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As I cooked dinner I mulled over this sudden change of events. Well I guess it was wasn’t really sudden or unexpected, it was just not what I thought the next step would be.

As we ate dinner and watched the news I asked her if she thought she was going to have sex with him on her date. She said, “I’m not really sure of his plans but I sure hope so.” She smiled, leaned over and rubbed my crotch and continued, “Then I’ll really be that hot little wife you’ve been fantasizing about all this time.”

Instantly I felt my cock grow just a little chubby despite my surprise. My eyes widened slightly, “Don’t you think you’re moving a little fast?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” she said withdrawing her hand and giving me a perturbed look. “This ain’t kindergarten. A wife having a boyfriend means they’re fucking. I’m not trying to go steady or get to second base. You’re the one that bought me the hot wife ankle bracelet and started all this. I did everything but conceived a child with him on webcam Friday and now you’re asking if I’m going to let my boyfriend fuck me?”

Shit, she was right. I felt like an idiot and it’s too late to act like I was kidding. “Baby, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess the reality of if all just has me on edge.”

Kay’s expression relaxed as she leaned back over clasping my arm and said, “Honey, I know it’s hard for little boys to share their best toy but remember you’re going to have as much fun as I do. I love you.”

“I love you too,” and we kissed.

After dinner Kay was watching TV and playing “DrawSomething” on her iPad, like normal. I got up from my computer to get a beer and noticed she wasn’t playing a game but watching a hot interracial porn. I said, “Whoa, what the hell you watching?”

She giggled and said that Cavendish had sent her a list of his favorite porns and they’re hot. I could tell they were by the small wet spot revealing a glimmer of pussy through her panties. Yum! Anyway, I told her to send me the list so I could enjoy them too.

Later that night after Kay went to bed I watched some of the videos. They were fucking hot. He had good taste. They were mostly hot wives fucking black bulls and they were the good ones, the amateur ones, the type that show real wives really enjoying a big black cock. I hate those over produced porns, beautiful actors pretending to be the typical house wife.

By the end of Thursday night I had made it through about half of the videos. The husbands watched, videotaped and sometimes participated in various ways. But what really got me going was the intensity of the wives. They just flat out worshiped their bull’s cock and balls.

You could see it in their eyes as they licked slowly up and down a black veiny shaft or held onto their cock with two hands as they suck on the swollen pink knob the size of an apricot, every so often looking at it, kissing it.

Some would cup their lovers big balls in one hand while holding the shaft in the other and proceed to bathe the genitals with their tongue. This was followed by burying their face deep into the soft flesh between the base of the cock and the loose hanging balls where they kissed and then rubbed the essence of their man over their entire face like a fine perfume. This was good stuff.

Friday morning I was pretty exhausted and drained from two late nights of watching hot wife debauchery. It really got me off thinking how these video links were sent to my wife by her boyfriend! I may have been reluctant before but damn I hope Kay gets fucked tonight.

Fast forward, I’m naked with a rock hard boner that I can’t seem to keep my hands off of. I pace the house, get a beer, peak out the window and return to the Cavendish videos. Over and over I repeat these same steps in a different order. God this is torture. When will she be home? Is she fucking him right now? Are we doing the right thing? I’m going to fuck her sloppy wet pussy hard!

I’m naked with a rock hard boner and Kay walks in the front door. Embarrassed as hell I stammer, “What are you doing home so early?” I covered my hard-on like a bad little boy caught in the act. It was only ten o’clock and I thought it would be at least midnight before she returned. “Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine and we had a great time,” she said as she knelt down next to my chair. Kay then took my hard cock in her hand and began stroking it with a mischievous yet concerned smile on her face. Damn, they couldn’t have had time for sex but it looked like I’d be the pinch hitter. I was really hoping we had broken new ground, at least more than dinner with a boyfriend.

“Are you horny baby?” Kay asked. Holy shit, I’ve been drenched in hot wife videos for two days and sporting a solid steal hard-on for the last four hours waiting for sex utopia to arrive. I’m so fucking horny I’m going to rape her right after I find out why her date was cut short unless it takes more than five minutes, then the rest of the story will have to wait.

“Yeah, a little. So what happened and why are you home so early? I thought this was your big night. I thought you’d come home late, ravaged and happy.”

She continued to stroke my dick which I was having trouble not shooting prematurely. “Oh, I’m happy and ready to be ravaged. Cavendish is outside and has given us ten minutes to decide if we want to play.”

“WTF?”, I thought. Wait, why have I started using letters for profanity in my own head? Wait, what the fuck! Ok, in the span of one millisecond I’m having a micro conversation with myself and not about the subject! “You mean he’s outside now?”

“Yes pumpkin, now,” looking at me with pleading eyes.” He was going to come in with me but I asked him to give me a moment with you. He agreed only because this is our first time. I need this Tim. I need it now. We’ve been playing all week with this and now we’re going to do it.”

There were several problems here but I was so fucking horny from anticipation all I could say was, “Ok.”

She smiled, wide eyed, and leaned over and gave my cock head a three second suck and then said, “Thank you,” as she ran out the door.

My dick sat there stupefied. It couldn’t decide whether to grow or shrink. It’s like finding out your archenemy just died. You’re either extremely happy or sad at the human loss but in the end both.

Watching my dick’s decision making processes was interrupted by a large black man being escorted by my wife through our front door. I immediately jumped up to greet him with my well trained business manner when I realized I was standing there naked with a contemplating dick.

“Glad to finally meet you,” I said as I put my pants on. He nodded in an upward direction which I took to mean “Sup”. At least that’s what all the cool people say when they nod that way. Hmm… no more than a head shake greeting but to his credit me being naked didn’t seem to faze him.

“Honey, get Cavendish a drink.”

“Sure, what’s your poison Cavendish?”

“Glenlivet, neat.”

“You’ve got good taste,” I said as I scampered off to the kitchen. Holy shit, my first MMF with Kay. This was going to be great. I poured us both a drink.

When I brought the bottle and drinks back to the living room Kay was cuddled up to him like the love of her life, arms around his waist and her head resting on his large chest. He sat there stoically as I served him his drink.

“So Cavendish what do you do for a living?” I said.

Cavendish said barely audible and ignoring my question, “Do you want me to fuck your wife tonight?”

“What?” I said in a slightly irritated tone. He just sat there and stared at me, not in a threating way but more like commanding an answer. After an uncomfortably long pause I glanced at Kay and said, “Yes.”

“Good answer. We’re going to have a lot of fun. As you know Kay and I have been talking quite a bit over the last month. She has come to understand that she is a sub or submissive and needs me to fulfill her needs. This means I will direct her personal and sexual life but not her family life. Would you like to add something Kay?”

“Honey it’s true, I need this from Cavendish. He already started directing me weeks ago and you haven’t noticed any real change, have you? The only thing we haven’t done is consummate our relationship but tonight’s the night.

“We’ll talk about all this later. Don’t worry we’re not changing things we’re just adding more fun.”

As she said all this Kay had begun to lightly stroke Cavendish’s crotch. I noticed I was gripping my scotch tight as if it was an anchor to the only reality I had left, at least the folks at Glenlivet had put a solid eighteen years into its making.

Cavendish said, “Tonight you will make a symbolic gesture and present your wife to me. I will direct you both. You will only participate in the manner that I specify. “

Wow, this was a lot of stuff coming at me at once.

Cavendish then asked, “Are you in? Are you ready to proceed with tonight’s activities?”

I sat there a moment. Believe it or not, I was still damn horny. I had a million questions and plenty of worries but that would be between me and Kay later. This is my chance to watch and participate in Kay’s first sexual encounter since our marriage.

I swallowed the rest of my anchor and then my pride and said, “Yes.”

“Slut crawl to him, remove his clothes and suck on his cock.”

“Yes daddy,” she said.

Wow, he didn’t waste time but it was starting off good. Kay did as she was told and proceeded to suck me with enthusiasm. It felt great.

“Finger,” Cavendish said.

With that Kay slipped he middle finger into her mouth and pulled it out then sucked my cock back into her mouth. Then she slowly began to work her finger up my ass. Blast Off, we’re going to the moon!

I was shocked and embarrassed but it felt so damn good as she sucked me and fingered my ass at the same time. After a few minutes of turbulence I broke through the outer atmosphere and reached space where I was floating happily along in a new frontier.

Cavendish noticed I had reached orbit and said in his low tone, “Tim grab behind your Knees and pull your legs back,” which I did. Then he said, “Slut finger only.” Kay stopped sucking, placed her finger in her mouth for more lubrication, and then placed me back on course for lunar landing.

There I was with my legs spread wide being penetrated like a virgin bride in front of a practical stranger and I didn’t care. I grabbed my dick but Kay removed it forcing me to experience pure anal penetration, perhaps the only way a man and woman can experience sex in almost the same way. I was definitely going to be giving Kay more anal sex.

Yes, yes! My cock is about to shoot all over my stomach and chest and Cavendish says, “Stop.”

“This is Ground Control to Major Tom…”, I’m left here hanging all alone. I’m in full-on animal lust mode now. You know, that sexual hunger point that drives us to do things we would never do in “real life”. My whole body ached to fuck. It knew its purpose, to breed this woman.

“Good girl,” Cavendish said. Obviously he had already taught her some command terms and she was performing them well. “Tim, strip your wife for me.”

With that Kay stood and faced Cavendish. I needed to make him want to breed her too. That’s the ultimate sexual state, the whole body needing to breed no matter the cost, the mess or humiliation.

I reached around her waist slowly and pulled her short skirt down. She wiggled slightly to help me but more to entice Cavendish. I removed her semi-transparent blouse and accidentally on purpose brushed against her perky tits. As I did a soft moan escaped from my horny wife. While her hands were still in the air I dropped her blouse to the floor and moved my hands back down over her stiff nipples, down her flowing hips to the same white lace open crotch panties she was wearing during last week’s webcam adventure.

I had Kay turn around and bend over. I then slowly pulled her panties down revealing her perfectly shaped ass. At about mid-thigh I paused and reached up to open my wife’s cheeks as wide as I could to reveal the warm tight holes I had to offer him. She arched her back to emphasize her willingness to be mounted by her black lover. He nodded in approval.

My hands roamed down her legs sliding her panties with them until they were around her ankles. Sparkling just above them was the sterling silver ankle bracelet.

Cavendish, in sync with my show, now had his pants at his ankles. His hand stroked his huge hard black cock which inflamed my desire to see his tool penetrate my wife and make her his slut. “Present her,” he said.

Present, but how? In a flash I knew what would make her irresistible. I sat on the couch and positioned a large pillow behind my back so I was sitting on the edge. I had Kay sit high on my lap, I grabbed her legs from behind, and had her spread herself wide as possible with the heels of her feet at the edge of the couch.

My cock was pinned under her ass and it felt good. I reached around with both hands and found her now sopping wet hole. I placed my index fingers inside her sex and pulled it wide open as she had done for him during their webcam date. I scooted a little forward so her cunt was being “presented” and said, “Sir, please seed my wife.”

With that Cavendish rose quickly with savage lust in his eyes and then he made just the slightest pause and walked over slowly and confidently. I’d gotten him! He was out of control for a second with lust. He wasn’t the only one that knew how to control.

As he approached, Kay reached out and grabbed his cock with both hands, one above the other yet his shaft and head still protruded above defiantly. He slapped her wrists sharply which made her release her grip. I felt him spread her legs even wider and he jammed his massive cock to the hilt in one stroke.

I winced. She screamed. My fingers, which had been holding her hole open for him, felt the force of the thrust which caused me to quickly withdraw them. She shuddered on his outstroke and grabbed his ass to assist with his next.

Again, the full thrust of a huge black man’s cock forced deep into her womb. This time Kay’s scream came from immense pleasure. I was not only witnessing this lured scene, in detail, but my cock buried in the crack of her ass was being rewarded by the power of his strokes.

“Fuck me master! Make me your whore,” Kay said as she thrust her cunt forward to meet his strokes.

My hands were now flat, palms down, on her swollen pussy and inner thighs forming a heart shape with my fingers and thumbs spreading her as wide as I could for Cavendish. They encircled her sex so perfectly that I would occasionally feel his cock stroking into my Kay.

Kay had never had a child and her pussy was very tight. With each increasingly rapid stroke her pleasure became an addiction. To my amazement, the fleshy inside of her pussy was being pulled outside about a half inch with each outstroke of Cavendish’s monstrous tool.

He was going for it now. His hard thrusts started to quicken and she was literally bouncing off my lap with a squeal at the zenith of being airborne. I guided her ass crack onto my hard cock as she landed to steal a little pleasure for myself.

The three of us resembled a runaway steam locomotive racing down the tracks. Cavendish’s main rod was pistoning in and out of Kay’s tight cylinder providing the force that drove her along the rail, my cock. Her screams the whistle and her tits were the pressure gauges that Cavendish the engineer tweaked hard from time to time. The train ran full-out for about twenty minutes.

Suddenly, he jabbed deep and hard with a violent force. Kay and I were both slammed against the couch. Cavendish stared like a savage beast into her eyes. We were pinned and frozen in place with a brief moment of absolute silence. Then I felt the slightest of movements, a second, a third, like ripples in a pond washing over your feet. He was filling her.

Before I fully realized the message the ripples had brought I felt the trembling of a violent earthquake in my lap. Kay engulfed his huge muscular frame by wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him as she desperately pulled his ass tight into the home promised exclusively to her husband, me.

Her eruption was unexpectedly quiet with only a low scratchy exhale as if the force of his cum against her womb had forced the last breath of air from her lungs. Her viselike hold on Cavendish was severely challenged as her body shook violently in my lap like a junky without a fix.

As she continued to quiver I felt a warmness on my balls. It was their juices coating my testicles and flowing into the crack of my ass. My cum splattered up my chest.

I may have passed out or entered another dimension, I don’t know. As I became aware of my surroundings Cavendish was seated back in his chair and Kay was meticulously cleaning his cock with her eager tongue, consuming the last remnants of his treasure.

Kay’s round perfect ass was pointing directly at me. Her cunt was gaping open covered in cum. His pearly white sugar was dripping slowly out of her like the frosting on an overheated Cinnabon. This sight would make anyone hungry.

I crawled over to Kay’s ass and scooped some of Cavendish’s cum back into her hole with my finger. I took time to explore her inner cavern as I placed my lips on her puckered brown ring and sucked. Her tight sphincter muscle slowly relented and relaxed enough to crown a little between my lips. Then my tongue force itself deep into her darkest hole.

Kay reach back and stroked my hair twice like I was a good little boy and returned to her cleaning duties. Looking over her ass as I continued my job I saw Cavendish was hard and ready again. “Slut you’re going to eat my cum like a whore,” he said.

Kay said, “Please daddy, I would like that.” To my amazement he pulled her head down by the hair onto one of his thighs positioning her mouth toward his cock. He didn’t want a blowjob he was going to jackoff into her mouth! Held tightly by the hair she opened her mouth wide and eager to be fed. It was incredibly hot watching him stroke that massive tool with the intent of using Kay’s mouth merely as a filthy cum dump.

I rose up to plunge my cock into Kay’s wet pussy but Cavendish looked over and said, “No!” I shrank back down and continued to service her ass with my tongue.

A minute or two later his huge pinkish head grew shiny and purple ready to explode. I withdrew my finger from Kay’s pussy and grabbed my own hard cock and started stroking. “Don’t swallow!” he commanded. The first blast of his sticky cum caught her upper lip leaving a slight ropey white trail to the rest of the cum in her mouth.

I was seeing all this in slow motion. As the second stream arched into her open mouth I slipped down and plunged my tongue into Kay’s hot cunt, licking, sucking and stroking my own straining cock.

The third shot was another direct hit followed by his cock head oozing the remainder of his load down his shaft to his fingers. He wiped his fingers on her cheek and said, “Keep your mouth open and don’t suck.”

Cavendish proceeded to lewdly dip his head into the cum pool in Kay’s mouth and wipe it all around her lips, chin and nose. “Ok, swallow slut.” She swallowed and began cleaning his fingers and cock. My cum hit the carpet and I collapsed onto the floor.

Laying there on my back it occurred to me that I had just been eating my wife’s pussy that was full of Cavendish’s cum. I almost gagged as I realized my lips, chin and nose were also covered with his cum. I wiped my face quickly. “Well it really is cleaner than licking the inside of her ass,” I thought. No big deal it’s just sex. I’ll be more careful next time.

Cavendish told Kay to sit on the coffee table and spread her legs wide. “Open,” he said. She reached down with both hands and stretched open her cum filled pussy. “Your mouth too,” which she did. “Tim, kneel in front of your wife with your hands to your side,” which I did.

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