was sticking up above the thigh she’d nestled against it. She jacked him slowly and, with an imperious look at Lisa, leaned into Marc and kissed him deeply.

“Kim, what the hell are you doing!?” Lisa shouted.

Kim ignored her and continued to kiss Marc. Lisa began demanding an explanation, yelling and cussing at both of them. Finally the kiss ended and Kim fixed an angry glare on Lisa.

“I’m doing what we’ve talked about several times; bringing another person, most likely a guy, into our fun. If I remember right, you agreed that it would be someone of MY choosing, who may or may not want to fuck you, but would be here to see what a obedient, horny slut you are, to help me humiliate you like you wanted.

“Dammit, Kim, please, not Marc, not him!”

“Yes, him. And as you’ve embarrassed me by your rank disobedience, by disrespecting your Mistress and your brother with your outburst, I think there’s no need for you to say anything until you’ve learned your lesson.”

Kim swirled her finger over the tip of Marc’s cock, collecting a bit of the precum gathered there. She stuck the finger in her mouth and sucked it with obvious pleasure. “Mmmm, that’s tasty. I’ll be sure to get some more of that later, but first, if you’ll excuse me, Marc, I have to attend to a disobedient cunt of a slave.”

She slide off Marc’s lap, went to the nightstand and produced a ball gag. She came back, grabbed Lisa by the hair, forced her head back, then jammed the gag into her mouth.

“And don’t think I didn’t notice that you didn’t kneel properly either. Now spread your legs!”

Lisa gave Kim an angry, defiant look and shook her head. Kim sighed, then went and leaned into Marc. Whispering in his ear, she said, “Lisa is putting up more resistance than I expected. Just play along and I promise it will turn out they way we planned. Okay, sweetie? But for now, I’ll need the chair.”

Marc turned to look at Kim. He put his hands on either side of her head and forced her lips to his, shoving his tongue into her mouth. Kim, surprised by his action, resisted for a split second, then melted into the kiss with an ardor that she did expect, but found herself enjoying more than she’d imagined. He wrapped one hand in her hair and pulled he head back with firm gentleness, breaking their kiss and exposing her throat. With his other hand he cupped a breast and squeezed.

Nibbling his way down her neck, past the collarbone and onto the swell of her other breast, he ended by sucking her hard nipple between his teeth and bite down softly. Kim moaned loudly and shuddered with jolts of electricity that ripped through her. Marc released her and stood up.

“Far be it for me to interfere with the punishment of a, say, what is Lisa? A disobedient slut or a disobedient slave?”

Kim grinned wickedly and laughed. “All of the above, but I’ll fix that!”

Kim turned to Lisa, whose glare of rage turned to fear as the Asian girl dragged her to her feet roughly by her hair. Kim forced the girl behind the chair and pushed her forward, so Lisa was bent over the back of the chair with her face in the seat. The chairback was high enough that the tips of her toes barely touched the floor.

“Marc, would you be so kind as to hold my slut in place while I get some things? Just keep hold of her hair and don’t let her smother.”

Marc took hold of his sister and pulled her head up. Lisa continued to struggle and wiggle free of her tormentors, her cries muffled by the ball gag.

Kim rummaged in her closet and returned with a set of ankle cuffs, a piece of metal about a yard long with eye loops at either end, a paddle and a riding crop. With deft movements, she attached the cuffs to Lisa’s ankles, then the metal bar to the cuffs, spreading Lisa’s legs apart. Next, she secured the cuffs to the chair legs, binding Lisa in place. Afterwards, she removed the waist harness, the butt plug and the vibrator and switched it off.

“You were both disobedient and disrespectful to your mistress and my invited guest. Your punishment will be ten strokes of the paddle on your ass for your disobedience. For your disrespect, the punishment will be five strokes on you pussy with the crop. And as your disrespect was to both me and your brother, it will be five strokes each, ten in total.”

She looked at Marc and said, “Marc, courtesy would suggest that you administer your part of the punishment. But unless you’ve had sufficient practice to do this safely, it would be better if I did it.”

“Sure, go ahead. It’s not like I’ve done this before.”

“No, I didn’t think you had. But one needs to start somewhere. Why don’t we do it like this; you give her ten spanks with your hand and I’ll take care of the rest?”

“Sounds good.”

“Okay. Make sure you keep your palm flat and your fingers together. Usually I make her count the strokes. But since the poor dear has something in her mouth, I’ll count off for her. Whenever you’re ready, Marc.”

Kim knelt down in front of the chair and lifted Lisa’s head. She stroked her cheek softly

and said, “You’ve been mean to your brother for years, now you’re going to get a little of your comeuppance. I hope Marc enjoys this as much as I’m going to enjoy watching.”

SMACK! The first blow landed. Lisa’s eyes went wide with pain and teared up. Her scream was muffled by the gag.

“That’s one.” Kim smiled. “Marc, do try and wait a second or two between each swat. Change up the timing and where you strike. The anticipation of the next blow is as much a part of the punishment as the actual spanking.”

Marc took Kim’s advise and continued the punishment with Kim counting off the blows. She noticed that as he spanked his sister, Marc’s cock seemed to swell and become harder. She also noticed that Lisa was pushing back just a little each time his hand made contact on her ass.

Once the tenth blow landed Kim said, “Marc! You’re a natural. Maybe you would like to give her my ten also, or is your hand too sore?”

“Oh, Kim, I’ve been dying to to see Lisa spanked for years. If my hand was a bloody stump right now I’d still say ‘yes’!”

“Be my guest, then.”



Marc finished the spanking, his eyes fever bright and his cock throbbing visibly. Kim saw that Lisa’s face was covered in arousal. Kim leaned in close to her slave. “You liked that, didn’t you, having your pretty ass spanked by your brother? I’ll bet your pussy is soaking,’ she whispered into her ear. Lisa, flushed from her treatment, blushed crimson, then nodded slightly.

Kim stood up and hugged Marc. “You did great for your first time, lover boy.” She ran her fingers lightly over Lisa’s reddened ass cheeks. “You spread it around nice and even, her ass is a prefect shade of red and there isn’t even finger marks which means you landed each stroke perfectly.” Kim ran a fingertip down along Lisa’s slit and found it wet. She pushed the finger into her pussy. Lisa moaned as it entered. She’d been right, the girl was dripping with arousal.

Kim removed her finger, brought it to her mouth and sucked it clean of Lisa’s juices. She wrapped her arms around Marc and pulled him into a deep kiss. His arms went around her as he returned her attention. The hand he’d used for the spanking made contact with her skin and felt hot enough to burn. She caught his hand and turned it over. Marc’s palm was nearly the same color as Lisa’s ass. Kim kissed it gently and pressed his palm onto her breast, soaking up its heat.

“I’ll teach you how to handle the paddle safely so you won’t have to do that to yourself again. It must hurt quite a bit.”

“It does, but not as much as her ass, I’ll bet!”

Kim laughed and gave him another kiss. She reached down and squeezed his cock. “I need to finish punishing this cunt. As soon as I’m done taking care of her, I’ll take care of you, really good care.”

Give me a hand?”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“I need to have this monster inside me,” she giggled, giving his cock another squeeze. “But for now, if you would keep the count, please?”

“No problem.”

She picked up the riding crop and flicked her wrist a few times. The noise of the crop slicing through the air, followed by the snap of the leather fob at its end caused Lisa to shudder visibly. As she moved to take her position behind the bound girl, Kim ran the end of the crop over Lisa’s body, interspersed with an occasional flick in the air. She took her time and traced different lines down her side, around the outer swell of her breast, along her spine, each line broken by a SWOOSH-SNAP, just above the skin. Kim ended her build up on the inside of Lisa’s legs and thighs. She went from one side to the other slowly, but would pause each time she passed Lisa’s crotch to gently run the fob over her exposed and vulnerable labia.


A sudden flick set the end of the crop directly on Lisa’s labia. Lisa’s shriek of pain was loud enough to fill the room even through the gag.

“One. Damn, that sounded awful.”

“It is and it’s supposed to be, Marc. If a punishment is given effectively, it won’t need to be used except rarely. Disobedience is bad enough, but it can happen occasionally. Disrespect can never be tolerated. The punishments for disrespect are naturally far more severe and far more painful for that reason. Do you understand?”

“Yeah,” Marc nodded, “yeah, I get it. Please, continue.”



It was the longest ten count of Marc’s life. By the end, he actually felt sorry for Lisa. She had stopped shrieking around ‘seven’, but eyes were red and her face was covered in the tears that streamed down freely.

Kim set the crop down, got on her knees, and began to kiss and lick the spots she had abused so cruelly just moments before. Lisa’s eyes soon dried and glazed over with arousal as the expression of pain that had clouded her face was replaced with ecstasy. A low guttural moan issued from her throat and her body began to shake.

Kim continued to lick Lisa’s pussy while she unfastened the ankle cuffs. Once Lisa’s legs were free, Kim stood, dragging the tips of her engorged nipples over the back of Lisa’s thighs. She unbound the restraints at Lisa’s elbows, but left the wrists restraints as they were, and helped her stand.

“Now then,” Kim purred in Lisa’s ear as she ran her fingers lightly over the blonde’s breasts, pressing her own into Lisa’s back, “let’s try this one more time. Are you going to be a good, obedient slut?”

Lisa nodded her head in acquiescence.

“Good girl. Marc, would you have a seat? I think Lisa has something she’d like to say to you. Oops, I suppose it will be easier for her to say anything if she doesn’t have her mouth full.”

Marc relaxed in the chair while Kim removed the gag, tossing on the bed, and unfastened the wrist cuffs from each other. As soon as she was done, Kim slide back into Marc’s lap as she had before; crosswise, with her long legs extending over one side of the chair, one arm draped around his shoulders, her free hand squeezing and jacking his hard shaft.

“Go ahead, Lisa.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Lisa walked gingerly around to the front of the chair, facing the couple. She knelt, slowly, gracefully, until she was in what was, apparently, ‘the proper position’. Her knees were spread wide and her feet together. Lisa’s labia were red, swollen and glistening with arousal. Her spine was straight and her hands were clasped behind her, causing her back to arch upward slightly, making her large breasts jut out and her nipples point up. Though her chin was held high, she kept her eyes cast down demurely.

“Mistress, would you allow your slut to speak to your guest?”

“Yes, if you have something worth saying.”

“Marc, for years I’ve been a mean nasty bitch to you. I don’t know why and I have no excuse. I’m sorry I’ve treated you so badly. Please forgive me.” Lisa kept her tone flat and emotionless as she made the apology demanded of her.

Kim stopped kissing Marc’s neck. “Well, Marc, do you accept her apology?”

He sighed. “Considering that this is the first time she’s ever even tried to apologize, I think it only polite to take it at face value. Apology accepted.”

“Personally, I thought it left something to be desired, but if you’re okay with it… Besides, right now I think there’s something more pressing to deal with,” Kim giggled again, as she gave his shaft another good squeeze. “Marc, you feel like you’re ready to pop. Before you watch me give Lisa a good hard fucking, how would you like me to suck that fat cock of yours?”

“You think I’m gonna say ‘no’? Best offer I’ve had in weeks!”

Kim moved so she was straddling his lap. She kissed him deeply on the mouth and they dueled with their tongues for a while. She began to slide off his lap, kissing her way down his body as she sank to the floor. He found his cock in the valley of her cleavage and felt her breasts pressed against his thighs.

Now his cock was level with her face and she rubbed it lightly over the soft smooth skin of her cheeks, first one, then the other. She kissed it then flicked her tongue out, barely touching the veined shaft. Kim worked her way down to the base, then up until she could lap at the sticky precum which had coated the head.

With her lips pursed together, she slowly engulfed his cock, letting its girth push her lips open. Kim massaged his shaft with her tongue as she took more of him in until it filled her mouth. She gagged slightly as his head hit the top of her throat, then pulled back until only the mushroomed head was left inside. Kim repeated her actions, bobbing her head with agonizing slowness while she jacked the bottom two thirds of his shaft with delicate hands.

Marc groaned with pleasure at her ministration. He glanced up and saw Lisa, still kneeling before him. She was flushed, lips parted slightly, breathing fast and shallow, hard nipples engorged and extended. Her pelvis seemed to jerk and undulate of its own accord. He’d never seen her this way, full of lust, a slave to desire. Her mouth worked silently. He realized she was opening and closing it in time with Kim’s bobbing head, as if, as if she was the one sucking his cock.

That thought created and image of her, his sister, the one who had tormented him for years, on her knees sucking his cock, making him cum and swallowing his load, and doing it willingly, with total abandon. That image tore through his mind and sent him over the edge.

He exploded in Kim’s mouth, taking her by surprise. She worked to swallow his essence, but it was too much. Dribbles of his cum leaked from the corners of her mouth and trickled down her face. As his spurs slowed she began to suck him harder and finally extracted the last of his load.

Kim pulled her head off him with a small ‘pop’. She smiled and opened her mouth, revealing she hadn’t swallowed the last of it. With a wicked look in her eyes, she closed her mouth, turned around and crawled to Lisa.

The kiss she gave the girl was deep and sensuous. Lisa’s eyes widened in surprise, then closed in bliss as she accepted the gift of her Mistress. Kim pressed her hand into Lisa’s crotch and the girl began pushing against it, fucking herself on her Mistress’s fingers. Kim broke the kiss, but Lisa leaned forward and licked her face clean with obvious delight.

Kim pushed a hand in between Lisa’s opened legs and found her dripping wet. As Lisa began to hump herself on Kim’s hand, Kim cooed into Lisa’s ear, “Jeezus, your pussy is soaking wet. I hope you’re ready for a good hard fucking. I’m going to bend you over then pound tasty little pussy and then that tight little ass while Marc watches. I want him to see what kind of a slut you are. And you are going to enjoy ever second of it, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yessss, Mistress. Please fuck my pussy until I cum.”

“No, slut, I’m going to fuck you until your brother says you can cum,” Kim purred softly, so only Lisa could hear. “And while I’m fucking you, I want you to imagine that its Marc’s big cock inside you.”

Lisa’s eyes went wide. She whispered a barely audible “Oh God,” and began shaking violently as her orgasm ripped through her.

“You came without permission! Bad girl! Bad slut!”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I lost control when…”

Kim growled into Lisa’s ear, “When you imagined being fucked by your brother’s big dick?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Kim stood, leaving the still shivering Lisa kneeling in front of Marc. Their conversation between the two girls had been in low whispers, inaudible to him.

Kim said to Marc, “Lisa disobeyed again. I told her that she was not to cum until you gave her permission. Her punishment is a spanking, five swats. Would you be a dear and give them to her while I get myself ready?”

Marc nodded his assent and started to stand.

“No, don’t get up. She’ll get herself in position so you can spank her without inconveniencing yourself. Oh, and Lisa? From now on you will address Marc as ‘Sir’.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Marc sat back in the chair. Lisa got on her hands and knees and began to crawl to him. She slithered up his body, eyes burning with heat, making as much contact between their bodies as she could. Now she was laying across his lap, her ass in the air his rapidly stiffening cock poking into her belly.

“I’m ready for my punishment, Sir, at your pleasure.”


“AGGGHHHH! One, Sir. May I please have another?”

Marc delivered the assigned punishment, Lisa moaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain as he did. She could feel his cock become rock hard under her as it took place.

The last blow landed on her reddened ass cheeks,. Lisa finished the count and lay across his lap breathing hard, writhing.

“Please, Sir,” she finally managed to whisper, “Please, may I cum?”

All at once, Marc became acutely aware that it was his sister, lying naked, on his lap. His naked lap. And him sporting a huge boner which was digging into the soft smooth skin of her stomach.

“Get. Off. Of. Me,” he replied tersely, through gritted teeth.

Lisa scrambled from his lap, a shocked look on her face. Kim, who had absented herself, returned wearing a large, purple strap-on. She surveyed the scene.

“What’s going on?”

Lisa scrambled into her kneeling position. “Sir has finished correcting my disobedience, Mistress, and commanded me to get off his lap.”

Kim glanced at Marc, who wore a tight, unreadable expression. He met her eyes. “Yeah, like she said, I gave her the spanking and told her to get off of me.”

The body language and faces of the siblings told her that something had just passed between the two. She decided she would let it pass for now and talk to Lisa later, in private.

Kim stepped up to the kneeling girl and pushed the strap-on to her lips. Lisa opened her mouth began to suck it. Kim started to fuck her face. She grabbed Lisa’s hair and pulled her forward, forcing the length of it down her throat. Her pelvis touched Lisa’s lips before she withdrew and then pushed it all the way in again.

After a few minutes of this, Kim pulled back. “Bend over, slut; I think you’re ready for a good fucking.”

Lisa hurried to comply. She stayed on her knees, but leaned forward until she could rest her weight on her forearms, the tips of her breasts just touching the carpet. Kim got on her knees behind her, lined up the strap-on, and buried it in Lisa’s pussy with one motion.

Lisa’s back arched and she moaned with pleasure as she was penetrated. Kim began to fuck her with long hard stokes. One hand came down, grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. Her eyes were glazed with lust and unfocused, riding the waves of pleasure flowing through her.

“Oh FUCK YES! Ahhhhh! Thank you, ooooooh, Mistress! Pound my pussy! Oh GOD, I love it. I love being your slut! Fuck me! Fuck your slut!”

Marc watched the two. As before, he was transfixed. His self loathing at being turned on by his sister increased as his cock became harder. He wanted to leave, but his limbs were as numb as his mind, which kept flashing visions of him behind his sister, fucking her so hard she was whimpering and moaning her desire. “Make me cum, Marc. Please, I want to cum. Let me cum for you,” vision-Lisa kept pleading.

The vision flashed back into reality. Lisa was focused on him, begging, “Please, Marc, I want to cum. Aggghhh, fuck! Please tell me to cum. I want it. Want it so much. Pleeaaasse….”

His jaw worked soundlessly. He heard a voice say, “Fuck her in the ass, Kim”.

Marc felt like he was watching a movie. He saw Kim pull back, the strap-on glistening with Lisa’s juices. She kept one hand entwined in his sister’s hair, the other she used to line up with Lisa’s puckered sphincter. Kim pushed forward a little, penetrating her ass. Lisa pushed herself back, taking the length of it into her ass. He heard her moaning with obvious pleasure as she writhed and ground herself on Kim’s prosthetic penis. He saw himself sitting in the chair, cock standing stiffly, its head coated with pre-cum.

Both girls were obviously consumed with desire. Kim’s eyes burned brightly. Lisa’s were glazed with lust and arousal. Their skins were flushed, nipples eraser-hard nubs. Kim fucked Lisa’s ass with long, hard strokes. Lisa’s ass shimmied with the force of Kim’s thrust in and out of her tight puckered hole.

Over the rasp of their breathing and Lisa’s guttural cries, he heard her pleading once more. Pleading him for release.

He saw himself stand and walk unsteadily toward the pair. His cock was inches away from Lisa’s parted lips He heard himself say “You can cum when I cum,” then, horrified, saw himself force his cock into her mouth as she came forward. He kept pressing as she moved back until she was skewered on his cock and Kim’s detachable dick.

In a sudden rush, he was back in his body. He could feel Lisa’s gagging on his cock, her throat milking him, wide eyes looking up, filled with…Surprise? Fear? Lust? A combination of the three? Something else? All at once, he exploded, his cum gushing into her.

Lisa swallowed it all, her body shaking with release. Horrified that he’d violated his sister in such an abject manner, he began to pull back, but Lisa moved forward, as if unwilling to let him go. She kept sucking on him as hard as she could until his cock popped free with an audible ‘pop’.

“Well, for someone who said he wasn’t going to touch his sister’ you sure touched her pretty damn good!” Kim smirked.

A sudden onslaught of fury, driven by shame and self loathing, boiled over in Marc.


Before Kim could react, he was on her. He grabbed her by the hair and, tearing her from Lisa, threw her on the bed. Fear and shock painted her face. In an instant, he was there.

“Marc…” Kim began, trembling. He silenced her with a hard slap to the face.


He grabbed her again and flipped her over onto her stomach. Kim tried to fight, but Marc took hold of her wrists and pinned them behind her back. He was on top of her, cock still hard from his released rage. Her strap-on was in the way. He tore at the Velcro fasteners and ripped it off her. He got a knee between her thighs and forced them apart.


Kim cried out as his hand came down on her ass.



He landed another blow.

Now sobbing, Kim did as he said. Without ceremony Marc pushed into her. His cock sank into her pussy easily. She was tight, but very wet. He fucked her mercilessly. Her body pushed back against his thrusts, slamming up to meet him. Each time she did, his anger increased.

“You like that bitch? Well, fuck you! You won’t like this next part nearly as much!”

As Marc pulled out of her, Kim groaned in protest. Still holding her wrists, he pushed his cock against the tight ring of her ass.

“Oh God, no! You’re too big. Please, Marc, don’t AAAAHHHHHHHH!” Kim shrieked as the head of his dick was forced past her tight opening.

He continued to push himself inside.


Whatever else Kim had to say was muffled by the gag Marc found lying on the bed as he shoved it into her mouth. His pelvis made contact with her ass. He stopped a moment, feeling the walls of her rectum pulse and throb around him cock.

Marc pulled back, then pushed forward. Kim’s muffled cry only served to inflame his desire, his desire to punish her.

He pulled back and pushed forward again.

And again.

And again.

He fucked her brutally. Marc wasn’t even aware when her muffled cries of pain became grunts of pleasure. He only knew he was doing what he wanted and exhilarated the power he had.

All at once, for the third time that night, he came. His orgasm swept over him as he unloaded a torrent of cum deep inside her bowels. Dimly he became aware that Kim was shuddering violently, grinding herself against him.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on his side, Kim’s diminutive frame next to him. Lisa was sitting behind him, her cool hand brushing his cheek.


Marc bolted upright. The memory of what had just occurred slashed through his skull. Panicked he looked at Kim, then Lisa.

He recoiled from Lisa’s hand.

“Oh Fuck! What… DON’T TOUCH ME!” he yelled.

Marc leaped from the bed and ran from the room. He felt dirty, soiled, stained. “Oh Christ, what have I done?” he groaned silently as he hurried into the bathroom and got in the shower. He turned the water on full blast, as hot as he could stand, then hotter still. The water poured over his body. At some point, it turned cold. Eventually he got out and wrapped a towel around him.

He went to his room and lay down. Sleep eluded him. Marc’s mind was a whirl, but he couldn’t focus. He got up, pulled on some sweat pants and a tee shirt. The house was dark, quiet. Good. He needed to be alone, to think. No, if he thought about what he’d done…

Marc made his way to the kitchen. The girls kept a couple of bottles of booze hidden above the fridge. He grabbed the first one he found, spun the cap off, and took a long swallow. The sour mash bourbon burned its way down his throat, giving him something to focus on. Another swallow. And another.

The walls began to close in. Marc went outside and sat down on the steps of the back porch. Another swallow.

He reveled in the burning sensation of the liquor as he drank. The warmth collected in his gut and spread. Marc lifted the bottle for another drink and realized it was empty. How much had he drunk? He didn’t know. He hadn’t checked to see which bottle he’d grabbed or how much was in it. No matter. There was more.

He started to rise when a black hole opened up underneath him. He fell into the darkness and all awareness left him.


Light burned through his closed eyelids, blinding him. Someone was running a jackhammer in his skull.

“Marc, baby, can you hear me? Are you okay?

The voice sounded far away, but also, perversely, like it was being shouted in his ear. He felt something cool and wet on his face.

“Marc, are you hurt? Please, say something.”

The voice sounded gentle, concerned, but still far to loud.

He groaned and tried to lift his head. Big mistake. Everything started spinning. He felt a straw being pushed through his dry lips.

“Here, honey, take a sip. Easy now.”

He sipped. Water swirled in his mouth. It tasted awful. He spat it out and groaned again.

“It’s okay, Marc. Have another drink.”

He did. He managed to swallow it. The liquid hit his stomach and he retched.

Soft hands held his head as he vomited. The wet cloth came back, cool and soothing against his face.

He felt his head being lifted then set down gently, replacing the rough concrete of the steps with something soft.

“Try to drink some more, Marc. You’re dehydrated. You did yourself pretty bad last night. But after you get enough water in you, and some ibuprofen, you’ll feel a lot better.”

The hands began moving around his head.

“I don’t feel any lumps and I can’t see any bruises. I think he just drank himself into a stupor. He should be okay, Kim.”

Marc forced his eyes open. His head was in Lisa’s lap. Kim was next to her, concern written all over her face.

She gave him a timid smile. “It’s alright, Marc, drink some more water. Don’t try and get up until you’re ready.”

Time passed. The girls kept urging him to drink the water and talking to him in gentle soothing tones. He puked several more times. Each time, they held his head and passed the washcloth over his face when he was finished. At some point, they got him to swallow several ibuprofen. Eventually, his head quit spinning and he was able to sit up.

“Shit, Marc, you’re a mess. C’mon, let us help you into the shower and get you cleaned up.”

With Kim on one side and Lisa on the other, they got Marc to his feet and helped him to the bathroom. By the time they arrived, his head was spinning again. Marc felt his gorge rise, but was able to make it to the toilet before he threw up.

The girls waited patiently until he was finished. Kim turned on the shower, then both Kim and Lisa helped him stand up, removed his clothes and got him under the water.

“Take your time, Marc,” Lisa said, “You’ll probably want to hurl again, but it’s okay, just go ahead and let it go down the drain. I’ll be right here if you need anything. Kim, sweetie, would you go get some more water? He’s gonna need it.”

The water was warm, pleasant. Marc’s head was still pounding, but already the pain was beginning to recede. He let the water flow into his mouth, swished it around and spat. The shower curtain opened. Lisa handed him two more ibuprofen and Kim gave him a sports bottle after he swallowed the pills. This time he drank deeply, draining the bottle. He felt like retching again, but this time only a foul tasting burp came out.

By the time the hot water ran out, Marc felt nearly human.

They helped him from the shower and dried him off.

“Do you think you can eat, Marc? Lisa be a dear and go get some breakfast going. Hangover food. I’ll help Marc get dressed.”

Kim and Marc got to his room. Marc sat on the bed while Kim dug out a clean pair of shorts and an oversized tee shirt.

“Kim, about last night, I…I want to apologize…”

“No, Marc, I’m the one who needs to apologize. I pushed you too far and too fast.”

“Maybe, but I’m the one who lost control. I RAPED you, Kim. I held you down and forced myself on you, even when you pleaded for me to stop. I HURT you. How can you say that was your fault?”

“Because it was, Marc. Remember, it was my plan. I was the one who was directing it. And I knew something had happened between you and Lisa. I should have stopped right there, but I didn’t. And when I set it up so she had to beg you for release… And I knew you didn’t want to be in a position where you’d do something with Lisa.”

“I could have left. I should have. I wanted to, but…”

“Marc, just listen. After you left last night, Lisa and I talked about what happened. We don’t blame you. And you know what else? We both liked what happened. Lisa admitted she’s been hot for you for a couple of years now. But how could she ever admit something like that? I’ve been hot for you ever since you moved in. But how could I do anything about it when I was involved with Lisa? And you know what else? When you came in Lisa’s mouth, she said she had the biggest orgasm of her life. The same thing happened to me when you fucked me, especially when You fucked me in the ass. I came so hard I literally passed out.”

“So what are you saying?”

Kim slide onto the bed next to Marc and put her arms around him. “I’m saying, lover-boy, that you can’t rape the willing. You didn’t do anything that either Lisa or me didn’t want. In fact, Lisa’s more upset about you not wanting her to touch you. She thinks that she’s been a bitch to you for so long that you hate her and you think she’s ugly. Do you?”

“No. God No!” I’ve never hated her. Been pissed off at her, sure. And I’ve always known how beautiful she is.”

“”Well, then you better tell her that. We certainly don’t want her to start being all super bitch again, do we?”

Kim leaned into Marc for a kiss, but Marc put his hand up. “Maybe I better go brush my teeth, My mouth tastes like roadkill and sweat-socks.”

Kim kissed his cheek and rose. “Yeah, go do that. See you in the kitchen, sweetie.”

Marc brushed his teeth. By the time he was done, the smell of bacon and coffee pervaded the house. His hangover, though not gone, had subsided to the point he was ravenously hungry. He entered the kitchen. Lisa, dressed in a tight, white tank top and lacy boy shorts, was transferring eggs from a skillet to a platter. Bacon was sizzling on the griddle. Kim was dressed in a light yellow tee shirt, several sizes too small which emphasized her breasts and bared her midriff, and a pair of Hello Kitty panties.

Kim immediately gave Marc a tight hug and a deep kiss. Lisa smiled at him sadly. Marc pried Kim off him and went to his sister.

“Marc, about what happened…” she began. He cut her off by sweeping her into his arms and kissing her passionately. Lisa stiffened, surprised, then melted into his embrace and returned his kiss ardently.

As they broke their kiss, Marc reached out and pulled Kim into a three-way hug.

“Alright. I’m hungry and the food smells great. Let’s eat. After breakfast we’ll sort all this out. Sit down, Lisa, I’ll get the food. Kim, set the table.”

While they ate, the three chatted joked. Marc noticed the girls how the girls would continually touch him; the brush of a hand against his arm, a foot on his legs. If his cup ran low on coffee, or if his plate began to empty, they would rush to serve him until made them stop. Once the last of the food was gone, they sat sipping coffee.

“Damn, Lisa that was some good eats. Thanks for breakfast. And to both of you, thanks for taking care of me this morning. I mean it. Kim, would you take care of the dishes? I think Lisa and me need to talk.”

They all got up and Marc took Lisa by the hand. He took her into the living room where they both sat on the couch.

“Lisa, Kim told me you and she talked after, after I left. I want you to know that I don’t hate you and I don’t think you’re ugly. In fact, you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

Lisa’s face lit up. “Did Kim also tell you…”

“About how you’ve felt about me? Yeah, she told me. She also said that you really liked everything I did to you last night. I liked it too, but…”

“But what?”

“You’re still, my sister, Lisa. What happened was wrong. And it’s illegal too. As much as I want to, we can’t.”

Lisa’s face darkened. She slumped down and hung her head. Marc reached out and put his arm around her. Lisa nestled in close, pressed herself against him and laid her head on his chest. He could feel her body quiver, then shake.

“Hey, Lisa, are you okay?”

She shook her head and hugged herself to him tightly.

“Lisa, hey, c’mon, what’s the matter?”

She shook her head again. Marc reached down and placed his hand under her chin.

“Lisa, look at me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

He applied gentle pressure to her chin. Lisa resisted a little, then lifted her head. Her face was wet with tears.


“You’re my brother, that’s what’s wrong!” she shouted. All at once, she began to bawl uncontrollably. She buried her face into his chest and sob. Perplexed, Marc did the only thing he could; put both arms around her and held her tight.

Eventually, the sobbing ceased and her body quit shaking. After a couple of deep breaths she started talking, almost in a whisper.

“The whole time we were growing up, after Dad left, we had to put up with all of mom’s husbands, all those stupid step-dads. She treated them all like shit. The more she treated them bad, the more attention they gave her, until she got sick of them and got rid of them. I guess I wanted you to pay more attention to me, but I didn’t know how other than be mean to you. But even when I was, and you tried to get back at me, you were never as mean as you could have been.

“But it made me mad that I could be so mean to you, but you always tried to be nice to me until I went to far and you pushed back. Then you’d go back to trying to be nice again. Even when we got older, when I started going out with boys, I would treat them like shit. And they would pay attention to me. I could make them do whatever I wanted. I hated them because they were spineless jerks, but I needed them around to make me feel good until I got bored with them and dumped them. But you never let me push you around the way I did them. You were always standing up to me when I was a bitch.

“And when we were in high school, I heard about the fights you’d get into when guys would talk shit about me. Sometimes, a lot of times, I would set them up so they would, so you’d fight them. It was the only way I could get you to do something I wanted. But even then, I knew it was because you cared about me.

“After I came to college, I began to miss you. I could still make people do what I wanted, until I met Kim. She’s the only other person who’s ever been strong enough to make me back down.

Then, last night, the first time you spanked me, I realized I’ve always wanted you. God it turned me on so much. But then you pushed me off, and it hurt me so bad because I thought you were rejecting me.

“The whole time Kim was fucking me, I was imagining that it was you fucking me. I loved you being in control of when I could cum. I loved it when you told Kim to fuck me in the ass. When you shoved you cock into my mouth and came, it was the most intense orgasm I ever had in my life, ever. I thought, I wanted you to take me right then and there, to do to me what you did to Kim. I wanted it so bad. But you yelled at me, told me not to touch you. It was like I was the ugliest person in the world and you hated me for all those things I did to you.

“And then you kissed me before breakfast. Oh God, I’ve never been that happy. I thought that meant everything was okay between you and me, and we could be together. But no, we can’t, because I’m you’re fucking sister.”

Lisa began to weep again. She looked up at Marc, her eyes red and puffy, face streaked with tears and a little bit of snot leaking from her nose.

“I don’t care if you’re my brother. I know you’re a good person. I trust you, Marc and I love you. I want to be with you, make you happy, make up for all the shit I’ve done to you. You’re the only man I’ve ever felt this way for.”

Lisa broke down again. She buried her face in his chest as hard sobs racked her body. Marc held her close, stunned by her confession. His headache had started up again, pounding in his brain. He had no idea what to say, so wisely, he said nothing. He tried to think, but the throbbing in his skull made it difficult. Marc closed his eyes, The throbbing abated somewhat. Lisa began to quiet down. Within a few moments, they were both asleep.

Marc woke up; Lisa curled up on the couch beside him. God, she looked so beautiful. His headache was gone and his mind was clear. Slowly it began to function. Lisa had dropped a huge bomb earlier when she bared her soul to him. She said she loved him, and not like a sister. What the hell? How was he supposed to deal with that?

His body knew exactly what to do. Even as his brain resumed function, he noticed his stiff cock was pressing into her belly. Strangely, he felt none of the guilt or self loathing that beset him last night. He brushed some of her hair from her face and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. Lisa stirred a little and snuggled closer, pressing herself into him. He could feel her breasts, rising and falling with her breath, against his chest.

Kim padded into the room quietly. She came over to the couch and knelt next to the pair.

“That was quite a talk you two had.”

“You were listening?”

Hi guys and gals! This is my entry into the Winter Holidays Story Contest. Some useful background information can be gained by reading ‘My Sister Eva Started It All’, but you can skip right to this and still follow the action. Please keep in mind that this is a fictitious fantasy story. So please don’t post comments like “his cock is too big” (it isn’t, just more than average), ‘no one can cum that much’ (I know it, but it is a fantasy), and ‘unfuckingbelievable’ (I know, but again, it is a fantasy). If you accept this request, then read on. Also keep in mind that it involves incest, anal sex, lesbian sex, oral sex, group sex, etc. If you don’t like any of those, please read something else. Please note that if somebody screams I SHOW it. If somebody holds a word, screaming or not, I shoooooowwwww it. With that in mind, if you read on then please don’t grumble about it or knock down your vote because of it.

In this fantasy land STD’s do NOT exist! However, pregnancy does occur here. This one is on the long side so if you want a quick jerk off story, either pick something else or read this one in spurts (sorry, I couldn’t resist that one). Also I did my best to proofread this and remove errors but, as a human, mistakes happen. If something slipped past me, I apologize in advance for it. I hope you enjoy my little story. Please don’t forget to vote! Hope you all enjoy the upcoming holidays, whichever ones you celebrate! dezurtdawg


Psssst, don’t tell my brother Dale that I found this Diary of his! My name is Eva but you probably know me as Evie. GOD I used to hate that name!!!! But now when he says it my legs weaken and my pussy gets wet in 2 seconds or less! Hmmm, I wonder if he ever reads back over his entries. If he does then he will for sure read this and know that I snooped into his book. If what he wrote before that mix-up at the Halloween party is even half true then he was some stud! I can’t figure out why those high school girls didn’t know how lucky they were to have him hitting on them. Oh well, their loss is my gain … and my best friend’s … and my mom’s if she knows what’s good for her. Our dad seems to have forgotten what his dick is for!

But enough reminiscing. (Does that make sense? After all, I am adding to my brother’s diary with my account of things that happened since the spook night fiasco!) So anyway, as I was going to say, after Dale fucked the shit out of me and Amber (she is my best friend in the world) mom came home and caught us. Mom made Amber and me leave his room so she could talk to him about how incest is wrong. Considering how many times she screamed in ecstasy I don’t think that plan worked out the way she hoped it would! She certainly looks sexy when she’s been rode hard and put away wet … like she was that day after their ‘talk’.

After fixing lunch for Dale and ourselves we had a relaxing meal after which Amber left, as she said, ‘While I can still walk!’ As wild as the day had been up till then, it’s hard to believe that the only thing that happened between Dale and I the rest of the day was the one blowjob I gave him while watching a DVD. Okay, so it was from start to finish of the movie (“Titanic” with my man Leo, god he’s such a hunk!) You have no idea how sexy a girl feels when she can keep the man in her life … shit, it seems strange to think of my BROTHER that way … hard and so aroused for such a long time. I kept track and I had him close to cumming twelve times — Jesus, 12 fucking times! — only to ease up on him and let his balls recover. Twice I was certain I had pushed him too far and he was going to blow but a tight grip with my hand strategically placed at the base of his cock prevented that. I’ve seen the movie so many times I can recite the dialog so I didn’t need to ‘watch’ it as I focused my attention on my brother and his fantastic cock. Shit I still can’t get over the things he can do to me with it! Who knew?

I keep getting sidetracked and I apologize for it. It must be obvious that I am head over heals in love/lust with my brother! What a difference a day makes! Back to that incredible blowjob. By the time the movie ended my jaws were screaming for relief. So was Dale as I pushed him back to the brink of climax and then groaned deeply as I slammed my face fully onto him and drained his balls into my oral cavity. I’d say into my mouth, or throat but I only took the first three blasts into my throat. His spunk is damned tasty so I just had to pull back and work my tongue around his knob while encouraging his balls to shoot more jizm. Guess I didn’t really need to worry about him having more stuff.

Due to all the near climaxes he had experienced up till then, Dale pumped my mouth full with nine more powerful cum shots that overwhelmed my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and still it poured out of my tightly sealed lips and onto my hands. My heart was pounding so hard I didn’t even realize Dale was screaming until mom came down to see what was wrong. I’m embarrassed to admit that I came five times during the movie while sucking his cock and I never once touched myself down there. Fuck was I turned on!

Happily our mom let me finish draining his balls, then again waited as I cleaned up the mess from all the cream that had somehow escaped my overwhelmed mouth. Dale was mumbling incoherently about how good his cock felt, then how sensitive it was, then how good, sensitive, good … well you get the idea.

“My god Eva, are you trying to kill him?” mom asked once I was finished.

“No way!” I quickly answered. “I was just trying to let him know how I feel about him … and I think he knows.”

“Do you Dale,” mom asked.

“Oh fuck mom … that was so awesome! Holy fuck sis!”

“You’re both lucky that your father hasn’t gotten home yet. I didn’t think he’d be this late.” Mom looked at me and then at Dale who was still trying to recover from what must have been a monumental orgasm for him. “Son, why don’t you go take a shower and then lie down to rest. Eva, it’s time for our talk. Your room now!”

So I gave Dale a parting kiss then followed mom to my room while he slowly headed to the shower. I didn’t quite know what to expect from her but she looked totally pissed! “Just what did you think you were doing, young lady?”

Well, that puzzled me as she should have obviously known just what I was ‘doing’. But trying to humor her I said, “Um, mom, I was just thanking Dale for the … um … wonderful orgasms he gave me earlier.”

“And that makes you think it is perfectly all right for you to suck him off right in the living room on the couch!”

“Um … nooooo.”

“Seemed like that to me!” Mom’s face looked red with rage as she said that emphatically. Then it calmed and lost its reddish tint as she much quieter said, “It is quite the cock though, isn’t it?”

“Uh … mom?”

“Well, we both know it to be a fact, I’m ashamed to admit. But god now that I’ve had my son’s cock drive me up the wall all the way to the ceiling, I don’t want to chance losing it! What that means is YOU, and I as well, must be careful that your dad never figures out what the three of us are doing!”

“Does that … mean … um … that you … um … mom, want to fuck Dale again?”

“Oh honey, you must know what a gold mind of pleasure we have right across the hall! Of course I want to be with your brother again, and again, and again! I have never been fucked like I was when I had my … um … talk with Dale. That sure didn’t work out like I had expected, but I am SO glad that it worked out the way it did! So I am depending on YOU to be very careful so your dad doesn’t get suspicious.”

“So … you aren’t mad at me … um … us for fucking each other?”

“Well, I was at first, but then … god help me … Dale’s cock went hard again while I talked with him. I haven’t gotten that kind of a reaction out of your dad in well over a decade, if ever! And his cock looked so damned big and powerful and I melted under its heat! Next thing I knew was this man … my son … was making me cum and cum and cum some more! And I knew then that it was heaven on earth and I wanted more! No, I knew that I NEEDED more! Much more!” Mom’s eyes glazed over and she had that dreamy far away look again.

Some moments later she continued, “So, no, I’m not mad at you. I was shocked at you because you were obviously fucking Dale. But then he fucked me and then I knew WHY you would want the top, it’s easier to control your own climax that way! So now the only way I will be mad at you is if you hog your brother too much and I don’t get my fair share, or if you screw up and your dad finds out.”

Believe me, I sighed a huge sigh of relief at that news! I expected to be grounded, and that sucks when you’re in college! But what really surprised me was when mom leaned in and kissed me right smack in the middle of my lips … hard and with lots of tongue!!! Hell, Amber and I have had several make out sessions together so the only problem with doing it with mom is she is MOM! That thought lasted about two seconds before my tongue shot out and into her mouth while our arms clasped each other tightly.

Nothing else could happen though as just then we heard the door close downstairs and my dad called out, “I’m home, hon! Hello! Anybody home?!”

Mom pulled back and locked eyes with me for a few moments before calling out, “Be down in a moment dear, I’m just talking with Eva.” Then much softer she said, “Darn, we’ll have to get back to this later. I love you, Eva.”

“I love you too mom,” I told her as she gave me a quick kiss then left my room. I just leaned back onto my pillow wondering if I now had two lovers in my family! If so then I have one more thing to ‘thank’ Dale for!

So anyway, I know that Amber is hooked on Dale too so he’s really going to get worked over trying to keep the three of us satisfied! Hint, hint, Dale! Shit, I can’t believe I just wrote that in his diary! I guess I really DO want him to know how I feel about him!

Hope you find this addition to your writings, brother dear! Love ya, Evie!


Since I last updated you nearly two months has passed. I have been soooo fucking busy! And I DO mean ‘fucking’ as I have three horny women constantly rotating through who is getting fucked at any moment! It’s tough work but somebody has to do it! Heh, heh! Okay, lame joke but it’s the truth.

Today is the day after Christmas and the weather is threatening snow. My aunt (mom’s younger sister) and uncle and my only cousin arrived two days ago and spent the holiday with us. Dad and my uncle are about one hour from leaving on some sort of hunting trip — don’t ask me what for, I have no idea — which will leave me the only guy surrounded by five sexy ladies.

Let me explain that fact. Ever since November first I have been fucking my sister Eva, her best friend Amber, and my mom Robin. Before the first week of November had passed mom and Eva convinced my dad to let Amber move in with us as neither of them wanted her to starve for want of my cock! Having her around is really great, not only are we perfect together in bed but we have gotten to know each other really well and I think I really do love her! Surprisingly mom is the one that craves sex with me the most, as we fuck at least twice each day! Evie has turned into a blowjob queen as she never misses the chance to suck me off and no day passes without her swallowing at least two huge loads. Dad didn’t say anything when I moved Amber’s stuff into my room; instead he congratulated me on my taste in women! Needless to say I never have to wank off anymore as each of them is ready to fuck several times each day. Am I blessed or what??

With all three of them eager to fuck or suck me, my cock has been getting a royal work out! The first week after Amber moved in with us was hard on me (pardon the pun) and my cock hurt a bit and even failed to rise to the occasion twice. Even then my tongue worked just fine so I got through it without embarrassment. But I have been surprised since then. I don’t mean to brag, but now my cock NEVER gets tired! Never! It may droop just a bit after a good fuck session but then it just perks right back up hard as ever and is good for as long as one of my gals (as I some times call them) needs it. And they seem to need it quite a bit. Amber generally lets mom and sis have dibs when dad is gone, since he expects me to be doing my ‘girlfriend’ when he is home. So far there have been no problems and dad hasn’t a clue that Evie and mom are also getting boned by his son.

The three ladies have never shown the least bit of jealousy at each other, gladly sharing their time with me by either just calling “Next” and leaving the room, or climbing onto the bed (or whatever) and joining in. Sadly things came to a screeching halt when our relatives showed up, as I could only fuck my girlfriend Amber.

Dad at first was surprised at Amber’s screams of joy when we ended the night fucking, but now he seems just happy that his son can satisfy her so totally. If he only knew! When we awoke on Christmas day there were three new comers who just stared at us, especially me, for quite a while. Dad took my uncle Ted out to the garage to ‘talk’ and I’m sure explained how the previous night was the norm in the house. I guessed that mom did the same thing with my aunt Jessica, while Evie told our cousin Mindy right in front of Amber and I. Mindy just looked at both of us before softly saying “Bull-fucking-shit!”

This morning I was greeted by more stares of wonderment as last night was a repeat of the previous night. Amber is a real screamer and she has been at her finest the past two nights. Mindy pulled her off to talk and gave me some interesting looks when they were finished. Then all attention was put on the two dad’s getting ready to go be ‘manly’.

While they did their packing I scoped out my aunt and cousin. Aunt Jessica is mom’s younger sister, barely 37 herself, and is a near carbon copy of mom, except she’s 2 to 3 inches shorter and about 12 pounds lighter. Her auburn hair just barely reaches her shoulders but her light blue eyes sparkle with her radiant personality. Definitely another MILF!

Mindy is an incredibly sexy 19 year-old, only 4′ 10″ tall and about 93 pounds, maybe less. She is a fantastic gymnast with a rock solid 32C-22-33 body! (I know what you are thinking … her waist is simply TOO small to be real! I asked her about her tinyness and she proudly handed a measuring tape — where do women keep all this shit — to Evie who readily measured her vital spots.) Trust me, in her bikini she is the hottest one on the beach with her great shape and really ripped body! Evie told me that Mindy and her boyfriend of two years had broken up about two weeks ago. Cheap ‘no present’ bastard!

Time passed and soon we all waved goodbye to the two warriors and then went back inside where it was much warmer. Aunt Jessica elbowed me asking, “So big boy, how do you feel about being surrounded by five women?”

“It doesn’t bother me one bit! In fact, I rather like being surrounded by five drop dead gorgeous women!”

“Aren’t you the flatterer? At least you are right about three of them!”

“Hey, did I hear you correctly?” Mindy interrupted. “Did you just include me in a group that is ‘gorgeous’?”

“No, Mindy, I did NOT!” I said as her face fell. “I included you in a group of ‘drop dead gorgeous’ women!” Mindy’s face beamed as she smiled widely at me.

Evie looked at our aunt and asked, “So you don’t think Amber and I fit into that group, do you?”

“Oh heavens no, Eva! Both of you are incredibly beautiful!”

I looked to my mom and boldly asked, “Hey mom, why is it that ALL of the MILFs in the world deny what they are?”

“I have no idea why we do, but maybe we just haven’t seen ourselves in that way for so long!”

“Robin, don’t encourage him!” my aunt cried out.

Mom stepped up to me and grabbed my arm, obviously crushing her tit against me and rubbing it back and forth. “My big man here knows what he is talking about, and if Dale says you are a MILF, then you most certainly ARE a MILF!”

“You probably don’t even know what that means, Robin.”

“Dear sister, we will talk about what I know later, but he is right!”

Evie interrupted with, “If nobody objects I’m going to steal my wonderful brother for a while, okay mom?”

“Two hours, max!”

“Thanks mom, you too Amber!” Then Evie grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the stairs and then into my and Amber’s bedroom. Downstairs the ladies paired off by age to discuss the just finished discussion. They had hardly begun their talks when Evie began screaming in climax as we fucked hurriedly trying to make up for nearly two days not being together.

In the kitchen Aunt Jessica gasped at the sounds we made, then she asked, “Are they really doing it? That sure sounds like two people doing it!”

“Doing what, sis?”

“IT!” Aunt Jessica said.

“What is ‘it’? You have to tell me, don’t wimp out on me now!”

“Robin you know very well that it sounds like they are … they are … screwing! But they are brother and sister! And Eva hates Dale, everybody knows that! And his girlfriend is in the TV room with Mindy! And … and … and it just isn’t right!”

“Oh good grief!” mom said as her sister looked at her in shock. “First of all, Eva loves her brother just as much as he loves her; and he loves her so much; just as much as he loves Amber.”

“Oh god, AMBER! Oh the poor girl, having to hear THAT! God he is so cruel to her!”

In the TV room Amber and Mindy were talking softly about how she had been screaming out so loudly the past two nights and now here she was sitting downstairs while her boyfriend was very effectively fucking the daylights out of his sister upstairs. “Trust me Mindy, my guy is way more than any one woman could handle! We sure have a hard enough time as it is!”

“You mean both of you fuck him all the time!”

“Ummm…yeahhhh. Sort of…yeah it’s something like that!”

Mindy let that sink in for several seconds before her eyes bugged out and she gasped, “You can’t mean the THREE of you, like you know, Aunt Robin too! Oh my god!”

Just then they heard Robin call out “Amber, Mindy, please come in here!”

Both of them got up and walked to the kitchen, Mindy still trying to sort things out. When they entered the room Robin said, “Amber honey, why don’t you go up and join them for a while. They’ve had about 40 minutes alone so it shouldn’t be too bad for them. Just don’t over stay your welcome!”

Amber rushed over to my mom and kissed her on the lips happily saying, “Oh thank you, Robin! This will be so much fun! I’ll see you girls later!” and then she practically ran from the room, her feet loud on the stairs.

Jessica and Mindy stared at each other and then at mom as they heard the sounds from upstairs go silent, soon followed by the familiar cries of Amber joined with Eva’s renewed screams of pleasure.

Mom smiled as in less then five minutes I brought both girls to powerful orgasms, their voices joining in harmonic screams of release.

Mindy looked at her stunned mother and asked, “Mom, are we at the right house? I mean, Eva absolutely HATES Dale, yet it seems like they are getting along VERRRRY well right now. And Amber told me that AUNT ROBIN is fucking him too!”

“Robin! How could you? He’s your son! Have you lost your mind?!”

“You two have no idea what you are complaining about! I was so depressed because Simon is good for no more than two quick fucks per month, and I’m at my prime. I was so damned horny; I was wearing out dildos like crazy! But now Dale takes good care of us all, we never need to worry about trying to get him in the mood or having him turn away and fall asleep in ten seconds. And that is exactly what Simon was like. Hell, sis, I’ll bet you don’t fair any better than I did!”

Jessica nodded her head slowly in agreement then said, “But it’s so wrong and it’s illegal!”

“Fuck the law! We sure aren’t going to tell, and please don’t you either! And it doesn’t feel wrong to any of us! I have never been so satisfied in my life, and that includes that gang-bang when we were first married!”

“AUNT ROBIN!” Mindy cried out.

Mom put her finger to her mouth saying softly, “Shhh, quiet, oh how I love to hear this sound!”

Three sets of ears listened as I brought both girls to incredibly hard climaxes, then pushed them even higher as my balls erupted into Amber’s tight pussy.

“How can you even say such a thing?” my aunt asked her incredulously as Mindy heartily agreed.

“It’s the best sound I’ve ever heard! My two girls being pleased so well by my man…”

“Your MAN! He’s your son, and he’s a BOY!”

Mom laughed at that and looked up as Amber trotted back into the room, wearing just a pullover top and a loose pair of thin shorts, obviously nothing on underneath. “Thanks Robin, that was a great idea! What’s so funny?”

“Well, besides the look on their two faces, I suppose it would be Jessica saying Dale is ‘just a boy’ and not a man!”

Amber broke out laughing and had a hard time regaining control. Finally she said, “OH gosh Jessica, Dale is ALL MAN! And he is MY man, even though I don’t mind sharing him one bit!” and she winked at Mindy who blushed profusely and looked to the floor.

Suddenly Mindy gasped and pointed at Amber’s legs, where my cum was running down the insides of both legs. “Good grief, how many times did he cum inside you?” Mindy asked in shock.


Two women said “Bull shit!”

Then Robin said, “No, that is pretty much what he pumps out each time!” Then she reached down and scooped some off of Amber’s thigh and sucked it off her finger.

Mindy gasped and Jessica shouted, “My god, you have lost your mind!”

Mom scooped up another glob of my spunk and stepped to her sister saying, “Here, taste it! I dare you to taste it and then tell me it isn’t the best stuff you’ve ever had! You too,” she said to Mindy who stepped back in shock.

Robin wouldn’t take no for an answer and finally forced her finger into her sister’s mouth! Suddenly Jessica swallowed and said, “Oh my god, I want more!” and she reached down and took a big swipe up Amber’s leg. After licking most of it off she offered her finger to Mindy who looked at it and then at her mother before slowly licking the rest off of her mother’s finger. Mindy’s face grew a smile and then she too reached down and scooped up a huge glob with her fingers. Robin helped Amber lay back onto the table and spread her legs to give greater access for the newcomers.

Her legs were nearly clean when Robin said, “If you use your tongues you can get her lots cleaner!”

Both women said “I don’t do THAT!” as they screwed up their faces in disgust.

Robin said, “Too bad for YOU. May I Amber?”

“Oh please!”

Robin grabbed Amber’s shorts and tore them off and tossed them away as she knelt between her legs and greedily began licking Amber’s hairless pussy, eventually sucking my spunk right out of her. After several moments and several cries of pleasure from Amber, Mindy tapped on her shoulder and asked meekly, “May I?” Mom grinned and moved aside to give her room. After a few timid licks and slurps Mindy was soon sucking her dry like a professional cunt lapper, all the while making Amber jerk and spasm in ecstasy! Jessica looked on in wonder as her daughter sucked and licked up all my juicy cum before turning her attention to Amber and bringing her to a colossal table rattling climax.

Mindy stood up, her face red with embarrassment and shiny from Amber’s climactic juices, then pulled Amber into a sitting position and gave her a big hug. Mindy released her grip and Amber said, “Thank you Mindy, that was great! But we don’t just hug!” and she pulled Mindy to her and kissed her full on the lips! Mindy struggled at first but then returned the kiss with equal fervor.

Finally they parted and Mindy staggered over and sat down while Amber smiled at Robin and said, “I think she will fit in around here quite well!”

“You are all crazy!” Jessica said.

Amber laughed and said, “That may be so, but we are also SOOOOOO well fucked that we don’t care. And we have NEVER worn him out…NEVER!”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous!” Jessica said.

“Nope, it’s god’s truth! I don’t think it’s possible to wear him out! Isn’t that right, Robin?”

“That’s right, at least not with just three women!”

I heard the last four or so comments before Evie and I walked into the kitchen and the subject was dropped like a hot potato. Evie looked like she had just been mugged yet radiant at the same time. In less than a minute the three girls excused themselves and went up to Evie’s room for privacy and we soon heard her stereo blasting out her favorite tunes to mask their discussion. I engaged my aunt in a long discussion making it impossible for her to wander off with my mom who had slipped from the room. I could tell she didn’t believe most of what she had been told, but never the less she tensed up each time I went near her to get more coffee, etc. She was caught more than once scoping out my crotch area.

“Aunt Jessica, how about we do up these dishes, you wash and I’ll dry. That way I can put them away as we go.” She readily agreed and soon we were elbow to elbow at work. I managed to bump hips with her several times and rub more than just elbows until she was no longer flinching at my touch.

As we worked I tried to get her to open up to me but she wasn’t very talkative, seemingly deep in thought much of the time. I brought her back to the present with, “Aunt Jessica, have I ever told you how incredibly beautiful you are? I mean, wow, Uncle Ted is soooooo lucky to have you as his wife!”

She dropped the plate she was washing, but luckily it fell back into the water, only splashing on her. Her top was soaked and hugged her curvy torso tightly and without thinking (well, maybe just a little) I quickly wiped off her chest with the thin dish towel. She grabbed my hand as it rubbed her left tit and after a lonnnnnng three or four seconds she pulled it away from her saying “Th-th-thank you Dale. I will dry with time.” She blushed when we both saw her nipples sticking out proudly through her blouse and shear bra. I uttered my apologies and resumed my task with a new towel.

Later I went to put some dishes up in the cupboard when she stepped in front of me and as I stretched my pelvis crushed into her ass, capturing her between me and the counter. “Oh Dale, please don’t do this!” she gasped softly.

With one last lift I got the plates where they belonged as well as shoved my hardening cock into her butt crack. “Do what, Aunt Jessica?” I asked as I stepped back about six inches.

She spun around and said angrily, “Don’t poke me with this,” and she grabbed my cock through my loose warm-up pants. “I am not your mother…oh my god!” she finished as my cock surged back to nearly full size.

I cut the space between us in half and asked, “How long since Uncle Ted satisfied you?”

“That is NONE of your business.” She snapped at me as she slowly stroked my cock. I stayed silent for a few seconds and she said softly, “He fucked me the night before we came here, but the real answer is about two or three years!”

“You are kidding aren’t you?”

“I wish, but he has turned into a ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ kind of a guy. I have lots of really sexy outfits that I hoped would stir him up but no luck.”

“To my eyes, all you need to be sexy is you!”

Her eyes searched mine for several moments before she said, “You really meant that, didn’t you?” I nodded and she tightened her grip on my cock before asking, “I know you and Eva just did it, well, Amber too, but anyway, do you think you could do it with an old gal like me? I’m so horny even without hearing you with um, with whomever.”

I lifted her chin up with my fingers and said, “I’d be honored to help you with that, and as you already know, I do have it up.” She looked at her hands where both of them were now stroking my shaft and chuckled in agreement. I leaned down and kissed her lips lightly as my hands grasped the bottom of her blouse and then eased it up and over her head. She quickly moved her hands from my cock and undid her front bra clasp and dropped it to the floor before she yanked her own slacks and panties off of her and stepped out of them and her slip-on shoes.

Stepping back I said, “Oh wow, I was so right about you! You don’t need sexy clothes to be sexy! All you need is you!”

She grabbed my pants and ripped them down my legs then off of my feet along with my flip-flops as she said, “Just shut up and fuck me! I’m so horny, and hearing both girls scream earlier has me dripping wet so just spear me with your cock and fuck me!”

I picked her up and gently placed her on the table, her pussy right at the edge. She leaned back onto her elbows as I got into position between her legs and aimed my cock at her opening as she groaned out, “Holy fuck, look at that thing!” I pressed forward and my tip slipped into her and my first three inches disappeared. “Oh god!” My hips pulled back about an inch and then I eased forwards until over six inches was buried inside her. “Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h fuck that feels good.” After pausing for a moment I pulled back a few inches and then slowly pushed forward once more, my entire shaft being consumed by her amazing sex.

Again I paused to allow her to get used to being so overly stuffed. “Oh Dale, I’ve never felt so full! Oh my god, please just fuck me! Oh god I haven’t cum in so long!” I started to move as she finished by saying, “Oh god, you fill me so good and I really need to cum!”

My aunt just laid there watching as I pumped into her, nearly pulling all the way out before slowly pressing back in until I pushed my tip against her back wall. My fingers walked up her body and soon were massaging and tweaking her nipples which had been begging for attention. Soon she was groaning in pleasure as I pushed her body towards its much needed goal. “Oh Dale, I’ve never felt anything like this, you’re making me feel so good! Oh god, fuck me harder, don’t be so gentle! I want you to show me how much you WANT to fuck me!”

“What ever you want, my sexy aunt!” I said as I pulled nearly all the way out before slamming my cock into her HARD!

“Ooof!” followed by “Umph” and “Oooooh” as I slammed into her over and over, the table slowly walking across the room as I pounded into her. Her pussy tightened around me and she grabbed my face and pulled me to her, kissing me deeply as her tongue explored my mouth. She pulled back and gasped in a guttural voice, “Oh god, I’m going to cum! Oh Dale, you’re making me cum! Oh yes!” She gritted her teeth for several moments and I leaned my head way down and sucked her right nipple into my mouth and worked it madly with my lips and tongue. That was the last straw and she groaned in a surprisingly deep voice, “Oh fuck, I’m cummmmmming! Oh god don’t stop! Oh PLEASE don’t stop! OH — OH — OH — OH — OH — OH — OH — GOD YES FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK MMMEEEEEEEEEEE!”

I was amazed that she didn’t scream loudly, instead groaning in a soft voice as her body shook violently beneath me. Her orgasm finally waned and she grasped me to her, smothering me with kisses as she extolled her love for me. I was still pumping into her slowly and she finally realized it and looked down at my cock as it moved into and out of her. “Holy shit! Ted would be finished and snoring by now! Oh my gosh, sis wasn’t joking about you!” Her eyes searched mine again as she implored me, “Please don’t stop until you have fucked me to the moon and back! If that’s ever going to happen to me it will be with your cock inside of me!”

“I’d love to, just don’t hold back anymore. Let it all out when you cum; you’ll feel better and I will know that I’ve made you feel really good. Can you do that for me, my beautiful Jessica?”

“Oh god YES! Just fuck me some more.”

My hips powered into her again as we French kissed passionately some more and soon her body was shaking violently as the table kept bumping against the wall on the other side of the room from where we started. Suddenly she screamed, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!” before clamping her lips onto mine as her body was slammed by another climax, her hips lurching up at me.

The loud music from upstairs went silent before I heard feet running down the stairs and then Mindy’s voice as she called out “Mom! Are you okay? I heard you screa…oh…my…god! MOM! MOM!” Neither of us looked her way as my aunt’s pussy clamped onto me once more and my balls were bathed in her juices as she lightly sprayed them as she came again!

Amber and Evie were now standing beside Mindy and both of them were comforting the shocked young woman as they each said, “God that is so beautiful!” Mindy looked at them surprise written all over her face and then back at us.

My aunt turned her face to her daughter and smiled weakly, then looked back at me and sighed, “Oh god, they were telling the truth! Dale you are a fantastic lover!”

Mom stepped up to me and after looking at the table she said, “Why don’t you take your aunt up to my room and treat her to the time of her life while we straighten up down here?”

Aunt Jessica touched mom’s hand and said softly “Thank you, sis,” before starting to get up.

I pulled her to me and said, “Oh no you don’t!” She looked surprised until I said, “Mom told me to ‘take’ you upstairs and that is what I will do. You just hang on.”

My arms repositioned under her rear end and I lifted her easily off of the table and stood up straight. “Ohhhh godddddddd! Are you sure, Dale?” I nodded and started walking from the room as Mindy stared at us, her mouth gaping wide open. As we passed her my aunt reached out and touched her face lightly before saying, “Thank you honey for worrying about me! I have never felt better. I love you Mindy.”

I resumed walking with my aunt sitting on my shaft as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. We had gotten about halfway through the dining room when she groaned mightily before saying “Oh god sis, this feels like I sat on a parking meter and just sank down over it! Oh god this is fucking incredible!” Soon Aunt Jessica was rocking her hips on me, crushing her clit between us making her breathing much more rapid. By the time I reached the stairs she was whimpering into my shoulder as she began trying to lift herself slightly on my shaft. A huge groan escaped her lips as I started up the stairs and by the time I reached the fifth step she gripped tight to my body as she cried out “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING! Oh fuck, oh shit, oh god, oh-oh-oh-oh FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!”

Aunt Jessica was now using her arms and legs to lift her body up about five inches on my cock before slamming back down over and over rapidly as she fucked my pole. Her movements made me grab the stairs railing and I noticed that four women were staring up at us in shock, especially my cousin. I finally resumed ascending the stairs and just before reaching the top I heard my mom say, “Okay ladies, let’s straighten up in here and then go shopping!”

My aunt was kissing me like I was a long lost love as her spent body dropped down hard onto my shaft. Entering her bedroom I mentally thanked my mother as I gently eased my aunt’s body onto the bed. Just before I was going to pull back from her and help her further onto the bed she grabbed my arms and gasped, “NO! Don’t pull out! I don’t want to loose this feeling, even for a few seconds!”

I laid down on top of her and then rolled us over so I was on the bottom, then wiggled my way further onto the bed until we were near the middle. Her head rested on my chest, her arms and legs limp on each side and I asked, “Aunt Jessica, are you okay?”

She laughed softly as she struggled to push herself up. Finally she looked at me and replied “Am I OKAY? Dale, ‘okay’ doesn’t come close to describing how good I feel! You are a godsend to this formerly sex starved woman! I never knew this could feel so wonderful! And please, I’m no longer ‘Aunt Jessica’ to you. From this moment on just call me Jessica or Jess.” I nodded my agreement as she leaned in and kissed me gently yet passionately for many minutes, her pussy slowly rocking and rolling on my cock.

Eventually she straightened up and smiled as she increased her movements. Soon she was working herself into a frenzy as her climax neared once more. I reached up and cupped her amazingly firm natural tits and massaged them as she lurched twice before crying out in joy as the incredible sensations of relief washed over her making her body shake hard above me. Her pussy muscles clamped onto my growing cock as she groaned “Oh shit that was a good one! God I love what you do to me!” Then she noticed my change in size and clutched tighter to me, “Oh god yes, do it!” She suddenly resumed pounding her pussy onto me as she worked hard for my cum. “Give it to me Dale, I want your cum! Oh my god…YES…THERE IT IS! Oh god, oh fuck, I’M CUMMING DALE! I’M CUMMING WITH YOU!”

She kissed me quickly then ripped her face from mine and rapidly snarled, “Giveittome! Oh FUCK! Oh god yessssssssss!” and she leaned way back as she ground her pussy into my crotch forcing my cock as deep into her as it could go! Damn did she look sexy as her body shook and quivered above me, her body arched back in ecstasy once again.

My cock finished spurting into her and Jess stopped shaking, then slowly pulled her beaming face forward and looked into my eyes. “Holy fuck, THAT was intense!” she said before slowly leaning forward to kiss me before dropping back to my chest once again, her pussy still shaking around my purple invader. Softly she said, “I was wondering when you would finally cum, almost worried that I couldn’t excite you enough to get you off.”

“OH god Jess, you are amazingly sexy and never need to worry about that! I have great stamina and usually get my partner off several times before I cum the first time.”

“You really think I’m sexy? Tim never tells me anything like that. Wait a minute! Did you say ‘the first time’?”

I mentally rewound my inner tape and then said, “Yes I certainly did. Is that going to be a problem for you?”

“Um, noooooo, but how many times can you cum?”

“I’ve never found out what it takes to stop the flow. I usually get my partner off four or five times between my own climaxes. Nobody has ever complained.”

“No shit, you stud! Now roll us over and fuck me properly!” So I did…several times as she came over and over around my piercing shaft. I filled her two more times with cum before she asked me to let her rest for a moment or two. I went to get something for each of us to drink and found mom’s note telling us they had gone shopping and to a movie, that they would be gone for at least five hours and would pick up supper on the way back. I took the note and drinks with me and found Jess sleeping soundly on the bed. Gently getting back onto the bed I simply sat there and watched my beautiful aunt as she slept. God if she wasn’t an angelic creature stretched out before me. It blew me away that my dumb ass uncle didn’t seem interested in fucking her more than once or twice each month!

After about 40 minutes Jessica stirred and grinned at me as her eyes opened. Once she was fully awake again I handed her the note and watched her eyes as she read it. When she handed it back to me I said, “You didn’t read the part in the corner from Evie.”

“It’s just a heart.”

“No, she is an expert at really small printing with her special pen. It’s a message in real tiny print shaped like a heart!”

Jess looked closely at it before saying, “Holy shit, she IS good at this! Let’s see now, it says ‘Aunt Jess, now you know why I don’t hate my brother any more! Have a great time! Love you both, Evie.’ Good grief, she even signed it with the nickname she hated. Obviously Dale, my stud of a nephew, you have really changed her heart since I last saw her. Um, er, just like you’ve changed mine even though I didn’t hate you!”

I put the note on the table and reminded her that we only had three hours or so before they would be back home. She kissed me forcefully before saying, “I think it is time for me to get this limp dick ready for some serious fucking then.” Her lips slipped around my cock head and gently sucked at it while her tongue slowly increased its pace at lapping around my slit on the tip, as well as all around the mushroom head’s edge. She had me groaning in pleasure in no time and she was now taking over half of my shaft to the back of her sexy mouth.

After about ten glorious minutes in her talented mouth Jess pulled back and said, “You are yummy and I love giving head, but I want you to fuck me some more with this big boy of yours.” She rolled onto her back with her legs spread and beckoned me saying, “Now get that cock of yours inside me and show me how a real man fucks a woman! Make me cum more than I thought possible.”

“It will be a pleasure to make MY beautiful Jessica scream my name as she cums on my cock!” I said as I positioned myself at her opening and then speared forcefully into her causing her to groan in pleasure.

“So you think I’m YOURS do you?” my aunt asked.

Jessica groaned loudly as I emphasized each syllable with a hard thrust, “Ab … so … lute … ly!”

“Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkk that’s so good. Oh god Dale, fuck me harder! OOOOFF oh god yes, like that. Don’t ever stop fucking me, even when you’re old and gray! I don’t care what Tim does, my husband can go fuck himself as long as you keep fucking me! Oh fuck that’s the spot … right there! Oh god I’m cumming already! OH! OOOOOF … OAPH … UNG … OOOOOOO … OH … FUCK … ME … DAALLLE!”

Over the next 90 minutes we fucked in as many positions as we could think of and I made her cum in every one of them. When I pumped my dick up her ass the first time she nearly fainted from fear of being ripped apart, but soon was screaming in pleasure as I filled her tight ass with my soothing special sauce. Jessica fell onto her face gasping for breath after we were finished cumming and then said, “Oh my god, I need to rest! Holy fuck you are incredible at making a woman go crazy for your cock! I am so totally well fucked, but I know I want more as soon as I rest a bit!”

“Let’s go take a shower together. The spray will rejuvenate you and besides, it will be lots of fun!” I told her with a kiss. She agreed with me so, with my cock still up her ass, I scooped her up and carried her to the bathroom as she hung from my steel pole.

As we reached the bathroom she suddenly screamed out, “Oh FUCK I’m cumming AGAIN!” as she grabbed the door frame and turned us so I…we were facing the mirrored wall as she hung from my cock, her body shaking wildly before me. My hands were massaging her tits as well as helping to prevent her falling forward as she arched her back and locked her feet behind my legs as the shock waves slammed through her awesome body! Jessica was grabbing for me, trying to find some way to hold onto me as her climax rolled on taking her to new heights of pleasure she had never before felt.

Suddenly she lifted her feet and placed them on the counter top and used her legs to begin lifting her up my shaft before dropping hard back onto me. “Oh Jesus god, so hard…I’m cumming so HARD so god damned HARD! Oh my god! OH-OH-OH-OH-OH FUCK-FUCK-FUCK SHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!” Then she went limp and her feet fell off of the counter top and again hung down by my legs.

Jess finally tilted her head back to me and we kissed, her tongue loving at my own in my mouth. We broke the kiss and I said into her ear, “You look so damned sexy like this!”

“What, hanging on your cock like a chicken on the rotisserie?”

“Yup, and I bet you enjoyed it a whole lot more!”

“Oh shit did I ever! WOW that was without a doubt the craziest way I’ve ever been fucked, to be just hanging in front of you with no control over anything that I felt. WOW! I think my ass will be sore for a week but damn was it worth it!”

I gently lifted her up and off of me, then she turned and pulled me into our longest and most passionate kiss of the day! Wow can she curl your toes just with a kiss!

I got the water running and brought it to temperature before helping her unsteady legs step into the shower, then I followed behind her and we took turns washing each other. We were finished washing each other and Jess grabbed my shoulders and pulled herself up my body until she could nestle her pussy down onto my recently stroked to hardness cock. “I just had to feel you inside me again right now! Don’t think I’m bad just because I couldn’t wait to get out of the shower,” she told me as she lifted her body up ’til I nearly slipped out of her before dropping back down onto me again as her moans grew in intensity. All the while she worked herself on my shaft her pussy muscles were squeezing extremely tight on me as if she wanted to pull my cock right off me as she moved.

Suddenly she put her face about two inches in front of mine and said, “Oh god, Dale, I’m cumming again. Oh god I’m going to cum so hard again! Oh god DALE, DALE, DALE, DALE, DALE is making me cum!” She clamped her lips to mine as her legs and arms worked her body frantically up and down on me as we stood in the shower spray. Slowly she brought her body to a stop after her orgasm had finished. Her arms tightened around my shoulders as her legs went limp, slowly sliding down my ass cheeks and thighs until once again they hung beneath her. “Oh my god, Dale, if you help me just stay like this for a few moments, I might just cum again! Oh shit this feels so incredible, I have never felt so full, so desired and loved as I do right now.”

I kissed her softly as my hands kneaded her ass cheeks for several seconds. “Oooooooooooo fuck,” she said softly as her head dropped back and she looked at the ceiling. “Oh god, DON’T MOVE! Oh fuck yeah, oh Jesus god I’m cummmmmmminggggggggg shitshitSHITSHITshitshit fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk oooooooooOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhh god!”

Jess recovered by emitting a combined laughter/crying sound as she clung even tighter to me. “Holy shit, Dale, I think I’m good for now! W-w-w-would you put me down please; I don’t think I have the strength.”

I did so easily and she instantly dropped to her knees and inhaled my shaft into her mouth, sucking my cock hard and fast. The spray was on my back so she wasn’t getting pelted with it and she looked up at me before pulling back to say, “You were right, my pussy does taste good! I’ve never done this before but I want to get it all,” then she pushed forward and bounced her face on me several times before she managed to finally get my cock to enter her throat. Love shown brightly from her eyes as she pressed down and took me fully into her mouth and throat before she pulled back and gasped around me before taking me once more to the root.

Jessica used her hands on any exposed part of my cock as she bobbed fully up and down my shaft as she gave me an incredible blow job. After about ten minutes of this, and after her incredible fuck earlier, my balls began to churn in readiness as my cock head grew even more. My aunt pulled off of me quickly and said, “Do it Dale, cum for me! I want to eat your cum, to feel you shoot it into my mouth and straight into my stomach! Cum in my mouth!” Her lips closed around me once more and she dove forward taking me fully into her starving mouth as she buried her nose in my pubic hair. My cock throbbed twice before my first blast of cum shot straight into her throat, her eyes pleading for more.

After taking about three huge ropes down her throat she pulled back and jerked my shaft as her tongue licked my tip rapidly, urging my balls to fill her mouth over and over as she swallowed as quickly as possible. Some of my cum escaped from her lips but she used her fingers to scoop it up and gobbled it all down before going back to gently sucking my cock, making me twitch and shake as she deftly sucked several small dribbles of cum from my balls. I noticed our hundred gallon water heater was starting to send out cooler water so I helped her stand up and kissed her then we quickly rinsed off once more before getting out of the shower.

We dried each other as Jessica talked. “This is quite the day for firsts for me! I have never cheated on Tim until today, but somehow I feel that he was cheating me instead. I mean, making love with you is soooooooooo much better than his puny attempts at fucking me, there is just no comparison! Besides that, I have never been fucked in my ass, I have never even tried to deep throat a cock before, although Tim’s probably wouldn’t reach to my throat. He, or any other guy, has never gotten to shoot their load into my mouth, but I loved it when you did it! Hell, I’ve never ever had more than one orgasm in a day; didn’t know that I could! In fact you did made me cry out your name as I came, something I had never done before!”

We kissed again and then she asked with a grin, “Want to make me do it again?” I answered her by scooping her into my arms and carrying her back to my mom’s room again. “No, not here, in your room and THEN downstairs.”

So I took her to my room and we fell to the bed locked in each others arms rolling around on my bed. We ended up with Jess on top and she slid down onto my shaft with a soft sigh coming from her lips. She slowly and gently rode me through four thunderous orgasms before I pumped her pussy full of cum once more. Jess leaned down to me and said, “Oh Dale, that was so wonderful, I truly love fucking you. Can we go downstairs now? I’d prefer the same method I used to get up here,” she said with a giggle.

“You are turning into a sex crazed wench, my dear Jessica,” I told her as I moved to the side of the bed and got up, holding her impaled on my cock once more.

“Yes I am, and I have you to thank for it too!” As I walked she started fucking me as hard as she could, considering she had to use her arms and legs to pull up and then drop back down. It worked for her as she came once more as we neared the bottom of the stairs. I managed to walk to the family room and dropped onto the first easy chair I found before she resumed her efforts on my pillar again.

My balls were churning again and she was nearing her own climax once more, her voice crying out in joy as she worked her body on me forcefully. I thought I heard the door open just as my cock throbbed in readiness for its impending cum explosion and Jess cried out, “Oh god yes, give it to me, fill me with your hot cum! I want it all, cum in me and make me cum.” I shot my first blast into her as she shuddered violently on me and screamed out, “Oh god help me I’m cumming again! Oh fuck, oh god, oh, OH, SHIT, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLE FUCKKKKK! Oh my god!” Her face fell onto my chest as her pussy muscles clutched and grabbed at me while she tried to regain her breath.

I felt the presence of the rest of the family before Mindy shouted “Jesus Christ, mom! Haven’t you gotten enough YET? We’re gone practically all day and the first thing I hear is you screaming my COUSIN’S name for over a minute! No guy can be that good! Damn it mom, get a grip on yourself!”

Evie put her arm around Mindy and hugged her tight as Jessica kissed me deeply before turning to her daughter. Giving her an exhausted smile Jess softly said, “Mindy, you don’t have to believe me, but Dale most certainly is! My god, Robin, you three women are the luckiest women on planet Earth! Now, I need to get off of this stud, but I am filled to the top with cum. Does anyone want it?!”

As she finished saying that Evie released her cousin and shouted out “I DO!” and was nearly instantly kneeling before us waiting for an exposed pussy to be cleaned out. My aunt slowly rose up before quickly pulling off of me and laying on her back on the chair’s arm rest. Sis immediately had her face in Jessica’s snatch and was greedily gobbling up all the copious amounts of our combined juices as they poured out of her.

Robin walked over and said, “Oooo, this looks yummy,” and slipped her greedy mouth around my shaft, slowly taking my entire cock down her throat. I groaned at my mother’s attention to my shaft as Jess began humping her pussy up into my sister’s face, her throat groaning out its approval.

Evie really stepped up her efforts as her tongue forced its way deep into Jess’s pussy trying to suck more cum from my aunt. Jess grabbed her head and held her tight to her sex as she moaned out, “Oh my god, if you keep that up I’m going to cum again!” Evie sucked even harder and I watched as Jessica’s body tensed before she cried out, “Oh my god, I’m cumming! Oh shit Eva, I’m cumming right NOW!”

Mindy turned away from us as she covered her face with her hands and ran from the room crying out, “Oh my god, you are ALL crazy!”


Mom finished cleaning my cock and said, “I’d better go have a talk with her.”

I grabbed her arm and said, “No, I’ll go.”

“Like that?!” she asked pointing at my rock hard cock.

“I’ll take care of it,” and walked to the kitchen, giving Amber a kiss on the way. Opening the freezer I took out several ice cubes and held them in my hands against my rock hard cock. “SHIT!” I exclaimed at the first contact before my cock shrank under the coldness.

As I left the room with my soft dick swaying between my legs, Amber said, “Nice job doing that!”

I laughed and said, “NEVER again!”

Reaching Evie’s bedroom door I heard sobbing from the other side before I knocked softly. “Go away!” I knocked again and heard, “I said ‘go away’!” before more sobs. I knocked once more and this time got no response, so I turned the knob and stepped into the room, shutting the door behind me.

“OH GOD NO! They sent you here to FUCK me too, didn’t they?!”

“No, nobody SENT me! And I don’t fuck anyone that doesn’t want it. Especially a cousin whom I have loved forever.”

“Sure…right…you just want to fuck me TOO!”

I grabbed the chair from the corner and pulled it about five feet into the room before sitting on it. “Look, I’m NOT here to fuck you! Nobody sent me to FUCK you! I never wanted to hurt you, and obviously I have. I’m sorry that you seeing me and your mother like that bothered you so much, but the truth is she really needed what I gave her…”

“What, a pussy full of cum!”

“Several actually, and yes she did. In case you haven’t noticed it, your dad is rather lacking in the romance department. Unfortunately, your mom is at the peak of her sexuality and that combination is one that just can NOT work!”

“And that gives you the right to FUCK HER!”

“No, but it did give me the opportunity, your mother gave me the right to do it WITH her, not TO her!” I looked at her sad face for several moments before saying, “You may not understand it, but your mother really needed to be with me like that. I know that she enjoyed it and will be a happier woman because of it.”

Mindy didn’t respond, just continued her light sobbing so I stood up and returned the chair to the corner. “I’m really sorry if I hurt you somehow. Hopefully you will be able to forgive me before you go back home.” Then I turned and started towards the door.

Her soft voice said, “You don’t want to fuck me, do you? First my boyfriend dumps me and now you turn your back on me!” More sobs. “I must be a repulsive person to be so unwanted!”

“Who said you were ‘unwanted’ besides your stupid ex-boyfriend?”

“You…you did. You said you didn’t want to fuck me! You’ll do every woman in the house but you won’t fuck ME! Am I that repulsive or do you think I am too little to handle you?” More sobs.

I took my hand off of the door knob and turned around, my limp dick swinging between my thighs. “I never said I didn’t WANT to fuck you. I said I didn’t come up here TO fuck you! There’s a difference.” She tried to speak but I silenced her by rapidly continuing, “Secondly, you are anything but repulsive! Mindy, you are an incredibly beautiful pixy of a girl with a totally hot body! Yes you’re little but so sexy, I or any other sane man would love to fuck you, if YOU wanted to.”

“How do I know you aren’t just saying that to make me feel good about myself?” she asked as she stared at my still low hanging prick.

“I tell you what, if you really want us to do it, then when we are finished you can ask that question again…if you still think you need to, that is.”

Mindy reached to her waist and began pulling her jeans down as she said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Get your cute ass over here!”

“You like my ass?” I asked as I walked to the bed.

“Oh my god yes! I’ve loved your ass for at least five years now.” She said as her pants hit the floor without her. I slid onto the bed beside her as she moved in for a kiss, her tongue tentatively poking into my mouth at first. As we kissed I pulled her panties down her hips and then off of her legs. In one swift move Mindy pulled her top over her head and tossed it aside. I stopped her before she could undo her shear lacy half-bra and gave her a sincere wolf whistle.

“Oh my gosh, Mindy, you are sooooooooooooooo fucking sexy! I never realized you had such a fantastic body hidden under your clothes!” I took her into my arms and we kissed once more, this time with more fervor as she was warming up to the moment. I slowly leaned her back down onto the bed as I kissed her nose, both eyes, behind her ears — she loved that — before my lips slowly kissed my way down her neck to the valley between her perky tits. “Wow Mindy, I didn’t know it was possible to have tits like yours on a body the size of yours. They are absurdly huge on you, and I love it!”

I kissed my way down her valley until my lips reached the front clasp for her bra. My lips and teeth almost expertly undid her clasp, then I used my tongue to ‘snow plow’ each half of the bra off of her body. My face returned to her chest and I spent much time kissing and licking around and around each boob without ever touching either hard nipple. Every time I switched from one side to the other I stuck my tongue out fully and slurped my way across her chest. Mindy cooed happily as I did this and gently stroked my hair.

After spending nearly ten minutes on her chest I finally let my lips brush a nipple, her left one, and she jerked beneath me gasping, “Oh god!” My lips circled around her left boob once more before I slid them over her nipple again, this time sucking on it hard. “Oh my GOD! Oh fuck, oh shit Dale! Suck it, bite it! Oh god I love having my nipples sucked! Ooooooooo that feels so good!” My finger’s reached to her right tit and soon had her gasping as I pinched and pulled on that nipple while my tongue was flicking rapidly on her left one.

I began switching from one nipple to the other with my mouth, giving them both equal time as my fingers worked over which ever one was not in my mouth. Mindy was groaning hugely and her body was squirming beside me as I pushed her higher and higher with my attack on her breasts. I was on her left side and I moved my lips from her left nipple to the right one, my right hand moving to her left boob as she moaned out in pleasure once more, her grip on my head slightly tighter.

Mindy never noticed that my left hand slipped off of her body until I brought it to her pussy and rubbed her clit between my thumb and forefinger. “Oh my god! Oh fuck, oh fuck…I’m going to cum! OH god YESSSSSSSSSSS!” After her spasms subsided I eased her back to earth before I lifted my face off of her flushed chest capped with two extremely hard nipples.

“I take it you liked that” I said to her as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Oh my god, yes! I’ve never had a boyfriend make me cum like that! Heck, I’ve only cum with the help of a boyfriend twice, and both of those times I had just sucked him ’til he came in my mouth. I was so horny that it only took about two minutes of him fucking me before I came in buckets. But it was nothing like this! Holy shit, Dale!”

“It was my pleasure!” I told her as I slid around her body into position between her legs, my face just below her hairless pussy. “Damn girl, maybe I should ask you how old you are!” I said as I surveyed her crotch.

“I’m older than you are! Are you just going to look at me or eat me?”

That question was answered by my tongue slipping into her gash and plowing its way down to the bottom and then slowly back up. Mindy gasped out loud twice as her legs stiffened. As my tongue reached the top of her gash I continued on to her clit and slurped at her several times before sucking her clit deep into my mouth, my tongue flicking at it inside my mouth. “SHITTTTTTTTTTTT! OH GAWD! OH FUCKING HELL DALE!” she screamed as I worked on her clit while my fingers began pumping into her tight little fuck hole.

It only took me about one or two minutes of this before her hips shot into the air and hung there as she held me to her clit. I didn’t think her size would allow her to lift my weight but she did so with ease as her soft cries became a wail, her second orgasm sending her to the moon and back. Suddenly she flopped back onto the bed, her legs spread wider than ever as she gasped hard. On her third try she managed to speak softly, “Oh, Dale, how…how can you do that…I’ve never…oh god help me…fuck me… get up here so I can kiss you and FUCK ME! Oh god I need to feel you inside of me!”

Moving up over her she grabbed my shaft and guided me into her pussy, gasping when I pierced her and shoved two thick inches into her. “Oh Dale, it’s so big! Maybe I won’t be able to handle your cock after all.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go slowly. If you can’t take it all, we’ll just use what you can handle. Is that okay with you?” She looked into my eyes for reassurance before nodding her agreement. “Good girl, I absolutely won’t do anything to hurt you, I promise.” We kissed as I slowly began pumping into her in short strokes. Supporting myself on my arms I looked down onto her tiny body beneath me needing to shake my head to remember I wasn’t robbing the cradle.

“What’s wrong?” she asked me as I shook my head.

“You are so beautiful, I had to make certain we were really doing this together!” I told her.

“A girl always loves to hear that she is pretty.”

“Oh man, Mindy, you are so far beyond ‘pretty’, simply so far beyond it!”

“Oh Dale,” she said as she pulled my head down and smothered me with kisses. Eventually she released me and wrapped her legs around my hips, pumping her body up to meet my thrusts into her. I looked down when I noticed a familiar sensation and then smiled at her. “What is it?” she asked.

I stopped moving and said, “Mindy, you have my entire cock inside you, all eight plus inches!”

Her eyes bugged out and she looked quickly to make certain I was right. “Oh my god, I knew you were really in me deep, but I didn’t think I could take it all!” Then she unwrapped her legs and spread them wide, doing one of her super-wide gymnastics style splits as we both gawked at our connected bodies. “That looks sooooo erotic, Dale, now don’t just sit there, fuck me like you mean it!”

“I do mean it!” I said as I fulfilled her request, my hips pounding her into submission. Mindy was switching her eyes from my cock pounding into her, then to my eyes as I held myself over her, then back to our joined sex.

Somehow she managed to hold out for over ten minutes before “Oh gosh, Dale, you feel so good in me. Oh yeah. Ooooooooo fuck yeah. Oh god, oh my, oh gee, OH!” Her sharp cry signaled the start of her climax and I really started pounding into her hard.

“Come on, Mindy, cum for me! Cum with your cousin’s cock deep inside of you!”

“OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT! I’M CUMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG! Oh my god YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She was pumping her hips up onto me again in time with my thrusts down into her pussy as she cried out over and over, “Oh god … oh fuck … oh god … oh shit yes … oh … oh … oh … fucccckkkkkkkkkkk!” Once again her incredible strength showed itself as she wrapped her legs around my thighs and pulled me tight into her pussy and would not let me go as her body shook hard around me.

Mindy continued to moan as after shocks wracked her small body and she stared right into my eyes, our bodies still locked tightly together by her legs. Finally she stopped shaking and looked down at our joined bodies once more. As she did so she said, “Oh Dale, that was so unbelievably intense! I didn’t think I could cum that hard! Oh my, what’s this lump?” She moved her hand to her stomach just below her belly button and rubbed her hand over it. “Hmmm, um, Dale, pump your cock in and out a few times please.” I did and then she gasped, “Oh my god, it’s your COCK inside of me! I’ve never seen any guy’s cock before when he was inside of me. No wonder I feel so full!”

I didn’t stop my hip movements and soon she was gripping my arms tight in her hands, her hips thrusting up hard to meet my thrusts as she urged me on. Mindy leaned up and kissed me hard as she groaned into my mouth, her body beginning to shake. Suddenly her legs straightened on the bed and began violently twitching, her heals digging into the mattress and moving her body on the bed as she cried out in orgasmic release!

Her tight pussy clamped down around me even tighter and just as her climax waned I felt my cock grow inside of her and she cried out, “Oh my god yes! Cum in me Dale! Oh god I want your cum! I need your cum! Oh my god yes, give me your cum and make me feel like a woman should!” Just then my cock blasted its first huge shot deep into her cunt and her eyes lit up. “God I can feel you pumping into me! Oh god there it is again! Oh my god I’m going to cum, oh god … oh … my … god! YESSSSSSSSSSSS DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLE I’mmmmmm CUMMMMIIINGGGGG!”

Mindy pulled herself up with her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my hips, hanging from me like a horny marsupial as we fucked our hips into each other. Our climaxes ended at the same time and we kissed for several moments before she gasped out “Holy shit that was really intense!” Then her arms released and her torso dropped slowly back down to the bed, her legs still holding tight to my hips, my cock twitching under her incessantly convulsing pussy muscles.

Suddenly she dropped her legs and pushed at me shouting, “Let me up! Let me up! I have to see my mom!” She crawled to the side of the bed and grabbed her jeans, trying to pull them on before she tossed them to the floor saying, “Oh fuck it!” as she practically jumped from the bed and fled the room. I followed, catching up behind her as she ran into the family room and slid naked onto the couch next to her startled mother.

Every one was there and all were shocked at her naked entrance until she blurted out, “OH mom, I am so sorry I yelled at you! You were so right, Dale is the best! I didn’t think anyone could make me feel like I do right now, which is incredibly awesome! I think you and Dale should fuck as often as you can, maybe even tell my dad to go to hell!”

“Welcome to the harem!” Evie called out enthusiastically.

“I’ve got a harem?” I asked.

“Hell yes,” Amber said, then continued “And it is a damned well satisfied one too!”


And thus the women all got together to figure out some ‘ground rules’ to ensure all of them were satisfied each day. I found I never got dressed as if I wasn’t with one of them I was getting some much needed food, drink and bathroom breaks. After two days mom called my dad on the cell phone and he said they hadn’t been doing much except staying out of the heavy snow that had fallen. Their radio had said all roads were closed, but not to worry as they had plenty of food and fire wood for the cabin. He said he would call before they headed for home. I thought that was a GREAT idea as the last thing I wanted either of the men to see when they walked into the house was me fucking the shit out of his wife!

The men were due back on New Year’s Eve, but they called to say there had been another huge storm over night and that all roads were impassable. My uncle had called the county roads department and found out that the road to the cabin wouldn’t be plowed out for at least another week…if it didn’t snow again.

Mom pulled all the women aside and they had an animated discussion before returning to tell me in unison, “It’s party time, Dale! The goal of the party is to fuck you into submission.”

I grinned at them at the thought of this erotic plan and said, “Oh sure, you gals and who else?”

Mom stepped up to me and grabbed my cock in her hands, then said, “Don’t be a smart ass, or I’ll revert to being your straight laced mother! Here is the main ground rule — you are NOT to hold back on cumming! We all know how great you are at that, but we want to see just how much cum you can pump out before you can’t get this thing hard and shoot anymore! Understood?”

“Yes MOTHERRRR!” I replied.

She half glared and half grinned at me before continuing, “We girls can switch off anytime we want to, but at first you will do it with each of us in the order that you first did it with us!”

I excused myself to the bathroom and when I returned I asked, “When and where do the games begin?”

Amber walked up to me and dropped to her knees before me. “Now, honey,” she said just before she inhaled my cock and rapidly worked me to a full hard on. She pushed me onto my back on the floor and climbed onto me, her pussy greedily taking me fully in one movement. I brought her to one huge climax and then after about another four minutes I blasted her insides full of my cum as she came with me.

My sister was next and climbed onto me in the reverse cowgirl position. Evie wasted no time getting herself off the first time and I made certain her second wasn’t far behind. Soon I felt my balls churn again and said, “Oh god, sis, I’m going to cum! Oh shit Eva…”

“It’s EVIE to you, bro, always and forever!”

“Oh god Evie, I’m cumming so hard!”

“Oh shit, I’m cumming too, Dale!” And my sister pounded her pussy hard onto me as we both came hard on each other!

As she fell off of me and Robin took her place, I noticed that Jessica moved in between Evie’s legs and began sucking out all the cum I had just deposited there. It was then that I spied Mindy just getting up from cleaning out Amber’s cum drenched pussy. It was hard to tell who liked it more, Amber or Mindy!

My mom took her time riding me as she slowly worked us both up towards our climaxes. Her first one finally arrived after nearly ten minutes and she was chided by Mindy to hurry up. “Hey, I just want to know that Eva is finished getting cleaned out before I get him off. I want my girl to clean me up finally!”

Wow, this was getting to be really kinky and I knew I had to see some of that! I started pumping into her hard and soon we were both crying out in pleasure as I filled my mother’s pussy with my white sauce as she came hard around me. After Robin rolled off of me I lifted up onto my elbows as Evie hungrily began lapping up my juices as they poured from my mom’s wide open fuck hole.

After several moments Jessica slid onto me and gave me a huge kiss before impaling herself on me. She wasted no time as her first climax came after no more than three minutes, followed closely by her second as she pulled on her nipples in ecstasy. No more had that one finished when she started pounding even harder onto me and we both cried out in about four more minutes as I filled my aunt’s pussy with my cream.

“Finally I get to feel your cock up inside of me!” Mindy said as she grabbed my cock and placed it at her opening. “Oooooooh god I love how this feels when you first enter me. Jeez you are so big and I am so tiny!” She started lifting her entire body as she worked her pussy onto my shaft, soon she groaned in joy as she came for the first time on my cock. “Oh my gosh, Dale, I love what you do to me! I wish I could fuck you every day, instead of just while we are visiting!” Instead she made the most of it as she got herself off three times before we both came in each other’s arms, her lips clamped to mine as I spurted deep inside of her.

They gave me a slight break to get something to drink and change positions while my cock drooped almost to a flaccid state. Amber stepped up to me and said, “I believe it is time for round two, my love. This time I want you to fuck my ass!” That was all it took as my cock sprang right back to attention and I moved into position behind her. My harem proved to be one horny group of women as once I came into my partner’s ass she would just fall forward and roll onto her back as the next fuck mate settled in front of me. As I pounded into her ass she in turn licked and sucked clean the ass of the woman lying before her.

Much later mom ordered in some pizzas for a late lunch and when the door bell rang she opened it to the pert young woman holding the boxes. She stepped in as mom got the money, suddenly flustered to notice me being ridden by Jessica. Mom handed her the cash and the pretty redhead blushed as she asked timidly, “Um just what is going on in here? It looks … kind of … fun.”

“Oh it is so much fun!” mom answered her. “We five gals are trying to wilt his cock and keep it down. So far we’ve all been with him four times but he is still ready for more.” Mom gave her a quick once over before asking, “I know you can’t stay very long, but would you like to help us out in our quest?”

“What! Oh my gosh, me? Why would he … I mean you are all so beautiful, he couldn’t want to … um, you know, with me!”

Just then Jessica cried out, “Oh god Dale, I’m cumming again! Give it to me! I want your cum! God damn it give it to me!” I slammed up into her pussy three times before she shouted, “OH YES, I feel you cumming in me! Oh god I love it! Oh fuck-oh fuck-SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” and she kissed me hard to silence her cries.

I looked up to see mom unbuttoning the young girl’s top and then she gasped, “Oh gee, my boyfriend will be so mad at me! I really shouldn’t.” I pulled out of my aunt’s pussy and the pizza girl croaked out, “Oh shit! Look at the size of that thing! I could never get it inside of me!”

Mindy stepped up to her and said, “That is just so much bull shit! If I can handle his little horse cock, then you sure as hell can!” With that she quickly had the girl’s pants down and had her face deep in the girl’s pussy. Mom slipped the bra from our pizza girl and she stood there naked trying to decide what to do. Mindy had developed quite the technique at cunt lapping and suddenly she caught the girl as her knees buckled and an orgasm slammed into her.

Mindy stopped her efforts and the girl stood back up on her shaky legs, before looking dreamily into Mindy’s eyes. “Christ, if he’s half as good as that just was I HAVE to do it!”

Mindy helped her to me and I stood up and said, “Hi gorgeous, I’m Dale!”

“Um … hi … I’m … nervous … I mean, I’m Sue. Gosh this is so strange! Maybe I should go …”

Mindy turned her back towards me and whispered to her so I could hear, “When you two are finished, I’ll really suck your pussy for you! It tasted divine!”

“Oh gee, I … I guess if you’ll do that …” and she looked up at me pensively “but it’s really BIG! I, um, I’ve never, um …”

Amber walked over and put her arm around Sue and said, “Trust me, Sue, we all were worried the first time we did it with Dale. But my guy won’t hurt you …”

“He’s your … your boyfriend?”

“Oh yeah, and I love him to death!”

“But how can you just let me … with him?”

“Don’t you worry about it! I am fine with what we are doing here today! Plus I know how he feels about me, so I’m not worried. So you just enjoy yourself with him, okay!”

“Gosh, I wouldn’t want to let MY boyfriend loose with a girl as pretty as you!” Sue said as I helped her lie down on the floor. When I slipped my face between her legs and sucked her clit gently for the first time, she forgot all about talking. Soon she was bouncing her hips about 8 to 10 inches off the floor as I pushed her to a huge climax. She turned out to be a quiet cummer, not like the other women in the room. Not that she didn’t cry out, but it was a real soft sound as she shook wildly under my oral assault.

She had been holding my face tight to her as she came but suddenly she reversed and was pushing me away as she groaned out, “Oh god that was incredible! I’ve never cum so hard!” She looked down at me and asked, “Dale, would you teach my boyfriend how to do that?”

“Maybe later, but I have something much more enjoyable to do right now. I do believe you are sufficiently prepared for me.” Then I slowly slipped up her body, pausing to adore both of her perky 32B breasts, her nipples growing to nearly an inch long! I rose up again and placed my tip at her opening and she bit her lower lip in trepidation. “Trust me, Sue, you will love every second of this!” I said as I slipped about an inch into her.

“Oh my! I’m being stretched apart!” she gasped as I held my position.

After giving her several seconds to grow accustomed to my size I pulled back just a bit and then pushed into her about three inches as her fingers gripped my arms tightly. I paused once more before again pulling back and then giving her a long slow thrust, my cock entering her nearly all the way.

“Oh shittttttttt, it’s too big! I can’t do this! Pull it out Dale, please pull it out!” I did, nearly five inches came out.

Mindy sat on her legs beside us and said, “Look at me, Sue! You are much taller than I am, yet I love getting fucked by Dale! He takes me places no other guy even dreams of! You were doing fine so don’t quit now.”

“Ok-k-k-k-k-kay, I’ll t-t-t-t-try, just go slow, Dale, go real slow.”

I nodded to her and soon I was pumping into her in about inch long thrusts. Slowly I increased them until I was pulling nearly all the way out and then pumping about three to four inches into her as she looked into my eyes with fear. On the fifth such thrust into her she gasped, “Oh my god, this is starting to feel so good! Oh Dale, give me more, I want more!”

Pacing myself I added about a half an inch with each thrust and soon I had nearly all my cock inside her as she groaned with pleasure. I took my time before I finally pumped my entire shaft into her warm honey pie. When I did finally bottom out inside her she gasped again, her eyes looking down at my cock’s base where I disappeared into her. “Holy fuck, you did it! I’ve got the entire thing inside of me! Oh god I feel so full, like I have a cannon shoved into me!” She pulled her lips to mine and kissed me deeply, her tongue finding mine for the first time as I slowly started giving her full thrusts deeply into her.

After about two minutes she clamped her legs around my hips and groaned out “Oh god, I’m cumming. Oh fuck … oh god … oh shit … oh god it’s so good, so good, oh, oh, oh, OH MY GOD!” Then her hips began pounding up against me as she shook violently as she came.

After her climax waned she hugged tight to me, her breath ragged before she said, “I have NEVER cum during sex — never! Oral will get me off, but sex just didn’t do it for me! You really know how to use that monster, Dale. Thanks, now I need to get back to work.”

Robin stepped up and said, “Oh no, you have to get him to cum! That’s the whole idea, to make him cum till he can’t get it up any more! Besides, I called your boss and told him you had a flat tire and would be along after it was fixed.”

Sue looked at her then at me and said, “Okay, big man, fuck me some more and make me cum again!” She winked at Robin as she added, “If you can!”

“Oh I believe I can!” I said and resumed pumping into her.

We were fucking hard as her second and then her third climaxes slammed through her and still she wasn’t finished. I knew I wasn’t supposed to hold out, but was instead just to let my cum erupt when it was ready, but I just had to prolong this one!

After her third orgasm was finished she looked deep into my eyes before saying, “I have GOT to ride the top! I need to fuck this cock!” We rolled over and she grinned down at me before mouthing ‘thank you’ then started moving her hips on and off of me. It seemed like mere minutes had passed when she softly cried out “Oh my god, it’s so good, so good, ohhhhhhh goddddddd yessssssss!” and she spasmed on me as she came for the fourth time.

She slumped down on me, her head resting over my heart as her pussy muscles randomly clutched at my steel shaft. “I want you to cum for me, Dale. I need to feel you shoot your hot stuff into me, to feel you as you make our time together complete.” She kissed me hard before saying, “Roll me over and fuck me till I am awash with your cum, please Dale!”

Her wish was my command so I eased her onto her back and resumed thrusting my full length into her. Sue looked down between us and watched as my cock penetrated her gash over and over. She was getting close again when her eyes rose up to meet Amber’s and she gasped out, “Oh my god, Amber, I’m going to cum again! Oh thank you for sharing Dale with me! Oh fuck, oh god, oh my fucking god YES!” Her pussy tightened around me and we both felt my cock head grow inside her. “Oh god, give it to me! Give me your cum, Dale, fill me with it! Oh god, oh god, oh god YESSSSSS!”

I grabbed her legs and pushed them way back over her head and slammed my shaft deeper than ever into her as we both climaxed, Sue’s head pulling back until she nearly had her nose to the floor. After all the climaxes she had gone through, it wasn’t until then that she screamed, none of us could tell what — if anything — she was saying but her scream went on and on as her entire body convulsed under my assault. I filled her with at least ten huge ropes of cum before we slowly came to a stop, my cock firmly inside of her.

After holding my position for several moments I gently pulled her legs back down by mine and held myself over her so I wouldn’t crush her. “Oh my god, come here Dale,” she said and I eased myself down until my weight was fully on her. Sue didn’t seem to care as she kissed me hard and long while her pussy spasmed around me! Finally she removed her lips from mine and gasped, “Damn, this is the best delivery I have ever had! WOW! Oh my god, Dale, you are the best ever!”

I slowly pulled out of her and then called a time out for a protein shake and maybe a whiz in the bathroom. The moment I pulled out Mindy slipped her face onto Sue’s pussy and began devouring her, gobbling up all my cum while also bringing her to two more incredible climaxes. Eventually Mindy emptied Sue’s honey pot of my jizm and moved up to kiss her deeply.

After giving her time to compose herself Robin brought her clothes back to her. “I’m not trying to kick you out but you two were fucking for well over an hour! Your boss might not believe the flat tire story if you are gone much longer.”

“He can go fuck himself, then! And if my boyfriend says anything he can go fuck himself too!” She looked around the room before finding Amber and saying, “You are the luckiest girl I know, to have an orgasm causer like him! Thanks again!”

“Sue honey, you can stop by anytime you want if you need some more good stuff!” my gal said in response.

They hugged before she turned to say goodbye to the rest of us. Mindy gave her a special deep kiss and hug, then I walked her to the door and kissed her long and passionately before she slowly stepped out the door and walked unsteadily to her car.

It was about three hours later as Mindy rode me hard that I noticed the other four women huddled up in an animated but quiet discussion. Soon they all smiled and broke apart, Evie walking out of the room towards the kitchen. Robin and Jessica went upstairs for awhile and then my sister returned as Amber said, “It’s about time you got back! I’ve been holding in his last load for way too long!” They fell to the floor, Evie on top, in the 69 position and were soon groaning loudly as they cleaned and pleasured each other quite effectively.

Mindy had already exploded in her first huge climax and was working both of us towards a mutual orgasm when the door bell rang. Evie lifted her face off of Amber’s pussy and said, “Dale, would you two get that please? It’s Beth!” Beth is a cheer squad team-mate of Evie’s and Amber’s.

What the fuck, I thought, why would she come over on New Years Eve? Mindy would have none of my idea for her to dismount so I slowly stood up with her impaled on my cock and walked us to the door. I hoped Beth would like the way I opened the door! I expected to surprise her with what I was wearing (remember, Mindy’s pussy enveloping my cock) but shit I didn’t expect what I saw.

“Hi Beth, come on…WHAT THE FUCK!” I said/shouted as Beth stepped in followed by Carol, also cheer squad; Jane, Carol’s embarrassed mother who covered her eyes while trying to stay outside; and then Melanie (Mel) who was pushing hard on Jane’s back, pulling the door closed behind her.

Mel looked at Mindy bouncing on my rock hard cock and said, “WOW, now that’s what I call a thrill ride!”

Jane said with her eyes still covered, “Melanie, how can you say such a thing? Oh this is too much! Carol, come with me, we are leaving this house right NOW!”

“Have fun walking Mom, we rode over with Beth and she doesn’t look like she will be leaving any time soon. Nor will I for that matter.”

“Evie, what’s going on?” I called out as Mindy resumed her wild fucking on my still skyward cock.

“Oh don’t get your panties in a knot! Mom and Jessica are tired, well beat actually, you have fucked them too well today my studly bro! We had to call in reinforcements! Besides I think you will enjoy this part as well.”

Mel walked up to me and lifted Mindy’s sagging head with her finger, asking, “Miss, are you all right? You look really sated!”

“Ooooooooohhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh,” Mindy groaned with a smile.

Mom walked up to me and smiled as she said softly, “Dale honey, why don’t you put Mindy down over there so Jessica can clean your cum out of her pussy.”

Beth, Carol and Melanie all said “Happy New Years, Mrs. Parker!” before Beth continued with “It’s nice to see SOOOOO much of you tonight!” They all giggled as Jane’s eyes grew huge with shock.

“You…you’re their mother!! How can you?!” Jane screeched. “Oh my god, Beth said this was going to be the best party ever and it’s just DEBAUCHERY!” As she spoke I was depositing the still limp Mindy where my mother had asked me to. When I turned back around Jane’s eyes locked onto my shiny cock and she slowly gasped out “Whhhaaaatttt the fuuuuucckkkk! Ohhhhh goddddd…THAT was inside of HER?!!!”

Mel ran up to me and cried out, “Me next! Please Dale, let me be next! PLEASE! I’ll really make it special for you!” as she jumped up to hug and kiss me, my cock trapped between us. Mentally I pictured Donkey from Shrek and chuckled inside.

“Sure thing, you pretty pixie! Do you have your ID to show how old you are?”

“EVERY body asks me that! I’m 18 years old, 19 next February 14th. And keep your wisecracks to yourself, I’ve heard them all. Please don’t tease me like this!”

I scooped her up and wandered off to the family room to get a change of view. Placing her back onto her feet, I said, “You appear to be way over dressed for this party.”

Mel didn’t say a word, but her hands flew as in less than 20 seconds she was standing before me proud of her little naked body. She was obviously excited as her neck and cheeks were flushed and her tiny tits were capped with rock hard nipples that seemed way too big for such small boobs. She saw my eyes pause as I took them in and she pinched each nipple in her fingers while stating, “I know most girls have bigger tits, but I love my itty-bitty-titties! They are sooooooo sensitive I can make myself cum just from teasing them!”

Evie had followed us and she interjected, “Dale gets all of us off by just working our boobs, so that’s very common around here.” Then she stepped up to us and gave Mel a kiss on the lips before turning to me for a good hug and kiss, as well as two wanks on my cock. “You two have fun, and Dale, go easy on her at first!”

“I can handle it, Eva! And how can you tell Amber’s boyfriend what to do?” Mel asked as she too stroked my cock with both of her hands.

“It’s easy, Mighty-mite (Mel’s nickname on the team), he’s my little brother!” Sis then exited the room leaving Mel pondering that with her mouth open.

Finally she gasped out, “Beth said we were all going to get fucked royally by you, but she didn’t say there was any family stuff going on other then Eva’s mother being a part of it.” I quickly mentioned my aunt and cousin whom she had met as I answered the door. “You stud! Less talk, more cock!” she said as she pulled me down onto the couch and slowly worked my cock into her mouth.

Melanie pushed forward onto my shaft, her eyes bulging as she took about half my cock to the back of her mouth before pulling off with “Shit you are BIG!” before she went right back down onto my shaft. I was amazed when she first looked up into my eyes and held them for a moment before she winked as me and then just slid forward as my cock just disappeared from view, her throat muscles working me excitedly.

“Oh my god, Mel, that is fucking incredible!” I croaked out as she bobbed on my shaft. Her eyes crossed as she watched my cock while she pulled nearly all the way off of me before slowly filling her mouth and throat with me again. Suddenly she sucked her cheeks in and pulled off of me, her tongue snaking hard on my cock’s underside. Mel paused when only my helmet remained inside her lips and let her tongue go wild on my tip. “Jesus Mel, you’re driving me insane like that, oh fuck!”

She winked again and then bobbed all the way down again before switching directions and pulling nearly all the way off. Once more she stopped just at my tip and in no time she had my cock screaming for relief as my balls churned in her grasp. “Holy fucking shit, you are incredible!” I said as she brought me almost to the brink.

“I told you I’d make it special for you.” She said quickly after pulling off of me. “Now for the big finish!” and she took me straight to the bottom, swallowing on my shaft to really get me going. She felt my cock grow some more and pulled back again until just my tip was inside her warm soft mouth. This girl could probably tie THREE knots in the stem of a cherry; her tongue was just that talented! I lurched, groaned, shook, and quivered as she worked her tongue around my ridge coaxing out my first of seven hard blasts of cum.

“Ooh FUCK! Shit … oh god … shit Mel … oh my god!” I cried out as she worked her magic on my suddenly extremely happy cock. I get GREAT blowjobs all the time, but this girl really knew how to ring my bell, DAMN! She didn’t pull off of my cock until she was certain I had no more cum to give.

“Well, Dale, did you like that? Do you still think I am a little kid after the way I sucked your big cock?” I just gasped and shook my head as she slowly slithered up my chest and kissed me hard, my cum taste strong on her lips. As we kissed she took my shaft and guided it to her little opening and said, “I love it when the guy is good for more than one round! Oh fuuuuuuck!” and she shoved her hips down taking two-thirds of me into her pussy.

Melanie froze right there before saying, “God damn but you are huge! My little pussy’s going to love you when we’re finished!” She kissed me again, her tongue deep inside my mouth as she lifted up a few inches and held position for several seconds before I felt her body tense just before she slammed down onto me. “OH FUCK!” she shrieked as I bottomed out inside of her. I tried to hold her still but she wouldn’t go for that, instead bouncing her pussy onto me as fast as car tires going over a rough ten track rail road crossing! Obviously, when she wanted to fuck, she fucked!

It was her turn as she cried out “Oh fuck … oh god yes … oh shit … FUCK … FUCK … FUCK … CHRIST YESSS I’M CUMMMMMINGGGG!” Her hips never stopped as she rode me like a jockey to a monumental climax. Her climax ended just as fast as it started and she drove her pussy hard and deep onto my shaft and stopped right there, her breathing ragged as she clutched to me.

“That was soooo fantastic, Dale! I’ve never cum so quickly on a cock before! Your cock is reaching spots no man ever has, and trust me, I’ve had plenty! Oh my god Dale, just roll me over and fuck me anyway you want to, I’ll love it no matter what you do!” After she had calmed down I spent several moments while I kissed both sides of her neck from her shoulder to the back of her ears, especially behind her ears and soon she groaned as her body shook again on me.

Gently I picked her up with my cock still firmly stuffed inside of her and placed her on her back with her hips right at the edge of the couch. Before I could move she grabbed me to hold me still and softly said, “Dale, before I forget to tell you this, you are the first guy to make me cum just by kissing my neck!” She kissed me before finally releasing her hold on me and I started pumping my shaft into her.

Three minutes later she was jerking her legs into the air in time with my thrusts forcing her pussy up to meet me as she groaned in ecstasy. Just as she neared her orgasm she lifted her hips even higher and I slipped out of her pussy before shoving right back in. “OH FUCK ME!” she screamed as my cock accidentally slammed all the way into her tight little ass-hole. I started to apologize when she snarled at me, “Don’t fucking stop! Fuck me damn it! Fuck my fucking ass! Oh god that is so good!” and I started pumping into her backdoor with gusto.

She began shaking beneath me and I grabbed her hips to increase my leverage into her as I slammed hard into her ass over and over. Somehow she tightened her bung hole even more as she cried out, “Oh god yes, I’m cumming with your cock in my ass! Oh god yes, fuck me Dale!” My cock swelled in her tight brown hole and she gasped “Fuck my ass! Fill me with your cum! Oh shit I’m cummmmmmmmmmminnnng!” My cock lurched inside of her as my first huge rope of cum painted her bowels with cum. I was groaning as she was screaming and shaking violently while I continued pounding into her.

Melanie grabbed my shoulders and pulled me hard into her face and clamped her lips to mine as my cock went on auto pilot. Her eyes had a look of amazement as we locked onto each other and kissed passionately for over a minute until my cock finally ran out of cum and I slowed my thrusts into her well fucked ass. Finally she broke off her kiss and slumped back with a tired smile on her face. Twice she shook around me before saying, “Oh you fucking god, I told you no matter how you did it, I would love it, well you surpassed my wildest imagination! Holy fucking shit, that was my best cum ever! My butt’s a little sore, but god I loved how you took me to my greatest heights of pleasure!”

“Mind if I clean out that beautiful ass and pussy?” Mindy asked as she tapped my shoulder.

As I pulled out and stepped out of the way, Mel said softly, “Come here Dale, I want to clean you off now!”

Soon she was way beyond just cleaning my cock and Beth spoke up, “Hey, we would ALL like to get his cum! You’ve already had TWO loads so you need to wait for the third one!”

Mel groaned around my shaft as she let me slide out of her throat and mouth, then said, “Sorry Beth, I guess I got carried away! He has the BEST cock around!”

“Well, we all are aware that YOU should know! Just kidding girlfriend!”

They hugged briefly before Mel started to move away from me. Mindy stepped up to her and said, “Hey, we don’t want to lose any of that stuff! Lay back down and I’ll clean you out!” Mel readily agreed and Mindy soon had her shaking on her tongue!

Beth had kneeled between my legs and was gently stroking my shaft and working just my tip in her mouth. She looked up at me with her Bambi like eyes and said, “Dale, this may seem strange to you, considering what is going on around here tonight, but I have only one hard and fast rule. I will suck your magnificent cock for you as often as you want it, and you can fuck my ass all night long, but under no circumstance are you allowed to put your cock in my pussy! I am still a virgin and I want to give myself to that special man on our wedding day. I know this may sound strange…”

“It makes perfect sense to me.”

“…in this day and…what? It makes sense to you?! But look at how everyone here wants to fuck you!”

“So, what does that have to do with what YOU want to do? If you made the decision to wait until your wedding night, then you have my full support, and I wish you all the best in your future married life!” She looked at me with disbelief so I pulled her up into my arms and hugged her tight for several moments. I lifted her chin with my fingers and said, “This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to fuck you, but you stated your conditions and I accept them. No questions asked; I will not try to force you to change your mind. Besides, the short bit of a blow job you were doing felt great, and I have always liked your ass, so this seems like a win-win to me!”

“Why did I never notice you before? No man has ever been so understanding about this before. Amber is one lucky girl to have hooked up with you! If she wasn’t my friend I just might try to steal you away from her.” Beth leaned into me and gave me an extremely passionate kiss before sliding back down to my cock and sucking me fully down her throat before pulling off of me with a huge grin on her face. “I am going to love it when you shoot your cum down my throat! In fact, I’m so excited about it that I almost can’t wait for you to fuck my horny ass!” Then she took me deep again down her throat before using her tongue and throat muscles to work my cock into a frenzy. I was groaning hard when she finally let me slip from her lips, telling my cock, “I’ll see you later, Mr. One-eye!”

Beth got down on her hands and knees before me and said, “Okay, Dale, shove that monster into me and fuck the living shit out of me! I’ve heard you are the best and I want you to prove it.”

“Sure thing, gorgeous, but you need to roll over onto your back.”

“NO! I told you only anal!”

“I know that, but I am going to be looking into your beautiful eyes when I make you cum and cum some more.”

“Okay, as long as you promise to keep your word about my rule!” she said as she slowly rolled over, a hint of fear in her eyes. I moved over her between her long legs and she put her hands over her pussy.

“Beth, if you don’t trust me, we can just forget about this. You can just give me the blowjob you’ve been talking about, or you can go talk to any of the girls about my word. If you choose to continue, then just use both of your hands to guide me where you want me.”

“Okay, Dale, I’m just so used to guys wanting to be the one who took my cherry, it’s strange for me to believe your attitude,” Beth told me. Then she took my cock in her hands and pulled me right up to her brown puckered hole, then gave me a nervous smile.

I leaned down to her and kissed her gently, my tongue finding hers briefly before I pulled my face back and said, “Thank you Beth for trusting me, I won’t betray you.” Then I slowly pushed forwards and her anal ring popped open under my pressure and my cock slipped into her about three inches.

“Oh god you feel good!” she gasped as I paused to let her adjust to my size. After a few seconds she urged me on so I pushed into her slowly once more and didn’t stop until about 7 inches of cock was up her ass. “Oh my god, Dale, you are really big! I love it so just start fucking me with that weapon of yours! Don’t hold back, I can take everything you can give me!”

I took her word for it and was quickly pounding into her tight ass hole as she gripped my arms tightly. In just a matter of two or three minutes her eyes grew huge and she gasped “Oh my god, Dale, I’m going to cum! Oh fuck yes, do it! Fuck my ass…oh god it’s so good.” I was slamming my entire eight plus inches into her delectable ass as she looked down between us watching my cock as I continued pounding into her. My lips found hers and as we French kissed her body shook violently beneath me and she ripped her lips from mine crying out, “OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK I’MMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNGGGGGG! SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

My hips slowed as she tried to catch her breath once her climax was over. Beth’s eyes had been clamped tightly shut as she came and finally she was able to open them as she tried to smile up at me. “Holy fuck that was intense, Dale. That was without a doubt the hardest I have ever cum!”

I leaned in and kissed her hard before saying, “I’m glad you liked it! Your next one will be even better!”

She pulled me in for another deep kiss before telling me, “I love a guy who has a positive attitude! Now let’s see you back up your big words with action!”

I grinned down at her as my hips began moving with more authority as I held nothing back. Beth was moaning nonstop as my cock ravaged her ass unmercifully. Every time I sensed she was getting close I backed off for a bit to allow the feeling to pass. Beth was extolling her love for what I was doing to her and I slowly pushed her back up the hill to her climax. Just before she reached it I leaned in and sucked her left nipple deep into my mouth, lightly biting down on it as my tongue flicked it rapidly. Beth held me tight to her chest as she began whimpering in heat while I slipped my fingers between our hips.

“OH MY GODDDDDDDD!” she screamed as my thumb and forefinger found her clit and rubbed and pinched it hard. My hips continued pounding her as I intensified my three pronged attack. Beth’s body tensed into near board stiffness as she screamed my name as her second orgasm slammed into her like a freight train, her body suddenly jerking wildly beneath me. With each thrust into her she groaned out one word at a time as she slowly said, “OH … MY … GOD … OH … MY … GOD … OH … MY … GOD … FUCK … ME!”

As her colossal climax waned I eased up on her slowly as her head rocked side to side and she groaned over and over again. I slid my lips from her rock hard nipple and moved up to her lips, kissing her gently as I looked deep into her eyes. Beth had her nails digging into my arms and softly said, “Oh gosh,” when she notice it and moved her hands around my shoulders, hugging me tightly to her.

“Are you okay, Beth?” I asked her after breaking off the kiss.

“Oh my god, Dale! You did this to me after fucking all day long?! I don’t know if I could live through one of your fucks when you are fresh. Holy fucking shit, that was fucking incredible!”

“I’m glad you feel that way, I wanted you to never forget this time together!”

“You don’t have to worry about that! I don’t believe any other guy will make me cum harder than you just did! Now I believe it’s my turn to make you feel really, really great! I’m going to give you my best blowjob ever!”

Her earlier efforts at sucking my cock were a poor indicator of her oral abilities and she soon had me pumping my hips up into her accommodating mouth as she worked me higher and higher towards a enormous orgasm. Beth had use of every tactic I had ever experienced as she brought me right to the edge of an eruption.

Moments before I would have exploded she pulled completely off of me and slid her face up to mine, giving me one of the best kisses I had ever experienced. As she finally broke the kiss she looked deeply into my eyes and said softly, “I just want you to know how jealous I am of Amber! You are the best guy I have ever known, and I hope she will let us get together again … many times! Many, many, many times!”

Then she slid down my body until her lips wrapped around my cock head where she took only two inches into her mouth sucking hard as her tongue went wild adoring my cock head. She kept this up for about a minute until I groaned as my balls churned in her hand. Beth’s eyes left my cock and locked onto mine as she sucked even harder and took me fully down her throat, where she began bobbing her face rapidly on and off of my entire length.

I groaned hard again and she increased her suction even more around me as she winked at me just as I exploded into her mouth with the first huge rope of cum from my over worked balls. Beth moaned around my shaft as I groaned out with each huge spurt from my cock, her hands jerking my lower half of my rod as she continued her oral masterpiece on my first five inches in her mouth. Beth was the only woman that day to take every blast of cum into her mouth, and she never lost a drop!

My balls stopped pumping but Beth just kept on working my cock with everything she had! Several times my body lurched mightily as she did her best to coax even more cum out of my balls. It felt too good to tell her to stop so she just kept on for another three or four minutes before she decided she should stop to allow the next lady her time with me.

“God but I already love your cock, Dale! If we were alone I would just keep right on sucking on you until you could cum some more! I bet you would love it too,” she whispered into my ear.

“I believe I would like that a lot! You certainly know how to suck cock! Holy shit that was so good!” I pulled her in for a parting kiss and then said, “I can’t wait for round two with you, Beth!”

“Me too, more than you can even imagine,” she responded.

I looked around wondering who would be next, then managed to get to my feet just as Robin and Jessica walked up with a naked and very turned on Jane between them. “Dale, this is Jane, and she really needs your best, most gentle loving,” my mom said. “She hasn’t been with a man in over ten years, says she has never had an orgasm. We got her excited but didn’t get her off yet. Take your time and give her at least four! Remember, we all love you!”

Taking her hand I led Jane to the nearest couch where I eased her down onto her back before me. “Are you ready, Jane?” I gently asked her.

Her lips quivered as she softly replied, “I … I’m scared. It’s been so long, and I’ve never really enjoyed it before. B-but all the girls here seem to think you are great, so I might as well give it one last try!” She stared into my eyes for a moment before finishing with, “You need to know that I have often been told that I am a frigid cold fish.”

“Well my lovely Jane, we will just have to find out about that! My money is on ass-hole men who didn’t know how to give you pleasure! So just trust me and let it happen. If I do something you are uncomfortable with, just tell me, okay?”

We kissed for a short while, her arms tentatively reaching around my shoulders before stroking my back. My hands found their way to her full breasts and I began massaging both of them, her nipples rapidly becoming rock hard. I kissed all around her face and neck, giving each side equal time and her nipples some how got even harder and slightly bigger as she moaned softly.

My lips trailed down her chest to her boobs and I gently attacked her excited tits, sucking her nipples hard and giving each of them several light nips with my teeth. Jane’s moans got harder and she held my face to her chest as I worked my oral magic on her long neglected tits. “OOOOooooh my god, this feels so goooooooood, Dale. Don’t stop, I love what you’re doing to me!” she groaned out.

Knowing the rest of the women were taking this time to rest up and get acquainted with the other new arrivals, I took my mother’s words to heart and took my time, stoking the fires of Jane’s never before awakened passions. “Oh Dale, no one has ever done this to me before! Oh shit it feels so damned good! Oh fuck it’s so good.” Jane said urging me on. She began squirming beneath me as her body experienced these sensations for the first time.

After over ten minutes working her tits I slid back up her body and kissed her lips gently as I searched her eyes for signs of her arousal. A blind person could have seen them as she was turned on beyond belief … so much for the ‘frigid cold fish’! After giving her a deep French kiss, during which she was more than just a willing participant, I dragged my lips and tongue back down her chest, pausing to give each nipple a hard suck and tongue flick before continuing down her abdomen to her full blond bush.

“Oh god, Dale, what ever are you doing down there?” she asked just before my lips found her clit.

“I’m making love to a beautiful woman!”

“Oh god!”

Her hands fell lightly onto my head as I resumed my slide down to her sex. When I found her slit I marveled that her clit was already poking its head out from behind its hood…no way could she be frigid! I gently breathed out my hot breath onto her clit and she groaned in pleasure as her hands gripped my head even tighter. My lips eased around her clit and I gave it a soft suck with just a tiny flick of my tongue making Jane cry out as her body shook violently, “Oh my GOD! What did you just do to me? Oh god, DON’T STOP! MORE! I WANT MORE!”

I sucked her clit much harder and my tongue went wild attacking her little nubbin as she shrieked in joy and pressed my face hard against her clit. Jane’s body was twitching and jerking all over the couch beneath me as she emitted one unknown shriek after another, her toes curled tight against the balls of her feet. Eventually she slowed her movements and gasped out “My god … what the hell did you do to me?”

Before I could lift my head from where her hands still held me tightly, I heard her daughter, Carol, say, “Oh mom, Dale just made you cum! Oh mom, you looked so beautiful just now! I love you mom,” and then I heard kissing above me as mother and daughter were obviously enjoying a very deep kiss. I was continuing lightly flicking my tongue on her clit as Carol moved down to me and whispered into my ear, “You made my mom so happy and I love you for it. When the two of you are finished and she can’t cum anymore, I promise I will make you feel as much pleasure as she is! Thank you Dale for being you!” She kissed my shoulder and then was gone.

Finally I was able to move further down her slit where I started working my tongue into her soaking wet slit and pussy. The first time I pushed my tongue deep into her fuck hole Jane gasped out, “Oh GOD!” I started tongue fucking her as my fingers found her clit and the two pronged attack soon had her screaming in joy as another huge climax powered through her body.

Jane’s body went limp after her climax and I started kissing the inner part of her thighs where they joined her body. After about a minute of this I felt her head lift up and her hands found me once more, pulling me up to her. Her eyes no longer showed fear, instead now were full of wanton desire and she huskily said, “Fuck me Dale! I need to feel your cock inside of me! FUCK ME NOW!”

Quickly I moved back up her body and gave her a kiss just as my rock hard shaft found the opening to her pussy and slipped in about an inch or two. “Oh god, it’s been soooooo long since I’ve felt anything like this!” My hips pulled back just a bit before I eased into her again, not stopping until I had over half my shaft inside of her.

“Oh Jane, you feel fantastic!” I told her just before kissing her deeply.

She kissed me back with equal passion as her legs rose up and wrapped around my ass, pulling me into her even more. I pushed back slightly once more before giving her a hard thrust as my entire cock was buried deep inside of her.

“Oh Dale! Oh god yes, fuck me Dale! You feel so good inside of me, so big and hard.”

Lifting up I looked into her eyes and said, “Are you ready for the first real fucking of your life?”

“Oh god Dale, YES! Just fuck me, fuck your cock into me any way you want to! Any way at all, I know it will be fantastic!” She felt me slowly moving in and out and looked deep into my eyes as she groaned out, “Oh yes, fuck me like no man has ever done before!”

We quickly got into sync with her legs aiding in pounding my shaft harder and harder into her until I thought she would be bruised for weeks after. Yet I couldn’t ease my thrusts as her legs just insisted on my pounding her sex hard.

After about three minutes of this I leaned my head down to her right tit and sucked her still hard nipple deep into my mouth. My suction increased as I lightly bit her hard eraser tip and my tongue flicked it the speed of a honey bee’s wings. Jane’s hands pulled her hair as she cried out, “Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING!” Her hips were lifting off the couch with each of her leg pulls as we worked together giving her an incredible climax that never wanted to end. Slowly she groaned out “Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy godddddddd, ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy godddddddd, ooooooooooooh Dallllllllle, I never knew it could be sooooooo good!”

We kissed deeply for about a minute, my hips and her legs still gently working together to continue our fucking. Jane began sobbing even as we kissed and I moved away to see if she was all right. She beat me to it as she said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine … Oh god I am SOOOOOO fine, thanks to you! I am just crying because you have made me happier than I ever thought I could be! My fucking ex was such a selfish ass, just like my two boyfriends before him! I hope they rot in hell for the lies they told me!” Then she kissed me hard as her pussy tightened its grip on my rock hard invader.

“Ooooo, I think somebody is ready for more!” I said as my hips started picking up the pace.

“Just fuck me Dale, mark my pussy on the inside, pound me where no man has ever reached before! Oh god I love how you make me feel!”

In no time her legs had fallen off of my hips and lay limp, spread wide as she opened her sex for me. I was giving her every possible thrust into her pussy; hard, soft, fast, slow, deep, shallow, long and hard, short and rapid fire, etc. Jane was moaning for over six minutes as I worked my magic on her pussy before she finally crested with “Oh DALE! Oh fuck yes, oh god don’t stop please, god don’t stop! Shit, shit, shit, shitshitshitshitSHITSHITSHIT OOOOHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Oh my good GAWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDD!”

My head dipped down to hers and I began gently kissing her, but her arms wrapped around my head and she nearly pressed our faces into one as she kissed me heatedly. After several moments she released her hold on me but smothered my face with kisses all over as she panted out her adoration for me. “Oh Dale, how can you do this to me? This is so incredible … I just can’t believe what I am feeling right now. OH GOD!” she gasped as I suddenly gave her a full 8 inch hard thrust into her as I resumed my fucking.

She began to wrap her legs around me again but I grabbed them and pushed them both up and over her until I had them pinned beside her head as I resumed hard deep thrusts into her. “Oh my god, you feel even deeper like this, Dale! Oh god, don’t stop, fuck me harder and make me cum! Show me what a bastard my ex is!”

I was powering hard into her and I knew Jane was once again getting close. When I changed my angle just a little my cock head rubbed hard against her g-spot on each thrust and her eyes shot open wide as she screamed out, “Oh MY god! Oh FUCK it’s so GOOD! Oh fuck … oh shit … oh god I’m cumming again! Oh god Dale, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god it’s SO GOOD!”

Her climax rolled on and on as she grabbed my arms tight, her pussy gripping my cock in a vice like hold! Her climax was just ending when her extremely tight pussy pushed me over the edge and I groaned out, “Oh god, Jane, I’m going to cum!”

Locking her eyes onto mine she cried out, “YES, fuck me and fill me with cum! Oh god I need to feel you shooting inside of me!” My cock hardened and then I was blasting rope after super hard rope of cum deep within her. As my first rope dug a hole in the back wall of her pussy she tightened her vaginal muscles even more as she joined me in climactic release, “I’m cumming again! Oh shit I’m cumming on your cock! Oh Jesus God it’s so good! Oh god! Oh god! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH FUCK YES! OH GOD! OH SHIT! OH GOD! OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

Finally we both stopped cumming and I started to ease back and off of her, but Jane grabbed me and some how pulled me back on top of her doubled over body. “NO DALE! Don’t move! Stay just like this! I want to enjoy this feeling for as long as I can. I want to feel your wonderful cock throbbing with your heart beat deep inside of me. I need to feel the man who proved that bastard wrong, to feel you inside of me for as long as possible, please!”

“Okay beautiful!” I said as I gave her a gentle yet passionate French kiss that she returned in kind. Every few seconds her pussy would twitch around me and after about four minutes I gave my cock a twitch, moving it inside of her.

“Oh fuckkkkk yesssss,” she gasped as her body shook under me as another, but much smaller climax punctuated our love making. She hid her face against my shoulder and briefly sobbed against it before she softly said, “Oh Dale, you have made this old gal so happy, I didn’t mean to get you wet with my tears, but trust me, they were tears of joy! Thank you for being so good with me!”

“Jane, my beautiful lady, you have nothing to thank me for! I want to thank you for trusting me enough to be with me like this. Obviously you are NOT a ‘frigid cold fish’! In deed, you are one hot and very fantastic fuck!”

“Oh damn!” she said as she kissed me as more tears flowed down her cheeks. “Why couldn’t you have been around when I was eighteen? Oh god I would have loved to have ten kids by you!” She kissed me again before saying, “Okay, you can get up now, but I can’t wait until we get together again later tonight.”

I lifted up and out of her as Jane looked around the room at all the beaming faces before saying, “Does anyone want to clean out a cum filled pussy?”

Carol was there first saying “Let me mom! I talked you into this, now I want to show you how much I love you!” Jane’s look of shock quickly turned into one of pleasure and love as she watched her daughter suck her dry of my cum while also bringing her to the brink once more. Just as she knew she had gotten all of my deposit Carol stepped up her efforts and Jane cried out as her daughter made her cum once more. Mother was unable to speak as daughter moved up to her face and kissed her passionately for the first time ever. “I love you mom! And your pussy tastes heavenly!”

While this was going on I took time to pee followed by gulping down a protein shake and then an energy drink. Mom walked up behind me in the kitchen and hugged me tight as she said, “I watched how you were with Jane, son, and I have never been more proud of you! It was truly an eye opening experience for her, and she might not have even started with you had you not been so much the man! Too bad her previous loves had to be such louts to make her believe it was all her, when it was so obviously them! I love you so much, Dale, and I intend to show you exactly how much after you have a few days to recuperate. Now go take care of Carol like only you can!”

As I re-entered the room where Carol was nearing the end of her oral cleaning of her mother, I was quickly greeted by Evie and Amber. They each grabbed me on opposite sides and hugged and kissed me before saying in unison, “Oh Dale, I love you so much!” Evie continued with, “I came just from watching you with Jane, it was so hot!”

“You did? Holy shit, I did too!” Amber gushed. “That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” Then they both kissed me again before gently pushing me towards where Carol was just finishing with her mother.

Carol slowly rose up from her mother’s totally satisfied body and turned looking for me. I stepped up to her as she smiled brightly at me. I heard our grandfather clock striking 10:00 P.M. and knew I had to pace things out as I had plans of my own for midnight!

I stepped up to Carol as she rose onto her tip-toes and we kissed for the first time, her tongue sliding into my mouth in search of my own. After about two minutes of her intense kiss I had to break it off saying, “You are a great kisser, Carol, but I have other things planned for you.”

“Good luck with your plans, big man! I told you that I was going to pleasure you after you took good care of my mom, and you REALLY did a great job on her! I was sooo happy watching you prove to her that she COULD enjoy having sex! Now I want you to fuck me until I cum once, then I am going to give you the best blow job I have ever given any guy!”

I started placing Carol onto her back but she said, “Nonono! I’m the one that gets the top! Next time you can fuck me till I scream but this time I get to fuck you!” I rolled onto my back and Carol grinned at me as she straddled my hips while I took in her unbelievable charms. “What do you think, Dale? Do I look good enough for you to fuck?”

Scanning her body I admired her tits, so similar to Amber’s but with much tinier nipples. The rest of her body was slightly fuller but she would be at least a ’9′ on any guy’s ten-point scale and probably a ’9.6′! My hands moved up and squeezed her tits as I replied, “Oh yeah, you are one hot chick! Any guy would love to fuck you, and I can’t wait for you to slide your sexy little pussy down onto me!”

“I hope you aren’t just saying that to make me feel good, because…” Carol patted her tummy and hips before continuing “…I am just a bit pudgy compared to the rest of the girls here.”

Moving my hands from her boobs I slid them down to her waist and gave her a gentle squeeze before moving to her hips and repeating my action. I pulled her face down to mine, stopping about three inches apart and said, “You are right, I misspoke! Only a complete idiot would turn down a chance to fuck you! What I see and what I feel are both sexy as all hell and if I wasn’t already hooked up with Amber, I would love for us to be a couple!”

Carol’s face had fallen when I started speaking, but quickly became alive with glee and she said, “Oh Dale, a woman loves to hear talk like that! Amber is so lucky! Guess I’ll just have to make the most of tonight then, right?” I couldn’t answer her as she clamped her lips to mine and tried to reach my stomach with her tongue.

Finally she released me and grabbed my cock before placing it at her opening. She looked into my eyes for a few seconds before looking between us and watching as she slid her pussy lips around me and slowly sank all the way down, taking my entire length in one plunge. “Oh my god, Dale! You just split me apart! Damn you are big!” As she spoke I massaged her tits and soon she seemed to melt over me and her hips started lifting up and then slowly dropping back down. “Oh yeah, I LIKE fucking you! Oh Jesus this feels so good! Ooooooo shit, you are hitting spots no other guy knows I have!”

I lifted my head up and sucked her left nipple into my mouth as my hand worked on her right one again. Carol groaned in pleasure as soon as I sucked hard the first time. Her hips were now pounding down onto me as I continued working her tits relentlessly and Carol was groaning out words of endearment. I could tell she was riding the waves of an impending orgasm and I continued sucking and fingering her nipples as I slid my right hand down to her clit.

“HOLY FUCK!” she cried out as I rubbed her clit for the first time. I never stopped working her tits while my fingers began non-stop rubbing and pinching on her clit and she became very erratic in her movements on my cock. Deciding to help her out, I started thrusting up into her pussy and that sent her to the moon and back as her body quaked over me and she screamed out, “Oh god, oh yes Dale, oh fuck I’m CUMMING! Oh god, shit, oh fuck yes it’s so good! OH … OH … OH … OH … FUUUUUCK YESSSSSSSSS! FUCK … FUCK … OHGOD … SHIT … OH DALE I’M CUMMING SO DAMNED HARRRRRRDDDDDDDD!”

Carol’s body slumped onto me, my cock deep inside of her, as she moaned in the after effects of her tremendous orgasm. It took her about two minutes before she could lift up and speak. “My god, Dale, no wonder my mom is so happy! You are one fantastic fuck, the best I’ve ever had!” Slowly she lifted her hips and pulled her dripping wet pussy from my shaft. Then she leaned back down and engulfed my tip in her hot mouth, her tongue working my mushroom tip like a pro.

“Oh fuck, Carol, that feels great!”

“Trust me you wonderful man, I haven’t even started!” she said before resuming her terrific blowjob in earnest. Carol would take my cock all the way down her throat where her throat muscles would massage me for several seconds before slowly pulling off of me until just my tip remained in her mouth. After working the first three inches with her tongue and lips, she would again slowly suck my entire cock down her throat once again.

Twice I started pumping my hips up into her mouth but each time she pulled off of me immediately, the second time telling me, “Next time we get together you can fuck any part of me as hard as you want to! But right now I am doing you! When I finally make you cum, you can shake and twitch all you need to! But otherwise just lie still for me, please!” How could I refuse an offer like that?

In the distance I heard the clock chime out the half hour followed by the doorbell ringing. I wondered ‘What now?’ as Carol continued her varied assault on my very happy cock. Then I heard Sue’s voice saying “You said I could come back any time I was ready and boy am I ready! If I had known the party grew I would have brought more pizzas.” After that I heard a conversation going on that sounded like introductions and soon I heard Sue walk into the room.

“Hey there, stud, looks like you are tied up at the moment! I hope you are as glad to see me as I am to see you! Amber tells me I am next so I’ll be nearby when ever you two are finished!” Finally she looked at Carol who still had my cock down her throat and said, “Oooo, you’re beautiful! And that is one mouthful I’d love to have!” With that she walked over to Evie and they quickly removed her clothes and started warming Sue up via 69.

Carol had never stopped her blow job and I returned my attention to what she was doing — to what she was doing VERY well! Soon I was groaning and shaking under her talented oral attack. Carol pushed me right up to the edge before she clamped her hands around the base of my cock and squeezed for all she was worth, cutting off any chance for cum to flow. She lifted her face off of me and smiled as she said, “I was just teasing about letting you cum, but I had to get your attention back from that new hottie somehow! Looks like it worked!”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I groaned as my balls still tried to power my sperm at her. I lifted up onto my elbows and watched as she returned to gently sucking my cock while her hands still dammed up my river of cum.

Soon I felt the urgency in my balls subside and Carol gave me another grin before taking just my tip once more and slowly releasing her grip around my shaft. She moaned as a good sized dribble of cum flowed into her mouth, her hands sliding up my shaft forcing my cum from my shaft and into her mouth. Carol pulled away and opened her mouth to show she had a good sized mouthful before she swallowed it down and said, “Oh my god, Dale, your stuff is so tasty! It would make a great diet for me, just swallowing your cum all day!”

Going back to her task, Carol again used every trick she knew to get my rocks off. She had me deep down her throat while swallowing rapidly around me when we both felt my balls start to boil once more. Pulling back quickly her hands again wrapped around my base and clamped down even tighter than before, her tongue attacking my bulbous head with passion. Every few seconds I groaned out “Oh fuck!” as she took me to the edge and then pressed her efforts even more. My balls were screaming for release, my cock feeling about twice its normal full size, while she tightened her grip even more.

My torso lurched up off the floor several times in response to her incredible tongue movements while my balls continued crying out for release. Carol locked eyes with me as she took my shaft as deep as possible without breaking her grip and worked her throat muscles hard on me again before finally pulling back until only about four inches remained inside her hot mouth. She tripled her suction on my shaft while her tongue somehow managed to slide around and around my entire shaft making me cry out, “SHIT! Oh fuck Carol, oh my god girl!”

Incredibly she heightened her suction even more and pulled off of me with a loud ‘POP’ before asking, “Does my favorite man want something?” She gave my tip a quick hard suck as if waiting for an answer before pulling back off and saying, “You look like you just might go crazy if I don’t let you cum! You need to know I’ve never had such a hard time stopping a guy’s cum before! I’m going to love this as much as you will!”

She looked right into my eyes as she slowly took me nearly seven inches deep, then she winked and her hands instantly released me, my cock rocketing a HUGE blast of cum into her throat as she powered down onto my entire shaft. After two more blasts entered her stomach she quickly backed off until only two inches remained in her warmth and she worked hard at swallowing the incredible amount of cum that was still jetting into her hungry mouth. I must have cried out “OH!” a hundred times as she milked my cock pulling over nine more powerful cum ropes from my relieved balls.

Her eyes never left my own as she greedily took everything I had and then worked hard for more! Even after my balls finally stopped cumming, Carol never let up trying to coax more from me, her tongue and throat driving me crazy with lust. I was finally able to speak and groaned out, “Holy fucking shit, woman! OHFUCK! Damn you are good at that! That was the hardest I have ever cum, my god Carol! Oh FUUUUUUUCKKKKKK,” I groaned as she took me deep and worked her throat on me hard some more. Just before she pulled back off of me my balls pumped one more rope into her stomach, then she tightened her lips around me and sucked hard as she pulled slowly off of me, pausing at my helmet to flick her tongue rapidly on it before finally letting me slip from her mouth.

Carol crawled on top of me and kissed me hard and long before asking, “So did I do good, was that your best blow job ever?!”

“Holy shit, Carol, I didn’t think any woman could possibly out do Melanie’s incredible blowjob, but you surpassed her by leaps and bounds! Oh my god, simply incredible! Later on I am going to fuck you sooo good, you may never recover!”

Showing her incredible abilities Carol pulled herself up my prone body and then pushed back down, impaling herself fully on my recovering cock, making us both groan in pleasure. “Damn it,” she moaned, “I know I have to wait but I don’t want to! God I wish you could fuck me again right now!” She kissed me once more before giving me a pouting look as she pulled her pussy off of me.

Sue walked over to me and said, “I hope there are more bullets in that cannon of yours! I have been thinking about you for the last six hours!”

We kissed each other and I let her decide if she wanted bottom or top … she chose top. As she took me into her hot pussy we both groaned in unison, then as she set a good pace I asked, “So, what brings you back here so soon, you beautiful woman?”

“Well, I was already pissed at my boss because he said I had to work late to make up for my ‘flat tire’ episode. Then my now former boyfriend showed up telling me we were going to a special party at his friend Doug’s place. He has taken me to two of those parties at Doug’s before and each time I was the object of their desires as I ended up getting gang banged by ten guys, each of them fucking me at least twice. He was pissed when I said ‘NO!’ and when he insisted I told him that neither he nor any of his buddies had EVER made me cum and I was sick of just being a receptacle for their spunk! He told me that I couldn’t cum so I told him ‘bull shit, while my tire was getting fixed I came FOUR times on a REAL man’s cock, and that if he thought he was so good he could just go fuck himself!’ He almost punched me but two co-workers stopped him and then I told him we were through and got my key back from him. I made five pizzas while I calmed down and then told the boss I was done and I left before he could say anything.”

All through her dissertation she was moving up and down on my shaft, slowly fucking herself on me. When she stopped talking she suddenly slammed her pussy onto me about 5 or 6 times before stopping with our bodies tightly clamped together. “Oh Dale, I’m almost ready to cum! Can you, um … can you maybe tilt your pelvis up towards me and just hold it like that?” I did what I thought she wanted and she melted above me sighing out, “Ooooooo yeahhhhh, like that … just like that! Now hold it while I do this …” and she started rocking and twisting her pussy on my cock, not lifting up but just working her cunt on me while keeping my shaft completely imbedded inside of her.

I watched transfixed as her nipples grew into rock hard nearly inch long points and her hips moved wildly on me, her breathing ragged and shallow. “Oh god! Oh yes Dale, stay like that and I’m going to cum any second now! Oh fuck … oh god … oh … oh … oh … OH … OHOHOHOHFUCK YESSSSS I’MMMMM CUMMMMMING! FUCK! FUCK! SHIT! OHHHHHHFUCKKKKK! Oh … oh … oh god damn!” Then she screamed some kind of sound that carried for well over a minute before her body flopped down onto my chest and she lay there groaning in her release.

Finally she lifted her head up and kissed me before saying, “Holy fuck that was intense! I just realized that if I hadn’t volunteered to bring that order here this afternoon, I would probably be getting fucked repeatedly by eleven drunk guys that haven’t the slightest desire to, or idea how to make me cum. And I would have thought I was the problem! Dale, please roll us over and remove all memory of those assholes from my brain?”

As I did that I heard the Grandfather clock strike eleven and knew I had to pick up the pace if my plans were to work out. My hips were already pumping into her by the time I got her fully onto her back and Sue was loving every second of it. Sue wrapped her legs around me and in no time our bodies were in perfect rhythm as I brought her to her second powerful climax in about 4 minutes, with that followed in less than two minutes by her third as she dug her nails into my back as her entire body shook through the massive shock waves that slammed through her.

“Oh my god, Dale, you really know how to block out a memory for a girl! You REALLY made me cum hard there, even better than earlier today!” She kissed me passionately for several moments as our bodies worked together gently.

“Good, now that I’ve taken care of your memories of those ten extra guys, I’m going to remove all memories of your shit head of a boyfriend!” I told her as I increased my efforts while kissing her forcefully. My right hand found her nipples and was bringing it back to rock hard state when she suddenly pushed her hands hard against my chest.

“STOP!” she yelled loudly, then realized her outburst and went on “I’m sorry! I mean if you are really going to expel him from my memory, then you have to fuck me from behind. His favorite position was doggie style, and EVERY time he was finished he got up by pushing my face into the bed, floor, whatever and laughing. I guess that was his way of showing what a macho man he thinks he is.”

We both groaned as I pulled out of her allowing her to quickly assume the position on her hands and knees. As I started pushing back into her Sue slammed her ass back at me, fully imbedding my cock inside her again and making her groan. “Oh my god, Dale, you feel so much better than he did like this! Now just fuck me and forever remove him from my mind!”

“Not yet, beautiful!” I said, pulling all the way out as she groaned in protest. I quickly kissed my way down to her delicious ass where I said, “This is mine!” and locked my lips on her left cheek before sucking hard and giving her a huge deep purple hickey.

Sue looked over her shoulder and said, “Oh you nasty man, I love it!”

“Then you are going to love this,” I said as I rolled her onto her back again and moved my lips to about an inch above her clit and proceeded to give her a second bright purple marking. Just before moving on I lightly sucked her clit making her lurch beneath me! Sue moaned as I left her clit and once more rolled her onto all fours. This time I gave her right butt cheek an equally impressive purple mark to match the first one.

As I got back in behind her Sue suddenly gave a gasp and quickly rolled over again, saying, “My left tit! You have to mark my left tit! He always sucked on just my left tit! Claim it Dale! Claim ME!” I gave her left tit TWO hickies, one on each side of her perfect nipple while she moaned in joy. “Oh god, yes. Now FUCK me!”

Quickly she resumed the position and grabbed my shaft before pushing her pussy right back onto me! My hips gained speed rapidly as we moved together. Sue was groaning in pleasure in no time and was shaking as she began cumming in about three minutes. “Oh shit, fuck me Dale! Don’t stop, fuck me and fuck him away! Oh god, I’m cumming so good!” We were perfectly timed in our mutual thrusts into each other as she groaned in pleasure, urging me on.

As she came down Sue called out, “No Dale, don’t stop! DON’T STOP! Fuck me, fuck me harder! Make me cum again … oh god yes, almost there, Dale!” My hands reached around her and I grabbed both of her tits and began kneading them as well as using them for leverage against her. When I pinched both nipples her head reared back and she cried out, “Oh fuck yes, pinch my tits! Oh fuck I’m going to cum again! Oh it’s going to be so hard … FUCK … fuck me, Dale, harder … harder … oh god fuck me HARDER!” If I hadn’t had her tits firmly in hand my thrusts would have knocked her flat onto her face, something I did NOT want to happen, then she repositioned her hands to give herself better support.

Sue was wantonly pounding her ass back onto me harder than I had ever fucked any woman this way … and I WAS fucking her as well, making the pounding her pussy received even harder. “Oh my god! Oh my god, yes! Fuck me … it’s SO good … fuck me … oh Jesus god fuck me!” she began screaming as my cock continued pounding her pussy harder than ever.

Somehow she managed to turn her head and look into my eyes as she softly groaned “Ohhhh Thank you Dale,” before her eyes took on a look of near desperation before her face contorted and she screamed “Oh FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK MMMEEEEEEEEEEEE! Fuckme … fuckme … fuckme … fuckme … fuckme … FUUUUUUCKMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OH GOD YESSSSSSSS! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh god Dale, DON’T STOP! I’m cumming so hard! Shit, yes oh god eeeyieaEIAYIEYAIYEAAAIOURGEAEO (or however what she cried out is spelled) FUCK!”

Sue was thrashing about before me, her body slamming even harder onto my cock as I mostly just tried to stay in position behind her. Suddenly she snapped her head back to me, her orgasm clearly written all over her face, as she begged me, “DON’T STOP, DALE! Don’t stop fucking me!” My hips resumed pumping into her and she sort of smiled before her head slumped forwards and then she again SLAMMED back onto my cock before an unintelligible scream erupted out of her mouth as her pussy clamped down hard onto my cock.

I pressed on, pounding into her ass in spite of her tight pussy and her shriek slowly faded away as she ran out of breath. After a huge intake of air she again yelled, “Oh fuck here it comes again! Oh god Dale I’m cumming again! I’m cumming so hard, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yessssssss!” Sue began using her arms to push her ass against me as her body just would not stop shaking, her voice sounding as if she was talking into the moving blades of a fan. “Oh god Dale, it’s so good, I’m cumming so hard, don’t stop, don’t stop! Oh god fuck me harder … make me cum harder! Shit … fuck … shit!”

My left hand moved around until I was grabbing her by the shoulder to increase my power into her pussy while my right hand slowly began making its way towards her stuffed pussy. Sue’s body just would not stop cumming as every minute — or less — another explosive orgasm pummeled her sex crazed body. “Oh god yes, that’s better! Harder, fuck me harder! Oh shit I’m going to cum again! Oh god yes, fuck shit yes SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” she cried out as her head snapped back and she shook violently.

Just as she started to come down from that climax my right hand reached her rock hard clit and when I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger she lurched before me shouting out, “Oh my god Dale, you’re doing it! You’re fucking me SO good! Oh fuck I’m cumming!” she cried out as I pinched her clit hard. My balls churned and my cock spewed its first huge rope deep into her pussy as she once more screamed the unknown sounds of her huge climax, her body pounding non-stop onto my cock as I powered into her with even more fervor.

We both shuddered through out our mutual climaxes before she finally came to a stop, her body twitching uncontrollably as she gasped for breath and tried unsuccessfully to talk. Before she regained her composure I pulled her body up to me before turning her face to mine and kissing her deeply, with all the passion I could muster. Sue stroked my face with her right hand as we kissed for several moments before I managed to lift her leg out of the way and rotate her around on my cock until we were chest to chest, my cock still twitching inside her spasming pussy. Her eyes searched mine for several seconds before she simply kissed me harder, her tongue delving deeper as her eyes slowly closed and our mouths shared her moan.

Her eyes reopened and she gave me a weak smile before saying, “Oh Dale, you are just way too incredible for words! I have never …” her pussy spasmed around me again as her eyes briefly rolled up into her head before she recovered, “… oh my god … never cum so hard or for so long as you just made me do! You were SO much better than I hoped for … I don’t think any man will ever beat that, not even you! Now I know why Amber is so willing to share you like this, if she didn’t she’d already be dead from your cock!” She gave me a kiss and simultaneously clenched her vaginal muscles around my shaft. “But what a way to go it would be! Thank you so much, next time I am going to suck your wonderful cock to properly thank you!”

“I look forward to it, my beautiful Sue!” I told her as I eased her onto her back and started easing my shaft out of her. Evie was ready on my left for her turn, while Amber was on my right anxious to clean Sue of my cum. Sue groaned as I exited her wide open gash, her pussy quickly covered by Amber’s mouth.

My sister quickly guided me between her widely spread legs and pulled me fully into her sex, both of us gasping at the wonderful new sensation. We kissed each other once again and I told her, “Evie, I love you so much! I never expected to be able to be this close with you, but I’ve always loved you, always!”

“Well, I’m sorry to say that I am unable to say the same thing, as you know. But I always misread your actions — but no more of that! I love you more than I have any man and I know I always will!” We kissed again as our hips continued working my shaft in and out of her non-stop.

“Evie, this is to wish you a very happy new year! If it wasn’t for Amber, you would get prime time for this, but she has to get it! So if it’s all right with you, the last note of the three-quarter hour chime will be our midnight, okay?” I asked her as I punctuated my last word with a hard thrust.

“Oh god, if I get lots of those it will be!” I let my hips and cock talk for me as I became a battering ram into her hot and wet pussy, her moans growing in intensity as the seconds passed. As we fucked, she said in a choppy fashion, “How did … you ever … manage … to get Sue … to be so … loud this time … I thought … she … came … oh fuck … real quietly?”

A mild, preliminary climax passed through her and I waited till it was over before answering her. “Have I ever told you how pretty you are when you cum? Not that you aren’t pretty, but wow I love seeing your face when you have an orgasm!”

“You say the nicest things!”

“May be, but I really mean it! Anyway, I felt like I was almost performing an exorcism on Sue to rid her of bad memories. It seems that I succeeded, and she really came out of her shell for me. After her slow start, she has turned out to be a very good fuck!”

“As good as me?”

“Not yet, but with your help she will be!”

“Hmmm, I’ll think about it! Now how about just celebrating our own new year’s moment!”

“Sorry sis, I got distracted!” I didn’t wait for her response as my hips resumed their hard thrusting into her. Evie wrapped her legs around me as she helped out by powering her pussy onto me as my cock speared her persistently. We were both groaning loudly as I was nearing my climax and Evie was so obviously trying to forestall her own. Knowing I had been really put through a workout thus far, my sister clamped down around my shaft hard as she tried to help get me there on time.

Our mutual breathing was extremely labored and ragged as my balls started to churn once more. Evie felt it and pulled our lips together as we kissed fiercely. Both of us groaned hard and I put my face nose to nose with hers and said, “I love you sis!” just as I heard the first note of the chimes and my cock blasted her insides with my cum!

“Oh GOD YES!” Evie screamed out as she came at the same instant that my white sauce first hit her back wall. My sister’s head flew side to side as she continued crying out in pleasure as we found our mutual climax, my cock driving deeply into her as I gave her a rather small load of five full ropes followed by a few dribbles. She clung to me tightly and whispered, “Happy New Year, dear brother! I am so happy to have you in my life!”

“Back at you, sis, with all my heart! And I’m not sure what part you played in all of this goings on, but thanks, you have all been great — tiring but great!”

“Yeah, we will have to talk about just how you have managed to hang in so long!”

“Well,” I said after kissing her again, “the motivation has been fantastic at all times! Speaking of which, my girlfriend needs some attention now!” Evie groaned as I moved from her before moaning as Sue dove into her pussy while Amber locked her lips onto mine and jerked my cock with both hands.

“Hurry, Honey, we don’t have much time until midnight!” I told her as I pulled her to her back and placed my cock at her opening.

Amber grabbed my hips and pulled me into her as she said, “Do it baby, fuck me into the New Year! OH god yeah, I love your cock and what you can do to me with it!” After about five minutes Amber locked her ankles behind my ass as she cried out in climactic release, her body shaking as she came.

“For the rest of our lives, doll, the moment of midnight on New Year’s Eve belongs to us!” I told her. “Every year this is how we will enter the next year, by sharing our love for each other!”

“Oh my man is such a romantic! Even after we girls fuck the shit out of you, you still think of me like this, god I love you!” She locked her lips onto mine and we kissed for at least two minutes while my hips continued hammering persistently into her. “Oh Dale, baby, here it cums! You’re going to make me cum so hard again!” Two more thrusts and she shook hard as her body was swept by her climax and she cried out in ecstasy.

I took a glance over my shoulder and was able to see the clock with its ornate pendulum swaying inside. Only just over three more minutes, shit! My pace quickened even more and my angle changed to increase the effect on my cock as I worked at catching up with my always horny Amber. Also sensing the urgency, Amber clamped her super strong vaginal muscles around me while begging me to cum inside of her.

Never in my life did I think sixteen notes of the Westminster chime could be so erotic, but as the last quartet started I groaned into her ear, “OH god Amber, here it comes! Cum with me, honey, oh god!”

Amber had tightened her legs around me and was pumping her hips onto my thrusting shaft just as hard as I was pounding her and she groaned, “Oh Dale, give it to me! Fuck me harder! Harder!” In the background the last note of the chime finished and I happily felt my balls boil over and my hips gave her a mighty thrust as cum blasted out of my cock and deep into Amber’s pussy as the clock started to strike! “Oh fuck yes!” she cried out as she came hard with me, our perfectly timed climaxes lasting beyond the last of the twelve strikes.

Finally able to speak Amber said breathlessly, “Wow, I’ve had cute little kisses on the lips for the New Year’s moment, but that was incredible!” She kissed me hard, her tongue reaching deeply into my mouth before telling me, “Oh Dale, I love you so much! Thank you for wishing me such a wonderful happy New Year’s!”

“It was my pleasure, my dear!”

Amber laughed and then whispered, “Shit, with ten of us horny ladies fucking you non-stop it should be your ‘pleasure’! And now that you mention it, I believe somebody has been holding back on shooting his loads! Shame on you, you rule breaker!”

“I don’t think you can prove it, only that I REALLY tried to cum quick with both you and Evie. Besides, every one of you has cum so hard for me, I can’t think of anybody that would complain!”

“How true! We are all so well fucked I can’t get over all the tired smiles I keep seeing. I’m so glad we thought of doing this!”

“Just whose idea was this, anyway?”

“Well, Evie and I were trying to figure out if there was any way to drain your balls completely, and then Robin heard us and said the five of us should just tie you down and fuck you till you couldn’t any more. Mindy liked the idea but reminded us you’d need bathroom and food breaks so we had to change things up just a little.”

“I figured that, but what about the rest of the cheer squad?”

“Well, first there are three girls that will be soooooo pissed that they were out of town! But as for bringing in our helpers, that was my idea!”

“Are you serious?!”

“Absolutely! You know I love you! Since we started this I had to come up with a way to finish it before us ladies all fell asleep! Besides, I don’t think you have complained one bit!”

“Nope, you are ALL incredible lovers, even Jane!”

“Yeah, I’m really glad she came…” I laughed and gave her a thrust while whispering that I thought Jane was glad that she came, finally! “…along with Carol. Sue was a surprising addition, thanks to my and your mom’s offer.”

“You helped talk her into it!”

“Of course, with what we were doing, why not! Besides, she really needed some of your good loving!” Amber tightened her pussy around me as she said that before continuing with a grin, “And you gave her some of the BEST loving that I’ve ever seen. You were so good to her and I was so proud of you!” We kissed again and then she gave me a light shove saying, “Now be a good boyfriend and go fuck your mother!”

“You’re too much!” I said as I lifted off of her and went in search of Robin. “What is this shit?” I asked when I found my mom and aunt coming downstairs fully dressed.

“Oh honey, we have to leave for a while to check on Jessica’s house. Her neighbor called her cell to complain about the noise from ‘their party’!” I offered to go with them but she told me to stay on task (she laughed at that) and that she had borrowed my digital camera. They both kissed me goodbye and then they were gone as I turned back to see the face of my horny cousin beaming at me.

“Hi cousin, remember me?” she asked with one of her sexiest looks. I told her I did, and she said, “It takes longer for you to get back to me with the extra girls, but anticipation is just part of the turn-on. But now I want you to fuck me harder than ever!”

“Whoa, Mindy, hold on! Girls! Everyone!” I said as I gathered everyone around me. “Listen up, I can still do it, but I am physically worn out! My arms, legs and back are really struggling after what you lovelies have put me through — not that I’m complaining! I just need to rest up while you gals do your thing, is that acceptable to all of you?” All eight heads nodded agreement and I sighed, “Thank you god.”

Mindy took my hand and led me out to the kitchen where she fixed up another protein shake while I downed an energy drink, then she sat me on a chair and knelt down on a few pillows and began giving me one of her patented, loving blowjobs. Never in my lifetime will I ever get over the amazing sight of my tiny cousin taking my cock fully down my throat! She didn’t like giving blowjobs all that much before she did me and had already gotten very good at it! “Oh Jesus, Mindy,” I gasped as she bobbed her head with her nose buried in my pubic hair. “Oh god I love how you do that!” I said as she slowly pulled off of me, sucking hard as she did so.

“I’m glad you like this Dale, I suck no guy’s cock like I do yours! That’s because no other guy can make me feel like you do! You know what? This is really kinky with all the different smells from ALL the women who have cum with you and oozed their stuff into your pubic hair — it is SUCH a rush!” Then she leaned up and gave me a short kiss before inhaling my cock once more, not stopping this time until I pumped her mouth full with five good sized ropes of cum.

After licking me clean once more she slid up my body and kissed me deeply as I squeezed and mauled her perky round tits. She pulled back and grinned before saying, “Don’t loose all your stuff, Dale, because I’m going to be back for more, and more, and more!”

Before I could say anything Melanie stepped up to us and said, “Don’t get greedy, little pretty one! We ALL want more but you get to stay here! But if we are still going in order then it’s my turn! Dale, sweetie, as much as I would love to suck you off, I just have to have you inside of me again!” Then she straddled my legs and positioned me at her opening before easing her young body down my steel pillar. “Oh fuck that feels so good!” she gasped as she bottomed out, my cock head pressing hard against her cervix opening.

After getting used to my size once more Mel began using her legs to push her body up and nearly off of me before dropping hard back down. As she wrapped her arms around my neck I moved my hands to her chest and found her little tits with their rock hard nipples and began teasing them unmercifully as she kissed me passionately. Once more Melanie cried out after only about three or four minutes as her body again shook under a massive climax! She clung to me for several moments before she could speak coherently. When she could Mel softly said, “Oh god Dale, you make me cum so good! I love how you do me! Amber is going to get so much shit from me if this ends up being a one night thing! But in the meantime, I want your cum inside of me!”

Her arms and legs resumed lifting her pussy up and off of me before she dropped back down and soon she was working her pussy hard on me as her hips rocked and twisted around my shaft. We were both groaning as her incredible pussy brought me rapidly towards my own climax. Melanie suddenly tensed and froze on me as she cried out “Oh fuck, it feels so good! Oh god yes I’m cumming again! Oh fuck!”

Soon she calmed back down and resumed her movements on me, pushing me even closer to her goal as her pussy fucked me relentlessly. We both felt my cock head swell and Mel clamped her lips to mine, our tongues desperately dueling. My balls churned and I groaned into her mouth as my first blast painted the insides of her pussy once more. We both cried out “FUUCKKKKKK!” in unison as we came together once more. Mel was frantically pounding her hips onto my rampant cock as her body was wracked with her huge climax! Somehow I managed to pump her full with SEVEN ropes of cum as she cried out in blessed release and her climax rolled through her body for several moments. My balls wanted to keep pumping her full as her climax went on, but I had no more cum to give her — the women were winning the battle.

I held her to my chest as her arms hung limp at her sides, my cock as deep inside her as possible. As her pussy continued its twitching around me my cock throbbed in time to her, Mel’s face gaining a slow but huge smile. “Oh my god, Dale, you make me cum so HARD! I wish I didn’t have to go home!”

“Well my little minx, you can pull more cum from me than any girl I have ever been with! You do know you just received a lot more than the girls before you did!”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Damned straight it is! Your little pussy really sends me to another lever of orgasmic relief! Jesus what you can do with it! You will surprise me if you don’t get my last loads of cum tonight!”

“I hope you’re right, it’ll be my badge of honor! Now be a good guy and take care of Beth for me!”

She pulled up and off of me, her hand clamping over her pussy to hold in my cum as she gave Beth a kiss before turning me over to her Captain. Beth looked down at me sitting with my cock pointing at the ceiling and chuckled. “You look beat, lover boy, but your cock looks good as ever!”

“Trust me oh beautiful one, it is showing signs of wear. But I think I’m good for at least another round or two!” I told her tiredly.

“Oh, oh, it sounds like I’d better make the best of this one in case it turns out to be my last!” she said as she swung her leg over me and sat down with my cock squished between us. Beth started kissing me gently, then more and more urgently as she really rubbed her pussy on my cock trapped between us.

After several minutes of this Beth said softly, “Promise me something, Dale; promise me that you won’t stop kissing me this time.” I started to speak but she touched her finger to my lips and said, “I don’t want to talk with you about this, all I want is your promise that you will not stop kissing me while I get you off once more. Just don’t stop kissing and don’t stop me!”

“Okay, I promise. You do know this is pretty strange though!”

“Just promise me, okay!”

“Done, I won’t stop my kissing of you, and I won’t stop you and your … whatever!”

“Oh thank you! Thank you so much Dale!” She kissed me harder than I believe she ever had before. “Now remember, a real man is a man of his word. And you gave me your word, TWICE!” She kissed me again and then said, “I hope the rest of you is as good a man as this cock of yours.”

As she lifted up to straddle my shaft my hands went down to aim it at her puckered hole. “No, let me, you have lips to kiss and my body to wrap in your arms.” I did as she asked while Beth grabbed my cock in both hands and guided it between her legs her.

I was rubbing her back with both hands as my tongue worked inside her mouth while Beth stroked her sex from her clit to her butt hole several times with my cock head. “Don’t forget,” Beth said as my cock entered her warmth an inch or so. Beth groaned hard into my mouth as she enjoyed the sensations from my cock as she sank down a bit more until I hit something. What the fuck is this, I thought, and my kiss wavered.

I love my sister’s butt. Or, I should say, I’m in love with it.

My name is Ted, I’m 19 years old and I live with my parents and sister Lisa. Lisa is a year and a half older than me and we both go to college – me at a community college, her at the university.

Growing up, I never looked at Lisa sexually. Sure, when hormones were raging, I might have glanced at her chest every once in a while, but that was it. She was always just my sometimes annoying older sister.

That changed, however, last year when I was passing her room one day. She had just gotten out of the shower and was dressing. She hadn’t closed her door the whole way, and I could see that she was naked standing in front of her dresser going through a drawer.

I was about to just go into my room – I didn’t want to invade or her privacy – when I saw what became from that day my center of absolute attention: her big butt.

We’re an Asian family, and, for the most part, Asians are on the small side: height, breasts, butts, and sadly, penises. Not every Asian person conforms to that, but it’s mostly true.

This is why I was so enthralled with Lisa’s butt. It was huge. Big and round. From the porn I looked at online, it looked more like a Spanish or black girl’s butt. It was the perfect example of a big bubble butt. The fact that Lisa was thin with a small waist made her butt look that much bigger.

I stared at her butt for longer than I should have, my penis growing in my pants. When it looked like she was going to turn around, I quickly walked away and went into my room and shut the door.

I took off my pants and started playing with myself thinking about her butt. How had I never noticed it before, I wondered. The more I though about it, I realized that Lisa pretty much only wore baggy pants or lose fitting clothes. She’s probably self-conscious of it, I thought.

Like I said, we’re an Asian family and we live primarily in an Asian community. All the girls we went to high school with – many of which are also going to our same colleges – look similar. I think this is why my sexual tastes leaned towards bigger: big breasts and thighs and, of course, butts.

I rarely look at Asian porn; I opt for black or Spanish girls, sometimes white girls.

It didn’t take me long to come thinking about Lisa’s butt. Little did I know then that that would be pretty much my only source of masturbation material for quite sometime.

I tried to get glimpses of Lisa’s butt but failed. She kept it well covered. In fact, a lot of the times the clothes she wore made her look kind of fat. I got so desperate I burst into the bathroom one day when she was showering hoping for a little peek. But she was behind the curtain and I couldn’t see anything and she just yelled at me to get out.

I even thought about hiding in her closet or setting up a camera somewhere, but I realized if she caught me I’d be dead. My parents would probably through me out of the house too.

I resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably never see it again. My nightly masturbation sessions thinking about seeing her beautiful butt would have to do.

But that was all about to change.

It was about seven o’clock on a Friday evening and I was watching TV when I heard Lisa’s car pull into the driveway. Our parents were out; they usually went out on Friday nights.

I heard the door open and Lisa walk into the kitchen.

“Hey, Lisa,” I called from the living room. She didn’t answer.

Lisa and I weren’t real close; even though we lived in the same house there were days where we wouldn’t see or talk to each other, but I think we had a pretty good relationship.

I got up and walked into the kitchen. Lisa was pouring herself some orange juice.

“Hey,” I said. “How’s it going?”

She looked up at me. Her eyes were red and I could tell she’d been crying.

“You okay?”

She nodded.

“What’s wrong?”

She put the juice container on the counter. “Nothing.”

“You sure?”

She picked up her glass but then put it down again.

“I had my first gym class today,” she said.

“Gym? You have to do that in college? I thought we were done with that after high school.”

Lisa nodded. “That’s why I thought, but it’s a requirement. I signed up for volleyball. I always liked that in high school and I was pretty good too.”

“What, your team lose today?” I asked with a chuckle.

She shook her head. “Playing was fine, it was actually kind of fun. It was afterwards that sucked.”

She took a sip of her juice. “The gym was really hot and I worked up a sweat so I thought I’d take a shower. Some of the other girls did too, but not all of them. So I shower and go back to my locker. I was talking to some of the girls, we were just joking and laughing, but when I took my towel off to get dressed, everything stopped.”

I couldn’t help my picture my naked sister in that locker room and I felt my penis start to respond. “What do you mean?” I asked.

Lisa hesitated for a few seconds. “Everybody was looking at my…butt.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Most of the girls in the class are Asian and they’re all, you know, kind of small. You probably know some of them, they went to our high school. And they’re looking at me like I’m a freak. I mean, they’re acting like they’re playing around, like I’m in on the joke, but I saw them.”

Lisa’s voice was starting to break and she sounded like she was going to cry again.

“They all start saying stuff about it, how big it is, that I’m half black or I’m the Asian Kardashian sister.”

Tears welled up in her eyes and started streaming down her face. I grabbed a napkin and handed it to her. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose.

“What did you do?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I pretended to go along with their jokes and I got dressed as fast as I could and I got out of there. Teddy, I don’t know if I can do that again.”

Suddenly, she hugged me. I wasn’t expecting it and backed up a step, but I hugged her back.

“It’s alright, Lease. Forget those bitches. They’re probably just jealous anyway.”

“Jealous? What do you mean? Why would they be jealous?”

I broke the embrace and looked Lisa in the eye. “You said so yourself, they’re all girls with little, flat asses. They’d probably kill to have yours.”

Lisa frowned. “I’d kill to get rid of mine.”

“Don’t say that,” I said. “I love your butt.”

As soon as I said it, I knew I shouldn’t have.

“You love my butt?”

“Well, I, uh…” I stammered.

“When have you, I mean, how have you…?”

I looked at her for a moment thinking about my options. I could lie and just tell her that I meant I loved her butt in a general way, like “you’re great, there’s nothing wrong with you.”

I could go one step further than that and say that from what I could tell she had a great butt and she should be proud of it.

Or I could just tell her the truth. I opted for the latter.

“About five months I ago,” I began, “I passed your room and saw you in there.”

Lisa looked confused. “Yeah, so?”

“You were naked.”

Her face turned red. “Oh my god. You saw me naked?”

“Well, not all of you, just your butt.”

Her faced turned a darker red. “Oh, god, you saw my giant ass?” She turned away from me. “Did it gross you out?”

“Lisa, look at me.”

She slowly turned and reluctantly looked me in the eyes.

“You have a great ass. Much better than those girls we went to high school with.”

Talking about Lisa’s ass, with Lisa on top of it, had gotten my fully erect. My penis was painfully pushing against my jeans.

She shook her head. “You’re just saying that. I know it’s big and gross.”

I shook my head. “You’re wrong. It’s beautiful, one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled a little. “Oh, yeah? How many have you seen?”

I blushed. “Well, not that many in person, but plenty online.”

She thought for a moment. “I don’t believe you. I think you’re just saying this to make me feel better.”

“It’s true, Lisa. In fact-” I stopped myself from saying too much.



“Tell me.”

I sighed. This might be the only way I could convince her.

“After I saw your butt that day, I went and I, uh…”

“You what?”

“I, uh, thought about it and…”

“And what?”

“I masturbated.”

Lisa’s eyes got wide. I thought she might scream or start crying again, but she surprised my by laughing.

“You…jerked off thinking about my ass?”

I nodded, bashfully.

“Oh my god, you’re such a perv.”

My erection long gone, I felt completely ashamed. I mumbled something and turned to go to my room, and possibly never leave it again.

“Wait, Teddy,” Lisa said, grabbing my arm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.”

I turned to look at her.

“Did you really do that?” she asked.

I nodded.

“What exactly about my butt do you like so much?”

I grinned. “It’s just so…big.”

Lisa scoffed. “You don’t have to tell me.”

“But it’s not big in a bad way. It’s so nice and round and that day when I saw it, you moved a little and your butt just jiggled so nicely.”

Lisa giggled. “I didn’t realize you were such an ass man.”

“I don’t think I was until I saw yours.”

This time we both laughed.

“The day you saw it, was that the only day you played with yourself and though about it?” she asked.

No longer feeling so ashamed, I just looked at her and shook my head.

“You’re such a perv,” she said with a laugh. “But you haven’s seen it again?”

“Nope, you keep that thing well covered, with all your baggy pants and these skirts.”

I reached down and lightly grabbed her skirt.

“Ooh, trying to get another peek? Another look at your sister’s ass?”

She flipped her skirt up and I did get a brief glance at the bottom of her butt cheeks. She must’ve have been wearing very small panties.

“Alright, are you happy now?” I asked. “I just admitted something very embarrassing but I hope you feel better about yourself now.”

“I do, actually, thank you,” she said and kissed my cheek.

I thought that would be the end of it. I’m sure I’d probably masturbate again to the vision of her ass – and possibly to even talking to her about her ass – but eventually it would fade and be forgotten. But Lisa wouldn’t let it be forgotten.

About an hour or so after our conversation, we were watching TV. When she got up to go into the kitchen, I couldn’t help myself and looked at her butt. She turned and caught me and smirked. My sense of shame having returned, I blushed and quickly looked away.

She came back a minute later with a diet soda.

“When you jerk off thinking about my ass, what do you think about exactly?”

I nearly choked on the pretzels I’d been eating.

“Can we let this drop, Lisa?”

“No, I want to know. You’re the one thinking about my ass, I think I deserve to know.”

I couldn’t tell if she was being serious or just messing with me.

“You really want to know?”

She nodded.

“I think about touching it, squeezing it, jiggling it. I think about kissing it.”

“Anything else?” Her voiced suddenly seemed a little different.

“I also think about spreading your cheeks and burying my face between them.”

Her mouth dropped open. I noticed my erection was back.

“Are you messing with me?” she asked.


We looked at each other for a moment.

“Do you wanna see it again?” she asked softly.

I nodded. Lisa put the soda can down, turned and got up on her knees on the couch. With her right hand, she slowly lifted up her skirt. My heart almost stopped as the fabric gradually revealed her big, beautiful, perfect ass.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, her skirt rested on her lower back and her butt was right in front of me. She was wearing little pale pink panties that nestled wonderfully between her cheeks.

I was enthralled and my dick felt like it was about to rip a hole through my pants. I just stared at her ass. It was like the supermodel or actress you masturbate to was suddenly nearly naked almost in your lap. It was amazing.

“You can touch it if you want,” Lisa said, breaking me out of my trance.

I slowly raised my right hand and with my index finger, just caressed her right cheek. I started at the top and traveled all the way down. I did the same with her left cheek and eventually grabbed both of them with both hands.

I was in heaven. I squeezed her cheeks, softly and then a little harder. I pulled them a part a little and jiggled them. It was exactly what I’d imagined. But I wanted more.

“Lisa, can I take your panties off?”

Since she had told me I could touch her butt, Lisa hadn’t said a word. “Yes,” she now said breathlessly.

I took my hands off her cheeks and grabbed the waistband of her panties. Slowly I pulled them down. They stuck a little between her cheeks and I could tell why: Lisa’s pussy was very wet. She seemed to be enjoying this as much as me.

When the panties were finally off her butt, I pulled them all the way down and off her legs. I couldn’t help myself and raised them to my noise. I took a long whiff of her moistness and damn near ejaculated in my pants.

I’m glad I didn’t because now before me was an amazing naked ass, and it was time to explore.

I didn’t waste any time. I put my hands back on her cheeks and spread them open. There, in all their glory, were my sister’s pussy and butthole. Her pussy was sort of a dark pink and her butthole was almost the same color but a little darker. From this angle I didn’t see any hair.

I didn’t know how far Lisa was going to let me go – we’d already gone pretty far – but before she could put a stop to things, I thrust my face between her cheeks.

I heard her gasp and her butt reflexively tightened a little, but other than that, she didn’t move. My mouth was right on her pussy and my nose was practically in her ass. I shifted a little and brought my nose down to tickle her pussy and then back up to her butthole. She smelled amazing. There were trances of whatever body gel she’d showered with as well as her natural arousal.

This may sound silly, but I didn’t know what to do at that point. In my fantasies, once I put my face in her big ass, I always came. I didn’t even know if I really wanted to have sex with Lisa; I was just mesmerized by her butt.

I continued to rub my face between her cheeks. Lisa was kind of humping back a little so I decided to get bold. I stuck my tongue out let it rest on her pussy. She immediately stopped moving and I thought the party might be over. But all she did was spread her legs wider. I took this as my cue and began lapping at her pussy like I’d seen a countless amounts of pornos.

I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top. Lisa began to moan when I went back to the beginning and that’s where I stayed.

“Oh, god!” she cried when I found the right spot.

She started bucking backwards, practically knocking me off the couch. I stayed on her clit until she orgasmed and then I worked my way back up. I wanted to taste something else.

I licked right below her anus and then brought my tongue up squarely on it. Lisa squealed when I made contact. I’d watched many rimming pornos so I was fairly certain I knew what I was doing.

I gently nibbled on the outside for a moment and then swirled my tongue over the entire hole repeatedly. Lisa was now making high pitched noises.

Finally, I thrust my tongue in her butthole as far as it would go and began twirling it around. At the same time, with my thumb, I found Lisa’s clit and between stroking it. This sent her over the edge.

“Fuck!” she screamed and began shaking.

I kept up what I was doing, really enjoying the taste of her ass, until she pushed my hand away from her pussy and collapsed on the couch.

She looked at me, her face was red and she was panting a little. She grinned. “Is that what you think about when you jerk off?”

I shook my head. “I never get that far.”

“What do you mean? Oh.” She glanced at my crotch.

Suddenly I felt ashamed again and I stood up.

“I think I’m gonna go to bed,” I said.

“Wait, Teddy, you don’t have to go,” Lisa said, sitting up. “I could…”

I shook my head. “I don’t what you do to anything you don’t want to. That was like the greatest thing that ever happened to me, I don’t need anything else.”

Lisa smiled. “Teddy, I know it was hard for you to tell me what you did, you didn’t have to do that, and you made me feel good about myself. And then you made me feel really good.”

She smiled. “Let me do this for you.” She moved up on the couch and reached for my pants. She looked up at me as she unfastened the button and pulled down the zipper. Her skirt was still somewhat bunched up around her waist and I could see her pussy and her little neatly shaved bush.

She pulled my pants and underwear down and looked at my penis. I don’t have a huge penis by any means, but I wouldn’t call it small. Lisa seemed happy with it and began stroking it. After a few moments, she leaned forward and took it in her mouth.

Either she’s done this before or she watches a lot of porn too, I thought as she sucked. She got most of it in her mouth and when she got back to the head, she twirled her tongue around. It was amazing.

“Lisa, I’m gonna come if you keep doing that.”

She smiled around my dick, give it another good long suck, and then took it out of her mouth. “Lay down,” she said.

I fully removed my pants and also took off my shirt. Lisa followed suit and for the first time since she grew them, I saw her tits. They weren’t big, a B cup might be pushing it, but they were nice and her nipples looked like they could cut glass.

I laid down on the couch and Lisa straddled me, but the opposite way. I gleefully watched her ass descend to my face.

“Come whenever you want,” she said and I immediately felt her mouth engulf my dick again.

I raised my hands and grasped her delectable butt cheeks and squeezed them together until my face was trapped between them. I felt like at that moment I could die a happy man. I alternated between licking her pussy and her butthole. I think Lisa liked her butt being licked more because when I did that, she stopped sucking my dick as much.

Because I wanted to prolong things, I concentrated on her asshole. I dug my hands into her fleshy butt and plunged my tongue into her moist crevice. She moaned around my dick and I took my mouth away just long enough to utter “I’m coming!” before I went back to rimming her.

I filled Lisa’s mouth with what felt like a gallon of semen. She didn’t swallow it all; I felt some of it drip on my balls. But she kept sucking and I kept licking until we were both spent.

A few minutes later, Lisa got off me and stood up. A little bit of my semen was on her left breast, her hair was a mess, but she still looked amazing. She smiled at me. I smiled back.

“We better clean up before Mom and Dad come home.”

I’d be lying if I knew what was going to happen at this point. I’d just had sex of a sort with my sister and we both loved it. Even if it was a one-time deal, I could live with it.

Lisa seemed to answer for me. Instead of reaching for her clothes, she bent over to pick up a book that had fallen off the coffee table, her ass only inches from my face.

She looked back at me and grinned. “Maybe this ass isn’t so bad,” she said.

I shrugged. “Eh, it’s okay I guess.”


I laughed and she backed up and sat down on my face again.

God, I love her ass.

Erin returned from her run just as the garage door was opening. As she walked up the driveway, her mom was backing out. Erin pulled the ear buds out when her mother stopped and rolled down the window.

“Hey, sweetie.”

“Hi, mom.”

“Listen, would you start on dinner tonight so that we can eat pretty quickly after I get home? Cory’s still trying to get caught up on his rest and if the three of us are going to have some time together, we don’t need a late dinner.” She smiled as she asked, a twinkle in her eye.

“Sure,” Erin agreed. “I have to go to the school this afternoon for final registration, but I should be back by around 4. I can start then.”

“Sounds good. God, I’m like a schoolgirl,” her mother giggled, covering her face with her hands. “I’m so nervous and excited at the same time.”

“I know,” Erin laughed. “I am, too! OH! I also want you to try out my new toy, so can I bring it?”

“Of course! Okay, so I have to get to work, but I’ll see you tonight. I love you.”

“Love you, too.” Erin squeezed her mom’s hand, resting on the door frame before backing up and making her way in through the garage as her mother backed out of the driveway.

She took a shower, got dressed and was in the middle of eating breakfast when the front door opened and Cory walked in, his t-shirt and jeans streaked with warehouse dust. His work boots were worn down enough that the steel toe was exposed in a little patch on each boot. He plopped down in a chair at the table, untying his boots as he talked to his sister.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

“Hey, stud.”

“I’m exhausted. I’m so glad school is starting next week and the strike is over. I’m ready for a routine again,” he said, shaking his head. Once he dropped the second boot onto the tile floor, he plopped back in the wood chair with a sigh.

“Yeah, I have to go sign my final registration today.”

“Really? Mind if I tag along? I need to pay up and sign mine, too.”

“Sure. Megan was supposed to go, but she had to bail because she discovered an error and has an appointment tomorrow. My appointment isn’t until 2:30.”

“Good. I can take a shower and get some sleep. This strike kicked my ass. I didn’t realize it until it was over.”

“Let me get you some breakfast before you go upstairs,” she offered as she stood up.

“Thanks.” He swatted at her ass as she walked past, getting a good shot on her running shorts and causing her to squeal, whipping her head around in mock anger before rubbing her ass, her face fading into a smile.

While she warmed him some microwave waffles and some bacon he thought he should get her opinion.

“Erin,” he asked nervously, “Can I ask you a question.”


“Okay, I guess a couple of questions.”

“Go ahead,” she said, not even turning around, focusing on the task of getting a glass and pouring his juice.

“First, I know I’ve spent more time with mom than I have with you. I’m sorry about that. I don’t want to neglect you or make you resent what’s going on here.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, turning around to rest on the counter. “It’s cool. First, I know this is new to all of us, but I also know I can go to Megan any time I want. You’re all mom has. I’m cool sitting back a little so she can get what she needs. Besides, while the strike was on, mom and I spent a lot of nights together without you. And you and I have had some time without her. I don’t think any of us can really expect this to be something where we spend the exact same amount of time together.” She turned back around when the microwave beeped and pulled his plate out, replacing the bacon plate with the waffle plate. “Relationships don’t work that way anyway, right? All three of us will have to give and sacrifice for the others. If we all try to meet each other’s needs, we can all be happy. So, no, I’m not upset about it. I’m glad to see mom so happy. She needs a good man in her life and at least right now, that’s you.”

When the microwave beeped again she placed the waffles and bacon on a different plate together while her brother spoke.

“I guess you’re right. I love you both so much that I don’t want to hurt either one of you.” Cory spoke as his sister walked toward him with the plate before sitting on his lap, his hand resting on her thigh. “This whole thing started with you and me and then we brought mom in together. I don’t want you to think I want her more than you. It’s just different with her, you know?” His sister fed him a piece of bacon.

“I know, Cor. It is different. She wants and needs different things than I do and right now she needs you much more than I do. I’ve had a few good boyfriends, so I know what it’s like to be treated well. Mom has spent more than half her life being treated like trash by a man who promised to love and take of her. I think she’s relearning what it means to be cared for. You’re doing that for her. I can be her girlfriend, her shopping buddy, her confidant. I can even be her lover. But I can’t be her man. I can’t provide her with a loving man’s touch and help her regain that confidence that only a man can help her recover. You can do that for her. And I’ve never seen her so happy as I have in the last few weeks that she’s been with you, Cory. You’re good for her. For both of us.”

His heart melted as she talked about what Cory gave to them both, but especially to their mother. He had never thought of his role that way. Because he’s not a woman, he couldn’t understand, so he was glad that his sister was willing to explain that to him. And he was especially glad that she was so open and understanding.

“Is that all?” she asked, stealing a bite of his bacon.

“Well, I had to ask about that before I got your opinion on this next question.” He took a deep breath, still nervous about asking his sister her opinion. She didn’t say anything, but raised her eyebrows as if waiting for him to finish the story. “Vanessa wants another date.” Erin smiled and nodded. “But I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford to go bigger than I did last time, but I also don’t want to downgrade, know what I mean?”

“Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. But let me let you in on a little secret. Vanessa’s not going out with your wallet. She’s going out with your heart. What you need to do is take what you know about her, and plan something you can afford. She knows what you make and knows she can’t depend on you to provide for her. She just wants to spend time with you. Do something where the two of you can just relax.”

“So it’s not going to be bad if I can’t do something nice for her every time?”

“What did your other girlfriends think?”

Cory laughed at that. “Yeah, well, going out with a high school girl is different from going on a date with an older, sophisticated woman like Vanessa.”

“A woman who knows more about you than anyone you’ve ever been with. Your first impression was made a long time ago. Remember, she’s seen you poop in your pants. That was your first impression. Anything that doesn’t involve you doing that is an upgrade,” she laughed.

Cory laughed and shook his head. “I guess you’re right. I have to remember that even though Vanessa is a stage name, all I’m really doing is going out to spend time with mom.”

“There you go,” she said as she stood up and took the seat next to him. “The lines are blurry, of course, but you don’t have to impress Vanessa. She just wants to know you want to be with her. After that, believe me, she’ll enjoy whatever you do. Just remember what you know about her and go from there. It’ll be fine.”

She smiled at her brother as he thought about what she had said. After a few seconds, he nodded with a smile. “That makes sense. It gives me some things to think about. Thanks, Erin.”

“No problem, stinky.” She took a bite of her own breakfast, which had been interrupted by her brother’s questions. She winked at him and he smiled back, shaking his head at being called “stinky.”

After a shower, Cory fell into bed, confident that his sister would wake him up in time to leave for the school. His mind reeled with thoughts of how to spend next weekend with Vanessa and so far he was coming up short. “Remember what you know about her,” his sister’s voice echoed in his head.

Cory lulled as his bed shifted, jarring him slightly. As he lay on his side he felt a hand on his naked back, then wrap around his ribs, tickling him enough to cause him to shift.

“There it is,” he heard a mumble, still too asleep to really comprehend it. He felt the gentle touch caress his dick and the hand start to glide lightly up and down his shaft. “Cory,” he heard a quiet voice. “I’m going to blow you now, okay?” The voice didn’t wait for a response, but instead the hand adjusted his now full erection before he felt the moist warmth enveloping his head and part of his shaft.

“Mmm,” he moaned, stirring awake and rolling onto his back a little more.

“That’s better,” the voice said, still quietly. Cory felt the mouth and hand working in tandem, becoming more assertive in bringing him pleasure.

“God, Erin.”


Cory’s eyes shot open. OH, SHIT!

“Megan! What the fuck?!” Cory screamed, scrambling back away from his sister’s best friend.

“Me, what the fuck? Why are you calling your sister’s name when I sucked your dick?” she asked, her face in shock.

Erin practically slammed into the door frame from her run down the hall. “Megan! What the hell are you doing in Cory’s room?!” she asked.

“Oh, I can explain my side. That’s easy. Your explanation is going to be much harder. Why is your brother calling your name with his dick in my mouth?”

“Erin, why is Megan in my room when I’m sleeping?” Cory was still pissed, but more than that, he was scared.

“She just showed up a little while ago for a swim and when I went to the bathroom,” she turned to look Megan in the eye, her anger obvious, “I guess she thought she should just come in here and suck you off.”

Megan just shrugged with a crooked smile. “Something like that. Come on, we all know he likes me. But apparently not as much as he likes his sister. Not that I can blame him.”

Erin started, “Megan, I can explain…” before Cory cut her off.

“We talked about it,” he jumped in, “just like we told you. What we didn’t tell you was that the desire is mutual. But we still agreed not to act on it.” He sighed and hung his head. “Erin doesn’t know I still fantasize about her.”

Erin stood there in disbelief at what her brother was doing. The look on her face was obvious.

“I’m sorry, Erin. I know we said we can’t do anything and we need to try to move on, but it’s so hard. You’re so beautiful,” he said, looking at her. “I shouldn’t be using you to fuel my fantasies. I’m sorry.”

Megan appeared to be having a hard time believing the story. Her eyes were squinted and she looked at Cory sideways.

Erin figured she’d better act fast. “Fuck you, Cory! Fuck you! You promised! We had a deal! That day with Megan was a mistake. God,” she said, her eyes welling with tears as she looked to the ceiling, “I should have left when you walked out there, Cory. You never should have been out there in the first place! I can’t fucking believe this!” With that, she stormed out and Cory and Megan sat in silence listening to the door slam and as they heard her Forerunner start up and fade into the distance.

Megan looked uncharacteristically sheepish. She was obviously stunned into silence. Cory plopped over to his side and covered his head with his pillow. His stomach was in knots. God, he thought, I hope I played that right.

“Is that true, Cory?” she asked quietly.

“Is what true?” he was obviously irritated.

“That Erin didn’t know and that you only thought about her in your fantasies?”

“Yeah, Megan. That’s how it was… Shit! I fucked up big time!” He rammed his fist into the mattress.

“No, I fucked up,” she corrected. She took a deep breath. “I’m really sorry, Cory. I just saw you lying here naked and wanted to wake you up for a little fun. I thought you would like it. I didn’t know…that…”

“Yeah, well I didn’t know you would come into my room and try to suck my dick while I slept!” He sat up abruptly. The fire in his eyes burned through her conscience.

Megan didn’t have any answers or any defense. She backed away unconsciously, afraid of the verbal beat down she was about to receive, but bracing herself for it.

Instead, Cory sighed again and looked past her at the wall. “How the hell am I going to clean this up?”

“Let me talk to her,” Megan offered. She started digging her phone out of her pocket. “I can try to explain that…”


“But, Cory…”

“I think you need to leave.”

“Cory,” she begged, her eyes turning red.

“Good bye, Megan.”

Cory watched in silence as his sister’s friend stood up off his bed and walked out his bedroom door. A moment later the front door closed and he listened to her car rumble to life before fading into the distance.

He reached for his phone, hoping he had played this right.

The picture on Erin’s phone told her to answer. She was both nervous and relieved. She had hoped he would call before Megan did or else she wouldn’t know what to say.


“Hey, gorgeous.” He sounded apprehensive.

“Thank you, Cory.”

“Whew,” he laughed. “I was hoping you were playing along. I got scared for a minute there. You deserve an Oscar.”

She laughed. “Best Actor in an Overly Dramatic Scene.”

“I honestly thought you were sucking me off, so I didn’t even open my eyes. It just kind of slipped out.”

“Well, how could you know that she was going to sneak into your room? I didn’t know it, and I was awake when she came over!” Erin was incredulous. “It’s fine, Cory, really. I think you were convincing enough that she won’t dig too deep, at least for a while.”

“I debated on letting her in on it, but you and I hadn’t talked about it. And then I didn’t know what it would mean for mom. I figured if I took the blame for it as fantasy then it would kind of kill it. I hope it worked.”

“I think it did.”

“So now we have to make up with Megan.”

“Let me take care of that. I’ll call her tomorrow and work things out. She needs to simmer through it in order to make it believable. I can’t make up with her too soon or it won’t seem real. She’ll live, though.”

“Okay. So where are you now?”

“At the park waiting for your call. I’ll be home in a few minutes. It’s almost time to leave.”

“I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”


Cory rode shotgun as Erin took the winding back roads to the college, stopping for lunch at a hole-in-the-wall steak sandwich place on the way. One of her ex-boyfriends had introduced her to it and she sometimes likes to stop on the way to or from school.

As she took a bite of her ribeye sandwich, Cory said, “How come I’ve never heard of this place before? I’ve never had a steak sandwich like this.”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, her cheek full of steak and bread. “If it weren’t for Marty, I wouldn’t know about it either.”

“Marty brought you here?” he laughed.

“Shut up,” she said, throwing a fry at him.

“Arty Marty? ‘I’m Marty and I like to pretend I’m a painter so I can see girls nekkid,’” mocked Cory with a stupid look on his face before they both cracked up laughing.

“Hey,” Erin said through her laughter, “It worked, didn’t it? He got me to pose naked for him.”

“Yeah, but you’re a slut,” he retorted in a matter-of-fact tone. Her jaw dropped in shock, her eyes wide before she threw another fry at him. He picked it up off the table and ate it. “Mmm. More fries.”

Erin asked him about his thoughts for his date with Vanessa and they discussed that for a while as they finished their lunch. He mentioned some ideas and she would give him some things to think about. They asked each other questions and pretty soon it seemed that he had a basic idea for their date. He only hoped she would go along with it.

The ride to the school was pretty lighthearted and they spent the rest of the drive making jokes and telling stories. It had been a while since they had spent any brother-sister time together and Cory had missed it. Once on campus they made their way to the registrar’s office and finished their business there before writing checks at the business office. As Erin had predicted, they were done by about 3:15, giving them enough time to be home at a little after 4.

“So,” Cory said as they drove out the main gate of the campus. “Megan.”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “Megan.” She shook her head.

“How do you think you’re going to handle that?”

“I have to find a way to make it less awkward. I don’t want her to be nervous around me after this, so I have to make it go away. I’ve been thinking about it and I should probably send her a text tonight and see if we can talk tomorrow. On the one hand, it has to be believable, but she knows I don’t hold grudges, so I need to make up with her pretty quickly or it could do some serious damage to our relationship.”

“Did I mess you guys up, Erin?” he asked, concerned.

“No, nothing like that,” she blurted, shaking her head.

“Okay. Good. I didn’t want that. I was just trying to protect our family.”

“I know, Cor,” she smiled. She put her hand on his knee and squeezed it for just a second before returning her hand to the steering wheel. “I think I need to approach it from the standpoint that our initial reaction was simply from shock, you know. We overreacted, got upset, but had time to think about it and talk about it, we made up, came to an understanding, and wanted things to be cool with her, too. I think that would explain the reaction, the accusations, and the quick make-up with her. That should settle it pretty well, I think.”

Cory could see that working, so he slowly nodded as he ran it through in his mind. “Yeah. I could see that. Do I have a part in this?”

“Nah. Just be awkward the first time you see her. In other words, act natural.” She winked at him and he just smiled and shook his head.

The garage door buzzed to life at 5:20 and Erin took that as her cue to get up off the couch and pull the salad out of the fridge and pour the tea. Cory came downstairs at the sound of the garage door and rounded the corner just as his mother walked in from the garage.

“Hey, guys,” she said happily.

“Hey, mom,” replied Cory at the same time his sister blurted out, “Hey.” He met her in the middle of the living room, giving her a quick kiss on the lips and taking her brief case and jacket while she made her way to Erin, who also received a kiss on the lips.

“Oh, wow, guys! This looks great. Thank you so much.” She eyed the table, which hosted honey-roasted pork chops, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls, and red beans.

“Glad you think so. The only thing left is for Cory to toss your salad.”

Cory whipped his head around at his sister, his eyes wide. She burst into a fit of laughter. She handed him the large salad bowl with the wooden salad servers.

“Let me go change and I’ll be ready to eat,” their mother said, apparently missing the reference. As soon as she walked up the stairs, Erin started laughing again.

“Oh, relax, Cory,” she laughed. “When you passed out last night, mom and I stayed up and had some girl talk.”

“What did you talk about?” he asked, trying to be nonchalant while he mixed the salad in the bowl.

“Now, if I told you that, it wouldn’t be girl talk, would it?” She winked at him before taking the bowl and carrying it to the table.

They finished getting the tea poured and made sure all the condiments were on the table as their mother finished getting changed.

“Whew, that’s better,” they heard her say as she turned the corner from the stairs. Their eyes both bugged out as they saw their mother.

“Is there a problem?” she asked, one hand on her hip.

“No, mom. Just…”Erin stuttered.

“Wow,” said Cory.

Erin nodded. “Exactly.”

Michelle smiled. “Glad you like it.” She made her way toward them. “It looks delicious.”

“It sure does,” muttered Erin as she watched her mother approach. What she saw was a mature brunette in excellent shape, who had selected black high heels, black thigh high stockings, and a short black satin nightie, to eat dinner with children. Her arms, shoulders and upper chest were exposed with only two thin straps keeping the nightgown on and as she walked, the erect nipples danced invitingly with each step. The hem barely covered her ass and upper thighs. She sat down at the table, sliding into her seat at the head of it while her son and daughter refused to budge.

Michelle snickered as she said, “Well…sit down and eat.”

Her children snapped out of their daze and took their seats, glancing at each other as they sat. Michelle picked up her plate and put a pork chop and scoop of potatoes and beans on it, and then handed it to Erin, who picked up a roll and placed it beside the potatoes. She handed the plate to Cory, who handed his empty plate to his mother. They repeated the process, with Erin placing a roll on her mother’s plate and trading plates so that she finally placed one on her own. They began to eat in silence until their mother moaned.

They looked up at her, but her eyes were closed as she chewed. “Now this is the sweetest meat I’ve put in my mouth since…” she opened her eyes and looked into Cory’s. “Well, since yesterday at least.” She winked at him before breaking off a small piece of her roll and resting it her tongue.

Cory swallowed hard, turning flush. He took a sip of his tea and his mother looked over at his sister.

“Oh! Here, Erin,” she said, putting her fork down and grabbing the salad tongs. “Would you like me to toss your salad for you?” She smiled inwardly as she heard Cory choke on his tea, but didn’t move her gaze from Erin’s eyes.

“Sure, mom,” she whispered, her throat dry.

“Would you like a creamy dressing dribbled on it before or after I toss it?” Her voice was a little shaky and she had fire in her eyes.

“Either way is fine. I’ll take it either way.” Erin was starting to feel the tingle in her groin. This was not how she thought dinner would go.

“Cory,” his mother’s voice interrupted. He looked up and she was holding out the bottle of ranch dressing.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Would you be a dear and jiz…drizzle something creamy on here before I serve your sister?”

He smiled, finally. “I would love to. Do you want a lot or just a little?”

“Just a taste,” said Michelle, looking into his eyes. “We don’t want to cover the flavor, just add to it.”

Cory lightly poured a small stream around the salad. His mother reached out and grabbed the bottle around the neck, tilting it up to stop the stream before grazing her thumb around the rim to wipe up the excess. She sucked it into her mouth, withdrawing it slowly. “We don’t want to waste any.”

She handed the bowl to Erin and set the bottle on the table. Taking another bite of the pork, she asked, “Would someone please toss my salad while I savor this meat in my mouth?”

“I’ll be happy to, mom,” volunteered Erin. Scooping some into her mother’s bowl, she asked Cory, “Do you have enough left to do mom?”

“I think so,” he said, picking up the bottle of dressing. He began to pour it, but Erin took the bottle from his hand.

“Let me,” she whispered.

He nodded and they all watched as the thick, milky dressing dribbled from the mouth of the bottle. Tilting the bottle up, Erin ran her index finger along the rim before wiping it gingerly across her lips. She set her mother’s salad on the table and leaned in closely to her. Her mother met her halfway and Cory sat in stunned silence as his mother’s tongue came out to clean up the dressing off her daughter’s lips. She finished by nipping at the lips with her own and then leaving her lips there to receive a kiss back from her daughter. “Delicious,” she whispered before sitting straight back up in her chair.

Erin looked weak when her mother withdrew. Her eyes were still closed and she was slumped over a little.

“Erin,” her mother called out. Erin snapped back to the present. “Sit up and eat. You’re dinner’s going to get cold.”

From that point on, with the exception of what their mother was wearing, the dinner seemed mostly normal. As usual, their mom asked them about their days. Erin looked over at Cory, who nodded slightly.

“Well,” began Erin, “we had kind of an incident today. With Megan.”

“Okay?” Mom was waiting for more details. “Incident.”

“Yeah.” Erin went on to explain what had happened and how they had responded to it.

“What made her think she could do that to him in the first place?” she asked, incredulous.

Cory and Erin looked at each other for a second before Cory cleared his throat to speak.

“Oh.” His mother looked down at her plate and pushed at her potatoes with her fork.

“Mom,” he said.

“It’s okay, Cory. You don’t owe me an explanation.” She was trying to be okay with it, but she was also fighting feelings of…what is that? Jealousy? Was she jealous?

“Mom, listen,” he said, leaning in and placing his hand on hers.

“No, Cory, it’s fine.”

“Mom, listen. Please.” Erin interjected so that she would know how important it was to hear him.

Michelle looked back and forth between her children and nodded, focusing on her son’s gentle brown eyes.

“That first night Erin and I got together, dad’s last day in this house, Erin told me about her and Megan. I made some comment about how sexy she was and the two of us hatched a plan to give me an opportunity with her. Erin and I had a threesome with her, but we both focused on Megan and not each other. Megan tried to push us to try each other, but we told her we couldn’t do that because we’re related, but that we would think about it. Later on we talked to her and told her we couldn’t do it. She didn’t know that Erin and I were already sexually involved. This was also before we got involved with you. I swear, mom, that was the only time I’ve touched her. I haven’t been with anyone but you and Erin since then. I swear.”

She looked at Erin, who nodded. “That’s it, mom. Honest.”

“Why did she want to see the two of you together?” she asked.

“Well, Megan told me this in confidence, but she and her brother played around a little bit, but then realized it was too weird and stopped. They never had sex, just touching and kissing and stuff. So she wouldn’t judge us for it; she understood the potential for attraction. It wasn’t so much her trying to push us to do it so much as it was her giving us permission to act on our feelings, I guess.”

“So when we told her we weren’t going to do anything, she was cool with it and understood. Neither she nor I,” continued Cory, “have made a move on each other since that day with Erin. So when I woke up this morning with a hand and mouth on my junk, I naturally thought it was her,” he said, looking at his sister. “When I called her name, that’s when Megan freaked out, and I had to act fast.”

“She seemed a little smug, mom, like she had caught us.”

“She did. I knew if I didn’t do something, or if we let her know, it could eventually come out that we’ve been involved with you, too. I didn’t want your secret to come out until and unless you’re ready for it to.”

“So that’s it, then?”

“That’s it,” said Erin, noting a visible weight removed from her mother’s countenance.

“Now what?” she asked.

“I try to make up with her. Cory and I have already talked about how we’re going to do it. We’ll take care of it mom. Don’t worry.”

“Okay,” she nodded with a gentle smile. “I trust you.”

“Thanks, mom,” says Cory, squeezing her hand, which earned a return squeeze.

“Now, let’s finish our dinner so we can relax,” she said, smiling before taking a small bite of her mashed potatoes.

The rest of dinner was relatively quiet, the three of them shifting internally between excitement at the upcoming rendezvous and their own perspectives of the dinner conversation.

Even so, Michelle could not forget what she was wearing, and why, and continued to maintain a level of sexual arousal. Neither Erin nor Cory could forget what she was wearing, either, and they both continued to look over at her as they ate, examining the beauty of her face, the skin of her upper chest, the outline of her erect nipples, and piecing those views with the memory of her walk through the kitchen. While Cory had to make a few adjustments to his cock, his sister simply squirmed in her seat or pressed her thighs together to stimulate herself.

Michelle dropped her napkin on her plate and said, “Thank you for dinner. That was delicious.”

Cory said, “Erin did everything, and she’s right, Erin. It was great. Thanks.” He stood as his sister accepted their thanks, and he picked up his own plate before reaching for his mom’s.

“Cory, let me do that,” his mother said, standing.

“It’s no problem, mom. You rest. You, too, Erin.” He walked around the table and placed the plates on the counter, turning back to pick up his sister’s. As he scraped the plates into the trash can and placed them in the dishwasher, the two ladies took the initiative to clear the rest of the table and to begin putting leftovers away. His mother turned on the hot water in the sink, pouring dish soap in so it could run while she put the pork chops in a zipper bag.

Turning off the water, she dipped the casserole dish in the soapy water and began sponging it in the sink. Cory watched her ass move as she gently circled the dish with the sponge. He stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders while planting a kiss on the back of her neck. She hummed as he stroked down her arms. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed forward. She could feel his excitement pushing into her ass and pressed back against it.

Erin watched for only a moment before pressing herself against her brother’s back and reaching her hand around to squeeze his chest. Her other hand pushed between he and his mother, grabbing his throbbing erection while feeling her mother’s ass against the back of her hand.

One of Cory’s hands cupped his mother’s breast and the other glided down her hip until he felt bare skin. He pushed the hem of her gown up and moved his hand around front. He was surprised to find that she had not worn any panties. She groaned at his touch while he pushed further down to feel her wet, swollen lips.

“Shame on you, mom,” he whispered. “You’re not wearing any panties.”

“The better to fuck you with,” she retorted casually.

“Erin,” he said over his shoulder.

“Yes,” she said, breathlessly, her hand still stroking him.

“Come here.” He took her hand off his crotch and moved her around to the side, placing her hand on their mother’s pussy.

“Oh, mom,” she breathed. “I didn’t know you weren’t wearing any panties.” Her hand was smoothly, but persistently, stroking up and down over the wet skin at her fingers.

“They would only be in the way.” She reached down to cup her daughter’s pussy through her shorts. “See what I mean?”

Erin only nodded with her eyes closed. Her mother continued to stroke her while Erin matched her stroke for stroke.

“Do we think the kitchen is the best place to do this, or can we move to mom’s room?” Cory asked, grabbing his own erection through his shorts.

Without a word, Erin pulled her hand back and took her mother’s while she also sucked her mother’s juices off her fingers. Leading her upstairs, Erin let go at the door to her own room, telling them to keep going. She rounded the corner of her mother’s room a moment later, completely naked and holding her new purple toy. She walked in on her brother and mother making out, Cory’s hand under the hem of her nightgown and her mother’s hand stroking him through his shorts.

“I’ve missed us,” said Erin, interrupting the kiss, tossing her toy on the bed before joining in the kiss, first kissing her mother and then her brother.

“I have, too,” replied her mother while she watched her children make out. She had one hand on her son’s cock and one hand on her daughter’s pussy, feeling two different expressions of physical arousal on her fingers: the firm heat of her son’s erection and the softer moist warmth of her daughter’s vagina. It thrilled her to no end to be a part of this love triangle.

The trio was a slow flurry of hands on bodies while tongue matched tongue. As Cory and Erin kissed, their mother settled onto her knees, her hands still at work on the arousal of her son and daughter. From this low, it was easier to press her middle finger up into her daughter’s pussy while her thumb circled her clit. Erin gasped and sighed into her brother’s mouth at her mother’s touch.

Michelle had always been able to multi-task, which had made her so good at her job, full of interruptions. She had no problem continuing a persuasive conversation on the phone as her assistant slid a contract in front of her to sign, scrawling her name and making quick notes for editing, or looking at a spreadsheet as she made her case into the mouthpiece. At this very moment, however, she had one hand working rhythmically on her daughter while she wrapped her other hand around the base of her son’s cock and pressed her lips all the way forward until they met the edge of her hand.

Cory dropped his head in pleasure, catching his mother’s gaze as she smiled around his girth. He smiled back and brought his hand from Erin’s smooth, perfect ass, to stroke his mother’s brown curls. Her eyes closed in pleasure and he felt, more than heard, her quiet moan. This caused Cory to moan in response. “God, mom, that’s fantastic.”

“Give me another finger, mom,” Erin whined, looking down to her mother. Without stopping anything she was doing, Michelle simply unfolded her ring finger and pressed it in alongside the middle finger being buried and withdrawn from the young, pink flower, nectar flowing down over her wrist by this point. “MMmmm,” Erin moaned, her hand clasping over her right breast, the familiar feeling of her nipple pressing into her palm.

Confident that Cory’s hot dick was wet enough for her hand to glide freely, his mother stroked him rhythmically while she replaced her other thumb with her tongue. Erin jumped and squealed at the sudden change, but appreciated the touch of the older woman’s tongue on her bean while her two fingers continued to probe steadily at her depths.

Cory watched, enthralled, as his mother ate his sister while her hand stroked and twisted over his shaft and head. He groaned at the vision of eroticism, feeling a burning tension in his groin. He reluctantly peeled his mother’s hand away as he stepped back and took a seat on the bed. His mother initially appeared dejected, but when he smiled and sat on the bed, he indicated that she should focus on Erin. She smiled back and turned to set to work on her young female lover.

He watched as his mother’s face turned away from him, immediately causing his sister to jump with a gasp, pressing her hand on the top of her mother’s head. Erin’s eyes were closed, her head thrown back and his mom’s head was working in small circles. He noticed his sister’s taut form respond. Her nipples poked out from her wrinkled areola, her abs spasmed with no rhythm and even her thighs tensed up.

It wasn’t just the younger woman he paid attention to, however. His mother was a sight to behold. She had her back to him, still wearing her satin nightgown, stockings and heels. She swayed gently as she worked her daughter toward release, the satin gently tracing her form. The bottom flared with her hips, but as she knelt, it had ridden up, exposing most of beautiful ass. Cory was mesmerized. Her feet were turned in, toes almost touching, the scuffed soles of her high heels staring out at him from beneath the soft round orbs of his mother’s delicious ass. He could see her dark pink anus and her flowering pussy, but he also noticed her finger disappearing and reappearing as she masturbated while pleasuring her daughter.

Just then, Erin spoke, “Fu-” she gasped. “Just like that!” Her head was forward now, her brow furrowed, mouth slightly open. Her hand was insistently pressing her mother’s head forward and her hips were arched forward to her mom’s mouth. “I’m cumming, mom! Shit!” With that she let out a guttural wail as her mother moaned, her finger moving faster in her own pussy before releasing a muffled grunt into her daughter’s crotch while her own hips convulsed.

Cory had to have them, both of them. He stood and gently lifted his mother up under her arms, surprising her, but then bringing a giggle as he pushed her back onto the bed, causing her to flop back onto the blanket. Grabbing Erin by the arm, he pushed her to lie beside his mother. Erin wasn’t even settled before Cory pushed his mother’s legs back and buried his face in her now-dripping cunt.

Michelle screamed at the intrusion, her hands clamping onto Cory’s head. She felt him bury his tongue into her with his mouth covering most of her, his nose pressed up against her clit, stimulating her as he moved side to side while working his tongue into her. Cory felt the ridges and lobes and soft skin of his mother’s pussy on his tongue while her lips grazed his cheeks.

Not satisfied with simply eating her, which they both enjoyed, Cory brought his hand up, rolled her hips up even further and concentrated on licking and sucking her clit so he could have room to do what they both wanted.

“Oh, yeah!” she squealed when she felt his finger press against her backdoor. “Put it in me! Finger fuck my ass!” Cory didn’t even change pace on his oral affections as he pressed forward and kept pressing, bringing a long, drawn-out moan from his mom until his middle finger was completely buried. He didn’t pull his finger out, but instead slowly wiggled it around inside, looking for ways to stimulate her, and she obviously enjoyed what he was doing. “Dammit! Oh, God, that feels good!” she screamed.

Cory heard his sister moaning and looked over to catch her stroking her new toy rapidly in and out of herself. She was working on a pattern. Instead of working it straight in and out, she would curl it up slightly as she withdrew it, keeping it just inside before quickly pressing the base down and in again. “Cumming!” she squealed, pulling the toy out just as she ejected a fountain while her hips thrust uncontrollably, her legs taut and spread open.

Cory looked quickly at his mother, whose eyes were closed as she concentrated on her own pleasure. “Erin,” he said, “Let’s show mom your new toy.”

As soon as he said “mom”, Michelle’s eyes opened in recognition. Cory withdrew his finger from her ass and told her to turn over while Erin was settling in on her back, her head propped up on the pillows. Michelle’s face was between Erin’s knees while she was on her knees and elbows. She felt Cory’s tongue in her again and felt his finger pressing into her anus as he had been before.

“Go ahead,” breathed her mother, “Show me what you can do with that thing.” Erin smiled and pressed the curved tip to her clit, fighting to keep her eyes open as she watched her mother’s interest on her recent discovery. Again Erin focused on her own pleasure, working her curved g-spot vibe as she had done before. Her mother was watching intently, occasionally closing her eyes and/or moaning as she was receiving pleasure from Erin’s brother. She began to see her mother flinch from her own impending release and this pushed Erin over the edge, the stimulation from the vibrator forcing her climax out of her.

“Mom!” Erin cried. Michelle’s eyes snapped open just as she watched a stream of fluid burst forth over her shoulder and soaking her back, the warmth and sight of it setting her off. She came on her son’s tongue, her sphincter gripping Cory’s finger as her hips spasmed. Again Erin had started using the toy, this time at a fierce pace and she called out a second time. Michelle’s eyes were pinched closed in her own release, which served to protect her from a blast of hot liquid which hit her flush in the face, soaking her. Almost instinctively she opened her mouth to try and catch what she could, but the stream never hit her square. Instead she licked her lips, tasting the musky and somewhat sweet taste of her daughter’s release.

Erin stared in disbelief at her mother’s depravity. It was one thing not to see it coming, but it was another to chase the stream with her mouth while her son’s finger was buried in her ass, his tongue in her pussy. “Holy shit, mom!” She practically lunged at her mother!

Michelle was stunned and somewhat ashamed at what she had just done. What must her children think of her? Before she could sit up to clean her face, she felt the bed bounce hard and then a hard kiss on her lips, a tongue invading her mouth. Her son’s finger was quickly removed as she rolled to the side when her daughter pinned her to the bed. The tongue in her mouth quickly began taking long sweeps as it flattened against her cheeks. Her daughter moaned and in the background she heard her son mutter, “Holy fuck.” Michelle brought her own hand up to wipe the dripping, and now somewhat burning, fluid from her eyes before opening them to see her daughter with a huge smile on her face hovering above her.

“Oh, my God,” Erin laughed. “Mom, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Really?” Michelle was surprised, but felt a little better, letting a smile escape.

“Oh, yeah,” Erin nodded.

“Oh, HELL yeah!” Cory laughed.

“I didn’t mean to. It just happened,” their mom excused.

“I guess that makes you a natural sex goddess, then, mom. I’ve never seen anything like that.” Erin was still smiling, shaking her head.

Michelle sat up and picked up the toy, still soaked in her daughter’s release. “So, can I try this out?”

“Absolutely!” Erin said.

“Yay me!” Michelle giggled.

“Okay, so this is a g-spot vibe,” Erin explained. “You can play with it however you want, but it’s designed to be most effective only a short way in. If you can bear with the intensity, you might be able to squirt like I did. If you feel like you have to pee, you don’t, so let it go. Okay?”

“Okay,” she questioned, “but what I really do have to pee?”

“That doesn’t matter,” Cory interjected. “If you pee, you pee. So what? Just enjoy yourself.”

“If it will make you feel better, you can go pee first so you know it isn’t,” Erin offered.

“Okay. I think I’ll do that.” Michelle bounced up off the bed and made her way to the bathroom before emptying her bladder and making her way back to the bed. As she came back in she saw Cory with his cock buried in his sister’s mouth, her hand between her legs, working herself over. “Seriously?” she laughed. “I was gone for thirty seconds and you forget about me?” As she knelt on the be to take her place, she swatted Erin’s ass hard, a resounding SMACK echoing through the room. Erin grunted and came again right then, to everyone’s surprise.

“Oh, my God,” Erin said, pulling off of Cory’s swollen rod. “I was right on the edge, but that sent me over. That’s never happened before.”

“Note to self,” Cory laughed.

“Okay,” Michelle said, picking up the vibrator. “Back to work. Cory, let me have that,” she said, reaching out for his erection. Cory knee walked over to her and pressed his dick toward her mouth. She started sucking and licking on him while her hands busied themselves down below, one circling her clit, the other learning to use Erin’s toy. She would flinch and moan occasionally as she discovered the advantages of this toy over her others.

Erin sat at her mother’s feet, stroking herself and watching intently as the older beautiful brunette pleasured herself with the small purple vibrator, flinching in response to its effectiveness. Not content to just watch, Erin lifted her mother’s foot to remove her shoe and repeated the process with the other. Having her feet free, she kissed her mother’s toes through the stockings, bringing moans and shivers from her mom. Cory enjoyed watching her, too, she could tell. Keeping eye contact with her brother, she lifted her mother’s foot and licked along the sole, from the heel of her foot to the ball.

As Michelle began to experience the deep pleasure Erin’s little investment was bringing her, she felt the familiar urge to pee, but forced herself not to stop. She was not going to pee on the bed in front of her children, she told herself. She continued to work that vibrator into herself and pressed the curved tip against her sensitive g-spot. Her daughter had just removed her shoes and a new sensation over took her as a jolt shot from her foot directly to her pussy, kicking her arousal up a notch.

Erin now had her thumb pressed against her mother’s heel and was waiting for her to really approach the edge. Her mom’s leg was tensing against her, her abs were flinching, her eyes were pinched closed and she was moaning almost constantly now. As soon as she heard her mother’s groan catch in her throat, she scraped her thumbnail forcibly and quickly across the arch of her mother’s foot, seeming to force a spray from her mother, her own hand and thighs coated and the blanket darkened with her orgasm. Erin was out of range, but enjoyed watching her mother cum more than she thought she would. Dropping her mother’s foot, she watched as her brother backed away and her mom tried to catch her breath.

“Wow,” Michelle breathed. “That was amazing.” She was greeted by a kiss from first her son, then her daughter. She smiled at them both and stroked the cheek of the one kissing her. When Erin backed away, her mother grabbed Cory’s erection again and drew it to her mouth, pulling him forward. After one long lick along the underside, she pulled her knees up and said, “Erin, baby.”


“Would you toss momma’s salad?” She smiled nervously as she asked.

Erin felt her heart jump for a second, but then smiled and nodded. She had never done this before, but Megan had done it for her on several occasions and she loved the feelings. “It’s still just skin,” she had explained. “All I taste is the juice that ran down from your pussy.” Erin had already eaten her mom repeatedly, so she was willing to try. Her mother watched, cock in hand, as Erin lowered herself onto her stomach and pressed against the backs of the stockings. Her mother’s legs curled back even further toward her shoulders.

Erin loved the look of an aroused woman. Her mother’s dark pink labia were splayed open, coated in the sheen of her excitement. Above the clit was a trimmed patch of dark hair that ended abruptly at the edges. The stockings and hem of the night shirt seemed to frame the work of art that was the brunette’s center at the moment, the object of Erin’s present affection. Below the flared labia was a small circle of pink wrinkles, all pointing to center. As her mother waited with expectation, Erin could see it pulse once, being drawn into itself then released.

Michelle enjoyed that first touch of her daughter’s tongue on her clitoris. She flinched and moaned as a jolt of pleasure fired through her core. She was thankful for her daughter’s tutor(s) and had come to appreciate the pleasure of her children’s sexual freedom mixed with respect and compassion. Erin’s lips pulled first one lip and then the other into her mouth, lapping them with her tongue before releasing them to receive a gasp and moan. It was involuntary. Michelle couldn’t help it. Her daughter was an artist.

Cory watched the show as his mother idly stroked him. As much as he wanted more attention, he didn’t mind. He was enjoying the show. His mother’s grip would occasionally tighten in concert with a groan or yelp or gasp and the grip would again loosen with a sigh.

Her mother had not asked her to eat her pussy, but to lick her ass. As the ball of nerves in her stomach tightened up, she reminded herself, “It’s only skin. It’s only skin…” Never removing her tongue from her mother, the passionate blonde dipped into the pussy before her, sucked on the labia again and licked straight down the perineum, noting the change in texture, but also noting no change in taste. Relieved and excited at her mother’s response, she circled lightly around the rim of wrinkles and flicked lightly at the ridge where the anus and perineum met before randomly experimenting. Her hands squeezed at the thighs they held, expressing her own passion while also preventing the legs from slamming down onto her back.

Michelle had been trying not to grow impatient at the absence of Erin’s tongue on her ass. As much as she enjoyed her pussy eating, she wanted to feel that tongue further back. It didn’t take long for her daughter’s tongue to find its way down to the intended target and her mature lover moaned in appreciation. Oh, god, she couldn’t believe how much she liked having her ass licked. She tried to balance enjoying it with learning how to return the favor. What felt good, what did nothing? It was hard to tell because she was just a bundle of firing nerves in that area. The sensations Erin was giving by licking her were different than the sensations that came from having something pressed into her. The finger was strong and invasive, the tongue soft and delicate. But she loved them both. They both made her feel dirty, but also loved.

She loved the feeling of the tongue, but alone it wasn’t enough. Reaching over, she picked up the vibe again and had to let go of Cory’s dripping erection to turn it on. As soon as she felt it buzz to life, she grabbed her son again and this time pulled him into her mouth. She heard him groan as he pressed forward until he bumped into the inside of her cheek. She turned her head to provide a straighter shot into her mouth, but her lips bumped into her hand so he couldn’t go too far. She didn’t want to lose concentration by gagging or worse. The tip of the buzzing toy found its way to her clitoris, forcing a grunt and flinch due to the jarring pleasure she felt at its touch. Now she began the more rapid ascent to her orgasm. Her clit was pleasured by a vibrator, her ass by her daughter’s tongue, and her mouth was stimulated by her son’s hot erection filling her mouth. The only thing missing was… “OH!” she squealed.

Cory pinched his mother’s taut nipple through the satin nightgown. He couldn’t resist. He was almost overwhelmed with the feelings flowing through him. How had he lasted this long, he wondered. It must have been the slow play, the shift of focus to his mother and sister, almost third person. Now he was back in the thick of it. His mother was coating the head of his cock with her tongue while playing with herself as her daughter licked her ass. He wanted to be in that ass.

He backed away from his mother’s touch. “What’s wrong, baby?” she asked. She looked worried.

“Nothing, mom,” he smiled, stroking her cheek. “Just a little too much stimulation right now. I have somewhere else I want to be when I finish.” He glanced down at his sister when he said it.

Michelle was glad to hear that. It amped up her excitement as she anticipated losing her anal virginity to her son. “Me, too,” she giggled. Her brow quickly furrowed and her hand went to her own breast, squeezing it and pulling on her nipple as she worked the vibrator around and into herself. The tongue on her ass displayed more enthusiasm than had been there a few minutes ago.

Erin was enjoying herself immensely. One of her hands had snaked down to rub her clit as she lay on her own arm, pinning it beneath her. Her other hand was cupped under a cheek of the ass she was eating, and the leaking pussy continued to release flavor over the wrinkled star she explored. It was not enough to hear the buzz of her battery-powered friend, but now it would occasionally bump into her forehead as it was put to good use.

Michelle knew it was time to blow. The thought of being anally penetrated, the tongue at her backdoor, the vibrator on her clit, the pull at her nipple…it was all too much! She pressed the vibrator in against her g-spot and after a moment, a liquid fire burst out of her urethra before the tongue left her ass and the mouth clamped over her pussy. “Shit, she must be drowning,” she thought.

Erin, instead, was savoring the experience and the taste. As soon as her mother spasmed, Erin captured the stream and pussy in her mouth and began to swallow the loving spray as it escaped the imprisoning gland. She moaned into the vagina she was enjoying, trying to keep her mouth attached as the hips beneath her bucked up off the bed before dropping back to the now-soaked blanket.

Michelle was exhausted, but thrilled. She felt Cory move lower on the bed. “Wait!” she called. He stopped and looked at her.

Please don’t change your mind, he thought.

“Lube,” she wheezed, pointing limply at her nightstand.

Cory scrambled to the nightstand and opened it, pulling out a bottle of personal lubricant. She had thought of everything. He looked at it before being interrupted by her impatience.

“Hurry,” she said. “I want you in me.”

In a flash, he was between her legs. Erin had moved to the side and was holding her mother’s left leg up and over, keeping her spread for easy access. She reached down and stroked him a couple of times. Holding her hand out palm up, she didn’t have to wait for her brother to take the hint. He squirted some lube in her hand and she smeared it all over him, being careful to avoid the head any more than necessary. She held her hand out again and he poured some more into it. This time she smeared it around her mother’s anal area, being careful not to penetrate her, even though she knew she really should. She just wanted to see Cory’s cock forcing itself into her.

Cory tossed the bottle on the bed beside his sister and moved forward a little. Pressing her legs back and settling more onto his heels, he looked her in the eye and smiled. She had a look of pure lust on her face. Her eyes burned with fire. She wanted this, he knew. It wasn’t for him; it was for her. Her head was up so she could see the best she could. He rolled her hips up a little more as she pulled on her calves. Erin seemed enraptured, too.

Erin noticed the head of Cory’s cock distort as he tried to press forward against the resistant seal. It flattened out and moved to the side. His cock slid down toward her back briefly before he corrected it and tightened his grip at the base, causing it to swell in his fist. The veins were distended, the head swelled and she watched it begin to press against it again. This time she heard her mother gasp as the head suddenly disappeared.

“Ow! Wait,” Michelle breathed. Her hand flew to Cory’s stomach to push against him. She felt her daughter’s hand come down to caress her clit and for pleasure to return as she got used to the burning stretch of the intruder’s entrance.

He was in. He couldn’t believe it! He was in his mother’s ass. It was a tight fit, just at the head, the ring of muscles like a collar that’s just a little too small. His sister had started playing with his mother’s pussy again and she had ordered him to stop and wait. This was going to feel like a long wait, he figured. He just hoped she didn’t change her mind.

Michelle was starting to feel better and still wanted this. She continued to be aroused even more with her daughter’s hand stroking her. She looked at Cory, bit her bottom lip in preparation and nodded, her eyes fixed on his. He raised his eyebrows in uncertainty and she nodded again, mouthing “slowly.” He nodded his response. Slowly he pressed forward, opening her up even more, gradually filling her. She didn’t ask him to stop. She wanted to feel his balls on her ass, to know he was buried. It burned. It burned like hell, but she wanted this and hoped, no, knew it would feel better soon. He had disconnected his eyes from hers, choosing instead to watch their union form. She could only imagine what he was seeing. And she loved the image. What it must look like to see her son’s perfect cock pressed fully inside her, stretching her anal ring while her pussy was flared open, dripping in arousal. She felt a tingle at the image and shuddered.

Erin could not believe she was a part of this. She could actually see her butt grip his erection, pulling on her pussy as it stretched her open. Erin’s fingers continued to stimulate her mother, but her own pussy was in desperate need of attention. And maybe her ass? She had been thinking about it more since her talk with mom last night while Cory slept. Her mind had been made up: if tonight was the night her mother lost her ass cherry, it would be her night, too. She had used one of her other toys, not her new vibe, to experiment last night. Rubbing the head around her hole and then working it in, had brought some pleasure, a little pain at first, but with a toy it felt impersonal somehow. Would it be different with a real penis?

Cory groaned when he felt his balls resting against the soft skin of his mother’s ass. He couldn’t believe he was all the way in. It was tight at the entrance, but opened up inside, not like her pussy. He was rock hard, though, and it felt amazing. He had to be closer to his mother. He leaned down to kiss her, causing the angle of his cock to change and his head brushed against her inside. She gasped at his movement. He did, too.

He kissed her gently on the lips, bringing her tongue out to lick his lips. He returned her advance and the kiss quickly heated up. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she rolled her hips, bringing another moan from both of them. “Oh, fuck,” she muttered into his mouth. “God, Cory, this feels so good,” she whined. “Go ahead,” she said, pulling back a little and looking in his eyes with pure lust. Through gritted teeth she demanded, “Fuck my ass.”

Cory propped up on his hands again and withdrew slowly, drawing a moan from Erin, who was now stroking both her mother’s pussy and her mother’s calf, the shin pulled tight against Erin’s body. It felt like she was sucking him back in, but he had to fight to withdraw. It. Was. Incredible. He pulled out smoothly until just the head was still captured and then pressed forward again. Once he was buried he repeated it and as she adjusted to it he began smoothly working himself in and out.

She couldn’t believe how good it felt. The searing pain had begun giving way to less discomfort and more pleasure. The tight grip of her sphincter seemed to beg him not to leave, and her brain felt the same way, but when he would return the muscles seemed to want him out. It was sweet conflict and she loved it. She began to feel flush all over, sweat forming on her face, hell, on her whole body. She wanted this. Loved it. Knew she would crave it. The faster he would go, the better it would feel. And through it all was an underlying discomfort, not quite pain. That’s what made it even better. But she wanted more.

“Get up here, baby,” Michelle called to Erin. “Sit on my face so I can eat you.”

Erin scrambled up, but as she was about to straddle her mother, she said, “Wait. I want to watch.”

“Then turn around and watch,” her mother laughed, jarred by the thrusting cock in her ass.

Erin sat on her mother’s face, looking at her brother concentrating on the pummeling he was giving. She settled onto her mouth and leaned forward to kiss her brother, which he met with equal fervor. She shivered and whined at the first touch of her mother’s tongue. She felt her mom’s arm force its way under Erin’s leg while the other arm embraced her thigh. As Michelle lapped at the pussy above her, she pressed a moistened finger up into her ass. Erin squealed before relaxing against it, enjoying the feeling of her mother’s invading digit.

“Mom has her finger in my ass,” she whispered to Cory. Cory picked up the pace, causing Michelle to both groan in a loud continuous stream and to increase her attack on her daughter’s clit and anus. Erin breathed out, “God, Cory, I want what mom is getting.”

That was it. Cory drove himself forcibly into his mother and blasted shot after shot of scalding cum into her bowels. He growled fiercely, feeling his entire core being forced out through the end of his dick.

His mother screamed, muffled as it was by her daughter’s crotch. It felt like fire flooding her insides, but she wanted it. She wanted more, whatever he had to offer. Her own climax shook her entire being, causing her to clamp around her son’s root and to drive her finger all the way into her daughter.

The knowledge that her brother was cumming in her mother’s ass, and the feeling of her mother’s tongue and finger working her over, and the imagination of her brother’s dick stuffed in her own ass, and the sound and feeling of her mother’s scream, drew Erin’s orgasm out of her. Her voice caught in her throat and she convulsed on her mother’s face, collapsing on top of her, her face mere inches from the connection that started her own imagination stirring.

After a moment, the two ladies lay resting, each facing the other’s cunt. Erin watched, and her mother felt, as Cory slowly rested on his heels again, his softening member pulling slowly from the tight ring of muscle that currently embraced it. She saw him slip free and a stream of his cum dribbled out, flowing from the stretched opening to gather in a pool on the blanket. The pussy above it was still red and wet and inviting. But she had nothing left to give. Not now anyway.

None of them did. Michelle pushed her daughter off of her. “Move, sweetie,” she said. “You’re hot.”

“Thanks,” giggled Erin, drawing a quick swat on her rear end from her mother, who laughed with her.

Cory had just lay down on his back at his mother’s feet, breathing heavily like the others. “Oh my God,” he breathed. “That was fucking incredible.”

“It sure was,” echoed Michelle. “I never knew anal would be like that.”

“So, Erin,” Cory asked, turning to face his sister. “Did you mean what you said?”

“Yeah,” she said, hardly believing he doubted her. “I did. I thought I wanted it before, after mom and I talked. Now that I’ve seen it live and saw mom respond, I know for a fact that I want it!”

“I should probably take a shower then. Cross-contamination and all that.”

“Erin,” Michelle said, “Go get a soapy cloth to clean him up. I don’t think my legs are working right now.” She laughed a little as she said it.

“Okay.” Erin bounced to the bathroom and turned on the faucet, waiting for the water to heat up as she found a washcloth in the closet.

“Cory,” Michelle called.

“Yeah?” He opened his heavy eyes and looked at her.

“Thank you for making my fantasy a reality.” She crawled over and lay down next to him.

“No. Thank you. That was a blast. Are we going to do it some more?” he asked expectantly.

“I hope so,” she laughed. She put her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around her. “But that’s not what I mean.” She sighed and propped up to look in his eyes, her hand on his chest, idly playing with his chest hair. “Every little girl wants to grow up to marry Prince Charming. When reality hits we know he isn’t real, but there are still things we want. We want a man who loves us, charms us, takes care of us, treats us with dignity, and…well…fucks us silly.” She laughed a little, drawing a smile from him. “You are the man who does those things for me. You’re my fantasy. And you have become a reality for me. So thank you.” She kissed him lightly on the lips.

Cory didn’t know what to say. So he didn’t. He stroked her hair and gave her another kiss. Satisfied, she lay her head back on his chest and rested.

Erin returned with a hot soapy washcloth and cleaned her brother’s cock and balls and groin, gently caressing him, but being very thorough so as not to leave anything on him. She had handed her mother a warm wet cloth to clean herself up and then rinsed all three (she had cleaned herself in the bathroom) before returning to lie down with her family.

After a few minutes, Cory’s stomach growled. All three burst into laughter. “Shut up,” he laughed. “I can’t help it. I’m hungry.”

“I could eat a little something,” Erin agreed.

“Yeah, me, too.”

All three got up and walked to the kitchen, the mother still in her gown and stockings, but brother and sister still completely stripped. Erin pulled out the cheesecake and pulled the lid off the tin, dropping forks on the counter. When their mother turned around from the cabinet with three pie plates, she acted indignant.

“Hey! Where did you learn to do that?”

Erin just shrugged as she pulled the fork from her lips, leaving streaks of cheesecake on the tines.

“Come on, mom. Dig in,” Cory laughed.

“Well, okay, but that’s not very dignified,” she smiled.

“Says the woman who was just begging for a dick in her ass,” mumbled Erin. Cory’s eyes got wide as he looked at her before whipping his head to look at his mother, his fork still wedge between his lips.

“Erin!” cried Michelle. But she couldn’t hold her smile or her laugh. She flung a piece of cheesecake from her fork, hitting Erin squarely on her naked shoulder.

“You bitch!” she cried, laughing. Cory watched as the two women in his life wrestled cheesecake-filled forks from each other, an exchange of squeals, screams, laughing, and name-calling bouncing around the kitchen. He laughed with them, ducking to avoid flying cheesecake and errant silverware. Within a couple of minutes, both women were breathing hard and laughing, wiping cheesecake and graham cracker crumbs off their naked skin, and in his mom’s case, her nightgown.

“Look what you did,” she whined, still smiling.

“That’s what you get for wearing anything at all,” her daughter retorted.

“Well, you didn’t seem to mind it when you were stroking me after dinner.”

“I didn’t say I don’t like it. I just like you better with nothing.”

“So do I,” agreed Cory, licking some more cheesecake off his fork.

“So do I,” replied their mother. She reached her fork into the remaining cheesecake and took another bite.

“Well?” asked Cory.

“Well, what?” his mother replied, a twinkle in her eye.

“Cory dropped his fork on the counter in exasperation. “What are you still doing dressed?” he asked.

“Oh! You want me to take this off?” Michelle smiled, standing straight up. She couldn’t help but laugh after a moment, bringing more laughter from Cory and Erin.

Cory took a step around the counter and said, “Fine. I’ll just have to do it myself.”

His mother squealed and took off running, calling out, “You’ll have to catch me first!” Cory ran after her, his sister hot on his heels. He couldn’t believe how fast and agile his mom was, taking the stairs two at a time. She ducked into her room and just as Cory and Erin arrived, her door slammed into the frame, blocking them out. Cory wiggled the knob, noting it was locked.

“Knock, knock,” he sang, his face nose buried in the door jamb.

“Somebody in here,” she laughed back.

Erin stuck her hand under the door, palm up, wiggling her fingers and calling out, “We know you’re in there! You can’t hide forev-OW!” She began to whine before laughing, “Mom stepped on my fingers!” She was laughing as she tried to pull her hand out, but her fingers were trapped painlessly beneath the stocking-clad bare foot of her mother, who was cackling through the door.

“Take that!” she called through the hollow door.

“You’re going down now!” called Erin, trying unsuccessfully to withdraw her hand.

“Erin,” Cory said. “I forgot about my paper clip. I can pop this lock.”

“Go get it,” she said, still pulling away.

Cory lunged across the hall to his room, grabbed the paper clip off the top of his door frame and pushed it into the hole in the knob. It clicked, but his mother squealed and pushed the lock back in. Erin was able to pull her hand free, her mother obviously pre-occupied with keeping the door locked. Cory and his mom laughed as they each tried to control the lock for a few more seconds. Finally, he popped the lock and she didn’t press it back in. He turned the knob and pushed the door open, careful not to hit his mom, who may still be right on the other side.

When the door opened he and Erin saw her on standing in the middle of the bed, breathing heavily, just as they were. In her right hand she held Erin’s new toy, wielding it like a knife.

“I’m warning you,” she giggled, trying to sound intimidating, but failing terribly. “I’ve got a vibrator and I’m not afraid to use it.”

Erin shook her head and grabbed her brother’s penis. “Ain’t that just like a woman?” she asked in a gritty southern accent with a scowl. “Bringing a vibrator to a cock fight.” Almost immediately all three dropped into fits of laughter, Erin and Cory slumped over, out of breath, but laughing heartily. Their mother fell over on the bed, dropping the vibrator. She was shaking, but no sound came out except the occasional wheezing inhale. Her kids made their way over to the bed and sat down, laughing and she sat up, her face red and a big smile on her lips. She wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to settle herself down.

“Oh, wow,” she said. “That’s the most I’ve laughed in a long time.”

“That’s great and everything,” Erin said, turning serious, “But you’re still wearing that nightgown.” She couldn’t help but let a wicked smile escape.

“Get her!” Cory yelled, pouncing on his mother as Erin joined him in piling on top of her.

Their mother laughed and squirmed, trying to break free, but her son was too strong as he held her thighs while his sister pulled at the hem of her gown to try and get it off over her head. Michelle was trying to decide if she should hold the gown, cross her arms or try to fight back.

“Turn her over!” Erin commanded and Cory worked with his sister to fight their mom over onto her stomach, her gown up around her upper back. All three were laughing, Cory’s arms wrapped around her lower thighs and knees, Erin pulling at one arm while trying also to pull up on the gown, to get it over that same arm. She was surprised at her mother’s strength. Just then, she remembered the smack her mom had given her on the ass earlier in the evening and seeing her mother’s bare skin exposed, she quickly pulled back and brought her hand down flat against one of her globes.


“SHIT!” screamed Michelle, “THAT HURT!” She was trying not to laugh, but the sting was sharp. She felt it begin to burn and throb. She stopped fighting as she dealt with the pain.

“Oh, my god, Erin! You left a hand print!” Cory belted out. “What the hell? We’re just playing.” He loosened his grip on his mother and sat back, stroking the hand print. He looked pissed. Erin had seen this before when she would take their jokes a step too far. “Mom, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” She sat up on her hip and craned her neck to try and see the pink hand that was on prominent display against the white skin. She ran her hand over it. “It feels hot.” She looked at Erin. “That really hurt, honey.”

“Payback’s a bitch,” she smiled.

“I’m not playing around, Erin. That really hurt,” Michelle fumed.

“Jeez! Sorry!” Erin crossed her arms. “I was just playing around. I didn’t mean to hurt you. God.”

Michelle’s heart broke. “Come here,” she said, extending her arms out. Erin crawled the five feet and sat next to her mom, wrapping her arms around her waist as her mother’s embrace covered her shoulders. Michelle rested her cheek on the top of Erin’s head. “It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to. I was just surprised, is all. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“It’s okay. I deserved it.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, too, Erin,” Cory echoed. His sister just nodded in acceptance.

They sat there quietly for less than a minute, but it felt longer. “You know, Cory,” his mother said quietly, stroking her daughter’s hair. “I just learned something from your sister.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

“Once the initial shock wore off, that was kind of nice.” She smiled at him. Erin sat up.

“Really, mom?” Erin had that glint in her eye again. “Because that’s what I was hoping for. I liked it when you popped me and I was hoping you would like it, too. I really didn’t mean to hit you that hard.”

“Well, maybe we should learn together how much is too much.” She winked at the blonde at her hip. Placing her hand on her daughter’s thigh, she asked, “What do you think?”

Erin nodded with a smile. “Sounds like fun.”

Her mom patted her on the thigh as she stood. “Okay, turn around.” She pulled the nightgown over her head as her daughter got on her hands and knees on the bed, her feet hanging over the edge. Michelle took a similar position next to her and winked at her. After a few seconds, she looked over her shoulder at Cory. “Well?” She wiggled her hips a little at him. “How about a hand?”

Cory was on his feet in a flash. “Uh…what do I…uh?”

“Start with something strong, but playful.” He loved when a woman looked over her shoulder at him like that. It was about the sexiest thing. “Do me first, then give Erin the same thing.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“And Cory?”


“Aim a little low, where the butt meets the thigh. It’s more sensitive there.”

“All right.” Cory took a deep breath. He pulled his arm back and slapped his mother’s ass right where she had asked. It was pretty light but he was being cautious.

“Okay, you can start any time now,” she teased. Erin laughed.

Cory drew back and smacked a little harder. “Better,” she breathed.

He repeated the shot on the smaller ass, getting an “OH!” in response, followed by a giggle.

“Harder now,” he heard is mother say.

“Yes, harder,” Erin said, nodding quickly.

Back and forth Cory slapped first his mother’s ass, then his sister’s, each time bringing a harder shot. Their cries increased to groans and then yelps while their breathing quickened and their cheeks reddened. He would notice as his erection grew, that each of them would either stick their hips back to meet his hand or they would arch their backs in spasms.

On one particularly solid smack, Erin yelped and dropped her head to the mattress. Her hips flinched. Either she had had an orgasm or she was about to. Her mother, on the other hand had not, although she was clearly enjoying herself. Seeing her daughter respond the way she was, she rose up onto her knees and turned to face Erin’s hips.

“Keep going, Cory. Let’s focus on Erin now.” She stroked Erin’s back, running her hands from her neck to her haunches. Giving Erin a solid slap on her already pink cheek, she noted Erin’s moaning response and the twist of her hips. She could see and smell her daughter’s arousal.

Cory pulled his hand back and let loose with another solid shot on her left cheek, then before she could recover, one on her right cheek. She was practically whimpering now. Her hips never stopped moving; they were flinching or rolling or pressing back, but never still.

Erin couldn’t believe the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling. Her mom was running her hands lightly over her skin, keeping her nerves firing, and her brother would meet her with open-handed slaps, forcing her body to respond to the stark contrast of her mother’s gentle touches. She could feel her orgasm teetering on the edge, waiting for another strong sensation, but not knowing when or what kind of stimulation it would take. That only added to her excitement. Another stinging hand, but this time it was the combination of a new sensation with it.

Michelle couldn’t resist. She quickly wrapped her arm underneath her daughter’s waist and ran her fingers over her daughter’s clit as her son let his hand fly one more time. Her daughter groaned in response, although to whose touch, she could not say. Michelle’s fingers circled the wet labia and clitoris, smoothly and firmly. Her own arousal increased as she touched her daughter. It was almost like she was touching herself.

The hand on her pussy and the hand on her butt brought Erin right to the edge. Her hips were jumping on their own. Her head was swimming, a numbing tingle raced through her core from her cunt to her brain and back again, a neural superhighway. Her mother’s hand continued to stroke her, one finger beginning to dip into her as she stroked back and forth now, pulling lubrication from her to make the orbit around her clitoris more enjoyable. It was at this point that she felt her mother shift and felt the breasts pressed against her side.

Cory was has hard as a rock now, enthralled at what he was seeing. His mother winked at him with a crooked smile and maintained eye contact with him as she bent over his sister’s back, licked her lips and then extended her tongue while she lowered her head to Erin’s backside.

The spanking had stopped and Erin was just about to ask why when she felt it. Her orgasm ripped through her when her mother’s tongue touched her anus. She let out a wail and it was only her mom’s grip on her waist that kept her from lunging forward onto her stomach. She felt the surge rip through her and her thighs and calves splashed with warmth at her release. The fingers that had been stroking her were now firmly rooted inside her pussy as she clamped around them. Her mother’s palm was pressed against her mound, stimulating her clit as her fingers thrust steadily in and out of her pussy.

Michelle felt her daughter’s contractions on her fingers while feeling the flood of her juices on her palm, running down her wrist. She saw the spray of Erin’s orgasm before she decided to dig her fingers into her so she could ride out the pleasure. Her tongue never stopped working as the lithe blonde bucked against her, trying to fight her way out Michelle’s grasp, but that just wasn’t going to happen, she told herself. As Erin settled down, Michelle backed away and brought her hand up to graze across her daughter’s backdoor, drawing a moan from her lips.

“Erin,” she whispered in her ear, “Do you want to feel your brother’s cock in your pussy?”

Erin didn’t say anything, but nodded frantically. She did. She did want to feel it.

“Cory,” his mother said, never looking at him, but tracing his sister’s body with her eyes. “Why don’t you fuck your sister? She would like that.”

“So would I,” he said, taking a step forward. Michelle took hold of him, sucked him into her mouth and bobbed on his shaft a few times before lining him up against her. He pressed forward and buried himself, his gruff moan blending with the more feminine whine of his sister, bringing a smile to their mother’s face.

Erin was still getting stroked on her clit while being plowed by a cock, when she felt the return of her mother’s tongue on her asshole. She was again on fire. It was all too much for her and she again felt her orgasm quickly rising, begging for release.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “I’m cumming!” She groaned as she splashed against her brother’s cock and balls and thighs. She heard her mother’s encouragement, but could not make out what she was saying. As she came down, her brother continued to move in her, but her mom had stopped and was back at her ear.

“I’m going to get your ass ready for that cock.”

Erin shuddered.

“You want it, don’t you?” Michelle asked.


“Tell me.”

“I want his cock in my ass.” She was out of breath, trying to say the words.

“Tell your brother what you want. Look him in the eye and tell him.”

Erin forced herself back up onto her hands and turned to look over her shoulder, fire burning from her stare into her brother’s deep brown eyes. “Cory, I want you to bury that cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me with it like you fucked mom. Please.”

How could Cory say no to that. He almost came at the request. “I want that, too, Erin. I want to be as far in your ass as I can get.”

Their mother was oddly proud and unsurprisingly aroused. She reached for the lube on the night stand and poured some on Erin’s wrinkles before dropping the tube on the bed next to her and working a finger in. As Erin moaned her mother could feel the tight ring gripping her finger. “Keep fucking her, Cor,” she invited. Cory began to move again, slowly, keeping himself mostly buried to avoid too much stimulation on the head of his dick.


Author’s note

Part Nine concludes the portion of the series set in Spring. It is not necessary for you to have read the first six parts of the story, but this may be hard to follow if you haven’t read Parts Seven and Eight. Part Ten will take us to Winter, and pull all the previous threads together.

This is primarily an incest story, but it is also sci-fi/fantasy, and supernatural elements are not incidental to the plot. Additionally, many chapters will feature elements of other categories, particularly group sex.

All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.

As ever, if you have questions feel free to email me or leave a comment. I’ll try to respond promptly.


The first surprise of the day was that his sister was pregnant. But when Cahill thought about why his mother had asked him to put another child in her just a few nights ago, it only made sense that once Brittany had decided she was ready to open up to Finnegan again, she’d also want to take her mind off death by creating life.

He hadn’t been entirely sure at first. It usually took a few days after conception before the presence was unmistakeable. Aeife hadn’t noticed that Caronwyn was with child again until last night, for example. But there were only so many reasons for a Libido to look that deflated. Of course, it was possible that their cousin had truly rocked her world, and done so all night long. If she’d spent all her energy performing some epic glamour, that too would have accounted for it. But the smile on his sister’s face, and the way she kept touching her stomach as if expecting to feel something other than nicely toned abs, left little doubt in Cahill’s mind that he’d soon welcome another niece or nephew into the world.

The second surprise, arriving late in the afternoon, came when his mother and grandmother returned from what had been announced as a trip to the kitchen with their Libidos completely deflated. It was hard to imagine that meaning what it did with Brittany, not least because Caronwyn already had one in the oven. But when he saw who trailed behind them, he immediately understood where all their energy had gone.

And that was the third surprise. The big one.

Fiona was alive.

She hadn’t quite passed through the door before Seamus swept her up in his arms. One moment, he’d been pretending to be a fearsome dragon that brave Ser Aengus had to slay, and the next he’d wedged himself in between his sister and his grandmother, arms wrapped so tightly around the former that her eyes looked like they just might pop out.

He wanted desperately to go to her. But he figured Seamus deserved some time to welcome her back without Cahill hovering over his shoulder. After all, if the tables were turned, his brother would extend him the same courtesy.

And Cori,now happily wearing her true face again, was next in line at any rate. The daughter Fi had given him didn’t bowl anyone over on her way to her mother, the way other girls her age might have, but that was only because she was too used to hoping no one ever noticed her existence. As she stood there, bouncing on her heels, waiting for Seamus to take his lips off Fiona and let her breathe again, the girl looked she just might explode.

“Is that who I think it is?” Wynne asked, abandoning the game of poker she’d been pretending to care about. She got up from her seat at the marble table and pressed a hand gently to Cahill’s back. “How is that possible?”

Uaid had yet to lay his hand down. After a few incredibly bad beats early on, when Cahill had probably gotten a little too actively involved in helping his daughter put up some competition, the boy was slowly starting to whittle away at his sister’s lead. Now it appeared he’d never get the chance to finish doing so.

But it wasn’t that he was wrapped up in the game, Cahill realized. The reason his son still clutched his cards like that was because he’d lost control of his motor functions. That same expression, eyes wide and mouth agape, had been on his face for nearly a minute.

“Dad?” Wynne asked, reminding him that she’d asked a question.

“Magic,” he said.

He couldn’t take his eyes of his older sister. For someone who’d been no more than a pile of ashes that morning, she looked damn good. Waves of green shimmered through her brown hair as the sunlight shone upon it, and she wore that green dress she loved so much. The one that barely covered her lovely bottom.

“I figured that,” his daughter said.

“I didn’t think it was,” Cahill elaborated. “I guess that just goes to show that you should never underestimate your mother.”

“That’s a stupid phrase,” Uaid remarked, pulling out of his trance. The little storyteller fancied himself a wordsmith as well, and correcting people for saying things that were perfectly clear but not perfectly grammatical was a hobby of his. “You should never underestimate anyone. It’s a mistake more or less by definition.”

Cahill laughed. “Okay. You’d be hard pressed to ever overestimate her abilities. That pass muster?” he asked. It was tempting to ask if the new phrasing passed “mustard” instead, just to see Uaid go apoplectic, but he restrained himself.

His son gave a nod of approval.

Cahill’s mind had already drifted back to Wynne’s question anyway. More specifically, his inability to answer said question satisfactorily, even setting aside semantic issues.

In a sense, it wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before. But when his brother had risen from the dead before his very eyes, his corpse had been fresh. And nowhere near as damaged. He’d suffered a terrible blow, yes. The sort even Aeife might not survive, though she apparently found having a lower half of one’s body to be a mere luxury. But there’d been plenty left for Titania to work with. Fiona’s body, on the other hand, had been…well, it hadn’t been.

His mother hadn’t repaired the irreparable. She’d created a new Fiona, out of nothing.

He wondered if that meant she’d be different. No recorded music ever sounded exactly like the original, after all. No matter how good the equipment involved. No matter whether you were talking vinyl or the inferior compact disc. Something was always lost in the process.

Perhaps the child of his growing that had been growing inside her womb?

Their mother hadn’t known Fiona was pregnant. At least, he didn’t think she had. Granted, he hadn’t thought Brittany had either, but by her own account that was because the two of them had been especially close. Supposing his mother had known, though, would it even be possible to recreate a life so young? So unformed? One that hadn’t yet left an indelible imprint in her mind by way of a lifetime’s worth of memories?

“You think she’ll be able to bring Uncle Gallech back too?” Wynne asked.

That was a good question. He hadn’t even considered that.

“I don’t see why not,” he said. Oona too.

What did Titania have that they didn’t have? What reason was there to fear the Queen of Faerie in the least? To play by her rules? To take part in her stupid Hunt?

His mother had essentially granted them their independence.

Well, that might be going too far. Even if they could bring their loved ones back effortlessly, and he didn’t know whether it had been easy or done only at some terrible price, that didn’t mean Titania couldn’t make them suffer. Quite horribly. They couldn’t afford to adopt a cavalier attitude towards the queens punishments and reprisals.

But things had changed. They’d not play the same old tune anymore.

“That’s big, right?” his daughter asked, almost as if she’d read his mind. “That is, this means more than making the clan whole again, right?”

“Yeah,” Cahill agreed.

“Wow,” Uaid said, putting that prodigious vocabulary of his to good use.

“Yeah,” Cahill said to that too. Because sometimes ten cent words just weren’t necessary.

He tried to work out the implications of what his mother and grandmother had done while he waited for his turn to welcome his sister back to life. And failed. It was too much to think about, and all he really wanted to do was shower Fi with kisses.

Lots and lots of them. Maybe even in appropriate places.

“Mister horned god,” she said when he finally approached her, smiling the sort of smile that stopped hearts cold. She stretched her arms out, inviting a hug, and he felt his sister’s Libido pull at him in ways that made life worth living.

He gave her what she’d asked for. Not the kind of hug that cracked ribs, as her other brother had, but one that made sure she knew how much she’d been missed.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Could almost think I was gone for a long time.”

Cahill laughed. “None of us thought we’d ever see you again.”

She gave him a smile that let him know she was perfectly aware of that. That he’d taken her words a bit too literally. Realizing his mistake, he blushed.

In his defense, holding her in his arms again made it hard to think clearly.

On some level, he was aware that Caronwyn and Aeife were still standing right there, smiling as they bore witness to the heartfelt reunions they’d made possible. That Seamus had gone to tell Kegan and Aileen that their mother was alive. That the little welcome back party hadn’t yet made it off the patio and onto the grass. But those things were almost as far back in his head as his knowledge of the music scales or myths and fairy tales.

Damn, she smelled good. Felt good, pressed up against him like that.

“Whoa there,” his sister said. “Time enough for that later.”

“Sorry,” he said, easing his grip.

Despite her words, though, Fiona was smiling. She even reached down and gave the tip of his mostly hard cock a playful tap. “It’s alright. I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“Not too much of one,” Aeife said. “Takes precious little to get him going.”

“Stop,” Caronwyn said, shoving an elbow at her mother’s ribs, though not too forcefully.

Cahill would have liked to think that was for his benefit, but the look on her face made it clear that it wasn’t. It was Fiona she was looking out for, if the playful gesture could even be called that. Which he supposed was okay anyway.

It wasn’t like his grandmother was wrong either.

Pretending they hadn’t even be interrupted, he leaned down and kissed his sister’s forehead. Then her beautiful, indecisive hair. One more for good measure.

Her hands roamed over his chest, sending gentle waves of pleasure through him. For a moment, he almost thought she might change her mind about waiting until later. But then Seamus returned with their two kids and Cahill stepped away from her suddenly. Guiltily. As though they’d been kissing and touching in much bolder ways.

“Come here, you,” his mother said, pulling him away.

“How did you do it?” he asked, peeling his eyes away from Fiona for the first time since she’d appeared. Though not for long. Just enough to make brief eye contact with his mother. “And, more importantly, can you do it again?”

“That’s what guys always say after the first time, isn’t it?” Aeife remarked.

Caronwyn gave her a flat look. The sort mothers gave their children, rather than the other way around. That still made Cahill’s head spin, every now and then.

“I think so, yes,” she eventually said to Cahill. “Not right away. We’re going to need some time to build our strength back up. But after that, we’re certainly going to try.”

He stared at her, shaking his head in mild disbelief.

“Mmm. There it is,” she said. “Go ahead. Say it.”

“You’re a goddess.”

She went up on tiptoes and kissed him on the lips.

“Get. A. Room,” Aeife said. “And give me a key,” she then added, grinning impishly.

“Grow up,” Caronwyn said, though she wasn’t doing a great job of hiding her own grin.

“But seriously,” the older woman began, using a serious tone that her high-pitched voice of was surprisingly capable of delivering. “We need to talk about what comes next.”

“Gallech first. Then Oona,” Caronwyn said.

Made sense to Cahill. First in, last out. But that wasn’t what his grandmother meant. He saw it on her face even before she shook her head. Felt it in her nearly empty Libido.

“Do we take Savannah back to the Dreaming once the clan’s whole again?”

Time slowed. He tried to process her words. To convince himself that she had indeed suggested putting themselves within reach of Titania’s rainbow claws. The very opposite of declaring their independence. He tried, but he didn’t do so well.

“Why would we do that?” his mother asked.

“Because it would piss her off,” Aeife said with a why else smile. “Royally. Pun intended.”

She was right about that.

Caronwyn was unmollified. “And that’s something we want to do?”

“Oh so very much,” came the reply.

“Yeah,” Cahill said. “It really is.” His voice sounded like it came from somewhere else. Someone else. Someone who was tired of reacting.

His mother looked at him with sad eyes.

“Should we put it to a vote?” Aeife asked.

“Should I explain the concept of matriarchy to you?”

Cahill put a hand on the small of his mother’s back. Her muscles were tight. He sent a bit of warmth traveling up her body. Nothing too powerful or manipulative. She’d know he did it, and it would only relax her if she was receptive to it. Which, it turned out, she was.

Aeife shrugged, as though she was no more invested in the outcome than she’d have been if they were discussing what to have for dinner. “You’re right, of course. It’s your decision.”

The clan matriarch then turned to her son. Her hollow Libido gave no insight into what she was feeling. A full eyebrow arched upward as she silently asked, “And you?”

He kissed her on the mouth. She replied with a sigh.

“What do you suppose will happen if we do?” Caronwyn asked her mother.

“Morale will go up, for starters,” Aeife replied casually. “I think we’re all tired of living in fear. Hiding from the shadows. Not knowing what awaits us in our sleep.”

“How will the queen react, though?” She flicked at the air with a finger, as if knocking down a king. “Concede? Try to force a draw? Pull a Maisie and knock the board over?”

Suddenly, Cahill remembered the reason Oberon was a former prince of Faerie. How Liadan had described the dissolution of the courts with precisely the same metaphor. “I think we all know the answer to that,” he said, frowning.

“Point being?” Aeife asked. “Last time she threw a temper tantrum, her son left her. How many fits can she throw and expect the rest of her clan to remain by her side?”

“But does she need them? She’s pretty dangerous all on her own,” Cahill said, no longer sure which position he was defending. If any.

Apparently just as confused, Caronwyn said, “A mother without her children is nothing.”

That led Cahill to an epiphany. “Leave that to me.”

His mother raised her brows at him, but didn’t press him when he held his tongue.


He found Liadan walking the Foothills of North Carolina. The woman who’d once been the Puck, the Lady of Mischief, Princess of Sapphire Court, looked every inch the nature enthusiast turned amateur photographer. She wore relatively loose-fitting jeans, a tank top, and hiking boots. A red bandana tied about her head held brown hair back from her lovely face. She held a digital camera in her hands, with which she was snapping pics of silverbells. It was through the lens that she saw him when he approached.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, without any trace of her distinctive accent. If anything, there was the slightest hint of a Southern drawl.

He could almost believe she’d spent her whole life within fifty miles of these hills. That everything he thought he knew about her was a lie. A misremembered dream. Except, of course, she’d have no idea who he was if that was the case.

“Forgot how charmin’ ye can be,” he said, imitating something she’d once said to him.

His aunt stood up straight and lowered her camera to her hip, apparently accepting that she wasn’t going to get to take that shot. “The woman you’re looking for no longer exists.”

“You’ve been pretty busy around sunup and sundown for someone who’s left it all behind,” he said, remembering the carnage he’d seen when last he’d set foot in the Dreaming.

Her nostrils flared. “What do you want?”

Cahill put a hand on her hip. Not tentatively either. That would only encourage her to slap it away. As if it was something he did all the time. He stepped closer, forcing her to crane her neck to look up at him. The warmth of her body and the glow of her Libido made his cock stir. It didn’t help that her bra squeezed her girls so tight or that her tank top put so much of that beautiful brown cleavage on display.

“Cahill,” she said. He wasn’t sure if was a protest or a plea.

Her voice sounded so strange. It had the same pitch, of course. Even deeper than Fiona’s, though hardly masculine. Without the hodgepodge of Irish, Scouse, and whatever else, though, she didn’t sound like herself.

Or the woman he’d once thought he once knew, anyway. Which he probably never had.

“I’m not here to make you answer for your mother’s crimes,” he said.

“Well that’s a relief.” Despite the sarcasm, he caught the tension fading from her body. The subtle retreat of her Libido walls as the energy within settled back down. “So, what? You just had to see me? After however long it’s been in Savannah?”

He took her camera from her and tossed it aside. It shattered into a millions pieces, which faded away like smoke before they could hit the grass below.

“That wasn’t very nice,” Liadan said.

Cahill answered this with a kiss. One that packed quite a wallop.

He didn’t bring her to climax. But he stopped just short. Her knees buckled and she’d have fallen if he didn’t take firmer hold of her wonderfully proportioned body. The sounds she made as she sort of kissed him back were exquisite. A Libido he didn’t remember being quite so powerful swelled, dipped, then swelled again. And again. It was like she was pausing to catch her breath, only in a metaphysical sense, and it was incredibly sexy.

“What are you…wow,” she said, as she reached up to adjust her bandana.

He snickered. “Was that a question?”

Beings as powerful as she was, whose shenanigans had more or less brought about the collapse of Faerie, ought not be capable of looking so guileless. He could almost think he held an inexperienced college co-ed in his arms, rather than the Nightmare Beast.

Cahill’s first inclination was chalk that up to his inestimable powers of seduction. A lifetime ago, many a young woman had swooned over him in that very manner. And in the years since, he’d only grown more irresistible. But the more powerful, more attractive, more well-endowed Cahill was also more mature. He regularly trucked with powerful glamours, yes, but he’d also seen the dead come back to life, and that hadn’t been his handiwork. He knew that there were far greater forces out there than him. And if his aunt wasn’t one of them, she’d at least brushed elbows with them often enough to know the difference.

It was not his looks, his kiss, or the thin streamer of energy he’d poured into her Libido that robbed her of the ability to fight gravity. Or not just those things.

His aunt had always behaved as though she thought him special. But, then, she’d done the same with Brittany. In the guise of her male pysch professor. Granted, he wasn’t aware of any significant contact between his sister and Liadan since the former had awakened, but still. He’d be a fool to take her apparent interest in him at face value. Or so he’d thought.

Ever since their last encounter, he’d entertained the notion that her elaborate deception hadn’t been so elaborate after all. But he’d had his doubts too. Enough of them that he hadn’t tried to convince anyone that she was trustworthy, the way he often vouched for Oberon. For all that he’d hoped that she harbored true feelings for him, he’d never quite been sure whether the faith he put in her and her acorn charm might be misplaced.

Now, he knew the truth, though. She had a weak spot. Him. Perhaps he should have felt bad about his intention to ruthlessly exploit that, but he didn’t. Not in the least.

“I’m still trying to-” she began.

The rest of the sentence was lost. Replaced by a scream of pure pleasure. An intense orgasm had erupted within her, brought on by nothing in particular.

While her lips were still flushed, pupils dilated, and eyelids fluttering, Cahill quickly undressed her. His own hands remained on her back and hip while a half dozen invisible ones pulled at the cobwebs her clothes had suddenly become.

He took a moment to behold her glory. And regretted disintegrating her camera.

The woman standing naked before him might or might not bear much resemblance to the Liadan he remembered on the inside, but she looked every bit as good on the outside. Better, actually. Having purebred children had made her even more attractive, just as it had his mother and his sisters. She’d always been pretty, but she was now close to obnoxiously so. Those lips were fucking amazing. Her figure had always fascinated him, too, a mix of hard muscle and soft curves. That delightful dichotomy had deepened. Her legs were two of a kind. He couldn’t wait to lay eyes on her bare ass, which he gathered had grown considerably bigger. Too big, perhaps, but there were worse things. Meanwhile, her waist had come in a little. It wasn’t teeny-tiny, but with hips and legs like hers, he hardly noticed.

Her breasts might even have grown a bit bigger. He didn’t notice at first, because her best parts were all a bit south of there, but he wasn’t sure he remembered them being quite so full. Not that it mattered. Whatever size they’d been before, they were fabulous now.

“You don’t play fair,” she said, guiding him down to one of those beautiful breasts.

He really didn’t.

She’d cum three times before he even laid her down on the grass. Only one of her climaxes had been particularly intense, but even so, she was getting overwhelmed. He could feel it. Beneath the excitement and lust, which were plenty prominent, he detected an undercurrent of anxiety bordering on panic. She was powerless before him and she knew it.

It wasn’t easy resisting the urge to take his time getting reacquainted with her body. Comparing every curve to those held in his memory. But slow seduction left room for coherent thought. And that he would not abide.

He did give her the full body treatment. There was no way he was going to neglect any part of her, from her pretty feet to her strong back to her pointy ears. But his efforts lacked sophistication and nuance. He bombarded her with pleasure, sensitizing everything to the max and inducing one quick orgasm after another after another.

Towards the end, Cahill did slow down some. He had to. Her sheer beauty demanded it. He loved the way her pink inner labia contrasted with her purple outer ones. The dark triangle sitting above it, pointing down to her treasure, as well. Her juices had the nicest note of blueberries lurking beneath the surface.

“Still the best,” she said, raking her nails through his hair and lifting her hips up off the grass to chase his tongue. “If we stayed here like this until—oh, oh, OH!”

As the intensity of her ecstasy eased, her hips dropped back down. She closed her eyes, drew a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. Her beautiful brown breasts rose and fell. “Not gonna let me finish a single sentence are you?” his aunt asked at last.

“Just did.”

“Mighty kind of you.”

Naturally, that was when he knelt between her legs and ravaged her with his monster cock. To her evident delight and torment.

Hours passed before he let up for any significant amount of time. He fucked her pussy and her ass, often at the same time, and bathed her in fairy fire and cum. He guided her through a dozen of rapid fire mini orgasms, then denied her the release she craved for so long that it nearly killed her when it came. She actually bit her tongue off at one point, though it hadn’t taken her more than a panicked instant to rectify things. He made love to her with his mouth and his hands, and a few extra of each for good measure. He wore two bodies. Three. Four. Had her pleasure herself while he took one Liadan from behind. She pleasured him with her feet more skillfully than some women could with their hands. Or mouths. And the things she did with her mouth made him forget his own name.

Along the way, Cahill drained a great deal of energy from the former Faerie princess. Fed a decent amount to her too, if not nearly as much as he took. But that wasn’t the point. In fact, he almost lost sight of the fact that there was one. Under different circumstances, he’d have gladly lost himself in her for days on end.

But eventually it all came back to him.

“Whatever you’re after, I’m happy to give it,” she panted. “Anything you want. Just promise me you won’t make me wait years before experiencing that again.”

Cahill kissed her full lips. Again. And again. Sweeping a lock of damp hair away from her face, he finally said, “I don’t make promises anymore.”

Which wasn’t really true. He made promises to his mother and to his children all the time. Some big, most small, and all sincere even though nothing supernatural bound him to them. Liadan didn’t need to know that, though. He could lie all he wanted now.

That one barely even made his head hurt.


“But I’ll see what I can do,” he said. “Might be I don’t love the idea of going too long without kissing those soft lips of yours again myself.”

“But no promises.”

He shook his head.

“Guess that’ll have to do, then,” she said, with disappointment he wasn’t sure was entirely feigned. “So. What do I owe you?” his aunt asked, sliding her palm over his stubble.

“Nothing,” Cahill replied.

A wan smile. Day-um, she was beautiful. That complexion, like coffee with just a bit of cream. Those lips, so full and dark and glistening. That cute nose and those big, dark eyes, nearer to black than brown. “Really,” she asked, sarcasm thicker in her voice than the amalgamated accent had ever been.

“Some of us just like sex,” Cahill replied. “Don’t need an ulterior motive.”

“Uh huh. You forget who you’re talking to?”

Cahill feigned confusion. “I thought you said that woman no longer exists.”

“She doesn’t. But I remember how this game is played.” She wrapped a luscious thigh around his waist and pulled him back on top of her with a smooth motion. While lining his cock up to enter her warm hole once again, she said, “I’m going to say yes. I really am. So you might as well just spit it out and let us get started on round two.”

His eyes drifted off towards the horizon.

Liadan let out the most indignant sigh. “Fuck my mother and fuck her Hunt.”

“Her what?”

His aunt snickered. “Supposedly that sounded a little something else, didn’t it?”

Cahill slipped a few inches into her welcome hole then pulled right back out. Slapped her swollen clit with his shaft a couple times, then plopped back onto the grass at her side.

“You’ve picked up a right mean streak,” the onetime Lady of Mischief said.

He kissed her cheek. Softly. Sweetly. Without doing anything unfair to her Libido. Then, at long last, he came out with it. “I want you to leave Faerie and all its affiliated territories. And, if you can, I want you to convince your siblings to do the same.”

The brown beauty said nothing.

“I don’t care where you go. Long as it’s outside your mother’s jurisdiction.”

“You think she’s going to hurt us?” she asked, looking both confused and concerned. And maybe just a little touched that he’d care.

“No,” he said dismissively. “Well, anything’s possible with her. You know that as well as I do. But the goal is for you to hurt her, with your absence.”

Almost without any hesitation, Titania’s daughter said, “I’ve heard worse ideas.”

Cahill raised an eyebrow at her. “Really?”

She laughed. It was a beautiful sound. Musical. “If you want, I can make it more difficult. Don’t want to disappoint you by giving in too quickly.”

“I’ll get over it.”

“If this is your idea of no-promise-but-do-my-best,” she began, amusement dancing in her Libido, “I’ve got news for you, Bub. Your best sucks.”

Well, he couldn’t argue with that. If she went far, far away from Faerie, there’d be no telling when he’d see her again. Or if he would.

“How about you come back to my place for a little while? Make it a long, slow goodbye?”

Cahill looked up in the sky. The sun was approaching its zenith. They’d used up the better part of the morning already. If he went and spent the rest of the day with her at her place, the way she had his before he’d awoken, he’d be away from his family for a very long time. And shortly after returning, it would be time to join the Hunt again.

Which wasn’t to say he felt no temptation.

He remembered the way she’d sprayed fried rice all over his bed. And the cute expression of guilt and embarrassment that had appeared on her face the moment after.

Who did Liadan think she was, being so damn hot?

“C’mon,” she said. “I’d like you to meet my kids.” As if only just remembering who the father of them was, she added, “Your brothers and sister.”

“I’d like that,” he allowed.

“So? How bout it?”

He drew a deep breath. Kissed her quickly, barely puckering his lips. Then exhaled.

“You can’t,” she said. The devastation didn’t show too much on her face, but her Libido went from a steady if gentle roil to a dead calm. “Of course, not. I already agreed to help you poke my mother in the eye. So why would you?”

“It’s not like that,” he said, taking her hand in his. Seeing the reaction he’d caused hurt more than he cared to admit. More than his mother ever needed to know. “A long, slow goodbye sounds perfect. I just don’t want to be away from my family that long.”

She slapped him. “Is that all you’re worried about? You jerk.”

“Some of us like our mothers,” he said, laughing. To judge by her reaction, one might think that was unheard of. “Rather a lot.”

Liadan rolled her eyes. “I know you do. And you’ve no reason not to. I’m not saying you-” She cut herself off abruptly, shaking her head. “There’s a simple fix for that. Same one you used to make this an issue in the first place.”

It took him a moment to realize what she meant. Then he felt like an idiot for not thinking of it himself. For not having gone that route to begin with. He needn’t have spent more than a few minutes away from his family, if he’d planned things better. But at least he’d only add a few more minutes to the tally, even if the two of them got as carried away with themselves as he figured they were about to.

He nodded.

“Yeah?” she asked, sliding a slim finger down his chest. The blue sparks trailing behind delighted him every bit as much as the pleasure they carried with them. “Forgive a girl for thinking a little enthusiasm might be nice.”

So Cahill crawled atop her and pressed his lips to hers. He kissed her hard, sucking at her Libido. Energy vapors passed from her to him, though she was nowhere near climax.

“Let’s go introduce them to their older brother,” he said when he let up.

Liadan smiled at him. Without a hint of mischief.


They arrived at the brick home she shared with Arawn and their three children. It looked like four adjoined diamonds and probably boasted at least seven thousand square feet. The three acre lot was beautifully landscaped, containing several patios, gardens, and an arboretum. The latter featured a marble fountain and hedges shaped like satyrs and centaurs, in addition to all the proud oak, ash, and thorn trees.

Cahill waited outside while Liadan went in and told Arawn he was relieved of child care duties. A few short minutes later, she waved to him through one of the bay windows.

He wasn’t sure what he’d expected. But it wasn’t this. Their home was bright and inviting. The rooms were large and well lit, and though the furnishings were luxurious, the place looked lived in. Comfortable even. It expressed a unique style that was equal parts his and hers, with black and white photographs, mostly of trees in blossom, hanging alongside various flutes and pipes on the walls.

“Who’s he?” asked a young boy, clinging to Liadan’s leg.

“That’s your brother. Cahill,” she said. “Can you say hi? Tell him your name?”

The boy frowned.

“Well, half-brother,” Cahill said. “Different mother.”

“So not my brother,” came the reply. The boy had a complexion nearly as dark as his mother’s, thick black hair, fine features, and green eyes. He would break hearts left and right when he grew up. “Mommies are what matter,” he added, looking up at his.

Cahill laughed. “True enough.”

“Your father’s much better with them than you might think,” Liadan told Cahill with a frown. She gave her son’s luxurious locks a good tussle.

“I wouldn’t know what to think,” he cut in.

She continued as if he hadn’t interjected. “But he’s determined to make sure they hew close to our beliefs and customs. That they not pick up too many mortal views.”

In spite of what he’d just said, Cahill thought that sounded exactly like his father. There was no more rabid a partisan of the fey than Arawn.

No one more eager to signal their loyalty to Titania.

And to think, he’d been starting to feel something like pride for the man. Pleased to see that his father was providing well for the woman who loved him more than he deserved. Was their mother an eternal presence in this house? When Arawn made love to his sister, did she ever believe it was actually her he was with?

“Is Daddy back?” a little girl asked, running into the room from down the hall. She had skin exactly like her mother’s, though she too had green eyes. “Oh. You’re not my Da-Da,” she said, raising her doll up to block half her face.

“Shall we try again?” Liadan asked Cahill conspiratorially. As if the children couldn’t still hear her perfectly well. “Eryn, honey, why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Unlike the boy still clinging to her leg, the girl did so. She advanced toward him slowly, her steps tentative, then she lowered the doll and said, “I’m Eryn. What’s your name?”

“Cahill,” he replied.

“He’s Faron,” she said, pointing at her brother with a finger that would have poked him in the neck if it had but traveled another inch or two. “He’s a poopy-head.”

“Am not!” Faron replied.

Without acknowledging the fact that he’d spoken in any way, Eryn added, “And he doesn’t like stwangers. Or little sistuhs. Or anyone who isn’t Mommy.”

“Don’t let anyone tell you that’s a bad thing,” Cahill said to the little guy. He reached a hand out, as if to touch his shoulder, but noticed the preemptive recoil and stopped short. “‘Mommies are what matter.’ Or so I’ve heard.”

Faron did not appreciate the reference. But Liadan smiled.

“And are you Daddy’s little princess?” Cahill asked Eryn.

“Nooo,” she said, blushing. “Maybe. Nevuh calls me a pwincess.”

Another point for Arawn.

“I was thinking Chinese for dinner,” Liadan told her kids, sneaking a glance at Cahill out of the corner of her eyes. “Whaddaya guys think about that?”

“It’s not even lunch time,” Faron informed his mother. “A-duh!”

“Good point,” she replied. “Why don’t you go ask your brother what he wants for lunch.”

“Gwilled cheese,” Eryn said. “All Owyn evuh wants if gwilled cheese.”

“Would you like to help me make them?” Liadan asked her daughter.

So the two girls went into the kitchen and started buttering bread. Meanwhile, Faron took the opportunity to go annoy his little brother, apparently unconcerned that their mother no longer needed any culinary input. For his part, Cahill plucked their home out of North Carolina and flung it as far away from the Dreaming as he could, where time would flow more quickly. That way, they could spend hours and hours without any significant amount of time passing back in the Dreaming. Or even Savannah.

Owyn didn’t speak a word, even to his mother, for more than an hour after he first appeared. But he slowly warmed up to the stranger in his house. Cahill thought that was mostly because Eryn thought he was okay. The younger boy seemed as dependent on his sister as the older one was their mother. It was positively adorable.

After a while, the two of them lost interest in him though. They politely excused themselves and retreated to their bedrooms. And their toys.

Faron, on the other hand, refused to leave his mother alone with the intruder. He might not know what games the grown-ups would play with each other when nap time eventually rolled around, but he seemed to understand perfectly well that that this man who wasn’t his father was drawing a great deal of his mother’s attention. And looking at her funny. Whatever that meant, it was clearly not okay.

In its own way, that too was also adorable. But Cahill was still relieved when the boy fell asleep on the couch while watching cartoons.

After draping a blanket over her son, Liadan took Cahill by the hand and led him into the master bedroom. The door closed itself behind them and she sealed the room off so no sounds would escape. But a mirror divided itself into three parts, each granting a view of one of her children, so she could still keep an eye on them.

“I don’t think Faron likes me very much,” he said as Liadan began slipping her tank top up over her head. “He’s awfully protective of you.”

“There’s nothing awful about that,” she said, turning her attention to his own top.

“True,” Cahill agreed.

She kissed him. Furtively, at first, but then followed that up with a slower one. Then an even more generous slice of sweetness. Her soft lips felt better than good, and he was hard enough to drive nails before she added any embellishments to the kiss.

Suddenly, Cahill pressed his hands against her hips and gave a good shove. That sent her flying back onto the bed, and an amused laugh passed through her lips.

“Running out of patience, are we?” she asked.

Cahill dismissed the rest of her clothes.

“Mmmm,” she purred, parting her legs slightly.

The way he pounced on her, one might think Cahill hadn’t spent several hours making love to her just a little earlier that very day. Perhaps he was making up for lost time.

He wanted to explore her entire body. Suck on her toes and sink his teeth gently into the not-quite-solid-but-hardly-soft cheeks of her enormous ass. Massage the thick muscles of her long legs and strong back. Nibble at her purple nipples and tongue-fuck her gently protruding hip bones. But he was in no mood for slow seduction. Her beautiful pussy called to him, and he answered.

“Oh. Oh my,” Liadan panted, her thighs pressed against his ears and both of her hands on the back of his head. “That’s…right there….”

Her first orgasm arrived shortly after his tongue made contact with her stiff clitoris.

But she put up a hell of a fight from that point on. Not because she was trying to guard her energy, Cahill didn’t think, but because she wanted to enjoy his ministrations as long as she could before being overwhelmed.

The polite thing to do, then, would probably have been to slow down. But instead he redoubled his efforts. Because he wasn’t interested in polite. He wanted to hear her scream.

And scream she did, though not for a long time.

She showed surprising resistance. Pale green flames first appeared atop her breasts then soon spread to cover her entire body, delivering unthinkable pleasure as they burned. That alone would have brought lesser women to climax in relatively short order. Meanwhile, he gently licked her labia with one tongue, assaulted her little lady with another, and seduced her brown eye with a third. Rounding it all out, the tips of fingers that faded away into nothing below the second knuckle danced atop the spongy flesh of her G-spot. All this, she endured for nearly twenty minutes before exploding.

Feeling especially impish, Cahill allowed the fairy fire to burn for a few seconds after her climax ended. Her body would be hyper-sensitive, unable to handle the slightest touch, while they continued to stimulate every single nerve ending directly.

Cruel though it was, when it threw her right back into orgasm mere moments after she’d experienced a monster, he smiled. And so did Liadan, when was finally able to once again.

“I see my brother has taught you some of his tricks.”

“Arawn’s never tau-”

“Not him,” she said, trying to prop herself up with unsteady elbows. She failed and gave a sigh, equal parts consternation and self-effacement. “The one who’s been living with you.”

“Maybe. Maybe not,” Cahill admitted, crawling up to lie beside her. To look into those beautiful brown eyes. There was no reason to deny it, of course, but he enjoyed toying with her. “You might be surprised how little anyone but my grandmother ever sees of him.”

“Actually, that doesn’t surprise me at all,” she said. “He was never my type. Far too pretty. But little Obie sure knows what he’s doing.”

“That you used to call him?”

“He hated it,” she said, running a hand down her face and over a lovely breast.

“Can’t imagine why.”

“You. Are. Ridiculous.” She rolled onto her side. “I can’t even.” Liadan mouthed biting into something, brilliant white teeth gnashing sharply. “Nom Nom.”

Cahill laughed. “Uh oh. Sounds like I might have damaged something.”

His aunt crawled onto his chest at an angle, one hand reaching down to take hold of his cock. She jerked it lazily, hand facing the wrong way, while staring into his eyes. “Why don’t you just stay here? Take your father’s place. You know, until Faron’s old enough to murder you in your sleep. Or challenge you to a duel for my honor or something.”

He gave her a quick kiss. “If things were different, maybe I would.” The hair he smoothed back from her face was thicker, slower to retreat before his advancing fingers, than he was used to. He rather liked it. “But I’m already filling his shoes with someone else.” A sly grin spread across his face. “Seems dear old Dad doesn’t seem to have much follow through.”

“He really, really doesn’t,” Liadan said. “I’d tell you about all the plans he’s abandoned, except that would only bore you. And you don’t need more reasons to think ill of him.”

“Probably not.”

“Speaking of follow through, mister,” she said, sounding a bit like his mother all of a sudden. “Did I hear that you completely squandered the boon you were saving, the one you didn’t want to waste on me?”

Cahill scoffed in indignation. “If I recall correctly, your idea of using it on you was-”

The hand that was still stroking his cock sped up, and the flow of energy from her palm intensified several times over. Cahill couldn’t have finished the sentence if he tried. All he could do was gurgle.

“Not the point,” his aunt said. “We’re talking about you, not me.”

When she eased up, Cahill said, “Guilty as charged.” He took a moment to gather his breath before continuing. Fuck. She’d taken him to the very brink of orgasm in fractions of a second. “But, in my defense, I didn’t know whether he’d make the difference for their side or not. I’ve never fought beside Oberon before.”

“Is that why you think it was a mistake?” she asked with a smile that, at long last, reminded him of the Puck. “Interesting. I must have heard a different version.”

Very much aware he was being chastised, Cahill still felt the need to kiss her. Deeply.

“Okay, the whole idea was pretty stupid,” he said afterwards. “Confronting your mother directly is not a winning strategy. I’ve now learned my lesson.”

“Hope so,” she said. Ecstasy in its purest form started to rain down from her fist, doing wonderful things to his groin and abdomen. When he peered down the length of his body, Cahill could almost believe he saw a woman holding a sparkler rather than giving a preternaturally effective handjob. “I love this whole pissing her off by talking her children into abandoning her thing. But, then, it’s easy for me to. I’ll be gone when she lashes out.”

“You and which others?” he asked.

Liadan sighed. “I don’t know. It’s gonna be hard to convince some of them. Especially your father.” Her hand stopped pleasuring him and he felt her Libido cool. “Can I just say, failing to shake his obsession with our mother has done wonders for my ego.”

Cahill felt a stab of pain hearing this. No matter how she’d used him in the past, while serving as the Puck, he now saw that she was a changed woman. Or perhaps had never been who he thought she was to begin with. That seemed to be something of a recurring theme with him and the women of Clan Dreamsmyth. At any rate, he wished they could just set that all aside. Maybe even pretend they didn’t belong to different clans. That they were family, whatever Faron and his commitment to the matrilineal ways of the fey might think.

“He doesn’t deserve you.”

She smiled a most patronizing smile. Then promptly changed the subject. “It’s funny,” the woman who’d literally made him believe in his dreams said. “You’d never have set foot in Faerie were it not for me. And now it’s because of you that I’ll be leaving it.”

“Not just yet though, I hope.”

A small grin preceded the sweetest kiss he’d experienced in some time. “No. Not yet.”

She straddled his hips, guided his hands up to her breasts, and slowly took him inside her. He was cumming before half his length disappeared.

Were it not for her kids, that bedroom door might have stayed closed for a week.


“That was…considerate of you,” his mother said, lips tight. “I’m glad you were only gone for nine days rather than a full two weeks.”

Cahill sighed. He slipped the knife out of her hand, placed it on the cutting board, and spun her around. “I know. I should have thought of it earl-”

“Or maybe not spent so much time with her, in any part of any world,” she interrupted. “You know. That’s one way of looking at it.”

He frowned. “You’re cute. But not cute enough to pull off passive-aggressive.”

She laughed even as she slapped his chest. “Says who?”

“Me.” He grabbed her perfect ass, squeezed tight, and kissed her.

When he let her lips move freely again, his red goddess said, “Besides, I’m not cute. Maeve’s cute. Cori’s cute. But I am most certainly not cute.”

He shrugged. “Suppose not.”

The word did have certain connotations. It suggested rounder, more youthful features. His mother was gorgeous. Blindingly so. But not cute.

“And, for the record, you’re handsome, but not hands-”

Cahill kissed away the rest.

“I’m sorry,” he said in all seriousness when their lips parted. “I got carried away.”

She regarded him from under a furrowed brow. “You picked a good time to pull these sort of shenanigans. I have every right to be much more upset with you than I am.”

“You do.”

“You have Gallech and Oona to thank that I’m not.”

His brother and his aunt were both back among the living now too. Because of course they were. Nine days, as his mother had said. Not a small amount of time.

“He’s a god, and she a goddess.” The moment his mother’s mouth fell open and her eyes bulged, he rushed to add, “But definitely lesser deities. Not at the heart of the pantheon.”

Caronwyn smacked his chest again. “You’re pushing your luck, mister.”

“I love you.”

“That’s not a Get Out of Jail Free card.”

“A lot.”

She put her hands on her hips, glowered at him, then kissed him. Several times. The last one lasted almost as long as it needed to, and brought both of them to gentle climax.

“You stop it,” his mother said afterwards, chest heaving. “Or I’m going to be forced to have my way with you right here on the kitchen floor.”

“The horror.”

“There are little children in the next room.”

Cahill cupped her buttocks. “So let’s go upstairs.”

“Not now. I’m making dinner.”

“Hasn’t always stopped us.”

For a moment, she looked truly tempted. But then said the very last thing he expected her to say. “The next person you stick that thing into had better be your sister or you’re going to be in trouble. She’s been looking forward to it for a long time now.”

Cahill had no idea what to say to that.

As she straightened out her clothes, Caronwyn then promptly changed the subject. “Who do you think she’ll take with her? You already said Arawn won’t go. What about the others?”

He thought about that. Or tried. He was still a little hung up on the woman who was kinda mad at him about his extended tryst with Liadan commanding him to fuck Fiona. Granted, the former was a Dreamsmyth, spawn of the queen they all hated, while the latter was her own beloved daughter. But it still made his head hurt.

Eventually, though, a few synapses fired. “Macha’s probably out. But Kearney and Teagan will be only too happy to go. Can’t say I know a single thing about Uillym.”

His mother frowned. “She won’t be too devastated by the loss of either of those guys.”

No, probably not.

“But if she can convince Macha, and thus Duncan? That would twist her ovaries.”

“Does that hurt?”

His mother shrugged. “Can’t say I’ve ever experienced it. Doesn’t sound pleasant.”

Cahill snickered. “I think you’re right, though,” he said, trying to suppress the mental image. “A lot depends on Macha. I wish I had some idea of whether she and Liadan are close. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about either.”

“You sure spent a lot of time studying one of the subjects,” his mother said dryly. “Looks like you need to learn how to take better notes.”

“Hmm,” he said, as ponderously as he could manage. “That must be the problem. Highlighting every sentence rather than just the important ones.”

“Every sentence, huh?”

He covered his face. “That’s not what I meant.”

It wasn’t far from wrong, but it still wasn’t what he’d meant.

“We need some sort of system. Keep track of how far in the hole you are, and what-”

“Far, far in the hole. The way you like it.”

She rolled her eyes. But a giggle passed through her lips.

“-and what you need to do to make up for it,” his mother finished, stressing each and every last syllable. And grinning uncontrollably.

“Sounds like there could be numbers involved,” he said. “If I was any good at math, I wouldn’t have needed luck to win at poker.”

His mother made a show of wincing in sympathy over the pain he’d suffer. “Numbers. Yes. Pretty lar—no, nevermind. I’m not gonna make it that easy for you.”

He snapped his fingers.

“Your standards aren’t very high, you know.” Then she rushed to add, “When it comes to comedy.” With a smile, she said, “Your taste in women isn’t so bad.”

Cahill smiled. Then said, “I really am sorry.”

The lovable rogue thing suited him well, but he had fucked up. Big.

Caronwyn sighed and rested her head against his chest. “I know.”


Cahill, Seamus, and Oberon were all drinking whiskey when an unseen force took hold of his shirt and yanked him off his feet. He let out a cry as he fell back, mentally preparing himself for a hard fall on the patio, but when he landed, it was atop Fiona’s bed.

“Hi,” she said crisply.

He laughed up at the beautiful sister kneeling above him, looking all proud of herself. “Could have asked. I wouldn’t have said no.”

“This was more fun.” She had her hands tucked in between her thighs, which were squeezed tightly together. “You should have seen the look on your face.”

“Thought you were entertaining Gallech.”

“Oona wanted to borrow him. I was starting to get bored anyway, so I said sure.”

He noticed that she had a pair of leggings on, as well as a nice lacy bra. Couldn’t quite say she was dressed, but she wasn’t naked either. “Took a little time to freshen up first, I hope?” he asked, as if he was actually concerned.

Fiona rolled her eyes. “You guys worry so much about that. Is it because you really don’t put much trust in our hygiene? Or is the thought of coming into contact with another man’s cum that traumatizing?”

“Is there a third option?”

She smiled, and he felt her Libido begin to swell. Incredibly. Whatever depraved thought had just popped into her head, she liked the hell out of it. “I’m not leaving any room for doubt about who’s child I’ll soon be carrying.”

“Seriously?” Cahill asked, sitting up at last. He took her hands in his. “I assumed after everything that happened, you’d be having this conversation with Seamus.”

“We did. I made it clear that he’s got plenty of work yet to do. Another two kids at least.” Raising his hand to her lips, she kissed his fingers. “But you first. I want to finish what we started. Get back what the fire took away from us.”

He didn’t think that was quite how it worked. But of course she didn’t either, he was sure. His sister was just taking a little poetic license.

“Assuming, that is, you have no objections,” she said. The look on her face was teasing, but he picked up a twitch of doubt in her Libido.

What could he possibly have done to give his sister reason to think he’d ever refuse her? In any way whatsoever? “Of course not,” he said, throwing his arms around her and giving her a bear hug. “You have no idea how happy I am right now.”

So, of course, that was when he got pulled away abruptly for the second time that day. But not by anyone interested in using his body for their pleasure. Nor his drinking buddies, who were probably wondering what had happened to him by then.

No, it was Titania.

The Queen of Faerie had reached across two worlds to get to him.

First Savannah then the Dreaming whisked past and he suddenly found himself at the heart of her grove. Where his aunt had died and his grandmother had been tortured.

How the fuck she did that, despite the protective glamours that had sure seemed to be doing their job up until that point, he had no idea. But there were soon much more important things occupying his attention. Like the effort of trying not to cry any more blood, or holding down whatever remain in his stomach now that he’d vomited several times already. Like simply trying not to pass out from the pain.

The queen had him tied to the very tree he’d rescued Aeife from and had summoned a giant squirrel to stand below him and chew his cock off. One mouthful at a time. Repeatedly. Each and every time the cursed thing finished its meal, Titania would make him whole again. Just so that he’d have more to lose.

To either side of him, dangling from identical oak trees, were Oberon and Arawn. They were suffering similarly gruesome fates, also infinitely repeated, but their punishments had been chosen to fit their supposed crimes.

His uncle, who Titania had said transgressed by failing to see the beauty he’d had and the ugliness of what he’d chosen instead, was continually sacrificing his eyes to her majesty. And what was Titania using to carry out the deed? Why, hot pokers, of course.

That made Cahill regret ever having expressed the desire to do such to Titania. He didn’t think he’d given her the idea or anything. Not unless she could read minds. And lacked the imagination to come up with the idea on her own. But every time he heard that revolting sizzle, a stab of guilt vied with the giant squirrel for his attention.

For failing to report Liadan’s treasonous intentions before she and the others left Spring, his father was forced to part with his tongue. And it was his own trembling hand that cut it off each time, though Cahill very much doubted the poor guy was in control of it.

A thousand ways to end their suffering came to mind. But Titania had denied them all to him. Denied him the very essence of who he was. He didn’t know how she’d done it, just as he didn’t know countless other things about her, but Titania had cut them off from their Libidos entirely. He might as well have been an ordinary mortal, he was so helpless.

Worst of all, the fucking bitch couldn’t even be bothered to watch after a while. She’d gotten bored and left them there, their various torture schemes left on autopilot.

Around the third day of their suffering, or perhaps the third hour, a song filled the grove. The woman’s voice, which might have been Titania’s but for its accent, came from everywhere and nowhere. It taunted them and their pain.

Oh m’dear boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling,

From Faerie to Dreaming, the time’s surely come,

All of Spring’s gone, me glamour falling,

Me clan’s left me, and the Hunt’s done.

As was only fitting, a pair of pipes joined the haunting voice.

Don’t come ye back, to fey forest or meadow,

For ye, it’s the valley hushed and white with snow,

There ye’ll be, while I’m here in shadow

Oh m’dear boy, m’dear boy, I loved you so.

Cahill wanted to scream. The physical pain, he’d almost become numb to. But he couldn’t listen while Danny Boy, of all songs, was twisted by Titania.

Don’t ye come, even if me flowers be dying,

Nor if I be dead, as dead I may again be,

There’s naught left for ye but lying,

Cold and dead in the snow in the land of She.

She? She who?

The song, hardly uplifting to begin with, was starting to chill his blood. What was all this about them lying dead in the snow? And why were cold and wintry images being evoked in two consecutive verses? What did that have to do with Spring?



They weren’t being given over to her?

Cahill knew even less about the Matriarch of Winter than he did of Spring. But he knew enough to know that the Titanias of the world hoped to grow up to be like Daphne. That she made the Queen of Faerie seem soft and caring.

I canna wait to hear tha way ye’ll curse me,

Yer my graves’ll forever restless be,

An each an’ e’ry time, ye’ll hate me,

No peace shall ye know, which’s only as it should be.

Well, wasn’t that just the cheeriest verse of all.

So. They were to go from being tortured constantly by one mad queen to being killed endlessly by another, even madder one. Lovely. Just lovely.

As should have come as no surprise, that was the moment when the two queens arrived.

Titania looked as lovely as ever, the cunt. She wore translucent underwear and incorporated every shade of every color into her appearance somehow or other.

Her companion, who could only be Daphne, was even worse. Her hair was all one color. Pitch fucking black. A were her nails, her clothes, and, he could only assume, her Libido. Raven’s feathers lined the collar of her dress, diamonds the bust, sleeves, and waistline. Where Titania was all color, this one was all stark contrasts. If not for her bright icy blue eyes and bright red lips, she’d have existed in a world of black and white.

Through the pain and suffering, delirium and desperation, he still managed to find her quite attractive. He hated himself for doing so, but Lady Winter was beyond gorgeous. Even his mother seemed plain and ordinary in comparison.

And her body? Forget it. To so much as allow his eyes to drift below her neck was its own form of torture, if not quite as bad as the one involving the squirrel. She had bigger breasts than his mother and a smaller waist. Curves more extreme than he’d ever imagined.

He hated her the moment he laid eyes on her. Her association with Titania was enough to ensure that. But so too did he love her. He couldn’t help it. No man could, he suspected. She was desire made flesh. And powerful glamours surrounded her. Radiated out from her. Drew men’s eyes, and hearts, and other parts. Like moths to a flame.

Well, no. That wasn’t the right metaphor. She could never be likened to fire. But still.

“These three?” the cold queen asked her colorful counterpart. Her voice was deep. Much deeper than Fiona’s or Liadan’s. It made his body, which ought to have been incapable of such reactions by that point, shudder.

Edit: I fixed the formatting. Some people have complained about the grammar in this story, like the sentence fragments. This is ON PURPOSE. The story is representative of the main character’s thought and speech patterns, and as far as I know, most people don’t think in perfect grammar. If this bothers you, look elsewhere.

Also, I welcome critical feedback. However, some commenters have been completely vitriolic and nasty. If you’re going to be rude and demeaning or make personal attacks, keep it to yourself.


I can spot a virgin a mile away.

She’ll always have this fresh look on her face, an innocence in her eye. And damn, that’s hot. But you know what’s even hotter? The gleam in her eye and the glow on her skin once I’ve popped her cherry. Nothing like a once-virgin that you’re responsible for deflowering. Especially if you did your job right and she says no one can fuck her like you do. Ruin her for anyone else and she’ll keep coming back for more.

In college, virgins are few and far between. My best chance is always in the incoming freshmen, and even then there’s only a few.

All that’s to say, that’s why I volunteer for freshmen orientation every year. Of course, now I’m a senior here on campus, and it’s kinda gotten around that I’m the finest first fuck a virgin could have.

Which is why all these girls are flirting with me as I give them a tour of the campus. They’re not virgins, but if I asked, they’d probably claim to be. I’ll probably take their numbers and fuck ‘em anyway. A tight pussy is a tight pussy.

Of course, complicating things this year is that Connie is one of the incoming freshmen. That’s right, my sister. Ever since she started getting a bust, I told her her one of her boobs was bigger than the other. Not lying, either. It’s freaky. No one wanted to take her to her senior prom cuz of it. I felt bad, so I went with her and pretended to be… well, not her brother, anyway. And it’s hard to think brotherly thoughts when your bodies are pressed against each other in the slow dances, even if her tits are mismatched.

Don’t get all righteous on me, I ain’t the first big brother to get nasty thoughts about his lil sis. I never did anything though, even when she pecked me on the lips to make this guy she liked jealous. But damn, I sure hope she didn’t feel my erection. Embarrassing.

I digress.

At the orientation, I’m looking for the fresh virgin faces. Yes, Connie’s one of them. Damn straight. No asshole’s gonna screw my sister on my watch. There’s three others. Brunette, blonde, redhead. Nice variety. They’re among the girls pressing up to the front and sending sultry looks my way. Hell yeah. I wink at ‘em and watch ‘em blush. Maybe I can convince ‘em to lose their virginity to me all at the same time… Not every guy could pull that off, sure, but I sure as hell ain’t every guy. I got dirty blonde spikes and gray eyes that gleam silver in moonlight, and I’m tall and totally ripped. And I got ten inches of manhood hanging from my balls. And shit if I don’t know how to use it.

Once I finished the walking tour, we’re back in the private conference room in the student center, so I can field questions and give out some more info. That’s when I see her. She’s been hanging out shyly at the back of the group; probably why I didn’t notice her before.

And that’s when I know what Romeo felt when he saw Juliet.

Yeah, I know that’s cheesy. Sue me. I’m not typically given to romantce, either; I’m a man whore and proud of it. But that’s how I felt.

Her eyes were baby blue. Her hair was waves of spun gold spilling down her back. Her face was porcelain, angelic, with full pink lips and a rosiness on her cheeks. She had a perfect figure, too, just like I like it. Womanly, lush, with slender hips and big boobs. Man, they were just right, too. Full, round, ripe apples. She wasn’t wearing a bra either, cuz I could see her nipples standing at attention. She looked at me and I looked at her, and I swear to sovereign god she wet her shirt. She blushed furiously – gorgeously – and hastily covered her chest with her books. I wasn’t much better off, cuz I’d gotten a throbbing hard on, with a fair amount of precum leaking out.

Of course, the three virgins – you remember, the redhead, brunette, and blonde – noticed my erection immediately. It’s kinda hard to hide it when you have a swollen kielbasa stuffed down your pants. Oh, yeah, I wasn’t gonna have any problem getting them in the same bed together tonight. But I wasn’t even thinking about that. The mystery girl – my Juliet – took up all my attention. I was stupefied.

And oh, yeah. She was a virgin. That fresh bloom on her face, her wide-eyed innocence. Hot damn, the gods must love me.

Somehow, I got through the end of the orientation. I had the numbers of the Virgins Three – yep, I named ‘em – in my hands and I couldn’t remember how they’d gotten there.

Connie came up to me, laid her hand on my arm. “Hey big brother, you did good.”

I looked at her skeptically. I’d blundered through the end of that horribly. She grinned and gestured to the numbers in my hands.

“Ah, thanks, lil sis,” I said, ruffling her hair absently. (She hates that.) But instead of berating me, she just followed my gaze to Juliet, who was going through the door, giving me one last uncertain look before leaving.

Connie grinned. “Gemma, huh?”


“Gemma. You were staring at her and drooling.”

I tore my gaze from the empty doorway and focused on Connie. “You know her?”

“Yeah! She’s one of my best friends. We went to middle school and high school together.”

Honestly, I didn’t really know any of Connie’s friends. We haven’t been to the same school at the same time since elementary school, and she usually was invited to her friend’s houses, instead of bringing them over to our place. But I was still surprised I’d never seen Gemma. My beautiful Gemma.

“Uh – could you – um,” I stammered. I rarely asked Connie for anything, and didn’t know how to now.

She tossed her head mischievously. “Nope. You’ll see her around, though, count on it.” She sailed out the door, and all I could see was her bouncing bottom.

So my sister has mismatched tits. Her ass is just fine, though, and I don’t mind admiring it.

But by damn, I was going to find and seduce Gemma.


I skipped my last class of the day and went by Ronni’s dorm. Ronni is one of my once-virgins. Met her at her orientation when I was a sophomore at the university, and we’re fuck buddies now. She’s got nice boobs and an apple bottom ass. Right now, her hair’s dyed a bright blue. She didn’t do it halfway either; the carpet matches the curtains. Actually, she doesn’t do ANYTHING halfway. At her freshman orientation, she came right up and frenched me in front of everyone, and didn’t wait till that night to lose her virginity, but demanded we do the deed right after the orientation. AND she impaled herself on my cock at bullet speed, popping her cherry in no time flat.

No, sir, Ronni does not do anything halfway. I was amazed she was still a virgin. I asked about that, and she laughed and said she’d been waiting for the right guy. Her hair was green at that time; so was her pubic hair, in case you were wondering.

So anyway, I went up to her dorm. I was hornier than hell after seeing Gemma and needed a fuck, which Ronni’s always up for. Going in her room – which was always unlocked – I saw her on her bed, studying. She took one look at me, though, and tossed her textbook aside. “C’mere, handsome,” she said, holding out her arms. I didn’t care that her roommate was still in there, and fell into her arms. We tore off each other’s clothes, I pushed her almost violently down on the bed, and thrust my dick into her pussy.

Ronni cummed instantly. Not unusual. That girl cums at the drop of a hat; but she says she fucks me cuz then her orgasms are twice as intense. What was unusual is that I cummed right after her, as her orgasming pussy spasmed about my cock, tugging and throbbing, so I shot my love juice deep into her bowels. Now I have a lot of love juice in me, so it took a full 30 seconds of cumming full force before I emptied. She of course kept cumming the whole time, cuz she finds the sensation of cum squirting inside her super-hot.

When our shuddering and moans subsided, she kissed me and laughed. “That was quick, babe. Someone’s got you hot today. Found a new virgin?”

“Four,” I murmured as I started sliding in and out of her again, my meat still turgid inside her.

“Mmm,” she groaned. I cupped her breast with a hand and started fondling it gently as she placed her hands on my ass cheeks, pulling me deeper and more firmly into her. She didn’t reply any more coherently than that, cuz like I said, I am good at what I do. My balls slapped against her cunt as I throbbed between her pink pussy lips. She cummed almost constantly, and I could feel her cream seeping out onto my nuts and spilling onto her sheets. I started nuzzling her neck as I started driving in her harder and faster, and she cried aloud.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Cedric!” she screamed, and I felt her pussy start to quiver with the mother of all orgasms. Her vibrating orgasm wrung my cum from me, and I blew my load into her again. We lay there, magnificently exhausted, as our breathing finally slowed down.

“You ARE hot today,” she repeated.

“So are you,” I grinned.

“Yeah, but I’m always this hot. This is rare form for you.”

I kissed her nose. “Yep. I feel like Romeo.”

Ronni quirked her lovely eyebrow. Yes, it was blue. I told you she didn’t do anything halfway. “Well, Romeo, you still have to deal with Rosalind.”

“Hmm?” I said, and she nodded behind me. I turned my head to see her roommate at the foot of her bed, staring slackjawed at us. Her panties were at her ankles, and from the swollen pink wetness between her thighs, it was obvious she’d been masturbating.

“Er,” she said.

“Don’t worry, babe,” I assured her, “I got more in me.” I slid my meat out of Ronni’s still quivering pussy and stood up off her bed. The roommate gaped at me, getting a good look at my musculature for the first time. That, and I’m hung like a horse, my dick already slick with woman-dew.

I reached out a hand and caressed the side of her face, and she leaned into it momentarily before hesitantly touching my dick – already stiffening again – and exploring the head with her nimble fingers, wrenching an involuntary groan out of me. More boldly, her other hand came up to join the first, and wrapped around my girth – barely, because I am fucking thick – and started sliding down, then up, slowly at first, then gradually quicker.

I groaned again, and gasped out, “Babe, you’re gonna to have to put that inside you somewhere, or there’s gonna be a hell of a mess.” She pushed me back, so I fell back onto Ronni’s bed, my scepter standing at attention, quivering slightly. Ronni spread her legs, and nestled my head in her lap, stroking my hair. Her roommate – damn, I still didn’t know her name, but she was a hottie, with those pert little titties and shaved pussy – climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on her knees over me. She took hold of my cock and brought it against her slick vulva, the lips barely admitting the top of my nearly-purple head. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, she lowered herself, just a little bit, until her vulva covered the head of my dick. We moaned simultaneously, and I thrust up a bit, aching to bury myself in the folds of her womanhood. She bit her lip in arousal, and slid further down onto me, thrusting up and down.

There was a stretching inside her cunt that I could feel – and I suddenly realized it was her cherry! But she couldn’t be a virgin! She didn’t have that fresh glow that a virgin always had! At the moment, my horniness won out over my confusion, and I grabbed her hips and pulled her all the way down on my dick, till her pussy met my curling pubic hair. She groaned in ecstasy as her cherry popped, and cream seeped out of her cunt. She bucked up and down upon my massive edifice, and we moaned in pleasure.

Ronni then got up on her knees above my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I grinned, cuz I always like eating her out, getting my face covered in all her juice. My tongue flicked out, teasing her still-glistening pussy lips and started tracing a line up and down her vulva. Ronni moaned and then leaned forward to make out with her roommate! Her roommate responded in kind as she continued to ride me, and their boobs rubbed together.

Damn, this was some kind of hot. My dick throbbed in pleasure, a slave to the roommate’s bucking pussy, as my tongue dove into Ronni’s vaginal depths, seeking the hard clit. Teasing the point of her clit with my tongue, then licking in a slow circle around it – tasting her sweet wetness – I then started sucking on it. Ronni’s cry of pleasure was muffled against her roommate’s lips as they frenched. Our moaning reached a harmonious crescendo as we cummed in turns. First Ronni erupted love cream over my face, and her roommate gasped as Ronni’s supple fingers toyed with her nipple, and then she cummed as she bounced on top of me. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and I let loose a torrent inside her virgin pussy, the first cum ever to squirt into that gloriously tight pussy, and she gasped again, cumming a second time. Ronni still hadn’t finished cumming onto me, and I kept lapping up her nectar.

At last our groaning subsided. Ronni swung off my face and lay down beside me, curling up next to me, and her roommate lay down against my muscular torso. “You’re even better than Ronni said,” she whispered.

“Been telling stories about me, huh, Ronni?” I addressed myself back to her roommate. “You know my dick’s still in your pussy.”

I could feel her smile against my chest. “I know.”

“So what’s the story? I could’ve sworn you weren’t a virgin.”

“I’m not,” she said. “I’m a lesbian.”

“Till now,” Ronni snickered.

That explained it. Ronni was bisexual, and I should’ve known she would’ve fooled around with her roommate.

We lay there, all together for quite a while. When we finally got up, I pulled on my clothes and left, after giving each babe a goodbye kiss. It wasn’t till I was back at my place that I realized.

I still didn’t know her damn roommate’s name.


My place is a sorority house on campus. Alpha Kappa Phi. Yep, I said a SORORITY house. After the first semester of my freshman year, I picked out the nicest sorority house with the hottest bitches and made a bet with the house mother – if I could make her scream my name, she’d give me a room at the house. She was a 28-year-old, total babe, could’ve posed for Playboy. Her name was Candy, and she was delicious. She was a sex kitten, too, and never turned down the opportunity to have sex, even though she didn’t think I could make her scream my name. She’d done it all, fucked all the big cocks, everything. She thought I’d just be another notch on her belt.

I was determined to prove her wrong.

Of course, she decided to make it interesting. If she made ME scream out HER name, then I had to fuck her poor virgin sister, who while pretty had a terrible stutter and couldn’t get along with guys because of that. Hell, that didn’t sound so bad to me, but I wanted that room. Candy started to lead me to her room, but I stopped her, and said, “Oh, no, babe. Right here and now.”

Yep. We were in the entrance hall, with the wide staircase wrapping around the left wall. She frowned momentarily, but was determined not to show weakness. Recovering her confidence, she saucily pulled off her blouse. I pulled off my T-shirt and pants – and I go commando. Candy’s breath caught when she saw my swollen fire hose, hanging down nice and thick nearly to my knees, and I winked at her. “Go on,” I challenged her. “Deep throat me. Make me scream.”

Oh, yeah. Free pleasure.

She wrapped her hands around my girth, running her thumb up and down my throbbing cum-channel, and licked the tip of my precum, swallowing. No chick who’s ever swallowed my cum has ever regretted it. I have tasty cum, what can I say? She closed her lips around the head of my cock and started sucking gently. I pressed my lips together, but a small moan escaped as she took more of my dick into her mouth. I could tell she was smiling, even with my thick meat filling up her up, but I was gonna be the winner here. Her tongue wetly caressed my mass as she sucked vigorously. More moans escaped, and I decided that I had to let go before I lost control. So I blew my load, my cum filling up her throat. She swallowed, making pleasurable noises. This was a girl who would swallow the cum of a guy who ate nothing but garlic; I can’t imagine how great it was for her to swallow mine. She moaned loudly, but checked herself as she caught my grin.

She pulled her lips off my dick and stood up. I placed my hands on her hips. It was then that she noticed that some of the sorority girls were around – two on the staircase and one in the front hall, watching. Before she could make any objection, I pulled her pants down.

My kind of girl. She didn’t wear underwear either. Her pubic hair was sculpted. I put my hands back on her hips and lifted her up in the air, releasing a delighted laugh out of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I lowered her onto my cock. Her moan coincided with the collective gasp of her sorority girls, who were gathering to watch with open mouths. You could ask why I didn’t start eating her pussy first, since that’s the easiest way to make a girl climb walls, but with my dick, and the know-how to use it, I didn’t need to. Most girls like my dick in their pussy even better than my tongue, and I’m no slouch with my tongue, either, as Ronni will tell you.

She crushed her lips to mine, invading my mouth with her wet tongue, and I returned in kind. She bounced up and down on my dick, her boobs jiggling – she was obviously enjoying this. I kept thrusting my pole in and out of her slowly, though, deliberately, teasing her cunt with my length. She strained against my cock, desperate for more. “Harder! Faster!” she demanded, but I ignored her, drawing it out, making her pussy quiver with desire. Her juice started leaking out, and she was really moaning now.

Finally, my slow thrusting had built up her desire to pitch fever, and all she wanted was for me to go deep and fast. Thoughts of winning had blanked from her mind; I could tell by the way her eyes rolled back in her head. At last, I obliged her, and started ramrodding her faster and faster, going in deeper, fucking her harder. I felt it as her pussy exploded – and she screamed, “Oh God! Cedric! YES!”

So I won and got a room. When I’d moved my stuff into it, I told Candy to send me her sister. She was surprised, but I felt her estimation of me go up a notch.

Here now, I couldn’t go on without telling how I deflowered her sister Brandy, now could I? Brandy was 19, and her cunt was tight and fresh. I couldn’t believe all the guys she knew let a little thing like a stutter stop them from nailing this. She came into my room and started to say something, but I silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Let your body speak for you,” I told her. She nodded, and stripped. I was surprised; usually virgins are a lot more nervous about undressing. I guessed she’d been waiting for this for a long time. Her boobs were pear-shaped, and her belly button was pierced with a diamond stud. Her labia was almost completely hairless, with only a few smoky wisps framing the pink of her womanhood. I kissed her warmly, and pushed her gently onto the bed, and started to kneel to eat her out. But she pulled me up over her; she wanted me to fuck her straight away. She’d been waiting too long to have her cherry popped.

I slid partway into her, gently, and she groaned with satisfaction. She arched up, and took in more of my dick, hungry for it all, and damn, her pussy with one of the tightest little things I’d ever had the pleasure of fucking. I thrust all the way up into her vagina, her cherry popping. She was so damn tight I gasped aloud, and squirted into her. She liked that, and almost screamed aloud. She wrapped her legs around my ass, and held me in place, and I kept thrusting. The day I can’t cum at least twice during a fuck is the day I go to the retirement home. Brandy was writhing wildly, and finally burst. No sooner had she cummed than I wrung another orgasm out of her. As tight as she was, my humungous member was filling her with ecstasy.

I actually fucked her for another four hours. And a funny thing happened. After I popped her cherry, she never stuttered again.

So, as I said, I live in the sorority house. Part of the initiation for each new sister is to go to bed with me, and they always come around again after they’re initiated. I live on the top floor, the third, which also has Candy’s room and a couple of the senior sisters. We all shared one bathroom with an honest-to-god jacuzzi. In case you’re wondering, we put that to good use.

I stripped in my room and walked to the bathroom. I needed to relax; even though I’d just come from fucking Ronni and her roommate, my nerves were still jangled over Gemma. I started running the water in the jacuzzi. That’s when I heard the door open behind me. Figuring it was either Candy or one of the house sisters, I turned to invite them to join me–

Oh, it was a sister, alright. Mine.

Connie and two of her friends were standing there, with one of the sisters behind them. And holy hell – one of her friends was Gemma! I was stupefied, as our eyes met, and then hers traveled downward… I’d completely forgotten I was naked. My dick was hanging there for all to see – and starting to stiffen as I stared at Gemma.

Connie’s eyes boggled, but she recovered quickly. “Hey Cedric, I was just coming with Gemma” – her eyebrows wriggled suggestively – “and Kristin to see you. But I guess you’re busy.”

Gemma involuntarily moved her hand, as if to reach out and touch my dick, but she caught herself. She seemed to shake herself, gave me a small smile, and walked out, Connie behind her.

The other girl, Kristin, stayed for a moment. A very light blonde, she eyed me unabashedly. I could tell she was no virgin. She threw me a quirked grin and sauntered out, her ass bouncing – on purpose, I’m sure.

I recovered from my stupor and shook myself for not being able to say anything to Gemma. I’d had the perfect chance! So what if I was nude in front of her and her friends? It’s not like I didn’t walk around the sorority house nude all the time or seduce girls who had me at a disadvantage. But Gemma totally and completely disarmed me. Cursing, I turned off the spigot to the jacuzzi – it was full now – and turned on the jets. White froth bubbled, and I lowered myself into the warm water.

Leaning back, I closed my eyes, and imagined Gemma in there with me. I began to drift, half-dreaming, and it seemed that Gemma WAS in there with me, lowering herself on to my hard rod, which peeked through the frothy surface of the water. I moaned, and grasped her waist as she began to ride me, watching her perfect apple boobs bounce. I could feel her pussy exploding as she rode my dick, and finally, I squirted a torrent of hot semen into her…

And woke up. Gemma wasn’t there, of course. That had been a dream. But there WAS a girl in the jacuzzi with me, riding me with my cock still nestled in her vulva. Kristin, Connie’s friend.

“What the hell?” I demanded.

She purred salaciously, obviously satisfied with herself. “Damn, you are the biggest I’ve ever seen, Cedric. I knew I had to try it on for size.”

I was in no mood for this. Angry and irrationally disappointed that it hadn’t been Gemma I was fucking, I snapped, “Fuck you, bitch.”

“You just did!” She laughed, finding her witticism extremely clever. She leaned forward, her boobs pressing against my pecs, and looked into my eyes. I could feel her hot breath on my face.

Fuck it. She was hot and willing, and I wasn’t gonna say no to that. “What the hell,” I repeated, and fucked her again.


That evening, the Virgins Three came by the sorority at my invitation, and were escorted to my room. The sorority sisters winked knowingly at each other, used to this routine. Red, Gold, and Dark came in, eager but a little nervous. Some of that nervousness came from sharing their first fuck with two other girls, I’m sure, but I’d talked them into it, and for a chance to be cocked by my massive pole, they were willing. Using honeyed words, I talked them into stripping, and I also undressed.

Red had two melons on her chest, a waist I could encircle with both my hands, a big ass, and a thick strip of bush above her slit. Gold had a tuft of pale blonde hair over her slit, and her boobs were on the small side, but nicely rounded. Dark’s pussy was shaved, and her tits were nice and big too, though not as big as Red’s.

I kneeled in front of them and lightly teased Gold’s pussy lips with my tongue. She shivered, as much with anticipation as delight. At the same time, I raised my index fingers to Red and Dark’s pussies to my left and right and started stroking. I slithered my tongue between the folds of Gold’s cunt, into her secret place, and started fingering Dark and Red. Their moans started overlapping in an erotic symphony that had my dick standing to attention. Eating Gold out, I found her clitoris with my tongue and held it lightly between my teeth and sucked on it. She inhaled sharply, and her pussy flooded with new moisture. White cream was slicking my fingers from Red and Dark’s cunts, and I felt some of it seeping out onto my hands.

Wasn’t long before they all cummed – at the same time! Yeah, I’m that good. They were a lot more relaxed and adventurous after that, and gathered together to lick the head of my dick. Gold traced her tongue up and down my shaft, and Dark sucked some precum off the tip, while Red played with my globular balls and joined in the licking wherever there was an opening. This may have been their first time, but God, it’s hot to have three babes giving you head. Red pushed her way in and closed her lips over the head of my dick – now a deep, deep red and swollen to the size of a golf ball – and started sucking, gently at first, then vigorously, as I ran my hands through her hair. Dark and Gold licked up and down my pole with those wonderfully lithe tongues of theirs, soft and wet. I was fighting to keep control, cuz I wanted to keep enough cum in me to squirt in all three pussies, but Red managed to get a shot of cum out of me. “Mmmm,” she moaned loudly, swallowing it and continuing to suck. Dark was playing with my nuts, and Gold had a hand wrapped partway around the shaft and was running it up and down. My dick was quivering with desperate desire. I tried to pull out, protesting that I needed to save some cum for their cunts, but they kept firm hold, and my protest dissolved into incoherent groans.

“Oh, God!” I cried. “God, yes!” I couldn’t help it. I was completely unmanned; my cum squirted into the back of Red’s throat, and it just kept coming and coming. Gold’s supple hand jerked up and down on my length faster and faster as I cummed, milking me for all I was worth. It seemed like a week before the stream of my cum stopped; Red pulled her lips slowly off my dick and smiled as she licked her lips. The head of my dick was deep purple and throbbing, still covered with my cum, and Gold and Dark licked it off together.

Dear God, I couldn’t take this much longer. I had to have one of them. They must have seen the look in my eye, and Gold lay back on my bed, spreading her legs wide to bare her dewy pink mound. I plunged into her, sinking my cock deep into her virgin cunt. Her cherry popped easy, and her tight pussy swelled with my length and girth fully inside her, my balls bouncing against her vulva. She yelled in ecstasy, and I was a savage, thrusting fiercely into her, fucking her deep and hard. She was just as savage, meeting me stroke for stroke. As we fucked, I felt hands – Red’s and Dark’s – running along my skin, my back, legs, and ass. I grabbed Gold’s tits and squeezed, wringing a sharp moan of delight from her. My dick throbbed, skin taut, until I felt like I was going to burst.

So when Gold came, I couldn’t stop myself. Her tight cunt spasmed around me, and I exploded, rocketing cum into her bowels, my back arching.

I could have kept going, and even started thrusting again, but Dark said, “My turn.” I regretfully pulled out of Gold’s womanhood, my dick slick with her virgin dew, and lay back on the bed next to Gold. Dark mounted me, and her pussy lips spread to admit my swollen shaft. Being a virgin, she didn’t know anything about teasing a man’s dick to enhance his pleasure, but just slid all the way down my length, which was just fine with me. She sighed as her cherry popped, and rose and fell upon my manhood. Red took up position over my face, lowering her fresh cunt to my lips, and I kissed it gently before sliding my tongue in.

I felt a weight settle on my chest, and dampness on my breastbone. Gold had taken up position, and ground her still-damp pussy against the hard muscles of my chest. So as I ate out Red and fucked Dark, I reached up and grasped Gold’s boobs, kneading gently, and twirling my fingers deftly around her nipples. She was groaning, and I felt the damp patch on my chest get wetter and bigger. Meanwhile, Red was continuously slicking my face as I tongued her, and Dark was gasping with breathless delight as she started to cum onto my dick and balls. She cummed a second time before I cummed too, and I squirted my seed into her depths.

Slowly Dark raised herself off my massive pole, and Red moved to have her turn. Gold took the opportunity to lean down and kiss me hungrily. My hands wrapped around her butt, cupping her ass cheeks, as Red popped her cherry on my mighty manhood. Dark snuggled up beside me, her boobs and damp snatch pressed against my side as she ran her hands through my hair and kissed my neck and shoulders. Red whooped as she rode me, like she was breaking in a wild stallion. She sheathed my entire meat inside her pussy, up to the hilt, so her buttocks were bouncing against my balls. I felt like my dick was expanding and expanding, skin growing tauter and tauter as I neared the brink. My fingers cupping Gold’s ass, went lower, to finger her swollen pink pussy from behind as she moaned into my mouth as we frenched.

Red and Gold cummed at the same time – I felt moisture running down onto my balls and buckets of juice spill onto and across my chest – and Red kept bouncing for all she was worth. “More, more!” she cried, and at last I couldn’t deny her plea, blowing my load inside her.

After this, we all kind of collectively sighed, exhausted but satiated. All was quiet for a moment; then Dark spoke up. “There’s one more thing I want to do.” I turned my head to look at her; Gold’s face was buried in the crook of my other shoulder. Dark smiled shyly – how anyone could be shy after all we did is beyond me – and continued, “I want to be assfucked.”

Now I had already cummed four times in this session, and cummed twice earlier with Kristin and three times with Ronni. I may be a sex god, but there are limits. Still, I obliged her; even if I didn’t cum, I was still hard enough to fuck her ass. Because of how thick my cock is, I don’t usually buttfuck girls, but if they want it, I’ll give it to ‘em.

Red rolled off my dick, and Gold off my chest. I got up, and Dark bent over the bed, her ass bared to me. I grabbed her waist, and prodded the outside of her asshole with my head. She moaned at that little stimulation, and I guessed she had fingered herself in the ass before. Now she was ready for something bigger and longer than a finger. I pushed the tip of my dick barely in, as her asshole expanded to admit it. She was groaning nonstop now – she really had a thing for her ass, I guess – and this was so erotic, my dick started throbbing again, the head starting to deepen towards purple again. I pushed in farther, till her asshole was squeezed tight around my swollen, throbbing head. “Oh, God, yes!” she cried, and her pussy started leaking cum onto the bed. I slid my rod in, further and further, a bit at a time, her groans getting louder, and her pussy creaming the whole time, until my whole cock was nestled inside her ass. God, she was tight. My dick was taut and throbbing as her asshole tugged and squeezed it. Then I pulled out a bit, slowly, and pushed back in, slowly, starting to thrust, gently, a steady rhythm; but as she continued to moan and began to writhe, I was impelled to go faster and faster, breathless with lust. I reached my hands around her sides, underneath her arms, and grabbed her breasts, cupping them, and gently tweaking her nipples between my fingers, as my thrusting started to reach speeds at which I would fuck a pussy. “Go-o-od!” she moaned. “Yessss! Cedric, oh God, Cedric!”

I couldn’t see it, but I could imagine that my entire shaft was a deep swollen purple, because damn, I was hot for her. Our moans reached a fever pitch, as we were bucking together, and I finally cummed inside her asshole as she squirted cream onto my bedspread.

I slowly pulled out of her, and we collapsed onto the bed. Red and Gold were staring at us, open-mouthed. I missed it, but they’d been fingering themselves watching us. Since I hadn’t eaten out Dark, I lapped up her creampie twat, and then crawled into the center of the bed, exhausted. The once-Virgins Three joined me, Dark and Gold at my sides, Red curled up on top of me, and we all drifted off to sleep.

And all I could think of as I fell into slumber was, Damn. Five times. The last thought I remember was thinking I could cum in Gemma’s snatch five times, no problem…


I very rarely cum 5 times in one fuckfest. More than that per day, of course, but not usually that many in one banging.

The first time I cummed five times was my very first time. When you lose your virginity, you’re so horny and raring to go that it’s easy.

I’ve only cummed five times in one fuckfest a few times since then, and except for that first time with Marianne, never while banging just one girl.

Only one exception. That was the time I cummed an unheard-of six times. And it was with one scorching hot girl.

It was Halloween last year, and I was at a fraternity house where they were hosting a costume party. I was dressed as a vampire; but I soon took the fangs out because it interfered with making out with chicks in dark corners. In the den, the furniture had been cleared away to make an impromptu dance floor. It was dim, very dim, as music played, and I found myself facing a girl dressed as a black cat. She had a half-mask, covering her eyes, with cat ears at the corners and whiskers too, and wore a black outfit complete with a tail. Her hair was curls, not sure what color it was, given the dim lighting; and her eyes gleamed gold in the strobe. She was short, too.

And I had no idea who she was. But I gallantly asked her to dance, and she came into my arms, reaching up to wrap her arms about my shoulders as I put my hands on her waist, and we rocked slowly back and forth. Her body pressed enticingly against mine, and she had some scent, like natural pheromones, that intoxicated me, and I got a hard on against her belly.

She just looked up at me and smiled. Innocent, impish. Eager, shy. We drifted through the crowd to one of the back rooms with a bed in it; I’m not sure who led whom, but we got there. We took off each other’s clothes, until we were both completely nude, except for her cat mask. It was still dark in here, but I could see the outline of her boobs, taut and ripe, bursting out of her skin as if longing to be fondled. I took her into my arms, grasping her boobs as I kissed her. She boldly stuck her tongue into my mouth, and our tongues explored each other, drinking deeply. She broke free and knelt down slowly, running her hands down my torso, until she came to my dick. Wrapping her small, lithe hands around my girth, she stroked up and down, eliciting a groan from me, and then she put her lips around me, sucking on my engorged head. I ran my hands through her hair as she sucked and ran her hands along my shaft, my dick throbbing and leaking precum.

There was something about her touch, and her tongue, that brought me to previously unexperienced heights of desire and euphoria. She took hold of my balls, and slid her lips down my length, taking more and more of me into her mouth, until she was deep throating me! I was moaning helplessly, cock quivering and completely at her mercy. I cummed into her throat, squirting and squirting and squirting. Surprisingly, she didn’t gag, but swallowed it all.

Her lips released my pole, which was still deep purple, and as she stood up, I lifted her up by her waist, and she wrapped her legs around mine. She leaned in to kiss me as I slowly lowered her on to my swollen shaft. My head disappeared between her pussy lips, and she cummed instantly, writhing and spasming in my arms, her cream leaking out of her slit and running in rivulets down my dick, and this amazing response provoked one in me as well, and I cummed again, squirting and squirting incredible bucketloads in her, as I’d done when she gave me head. My cock was slick with her dew, and most of it hadn’t even been inside her yet!

Without waiting for me, she lowered herself further onto my cock, and I felt the stretching as I popped her cherry. Then, without the barrier, my cock slid deep into her pussy, and the sensation made her cum again. “Cedric!” she gasped, bucking. She kept bucking, harder and faster, using her legs around my waist as leverage to thrust herself upon my massive manhood.

She was so enthusiastic, and so hot, that I blew my load again. This time, the cum went all the way to her very depths, without her cherry to hinder it, and the incredible sensation made her cum another time. Still thrusting, I leaned forward and lowered her onto the bed, and I buried myself deep between her legs, as she cried out breathlessly. She was the tightest pussy I’d ever had – tighter even than several of the assholes of the girls I buttfucked – and it was stretching to admit my gargantuan member. Her juice spilled out freely onto my balls and the bed, and I cummed again. By this time, I had cummed so many bucketloads into her, that some of it leaked back out. “God!” She screamed, as my hot cum squirted into her deepest recesses, “Don’t stop, Cedric, don’t stop!”

She rolled me over until she was on top and placed her hands on my six pac abs as she rode me. Her pussy was swollen and puffy and moist, and my dick was taut and throbbing and engorged. We were hotter for each other than anyone could imagine. My hands were everywhere on her delicious body, roaming from her waist to her boobs and nipples. She leaned forward, her tits to my chest and looked into my eyes with those strange gleaming orbs as I kept thrusting and she kept bucking. I put my hands on her ass, and roamed up and down her backside, and she shuddered ecstatically at my touch.

Her love juice poured copiously out of her cunt, and I squirted my last, and largest, load of cum into her as we screamed and yelled for what seemed like forever, till at last we were totally spent. “Kitty cat,” I murmured tenderly to her. We lay there, she on top of me, my cock still nestled inside her cunt, our hands entwined, her head on my chest, and slept through the rest of the party.

When the frat brothers – who’d hosted the party – woke me up at 3:00 a.m. to kick me out, everyone else having gone home, the girl was gone. I never did find out who she was, but she obviously knew me.

No girl has affected me quite like the black cat – until now. With thoughts of Gemma in mind, I had been so horny I had another five-time fuckfest, after a full day of fucking beforehand. If I could find her, deflower her, maybe I’d get another six-time session going…


My head cloudy and full of murky fantasies about Gemma, I woke up with the once-Virgins Three still in my arms. I grinned, remembering our fuckfest the night before. I’d definitely have to hit up Dark again, cuz that assfucking was HOT. Oh, and it might help if I actually learned her name.

After the girls were gone and I’d stepped out of the shower, Kristin – you remember, Connie’s friend – sauntered in. “Hey, babe,” I tossed a smile at her. “Need a fuck to begin the day?”

David’s Story

Chapter One

Author’s Note: Please be aware that (a) this is a work of total fiction. (b) It involves sexual conduct between a brother and sister and (c) Please be gentle with me if you choose to comment as this is my very first attempt at this type of writing and my very first submission to any internet site of any kind. I’ve been reading this site’s stories for some time and decided that it was time I had a go at it myself. If you do want to criticise go ahead but please try to be constructive with your comments. I am currently writing Chapter Two and will submit it if this gets a mostly positive reaction. Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy the story.

It has been many years since the events I am about to recount to you and now as I look back at them in the twilight of my life I can honestly say je ne regrette rien (I regret nothing) and that I have been blessed with the love of several extraordinary people. My story begins in my youth, when I was eighteen and had dark brown hair (now snow white), grey eyes with no lines around them, a somewhat Roman nose and strong (according to those who love me) jawline. I stood six feet two in my socks and I had the figure of an athlete which was not surprising because I was a middle distance runner and if I may say so a pretty good one, especially at the ten thousand metres which I truly loved. My name is David Wilson, the events I recall here took place almost sixty years ago and this is the first time they have ever been shared with anyone outside those with whom I experienced them. I hope you will read them, understand what and why they happened and even perhaps agree with our motives. If you do not I understand because of course we all strayed far from conventional society’s definition of ‘normal’ but in truth we believe we were right. Arrogant perhaps but also true and while we fully understand your right to disagree with us we simply say we acted out of love, that these events were nothing more or less than a method of expressing that love and that they were never an end in themselves, merely an addition to a deep and lasting bond of love that has lasted and deepened over the years. So, read on and all I ask is that you do so with an open mind and that you judge for yourselves if we were right or wrong from inside your own heart not from what others tell you to feel or think.

Anyway, to business then; I was eighteen, had just got home from a long day at college where I was soon to take my A-Level Final Exams and I had just reached the top of our stairs when I realised that Helen’s door was open and that she was clearly in there because her mobile phone was ringing stridently. I walked to the door, leaned my shoulder against the frame and immediately felt my heart begin to race as a stirring began to make itself known in my pants.

“Hi Charlie,” Helen breathed softly into her phone. My eighteen year old sister was lying on her bed and her green eyes were already smouldering as she caught sight of herself in her wardrobe mirror. Her long red hair was loose around her face and shoulders and her plush rose red lips were curved in a knowing little smile. “What’s up baby?” She asked and I didn’t need to be any kind of psychic to know the answer because I was thinking exactly the same thing her boyfriend was. “Oh you’re so bad you naughty man.” Helen giggled softly and I could hear the slight thickening in her voice that went nicely with the rapid rise and fall of her pert thirty two B tits and the rosy pink blush that began to form at the base of her throat. “A-ha, I just bet you do.” I grinned when Helen caught my eye but then my grin faded because she beckoned me in and silently mouthed, “Is it hard? Good, show it to me you naughty boy. Come on, get that big hard dick out for me.” I nodded while my sexy sister smiled, lay back and began to speak in a girlish but incredibly sexy half breathless tone.

“I’m lying on my bed with nothing on but my thin, lacy black bra and panties set. My firm, round breasts and cherry red nipples show right through the cups and I’m running my fingers along the edges and into the valley between my silken skinned globes because hearing your sexy voice makes my heart beat faster and my skin is tingling at the thought of your sexy blue eyes widening with excitement for me. My soft, red, curly hair and plump, tender, creamy pussy lips look sooo pretty through the little triangle of black see through lace that I just know you’d be very excited if you saw me like this.” Helen looked down and matched her actions to her words as I slowly unzipped my pants and undid the button on my dark grey jeans. “I’m stroking my tummy, running my fingers up and down from the little black bow on the waist of my panties to the one that sits on the bottom of my pretty little bra and my tummy is fluttering because I’m imagining your eyes raking my lithe slender body from my head to my toes while your hand runs over the front of your tight white briefs. Uh-huh, yeah, I want you to do that now Charlie and tell me what it does to you.” Helen ran her right hand along the inner curve of her right breast where the bra cup met her skin and watched me rub my thickening shaft through my briefs which were white cotton and already stretching taut over my rapidly stiffening prick.

“Mmm, yeah, my nipples are getting very stiff baby, in fact they’re poking really hard into the flowery lace because hearing you groan like that really thrills me.” Helen teased her nipples with a fingertip as her bra stretched over them and the blush on her neck began to spread across her collar bones. “A-ha, I’ll pull the cups down now and bare my wide, swollen, cherry nipples just for you honey. Ohhh, I’ve been thinking about you all day and I love touching myself for you so much. Mm-hmm, take it out now baby, take your big, hard, sexy dick out and rub it for me.” Helen bit her lip as she watched me release my cock from its confinement and then she stunned me. In the past she’d always watched me wank slowly when she lay there rubbing herself and talking dirty to Charlie and I expected this to be the same but today my sister took my hand before I got it to my shaft and she shook her head. “Mm! Yeah Charlie, I’m playing with my nipples, rubbing them and pinching them and thinking of you, thinking of your hot horny eyes feasting on me while you pump yourself slowly.” Helen pulled my hand down onto her left breast and flared her nostrils as my fingers bumped against her nipple. I was still in shock so that first touch was clumsy but as the reality sank I cupped her breast, curling my fingers onto the upper swell as my palm covered her nipple and I felt like I had a pebble digging into me because the swollen cherry red nub was so stiff.

“Ohhh yes,” Helen sighed and her hand slid up my inner thigh to cup my balls. “It feels so good; oh it’s making me sooo hot. A-ha, they’re rock hard Charlie, absolutely bullet stiff. Are you baby? Is your cock iron hard and standing right up for me? Don’t come yet, Charlie do it slowly, I want us to come together, uh-huh, stroke it up, and down, up, and down. That’s how I’d do it for you, slow, gentle, horny strokes so I could feel your hot hard shaft pulse in my hand while you made, made me wet.” I ran my hand across both of Helen’s tits and she arched her back while her hand held me in a loose but sexy grip that made my dick throb but didn’t make me want to shoot my load instantly despite this being the fulfilment of a fantasy I’d had for three or four years.

“Mmm, I’m lifting my knees, sliding my feet up the bed.” Helen whispered throatily. “My hand is sliding slowly down my tummy with my fingers pointed down. “I’m imagining you kissing me, using your mouth to muffle my sigh of hot lust as your hand moves lower. A-ha, my knees are parting now, spreading my long, slim, quivering thighs as my fingers run over the front of my panties and caress my plump, warm, juicy lips through the lace. Ohhh, oh Charlie, I can feel so much heat radiating from my pussy through these pretty panties that it’s almost burning my fingers. Mm! Oh! Are you throbbing? Is your big fat mushroom gleaming for me? Is pre-come making that sexy helmet shine and feel sticky? Yeah, my petals are flowering, uh-huh, they’re parting like my thighs and my panties, oh my panties are slipping into my moist, pink, velvet soft crease.” Helen cupped her hand over the tip of my cock and I felt her soft palm touch the pearl of pre-come that was already forming while I rubbed a camel toe into her knickers with my middle finger.

“Yes,” Helen hissed as her eyes began to flutter and her breathing became ragged. “I’m sliding my panties to one side, baring my soft shaven lips and hot wet slit, oh yes touch it, my clit, touch my stiff, pink, clit mm!” Her hips jerked a little and her hand clutched the top of my shaft in a reflex as I caressed the pebble stiff nub with the lightest of touches. “Yes, I’m wet. So, so wet. A-ha, yeah, I’m pumping it for you, wanking your hot, hard, sticky shaft. Ohhh!” Helen’s eyes flew wide when I slid my finger down the hot slippery crease between her swollen cunt lips and they pleaded with me as she gurgled in a low liquid moan, “Charlie, I can feel your finger inside me, pushing through my juices into my pussy. Ohhh, oh it feels sooo good, please, don’t stop. Yes, I can almost see it baby,” Helen panted as her inner walls squeezed my fingertip. I’d only inserted one and only as far as the first knuckle because she was a virgin and I didn’t want to hurt my beautiful sister.

“Oh baby are you close?” Helen asked and smiled when I nodded. I could hear a deep groan come faintly out of her phone and Helen clamped her thighs around my hand as I felt a deep spasm in her tunnel. “Charlie, I’m imagining that I’m sat on your lap, that your luscious mouth is on my heaving tits and your fingers, ohhh they’re up my skirt and, mm! Inside me, making, making me wet, oh God, Charlie, I’m clutching you, my mouth buried in your hair to muffle my moans because, oh, baby, I’m, coming!” I dropped my head and clamped my lips to Helen’s left nipple as she arched and writhed on the bed. “Charlie I’m coming, come with me, please, come with me. Uuurgh, ohhh it’s so good, Charlie come, come for me honey.” Helen sobbed through a climax that caused her whole body to tremble and thrash so much that I struggled to keep my lips on her tits at all much less in silence while her pussy seemed to want to suck my finger all the way into it as her juices literally spurted down her red hot velvet soft tunnel. “Oh baby, oh that was amazing.” Helen relaxed into her duvet cover and her thighs slowly parted as she recovered from her orgasm. “No, my pesky little brother isn’t home yet but he will be soon and you know we’d never get any peace with him around. I’ll see you on Friday baby and if you’re a good boy, well, maybe we can do more than just talk about having a bad boy’s hand up my skirt while he throbs in my fist. A-ha, yeah, me too, I’d better go and get dressed because my annoying little brother will be home soon and he’ll probably have one of his idiot friends with him. Mm-hmm, me too honey, ‘bye.” Helen killed the call then turned her phone off completely.

“Why didn’t you come?” Helen said with an irritated edge to her voice. “Wasn’t my technique good enough or am I just not worth coming for?” Her irritation only increased when I laughed in disbelief and she got a mulish look on her face that reminded me of us as children arguing about what programme we were going to watch on television.

“No, you were awesome, fantastic.” I said sincerely and it was Helen’s turn to look stunned when I sat down on the bed beside her and said, “I held back on purpose but I barely managed it. I did it because I thought that if I came it would hit you and put you off because I don’t want my lovely sister to think I’d treat her like a porn star. I didn’t think you’d want my spunk on your face or your luscious tits like they do it in the films because you’re not some cheap little tart. You’re just too special and too beautiful to be treated like that and besides, just touching you and feeling you come was more than I ever dreamed could really happen and I didn’t want anything to distract you from that or make you feel dirty when I was trying to make you feel as special as you are.”

“Oh that’s so sweet.” Helen said and then she sat up to wrap her arms around my neck then to my surprise she kissed me on the lips. I assumed that was an impulsive gesture but when it broke her eyes were just as bold as they had been when she guided my hand to her breast and I became very aware of the fact they were still bare as I felt them pressing into my chest. “David, when you were sucking my tits and fingering me I almost cried out your name because it felt so good to have my sexy brother’s lips and fingers on me. I’m glad Charlie’s gone because now I don’t have to pretend about who’s really making me hot, horny and wet.” Helen then kissed me again and this time her lips opened against my mouth and her tongue slid out to explore mine while she lay back and dragged me with her.

When the kiss broke she stroked my face and whispered, “When we were still at school I used to love what seeing me in my little white blouse and sexy grey school skirt did to my naughty little brother. When I walked up the stairs in front of you I’d know you were watching my ripe little peaches sway and it thrilled me so much I’d tingle inside. I’d feel your eyes climb up my legs, raking my long slim thighs all the way up under the pleats and my tummy would flutter because it made me feel so sexy to be lusted after by my own brother. I’d bend over a table or my bed sometimes and feel your sexy brown eyes on me. Knowing my own brother’s cock was tenting his pants at the sight my white cotton school knickers where they moulded themselves to my ripe little bum and plump, tender, virgin pussy excited me so much that I’d feel my juices start to gather at my tunnel. I’d imagine your cock throbbing in your fist while you tried not to imagine peeling your own sister’s panties down and my pussy would become hot and damp under my tight, white knickers. I’d lie on my bed and slip my hand down between my legs to rub the cotton into my slit while I pictured you wanking to a fantasy of your sexy sister lying under you, moaning softly as your big hard dick filled her pussy to the hilt. I could sometimes hear you stroking yourself through the wall and every time I did I’d rub my tits and stroke myself because I knew you were thinking of me and it turned me on to know my brother was dreaming of having my legs wrapped around him while he took me mercilessly, pounded his hot throbbing cock in and out of my juicy cunt while he muffled my screams of ecstasy by kissing me and slipping his tongue into my mouth. David. I’ve come hundreds of times to mental pictures of you losing patience with your cock teasing sister and ravishing my helpless body, ignoring my desperate pleas for mercy and running your hands, lips and cock all over me until I finally surrender and beg my brother to screw me senseless, to make his sweet innocent sister take his iron hard cock into her soaking snatch like the dirty little slut she is.” Helen then nuzzled my neck and in a hoarse voice she asked. “Are you gonna do it David? Are you gonna get between my legs and fuck your slutty sister senseless? Come on, I won’t stop you, give it to me you gorgeous sod, slip me your pole and do me.”

“God, I want it but we can’t,” I whispered as we kissed passionately and Helen wrapped her left leg around the back of my right thigh. My cock pulsed against her hip while I lay with my legs either side of her silken skinned right thigh and her soft mound pressed against my own.

“You’re my sister and a virgin, you deserve a first time that’s as special as you are with a man who loves you the way you deserve to be loved.” Helen cocked her head curiously and smiled teasingly as she rocked her hips gently and stroked my spine. “Helen, I don’t want you to look back one day and regret your first time with a man, to think it’s some sordid little secret that you have to hide from everyone. You always said your first time is going to be on your wedding night with your husband and that can’t be me, not ever so we can’t do what I want. It wouldn’t be right, or even fair.” Then I kissed Helen’s throat and ran my hand up the back of the leg she’d wrapped around me to cup her gorgeous arse before I looked her in the eye and said, “One of my favourite fantasies about that uniform might be something you’d like though.”

“Oh?” Helen asked softly and I saw the excitement in her eyes grow while under my chest her heart beat faster and her breathing began to quicken once more.

“I’ve pushed you against the wall and yanked your blouse open so your luscious tits are bare and your nipples are shining ‘cos I’ve been sucking them.” I began quietly, interspersing my sentences with kisses to her lips and throat before placing my lips back at her ear. “You’re whimpering that it’s dirty but I’ve made you hold your skirt up and your knickers are stretched between your knees. You’re looking down, saying it’s perverted to force your own sister to open her legs at all much less grope her poor helpless bottom while I kneel down and lick her defenceless muffin. You moan that it’s wrong to make my sister wet, to suck her clit and flick it with my tongue. You tell me that I mustn’t run my tongue down your slit like this but you start thrusting your pussy at me and when my tongue slides into your tight virgin tunnel you start to pant and babble that it can’t be happening, you can’t be coming on my face. You look down and say it’s unfair that your brother’s eyes are so cute when he’s so dirty but I grin and then slowly lick the whole length of your pussy.”

“Stop talking and do it!” Helen snarled into my mouth as she unwrapped her leg off me and I smiled as I kissed her throat and levered myself into the space between her thighs. “Oh God,” Helen panted and clutched my head as I kissed the blushing skin on her upper torso. “David you could have done it. I wouldn’t have stopped you, oh God, I wanted it too.” I reached the upper swell of her pert tits and then ran my tongue in a decreasing spiral all the way around her left breast as my sister whispered, “Do you remember the blue swimsuit I bought for Spain? It was backless with a halter neck and dad hated it because it showed so much of my cleavage and left the outside of my tits almost completely bare? I wore it for you because I had this fantasy where my brother was putting cream on my back. I imagined you rubbing it into my sides and then you’d feel the sides of my firm little tits and get a hard on while I lay face down and pretended nothing was wrong. My brother would hope that I didn’t notice him stretch his fingers under the Lycra and sneak a feel of my ripe round tits and I’d lie there pretending he’d got away with it for a little while. I’d wait with my eyes closed until your fingertips brushed my nipples and then I’d ‘catch’ you and gasp in shock. I’d roll over onto my back and stare at your blushing face and pretend to be deeply upset by you fondling your own sister that way but you’d see my rock hard nipples poking right into the fabric and you’d grin as you put your hands on them and squeezed. I’d protest that you were being filthy but I wouldn’t stop you and my back would arch under me as you called me a liar. You’d peel the thin blue strips to the side, tugging them off my nipples and then you’d lie on your tummy and start to suck one while you rubbed and pinched the other. Ohhh, yeah, like that David, just like that.”

“God you’re beautiful.” I whispered reverently as I gently took my sister’s left nipple between my lips and circled the swollen nub with my tongue. Helen stroked my hair and looked down at me as I caressed her right nipple with my fingertips and cupped the almost stone hard globe of silken skin that heaved under my hand. Her heart was racing and I kissed her breastbone while I looked up and watched her head recline in awe. Her soft mouth formed into a beautiful pout and a soft sigh of pleasure flowed from her as her eyes closed and her pleasure mounted. “You look perfect and taste even better than I dreamed you would. Everything about you is so beautiful.” I kissed her right breast then spiralled it with my tongue just as I had the left while under my stomach her hips rocked, pressing her soft warm pussy up against my abdomen. As I gently clutched her nipple with my lips and tongued the wide puffy tip I felt her heart suddenly pound while underneath me there was a sudden increase in the heat radiating from her moist velvet soft sex.

[This story involves adult family members of age 18 years or more. To enhance your reading pleasure, it is suggested but not required that you read Part 1 through 7 of this series. Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his tremendous help with editing]


Carter woke up on Saturday morning with his usual hard-on. Ever since his break started, he really enjoyed every moment of it. He was thankful to God that he saw his mom and the neighbor, Matt, in the act earlier that week. That naughty peeking led to him scoring on his sister Carolyn. The brother-sister special camaraderie got Carter to fuck his mom in the sister’s room the very next day. He has truly enjoyed the two special females in his life since then.

He was really looking forward to an extended “fucking” awesome break with family and friends. He knew that after dad was back from his business trip in the afternoon, everyone would spend some quality “family time” together.

He climbed down the stairs passed the hallway and reached the kitchen. His mom, Cathy, was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Cathy is always in great mood when she cooks for the family. Cathy’s mom always taught her that cooking was the token of affection as you service the family. She thought to herself that her mom had never taught her about “other service” to the family that she was expert at as well. She smiled imagining her in a sex scene with her parents. It was just a matter of time before she would suck her mother and fuck her father. She was totally unaware of her son, Carter, standing within a few feet stroking his raging hard on silently.

Cathy had the red robe on that made her look like a cute and sexy housewife. She had her back towards Carter while he silently approached her with some naughty idea in his head. He tiptoed behind her and lifted her robe carefully, only to notice that his mom wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Well, that only makes is easily accessible,” he thought to himself.

Holding his cock in his hand like weapon, he guided it into his mom’s pussy. He ensured that he pushed his cock head on her pussy lips at the same time as his lips touched the open area of the shoulders on her back. His hands went to both of Cathy’s sizeable boobs.

Cathy, startled for a moment, made an “ooooo…” sound, but quickly got hold of the proceedings.

“So, that’s how they teach you marines – approach the target silently and make a quick strike when in range?” She asked.

“Hell yeah! I am known for my great skills and reflexes among my co-workers,” Carter replied.

“What a good morning greeting!” Cathy responded.

She pushed her buttocks into his crotch to allow his entire cock into her. Carter saw his cock going in without much effort.

“Mom, looks like that Matt fellow has lubricated you well this morning. I am balls deep into you, while you are still standing and making your breakfast.”

“Well, son… you are just half right!”

“What do you mean by half right? Did you mean this is half your own juices? That would be little bit of nit-picking.”

Carter continued using Cathy’s behind slow and deep.

“Not that son! The lubrication was offered jointly by Matt and your dad.”

“You mean dad is back from his trip? Wasn’t he supposed to return today in the afternoon?”

“He finished early and returned. He didn’t want me to tell you, as he wanted to witness what was going on in the house behind his back.”

Cathy laughed as she enjoyed her son starting to fuck her harder.

“You mean …he is…”

“Good morning Carter!”

Carter heard his dad’s familiar voice as he appeared from behind the living room curtains. This was staged.

Although he knew this would happen, he felt little weird meeting his dad after 18 months with his cock embedded into mom.

John realized Carter was a little uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry Carter. We always wanted to do this. I am so glad that things fell in place for us in time.” Cathy assured.

John nodded his head in approval. Cathy bent over on the kitchen counter to offer Carter more “leg room.”

John got hard with this mother-son action. So he really needed someone to relieve him. He came near those two “fucking birds” and took a spot on the kitchen counter near Cathy’s mouth. Cathy took his cock in her mouth and started sucking on it while she enjoyed the smacking of Carter’s thighs on her round ass.

It was a special moment in Cathy’s life. She had her husband’s throbbing dick in her mouth spilling pre-cum and her son was banging her randy cunt from behind. She wondered about the day when she would feel the three generations loving her at the same time.

Carter loved the way his mom was licking and sucking dad’s cock. Based on his personal experience, he knew both his sister and mom were expert cock suckers. He wondered where his sister Carolyn was.

“Hi guys.”

Name the devil and the devil is there. Carolyn greeted everyone. She was back from her boyfriend’s drop-off to the airport.

“The family that plays together stays together,” Carolyn almost sang rhythmically.

Once she was closer to the action, she moved from side to side as she slowly took off her shirt, leaving her only wearing a black lace bra and a pair of boxers. She went on with her striptease show and removed her bra, revealing her perfectly beautiful 38C tits.

She caressed her tits then moved her hands down her stomach and began to remove her pink boxer shorts. Carolyn turned away from them as she pulled her shorts down, giving them a perfect view of her ass. She kept her ass high in the air as she pulled her shorts down around her ankles. Still bending down, she began to tease her clit, smiling at John from between her legs. She began to moan as she inserted one of her fingers into her pussy while still teasing her clit.

“Are you going to keep me waiting… huh?” She said.

“Of course not! It’s a cardinal sin to keep a young naked woman waiting,” John said.

John pulled his cock from Cathy’s mouth, stood up, and walked over to Carolyn. He replaced her daughter’s finger in her pussy with two of his own fingers. He slowly pushed them deep inside her then pulled them out. Then he repeated the action. He dragged his tongue along her ass cheeks, slowly getting closer to her asshole until he finally drove his whole tongue into her ass. Carolyn moaned as he twirled his tongue all around inside of her ass while still fingering her pussy.

John stood up and placed the tip of his cock on her pussy, teasing her before plunging all of his cock into her. She let out a sharp gasp. He took his entire cock out of her pussy before shoving it all back in again. It seemed John was demonstrating his experience of so many years. Their bodies smacked together as he completely removed and reinserted his cock in and out of her cunt several times. Carolyn gasped on each thrust. And so did the mom, Cathy, with her son fucking her with full energy.

At this point, Cathy asked Carter to move closer to the daughter-dad action. Carter pulled his cock out of Cathy’s pussy and walked towards the maroon couch in the living room. He sat on the edge of the couch and waited for his mom to resume what has been a wonderful morning so far. Cathy, on her way from the kitchen to the living room, swapped one hot and wet kiss with John.

Cathy came to Carter and moved her fingers seductively to his face. She then impaled herself on Carter’s cock facing Carolyn. Both mother and daughter explored each other’s mouth while getting fucked by family meat in their pussies.

Carolyn’s gasps turned into louder moans, as John continued to pound into her hard. Just when it appeared that she couldn’t take it anymore, she raised her ass up even higher by grabbing onto her ankles. Dad ferociously fucked her cunt.

Carter began to feel that he was about to cum.

“I’m going to cum!” Carter said.

“Do it in my ass! Fuck me as hard as you can and cum in my ass son!” Cathy begged.

Carter took his cock out of her pussy and placed the tip on the rim of her ass. Giving himself a little time so he wouldn’t instantly cum in her, he slowly pushed the head of his cock into her ass and left it there for a moment. He soon started thrusting his cock deep into his mom’s ass. He tightly grabbed onto her tits and groped them furiously as he pummeled her ass. She let out a howl as his son’s cock drove deep into and out of her bum hole. Their bodies slammed against each other with each and every thrust as his balls loudly slapped against her cunt.

Carolyn managed to get a few of her fingers into her mom’s pussy and began to finger-fuck her.

Dad kept violently fucking Carolyn. Her legs started to shake. Her knees began to buckle. John knew she was about to cum, which was good because he knew I wasn’t going to last much longer myself.

“I- I- I- I’m going to cum!” Carolyn barely managed to get out.

She was heavily gasping and moaning.

“Me too….” Mom declared.

About to climax and tired to the point of exhaustion, Carter nestled his cock deep inside his mom’s ass. Cum exploded out of his cock and drained deep into Cathy’s anal cavity. His mom’s body shivered and she came very hard.

Carolyn had her orgasm next. Her legs gave out and she collapsed onto the floor, which caused dad to fall on top of her. Dad got up and jacked himself off to spray his cum over the two girls. All of us were piled on the carpet in the living room, exhausted, sweaty, and out of breath.

Once they recovered, they headed to the breakfast table. The workout all of them had made them extra-hungry. Cathy felt like a great mom who took care of both the physical and the sexual hunger of her family. She really was a provider.

A heavy workout followed by a heavy breakfast caused exhaustion for the family. Carter realized he got to sleep late the previous night, John drove most of the night, and Carolyn had to get up early for the airport drop off. So these three guys needed a nap badly. They decided to go for a power nap. Carolyn went to Carter’s room. There seemed to be a tacit agreement between them about living together for the time Carter was around.

Cathy changed into something tight and sexy and left for her grocery shopping.

After about an hour, Carter woke up pretty fresh. It seemed a good workout and a good sleep gives the level of relaxation the body needs. “Sex every day would help to get up all fresh every morning,” Carter thought to himself and smiled.

He got out of his bed and put his boxers on. He was about to wake his sister up but he was captivated by her naked body. He found his cock getting hard again. It was even harder than before. He wanted to wake her up so they could fuck again, so he ripped off his boxers and climbed to the foot of the bed and began to lick around Carolyn’s pussy.

He flicked her clit with his tongue before he started sucking on it. Carolyn began to stir around, but she didn’t wake up. He slipped his tongue into her pussy and began to slowly eat her out. He sped up his tongue-fucking and her moans got louder but she still didn’t wake up.

“Oh man! You must REALLY be worn out,” Carter thought.

He drove as much tongue as he could into her cunt and ate her faster. He reached up to her breasts and began teasing her nipples. Her pussy got wetter. Her moans got louder. While still asleep, she writhed more and more in pleasure. She soon came in her sleep.

“Brother’s and sister’s score should be same,” he thought to himself as he climbed up on top of her and lined his cock up to her pussy.

He gently slid it in. He began working it in and out of her wet twat as she slept. He slowly and rhythmically fucked her with slow and steady strokes. In the mornings, he had started fucking mom when she didn’t know he was even near her. Here he was fucking another girl who was sleeping. He was proud to be sneaky, especially when it means sneaking his dick into some tight and wet cunt. He sucked and nibbled on Carolyn’s nipples. Suddenly he noticed she had both of her hands on his ass, squeezing tight. “Thank God you woke up. I had to start without you,” Carter said.

“Starting without me is all cool Bro. But finishing without me is criminal,” Carolyn chimed in huskily.

Carolyn pulled his ass down with her hands onto her, forcing his cock deep into her pussy. He picked up speed and his thrusts got harder as he kept sucking on her tits. He was grinding into her cunt, completely impaling her with his cock. Their bodies smacked each other.

Carolyn’s panting and groaning became louder the more he drove his cock inside her. He felt himself about to cum, so he pulled out of her and aimed for her face. A burst of cum hit her in the eye. It dripped down her cheek and onto her lips. She used her tongue to lick up the cum around her mouth. He continued to stroke his cock to empty his balls. The next two bursts of cum splashed onto her tits and stomach.

“That looks like fun.” Both of them heard a voice from the doorway.

“Mom… dad…. I thought you guys ….”

“I can follow the smell of sex. I am a sex kitten,” mom said laughingly.

“I hope the fun is not concluded yet,” dad checked.

Carter stared at his mom as she quickly ripped off her pajama shirt, revealing her DD breasts. She walked over to Carolyn who was still lying on the bed. She leaned down to lick her daughter’s stomach. She started at her belly button, dragging her tongue along Carolyn’s flat stomach. Mom dragged her tongue to the pools of cum. Her tongue then made it to Carolyn’s tits. Mom licked up all the cum on her daughter’s tits, making sure to run her tongue along the nipples and flicking the tips of them. Mom brought her face closer to Carolyn’s. They shared a deep passionate kiss. Strands of cum dribbled down off mom’s lips. Both Cathy and Carolyn looked like cum sluts.

Cathy moved her head back down her daughter’s glistening body, right to her pussy. She kissed and licked Carolyn’s thighs before driving her tongue in her cunt. Carolyn moaned and began to fondle her own breasts. Carolyn moaned louder as Cathy played with her clit, running her tongue up and down it, sucking it into her mouth and rolling her tongue all around it.

As Cathy ate out her daughter’s pussy, John walked over next to Carolyn with his fully erect cock. He waved his massive cock in front of Carolyn’s face until she opened her mouth wide to take it in. Carolyn mumbled as she closed her lips around her dad’s shaft, grabbing hold of his balls as her mom continued eating out her cunt.

Carter stood in awe as he stared at his mom’s ass wiggle back and forth as she kept tongue fucking his sister. His mom’s cunt occasionally made an appearance. Her pussy glistened as she got wetter. His sister moaned louder, though they are muffled because dad was mouth-fucking her. Carter’s cock felt as hard and it started to hurt. He had to fuck something, and his mom’s pussy was just taunting him too much.

He walked right up behind his mom and glided his cock into her pussy. He was right, she was already very wet. He eased his cock into her. Cathy was nowhere near as tight as Carolyn, most likely thanks to her husband’s monstrous cock. Carter began to grope Cathy’s tits hard as he fucked her. Cathy let out a groan as her son grinded into her cunt. John could no longer hold his load. He pulled out of his daughter’s mouth. Carolyn opened her mouth wide as dad stroked his cock a few times. He grunted and filled his daughter’s mouth with cum. Without swallowing, Carolyn went back to sucking on her dad’s cock. She glided her mouth up and down his dick. Cum oozed off of his cock and started to drip down to Carolyn’s lips.

Carter picked up his pace, furiously driving his cock into his mom’s cunt. He felt his mom’s cunt twitching on his cock and mumbled, moaning. He knew that his mom had cum so he pulled out his cock and rested his cock-head at the entrance to mom’s butt-hole. With a gentle push, he got the head right in. Cathy let out a husky cry to welcome her son into her ass.

“Oh, you just couldn’t wait to fuck your own mom in the ass could you?” She said.

“Sorry, mom, I just couldn’t help it.”

“Go for it. Fuck your momma good… make her cum”

Cathy’s ass gripped Carter’s cock so tight. Carter started thrusting hard into her. He liked the sight of the ass rim flipping with the cock coming out and going in. Mom grunted and bucked her hips in sync with his rhythm. He began to pick up speed, thrusting harder and harder into her ass. His balls slapped against her pussy. Cathy moaned louder into Carolyn’s pussy as she continued to tongue-fuck her daughter. Carter kept ravishing his mom hard in the ass. His attention was divided between his mom eating out his sister’s pussy that he just fucked and his mom’s large tits bouncing and swinging wildly in the air.

Carolyn moved her hands to the top of mom’s head as her breathing got heavier and her panting got louder. Carolyn’s body began to shake and she let out a few screams as she had another powerful orgasm. Carolyn crawled out from under mom and walked over to a nearby chair and sat down to catch her breath. Carolyn and dad watched as I continued to fuck mom. Carolyn began to finger herself and dad started to jack himself off.

“Come on dad! Don’t let them have all the fun. With this beautiful cock of my father inches away from me, why the heck would I bother with my fingers?” Carolyn demanded.

She pulled her finger out of her twat.

“You sure have a point,” John agreed.

He stroked his cock looking at the proceedings.

John walked over to Carolyn as she spreads her legs wide. That gave him a clearer view of her pussy.

Carter couldn’t help but stare at his sister as she fondled her tits with one hand and her clit with the other. His dad stroked his cock a few times then slapped it against her pussy lips. He buried the head of his cock in her. Carolyn moaned as her father’s cock slowly pushed into her.

Carter slowed down his own thrusts to match his dad’s pace. Carolyn’s and mom’s moans began to synchronize. This looked like the hot and wet porn movies that Carter watched. Both the boys picked up the pace on their “close relatives.” The girls had their tits jiggle and bounce around as their bodies devoured John’s and Carter’s cocks.

Carter tried not to cum before dad, but he could no longer hold it. So he broke away from dad’s rhythm and pounded Cathy’s ass as hard and fast as he could.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me harder! Keep fucking your mom in the ass!”

Mom’s words and her screams took away the rest of his stamina and Carter came in her ass. He fell on his mom’s back. His cock became limp as of Cathy’s ass pushed it out with a slight plop sound. Cathy felt her son’s cum seeping out of her asshole and running down toward her cunt.

“Mmmm, that was real good.”

Mom turned and knelt down and sucked his cock clean.

Carter heard his sister screaming louder so he turned to watch the rest of the dad-daughter fucking as mom continued to lick his dick clean.

John gripped both of daughter’s ankles and spread her legs apart as far as possible. It looked like that he was going to split her into two halves. He pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. With one hand, he played with her tits, and with the other, he toyed with her clit. After pounding his daughter’s cunt some more, he pulled his cock out and came all over her stomach and tits.

Cathy and Carolyn hugged each other. Their cum-coated bodies made slurping sounds and they looked like perfect cum whores.


John walked over to his son, stroking his cock to get it hard again.

“I see that you like to fuck people in the ass.”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Carter replied.

“Well then…”

John walked up right behind him and cupped his son’s ass.

“We’ll see if you can take it as good as you can give it.” John winked.

“We’ll see.” Carter repeated in agreement and winked back.

When we arrived home, SIS and MIL was pacing anxiously in the living room. I was the one to open the door. Both of them rushed to me and bombarded me with questions. I decided to yank their chains a bit and said nothing. BIL understood my intentions and he just carried MOM on his shoulder and sat her on the couch. He went back to get daddy. Meanwhile, I just sat beside MOM saying nothing. Both women were now looking at us with puzzled expressions and their eyes demanded answers. When BIL brought in dad and sat him on the other couch, Mona tried to question him but he also said nothing and sat beside dad. It was a rather funny situation and I knew inside they were worried sick. On the way, I had told MOM much details of how I got intimate with first BIL, then Mona and SIS too. She was playing along too. Just when I could see that SIS was about to burst into tears, I said: Hey MOM, why don’t you give me another blowjob?

MOM just said okay and immediately began to unzip my fly and before you could say BJ, she had my cock in her mouth. Both SIS and Mona gave a yell of surprise which was soon replaced by cheering. MOM was busy sucking my dick when. Mona and SIS both ran and hugged me. I told MOM to stop and said: I think these poor ladies need some explaining, why you don’t go ahead and tell them what they need to know. I’m tiered and would like to sleep now.

I got up to leave. My cock was semi erect now and was dangling out of my fly but I did not bother to put it back in. I went to my room and BIL followed me there. He said that it would be such a waste to lose such a lovely erection and began to undress me. But I remembered one more thing and I told BIL to stop and bring daddy in.

When he came back with daddy, I was naked and rubbing my cock. Dad averted his eyes on this sight but I ordered him on his knees and BIL pushed him down. He was kneeling in front of me with my cock aimed straight at his face. I was beginning to enjoy being the master ordering around his slave.

Me: okay dad, here goes: since you have been briefed about the kind of lifestyle we have here. I know you did not want this upon yourself and I somewhat feel sorry for you, but I cannot simply put this family into jeopardy. I love you dad, but in the past year my definition of love has only been reduced to sexual love. I have fucked almost everyone in our family and today I even consummated my mother’s carnal love.

Dad: I know son. I must admit that it is hard for me to accept, but I know no life without your mother. She is the reason for me being alive. As long as you let me be with her, I’ll never speak ill for you. Neither shall I divulge the secret of this family to anyone outside. I promise by my life.

Me: Dad, I want to trust you, but I simply cannot take a risk that big. Otherwise I would’ve set you free but now that you are trapped in here, you have to prove your worth here.

Dad: I’ll do anything as long as you don’t take my love from me. What do I have to do?

Me: Well, I have thought of a plan to test your faithfulness. If you pass, I promise that MOM will never say no to make love to you. Otherwise, I’ll go out of my way to make sure that you keep your mouth shut.

Dad: Anything son, anything.

Me: As you already know that BIL is gay and let me tell you that I myself am a bisexual. So all you have to do is to make yourself comfortable with being gay. And you’ll have to have sex with me and BIL. If you manage to make yourself a proper satisfactory gay, in a few days, I’ll put your luggage in MOM’s room. Meanwhile you can stay in the servant quarters. They are deserted anyway.

BIL was nodding his approval for my plan immediately and dad was contemplating the idea with closed eyes. He took a couple of minutes and then said: Okay, I will try my best. But please can we start in a couple of days. My ass already hurts like hell.

Me: Okay, we’ll chill with the anal stuff, but you can never be sore for a blowjob. So please suck the sperm out of your beautiful son in law’s dick.

BIL was jumping with excitement as he removed his pants and sat on the edge of the bed. Dad slowly approached him and with trembling hand held his dick in front of his face then with a gasp, he dove on it and devoured it completely into his mouth. He left it there for some time and then began to slowly move up his head over it. I could see that he was already giving BIL a proper blowjob and I could’ve sworn that it was not his first time. But then I remember what BIL once told me: Guys give the best blowjobs because they know how a dick feels good. BIL was in ecstasy. He reached out and dragged me by my cock and began to suck me. BIL came first in daddy’s mouth and ordered dad not to spill any. He obliged, BIL increased his mouth’s pace on my dick and I too shot a couple of table spoons in his hungry mouth. But he did not swallow. Instead he spat my goo in daddy’s mouth and told him to swallow that too.

I was pleased with daddy’s performance and I congratulated him.

Me: Dad, you’ll do fine. You’ll be hooked to our dicks in one month.

Dad gave me a faint but tired smile and I told BIL to escort daddy to his accommodation. I myself took a long bath and after that slept like a baby.

When I woke up, the household was not its usual quiet self. I could hear restlessness and rumbling outside. I dressed up and went out. Everybody was already up and about to have breakfast. Mona was practically dancing around the kitchen and it was evident how happy she was. SIS was feeding the baby without any shirt on and one of her milk-full tits was totally open to the sunshine. BIL was reading the newspaper and was dressed for office. MOM was helping Mona with the kitchen and dad was sitting quietly in the corner. They greeted me and Mona served a dish in front of me. I said that I wanted some fresh milk and everybody laughed.

BIL and I left for office in his car. BIL was in good mood I was feeling lighter too. But I was thinking that now that all family members are involved in the sex, I expected to see a huge orgy soon. I must say that the thought was pleasing me.

I spent a boring day in office and kept thinking all the pussies and assholes waiting for me to fuck back at home. When I and BIL left the office I could already see an erection in BIL’s pants. He was driving so I gently placed my hand on his crotch. I rubbed it gently just to make things interesting and when he was fully hard, I replaced my hand. He said that it was not fair as he was expecting more, but I kissed him on the check and said: wait a little honey we are due for a treat back home.

But I could understand BIL’s worries. He knew that now I was the only guy in the house who had to satisfy all these people. I knew that already. And I had a plan too. It was: Sexual Performance Enhancing Drugs. I found a couple of good products to my liking. What I was looking for was a thing that may or may not prolong my timing but could reduce the recharge time. I found what I wanted and had called in an order from office. I told BIL to stop at the pharmacy to pick it up. It was a bottle of very large, light blue colored pills with instructions that one pill equals to one orgasm. Please don’t take more than 4 in 24 hours. I smiled at the instructions, knowing that 5 orgasms a day were going to be enough. I took one pill in the car and when we reached home, I was feeling a little sensation in my balls.

In the drive way, I finally decided to end BIL’s misery and a soon as the automated door of the garage closed, I took out his cock and began to suck it. I sucked him for a couple of minutes then I told him to go inside and wait for his turn in his room. He practically ran away inside. I composed myself and entered the house. There in the living room, all the ladies were sitting. They greeted me in unison and then Mona threw herself in my arms. I was expecting that so I managed to keep my balance. She was kissing me and undressing me at the same time. I was out of my shirt and pants in no time and now she was removing her top. As I took a step back to give her room to undress, I saw a pleasing scene. MOM and SIS were making out on the couch.

They were indeed dueling tongues and MOM was fondling SIS’s boobs through her shirt. SIS was rubbing MOM’s crotch though her dress. As I was admiring the beauty of the scene, I realized that Mona was already naked and now freeing my cock from my underwear. She began to suck it very fast and soon she was keeling before me in doggy-style position offering me her holes. I kissed and licked each of the holes and then I started to lick her pussy. I was now a pro at cunnilingus and in a few licks I had already brought us to her first orgasm. I then put my cock in her pussy and began to fuck her steadily. I looked to my side and saw that on the couch the other girls were naked too and now MOM and SIS were licking each other’s twats in 69 position.

That sight was enough to send me to the edge however I did not want to cum in Mona’s pussy. I withdrew and spilled my spunk all over her ass and back. Sis saw that I was done. She got up from MOM and began to lick Mona clean of my spunk. MOM joined her too and both the ladies cleaned her up. After that Mona got up MOM assumed her position. I began to lick her twat while SIS sucked on my cock. It took me a mere 5 minutes to get hard again. The drug was working well. I began to fuck MOM who already had two orgasms. Soon I was pulling out of her pussy too but this time SIS did not let me cum over her back as she took it in her mouth and swallowed it all. I took a pill out of my pocket and took it. The girls let me sit on the couch and spread my legs. MOM and Mona got on their knees and stated to suck my cock and balls in turns. While SIS got on my chest and ordered me to suck her pussy. I did not waste time and began the ritual. I loved the pair of mouths that was working simultaneously on my cock and balls. Occasionally they would lick my asshole too. Soon I was hard but before that SIS had already came a couple of times.

I brought her down on my lap and slammed my cock up her pussy. As she began to ride me with passion, I could see her milk jugs bouncing in front of me. I lowered my face to take a nipple in my mouth and began to drink her milk.

Mona was now in 69 with MOM and from lower down she was also fingering my asshole. I did not withdraw from SIS’s vagina as I left torrents of my semen in her tunnel. After that I was totally spent.

The women thanked me and kissed me as I left for BIL’s room. I had taken another tablet on my way to BIL’s room. He was in the bed but I could see that he was not very excited. He must’ve heard the racket we were causing outside for a couple of hours and was thinking that now I did not have enough stamina for him. He did know what the pills were for. I knew what I had to do. I removed my underwear and let my cock free. It was already erect. I roughly turned him over on his belly and he automatically lifted his ass up. I spat on the asshole and then on my dick and in one thrust, I shoved it in completely. He was taken by surprise by this assault but as I began to fuck him he replied with shoving his hips back. I fucked him roughly and very fast. I yelled at him, “So you thought your dear Sahil will not be able to satisfy you after he is done with those three pussies.”

He was yelling with painful pleasure. He could only reply: Oh Sahil! You are god!

I knew my techniques of prolonging the climax and I gave his ass a pounding of 20 straight minutes before I unloaded my balls. After that I collapsed on top without withdrawing my cock from his ass. He turned over and hugged me from under. He began to kiss my lips. I rolled over and let him on the top. He began to kiss all over my body and when he reached my crotch he opened my legs and made me hold them over my head. He then began to worship my asshole.

After sucking and licking my ass for ten minutes or so, he spat on his dick and slowly entered my asshole. I encouraged him by keeping my hips apart using my hands. He steadied the pace and soon his body was like a blur. I was enjoying the sensation so much that after he had shot his sperm into my ass, my dick was hard yet again. He collapsed at my side and I kissed him. I looked at the clock. It was already 9 o’clock.

We decided to take a bath and freshen up.

Half an hour later, MOM came into the room to call us for dinner. BIL was romantically stroking my hair at that time. MOM smiled and told us that dinner was ready. At dinner I announced: My dear family. It is decided now. I will try to satisfy all the woman of the family sexually but my BIL is my priority.

All the ladies encouraged the idea and assured me of their support.

Me: MOM and Mona will share a room and dad will stay outside in the servant quarters.

Nobody raised any objections. So, I began: Now, we have, as you know, a big problem. We have to keep the secret from Pamela. Silence fell on the table on hearing that. It appeared that in their excitement, they had completely forgotten her.

Mona: Oh my! I don’t think now we will be able to keep it down. How will we do that Sahil?

Me: Well, I have an idea but I am hesitant in saying it out loud.

BIL: Come On Sahil! Please let us know. I don’t have any idea what to do about my baby sister.

Me: BIL, I was thinking that . . . she may be let in on the secret.

Mona: But Sahil dear, I don’t think that it is such a good idea. Everyone in this room has some very dysfunctional reason to be involved in a relationship like ours. But she is a young beautiful girl. She is normal to say the least. She will surely be freaked out and then everything will be undone. Or wait a minute. Are you suggesting your rape idea again? Like with your mother? Sahil beta I think. . .

Me: I’m not suggesting that. She does not need to be raped. She can be seduced and eased into it.

BIL: Here is an idea Sahil. Why don’t you marry her? And after the marriage, you can tell our secrets to her. I bet once she is with you, she will not want to let you go.

Me: Actually that is what I had in my mind. I would love to marry your sister. That is if you want to wed your sister into a family of perverts.

Mona: I know of that family actually. It’s my favorite family in the world.

Everyone laughed at that.