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I remember the first time I tried it. Some of the black guys had been with had wanted to but I’d never wanted to before. Of course, that was what was great about Ben. He’d brought out a whole new side to my sexuality. He’d made me realise I was born to be a white man’s fuck-toy. I’m a 25 year old British black girl of Jamaican descent. My boyfriend, 30 year old Ben, is white British.

Ben was waiting in bed for me as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. “Honey,” he called out from the bedroom “could you bring me a glass of water please?”

“Yeah, OK!” I shouted back. When I’d finished I crept downstairs to the kitchen, poured him a glass of water and made my way back upstairs. As I stepped into the bedroom, barefoot and wearing nothing but a short, silky pink negligee, I tripped up and spilled some of the water. Ben sat bolt upright in bed.

“I think, young lady, that you’d better get that mopped up immediately!” he snapped.

“Of course.” I answered. and headed to the bathroom for a cloth. I went slowly, my heart racing, knowing that this was the start of some kinky fun. I had no idea, though, just what was going to happen!

When I arrived back, Ben was standing by the bed, naked and with a huge erection. I began to shake in anticipation knowing that he was about to do something fun! I knelt down and began wiping the spilt water up with the cloth. When I had finished, Ben gave a fake cough.

“Now,” he said, sternly “bend over the bed!” I did as i was told and walked over to the bed, leaning forward over it and spreading my legs apart. That way, I was giving him easy access to my pussy, offering it to him on a plate.

I felt Ben walk up behind me. Everything went still and silent for a moment, then there was a searing crack as Ben slapped my arse. It took a second or two for the feeling to sink in, and when it did I gave a little cry of surprise and delight.

“What do you think I should do with you now then?” he asked. I struggled to answer through my heavy breathing. My heart was pounding!

“Please fuck me!” I gasped. Ben chuckled.

“You’d like that, would you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me please!”

“I dunno, I might just have to not fuck you as punishment!”

“No, please fuck me!” I cried in desperation “I want to feel that white cock of yours inside me!”

Ben grabbed me by the upper arms and pulled me towards him, standing me up. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear;

“Take this silly little negligee off then and get on your back!” Again, I did as I was told. I turned to face him, and slipped one shoulder out of my negligee, then the other, and let it simply fall to the floor. I then climbed onto the bed and lay on my back, with my legs apart. Ben climbed on after me and lay over me, between my legs, and began kissing my lips and neck. I began to feel my pussy moisten, and as Ben ran his hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples and caressing my thighs, the juices were actually dripping from my pussy and down my arse.

Ben began to rub his dick along the length of my pussy, and I began to breathe heavily, anticipating his thick, white cock sliding into my tight black hole and stretching it……….

With a single powerful thrust, Ben buried his cock balls deep into my arse! I yelped in a mixture of pain and surprise and almost jumped up! I looked at Ben’s face to check if he knew what he’d done, but he just smiled and winked! “You said you wanted my cock inside you,” he laughed “well now it is!”

I lay there in a slight state of shock as he slid his heavenly member in and out of my hole, and as the initial pain subsided, an overwhelming sense of pleasure overtook me. Here was Ben, I thought, penetrating me in such a way as to dominate me even more than ever before! My pussy was well and truly gushing now, lubricating Ben’s cock as it stretched my arsehole.

Because of the position we were in, we could make eye contact. Ben never looked away from me, enjoying every second of watching my face as he sodomised me. He kept it nice and slow, with a rhythm that only slightly sped up as he approached orgasm. He’d pull his cock almost all the way out of me before plunging it back in again.As I saw in Ben’s face that he was close to the edge, I felt my own orgasm drawing near. Ben winked at me again and placed his thumb on my clit, rubbing frantically to encourage me to cum.

As the feeling of euphoria tore through me, Ben plunged his dick deep into my arsehole with a last almighty thrust, and shouted “Oh, shit, I’m going to cum inside your arse!” He let out a satisfied grunt. I could feel his cock twitching as it spilled its seed deep into my bowels. We both lay there, in the throes of orgasm, and as they subsided, Ben gave a little shake to spray the last few drops of sperm into me. He pulled his cock out of me and came up to give me a kiss. I could feel his warm, sticky sperm dribble out of my well used butt as I turned to kiss and cuddle him.

“I love you.” I said, breathlessly. “And I could definitely do that again!” Ben grinned.

“I plan to!” he said.

This is the second chapter of this story. To get up to speed please read chapter one. Any feedback would be appreciated.


I could hardly believe what was happening. I’m not the kind of guy this sort of thing happened to, yet here I was, laying on my front on Sarah’s bed, while she gently but firmly massaged me.

My erection was pushing down into the bed as she sat astride me, and I could feel her wet cunt on the small of my back.

“Nice and relaxed now Jack?” Sarah said, with an edge of wickedness to her voice. I could imagine the glint in her eye.

“Uh-huh.” I replied.

“Gooooood.” Sarah replied in a husky voice.

She got off me and told me to roll over.

I did so and was greeted by the sight of her magnificent breasts and a wicked smile.

We kissed, long and hard, her hand wandering down towards my cock. She took it firmly and began to wank me off. I groaned with pleasure as we kissed.

She pushed me back and began to kiss down my chest and stomach and with no hesitation swallowed me whole.

It was amazing. I’ve had my fair share of blow jobs but this was an expert demonstration of how a cock should be sucked.

Every now and then Sarah would stop and wank me while licking the tip of my now aching cock.

“Enjoying?” she asked wickedly.

“Fuck yes but I want to fuck you.”

“All in good time baby.”

She did a 180 degree turn so she her sopping pussy was above my face.

I needed no invitation and began to lick her pussy eagerly, one hand one her ample arse. I let my finger wander towards Sarah’s anus. She stopped.

“Finger my arse while you lick me.”


I slid my finger in to her arse while licking her pussy, all the time her mouth clamped around my cock.

She was sucking harder and faster now. I was close.

“I’m going to cum.” I said.

“In that case Jack, you better fuck me. I want to feel your cum fill my pussy.”

Sarah shifted and turned so she could ride me. And ride me she did, wildly.

She leaned down so her huge tits were in my face as we fucked and within minutes she was screaming in pleasure as she reached orgasm.

With all the tension in my cock, I wasn’t far behind her, my balls tightening as I shot inside her.

She eased herself off me backwards so I could still see her.

Panting and smiling she began to finger her pussy, and then with her fingers covered in our intermingled juices she licked them clean.

That was almost enough to get me hard again there and then.

Sarah crawled towards me.

“Time to clean you up baby.” She said. She pushed my back and began to lick my cock and balls. The sensation was amazing.

Again I groaned in pleasure as Sarah began to wank me back to hardness.

We made love again, slower this time, more considered, taking our time to explore each other’s bodies, seeing what were the real turn on’s for each of us.

After reaching another explosive climax each, we collapsed in each other’s arms and slept.

Hours later I was awoken by Sarah wearing a dressing gown and holding 2 steaming mugs of coffee.

We drank. We talked.

“I’m not looking for a relationship Jack, and even if I was one with someone as young as you would never work.” She said.

I laughed. “It’s not often you get described as young when you’re in your mid-thirties.”

“You know what I mean.” she chuckled.

“You’re right though, it would never work. But does that mean this is a one off?” I asked.

“Of course not, as long as we have an understanding that this is a friendship with sexual benefits.” Sarah replied.

I was relieved, not wanting this amazing evening to be a one off.

“So, we can hook up once or twice a week, dinner, drinks and fucking. How does that sound Jack?”

“Delightful.” I smiled back.

“And, you never know, I have a friend or two that might want to join us some time.”

Now I was intrigued.

“Friends of a male or female persuasion?” I asked.

“Female Jack, don’t worry, I’m not going to introduce a guy to this.”

Again, relief hit me.

“I have a couple of friends who I think would really like you. And they already like me.”

With that, Sarah kissed me and those kisses started to wind their way down my body.

I closed my eyes.

I sighed happily.

I had moved to the right city.

To be continued…

The sun had long gone down and the third bottle of wine was but a memory. Claire was curled on the sofa with her feet on David’s lap, Lydia sprawled in an armchair, more than a little drunk.

‘Bedtime?’ Claire offered hopefully. David nodded his assent.

‘Right Lyds, you know where the bathroom is? Cool, see you in the morning’.

David and Claire headed upstairs, her slightly unsteadily. Lydia followed suit a few minutes later after draining the dregs of the wine. As she passed her hosts’ bedroom, she heard an unmistakeable moaning sound.

The doors of the old cottage were not perfectly fitted- where the ancient wood had warped over time there was a noticeable crack. Tipsy and reckless, Lydia put her eye to the door jamb. She was rewarded.

Through the crack between the door and the wood she saw Claire on all fours, with David behind her thrusting. Claire was still fully clothed, apart from her jeans and blue knickers which were around her knees. Her skin was red and flushed, and David had a triumphant grip on her dirty blonde hair.

David was fucking her hard, sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin. Her back was arched and her neck exposed. His hair pulling looked painful.

Lydia felt her pussy tingle once more, as she watched Claire being fucked like a cheap tart. Her triumph was complete as she saw David mouth the name ‘Lydia’ over and over again as his hips pumped and thrust.

She did not wait to watch them come, or to see Claire gasping her satisfaction. Although the idea of watching her friend climax was not intrinsically unappealing.

Returning to her room, Lydia slipped off her cotton sundress, and unclipped her bra. Pulling a skimpy vest top on, she walked along the hallway to the bathroom and cleaned her teeth, still hearing the muffled moans and squeaks from the master bedroom.

Edging back to her room along the dark hall she slipped into bed and switched out the bedside light. A quick glance at her phone revealed no messages. Lydia set the alarm and settled down to sleep.

She was woken not by her phone, but by a light tapping at the door. She whispered her permission to enter, and was thrilled to see David slipping through the door.

David was nude, the stiff black curls framing his cock as it hung between his thick thighs. His broad chest more than compensated for the slight swell of fat about his midriff, the consequence of lavish living and slightly too many missed gym sessions.

Lydia slid from the bed and fell to her knees in silent supplication. She looked up at David pleadingly.

He shook his head, and motioned for her to stand. As she straightened up he kissed her hard, his penis pressing against her stomach. Wordlessly the two kissed, frozen in a tableau in the half light.

His hand reached down and tugged her knickers down, letting them fall around one ankle. David lowered Lydia onto the bed as her questioning hand wrapped itself around his cock.

As she guided him inside her, Lydia arched her back in pleasure. And when she informed him that she could still feel his come inside her from their earlier session in the kitchen, he felt like he would burst. This time David took her slowly and intently, driving her into a succession of noiseless orgasms. Her knickers hung off her right ankle as they fucked.

She came again and again. After what she felt must have been the sixth or seventh climax, she pushed him away, her pussy sore. ‘No more darling, I think you’ve broken me’. Lydia lay sprawled across the bed, and began to wank David off towards his long deserved climax, whilst his hands explored her pert little breasts.

‘Oh, better idea’.

She whispered her thought. He nearly came in her hand.

Lydia rolled over, her arse high in the air, and allowed David to kiss his way down her back. Reaching the swell of her buttocks, he ran his tongue down the crease, tasting the musky rivulets of sweat.

His tongue flicked and lapped around the dark pucker, as Lydia buried her face in the pillow.

Lydia tensed as she felt the thick helmet of his cock pressing against her. He leant forward and murmured encouragement into her ear, and circled her nipples in his palm. Lydia thrust a hand between her legs and began to stroke her clitoris.

‘Go on…slowly’.

There was a tangible pop as David penetrated her most intimate hole. He allowed her to acclimatise to this alien presence before slowly beginning to rock his hips against her, each thrust taking him deeper inside her bum.

Lydia moaned at the complex mixture of pain and pleasure that she was experiencing, as her arse was fucked expertly by her lover. She came yet again as his hands clamped down over her boobs.

David could barely control himself as he fucked Lydia. Anally penetrating this model-thin girl with a cut glass accent made him impossibly aroused. It felt like all his filthiest teenage fantasies about public school girls had come to life. Visions of white blouses and tartan skirts filled his mind.

Understandably, he could not last any longer.

This time David did not come inside Lydia, he withdrew at the last possible moment and fired his load across her tanned arse cheeks with a groan. His thick come splattered across her skin. He collapsed onto her back, his twitching cock pressed against her bum.

‘Fuck’, he stated flatly.

‘Fuck’, she agreed.

Lydia rolled over, smearing his ejaculate against the bedsheets, before wriggling herself back into his arms. The two indulged in a little more kissing and petting, before he pulled himself away from her.

‘I’d love to stay all night darling, but Claire will miss me’.

Lydia pouted. ‘Well. Ok then. See you tomorrow I suppose’.

‘To be continued’ he whispered as he slipped out the room.

When Lydia awoke, she still ached between her legs. As she stretched in the morning light, she felt a further twinge. It had been a while since she had allowed a man into her arse, even David. She sensed that the weekend’s debauchery had some way yet to go.

Lydia wrapped a towel round herself and went to the bathroom. As she waited for the water to heat up she examined her naked self in the mirror. Lydia had never been the sort of girl to wish for bigger boobs, she was satisfied with her prenaturally pert pair, tipped with dark nut-brown nipples. She idly tweaked the dark hair above her pussy, neatly trimmed into a strip. The thought of shaving it came to her mind.

Lydia stepped into the shower, clutching her bottle of shower gel, and exhaled appreciatively as the hot water hit her skin. The residual ache of well exerted muscles reminded her of the previous day’s exploits.

This thought aroused her. As she began to lather her firm young body Lydia began to fantasise again.

She knew from the previous evening’s conversation that a country walk was planned, and was already thinking of ways to separate David and Claire long enough for an al fresco fuck. Thoughts of trees and dirt and grass filled her mind. As she washed herself with foaming gel her nipples engorged, and she began to stroke herself in gentle circles. Her reverie was interrupted by a knock at the door.

‘Breakfast in 10′, called Claire.

‘Ok, just coming!’ shouted back Lydia.

The interruption had lost her her train of thought. Lydia stepped out the shower and picked up her towel. She began to dry herself, the luxurious thick cotton caressing her long legs.

Lydia noticed in the corner a large wicker laundry hamper. Intrigued, she opened the lid- and was immediately confronted by an elaborately lacy pair of black Brazilian-cut panties. Clearly Claire had been shopping at the sexier end of the underwear market.

Lydia picked up Claire’s discarded knickers, and inhaled the scent of her friend’s cunt. It stirred something in her. She ran her tongue along the gusset, tasting them. She decided here was her entertainment for the morning. She pulled on Claire’s panties. They were a little loose, but close enough for what she had planned.

Digging deeper in the basket of dirty clothes, Lydia found another pair that appealed, a white pair of boy shorts- a little more generously cut. These smelt even richer than the black pair.

Sitting on the toilet seat, Lydia began to frig herself through her friend’s undies, the lace tickling her clit. With her left hand she pressed the white pair to her face, drowning in the scent of pussy. This double stimulation worked its magic quickly.

Lydia imagined herself in a sweaty, red faced clinch with Claire. Her attraction to other girls was most usually expressed after a few drinks, but she enjoyed the taboo sensation of getting off over her best friend.

As she drank in the spicy-hot cunt smell, her hand moved faster and faster, tenting the black lace of the knickers. Her stomach muscles tightened, and she began to emit short panting noises. Frigging faster, she imagined Claire straddling her thigh on the toilet, and grinding up against her. She imagined a flat Mancunian voice urging Lydia to fuck her cunt.

She came hard, adding her own juices to those already secreted in the borrowed knickers. Lydia pressed as much of the material as she could into her pussy as she shook in climax. Her orgasm was swift but potent. The taste of pussy and sweat in her mouth felt like her own.

Her morning lust slaked, Lydia returned Claire’s knickers to the laundry basket, and once again wrapped her towel around herself. Switching off the bathroom light, she padded back along the landing.


Spying on people is a laborious task, especially when it is done properly. I got up early on Monday morning to watch the Martinez family begin there day; Mr Martinez left first for his consultancy job, followed by the classy looking Mrs Martinez driving Maria and two younger boys to school. Using their phone numbers I tapped into Maria and her mother’s respective voice-mail accounts, and accessed the source code embedded in their SIM cards, giving me the ability to block or redirect phone calls made to particular numbers. I also broke into the Martinez family home to inspect their alarm system and the contents of their bathroom waste bin. There were no bloody tampons or pads, but there was a receipt for a new box of tampons dated just over a week previously. Using this information I had a rough idea of their ovulation cycles.

I also kept in contact with Maria, playing the part of stand-in boyfriend, who surprised me by inviting me to stay over at her house on Friday night. Her father would be leaving in the morning for San Francisco and would be away all weekend, and her mother would be working late also. Not only would Maria save me the trouble of breaking into her house, but I could nail both mother and daughter in one night. Better still, Maria was forbidden to have any guests over without her parents’ permission, so one visitor was the maximum she could get away with. The coincidental timing was almost too good to be true. Maria’s two brothers would be the only other males in the house, certainly a risk, but an acceptable one given that they were only fifteen and twelve. I readily accepted Maria’s invitation.


I had my nap in the late afternoon before meeting Maria in the early evening. She met me at the door in a backless party dress with hoop earrings and high heels, looking very pleased to see me. She looked like a model instead of the 18 year old, teenage princess that she was, and I went instantly hard at the sight of this sexy young Latina.

“About time you got here,” she said with a sultry grin, “come inside.” ‘Yes please’ I thought, following her into the house. It wasn’t nearly as big as the Ziegler home but it was still worth a few million on the property market. I followed Maria up a grandly carpeted staircase and down a hallway to her bedroom. Having let myself into the house earlier that week, I had already been down this hallway before and, as a consequence, already knew the layout. Her parents’ room was directly opposite hers, with a bathroom at their end of the hallway and her brothers’ bedrooms at the other end of the house who shared their own bathroom. My targets were at one end and my obstacles were at the other end.

Maria ushered me into a room half the size of Zoë’s Ziegler’s bedroom but almost identical in layout. There was a queen sized bed in the middle with wardrobes and dressers lining the walls like adoring subjects. Piles of clothes were scattered across the floor and the aroma of a freshly delivered pizza bathed the room. Maria gave me some pizza and illegally helped herself to a beer, tossing one to me as well.

“Mom won’t be back until one or two in the morning,” Maria informed me, “and Jorge and Juan will wear themselves out playing video games, so it’s just you and me tonight.”

“Good to know,” I smiled in anticipation, downing half my beer, “how come Zoë can’t make it?” I enquired casually.

“She’s been grounded,” Maria replied, not sounding terribly disappointed, “ditching her community-volunteer work to go bowling. Like her mom didn’t see that coming. She could sneak out, though.”

“Won’t her mom see her on camera?” I asked in my fake American accent. Maria snorted.

“They’re all fake,” she said, finishing off her beer, “they’re just for show, to make people think they’re being recorded. Still, they haven’t been robbed yet, so it must work.” I thanked god for gossipy teenagers and the valuable cats they idly released from their bags, “but she’s probably too scared of her mom to try. Kat can be a mean bitch when she wants to be.”

“She looks like a hard-ass.” I remarked, my mind briefly going through a list of other adjectives that could be applied to Katrina’s rear.

“She is, that woman has one hell of a temper,” Maria continued to expound with typical teenage enthusiasm, “When Zoë told her she wanted to take a year out instead of going straight to college, she actually threw a vase at the wall. She only calmed down when Zoë promised to do community service of some kind over the summer. Now she’s gone and broken her promise.”

“Why doesn’t she want to go to college?” I pressed, determined to mine this seam for every detail it was worth.

“I think she’s just lazy and doesn’t want the pressure,” Maria answered bluntly, helping herself to more pizza, “she’s just like me. That’s probably why we’re best friends.”

“That would explain the vibrator I saw.” I remarked casually, finishing my beer.

“Oh, that’s hers, not mine.” Maria pointed out hurriedly, “but yeah, we’ve had some lesbian adventures together.”

“She doesn’t like boys?” I asked.

“Oh, she loves boys,” Maria replied, “she’s just never been able to get one. I don’t wanna trash talk her, but her attitude to sex is totally fucked up. She got her cunt pierced as well as her belly, which, IMHO, is one of the sluttiest places to get pierced. But she doesn’t want her cherry popped until she’s in a ‘deep’ and ‘committed’ relationship with some knight in white. She simply can’t make up her mind about it.”

My mind was taking Maria’s thoughts about her best friend with a pinch of salt, but my body was charged with arousal. A teenage virgin with belly AND pussy piercings; this was probably too good to be true, but still worth fantasising about until I could find out for myself. Apparently I was fantasising about it a little too much.

“Are you getting hard from this?” she demanded, feigning disapproval. I shifted a little in a futile effort to conceal my boner.

“A little bit, yeah,” I admitted.

“Whose pussy are you thinking about? Hers,” Maria uncrossed her legs, displaying her lack of panties “or mine?” I put down my food and marched over to her with masculine determination. She yelped as I swept her off her feet and planted her on a dresser, fiddling with my trousers to release my raging hard-on.

“Hold your horses, sweetheart,” Maria wrapped her slender legs around my waist and pulled me closer in, also preventing me from getting to my belt, “no rubber, no sex.”

“Seriously?” I exclaimed, my inner alpha raging to be set free.

“Hey, you basically raped me back at Zoë’s house,” Maria answered resolutely, “I’ll be lucky if I don’t get pregnant, and the way you fucked me last week I may already be carrying the your baby. But as much as I enjoyed the way you took me, I don’t want to make it more likely.” Releasing my waist, Maria reached into a drawer and pulled out a condom, shoving it into my chest, “and hurry up, I can’t wait to feel you inside me again.”

I reluctantly obliged. I could have just raped her then and there, but last week was an act of opportunity with no one else around. If her two brothers heard her scream, or if Mrs Martinez came back from work early to find me raping her daughter, it would be all over. I had to take them when everyone was likely to be asleep; so I had no choice but to bide my time with Maria.

Maria watched me pull down my trousers and boxer shorts, idly playing with her moist slit as I did so. I opened the condom wrapper and rolled on the rubber; it was just the right size for me, making me suspect that Maria had bought it especially for me. Maria stopped playing with herself and slid her arms over my shoulders and around my neck as I lined up my rubber-sheathed cock with her dripping teenage sex, sliding it into her in one thrust.

Maria inhaled sharply through gritted teeth and her head lolled back as I filled her once again. I began to pump her with restrained but firm strokes. This would be a delicate balancing act; I had no intention of spilling my valuable seed into a rubber sock, so I would have to give a convincing enough performance that I could fake my orgasm.

“I know you can do better than that.” Maria admonished me, giving me a disapproving scowl. I grabbed her hips and hoisted her effortlessly off the drawer, making her yelp in surprise and excitement. From there I carried her to the bed and dived down onto the covers. Maria locked her high-heeled feet behind my back and hugged me close as I pumped her more aggressively, “that’s more like it.” She panted.

I kept my strokes long but forceful, fucking a fine line between a good performance and not building up my rutting to the point of ejaculation. Maria seemed pleased enough with my efforts, moaning like a horny teenager and digging her painted nails into my shirt. The sensation was rather reduced through the condom, not as exciting and visceral as having my manhood rub up and down the length of a wet vagina. Maria didn’t seem to mind, at least.

Maria unlocked her ankles and pressed them against my thighs, using her hips to try and shift me to one side. I rolled with her until she was on top and straddling me, something I almost never let women do. Maybe Leah would enjoy it when her belly got too big.

Maria hiked up the hem of her party dress over her hips and began to roll forwards and backwards; undulating her hips like a belly dancer. Maria might be a cheap tart, but at least she was no amateur; her boyfriend was a lucky guy. She rocked her hips faster and faster, slipping one hand under my shirt and using the other to run her fingers through her hair.

I held down the growing pleasure in my groin, determined not to orgasm until the condom was gone. Maria let out a sustained yowl of ecstasy as she brought herself to orgasm, rocking like a porn star in heat, and making it harder to control my own growing pleasure. If I let her keep this up, I might blow my load into the condom; I took a hold of her waist and rolled her onto her back again, pulling up her dress to reveal her belly piercing.

“You do like to be in charge, don’t you?” Maria gasped dreamily as I resumed my fucking, building up to a feigned frenzy. Maria held on for dear life, moaning aloud without shame as I finally reached my fake climax. I grunted hard, forcing my cock as deep inside her as possible, feigning the orgasm to the best of my ability. As it happened, my fucking brought Maria to a second orgasm at the same time, so she was too lost in the throes of teenage pleasure to notice anything different.

“Nice,” Maria cooed, gliding leisurely down from her climactic high, “almost as good as when you attacked me.” Grimly accepting my blue balls, I slowly pulled out of Maria’s slick pussy and clambered off the bed, affecting a post-coital masculine swagger towards the door, and making a show of removing the empty condom from my hard-on.

“The bathroom’s down the hall.” Maria said helpfully, teasing her empty snatch. After reaching the bathroom and disposing of the condom in a sterile plastic bag which I could smuggle out of the house and destroy later, I returned to Maria’s room.

Together, Princess Maria and her illicit lover dined on the finest beer and junk food Beverly Hills had to offer before she inserted herself into my arms and performed an erotic grinding dance up and down body to the tune from some hideous genre of club music which closely resembled the sound of a machine being tortured for information, referred to innocuously enough as ‘dubstep’.

By 11pm, Maria was getting drowsy from the drink. I had drunk some beer with her out of courtesy but needed a sharp mind for the night, which was only just beginning for me. I helped her to bed, knowing that she’d eaten enough food to stop the alcohol irritating her stomach, the cause of the dreaded hangover. I didn’t want her to get sick whilst I fucked her.

Maria insisted that I come to bed with her and we both stripped down to our birthday suits for bed. I wasn’t tired at all, and 2 years in the SAS had given me the physical conditioning to only need 4 hours of sleep a night. I nonetheless played the role of dutiful lover, allowing Maria to snuggle with me and drift off to sleep in my arms, even as I plotted to rape her mother.


It was not until one o’clock in the morning that Valentina Martinez arrived home from work. I slipped out of Maria’s bed and tiptoed over to the door as I heard Mrs Martinez walk down the hallway towards this end of the corridor. Through the keyhole I caught a glimpse of a beautiful Latina in her forties strutting down the hallway in a pair of flat bottomed heels and a sexy black dress which accentuated her sylph-like body. She looked more like a high class model than a typical MILF, wearing a pair of gold earrings and a necklace with a crucifix nestled in her cleavage. It wasn’t as ample as Katrina Ziegler’s rack, but it was good looking nonetheless.

I absorbed all of this at the closest distance I had yet been to Mrs Martinez before realising that she was heading straight for Maria’s door. I leapt to one side as the door knob turned quietly and the door opened a few inches. Mrs Martinez peered in to check that her daughter was in bed before shutting the door again. Hiding behind the door, my presence in the house was still a secret.

As the sound of Mrs Martinez entering her bedroom reached me, I took out a pair of gloves from my pocket and put them on. Before I did anything, I had to get rid of as much evidence of my presence as possible. I wiped down my beer cans as thoroughly as possible using a cloth I had brought with me before placing the cloth inside the same plastic bag as the condom.

I wanted to impregnate mother and daughter in one night, but it would be too risky to shuttle back and forth between their rooms. Furthermore, I would have to wait up to an hour before I could be sure that Valentina Martinez had gone to sleep. Now that Valentina had checked to see that Maria was asleep, the best way for me to pass the time as I waited to attack her was to fuck her daughter.

My balls were brimming with potent seed and my cock was hardening already in anticipation. I put the bag down and climbed back into bed with Maria. She had rolled over onto her back and was sleeping peacefully. Under the covers, I slowly spread her thighs to give me access to her shaven pussy, then slid forward and pressed my lips to hers. A quiet, reflexive gasp escaped Maria’s mouth as I ran my tongue up and down her snatch, which was moistening in response to my ministrations. I kept a firm grip on Maria’s thighs as I ate her out, vigorously French kissing her increasingly wet cunt.

Maria let out a low yelp of pleasure and her hand shot out and gripped my hair, forcing my head down between her legs even further. She was clearly awake and enjoying this. I withdrew a little and teased her clit with the tip of my tongue, sending the teenage princess wild. She was just mindful enough of the need not to make too much noise, but she was still bucking like a female bronco as I worked my mouth on her. Maria arched her back spasmodically as her orgasm washed over her, gripping the sheets in her fists and allowing me to take hold of her hips as I drove her over the edge. Now was the time to strike.

Still naked, I crawled forward until I was on top of her, planting one hand on her pierced belly and using the other to line the head of my throbbing erection up with her dripping love-mouth. In her orgasmic state, Maria barely noticed as I slid my cock into her depths, the bare flesh of my manhood caressing the inside of her well-lubricated love-tunnel.

Shifting into a push-up position, I began to thrust into Maria. My strokes were short and sharp, going for intensity rather than depth. This needed to be a quickie; the more thorough job would be reserved for Mrs Martinez. Maria didn’t seem to care, and gripped my shoulders hard, digging her nails into the skin of my back as I rutted her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I could feel her shifting her hips in opposition to my own movements. A flash of realisation evidently broke through her sexual reverie.

“Are you wearing a condom?” she asked me between strokes.

“No.” I said bluntly. Why bother with deceit when I could overpower her with the truth?

“Wait…stop,” She said in a low, breathless voice, “you need… to put on…a condom!”

“Can’t stop now!” I grunted, thrusting into my teenage conquest faster and faster as my own orgasm began to build in my groin, “your pussy feels so much better without a rubber sheath covering my dick.”

“Por favor,” Maria begged, delirious with pleasure, “I don’t want to have a baby yet.”

“You’ll look beautiful with a pregnant belly, Leah.” I said in response.

“What? Who’s Leah?” Maria demanded, still lucid enough to notice my slip up.

“Maria,” I grunted back, cursing myself for such a stupid lapse, “I said Maria.”

“I don’t…believe…Unngh!” Maria came a second time, cutting off her jealous reply, and I wasn’t far behind. The churning in my prostate reached an unbearable blue-balled point of no return, and I thrust my groin into Maria’s with muffled snarl of pleasure, partially mindful of the fact that my victim’s mother lived across the hallway.

My pent up seminal fluids, which had been building up for almost a week, burst into Maria’s feminine depths like water from a fire hose, bathing her cervix in my potent seed. Maria shuddered as the feeling of my semen saturating her love-canal cascaded with her second orgasm. I had just enough presence of mind to cover her mouth, stifling any cries of ecstasy that might have alerted my next victim.

I held myself inside Maria, ensuring the conception of our mixed white-Hispanic child. I revelled in the feeling of breeding this spoilt teenage girl against her will, asserting my masculinity over her. She would blossom into a beautiful, mature woman by the time she gave birth to our baby; and when she did, her life would gain true meaning.

“You’ll look beautiful with a baby bump, Maria.” I whispered in her ear, more to make up for my earlier mistake than to reassure her.

“Fuck you,” Maria murmured back, clearly pissed at me.

“You already have.” I quipped. She punched me in the shoulder.

“You know what I mean, you dick.” Maria answered sulkily, “Now I’ll have to break up with Miguel, because there’s no way I can convince him our baby is actually his.” I slowly pulled out of Maria, confident that my juices were deep enough inside that they wouldn’t spill out, “at least our kid will have a macho stud for a father.”

“That he will,” I concurred with an undertone of masculine conceit, clambering off the bed and searching around for my clothes. I had left them in a specific pile and put them on again, stuffing the plastic bag into my zip pocket, “I need to go before your mother comes back.”

“If she hasn’t already,” Maria said in agreement, “You are by far the best screw I’ve ever had,” she told me wistfully, snuggling back under the covers.

“Good to know.” I answered, heading for the door.

“I’m still coming after you for child support, though.” She threatened soporifically, “and maybe…occasional…sex.”

“Very good to know,” I murmured quietly to myself before opening the door.


The day before, I had greased the door hinges whilst the Martinez family was out, so not the faintest squeak was heard as I opened Maria’s door and peered out into the hallway. The lights were still on and there was no one in sight. I slipped out of Maria’s bedroom and shut the door behind me, moving stealthily over to her parents’ bedroom door. In the not too distant past I would have watched my intended victim get ready for bed, and then wait an hour until I was sure she was asleep. If she came out the door to head to the bathroom she would scream and I would have to flee; but you can’t plan for everything. All the measures I could realistically take to pull off tonight had been taken before I left for the house, so all could do was stand and wait.

Author’s note: Oops, I did it again. Not for the first time, I fear I have buried the sexual content under a heap of scene-setting, backstory and chit-chat. If you want rapid gratification, look elsewhere. But if you do read on, and enjoy it, you might offer a little word of thanks to the real Angie (she is drawn from life) whose name is not really Angie, and who does something different for a living these days.


Dr Sandhu was polite and patient, as always, but she seemed tired. She took her glasses off and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Your brother’s condition is much as it was at your last visit, Miss Wheeler. His psychological condition, I mean. Physically, he is doing well. The wound to his wrist is healing well. He is eating, drinking and sleeping healthily. He looks after himself, washes and shaves – shaving under supervision, of course. He reads his books. He has shown no sign of repeating the self-harming behaviour. But he still has not spoken, nor shown any emotional expression at all. Not a tear, not a smile. He is in an emotionally frozen state, suspended between rage and grief. It has been four weeks now, as you know. I have had a therapist try to communicate with him, but there is no response at all. And I must say I am not prepared to discharge him from the clinic while he is in this state. He needs to talk. I need him to talk. Even a smile would be a start. And until that happens, we wait. I’m sorry, Miss Wheeler, I realise this must be dreadfully distressing for you.”

“It’s all right, Dr Sandhu,” said Helen. “I appreciate all you are doing for David.”

“Miss Wheeler, it is not strictly my place to say so, but I imagine that you are physically and emotionally exhausted. It is important that you look after yourself, and seek support if you need it.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” Helen was, indeed, shattered by the events of a month ago and their aftermath. She thought back to the moment when her safe, comfortable world had been turned upside down.


Four weeks earlier

A normal Saturday evening in early summer. A knock at Helen’s door. Two young, uniformed police officers, a man and a woman. Hats off, serious faces. “May we come in, Miss Wheeler?” Sitting awkwardly on her sofa. “Miss Wheeler, we have some very grave news concerning your brother, Professor David Wheeler. Swiss police have identified two bodies recovered from the scene of a road traffic accident near Lausanne as those of your brother and his wife. I’m terribly sorry.”

Helen gave a short, high laugh. “But David’s in London! I saw him, at his home, at lunchtime today! His wife – Marie-Claude – oh God, yes, she is in Lausanne. A conference. Oh no … oh no, poor Marie-Claude … what has happened to her? But David’s in London. There must be a mistake.”

The female officer consulted some notes. “Marie-Claude Wheeler was identified by means of a Swiss passport which was on her person. The passenger in the car was carrying no identification. But his clothing, and what could be discerned of his appearance, matched descriptions of a man who had been staying with Mrs – Doctor – Wheeler, in a double hotel room booked by her for herself and her husband, during an academic conference. Mrs Wheeler had rented the car.”

Everything fell into place. Marie-Claude. Poor, dead, brilliant, beautiful, faithless, fatal Marie-Fucking-Claude. What have you done, thought, Helen, what have you done to my brother? Helen tried to explain to the police. “You see what’s happened, you must see … the man in the car, in the hotel, it wasn’t David … she was having an affair, passed the man off as David … oh Jesus, oh God … you will have to tell him. Please let me come with you, please. He is a … sensitive man. This will do him terrible damage.”

The ride in the police car to David’s house. You must give him the facts, Helen was telling them. He will not tolerate speculation, evasion or vagueness. Only facts, all the facts. Pulling up outside his house. David answering the door with his shy smile. The police giving him the facts. All the facts. His face turning bewildered, then blank. David saying, very calmly: “Gianluca. Gianluca Biasi. The man in the car. A postgraduate student of hers. I had suspected for some time that she was having an affair with him. Now I know. Thank you. Will you excuse me for a moment?” David going into the kitchen.

A moment’s silence, then the sound of a glass breaking. Helen and the police officers running into the kitchen. Helen hearing her own screams as if from a distance. Blood, blood everywhere, so much blood. David holding a shard of glass in his hand, his face expressionless. A sickening gash in his left wrist. The police officers’ first aid skills. Her own screams, still. The ambulance, the Accident and Emergency department. The duty psychiatrist. The referral to the private psychiatric clinic. Dr Sandhu, polite and patient.


“You see, Miss Wheeler, your brother is in a suspended state emotionally, but it is not a stable one. He vibrates inwardly, silently, between rage and grief, each straining against the other. It is vital that I find a way in; a channel of communication, a way of unlocking the tension. I have been trying to think laterally; outside the box, if you will forgive the trite expression. An idea has started to form, but it is unorthodox, and you may be offended by it.”

“To be honest, Doctor, I don’t know what could be worse than this waiting,” said Helen.

“I am thinking that David, at present, is surrounded on all sides by the terrible events of last month: the simultaneous discovery of his late wife’s infidelity and death; his own self-harm. He cannot see past them. I am wondering whether another powerful, unexpected experience – this time a positive one – might help.”

Nothing offensive so far, thought Helen. The doctor continued.

“And the other thing is this. One aspect we have not really looked at so far is the sexual dimension of this case. You may not readily think of your younger brother as a sexual being, but he is. Marriage is to a great degree sexual, and the infidelity was clearly sexual. Part of his loss is a loss of the sexual part of his life; and it has also been violated by his late wife’s affair. Miss Wheeler, would I be right in thinking that your brother was not confident in relating to women, and did not have many relationships before he met his late wife?”

“Yes, that’s exactly right, Doctor. He was a classic withdrawn, socially unskilled academic. He didn’t have girlfriends when he was growing up. I remember a couple of names from when he was at college, but never met them. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had still been a virgin until he met Marie-Claude, which was when he was 25.”

Helen recalled the family Christmas dinner when David, shy, unworldly David, had, amazingly, introduced them all to his new (first?) girlfriend. Marie-Claude from Switzerland: a charismatic, blonde, staggeringly beautiful fellow doctoral student. The match was so ridiculously unlikely that it had to work. And for a long time, it did. Their careers flourished as opposite types of the brilliant, high-flying academic: he the ivory-tower recluse, she the cosmopolitan media darling.

“I thought so,” said Dr Sandhu. “So your brother’s sexual self, his sexual identity, was overwhelmingly invested in this one exceptional woman.”

“Yes, exactly, Doctor. And – how can I put this – she was just very sexy. Beautiful, of course – you’ve seen photos, I think – but there was something deeply sexual about her. I don’t mean slutty or blatant, just … as soon as she was in a room, people looked at her with desire. It was like she had her own spotlight following her around. She aroused something in pretty much anyone who met her.”

“What did she arouse in you, Miss Wheeler?”

Helen sighed. “I’m not sure. I liked her, enjoyed her company. I envied her: her beauty, her sex appeal, her charisma, her intellect. I thought about her a lot – that’s another thing she did, she dominated your thoughts. I was delighted at how she made David happy, and terrified of what might happen if it all went wrong. I don’t think I desired her sexually, at least in any way that I understood. I’m straight, Doctor, as far as I know.”

“Of course, of course. Thank you, Miss Wheeler, this is all very useful to know. So … yes … now … ah … please forgive what may seem to be prurient detail, but I think it is important. As you know, we have had your brother under discreet 24 hour observation since his admission here, initially every 15 minutes, then more recently every hour. It has become evident that … ah … David masturbates fairly frequently. Oh don’t worry, nothing untoward has happened – we are just good at detecting these things.”

Helen was too exhausted to be embarrassed by these intimate revalations about her brother. “It’s all right, Doctor, please go on.”

“Now I regard this as a very positive sign. It means that David’s libido is as healthy as his appetite for food or his need for sleep. And it is a form of release, which is exactly what he needs so much. And I think it may give us a way in. A channel which we need to explore and widen, if you will forgive a possibly indelicate turn of phrase, in this context.”

Helen let it pass.

“My idea is this. I genuinely believe that your brother would benefit, psychologically, from a … ah … sexual encounter. With a complete stranger who bears no physical resemblance to his late wife. A powerful, unexpected experience – and sexual. Not with any great emotional content. It could even be facilitated by … ah … a business transaction. But I am not prepared to let him leave the clinic, which makes things more difficult than one would like.”

Now Helen was amazed and, to her additional surprise, slightly excited. “Doctor, are you saying you … you want to bring a … what … an escort, a prostitute … into the clinic to see David?”

“You know, it is not as unusual as you might think, Miss Wheeler. There are more enlightened countries in Europe where hospitals and clinics quite routinely make arrangements for the sexual needs of long-term patients to be catered for. They regard it as inconsistent to serve the needs for food, drink and sleep while ignoring that other great driving force in life. Unfortunately, it would illegal here in Britain. I could not possibly suggest or condone it, openly. On the other hand, if somebody were to venture something of this nature … I would see no reason to stand in the way. I think you understand my meaning.”


In the days that followed that extraordinary conversation with Dr Sandhu, Helen entered a new world. She began looking for someone who could carry out Dr Sandhu’s incredible plan. Internet searches for escorts in London brought back hundreds of thousands of hits, most lurid, some shocking. Helen set herself a couple of parameters: the person would have to be British – her liberal feminist conscience was being challenged enough without bringing in the spectre of sex trafficking. And she would want to meet her first, for a sort of interview, although she had no clear idea of what she might ask, or what she would make of the answers. After an initial, rather haphazard sift she had a collection of phone numbers belonging to escort agencies and “massage” providers. When she called them, once she made it clear that she was not looking for work, and explained her unusual request, she usually got a polite hearing, and an equally polite refusal. She despaired at the extent to which the world of paid-for sex in London was dominated – nearly monopolised – by East European women. She learned the difference between “independent escorts” and “parlours” or “flats”. Between “incalls”, where the customer visited the flat, and “outcalls”, when the escort travelled to the customer. And she started to wonder if all this was really the right thing. You’re unbalanced by shock and exhaustion, Helen, she started to tell herself. This is mad. You should be seeking counselling yourself, not spending your evenings phoning fucking brothels.

And then she thought that her brother had not spoken or smiled for a month. And she did one more search.

She found a website that seemed to carry small ads for providers who did not have their own sites. And a misused apostrophe caught her eye: “English Rose’s. 100% British Girls.” She called the number, nobody picked up. It was late evening, and she already knew that some places closed surprisingly early. So the next day, in her lunch break, she tried again.

The woman who answered the phone had a strong London accent and her voice was harsh and nicotine-stained. Helen told her story, the words coming mechanically now. The woman paused. “Well, strictly speaking this is a working flat, love. We don’t normally do outcalls, even normal ones. But there’s a girl here who’s done a couple, might be interested. She’s seeing a customer at the moment. Do you want to call back in 20 minutes?” She hung up.

Helen felt a stark realisation that the woman whom she might buy for her brother was, at this very moment, having sex for money. And knew she would be finished in 20 minutes. This was real. Again her resolve wavered. And again she thought of David’s soft voice and shy smile, unheard and unseen by anyone for a month. She let 25 minutes pass, and called again. The same woman replied. “Oh yeah, I remember. Just a sec. Angie love, it’s that woman I was just telling you about.” Helen heard the sound of the phone being placed down, then picked up again. A new voice was on the line: younger, softer and more modulated than the first one. Still London, though less blatantly so, with a faint background note of Caribbean.

“Hi, my name’s Angie. Rosie told me what you said. Now, I’m not saying no, not yet at least, but I want to meet you in person before I decide.”

“Er … yes … yes of course … I would want that too … I … I work in central London … er … where would be good for you ….?” Helen stammered.

“OK, good. Do you know —– Road?” She named a busy main street in West London that Helen knew well, having gone out for a while with a guy who used to work near there.

“Yes … yes, I can get there.”

“OK.” Angie named a pub that Helen knew. “Meet me there at 5 o’clock. I won’t have all that much time cos of when my childminder finishes. Look for a black girl in a yellow shirt.” She hung up.


So it was that Helen found herself entering the pub, as agreed, just before five that same day. It was starting to fill up with the after-work crowd from the nearby offices. Suits, smartphones and loud, confident voices. The perfect place not to be noticed or overheard, in fact. Helen looked around. At a corner table sat a slim woman of Afro-Caribbean appearance, aged probably in her mid-20s, wearing a lemon-yellow, sleeveless cotton shirt. A glass of what looked like orange juice was on the table in front of her. Helen decided she needed something stronger and bought a gin and tonic at the bar. Her heart racing, she approached the woman.

“Angie? I’m Helen.”

“Hi Helen. So you went through with it. Nice to meet you.” Angie half rose, and held out a hand to greet Helen. Helen noticed how lean and toned the other woman’s arms were, and her long, slim fingers.

“Well,” said Angie as they both sat down. “You don’t look like a maniac, which is a good start.”

Helen tried not to show how closely she was scrutinising Angie. Angie was really very, very beautiful. Helen cringed inwardly as she found herself thinking of an Afro-Caribbean woman’s skin as “coffee-coloured”, but she could not come up with a better term. Her hair was pulled back from her high forehead into a short, stiff ponytail, accentuating her huge, darkly glittering eyes with their long, curling lashes. Her lips were full and sensual, parting readily in a wide smile. Her gaze was steady, and Helen had a strong sense of a fierce intelligence behind it. Her poise and movements were elegant and precise. To Helen’s surprise, she was reminded of Marie-Claude.

“Rosie told me what you’re looking for. Now at the moment I’m not ruling anything out. But … this brother of yours, he’s in like a mental hospital, right? I mean, first thing I think is, is it safe?”

“Well, it’s more a private clinic, really. He has his own room. You wouldn’t have contact with any other patients. And David … God knows he’s anything but dangerous … I’m sorry …” Tears started in Helen’s eyes. Angie placed a slim hand on her arm.

“Hey, hey, it’s OK. I trust you. Actually I do. This is such a mad thing you’re doing that I sort of feel it must be OK. But I still don’t quite understand where the idea came from.”

So Helen told her the whole story. David, Marie-Claude, their marriage, the conference in Lausanne, the car crash, death, infidelity, David’s self-harm, his present condition, Dr Sandhu’s crazy idea. When she had finished, Angie looked steadily at her with those big, searching eyes, in silence, for a long, long time. Finally, she spoke.

“I’ll do it. We’ll need to work out some of the details, but I’ll do it. There are some basic rules. No compromises on these, right? You are responsible for getting me in and out safely. I want you in there with me when I see him, in case anything happens. If anything goes wrong, if we get caught, anything, then I’m gone and it’s all on you and this doctor person. As for what I do and don’t do: I never do ‘A’, watersports or hardsports. If you don’t already know what they are, you don’t need to. I never have sex without a condom. With a condom is fine. I may do ‘O’ – I mean oral – without a condom, to completion in the mouth, at my discretion. I am OK with uniforms, role play and light to medium spanking. I can give that or receive it. I won’t be tied up, or rather I only do that with regular customers I know well. Solo shows are fine, including toy shows. I do hand relief, obviously. Breast relief, too, although I’m not very big up top so they tend not to ask for that. But to be honest, if this is all in a hospital room and we’re trying not to be noticed, we’ll be a bit limited anyway. I’ll work out a price and let you know. Payment in cash, in full, on the day but in advance of me seeing him. OK?”

Helen gave a half-sob, half-laugh of relief, even though she was now committed to the biggest, craziest risk of her life. “Thank you. Angie … thank you”.

The atmosphere between them seemed to relax a little. Angie sipped at her drink. “So, am I what you expected when you started looking for an escort?” she said.

“I didn’t really know what to expect. You seem … nice. Honest, open. I like that. I think you understand this insane situation, the doctor’s and my even more insane idea. You seem kind.”

“The Tart With A Heart, eh?” Angie smiled. “Well, nobody sets out to be a prozzie, right?”

“I suppose not.”

“I assure you, darling, nobody does. It’s no young girl’s dream. But stuff happens, yeah? I was a chef, you know.”

“A chef?”

“Yep. I went to catering college. I was good. Still am, to be honest. I was just starting out when I had my little girl. Ellie. Her Dad fucked off – pardon my language – a month before she was born. I’ve never seen him since. Bastard. White English guy, by the way, in case you’re thinking this is yet another Jamaican babyfather story.”

“No, not at all …”

“No, of course, you wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. Cos you’re nice, middle class, socially aware, right-on, ‘Guardian’ reading, anti-sexist, anti-racist, all of that, right? Except you’ve just booked your brother a session with a black hooker who’s a a single mum.”

Helen looked down at the table in embarrassment and shame. Angie touched her arm again, smiling.

“Hey, it’s OK, just winding you up. You’re all right. Weird, but all right. Anyway, where was I …”

“Your little girl.”

“Oh yeah, so then it was just me and her. So I could still make a bit of money from the cooking, but there wasn’t a steady job with hours that suited the childcare. I still give cookery classes at a posh bistro near here. Saturday mornings. ‘Caribbean Flavours’, I call it. Very popular with bored, prosperous white ladies in search of something exotic. A bit like the guys who come to see me at Rosie’s, only with food instead of sex. I never let them know that I was born in London, and haven’t been to Jamaica since I was eleven.” She smiled broadly.

“But Ellie and I can’t live just off that,” she continued. “So I needed another way of making money. And what else did I have going for me? My looks and my body, right?”


“So,” continued Angie, “I’m a decent dancer, and I found some work stripping in a couple of the small strip bars round the City. Not the big, famous, table dance places you’ll have heard of. The small bars. Less pressurised. And that was OK. And then one of the girls I got to know did a bit of escorting. She introduced me to Rosie. Rosie’s OK – she seems pretty rough and scary, but she’s OK. So I started at the flat, just as a maid first of all.”

“Maid?” Helen had visions of some kind of period role-play, with Angie in a servant’s uniform.

“It means receptionist. It’s easy work but the money’s not great. You answer the phone, do the bookings, look after the cash, generally keep an eye on the place. And of course you’re there for the working girl if there’s any trouble. Which there usually isn’t, to be honest. Well, anyway, a couple of the girls had regular customers who liked a Maid Watching service.”

Helen just looked blank. She sensed that Angie was enjoying taking her on a tour of London’s secret side.

“Maid Watching. The guy pays extra for the maid to sit in the room and watch while the girl sees him. It’s surprisingly popular.”

Helen wondered at the euphemistic use of “sees”. Why not “has sex with”, or “fucks”, given the general tone of the conversation?

“So I did that when I could,” continued Angie. “And then there are guys who pay more again if the maid sits there topless. And even more for the maid to give hand relief as part of the service, if it fits with what the girl is doing. Finishing over the girl’s bum, for instance. And then one day the regular girl didn’t turn up, and the customers did. I called Rosie. She asked if I’d like to work that day – to see customers – if she came round and acted as maid. I’ve been doing two or three day shifts a week for about a year now. What with that, the cookery classes and a bit of stripping, it’s enough to look after Ellie. So, Helen – how do you feed yourself and your kids?”

Helen sighed. “I don’t have kids. I’m a civil servant. HR Manager. I don’t know what to say. You must despise me.”

“Not at all, darling. And you know why? Cos I can tell you don’t despise me. That’s good. That means something. We’re not that different, really. I’ll do anything to look after Ellie. You’ll do anything to look after your brother. You’re in a really bad place, I can see that. I know all about bad places, Helen.”

Angie looked at her watch. “Look, I’d better go. Let’s not exchange mobile numbers. You sort out the practical details with your doctor friend. Call the flat when you want to contact me. Rosie will help.” She stood to go and held out her hand. “It’s been nice meeting you, Helen. I mean it. I hope it all works out for you and your brother.”

They shook hands. Helen looked at Angie as she left the bar, as did everyone else there. Her own spotlight seemed to follow her. The affection that Helen felt for Angie was tempered by flashes of petty envy: at Angie’s ability to walk so elegantly in very high heels, which always made Helen look and feel precarious. At her slim legs, which were subtly flattered by her close-fitting white Capri pants. At her high, round, firm-looking buttocks, which the trousers flattered less subtly. Helen watched Angie’s perfect bottom shimmy out of view, finished her gin and tonic, and ordered another one.


It was a sunny afternoon when the taxi carrying Angie and Helen drew up outside the clinic. Helen was elated and terrified, high on adrenaline. Her hitherto unremarkable life had somehow turned into a suburban London remake of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. I am smuggling a prostitute into a psychiatric clinic, she told herself. How the fuck did I get here?

Some rather oblique conversations with Dr Sandhu, and some more direct phone calls with Angie, brokered by Rosie, had finalised the practicalities. The main problem had been about the timing. The clinic staff observed David at deliberately slightly irregular intervals, on average once every hour. The best chance was for them to get in while Dr Sandhu had all the staff accompanying her on her weekly round. If they were all with a patient at the other end of the building, the coast would be clear, hopefully for long enough. As for what they would actually do in the room – Angie said she had some ideas. She said that it was all about choosing exactly what, and what not, to wear. When she got into the taxi she had on a short, dark blue, flounced skirt and a light denim jacket, despite the warmth, over what looked like a white singlet or sun top. She was bare-legged and wore high heeled sandals. Her make-up was minimal and discreet. Helen realised that Angie was not in fact nearly as tall as she had thought, not much taller than Helen, in fact – initial impressions of a catwalk model’s stature had been deceptive, but Angie’s long legs, high heels and effortlessly elegant carriage gave an impression of height. In any case, she looked gorgeous, without being blatantly sexy. She carried a small handbag. Money changed hands in the taxi.

They approached the clinic’s reception desk, where Helen was well known. “Hello Miss Wheeler – here to visit your brother, I presume? And this is …?”

“Angela Headley,” said Angie, with a charming smile. “A friend of David’s, here to see him.” Helen remembered what “see” could mean in Angie’s world.

“You may go straight to his room, ladies,” said the receptionist.

Helen led the way up the stairs and to the end of a long corridor. They stopped outside the door of David’s room. “Angie,” whispered Helen, “do you really need me in there? Shouldn’t I keep watch out here?”

“No. You standing out here might attract attention. Hang on, let me check something …” Angie snatched a quick glance through the small glass observation panel that was let into the door. “OK – if I try to stay on the left side of the room and keep him there – that’s not the first thing you see when you look in. And that’s where the bed is. You stay a bit more in the middle, maybe in that armchair so you can watch this glass window thing. We can’t cover that with something, can we?”

“No. Very strict rule. If anyone notices anything covering the glass they’ll come straight into the room. It’s a bigger risk than leaving it uncovered.”

“OK. He looks nice, by the way.”


“I can see him sitting in the armchair. He looks nice. I like tall, slim men. And he has a sweet face.”

Helen peered through the glass into the plain, simply furnished room. David was sitting in the armchair in that familiar collapsed-marionette position of his, with his long, thin arms and legs folded awkwardly. He was reading a book. His face was devoid of expression. He was young-looking, with rather soft, bland features. An unlikely front for one of the world’s finest analytical minds. Or what was left of it.

“OK,” whispered Angie, “we gonna do this?”

Helen nodded.

“Watch and learn, Helen. This is gonna be a world first. I bet you don’t think it’s possible for a girl to do a full strip without taking any of her clothes off except her jacket, to music that nobody can hear.”

Before Helen could reply, Angie had knocked softly at the door and walked straight into the room. Helen rushed after her. “Hello David,” said Helen gently. “This is Angie. I’ve brought her to see you. I think it will be a nice treat for you.” Somehow she could not help speaking to the most intelligent man she had ever met as if he were a child.

“Hello David,” said Angie. She took her denim jacket off and hung it over the back of a wooden chair that stood in front of a small table under the window. Immediately it was clear to Helen why Angie had worn the jacket. She was wearing a tight, white sun top with spaghetti straps, and it was very obvious indeed that she was not wearing a bra. Although her breasts were on the small side, and firm, they were still large enough to jiggle with her every movement, and would have attracted a lot of attention on the journey and at reception.

The single bed was on the side of the room opposite the window. At its foot there were a few square feet of floor space in front of a basin. That corner of the room was not easily visible through the glass panel in the door. “David, darling, do you want to sit at the end of the bed for me?” Angie was friendly but businesslike. On duty. Without a word, David got up, put his book on the table and sat on the end of the bed. She placed her bag on the floor and took from it two iPod Shuffle MP3 players. “Helen, love, you sit in the armchair.” Helen obeyed, fascinated. Angie clipped one of the iPods to the hem of her own top, and reached over to clip the other to the loose t-shirt that David was wearing over sweatpants. She put her own earpieces in her ears. David did likewise. Angie leaned over to him: “Three … two … one … go!” She pressed the Play buttons of both iPods simultaneously, and the silent, clothed striptease began.

Helen had only ever seen strippers in the background of cop and gangster films, and had no idea what really to expect. Angie gyrated, stooped and stretched, guided by the inaudible music. She never took her eyes off David. Her movements were smooth, full of grace, effortless. A decent dancer, all right. She hooked her thumbs under the straps of her top, feinted pulling them down a couple of times, then did it for real, slipping the top down to her waist, to expose her small, plump, conical breasts. Her nipples were jet black, the areolae very wide. Her torso was lean but not skinny, her musculature delicate. There was a sheen on her skin. Helen could not believe that this woman, with her taut, lithe body and firm, prominent tits, could have borne and fed a child. Angie licked her fingers, played with her nipples. She squeezed her breasts close to David’s face. He followed her with his eyes but his expression did not change. Helen, on the other hand, to her own amazement, began to find herself becoming aroused.

Now Angie turned so her back was to David, pushed her bottom out, looked over her shoulder and lifted her skirt at the back. She was wearing nothing under it; her magnificent brown buttocks were fully exposed, and the cleft of her pussy was just visible below them. Helen saw a bulge start to form in David’s sweatpants. She shifted in her chair, squeezed her thighs together. Angie bent down low, steadying herself by holding on to the basin. She pulled her skirt right up, pushed her arse out provocatively, pornographically. Gave herself a light, sharp spank on one bum cheek, flashing her eyes at David as she looked over her shoulder at him. Helen realised that Angie was only wearing two items of clothing – the top and the skirt – and that both were now bunched round her waist, leaving her exposed above and below. The clothed striptease. Genius. Angie moved her feet further apart so that her cunt was clearly visible, from behind, to David’s gaze. She reached underneath herself and probed at her own slit with her slim fingers. Then another spank, harder this time. David was by now very obviously erect, although his face remained impassive. Helen was transfixed. Maid Watching, Angie had called it. Some guys pay extra.

Angie turned to face David and dropped into a deep squat, body upright, feet and knees wide apart. She held the front hem of her skirt up. Her tits and hairless pussy were fully exposed. Naked with all her clothes on. She tilted her pelvis up, reached down to finger herself again, probed deeper, pulled her cunt lips apart with her fingers. A flash of pink against her brown skin. She pushed a finger inside. Pulled it out, rubbed the fingertip on both nipples, licked it. She stood up, approached David with a stylised, hip-swaying catwalk gait, pushed her tits in his face again. She lifted one foot onto the bed next to him, skirt lifted, so her naked crotch was just below his face. She gyrated her hips, fingered herself again, licked her fingers, leaned forward and kissed David playfully on the forehead. Then unclipped both the iPods and placed them on the bed. Helen squeezed her thighs together, relished for a moment her own moist warmth.

Now Angie began to talk to David. A stream of pornographic patter, in a soft, fervent voice. Helen guessed it was all part of the act, and the words themselves in any other context would have seemed hackneyed and embarrassing, but Angie was so convincing that Helen could not help but be swept along.

“Mm, I can see you’re getting all horny for me, aren’t you, darling? What we gonna do about that, eh?” Angie gently pushed David in the chest; he did not resist, and fell back onto the bed. His erection formed a tent in his sweatpants. “Let’s get these off you, eh darling?” David did not resist as Angie pulled the jogging pants and his boxer shorts down past his knees. Helen looked at her younger brother’s erect penis, which jutted from his thin body. Not that she had all that much to compare it with, but it seemed to her to be quite large, noticeably thick and with a nice straight shaft, which for some reason she particularly appreciated. For a moment she wondered if she was losing her mind. And she did not care.

Angie carried on. “Ooh, you’ve got a nice one, babe, we’re gonna have fun with that, aren’t we?” Kneeling upright on the bed, she placed a slim hand on David’s balls. “I bet you’re all full of cum for me, sweetheart, eh? We’re gonna make you shoot a big load, yeah? But we’re gonna have some fun first.” She took his hand and placed it under her skirt. “You feel that, babe? That’s my wet little black pussy, that is. You feel how hot and wet she is? Feel how much she wants your cock, darling?” Angie reached into her handbag and took out a condom in its wrapper. “Let’s get this on you, babe.” Carefully she rolled it down the length of David’s shaft. She pulled her skirt up high, straddled him, held his cock in position and lowered herself down onto it with a satisfied sigh. “Oh yes, babe, ooh that feels nice inside me.” She began to rock gently on him, holding the skirt bunched up so her lower body stayed exposed. David reached up and cupped her breasts in his hands. “Mm, yes baby, you like my titties, yeah? You like my little black titties? You like how they jiggle when I fuck you?”

When Helen looked back on this day in later life, she could never explain to herself what happened next. What she did next. Keeping half an eye on the glass in the door, she unbuttoned her light cotton blouse. Angie looked across at her and winked. Helen slipped the straps of her bra down off her shoulders as far as they would go. She pulled down both the cups of her bra, and eased her large, heavy breasts out so they were completely exposed. There are guys who pay more again if the maid sits there topless. Angie smiled.

“Look, baby, look,” sad Angie to David as she rode him. “You’re such a lucky boy today. Your lovely sister’s got her tits out for you to look at.” David looked at Helen as he carried on touching Angie’s breasts. “She’s so kind to you, baby. She found a horny little black whore for you to fuck, and now she’s showing you her lovely tits. It’s your lucky day, baby. Angie’s little black tits and Helen’s big white ones, eh? I bet it was nice having such a sexy big sister. I bet you used to spy on her, try and get a good look at her big titties, didn’t you, baby? Well they’e here for you now. You can look at them while you fuck my hot little cunt.”

David was now gazing expressionlessly at Helen’s breasts. He moved his hands from Angie’s tits and held her buttocks as she rocked and ground on him. “Mmm, you like my big brown bum, sweetheart? My big round booty? You like black girls’ arses, yeah? The way we wiggle them so sexy? I’m a naughty girl, darling, you can give me a little spank if you like.”

It was David’s first active response. He gave Angie a sharp little slap on one buttock. “Ooh yes, yes. I’m such a bad girl, baby. I’m such a filthy little fucking slut, you wouldn’t believe. I need spanking, baby.” David continued to spank her in a slow, deliberate rhythm. Angie moaned theatrically, although quietly, not quite as lost in the moment as she was making out. Helen pushed her naked chest out. She desperately wanted to touch herself.

Angie said, “You know what, babe, I’ve got a special treat for you, yeah? I think you’d like to come in my mouth, wouldn’t you, babe? You’d like my big black lips round your cock till you to fill my mouth up with a big load of spunk?” Still no reply from David. Angie dismounted, easing his prick out of her. She peeled the condom off him, pulled a tissue from her bag and wrapped the condom in it. She kneeled next to him and guided the tip of his cock towards her lips.

Oral without a condom, to completion in the mouth, at her discretion.

Angie began to suck, softly. And what Helen did next … well, nobody could have expected that. She got out of the armchair and walked to the bed. From a position where she could still see the door, she bent rather awkwardly so as to lower her naked breasts towards her brother’s face. His mouth and her nipple found each other, and he began to suck, as well. The room was silent. Helen had a clear view of David’s cock sliding in and out of Angie’s mouth. Angie looked at Helen. Her beautiful eyes seemed to smile. David sucked on Helen’s large pink nipple in the same rhythm as Angie was sucking his cock, so that for an insane moment it seemed to Helen that Angie was somehow sucking on her breast all the way through David’s body. Now Helen could not stop herself. With none of Angie’s grace, she shifted so as to prop herself on the bed with one hand, keep her tit in David’s mouth, and with her free hand ruck up her own skirt and push her hand down inside her knickers. She was sopping wet. She frigged her clitoris, hard and fast. She needed this too much to be subtle or gentle now. Angie’s eyes were smiling even more. Helen felt herself tipping towards climax, breathed heavily, reminded herself not to yell out as she so often did. It hit her; her body tensed and twitched; her own juice flowed over her fingers. Her first orgasm since the car accident. David must have felt her climax through her body and it sent him over the edge too. He gave one last suck, then opened his mouth and breathed “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes.” His body shuddered and Helen saw his cock throb in Angie’s mouth, where her full lips were sealed around his glans. “Oh yes, yes …” he gasped again hoarsely.

David’s first words in a month were orgasmic gasps, with his sister’s nipple dangling in his mouth while he ejaculated into the mouth of a prostitute. He needs to talk, Dr Sandhu had said. She had thought outside the box. It had worked.

Angie withdrew her mouth from David’s still-swollen cock very carefully, keeping her lips sealed. She rolled her eyes comically and made great play of ostentatiously swallowing, then opened her mouth wide. “All gone, see? The best way of not leaving any trace.” She took a small bottle of mouthwash from her bag, rinsed, gargled and spat in the basin. “Guys, I’ve got tissues and wet wipes if you want them.” She pulled her top back up to cover her breasts, straightened her skirt, took a wet wipe, cleaned David’s cock. She offered the packet to Helen. “For your fingers, babe.” Helen, light-headed, cleaned her fingers, pulled her bra back up, buttoned her blouse. David pulled his trousers up, sat up, looked at Helen.

Not many people can say that Emma Watson was among their first memories.

I can’t totally say it either, since I was already nine when I first met her. But that was among the first memories of my real life, nonetheless.

Before then, me and my parents lived anonymously in America, while my father worked on movie crews. Yet when he got himself on the crew of something called “Harry Potter” in 1999, we lived anonymously in England. And unlike other kids settling into a new home, I got to visit a huge movie set in the meantime.

It didn’t escape me that the three kids starring in this thing were about my age. Including the girl with the bushy brown hair.

While meeting that little girl was one of my first memories of England, it was too long ago to remember specific details. The gist of what I remember is that she was nice to me, and it helped me feel more secure in this strange set land. And it was pleasant enough for her to keep talking to me when I visited the set of the next seven sequels.

After over a decade, everyone on the Harry Potter series was finally out of a job — my father included. By the time the final film came out in America, I had finished college in London, leaving myself in need of a job as well. But I couldn’t find anything for the next several months — yet had saved enough money to fly to America in spring 2012.

I needed some time away to clear my head — whether visiting my first home for the first time in 13 years would help or not. I arrived in Los Angeles in early March 2012, eager to see the sights although I was the furthest thing from star struck. After all, I somewhat knew certain stars before they were famous.

In fact, someone walked down the street that kind of looked like one of them. It was a young woman, so that narrowed down who it might be.

She was wearing sunglasses, so I couldn’t tell if she had the star’s distinctive brown eyes. Her hair was a little long, or at least longer than when the star famously cut it two years ago. She had a white shirt and a medium sized skirt that still showed off a trim, lovely figure — but I couldn’t say for sure if it matched up to the star’s figure.

I got those thoughts out of my head and did the one thing that would solve the mystery — talk to her. “Excuse me?” I asked as the young woman was going by.

She stopped, so it seemed she’d be polite enough to answer — and if she answered in a sweet English accent, I’d have my own answer.

“Robert? Is that you?” she answered. Well, the accent was only the second biggest giveaway.

Once I shook off my shock to smile at her, Emma Watson broke into a bigger smile and added an all too brief hug. “What are you doing back here?” she asked afterwards.

“I haven’t been back here in this century. This is more your home than mine,” I pointed out. “I’m just passing through here. Are you doing the same? And who’s filming you in the meantime?”

“Sofia Coppola, actually,” Emma answered. “I get to play with and pretend to steal starlet’s accessories for research. I just came out of an exhausting session now.”

I resisted the urge to joke about what Hermione Granger would say about stealing. At least one person would in front of Emma. “Are you already shooting? I’m here for the week, so if you are….” I hinted.

“Damn, it’s next week, actually,” Emma sighed, which disappointed me despite her amusing cursing. “Maybe I can get you a pass into the pre-production. Your father did it all the time, how hard can it be?”

“You don’t have to find out on my account,” I assured, halfway to be nice.

“Nonsense. With everything you’ve seen, you could probably teach the regular crew a thing or two,” Emma commented. “Wait, are you actually in the….family business?”

“No. Not in any business at the moment,” I admitted before I knew any better.

“Really?” Emma wondered. I supposed if I’d made myself look like a bum already, there was no point in not going all the way.

“Yeah, I don’t have anything in the non-movie world yet. Just here on vacation to forget about it, but I guess that’s hit a snag,” I said with unplanned sarcasm.

“We trusted you and your father on one of the biggest film sets ever, and no other employees trust you?” Emma recapped. “Seems a might peculiar, doesn’t it?”

“I’ve told myself that, trust me,” I semi-joked, less eager to talk about me at the moment. But Emma hadn’t hit her limit.

“You’re really sure you’re not interested in being a crewman?” Emma asked. “I could….ask around and see if something’s available on the movie. There’d be a bunch of technicalities to get through, but we could take care of all that.”

“Whoh, who said….whoh,” I stammered. “You can’t just offer me a job. I have no experience. And I’m technically a foreigner.”

“You had 10 years to observe how the job is done. And you come from a pretty solid legacy, and you already have an in with the star. Jobs have been secured here with far less,” Emma joked. “Really, just tell me where you’re staying, and I’ll get back to you with any updates.”

I was half incredulous that I was even talking to Emma, half overwhelmed to actually get a job offer, and 90 percent in disbelief that this was serious. “Well, I mean, if you have spare time,” I gave my permission.

I gave her my motel address, and exchanged more contact information and a few other words before she took her leave. I watched in awe, both from the situation and on how she was walking away from me in those heels.

But this was surreal enough without me secretly checking her out — as if my small but long history with her didn’t make it creepy enough. Still, nothing would come out of that, just as nothing would come out of her supposed talk with her new movie crew.

So when Emma visited my motel two days later and told me I had an interview to be part of “The Bling Ring” crew, I really should have seen the rest coming.

At that moment, however, I was just overwhelmed by the good fortune up to that point. It continued when Emma stuck around and we actually kept talking.

“So I guess we might be together again on set. For the first time as fellow employees,” I clarified quickly.

“And for the second time in your first few days at a new country,” Emma remembered.

“You remembered that little detail, huh?” I was semi-surprised.

“It was my first day shooting a movie, you know,” Emma recalled. “Me, Dan and Rupert were in the same boat, of course. But you were nervous and shy and you’d just entered a new world too, in a whole different sense. That kind of helped me feel easier too.”

“Huh. Eight movies, thousands of interviews, and that’s what you actually keep from the press. And other people,” I tried to sound playful. Emma rolled her eyes comically, so she seemed to get the gist of it.

“Well, you sure seemed to turn out all right. And you seem to be okay in the Muggle world. But since you’re already half-Muggle,” I got nerdy, but that was all the nerdiness I wanted to show her. Then again, I didn’t have much else to go on.

“Being at Hogwarts’ is paying off for you too, now,” Emma noted.

“Assuming I get the job. Even then, what do I do after that?” I neared my preferred limit of self-pity around Emma.

“You’ll think of something. Your father worked on a franchise that actually had eight good movies. Some of that rare movie genius had to be passed down at some point,” Emma reasoned.

“Maybe it’s still on American time or something,” I lamely tried to joke and catch up. Fortunately, that didn’t throw Emma off.

“It’s funny. I made my peace with saying goodbye to it. You were a small part of it for a few days in every movie. But now, here you are from out of the blue, and here I am, and we might be working together again after all,” Emma wowed.

“Is it all right to brag that not even J.K could dream that up?” I got back into joking mode. It helped me brush aside how she said we’d be working together.

“I don’t know if she could,” Emma answered. “It’s just so weird. We never talked for that long over 10 years. But yet you keep popping up.”

“I’m not trying to on purpose. I don’t follow you around like that,” I said, although that probably wasn’t necessary.

“I know you don’t. But here we are,” Emma said softly. That didn’t help keep my imagination under control.

We were standing near the bed at this point, as Emma was studying my face. I had to study her’s right back, yet that wasn’t a tall order. With her beautiful, bottomless brown eyes concentrating on me, and the rest of her face facing mine, I wanted to take that in as long as possible.

But Emma stopped me from watching her eyes by suddenly closing them. Then I stopped breathing when her lips connected onto mine.

She only kissed me for two seconds, but I started breathing again four seconds after that. My brain reactivated moments later, trying to decide on the best first reaction.

Initially, I was disappointed she stopped before I could kiss back and properly enjoy it. I almost moved in to kiss her and make up for it, but the sensible part of my mind rebooted just in time. Now I actually had to think about this and be realistic.

Yet when I looked at her, she looked uncertain and confused — but not apologetic. She even seemed somewhat flustered.

Emma Watson was flustered about kissing me. And unsure of what to do next — as if the only answer wasn’t to apologize, go away and laugh about almost hooking up with me. Maybe she was just too nice to look that way — and she was exceedingly nice, so it wouldn’t be surprising.

Yet she still didn’t look like she was taking it back. She even seemed to be waiting for my next move. Her, waiting on me.

Her — the girl I saw grow up in front of my eyes, like the rest of the world. Only I saw her do it a little closer than most, if only for a few days per year. That little frizzy haired girl who was nice to a little boy in a new country for a few moments — and now she was this famous, gorgeous, legal young woman who actually kissed me first.

It felt like one of those coming full circle moments you might mock in movies. In real life, the thought empowered me to come closer and put my hand on her cheek. I gave Emma enough time to pull away, and savor how she felt softer than I could have guessed until then. Yet she kept standing there.

I swiped my thumb over her cheek and saw her eyes darken, almost seductively — and that was enough waiting for me.

My lips connected to hers this time, as I kept my hand on her cheek and put my other arm around her waist. She did the same with her hands, while her lips rubbed deeper against mine. I groaned into her mouth as I felt her body pressed against mine — and when she moaned back in such an enticing tone, I opened my mouth right up.

After the initial thrill of our tongues colliding, we actually began to slow down. This gave us enough foresight to move and sit on the edge of the bed. Still slightly afraid that it’d give Emma enough time to snap out of it, I resumed kissing her right away.

I suckled on her luscious bottom lip, and Emma coaxing my tongue into her mouth so she could suckle it back. I put my left hand onto her hair, which felt perfect regardless of length. My other hand went on her waist, unsure of whether to go higher or lower. But I could feel her left hand on my body, taking the same route.

When I felt her hand go lower, mine went lower in kind. Our lips and tongues didn’t break, but we still groaned as we neared our potential targets. I went first and pushed Emma’s skirt back to feel the top of her slender leg. In return, she lifted my shirt to feel the bare skin of my lower stomach.

As I felt up her leg, I took my other hand and tried to see if I could unbutton Emma’s shirt. Her other hand helped me out, and when we got far enough, we finally broke and removed our hands from each other. Emma soon got her shirt off all the way, and I did the same with mine.

Now I was bare chested while Emma’s pink bra, and the very nicely rounded contents of it, was on display. This was the latest and perhaps last chance for us to come to our senses, but I’d given her enough outs already. I put my hand back on her leg, then when she put hers on my belt, I knew what the next step had to be.

I brushed my middle finger across the surface of her panties. The texture of them, and the groan Emma let out, both reminded me of velvet. I circled the finger around, brought my thumb into it, and was rewarded with Emma pulling my zipper down.

I put my finger on the border of her panties, but stopped. This time I’d see if Emma would make the next step forward. When she reached her hand past my zipper, I had my answer.

My finger was into her panties just as she pulled my erection out. With less warning than I probably should have given, I slid my finger inside her. The feel of her wet area, the louder sounds of Emma’s moaning and the sight of her hand around my cock — not to mention the tighter grip a second later — made me have to catch my breath.

I only got enough back not to pass out when Emma moved her hand up and down my shaft. Common courtesy gave me the will to thrust my finger around in kind. After the initial pleasantries and adjustments, we began a fair rhythm of mutual pleasuring.

I darted my eyes from Emma’s hand job to the sight of my hand up Emma’s skirt. I then remembered to also check out her bare waist, it’s soft curves, it’s perfect looking skin and the flattering bra still up top. Then I looked further up and couldn’t bring myself to roam further.

There was a look of pure erotic concentration on Emma’s face, as I worked her over and she worked me in return. As she breathed heavier and gazed deeper at me, I couldn’t tear myself away. I curled my finger inside her to make her break, then she swiped her thumb over my head and looked at me a bit….cocky, to use the most obvious word ever.

“How do you feel?” I somehow recovered to ask. But I really wanted to start getting her talking now.

“Fabulous,” Emma answered. “Sorry my hand is dry.”

“No problem,” I groaned as it went faster.

“I think it should go somewhere wetter later,” Emma said. “A much nicer fit for this nice, big wanker.” After a pause, she asked, “Or should I say cock here?”

“Either one,” I gritted my teeth, trying to not to lose control from hearing her lovely voice say both. But as she tugged and got wetter, it got a little harder. Everything did.

“Oh, fuck,” Emma cursed and made it all harder. Needing to thank her properly, my finger moved from side to side in her, and I let my thumb tug and rub around as well. Emma tugged and rubbed in kind, to the point where I looked away so I wouldn’t finish first.

I had little else to look at, save for Emma’s heaving chest and her determined face. I settled on watching her face, even as it got redder and as Emma started cursing under her breath. But we locked onto each other as our hands went faster and we got closer to going off.

Impulsively, I let my other hand shoot to her chest, getting my first feel of Emma’s bosom. When I felt her hardened nipple on my palm, Emma groaned, “Oh, fuck me….” — and that was it.

“Damn it!” I regretted, but I had no time for much else. I removed my hands from her breasts and pussy and laid on the bed, if only so my cum would land on my stomach — or at least not shoot up on my face. As I came down, I also realized that facing Emma after I couldn’t make her cum first would be awkward.

I didn’t hear her try to finish herself off, so that might have been some kind of sign. My eyes stayed closed, but I didn’t hear any noise from Emma or the bed. When I finally heard her getting up, I opened my eyes to face the music.

I caught Emma just in time to see her standing above me — studying the cum that had landed on my stomach and lower body. Yet she then dropped to her knees and started getting it all off with her tongue.

Emma gave me the sexiest look as she licked my cum off, just before I had to throw my head back. When I had the energy to lift it up, she stopped licking. Before I actually used my words to ask what was happening, she showed me by standing up and removing her skirt, followed by her pesky panties.

Now she was fully naked except for the bra. But when she turned around, it was her bare, peach shaped ass that had my full attention. Especially when Emma got onto the bed, turned her ass into my direction and lowered it over my face.

Once the rest of her hovered over me and she started licking my lower stomach again, I got the idea. If this was how I was going to finish the job, I owed her that much.

As I felt her tongue on me and finally saw what I had been fingering, I put my fingers on her ass and let my tongue do all the work this time. But my hands did help push her ass and pussy deeper against my mouth, then my face rubbed against her too. Yet my lips, tongue and teeth were going faster than all of them.

Emma groaned onto me, getting louder and louder until she was ready to go. Although I was dry now, she was quite another matter.

I licked her up as thoroughly as she’d licked up my remains, or at least tried to. I heard her catch her breath as her body relaxed over mine, leaving us frozen in the 69 position. I tried to break the ice by kissing the back of her upper leg, and getting in another squeeze on her ass. But eventually, she rolled herself off me.

I laid on the center of the bed, with Emma on my left, on her back and facing the other way. I wasn’t sure if that meant we were done, although there were a few things we hadn’t tried — but wouldn’t be able to for several minutes now. If that’s what she wanted.

“Oh, this is pretty stupid now,” I heard Emma say. I ignored the worst possible meanings for that — then found the best one as I saw her finally take off her bra.

With Emma fully naked at last, it reminded me to finish sliding my pants off. Once I sat up and did so, I looked down at Emma’s chest and still hard, rosy nipples. I’d already gotten a feel of one, but that was nothing compared to when I touched it bare.

Since Emma wasn’t stopping me, I took that as permission to lay next to her and do more with her breasts. Like circle my fingers around her nipples, go back and forth between kissing them, and then push her tits up to kiss more of them. They rested comfortably and perfectly in my hands as I glided my tongue over them, blew them and put them back in my mouth.

Emma let me do this for a while longer before she pulled my face from her chest and kissed me again. There was a bit of an aftertaste on her lips — but there was probably some on mine too, even after feasting on her boobs. Nevertheless, we put it aside and kept licking each other’s lips, tongues and mouths, as our hands got back into the mix.

This was the first time our bare naked bodies were pressed together, and it was the first time I let myself feel the rest of her silky, curved skin. I laid on my back and let Emma lie on top so I could properly glide my hands over her back, sides and ass. I even ducked my lips down to her neck and feasted there accordingly, breathing her in and rubbing my face across her upper chest.

Emma started grinding herself against me, now that our lower organs were started to recharge themselves. I made sure her’s were going again by sliding my hands back to her ass and stretching my fingers out. After circling her opening, I removed my left hand, put my index finger in my mouth to taste her on it, then put the wet finger back down and right into her.

Emma easily took in it, then started pushing her ass back against my hand. “That’s good….but I did say I wanted something bigger in there.”

I took my hands off her and had her go back, so I could see if my bigger tool was ready. It looked pretty close, but Emma didn’t leave anything to chance.

I sat up just as Emma put her face above my cock, then guided it into her mouth for the first time. It wouldn’t take long for it to get fully hard again, but Emma spent extra time on it, just in case. When she took it out, she examined it — then rubbed the head against her lips and soon rubbed the whole shaft against her face anyway.

The Beginning

“Can I have a go?”

Tom looked across at Brenda as she started to get up from the deck where she’d been sunbathing while he steered the catamaran back towards the island they were holidaying on with Simon and Marie, their good friends.

As he watched her, his cock stiffened slightly at the sight of her deeply tanned cleavage as she stood up, as her firm breasts swayed forward. Not for the first time, he wondered how her tiny bikini top managed to cope with the fullness of her breasts. As she slowly crossed the deck towards him, he drank in her still firm body, her full breasts, the deliciously soft curves of her belly and hips. She was tanned a deep brown, the delights of her body barely hidden by her bikini.

She grinned at him as she moved to stand beside him. She reached up and kissed him softly, her lips moist on his, her tongue flicking quickly into his mouth as his arm snaked around her. Tom pulled her gently to him, his arm holding her tight. They kissed slowly, passionately, their tongues exploring, her breasts pressing against his bare chest, his cock reaching out to her.

Tom moaned softly as felt her nipples hard against him through the flimsy material of her bikini. He held her tighter, his cock pressing against her pussy. He felt her respond, her tongue sliding deeper as she pushed back, her mound hard against him. As they breathlessly broke their kiss, Brenda turned in the circle of Tom’s arms and grabbed the wheel.

“Now,” she exclaimed, “How do I do this?”

From across the other side of the deck, Simon looked up from the book he was reading. Marie was stretched out beside him on the deck, her eyes closed, enjoying the late afternoon sun. They were on their way back from a day out to a neighbouring island. As always, they had had a great day, enjoying each others company to full. But now, both couples were happy to be heading back to the on the main island, back to the privacy of the bungalows that made up the resort.

Tom was stood close behind Brenda now, his hands on top of hers as he showed her how to guide the catamaran back towards the small bay they were heading for. Simon’s cock stirred as he watched them, as he looked appreciatively at Brenda. Like Marie and Simon, Brenda was in her mid forties, Tom a couple of years older. Both of the ladies spent time in a gym – that was how they met – and it showed – they both looked fantastic.

Brenda was the more voluptuous of the two of them, with large, firm, rounded breasts, and wide dark nipples that responded to the slightest provocation. Her belly was flat, while her still narrow waist flared out to meet her softly rounded hips and shapely legs. Her dark hair hung around her tanned face, framing her round face, brown eyes, and full, kissable lips.

Simon felt the stirring of his cock again as he watched their friends a moment longer, watching Brenda carefully as Tom stepped even closer to her. He glanced over his shoulder at Marie, who was lying behind him.

She was lying on her front, but he could imagine her pert, but full, breasts, the wide aureoles, the pointed nipples, that he knew so well. Her bikini was so skimpy, the bottoms were little more than a thong really, leaving most of her firm ass naked to his gaze. The strings of the bottoms were tied at the sides, leaving her long, tanned legs naked to blend into the soft swell of her hips, and upwards to her smooth, flat belly and slim body. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, away from her pretty face.

They had all met about ten years before, and had become the best of friends. All four of them flirted outrageously, but somehow nothing more than the odd passionate embrace had ever happened between them. They had even made love in the same room before, sneaking glances at each other, but never taking it further, perhaps not wanting to risk the friendship they all valued so much.

But recently, as their children had grown up and they had all had more time to themselves, that bubbling undercurrent seemed to have risen closer to the surface. This was the first time that the four of them had been away together without the children for more than a few days at a time. In arranging this holiday together, they had all wondered what might happen between them, if the right opportunity arose.

They were all totally relaxed in each others company, and getting changed to go swimming and the like in front of the others didn’t bother them at all. The girls were more than happy to make comments about the men as they changed, and quite enjoyed being watched as they slipped into their tiny bikini’s or sunbathed topless.

Tom slid his hands up Brenda’s arms, her hands continuing to rest lightly on the steering gear. He massaged her shoulders slowly, before slipping his hands around her waist. Her belly felt warm under his hands as she nestled back against him, enjoying the feel of his powerful body behind her. She ground her ass back against his still rising cock as he moved his hands up to cup her breasts.

The soft moan that escaped from Brenda’s lips as Tom rubbed her erect nipples between his fingers and thumbs brought Simon back to the present. He glanced over, smiling to himself as Brenda twisted her head around to kiss Tom. Their tongues swirled over each other as Tom dropped one arm down to around Brenda’s waist and pulled her tight to him.

Tom’s cock was rock hard now, lying tight between Brenda’s firm ass cheeks, only the flimsy material of her bikini separating them. Reaching down, Tom slipped a hand into the front of Brenda’s bikini bottoms. He pressed on her clit, and then rubbed her, before sliding his finger through her soft hair and down along her lips. Her warm wetness sprung out onto his finger as she pushed herself forward to meet his probing finger.

Brenda gasped with disappointment as Tom pulled his hand away, but then sighed with pleasure as she felt him pull his cock out of his swimming trunks. He pushed his cock awkwardly into the back of Brenda’s bikini, immediately feeling her pushing back against him. His thick cock, pointing downwards, slid easily down between her cheeks, the tip dripping pre cum as it rode over her puckered hole and down towards her pussy.

Tom held Brenda tight, one hand on her belly, the other back on her breast. He leant down and kissed the side of her neck, listening to her contented sighs as his cock rubbed against each of her holes in turn, as he moved his cock against her. As her sighs became more vocal, his hand moved from her belly back to her clit, his finger moving in small circles around the nub of rubbery flesh.

“Are they…?”

Marie had rolled over as she had listened to Brenda, and was now lying behind Simon, her pert breasts against him, her nipples swelling into hard pebbles as they watched their friends.

Simon didn’t answer, but watched as Tom moved his hips, pushing his cock down over Brenda’s ass as she moved with him. He was pinching her nipple gently, his fingers moving rapidly over her clit, his cock head rubbing against her ass and pussy.

Brenda bit her lip as she came, trying unsuccessfully to stifle her moans as a wave of intense pleasure flooded her body. Tom cupped her mound, feeling her pussy throbbing against him, feeling her wetness on his hand. Brenda’s legs felt limp, but Tom’s strong arm held her to him, his stiff cock still nestling against her. He leant forward, his mouth close to her ear. She moaned as he spoke.

“We need to get back,” he whispered, “So that I can fuck you… hard”

“Yesssss,” she gasped, pushing her ass back against him, needing him, wanting him.

She turned around in his arms, letting him take over the steering as she draped her arms around his neck and gave him a lingering kiss.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

She reached for his cock and squeezed his shaft, oblivious to Simon and Marie as she whispered to Tom to “take her home.”


Half an hour later, they stumbled through their bungalow door. They dropped their bags and towels on the floor as Tom kicked the door shut behind them, and pulled his tee shirt over his head. Tom backed Brenda against the wall as she reached for him, her arms around his neck as he tugged at the strings of her bikini top, as their lips met, as their tongues explored.

Her breasts sprung free, her nipples dark and erect, as Tom pulled her bikini away from her. He reached for her, cupping her full breasts in his hands before dipping his head and sucking a rubbery nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking around her sensitive flesh as Brenda held his head to her. She moaned out loud, pushing her breasts forward towards his eager mouth, pulling his head from one ripe breast to the other.

Brenda’s pussy was throbbing madly as she pulled Tom back up to her and thrust her tongue into his mouth. They kissed urgently before Brenda dropped to her knees. Looking up at Tom, she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and dragged them – and the swimming trunks he still wore underneath – down to his thighs. His cock sprung free, thick and hard.

For a few seconds, Brenda stared at her husbands cock, watching it swaying in front of him, the head covered in pre cum. Still looking up at him, she reached up and took his shaft in her hand, squeezing him as she flicked a bead of pre cum away from his cock head with her tongue. She reached up for his balls as she held his cock flat against his belly, listening to his deep moans as she licked slowly along his cock, from the base of his shaft to the tip.

Brenda ran her lips back down Tom’s cock, leaving wet trails behind from her tongue. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth, rolling it gently around with her tongue while her hand slid slowly up and down his shaft. Tom eased his legs apart as Brenda slipped her hand between them, probing gently with her finger as her mouth moved from his balls back up to cock.

She pulled Tom’s cock towards her and sunk her mouth down onto him, making him cry out as she sucked half his length into her hungry mouth. He reached for her head, his fingers entwined in her mass of hair as his hips jerked forward, fucking her mouth, her tongue rubbing across his cock head and along his shaft.

Abruptly, Tom pulled Brenda to her feet. Backing her against the wall again, he pulled at the wrap she had slipped around her waist before leaving the boat. The material ripped in his hands as he dragged it from her. As they kissed frantically, Tom held both of Brenda’s hands in his, holding them high above her head. With his other hand, he pulled at the ties on the side of Brenda’s bikini, before dragging it from between her legs.

Brenda moaned into Tom’s mouth as her bikini bottoms were dragged over her pussy and clit, shivers of pleasure, of anticipation, running through her. She fucked Tom’s mouth with her agile tongue as he hooked her leg up over his hip, opening up her pussy to him. He guided the tip of his cock towards her pussy, easing just the tip inside her hot, wet body before he reached for her breasts and nipples, his other hand still holding Brenda’s hands above her head.

With a cry, he plunged his cock into her, driving her back against the wall with the force of his thrusts. Brenda’s pussy stretched around his thick shaft, sucking all him deep inside her needy body. Tom’s hand clawed at Brenda’s breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples, as he fucked her, as she fucked him. Their mouths were locked together, muffling their cries, the room echoing to the sounds of Brenda hitting the wall with every thrust of Tom’s hips.

Brenda came first, her cries filling the room as waves of pleasure ripped through her. Tom continued fucking her, spreading more pleasure through her, his mouth now hungry for her breasts. Moments later, Tom came, his cum erupting deep inside her. He held his cock deep inside Brenda, reaching for her ass and pulling her tight to him as her pussy moulded itself to him, as his balls sent jet after jet of cum deep inside her.

They slumped against each other, breathing heavily, satisfied at last, at least for now. They kissed gently, lovingly, until Tom’s cock slipped from Brenda’s body. They held each other for a long time before Brenda spoke.

“Run us a bath,” she whispered, “While I get us a drink.”


In the room next door, Simon and Marie were making love as well, perhaps not as urgently as Tom and Brenda, but no less passionately.

When they had got back from their trip, they had slipped into the shower together to freshen up, their hands roaming easily over each others bodies. As Marie had stroked Simon’s cock, her hands slick with soap, he was soon hard, their kisses becoming more intense as his fingers slipped inside Marie, the water cascading over them.

Marie had led Simon to the bed by his cock, the two of them leaving trails of water across the marble tiled floor. They had kissed hungrily, before moving easily to suck and lick at each other. Marie had knelt over her husband, dragging her hard nipples across his strong chest and belly as she dipped her head to suck his cock into her mouth.

As Marie’s head bobbed up and down on him, Simon had reached for her ass, pulling her closer to with before sucking on her clit and pussy, his tongue swirling around her sensitive nub of flesh before plunging deep inside her.

Before long, Marie was twisting her lithe body around, and kneeling over Simon. He reached for her full breasts, rubbing his thumbs across her erect nipples as she held his heavy cock upright. They both moaned with pleasure as Marie swept his bulging cock head across her pussy before dropping her body down onto his, driving his cock deep inside her. She dropped forward onto him, as his hands held her ass, as they kissed feverishly.

Simon rolled them over, his cock still inside her. He slid his cock easily into her wanton pussy, listening to Marie’s cries as he buried himself deep inside her. Marie threw her arms above her head, her breasts taut across her chest as she arched her back, taking him still deeper inside her. His long, hard cock reached into her, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her pussy gripped his cock as he thrust into her, their bodies blending into one.

As they moved together, they heard banging from next door, the sound of Brenda being fucked against the wall. Suddenly, Simon became aware of how distracted Marie had become, of how her mind seemed to be elsewhere.

“Do you think they were… on the boat… were they?” she panted, holding him tight inside her, a flush rising up her chest.

“Why?” Simon gasped, “Do wish they had been?”

“Yessss,” Marie moaned, as Simon drove into her harder.

Marie reached for her breasts, tugging at her nipples, her head thrown back now, her eyes closed and her mouth open, her breathing sounding harsh.

“Do wish it had been you?” Simon asked, “Being fucked… on the boat… with people watching?”

Marie groaned in response, pulling harder at her nipples, her pussy holding him tighter, her hips bouncing off the bed to meet his thrusts.

“By Tom… his big cock… inside you… fucking you…”

Marie screamed out “Yessss” as she came.

Simon’s cock seemed to grow inside her as he heard her response, before his cum gushed into her in a thick torrent, as her orgasm crashed through her. Simon slumped forward, clinging to Marie, their bodies hot together, his mouth close to her ear.

“And me watching you with Brenda… fucking her,” he whispered.

“Yes… Yesssss,” Marie sighed again, dragging his face towards her and kissing him passionately, his cock already growing inside her throbbing pussy.

They made love frantically, both of them thinking of Tom and Brenda, of what they’d seen on the boat, of what they’d imagined, of what they wanted. Marie’s orgasms soared through her, blending into one, as Simon pounded into her. Her eyes were shut as she came, as she cried out. Simon stiffened as she cried out, sure he heard her call “Tom”, but not certain as his own orgasm exploded more cum into Marie’s hot and wanton pussy.

Later, Marie slept, curled up close to Simon, her arm thrown out across his chest. As she slept, he thought about what had been said. It wasn’t the first time that he’d thought about Tom and Brenda, about what might, what could, happen between them. But this time it felt different. Perhaps it was what had happened on the boat, or Marie’s reaction, but it was different.

He reached for his cock as he felt it starting to rise up at these thoughts, as he wondered how far Marie would go. He had seen how Tom looked at Marie, and he knew that Tom had caught him looking at Brenda often enough. And then there was the outrageous flirting that they’d all enjoyed. But would they all want more?


The next day was spent relaxing, the four of them together. They had already planned a couple of days around the pool, before heading off sailing again on the final day of their holiday. By the pool, Simon could not drag his eyes away from Marie, from Tom and Brenda. Marie hadn’t mentioned the previous day again, and it was almost as if it hadn’t happened. But it had. He knew exactly what had been said, what had happened, his cock constantly hard as he played it over in his mind time and time again.

Simon wasn’t the only one enjoying the sight of Marie and Brenda in their skimpy bikinis. They were all aware of the admiring glances, some more open than others, that they were getting. But it was perhaps Tom who was having the most problems in dragging his eyes away from Marie. He was constantly aware of her, catching her glancing back at him, feeling that something was subtlety different.

As the day wore on, Simon became surer of what he wanted, what they all wanted. That evening, while Marie and Brenda changed for dinner, Simon took Tom down to the bar for a drink.


The next day was Simon and Marie’s wedding anniversary. Marie woke up first, and after rubbing her eyes, she stretched deliciously, her back arched and her hands high above her head, the sunlight filtering past the blinds that covered the doors onto the veranda reflecting off her tanned skin. She sighed contentedly and sunk back onto the bed, before rolling onto her side and looking at Simon. He was still asleep, lying on his back, one knee pulled up at an angle, an arm stretched out.

She sighed again as she ran her eyes over her husbands body in the semi darkness, her hand sliding onto her own breasts as she drank in the sight of his muscular chest and flat stomach, of his strong legs. She licked her lips as her eyes settled on his cock, curled up softly at the junction of his thighs.

She sighed again as she thought back to the previous night, a wicked grin flicking across her face. She reached out and ran her hand lightly over his chest, her fingertips trailing over his small, dark nipples. She felt them tighten under her touch as he moaned softly, but didn’t wake up. Moving carefully, she twisted around in the bed, and rested her head gently on his stomach. She drew in the sexy smell of him, of his cock and balls so very close to her face.

Marie moved slightly and licked slowly along his cock, feeling him move under her tongue. She moved more quickly then, gently licking and sucking at his cock and balls, sensing him waking up slowly. She drew his entire cock into her mouth, feeling it harden as she moved her tongue around it. As Simons cock grew to its full imposing length, she let it slip from her mouth, inch by inch.

Twisting around, she reached up to suck his nipples, before kissing and licking her way back down his body. She ran her nails lightly over him as she moved again, as she dropped to her knees at the end of the bed. She gazed up at his cock, now lying hard on his belly.

Simon was almost awake now, shuddering as Marie ran her hands over his cock. She stroked his shaft a few times, watching closely as his skin moved up and down, as his cock head was exposed and then hidden. Leaning forward, she ran her tongue along the length of his cock and down to his balls. She held his cock flat to his stomach, her blonde hair hanging like a veil around her face as she used her tongue again, this time moving along his cock, onto his balls, and then lower still.

Marie’s breasts rested on his legs, her nipples rock hard, as she sucked on his balls, rolling them in her mouth, sending pain and pleasure through Simon’s body as he became fully alert. She made her way back up his cock, using her lips, her tongue, her teeth, to pleasure him. She held his cock upright away from his body, and licked around his helmet again. And then, without warning, she pressed her lips around the top of his cock, and swallowed half his length into her mouth.

Simon gasped out loud as she sucked him hard, her hand still holding him, wanking him with short strokes. He reached for her head as it bobbed up and down, as she sucked harder still, only her hand stopping him from thrusting deep into her mouth as his hips came up off the bed, driving his cock into her. She sucked and stroked him, and squeezing his balls, as he fucked her sweet little mouth. Simon cried out as his balls tightened, throwing his head back and crying out as his cum spurted out of him.

Marie took the first few jets deep in her mouth, and then pulled her head away, wanking him to send his cum up onto his stomach. She pumped him until he stopped, and then sucked him again to make sure she had all of his cum. And then she slowly licked the cum off his stomach, before sliding up the bed to kiss him, to share the taste of his cum, to say “Good Morning”.

They kissed softly for a few minutes, savouring being so close together. Simon eased Marie onto her back, her skin silky smooth under his touch as he ran his hands over her. He kissed her face and neck, before nibbling his way along the line of her collarbone and then down into the valley between her breasts.

She moaned and sighed as he kissed every part of her breasts and nipples, before moving again, over her stomach and down towards her pussy. Simon tickled her navel with his tongue, before kissing his way past her pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

As he kissed her inner thighs, Simon slipped off the bed and knelt at the end of the bed, just as Marie had done. He reached under her buttocks and held her, pulling her closer to his mouth as he moved along her thighs to her pussy. He ran his tongue softly over Marie’s clit, flicking her nub of flesh, teasing her. She pushed herself forward, pushing herself onto his tongue, his mouth. He sucked and nibbled at her.

He slid his mouth lower, onto her pussy lips, parting them with his tongue before plunging inside her. Marie cried out as his tongue thrust inside her, as she pulled her legs up and put her feet on his shoulders. He kissed and licked her again, running his eagerly tongue down her slit from top to bottom, starting at her clit and ending at her bum. He carried on back the way he had come, kissing and licking, nibbling and teasing, feeling her writhe under him.

He sucked her lips into his mouth, forcing his tongue inside her, probing her as deeply as he could. She arched her back, pushing her hips up as she held his head down, forcing his mouth onto her, his tongue into her, her juices smeared across his face and chin. She urged him to suck her, to fuck her with his tongue. Her cries got louder as her orgasm built inside her, as tingles of pleasure shot out from her pussy to every part of her body.

She cried out as her orgasm ran through her, her thighs and hands holding him to her. Simon sucked and licked her juices from her as they flowed. She let go of him, and flopped back on the bed, a flush rising up her chest, her breathing harsh. He reached up, cupping and caressing her breasts and her swollen nipples as his lips and tongue moved with her writhing body, sucking her juices from her.

As she calmed down, he crawled back up the bed and held her. He kissed her softly, sharing the taste of her juices, as she reached for his cock. He kissed her breasts and nipples, as her body relaxed again. They held each, kissing gently from time to time, until they were ready to make love again.


It was the sun shining through the half open blinds that woke Tom up. He reached out for Brenda, but the bed beside him was empty. Rubbing his eyes, he got up and headed to the bathroom, spotting Brenda out on the veranda as he passed. When he was finished, Tom went out to join her, still naked. He curled his arms around her from behind, and slipped his hands inside her silky gown to cup her breasts. She sighed, and wiggled her bum back against him, turning her head for a kiss.

They stood together for a while, looking out across the beach, watching the sun sparkling on the water. It was still early, and there was no one around, so they were both comfortable when Tom undid Brenda’s gown, and slipped it down her arms. She pushed her bum back against his hardening cock again, as he pressed back, pulling her to him. Tom moved a hand down her body from her breast to cup her pussy, his finger slipping easily into her eager wetness.

Her bum came back to him again, and she arched her back, presenting her pussy to him. Tom’s cock slid easily between her thighs and into her body. She moaned softly as he stretched and filled her, his cock buried inside her, her bum hard against his body. He slid out of her until only the tip of his cock was inside her pussy, and then he was back inside her, fucking her with long, slow strokes.

Tom caressed her breasts, rubbing her erect nipples with his fingertips. He held her tighter, squeezing her breasts as he pulled her to him as his strokes became faster, harder. Brenda slipped her hand between her legs, and rubbed her own clit. Her moans – and Tom’s groans – got louder and more intense, matching the intensity of their bodies as they fucked, their hands, their hips, their bodies moving rhythmically as one.

Both their cries echoed out into the morning air as they came, Tom’s cum pouring into Brenda’s body to mix with her own, before running onto her thighs as he continued pumping into her, prolonging their pleasure, their ecstasy. As he came, Tom’s mind was suddenly full of his conversation with Simon at the bar the night before, of what he had suggested, of what they wanted. His cock seemed to strengthen at the thought, sending even more cum inside Brenda

She turned around and clung to him, their lips meshed together, their tongues slipping over each other. Tom held her firm ass, caressing her, holding her to him, thinking of Brenda, of Simon and Marie, of all of them – together. Brenda looked at him in surprise as she felt his cock hardening in her hand as she led him back to bed.


They all looked tired at breakfast, but decided to spend the morning walking to a nearby town and taking in the sights. They enjoyed a leisurely lunch in town, before wandering back to the hotel, and – after quickly getting changed – spending a relaxing afternoon by the pool.

As the evening approached, Simon led the way as they all plunged into the pool for one last cooling swim before they headed back to their bungalows. As walked back, Simon looked across at Tom, who managed to drag his eyes away from Marie for long enough to give a slight nod of agreement. Simon’s cock rose up as he realised what this meant. As Brenda and Marie moved ahead of them on the path, chatting merrily, Tom and Simon spoke quietly.

Once in their bungalow and alone, Marie led Simon into the bathroom. They kissed, and slowly helped each other out of their swimwear, as the bath filled with water. Simon climbed in first, before Marie joined him, resting her head on his chest as she lay back. He reached around her, cupping her breasts in his hands as they relaxed together.

After a while, Marie turned to face Simon, before reaching out for the soap. She ran her soapy hands over his chest, and then his cock and balls as he lifted his ass out of the water. He returned the favour, running his hands all over her naked body as she knelt in front of him. Marie moaned softly as his hands ran over her swollen nipples, Simon moaning as she reached down to his cock and slid her hand slowly along his shaft.

They climbed out of the bath and kissed softly, before drying each other quickly. Tom followed Marie back into the bedroom, watching her ass rocking from side to side. She stopped when she saw the silk scarves that Simon had left out on the bed. With a giggle, she turned back to him and draped her arms around his neck.

They kissed slowly, but passionately, their tongues exploring, their bodies hard together. Marie could feel her wetness rubbing across Simon’s cock. They broke their kiss as Marie turned back to the bed. She picked up one of the scarves and glanced back over her shoulder at Simon. She looked at his cock, jutting out hard in front of him.

“Feeling naughty?” she asked, running the scarf gently through her fingers.

She crawled onto the bed, her pussy peeping out wetly from between her thighs, her ass winking at him as she moved slowly across the bed. She rolled onto her back, and stretched her arms and legs out towards the four corners of the bed. Moving quickly, Simon used four of the scarves to ties her lightly to the bed, a game they enjoyed from time to time. Taking the last scarf, Simon folded it carefully and then used it to blindfold Marie.

Marie lay in the darkness, listening for Simon, wondering what he would do first but trusting him completely. She sighed as she felt his breath on her nipple, and then his tongue flicking across the taut, rubbery flesh. She wriggled, trying to push her breasts up towards him, to force them into his mouth.

She sighed as he moved away, wanting more. And then she felt his breath again, moments before he kissed along the soft skin on the inside of her thigh, nipping her lightly with his teeth. And then it was her belly, his tongue trailing down towards her pussy. He moved to the side of her, touching his cock against her lips, but moving away as she tried to suck him into her mouth.

Simon moved again, his cock painfully hard, and stood at the end of the bed, glancing quickly at the clock beside the bed, and then back at Marie. She looked stunning, her naked body spread out before him, moving as she wriggled, moaning softly to him not to stop. Moving quickly, he crossed the room to the door between their bungalow and Tom and Brenda’s. Normally it was locked, but now he unlocked it, being as quiet as he could.

The door swung open – and Simon gasped at the sight that greeted him. Tom was stood naked, his hands resting on Brenda’s head. She was on all fours in front of him, the two of them almost sideways to him. Simon could see Tom’s thick, hard cock, the end slightly curved, the tip covered by Brenda’s full lips. Tom saw Simon, and grinned.

Brenda moaned as she sucked on Tom’s cock, not realising that Simon had arrived as she tried to suck more of Tom into her mouth. Simon’s eyes were locked on her now, at her full breasts swaying beneath her body as she moved, at her pebble like nipples, at her beautifully rounded ass, with her pussy glistening wetly.

He moved behind her and reached between her legs to cup her pussy. She groaned and pushed back against him, wanting more. Simon pushed his fingers into her, fucking her gently as she pushed back against him. Tom’s cock dropped from her mouth as she moaned, but before they could go any further Tom reminded them they needed to be quick.

Simon pulled Brenda to her feet and held her, seeing her, feeling her, properly naked for the first time. They kissed quickly, Simons’ hands running easily down her back to cup her ass, to pull her against him. Her breasts felt so full and firm as they pressed against his chest, her pussy so hot and wet as she pushed herself onto his cock. Brenda reached for Tom’s cock, before Simon led the way back into where Marie was unknowingly waiting for them.

Marie was moaning softly, wondering what Simon was about to do, so she didn’t hear the sharp intake of breath from both Tom and Brenda as they saw her for the first time, spread-eagled on the bed naked. Simon gestured to Tom, who quickly moved to Marie’s side. He tried to suppress his deep groan as he rested his cock against Marie’s moist lips, as she twisted her head and sucked him onto her hungry mouth.

Simon froze for a second as Marie seemed to hesitate, perhaps sensing the difference in the taste, the feel, of Tom’s cock compared to his. But then she sucked hard, drawing Tom’s throbbing shaft deeper into her mouth.

Beside Simon, Brenda was rubbing her clit, her other hand reaching out for his cock as they watched Tom rocking his hips, gently fucking Marie’s mouth. Simon pulled her to him, his tongue plunging into her mouth as he reached for her ass, her breasts, her pussy, as they kissed breathlessly.

They broke apart as Marie cried out, as she let Tom’s cock slip out of her mouth. She cried out to Simon.

“Touch me, fuck me.”

Simon moved across to stand beside Tom, and reached out to Marie, feeling her juices pouring from her as he eased his fingers inside her. Brenda was behind them now, reaching around for both their cocks, pulling Tom’s forward to feed it back into Marie’s waiting mouth while she stroked along Simon’s thick shaft.

Marie felt great, sucking on the cock deep inside her mouth while the fingers plunged into her hot and willing pussy. She knew that something felt different, something was different, but it didn’t worry her, putting it down to the excitement, the uncertainty, over what Simon would do next. But as she felt the anticipation becoming unbearable, as she felt her body writhing about on the bed of its own accord, she could wait no longer.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, shaking her head as Tom’s cock popped out off her mouth.

Simon moved quickly to kneel between Marie’s outstretched legs. He tugged the scarves loose from around her ankles and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders. Brenda came and stood behind him, staring down at Marie’s exposed pussy and ass, at her prominent clit. She watched as Simon rubbed his cock against Marie’s pussy, watching as she pushed her hips off the bed, demanding more.

With a deep moan, Simon plunged his cock into his wife while their friends watched. He thrust into her as deep as he could, holding her hips and pulling her to him. Marie cried out as her pussy was stretched and filled by Simon’s cock, and then again in confusion as she felt another cock against her lips, and then in her mouth. She twisted her head and sucked wantonly on the cock, wanting more. She cried out again as she felt a warm, wet mouth on her breasts, sucking her, licking her.

Simon thought his cock would explode as he watched Brenda sucking Marie’s nipples, as he watched Tom’s cock sliding into her mouth, as his own cock plunged into her pussy. Marie pulled one arm free of the loosely tied scarf, and quickly dragged her blindfold off. She gasped when she saw Tom and Brenda, reaching out to them. She threw her head back as her first orgasm crashed through her body, knowing that there would be more to come.

Brenda slipped a hand between her legs, rubbing her sensitive clit as she drew Marie’s hard nipple deeper into her mouth. Tom saw what she was doing, and dragged his cock out of Marie’s mouth with a “pop”. Marie moaned in disappointment, but it was short lived as she watched Tom move around the bed, his cock jutting out almost obscenely in front of him.

Marie couldn’t see Tom slide his cock into Brenda, but she could imagine it, imagine his cock filling her, especially when his thrusts drove Brenda forward, pushing her down harder onto Marie’s breasts.

The room echoed to their cries as Tom and Simon drove their cocks into their wives, as Brenda sucked on Marie. As her climax approached, Brenda leant over Marie, offering her full breasts to her, her nipples rock hard. A surge of pleasure tore through her as Marie reached up to cup her breasts, before drawing a swollen nipple into her mouth. Marie wrapped her lips around Brenda’s taut nipple, sucking the soft rubbery flesh deep into her mouth while her tongue flicked across the very tip.

Simon was torn between trying to hold back, and his overwhelming need to cum. His balls felt ready to explode as he watched Tom driving into Brenda, as Brenda fed her swollen nipple to Marie, as Marie – with both hands free now – reached out to Brenda, touching her, caressing her. In the end, he could hold back no longer and drove his cock deep into Marie. He held her hips, lifting her off the bed as he pulled her onto his cock.

As Simon’s cum spurted into Marie, she cried out as another orgasm flooded her body, the waves of pleasure merging into one, fed by Simon’s cock and Brenda’s sweet tasting nipple. Tom roared as he came, a torrent of thick cum pouring into Brenda, whose cries filled the room as she slumped forward onto Marie, Tom’s cock deep inside her. Cum and juices escaped onto her thighs as her climax filled her body, her breasts, her nipples, her pussy, on fire.

Brenda lay slumped on top of Marie. At first she was only aware of how laboured her breathing sounded from her excitement. But then she became more aware of the others, of their breathing, of the sweet smell of sex that filled the room. But then she was aware of Marie’s nakedness against her, of the heat and sexiness of her body pressing against hers.

She moved and kissed Marie gently, their lips warm and moist. Both Simon and Tom felt their cocks jerk as Brenda and Marie kissed, slowly, sensually, aware only of each other. It was only when Tom moved that Brenda seemed to become aware of the men again. She stood up, feeling Tom’s cock slipping from between her thighs.

As Brenda turned around, Marie sat up, both of them looking at their men, at their cocks smeared with cum and juices. Brenda kissed Tom quickly, but then moved to sit at the end of the bed, next to where Simon was stood. Leaning forward, she took his semi erect cock into her hand, stroking him gently, feeling his cum and Marie’s juices on him. She dipped her head, and began to lick along his length, tasting them both.

Marie watched for a few moments, her pussy tingling as she watched her best friend licking, and then sucking, her husband’s heavy cock. She moved easily onto all fours, and reached out to Tom, sucking his cock into her mouth again, knowingly tasting him for the first time. Tom looked down at her lithe body, and that up at the mirror in front of him. He could see Marie’s perfect heart shaped ass in the mirror, her tight little hole winking at him, her pussy pouting from between her soft thighs.

As Tom moved to reach out for Marie’s ass, there was a loud knock on the door and a muffled call of “Room service”. They all jumped, looking at each other in panic. Simon glanced across at the clock, not realising how much time had passed. They had all been due downstairs for a meal to celebrate Marie and his wedding anniversary, but had ordered something special from room service instead as part of the plan he had arranged with Tom.

Simon went quickly to the bathroom and grabbed the two towelling robes off the back of the door. He threw them across to Marie and Brenda, who pulled them on quickly as Tom and he wrapped towels around their waists, both conscious of the bulges at the front.

If the waiter thought there was anything odd about the four of them being there dressed like they were, or by how flustered and bedraggled they looked, then he was very good at hiding it. He pushed his trolley through to the veranda, and laid out the food for them.

After he had gone, the four friends looked at each other – and laughed, releasing the tension that had suddenly built up. They sat down and ate, only then appreciating how hungry they were. They laughed and chatted, totally relaxed together. There was no mention of what had happened, although after the waiter had been to clear up the remnants of their meal, and they had opened their second bottle of champagne, there was a definite change to the atmosphere.

Suddenly the air tingled with excitement, with anticipation. Simon looked around, feeling hotter as he saw how close Tom and Marie were now sat, how Brenda’s gown was gaping open, showing off her deep cleavage. Simon smiled to himself – no wonder the waiter had been so keen to lean over Brenda as he had cleared up! And then he watched as Tom stood up, a more than obvious bulge in the front of his towel, and reach out his hand to Marie. Without a backward glance, she let him lead her back into the bedroom.

Simon watched them cross towards the far bed – like most hotels in the region, the rooms all had two big beds. As she walked, Marie shrugged her gown off, so that by the time they stopped at the end of the bed, she was naked. She reached out to Tom, running her hand slowly over his chest, through the hair that ran down to his belly. She scratched lightly across his chest, over his nipples, and then down towards the towel that was still around his waist. As she reached for the towel, the blind fell across the doorway, blocking his view.

Brenda was stood by the doorway, having just let the blind drop. Simon felt his cock jerk as he looked at her, taking in the curves of her body, which were clear even through the gown she still wore. She stepped forward, and sat sideways on his lap. As Brenda wrapped her arms around his neck, he felt his already hard cock swell even more as she wriggled her ass down against him.

They kissed, Brenda’s tongue flicking around his lips before slipping into his mouth. He stroked his hand along her leg, tracing a fingertip around the birth mark on the outside of her knee before sliding his hand along the inside of her thigh towards her pussy. Brenda moaned as she felt his hands on her, her legs opening further as his fingers slipped into her pussy, one and then two, fucking her gently.

He eased his fingers out of her, and reached into her gown, moaning into her mouth as he felt her full breasts for the first time, her nipples hard and responsive between her fingers. He smeared her juices onto her nipples, as Brenda moved her ass against him as they kissed, as Simon enjoyed her breasts and nipples, their moans of pleasure muffled by their exploring tongues.

Brenda softened their kiss after a few long, delicious minutes. She kissed Simon softly on the mouth, and then stood up in front of him. Her gown was already partially open, and Simon could see the outline of one breast, a hint of her deep cleavage. Brenda looked at Simon, her eyes never leaving his as she tugged at the loosely tied belt around her waist.

Once the belt was undone, the gown slipped down her arms. Her shoulders came into view first, beautifully smooth and tanned. They were followed by her large, rounded breasts. Firstly, the top of her firm mounds came into view, then her deep, tanned cleavage, and then her rock hard nipples.

She smiled at Simon, dropping her eyes for a second to look at the bulge in his towel. The gown hesitated for a second as it slipped from her body, caught on her breasts, on her erect nipples, before it dropped to the floor in a pool around her feet, leaving her naked. His eyes moved from her breasts, flicking upwards to her face to watch her watching him, before roaming over her sexy body, over her flat belly, down to the dark patch of neatly trimmed hair that barely hid the wet, pouting delights beneath.

Still looking at him, Brenda dropped to her knees in front of him, her hands reaching out to the towel around his waist. As Brenda dropped to her knees in front of Simon, Tom was pulling Marie up off hers.

As soon as she pulled Tom’s towel away from him, Marie had wanted to taste his cock again. His lips were dry against hers as she reached for his cock, sliding her hand along his already hard length. Tom’s tongue thrust into her mouth as he tried to pull her to him, wanting to feel her nakedness against him, but she was already moving onto her knees, gazing at his thick cock, looking at him closely for the first time.

His cock was thick, the shiny with pre cum. The shaft curved upwards at the end, while his balls hung heavily beneath. Holding his cock up against his belly, Marie licked slowly down his shaft, feeling the thick vein pulsing against her tongue as it fed his erection. She licked across his balls, enjoying his deep moans of pleasure as she sucked on them one at a time. She pulled his cock into her mouth, sucking on him, pulling him deeper into her mouth as he began to rock his hips.

Pulling her to her feet, he eased her towards the bed. She sat down on the edge, and then turned and crawled a little way up, looking back at him over her shoulder as her ass rocked from side to side. She rolled onto her back as he moved to join her, laughing with him as he moved on top of her to pin her down, his knees between her outstretched legs, his hand next to hers above her head.

His cock was resting against her pussy. He pressed forward, groaning as her pussy opened up and accepted the head of her cock into her wet and wanton body. He stopped for a second, staring down at her body, at her taut breasts, before leaning forward and easing his thick cock deep inside her. They both moaned as he buried himself inside her, as she wrapped her legs around him, and then again as he began to fuck her with long, slow, sensual strokes.

Meanwhile, Brenda was staring at Simon, and his cock, eager to taste him again, but even more eager to feel his hard cock inside her. She licked and sucked his cock quickly, just enough to taste him, to feel the strength of his throbbing cock in her mouth.

Standing up, she straddled his lap, her legs each side of his as he slid himself forward on his chair a little. Brenda reached down and held his cock – and then slowly lowered herself down onto him. She gasped as she felt Simon’s cock enter her, and then reach deep inside her. She put her hands on his shoulders as she began to gently bounce up and down on his cock, her nipples rubbing against his chest, sending tingles through both of them as Simon reached around to hold her ass.

Simon moaned against Brenda’s mouth as she dipped her head to kiss him, her pussy squeezing his cock each time she lowered herself onto him. His hips began to move with her, his ass lifting off the chair as he thrust up to met her. Their tongues explored as they kissed, as they caressed each other, as they fucked. They both suddenly froze as they heard cries from the bedroom, cries of pleasure. Brenda sank down onto Simon, wriggling her ass as she settled into his lap.

“Shall we?” she asked, nodding towards the bedroom, before easing herself up off his cock.

Standing up, she took his wet cock in her hand, stroking him slowly before leading him into the bedroom.

Neither Marie nor Tom looked up as they joined them. Marie was still on her back, stretched out, while Tom fucked her slowly, deliberately, changing the depth and angle of his cock with every thrust. Marie was writhing underneath him, her hips moving with him, reaching out to his cock.

Brenda went to the other bed, and quickly crawled to the top end. She was all fours, looking back at Simon, wiggling her ass at him. She reached up for the end of the bed, her firm, rounded ass pointing at him. Simon held his cock, still wet from her juices, and shuffled forward onto the bed, guiding his cock towards her wet lips, peeping out at him from between her damp thighs.

He slid into her again, holding her hips as he knelt behind her and plunged his cock back into her body. He fucked her hard, feeling her pushing back against him, urging his cock deeper inside her. Sometimes he held her hips, pulling her onto his cock, but other times he reached under her to cup her swaying breasts as they hung firmly beneath her voluptuous body.

Their cries joined with Tom and Marie’s in filling the room. They were all very aware of each other now, glancing over, watching.

Tom and Marie watched as Simon drove into Brenda, her breasts swaying as she clung on to the end of the bed. Each time he drove into her, her tiny puckered ass seemed to wink at him, the little ridges of flesh already damp where her juices had ran between her cheeks earlier. Marie gasped as she saw Simon lean over to the bedside draw, and reach for her little vibrator. He switched it on and ran it softly over Brenda’s ass, firstly across her cheeks, and then along the tight crack between them, and then finally by pressing it lightly against her puckered hole.

Tom pumped his cock frantically into Marie. She cried out as her orgasm flooded her body, waves of pleasure washing through her as he slammed into her, her breasts bouncing wildly on her chest, her head rocking from side to side. Tom’s cum exploded into her, driven there as his balls contracted. He slumped forward as they clung to each other, sharing their pleasure, his cock still deep inside her.

They looked over at the others as Brenda cried out again as Simon reached a hand around to cup her breast again, her body crying out for release as he fucked her pussy, as he toyed with her ass, as he pulled at her taut, sensitive nipples. His balls were on fire as he drove into Brenda’s wanton body, as they slapped wetly against her.

Simon yelled out as he came, unable to hold back any longer. He cried out as his cum erupted into her waiting body, as jet after jet shot into her pussy. He pushed the first inch of the vibrator into her ass, sending her over the edge as she came again.

She screamed as the vibrator, as his hands, his cock, sent waves of intense pleasure coursing through her body. She cried out as his cum mixed with her hot juices, as he pulled out of her and sprayed the last of his cum over her ass and back, watching as it splashed onto her tanned body and then trickled slowly back down the crack between her cheeks, covering her puckered hole.

Simon rolled onto his side, pulling Brenda with him, holding her tight, his cock still inside her. She twisted her head around to kiss him, their lips still hungry for each other. As they broke their kiss, they looked across at Marie and Tom. Marie was lying behind Tom, her arm around him, his cock in her hand. For a moment, no one seemed sure of what to say, what to do. It was Brenda who spoke first.

“Wow!!” was all she needed to say to sum up their feelings.


After that, they finished off the champagne, and then all stayed in the same room to sleep. Despite being snuggled up close to Simon, Marie couldn’t sleep, her mind still full of the excitement of the last few hours. Eventually, she decided to take a walk along the beach, knowing that the resort was totally safe.

She got out of bed carefully, not wanting to disturb Simon or the others. She glanced across at Tom and Brenda, her pussy throbbing as she thought of Tom’s cock inside her, of Brenda with Simon. As she pulled a tee shirt over her head, and slipped into some shorts, she did briefly wonder if they would have any regrets in the morning, but she pushed them to the back of her mind as she slipped out of the bungalow.

Brenda was awake as well, watching as Marie stood across the room. She almost gasped out loud as she saw Marie silhouetted by the moonlight filtering through the blinds, marvelling at how sexy she looked. She watched Marie dress before quickly deciding to follow her. Not wanting to waste time, she grabbed the towelling robe she had worn earlier, shrugged it on, and slipped out without disturbing Tom and Simon.

She caught up with Marie a little way down the path to the beach. They walked in silence for a while, enjoying the still of the night, the feel of the still warm sand beneath their feet. After a while, they reached a secluded beach that they often visited during the day. It was perhaps a hundred yards long, narrow at one end, but wide enough at the other for a dozen palm umbrellas to be laid out, with sun beds underneath them.

They walked across to the umbrella nearest the sea, and settled down on the sun beds. They sat in silence for a few minutes. The only noise they could hear was the soft swishing of the sea lapping at the beach, which was fringed by palm trees and lit only by the moon.

They were both thinking about earlier, but not sure what to say. Brenda broke what was becoming an awkward silence.

“Let’s go swimming!”

Marie looked at her for a moment, wondering if she was serious. She knew that the water was safe enough, but it was the middle of the night.

“Come on,” Brenda said, standing up, “It’ll be fun.”

“Towels, costumes?” Marie enquired, not really wanting to go back to the bungalow.

Brenda hesitated for a moment, but then undid her gown, dropped it in the sand, and ran naked towards the sea, her call of “we won’t need them…” trailing in the air behind her.

Marie caught a fleeting glimpse of her friend’s lovely breasts, and then watched her naked, firm ass as she ran to the sea. She stood up and stripped off quickly, her pussy tingling at the thought of being naked with Brenda. She felt great as she headed into the sea, plunged into the water and quickly swam after Brenda.

They swam parallel to the beach for a while, enjoying the cool water, their nakedness, the sense of freedom. As they got used to the water, they went out further, eventually stopping for a breather, holding each other as they trod water, very aware of each other, of their nakedness.

It happened suddenly – a wave caught them, and pressed them close together. Their breasts met, their hard nipples pressing into each other. They automatically held each other tighter as another wave followed the first, throwing them even closer together, their lips now only inches apart.

But even as the seas flattened out again they didn’t move – except towards each other, their arms tightening around each other as their lips met. Their kiss was electric, sending tingles through both of them, tingles that went straight to their nipples and pussy’s.

Brenda broke away first, gasping for breath. She turned and swam quickly to the beach. Marie followed her, both of them now uncertain of their feelings, of their needs. By the time Marie reached the beach, Brenda was already using her gown as a towel. She started to pull it over her still damp body, but then stopped as Marie came up the beach towards her, her nakedness lit only by the moonlight.

Brenda felt a sudden tightness in her chest, a deep longing – and a surge of wetness to her pussy. She gestured for Marie to turn around, and then used her gown to dry her back, sliding her hands slowly down her slender body. She hesitated as she reached the base of Marie’s spine, but then continued, stepping forward to kiss the side of Marie’s neck as her hands caressed her ass, only the gown between them.

Marie shuddered as she felt Brenda’s lips on her neck, her breasts warm and soft against her back, her hands on her ass. She turned around, longing to hold Brenda close. But Brenda stepped back a little, the gown still in her hand. She reached out and ran the gown over Marie’s breasts, over her rock hard nipples, down over her belly. But as her hands reached lower, the gown was forgotten, dropped onto the sand, as Brenda cupped Marie’s mound, her wetness warm on her hand.

They fell into each others arms, their mouths locked together, their breasts squashed between them, their hands reaching out for each other. They stumbled against one of the sun beds and fell backwards. They gasped as they landed, as Brenda straddled Marie. Any discomfort from their stumble was forgotten as they kissed, as their tongues explored.

Marie wrapped her legs around Brenda, pulling her tight to her, their pussy’s rubbing wetly against each other. Brenda responded eagerly, her tongue thrusting deeper into Marie’s mouth as she pressed her breasts down against Marie.

The silence of the night was broken only by their soft moans. Their bodies were on fire, moulded together, pleasure coursing through them. They rolled over, falling off the sun bed and onto the soft sand. They looked longingly into each others eyes, wanting more, but still unsure. Marie moved first, twisting her body around until she was facing the other way, her hands and knees each side of Brenda.

Moving slowly, Marie dropped her head towards Brenda’s pussy. She kissed her damp mound, tasting her for the first time. As she licked slowly across her clit, and down between her pouting lips, Brenda reached up to hold Marie’s ass, to pull her down onto her waiting mouth.

They kissed and licked each other, their mouths and lips’ moving from their clits, to their pussy’s and then lower. They sucked and tasted each other, their tongues exploring, reaching deep inside each others bodies. Their hands reached for each other, touching and caressing, wanting and needing more. They both came together, not caring who heard them as they cried out, as their juices flooded into each others mouths.

Afterwards, they clung to each, their bodies coated in sand, kissing gently. Brenda stood up first, pulling Marie to her feet and leading her naked across to the open air shower by the tree line. She leant over and switched the water on, her breasts swinging forward for Marie to hold. They stood under the cool shower in each others arms, kissing gently, rubbing each other slowly, as the water poured over them.

Brenda turned, and Marie moved behind her. She cupped Brenda’s breasts, her own pressed into her back. Brenda twisted her head back, and they kissed, as Marie gently rubbed Brenda’s nipples, as Brenda pushed her ass back against her friend, their hands still washing the sand off each other. They eventually broke their kiss and turned back into each others arms, standing still together and letting the water wash over them.

After they had slipped their clothes on over their still damp bodies, they walked slowly hand in hand back to the bungalow, talking quietly. They grinned at each other as they saw Tom and Simon still sleeping, before slipping back into bed, their thoughts full of each other.


The next day was their last full day on holiday, as they were due to fly home the following evening. After breakfast, they set off in the hired catamaran again for the uninhabited island they had visited a few days earlier. They were all totally relaxed, enjoying each others company, a sense of anticipation over what might happen in the air.

When they had all woken up, nothing was said about the previous night. At first, there was a sense of uncertainty, but that had soon evaporated as Tom and Marie had kissed each other “good morning”, before watching Simon and Brenda do the same. Tom’s cock had reared up as he had watched his wife pressing herself against his best friend. After that, they were at ease with each other, with their nakedness.

Once on the catamaran, they had set some light sail and then headed out to sea. There was barely any wind, and the sea was almost flat, but they didn’t mind – they had each others company to enjoy!

Simon and Tom pulled their tee shirts off before Simon steered the boat, and Tom moved their picnic basket and stuff into the small cabin. Marie and Brenda stripped slowly down to their tiny bikini’s, and then proceeded to spread some cushions on the deck for them to laze on, never missing an opportunity to bend over for Tom and Simon.

As the warmth of my last orgasm slowly faded from my body, and I relaxed my torso, which had been stretched like a cat to concentrate the impact of each shudder, I closed my eyes, slowly let out my breath, and finally relaxed.

Will wasn’t due back from his date for two or more hours, after all. His kids hadn’t stirred all night, either, and I was, frankly, giddy from making myself come so many times. Tonight I’d finally cracked the childlock password on his TV to access the late night channels; it had been quite an evening!

So my hand still inside my jeans and nestling down inside my panties, one finger tip still pushed inside of my wet, hot, tingly pussy – I loved to leave it there after coming – I allowed myself to drift into a doze, muting the sound of the sex on the TV. He’s not back for hours yet, after all, I remember thinking…


“Um, hi.”

Oh God.

I opened my eyes.

Immediately I could tell from the light having faded around the windows that it was much, much later.

I also knew he was home and I was caught, literally, with my hand inside my pants.

Removing it like a kid caught doing something naughty, and as my eyes adjusted to the light, Will came into focus.

He was perched on the arm of the sofa opposite, smiling gently.

“Quiet night?”, he asked. Was that all that he was asking?

The TV was now off, I noticed. Oh God, again. Had he seen what I was watching, or had I turned it off myself while half-asleep?

More so, had he noticed my hand down my jeans, or did he just think I’d been dozing?

I could feel myself flushing from tip to toe as I sat up on my sofa to smile back at him, trying not to look guilty.

Trying really hard.

Then I noticed the smell.

“Oh, hi, yeah *fake yawn* really quiet. The boys have been angels. Not a peep. As usual. You? Nice date?”

You couldn’t miss it. I should have opened the windows and washed my hands (and my face too, as I’d licked my own fingers at certain points during the evening’s entertainment). But the perfume in the room was unmistakable. All you could smell was my fingering.

“Another disaster, I’m afraid.” He took a sip of wine.

Wine? How long had he been home and sitting there?

Oh. My. God.


I’m just 18, but my parents have let me have a drop from time to time since I was 14. Still, I’d been babysitting for Mr and Mrs North, and just for Will after his wife died nearly three years ago, since I was 13. He’d started dating again a few months ago, so I’d restarted babysitting, but it wasn’t going well for him. He’d never yet asked me to have a drink.

“Sure… just a little.” I bit my lip as he poured my some red wine and passed it over to me. Most of the bottle was gone already, I noticed. I sipped. It was gorgeous, like another orgasm, this one spreading down my throat. I felt a tiny tingle somewhere else at that precise moment too. “Katie, control yourself”, I thought. Fat chance.

“Mmm, lovely.” I licked the wine off my lips, feeling where I’d been chewing them earlier as I came, tasting a hint of myself. “So what happened on your date?”

I sat up, trying to look attentive and unflustered. Dating should have been easy for him. Will was a uni lecturer, still in his thirties, really cute, dark hair and eyes, kind of mad hair but well styled. Expensive, casual but dead smart clothes. Not too old-looking. Better looking, for sure, than most of my own sixth-form lecturers. But he was finding life back in the dating world tough, I’d heard my Mum say a few days ago.

“Total nutter. Spent the entire meal carping on about her cats and how the only person in life she’d really loved was her grandmother. Not a good sign.” He smiled a little here, but I could see he was hurt a little too.

One too many buttons was undone on my vest top, I noticed now, where I’d been teasing a nipple a bit earlier. My cut off jeans were done up, thank God.

“Ha ha!” I laughed, for real. He was funny. Always had been, until the accident. Now he was again.

The tingling got stronger as I laughed. I suddenly flashed back to the last scene I’d been watching of a guy and a girl on a beach somewhere. I’d had my last orgasm as she’d had hers, while the cute guy screwed her hard, but nicely, side by side from behind, playing with her boobs, rubbing his hands all over her smooth, curvy body. Then kissing her neck as she came. That was the bit that pushed me over the last time.

My neck was getting pink just above the beginnings of my own boobs, I could tell.

I should leave. I don’t want to leave.

“Enjoy the TV tonight?” he asked.

I stopped breathing. He knew everything.

I took a sip of wine.

“Um, look…” What to say what to say?

“It’s OK.” He smiled again. “I wondered if you’d been sneaking around the channels lately. I should have chosen a more difficult password.”

It had been Elly, of course, his wife’s name. Not the boys’ names, or combinations thereof, as I’d first thought last month when I’d tried to hack it then. Just his late wife.

He looked sad again. But something else as well.



We both spoke at once. I flushed red again.

“No, go on”, he said. He came and sat next to me, on the arm of my sofa.

He took my hand. It was shaking a little.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. But I was bored and, you know, kinda wondering what the channels were like that I couldn’t normally access. And then, I guess, I must of just got bored and turned off the TV and gone to sleep.”

Would it work?

“Nice try” he said, with another nice smile, and a wry little chuckle that I just loved hearing.

“The Tv was still on when I got home, but with the sound right down. Interesting programme, quite educational. Although not one of the best on that channel. So I’ll tell you what I think happened.”

Dry mouth. More wine. “OK?” I asked.

“You had lots and lots of fun then passed out with exhaustion. Am I right?” Another smile.

Please, please stop smiling, I thought, you’re not helping matters, I’m getting wet and my parents will expect me home soon.

“I guess” I murmured, biting my bottom lip, looking at him with what I hoped was my sexiest, cutest, most knowing look of all, my face down, my eyes angled up to meet his gaze. A gaze, I now noticed, taking in all of my every so slightly plump but curvy body, wearing just my tight little, overtly unbuttoned top, cut off jean shorts, and white sneakers.

He lifted my hand to his lips, and kissed one finger tip.

The precise finger that, moments before he’d woken me up, had been still inside me.

I literally melted inside my panties.

“A girl after my own heart”, he said. “I guess?”

This is, of course, when I should have gone right home. Made my excuses and left. No harm done yet, just one of those things. Chalk it all up to experience, take the thirty quid and move on. And never ever babysit for him or look him in the eyes across the street again.

“I guess”, I said, suddenly leaning forwards and turning my face up to meet his wine-stained lips with my own. I kissed him fully, kneeling up on the sofa as I did so, putting my hands onto his face as I kissed him. My eyes were shut and I did not dare open them until I felt him respond, after a second’s hesitation and then kiss me right back, his hands in my long, light brown hair and then sliding down my back, his tongue’s tip playing expertly at the edge of my open lips and then nipping into me, meeting my own, like electric.

He pushed me, gently but firmly, back onto the sofa and knelt down between my legs, the groin of his trousers brushing the tight blue cotton of my jeans, spread wide by my open legs, one rested on the seat of the sofa, one against the back.

I knew he was excited as soon as our bodies touched this way, and I gasped at the obvious, gratifying bulge in his slacks. I’d felt it before with boyfriends, of course, and knew it signalled their urgent need to be taken out of their prison and sucked, wanked or – if I really, really liked them – ridden till they came, but I didn’t know an older man could feel so hard or so desperate. Live and learn. I smiled to myself as I gasped a little.

So I wriggled on top of him, sitting up as he lay down gazing up at me, smiling a little drunkenly but really, really happily. I loved that he was so happy at this moment, all down to me. I rocked my hips a little against him, knowing he’d like the pressure as much as I did if I got it in just the right place… oh yeah.

I pulled my top over my head in one movement, freeing my breasts. My nipples hard and tingly, taut brown against my pale pink skin. Then I leant over onto him, remembering the couple on the beach, and how she had leaned over him, her big breasts surrounding his face, him eagerly sucking, licking and pressing at them. Will did the same to me and I moaned again, my hand tracking down his body to his trousers and pressing the hot outline of his cock against my palm through the light material.

Now it was his move, and he unpopped the button at the top of my shorts, kissing me on the lips again as he did so, then pulling them apart so the poppers all opened at once. The flush of air against the wet linen of my panties made me wetter still. And he pulled them down with the shorts.

Then he slid down the sofa, smiling up at me, and said:

“I’ve really, really missed this. May I?”

He’s, like, asking?

I pushed my cunt onto his face in response. He chuckled against me.

“Oh God, God” I muttered, as his tongue slid into my warm, oily hole and then out again, tracing up my shaved lips then onto the hard, still, beating heart of my pussy, circling it, teasing it, making me wince up above, then back down, and inside and in and out and repeating and repeating and repeating.

I found the remote by our side and flipped on the TV. A close up of a huge cock hammering in and out of some cute girl’s pussy, her face like mine, contorted with pleasure.

“That’s. What. I want” I managed to say. He stopped and looked, then slid back up the sofa beneath me. “It’s what I’ve wanted all night lying here.”

Thinking of you, I wanted to say, but couldn’t yet.

He unzipped his trousers and I unbuttoned his shirt. Out of the back pocket he took some condoms.

“Better be safe, I guess…” he said.

“I’m on the pill”, I replied, my eyes now off the screen and transfixed on his quite long, nicely rounded and best of all very hard cock. I traced my finger nails from his balls to the tip then back down again, feeling his heavy ones move and the skin of his scrotum contract at the touch.

“More dangerous though. My history. Yours” he said, a wink in his eyes. “I guess it’s your decision.”

“I guess”, I replied, then cried out a tiny, shuttered yelp as he pushed suddenly, nakedly into me, his whole, hot shaft sliding in to the balls. No resistance, my pussy so ready from its long warm up earlier in the evening.

He looked reposed beneath me. Mostly. Save for the small beads of sweat on his temples.

I moved up the shaft, he sank down a little beneath me into the sofa, then our bodies me again in the middle, he filling me, me gripping him deep inside. We did this again, and again, sometimes my hips gyrating in a little circle one way, then the next, getting gradually faster until he placed his hands on my hips to quell them and took over.

I laughed with delight. “Oh please, please, do it!” I gasped, as he started to hammer in and out of me. Wet sounds and slapping noises, my big breasts juddering, biting my lip, biting, harder, harder…

Then suddenly he returned into me with wonderful slowness and, at the moment I felt his full cock in me finally, my pussy began to spasm.

“oh shitting hell!” I cried.

He laughed again, like a 17-year-old. I looked down, grinning and pink, my body cascading under waves of sheer joy.

He grinned back, and I think – I think – I saw a tear creep down the side of his face.

Was this his first time since…?

I didn’t ask. I just said:

“Thank you”.

Gyrating my hips again on him, in control, eking every last ounce of pleasure out of my savage orgasm, I waited for him to force me to do something else. He didn’t. I guess this is the difference between 17 and 37. I like it!

“So what did you like most on the TV tonight?” he asked, slowly, so slowly starting to slide in and out of me again. I glanced at the TV again, which he couldn’t see, but I had a good view of. It was now a show I’d seen earlier in the night: a gorgeous black guy taking a very athletic looking Asian teen from behind, she jerking in front of him like a ball attached to a tabletennis bat, her little titties jabbing up and down with every beat. I’d tried it once with a guy like that but we were too uptight to make it work and we ended up him on top, me getting not a lot out of it.

Nothing like this.

“This looks pretty cool” I said, lifting his chin to make him look at the screen.

He slid out from beneath me, removing his shirt as he did so, and knelt down behind me. His legs encapsulated mine on either side, and I leant on the far arm of the sofa.

I felt his hot, swollen tip push against me.

“I warn you”, he said. “It’s only the wine that’s keeping me in one piece. It’s been… it’s been a long time for me since… This is…”

I looked back over my shoulder at him, then forward to look at the screen once again.

“This is what you need”, I said, and he gasped out loud as I slid back onto him hard and fast, like the Asian girl in the Tv show.

“Oh fucking hell yes” he whispered and panted, suddenly taking me harder than I’d anticipated, riding me like the guy in the film was fucking the girl on the screen, and now I knew why she was gritting her teeth as his big cock stretched me every time thanks to the position and depth. I arched my back a little to relieve it now and again, but in truth I really liked it, making me ache, making me sorer still after all my touching earlier in the evening.

“Please fuck me really hard, Will” I urged him, the guy on the film barely able to hold back, Will panting short and hard with his strokes of cock, now jabs rather than strokes.

“Katie… Katie” he just about managed to say, hard, short thrusts… then suddenly longer, kinder, slower ones, and I felt myself coming again on his lovely penis, my knees buckling a little. On the film, the guy’s come was pouring out into the girl’s mouth and spilling onto her cheeks as she jerked him off.

Will’s breathing changed pitch, lower, beginning to make low, strange moans. “So close”, he murmured, concentrating.

“Don’t hold back”, I begged, my pussy still ringing from the orgasm and willing to be pushed into another the moment he came.

Longer, slower strokes, Will holding back until he could bear it no longer. I felt his hands gripping my hips ever tighter, leaving marks – I’d have to hide from Mum when I took my shower the next day – but I didn’t mind.

Time seeming to come to a halt as he returned into me, straining, his whole body tightening, his whole cock like an arm, like a bone, a hot hard bone, an arrow, inside me. Ready to split me right open.

He pressed, he pressed, he pressed some more, his every fibre pushed into my young little cunt.

“Oh my God”.

It felt like a shaken soda bottle going off in my pussy, me the hand gripping and shaking it to make it foam, as my walls pulsed hard of their own accord against his juddering, cascading cock.

“Oh oh oh oh” I gasped, laughing, crying a little too, never having realised it could feel this good. Not quite this bloody good. My pussy coming again like a round of applause, my body on fire, aglow, so very happy.

“Oh yes”, he responded, laughing too, and perhaps also crying a little, for different reasons. But most of all because he was so happy and – a word I now understood – ecstatic.

He turned off the Tv with the remote and we sort of collapsed onto the sofa, he still inside me, gently spasming still with aftershocks, me simply buzzing in the afterglow of my counterorgasm and after the single most erotically thrilling night of my life so far.

We lay like that for a long time, and then he said:

“Fancy a cup of tea?”


He kissed me gently this time at the back door.

“Sleep well. Can you babysit next week again?”

“You have a date?”

“Not exactly.”

I smiled this time.

“Sure can.”

He passed me the money, and something else too.

I looked at it as I walked down the driveway and crossed the road home.

It was a key to the door and to further nights like the one I’d just experienced.

I slipped it into the pocket of my now musty shorts and skipped home, hoping my parents were already fast asleep.

This is part 2 reading part 1 first is recommended. I have fleshed this out a bit more, but this is quite short compared to part 3.


Sarah was in the bathroom doing her morning routine of toilet then shower. She looked in the mirror, she applied her makeup, she smiled as she noticed a lack of wrinkles, her skin was good.

She thought of how much Mike looked like his father Alan. When she was a teenager, Alan was the one man Sarah wanted, but her friend Karen got there first, her friend, Michael’s mother.

Mike was a lot younger than her, but he was mature beyond his years, she still didn’t know if it would last or be a quick fling, let’s just see where it goes.

She enjoyed the attention, and as long as she did not lose a friend she would be OK. To Sarah, this was her biggest worry, Mike was a good friend, one of her best, she always looked forwards to his visits. She would hate to lose him as a friend, but then perhaps by starting their relationship as friends, maybe they would last.

Mike was in the bedroom looking around, he looked over her dressing table, examining her makeup and accessories, Sarah came back in wrapped in a towel. “Having fun exploring?”

“What, oh just having a look.” as he returned to planet earth.

She sat down next to him and started explaining what was what. Most was obvious like the makeup.

Mike commented “I don’t think I have never seen you not wearing your bangles and necklace?”

“I just don’t bother to take them off, nothing more than that.”

“Do they mean anything?”

“Not really I have collected the bangles since I had one as a present when I was about fifteen, the necklace was my 18th birthday present from my parents.”

She opened a drawer and pulled out a box.

“The bits I don’t wear normally are here. Just a few rings and stuff.”

“Your fingers are slender and delicate” Mike said as he took her hand.

“Yes, I have to go for the slightly smaller ring sizes,” and reeled off a finger size.

“Why do you know that?”

“Just a good memory, and dealing with buying a ring mail order and found it didn’t fit, it had to go a couple of sizes smaller.”

“Makes sense.”

“Anyway I’ve finished in the bathroom.”

Mike whizzes to the bathroom. He toilets, showers, cleans his teeth, and shaves, then joins Sarah back in the bedroom.

He thinks back to their previous night and the wonderful wakeup he had. As he had finished school and would be starting further education, this was his last ever long holiday without responsibilities.

He had been doing various part time jobs to save money, he mowed lawns for a few people, he did the odd evening shift at the local shop, from about 6pm to 8pm, but most of the time was his own.

Sarah had just finished a children’s book and had started researching the next one, this was going to be historical fiction, so currently it was reading, looking at the internet, and working out a plot. This left her a lot of free time as well.

They were still a bit worn out from their previous nights exertions.

“I have some things I need to do this morning, I will be a few hours but will be back for dinner.” Said Sarah.

“Where are you going?” he enquired.

“Just general boring stuff, I’ll get you a key when we get downstairs, you know the alarm code.”

She then checked her wardrobe, and grabbed some clothes, putting them on the bed, while murmuring to herself. She then went to her chest of drawers, looked through them, pulled all the contents of the bottom one into the middle one, she then grabbed the bag Mike brought over last night and tipped all the underwear into the drawer. She then grinned at Mike and said “one job done.”

She got dressed in a linen skirt and T shirt, Mike got dressed in jeans and T shirt and they both went downstairs.

“We are a bit late. so will cereal do?”

“Yes, and a mug of tea please.”

Sarah grabs a box of Shredded Wheat and puts it on the table, the kettle is boiling and before long Mike is eating his Shredded Wheat with a nice mug of tea.

“I have to go, see you about twelve,” she said kissing him, “love you.”

“Love you,” he replied. She handed him a key, then vanishes out of the door.

Mike finishes up, washes the dishes then heads back to his parent’s house. He waters and checks over the garden, picks some ripe tomatoes and puts them in his car. He loads up some more clothes, his computer, all of his art and photography kit, he leaves his hi-fi until he sorts it with Sarah, she has some mid range kit, Mike had acquired some decent kit off people upgrading, also he left his console and TV.

It is now about 11 o’clock in the morning, and he drove back to Sarah’s, there is enough room on her drive for two cars so he parks near the garage, an old wooden structure never used for car parking, and starts to unload.

He puts his clothes into the bedroom, underwear in the drawer, other clothes still in carrier bags, the computer he moves into the study but leaves piled up. He is just bringing in the last few items when Sarah drives up. She jumps out of the car and gives him a big hug.

“I missed you!”

“And you, did you sort everything?”

“Yes, I’m on the pill now.”

“Uh! Did we do it with no protection then?”

“Erm yes, but I am in my least fertile part of my cycle so risked it.”

“But what if…”

“If it had, I don’t know, I could never get rid, but neither of us would be ready.”

This was a reminder to him that Sarah’s biological clock was ticking away, if she wanted children she would need to have them by her mid forties, hit early fifties and IVF would be likely, Mike felt so young at that moment, but let it wash over him, to him this really was the only bad bit of their new relationship.

After a quick check over the garden, Sarah prepared dinner and after they had eaten said “Job three time.”

“Eh! And what was job 2?”

“My visit to the Doctors, anyway follow me upstairs.” She smiled taking his hand.

They went upstairs, and into the smallest bedroom.

“We need that in my …. our room.” pointing at a wardrobe, very similar to her own.

They emptied it of old clothes, putting them on the bed. Then they carried it through to their bedroom, placing it near the existing wardrobe.

“Phew OK, let’s load it.”

They filled it with Mike’s clothes, now it was properly his room as well.

“Job three done.” Sarah laughed.

Now they flopped onto the bed, Mike suddenly grabbed Sarah and pulled her close to him, he kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth, she suckled on his tongue then made knots with hers, he put his hand underneath her T-shirt and bra and rubbed her left breast , she pulled off her top and undid her bra, he moved down to her nipple and started to suck, she undid his jeans, they split apart for a moment to finish undressing, then restarted their fun.

He moved his hand down to her crotch, stroked the lips and then pushed in his fingers, as he tickled her clit. Sarah responded and stroked Mike’s penis, she then moaned “now, quick,” and rolled onto her back. Mike climbed between her legs and kissed her belly, he worked up to her lips via her breasts kissing and sucking both nipples. Sarah shouted “Now!” He kissed her neck finally reaching her mouth entwining tongues. He entered her easily and started to thrust in and out, “Harder” Sarah moaned, he picked up the speed, she wrapped her legs around him and pushed her head right back, her necklace tight at her throat, he kissed her neck and shoulders while thrusting, in and out, in and out, his penis sliding, his foreskin rolling up and down the shaft, her muscles gripping him hard, milking him for all they were worth.

He changed his angle to put more pressure on her clit, this worked, pushing her over, she came, thrusting herself up towards him, grinding her crotch into his, her pulsing muscles set off his ejaculation, filling her again, and milking him for every drop. They then collapsed into a heap, and lay there, cuddling and kissing for a while.


“So what else do we need to sort Mike?”

“It’s all in the study.”

They both wander down partially dressed, and examine the pile. They find a spot for the PC and set it up, there is some wiring to sort so Mike makes a mental reminder to get the cabling as soon as he can. The photographic kit is spread around, the cameras would be in the sitting room, in a cupboard Sarah already kept her camera in, the tripod would stay in the study in the corner.

“Your painting kit. What shall we do?”

“I used to keep it in my bedroom, needs to be somewhere with daylight and somewhere I would use it.”


“How did you get planning permission for it?”

“It is Grade II listed not Grade I, so quite easily really.”

“Conservatory it is.”

They carried the art equipment through and set the easel up in a corner.

“How much of your stuff is here?”

“About half, most of my clothes, all my painting and photo kit, my PC, but no printer, still have tools, TV, Hi-Fi and games console.”

“We will have to do a good check on the Hi-Fi and see what is best, how big is the TV?”

“32 inch LCD.”

“Hmm mine is 28 inch so may as well have yours in the living room, is it any good?”

“Yes pretty good, it was a 17th birthday present, even has a couple of HDMI ports.”

“We will have to sort the garage for any tools.”

“Might leave them at my parents, but keep a few here for urgent repairs, a lot of them are my dad’s.”

“Did you know that your dad was one of the nicest men I have met? if things had been different, but your mum got him first, and I was only 13 at the time, but he was 21.”

Mike went bright red.

Tea time soon rolled around, Sarah prepared a chilli, she was a good cook, and she could put the food away.

“I have always wondered, you are thin but eat so much?”

“My metabolism I think, and I am always active.”

“Also why you look so good, your skin is soft and no wrinkles.”

“I’m not that old,” she laughed, “so no wrinkles yet!”


“I do get the odd white hair though, not many, but I usually pull them out.”

“I don’t think that would change you much, your hair is pretty light.”

“I will probably go white rather than grey, don’t dump me if I do though!” she joked.

“That won’t happen.”

“It’s a lovely evening,” she prompted, “lets get some fresh air.”

It was about 7pm and the village was quiet, lots of people were on holiday, the children not away were at the playground, parents were doing whatever parents did. A few younger teenagers were whizzing about on their bikes but kept clear of them as Mike had punched one of them a year ago for bullying his younger brother.

They came to a stile, Mike climbed over, Sarah followed, helping each other. The footpath they were on led across a field up hill, to another footpath parallel to the village, the view was always beautiful, a typical Cotswold view, after another field they followed a bridleway back into the village by Mike’s parent’s house.

Watering took place and few more of Mike’s belongings were picked up. They walked back to

Sarah’s through the village. As they approached the pub, “Shall we go to the Crown tonight?” Mike asked.

“I would rather go tomorrow.” replied Sarah.

They walked home hand in hand, and decided on an early night.

They made their way to the bedroom, and clambered into bed, Mike gazed into Sarah’s light blue eyes, the last of the daylight pushing through the gaps in the curtains.

He started to kiss his way down her body, he kissed and licked her nipples, then kissed her belly, then for the first time moved down towards her parts.

He started to explore them with his mouth, he put his tongue between her lips, and found her clit, he licked and then sucked at her clit, the taste was unusual but in no way horrible. He felt Sarah move around and her hair brush his thigh, then he felt a hand on the shaft of his penis, lips on the head, as she carefully pulled down his foreskin, he felt her licking the helmet, while gently sucking the head.

He picked up the licking of her clit, he licked at her vagina, caught a gush of juices, she licked around his head, lips around the shaft, he felt the juddering as her orgasm approached, and of his own release getting nearer, suddenly, she jerked as she came, this excited Mike who then shot into Sarah’s mouth.

She kept him in her mouth until he started to go soft, they both repositioned themselves head to head.

Sarah grinned at Mike, and kissed him, they tasted themselves on each other, he pulled back slightly after a few seconds.

“Where did it go?”

“Here!” She said pointing at her belly.

“Wow, what was it like?”

“Bit salty but not bad. What about me?”

“Difficult to describe, not unpleasant. You would have tasted it on my lips.”

She smiled again and cuddled up to Mike, arm on his chest playing with his hairs, still with a happy grin on her face.

He started to kiss her and rub her body and her bottom, she held him around the shoulders, their tongues mingling, Mike felt himself rise again so reached his hand towards Sarah’s sex, she was still wet and a small rub brought another rush of juices, “I need you now!” she said, he lay back and pulled Sarah onto his belly, she kneeled and guided him inside herself.

She then slide up and down his shaft, gently at first, he returned her thrusting with his own, he pulled her down to him and kissed her deeply, she carried on thrusting up and down, bringing an orgasm first to herself clenching him hard, then a few seconds later to him.

“I really love you,” he said, “I want to stay with you forever.”

“I love you too, and I don’t want this to end either.”

Sarah rolled off Mike and they were both asleep within minutes in each other’s arms.

Mike was having an odd dream, he was really turned on but could not make out what was happening, he drifted awake to a lovely feeling. He opened his eyes, right in front of his face was Sarah’s bottom, and his penis was in her mouth.

He prodded her legs and she dropped down onto him, her juices ran over his face and he licked what he could, “mmmf hmmk” she said, “What?”, she pulled off his penis and said “You’re awake.”

“Yes and what a fun way to wake up,” he said as Sarah as she returned to her task. Mike licked at her, put his tongue between her lips and licked her clit, as he was below, her aromatic juices ran into his mouth and he swallowed them, this time he came first as Sarah was licking him around the head, and he could feel her swallowing, he stopped for a second then felt a hard nudge, then another, he came out of his post orgasmic high and continued to lick her, she was close and then came with a hard judder.

“I need the toilet!”, and Mike rolled Sarah off him and ran in and started his pee, Sarah came in

and waited, Mike washed his hands and kissed her, she then plopped down on the toilet for her pee.

Mike then jumped into the shower, unfortunately it was too small for both of them they had to take turns.

Afterwards he returned to the bed and thought about what was happening to his life, Sarah jumped back in and snuggled up.

They were both happy, would it continue?

It was speedweek at Daytona, February 1991. I was down to watch the big race at the big track and to race my old dirt modified at the satellite dirt tracks. The first night out at Valdosta speedway, I had been clipped in the first heat race and tapped the fence pretty hard. We had to replace part of the front suspension, the front shock, and weld up a broken mount.

Not a good way to start seven days of hard racing but we learned something. By luck of the draw, I got to start the “B” feature up near the front and won it with ease. Whatever we had done to the front end helped the car handle. It now planted the left front wheel better and steered through the turns with ease, which meant I could get back to the gas earlier and harder.

The “A” feature was forty laps on that rough old track. I started twentieth out of twenty-four and won going away. The car was a rocket and seemed to just float through those rough turns anywhere I drove it. High, low, in the middle, it did not seem to matter, the car was bad fast.


The winner’s circle was a madhouse; tech inspection afterwards was a breeze. The car was parked at the end of the trailer, ready to load. I was leaned in through the window getting my helmet off the hook on the center roof cross brace of the roll cage when someone put their hands on my sides and slowly ran them down to my hips and then across my ass.

I bumped my head hard as I tried to back out of the low, narrow window. I had the helmet in one hand and the other on the growing knot on the back of my head. As I straightened and turned around my mouth dropped open. All thoughts of the knot on my head disappeared. I was looking into the greenest eyes I had ever seen and they were level with mine.

My vision backed off to take in a beautiful face and chestnut hair with lighter streaks through it. “I don’t suppose there’s a chance of a ride?” The woman asked with a big grin. She had a decidedly British accent.

My mouth finally closed enough for me to grin back at her. I knew what kind of ride I wanted to give her but decided to play nice at least to start with. Of course, her hand on my ass earlier made that even harder to do. “They’ve closed the track, I’m afraid. Anyway, with you sitting in my lap, I don’t think my mind would be on driving the race car.”

Her eyes got big and then she grinned. “Cheeky thing, aren’t you.”

“The car only has one seat,” I replied.

She leaned forward and looked inside the car. My eyes were on the front of her blouse where her breasts were threatening to spill out into the warm night air. The blouse was black and close to see through but had a random swirl pattern that was interesting.

“That is rather small,” she said straightening up.

“Want to give it a try?” I asked.

“We are still talking about the car, aren’t we?” She asked in return.

“For now,” replied with a wink.

“Cheeky, through and through,” she whispered.

“Put your right leg in the window and hold on to the bar here at the top of the window as you get your left leg inside so you can sit on this lower bar.” I told her.

She looked from me to the car and back again several times as I spoke. After a moment, she shrugged. “Why not,” she said as she lifted her leg and put her foot through the window. I was hoping it was a skirt she was wearing but it turned out to be harem pants, baggy and very soft.

Grabbing the upper window bar for balance, she swung her left leg up and through the window. She was sitting on the door bar as I said, “Now move both feet in front of the seat, hold onto the bar, and slide into the seat.”

She was sitting on the seatbelts. She wiggled and lifted up in the seat. “Something is poking me.”

“Hey, don’t look at me. I’m out here,” I said with a grin. Then I leaned in and moved the seatbelts over the sides of the seat, out of the way.

She sat back down and grinned up at me as she wiggled in the seat and put her hands on the steering wheel. “It fits like a glove.”

“Put the seatbelts on and try it.”

She fumbled with the belts for a minute and then I leaned in to give her a hand. I got the shoulder straps in place and ran my hands down them, brushing the outsides of her breasts as I did. She looked up at me quickly and then returned her eyes to where I was latching the shoulder straps into the seatbelt and pulling the antisubmarine belt up between her legs. She made a whimpering sound as I latched the five straps together.

When I started to pull them tight, she wiggled back in the seat. I pulled them tighter. The shoulder straps mashed her breasts together and threatened to pop them out the front of the loose blouse. Tightening the antisubmarine belt pulled the lap belt down around her hips and pulled the shoulder straps even tighter. When I pulled the lap belt tight, she moaned softly. One nipple had now slipped out from under the cloth of the blouse.

She lifted her arms and put her hands on the wheel again. “Do the belts need to be this tight?”

I grinned and nodded. “If you went out on the track right now, you would make a slow lap and be tightening the belts even more. By the time you were ready to start the race, you would have tightened them three more times. The seat molds to your body and the vibrations sink you down more. There is no such thing as a too tight seatbelt.”

“And you drive so beautifully this way. It is very hard to believe. I can hardly move.”

I reached over to the dash and flipped a switch. I pulled my head out of the car and looked around. “Fire in the hole,” I yelled and leaned back into the car. I rattled the transmission lever between her legs to make sure the car was out of gear.

When I flipped a second switch she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Giving you the second part of the tour,” I replied as I pushed up on a third switch. The motor whirred for a second and busted off with a loud roar. Then it sat there with a lope that rocked the whole car.

“Push the gas pedal down an inch or so and let it back up,” I told her in a loud voice to be heard over the pipes.

She blipped the throttle timidly and laughed when the motor responded.

“Push it harder. There are triple springs on the linkage.”

She gassed it a little harder and laughed again as it revved up more.

“Harder,” I yelled at her.

She looked up at me and laughed. “I thought I was the one who was supposed to say that.”

“You can have your turn later,” I said as I pulled back out of the car and moved forward. The hood was off the car so I grabbed the throttle linkage and revved the car like I would testing the timing. I revved it up about half way and held it a second before letting go of the linkage. I revved it several more time and then leaned back inside.

The woman’s eyes were wide and she had a big grin on her face. “Blip the gas a couple of times quickly,” I said as I reached for the ignition switch. When she did, I killed the motor and turned off the master switch.

“So, what do you think?” I asked in the deafening quiet.

She shivered hard and looked up at me. “Outstanding,” she whispered and then shivered again. “The noise and the vibration. The raw power. Awesome.”

I chuckled as I leaned over to unlatch the seatbelt. That exposed nipple was right in front of my face so I licked it. The woman gasped and then moaned as I licked it again. I sucked it between my lips and flicked it back and forth with the tip of my tongue. As I released it, I flipped the quick disconnect on the seatbelt and they popped loose. Her nipple quickly slipped back under the cloth.

With a moan, she moved her hands to her breasts and massaged them gently. “You certainly know what all the buttons and switches do,” she whispered.

“It’s not real complicated,” I said. “Always work under the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid.” When I said KISS, she looked at my lips. When I finished speaking, I did kiss her. She moaned and kissed me back.

Someone tapping me on the back broke the kiss. “What?” I asked without moving.

“We need to load this thing,” one of my crewmen said.

“Ok,” I replied and shook my head. “The crew is ready for a beer or three,” I told the woman.

“Are you going with them?” She asked.

“What ya got in mind?” I asked with a grin.

She laughed and whispered, “I’m feeing wild and crazy.”

“Then I’m your man,” I said. “All I need to do is change out of this dirty driving suit and borrow a truck. Uh, and get you out of the car.”

She laughed and gave me a quick kiss. “I think I remember how I got in here.”

I stepped back and watched as she got out of the car. I didn’t have to help her although I wanted to. Once she was back on the ground, she dusted of the back of her pants and grinned. “It’s harder than it looks but not hard at all.”

Looking down at the front of my driving suit, I shook my head. “I didn’t know it showed.”

She laughed and slapped me on the arm. “Go and change clothes.”


Since my truck was hooked to the racecar trailer, I borrowed a truck from one of the crew. I came back from the other side of the trucks wearing a pair of shorts, a racing t-shirt, and tennis shoes. The woman was sitting on a fender of the trailer talking to one of the crewman’s wives.

“Sorry about the shorts and t-shirt. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere fancy when I came out here tonight,” I said.

She looked me up and down for a moment and replied, “I didn’t have anywhere fancy in mind.”

Silvia, the crewman’s wife looked at me and grinned. “You look like you’re headed for the beach and she looks like she’s ready to go clubbing down in Miami.”

The woman looked at me and said, “I’ve never been to the beach. I’ve seen it from the road and my hotel room but that is as close as I’ve gotten.”

“Then the beach it is,” I said with a grin.


On the way to the beach, I found out her name was Delaine. She was in Daytona on business and that she had been kidnapped by a couple of the girls in the office to come out to the races. What happened to the other two women I never found out but I did find out that she was rather kinky. We hadn’t got on the highway good before she wiggled out of those harem pants.

Her blouse was long but was split up each side to the top of her hips. When she slid over next to me, it left her whole left thigh and hip bare and inviting. Her left leg was drawn up on the seat with her ankle under her right knee. This spread her thighs wide but the blouse covered her sex completely.

My hand found her left knee and explored the satiny skin on top and then along the inner part. She squirmed as my hand caressed her inner thigh. “You have gentle hands,” she whispered softly as her hand found my thigh.

“Your hands on my ass are what started this,” I said as I caressed her inner thigh again.

“And a nice solid arse it is,” she whispered in reply.

“I wanted to check yours out as you got out of the racecar but decided there were too many people around.” I told her.

“If you only knew how much that would have excited me,” she said with a shiver. “I’m a bit of an exhibitionist at times.”

“That explains that blouse then,” I said as my hand moved a little higher on her inner thigh. The edge of my hand was very close to her sex and had pushed the blouse up higher between her legs.

She shivered and wiggled a little. “You tease well,” she said a moment later. “I like that. Most guys would grab but then you are not most guys. Although the licking of my nipple caught me by surprise.”

“Well, it was right there in front of my face. My tongue sometimes gets a mind of its own.”

She chuckled and brought her hands up to cover her breasts. “The excitement of being in that car, you brushing my breasts as you did up the belts, and then tightening the belts. I felt like I was tied up and then you started the motor, I almost had an orgasm right there. The vibrations and the roar of the motor….” She left the sentence hanging as she moaned softly.

Her hands massaged her breasts for a moment. “Your tongue and lips almost pushed me over the edge.”

We came to the first red light on the north side of Daytona. I pulled over into the left turn lane. Delaine looked around and then looked at me. “Isn’t the beach farther down in town?”

I chuckled. “We’ve been paralleling the beach ever since we got on this highway. In fact, where we are now is turn four of the old beach race course.”

“They used to race on the beach?”

The light changed and I made the left. “Back before they built the big paved track, the beach was one side of the course and this highway was the other. The turns were deep rutted sand with big bumps on and off the highway. Of course, that was way before my racing time. The town was a lot smaller and there weren’t any house along here.”

She was looking around and then the road dipped down and we were suddenly on the beach. She laughed as she watched the light surf getting closer and closer. At the last minute, I turned right and gassed the truck. The tires spun and it drifted sideways for a moment before getting a bite and moving on down the beach.

Delaine was shoved over against me as we went sideways. She was still laughing and leaning against me as we slowed and idled along down the hard packed sand. The edge of my hand was now against her hot sex. I moved it a fraction of an inch and could feel the slipperiness there. She whimpered and flexed her hips, rubbing herself against me.

“We should do this during the daylight when there are people around,” I whispered to egg her on.

She moaned and shivered hard, her hand finding my lap and my hard dick standing up under the shorts. She moaned even louder. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and squeezed as her hips moved faster. I moved my hand a little closer and she gasped loudly as her hips jerked and stumbled in their movement. She let out a long deep moaning groan as her hips jerked several more time.

I stopped the truck and sat there grinning at her. Her eyes were closed, her head resting on my shoulder. She was chewing on her bottom lip and whimpering. That orgasm she had missed earlier had hit with a vengeance. I let her ride it out without moving my hand.

It was several minutes before she even moved and then it was only to sigh deeply. Her grip on my dick had relaxed but now her fingers tightened again. “I needed that,” she whispered softly a moment later.

A car rolled slowly by us and went on down the beach. Delaine lifted her head and watched the taillights. “This truck is too high for them to see anything,” she whispered.

“We can get out, you know,” I said with a glance at the clock. It was a little after three in the morning. There would not be much traffic at this time but I wasn’t going to tell her that.

“Do I have to put my pants back on?”

I reached up and flipped the headlights off but left the parking lights on. It got dark in a hurry outside. I had the dash lights turned up as high as they would go so I could see Delaine and all her charms. Then I answered her question, “Not if you don’t want to but remember, someone could drive by at any time.”

She moaned softly and flexed her hips, her wet hot pussy rubbing my hand. “You made quite a mess,” I pointed out and then licked my lips. “Maybe I should clean it up.”

With a louder moan, she shook her head. “Not right now, I need to rest a bit. That last one had been building since I first saw you getting out of the racecar after the race. And then there was all that waiting for my chance to get you alone. Or as alone as it got.”

“I like a lady with a plan. Especially a horny lady with a plan.”

Delaine laughed and then sighed deeply. “I didn’t really have a plan, just a fantasy or two.”

“How is that working out?” I asked as I moved my hand between her legs up and down.

She groaned and whispered, “Stop that, I need to rest, remember.” Then she grabbed my wrist with her right hand as I started to move my hand. “No! Keep that right where it is. I like it there.” Her hips moved up and down once very slowly as her fingers made a rippling effect around my dick.

“Car parking is a big thing in parts of England. I loved to do it when I was young and still in school. It got me so hot but as I got older and out in the world, I had to be very careful. Reputation is everything, you know,” she whispered.

She flexed her hips again with a shiver. “Now I’m over here for a short while and we are doing this. It brings back good memories and has me hotter than I was at the track in the racecar.”

Her hips moved a little more forcefully. “Where… uh… were we going to be when you cleaned me up?” she asked in a breathy whispered as her hips continued to move.

“How about with you lying on the seat, your knees raised, and me standing just outside the door?” I whispered in reply.

She moaned loudly and shivered hard. “It has been a long time since the last time that happened. I was screaming bloody murder by the time he finally finished.”

I chuckled. “Maybe I need to rethink that and figure out a way to stuff something in your mouth so you’ll be a little quieter.”

She pulled my hand tighter to her sex as her hips moved harder and quicker. “That would be even better,” she whispered. Excitement was heavy in her voice.

I knew she was close to going off again. So, to help her along, I said, “The steering wheel would be in the way here in the seat of the truck. How about if we move back to the bed of the truck and lay down there? That way I can lick you and you can suck on me.”

She groaned long and loud as her hips jerked and twitched against my hand. She was off and running again. I grinned as I watched the passionate expression on her face. I love that expression of lust filled pleasure on a woman’s face as they come and come hard.


It was nearly five minutes before Delaine whimpered softly and opened her eyes. She grinned at me and whispered, “You sure pushed the right buttons that time.”

“It was my pleasure. Just think of how much more of a mess I have to clean up now,” I said with a grin of my own as I licked my lips.

She groaned and shook her head. “That last one nearly took the top off my head.”

“I’ll let you rest for a while and then I am going to have you for breakfast. After I’m finished, I’m going to flip you over and fuck you long and hard from behind.” I told her.

She shivered and whimpered loudly as I said the first and moaned deeply as I said the second. “I’ll surely die when you do.”

“I don’t think so. Come your brains out, yes, but not die.”

“You… uh… don’t understand. “I’ve had more and stronger orgasms tonight than I’ve had in any one night in the last three years.”

“As beautiful as you are, I find that hard to believe.” I told her.

“I’m single and for some reason, I seem to scare the eligible men away,” she whispered. “Now the old married ones, on the other hand….” She left the sentence hanging with a snort.

Another car rolled by. We both watched it as it went on down the beach. I grinned and opened my door. The overhead lights came on. The wind was blowing and the smell of the ocean grew much stronger. Delaine leaned forward and looked out the door. The water was about fifteen feet away. “Is it warm?” she asked with a shiver.

“Warm is relative this time of year.” I replied.

“Where I live the beaches are more pebbles or mud than sand and the water is freezing most of the year.”

“On the other side of Florida and along the Gulf coast the water can get like a warm bath during the summer.”

“Lets get out,” she said suddenly.

I gently pulled my hand out from between her legs and looked at the shiny edge of it. I grinned and brought it up so I could lick it. Delaine groaned as I did. Her scent and taste were fresh and sweet with a hint of spicy musk to it. I licked my hand again and she moaned again. “Delicious,” I whispered a second later.

Her grip was tight around my dick again. “Uh, you’ll have to let go of that, if I’m going to get out of the truck.”

Her eyes were still on my hand. I licked it again and she whimpered loudly. “Quit that before I explode again or worse.”

“Worse?” I asked.

She laughed and shook her head.

“Ok, come on, you have to tell me now.”

She looked down at her hand on my dick and whispered, “I could go down on you, but the steering wheel is in the way.” Then she looked up at the overhead lights and moaned loudly.

Instantly I knew what she was thinking. “Yeah, the lights will be on when I lick your sweet pussy.”

Suddenly, she let go of my dick and was pushing me out the door with both hands. I laughed as I got out of the truck. When I turned around to face her, she was on her belly, her beautiful round ass in full view. She grabbed the front of my shorts and pulled me closer as she tried to work the shorts down.

I helped her with the shorts and then she had a two fisted grip on my manhood pulling it toward her. I moved forward and the head of my dick disappeared into her warm wet mouth. Then her tongue got into the act and it was my turn to moan. She was like a wild woman sucking on the head of my dick. When she moved her top hand and swallowed more of me, I groaned loudly and pushed my hips forward even more. It wasn’t very long before I felt my balls tightening up. I was dividing my attention between her face and mouth and the rise and fall of her gorgeous ass.

Her moaning and groaning around the head of my dick was not helping my control one bit. “You’re fixing to get shot,” I said with clenched jaws.

She paused with her mouth and tongue motionless around the head of my dick and looked up at me. I groaned softly and nodded to her. She moaned long and loud as her eyes closed and she bobbed her head up and down quickly while sucking on me hard. Her tongue was everywhere at once. I groaned again and thrust my hips forward as I came.

She let out a loud moan at the first spurt and then another on the third. I opened my eyes to see her hips jerking and bucking as she came right along with me. That made me moan loudly myself.


I was holding onto the roof and door of the truck as my legs threatened to dump me on my ass. Delaine was nursing on the head of my dick gently and that was not helping me regain any strength. Her tongue was making lazy circles around the oversensitive head as she whimpered softly. Her hips and ass were slowly moving up and down.

Finally, she lifted her head and looked up at me as my dick came out of her mouth. She licked her lips and grinned. “I’ve never done that before.”

“I find that very hard to believe,” I said with a crooked grin. “You sure seemed to know what you were doing.”

She laughed and whispered, “Not the blowjob silly. I’ve never come while giving one.”

I looked down at her for a long moment and then whispered, “This is only the third time I’ve ever came from one. I enjoy them but I’ve always had this mental block when it came to coming.”

She smiled at me shyly and whispered, “I’ll take that as a great compliment.”

“You damned well better because you are now on a very short list of very special ladies.”

She grinned, looked down at my soft dick in her hand, and kissed the head. Looking back up, she licked her lips again and said, “I don’t swallow or I never have before, I should say.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment even if it was in the heat of the moment,” I replied with a grin.

“You bloody well better,” she said with the same tone I had used earlier.

I laughed as she came up on all fours and turned to sit on the seat. She scooted over under the steering wheel and then turned to face me. Her feet were on the doorsill and her knees were closed. Slowly she moved her feet and knees apart until her sex was on display right at the edge of the seat. “I’ve made an even bigger mess,” she whispered softly.

“So I see,” I replied as I stared at her drenched sex, which made her whimper and shiver.

“I wonder what your friend is going to say when you return his truck and it smells like sex.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time it’s smelled that way, knowing him and his girlfriend. As for saying anything, he will just grin and congratulate me. After some mock bitching and ribbing, that is.”

She groaned softly as she leaned back and settled on her elbows. “Is this where I say, breakfast is served?”

When I nodded, she took a deep shivering breath and whispered, “Take it slow and easy to start with. I want it to last as long as possible.”

I nodded again and she whimpered. “One other thing. When I start to go, do not stop until I slap your forehead three times. I’m going to try to push you away but don’t let me. I want it all.”

“Your wish is my command,” I whispered as I leaned over and licked the top of one knee and then the other. “I think a little teasing is in order before I get down to the main course.”

“With… the lights on and it dark out, I feel like I’m under a spotlight,” she whispered suddenly as her hands came up to cover her breasts.

I grinned and reached up to push the front of her shirt up as far as I could. She shifted her upper body and it went higher. When it was as high as I figured it would go, I pulled on her wrists and then pushed her hands under the cloth. She moaned and arched her back as her hands touched the bare skin of her breasts.

“Much better,” I whispered as I lifted her left foot and took off her high heel. I tossed the shoe into the front floor and placed her foot up on the seat next to her ass.

She whimpered and flexed her hips. Her sex was even more prominently displayed. Her outer lips were hairless. There was a narrow strip of hair up the center of her mound but the rest was completely bare. I had noticed earlier that there wasn’t even a feel of stubble when I had rubbed her. She was even smoother than a fresh shave would have been. I wondered if she waxed or if she had had it removed permanently. I had always thought the latter was sexy but very expensive

I was still thinking on it as I picked up her right foot and removed that high heel. I tossed it into the floorboards also. Lifting her foot, I kissed the tops of her toes. She wiggled them and then giggled as I kissed them again. I placed her foot on the edge of the door at windshield height. Now, her legs were spread as wide as the front seat area would allow them.

She whimpered as I kissed the inside of her right knee. The whimper got louder as I kissed and licked my way down her inner thigh. I was still three inches from her sex when I first tasted her sweet spiciness. Her aroma was rich and heady.

Only inches from her sex, I paused, stared directly at it, and licked my lips several times. She let out a loud moan and flexed her hips. I grinned as I look up along her body. She was looking back at me with a look that varied between anticipation and lust. I decided to work on the anticipation as I turned my head and licked the crease between her abdomen and her thigh. It tasted even stronger of her sex.

She was whimpering loudly as I licked her and then her left leg quivered as I licked and kissed her inner thigh on that side. As my head moved away from her sex, she let out a little groan of frustration and her hand was on my head trying to move it back toward her sex.

I stopped kissing and licking her thigh and caught her wrist with my hand. I chuckled and pushed it back up under her blouse. “You’re supposed to be playing with those, not trying to rush me.”

But…” she whispered.

“I’ll get to that in time also,” I replied and she groaned deeply, her hips shifting up and down slightly. “Oh, you like that do you?”

When she nodded quickly, I grinned and ran a fingertip up and down the crack of her ass. Her hips shivered and rose up off the seat. Slipping a hand under each ass cheek, I lifted her hips higher. My tongue running over the lower curve of her right ass cheek and up the back of her thigh made her gasp loudly. She gave the same reaction when I licked the other side.

Still holding her up, I moved my thumbs in toward the center and pulled outward. The cleft of her ass opened wider. I took a lick along the inner edge on both sides. She wiggled and gasped as I did.

“You…. You—” she started to say and then jerked her hips with a very large gasping breath as the tip of my tongue tickled her anus.

She seemed to hold that breath as I continued to tickle and probe her there. Only when I took my tongue away did she exhale sharply. I moved my heads lower and started to lick the bottom of the crease. She sucked in a sharp breath and held it as my tongue moved up and bumped over the tight pucker. She groaned very loudly.

When she did, I stabbed my stiffened tongue against her asshole and felt it enter her. She yelled and lifted her hips, ramming my tongue even deeper. I held still as her hips fluttered up and down in very short fast movements. I looked up along her body to see her looking at me with her eyes wide and her mouth open. She was making an odd whimpering sound.

I pulled my tongue out and jammed it right back in. She yelled again and her hips froze. I did that several times more. She gave a little yell each time. I held my tongue planted the last time and felt her asshole trying to grab and hold me. All it was actually doing was pushing me out. As my tongue came out, I looked at her face again. Her eyes were closed and she was panting for breath.

Grinning, I raised my head, and stabbed my tongue as deep as I could in her tight pussy as I continued to watch her face. Her eyes popped open wide and she lost her breath again. I swirled my tongue around as best I could and then pulled it out only to jam it right back in. About the fourth time I did this, she finally took a long gasping breath. Now, instead of jamming it in, I worked it in and out with swirls and licks. Her hips were shivering and hunching against my face.

I kept at her until she let out a long undulating wail, her hips stopped moving and quivered as they rose higher. I could feel her pussy tightening and trying to hold my tongue. She was coming for all she was worth.

A minute or so later, her hands tried to push my head away from her sex. I let them for a few seconds and then I pushed forward and latched my lips onto her clit. She lowered her hips as far as my hands would allow and yelled incoherently as she pushed even harder with her hands. Then I started to give her clit the tongue lashing from hell.

She came completely unglued at this point, thrashing around on the seat, trying to raise her hips one second and lower them the next. She would flex her hips and then they would jerk as if they were out of control. I hung on and enjoyed the ride. A couple of minutes later, she slapped my forehead once, twice, and a moment later, a third time.

I lifted my head holding a light suction on her clit and the surrounding flesh. It came out of my mouth with a slurping sound. She yelled and flexed her hips hard up and down several times. I just grinned and watched the expressions on her face as her hips slowed and finally stopped moving. I lowered her ass back to the seat and she sighed deeply.


Thinking about her loud yelling at times, I stood up and looked up and down the beach as I pulled my shorts up. I couldn’t see any cars or anyone so I leaned on the door and watched Delaine. Her breathing was slowing and her hands were again under her blouse on her breasts.

“You’re going to live,” I said to her with a grin. She just smiled and nodded.

I looked toward the surf and then turned to walk that way. I figured I could check on how cold the water was while she rested. I ended up wading out to mid calf. The water wasn’t bad, a little on the cold side at first and then better as I became acclimatized. It was cold again with the wind blowing as I waded back toward the truck.

Delaine was sitting up on the edge of the seat when I reached the beach. As I walked her way, she stood up and held onto the door as she grinned at me. “How is it?” she asked a moment later.

“Cold at first but it gets better. The wind is the worse part. You get cold when you get out,” I explained as I got to where she stood.

She shivered and I stepped closer and hugged her tightly. She hugged me back and snuggled her head on my shoulder. A while later, she sighed and whispered, “I thought you were going to flip me over after you finished breakfast.”

I chuckled. “That was the original plan but… there is always a butt.” I said as I ran my hands down to squeeze hers. “It seems some lady sucked all the stuff out of me a little earlier.”

She giggled and slipped a hand in between us to find my dick standing up in the front of my shorts. “It feels solid enough to me.”

I kissed her on the side of the neck. “Someone needed a little rest time. Anyway, I’d prefer to do that in a nice comfortable bed.”

She nodded and sighed deeply. “I hope you have a room by yourself. I have my girl Friday with me in mine. We were lucky to even get a room.”

“Uh, I’m sharing mine with three of the pit crew. We reserved them early enough but they’re too expensive to do the singles thing. We have another room but the two married guys are sharing it with their wives.”

“So much for that idea,” Delaine whispered as she cuddled close. Her hand was still on my dick as she did. She would squeeze it and then release the pressure.

“There is always the back of the truck,” I offered.

She laughed and shook her head. “I think I have the car park thing out of my system for a while. I might be able to send my girl off on a mission this afternoon.”

“I have to help prepare the car and then be at the track by five.”

Delaine groaned. “I really hate it when something so easy as a bed, gets so complicated.”

“You know here in the states, the back of a truck is called the bed, right.”

She laughed and lifted her head from my shoulder. Before she could say anything, I was kissing her and she was kissing me in return. The kiss started tender and sweet but soon shot up to passionate and frenzied. My hands were all over her back and butt and hers were all over mine. My thigh was between hers and she was rubbing herself against it. Her sex was hot on my skin as she wrapped a leg around mine and pulled us tighter together.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss and pulled away from me breathing hard and heavy. She fanned her face for a second, not looking at me. She was looking at the water. She looked up at me quickly and grinned. Then she took off past me and ran toward the surf.

“I know how to cool off,” she yelled as she ran.

Looking up and down the beach quickly, I pulled my shorts off and gave chase. She was out a ways when she stopped and looked back. The water was up to her sex as the waves came in and would fall as they passed. I stopped running at knee deep and waded on out to take her in my arms.

“I wonder if we can make steam,” said and then kissed her again. She moaned deeply and kissed me back.

There is no way of knowing if we made any steam but somewhere along the way she wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted her legs to wrap them around my hips. I waded out a few steps and lifted her by her ass cheeks. He sex rubbed up along my hard shaft and then entered her hotness as I lowered her back down.

I don’t know what it felt like to her as we made slow passionate love right there in the ocean, but to me it was hot slipperiness when I thrust forward and cool seawater when I pulled back. That plus the eagerness with which she pulled with her legs at the bottom of each stroke made it all that much more enjoyable. We were still kissing wildly.

At one point, she gave out with a yell and hugged me tightly with her legs as she ground her sex on my dick. There was a surge of liquid heat inside her that was exquisite. I moaned into her mouth and flexed my hips back and forth, rocking her as she hung on tightly with her legs. The heat went up even more as she broke the kiss and yelled again.

The next thing I know, I coming deep inside her. She froze for a second and then groaned loudly, her legs trying to shove me even deeper inside. Everything was so intense right down to the waves around our waists and then the feel of the water going down across my ass only to rise again for the next wave. I could feel her sex gripping and squeezing the whole length of my shaft. I had never experienced anything like this in my life.


How long we stood there, I have no idea. Delaine sighing deeply and shivering drew me up out of my dreamlike state. My hands were still cupping her ass; her legs were still wrapped around me. My dick was still in her pussy but was threatening to fall out. My eyes were even closed. I let out a long satisfied sounding sigh of my own.

Delaine giggled and then laughed wildly. Then she lifted her head from my shoulder and kissed me quickly. “Now that was wild and crazy,” she whispered and kissed me quickly again.

I grinned at her and shook my head. “No, that was simply awesome.”

“That too,” she said and kissed me again as she wiggled her hips from side to side and then grabbed hard with her legs as my softening dick slipped out of her sex. She broke the kiss and frowned. “I seem to have lost something.”

I chuckled and spun us around. She laughed as I did. “Lost something? Woman you drained it dry and threw away the empty husk.”

She kissed me quickly on the lips and then cuddled her head beside mine. “I would never throw anything about you away. I’ll remember you for the rest of my life.”

I held her tightly as my brain processed what she had said. A moment later, I asked, “Then we probably won’t see each other again?”

She shook her head without raising it. “I have today and tomorrow and then it’s back across the pond for me. My business over here will be completed.”

“You won’t ever be back?”

“Not alone, where I can get away,” she replied and raised her head. She kissed me softly and then leaned far back as she held onto my neck. Her hair brushed the water and she straightened up. She smiled at me and whispered, “Take me to the beach.”

I turned around and carried her to the sand; our eyes were locked the whole way. I stopped at the edge of the water and she sighed as she released me with her legs and lowered her feet to stand up. Her arms were still around my neck as she kissed me again. I drew her close and held her tightly as the kiss went on and on.

The kiss ended with a soft moan from her and I let go of her reluctantly as she stepped back. She took my hand and we walked side-by-side back to the truck. At the door, I pulled her back into my arms for another kiss. She moaned softly and pressed her body tighter to me.

With a groan, she broke the kiss and looked up at me. She smiled and asked, “What time is it? I don’t have a clue.”

I sat on the edge of the seat and turned on the ignition switch. It was a little after 5 AM. I told her so. She chuckled and whispered, “Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. I need to get back to the hotel soon.”

As I turned back to her, I saw an instamatic camera on the dash among the clutter there. I picked it up and looked at the counter on it. There were three pictures left on the roll of film. When I pointed it in her direction, she squealed and turned to run away from me. I took a picture of her. Her ass was bare below the blouse. I grinned and ran after her.

She ran into the surf and then tripped and fell headfirst into the water. By the time I reached her, she was climbing to her feet and pushing her wet hair back out of her face. I took a picture of her face. The flash was bright and she laughed.

“Get that thing away from me,” she said and laughed again as she made a grab for the camera.

I backed away hurriedly and stood at the edge of the water grinning at her. “I want something to remember you by besides my memories.”

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