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Hey all and welcome to the adventures of me, Zoe. Before I begin I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a 19 year old college student that is in love. The first love being my boyfriend Tim. The second being sex. Yes, I love sex, in all its sweaty, sticky glory. Before I met Tim I guess you could say I was kind of a church mouse. I didn’t smoke, drink, swear, disobey my parents, etc. Tim changed all that. He opened my eyes to the world that night we first slept together. Now we’ve been dating for a year and I couldn’t be happier.

Not a day goes by where I’m not at Tim’s apartment. Some of the time he isn’t even home, in which I just hang out by myself or with his roommate Eric. I don’t mind it when the guys are gone as it gives me a chance to clean. Let me tell ya, cleaning up after two 22 year old college guys is a job in of itself. In fact, I really only go home to get new clothes or when I feel like getting scolded by my dad. Their apartment isn’t much, just a dingy two bedroom two bath that desperately needed to be updated, but the nice thing about it is that it’s close to the university.

So on to the story.

It was a Wednesday night and I had just screwed up cooking dinner. This was nothing new and at least Tim gave me points for effort. Resorting to plan B I called and ordered us a pizza. While waiting I sat on the couch and watched Tim play video games, bored but content. When he finally took a break to smoke I followed him onto the balcony. We each lit a cigarette and he sat in his rusty metal chair next to a cardboard box that held the ashtray. I leaned onto the railing and looked down at the passersby. I liked being on the second floor as we got some good views of the surroundings.

“I’m bored,” I said blowing smoke into the air and turning to face Tim.

“So,” he replied. “What do you want to do about it?”

“I don’t know,” I said whining.

“You could get me a beer,” he replied smiling at me.

“Oh how could I resist that smile,” I joked then put out my cigarette and headed into the kitchen. I honestly couldn’t resist him. Tim is very pleasing on the eyes: short blonde hair, tall, skinny but still toned, and deep blue eyes.

I guess I have good timing as the doorbell rang when I was in the kitchen. I answered it and sure enough it was the pizza delivery man.

“Just a sec,” I said and turned to find Tim’s wallet. Scrambling around I managed to find it. Of course it was in his pants from yesterday that were crumpled up next to the television. I don’t think Tim ever put anything away where it was supposed to go.

I returned to pay the man when I fumbled and dropped Tim’s wallet on the ground by his feet. When I leaned down to get it I could feel the man eyeing my chest. I smiled, feeling reassured about my looks as he stared at the cleavage my C cups breasts provide.

“Here ya go,” I said standing up and handing him the money.

“Thank you,” he said enthusiastically and left.

I set the pizza down on the table and walked back to the balcony to give Tim his beer.

“Here sweetie,” I said handing the beer to him.

“What’s with the grin?” He asked.

“Oh nothing,” I replied. I paused for a moment then said, “I know what we could do.”

“Eat dinner?” Tim chuckled.

“No,” I said as I moved and straddled myself over him. Sitting in his lap I leaned in and kissed him softly on the cheek. I kept kissing him as I said, “You could fuck me. Right here, right now.”

“What? On the balcony?” Tim laughed.

I pulled away and sat straight up. I ran my hands over his chest and replied, “Yes. Right here.

“I don’t think so Zoe,” Tim said nervously. I could tell he was thinking about it but wouldn’t budge.

“Oh come on,” I pouted. “You could show all those people passing by how to really fuck a girl.”

Tim sat there silent, staring at me.

“Okay,” I said cheerfully. “How about I suck you off?”

“What’s with you,” he said lifting me off of him and standing up. “Why do you want to do it out here where everybody can see us?”

“I don’t know,” I said crossing my arms. “It would be something new, something you haven’t done, and it would be exciting. You know, us knowing they could be watching us.”

Without saying anything Tim walked back into the apartment. I quickly followed, trying to slap his butt as he moved into the kitchen.

“Damn someone’s horny,” Tim said and finally stopped next to the kitchen table.

“I can’t help it,” I said leaning into him. The pizza guy staring at my chest got me going, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. “I need it. I want it,” I said. I moved my hands down his chest to his crotch. I could feel him grow within his jeans. “C’mon baby,” I said seductively. “Give me that cock.”

“Well what can I say to that,” Tim replied.

I knew Tim liked it when I talked dirty, and it was a turn on for me as well. I didn’t need anymore motivation as my hands unzipped his jeans. I grabbed a hold of them and his boxers and, as I knelt down, I pulled them with me. I helped him step out of them before looking up and seeing my prize, free from its cage.

Tim leaned against the table as I went to work. I eagerly grabbed his hardened shaft by the base and held it in front of me. I ran my tongue up and down the length of it, stopping breifly so I could flick my tongue at the head. I looked up at his eyes as I teased him. I was so turned on, knowing he was watching me pleasure him. I loved the control I had over him as I played with his cock. It was like a toy. My toy. I engulfed him into my mouth and proceeded to suck as hard as I could. His cock hit the back of my throat as I took him in and out. The saliva built within my mouth but I didn’t want to stop. I let it seep out of me as I continued my work.

Tim ran his hands through my long and curly auburn hair. He gently grasped it as his hands carressed the back of my head. I wanted him to be more forceful and fuck my mouth like he does my pussy. Instead he leaned down and grabbed my arms, pulling me up.

I breathed heavily as I caught my breath. Wiping the drool from my chin I looked at him and said, “Why stop?”

“Cause I want to fuck you before I explode,” he replied.

Smiling up at him I said, “I think I can live with that.”

Suddenly he grabbed my hips and picked my skinny body up and draped me over his shoulders. I gasped and, slapping his ass I said, “Giddy up.” He carried me into the bedroom and flung me onto the bed. After regaining my composure I watched as he turned on the television and pressed play on the dvd player.

I sat up and lifted my tee shirt over my head as the sounds of sex poured from the television speakers. Tim turned me on to pornography. Before I thought it was degrading to women and only perverts watched it, but now I love it. I fantasize about what it must be like to be those women. Sometimes I pretend that it’s really other people in the room having sex right next to us.

I undid my bra and tossed it aside as I looked on at the television, watching two women share a man’s cock between their mouths. I know this was Tim’s favorite. Tim threw off his shirt and jumped on the bed. Quickly he was at my neck, kissing it before moving to my chest. I continued to watch the screen as Tim ran his tongue along my breasts. His hands roamed along my body, unable to find a home. I moaned out when I felt his teeth clench down on my nipple. Tim knew I liked a little pain with my pleasure.

I couldn’t wait for him any longer and grabbed my jeans. After unclasping them I quickly pulled them down. Tim finished pulling them off of me and didn’t waste time before taking off my thong. His hand finally found its way to my sopping pussy. I gasped as his fingers probed in and out of me. I loved this feeling of being ravaged, knowing he desperately wanted me.

“Fuck me,” I said impatiently.

He pulled his hands from me and leaned up saying, “Aren’t we in a hurry.”

I laughed at myself for being so impatient. I sat up and grabbed the hand that was probing inside me. Slowly I stuck one finger in, then another. I don’t know what was better, tasting myself on him or knowing how much it turned him on. Either way I finished cleaning his fingers then said, “My pussy tastes like it needs to be fucked by something much bigger than your finger.”

“Will this do?” He said kneeling with his back straight up, pointing his marvelous cock at me.

“For now,” I giggled lightly then got on my hands and knees facing the television.

Tim knelt behind me and grabbed my hips. After getting into position he slapped my ass, causing me to moan. His hand spanked me again, a little harder this time, and again I moaned out.

“You like that don’t you,” he said as he continued to spank me, alternating cheek to cheek.

“Oh ya,” I said as I watched the women on the screen massage each other as the man fucked them.

One final slap came down before I felt his cock at the tip of my pussy. I moaned as he slowly sank himself into me. Every muscle clenched against him as he fully buried himself. Once in, he began rocking back and forth, pulling my hips towards him. I bounced back and forth in sheer bliss as he fucked me.

“God yes,” I moaned out dropping my head into the sheets.

The sounds of our bodies slapping against each other combined with the moaning from the television was sending me over the edge. All I could think about was this wonderful sensation. His cock was hitting every right spot. His hand gripped my hips like he was clinging for his life. I moaned into the sheets, louder and louder as he pummeled me. For a moment we seemed in unison with people on the screen. Our combined moaning and grunting was overwhelming. I closed my eyes and let the sounds guide me to an orgasm.

The sounds of my screams must have tipped off Tim as he pulled out of me. I didn’t want him to stop. I needed that cock inside me, one way or another. I quickly spun around and saw Tim’s sweaty body panting. I grabbed his cock and verociously sunk my mouth around it. I thoroughly cleaned it of my juices before lifting my head up. I stroked his shaft and looked at him. Panting I said, “You’re not giving up on me now are ya?”

Tim didn’t say a word as he grabbed my shoulders and spun me back around. I returned to my place on all fours and waited impatiently for his cock to return and fill the void it left.

“I want to try something new,” Tim breathed out.

“Oh ya,” I said getting excited, wondering what he had in mind.

Tim squirmed himself into position. I could feel the head of his cock press against my asshole. That was the obvious clue of what he was about to do. I guess I should of known when I looked at the screen and saw the man buried balls deep into the blonde’s ass.

“Don’t clench,” Tim said as his cock pressed against me.

I couldn’t help it. I was scared of having him in there but at the same time was excited. This was something new for the both of us. I knew Tim hadn’t done this with another girl and that turned me on, knowing I would be his first like he was for me. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth as his cock slowly penetrated my ass. At first I felt like I was imploding, but as I relaxed and allowed him in the feeling started to subside. I opened my eyes, realizing the fear was worse than the act. I watched the girls scream out in pleasure on the screen as Tim made his way deeper and deeper inside me. The pain started to combine with pleasure and before I knew it my body was pushing back against him.

“Oh my god that’s amazing,” Tim moaned out.

“Good baby,” I replied panting. “My body is for your pleasure.”

“Oh ya it is,” Tim continued to grunt. “God damn,” he said as our boddies got into a rythm.

I couldn’t think about anything other than that large cock invading my ass. I moaned as my hips were pulled repeatatly towards him. I concentrated on that cock splitting me open, and the pleasure it brought to Tim.

“Fuck ya,” Tim said breaking my concentration. “Just like them.”

He must have meant the people on the screen. I looked up to see the girls on their knees, waiting for the guy to cum on them. If that’s what Tim wants then I won’t deny him.

Tim sped up his pace as our bodies rocked back and forth. I went from feeling overly stuffed to feeling empty as he pulled himself out of me. He grabbed my body and awkwardly rolled me onto my back. My head bounced as it landed just off edge of the bed. I leaned up only to see Tim’s balls in front of me. I quickly sucked on one, then the other as Tim mounted himself over my chest. I was in an awkward position and couldn’t really move when Tim grabbed the back of my head, holding it in place. Quickly he shoved his cock passed my lips and into my mouth. The taste of bitterness quickly filled me as he rammed himself back and forth into me.

“Fuck my mouth like my pussy,” I thought to myself. Isn’t that what I was thinking earlier? I got my wish as Tim continued to jab at the back of my throat. I couldn’t suck, couldn’t lick, nothing. Just take his cock in and try not to gag.

It didn’t take long before Tim pulled out. I opened my eyes to see him jerking off, with his cock pointing directly at me. His grunting became loud and he closed his eyes. A second later a stream of his seed shot out and hit me on the bridge of my nose. In reaction I closed my eyes. I held tight as I felt a second wave hit my lips.

Feeling it was safe I opened my eyes to see Tim squeezing any last drop of his semen onto my chest. Thoroughly spent he collapsed back onto the bed. I wiped him sperm from my lips and wiped it onto my breast before getting up.

I couldn’t think straight. I awkwardly rolled over and off the bed. My body couldn’t stop shaking. My ass, pussy, and mouth all ached. My muscles felt worn. I felt sweaty and sticky. All I could think was how great that was. My mind was trapped there as I headed out of the room.

I grabbed a cigarette from the table and walked onto the balcony. I lit it up and breathed in. That’s when reality came back to me. The cold brisk air snapped my mind back and I looked out, seeing the people walk the streets. That’s when I realized I was not only completely naked, but covered in Tim’s seed that seeped down my face and body.

For a second I was in shock, paralyzed, and frozen in place. That’s when two college guys pointed up at me and yelled, “Hell ya!” I let out a smile and stood still as one reached for his phone and snapped a picture. Feeling cold I put out the cigarette and walked back inside.

I walked back into the bedroom to find Tim composing himself. He didn’t say anything as he started getting dressed.

“Have fun?” I asked.

“Just a bit,” he laughed.

I sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the television. My body ached but yet still yearned for more. I knew Tim was spent though. I watched on as a new scene unfolded. Two girls, a blonde and a brunette, were making out on their bed while a guy watched on.

“I wonder what it’s like?” I said.

“Wonder what what’s like? Tim responded.

“To kiss a girl.”

I swear Tim froze in place when I said that. A devilish grin swept accross his face. I didn’t say another word on the matter and leaned back, watching the scene unfold.

That story is for another time.

Derek kissed my lips softly and tenderly. His nude body loomed over my own as I laid on my back on the bed. My firm 34B tits were being cupped in his hands. He squeezed softly at first then became much rougher as the seconds went on. I stared into his bright blue eyes as his teeth made their way to the soft pale flesh of my nape. He brushed some of my red hair aside to get a better grip on my neck’s skin. I moaned and twisted in pleasure.

He leaned up, his rock hard seven inch cock pushing against my already damp pussy. My eyes admired his arms and his six pack abs. His body covered in tattoos; a major turn on. My body only slightly covered but enough to get him turned on as well. His eyes traced my body as he grabbed his cock in his hand. He pushed the head of his dick against the lips of my pussy. My teeth sunk down into my lower lip in anticipation.

“Tell me you want it.” He said with a glare. His voice stern and masculine. I smirked at him, pinching my own erect nipples.

“Please, daddy.” I said in a whisper. My eyes taunted him with a flirtatious stare.

Derek smirked at my respond. It was exactly what he was wanting to hear. He pushed the head of his dick in but pulled it out. Oh he knew how much I love being teased.

My hips thrusted upward, trying to encourage him to slide more in. He didn’t give in so easily though. He rubbed the head of his smooth cock over my clit. My eyes closed and I moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” He sneered.

My head nodded as I let out another pleasurable moan as he thrusted a few inches of his cock inside of me. My mouth dropped opened and my eyes opened. My hazel eyes staring into his own blues. Another moan came forth as he slid even more in. He went slowly, teasing me still, making me crave his cock.

Finally I had enough of the slow and tedious thrusts. My hands pressed hard on his lower back, forcing him inside of me. This time I let out a much louder and longer moan. MY eyes closed and my body tensed as I felt all seven inches of his cock slide inside of me.

Derek did not take long to thrust hard and fast. As I began to scream he placed a hand over my mouth to shut me up. It hardly worked and I moaned and screamed into his palm. This only turned him on more and his thrusting became much more rough. His other hand reached for my throat. He held me down tightly, forcing himself deep inside of my now soaked pussy. I felt his cock stretching me open and I screamed, wanting more and more. I could feel his balls slapping between my legs.

I thought this would be it. I figured he would cum in this rough missionary position, but I was wrong. So, so, wrong. Not that I minded when he slid out of me and tossed me onto my hands and knees. He slapped my ass and sent me lurching forward. I put a hand out so I wouldn’t hit the wall in front of me. I looked back at him and sneered. Pushing my ass higher into the air and putting my face sideways on the pillow, I waved my ass side to side. Now I was taunting him.

Derek’s fingers slid inside of my drenched pussy. He rubbed my swollen clit for only a brief moment to tease me before rubbing my own juices on my asshole. I knew exactly where this was going. Having only had anal sex twice before my body tensed up. He could sense it as he rubbed more of my juices on my back door.

“Calm down, baby.” He cooed as he slid an index finger inside. My asshole was tight and the feeling of his finger only caused discomfort. He watched my eyes clench shut and my mouth too.

“Relax.” He whispered again.

With a gulp I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I knew the trick to anal not hurting was to relax and I did my best. Red locks of hair stuck to the back of my neck from sweat and my hazel eyes stared up at the powerful man behind me.

He rubbed the head of cock against my asshole. He pressed very, very slowly. I felt my asshole being stretched wide and it was a feeling of pain and discomfort. I let out a whimper of pain and clenched my eyes shut. My teeth gritted together as he went inch by inch inside of me. I couldn’t help but to whimper and gasp as I felt my back hole being stretched wide by his rock hard cock.

“Oh yeah, baby. I’m in.” He said between heavy breaths.

I couldn’t bear to open my eyes quite yet. The discomfort of his cock inside of my ass hadn’t gone away. Especially when his hands squeezed my hips and he began to thrust in and out. I felt him slide out a few inches and then back in. His breathing was heavy from excitement. I tried not to squirm as I felt the cock stretching by back end wide open. Four inches out, four inches in. He repeated the motion slow but began to go faster and faster.

“Ah!” I screamed out as his thrusts became rough. He beat into it with no remorse. My body rocked back and forth and he grabbed my hips tightly, forcing me to eat his cock up with my now burning asshole.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, baby. You like that don’t you, slut?” He asked between heavy breaths and groans of pleasure.

“Oh.” I managed to moan. “Y-yes.”

Tears formed in my eyes as my asshole became red. The burning feeling didn’t seem like it would go away. Then suddenly I noticed him slow down and pull out. I was surprised for I hadn’t thought he came yet. Nope. Different position. I should of known.

Derek sat down, his back against the wall, and patted his lap. I thought he wanted me to ride his cock with my pussy which craved his cock. But as I got on top of him he pulled me forward, closer to him, and slowly set my asshole above his cock’s swollen head.

Closing my eyes and with a loud scream “ah” he pushed me down. Once more my asshole was forced to eat his entire rock hard cock. He held my hips again and lifted me up and down.

“Come on baby. Ride it.” He groaned.

Wanting to please my man I did just that. My knees rested on either side of him and my hands pressed into the wall above his head. I forced myself up and down, my asshole burning still as it remained stretched by his cock. I gasped and screamed as tears dripped down my cheeks. I felt like I was being ripped apart as he forced me down harder than I had planned.

His hands reached up and his thumb and index fingers grabbed my nipples. He pinched them so hard I had to scream. Using my nipples to control me, he lifted me up and down. I followed his motions, wanting him to cum now!

“Oh daddy!” I screamed after a long moan of discomfort. My eyes were closed but the tears managed to continue to fall down my cheeks. I was panting, trying to ignore the pain in my back end.

“You’re gonna cum first.” He groaned.

One of his hands reached up to grab my throat. He kept moving me up and down and I followed. My hips moving in circles as well. His other hand went between my legs and in between us. His index finger found my swollen clit and relentlessly he rubbed. His finger moved fast and pressed hard into my clit.

“Ah! Oh! Oh, yes! D-d-daddy!” I screamed. My mouth dropped open to breathe easier and my eyes opened. I stared up at the ceiling as I continued to hump up and down on his thick seven inch cock. The burning in my asshole began to fade as my pussy got the pleasure it craved.

Next he shoved his index and middle finger inside of me. I moaned loud. Without realizing it I began to ride his cock even harder. I screamed loud as I felt that cock stretch my asshole even more. I moved up and down, enjoying the pain mixed with the pleasure. And to make matters better his thumb continued to massage my clit fast and hard. It wouldn’t be long till I reached my climax.

Another three minutes of pain and pleasure mixed anal sex, I felt my legs tightening. I closed my eyes and moaned loud and long. My body began to shake, my legs twitching, my thighs tight. My pussy began to pulse around his fingers as my juices leaked onto them. I couldn’t help but to sit down hard on his cock. I felt it slide deep up inside of me and let out another scream. Just as I did I felt Derek tense up too. His body also needed release. I could feel his cock stiffen and he wrapped his arms around my waist, letting his load shoot up inside of my back door.

We held each other for a moment, panting and completely pleased. My body still shook slightly from the pleasure of the orgasm.

“I love you.” He said, pulling away to kiss my lips softly.

“I love you too.” I panted. I began to rise, feeling his cock slip out inch my inch. Somehow, I had a feeling I’d be craving that cock in my asshole more often…

Shaun is online. The message popped up on my desktop making that annoying pinging noise. The damn noise I could just not figure out how to turn off.

The pop up stayed there as I glared at it. Old familiar feelings coursing through my veins, heading right for my lower regions. I sighed. I needed to stop the mixture of excitement, wrongness, and horniness from reaching my pussy.

It was a sigh in vain.

I was currently in a committed, monogamous relationship with a good hearted, successful boy called matt. In fact our 6 month anniversary was just around the corner. He was an amazing lover. Possessing all the tools in bed to keep up with my never ending sexual desires.

I thought the days off my pussy ruling my life were over. Long gone were the months of sucking and fucking every random internet guy. The mock rape scenes and threesomes were stuff for fantasies. I went to therapy and worked hard to overcome my sex addiction. I was a good girl now. I had grown up. Finished my degree. Secured a job and settled down. We talked off marriage, kids and the white picket fence — the life most girls dream off.

But I wasn’t like most girls. Sometimes when I thought really hard I could actually convince myself my life was not a lie. Therapy had actually changed me. I had become the woman society expected me to become. But deep down my inner whore fought daily to be heard. It struggled against these societal bonds wanting to break free of its repression.

Underneath that women I had become I was still a slut. There was no two ways about it. I hid it well, but it never let me forget its existence.

It was that inner slut that saw the online ping as its opportunity to break free. My pussy was wet. I was no longer thinking with my brain. It was time for the whore version of me to take charge.

“Wassup bitch?” Shaun knew how to turn me on. He was an old fuck buddy of mine. We fucked for almost a year before my current relationship. He slapped me, bit me, choked me, and used me. And I loved every minute of it.

There was something about him that I could not resist. And it wasn’t just that amazing cock of his that could turn me from a respectful woman into a begging bitch within seconds.

There was something else. I’m not quite sure what it was, although I suspect it was our shared views on sex. I think we both believed sex was not an act of intimacy (something I struggle with in my current relationship) it was an act of raw, carnal lust with no emotional hang-ups. I didn’t care for him — he didn’t care for me. We suited each other perfectly.

Emotionless fucking. No expectation of anything else. I missed it.

“Hey cock,” I replied — my every instinct crying at me to ignore the message. But it was too late the whore was in control.

“I shaved my cock and balls today,” he typed. ” I think you will be proud of me.”

“Let me see,” I excitingly responded, before I could allow the feelings of guilt to surface and restrain me from getting a glimpse of the cock I craved.

The video call chimed. There was the briefest conscious struggle as I reached over to answer it.

Was this considered cheating on my boyfriend?

As much as I was a slut, I was still the slut that loved matt dearly and would never want to cause him any hurt.

The struggle was over in moments. The pull of Shaun’s cock was a magnetic force I was inexplicably drawn too.

He paraded his cock and balls in front of the camera as my mouth salivated.

“What you want to do to me with that cock?”

“Choke you on it.”

“You couldn’t make me choke, I’ve got no gag reflex remember?”

“Oh I could.”

“I’ll hold your head down with my legs, till you can’t breathe.”

I had an instant flashback to a football game he had sat and watched at my house. I of course was on my knees, mouth buried in his groin. His cock was pushing on my throat muscles determined to force its way past them. He had wrapped those pure muscle legs of his around my head, leaving me powerless to resist. When I struggled to breath and attempted to dislodge those rock hard thighs my efforts were futile. He had a strength that far surpassed mine and most men I know, and I would not breathe until he decided I was able to.

It was a scene I was desperate to recreate.

“I want to cum all over your face!”

“Been a long time since I’ve had a cum facial. I love cum especially on my face.”

“Can I bring you some?”

“I wish I could say yes…” I whined. “Every time I talk to you, I get closer to saying yes. Maybe I shouldn’t talk to you anymore.”

And with that, before I could lose my resolve, I hung up the call. I did not wish to cheat on my boyfriend. I had come too far to make a stupid move like that.

A week passed. Pings came and went. I ignored them. I began to look at our online video chat as a weak spot in my bid to stay clean and sober. A minor relapse, was what my addiction therapist called it.

Until that fateful Thursday night. The night that changed my mundane ‘normal’ life forever.

Thursday night was always my night to indulge in a little me time. Matt worked at his restaurant until closing. Until 11pm I could slip into the bath and escape into fantasy land, while I masturbated myself to countless orgasms.

On this particular night I was fantasizing of three cocks simultaneously fucking my throat, cunt and ass. It was a recurring dream of mine. One I had sadly never had the chance to experience. I was almost there picturing the big fat cocks pumping into me, when a knock at the door brought me sharply back to reality.

I wasn’t expecting anyone and figured it would not do any harm to ignore the annoyance and let the caller believe I was not home.

With this in mind I began to slip back into the fantasy. Determined this time to reach that high I was climbing quickly towards.

The knocking continued.

Angry now at this disturbance I cursed under my breath, “Can’t this fuckwit work out that either I am not bloody home, or I don’t fucking care to answer the door?!”

But as the pounding got louder, it was apparent that this fuckwit could not understand the obvious message.

Cursing once again, I stepped out the bath. Grabbing the nearest towel, I wrapped my wet almost orgasmic body and walked to the front door.

“Who is it?” I asked in a pissed of tone. Hoping the caller would pick up on the irritation in my voice.

“Shaun,” was the instant cocky reply.

I took a mental step back. This was the last person I was expecting at my front door. Besides for seeing Shaun at a couple of parties in the area (after which I would go home and fantasize about his cock pounding me) and that brief video chat the previous week our lives did not intertwine. There would be no reason he would come to my house. Except that is for sex.

With this in mind, a silent pledge to stay strong and refuse any advances, I opened the door.

He walked in. Jeans hugging his tight ass, shirt showing off his magnificent chest muscles, just as I remembered him. With the cocky attitude I recalled too well he waved some USB stick at me, looked at me and spat out, “On your knees bitch!”

I laughed in his face, so sure he was trying to play an old game and hoping I would go along with it. As much as I desired to get on my knees just to humour him, I worried about giving him the wrong vibe.

There was absolutely no way I was going to suck, fuck or gag on his cock tonight. I was in a committed relationship now with Matt whom I cared about very deeply. My inner slut had taken control for a brief moment the previous week. But it was just a minor relapse — I was completely back in control now.

I became enraged now, angry he would believe that by reappearing on my doorstep and ordering me to my knees I would willingly cheat on my boyfriend.

“Get out of my house,” I yelled. “Who do you think you are? Do you imagine that because you happen to come by and tell me to do something I am going to listen to you? I’ve moved on you cocky mother fucking bitch, who do you think you are? Just get out, get out of here!”

He listened to my ranting. He made no move to leave at all. His face was calm. A small smug smile beginning to appear in the corners of his mouth. Almost as if he was expecting my anger and waiting for me to let it all out.

He waited until I fell silent. He stepped up to me, and reaching up he held my face between his hands. It was a move so unexpected I was stunned into submission. Looking directly into my eyes he forcefully stated, “I own your ass now. See this USB stick I’ve got here? I’ve got our video chat recorded.”

“Who the fuck cares,” I whimpered, my mind racing to the possibilities as to what this interaction could mean.

“I think you care,” he arrogantly answered my rhetorical question. “I know you love Matt and you don’t want to hurt him. Any disobedience from you and this USB gets delivered right into his hands.”


His tone rose. Fury in his voice. Fury for my doubt in his dominance.

I laughed nervously at his command. I knew this guy. There was no way he had the balls to carry this plan off. It was probably some half assed impulse he decided to act on without thinking it through. Something that many years in the future we would laugh about.

Before I could ascertain what my next move would be Shaun walked up, slapped me across my face and knocked me to the ground. The push loosened the towel I had been clinging tightly to my body. I lay there in shock, naked, panting at the invasion of my body.

“Listen cunt I am serious. One more act of insubordination from you and I will leave this house, drive straight to Matt’s work and deliver this USB right into his hand.”

It was at this moment I understood. For the first time I believed this was really happening. This was no fantasy.

Shaun sensed my submission and triumphantly stood over me. “You will do everything I say,” he gloated. “You will be my little slave cunt. You will serve me whenever and however I desire. I own you.”

My pre orgasmic body was completely dry now. His words suck any moisture I previously had in my pussy. Although I had fantasized about this many times, this was no longer a fantasy. I abhorred a scenario I could not control.

I was in fear of losing my relationship. The man I loved like I’ve never loved anyone before. I feared losing my sobriety. I worried Shaun would unlock the slut in me. The slut I had kept under wraps for so long. Would I once again become the whore I worked so hard to repress?

Shaun did not care for my thoughts. He had a cunt now. One he could use whenever he might fancy. His cock hardened at the sight of his slut lying on the ground at his feet.

“Get up onto your knees,” he commanded. “Open my fly and take out my cock, one tooth mark and this tape goes straight to your boyfriend.”

I slowly lifted my heavy limbs up and crawled over to him. I opened his jeans. It was an act I used to enjoy so much. Now one I was disgusted at.

I glanced at his cock and then turned away. How could I put a cock that was not Matt’s into the mouth that had only sucked his for 6 months? I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t perform this last step that would push this scenario into a step it could never go back on.

Shaun, frustrated with my slow movements, grabbed my head and pinched my nose so I had no choice but to open my mouth. In one swift movement his cock was once again lodged in the back of my throat. The movement didn’t stop. In and out he moved my face using my mouth like a surrogate pussy. He didn’t wait for me to breathe. No courtesies allowed for the slave he now owned.

Pulling my long black hair behind me he forced his rock hard cock down my oesophagus. He smashed my nose against his shaven pubic hairs, cutting of all air supply, and leaving me clawing at his ass to loosen his grip. I was an experienced cock sucker, but even this was too much for me.

Deep in my pussy the juices were beginning to gather and flow. I couldn’t believe my body could betray me like that. I tried to stop the normal human process, but it was to no avail. When he reached down and felt my wet pussy he laughed in my face and called me the whore I knew I was.

He dragged me over to the couch and threw me over the side. I screamed in pain as he impaled my tight asshole. Matt had never taken to anal sex so scared he would hurt me. It had been 6 months since anything bigger than a finger had entered that hole.

I begged him for mercy, pleading with him to take it slow like he used to until my ass could familiarize itself with his cock. The pleading landed me with repeated slaps across my bottom until it burned a bright shade of red.

“I do not take it slow with my whore. You don’t deserve my kindness. You are here for my needs not for yours. Stop being such a pussy and suck it up,” he yowled. “I have plenty of other ways I want to use you and abuse you which you will really have a chance to cry about.”

He yelled in ecstasy as his cock pulsed in my ass spurting the heaps of cum he always had.

He pulled his cock out my ass and ripped the condom off. Looking at me with an evil smile he yanked up my head by my hair and stated, “clean my cock!”

My face grimaced with a look of revulsion. “One disobedience,” he warned. “One disobedience.”

I stuck my tongue out and licked cum off his now softening cock. He moaned as I wrapped my lips around he dick and cleaned it while tasting that familiar condom aftertaste.

“I will be back,” he promised as he turned to leave. “Wait for my message bitch, and I’ll let you know when I need you next.”

Slamming the door behind himself he left me behind. No thought for the mess he had just created.

After a good cry I made a commitment to take each day as it comes. Ensure that I would never let anything come between Matt and I. I was good at separating my life into compartments. This would be a compartment unto it itself. It would never influence any other areas of my life.

With this commitment I felt better already, and got back into the bath to continue the evening I was meant to have before rudely interrupted.

That night as I was falling asleep, curled up beside Matt, there was a little voice inside me wanting to be heard. I ignored it. Knowing its message, though not desiring to hear it. But as I fell into dream land, the voice spoke in a tiny whisper, “maybe this is a way you can feed you inner slut without feeling guilty by cheating on Marc. It’s really the best of both worlds.”

The slut in me went wild that night. Feeding me dreams of massive cocks that would fill me up forever.

I knew it was only a matter of days before I would be serving shauns cock once again. And there was the tiniest part of me looking forward to it.

I can’t believe I am walking down the hall, wearing a black leather corset with matching panties, after my step daughter just fucked me in the ass with a dildo. I entered my bathroom, turned on the hot water in the shower, and slowly stripped out of my sexy clothes.

I stepped into the shower and soaped my body down. I poured liquid soap in my hand and rubbed it all over the cheeks of my freshly fucked ass. I ran my soapy hand down the crack of my ass and felt it still a little open. It was sensitive to my touch. I started to slide a finger inside using the soap as lube. My hips started to push back against my finger. I used my other hand to brace myself against the wall as I finger fucked myself. “Oh! Mmmmm!” It felt so good and I wanted more.

I pulled my finger out of my ass and finished showering. If I continued any longer I would have shot another load against the wall. I toweled off and went to my room to dress. The blue baby doll outfit was laid out on my bed. Jessica must have put it there while I was in the shower. I slipped it on and got horny all over again.

I walked out to the living room and Jessica was on the couch watching TV. Jessica whistled a cat call at me, “That is so fucking hot. Come sit next to me and watch some TV before bed.” Jessica patted the seat on the couch next to her.

Jessica had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing plaid flannel pajamas. She looked almost masculine. It seemed too warm to be wearing such an outfit. I sat next to her and she firmly pulled me into her chest and wrapped her arm around me. She was watching a martial arts movie, I was good with that. My face was resting against one breast and I noticed that her shirt was unbuttoned giving me a clear shot of her other breast. Jessica’s hand was rubbing my back and every once in a while she would caress my ass. I was getting very relaxed.

We must have dozed off. I woke up and the movie was over and infomercials were on. I grabbed the remote and flicked on the guide to see the time, one o’clock in the morning. I sat up and was going to bed when Jessica woke up as well.

“I’m heading to bed Jess.” I was still half asleep.

Jessica reached out her hand for me to help her up, “Me too.”

I turned to head to my room and Jessica followed me. I was to sleepy to think about it until I climbed into bed and Jessica climbed in on the other side. She quickly rolled into my back and spooned me. She reached her left arm over me and it landed on my right nipple. She nuzzled her face in the back of my neck and started to massage my nipple. I was no longer tired as my cock was instantly hard.

Jessica started to kiss and lick my neck all the way up to my ear. As she grabbed my earlobe she pinched my nipple harder and pulled on it. I let out a soft moan and pressed my ass back against her. I was expecting my ass to come in contact with her flat pelvic bone rather I found something hard poking my ass.

“Like my big surprise? I was so horny fucking you I just had to have you again.” Jessica was kissing and licking my neck as she ground her strapon cock into my ass.

Her hand fumbled under the covers before she slipped it under the waistband of my panties and pulled them down in the back. I then felt her cockhead being pushed between my cheeks, searching out its prey. I dropped my head back further giving Jess better access to my neck. I gave into her seduction and let myself be taken. “MMMMM, yes Jess please fuck me.”

“Oh yes baby. Feel my cock? I’m going to fuck your tight pussy.” Jessica flipped me on my back and crawled in between my legs. She grabbed my panties, pulled them down and off. She must have wiggle out of her pajama bottoms already because I was staring at her kneeling between my legs with a nice cock dangling between her legs. She crisscrossed her arms grabbing the hem of her top and pulled it up and over her head. Her breasts were so perfect, with large nipples, bigger than her mothers.

I felt a cold feeling as she ran a wet finger along my ass crack. She was applying a thick gel. She put her arms under my legs and pulled them up and over her shoulders. As she leaned into me my legs spread opening myself up to accept her cock. I felt the pressure against my hole and knew to push out. She was much more intense this time as she pushed the head of her cock in my pussy. She sunk right down into me as the weight of her body pushed her cock balls deep.

“MMMPPPHHH! Yes, oh god yes. Fuck me Jess. Slam that cock in me.” I grabbed onto the bedding as she began her assault.

“Ya, I knew you wanted to get fucked. Your pussy was made to be fucked. You’re my bitch now. You like having cock in your pussy don’t you little sissy slut? Tell me how you like having cock. Come on Jamie let me hear you say it.” She was long dicking me. Her breasts were covered in sweat as they bounced in front of me.

“Yes, please more.” I screamed through gritted teeth as Jess continued her assault on my prostate. She used her entire body weight to slam that long cock into me. As she bottomed out and put pressure on my prostate my half hard cock would jump and ooze cum out onto my stomach.

“No, say it bitch. I want to hear you say it.” To emphasize her point she slammed her cock into me as she pronounced each word.

“Yes Jess make me your bitch. Fuck my pussy with your big cock. Give me your cock, fuck me harder. I WANT COCK IN ME! AAAHHHHH!!!!” My body convulsed as the strongest orgasm waved through my body.

“This is my pussy now. I am going to fuck you all the time. Look what a cock in your pussy is doing to you. Your cum is oozing out and you love this so much you had an orgasm from getting fucked.” Jessica’s eyes glazed over and she pressed her cock in as deep as it could go, then she just held it still crammed in my ass. Her head fell forward and her body shook. I have never witnessed a woman having such an intense orgasm.

Jessica fell to her side taking me with her. Her cock was still imbedded in my ass as we lay facing each other. My cum drooled down my stomach and onto hers sealing us together.

“Oh my god that was the best orgasm EVER.” Jessica said through panting breaths.

“I know what you mean. I never came like that before. It wasn’t about cumming, this was different, more intense. Thank you.” I rolled away from Jess releasing our bond and her cock from my ass. Jess rolled the other way off the bed and left my room. I jumped in the shower, cleaned up, crashed back onto the bed, and passed out until morning. I assumed Jess did the same.

I was expecting the next morning to be weird and to feel guilty. As I came into the kitchen Jess was sitting at the table with our coffee and the paper. I was dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Jess looked to be ready for school.

“What is on your agenda today?” I asked Jessica as I sat down, grabbed my coffee, and took a sip.

“I just have one class today and then Chris is coming over to talk. Either we’re breaking up or he is going to offer some changes, we’ll see.” Jessica was dead pan about the entire relationship. She was not going to give an inch. Macho Chris better learn that she likes to be in charge and he can’t be all man with her.

“I’ll give you space. I have some work to do so I’ll camp out in my office. Can you just give me a signal when it’s clear to come out?” I said to Jessica.

“Don’t worry James, this is your house to, if Chris can’t talk with you around then that is more reason for him NOT to be around. He needs to learn to adapt and change. Either he wants to play by my rules or he’s out.” Jessica emphasized her point by slamming her fist down on the table.

“Well do you want Chris for who he is or what you want him to be?” I asked Jessica.

“Don’t get me wrong James. Chris is the perfect guy, almost. He’s one of the top Real Estate Agents around and to be that good requires a lot of confidence and passion. But he doesn’t know when to turn it off. He always wants to be in charge, no not in charge, in CONTROL. If he’s not in control then he will lose the deal. I’m not a piece of property. I think Chris needs an outlet opposite of what he is used to or he will burn out. If I could fuck him like I fuck you, all of his tension will be gone and that will make him better at his job.” Jessica explained to me.

“What if it is the tension that makes him that way?” I expressed back at her.

“I hear you, but Chris is so high powered he needs to release some of that. He has something he’s hiding and I think this is it. You were the same way and proved my point. I think you are more approachable, more understanding, less tense, and less defensive since you’ve allowed yourself your secret pleasures. I bet your work will improve as well.” Jessica was confident in her analysis. She was also right on the money. I received a call from my boss and he had noticed a more relaxed tone in my voice on one of our customer conference calls.

“I agree. But I still feel guilty and don’t know what will happen after Emily returns. I won’t hurt her to keep our little affair going.”

“Affair? We are just relieving sexual tension. Why do you think I have never kissed you? We don’t have that emotional connection. I find you extremely attractive when you are dressed up. I like to fuck you and you like to be fucked, plain and simple. I want Chris to get dressed up and beg to be fucked because I want to be with him. I will be glad to help persuade my mom into fucking you, or at least accept you wearing pretty things around the house. Think about it. I gotta get to class.” Jessica kissed me on the cheek, grabbed her backpack, and headed out the door.

I felt used, but my cock was rock hard. Jessica was right. We weren’t having an affair she was bringing out my hidden desires. Once someone else knew my desires, or at least made me understand my desires, there was a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. I went back to my office and pounded out twice as much work as usual. It was one o’clock before I realized the morning passed me by. My stomach growled and reminded me it was lunchtime.

I walked down the hall, towards the kitchen, when I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard Jessica and Chris talking. Actually I heard Jessica talking and Chris was more or less back pedaling about something. I didn’t want to eavesdrop but I couldn’t help myself.

“Jessica there is nothing I am suppressing or hiding from you. Stop using your psychology mumbo jumbo on me, I am not your patient.” Chris was firing back at Jessica.

“And I’m not one of your properties. I’m just saying that with your position and level of stress of your job you need to find an outlet. You must have something in the back of your mind that will be your outlet. Sexual tension is usually the easiest way to get to the a source of the problem. What deep sexual desires have you never fulfilled that would drive you to an intense orgasm?” Jessica was being clinical but at the same time I could tell her heart was racing.

“You give me everything I need Jess. You make me happy with the way things are now. I don’t need anything else.” Chris was almost pleading with her. I think this was playing right into Jessica’s hand.

“I don’t agree and I don’t want to be in a relationship that will fall apart because you are not being honest with me or yourself. Every time I offer to try something new regarding sex you shoot me down. But when you wanted me to blow you in a public place I did it. Why do you think I did it Chris? It wasn’t my fantasy, but I wanted to make you happy. But in turn I did like it. I’m just asking you to be open minded and try it you may like it. What’s the worst that happens, you don’t get off? What about the possible mind blowing orgasm that will burst every neuron you have in your head?” She was making her case, opening the trap door for him.

“But Jess, dressing up in (lowering his voice to almost a whisper) panties and having my ass played with isn’t what I am into.” He was playing shy by lowering his voice. This was pretty interesting watching her work him.

“Oh really? If you’re so against it then why do you have a boner? Maybe you just liked to be yelled at by a woman? Maybe you’re in charge all day long that it turns you on to have someone tell YOU what to do? Maybe I will tell you what to do and maybe that will be to dress in panties and eat my pussy?” Jessica was about to win this match, I could tell.

“Jess you don’t mean that? I will eat your pussy anytime you want, why do I have to be wearing panties?” He was almost on his knees begging now.

“Because I want to see you dressed up, that’s what makes me horny. Look Chris if you don’t want to dress up I totally get it. I just can’t be in a relationship that is one sided. I think you’re a great guy but you have a pent up desire that you are holding back and unwilling to share with me, and that’s ok. I just don’t want that in a relationship. Others may not mind but I do.” I smiled and thought to myself, ‘said the spider to the fly’.

“Jess that’s not fair, and you’re right I need to try more things at least once. Please give me another chance?” Spring went the trap door.

“Chris you need to change because you want to for you as well as for me. I don’t want there to be animosity between us. I want you to try things that you deeply desire.” She is so good at manipulation.

“Please Jess, I really do want to wear panties and nylons. I want my ass played with. Please Jess, I want to dress up for you.” Chris’s head fell down in defeat. He was now Jessica’s fuck toy and knew it.

“If you really mean it then go to my room and put on the outfit laid out on my bed. When you finish changing then come back and show me.” Jessica waved him off to see if he really would comply.

“But Jess, James is home he may see me.” Chris was begging to be let off.

“If you really want to change Chris then you shouldn’t care who sees you. Besides James is very open minded and would not pass judgment. Now go.” Chris left the room and headed towards Jessica’s room.

“You can come out now James.” Jessica said out loud.

I just about fell over when I heard her talking to me, “How did you know I was there?” I asked feeling guilty as hell for listening.

“I could see your reflection in the glass vase on the shelf opposite you. Besides I was going to come get you anyway. Chris is about to come out here dressed, I hope, in a red baby doll outfit. I want you to put on panties under your shorts and come out here, catching him dressed up. But wait until you hear him ask how he looks. Once he lets you see him then I will point out that you like wearing panties too, then I want you to pull down your shorts and show him.” I agreed and returned to my spot in the hallway.

Several minutes passed before I heard Chris coming down the other hallway. He must have had to go through some self-discovery before getting the nerve to come back out here.

“Now that is hot baby. Stand in front here and show me your pretty outfit.” I could tell by Jessica’s voice how happy she was.

Chris stood on the other side of the room where I could barely see him, but I did see him twirl around and say “How do I look?”

I stepped out of the hallway just in time to see Chris walking over to Jessica. I have seen Chris dressed in business suits before with his Greek olive tone skin, long black eyelashes, deep green eyes, and wavy black hair. What I didn’t realize was just how well built he was hiding under all those layers of clothes. His arms were covered in a soft dusting of dark hair. I could see the long dark hair under his pits which would have to go. His legs were evenly covered with soft black hair. His chest was smooth but I could see his dark nipples, and six pack of muscles ripple under the red baby doll outfit. He took my breath away.

When Chris saw me entering the room he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Chris raised his hand out as if to stop me from coming in the room and seeing him, “I can explain James.”

I smiled and continued to walk in the room, “No need to Chris. You’re both adults. How you want to dress and play is your business. But I will say that you look very nice.”

Jessica gave a little laugh, “See Chris it’s not just about dressing in fem clothes, but it’s how they make you look and feel.” Jessica stood and walked towards Chris.

Jessica grabbed Chris by the shoulders and looked him in the eye, “You are so fucking sexy and hot looking right now. I love you.” Jessica pulled him into a kiss as Chris melted into her arms.

It was easy to see that Chris’ cock was rising to the occasion, and what an impressive cock he had. The panties did very little to hide his excitement and mine weren’t doing much better. I turned to walk towards the kitchen when Jessica called to me.

“James wait, don’t go yet. I want Chris to see that being in nice things does not make you any less of a man.” She turned to Chris, “Don’t you think James is all man and respect him for the work he does?”

I could tell that it didn’t register yet by the puzzled look on Chris’ face, “Ya, sure. Why?”

Jessica looked at me and pointed to my shorts, “Show him Jamie.” I loved the way that Jessica switched from my male name to a feminine version when I had on sexy girly clothes.

Without hesitation I slipped my thumbs on either side of my shorts and pulled them off, leaving me in my pretty panties. “I like to wear them, they make me feel sexy.”

Jessica turned to Chris, “See you would never suspect would you? This doesn’t change you. Thank you Jamie.” I was dismissed.

I went into the kitchen, made myself some lunch, and went back to my office to give them some privacy. Like that was going to happen. I snuck back down the hall to watch the show. I am sure that Jessica was expecting me to do just that so I only concentrated on being hidden from Chris. When I reached the end of the hall I slowly peered around the corner.

Jessica was reassuring Chris, “See there is nothing wrong with wearing something that makes you feel sexy. Let it go Chrissy. Let’s just play. I’m not asking you to go out in public, relax.” Jessica pulled Chris, I mean Chrissy, towards the couch. Jessica sat Chrissy down and did a strip tease for him.

“This is something you like isn’t it baby? You like watching me take off my clothes for you?” She unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide down her shoulders to the floor. She slowly rotated her hips, seducing Chrissy.

Chrissy looked around the room, “What about James? Aren’t you afraid he will walk in?”

Jessica put her fingers to her lips to quiet him, “SHHHH, don’t worry about him, he will stay in his office. Unless you want him to come out and watch?” As she said the last part she emphasized her point by unsnapping her bra and flinging it at him.

Jessica continued her show as she pulled off her pants and tossed them aside. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her clean shaven pussy was glistening with her juices. My cock was rock hard watching this show.

Jessica walked towards Chrissy and sat on his lap facing him, “You are so fucking sexy in your outfit. Do you feel how hot my pussy is right now?” Jessica was grinding her pussy against Chrissy’s panty covered hardon.

Chrissy’s head fell forward in between Jessica’s breast. Jessica wrapped her arms around his head, “That’s my boy, you know you like this don’t you baby? Your panty covered hard cock tells me all I need to know. Can you feel how wet you’re making me baby?” Jessica didn’t wait for an answer as she guided his head to her breast.

Chrissy latched onto her nipple and began to suck on it. I could see that he was grinding his cock up against Jessica’s pussy. Jessica’s eyes glazed as she looked over at me, ran her tongue over her lips, and winked. I was definitely part of her show.

“That’s it baby suck my tits. You feel so hot in your pretty little outfit. Do you feel as sexy as you look?” Jessica was rubbing her hands all over his body.

Chrissy pulled his head away from her breast and I could see how hard her nipples had grown from his sucking, “MMMM, yes baby I feel sexy in my new clothes.”

Jessica reached behind her back, ran her hand along his inner thigh, pushed her way in through the leg opening of his panties, and fished out his monster cock. It was hard as a rock as she let it slap against her back. I hate feeling inadequate, but this guy was hung. He was every bit of eight inches long and twice as thick as mine. I did notice that he shaved his balls and probably his pubes as well. I was sure that his cock was being put on display for my viewing. Jessica lifted herself up and lowered herself back down on his cock. The full length slid right up disappearing into her juicy pussy.

They both grunted as Jessica bottomed out slamming her ass cheeks onto his thighs, “MMMPPHHH!”

Jessica wiggled her hips to adjust her pussy around his cock, “Seems like someone is enjoying himself. Your cock speaks louder than words, and right now it is screaming out to me.”

Jessica started to ride Chrissy’s cock up and down. Chrissy held Jessica’s hips to steady her and help lift her up and down on his cock. From the angle I was sitting I could see his cock dripping with Jessica’s pussy juice each time she raised up and exposed it. As her body came back down I could see his balls separate and covered in her dripping pussy juice.

Jessica began her attack on Chrissy’s chest, rubbing the soft material all over his nipples. Tweaking and pulling on them through the material. I could tell by the sweat dripping off of Chrissy’s forehead that it was driving him wild.

“You like your tits played with don’t you Chrissy? Does my pussy feel good fucking you in your pretty little girly clothes? Do you like being dressed up like a little slut?”

She pulled his nipples so hard that he screamed out, “UUGGGHHH! Please don’t stop Jess. Oh god you’re going to make me cum.”

Bad move on his part, he just sealed his fate. Jessica slammed down on his cock one more time and held still, “Answer me, do you like wearing your pretty little slutty girl outfit? Does it make you feel good? I want to hear you say it. I need to hear you say to make me cum.”

“Please Jess let me cum.” Chrissy pleaded

Jessica was in control and she knew it. I think Chrissy knew it as well, and loved it. “Yes I love wearing my new clothes. I want to be your sissy slut Jess. Please make me your sissy slut. I’ll wear anything you want.”

Jessica raised herself up off of Chrissy’s cock, grabbed both of his nipples, and looked him straight in the eye, “I knew you wanted this baby. Now I am going to make all the tension leave your body.” With that said Jessica twisted Chrissy’s nipples really hard and slammed down on his throbbing cock.

Jessica didn’t let up on the pain and pleasure she was administering to Chrissy, “OH god yes. MMMMMPPPPHHHHH! AAAAGGHHH!!! Yes Yes.” Chrissy was screaming and panting in between the pain being administered to his tits. Jessica kept it up until Chrissy shoved his cock deep up inside Jessica. He rammed himself so hard that I thought Jessica would fly over the back of the couch. Jessica gripped Chrissy’s nipples that much harder to hold on.

I watched both of their bodies shake and I could actually see Chrissy’s cock swell as he pumped his cum into Jessica. Cum and pussy juice started to run down the sides of Chrissy’s cock, down his balls, and formed a puddle on his thighs, which were clamped tightly together.

No rest for the wicked. Jessica twisted Chrissy to the side forcing him to lie on his back on the couch. Chrissy’s feet lifted off the floor and stretched out the length of the couch. All this was done with his cock still stuffed into Jessica’s pussy. Jessica then lifted off his still hard cock, flipped around so that her back was facing him, then proceeded to scoot her cum filled pussy towards his face.

This was something new and unexpected for Chris as he attempted to stop her by placing his hands on her ass. He either wasn’t as strong as he looks, or he really wanted this to happen. I think he just needed to be “forced” into this.

Jessica pushed her pussy onto his chin and slid up over his mouth. “Eat me out bitch. I didn’t cum enough and I need to cum now. You need to finish what you started slut, now eat my cum filled pussy and don’t you dare stop until I have cum.”

Jessica wiggled her pussy all over his face smearing him cum all over it. Chris just lay there frozen. Jessica had zero patience and zero tolerance as she slapped his balls. Chris opened his mouth wide to let out a scream. This made the perfect receptacle for Jessica’s pussy. “I said eat me bitch. It’s your mess clean it up or I will slap these balls harder next time.”

Chris didn’t have to be told twice as I watched his tongue dart out and start to flicker around Jessica’s pussy. “That’s it baby lick me good. Suck that cum right out of my pussy. Suck on my lips baby, bite them, pull on them. OH ya that’s it eat me. MMMMM real nice baby.”

Chris was really starting to get into it as he started to move his head from side to side. I could hear him slurping up his cum as it flooded out of Jessica’s pussy. Then the tell tail sign that I remember so well, his confirmation that he loves what he is doing, “MMMMMM!” He hummed into her pussy.

“Ya that’s the way. You like eating cum out of my pussy don’t you slut? Are you my cum eating slut now? Do you like drinking man juice out of pussy baby?” Jessica taunted him and his cock was rock hard again.

Jessica slapped at his hardon, “Ya you like this. You like being my little sissy cum slut.” Chris’ cock flexed with excitement as she talked dirty to him.

Jessica put her head down and pushed back hard onto Chris’ face, “Suck me hard baby. Bite my pussy lips, pull on them. OH that’s it almost there, harder baby harder. Here I cum baby. Get ready for a mouthful. I’m cumming hard AGGGHHHHHHH!”

I could hear Chris swallowing what sounded like two or three mouthfuls of cum and pussy juice. Then Chris screamed into Jessica’s pussy and his cock started to shoot cum. As the first shot came out Jessica bent down and wrapped her lips around his pulsing cock head. Her lips puffed out as he continued to fill her mouth with cum.

Jessica pulled off of his face, turned back around and planted a kiss right on his lips. He didn’t even fight her this time as her cheeks deflated as his cum transferred into his mouth. They passionately shared a long cum swapping kiss.

“Oh my god Jess I never thought sex could be so wild and taste so good.” Chris wiped the hair out of Jessica’s face and kissed her again.

“And you’re just man enough to admit it. Tell me that you have any tension in your body now? You can share anything with me. I will do anything you want, at least once. No judgment, EVER.” Chris pulled her into him and kissed her again.

I quietly went back to my office and let them enjoy the moment. I love that moment after sex when your heart is still racing and your body is covered with sweat and cum. It wasn’t but a half hour later I heard Jessica call out that they would go get dinner and bring it back. The front door closed and I heard them drive off.

I went about finishing up one of my projects and felt very good about being so far ahead with my work. I thought to myself that Jessica was right. I am more balanced now and can concentrate better. My mind isn’t wondering as much. The front door slamming knocked me out of my daydream.

“We’re home Jamie. Come have dinner with us.” Jessica called out.

She used my female name so I assume she expects me in a female outfit. I quickly went to my room and grabbed the black leather outfit. If I was going to fully expose myself in front of Chris, or Chrissy, I was going to look my hottest.

I walked into the kitchen consciously trying to use my most feminine walk as I crossed the kitchen in front of them. I grabbed three bottles of beer from the refrigerator and brought them to the table. Chrissy’s mouth was agape and I could have used his jaw to open the bottle of beer. Jessica must have gone shopping because Chrissy was dressed in red nylons, red panties with white bows, and a white slip with a red ribbing along the edges and straps.

I could tell Jessica was pleased as she patted the chair next to her. Jessica made sure that she sat between us. “You look lovely Jamie. Doesn’t Jamie look nice in black leather Chrissy?”

Chrissy was put on the spot but rolled with it, “Yes very nice.” Chrissy answered and finally closed his mouth and swallowed. As he swallowed I could see him stretch his nick up like it was a big effort.

I found it most attractive to watch his Adams apple bob up and down. I felt a twinge in my leather panties. I quickly sat down. “You look beautiful Chrissy. Thank you both for bringing dinner home.”

Jessica reached out to each of us and ran her hands up and down our legs. “I can’t express how horny you two are making me right now. I never imagined how hot men dressed in lingerie could make me so fucking wet.”

I looked up at Chrissy and watched his face blush as mine must have as well by the flushed feeling that swept over my face. I raised my beer bottle for a toast, which Chrissy and Jessica quickly followed suit, “To freedom within these walls. May all fears and desires be expressed, and may nothing be judged less you be willing to be judged. To our Sanctuary.”

Our bottles clanked together and we enjoyed the Chinese food they brought home. I finished cleaning up and let Jess and Chrissy head into the living room. Jessica put in a DVD for us to watch. I walked into the living room with three more beers in hand expecting to sit in my chair. Jessica was seated in the middle of the couch wearing just a bra and panties with Chrissy on her left. Jessica again patted the seat next to her, directing me to the couch. I handed them each a beer and sat down.

The movie started, “Too Wong Foo” interesting but not surprising to be Jessica’s favorite movie. I never put it together until now. We started watching the movie until we finished our beers and placed the empty bottles on the table. Chrissy leaned almost sideways on the couch and Jessica leaned into him, laying her head on his chest. Jessica then held out her hand and pulled me onto her, with my head lying on her breast. Jessica grabbed my hand and placed it on Chrissy’s stomach and held it there as we all continued to watch the movie.

As we were watching the movie I realized that Jessica was using my hand to softly rub Chrissy’s stomach through the silky slip. The feeling of the silk under my hand was turning me on and I am sure that Jessica could feel my hardon pressing against her leg. Jessica was lightly caressing the back of my hand as I now continued to run my hand over Chrissy’s slip. Until the back of my hand came into contact with the tip of his hard cock, I hadn’t realized that my hand wondered that far down his stomach. I tried to pull my hand further up Chrissy’s stomach but Jessica held me fast and actually guided it down further. She intertwined our fingers and guided my hand gently up and down Chrissy’s hard shaft. This was the first cock, other than my own, that I ever came in contact with.

Our fingertips floated along the silk covered shaft, barely putting any pressure against his cock. His cock was so long as we continued our journey down his shaft. We traced around his balls sack and then went back up his shaft. This time a little more pressure was applied and I could feel the ridges of his shaft. I thought my heart would burst out of my chest it was beating so hard and fast.

As we reached the tip of his cock, Jessica took my index finger and ran it over the tip searching out his hole. I felt the cold familiar wet spot of his dripping cock. With my head on Jessica’s breast I could not only hear her heart beat but I could also feel it, affecting my own heart rate. My finger tip was running circles around Chrissy’s cock head, causing his precum to leak out more. Jessica’s fingers slipped out of mine, allowing her to take her hand and press it on top of mine as she forced my fingers to wrap around Chrissy’s shaft. Once my fingers were around his shaft I heard a moan escape from his mouth and his cock twitched in my hand. I felt its girth expand and contract beneath my fingers.

Jessica now left my hand to explore on its own as her hand lifted the slip up on Chrissy to expose his nipple which she quickly latched onto with her mouth. I felt Chrissy push up on his hips as a large long breath escaped his mouth followed by a deep moan. Together Jessica and I were seducing this man and I hadn’t even considered being with a man before. But here I am slowly exploring my first cock and wanting to seduce my first man. I wasn’t sure how far this would go and I was less sure of how far I was willing to go.

Jessica reached up to her chest and unsnapped the front of her bra, exposing her breast. Her nipples were so hard and poking out from her areola. I took the hint and sucked in the hard nub. There we were lying on top of each other with Jessica attached to Chrissy’s nipple, me attached to Jessica’s nipple, and my hand attached to Chrissy’s cock. The body heat was building up and the sweat was starting to form on all of our bodies.

My cock was pressing into my leather panties. I was so hard it hurt. I felt a hand running its fingers through my hair. I knew it couldn’t be Jess from the angle. The soft caressing was acknowledging the connection we all had, accepting it, and agreeing to it. I reaffirmed my acceptance of his touch by reaching my hand inside his panties, grasping his cock firmly, and stroking his hard cock.

Chrissy pressed my head firmly to Jessica’s breast, holding me tight to her breast. I felt Chrissy’s body stiffen beneath us. His hips began that familiar unsettled movement that happens before it releases a load of cum. Recognizing the signs I began to stroke his cock faster. I didn’t know it at the time, but Jessica had started to bite down on Chrissy’s nipple and pull and pinch his other nipple.

Chrissy cried out, “Oh no, I’m going to cum, shit, oh shit, AAGGHH! MMMMM!” His entire body became stiff as a board. His hips pushed his cock in my hand. I held his cock tight allowing him to stretch the skin on his cock as tight as possible. Knowing that his cockhead was pulled tight which will make his cum feel that much better when it finally gets released. His hand pressed even more on my head and his fingers wiggled through my hair. I think he liked the feel of my hair against his fingers.

Jessica was sandwiched between us and was also enjoying the action. Jessica was grinding her pussy against Chrissy’s red nylon covered leg, and my lips on her nipple, I felt her go through similar body convulsions. I bit down on her nipple sending her over the edge and into an intense orgasm. When Chrissy heard Jessica cry out in pleasure I felt his cum serge through his cock and release itself all over my hand. I loved the feeling as I continued to gently stroke the NOT softening cock. I felt my hand coated in his cum. His cock flexed a couple of more times in my hand which I knew that his orgasm was subsiding.

Jessica looked up at Chrissy, as they gazed into each other’s eyes. They sensually kissed, accepting what had just happened. I was delighted that I was not only a witness to this great sex act, but that I was also a participant. I carefully pulled my hand out of Chrissy’s panties and, as they continued to kiss, I brought my hand to my face and licked another man’s cum off my hand. I ran my lips all over the back of my hand feeling the smooth silky substance as it accumulated in my mouth. It was the same but different than eating my own cum. It was surprisingly very pleasant.

I got up off of them to go to the kitchen to wash my hand. When I came back I brought another beer for each of us. “How are you both feeling?” I smiled to them both and held up the beers.

Chris was first to reach out his hand for a beer, now that he was sitting upright. Jessica had tossed her bra off completely and her panties choosing to sit naked. Her legs were hanging over Chris’ lap giving him access to stroke her pussy. I handed Chris his beer and let my hand fall and drag across his chest, down his stomach, to stop at his drenched panties and semi erect cock. I gave his cock a little squeeze and pat, “That was so fucking hot”, before I sat back down next to Jessica.

Jessica looked at me and placed her hand on my face, “Jamie didn’t cum yet. That doesn’t seem fair now does it Chrissy? The least we can do is help him get off like he did us don’t you think?”

Chrissy nervously took a large swig of beer before he finally nodded his head. We put our beers, or what was left of them anyway, on the table. Jessica stood up, grabbed my ankles and swiveled my body onto the couch so that I was lying on my back. Jessica straddled my stomach with her back to my face. She looked at Chrissy, and using the finger gesture to ‘come here’, coaxed Chrissy to kneel between my legs.

Jessica grabbed Chrissy’s hands and placed them on my hips. She hooked both her and his fingers under the waistband of my leather panties. Jessica leaned forward so that her mouth was right next to Chrissy’s ear. In this position Jessica’s ass and pussy were staring right into my face. I wasn’t sure which view I wanted to see more. My cock was throbbing and if things didn’t start to progress fast I was going to blow my load.

Jessica started her soft and sexy voice to mesmerize Chrissy into doing exactly what she wanted, and what he wanted. “Go on pull them down. I want to see you touch a man’s cock. I’m so horny baby, let’s do this together.”

I felt my panties being pulled down. I looked beyond Jessica’s shoulder to see Chrissy’s face staring down at my crotch. The sound of all of our hearts beating was only drowned out by the sounds of my leather panties being wiggled down my legs. Jessica kept purring into Chrissy’s ear, “That’s it baby pull them all the way off. Show me his cock baby. I could see it in your eyes. You want this just as much as me. Pull them down. Reveal that cock.”

My panties were tugged down harder as I felt my cock bend painfully forward before being released and snapping hard against my leather covered stomach. My panties passed my knees, which I then bent to make it easier to pull off my panties. I felt Chrissy’s hands on my knees as I lowered my legs back down. I could detect a trembling in his hands as he slowly moved them up my thighs.

Jessica continued her coaching, “That’s it baby feel how soft his legs are. Don’t they feel good to touch? Tell me what you think of his cock baby? What do you see?”

Jessica was so turned on I could see her pussy lips swell and I could see her getting wet. My mouth began to water at the site as I watched her squeeze her pussy muscles and slowly begin rotating her hips.

I felt Chrissy’s hand on my inner thigh before he finally ran a finger over my ball sack. His voice was barely a whisper, “So soft. I never felt this before.”

His fingers continued to trace up along my shaft. They examined and traced every vein along the shaft of my cock. When he got to my spongy cock head I bit my lip and did everything I could think of to keep from blowing my load. Chrissy placed the tip of his finger in my clit and dragged the large drop of precum all over my cockhead. “So soft and wet.” He whispered.

Jessica coached on, “Taste it baby. Put your finger to you lips and taste it. You made him drip baby, you excite him.”

I could see Chrissy’s finger slowly rise to his lips. His tongue darted out from between his lips as he licked the drop of precum from his finger. Jessica moved forward and kissed Chrissy before he could take his finger from his mouth. I know that Jessica had Chrissy beyond the point of making any decisions for himself. Jessica continued to kiss Chrissy as she brought their heads down towards my cock. As Jessica moved her head down her pussy was being pushed closer to my face.

My boyfriend Lou browses aimlessly through the lower section of the adult shop looking through videos, hoping something will grab his attention. He glances around and sees me looking at toys and lingerie. I’m examining a seven function rotating shaft rabbit.

I see Lou gazing around the store. He appears to be reading the sign pointing up the stairs, which says “ARCADE.” He meanders towards me and I show him the toy. “What you think?”

Lou nods, “Looks like it could be fun.”

“Find anything?” I’m reading the back of the box.

“Not yet,” Lou said, sounding disappointed. “Hey…let’s go upstairs and check out the arcade.”

I glance over to the stairwell with the sign, “Sure…why not?” I put back the toy, grab his hand and led him upstairs.

As we reach the top of the stairs, there are a number of glances in my direction. Lou looks at me too as he puts five dollars into the token machine. I look fine in my straight leg jeans. My bright pink tee with ‘FÉLINE’ in gold foil and ‘MEOW’ is printed just blow it is nearly deformed by my full tits stretching the fabric tightly. My pair of slip-on type sneakers matches the color of my tee.

We proceed to the booths. As we walk down the hallway, Lou keeps opening each door and looking inside each side booth. Finally he settles on one and we enter the booth. It wasn’t too bad of a fit for two people, but there was only one chair. Lou sat down, and I sat down on his lap, against his hard cock.

“Ooh, you’re excited.” I said wiggling my ass against his crotch.

Lou drops a token into the slot before I could realize that there is a hole in the wall to the next door booth. The monitor obligatorily turned on. He quickly switched around the channels to see what kind of videos were on.

As he settles on a standard male-female sex flick, he begins rubbing the inside of my thigh. He reaches a little higher and unbuttons and unzips my jeans. With some effort, Lou pushes one of his hands under the wide lace waistband of my pink lace thong and tickles my clit. I’m beginning to get hot.

We hear someone settle into the booth beside us and drop a token. There is some motion at the hole, and we know that the person beside us is watching Lou’s hand in my exposed thong.

“What’s that hole for?” I ask, pointing at the hole in the wall. I start to cover my crotch up.

“It’s a glory hole.” Lou keeps his hand on my clit, rubbing. I didn’t know whether to cover up or to open my legs wider for him.

“A what?”

“A glory hole…it’s a hole to get or give blow jobs through. That way, both people remain anonymous.” We bent down slightly to look through the hole. Sure enough, there was another man in the booth beside us. He was rubbing the bulge in his crotch.

The guy obviously noticed that we’re watching. He stops rubbing and unzips and unbuttons his pants. He moves off the chair slightly as he pulls down both his pants and his underwear at the same time. His long, hard cock almost touches his belly button. He continues rubbing it for our viewing.

I watch with fascination at the guy. I lick my lips as a drop of pre-cum forms on the tip.

He stands up and maneuvers to the hole.

I back my head up a little as his cock and balls pushes through the hole. They stood straight up as if they’ve grown out of the wall. “What should I do?”

“Suck it?” Lou said, slightly sarcastically.

I shrug. I figured, why not. I move down and kneel on the floor. Lou watches in fascination as I take the other guy’s manhood, my left index finger and thumb an inch from encompassing his girth and my right hand skillfully caressing his balls. I then move up and lick the tip, tasting the drop that had formed. “Well?” I said, “Is this what you want me to do?”

Lou quickly unzips his pants and pulls out his own hard cock. He rubs it slowly as I smile and continue to lick the mystery cock.

I take the head of it into my mouth, moistening it with my tongue. I tickle it a little and then slide my lips slowly down the shaft and slowly back up.

My hand snakes down to my crotch and I finger myself through my jeans. I continue to fondle his ball with my other hand.

Again, I tickle at his shaft with my tongue, running it up and down the underside. I begin sucking in earnest, my head bobbing up and down on the stranger’s cock.

He starts cumming. I start to remove my mouth, but realize if I do, he will squirt all over my t-shirt. So, instead, I take all of his juices into my mouth. He comes so much that a small trickle starts to flow down from the corners of my lips.

Finally, the flow subsides and his cock softens. He pulls his cock and balls back through the hole. Lou and I watch as he pulls up his pants and leaves the booth.

I stand up, rubbing at my crotch through my panties. Lou wasn’t able to see it because of my crouched position.

Lou slides my jeans and panties down to my feet. He pulls them off over my tennis shoes with a little of my help.

I spread my legs apart slightly to give him a better access to my clit. I put a hand between my thighs to help rub.

Soon after the man left, another guy entered the booth. He looks through the hole to see what he could. He saw Lou rubbing his cock with one hand while his other hand caressed my cunt. Needless to say, he quickly got a hard on. He quickly pulls down his pants and rubs his own cock with one hand. He pushes his other hand through the hole in the wall.

I’m startled as I feel his hand slide against my leg, questing for my private parts. But, I’m too excited to stop, so I quickly relax again. Now, both his and Lou’s hands are rubbing my cunt.

He slides first one, then two fingers into my wet cunt.

“Ooooo,” I moan as I grind down against his hand.

The man removes his hand, then stands up and pushes his extremely hard cock through the hole, waiting to be sucked.

I have other uses for his cock than to suck on it. I maneuver myself up against the wall, my cunt hung just above his cock. Slowly, I lower myself onto his stiff manhood.

He gets the idea real fast. In almost no time, he is pounding himself into my wet cunt.

Lou continues to watch. It’s quite a sight from either side. The stranger looked like he is fucking the wall with all his might. I look like I’m in ecstasy grinding myself up against a blank wall. Lou leans over and watches between my legs as his cock slides in and out of me.

I whine softly as he stops. He just rams his cock into me and holds it there as he starts spurting his cum into my cunt. Lou watches closely as the cock pulses with each shot into me. He quickly pulls out of me, leaving me feeling empty down there except for the feeling of the liquid he left.

Lou moves up against me and slides his cock into the vacancy. He begins moving up and down against me, grinding my ass against the wall as he fucks me. Up and down, up and down.

Giving out a slight moan, I shiver in orgasm.

Lou then shoves his cock deep into me and starts cumming. His white cock juices flows into my awaiting hole. He pulls out, keeping the head of his cock in my entrance, letting me prop my ass against the hole in the wall and catch my breath.

Suddenly, I take a deep breath, my eyes and mouth open slightly. Another cock shoves its way through the hole in the wall. The hard shaft finds one of my holes and shoves into me. The cock slides deeply into my asshole.

My eyes open wide at the violation of my ass. I’m not really for this this. I wiggle to try and remove it from my back end.

Lou’s insistent. He is still hard and is too close to his own climax to stop now. He holds me in place, shoving his cock in and out of my wet hole as the other cock begins to fuck my ass.

After a few moments, I resign myself to the fact that I’m going to be anally screwed. I relax as I start moving up and down again.

I feel an immediate difference when I relax. It cut back on any of the pain I’m feeling in my ass and it allowed the long, hard cock to slide back and forth in my asshole with a lot more ease. Instead of pain, I feel pleasurable full as the cocks sliding in and out of me.

I move in pleasure; the cocks fill both of my holes. I move my hips up and down in response, enjoying the feel.

“Oh god…this feels so good,” moaning as the two cocks moves in and out of me. I’m really enjoying the sensation of two men inside me.

Both cocks ram in and out of my asshole and cunt.

The cock deep in my ass began cumming in me. I start to orgasm, my cunt milking at Lou’s stiffness.

Lou quickly obliges me. His balls begin spouting his load into my cunt.

Reluctantly, Lou pulls his cock from my cunt and the other cock vanishes through the hole.

After a moment to relax and compose myself, I pull on my jeans and panties. But, even as I’m snapping my jeans, another cock comes through the hole. I smile and looked at Lou. I kneel down and take the cock into my mouth to give it a quick blowjob.

And quick it is. After only a few moments, the third mystery cock begins squirting his load into my mouth. I suck and suck, swallowing his load until nothing is left. As the cock withdraws from the hole, I finish snapping up my jeans.

Together, we exit the booth and go downstairs. We continue to shop. I get the toy I was looking at earlier and we decide on several videos, one being about glory holes.

We step out into the night, and into the car. As we reach home, we agree that we’ll have to do something like this again.

~The following is just a fantasy. Any actual names or likenesses to real persons or events in entirely unintentional and coincidental.~

Rain. Oh how I hate the rain. Only bad things have ever happened to me in the rain. Two years ago, when I was sixteen, My parents argued and decided to get divorced in the middle of a rain storm. However what happened in the rain last year, was even worse. My mother left for work and was carjacked and killed. By my father. He then committed suicide shortly after, leaving me all alone. Our house was already paid off so fortunately; the state allowed me to stay in our house and sent men to check on me every so often. If I had been any younger, they probably wouldn’t have let me stay.

Now fast forward to just 2 short months ago. I was having some problems with my girlfriend Eileen. The problems with her were typical seventeen year old relationship qualms but they just exacerbated a private issue I was dealing with. I had felt more like a girl than a boy for a very long time, and after my parents’ death, I was left a house that still had a bedroom full of my mother’s old things. I’m glad I didn’t really grow much. Being only 5’5 and 130 pounds if I’m lucky, I was nearly the exact same size as my mother. We even had the same size feet, which made everything so much easier. When I was alone at home, I would fully dress up in everything my mom had left. For the time being, I never wanted to go farther than that though. I loved Eileen, so I couldn’t like men. It wasn’t until it rained again that night, and Eileen passed away from a drug overdose that things began to change forever. I knew she was using, but I couldn’t do anything to stop her.

After her funeral, I decided to become a shut-in. I didn’t have much company. Didn’t want it. Anyone that got close to me met an untimely end. Before Eileen had let go and passed away, I had told her about myself and what things I was feeling. She left me all of her clothes and makeup and her savings account in her last will and testament, though it wasn’t much as she had poured so much of it into drugs. It only totaled out to about $350 dollars, smaller than my average paycheck at my 32 hour a week job.

Two weeks later is where this story really begins. It was raining again. Today was our midterms at school so I had to go. I walked to school in my least favorite thing in the world, rain. Of course when I got to the building, Bill, this overbearing bully, decided to start cracking jokes and trying to bait me into doing something I or he might regret.

“Hey look guys! It’s Allen the hermit. Awww did you decide to actually come out and play in the rain today?”

“Bill, please back off. I just want to get in here, get my tests done and go home. No one needs any trouble.”

“Ah but that’s where you wrong, little man. I thrive on trouble.” He pushed me down into a puddle, laughing and hooting with his lackeys the whole way into the building. Just as I was about to pick myself up and go home, a hand reached out to help me up. It was Dillon. At one point, I would have considered him my best friend. However, I’m not sure a shut-in can have a best friend.

“You okay? Did he hurt you?”

“Just my pride. I should probably just go home and dry off. I’ll take make up exams.”

“Nah, it’s okay. The nurse has a washer and dryer, and robes stuff like that. They can just bring your first exams into the office while you wait on your clothes.”

“I guess so.” Dillon walked with me to the nurse’s office. I always felt so small around him. He was 6′ tall and about 185 lbs of lean muscle. After he left me at the door, I felt a little strange. I wanted him to stay. For some reason, I felt safe with him there. I walked in the nurse’s office and explained what happened. She had me go into the other room and strip. I put on a robe and waited for my clothes to dry. I had low testosterone levels so my body hair didn’t grow much. I had it, but barely any. From a distance, I looked completely shaven standing there in the robe. I looked in the mirror and at first glance, thought there was someone else standing there in a robe. A girl. The nurse walked in and handed me my first two exams to get started on.

“Allen?” About two hours had passed. “I got your clothes dry but there was a problem with your boxers. They shrank. I didn’t realize they were delicate. I’ll go find you some new underwear.”


“Here you go. I’m sorry about the um… style. It was all we had that would fit you and well I thought it would be better than nothing.. We keep a surplus of these in case girls get their periods unexpectedly.” I gasped as she slid a pair of pink satin panties through the door. I really wanted to wear these panties. I picked them up and they felt so smooth. I pulled them u my legs carefully and tucked my small member in to smooth out the front. I redressed and headed out to finish my last few classes.

Dillon met me at the door for our last class of the day. We both had the same teacher for Business Math and he always sat near me.

“So how’d your day go?”

“Terrible. Same as usual.” I walked into the room, unaware Dillon was looking down at something behind me. I felt so comfortable in these panties that when I got home that day, I decided I was going to wear only panties from now on. Hell, I wanted to dress like a girl anyway, so why not?

Flash forward to present day. My 18th birthday to be exact. For the past two weeks, I had been wearing panties instead of boxers. In fact, I threw all of my old boxers away. I replaced the underwear drawer in my room with a mix of the cutest panties from Eileen’s and my mother’s old wardrobes. In addition to that, I had started shaving my entire body. And the strangest part was, they had been the best two weeks of my life. My luck had seemed to turn around. Bill stopped bullying me, everyone started talking to me, initiating conversations mind you, and i began to come out of my shell. I became friends with the preppier girls, who actually turned out to be pretty nice. They kind of let me in to their inner circle, and before I knew it I was hearing stories about their boyfriends, listening to make-up tricks, and even heard conversations about sex moves they were using that made them and their boyfriend’s orgasm uncontrollably. My life had turned around so much that, I even decided to start hanging out with people again. I wasn’t going to spend my 18th alone, so I decided to walk home with Dillon today and stay at his place tonight.

It had rained last night and the ground was still soaking wet. There were puddles everywhere. When we were almost to Dillon’s house, it happened. I slipped and fell into a mud puddle. I was drenched. Dillon helped me to my feet and nearly carried me back to his house. Once we got inside, I ran to his bathroom and stripped.

“Allen. I’m going to see if I have any clothes that fit you. Go ahead and shower, clean yourself up.” When I got out of the shower and toweled off, I noticed the clothes Dillon had left out for me. There was a note on top that said,

“Sorry, these are my ex-gf’s. It’s all I had that would fit you. I put her underwear in here too so it might make you a bit more comfortable and complete the look. Ran out to the store. BRB. – Dillon.”

I kind of laughed to myself. But thought, what the hell. This is what I wanted to do anyway. If Dillon left his ex-girlfriend’s clothes out for me, he must not have a problem with it anyway. Maybe I’d even tell him I’ve been secretly crossdressing for a couple of years now. I pulled the panties up my legs, purple with pink skulls and satin like the first pair I wore. The matching bra looked to be about a b-cup. I tightened the straps the best I could, giving myself a little bit of cleavage. I grabbed the skirt next, a blue denim one, pleated at the bottom. After fastening the buttons on the skirt, I grabbed the pink bejeweled camisole that read “princess” across the bust. Now my black hair wasn’t long, about only to my chin, but I spent about 20 minutes fiddling with it and his mom’s straightener. I had given myself a nice little feminine looking style that framed my face nicely.

Luckily, his parents were going to be gone for the whole weekend so we were alone. I decided, since the nearest store was about 45 minutes away by car (we walk to school because it’s closer to our houses), that I had time to play with his mom’s make-up. I remembered little things the girls had talked about while applying eyeliner, mascara, light purple eye-shadow, and a little coat of lip gloss. I added a little bit of foundation just to smooth out the look. I looked into the mirror and almost couldn’t breathe. I looked as good, if not better than some of the girls at school. My petite stature made this look seamless. I looked and felt like an 18 year-old girl. Since I Still had some time, I quickly painted my toenails and fingernails with some borrowed nail polish from his mom. It was purple with pink sparkles. Perfect match to my underwear.

Since I was already in his mom’s things, I decided to look for a pair of shoes. Our mom’s used to share shoes so I knew they’d fit me. I lucked out and found a pair of black heels that complemented my hair perfectly. I also found a cute black bracelet and a diamond heart necklace. With everything done, I decided to turn on the T.V and wait for Dillon to get home. When I did, I saw something I guess Dillon had been watching. It was a porn scene. This taller kind of buff guy was just manhandling this petite little girl. He was just pumping himself in and out of her and she was moaning with pleasure. When he laid her down on the bed, she splayed out like a rag doll. She was so tiny. The only thing on her that had any weight to it was her breasts. The second biggest thing on her was her… cock? She had a penis that was near rock hard flopping around as her boobs bounced up and down with each thrust her partner gave into her ass. I was so entranced by the video that I jumped when I heard Dillon behind me.

“You know, with you looking like that, I almost kind of want to join them.” I turned around and saw him looking me up and down. From my painted toes sticking out of my heels to the black bob framing my dolled up face. His eyes darted to my cleavage through the top of my cami, and to the flat front of my skirt. My legs caught his attention next. “You shave them?”

“Yeah. I… well… this isn’t my first time crossdressing.”

“I know. I saw the panties you’ve been wearing for the past couple of weeks. I didn’t know you were shaving your legs though. That’s awesome.”

“I shave everything. It makes me look more girlish.”

“I can see that. What about that make-up? A pro couldn’t have done better.”

“I picked up some tips from the girls at school. They talk about it a lot.”

“Awesome. Here why don’t we just sit down and have a drink? I got some sodas and some tea.”

“Tea is fine.” He came back and sat down next to me on the couch. He put a glass of tea on the table in front of me as we both watched this guy fucking this tiny little shemale. The more I watched it, the more turned on I was getting. I say turned on because it was… different. I wasn’t getting hard all the way. My cock was stiffening but the real turn-on spot was my ass. It was tingling with this strange sensation I hadn’t felt before. Like it was almost craving something. By this point, Dillon had put his arm around me without me noticing. Without realizing it, I had snuggled closer to him. In fact, I was inches from being on his lap. My head was resting on his chest until, it happened. I suddenly felt adventurous.

I looked up into his big brown eyes, and then I kissed him. Or he kissed me. I wasn’t sure which. It had happened so fast. I swung my leg over until I was straddling his lap. We were exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues as I was stroking his chest through his shirt. He reached up and grabbed my breasts, squeezing them a little. I gasped with a pleasure I had never experienced before. My ass was grinding on his jeans and I could feel his growing erection through them and my panties.

I suddenly felt the urge to do something about that growing rod in his pants. I slinked down onto the floor and helped him unzip his pants. From my knees, I looked up at him an mouthed, “please?”. He nodded and I grabbed his still hardening cock. It had to be close to 9 inches.I stroked it a few times moving my hand up and down from head to balls before giving it a little lick. He jumped at this, but it seemed to be out of surprise rather than disgust.

“Go ahead, baby girl. Suck it.” I obliged his request. My glossed lips kissed the head of his now fully erect, 10 inch penis. I opened my lips and let him slowly push it into my waiting mouth. I almost gagged at first as he slowly pushed it towards the back of my throat. I loved the feeling of it as it slid in. I still remember that taste. The tip hit the back of my throat as I stopped myself from gagging. He continued to push in and out as I bobbed my head and rhythm to the throat fucking action. I deep-throated him a few more times before the tingling in my ass became far more intense. My ass involuntarily wiggled in response, and Dillon saw it.

“Do you want me to put my cock in there?” It wiggled again and I nodded in response, cock still in my mouth. He pulled it out and I instantly wanted it back in. I felt like a baby who had dropped her favorite binkie. The tingling in my ass became far more intense when I thought the word ‘her’ and it was almost like an itch that I knew only one thing in this room can scratch. Dillon leaned over and grabbed two things from a bag. One I recognized as a condom, and the other was a tube of something. I suddenly felt a finger push through my hole. It had something cold on it and I realized the tube must have been lube. I was on all fours waiting as I felt two fingers enter this time. I brought a hand to my chest and squeezed my breast the way he had earlier. The touch sent a shock wave throughout my body that caused the itching tingle in my ass to get worse. Three fingers in. Four. Finally I felt his fifth finger enter my ass. He was spreading my hole, trying to stretch it and he succeeded. As soon as he removed his hand, I instantly wanted it back in there. The emptiness was short-lived as I finally got what i had been waiting for.

The head of his cock poked my hole and I felt it slowly slide in. He must have put some lube on the condom too because it slid in easier than I thought it would. I felt a twinge of pain at first. I screamed out a little in a mix of pain and pleasure. It was the most feminine sound I had ever heard myself make. In fact, I sounded just like the girl in the video. At this, the pain began to stop as Dillon kept slowly pulling and pushing in and out of my ass. He kept up this pace until the pain was completely gone. I started pushing back in tandem with his thrusts and he took the hint. He began to speed up. I moaned in pleasure as he continued doggy-style fucking me. He was pumping my ass faster and faster, his cock going all the way in my rectum. I felt his balls slapping up against me. He got faster and faster and I was just loving every second.

“I wanna try something.” I breathed through moans. I saw this in the video and wanted to do it. “Sit on the couch.” At this I think he knew where I was going. I straddled his lap again and grabbed his cock. I held it steady as I slowly lowered myself on to it. He then grabbed my waist and helped me out. Suddenly, I was sitting on his lap, cock all the way in my ass. He lifted me up until it was almost out and then I put myself back down. Then we got into rhythm. He Began just bouncing me up and down on him, me moaning and screaming which the occasional ‘fuck’ or ‘yeah’ thrown in. The sounds of flesh meeting flesh as I bounced my ass off of his lap were turning me on even more. This continued for almost 30 minutes before he stopped me. We had been going at each other for over an hour in the living room but he wanted to move it.

He picked me up and walked, cock never leaving my ass, into his bedroom. He put me down on the bed and I splayed myself out like the girl in the video did. I wrapped my legs around his back as he pushed himself back into my ass. I felt his cock start to twinge and remembered something one of the girls had said.

Even though I didn’t have a pussy, I thought the the same logic should apply and it did. When Dillon pushed all the way in I held him there with my legs. I then started grinding my ass on him, twisting it in a circle, and I yelled from the pleasure of his cock twirling around in my ass, hitting every crevice. My body began to shake uncontrollably as did his. I then felt the tip of his cock poke through the condom right before jet after jet of his cum leaked into my ass. I held him there and let him unload into me, loving this strange new feeling of cum filling me up. When he was done, he pulled out and flopped over onto the bed.

“Wow. That was…”

“Amazing.” I finished for him.

“You know, we definitely have to do this more often.”

“Oh yeah, Dillon.” I said looking over at him promiscuously. I wiggled my ass a little and winked.

“Haha. If we’re going to make this a thing… well I just can’t keep calling you Allen.”

“I like Aileen. You know with an A instead of an E. It makes me feel like I’m kind of… living the life Eileen should have.”

“Okay, Aileen. But first I have to tell you something. I kind of knocked you into the puddle on purpose. And well, there was a little bit of ecstasy in your tea. I thought you needed a little encouragement.”

“well you were right. But not anymore. I’m all yours, Dillon.” I giggled and kissed him before I laid my head on his chest and we both passed out.

I had the weirdest dream that night. I saw two little 8 year old boys playing in a yard. Then the two were in a room. One of the boys was playing with a dress.

:”Maybe you should put it on, bzzt? Let’s see what it looks like!”

“I don’t know, bzzt. Dresses are for girls right?”

“well you’re kind of like a girl anyways. I mean you’re smaller and you like flowers and dolls and not sports and boy stuff. You like, you know, girl stuff.”

“You’re right. Maybe I was supposed to be a girl. Okay! I’ll put it on!”

The little boy put the dress on and then motioned to the other boy to come back into the room.

“Well, bzzt. What do you think?” He twirled around in his dress as the other boy stood there open mouthed.

“Wow, bzzt! You look just like a girl! Let’s play house. I’ll be the daddy if you want to be the mommy?”

“Okay! So I guess as the daddy, you have to go to work right?”

“Yep. And then I come home and give the mommy a hello kiss haha!”

The boy went out of the room with a toy briefcase. he came back in and as he said, gave the little boy in the dress a peck on the cheek.

“I’m home, honey!” And she blushed as her pretend husband gave her a hug and asked what they were having for dinner.:

Tony opened his eyes and starred straight up at the bedroom ceiling. He could hear the sound of the shower water running in the bathroom. He looked over and saw the empty bed next to him thinking about last night.

Cindy was hot last night. It felt so good to be able to make love to her again. He quickly got out of bed almost jumping with joy. He had to pee but noticed the dress was gone and so was the thong Cindy tossed on the floor last night. He checked out the hamper which they kept in the closet. There was a stack of clothes in there but no dress or thong. He dug through the clothes and finally found them hidden below some other garments. He picked up the thong putting it to his nose like he had done last night. He could still smell that masculine smell on them.

Picking up the dress he took a quick sniff of it as well. He took in the aroma smelling the male cologne mixed with Cindy’s perfume. This guy must have been all over her last night. He tucked them back where Cindy had hidden them and walked toward the bathroom.

He poked his head inside the bathroom first before entering and saw Cindy wrapped in a towel near the tub. He opened the door and walked inside.

“Good morning.”

Cindy turned around smiling as he stood in front of the toilet relieving himself. Tony finished than washed his hands. Cindy was still padding herself with a second towel. Tony realized Cindy was trying to hide the hickey’s from him.

“Did you have a nice time last night?” Tony asked.

Cindy smiled. “Yes. How about you?”

“Had a couple drinks down at the bar and came home. Nothing to really talk about.”

Cindy had somehow wrapped that second towel around her neck as she stood in front of the mirror combing her long blonde hair out.

“So, where did you and Dan go last night?”

Cindy stopped combing her hair and looked rather stunned at Tony. “How did you know his name?”

Tony gulped. She must not remember telling him his name last night. Than he started wondering if she remembered anything about what they did last night since she was hiding those hickey’s on her neck.

Tony replied. “Oh…Uh…You sort of mentioned his name when you came home last night.”

Cindy didn’t say anything else about Dan or last night for that matter. Cindy offered to make Tony breakfast so he quickly jumped into the shower than got dressed. The smell of pancakes started to fill the house.

Tony was just finishing getting dressed when he spotted Cindy’s cell phone sitting on the dresser next to her purse. He thought he’d nose around a little and picked it up and pushed the saved pictures. First picture was of Cindy in the red dress she wore last night. The next shot of her posing naked on a bed with a big smile on her face. Tony figured this Dan guy must have talked her into that one.

The next shot was another shot of Cindy laying on her belly. Her nice little round ass clearly the center of the photographers focus. The next photo was yet another naked picture of Cindy holding a wine glass in her hand while sitting on a bed.

The next shot stunned Tony as he couldn’t believe what he saw. It was a picture of Cindy sucking on a thick black cock. Her fingers wrapped around it’s thick base with just the head inside her mouth. Tony couldn’t believe this! Dan was a black man! He studied the photo looking toward the bedroom door hoping not to get caught by Cindy.

He pressed the picture button again and there was another shot of Cindy sucking that huge black cock. It looked like this Dan guy was laying on the bed taking photos of Cindy sucking his cock. Tony’s heart was pounding from the excitement as he pushed the button again.

It was Cindy holding her legs up and spread. A thick white gob of cum was leaking out of her pussy. This guy got Cindy to pose for him after they fucked! The next shot was a closer look at the thick white cum that was just deposited in Cindy’s pussy.

Tony was so excited his hands were shaking. He thought about that white fertile cum that had been pumped deep inside his wife’s womb.

Tony pressed the button again and this picture was totally different. It appeared to be them standing in front of a restaurant. Cindy was wearing the red dress so it must have been taken last night. Dan dwarfed Cindy in height . She was only 5’1″ so Dan looked big! Tony clicked the button again and it was a picture of Dan himself standing next to his white car.

Tony pressed the picture button again and got another surprise. It was Dan posing naked in a sort of weight lifters pose flexing his muscles. His huge cock and ball sack was clearly visible and boy where they ever!

Tony clicked the button again only to find the next picture was of a new dress Cindy had bought a couple weeks ago. Cindy called out a second or two later.

“Breakfast is ready.”

Tony put the phone back where he found it and made his way out to the kitchen. Cindy was wearing a turtle neck sweater. She was covering up the hickeys’ Tony wanted to say something like he’d already seen them but figured he’d better not and sat down to breakfast with Cindy.

Tony found out he’d be spending the day with Cindy when he learned that Dan had to fly out of town on business that morning. Tony did his best to make the day a good day. He tried to avoid what went on the night before until after he took Cindy out to dinner and bought her a couple drinks afterward.

As always, Cindy started to loosen up after she started to sip on her forth martini. Tony finally brought up the subject of last night.

“I had a really good time last night when you came to bed last night baby.”

Cindy smiled and replied. “I can’t hardily remember anything from last night. You telling me we had sex or something. “She laughed

Tony shook his head up and down as he took a swallow of his martini. “Yeah. Actually we did. We had sex on the bathroom counter last night than I made you cum twice when you came to bed.”

Cindy laughed. “I kind of remember us talking but it’s a complete blank to me whatever we did.”

It wasn’t until Tony ordered another round did he think about going further in their conversation about her boyfriend Dan.

“Do you remember telling me about Dan?”

Cindy shook her head back and forth as she sipped on her fifth drink of the evening. Dan got up and sat down on the sofa next to his wife. He put her martini glass down on the coffee table and took her hand as he leaned in for a kiss. Cindy responded back but cut Tony short when he tried to cup one of her breasts.

“Honey. I don’t want to get you all worked up for nothing. “Cindy told him.

Words were exchanged back and forth for the next twenty minutes until Tony finally wanted to know where he stood in their relationship.

Cindy said. “If I recall, you were the one that wanted us to have an open relationship. Now your jealous because I’m seeing someone?”

Tony had enough beating around the bush. “You mean fucking someone don’t you?”

“Tony! That’s enough.”

Tony let everything go next telling her about the hickey’s on her neck she was hiding plus the bit marks on her nipples. He even got so made to tell her how loose and sloppy her pussy felt last night to him. That’s when she slapped him in the face and started to cry.

“Cindy. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Tony tried to say but it was too late for that as she stormed off to their bedroom and locked the door. It wasn’t until midnight when Cindy finally came out of the bedroom.

Tony was asleep on the sofa and she woke him up by slapping him on the ass. He turned over and straightened up. Cindy was wearing her pajama’s and sat on the chair with her arms folded starring at him.

Tony looked at her and said. “What now?’

(I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far. It’s complete. 16 chapters long)

He did NOT just say that. Did he? But of course he did Ellie, you idiot… You’ve chased him until he practically had no choice but to screw you. You know better than to think a man’s going to knock back sex, even with a fat, ugly whore like you, given enough encouragement.

You thought he liked you? Idiot.

Hang on Ellie, (her more rational self tries to intervene) let’s just rewind the memory and make sure we’ve got this straight; “Most girls give up after I brush them off the first few times.”

Yep. That’s definitely what he said. Right after fucking you senseless.

Senseless is right. You’re old enough to know men are bastards. You know very well you’re not attractive in any way shape or form to 99.9% of them… except perhaps as a soft spot to get their end wet or a well-trained victim of abuse. The old well-worn record rolls on and on, over and over in her mind, as if he’s found an internal button of hers and put it on repeat in her brain. And on maximum volume so that nothing else can enter her thoughts.

Until she suddenly realizes her mouth is hanging open.

Shit. Shut it. Ellie shut your mouth and retain some of your dignity for god’s sake!

As she turned on her heel and ran, she realized that all the warning signs had been there. Gavin had admitted to being jealous of Andrew, her first ever lover. He’d imagined the witty, clever journalism student with a hot arse who loved to go down on her as a pimply-faced, inept teenager. Wanted to kill him. Ha!

Sounds like Steve. Steve seemed to want to kill anyone who’d come before. Steve deleted men’s numbers from her phone. Steve, the menacing, wall-punching, speed-addicted, emotional abuser — yep you’ve found another one like that. Come on Ellie – grow up. What made you think great sex would be worth putting up with the daily humiliation guys like that are capable of dishing out?

Geez! If he was jealous of “pimply-faced and inept” Andrew, how would he have felt if he’d ever known about Travis and the slow, hard grind to simultaneous orgasm, week after week, year after year. Lovemaking as an extension of a loving relationship with the most beautiful and kindest man she’d ever known.

Hmmmm. That holiday in Thailand a couple of years ago. Yes. That was something to be jealous of. She’d finally felt for the first time totally secure, safe and happy in a relationship. Partly because she was in lovely Trav’s arms and partly because she knew that she was finally healed. Not a fucked up victim anymore…

That first morning at the resort by the beach… God, she’d never been so horny. Who knew that a healthy relationship and having your head blown off by love could be such powerful aphrodisiacs?

That morning Travis lay stretched out gorgeous and naked on the bed beside her, his face snuggled in next to her head and his arm draped over her body. They’d made love the night before and she came so hard she’d trembled and almost sobbed from the intensity of the experience and yet she’d woken before dawn needing him again.

His arm was heavy and warm across her belly, heating her insides and somehow irradiating her with arousal that was directly transmitting to her sexual centre. His breath was in time with hers and the deep, melting waves it was creating were travelling from her neck down her body below her waist. She was wet and aching for him.

Ellie could feel Travis’ erection against her leg and knew she wanted to kiss his beautiful cock so he could experience the waves of love she felt insistently flowing through her body. As she lightly ran her tongue over the tip she focused on transmitting her arousal and love into him. He responded with a low moan and clutched her hair.

“Good morning beautiful one,” he said.

“Good morning baby. I was just so horny I had to wake you. I hope you don’t mind?”

She didn’t give him a chance to answer her question. She immediately closed her mouth over the end of his cock and sucked hard and licked alternately for a few seconds while firmly clutching his shaft. The sweet surprise had him rising off the bed for a moment until suddenly she was flipped onto her back with him sinking in on top of her.

OH. MY. GOD. Ellie was glad she’d made it back to her flat for this part of the memory as her hand instinctively reached between her legs for relief.

As she remembered Travis driving himself into her she fell onto her front on her bed and drove her fingers hard down around her clitoris and partially into her silky wet opening in time with the memory of his thrusts. The ground shattering orgasm shook her to her core and she lay panting on her side as the waves subsided.

Then the waves of tears took over as she wondered how she could have been so wrong about Gavin. And wished there was a way that she could have experienced the sexual highs of the last few days with Travis instead.

She knew that it was mostly Gavin’s skillful execution of his sexual agenda last night that had left her wanting more and it served to heighten her humiliation that he’d gotten to her enough to make her masturbate and cry alone.

Then the phone rang and she could see it was Gavin. That familiar, lonely, sick feeling in the chest that comes from being rejected and then begged for forgiveness coursed through her body.

She wasn’t sure if she even wanted to answer it. This had better be good.

Surprise is what keeps things fresh; interesting; exhilarating. An unexpected gesture or selfless act of love and appreciation not only goes a long way towards earning Karma points, it ultimately makes those close to you feel more special.

That was how I felt about the previous night. I was still glowing, the tingling in my abdomen regularly surfacing and swirling over my body, surging down between my legs then back up every time I thought about the way he touched me. Oh that tongue of his; long, quick and flexible, somehow knowing when and where all the right spots were to amplify my excitement.

I longed for him to do it all again. From the deliberate, hours-long build up, through the endlessly increasing peaks of arousal, insistently edging me towards the crescendo; _my_ crescendo; that overwhelming sensation when my brain struggles to process everything being asked of it, all paths become one and, all of a sudden, nothing else matters, as Hetfield might sing.

Adam’s touches did all that, and more. I was a teenager again when I was with him, but with the considerable benefit of experience that allowed me to appreciate the vast distinction between the arousal from his loving caresses and those evoked by the inexpert fumblings of an eager prom date, all the while conjuring the same, fresh, impetuous innocence that youth brings to the equation. I wanted him to sweep me and my spirit on another journey of passionate awareness; to allow me to discover thoughts and feelings that eighteen months of togetherness and a lifetime of searching had only just begun to reveal. I had a lot of catching up to do and intended to make the most of it.

My clitoris throbbed beneath its pink shelter as I recalled the way he flicked his tongue either side, then slowly, tantalisingly traced the digits 0 to 9 in sequence over and around my tender pearl. The variety in those strokes alone had me groaning his name while I twitched beneath him. He offered to carry on — said that he was well versed in hexadecimal, should I so desire. Such a geek! How could I resist A through F on my jumping clit?

Flushing at the memories, I ached to touch myself. Just a little, to tide me over until he arrived home and we could play some more. Did that make what I was about to do any less honourable; selfish even? Doing it not only for his benefit but because I would ultimately gain? Possibly. But I couldn’t help myself. I reasoned it was his fault after all — he drove me to such distraction — and tried to focus on the task at hand.

It was Friday and I’d snuck home a little early from work, bored of the umpteen meetings and circular conversations. As was becoming typical, my heart just wasn’t in it because my mind was elsewhere. Fifteen hours earlier, to be precise. While my boss’ presentation droned on I had drifted back to the mind-blowing orgasm that Adam had wrung from my body the night before.

Truthfully, ‘orgasm’ did it a disservice. It was more a series of them, each more potent than the last; the culmination of an evening of blissful, ever increasing sensations that ripped through my body as I lay there hot, wet and panting helplessly beneath him.

It had started with him cooking me a fine chicken and black bean stir fry, washed down with a medium bodied Shiraz, then drawing me a hot, deep bubble bath. He’d dotted tea light candles around the bathroom and switched off the light, letting the flames dance and flicker long shadows against the tiles and pastel blue walls.

After inviting me into the small, humid sanctuary he had slowly undressed me, item by item, gently kissing each piece of flesh as it was uncovered, taking his sweet time to expose and touch every curve with his soft lips. It was as if he was memorising each nuance of my willowy shape, charting and cataloguing me for later recall. Had there been a subsequent test he’d have aced it for sure. Even my slightly overindulged tummy — the part of me of which I am least fond — received its fair share of attention.

But his breathy caresses and tender kisses were only half the equation. The treat was when he would regularly look up at me from his current place of focus, eyes brimming with adoration as he worshipped my body. To be treasured — wanted — like that; to see the hunger in his eyes yet restraint in his actions, made my heart gallop.

By the time it was the turn of my panties to slide down my shapely legs and form a figure eight on the floor I was beginning to moisten at the anticipation of him kissing my voluptuous bottom and shaved lips with the same devotion as the rest of my body.

There was no denying it: I adored being licked. Always had. Once I’d learned the touches that mattered during my early years of self discovery I often visualized being licked “down there” as we used to call it at school. Ever since I’d read a story about cunnilingus in a copy of Hustler found in my dad’s bedside drawer it had fascinated me to imagine what it would be like; though it wasn’t until many years later that I had the pleasure of finding out for real. When someone was totally into me, twinkling eyes gazing up at me from above my velvety furrow, and I could see my taste driving them to their own sexual precipice as I neared mine, it made me feel Godly; omnipotent; exceptional; like I was an incredibly rare piece of art, admired and treated for the raw inner beauty I represented instead of simply judged by my slightly quirky, unconventional exterior.

What made it all the more extraordinary with Adam was the fact he couldn’t seem to ever have enough. He was utterly insatiable; said if I could sneak him under my desk at work he’d sit there all day so every time I felt the urge all I’d have to do for oral relief would be to spread my legs. Imagine that! Typing into a spreadsheet or on the phone to a customer while my own personal sex slave ravaged my little jewel and puffy lips. I’d be drenching the chair, my thighs and his face with my come in no time, as I writhed beneath his masterful caresses, stifling screams of ecstasy for fear of being caught.

The combination of heat, energy and danger made it a breathtaking fantasy, and as I stood in the flickering candlelight, naked and radiant before him, I shivered at the thoughts, preparing myself for his delightful intrusion to my most revered parts.

Instead he had topped the bath up with hot and simply helped me step in, the crackling suds dutifully parting then clinging to me as I lowered myself into the water.

Questions over why he had skipped my centrepiece evaporated when he began to sponge me, delicately washing each corner of my body — including the entrance to my then slippery pussy — with the same slowness as the earlier kisses. He squeezed the sponge out over my jutting breasts and we shared smiles watching tributaries of warm water roll effortlessly in all directions on their return journey to the bath. My pale pink nipples rose in appreciation, perched atop my large areolas like tiny marshmallows in espresso cups.

The sponge squeaked as each arm was treated to its own soap and rinse before gliding towards my thigh. I raised one leg out of the water so he could pay attention to my calf. He leisurely washed it and moved to my foot, then massaged my sole and instep, finishing by drawing each toe into his hot mouth, running his tongue over them, between them, making me squirm while sucking and nibbling every digit. He didn’t even seem to notice the bubble beard he gained in the process. It felt divine and I just tipped my head back, sank further into the hot water and let him do likewise to the other leg; my mind already racing at what was to come.

As I recalled the events of the previous evening I had found myself becoming more turned on. The dampness forming in my crotch was infinitely more appealing than my boss gesticulating at his Powerpoint slides — a presentation that seemed far from conclusion, and even farther from my attention. The urge to touch myself was invading my thoughts — taking over — but I couldn’t very well do it in the meeting room with five witnesses.

Could I?

_Could I_?

I surprised myself with the notion. It was such a dirty thought to be having and I nonchalantly surveyed the surroundings to talk myself out of it. The room lights were low to minimise glare on the projected images. Directly across the oval wood-effect table was Old Bob, more lines than War & Peace, slouched and wearing a glazed expression through his bifocals. Clustered at the stubby end of the table, Mark and Tony — the departmental comic relief — appeared barely more attentive, preferring to exchange knowing grins while playing Buzzword Bingo. I was the sole occupant of this side, save for Kelly — my boss’ secretary — sitting close to Gerry at the head of the table. She was daubed in her default attire: the wrong foundation, thick make-up, false spider lashes, and wearing an ill-fitting blouse that often rode high enough to reveal the tramp stamp etched on her sacrum. Made her popular around the office; and every organisation needed a bike. She also appeared to be doodling on her notepad while Gerry talked forecasts, growth and industry trends.

Everyone in their own worlds, and none with line of sight. Perhaps I could pull this off after all? It was still risky, but just possible.

Was it worth it? I couldn’t shake the stirrings inside. What was wrong with me? Why did I feel this way at the most inopportune moments? Did I need counselling? Did I need to exercise more self control, or was I perfectly normal? Was it acceptable to allow my thoughts and urges to govern me? What if I lost control one day? Were there limits to how far I’d go?

Turning these thoughts over and over in my head, eyes focusing on everything and nothing at once, my attention was gradually drawn to my pen lying on the desk. I fleetingly wished I could slide it into my pussy; its cold, metal surface probing my insides just enough to tease. Slowly back and forth, in and out, the extra breadth of the clip wonderfully fulfilling at the end of each gentle stroke. It immediately thrilled me to consider being so brazen and my skin tingled. Perhaps just a little touch was all I needed; a tiny feel to take the pressure off until I could get home and deliver the full attention my body craved. Surely I could manage that undetected? Maybe setting such stringent boundaries was a way to keep myself in check.

I weighed the options in my mind, deciding if it was worth the risk and, if so, the best way to do it. Thoughts, positions, possibilities and penalties all flashed through my head. If anything, the act of openly considering the choices made me hornier, my body relentlessly screaming yes until my mind eventually caved in surrender, offering a sketchy plan as a consolation.

The course was set.

Stretching somewhat theatrically, I hunkered down in my seat while still pretending to be interested in my boss’ monologue. The act of sliding pushed my navy suit skirt up my legs so it was caught on the upper third of my thighs. Good enough. I dropped one hand to my lap and let the other twiddle the pen on the desk in plain sight to take any focus off.

My heartbeat quickened and the blood thudded past my temples as I contemplated the lewdness of self exploration in such close quarters. It was plain wrong on so many levels, but the depravity of the act and — perhaps moreso — my willingness to entertain it despite the consequences, filled me with nervous energy.

Surreptitiously, my out-of-sight hand crept millimetre by millimetre to the hem of my skirt, brushing my exposed thigh — no stockings or hold-ups today for a change. The excitement in me mounted as I very slowly dragged my hand back, bunching the remaining material beneath my palm, spreading my legs under the table to aid its northward movement. I glanced down my body. Anyone paying close attention couldn’t fail to spot my nipples, proud and straining against the fabric of my blouse, trying to puncture the man-made fibres in a bid to be noticed; enticing hands and fingers to squeeze and roll the ample flesh; seeking a warm mouth to close over the tips, and a tongue to swirl and lash at the sensitive nubs as my arousal grew.

I imagined Adam sitting out of sight between my legs, watching my skirt edge higher, revealing progressively more of my lean thighs to his greedy stare; his focus unwavering, zeroing in on the emerging expanse of white cotton that separated my ever growing desire to be touched from his willingness to please. As my legs parted further, the thought of him longing to dive forward and lap me through the thin material countered my rising apprehension at exposing myself in this manner. I was conflicted and tense, yet unequivocally excited. My mouth was dry; the same way it had been when he first went down on me; sampling, touching, flicking, exhaling hot breaths among my light patch of fur and delicate petals that both tickled and energised my body, a tell-tale wetness forming within. His magnificent tongue and the full lips of my — these days bare — pussy had become firm acquaintances from the outset of our relationship and I never grew tired of the way he knew my sex the way a Jazz musician knows how to jam with his band.

I inched the skirt higher.

The game was nearly over when my fingers grazed my panties and I flinched, sending my pen skidding across the table. I froze and tried to avoid eye contact, as if my colleagues would be able to tell what I was doing through my guilty expression. Gerry stopped talking momentarily; Old Bob merely seemed startled — I probably woke him — and rolled the pen back. I smiled apologetically at nobody in particular and Gerry continued.

The damp spot between my parted legs was evident to me and I hoped there would be no odour escaping into the room to give my arousal away. Kelly for sure was close enough to smell me if that was the case, and getting one over on me was the sort of thing in which she’d revel. I pushed the thoughts from my mind and waited until I was satisfied that I had gotten away with the unexpected touch.

Though discretion was paramount, the desire to relieve myself was intense. I concentrated on gingerly sliding my panties aside — wriggling slightly to assist their travel — revealing direct access to my drooling sex. The cool air from the conditioner in the room against my exposed, shaved slit made my body shudder and I opened my mouth a fraction, drawing in a soft breath. I flicked my eyes to each member of the room; no visible signs of detection yet, thank goodness. But I needed to be careful: one wrong move and I’d be in big trouble. I couldn’t recall the clause in the contract that stated masturbation in the office was a dismissible offence, but I was sure it would be covered by some blanket legalese such as ‘inappropriate conduct’. Again I paused long enough to make sure nobody was paying attention and to once more weigh up the odds of being caught: this was my last chance to back out.

There were no raised eyebrows or disapproving stares. Not even faint glimmers of recognition or disgusted, averted eyes.

I was in the clear.

My pussy ached and every atom in my body chanted yes, yes, yes in unison.

Now or never.

Extending my middle finger I brought it to my horny opening, dragging it first across my moist lips then gently dipping it inside my velvety folds. I withdrew it wet, and the cooler air began to dry it quickly. Before that occurred I ran the digit up to the hood of my clitoris and flicked across it once. My eyes closed and mouth opened a little as a thousand sensors lit up simultaneously within my body. Then I remembered where I was and snapped my eyes open again, furtively checking the other occupants for suspicion.



So back went my finger, diving delicately beneath my outer lips then returning, glistening wet, before running up and over my sensitive knot of pink flesh. Again my body responded by rapidly distributing pleasure signals up and down my spine. Hormones mixed and circulated to my extremities, warming me. The need for absolute caution jarred with my growing desire to drive two fingers inside my yearning body and draw rough circles around my slavish nub until I came hard. It was asking a lot of myself to remain quiet and discreet while I repeatedly dipped a finger into my centre, slid it out past my sticky labia and brushed it over the surface of my gradually protruding clit, feeling it respond and swell beneath my touches as I tugged to control the reins of the wild horses trying to stampede through me.

The feelings my actions triggered sent me whirling back to the bathroom the previous evening…

Wrapping me in a big fluffy bath sheet as the water spiralled away, Adam had gently patted me dry and let me wrap my long, dark hair in another towel before leading me to the bedroom, which was also candlelit and tranquil. I surrendered to his guidance, with little idea what he might do to me. That didn’t stop my imagination running amok at wild thoughts of him penetrating my soft wetness, filling me completely with his thick, contoured shaft and grinding my clit hard against us at the deepest part of each thrust in the way he knows will drive us both towards simultaneous climax. I was virtually panting with anticipation and desire at the mere thoughts alone, which was as much a testament to Adam’s understanding of my needs as the manner in which we were in tune with one another.

As it happened, my imagination didn’t come anywhere near the intensity of his actions. He just laid me down on our bed, unwrapped me as if I was the sweetest Christmas gift he’d ever seen, then kissed his way tenderly from my jaw, around my supple breasts and quivering nipples, over my tummy and down past the two-inch wide runway of pubic hair that led to my shaved slit. He parted my creamy thighs and encouraged me to flop my legs apart while he lay in the gap, staring directly at my silky wet petals, open and inviting. The twinkle in his eyes told me what I already knew but never tired of having reaffirmed: he wanted me and it was his treat. He dived in. From there he had spent what must have been nearly fifty earth-shattering minutes with his face buried in my pussy, although I lost track of time the moment he began.

To please me was what he loved more than anything in the world; and it showed. His tongue had danced, nibbled, kissed and licked every square millimetre of my sex, inside and out. My clit felt like it would burst at any moment as he resolutely and lovingly brought me to the brink of orgasm time and again with his talented tongue, then backed off to tease me before attacking again. Every so often he’d push me over the edge and my body would quake in the throes of climax, making me grip the bed sheets, arch my back, pant loudly into the room and thrust my core hard up into his welcoming face.

Each time, sparks crackled through me. Connections in my brain were made and broken faster than I could comprehend. Parts of my body I didn’t know had nerve endings prickled with heat and signalled their gratitude, adding to the flood of come that coated Adam’s eager face and probing tongue.

As my head spun and insides twined and untwined with each spasm, a kaleidoscope of colour snaked across my vision: thoughts and images merged into a Technicolor landscape too complex to discern. Shapes pirouetted to my body’s ballet as the unrelenting drumming of blood coursed through it, heating me from the inside, transferring that heat into the wetness tumbling towards Adam.

Ultimately my hormones released me from their grasp and I would gradually lower myself to the sheets. While the internal flames reduced to cinders and the images skipped off to the periphery of my senses, the blurry, soft reality of the room returned, along with the sensation of Adam’s gentle lapping at my sensitive centre. But before the embers had a chance to extinguish completely he’d stoke my fires to elevate me higher still and ignite my senses again.

Time after time he pushed my trembling body to its limits of pleasure. When I thought I was exhausted and could take no more he’d prove me wrong by teasing my hypersensitive clit and gaping pussy in a different manner; experimenting with hot and cold breaths, licks, laps, taps, circles, fingers; an endless array of heavenly contact. Some time during play he had even introduced my trusty Silver Shadow vibrator, slipping it in and out of my pulsing, drenched channel while his tongue was taking a short rest and his eyes conveyed sheer delight at the smell and flavour of my intoxicating, horny fluid. In the end I had to practically beg him to stop for fear I’d have turned inside out.

Spread beneath the table in the meeting room I flicked my clit slowly yet insistently at the memories, gently raising the heat in my body degree by degree. My legs were twitching a little as I brought myself closer. Thankfully the chairs were of a dark material or the juice dribbling down my smooth lips and pooling on the back of my skirt might have seeped through and stained. Despite my original self-assurance that I would only indulge in a little pleasure, I found myself gliding towards an inexorable climax. I really was at the mercy of my touches; an extension of being at the mercy of Adam’s. The warmth of the memories and sheer wickedness of the situation — bringing myself off undetected in a room of people I knew — had me teetering on the cusp of orgasm faster than I could have predicted.

Then calamity struck. My boss’ presentation ended and he raised the lights. No! So damn close. Adrenaline surged through my body — the fight or flight gene clamping down my erogenous zones tightly. I whipped my hand from my pussy without time to snap my panties back in place or wipe the juice from my fingers. Using my forearms I dragged myself upright in the chair, shuffling my skirt down as far as I could in the process, and tried to look composed. Suddenly I could smell my heavy arousal and panicked. Christ, would the others notice? I hoped not and sat fidgeting for the remaining few minutes of my boss’ summary.

The attention I had given my body before the interruption jumbled my senses and thoughts of Adam’s unselfish act still drifted around my mind. I tried to focus on the meeting but unwittingly tuned Gerry out and recalled the final detail of the previous evening: Adam had wanted nothing in return. Once I stopped him from stimulating my insides he simply spooned me, hugged and stroked me to a blissful sleep. Truly one in a million. Well I was going to make sure to repay his kindness today. And I couldn’t cope with an afternoon in the office while my body was wound up to this level. With my exposed pussy tingling right there in the meeting room I hatched a plan, inwardly smiling at its simplicity. The teen in me grinned wickedly too.

At the eventual conclusion of the meeting I engaged my boss:

“Still OK for me to leave early today? Remember: that gynae appointment?” It was a lie, but probably wouldn’t be far from the truth by the time I was through with Adam.

Gerry furrowed his brow in recollection, clearly not remembering anything about our fictitious conversation, but chose to let it slide; one of the fringe benefits of having a stressed and overly trustworthy boss when it came to ‘women’s issues’.

“Sure. You OK? You look a little… flustered.”

I coloured. “Been a long week and I’m a tad nervous about this appointment.”

He stared and anxiety wracked my body, but I tried not to let it show. I prayed his bullshit detector was broken, and that he couldn’t smell my exposed pussy from this proximity. It seemed the Gods were smiling.

“Have a good weekend. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”

It was his stock phrase: if he knew what I had planned it might well convince him to choose a new one. But I thanked him and quickly left for home to wait for Adam.

The kitchen clock ticked ever forward, slowly. He was late, and I was turned on despite — or in spite of — my nerves. Even the occasional doubting thoughts of “what if he had a bad day” didn’t sway me. Carpe diem: I wanted this. I’d make him want it too, if I had to.

My pussy still clamoured for attention, but after snapping my panties back into place in the car I had somehow persevered at keeping my will power intact since arriving home. It would make the ultimate release all that more delicious.

His key grated in the lock. Show time! I heard rustling in the hallway behind me. Approaching footsteps. Then silence.

I could hear Adam breathing but gave it a few seconds longer to let it sink in. The look on his face was priceless as I demurely glanced over my shoulder at him, greeting him with a casual “Hi honey”. He was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, goldfishing, eyes wide at the sight before him.

I was cooking, stirring the bubbling saucepan. Nothing strange about that in itself — I cooked regularly — except that from where Adam stood he’d have seen me wearing my absolute favourite Louboutin four-inch heels, some gorgeous dark hold-ups with a wide band that hugged my slender thighs and a pink vinyl apron tied around my waist at the back. Nothing more.

“Dinner won’t be long,” I cheerily announced and returned to stirring the pasta sauce.

Strictly unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, the apron was a functional rather than cosmetic addition to my limited apparel: it saved my breasts from being splashed by the hot food on the stove. But equally it added to the allure of the housewife role play. From his rear vantage point, Adam would simply see the top of the hold-ups clinging to soft white thighs, giving way to my shapely naked bottom with the pink bow of the apron’s straps draped over it from the small of my back. The only other evidence of the apron from where he stood was the neck strap. My entire back was bare, touched only by my long black hair that tumbled around half its length.

It excited me to consider what Adam must be thinking; what he might try and do to me, knowing my state of undress and the fact I’d worn it solely for him. Well, maybe for me too. He’d guess I was horny and, had the cooking not been masking it, I’m quite sure the room would have smelled of my sweet, wet pussy. In fact, the aroma had probably been on Adam’s face all day — a constant reminder of the night before. Had his co-workers picked up on it? His boss? What would they think of us if they knew? My nipples rose proud of my full bosoms and pressed against the inside of the apron in response to my naughty thoughts. The apron was lined, which was a small mercy, but still felt cool in the places where it brushed my body.

Adam entered the kitchen, dumping his bag by the door and stepped behind me. He snaked his arms around my waist underneath the apron and pressed his body to me, nuzzling his cleanly shaven face into my neck. I purred and could feel he was already aroused. He tried his luck, running his hands forward over my hips and down, trying to slip his fingers between my legs. I squeezed them shut.

“Uh uh. Not yet. We eat first.”

“No fair! Not even a little taster?”

“You had more than a little taster last night. It’s my turn.”

He paused. “What if I did this?”

Dropping to his knees behind me, he slid his hands around to my buttocks, parted my cheeks and ran his tongue tantalisingly from the base of my clenched pussy up over my crinkled rosebud, swirling around the entrance to my dark passage. I sighed quietly but kept my resolve.

“Don’t think you can get round me that way, mister.”

“Oh? Not even if I…”

He ran his tongue again up my tight crack, spending a few seconds flitting his long, gifted organ over the nerve endings around my anus. Then he stiffened his tongue and slid it inside the entrance, probing my chute just how I like it. Repeatedly. Unhurriedly. Dirtily. I gripped the worktop and involuntarily pressed my bottom into his face, loving his nether touches; loving the fact that he was a slave to my derriere and I could dominate his world by simply being me, yet mindful that I was in turn a slave to my own needs. Needs that Adam filled. Needs that gave him purpose and excited him. Yin and yang; alpha and omega. Mutual desires fulfilled through a single act. My inner teen never knew such depravity during her innocent youth, but she was delighted to experience it now.

Damn, he knew what he was doing; knew exactly what made me tick. Within thirty seconds I simply couldn’t concentrate on cooking any longer and shut off the stove. “You drive a hard bargain.”

He plucked his tongue from my anus. “A hard something at least.”

I smiled. With a little improvisation my plans could still work. But I needed things on my terms. Whirling around I dragged him up from the floor so we were level. Our eyes locked for a few seconds and our lips followed suit. The kiss was deep, sensual, and crackled with passion. I tasted my muskiness and I’m sure faint traces of my pussy from the night before, and it warmed me to know he’d taken pleasure in obtaining both.

The act of dressing up for him in such scant clothing, the thoughts of the previous evening that had plagued me all day, the sheer indecency of secretly masturbating at the office, and of what we were about to do had already charged me to melting point. Wetness had formed inside my pussy long ago and it was now being continually topped up — drip-fed with my horny secretions — by our smouldering kiss.

His hands slid around my body and found my buttocks again, squeezing me to him so I could feel his growing manhood against my midsection. I crossed my arms behind his neck and held him to me as our tongues duelled and pulses raced. Butterflies feathered my insides and, keeping our lips tightly locked, I let go of him.

Fumbling urgently between us on sexual autopilot I yanked the buckle of his belt free before unsnapping his trousers and lowering his zip. Driving my hand against his crotch I rubbed his length, already pointing up at me, engorged and ready. Even through his boxers it felt wonderful beneath my touch: firm, thick, willing, manly. I shuddered as I imagined it ravaging my insides, thrusting deeply into my wet channel, seeking my hidden depths as I screamed for more.

Later, girl. Later.

But later couldn’t come soon enough to my pining insides. In a way I was glad he’d forced my hand, as it were; I doubt I could have made it through dinner without clambering onto the table, crawling over to him with a wicked glint in my eye, sweeping the dishes aside and dropping into his lap, letting his hardness split and fill my rampant pussy as I rode us to thunderous orgasm while his hands kneaded my bosoms roughly beneath the apron.

Hurriedly I crouched and pushed his trousers down his blond-haired legs so they pooled at his feet, allowing him to step out of them. Kneeling on the floor I was now facing his crotch, the mushroom-shaped outline of his circumcised head clear against the tight material. I reached for the waistband, tucked my fingertips inside and looked up at him coyly, knowing he wouldn’t stop me, merely demonstrating my intention and allowing his imagination to run wild. His boyish smile pleased me.

He’d be wondering if I was going to jack him off, allowing his thick cum to splatter onto the vinyl apron. Or maybe I’d direct his sperm over my face, letting it splash against my lips and coat my cheeks, running down over their soft surface before dripping to the apron and onto my hold-ups. Perhaps he thought I might take him into my mouth, sucking feverishly until I let him come down my throat, exaggeratedly swallowing for his visual pleasure. Or maybe I’d lie on my back and use first my heels on his raging prick and then have him remove my shoes leaving just my stockinged feet on his length, jerking him off with the same soles and toes he had worshipped the night before, until he shot his sticky seed over my silky feet and legs. I could see his eyes furtively searching mine for a clue, trying to read my expression. But I remained guarded. He would soon find out.

With one fluid motion I pulled his underwear out, over and down to the floor. His cock sprang free and danced inches from my face. So thick and powerful. I grabbed the bobbing shaft, closing my fingers around his warm circumference, steadying him for my hungry gaze, just watching the head flare as I squeezed rhythmically and gently.

The veins pulsed beneath my fingers, blood forging in every few seconds to keep him erect for me. I loved just to watch how it reacted to the tiniest of my movements, how it would grow momentarily steely with the odd breath blown across his sensitive bare glans, the shaft alternating between hard and rock hard. To have around six inches of Adam’s manhood at my disposal and knowing he loved me making a fuss over his cock made me dizzy with lust. Yet despite part of me wanting to tease him some more — the way he had me — the excitement of the day won and I began the next step of my plan.

Keeping my petite hand wrapped around his length, I ducked my head to his wrinkled, shaved scrotum and ran my tongue over its surface. His balls were up, tightened against his body, leaving his sac resembling two compact walnuts. The feeling of the rippled, hairless skin against my tongue made me hum with delight which in turn caused him to gasp. And when I drew one of his naked balls into my wet mouth, whirling my tongue over it, he moaned loudly. I treated the other to the same, nibbling its ridged surface with my lips and taking great satisfaction in his lust filled words of encouragement.

From my kneeling, submissive position, I gazed upwards as I kissed, licked and caressed his balls, every now and then squeezing his hard shaft, feeling its firm resistance. I’d learned from when he made me lap dance for him that eye contact was everything and, since then, I’d become a Zen master at it. Just a sultry look, a flash of my green eyes, or a wide-eyed, full-on stare held for a little longer than necessary was enough to take a simple sexual act and magnify its effect tenfold. Eyes don’t lie and when I’m turned on or like what I see, Adam says my pupils dilate. They must have been enlarging just then because I saw my boyfriend smile down at me and breathe out heavily, accompanied by a jolt in his manhood. I felt it widen my grip briefly as it swelled and I continued to gaze into his deep, hazel eyes.

Playing power games was a new thing for us. Not into fully realised dom-sub territory, but more subtle. At that moment I was clearly playing submissive, on my knees before him, powerless should I overstep the mark and he took control. Yet at the same time I held all the authority because he was slave to my actions and fiery stares. One wrong move on his behalf and I could make him pay: give pleasure or take it away from him. I found it such a trip; the duality of roles; the simultaneous feeling of dominance and subservience as I slowly began to slide my curled hand up and down his hard shaft, feeling each ridge as the skin rippled over the firm muscle beneath, the scant wisps of pubic hair above his pole tickling my fingers on the in stroke. My pussy dribbled a little sweet nectar onto my smooth lips, and the cooler air of the room dried it; a tiny pinprick of cold on my otherwise hot sex.

As my actions on his cock continued, languid yet intense, his eyes fluttered in appreciation and he sighed. I knew I had him right where I wanted.

It was time.

I slowly released his tool from my grip and kissed my way up his shaft, still maintaining eye contact whenever possible. The kisses were tender, causing his meat to bob and sway with each touch. At his tip I blew cool air gently over the head and eased back a little. My hands ran down his firm thighs, over his calves and then I traced my fingers across to my own body, feeling the silky smooth material of the hold-ups against my trim thighs. I was desperate to touch my pussy; to bury my hand between my legs and bring myself off for him; to watch his expression as I sawed my fingers in and out of my slippery tunnel, mouth open, panting steadily and more insistently as my orgasm rose until I came hard beneath his searing gaze. But that was for another day.

Instead, my hands remained on course along my body, bypassing my hot centre, tracing the contours of my shapely hips. I brushed my fingers up my sides just beneath the apron, continuing their journey around behind me, over my sensitive bare buttocks causing a little sigh to escape my lips, and eventually coming to rest at the small of my back. With my eyes still boring deeply into Adam’s soul, the final part of the act was the pièce de résistance which I had practised earlier in front of the bedroom mirror: I crossed my wrists, clasped my hands together, pushed my arms downward as far as I could and knelt there, breathing steadily.

Total submission.

The position of my arms caused my breasts to thrust outward beneath the apron, giving the vinyl shape. I felt vulnerable yet exhilarated. The tip of his hard cock was millimetres from my lips. My warm breath played over its flared end and it nodded in appreciation. For a long moment Adam and I held each other’s stares until slowly, almost imperceptibly I began to open my mouth.

The taste of his cock was exquisite as first his mushroom glans and then the smooth body of his pole slid into my hot mouth. Pre-come had already formed at its end and I savoured its sweetness against my tongue as I moved my head inexorably towards the base of his prick. I’d never been capable of deep-throating without gagging so there was still a good inch or so of his tool protruding from my lips when I reached the extent of my forward motion.

His eyes closed as I breathed out in satisfaction. When they opened I was still there staring up at him, lips stretched around his shaft, with a puppy-dog, demure, expression that I knew drove him crazy with lust. His breath was catching in his throat and I could sense he desperately wanted to thrust his manhood into me; fuck my mouth with wild abandon, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to swallow his entirety. But respect of the power balance meant he stayed exactly where he was, waiting patiently for my next move, both of us aroused by our simultaneous acts of restraint.

Slowly I brought my lips back, dragging them up over his shaft the way I had gone, feeling him slip from me, his glans catching ever so slightly against my teeth. My lips closed as he exited fully and I kissed the tip of his prick then pushed forward again, mouth smaller than it needed to be so his cock head was forced into me, shaped to fit. The feeling of his hot, hard tool squeezing its way past my lips brought another surge of moisture deep from within my body, oozing down my soaking channel and appearing at my slick entrance.

Gripping my hands tightly behind my back I continued with slow strokes, gliding his steel into my warm mouth, stopping short of full length then bringing my head back, allowing him to fully exit before pushing forward to maintain a steady rhythm. With each forward thrust I swallowed as much of his meat as I could manage, swirling my tongue over its surface on the return journey. The steamy looks we were giving each other the whole time elevated the experience and my tummy churned with delight as every one of my senses was heightened. Desire and satisfaction registered on Adam’s features, his mental arousal clear had the physical signs not been so obvious.

Tilting my head sideways to alter the angle of approach, feeling his hardness press into my cheek before it was deflected to the back of my wanton mouth, I caught sight of my reflection in the oven door. Wow! I resembled some wonderfully dirty whore, kneeling there almost naked in my heels with my hands clasped tightly behind me, the swell of my chest jutting the apron towards Adam’s legs as I repeatedly swallowed and released his manhood from my lips. No wonder he was so hard for me: from his viewpoint I was both stunning and obscene.

Ryan barely got through the front door before he and Isabella were ripping at each other’s clothes, frustrated by the zippers and buttons that impeded their progress. In less than 24 hours, Isabella was leaving for Geneva, Switzerland, having accepted a four-month internship with an international agency. Their looming separation and all the insecurities it raised gave their lovemaking a frantic, desperate quality.

Isabella wound her legs around Ryan’s hips as he carried her to the bedroom. She clung to him, her face nuzzling into the crook of his neck. She knew four months wasn’t that long, only a third of a year, the tiniest fraction of time since she and Ryan planned to spend the rest of their lives together. Still, right now, it seemed endless.

They collapsed on the bed, the worn cotton duvet cushioning their knotted arms and legs. Isabella wanted to cram every detail about Ryan into her memory–the way he smelled of anise and licorice, the coarseness of his chest against hers, and how his shoulder-length brown hair sometimes fell across his face, hiding his deep-set blue eyes. She hauled him close now, squeezing one of his thighs between hers, the solid muscle pressing against her crotch. She needed his arms, chest, legs and pelvis to meld with her own. She couldn’t remember why she’d thought this whole internship business was a good idea or why she’d even accepted. It seemed so stupid now, so pointless. If she’d just left things alone, she and Ryan wouldn’t have to be apart.

His hands framed her face. His teeth gently, playfully nipped at her upper lip before he sucked it into his mouth. A chill ran down her spine, settling at her groin. His mouth travelled down her neck and along her collarbone. Ryan moved to his knees, the bedside lamp casting a soft glow around his head. He reached for her breasts, squeezing the firm lobes together in the centre of her chest. His thumb and forefinger pulled at her nipples. He groaned as he saw them stiffen.

Slowly, never taking his eyes off her, he bent, taking her tits into his mouth, aureole and all. He flicked at the erect buds, first one and then the other with his tongue’s pointy tip. His hair fell forward, swaying, tickling her skin. She writhed beneath him, her breath short and choppy. He sucked even harder, using his hands to push her further into his mouth. She offered him a distant smile as her head fell back. She closed her eyes, her eyelashes resting on her cheekbones, lost to the seductive smell of sandalwood incense.

His tongue trailed over her belly and towards her crotch, the air from the ceiling fan cooling where he’d licked, goosebumps lighting her skin. He pushed her legs wide open, taking in her vagina’s every nook and cranny, its fleshy, swollen lips and bright red inner walls. He stared for a moment, showing an absolute reference for her body. His finger trailed up one thigh and down the other, his mouth following this path, placing firm kisses on her tender skin. Her body tensed in anticipation, waiting, wanting his mouth on her cunt.

Pushing his head away, Isabella brought her legs together. She raised them over her head to give him complete access. It was the sign he’d been waiting for. He shoved his hands beneath her and dragged her towards him, moaning as he buried his face in her pubic hair. It was a sound so animalistic, so erotic. She was spiralling out of control. She clutched at his head, her fingers pushing their way through his smooth, silky hair. “Fuck me,” she pleaded, already imagining the feel of his bulging cock as it slipped inside her. Her body ached.

He blew a swift short breath on her clit, making her gasp. “No,” he said, his eyes, which were so often those of a tormented artist, sparkled and shone. “I want to watch you come.”

Ryan’s tongue traced along her vagina’s moist folds and up to her clitoris. He licked it quickly, teasingly, before moving his tongue deep inside her. In and out it went, venturing every now and again to her clit for a quick suck, a swift nip. Every part of her buzzed and tingled. Her head moved from side to side. She smelled her apple shampoo, heard footsteps from the apartment above, felt how wet she was.

She abandoned his head and took her full nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Now she was the one who pinched and pulled, who gathered her breasts together as Ryan’s long, thick fingers penetrated her, rubbing her slick vaginal walls. Her mouth hung open. She heard herself whimpering, panting almost, the pressure in her groin growing. She pulled the duvet to her waist, crowding the fabric into her hands, crushing it between her fingers. She was so close, but, selfishly, she wanted the sensations rippling through her brain, spine and genitals to last forever.

Ryan had other ideas. Keeping his finger deep inside her, he took the wide, flat surface of his tongue and lapped at her vagina. Her head shot back. Her eyes closed. Relishing her obvious arousal, he turned his attention to her clit, savaging the sensitive nub. A primal need took over Isabella. It obliterated all rational thought and doubts for the future. Her cunt spasmed over and over again, and with each shudder, each tremor, each contraction, she cried Ryan’s name. She offered herself to him completely, thrilling in the pleasure, the bliss only he could bring.

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