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My wife and I were in bed, naked. It was Saturday night, and I was ready for our weekly round of mediocre sex. After fifteen years of marriage, the lovemaking had gotten pretty routine. But still, sex is sex.

I rolled on my side to face her. “Honey?” I said expectantly.

She remained on her back, staring at the ceiling. She spoke, in a monotone. “I’ve been unfaithful to you.”

“What?” I was dumbstruck. I wasn’t even sure I’d heard her correctly. “What? When? With whom?”

She kept staring at the ceiling, and spoke in a calm, flat voice. “It was with your brother. We’ve been sort of flirting with each other for a long time when you weren’t looking. We happened to be alone together the other day when he came by to drop off your tools. It just sort of happened. First we were in each others’ arms, kissing passionately; you know, like you and I used to do. Then his hands were all over me; groping my breasts, squeezing my ass, and he started fingering my pussy through my skirt. I could feel his cock through his trousers. It felt huge. That was all it took. I dragged him into the bedroom.”

“This bedroom? You did it right here? In our bed?”

“Yes, right on this very bed. We stripped each other naked. I had to see that huge cock. It was immense. Much bigger than yours. I wanted to suck it, but it was too damn big. I could barely get my mouth around the head.”

Lying there next to her, I felt the blood rising in my cheeks. I was so humiliated by her infidelity, and worse yet, by her total lack of shame over it. Her matter-of-fact voice and her staring eyes made me think that she was actually proud of herself!

“I wrapped both my hands around it,” she continued. “My fingers didn’t even meet, that’s how thick it was. I jacked his shaft up and down while I tried to get the head into my mouth. Eventually I gave up on that, and just licked around the rim while I kept jacking him. I slurped the head like an ice cream cone. I even stuck my tongue into his pee slit. It was so wide open, it was easy.”

Through my shame, I actually felt my cock swell a little as she spoke. It twitched as I thought of my wife’s mouth, stretched to the limit trying to swallow my brother’s cock head.

“He got tired of my licks on his cock, and he made me lie on my back. His cock was dripping tons of pre-cum, and my pussy was wetter than it’s ever been. I spread my legs — just like I’m doing now — and waited for him to enter me. His cock came at me like a torpedo; it looked even bigger than ever. I thought he might split me in half, but I didn’t care. I was so tired of your puny little dick that I was willing to die to be fucked by a real cock.”

My penis twitched again, picturing my wife’s pussy being split by my brother’s enormous, dripping, throbbing cock. Her hand had crept to her crotch and she was rubbing herself.

“When his cock first touched me, it felt like electricity. It was hot and cold all at the same time. It slipped into my sopping pussy like an electric eel, alive and on fire, stabbing and jabbing. I felt myself so stretched that I started to scream in pain, but it was a delicious pain. He supported himself on his arms on each side of me, and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. His eyes just glared at me, telling me that he knew he owned me, body and soul.”

By now, my face was scarlet with shame and humiliation, but my dick was also rock hard, and I could feel my hips beginning to buck a little. My wife had her hand between her thighs, and was fingering herself as she told her story. I resisted the urge to stroke myself.

“As his cock plundered and scrambled my insides, I writhed and bucked on the bed. I was screaming in pain and pleasure, and clawing his back with my fingernails. When he came, it felt like an ocean of cum was invading me. It was so warm and wet that it pushed me over the edge. I came like I haven’t cum since before I ever met you.” She turned her head to face me for the first time. “It was the greatest fuck of my life.”

Her words burned my ears, and my face reddened two shades deeper at her glance. And my dick grew an extra notch. My foreskin was so stretched that it was almost painful.

“Was that it?” I asked breathlessly.

“No. He left after that, but I was too turned on to stop. I still needed to suck a cock. I figured I’d suck yours, since it fits in my mouth so easily. I drove to your office, but you were out on a sales call. But your boss was there. He’s always had the hots for me. I needed a dick in my mouth, and I didn’t care whose it was. I dragged him into a conference room and locked the door. Then I ripped his trousers off him.”

I was dumbfounded all over again. “What, wait. My boss? That bald-headed old coot?”

“Yes, your boss. He has a bigger cock than yours, of course, but nothing like your brother’s. It easily fit in my mouth. I sucked it in before his trousers even hit the floor. I felt it stiffen in my mouth as I rolled it around with my tongue. Once it was good and hard, I took it back out to admire it. Nice and long, with bulging blue veins and a fat, round head. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked hard while I jacked his shaft. Then I slowly pushed my face down, swallowing every inch or so to get it as deeply as possible into my throat. When I felt his pubic hair on my lips, I swallowed some more so that my throat would massage his head.”

She never deep-throated me like that! My cock was pointing at the ceiling and bobbing. Involuntarily, my hand had crept to it, and I found myself absentmindedly stroking my shaft. Part of me wondered if I could ever show my face at work again.

“I pulled my mouth back a bit so that I could get both my hands on his shaft. I twisted my hands in opposite directions, back and forth, to fully stimulate his shaft while I kept swirling my tongue around his head in my mouth. Then I reached under him with one hand and squeezed his balls. He had been moaning the entire time, but at this point he started to vibrate and grunt, and I knew he was close. I sucked harder, and snuck my pinkie into his asshole. That was all he needed; he came in my mouth, buckets of hot, sticky cum. I swallowed most of it, but some dripped down onto my blouse. It was delicious; creamy and sweet and a little bit tangy. I kept sucking him as he softened, swallowing every last drop of cum as it sneaked out of his withering dick.”

By now I was earnestly stroking my own cock. My breathing was shallow and my horniness had almost caught up with my shame and revulsion. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the story to end.

“And then what?” I asked.

She had her hand buried in her crotch, and I could see that she was sawing it in and out of her pussy. I could hear her juices sloshing. “I still needed more,” she said. “I called up Harry, your best friend, and asked him to meet me here.”

“Harry? My buddy Harry? How could you!?” Harry was my best friend, but he was a total pervert. I’d always tried to keep him away from my wife. My ears burned crimson again. But my hand never left my cock. In fact, I now had both hands wrapped around my shaft, jacking it methodically.

“Harry came right over. I told him what I needed. I stripped his clothes off, and lubed up his cock with Astroglide. I jacked him for about five minutes, to make sure he was good and stiff and slippery. He told me I was a fabulous cock-stroker. Then I handed him the Astroglide bottle and got on my elbows and knees on the bed. I told him to lube me up good. He poured the lube onto my ass crack, and massaged it into my asshole. He stuck a finger in me and wiggled it around for a bit. Then two fingers, then three. I told him to quick screwing around and fuck me already.”

She had never let me take her anally! The idea of my wife, buns up on this very bed, face buried in the pillow and about to get her asshole ravaged, was too much for me to take. My mind was reeling, my body was shaking, and I was sweating like a pig. My hands continued to pound my pud, my hips were bucking, and my entire body was vibrating with feelings I could barely describe. I almost felt as if my own body were being violated along with her asshole.

“He stuck it in me. He stabbed it in fast, all in one stroke, and I felt like a red hot poker was being shoved up my rectum. It was such exquisite pain that I almost swooned with pleasure. It was an intensity you could never hope to give me. I felt his cock sawing in and out of my hole, and felt his hips slamming against my butt cheeks. I could feel his drool on my back and I could smell his sweat. I reached down to my pussy and sawed two fingers in and out, just like I’m doing now. I pinched and tugged on my clit, just like I’m doing now. I felt another massive orgasm coming as he pounded me.”

I was barely listening anymore; I was in a sexual fugue state. Her words both shamed me and excited me, wounded me and wound me up. My cock was on fire as I pounded it mercilessly. I tugged my balls with my other hand and bit my lip. My hips were bucking like a bronco, and I knew I would cum soon. Through my haze, I kept hearing her words.

“I felt his cock suddenly get bigger inside of me; I knew he was about to cum. He reached around and grabbed my tit with one hand; he squeezed it so hard it left a welt that lasted for a day. He grunted and jammed his cock into me with one last massive thrust, and then I felt it start to spasm. As his first jolt of cum entered me, I began to cum, too. My body clenched him tighter than ever, and I felt the waves of orgasm up and down my body. With each squirt of cum he shot up my ass, my orgasm got stronger and wider and hotter. I was going out of my mind. I think I passed out briefly. The next thing I knew, he was putting his clothes on and leaving. I just lay there, my face in the pillow, my butt in the air, feeling a river of cum running out of my asshole and down onto the bed. I stayed that way for an hour, just savoring the feeling.”

That was all I could take; the image her, bent over like an animal, my best friend’s cum running out of her ass, pushed me over the edge. Deep in my balls, the fire that had been trying to burn finally exploded. A wave of pleasure billowed through my body. My tortured dick, almost bruised from the punishment it had been taking, pulsed and jerked on its own, and a huge rope of pearly cum shot straight up, only to land on my chest and face. A second jolt and a third joined it before my ejaculations decreased to a steady river running out of the end of my dick to pool in my pubic hair. It was the most intense orgasm I could remember in years.

After a few minutes, my breathing returned to normal, and I turned to face her again. She was looking at me.

“Do you forgive me?” she asked.

“On one condition.”


I looked deep into her eyes. “Don’t ever stop.”

Gideon Davies, there is no other way to put it, when it came to women, was a loser. Almost painfully shy, he was almost incapable of carrying on a conversation comprised of small talk beyond what was playing at the Cineplex or the weather forecast for tomorrow. On the other hand, ask him to describe the social structure in Egypt three thousand years ago, and he could almost wax poetic.

Gideon, Deon to his few close friends, was a junior at the University, which he attended on a combination of scholarships and grants. His part time job, which he had held since he was a freshman, was as a junior assistant to the curator at the history museum maintained by the Middle Eastern Studies Department, where he was a student.

He was on his way to work, admiring the rising full moon this August evening, the last full moon before the autumnal equinox. As it cleared the horizon, it was magnificent, filling the summer sky. As he turned into the drive at the museum, he thought it looked like the moon was shining directly into the Egyptian Room, but as he drove around the building to the rear parking area, the orb cleared the tree line and appeared to shrink and dim.

As he entered the museum, he shouted his usual hello to the security guard, “Hey, Jim! Beautiful night out there. How’d the Sox do today?”

“Evenin’, Gidjiin. Have to tell you later; they’re tied at 2 in the bottom of the eleventh. Dr Thomas said you should meet him in the Egyptian storeroom.”

“What’s going on? Any idea?”

“Some new piece came in today; some minor goddess, but he was quite excited. Acted like he was about to pee hisself.”

Deon laughed. Dr. Thomas often seemed like he was about to ‘pee hisself,’ Deon thought, but tonight he probably had cause. The good doctor had been negotiating with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to trade for a 3500 year old statue of the Egyptian goddess Astarte. He had received word last week that they had accepted his last offer of some money and some pieces to fill holes in their collection of Etruscan erotic pottery; pieces Dr. Thomas had been trying to quietly dispose of since he had become the chief curator. Acquisition of the Astarte statue was a similarly longstanding ambition.

Deon hastened down the corridor to the storeroom where Dr. Thomas and the latest addition to the museum’s Egyptian collection awaited him. “Evening, Dr. T. I hear Astarte has arrived. How does she look?”

“Evening, Gideon. She looks fine. A bit feminine for a goddess of war. She looks more appropriate for a fertility symbol. She’s in good shape, just needs some gentle washing and buffing. See what you can do, will you? Transfer paperwork and provenance documentation is on the desk. Check it out and prepare it for verification, then leave it in my mailbox. If anything looks amiss, make a note of it for me.” He was silent for a long moment, gazing at the statue.

“Damn, I would love to have known the artist and his model. She was certainly beautiful. Thirty-five hundred years later and she still exudes sensuality, and restrained passion. Don’t mind telling you, kid, looking at her makes me want to go home and jump the wife. Think I will, in fact. See you tomorrow.” The chief curator turned and walked out of the room, giving Deon a wave. He turned in the doorway.

“The Met sent along cleaning instructions and a piece of lamb’s fleece they said should be used to clean her. They said it had been recovered from the tomb where they found her, tied around her neck with a piece of sinew. Just dampen the fleece with a little water and wipe her down.”

“Got it. I’ll start on the paperwork first, to see if there are any other tips to taking care of the statue. Go on and enjoy your evening,” Deon laughed. His supervisor just grinned and walked away.

Deon picked up the folder containing the paper work and groaned. It would take most of the night to check it out. He was taking an abbreviated summer session Advanced Art History course. The first of five weekly exams was scheduled tomorrow, and he had planned on studying some tonight.

Four hours later, almost midnight, Deon straightened up from his desk, stretching his back. The paperwork all appeared to be in order. From the time the statue had been discovered in Akhenaten’s tomb, it had never been out of the care of professional artifact handlers. Her travels since then were better documented than the President’s. Hell, the Royal Museum and the Louvre, along with the Met, had even documented when they had moved it simply to change her place in on-going displays.

He looked at the new acquisition. He had to agree with Dr. T. She was remarkably beautiful, the kind of woman who usually left him tongue-tied just by saying hello to him. “No problem of that here,” he thought to himself, with a wry grin.

“Ahhh, Astarte,” he said aloud. “If you were alive, I’d be shaking in my boots just being in the same room, never mind alone with you. You are so beautiful I’ll probably be dreaming of you for a month of Sundays. I wish I could find a real girl like you to be with.” He found the fleece on the table near her and went to the sink near the doorway to dampen it. When he turned to return, he stopped and caught his breath.

The statue was positioned directly below a skylight, and directly above it, the moon was shining brightly, illuminating the goddess like an arc light. Almost unconsciously, Deon’s hand went out to turn off the store room lights. The effect was magical. Without knowing he was moving, Deon walked to the stone effigy and began to clean it.

As he washed the piece of stone, his free arm crept around her, as if in embrace. Initially, it had felt cold, like any other piece of statuary, but as he held it and caressed it with the damp fleece, the female figure began to take on warmth. When he moved the cleaning cloth across the statue’s bosom, he could have sworn the nipples took on definition and its hips had pushed into his. Impulsively, he leaned down and pressed his lips to the statue’s.

Almost immediately he pulled back, thinking, “Christ, what am I doing? Trying to make out with a 3500 year old statue! What the fuck kind of loser am I?” He turned and walked back to his desk.

“If you are a loser, then your winners and heroes must be legendary,” said a small feminine voice.

Deon spun around. Before him stood a living exemplar of the statue, dressed in the white mid-thigh length skirt Egyptian women seemed to prefer, according to the many drawings and temple depictions he had seen. Like many of those women, the one before him was bare breasted. She was small, about five feet two; her skin was the color of a coffee latte, with dark, nearly chocolate brown, eyes and blue black hair. Her breasts were conical, crested by puffy, dark nipples; her hips were generously voluptuous.

He opened his mouth to speak, and squeaked instead. A tired, knowing smile appeared on the woman’s face; a smile that said she was familiar with the effect she had on men. She walked to the young man and gently caressed his cheek. “You have nothing to fear, Gideon. In freeing me from my prison, you have indebted me to you.” She looked around the room and spied a daybed against the wall. “Come,” she said, taking his hand and leading him to the daybed.

She pushed him to sit down. In doing so, he became aware that his clothes were gone, as well as her skirt. She pulled his head to her left breast, pushing it into his mouth. Although he was still a virgin, he had seen and read enough about this situation that he knew what he was supposed to do, and he began to kiss and suck on the lovely mammaries presented to him. Rewarded with a soft moan, he let his hands begin to explore the body now straddling his knees.

This resulted in more moans, and in a few minutes, he was aware of a change in the atmosphere. The room was getting noticeably warmer, and there was a scent in the air-one with which he was familiar only by reputation. It was a musky, sweet, spicy smell; an odor which spoke directly to his maleness. He felt his manhood raise up. The woman pressed him back on the daybed, and in an instant he felt his member engulfed in the most pleasurable warmth and moistness man can know. She began to move on his staff.

From somewhere, a long ways away, Jim was calling him, “Gidjiin, wake up, son! C’mon, Gidjiin! You gots to wake up! The bosses will be plumb angry if they catch you asleep here in the storeroom. C’mon, Gidjin!” He felt Jim shake him by the shoulder.

In his head, much quieter than Jim, came a small feminine voice. “Come, Gideon, it is time to awaken. Don’t mention me to Jim; he can’t see me. Only you can see or hear me. Wake up now, and let us go get you some breakfast, and we will talk.”

Deon was wide awake in a second. “Uhh, oh, thanks, Jim. You’re right; they’d crap a brick. I must have fallen asleep after I cleaned up the statue. Damn, and I have a test in Art History this afternoon I was going to study for last night. Crap! She already has me in her sights from last year.”

“C’mon, boy, you got to git, or you’ll be in more sights than hers!”

Deon stood up, noticing that his clothes were back on. He shook his head, clearing it. “Okay, Jim. I’m outta here. See you tonight.” He picked up his backpack and the paperwork, which he dropped off on his way out of the building. On his way out of the parking lot, he nearly turned toward his dormitory and its cafeteria.

Figuring it wouldn’t look too good to appear to be talking to himself in a roomful of his peers, he turned and drove to a diner he sometimes frequented. Inside, the waitress, a slightly plump, pleasant looking, young woman he sometimes saw on campus, greeted him with a small smile. “She likes you,” said the voice in his head. “Do you want her? I can give her to you.”

“Yes, no! I don’t know! Who…what are you? Where did you come from?” he thought, plopping down in the booth farthest from the front door.

“In a minute. The waitress is coming. Give her your order, then I’ll answer your questions.”

The waitress was at his side. “Hey, Deon, you’re in early this morning. What can I get for you?”

“Morning, Donna. Yeah, I fell asleep at my desk at work last night. The guard found me on his rounds this morning and booted me out. Guess it’s good it wasn’t my boss. Mmhmm, better make it a couple of eggs, sunny side, some home fries and sausage patties, juice and coffee, double cream.”


“Oh, yeah. Sorry, I shoulda…”

“Don’t sweat it. Ready for the Art History exam? Taking that course in the summer is a real, excuse my french, bitch. I took the intro during the regular term a couple of semesters ago, and that was bad. McGee can be a real pain and her tests…yuk.”

“I totally agree. How come you’re taking the advanced course; you an art major?”

“Oh, no. no talent. I’m a Psych major, going for a concentration in Perception, with a minor in Art. I have all the intro courses in techniques and media. I need a sequence of three courses for the minor. The two history courses and an independent study of an artist of my choice will complete the minor.

“I better get your order in. It won’t be long. You want your OJ and coffee now?”

“Uh, yeah. Thanks.”

As the young waitress walked away, the voice in his head started again. “I told you she liked you. Are you sure I can’t give her to you? She would be in addition to the gifts you’ve already received.”

“Who are you? Where did you come from? Why can I hear you, but no one else?”

“So many questions, and you already know most of the answers; you just don’t believe them. I am Astarte, the goddess whose statue you were trying to make love to last night.”

“I wasn’t…”

“You didn’t kiss me and fondle my breasts? Somebody did, and you were the only person in the room.”


“You needn’t apologize. If I were at all offended, that large dark man would have found a corpse when he came in this morning. As it was, your tender actions and feelings freed me from 35 centuries of unwarranted captivity. That cow, Nefertiti, she of the long nose, was able to convince her god, Ra, to seal me up in that statue. Just because her brother thought I was prettier than she.

“I’ve been waiting for 3500 years for someone like you to come along at the right time…”

“Right time? Someone like me?”

“Yes, someone who desired me, on the anniversary of the centennial of my creation, the last full moon before the autumnal equinox. For 34 of those occasions I was sealed in an airtight tomb. But this time, you were there and freed me. For that, I am forever indebted to you, and will give you the gift of Astarte. No woman will be able to refuse you. All you have to do is ask, and they will give you what you ask for.

“Even if she is with another man, he, also, will yield to you, and give you what you ask of him. You cannot ask them to harm themselves or each other. The men can be told to leave, watch, join, silence themselves and climax. Except for the limits on physically harming themselves, there is no limit on what you can ask of a woman, as long as she is physically capable of carrying out the act.

“Even though I am the goddess of love, I cannot make them love you. The woman, if she is strongly attached to another, may be aware that she is being willed to submit, and may try to resist you. If you persist, she will yield. You will find some for whom the idea of coupling with any man, or woman, is abhorrent. Even they will yield, and, if you instruct them properly, they will enjoy their experience with you.”

“If I instruct them properly?”

“Yes. You may not force yourself on them. You must ask them for what you want. If, in the case of the women we were just discussing, you want them to enjoy the coupling, you will have to find a way to ask them to enjoy it, to climax and experience the rapture.”

“How do I ask them? Just walk up and say, ‘will you have sex with me?’”

Astarte laughed. “Oh, Elal! Men haven’t changed at all since Neffi shut me in that stone. I think that is comforting, but also disheartening.

“There are many ways to convey your wishes, Gideon. You can tell her what you want her to do; what you would like; what would give you pleasure; what you don’t like, or want her to stop doing. Your modern conversations offer so much variety in the way people can express their wishes. Even your direct approach will work, in situations where it can be used.

“Your coffee is coming. Pay attention to the young woman. Soon she will be in your bed. A few weeks maybe, you will be her hero.”

Gideon laid his pen down and closed his exam booklet. He looked around. Over two thirds of the class was still writing, and there was only a quarter hour left in the allotted time. It had been a killer exam. Fair, but still a killer. The students had to choose one of four sets of three pieces of art, to identify the piece, the artist, the time period, and to discuss the newest piece in relationship to what was happening societally at the time of their creation, comparing it to the others.

He picked up his backpack and made his way to the front of the room to turn in his exam. “Mr. Davies, I see you came back. I think we should talk about what I expect from you in this class. Be in my office at 4:30.”

“I have…”

“4:30, Mr. Davies. No excuses except death or maiming accident.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

At 4:25 Gideon stood, waiting, in the hall outside of Professor Roberta McGee’s office. From around the corner, down the hall, he heard the sound of approaching footsteps, the hard rapping sound of high heels on tiles over concrete. He turned to look and saw Bertie turn the corner. He caught just the glimmer of a smile when she saw him waiting.

He watched her come down the hall. On the tall side of average, she displayed the results of her daily mile run with pride. In her mid fifties, she was still as trim and fit as she had been as a cheerleader her senior year in college. There was a slight thickening around the waist, due to her age, and her breasts needed a trifle more support from her brassieres now than they had then, but only a purist would object if they saw them exposed.

“Ah, Mr. Davies! May I call you Gideon?” He nodded, puzzled. “Thank you. I am sorry for making you meet me at this hour on a Friday, but I felt it was important that we understand each other. With such abbreviated class time, I think it best disruptions be kept to an absolute minimum. I’m sure you understand.

“Given our history, may I ask why you registered for my course?”

“Uh, I didn’t. I actually registered for Professor Jeffries section, but he prefers majors. When three of them registered late, he bumped me and I was assigned to your section since I needed the course to complete the sequence for my mid-east studies major.”

“I see. As I said, I would like to avoid disruptions in class, or keep them to a minimal level. During discussion, unless you are arguing provable facts, I would appreciate it, in fact, I am going to require you to refrain from joining discussions. To that end, I will give you a B for that part of your grade based on participation.”

Deon was stunned. He didn’t know what he expected, but being muzzled wasn’t anywhere close. Not even with the bribe. He sat there, silent, unmoving.

“Gideon? May I take your silence as agreement. I want an answer.”

From somewhere, Gideon heard himself saying, “And I want you to come around here and fuck me after you suck my cock to erection!”

The shocked look on his professor’s face told him the voice had not been his imagination. He was just as shocked when, instead of screaming at him to get his perverted ass out of her office, she stood up and walked around the desk, a glazed look on her face, and dropped to her knees in front of him. She reached for his belt buckle. “I’m not very good at this. I’ve only done it once, when I was a teenager.”

She looked up at him, holding his eyes with hers. “You’re making me do this, somehow, aren’t you? There’s no way I would willingly do this for any student, and especially you. But I can’t help myself. Omigod, your cock. I want to swallow it. I can’t help myself!”

She closed her mouth over Gideon’s flaccidity and began to caress his hardening staff with her tongue. As she felt it grow and harden in her mouth, she moaned. She found she enjoyed the feel of the soft rigidity between her lips, the soft velvety feeling of his glans against her cheeks and tongue, the heat in her mouth. She was surprised to feel herself moisten between her legs. The moans got louder, more frequent.

Gideon reached down and caressed her breast. He pulled her to a standing position. “I want to see you naked,” he told her, recalling Astarte’s instructions. Bertie smiled as she reached behind her for the zipper to her dress.

“This is ridiculous. You are making me participate in my own rape, and I’m enjoying it. I can feel myself being forced to act against my better judgment, and liking it. How are you doing that? It isn’t hypnotism, nor drugs…”

Gideon stopped her by pressing his lips to hers. He sat down and drew her onto his lap, his cock entering her smoothly, effortlessly. “Oh, god,” she moaned, and began to post on his staff. “Ohmigodohmigodohmigod,” she repeated as she began to move faster, Deon helping her, thrusting his hips toward her on her downstrokes. Within a few minutes her vocalizations turned to “yes yes yes yes yes,” and finally “yesssssssss!” as the climax washed over her.

She sat there, her forehead leaning on Deon’s as she caught her breath and recovered from the first orgasm she had experienced in over a year. As she recovered, she was aware of the staff still rigid in her vagi. She pulled back so she could see Deon’s eyes. “You didn’t…” He shook his head. Bertie smiled. “Well, we can’t have that, can we? Is there another position which might be better for you? Maybe from the back?” She dismounted from his lap and turned to brace herself on her elbows on the desk.

As he slipped into her, Deon noticed that he was somewhat longer than ususal. He bent over her back and took hold of her dangling breasts. “Mmm, this is a whole lot better than a B, don’t you think? I want to do this with you at least once a week. And tonight, when you get home, I want you to give that husband of yours a blow job, and another when you wake up in the morning. You’ll do that for me won’t you, and tell me how it went on Monday before class?”

Bertie McGee flushed with a combination of shame and desire. Shame from submitting to her student’s demands, embarrassed because she knew she would submit and enjoy the act of submission as well as the sexual acts involved, and the desire to please him.

The Art History class met from noon until three, three days a week, MWF. Monday, Deon was held up at the library and was delayed getting to class until just before the class was called to order. As soon as she saw him rush to his seat, Bertie felt herself moisten. She swore to herself, afraid the students in the front row would be aware of her scent. In addition, because she had not been able to carry out his wish to be told about her sessions with her husband before class, she was nervous throughout the class.

During the mid-class break, he approached her, and quietly told her to relax, he would see her in her office after class. She visibly relaxed, and the difference in her teaching was noticeable after he spoke to her. Several students, aware of their confrontations over the merits of some attributions in regard to pre-Hellenistic era art objects, questioned him about it. “It’s nothing. You guys, just settle down and pay attention in class. Maybe you’ll learn something.”

Later that afternoon, he met Bertie outside her office. Unlocking the door she stepped inside, followed by Deon. He placed his hands on her hips and told her to stand still. He turned, closed and locked the door. He again stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, cupping her ample breasts. “I want you leaning on the desk, like you were Friday.” She nodded and assumed the position he desired. She trembled as she felt him raise her skirt and drape it over her back. He drew her granny briefs from her waist to her feet where he removed them from her right foot, leaving them around the other ankle.

He pulled out his erect phallus and took position behind his professor. Leaning forward, he took her ear in his mouth and asked, “What do you want, Dr. McGee?”

She whimpered, “No, don’t ask me; just do it! Just take me, like you did, please.”

“Is that what you want, to be taken, used, without regard for your satisfaction?” With a small sob, she shook her head. “I want to know what you want.”

“I…I want to please you. I don’t understand that; it’s something , some power you have over me. I don’t want to just fuck; I want to make love and be made love to. And I want to be able to make love with my husband again.”

Deon stepped away from the older woman and sat down in the visitors’ chair. He pulled her into his lap and pulled her to his chest. Sliding his hand up her skirt, to take hold of her vulva, he said, “Tell me about you and your husband this weekend.”

“Friday, after you left, I got dressed, but I left my panties and bra off. I have to say, that felt strange, but nice in a way. I went straight home. Fred, my husband, was home, and his brother was there. He had come up for the weekend to visit. I was a little disconcerted, not sure how to do what you said.

“I went to our bedroom, ostensibly to change. After a minute or so, I called Fred. When he came in, I pushed him onto the bed and pulled his shorts down so I could get to his thing. Then I proceeded to do what you said. But he didn’t get hard, and he didn’t come.

“After a few minutes, he tapped me on the head and pulled me up for a kiss. Then he turned me toward the door. Bill, his brother was there, with his thing in his hand, stroking it. I must have turned 15 shades of red. I looked at Fred, who just nodded and pushed me at Bill. I got on my knees and proceeded to do for him what I did for you and my husband. I barely got my mouth around him when I felt him spraying my throat.

“When he was done, he just turned away and went to his room. I sat down on the bed, feeling kind of empty. Freddie wrapped me up in his arms and kissed me, then said thank you.

“I woke him in the morning, like you asked. He responded a little bit, got longer, but not hard. After ten minutes or so, he pulled me up for a kiss and told me to go wake his brother up the same way. I was working on getting Bill to come in my mouth again when he pulled me up beside him and rolled me on to my back. Before I knew what he was doing, he was in me, humping like he hadn’t had sex in years.

“I heard a noise in the doorway and saw Fred there, watching. I motioned for him to come to the bed. When he did, I pulled off Bill and got on my hands and knees so I could suck Fred’s organ while Bill finished. Fred got bigger than he had been in a long time, but not hard, and squirted in my mouth, just as Bill started to come. I raised up to kiss Fred, and I guess Bill sprayed all over the bed. I asked Fred if that’s what it took to get him hard, watching me with another man, did he want to do it that way again.” Bertie stopped for a sob. “He didn’t say a word, just nodded and walked out, leaving me there with Bill who was getting ready to do some more. I told him no and went to shower.

“Yesterday, after Bill left, Fred and I were sitting on the couch cuddling. I reached over to rub his crotch area and asked if he wanted me to try to suck it again. He said no, and asked if I knew someone who I would fuck so he could watch again. When I said no, he just got up and went out for the rest of the evening.”

While she had been talking, Deon had been fingering Bertie’s slit. By the time she finished her recounting of the weekend, she had dried up. “I’m sorry, Bertie. I thought having you perform an act you didn’t usually do, as a surprise, would spark some good times for you.”

“If Bill hadn’t been there, it might have. I don’t think Fred had any idea his brother would take it further. But once he did, and it stirred Fred’s juices, he isn’t willing to settle for less, or even try. I have a feeling if I don’t find someone to have sex with while he watches, he’ll find someone for me.”

“What if I come over tonight? Maybe I can use some of this strange power you think I have to help overcome your husband’s impotence. And get you his permission to continue our thing here into the fall.”

“Do you think you could? Really? You’re not just setting Fred and me up for some perverted joke?”

Deon closed his eyes and mentally called, “Astarte! I need some guidance here.”

“Yes, my hero. What do you need?”

“How much about you can I tell Bertie?”

“Bertie? Oh, the woman on your lap. You can tell her everything, but don’t be surprised if she doesn’t believe you.”

When Deon hd finished telling his professor about his encounter with Astarte, and her gift, she simply looked at him for a long moment, then pushed his hand, which had been holding her vulva throughout his narration, away and stood up. “If you can’t be serious, why did you make me tell you about my weekend? I think you should leave now. I’ll handle Fred somehow.”

“Turn around and lean on the desk. I’m going to screw your ass.” he said in a harsh voice.

“Go to hell, mister! Get your miserable self out of here before I call security!” She was practically screaming at him, her face flushed with anger.

“Bertie,” he said softly. “I said I want to screw your ass.” He watched, amazed at the transformation as the anger disappeared from her face, to be replaced by lust. With no further instruction, she turned and leaned on the desk with one hand while the other reached down and pulled the back of her skirt up over her hips. He remained seated, waiting.

She stood there, supporting her self on her hands, waiting for him. After several seconds, she turned to look at him, to see him there, watching her, with an expectant look on his face. Then it dawned on her-her change in attitude and behavior when he had expressed his desire instead of demanding her submission.

“Omigod, it’s true; your story is true. You can have any woman you want, whenever or where ever you want to have her.” She stood up and turned to face him. “On behalf of women everywhere, I should probably shoot you, but Friday was one of the best times I can ever remember, and I want more like that. We’ll talk about Fred and his problem later,” she said smiling, moving toward her new favorite student, unbuttoning the fastener at the waist of her skirt.

That evening, at home, over drinks after dinner, Bertie asked her husband, “Fred, can we talk about this weekend?”

“What is there to talk about?”

“Your needs, your desires. What they mean for us.”

“Bertie, I love you, and I always will. If I can’t be a lover to you, there is no reason you should give up that part of your life. If you need to find someone to take care of that need, I will understand and accept that.”

“Thank you, but I wanted to talk about you. You said it aroused you to watch me with another man, and you would want to watch me some more; you even asked if I knew someone you could watch me with.”

“Mmmrrg…I did? I don’t …”

“Fred! We’ve been together too long for that. Maybe you didn’t say explicitly that it was what you wanted or needed, but you nodded when I asked you that. And you did ask if I knew someone.”

“I’m sorry.” he looked at her, a sheepish expression on his face. “It’s just hard to admit that I’m no longer the man you married.”

“Bull! You are just as much a man now as you were thirty years ago; you just show it differently now.” She smiled at him, her eyes full of love. “If you do need that kind of stimulation, though, to be able to climax, I may have a solution.”

“You thought of someone?”

“Maybe. There’s a student in my advanced class this summer whom I need to find a way to muzzle. Normally, he’s quiet and reserved, but when it comes to early Mid-Eastern art, he becomes quite quarrelsome. I thought if I could offer him a bribe of sort s, maybe he would be willing to keep quiet in class. He wouldn’t have to know you were watching, unless you wanted to participate, like you did with Bill.”

“I don’t know, Bertie; subjecting yourself to an intimate relationship with some one who sounds difficult…”

“Oh, dear no, Sweetheart! Outside of class when we meet, he is quite the nice gentleman. I must say he’s not much to look at, no where near as handsome as you, and in a crowd, he could easily get lost. It’s only in the one area where he gets difficult and challenging. Why don’t I ask him to stop by for a drink tomorrow, so you can meet him?”

About the same time that conversation was taking place, Deon was settling himself at a popular student watering hole. Busy, it wasn’t overcrowded, so there was no real need for the blonde to squeeze in between him and the football player to his left. Even less reason for her to drop her purse on the bar and spill his beer. Her exasperated look at him when he yelled made it plain she thought it was all his fault, for sitting there and being in her way.

The barkeep, who had witnessed it all, asked Deon if he wanted another beer as he mopped up the mess. Deon nodded and reached for his wallet, knowing the blonde wouldn’t pay for it. The barkeep just held up his left hand, and reached for a pair of bills from in front of the football player as he pulled the draft. With a grin, Deon told him, “Keep the change.”

“Hey, buddy, that’s my money you’re spending,” said the large tackle.

Deon looked at him and smiled. “Not me, your girl, here,” he replied with a nod toward the blonde. “That suitcase she calls a handbag knocked over my beer, and it was just getting to the right temperature to drink.”

“Oh,” came the reply, sounding a bit confused. “Be careful with that bag, Amanda, and apologize to the man.”

With the briefest of glances over her shoulder, Amanda said something that sounded like ‘ree.’ Deon grinned. “Astarte,” he thought, “I hope you’re working tonight, because I’m going to take this one all the way.” Out loud, he said, “That’s okay. You can make it up by dancing with me.” She turned and gave him a look which clearly meant not in this lifetime.

He stopped the waitress, passing by, and whispered something to her. She nodded, glassy eyed, and made her way to the piano player. In a minute or two, the soft sounds of “Harbor Lights” could be heard over the crowd noise.

Deon tapped Amanda on the shoulder. “Will you dance with me now?” To the obvious surprise of the tackle, she nodded, a little hesitantly. “You don’t mind, do you?” he asked the athlete, who shook his head. “Thank you, and watch my seat, would you?”

On the floor, he pulled Amanda into the standard slow dance position, tightened his grip and turned his left hand around, pulling her closer, into full body contact, the back of his left hand resting against her right breast. “Mmm, nice. Are they real?” he asked, moving his left hand up and down, rubbing her nipple through the light tee shirt she was wearing.

A quick flash of anger flitted across her face before she smiled and answered, “Of course they’re real! You can feel for yourself, can’t you?”

“Just waiting for permission,” he grinned, releasing her hand and turning his hand so he was palming her b -cup. She gasped, then leaned into him, effectively hiding his hand action.

“Please, not here. My fianc‚…”

“Ahhh! Okay. I want you to meet me back by the ladies room after the song ends.” With a disturbed look, Amanda nodded.

When the song ended, Deon gave her a twirl and a small push toward the back of the bar. He returned to his seat and took a swallow of his beer. The tackle asked him about the girl. “Ladies room,” Deon replied, “which my bladder says I should imitate, only the one across the hall.” The football player laughed, nodding.

Amanda was waiting, dancing from one foot to the other, nervously. “Anyone in there?” Deon asked. She shook her head. He pushed the door open and waved her in ahead of him, locking the door after them.

“Wha…wha…what are you going to do?” she asked him, her eyes wide with fright.

“What do you think I’m going to do?”

“Force me to have sex with you.”

“Force you? That won’t be necessary, will it? You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes, no…oh, I do, but I don’t. Please, don’t make me. I’m not on the pill, and me and my fiance’‚ are trying to get me pregnant. I’ll do anything else you want, just don’t do it in my vagina.”

“Does he know you’re trying to get pregnant?” She looked down and slowly shook her head no. “Well then, maybe we should tell him.” She looked up, quickly, alarmed, shaking her head. “Okay, I’ll give you a month to catch a baby. If you aren’t pregnant by then, I’ll find you and we’ll screw like rabbits on steroids. For now, first show those lovely mammas, then show me how good you eat dick.”

Amanda first looked shocked, then she grinned and said, “Thank you,” as she pulled off the tee shirt she was wearing. As Deon had suspected, there was nothing under it. She moved toward him and started to go down on her knees when he stopped her and pulled her to him for a kiss.

“One month, Mandy, then if you’re not pregnant, I’ll fuck you so hard and so long, you won’t be able to walk the next day.” Then he pressed on her shoulders. She simply smiled and pulled his zipper down. She reached in to his boxers and found what she was searching for.

In its flaccid state, Deon’s member was short, but thick. As she leaned forward, she thought to herself, “This shouldn’t take long; a tiny dick like this, he couldn’t have had much experience.” With a tongue motion which betrayed a lot of practice, she inhaled the small organ. Deon’s hand wrapped itself in her hair and pulled her face into his abdomen so her lips were wrapped around the base of his rod.

Suddenly, the girl before him began to struggle and pull away. With a grin, he released her head to let her back off his cock. Amanda’s eyes grew wide with wonder as she backed away. When the staff finally escaped her mouth, she was looking at eight and a half inches of male meat.

She was aware of the tingle starting in her lady. “Omigod,” she sighed. “I don’t suppose you have a rubber in your pocket?” She rubbed her face up and down the side of the shaft she wanted in her vagina.

Deon heard Astarte, “Take her if you want; she will conceive only if it is your desire that she do so.”

He pulled Mandy’s face back toward him. “Let’s see how good you are, Mandy. You’ve got ten minutes to make me come, but you can’t make it happen in less than eight. Too soon or too long, and I share you with that muscle mass you call a fiance’; understand?”

She looked up at him and nodded, his cock embedded in her face, about half of it showing. With her red lips pursed around his staff, the honey blonde hair framing her face, her brown eyes slightly bulged, she presented a classic picture of fellatio in process. It was nearly enough to make him paint her tonsils.

After he gained control of himself, he felt her tongue stroking his rod, swirling around the head as she sucked it into the back of her throat, then pulled out against the suction. She gently fondled his balls, lightly scratching the area behind them. She had just started the head of his staff down her throat when there was a loud banging on the door.

“Mandy? Mandy, are you in there? Is everything okay? Mandy, you there?”

She pulled her head back and looked up at Deon in terror. “Omigod! It’s Kyle! If he catches us, he’ll kill us! He’s very jealous. What can we do?”

“I think you should answer him. Tell him everything is fine; it’s a woman thing and you’ll be out in a minute. Then he’ll go back to the bar and wait for you.”

Amanda nodded. “I’m okay, Kyle. It just a…” she hesitated, as if she was searching for a word, “just a woman’s thing, you know? I’ll be out in a couple of minutes. Unless you want to come in and help me, honey.” she heard herself ask, in a coaxing tone.

“Uhh, no, that’s fine. I’ll wait for you at the bar, but hurry. Remember the coach gave the team a ten o’clock curfew until the end of the season.”

“Okay, I’ll be as quick as I can.” Deon reached down and pulled her to a standing position. He pushed on her back so she was leaning on the sink. “No!” she hissed. “I have to go! You said you wouldn’t until next month.”

“I also said you had ten minutes to make me come. Don’t worry, I won’t get you pregnant, but you better fuck that mountain tonight to make sure,” he said as he sunk his rod in her very damp hole.

“Unnnngh! Oh, yessss! Fuck, that feels good.” She pushed her hips back toward him, imbedding him deeper in her sheath. “More, please. Do it, fuck me. Oh, shit, you feel so good in there,” she moaned. “Oh, god! Fuck, it’s happening already; I’m coming, oh oh oh unhunhunh unhunhunh unhunhunh yessss!” Her climax triggered Deon’s. When she felt his cream hit her inner walls, she went rigid momentarily, then cried out, “unngh!” before collapsing and falling.

Deon caught her just before she hit her head on the sink, and lowered her to the floor. “Mandy, wake up.” he called softly, but loud enough to rouse her. Her eyes opened and she smiled.

“Mmmmmm, oh god, that was nice. I’ve never passed out like that before…”

“Mandy, I want you to listen and do what I tell you now. You have to get up and get dressed. Then go out and tell Kyle you’re horny and need him now. Take him to the parking lot, and if he doesn’t have a car, borrow one and fuck him until he comes at least twice in your pussy. I want you to come twice for every time he does. Make him feel special. Make him want only you.” He bent down and kissed her. “And, then, I want to see you in the library on September 10, at 9:30 in the A of M, by the elevator to the stacks. Be there.”

I had never considered cheating on my wife, Melissa. We had been married for four years now, and had a pretty hot sex life. The only real serious challenge we’d encountered was that I was heavily into anal sex, and although my wife was willing, we had difficulty making the reality happen. Part of the problem is that I have a very large penis. It’s about nine inches long, and two inches thick. I have difficulty getting it all the way in just about any woman’s holes, and my wife was no exception.

We’d had anal sex several times, but it always resulted in some minor bleeding. I love my wife, and I had no desire to injure her. But no matter how much warmup activity we did, or how much lube we used, the result was the same. So the final outcome was that we hadn’t done anal in over a year now. Again, like I said, we still had really hot sex, so I was pretty satisfied. I would still get an inkling to do the back door boogie every now and then, but I managed to ignore the urges.

Melissa had a real cute face with a pixie nose, dimpled cheeks and red hair. She was a bit of a thicker girl, but she had 40DDD breasts and a nice plump ass — shapely and curvy in all the right spots.

My stepsister, Brenda, was a bit taller and three years younger than Melissa. When our daughter, Jessie, was almost three, she had trouble saying “Brenda”, and her best attempt was “Binky”. Since then, Binky was her nickname, and we referred to her by that moniker as often as her real name. Her tits were nowhere near as big as Melissa’s, but she still had C cups, and she flared out at her hips to a nice juicy ghetto-booty that wiggled when she walked. She had long brown hair and a cute face, her nose a bit long, but sparkling eyes and pouty lips.

My wife had mentioned that Brenda had a thing for anal sex, too, and used to have a tattooed boyfriend who used to fuck her hard up the ass when Brenda and Melissa shared an apartment in downtown Toronto. The walls weren’t overly thin, and when he gave her a good anal pounding, she apparently got pretty vocal.

I didn’t think too much about that since she was family, and again, never thought about cheating on Melissa.

Anyhow, last summer we were over at Brenda and her husband Carl’s place, having dinner, drinking wine, and watching movies. Melissa and I were there with Jessie, and the evening was going well, but Jessie wasn’t feeling great. It was decided that Melissa and Carl would drive her over to Melissa’s folks’ place, and she could get some peace and quiet and hopefully sleep off whatever was bugging her.

Carl would drive, since I was feeling a little tipsy already, and Melissa wanted to go over to see her parents for a brief bit, then they would pick up another bottle of wine or two and come back to continue our party.

That left Binky and me to hold down the fort until they returned. I kissed my daughter goodnight, kissed my wife, and waved goodbye to the bunch. Brenda and I went back inside and poured the last of the wine. We sat down and chatted, as we hadn’t had a lot of one-on-one time without anyone else around.

Binky had a really good sense of humour, so we were joking and laughing and generally carrying on and having a good time.

After a short period of time, we got a call from Melissa, saying that they were there and that Jessie still wasn’t feeling well. On top of that, her dad and mom were a bit sick too, with whatever bug they had going around. We had discussion back and forth and it was decided that Carl and Melissa would stay over and watch the girls’ parents and Jessie, and Brenda and I would sleep at her and Carl’s place, and join them at the grandparents’ in the morning.

We were a bit disappointed to hear the news, but everybody agreed that this was the best course of action, since it was storming and visibility on the roads wasn’t great, and the storm wasn’t due to break ’til morning.

Brenda and I decided to make the best of it and went back to our conversation. We finished the wine and were giggling away like we were in high school. She decided that since we weren’t going anywhere that she’d make us a couple of screwdrivers since they still had half a bottle of vodka left.

We continued talking and joking, and eventually the conversation went in a little racier direction. We talked about sex and how often we did it with our spouses, and what we liked to do. Brenda laughingly mentioned that Carl was a very passionate and attentive lover, but his equipment was a little lacking. Fully erect, he was a little short of five inches. She insisted that this didn’t bother her, but she did occasionally miss having a big, thick dick.

I said that Melissa and I sort of had the opposite problem. I told her about the challenges we had with anal, and that we hadn’t done it in about a year. I emphasized that I didn’t miss it, and that Melissa and I had a lot of really intense, satisfying sex. But on the other hand, I could never get my dick fully into her. I shrugged, took a swig of my screwdriver, and looked over at Binky.

We both wore warm, distracted smiles. She said that she missed her ex-boyfriend, Josh, sometimes. He was the guy with the tattoos. He was a bit of a loser, but he had the goods in the meat department. Not overly thick, his prick was apparently a good ten inches long, and she told me how she used to love getting it up her ass. He used to bend her over doggy style, lube her up, and just keep feeding it to her. He would keep pulling out and sliding back in, deeper and deeper every time, stretching her out, until the head of his cock poked past her rectum into her colon. Then he would hold her down and just keep battering his way up her ass until he filled her with his jizz. She said she came so hard like that, and that she’d never come that hard with Carl.

I couldn’t help the raging hardon that I got from listening to her talk. It strained against my trousers. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from her, and it turned me on tremendously, despite myself. I was feeling a bit flushed from the booze, as well as my sexual excitement.

She paused after her revelations. She was flushed a bit as well. Her gaze traveled down my body to rest on my crotch. She could clearly see my hardon. She then looked back into my eyes. Something unspoken and electric flashed between us.

The next few moments were a frenzy of activity. She leapt across the room to me, tearing at my pants to unzip them, yanking them down. She grabbed my shorts and yanked them down too, pausing with a gasp. “Holy shit, that is so fucking big…”

She then pulled up her knit dress, pulled down her polka-dotted panties and stockings, and grabbed a bottle of cooking oil from off of the counter. She opened it, poured some on her hand, tucked it between her buttocks, and began lubing her sphincter. Then she poured some more out and slathered it all over the shaft of my raging member.

I was practically out of control as I grasped my rampant, throbbing tool and positioned myself behind my sister-in-law. She was bent over the island in the kitchen and spreading her rounded buns as best she could with her slippery, oiled hands. The sight of her plump, glistening buttocks and her oiled up puckered brown eye drove my wild. Her little pussy was damp and exposed, her lips shaved and a mat of dark brown hair covering her mound, but I ignored it and went straight for her asshole.

I pressed my helmet against her ring and started leaning forward. At the start, nothing happened — my huge engorged glans just butted up against her back door, slipping and sliding around. The friction was still delicious, and only drove me to higher heights of desire. Binky kept spreading her ass as wide as she could, making little grunts and coos as I bumped the tip of my cock against her tight, wrinkled butthole.

With insistent pressure, I felt her begin to stretch and open up, which only set me further over the edge into sexual madness. I pressed harder and harder as she moaned and growled. This was pushing me to absolute insanity. I leaned further, almost all of my weight bearing my turgid prick down into her dilating sphincter, and I felt the head pop in.

“Ah! Ah! Ouch! Ouch!” Binky gasped. “Ow, fuck, that’s big! Fuck! God! No, don’t take it out! Push it in! Push it in! Deeper!!!”

I did so, practically frothing at the mouth as I stretched her anus to the point of tearing. She yelped and gasped, but kept her buns spread as wide as possible as I penetrated her rear.

I began to mimic what I imagined were the motions her ex had performed on her, withdrawing slightly, then pushing back in, harder and deeper each time. Her rectum felt rough and tight around the shaft of my engorged cock. The sensation was delicious. I was hard as steel and excited past reason. She was so fucking hot!!

Binky wailed delightfully every time I thrust into her. Her breathing was deep and laboured, rasping in and out every time she drew breath. My cock was half-way deep into her ass now, and with each push, I forced my way a few millimetres further. Her reactions were sending me into a savage fury — the more aggressively I drove into her, the lustier and more wanton her reactions were. This bitch was a totally horny anal slut, and I meant to give her the ass-reaming of a lifetime!!

Deeper and deeper my prick entered into the depths of her bowels. I stretched and strained every inch of her on the way in. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself to the hilt in her gorgeous ass. She was wailing and howling now like a combination of an opera singer and a cat in heat. She kept grabbing her ass cheeks and trying to spread herself further and further open for me as I penetrated her asshole.

“Oh, god!!!” she howled. “Deeper! Deeper!! Don’t stop!!!” I didn’t think it was possible to be more turned on, but everything she said and did threw more fuel on to my sexual fire. She was loving it and it made me into a madman. I drew back and rammed my full weight into every thrust, savagely invading her ass. I wanted to be balls deep in her, and at this point I didn’t care about anything else.

I growled a deep throaty rumble as I sank in the last millimetres. I was there!! My entire body was pinning her to the kitchen island, and my hips were against her buttocks, my pubis and scrotum pressed against the stretched entrance of her anus. I was balls-deep in her asshole. It felt so good and so gratifying, I was completely fulfilled for that moment. I became aware that Binky was practically shrieking beneath me, her fingers clenching and digging into the flesh of her buttocks as she writhed and trembled.

I slowly and deliberately withdrew, inch by inch until my cock popped out of her quivering anus with a wet smacking sound. She grunted and collapsed against the island. I grabbed the bottle of cooking oil and poured some between her buns onto her distended, puckered rosebud, and then onto my rigid, pulsing shaft. “Now I’m going to fuck you right up the ass,” I said to her in a menacing tone. “I’m going to pound your shit factory to hell, and I’m going to shoot my wad so deep in your butt your going to be able to taste it in the back of your throat.”

“God, yes!!!” she moaned. “Put it back in! Please, put it back in!! Fuck me hard and deep!!” She struggled with her fingers to get a grip on her rounded globes to spread them as wide as she could.

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I placed my glans at her swollen sphincter, and pushed. I slid in easily and Binky screamed as I re-entered her rectum and bored my way up into her colon. She cried and gasped with her mouth hanging open as she struggled for breath. I stuck with my mission and forced my dick in the last few inches to full penetration in her bowels. Then I began fucking her.

I withdrew my dick about three inches, then pushed it back in. I repeated the motion, building up a slow and steady rhythm. I began thrusting in more deliberately and insistently, gradually building up intensity as well as speed as I sodomized her. She howled and bleated out every time I hit full depth. I could see how she would have made a commotion, regardless of any walls around her. She was the anal slut of my dreams, and every noise she made had the blood pounding harder in my veins.

I was thrusting hard into her now, and she was loving it. I couldn’t get enough. I tried to thrust as deep as I could with every stroke, trying to reach the bottom of her stomach with my prong. Faster I went, sweating dripping from me, as I built up to a frantic, spastic, rapid fire pounding, hammering my full nine inches of rigid meat to the hilt into her ravaged asshole.

Binky was screaming. My mind was a complete blank as I became an animal, viciously ramming my cock as hard and fast as I could up her ass. I felt my orgasm begin to vibrate at the base of my spine and sweeping all over my flesh. I was a rod of pure, glowing hot steel recklessly annihilating her asshole, completely blinded and consumed with feral lust. I leapt up and slammed against her trying to shove my cock so far up her ass it would come out her throat… and I came.

I threw my head back and cried out in wild abandon as it felt like my cock exploded from inside. Binky screamed as I shot wad after wad of hot, scalding sperm deep into her butt. I could take no action other than to desperately try to force myself deeper into her ass as I ejaculated a year’s worth of anally dedicated semen, irrigating her lower digestive tract in thick, copious jizz. I almost passed out with the intensity of my orgasm. I gasped for breath as I collapsed on top of her. Unable to move or think, I was completely spent.

Binky just kept whimpering and blubbering beneath me as my heart pounded in my chest. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she bit her lower lip. She sniffled and shuddered, her breath coming in uncontrollable sobs.

I slowly withdrew as she trembled and snuffled, gasping and whimpering as my cock gradually slipped out of her tortured butthole. I finally slid out all the way, dislodging my helmet from her sphincter with a messy smacking sound. A mixture of jizz and cooking oil dotted with flecks of feces dribbled from her reamed asshole.

“Oh, god,” she blubbered. “It hurts. Fuck, you stretched me out. I thought you were going to tear me in half.” She winced and reached back to tenderly touch her rosebud with her fingers. “It was so good though. I haven’t cum like that in years. Maybe ever.”

“I don’t see any blood,” I said to her, suddenly aware of my complete disregard for her safety and health. Holy shit! I could have severely injured her!

“Oh, wow,” she managed a laugh. “I never imagined it could be that good. Oh my god.”

I just chuckled nervously. She seemed okay…

“Fuck, oh god, that was awesome…” she purred as she straightened herself and turned to face me. Her makeup was a complete mess, mascara streaming down her face. Her hair was matted with sweat and her cheeks were flushed red. “Ouch. It’s going to hurt to walk for a bit I think.” A blob of santorum dripped from her dilated anus and splatted on the floor. “Thank you, Mark, that was incredible…”

“You don’t need to thank me!” I exclaimed. “I came so hard I can barely see straight! Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, fuck, it hurts, but it’s a good hurt, you know? I’ll be okay.”

“Whew. I don’t know what came over me. That was something else.”

“It sure was,” she breathed. “We can’t do this again though, hm?”

“Yeah, we can’t. I don’t really know how this happened to begin with, but you’re right.”

We grabbed a couple of tea towels and began cleaning ourselves and wiping up the oil and santorum from the floor.

“Well, maybe…” Binky mused. “Maybe not frequently, but maybe sometime?”

I laughed. “Yeah, maybe.” I grinned. “Maybe sometime.”

If there was one thing almost everyone who knew her could agree on, it was that Lara was a stone cold bitch. Oh, at first they wouldn’t say that. They’d say she was shy, but good-hearted, quick with a joke and a domestic goddess. That was how she drew people in; made it seem like she was actually worth knowing instead of someone who should have been avoided at all cost. Once you were in her life, the mask came off, but you were already too deep into her web to free yourself. Her friends had learned to fear her and her cold, passive aggressive ways of tearing you down behind your back. She was a housewife, a kept woman, married to a pathetic little troll of a man who thought himself an Adonis. Only to him was it a secret that she was with him for his money. To everyone else, it was a joke. For all her coldness, Lara was, by any reasonable measure, an attractive woman. Nothing to stop traffic or compose sonnets about, but a slender, fair-skinned blonde with a trim—if a bit soft—figure. She had small but soft breasts and a tight little ass, both of which she used to entice her fool of a husband, Jake. Everyone else saw through the game and realized the ridiculousness of a woman like her even thinking of touching a short, overweight little man like him for any reason other than financial security. His touch disgusted her, but during her senior year of college, when she realized that she wasn’t going to pass her final classes and her options after school would be limited, she bit the bullet and agreed to his rather pathetic proposal.

Lara was nothing if not smart. She knew that the second Jake wised up, her gravy train would derail, and she’d be left broke, jobless, and beyond her physical prime. So she’d made sure to get pregnant as fast as possible. Twice, in fact. It was a chore that revolted her. The very thought of Jake’s miniscule cock getting anywhere near her turned her stomach. But it was worth it for the security of knowing that, no matter what, he’d be on the hook for at least 18 years after their last child’s birth. And besides, she’d trained him. She withheld sex so often, he no longer was picky about what he got. Gone were the days when she’d been forced to take his disgusting, tiny prick in her mouth and pretend to enjoy sucking him off, or let him prod at her tender pussy with his fat fingers, making all the right ‘mmms’ and ‘ahhhs’ to keep him convinced she actually enjoyed it. No, it was now just a quick in and out. She didn’t even have to move.

She didn’t feel guilty. She never did, about anything, really. Nothing ever seemed to be Lara’s fault. She was very skilled at being the victim, it was part of how she manipulated people. But even if she had been the type to feel guilt, she wouldn’t have felt it for Jake. He got as much out of their arrangement as she did. He didn’t have any deeper feelings for her than she did for him. For him, she was arm candy. A trophy to lord over his friends and colleagues. There were only two things in the world Jake loved; himself, and demeaning others. He spent most of his time loudly boasting of his accomplishments, especially to people whom he knew had had a streak of bad luck or ill fortune. He enjoyed making them feel small. While everyone started out thinking Lara was a likeable person, no one ever met Jake without instantly hating him. They were just too afraid to say anything, for fear of angering Lara.

All except for two people: Lara’s sister, Bethany, and her husband, Jason. Though older than Lara, Bethany had been Lara’s most consistent victim. She was a kind, caring person, who took her younger sister’s abuse in stride, choosing usually to respond not with anger, but with kindness, convinced that there was something broken inside of Lara, something that could be fixed with love and compassion. Lara hated Bethany. All through childhood, while Lara was unremarkable, Bethany accomplished everything she set out to do. School came easily for Bethany, as did friendships, something Lara always struggled with until she learned how to manipulate people. Bethany had the audacity to be prettier than Lara, too. She had reddish brown hair, fair skin, a slender but curvacious body with full, firm breasts, round hips, and a firm ass that Lara had caught Jake staring at more than once when her sister wore her favorite jeans. People loved Bethany effortlessly, which drove Lara crazy. While she had had to connive and flaunt her body, men had been drawn to Bethany despite her conservative style and unassuming manner. But it wasn’t all men that bothered Lara most, it was one man.

Bethany had met Jason at college, and it had been love a first sight. The two were inseparable from the get go, getting engaged in record time and weathering numerous storms together. Jason had a real, genuine love for Bethany that Lara hadn’t previously thought existed outside of movies. He would truly do anything for her. Unlike Jake, he was tall, fit, and, while not a Greek god, handsome enough to provoke Lara’s jealousy as soon as she met him. She had tried to flirt with him to get him to betray her sister, at first just as another in an endless line of games designed to hurt Bethany. But as time went on, and he continued to be seemingly oblivious to her advances, she grew frustrated and realized that she had actually developed latent feelings for her now brother-in-law. This just made her angrier at Bethany. Who the hell was she to make Lara jealous? Lara had everything: a big house, a rich husband, and more money than she knew what to do with. And yet Bethany, who lived a relatively modest life and worked as a teacher, had the gall to be happier than her. Except in one little area.

It turned out, having kids unlocked more privileges than just throwing a chain around Jake’s neck. Unbeknownst to Lara until after she had had her first child, Bethany, who had all her life dreamed of being a mother, was unable to have children. This was an even better gift for Lara than the gift of financial security. She never missed a chance to boast about her children, or to tell Bethany how ‘lucky’ she was to not have kids. Her sister’s pain was delicious to her. Jake got in on it, too. Jake and Jason despised each other, and unlike most people who were afraid of either Jake’s money or Lara’s influence, Jason had no problem voicing his opinions. He’d tell Jake—and Lara on more than one occasion—how awful they were being. Jake would respond the only way he knew, by being louder and more awful. Lara, on the other hand, would, of course, play the victim. She’d managed to get several members of her family to turn on Bethany and Jason because, after all, she had just been trying to be supportive. How could someone get angry at her for that?

The whole feud had roiled on for years, until finally coming to a head the previous Christmas. Jake had loudly declared in front of everyone that the fact that Bethany and Jason couldn’t have children was nature’s way of telling them they shouldn’t be together. Jason was enraged, but, unexpectedly, so was Bethany. Instead of just taking her brother-in-law’s boorish abuse, Lara’s older sister actually stood up for herself, dressing Jake down in front of the whole gathering. This was one of the things Lara hated most about Bethany’s marriage to Jason; he had made her bold. She was still a warm, loving person, but she was also not afraid to stand up for herself. Usually it took the form of just telling Lara that her feelings were hurt, but that Christmas, something had snapped. Bethany laid into her and Jake, with some help from Jason. It had caught Lara completely off guard, something she wasn’t used to. She and Jake had had to leave the party abruptly, with Jake mumbling some nonsense about suing Bethany and Jason, which even Lara had to admit was idiocy.

Lara had been worried—really worried—for maybe the first time in her life. She had been honestly afraid that Bethany was going to strike her or worse. More than that, though, she worried it was going to mark a power-change between the two sisters. If Bethany was going to stand up for herself or, God forbid, be the aggressor, Lara feared her days as top of the familial heap would be at an end. In a last ditch effort to maintain her supremacy, Lara cut off all contact with her sister.

Her plan, it seemed, worked. Months later, after many unanswered emails from Bethany, Lara finally got the message she was waiting for:

Dear Lara,

I hope everything is going well for you and your family. It has been far too long since we talked. I know you’re angry; you have a right to be. I never should have gotten so angry at you and Jake. I’m ready to apologize to you for how stupid I was, but I would rather do it in person. Would you be willing to meet me at my house this Thursday afternoon? I understand if you don’t, but I want a chance to say I’m sorry.


your sister, Bethany.

Lara read the email over and over again. She knew her sister’s will was still weak. Jason could get her all puffed up, but in the end, Bethany was still the timid little bunny that she’d always been. Lara let the email sit for a day before responding. It would be difficult, she wrote, but yes, she would be willing to meet with Bethany. She was very hurt, you know. Bethany responded right away, and they set up a meeting for two in the afternoon. Lara was giddy. She spent the days leading up the meeting planning out her attack. She would, of course, make sure to drop lots of references to her children, and how happy they made her. But she would also draw out more than just a simple apology. Oh no, her sister had to pay for daring to humiliate her and Jake like she had. She would have to grovel, to admit not only that she was wrong, but that she’d always been wrong. Admit that she’d been secretly sabotaging Lara her who life. Lara would make her say awful things about Jason, just so she would feel guilty later. It was too wonderful for even Lara’s twisted mind to wrap itself around.

The day came, and Lara was elated. She and Jake had spent the whole night talking about how great it would be to hear Bethany plead for forgiveness. Jake made her promise to tell him all about it. Lara had been so excited, she’d even agreed to sex, but instantly regretted it. Thankfully, Jake came almost right away. She’d made him finish on her stomach. Two children was more than enough.

As happy as she was, Lara forced herself to put on a stoic face as she walked up the walk to Bethany and Jason’s house. It was the middle of the day, so Bethany would be home alone, which would work just fine. Jason was off at whatever menial little job he did, so he wouldn’t be around to stand up for his wife. Or to inspire her to stand up for herself. Dressed in a button up blue blouse had hugged her supple curves and snug khakis that accentuated her legs, Lara stood on the front porch and got ready to knock. A note on the door stopped her.


Come on it! No need to knock, we’re sisters, after all.


This was going to be easier than she thought, Lara mused. She opened the front door and entered. She hated their house; it was so small and…poor. It disgusted her to even be in it.

“Hello? Bethany?” Lara called to the empty living room. She was perturbed that her sister hadn’t met her as she came in. She was hoping the groveling would start right then. But patience was a virtue, after all.

“Lara?” Bethany’s sweet voice came back, from what sounded like far away. “I’m in the basement, come on down.”

Lara sighed. Typical. Her sister was beyond making anything easy for her. Oh well, she thought, she’d make her pay.

Lara walked through their kitchen and descended the stairs into the basement. It was dark, almost too dark to see. Across the large laundry room, Lara saw Bethany, sitting on a chair in the middle of a big rug.

“Lara, I’m so glad to see you,” Bethany said. Lara couldn’t help herself from smirking. “Please, come over here.”

“I can’t stay long,” Lara said. “I almost didn’t come. You hurt me last time, Bethany. I hope I came over for a good reason.”

“Oh,” Bethany said, “You did.”

Lara’s heart froze as she saw a broad, wicked smirk spread across her older sister’s face. Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed her right arm and yanked it over her head. Lara yelped as a metallic cuff snapped onto her wrist, just as another hand grabbed her left arm and brought it up to join its partner, a second cuff clicking over it.

Lara screamed and tried to lower her arms, only to find that they were cuffed around a ceiling mounted metal rod.

“What the fuck is going on?” Lara screamed. Just then, two more cuffs clicked onto her ankles. She tried to kick her legs out as Bethany approached her, but found them held fast, the chain connecting the cuffs linked through a metal loop bolted to the floor.

“Payback, dear sister,” Bethany said, walking over to Lara and stroking her face. Lara screamed as loud as she could, her face growing red.

“Go ahead,” Jason’s voice said from behind her as he calmly emerged from the shadows. “We’ve had the basement soundproofed, and the neighbors are all at work, anyway. I took the day off, though; this was too good to miss.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you two?” Lara gasped, trying to keep her voice steady, but failing. Her heart was pounding, and tears were already welling in her eyes. Bethany and Jason stared at her, both smiling that same wicked smile, the one she was used to wearing herself.

“Well, sis,” Bethany said, her voice still calm and serene, “what you’re about to experience is what happens when you finally push someone too far. Even nice people have breaking points, Lara. Congratulations; after twenty-seven years of trying to find mine, you succeeded.

“W-what are you going to do to me?” Lara stammered. Jason and Bethany looked at each other and chuckled.

“Sweetheart,” Bethany said to Jason, “may I do the honors?”

“Of course,” Jason said. He reached onto an old wooden shelf behind him, and picked up a large, serrated knife, which he handed to his wife.

“Oh God…oh God! Bethany, no!” Lara yelped. “Please! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! Please don’t!”

“Relax, Lara,” Bethany said, approaching her sister with the knife. “We’re not going to kill you. I love you, Lara, I really do. But, you need a serious attitude adjustment, I’m afraid to say. This is just…let’s call it tough love. Now, hold still.”

Bethany inserted the knife’s edge sideways just under the buttons of Lara’s blouse. She slowly brought it up, using her free hand to hold the fabric, letting the razor sharp blade pop the buttons off one by one. Lara’s flat stomach quivered as the blade moved, mere centimeters from her skin. She could feel its coldness as Bethany brought it up under and then over her breasts, the blade brushing against the satin of her bra. Each button made a delicate plip as it hit the concrete floor. When the last one, the one just under Lara’s chin, popped off, Bethany turned the knife around, and then used both hand to tear Lara’s shirt away from her chest. She then reached behind Lara’s back, jabbed the knife through the loose hanging fabric, and slit downward, dividing the silk blouse into two halves, one hanging on each shoulder.

“W-what are you doing?” Lara cried. Tears were flowing down her face. “Stop this! Please!”

“Is this not going the way you thought it would, sis?” Bethany asked. She then slid the tip of the blade upward from between Lara’s small breasts, right between her sister’s pale skin and the black satin bra. Bethany jerked the blade outward, stretching the bra as far as it could, it’s straps cutting into Lara’s back, until it finally sliced open. The bra flew open and Lara’s breasts bounced free, her pale pink nipples hardening and standing erect in the cold basement air. Jason’s hand reached behind her and undid the bra’s clasp, letting the two halves hang free, along with the remains of her blouse.

“Well,” Bethany said, examining her sister’s breasts, “I guess motherhood does have its downsides.”

She was right. They had faded over time, but Lara still had faint white stretchmarks at the bottoms of each breast. Bethany reached out her free hand and placed it on Lara’s stomach, which also still had a few marks, and then ran it slowly upward. Lara winced; she hated physical contact. Hated it. It didn’t matter from whom. Jake had been the first man she’d been with, and that had just been utilitarian. It was the one part of their catholic upbringing that had stuck with her; she abhorred physical contact. Bethany knew that, too. Which was why she enjoyed the pained look on her sister’s face as she ran her hand up between her breasts, and then let it trail down the left one. Bethany let her palm linger on it, feeling the soft, supple bulge of the breast, the gentle poke of Lara’s nipple against the palm of her hand. She tickled her finger tips down the breast, Lara squirming the whole time, and then, suddenly, pinched her sister’s nipple as hard as she could.

“Ow!” Lara yelped. Bethany’s smile grew bigger. She handed the knife back to Jason, reached down and unbuttoned Lara’s khakis. In one quick motion, she yanked them down to her sister’s ankles, leaving Lara standing only in her black satin panties, her body naked and exposed, with the rags of her clothes still clinging to her.

“How’s she look?” Bethany asked Jason, who was standing behind Lara. Jason gave Lara’s ass a long, scrutinizing stare.

“Tighter than I thought it would be,” he said, with a nod. “But still a bit small for my tastes.”

Bethany smiled. Jason was definitely an ass man. She knew it was one of the main things that had attracted him to her when they first me. She had a firm, round ass that he loved to grab and spank during sex.

“You can do the honors this time,” Bethany said to her husband. Lara gasped again as Jason slid the cold knife between her thigh and the side of her underwear. They stretched out and then snapped, gently falling to the floor to join her khakis, leaving her completely naked.

“Not bad,” Jason said, giving her ass a rough squeeze with his hand. “Not bad at all.”

“Looks like you could use a trim, though, sis,” Bethany said, kneeling down and getting her face just inches away from her sister’s pussy. Lara had a landing strip—Jake’s request, one of the few she granted—of light brown hair. It had gotten a bit long, though.

“Oh well,” Bethany continued. Without warning, she plunged two fingers into Lara’s pussy. “Well, what do you know…she’s a bit wet, sweetie.”

“You don’t say,” Jason said. “Do you think it’s time?”

“Yeah,” Bethany said, jerking her fingers back and forth inside her sister’s pussy as hard as she could. Lara screamed again, tears still flowing. Bethany didn’t relent. The feel of her sister’s moist folds around her fingers was nice enough, but the fear on Lara’s face was actually making her wet. That was okay, though; Jason would take care of her.

“Okay, Lara,” Bethany said, still fingering her sister. Lara squirmed, angry at her body that her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. She didn’t want to give Bethany the satisfaction. “Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to let you down, and you’re going to suck my husband’s dick.”

“Fuck you!” Lara screamed. “This was your fucking idea wasn’t it, Jason? I always knew you were a perv. Is this some kind of sick fantasy that you tricked my sister into going along with?”

“It is a sick fantasy,” Jason shrugged. “But it’s not mine. She’s the mastermind.”

Lara’s blood froze as she looked back toward her sister, who was nodding.

“Just like I said, dear sister,” Bethany said. “Everyone has their breaking point. And now I need to teach my little sister a lesson. We’re going to let you go, and you’re going to do what we say. Let’s not forget who has the knife, sweetie.”

“Fuck you,” Lara yelled in Jason’s face as he moved to unlock her. “Fuck you!”

Bethany lashed out, smacking Lara across the face with the back of her hand, the one not still finger-banging her. Lara screamed. Her vision was blurry, and she could taste a trickle of blood in her mouth, where her lip had pressed into a tooth.

“You don’t talk to my husband like that, you stupid cunt!” Bethany yelled. Lara was stunned, more by the language than the slap. Before she could react, Bethany struck again, slapping Lara’s right breast, sending a wave of pain through her whole chest.

“Stop!” Lara cried. “You’re hurting me!”

“I’d save that for later,” Bethany smiled. Jason undid the cuffs holding her hands. Not expecting the sudden release, Lara fell to the floor, landing hard on her knees.

“Good girl,” Bethany said, before nodding to Jason. Jason nodded back, and undid the belt that held his jeans on. He slid them down his legs and then stepped out of them as Bethany pulled the scraps of clothing away from Lara’s body. Lara began to lash out, to try to punch her sister, but then remembered the knife in Jason’s hand. Thoughts of the blade, however, were replaced by thoughts of the thick bulge in the front of her brother-in-law’s boxers.

“W-why are you doing this?” she cried, looking up at Jason with pleading eyes as he pulled out his long, thick cock.

“Because, Lara,” Jason said. “Your sister pointed out, you could probably use a good fuck. Might fix your shitty attitude. Now suck it.”

“Fuck you!” Lara yelled. This time, it was Jason that hit her, his large, strong hand smacking into her face. She struggled to stay up, bracing herself on her hands and knees, her feet still chained.

“Fuck y–” she started, suddenly finding Jasons’ cock thrust deep into her mouth. She couldn’t believe how big it felt. She had had trouble with Jake’s tiny penis, which was dwarfed by the massive dick that was currently thrusting against the back of her throat, gagging her. A sharp pain in her scalp was all that distracted her, momentarily.

“Understand something, little sister,” Bethany said, pulling Lara’s head back by her hair, the gleaming knife in her hand. “If you even think of biting, we’re going to have a bigger problem. Understand?”

Lara’s eyes grew huge and she gasped a yes, muffled by Jason’s cock in her mouth.

“Good,” Bethany said. “Now…suck it.”

Lara’s whole body quivered. She looked back up at Jason, who was looking down at her with a cruel sneer. Obediently, Lara started suck as best she could, working on the soft tip of Jason’s thick, cut cock.

“What do you think he is, your prom date?” Bethany said, her voice still eerily calm. “Show her what that mouth is for, sweetie.”

“Sounds good, honey,” Jason said. He grabbed the back of Lara’s head and smashed her face toward his body, her nose hitting his stomach as his cock slammed down his sister-in-law’s throat.

“That’s it,” Bethany said, giving a slow clap. “Again!”

Tears were running down Lara’s face, over her lips and onto Jason’s cock as she struggled to breathe. He grabbed her by the hair, and yanked her head back, right to the tip of his dick, only to slam it back down her throat again.

“Keep going,” Bethany said. “I love to watch you work, sweetie.”

Lara saw Jason smile, right before he pulled his cock out and then slammed it back in again. And again. And again. Lara screamed as best she could as he skull fucked her, his cock bashing against her tongue as she tried to keep him out, pushing past it and hitting the back of her throat. She choked and gagged, trying without luck to push his body away from her with her hands, only to have him start slamming his cock into her mouth faster and faster. Behind Jason, Lara saw Bethany unbutton her tight jeans and slide them down her curvy hips. She had a lacy blue thong on, which, as she lowered herself to the floor, she pushed aside, exposing her perfect, hairless pussy, still tight and fresh. Lara watched, as best she could, as Bethany slid her fingers into her own pussy and began rubbing her clit, pleasuring herself to the sight of her little sister getting mouth fucked by her husband.

“Oh yeah,” Bethany moaned, tickling the little pink button faster and faster, “fuck that little bitch’s mouth, babe. Fuck her good.”

Jason obeyed, ramming his cock down Lara’s throat again and again, then holding it there long enough to hear her sputter and cough.

“Please!” Lara gasped, as Jason pulled back, his cock briefly out of her mouth. “Please no!”

“Do you think we should stop, sweetheart?” Jason asked, with thick, ropey strands of Lara’s spit hanging off of his cock, leading back to her lips.

“Well,” Bethany said, still rubbing her clit. “I’m not without mercy. We can move onto phase two of the learning process, if you want, Lara.”

“Please,” Lara gasped, her face a mess of tears and spit. “Anything!”

“Sounds good,” Jason said. He paused, and pulled back his dick, letting it go and smacking Lara in the cheek with it. She winced as it hit her, but caught her breath, relieved. Nothing could be as bad as having her throat fucked like that, no matter what phase 2 was.

“Let me ask you, Lara,” Bethany said, still masturbating, but slower now. She’d pulled her tight sweater up over her breasts, which were full and firm, her nipples standing at attention. “Do you ever let that pathetic husband of yours fuck you in the ass?”

“No,” Lara said immediately, disgusted by the very thought. “He’s asked, but–”

Her heart sunk again as she realized what was about to happen.

“Then this will be new for you,” Bethany said, standing up and pulling her shirt the rest of the way off. She grabbed the handcuffs that had held Lara’s arms over her head, and then clicked them onto her sister again, this time securing them to a second metal loop on the floor, trapping her on all fours. Her sister walked around her trapped body, trailing her fingers down her back, then smacking her firm ass with full force. Lara screamed out, which earned her another smack, this time from Jason.

“Jason and I do it sometimes,” Bethany said. “Just on special occasions. He’s gentle with me. I know he’d like to go harder, but he loves me. I’ve always felt bad that he doesn’t get to really unleash. So, consider this a gift to both of you.”

“No!” Lara screamed. “No! Anything but that! No!”

It was too late. Jason’s fingers were already probing at Lara’s asshole. His hands held her cheeks apart as he augerred his left thumb inside her tight, virgin ass. She squealed and shrieked as he shoved it in up to the knuckle, and began pumping it.

“Save your screaming, little sis,” Bethany said, sitting down again, this time closer to Lara, and continuing to finger herself. “We’ll give you a treat at the end, but we need to make sure you learn a lesson first. Go ahead, sweetie.”

Lara looked over her shoulder, prepared to beg again, but it was too late. Jason rammed his cock, lubricated only by her own spit and tears, against, her tender asshole. The barrier held, and he rammed again, this time slapping her ass with enough force to drop her from her knees.

“Back up, bitch,” Bethany said, her fingers deep inside her own pussy. Jason grabbed Lara’s blonde hair and yanked her back to her knees, then rammed his cock again. This time, her asshole gave. The hard, thick shaft jammed right up her ass. Lara wailed in pain. She felt like she was being split in half. Jason’s cock was far bigger than what she was used to, but up her ass, it felt the size of a billy club. He didn’t have to be instructed by Bethany this time. Jason began pumping Lara’s ass as hard as he could, his hips smacking against her little ass, his cock ripping into parts of her she had never had touched before. She screamed the entire time, and so did Bethany, but in pleasure. Bethany worked her pussy with her right hand while fondling her own nipples with her left. Lara, through the pain of Jasons’ cock tearing in and out of her throbbing asshole, was fixated on her sister, watching waves of pleasure run through Bethany’s body.

“Oh fuck yes, Jason,” Bethany moaned, her hands moving faster and faster, her body trembling as she came. “Fuck that little bitch, fuck her good. You like that, don’t you, Lara? You like my husband’s big hard cock up your tight, snobby little ass, don’t you?”

“It hurts,” Lara moaned, crying harder. “It hurts so bad.”

“Good,” Bethany said, her hands still moving as fast as ever. “Now you know how you made me feel. Fuck her harder, babe.”

“My pleasure, honey,” Jason said, digging his strong fingers into her ass cheeks and using them to pull her back and forth harder and harder, his cock deeper in Lara’s body than it had been in anyone’s ever before. “May I make a suggestion, Bethany?”

“Of course, sweetie,” Bethany moaned as she came again.

“Move closer to her,” Jason said. “Get your pussy right under her face.”

Bethany’s smile widened as she saw her husband’s thoughts. She moved right under Lara’s face, spreading her legs as wide as she could, her pink, wet pussy right under her sister’s chin.

“Now,” Jason said, grabbing Lara by the hair and shoving her face into Bethany’s crotch. “Eat your sister out.”

“No!” Lara yelled, Jason’s cock still reaming her out. “She’s my sister, you pervert! I can’–”

“Do it, bitch,” Bethany moaned, putting her hand on the back of Lara’s head and forcing her mouth into her pussy. “Lick your sister’s cunt like a good girl. Make me cum, or else.”

Lara looked up at her sister’s face, and knew that she didn’t want to know what ‘or else’ meant. Obediently, she extended her tongue, her whole body quivering. She touched it to her sister’s pussy, almost drawing back as if it were electrified, but stopped by Bethany and Jason’s hands shoving her back down.

“Now,” Bethany said. “Last chance, bitch.”

Lara started licking. Bethany’s pussy tasted sweet, wet from her back-to-back climaxes. Jason was still behind her, every thrust smashing her fact harder into her sister’s pussy.

“How’s her ass, sweetie?” Bethany asked, between breaths, as Lara ate her out.

“Not as good as yours,” Jason said. “But it’ll do. She’s tight as fuck.”

“Better loosen her up some more,” Bethany said with a smile. “She’s a pretty good cunt licker, too.”

Lara felt waves of shame wash over her. There were two things Jake had begged and pleaded with her two do, both of which she’d refused and sworn she’d never do. One was being with another woman, and here she was with her face in her own sister’s pussy. The other was anal. His dick wouldn’t have felt the same up her ass as Jason’s, though. Not as big and hard, and–

Stop it! She thought. Don’t fall prey to their little game!

But she couldn’t. There was something about the position she was in, on all fours, spit, tears, and now pussy juice all over her face, her ass bruised from spanking and her asshole stretched from the fucking it was still receiving. She felt powerless, which was completely new to her. She also felt something else. Something that felt like…

Like she deserved it.

The thought was pushed out of her mind by a hard, painful smack on her right ass cheek from Jason.

“Hey, you’re slowing down,” he said. “Keep licking my wife’s pussy, you cunt.”

Lara obeyed, without even thinking of objecting. Her tongue flicked in and out of Bethany’s pussy, lapping up the flowing juices like spring water. It was coming like second nature now. She felt her sister’s thigh muscles grow tight, and then release as Bethany moaned louder than Lara had screamed the first time Jason’s cock went up her ass. A flood of warm, sweet, juice washed into Lara’s mouth.

“You’re almost too good at that, sis,” Bethany panted. “I think you deserve a treat now. Jason?”

“I think so,” he said. He slowed his pumping, and brought his cock out of her ass. She didn’t have time to react before it was reinserted, this time in her pussy.

“Oh!” Lara gasped. It wasn’t pain this time. After two kids, Lara wasn’t the tightest woman, but she had grown accustomed to nothing larger than Jake’s tiny prick inside her. Jason’s cock filled her up, instead of just flopping around inside of her. For the first time since the whole ordeal began, she felt not pain, but pleasure.

“Do you want my husband to fuck you, Lara?” Bethany asked, as Jason held is cock, unmoving, in Lara’s pussy. “Because you can say no. It’s okay. If you don’t want my husband to fuck you, if you’re happy with Jake and his cock, and don’t need to feel Jason’s cock thrust in and out of your body, you can say no, get up, and go home. So…do you–”

“I want your husband to fuck me!” Lara yelled, not realizing the words were leaving her mouth, but following them with, “fuck me like a little bitch!”

“I thought so,” Bethany said, patting the top of Lara’s head. “Go ahead.”

Jason started pumping, his cock sliding in and out of Lara’s pussy. She hadn’t realized how wet she’d gotten. It felt divine, like nothing she’d ever experienced. He reached around and cupped her breasts, massaging them with expert hands, not fumbling at them like a teenager like Jake had always done. His cock was hitting so many new places in her body, she began to lose track of the world, not even realizing that she’d leaned down again, and was licking Bethany’s pussy.

“I think she likes it,” Bethany said, as Lara’s tongue explored her tight pink folds. “I definitely do.”

Jason continued to thrust in and out of her. Only, this time, he wasn’t alone. Lara’s hips were moving back and forth with him, her ass, still red and bruised, meeting him before he slammed into it.

“Oh God…oh yes…,” Lara panted. “Oh God it’s so big. So…so….big! It feels so fucking good! Fuck me, fuck me like a slut!”

“You’re getting pretty excited, sis,” Bethany said. “Doesn’t Jake fuck you like this?”

“No!” Lara said, through gasps of air, “Fuck…no. Never like this. This…is…so…good!”

“That sound about right, sweetie?” Jason asked, his cock sliding in and out of Lara’s wet pussy.

“That’ll do,” Bethany said, standing up, leaving Lara licking air. Bethany moved into the shadows, out of Lara’s view. She didn’t care, she was so close to cumming for the first time ever. She didn’t care….

Until she heard an electronic ‘beep.’

“W-what the fuck was that?” Lara asked, still on the edge of cumming.

“We have a webcam,” Bethany shrugged. Then she pointed to something that Lara hadn’t noticed, a small, black remote sitting next to the rug Bethany had been sitting on. “I reached over and turned it on right before Jason started fucking your pussy. I sent the stream to Jake’s email. He should get it on that fancy, expensive phone of his.”

“No!” Lara gasped. “No! No no no no!”

“Okay,” Jason shrugged, pulling is cock out. Lara collapsed as he withdrew.

“You’ve ruined my life!” Lara sobbed. “Ruined it!”

“Everyone has a breaking point, dear sister,” Bethany said. “You want us to unlock you so you can start groveling to Jake to take you back, or do you want to get off?”

Lara kept sobbing, staring right into the floor.

“I can’t hear you, little sis,” Bethany said.

“Iwanttogetoff,” Lara mumbled through her tears.

“What was that?” Bethany asked, leaning in.

“I said I want to get off!” Lara yelled. “Fuck me! Fuck me till I cum!”

“We’ll see,” Bethany said. “But right now, I’m getting a little jealous. Here I’ve had to sit and watch you get to enjoy my husband’s big hard cock while I just have to settle for my fingers and your tongue. Not that you weren’t good. I never knew my sister was such a good muff diver. But it’s my turn, now. I’ll give you the best seat in the house, though. Flip her over.”

Jason nodded and grabbed Lara. Unlocking one side of each pair of cuffs, he flipped her body over, landing her hard on her back against the concrete, her sore ass protesting the most. Re-locking her, Jason motioned for his wife to join him.

“God I want you to fuck me,” Bethany moaned, sliding her thong all the way off, and climbing on all fours, her incredible ass over Lara’s face, her large tits hanging against Lara’s stomach. Lara watched as Jason eased his cock into Bethany’s tight pussy, just inches from her face.

“Oh…oh sweetie, yes,” Bethany moaned as Jason slid in and out of her, his hands massaging her as they made love, moving up from her ass to her hips, to her sides, to her back and then sliding around to grip her breasts. Bethany moaned louder and louder as Jason built up a rhythm right over Lara’s face. It wasn’t like when he was fucking her. This was different. Loving, tender. Erotic. It was everything Lara had never had with Jake. She watched her sister’s body shake as she came yet again, and heard her moans, so loud and so pure, not like the ones Lara faked with Jake. Lara wanted desperately for her hands to be free, so she could finger herself like Bethany had been. Her body was still aching for release. They had ruined her life, ruined her marriage, but all she could think about was feeling that cock in her pussy again, watching it pump into her sister. She wanted to cum. For the first time in her life, she needed to come. Everything else could wait.

“I guess I should return the favor,” Bethany said, between moans. She lowered her face to Lara’s pussy, the downy hair tickling her nose as she let her tongue slip down between Lara’s lips, teasing her little sister’s clit.

Lara’s body was on fire again. The pleasure that had waned out of her when Jason had withdrawn was instantly back. But this time, it was her big sister’s tongue that was doing it, bringing her right up to the edge of orgasm, to a place she’d never been. She let the pleasure wash over her as Jason pushed in and out of Bethany’s bare pussy, his muscles visibly tightening.

“Oh…oh fuck yeah,” he moaned, digging his fingers into his wife’s round ass. His balls clenched as he came inside of her, filling her pussy with thick streams of sticky cum. “Fuck yeah…I love you…I fucking love you….oh fuck that was good.”

“Pull out,” Bethany said, catching her breath. “Time for Lara to have another treat.”

Bethany stopped licking her sister’s pussy. It wasn’t as sweet as she’d hoped, and she had bigger plans, anyway. Jason pulled his cock out, sending a stream of thick cum dripping out of Bethany’s freshly fucked pussy, right onto Lara’s waiting face. Lara panicked and squinted her eyes shut, too late to keep at least one glob from painfully splashing into them. The rest ran onto her nose and mouth, some trickling down into her blonde hair. It was sticky and warm on her skin. This was another of Jake’s begged for fantasies that he’d been denied. She wondered if he was watching this one, too.

“Now, Lara,” Bethany scolded. “Be a good little slut and lick that all up, and we’ll let you get off.”

“Okay,” Lara said. “I will. Okay. Just please let me cum. Please!”

Lara began obediently licking all of the cum she could reach with her tongue off of her face. It slid into her mouth, salty and bitter, over her tongue and down her throat, still sore from the brutal mouth-fucking she’d received. There were two clicks, and she felt her arms and legs released. She sat up, but didn’t for a second think of leaving. Out there, there was her ruined life. She could try to blame that on her sister and brother-in-law, but she knew that it was all her fault. Not just how she’d moaned out while Jason fucked her, but for everything, for all of her cruel, self-serving choices that had led her to this basement. And, more than anything, more than repairing her life, or security, Lara wanted to cum. She hungrily pushed Jason’s seed off her cheeks and nose and into her mouth, gulping it down, her eyes stinging from the sperm that had made their way in.

Sheila and I have been married six years now and we’ve stayed happy with each other, even though we’ve had a few ups and downs. These were more to do with job and money than anything. In the time since we’ve been married, we’ve each lost our job, though, right now, we’re both employed. I actually am making considerably more money, a real blessing these days.

When the stress would begin to get to us, we always resorted to the stress-relieving exercises we began using when we were dating: sex. You see, I married one of those wonderful women who simply adores sex.

On our third date, she had me to her apartment for dinner and answered the door wearing an apron. Well, I soon had that off and we spent the rest of the evening in bed. That’s the kind of woman Sheila is.

She also looks good, clothed or not. She’s twenty-eight, a brunette with wavy hair just below her shoulders, one hundred-eighteen pounds, thirty-four B-cup, but it’s a full cup, narrow waist and lovely hips and long legs beneath. She’s five-six and naked she looks really great. Her boobs are really nice, firm, tipped with dark pink nipples that get excited so easily. I just love getting them hard, even when we’re out at dinner or at friend’s, I’ll take a quick pinch or rub when no one’s looking just to firm them up.

Sheila has always pushed the limits of our sex more than I have. She loves to go shopping braless and in a short skirt and no panties, even flash men with a few open leg shots as we have lunch. Even shoe shopping. I just wait outside, taking occasional glances in the window as the clerk, she makes sure it’s a male every time, slips shoes on and off her feet as she asks him each time if he thinks it looks good. She’s a hot tease and she loves doing it.

Sex in public places also turns her on. We’ve done it in most of the parks in our city at one time or another and there was one time when I was sure we were going to get caught but I think the cop just thought it was funny and left us alone. Me, I was scared of death, Sheila, well, she had a terrific orgasm.

So, Sheila and I are a great match unlike her younger sister, Erica, and her husband, Jody. There’s been no one in the family, except Erica, who thought Jody was anything but a conceited asshole. And, that’s his good side. I don’t think he’s ever hit her or abused her physically but he has constantly ridden her about everything she does.

He even gets on her about her looks. Well, let me tell you, my wife, Sheila, is one good-looking woman and her younger sister is a beauty. Yes, even prettier. But all you would hear from Jody is how bad her hair looked or whatever, just always putting her down. Sheila and I have talked to her about leaving him and, well, I know this kind of thing happens pretty often, she’s just hesitant to do it.

Then, one Saturday morning, Erica called me to see if I could come over to help her put together a media storage cabinet that she had ordered online. She told me that she’d opened it up, then saw that it was really beyond her to put it all together. I knew that her husband was traveling and was of little help around the house anyway, so I went over to help my sister-in-law.

She showed me into the family room and the pieces of the assembly were scattered all over the floor.

“Sorry, Pierce, this is as far as I got.”

So, I got down amidst the pieces littering the floor and opened the instructions which were no more than an exploded-view diagram of the unit. I did see that some parts required gluing so I knew right away that I’d better be sure how it all went together before I started gluing.

Erica sat on the floor across the pile of pieces, her legs crossed under her Indian-style, her dressing gown open a bit showing me the crotch of her white panties. The effect was immediate, of course, as my cock began to rise.

We went on, putting pieces together, figuring out what went where and as she shifted, I could see a newly-formed damp spot on her panties which had the obvious effect on me.

We worked on, finally gluing it all together, it looked straight and true, just the way my cock felt as I again got a view of her panties which were now wet all along her crease.

I stood up and we both moved the cabinet out of the way so the glue could set properly.

As I raised up, Erica said, “Well, Pierce, I think you need to take that home and have Sheila take care of that for you,” as she nodded to my middle.

Throwing caution to the winds, I answered back, “Looks to me like you need to take yourself back to your bedroom and take care of that,” nodding at her middle.

“Well, that’s the only way I’ve been taken care of lately, it’s been, um, three months now.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that, Erica, that just shouldn’t happen to someone as pretty and nice as you.”

“That’s nice of you, Pierce, Sheila has told me what a wonderful lover you are and I just wish Jody would do some of the things to me that Sheila tells me you do for her.”

“So what does Sheila tell you about us?”

“I’ve been talking to her for some time about my lack of a love life and she has told me a lot about how wonderful you are. She even said I should try you out. I laughed and she said, ‘No, I really mean it, you should get Pierce to make love to you.’”

It began to dawn on me.

“You mean that’s why I’m here today?”

“Actually, yes, we talked about it and she said I should give you a try in the bedroom.”

“And, she’s good with this?”

“She is and she’s right down the block waiting for me to call her on her cell if it went this far. Are you ready to have us both?”

I stood there, my mind going a million miles an hour.

“Both of you? Right now?”

“She said if we got this far and we both wanted to go farther, that she would be waiting nearby for me to call. Should I call?”

There was no way I was going to say no, that’s for sure.

“Do you have speed-dial?” I asked with a grin as she picked up her cellphone off the table and got her sister on the phone.

“Well, Sis, I think we’ve got our first threesome, come on, the door’s unlocked, we’ll be in my bedroom,” and hung up.

“Follow me, Pierce,” as I went behind her swaying butt down the hall to the master suite.

As we walked in, the covers were off the bed and several candles were lit. Obviously she had figured that I would be up for this both emotionally and physically.

My sister-in-law turned around, unbuttoned her dressing gown, took it off and lowered her panties to the floor and stepped out of them as I began undressing.

I’d seen Erica in a bikini, so I knew she had a lovely body. She’s twenty-four and gorgeous. Her breasts were perfect, just like a sixteen-year old, firm, round, standing out just stunningly, small, pink nipples, all aroused and eager.

Her pussy was beautifully bare, shaved perfectly, pretty and plump, her groove waiting for me as I pulled off my briefs.

“Oh, Sheila never told me about this,” she said as she reached down and took my cock in her hand. “Mmm, nice, oh, now I’m really glad we’re doing this, come to bed,” and she got on the bed spreading open for me. Well, there’s no way I’m fucking her without eating her out first.

I crawled up between her legs and lowered down onto her licking up and down.

“Mmm, oh, this is going to be wonderful. It’s been so long since a man has done this to me, oh, I love this, thank you, Pierce, oh, thank you.”

She was delicious, juicy, just perfect.

“Well, look at you two,” I heard from behind me. I raised up and there was my wife looking at me down between her sister’s legs, my face gleaming with her juices, a smile across my face.

“Be with you in a sec, hon,” as I went back to work between Erica’s legs. Then I felt Sheila’s hands on my side as she pulled me over on my back.

“No, it’s both of us. Get up over his face, Sis, let him eat you that way, I’m sucking his cock,” she said as she was sliding her panties off her feet.

I lay there on my back as I watched Erica’s wet pussy descend over my face while I felt Sheila’s lips slip over my cock, my idea of heaven. I managed to get up to Erica’s clit which was very swollen, larger than her sister’s who’s I’ve licked and sucked so many times before. It immediately got her moaning and she pressed down harder on me, scooting back and forth as I felt her pussy spasm as juices came flowing out of her into my mouth and face, drooling down my neck.

“Omigod, I’m cumming! Oh, it’s wonderful, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, oh,” she cried. Sheila continued sucking me up and down, now concentrating on the tip of my cock as she sucked and wiped her tongue around the head. That’s all it took, I began cumming deeply into my wife’s wondrous mouth once again, the latest in myriad of times she’s sucked my cum out.

My wife pulled up off me and they both got down next to me, each of their arms around me, kissing me.

“Wow, both of you, this is incredible,” I said as my head spun with happiness. I moved down between my wife’s legs and began on her. She was so wet, just sopping as I lapped and lapped as she writhed under me, her hands on my head as she moaned.

“Mmm, mmm, oh, right there, right there, perfect. OH, OOH, OOH, UUH, uuh, mmm, mmm, oh, hon, you are so good, mmm,” and she clamped her thighs tight keeping me there licking and tonguing her hot pussy.

She finally released me and I got back up between my wife and her sister. They were both kissing me, Sheila was rubbing her hand over my chest as Erica stroked my cock.

“You told me how great a lover Pierce was, Sis, but you never told my how big his cock was. You are one lucky girl.”

“Well, you are, too, now. I’m happy to share him with you and I’ll bet my well-hung hubby’s pretty happy to share his bounty with my little sister.”

“Well, I’m sure ready for this nice, big cock of your husband’s, Shiel, let me get it nice and hard,” and my wife and I watched as her little sister, well, she’s not so little, get up over me and drop her mouth over my cock to begin sucking me.

Like most guys (Are there really any who don’t?), I just love the sensual thrill of a woman’s warm, soft mouth pulling up and down on my cock as she runs her tongue around the tip. I’m one of those who would just love being sucked forever. And, Erica was good, very good.

She sucked me for a few minutes as Sheila and I kissed and I played with her lovely boobs, then Erica got up, swung her leg up over me, reached down, gripped my cock and lowered right down on me and began scissoring straight up and down.

Oh, she was tight, really tight, especially when she rose up. It felt like her pussy was sucking me. I was playing with her pretty boobs, firmer than Sheila’s, nipples like little rocks.

“Mmm, god, you are so lucky to have a guy with a nice big, thick cock like this. Oh, am I full. Now I know what it’s all about, guy’s with big cocks. Oh, yeah,” she groaned as she moved up and down over me.

Sheila leaned close to my ear and whispered, “You like my sister fucking you?”

I rolled my eyes in reply and she kissed me, then whispered, “Well, you can fuck her all you want. Just keep me happy, too.”

Wow, every man’s dream come true.

“Mmm, oooh, oooh, I’m really close, mmm, oh, yeah, OH, OOH, UUH, UUH, UHN, mmm, mmm, oh, so good, so good, mmm, oh, oh,” and she fell over me, still grinding her pussy around my buried cock, kissing me, whispering how good it was.

Her legs were spread out over my hips as she continued fucking me.

“Mmm, this is so good, I just don’t want to stop,” she murmured and just kept going. Sheila moved so she could get her hand up between my legs as her sister fucked over me and my wife began playing with my balls. I lay there being supremely pleasured by these two beautiful sisters until I finally tensed, threw my hips up as my semen gushed deep up inside my sister-in-law’s pussy.

“Mmm, oh, Pierce, I love your cum, mmm, just love it,” as they both kissed me over and over.

Sheila and I stayed at her sister’s house the rest of the day as I was shared between these two, super-hot siblings. Then, my lovely wife had a surprise for both me and her sister.

“Sis, I think Pierce should stay with you tonight so you can sleep together and enjoy each other to the fullest. It’s my gift to you both, the two people I love the most in the world.”

Well, there it was, me sleeping with my beautiful sister-in-law with my wife’s permission and encouragement. What a wife.

She started getting dressed and, on her way out to go home, she told me to be back home tomorrow for supper and to make sure her sister was a happy, satisfied woman by then.

Well, I was able to fuck Erica twice more that night and three more times on Sunday. We were naked the whole time, something she really seemed to enjoy, she rarely let my cock out of her grasp and we ran the hot water out showering together, something she told me she’d never done before. What a shame.

You may be wondering what ever became of Erica and Jody.

Well, Jody took care of everything himself. He left Erica for a high school girl that he’d gotten pregnant and he and Erica were quickly divorced.

Sheila suggested that her sister move in with us until she got back on her feet and, now, six years later, she’s still living with us. I’ve made sure I keep her off her feet as much as possible.

Does Sheila still share me with her little sister? Well, as of about a half-hour ago she does. We found out right off that three can fit on a king-sized bed fairly well, as long as things don’t get too bouncy. They have a few times but we’re able to cope with it.

Oh, you might be interested that I now have a supply of that ‘little blue pill’ you’ve seen on television. It helps me get through the weekends.

When we arrived home, SIS and MIL was pacing anxiously in the living room. I was the one to open the door. Both of them rushed to me and bombarded me with questions. I decided to yank their chains a bit and said nothing. BIL understood my intentions and he just carried MOM on his shoulder and sat her on the couch. He went back to get daddy. Meanwhile, I just sat beside MOM saying nothing. Both women were now looking at us with puzzled expressions and their eyes demanded answers. When BIL brought in dad and sat him on the other couch, Mona tried to question him but he also said nothing and sat beside dad. It was a rather funny situation and I knew inside they were worried sick. On the way, I had told MOM much details of how I got intimate with first BIL, then Mona and SIS too. She was playing along too. Just when I could see that SIS was about to burst into tears, I said: Hey MOM, why don’t you give me another blowjob?

MOM just said okay and immediately began to unzip my fly and before you could say BJ, she had my cock in her mouth. Both SIS and Mona gave a yell of surprise which was soon replaced by cheering. MOM was busy sucking my dick when. Mona and SIS both ran and hugged me. I told MOM to stop and said: I think these poor ladies need some explaining, why you don’t go ahead and tell them what they need to know. I’m tiered and would like to sleep now.

I got up to leave. My cock was semi erect now and was dangling out of my fly but I did not bother to put it back in. I went to my room and BIL followed me there. He said that it would be such a waste to lose such a lovely erection and began to undress me. But I remembered one more thing and I told BIL to stop and bring daddy in.

When he came back with daddy, I was naked and rubbing my cock. Dad averted his eyes on this sight but I ordered him on his knees and BIL pushed him down. He was kneeling in front of me with my cock aimed straight at his face. I was beginning to enjoy being the master ordering around his slave.

Me: okay dad, here goes: since you have been briefed about the kind of lifestyle we have here. I know you did not want this upon yourself and I somewhat feel sorry for you, but I cannot simply put this family into jeopardy. I love you dad, but in the past year my definition of love has only been reduced to sexual love. I have fucked almost everyone in our family and today I even consummated my mother’s carnal love.

Dad: I know son. I must admit that it is hard for me to accept, but I know no life without your mother. She is the reason for me being alive. As long as you let me be with her, I’ll never speak ill for you. Neither shall I divulge the secret of this family to anyone outside. I promise by my life.

Me: Dad, I want to trust you, but I simply cannot take a risk that big. Otherwise I would’ve set you free but now that you are trapped in here, you have to prove your worth here.

Dad: I’ll do anything as long as you don’t take my love from me. What do I have to do?

Me: Well, I have thought of a plan to test your faithfulness. If you pass, I promise that MOM will never say no to make love to you. Otherwise, I’ll go out of my way to make sure that you keep your mouth shut.

Dad: Anything son, anything.

Me: As you already know that BIL is gay and let me tell you that I myself am a bisexual. So all you have to do is to make yourself comfortable with being gay. And you’ll have to have sex with me and BIL. If you manage to make yourself a proper satisfactory gay, in a few days, I’ll put your luggage in MOM’s room. Meanwhile you can stay in the servant quarters. They are deserted anyway.

BIL was nodding his approval for my plan immediately and dad was contemplating the idea with closed eyes. He took a couple of minutes and then said: Okay, I will try my best. But please can we start in a couple of days. My ass already hurts like hell.

Me: Okay, we’ll chill with the anal stuff, but you can never be sore for a blowjob. So please suck the sperm out of your beautiful son in law’s dick.

BIL was jumping with excitement as he removed his pants and sat on the edge of the bed. Dad slowly approached him and with trembling hand held his dick in front of his face then with a gasp, he dove on it and devoured it completely into his mouth. He left it there for some time and then began to slowly move up his head over it. I could see that he was already giving BIL a proper blowjob and I could’ve sworn that it was not his first time. But then I remember what BIL once told me: Guys give the best blowjobs because they know how a dick feels good. BIL was in ecstasy. He reached out and dragged me by my cock and began to suck me. BIL came first in daddy’s mouth and ordered dad not to spill any. He obliged, BIL increased his mouth’s pace on my dick and I too shot a couple of table spoons in his hungry mouth. But he did not swallow. Instead he spat my goo in daddy’s mouth and told him to swallow that too.

I was pleased with daddy’s performance and I congratulated him.

Me: Dad, you’ll do fine. You’ll be hooked to our dicks in one month.

Dad gave me a faint but tired smile and I told BIL to escort daddy to his accommodation. I myself took a long bath and after that slept like a baby.

When I woke up, the household was not its usual quiet self. I could hear restlessness and rumbling outside. I dressed up and went out. Everybody was already up and about to have breakfast. Mona was practically dancing around the kitchen and it was evident how happy she was. SIS was feeding the baby without any shirt on and one of her milk-full tits was totally open to the sunshine. BIL was reading the newspaper and was dressed for office. MOM was helping Mona with the kitchen and dad was sitting quietly in the corner. They greeted me and Mona served a dish in front of me. I said that I wanted some fresh milk and everybody laughed.

BIL and I left for office in his car. BIL was in good mood I was feeling lighter too. But I was thinking that now that all family members are involved in the sex, I expected to see a huge orgy soon. I must say that the thought was pleasing me.

I spent a boring day in office and kept thinking all the pussies and assholes waiting for me to fuck back at home. When I and BIL left the office I could already see an erection in BIL’s pants. He was driving so I gently placed my hand on his crotch. I rubbed it gently just to make things interesting and when he was fully hard, I replaced my hand. He said that it was not fair as he was expecting more, but I kissed him on the check and said: wait a little honey we are due for a treat back home.

But I could understand BIL’s worries. He knew that now I was the only guy in the house who had to satisfy all these people. I knew that already. And I had a plan too. It was: Sexual Performance Enhancing Drugs. I found a couple of good products to my liking. What I was looking for was a thing that may or may not prolong my timing but could reduce the recharge time. I found what I wanted and had called in an order from office. I told BIL to stop at the pharmacy to pick it up. It was a bottle of very large, light blue colored pills with instructions that one pill equals to one orgasm. Please don’t take more than 4 in 24 hours. I smiled at the instructions, knowing that 5 orgasms a day were going to be enough. I took one pill in the car and when we reached home, I was feeling a little sensation in my balls.

In the drive way, I finally decided to end BIL’s misery and a soon as the automated door of the garage closed, I took out his cock and began to suck it. I sucked him for a couple of minutes then I told him to go inside and wait for his turn in his room. He practically ran away inside. I composed myself and entered the house. There in the living room, all the ladies were sitting. They greeted me in unison and then Mona threw herself in my arms. I was expecting that so I managed to keep my balance. She was kissing me and undressing me at the same time. I was out of my shirt and pants in no time and now she was removing her top. As I took a step back to give her room to undress, I saw a pleasing scene. MOM and SIS were making out on the couch.

They were indeed dueling tongues and MOM was fondling SIS’s boobs through her shirt. SIS was rubbing MOM’s crotch though her dress. As I was admiring the beauty of the scene, I realized that Mona was already naked and now freeing my cock from my underwear. She began to suck it very fast and soon she was keeling before me in doggy-style position offering me her holes. I kissed and licked each of the holes and then I started to lick her pussy. I was now a pro at cunnilingus and in a few licks I had already brought us to her first orgasm. I then put my cock in her pussy and began to fuck her steadily. I looked to my side and saw that on the couch the other girls were naked too and now MOM and SIS were licking each other’s twats in 69 position.

That sight was enough to send me to the edge however I did not want to cum in Mona’s pussy. I withdrew and spilled my spunk all over her ass and back. Sis saw that I was done. She got up from MOM and began to lick Mona clean of my spunk. MOM joined her too and both the ladies cleaned her up. After that Mona got up MOM assumed her position. I began to lick her twat while SIS sucked on my cock. It took me a mere 5 minutes to get hard again. The drug was working well. I began to fuck MOM who already had two orgasms. Soon I was pulling out of her pussy too but this time SIS did not let me cum over her back as she took it in her mouth and swallowed it all. I took a pill out of my pocket and took it. The girls let me sit on the couch and spread my legs. MOM and Mona got on their knees and stated to suck my cock and balls in turns. While SIS got on my chest and ordered me to suck her pussy. I did not waste time and began the ritual. I loved the pair of mouths that was working simultaneously on my cock and balls. Occasionally they would lick my asshole too. Soon I was hard but before that SIS had already came a couple of times.

I brought her down on my lap and slammed my cock up her pussy. As she began to ride me with passion, I could see her milk jugs bouncing in front of me. I lowered my face to take a nipple in my mouth and began to drink her milk.

Mona was now in 69 with MOM and from lower down she was also fingering my asshole. I did not withdraw from SIS’s vagina as I left torrents of my semen in her tunnel. After that I was totally spent.

The women thanked me and kissed me as I left for BIL’s room. I had taken another tablet on my way to BIL’s room. He was in the bed but I could see that he was not very excited. He must’ve heard the racket we were causing outside for a couple of hours and was thinking that now I did not have enough stamina for him. He did know what the pills were for. I knew what I had to do. I removed my underwear and let my cock free. It was already erect. I roughly turned him over on his belly and he automatically lifted his ass up. I spat on the asshole and then on my dick and in one thrust, I shoved it in completely. He was taken by surprise by this assault but as I began to fuck him he replied with shoving his hips back. I fucked him roughly and very fast. I yelled at him, “So you thought your dear Sahil will not be able to satisfy you after he is done with those three pussies.”

He was yelling with painful pleasure. He could only reply: Oh Sahil! You are god!

I knew my techniques of prolonging the climax and I gave his ass a pounding of 20 straight minutes before I unloaded my balls. After that I collapsed on top without withdrawing my cock from his ass. He turned over and hugged me from under. He began to kiss my lips. I rolled over and let him on the top. He began to kiss all over my body and when he reached my crotch he opened my legs and made me hold them over my head. He then began to worship my asshole.

After sucking and licking my ass for ten minutes or so, he spat on his dick and slowly entered my asshole. I encouraged him by keeping my hips apart using my hands. He steadied the pace and soon his body was like a blur. I was enjoying the sensation so much that after he had shot his sperm into my ass, my dick was hard yet again. He collapsed at my side and I kissed him. I looked at the clock. It was already 9 o’clock.

We decided to take a bath and freshen up.

Half an hour later, MOM came into the room to call us for dinner. BIL was romantically stroking my hair at that time. MOM smiled and told us that dinner was ready. At dinner I announced: My dear family. It is decided now. I will try to satisfy all the woman of the family sexually but my BIL is my priority.

All the ladies encouraged the idea and assured me of their support.

Me: MOM and Mona will share a room and dad will stay outside in the servant quarters.

Nobody raised any objections. So, I began: Now, we have, as you know, a big problem. We have to keep the secret from Pamela. Silence fell on the table on hearing that. It appeared that in their excitement, they had completely forgotten her.

Mona: Oh my! I don’t think now we will be able to keep it down. How will we do that Sahil?

Me: Well, I have an idea but I am hesitant in saying it out loud.

BIL: Come On Sahil! Please let us know. I don’t have any idea what to do about my baby sister.

Me: BIL, I was thinking that . . . she may be let in on the secret.

Mona: But Sahil dear, I don’t think that it is such a good idea. Everyone in this room has some very dysfunctional reason to be involved in a relationship like ours. But she is a young beautiful girl. She is normal to say the least. She will surely be freaked out and then everything will be undone. Or wait a minute. Are you suggesting your rape idea again? Like with your mother? Sahil beta I think. . .

Me: I’m not suggesting that. She does not need to be raped. She can be seduced and eased into it.

BIL: Here is an idea Sahil. Why don’t you marry her? And after the marriage, you can tell our secrets to her. I bet once she is with you, she will not want to let you go.

Me: Actually that is what I had in my mind. I would love to marry your sister. That is if you want to wed your sister into a family of perverts.

Mona: I know of that family actually. It’s my favorite family in the world.

Everyone laughed at that.

Part 28: Sharon and Joe host a Memorial Day barbeque.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing, incest, and group sex. If you don’t approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I’ve made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I’ve done.

May 05/17/09 5:01PM


That sounded like quite a different experience than the GB, although at both of them you got quite a bit of sex from multiple men. Did you enjoy this more or less than the GB, and why?

I’m really interested in hearing what Joe thought about it and his reactions when you tell him about your experiences. Now that you’ve had sex with Ron, I wonder if he’s going to take that as a green light to become one of your “regulars”.

Do you think that you and Joe were less nervous because of the time you played the game with just Ron and Diane? Did Joe know who it was that was sucking on your nipples at the end when you were bent over the arm of the couch?

Oh, and I finally realized today who you remind me of: Megan Fox. Really, especially around the eyes. Although I doubt she will look as good at 40 as you.

That’s all I have now.

Yours truly,


May 05/17/09 9:16PM


I had a little time so I thought I’d answer your questions. It’s hard to compare Joe’s birthday party with the GB. I had more orgasms during the GB and it lasted longer, but I was more relaxed during the birthday party. I guess I’d have to say they were equally fun. Sorry if that seems like a non-answer, but that’s the best I can do.

I don’t know what, if anything, will happen with Ron now. Joe and I have talked about the party since I wrote you earlier, but that subject has not come up. I would be OK with him becoming a “regular”, but it’s really up to Joe.

Were we less nervous this time? We talked about this and the answer is yes, we were much more relaxed this time. I’ll tell you what I told Joe: I was looking forward to playing dancing in the dark game. When Joe asked which man I was looking forward to “fucking” the most, I told him that it didn’t matter. (true) They were all young and good looking. Joe confided that he did have sex with Diane. He also informed me that he was the last man to take me from behind. I didn’t know that was him. He seemed surprised that I couldn’t tell him apart from the others.

I did ask Joe if he knew who was playing with my boobs at the end, and he thought it was probably Diane. But he didn’t know for sure. He wanted to know why I asked, and I said I was just curious.

We both agreed that although Ron did want to celebrate Joe’s birthday, it was more of an excuse to have another chance at me. Even so, Joe was happy with it and thought it was the best birthday party he’d ever had.

I had to look up Megan Fox on the Internet. If you can’t tell, I don’t follow Hollywood very closely. She is a beautiful girl, thank you for the compliment even though I don’t think I really compare with her. I see what you mean by the eyes, though.

Oh yes, and one more thing: I picked up the t-shirt today. I put it in the bottom of a drawer that I store things I don’t wear often so that Joe does not see it. This is your challenge and I don’t want him getting any ideas before you have a chance to give me the rest of it.

That’s all the time I have for now.

French kisses,


May 05/18/09 8:33PM


Thanks for answering my questions. Don’t worry if you can’t answer any of them definitively. Sometimes that’s just how it is; I understand that. It will be very interesting to see what happens with Ron from here on out. I wonder if Joe has been telling him about all of your sexual adventures. What do you think? If so, I wonder if he tells Diane? It’s hard to predict how that would affect things, but either way I think the future will be interesting.

With summer coming up I wonder what is in store for you with all that extra free time. Have you given that any thought?

I’m glad that you got the t-shirt. I will be giving you the second part of the challenge soon.

Yours affectionately,


May 05/19/09 4:35PM


I had the day off today and Tommy and Dave just left. I’m sitting at the computer naked with cum still leaking out of me. I had to put a towel on the chair before I sat down. The reason I didn’t get cleaned up and dressed is because Tommy told me before he left, “Don’t clean up or get dressed. I want you to meet your husband this way with our cum still in your cunt.”

I should restart from the beginning. Just after lunch Tommy called and asked me if I was ready for a “good fuck”. I was pretty horny, I hadn’t had sex since Saturday so I told him I was. He then said that he was with a friend and that I would have to “do” his friend too if I wanted him.

This gave me pause. I couldn’t be sure if he was just playing games, or if he really did want to bring over someone new. I didn’t really want to add another kid to the group since the more there were the more likely that someone would say the wrong thing to the wrong person. On the other hand I was pretty horny so I decided to take a chance and told him, “OK.”

Then Tommy announced, “I’m putting the phone on speaker so that my friend can hear you too.” Then he asked, “So tell me again, if we come over will you fuck us both?”

I simply said “Yes.”

Then I heard some whispering — he was with someone else! Tommy says, “He wants to know why you’d do that. Tell him.”

I considered backing out, but for some reason I didn’t. I guess I had gone too far to quit now. I said, “Because I’m a horny slut that can’t get enough cock.” See, I have been paying attention to what you have been telling me Paul.

I could see Tommy’s smile in my head. Then I heard him say, “We are on the way bitch. I want you naked when we get there.”

He hung up. I took off the shirt I was wearing and put on a pair of heels. They made me wait an hour.

I was happy to see that Tommy’s friend was Dave. Not only because it wasn’t someone new, but because Dave is very good at fucking. In fact, he’s hands down the best out of all the kids. He also has that beautiful uncircumcised cock.

They were both all over me as soon as they got in the house. There was no foreplay at all. Tommy noticed quickly that I didn’t have my collar on. I admitted that I had forgotten. He ordered me to go put it on. I did and returned downstairs. Then Tommy said, “I guess we need to teach you a lesson about forgetting your collar.”

He had me lay across his lap and he began paddling me. Like before he didn’t hit that hard. It was enough to sting and after about 10 slaps I teared up and begged him to stop, promising I would not forget again. I’m sure Dave saw through my act, but he seemed amused by it anyway.

After that the boys led me upstairs to the spare bedroom and had their way with me. It was serious fucking and sucking, which was what I was in the mood for. They both enjoyed calling me degrading names and forcing me to beg them for more of their “hot cocks”. After three hours of mostly nonstop sex, they got dressed and left. I already told you what Tommy’s last instructions were.

I can’t wait to see what Joe’s reaction is going to be, although I do have a guess. I’ll let you know.

Your wet and sticky friend,


May 05/19/09 7:55PM


I loved the image of you sitting there writing your last email to me while you were naked and had cum leaking out of your well used pussy. I don’t mind telling you that got me hot.

Since you mentioned that Dave is the best, among the kids, at fucking, I think it’s fair to ask who’s the best:

1.At giving you oral sex?

2.At kissing?

3.To give a blow job to?

Just thinking of the kids here, not Joe or Ron. And I won’t accept just names for an answer, I want to know why you picked that person.

It does seem like you are making progress on improving your sub-slut persona. A couple more pointers. When you are asked if you want sex of any kind or to perform a sex act, the answer is always in the affirmative. Your real wants and desires don’t matter. The specific answer is dependent on the situation and the sex act, but a real submissive slut will always trust her doms and will always say yes. For example, if you are in your sub-slut role and are waking through the park with Joe and he points to a random man and asks you if you want to suck his cock, your answer should be something like “Oh yes, very much,” or even better, “Can I?”

He may test you from time to time and ask such questions, even if he really has no intention of having you actually follow through. Once in a while he will have you do something wild though, just to keep you guessing. This is where Joe is leading you. Are you ready to go there?

Your sub-slut trainer,


May 05/22/09 9:41PM


Sorry I haven’t written you recently. You would think I could find the time to write, but some days it just doesn’t seem to work out. I had to work the last couple of days, but no sex to tell you about. Of course that means I’m horny as hell.

First I’ll try to answer some of the questions from your last email. As far as who is the best:

1.Bruce is the best at giving me oral. He knows when to lick and when to suck. He also uses his fingers effectively.

2.Tommy is the best kisser. He can be soft and sensuous, firm and passionate, and demanding. He knows how to use his tongue in an erotic way.

3.At first I was going to say that Dave was the best to give a blowjob to, but I decided to pick Kyle instead. While Dave’s uncircumcised cock feels nice in my mouth, Kyle’s smooth shaved cock is even more interesting. It’s also so much more enjoyable to not have to pick hair out of my mouth as I go.

Thanks for the continuing lessons on how to be a good submissive slut. Your incites in this area are most welcome since I don’t really understand the male mind in this regard.

Something new to tell you now. On Memorial day we have a barbeque for Joe’s family, although my sister comes sometimes too. We have been doing this since the second year of our marriage and it has become an anticipated event by his family. Maybe that’s because we grill steak and shrimp instead of the normal hamburgers and hotdogs. Joe also stocks up plenty of beer and wine coolers, and not the cheap stuff.

Anyway, he told me last night as we were getting ready for bed that both of his sons were coming this year. Nathan and Eric are his sons from his first marriage. They moved with their mother out west after the divorce and I’ve only met them once. That was at our wedding. They are adults now and out of school, which means that Joe does not pay child support anymore. That’s one of the reasons I left full time teaching.

This makes be nervous because Jeff will also be there. If he treats me like he did at Easter, I’m not sure I can hide it from Nathan and Eric. I want to make a good impression for them, but what will they think if they see their Uncle grabbing at me?

I guess I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. Maybe Jeff will behave.

Your horny friend,


May 05/22/09 10:47PM


Thanks for answering my questions. I always find your answers illuminating.

This barbeque could be very interesting. Have you considered the possibility that Joe has encouraged Jeff to act this way and that he invited his sons so that they could witness it? Given his interest in incest he may be trying to get his sons interested in their step mother in a sexual way. I’m sure he would love to watch them have sex with you. I don’t think he’s planning on having that happen on Monday, but I think he’s setting the stage for something later. Just a guess, of course, but this seems like something he’d do.

Based on this theory I think you can expect that not only will Jeff not behave, he will be even worse than he was on Easter. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That’s always good advice.

Affectionately yours,


May 05/23/09 5:22PM


Had I considered the possibility that Joe has encouraged his brother to treat me that way at the barbeque for the benefit of his sons? Honestly, no, but it should have occurred to me for the reason you gave. I also think you are right about Joe wanting to watch his sons have sex with me. In fact, he’d love it. Probably even more than the GB. I guess we’ll know for sure when I see how Jeff acts on Monday.

Joe went golfing this afternoon. I thought it was too hot for that, but I guess they could not get a morning tee time. I got a call from Tommy a little after Joe left. He wanted me to pick him up and take him over to Dave’s apartment for some “afternoon delight”. I replied “That sounds like fun. What would you like me to wear?”

He answers, “Nothing.”

Not understanding I ask, “You don’t care what I wear?”

He says, “No, I said nothing, as in buck naked.”

I tell him that I can’t do that in broad daylight. If I was caught I could be arrested and that would be the end of the “fun”. He relented and told me that I could wear a long shirt or a one-piece dress, but nothing else.

“One more thing,” he said, “I don’t want it going past mid-thigh.”

I told him I would find something suitable. I thought about the sweater dress I wore to the Christmas party (the one I thought was supposed to be a GB), but it was really too warm for that. I finally settled on a nightshirt. I don’t wear it too often because I roll around too much in my sleep and I get tangled up in it. But when I’m sick I like the extra warmth. It’s about the shortest thing I’ve ever worn in public, but it does cover everything as long as I’m careful. I was hoping we would be going straight to Dave’s place. Just before I left I remembered to put on the collar.

As I drove over to Tommy’s I was a little nervous, even though to observers it would look like I was just wearing a t-shirt. When I got there Tommy was waiting and came right out to my car, so I didn’t have to get out. When he got in he gave me an appreciative whistle and put his hand on my bare thigh.

Tommy gave me directions as I drove. Fortunately he did not ask me to stop anywhere else. Dave’s apartment building was not in the nicest area, but it wasn’t a slum like some I had seen in Philadelphia. Now was the moment of truth. I had to get out of the car. I was sure that everyone was looking out their windows at me as we made our way to the front entrance. Certain that they thought I was just another white-trash whore with her client. That was very embarrassing. It also made me hot.

Dave’s apartment was a mess. The more guys rooms I see the more convinced I am that they are all pigs. I don’t think it’s a maturity thing either because without me Joe would probably be living like that too.

Dave informed me that he shared the apartment with his cousin, and I wondered if I had been set up for more that I was told. He assured me that his cousin Jamal was at work and would not be home until after 5:00. One part of me was relieved, but another part was disappointed that I would not be getting to try out another black cock.

Like last time they got me naked after only brief foreplay. Dave had me suck him off while Tommy did his best between my legs with his mouth. I was in ecstasy. I had a nice orgasm from Tommy’s efforts and Dave shot his cum into my mouth just shortly after that. Over the next couple of hours they each fucked me twice. I left quite satisfied.

When we got back into the car Tommy had me pull the nightshirt up around my waist. Unless someone was standing right next to the car and looking inside nobody would be able to tell, but it was still a little unnerving. On the way he kept pushing it up until it was bunched up just below my breasts. I was worried that he might try to push it up even further, but thankfully he didn’t.

When I dropped him off at home though, he instructed me to leave the nightshirt where it was until I got home. Even though there’s no way he would know if I did or not, I decided to leave it. I think I may be getting addicted to these exposure games. It’s probably better if I don’t tell Joe that. He doesn’t need any encouragement in that area.

That was my day. I can’t wait to tell Joe about it. Tomorrow Joe is going to a baseball game and I’ll be busy preparing for Monday, so I don’t know if I’ll have time to write you again until Tuesday. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that.

Slutily yours,


May 05/23/09 10:02PM


Wow, that was an interesting day. Sounds like you really had fun. I have to ask though, if Jamal had been there, would you have done him too? Would you have even gone over there if you had known he was going to be there too? I think I know the answers, but I have to ask anyway.

I’m really fascinated by the exhibitionism. What makes it so exciting? Is it the idea that people will see you and get turned on, or is it the danger of getting caught and confronted?

I have the second part of the next challenge for you. While Joe is gone at the ball game I want you to put on your new t-shirt, no bra, a pair of shorts, and your collar. You can do this. Then go do whatever shopping you need to do for your Memorial Day barbeque. If you have already done that, then go to the liquor store anyway and buy some beer or something. If anyone asks about the shirt tell them it’s a gift from your husband. When you get home you can change, but keep the shirt; you’ll need it at a later date.

Provocatively yours,


May 05/24/09 3:21PM


You and Joe are so much alike sometimes it scares me. Last night when we were talking about my get together with Tommy and Dave he asked me pretty much the same questions as you did. So I’ll tell you what I told him. Would I have “done” Dave’s cousin if he had been there? I told Joe, “I think so.” But I’ll you: Yes.

When he asked if I would have even gone over there if I had been told that Jamal would be there I answered, “Yes.” Which is true.

As far as exhibitionism, there are a lot of emotions going there. Fear at getting caught and embarrassment at being seen. I guess the idea that someone seeing me might be turned on is a factor too, but not the main one. It’s hard to explain but for me it usual results in sexual arousal.

Last night Joe also said that it seemed like I was really enjoying the sex I was having with the kids. I gave him my stock answer, “I’m just doing it for you.”

He surprised me by responding, “But that’s not the whole truth is it?”

I said, “What do you mean?”

To which he said, “I know by now that the sex isn’t just good, it’s great. I can tell that you look forward to their visits.”

I didn’t know quite what to say. I didn’t want to bruise his fragile male ego. So I said, “You’re the one I look forward to having sex with.”

He replied, “I don’t doubt that, and I’m glad you do. But please be honest with me and don’t worry about my feelings. I might just surprise you. Am I right? Do you look forward to their visits and is the sex as great as it looks?”

Little deceptions to protect his ego are one thing, but a direct lie to his face was more than I could stomach. I decided to take a chance. I said, “Yes. I do look forward to their visits and the sex is fantastic most of the time.”

He smiled and told me he was relieved. He explained that at first everything was so exciting and it was a big turn on that I would fulfill his fantasies for him. But lately he was becoming more and more concerned about my feelings. The thought that I was only doing it for him and actually didn’t enjoy it was weighing heavily on his mind. What a sweet man.

A Correspondence with Sharon

Part 30: Sharon begins to realize she really is a horny “slut”.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. I apologize that it has been some time since I posted a new part. I have had two abdominal surgeries in as many months and the recovery from these has taken it’s toll on my free time. Along those lines I have decided that this will be the last submission to this series. I initially posted these emails because I thought they would be compelling, however judging by the number of votes they have received I appear to have been mistaken. I can no longer justify the time it takes to edit the raw emails into a form that can be posted on Literotica. As a consolation to those of you who are still following along I have included what I originally planned as part 31 and 32 in with this posting.

May 05/31/09 4:05PM


Just when I think there’s no way you could surprise me anymore, you prove me wrong. Damn girl, do you realize what an interesting life you lead? Mine sure is boring in comparison.

Where do I even begin? I’m thinking that the wine probably helped loosen up the inhibitions, not that it seems your sister has that many. From what you said I’m guessing that the oral sex with Jeanne was a first for you two. You said that you were not experienced at that; was the time with Erin the first for you? It sounds like you really got off on your sister’s mouth. How good/powerful were these orgasms compared to others you’ve had? For example at your GB, or from Jay giving you oral. Do you think this will ever happen with Jeanne again, or was it just a one-time crazy thing?

Man, Joe is one lucky SOB to be able to witness, and participate in, something hot like that. The best birthday present ever indeed. That’s an understatement. You know you’ll never be able to top that one.

I hope you get your quiet day, but somehow I doubt it.

Your surprised friend,


Jun 06/01/09 3:37AM


You weren’t the only one surprised by Jeanne. Joe and I both were, but sometimes things just happen and you can go with it or stop it. I just went with it. And yes, I do realize I have an interesting life – now. But please understand Paul, up until six or seven months ago that wasn’t the case. Joe and I lived relatively normal (boring) lives too. Of course before that you know I had some interesting periods in my life, but I had thought that was all behind me. I’m starting to think I wasn’t cut out for a normal life.

You are right about the wine. I don’t think anything like that would have happened if we had not both been drinking. A half a bottle of wine is actually quite a bit for one person, especially for smaller people like my sister and I. So while we weren’t falling down drunk or anything we definitely were feeling no pain as they say.

You were also right about Erin. That was the first time I had performed oral sex on a woman, and Jeanne was the second. I did really enjoy receiving from her, she was good. Better than Jay even. It’s hard to compare orgasms, especially because I’ve had so many, (maybe more than most people) but I’d have to say that they were some of the best that I’ve ever had.

Will my sister and I have sex again? Honestly I don’t know. Probably, but with Jeanne it’s hard to tell. Trying to predict what’s going to happen with my sex life is not easy these days, as you know. In fact, today is a good example.

As I told you in my last email Joe went golfing today. It was quiet here and I did manage to catch up on some of my reading as I had hoped. In the middle of the afternoon I got a call from Joe on his cell phone. He told me that Ron wanted to see my collar so he was bringing him home.

I said, “OK.”

I wasn’t sure where this was going, but there had to me more to it.

Then he said, “We’ll be there in about an hour or so. You know what would be really cool?”

“What?” I asked.

To which he answered, “If you were waiting for us wearing it.”

So I said, “OK.”

Then I heard Ron say something and Joe relayed it, “Naked.”

I knew there was more. “OK.”

Joe again relayed for Ron, “Kneeling by the door.”

That made me pause. But it also made my heart beat faster. So I said, “All right.”

To which he said, “Yeah, that would be really cool. See you in an hour.”

I thought it was sweet the way Joe worded it so that I could say no if I wanted to. Of course I wanted to make him happy. And just thinking of doing what he had asked was making me excited.

So I put on a little makeup and my collar. I also decided to bring the leash as a surprise. As usual I was only wearing one of Joe’s dress shirts. When I heard the garage door opening I knew that Joe was home. I took off the shirt and knelt by the door leading into the garage. I was looking down so when the door opened I didn’t know right away if Ron was with him or not.

Then I heard Ron’s voice, “Now this is the way to be welcomed home.”

I held the leash up and as I did could see Joe and Ron, from the waist down, standing there in the doorway. They both were quickly getting erections. It turned me on knowing that I was causing that.

One of them took the leash from my hand and led me into the living room. I kept my eyes down in submission, which I was really feeling right then. The men sat down on the couch and I could see that it was Ron who held my leash. I knelt down in front of them without any prompting.

Ron says to Joe, “I see you’ve been training her.”

Joe asks him, “Do you like it?”

To which Ron answers, “Oh yeah. Very nice.”

Then Joe says, “What do you think slut, would you like to suck some cock?”

So I replied, “Oh yes, I love to suck cock.”

I didn’t wait for them, first I took Ron’s cock out and started sucking it. After a little while I moved over and did the same for Joe. I switched back a couple more times and then Ron said, “I just have to have some of that tight pussy.”

He got off the couch and entered me from behind. That felt really good. Ron knows how to fuck and I was enjoying Joe’s cock in my mouth. Unfortunately it was too much for my husband and he was soon shooting his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all of course.

Ron was hitting the right spot and I was quickly approaching my climax. I’m not normally very vocal when having sex, but yesterday was different. I just felt like moaning loudly and telling Ron how good he made me feel. Unlike the times I’d forced myself to this with the kids, it didn’t sound slutty to me. It just sounded hot.

My orgasm was great and lasted a long time. Ron just kept going. I was surprised at his stamina and ability to hold off his own climax. I had another good orgasm before he unloaded inside me. After that we took a little break and had something to drink. I remained nude and the men were completely clothed. That helped keep me turned-on because it reminded me that I was their sex slave.

Joe suggested we go up to our bedroom. Once we were there he pushed me onto the bed so that I was on my back. Then Joe got onto the bed in a kneeling position behind/above me and pulled my arms up over my head. He tells Ron, “You take this bitch while I hold her down.”

This was a surprising development. A kind of rape fantasy I suppose. You predicted something like this Paul. How did you know?

Ron smiles and drops his pants. He’s hard again. He roughly pushes my legs apart and back as he enters me. My feet are on his shoulders as he pounds me forcefully. Joe is encouraging him saying things like, “Fuck her hard,” and “Give the cunt what she needs.”

I was enjoying it, but I realized that they wanted me to play the victim, so I responded by saying, “No, don’t,” and “Please, no.”

Of course that just made Ron fuck me even harder. Soon I was coming again which made Ron grunt, “Fuck, she’s coming. What a whore.”

Ron didn’t last long after that and then he switched places with Joe. My loving husband then “raped” me just like his best friend had. I had two more orgasms before Joe dumped the third load of cum into me for the night.

Ron left soon after that and Joe and I relaxed in our oversized tub. He was so sweet, he asked me if I was OK with the “rape scene” they had acted out. I asked him, “Did you enjoy it?”

His answer was, “Very much.”

I informed him that I was OK with it then. Then he said something interesting. He told me that my slut act had been getting better over the last month or so (thank you Paul), But today was the first time you acted like a slut where it didn’t seem like an act. It was like you were really into it.”

I had to think about that for a moment. I told him I was really in the mood today, but assured him it was just an act. The truth is that it came too easily to be just an act. I found myself thinking more about their pleasure than my own. For some reason that turned me on even more. You have hinted before that you think I may have more than “just a horny girl” inside me. Is this what you were talking about? Am I a “slut”?

Up until now I thought I understood my sexuality, but now I’m a bit confused.


Jun 06/01/09 6:55AM


I don’t have time right now for a proper answer, but don’t worry about it. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not a bad person. You are just finding out something new about yourself and that’s a good thing. I’ll try to explain better when I get home from work.

Your caring friend,


Jun 06/01/09 7:22PM


From the experiences with Jay that you wrote me about and the more recent developments I began to suspect that there was more to your inner “horny girl” than you realized. However I suspected that you would have to discover this for yourself, if at all. First understand that the word “slut” can, and often is, used as a pejorative, but that’s not how I use it in. For me this is used to describe a woman that loves sex and is not afraid to get as much as she can. This is not the same as a nymphomaniac who is actually addicted to sex. One definition that I saw was: A woman that enjoys giving pleasure to men using her body. I like this one.

Given my understanding of the word I think it describes you quite well. In one story I read on Literotica a self-described slut was asked by another character how she could just give her body to all her boyfriend’s friends. She said, “It’s just tits and stuff; that’s what they’re there for.” She went on to explain that only her boyfriend had her love.

So I’d say that your “inner girl” is a “horny submissive slut” and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Better than having say, an axe murderer inside you.

Actually this knowledge should be a liberating force. Do you know how many people are running around that don’t know what kind of person they are? How many are living a lie? You know. You also know that your husband will accept this part of you. Hell, he’ll rejoice in it. So relax and enjoy yourself.

Sure there will be people that won’t understand. They don’t have to know. And if they find out, too bad, you’re not hurting anybody else. It’s your life and the only approval you need is from that woman in the mirror.

OK, I’ll get down off my soapbox. Sorry if I laid it on a bit thick, but I wanted to make sure you got the message.

Your life coach,


Jun 06/02/09 9:44AM


Thanks for the straight talk. I don’t mind the soapbox because you usually have a good point even if you beat it into the ground a bit. ;)

I’ve thought about what you said and it does make some sense, but I’m still having problems thinking of myself as a “slut”. I guess I’m just used to that word being used as an insult, like “whore”. Strangely I don’t have as much problem with the word “bitch”, although I don’t like it either. Do you think that your definition of “slut” is the same as Joes?

I ask because Joe has told me that he wants me to act like a “slut”. But to me that’s a bad thing to be, so it’s difficult. However if he is using the same definition as you are, then it makes more sense to me.

I’ll continue thinking about this. Thanks for the advise, life coach.

Something new has come up. Joe told me yesterday that James Morgan (Chuck’s father) came in to bowl. Joe struck up a conversation with him and found out that he was a widower (I knew that) and was looking forward to a boring summer by himself again. So Joe invited him over supper tomorrow night, telling him that I was bored too (not true) and would enjoy his company (true).

I don’t know what Joe has planned, but I wouldn’t mind doing something with James. He’s plenty good looking and is a really nice guy once you get to know him. The only problem is that he’s quite shy, so I don’t think the chances are good of something happening. It’ll still be nice to see him.

Your life student,


Jun 06/02/09 9:02PM


If I had to guess I’d say yes, Joe’s definition of “slut” is basically the same as mine. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to let go and enjoy these experiences. I’m sure if you do it will increase Joe’s enjoyment as well.

I would not underestimate Joe in regard to tomorrow night. He has proven to be quite resourceful and I predict he will find a way to get you two together. I think his longer term plan though is to use James and Chuck to fulfill his father-son fantasy. This is just step two, where step one was to add Chuck to your group of “kids”. I don’t know how he’ll make step three happen, but you can believe he’s thinking about it.

Affectionately yours,


Jun 06/03/09 9:11AM


Sorry, but your prediction was wrong this time. Last night was interesting, but I didn’t have sex with James.

When I was getting ready I asked Joe how he wanted me to dress. He told me to wear something comfortable, but not too casual. That left a lot of room. I considered wearing a work outfit, but then decided against it. Instead I chose a light weight one-piece summer dress, a bra, panties, and sandals. Joe didn’t say anything when I came downstairs, but he gave me an approving look.

James arrived about 5:00 and we all had a glass of wine while Joe grilled up some steaks. While he was doing that I made a Caesar salad and chatted with James. Like I said, he’s a nice guy and I enjoy talking to him. Kind of like I do with you but nonsexual.

The steaks were good and James complimented my salad (like that’s hard to make). I had expected Joe to steer the conversation in a sexual direction, but he just let James and I “talk shop” for the most part. He seemed happy to make a humorous comment from time to time.

When we were done eating we polished off the wine while sitting around and just talking. I kept waiting for Joe to make his move, but he never did. James was a little nervous when he first arrived, but by the end of the evening he was relaxed and laughing. He made a lot of eye contact with me and I got the feeling that if my husband had not been there he would have flirted with me.

Finally he said that he should be going and we all got up to leave. On the way to the door Joe came up close behind me and whispered in my ear, “Give him a hug.”

So when James turned around to say goodbye I just threw my arms around him and gave him a big hug. To say I surprised him would be an understatement. At first he just stood there not quite sure what to do, but I just held on. He recovered quickly and returned my hug. I pulled away and said, “Thank you for coming over.”

He stammered, “Thank YOU for inviting me.”

I replied, “You are welcome anytime.”

Joe opened the door for him and said, “Let’s do this again sometime,” as James was leaving.

I asked Joe if he had enjoyed himself, and he indicated that he had. I was worried that he might have been bored since James and I did most of the talking. He also told me that he like the way James was looking at me by the end of the evening. I didn’t ask him specifically, but I think this Joe’s way of evaluating how James and I got along.

I have to go now, Bruce just called and said he’s on his way over. To be honest I’m happy he called because I haven’t been with Bruce for a while. I’m really looking forward to this. Sigh, I guess I am a “slut”, at least by your definition. But maybe that’s not so bad.

Your slut,


Jun 06/03/09 6:56PM


Win some, lose some. It looks like Joe has a better understanding of Jame’s personality than I do. Not too surprising, I guess. He obviously has a plan that takes this knowledge into account. I still think that he will try to get you two together. It’s just going to take longer than I thought.

You have already said that you would like to have sex with James, but what about James and Chuck at the same time?

It seems that you have come to terms with your “slutty” side. That makes me happy because now I think you will really start to feel comfortable with this new sex life that you and Joe have embarked on, and that will make it even more enjoyable for both of you.

Your adviser and friend,


Jun 06/05/09 10:22AM


Sorry I haven’t written you for a couple of days. I’ve actually been pretty busy, so I’ll just give you the highlights.

On Wednesday morning Bruce came over. On the phone he told me that he wanted me to dress in one of my teachers outfits. While I understand these requests I was still a little surprised that he hadn’t gotten tired of this yet. When he arrived I found out why.

He brought over an old history textbook. I don’t know where he got it, but he pretended to be a student coming over for extra help from his teacher. I had no idea Bruce was this creative. So he sat down at the kitchen table and opened up the book. Then he asked me to explain something, calling me “Mrs. A”.

I stood beside him and leaned over to look at the book. As I started pointing to passages and explaining what they were talking about he reached around me and squeezed my butt. I pushed his hand away and told him not to do that. If that had been a real teacher/student situation I would have been much more forceful, but I knew he only wanted token resistance from me. This was clearly a ‘seduce the teacher’ fantasy.

I continued where I left off and he started feeling my butt again. I pushed his hand away again, but didn’t scold him. I just kept giving him the history lesson. His hand returned to my butt and I ignored it. Soon he moved down and reached between my legs to rub my pussy through my panties.

I was having difficulty concentrating on what I was saying. Then Bruce said, “I have something else I want you to explain,” as he pushed back his chair and pulled his shorts down.

I replied, “That’s a nice erection.”

He asked, “But what do you do with it?”

My answer was to kneel down between his legs and give him a blowjob. After he came in my mouth he stripped me naked, sat me on the chair, and gave me oral. I had a nice orgasm from his efforts. Then we went upstairs and fucked for about a half hour. I came several times and was pretty satisfied when he left.

I was just kind of snoozing, with Bruce’s cum still inside me when Chuck called me. He asked me what I was doing. I was feeling sassy and slutty so I said, “I’m laying on my bed naked with Bruce’s cum inside me.”

To which he replied, “Really? I’d love to see that.”

Sure Bruce satisfied me (mostly), but that was an hour ago. So I just said, “OK. Come on over. Let yourself in.”

His reply was, “I’m on the way.”

When I heard him come in I opened my legs so that the first thing he would see was Bruce’s cum leaking out of me. Or at least what was left. When Chuck came through the bedroom doorway his eyes grew big. I was laying on my back playing idly with one nipple and my legs spread wide.

He said, “Fuck me!”

I replied, “That’s the general idea.”

He couldn’t seem to get his clothes off fast enough. As he pounded me he kept calling me a “horny slut” and telling me how “fucking hot” I was. He didn’t last long enough for me to cum again, but it was still nice. As I cleaned him up with my mouth he got hard again so I climbed on top of him. I fucked him like that for a long time and had two more orgasms.

When he got close he began thrusting wildly from the bottom. The angle was just right and the friction on my clit was almost too much. I started coming again and was just hanging onto him tightly when he stopped thrusting and came too.

That was Wednesday. It was a good day. :D

Yesterday morning I visited my friend Marcia. It was nice to just sit and visit and bake some cookies.

That afternoon however, I decided to take care of your most recent challenge. I decided to wear the t-shirt. It was difficult enough to actually go to a sex store and buy a dildo. Wearing the collar too was a bridge too far.

I did my homework and using the Internet I found a place about a half hour drive away that was advertised for couples and women. It turned out to be a brightly lit shop clean shop in a little out of the way strip mall. While it was kind of embarrassing to walk in and shop there, it was not as bad as I was anticipating.

The saleswoman was friendly and helpful. She told me it’s common for people to come in and not know exactly what they want. Her attitude was great and helped keep me from being too nervous. In the end I selected a dildo made of that Cyberskin stuff with a built in vibrator. It shaped like a real cock, but is not too big. In fact, it’s about the same size as Joe.

So far only you and I know that I have it. I have not told Joe or Tommy yet. I’m thinking I’ll just hold onto it until one of them asks. Tommy has probably forgotten that he told me to get one, so it could be a while. But I performed your challenge and it turned out to be easier than I thought.

Today I’m planning on spending some time at the Library. Then I’ll just see what comes up.

Your horny slut,


Part 31: Sharon’s summer forecast: Hot!

Jun 06/05/09 9:02PM


If that’s the condensed version I can only salivate at the thought of what the long version would have looked like!

A good day indeed. I’d say that Wednesday was a great day. I enjoyed just reading about it; living it must have been something else. In regard to Bruce’s new found creativity, I sense Joe’s hand in this. I’m not knocking Bruce, but I think the idea was Joe’s. I’m impressed that you picked up so quickly on the role that he expected you to play. Given how well that worked, I think you can expect more teacher/student role playing in the future.

I think Chuck’s timing was probably just fortuitous, although I wouldn’t put it past Joe to “schedule” the visits by the kids. Being a manager and someone who is used to organizing, scheduling, and controlling things, this would be natural for Joe. I sure wish I could have seen what Chuck saw when he entered the bedroom. It’s too bad he didn’t take a picture, but I suppose he was too busy ripping his clothes off. Can’t blame him for that!

I’m glad that you were able to complete my most recent challenge. I’m sorry it was too easy. I’ll made sure to make the next one more challenging.

I have to tell you that when I get emails from you like this I can’t help thinking how amazing you are. A wet dream come true for sure.

Amazed and dazzled,


Jun 06/6/09 1:05PM


I agree with you that Bruce’s creative streak on Wednesday was probably Joe’s idea, but Bruce did pull it off nicely. I also agree with you that I’ll probably see more role playing like that in the future since the kids, and Joe, obviously like it. I’m thinking that Chuck’s timing was probably just luck, but I wouldn’t put it past Joe to be scheduling which days they come over.

As far as new challenges, don’t get me wrong. None of your challenges have been easy, including the last one. That said, I look forward to the next one.

I think it’s ironic that you call me amazing. You are the only man that has really understood me and accepted who I am. Especially my sub slut side. But you also know that I’m more. That’s what makes YOU amazing. And thank you for the “wet dream” compliment.

Now something new. Yesterday morning after I finished writing to you I got a call from Tommy asking if I was up for a visit. I told him I was planning on going to the Library, but I didn’t have any set time. So he said he’d be right over.

When he got here all he wanted initially was a blowjob and I was happy to do it for him. You know me. We talked for a while after that and he told me that he had not been around as much because he had a “new” girlfriend. He told me “not to worry” though, because he still needed me to “get his rocks off” since he wasn’t “getting any” from her yet.

Eventually he asked me about the dildo. I informed him that I had actually bought one as he had requested. He seemed surprised by that but wanted to see it. We went upstairs and I got it out for him. It was still in the box.

Tommy says, “Let’s try it out.”

I’m not crazy about the idea, but I go along anyway. He removes it from the box and puts in the included batteries. After checking that the vibrator works Tommy tells me to strip and lay down on the bed. I do as he says.

Then he gets on the bed between my legs and begins to run it over my labia and inside my slit. When the dildo touches my clit the tingling from the vibrator feels nice. After teasing me for a while this way he starts pressing the head of it against my entrance. I was pretty wet and after a couple of strokes he had it all the way inside me.

It felt better than I thought it would, but not as good as the real thing of course. The shape, firmness, and texture are about right. But a real cock feels hot. I suppose it’s all that blood. I’m sure it’s only a few degrees, but it is noticeably hotter than my vagina. Men also have a certain smell that makes me more turned on during sex. For those reasons alone the dildo, no matter how realistic it looks, can’t replace a real man.

But then men don’t have built in vibrators. After every three or four strokes Tommy would pull it out completely and press it against my clit. I was just starting to get into it when he stopped and told me to “take over”. I didn’t really want to put on a show for him, but I did as he wanted.

Tommy watched me fuck myself with the dildo as he stroked his own rejuvenated cock. He began to call me degrading names and asking if I was enjoying my “fake cock”. I finally told him that I’d rather have a real one.

To which he said, “Oh, isn’t a fake cock good enough for you?”

I answered, “Real ones are just better.”

His reply was, “OK, then. Get yourself off on the fake cock and maybe I’ll give you the real thing.”

I knew he was serious and I wanted him to fuck me, so I concentrated on his cock and imagined the dildo was Dave or Bruce. My climax built slowly and eventually I was able to cum by holding the vibrator against my clit. It was a genuine orgasm, but not very strong so I “dressed it up” a bit to make Tommy happy. I closed my eyes, bucked my hips, and moaned, “Oh god. Oh god. Yes, yes,” just like I’d heard in a couple of pornos.

I turned off the vibrator and was wondering what to do with it when Tommy told me to clean it off first. I reached for a tissue, but Tommy yelled, “Not that way bitch, use your mouth.”

It had never occurred to me to do that, but I guess he wanted me to treat it like a real cock. So I licked it clean and then put it down on the bedside table. I looked at Tommy and spread my legs suggestively. He says, “Do you want my cock now slut?”

I told him that I did. He informed me that I would have to beg for it. Although I had just cum, it was not really satisfying and I needed more, and right now! So I begged, “Please Tommy, I need your cock in me. Please fuck me. I need it bad.”

He smiled and asked, “Do you love my cock Sharon?”

I answered, “Yes Tommy, I love your cock.”

Then he surprised me by asking, “Why?”

I wasn’t expecting this but I thought I gave a good answer. I said, “Because it’s so big and hard and it feels so good inside me.”

This must have pleased him because he climbed up on the bed and lined himself up. I almost sighed when he entered me. Tommy had improved so much since that first time. He varied his speed, length of stroke, and even position over the next half hour or so. I came three more times, each one better than the last. He finally pumped his cum into me while fucking me from behind and slapping my butt. That was the best sex I’d ever gotten from Tommy and I told he so. He just smiled.

Later after supper I told Joe about Tommy’s visit and then he wanted to see the dildo too. I basically did a repeat performance with Joe, except he didn’t last as long as Tommy did. It was still great sex though and I fell asleep thinking about what a lucky woman I was.

I have no idea what will happen today, but I’m starting to see it’s going to be a fun summer.

Your horny slut,


Jun 06/06/09 5:37PM


First, thank YOU for the compliments. I think friendships are sometimes just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. That certainly seems true in our case. I should say, though, that I think Joe may understand you better than you think. Of course he does not know about your past, but in my opinion he is starting to figure out your inner slut. Don’t underestimate his progress in this area. And I agree with you, he is a good man. As the song goes, “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.”

You are having a good summer so far. It sounds like Friday was another great day. Maybe Tommy was trying to make for not being around so much. Quality versus quantity, or something like that. A little critique on your answer to Tommy why you loved his cock: a real sub slut would have told him, “Because it’s so big and hard and I love making it squirt inside me.” Basically you want to make it about HIS pleasure, not yours. Other than that I thought you were a good slut.

I hope you had a good day today too. As always I’m looking forward to your next email.

Your friend,


Jun 06/08/09 10:01AM


As always I appreciate your advise and incites. Like you I have noticed that Joe is slowly starting to understand me, but he has a long way to go. I’m a little scared of what might happen when he finally does.

We had a pretty quiet Saturday for once. Joe and I actually spent some time together taking care of some thing around the house and the yard. It was nice.

On Sunday he went golfing mid morning, so I had a lot of time to myself. I puttered a little in my flower garden and finished I book I had started earlier in the week. In the late afternoon Joe called me from his cell phone and told me he was bringing his golfing partner home. This sounded like a repeat from of Sunday, but I asked what I should wear just in case.

He said, “Whatever. It doesn’t matter.”

I took that to mean that he was bringing Ron home again, so I decided to dress up a little and I put on dress jacket and skirt, but no underwear. This jacket was meant to be worn over a blouse, so even buttoned up my breasts were almost visible from the front and were easily seen from the sides. The skirt was not especially short, but it was partially slit up the side and was meant to be worn with underwear and hose. It looked pretty daring without, which was the look I was trying for.

Imagine my surprise when Joe came through the door not with Ron, but with Bruce. Apparently he liked to golf, but didn’t get the chance very often, so Joe decided to treat him. That’s my Joe, generous to a fault with his friends. I didn’t mind though, I had not been with Bruce for a while and he is pretty good in bed.

They liked my outfit and told me how “hot” I looked in it. Then Joe dropped a bombshell saying, “I was going to suggest we eat in, but seeing as how you dressed up and all, I think we should go out.”

I was shocked. I couldn’t go out dressed like that and I said that to Joe. He looked at me with a confused look for a second, then said, “Of course. I’ll be right back.”

He headed upstairs leaving Bruce and I standing there. I wondered if he was getting me a blouse to wear. While I would like one to wear out I didn’t trust him to select anything that went with what I was already wearing. As it turns out I didn’t need to worry about that because he returned not with a blouse, but the collar.

He buckled it around my neck and then ushered us out to his car. We all piled into the front. It was a little cozy, but not too bad since I’m a small person. I asked Joe where we were going but all he would tell me was “Out of town.”

That made me a little less nervous, but not much. Bruce put his hand on my knee and started rubbing my leg. By the time we got to our destination it was all the way up under my skirt and he was running the tip of his finger up and down my slit. He was also kissing me, so I was very horny. I looked up and saw that we were at a sports bar. Not the same one as last time, but very similar.

I was very aware of how exposed my breasts were as we walked into the place. The jacket brushing back and forth across my already hard nipples didn’t help any. I felt like everybody in the place was staring at me. I had to look down because I didn’t want to meet anybody’s eye.

I think Joe was looking for a U-shaped booth, but all he could find was a regular table with bench seating on either side. He had Bruce and I sit together, with me on the outside, and he sat on the other side of the table. Several people, a man and a couple, walked by and did double-takes. I’m sure the way I was sitting they were able to see most of my right breast. I tried not to think about it and just acted as if I didn’t notice their reaction.

When the waitress came to our table she gave me a disapproving frown. Joe ordered for all of us, which for the first time I was glad to let him. I don’t think I could have spoken coherently at that point. When she returned with our drinks I was happy to find that Joe had ordered wine for me. I really needed it to calm my nerves.

Suddenly a man stops by the table and starts talking to Joe. I don’t know him, so he must be a casual friend. From the conversation it seems they mainly run into each other at sports bars while watching some game or another on TV. After the “how are you doing”, “what are you up to” exchanges Joe says, “Oh hey, I’d like you to meet my wife Sharon.”

He looked down at me and stuttered, “H-H-Hello.”

I looked up and said, “Hello,” in a quiet voice. He wasn’t looking me in the eye though. He was looking at my chest. I was sure he could see most, if not all, of my right boob. He just kept staring at my boob and I could feel my face getting hot. I’m sure it was beet red. The silence just keep getting longer and more uncomfortable but I couldn’t seem to do anything to break it. He seemed mesmerized.

Finally after what seemed like an hour, but was probably only seconds, the waitress showed up with our food. He quickly excused himself and left. I noticed that his pants were tented by a growing erection. I glanced at Joe as the food was being served and he was grinning like a fool. At least he ordered me another glass of wine.

We ate without further interruptions, but it seemed like there was a steady stream of men walking past our table and ogling me. Bruce practically inhaled his burger. I was still working on my chef salad when he finished. I don’t know if he was bored or what, but he started rubbing my knee under the table. Since there was no table cloth this would be visible to anybody that cared to look.

As I continued to try to eat amid all the distractions Bruce got more bold, moving his hand up higher and under my skirt. I finally gave up on the salad and pushed it away. Bruce kept slowly working his hand up my thigh. I gulped down the rest of my wine. When Bruce finally touched my labia I jumped a little. Joe noticed this and chuckled.

I guess he thought that was enough because that’s when he got up to leave. I was sure as we walked out that I was being watched, and I don’t think it was my imagination. Back in the car Bruce continued to run his hand up my skirt and push his finger inside me as we kissed. About halfway back he unbuttoned my jacket completely and began playing with my boobs.

By the time Joe pulled into the garage I was topless and Bruce was sucking on my breasts. I had been in a constant state of arousal since we left home and I was close to my climax by this time.

We went inside and straight upstairs. Bruce took my skirt off and practically dove between my legs, licking and sucking my clit while pushing two fingers into me. I came so hard that I could feel my juices gushing out into his mouth. That does not happen often to me, so you know I was really turned on.

After that he fucked me good and hard giving me another great orgasm. When he was done Joe took a turn and also pounded me hard. That resulted in yet another great orgasm for me and from the looks of it a great one for Joe too. I cleaned them both off with my mouth and Joe invited Bruce to stay the night, telling him he could sleep with me if he wished.

Bruce took Joe up on his offer and I spent the night with Bruce in our bed. Joe slept in the spare bedroom since that is only a full sized mattress and is a bit crowded for two. Bruce fucked me once more before we turned in for the night. Then he woke me up once more in the middle of the night.

In the morning he wanted a “wake up fuck” before Joe took him home on the way to work. He lasted quite a long time and I had several nice orgasms before he pulled out and shot his load onto my chest and tummy. He had me rub it into my skin telling me that it was “the worlds best moisturizer”, which I don’t believe but I did it anyway.

That was my Sunday, busy as usual, but fun. How did your weekend go?

Your wet slut,


Jun 06/08/09 7:17PM


I had a good weekend, but not as good as yours! I’m really starting to get the impression that although Tommy will always figure prominently in your group of kids because he was first, Bruce has become Joe’s favorite. That’s not too surprising considering that they probably have more in common than the others. I really have to wonder if Joe decided on the spur of the moment to go out to eat and exhibit you when he got home with Bruce, or if it was planned earlier. It probably doesn’t matter, but I’m curious about these things.

As usual I have a few questions. You have been exhibited before, but as far as I know in all those cases you were either in a different building (Jay showing you to roofers), or you were in a car (Jay showing you to fast-food worker in drive-thru, and kids showing you off on the way home from Pittsburgh). Was this the first time that the strangers you were exhibited to were right there in your personal space? How does that change the experience? Did it turn you on even more when you realized that you had caused Joe’s friend to get hard? What time was it when you were returning home?

What I’m curious about is whether it was still bright enough outside for your neighbors to be able to see that you were topless. I’ve noticed that because of the windshield it’s much easier to see people in the front of a car than in the back. Are you concerned that you might have been seen, especially since Bruce was sucking on your tits at the time?

I think that’s enough for now. As always I’m looking forward to your answers.

Your erotic inquisitor,


Jun 06/09/09 3:40AM


I had a quiet day today, nobody stopped by and I napped in the late afternoon. So now I’m wide awake and I thought I’d answer your questions while I have the time.

I agree with you that Bruce does seem to be Joe’s favorite these days, even though I think he still depends on Tommy to “manage” the other kids. They are both really good at sex now, so I don’t care.

I don’t think Joe had planned on going out to eat until he saw what I was wearing. And what I wasn’t wearing. I think he decided then that he wanted to show me off and kind of made it up as it went. It just had that kind of feel to it. I can’t describe it any better.

Actually that was not the first time that I had been “exhibited” to strangers up close like that. On my trip to DC with Lee and Jay we went to a mall one day. As usual Jay would not let me wear a bra. I had on a loose tank top and both of them had fun pulling it and stretching it such that one of my boobs would pop out. They loved doing this when there was a lot of people around and made it look like an accident. As we were walking thru the parking lot on our way out Lee pulled it up to my neck and left it bunched up there about half way to the car. At least a dozen people saw me virtually topless. A few walked right past us within a couple of feet.

It was a little different sitting in the bar though because I was just sitting there letting them look. I couldn’t just walk away or cover up like before. So even though I was more “covered” than in that DC mall parking lot, it was still just as embarrassing and stimulating. And yes it was a turn on knowing that Joe’s friend got an erection just from looking at my boob.

We got home about 7:30 so it was just starting to get dark. I don’t think it was a very good idea for me to be in the front seat topless at that time of night. There is a chance that one of my neighbors saw something, but so far I have not heard from anybody. The way Bruce was all over me though didn’t really leave me much of a choice. Especially with Joe sitting there apparently approving of everything he did.

I asked Joe about it later and he dismissed my concerns saying that nobody is ever outside in our neighborhood at that time. He also told me that you would not be able to see much of anything going on inside a car from inside your house as it went by. He challenged me to just try it sometime. I have not done that myself, but I believe him.

That’s all your questions/comments I believe. I’m going to play some online chess now until I get tired enough to go back to sleep.

Your slut,


Jun 06/09/09 6:43AM


You will have to tell me about the DC trip with Lee and Jay sometime. It sounds like that’s quite a story in it’s own right. I think that Joe’s explanation about how you could not have been seen by your neighbors is more justification than fact. That’s a dangerous game he’s playing there and it could end up causing you all kinds of problems. But I think he (and probably you) are getting off on the danger, so I don’t expect it to stop. Just be as careful as you can.

Thanks for answering my questions. I have to get to work now. Have a good day.

Your friend,


Jun 06/10/09 9:49PM


I will try to tell you about the DC trip sometime. It is quite a story. I also think you have a point about the danger aspect to what we are doing, but more on Joe’s part than mine. I agree that we need to be careful and this is something that Joe and I talk about periodically. Thanks for your concern, you are a dear friend.

Now to bring you up on current events. Yesterday morning Kyle called me and asked if he could come over and “see” me. I told him I was OK with that and about a half hour later he arrived. This was the first time he was coming over by himself and I was a little worried that he be too shy to start anything. It turns out I didn’t have anything to worry about.

I was just in a robe and he had it off of me and was sucking on my boobs within minutes of coming through the door. He stayed for the rest of the morning. We pretty much did it all except anal. I really enjoyed giving him a blow job and he isn’t too bad at oral sex either. I had four orgasms, two of them very nice, and he came twice, once in my mouth. That rates as a good morning for me.

Yesterday my brother-in-law Dick stopped over unannounced around noon. He said he didn’t have a lot of time and just wanted a blow job. Apparently I’m better at it than my sister. Before he left he told me that he expected a birthday present from me like the one Jeanne gave to Joe. His birthday is in a couple of months. I told him we’ll have to see what happens.

Joe also informed me that he had invited James over for supper on Saturday. I told him that I was OK with that. I like James and I’m hoping that Joe has something fun planned.

We also talked more about “the next gang bang”. Joe really wants it to be an all black event. I can tell this really excites him whenever we talk about it. But he also mentioned that Ron wanted to set one up with his friends too. This is the first time he’s mentioned that. I guess I’m going to find out how much I can take this summer.

He also confirmed that when he is exposing me he gets more excited by the thought that someone we know might see me than strangers seeing me. When I pressed him on this he admitted that it was the danger element you mentioned. We talked more about that and I pointed out that if the “wrong” person saw me it might mean an end to our games. He promised me that he would be careful and asked me to trust him. I do trust him Paul, but I still worry that he’ll get carried away.

That’s all I have for now, I need to get to bed. Good night.

Your horny slut,


Part 32: Sharon adds new men to her stable.

Jun 06/10/09 10:51PM


I think you will need to come up with something exciting for Dick’s birthday or he will feel left out. Have to be careful of that fragile male ego you know! I would make some suggestions but I have a feeling your sister will be driving that effort so I’ll just wait to see what happens.

I’m glad that you and Joe are still talking about everything. Even though you are submissive it’s important that he takes your feelings into account when he plans these sexual adventures. I also wanted to ask you something along these lines. I’m sure before Ron’s birthday party and the “dancing in the dark” game you and Joe had established a “rhythm” in your marriage. By that I mean the ebb and flow of every day life together; striking balances, making compromises, and re-balancing when needed. I’m also sure that rhythm was disturbed by all these new sexual games. Have you two adjusted and found a new rhythm yet?

Your friend always,


Jun 06/12/09 10:02PM


I have to tell you what happened yesterday. When I told Joe about it he got very excited and we had fantastic sex late into the night. Which is why I didn’t write you yesterday.

It looked like it was going to be a slow day until about 11:00. I was horny as usual and hoping one of the kids would call since I hadn’t gotten fucked since Tuesday. Dick’s visit on Wednesday just made me hornier. Anyway I got a call from Dave. He said he woke up horny and wanted me to come over to his place and “take care of it” for him. I told him I woke up the same way and that I would be right over.

I slipped on underwear, jeans, and a t-shirt (no not that one), but no bra. Then I brushed my hair quickly, put on some lip gloss, and drove over to Dave’s apartment.

He answered the door wearing just a pair of boxers and let me in. When I turned the corner into the small living room I was surprised to see another man sitting there. He was a black and bigger than Dave in every way. I knew this because he was completely nude.

Dave introduced him as his cousin Jamal and hoped that I didn’t mind he was there. I said, “No, I don’t mind. Two heads are better than one.”

Honestly I’m not normally that corny, it just slipped out in a moment of weakness. They both smiled anyway. Maybe in their circles that amounts to a witty comment.

Jamal spoke for the first time saying, “Dave tells me you are and expert cock sucker.”

I answered, “That’s what I’ve been told.”

He replied, “We’ll see, but right now I’d like to see that hot body that Dave has been talking about.”

Then he stood up walked over to me. He towered above me. He must be 6’2″ at least and 250 lbs, but it looked like it was mostly muscle. Without any warning he just pulled my t-shirt up over my head and off.

“Nice titties,” he says and begins squeezing them. His big hands easily swallow them up.

Then he unsnapped my jeans and pushed them to the floor along with my underwear. I kicked them off along with my sandals. Jamal put his hand between my legs and replied, “Hmmm, I love bare pussies.”

He ran his finger up and down my slit a couple of times and then brought it to his mouth. “Nice. Let’s get that blowjob now.”

Jamal sat down on a ratty old chair. He only had about half an erection. I got down on my knees and began sucking him. Once he was fully hard it was obvious that he was larger than Joe or Dave or any of the other kids. In fact, I wasn’t sure I wanted him fucking me due to his size. He was enough of a challenge for my mouth, but I managed.

It didn’t take long before he came in my mouth. While I was enjoying the taste of it he literally lifted me off my feet and onto his lap. I didn’t really have a chance to decide if I wanted him in me or not, he just plopped me down and started entering me. His size took a little getting used to, but after a little bit I really began enjoying it. I wouldn’t want to take anyone larger though.

He lasted a surprisingly long time and I had several orgasms before he came. Dave fucked me after that and as usual he was very good too. As they were resting we were chatting about trivial things and Jamal was playing with my boobs. Then out of nowhere he says, “I hear you want to pull an all black train.”

To which I replied, “Maybe. Where did you hear that?”

He answers, “From your husband. Is it true?”

I tell him, “Yes.”

Then he asks me, “How many?”

I take that to mean how many men, so I ask, “What did Joe say?”

Jamal says, “He said it was up to you.”

I don’t want to commit to a number so I play it coy by saying, “Did he?”

He answers, “Yep.”

Since Jamal will be involved I decide not to increase the number from last time. I’ll be sore enough with Jamal plus 5 more. So I tell him that 6 sounded like a nice round number. He agrees that a “sexy bitch” like me could handle 6 “brothers”. I tell him they have to be clean and discrete. He assures me that they would all be people he could trust, like Dave. Jamal was fun to fuck, but he did make me a little sore because of his size. I wouldn’t want to do him everyday, that’s for sure.

After that everybody was pretty worked up again and we spent the next couple of hours fucking before they were both spent. I drove home in the late afternoon a happy woman.

When Joe came home he admitted he had talked to Jamal when he and Dave had come into the Center one day. He thought they would be a good source of “black meat” for me and they agreed to put together a GB. He guessed it was Dave’s idea to have me to go over to their place and meet Jamal, but I think it was really Joe’s plan.

As you can imagine Joe was very interested in hearing about my time with Dave and Jamal. I had to tell him about it in much more detail than I just did for you. He asked a lot of questions too, especially about Jamal. I told Joe that Jamal is right on the edge of being too large and that I would not take anyone larger as it would just be painful. I am a small woman and don’t have a large pelvis.

As a result off all this Joe is very excited about the all black GB. It’s just about all he wants to talk about now, much like the first GB when it was first being planned. At least now he has baseball games to go to and all the golf courses are open.

James is coming over again tomorrow night. Joe is golfing on Sunday, so that’s probably when I’ll write you about Saturday with James. Have a good weekend.

Your horny slut,


Jun 06/12/09 11:15PM


It looks like you really will be having that all black GB, and probably soon. I think as long as Jamal is not the first one, you should be OK. I suspect that if you fucked Dave first yesterday that Jamal would not have made you sore.

I find it interesting that Joe had already met with Jamal and recruited him to arrange a GB for you. I’m sure that Thursday was a setup by Joe so that you could meet Jamal. The way Joe made it sound like the GB was your idea and desire was typical of your husband, but letting you decide on how many to invite was a bit of a dirty trick, in my opinion. You seemed to take it all in stride though. You have come a long ways since that first party at Ron’s house.

So are you excited about this next GB? Four new cocks and all of them black.

I can’t wait to hear about how it goes with James tomorrow.

Your friend,


Jun 06/14/09 3:12PM


I’m sorry I couldn’t write you yesterday, but it’s been a busy weekend. I have have a lot to tell you, so I had better get to it.

Yesterday morning Joe told me that we had been invited by Ron to go on a boat cruise on a local lake (not real local, but within driving distance). Some kind of bonus from work or something and he got to invite another couple. Anyway it sounded fun and I told Joe that. Then he informs me that my current bathing suit is way out of style and I needed to buy an new one. No argument from me on that.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when Joe offered to go shopping with me. He never goes clothes shopping with me. I should have known then that something was up.

So we went to a big mall in the city and checked out suits at several large department stores. I even tried several on, but Joe didn’t like any of them. Then we walked by one of the trendy stores that the kids shop at and he says, “Hey, let’s look in there.”

I had my doubts that I’d find anything in there that I could wear, but he insisted. Sure enough all they had were bikinis. I was looking for a one piece. I was too old to be wearing a bikini and that’s just what I told Joe. He said, “Bullshit, you are just as hot as any of the 20-somethings that shop here.”

Then he points to a blue tiger-striped bikini and tells me he wants me to try that one on. It is actually somewhat modest compared to the other ones they had in that store. I’m still skeptical, but I find a set my size and head for the changing room. I put it on and I have to admit that I didn’t look too bad in it. I’ll tell you Paul, that I used to wear bikinis before I met Joe, but they just don’t fit the school teacher image so I switched to a one piece.

When I went out to show my husband he let out a low whistle that told me we would be buying that one. There was another couple nearby and the young man looked over. His smile made me feel warm inside. I changed back into my street clothes and when I came out Joe was looking a very small bikini. I think it’s called a micro. It consists of two small triangles on a string for the top and a tiny thong for the bottom.

I said, “No way mister,” but he wasn’t listening. He really wanted me to try one of them on. I finally agreed to buy one, but only if I could get a wrap with it. Of course he insisted I try it on in the store.

I knew it was small, but even after I put it on I still felt naked. The little patch on the bottoms wasn’t even big enough to cover my entire “landing strip”. Some hair stuck out the top. If I hadn’t been shaved everywhere else it would have looked really ridiculous.

When I left the changing room I tried to just peak out and get Joe’s attention. I wanted him to walk over an shield me from the rest of the store while I stood by the entrance. But he waved me out instead so I walked out into a public store practically naked. I was so embarrassed, but also so turned on. To make it worse Joe had me turn around so that that he could see my bare butt.

I quickly retreated to the dressing room after that and changed. When I came out the young man was still there and I swear he kept stealing glaces at me. I wondered if he saw me in the micro.

When we got home I really wanted to fuck, but Joe watched a baseball game on TV. Needless to say I was pretty horny by the time James arrived.

This time I had made a pan of lasagna and toasted some french bread. Joe loves my lasagna and James raved about it too. After dinner while we were enjoying our second glass of wine Joe told James about the boat cruise. James thought that sounded like fun.

Then Joe told him that we had to buy me a new swim suit for the occasion and would he like to see it?

James replies, “Sure,” probably thinking (like me) that I would just bring them down on the hangers.

But Joe had other ideas. He says, “Sharon, why don’t you model it for your friend?”

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was not expecting that and I hesitated.

James saw my hesitation and says, “That’s OK, you don’t have to.”

But Joe interrupts saying, “Go on. It’s just a bikini.”

So I go and change into it and return to the men. Jame’s eyes almost pop out of their sockets. I like the hungry look in his eyes. I ask him what he thinks.

He says, “You’re hot – I mean that’s a hot bikini. Er, I like the tiger stripes.”

I see that not only is he blushing, but he’s getting an erection. That horny feeling I’ve had all day increases a notch.

Next Joe mentions that we actually bought two bikinis today and asks me to show James the other one. My slutty side was taking over and I told them I’d be right back. I wanted it to look nice, so I took the time to trim my pubic hair a little more so it wouldn’t stick out of the bottoms. That didn’t leave me with much hair down there.

This time when I returned James looked at me with obvious lust and a full erection. Sexual tension filled the room. Joe turned it up even higher by having me turn around and show them my bare ass.

“Now what do you think?” Joe asked.

All James said was, “Incredible.”

To which Joe said, “I’ll bet you never guessed she had such a hot body under those teacher’s clothes.”

James mumbled, “I imagined she was sexy, but damn.”

My husband asked, “What else did you ‘imagine’?”

James was caught off guard and didn’t know how to answer. Joe pressed on, “Have you been fantasizing about my wife?”

James still didn’t know what to say, but looked nervous. Then Joe let him off the hook by saying, “How would you like to see her completely naked?”

James says, “What? Really?”

Joe tells him, “Sure, just ask her to strip it off.”

James looks at me and asks if I really will do it. I just nod. Then he tells me, “Sharon, take off the bikini,” in a shaky voice.

It only takes me seconds to remove the tiny thing and there I am standing in front of him nude. While James is drinking my nakedness in and Joe tells him that I’m secretly a submissive slut and love to be ordered around and sexually used. He tells him that I am his to enjoy for the evening.

James asks, “You want me to fuck your wife?”

Joe tells him, “I want you to enjoy yourself. You can fuck her pussy or ass. She also gives great blow jobs and will swallow your cum. She loves to be called degrading names and have her ass paddled. Whatever you want.”

What James wanted first was a blowjob and I was happy to oblige him. I don’t know why more women don’t do this for their men. They love it and it’s fun to do. After that he explored my body with his fingers and tongue, ending up between my legs. It was quite erotic and I had a nice orgasm.

Then my husband and my friend took me up to the spare bedroom and fucked me for the next hour or so. It took a little while for James to get comfortable using me and calling me degrading names. But Joe set a good example and James followed his lead. By the end of the evening they were both calling me a “dirty slut” and making me beg for their cocks.

A Correspondence with Sharon


This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. I know that I had closed out this series, however I have received a number of requests (pleas really) to continue it. I have also noticed the voting has increased, so I decided to take some time now that my new story is finished and reformat some more email from Sharon so that I could post it up. Enjoy. (And if you don’t approve of this kind of material: Fuck you)

Jun 06/16/09 9:39PM


It is interesting to compare this tryst with James to that of any of the “kids”. His maturity and sexual experience were obvious. He knew how hard and how much to spank you in order to increase the sensitivity of your ass without causing any permanent damage or too much pain. He also knew how to take maximum advantage of that extra sensitivity by using a different rear entry position other than “doggy”. I have to say it sounded like you enjoyed sex with James just as much as any of the kids; not necessarily more, but in a different way. Is this impression correct?

What was Joe’s reaction when you told him about it? Frankly I think that James treated you just the way you want/need to be treated. He read the situation perfectly. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

I think when you finally get together with James and Chuck at the same time it’s going to be very interesting. Very interesting. I’m still wondering how Joe will arrange that. Maybe he’ll tell James that you are fucking his son too, or maybe he’ll arrange to have James “discover” you with Chuck. I think, though, what I would do is try to convince James to help. If I could get him to ask me to bring Chuck over for his “first” fuck with a real woman, that would be the best way to help assure a successful outcome. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Joe comes up with.



Jun 06/18/09 10:33PM


I have not heard from you for a couple of days and I’m a little worried. Hopefully everything is OK and you are just too busy having crazy sex to write me. In the mean time I have come up with a new challenge for you. This one will be a bit more difficult than the previous ones. This is what I want you to do:

I’m assuming that since you are off for the summer, so is James. I’m also assuming that he will invite you over to his place during a weekday while Joe is at work. When this happens I want you wear your micro bikini. Put on something over it, but make sure it’s something you can take off and put on quickly, like a one piece dress. When you are over at Jame’s place I want to find a reason to take off the dress and show off your bikini. If he does not comment on how good you look in it, then fish for a compliment. In response to his compliment tell him that he is biased and that the average guy on the street would find you hot. What I want you to do is to maneuver James into suggesting/daring you to go out and find some random men to show you off in your micro bikini. Try to make it seem like his idea.



Jun 06/19/09 11:22AM


Sorry I have not emailed you recently. I’m OK and everything is fine on this end except that I have not had any sex since Tuesday and I’m horny as hell. You know when I curse that I’m wound up. I don’t think I can do your recent challenge. That’s just too assertive for me. Besides, I don’t know how I would get James to do such a thing.

I do have more information on tomorrow’s boat cruise though and I think you’ll find it interesting. Joe told me tonight that he talked to Ron to get some more details about it. Turns out that the boat is owned and piloted by Ron’s boss Tim. This started sounding like a setup to Joe and he said so. Ron told him that Tim really did reward employees with boat cruises. Apparently that lets him deduct part of the maintenance costs on his taxes.

But as Joe suspected this time it was a little different. Normally it’s just the employee and his spouse, but this time Tim told him to invite Joe and I. I think it was just me, but Ron probably figured I wouldn’t go without Joe (true). Then Ron told Joe that his annual job performance review was coming up which is used to set his salary for the next year. He was really hoping for a raise and thought that if he “delivered” me it would help him in that regard.

When Joe told me this I was shocked. I said, “That would make me a whore.”

He insisted that wasn’t true since no actual money would change hands. I explained the concept of “quid pro quo” to him and he understood it, but didn’t think it applied since neither him nor I would gain. I pointed out that Ron would gain and owe us a favor. He had to concede the point, but still didn’t think it amounted to prostitution. Maybe not, but it sure felt that way.

In the end Joe said, “It’s your choice. If you want to pull out I’ll call Ron and tell him we can’t make it.”

I asked him what he wanted. My husband, always thinking with his small head, said he wanted us to go. His reasoning was that I had already “fucked” Tim, so once more wouldn’t be a big deal, and if it helped his friend that would be OK too.

“Besides,” he threw in, “We both like being out on the water.”

To which I asked, “So you’d be OK with your wife whoring herself out for your friend’s benefit?”

His answer shocked me. “Actually that’s kind of a turn on.”

I said, “You want me to be a whore? Turn tricks on the street corner?”

He said that’s not what he was talking about. He explained that he had fantasies of doing things like betting my body in a high stakes poker game and losing. Or having me give a blowjob to a policeman in order to avoid getting arrested for DWI. Things like that. I had no idea. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it later, but I agreed to the boat trip for Joe. To fulfill his fantasy.

I’ll tell you Paul that I don’t really like Tim and I’m not looking forward to having sex with him. But I am feeling a strange tingle when I think about the whole situation. The reality is that I did trade sex for favors in the past. For example, to keep my job. So this isn’t really as new to me as I made out to Joe. Still, I’m hoping that Joe does not make a habit of this.

I’ll try writing you tomorrow night, but it may end up being Sunday instead.

Your very horny slut,


Jun 06/19/09 9:13PM


It was good hearing from you; I’m glad you and Joe are OK. Now, in regard to my newest challenge, with all respect, don’t give me that “too assertive” crap. I know you can do it if you put your mind to it. You’ve done more difficult things before. Sometimes I think you just like to push back so that it does not look like you are too eager to comply. But you know as well as I do that it will be a huge turn on for you. I never said you had to do this in your home town; by all means it will be easier if you drive to a larger city. And I know you’ll figure out a way to get James to play his part; you’ve had a lot of practice with Joe. So just go do it.

This boat trip has sure taken an unexpected twist. I have to say though, I think Joe understood the “quid pro quo” argument perfectly. He only tried to convince you otherwise because he wanted you to go ahead with it. The whore-wife fantasy is almost as strong as the slut-wife fantasy, at least for me. In this fantasy the man does not want the wife to be an ordinary street walker though. He wants her to be a “high class” whore that few men actually get the privilege of enjoying. I think that explains this whole boat trip thing.

I also think that Joe has been limiting your sex this weekend in order to keep you horny and help make sure you would go on the boat trip. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.



Jun 06/21/09 3:05PM


I’m not sure how to respond to the first part of your last email. Our conversations have always been very friendly, but that paragraph came off kind of pushy. I will reconsider your challenge, however.

You are probably right about Joe understanding about “quid pro quo” and how it related to the situation with Ron and Tim. I don’t understand the whole whore wife fantasy, but I believe you when you say that you do. I also agree with you that Joe was limiting my sexual opportunities last week in order to soften me up. He knew all along it was a setup for Tim to have sex with me.

Joe insisted that I wear the micro bikini, but he let me wear a simple wrap around dress over it so that I wasn’t exposed on the way over. We took the Town Car and picked up Ron and Diane. There wasn’t much conversation on the way over to the marina. Everybody knew what was going on but didn’t want to talk about it.

The marina is on one end of the lake which is actually just a widening of a major river in our area as far as I can tell, but it’s called a lake. Tim’s boat looked big to me. He informed us it was a 36′ cabin cruiser. He told us more about it, but I was kind of distracted and didn’t pay too much attention. I do remember he told us that there was food and drinks “below” and that we should just serve ourselves.

The four of us sat up front. I can never remember if that’s the bow or the stern. Anyway Tim untied us from the dock and backed the boat out. I have to admit that he knew what he was doing and deftly guided the big boat out of the crowded marina.

Once we were out in the open Diane stood up and removed her wrap around dress revealing a small bikini. She looked like she was poured into it. Then Joe told me to take off my dress too. I think he was hoping I would show up Diane. I don’t know if I did, but my bikini was more revealing.

Ron whistled and Joe smiled. Diane raised her eyebrows as if to say, “And you thought I was a slut.”

We all decided to go below and get a drink. When we came back out Tim called to me from up on what he called the “flying bridge” where he was driving the boat. He said, “Sharon, be a doll and get me a beer.”

I figured I had better get used to following his orders and I went back below to get a beer. When I brought it up to him he told me to stay so I sat down in the other chair (there were only two up there) and sipped my drink. At least I had a nice view of the lake from there.

Tim looked over at me and said, “I like the bikini. It’s so hot.”

I replied, “Thanks.”

Then he said, “Come over here and stand next to me.”

I did as he ordered and he put one arm around my waist while he steered the boat with the other. After a little while he slipped his hand down and started rubbing my bare butt. I didn’t say anything. I just drank my wine cooler in silence and enjoyed the cool breeze coming off the water.

Finally he said, “I’m taking us to a nice quiet spot I know out of the current where we can drop anchor for a while. It’s very pretty. I think you’ll like it.”

I still didn’t say anything and after a few minutes he asked, “Why are you here?”

I answered, “Because you invited us.”

To which he replied, “No, I mean did you come because you are craving my cock or are you just helping Ron to get a raise?”

In other words, was I as slut or a whore. I didn’t feel like like answering him so I said, “Does it matter?”

His answer was, “No, I’m just curious. But if you tell me I’ll tell you how Diane answered that same question.”

I had suspected that Diane had fucked Tim in the past, but now I had confirmation. I was pretty sure how she answered, so I didn’t say anything. I was curious though. Right then I heard some laughing coming from the front of the boat where Joe, Ron, and Diane were sitting. I couldn’t quite see them from where I was (too short), but they sounded like they were having fun.

Tim said, “Don’t worry. Diane will take care of your husband today.”

I didn’t like the sound of that, but said nothing. As we continued on I could hear occasional laughter, both male and female, from the front of the boat. Then I made a decision and said, “I’m here to help Ron.” There, I admitted I was a whore.

Tim smiled beside me and said, “Diane said the same thing, but we both know you are doing this more for your husband than Ron.”

That was true, but how did he know?

Next he told me, “It’s time to see if you are as good a cock sucker as Ron bragged. Get down on your knees, honey.”

I was past caring if I was a whore or a slut and just did as I was told. Just like the time he fucked me he showed great staying power. While I was sucking him he untied and removed my bikini top. Normally it doesn’t take me more than a few minutes to make a man cum, but after at least 10 minutes he still had not popped. Then he pulled me off of him and said were were almost there.

I looked around and sure enough we were in a little bay. There were no other boats very close by. On the shore was a sign that read, “Private property. Stay out.”

As if he read my mind Tim said, “Don’t worry. I know the owners.”

After he dropped the anchor he shouted to the others that he was going to “give Sharon a tour of the cabin.”

We descended the stairs to the cabin. I was still topless, although with that top it didn’t make much of a difference. Basically he just took me to the small room up front with the bed. He pushed me down onto it and started kissing me. This time when I tried to push him away he just ignored me.

When he started tugging at my bikini bottoms I lifted my hips and he slipped them off. Then he spread my legs and started giving me oral. I tried to tell him I just wanted to fuck, but he ignored me again. I resigned myself to the fact that he was just going to do whatever he wanted.

I had a small orgasm which seemed to satisfy Tim because he stopped and took off his clothes. Then he plopped down on the bed beside me and said, “Be a good whore now and fuck me.”

I climbed up and rode him for quite a while. Being in control I was able to cum several times. Eventually he came inside me so I got off and cleaned off his cock with my mouth. When I was finished with that he said, “Let’s see what’s going on up on the bow,” and turned on a small TV.

Apparently it was a video camera because it showed a picture that shocked me. Joe, Ron, and Diane were all buck naked. She was on her back and Joe was fucking her while she was trying to suck her husband’s dick. I say “trying” because Joe was really slamming her and making her body bounce.

Tim laughed, “It looks like they are having fun too.”

Oh hell. Joe just stuck his head in the doorway and said that Bruce was on his way over. I have to go. I’ll try to finish this later, but I’ll send what I have now.


Jun 06/21/09 3:55PM


My, my, it looks like you are having another busy weekend. But first things first. I looked back at my last email and while I was a little more assertive than usual, I wouldn’t really characterize it as “pushy”. I think I was just a little frustrated. After all, you asked me for these challenges and then initially rejected every one of them only to eventually do them anyway. Please keep in mind that I’m doing this more for you than myself. Sure I get a kick out of thinking them up, but you get a lot more enjoyment out of these challenges than I do, I think you’ll agree. So maybe I am “pushing” you a little bit, but given your submissive nature when it comes to sex, I think some “pushing” is warranted. Above all, it is never my intention to offend you. Being firm when I think you are selling yourself short, yes, but not offensive.

It seemed to me that Tim’s demeanor with you has changed since the last time. He seemed dominating and expected you to follow his orders. I’m thinking that he has been talking to Ron and has learned of your submissive nature. One hint was when he said that he had “heard” you were a good cocksucker. Where would he have heard that except from Ron and Joe, and I doubt he has been talking to Joe. I don’t get the impression that Joe particularly likes Tim. The big questions are, how much does Ron know and how much has he told Tim?

I’m curious as to why you would rather have Tim think of you as a whore than a slut. Is it because as a slut he would expect more/regular sex with you (which you don’t want), whereas a whore is usually a much rarer gig?

Are you still feeling jealous when you see Joe having sex with another woman? Does it matter who the woman is? By that I mean are you more jealous when he has sex with say, Diane than Jeanne?

I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of the boat trip as well as today’s activities with Bruce.



Jun 06/22/09 2:15AM


I will finish telling you about the boat trip, I promise, but right now I need to tell you about yesterday. When I sent you my last email I told you that Bruce was on his way. I had to get off the computer because he was literally in his car when he called and Joe wanted me to change into my micro bikini to meet him at the door.

Was he ever surprised! I knew he really liked it because he immediately got an erection. I’ve gotten good at spotting that. You guys are at such a disadvantage, I can always tell when you are turned on but you can’t always tell when we are. I’m talking about women in general here since you know I’m almost always horny.

Anyways I got Bruce and Joe a beer and they sat around talking about how much they liked my bikini. Then Bruce observed, “You know, the way the ties are you could take it off without cutting anything even if she was tied up.”

To which Joe says, “I think you’re right. Let’s check it out.”

I was a little shocked. Joe had never shown the slightest interest in playing bondage games before. He led us upstairs to the spare bedroom. He then retrieved some silk scarves and together he and Bruce tied me to the bed. My arms were stretched above my head and my legs were spread. There was a little slack in my bindings, but not much. Next they entertained themselves by first untying my bikini top and pulling it off. After that they each pulled open one of the bows at my hips that were holding the bottoms on and then Joe pulled it off completely.

They looked down on my now naked body, satisfied with their work. I said, “Now that had your fun, please untie me.”

Joe smiled and put the collar on my neck saying, “We’re not done having fun yet.”

Next they spent some time teasing me, running their hands all over my body and then their mouths. It drove me wild with lust after a while. I started moaning and begging one of them to fuck me. Finally Bruce took off his pants and did just that. I came after the first few strokes, and I came hard. He pounded me for a couple of minutes and almost made me cum again, but he got there first.

I was right on the edge and looking forward to Joe bringing me to my climax, but then I noticed that he wasn’t in the room anymore. Bruce put his pants back on and left as well. As I laid there alone and tied to the bed I had not idea what they were up to or what would happen next. I only knew that I was horny and really needed to cum.

After a few minutes I heard someone walking down the hallway. Imagine my surprise when Erin walked into the room. She looks at me and says, “What have we here? A horny little slut maybe?”

I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t expected this.

She continued, “I’ll bet you really need a cock in that filthy little hole of yours. It’s too bad I don’t have one. It might be fun to ream you out.”

She was slurring her words slightly. I guess she had been drinking again. That’s when Joe walked in and handed the dildo you had me buy to Erin. She smiled and said, “Well, well, I guess I’m going to have some fun after all.”

She turned on the vibrator and got on the bed between my legs. Then she rubbed it up and down my slit, making sure to press it briefly against my sensitive clit. I was surprised, given the weird circumstances, to find that my arousal was building again. When Erin plunged the dildo into me I think I gasped because Erin snickered, “I think she likes it.”

Erin began pumping the dildo in and out of me with vigor. She appeared to be enjoying herself. I was getting closer and closer to my climax, and I think she noticed because she taunted me saying, “Are you going to cum slut? Cum for me now.”

When she rubbed my clit with her free hand I started trembling and thrusting my hips up against her hand. I couldn’t help it. Erin didn’t stop talking to me, “Cum for me Sharon. That’s what wanton sluts like you do, isn’t it, cum and cum all day long? Open your legs for anybody that will give you an orgasm? Yes, cum now, cum my little whore.”

Her words humiliated me of course, but that only added to my excitement. I came hard, my entire body shaking. It felt like all my nerve endings were tingling. When the spasms stopped I looked up and noticed that Erin had a look of satisfaction on her face.

Then she got up off the bed saying, “That got me horny as hell. I need your cock Joe.” She pushed her jeans and underwear off before getting back on the bed. I don’t know when he did it, but Joe already had is pants off. He stepped up to the bed and entered Erin from behind.

“Oh God that feels good,” She moaned. “I love your husband’s cock, bitch.”

Erin started fucking me with the dildo again as Joe pumped her from behind. My emotions were all over the place. I was jealous that Joe was fucking Erin, and envious that he wasn’t fucking me. At the same time the dildo and the noises Erin was making were turning me on.

When Erin came I was close to another orgasm, but not quite there yet. She pulled the dildo out of my pussy and pressed it against my clit. Joe yelled that he was coming and Erin told him she wanted his cum inside her. This pushed me over the edge and I had another powerful climax.

I didn’t even notice that she had moved, but when I opened my eyes Erin had her knees on either side of my head and was lowering her pussy down onto my face. She told me, “Suck all of your husband’s cum out of my pussy.”

I felt like I was being smothered but I had no choice really. I knew she wouldn’t let up until I did as she ordered. Gravity did most of the work, I just licked up the combined fluids as they ran out of her. After Erin left Joe fucked me hard and long making me cum a couple more times. These were not as powerful as the first three, but they were still very enjoyable.

When I was finally untied my arms and legs were a little sore and I got a cramp in one calf. Joe was very good about massaging all my tight muscles though and I fell asleep.

I’m getting tired again so I’ll have to tell you about the second half of the boat trip later.

Your tired slut,


Jun 06/22/09 6:05AM


I’m still getting ready for work and I only had a chance to quickly read your last email. It sounds like you had a very interesting day – again. I have printed it out and will read it more carefully over lunch. I should have much more to say later. Have a good day.


Jun 06/22/09 6:41PM


Now that I’ve had a chance to think about your last email I do have a few observations. First, it seems that Erin only gets involved if she has been drinking heavily. I’m guessing that she really is not interested in you so much as Joe. She is doing this for Joe and is using some latent animosity towards you along with the alcohol to get up her courage. I think that Joe wants to see another woman humiliate and degrade you. Erin is the only person he trusts to help him fulfill this fantasy so he promises her sex so that she’ll treat you that way. It’s mostly an act on her part which is why it seems so out of character for her. At least that’s my take.

My second observation is about you. It seems that you really enjoyed the sex you had while you were tied up. Even more than usual. I know that the loss of control over your circumstances is one of the big reasons you are turned on by being submissive. Being tied up is a more literal loss of control, and possibly an even bigger turn on for you. Am I right?

I have a feeling you will be tied up more in the future. There’s so much going on in your life right now that it’s hard to keep track. How do you do it?

By the way, don’t forget to tell me about the last half of the boat trip.



Jun 06/22/09 9:04PM


You could be right about Erin, I don’t know. I suppose your guess is as good as mine. Maybe I’ll be able to pry some information out of Joe some day.

Your second observation is correct. This is something I discovered when Jay tied me up once. That was near the end of my time with him and I was afraid of what he might do if he found out how much it turned me on. Now you know too. I’m not sure if Joe does, but I think he suspects it so you may be right about getting tied up more in the future. That scares and excites me, but I feel like I can trust Joe.

I was also thinking more about the newest challenge and about how you said you were a little frustrated because I keep rejecting them. And I decided that you were right. I was the one that asked you to come up with some challenges for me and it’s not fair of me to reject them without even trying. I realize that you have been trying to come up with things that are actually challenging for me, but not impossible. That’s a fine line to walk and I didn’t really appreciate how much thought you have obviously giving to the subject. This is all a long winded way to say that I will try to complete your challenge. Please continue to push me in the future.

Now for current events. Tommy came over today. He has become very comfortable with treating me like a slut. He put my collar on me and led me around the house naked with the leash. He kept calling me his “bitch” and telling me that he only came over so that I could “service” him. After I sucked him off he had me make him some lunch. For desert he made me lay down on the couch and he spooned whipped cream onto my boobs and licked it off. He did the same thing to my pussy.

Next he told me to “play” with myself while he watched. He took out his hard cock and was stroking it as I slid a finger in and out of myself. I really wanted it inside me though, so I begged him to fuck me. I really laid it on thick, telling him, “I need your hard cock inside me. It feels so good.”

He asked, “Is my cock the best you’ve ever had?”

I lied of course. I told him, “Yes, it’s the best and I need it now.”

I was so turned on by this time that I came after only a few strokes. That probably make him believe what I had said. He pounded me good for about 10 minutes and it was so intense I came a couple more times. I’m really looking forward to his visits these days.

Something else happened today too. Joe told me that his son Eric will be in our area this week on some kind of business. He has Thursday night free so Joe offered to take him out for supper. I asked Joe straight out if that’s all he had planned. He indicated that he was going to ask Eric to come back to our place for a “nightcap”. He wouldn’t say anymore than that, but I know better. He wants his sons to have sex with me and this seems like too good an opportunity to pass up. Just between you and me I wouldn’t mind fucking Eric. He looks just like a younger version of his father.

I don’t have time now to tell you about the second half of the boat trip, but I will get to it. I promise.

Your horny slut,


Jun 06/22/09 10:02PM


I’m glad you have decided to try doing the newest challenge. Your guess is correct, I do put quite a bit of effort trying to come up with tasks which will push your boundaries, but are within your ability to perform. I’m really looking forward to hearing how you do with this one.

It definitely looks like Tommy has gotten over his school-boy crush on you. That’s good. The fact that the sex has only improved his a bonus.

Now this visit by Eric is really interesting. If I remember, he was more outgoing and sure of himself than his brother. I’ll predict right now that you will wind up having sex with him before the evening is over. From what you’ve said about him, I get the idea you won’t mind. That should also pave the way for his brother, and maybe a session with all three (Joe, Nathan, and Eric). That would be hot!

While I am biting my nails waiting the hear about the second half of the boat trip, the anticipation of this visit by Eric is even more intense. Please don’t make me wait to tell me about it afterwords.



Jun 06/24/09 8:45PM


I think you are right about Eric. The way Joe is trying to be nonchalant about the evening and not wanting to talk about it I know that he has something planned. You are also right that I wouldn’t mind having sex with Eric. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d love it. You may also be right about this leading to a session with Nathan. It all depends on how much the two brothers talk about their sex lives. As far as an event with all three men I’m sure that will happen too. And I agree, that will be hot.

I want to tell you about the second half of the boat trip, but I also need to tell you about last night, so I’ll have skip some of the details. As usual just ask about anything you want to know more about and I’ll try to answer next time.

OK, the boat trip first:

Tim and I watched Joe, Ron, and Diane have sex up on the front deck. This was the one part of the trip that I didn’t like. I was still having jealous feelings when I saw Joe have sex with another woman, although it was worse with Diane than anybody else. That’s something that you were right about.

When they were done Tim and I went back up and joined them. The were all dressed or getting dressed by the time we go there. I was still naked because Tim had not returned my bikini. He then announced that he was taking us to a bar/restaurant on the river. Diane put her dress back on and I did the same. While the micro bikini did not cover much, it was something. As it was I would be naked under the flimsy wrap around.

At the bar I felt exposed, especially climbing off and back onto the boat. Tim sat next to me in the big booth and pawed at me the entire time. It was uncomfortable only because I felt like he was being too obvious and making us a spectacle. By the time we left he had attracted quite a bit of attention and I was glad to get out of there.

When we got back to the boat I joined the others on the front deck. Once we were back in the middle of the river/lake Tim called me back up to where he was driving the boat. He began kissing and fondling me and soon my dress was on the deck. Then he had me remove his pants and suck his cock for a while.

Next Tim made me climb up into his lap facing him and had me fuck him while he drove the boat. I kind of put my head on his shoulder so that he could see where we were going. For all practical purposes we were fucking in plain view. In fact a couple of other boats passed by us and they were close enough to have seen us if they had been looking. It wouldn’t have been hard to tell what we were doing.

I thought maybe we would get all the way back to the marina before he came. He did last a long time, but not that long. I had enough time to get my bikini back from Tim and put it on before we started running into more boat traffic near the marina.

After we were docked Tim whispered in my ear, “Ron will get his pay raise. Now you are a whore.”

Later at home when I told Joe about that he got excited and we ended up in bed. It was some of the best sex we’d had yet. If this is what I can expect every time I fulfill one of Joe’s fantasies, I plan on fulfilling every one of them.

Now last night:

James took us out to supper to thank us for having him over. In reality it seemed like an excuse to fuck me again, but I didn’t mind. I figured I couldn’t complain if I got a good meal and good sex. Sure enough, when we were finished eating Joe suggested we go back to our place for a nightcap. James accepted the invitation.

During our conversation over drinks Joe says out of the blue, “Sharon is fucking some of her ex students.”

There was a shocked pause. I didn’t know what to say. James finally asks, “Really? Who?”

Joe answers him, “Tommy Braden and Scott Clemens are two of them.”

James looks at me with a surprised expression on his face and asks, “Really?”

I just said, “Yes.”

Then he asks me, “Are there more?”

I answered, “A few more.”

James says, “Wow. I mean, just wow. That’s so hot.”

He continued to alternate between disbelief and excitement. This naturally led to some hot and heavy tag team style sex with Joe and James for the next hour or so. I was quite satisfied when we were done.

We were still naked sweaty, basking in the afterglow when Joe asked James, “Wasn’t your son in Sharon’s class last year?”

James answered, “Yes he was. In fact I remember him mentioning several times how pretty he thought she was. Why do you ask?”

Joe replied, “Well Tommy told Sharon that all the boys in her class fantasized about fucking her.”

James comments, “I can believe that.”

To which Joe asks, “So, do you think Chuck did?”

James chuckles, “Probably. Yeah, I think so.”

Then Joe said, “I’ll bet he’d love to live that out.”

James thinks about that for a few seconds and then says, “Yes he would. You think we could set that up?”

Joe answers, “We can if you want to.”

James says that he will think about it and leaves. I ask Joe what he is up to and he just says, “You’ll see.”

Joe is really having fun coming up with new experiences for me. I’m getting the best of both my worlds so I have no complaints. Whatever he comes up with next is fine with me.


Jun 06/24/09 10:41PM


Thank you for telling me about the second half of the boat trip. I do have a few questions for you as usual. What were you thinking when you walked in the bar naked except for the thin dress? What were you feeling when Tim was “pawing” at you? Embarrassed? Humiliated? What was Joe’s reaction?

When you were fucking Tim up on the flying bridge and other boats came close enough to see what you two were doing, what were you feeling then? Were you hoping that you were seen or not seen? How did you feel when Tim said you were now a whore?

I’m not quite sure what Joe is up to with James and Chuck, but I’m sure that the end game is for the two of them to have a threesome with you. It will be fun to see how he makes that happen.

When this all started after Ron’s birthday party you seemed hesitant to follow Joe where he wanted to lead you sexually. There was a lot of questioning and push-back from you. I even encouraged some of that because sensed that you were not ready. Now I don’t perceive any doubt on your part; you seem to be willing to go along with pretty much everything he sets up. In fact, you seem to be looking forward to the next experience.

If I’m right this represents an interesting evolution of your relationship, and one that I think is healthy as long as it remains based on love and trust. That is what was missing in your relationship with Jay. He exploited you and it just took you a while to realize that it was a dead-end. I think you may have finally realized that you can have a long and happy future with Joe. One that fulfills both of your sexual needs and desires. Or have I gone a bridge too far here?

Your analyst,


Jun 06/25/09 9:51PM


When I first sat down at the computer tonight I was going to tell you about yesterday’s visit by Bruce and Kyle and Eric’s visit tonight. Then I read your last email and decided I had better answer your questions first before I forgot about them. If I don’t have enough time tonight for everything I’ll finish tomorrow morning.

What was I thinking when I walked into the bar wearing only the wrap-around dress? I was strangely calm about it. I guess by this time I have started getting used to such things. The only thing I remember thinking was that I had to be careful to make sure that a sudden breeze didn’t unwrap it. I was also careful to make sure that I didn’t snag it on anything.

How did I feel when Tim was “pawing” me? All of the things you mentioned, and annoyed, but mostly embarrassed. Joe didn’t react too much. He seemed to enjoy watching along with everyone else. At one point we attracted too much attention and Joe gave Tim a warning look. This didn’t stop Tim, but he got the message and cooled it enough to keep us from being thrown out.

What was I feeling when the other boats came close enough to see me fucking Tim on the flying bridge? Terrified and excited. Terrified that someone I knew would recognize me. Excited that someone I knew would recognize me. Don’t ask me to explain it. That’s what I felt. I think that answers your next question as well.

Your last question is easy to answer. I didn’t feel anything because I didn’t consider myself a whore. Despite my arguments to Joe about quid pro quo, I didn’t and still don’t believe that I exchanged sex for a favor. I was just taking part of another one of Joe’s planned sexual adventures. I would have gone and done the same things regardless of whatever deal Ron had made with Tim. I went for Joe, not for Ron. I have not told Joe this because he was very turned on by the idea that I had been a whore, so I’ve let him believe that. Only you and I know the truth. I’m a slut, not a whore.

I think your analysis of the changes to my relationship with Joe is pretty close. I have become much more comfortable with going along with Joe’s plans. It’s not so much a matter of trust, I’ve always trusted my husband. It’s more that I now trust myself to be able to handle whatever he comes up with. I’m also more confident that I will enjoy myself.

One thing you were absolutely right about is that Joe sexually compliments me much better than any other man I’ve been with, and vice versa. If we don’t find some other incompatibility, and I doubt we will, I believe I have found a mate for life. I really do love him dearly. More than words can express.

And now I have one more reason, as if I needed one. Joe told me today that he has been planning a surprise vacation for us. I was a little concerned because his idea of a vacation is to go on a long weekend to some place that has a golf course he hasn’t played yet. But not this time. He said we are going to be spending two weeks in Europe! He said that we would be touring a number of countries and visiting a lot of historical locations. I commented that this did not sound like something he’d like. He admitted that it was more for me than him, but that there would be some activities for him as well. That man continues to surprise and delight me. It sounds like the planning is not quite finished, but will be sometime in August. Joe said he just needs to finish planning his staffing at the Center while he is away. Needless to say I’m really excited about this vacation and I can’t wait.

Now for yesterday. I spent a quiet morning at the public library browsing some interesting new books. I love our big well stocked library. As the morning wore on I began to get hungry and was thinking of what to do for lunch when my cell phone rang. It was Bruce wanting to come over for “some fun”. I told him I wasn’t home. He wasn’t happy about that and asked me when I would be there. I said I was planning on stopping for lunch and it would be an hour or two.

He said he didn’t want to wait that long and besides he had “lunch” for me. I knew he was talking about his cum so I told him that wouldn’t be enough. His response was, “Then I’ll just have to bring a friend with me.”

I knew he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I relented and told him I’m meet him at my house in a half hour. Bruce’s car was out front when I arrived. When I opened the back door to let him in I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had brought a friend with him: Kyle.

As promised they both fed me their cocks and I ate their cum. After a little break they took turns fucking me for the next couple of hours. They aren’t as good at treating me like a slut as Tommy is, but they are getting better. Especially Bruce.

I want to tell you about Eric, but that will have to wait until tomorrow morning. I think Joe wants to talk about him this evening (and hopefully fuck). I had a good time, but I’m still horny. You know me.

Your horny slut,


Jun 06/24/09 11:05PM


Thank you for answering my questions. As always it helps me to understand not only how women think, but specifically horny little sluts like you. This is important to me since those are the kind of women I like to write about.

It seems like your get togethers with the “kids” is almost getting routine, in as much as you don’t tend to describe them in much detail anymore. I’m sure this is partly a matter of time as well. I’m not complaining mind you; you always seem to have some new exciting adventure to talk about anyway.

I am curious if Kyle is still keeping his body free of hair.

I’m also looking forward to hearing about Eric’s visit, of course.



Jun 06/26/09 10:19AM


I’m finally alone and have the time to tell you about Eric’s visit. Joe and I met him at one of the fancier nearby restaurants. Joe insisted that I wear the “black” cocktail dress that he likes so much. He says it’s classy but also sexy.

Eric was dressed nicely and paid me a compliment on my dress, telling me I looked “great”. All through dinner he flashed his roguish smile at me and flirted mildly. He has a rough, but very manly charm about him, just like his father. If it sounds like I was smitten with him, I guess I was just a little. But how could I not? I know Joe had told his sons that I was hot for them, but by the time dinner was over it was more or less true. At least with Eric.

Joe invited Eric over to our place for a desert and he accepted. Joe also suggested that I go with Eric so that he doesn’t get lost on the way over. He also said it would give me a chance to get to know my step son better. I didn’t argue.

Between the two glasses of wine I’d had at dinner and Eric’s youthful charm I was feeling like a girl on a date. We talked flirted more seriously. He told me that he was lucky to have such a “hot” step mom. To which I said, “I’m the lucky one to have such a hunky step son.” I meant to say “hansom”, but “hunky” just slipped out.

He gave me a real smoldering look but didn’t say anything more. We arrived at our house soon after that. It looked like Joe had just gotten there himself. We all piled into the house and I mixed a drink for everyone. Eric talked about his job a little more and then he asked, “So, what’s this desert you talked about Dad?”

Joe replies with a matter of fact tone, “I was thinking of pussy.”

Eric took it better than I would have predicted. He just smiled as he looked at me and said, “Sounds good to me.”

Then Joe says, “Why don’t you go get your collar Sharon. I’m sure that Eric would like to see it.”

Eric looked a bit confused. Now it was my turn to smile. I went upstairs, put my collar on, and returned. Eric gave me another smile as he fingered the name tag and asked, “What does it mean?”

To which Joe answered, “It means that she will do anything you want as long as it’s sexual.”

Eric started saying, “So if I want to kiss her…”

Joe finished for him, “Then just do it. If you want something, just tell her and she’ll do it.”

Eric stepped close and began kissing me, softly at first but then with more urgency. He was really good and I was enjoying it when he pulled my body against his. I could feel his erection pressing into my belly and it was turning me on. Suddenly he broke the kiss and stepped back.

“Woa, that was nice,” he said, “but I think now I’d like a blow job.”

When I didn’t move right away he looked at me and then he looked down. I figured that he wanted it right there so I got down on my knees, pulled his pants down, and started sucking his hard cock. I really wanted to please him and I did the best I could to make it good for him. The strange part is that I enjoyed doing it more than ever before. When his cum hit the back of my mouth I almost came myself.

He stumbled back and fell into a chair. He told me that was the best blowjob he’d ever had and he wanted to reciprocate. Joe told me to show Eric to the guest bedroom.

As soon as we got into the room Eric started kissing and fondling me. It didn’t take him long to get me naked and on my back on the bed. He practically dove between my legs and started licking me. He was pretty good at it too. Not the best I’ve had, but I was so turned on that it didn’t take much to make me cum.

He stood up and looked down at me lustily. I have seen pictures of Joe at that age, not nude of course, but the resemblance was amazing. If anything, Eric was even better looking and more buff. In other words, a hunk. And he was hard again.

I had to have him. I begged my step-son to fuck me. I was so wet he entered me in one stroke. I don’t know if he has a lot of experience or was just a natural, but that boy knows how to fuck. I’m sure he went for at least an hour. I’m not exaggerating here. He’s better by himself than three of the kids together.

After he was finished, Eric stayed and held me for a little while. Then he got dressed and left, telling me I was a “great fuck” and that he looked forward to “doing it again” sometime. I just waited for Joe, I didn’t clean up. I knew that he would want to fuck me with his son’s sperm still inside me. I was right.

After showing Eric to the door and giving him a wet kiss goodbye I went to bed early, exhausted but satisfied.

This morning after Joe left for work Eric surprised me by dropping by for a “quickie” on his way to the airport. I was only wearing a robe so I just slipped it off to show him I was more than willing. You know I’m always horny in the morning. He pushed me over the arm of the couch and fucked me hard from behind. I had a nice orgasm just before he came inside me. I gave him another wet deep kiss goodbye and sent him on his way. I can’t wait for his next visit.

By the way, I sat down to write you before I cleaned up, so his cum has been leaking out of me the whole time. It’s a good thing my chair is water (and cum) proof. I have to go take a shower now.

Your wet slut,


Jun 06/26/09 6:43AM


Wow, it certainly seems like you enjoyed your time with Eric. In fact, it appears to me that you are quite smitten with him. Kind of like Tommy was with you, except in reverse. Of course, you know the dangers of getting too attached to him, so I’m not worried. Not much anyway.

I guess he really enjoyed himself too if he went out of his way to come back and fuck you this morning. I’ll can believe you are looking forward to “seeing” him again. What about Nathan? Are you looking forward to fucking him now? Can you imagine how much fun you will have with the two of them at the same time? You’ll have to tell me about Joe’s reactions after you have had a chance to talk to him about it.

I really liked your description of your state of dress, or rather undress, as you wrote your email. What a naughty tease you are sometimes!



Jun 06/26/09 9:05PM


Just a quick note tonight, I don’t have a lot of time.

First, don’t worry about me and Eric. I’m not “smitten” with him. Well, maybe a little, but I can control my feelings. We both really enjoyed each other’s body and I’m sure we’ll get together again. Based on how things went with Eric I’m looking forward to having sex with Nathan, but I get the feeling that it won’t be as good. I don’t know my step-sons well enough to be able to predict if a threesome between us is possible, but I can believe it would be fantastic.

Now for something new. Joe told me tonight that he invited James and Chuck over for a barbeque tomorrow afternoon. He didn’t give me any details as usual, but it’s not hard to guess what he is planning. Not that it matters, he always makes sure I have fun.


Jun 06/26/09 9:50PM


I’m not really worried about you “falling” for Eric, I just had to pull your leg a little given the way you gushed on about how good he was in bed. The barbeque tomorrow is a predictable development. What’s not so predictable is figuring out what Joe has planned. I’m not sure if Chuck and his Dad are ready to have sex in front of each other, but maybe Joe has a way to deal with this; alcohol maybe. That can backfire though, so one has to be careful. Perhaps he’s just waiting to see if James has something planned. I think the minimal plan is to have Chuck fuck you, but beyond that I’m not so sure. Probably just going to play it by ear. Can’t wait to hear how it works out.



Jun 06/28/09 7:05AM


You were mostly right about last night with James and Chuck. Joe slow cooked some ribs on the grill while we sat around on the deck chatting. Chuck seemed to be a little nervous at first but eventually became bored. The men had some beers and I had a couple of wine coolers.

During dinner Chuck was allowed to have a beer too and by the time we were finished eating everybody was in a good mood. I was feeling kind of playful, so when I saw some sauce on Joe’s chin I leaned in and licked it off. James smiled and dabbed some sauce on his face. Still just being playful I walked over to him and licked the sauce off his face as well.

Chuck seemed a little shocked. Remember that they didn’t know the other was having sex with me too. I was wondering if Chuck would catch on and do the same as his father, but he didn’t. I think he was still too unsure of the situation yet.

I turned around to go back to my chair and noticed that Joe had smeared sauce on his lips. So I went to him, bent down, and licked it off. I also gave him a nice kiss as long as I was there. Of course James did the same thing, so I cleaned him off the same way.

We all looked at Chuck, but he still had not gotten up the courage to play. James apparently was tired of waiting and smeared some sauce on Chuck’s cheek. As I leaned down to lick it off I whispered, “Relax.” He blushed anyway and his nervousness reappeared.

When I looked back at James he had turned up the heat by putting a dab on the front of his shorts. I gave him one of those, “you have to be kidding” looks and said, “Nice try.”

Joe chuckled and told me, “Go for it Sharon.”

So I rolled my eyes in mock exasperation and knelt down between Jame’s legs. I licked the dollop of sauce off his shorts suggestively. Then I announced that I needed to get the stain out before it set. By now he was erect and I basically sucked his cock though his pants for a few seconds. He was breathing hard when I finished and stood back up leaving a big wet spot on his shorts.

Joe was smiling, James was grinning, and Chuck looked like he had just seen his parents having sex. James says to me, “Sharon, you are such a slut.”

Chuck cries, “Dad!” Drawing it out like only teens can.

“It’s OK Chuck,” he explained, “Believe it or not your ex teacher really is a submissive slut. She craves sex and loves to be told what to do. Isn’t that true, Sharon?”

I answer, “Yes, it’s true.”

Chuck just looks at me surprised. Of course he already knew all this, but I think he was genuinely surprised that his father knew.

Next James told me to take Chuck upstairs and show him my collar. As we headed into the house he added, “And prove to him that you are a slut.”

When we got into the house Chuck asked, “How does he know?”

I said, “Joe told him over dinner a couple of weeks ago. But he doesn’t know that you know.”

To which he asked, “You’re fucking my father?”

I answered, “Yes.”

While he was thinking about that I got my collar out and put it on. Then I took him to the spare bedroom and pulled down his pants so I could give him a blow job. Chuck stopped me and asked, “What are you doing?”

I said, “You heard your Dad, I’m going to give you a blow job.”

He responded, “Fuck that. I want some pussy. Get those clothes off.”

I was fine with that and quickly stripped. Chuck didn’t bother with any foreplay and entered me as soon as I laid down on the bed. He fucked me hard for a few minutes and came inside me.

He then pulled his pants back on and told me he would send “the next one” up to me. I waited for about 5 minutes and then James walked in the room. He said, “It looks like it went well.”

I said, “Yes it did.” I didn’t cum with Chuck so I was very horny. “Want to add your cum?”

“You really are a horny slut,” he replied as he took off his clothes.

James lasted longer than his son and made me cum twice. My pussy was a mess when he left, but I didn’t clean up. I waited for about 10 minutes before Joe showed up. He told me that James and Chuck had left, but they seemed to be “cool” about what had happened. Then he pounded me hard and in a rare move shot his cum onto my face and chest. He said he wanted me to look especially slutty for some new pictures.

After he took the pictures I took a shower. I don’t really like cum in my hair. We talked about recent events for a while and then I went to bed while he watched the end of a ball game on TV.

Your slut,


Jun 06/28/09 2:12PM


Now that Chuck and his father both know that the other is fucking you, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before you have a threesome with them. Unless one or both of them can’t get over the weirdness of being naked in front of the other. I’m not sure I could participate in a threesome with my father, even if the woman was hot, especially when I was 19.

Wow, you really have had a busy week. Of course, it was your “time of the month”, so I suppose Joe was taking advantage of it. I wonder if he has anything planned today? Some sort of finale maybe? I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out.

Love always,


Jun 06/29/09 1:33PM


You were right about last week. It was unusually busy in the sex department. I agree with you that Joe was probably trying to see how much sex I could really take during my “horny week”. What he doesn’t know, and I haven’t told him, is that I would have enjoyed even more. I’m still trying to decide if I should tell him that.

You were also right that he had a finale planned. Yesterday morning Joe informed me that Dave and Jamal had arranged an all black GB for me – that afternoon. I was stunned. He’s always given me more advanced notice on things like this. I stammered, “Today?”

He answered, “Yes. Is that all right?”

I replied, “This is kind of sudden.”

To which he said, “If you aren’t up for it I can call and cancel.”

I asked, “How many?”

He said, “Five. Dave and Jamal and three others.”

I told him to give me a little time to think about it. He said that was OK, but he needed to know pretty soon because they already be setting things up. I was kind of scared since thee of them were complete strangers to me. On the other hand I am always horny in the morning and having 5 black cocks to play with sounded divine. It only took me about 10 minutes to make up my mind.

I informed Joe, “I’ll do it.”

He smiled and gave me a kiss. I don’t think he doubted for a minute that I would agree. The rest of the morning was quiet. I as nervous and excited. Joe read the newspaper and left me alone for the most part. I didn’t even think about writing you until it was too late.

Apparently they had requested that I dress like a school teacher. By now I’ve started to expect that. Joe told me on the way out that the GB was going to be at Dave and Jamal’s apartment. With 7 people in there that small apartment would be a little crowded. But that seemed manageable. I just hoped they had cleaned it up.

On the drive over there Joe informed me that when we first got there I was to act like a “sassy” teacher. He said I should scold them for not cleaning their apartment, or for their language. Something, it didn’t matter what. When they started grabbing me and trying to kiss me I was to resist at first. But not for too long before “letting the slut out.”

I’m not sure if this was Joe’s or their fantasy, but I agreed to do as he asked. If this made it more fun for them, why not?

When we walked into the apartment I noticed that they had cleaned it up. I wondered how long it had taken them. All the furniture, such that it was, had been removed from the living room. I don’t know where it went, but in the middle of the room was a large air mattress sitting on a sheet of plastic. I became a little worried about what they had planned that required that.

The 5 of them were in the little kitchen. Three were sitting at the table and the other 2 were standing next to it. The were all drinking a beer. Dave and Jamal were there of course. The other 3 were all young black men about the same age. They all looked clean, healthy, and in pretty good shape. No fat ugly slobs among them.

I said, “I hope all of you boys old enough to drink.”

Jamal responded with, “It’s cool. It’s all good teach.”

I looked around and said, “Don’t you ever clean this place?”

Dave answered, “Did you come over here just to bust my ass?”

I put my hands on my hips and scolded him saying, “Don’t use that kind of language with me young man.”

While I was focused on Dave I saw Jamal out of the corner of my eye move around behind me. He grabbed my butt and I whirled around to face him. I yelled, “Stop that! I’m your teacher, not one of your girlfriends.”

Now Dave was behind me and he grabbed my butt too, so I turned around to face him. He was grinning. I said sternly, “No Dave. Don’t do that.”

Next Dave leaned in and tried to kiss me. I turned my face away and pushed him back. Jamal pulled my arms behind my back. Not hard enough to be painful, but enough to prevent me from stopping Dave’s advances. Dave leaned in to kiss me and I turned my head again. Then he held my head in his hands and kissed me passionately.

When he finished I gasped, “Dave, don’t do this. I’m old enough to be your mother.”

Dave replied with, “If my momma looked as hot as you I’d do her too.”

He began fondling my breasts through my clothes and the other 3 quickly joined us. Now I was surrounded by the 5 of them. I pretended to resist, but I had 5 sets of hands and mouths on me. It wasn’t long before I gave in to the wonderful feelings. After that my clothes came off pretty quickly.

They moved me into the living room and down onto the air mattress. The rest of the afternoon was a blur of almost continuous sex. I don’t think I was without a cock in my mouth, pussy, or ass for more than a few minutes at a time. It was fantastic and I lost count of how many orgasms I had. Joe told me later that he counted 7 or 8, but I think he missed a few.

After a couple of hours there was kind of a natural break when they all were unable to get hard again. That’s when I found out what the plastic sheet was for. Jamal appeared standing over me with a bucket of water and a big sponge.

He said, “I’ve always wanted to do this,” and soaked the sponge in the water.

Using the wet sponge he cleaned me up, from head to foot. When he was done I was reasonable clean. I thought that was the end of the GB, but they had other ideas. Next he produced a big bottle of chocolate syrup and told me he was turning me into “a black whore” as he squirted all of it on me.

When he was done the 5 of them spread it all over my body, including my face. Joe took plenty of pictures. Then they began to lick it off. All of them at the same time. That was an incredible feeling. By the time they had licked most of it off me they were all hard again or at least partly hard. Another round of fucking and sucking commenced.

I honestly don’t remember all the details. Joe took a lot of pictures and maybe I will send you a few someday. Before we left Jamal gave me another sponge bath. I still found some chocolate in a few places when I showered later at home.

I was thinking of writing you when I got home, but I was exhausted and after my shower I just wanted to sleep. Before that though, Joe told me that this GB was even better than the first one. I let him know that I agreed with him. I was completely satisfied. For the time being.

Today I’m a little sore, although not as bad as before. For example, my butt does not feel as weird as it did after the Pittsburgh trip even though I was fucked anally twice as many times. My jaw also is not as sore. I guess all the practice I’ve been getting has helped.

I’m sure you have questions, so fire away.

Your happy slut,


Jun 06/29/09 5:52PM


Holy crap! I guessed that Joe had some sort of finale planned, but I had no idea it was another GB. I thought the way you handled it at the beginning was great. You picked the wrong career; you should have been an actress.

I am wondering about a couple of things, of course. Were any of the other guy’s cocks as big as Jamal’s? What else can you tell me about the three new guys? Do you think you’ll see them again? Any idea why there were only five? I got the impression that Joe wanted more guys on subsequent gang bangs. Were you a little more comfortable with Jamal’s size this time? Did he fuck you anally?

That’s all for now. I’ll probably think of something more after I have a chance to absorb it all. You sure have an interesting life and I’m a lucky bastard to have your trust.

Love always,


Jun 06/30/09 9:22PM


I was just looking back at your last email and it occurred to me that Joe probably knows, or at least suspects that you would have enjoyed even more sex last week than you got. You should consider confirming it for him. I think you need to start being a little more open with him about your sexual desires. This is just my opinion, but I’d like you to think about it.



Jul 07/01/09 8:33AM


I would have written you sooner but I spent the day yesterday with my friend Ann. We went shopping and saw a movie. It was fun to just do something nonsexual for a change. I got home kind of late and then Joe wanted to spend some time with me. We talked about the GB and he showed me some of the pictures. We ended up making love and I fell asleep in his arms.

Thanks for the compliments on my acting abilities, but I’m not that good. Now to answer some of your questions.

Were any of the other guys as big as Jamal? No, everybody else was smaller, although one of the new guys was close.

What else can I tell you about the new guys? Not a lot. Joe told me that one of them was Jamal’s younger brother. He was the one that was nearly the same size as Jamal. He was the fittest of the group, nearly as buff as Eric. The other two were friends of Jamal’s as far as Joe knows. The were in pretty good shape too, but not as good as Jamal’s brother.

Will I ever see the new guys again? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect I will. Joe really loved the all black GB.

Why was there only 5? I asked Joe that too. He said that was the most that Jamal could come up with in the short time Joe had given him that he could trust. It was at this point that Joe admitted he had intentionally planned a lot of sex for me last week and that he wanted to “cap it off” with the GB. Which explains why Jamal didn’t have much time. So I asked Joe if it was just a coincidence that last week was also my “horny week”. He told me that it was not a coincidence and that he was trying to see how much sex I could handle during “that time of the month”.

Was I more comfortable with Jamal’s size this time? Yes and no. This time he was the last one inside my pussy so I was stretched out a bit by then. So in that regard I was more comfortable. But even though he was also the last one in my butt, he was still too large to be comfortable. That was really the only part of the GB that I didn’t enjoy very much.


Jul 07/01/09 9:02PM


I have been a busy girl today! I have so much to tell you. I don’t know if I’ll be able to cover it all in one email, but I’ll try.

You were right once again. James called this morning and asked me if I could go over to his house and “visit” for a while. So I decided to see if I could do your latest challenge and dressed as you asked. But instead of wearing a dress I put on your t-shirt and a short wrap-around skirt that I bought last time I was shopping with Ann.

It was only a short drive over to Jame’s house. When he let me in I could smell bacon cooking. I asked, “Are you are making lunch for me?”

He answered, “Yes I am. I hope you like BLTs. It’s about the only thing I can make well.”

BLTs are not too difficult, but he did a good job. He served it with a cup of tomato basil soup, which is my favorite. He topped it all off with a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I love Mike’s too, so this was a hit with me.

As we were finishing our lemonade James commented, “I like your t-shirt.”

I replied, “Thanks.”

He followed up with, “I wonder what it means. If I guess correctly will you tell me?”

I simply said, “Yes.”

The humor was not lost on James and he smiled. Then he asked, “Does it mean that you are in an compliant mood today?”

I answered with, “Yes.”

Next he asked, “Does it mean you’ll say yes to all my requests?”

I answered, “Pretty much.”

His last question was, “Are you horny?”

My answer, “Yes.”

James had me lift my t-shirt and skirt to see what kind of underwear I had on. When he saw that I had my micro bikini on he had me lift my skirt so that he could “verify” that I was wearing the matching bottoms. As you predicted he commented that I looked “really hot” in the bikini.

I responded with, “Oh, you’re just biased.”

To which he said, “Maybe, but any man that’s not gay or dead would say the same thing.”

I knew my next response would be critical to steering him in the direction you wanted. I needed to throw down the gauntlet, so I said, “I doubt that. The average guy on the street would say I’m too old to be hot.”

He responded just like I was hoping, “That sounds like a challenge to me.”

I feigned ignorance, “What do you mean?”

James answered with, “I think we should just go out onto the street and see what the average guy thinks of you in your bikini.”

I acted surprised saying, “What? Are you serious?”

He said, “Yes, let’s get going.”

We took his car and I convinced him that if we were going to do this, it would probably be better if we didn’t do too near home. He agreed and we drove to a larger city about 30 minutes away. When we got there we drove around a little looking for a good place to conduct our “survey”.

Finally James saw something that got his attention – a construction site. He parked the car nearby and we walked a short distance to the site. We edged around a barrier and slipped behind the fence separating the construction site from the sidewalk area.

We walked up to a couple of men discussing something by a wheel barrow. One of them looked up and said, “This is a hardhat area people.”

James said to them, “Sorry, we didn’t know that. But before we leave could you help us with something?”

The man replied, “Sure, but make it quick. I don’t need the super catching you in here.”

As we were talking another man walked up and asked, “Hey Mike, what’s going on?”

Mike answered the new man, “This couple needs some help.” He turned to us and asked, “So what can we do for you?”

James told them, “My girlfriend here thinks she’s too old to be hot in a bikini. I disagree, but she says I’m biased, so we need your unbiased opinion.”

They looked surprised, but Mike said, “OK. Show us and we’ll tell give you our honest opinion, won’t we guys?”

They all quickly agreed. James turned to me and said, “Go ahead and show them.”

I think they were expecting me to show them a picture or something because they seemed surprised when I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and removed my skirt. I turned around slowly so that they could get a good look. When I was facing them again they all had big grins on their faces. And erections in their pants.

Mike said, “Oh yeah, she’s hot.”

The others agreed. I put my t-shirt and skirt back on as James thanked them. Then we headed back out to the sidewalk.

My heart was pounding and I was feeling a little giddy. But my face was flushed with excitement too. We didn’t see any other possibilities nearby so we got back into Jame’s car and drove around some more. After a little while we drove past one of those little city golf courses. James spotted a couple guys walking with their golf bags and got an idea.

He parked at a strip mall across the street and we jogged over to the golf course where the men he had spotted were now putting. They looked up as we approached and one said, “Hi there.”

Once again James explained what we were there for and asked for their help. Of course they agreed. For the second time that day I quickly pulled my t-shirt over my head. A little too quickly as it turns out because the bikini slipped off my left boob. I pulled it down as fast as I could, but they both still got a good look. I know it doesn’t cover much, but it still embarrassed me. I couldn’t let that stop me though and I removed my skirt. Just like before I slowly turned around to give them a good look.

One of them said, “Damn girl, your boyfriend is right, you are hot.”

The other one added, “Smoking hot!”

James thanked them as I put my clothes back on. When we got back to his car he noticed a young guy looking at me through the window of the liquor store he had parked in front of. I wondered if he had seen me with the golfers. James smiled at me and led us into the store.

James started explaining why we were there when an older guy, maybe 50, came walking up from somewhere in the back of the store. He says to me, “Hello, can I help you?”

James repeats his story and the older guy says, “OK lady, show us the goods.”

I take off my t-shirt and skirt again, being a little more careful this time. I do my little spin and the older guy says to the young guy, “So what do you think Josh?”

To which he replies, “Very nice. Yeah, she’s still hot.”

The older guy responds with, “I don’t know, kind of skinny for my tastes. And she has no tits.”

Josh says, “Yeah, but check it out. No sag, man. And she has a killer ass.”

It was weird standing there while they commented on my body like I wasn’t even there. Very humiliating. Then James comes up behind me and reaches around to cup my breasts in his hands, saying, “Are you kidding, these are great tits. Take a feel.”

James lets go and the older guy steps up to me and starts squeezing my boobs. Before long he had my bikini pushed up and was playing with my bare breasts. I was going to stop him, but then someone started rubbing my bare butt. I saw James move to my right and the young guy was not behind the counter anymore so I knew it was him behind me. After a few seconds James intervened saying, “OK that’s enough. Is she still hot or not?”

Then the older guy, making up his mind says, “OK, her tits are small but nice. She also has a pretty face and nice legs. She’s hot.”

Josh says, “Oh yeah, that’s what I was talking about.”

I shook my head to clear my it and put my clothes back on. We got back into the car and dove away. I was excited and very horny now. My nipples were hard and I could feel my pussy juicing up. I really needed to be fucked and I begged James to take us home.

He asked me if I believed him now. I admitted that the average man in the street thought I was hot in my micro bikini. I didn’t agree with them, but that seemed to be the consensus.

Sorry Paul, but Joe really wants to talk to me before it gets too late. I’ll have to tell you about the rest of my afternoon with James tomorrow. I still have a ton to tell you, but don’t worry, I’ll somehow find the time.


Jul 07/01/09 9:57AM


I knew you would be able to manipulate James into doing what I wanted. It probably wasn’t a real hard sell though; showing off your beautiful “girlfriend” (I liked that part) is a turn on for most men. I was glad to read that the experience of showing off your nearly naked body to strangers turned you on. That was my intention.

What were you thinking and feeling when James cupped your breasts in the liquor store? What about when he invited the older gentleman to feel them too? I did not expect that. James was more bold than I had estimated. I’ll have to recalibrate my assessment of him now. I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your afternoon.

Love always,


Jul 07/02/09 10:31AM


I’ll answer you questions first.

What was I thinking and feeling in the liquor store? At first when James was feeling me up I was a surprised. Like you I didn’t think he would be so sure of himself to do something like that. It was bold, and exciting. When he offered to let the older guy feel my boobs though, I was shocked. I was thinking that I should stop him. A single word would have sufficed, but I couldn’t speak. At first he was just feeling me through the thin material of the bikini, which wasn’t much but it was something. When he pushed it up and was completely on my bare breasts I was thinking that I should say something, anything to keep it from going further. Then the kid Josh started kneading my butt from behind and I just stopped caring and let it happen.

It was an unbelievable rush to be fondled like that by two strangers. Somebody could have walked in at any time and there would be no way to hide what was happening. I was relieved and disappointed when James had them stop.

On the way back to Jame’s house I told him that I wanted badly to fuck him. He told me to remove my bikini but leave the t-shirt and skirt on. The way the bikini ties I was able to do that without exposing myself. It still felt naughty to be doing that in a moving car though.

As we drove my skirt worked it’s way up a little. Since you are not a woman I’ll tell you this is not uncommon, especially with shorter skirts. When I tried to pull it down though, James told me to leave it. He said he liked the idea my “cunt” was almost “on display”. Then he told me that we had to make a few stops on the way. I just wanted to get back to his house and have sex, but he ignored my pleas.

First we went to the hardware store. This is not someplace I know very well. Joe takes care of all the household repairs and maintenance. James seemed at home though and I followed him around as he selected various items. White paint, painting supplies, and some other small hardware items. I didn’t pay too much attention because he was constantly sliding a hand up my shirt or even my skirt a couple of times. I kept looking around and I don’t think anybody saw anything. It was a little unnerving though because we were close to home and lots of people knew us because we are teachers.

Next James took me to the grocery store. This is not the same store I normally shop at, thank goodness, because the people there know me and I didn’t want to explain why I was shopping with James. Just as he had done in the hardware store, James continued to sneak a hand up my skirt or t-shirt when he could. The store was not busy, but because of the long isles and anti-theft cameras there were fewer safe places he could do this. I just hoped we were not observed, but I’m not sure.

The last place James took me was to the liquor store. This was to a place that I had been to before, but not often so I don’t think they knew me there. At least not as a regular shopper. James picked up some more Mike’s, both the lemonade and the lime version (yum). We had to go into the big walk-in cooler in the back to find it and he pointed out that my nipples were poking out. I told him it was because of the cold.

Then he said, “I want to see them. Lift up your shirt.”

“Here?” I asked.

He answered with, “Yes. Right here, right now.”

So I lifted my t-shirt up quickly and then pulled it back down. But that was too fast he said, and told me to hold it up until he said I could lower it. I looked around and we seemed to be alone. So with my back to the cooler door I lifted up my shirt and held it that way. James grinned and said, “They look like pencil erasers. Wow that’s sexy.”

Just then I heard the door to the cooler open. I wanted to pull my top back down, but James had not told me I could so I gave him a pleading look. He just said, “OK” and I yanked it back down. When I turned around to leave there was a young man there picking out a case of beer. He smiled at me and I wondered what he had seen. Did he know I was exposing my breasts to James? Just thinking that he did made me blush.

When we got back to the car not only did James not want me to pull down my skirt, he insisted that I pull it up. He wouldn’t leave until I had pulled it up to my waist. My bare butt was sitting on the car seat and my pussy was completely on display. I tried to close my legs to hide it, but James told me to hold my knees at least a foot apart. It was only a short ride to his house, but I was still nervous. We drove mostly on residential streets and it was broad daylight after all.

I helped him carry in his bags and when we had the grocery items put away he asked me if I was still horny.

I said, “Very.”

Then he asked, “Are you hornier than before we left?”

To that I answered, “Of course.”

To which he replied, “You were a good sport, so I’ll reward you.”

He led me to his bedroom and had me strip. Then he performed oral sex on me, making me cum very hard. After that he took his clothes off and mounted me. James is a considerate lover and although he definitely was out to please himself, he still made sure I had several more orgasms before he was finished.

We talked for a while after that and he told me that I was “incredibly sexy”. He also said that he had fantasized about me “quite often” but always thought I was completely out of reach. He also admitted that he had fantasized about a couple of other teachers at the high school, but not as much as me. I had no idea and I told him that. He mused that maybe he should have let me know sooner that he was interested in me sexually so that we could have “got together” sooner. That’s when I revealed that Joe and I had only started these “sex games” recently. James thanked me for including him in our “games”. I said he should thank Joe more than me, but I told him it was “my pleasure” anyway. He laughed at my little joke.

James suggested another Mikes and pulled his clothes back on as I cleaned up a little with some tissues. I was all for opening up one of the limes, but when I tried to get dressed he waved me off saying, “You’re too sexy for clothes.”

So there I was sitting there in his kitchen naked and drinking my Mikes Hard Lime when Chuck walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Holy shit.”

His father scolded him jokingly saying, “Now that’s no way to talk to your ex teacher. You should apologize to her.”

Chuck hung his head in mock embarrassment and said, “I’m sorry.”

I just laughed and said, “That’s OK. I’m sure you were just surprised.”

James then said to his son, “Now take the slut to your room and give her what she wants.”

Chuck smiled and waved at me to follow him. I downed the rest of my drink and quickly set out after him. Chuck didn’t waste any time getting out of his clothes. When he was naked he laid back on his bed and said, “Fuck me bitch.”

So I climbed on top of him and did my best. I managed to hold him off until I came first. Then he got impatient and rolled me over onto my back. He pounded me for a few minutes and I had another small orgasm. When he came he pulled out and squirted his cum all over my boobs. One gob hit my chin and I licked it off. Then he told me, “Rub it into your tits. I want you to go home with my cum on you.”

It was a festive occasion as we entered home. Pamela was very happy to be an aunt and was dancing with joy. SIS was very weak and exhausted. Mona and Pamela took her to her room. I was out in the T.V lounge and was feeling a bit low. I was just beginning to realize that what risk I had put SIS in by not talking proper precautions, and how I endangered her life as well as the baby’s.

BIL came over and sat by my side. He was very relaxed and calm. I got myself composed too and congratulated him once again.

Me: I’m feeling really bad. I should have thought about Sis’s condition before going to that deserted place. It could have gone very bad. . . .

BIL: But it did not go wrong. You got it under control. It all went well. I’m even more thankful to you now.

Me: Oh BIL! You are the best.

BIL: I think celebrations are in order.

Me: Of course they are Prem. What do you have in mind?

BIL: Well I have a plan and you’ll like it. Well I’ll throw a party for all friends and family. I think you’ll agree to that idea.

Me: Of course. It is a great idea. But don’t you think you should have a bit of a party now?

I said that with a meaningful smile and he understood my massage.

BIL: Really?! With mom and Pamela home and probably awake?

Me: Oh come on Prem. Nobody will know.

I got up and went to my room. BIL followed me there soon. He locked the room behind him. I was in the bed. BIL quickly started to undress. He was nervous but his cock was hard already. He snuck up in the bed and kissed me passionately. I let my tongue wander around his mouth as he got my cock out of my trousers. Then I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t washed or bathed after having my cock out of Sis’s ass.

It turned me on to know that BIL was about to suck my filthy cock out of his wife’s ass. As he let go of my lips and came down to my lap, my dick was already in its prime state. He let his mouth slide down on it until I could feel the back of his throat at the tip. He came up and said: “hmmm. . . That’s some taste you got there on your dick”

But he did not demand any explanations and went back to suck it. I was enjoying it immensely. It did not take long for me to shoot my sperm in his digestive system. As always he did a very good job of licking my dick clean. Immediately I went down on all fours and presented my ass to him. He did not waste any time and straight away started to lube my hole with his tongue. Then he spat on his dick and pushed it inside in one single thrust. I muffled my shriek in a pillow and to be honest I could not tell you that if it was a shriek of “pain and pleasure” or just pure pleasure.

He began to move in and out with a steady pace and I was thrusting my hips back with each stroke. He came after a good fifteen minutes and I could feel my intestines filling with semen. He collapsed onto me and lied there with his cock still buried inside me. After a few minutes he took out his flaccid member out of my dilated sphincter. I got up kissed him and went to take a bath. When I returned BIL had left and was feeling too sleepy. I did not wait a moment further to go to sleep.

I slept till next day noon and was woken up by my parents’ call. They were very happy and congratulated me. After the call I took a bath again and then came out to the living room. Everybody but BIL was home. Moreover a couple of women from the neighborhood had also arrived to see the baby. Pamela fixed me a meal. I turned on the TV whilst eating. I was in a light relaxing mood. So I put a movie in the DVD player and began to watch it. It was a typical Hindi masala movie which took almost three hours to finish. As the movie neared its climax, the neighborhood women had decided to leave. All of them came out of the room at once. I greeted them politely. They congratulated me on becoming an “uncle” and mention how the baby took its looks from its Mamoo (maternal uncle). Pamela told me that she had a few things left at the hostel and she wanted to pick them up. I offered her a ride but she said that Aunty Salima (one of the neighbors who just left) was going the same way and she would give her a lift. Moreover she will go to a friend’s place after that and her dad will drive her back before dinner.

She left hasting after aunty Salima. I resumed the movie and it was over in about ten minutes. I switched off the TV and stretched on the couch.

Suddenly I found Mona standing by my side. What surprised me was the worried look on her face. I asked her what was the matter and she replied almost sobbing.

Mona: Sahil beta what have you done to me?

Me: Hey Aunty relax! What is the problem?

Mona: I know the meds you’ve been making me to take. Aren’t these fertility meds? I know because I just bloody had my FIRST PERIOD since I was pregnant with Pamela. Why Son? Do you want more children? Your sister will again have a kid anytime you want her to. Why me?

Me: Hold on Mona! Please put yourself together and listen to me. Yes I gave you fertility meds. Yes I want you to have more children. But you have to trust me with this. I have a plan.

Mona: But son. . .

Me: Relax Mona. You know that I won’t do anything to harm the family?

Mona: Yes I know that but. . . .

Me: Please just give it time. Okay? Trust me you’ll not regret any of it.

Mona: Okay son I do trust you completely. But you must know that it’s very weird for me.

Me: I know. I promise I’ll make it up to you. I pulled her by my side and ad put an arm around her. She kissed me gently on the lips and then placed her head on my chest. I began to stroke her hair.

Mona: I’m sorry I doubted you. You’ve been too good to us. Too bad it’s my period. Would you like a blow job?

Me: No thank you. And please tell me why everything has to be about sex. Can’t we just spend some quality time together without having sex?

Mona: of course we can. What do you suggest?

Me: Why don’t you put on a movie while I go check on sis?

Mona: That’s a great idea.

I went to sis’s room. The baby was sleeping in the cot by sis’s bed. I stared at the baby’s adorable face for sometime. Sis was asleep too and looking very frail. I kissed her forehead and I noticed that milk was leaking from her breasts. As I was about to walk away, I saw sis stirring. She opened her eyes and found me. I smiled at her which she feebly returned.

SIS: Sahil please see if the baby is awake.

I told her that baby was still asleep.

SIS: Good thing you are here then. My breasts are killing me. Please release some pressure.

I immediately pulled up her shirt. My GOD! I hadn’t seen her boobs bigger than that before, ever. Both the nipples were oozing milk. I did not waste any time and began to suck both nipples alternately. The milk tasted even better now. I heartily drank as much milk I could get. Sis was relived and drifted off to sleep again. I drank some more of the delicious milk and then I arranged her shirt back and left.

Needless to say, my cock was rock solid. So, when I reached the living room, I called, “Mona! I think I’ll take that Blow job”.


A few days passed by without any special events. BIL was a different man now. He had found a new fervor to live. He was active in business and was succeeding in everything he put money in. He even invested in stock market and doubled his initial investment in just 20 days. And the most notable change was that he was happy. His happiness was not only a mental satisfaction for me but also a material one. BIL frequently brought gift for all of us specially me. He bought Diamond necklaces for Mona and Pamela and a complete diamond set for SIS. And as I had no interest in jewelry, he bought me BMW.

He was waiting for SIS to get her 40 day bath so he could throw a Party. In some parts of our country there is a tradition that the mother is under a ritualistic period for 40 days after giving birth. After 40 days she takes a bath and her normal life begins.

It was almost a month after the baby was born when SIS came to me. She was looking stunning in a black saree. She was not back to her original skinny self but she was left a bit fuller by the pregnancy. I liked that much better. She was looking so sexy. But I could see that she was worried. I asked her the cause and she began.

SIS: Sahil I think we have big problem. You know Mom and dad are coming here for the Party. Though the Party is in a week or so but they are coming tomorrow so that they can spend time with us and baby.

Me: So it’s a good thing isn’t it?

SIS: I made a huge mistake. I always suspected your BIL’s homosexuality and although he tried to satisfy me sexually, usually by oral means, I knew he could never make me pregnant. Now the problem is that I shared almost all my concerns with mom. In fact I told her outright that I’ll never give her a grandchild. Now ever since I got pregnant, she’s been asking me who the father was. I tried to avoid her but now I don’t think that it can be done. She has to confront me sooner or later. We have to come up with a plan.”

Now you might be thinking that why could we not lie to her. Well let me explain the reasons.

Firstly, we could have told her that SIS was having an extra marital affair. But doing so, we knew for a fact that we would be announcing a death sentence for SIS. Why?

Because, mom was a member of an extremist “Hindu” political party. The party (lets say X) was a group of hypocritical morons who did whatever they liked in the name of religion. They believe that the influence of west on the Indian culture was ruining the Traditional Hindu Values and any person who carries out western deeds must be executed. Adultery was their favorite conviction and they flogged and sometimes even killed the felons. I had no doubt that if we told her that sis had committed adultery, she would gladly turn over her own daughter to the maniacs in the party.

Secondly we could have told her that we got BIL treated and fit for producing a child, but SIS had blown that cover too because when mother asked her that if BIL could have had any medical help, she had told her that he does not want to undergo any treatment.

We were in a seriously tight spot.

Me: That is indeed bad. We have to shut her up otherwise she will have us all arrested or even killed. Do you have any ideas?

SIS: Absolutely none. That is why I came up to you. Otherwise I could’ve shut her up myself.

I began to think. How can I get out of this one? And then it suddenly hit me. It was a risky plan but it had worked for me once. If things got out if hand, I’ll have to have sex with my mother. . .

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