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Let me start out by describing who I was. I am 24 years old, 5’6″ about 150 pounds, fair skin and short hair. I’d been cross-dressing for about seven years, and had quite a collection. I was living with a roommate, Jane, who had no idea about my hobby. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’d have been freaked out if she found out, so I’d kept it secret. I consider myself to be straight, but my roommate and I were just friends.

For a few years now, I’ve wanted a woman to dress me up as a girl and dominate me. Sometimes, I’d look on various websites, and get very close to actually going through with it, only to have something happen at the end. Something always happened though: I found out it’s a bogus offer, the woman is totally unattractive, or I decided not to go through with it. (I always let them know beforehand, as it’s rude to stand people up.)

My roommate was gone for the weekend, and the weather was getting warmer, so I decided to try something a little daring. I glued my DD breasts to my chest, and then bent down to slide some white stay up thigh highs up my legs, feeling my new tits pull me forward as I did so. Next, I strapped on my black seven inch platform stripper heels, and stood up and walked over to my dresser, where I hid my bras and thongs. My white thong that ties at the sides and has the word “SLUT” in rhinestones in the back was calling my name, so I grabbed it and put it on, moaning as the soft material found its way between my ass cheeks. I put on a white lace push up bra, and sauntered over to my closet and took out my school girl outfit. The white blouse tied right below my boobs and showed a ton of cleavage, and the short red and black pleated skirt barely covered my ass. I gave the strings of my thong a tug so that they showed above the waistband of the skirt, and then I grabbed my favorite dildo and strode out to the front porch!

It was super dark outside, so I figured this would be a good chance to do something a little daring, and then hopefully work my way up to actually going through with my plans to let a real woman dominate me. The first few minutes, I just walked back and forth on the porch, and got used to the thrill of being outside dressed up, and enjoyed the feeling of walking in the heels. Then I got a little braver, and started sucking the dildo, right there on the porch. Once it was wet, I went over to the porch railing and bent over it. I flipped up my tiny skirt, and moved my thong to the side. A few swats to my backside really increased the mood for me, and before I knew it, I had shoved the dildo all the way up my ass!

I used one hand to work the dildo, while the other hand played with my tits. I started rocking back and forth, and then I stood up and turned around and started ramming my ass against the porch railing, which drove the dildo in and out for me, and left both my hands to spread my ass or play with my tits, which I alternated doing. At that point, I was so worked up; I stood back up, and climbed up on the porch railing. It was cement, and kind of wide, so I knew this would work. I balanced on the heels, squatted down and used my ass muscles to push the dildo most of the way out. Then I squatted ALL THE WAY down, driving the dildo all the way back into my ass, and then pulled myself up a bit, and started fucking myself that way really fast to get my tits bouncing.

After awhile I was so worked up, I came in my thong, stepped down, and pulled the dildo out of my ass. The night was still young though, and I wanted to enjoy the weather a bit, so I adjusted my skirt, and sat up on the porch railing and crossed my legs like a girl. I looked around a bit, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw our big black neighbor sitting on his porch! Now, he is old and hard of hearing and vision, but it gave me such a scare, I jumped up and ran into the house and shut the door! I have no idea if he saw me or not, but I was super scared and quite a bit turned on.

At that point, I battled it out in my head and decided that if I could do that, then I was ready for a real life experience. Since I was already in the mood, and dressed the part, I wasted no time in logging onto my computer and starting my search. After some searching, I found a woman in my area that seemed to fit the bill. She was a little older than me, attractive, and interested in the same fetishes. We sent a few e mails back and forth, and then she called me. Once everything was in order, she told me to meet her at her house tomorrow, wearing exactly what I was wearing right now, except to add a pink jeweled metal anal plug.

I set to work getting my outfit cleaned for the big day. I took off my breasts, and washed all the outfit pieces. The adult store wasn’t far from our house, so I went and bought the required anal plug, much to my embarrassment, as I had previously just bought everything over the internet. After finishing up the laundry and making sure everything was ready for the big day, I went to sleep, although I didn’t sleep very well, as I was so excited.

I woke up and put on everything as instructed. She told me to wear my tits, but not glue them on, so I did as she said. A quick check in the mirror revealed that everything was in place, except the anal plug. I bent over, spread my ass cheeks and pushed the smooth plug into my ass. It was a bit cold, and kind of big, but I managed to get it all the way in, sliding my thong string back into my ass to hold the plug in place. A sweatshirt and sweatpants over top the outfit, and I shuffled out to the car and drove over to her house.

When I got there, I was astounded by how big and nice the house was. She told me her father was very rich and had a condition that required a caretaker. So, he had built her a private wing of the house, which she designed, in exchange for her living there and caring for him. I pulled into her driveway, as directed, and took off the sweatshirt and sweatpants before she could see me. Nervously, I stepped out of the car, and walked up to the door, my hips swaying from the super high heels and the plug in my ass.

I was met at the door by Ms. Andrea. She was even better looking in person, and I instinctively knelt down in the doorway. Before I looked down, I took in that she was about 30, as she said, with beautiful brunette hair, and perfect C cup sized breasts, and clearly in great shape from frequent workouts.

“My my, aren’t you a cute little sissy?” she remarked as she collared and leashed me.

“Thank you, Ms. Andrea,” I replied.

“Do a little spin for me, and bend over, I want to see that ass,” she commanded. I did as I was told, spinning around, and then stopping to bend at the waist. She pulled up my skirt and upon seeing the jeweled plug firmly in place said, “Very good, slut, you have followed my first command. However, you won’t need these,” she said, as she pulled my hands behind my back and cuffed them together. “Oh I like that,” she laughed, as she noticed that with my hands cuffed behind me, I was forced to thrust my breasts out. She then blindfolded me, told me to stand, and led me down some stairs.

It felt colder and darker, but I knew better than to ask any questions. I felt my breasts being lifted away from my chest, a cool liquid applied and then her hands pressed my breasts firmly against my chest. She then spend a few minutes near my ankles and I heard a few “clicks.” Then I felt the cool liquid on my head, followed by what had to be a wig.

She removed my blindfold and I saw myself in the mirror. I had long blonde hair, and my shoes had been locked onto my feet! I looked around and saw a fully equipped dungeon and Ms. Andrea in the corner walking toward me in full leather attire. Her brunette hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was wearing a black leather corset that supported, but did not cover her beautiful breasts. She was wearing tight black leather pants and black platform heels. She was carrying a paddle in one hand, and as she got closer, I could tell she had a strapon belted around her waist!

“Do you like my dungeon, slave?” she teased, as she stroked her cock. “Daddy doesn’t know about it,” she giggled. “I designed it, and had it built without his knowledge. I’ve been training slaves down her for almost ten years, and he’s none the wiser.”

“As for you, slave, you told me you’ve backed out before, so I’ve taken some measures to ensure that you don’t do that to me. First of all, your shoes are locked to your feet. Only I know where the key is, so you will have to please me in order to ever have them taken off. Also, both your breasts and wig are glued on with special glue that will keep them on for a minimum of two days, and after that, can be removed with a special solvent that I have. So, not only will you need to please me, it looks like your weekend just got a little bit longer. Tomorrow morning we will call your boss and let him know you are unable to make it to work. You better please me, or you’ll have to make the call with my cock up your ass!”

Needless to say, I was simultaneously scared and aroused. Ms. Andrea pointed, and I obediently got down on my knees, which was difficult in the heels and with my hands still cuffed behind me. She circled me a few times, and then stopped behind me. She pushed my head to the ground and told me to hold my hands up in the air behind me, which gave her total access to my ass. Next, she lifted my skirt off of my ass, and flipped it up onto my back, and I started to shake in anticipation of what was coming next.

All of a sudden, I felt a breeze and then a WHACK on my ass! I screamed and lurched forward, but she laughed and I got another WHACK! I started to tear up a bit, and I must have moved a little, because she took one hand and grabbed the chain to my handcuffs and yanked my hands up further as she continued to paddle my poor ass. I started to cry and begged her to stop, but she kept going. My ass felt like it was on fire, and yet still she persisted. “Would you like me to stop, slave,” she teased.

“Yes, Ms. Andrea, please stop,” I sobbed.

“Not yet,” she stated. She let go of my cuffs again and started hitting me even harder. I was sure I couldn’t take much more. I started to collapse onto the floor. I felt totally broken. She asked me again, “Do you want me to stop, slave?”

“Only if it pleases you, Ms. Andrea,” I managed to cry.

“Very good, slave, you are a pretty quick learner,” she said. “That is the answer I was looking for,” she said, as she put down the paddle and began to rub my poor inflamed ass. “It didn’t take very long to break you, did it? No, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun this weekend,” she laughed. She held up a mirror for me to see what she had done to my ass. Her paddle was engraved with the word “SLUT,” so that had been imprinted on my backside. She tugged at my leash and I obediently crawled after her, even though it was really hard just shuffling on my knees. “Up,” she said.

I climbed up onto a padded sawhorse, and Ms. Andrea cuffed my legs to two of the legs. Then, she un-cuffed my hands, and cuffed them to the remaining legs, so that I was propped up on all fours, with easy access to both my mouth and ass, my upper body hanging off the end, so my tits were tugging at my chest. She stepped in front of me, her strapon cock right at eye level. She removed my blouse, and I lunged forward for her cock, and she pulled it away and laughed. “Such an eager little cock slut,” she laughed. To prove her control, she stepped away and did a few more laps around me.

Then she stepped up again. For some reason, this time, I kept my mouth closed. I immediately knew this was a mistake, and expected a terrible punishment, but instead, Ms. Andrea simply laughed, and pinched my nose closed with two of her delicate fingers. After about thirty seconds, I was forced to open my mouth, and she laughed again and sunk her cock all the way down my throat! I started to gag and drool, and she grabbed me by my hair and held me there until I gagged and thought I’d puke, then she let me go, before cramming her cock all the way back in. “You are not smarter than me, slave, do you understand? Do not try to pull that with me again, I own you, and you do what I want when I want,” she said calmly but firmly.

“Now let’s see about that pretty little ass of yours,” she cooed, as she pulled out of my mouth and stepped behind me. I felt her lightly scratch my back with her nails as she paced around me. “My cock is a bit bigger than your plug, so you’re going to feel something, but trust me, you’ll be glad you had that in there to get you warmed up.” I felt her hands at my ass, as she flipped my tiny skirt up onto my back. She slowly slid the plug out. Right as it left my ass, the tip of her cock replaced it! I screamed and thrashed in my bonds, and tried to get away, but to no avail. Ms. Andrea spread my ass cheeks with her hands, and fed her cock slowly into my asshole.

“I do enjoy taking a girl’s anal virginity,” she said. “It’s another notch on my bedpost. Another little boy conquered. I will add you to the others. Oh, look! I’m all the way in!” she exclaimed, as I felt her hips touch my ass. “That was pretty easy,” she laughed. “You must have been practicing on yourself in your room for a long time. That’s pretty pathetic. At least now you are getting what you need and deserve, you naughty little sissy,” she said as she started to saw in and out of me faster and faster. I continued to try and get away, and dislodge her cock from my ass, but was unsuccessful.

As she slammed me, she reached forward and mauled my tits with her hands. I squealed as the fucking shook my tits loose of the bra and tugged on my chest, as I’d always imagined they would. She took her forearm and dug it into the back of my neck, forcing herself in and out of me at top speed, burying the cock all the way in and taking it almost all the way out, over and over again. I started to scream and moan, I couldn’t take it anymore!!

“Scream as loud as you want, you little bitch, no one can hear you down here,” Ms. Andrea laughed. “In fact, no one even knows there’s anything down here. I can keep you down here as long as I like and do whatever I want to do,” she said.

“Please, Ms. Andrea, may I please cum?” I begged.

“No, you may not,” she said. I thought I couldn’t take any more, but then she pulled out a bit and made a twisting motion as she shoved it back in. She started twisting her hips as she drove in and out. I swore I was going to lose it!

“Please Ms. Andrea may I PLEASE cum, please Ms. Andrea?” I pleaded.

She pulled out of my ass and positioned her cock directly under mine. “You may cum now, slave,” she directed me. I came harder than I’d ever cum in my life, and it was directly onto her strapon. I’d see enough female domination movies and read enough stories to know what was probably coming next. That did not mean I was ready for it, or that I wanted it. The strapon was right at my mouth again, and I clamped my lips shut and refused to open them.

Ms. Andrea just kept walking forward, until the cum-covered cock touched my face. I recoiled in disgust and moved my head, which just succeeded in smearing my face with cum. She moved, and I moved again, which smeared cum all over my other cheek. “Well slave, you have a choice,” she stated. “Your face is now full of your own cum. The only way that is coming off is by your own tongue. We are going somewhere in a little bit. You can either go with your cum on your face, or lick it off, like a good little bitch, what will it be?”

“I will lick my own cum, Ms. Andrea,” I said, as I opened my mouth as a sign of my submission. She used the strapon to scoop the cum from my face into my mouth. I swallowed the entire load, and licked my lips to make sure I got it all. My face started to feel a bit crusty and I moved my jaws and Ms. Andrea laughed.

“It’s impossible to get all of it. I guess you should have just sucked it off my cock in the first place, huh, sissy? That’s an important lesson for you,” she laughed, as she undid my bindings. “Stand up, and strip,” she commanded. I stripped down to my bra and thong, and waited for her next instruction. Ms. Andrea went to the corner and came back with a short white outfit on a hanger. She handed it to me, and I realized it was a nurse’s outfit! I put it on, and buttoned it up as far as I could, but it was obviously made for someone with smaller tits; my DDs barely fit, and showed tremendous cleavage. To make matters worse, the hem barely covered my still red ass, and as I walked around the dungeon, I swore anyone looking could see the “SLUT” still paddled onto my ass cheeks.

“It’s time for daddy’s medication,” Ms. Andrea informed me. “You are convincing enough for his level of vision, and I expect you to give him a little show,” she continued. “Pretend to drop something, and bend over to pick it up. Learn over him while he’s taking his pills, you know, things like that,” she offered, as she put a sweatshirt and sweatpants on over her domme attire. Then, she turned and started up the stairs, and I stayed at the bottom of the stairs. “You better get up here FAST slave,” she barked, and I hesitantly followed her up the steps.

By the time we got to the main wing of the house, my feet were killing me! I was not used to doing so much walking in my heels. I usually just took a few steps around my room, posed and then flopped down on my bed and stuck something in my ass. All the walking really wore out my legs and feet! We got to an office where an older, dignified looking gentleman was listening to some music. “Hi daddy,” she smiled sweetly to the old man. She giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I thought you might enjoy a little treat today,” she said, as she motioned to me. “Ashleigh will give you your medicine and take your temperature,” she told him, as I shuffled over to him, face as red as the cross on my uniform! I hesitated, and she gave me a discreet, but convincing swat on the ass!

I dropped the pen that was in my hand, and bent over at the waist to get it. “Well, young lady, it looks like nurse’s outfits are a bit shorter than they were in my day,” he laughed as I brushed my ass against his hand.

“Oops, my mistake,” I said in my highest voice. I handed him his medication and a glass of water, which he took without incident. Then I reached into my bra and grabbed the thermometer. I leaned over him, so my tits were in his face, and stuck the thermometer in his mouth. Once it registered, I said, “Looks normal,” and shook it back and forth, causing my tits to jiggle. My face was so red; I felt that maybe someone should take my temperature. I wanted to crawl into a corner and cry.

“Ok, we’ll be off now, daddy, see you later,” Ms. Andrea giggled as we left the room. Once we were out of the room, she turned to me and said, “You are such a natural girl, my little slave! Your face was so red the whole time, though. I could tell you were so humiliated! I am so impressed, though. I think I will reward you!” We had walked all the way back over to her part of the property, and I saw a large pool. “We’re going swimming,” she informed me, as she led me into the changing room. She handed me the key to my shoes, and told me to get completely naked and get in the shower. I looked at my tits, and Ms. Andrea assured me that both my tits and my hair would be fine.

I did as I was told, and she handed me a bottle and told me to lather up. I noticed it burned a bit, and as the water washed the soap off of me, I noticed I was totally hairless from the neck down! Ms. Andrea saw me and said, “There, that’s much better! I can’t have my girl all full of nasty hair now, can I? You need to look good in a bikini,” she said, as she handed me what appeared to be a ball of pink string. I untwisted it, and found that it was a tiny thong string bikini. I wasted no time tying the strings at the side, and sliding the thong into place. I had to shift my hips a bit to make sure the material was properly up my ass, and that my cock was tucked back and out of the way. Next, I tied the top two strings of the top around my neck, while Ms. Andrea tied the remaining two behind my back. She put on a similar a blue bikini that looked stunning with her dark hair and tanned skin.

She grabbed me by the hand and led me out to the pool. “Rub some lotion on me, little girl,” she commanded me, as she lay down on her stomach on a lounge chair. I did as I was told, carefully rubbing lotion on every part of her. Then I rubbed lotion all over myself, since I am fair skinned, Ms. Andrea did not want me to burn. “I just want you to have some nice girly tan lines,” she informed me. “Guess you won’t be going shirtless or wearing shorts anytime soon, will you, sissy boy,” she laughed, as she tossed me the latest edition of Cosmo magazine.

After awhile, she had me jump in the pool. She told me she wanted me to come out and, “Look sexy.” I jumped in, surprised at how my tits felt in the water. I came up slowly, and ran my hands through my long hair. I walked up the steps, and back over to the longue chair. Ms. Andrea led me by the hand over to the hot tub, and she told me to get in and close my eyes. A few minutes later, I could feel something poking at my mouth, and looked up to see Ms. Andrea standing over me, outside the hot tub, and that the strapon was back around her waist and ready for action!

“Right here, outside?” I asked.

“Of course, right here, and RIGHT NOW!” she barked. I turned my head to the side, and craned my neck as far as it would go, and began to give her another blowjob. “You are a quick learner,” she complimented me. “This blowjob is MUCH better than the last one; you are a true natural, slut. What do you say, bitch?”

“Thhhnk ooo Mittth Andreaaaa,” I mumbled, with my mouth full of cock.

“You’re welcome, sissy,” she laughed, as she grabbed my head and forced me all the way down her shaft, which made me gag. She let go and rejoined me in the hot tub. “Lift your ass,” she commanded. I hooked my arms around the rim of the hot tub, as she lifted my legs and had me hook them around her waist. Again, she slowly sank the cock into my well-used ass. Once it was all the way in, she started really slamming me! It was super difficult to hold this position, and my arms and thighs quickly began to burn! I started to cry, but Ms. Andrea paid no heed, and continued to buck and thrust her hips. I could feel my tits really bouncing on my chest, and in no time, they were free of the tiny top, and bouncing all over my chest.

All of a sudden, my arms gave out, and I lost my grip and briefly went under water. She let me stay for a few seconds, as I struggled to get up, and then placed her arms underneath my back and lifted me up. “You are so tiny and weak,” she said, as I put my arms around her neck, my legs still wrapped around her waist. I gripped tighter around her waist and neck, which allowed her further in my ass. I was so lost in ecstasy, that I threw my head back and began to moan and grunt, and shake. “You may cum, slave,” Ms. Andrea informed me. I shook and came like I’ve never cum before in my life! I cried out, and grabbed onto her, as she held me tightly and kept her cock buried in my ass.

She ran her hands through my hair and said, “Oh baby. I’m glad it was good for you, little one, but I have not cum yet!” With that, she sat down and told me, “Start riding.” It took a moment to gather myself, but I loosened my grip around her neck, and swung my legs out so that they were outside of hers, and my knees and lower legs rested on the bench. As I look back, I’m not sure if it was because I was exhausted, or because I had finally been broken, and had accepted my feminine role, but I looked Ms. Andrea in the eyes, batted mine, pushed my hair back with one hand, and started rocking my hips! I placed my hands lightly on her shoulders and worked her cock, keeping it deep in my ass. She smiled and grabbed my ass and softly guided me up and down.

“Turn around,” she whispered to me. I stood up, which briefly left my ass empty. In one motion, I spun around, grabbed the cock, bent over, and sat back down, flawlessly guiding her cock back into my waiting ass. That felt so wonderful! It was as if my ass actually missed being full. Ms. Andrea reached around and cupped my tits, as I rode her. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” she exclaimed. “Just a few hours ago, you wouldn’t suck my cock, and now look at you, you horny little slut! Bouncing on my cock like a pro! I think we’ve found your new calling in life: depraved anal slut!” She grabbed my hips and lifted me up, then slammed me back down. “Keep riding,” she growled. I placed my hands on her thighs to keep my balance, as she kept her hands on my hips and continued to slam me up and down. Instinctively, my hands went up to cup my bouncing tits, and I pinched the fake nipples and came again!

I tried to collapse, as I was exhausted from the number of times I’d been fucked, but Ms. Andrea was not done with me yet. She ripped my hands away from my tits and replaced them with her own. She grabbed my shoulders and slammed me down really hard, one last time on her cock, and I felt her shake and cum as well. We rested for a few minutes, her arms around my waist, and my ass still full of her cock. After what seemed like eternity, she lifted me up, and I stood up, and we went back over to our longue chairs and lay down. I stuffed my fake tits back inside my bikini top, and adjusted the thong so that the string was back between my cheeks, and I could really tell my ass was gaping!

It was getting late in the afternoon, and Ms. Andrea had a butler deliver dinner for us. We each had a nice chicken salad and she had a glass of wine, but I got water. I noticed that she was still wearing the strapon, and as she drank her second glass of wine, she simply pointed down. Without hesitation, I got under the table and began to suck her off. My hand slid up and down the big black shaft as I stroked and sucked her cock. It was so big; I couldn’t help but bury it all the way down my throat, just to prove that I could. I swirled my tongue around the tip, and pulled it all the way out to slap my own face with it. Then, I dropped a long trail of drool on it, and stuck it back in my eager mouth.

All of a sudden, I heard another person! I looked over and saw the feet, and then the leg of the butler, clearing our dishes! For a split second, I felt a bit ashamed, and I could tell my face started to get a little red, but I quickly suppressed it, and got back to work on the blowjob. “Mmmmm, that feels really good!” Ms. Andrea cooed. “You don’t even care anymore if others see what a dirty whore you are, do you?” she said. “Does my depraved anal slut want a nice little good-night fuck?”

“Oh yes, Ms. Andrea. Your depraved anal slut would love your cock in her ass one more time tonight,” I said coquettishly. I stood up, and kneeled down on all fours on a towel near the pool. As she strode toward me, I looked back over my shoulder and saw her big black cock bobbing menacingly up and down, and I licked my lips and pulled my thong string to the side for her. She knelt down behind me, parted my ass cheeks, and spit directly into my asshole. I heard her spit again, and then a few seconds later, I felt the head of her slippery strapon work its way past my rosebud. “Thank you for using lube, Ms. Andrea,” I said.

“You’re very welcome, slave,” she answered. She worked her way slowly into my ass, and stopped when her hips came to rest against mine. I reached up and untied the strings behind my neck, letting my tits fall out of the top and hang down below me. I looked back at Ms. Andrea, and she smiled and leaned over and cupped my big tits in her hands. A sigh escaped my lips, and I looked up and saw the sun setting on a perfect evening. She placed her hands on my hips and fucked me with long slow stokes. Then she grabbed my hair with both hands, yanked my head back and fucked me faster! After a few minutes, she slowed back down again, and gently tugged my hair as she stroked in and out of my well-used ass. I grunted as she started the “screwing motion,” and I bore down and pushed back as she did. Without warning, she came, and I felt what little cum I had left oozing into my thong, as I screamed in bliss!

Ms. Andrea pulled out of my ass and told me to put the black stripper heels back on. I struggled for a bit, but finally got them on, and she locked them back into place. I was so super tired; I had no idea how I was even going to make it back to the house, let alone in those heels! I took a few wobbly steps, and felt like I was going to fall, but she kept walking and I had no choice but to keep up. My tits bounced the whole way, and my legs were shaking and my ass was sore, but somehow we made it back to her wing of the house.

Once there, she had me shower and clean up, and she provided me with a black silk and lace baby doll that barely covered my tits or ass, as well as a black thong that had “BITCH” in rhinestones (like my white “SLUT” one), and a black collar. She had me lick her pussy to orgasm, then chained me to the foot of the bed and turned out the lights. I could feel the cool silk soothing my burning ass as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to the sunlight streaming into the room, and Ms. Andrea no where in sight. The clock said 7 a.m., so I wasn’t late for work, yet. On the table was a note that said, “Slave, you are not going to your regular job today, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t work to do. Put on the outfit I’ve left for you, and meet me in my office. It’s the third door on the left. Work starts at 7:30 a.m. Do not be late!”

On the door, there was a hanger with a black outfit. It was black pinstriped, and appeared to be a woman’s business suit. There was also a white blouse and black lacy push up bra. I took off the baby doll and put on the bra, expertly clasping it behind me, like a real woman. It felt a little tight, and created a ton of cleavage, and I saw the tag in the mirror said “36D,” so it was, in fact, a size too small. Next, I put on the skirt; it was very tight, and very short. The blouse barely reached the waistband of the skirt, so there was no way I could tuck it in. It was also very low cut; the top button was still below my cleavage and barely covered my bra. Lastly, I put on the jacket, which also barely touched the skirt and only buttoned up to enhance my already extensive bust. I went into the bathroom and fixed my hair into a bun, put on some red lipstick, and red press on nails that she left for me, and sashayed down the hall. I knocked and was told to enter.

Ms. Andrea was at a big wooden desk, filled with important looking papers. She was wearing a similar, more conservative, but still sexy, version of the suit I was wearing. There was a smaller desk in the corner, with files on it, a computer and a few filing cabinets off to the side. I went over and took my seat. It was really hard sitting in that short skirt, and I really had to tug to get it to cover my ass. I crossed my legs and turned on the computer screen. There was a “To Do” list that popped up on the screen.

1. Bring Ms. Andrea coffee.

2. Finish filing what is on the desk.

3. Attend and take notes on morning meeting.

4. Type up and mail letters to prospective clients.

I stood up and went to the little kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee. While I was waiting, I raised my skirt a little and noticed that the “SLUT” was still paddled into my ass, but was becoming a bit less noticeable. The fabric of the skirt rubbed against it when I walked, and irritated it a bit more. Once the coffee maker was done, I filled a cup and took it back to Ms. Andrea. She took a sip and smiled, and sent me back to my desk.

I got to work filing immediately, as there were many files, and much work to get done. The filing cabinets were low to the ground, and as such, I had to bend over to put away most of the files. Each time, I felt my jacket and blouse ride up, which exposed my lower back. I also felt the skirt ride up to show off my ass. “Ah hem,” Ms. Andrea cleared her voice behind me, and I snapped out of my trace with a jump. How long had she been standing there?

“You are a sexy little girl, I must say,” she said. “What a great set of tits! You have a great ass too, I bet you like it back there, don’t you?” she continued. “Don’t answer that, I already know,” she winked at me. “I think you can go far in this company,” she added.

“Thank you Ms. Andrea,” I giggled. “I’d really like to get a head in this company, and I’ll do whatever it takes,” I responded. Just then, I saw a large bulge under her skirt, and she smiled when she saw the look in my eyes. Without hesitation, I walked confidently over to her, and rubbed the bulge a bit. Then I got down on my knees, rolled her skirt up, and took the monster strapon in my mouth. It was the biggest one I’d ever taken! She moaned as she ran her fingers through my hair, and my mouth reached the balls of her cock. I looked up at her, from my place on the floor, and she smiled down at me.

“I think it’s time to call your other boss,” she said firmly. I reluctantly stood and made my way over to the telephone on my desk. I made sure to bend all the way over the desk to reach it, and I looked back at Ms. Andrea, and shook my ass a bit to tempt her. The phone was harder to dial with the fake nails, and it took me a few tries to get it right. I looked back one last time at her, and she had the big black cock at the entrance of my ass again! She nodded and said, “Decide what you want, my depraved anal slut.” I nodded my head yes, and she plunged into my ass, right as my other boss answered the phone.

“Ahhh, oh my God,” I cried in a high pitched voice.

“Um, hello?” my boss Mr. Sanders said.

“Oh, oh, ohhhh!!” I moaned, as Ms. Andrea impaled me. “Hello Mr. Sanders, this is Brian calling. I’ve, oh!!! Ahhh! Ohhhh!!! Oh my God!” I screamed.

“Brian? That doesn’t sound like you, are you ok?” he said.

“Yesssss, Mr. Sanders, I’m ok. I can’t make it into work today,” I stammered.

“And why is that, my depraved anal slut?” Ms. Andrea mocked. “Tell him why. Tell him what choice you’ve made. Tell him who owns your ass,” she said, as she slammed back into me.

“I can’t make it because I’m dressed as a sexy secretary with long hair, fake nails, stripper heels and big tits, bent over a desk and taking it in the ass from my new boss, Ms. Andrea. I work for her. She owns my ass now.”

“Brian, what the hell are you talking about? Is this some kind of sick joke?”

“No, Mr. Sanders! It’s the truth! OH MY GODDD!!!” I moaned. “Oh, ohhhh, ughh!!” Holy shit! Wow, oh Ms. Andrea, thank you for putting your big cock in my slutty ass, ohhhh!!!

“Brian, you are fired, you disgusting pervert!” he shouted, and slammed down the phone.

“You’ll be much happier here, as my secretary, my little girl,” Ms. Andrea said matter-of-factly. “I’ve never offered this position to a sissy before, but I’ve never had such a natural born sissy as you. I knew the second that you nodded your head yes to take it in the ass while you were making that call, that you were the one for this job,” she continued. “Just think of how far you’ve come in just the short time you’ve been here! Yesterday morning, you had to be coerced to suck my cock, and were embarrassed to act like a slut in front of my father. Just now, you called your old boss while dressed like a slut, bent over a desk, with a fat cock in your ass, and TOLD HIM ABOUT IT!”

I smiled, because I knew she was right. “Thank you, Ms. Andrea, for choosing meee!!” I squealed. “Is there anything I can do to please you even more?”

“Yes, there is. I want you to forget about the rest of the “To Do” list for today, and prepare for your new life with me. I have a friend who is the best plastic surgeon in the area. You will call her and tell her who you are, and that you will require some face work, electrolysis, and breast implants. We will pay her extra if she can get you in this week, do you understand? You also need to make arrangements with your roommate to go get your stuff, although you won’t need any of it anyway.”

“Yes, Ms. Andrea, I understand!” I said excitedly. I didn’t even give it a second thought. This is what I wanted; it is what I’ve wanted for so long! I squealed in joy as she pulled out of my ass and I turned around to hug her, and our tits mashed together! One day soon, I knew it would feel even better to do that.

The next few days flew by, with doctor appointments and other things. I told Jane what was going on, and she actually wasn’t surprised. Apparently, she had found a few pieces of my female clothing and looked at my computer, and put two and two together. We made arrangements for me to get my stuff in a few weeks, after I healed from my surgeries. Then it was time to go to the hospital. They got me all hooked up, and then I went out.

When I woke up, I was in a little pain, but mostly everything was really foggy. Ms. Andrea was there and she told me about my new body. “Hello, Ashleigh! Everything went very well, my little slave. You look great. You’ve lost about thirty pounds, and your stomach is nice and flat! I’m going to get a lot of use out of that ass, and everything else for that matter, which is good, because I paid for all of it! As you can see, your legs are smooth and tan. All of the hair has been permanently removed from your body, from the neck down. I have left your tiny penis, as a reminder of who you are, and what you are, my feminized little slave. The doctor added a little bit of fat to your hips and ass, so you have nice curves. You will be working out regularly to keep your ass and legs firm and toned. I do not like big asses!”

“I do, however like big tits. While I’d never do anything so outrageously whorish, submissive, and attention seeking to myself, I figured a nice big set of high-profile DDs would be perfect for you! They look even bigger on your slim build. There is no doubt what those babies are there for! She went in through your armpit, so there should be no scarring, and you should be fully recovered in less than a week.”

“Also, she did some work on your face. She filled in your cheeks, and gave you a more feminine nose. She didn’t have to do much, as you were already had nice soft features. In fact, she worked with what you had, so you don’t look like a totally new person, but rather, a prettier version of your old self. The swelling will go down later today, and I’ll let you look in the mirror then.”

I went back to sleep, and woke up some time later. I felt much better, and Ms. Andrea informed me that it was time to go, and wheeled me out to the car and strapped me in. The next few days, I mostly rested and ate (light healthy meals, of course!) Ms. Andrea took me to get my ears and belly button pierced. I also walked around a lot, getting used to my new body and new center of gravity. My new tits were heavy, but they looked and felt awesome! My face looked beautiful, and was framed by my long blonde hair. I couldn’t wait until my hair grew out, and it was all me! Ms. Andrea told me to take a shower, so I stripped down and stepped into the water. It felt amazing, cascading down my body, and I reached up and rubbed my nipples and played with my new tits a bit. I ran my hands through my hair, and gave my ass a playful slap.

I got out of the shower, and got dressed. I had a full closet of clothes now, all sorts of dresses, costumes for role-play, short skirts, and scandalous tops. Of course there was no shortage of lingerie, and certainly tons of super high heels and thigh highs. My only casual clothes were my gym clothes, and even those were pretty sexy. Today is the day we were moving my stuff out of Jane’s house. It was the last vestige of my old life, and I was really looking forward to it. I put on a white bra, white thong, white tank top, and sexy pink “Pink” sweats shorts. My pink and white striped knee socks and pink and white gym shoes matched my little outfit perfectly. I put my hair in a ponytail, put on some light makeup and headed over to Jane’s.

Charlie glanced at the blonde sitting at the bar. Her long fingers toyed with the wine goblet that was sitting in front of her. He couldn’t help but notice their length, long and well kept. The polish was a brilliant red; her right hand bore no “cheater’s ring” nor did she sport the gold band that would have been a deal breaker from the get go. Her hair flowed down her back like gold silk; the strands were thick, wavy, and ended in soft curls that skated across her buttocks. The dress she wore was green, a soft emerald shade. She tucked a loose curl behind her ear and laughed at something the bartender had told her. There were emeralds dangling from her ears, and with the slight tilt of her head, Charlie was able to see a gold chain dripping across her neck. He wondered if her necklace’s pendant matched her earrings.

Another woman approached the bar, tapped the girl on the shoulder and the two embraced. This girl was just as lovely as the first, but Charlie was already lost in the beauty of the petite blonde. He hadn’t seen her come in; he’d been preoccupied with a business call; now though, he was very much intrigued more so when she’d risen to greet her friend. She was stunning, and that word seemed too cheap to use. Besides the long blonde hair and the promising fingers, that could warm any man’s cock, she was trim without being waifish or chunky. Her ass was round and looked firm. He could already imagine coming in from behind, grabbing both cheeks, spreading her open and shoving his cock deep into her eager hole. Charlie’s hand slipped down under the table. He made a slight adjustment to his crotch before taking another drink from his beer.

She was tall, granted the stilettos she wore added several inches, to her already endless legs, but they only added to her appeal. The shoes matched her dress; she wore nude colored stockings. The image of him easing the hosiery down her legs made his cock jerk again. Yes, they’d have a lot of fun together. Her long legs wrapped around his waist as he plunged in and out of her. Charlie’s palms itched and he’d not even gotten to really study her breasts, until she pulled away from her friend’s embrace. “Fuck,” he muttered.

were perfect. He saw himself cupping them and lowering his mouth to their rosy peeks. The areolas would be taut, the points hard and eager for his attention. His mouth watered. Her boobs looked like something handpicked by God Himself. Charlie was going to have to work hard on this blonde bombshell, because he wasn’t the only man noticing her, several already had been ogling her like the last piece of meat at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

He downed his beer, pushed away from the table and headed toward the two women. He ran his gaze quickly over her friend, a simple looking brunette, freckled, large chest, big ass, her waist was fuller than her friend’s – much fuller, but her smile was nice, and she had a pretty face — but she was no looker, not like the one who had captured every eye in the room. Immediately Charlie knew the angle in which he would go in order to land the blonde babe.

“Excuse me,” he said, his bright smile and handsome eyes settled on the short brunette. “I couldn’t help but notice when you walked in that you remind me of someone I met; you wouldn’t happen to be Shelly from the café on Broadway, would you?” Charlie felt the blonde’s eyes on him; he fought the urge to look at her. The brunette blushed, grinned, and showed off her slightly imperfect smile. He smiled back.

“No, I’m Tonya and I don’t know who you’re speaking of.”

Charlie’s expression looked crestfallen. “Too bad, you really look just like her, and I was hoping to ask her to dinner.”

“Well, Tonya’s free,” the blonde said, before hooking her arm around Charlie’s arm and pressing herself against him.

Charlie’s cock jumped. Again, he refused to look on the woman of his dreams. His gaze held Tonya’s. She had brown eyes, and her make-up was light, enhancing her natural beauty. She was fair to passing and had it not been for his cock wanting the chance to slide between the other woman’s tits, he could give Tonya a go at pleasing him. But his strategy was going to work; he knew it. “Are you,” he asked Tonya, “free?”

She blushed again, and the blonde laughed. He felt her hand slide over his chest. “Of course she is. Why don’t you join us,” she offered.

“Yeah, um — what’s your name?” Tonya asked.

Charlie chuckled. “Sorry, I’m Charlie.” He disentangled himself from the blonde and took Tonya’s hand in his. He led the two women to a corner table, helped Tonya into her seat and claimed the one next to her as his own. The blonde was left to her own devices. He felt the stabbing daggers of her eyes boring into him. She muttered a low curse, grabbed a chair from a nearby table and dragged it over to Tonya and him. He wasn’t shocked, but rather aroused when she purposely set her chair on the other side of his. When she sat down, he also wasn’t surprised when her long thigh pressed welcoming against his tailored slacks. Yes — this was going to work, and he was going to reap the rewards.

He spent the night conversing with Tonya and only learned the other woman’s name because he had allowed Tonya to give it. Heather. It was a perfect name, a beautiful one that was easy on the tongue and if said just right, he could brush her sex with a puff of air as he whispered it against her slick opening – Heather. He knew her eye color now. They were blue, as blue as the Florida Keys. He could drown in them. Charlie worked hard to give her just enough attention to make her stay put, and to keep her pressed to him. He couldn’t help but see Tonya glance back and forth between them. A part of him felt bad for using her, but he wasn’t looking for a lifelong companion. He was looking to score. Tonya was marriage material; Heather was fuckable material.

“I’ll be right back,” Tonya said, “a quick trip to the ladies room is in order.” He watched her stare down at Heather. The silent communication passed between the two women. Charlie knew Tonya wanted Heather to go with her to the bathroom, but he also knew Heather had no intention of leaving his side. She was going to try and get his attentions while her friend was away. The long sigh from Tonya’s lips told him she was giving up. She walked away; he watched her plump ass move through the club until she disappeared into the ladies room.

“I know what you’re doing,” Heather whispered against his ear. Her hand settled on his thigh and moved upward to press against his crotch.

Charlie turned toward her. “What am I doing?” he asked; his gaze and thoughts were focused entirely on Heather. He watched her tongue slide across her lips. One hand moved to cover hers. He shoved her palm down the full length of his erection.

“You’re making me jealous and you know it,” she said. Her breath brushed his ear lobe. “You know perfectly well she’s not what you want.” Heather took his other hand from his beer and laid it on her right tit. “So when are you going to take me home and fuck my brains out?” she asked before tugging on his ear lobe with her perfect teeth.

“Does Tonya have a ride home?” He asked, surprising himself at that small bit of concern.

“She drove here. I’m the one needing the ride.”

Charlie chuckled. “I bet you are. She’s gonna be hurt? Doesn’t that bother you? I mean, I don’t know her; she’s your friend, and I’m just another jerk in a bar.”

Heather shrugged her shoulders. “She’ll survive. She’s used to it.”

He felt a twinge of guilt and wondered how often a man like him had used the same ploy on the two women. But really, if Heather were speaking the truth and this had happened before, then isn’t it Tonya’s fault just as much as his and Heather’s? Tonya had a friend that was way out of her league.

He pulled his wallet from the table, motioned to the server they were leaving and tossed several bills down, before sliding his chair back and taking Heather’s hand in his. “Let’s go,” he said; all thoughts of Tonya were dismissed and the dream of fucking Heather began to take his breath away.

His hand slipped to her waist and then down to her butt. He felt the soft material of her dress and was about to pinch the firm cheek, when her hand slid down and took his palm placing back on her hip. “Soon baby,” she said with a wink. His cock twitched at the firm tone of her voice.

Charlie opened the door to his car, waited for Heather to take a seat and then leaned in to grab her seatbelt and buckle her in. He breathed deep her perfume. “Mm…nice,” he told her before pressing a soft kiss to her lips. His gaze dipped down and he noted the small hint of red tinged flesh. “A tat?” he asked, trailing one finger across the edge of her dress’s bodice.

Heather giggled. “All the boys like them,” she winked, stroked his cheek and kissed him again. Their tongues danced softly before Charlie pulled away. He grinned, closed the door and walked around the car. He opened his and looked up. Tonya stood outside, her keys in her hand. Her eyes held his for a moment. The look on her face told him what he already knew, Heather hadn’t lied. Tonya had known what was coming all along. He lifted his brows, shrugged his head to one side and knew his attitude spoke volumes. He was an ass; Tonya was better off without him or Heather. He slid into the car, and drove away.

It took several minutes before the image of Tonya staring back at him cleared his mind. The guilt was heavy, but again he wasn’t looking for a wife, he was looking for a fuck. “My place, or yours?” he asked Heather.

“Yours,” she told him. Her hand slid over his thigh and up the hard muscle. He grinned, opened his legs and felt her palm glide further toward his growing erection. Her fingers played with the button of his slacks, and then the zipper. Experienced fingers, soft skin, and long nails wrapped around his throbbing shaft. He heard the release of her seat belt and groaned in satisfaction.

As he drove he flicked the lever of the steering column and it lifted up two inches. He let one hand drop and rested his arm on the back of Heather’s seat. “Nice,” she whispered, before leaning over and pushing his cock between her lips.

“Fuck yes,” Charlie muttered. He watched the road, lowered his speed, and enjoyed the rhythm of Heather sucking his cock. He felt her tongue slide up and down the shaft. She bobbed up, stroked the head, and then drove back down again. As she worked his cock like a pro, Charlie had one thought, he was using a condom. He chuckled at himself, before moving his hand from her seat to the back of her long blonde tresses. “You’re so fucking good,” he sighed, “unreal.” His callus fingers tangled with the curls; he petted her back, ran his hand down her ass over the silk and the firm cheeks. He touched the hem of her dress and eased his fingers under the slippery material. He felt the edge of her stockings. Garters and stockings — stilettos and legs that gone on forever — her tits he couldn’t wait to see — her eyes were like sapphires – her hair flowed like honey. Charlie was in heaven.

He felt the tightening in his balls and knew he was going to cum. “Heather, careful or you’re going to have a full belly.”

She pulled off his dick; her lipstick was smudged, saliva coated her chin. “I swallow,” she said, before taking him back into her hot mouth.

“Perfect,” Charlie gasped as she sucked him and rolled her fingers around the base of his shaft. He unloaded a thick stream of white milk into her throat. He felt her grip his rod, and another spurt showered her cheeks and tongue. When she came off him, he felt her lick around the length, suckle the head and then push his dick back into his slacks. She came up, opened her mouth and showed him the evidence of his arousal. She winked, tilted her head back and swallowed it. He watched her throat as the muscles moved the salty liquid down into her stomach.

“I’m gonna fuck you senseless,” he promised. She giggled and secured herself back into her seat.

They reached his apartment five minutes later. His cock was slowly hardening again, but he knew he had to taste her sweetness before he plunged her eager pussy. When he ushered her inside his home, he locked the door behind them and pressed her to the wall. His eyes closed; he pushed his fingers into her hair, and grinned when she moaned and kissed him hard against his lips. As their tongues feasted on each other, he dragged his hands down into her thick heavy curls. They began tangled; he apologized, but kept kissing her and tasting the seeds she’d swallowed earlier.

One hand left her hair, the other moved to the side of her dress. The zipper slid easily down and opened like a flimsy curtain. He lowered both his hands, and peeled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and went to the top of his slacks to push them down. He paused as she eased off her dress. Charlie stepped back. His eyes bugged slightly as he looked at the woman who was aroused and needy with desire. She wore a green strapless bra, and as he stared at her, he watched her hands glide up her spanx covered ribcage. Heather pulled the left silicone breast insert out, then the right. He rubbed his eyes and looked harder at the tattoo that he had gotten a hint at. It was flaking slightly and there were obvious discoloration and blurs. “Is that one of those lick and stick tattoos?” he asked.

Heather giggled. “Yeah, I’m not brave enough to actually get one. You like?” she asked and traced the tiny heart with her fingernail.

Charlie looked back at her and winced. “Um, your — um — hair is…”

Heather paled, and shoved both hands to the side of her hair. “Oh fuck,” she cursed. Her shoulders slumped. He watched stunned as she lifted all of the curls from her head and exposed a flattened top of brown hair and bobby pins that held back her bangs. She shrugged her shoulders and laid the wig on the table near the door. The pins soon accompanied the hair and she ran her fingers through her natural locks. They fluffed up and curled slightly, but were much short than Charlie found appealing. “Damn,” she muttered, and looked at one of her hands.

He glanced up and saw two of her fingernails had twisted abnormally. She tugged them both off and put them on his table. Charlie’s stomach lurched slightly at the broken acrylic nails. He had taken in the rest of her underclothes as she worked with her wings. The spanx she wore were nude in color; they started just under her bra, covered her ribs, torso, hips, ass, as well as the top of her thighs. She wore garters; the elastic poked out from the bottom of the spanks, they held her stockings up and he gazed down the length of her legs.

“You have beautiful legs,” he told her, before his eyes traveled back up her length. He found himself studying her hips. The spanx looked to be slightly off in color. It wasn’t until he was ready to accept that she was probably a little softer than he’d expected that he realized she was wearing some sort of panty over her shapewear.

“I’m glad you like,” she told him, “do you mind?” she asked and turned around. His jaw dropped as he stared at her ass. The underwear was not underwear at all; it resembled it, but only in the front. In the back, Charlie stared down at two round firm ass cheeks. “Butt pads,” Heather said and giggled softly. “I just bought them tonight and wanted to try them out. You were quick, so I knew I had made a great buy!”

“Um… uh… yeah, great,” he answered.

“Hey babe, do you mind unhooking my bra?”

Charlie reached out and quickly unsnapped the hook. His eyes remained glued to the faux derriere, until Heather turned around. “You’ve still got your pants on sweetie,” she cooed, before sliding her bra off. He choked on words that could not be spoken. His gaze went to her breasts. They were small, much smaller and he understood why she chose to wear the bra inserts. He reached out and caressed the flesh. She leaned into him. There were no scars to mar her flesh so he knew she hadn’t suffered from cancer. “Why the inserts?” he asked, as he tried to ignore the image of her butt pads that kept coming back into his fantasy.

Heather moaned softly. “Oh, they’re just so convenient. Besides I wouldn’t get real implants. Those are so fake!” She reached up and teased her nipples. “These puppies are real. I’m all for being true to one’s self.”

Her hands moved to his pants and she tugged them down. “Um…sure,” he said, “we certainly wouldn’t wake to be fake, would we?” he asked. Heather missed his sarcastic tone; he wasn’t surprised.

Charlie stepped out of his slacks. His erection was nil. His dick hung limp to the left, and his balls felt heavier than normal. “Oh, you need some work, don’t you baby?” Heather whispered, and stepped away from the door. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke him. His cock slowly began to stiffen and Charlie felt his body respond to her ministrations. He closed his eyes, recalled how good her mouth had felt on his stiff tool. He could do this; he pushed away the disappointment in her hair, chest, tattoo, and ass and as long as he didn’t look down at her hand, he wouldn’t see the broken fingernails.

He let his hands rest on her shoulders; he encouraged her down to her knees, but was surprised at her resistance. His lids rose and he looked at her face. “Oh no baby, not yet, it’s my turn,” she told him and walked over to his couch. She stood in front of it. Her hands moved to her hips. “Come over here and undress your present.”

The spanx, the faux ass, the garters, stockings and stilettos still hugged her frame. Charlie gulped, and walked over to begin opening his gift; he dropped to his knees and eyed the waist band of her butt pad underwear. His callused fingers caught on the material as he tugged gently on the form-fitting lingerie — a term used loosely. Once the seal of the two figure shaping materials were broken the underwear slid easily down her form. A soft thump caught his attention. He noted out of the corner of his eye one of the inserted butt pads had flung out. “Oh fuck,” he moaned.

Heather grinned and said, “I’m glad you like.”

Charlie looked up at her and smiled an uneasy smile. He let the padded undies fall to the floor. He reached up and hooked her spanx and peeled them off of her. The seams left small indentations in her flesh, as the soft folds that had been tucked away were let free. He gazed up at her and felt his breath quicken. “Finally,” he whispered. She was actually more appealing with the soft curves that the hugging material had kept hidden, but still her perfection was permanently flawed in his eyes. Charlie knew he was an ass, but he had never been false with Heather. It was pretty obvious to her at the beginning of the evening that he was only baiting her with his fake adoration of her friend.

He removed her shoes, and released the clasps of her garters. Soon the matching belt was discarded and his fingers were sliding down her stocking clad legs and slowly peeling the silky nylon down her thigh. He kissed the flesh, licked his way to her hip and grinned when he spotted a small black mole. “Very nice,” he told her and slid his lips over to kiss the tiny mark. His attention went back to her other leg; he eased the stocking down and kissed it with the same passion as he had its twin. He tickled the back of her legs and felt her playfully swat at his shoulders. When he licked his way back to her hips, he again kissed her mole. He stared at it for a moment, shrugged his shoulders and hooked her emerald thong. Her pussy was exposed to him. The flesh was smooth, free of curls that he knew would have been brown not blonde.

Charlie looked up and pressed one finger against her pussy. She opened her legs and he slipped the thick digit into her hole. Heather moaned softly and stepped back. He continued to slide his finger in and out of her sex, while she lowered herself to the couch. His tongue darted out to moisten his lips. He pushed a second finger in as she got comfortable. Walking on his knees, he rested against the couch, opened her lips and lowered his mouth to her mound.

It started when my boyfriend left me.

I found him in our bedroom with a strange chick. He was tit-fucking her, having a grand old time.

I yelled, “What the hell is going on?” and both of them nearly jumped out of their skins.

“We’re just playing around. We weren’t really having sex.”

“Like hell! Plowing your cock between her tits sure looks like sex to me! Get out! Get out! Get out!”

As they threw on their clothes, his boner shrunk down in a hurry. As I pushed them out the door, his parting shot pained me. “It’s not my fault. You’re just too flat to tit-fuck”.

When both had left, I threw his stuff into a box, tossed it into the hall, and called a locksmith to get the locks changed. Two hours and two drinks later, the locksmith left and the rustle outside the door told me that he had picked up his box. I was alone.

I drew a hot bath, poured in a bit of bath oil, and stripped off my clothes. For forty five minutes I relaxed with the hot water caressing my body, steaming out my anger as well. After the bath started to cool down, I pulled the drain, climbed out, and dried myself. Naked, I went into the bedroom to pull out my favorite vibrator – the realistic one, 10″ long and 5″ around – the one I used when Danny wasn’t enough.

Though I was already wet and swollen, I wasn’t in a hurry. I lubed up the toy with my juices, and played with my clit, sometimes slipping the head inside or just teasing my pussy lips with the soft head of fake dick.

Was I really too small on top to tit-fuck? My 34A boobs weren’t very big, but they were nice and firm, and my perky nipples felt very good when licked. But try as I might, there just wasn’t enough boob flesh to wrap around the big fake dong. I had to admit it – Danny was right.

Turning off the vibrator, I got up and took a critical look in the mirror. At 32, I had put on about 20 pounds since college, and it showed. My tits were the same A cup they always were – the weight went on my hips and tummy. Passable. Not sexy. And if guys wanted to tit-fuck me, I needed bigger boobs. Much bigger.

What would a boob job cost? What would they really look like if I had it done?

So I threw on a robe, and sat down with my laptop at the kitchen table. Went to Google images, and looked up “boob jobs”.

At first, I was surprised how good they looked. Then I looked up the cost, and found that they went for $4K to $6K.

Hell, I could afford that. I spent the rest of the evening looking at pictures of boob jobs. I learned about the different kinds of implants, the different ways the surgery was done. I found that most of the time, girls liked the results but wished that they had gone bigger. So I spent most of the time looking at before/after pictures of girls that started out as a 34A, like me.

At first, I looked at the girls that added about 300cc and went up to a 34C. Very nice, but not particularly impressive. You could probably tit-fuck with those, but it might not be all that comfortable.

The girls that got 450cc implants reached a 34D. Much nicer. Easy to tit-fuck with those. Easy to attract attention.

Then I found the girls that got 600cc or 700cc implants. They didn’t have boobs. They had a rack! A pair like those might make me reconsider my straight orientation. But even with big tits, I still faced my tummy and big hips.

After sleeping on it, I made myself a promise the following morning. Lose the 20 pounds, and your reward is a boob job.

The ensuing 3 months were very boring. No boyfriends, always hungry. I used the time to research plastic surgeons in my area, and bought few cheap bras online: a 34C, 34D, 34DD, and 34E. I played around with them at home, stuffing the bras, pulling on a tee shirt, and looking at myself in the mirror.

I threw out the 34C the first night. Definitely too small. The 34D felt nice at first, but after a few nights, I found myself putting on the 34DD and liking it better. The 34E, on the other hand, seemed like a bit too much. Made me look like a hooker.

I tried another experiment. I got a couple of different sized tops of the same style. Then I ordered some falsies to slip inside the bras, and started going out, decked out with boobs of different sizes. What would happen?

With the 34C, nothing happened. Nada. Zilch. No body noticed me. The 34D turned a few heads, but not many. The 34DD got everyone’s attention. Perfect. My diet was coming along, so I made a consult appointment with a nearby doctor that had lots of good recommendations.

Dr. Sawyer saw me the following Friday. Nice fellow, easy demeanor. I brought some pictures of gorgeous tits I liked, my 34DD bra, and the falsies I used to fill it out. He strolled into the exam room with an easy smile and a file folder.

“So you’re considering breast augmentation?”

“Yeah. I’ve been thinking about it for some time. I’m too flat upstairs, and want to be bigger – to fill out my clothes, feel better about myself.”

“All very good reasons to get it done. Let’s loosen up that gown and take a look.” And with a small tug on the string holding my hospital gown in place, the robe falls away exposing my small tits just inches from his face. My nipples are hard, and I’m excited.

“You have very pretty breasts – a bit on the small side, but nice and firm. You’re a very good candidate for the procedure. How big do you want to go?”

“I went out and got some different bras to try out. The one I liked best is a 34DD. I use these to fill it out.” I hand the bra and the falsies to the doctor. “Should I put them on?”

After he nods, I slip the bra on, and stuff the falsies inside. He feels me up, and then asks me to turn around for him. “Those are pretty big. How tall are you?”

“I’m almost 5′ 8″. Everything I’ve read says that girls wished that they went bigger. When I wear these, they make me feel sexy. Smaller ones don’t do the trick.”

“And you’ve decided that the next larger size is too big?”

“I think so. I like the bigger size, but I’m afraid they might be a bit much.”

“Well, normally, my patients usually go up only 2 or 3 bra sizes. A DD takes you up 4 sizes. But what you say about wanting to be bigger after the procedure is really true. What feels like “a bit much” now will feel just right in a couple of months.”

“It is also hard to judge these things precisely. A large D would require something in the 600cc range. After the swelling has gone down, I think you’ll find that some D cup bras fit, and other brands may require a DD cup. But in any case, with an implant this large, I strongly suggest a textured silicone implant with some shape to it. Round implants will look fake.”

“Well, I really want to be bigger than a D cup.”

“In that case, let’s go for a 700cc implant, and overfill them a bit to give you firmer breasts. Depending on how things go in the operating room, I may add or subtract a little to even out your breasts and get the look you want. Sound good?”

“That sounds fine to me. I’m really looking forward to it!”

Dr Sawyer got up from the chair, and flashed is kind smile at me again. “I’m glad we got that settled. The cost of the procedure would be $4750, and that includes everything. After you get dressed, stop by the receptionist and you can schedule the procedure and make the financial arrangements.” We shake hands, and he leaves.

The receptionist told me that they had a cancellation, so there is an opening available on the following Friday. I have to make a 50% deposit, with the balance due within 30 days of the procedure. I take the appointment, and walk out – floating on air. I’m not going to get a boob job – I’m going to get a rack!

Two days before the procedure, I get a call from his office. “The company that makes the implants doesn’t have any 700cc implants in stock. They have some 650s, and some 725s, We could ask them to ship one of those, or postpone the surgery and wait until we can get the 700s.

I don’t want to wait. I want my boobs, and I want them now! So I tell her to have them ship the 725s.

Not much to tell about the surgery. I skipped breakfast, and arrived an hour early. They prepped me, marked my boobs with a blue marker, and put in an IV. After wheeling me in to the operating room, a sedative knocked me out. I woke up an hour later with some big bandages on my chest, very groggy. They gave me a sip of water, but little else.

An hour later, Dr. Sawyer came by, and I was feeling a bit better. “The procedure went well – I was pleased with your final shape. We overfilled the implants a bit to give you fuller, perkier breasts. We went 760cc on the left side, 750cc on the right. You’ll be sore for a few days, and it will take about 2 weeks before the swelling starts to go down. The nurse will give you some pain medicine, take it every 4 hours for the first two days, then only when you need it.”

“Please leave the compression bandage on for 2 weeks – no peeking. I know you want to look, but the bandage will keep the swelling down, and help the implants settle into the proper position. 90% of all complications occur because the bandage was removed too early. Cover the bandage with saran wrap to take a shower, and wear loose clothes during the next two weeks. OK?

“OK. I promise I’ll leave the bandage on.”

“Good. Now come back in two weeks. Then we’ll take off the bandage and see how they look.”

The cab came to pick me up, and I spent a long weekend in my apartment, mostly sleeping a lot. The loose clothes made sure that I didn’t get too many stares at work. I was dying to see my new tits, but I didn’t want to screw it up. So I followed the doctor’s orders and left them alone.

Two weeks later, I woke up very excited. I would see my new tits today! My cunt was sopping wet, aching to be filled. This time I didn’t fool around – I plunged my biggest dong in and went to town. Sliding it in and out of my hungry hole, I dreamed of tit-fucking a horse cock, watching him coat my new tits with his cum. It didn’t take long before I climbed over the top, riding and milking that rubber schlong as I dreamed of my stud with a big cock.

A shower and a loose sweater later, I was on my way to Dr. Sawyer’s office. When we pulled off the bandages, I was disappointed. Angry red marks where he made the incisions at the lower edge of my nipples. Instead of firm and perky, they were soft and puffy. And they were HUGE!

But Dr. Sawyer was very reassuring. “Don’t jump to conclusions yet. The swelling hasn’t started to subside yet, so you are bigger and softer than you will be in just a few weeks. The incisions look pretty bad now, but they will quickly fade. Patience!”

I put on the 34DD bra, and it was hopeless. The 34E was closer, but I was still spilling over the top. A few tears later, I got dressed and went to a department store to get something that fit. A 34EE seemed to do the trick. But on my 130lb frame, my huge, sore tits made me feel like trailer trash. I was depressed. I wanted DD boobs, and ended up with EE boobs. I was too big for Playboy. I went home and cried.

But Dr. Sawyer was right. Every day, the swelling got a little better. My boobs firmed up, and took on the nice perky shape I wanted. After another 4 weeks, I found that the 34EE bra was too big, and the 34E fit better. I no longer spilled over the top so much. The scars diminished, and now I’m the only one that knows they are there.

I got used to my E cups, and grew to like them. They jiggle and sway like they should, putting on a show as I walk. I can wear a loose top at work to hide them, a tight top at night to show them off. I know I wouldn’t want to be any bigger, but I don’t think I’d have been as happy with a DD cup. They’re just right.

Two months after the operation, I summoned up the courage to put my new tits to good use. 34E Victoria’s Secret Bra, tight top, tight jeans. Light touch on the makeup. Trip to the sports bar.

The guys were all over me. I picked out the guy with the nicest combination of muscles and a big bulge in his pants. He took me home and couldn’t keep his hands off my tits. After he ate me out, I sucked on his 8″ cock and tit-fucked him till he dumped his load all over my face and tits.

Yep. It was worth it. But I’m starting to think about getting my lips done. Wrapping my puffy fat lips around a big cock sounds good to me. I wonder what that would cost?

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