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Inspired in part by EdMiller’s “A Cure for Hypertension”

I knew it was going to be a special day the moment I saw the outfit Mistress had laid out for me. It turned out that it wasn’t just the day, but the entire weekend that I would never forget. As I pulled the latex halter piece over my head, I reflected back on the past six months, and just how I wound up at this moment.

Before I knew her as Mistress, she was Mary; a redheaded firecracker with bright green eyes and skin as pale as the moon. I had offered her help in a grocery store parking lot when I saw her struggling to load large cases of water into her car. Her small, thin frame just wasn’t cutting it. I took a chance and asked if she’d like to get together sometime, and soon we had started dating. She was a real wild one in the bedroom, and liked to take charge. I had never had a woman tell me exactly what to do, but I took to the role rather quickly and enjoyed it.

Early in the relationship Mary expressed concerns to me about her physical appearance, feeling too small and weak to live her life as she truly wanted. She had already begun to talk to some sort of medical specialist who began her on an experimental new drug. I didn’t get very far when I voiced my worry over something unproven. She had made up her mind and was certainly running the relationship. She didn’t mind looking 5 years younger than she was, but she wished to be taller and shapelier.

I must admit I was shocked when I realized just how well the drug was working on Mary. Within three months she had grown a few inches to 5’7″. Her legs were looking long and slender, yet toned, and her chest had filled out from a small B-cup to a very nice and full C. Along with the new looks came greater confidence and control over me. I thought she looked just fine before, but admittedly she had become a vast improvement on herself in just 3 months. This was where it started to get really interesting.

Mary was making good money when I was laid off from my job due to a poor economy. She insisted that I take at least a month or two off before digging in to find a new position. In the meantime, she just wanted me to be her stay-at-home loverboy who she could spoil and fuck whenever she pleased. When I agreed, she told me there was one condition: I had to start a drug regimen of my own, from the same company she had been getting pills from. After seeing the effects of her transformation, I was inclined to follow along. I assumed the outcome would be a more muscled me, possibly with a larger dick. Oh, how I was wrong.

I never actually went and talked to any doctors before starting on the pills. Mary said she’d just pick them up when she got her own, and we could save some time and hassle. I was just supposed to take one a day, and drink plenty of water. I was alarmed when my body hair started falling out, but Mary assured me that was a minimal side effect and nothing to be afraid of. “After all,” she said, “I happen to like you all smooth like that.”

The changes seemed very subtle to me at first, but probably because I was constantly looking for them. When I first had a clue that my changes were going in the opposite direction I had expected, I should have been more concerned. Denial can be a powerful thing. Really, though, after I had thought it through, there was a strong part of me that wanted to see where this was going. Mary constantly praised my looks, and was more than generous in the bedroom, so I felt quite good, despite the unease I sometimes felt while she was away. I wasn’t hanging around with any of my old friends, and now I had no co-workers to spend time with, so Mary was truly my only company. I became completely dependent on her in every way.

I like to think that if I had wanted to put a stop to all of this, I could have at any point. The truth is that I wanted it, because I wanted her to be happy. The sultry sound of her voice was music to my ears. She knew how to touch me in ways that made my heart flutter. Whatever Mary wanted, I would try to please. Mary wanted this, so I wanted it.

My nipples first became tender and a bit swollen just a few weeks in, but hadn’t changed much until the final month. Within just a few days time, my chest grew from nothing to a B-cup with nice, perky nipples. Mary was prepared, and I woke up one morning to a bra and panty set laid out for me. I probably spent longer than I should have adjusting and readjusting the cups over my newfound breasts. When I slid the panties up my hairless legs, I didn’t know what to do with my dick, so I pointed it straight up at my belly button. That was when I truly realized I was going down a road that there was no coming back from. My dick had shrunk at least an inch, because it was fully erect and barely made it to the top of the panties.

My libido had been increasing lately, and I was constantly horny. I would jack myself off until I felt dehydrated and exhausted. My orgasms weren’t as strong lately, but I could get off at least five or six times a day, or until I was shooting blanks. One day, I came at least six times, but never saw a drop of semen. Upon closer inspection (now having to use a mirror to see around my C-cup tits), my scrotum had disappeared altogether, and my dick was only a couple inches when hard. I was getting more pleasure lately out of playing with my tits and tweaking my nipples than I was from touching my dick.

Mary told me that I was to begin calling her Mistress, and she explained how I was to be her sub. She would provide for me, and I should be ready at all times to answer her call. Each morning I would find an outfit laid out for me, and sometimes a new toy. Mistress had begun introducing me to toys of all types, and I had taken a strong liking to anal play. With my dick disappearing, my attention became split between my gorgeous tits and my asshole.

Now, just 6 months after meeting a small redhead in a parking lot, I was completely unrecognizable as the same person. I now stood at 5’4″, with hair just below my shoulders, sporting a healthy set of C-cup breasts and a tight little ass. Mistress showed me how I was to do my make-up, and I spent the first couple hours of each day getting dressed and made up to her standards. I was quite good at walking in tall heels, and my hips were developing a nice sway. My lips were pouty, facial structure softened, voice raised, and all because of a little pill each day.

I finished lacing up the front of the halter piece I had put on, and slid on the knee-high latex boots that matched. They reached almost exactly to the bottom of the latex pant legs, giving me a black seamless look from chest to toe, interrupted with white ribbons at the chest and on the sides of the boots. The pants were crotchless, which made me very excited. However, there was a note that told me I was not allowed to masturbate at all today. I pouted when I read it. The open air on my crotch and ass was quite titillating. My dick had become nothing more than a nub peeking out on an otherwise smooth patch of skin. In all honesty it looked like part of a mannequin to me at times in the mirror. I was a bit disappointed I hadn’t seen any further development of an actual pussy at this point. In the meantime, my ass had gotten plenty of attention from the ever-growing arsenal of toys that we now had.

My sex drive was going crazy by the time Mistress arrived home. I had tried everything I could think of to distract myself all day, but I was so used to getting off multiple times a day that this felt like torture. When Mistress walked through the door, my eyes lit up and my heart raced.

“Honey, I have a very special surprise for you. Have you been a good girl?” She said, with a questioning glance.

“Yes, Mistress!”, I shot back, unable to hide any eagerness.

“Come and stand here” she commanded, and reached into her bag. She produced a couple straps, one of which was somewhat Y-shaped. I wasn’t entirely sure what they were going to be for. Next she produced a black nine-inch dildo and some sort of rubber wedge shaped like a small block of cheese.

The first strap was placed like a belt around my waist and twisted so that there were connections front and back. The Y-shaped piece was attached at the front and hung loose while Mistress place the other two objects. She first applied some lube to the dildo and slid it with relative ease into my asshole. I nearly came from the sensation. Of the dildos I had used in my ass, they always stopped at about six inches in, and this was no exception. Mistress left the final few inches out and commanded that I don’t let it fall out.

Meanwhile, she placed the rubber wedge just below my dick’s head and pulled the strap tight against it to hold it there. I heard a snap as she secured the two pieces, followed by another when she attached the base of the dildo to the strap. I had a sudden jolt of pain when she yanked the strap tight and attached it to the back of the belt. The rubber wedge was grinding hard into my crotch and had nowhere to go.

Next, Mistress reached in her bag and pulled out a bottle of pills that looked just like my daily ones, but with a different color cap. She poured 3 pills into the palm of her hand. Pausing in thought for a second, she then dumped 2 more pills into the pile. Handing me the pills and a bottle of water, she said, “Bottoms up!”

Waiting for the effects of the pills to take hold, effects that I was unsure of, Mistress paraded me around the room to watch me struggle against the hard rubber wedge. Her hands wandered over the smooth latex of my outfit and traced lines across my body. Suddenly I had to stop walking as I was overcome by a wash of energy, starting in my stomach. A devilish grin flashed across Mistress’ face.

My hips began to expand ever so slightly and my ass felt like it was ballooning out. I could feel the edges of the strap slide further into the crack of my ass. The hard, uncomfortable pressure at my groin morphed into a strange feeling that I’m still unsure of how to describe. Grabbing at my crotch, I could actually feel the wedge squeezing into me as the skin around it gave way. I realized that I was finally going to have a pussy of my own!

My excitement at the thought had me running toward an orgasm, but my mind was short circuited when Mistress grabbed the strap at my rear and gave it a solid tug, wrenching it tighter. A jolt of pain mixed with my pleasure as the dildo in my ass sunk another inch further, and the wedge was again uncomfortable against my front. The pain subsided, and the wedge continued it’s ascent.

I was breathing quite heavily by the time the wedge had lodged itself in my crotch, still secured by the strap. I had no idea if the dildo in my ass had even moved any more. My head was spinning with feelings of pain and pleasure from all angles. I grabbed the nearest table to steady myself as my vision blurred momentarily.

“Oh God, baby, that’s so hot. I should have filmed this. I wish you could see yourself right now.” Mistress was obviously enjoying this, but I couldn’t focus long enough to make any eye contact.

Without warning, she unhitched the strap at my back and whipped the two objects clear of me in one swift motion. If I hadn’t had my daily enema, it would have been a disastrous moment. I was suddenly very empty feeling, and still uneasy on my feet. I steadied myself on the table with both hands while Mistress worked quickly to free the objects hanging beneath me.

“Spread those legs, dear, and bend at the hips” She said, grabbing something new from her bag.

This time she connected what looked to me like a buttplug to the front snap, and I couldn’t quite see what was connected to the rear. It was definitely heavier than the previous dildo. It must have been at least as long, too, because she pushed it in first, lubing it like the last. It had the head shaped like a penis, but was otherwise smooth. I guessed it was a bit wider than the 9-incher.

Cinching up the strap, she lubed and aimed the front plug at my new indentation of a pussy. All the while I could feel my insides shifting, apparently making adjustments for my new parts. My hands and feet were beginning to tingle, and I was scared for a moment that I might pass out or fall over. I was shocked back to reality again when Mistress yanked on the strap. I felt something pop at my crotch as the plug drove home, and the dildo in my ass stretched me hard and fast. My eyes nearly bugged out of my skull and I saw stars.

Mistress stayed behind me and placed her palm at the base of the plug. Slowly tracing her hand around my crotch, I again was torn between the pleasure and pain roaring through my body. After a couple minutes, her fingers stopped tracing, and she placed pressure on the plug, further opening my new hole as I gasped. She groaned in response and bucked her hips toward my ass, driving the dildo further still. This created some slack on the strap, where she cinched it tight once more.

She must have sensed that I was on the verge of collapsing, because she draped my arm around her shoulder and began leading me to the bedroom. With each weak-kneed, short step, I was racked with sensations. I fell face first onto the fluffy down comforter, and was content to lie there unmoving. Mistress grabbed my shoulder and turned my body first on its side. I had no energy to help with the movement. I was surprised again when she kept turning me, so that I would be face up on the bed. Once my ass turned over, I was at the mercy of the dildo still protruding a few inches from my ass. Instead of a hard shove this time, I was subjected to a slow and steady pressure while my own body weight slid my lubed ass down around the monster. My insides shifted again to make room.

I found out later that was a twelve inch beast about 3 inches wide. I didn’t think I was capable of taking anything so large, but Mistress would go on to explain later how my body was more malleable to change during this drug’s period, so she was taking advantage and training my body for taking large cocks and dildos.

Still shifting me around on the bed, Mistress rotated me so that my head hung upside down over the edge of the bed. Already light-headed, I closed my eyes to keep the world from spinning. Something was placed at my mouth as I was still trying to catch my breath. Mistress had attached the 9-inch dildo to a strap-on harness and was going to shove it down my throat.

She grabbed one of my breasts in each hand and used them for leverage as she slid the thick cock into my face. I had to concentrate as hard as I could to breathe through my nose and not lose consciousness. She really knew exactly where my limits were, because she would pull out just in time for me to get a full gasp of air. I hadn’t really tried to deepthroat anything before, and I actually felt a sense of pride at being able to take it without gagging. Again, this was attributed to the effects of the drugs, helping mold my body into the perfect sex doll.

My eyes were filled with tears as my throat was assaulted faster, harder, and deeper. Mistress groaned loudly and dug her hands into the latex over my tits. I could feel a warmth beginning to grow within them now.

Finally pulling the dildo away from my face, she unsnapped it and dropped it on the bed next to me. Sliding my head onto the bed again, she unstrapped the crotch piece from the front this time. The monster dildo remained embedded in my ass, but she pulled the plug from my newly formed pussy.

Mistress suddenly seemed a bit emotional. “It’s so beautiful, baby. I love you so much for doing this for me.”

My pussy felt very cold and exposed against the open air, but it didn’t take long for Mistress to dive her tongue into the folds. Moaning and ravenously eating me out, she slid a hand up and grabbed the 9-inch dildo once more. Keeping her lips locked around my clit that was once a penis, she eased the dildo into my pussy. I felt so tight and full between the two cocks that I thought I might split in two.

Ever so slowly, she began working the dildo in and out, adding some pressure over time to push it further and further in. The warmth in my body was taking over the pain sensations at this point, and my hands instinctively went to my chest. A pressure built very quickly within my tits and I could feel them starting to expand in my hands. Fumbling at the ribbon laced up the front of the top, I couldn’t get it loosened before my tits ran out of room.

A pained moan escaped my throat as titflesh billowed over the top of the latex and forced itself through the holes of the ribbon. Mistress thrust the dildo deep into my pussy and reached up to help me. Once free from the top, my boobs grew to the size of volleyballs, capped with inch long erect nipples.

Grabbing a nipple in each hand, I had the single greatest orgasm of my entire life. Here I was, impaled on two large dildos, gigantic tits, and I suddenly had a flash of thought that I was a guy just 3 months ago. In that moment time stood still, and I was slammed with another wave of the most intense feelings imaginable, knowing that this is what I truly wanted. The world faded away, and I was alone with my body in a sea of pleasure.

When I awoke, I was under the comforter and Mistress was bringing me food on a tray.

“You’ve been out for a while, sweetie. That was one hell of an orgasm you had.” Setting down the tray, she brushed my hair from my face and gave my forehead a light kiss. “In fact, it was so good, I was thinking about taking some of those pills tomorrow so I can be as amazingly sexy as you are now!” She traced a hand down my new figure with a look of lust and envy in her eyes.

“What do you say? Then we can try ourselves out for a while with whatever we can dream up.” A flicker of devilishness glowed in her eyes as she began thinking of the possibilities.

I replied, “Why wait till tomorrow? What’s wrong with right now?”

Waking up knowing very well that I had the whole week off work and knowing that the weather was meant to be warm and sunny all week soon had my juices flowing as the thoughts of finding a hot girl on the beach had me laying back onto my bed and starting to nurse my throbbing member, imagining a hot tanned brunette lapping at my cock bringing me to the edge.

As I laid back stroking my shaft and feeling the rush of a Monday morning orgasm racing towards my now throbbing bell end was an amazing start to a week off of work, feeling my thick 8 inches throbbing hard as the first shots of hot cum began to run down from my piss slit all over my bell end and down my shaft meeting my fingers as I continued to wank and drain my balls.

Suddenly my mobile phone started ringing and thinking I’m not answering that as it was more than likely my boss asking me if I could cover somewhere or the other, it was always the same especially when the sun finally decided to shine over my home in Bournemouth.

Leaving my mobile to ring I decided to let my body slowly relax from the excitement of my orgasm and as soon as I felt I could get up and about I grabbed a towel off of my sideboard and wrapped it round my waist, but as I opened my bedroom door my mobile again began to ring.

This time I decided it was tough luck and with that I walked out of my room and headed straight toward the bathroom for a hot shower, the whole time I stood in the shower with the warm water cascading down my body and especially around my fat bell end making sure I was spotless as I was determined to get a hot girl lapping at my cock by the end of the day.

As soon as I was ready I headed back into my room and started to dry myself off making sure my privates were in pristine condition and trimming back any unwanted pubic hair as I was always as smooth as possible, standing in front of my closet I picked out a pair of shorts that sat just right showing off my package along with a bright coloured T shirt.

As I applied my deodorant and aftershave my mobile again started to ring and thinking the boss wouldn’t try that hard to get hold of me I decided to check who it was, picking the mobile up and checking the screen it was a good friend I hadn’t seen in ages.

Turns out that Tim also had the day off, he was a self employed photographer and wondered if I fancied heading down to the beaches with him, Tim was always eager to go on the pull for hot young women but he was also a nightmare at times as he was so hyper active all the time.

As I hadn’t seen Tim in ages I agreed to meet him at a café in the town centre where I knew lots of the girls who would be heading towards the beach would either be having their breakfasts or passing by to get the best spots on the beach.

As I got all my stuff together for a day on the beach including the high factor sun tan lotion as I burn easily, jumping into my car and instantly dropping the windows to let some air blow through I found one of my favourite chilled out house albums and put it into the stereo. As soon as I pulled away I suddenly thought where am I going to park in town.

That was always a problem as either I would have to pay out a fortune on a car park or risk a ticket on one of the backstreets. Quickly calling up Tim I suggested we go to the other side of the bay round to where it was slightly quieter but still had plenty of girls around and a pub nearby that was owned by friends of mine so I could park there all day if I wanted.

Tim seemed keen so with that I pumped up the music in the car and headed towards the café not only for breakfast and to pick up Tim but also to see if there was any decent looking girls in there I could convince to come across the bay with us, especially as where I had planned to go was right next to the nudist beach which was always busy with pretty girls making sure their tans were perfect all over.

Reaching the café I was in luck as there was a space left right outside, the street parking was on a meter but I had no intention of paying as I could see the car from where I was having breakfast anyway, ordering a coffee latte and scrambled egg on toast with salmon as I decided to treat myself.

Soon breakfast was over and done with and as the local girls were all checked out I decided to go warm up the car as Tim waited for a cute little blond girl he had met the night before in one of the towns nightclubs, soon both of them were clambering into my car with Tim’s latest girl making herself comfortable in the back seat.

Turning to her and asking if she minded fast drivers she smiled and said I love going fast and with that Tim piped up with a chuckle yeah hard and fast huh Chloe, the one thing I didn’t think he was expecting was the slap he got round the side of the head sending him into one of his manic moments which I wasn’t going to put up with so with a simple shut up Tim I cranked the engine over and pumped up the music and got back onto the road.

Soon we were pulling up at my mates pub and the car park was already getting busy as was the pub itself, wandering inside with Tim and Chloe following I went to find my mates and have a swift pint before I headed down to the beaches if nothing more than to thank my friends for letting me park up all day and promising I would be in for dinner once the sun began to fall hopefully with a fit girl on my arm.

Wandering down to the beaches I had already spotted a few nice looking girls but none that really got my juices flowing, finding a spot near to where the beach was separated in between the family beaches and the nudist beach Chloe suddenly asked are we not going onto the nudist beach.

To be honest I only picked the family side because she was with us, normally me and friends always went off to the nudist beach when the town centre was going to be so busy.

Walking across the sand hills and onto the nudist beach it seemed still very quiet and as I saw the lack of women around my heart almost sank but as we walked on to find a suitable spot I thought its still early and it should pick up yet.

Besides we did have Chloe with us and if Tim went off at some point I was pretty sure I could get what I wanted from her, she didn’t seem the type that would turn down a nice big cock in her pussy if she could get one or even two if I didn’t get lucky as Tim and me had shared a slutty girl a while back and filled her up at both ends.

As we settled in our spot on the beach I first let Chloe strip down so I could see her body in full, she was quite cute at around 5 feet 3 or 4 tall with a slim waist and flat stomach but with gorgeous full breasts and her long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail falling between her shoulders.

I had to admit to myself if I got chance I would fuck her, but as she turned and I saw her shaved smooth pussy with a piercing through her clit I felt my cock twitching at the thought of filling her pussy and hopefully arse up with my thick 8 inches.

Slightly stalling to strip as I was harbouring a semi hard cock Chloe looked over and said come on then Mike lets see what you got, standing and removing my T shirt to show off my slightly flabby stomach that I was trying to suck in Chloe was urging me on as she said now get your cock out with a playful giggle.

As I lowered my shorts and my thick cock dangled semi hard between my thighs I saw Chloe’s eyes light up, I could only imagine what she was thinking as Tim had obviously fucked her the night before and he was very well endowed as well.

As we laid there letting the sun do its work I kept applying more lotion and eventually found myself grabbing 10 minutes sleep as the sun drained away any energy I had left, waking and feeling hungry I decided I would walk up to the visitor centre where there was a snack bar. Asking the others what they wanted I chucked my trainers back on and plodded off with my shorts in my hand carrying them as I decided to take the long route to see if there was any hot looking women around.

As I wandered down the beach there were a couple of groups of girls but none that really caught my interest although I like to think a few had a good look at me especially with my large cock swinging between my thighs in time with my stride.

Reaching the end of the nudist beach I suddenly saw the girl, the one I was after or at least the type of girl I go for a gorgeous slim but classically hot brunette with long slender legs and long hair cascading down her back in a long ponytail. She too was putting back on her bikini and increasing my pace I managed to get close and pull on my shorts.

Wandering past I simply commented how hot it was and asked if she was going to the snack bar, to my relief she replied yeah a little too hot today so off for an ice cream. Now as I had broken the ice as such I introduced myself and asked her name, she replied my names Abi or Abigail as only my parents would call me and with that we walked along together chatting about random nonsense really but I managed to find out she was single and alone as all her girlfriends were working.

As we got to the snack bar I bought Abi’s ice cream and my friends and with that we turned back, wandering back across the dunes we soon got to the entrance to the nudist beach and asking Abi to hold the ice creams and drinks I dropped my shorts before taking her ice cream from her as Abi took off her top, but there she stopped at my disappointment.

Teasingly Abi stroked her long nails across my chest leaving a line in my sun tan lotion and giggling, so teasingly I said you only taking your top half off then and feeling guilty that I had asked Abi told me I don’t do full nude in public unlike someone close by it seems.

Apologising for asking Abi told me its no problem and you seem nice so I don’t mind, besides you have a nice cock from the look of it. With Abi blatantly flirting with me and her beautiful body with her small but pert breasts on show she leant into me and kissed my cheek, now I was really fighting my raging sex drive and I was well aware my cock was starting to stiffen.

I knew she was the one I wanted to possibly take home but get to fuck by the sun went down so I asked her to come and join me and my friends, wasting no time she agreed and as I wrapped my arm round her waist she snuggled into my side like we had known each other for years.

Reaching Tim and Chloe unfortunately Tim was wide awake and obviously a bit hyper as he jumped up and came running over to grab the drinks and ice creams off of me, as he bolted back to Chloe I explained to Abi that Tim was quite hyper most of the time and she just looked at me and said don’t worry about him.

As we sat and the girls chatted Tim came and sat the other side of me and said quietly Abi is quite stunning mate, you done well again. Thanking him as mates do I said yeah she is hot but Chloe is quite sexy to mate, and that was it Tim couldn’t help himself as he told me how he had met her then how and where in his flat he had fucked her in her pussy and arse as I expected.

Then as Tim always did he went to Abi’s side and started to tell her how sexy she was and how Mikey as he always called me had a big cock, telling her I bet he wants to fuck you. Watching Chloe’s movements she knew the score and got up and dragged Tim off for a walk down the beach.

As soon as he was gone Abi moved up to my side and as we both sat enjoying the sun we both felt that strange feeling you always get when you know someone is just right for you, with Abi cuddling up to my side I looked across at her and soon we found our lips meeting as we kissed gently at first.

As Abi laid back I thought it was my chance to try my luck with her and as I leant across her slowly running a hand up across her stomach then up to her breast slowly running a finger up till it met her nipple, grabbing my hand I thought I had messed up again but as Abi pulled me into her our lips met again this time much more passionately.

Before we knew it Tim and Chloe were back and looking up it was clear Chloe had been very busy with Tim up past the dunes where it was always quiet, Tim being Mr tactful as usual said out loud mate Chloe don’t half blow cock well which just left me and Abi laughing so hard it hurt.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t see Tim much and now I was starting to remember why as he once again opened his mouth and said so Abi you going to suck Mikey off then?

Thinking she would tell him where to go or just ignore him she took my fat cock in her hand and looked at me as she slowly started to massage my shaft and balls, although I didn’t want her to stop I had to make her so standing up I pulled Abi to her feet and took her off from our little group.

Wandering up into the dunes and finding a quiet spot I pulled her tight body against mine and kissed her, showing her experience Abi sank to her knees and took my bell end in between her lips slowly lapping at my bell end and wrapping her pierced tongue round my bell end making me instantly rock hard.

Breaking away from my cock Abi looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes that had me fixed on her as soon as I noticed her eye colour, as I said to her you have gorgeous eyes babe she replied and you have a very yummy cock and I want your spunk Mike so give it to me please babe.

Slowing pushing her head back toward my cock Abi pulled out her hair band and let her wild long dark hair loose as her wet mouth took my thick cock inch by inch lapping at my bell end each time she pulled back, I knew there was no way I could last long as she really knew how to suck cock.

As she once again near swallowed all of my 8 inches I noticed she was playing in her bikini bottoms so as she pulled away I said lay back for me Abi and I will pleasure you, as she laid back with her bikini bottoms still in place I got down so I could lick out her pussy.

As I slid her bikini aside I suddenly got a view of a small cock, only a couple of inches and as I went to touch her Abi rolled over and got to her knees pushing her butt in my direction, I had plenty of experience of T girls so with no argument I pulled apart her butt cheeks and pushed my experienced tongue into her puckered anus lapping at her boy pussy making her moan with pleasure so as she got moist for me I slid a finger inside her butt as I continued to lick and suck at her bum hole.

Soon Abi almost bucked and looking down I saw she had cum hard and as she reached round and pulled her bikini back into place she turned to me and asked did you realize im a transsexual Mike?

I told her no Abi I cant say I did realize, but im not surprised as I have lots of experience. Before I could finish my sentence she said you do indeed have experience I have never had a guy make me cum that hard before, once again I stood and this time helped Abi to her feet and as I held her we kissed gently and turned to go back to my friends.

To my surprise as we approached my friends Abi grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the water and whispered to me I need your cock in me Mike do you have any condoms?.

Breaking away from her and running back up the beach I fished around in my bag and found my condoms and tore one from its foil packet, running back to meet Abi in the water we were soon in deep enough and with that I pulled Abi towards me and as she got up close to me she pulled herself up and wrapped her long legs round my waist.

Kissing her passionately I was soon again rock hard and as soon as Abi felt my prick standing proud she wrapped my member in the condom and eased aside her bikini, playing with her cute little fuck hole she was nicely relaxed for me and with no effort Abi lowered herself onto my cock taking most of my shaft deep into her ass pussy and riding me as best she could.

Feeling her breasts rubbing against my chest and her tiny girly prick now stiff against my stomach was making me horny as hell and soon I was bouncing her on my cock like a porno star that’s had no cock in weeks.

Lowering her back to her feet Abi turned her back on me and as I wrapped my arms round her waist she eased back and once again took all of my thick 8 inches deep into her butt, as we stood with Abi fondling her breasts as I kissed at the nape of her neck I slowly slid in and out of her tight little anus emptying her before pushing back in and filling her butt with my thick cock but soon I felt my body raging again as my orgasm flooded through my groin and out my cock filling the condom with ease.

As I slid from Abi’s butt she expertly squeezed the condom as she removed it so not to loose any of the warm cum inside the used condom, then as she pulled it up out of the water in front of everyone who must have seen what we were doing and drank my spunk from the used condom before turning and kissing me hard letting me taste my own spunky load in her mouth.

Walking back out of the water hand in hand and back to my friends Tim just smirked and as Abi sat between me and Chloe the girls started their usual chit chat and all I remember was waking up an hour or so later as the weather began to cool with Abi cuddled up at my side.

Soon we packed our stuff up and as I promised my friend all four of us went to the pub and had a few drinks with our dinner before making our way back home.

Once we got back to Bournemouth I didn’t know if Abi would want to stay with me but on route she asked to pop home to get some bits and with that we all headed back to my place to spend the evening together and have more fun but that’s for another day.

To Be Continued:

I remember my first day at college, I had just moved to Northern Ireland with my parents, needless to say I was scared shitless. “You’ll do great Lucy.” My parents encouraged.

I nervously entered the class room and looked around. The tables were all set up in a big ‘U’ shape around the teachers desk and the whiteboard.

I took a seat on the left side of the room and quietly started unpacking my notepad and pens, and the course text book from my bag. I looked up when I heard the chair next to me pull out. “Hi I’m Roisin,” the girl stated.

“I’m Lucy,” I said smiling. The tutor entered the room then and introduced herself to us all and gave out a sheet that had 5 questions on it.

“Now then what I want you to do is team up with the person next to you and ask them the 5 questions on the sheet,” she explained, “You have 10 minutes to find out all about the other person and then you will be called to the front in pairs to introduce your partner to the class.”

Roisin turned to me and said “shall we be partners?” with an expectant look on her face.

“Yes,” I replied.

I glanced down at the sheet of paper in front of me and studied the questions.

1-Tell us a little about yourself. 2-Have you ever met a famous person. 3-Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. 4-What do you want to do in the future. 5-Tell us about your hobbies.

After discussing the answers to each question, I got to know Roisin quite well and found out she had a wicked sense of humour. I could tell we were going to become great friends.

She was a pretty girl, slender but not too skinny, she had chin length white blonde hair that hung in waves and she had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen.

I don’t consider myself to be pretty, cute maybe, I have dark brown hair that is shoulder length, and straight, and green eyes which I love. We sat and chatted for 10 minutes learning all we could about each other and taking notes on our sheets.

When our time was up the teacher stood from behind her desk and said, “Okay, who is brave enough to go first?” She moved her eyes around the room studying us each in turn.

I looked at Roisin and she nodded so I raised my hand and said, “We will go first.”

As it was technically my idea to go first I decided I should introduce Roisin to the class before she introduced me. So I cleared my throat and began.

“Hi everyone. I would like to introduce you to Roisin. Roisin is 18 years old, and has lived in Toome since she was two years old. She was born in the Ulster Hospital on 15th June 1987. Roisin has a sister and a brother who are three and five years older than her respectively,” I began.

“When she was younger, she and the rest of her primary school met Julian from UTV which she was very excited about, but now she is embarrassed that she met him.” Roisin started giggling as I said this which in turn made me laugh as well.

“An interesting fact about Roisin is that she can play the flute, the clarinet, the bass guitar and the piano. She loves Irish dancing and has been learning it since she was 5. When she was younger and she was asked what she wanted to do in the future she always said ‘be part of River-dance,” I laughed.

“But now she wants to be a nurse, which is why she is doing childcare, so she can do her nursing degree when she is finished. As for hobbies Roisin loves dancing, obviously, shopping, R+B music and movies.” I finished and looked at Roisin who was smiling encouragingly at me.

“Okay Roisin, it’s your turn to introduce us to your partner.” The teacher prompted.

“Hi there, this is Lucy-Mae. Lucy lived in a town called Leyland until she was 18. Leyland is where a lot of the trucks were made just in case you’re interested. She was born in Chorley Hospital on 24th July 1986, so she is 19. Lucy moved from Leyland to Bellaghy when she left school, she moved with her Mom and Dad as her three sisters are all married.” She started.

“Two of her sisters live here in Magherafelt and one still lives in Leyland. When flying from Leyland to here after a holiday visiting her sister, at the start of the summer, Lucy sat next to one of the boys from the TV show Hollyoaks on the aeroplane. She managed to pluck up the courage to talk to him, and they chatted the whole flight, keeping her cool she didn’t let him see how gorgeous she thought he was.” she started giggling as she explained.

“They exited the plane and went through to baggage, and as Lucy only had hand luggage she said goodbye, exchanging phone numbers with him, and went out in to the arrivals section, she quickly got her phone out and rang her sister back in Leyland as she entered the shop in the terminal “You will not believe who I was sitting next to!!!” she excitedly said to her sister just as he came around the corner to buy a bottle of water grinning from ear to ear as she blushed beet red and ran out the exit.” She was hysterical as she tried to finish the story.

I was bright red again, not my finest hour, I can’t convey how gutted I was when I realised he had heard me after playing it cool the whole flight. Needless to say we never met up again, I was way too embarrassed to face him.

When Roisin had calmed down she continued, “Something interesting about Lucy is that she does a lot of fund-raising for different charities including comic relief and children in need, but on world book day last year she raised money for Macmillan Cancer Care, by dressing as the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland for the whole day, doing all her daily tasks including going to work in the evening!” She paused and looked me in the eyes.

“She is definitely a game girl this one. In the future Lucy would like to own an after school club for primary school aged children, so she plans to do her advanced diploma in childcare and education after finishing these two years of early childhood studies and then do a business management course.” She continued.

“As for hobbies Lucy loves reading, all types of music, I mean ALL types, metal, garage, hip hop everything. As well as that Lucy is a big movie buff.” As she finished she turned expectantly to me and I smiled and told her how well she had done.

“Fantastic girls, I can see you spent the time wisely, getting to know each other properly.” The teacher said. The morning went on and the class went to the front in two’s and introduced each other.

When lunch time came I didn’t want to assume she would want to get lunch together so I got my purse and stood up as she said “So, Lucy, Where are we headed?”

I laughed and breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Where ever you fancy, I’m easy!”

She raised her eye brows and replied, “Hmmm, is that so, I can’t wait to find out!” she giggled loudly and I joined in. Her laugh was so infectious.

We became best friends very quickly and when I passed my driving test I would drive her home even though I basically had to pass my village to get to her house. I never minded as we were such close friends. We went on a couple of double dates together but they were always awful so we didn’t bother again we just went out together, movies and food our regular Wednesday night plan.

One night we went to the cinema to see a new film and I was going to park outside the door but Roisin said, “Park in the car park around the corner, just in case somebody would hit your car if you park it on the road.”

“OK, whatever you say, your so obsessed that someone is going to hit my car,” I replied and drove to the car park.

We watched the film which was a comedy and both loved it. When it had finished we made our way to the front door and can you believe it… it was pouring with rain outside. “Fuck me!” I yelled.

“Only if you ask nicely!” She said as she ran out into the rain, laughing. I ran out after her pulling my keys out of my pocket as I went. I reached the car and opened the door.

We both got into the car and I yelled, “Jesus Christ! I am soaking wet!” My white t-shirt was now see through and you could clearly see my white bra standing out from my skin.

“Hmmm, soaking wet huh?!? sounds good!” She said as she winked at me. I found it hilarious how she could flip everything around to a sexual meaning.


Things continued this way for the whole two years we were at college together. I never thought anything of what she said to me when she was teasing me, as far as I knew she was straight as an arrow like me, she had her fair share of boyfriends but as the end of college loomed she found herself single again. I had my own share of heart ache and was also single at this point in my life. By this time she was 20 and I was 21.

“Hey Lucy do you want to be my date for the leavers formal?” She asked me one day. “You know, make a no guy’s pact and just go to the thing together?”

“Yeah, that sounds fun! We’ll raise the roof!” I laughed. “As long as I can wear red… it is my favourite colour!”

We went shopping the following afternoon in Belfast to get our dresses. We tried a few shops and in the end we managed to find a dress to wear. On the Saturday of the formal I drove to her house where I would be leaving my car so we could both drink, and knocked on the door with everything I needed to get ready. The door opened and Roisin stood in a towel obviously just having got out of the shower. She let me in and we went to her bedroom to get ready. I did my hair and make up while she went to put her dress on then I did her hair and went and got dressed while she did her make up.

I came out of the bathroom all ready to go and walked into her bedroom. She looked absolutely stunning, her bronze dress was knee length and had gold beading detail around the top. It came up around the neck like a choker and bared her shoulders. Her hair was down around her shoulder blades, it had grown down her back over the two years we have been friends, but she recently got it cut and tidied up.

She turned around and gasped,looking me up and down she said “Lucy, you look gorgeous!”

“Fuck off! No I don’t!” I replied.

“No, seriously Lucy you look Fucking awesome!!” she asserted gazing up and down my body over and over again.

I blushed and said “Whatever! You look a lot nicer than I do! You look beautiful!” as I shrugged off her compliment. I can never take compliments well.

“You tease me, Miss Bradford! I like it!” she giggled winking at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.

I was wearing a scarlet red strapless dress that reached the floor and was a corset style bodice which made my 38DD breasts look amazing! (I really do love my breasts!) Just because we had a no guy’s pact doesn’t mean I couldn’t try and impress. My hair was hanging down to my shoulders and my make up was minimal, with a shock of red lipstick.

When we got to the venue I went to the bar to get us a drink and Roisin went to freshen up. I decided we needed a kick start to the night so I bought us a shot of absinthe and a vodka sunrise. She met me at the bar and I gave her the shot. “Bottom’s up girl!” I yelled.

“Mmmm maybe later!” she laughed. We counted to three and downed our shots. I coughed. I looked up and Roisin’s eyes were watering as she giggled. “Fuck yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Right in the words of p!nk ‘let’s get this party started’!” She said as she took her vodka sunrise and proceeded to take me to the empty dance floor.

We danced most of the night only stopping to refill our vodka sunrise every once in a while. I went and requested a song after we had emptied our 5th vodka sunrise. When Pitbull’s ‘hotel room service’ came on the two of us went crazy! We danced back to back and face to face, up close, poppin’ and lockin’ as best we could and then I used her like a pole and gyrated all the way down her body.

Roisin got a glint in her eye as I did this and as I came back up she stepped back as she carried on dancing. I thought maybe I had gone too far and got a little self conscious as I danced but then as Pitbull sang the line ’2 plus 2 I’m gon’ undress you,’ she grabbed my dress at the top in between my breasts and pulled me close then he sang ’3 plus 3 you gon’ undress me,’ she grabbed my hands and put them on her tight ass. The next line said ’4 plus 4 we gon’ freak some more’ she had grabbed my ass by this point pulling us nice and close and started grinding her crotch against mine. I was completely taken aback at first but then she leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “I have been so attracted to you ever since that first day in class.”

When I heard them words and felt her breath tickling my ear I got goosebumps and my whole body started trembling as my breathing grew heavy. She saw my reaction and led me to a really dark corner in the place. I was a little nervous and apprehensive wondering what was going to happen but I was also very curious and excited. She manoeuvred me so I was against the wall and ran her fingers through my hair pulling me closer. When our lips touched I thought I would explode.

She kissed me so gently at first and ran her tongue along my bottom lip so I opened my mouth a little and our tongues touched. It felt amazing, her skin was so soft and she smelled so good with the mix of perfume and her arousal that I started to get very wet. We kissed more passionately for a little while not caring that if anyone came close enough they could see what was happening. I gently stroked my hand up from her hip to her cheek and ran my fingers through her long blonde hair, grabbing a handful tightly, and wound my other hand around her back pulling her closer to me so our bodies made contact and our breasts were touching through our dresses.

She lowered her hand from my hair and ran it along the top of my dress and down under my breast cupping it in her small hand and squeezed it gently. She broke the kiss first and just as breathless as me said, “Come on let’s get out of here.”

I couldn’t hide the excitement in my voice as I said “mmmm, yes, let’s!” we walked out side and she motioned to one of the taxis from the taxi bays she gave him the address and turned back to me and started kissing again the whole way to her apartment which the taxi driver seemed to enjoy, listening to him mmmm and ahhhh the whole drive back.

We arrived at her apartment and paid the driver who said, “any time you girls need a lift just ask for Shane!”

We made our way inside and straight to the bedroom … there was only one way this evening was going and we both wanted it so much.

Once we entered the bedroom she unzipped my dress as we kissed again. My dress slowly slid to the floor and Roisin groaned when she realised I had nothing on underneath it. I didn’t want to ruin the look of the dress with ghastly underwear lines.

“Sweet Jesus, Lucy, I could cum just by looking at you!” Roisin said as she leaned forward and licked around my breast with her soft warm tongue, before licking my nipple and sucking it in to her mouth gently biting on it.

While she was playing with my nipples, twisting and sucking them, I started to unzip her dress, pushing it slowly down her body running my hands down her body as I did so.

She looked so sexy, she was wearing a red lace halter-neck bra and red lace panties, her breasts were perfect 34c size that were beautiful, she was a little shorter than me, without our heels on, at 5’5″ to my 5’6″ and had such a pert butt that I couldn’t stop myself grabbing it and pulling her closer to me.

I ran my hands up her body and back to the clasp of her bra and took it off her slowly. Our tongues were still wrestling as I took her bra off but as soon as her breasts were free I had to taste them. So I lowered my mouth to her nipples and sucked them into my mouth. Her nipples were rock hard as were mine, and when I reached down and took her panties off I realised the crotch was soaking, this turned me on even more causing my own cunt to become dripping wet.

The smell of our arousal was super strong and sexy as fuck. We moved backwards until we hit the bed and tumbled down side by side. Once comfortable we started kissing passionately again, lying facing each other on our sides. I stroked my hand down her body and to her very juicy pussy. She gasped in to my mouth as I stroked her slit.

My nerves had officially vanished by this point and I let my instincts take over as I started rubbing her extremely hard clit. “mmmm Fuck Lucy ooohhh that feels so good!” she moaned.

The smell of the room was intoxicating and I knew what I needed to do next so I moved myself lower down her body kissing and licking her soft skin as I went, and got closer to her pussy. When I finally got down to her pussy and spread her lips I was amazed how perfect she looked! So juicy! She had a small triangle of short blonde hair above her slit and small well defined inner lips.

“mmmm, Please Lucy!” She breathlessly whispered as she lifted her hips slightly bringing her pussy closer to my mouth. I inhaled deeply and leaned in closer, closing the gap between us, and licked from her opening to her clit. She bucked a little as I touched her clit, so I began moving my tongue in little circles around her clit then flicked my tongue over it. It was so hot and I was so horny I had to remind myself to take it slow and not to rush her pleasure. As I have been told by others, it is not about the destination, but the journey you take!

After a few minutes of teasing her clit and tasting her sweet juices I moved my tongue lower towards her hole and pushed my tongue inside her, marvelling at how tight her tunnel was. I started tongue fucking her and she started to writhe around on the bed moaning over and over.

After a few more minutes I removed my tongue from her hole, much to her disappointment, but I quickly replaced it with two fingers. As I finger fucked her I resumed licking and sucking on her hard little clit. I was now so intoxicated by the smell of her sex, I could have stayed licking her forever.

Her moaning and her writhing grew more erratic telling me she was getting close, so I focused on bringing her to an explosive climax. I sucked hard on her clit as I pumped my fingers in and out of her, pleasuring her g-spot as I did so.

“Fuck, Holy fuck, ooohhh, Jesus Christ, mmmm” Roisin yelled as she thrashed on the bed and I hungrily lapped up her juices. I moved back up her body listening to her heavy breathing and watching her breasts raise up and down. I laid down next to her as her breathing started to return to normal. I felt her hand on my stomach stroking me as she moved her mouth to mine and started kissing me again.

“Mmmm I can taste myself on your tongue!” she moaned “It is so sexy! I could literally come again.” She pulled me closer and kissed me again, wrestling her tongue with mine.

She moved her hand along my body as we kissed, twisting my nipples then stroking my stomach as she moved her hand still lower and down to my thighs. She gently stroked higher but kept teasing me by moving her hand so close to my mound but not quite touching it before moving her hand lower down my thigh again, repeating the motion over and over.

By the time her hand made contact with my slit I was dripping wet and practically desperate for her touch. She parted my lips with her fingers and gently stroked from my tight hole to just below my clit, careful not to make contact just yet. I tried lifting my hips to meet her hand but she was too quick and lowered her hand before contact was made.

She moved her mouth from mine and kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipples gently biting them as her slender fingers finally made contact with my now fully engorged clit. “Mmmmmm, Oh fuck, Roisin!” I tried but failed to hold in the moan that escaped my lips.

She began her expert manipulation of my clit … rubbing circles around it and rolling it between her thumb and finger, nipping at it, sending me delirious with pleasure. Her fingers felt so soft against my sensitive clit.

I was only 24 when I was sent to Jersey for three months to learn all about Stock Broking. I had left school at 17 and had joined a Shipping Agent company but the shipping business had collapsed with the use of the containers, and the company had to concentrate on its Investment Trust work. I was met at airport by the Managing Director who took me directly to the person who had agreed to put me up for three months. She was the widow of a director who had died some four months previously, from cancer. She took us into her house, which by Jersey standards, was large. It stood by itself and had a short driveway. The widow’s name was Jeanette and she was French. Her husband had been a director of many offshore companies as well as running his own wine business. They had met when he visited her father’s vineyard in the Loire Valley.

I quickly settled in and started work the next day on the Tuesday, in the office which was situated in Broad street, Saint Helier. My work was mundane office work with other clerks. I travelled in by bus.

Things were quiet between us for the first two weeks — I stayed in my bedroom in the evenings studying for my Financial Services qualification exams. Then on the second Saturday night she came home with a bang. I had been going up to bed after a night of quiet reading and watching television, when I heard this noise outside. I went out and saw that Jeanette had run into the gate posts with her husband’s Austin. I helped her out of the car, she was not injured and the car was dented a bit.

Jeanette staggered a bit and I helped her into the kitchen where I made her a cup of sweet tea for shock. My father is a doctor and I had learned first aid. We talked and she told me that she had had a few drinks with the man who had bought her late husband’s boat, in the Royal Jersey Yacht Club. She had got a good price for it and was celebrating. It was built in the 1930s and George, her husband, had used it to import wine to save on the cost of ferries in the year’s after the War.

When she at stopped shaking, I helped her upstairs into her bedroom. She went into her bedroom and I went to mine. I quickly undressed and I was putting on my pyjamas bottoms when I heard her calling out for me in her beautiful accented voice (like Brigitte Bardot’s voice in Doctor at Sea). She had undressed herself down to her bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings. She was seated on her dressing table chair and asked me if I would like to peel off her stockings. I knelt at her feet and gently undid the clips at the top and then rolled each one down her legs slowly being careful not to ladder them. She leaned over to me and spoke.

“Are you enjoying this? George always did.”

I could see quite a big cleavage between her breasts and I could feel I was getting an erection. I had never made love to any girl, only had groping sessions in the back of my father’s car in the dark.

“Now follow me to the bathroom.”

I followed like a pet, and I watched watching her bum wiggle under her pink knickers; she pulled them down and sat on the lavatory, then kicked them off up into the air. I caught them and instinctively raised them to my nose for a sniff.

“You can watch me piss if you like.”

She opened her thighs and pulled open her cunt lips. I fell to my knees and saw for the first time a woman’s cunt. It was covered in hair, but I could see a stream of smelly piss shoot out from her pink coloured cave.

“Come closer” she said and pulled my head down and at the same time she moved her hips forward. Something made me move my mouth into the stream and I drank the last few spurts of piss.

“Now lick me.”

I pushed my tongue into her cunt and moved it up and down the slit. Jeanette pressed my head onto her cunt and moved her hips up as well.

“Ahhhh… that is sooo good. Lick my clitoris hard.”

My left hand moved down and I began to wank. I was shaking with lust; I had never felt so excited in my life. Jeanette pulled me up by my hair.

“Put it in me ….. fuck me!”

I struggled up and tried to get my prick into her cunt. She grabbed hold of it and pushed into herself. It was wet and warm. I fucked her very quickly and then convulsed as I ejaculated spunk into her. I collapsed into her arms.

“That was so good.”

We stayed together and caught our breath, then slowly we got back up. She went to the hand basin and drank a glass of water.

“You must come and sleep with me in my bed from now on. You are a real man not a boy now.”

We slept the night in each other’s arms. When we awoke, I had the most amazing feeling of happiness, fulfilled and purposeful. We behaved like young lovers, touching each other and laughing and smiling.

“So this is love,” I said.

We didn’t make love again till Wednesday evening. I had given up studying — boring — and sat on the sofa with her. The very nearness of her, the smell of her French perfume, aroused me. We kissed with open mouths, our tongues twisting together. Her hand went down the bulge in my pants and stroked it to erection.

“Come, let’s go to bed now. Why spend time with our clothes on?”

Jeanette undressed rapidly and I just yanked off my trousers and underpants. We landed in bed together.

“Am I your first lover? Yes? Then I shall teach you. First we kiss….. then you fondle my breasts….. now kiss my nipples… gently….. now give me your hand…. here stroke my clitoris…. feel it come out from its hood…. that’s it now rub a bit harder…..Yes that’s it.”

I was quivering with sexual excitement; my prick was achingly hard. She pushed me onto my back and threw her leg over my body and grabbed hold of it. She rubbed it up and down her slit a bit to distribute her juices then pulled it inwards and sank down until I was all in. She gasped as I hit bottom.

“Oh .. this is so beautiful… I can feel all of your cock. It’s so big and wonderful”

She moved up and down slowly, then gained speed. I pushed up as she pushed down; we built a rhythm. Then I could feel that unstoppable feeling prior to ejaculation so I pushed my forefinger into her arsehole, hard. She screamed and came as I did the same. We cuddled each other then and kissed gently before falling asleep.

On Saturday morning, Jeanette came into the bathroom where I was shaving and had a long piss. I turned round and watched as she wiped her fanny with the hand cloth which hung near the lavatory. In those days, 1964, soft toilet tissue hadn’t been introduced and women used clothes to wipe themselves after pissing. She came over to me by the hand basin and sat on the edge of the bath.

“Would you like to shave my bush please? George always did it for me every year before the summer but he wasn’t available this year and it needs doing for hygiene purposes.”

“Certainly” I said and I lathered up my shaving brush. Jeanette pulled up her nightie and opened her legs. I put foam around the edges and over her slit.

“Just shave the top of my thighs and pres de ma chatte”.

I got down on my knees and gently moved the razor over the top of her legs and then very carefully, along and over her slit. There were no protruding vulva lips. Then I wiped the whole are with a warm damp flannel. She looked down and said that I had done a good job.

“Could you go and get the jar of cold cream please from my dressing table? It stops the area from irritating me.”

I went and got the jar and applied two fingers of it onto her thighs and then onto her cunt. My fingers slipped in and I rubbed her clitoris with a smile on my face. Jeanette reached out and found my hardening prick and slowly wanked it and I masturbated her.

“Taking advantage of me are you?”

We carried on until I spurted into her hand and she came on my fingers.

“That was nice — before breakfast too!”

That evening we went to the best French restaurant in Saint Helier in a taxi because her car was being repaired. The rose wine from her father’s vineyard for that year, was being drunk by the patrons for the first time. There were lots of `Saluts` and we both drank too much. The next day, I had terrible diarrhoea and Jeanette said she felt ill and her period had started. I didn’t know what she meant so she kindly explained about women’s menstruation period of 28 days, with two weeks of fertility and one week when conception was not possible.

On the Wednesday evening Jeanette came home with a bad back, partly due to her period and partly because she had lifted too many cases of wine that day.

“Could you give my back a massage?”

“Yes, certainly, my father’s a doctor and he taught me the basic massage techniques so I could do his back when it was needed.”

“Here is a bottle of olive oil. Come upstairs and you we can try to stop this pain.”

She undressed completely and lay on a towel on the middle of her bed.

“Undress as well because I don’t want oil on your clothes”. So I did.

She lay face down and I mounted the bed and straddled her thighs. I poured a small amount of oil onto her lower back and some dribbled down her arse crack. I ignored that, and rubbed in circles, with gentle pressure, outwards from her spine. She purred with contentment as my fingers worked their magic. I progressed upwards to her shoulders and then started again. As I was doing this my prick was rubbing in the crack of her arse, and it became erect without my doing anything. I began to enjoy the sensation and I started to move faster. The cheeks of her arse were pulling my foreskin back and the forward movement excited my purple knob.

Then I moved to far back and to quickly forward and it pushed into her arse hole.

“Oh that’s nice” I said and pushed harder so that more of my cock went in. Jeanette’s head came up and she looked round.

“Carry on, here let me make it easier for you,” and she lifted her bum up and knelt on her knees.

“George always used to fuck me dans ma derriere when I had my period or didn’t have a condom to hand.”

I was enjoying the tightness and warmth of her arse hole and I moved gently in and out. Then I felt that overwhelming feeling as the spunk ran up inside my penis and into her rectum. I fell backwards and my cock slipped out. I looked down and I could see a small stream of spunk coming slowly out of her arsehole. I picked up a corner of the towel and wiped it off.

“Well that was a surprise, I must say, but my back does feel better but I feel that I want to go to the toilette now!” and she dived off into the bathroom.

After that our love making became conventional — in bed, in the usual positions, but there was one exception. On a Sunday afternoon we went for a drive in her new Citroen DS with its pneumatic suspension, which she had exchanged for the old Austin. She used the money she got from selling her late husband’s ketch. We went to the north of the island and parked on a favourite viewing point on the cliffs above the sea. There was nobody about and we sat on the grass together. Then Jeanette said she had to piss and stood up, moved away a bit, then pulled her skirt up and pulled her pants down. She had her back to me and I could see her white skinned bum and the dark blue suspender straps strained against her thighs, then a stream of piss coming out between her legs. For some reason this excited me, and I went over and slid my hand underneath and let the piss run over it. When she stopped, I rubbed her cunt gently. She moved forwards on to her knees keeping her arse pointing upwards. I shuffled on my knees until I was right up to her thighs and then I tried to insert it to her cunt. I was not succeeding and then I felt her hand from between her thighs come up and grab my penis. She held it against her cunt and I pushed into all of it was inside. She was wet with juice and hot. I fucked her slowly with love. The feeling was so intense, I could not last long.

Then she turned her head to me and said “pull out before you ejaculate — use ma derriere”.

So I pulled out and holding it in my left hand I positioned it against her arse hole and pushed it steadily into her rectum. It was too much and I pumped all my spunk into her bum. I could feel my balls tighten as if they were being squeezed to extract the juice. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time. I cock slackened off and I fell back onto my haunches.

“Wow!!” I exclaimed.

I would like to say that I stayed in Jersey, married Jeanette and made millions in the financial services market but I returned home, but I returned a MAN having gone out a boy. I left my job with the investment trust and became a salesman for a timber company with a company car. I also moved out of the family home and rented a flat with a friend. We held parties and stayed out drinking and when the gambling laws changed, gambled. This was the `Swinging Sixties`, it is said that if you could remember what you did, you weren’t there! Well, I have memories — good memories.

Anne was tightly encased in a blow up outfit that took the shape of an arm chair when inflated. Her mouth was held open at the front of the seat, where John had sat. It had been overkill, to be left helpless, like a humble piece of furniture. Anne had no option but to faithfully obey orders from the influence of the implant in her head, so there was no need to hold her captive. Encased in clear plastic, unable to move, she was physically, as well as psychologically, powerless.

He had abandoned her there in the lounge, like a piece of furniture, an object owned, to attend to his wife as part of the usual daily routine. Leaving his sperm to trickle over the plastic seat, dribbling into her mouth, she had to swallow or choke. Her mouth was held open so there was little she could do, as the sticky fluid dripped onto her tongue, where it slowly ran to the back of her throat.

If he had dismissed her, to the guest room, she could have taken the opportunity to deactivate the implant. Instead, he came back to free her physically.

“Come on lets get that thing off you. It’s an interesting concept, I might try it out again,” John told her.

She certainly hoped not! It was bad enough having to obey his every whim. Being made into a piece of household furniture made it all the more humiliating.

“I’ll help you into this, it’s very tight,” he said. John was surprised she didn’t complain after being freed from the chair. He was trying to push her beyond her limits of endurance, yet she seemed to take it all in her stride. He could see his sperm glistening on her chin, knowing it had run into her mouth, yet she accepted that too. He was especially pleased with how much cum she had inspired him to produce.

He squirted talcum powder into the leather cat-suit, as he pulled it up her legs. It had been his wife’s, some years ago, and it was a tight fit on Anne. Having pulled it up over the hips, he realised it wasn’t going to fit over the large breasts. Unzipping the openings might work, so he pulled hard, lifting her up onto her toes.

The thin leather worked its way up between her cheeks, for a very pleasing view of a firm rear, though he still hadn’t managed to pull it up over her shoulders.

“Crouch a bit, hunch your shoulders,” he told her.

He managed to tug the suit over one shoulder then the other. He went to stand before her.

She was hunched forward, with her breasts lewdly protruding out the unzipped openings. They looked enormous. “Stand up straight, slowly,” he advised.

The black, all in one cat-suit gave a little, and stretched, pulling taut between her lips. When she took a step it was obviously difficult. It was so thin the tight leather clung to her body, like a second skin.

As she walked around the room it stretched enabling her to move less awkwardly. John couldn’t keep his eyes off the leather hugging her pussy, showing it off more rudely than if she were naked. It pursed her lips, exaggerating their openness, as though she were a wanton hussy.

“You are a wanton hussy,” he murmured. From the way she had behaved that didn’t begin to describe what she was. Whatever he put her through, she accepted, without demurring in the slightest. “You’re not a normal woman, you’re a sex doll, a mindless sex doll,” he declared, with a pleasant chuckle.

Anne groaned silently. Was this worse than being a slut? She was about to find out, unless he summoned up some other role, from the rich repertoire of unpleasant programs available. In Larry’s apartment, a long list of awful sounding sex games had been displayed on his computer, which she hadn’t dared contemplate.

He gave her an apron to protect the suit while she prepared a meal. She stood by him while he ate, not speaking, behaving like a mindless doll as ordered. He couldn’t help running a fingernail over her sex, as the lips were so distended, on show. It gripped her sex so tight it looked as though it had been pulled up from inside her gaping holes.

The more he played with her, the more her sex seemed to explode from the black purse, cupping her lips. Both cheeks were held firmly with the leather disappearing between them. It was cunningly fashioned to grip tight, pushing right up her ass when she stood tall. In a moment of inspiration he had her slip on a pair of high heels.

Forced to stand upright, with shoulders squared, they pulled the leather even tighter around her crotch. Her breasts were pushed out in an exaggerated presentation, begging to be pinched and caressed at every opportunity; which he made sure was often.

“You can prepare some food for my buddies, its card night,” he announced.

Left in the kitchen she tried quickly to complete the order, though it wasn’t easy in the tight outfit. Once finished preparing snacks the command would be too, so she could go to her room and deactivate the implant. The need to be free of his games was vital.

Anne froze. She heard someone entering the lounge. The voices were joined by another as she continued to lay out chicken pieces form the oven. He had lived for sometime as a bachelor on frozen and tinned food.

Inside she smiled thinking he would dismiss her pretty soon, and she could sneak upstairs, for he wouldn’t want her to be seen like this. The gossip would race through this small community like wild fire. Anne was startled when John walked in though as a doll she showed no emotion. At last she was to be dismissed to her room where she could switch off the implant. Patiently she watched him rummage around in a kitchen draw.

“A nice spread, you’ve done well,” he told her. He noted again the change in her behaviour and worked out it was from telling her she was a doll. She stood mute effectively accomplishing this latest act, even to the point of holding her face in a passive expression. It was unnerving and therefore no way would he introduce her to his friends.

“You can stop playing a doll right now,” he said. The expression of relief was evident. Her whole body relaxed and she took a deep breath ready to say something.

At last she was nearly free! The game had been terminated, so she was ready to scamper back to her room, switch off the implant, change her clothes, and run for the safety of home, while he was busy with his friends.

“You can be a maid for the evening, and serve my friends,” he ordered.

“As you wish sir,” she answered, with a curtsy. Anne was struck with dread. The hope of escape had lasted only seconds before it was snatched away. How could he exhibit her dressed like this? Parading around with her breasts out on show, and the lewd way her sex was clearly outlined in the thin leather, tightly pursing her lips, it would be outrageous.

She could only stand the exhibitionist humiliation by letting go completely to the implanted program, running around to its rules, behaving like his sexy little maid. Not that she had much control left, so whatever he asked, she would jump to obey.

“Leave the apron on,” he added. The full length, white cotton apron, covered her breasts and thighs, leaving her bottom tightly encased and on show. “Come on, I’ll help you carry this stuff out,” he said, with a playful slap to her bottom.

Anne giggled from the slap, playing faithfully to the role, rather than chastise him for being familiar. It served to remind her how thin the material was and how vulnerable she was.

The room went stonily quiet when she walked in and the strangers stared at her. She purposely looked away from them with the shame of this terrible display of her body. This as well covered compared to when Ben had her yet with these older men it felt more shameful.

“Our lovely maid will be serving us tonight, say hello to the guys Anne,” he said.

“Hi guys, I’m your sexy little maid, here to serve you, whatever you want, sir,” Anne said, in a cute little voice and with a saucy wink. The program was pushing her into a well learnt role. She had played this game with her husband, only then she had some control left. Here with strangers it was dangerous to flirt and be pushed into being as sexy as she could with them.

She leant over the table with drinks, knowing they could see her breasts through the non-existent sides of the apron. At least that was the only thing of her body that was bare.

“Take off the apron, you don’t need it now,” John told her.

They all watched her make a show of lifting it up and over her head, in an exaggerated stretch, arching her back, lifting her breasts. The guy sitting to her left, Pete, sighed loudly.

“Nice tits!” Leonard exclaimed.

The others gave him a hash look thinking she would be offended.

“I’m glad you like them, sir,” she said, with a saucy smile. As expected it encouraged the others, for they were no gentlemen. What could she expect dressed like this? They were hardly going to treat her with the respect a university professor deserved.

“They’re so big, I’ve never seen anything like them,” Joe said.

Pete couldn’t take his eyes off them, even as he lifted his cards from the table.

“How do you like the outfit?” John asked them.

They reluctantly looked away from her large breasts to study the rest of her. She walked around the table giving them all a good look at her body. She was covered but it didn’t feel like it. It felt as though she had been body painted and it looked it too.

“Now that is tight, is it uncomfortable?” Leonard asked.

“A little, sir, but if it pleases you then it is worth a little discomfort, sir” she answered.

The others chuckled with mirth covering their interest at the way her lips moved in the tight purse. John was more interested in her ass. He had plans for that hole.

Serving John a drink she stood by him waiting for further instructions. His free hand came up between her thighs. He pressed her there then ran a finger between her cheeks, where the outfit gripped tight, cutting her globes into separating them, so her asshole showed. The wrinkled hole showed as an indentation in the thin leather. After he had pushed at it the material was stretched inward even more.

The drinks flowed and the hands patted her bottom or stroked her thighs, though none of them were as personal as John. They all appreciated how much more revealing the outfit became as the evening wore on. Distinct indentations had been pushed into her pussy and asshole.

“I want to stay in the pot but don’t want to put any more money in, so what do you say if I offer something else?” John asked. He wrote on a piece of paper and handed it around.

Anne watched the piece of paper passed from hand to hand, with a great feeling of humiliation, having seen it written, over his shoulder. She cringed inside on seeing them nod eagerly in approval.

“Do you agree?” Leonard asked her.

“Of course sir, I am your maid, here to serve you,” she giggled.

As predictable as a fox in chicken coop, John lost the hand. She had lost something too.

A big smile lit Joes’ face after concentrating hard on his cards. He pulled the chips toward him with the little piece of paper. He beckoned to her and in deep shame she walked round the table to him. He had won her left breast! Even in front of his friends, he would make use of it she was sure of that.

Anne demurely presented her breast to him as though she was about to breast feed him.

“Go on Joe, you know you want to,” they encouraged.

He lifted both hands to cup hr breast and guided it to his mouth. A little gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. She wasn’t so sure it was the program compelling her to play the game. She could feel her sex clenching and swelling. He sucked as much as he could and cradled as much as he could in both hands yet it still wasn’t covered completely, not that it mattered.

Anne was enjoying it! After such provocation and the unremitting implant working away at her all day she was ready for anything. With this stranger sucking on her breast, she knew for certain how ready she was. In such an aroused state it would be difficult to hold back but under that rules of the game she was even less able to hold back.

“Mmmm, that’s so good, sir,” she murmured.

Soon another piece of paper was written out though this time no one bothered reading it they eagerly played while Joe toyed with her breast and held his cards in the other hand. Often he turned his head to lick or bite on a nipple. Each time she would present it to his mouth, like a dutiful mother to a child, wanting feeding.

Positioning their chairs either side of her Joe and Pete gripped her breasts while sucking on them powerfully. Anne leaned her head back and moaned gratefully. “Thank you sirs, it’s wonderful,” she groaned.

Sated, the two men sent her to wipe her breasts down and fetch more drinks. Returning to the table she noticed another piece of paper in the pot. Her nerves were on fire with lust so she didn’t care, but still wondered what part of her body was up for grabs this time. She soon found out.

She stood by Leonard who didn’t say anything he merely presented the piece of paper. How could she let him do that to her, he was a stranger. These breasts were all her for they weren’t implants but had been induced to grow. They were still relatively new to her and not thought of as a part of her body, so it didn’t seemed so bad to let these men fondle and kiss them.

It dawned on her that she was thinking under the influence of the implant. She was already marked down as whore, so this was just another small step toward the full thing. She shuffled her feet apart and looked at him, hoping he wouldn’t, yet knowing he couldn’t resist.

She felt his fingers run between the lips of her pussy, through the thin material, so keenly she might have been naked. She put her hands on his shoulders and dropped her head to rest on his. “Oh! Sir, that is so good, more please, sir,” she moaned.

The fabric was stretched to breaking point, pushing deeper into her pussy, tantalisingly grazing her bud, on every stroke. To her dismay she began to gyrate upon his fingers, rubbing herself on them, rubbing her breasts in his face.

“I think the sexy bitch is having more fun than me,” Leonard light-heartedly complained.

“Put her over your knee, that might calm her down,” John suggested.

Leonard got a good grip of her hips and pushed her away then grabbed her hair, dragging her over his lap. He gave her bottom a slight slap. She squirmed on his cock pocking her tummy so he slapped her hard.

“One, sir,” she responded.

Leonard looked around the table with a bemused look. “Two from each of us,” John laughed.

Leonard smacked a cheek hard this time and was ready for the counting. Eight wallops he administered and with each she responded by counting them. She stood up unsteadily, only just refraining from rubbing her sore bottom.

“Your naughty maid deserved a good spanking, sir. Thank you for correcting your naughty maid, sir. Your maid will not try to get off on your fingers without permission again, sir,” she intoned, in a little girly voice, sounding contrite.

The men looked on in disbelief. Their faces turned to John who was suppressing a silent guffaw. Little did his friends know this was an important professor, standing before them after receiving a spanking, and apologising for her lewd behaviour! The stuck-up bitch had been trying to get off on his fingers too. She was so far gone with these games she couldn’t control herself, even before strangers. She had turned out to be the biggest slut he had ever known. Perhaps it was all those years of sexual repression.

“It’s not your fault Anne, your just a sexy little maid, ready to satisfy us all, isn’t that right?” he asked. The brief look of fear on her face was a picture that told him he was right.

“Yes, sir, I am here to satisfy my betters, sir. What ever I must do to please you all, sir, it will be a pleasure” she stammered. Inside she cringed with dread, expecting them to take her, for she had offered herself to them.

“I bet it will,” Leonard added.

“You had better lean back over the table, so the winners can make use of their winnings,” John told her.

Without a word she lifted her bottom onto the edge of the table and laid back. Two of them leaned in over her to grip her breasts and suck on her nipples. Leonard worked upon her lips pushing more strongly at the leather. She felt the crotch give. He was inside her with a big fat finger, exploring delightfully.

At first a gentle teasing stroke was used then a more vigorous, twirling motion was used. Another finger found her most sensitive place and worked on that with a hard relentless pressure.

“Yes! Please, sir, make me cum, sir,” she wailed. “Bite my breasts, ram your finger up me, rub my clit hard, please, sirs,” she wailed. “Please fuck your maid, sir, fill your maid with cock, I need to cum, please sir,” she honestly pleaded.

Leonard looked at John, with pleading in his eyes, as much as she had expressed. John nodded and he stood up, unzipped his jeans and had his cock in his hand in an instant. He plunged in the open wet hole. Hearing her shriek as though in anguish, everyone knew she had an orgasm, and were impressed with its intensity.

They felt pleased to have contributed to such an obviously gratifying experience. Anne lay across the table like a sex doll with a puncture, her breath hissing, her limbs limp. She didn’t hear them leave or thank John for an entertaining evening.

“If my wife’s agreeable we can do the same next week at my house,” Leonard quipped.

“Not with Marjorie, please,” Joe answered him.

They all laughed as they trotted out.

John had his maid tidy up the mess, which was an advantage of having her play as a maid. She no longer said much as she looked thoroughly tired out. He wondered what she might make of playing the role of an anal slut. Would this be pushing her too far? There was only one way to find out.

She stood by him while he massaged her tight buns with a finger tracing her now very obvious asshole.

Anne guessed what was coming next, and it would be him up her ass. This had been taboo, something she deplored the very thought of. She clenched her little virgin hole knowing it was useless to resist. If ordered she would offer it to him with enthusiasm, for she had no delusions as to how far it was all out of control.

With her back to him she shed a single tear. It rolled its lonely way down her cheek. She knew there was nothing to stop him doing anything he liked with her. He was obviously a very experienced man at playing games too. Was there no end to the torture and deep humiliation?

Having been under the control of the implant all day its influence was almost total. She no longer knew which were her own desires and the game pushing her into something dreadful. It all seemed the same now. Whatever anyone wanted she would relent and play along with as though it was what she wanted too.

That deep satisfying, overpowering, orgasm was real. That gave her something to think about. Three men using her body while her Uncle watched and she had let go so fundamentally, she became lost in the throws of a primitive, animalistic orgasm. No longer a staid professor, she was nothing but an animal, lustily rutting.


The phone rang interrupting their individual thoughts, both dwelling on sex.

“OK! You can rely on me, don’t worry! Elizabeth, I’ll take car of it,” John hung up the phone, with a look of exasperation, from the woman’s harassing manor. Her anxiety was catching, so he took a couple of deep breaths to relax, and think it through.

A neighbour was having a problem with her daughter and the latest episode of the drama left her in hospital. Elizabeth was waiting with her, and as usual, everything took far longer than expected. The son, Richard, was due home from a camping trip, with no-one to see him into the house, and he would be worried not knowing where they were.

Chapter 03: End of Summer

Mark’s visit was cheering everyone up. College had been treating him well, but a weekend at home with his family was long overdue. He had shown up Friday evening and planned to stay until Sunday night when he’d make the three hour drive back north to the college.

Saturday afternoon passed quickly as Andrew and his big brother Mark helped their dad finish putting together a storage shed he’d bought earlier that day. Andrew loved building things. Mark always seemed to tolerate these family projects fairly well, but he seemed somewhat detached today.

Andrew inquired as to what was making Mark seem so distant. Mark looked up from his pile of cinder blocks he’d found to sit on while assembling the shed door latch mechanism. Mark paused, as if wondering whether or not he wanted to tell Andrew or not.

“It’s nothing. I’ll tell you about it later.” Mark insisted. Andrew had no choice but to accept this and finish helping his dad.

Soon they were basically finished. Peter, Andrew and Mark’s dad, seemed to find any number of ways to drag a project out past completion. The shed was perfectly assembled. Andrew hauled the last of the packing material off to the trash and it was done. Mark stood on the back patio as Andrew returned to the back yard. The two boys stood and laughed quietly to each other while watching their dad check the level of the shed.

“Come on, dad!” Mark called out to him. “Any flaws will just add character.”

Peter walked away from the shed, towards them. “We’d probably better start thinking about dinner. And of course that means we’d better start thinking about starting the barbecue. You boys should go to the store and pick up some meat.”

Minutes later, Andrew sat in the passenger seat of his dad’s beloved old pickup while Mark drove. The paint was faded, the cabin smelled of untold numbers of pine tree air fresheners; but this truck was a member of the family as much as any family dog could be. Andrew let his hand fly in the warm summer air outside his passenger window as the truck rumbled down the old back road to their favorite shopping center. He could almost touch the tall grass of some of the overgrown spots near the road as they whisked past. This was summer.

The two brothers made more fun out of shopping than most people do out of bowling. It felt great to be back together again like old times. Talk of the town started, with Andrew filling Mark in on all the latest. While choosing a watermelon from the display, Mark changed the topic.

“So I hear you’re working for the Wilsons. Hey, Andrew, speaking of the Wilsons, I’ve gotta confess something to you. You’re not going to like this.”

Andrew played it cool. “What is it? Just tell me.”

Mark picked a large watermelon and spilled the beans for Andrew. “Well, I ran into Stephanie at a party a month ago.”

Andrew’s face was a mixture of shock and awe. “No way…”

“Way.” Mark confirmed. “And well, let’s just say she knows how to party for an old choir girl. I don’t think she’s as churchy as her parents are. We actually made out!”

Andrew managed to mimic a deeply saddened expression and stopped in the middle of the aisle. “Traitor.” He stated simply.

Mark laughed. “Hey, I know she’s your dream girl, but it all just kinda happened before I could think. You can’t blame me, right?”

Andrew laughed too. “No, of course not. Stephanie’s hot.” He grabbed a bag of potato chips and threw them in the cart. “Really though, I’ve more or less forgotten about her. I’m stoked for you, dude.”

Mark seemed surprised. “Really? Well, I guess that was easier than I thought it would be…” He trailed off, glancing at an attractive woman that had walked by moments before. “Seriously though, you don’t mind? I mean, we aren’t going out or anything…”

“There.” Andrew said, punching Mark in the shoulder. “Now I’ve forgotten about the whole thing.”

Mark laughed, seeming to be encouraged by his brother’s good natured response to the news. “Well, the thing is, I am going out with Stephanie’s friend Allie. The two girls are like best friends. Stephanie basically set us up.” Mark turned the shopping cart down the next aisle. “And get this; Stephanie is visiting her parents this coming weekend and offered to pick me up so I could come down too. Allie will be tagging along and staying at the Wilson’s house. Pretty sweet, huh?”

Andrew had to agree that it sounded pretty sweet.

An hour later Andrew sat with his family on the patio, listening to Mark’s stories about his roommates. Mark could make just about anything funny, and pretty soon Martha, their mother, was laughing so hard at one of Mark’s anecdotes that she even began to cry a little. Andrew was glad to have his brother back.

That night, Mark came to Andrew’s room, seeming a bit confused. “Hey, Andrew.” He said just above a whisper. “Did you take my porn stash?”

Andrew had completely forgotten about the duffel bag; the treasure trove of pornographic magazines that nestled secretly under his bed. The bag used to live up in Mark’s closet, but Andrew had taken the liberty of moving it to his room while Mark was gone. Andrew did feel a bit embarrassed.

“Uh… yeah.” Andrew managed after an awkward moment.

“Hey, no problem, bro. I just wanted to make sure mom didn’t find it! I should have given it to you before I left anyway.” Mark said cheerfully. “The power of the pornography lies in your hands now.”

Andrew smiled. “Well, uh, thanks.” He couldn’t stop grinning.

Mark gave him the thumbs up. “See you in the morning. And don’t come to breakfast before washing your hands.” He left, closing the door so Andrew couldn’t get a word in. Classic Mark.

Andrew went back to his reading. It was just as well that Mark wouldn’t know that Andrew hadn’t laid a finger on the old duffel bag in over a week. The charms of that once holiest of holy porn stashes had been superseded by a blistering affair he was having with Mrs. Doreen Wilson; Stephanie’s mom. Andrew doubted that he would ever tell anyone about it, even Mark. It had been over a day since his last meeting with Doreen, and Andrew started thinking about her.

Doreen Wilson was still a bit of a mystery to Andrew. He felt close to her, yet distant at the same time. They shared the most intimate experiences that Andrew could yet imagine, while not really knowing each other.

Andrew finished the chapter he was on and reached up to set the paperback on his nightstand. Clicking off the reading lamp, he was set upon by thoughts of Doreen. Nothing, it seemed, could distract him from their affair. He lay there on his back for a time, pondering. What would happen to him? Where would all of this end? Andrew hadn’t really bothered to consider such things, as the sensation of his relationship with Doreen had been answer enough.

Andrew hadn’t felt especially guilty about any of it, and guilt did not assail him now. Doreen was a grown woman, twice his age. She wouldn’t be taking part in this secret arrangement if she didn’t think it would be good for her, or at least worth the risk. Besides, the risk is part of what made it all so exciting. Andrew had been worried at first, but if confronted on his crime of passion after the fact, he would have answered simply “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

Usually, all of this thinking would have lulled Andrew to sleep by now. Andrew recognized the shift in his outlook on the whole situation, and it stirred him from his bed. He sat up in the dark. What did he want? Deeply unsettled, Andrew decided to put his clothes back on and go for a nightly stroll around the neighborhood. He realized that it meant he could walk past the Wilson’s house on the way, but this didn’t really bother him. Maybe that’s all he needed.

Making his way through the old house silently, as only someone who has lived in a certain old house for some time knows how to do, Andrew made it outside. He crept through the side yard, across the front lawn and to the sidewalk beyond. It felt good to be walking. Taking a walk always seemed to clear his head. From somewhere he caught a whiff of cigarette smoke, which he thought must be coming from the window of his neighbor Mr. Langley.

Eventually, Andrew found himself standing within view of the Wilson’s house. There were few lights on but no discernable activity was taking place inside the old house. Andrew wondered if Doreen and her husband, George Wilson, slept together at night. He knew that a lot of couples didn’t; whether because of a snoring problem or some other issue. He thought it was funny how marriage was built upon this time honored tradition, but that marriage itself was anything but standardized. Each couple ended up being as unique as the individuals who comprised them, and still society expected each couple to be the same. Still, the marriage of a couple who were truly happy together, as Andrew’s parents had been, was a special thing. He decided then and there that marriage was worth celebrating, even if we all knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Through all his thinking, though, Andrew could not find similar logic to make heads or tails of his affair with Doreen. In the end, the bond that he had formed with Doreen only made sense in that it was what they both wanted. They had come together, each in a completely different stage of their respective lives. Two separate timelines converging into one unforgettable summer. Andrew saw the beauty in this, and it satisfied him a bit.

The mere thought of confessing his sins to his brother had started Andrew in on this personal reflection. Now, feeling reason settling in his addled mind and sleep tug at his head, Andrew turned his feet towards home.

“Good talk, old friend.” Andrew said quietly to himself, setting off briskly down the sidewalk again. The night seemed even darker than it had before. An owl hooted from the woods off to Andrew’s left, as if to remind him that he should be at home in bed at this hour. Andrew agreed, but he also liked being out at night. Here he could find true solitude. The darkness seemed to nurture unclouded thought.

The next day found Andrew and Mark at the local golf course while their parents did some shopping. Their family had enjoyed brunch, and now Mark was giving Andrew a much needed golf lesson. Mark had worked at the golf course for a few years before he left for college, and he still had a membership. After a few holes, the two boys languished in a remote spot off the fairway of hole 5. They leaned against the golf cart and drank a few beers that Mark had smuggled in. Mark always knew how to make a good time better.

Another cart was making its way down the track. The boys smoothly stashed their bottles out of sight and acted casual. The other cart stopped and the driver waved. It was Mr. George Wilson; Doreen’s husband.

“Hey Mark! Andrew!” Mr. Wilson hopped out and sauntered over to the two boys. “How’s your game?”

Mark answered for them. “It’s alright. Andrew’s getting better, I’ll say that.”

“Well,” Mr. Wilson smiled, “if his game is as good as his yard work, I’m sure he’s doing just fine. Hey Andrew I just wanted to say that you’re really giving that back yard hell, Doreen is really happy with your work.”

Andrew smiled amiably. “Well,” he shrugged. “I try.”

“So Mark,” Mr. Wilson turned his attention to Mark. “I hear you’re riding down with Stephanie this weekend. I don’t know if she told you, but we’re having a barbecue on Saturday. It’ll go all night if we want. I told your parents and everything. Everybody is going to be there.”

The boys assured Mr. Wilson that they would be there. Mr. Wilson spoke with Mark some more before turning back to Andrew. “Andrew, I think Doreen wants you to come by on Friday. I’ll let her know I told you, if that’s OK.”

Andrew agreed to this. Eventually Mr. Wilson bid them good day and hopped back in his cart, whizzing off to his next tee off. The boys took up their beers once again and resumed their sunny summer day. Mark jabbed at Andrew after a while, grinning.

“Dude, here’s your chance. A barbecue at Stephanie’s house. How many of those did we go to as kids? Like, two?” Mark pondered this for a second before continuing. “Allie and I will be busy, I’m sure. You should totally get with Stephanie this weekend. She’s a great girl; I have no doubt you could make it happen.”

Andrew scoffed at the notion and took another sip of his beer. “Yeah? Maybe I will, just to show you how it’s done.”

From then on that day, Mark wouldn’t let up with it; Andrew had to make an honest effort to get with Stephanie at the barbecue. Mark even claimed that he would help out in this endeavor. Andrew was skeptical, but he was game in the end. Mark even said something cryptic to Andrew as he drove away that evening, leaving Andrew standing with his parents in the driveway. His parents looked at him a little confused, but then they were used to the two boys always having an agenda. Andrew took it all in good humor, content to let Mark play his game.

That night, Andrew found it hard to sleep again. He decided that a nightly stroll would do just as well to clear his head as it had the night before.

Stepping out into the night, Andrew was a little excited. This time he more or less walked directly to the Wilson’s house. Once at the corner of Maple and Quail, Andrew could see the Wilson’s house. It was dark except for the porch light. Both cars stood silently in the driveway.

Andrew walked past the house casually until he came to the undeveloped lot that was next door. Around the corner, he stole into the bushes and made his way to the fence that surrounded the Wilson’s back yard. Peeking over the fence, Andrew could see that the kitchen light was on in the back of the house. Andrew knew, from previous experience, that he could easily climb the fence and spy through the window above the kitchen sink. He hauled himself up, careful not to make any noise, and hopped down on the other side of the fence.

Creeping along the back wall, Andrew made it to the window. He was surprised to see Doreen sitting at the kitchen table inside. She was lit by a solitary lamp mounted on the wall. Dressed only in a cotton nightgown, she was the very model of elegant charm. She looked cheerless, her head propped up on her hands, staring down at a glossy magazine. Doreen looked like a woman left in the lurch. On top of the uncompromising need to satisfy his own flesh, he suddenly yearned to save Doreen from an evening of tedium. Andrew sprang into action, and knocked quietly on the back door.

Through the sheer curtains of the French patio doors, Andrew watched as Doreen snapped to attention, gathered herself quickly and made for the door. Her body bobbed and bounced alluringly as she trotted to the door. She didn’t hesitate, as if there were only one person it could be, coming to her rescue at this hour. There she stood, arms holding the door open, the small light shining through her wisp of a gown. Her womanly curves were all but completely exposed to him through the light cloth.

“Oh, Andrew.” Doreen sighed. “Heaven has answered me tonight.”

She seemed to quiver in the cool night air, standing there in the open doorway. Her head went back as she eyed him still, as if about to faint from her yearning. “Thank god.”

There, between her supremely large and thinly clothed breasts hung the cross she always wore. Her ample hips shifted seductively beneath the scanty gown as she branded Andrew’s soul with a look of white hot lust. Andrew took her by the hand, pulled her out the door briskly, and closed it quietly behind her.

Before he had a chance to restrain her, Doreen was off across the yard. Andrew watched her voluptuous body bound off into the deepening darkness and disappear. He heard an impish giggle come from beyond the black, and gave chase. The moon lit his way as his eyes adjusted. Rounding the corner of the small garden shed that stood in the middle of the back yard, Andrew could see Doreen standing in front of him. Lit by the soft white of the moon, her body looked as if it were glowing; the white gown gleamed in the shadows. Andrew slowed to a walk and approached her. She shifted her stance, as if her body was greeting his presence. Her nipples were noticeably erect beneath the fabric of the gown.

He fell to his knees as he embraced her, wrapping his arms about her waist and pressing his face into her. He held her like this for a while, feeling her hand alight upon his head, stroking his hair. He released his hold, and moved his hands down the great curve of her backside. His hands continued until they wrapped around the back of her knees. She gasped and sighed beautifully as he touched this sensitive spot. He squeezed tenderly upwards as he rubbed her hips, raising the fringe of her gown as he did so. When he finally had her naked from the waist down, with her gown gathered about her middle and each of his hands clutching a cool, silky smooth thigh, he plunged his tongue into the darkness between her legs.

There he tasted her precious honey, deep and mysterious. Doreen nearly crumpled atop him in her ecstasy. He let her weight sink into him, drowning in her abandon. As he devoured her, he felt her nectar run down his cheeks. His tongue managed to pierce her insides quite thoroughly. Doreen, losing herself in Andrew’s fervent service, grasped her own breasts as she began to move herself up and down with the motion of his tongue inside her. Her right hand snaked down her body and began to rub her clitoris heavily. With this cocktail of sensations; Andrew’s hands on her legs, tongue inside her and her own fingers lashing at her clit, Doreen came violently. She would have crumpled to the ground if Andrew hadn’t held her fast, easing her body down slowly and carefully. As the woman writhed on the ground in her delirium, Andrew stood and undressed. His penis sprang up from its hiding place inside his pants and snapped upwards, rigid as a piece of solid oak.

“Andrew… oh…” Doreen tossed and contorted her body on the ground, trying to beg. Her breath came so raggedly that she could not manage the words.

Andrew lowered himself upon the stricken woman. She whimpered as he pulled the neck of her gown down across her chest until the neckline ripped, exposing a single, enormous breast. He let her reach down and take his cock in one hand, which she began to pull towards her gushing chamber. He felt the welcoming warmth of her pussy kissing his tip. He could not hold back once she had him pushing inside. His beastly organ slid past the breach in her womanhood and he kept pressing slowly down until he filled her completely.

Doreen bit her lip and clawed at Andrew’s back as he took her slowly and gently. His cock was too large, but she took him as deep as possible, even until the pressure sent a flash of pain through her. It was the intoxicating mix of sensuality and pain that had wormed its way into Doreen’s mind, rendering her an addict since their first encounter. She loved feeling the young man on top of her, his soft skin and hard body heaving back and forth as he fucked her so deep. His back arched and his haunches clenched with each strong thrust. Once Doreen felt herself about to come again, she moved against him, grinding his rock hard flesh against that magical spot within her until it seemed that sunlight washed over her.

Andrew felt her go tense and hold him even closer than before. Her head went back and she moaned while inhaling deeply. “Oh god… my GOD..!”

She growled through her clenched teeth. Andrew could feel her pussy tighten up on him, and he could hold back no longer. He pushed and pushed, stuffing her harder and harder. Her legs wrapped around him and he began to seriously fuck her hard.

“Pound me, yes!” Doreen begged him. “Please come, oh please. It’s too… much!”

His final thrust gorged her completely, as his penis began to throb rapidly. Her chamber was flooded with his semen. She took it all, clutching him lovingly against her, relishing the feeling. They lay there, panting like beasts of burden. Andrew twitched inside of her from time to time, sending little lingering waves of pleasure through her. He was still very hard.

Andrew withdrew from her and watched as his seed flowed freely from her. He stood up, his wilting stamen still glistening with their love. Doreen rose up on her knees, and gulped his softening penis into her mouth. She had trained her throat to take his fiendish girth beyond her gag reflex. He could feel himself sliding down past her tongue and beyond. It was enough to conjure up his lustful desire once again as she set about licking him clean.

“Oh my dear Andrew,” Doreen prayed, licking him devilishly “You don’t seem to be satisfied. Your beautiful manhood is hard again.” She stroked it and looked into his eyes as she said this. “I need you to be satisfied. I need you to take me beyond sin.”

Doreen turned away from him and dropped on all fours. She pulled the skirt of her gown aside, exposing her full, heart shaped rear. “Sodomize me, my love!” Doreen begged softly. “Taste my forbidden fruit.”

Andrew sank down to his knees behind her and reached forward, fondling her ivory breasts. His shaft bobbed against her butt, brushing against the hole she sacrificed to him now. Her nipples were tight as rubber. Her cheeks blushed brightly with passion. Her tongue lashed the air in anticipation of the improper deed. Her satin thighs rubbed against him as she moved back and forth, teasing his penis with her butt. Finally, he gripped his cock with one hand and her waist with the other. He prodded the infernal hole that lay waiting for him, over and over again, threatening to pierce her anus.

“Oh yes. I’m ready, Andrew.” She beckoned him. He pushed a little harder. It seemed that her butt would not allow him entry. It was too tight. He continued pushing, using slow, even pressure. Doreen put her face down into the grass and groaned like a woman possessed. He continued to push, even after it seemed as if he was not getting any deeper inside her.

“Fuck my ass…” Doreen pleaded into the earth. “Fuck my ass like the stud you are. Oh God you’re so good to me.”

He ran his hand up her back and began to rub her neck. She sighed and relaxed slightly. He moved his hand up to her face and let her lick his fingers until they were moist. Andrew began to rub the glistening saliva in a small circle on Doreen’s anus, much to her pleasure. He could feel her body respond, feel the clenched hole relaxing. His forefinger pressing inside, Andrew had gained access to her most sinful chamber. She was ready. He presented the tip of his rock-hard cock to her once again, and pushed. There was a moment when the world seemed to go silent, and then she enveloped him. The two lovers released a sigh of pleasure.

Now Doreen could give Andrew what he had been needing ever since their ménage à trois with Clara. If anything, Andrew’s cock felt even bigger when it was in her butt. Even so, it was sliding in further… and further…

Andrew began to pump her dutifully. It felt good. He pushed deeper. Doreen droned into the ground, begging him to violate her. He was halfway inside her rectum now, and needed to be deeper. He pushed in, feeling her cavity envelop him. It felt good to just be inside, feeling her supple flesh twitching against his shaft. It was so tight. Now he stroked long and deep, even pulling out once or twice, just to sink his cock back into her hungry ass.

“I want this forever!” Doreen cried, abandoning the quiet they had maintained. Andrew reached around to her face and covered her mouth. This only seemed to intensify her arousal, and she began to push back against his thrusts, carrying him deeper and deeper within her. He kept his hand on her mouth, holding her like this as he fucked her ass steadily. Her breasts swayed weightily above the grass as they moved. He could feel the head of his cock butting up against her inner wall, and the sensation made him come suddenly. Doreen cried out against his stifling hand as his cock began to pulsate once again, anointing her rectum with his precious fluid.

Andrew almost couldn’t contain his roar of ecstasy. He hauled Doreen upright with his cock still buried in her ass. He crossed his arms in front of her and squeezed her tits until they turned red. He moved her body up and down with his sudden burst of strength, still thrusting deep inside her. He could feel the slickness of the semen in her, feel it allow him even deeper. Doreen’s eyes rolled back in her head as he took her so hard, so lustfully. She moaned like some poor tortured soul stuck in limbo, drunk with pleasure. He stopped suddenly then, feeling as if maybe he had been too rough in his frenzied lust. He loosened his grip on her and relaxed; his cock still twitching in her.

From there Doreen shifted them so Andrew lay back on the ground. She continued to ride him, her feet planted on the ground on either side of him, steadying herself with her hands on his legs. She pumped her delicious rump up and down on him, pleasuring herself with his slackening penis. She loved this new feeling of sliding up and down on Andrew’s snakelike penis. Andrew watched in amazement as she did this. She turned her head to one side, showing him a leer and a lashing tongue. In the moonlight she looked almost sinister; a demon of lust here to put an eternal curse on him.

As Andrew’s flesh began to relax, Doreen lowered herself completely, holding him inside of her while she rubbed her clitoris with one hand and tugged at her breast with the other. In this way she finished once again, collapsing finally, panting hard. After catching her breath she moved herself off of him, laying, completely exhausted, in the grass to his side. Andrew moved around her on the ground, and held her while they lay basking in the warmth of love.

They lay together in the grass for almost an hour. Then Doreen turned to him and they kissed. Long, slow kisses. Doreen laughed softly as Andrew took hold of her and rolled her on top of him playfully. He held her and kissed her lips, feeling her body respond to this affection. He kissed her neck, her shoulders… then he rolled her back over. She reached down and felt him hard again, ready for another.

“Oh my sweet love, would you give it to me tenderly if you must have me again.”

Andrew spread her knees apart with his, and moved his hips downward so that his cock slid into place at her opening. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him tenderly as he entered her again, arching his back to slide himself inside, inch by inch. He fucked her slowly, gently. He kissed her mouth, let her tongue play upon his. Together they cherished the feeling. She wrapped her legs around him and moved against him, slowly and rhythmically. They rolled to one side, then the other, then with her on top of him. But they did not break their coupling.

“So deep, my love.” Doreen begged. “Fuck me slow and deep, oh yessss…” her masterful breasts bounced and swayed above him in the soft moonlight, entrancing him and keeping him hard inside her. She came again on top of him, throwing her head back and clutching her precious cross. Andrew loved the sight of her in ecstasy. She was so beautiful. He thrust himself into her while she was on top of him, moving his hips upward. With his last ounce of stamina he wrapped his hands around her waist and pumped out another orgasm for himself. Her face was pure joy as she braced herself to take this last pounding.

When Andrew stood up, Doreen cleaned his cock with her breasts and her tongue, making sure to move her cross out of the way first.

When they had finished, Andrew dressed and assured her he would return on Friday. She lounged on the grass and looked up at him, watching him.

“Oh…” She remembered something then. “Before you come, you should call me. Stephanie’s coming.”

“I know,” Andrew assured her. “Mark’s coming this weekend, too.”

Doreen seemed to make a mental note. “Yes, I see.” She smiled up at him. “Just call first, OK?” Andrew took his leave of her, sneaking through the side yard and the gate. He was absolutely exhausted. He plodded straight home, remembering to stay quiet only when he made it inside his house. Upstairs, bed, darkness… sleep.

* * *

Sleep. Andrew slept through breakfast Friday morning. He awoke suddenly and looked at his clock. It was nearly ten! He got dressed, crammed an English muffin in his mouth and set out. Before he could get out the front door his mother called from behind him. “Andrew!” He paused at the sound of her voice. “If you’re headed over there, make sure you ask the Wilsons what we should bring for the barbecue tomorrow!”

Andrew made an affirmative noise through his English muffin and let the screen door shut behind him. As it closed, he heard his mother shout something else, but he ignored her. She was probably just bitching at him for getting up so late…

Andrew was tired. The week had passed slowly, and he had become quite restless. The night before, he was caught in a tortuous state of desire for Doreen. He couldn’t stop thinking about her body long enough to go to sleep. He was too excited by the prospect of seeing her again. Then, when he did fall asleep, Andrew was plagued by strange and very sexual dreams of Doreen. His head was in a fog that morning, and he regretted not grabbing some coffee when he had the chance.

In no time he was on the Wilson’s front porch, about to ring the doorbell. He thought better of it and lowered his hand to the door handle. He pressed the thumb latch and the door opened with a click. Would Doreen be OK with him sneaking in on her? He was late. He doubted she would be upset with him greatly, since he was just having a little fun. He moved inside and closed the door silently. He listened.

There was music coming from the little kitchen radio, and water running somewhere in the house. Andrew prowled down the hallway and peeked into the kitchen. Doreen was not there. He checked the laundry room to the left, past the refrigerator and down a little hallway. Still no Doreen. Then Andrew heard something above him. Doreen was upstairs.

Andrew returned to the front door and listened. He crept up the steps and paused on the landing above. The sounds were coming from the bathroom, or so he thought. He could hear Doreen’s voice. Was she on the phone in Mr. Wilson’s office? Andrew moved nearer to the door to the office; it was open slightly. Andrew looked in and what he saw made his jaw drop.

There was Doreen, bent over the large leather topped desk of George Wilson, talking on the phone with her legs stretched out behind her. She was dressed up, wearing a skirt with her hair done up like it had been the first time they fucked. She wore a white silk shirt and, as evidenced by the lace peaking from beneath her skirt, stockings. She faced away from Andrew, and her considerable, heart shaped rear was so bewitching that he began stroking the growing erection in his pants. But then Andrew realized she was talking about him and it snapped him to attention. It sounded like she was talking to his mother.

“Oh that’s quite OK,” Doreen chirped, “I had planned on having him over today. We might put him to work when he gets here anyway.”

Then, as if reality was still dawning on Andrew, he realized that the sounds of running water he had heard were coming from the bathroom off to his right. Someone was taking a shower! Was Mr. Wilson at home? Andrew began to back away down the hall, realizing he had made a huge mistake. He remembered then that Doreen had asked him to call her…

Then further disaster struck as the front door opened. Andrew nearly leapt out of his skin before flattening himself against the wall, even though he was out of sight. His heart thumped in his chest until he was afraid someone would hear it. George Wilson’s voice called from below, declaring that he was home. Andrew’s mind raced and he remembered the guest room that lay at the opposite side of the landing. He heard Mr. Wilson’s footsteps passing below the landing, leading off into the kitchen. Andrew all but ran down the hall to the guest room door. The door was open slightly, so Andrew left it that way once he was inside and safely hidden in the largely disused bedroom. He sat on the bed for a moment, trying to calm himself. He had no idea how long he would have to hide there.

Then, a girl’s voice cut through the roaring turmoil in his head. Stephanie was calling to her mother out in the hallway. Andrew stood up and looked through the gap in the door. He could see straight down the hall, back the way he had come. Stephanie was there. She stood, hair still wet from the shower, wrapped in a towel. The light from the bathroom bathed her young flesh in a golden light, making her look extremely beautiful. Her legs were so lithe, so graced with subtle and alluring curvature. Though Andrew was lost in his world of newfound trouble, he wondered what it would be like to touch those heavenly legs. Stephanie leaned on the door frame of the office, speaking to her mother within. Doreen emerged, and the two of them went into the bathroom, debating something that Andrew could not discern.

What would Andrew do? Could he make it to the front door now? He could not tell where Mr. Wilson was. Andrew retreated to the opposite side of the large guest bed and crouched there. He could still see out the door slightly. He waited, watched and listened.

Eventually Andrew figured out that Doreen was leaving. He could hear voices and commotion, but he could not interpret all of it. Doreen had gone downstairs. Stephanie had gone to her room. Mr. Wilson was talking to Doreen downstairs. Finally, Andrew heard Doreen call out to George before she closed the front door behind her. “George!” Doreen shouted. “If Andrew comes by, just tell him we’ll see him tomorrow, please! I’ll be back in an hour or two.”

Mr. Wilson called out in agreement from the kitchen and then the front door closed. For a long time everything was silent. The silence continued until Andrew thought that now could be his chance to escape. Mr. Wilson was probably out back and Stephanie was still in her room, or so Andrew thought. He was about to open the door and dash down the hall when his heart jumped up into his throat yet again. Stephanie was out there on the landing. Andrew froze.

Stephanie stood there, leaning on the railing that overlooked the foyer below. She wore athletic socks that came to her knees, very short cut off jeans and a tight white t shirt. Andrew had not heard her emerge from her room and walk out onto the landing. She just stood there, looking down. Andrew couldn’t see her face, as it was veiled by her very stylish and very blonde hair. Her body was an absolute idol; Andrew was in complete awe. Her slender waist, exquisite on its own, only served to accentuate the swell of her impossibly perky breasts and the rounded curve of her backside. She was such a comely, blossoming girl that Andrew knew all the boys at the college were after her. She could have any man she wanted. This only made what happened next completely and utterly confounding to Andrew.

“Daddy…” Stephanie called down with a smile in her voice. “Daddy?”

She waited, listening. No reply was heard.

Stephanie was holding something in her hand. It was a small porcelain figurine, the shape of which Andrew could not see. She held it out beyond the railing of the landing and released it, letting the tiny white figure fall to the tiled floor below. It landed with a soft tinkling crash that surprised Andrew. This puzzle was turning over and over in Andrew’s mind when the sound of footsteps came from downstairs. Mr. Wilson had walked from the kitchen out into the entryway.

“Young lady, you had better come down here and clean that up this instant!” Mr. Wilson demanded. Stephanie stood up straight and said nothing. Mr. Wilson continued.

“If you don’t get down here now, I am going to get VERY mad at you. Do you understand me?”

Stephanie actually crossed her arms in defiance like a little girl. “No.” She said simply.

“That’s it. You’re going to be punished.” George Wilson said, climbing the stairs.

Andrew felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. His body was frozen, immobile. Mr. Wilson’s head came into view as the man marched up the stairs like some kind of monster. The image of Mr. Wilson so angry struck fear in Andrew. He realized then that this is what he had feared for a long time: Mr. Wilson’s wrath. Fortunately for Andrew, Mr. Wilson had no idea that the boy crouched in his guest room, only a few meters away.

Mr. Wilson grabbed Stephanie by the wrist and pulled her forcefully down the hall to his office. Andrew watched as Stephanie was dragged through the door and out of sight. He heard Stephanie begin to whimper a little, and then all was silent again. The silence was almost more alarming than anything Andrew could have heard at that point. Then it came. A sharp, rhythmic slapping sound, piercing the silence like a needle. Mr. Wilson was spanking her!

Andrew rose from his crouch and left the room, being sure to leave the door as it was. He slinked down the hall slowly and in absolute silence. Before long he stood outside the office door, peering cautiously inside. Once again he was stirred by what he saw inside that office, but this time he was more disturbed than anything else. Mr. Wilson had Stephanie bent over the desk with her shorts pulled down and her bare butt turning pink from his relentless spanking. Every five seconds or so he would let fly with his hand, landing a sharp swat on one of her upturned buttocks. Stephanie tossed her head back, grimacing a little with each strike, her hands clenched together under her breasts. Mr. Wilson showed no expression whatsoever. Indeed, he stared Stephanie up and down blankly, as if he felt nothing at all in what he was doing. Stephanie’s whimpering continued, rising in its intensity little by little.

It didn’t appear that they were enjoying these theatrics, but Andrew knew that they must be. He was witnessing a dirty little secret between father and daughter. Somewhere along the line Mr. Wilson had developed a taste for punishing his only daughter. Stephanie must enjoy it too, otherwise she would not have provoked him on purpose. Andrew watched for a few moments past what he deemed was too long, and snuck back down the hall and down the stairs at last.

He decided against the front door and ducked through the kitchen. Outside, he tore across the back yard and leapt at the fence on the far side, hauling himself over and into the vacant lot where he fell bodily. He lay there among the underbrush trying to catch his breath and come to grips with what he’d just seen. He wondered if Doreen knew about this charade between her husband and daughter. Andrew collected himself, brushed himself off and made his way through the vacant lot until he came out the other side. From there he decided to take the long way home.

Andrew returned home and informed his parents that he was mistaken in going to the Wilson’s that day. They seemed to think nothing of it, which was of tremendous relief to Andrew. Mark was not home yet. Andrew didn’t know what was going on. Andrew upstairs and showered. Under the hot water, he found that he could bare the tension no longer. His need had become far too great. His relief was long overdue. He sat back against the wall of the tub, away from the spray from the shower. He lathered up his balls, watching his penis growing. He ran his hand up and down the shaft, squeezing slightly. It felt good. He slid his hand over the head of his penis, stimulating the tip, but this was almost too much. He used the lather to let his hand glide up and down all nine inches. Softly, gently, he let the feeling wash over him. He closed his eyes and imagined that Doreen was massaging his cock, touching him with her naked breasts. He wanted them more than anything. He erupted like a volcano all over the green bath tiles, breathing heavily.

That night, Andrew was plagued by strange dreams of Mr. Wilson and Stephanie. He was running and running through the Wilson’s house but couldn’t find an exit. When Andrew awoke at midnight he was tremendously relieved that it was all just a dream. Well, most of it anyway. Once again he thanked his lucky stars that he had made it out of that house undetected.

The next morning Andrew slept in until Mark stormed in on him. “Get up, dude! We’re having fuckin’ pancakes!” Mark shouted. Andrew could hear his parents laughing downstairs. “Get up!” Mark yelled, storming out again.

“Good morning, Mark.” Andrew said, winking in the sunlight.

At breakfast, Mark told his parents all about Allie, who was waiting to meet them at the Wilson’s. Everyone seemed excited about the party at the Wilson’s. Andrew ate and said very little. He could not stop thinking about how strange his situation had become. Stephanie must have returned alone the day before. This change of plans was, of course, not brought to Andrew’s attention.

That day Andrew couldn’t seem to find anything to keep his attention for very long. Eventually they all walked together over to the Wilson’s for the party, noodle salad and beer in tow. A few other families from the neighborhood were already there. The Wilsons had set up their house to cater to many guests, as a lot of people were expected to show.

When everyone seemed to be set up with drinks and company, Andrew found himself in the kitchen, fetching something for Mr. Wilson who was manning the barbecue grill on the patio outside. Stephanie wandered through, stopping at a bowl of chips to grab one. She was wearing shorts and a little red shirt. She said “Hello” to Andrew and continued outside. Andrew forgot to reply, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Andrew looked out the kitchen window at the scene outside. Everyone was milling around the yard, admiring the flowers. Much of what they saw was Andrew’s handiwork. Doreen was out by some roses talking to a man from Mr. Wilson’s office. She wore white pants and a billowy white shirt that almost hid the size and shape of her breasts, but not quite. She looked happy.

To Andrew’s surprise, Clara arrived at the party an hour later. Clara greeted him and said it was nice to see him again before moving on to other guests. Clara wore a rather low cut, gray cotton sweater and tight jeans. She looked incredibly good. Andrew caught himself watching her and went back to turning burgers on the grill. He had been enlisted to work the barbecue for a while.

After a while, Mark approached Andrew for another burger. “Hey man,” Mark said quietly, “We’re gonna go over to our house and start a fire in the backyard. This party is getting a little forty-something for my tastes.”

Andrew told Mark that he would be over after he was done eating.

“Alright,” Mark said with a snicker, “we snagged some beer, so don’t worry about smuggling any.”

Andrew walked through the garden after Mark left. He received some praise from friends and neighbors who were impressed with his landscaping work. Darla, a blonde woman from the neighborhood told Andrew that she would love to have him work for her. Andrew laughed and told her he wasn’t cheap. Doreen put an arm around Andrew and laughed, “Hey!” Doreen joked. “You find your own hunky landscaper!” This made everyone laugh. The wine was really flowing now…

Andrew found it easy to break away. The party was pretty uproarious. The house was loud with music and a few groups locked in conversation. Andrew ducked through the side yard and made for the gate there. He heard a hiss behind him and turned around. Clara had seen him leaving and followed him. She stopped hurrying when he stopped and waited for her. She moved close to him and looked up into his eyes, holding her glass of wine between them.

She simply stared up into his eyes and took a sip of her wine. Her eyes said it all. Her eyes told Andrew exactly what she wanted him to do to her.

“Andrew,” she said, her voice low and seductive, “I’m staying here tonight. In the guest room. I want you to come and see me.”

Andrew simply nodded, looking down.

“Hey…” Clara reached up and brushed his cheek with her silken hand. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Andrew said. “I’d love to see you again.” He looked down at her outrageous cleavage. “I really would.”

“Doreen promised that I could have you all to myself this time.” Clara ran her finger down his chest and looked him straight in the eye with those deep blues, “I’ll swallow all the evidence.”

Andrew watched her walk away, wanting to take her right there in the seclusion of the side yard. Her ass was magic in those jeans. He closed the gate behind him and walked back to his house, trying to calm the arousal that Clara had instilled in him before he got there.

When he arrived at home, Andrew found Stephanie alone in the kitchen. She was trying to open a bottle of chardonnay that must have come from the party. Andrew greeted her. She smiled.

“Where’s Mark?” Andrew asked, looking around.

“Mark and Allie are outside,” Stephanie said, pulling the cork from the bottle she was opening. “I think they’re trying to make a fire.”

She picked up a few plastic party cups and the opened bottle and headed for the back door. She stopped and turned back to Andrew when he didn’t follow. He merely stared at her.

“Well c’mon, silly.” Stephanie smiled at him and stepped out.

Outside, Mark and Allie were laughing and sharing a lawn chair next to the fire. Allie was a beautiful black girl with long hair and big, gorgeous eyes. Stephanie had seated herself across the little fire pit and was pouring a cup of wine for Allie. Mark looked up when Andrew appeared and held out a beer to him.

“Here Andrew! Gotcha a cold one right here.”

The four of them sat and talked for an hour or so, drinking and laughing all the while. Stephanie turned her attention to Andrew when Mark and Allie started to focus on each other. She asked him about his work for her parents. Andrew asked her about school. Eventually the two of them were left alone by the fire, as Mark and Allie had gone inside to look for drinks.

After ten minutes of talking and waiting for Mark and Allie to return, Stephanie laughed suddenly. “Well,” she said, grinning, “I don’t know what those two are up to but I’m sure it has nothing to do with bringing us drinks.” She gave Andrew a suggestive look.

Andrew laughed at this. “If I know my brother like I think I do, we are going to be waiting for a while.”

Stephanie looked around. “Let’s go back to the party. They’re probably wondering where we took off to by now.” She stood and stretched, her beautiful curvature highlighted by the firelight. Her breasts seemed larger than Andrew remembered. Nothing like her mother’s enormous rack, but every bit as enticing.

Andrew and Stephanie left Mark and Allie behind and walked back to the party. They continued talking, and Stephanie explained to Andrew that the next day Mark and Allie had planned on going to see a movie together. Stephanie asked Andrew if he would join her so she wouldn’t be a third wheel. Andrew agreed to this and smiled. Had Stephanie Wilson just asked him out? They continued to walk back to Stephanie’s house. Andrew caught Stephanie smiling too.

Back at the party, things were winding down. It seemed that nearly half the people had already left. Mr. Wilson was entertaining a large group of men, all lounging on or near the patio. Some smoked cigars and all held glasses of whiskey. Andrew’s dad was among them, sipping his drink and talking to Mr. Wilson. Clara was among the men, holding the attention of at least three of them. She caught Andrew looking over at her as he walked past and her eyes lit up.

Eventually the party was nothing more than two groups of people holding two separate conversations. Garden torches sent golden light playing on the faces of the remaining guests. The music was turned down low. The last cigar sat smoldering in its ashtray. Andrew’s parents were leaving, saying their goodbyes and carrying their empty salad bowl. Andrew rose to leave, and noticed that Mark was suddenly by his side.

“Great party.” Mark said, as if he’d been there all this time. “We should be going.”

Andrew grinned and patted his brother on the back. The two boys followed their parents, walking slowly back to the house. Allie waved to Mark from the Wilson’s front porch, where she sat with Stephanie.

“Well,” Mark asked quietly after they were out of range, “How did it go with Stephanie?”

Andrew smiled. “She asked me to join you guys tomorrow.”

“And you didn’t screw it up! I knew I could count on you.” Mark said cheerfully.

Andrew looked up at the darkening sky. “We’ll see what happens.”

The sun went down then, leaving the neighborhood in shadows.

At around midnight, Andrew left his house once again. It was dark and quiet. Before long he stood in the empty lot, peering over the Wilson’s backyard fence. He vaulted the fence with a single, practiced leap and landed as quietly as he could on the other side. The moon began to rise above the tree line, partially lighting Andrew’s way.

There was a small amount of light coming from the kitchen window, but otherwise the house looked dark. Andrew walked to the back door and looked inside. No one was present. He tried the back door latch and it opened. He slid inside and shut the door. Inside, he crept carefully through the kitchen, making sure not to make noise on the tiled floors. Then, a small noise came from above. Andrew heard a door open, and footsteps. Someone was coming downstairs. Quickly, Andrew ducked through the kitchen and down the short hallway to the laundry room. There he hid himself from view and waited.

The kitchen light came on and Stephanie stepped in from the hallway. She wore only white panties and a tank top. Andrew watched her breasts bounce with each step she took. She went to the fridge and out of Andrew’s sight. Then, Andrew’s mind went blank with fear as Stephanie flipped the switch behind the fridge that lit the laundry room. Andrew stood as still as he could against the windows on the far wall and watched with horror as Stephanie walked into the laundry room and opened the dryer.

She stopped.

She turned.

Andrew stood there, aghast. Stephanie reeled in surprise and covered her mouth to stifle the gasp that came involuntarily. Once her mind’s eye cleared, Stephanie could see that the intruder was Andrew himself. She was still in shock.

“Andrew!” Stephanie said, heaving “you scared the SHIT out of me! What are you doing here..?”

Andrew was shaken, but the knowledge of his impending doom sent a strange calm over him. The worst had happened. He had been careless and now he would need to confess. Then it dawned on him: there was a way out for him.

“Stephanie, listen.” Andrew began, covering his eyes in a gesture of shame.”I’m here for Clara. We were planning on meeting each other tonight. Here. In your house.”

Stephanie looked incredulously at him for a moment, and then the information began to sink in.

“Oh. I see.” Stephanie said. She looked embarrassed.

“I’m sorry.” Andrew said simply. He was.

“No, it’s OK.” Stephanie assured him. “I’m still a little freaked out, that’s all. You scared me so bad.”

Andrew relaxed a bit. They stood there awkwardly for a moment. Andrew couldn’t help himself as he looked down to see her perfect breasts. Her pink nipples were visible through the cloth of her tank top. He watched as they became erect before his eyes.

“Well,” Stephanie grabbed a hamper. “Allie got drunk and spilled a drink all over herself, so I’m just getting her clean clothes for her. Don’t mind me.” She grinned at him, melting Andrew’s frozen blood.

Stephanie bent over to pull the clothes from the dryer. Her panties went taught across the twin bubbles of her perfect ass as she bent down. Andrew’s blood went up again, and he moved forward, knowing then what he needed to do. He reached out with his right hand and spanked her firmly on her vulnerable ass. She dropped the clothing and gripped the edge of the dryer. She gasped.

“Oh god…” She squeezed her eyes shut and begged pathetically, “Please don’t… please don’t STOP.”

Andrew spanked her again, harder this time. She was silent now. She merely stayed in position, awaiting the next delicious sting on her backside. But Andrew held back.

“Now.” Andrew told her quietly, yet firmly. “You will go to your room and forget you saw me. Do you understand?”

Stephanie stayed silent, gripping the edge of the dryer and holding her breath in anticipation. Andrew slapped her ass again, even harder now.

“YES…” Stephanie exhaled, trying to keep her voice quiet. She opened her eyes and began to collect the laundry. She picked up her hamper and exited, turning the light off as she went.

Andrew waited in the darkness for a minute, listening. Stephanie was back in her room, and the house was more or less silent. He trembled.

Andrew snuck up the stairs to the landing and listened. He could hear nothing but the beating of his own heart. He walked to the guest room door and put his hand on the knob. He was shaking. He was so aroused now that his head was actually swimming. He opened the door.

There, bathed in moonlight streaming through the window, Clara lay on the large satin bedspread. Her extravagant curvature graced the great, shining cushion like a hedonistic statue. Andrew closed the door behind him and walked forward. Clara rose up from the bed and walked around it to the nightstand with the movement of a dancer. There, a flame leapt up from a lighter in her hand as she lit a candle. With that she lit another and another. Her skin was still like ivory in the candlelight, but now it was tinted with gold.

Andrew stripped quickly and began to crawl across the bed towards Clara. Her large but perfect breasts stood like irresistible forbidden fruit, of which Andrew had to taste or he would surely die. She backed against the wall, as if his intense desire frightened her. He stood and towered over the woman. His penis thrust into the air between them like a piece of chiseled granite. He took Clara by her arms and spun, casting her onto the bed wildly. She pulled herself to the center of the bed and turned to face him, lying on her back, awaiting his onslaught.

Andrew moved in and began to squeeze her breasts adoringly. They were absolutely stunning. She smiled and watched him work, watched his eyes glaze over in his idolatry of her body. Then he started to feed on her nipples. She felt his hot, red cock resting on her leg as he gorged fanatically on her nipples. He sucked with all his might, biting and pulling at the hard nipples with his mouth. He squeezed her tits together, rolling them in his hands.

This went on for quite some time, until at last her milk began to stream from her, seeping from her nipples in warm little mouthfuls. She sighed with pleasure as the liquid ran down her tits and across her stomach. Andrew lapped up what he could, fascinated by this new pleasure. Her body was giving him all it could. Complete surrender.

Andrew rose to his knees and straddled his lover’s body. Clara grasped her breasts and pulled them apart, letting his cock fall heavily onto her moist chest. Pressing her ivory orbs together around his penis, Clara let the boy run his shaft between them. She smiled openly as his penis ran in between her tits and up her neck. She could feel the texture of his cock against her, rubbing her with increasing vigor. She dipped her head and licked the tip of his cock as it flashed towards her mouth. She tasted the salt of his fluid that dripped early from him. Andrew fucked Clara’s tits harder and harder.

Then he stopped, breathless. Andrew’s cock throbbed, buried in her bosom. He nearly came then, he was so close. Clara sensed his sensitive moment and froze, letting him ease down on his own. She released her tits and he disengaged from her, moving to kneel at the foot of the bed. Clara rose onto all fours and watched him. Andrew tried to breathe evenly and calm down a little. He knew she needed him to finish inside her. He wanted to give that to her.

She turned to him and moved her rump towards him. Andrew took his penis and angled it into her pussy, knowing that he must fuck her now or it would just erupt from him. He entered her, and suddenly she lost heart. She sprang forward to escape him, pitching face first into the pillows. Her fleshy butt bounced delightfully as she plunged onto the bed. He pursued her, laying between her spread legs and entering her again. He slid inside her wet and wanting pussy and thrust his hips forward. Clara hugged the bedding towards her face, screaming into the pillows.

He fucked her hard and deep from behind. Clara wailed into her pillows, feeling her insides stretching as Andrew’s equine sex organ pierced her fully. It took no more than a dozen thrusts to finish him off. Clara felt him only go deeper as the slippery mass of cum filled her, allowing his tip to reach the final wall of her womb. He went stiff above her, and she felt his strong arms wrap around her in his moment of unrestraint. He came inside her as tears of pleasure ran from her eyes. His hardness moved within her mightily as he held her, giving her every drop.

Clara had no idea how many times she came. Since he entered her it was just one long, hot orgasm, or so it seemed. She went limp, felt him slipping out of her, and fell into a blissful pit of emptiness.

Andrew lay on the bed, drained of any care. He lay there for an hour or so, falling in and out of consciousness. In his slumber, he did not notice the door open. Nor did he notice when Doreen wafted into the room in a white silk robe to stand at the foot of the bed and gaze at his body longingly for a long time.

When he finally rose from the bed, he looked to the nightstand covered in candles. There, laying like a coiled serpent, was the chain that bore the gold cross that Clara wore. He blew out the candles, threw a blanket over Clara’s body and kissed her. She stirred slightly but did not wake. Andrew dressed and left Clara to sleep.

* * * *

The next day, Andrew and Mark waited for the girls to arrive at the local theater. It was about three ‘o’ clock. The girls parked and hopped out, wearing summer dresses and hats. The four of them greeted each other. Mark and Allie with a hug and a kiss, Andrew and Stephanie with a smile and a nod. It was determined that everyone was hungry, so they took a booth at the local pizza place.

Mark and Allie both got up to go to the bathroom, giving Andrew a moment alone with Stephanie. Stephanie looked at him with sad eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Andrew begged, reaching out and taking her hand quickly.

Stephanie stared at him. “I think I want to spend more time alone with you, Andrew. I don’t know what else to say.”

Andrew felt relieved. “Well, that’s fine with me.” He smiled.

“Really? I thought you might not want to. I didn’t know if you were interested or not. Your brother said-”

“My brother doesn’t know everything about me.” Andrew cut in. “The fact is, I’d like to spend more time with you, too.”

Stephanie smiled, a small, meaningful smile.

The others returned and drinks were ordered. Mark started poring over the menu. Andrew looked up at Stephanie again, and noticed she wore a gold chain around her neck.

The chain ran down into the recesses of her dress, but Andrew knew what hung from that chain. Warmed by the touch of her skin, nestling between her beautiful breasts; there lay a golden cross. Andrew also knew that it was Doreen’s cross, and that she had given it to her daughter as a signal to Andrew.

“Nice necklace.” Andrew said simply.

Stephanie looked up, her beautiful blue eyes wide with the reception of the compliment. She pulled the chain out from her dress, revealing the cross.

South East England

August 25th 1996

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Mrs Parsons, or Sarah as she now insisted on being called, held up a folded piece of paper and waved it at James. They had met for drinks several times since the infamous sexual escapade at the end of term, always during one of James’ visits home from University, and he couldn’t remember her ever being as excited as she was tonight. Every time they had met it had been a fantastic night: full of laughs, saucy conversation and an ungodly amount of flirting, but much to James’ frustration no evening had ever ended in any kind of physical interaction. She always dressed fairly modestly for their ‘dates’, but James knew what kind of body was unjustly hidden underneath her layers of clothing and desperately wanted to familiarise himself with it again – but Sarah would never entertain his suggestions of after-drinks intimacy. She had spelled out exactly why during their very first date after the shower incident.

“It will never be as good,” she lamented. “We both know that. It was wish fulfilment. I got to seduce a naive and inexperienced student and you got to fuck the teacher you had fantasised about for 5-odd years. We’re never going to top that. And I want to remember it for what it was. And I do remember it James; an awful lot.”

So did James. He had enjoyed a couple of sexual encounters during his first year at university, but nothing as amazing as that first time, and with no one as stunning as Sarah – certainly no one as well-endowed. He was still a shy young man, not the cocksure kind of bloke that could easily flirt with his fellow students and get glamorous stunners into his bed. He had managed to charm a couple of bookish girls into several bouts of sexual exploration, and he had enjoyed them very much, but the image of Sarah’s cum-soaked breasts sitting below the filthy look on her face was a hard one to shift, and every sexual tryst paled in comparison. James had shared these frustrations with Sarah at their meetings, and she had even admitted that her sex life had felt a little tame since their erotic coupling, but she was adamant that casual sex would tarnish the memory of their realised fantasies. James just had to settle for the incredibly intimate chats they had instead. But it was at their most recent get-together that Sarah had hit upon an idea that she thought could recapture the magic of James’ incentive list.

“I was thinking about what you did – you know with your list,” she said enigmatically.

“What about it?”

“It was nothing to do with the grades, was it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I feel a bit stupid for not thinking of it like this before, but you didn’t use the incentive to see my tits to get a good grade, did you? You used the excuse of needing a good grade to talk me into showing you my tits. You basically thought up a very clever plan that offered the slim possibility of making a fantasy come true.”

“Well I thought if I had just asked for a titty fuck after school one day, you might have refused,” James intoned with mock seriousness. Sarah guffawed in response.

“But that’s the thing, of course I would have. Refused, I mean. In that scenario I would have thought you were a total creep, I probably would have felt I had to tell someone, I would have been panicking about my career… I mean I wouldn’t have just been able to let that stand.”

“Fuck. Well I’m glad I didn’t do that then.” James felt a little sobered by the assertion. Sarah seemed to notice his unease and held out a warm hand for his own to clasp.

“But in your absolute genius,” she continued, “You created a scenario that kind of made sense. That felt safe. That was actually kind of sweet and adorable. The whole thing could be denied or refuted or ignored… well right up until the point I tit fucked you in the shower room, anyway.”

“What are you getting at?” James wondered out loud.

“You made your fantasy come true. With a lot of thought and a bit of ingenuity, you came up with a plan that actually made it come true. And I’m thinking maybe we could engineer a few more.”

James pondered what she was saying for a short moment.

“Well the fact that it was your fantasy too probably helped,” he offered.

“Sure, I met you halfway. But you came up with that plan all on your own. If there’s two of us – two horny geniuses; one boy, one girl – we could come up with some of our own, couldn’t we?”

“Why do we need to come up with clever plans to do stuff with each other?”

“We don’t, you idiot.” She slapped him upside the head with a beer mat. “Like I said, it would be easy to go back to mine and fuck each other, but that’s not the fun part…”

“I think it would be pretty fun.”

“It would be pretty fun, but it wouldn’t be amazing. You know what made our session in the shower so amazing?”

“The anticipation.”

“Exactly! The anticipation! I was thinking about ‘results day’ from the moment you gave me that list. I fantasised about holding up my end of the bargain a hundred times over. And the feeling of your plan coming to fruition, of us reaping the rewards of all your twisted little machinations…”

“Alright, steady on. So what specifically are you suggesting?”

“Let’s write another list. Of fantasies. Of things we’ve always wanted to do that maybe we can’t do with a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Things like… you know, getting a tit fuck from your teacher. You write one, I’ll write one; we’ll compare notes, try to work out ways of… you know… making them come true.”

As they continued to chat James slowly started to acknowledge the potential rewards of having a filthy partner-in-crime that he could collaborate with to fuel their respective fantasies. They went their separate ways with James’ head full of new sexual possibilities

Over the course of the next seven days, James became almost obsessive in concocting the contents of his list. His fantasies before his encounter with Sarah had been almost entirely dominated by situations involving his beloved teacher, but in the following year he had imagined and masturbated to a much greater variety of mental scenarios. He found that his solo activities were far more satisfying and enjoyable when he imagined situations that were grounded and within the realms of possibility. Picturing him seducing Phoebe Cates into an indecent act on a tropical beach was stimulating, sure, but not all that plausible. Catching a busty flat mate undressing in their shared accommodation was much more feasible – and therefore more of a turn on. Sarah’s proposed evolution of the incentive list was perfect for him, because it demanded feasible scenarios that could be engineered with a little guile and planning. James’ dirty mind went into overdrive as he imagined all the sordid things he could accomplish with the help of a willing and like-minded female accomplice. The ideas came thick and fast. And so did he, on an almost nightly basis.


“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Sarah could hardly contain her excitement when they met a week later. James was embarrassed to see that he had several pages of A4 paper covered in ink compared with the one neatly-typed page in Sarah’s hand, but was nonetheless eager to swap notes.

Sipping on her large glass of wine, which James had managed to secure at the bar before an erection had taken hold, Sarah carefully studied the list, occasionally smirking, occasionally letting out sounds of approval. Sarah’s list made for equally stimulating reading. A dozen different scenarios were simultaneously bouncing around in James’ head and three times as many possible ways to help bring them to fruition for his filthy companion. James wasn’t stupid; he knew that the more instrumental he was in making these fantasies a reality for Sarah, the harder she would work to do the same for him. He figured it was his turn to do her a favour considering the treat that had started all this, but Sarah refuted the logic.

“You came up with the first plan. My turn to come up with one for you,” she insisted. James wasn’t about to persuade her otherwise.

“Anything catch your eye?” he asked.

“Explain this one to me a bit more”.

Sarah lifted the second page towards James and held a perfectly painted nail against James’ fifth entry on the list titled ‘fake masseuse’.

“I went on holiday last year with my parents,” began James. “Just after the exam results actually. A very nice resort in Spain. And they had this hotel spa where I booked a massage. And it was really full on and intimate – I was completely naked under the towel and this woman was rubbing almost every inch of me with oil.”

“Mmmmm, was she hot?”

“No, she was about 50 and had a moustache.”


“But the point is, after I had finished I saw another woman in a towel go into another room for a massage and she really was hot. And a male masseuse followed her in! I remember thinking, ‘wow, if only I could get in with the spa staff and get them to let me pretend to be a masseuse’. I’d have waited until a foxy client came in and spent 60 minutes with my hands all over her. And she’s on vacation – she’s not going to know that I’m not staff!”


“Of course I’m not trained. I’d probably be found out after 10 minutes of rubbing the wrong muscles.”

“Not to mention the disproportionately large amount of time you’d spend on the tits.”

“Well yeah, there’s that too,” James acknowledged with a chuckle. “I guess I’d have to pace myself.”

Sarah pondered and was silent for a minute or so as James nursed his beer. Finally she looked up and fixed him with one of her trademark dirty smiles.

“A plan is forming,” she declared cryptically.

The conversation then moved on to other entries in the list and eventually onto the intriguing fantasies typed by Sarah. They chatted and drank and flirted well past closing time, the landlord seemingly rewarding them for their custom by leaving them be and letting them order from the bar long after the pub had closed – what the British lovingly call a ‘lock-in’. The seeds they planted in each other’s minds that evening would bear sensual fruit for many years to come.


A little under two weeks later, James received a call at his parents’ house where he was staying for the summer while they cruised around the Mediterranean. He desperately hoped it was Sarah – he hadn’t heard a peep from her since the lock-in and was desperate to share his thoughts about her list. But the youthful, slightly posh voice on the other end of the line was wasn’t hers.

“Oh, hi there. Is that James?” said the young woman in an upbeat, genial tone that immediately sat well him.

“Er, yes it is. Who’s that?”

“My name’s Emma. I was given your number by Sarah Parsons. I’d like to book you in for a massage if I can?”

James froze. Usually so good thinking on his feet, he had a minor panic attack at being so woefully underprepared for this opportunity.

“Oh I’m sorry, I’ve got the wrong number haven’t I?” she offered.

Faced with the fear of letting this chance slip through his fingers, James’ brain finally kicked into gear.

“No no. You’ve got the right number. Sorry, the receiver was playing up. Did you say Sarah Parsons?”

“Yes, she was eulogising about her sessions with you so I thought I’d book one too.”

“I’d be happy to. Emma, I don’t have my diary with me right now, would you mind if I called you back later today to arrange a time?”

“No of course not. Sorry, it is a bit early isn’t it? Have you got a pen?”

James jotted down her number and promised to call back as soon as he could. She gushed with thanks and put the phone down. James replaced the receiver and stood in shock for a while before being startled back into lucidity by the phone ringing yet again.

“Hi James, it’s Sarah. Thought I’d better give you some warning that you might be getting a phone call from a lovely young lady in the next few days.”

“You’re a bit late. I’ve just got off the phone with her now.”

“Oh Shit, have we blown it?”

“No, I blagged it. Told her I’d call her back when I found my diary. Who is she? What did you tell her?”

“God she’s keen. I only gave her your number this morning. Call her back and tell her 7.00 Wednesday evening at the nurse’s office at our school. I’ll fill you in on the rest later. Meet me at Gino’s for lunch.”

James returned Emma’s call and confirmed the appointment, careful to avoid engaging her in conversation in case he contradicted whatever Sarah had told her. In the brief exchange she sounded bubbly and sweet and James started imagining what she might look like.


At a local Italian cafe later that day, Sarah went through the details and revealed the extent of her planning.

“You know this running club I do with some of the sixth formers at Percy Forks?” she began.

Sir Percival Faulkner’s school for girls was located just a short way down the road from James’ old school. Another private establishment for well-to-do brain boxes, the two academic establishments were separate entities but they often collaborated in subjects such as music, drama and in some sports.

“Oh God, how old is she?” James queried.

“Don’t worry, she’s 18. Just finished her exams. Bit worried about university I think… interacting with all those young men after 7 years at a girls school.”

Sarah gave James a trademark fruity look. He was intrigued.

“Go on,” he said.

“Well, we all meet to go running about twice a week, and I’ve got to know some of them quite well. We even go out for drinks after the evening run sometimes. The ones who are old enough anyway. And I’ve been mentioning this wonderful guy who gives me a full body massage every once in a while. That he’s young and sweet and training to be a physiotherapist and is offering cut price massage sessions to help him practice and train. That he’s not yet qualified or experienced enough to do deep tissue techniques, but that it’s such a relaxing and sensual hour that it really doesn’t matter.”

“That is absolutely genius,” James marvelled.

“And you got a whole-hearted recommendation from me. I mentioned you to all the girls I thought you might be interested in getting your hands on, but this girl Emma was the only one I gave your number to.”

“Why her?”

“Well, first off she’s got a body I really think you’ll appreciate rubbing oil into. I’ve checked her out in the changing room showers, and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re into. But mainly it’s because of the way she reacted when I subtly suggested the more ‘sensual’ aspects of the massage. I think she’ll be, shall we say, a little more receptive to your touch?”

James was developing a crushing erection just hearing about this.

“We need to set up the first aid room to be more like a spa. I can do that. Candles and a tape player and stuff. We’ll wheel the recovery bed into the centre of the room. It’s like a massage table anyway, the mattress is so hard. It’s height adjustable too.”

“Outstanding. You’ve really thought of everything.”

“One more thing. I told her that you would ask her if she would rather you avoided massaging her buttocks and breasts. Figured it would make you sound more professional and also give you an opportunity to read the situation; see if it would be appropriate for your wandering hands to do their thing. But I wholeheartedly recommended that she let you. Said it was the best part.”

“Paint a bit of a picture for me. What’s she like?”

“I don’t want to say too much in case I build her up. Let’s just say tall, lovely long brown hair and tits bigger than mine.”

That final bit of info elicited an audible moan from James’ throat. Sarah giggled, pleased that her machinations were yielding the desired results.


On the evening of the massage, Sarah met James at his old school. Despite it being the summer holidays, the main building and a select few sports facilities were kept open and maintained by a skeleton crew of administrators and cleaners. The main building, which housed the nurse’s office, was essentially deserted and would be locked up at 10.00 – plenty of time for James to indulge his fantasy with his unwitting, if not unwilling, customer.

Sarah showed him to the first aid room and was knocked out by the effort she had put in to decorate it appropriately: dozens of tea lights gave the room a soft, dimly-lit glow; relaxing classical music played at a low volume via a cassette player; and a burning incense stick filled the space with a flowery perfume. The adjustable bed, usually something terrifying-looking with a plasticky mattress topping a multitude of folding legs and wheels, was now an invitingly cosy table of white cotton and linen in the centre of the room.

“Right,” said Sarah, clapping her hands together. “You brought the oil?”

“About 10 different varieties,” responded James, holding up a heavy plastic bag as proof.

“You’ve done your homework about towel positions and stuff? What to ask and how to start?”

“I think so.”

“Great. Well have fun.” She indicated his black track suit bottoms and tight-fitting black T-shirt with a waft of her hand. “You certainly look the part. I’ve got some work to be getting on with. I’ll pop by after your ‘appointment’ and take you to the pub. You can tell me all about it.”


It was 7:05, twenty minutes after Sarah had left him, and James was worried he was going to be stood up. He was considering leaving to find his old teacher in the building when a bundle of hair and energy come exploding through the door of the nurse’s office.

“I am sooo sorry,” the young lady gasped, before catching her breath and addressing James with a much more assured if slightly too loud voice. “I don’t know why I thought the medical room would be in exactly the same place as in our school, but I went there anyway. Got lost. I’m Emma, pleased to meet you.”

James shook an outstretched hand and quickly examined the young woman it was attached to. Certainly tall, she stood a good few inches over him even in just her trainers. Her face was open and beaming and James couldn’t decide what was smiling more; her full lipped mouth or her large brown eyes. She was fixing him with such an intense yet happy gaze that he couldn’t avert his eyes from her face to examine her other attributes. She had golden brown skin and not much make up except for a huge amount of eye shadow, which only served to make her eyes look bigger. She was incredibly pretty, like a fashion model but with a rounder, friendlier face.

“Hi, I’m James. Don’t worry this place is like a maze. I’m amazed you found it at all.”

“Well Mrs Parsons did tell me but I’ve got a rubbish sense of direction. Where shall I put these?”

Emma held up the two bags in her hands and hyperactively looked around giving James a brief opportunity to look at her body. Sarah hadn’t been lying about her breasts; even buried under several layers of thin material and a hefty bra (judging by the thick blue shoulder strap on show), their ample nature couldn’t be disguised. She was not as slim as, say, Sarah Parsons, but she certainly was not overweight in any way. James imagined that her frequent running had given her a decently toned physique. He was about to find out first hand.

“Just pop them on that corner chair over there.”

As she turned away from him to deposit her belongings, he could see how long her straight brown hair was, the ends almost obscuring her behind. Her ass was not small but was incredibly round and pert. Some women, James noticed, simply had a place where their thighs met their back in a rather nondescript fashion. This was not the case with Emma – she had an ass! And a fucking good one. She turned around and swept her long straight-cut fringe away from her dark fluttering eyelashes.

“Right,” she puffed, before slapping her hands against the sides of her thighs and fixing James with an expectant stare. “Where do you want me?”

James gave her a warm smile and checked out her clothed body for the final time. He could feel his cock stiffening in his pants.

“We’re all ready to go in that room there. You can go in now and I’ll give you a few minutes to undress – you can just hang your clothes over the back of the chair. Lie face down on the table with a towel covering you, and I’ll join you in a moment.”

“Do I keep my knickers on, or should I be completely naked?”

James was slightly taken aback by the utter lack of coyness displayed.

“It’s entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to keep both their bra and knickers on, others like to be completely nude. So whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“OK great,” she said, and headed into the first aid room, gently closing the door behind her.

James was glad she entered as swiftly as she did, aware that his growing erection would soon be visible through his jogging bottoms. As he waited outside he wondered if he should have been more prescriptive, insisting she was totally naked. No, it was best that he gave her every opportunity to signal any discomfort. If he went back in and she was wearing her underwear underneath the towel, he would know that this would be a more subtle titillation for him and that he should avoid any direct sexual contact. That would be fine, he thought. It would be enough to stare at that semi nude body and rub his hands near and around her assets. He might even be able to persuade her to remove more clothing. His erection reached full capacity thinking about it. To disguise his arousal he reached into his joggers and pulled his erection up and slightly out of his briefs, using the waist band to hold it flat against his pelvis. He then secured his joggers further up his torso to cover the top of his erect cock sticking up out of his underwear. He took a deep breath, and approached the door of the first aid room, rapping on it gently three times.

“I’m ready,” came the distinctly calmer-sounding voice on the other side.

James entered to reverential silence as the music had reached the end of the tape. All that could be heard was the crackling flames of the candles and tea lights. He closed the entrance behind him and locked the old fashioned door with the brass key sticking out the keyhole, before placing it on its hook on the wall nearby. On the table in the middle of the room Emma was lying face down as instructed. A towel covered the area extending between her lower back and her knees, and James was ecstatic to note that her back was completely bare. She had tied up her long trusses in a messy bun revealing her broad shoulders and tanned athletic body. And underneath her honed torso he could see the sides of her massive breasts squashed between the surface of the table and her ribcage.

James attended to the cassette player and found himself standing right next to the chair where Emma had draped her clothes. Two items particularly caught his eye: the generously cupped blue bra and the non-matching pair of white cotton knickers. She was completely naked under the towel! James felt some precum ooze out of the tip of his cock; the pressure of the elasticated waistband was doing little to abate its sensitivity.

“It’s so peaceful in here,” Emma offered, her voice now hushed and calm.

“That’s the idea. We want you to be as relaxed as possible and just enjoy the next hour.”

James saw that Emma’s head was turned in the opposite direction and quickly succumbed to the temptation to pick up her bra and examine the label. She was a 36DD. James knew that it was inevitable that at some point in the next half hour he was going to ask Emma to turn over and catch a glimpse of the biggest tits he had ever seen in the flesh. More precum escaped.

As the music restarted Emma sighed with approval and lifted her dangling arms do that she could rest her chin on her hands. James quickly replaced the bra and approached the table, picking up a bottle of massage oil and another large cotton towel on his way. He stood over his ‘customer’ and took a deep breath, examining her smooth freckled back. Raising her head to rest her chin on her hands had caused her body to lift ever so slightly off of the table, and the sides of her breasts could now be seen more clearly. The flesh peeking out from the edges of her torso was more ample than he could have imagined, and it required a mental check to stop him reaching out and touching there straight away. Instead, he tried to act out his role as professionally as possible so as not to arouse suspicion (if nothing else).

He gently pulled the towel Emma had already covered herself with down slightly, so that it covered the majority of her legs and stopped just above the roundness of her buttocks. He then placed the second towel he had gathered over her back, covering from the neckline to the small of her back.

“Did Sarah explain that I don’t do deep tissue massage or sports massage at the moment?” he offered.

“Yes, she said you were still training. That you just did relaxation massages. Sounds perfect. I just want to unwind and enjoy being pampered.”

Perfect answer. James felt he might be able to push this innocent massage further when the time came. But not yet.

“I’ll start on your back. Let me know if I’m using too much pressure or not enough. The more we communicate the more enjoyable it will be for you.”

James folded the top towel away from him, revealing the left side of Emma’s back and the generous excess of breast flesh underneath. Keeping her hands at the top of the table, she turned her head to the side away from his gaze, allowing him to ogle the modestly presented yet still – underneath all that white cotton – butt naked young woman lying below him. He poured some oil into his warm hands and began firmly stroking her back with his lubricated palms. He explored every inch of her exposed form with strong strokes, the slippery oil allowing him to really engage with and manipulate her body.

“Mmmmm, that’s lovely,” croaked Emma.

James decided to be more bold. He began rubbing oil in purposeful circles into the skin on her sides, just below where her left breast was squashed and partially on display. He then started taking long passes down the entire side of her body with his fingers, ensuring that his finger tips brushed against her side boob with every alternate stroke. As a means of testing the waters, it was a success. All Emma did was sigh pleasurably. After several minutes he replaced the towel and folded it the other way so that he could administer to the other side of her back, and the edge of her right breast. They were small, subtle touches, but the way the flesh yielded under his slippery fingers was joyous. 15 minutes had passed and he was now getting unbearably horny with an overwhelming desire to see and feel more of her body. James knew that a professional masseuse would probably now cover the back and spend a good portion of time on the backs of the legs, but he was impatient. He wanted to be stimulated further and was keen to find out how far he could push things with Emma. He moved to the other side of the table, where the towel was double folded over her back, and lifted it up high enough so that it appeared he was trying to block his view, but low enough that he could actually see the right side of her body.

“OK, if you’d just like to lie on your back for me”, he tried to calmly ask, although the dryness in his throat may have betrayed him.

“Sure,” came the hushed response.

Emma propped her body up with her elbows and began to twist around. However, for the entire manoeuvre she fixed James with an intense yet friendly stare. He couldn’t catch a glimpse of anything without her seeing exactly where he was looking. In his peripheral vision he got the impression that a magnificent pair of tits were just an ogle away, but he couldn’t break eye contact. James was trying to read the look in her eyes. It seemed playful; almost as if she was thinking ‘I know exactly what you’re up to’. Well if she did, she didn’t seem too upset about it. Her back now resting fully in the table, James replaced the towel so that it sat just below her neck. He positioned himself at the top of the table, looking down at her face. She was just as pretty upside down. Now was the moment of truth.

“Some female clients prefer that I avoid touching their breasts. It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t feel comfortable about it I can avoid massaging that area altogether.”

Emma looked into his eyes with an ambiguous expression for what seemed like an eternity, before smiling.

“No, I don’t mind. If it’s a full body massage I might as well get my money’s worth. “

“Great,” came James’ unfortunate reply, as he let a fraction of the erotic anticipation that was welling inside of him escape into his words. He mentally admonished himself for such an unprofessional response, but Emma simply smiled knowingly and closed her eyes.

James took a silent deep breath, and ignoring all the modesty techniques that he knew a proper masseuse would incorporate in this scenario, peeled the top towel down to reveal Emma’s naked chest.

It was a sight of utter sensual beauty. For starters, the usually unflattering effects of gravity were seemingly absent. While her breasts were undeniably large, her 18 year old body had bestowed upon them an almost supernatural firmness that caused them to maintain a semblance of shape and pertness even though she was lying flat on her back – there weren’t even distinct lines of cleavage. Then there was their shape – perfect circular domes of smooth golden brown flesh, centred with two generous dark pink areolas. And to top it all off, two large, puffy nipples; bullet hard and pointing to the ceiling.

James wanted to grab them immediately, but managed to restrain himself and instead worked on Emma’s shoulders. With frequent glances downwards to make sure her eyes were still closed, he took in the sight of those majestic tits. As he manipulated the skin around her décolletage, he could see them move in response, and this only fuelled his already insane levels of arousal. The precum was softly pumping out of his cock on an almost constant basis, and he could feel the area around his pelvis getting cool with the resultant stickiness.

Another look down and his heart skipped a beat as he saw Emma staring directly at him.

“Can I ask you a bit of a personal question?” she sweetly enquired.

“Er, sure,” came the weak voiced response.

“Do you ever get turned on massaging a woman?”

James wasn’t sure how to play this. The instinctive response would be ‘Yeah, I’m aroused right now’ but James couldn’t predict how that would go down. He decided to remain coy.

“No, I’m just focussing on the techniques and the muscle groups and the job I’m doing. It’s like a medical appointment. You couldn’t do it if you thought of it in that way.”

“I suppose,” she pondered, her eyes again closing. “So looking at me topless doesn’t turn you on?”

“You have to maintain a professional boundary. But talking about it doesn’t exactly help.”

“Sorry,” she said apologetically.

James’ reach began to extend further down her chest, his fingers beginning to explore the very tops of her breasts. Emma giggled to herself.

“What’s funny?” asked James, terrified he was the butt of some embarrassing joke.

“Nothing. It’s just I’ve been fighting boys away from my tits since I was 14. I’ve never let a guy touch them even once and now I’m paying one to do it. I just think that’s funny.”

James took her relaxed tone and candid language as a sign that he could be more adventurous. He took another bottle of oil and trickled some of its contents over Emma’s breasts, aiming the sweet smelling lubricant so it landed on and around her nipples. The coolness made her take a sharp intake of air. James distracted her by furthering the conversation.

“Surely you’ve had a boyfriend or two that were allowed?”

“Never really had time for all that. Always working. Always studying. And daddy was always a bit strict when it came to going out. Never really got to socialise with boys much. Not nice ones, anyway. “

“Well I’m sure University will change that.”

And with that casual remark came the culmination of Sarah’s planning and James’ fantasy. He leaned over as far as he was comfortably able and put both his hands directly on top of her amazing tits. She sighed as he firmly circled his palms over the entire surface of her 36DDs, spreading the oil all over. He had been too generous with the lubricant and the cups of his hands were making slurping noises as the oil was distributed, the excess dripping down her sides and onto the cotton underneath her.

The breasts were incredibly firm and despite being bigger, didn’t even yield as much as Sarah’s. He started wondering if they were perhaps implants, as he had heard that fake tits maintained their shape more than natural breasts, but considering Emma’s description of her upbringing, discounted this theory immediately.

James explored every curve and square inch of the tits he was groping. The tips of his fingers investigated underneath the sides and he even lifted them slightly from her chest to apply some oil where her midriff gave way to her magnificent bosom. All the while the palms of his hands were being stimulated by her ever-hard nipples. Even the eventual warmness of his oily hands wasn’t causing them to relax, and he delighted in feeling the turgid tips slide across his sensitive palms. The mixture of textures – the soft yet heavy flesh; the rough hard nipples and the silky lubricant – was making it hard for James to resist going further. He took the thumbs and forefingers of both hands and lightly pinched each nipple, tweaking them to an even more erect state whilst coating them in oil. Emma gasped.

“Is that really a massage technique?” she whispered. James evaded a direct answer.

“Do you want me to stop?” he countered.

“God no,” came the enthusiastic response. James was ecstatic. He literally had her in the palm of his hand.

Emboldened by her attitude James moved around to the side of the table to examine her tits from a different angle. He then reached out with his right hand and forcefully squeezed her oil soaked right breast. Emma moaned approvingly. The facade of a professional massage was fading fast, especially when James started flicking her nipple with his thumb before running delicate circles around the areola.

Emma then raised a hand, ostensibly to adjust her hair, but with such an exaggerated motion that she was clearly trying to achieve something else. And indeed, on the way up, her hand brushed against James hidden erection, knocking it free from the grip of his waist band. She fired a cheeky grin at him that reminded him of Sarah.

“You ARE turned on,” she challenged, but in an adorably sweet way. James looked down at the protrusion of fabric over his groin and sighed.

“With certain clients it’s sometimes hard…”

“It certainly is!” she interrupted with a giggle. James offered one more ‘get out’ for her.

“Should I stop?” he feebly offered.

“I think you probably should,” came the disappointing reply together with a hearty laugh. She then continued with a softer, hushed tone. “But I don’t want you to.”

She gave him a nervous look finished with a shy half smile. James still had her lubed-up tit in his grasp. He gave it another squeeze, causing her to grin and close her eyes.

“Why don’t you work on my legs for a while?” she suggested. “It’ll give you a chance to calm down.”

James dutifully complied, but not with the intention of calming down. The professional nature of the session now a distant memory, James left her glistening tits exposed as he moved down to the foot of the table and peeled the lower towel upwards, revealing first her ankles, then her calves, her knees and most of her thighs. He stopped short of revealing her crotch, but had a feeling she would be happy for him to expose it in due course.

With a fresh squirt of oil he began covering her right leg with a layer of lubricant, sensuously caressing underneath her knees and along the inside if her thighs as he did so.

Emma’s breathing rate was increasing, noticeable both through her breathy sounds and the rise and fall of her chest that James was keeping constant tabs on. He concentrated his attention on her thigh, spreading his fingers firmly around the muscle and up into the area near her crotch where the towel was barely covering. Indeed, the more he pushed his fingers northwards, the further the towel was displaced. Emma was keeping her legs very close together, and James started to worry he was pushing this girl too far in a direction she might not want to go. If she hadn’t even let a guy touch her breasts, she was clearly a virgin. Maybe this exploration towards her pussy was a step too far. Then James noticed something that might have explained her reticence – the inside of her thigh was lubricated at the very top, but it wasn’t with James’ oil.

“You’re turned on too,” James whispered.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice,” said Emma, who, much to James’ delight, began to part her legs to show the extent of her horniness.

The cotton towel she was lying on was absolutely soaked with her juices. James took the implied invitation to push his hands further up the inside of her leg towards the source of her wetness. He could now see where her round buttocks met the table, and the engorged lips of her labia. They glistened with sticky appreciation. James removed the last vestiges of her modesty by pulling at the towels and letting them slide off of her body. Emma didn’t flinch. She had a subtle round belly that complemented the curves of her hips and, of course, her breasts. Just below was a generous but well trimmed patch of dark brown pubic hair. James gently parted her labia with two of his fingers. This did elicit a reaction; a squeak of excitement and perhaps trepidation. James paused in case there was an objection, but none was forthcoming. And so he slowly and deliberately sunk a finger into her tight, wet pussy. A loud cry of pleasure escaped from Emma’s mouth – it was the kind of cry that almost sounded like a wince of pain and the contortion of her face did little to convince otherwise. But the broad smile that followed let James know she was far from hurting. He plunged his finger in further, as far as his hand would allow. His digit displaced more silky liquid from her cunt and it erupted with a satisfying squelch onto his hand.

“Oooooh fuck, yes… “Emma moaned, writhing her pelvis and pushing down onto the digital intrusion.

James withdrew and then slowly entered her again, this time with two fingers. Emma gripped the towel she was lying on as if it were a lifeline and her body stiffened. She threw her head back and opened her mouth to give a silent scream. James kept his fingers inside her moist cunt and started massaging her engorged clit with his thumb. Emma was whimpering now, and as she involuntarily jerked her body, her tits finally moved in a way that befit their massive size, flailing around on top of her chest like two jellies on a shaking tray. The sight of her animated breasts meant James could no longer abstain from pleasuring his own body, and put his free hand down his pants, greeting his precum-soaked erection with an enthusiastic grip.

“Play with your tits,” he gently ordered. Emma looked down at him and then at her own oily breasts with a look that suggested she had forgotten they were even there. She released her grip on the table and moved her hands to her chest, taking advantage of the lubrication still present to apply a series of tight-looking squeezes to her oily tits. With each enthusiastic grip, the slippery flesh of her breasts spilled out of her fingers, ready to be retrieved by the next stroke of her hand. The sensation must have enhanced her pleasure because she was now producing high pitched grunts in time with James’ manipulations. Not since his encounter with Mrs Parsons in the shower had he managed to get a woman so close to orgasm so quickly. He decided to go for it.

As Danielle slept that night she had ravenous dreams. She envisioned a train of the frat boys ploughing away at her pussy, one at a time, in missionary position. Guy after guy, unrecognizable faces, mounted her and entered her, thrusting away, pawing at her breasts, until they unloaded on her face. She took it like a slut, reveling in the attention. When she found Russell, she had been looking for a real man, and if there is one thing she could say for this group of frat guys, they all knew how to fuck. At least she dreamed they could.

When the sunlight flooded into her room at 7:30am, her eyelids flickered she quickly found herself back in the real world. She tried to move her hand to the sheet to shield her eyes from the invasive luminescence, but they were stuck. She peered up the corners of the headboard, where she saw her wrist cuffs secured in place. In a panic, she began squirming, and soon realized that her ankles were cuffed to the corners of the bed frame, leaving her spread eagle, lewdly displayed for anyone who walked through the door.

What else she realized, and she was surprised that she did recognize it sooner, was a sticky substance laced all over her breasts. She immediately identified it as cum. When she gasped, she realized that there was some caked on the corners of her mouth as well. The more she observed, the more she found: her cheeks, her neck, her stomach…she must have been the victim of a mid-night bukake, she thought.

As she resigned herself to her situation, she looked around the room, taking inventory of her environment. For the most part, the room was pretty plain: white walls and drapes, very little furniture, a recliner in the corner. The wall opposite the window, though, caught her eye. She saw five pictures on the wall, and recognized one: it was the picture of her in profile with her mouth wrapped around Russell’s cock, the one that had been sent to her as part of the blackmail package. Beneath it was her name, Danielle, with a single gold star beneath that.

As her eyes focussed on the other pictures and names, she realized that they were the four girls that had helped initiate her last night: Jenna, Sarah, Michelle and Andrea each with 10 gold stars beneath them. Danielle assumed that each of them had been subject to the same treatment that she would receive this week, and, after each new deviant act, they received a star. Danielle looked at the row with her gold star and followed it across to “Anal Fingering.” She knew she was in for a long week.

As she was reading the other challenges on the wall, the door opened and Jenna entered. She stared Danielle up and down, her spread pussy and cum-covered body, and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Good morning, sunshine!” she chirped. Danielle asked an obvious question,” What happened last night?” “Oh, no big deal,” Jenna replied. “Three of the guys could not wait to get their hands on you, so they came up here, tied you in your current position, and took turns with you.” Just as Danielle suspected.

“And I just slept through it?” Danielle asked. “You were clearly exhausted, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy it. You spent the whole half hour moaning like a whore. You came at least twice!” Danielle blushed. Was she being serious?

Jenna walked around the bed unclasping her locks, and told her to get up. Once Danielle worked her way to her feet, Jenna pointed to the sheets, just below where Danielle’s ass had rested. There was a giant wet spot there. “You squirted,” Jenna said. “You squirted as three guys had their way with you while you were passed out. Can you say ‘slut?’” Danielle wanted to run and hide somewhere, but she knew it was not an option.

“Lets get you cleaned up,” Jenna said, taking Danielle by the hand and leading her to her bathroom. Danielle followed her into what appeared to be her private bathroom. Jenna turned the knobs of the shower, regulating the water for Danielle. “Listen,” Jenna said, “I am the most recent convert here, and I know what you are about to go through. The other girls are going to be mean, but in private, I will try to be nice to you. OK?”

Danielle smiled in appreciation. It would certainly help to have someone coach her through this week. “Thank you,” she said. “Get in the shower and rinse off that ejaculate,” Jenna encouraged. Danielle stepped into the steamy shower, letting the water cascade through her hair and down her body. She felt the semen melt away from her, the heat reviving her senses as she made herself sudsy.

“Jenna?” she called through the shower stall. “Yeah?” she replied. “I am nervous about the anal. Is it terrible?” Jenna giggled. “What was it like last night, with just the finger?” she asked. “It was uncomfortable, it felt tight, but not all together painful.” “Well, once you get a cock in there, it will feel the same way, but amplified. Painful at first, but it really just heightens your erogenous zone, and usually makes your orgasm more extraordinary. Basically, if you can survive the first five minutes, you will be a fan for life!”

Danielle was skeptical, but was at least somewhat relieved to hear this. Jenna told her to keep showering, and that she would be right back. A few minutes later, Danielle heard Jenna reenter the room. “Lets go, I will help you warm up,” she said. Danielle stepped out of the shower and into the towel Jenna was holding out to her. Steam filled the bathroom, keeping her warm as she toweled herself down.

When she was all dry, she turned towards Jenna, who was smiling and holding a plastic syringe. “Trust me, this will help,” she said. She instructed Danielle to kneel and place her chest on the floor, ass in the air. Danielle complied, preparing herself mentally for what was about to come. Jenna pressed the tip of the syringe against her sphincter and through into her ass. Danielle felt next to nothing, a sign, she thought, that she was still loose from Sarah’s finger.

Jenna unleashed a stream of saline solution up Danielle’s ass, refilled the syringe in the sink and did it again. “Just wait there for a few minutes, then sit on the toilet and relieve yourself. Once the pressure swells, you will know it is time. Let me know when you are ready.” With that, she left.

Danielle stayed in her obscene position for five minutes, and then followed Jenna instructions thoroughly. When she flushed, Jenna came back in, with some guy Danielle did not know but assumed was a frat guy. “Don’t worry,” Jenna said, “He is not going to take your anal cherry now. He is going to help me help you enjoy anal, though.”

In her left hand was a tiny vibrator, and she unveiled it to Danielle, who took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “On your hands and knees,” Jenna said, a bit more forcefully than Danielle expected. Danielle turned and knelt back on the ground, head near the toilet, ass facing her observers. Jenna stood over her and slid the vibrator into her ass with little resistance. It was tiny enough to slid in easily, another relief to Danielle.

Jenna flipped it on remotely, and Danielle jumped in shock. Looking over her shoulder, she watched as the guy knelt behind her and cupped her ass in his hands. In an instant, his dick found her slit and pushed into her wet pussy. He put his right hand between her shoulder blades and forced her chest down to the floor, the same position she was in when Jenna gave her the enema.

“Danielle, you should know that the boy you are fucking is a senior in high school, looking to pledge here this year. If he does you well enough, I will pass a good word on to Russell.” Danielle was stunned, and concerned that it was not even legal to be with a guy this young. She opened her mouth to complain, but upon hearing that this was an audition, the guy started pounding her harder.

He slammed into her hard, forcing her further up the floor, wedging her shoulders between the toilet and the wall of the shower. The boy grabbed her anal vibrator with two fingers and moved it in and out of her, matching the motion of his cock. Danielle lost herself in the sensation, and felt her climax approaching. Jenna whispered something in his ear, but Danielle could not make it out.

He increased his speed, plunging into her sopping, juicy box until it was gushing like a slip and slide. Despite being pinned against a toilet, this high school kid had Danielle on the verge of orgasm. The obstruction in her ass did not deter her. In fact, Jenna was right. The anal stimulation was making was causing the throbbing in her clitoris to amplify.

Jenna pushed the boy’s ass hard, and with Danielle stuck in her spot, he bottomed out into her pussy. Danielle screamed and bucked her ass as she came with an explosion. While he loved the feeling of her warm cunt around his dick, he had to obey Jenna’s whispered command. He pulled his dick and the vibrator out of Danielle and stood, jacking his cock above her. Danielle worked her way to her knees and watched in disgust as the kid unloaded his sperm on the toilet seat.

“Clean that up, bitch!” he barked at her. Danielle looked at Jenna, seeking consult. She shrugged and offered “You are the maid!” Danielle turned back towards the toilet seat. “Use only your mouth,” the boy said. Danielle was on the verge of tears, humiliated on so many levels. Not only was she about to lick a stranger’s cum off a toilet seat, but this stranger, who had just fucked her, had only spoken eight words to her, ordering her to do so.

She lowered her mouth to the largest wad of cum and slurped. The salty mayo spread over her tongue and filled her cheeks. She closed her eyes and laid her tongue flat on the seat, trying to mop up the flecks that remained. She was able to get most of it, with a few strands falling into the water beneath her. The guy grabbed her hair and held her in place as he looked at Jenna. “Good enough?” he asked.

“Above and beyond,” she answered. “I will put in a good ward with Russell.” He let go of Danielle’s hair and walked out without a word. Danielle was gasping deep breaths on the floor when Jenna turned her attention back to her. From beneath the sink cabinet, she withdrew bathroom cleaner and paper towels. She left them at Danielle’s feet. “I will be back in an hour. Make sure you are clean, and that this bathroom is spotless. You have another test in the afternoon.”

Danielle looked at the clock on the wall. 10am. This was going to be a long week.


When Jenna returned, she was pleased with Danielle’s performance. The bathroom was spotless, and Danielle had done her hair in a manner that showed effort. As there were no clothes to prepare, it was all she could do. “Very nice,” said Jenna. “Let’s go downstairs.” She attached a leash to Danielle’s collar and led her to the main room of the house, where at least half of the guys in the house were watching a game on TV.

The whistled and hooted at them as they continued into the kitchen. There were trays of food laid out all over the place. “This afternoon, you are to serve this food to the guys. You are to constantly be in the room with a tray in hand. You are to let the guys do whatever they want to you, and obey their command. OK?” “All I have to do is serve food for now?” Danielle asked. “All you have to do is whatever they want. Got it?” Danielle nodded.

Jenna handed her the first tray, crudite, and pushed her into the TV room. Danielle was keenly aware of all the eyes on her, and knew that there was nothing she could do to hide herself. She was surrounded by guys, and they would see her if they wanted.

At this exact moment, Danielle decided to try and enjoy herself. After all, there did not seem to be any sex in the plan for this afternoon. Maybe she could use this as a gateway to enjoy exhibitionism. She walked over to the closest guy and suggestively bent towards him, proffering the vegetables to him. As he met her gaze and picked up a carrot, and dipped it into the sauce. Before she went onto the next guy, Danielle turned and eyed the guy behind her, staring squarely at her ass and pussy. She could practically feel her asshole winking at him, having had it stretched by Jenna earlier. She blushed, and smiled a wry smile.

Flipping her hair, Danielle straightened herself and moved on to the next couch. She repeated the motion with the next guy, who was staring madly at her hanging tits. With a mischievous grin, he brought the cream cheese dip to her nipple and gooped it onto her breast. He then took a stick of celery and rubbed it along the inside of her cleavage, and put it in his mouth. Danielle giggled, even though she thought this was stupid.

She made her way around the room, enduring mild groping and prodding from the guys. It was harmless, she reasoned, and allowed herself to get into it. When she made her way to the last guy, who had ben the one ogling her ass while she was with the first guy, he had an evil grin. He took two carrots from the tray and asked her to turn around.

Danielle had an idea of what he had in mind, but dared not protest. She turned, and at his urging leaned forward a little, exposing herself to him. He stood and presented both carrots, side-by-side, to her mouth, and told her to open wide. She opened her mouth, and he forced the vegetables onto her tongue. “Now close,” he insisted. She did as she was told.

He slid the carrots seductively in and out of her mouth, a crude euphemism, and tried to get them moist in her saliva. After about thirty seconds of this, he sat back on the couch, facing her ass. He pulled at her thigh, implying that she should spread her feet a little more. Danielle opened her legs and braced for the invasion.

He brazenly put a finger right between her slit to expand her opening, and slide one of the carrots inside her. He had no trouble working it all the way in, with just the green sprouts sticking out of her. Danielle gasped as she felt yet another phallus exploring her depths.

By now, no one in the room was watching the game, and all eyes were on the beautiful brunette suffering at the hands of their fraternity brother. With an evil grin, he spread her ass and placed the tip of the other carrot inside her sphincter. The vibrator had loosened it to the point that he could ease the tip in, but from there, he met resistance.

Danielle closed her eyes and slowed her breath as she felt him try to push deeper. Her tray started shaking in her hands, which gave the guy an idea. “If anything on that tray falls off, you will submit to tit torture tonight.” Danielle nodded in understanding, and altered her grip in the tray, securing it tightly.

Her conquerer continued his assault, jamming her anal carrot halfway inside her. Danielle rocked forward on her tip-toes, but held the tray in balance and sank back to her heels. The guy left it like that for now, and started easing her vaginal carrot in and out. He let go of the carrot in her ass and started massaging her clit.

“Come on, baby,” he mocked. “Let a couple sticks of carrot get you off. We want to see you come at the hands of a pair of veggies.” Danielle was embarrassed beyond belief, especially as she started to feel juices emerge from around the carrot in her pussy. The guy pinched and pulled at her clit, causing her to leave her mouth agape in awe. She held onto the tray for dear life, keeping it level in fear of whatever “tit torture” he had planned.

Her knees started to shake as he brought her close to the edge again. Danielle was afraid to think about it, but it would be the second time today that she would have cum in a submissive, humiliating position. But before she could think too much about it, he got it out of her.

Danielle screamed out loud as her orgasm rocked her body. Her knees gave way to the point that she was almost squatting, but she managed to keep the tray level, not spilling a thing. The boy looked over her shoulder at it and admired, “Good Job,” he said. He then brought his right hand down, palm extended, onto her ass carrot, driving it the rest of the way in in one thrust.

She had done all that she could up until that point, but in her weekend state, she could do nothing to stop the inevitable. She fell forward, the tray practically flying out of her hands towards the middle of the room. She landed on her hands and knees, and stared ahead of her, at the mess she created.

“Oops,” said her assailant. “Tonight’s entertainment will be Danielle’s Breast Abuse,” he proclaimed. The crowd roared their approval as Danielle fought back tears. Jenna took Danielle back into the kitchen to help her prep the next tray. “That was unfair,” she said in an effort to comfort Danielle. “Take my advice, and leave the carrot in your ass. Might as well take advantage of this and get used to the feeling. You will thank me later.” Danielle sobbed and agreed, taking the next tray into the assembly.


That night, Danielle found herself in the same room, on her knees in the middle of the floor in front of every inhabitant of the house. Chris had laid out some tools of the trade, as it were, to intimidate Danielle and increase her anxiety. He took her wrist cuffs and pulled them behind her neck, attaching them to her collar. Danielle did not even know that this was a possibility, but knew that it as once her hands were locked behind her head, her gorgeous globes proudly announcing themselves to the room.

After she was secure, the boy brought out a ball gag. “We all love seeing you endure this torture, but hearing you scream can really make a guy go limp. Think of this as your muffler,” he proposed as he pushed it between her lips. Danielle opened wide and took it, not wanting to piss him off. He locked it behind her head.

Standing behind her, he leant over her and gripped each of her tits in his hands, squeezing them harshly. “MMM,” he admired. “These are just about as good as they come. We are going to have fun with these.” He moved to his table of implements and returned with two leather straps, each with notches in them like miniature belts. He lifted her left breast in his right hand, admiring its heft, and wrapped the belt around it at the base. He pulled it as tight as it would go and clasped it in place.

After repeating the process with the other, he stepped back and admired her beautiful form. Her tits extended painfully from her chest, already a lighter shade of red from the blood that was trapped from circulation. He picked up a riding crop and started running it over her breasts. She looked down in horror in anticipation f what he could do. Even if she had the nerve to protest, her ball gag was preventing anything but strings of saliva from escaping her mouth.

He gently raised and lowered the crop on her right tit, wanting to hurt her but not to leave any permanent marks. Danielle assumed that he had done this before, as he seemed to be an expert. He gently but firmly hit every square inch of her breasts. No single shot hurt her, but the accumulation of all of them created a loud, stinging sensation. She wanted nothing more than to hold them and caress them.

After she was significantly red, he hit each of them with a newfound fierceness, and Danielle screamed six loud screams into the room, muffled as they were by the gag. As her breath quickened to help ease the pain, the guy put down the crop and undid the belts on her tits. As the blood started running through her veins, the stinging increased. She moaned in pain as she could do nothing else to help her cause.

The boy came forth with two nipple clamps attached by a chain. The clamps had rubber padding, at least, and Danielle realized it was not anyone’s intent to scar her permanently. Still, she anticipated great pain from this. She had never wished that he nipples were not aroused like she did right now, but they had betrayed her, easy targets poking away from her.

After two visits to help Kitty surprise her husband with her lactating breasts, Mark is becoming very attached to her. The third visit promises to show results soon.


I’d had ‘Friday on my Mind’ but it was no Easybeat melody. Some of the plain Jane’s I was sucking to get them milking were really into the business arrangement. One stood up the whole time until I was done. Just get on the tit and get out. But knowing I was coming back to see Kitty made the other clients worth bearing.

As Friday morning neared I knew that I was going to see you again and your wonderful tits would be puffy and full. We might even get a drip or two today, you were so advanced. I was quite skipping along the path as I went to the front door. I knocked and waited, wondering how you would be dressed today – the skimpy negligee or the housedress? I waited and then I heard footsteps. The door opened and there was a man standing there, tall, well-built and quite a good looking bloke and I instantly recognised him from the photos inside as the husband.

“Hello, can I help you?” he asked.

Quickly my training came to the fore. I knew you had stated this was a secret surprise for your husband so I improvised, “Yeah is Jamie in?”


“Jamie … Jamie Martin. He was supposed to meet me at the shop.”

“I’m sorry mate but I think you’ve got the wrong address .. there’s no-one here by that name.”

By now you were at his side looking shocked, and in a housedress. One answer I guess.

“Is there a Jamie next door perhaps?”

“No sorry. Just an old lady.”

“Oh sorry buddy – must have written his address down wrong or something. Cheers.”

As I turned to go I saw you mouth, ‘two hours’ to me and I got the message to be back then. I left and went back to my car. A close call but I am sure he’s none the wiser. I got on the phone and called Mrs Jenkins, my 11:30 appointment and she was free because her hubby was interstate for a couple of weeks so I went around to her place for the appointment and sorted out an hour on her floppy boobs.

Two hours later I was back and you answered the door in your sexy negligee and quickly ushered me in.

“I am so sorry Mark. He surprised me by taking the day off but he’s gone to golf now so he won’t be back for hours.”

I barely heard the comment as I studied the generous breasts pushing the negligee away from your taut stomach. “Shall we begin?”

“Well yes but you should know that … um .. well, it’s just that having taken the day off we … um sort of. We had sex and he was sucking my tits.” You started to whine like a little girl, “I know you said I shouldn’t let him but, well – we just got carried away. It won’t do any harm will it?”

I spoke soothingly, “Let me see once we are settled but I don’t think it will be a problem. I did notice they look a little puffy. They are growing aren’t they?”

“Yes, I have to use the outer clips on my bra and I think the DD cups are becoming a little too small.”

“Don’t worry. When the time comes I will measure you for a new bra and we can arrange a visit to our shop. It’s all part of the service. Now how about we get comfortable? Is there anything you need from me before we start?”

Remembering how horny you were on Wednesday and the way you had asked me to finger you during the session I guessed that you might want that again although you had already had sex with your hubby. I was somewhat surprised then when you said,

“Well, actually … there is something. I hope it’s not too much but, well … you know how you did what you did the other day … I mean … um… at my back door? Could you do that again … please … if you don’t mind?”

You had the most gorgeous look of embarrassment on your face and you couldn’t see that you were asking a man to finger you while he sucked your tits – I am the luckiest man in the world. I tried not to make it sound that way, “Oh of course Kitty. Please relax. You can ask me anything. Let’s sit.”

You took your usual place and I leaned over and opened your flimsy negligee. You shrugged it from your shoulders and you were naked on the couch. I could smell the aroma of your sex and wondered what I was about to find. I fondled each breast gently at first and then tested the muscle and sinew and the pliability of the nipple. You eased back into the lounge and closed your eyes and sighed gently as I finished the preliminaries. Soon I was up on the lounge and leaning in to start taking the first nipple into my mouth. I immediately allowed my hand to caress along your thigh towards your moist pussy and as my fingers drew near the outer lips you flinched.

“No, just the back … please.”

I was curious that you didn’t want any other stimulation or preparation but your wish was my command. As I reached under you, you shuffled forward and spread your lovely long legs to grant me easy access to your bum. There was obvious moisture there on your perineum – the aftermath of an orgasm I supposed. Using that fluid as a lubricant I was able to start the massage of your tight rear muscle which gripped at the invading finger but relaxed quickly to allow a little penetration. That first tip moving into your sphincter brought a monumental sigh. You really did love this feeling.

I suckled on your breast and quickly the flesh had stretched into my mouth and the nipple was lodged at the back of my throat. I had a good clean suction and your breast was melding to the shape of my mouth. Again you sighed but I recognised this as the result of the tingling arousal of your nipple, and the cupping and massaging of your breast confirmed my thought that this tit was indeed bigger as I stretched my mouth wider to capture the broad areola that was clearly darker and bigger as a result of the stimulation. I wondered if hubby had noticed as he sucked.

My finger was snaking into your arse hole and was now a couple of knuckles deep and rotating, massaging the inner walls where earlier today your husband’s cock had been only millimetres away inside your other cavity. The tight muscle was stretching and steadily relaxing and allowing the invasion to continue. You were moaning at the feeling and the pressure in your tit.

After a continuous session of sucking you, as I started to move to the other breast, you glanced down at me in that glazed, ecstatic way and simply said, “Do two … please?”

As I moved in on your other nipple and commenced to vacuum it into my stretched mouth, I slipped a second finger into you alongside the first and you gasped and then let out a long moan as you pushed your hips down to encourage the deeper penetration. You easily accepted the second finger and they were soon pushing deeply inside your dark pleasure. Your breast continued to swell with the attention I gave it and your hand was again at the back of my head holding me to you, pulling me into your very core. I had no doubt that your arousal at the breast was at least matched by the tingling sensation that burned through your hips as I delved my fingers into you. Your body shook as you quaked and put a strangle hold on my digits that were now pressed as deep as they could go into you and wriggling to stretch your girth.

“Three!” I heard you whisper hoarsely.

There was ample moisture and the third finger slipped in like it had lived there its whole life and I was soon pumping your bum hard and strong and you were quaking and shivering in your excitement. I was wondering if you weren’t about to explode in an anal orgasm. I’d heard of these and it seemed like you were about to demonstrate. Your tit was nestled deeply in my mouth and you were panting hard and then I felt and heard you,

“Ungh … ohhhh … oh my God! Ahhhhhhhh!” and my fingers were clenched in a grip that I thought might break them and then you descended from that pinnacle and I kept a slow stroking in and out of you.

Our session time was up and you were clearly a sexual wreck and I assumed that I would have to think of some way to deal with the rock hard cock in my pants as your tit popped sloppily from my mouth. I realised I too had been a little carried away with the intensity of my suckling when I saw the two reddened peaks as I sat back. You sighed and opened your eyes and looked at me. There was a strange twinkle in your eye and you looked down into my swollen lap and smiled cheekily.

“I guess I did that didn’t I?”

I laughed, “Ahh, yes, I guess so … but that is alright.” I started to move.

“No Mark, that isn’t fair. But there is something I would like you to do for me that might help.”

I wasn’t going to miss a chance with this stunningly hot lady, “Sure what can I do?”

“Well, it seems, many years ago that … um … to keep a girl a virgin for her wedding, the Greeks would only … erm … ‘take advantage’ of her one way as that wasn’t considered to be ‘having sex’ – that’s why they call it Greek. So I guess our contract would still not be broken if you were to … erm … do me that way. Would you mind helping me try it?”

Was she kidding? Here I am getting a history lesson from this hottie who wants it up the bum after I’ve already loosened the back door! We’d done everything except fucking traditional style and she was worried about the contract? “Sure .. of course I’ll help you!”

I tried to sound relaxed and professional and I am sure I failed 100%!

I was out of my pants in a second and Kitty simply rolled around on the lounge so that her butt was in the air and her face towards the armrest. I moved in behind her. “What about lubricant Kitty?”

She spoke over her shoulder, “Don’t worry I am sure I am still pretty wet down there but use some spit if you need to.”

I moved behind her and there were the glorious glistening holes of this woman’s being, her wondrous labia majora inflamed and wet and above those lovely lips her still open hole where my fingers had been working only minutes before.

My cock was straining straight and hard and I thought briefly, she wants me to take her bare back, still we haven’t used any protection so far. I moved closer between her spread thighs and saw that winking hole. I leaned forward and gently kissed her perfect rounded and firm buttock.

“Ummm,” she moaned.

I poked my tongue out and gently traced the rim of her sphincter and tentatively nudged it into her open hole, “Ooh yesss!” leaked from her buried face.

I slid my tongue around her and across her perineum, that tight wrinkled flesh that holds a million nerve ending, “OOOOOhhhh!!!”

And I thought what the hell and I plunged it between those closed fat wet lips of her cunt and into her. Immediately she yelped, “Noooo!” and clamped her cunt shut on my probing tongue but it was too late as I tasted the salt as her clamping expelled her husband’s remnant cum onto my tongue. The hot tangy mixture of her juices and his cum was a nectar I couldn’t believe could taste so good! I held her hips and buried my face into her to suckle the last drops, slurping them from her now gaping womb as she wailed her protest only to immediately change to moaning approval as I cleaned her completely.

“Oh my God that is so hot! Suck me! Get it all!”

My cock was twitching with insane arousal. I sat up, dribbled some of the silken mixture onto my palm and stroked it along my cock before pointing it to the holy grail before me and pushing into Kitty’s anus. “Ohhhh … YESSSS!”

I slipped straight in with little resistance and I was soon pumping into her fast, slamming my thighs against her bum cheeks and she shifted to lift up onto all fours doggy style and I could feel my balls slapping against her wet cunt as she pushed back against my inward thrusts.

“Oh my God – your balls! More!!”

I moved into the doggy position over her back and buried my cock in her bum, repeatedly slipping it out to its full length and slamming it back in to her appreciative murmurs, moans and groans as they built to a crescendo. I reached around and found her pendulous full tits swinging below her with our motion, each inward pump swung the tits out and back from her face making me wonder if she could, or had, been sucking her own tits. I grasped those full melons in my hands as I pumped harder and I felt the moisture from each tit streaming into my palms. The warm fluid lubricated my massaging hands as I spread and coated Kitty’s big tits and tried to tug on her nipples despite the slippery wetness.

“Oh God! You’re milking Kitty!” I howled as I exploded inside her anal chute, spilling my cum to mix with the potion of her and her husband’s juices we’d used as lubricant. She clamped down hard on my invading manhood to the point that I could barely move it and she slumped forward and screamed into the pillow of the armrest as her anal orgasm rocked her world.

Thank God for the pillow or the neighbours would have invaded fearing a murder. Again an hour of arousal and an explosive orgasm left me depleted and my wilting cock soon slipped from Kitty as she fell away beneath me. I fell into the lounge and she rolled over.

“That is the biggest orgasm I have ever had!”

“Well I think it is safe to say you are a natural at anal sex!”

“What made you suck me clean? That was so hot!”

“It just happened and yes it was hot. I think that last bit of extra arousal is why your tits are leaking a little.”

For the first time she looked down and saw the faint smear of the pale milky fluid that coated her nipples and she gently scraped a finger across her boob and brought it to her mouth to taste the life-giving nectar. “Umm!”

“Don’t over do it but, now the milk is starting to come, we should see quick results. You want to still keep this a secret from Hubby?”

She nodded. Internally I was laughing – the milk or my fucking in the arse?

“Then he can’t touch you for the next couple of days. You will only leak a little, but for a lot of the time. Just add a couple of soft cotton pads to the inside of your bra to soak it up and protect your clothes. I think one more session will see you letdown your milk and then he will be able to keep you going from there, okay?”

“You’re the doctor, Mark,” she giggled.

We got up from the lounge and I dressed.

“I think I might need a shower before he gets home.”

I thought about the semen oozing from her backside that I had just deposited and I agreed, “Probably a good idea. Now what time Sunday?

“Oh God! We have people staying all weekend – that’s why he took the day off.”

“Okay then, Monday? But you will have to keep massaging the girls to keep them from drying up. Can you do that without spoiling the surprise?”

“Yes, I will be careful.”

“Fine Kitty, I will see you on Monday at 10. Bye.”

“Bye Mark … and thanks. You have no idea the world you opened for me today. Thank you!”

She kissed me on the cheek and I was gone – and already pondering what else could happen on Monday!

Everyone knows that even the very best dreams eventually come to an end. It was with this thought in mind that I approached Kitty’s house on the Monday morning. Having been with her three times last week and seeing how quickly she had started to lactate as a special surprise for her husband, I knew that it was likely that after today my services would no longer be needed. She was quite the most effervescent and excitable lady I had ever known in my not too extensive experience. I guess it was as much that she had been my first ever client with Milkers R Us that gave her a special place in my mind and heart. And the fact that we had been fucking like rabbits after every session … in one way or another.

Still the job was ahead of me and I fully expected that she would have let down her milk almost completely over the weekend just with her own stimulation, having leaked heavily on Friday. She would no longer need me as hubby would pick up the reins so to speak. After today I would be concentrating on the other rather thankless clients I had and probably filling the gap in the schedule vacated by Kitty with some new client. The world moves on I guess and we weren’t short of requests for our services at MRU. I’d never have thought it was such a lucrative business.

Driving to her house I knew I had to put aside my misery to make the session as successful as all the others. I pulled up outside and wandered to the door with my bag. Today I would almost certainly need my supplies. As I approached the small raised verandah the door opened. Oh my God! There she was in plain view, her boobs bursting from her too small bra and a pair of lace panties that barely hid the outline of her finely sculpted thighs and loins. Having scanned her form, I looked up into her eyes and saw the pain in her expression.

“Oh Mark! Thank God you’ve arrived!” she blurted out.

I quickly entered the hallway and she closed the door behind me as I enquired, “What’s wrong Kitty?” hearing the concern I my own voice.

“It’s the pain Mark! They hurt so much!” she sobbed. “It’s got steadily worse since yesterday.”

“Come on Kitty, let me see what’s wrong,” I responded what I hoped was tenderly.

She rushed into the bedroom, her now huge tits bouncing with every step despite being gathered loosely in the bra that was ill suited to the task anymore. As she walked she whimpered in pain. I followed her into the familiar room and dropped my bag on the floor as I watched her climb onto the bed. Once ensconced she reached behind her to unfetter the girls and, in this light, I could now see that her bra was soaked through. As the cups fell from her breasts they sagged forward with their added size and weight and, immediately that they were exposed to the air, they started to leak steadily.

“My goodness Kitty, they are full,” I exclaimed, a little relief in my voice as I realised the situation.

She was in no danger, she just didn’t know what to expect in the three days since I was here last. Perhaps the fact that we were too busy having wonderful sex meant that I hadn’t done my job quite well enough in explaining to her what would happen if she kept massaging all weekend without expressing as well. I felt the pangs of guilt but I knew I could redeem the situation quite quickly.

“”Ohhh it hurts! Do something!” her voice dragged me back to the moment.

“Sorry Kitty but it’s alright. It’s good news and bad news. Your milk is producing quickly but your breasts are still developing the shape and strength in their sinews to hold the added weight. You will get used to it quickly but you will also have to regularly get rid of the extra milk by getting hubby involved or by expressing it yourself. You can get a pump to help, but for today I am here. Okay?”

She nodded with a wan smile and her tits jiggled before my eyes. I was fucking her from behind the other day when I felt her leaking. Today I would get my first, and probably last, taste judging by the dilemma I found her in. Easing my way onto the bed beside her I did a cursory visual check. Her distended nipples and enlarged areolae told me her milk was well on its way. The tell-tale veins running across under the surface of her translucent skin said her tits were growing. That was painfully obvious to us both when I considered the DD bra she was trying to use had barely kept the pair in and certainly offered no real support. My quick guess was she was now close to an F cup but we would check that later.

I reached out to gently check for the tenderness I knew would be present. I wasn’t surprised when she jumped at the contact and a little spray of thin fluid leapt from her nipple across my hand.

“Sorry Kitty,” I apologised for the pain I’d caused.

“Oh please just hurry and do something!” she both pleaded and demanded.

I leaned over and as gently as I could I covered her nipple with my mouth and sucked slowly. I was immediately rewarded with a thin flow of the sweet and strong tasting first fluid ever taken from this woman. She gasped a little in the initial contact but it was a mix of pain and release. I sucked a little harder and the stream developed into a steady flow that filled my mouth and my senses, the warm tit flesh at my face and the long fat nipple partly filling my mouth. I gently caressed the side of the breast and fell into a reverie as I joined with her in this intimate connection. In my mind I knew that there was a hormone at work here that made Kitty want this connection – the mothering instinct – while all her other hormones cried out for sexual fulfilment. But first the pain needed to be removed so I slowed down once I could feel the tight flesh ease to a pliable warmth in my hand. I knew she needed the other breast relieved before we could take the feeding further.

Switching to the other side and lying across her lap, she cradled me to her nipple and instantly that I latched on she cooed her release of tension. Barely a minute had gone by on each breast and it was a different woman now holding me as I could hear her sighs and feel her breathing deepen as she cradled me to her. I pulled away momentarily.

“Does that feel better?”

“You have no idea Mark!”

“Good but you mustn’t let them get that full again,” I said looking up into her serene face, “For a while you will find it painful as your breasts accommodate the changes but you will soon find the pain is almost gone. Okay?”

“Sure, I understand,” she smiled, all the anguish now gone from her glowing smile, “but you aren’t finished are you?” she added eagerly.

“No Kitty, I just wanted to ease your pain first. I will empty each one this morning but you must understand that we have tricked your body into believing you have a baby to take care of, so you will keep producing at least as much as it would need and it would feed every few hours normally. You will have to plan your day a bit around this if hubby isn’t here to help you. That’s why I mentioned the pump.

“Fine, I understand but … we can talk about that later can’t we?” her eyes and voice begged.

I smiled and returned to my most pleasurable duty. I leant back down to the mountainous peak before me and sucked in the nipple and proceeded to add pressure to my suction so that the nipple would distend further into my mouth and the flow would increase. It was quickly a steady stream and I could feel her flesh wilting as her ducts emptied their treasure into my stomach. Obviously so early in letting down she wasn’t yet producing her maximum but if this was any indication, she would be making plenty of milk soon, certainly more than her husband would be able to help with once at night.

As her left breast gave its last dregs I could sense rather than see a distinct change in Kitty’s body language. My face was pulled in close to her breast and held firmly to her tit while her legs had splayed across the bed opening access once again to her nether regions. As I pulled away to change sides and see the reddened and swollen nipple and its puffed and dimpled brown surrounding skin slip from my mouth, Kitty sighed deeply, “Finger me … please?” she begged dreamily.

Her wish … my command; what else could a man do? As I latched on to her right nipple, I slid my hand along her thigh and again a sigh as she dragged me into her full bosom, smothering my face with her fleshy boob. My hand quickly found the heat of her thigh increasing until, like a stray straw in a camp fire, I followed its heat into the inferno. She was a molten mess beneath her skimpy panties that I pushed aside to find her open wet pussy coated in her juices. My own enjoyment of this sensation translated to an increase in my sucking and her vocalising her joy, “Oh yessss!”

Her rapture showed as her nipple flooded my mouth which was when I felt her squeezing her breast to increase the flow. My fingers slipped easily into her fleshy folds and I found her swollen clit with my thumb. First contact brought a yelp of joy as she clamped hard on my fingers which only served to increase their effect as her well-lubricated lips didn’t hold them out. My internal massage was making her breathing ragged and her breast was coming to an end of its supply. I could now feel the looseness in the skin that told me the mammary glands were temporarily empty. She knew as she slowly eased the pressure to hold me to her.

“That felt so good! Will you help me again Mark?” she said softly as she looked distractedly down into my eyes. Right now I was hers; there was nothing I wouldn’t do. I think she knew that was the case as she didn’t wait for an answer but simply said, “Lie flat on the bed beside me please?”

She shuffled away slightly as I rolled from her breasts and lay flat, facing the ceiling. She moved quickly and decisively, throwing her leg across my chest and turning to sit up. Within seconds her open smooth cunt lips were in my view as she straddled my head and began to lower herself to my face. She was upright holding the headboard and facing the wall. Kitty’s wetness dripped a trail on my neck and chin as she got closer to my reaching tongue and then we were one as she pushed down and I plunged in, my probing appendage spearing into her open hole, roaming around and sampling the delectable flavours of womanhood.

“Oh yes please!! More … deeper!” she growled above me as she increased the pressure sitting on my face by rotating her hips. The bed squeaked and, with her rhythmic movements and her gyrations, she pushed me into the mattress in an ecstatic prison between her thighs.

“I love these huge tits! Tongue me more Mark!”

I could only imagine the view of those gorgeous rounded globes bouncing in time to her movements above me while all I could do, pinned beneath her, was reach up behind her and try to steer her hips so that the occasional gap allowed me to suck in some air. The flood of her juices continued as she now focused her movement to grinding her clit against my nose while I probed her inner walls. It was hard to breathe but I couldn’t care less if this was how I was to die, wrapped entirely in this woman. Everything about her being told me her orgasm was imminent – her flow of juice, her voice and breathing and the way she ground hard into my face. And then she froze! I couldn’t see anything but I could paint this picture. My mind’s eye told me from experience all I needed to know.

Her long slim body was frozen in pleasure, her tits still bouncing and rising with her short sharp breaths as her face was aglow in a dream with her mouth agape screaming a silent prayer of thanks to the universe. I continued to probe and lap at her inner folds only now she winced as I came near her button of pleasure, so sensitive immediately after her orgasm. And then she released all the tension in her body and a guttural sigh of joy emanated from her telling me she was in heaven.

Shortly she lifted from me to release me from my trap. I kissed her thigh as it swung away and she fell to the bed beside me.

“I don’t believe how hot that sucking makes me! I’ve done it to you again haven’t I?” she giggled a little nervously. She was again referring to the tent in my pants that told her this whole thing was sexy as Hell.

“Do all your clients react like me? You must be exhausted!”

I had to laugh and muttered, “Client confidentiality Kitty. I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Hmm I think I knew that when I first saw you.”

She leaned over and kissed me gently, quickly breaking off, “Gee I taste sweet! She exclaimed with a chuckle.

“Yes you do, at both ends. Your body chemistry is definitely changing,” I remarked.

“So how can I help you now?” she asked, looking knowingly at my erection.

“I believe a gentleman allows the lady to …”

“Oh I’m no lady – you know that. Let’s face it I’m a bitch in heat when you suck my tits and you have had me in every hole. Do my arse for me again … please kind sir?” she mocked and she was upon my pants zip in a second.

Quickly we were both naked and Kitty was stroking my chest, feeling my nipples. They stood up to her attention.

“Wow they’re sensitive aren’t they? Jim’s just sit there but yours are begging to be sucked,” and she leaned over to draw one into her mouth and soon she was returning the favour I had done her a short while before. My nips have always been tender and that’s probably why I had such an affinity for the job. They ached as she played with one, rolling and tweaking it, and suckled the other. Running her tongue around and feeling the tightness of my areola on her lips, she got carried away and I arched up off the bed to meet the heavy suction she provided, my cock straining and leaking seminal fluid.

“Oh my!” she gasped as she released my nipple. I looked into her glazed eyes again and could tell she was aroused. She was flustered but turned and reached into the bedside table and brought out a tube of lube. Soon she was stroking my hardness with the cool greasy fluid, her petite hand sliding up and down with her fingers encircling my girth and dragging the meaty foreskin back to expose the mushroomed, sensitive head. She watched her actions intently for a while feeling the tension growing in my tool until she looked into my eyes and simply said, “Please?”

She released me and turned to arrange herself on all fours on the bed. I sat up and moved into position behind her. I started to caress her hips as I moved closer and then took some of her juices to insert in her backdoor to make access easier. I started to massage and coat the tiny bud in the centre of her firm bum cheeks.

“No!” she said, “Just do me. I don’t mind if it hurts.”

I took her at her word and I took her.

Pushing my firm swollen knob to her cheeks I found the tight puckered opening; lifting up I was able to aim my shaft at her centre and pushed in past the resisting muscle.

“Ahhh!” she winced at the burning pain of my insertion but she simultaneously pushed back into me to get my whole cock as deep as she could on that first thrust. That action in itself was so incredibly erotic that I just leaned my body weight into her, the hard girth penetrating her, stretching her tight grip on me until I had bottomed out. Sliding in like that she had been clamping and releasing me with her over-worked muscles the whole time, the searing pain wracking her body as she cried, “Aaah! Ungh! Ugh!”

I nestled deep inside Kitty’s rear sheath until I was ready to move and then I withdrew and plunged back in again. Pounding her sphincter that clutched at my cock, it took only a few strokes to find her brown eye wide open and watching me invade her. Normally one to take time and care, I had never experienced this primal instinct to just take her. It was invigorating; I tingled from the contact and I was quickly losing control.

Soon I was pumping hard and fast into Kitty and she was again burying her face in the pillows as she screamed her arousal, shoving back in response to every powerful shafting I delivered. The heat of the moment and her internal flame threw me into her with abandon, our thighs slapping together in animal lust. As I maintained the long strokes in and out of her shit chute, I leaned in to capture her swinging melons and squeezed and pulled those wonderful nipples that flooded my hands with the renewing nectar … and quickly I flooded her. It was the most intense orgasm she had given me, every nerve ending of my being wrenched me into ecstasy as I grunted and roared my release into her backside as each paroxysm of pleasure fired my load of cum into her hot, tight hole. My stomach muscles clenched and cramped in the spasming exhaustion. The taboo of anal sex … with a client … when I was her first, and not her husband, just endeared her to me more. I wanted her – I’d just had her and I would soon be leaving. That thought more than anything made me wilt quickly after coming. I slipped from her behind and fell to the bed, spent. She was quickly nestled beside me.

“I love that so much! You have no idea what you have done for me in this last week or so. Thank you,” and she kissed me softly and sensuously. This was not a passionate, out of control kiss; was she feeling the same way? It was a line I could not cross no matter what my feelings, not if I wanted to keep this job.

We lay there comfortably in each other’s arms casually and naturally stroking and caressing each other. I realised that time was escaping me as I had another client in about an hour. I started to move to get up and Kitty moaned dreamily in that pleasant after sex atmosphere. I had a job to do so it was me who had to take the initiative.

“Kitty,” I whispered, “I need to go soon but there are some things I’d like to show you. Can you sit up please?

She moaned her assent and shifted to sit upright. I quickly got up and jumped back into my clothes constantly conscious of the close attention she paid my every movement. As I looked back I saw that she sat leaning on one hand, the full expanse of her bust proudly on display to me. God I wish I could take that photo!! She read my mind, “Got a camera on your phone Mark? Seems only fitting that you take a trophy for your … our suck-cess!” she giggled, deliberately emphasizing the separate syllables of her last word.

“Are you sure Kitty? You don’t mind?”

“I trust you Mark. I’m sure it won’t appear on the net until I put it there when you send me a copy. In fact, after I have told Jim, I might even let you use it in your advertising as a success story!” she laughed.

I found my bag and quickly rummaged around until I found my cell phone. I snapped a few shots and showed them to her for approval and she arranged herself in a couple of poses until she found a shot she liked. “There, done!” she said matter-of-factly, “Now what is it you wanted to show me?” she queried.

Sitting on the side of the bed I opened the bag and pulled out a few items. “Here you go Kitty, a couple of little gifts to help you out. These are nursing pads to stop the milk ruining your clothes. Slip them inside your bra. This is a sample pack of six but we sell bulk packs at cheaper than retail rates from our office.”

“Thanks!” she exclaimed with a chuckle, “I can throw away that stupid paper towel I was using!”

I had to laugh with her. “These are catching-cups that you can use during the day while at home. Here’s how they work.” I leaned forward to demonstrate, not really expecting success. “You wear these inside your bra while you are home; see how the cap has a little drainage hole in the side? Always keep that pointed up.”

I placed the domed cup over her nipple and its hole almost covered her expanding areola, “Ooh!” she murmured at the contact. Instantly she released a small spray of that sweet nectar which, under pressure, I could hear hiss as it splashed against the inside of the cup before it dribbled down the clear plastic to be captured in the round reservoir at the bottom.

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